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The Washington Times 6/20/99 James Inhofe "...Too many commentators are missing the point about the national security significance of the Cox Report and its revelation of China's theft of U.S. nuclear secrets. It is time to face the truth: This president and this administration are singularly culpable for orchestrating a politically inspired coverup to advance policies they knew were causing harm to U.S. national security. Let's not be distracted by the self-serving Clinton spin: everybody does it; that it all happened during previous administrations; that there is equal blame to go around on all sides, that Bill Clinton acted quickly and properly when he found out. All of this is wrong, a dishonest smokescreen designed to divert attention from the real issues. It is also an attempt to dissuade people from actually reading the Cox Report and discovering for themselves that the Clinton spin is a delusion...."

The Washington Times 6/20/99 James Inhofe "...Sixteen of the 17 most significant major technology breaches revealed in the Cox Report were discovered after 1994. The notion that Presidents Carter, Reagan and Bush knew the extent to which China's efforts to steal U.S. nuclear and military technology were successful is fantasy...."

The Washington Times 6/20/99 James Inhofe "...At least eight (and maybe more) of these breaches actually occurred after 1994 and after it was well-known to the Clinton administration that China had been illegally proliferating arms technology to rogue countries around the world. Among these breaches--occurring on the Clinton watch--are many of those that go the farthest in advancing China's potential as a direct nuclear threat to the United States. These include:

(1) The transfer of the so-called Legacy Codes containing data on 50 years of U.S. nuclear weapons development including more than 1,000 nuclear tests.

(2) The sale and diversion to military purposes of more than 600 high-performance computers enabling China to enhance its development of nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, and advanced military aviation equipment.

(3) The compromise of nuclear warhead simulation technology enhancing China's ability to perfect miniature nuclear warheads without actual testing.

(4) The compromise of advanced electromagnetic weapons technology useful in the development of anti-satellite and anti-missile systems.

(5) The transfer of missile nose cone technology enabling China to substantially improve the reliability of its intercontinental ballistic missiles.

(6) The transfer of missile guidance technology enabling China to substantially improve the accuracy of its ballistic missiles.

(7) The compromise of super-secret space-based radar technology giving China the ability to detect our previously undetectable submerged submarines.

(8) The compromise of some other "classified thermonuclear weapons information" which "the Clinton administration" (not the Cox committee) "has determined...cannot be made public."

The Washington Times 6/20/99 James Inhofe "...President Clinton, who was given a copy of the Cox Report on Jan. 3, lied to the American people on March 19 when he conveyed the message he was unaware that anyone suspected there were breaches of nuclear-related secrets during his presidency. ..."


The Washington Times 6/20/99 James Inhofe "...The breach of the design of the W-88 miniaturized nuclear warhead--which happened in the 1980s and was discovered in 1995--is enormously significant to America's national security. According to Paul Redmond, the CIA's former counterintelligence chief who caught Soviet spy Aldrich Ames, it is "far more damaging to the national security than Aldrich Ames," and "as bad as the Rosenbergs." The Rosenbergs were executed for compromising atomic bomb secrets to the Soviets. The idea Sandy Berger of the White House National Security Council--who was fully briefed about the W-88 technology breach in April 1996--did not immediately communicate this information to the president is preposterous. Mr. Berger now claims he did not tell the president until early 1998, or perhaps July 1997, depending on which of his two stories you want to believe. I don't believe either one because neither makes sense. Mr. Berger is a political operative, a longtime Clinton friend and confidant--not to mention, a pretty smart guy. He attended all the major 1996 Clinton campaign strategy meetings. When he learned China had stolen the W-88--the crown jewel of the U.S. nuclear arsenal--is it plausible he did not immediately tell the president ? No, not unless you want to assume a level of incompetence at the White House that even this administration's harshest critics do not believe for a minute...."

The Washington Times 6/20/99 James Inhofe "...The president had to have known about the W-88 breach no later than April 1996, well before the 1996 election. The president deliberately withheld this vital national security information from key members of Congress for obvious political reasons. He withheld it for almost three years--a coverup that is nothing less than a scandal of gigantic proportions. If it were not for the Cox committee--formed by House Speaker Newt Gingrich, not by Mr. Clinton--Congress and the American people would still be in the dark..."

The Washington Times 6/20/99 James Inhofe "...The Clinton administration coverup was recently exposed in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Notra Trulock, the Energy Department's former director of intelligence, who had first briefed Mr. Berger in April 1996, testified he was prepared to brief members of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees as late as July 1998, but was denied permission to do so by Acting Energy Secretary Elizabeth Moler, a political appointee. Miss Moler reportedly ordered Mr. Trulock not to conduct the briefing because she said the information would be used to hurt Mr. Clinton's China policy. When Miss Moler refuted this testimony and claimed she did not recall gagging Mr. Trulock in this way, I asked both officials if they would voluntarily submit to a polygraph test. Both agreed at the hearing, but when pressed several weeks later, only Mr. Trulock was readily willing to cooperate and go through with taking the test. As a result, it is obvious to me Mr. Trulock was telling the truth and Miss Moler was not, confirming rather conclusively that there was indeed a politically inspired coverup...."

Salon 6/21/99 David Horowitz "...Why is Clinton furiously covering up for the communist Chinese and protecting its leaders and their spies from the wrath that should surely follow their rape of America's most guarded secrets? Certainly not, as Clinton and his complicit Democrat defenders now claim, because "everyone does it." Unlike China, for example, the state of Israel is a democracy and a proven ally of the United States. Yet when an Israeli agent named Jonathan Pollard was discovered stealing secrets whose dimensions did not even approach the seriousness of these thefts (no technologies, for example, were involved), he was given a life sentence amid the most solemn anathemas from the officials of the government he betrayed The evidence suggests only one conclusion. The reason Clinton is protecting China's spies and their communist masters is because in protecting them he is protecting himself. The China strategy is fully intelligible in the frame of Clinton's strategy on other matters: The president has triangulated with China's communist government in pursuit of his own political interest at the expense of the United States....."

Nation 6/12/99 Christopher Hitchens "....The White House "line of the day" says that Chinese espionage is nothing new and was known to occur under previous, Republican administrations. In that case, they had every reason to be vigilant, when all the evidence shows they were not...."

Nation 6/12/99 Christopher Hitchens "....The President says that he was not told of any espionage until March 19 this year. Not only does this tell against the smug claim of previous awareness of the problem, but it flatly contradicts Sandy Berger's claim to have been briefed by Energy Department intelligence as far back as July 1997 and to have passed on the briefing to Clinton "within a day or two." ...."

Nation 6/12/99 Christopher Hitchens "....The Clinton Administration, through legal measures such as the Anti-Terrorism and Intelligence Authorization acts, has been treating the Fourth Amendment as an inconvenience since at least 1996. The chief exhibit in this contempt for the Constitution is the "roving wiretap," whereby any phone to which a suspect is "reasonably proximate" can be invigilated by the FBI. Yet when the FBI asked Justice for permission to tap the phone of Wen Ho Lee, a scientist at the Los Alamos labs, Janet Reno's amazing subordinates three times turned down the application. We now know that in 1996 her judicial review panel authorized all 839 wiretap warrants that it received.


Worldnetdaily 6/22/99 Charles Smith "...According to documents forced from the Clinton administration by a federal lawsuit, the Commerce Department directly engaged Chinese army and air force generals in an effort to upgrade PLA military air defenses. One example of "military" commerce involved is in a letter to PLA Gen. Huai Guomo, from Commerce Deputy Undersecretary Barry Carter. "In our opinion, the key to rapid involvement of U.S. industry in China is the development of a national civil/military strategy for modernization of Chinese airspace control," wrote Dr. Carter in his November 1994 letter to Gen. Huai (emphasis added). "Without a broad plan for harmonizing civil and military requirements," Carter wrote to Huai, "any equipment acquisitions and installations run the risk of resulting in incompatible systems that will not satisfy your national objectives." "We would like to help you develop your ATC plan," wrote Carter in his letter to Huai. "As a follow-up to the October Commission meetings, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Administrator will lead a delegation of senior aviation policy experts on a visit to Beijing. ... I ask your support to ensure they have the opportunity to meet with the key Chinese players -- both military and civil -- while in China." ..."

Worldnetdaily 6/22/99 Charles Smith "...During the first four years of the Clinton administration, People's Liberation Army Gen. Ding Henggao, along with his top two PLA assistants, Lt. Gen. Huai Guomo and Lt. Gen. Shen Rougjun, raided U.S. technology on a scale never before imagined..... Some of these fantastic exploits against the Clinton administration are documented in the Cox report, dealing with the theft of nose cone technology from Hughes -- largely Shen's handiwork. Likewise, some of Huai's handiwork can be found in a 1996 General Accounting Office report on the transfer of an advanced AT&T fiber-optic network to a PLA-owned company called Galaxy New Technology. However, few details on the direct relationship between their commander, Gen. Ding and top Clinton officials are covered in the Western press. Some of these lesser-publicized facts include the fact that in 1994 Bill Clinton began a program to transfer American military technology directly to the PLA. One such documented transfer began in an August 1994 meeting between the PLA warlords and Clinton administration officials in Beijing. The Chinese army side of the August 1994 meeting included top PLA officers such as Ding and Huai, who were accompanied by Gen. Deng Yousheng and Maj. Gen. Hou Gang, the deputy director of the Intelligence Department, Headquarters of General Staff of the PLA. The August 1994 PLA meeting also included an exclusive club of U.S. academia, selected by the Clinton administration to join a "U.S./Chinese Defense Conversion Commission," then run by Defense Secretary Dr. William Perry and Gen. Ding. Some of the other U.S. invitees included Commerce Deputy Undersecretary Dr. Barry Carter, a former law professor from Georgetown University, Dr. Eden Woon, the Executive Secretary for DOD Secretary Perry, and Dr. John Lewis, listed as a "Stanford University Civilian Consultant to SecDef."

Worldnetdaily 6/22/99 Charles Smith "... Woon left America in May 1997 to become the Director of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, a position in which he currently represents over 2,000 businesses located in China and Hong Kong. Eden Woon is an American citizen, a former officer in the U.S. military, former advisor to Secretary of Defense Perry and former Chairman of Washington State China Relations Council...."

Worldnetdaily 6/22/99 Charles Smith "...According to Woon, "there was a lot of criticism back in the states about how this was helping the PLA. All the controversy started and some, frankly, dishonest reporting came up, which was not true, linking Dr. Lewis or Dr. Perry in ways that are, frankly, not correct." John Lewis, said Woon, "was invited to come because he was interested in defense conversion. He (Lewis) got Dr. Perry started on this. When we went to China to sign the first agreement for the first cooperation, Dr. Lewis was invited." Of course, by August 1994, Lewis had teamed with Ding's wife, Madam Nie Li in a very profitable joint "business" venture called "Hua Mei." (Interestingly, Madam Nie Li is, like her husband, also a PLA general.) Lewis ran the U.S.-China venture that led to the transfer of an advanced, encrypted, fiber-optic communications system being sold directly to a company owned by the PLA. Lewis was a paid consultant to the U.S. Defense Department, while also being executive director of the U.S. side of the "Hua Mei" joint venture. Thus, Lewis earned income from both the Chinese and U.S. Army -- at the same time. Yet, Dr. Woon also noted that there were several others in the U.S. delegation not listed on the official attendance. "Also invited on the same trip and same status was Chas Freeman," said Woon. "(Former) Assistant Secretary of Defense, one of the first or perhaps the first to revive the military relationship after Tiananmen. He left government before October 1994. He was also invited to come back as an observer." ...."

Worldnetdaily 6/22/99 Charles Smith "...Interestingly, according to a letter sent to Defense Intelligence Agency Lt. Col. Blasko, Carter noted that Woon had suggested the letter to Huai. Woon, according to Carter's fax to Blasko, reviewed the letter and approved its content....The 1994 letter to Blasko was copied to Eden Woon by Carter in a following fax transmission. Carter wrote to Woon on the copy attachment, "Eden -- FYI. Here is what I faxed to Lt. Col. Blasko last week. ... My Best, Barry." By June 1995, Dr. Woon would leave Dr. Perry and the Defense Dept. However, he remained in direct contact with PLA generals and Dr. Barry Carter. In June 1995, Carter would officially provide a list of PLA companies and contacts to Dr. Eden Woon, Executive Director of the Washington State China Relations Council (WSCRC) and Director of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce. WSCRC includes major corporate sponsors such as Northwest Airlines, Boeing, Microsoft and the law firm of Preston Gates Ellis & Rouvelas Meeds. By December 1995, Woon and the WSCRC would host a delegation of Chinese army representatives from PLA-owned companies. Woon took them on a tour of the Washington State companies anxious to do business with the Chinese army. ....The 1995 delegation to Washington State included "Feng Hui, Staff officer" of the COSTIND "Foreign Affairs Dep't." Feng Hui is better known as Maj. Feng Hui of the Chinese army. Feng was accompanied by other officers from the PLA unit COSTIND, and a host of engineering specialists from various PLA-owned companies, including "Chengdu Aircraft plant," the "Jiangnan Shipyard" and "No. 614 Institute," a PLA institute staffed by weapons experts..... In 1997, Woon and WSCRC sponsored a conference that included U.S. Senator Patty Murray, D-Wash. On October 14, 1997, at the close of the conference, the participants issued a report that states, "The U.S. should ensure that Taiwan understands that if conflicts arise (especially if apparently provoked by Taiwan), it cannot necessarily count on the U.S. coming to the rescue." ..."

San Francisco Examiner 6/24/99 Paul Burgess "...At a news conference months ago, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army Gen. Henry Shelton, was forced to acknowledge that the timing of last year's two U.S. military operations was "absolutely incredible." His incredulity is understandable. On Aug. 20, 1998, American cruise missiles struck Sudan and Afghanistan three days after President Clinton's televised "mea sorta culpa" regarding his deposition earlier that day. Though the administration initially charged the Sudanese pharmaceutical factory with being a chemical-weapons plant, it recently unfroze $24 million worth of the owner's American assets, quietly conceding that the plant had no military value whatsoever. Operation Desert Fox (Dec. 16, 1998) commenced with air and cruise-missile strikes against Iraq mere hours before the House was to begin its impeachment debate, delaying those proceedings by a day. The president ended the operation three days later, on the same day as the impeachment vote (ostensibly out of respect for the Islamic holiday of Ramadan, though he seemed to agonize very little about bombing Yugoslavia during Easter). Gen. Shelton's amazement can only be compounded by the timing of the current Kosovo operation. Though there are many foreign-policy experts who contend there was much more negotiating to be done, the air war commenced at the same time the White House was fighting to block the recently released Cox report revealing the staggering losses of American military technology to the Chinese...."

San Francisco Examiner 6/24/99 Paul Burgess "...For those convinced that "Wag the Dog" is just a Hollywood invention, I offer a hard-to-find report titled "An Investigation into the Magnitude of Foreign Contacts." This document, penned, not by any Hollywood producer, but by Federal Reserve economists (document No. RWP97-14), is essentially a scientific quantification of the "Wag the Dog" theory. The researchers employ a lengthy and complex mathematical model to illustrate the potential advantages of small-scale wars to presidents in distress. They offer the kind of sterile, arithmetical logic that thrills academics and terrifies soldiers. Some of their conclusions: "If the information content (about the leader, and for the consumption of the electorate) of small conflicts is substantial and their costs sufficiently small, our model points to the possibility of diversionary actions being welfare-enhancing (for the leader); only when (a diversionary war) can provide information favorable to an incumbent leader can the action be successful in its purpose; even though a diversionary war may have been avoidable and may force an unwarranted cost upon the electorate, it also reveals new information about the leader's abilities which the electorate may find beneficial." ...."

San Francisco Examiner 6/24/99 Paul Burgess "...The administration's military adventures have been starkly consistent with the report's findings since its release in late 1997 (at the same time Clinton's fortunes turned south with his Paula Jones deposition). The authors hold that the benefit a leader can receive from starting a war is directly related to the perceptions that war affects in the electorate - thus, Clinton's seeming tendency to profile his wars against his scandals. Further, the president has been meticulous about keeping American casualties low and conflicts confined, possibly to keep the risks-vs.-benefits equation in balance. Finally, and most disturbingly, he seems to wage war only when it stands to benefit him personally. War has been waged neither in Rwanda nor North Korea, and we cut and ran from Somalia - humanitarian and credibility concerns notwithstanding...."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 6/24/99 Audrey Hudson "...Several government whistleblowers will testify today before a House committee that they were fired, demoted or harassed for reporting the "systematic pillaging" of U.S. military and nuclear secrets to their superiors and Congress. According to documents and advance testimony obtained by The Washington Times, the federal employees say the retaliation and harassment was directly linked to their internal criticism and testimony before Congress. ..."These witnesses have important information, and it is extremely troubling that they perceived threats to their jobs for telling the truth," said Indiana Rep. Dan Burton, the committee chairman. "We will not stand for government employees suffering retaliation simply because they told the truth about national security." ..."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 6/24/99 Audrey Hudson "...Los Alamos physicist Robert Henson, who first uncovered Chinese spying at the laboratory, was fired twice for bringing it to the attention of the Energy Department. He will testify that his firing was in retaliation for delivering a message nobody wanted to hear. He has since been reinstated at the lab after initiating a lawsuit...."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 6/24/99 Audrey Hudson "...Lt. Col. Edward McCallum, director of the office of safeguards and security at the Energy Department, says he was put on administrative leave in retaliation for criticizing security at DOE nuclear facilities...."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 6/24/99 Audrey Hudson "...Peter M. Leitner, a senior strategic trade adviser for the Defense Department and a witness in congressional investigations, says retaliation against him prompted letters from Tennessee Republican Sen. Fred Thompson to the Pentagon expressing his concern for his witness. As a result, the Office of Special Counsel is investigating political reprisals and illegal retaliation against Mr. Leitner. "Ever since these testimonies, I have been subjected to, in staccato fashion, one adverse harassing act after another," Mr. Leitner states in his testimony. He says his performance ratings were lowered and he was isolated from meetings on nuclear exports, particularly when the inspectors general were visiting the interagency meetings in response to a Senate inspection request. Mr. Leitner says he was harassed over sick leave, was given a "trumped-up" letter of reprimand, charged with a security violation and threatened with charges of insubordination. "To be victimized by my own government -- particularly the Defense Department -- for consistently putting the near- and long-term national security of the United States ahead of all other considerations is something that I still find astounding to this day," he said. In 1997, Mr. Leitner issued denials for many export-license applications from DOE laboratories, including Los Alamos, Sandia, Livermore and Oak Ridge. The licenses would have facilitated the transfer of high-technology equipment with direct application to nuclear-weapons development and testing "to the most dangerous entities within the Russian nuclear weapons" design and manufacturing complex. "I objected then and continue to object today to these so-called lab-to-lab transfers because there was no evidence of a security plan to protect U.S. technologies from being used against us," Mr. Leitner said...."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 6/24/99 Audrey Hudson "...Jonathan Fox, an arms control specialist for the Defense Department, will tell how he was ordered to rewrite a critical memo on the eve of a state visit by Chinese President Jiang Zemin in October 1997. Mr. Fox's first memo said one deal with China presented "real and substantial risk" to the United States and allied countries." He was directed to change the memo so that it stated the agreement was "not inimical" to U.S. interests. He will testify that he has also suffered retaliatory actions...."

New York Times 6/27/99 James Risen Jeff Gerth "...The White House was told about China's apparent theft of American nuclear weapons technology in July 1995, soon after it was detected by the Energy Department and the Central Intelligence Agency, several officials said. Until now, the Administration has left the impression that the White House first learned about the matter in April 1996, when Samuel R. Berger, then President Clinton's deputy national security adviser, was briefed on the case by Energy Department officials. But interviews with current and former officials show that warnings about possible Chinese nuclear espionage received high-level attention within the Clinton Administration early in the Government's investigation of the matter...."

New York Times 6/27/99 James Risen Jeff Gerth "...Evidence that China may have stolen nuclear secrets first came to the attention of the White House during a meeting in July 1995, when the White House Chief of Staff, Leon Panetta, was informed of the problem by Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary, Panetta and other officials said. She added that Energy Department officials had also been told that the C.I.A. had gathered intelligence about the possible theft, they said. Panetta then called the C.I.A. Director, John Deutch, to find out what the agency was doing about the case, Panetta said. Deutch, who had also just received a call about the same matter from Deputy Energy Secretary Charles Curtis, told Panetta he would investigate. Panetta then told Deutch to work with the National Security Council at the White House on the case. Upset that he had not heard about the case first from officials in his own agency, Deutch called Panetta back a day or two later and told him what the C.I.A. knew about the spy case, officials said. A brief reference to such meetings between Energy Department, C.I.A. and White House officials in the summer of 1995 is also included in a new report on the case issued by the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board...."

New York Times 6/27/99 James Risen Jeff Gerth "...Deutch finally briefed the national security adviser, Anthony Lake, on the case in November 1995. Lake said he did not recall the briefing, but he and White House officials said there was a record of it. Before meeting with Lake, Deutch received a full briefing from the C.I.A. analysts, who convinced him that design information on the nuclear weapon -- known as the W-88 -- had been stolen by Beijing, officials said. President Clinton was not told of the evidence in 1995 by Panetta, Lake, or any of the other officials who had been briefed, according to the National Security Council spokesman, David C. Leavy. Berger also did not tell President Clinton about the case following his briefing in 1996...."

New York Times 6/27/99 James Risen Jeff Gerth "...Berger, now the national security adviser, has said that it was not until after he received a second, more specific briefing in July 1997 that he told Clinton about security problems at the nuclear weapons laboratories. Berger did take some action after his 1996 briefing, Leavy said, including directing that Congress be secretly informed. In that meeting, he also agreed with Energy Department officials on the need to strengthen security at the weapons laboratories. Working along two separate tracks initially unknown to each other, C.I.A. and Energy Department officials first began to unravel the case in the spring of 1995, when weapons designers from the Los Alamos laboratory told Energy Department intelligence officials that they were convinced China had stolen design information on the W-88, based on their analysis of a series of Chinese nuclear tests. At about the same time, American officials received a package filled with Chinese government documents, which arrived by DHL express service, officials say. Officials refused to say where the package was received or how they determined the identity of the sender...."

New York Times 6/27/99 James Risen Jeff Gerth "...C.I.A. officials analyzing the documents quickly focused on one that included what appeared to be classified design information about American nuclear weapons, including the W-88. Dated 1988, the document also included a hand drawing of a United States nuclear warhead re-entry vehicle. But initially, the C.I.A. did not tell the Energy Department -- or anyone else in the Government -- that it had obtained the W-88 document, officials say. A former senior C.I.A. official said that soon after the agency realized the significance of the W-88 document, Deutch ordered him not to disseminate it to other United States intelligence agencies. But other current United States officials familiar with the matter said that Deutch did not try to suppress the document. Instead, they said the document was not distributed immediately because it took time for the C.I.A. to translate and analyze it. Deutch refused to comment on the matter. Nevertheless, by August 1995 Energy Department's analysts had obtained a copy, even though it would not be officially distributed throughout American intelligence agencies until that December. By then, analysts had concluded that the document indeed included American nuclear secrets, officials say..."

New York Times 6/27/99 James Risen Jeff Gerth "...After the analysts reported to Deutch in November, a broader review, dominated by the Energy Department, reported similar conclusions in April 1996. Berger was then briefed that same month, and the F.B.I. opened its criminal investigation on May 30, 1996. But in late June or July 1996, the F.B.I. dropped its investigation, a senior United States official said. The C.I.A. had just re-issued the W-88 document with a warning that the agency now believed that the source of the document was a double agent. The C.I.A.'s new assessment, coming a year after it had first received the document, led the F.B.I. to "stand down," or suspend, its investigation, the senior American official said. The suspension of the investigation lasted for about six weeks in the summer of 1996, according to the official. It resumed after the Energy Department assured the F.B.I. that even if the source was a double agent, the document nonetheless contained accurate, classified data about the W-88 warhead, and so represented a security breach.

New York Times 6/27/99 James Risen Jeff Gerth "...The C.I.A. agreed that the information in the document was accurate, and also continued its own analysis. But while the F.B.I. re-started its investigation, it remained a low priority, F.B.I. officials now concede. Only one or two agents were assigned to the investigation in 1996, officials say. By 1997, when the Justice Department denied the F.B.I.'s request to seek court authorization to wiretap and electronically monitor Lee, a move that has since become the subject of congressional inquiry, the F.B.I. still had only three or four agents on the case...."

Human Events interview of Schippers 5/28/99 Terence Jeffrey "... HE: Did they let you see an unredacted version of the LaBella memo? Did you get to see the whole thing? S: Yes. I'm one of the few people who got to see it. HE: Did you see FBI Director Louis Freeh's memo? S: I saw both of them, every word of them. HE: Can you say that having read those memos you would have still wanted to go on and investigate the China connection as an impeachable offense? S: Oh, absolutely. I mean I wanted to see the memos just to see if there was something in there that I had anticipated and that I had expected all along. HE: Can you say what that is? S: No, I can't. It goes to the China aspect. HE: When Louis Freeh testified August 4, 1998, in the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, he was asked by Chairman Dan Burton [R.-Ind.], in effect, "Are you investigating the President and the Vice President? Freeh leaned back in his chair, leaned forward to the microphone, and said: "Yes." You have no reason to disbelieve that Louis Freeh was investigating the President and Vice President of the United States? S: No. I believe every word Louis Freeh says. Louis Freeh, in my opinion, is one of the honorable people up there. HE: Another thing that Louis Freeh said on August 4 was that he and the attorney general had worked out a procedure by which they reviewed whether national security information developed in the Chinagate task force would be briefed to the National Security Council at the White House -- in other words, to the President. He said that there were some instances in which they decided not to brief the President. You have no reason to disbelieve that? S: I have no reason to disbelieve anything that Louis Freeh says. Let's leave it at that. I'm definitely gagged on anything that I read in that report. HE: I understand. I don't want you to violate any confidence or security agreement. The implication for people who watched closely is that the FBI is investigating the President of the United States for knowingly accepting Chinese money and perhaps there may be a quid pro quo at the bottom of that, and that Janet Reno and some political appointees in the Justice Department are not naming an independent counsel because that would trigger an unfettered investigation. And that they are therefore covering up for the President. Is that a question that you would have pursued in an impeachment inquiry? S: Oh yes. Absolutely. I would have pursued that, I would have pursued the China aspect of it, I would have pursued John Huang and Charlie Trie. I would have gone into Filegate and tried to find out what went on there. HE: You would have investigated whether the attorney general of the United States is actively covering up for the President of the United States in the commission of impeachable offenses? S: Yes. Whether I had read that report or not, we would have investigated that....."

Human Events interview of Schippers 5/28/99 Terence Jeffrey "... S: About anything. We tried to get into the immigration and naturalization problems that we saw and we were told that they weren't going to allow us to see the immigration records. The FBI at every stage of the investigation -- at every stage of oversight, impeachment, or anything else -- gave us nothing but 100% full cooperation from the bureau. The problems always came between the bureau and us because interposed between us was the Justice Department, and they were not about to give up anything that might embarrass the President or the Administration. HE: Your feeling is they were covering up for the President? S: I feel they were covering up for the President. HE: That the FBI, under the directorship of Louis Freeh, and the House Judiciary Committee under Chairman Henry Hyde -- in other words, the Congress -- have been cut out of the investigation of what might be the most significant corruption taking place in government today. S: Absolutely. There is not a person in the Congress who has even been able to read Mr. LaBella's report or Mr. Freeh's report. HE: You're the only person? S: No. One of the Democrat staffers was able to read it with me. And, of course, we were totally gagged. I could only report to Mr. Hyde, personally. ..."

Human Events interview of Schippers 5/28/99 Terence Jeffrey "... HE: What would be the most important direction of investigation? S: If you're talking in terms of obstruction of justice and things like that, that's one thing. But if you're talking about national security, I think there's two keys. I'll let you put them together. One's Chinagate, the other is Filegate. I think they are interrelated and I think they are very important. HE: Getting the FBI files of former Republican officials, in your view, is related to President Clinton's, the Democratic National Committee's, reception of money from China? S: I think getting the files on the Republicans, the raw FBI files, was at the foundation. That was necessary for the big move. HE: And you would aggressively go after the possibility that they willfully took the FBI files of Republican officials for the purpose of intimidating those officials? S: I think they were to be used for whatever purpose they could be used. Some of it might have been intimidation, some of it might have been blackmail, some of it might have been for other purposes. HE: And you would play hardball? S: I would play hardball like nobody's ever played hardball. I already have and got nowhere...."

AFP 6/28/99 "...The Clinton administration was first told China may have stolen US nuclear secrets nine months earlier than it originally admitted, a newspaper said. Throughout the uproar over allegations that China stole secrets to every key US nuclear warhead made since the 1970s, Republicans have claimed the White House failed to react quickly or strongly enough to the charges. The White House says it learned of the possible spying in April 1996. But unnamed current and former US officials told the New York Times the administration was informed of the apparent theft in July 1995....."

The New Australian No. 125, 28 7/4/99 Peter Zhang "... Obviously a member of Chinese intelligence who has just returned from America has far more interesting things to say than a lowly local Party official who spends all day stamping forms...... Something that the American public has not been told, though it is no secret, is that when Clinton, aka "nanren men zai hua sheng dun"1, abolished COCOM (Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls) in 1993 he outraged the British who warned Clinton that his decision to permit the export to China of high-tech material with military applications would allow Beijing's military machine to leapfrog years of military research and spending and put the West at risk. I cannot say whether 10 Downing Street was really surprised by Clinton's decision but I can say with a considerable degree of certainty that British intelligence was not. It should go without saying that British intelligence gave Blair a complete assessment of Clinton's actions and apparent motives. I suspect this assessment had more to do with London's outrage rather than Clinton's action. But this, I admit, is pure speculation on my part. Nevertheless, that British intelligence has taken a keen interest in Clinton's behaviour, an interest that goes back to his student days, is something that would, in my opinion, have helped alert thinking Americans to the true nature of Clinton's character. What the vast amount of Americans wouldn't know (and might even be appalled by it) is that Special Branch2 supplies British intelligence with dossiers detailing the activities of every foreign student's political activities and has done so for a number of decades. (No wonder the CIA envies the latitude granted to its British counterparts.) .....The irony is that not only did the British know well before the American public that Clinton's action would enable China to buy American supercomputers that would be used to build sophisticated nuclear-guidance systems they also knew the details of those agreements....."

New York Post 6/28/99 Deborah Orin "...The latest revelation by The New York Times that the first tipoff came in 1995 also raised new doubts about the truthfulness of Clinton's claim earlier this year that no one told him of any suspicions of such spying. "A scandal is there, the revelations of Chinese spying, and then starts the cover-up and obfuscation, and that makes it 10 times worse," Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) told Fox News. "Clearly, the White House has not been forthcoming about what the president knew, when he knew it ... There's no doubt that there [were] tremendous lapses or even, frankly, misconduct." McCain's criticism was echoed not just by other Republicans but also by Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.), who said news reports showed that the administration "either knew about it or should have known about it." ..."

The Associated Press 6/27/99 William Mann "...- Senators reacted bitterly Sunday to a report the Clinton White House knew of Chinese nuclear espionage earlier than it has acknowledged. "That really shouldn't go on," said GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, who plans to run for president. "I'm sick of it." ...."Looking back at it, this is critical enough...that the president should have been informed. There's no question about it," said Lieberman, D-Conn. The White House acknowledged Sunday it was alerted to suspicions of Chinese espionage in 1995 but did not learn about details until 1996, as the administration has maintained. ....The New York Times reported Sunday that in July 1995, Hazel O'Leary, then energy secretary, told then-White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta and other officials about evidence that China may have stolen nuclear secrets. Word filtered out to other officials in ensuing months, the newspaper said, citing interviews with current and former officials. It said a new report on the case issued by the president's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board refers to meetings among Energy Department, CIA and White House officials in the second half of 1995. Sandy Berger, deputy national security adviser in 1995 who now holds the top job, has said he did not tell Clinton of the matter until Berger was briefed thoroughly in July 1997. On Sunday, the White House denied any formal interagency contack over the issue before April 1996, when the Energy Department first briefed Berger. Counsel Jim Kennedy said prior discussions of the matter - such as the July 1995 contact - constituted preliminary and informal notification. O'Leary's talk with Panetta, Kennedy said, was "simply an informal heads-up to the White House." ...."

Section of Appendix of Presidents Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board Report 6/99 Sen Rudman, Chairman of PFIAB "...China obtained by espionage classified U.S. nuclear weapons information that probably accelerated its program to develop future nuclear weapons. This collection program allowed China to focus successfully down critical paths and avoid less promising approaches to nuclear weapons designs. China obtained at least basic design information on several modern U.S. nuclear reentry vehicles, including the Trident II (W-88). China also obtained information on a variety of U.S. weapon design concepts and weaponization features, including those of a neutron bomb. We cannot determine the full extent of weapon information obtained. For example, we do not know whether any weapon design documentation or blueprints were acquired. We believe it is more likely that the Chinese used U.S. design information to inform their own program than to replicate U.S. weapon designs. China's technical advances have been made on the basis of classified and unclassified information derived from espionage, contact with U.S. and other countries' scientists, conferences and publications, unauthorized media enclosures, declassified U.S. weapons information, and Chinese indigenous development. The relative contribution of each cannot be determined....We do not know if U.S. classified nuclear information acquired by the Chinese has been passed to other countries. Having obtained more modern U.S. nuclear technology, the Chinese might be less concerned about haring their older technology...."

Media Research Center CyberAlert 6/28/99 Brent Baker "....At Clinton's late afternoon press conference on June 25 FNC's Wendell Goler, who asked him back on March 19 about spying during his term, pressed: "Let me ask you once again do you still maintain that you were not told anything about these Chinese efforts to spy at the nation's nuclear labs during your administration?" Clinton answered by stressing how spying by China has been ongoing for twenty years, but then he got to commenting how his March 19 reply: "What I said was that I didn't suspect any actual breaches of security had occurred during my tenure. Since then we have learned of the off-loading of the computer by Mr. Lee, from the secured computers into his personal computer. That's something we know now that I didn't know then. But I think my choice of wording was poor. What I should have said was I did not know of any specific instance of espionage because I think we've been suspicious all along. And I have to acknowledge I think I used a poor word there. We have been suspicious all along generally. We did not have any specific instance as we now do of the off-loading of the computer..." Actually, on March 19 Clinton did not say "that I didn't suspect any actual breaches of national security." He answered: "Can I tell you there has been no espionage at the labs since I've been President? I can tell you that no one has reported to me that they suspect such a thing has occurred." And in response to another question he maintained: "To the best of my knowledge, no one has said anything to me about any espionage which occurred by the Chinese against the labs, during my presidency." ....Now to last Friday. Clinton's grudging admission that he misled the American people as "my choice of wording was poor." In fact, he was again misleading people by suggesting that the "off- loading of the computer" is the only specific instance during his watch. But as Paul Sperry pointed out in the June 9 Investor's Business Daily: "The declassified version of the House [Cox] report identifies 11 cases of Chinese espionage since the late 1970s. Eight took place during President Clinton's years in office....In other words, the vast majority of the leaks over the past 20 years have sprung on Clinton's watch....The House report doesn't disclose the full extent of Chinese espionage in the Clinton years. Citing 'national security' reasons, the White House censored roughly 375 pages, including several recent cases." So, the networks had plenty of angles to pursue Friday night, but they bunted: ABC's John Cochran, CBS's Scott Pelley and CNN's John King all ignored China. FNC's Wendell Goler included Clinton's answer in his Fox Report story and NBC's Claire Shipman gave it 24 seconds in a piece about how "Bill Clinton laid out a bold and ambitious agenda for just 18 months left in office today."

WorldNetDaily 6/28/99 Charles Smith "...On June 1, 1999, the acting chief of the FBI's Litigation Unit, Scott A. Hodes, released sections of a still-secret report on Chinese espionage in written testimony submitted in a federal lawsuit by this reporter.... "This document is described as an FBI report dated April 1995, and designated by the Department of Commerce as document #98-02018-OSY1-001, originated and classified 'Secret' by the FBI. Portions of the document contain information responsive to plaintiff's request for Department of Commerce records on the subject, China's Commission of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense or COSTIND." .... According to the FBI report, "COSTIND generally oversees a whole host of weapons production corporations with their own needs to collect S&T. It is the primary coordinating control over these corporations and also tasks a wide range of Chinese commercial and research institutes to collect high-tech military and industrial items." In addition, the report shows that known commercial espionage by the People's Liberation Army is directly linked to military and diplomatic espionage. According to the report, "The State Science and Technology Commission (SSTC) is the non-military counterpart of the COSTIND, and like COSTIND it is involved in China's S&T modernization effort. The SSTC largely oversees civilian S&T collection, using the S&T diplomats in the United States as a key collection tool." The secret report was generated as part of the standard counter-intelligence task assigned to the FBI. The report was given to U.S. Commerce officials at a classified level. The report describes both PLA "collection" operations and tools such as "diplomats in the United States." ..."

WorldNetDaily 6/28/99 Charles Smith "...The FBI has come under fire recently for providing poor counter-intelligence to the Department of Energy, concerning PLA espionage involving nuclear weapons. Yet, counter to prevailing opinions, as the report shows, the FBI counter-intelligence team was busy warning the Clinton administration about COSTIND and the PLA back in 1995....Much of the equipment included U.S. manufacturing equipment and U.S. training; thus, not only was the technology exported, but so were the American jobs. Some of the documented transfers include: Rockwell Collins GPS navigation to Shanghai Aviation, a company owned by the PLAAF, for missiles and bombers. Radiation-hardened chips for nuclear warheads, including training for Chinese technicians inside America. Blade cutters and molds for a NORINCO artillery-fuse production facility owned by the PLA. McDonnell Douglas machine tools to PLAAF-owned China National Aero-Technology Import Export Corporation for fighter/bomber production. SUN super-computer to COSTIND-owned Yuanwang Corp. for nuclear weapons development. $100 million of Tandem (now Digital) computers to Great Wall Industries, a company owned by the PLA, for long range missiles and satellites. AT&T fiber-optic communications systems to New Galaxy Technology, a PLA company, for the Chinese Army General Logistics Division. Hughes secure Air Traffic Control systems directly to the PLAAF for "military" air defense. $200 million of Motorola secure radios for the People's Armed Police, the Chinese "Gestapo" that executes dissidents and runs the "Lao Gai" prison camps. Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar from Loral Defense to National Remote Sensing Center, State Sciences & Technology Commission of China, identified by the FBI and the Defense Department as a PLA missile guidance lab. RSA/Security Dynamics computer security encryption technology to the Laboratory of Information Security, a PLA information warfare lab, under the control of China's Ministry of Trade and Economic Co-operation (MOFTEC) and COSTIND..."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 6/30/99 Vol Four No 116 "...Maybe the Energy Department should hire FNC's Carl Cameron. Tuesday night he showed how he knew about testimony from a counter-intelligence agent that the agent's boss, the Energy Department's counter-intelligence chief, wasn't even aware of. And Cameron added unique TV play for a story on the wires Tuesday and in the Washington Times Wednesday about how a Defense official was transferred pending the outcome of a probe about how the supervisor improperly tried to access the computer files of a whistleblower testifying at that moment on Capitol Hill. In a piece featured on both Special Report with Brit Hume and the Fox Report, Cameron revealed what went on behind the scenes at a House Government Reform Committee hearing last week: "Inadvertently on Capitol Hill last week several lawmakers at a closed door meeting found themselves hearing new allegations of security breaches at Energy Department nuclear labs. Democrats and Republicans say the secret testimony of Energy Department counter-intelligence agent Bob Hensen (sp?) caught them completely off-guard. Lawmakers are mum on the classified details which sources say involve weapons labs, like Los Alamos, over the last five years and may have been part of China's nuclear espionage. "The Energy Department's top spy catcher, who admits security cannot be guaranteed, said he was unaware of his agent's testimony until Fox News told him." Ed Curran: "I'm surprised at your comment. As director of counter-intelligence I think I have a responsibility to know what was said in closed hearings. I have not been informed of Mr. Hensen's comments to anybody concerning security breaches in the past. I would certainly be more than interested in finding out though." Cameron went on to explain that when House members realized what Hansen would disclose he was removed from a panel of officials testifying about reprisals for their efforts to expose security shortcomings and stop dangerous technology transfers. This was the June 24 hearing that all but FNC ignored...."

Sen. James M. Inhofe Republican from Oklahoma. "...I want you to listen again. I am going to pick up on the incredible but true story of the Clinton Administration's betrayal of national security and the scandalous coverup that continues as we speak. In doing so, I fully realize that the majority of Americans will not believe me. They have continued to believe our President even after he has demonstrated over and over that he has no regard for the truth. Though you would never realize it by listening to the national media or the Clinton spin doctors, the recently released Cox Report has revealed a wealth of information on how the Clinton Administration has undermined national security to simultaneously pursue its misguided foreign policies and self-serving domestic political agendas......On the one hand, there is the mind-boggling story of how the Clinton Administration deliberately changed almost 50 years of bipartisan security policies-relaxing export restrictions, signing waivers to allow technology transfers, ignoring China's violation of arms-control agreements and its theft of our nuclear secrets, opening up even more nuclear and high technology floodgates to China and others-thus harming U.S. national security...On the other hand, there is the continuing coverup-the effort to hide from Congress and the American people the true damage that has been done to national security and the Clinton Administration's central role in allowing so much of it to happen on their watch...."

Sen. James M. Inhofe Republican from Oklahoma. "...At that time, [March 15] I spoke of six proven incontrovertible facts...and let me repeat them now:

1. President Clinton hosted over 100 campaign fundraisers in the White House, many with Chinese connections.

2. President Clinton used John Huang, Charlie Trie, Johnny Chung, James Riady, and others with strong Chinese ties to raise campaign money.

3. President Clinton signed waivers to allow his top campaign fundraiser's aerospace company to transfer U.S. missile guidance technology to China.

4. President Clinton covered up the theft of our most valuable nuclear weapons technology.

5. President Clinton lied to the American people over 130 times about our nation's security while he knew Chinese missiles were aimed at American children.

6. President Clinton single-handedly stopped the deployment of a national missile-defense system, exposing every American life to a missile attack, leaving America with no defense whatsoever against an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Sen. James M. Inhofe Republican from Oklahoma. "...First, let us begin with a simple fact: Sixteen of the seventeen most significant major technology breaches revealed in the Cox Report were first discovered after 1994. With the lone exception of the breach of the initial design information of the W-70 warhead (the so-called neutron bomb)-which was first discovered during the Carter Administration-everything else was first discovered during the Clinton Administration. Let me repeat-sixteen of the seventeen most significant major technology breaches revealed in the Cox Report were first discovered during the Clinton Administration. Those who tell you otherwise are willfully lying to you...."

Sen. James M. Inhofe Republican from Oklahoma. "...Second, of the remaining sixteen technology breaches, one definitely occurred during the Reagan Administration-the W-88 Trident D-5. Seven occurred sometime before 1995, though it is unclear exactly when. And eight occurred-without question-during the Clinton Administration.

Sen. James M. Inhofe Republican from Oklahoma. "...The seven that occurred before 1995 included breaches of information on all of the currently deployed nuclear warheads in the U.S. intercontinental ballistic missile arsenal: the W-56 Minuteman II; the W-62 Minuteman III; the W-76 Trident C-4; the W-78 Minuteman Mark 12A; and the W-87 Peacekeeper. In addition, there was the breach of classified information on reentry vehicles, the heat shield that protects warheads as they reenter the earth's atmosphere when delivered by long-range ballistic missiles.

Let me repeat that all of these technology breaches were first discovered in 1995.

Sen. James M. Inhofe Republican from Oklahoma. "...Next, we move to the other eight major technology breaches revealed in the Cox Report. All of these were not only first discovered during the Clinton Administration, they also happened on Clinton's watch:

1. The transfer of the so-called Legacy Codes containing data on 50 years of U.S. nuclear weapons development including over 1,000 nuclear tests;

2. The sale and diversion to military purposes of hundreds of high-performance computers enabling China to enhance its development of nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, and advanced military aviation equipment;

3. The theft of nuclear warhead simulation technology enhancing China's ability to perfect miniature nuclear warheads without actual testing;

4. The theft of advanced electromagnetic weapons technology useful in the development of anti-satellite and anti-missile systems;

5. The transfer of missile nose cone technology enabling China to substantially improve the reliability of its intercontinental ballistic missiles;

6 .The transfer of missile-guidance technology (by President Clinton to China) enabling China to substantially improve the accuracy of its ballistic missiles-these same missiles that are targeting US cities;

7. The theft of space-based radar technology giving China the ability to detect our previously undetectable submerged submarines; and

8. The theft of some other "classified thermonuclear weapons information," which "the Clinton Administration" (not the Cox committee) "has determined . . . cannot be made public."

Sen. James M. Inhofe Republican from Oklahoma. "...But as the Cox Report points out, nuclear espionage by China is only one part of the problem. China's efforts to acquire U.S. military-related technology is pervasive. Operating through a maze of government and quasi-government entities and front companies, China has established a technology-gathering network of immense proportions. They are willing and able to trade, bribe, buy, or steal to get U.S. advanced technology-all for the purpose of enhancing their long-term military potential. Their success is often determined largely by our willingness to make it easier for them to get what they want. The Cox Report has shed light on the fact that the Clinton Administration has actually helped China in its technology-acquisition efforts or made it easier for them to commit thefts and espionage. You know the truth is always difficult and controversy is difficult. It is easier to take polls and tell people what they want to hear. But I have to make a decision-whom do I love more, this president or America. That is easy. The following are just some of the things that the Clinton Administration has done. And I want to applaud Cong. Weldon for helping to bring many of these things to light.

1. In 1993, the Clinton Administration removed the color-coded security badges that had been u

sed for years at Energy weapons labs claiming they were "discriminatory"-as if that makes any sense whatsoever. Now just a few weeks ago, in the wake of all these revelations, the Energy Department has reinstated the color-coded badges to tell us it is fixing the problem. But I don't hear current Energy Secretary Bill Richardson talking about who created this particular problem.

2. In 1993, the Clinton Administration put a hold on doing FBI background checks for lab workers and visitors, an action which helped to dramatically increase the number of people going to the labs who would previously have not been allowed to have access.

3. In 1995, the Clinton Administration took the extraordinary action of overturning its own agency's decision to revoke the security clearance of an employee found guilty of breaching classified information. When this happened, it sent a message to employees throughout the Department, that this administration was not serious about countering breaches of classified information.

4. The Clinton Administration deliberately, and many would say recklessly, declassified massive amounts of nuclear-related information in what the Clinton Administration touted as a new spirit of openness.

5. In the W-88 investigation, the Clinton Administration turned down four requests for wiretaps on a suspect who was identified in 1996 and allowed to stay in his sensitive job until news reports surfaced in 1999.

6. In 1995, someone at the Department of Energy gave a classified design diagram of the W-87 nuclear warhead to U.S. News & World Report magazine which printed it in its July 31 issue that year. Rep. Curt Weldon is still trying to get answers about how this leak was investigated and what was determined. He has good reason to believe the investigation was quashed because it was going to lead straight to President Clinton's Energy Secretary.

7. Career whistleblowers at the Department of Energy, who tried to warn of serious security breaches-people like Notra Trulock, the former Director of Intelligence, and Ed McCallum, the former security and safeguards chief-were thwarted for years by Clinton political appointees who refused to let them brief Congress and others about what they knew. Trulock was demoted, but will now get to keep his job. McCallum appears on his way to being scapegoated and perhaps fired for trying to tell the truth.

8. Rejecting advice from his Secretaries of State and Defense, President Clinton approved switching the licensing authority for satellites and other high technology from the State Department to the Commerce Department, making it easier for China to acquire U.S. missile technology.

9. President Clinton granted waivers making it easier for U.S. companies to transfer missile and satellite technology to China during the launching of U.S. satellites on Chinese rockets.

10. In 1994, President Clinton ended COCOM, the Coordinating Committee on Multinational Export Control, the multi-nation agreement among U.S. friends and allies that they would not sell certain high technology items to countries like China. When this happened, it opened the commercial floodgates. Ever since, there has been a wild scramble of competition to sell more and more advanced technology to China. As a result, proliferation has never been worse than it has been in the last six years.

11. In a series of decisions throughout his presidency-and many surrounding the 1996 election-Clinton has consistently relaxed export and trade restrictions on various forms of high technology of interest to China.

12. At the same time, President Clinton has ignored or downplayed numerous China's arms-control violations by not imposing sanctions required by law. So while we're selling more and more high tech to China, China is sending prohibited military technology to countries like Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Libya, and Egypt. And what does the Clinton Administration do? Nothing. ..."

The American Spectator 6/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "...In the latest episode of the Clinton administration's cover-up of its mind-boggling security lapses at our nuclear weapons labs, Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson is now attempting to prevent a top DOE official in charge of safeguards and security from testifying before Congress. Why? ....Because that official, Edward J. McCallum, had made clear his intention to warn Congress and the public of devastating gaps in the security procedures at nuclear storage sites such as Rocky Flats, Colorado, that the Clinton administration has repeatedly, and obstinately, refused to correct. Security at Rocky Flats was so bad, McCallum warned President Clinton in a January 27, 1997 report, that terrorists could easily penetrate the facility and steal weapons-grade plutonium, or construct and detonate a nuclear bomb on the site without DOE security teams being able to prevent it. Budget reductions and other "disturbing trends" had turned DOE security into a " hollow force that goes below the bottom line and makes it more difficult to fulfill National Security mandates," McCallum wrote... In a telephone conversation four months later, McCallum was more blunt. The risk was "extremely high," he told the recently dismissed head of the Rocky Flats security detail, that terrorists could successfully attack the plutonium storage site, unleashing "a little mushroom cloud" over nearby Denver. By all accounts, McCallum's reports angered Secretary of Energy Hazel O'Leary, who not only failed to act on his warnings but consistently reduced the budget for security at the nation's nuclear labs--far below what McCallum and other security officials warned was the danger level. Under O'Leary's stewardship, Rocky Flats cut its security force by 40 percent, allowing prime contractor Kaiser-Hill LLC to improve its profit margin despite an overall reduction in the funds it received from DOE. Indeed, by skimping on security, Kaiser-Hill actually earned performance bonuses from DOE, because its cleanup operations were going ahead on schedule. During the Cold War, Rocky Flats was used to machine highly toxic plutonium into nuclear weapons cores...."

The American Spectator 6/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "...In a twist that should no longer shock observers of the Clinton administration, almost as soon as O'Leary resigned as secretary of energy in January 1997, she joined the board of ICF Kaiser, the parent of the company that McCallum had cited for poor management of Rocky Flats. O'Leary remains on the Kaiser board today, and her husband, John O'Leary, does consulting work for the group. Kaiser also hired Thomas Grumbley, a former aide to Al Gore who was put in charge of DOE's Office of Science and Technology. At DOE, Grumbley had "harpooned" Kaiser's performance at Rocky Flats, according to Mark Graf, the former security chief at Rocky Flats. Grumbley now works for Kaiser as president of its Environment & Facilities Management Group. In 1997, the House Commerce Committee discovered that Grumbley had funneled lucrative DOE contracts to Molten Metal Technology, after the company had hired Gore aide (and top DNC fundraiser) Peter Knight as its chief Washington lobbyist. MMT executives contributed $50,000 in 1994 to the University of Tennessee to establish a chair honoring the vice president's sister, and in 1995 told Knight they would raise $50,000 for the Clinton-Gore re-election campaign, according to Commerce Committee documents.

The American Spectator 6/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "...A former Green Beret colonel, McCallum headed DOE's Office of Safeguards and Security, and detailed his concerns regarding deteriorating security of U.S. nuclear storage and research sites in annual reports to the president. He also sent dozens of memos to his immediate superior at DOE, Joseph Mahaley, who colleagues say backed him and raised the issue of lax security at DOE's nuclear facilities with top DOE management, to no avail. McCallum warned that contractors were slashing the guard force, failing to replace outdated alarm systems, and reducing the number of guard dogs at nuclear storage sites in order to boost profits. Some security systems "were so outdated, we couldn't even get spare parts," a DOE security consultant who worked with McCallum told TAS..."

The American Spectator 6/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "...At one point, McCallum ordered DOE agents to place surveillance devices at the plant, in order to keep track of security guards believed to have ties to local militia groups. When the guards' employer, Wackenhut, discovered the bugs, it thought a disgruntled former employee was trying to gather information for a labor dispute, and brought in a private security firm to sweep the facility. "That in itself was a security violation," a source familiar with the incident told TAS. "No one but DOE-approved security people should ever have been allowed into a nuclear weapons storage facility."..."

The American Spectator 6/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "...But the problems raised by McCallum went far beyond physical security and even beyond Rocky Flats. He also warned that, under O'Leary's "get-loose" policy at DOE, routine five-year security clearance reviews were no longer being conducted for lab scientists and other persons with access to nuclear weapons design information (known as "Q" clearances).... "

The American Spectator 6/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "...Rocky Flats employees have tried to get management to focus on security problems at the facility for many years. In 1995, Mark Graf and Jeff Peters, senior security inspectors at the plant, finally wrote to Democratic Congressman David Skaggs, drawing his attention to the security deficiencies. In retaliation, Peters was placed on administrative leave, and Graf's workload was stepped up dramatically. A few months later, Graf and Peters sent an eight-page classified memorandum to their general manager and to DOE. Peters eventually resigned in June 1996, after filing a discrimination suit against Wackenhut, the security subcontractor; Graf's case is still in dispute...."

The American Spectator 6/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "...In February 1997, DOE dispatched a new security director to Rocky Flats, a former Air Force weapons officer and trained engineer, David Ridenour. After just three months at the job, Ridenour resigned "in disgust," sending a scathing letter to then-Energy Secretary Federico Pe. In it he complained of no government oversight--a criticism reinforced by the April 1999 GAO report--and said he had been told not to let security concerns interfere with the contractor's schedule or profits. "In my professional life as a military officer, as a registered engineer and as a technologist with the contractor operating the Department of Energy's Fernald, Ohio site, I never before experienced a major conflict between loyalty to my supervision and duty to my country and to the public," Ridenour wrote. "I feel that conflict today."

The American Spectator 6/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "...On April 19, 1999, Assistant Secretary of Energy Rose Gottemoeller informed McCallum that he had been placed on administrative leave without pay, and was under investigation for having released classified information in telephone conversations that were taped by Mark Graf three years earlier, and which (without his knowledge or consent) recently appeared on an Internet website. (Graf had taken his suit against Wackenhut to the Government Accountability Project, a left-leaning nonprofit organization that provides legal assistance to government whistleblowers.) Gottemoeller also issued a reprimand to McCallum's superior, Joseph Mahaley, but quietly withdrew it after he threatened legal action.

The American Spectator 6/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "..."All the people who have raised the alarm over DOE security lapses have suffered some form of harassment," one Republican congressional aide told TAS. And Democrats in Congress are just as incensed. Last year, Massachusetts Democrat Ed Markey wrote to Energy Secretary Richardson detailing the lapses and asking how DOE was fixing them. ... Well-informed sources close to the energy secretary say he personally gave the order to fire McCallum in April because he was "pissed off" that McCallum was the source of the information reaching the Hill about loose security at the labs...."


Washington Times 6/28/99 Bill Gertz "...China is making final preparations to test fire a new mobile intercontinental ballistic missile that the CIA believes will incorporate stolen U.S. missile and warhead secrets, The Washington Times has learned. Preparations for the launch of the road-mobile DF-31 -- which could take place as early as next week -- were spotted by U.S. spy satellites at Wuzhai in central China and reported in classified U.S. intelligence reports earlier this month, said U.S. intelligence officials familiar with the reports. "They are getting ready for a launch," one official said. The official said one U.S. intelligence agency assessed the DF-31 test missile to be capable of carrying a 2-and-a-half-megaton warhead. A megaton is the equivalent of a million tons of TNT. Other intelligence estimates have said the DF-31 warhead size will be smaller, closer to the 100- to 200-kiloton range that is similar to compact U.S. nuclear warheads. China's two dozen CSS-4 long-range ICBMs each carry a five-megaton warhead and the CIA reported last year that at least 13 of those missiles were targeted on U.S. cities....."

Washington Times 6/28/99 Bill Gertz "...The 5,000-mile-range missile will be able to hit targets in parts of the western United States. According to a report released last month by a special House panel investigating Chinese espionage, the DF-31 is likely to be the first missile in the People's Liberation Army (PLA) arsenal to incorporate stolen U.S. warhead design technology, including either the advanced W-88 warhead, or the older W-70 warhead used on short-range Lance missiles. "The DF-31 ICBM and the PRC's other new generation mobile ICBMs will require smaller, more compact warheads," said the report by a committee headed by Rep. Christopher Cox, California Republican. "The stolen U.S. information on the W-70 or W-88 Trident D-5 will be useful for this purpose." The D-5 is the most advanced U.S. submarine-launched ballistic missile...."

Washington Times 6/28/99 Bill Gertz "... Intelligence monitors, including satellites and reconnaissance aircraft, are watching the Wuzhai site for the test and officials said they will be looking out for whether China makes the jump from a large single warhead to small, multiple warheads. The first flight test of the DF-31 took place in May 1995 and other missile tests showed China's use of "penetration aids" --dummy warheads designed to fool missile defenses. China has been working slowly on the new DF-31 and last tested its rocket motor during President Clinton's visit to China a year ago. The July 1 test, according to some Pentagon officials, was an "ejection test" of the DF-31 missile. Its timing was viewed as a political signal to the United States, coming as it did during the summit, these officials said...."

Washington Times 6/28/99 Bill Gertz "... "The DF-31 ICBM will give China a major strike capability that will be difficult to counterattack at any stage of its operation," states the Air Force report, labeled "secret." "It will be a significant threat not only to U.S. forces deployed in the Pacific theater, but to portions of the continental United States and to many of our allies." The Air Force report contained a map showing the range of DF-31 to be sufficient for it to hit targets throughout the western United States along a line running southwest from Wisconsin through California...."

The American Spectator, page 22 7/99 Kenneth Timmerman "... a recent review by the General Accounting Office (GAO) found that some of the money has helped the Russians develop better nuclear weapons, missiles, and biological weapons--and that many civilian projects financed with U.S. taxpayer money have direct military applications. Even worse: Some of the U.S.-funded scientists and institutes are developing weapons for Iran and Libya. Despite these warnings, the Clinton administration now proposes to spend an additional $600 million to launch a massive public works project in ten Russian "nuclear cities." Although these sites are ostensibly closed to outsiders, Iranian visitors have in the last five years been spotted at some of Russia's most sensitive weapons labs, including Vector and Obolensk, where scientists have genetically engineered human and animal viruses to produce the most deadly biological weapons known to mankind. The GAO concluded in February that the Nuclear Cities Initiative is "likely to be a subsidy program for Russia for many years rather than a stimulus for economic development," and recommended that it be scaled back. It also said the Department of Energy (DOE), which will oversee the program, should more vigilantly check the backgrounds of Russian scientists slated to benefit from U.S. taxpayer largesse, in order to ensure that weapons designers do not enter classified U.S. facilities and do not use U.S. funds to subsidize new weapons development. Heading the Nuclear Cities program at DOE is Assistant Secretary of Energy Rose Gottemoeller, the same official who fired the department's head of security programs because she suspected him of leaking information to Congress on the disastrous state of security at DOE nuclear storage plants and at the national labs ("Nuclear Security Meltdown," TAS, June 1999). In her academic writings, Ms. Gottemoeller has urged the U.S. to abandon its long-standing policy of strategic ambiguity by declaring publicly that the U.S. will not be the first to use nuclear weapons. But Rose Gottemoeller is not just any anti-nuclear academic: In 1993 she became National Security Council director for Russia and the other Soviet successor states. Since then, she has presided over policies that advanced the career of former KGB Director Yevgeni Primakov, turned a blind eye to Russia's nuclear and missile transfers to Iran, and supported President Boris Yeltsin at the expense of democratic reformers, plying him with political favors and cash that went directly into off-shore bank accounts. Although she has no hands-on managerial experience, Gottemoeller inherits a program crippled by poor management and lack of oversight, which seems destined to have precisely the opposite effect of its stated intention of helping wean Russia away from nuclear weapons...."

The American Spectator, page 22 7/99 Kenneth Timmerman "... Even Russian lab directors are complaining that in its naive approach to proliferation, the Clinton administration is making dangerous mistakes. TAS has learned that one Russian lab director warned the director of DOE's Initiatives for Proliferation Prevention (IPP) project in Moscow in November 1996 that U.S. taxpayer money was being funneled into Russia's most dreaded biological weapons facilities, and that, given the way the U.S. had structured the programs, there was nothing he could do to stop it..... The State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology, known as Vector, was founded in the 1970's to carry out topsecret research into deadly viral weapons. Given all new labs and a new charter by Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987, Vector "weaponized" new strains of smallpox at a time when the World Health Organization declared the disease eradicated worldwide..... Before Alibek defected from Russia in 1992, Vector also developed a new form of the Ebola virus known as Marburg-U, a disease which liquefies the victim's internal organs and causes the pores of the skin to ooze blood from internal bleeding. Vector's state-of-the-art production facility near the Siberian town of Koltsovo continues to receive funds from IPP and the U.S. Department of State, under a parallel program known as the International Science and Technology Centers (ISTC). Vector's programs are still "too sensitive to discuss," say former officials, who voice concern that the State Department has provided general support funds which Vector can use for whatever purpose it chooses. These funds were awarded Vector despite U.S. government awareness that the institute is currently developing new biological weapons for the Russian military, including a new strain of German measles that creates AIDS-like symptoms in a matter of days....."

The American Spectator, page 22 7/99 Kenneth Timmerman "... Of the seven Russian institutes hit with White House sanctions in January for selling missile-related equipment and technology to Iran, most were recipients of ISTC grants, a State Department official supervising the program acknowledges. "Since the sanctions, we have suspended any new contracts with these entities," the official says. One of the entities was TSAGI, also known as the Aerohydrodynamic Institute. TSAGI contracted in early 1997 to build a wind tunnel, at the Shahid Hemat missile plant outside of Tehran, which is being used by Iranian and Russian missile designers to refine the Shahab-3 missile. Successfully test-fired in July 1998, the Shahab-3 gives Iran the capability for the first time of reaching Israel with a nuclear weapon. A follow-on missile, the Shahab-4, is also being developed with Russian assistance, and will be able to target U.S. NATO bases in Europe. The ISTC was planning to fund a TSAGI project involving new aircraft designs aimed at improving wake vortex disturbance, a phenomenon which can cause small planes to crash when they cross the wake of a larger aircraft....." 6/24/99 Testimony of Dr. Peter M Leitner "...To be victimized by my own government - particularly the Defense Department - for consistently putting the near- and long-term national security of the United States ahead of all other considerations is something that I still find astounding to this day. I believe that a deadly combination of corruption, greed, careerism, indolence, and possibly darker motives have brought us to this sad turning point in the nature of the military threats to the United States and along the Chinese periphery - extending from the Central Asian republics through the Indian Ocean and along the Pacific Rim... From 1986 to 1990 I was consistently praised by DoD officials for my effectiveness in documenting and persuasively defending American technology security interests around the world in international negotiations.... In 1994, I wrote a technical paper called "McDonnell Douglas Machine Tool Sales to the PRC: Implications for U.S. Policy" and refused a direct order to change my denial of the transfer of the Columbus, Ohio, B-1 Bomber/MX Missile/C-17 plant to China. This incident was the subject of a recent 60 Minutes broadcast. Later that year I co-authored a study entitled "Transferring Stealth Technology to the PRC: Three Pieces to the Chinese Puzzle." This paper revealed how the PRC was targeting U.S. companies for technology acquisition with surgical precision.... At one point, DTSA attempted to insert a criteria stating that my licensing decisions had to meet with the approval of my supervisor at least 90 percent of the time..... It was in December 1997 that a campaign to further isolate me began - this time to confiscate my office computers, a laptop and a desktop.... About this time, I began to see and issue denials for a large number of export license applications originating with the DoE-sponsored national laboratories - particularly Los Alamos, Sandia, Livermore, and Oak Ridge. These licenses were intended to facilitate the transfer of a variety of high-tech equipment with direct application to nuclear weapons development and testing to the most dangerous entities within the Russian nuclear weapons design, test, and manufacturing complex. I objected then, and continue to object today, to these so-called Lab-to-Lab transfers because there was no evidence of a security plan to protect U.S. technologies from being used against us, there was no evidence that the Department of Energy exercised any credible level of control over these activities, and after meeting with lab officials it was apparent to me that the labs had become entrepreneurial and were creating programs not so much to resolve the fictional "loose nukes" problem as to keep themselves employed and avoid layoffs....In 1997, I witnessed the intentional orchestration by the administration of a series of events resulting in the false certification to Congress that China is not a nuclear proliferant. This provided the Chinese legal access to many nuclear technologies to complement that which the committee so clearly demonstrated they were engaged in stealing...... In August I was called before the Cox/Dicks Committee where I testified on the PRC threat and worked very closely with that staff - providing over 18 inches of documents and hours of follow-on interviews with staff. Ever since these testimonies I have been subjected to, in staccato fashion, one adverse harassing act after another. The most prominent of these are: further lowering of my performance rating, attempts to isolate me from attending meetings concerning nuclear exports -- particularly when the IG's were visiting the interagency meetings pursuant to the Senate inspection request, a trumped-up letter of reprimand, sick leave harassment, a falsified charge of a security violation, and implied threats to charge me with insubordination or defiance of authority. In fact, the DoD IG found that of the 16 DTSA licensing officers I am the only one not to receive a bonus, or an outstanding or superior rating, this in spite of the fact that I am the only person to have authored any technical or policy analyses or to have stood up for DoD's national security mission in the face of interagency obstructionism. All of this happened since my Cox/Dicks testimony. These actions were deemed so serious that Senator Thompson twice wrote to the Pentagon, including to Secretary Cohen, expressing concern for his witnesses. In addition, the Office of Special Counsel has accepted my case for a full investigation of political reprisals and illegal retaliation...... The politicization of the career Civil Service is an extraordinarily dangerous and insidious process that has been more radically advanced during the past six years than at any time since the enactment of the Hatch Act...."

WorldNetDaily 7/13/99 Charles Smith "…Clearly, the Commerce Dept.'s vain attempt in 1998 to dispute the fact COSTIND was not a Chinese Army unit was another White House spin effort that failed. COSTIND, to Defense Secretary Perry, was indeed a military unit, commanded by General Ding and manned by "officers and soldiers" of the PLA. In 1998, the Commerce Dept. denied access to all China-Gate documents, citing national security, on the grounds that they could "neither confirm nor deny" their existence. In response, this reporter filed suit in Federal Court, located in Richmond, Virginia, seeking the withheld information. Previously released information, forced from the Clinton administration using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), clearly showed meetings between Commerce officials and COSTIND. For example, one document described an August 1994 meeting in Beijing that included COSTIND General Shen, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, and Loral CEO, Bernard Schwartz. The evidence showed that the Commerce Dept. was withholding details on "military" exports directly to the Chinese Army. The Commerce Dept. is not authorized to issue export licenses to military end-users… The Clinton/China military relationship included the "Eight Point Plan" to transfer a state-of-the-art air defense system directly to the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). The air defense technology transfer to the PLAAF, according to 1998 GAO testimony on U.S. military sales to China, required a waiver signed by President Clinton…."

WorldNetDaily 7/13/99 Charles Smith "…COSTIND operations against the Commerce Dept. included a vast array of U.S. military technology. One deadly example, and a specialty of COSTIND General Huai, was the the export of U.S. super-computers for Chinese Army nuclear weapons research. Commerce Dept. documents show that SUN Corp., a U.S. computer maker, sold a super-computer directly to a Chinese Army nuclear weapons lab at Yuanwang Corp. The documents also show that the Clinton administration knew that Yuanwang was operated by the Chinese Army. Detailed information was given to the Commerce Dept., including the direct PLA contacts at the Chinese weapons labs prior to the sale by none other than COSTIND General Ding himself. According to the Commerce documents, Yuanwang manufactures test equipment for the Lop Nor nuclear weapons facility in China…."

Washington Times/ Investigative 7/13/99 Bill Gertz "…A Los Alamos computer scientist accused of leaking nuclear weapons secrets to China could avoid espionage charges and face prosecution under a computer crime statute, according to Clinton administration officials. Scientist Wen Ho Lee was fired from his job at Los Alamos National Laboratory in April and has been under investigation for months on suspicion he passed secrets to China about the W-88 nuclear warhead. The warhead is the most advanced strategic weapon in the U.S. arsenal. However, Clinton administration officials close to the case said that the FBI mishandled the investigation early on, making a successful espionage prosecution unlikely…"

Washington Times 7/5/99 "…(1) After learning in April of 1995 from their monitoring of Chinese nuclear test explosions that China had apparently acquired classified design information about the United States' most sophisticated nuclear warhead, the W-88, why did Department of Energy (DOE) weapons scientists and counterintelligence officials delay for an entire year -- until April 1996 -- reporting this alarming information to the White House? (2) Given that Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officials learned of the same development in 1995 as well, why would that agency not advise the White House? Those questions have now been answered. In fact, DOE counterintelligence officials did not wait nearly so long. Nor did their CIA counterparts. As early as July 1995, DOE Secretary Hazel O'Leary conveyed her department's suspicions to no less a senior White House official than Chief of Staff Leon Panetta, according to an article in the New York Times. Within days, CIA Director John Deutch, a former deputy secretary of defense, told Mr. Panetta that the CIA had independently gathered intelligence confirming the suspicions of DOE officials; namely, that China had stolen secret information about the W-88….. In November of 1995, a convinced Mr. Deutch personally briefed White House National Security Adviser Anthony Lake -- who implausibly asserts that he cannot recall the briefing, although the White House acknowledges there is a record of it. In any event, Mr. Lake claims to have failed to brief the president. Moreover, Mr. Panetta, the government official who probably spent more time with Mr. Clinton than anybody else at the time, admitted to the Times that he failed to mention to the president what Mrs. O'Leary and Mr. Deutch told him in July 1995…..Imagine that. CIA Director Deutch informs the the White House Chief of Staff in July 1995 that his agency suspects Chinese nuclear espionage involving America's most advanced nuclear warhead. After the sober-minded Mr. Deutch becomes convinced of the nuclear espionage, he personally briefs the president's national security adviser. Five months later, DOE counterintelligence officers gave then-Deputy National Security Adviser Sandy Berger what they termed an "explicit" and "detailed" briefing. And none of these three --neither Mr. Panetta, nor Mr. Lake nor Mr. Berger -- ever considered the information sufficiently alarming to brief the president. (At one point, within days after the scandal exploded in early March this year, Mr. Berger, who became national security adviser in early 1996, claimed to have briefed the president in April 1996, but the White House now insists the president was not briefed until July 1997, after DOE officials briefed Mr. Berger a second time.) Either these three senior White House officials are among the most incompetent aides ever to serve a U.S. president, a prospect that, admittedly, is difficult to believe in Mr. Panetta's case. Or they are lying…."

The Center For Security Policy 7/2/99 "…On 23 June, Hutchison USA announced its investment of $957 million into the combined telecommunications company of Voicestream Wireless and Omnipoint. Hutchison is already the largest shareholder in Voicestream, owning 24% of the company and its latest investment will increase its ownership to 30% of the newly merged conglomerate….Hutchison USA is a division of the large Hong Kong business conglomerate, Hutchison Whampoa, whose business ventures include real estate, port ownership in Asia, Europe and Panama, retail and manufacturing, and telecommunications and energy projects. Owned largely by billionaire Li Ka-shing, the company has recently initiated an extensive overseas acquisition strategy. Among other companies, Li is also the principal owner of the Panama Ports Company and China Resources Enterprise which collectively control four major ports at the eastern and western entry points to the Panama Canal. In a recent hearing before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on U.S. interests in the Panama Canal, a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Thomas H. Moorer (USN, Ret.) raised an alarm over Hutchison's role -- and that of the Chinese government -- in Panama.

The Center For Security Policy 7/2/99 "…As Adm. Moorer put it: ...There's far more going on [in Panama] then meets the eye. A company called Panama Ports Company, S.A., affiliated with Hutchinson Whampoa, Ltd. through its owner, Mr. Li Ka-Shing, currently maintains control of four of the Panama Canal's major ports. Now, Panama Port Company is 10 percent owned by China Resources Enterprise, the commercial arm of China's Ministry of Trade and Economic Cooperation….. In their best-selling book, Year of the Rat, Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett III claimed that China Resources "had previously been identified as an associate of Chinese military intelligence." The authors also identified ties between Li Ka-shing and known arms-smuggler Wang Jun, head of Polytechnologies, an enterprise closely associated with the People's Liberation Army.,,,, The Senate [Government Reform] Committee...revealed that Hutchison Whampoa's subsidiary, HIT, has business ventures with the China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO), which is owned by the People's Liberation Army. COSCO has been criticized for shipping Chinese missiles, missile components, jet fighters and other weapons technologies to nations such as Libya, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan. In 1996, the U.S. Customs Service seized a shipment of 2,000 automatic weapons aboard a COSCO ship at the port of Oakland, California. The man identified as the arms dealer, Wang Jun, is the head of China's Polytechnologies Company, the international outlet for Chinese weapons sales. Jun also sits on the Board of the China International Trust and Investment Corporation (CITIC),(1) the chief investment arm of the Chinese central government. It is also the bank of the People's Liberation Army, providing financing for Chinese Army weapons sales and for the purchase of Western technology. Jun's fellow CITIC Board member is Mr. Li Ka-shing, chairman of Hutchison Whampoa Ltd…."

The Center For Security Policy 7/2/99 "…Li Ka-shing has profound ties to the Beijing regime. Li has invested more than a billion dollars in China and owns most of the dock space in Hong Kong. In an exclusive deal with the People's Republic of China's communist government, Li has the right of first-refusal over all PRC ports south of the Yangtze river, which involves a close working relationship with the Chinese military and businesses controlled by the People's Liberation Army. Li has served as a middle man for PLA business dealings with the West. For example, Li financed several satellite deals between the U.S. Hughes Corporation and China Hong Kong Satellite [CHINASAT], a company owned by the People's Liberation Army. In 1997, Li Ka-shing and the Chinese Navy nearly obtained four huge roll-on/roll-off container ships -- which can be used for transporting military cargo -- in a deal that would have been financed by U.S. taxpayers. A June 1997 Rand report, "Chinese Military Commerce and U.S. National Security," stated, "Hutchison Whampoa of Hong Kong, controlled by Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, is also negotiating for PLA wireless system contracts, which would build upon his equity interest in Poly-owned Yangpu Land Development Company, which is building infrastructure on China's Hainan Island." In 1998, Li Ka-shing attempted to issue $2 billion in bonds, through his Hutchison company, in the United States. According to the Dow Jones Newswire, Hutchison revealed that 50 percent of the bonds would be used through a subsidiary known as Chung Kiu Communications Ltd., which had signed agreements to provide cellular services and equipment to joint ventures between the People's Liberation Army and the Chinese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. (Emphasis added.) …"

New York Times Company 7/16/99 David Johnston "…An unclassified summary of the inspector general's report, which was released on Wednesday, found that F.B.I. officials were at first reluctant to share raw intelligence with campaign finance prosecutors, senior Justice Department officials and lawmakers who demanded the information as part of their own investigations. Later, the report said, Justice Department officials provided too much unverified intelligence to lawmakers, fearing that Attorney General Janet Reno and her subordinates could be criticized by Republicans if they failed to turn over information that might be considered relevant to a Congressional inquiry…"

Curt Weldon Charts "...The two charts together reveal, among other things:

* A systematic, well planned effort by the Chinese military at the highest levels to target and acquire technology for military modernization.

* That the targeting effort and financing to acquire the technology and buy influence at the highest levels of US Government were planned and implemented by Chinese military Intelligence through the second department under the General Staff Department (GSD).

* That the Chinese military acquired many of the technologies over the past seven years, although many of them had been targeted for acquisition for more than a quarter century.

* That the Chinese military set up a series of front companies and cut-outs to mask its technology targeting efforts and to launder money to hide its origin. Chinese military intelligence even resorted to the use of companies and bank accounts of the infamous Macau and Hong Kong Chinese Triad for this purpose.

* That even after the US Government learned of the diversion of the W-88 nuclear warhead design in late 1995 into 1996, the Clinton Administration continued to liberalize export controls on such sensitive technologies as computers, encryption, machine tools, telecommunications, stealth technologies, space launch technologies, satellites, the array of hot section technologies to improve the performance and life of Jet engines, and high temperature furnaces essential for the production of components for missiles and nuclear weapons.

* Despite knowledge of the U.S. designs for nuclear warheads, for example, the Clinton Administration still undertook a serious effort to redefine supercomputers to allow for increased exports of high performance computers to China. Rationale was not based on strategic criteria. Instead, it was governed by economic considerations of a few companies whose executives had supported President Clinton in 1992 and again in 1996.

* A September 1993 letter from President Clinton to Silicon Graphics CEO Edward McCracken, for example, promised to liberalize export controls of computers, machine tools, and telecommunications technologies (attached).

* In another instance, one National Security Council official in March 1998 -- some two years after knowledge of the W-88 and other U.S. nuclear warhead design diversions -- had proposed blanket waivers for satellite sales to China in exchange for China joining the Missile Technology Regime.

* That the Clinton-Gore Administration certified China in January 1998 to receive nuclear technology for being in compliance with non-proliferation regimes, even though there was strong evidence that the Chinese government was continuing its proliferation activities with Iran, North Korea, Syria, Pakistan, and Libya. Such proliferation activities, which were contrary to U.S.-Chinese understandings, continue unabated to this day.

* That the cumulative impact of these targeted technologies now permit China to:

* Develop reliable Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles with insights into MIRVing that ICBM force.

* Miniaturize nuclear warheads.

* Implement a command and control structure for its growing ICBM force.

* Develop an integrated command, control, communications, computer and intelligence encrypted network to enable better military command and control over vast areas, even beyond China itself.

* Improve power projection for its surface fleets, submarines, and long-range cruise missiles capable of hitting not only Taiwan, but also Japan from mainland China.

* Produce more proficient fighter and bomber aircraft capable of greater distances and speeds.

* That the administration as early as 1994 systematically dismantled its system of monitoring the influx of Chinese and other foreign nationals visiting U.S. high technology companies, including our nuclear weapons labs. As a result, there are many tens of thousands of Chinese in the United States and we don't know where they are or what they are doing.

* In fact, it wasn't until this year just prior to public revelations of alleged Chinese espionage in our nation's nuclear weapons labs that the Energy Department decided to seek export licenses from the Commerce Department for foreign national visits. Yet, the requirement had always been law. And where was the Commerce Department in not forcing the issue with the Energy Department?

* The notion that Chinese and other foreign nationals would be allowed access to information or to the facilities where U.S. nuclear weapons were developed is unconscionable. It is seriously doubtful that the Chinese labs would allow U.S. scientists into their nuclear weapons labs.

Softwar 7/20/99 Charles Smith "…Chinese military sources revealed they are now fielding large numbers of neutron bombs. Moreover, Chinese officials implied they would use nuclear weapons, if need be, to take the island nation of Taiwan. No super-power has openly threatened first use of nuclear weapons since President John Kennedy faced the Soviet Union over Cuba in 1962. In response, the Clinton administration opened the way to transfer advanced electronics from the F-15 Eagle and F-16 Falcon to the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF)…… A Capitol hill defense analyst, who is also a current F-18 Hornet pilot, noted that the Chinese Army Air Force Sukhoi SU-27 FLANKER would be the most likely candidate to receive advanced avionics from the Eagle and Falcon…. The planned transfer would improve the PLAAF Flankers that are already equipped with the deadly AA-11 ARCHER missile system. The Russian built AA-11 missile is capable of out performing the current U.S. Sidewinder missile in air combat. The Archer is reported to be targeted by a helmet sight, allowing Chinese pilots to shoot at U.S. planes simply by looking at them…..According to the Cox Report, in 1996, Hong Kong Customs officials removed a fully operational AA-11 from the cargo hold of a Chinese owned airliner stuffed with paying passengers. What the Cox Report did not relay to the American public was that the missile was in a box mis-labeled as "Machine Parts". What the Cox Report withheld was that the airliner was owned jointly by the Chinese government and Clinton buddy-billionaire, Moctar Riady. What the Cox Report did not release was the Chinese missile was bound for Israel and was to be upgraded with stolen U.S. Sidewinder technology…..

Wall Street Journal Europe 7/20/99 "…The most dramatic example of how overrated America's supposedly invincible superpower status is can be seen today around Taiwan. By law at least, the United States is obliged to defend Taiwan and in a uni-hegemony world you'd think that would be ample deterrence. Instead, we have China openly threatening to "use force" against the island if it sees fit, and accompanying that threat with what Beijing wants us to believe are ominously serious military exercises…. the mind-boggling comments of U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen when he was asked about the implications of the Cox report and Chinese espionage for U.S. security. China's neutron bomb, a weapon so vile that the U.S. decided not to deploy it? Not news, said a blase Secretary Cohen, and what's the difference if they built it or stole it. China's increasingly sophisticated nuclear arsenal? Oh, we already know China has nuclear weapons, Mr. Cohen pooh-poohed. That's not the problem. What we should worry about is other countries that want to develop or get nuclear weapons. Strange talk, coming from America's defense chief and about a nation known to be an energetic marketer of advanced weapons to rogue states…." 7/21/99 "...House leaders are accusing President Clinton of being in violation of a federal law designed to prevent spying against the US by China. In a letter to Clinton signed by House Speaker Dennis Hastert and the rest of the chamber's GOP leadership, they ask the president to comply with the law which requires the Secretary of Defense to produce a list of companies operating in the United States which are controlled by the People's Liberation Army and Ministry of State Security of the People's Republic of China...."

Investors Business Daily 7/24/99 "…By now, President Clinton has to be painfully aware that China's leaders took him for a fool. While he feted them in the White House, their moles mined our defense labs. Now China is threatening Taiwan with a U.S.-designed bomb. Only Clinton doesn't act like someone wronged, which raises even more suspicion that the nation's commander in chief is somehow personally indebted to a totalitarian - and clearly anti-American - regime. He can no longer pretend that his concessions are in ''our national interest.'' Even after its plot to penetrate our military - not to mention our elections - was exposed, China firebombed our embassy in Beijing and held our ambassador hostage. Now it's turning away our ships and planes in Hong Kong. And yet Clinton keeps heaping benefits on the country…Clinton's trade rep is working to get China into the World Trade Organization. Clinton is also trying to loosen controls on sending supercomputers to countries that have resold them to China in the past. He's trying to gull the Senate into signing a treaty to stop the U.S. from ever building and testing another nuclear weapon. China doesn't care about a global test ban, now that it has our nuclear secrets. China is getting another wish: Clinton still won't agree to deploy a missile defense system. Clinton refuses to kill the lab-to-lab exchanges he started with Beijing's nuclear physicists. He has even dispatched his Energy secretary to lobby Congress for more funding. Congress wants the names of Chinese military front companies doing business in the U.S. Clinton won't give them up, even though he's breaking a law he signed Oct. 17. Now he's punishing Taiwan for asserting its independence from mainland China. Pentagon advisers to Taiwan have been grounded. Military aid has been cut off…"

Softwar 7/26/99 "...Over 46 US super computers have been exported to China. Commerce Bureau of Export Administration Director William Reinsch testified in 1997 before the Senate that US officials could not determine the location of many of the computer sold to China. The Commerce Department authorized the additional export of a US super computer in 1997 even though they were denied access to inspect the Chinese site. In addition, Chinese officials denied access in 1998 to US inspectors who wanted to verify the exported super computers were not being used for military purposes...."

Investor's Business Daily 7/27/99 John Berlau "...The Chinese military is getting more than U.S. weapons technology. It's soaking up U.S. money, too. The unanimous House report on technology transfers to China concluded: ''Increasingly, (China) is using U.S. capital markets both as a source of central government funding for military and commercial development and as a means of cloaking U.S. technology acquisition efforts by its front companies with a patina of regularity and respectability.'' ....Investor's Business Daily has learned that some of the funding for companies believed to have connections with Chinese military or intelligence operations has come from America's largest public pension fund: the California Public Employees' Retirement System, or Calpers. Calpers has $159 billion in assets. About a million state and municipal employees depend on it for their retirement. Investments in state-owned Chinese companies could pose financial risks for the retirees as well as national security risks, some analysts warn. IBD showed a list of Chinese companies held by Calpers as of April 30 to Roger Robinson, a director of international economics policy on President Reagan's National Security Council. ''It should cause some concern if they're still holding that paper in light of what are now publicly identified concerns,'' Robinson said..... Robinson says three Chinese companies stand out: Cosco. Calpers held $2.7 million worth of Cosco Pacific Ltd., a subsidiary of the China Ocean Shipping Company, three years after a company ship was caught trying to smuggle illegal firearms into California..... Citic. Calpers held about $18 million in two subsidiaries of the China International Trust & Investment Corp...... China Resources. Calpers holds $8.7 million in China Resources, a holding company some China experts say is often used as cover for spying..... ''Aside from moral implications,'' the report concluded, ''there are potential financial consequences of (investing in companies that aid weapons) proliferation activity, which could negatively impact investors.'' For example, Robinson says, a company tied to a foreign government that's caught illegally dealing in weapons could have sanctions imposed on it by arms-control agencies. Owners of the fund could take a huge financial hit....."

WorldNetDaily 7/28/99 Joseph Farah "...Deep Throat told Bob Woodward back in the Watergate days that to unravel the scandal he should "follow the money." Likewise, we will never fully comprehend the evil and betrayal being committed at the highest levels of the U.S. government today unless we figure out who's getting rich off a cozy relationship with the totalitarians ruling China..... The new company is called China Access Television, or CAC, and it is currently setting up joint ventures with U.S. media and Internet businesses to expand its reach and legitimacy as a "communication company devoted to objectively introducing China, its people, heritage and culture to American society." ....The force behind CAC is CITIC, China's largest commercial corporation and one fully owned by the government in Beijing..... In 1996, the U.S. Customs Service seized a shipment of 2,000 Poly Technologies Co. machine guns destined for agents posing as American drug gangsters aboard a COSCO ship at the port of Oakland, Calif. Wang Jun, head of Poly Tech, is an international arms dealer who had coffee with Bill Clinton and Charlie Trie. Wang Jun also sits on the board of CITIC. CITIC is the chief investment arm of the Chinese central government and the bank of the People's Liberation Army, providing financing for Chinese army weapons sales and for the purchase of Western technology. Wang Jun's fellow CITIC board member is Li Ka Shing, chairman of Hutchison Whampoa Ltd, which will soon control both ends of the strategic Panama Canal.... But here's the Chinese punch line to this practical joke on America's useful idiots. A prominent U.S. businessman involved in a strategic alliance with China Access Television told me the whole program to enrich the party apparatus in Beijing and indoctrinate Americans was dreamed up by -- you guessed it -- the U.S. government. Do you believe this? After Los Alamos? After Riady? After Charlie Trie and John Huang and Webb Hubbell and Loral and on and on it goes. ... Who's getting rich off China? Apparently many are making short-term profits. But in the long term, they're selling America down the drain...."

Reason website 7/28/99 Cox Reports Interviewed by Michael W. Lynch and Jeff A. Taylor 8/9 99 Reason: Your report has been criticized by a foreign policy analyst at the Cato Institute for exaggerating the threat Chinese espionage poses and therefore being a version of the age-old Washington practice: Hype a problem and propose a government solution. Why use the worst-case scenario? Cox: I am always troubled when I find myself in disagreement with someone at Cato. If the object is to spend less on defense, we would be wise to make sure that we are not spending U.S. taxpayer dollars to arm our potential opponents. Our recommendations in here are quite modest. A great deal of our report is simply to have the scales fall from our eyes so we know what we are dealing with. It is not a worst-case scenario.... Not only is the report fair, but it is intended that people will make their own inferences about where to go from here and what to do. If Cato wants to go one direction and Brookings wants to go in another, that's entirely predictable. What I would object to is someone trying to win the argument by saying that these are not facts, because they are...."

Washington Post 8/4/99 "...IN JUST THE past few days, China has illegally seized a Taiwanese ship, sent jet fighters provocatively across the Taiwan Strait, repeatedly hurled threats at Taiwan and its elected president and test-fired a new ballistic missile built in part with stolen U.S. technology. It also has cracked down on a peaceful spiritual sect, rounding up hundreds of members for some old-fashioned Communist "re-education," and has (just on Monday) sentenced two pro-democracy activists to terms of eight and nine years in prison on charges of "subverting state power." The Clinton administration response to all this has been, for the most part, to chide Taiwan and make soothing noises toward China..."

The Tampa Tribune 7/28/99 Tribune Editorial "...The China spy scandal has caused the White House little political damage because the major TV networks, which supply most people most of their daily news, have given it scant attention. ``It was over and done with in two days,´´ says Brent Bozell, head of the Media Research Center. ``Either the print media are making up news, or something very bizarre is going on with the networks.´´ ...There were only five major network TV stories on the Cox Report about the China outrage, Bozell's research reveals. The three- volume spy report, released by a select committee of the U.S. House, listed a series of shocking security lapses. The public outcry was muted because about 70 percent of the public gets its news from a major TV network, and to the networks, the story was insignificant...."

Insight Magazine Vol 15 No 31 8/23/99 Rep Curt Weldon R-PA "...I read with interest Sam Cohen's recent critique of the Cox Committee's report of technology transfer to China released by the Hosue Select Committee on u.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns With the People's Republic of China (see Check Your Facts: Cox Report Bombs,"Insight Magazine, 8/9/99). I expected a more thorough analysis by the self-described "father of the neutron bomb." He should have checked his facts. Let me take one of his most egregious errors and turn it on its head. Cohen delivered a scathing rebuke of the Cox report for publishing a diagram that details the workings and components of the W-87 warhead. Why, Cohen wonders, would the United States publish a detailed, classified design of one of its most advanced warheads in an unclassified congressional report? The diagram in question -- which Cohen says would be a useful blueprint for India and Pakistan -- was actually reprinted from the July 31, 1995 issue of U.S. News and World Report. In fact, the Cox report cites the source of the diagram in captions below and beside the graphic. So this diagram, which "any competent nuclear scientists could use to work back to the actual design" was actually made public four years ago -- on every newstand in the world. How did such classified material find its way in to print and become available to any rogue government with a few dollars to spare the cover price? The answer is shocking. it highlights the utter incompetence and complete lack of concern about national security that have come to permeate the Clinton-Gore Administration...."

Insight Magazine Vol 15 No 31 8/23/99 Rep Curt Weldon R-PA "...The events surrounding the leak of this classified document were related to me by personal sources and independently confirmed by Carl Cameron of Fox News -- one of the few dedicated network reporters who continues to pursue the China story. According to those sources, the leak occurred during an interview that Hazel O'Leary -- then Secretary of Energy -- was conducting with a reporter from U.S. News. According to my sources, O'Leary opened up a ledger of classified documents sitting on her desk and proceeded to show the reporter a diagram of the W-87 warhead in order to prove a point. She then handed the classified diagram of the nuclear warhead to the reporter. Her staff attempted to protest, pointing out that the document was classified. O'Leary hesitated a moment, took the document back from the reporter, crossed out the word "classified" and promptly gave it back to the U.S. News staffer. When the document was published soon after, the Department of Energy and the intelligence community was aghast at the leak. In fact, the Department of Energy launched an investigation to determine the source of the leak and punish the individual responsible. Needless to say, the investigation was quietly put to an end when it was determined that O'Leary was the culprit. As Cohen noted, if he or other lower-level government employees publicly had revealed such details about the workings of the W-87, he would have been severely punished. So would a Member of Congress. But when the culprit is a Clinton-Gore Cabinet official, the incident conveniently is covered up. Like most revelations involving the mishandling of classified information by the Clinton-Gore Administration, the issue was ignored by much of the mainstream press. But that does not make the security violation any less egregious or worthy of punishment...."

Investors Business Daily 8/9/99 "...With those words, Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., described the U.S. government's investigation of Chinese espionage. We'd add words like ''shameful,'' ''pathetic,'' ''criminally inept.'' What remains to be learned is if ''treasonous'' applies. The report details how the FBI and the Energy and Justice Departments botched the probe time and time again. It reads like a how-not-to manual. We realize that hindsight is always clearer, but several mistakes stand out: After an agonizingly slow preliminary investigation, the FBI came up with 18 reasons to suspect Wen Ho Lee, the Taiwan-born scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The bureau sought a warrant from the Justice Department for his arrest. A midlevel Justice official said no. The FBI failed to push for Lee's arrest, even as it was continuing to investigate him. ''The bureau was apparently content to take 'no' for an answer,'' the report said. Justice and the FBI did not realize that the neutron bomb data that China obtained from the U.S. could have come from any number of sites in the U.S. The probe focused almost exclusively on Los Alamos..... This leads us to believe, at the very least, that the culture of the Clinton administration spawned an indifference to U.S. national security -especially where China was concerned. An engagement policy is one thing; coddling a communist country is another. And not caring enough to conduct a professional investigation into whether that communist country got our nuclear secrets is even worse All of which makes us wonder: Was there more than just incompetence at work here? ....."

The Washington Weekly ( 8/9/99 Rep Hayword, House of Representatives "...The lead story, Mr. Speaker, in today's Washington Times reads as follows: 'China Tests New Long Range Missile.' Bill Gertz, the byline, he writes and I quote, 'China successfully test-fired its newest long-range missile yesterday amid heightened tensions with Taiwan over pro-independence remarks by the island's President. The CIA believes the DF-31 test launched from a base in central China will be the first new Chinese intercontinental ballistic missile to incorporate stolen U.S. warhead design and missile technology, according to U.S. officials.' Mr. Speaker, when I read those words this morning, I could not help but reflect on the revelations that have rocked our Nation's capital and our entire country in the past several months. The fund-raising scandals, the apparent absence of concern at our Nation's nuclear laboratories, the wholesale theft of our nuclear secrets and the apparent cooperation of some in the private sector, and some in alleged government service to make it so. Mr. Speaker, what perverse pride can anyone derive from these revelations? Is there actually pride on the part of the Clinton- Gore gang and their fund-raisers this morning? Is there actually pride in the heart of Bernard Schwartz, the leading giver to the Democratic National Committee, whose firm, Loral, gave technology to the Communist Chinese? C. Michael Armstrong, the one-time CEO of Hughes, another company that gave technology to the Communist Chinese, can he feel pride at these revelations this morning? Is our national security advisor, Sandy Berger, who sat on this information and apparently withheld it from the highest levels of government, does he feel pride this morning that our Nation is at risk? How proud former Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary must be this morning, with her socialist utopian vision of sharing our nuclear technology with those who oppose us in the world. And finally and sadly, how proud the President and Vice President of the United States must be. Mr. Speaker, our constitutional republic has survived scores of scoundrels and scalawags, but to have those at the highest level of government speak of a strategic partnership with Communist China and then have it revealed in the fullness of time just what that strategic partnership meant, crass partisan, political advantage through scandalous fund-raising that has led us to this sorry state of affairs...."

Jane's Missile and Rockets 5/99 Seymour Johnson "...Recent US allegations of Chinese spying at US nuclear weapons research facilities may represent only the tip of the iceberg regarding technology-acquisition efforts by the People's Republic of China (PRC), writes Seymour Johnson. These covert and overt efforts are aimed at helping with the development of next-generation systems including improved tactical and strategic ballistic missiles, a land attack cruise missile, and directed-energy weapons for use against aircraft and missiles. They have targeted key technologies such as advanced conventional warheads, terminal manoeuvring and guidance systems, multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicles (MIRVs), reduction of delivery system radar cross-section (RCS), improved launcher mobility, and the military use of satellite systems for functions such as targeting and weapon guidance. US concerns over alleged co-operation between Israel and PRC on anti-tactical ballistic missile (ATBM) systems are well documented but Jane's Missiles & Rockets has learned that the most fertile Chinese efforts may have been in the republics of the former Soviet Union (FSU), coupled with access to commercially available civilian (but potentially dual-use) technology....."I'm not saying they had it all their own way... Russian and Ukrainian governments were on occasion responsive to our concerns... also had their own concerns about losing certain key skills and technical capabilities... I don't think the PRC gained access to Russian 'black' programmes such as high-energy propellants or the use of EM [electromagnetic] modulated plasma screens in low-observable RVs [re-entry vehicles]... but on the other hand they did get a 'head start' with their directed energy weapon programme."...."Consider a relatively unsophisticated SRBM like the 'Tochka-U' [SS-21 'Scarab']formerly deployed by Russia... it could come in at anywhere from 1,000 to 1,800m/sec, with a RCS of less than 0.03m{2}, a terminal angle of between 40º to 85º deg and had provision for a programmed corrective terminal turn of 13g. Now imagine that technology developed over another two decades and applied to MR [medium-range] and ICBMs...."

Jane's Missile and Rockets 5/99 Seymour Johnson "...According to US specialist Richard D Fisher Jr., Senior Policy Analyst at the Heritage Foundation's Asian Studies Center in Washington, one of these new technologies is the integration of Global Positioning System (GPS) updates in China's ballistic missile guidance systems. In particular, Fisher reports that at the Zhuhai Air Show in November 1996, he was told by an engineer from Beijing Research Institute of Telemetry (which is known to conduct research on missile guidance systems) that China was using GPS to improve the accuracy of its DF-15 (export designation M-9) short-range ballistic missile - the type fired during the 1995-1996 Taiwan crisis. The DF-15 was initially thought to be a single stage missile, however recent reports suggest that it may actually have a separating warhead with its own miniature propulsion system. This is significant because it would allow changes to be made to the warhead's terminal trajectory, suggesting that some form of terminal guidance was envisaged for the missile at the design stage...."

Jane's Missile and Rockets 5/99 Seymour Johnson "...The most exotic missile warhead technology known to be on the PRC's priority 'shopping-list' is that of directed-energy weapons. Launched over a decade ago by Wang Ganchang, the 'father' of Chinese nuclear warhead and ballistic missile research, Project 863 covers directed-energy weapons (a field in which the former Soviet Union was pre-eminent), is both well known and well documented outside the PRC. Although the bulk of Project 863 deals with anti-satellite, anti-ballistic missile and anti-aircraft applications, Guo Hezhong (formerly attached to the Electronics Research Institute of China Science Academy) set in motion efforts at developing a high-power microwave (HPM) beam weapon for the suppression of enemy C3I and air-defence assets. The precursor to such a weapon is likely to be the development of a missile warhead incorporating a non-nuclear HPM generator capable of disabling target electronics at greater range and with greater efficiency than an ordinary explosive warhead of equivalent size and weight. In the early 1990s, the US military - with the assistance of some Russian-derived technology - carried out tests of a warhead of this type, and are believed to have modified a number of AGM-86C cruise missiles to carry a developed version of this payload....."

Jane's Missile and Rockets 5/99 Seymour Johnson "...US experts have expressed some doubts as to China's ability to develop such an HPM warhead. While this would be a considerable challenge, it should not be beyond the considerable expertise of Chinese physicists, particularly if given some initial assistance by Russian 'know-how' in areas such as helical explosive flux compression generators (FCGs). Used in the former Soviet Union for both peaceful and military purposes, FCGs provide the extremely high energy density and discharge times (with further pulse-conditioning providing temporal and impedance matching between the FCG and the HPM source) suitable for HPM applications. Such hardware can generally be packaged into the cylindrical geometry required for missile applications. Chinese researchers having successfully achieved pulse power output of perhaps 35-40 million amps with rise times on the order of 100nS, the next and perhaps biggest challenge will be to focus that energy so as to deposit the required amount of energy at the right range and on target. If all the potential problems can be solved, an operational HPM warhead sized to fit a space similar to that available in the nose section of a Kh-55 or Kh-65 missile might achieve an effective range on the order of 300-500m with the pulse directed over a 25º-30º swath. Considerably more powerful effects are theoretically possible with larger explosive generators. The first Chinese HPM warheads could be fielded within the next decade...."

Capitol Hill Blue 8/11/99 Lawrence Morahan "...China's testing of a long-range ballistic missile, its admission that it has the neutron bomb, and its announcement that it would test a new submarine-launched ballistic missile this year vindicate the findings of a congressional select committee, which predicted these developments in a report earlier this year. This was the conclusion of an update, published Tuesday, on the Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China, an unclassified version of which was released May 25. "Events since the release of the [Cox] Select Committee report have confirmed some of its most disturbing conclusions about the PRC espionage threat facing the United States, the weakness of our efforts to counter it, and the threats to our national security that have resulted from it." "With the stolen U.S. technology, the PRC has leaped, in a handful of years, from 1950s-era strategic nuclear capabilities to the more modern thermonuclear weapons designs," the report said. Events of the past months bear this out...."

INSIGHT Magazine 8/20/99 Christopher Cox "…In two Insight articles -- "Check Your Facts: Cox Report Bombs" (Aug. 9) and "Cohen Fires Back" (Aug. 30) -- Samuel Cohen wrote about the report issued by the House Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China, which I chaired, and the select committee's study of the transfer of military technology to the People's Republic of China, or PRC. If any good can come of Cohen's opinions, it is that they provide an opportunity to emphasize the urgency of the problems uncovered by recent congressional investigations. . . . . Cohen asserts that whether the PRC stole the most advanced U.S. nuclear-weapons technology does not matter. "On what basis," he asks, "does the Chinese possession of the world's best thermonuclear-warhead technology make U.S. security meaningfully less secure?" . . . . The select committee found several reasons to be concerned on this score:

. . . . 1) The People's Liberation Army, or PLA, now can put several miniaturized warheads on a single missile, geometrically multiplying their nuclear force.

. . . . 2) The PLA now can put nuclear weapons on submarines. Since submarines are invisible -- unlike missile silos -- the United States no longer can take out the PLA's nuclear weapons in an emergency. This gives the PRC a first-strike option against virtually every nation in the Pacific region.

. . . . 3) The PLA now can deploy mobile nuclear weapons, which also can survive a U.S. strike.

. . . . 4) The PRC gains vast political leverage in the Pacific region by effectively neutralizing U.S. nuclear deterrence.

. . . . The impact of these developments on U.S. allies already is clear. The PRC is now militarily threatening both Taiwan and the Philippines. The PRC also is assisting North Korea's missile and space programs, which threaten Japan, South Korea and U.S. forces in the Pacific. Cohen's argument seems to be that nuclear-weapons security does not matter. We are fortunate that almost no policymaker shares his lack of concern about PRC theft of design information for our most sophisticated nuclear weapons…."

INSIGHT Magazine 8/20/99 Christopher Cox "… Cohen further writes that it "flies in the face" of logic to assert that Russia, China, France and Israel have not deployed a neutron bomb. Cohen is entitled to his opinion, but the latest top-secret information provided by the U.S. intelligence community, upon which the select committee's report is based, indicates otherwise…."

INSIGHT Magazine 8/20/99 Christopher Cox "…In his Aug. 9 article, Cohen implies that the select committee said the W-70 warhead was a neutron bomb. In his Aug. 30 article, he asserts that implication as fact. The text of our report speaks for itself: "On two occasions, the PRC has stolen classified U.S. information about neutron-bomb warheads from a U.S. national weapons laboratory. The United States learned of these thefts of classified information on the neutron bomb in 1996 and in the late 1970s, when the first theft -- including design information on the W-70 warhead occurred. The W-70 warhead contains elements that may be used either as a strategic thermonuclear weapon or as an enhanced radiation weapon ('neutron bomb')." In other words, elements of the W-70 warhead are configurable either as a neutron bomb or a "conventional" nuclear weapon. The details of how this works are classified but, contrary to Cohen's assertion, the committee did not state "that the W-70 is a neutron bomb." The select committee stands by its report.

INSIGHT Magazine 8/20/99 Christopher Cox "…Cohen also questions the report's statement that U.S. designs for small nuclear warheads are "the most advanced in the world" because he suspects that perhaps Russia may have such weapons. The departments of Defense and Energy amply have documented to Congress that the W-88 is the world's most sophisticated miniaturized nuclear warhead and Russia does not have such warheads. . . . Not only our aggregation of reporting by the intelligence community about past events but also our predictions as to future PRC actions have been vindicated since the issuance of the select-committee report on Jan. 3. On July 15, the PRC admitted for the first time that it possesses a neutron bomb. And on Aug. 2, the PRC tested its new Dong Feng-31 intercontinental ballistic missile -- just as the report alerted the Congress it might. . . . There was a simple reason that nine senior members of Congress, including liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans, voted unanimously after six months of closed proceedings that vital U.S. military technology was lost to the most powerful communist government on earth: It happened…."

New York Times 9/7/99 William Broad "…When American bomb makers began visiting China in 1979, they were startled by increasingly pointed questions that suggested their Chinese peers were hot on the trail of the secret to building a modern nuclear arsenal. It allows H-bombs to be made so small that many can fit atop a single missile or be fired from trucks, submarines and other mobile platforms. China succeeded on Sept. 25, 1992, the news coming from a spy who told his American handlers that Beijing had exploded a bomb based on the miniaturization secret. A team of scientists at the Los Alamos weapons laboratory in New Mexico set to work on a whodunit with huge implications: Was China's advance the result of espionage, hard work or some mix of the two? ….. The Los Alamos team concluded in 1995 that China's stride was probably based on espionage. A report this year by a Congressional committee that made the case public went further, claiming that it would have been "virtually impossible" for China to have made small warheads "without the nuclear secrets stolen from the United States." ….. Federal officials asked in recent days that some details about weapons design and intelligence sources not be published, and The New York Times agreed to withhold them. ….. Deconstructing the damage wrought by espionage is an imprecise art that mixes inference, evidence and deduction. In the vacuum between what is known and what is suspected, personal, partisan or institutional bias often rushes in….. In the interview, Cox expressed surprise when told of the depth and breadth of China's interest in the miniaturization secret. He also played down the idea, cited by Federal skeptics of Chinese spying, that most of the world's nuclear powers have figured out the secret of miniaturization. Can China, Cox asked, "develop it indigenously because France did? That is a stretch. It's almost apples and oranges." ……. "

World Net daily 6/29/99 Charles Smith "…As early as 1995, officials in the U.S. Commerce Department were warned of Chinese military and commercial espionage, according to a recently declassified secret report from the FBI. On June 1, 1999, the acting chief of the FBI's Litigation Unit, Scott A. Hodes, released sections of a still-secret report on Chinese espionage in written testimony submitted in a federal lawsuit by this reporter. "The document is 1 of 18 documents submitted to the Court by the Department of Commerce for an in camera inspection," wrote Hodes in his testimony for Federal Judge Robert Payne. "This document is described as an FBI report dated April 1995, and designated by the Department of Commerce as document #98-02018-OSY1-001, originated and classified 'Secret' by the FBI. Portions of the document contain information responsive to plaintiff's request for Department of Commerce records on the subject, China's Commission of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense or COSTIND." ….According to the FBI report, "COSTIND generally oversees a whole host of weapons production corporations with their own needs to collect S&T. It is the primary coordinating control over these corporations and also tasks a wide range of Chinese commercial and research institutes to collect high-tech military and industrial items." In addition, the report shows that known commercial espionage by the People's Liberation Army is directly linked to military and diplomatic espionage. According to the report, "The State Science and Technology Commission (SSTC) is the non-military counterpart of the COSTIND, and like COSTIND it is involved in China's S&T modernization effort. The SSTC largely oversees civilian S&T collection, using the S&T diplomats in the United States as a key collection tool." The secret report was generated as part of the standard counter-intelligence task assigned to the FBI. The report was given to U.S. Commerce officials at a classified level. The report describes both PLA "collection" operations and tools such as "diplomats in the United States." …."


Associated Press 9/14/99 George Gedda "....The United States has new evidence that China may have transferred medium-range missiles to Pakistan. The discovery raises the possibility of tough sanctions against China and adds a potential complication to a relationship that seemed headed for recovery after a difficult period. State Department spokesman James Foley called the possible transfer of M-11 missiles, with a range of about 250 miles, a matter of ``grave national security importance'' to the United States. A national intelligence estimate concluded that the transfer took place, but Foley said Tuesday that policy and legal determinations have yet to be made. An intelligence judgment is not a sufficient basis for applying technology-transfer sanctions, Foley said. ``It depends to a large extent on the nature of the evidence underlying that judgment, and before the law can be triggered, all the various elements of the missile sanctions law must be satisfied,'' he said..... The penalties would deny high-technology equipment to the Chinese organization involved in the transfer. They also would extend to activities of the Chinese government relating to development of MTCR missiles or MTCR components or affecting production of electronic and space systems or equipment and military aircraft......"

Reuters 9/14/99 Carol Giacomo "....A U.S. intelligence finding that China provided Pakistan with complete M-11 short-range ballistic missiles is insufficient for the U.S. government to conclude that new strict sanctions should be invoked, the State Department said Tuesday. "Such a judgment must be taken into account and will be taken into account as ... we in the U.S. government make the legal determination based on a variety of factors concerning sanctionability," deputy spokesman James Foley said. But an intelligence judgment is not necessarily sufficient basis for imposing sanctions under U.S. law, he said. "In the M-11 case, we have not reached a conclusion that the requirements for a category one finding of sanctionability have been met," he told a news briefing. Foley was reacting to a a new U.S. intelligence report which states publicly for the first time that Pakistan received M-11 short-range ballistic missiles from China. The finding raises once again the question of whether U.S. law warrants imposing tougher sanctions against Beijing. It reflects the consensus of the U.S. intelligence community, including the State Department's own intelligence bureau, and revives a long-simmering dispute between intelligence analysts and policymakers....." 9/9/99 Joseph Farah "....You don't have to listen very closely to the murmuring in Beijing to hear that China is virtually promising the world it will someday attack Taiwan in an effort to impose hegemony over the free Republic of China. That's what China means, for instance, when the official China Daily announces reunification with Taiwan will be achieved "at any cost." Such ominous warnings are issued on nearly a daily basis for those curious enough to scan the headlines of the Asian papers. What will be the response of the United States when that day comes? How has the Clinton administration reacted to such bellicose threats from Beijing? The Clinton administration says a military invasion of Taiwan by China would be "of grave concern" to Washington. Of grave concern? Talk of eliminating mohair subsidies is of grave concern in Washington. Parking is of grave concern in Washington. The summer drought is of grave concern in Washington. In a city of political hyperbole, the idea of World War III should be of something more than "grave concern.".....Just compare and contrast the rhetoric: Bill Clinton isn't kidding when he says his only enemy is right-wing religious fundamentalism. He considers the threat from Jerry Falwell to be of graver concern than the threat from Jiang Zemin. In fact, it's not even a close contest for the president. He has done everything in his power for nearly seven years to ensure that totalitarian China achieves geo-strategic parity with the United States. At the same time, he has used all of the power of the presidency -- plus some extra-constitutional powers -- to persecute and make war on his domestic political enemies. Think about it: The transfer of nuclear warhead secrets ... The transfer of critical satellite technology ... The transfer of the Panama Canal ... The proposed transfer of the Long Beach Navy yard. ... Am I the only one who sees the pattern here? .....That a U.S. president could so blatantly betray U.S. security is apparently too much for the American psyche to handle. That he could do so for money and raw political power is apparently too unthinkable....... Nevertheless, the handwriting is on the wall -- and you don't have to read Chinese to decipher the message. Somewhere, somehow, some time ... America is headed for a military showdown with China. Let's hope it's long after this president has left office and America has had a chance to recover, in part, from the damage he has inflicted upon the capabilities of the U.S. military and the strategic victories he has handed our enemies without a shot being fired...."

Freeper lynx2 on Cspan 9/11/99 "....Tune in to cspan...Burton, Graham, Weldon, John Fund and another panelist.....telling it like it is , how damaging Clinton has been to our National Security...Just started with opening speeches...there will be charts, graphs etc detailing Chinagate...... Question period is opening....these guys are telling of breaches of security, downsizing military, whistleblowers threatened, .....very hard hitting....first questioner asked when is one of them going to be the first one to call it what it is "TREASON"....Weldon said he would call it treasoness activities....Burton told of how he called all major news agencies about the whistleblower on Chinagate who was "forced" to submit a false report on spying in order to keep his job" but nobody would cover it....he even called "cokie roberts, Kookie roberts"....there is 35 minutes of questions for the panel.....tune in folks... "

More from lynx2 "...Weldon talking on how clever Clinton is to get the congress to go along with his sending troops all over the world, how he does it, then makes congress look bad if they withhold funds, makes them look unpatriotic...Burton talking about Panama Canal now, and how a far greater threat right now is Columbia...there are 20,000 followers of Castro there now that are within 100 miles of the Panama Canal, and the chinese control both ends of the canal...he worries about the Columbians moving on the canal....and taking it over... congressman Hefley says the Senators all imagine themselves sitting in the oval office one day, that is why they won't support congress against Clinton, they don't want their hands tied if they ever get there. Weldon..."Reagan stood up to communist ..but the threat from Russia nowadays is far WORSE than when Reagan was in,,,,the poverty, nukes, rogue factions in there, makes our threat far worse now." Final question is about Schwartz is this allowed.. the questioner says GOP should make Swartz the posterboy for the GOP campaign, put his picture all over tv..big laugh.. JOhn Fund, says "asking members of congress who have big contributors to their campaigns to reform campaign finances, is like asking chickens to deliver themselves to Col, Sanders. " end of show ...."

Charlotte Observer 9/12/99 "...In the midst of all this, perhaps it is useful to recap what is not seriously in dispute. Senior government officials in the mid-'90s believed that espionage had taken place and that security in general was awful in the American nuclear program. They said so quite pointedly. The White House was officially advised in 1996 that a spy could still be working in the nuclear program. A briefing prepared for Energy Secretary Bill Richardson, when he took over in the summer of 1998, said security lapses were widespread and critical. ``There has been an alarming increase of instances where nuclear weapons design, intelligence and other national defense information has been either compromised or placed at risk,'' the briefing said. The Department of Energy requested 19 FBI investigations that year alone. Attempts at investigation and remedy were characterized by bungling and foot-dragging on a grand scale. The Energy Department and the FBI worked at cross-purposes. A man seriously believed to be a spy was left in place for years at the Los Alamos weapons lab. Widespread possibilities for information leaks elsewhere were ignored. And the White House was in good rhythm with all of it. The president didn't formally order reforms until February 1998 -- nearly two years after the first warning. Even then, another nine months passed before the Department of Energy began to respond. Crucial points in this are not obscured by the weakness of the case against one suspect, or by mixed possibilities for the source of Chinese success in nuclear weaponry: Serious security breaches in the American nuclear weapons program are not only credible, they are likely. The evidence is everywhere. The government was spectacularly inept in pinpointing problems and mounting remedy. The known record suggests no improvement to this day. The mess here is genuine, and alarming. ..."

Congressional Record, 9/22/99 Rep Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) "....It is most disturbing to me, Mr. Chairman, that after 2 years we still have press reports from the likes of Bob Scheerer of the Los Angeles Times. And why the Los Angeles Times feels that it has to always tout the far left line, I do not know. I do not understand that. I do not understand how a major newspaper in the United States can continually take the side of those left-wing regimes, and downplay any threat to the United States that these left-wing regimes around the world pose to the United States of America. But now, Mr. Scheerer in the L.A. Times and others in the media and this administration, through an orchestrated maneuvering, is trying to suggest that there was no validity to the Cox report and that the Chinese really have not, through underhanded means, obtained information that permits them to develop weapons of mass destruction that threaten millions of Americans. This I assert today is a truism. Over the last 7 years, the Communist Chinese have been able to obtain and start putting into their weapons systems technology that cost the American people, the American taxpayer, billions of dollars to develop. The Communist Chinese have been able to use American technology to leapfrog ahead by decades, farther ahead than what they would be if it was not for the fact that they had American technology at their disposal, which permits them to build weapons of mass destruction that threaten every American city, that threaten tens of millions of Americans with nuclear incineration. They have atomic weapons that are based on American technology, and they obtained them from the United States in some way....."

Congressional Record, 9/22/99 Rep Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) ".... But it is worse. Mr. Speaker, after my investigation into the original charges about the use of technology to upgrade and to perfect Communist Chinese rockets, the gentleman from California (Mr. Cox) and the gentleman from Washington (Mr. Dicks) were made the heads of a select committee; and they conducted their own investigation with people with much more expertise than I have. Specialists went in and confirmed this horrible, horrible transfer of technology to the Communist Chinese. And now the Clinton administration and the news media is trying to get the American people to relax, forget about it, pretend it does not exist. In fact, Robert Scheerer of the L.A. Times is trying to claim it never happened. Yes, the Communist Chinese just simply found the plans for the W-88 warhead, atomic warhead. They found those plans under their pillow one night because the tooth fairy must have left it there....... Also, some people do not know that during the post-war period after World War II, the English decided to prove to Josef Stalin that they were his friends and so the English shipped to Joe Stalin, this bloody dictator in Russia, they shipped to him a complete Rolls Royce jet engine which at that time was the utmost, that was the ultimate in all weapons technology, a jet engine for an airplane. Know what? That did not make Josef Stalin any more benevolent. It did not make Josef Stalin more inclined to trust the West and become more democratic and open. No. Josef Stalin used that jet engine, that Rolls Royce jet engine, not to build passenger planes that could help tie Russia with the rest of the world. Josef Stalin used that Rolls Royce engine, which was copied, every little bit of it, and mass produced in Russia. He used it in the MiG fighters that shot down American planes in Korea....."

New York Times 9/23/99 James Risen David Johnston "....Attorney General Janet Reno and Director Louis J. Freeh of the F.B.I. have ordered Federal agents to broaden their investigation into evidence of Chinese nuclear espionage, moving far beyond the Government's earlier scrutiny of a scientist fired from Los Alamos National Laboratory, Government officials said Wednesday. The widened inquiry ordered by Ms. Reno and Freeh will include reopening a fundamental debate of whether American nuclear secrets were stolen and, if so, where and how the theft may have occurred, law-enforcement officials said. ..... Now, officials said, the Government will go back and conduct a broader inquiry into allegations that China obtained secret information about the design of America's most advanced nuclear warhead, the W-88. Some United States intelligence officials now say that classified information on the W-88 that was apparently obtained by the Chinese was available at several other Government installations and at defense contractors in addition to the Los Alamos design laboratory where it originated. As a result, the bureau will conduct a more-thorough investigation into evidence of espionage and search for alternative explanations, officials said...... The initial inquiry looked at six Energy Department facilities, including Los Alamos. Archivists at Los Alamos told Energy Department officials that the most important documents on the W-88 had not been distributed beyond Los Alamos in the time when investigators believed the espionage had occurred. ..... Investigators came up with a list of about a dozen suspects who had access to the information, had traveled to China or had other contacts with Chinese scientists, and for whom security concerns had already been raised. ..... Now, officials say that they have determined that the classified information included in the 1988 Chinese document had been distributed widely to other Government facilities and contractors by 1988. fficials said today that the classified material was potentially available at hundreds of facilities by that time, underscoring the belief that investigators focused too quickly on Los Alamos......"

Insight Magazine 5/26/97 Timothy W. Maier "....Beijing's leaders have set their sights on American encryption and satellite technologies that, once obtained, could kill vital U.S. intelligence operations worldwide. The covert plot was launched in 1992--the same year Chinese operatives signed a military intelligence agreement to share secrets with Russia. Red Chinese spies are among us. Their infiltration is so deep, say U.S. intelligence experts, that the prime targets appear to be America's supersecret encryption and satellite technologies. Once obtained, their possession by Beijing could provide access to the most sensitive U.S. military secrets and wreck American intelligence-gathering worldwide. Interviews with Russian and U.S. intelligence specialists indicate that China also has plotted covertly to acquire top U.S. computer technology to disrupt U.S. intelligence operations and prevent American spies from monitoring Red Chinese activities...."

Insight Magazine 5/26/97 Timothy W. Maier "....In the 1970s, under the leadership of then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the United States became a willing partner of Beijing by providing computer technology for Chinese missiles, ostensibly for defense against a Beijing-feared Russian invasion. Senior U.S. intelligence sources say those missiles now are pointed at Los Angeles, Hawaii or Alaska. In the meantime, Kissinger has become a multimillionaire trade partner for American firms conducting business in China. And, as Premier Li Peng publicly has stated, "Chinese will never forget the contributions made by Kissinger" (see "Lion Dancing With Wolves," April 21).

Insight Magazine 5/26/97 Timothy W. Maier "....Two decades later the policy of building up the Red China military continues. Insight has learned that a covert operation run by the CIA and National Security Council, or NSC, last year resulted in providing Beijing with missile hardware and software including programming and targeting capabilities and guidance systems, according to sources familiar with that operation. The NSC supposedly arranged the deal to set up a disinformation campaign in which future U.S. data might be used to disrupt Chinese intelligence, the sources say. "This was real-time data--gone--maybe 10, 20, 30 billion dollars' worth of technology," one source says. "The thought was that we had to give away some good stuff for them to take the bad stuff." ...."

Insight Magazine 5/26/97 Timothy W. Maier "....There were a number of objectives to these moves, but espionage headed the list. The key was encryption. A former NSC expert on intelligence encryption says China needs encryption technology badly and target the United States to get it. "The Chinese are into information warfare--the ability to use computers to collect intelligence and conceivably to damage the U.S.," says the NSC staffer who served under Reagan. "It would cause real trouble for the U.S. if they obtained U.S. encryption technology. It will be a hit against the quality of American intelligence operations." How vulnerable are U.S. defense computers? An unclassified GAO report ordered in 1996 by the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee warns there were 250,000 hacker attacks in 1995, of which 65 percent were successful penetrations. In addition, it says, 120 countries are capable of breaking into 2.1 million U.S. defense computers. Two Dutch hackers successfully tapped into computers during the Persian Gulf War and learned the precise locations of troop deployments. They then attempted to sell the classified information to Saddam Hussein, who turned it down because he thought it was a U.S. trick, according to the report. "At a minimum, these attacks are a multimillion-dollar nuisance to defense," the GAO report states. "At worst, they are a serious threat to national security." ..."


Congressional Record, 9/22/99 Rep Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) "....Let us make this very clear. Communist China is the world's worst human rights abuser. It is a Communist dictatorship. Their leadership still claims to their own Communist congresses in Beijing that the United States is the enemy and that they will destroy us. But yet we have had a policy in the last 5 years of military exchanges in which we are teaching them our military secrets and we permit their top military brass to observe our troops and how they act and the game plans that we use during our warfare, our potential warfare with any adversary. At the same time, we have been taking these military exchange programs, and what have we been doing? We have been teaching the Communist Chinese how to run a logistics system, how to supply troops in the field, how to transport troops. This we are doing with the military of the world's worst human rights abuser, a country that threatens our own national security. What sense does that make? The people of Tibet are still suffering under a genocidal policy by the Communist regime in Beijing. There are Muslims in the far reaches of western China who are also suffering a genocidal attack. Believers in God, Christians, who refuse to register with the government are being brutally suppressed, thrown into concentration camps, they call it the laogai system of prisons. Now we hear that a Buddhist sect made up of middle-aged and senior citizens of China who practice nothing more than kind of a breathing exercise, an exercise program in the morning that helps the soul as well as the body, even this little Buddhist religious sect is now coming under severe repression. This is not a normal regime. This is not like Belgium or the Netherlands or even Mexico, which is struggling to try to have free elections. There are no free elections, there are no parties, there is no freedom in China. But yet we are training the military in China on how to be more effective...."

Congressional Record, 9/22/99 Rep Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) "....This is insanity. It is an insane policy to call this type of regime our strategic partner. And it is threatening the lives and the well-being of millions of Americans. Every time we turn around, we are finding out that our country is more in jeopardy because of conscious decisions on the part of the Clinton administration to treat Communist China as a benevolent power. This is not only insanity, this is a crime against the American people, especially against the youth of our country. The American people who are trying to raise their family sacrificed, America sacrificed during the Cold War. America sacrificed in order to make a more peaceful world and to protect the cause of human freedom. And yet now with the Cold War over, we are finding that our young people, our children, are going to be in as great a danger 10 years from now as they were at the height of the Cold War. Why is that? Because we have a policy that makes no sense, that is contrary to our interests in dealing with a regime on the mainland of China that hates everything that the United States stands for. Let me make this clear about the regime that controls the mainland of China. These are gangsters, these are people who hate the United States of America because they believe that we are the only power that stands in their way of their destiny.. ...."

Congressional Record, 9/22/99 Rep Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) "....And sometime and someday in the future we will send an aircraft carrier into the Pacific and thousands of American lives will be lost if we get into a confrontation because the Chinese will have the technology to sink our aircraft carriers and murder our military personnel. And when we look back, we will find that that technology was developed by the American taxpayers during the Cold War and offered on a plate to the Communist Chinese. This is a sinful policy. It is sinful because it ignores the fundamental values of our country and it is sinful because we the Government, and we are the Government, the United States of America, we the people, we are supposed to be watching out for the people's interest, especially the interest of future generations of Americans. ...."

Chattanooga Free Press 9/21/99 Editorial "...While the Chinese Communists have been stealing U.S. nuclear and missile secrets at our Los Alamos, N.M., lab, and while the Chinese Communists have been unloading slave-labor products in U.S. markets and persecuting its people expressing religious faith in China, President Bill Clinton has led in kowtowing to the Communists, both economically and diplomatically. With Puerto Rican terrorists of the Armed Forces of National Liberation (FALN) having boasted of more than 130 bombings that killed six people and wounded dozens of others, President Clinton astoundingly offered to free 16 terrorist plotters from their just sentences. Fourteen of them took his offer, with two defying him, refusing to renounce violence. And now Mr. Clinton has surrendered to Communist North Korean blackmail by easing trade, travel and banking restrictions against North Korea's vicious Communist regime. What Clinton surrender is coming next? ....It's a bad deal. North Korea's Communist rulers cannot be trusted in any degree. President Clinton's softness on Chinese Communists, Puerto Rican terrorists and now North Korean Communist blackmailers shows a foreign policy pattern of bad judgment and dangerous leadership by the commander in chief of our armed forces, the president of the United States. All Americans should be greatly concerned about how far he will go in wrong directions...."

Bob Lonsberry 9/21/99 Bob Lonsberry "...Is Bill Clinton a traitor? I am embarrassed to ask that, fearing how stupid it sounds. How completely implausible. How completely partisan. I apologize. Please don't think me a fool, or a hateful rabid conspiratorialist. I don't belong to a militia, I pay my income tax, I don't think the United Nations is taking over the United States. I'm not afraid of black helicopters or the Council on Foreign Relations or the ATF. But I am running out of excuses for the president's behavior. As I think of plausible explanations for his conduct in office I am increasingly coming up empty. Increasingly, there is no good reason for the president's actions. Bill Clinton is a brilliant man, extraordinarily bright. And yet his administration has been riddled with profoundly bad decisions, decisions which time and time again have damaged American interests and security. Invariably, significant policies and decisions of recent years have directly hurt this country and imperiled world stability. There are two possible explanations for that. The first is that the president and his subordinates are so profoundly incompetent - and unlucky - as to substantially muff every decision they make. The second is that it happens on purpose. They're either dumb or dastardly. And I think we can rule out dumb. They may be misguided, or have philosophical views alien to many, but they are not patently stupid. They must at some level be able to understand their actions and their probable consequences...."

Bob Lonsberry 9/21/99 Bob Lonsberry "...Like the thing with the Puerto Rican terrorists. Every major federal law enforcement agency told the president not to allow them out. Senators Moynihan and Schumer of New York both opposed the move. Essentially all of the Senate and the vast bulk of the House voted to reject the president's clemency offer. And yet Bill Clinton let 11 terrorist conspirators loose. In all of his administration before, he had only released three criminals, and never against the advice of his own bureaucracy. But now he let out a passel of people whose repeatedly stated ambition is the violent overthrow of the United States. To top it off, federal probation officials across the county waived - without being requested to do so - a prohibition on consorting with ex-cons. That meant convicted conspirators received special permission from the federal government to congregate for whatever purpose they saw fit. A week after leaving a federal prison cell, Clinton's terrorists were in San Juan, speaking at a rally, setting in motion who knows what chain of events. The bottom line is American security was damaged by the release of these people. They may personally pose the threat of renewed bomb attacks. Worse, their sweetheart deal may embolden other terrorists, who have been shown that - if your cause is good enough - you can get away with terrorism in the United States. ...."

Bob Lonsberry 9/21/99 Bob Lonsberry "...Any more than we know why a string of international peacekeeping missions is allowed to plunder an already tight American defense budget. Or why the president made a deal with North Korea, a country which has twice humiliated him by violating previous agreements. Or why we bombed the hell out of Kosovo, spawning killing fields and destabilizing a legitimate foreign government. Or why he quietly has escalated the American air war over Iraq. Or why he insisted that American combat troops be flown into East Timor. Or why we continue to funnel billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars into the pockets of corrupt Russian politicians and gangsters. Each of these things has occurred recently. Each threatens world stability, American dominance and domestic peace. Each works directly contrary to America's self-interest and instinct of self-preservation. And yet he has done them. And it either happened accidentally or on purpose. Either they're idiots, or they've decided to begin dismantling the United States. That may sound implausible, but it is the bedrock of a political philosophy popular at the White House and most often verbalized by Strobe Talbot. He and others - including the president - have over the years said that the era of the nation-state is passing. That soon a higher authority, a global community of peoples, would predominate. No longer would people worry about being American, they would see themselves as citizens of the world. Some nations would subside and some would arise, so that all might be fair...."

Softwar 9/27/99 Charles Smith "…. Newly declassified documents from the Clinton administration reveal that a civil airline modernization program for China was actually a program to train and equip the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). The new documents, forced from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), are official USAF, Commerce and FAA reports on Chinese military contacts. According to the documents, PLAAF officers toured Edwards Air Force Base in May 1999 for military purposes. The PLAAF officers were given training on USAF combat missions, including "bombing and strafing" and "combat readiness."…… In 1994, then Secretary of Defense William Perry began a "Joint Defense" conversion project with Chinese General Ding Henggao. General Ding was the commander of the Chinese Army Unit "COSTIND" (Commission on Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense). One part of the U.S./China project was to modernize the communist civil "Air Traffic Control" (ATC) system. The documented meetings shows that the Clinton administration attempted to conceal the military background of the Chinese representatives from everyone, including FAA officials. In 1993, a Chinese military delegation visited America. Yet, according the FAA, which sponsored the visit, the entire delegation was civilian…. In fact, FAA officials who attending the meeting wrote "military" next to the names of seven members of the 1993 "China Air Traffic Control" delegation in an apparent effort to track the Chinese Army officers….."

Softwar 9/27/99 Charles Smith "…. In 1999, the Clinton administration offered the PLAAF the latest in advanced "mobile radars", command and control systems, GPS navigation, and "Surveillance Avionics" such as "Air to Air", "Air to Ground" and "surface Area Movement" surveillance radars. According to a U.S. Air Force May 1999 report, the PLAAF was given details on USAF "Special Airspace" areas inside America used for military training, research and national security zones. The details include Edwards Air Force base and a mapped tour of the facility. Edwards AFB is a test center for USAF, and NASA research aircraft, including the space shuttle. The newly released materials also include training manuals from the USAF 334th Training Squadron in both english and Chinese. The documents show Clinton administration officials proposed to train PLAAF military air controllers.

Softwar 9/27/99 Charles Smith "….The documented meetings shows that the Clinton administrationattempted to conceal the military background of the Chinese representatives from everyone, including FAA officials. In 1993, a Chinese military delegation visited America. Yet, according the FAA, which sponsored the visit, the entire delegation was civilian The 1993 FAA delegation list includes a "Mr. Kui Fulin" who toured FAA Headquarters in Washington, Andrews AFB in Maryland, and Boeing aircraft Corporation in Washington state. "Mr. Kui Fulin" was actually General Kui Fulin, Chinese Army Deputy Chief of the General Staff. The 1993 FAA list states "Mr. Li Yongtai" was the Commissioner of the Air Traffic Control Commission of China. According to hand written notes taken by the FAA, Mr. Li Yongtai was actually "Lt. General" Li Yongtai of the Chinese Air Force….."

Softwar 9/27/99 Charles Smith "….In 1999, Softwar obtained the full bio, in Chinese and English, of COSTIND Lt. General Huai after winning a Freedom of Information lawsuit against the Commerce Dept. The official White House spin is that COSTIND was not a Chinese military unit but a "civilian" agency. According to a November, 1997 report, written for the Commerce Dept. by "think-tank" company SAIC, COSTIND was neither civilian nor engaged in purely commercial activities: "COSTIND supervises virtually all of China's military research, development and production. It is a military organization, staffed largely by active duty officers...COSTIND also coordinates certain activities with the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), which produces, stores, and controls all fissile material for civilian as well as military applications. COSTIND approves licenses for the use of nuclear materials for military purposes."…."

PR Newswire 9/23/99 American Investigator "…Gen. Singlaub recalls a conversation with the late Admiral Boorda, then President Clinton's Chief of Naval Operations, in which he asked, "Is there someone in the Navy who thinks that modernizing and improving the capabilities of the Chinese communist navy is in the best interest of our forces?" The admiral responded "Well General, I used to feel that way too, but this is what the boss wants now, so this is what we're doing." Nicholas Eftimiades, a Sinologist and author of the book Chinese Intelligence Operations, explains that he "debriefed individuals specifically slated to come to the United States doing work as scholars in the hard sciences ... who were specifically recruited by Chinese intelligence to steal technology -- individuals trained to communicate clandestinely with the PRC government and come to the United States, paid and trained to lay in wait, if you will, five to ten years before operationally being activated to illegally acquire US technology." ….." 9/24/99 "….September 21, 1999 Dear Mr. President: On July 19, 1999, we wrote to you to ask why your administration has failed to comply with Public Law 105-261, which you signed into law on October 17, 1998, and to insist on immediate compliance. That law requires the executive branch to publish a listing of Chinese People's Liberation Army-controlled firms operating in the United States. The deadline for compliance with the law was January 15, 1999. You are now in violation of the law, and have been throughout this year…… The Congressional Leaders signing the letter were: The Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert The Majority Leader, Dick Armey The Majority Whip, Tom Delay The Conference Chairman, J.C. Watts The Policy Committee Chairman, Christopher Cox The Conference Vice Chair, Tillie K. Fowler The Conference Secretary, Deborah Pryce The NRCC Chairman, Tom Davis The Chief Deputy Whip, Roy Blunt The Rules Committee Chairman, David Dreier …." VIA Worldnet Daily 9/27/99 "....Newly declassified documents from the Clinton administration reveal that a civil airline modernization program for China was actually a program to train and equip the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). The new documents, forced from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), are official USAF, Commerce and FAA reports on Chinese military contacts. According to the documents, PLAAF officers toured Edwards Air Force Base in May 1999 for military purposes. The PLAAF officers were given training on USAF combat missions, including "bombing and strafing" and "combat readiness." In 1994, then Secretary of Defense William Perry began a "Joint Defense" conversion project with Chinese General Ding Henggao. General Ding was the commander of the Chinese Army Unit "COSTIND" (Commission on Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense). One part of the U.S./China project was to modernize the communist civil "Air Traffic Control" (ATC) system. ...." VIA Worldnet Daily 9/27/99 "....The documented meetings shows that the Clinton administration attempted to conceal the military background of the Chinese representatives from everyone, including FAA officials. In 1993, a Chinese military delegation visited America. Yet, according the FAA, which sponsored the visit, the entire delegation was civilian. The 1993 FAA delegation list includes a "Mr. Kui Fulin" who toured FAA Headquarters in Washington, Andrews AFB in Maryland, and Boeing aircraft Corporation in Washington state. "Mr. Kui Fulin" was actually General Kui Fulin, Chinese Army Deputy Chief of the General Staff. The 1993 FAA list states "Mr. Li Yongtai" was the Commissioner of the Air Traffic Control Commission of China. According to hand written notes taken by the FAA, Mr. Li Yongtai was actually "Lt. General" Li Yongtai of the Chinese Air Force. In fact, FAA officials who attending the meeting wrote "military" next to the names of seven members of the 1993 "China Air Traffic Control" delegation in an apparent effort to track the Chinese Army officers. Another example shows that a "Mr. Li Zhongli" was part of a Chinese civilian delegation visit in 1997 to San Francisco that was sponsored by Stanford University. "Mr. Li Zhongli" was actually Colonel Li Zhongli of the PLAAF. ...." VIA Worldnet Daily 9/27/99 "....In 1999, the Clinton administration offered the PLAAF the latest in advanced "mobile radars", command and control systems, GPS navigation, and "Surveillance Avionics" such as "Air to Air", "Air to Ground" and "surface Area Movement" surveillance radars. According to a U.S. Air Force May 1999 report, the PLAAF was given details on USAF "Special Airspace" areas inside America used for military training, research and national security zones. The details include Edwards Air Force base and a mapped tour of the facility. Edwards AFB is a test center for USAF, and NASA research aircraft, including the space shuttle. The newly released materials also include training manuals from the USAF 334th Training Squadron in both english and Chinese. The documents show Clinton administration officials proposed to train PLAAF military air controllers......" VIA Worldnet Daily 9/27/99 "....In 1999, Softwar obtained the full bio, in Chinese and English, of COSTIND Lt. General Huai after winning a Freedom of Information lawsuit against the Commerce Dept. The official White House spin is that COSTIND was not a Chinese military unit but a "civilian" agency. According to a November, 1997 report, written for the Commerce Dept. by "think-tank" company SAIC, COSTIND was neither civilian nor engaged in purely commercial activities: "COSTIND supervises virtually all of China's military research, development and production. It is a military organization, staffed largely by active duty officers... COSTIND also coordinates certain activities with the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), which produces, stores, and controls all fissile material for civilian as well as military applications. COSTIND approves licenses for the use of nuclear materials for military purposes."

Associated Press 9/28/99 Laurie Kellman "....The senator leading an inquiry into the Justice Department's handling of high-profile cases said Tuesday he will focus more on the investigation into Chinese espionage than on the renewed furor over the fiery end of the Waco standoff. ``There's nothing we can do about Waco except correct procedures for the future,'' Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said in an interview. ``Espionage, I think, is the number one priority. ... That's an issue of America at risk.'' ...... In light of the outcry over Waco, Senate Republicans chose Specter to lead a task force investigation of several Justice Department activities that have raised the GOP's ire. Specter is making clear early on that he's more interested in using the panel's resources to examine the FBI's investigation into how U.S. nuclear secrets were leaked to China than in Waco. He also plans to look into how Justice prosecutors deal with political fund-raising abuse..... Senate Majority Leader Lott urged Reno to resign and added that the revelations gave him reason to doubt the conclusion that the Davidians started the fire. Neither Specter nor Burton would comment on whether they have discovered evidence that would pin blame for the fire somewhere other than on the Davidians. The two agreed that shortcomings in the government's expanded probe into the alleged Chinese theft of secrets concerning a sophisticated nuclear warhead is a more important problem. The FBI focused for almost four years on Wen Ho Lee, a scientist at the Los Alamos national weapons laboratory, who was fired in March but never charged with a crime. ``That's a life or death matter,'' Specter said. ``The Judiciary Committee should have been doing oversight on that for a long time.'' ...."

The Province (Vancouver) 9/30/99 Fabian Dawson ".....A secret study by Canada's spy agency tracked a myriad of companies linked to Asian tycoons to determine if they were fronts for Chinese espionage activities. The study also looked at "hundreds of thousands of dollars" that were being pumped into political parties to see if Canada's lawmakers were being unduly influenced. ...... The Province has learned that among those probed were Macao casino king Stanley Ho, who has extensive interests in Canada, and Li Ka-shing, one of the world's wealthiest men, known in Vancouver for his purchase of the Expo lands. Other companies tracked were linked to tycoons Robert Kuok, Cheng Yu Tung and Henry Fok and firms with connections to CITIC -- the investment arm of the Chinese military....... Sources used by CSIS and the RCMP said the study of Chinese tycoons with close links to Beijing showed that together they owned in Canada: - More land, commercial properties and hotels than any other owner.

- Major banks and brokerage houses. - All the Chinese language television and radio stations and major video outlets, plus control of the Chinese print media. - Shipping lines, including the giant COSCO which recently struck a deal with the Vancouver Port Corp. to make Vancouver its gateway to North America. - At least 16 data-processing and hi-tech companies servicing corporations including those doing classified work for federal and provincial agencies. - The operation of the databases used by university libraries. - Almost half the shares in three of Canada's major telephone and telecommunications companies. - About 25 major oil and gas companies.

- Some immigrant-investor funds. - Large retail distribution companies. In addition, companies linked directly to Chinese state-owned enterprises and Beijing-friendly tycoons have bought a large tract of land at a Scarborough, Ont., industrial area and set up companies in Western Canada to make cell phones, manufacture TVs and export fax machines. Holly Porteous, an Ottawa-based security analyst and former Pentagon writer, said the companies in Canada that can be linked to Beijing is a national security concern....."

The Province (Vancouver) 9/30/99 Fabian Dawson "..... Among other things the U.S. Senate probe found many of the Beijing-linked front companies were specifically set up for "technology acquisitions" In one case, according to declassified American documents, a Chinese military-owned company tried to use a Canadian intermediary to hire former Pratt & Whitney engineers in the U.S. to help develop an indigenous Chinese jet engine. The initial approach was under the guise of a civilian project, and the U.S. engineers were initially not told they would be working on a military engine. The U.S. engineers pulled out when they learned what they would be doing....."

Washington Weekly 10/4/99 Rep Rohrabacher House of Representatives 9/29/99 ".....Mr. Speaker, 2 days ago, the U.S. Secretary of Defense, William Cohen, told reporters that he hopes the U.S. military will resume contacts with the Communist Chinese military. At the very same time that Secretary Cohen was speaking, in Shanghai, Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin was speaking to a gathering of elite U.S. corporate chairmen who were in China to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the communist takeover of the mainland of China . Jiang Zemin blatantly renewed threats by the communist regime to conquer Taiwan by force, and then he threatened the United States. 'We will not allow any foreign force to create or support Taiwanese independence.' I have in my possession, Mr. Chairman, Pentagon documents detailing the Clinton Administration's exchange program between the United States and Communist China. It is a military exchange program. This program of military exchanges has, in effect, assisted the Communist Chinese Air Force in improving its capabilities to conduct bombing raids on Taiwan. The May 1999 Air Force exchange, and this was an exchange in May of 1999, this year, introduced the Communist Chinese , and these are military leaders in the Communist Chinese military, to our most advanced Air Force capabilities. This may eventually cause the death of Americans serving in any U.S. air or naval forces that would attempt to defend Taiwan against communist attack. This is mind boggling. I pray that those people who are listening to this or reading it in the Congressional Record or my colleagues will please pay attention. We are talking about training Communist Chinese military people in ways that will result in the death of thousands, if not tens of thousands, of American military personnel. It is outrageous. It is incredible....."

Washington Weekly 10/4/99 Rep Rohrabacher House of Representatives 9/29/99 "...The Chinese Communist People's Liberation Air Force and government air traffic control delegation visited the United States between May 9 and May 20 of this year. Air traffic control certainly sounds harmless. The Pentagon documents used to brief these Chinese visitors show that they observed or participated in advanced combat Air Force exercises with the U.S. 389th Fighter Squadron at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona. They also observed fighter bomber operations at Edwards Air Force Base test center in California. At these exercises, they experienced the real or simulated flights of bombing runs and strafing runs by our most sophisticated military aircraft. Especially useful for the Communist Chinese in their potential attack by the Communist Chinese on Taiwan was the briefing they got, and these DOD documents verify this, that they were shown how the military can use civilian airfields to conduct military operations. What we see by these DOD documents is that our government, our Defense Department, showed the Communist Chinese how we would use our radar systems for air traffic control of fighter bombers at remote airfields. We showed the Communists how to use AWACs in coordinating bombing campaigns. We showed the Communists how we coordinate our AWACS with in-flight refueling for long-range missions...."

Washington Weekly 10/4/99 Rep Rohrabacher House of Representatives 9/29/99 "...Mr. Speaker, earlier in this session, when I discovered this military exchange program and made it public, the Congress appealed to the Defense Department and passed legislation to end military exchanges that would benefit the warfighting skills of the Chinese military. These DOD documents prove that the Pentagon has ignored the will of Congress. Instead, they have not only jeopardized the 24 million people who live on Democratic Taiwan but this administration is in effect teaching the Communist Chinese how to improve their ability to kill America's defenders. Again, this is bizarre. It is almost surrealistic...."

Reuters 10/4/99 "....President Clinton Monday said he hoped the FBI's broader investigation of allegations that China stole U.S. nuclear secrets would uncover the truth. He also said the widening of the investigation which had previously focused on one physicist was a lesson that guilt should never be assumed. "They (FBI) ought to do whatever they can to find out whatever the truth is,'' Clinton said at a media briefing. ''This is another lesson that we should not assume anyone's guilt ever. We should let investigations take their course.''...... "

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....Investor's Business Daily, 6/10/99: "In a recent Atlantic Monthly article, Yale University professor Paul Bracken reported China's jaw- dropping reversal in two missile-targeting tests. The first round of six missiles fired in July 1995 yielded just a 50% hit rate. The second round - in March 1996 - saw 100% success. If, on the other hand, the president was warned in July of 1995, as he surely should have been, then the administration ignored the Chinese nuclear espionage for more than two years -- even as it was pursuing its strategic partnership with China's leaders, who, simultaneously, were engaged in a massive operation to finance Mr. Clinton's reelection." Thank you Mr. President and Mr. Panetta for your betrayal of America! .......Another major opportunity for Panetta to at least mention the espionage to the President came in September 1995. Clinton, who had been the primary lobbyist for the transfer of the Long Beach Navy base to the Communist China's state-owned shipping company, COSCO, met with Panetta to instruct him to push the transfer forward. Might it not occur to a person with an IQ above 30 that it just might be important, at this point, to mention something about the espionage? Why did Panetta participate in the illegal presidential campaign and cover up the espionage? A good bet would be to hang on to the 'prestigious' title - "White House Chief of Staff". It would certainly guarantee his highly lucrative future. ....."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....Now, let's see how Mr. Panetta struck it rich in the private sector after his stellar performance as an illegal fundraiser, doorman to the communist and criminal element, facilitator of ongoing Chinese espionage at the labs, and various and sundry other 'accomplishments' during his tenure in our government. From the AP 3/13/97 - Less than 2 months after leaving the White House, "former presidential chief of staff Leon Panetta has a new job in Monterey - a $900-a-day consulting position as a consultant tom California State University Chancellor Barry Munitz and as a Distinguished Scholar to conduct seminars at California State University at Monterey Bay. Panetta's wife, Sylvia, also has been hired to work for the chancellor. She will receive $500 per day to serve on an America Reads Higher Education Task Force. As a consultant, Leon Panetta will advise the university chancellor on national policy on higher education and ways to work with Washington, she said. He will not be a lobbyist." Oh, sure... Now let's see, that's around $350,000 per year for the Panetta family....."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....And the continuing Communist Chinese connection? "Washington, D.C. - Former White House chief of staff Leon Panetta, who also served in the Clinton administration as director of the office of management and budget, has joined the international advisory board of Fleishman-Hillard. He will work to identify and win new business for the firm and will provide counsel on a host of issues, according to chairman John Graham." And from the St Louis Business Journal: "Fleishman-Hillard buys stake in of course have offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Another reason why Panetta didn't want to rock the boat with China... From the Associated Press 3/9/97 "Panetta and his successor, Erskine Bowles, also mounted a defense of the Clinton administration's aggressive fund-raising activities before the 1996 election, saying they were forced to collect a lot of money to stop the Republican agenda from winning." Now that's a sound reason to sell out the country! ....."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....Regarding the espionage cover-up, the Washington Times on 7/5/99 said it all: "...Either these three senior White House officials [Berger, Lake and Panetta] are among the most incompetent aides ever to serve a U.S. president, a prospect that, admittedly, is difficult to believe in Mr. Panetta's case. Or they are lying..." ......Panetta wrote a very interesting article, which he published on 4/23/98 just 15 months after putting himself a country's width away from the White House, entitled "The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth But Big Money is Inheriting the Political Process"...... It appears obvious that Mr. Panetta knows exactly what he did wrong and is trying to write and talk up the justifications in his defense. Panetta had hundreds of opportunities to inform the President of the espionage at the regularly scheduled intelligence briefings - and hundreds, if not thousands, of other opportunities. Do you believe he didn't? ......"

BQ's view...With Radio America's Blanquita Cullum 10/7/99 "........ This China thing is going to break big-time ... Watching the President slight the FBI is going to anger some of the rank-and-file FBI agents who are seeing their reputation ruined while they're taking the heat ... Are we going to see, before this president leaves office, FBI agents and others come forward and really become whistle-blowers? ... Sperry thinks we already are with these four ... Sperry said he pointed out to Clinton that one of the agents had been with the FBI 24 years, and another 14 years ... There are four of them, and they swore under oath ... Is the President saying that they're lying? ... You have the four agents saying that Janet Reno's lawyers, most of whom are political appointees, blocked the agents from doing their job ... FBI agents investigating Wen Ho Lee in the Chinese espionage case said the same thing ... So here you have two investigations involving China, and both of them blocked for some reason by the Justice Department ... ... This is really starting to smell rotten ... Sperry doesn't know if anyone in the daily media is starting to smell it ... But you'd think they would by now ... Leave raw hamburger meat out too long, and this is bound to happen ... "

The Washington Times 7/8/97 William Triplett II "...For the non-specialist, "Future Warfare's" reflections of PLA high command assumptions and intentions can come as quite a shock. For example, Gen. Li argues that the United States was defeated in two local wars, Korea and Vietnam. The PRC was America's direct opponent in Korea, he says, and its indirect opponent in Vietnam. The clear implication is that having defeated us twice, the PLA could do it again. A number of the PLA authors in "Future Warfare" concentrate on post-Gulf war weapons systems. "High performance microwave weapons," "tactical lasers," stealth-capable cruise missiles," "particle and plasma beam weapons," "antistealth technology," "ecological weapons," and "nanotechnology (sub-atomic) weapons" are all discussed. Other senior PLA officers promote new tactics and strategy; "long-range pre-emptive strikes," "information warfare," and "outer space warfare." There is, of course, only one obvious target for these new weapons and tactics. ....... Yet, the Clinton administration's under-the-radar screen China Connection is alive and well. And, it's mostly military. Gens. Wu, Li and Fu aren't coming here on vacation. Logistics means war-fighting capability. In "Future Warfare," Gen. Fu, the PLA's leading expert on logistics, points to modern logistics as crucial to the allied victory in the Gulf war. This is an area where all Western China-specialists agree the PLA has a serious deficiency. Is it in our national interest to help the PLA solve this problem? ....."

Insight Magazine Charles Smith 11/1/99 "...Newly declassified documents, forced from the U.S. Commerce Department by a federal lawsuit, show that $200 million in World Bank loans for a "technology development project" actually went to weapons-research labs and businesses wholly owned by the Chinese People's Liberation Army, or PLA. The documents reveal that World Bank loans were used to modernize the Chinese defense industry. "The objective of the project is to support the [Chinese] Government's continuing reforms in technology policy and institutions so as to promote the development of clear, productivity-enhancing technologies in China's industries," states a 1995 report written by the Industry and Energy Operations Division of the World Bank. According to the World Bank report, "The [Chinese] Government will pass on US $194.3 million of the loan proceeds through SPC [State Planning Commission] to eligible sub-borrowers in the form of sub-loans, with the Golden China Corporation acting on its behalf as a financial agent." However, according to the Defense Department, "Golden China Corporation" and many of the so-called "engineering research centers" supported by the World Bank loans actually were owned and operated by the Chinese military's COSTIND, which stands for the Chinese Commission for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense......Of course, the Clinton administration claims that it is impossible to identify PLA-owned companies. Despite the difficulty, President Clinton is required by law to perform this task. The Fowler amendment, signed into law by Clinton on Oct. 17, 1998, requires that a list of companies controlled by the PLA and operating in the United States be published in the Federal Register by Jan. 15, 1999. So far, Clinton has ignored the law and refused to expose these PLA operations. ....."

Washington Times 10/11/99 Bill Gertz "....China is recruiting scientists around the world in its efforts to acquire weapons technology from other countries, according to a new U.S. counterintelligence report. The Chinese are pushing to gain foreign technology, according to the quarterly report of the National Counterintelligence Center (NCIC), even as China's Communist government claims its nuclear weapons and other arms technologies were developed domestically. "Despite these efforts to portray Chinese [science and technology] programs as 'self-reliant,' other PRC press articles suggest China is planning to continue its long-standing policy of relying on overseas scientists for state-of-the-art technology," the NCIC report said. The PRC is the People's Republic of China. The NCIC report is based on accounts from the Chinese government-controlled press and is intended as a warning to U.S. government agencies and private companies about the spying danger from China. The report cites the president of the Chinese Academy of Science, Lu Yongxiang, as stating in one article published last summer that the academy has set up a fund to hire scientists in Germany to work at a Chinese high-technology center. The program is part of a larger Chinese science program to gain the support of "overseas scientists" to work for China, according to the report from the NCIC, an interagency counterspy office based at CIA headquarters in Virginia. ....Kenneth deGraffenreid, a former White House National Security Council intelligence director in the Reagan administration, said the NCIC report highlights the continuing problem of Chinese spying. "This report gives the lie to the domestic disinformation campaign, which has sought not only to deflect political embarrassment from the Clinton administration, but worse, to hide the reality of continuing PRC espionage," said Mr. deGraffenreid, editor of a privately published edition of the Cox Committee report. The Cox Committee report, released in May by the House Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China, elaborated on China's weapons technology acquisition efforts, noting that some 3,000 Chinese companies in the United States are involved in both legal and illegal activities. The panel was headed by Rep. Christopher Cox, California Republican. "The PRC has benefited from advanced U.S. and Western military technology in several areas, including ground force weapons, communications, remote sensing, and tactical and strategic systems," the Cox Committee report said. "Other PRC military products such as air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles, submarines, and short-range ballistic missiles, also appear to have benefited from foreign technical help." ..."

Front Page News 10/14/99 Pamela Pun "....CHINA has successfully completed laboratory simulations of a test-launch of its latest multi-warhead intercontinental ballistic missile which can reach targets in most parts of the United States. Mainland sources said computer simulations of launches of the solid-fuelled Dongfeng-41 ICBM have been completed and proved successful. The three-stage DF-41, an improved model from the old type of single-head DF-5, can carry five to eight warheads including nuclear ones greatly increasing its striking power. In addition to the improvement of carrying capacity, the DF-41 has much greater mobility since it uses solidified fuel. With the same range of 12,000 kilometres as the DF-5, the DF-41 can reach Europe and many parts of the United States....."

New York Post 10/13/99 Steve Dunleavy "....WHEN a man with cobalt eyes like Paul Newman tells you he sent many brave soldiers to their deaths, you tend to listen. David Hackworth, retired colonel and the most decorated man in the military that I know of, was talking to me over a corned beef sandwich in a gin mill called Langan's. It was only two hours before that the frightening, irrational and possibly devastating coup happened in Pakistan. "I was with those Pakistani soldiers at Fort Benning in Georgia. I certainly admired them as professionals but truthfully, the Pakistani army are the Dobermans of the East," he said. "Now these guys have the atom bomb? While I admired them as soldiers I can't say that I would give them high marks for sound and legitimate thinking." ...... "I'm not quite sure what Bill Clinton is talking about when he is asking for a nuclear test-ban treaty," he said over a glass of water, telling me that he hasn't had a drink in 10 years. "He has broken our military. "Number two, he has given high technology to the Chinese who couldn't drop a firecracker into the Pacific 10 years ago but now they could drop a nuclear bomb in Times Square. "Three, if I went to my publisher and wrote a book about a plot between Clinton and the enemy they would throw me out a window. How crazy is that?" ....... "What hurts me about today's frightening situation in Pakistan, and please everyone listen, is that those army guys who I trained with in Fort Benning have an atom bomb. They're well-trained soldiers, but I'm not quite sure if they're well-trained humanitarians. We could be in a lot of trouble." Hack, who refuses to tell what political party he's allied with, gets angry at everyone - particularly Bill Clinton, who, he points out, has cut the U.S. military by 50 percent while involving them with 300 percent more commitment....... Sadly, for whatever reason, Clinton is wearing rose-colored glasses. I will trust a maniac from Iran, Iraq or North Korea to keep his word? Yeah, and I'll trust the guy who tells me that $100 will make me a million. "When novelist Tom Clancy was seriously mentioned as a possible Secretary of Defense because of his novels, I thought it is time that I do something like this," Hack was saying. "I am bitching to the choir and I just want to build a bigger congregation like Tom Clancy. We have made fighting for freedom a farce and I didn't get that much shrapnel and bullets in my body and send so many boys to their deaths to take this sitting down. "The high price of honor is not for sale. Honor is not marketable, but apparently Mr. Clinton thinks the opposite......"


Rightgrrl 10/17/99 Linda A. Prussen-Razzano ".....Tom Daschle, infuriated that Senate Republicans failed to answer his Master's bidding, has promised to make the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty a campaign issue. I can only pray that he will. I would like for the Liberals to explain to me why, under the Clinton Administration, the White House ignored China's repeated and flagrant violations of every nonproliferation treaty they ever signed......... I would like for the Liberals to explain to me why we are shelling out over $444,000,000 to sustain Russia's military, but cannot maintain fleet readiness standards for our own Navy. I would like for the Liberals to explain to me why they are pushing to reduce our stockpile of nuclear weapons at a time when rogue nations are developing theirs. ......I would like for Liberals to explain to me why Clinton's massive document declassification and dump is not considered a threat to the security of the United States, but insuring the solvency of our nuclear arsenal is....... I would like for Liberals to explain to me why, after Congress spent months restructuring the responsibilities and delegation of authority at our national nuclear labs, the White House decided to throw the whole thing into the air by realigning powers prior to the release of their recommendations. I would like for Liberals to explain to me why the Reno Injustice Department did not try Peter Lee for espionage, after he gave a detailed, unauthorized lecture to the Communist Chinese about our nuclear submarine tracking technology. .....In other words, I would like for the Liberals to explain to me why they stood silent while this President did everything in his power to destroy our country and reward proliferation, but condemn the Senate Republicans for not joining in the destruction. Please, please make it a campaign issue. I dare you....."

Washington Post 10/19/99 Walter Pincus "....Senate Republicans may attempt to cut off the salaries of top officials in the Department of Energy if the department undermines the establishment of a separate agency to run nuclear weapons programs, a Senate aide warned yesterday. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson is expected to face sharp questioning today from senators who contend that the Clinton administration is violating the spirit and possibly the letter of a law passed last month that set up the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). Republican legislators, who drafted the measure as a response to allegations that China had stolen nuclear secrets from U.S. weapons laboratories, say they intended to create a "separately organized agency" whose administrator would report to the secretary of energy but would have a high degree of autonomy....... On Oct. 5, President Clinton signed the fiscal 2000 Defense Authorization Act, which set up the agency. But at the same time, he directed Richardson to assume all the duties of the NNSA administrator, who has the title of undersecretary of energy for nuclear security. Richardson also was authorized to assign his top subordinates, such as the directors of security and counterintelligence at the DOE, to serve concurrently in parallel posts at the NNSA...."

The Limbaugh Letter 10/99 Rush Limbaugh ".....What this President and his appointees have done is to undermine two centuries of good will felt by most Americans for their institutions of government, particularly law enforcement. This President and his appointees have methodically gone through each department of government and have corrupted them all. The Justice Department has been corrupted. It's now used to obstruct justice. The Energy Department, where the nuclear secrets are held, is used to weaken our national security..... The Commerce Department is a political patronage operation. Ron Brown was selling seats on foreign tour trips to members of corporate boards eager to do business with China..... This Administration and its appointees have even damaged the organizational strength of our military, with bizarre social experiments, politically motivated operations, slash-and-burn budget cuts that impoverish our uniform personnel and deny them the weaponry they need to succeed. While we're cutting back the military budget, we've deployed the military in more places around the world -- inevitably when this President needs a distraction from a domestic scandal. It's an outrage. It's disgusting. It is beneath contempt....."

Judicial Watch 10/20/99 "....The Clinton Justice Department of Janet Reno has indicted McDonnell Douglas, the client of the law firm of WACO special counsel and former Republican Senator John Danforth, for alleged breach of U.S. export regulations, but conspicuously not indicted the Loral Corporation, chaired and run by Bernard Schwartz, who has given millions to the Democrats since the election of Bill Clinton, gone on a trade mission to China (where he met Chinese agents) and whose company transferred high technology to the Communist Chinese. Judicial Watch is prosecuting a lawsuit against Loral, Schwartz, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, John Huang, Terry McAuliffe, Marvin Rosen and the Democratic National Committee over these allegations. See "Is it a coincidence that the Clinton Justice Department indicts a company, like McDonnell Douglas, with Republican connections, but fails to take action against Loral, Schwartz and their alleged co-conspirators?" asked Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman. "The campaign finance scandal continues...," he added....."

Fox News "Drudge", 10/23/99 "......Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett II appeared on "Drudge" last night and discussed at length the military progress China has made during the Clinton Administration. The interview was sobering....... Although the book will not be published until November 15, 1999, you can order it now at and it will be shipped to you when released. The review of the book by Amazon is posted below along with a picture of the cover. On the cover, Clinton is photographed meeting with the head of the PLA. RED DRAGON RISING No regime poses a greater threat to global security today than Communist China. Armed with the most modern weapons of mass destruction-some stolen from America's own defense labs-the Communist Chinese government is a brutal, expansionist regime that has targeted America and its democratic allies around the world. Now, Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett II, whose bestselling *Year of the Rat* uncovered the ugly truth about illegal Chinese campaign contributions to Bill Clinton and Al Gore, expose how the Clinton-Gore administration has helped Communist China achieve its military ambitions....."

Planet Goldberg 11/1/99 Lewis Goldberg "….On October 26, 1987 President Ronald Reagan issued Executive Order 12612, entitled "Federalism." As stated in the preable, its purpose was to "restore the division of governmental responsibilities between the national government and the States that was intended by the Framers of the Constitution and to insure the princilples of federalism established by the Framers guide the Executive departments and agencies in the formulation and implementation of policies..."…On May 14, 1998, Bill Clinton issued Executive Order 13083, also entitled "Federalism." When you start to read the Clinton revision, you get deja vu, because he borrowed the text of Pres. Reagan's EO and just changed the parts he didn't like. If 12612 was so perfect, then why did Clinton change it? The answer to that will be evident when we compare the two. In fact, the differences were so patently treasonous that public outcry forced Congress to take notice, and pressure Clinton to withdraw 13083. On August 5, 1999, Clinton released Executive Order 13132 to replace the controversial 13083. I think the latest version is still treasonous, but with sweeter language. Now, let's compare 12612 to 13083... "

The Washington Times 10/29/99 Ed Timperlake and William Triplett II "....A sailor standing watch with the U.S. 7th Fleet in the South China Sea may soon have reason to remember his Shakespeare. Because in the near future "something wicked this way comes" - a Sovremenny class Russian Destroyer flying the naval battle flag of the People's Republic of China. The first of two nuclear-capable warships is scheduled to be commissioned in the People's Liberation Army Navy's (PLAN) fleet on Dec. 25. Merry Christmas. Let there be no doubt, in a conventional tactical situation the U.S. Navy can sink any ship, any fleet day or night, in any weather around the globe. This is the capability of the most powerful nation in the world. The only question is how many casualties are the commander in chief, the U.S. Congress and the American public prepared to accept if a crisis comes..... Rather the ship has one simple mission strike first. It's mission kill or die (probably both). The Destroyer is pure non-stealth offensive fire power. According to Jane's, the class has the capability for eight nuclear-tipped SS-N-22 Sunburn anti-ship missiles, four 130 mm guns, and nuclear-armed wake-homing torpedoes... The SS-N-22 200-kiloton nuclear warhead has almost 20 times the explosive power of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, and the U.S. Navy has no completely effective defense against this weapon. Eight nuclear-tipped Sunburns fired in barrage at an aircraft carrier battle group would result in the immediate death of thousands of American sailors and onboard marines. It is unlikely anyone would survive. Thus the balance of power in the Pacific is shifting because in the hand of the PLAN the Sovremenny becomes a very credible high-stakes deterrent. The message to the U.S. Navy is clear: Stay away. As retired Rear Adm. Eric McVadon, former U.S. defense attache in Beijing stated, "It's enough to make the U.S. 7th Fleet think twice" ....."

BBC 11/1/99 "....An international investigation has begun into the money-laundering allegations The authorities in the United States have issued arrest warrants for three suspects in the biggest money-laundering investigation in American history. They are accused of involvement in illegal transactions through the Bank of New York totalling almost $7bn. The exact whereabouts of the suspects, two of whom are of Russian origin, are not known. They are a former executive of the the Bank of New York , Lucy Edwards, her husband Peter Berlin, and one of his associates, Alexei Volkov. The Russian mafia is said to have illegally channelled billions of dollars through accounts at the Bank of New York......The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have meanwhile been attempting to account for all their funds which have headed to Moscow. They have said there is no evidence so far that any went missing. Finance ministers of the leading industrialised countries warned last month that Russia would only get the next tranche of its loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) , if it enforced stronger safeguards against corruption...."

Washington Times 10/26/99 Frank Gaffney Jr. "….What's going on here? The stinging defeat of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) - the result of 51 Republicans courageously voting their consciences rather than yielding to pressure to approve a fatally flawed treaty - is being portrayed by the Clinton administration, congressional Democrats and their allies as evidence of the GOP's embrace of a "new isolationism." Don't you believe it…….. Surely, party leaders understand the Clinton record in the foreign and defense policy fields is an almost unbroken string of reverses, if not outright disasters, for America's long-term security interests. In fact, the Clinton-Gore team has squandered the strongest hand ever bequeathed to an American president in terms of U.S. prestige, military power, alliance relationships, effective use of our economic strength to shape our world and, as a result of all these, in terms of having America's foes on the run. Today's orchestrated campaign against Republicans as "new isolationists" deliberately belies this legacy, ignores the unwavering commitment of the vast majority of the GOP in Congress and elsewhere to American leadership and international engagement on the basis of the Reagan principle of "peace-through-strength" and distorts the choices before the public in the year 2000….."

Worldnetdaily 11/2/99 Charles Smith "….Since 1949, Edwards has seen the best pilots and planes pushing the limits of manned flight to the very edge. Edwards has tested every modern aircraft in the U.S. aerospace inventory from the X-1 to the Space Shuttle. Pilots who made history at Edwards include moon-walker Neil Armstrong and Chuck Yeager, who broke the sound barrier. On May 18, 1999, Sr. Col. Li Zhongli, Sr. Col. Wang Changzheng, and Maj. Wang Shouxing made history at Edwards Air Force Base. How did the Chinese military get inside Edwards AFB? At the height of the U.S. war in Kosovo, two Chinese army air force (PLAAF) officers, and a Chinese navy (PLN) aviation officer, toured America. The Chinese officers gained entry to Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma, the civil air facilities at Denver, Colo., and a guided tour of Edwards AFB on a trip sponsored by MITRE Corp., Raytheon and Lockheed Martin….."

Worldnetdaily 11/2/99 Charles Smith "….U.S. Defense officials openly warned the Clinton administration that the Chinese air force is also a business. In 1994, the U.S. Army defense attaché to Beijing, Lt. Col. Dennis Blasko wrote, "The major enterprise subordinate to the PLA Air Force is the China Lantian (Blue Sky) Industrial Corp. Also affiliated to Lantian is the Tian Ma (Sky Horse) Brand of vehicles and vehicle repair parts and facilities. China United Airlines (CUA) is a commercial entity of the PLA Air Force." Of course, the Clinton excuse here is that this is all civilian and commercial. Yet, the PLAAF also operated illegally through its "Civil Aviation Administration of China" (CAAC) for intelligence and military operations. According to the 1999 Cox report on the China scandal, "The PRC has used at least one commercial air carrier to assist in its technology transfer efforts. In 1996, Hong Kong Customs officials intercepted air-to-air missile parts being shipped by CATIC aboard a commercial air carrier, Dragonair. Dragonair is owned by China International Trade and Investment Company (CITIC), the most powerful and visible PRC-controlled conglomerate, and the Civil Aviation Administration of China." ….Only a few months later, on May 18, Clinton officials gave the Chinese military and Mr. Mao, "Deputy Director General CAAC," a guided tour of Edwards AFB. The tour including radar data, tracking systems and details on Edwards military operations….."

Worldnetdaily 11/2/99 Charles Smith "….The amount of military information gathered by the PLAAF at Edwards is breathtaking. According to the handwritten notes, the FAA representative wrote that "mil uses airspace from 200 to 60,000 feet" and "radars 7 short range 3 long range provide coverage in complex. Lower alt short range at bottoms end -- gap fillers look + down valleys where mil likely to fly." "Companies 'rent a runway' -- ie Boeing practices dangerous maneuver," states the handwritten notes on the USAF documents. "2 Ladkebeds used by NASA. For 29,000 + DOD asks for clearance from TRACON -- FAA clears out aircraft -- after pilot thru w/mission above 29K ft -- returns. 60 mile corridor chords row planes practice straight on 'chicken' flying." The documents explain why the Clinton administration invited the Chinese military onto U.S. Air Force bases. The answer is painfully obvious. Money. In particular, donation money from airlines with a vested interest in Chinese air space. According to Federal Election Commission records, United Airlines made over a quarter million dollars in "soft" money donations alone during the last two years. …."The key here is vectoring aircraft over the Taiwan Straits," stated Bill Triplett, co-author of the runaway best seller, "The Year of the Rat," in a recent exclusive WorldNetDaily interview. "In every 'are they coming?' analysis I've seen, the PLAAF's inability to vector enough aircraft over the Straits is always seen as crucial." "In other words," concluded Triplett. "Clinton's military-to-military program helps bring war in the Far East just that much closer." ……"

Woldnetdaily 11/11/99 "..... The Pentagon is reportedly investigating allegations that China will deploy nuclear-tipped missiles on two Russian-built Sovremenny-class destroyers, said by one defense expert to be warships designed to start a nuclear war. Reports of nuclear warheads on the new Chinese anti-ship missiles first appeared inside a new book called "Red Dragon Rising." According to the book's co-author, William Triplett, each Chinese warship is equipped with eight nuclear-tipped, Russian-made Moskit anti-ship missiles -- each armed with a warhead equal to over 120,000 tons of TNT. "The Sovremenny is strictly an offensive platform," stated Triplett during a WorldNetDaily interview. "Ed (Timperlake) and I are the only two Americans that have ever been on a Sovremenny," said Triplett. "It has virtually no stealth. It can't hide. It is intended to attack. The vessel is designed to fire its nuclear tipped missiles and die." Atomic bomb blast at Bikini Atoll in 1946 towers over warships used as targets. The new Chinese missile can deliver a nuclear bomb six times as powerful. Triplett also openly charged the missiles arming the new warships are nuclear-tipped. "Each warhead is six times more powerful than the atomic bomb used on Hiroshima," said Triplett. "The new missiles are designed specifically to destroy American carriers and Aegis cruisers with a single nuclear blast." ...."

Woldnetdaily 11/11/99 "..... There is evidence supporting the allegations that the U.S. Navy cannot stop the Moskit. The only U.S. missile capable of duplicating the Moskit's blistering low-level performance is the Allied Signal Vandal. Vandal target drones are reported to have penetrated U.S. Navy air defenses during recent trials. However, a Clinton administration deal with Moscow has left the U.S. Navy without a means to simulate the Moskit anti-ship missile threat. The updated Vandal target drone, re-named the Sea Snake, was canceled in 1999 by the Clinton administration in favor of purchasing a Russian target drone, the Zvezda MA-31. According to official U.S. Navy statements, the Zvezda MA-31 target drone cannot duplicate the Moskit performance. "The U.S. Navy has no defense against this missile system," stated "Red Dragon Rising" author Triplett. "One nuclear-tipped SS-N-22 (Moskit) will kill thousands of American sailors, airmen and Marines. The message to the U.S. Navy is clear: Stay away or die." ..."

Worldnetdaily 11/16/99 Chrles Smith "…. In 1998, the U.S. Commerce Department denied a Freedom of Information request for "any exports" to the "CAAC, the China Civil Aviation Authority," which the Clinton administration portrays as the friendly civilian equal to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Yet, according to the Commerce Department, documents on CAAC are so secret that "such information (may) not be disclosed unless its release is determined to be in the national interest." …… The FAA documents show the Commerce Department actively participated and encouraged military technology transfers to China. The transfers, according to the FAA documents, started in 1994 when Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and Defense Secretary William Perry formed a joint "Defense" commission with Chinese Gen. Ding Henggao. ….."

Worldnetdaily 11/16/99 Chrles Smith "…. On May 21, 1997, John Hancock, civilian FAA Deputy Director on International Aviation wrote a memo and summary report on "China ATC (air traffic control) discussions." Hancock wrote, "Attached is a summary of discussions held in Beijing on Wednesday, April 16, 1997, on future civil-military air traffic control cooperation between the United States and China." "As you know, following completion of U.S. Government (USG) policy coordination, a small delegation traveled to Beijing to present our options for FAA-led ATC civil-military programs under the reconfigured ATC initiative. This activity was previously conducted under the Joint Defense Conversion Commission which was dissolved by then-Defense Secretary Perry in July 1996," wrote Hancock. ….. The FAA documents also show People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) officers used "civilian" cover-names through the so-called "CAAC" civilian agency. According to an official CAAC memo sent to FAA representative Ms. Li Jie, one representative at the 1997 meeting was "Mr. Li Zhong Li." However, the civilian "Mr. Li" had a very unusual title, that of "Deputy Director of ATC Department of Air Force." …."

Worldnetdaily 11/16/99 Chrles Smith "…. "The PRC (People's Republic of China) has used at least one commercial air carrier to assist in its technology transfer efforts," states the Cox report. "In 1996, Hong Kong Customs officials intercepted air-to-air missile parts being shipped by CATIC (China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corporation) aboard a commercial air carrier, Dragonair. Dragonair is owned by China International Trade and Investment Company (CITIC), the most powerful and visible PRC-controlled conglomerate, and the Civil Aviation Administration of China." Moreover, there is evidence that President Clinton personally approved of the military exchanges with the Chinese Air Force. According to 1998 General Accounting Office (GAO) testimony, there was a "presidential waiver for export" to the PLAAF. "Waivers were also granted to permit the export of encryption equipment controlled on the Munitions List," states the GAO testimony, "One case involved a $4.3-million communications export to China's Air Force." …."

Worldnetdaily 11/16/99 Chrles Smith "…. The GAO also noted why the PLAAF needed American encryption technology. The GAO wrote, "China lacks command and control capabilities needed to effectively integrate its armed forces in the fast-moving joint offensive operations called for by its new doctrine. China's air force units are hampered in their ability to communicate with air defense, naval, and ground units." The advanced encryption technology translates into secure air combat communications for the PLAAF. The Chinese army can now use modern encryption code systems to establish secure links with its missiles and men in combat. In addition, U.S. Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite navigation technology was also passed to China under the guise of commercial airline technology. …."

Washington Post 11/19/99 Vernon Loeb Walter Pincus "….The evidence emerged after weapons scientists at Los Alamos noted errors in a Chinese intelligence document that sparked the initial FBI and congressional investigations into Los Alamos and Lee. The telltale errors, contained in a description of the miniaturized W-88 warhead, were traced to one of the contractors and defense installations that assemble nuclear weapons, government sources said. While the new evidence does not completely eliminate Los Alamos or Lee, the sources said, it indicates that the most likely origin of the information is one of the weapons "integrators." These include Sandia National Laboratories, which puts together prototypes of some warheads; Lockheed Martin Corp., which attach warheads to missiles; and the Navy, which supervises the process……"

Washington Post 11/19/99 Vernon Loeb Walter Pincus "….From the start, however, the Chinese document's description of the radius of the W-88's nuclear trigger was less precise than would be needed to construct such a device, according to one U.S. nuclear scientist familiar with the document. "The information was not detailed enough to be accurate," the scientist said. Although officials yesterday would not discuss the particular errors involved in the FBI investigation, the measurement of the trigger was said to be the kind of data under scrutiny….."

Freeper Constitutional Patriot 11/17/99 "…. President Bill Clinton is an agent of the communist Chinese government. The communist Chinese are the military enemies of the United States and they have acknowledged this either by their actions or by the express words of their leaders. With this, consider the following:

1. Bill Clinton (Clinton) has relaxed export restrictions on super computers to China which has allowed China to develop a first rate electronic warfare force that can be used to infiltrate and destroy the electronic infrastructure of the United States. This infrastructure includes power grids, financial institutions, communications networks, fuel storage and power plant management facilities, nuclear weapons facilities, and military offensive and defensive computer networks. With these computers, China is now also capable of guiding their long range nuclear missile arsenal with pin-point accuracy (see #2 below). Since Clinton has relaxed these restrictions in 1996, China has purchased 600 of these super computers.

2. Clinton has permitted (via executive order) defense contractor Loral Space Aviation to provide China with multiple staging rocket technology that will allow the Chinese to put their satellites into space. Clinton did this with the full knowledge that this technology will also give China the capability to launch nuclear and biological weapons that can reach the continental United States. Their weapons had no such capabilities before this technology was transferred. This transfer took place because Clinton wanted it to happen.

3. The Clinton administration turned a blind eye to a known and ongoing occurrence of Chinese espionage at the Los Alamos nuclear weapons research facility. There is documented evidence showing that the Clinton administration ordered that security measures be relaxed at this facility despite having received information that the Chinese were at Los Alamos and they were stealing our nuclear secrets. In fact, after news of this espionage became public knowledge, the Chinese continued to steal U.S. nuclear secrets without any increase in security measures at Los Alamos. Now the Chinese have the design plans for all of the most highly developed nuclear weapons in existence. This acquisition of design plans has pushed the design of the Chinese nuclear arsenal ahead by more than 20 years.

4. The Clinton administration wanted to give the now closed Long Beach naval base to COSCO (the merchant marine naval force of the communist Chinese PLA). Thankfully, this scandal was exposed and Clinton was forced to cancel his plans to give the enemies of the United States a listening post on American soil. Clinton has given his blessings to the handover of the Panama Canal to a Chinese controlled shipping company despite receiving advice from his top military advisors that the handover will give the PLA complete control over the entire canal as well as a perfect launching site for Chinese medium range missiles which can conveniently be stored in shipping containers. These medium range missiles have the capability and range of hitting any target within the continental United States.

5. Clinton, by executive order, has mandated that all 2.4 million people in the U.S. military receive (or face court marshal and prison time) a vaccination for Anthrax which has not been clinically proven to prevent contraction of anthrax with any uniform results. What has been confirmed about this vaccine is its effect on many of its recipients. Reports of soldiers who received this vaccine who are now suffering from dizziness, chronic fatigue, nausea, memory loss, chronic anxiety, and other physical and neurological limitations are alarmingly numerous. This vaccine has the proven capability of rendering soldiers in the U.S. military useless for war. Despite this reality, the Clinton administration is still demanding that all U.S. personnel receive this unproven and apparently harmful vaccine.

6. Clinton has disbursed our forces around the world and spread their resources so thin as to render them useless. Clinton has done this while simultaneously reducing military spending to dangerous levels.

7. Clinton has taken every opportunity to disarm law abiding American citizens. These citizens constitute the last line of defense against a foreign enemy who may choose to invade the United States with ground troops. Clinton has used every possible technique to emasculate the Second Amendment and his efforts (with the help of an all too willing media) have succeeded to a degree in persuading uninformed Americans that there is no legitimate need for private firearms ownership in our modern society.

These actions of Clinton have shown thinking Americans that he is not acting in the interests of the United States. He is doing everything that can be done (short of surrendering our forces) to ensure that the Chinese have an upper hand in global military dominance. He is a politician with questionable loyalty to the United States Constitution and a record of left-wing socialist ideological political activity. Based on this assessment of President Clinton's performance, one can only conclude that he is more an agent of the communist Chinese than a President of the United States….."

WorldNetDaily 11/23/99 Joseph Farah "….I'm talking about Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Rosenbergs of the '90s. The latest development in this ongoing saga was revealed by WorldNetDaily's Charles Smith last week: The Clinton administration has approved the shipment to Communist China of uranium U-235 - the nuclear isotope used in the atomic bomb exploded over Hiroshima in 1945. This is part of a long pattern of technology transfers approved by the White House, often over the heads of other oversight agencies, including the FBI, Justice Department and Pentagon….Now, Investor's Business Daily reporter Paul Sperry reveals the Clinton administration plans to move the Defense Department's export licensing offices to a U.S. Army base far from the Pentagon and other Washington agencies that seek technical military advice on exports. "Career licensing officials complain it's the latest in a series of steps that have weakened the Pentagon's role in blocking the transfer of military-related technology to China and other countries viewed as threats to U.S, security," Sperry writes….As usual with this administration, it hasn't notified Congress of the move, as required by law.

Freeper Brian Mosely 11/23/99 via email "…Over the past few days, I've noticed a number of posts from various Freeper about being faxed a Gun Control poll that appears to be rather one sided. Well, sometime last night one of them paid one of my e-boxes a visit. Here the e-mail: ……"Please help us with this survey. It is the most ambitious survey ever undertaken on the subject of GUN CONTROL IN THE US. Please allow us to apologize up front for this method of delivery, however in today's world, this is the most efficient way to reach the more than 5,000,000 Americans that we need to contact…… A charge of $1.99 will appear on your local phone bill to pay for the survey. PROCEEDS IN EXCESS OF THE COST OF THIS SURVEY WILL BE DONATED TO AID VICTIMS OF GUN VIOLENCE…… Copyright, 1999. American Tabulation & Tracking Co-op, surveying the American public on current issues and and sending the results to the President and Congress of the United States so that they will understand the true feelings of the American People…." Brian Mosely continues:

"…OK, we all get lots of spam, right? I know I get a ton. However, check out where this is coming from: Here's a hint, they've already poured several million dollars into democratic pockets over the years, so getting involved in an American debate would be right up their alley...X-From_: Mon Nov 22 21:13:22 1999 Return-Path: <ATTC2@JXNU.EDU.CN Received: from ([]) by DELETED (8.9.3/8.9.3) with ESMTP id VAA04749 for ; Mon, 22 Nov 1999 21:13:05 –0600 From: Received: from qgjM6f486 by (8.9.1b+Sun/SMI-SVR4) id LAA06940; Tue, 23 Nov 1999 11:10:17 +0800 (CST) DATE: 22 Nov 99 10:13:26 PM Message-ID: TO: SUBJECT: Are Guns a Problem ?………..Yep. China. My NeoTrace shareware program tracked this right back to Beijing Asia Pacific Network Information Center (NETBLK-APNIC-CIDR-BLK) These addresses have been further assigned to Asia-Pacific users. Contact information can be found in the APNIC database, at WHOIS.APNIC.NET or…. Please do not send spam complaints to APNIC. Netname: APNIC-CIDR-BLK2 Netblock: - Coordinator: Administrator, System (SA90-ARIN) sysadm@APNIC.NET +61-7-3367-0490 Domain System inverse mapping provided by: SVC00.APNIC.NET NS.TELSTRA.NET NS.KRNIC.NET NS.RIPE.NET Regional Internet Registry for the Asia-Pacific Region….." 12/2/99 David Ruppe "….The Clinton administration may soon allow China to buy an immensely powerful IBM computer that experts say Beijing could use to improve the targeting of its nuclear warheads. Sources tell administration officials recently approved an unprecedented proposal to allow China to import an IBM RS/6000 SP supercomputer with an estimated processing speed of at least 30 billion operations per second. Nearly all high-performance computers previously exported to China were estimated to perform 7 billion operations per second or less. The IBM supercomputer, one of the most capable on the market, is intended for China's Meteorological Administration, a branch of the government, ostensibly for running programs for forecasting winds and other weather more accurately…… But experts say the supercomputer China is requesting would be able to predict weather to such a degree of accuracy that it also could be used to improve its ability to direct nuclear warheads as they re-enter the Earth's atmosphere and head toward their targets. And they say the United States would have a hard time preventing China from doing so. "Since there is no effective arrangement for verifying what such a computer would be used for, we would be taking a terrific national security risk," says Gary Milhollin, director of the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control, which closely tracks nuclear weapons-related technology proliferation. 'Could Pose Real Risks' How could a seemingly benign piece of computer equipment pose such a risk? ….."

Media General News Service 12/1/99 Gil Klein "….President Clinton erroneously told reporters yesterday that the Chinese will soon be running the Panama Canal. By making the mistake, the president may have bolstered arguments by some Republicans who say that the Communist Chinese government is getting control of the canal. Asked by a reporter, "You're not worried about the Chinese control- ling the canal?" Clinton responded: "I think the Chinese will in fact be bending over backwards to make sure that they run it in a competent and fair manner. They will want to demonstrate to a distant part of the world that they can be a responsible partner. And I would be surprised if any adverse consequences flowed from the Chinese running the canal." But the Chinese will not be running the canal. The United States, which built the canal and has controlled it since its completion in 1914, will turn over operation of the canal and all of its assets to the Panamanians on Dec. 31. …."

The Washington Times 11/23/99 Frank J Gaffney, Jr. "…In 1980, Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan posed a single question with devastating effect for Jimmy Carter's re-election prospects. He asked voters: "Are you better off today than you were four years ago?" A majority correctly judged that they were not. Mr. Carter was turned out of office, Mr. Reagan was elected and the rest, as they say, is history. An interrogatory posing a variation on the theme might prove to have a similarly decisive impact in Campaign 2000: "Are you more secure today than you were eight years ago?" Objectively evaluated, the answer isclearly "No." If Republican candidates do the necessary spadework to educate the electorate about the Clinton-Gore administration's significant contribution to that sorry situation, they have the opportunity to engender substantial popular support for their cause. Far more importantly, they stand to create a mandate for changes that will reverse the trend toward greater national and individual insecurity….."

Washington Times Weekly, Print Edition 11/22-28/99 Edward Timperlake & William Triplett II "…… For a whole host of reasons, Gen. Xiong's visit represents both a challenge and an opportunity to the Republicans in Congress. First, as the chief spymaster of China, Gen. Xiong inherited and then perfected the most successful espionage operation against America in our nation's history. He knows all the answers to questions raised in the Cox Report of earlier this year because they occurred at his direction. Gen. Xiong, age 60, has been in the PLA's intelligence service since he was a teen-ager. In the 1960s and 1970s, he honed his craft as a military spy operating out of the PRC Embassy in Bonn. Now at the pinnacle of his career, all the PLA intelligence operations targeted on the United States lead to him. Under the usual information-sharing arrangement, he also would know of the significant intelligence operations run by China's KGB, the Ministry of State Security. He would have a wide range of knowledge about the Loral-Hughes case, the theft of all of our nuclear weapons secrets from the National Labs, and the most recent McDonnell-Douglas case, just to name a few of his successes….."

Washington Times Weekly, Print Edition 11/22-28/99 Edward Timperlake & William Triplett II "…… Gen. Xiong also was responsible for the successful effort to funnel illegal campaign contributions to the Clinton-Gore re-election effort in 1996. PLA. Gen. Ji Shengde told Johnny Chung, "We like your President and we want him re-elected." Since Gen. Ji worked for Gen. Xiong, the "we" probably referred to him…… Earlier this year, Gen. Xiong turned up at an important meeting with the North Koreans. The relationship between the PRC and North Korea is like "lips and teeth," he declared. We know now the PRC and the North Koreans are in various joint ventures to sell weapons of mass destruction, and the missiles that deliver them, to terrorist nations in the Middle East…."

Washington Times Weekly, Print Edition 11/22-28/99 Edward Timperlake & William Triplett II "…… Gen. Xiong is most famous for his threat to incinerate Los Angeles with nuclear destruction if the United States should come to the aid of democratic Taiwan. That's of interest to the entire Congress, given the overwhelming support for the Taiwan security legislation now making its way through the House. It's only heightened by the dramatic demonstration of mobile ICBMs at the 50th anniversary of communism in China. With the DF-31 and DF-41 together capable of reaching any city in America, his threat no longer is false bravado. It is real and in a crisis can be deadly….."

Washington Times Weekly, Print Edition 11/22-28/99 Edward Timperlake & William Triplett II "…… What is less well known is Gen. Xiong's role at Tiananmen. In 1989, he was the head of the "Er Bu," the "Second Department," the PLA's military intelligence agency. This is the equivalent of the GRU from Soviet days. His agents ran a series of provocation operations against the students, mostly efforts to plant weapons on them in order to excuse the ensuing massacre. In 1996, Rep. Chris Smith, New Jersey Republican, held a hearing when one of the major Tiananmnen Square generals came to visit President Clinton….." 11/23/99 Oliver North "…. Washington: Hardly a week goes by that our beloved leader, William The Impeached, doesn't do something harmful to America's long term security interests. This week is no exception. Before leaving for another failed "summit" with his buddy Boris, the Butcher of Chechnya, Clinton dispatched his wife to the Middle East where she set the peace process back a few years. While she was gone, he closed a deal to welcome Communist China into "the family of nations;" bailed out U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan with American tax dollars; and launched another attack on America's military readiness. And he did it all with the acquiescence of a Republican-led Congress. Who says a lame duck can't get anything done?……."

Worldnetdaily 12/14/99 Jon Dougherty "….. What finally triggered his arrest, according to press reports, was the discovery that Lee had copied voluminous amounts of secrets about "every nuclear warhead in the U.S. arsenal" onto a series of cassette tapes -- the kind used for backing up computer data. The FBI believes several such tapes were made but can only locate three of them at the present time. My guess is the rest of them are in Peking, but that's neither here nor there. Most people who were intelligent enough to realize long ago that the Clinton administration had traded our national security for a measly few hundred thousand dollars in campaign donations know where those tapes -- and the rest of the stolen nuclear weapons data -- are located right now. All of it in its various forms is -- at this moment -- in the hands of Chinese nuclear weapons designers, engineers and scientists who are busily developing Peking's next generation of offensive nuclear weapons. ….Rest assured that much of the stolen information will end up in Moscow eventually, as well as a host of other rogue nuclear and emerging nuclear powers. Like President Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, China will sell anything (or sell anyone out) for a buck. …."

Washington Post 12/15/99 "…..But the Cox report presented "no evidence or foundation for these allegations other than recounting the existence of a 'walk-in' agent with some data on one system," wrote Michael M. May, co-director of Stanford's Center for International Security and Cooperation. …..In challenging the Cox commission, May and his colleagues acknowledge that they have seen only the public version of its report. "We realize that not all of the report was declassified, and thus some of the factual justification for the report's conclusions may be classified," May wrote. Although there have been earlier critiques of the Cox report, the Stanford panel's is the most detailed. It accuses the Cox commission of broad mistakes, such as caricaturing the complicated Chinese political system, and petty ones, such as mixing up kilometers and miles when discussing the range of a Chinese missile……. For example, the scholars challenged as a "basic error in understanding" the Cox commission's finding that "the main aim for the [Chinese] civilian economy is to support the building of modern military weapons and to support the aims of the PLA [Chinese army]." The basis for that assertion, China's so-called Sixteen Character policy, in fact refers to conversion of military-owned industries to civilian product lines whose profits "can be used to support less profitable military product lines during peacetime," they said…… The panel's expert on Chinese governance and policy was Alastair Iain Johnston, a Harvard professor who is a visiting scholar at Stanford. The nuclear weapons section of its report was by Wolfgang K.H. Panofsky, former director of the Stanford High Energy Physics Laboratory; the Chinese arms control section was by Marco Di Capua, a Lawrence Livermore physicist who served at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing from 1993 to 1997; and the section on China's acquisition of U.S. missile technology was by Lewis R. Franklin, a career intelligence expert on Sino-Soviet missile and space research who is a visiting scholar at Stanford……" 12/16/99 Jim Burns "…..House Government Reform and Operations Committee Chairman Dan Burton opened Thursday's Capitol Hill hearing on Democratic presidential fundraising with criticism of Attorney General Janet Reno. The criticism came as the committee began a second day of questioning of John Huang, a former Democratic National Committee (DNC) vice chairman and top fundraiser during the 1996 Clinton-Gore reelection campaign. Burton said, "It's pretty obvious to me that [Reno] is blocking for her boss, the president." …… "We were met with excuse after excuse, delay after delay. Suddenly, they came up with a new policy: They weren't going to give FBI interview summaries to Congress anymore. They said we could come to the Department and read them, but we couldn't have copies. So I sent my staff over to read the interviews. It became very clear why they didn't want us to have them, " Burton said. Burton said the Justice Department interviewed Clinton twice, once in 1997 and once in 1998, but didn't ask some questions the committee wanted answered. "They never asked the president a single question about John Huang. They never asked the president a single question about James Riady. They never asked the president a single question about Charlie Trie. How can that be? What kind of investigation is this?" Burton said. Burton also criticized the Justice Department's questioning of Vice President Gore, which Burton said was done three times. "They didn't ask him a single question about the Hsi Lai Temple Fundraiser. They didn't ask him a single question about John Huang or Maria Hsia. What's going on here? . . . I'm so disillusioned, I don't have the words to describe my feelings," Burton said……"

Washington Post 12/23/99 Walter Pincus "….Wen Ho Lee, the Los Alamos nuclear scientist who has been indicted for mishandling massive amounts of secret nuclear weapons codes, went to unusual lengths to mislead his colleagues about why he downloaded classified material, according to an FBI investigator. At a court hearing last week in New Mexico, the investigator testified that Lee talked a colleague into letting him use his unsecure workstation for the downloading of classified material to unclassified tapes by telling him he was creating a resume. Lee persuaded the employee to teach him how to download information from his office computer system in a secured area to a computer workstation outside that area, where he then put the material on portable magnetic tapes. Lee never told the the colleague he was transferring highly classified nuclear secrets, FBI agent Robert Messemer told the hearing……. "There is no specific work reason to assemble these top-secret and secret files and place them into the open system or download them onto a portable mechanism," Messemer testified…..Instead of downloading just a resume, Lee in 1993 and 1994 made more than nine tapes with information on all the U.S. nuclear weapons systems. "Lee took a very methodical, meticulous approach to the assembly of all these files," Messemer said. "And, moreover, he did so in the evening hours, not during regular business hours, and he did so on weekends, which we also viewed as being somewhat secretive." ….."

Washington Times 1/7/00 Bill Gertz Rowan Scarborough "…..We reported in this space several weeks ago how the White House National Security Council staff secretly placed a pro-Beijing operative inside the Pentagon. The appointment of David Shambaugh as a Pentagon consultant was a rear-guard covert political action aimed at eventually replacing Kurt Campbell, the deputy assistant defense secretary for East Asia. Mr. Campbell had planned to return to the private sector this month. After our item appeared, however, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen stepped in and urged Mr. Campbell to stay on as his top China policy-maker. Mr. Shambaugh's consultancy was restricted. White House spokesmen and Mr. Shambaugh were quick to deny there was ever any plot to wrest control of Pentagon policy-making, or that Mr. Shambaugh and the NSC's China-meister, Kenneth Lieberthal, are pro-Beijing……. Now word of Mr. Shambaugh's pro-Beijing credentials is confirmed from an unlikely source. The official Chinese military newspaper, the Liberation Army Daily, reported Nov. 11 that Mr. Shambaugh, an academic who holds a secret-level security clearance, was a tremendous helper for a visiting Chinese colonel who spent several months in Washington. The Chinese colonel, Chen Bojiang, credited Mr. Shambaugh with giving him the names and contact information for a group of U.S. specialists on China's military, including Army Col. John Corbitt, currently Mr. Cohen's desk officer in charge of contacts with the People's Liberation Army….The Chinese article outraged several Pentagon officials, including one who said Mr. Shambaugh's actions came close to assisting Chinese intelligence gathering, since that is exactly how Chinese spies "vacuum clean" U.S. experts for intelligence and information….." 1/6/00 "…..After promising to quit, China is still helping fellow-Communist North Korea develop the long-range missiles President Clinton hopes he can defend the United States against. It is his proposed continental missile-defense system that so infuriates Russia it threatens to break the mutual-destruction Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, which kept the delicately balanced peace throughout the Cold War. In turn, that is the rationale given by Russia for its increasingly aggressive anti-American military moves, including development of an advanced missile it says will be able to penetrate any shield the United States can create. It was also the basis of then-President Boris Yeltsin's recent mission to Beijing, where he solidified even closer military, economic and political ties with the communist rulers of China……. Part of the material China has been sending to North Korea, in violation of its agreement with the United States and 28 other nations, is missile technology believed to have been obtained through Chinese spying in the United States and liberalized exports of U.S. high-tech equipment authorized by Clinton. ….. [on Times report:] "This is a deal for a direct shipment of Chinese missile technology," said a Times source who had read the report. … The most-recent missile dealing is further evidence China is reneging on promises President Jiang Zemin made last year, when he visited Clinton in Washington, that it would tighten exports of missile technology covered by the 29-nation Missile Technology Control Regime … Chinese and North Korean scientific institutes share space research that U.S. intelligence agencies believe masks missile technology"… A congressional national-security expert said links between China and North Korea on weapons technology are so close it is likely the Chinese have allowed North Korea access to their nuclear-warhead data…. A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Washington denied China has sold missile components to North Korea….."

New York Times 1/25/2000 Judith Miller "….Some of the American money awarded to support Russia's civilian biological research was secretly shifted to Biopreparat, a shadowy organization that once directed the Soviet Union's germ warfare program, several Russian scientists say. ….. A spokesman for the space agency said it would investigate whether any American aid money had been diverted to the organization and would withhold $1.6 million in assistance until Moscow accounted for its spending of previous grants. Officials at A.I.D. said they had not been aware of Biopreparat's history and should have checked with national security officials before approving aid to a joint venture that involved the organization. Russian biologists familiar with Biopreparat said its director, Gen. Yuri T. Kalinin, had shifted at least 10 percent of several NASA grants intended for biological research in space to his organization. General Kalinin has headed Biopreparat since its inception in 1973, and Western officials say he is the focal point of concern among American and British intelligence analysts about whether Moscow has fully given up research into germ warfare and what Acting President Vladimir V. Putin will decide. ….. Russian scientists said General Kalinin had supervised Biopreparat's transition to civilian work after the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. Western officials say they know little about Biopreparat's operations. But a Biopreparat brochure signed by Yuri T. Kalinin, identified not by military rank but as a "professor, doctor of science," states that the Russian government owns 51 percent of the joint-stock company and that Biopreparat now includes some 20 research institutes and other enterprises that make about 1,000 vaccines, medicines and biotechnology products. ….."

New York Times 1/25/2000 Judith Miller "….Biopreparat also stands to benefit from a grant made by the Agency for International Development in 1997. In a project approved by a Russian-American commission headed by Vice President Al Gore, the aid agency awarded a $6 million grant to a collaboration between the Searle pharmaceutical unit of Monsanto and a Russian institute partly owned by Biopreparat. Officials and scientists say none of the A.I.D. money went directly to Biopreparat. But, they acknowledge, Biopreparat stands to earn a share of the profits if the company's sale of high-quality medicines succeeds. In interviews, administration officials defended the grants. The American money, they say, has helped deter a scientific brain drain to rogue states and terrorists and there is no indication that it was used to support covert germ research. But many national security officials were furious when they first learned of Biopreparat's involvement in the grants last year. "What happened in these cases was outrageous," said a senior national security official who spoke on condition that he not be identified. "A.I.D. and NASA were essentially running their own foreign policy." …."

Los Angeles Times 1/23/2000 Gary Milhollin "….Just over two months ago, CATIC, the Chinese military and aviation giant, was indicted for diverting American machine tools to a Chinese cruise missile and military aircraft plant. The powerful machines had produced parts for the B-1 strategic bomber and the MX nuclear missile, and CATIC was charged with lying to get the machines out of the U.S. in 1995 by promising to restrict them to civilian use. Yet with the ink barely dry on the indictment, the Clinton administration has begun to undermine it. According to U.S. officials, the Commerce Department wants to allow one of CATIC's sister companies to buy the same kind of American machine tool that CATIC is accused of diverting. …"

Los Angeles Times 1/23/2000 Gary Milhollin "….A company in Milford, Mass., named Bostomatic has requested permission to sell the machine to China's Xian Aero Engine Co., which makes engines for China's military aircraft, including the nuclear-capable H-6 strategic bomber. Bostomatic was purchased last year by the Agie Charmilles Group, a Swiss concern. According to U.N. inspectors, 11 of Agie's machine tools were found at five of Saddam Hussein's leading nuclear weapon and missile sites in 1992. And in January 1999, Gen. Alexander Zdanovich, a spokesman for Russia's foreign intelligence services, said that Agie also had supplied Iran with equipment for making liquid-fueled ballistic missiles. ….."

Los Angeles Times 1/23/2000 Gary Milhollin "….The Pentagon is fighting the export license. The same officials who tried to block the export of the machines that CATIC diverted in 1995 are objecting to this one. The officials were right the last time, but got overruled. Xian Aero Engine is pledging to use the milling machine only to make civilian aircraft. That is what CATIC promised. Since Xian and CATIC are part of the same state-owned organization, no one should be fooled. Nor should anyone be fooled by the CATIC indictment. It took more than four years for the Justice Department to get around to it, and Justice is dragging its feet in a string of other apparently illegal exports of U.S. high technology.

Los Angeles Times 1/23/2000 Gary Milhollin "….In 1996, Silicon Graphics Inc. of Mountain View, Calif., sold four supercomputers to one of Russia's leading nuclear weapon laboratories without the required export license. The U.S. computers were 10 times more powerful than anything the Russians had….. The case was sent to a a federal grand jury in 1997, where it has languished. Also in 1996, Silicon Graphics sold a powerful supercomputer to China's Academy of Sciences, which develops nuclear warheads and long-range missiles, and IBM sold an equally powerful supercomputer in 1997 to the Indian Institute of Science, India's leading missile research site. Neither Silicon Graphics nor IBM bothered to obtain the required export licenses. ….The Cox committee on Chinese spying found that Hughes Electronics and Loral Space and Communications, two big American satellite makers, "deliberately acted without the legally required licenses and violated U.S. export control laws" when they helped China improve its rockets in 1995 and 1996. To boost their profits, these U.S. firms gave China technology that could, in the committee's words, increase "the reliability of all PRC ballistic missiles." A federal grand jury has had these cases for more than a year and a half….."

World Net Daily 2/2/2000 Charles Smith ".... The Clinton administration is engaged in a cover-up. Chinese military officers are being allowed into the United States disguised as civilians. One such civilian who toured America was the Chinese military operations director at the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

In April 1993, only months after Bill Clinton and Al Gore took office, Chinese army officers were invited to visit America. According to Federal Aviation Administration documents, the Chinese Generals were given personal tours of U.S. military bases, civilian air traffic control centers and American defense contractor sites. At one point, an anonymous Federal Aviation Administration official marked "Deputy Chief of General Staff, PLA" next to a "Mr. Kui Fulin", and "Lt. General, PLAF" next to "Mr. Li Yongtai" on the China Air Traffic Control Survey Delegation list. The unknown FAA officer hand marked seven of the fifteen visiting Chinese civilians as "military." People's Liberation Army Air Force Gen. Li Yongtai and army Gen. Kui Fulin attended U.S. aviation functions listed as civilians; a Mr. Li Yongtai and Mr. Kui Fulin, commissioners in the Air Traffic Control Commission of China. According to publicly available information, Kui was the Chinese military operations director at the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. Gen. Kui planned the open killing of thousands of unarmed civilians using tanks and infantry.

In 1993, Kui was taken on a personal tour of Andrews Air Force Base, the FAA air traffic center in Leesburg, Va., and the Boeing plant in Seattle, Wash. He even had dinner with Boeing CEO Frank Shrontz. ........ The FAA documents are not the only evidence that the Clinton administration is lying to Congress and the American people about the true nature of Chinese military contacts. The U.S. Commerce Department frequently referred to Chinese General Huai Guomo in their public documents as "Minister." ....... And what of China's "SS" army? According to Stratfor, the red "SS" army is alive and well. "The separation of the Peoples Armed Police (the Party's internal security army) from the PLA and the regularization of the PLA into a conventional fighting force is another example of the movement away from popularly based communism towards autocratic fascism," states the 1999 Stratfor report.

In 1989, the Chinese internal security army, a modern SS force, executed the plans of Gen. Kui in an autocratic fascist act of mass murder. Under Kui's plan, thousands of innocent civilians were slaughtered. That plan was approved at the highest levels in the Communist Party. Gen. Kui's plan must have worked to the satisfaction of both Beijing and Bill Clinton, since he was invited by the Clinton administration for his 1993 visit to America. Kui, much like his Nazi SS counterparts in 1939, also has the blood of innocent human beings on his hands. The blood of Tiananmen Square that now stains Bill Clinton and the American White House. ...."

WorldnetDaily 1/26/2000 Charles Smith "…Gen. Xiong is currently the No. 2 commander in the People's Liberation Army and head of Chinese military intelligence. Xiong is responsible for the successful effort to funnel illegal campaign contributions to the Clinton-Gore re-election effort in 1996. Xiong has been inside the Clinton White House before, at least by proxy, through direct payments from the Chinese army to Bill Clinton. In 1996, Xiong sent his second in command, Gen. Ji, to meet with Johnny Chung in the basement of a Hong Kong restaurant. At the same time, Johnny's daughter and a teen-age friend were inside communist China. "We like your president," Ji told Chung before passing a check for $300,000 across the table. "We want him re-elected."…… "

WorldnetDaily 1/26/2000 Charles Smith "…Another of Xiong's field agents, Lt. Col. Liu Chaoying, actually made it inside the Clinton White House. On one such occasion, according to Johnny Chung, Liu bragged of others who funneled Chinese army money into the Clinton-Gore campaign…."

WorldnetDaily 1/26/2000 Charles Smith "…During Xiong's tenure, Chinese armed forces have deployed three new major nuclear missile systems and six new tactical nuclear weapon systems. These weapons are aimed at the United States and our allies in Asia such as South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines. Many of the warhead designs were stolen from the United States by Xiong's agents inside our nuclear weapons labs. Xiong's detailed intelligence operations include a Taiwanese Air Force base. The Chinese army recently completed construction of a duplicate of Taiwan's largest airbase in detail. A French SPOT Satellite image of the duplicate base is published in the book "Red Dragon Rising," by William Triplett and Edward Timperlake. The Chinese army is currently training airborne and special forces units at this duplicate base, which is located in the western desert of China……"

WorldnetDaily 1/26/2000 Charles Smith "…John Huang is alleged to have also worked for Xiong. Huang, according to Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch, never denied he worked for Chinese army intelligence. Instead, Huang took the Fifth -- more than two thousand times. Thanks to Larry Klayman, we now know that John Huang was also privy to detailed information about the U.S. Army Patriot anti-missile system. In 1994, Huang was invited by Raytheon to help sell Patriot missiles to South Korea.

WorldnetDaily 1/26/2000 Charles Smith "…Xiong is also well known inside Beijing party circles for being a "friend of the people." In 1989, Xiong ran the "Er Bu" or Second Department of the Chinese army intelligence. Xiong's secret police identified and targeted student leaders in the massacre at Tiananmen Square. Xiong's agents planted weapons on the bodies of students as his snipers and tank troops surged forward in a killing spree of historic proportions. Xiong earned a promotion with his work at Tiananmen. He is now in charge of all military-to-military operations with America. In 1999, Xiong sent his troops from the Chinese army air force to visit Edwards Air Force Base in California. The visits, according to Clinton administration documents, were part of a civilian air traffic control (ATC) program….."

WorldnetDaily 1/26/2000 Charles Smith "…Xiong's victory at Edwards Air Force Base is but one of many. Xiong has outmaneuvered the U.S. Army intelligence in Panama, the U.S. Navy intelligence at Tarawa and has acquired a brand new satellite spy base in Brazil. The general certainly deserved his promotion to second in command of the Chinese army. His string of victories against America is almost an unbroken record of espionage, money and violence……"


The New York Times 2/10/00 William Safire "…..About that awful word, "truth": At first Gore said the fund-raiser was merely "community outreach"; months later, he amended that to knowing only it was "finance-related." But Gore's 10-year relationship with Hsia was always based on her fund-raising; Harold Ickes sent him a memo that John Huang was organizing the temple event to raise $250,000; and there stood fund-raising Maria in a golden robe when he walked in. Yet he still denies he knew he was raising Asian-generated money in a Buddhist temple. But Gore has never denied it to the Justice Department. That's because no prosecutor, no grand jury, no F.B.I. agent has ever dared to ask the vice president. Janet Reno protected him as Maria Hsia will protect him. Gore has broken no law because -- as we have seen all too often in the Clinton administration -- there is no law against misleading the public. …."


World Net Daily 2/16/00 Charles Smith "….According to official Chinese army statements published by the Chinese news agency Jiefang Ribao, the Internet version of the daily newspaper of the Shanghai Municipal Communist Committee, the new energy weapons are specifically designed to attack American aircraft carriers. "As an aircraft carrier fleet is apt to come under saturation attacks by satellite-guided missiles, its entire combat effectiveness can be paralyzed by paralyzing its electronic equipment, which is its central nervous system," states the Feb. 12 article by Chinese military analyst Ye Jian entitled, "Armchair Strategy: Using a Bomb to Deal With Aircraft Carrier." "If the central nervous system of an aircraft carrier is paralyzed, even a comparatively backward naval vessel or aircraft (like a Jian-6) will be able to aim at the aircraft carrier as a conventional target, thereby thoroughly changing the balance between the strong and the weak," noted the Chinese military analyst. "The strong magnetic field and electromagnetic pulse caused by an explosion can destroy all important integrated circuits and IC chips of the electronic equipment within the demolition scope, thus paralyzing the radar and telecommunication system of the aircraft carrier and vessels around it as well as the ship-mounted missiles and aircraft." The new Chinese "pulse" energy weapons are based on a Russian design that uses explosives to generate huge magnetic shock waves that can destroy delicate electronics. The new weapon system, called an "EMG" or Explosive Magnetocumulative Generator, uses advanced conventional explosives to compress an electrically charged coil. The result is a short but very intense blast of magnetic energy that can short out computers and radar systems. ….."

World Net Daily 2/16/00 Charles Smith "….Ironically, the Clinton administration allowed top U.S. and Russian scientists to engage in a joint energy research program that helped to improve the new energy bombs. In 1996, scientists from the U.S. Los Alamos laboratories and the Russian Arazamas-16 nuclear research facility conducted joint experiments using multicoil EMG systems to simulate the powerful magnetic fields produced by stars. …… Several other new Chinese Electro-Magnetic Pulse warheads are also reported to be in the stages of final development. One such Chinese EMP warhead is said to use a capacitor made with explosive materials as the insulator between the charged plates. The plates are charged with a heavy static electric field just prior to setting off the explosive. When the explosive is detonated, the electric field is disrupted by the violent blast and an EMP wave results. In 1999, Russia introduced a series of similar powerful energy weapons designed to knock out computers, radars and other electronic devices. Russia has already deployed an energy warhead, called the High Powered Microwave system or HPM. ……. "An electromagnetic pulse bomb has a good anti-interception function. It does not have to hit the aircraft carrier but only needs to explode within dozens of kilometers around the aircraft carrier," states the Chinese military article. "The success rate of its saturation attacks is high. It will perform better if mounted on a Moskit ship-to-ship or air-to-ship missile. As long as an electromagnetic pulse bomb can successfully explode, an aircraft carrier will be paralyzed." …."

World Net Daily 2/16/00 Charles Smith "….The White House spin is that there is no threat of war. The Chinese are our friends. Bill Clinton says we have nothing to fear. Al Gore shook hands and sipped wine with the Chinese generals and communist leaders. The White House spin is that China will never attack the powerful American U.S. Navy nor dare to cross the short waters between China and Taiwan….."

Chattanooga Free Press 2/24/00 "….. The Chinese Communists have threatened eventual war against the United States. They have stolen U.S. nuclear and missile secrets. They have sent political campaign money to Democratic coffers. The Clinton administration has wined and dined Chinese Communists at the White House, has offered "most favored nation" trade privileges, and has supported the Reds for membership in the World Trade Organization. Meanwhile, the Communists are threatening to invade the Republic of China on Taiwan -- which the United States has guaranteed against Communist aggression. The Communists now have issued an 11,000-word "white paper" demanding the surrender of Taiwan to Communist rule. It includes this threat: If the free and democratic Republic of China on Taiwan refuses to pursue "the peaceful settlement of cross-Straits reunification through negotiations, then the Chinese (Communist) government will only be forced to adopt all drastic measures possible, including the use of force, to safeguard China's sovereignty and territorial integrity." What that says is "surrender or face war." Free China must do neither. ….."

Washinton Times 1/7/00 Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough "…..We reported in this space several weeks ago how the White House National Security Council staff secretly placed a pro-Beijing operative inside the Pentagon. The appointment of David Shambaugh as a Pentagon consultant was a rear-guard covert political action aimed at eventually replacing Kurt Campbell, the deputy assistant defense secretary for East Asia. Mr. Campbell had planned to return to the private sector this month. After our item appeared, however, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen stepped in and urged Mr. Campbell to stay on as his top China policy-maker. Mr. Shambaugh's consultancy was restricted. …… Now word of Mr. Shambaugh's pro-Beijing credentials is confirmed from an unlikely source. The official Chinese military newspaper, the Liberation Army Daily, reported Nov. 11 that Mr. Shambaugh, an academic who holds a secret-level security clearance, was a tremendous helper for a visiting Chinese colonel who spent several months in Washington. The Chinese colonel, Chen Bojiang, credited Mr. Shambaugh with giving him the names and contact information for a group of U.S. specialists on China's military, including Army Col. John Corbitt, currently Mr. Cohen's desk officer in charge of contacts with the People's Liberation Army. ……. The Chinese article outraged several Pentagon officials, including one who said Mr. Shambaugh's actions came close to assisting Chinese intelligence gathering, since that is exactly how Chinese spies "vacuum clean" U.S. experts for intelligence and information. ….."

Japan Economic Newswire 2/16/00 "…..Kurt Campbell, the architect of the bilateral defense cooperation guidelines between the United States and Japan, will resign from the U.S. Department of Defense in April, administration sources said Wednesday. Campbell, deputy assistant secretary of defense for East Asian and Pacific affairs, will join the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the sources said. He played a key role in an accord reached between the two countries in 1996 to return the land occupied by the U.S. Marine Corps' Futemma base in Okinawa to Japan. Another important U.S. official for Japanese issues, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Rust Deming, will also leave his post after being appointed ambassador to Tunisia earlier this month. Deming acted as deputy chief of the U.S. Embassy in Japan until November 1997….."

2/16/00 C.N.A. "…..A senior US official known in Washington policy circles for his staunch support of Taiwan is set to leave his post in the Pentagon in May. Kurt Campbell, deputy assistant Secretary of Defense for Asia and Pacific affairs, was today appointed senior vice president of the Center for Strategic and International Studies and director of the center's new Program for International Security, effective May 1, 2000. At the Department of Defense, Campbell has served under Secretaries William Perry and William Cohen and has played a key role in efforts to help Taiwan upgrade its defense capabilities. ….."

CNN 3/10/00 Pierre Thomas Terry Frieden "……The Justice Department's chief spokesman has rejected charges published Friday that political favoritism led Attorney General Janet Reno to decline to appoint a special prosecutor to look into Democratic fund-raising efforts during the 1996 campaign. Spokesman Myron Marlin said Reno had "received differing points of view, and based her decision on the facts and the law, without regard to politics." The White House said the allegations in the so-called LaBella report are not new, and that the administration "responded very openly several years ago when these first came [out]," said Joe Lockhart, President Bill Clinton's spokesman. The report is named after Charles LaBella, former chief Campaign Finance Task Force prosecutor. "The only thing I'll say is that the attorney general made her decision based on the facts, the evidence and the law," Lockhart added.......... A December 1997 internal memo by another former task force prosecutor, Steve Clark of San Diego, said that his attempts to look into charges of corruption by Republicans and Democrats was fended off by "behind-the-scenes maneuvering, personal animosity, distortions of fact and contortions of law." "The campaign finance allegations ... present the earmarks of a loose enterprise employing different actors at different levels who share a common goal: Bring in the money," said the LaBella report. The report said Clinton knew, or should have known, that some of his fundraisers were bringing in money from sources outside the United States. Evidence suggested "a conscious avoidance of the truth..." the report said. Task force documents also questioned Gore's "failure of recollection" in his story. Gore "may have provided false testimony," the report said….."

Wall Street Journal 2/29/00 George Melloan "….. China's age-old technique of putting foreign visitors off-balance through subtle affronts is alive and well, it seems……. These thoughts arise from a series of events that began on Feb. 17 when a high-level U.S. delegation arrived in Beijing to resume "military-to-military" talks with the Chinese. It was headed by Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott, Madeleine Albright's No. 2. Gen. Joseph B. Ralston, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was the ranking military man. In what we must assume was a deliberate snub, the Chinese top brass sent out a lower-ranking officer to parley with the American four-star. And instead of parleying, the Chinese side mainly lectured the visitors on the evils of U.S. support for Taiwan. To add insult to logorrhea, the Chinese gave no indication to the Americans that they were about to explode a diplomatic bombshell. Three days later, Beijing made international news by issuing a 11,000-word "white paper" setting out a new hard-line policy toward Taiwan. Its main point: China will use force, if necessary, to persuade the Taiwanese to begin serious talks leading to reunification. Or more bluntly: Submit to our demands, Taipei, or we shoot. ……That's hardly a friendly way to treat an administration that has gone out of its way to be nice to Beijing. Bill Clinton had capitulated to China's "three noes" policy -- proscribing any form of recognition of Taiwan as a state -- when he visited China in 1998. In November, his trade reps reached a bilateral agreement to clear the way for Chinese entry into the World Trade Organization. And his administration has been working overtime to try to block congressional passage of the Taiwan Security Enhancement Act, which would give Taiwan better means to defend itself against just the kind of attack China now is threatening….. True to form, Mr. Clinton seemed to be apologizing for the Chinese last week after they issued their Taiwan ukase……"

Washington Times 3/3/00 "……At noon Friday, Sen. Fred Thompson, Tennessee Republican, will scare the daylights out of a Heritage Foundation crowd by disclosing the security threats posed by China's weapons of mass destruction and the means it has to deliver them. But leave it to a Democrat, Rep. James A. Traficant Jr., of Ohio, to tell it like it is. "China sells nuclear weapons to our enemies. China threatened to nuke Taiwan. Once, China even threatened the city of Los Angeles," he says. "If the White House succeeds in getting China admitted to the World Trade Organization, I say the White House needs a lobotomy performed by a proctologist." ……"

The New Australian 3/5/00 James Henry "…..Now that Hillary the Hun is running for New York it's once again time to reflect on the co-presidency that has done so much to humiliate and degrade the Republic. Let us recall what the mainstream media has tried to swill down its Orwellian memory hole and that is the Clintons insistence (Zipper never does anything political without Madam Guillotine's approval) on the transfer of sensitive technology to China . This technology greatly improved the accuracy of Beijing's ICBMs that are now targeting American cities, including New York City. Being the outrageous liar that he is, Clinton denied that our cities had been targeted despite conclusive proof to the contrary by the CIA. Whose cities did the Clintons think Beijing was going to target?…….Some might think that I'm drawing a long bow on this. Now way. When Johnny Chung didn't get what he wanted on PRC visitors to the White House, meetings Bill and Al, etc., who did he go to? You guessed it, Hillary. And did she give him what he wanted? You bet she did. Now why would she do that? For fear of appearing churlish there is also Hillary's long-standing ties with Charlie Trie that go right back to Littlerock. That Charlie was a money-peddling Chinese agent was just bad luck for her, wasn't it? And who had Johnny Huang, another Chinese agent, appointed to the Commerce Department? Right again. It was Hillary. Boy, this dame sure can pick 'em......."

Petingills Conservative Corner 3/4/00 Gretchen Glass Presidential Treason 101 "….Creating Conditions for Presidential Treason Connecting the Dots . . . What would a President have to do to create an "enabling environment" for the accomplishment of a mission he had in mind...

I. Review current mission statements of intelligence organizations to assure direct presidential control.

A. Agencies whose mission statements give total control to the President.

1) Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

2) National Security Agency (NSA)

B. Agencies or entities whose mission statements could cause problems for the President's future plans; they have to be modified or changed, and/or key appointees must be placed in high level positions to increase presidential control.

1) The Department of Justice (DOJ), the FBI which reports directly to the DOJ, and the Intelligence Oversight Board (IOB) which reports to the DOJ and the President.

a) Appoint a new director of the FBI - 9/1/93.

b) Position a key figure in the DOJ

c) Issue Executive Order #12863 - 9/17/93 which revoked EO #12537 - 10/28/85 that established the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB) and EO #12334 - 12/4/81 which established the Intelligence Oversight Board (IOB). Clinton's new EO establishes the IOB as a committee of the PFIAB and states that the IOB "shall consider and take appropriate action with respect to matters identified by the Director of Central Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency or other agencies of the Intelligence Community." It is at the discretion of the IOB to report, or not report, to the Attorney General activities that the IOB believes may be unlawful or contrary to Executive order or Presidential directive.

d) Position a key figure as Chairman of the IOB who now has the discretionary authority over intelligence information brought before the PFIAB.

2) National Security Council (NSC).

a) Position a key figure as the National Security Advisor.

Petingills Conservative Corner 3/4/00 Gretchen Glass Presidential Treason 101 "….Creating Conditions for Presidential Treason Connecting the Dots . . . What would a President have to do to create an "enabling environment" for the accomplishment of a mission he had in mind...

II. Select the key figures for future placement in critical positions supporting the mission.

A. National Security Advisor: Samuel R. Berger, a paid lobbyist for the Chinese while he was a partner in the international law firm of Hogan and Hartson where he headed the firm's international trade group. Mr. Berger is still listed as an attorney with Hogan and Hartson, therefore, as a partner, he is still receiving benefits, directly or indirectly, from dealings with China and Russia.

B. Chairman of the IOB: Anthony S. Harrington, is a senior partner of the international law firm of Hogan and Hartson (with Berger) and, as a senior partner, receives benefits, either directly or indirectly, from dealings with China and Russia. Mr. Harrington is still listed as an attorney with Hogan and Hartson.

C. Chairman of the PFIAB: Warren B. Rudman, is a partner in the international law firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison with offices in Communist China and who, as a partner, receives benefits, either directly or indirectly, from dealings with Communist China.

D. Department of Justice with jurisdiction over the FBI

1) Appoint Assistant Attorney General Webster Hubbell whose strong ties to the Chinese Communists and John Huang (formerly of the Commerce Department) and his other criminal activity are well documented.

2) Inspector General of the DOJ: Michael R. Bromwich who is/was a partner in the Washington D.C. office of Mayer, Brown & Platt. The firm has offices in Moscow and Beijing, with emphasis on Communist China. If he is still a partner, on leave of absence or not, he is benefiting from the firm's dealings with China and Russia.

Petingills Conservative Corner 3/4/00 Gretchen Glass Presidential Treason 101 "….Creating Conditions for Presidential Treason Connecting the Dots . . . What would a President have to do to create an "enabling environment" for the accomplishment of a mission he had in mind...

III. Further revamp Executive Branch to create an "enabling environment" for easy transfer of sensitive technology - legal or covert.

A. Issue Executive Order #12938 - 11/14/94 Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, where Sec.3.

reads: "Department of Commerce Controls. (a) The Secretary of Commerce shall prohibit the export of goods, technology, or services subject to the Secretary's export jurisdiction that the Secretary of Commerce

determines, in consultation with the Secretary of State."

B. Load the Commerce Department with loyal 'appointees'. 1) The Washington Post 1/23/97: "revived allegations that the department is a dumping ground for political appointees."

2) The Washington Post 1/24/97: "Federal personnel data suggests that the Commerce Department may have been overstocked with political appointees".

3) The Washington Post 2/11/98: The Commerce Department's policy, under the Clinton Administration, has been to issue "automatic security clearances for political appointees".

C. Appoint Ron Brown as Secretary of Commerce - the 'late' Ron Brown - whose China 'trips' and legal problems are well documented.

D. Appoint John Huang as an official at the Commerce Department, whose activities are well documented. He was a DNC fundraiser with strong ties to China, Clinton and Web Hubbell and was a key figure in the illegal Chinese campaign contributions with open access to the President and the White House. He operated with an illegal security clearance to enable him access to highly classified information.

E. Appoint William J. Perry (no bio available) as Deputy of Defense Secretary and then as Defense Secretary. To quote the New York Times 10/19/98: "The Pentagon was traditionally the strongest voice against technology exports, and Clinton made several appointments calculated to change the culture. William J. Perry, an executive at a Silicon Valley company was vocally opposed to the existing system of export controls".

F. Appoint John M. Deutch (no bio available) to a senior post at the Pentagon and then to Director of Central Intelligence. According to the New York Times 10/19/98: Mr. Deutch was "a professor with similar views (to those of Perry)".

G. Relax existing export rules to enable Communist China to obtain a wide range of sophisticated technology - including high-speed computers and satellite guidance systems.

According to the New York Times 10/19/98: "In 1995, Central Intelligence Agency analysts wrote a report warning of the military implications of technology transfers to China." "Senior officials acknowledge that President Clinton decided to change the rules without a rigorous review by intelligence officials or other national security experts."

H. Overturn Secretary of State Warren Christoper's classified order of 10/9/95. (As the New York Times 5/17/98 put it: "President Clinton took the unusual step of reversing Christopher's decision." The order was overturned March 1996.)

1) The New York Times 5/17/98: Christopher's order had preserved "the State Department's sharp limits on China's ability to launch American-made satellites aboard Chinese rockets."

2) The New York Times 5/17/98: Christopher had signed this order, on the advice of "the Defense Department, the intelligence agencies and some of his own advisers, who noted that embedded in commercial satellites were technological secrets that could jeopardize 'significant military and intelligence interests.'"

3) The New York Times 5/17/98: After Clinton overturned Christopher's order, "Control of export licensing for communications satellites was shifted to Commerce Department, then run by Ronald Brown."

4) New York Times 10/18/98: Clinton's action opened "the way to billions of dollars of satellite sales to Chinese companies. Clinton decided to fulfill his pledge to the Silicon Valley executives and relax the restrictions." "The new rules took effect in early 1996."

5) New York Times 10/18/98: "Soon after, Chinese companies bought 77 of the supercomputers which can be used to scramble secret communications or design powerful nuclear weapons."

I. Appoint Strobe Talbott, Deputy Secretary of State. Mr. Talbott was at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar at the same time Clinton was there dodging the draft, demonstrating against America, visiting Russia, etc.

J. Appoint William S. Daley Secretary of Commerce, Clinton's 1992 Illinois Campaign Manager, who appears to have been involved in questionable activities in the Chicago area involving fraud, the IRS and the FBI ( The lawsuit against Daley and his firm Daley and George, which dragged on for 5 years, (1992-1997) was dropped by the 'prosecutor' exactly one month after Daley was sworn in as Secretary of Commerce on 1/31/97. Also, he may have misrepresented himself in his Senate confirmation hearings. Mr. Daley is/was a partner in the international law firm of Mayer, Brown & Platt where he was "concentrating in the area of corporate and government relations matters" (paid lobbyist?). The firm has offices in Moscow and Beijing, with emphasis on Communist China. If he is still a partner, on leave of absence or not, he is benefiting from the firm's dealings with China and Russia. K. Appoint Bill Richardson, Secretary of Energy, from New Mexico - home of the Los Alamos Lab. Mr. Richardson stated on the Chris Mathews' program that China was not a Communist country, that China is our friend, that China could be trusted to control a port in Southern California and that China could be trusted with its presence in Panama where it could control both ends of the canal….."

New York Times 11/23/98 James Risen "…..When the Central Intelligence Agency uncovered what its analysts considered to be conclusive evidence of the personal corruption of Prime Minister Viktor S. Chernomyrdin of Russia in 1995, they sent it to the White House, expecting Clinton Administration officials to be impressed with their work. Instead, when the secret C.I.A. report on Mr. Chernomyrdin arrived in the office of Vice President Al Gore, it was rejected and sent back to the C.I.A. with a barnyard epithet scrawled across its cover, according to several intelligence officials familiar with the incident. At C.I.A. headquarters in Langley, Va., the message seemed clear: The Vice President did not want to hear allegations that Mr. Chernomyrdin was corrupt and was not interested in further intelligence reports on the matter. As a result, C.I.A. analysts say they are now censoring themselves......."

New York Times 11/23/98 James Risen "…..When, for instance, the agency found that it cost a German business executive $1 million just to get a meeting with Mr. Chernomyrdin to discuss deals in Russia, it decided not to circulate the report outside the C.I.A., officials said. Mr. Gore, who held regular talks with Mr. Chernomyrdin that became an important channel for relations with Russia, declined to comment on the handling of the report. ''I never discuss top-secret documents,'' Mr. Gore said in an interview…… ''The real attitude around here about intelligence is, can't do business without it,'' the aide said. But that was not the lesson learned at the C.I.A. The incident has fostered a perception in the agency's ranks that the Administration is dismissive of ''inconvenient'' intelligence about corruption among the Russian leaders with whom White House and State Department officials have developed close personal relationships......."

New York Times 11/23/98 James Risen "…..''What does the C.I.A. want us to do, not deal with the Prime Minister of Russia?'' a senior Administration official said. This disagreement between the C.I.A. and the White House has flared during Russia's economic crisis, and C.I.A. officials argue that the White House should be more interested in unvarnished information about corruption in Moscow, especially as the United States and other nations were trying to determine whether Russia deserved billions' more in Western aid money. ….." The "Panofsky" Critique and the Cox Committee Report: 50 Factual Errors in the Four Essays By Nicholas Rostow Staff Director U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence…………The Report of the Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China (the "Select Committee") is valuable, and-importantly for this purpose-factually accurate. Since it is mainly based on classified information, "critiques" of the sort issued by Messrs. Johnston, Panofsky, Di Capua, and Franklin do a disservice by implying the Select Committee Report lacks foundation…….

……. The publisher of the essays, Stanford's Center for International Security and Cooperation, is the direct successor of the Center for International Security and Arms Control, an organization whose conclusions on Soviet intentions and compliance with arms control treaties were notoriously wrong. In 1986, the Center published a 437-page report detailing the Soviet Union's "good" record of compliance with arms control treaties and contradicting conclusions reached by the U.S. government after long and detailed review of the evidence. The signers included W.K.H. Panofsky. The findings of this report were repudiated in 1989, when then-Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze admitted that the Soviet Union had in fact violated the ABM treaty.

……..The principal criticism in the four essays written by Messrs. Johnston, Panofsky, Di Capua, and Franklin is that portions of the Select Committee Report lack detailed substantiation. The authors of the critique then draw various inferences from this "fact." This criticism is one that the Select Committee anticipated when it cautioned readers about the proper use of the declassified report. The important findings of the Select Committee are almost all based on classified information. In the official report, which remains Top Secret, nearly every sentence is footnoted. All of the classified sources were kept secret by the government in order to protect intelligence sources and methods and other national security interests.

……..The Select Committee also cautioned that its classified Final Report is the definitive product of the Committee. The authors of the four essays acknowledged this deficiency in their critique when they stated: "We realize that not all of the report was declassified and thus some of the factual justification for the report's conclusions may be classified." The authors also acknowledge that much of their own work represents the personal conclusions and opinions of the authors and that those opinions may be right or wrong. In many cases, the opinions are based on incorrect factual assumptions. The critiques therefore would better be viewed as an attempt to foster debate and to reiterate the authors' views on U.S. relations with the People's Republic of China…….. The following are examples of factual errors disclosed in a cursory review of the four essays. A Sampling of Mistakes: 50 Factual Errors ………

……. The four essays fail to reveal any substantial errors in the Select Committee Report and, in fact, are replete with their own errors and mistakes. These errors are less explicable given the six months the authors had to review the Select Committee Report with a fine-tooth comb and an unlimited amount of time to check their own work. ..." 3/14/00 David Horowitz "…… In seven years of Clinton-Gore rule, therefore, the United States has gone from being an invulnerable superpower to a nation that no longer has a shield against Chinese nuclear missile attacks. This is a direct consequence of (1) the violation of U.S. security laws by Clinton-Gore campaign funders like the Loral Corporation, which provided key restricted satellite and missile technologies to China; (2) the removal of security controls and the lax attitude towards security by Clinton-Gore cabinet members like Hazel O'Leary; and (3) the Clinton-Gore team's systematic removal of security controls on commercial transfers, particularly for supercomputers, essential for the Chinese to develop their nuclear and missile technologies. Were these policy changes the price Clinton-Gore paid for the illegal monies they received? We can't say this with certainty, since the Clinton-Gore machine and its surrogates have successfully obstructed every effort to investigate these matters by the Justice Department and by congressional committees……"

World Net Daily 3/21/00 Julie Foster "…..Chung attended a business leadership forum hosted by the Democratic National Committee in 1995 at the Hay-Adams Hotel, located just across the street from the White House. After the lunch meeting concluded, the two dozen businessmen in attendance were led to the White House where they met with the vice president. According to Chung, whose column includes photos of himself and Gore at the meeting, Gore emphasized the importance of "major American businessmen [raising] money for political ads." "Now if that isn't solicitation of campaign funds, I don't know what is," Chung writes. Attended by high-ranking DNC fund-raisers and White House staff, the meeting also included Clinton-Gore fund-raiser Charlie Trie, who is seen in one of Chung's photos. ……… Chung also reveals additional information regarding Gore's Buddhist Temple fund-raising scandal. Seeking to clarify whether or not participants in the so-called "community outreach" event knew they were attending a fund-raiser, Chung recently interviewed fellow members of the Chinese-American community living in the southern California neighborhood of the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple. His conclusion: Attendees were very well aware the event was to raise money for the Democrat Party. ......"

The New Australian 3/20-25/00 Peter Zhang "……What has been established beyond a doubt is that Beijing would not be able to successfully play the nationalist card without Clinton's treason. It was he who authorised the sale of hi-tech equipment to China (read PLA) in order to pay off his corporate supporters while still getting PLA money for his election campaign. And those executives who preferred the colour green to red, white and blue hope to be well out of the line of fire. Their treason has allowed the PLA to accurately target US cities and so occasionally play the bully boy. If they had been Chinese they would have been publicly executed. I must admit, though, that even in the absence of Clinton's treason Beijing would still have played its nationalist card, though in a very subdued way if it were faced with an American president with steel in his spine instead of jelly. ……. But will a deteriorating economy drive the regime to war with Taiwan. The word is no. Invading Taiwan would inflict horrific losses on the PLA. It knows that Taiwan has highly trained patriotic army of 400,000, equipped with the latest gear, backed by cutting-edge technology and supported by a colossal reserve of trained personnel. Taking on this force is not just daunting for the PLA, it could be political suicide……" 4/3/00 Stephan Archer "…….PetroChina, the Chinese state owned oil giant which is set to be publicly offered on the New York Stock Exchange this week, may run aground as an array of organizations have sought to scuttle the deal. Wall Street's Goldman Sachs is the lead underwriter for the PetroChina deal, one that was originally heralded as the largest offering ever on the New York Stock Exchange and one that would open the door for dozens of Chinese state owned firms to tap into U.S. and Western capital markets……" 4/17/00 Charles Morse "…… Economist Harry Dexter White was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the FDR Administration during WW II, and a founder of the IMF, the World Bank, and the WTO. His career is a study in treason on an immense scale. According to congressional testimony, in particular that of former Communist underground agents Whittaker Chambers and Elizabeth Bentley, White, while at Treasury, provided the infamous Silvermaster spy ring with classified documents to be advanced to the Soviet Union. The recently declassified Venona codes confirm this testimony and identify White by his code name "Richard". What separates White from the pack of spies which honeycombed the Roosevelt Administration, is the position of power he achieved and the resulting level of damage his policies and acts did to our nation and the free world………According to a report filed in 1953 by Sen. Karl E. Mundt to the Committee on Government Operations, White conspired with his handpicked Treasury assistants in the transfer of plates, paper and ink to be used in the printing of occupation currency for Germany to the Soviet Union. This treacherous act assisted the Soviets in firming up their occupation of Eastern Europe and Germany……"

Townhall 5/9/00 Don Feder "……The Clinton administration, which has perfected the art of Orwellian newspeak -- a la Elian, home invasion is "the rule of law" -- can never exceed last week's performance on granting China what's now called permanent normal trade relations (PNTR). The president and his national security stooge declared that building the arsenal of our most likely adversary in the coming century is vital to our national security……… When I first saw the quote, I assumed it was from the president's comedy video. But, no, Bill Clinton was serious when he said that "from a national security point of view, it would be a very unwise and precarious move" not to end the annual review of China's trade status…….National Security Advisor Sandy Berger said rejecting PNTR would start a "downward spiral" in our relations with Beijing, which could lead to another Cold War……"

Insight 4/26/00 J. Michael Waller "……Communist China is using the weight and strength of U.S. business - including some of the nation's largest defense contractors - to promote its military and security goals. It used to be that in the China debate the giants of the U.S. business community argued strongly to separate national-security issues from trade. Now big business is doing what it always argued against by opposing national-security legislation at Beijing's behest. In an elegant act of political jujitsu, Communist China now is using the weight and strength of U.S. business - including some of the nation's largest defense contractors - to promote its own military and security goals. ……… The shift, under way for years, has emerged during the last few months as big business and related interest groups weighed in against legislation designed to cement the long-standing U.S. security relationship with the Republic of China on Taiwan. Last October, when the House International Relations Committee voted a lopsided 32-6 for the Taiwan Security Enhancement Act, or TSEA, the business lobbies that had focused almost purely on Red China trade issues sprang into action. They pressed the House Republican leadership to pull the bill lest it be called for a full vote of the House and to postpone consideration until later. The GOP leadership caved. "The American business community has crossed a Rubicon in pursuit of its deepening relationship with the Chinese government," wrote liberal Los Angeles Times columnist and respected China watcher Jim Mann. "For the first time, American corporations have waged an intensive Washington lobbying campaign in seeming support of China on an issue that has no direct connection to trade, investment or other economic matters in which the U.S. business community has an obvious interest. The effort has succeeded for now, but its troubling ramifications may haunt the business community for years to come." ……"

WorldNetDaily 6/15/00 Paul Sperry "….." "To have this happen after all that we have done to improve security," lamented Los Alamos director John Browne. Boy, I feel safe. All that you've done? Like what? Los Alamos contractors tell me that Energy still hasn't replaced controls on foreign visitors. In 1998 alone, the labs hosted more than 1,100 foreign visitors from Russia and 918 from China, the only country with long-range nuclear-tipped missiles pointed at U.S. cities (13 under target, to be exact). ......Who rolled out the Red carpet? Browne. That's right, as I first reported in a June 28, 1999, Investor's Business Daily editorial, Browne refuses to turn away such visitors, even though he acknowledges they "represent a challenge in protecting classified and sensitive information." "At first glance, the exclusion of foreign nationals may look like an attractively simple solution," he reasoned in a May 18, 1999, internal lab paper. "But it would not solve the broader security problems that the world faces." ......

Regnery Publishing Inc 1998 Year of the Rat Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett 11 "……This began as a national security book. We initially had no idea of just how far President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore had gone to secure their election and then to stay in office. In the course of our research we came to realize just how severe these problems were,just how many faustian bargains Clinton and Gore had made to stay in power. ………. Two photographs in particular-both of which appear in this book's photo section-speak volumes about the deals this White House has cut. The first shows President Clinton and the first lady with macau criminal syndicate figure Ng Lapseng. The seal of the DNC hangs like a full moon in the background. The second photo was taken at the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple and shows Vice President Gore with Ted Sioeng. These photographs represent close to two million dollars in illegal donations to Bill Clinton and Al Gore. It is important when viewing these photographs represent to recall that Ng and Sioeng are in the business of exploiting Asian women for prostitution, and at least some of the two million dollars must be considered proceeds from those businesses. …..When we began work on this book, of course, we were not aware of just how deep the corruption ran. Only when we went to Macau disguised as ordinary tourists did the depths of this depravity become apparent.

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 6/13/00 Jerry Seper "……FBI Director Louis J. Freeh was reluctant to give up information to the White House during national security briefings involving suspected illegal 1996 campaign donations by the Chinese government, fearful it might compromise an FBI investigation…….. According to a Nov. 24, 1997, memo, Mr. Freeh told Attorney General Janet Reno that the FBI and the Justice Department had "conflicting duties" in keeping President Clinton informed on national security matters and, at the same time, keeping from the White House "certain national security information" on the FBI's campaign finance probe…….. "Although the appointment of an independent counsel certainly would not eliminate the difficulty in deciding which matters should be brought to the attention of the president, it would lessen the perception problem," he said……."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 6/13/00 Jerry Seper "……The FBI inquiry focused, in part, on efforts by the People's Republic of China "to gain foreign policy influence by illegally contributing foreign money to U.S. political campaigns and to the [Democratic National Committee] through domestic conduits." The memo said the FBI found "substantial evidence" that huge sums of money was routed to the DNC by foreign sources "as a result of the massive fund-raising effort coordinated by the DNC and the White House." The Federal Election Campaign Act prohibits any person from soliciting, accepting or receiving from a foreign person any "contribution of money or other thing of value . . . in connection with an election to any political office."….. "If the FBI couldn't share national security information with the White House, then something was obviously wrong," said Mark Corallo, spokesman for the House committee. "This is yet another glaring factor that should have compelled the attorney general to appoint an independent counsel."….." 6/7/00 "…..American forces in Japan have been put on the alert for a test-firing of a long range ICBM able to hit the United States. A defecting Chinese scientist revealed that China built the missile with U.S. help and Clinton administration approval. According to a report in the Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun yesterday, Japanese defense sources say U.S. forces, suspecting that mainland China is getting ready to launch a Dongfeng-31 ICBM in a test firing, have gone on full alert, hoping to monitor the missile's launch and progress. The missile has a range of about 5,000 miles and is capable of hitting targets in the United States. …… The U.S. Air force haS deployed reconnaissance aircraft at the Kadena air base in Okinawa Prefecture since mid-May, the Japanese sources told the newspaper. The RC-135S planes can detect the launch of a ballistic missile and track it during its flight. And the U.S. Navy sent a surveillance vessel, the Observation Island, to the Yellow Sea to be ready for the launch, expected to take place at a military base in Shanxi province and aimed at a desert area in Xinjiang, in the northwest. The Dongfeng-31, also known to intelligence agencies as the DF-31, is a product of the Clinton administration's policy of allowing U.S. companies to ship vital technology and equipment to China. …… The result, according to Kenneth Timmerman, was the enabling of the Chinese military to build the DF-31, something they could not have done without U.S. help. ……Writing in the current National Weekly Edition of the Washington Times, Timmerman reveals that a Chinese defector says that the Chinese "... acquired most of the specialized military equipment and technology they needed for the DF-31 in the United States with the help and approval from the Clinton administration." ….."

WorldNetDaily 6/27/00 Paul Sperry "……Vice President Al Gore acts as if he barely knows convicted fund-raiser Maria Hsia. He can't recall sitting next to her at a Buddhist Temple fund-raiser. He says he was blind to her illegal fund-raising scheme. He doesn't even recall talking to her. …….At least that's what he told the Justice Department's campaign-finance task force in April. …..But Gore's ties to Hsia run deep. ……No fly-by-night fund-raiser, Hsia coordinated campaign events for Gore for eight years. More than that, she was a "great friend," as he once told her. Investigators have discovered that Gore even sought her help in writing his 1992 book, "Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit." ……. Hsia also advised Gore on immigration and environmental policy when he was a U.S. senator. In 1989, the suspected Beijing agent escorted him on a trip to Asia. ……. "The materials you got for Al's book on the environment were perfect. Thanks so much for taking the time to do it," Peter Knight wrote to Hsia in a March 6, 1991, letter. "He would have been lost without your efforts, because the chapter on religion and the environment is integral to his work." …….That would be chapter 13: "Environmentalism of the Spirit." Hsia's contribution, showing an alleged link between Christianity and Buddhism, appears on page 261. …………."

WorldNetDaily 6/27/00 Paul Sperry "……In March, Hsia was convicted of charges related to the laundering of more than $100,000 in illegal temple money for the '96 Clinton-Gore reelection effort. She awaits sentencing. …..In an April 18 interview with task-force prosecutors, Gore, under oath, claimed he couldn't remember sitting with Hsia at the temple fund-raiser that she organized and he hosted.
Q: Do you recall being seated at her table?
A: No, I don't. ……
Just six weeks before the April 29, 1996, temple fund-raiser in Los Angeles, Gore met with Hsia and the temple's master, Hsing Yun, in the White House. (Gore and Hsia, who stayed at the Hay-Adams Hotel, also spoke by phone the morning of the meeting.) ……. A week later, on March 23, Hsia followed up with a letter to Gore. She informed him she was "organizing a fund-raising lunch event, with your anticipated presence, on behalf of the local Chinese community. ... The event is tentatively scheduled for April 29." ……."


WorldNetDaily 7/14/00 Kenneth R. Timmerman and Charles Smith "…….House Speaker Dennis Hastert has named a lobbyist for Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing as his top national security and foreign policy adviser, a move that has made some top House Republicans angry and left others bewildered. A low-key lawmaker known for avoiding controversy, Hastert's appointment of Washington, D.C., lobbyist Nancy P. Dorn seemed out of character. "I can't believe he knew of this person's background," Maryland Republican Roscoe Bartlett told Bartlett is a leading member of the House National Security Committee. ……."

WorldNetDaily 7/14/00 Kenneth R. Timmerman and Charles Smith "…….Dorn, 41, briefly served in the Reagan administration, and won a Schedule C. political appointment under President George Bush as Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works), a position she held from 1991-1993. After leaving the administration, she worked as a lobbyist for Coastal Corporation, the Houston oil firm owned by the flamboyant and often controversial Oscar Wyatt. …….."Here is a person who will be the Speaker's representative to the Intelligence Committee," one irate Republican staffer told WND. "She will have access to operational matters, and can in effect task the intelligence community to do anything. And until yesterday, she has been Li Ka-shing's person in Washington." ……."

Insight Magazine 7/28/00 J Michael Waller "……A Harvard University professor who brings Chinese military spies to the U.S. under a grant from a Hong Kong billionaire tried to rewrite the foreign-policy and national-security planks of the Republican Party platform in Philadelphia and delete references offensive to Beijing. Development of the defense and diplomacy planks is described as a secretive process that has attempted to exclude experts concerned about China's military intentions. The professor, Robert Blackwill, is director of a Harvard program created by former Clinton Pentagon official Joseph Nye that brings Chinese People's Liberation Army officers - including military-intelligence officers and two colonels who participated in the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre - to the United States on "study" tours. He is in charge of defense and policy issues for the GOP platform. Insight reported last October that the Chinese military, known as the PLA, has been looking for GOP operatives as channels into a future Republican administration. ….."

SF Chronicle 7/17/00 Craig Smith "……Janet Reno is not the only one worried about Bill Gates' software monopoly: China's leaders are, too. They are concerned that the country is growing overly dependent on Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating system, which controls microcomputers running everything from banks to President Jiang Zemin's e-mail box. But the Chinese government, itself a master at monopoly, is taking its case against Microsoft not to the courtroom, but to the marketplace, albeit with a bit of administrative fiat. It is backing the Linux operating system, which was created by a Finnish university student in 1991 and is distributed free to anyone who wants it. ……. ``We don't want one company to monopolize the software market,'' said Chen Chong, a deputy minister of information industries who oversees the computer industry in China. With Linux, ``we can control the security,'' he added, so ``we can control our own destiny.'' ……"

Newsweek 8/17/00 Michael Isikoff Mark Hosenball ".....AFTER BEING ASKED about the relationship by reporters, the Democratic National Committee on Wednesday afternoon terminated its relationship with the company, The Share Group of Somerville, Mass. The DNC took the action after determining that the convicted businessman still maintains a role in the company's operation....... Until today, The Share Group, a telemarketing company, played a key role in raising campaign funds for the Democrats, despite the September, 1997, guilty plea of its former chief executive, Michael Ansara, to federal charges of participating in an illegal scheme to divert Teamster union funds to the re-election campaign of its former president, Ron Carey. As part of his guilty plea with the Justice Department, Ansara agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors in their ongoing investigation into the Teamster matter and has not yet been sentenced. Top labor union officials-including AFL-CIO Treasurer Richard Trumka-have been under scrutiny in connection with the probe. ......, Before pleading guilty to the conspiracy charge, Ansara transferred his 59 percent controlling interest in The Share Group to his wife, Barbara Arnold, according to court records. He also stepped down as CEO. Ansara remains a contract employee of the firm and retains offices there, a company official confirmed. ...... Campaign finance records reviewed by Newsweek show that since last year, the Gore 2000 Presidential campaign paid The Share Group at least $154,000 in campaign funds for "telemarketing services." Records show that in l999 and 2000, the Democratic National Committee also paid the company at least $512,000 in what were described in "consulting fees" and "legal consulting fees" and that as of June 30 of this year, the DNC still owed the company another $257,000. Dennis McCarthy, president of The Share Group, told Newsweek that two other Democratic Party groups, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, also paid The Share Group a total of at least $425,000 during the current campaign........"

WORLD NET DAILY 9/14/00 Charles Smith "…..While newly released documents show that the U.S. Defense Department has resumed military-to-military exchanges with the Chinese army, congressional sources are concerned that the new Pentagon program with Beijing is far more than a simple exchange. "They are providing China with all the information they need to fight a war with Taiwan and win," said Al Santoli, national security adviser to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., who reviewed the documents. ….. "The White House is using these exchanges as an excuse to shut down our intelligence operations," stated another national security source. "The administration has virtually turned off all U.S. military intelligence in China and is now totally reliant on the PRC military-to-military contacts for any information. Our military attaches in Beijing are openly complaining that they have been shut out." ……… "United States Joint Forces Command Joint Warfighting Center welcomes members of the Chinese Academy of Military Science," states the unclassified military training document. (View 4 out of 16 briefing slides.) …….. Obtained from the U.S. Joint Forces Command center, the documents state that Chinese military officers were given information "based upon a Warfighting scenario" that "focused on C3 & Systems Interoperability." ……. The Chinese army officers were also briefed on U.S. military "Joint Exercise Focus" plans, including "threat order of battle & weapons relevant to theater" using "actual terrain" stored in "digitized data." ……."

WORLD NET DAILY 9/14/00 Charles Smith "…..The Clinton -Gore administration previously has been accused of abusing the military-to-military contacts with China. In May 1999, the White House allowed the Chinese army air force to tour Edwards Air Force Base in California. The Pentagon and White House maintained that the visiting Chinese were civilians and part of an air-traffic control program. However, according to documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, Chinese air force officers attended classes given by the U.S. Air Force on "combat readiness" -- including a simulated F-16 training mission with "bombing and strafing." ……… Many of the training sessions also included Chinese army air force officers traveling under civilian names, listing themselves on official documents as "Mr." At one point, an anonymous Federal Aviation Administration official marked "Deputy Chief of General Staff, PLA" next to a "Mr. Kui Fulin," and "Lt. General, PLAF" next to "Mr. Li Yongtai" on the "China Air Traffic Control Survey Delegation" list. ……… The 1999 training operations with the Chinese air force brought a stiff reaction from Capitol Hill. A November 1999 letter from Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., and Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., to Defense Secretary William Cohen expressed the growing concern that the U.S. was training the Chinese army. "After reviewing the briefing papers distributed to the Chinese delegation," noted the joint letter, "we are concerned that under the guise of 'air traffic control,' the U.S. military gave instructions on how our military fighter commands utilize civilian air traffic control for tasks such as 'low level bombing, in-flight refueling' and the coordination of AWACS in combat refueling operations." "It appears that these briefings not only advised the Chinese military on how we conduct fighter-bomber operations in military operations areas, but this will enable them to better develop defenses against our Air Force and Navy aviation operations," noted the congressmen's letter to Cohen……"

The Washington Times 9/6/00 Bill Gertz "…..Senior Chinese military officials were shown sensitive data on how the U.S. military trains its forces for joint war fighting and other operations, according to documents obtained by The Washington Times. ……. The documents are raising questions among critics in the Clinton administration and in Congress about whether the Pentagon is skirting a law passed last year limiting contacts with the Chinese military on sensitive topics, including joint war fighting. Briefing slides outlining the sensitive data were presented during an hourlong presentation to a delegation of Chinese military officials from the Academy of Military Science at a training center that is part of the U.S. Joint Forces Command in southern Virginia. The sensitive, unclassified information was explained by Army Maj. Gen. William S. Wallace, the head of the Joint Warfighting Center and director of the command's joint training on Aug. 24……… The briefing outlined the structure of the command and its approach and activities in support of joint military training - how to integrate various military services and components into a single fighting force. According to the documents, the dual requirements for joint training are to "preserve and advance joint operational and warfighting skills with [Unified Endeavor] exercises," and to support commanders in conducting joint training…….. Several defense officials said privately that the joint war-fighting briefing appears to circumvent congressionally mandated limitations on military exchanges with the Chinese military…….."

Washington Times 9/11/00 Edward T. Timperlake / William C. Triplett II "….. However, Gen. Shelton correctly touches on a much larger issue, the politicalization of the U.S. military. He is right. National Security should be above politics - especially in the use of force as a headline grabber……..Since Gen. Shelton volunteered to enter a political debate it is only fair to get his views on the following questions:
• Was it politics or national security to withhold armor support for the Rangers in Somalia?
• Was politics or national security the motivation for launching a cruise missile attack against an aspirin factory in Sudan as Commander in Chief Bill Clinton went before a grand jury?
• Was it politics or national security that caused the United States to initiate Operation "Desert Fox," the bombing of Iraq the day before Commander in Chief Bill Clinton faced impeachment by the U.S. House of Representatives?
• Was the release altitude for air-to-ground munitions set at 15,000 feet in the NATO action in Kosovo politics or national security?
• Were bombing targets during the NATO attack chosen in the White House because of politics or national security?
• Was it politics or national security that inspired the commanding general of NATO forces in the war against Yugoslavia to threaten to sink the Russian Navy if it sortied into the Mediterranean?
• Was it politics or national security that created a conspiracy of silence when the Peoples Republic of China sold cruise missiles to Iran, thus not triggering sanctions called for in the "Gore-McCain Act"?
• Was it politics or national security when the admiral over U.S. forces in the Pacific referred to Taiwan as the "[expletive] in the punch bowl of U.S.-China relations"?
• Was it politics or national security that caused you to testify in defense of Clinton-Gore administration policy that anti-missile defense technology was not immediately needed because the threat was years out - when a short time later, the North Koreans fired a three-stage rocket over Japan that splashed down only a few hundred miles north of the state of Hawaii?…….." 7/24/00 Kenneth R. Timmerman "…….China's nuclear espionage and the way it was misreported (but mainly unreported) by the main media is part of a deeper and ultimately more dangerous trend: China's concerted efforts through corruption, trade, and investment to entwine U.S. interests so thoroughly with those of the PRC that no future President will dare to contain China's military might, because of the unacceptable military and economic costs to America. The emergence of Communist China as a world power, armed with U.S. help, will be President Clinton's ultimate legacy. How to counter it will be one of the greatest challenges facing his successor……… Today we are facing a new generation of Chinese nuclear missile, the DF-31, that is far more accurate and deadly than anything the PRC has been able to build before. Using commercial satellite technology, the PRC has developed a multiple warhead dispenser for the DF-31. Using commercially-available Global Positioning System receivers, the PRC designed new and more accurate guidance systems. Access to solid fuel propellant secrets allowed the Chinese to build reliable rocket motors that could be used on road-mobile launchers and in submarines. These are American technologies, that reached Communist China with the active assistance of the Clinton-Gore administration…….. Up until the end of 1998, the U.S. intelligence community estimated that the DF-31 would not be ready for testing until 2005. In fact, the Chinese tested it in 1999, and displayed what they claimed were production launch canisters and mobile launchers at their 50 year "celebration" in Beijing that September. How did they beat the clock by six full years? Exclusive interviews I conducted with a Chinese defector provide the answer. His first-hand account of his work at a Chinese missile plant provides a stunning inside view of exactly how the Chinese acquired and used U.S. technology to build these new weapons. When I confronted the U.S. companies he named with his information, they were quick to insist that everything they did had been approved by the U.S. government……."

World News Spotlight 9/19/00 Hal Lindsey "…… Recent revelations concerning the state of our nation's intelligence services suggest the term may be somewhat misleading. First, we find that most of our top nuclear secrets are in Chinese hands. The administration's policy toward China is suspect thanks to the sheer volume of inexplicable waivers, grants and special privileges granted China over the course of the last seven years. The Chinese have been overnight guests at the White House; the Chinese have been implicated in 1992 and 1998 campaign finance money laundering schemes; the Chinese have been invited to sit in on secret national military strategy sessions; the Chinese have been implicated questionable financial deals with administration officials, notably the late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. Brown's death aroused considerable controversy, as evidence was uncovered regarding what he knew of the administration's dealings with China and the mysterious .45 cal bullet hole in his head that he got as the result of a plane crash in Bosnia. Just in time to keep him from testifying before a Congressional investigating committee. Convenient. ......... "

World News Spotlight 9/19/00 Hal Lindsey "…… Then there is the Wen Ho Lee case. After keeping him locked up incommunicado for nine months, the government released him with profuse apologies. The FBI evidently lied about the results of his polygraph test. The 'secrets' were downloaded with the knowledge of his superiors. Most weren't even secret, but had already been published elsewhere. And there was evidently nothing at Los Alamos that was secret from the Chinese, anyway. Lee pled to a felony count of mishandling secrets and was immediately released. ……… While the nation ranted about lost secrets and the 'traitor, Wen Ho Lee', former CIA Director John Deutch was downloading ultra-secret CIA documents via AOL to his home computer. Deutch also used the same computer to visit porn sites on the Internet. Deutch stepped down in 1996, and that was that. Because while the CIA can't keep anything secret from China, keeping things secret from Washington is easy. The Deutch investigation was dropped while the Wen Ho Lee investigation went forward full steam ahead. The Pentagon said it declined to investigate because the Pentagon was not "in possession of any documentation from the CIA's investigative efforts." In other words, the Pentagon was the only place in America that hadn't heard about Deutch from ABC news. The CIA investigation data was finally turned over the the Pentagon, and Secretary Cohen "turned right around" and ordered the current investigation. …….. "

World News Spotlight 9/19/00 Hal Lindsey "…… John Deutch currently teaches at MIT and presumeably earns a comfortable living. Wen Ho Lee will, in Energy Secretary Bill Richardson's words, "never work in a secure environment, or ever hold a government job in his life again." Bill Clinton is a white male in a position of power. His compromise of our national security will never be fully known or even investigated. He will never miss a meal in his life and you can bet his credit card payments will never force him to mortgage the family homestead. ……."

Severnside 9/19/00 "..... Year of the Rat 2 is now in print and we are shipping copies as fast as we can. It's been updated with new chapters and lots of new materials. That's what we've been doing all spring and summer-putting the pieces together. .....Our top five:

Al Gore benefitted from over one million dollars in illegal campaign contributions, much of it in cash, from a business associate of Chinese military intelligence. John Huang may not have told the FBI all but it effectively doubled what we knew and nobody knew about the CASH. .....

Al Gore and Bill Clinton solicited millions of dollars in illegal campaign contributions in 1996 from Chinese agents, a business associate of a major drug trafficker and an international prostitution ring. Maybe someone should ask him if he's ashamed of this.. ......

Janet Reno cut a secret deal with Clinton in December 1996 to protect Al Gore and preserve the Clinton-Gore political system for another four to eight years. Anyone who cares about the Constitution and rule of law in America will want to read this new chapter. ......

Gore and Clinton are allowing Chinese companies to defraud American investors. Do you know where your 401k is tonight? ......

Al Gore, not Clinton, has been in charge of US-Russia relations for the past seven years and he has allowed Russia and China to create a new military alliance targeting American servicemen and women. Another all new chapter outlining Al Gore's failure of stewardship. The result is a massive transfer of Russian weapons to China, weapons that were designed to kill Americans! .......

That's just the top five. There is also an interesting discovery about Charlie Trie and biological warfare, etc. ......Finally, there is a new cover design. If the Chinese are right and a picture is worth a thousand words, then two pictures should be worth two thousand words! Enjoy! ....."


Bill Gertz 10/20/00 THE WASHINGTON TIMES "......The Senate has identified 50 Chinese weapons firms that are eligible to buy advanced U.S. computers under new Clinton administration rules easing controls on overseas high-technology sales. All the Chinese companies are involved in developing advanced conventional weapons or nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and missiles, according to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jesse Helms, North Carolina Republican. ........ Mr. Helms and Sen. Russell D. Feingold, Wisconsin Democrat, listed the companies in an Oct. 6 letter to President Clinton asking that they be included on a government list of high-risk buyers. The letter also is intended as a warning to U.S. manufacturers that sales of advanced computers to these firms and institutes should require export licenses. ........ The White House announced in August that it was loosening controls on overseas sales of U.S. supercomputers, systems that have numerous military applications ranging from designing long-range missiles to testing nuclear warheads. .......The administration announced then that it would help U.S. manufacturers identify weapons makers but failed to produce a comprehensive list. ......For example, the current warning list on Chinese companies contains only six entities, Mr. Helms and Mr. Feingold noted. ........"

Bill Gertz 10/20/00 THE WASHINGTON TIMES "......Gary Milhollin, director of the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control, which tracks foreign weapons programs, said the export decontrol will benefit China's strategic nuclear warhead modernization and missile program. "The boost to China's military will be dramatic," Mr. Milhollin said. The firms identified by the Senate are the "strategic backbone" of China's advanced military weapons complex, he said in an interview. "I think it's too dangerous to let powerful technology to flow to the Chinese military without a review," Mr. Milhollin said. "These are the most dangerous entities." ......."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 10/17/00 Bill Gertz "…… Vice President Al Gore, at the urging of Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin, agreed to keep secret from Congress details of Russia's nuclear cooperation with Iran beginning in late 1995. In a classified "Dear Al" letter obtained by The Washington Times, Mr. Chernomyrdin told Mr. Gore about Moscow's confidential nuclear deal with Iran and stated that it was "not to be conveyed to third parties, including the U.S. Congress." …… But sources on Capitol Hill said Mr. Gore withheld the information from key senators who normally would be told of such high-level security matters. ……. The Gore-Chernomyrdin deal, disclosed in a letter labeled "secret," appears to violate a provision of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Act, which requires the Clinton administration to keep congressional oversight committees fully informed of all issues related to nuclear weapons proliferation. ……."

Linda A. Prussen-Razzano 7/7/99 "……..On the very same day that Cox was granted permission to examine the technology transfers and their potential impact on American national security, William A. Reinsch of the Commerce Department was sharing this "testimony" with the Senate:…….

"I believe this Administration's policy on the export of commercial communications satellites to China both protects our national security and facilitates our economic well-being. In allowing China to launch U.S. satellites and transferring licensing jurisdiction for commercial communications satellites to Commerce, this Administration has continued and enhanced the policy of the Reagan and Bush Administrations and has been consistent with Congress' expressed intent" (Testimony of William A. Reinsch, Under Secretary of Export Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, Before the Subcommittee on International Security, Proliferation, and Federal Services, The Adequacy of Commerce Department Satellite Export Controls, June 18, 1998).

The truth: While Reagan did allow several launches to occur, he did not transfer licensing of communication satellites to the Commerce Department. Any references implying otherwise are disingenuous or the work of a fanciful imagination.

In October of 1992, after a careful, two-year interagency review, and in consideration of the COCOM guidelines, President Bush allowed roughly half of the communication satellites to be placed under Commerce's Control List. Mr. Reinsch conveniently overlooked the fact that COCOM expired in 1994, and the inferior GLX license was provided in its place. Subsequent reports by the General Accounting Office in 1994, 1995, and 1996 advised that pre-license checks and post-shipment verifications were inadequate and repeatedly warned that controls needed to be strengthened.

Can we presume the Clinton Administration considers this an "enhancement"?

Reinsch continues: "Our view, like that of Presidents Reagan and Bush, is that under the appropriate safeguards these launches need not pose a risk to national security."

The truth: Under President Reagan, the State Department controlled satellite transfers, not the Commerce Department. Disingenuous? Fanciful?

When President Bush authorized the transfer of certain satellites to Commerce, it was because they fell under a specific technical threshold. "In October 1992, State issued regulations transferring jurisdiction of some commercial communications satellites to Commerce. These regulations also defined what satellites remained under its control by listing nine militarily sensitive characteristics that, if included in a commercial communication satellite, warranted their control on State's munitions list" (GAO/T-NSIAD-98-211, "Export Controls: Issues Related to the Export of Communications Satellites," June 17, 1998).

Under Mr. Clinton, the regulations were greatly relaxed and all communication satellites, including the ones with "military sensitive characteristics," eventually fell under Commerce's control.

Further, neither Reagan nor Bush suggested that using excess ballistic missiles for satellite launches was "appropriate," but Clinton did: "Mindful of the policy's guidance that U.S. Government agencies shall purchase commercially available U.S. space transportation products and services to the fullest extent feasible, [the Department of Defense's] use of excess ballistic missile assets may be permitted for launching payloads into orbit..." (PDD4, National Space Transportation Policy, Section VI, August 4, 1994).

Appropriate safeguards, indeed. While Mr. Reinsch was extrapolating on how Presidents Reagan and Bush "wanted" technology transfers to proceed, perhaps he should have also extrapolated on how long it would have taken the Clinton Administration to move excess ballistic missiles to Commerce's control list, too. Further, if this particular policy was so sound, why did it fail to appear in PDD8, the updated National Space Transportation Policy?


Reinsch continues: "A 1995 review, undertaken by a working level group of technical experts led by the State Department, attempted to adjust these parameters to see if additional satellites could be moved to Commerce jurisdiction. However, this technical working group was unable to resolve several issues."

The truth: "In April 1995, State formed the Comsat Technical Working Group to examine export controls over commercial communications satellites...This interagency group included representatives from State, Defense, the National Security Agency, Commerce, the National Aeronautics and Space Agency, and the intelligence community. The interagency group reported its findings in October 1995.

"Consistent with the findings of the Comsat Technical Working Group and with the input from industry through the Defense Trade Advisory Group, the Secretary of State denied the transfer of commercial communications satellites to Commerce in October 1995 and approved a plan to narrow, but not eliminate, State's jurisdiction over these satellites." (NSIAD-98-211, "Export Controls: Issues Related to the Export of Communications Satellites," June 17, 1998).

We can now presume that a "denial" of the transfer and an "approval" of an alternate plan is the same as "unable to resolve."


Reinsch continues: "Every license approved by Commerce for commercial communications satellites since the 1996 transfer has had the unanimous assent of State, Defense, and ACDA, has been subject to the same level of stringent technology safeguards as satellites licensed at State, and has made clear to exporters that no rocket technology could be transferred."

The truth: "Unlike State, Commerce does not require a company to obtain an export license to market a satellite. Commerce regulations also do not have a separate export commodity control category for technical data, leaving it unclear how this information is licensed...Without clear licensing requirements for technical information, Defense does not have an opportunity to review the need for monitors and safeguards or attend technical meetings to ensure that sensitive information is not inadvertently disclosed." (GAO/T-NSIAD-98-211, "Export Controls: Issues Related to the Export of Communications Satellites," July 17, 1998).

This constitutes the same "level of stringent technology safeguards"?

Further, "Last March, Commerce and State published their regulations transferring the licensing of civil communications satellites and related equipment back to the Department of State pursuant to Section 1513(a) of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1999" (Testimony of William A. Reinsch, Under Secretary for Export Administration, Department of Commerce, Before The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Subcommittee on International Economic Policy, Export and Trade Promotion, U.S. Export Control Policies on Satellites and .S. Domestic Launch Capabilities, June 24, 1999).

Congress made that change, Mr. Reinsch. Apparently, they didn't agree with your previous assessment of their "expressed intent."

Reinsch continues: "The President's decision applied only to commercial communication satellites and the minimum equipment and technology needed for launch."

The truth: On October 12, 1996, President Clinton issued Executive Order #13020, which transferred licensing jurisdiction for all communication satellites and commercial jet engine hot section technologies directly to the Commerce Department. According to GAO, "Hot section technology gives U.S. fighter aircraft the ability to outlast and outperform other aircraft, a key element in achieving air superiority. Because of the military significance of this technology, State does not allow the export of the most advanced hot section technology for either military or commercial use" (GAO/NSIAD-97-24, "Export Controls: Change in Export Licensing Jurisdiction for Two Sensitive Dual-Use Items," Letter Report, January 14, 1997). ….." 11/13/00 Geoff Metcalf "…… Lt. Cmdr. Jack Daly, a victim of a 1997 laser assault from a Russian merchant ship -- the Kapitan Man -- has charged several government officials with responsibility for a cover-up of the attack and related espionage activity. Thursday, on the Geoff Metcalf radio show on TalkNetDaily, Daly for the first time went so far as to accuse the following officials of treason: Strobe Talbott, deputy secretary of State; James Collins, U.S. ambassador to Russia; Robert Bell, special adviser to the president for national security affairs; James Steinberg, executive director, National Security Council; and Jan Lodal, deputy undersecretary of Defense. ……. The Clinton administration subsequently tried to cover up the incident, as the State Department under Secretary of State Madeleine Albright delayed a U.S. military inspection of the Russian ship while tipping off the Russian Embassy. ….. "According to the U.S. Constitution, Article III, Section 4, this cover-up was treason," Daly said. "These men committed treason. The nation does not have to be at war for treason to be committed." ……… WorldNetDaily asked Daly why he had been reluctant to accuse them previously. "Because I did not have the proof, the so-called smoking gun to indicate that these [Russian] ships are, without a doubt, up to no good, that they are in fact committing espionage activities in our territorial waters." Daly said. "This is going on in our own ports for Pete's sake." …… According to Daly, this Russian espionage activity isn't going on 12 miles out to sea or 100 miles off the U.S. coast. "This is right in our own ports, in the Puget Sound specifically," said Daly. "This was a treasonous act," Daly charged. "They stuck with the Russians on this. They provided them aid and comfort. They gave them an alibi. They let them get away with a search. They gave them warning of the search, and they are allowing them to continue their spying activities, as indicated in Bill Gertz's Washington Times article Monday, with absolute, utter impunity." ……" 11/13/00 Geoff Metcalf "…… Gertz wrote, "Russian merchant ships are spying on U.S. nuclear submarines in the Pacific Northwest and reporting the information to Moscow's military intelligence service, according to classified U.S. intelligence reports. "The classified July 2000 CIA report obtained by The Washington Times states that recent intelligence 'provides the first solid evidence of long-suspected Russian merchant ship intelligence collection efforts against U.S. nuclear submarine bases.' "The confirmation challenges the official Pentagon response to the April 1997 incident involving the firing of a laser at a U.S. intelligence officer and Canadian helicopter pilot as they photographed the Russian merchant ship Kapitan Man as it spied on a nuclear missile submarine in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, north of Seattle." ......,:


The Washington Times 11/6/00 Ed Timperlake and William Triplett II "…….Essentially, Vice President Gore entered into a secret deal with Russia leaders to circumvent a law written by Sen. Gore. The result -deadly weapons sold to Iran by Russia. The record shows the Congress and the American people were kept in the dark. Al Gore's legacy is that a law named the "Gore-McCain Act" was not enforced to stop such deadly foolishness. But the legacy continues and does not stop at this revelation. …….. Like the dying leaves of autumn, political charges and revelations of wrongdoing late in a campaign are often noted and then raked away and forgotten. Unfortunately Mr. Gore's failure of leadership in foreign policy will transcend the 2000 election and haunt America and especially our military forces for decades. It will not be forgotten as a groundless political attack because the weapons were sold and the danger to U.S. forces for decades to come is great. ……… Remember Al Gore takes full credit for U.S.-Russian bilateral relationships. The wreckage to our security is almost incalculable because in addition to Russia selling arms to Iran, Russia also sells state-of-the art weapon systems to China, including high speed anti-ship missiles that can be armed with nuclear warheads. …….. It has also been verified that hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal campaign contributions for the 1996 Clinton-Gore re-election effort came in from Chinese military intelligence. PLA spy Lt. Col. Liu Chaoying oversaw this operation (DNC Chairman Don Fowler even joked about her rank); she was also a major arms dealer for China National Precision Machinery Import-Export Co., the manufacturer of C-801 and C-802 cruise missiles…….. Poly Group brokered the missile deal with Iran, and Poly's Chairman Wang Jun appeared at a White House coffee fund-raiser in February 1996. For some reason, the United States never objected to Russian arms sales to Communist China and subsequent PRC arms sales to Iran. This would have been Al Gore's job, and he didn't do it ……."

Washington Times 10/31/00 Gary Anderson "……Kenneth Timmerman credits President Bill Clinton and William Perry, his second secretary of defense, with taking a decaying Cold War military machine and turning it into a first-rate, post-industrial military superpower. Unfortunately, the country in question is not the United States. In his book, "Selling Out America: The American Spectator Investigations," Mr. Timmerman accuses Mr. Clinton and Mr. Perry of turning Communist China into a formidable post-Cold War adversary through a combination of neglect of American national security interests that, if not treasonous, borders on gross governmental negligence …….. Mr. Timmerman is a former Time magazine reporter who alleges that he was fired for his revelations concerning the Clinton administration's misdeeds. In doing so, he makes a compelling case. From the illegal upgrading of Chinese MiG fighters to the transfer of critical information about multiple re-entry warheads, Mr. Timmerman lays the responsibility for the selling out of America squarely at the feet of Mr. Clinton and his closest advisers. Worse still, Mr. Timmerman accuses the Clinton administration of allowing Chinese agents to have unprecedented access to classified material through a combination of cynical expediency and the worst possible disregard of time-tested security precautions……In the case of Mr. Perry, the motivation appears to have been a misguided sense of policy objectives. He obviously hoped that appeasement, i.e. increasing economic incentives, would work with the Chinese. To his credit, Mr. Perry realized the error of his ways, but not before the Chinese had used their misbegotten technological gains to fire a warning shot over Taiwan's bow in the form of two advanced missiles………Perhaps as disturbing as the evil done to national security is what happened to Mr. Timmerman himself when he crossed the Clinton administration. Aside from being fired from Time magazine, he has been repeatedly audited by the Internal Revenue Service……… This is a book that bears reading. There may be another side to this story, but Mr. Timmerman makes a compelling case that some members of the Clinton administration have hurt America and strengthened China for the sake of some very dubious motives. The extent of the real damage may take years to assess……"

Dave Weldon Email "……Top Communist Chinese military officials are being given access to numerous American military installations. including Patrick Air Force Base (PAFB), Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, and Kennedy Space Center (KSC). Officially, the tour is being touted as one to showcase the quality of life and the morale of American troops. The tour, however, also grants limited access to the Range Operations Control Center (ROCC) and a Space Shuttle Orbiter Prosessing Facility (OPF), both of which are crucial facilities to American launch operations. …………. Spacecoast Congressman, U.S. Rep. Dave Weldon, who was not notified by the Pentagon of this visit, called into question the itinerary and asked the Secretary of Defense to remove the ROCC and OPF from the agenda. He also requested that the Secretary permit a staffer from his office to accompany the tour. These requests were rejected. ……….. In 1996, Congressman Weldon led a Congressional investigation into Chinese launch practices and uncovered Chinese attempts to saturate the global launch market with their own rockets - at the expense of American launch providers and the workforce at Cape Canaveral. ……….The issue of China's space program is an area of continuing Congressional oversight. "In the discussions between my office and the Administration, I highlighted these concerns but to no avail. The fact that today, Communist Chinese military officials were allowed to walk around PAFB, CCAFS and KSC and a United States congressional staffer was denied simultaneous access is nothing short of a disregard for the role of Congress," Rep. Weldon continued. ….."Sadly today's action by the Clinton-Gore Administration is part and parcel of their appeasement policy toward Communist China. I will make inquires about this matter and see if further Congressional investigation is warranted," Rep. Weldon concluded. (end). ….."

New York Times 10/27/00 Leslie Wayne "...... remake of the "Daisy" commercial - perhaps the most infamous of all political attack advertisements - is being shown in several states today, but the target this time is Vice President Al Gore, not Barry Goldwater....... The commercial contends that because the Clinton-Gore administration "sold" the nation's security "to Communist Red China in exchange for campaign contributions," China has "the ability to threaten our homes with long- range nuclear warheads." .....It then shows a girl, counting down as she plucks daisy petals. Her counting is then replaced by a countdown of a missile, which is followed by a nuclear bomb explosion. "Don't take a chance. Please vote Republican," then appears on the screen........ The commercial is a copy of one that was made for President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964. The commercial created such a furor - with its tacit suggestion that Mr. Goldwater's views were so extreme that they would lead to nuclear annihilation - that it was withdrawn after appearing only once. But it has been remembered for decades. ..... A Texas-based nonprofit organization, Aretino Industries, paid for the new commercial, which will run in several closely contested states, including Ohio, Michigan, Missouri and Pennsylvania. Carey Cramer, a spokesman for the organization, in McAllen, Tex., declined to identify any of its members or the source of its money. ......"These are people with real life jobs and they don't want to lose their jobs," said Mr. Cramer, who said the group was formed to produce political commercials in this campaign and to bring "accountability" to politics.....Mr. Cramer said the initial advertisement buy was for $60,000, which is considered small by current political standards. He said that the group has raised $500,000 to buy more time. ....."