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AP 8/6/98 "The United States will send hundreds of Marines to Albania on a NATO military exercise later this month, in part to show Yugoslav leaders that allied forces can move very quickly into their region, Pentagon officials said Thursday.."

Drudge 8/6/98 "The NEW YORK TIMES reports on Friday that Janet Reno has ordered a formal 30-day review of what government officials described as "a previously unexamined campaign finance issue that could ultimately lead the attorney general to refer the tangle of political finance issues to an independent prosecutor. The paper does not disclose the nature of the accusations under review or the identity of the subject of the inquiry..."

Wall Street Journal 8/12/98 Gerald F. Seib "IN THIS SUMMER of his scandal discontent, President Clinton now has been challenged abroad by three different sets of bad guys. In Iraq, Saddam Hussein again is stiffing international weapons inspectors. In Kosovo, Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic is uprooting ethnic Albanians by the tens of thousands in his quest for control of their land. In Africa, terrorist bombs explode at U.S. embassies. Is all this connected to domestic woes? Are villains on the move because they think the president is weakened and distracted at home? ."

MSNBC 10/1/98 "The nightly news last night showed the bodies of dead women and children, the senators are getting softened up.The talking heads are calling it "Murder in Kosovo", even they are heating up the passions so that Clinton's actions will seem justified."

AP 10/1/98 Tom Raum "Diplomacy will be given a final chance but NATO "is now prepared to act" militarily against Serbian positions, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright declared Thursday after briefing nearly the entire Senate on escalating tensions in Kosovo. As the Clinton administration reached out for bipartisan support, it laid the groundwork for possible new airstrikes to retaliate for the weekend massacres of ethnic Albanians in the Serb-run province of Yugoslavia. The State Department also announced a travel advisory urging Americans not to travel in Yugoslavia.

The Times UK 10/7/98 Bronwen Maddox "If you listened to the sabre-rattling coming from Robin Cook and the Foreign Office, or from Congress, you might join the chorus accusing the Clinton Administration of being inhumanly hesitant in taking action in Kosovo. That would be unfair. Yes, President Clinton has had distractions, from Monica to the money markets. But even though America's direct self- interest is slender, and the mission would be messy and of uncertain duration, there is astonishing support in Washington - in both the Administration and on Capitol Hill - for military action. The best reason for America's apparent slowness in acting is simple uncertainty about what kind of military action to take. Those who rush to criticise the US for failing to think through its military manoeuvres - with justice, considering the recent Sudanese and Afghan bombings - should at least give credit for the practical difficulty of fostering a lasting peace in Kosovo, and for the efforts now underway to form such a plan.."

Washington Post 10/8/98 George Wil "Sophisticated weaponry can serve, or even produce, simple-minded policy. We may yet see again how some marvels in the U.S. military inventory, cruise missiles, produce a retrograde policy that can properly be called high-tech isolationism. When U.S. leaders who are ill at ease with U.S. power hear the word duty, they reach for their cruise missiles. Those weapons provide telegenic, antiseptic action-at-a-distance. They make possible illusory decisiveness, without follow- through. The Clinton administration has used them as a substitute for serious policy regarding Iraq and terrorism. Now cruise missiles may be fired to express ersatz seriousness about Serbia's actions in the province of Kosovo. Someone the New York Times identifies as "a senior administration official who requested anonymity" -- one can see why -- says, "We are at last serious." At last, but about what? People stabbed with a pitchfork, eyes gouged out with a cleft stick, a decapitated man's brain removed and left displayed beside his wife's corpse, a woman shot in the face, her two daughters ages 7 and 5, also dead, in their yellow rubber boots, 10 men beaten and executed and their mutilated bodies returned to their families, an elderly couple butchered, a woman seven months pregnant dead with her stomach slit open.."

Fox News 10/10/98 "A Russian general said Saturday Moscow might break a U.N. embargo on arm sales to help Yugoslavia if NATO launched air strikes against Serbian targets to try to end the Kosovo crisis. "If the norms of international law are violated, then the March 1998 embargo will also cease to exist for us,'' Leonid Ivashov, head of the Defense Ministry's main directorate for International Military Cooperation, told NTV television. "In this case, I think Russia would have the right to full-scale military cooperation with the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. You cannot abandon a brotherly nation in such a crisis,'' he said.."

Fox News 10/10/98 "Defense Secretary William Cohen ordered the deployment of six B-52 bombers, one reconnaissance aircraft and 13 tankers to Britain on Saturday in preparation for possible NATO military intervention in Kosovo. The planes will be among 260 U.S. aircraft already committed by the United States to support air operations against Serb forces. Most of the force already is in Europe, either stationed at bases there or aboard the aircraft carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower, which is currently in the Mediterranean Sea, the Pentagon said. The threat of air strikes is aimed at pressuring Yugoslavia's president, Slobodan Milosevic, to comply with U.N. demands to withdraw Serbian forces from Kosovo, allow humanitarian aid into the province and open serious talks with ethnic Albanians there who seek greater autonomy.."

Reuters 10/10/98 Patrick Worsnip "..Cohen told a news conference in the Qatari capital Doha the B-52s were being moved so that, if NATO issued an ``activation order'' in the next few days, ``those aircraft could be available for SACEUR (NATO European commander) to use should he deem it necessary to do so.'' The Pentagon said that in addition to the B-52s, each of which can carry up to 20 air- launched cruise missiles, an RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft and an unspecified number of tanker aircraft would also be sent. U.S. officials said they expected NATO to issue its activation order, which would authorize NATO commander General Wesley Clark to begin strikes at a time of his choosing, at a meeting of ambassadors in Brussels Monday.."

Reuters 10/12/98 "In signs of mounting East-West tensions over Kosovo, Russia said it had recalled two of its senior officials from NATO headquarters on Monday and its Communist Party leader vowed support for Yugoslavia. Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said Russia was "surprised" to learn NATO's council planned to decide whether to launch strikes before U.S. envoy Richard Holbrooke had presented the results of his talks with Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic to the Contact Group that links Russia and top NATO powers. ."We think (military action) is a very dangerous decision which brings us to the red line, after which, from our point of view, some very hard consequences may follow," he said. "

FoxNews 10/12/98 "Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic has agreed to withdraw Serb forces from Kosovo and allow 2,000 international observers on the ground in an attempt to avoid NATO airstrikes, a senior U.S. official said Monday. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the concessions were made in the last several days of talks with U..S. special envoy Richard Holbrooke in Belgrade. The official said the United States maintained a deep distrust of Milosevic and was pressing for NATO approval of an activation order authorizing airstrikes in the event that Milosevic refused to honor his agreement. ."

AP 10/8/98 Kevin Galvin "A Texas businessman who has pleaded guilty to illegal campaign donations says in an affidavit that House Majority Whip Tom DeLay encouraged him to circumvent election laws. ``The allegations are false,'' said DeLay spokesman John Feehery. Peter F. Cloeren, the chief executive officer of Cloeren Inc., has pleaded guilty to funneling $37,000 in corporate funds into the failed 1996 campaign of House GOP candidate Brian Babin. He was fined $200,000, as was his firm.."

The Times UK 10/9/98 Michael Evans "AMERICA has assigned 260 strike aircraft, including two B2 Stealth bombers and six B52s, to attack Serb military targets in Yugoslavia if a last-ditch diplomatic mission to Belgrade fails. The US Air Force and US Navy aircraft represent 60 per cent of the 430 bombers and support aircraft that have been offered by Nato.."

MSNBC 10/26/98 MSNBC ".Serbian security forces continued to reinforce positions in Kosovo on Monday as NATO officials hinted that another air-strike deadline would pass without military action. "WE'RE NOTICING build-up by both the Serbs and (ethnic Albanian) Kosovo Liberation Army in some sensitive areas," a spokesman for the Kosovo Diplomatic Observers Mission (KDOM) told Reuters by telephone from the province. The apparent reinforcement comes less than 24 hours before a NATO-imposed deadline for Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to withdraw army and police forces from Kosovo

Richard Holbrooke came back empty-handed from Kosovo. "Milosevic didnt feel enough pressure," according to TIME Central Europe bureau chief Massimo Calbresi.

August 2, 1998 Eric Margolis "The growing war in Kosova reached a new level of intensity, and a new low of cynicism and hypocrisy, this week. NATO, which had vowed to prevent a repeat of Bosnia's genocide, gave Serbia a green light to unleash a major offensive against Albanian civilians and independence fighters. Six months ago, after a decade of brutal repression, widespread torture, and massive human rights violations by Serb authorities, small bands of Albanian guerrillas, known as the Kosova Liberation Army (KLA) began fighting to liberate the province from brutal Serb control. Savage massacres and reprisals by Serb security forces caused the tiny rebellion to spread rapidly. But neither the U.S. nor Europe would accept independence for Kosova, though 92% of its people are ethnic Albanians who clearly want freedom from Serb oppression..

AP 10/13/98 Nicole Winfield ".U.N. peacekeeping missions lost over 16,000 big-ticket items between 1993 and 1995, at a whopping cost of $23 million, a U.N. report said Monday. Most of the goods were stolen, but accidents accounted for another significant chunk of the lost goods, followed by disappearances caused by ``acts of war'' or hostilities, the report said. Negligence on the part of U.N. staff was also to blame. The report covered only U.N. peacekeeping operations from those three years, and represented only a fraction of what the United Nations may have lost in all of its other missions, including refugee operations, humanitarian aid and civilian police forces.."

UPS 10/13/98 Georgie Anne Geyer ".The generals in Brussels can cry till the cows come home that they are only doing their job under NATO bureaucratic rules, but no one believes them anymore. The White House can excuse itself by insisting that we are indeed going to act in Kosovo, well, maybe, if only ... The fact is that most of the world has seen the pictures of the West's perfidy, first in Bosnia and now in Kosovo. These daily revelations provide an apt occasion to ridicule the West, a ridicule that is quickly translated into disdain for the West and disregard for its power. At this point, others step in, even those with hardly any power at all. They soon learn, as Milosevic so happily learned since he started massacring Bosnians in 1991, that Americans and Europeans exist today in a high-wire balancing act between their sensitivity to atrocity, their fear of casualties, and their unwillingness to judge because judgments can never be perfect. Hence, they have successfully castrated their power in the world.. And, as James R. Hooper, head of the Balkan Action Council here, wrote recently: "When all eyes turn to Belgrade, rather than Washington, to await the next move in a conflict that jeopardizes regional stability, it is a sign that something profound has changed in Europe. The stabilizing role that the United States established in the Balkans in 1947, when Truman issued his doctrine, has come to an end as Serbia rewrites the rules of the new Balkan order."."

AP 11/10/98 George Gedda ".Alarm bells sounded when the State Department learned a close relative of its No. 2 official was engaged in secret negotiations with representatives of Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, an indicted war crimes suspect. Officials say Cody Shearer, brother-in-law of Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott, was acting without authorization, and they moved quickly to end the discussions. For a time, the department worried that Shearer, a self-styled conflict mediator, might undo the delicate 1995 Bosnia agreement negotiated by Ambassador Richard Holbrooke that ended Europe's bloodiest conflict since World War II. Officials said it took them weeks to fix the problems Shearer created. Talbott has a longtime friendship with President Clinton, dating back almost 30 years to when they were classmates in Britain. Shearer is the brother of Talbott's wife, Brooke Shearer. Another sibling, Derek Shearer, is a former ambassador to Finland.."

Reuters 1/16/99 ".President Clinton condemned the murder of civilians in Serbia's rebel province of Kosovo in ''the strongest possible terms'' on Saturday and Washington said it would be seeking a response from the NATO alliance. Clinton said there could be no justification for the killings, which ethnic Albanians say were carried out by Serbian police. The head of an international observer mission visited the scene, near the village of Racak, and said it looked like an execution. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe said U.S. diplomatic observers had counted 45 corpses.."

Reuters 1/17/99 ".Serbian police on Sunday started moving into the Kosovo village of Racak, where security forces were accused of massacring more than 40 civilians two days ago. Reuters reporters at the scene saw at least one armored vehicle setting off across a field toward the village and more than two dozen police in full combat gear taking up positions around the village.."

Reuters 1/20/99 Douglas Hamilton ".NATO said Wednesday it was sending warships to the Adriatic Sea after Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic refused to back down in the Kosovo crisis. At the same time, the alliance said it was cutting to 48 hours from 96 its readiness period for executing possible airstrikes against Yugoslav military targets.."

NY Times 1/20/99 Roger Cohen ".NATO warned the Yugoslav president, Slobodan Milosevic, on Tuesday to stop an offensive in Kosovo or face possible air strikes, but the alliance faces enormous obstacles to ever carrying out such a threat. Even as Gen. Wesley Clark, NATO's commander, traveled to Belgrade to deliver the warning, senior NATO officials in Brussels conceded that Western policy was in disarray, now complicated by the deployment in Kosovo of hundreds of unarmed international monitors who would have to be removed before any bombing. This potential problem was evident from the moment Richard Holbrooke negotiated a flimsy, largely oral accord last October that briefly stopped the fighting in Kosovo without setting any basis for a political agreement between the Serbian-dominated Yugoslav government and ethnic Albanian insurgents in Kosovo.."

USA Today 1/27/99 Fred Coleman ". Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said Tuesday that using U.S. ground troops as part of a NATO peacekeeping force in Kosovo is an option under allied consideration. Asked at a news conference if U.S. ground troops might help police a future cease-fire in Kosovo, Albright replied that Washington had told NATO allies ''we would examine that among other options.''."

Chicago Tribune 2/8/99 Freeper Stand Watch Listen ".The bloody massacres of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo in recent weeks are threatening to draw U.S. troops into the latest Balkan maelstrom. President Clinton announced Thursday he is "seriously considering" sending 2,000 to 4,000 peacekeeping troops to join a proposed international operation in Kosovo. Clinton has made no final decision, but by floating the idea he has launched a campaign for popular support that many Americans will be loath to offer. Defense Secretary William Cohen, in notifying Congress this week, let it be known that Clinton can send forces without Congressional approval. Under these circumstances, that would be a political mistake..."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Inc. 2/14/99 Editorial ". Nor is Greater Serbia's Slobodan Milosevic overly impressed by our regularly throwing down the velvet gauntlet. The latest plan for settling the Kosovo problem comes in two steps. (Don't they all?) And the hostilities were to conclude by the middle of this month--just like the impeachment trial. As usual this president talks tough: "We stand ready to back that strategy with the threat of force." No sooner was that presidential statement recorded than this administration was assuring anybody paying attention that (a) there was no way U.S. troops would be involved in the operation and (b) that they would be limited to a few thousand. Maybe as the clean-up crew after the heavy work was over. No word on who would do that. Perhaps the Swiss Guard could be called upon, though by now the Vatican is one of the few remaining European states that does not belong to NATO. AS ALWAYS, the words of this president have to be parsed and analyzed. In this case, note that Bill Clinton didn't promise to back his words with force but the "threat of force." (You've always got to watch for the clinton clause.) This latest diplomatic solution would require Belgrade to cut the number of troops and police in Kosovo--again. But wasn't that the agreement last time? .."

Washington Post 2/26/99 "...For those of us who think an involvement in Kosovo is worth it, no question pointing the other way is tougher to deal with than the legal challenge raised by Rep. Tom Campbell (R-Calif.). No mean partisan, Campbell has joined with Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) to gather some 40 congressmen to demand on constitutional grounds that the president obtain authority from Congress before taking military action against Yugoslavia...."

Savannah Morning News 2/26/99 Editorial "...MOST AMERICANS probably can't find Kosovo on a map. To suggest that 4,000 American ground troops be sent there as part of a 28,000-strong NATO peacekeeping force, which President Clinton has done, would bog this nation in another quagmire at a time when U.S. military readiness is nearing its breaking point. But expect the Clinton administration to try anyway.... Give Mrs. Albright credit. She is trying to broker a deal between neighboring groups of people who have hated each other for centuries. But if the agreement hinges on the deployment of 4,000 U.S. ground troops, then Congress and the public should just say no. For those who aren't paying attention, U.S. troops are already in the Balkans. About 7,000 U.S. soldiers remain in Bosnia, where they were deployed as part of the 1995 Dayton Accords. Mr. Clinton had initially promised they'd be needed there for just one year...."

San Antonio Express-News 2/24/99 Austin Bay Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...So the Kosovo deal is on hold until mid-March, when more peace talks are planned. After more than two weeks of negotiations in Rambouillet, France, U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright failed this week to produce a peace agreement that would halt the Kosovo civil war between the Serbs and ethnic Albanians. Agreement or no agreement, the United States remains a step away from putting troops into Kosovo, another bitter Balkan corner where ethnic friction and thug leadership merge into genocide. ......Military strategists use the term "defeat in detail." This occurs when a comparatively weaker combatant secures victory over a larger and more powerful opponent through the piecemeal destruction of the stronger force...."

Pacific Stars And Stripes 2/27/99 Jim Lea "...Calling North Korea a "huge threat" to the United States, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said Thursday there can be no improvement in relations until American concerns about a suspected nuclear construction site are eased. Albright spoke on the eve of talks between Washington and Pyongyang on a U.S. demand for inspection of a suspected nuclear facility that are set to reopen Saturday. Albright also expressed deep concern about North Korea's missile development program.... She also said the United States has great concern over the development, deployment and export of long-range missiles by the North. But Albright urged legislators to release money Washington needs to pay for oil to fuel North Korea's conventional power plants...The Pentagon has said that the missile fired in August was a three-stage rocket with the third stage apparently solid-fueled. If the North possesses solid-fuel technology, U.S. Defense officials have said, it soon could build intercontinental ballistic missiles that will be a threat to the United States...."

Associated Press 2/25/99 George Gedda "...Secretary of State Madeleine Albright today called North Korea a "huge threat'' to the United States but rejected a congressional appeal for a suspension of food aid to that country.... Among the concerns listed by Albright were U.S. suspicions that North Korea may be embarked on a new nuclear program at a secret underground site, and its missile development program.... A congressional source, asking not to be identified, said Congress has been told about an alleged North Korean program to export homegrown heroin to earn sorely needed cash. Rep. Henry Hyde., R-Ill., said the U.S. food assistance program for North Korea enables that country to divert funds for its military buildup. He said such assistance should be cut off. ..."

AP 2/24/99 "…More than half of Americans say they favor U.S. participation in a NATO peacekeeping force in Kosovo, but four out of five think President Clinton should get approval from Congress first, says a new Gallup poll. People were about evenly divided when asked whether they favored a U.S. role in NATO airstrikes against Serb military installations if the Serbs and ethnic Albanians fail to reach a peace agreement to end their yearlong conflict. The poll of 1,014 adults taken Friday through Sunday had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points. …"

Washington Post 2/28/99 Charles Krauthammer "…Madeline Albright was hardly subtle in her invitation to the peace conference at Rambouillet. Addressing mainly the Serbs, who control the province of Kosovo and deny autonomy to its 90 percent Albanian population, the U.S. secretary of state basically said, "Make peace or die.".......And why is this an American problem? If the Europeans believe a NATO invasion of Yugoslavia will save the day, let them do it. They have the manpower and the arms to hold tiny Kosovo. If they don't have the will, it is not America's job to provide it…."

Global Intelligence Update 2/28/99 Red Alert Summary "…The Tuesday deadline for an agreement over Kosovo came and went as had the prior Saturday deadline. Serbia wasn't bombed and the Serbs didn't agree to let NATO peacekeepers into Kosovo. Indeed, by the weekend, Serb forces were digging in along Kosovo's borders with Macedonia (where peacekeepers would have been coming from), planting minefields, and surrounding predominantly Albanian towns. The March 15th date for a resumption of talks is, of course, a mere fig leaf. U.S. aircraft were already being rotated back to the United States. There were a host of reasons for the stand down…And of course, it was increasingly clear that attacking Serbia would have meant a serious and possibly irreparable breach with the Russians. The latter was the most important reason for declaring victory and going home. The most important event in the world this week was not the fact that the U.S. threw in the towel on Kosovo, but the extraordinary explosion that took place between the United States and China. We have been chronicling deteriorating U.S.- China relations for quite a while now, but this week's explosion between the two countries on the eve of a visit to China by Madeleine Albright was startling in its intensity. Triggered by the release of a State Department report criticizing China's human rights record, it was clear that U.S. policy makers knew the explosion was coming. Given that they knew that a breach in U.S.-China relations was in the works, they also clearly understood that a simultaneous breach with Russia was strategically unthinkable. This was one of the reasons they backed off on Kosovo. China and Russia are close enough to each other now without the U.S. deliberately driving them into each other's arms…."

Jewish Task Force 3/3/99 "…Last week, JTF began summarizing a reliable account which appeared in a well-known French newspaper proving that the so-called Racak "massacre," the incident which the West has treacherously used to slant world opinion against the Serbs in favor of their Albanian Muslim foes, was a fiction concocted by the terrorists of the Kosovo "Liberation" Army (KLA) and the Arabist news media…."

The Independent (UK) 3/4/99 Emma Daly Freeper marshmallow "…Yugoslav army forces are digging in positions along Kosovo's southern border with Macedonia and forcing thousands of Albanian villagers to flee, apparently in preparation to confront Nato troops should they try to march north….."

Michael Reagan Website 3/4/99 "…Their limbs askew, two bodies lay by a railway track Thursday morning: Serb brothers gunned down in the night by the well armed terrorists in the KLA. A third brother, his eyes bloodshot from sorrow and lack of sleep, identified the victims. Their bodies were found near their car, which was riddled up. They were on their way to meet the son of one of them, Miljan Mitrovic, a Yugoslav Army soldier who apparently has been captured by ethnic Albanian terrorists. a soldier, who was on the leave and coming home last night. The terrorists hit their care with several missiles fired from automatic weapons, according to, information service run by the Serbia Ministry of Information….Meanwhile, monitors arranged to move the Mitrovic family out of the village at their request - the only Serbs left in a village that once had hundreds. Their departure adds one more village to the nearly 100 that have been cleared of Serbs in the last year…."

AP via Drudge Alexander Dragicevic 3/7/99 "…The Serb-ruled part of Bosnia plummeted into a political crisis after international moves to dismiss its hard-line president and transfer this strategic city from exclusive Bosnian Serb control. In the wake of the moves, which took place Friday, hard-line Bosnian Serb President Nikola Poplasen refused an order by the top international official in the country to step down…"

UPI 3/6/99 Nancy Torner "…A club-wielding mob attacked American soldiers in the northeastern Bosnian Serb town of Ugljevik, leaving one Bosnian Serb dead. SFOR (NATO Special Forces) is viewing this as an isolated incident, " SFOR spokesman Maj. David Scanlon says…."

Associated Press 3/7/99 Jim Abrams "…Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott said Sunday the Senate will move to block money for any peacekeeping operation in Kosovo if the administration fails to meet conditions set by Congress. One condition, Lott said on "Fox News Sunday,'' would be to find a way to pay for the estimated $2 billion a year it would cost the United States to be part of a NATO force in the Serbian province. "Remember this: If that $2 billion is not paid for, that would come out of Social Security trust funds,'' Lott said…."

N.Y. Post 3/9/99 Deborah Orin Andy Soltis "…House Speaker Dennis Hastert scheduled a vote for Thursday on sending U.S. troops to Kosovo - a step that amounts to a no-confidence motion on a key element of the Clinton administration policy in the Balkans. The non-binding resolution will ask whether Americans should be part of a NATO peacekeeping force once the two sides in the war-torn Serbian province agree on a proposed peace plan. "I have admitted frankly to the president and his senior advisers that I have reservations regarding the wisdom of deploying additional U.S. troops to the former Yugoslavia," Hastert said. "In my judgment, members of Congress have a solemn duty to vote before thousands of American men and women are placed in harm's way," he said…."

Wall Street Journal 3/9/99 Tom Delay "…The U.S. should not send its troops to Kosovo for a dangerous, open-ended and ill-defined peacemaking mission. The Clinton administration has persistently failed to commit itself to an exit strategy in Bosnia. Similarly, the Kosovo initiative has no timetable, no rules of engagement and no greater strategic plan for the region. Further ill-defined U.S. military involvement in the Balkans is, for many reasons, a risky mistake. The proposed Kosovo mission is much more dangerous than the one in Bosnia. It cannot honestly be called a peacekeeping mission because there is not even the semblance of a cease-fire between the battling parties, who refuse to negotiate directly with one another. No number of soldiers can keep the peace where none exists. And unlike the request for assistance by the Bosnians, NATO has not been invited into Kosovo. In fact, both factions have rejected the accord proposed at Rambouillet, France…"

AP Katarine Kratovac 3/10/99 "… A top U.S. negotiator failed to persuade Yugoslavia's president to sign onto a new Kosovo peace deal Wednesday. Along the border, Yugoslav forces backed by tanks torched the homes of ethnic Albanians and sent hundreds fleeing…. Holbrooke pressed Milosevic to accept a peace plan or risk NATO strikes during more than four hours of face-to-face meetings Wednesday but instead the hard-line Yugoslav leader declared afterwards: ``Foreign troops have no business in our country.'' Milosevic said the U.S.-sponsored peace plan is ``a good basis'' for a political settlement of the Kosovo crisis. But he continued to reject the key provision -- the deployment of NATO troops to police it. More than 2,000 people have died and 300,000 have been displaced in a year of fighting between Yugoslav troops and ethnic Albanian rebels in Kosovo. Milosevic believes stationing NATO forces is tantamount to Western intervention in Yugoslavia, made up of Serbia and the much-smaller Montenegro. Kosovo is a Serbian province, but 90 percent of its 2 million people are ethnic Albanian…."

Reuters 3/10/99 "…The Clinton administration suffered two setbacks in its Kosovo policy Wednesday as talks with Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic failed and Congress planned to debate the proposed deployment of U.S. troops. House Speaker Dennis Hastert set the debate for Thursday, when divided views on the wisdom of sending more American forces on an overseas mission to a small but strategic Balkan trouble spot are expected to pour forth. Hours later, administration officials were struggling to decide next steps after U.S. Balkan peace envoy Richard Holbrooke failed to persuade Milosevic during eight hours of talks to accept a Kosovo peace deal…"

The New York Times 3/12/99 A. M. Rosenthal "… 3. The NATO treaty was drawn up, and signed by the U.S., to protect Western Europe against the Soviet Union. Now the U.S. and other NATO members use the alliance to bomb or threaten countries involved in a civil and religious war, as in Bosnia, or a movement for relief and independence, as in Serbia's Kosovo Province…."

Reuters 3/12/99 Philippa Fletcher "… Russia and Greece said Friday that Yugoslavia totally rejected having an armed foreign force in Kosovo, a key pillar of the West's ``last chance'' peace talks set to resume in Paris Monday.

Belgrade's uncompromising stand dashed Western hopes that the two country's foreign ministers could succeed in wresting agreement from President Slobodan Milosevic where U.S. envoy Richard Holbrooke had failed. ``Belgrade decisively and finally rejects the possibility of a foreign military or police presence in Kosovo,'' Russia's Itar-Tass news agency quoted Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov as saying after his meeting with Milosevic in the Yugoslav capital. ``The Yugoslav side said there is no need for peace troops...implementation can best be carried through by an extension of the current monitoring mission,'' Greek Foreign Minister George Papandreou said after his talks with Milosevic. Both Russia and Greece have traditionally friendly ties with fellow Orthodox Christian Serbia. Milosevic's blunt ``no'' brought a warning from a senior NATO official that he should not underestimate the alliance's determination to end the conflict in the Serbian province where fighting continued between Serb forces and ethnic Albanian guerrillas Friday…."

Reuters 3/11/99 Fox News Wire "…The House of Representatives Thursday backed the deployment of U.S. troops in Kosovo as part of any eventual NATO peacekeeping mission. The non-binding resolution, which carries no actual weight of law, authorized President Clinton to carry out plans to send 4,000 troops to the Balkan province as part of a 28,000-strong NATO force to implement a peace deal if it is reached. The House approved the resolution on a 219-191 vote. The House earlier had amended the resolution to call on Clinton to report to Congress on a variety of issues related to the deployment, including details on the rules of engagement for peacekeeping forces and an eventual exit strategy. The Clinton administration and many Democrats had objected to even debating the issue Thursday, fearing it could upset the fragile peace efforts underway in Kosovo…."

The London Telegraph 3/12/99 Freeper Marianne "…Apparently unmoved by the threat of Nato air strikes, Mr Milosevic told Mr Holbrooke that foreign troops had "no business" in Kosovo, according to a statement issued by the Yugoslav leader's office. His wife, Mirjana, widely believed to shape her husband's policies, also issued a statement calling for "all forms of resistance" against the United States, which she described as "the tyrant of the 20th Century". However, some elements of the KLA said that they were prepared to sign a deal…"

Global Intelligence Update 3/15/99 "… This past week Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic formally became part of NATO. This means that the mutual guarantees of assistance in time of war, that have been the essence of NATO for several generations, have now been extended to these three. If any of them are attacked then it is the legal and moral obligation of all NATO members to come to their assistance…. NATO has become defined in two ways. First, it has been defined, along with the European Union, as an alliance among democratic states. To be a bit more precise, it has been identified as an organization that motivates formerly non-democratic states to become democratic…. The second role that NATO has defined for itself derives from the first. If NATO is a club for democratic capitalist countries, and if its purpose is to motivate countries to be democratic and capitalist, then it follows that NATO should also punish countries that are not democratic and capitalist. One punishment is exclusion…. In extreme cases where the anti-democratic, anti-free market behavior of states goes beyond certain limits, NATO is seen as an instrument of rectification, imposing penalties on the transgressor, including military penalties. Serbia has become the exemplar of this treatment….NATO has, in other words, transformed itself from a defensive alliance against the Soviet Union, into a system of relations designed to regulate the internal political, economic and social relations of not only member countries, but also of non-members on the periphery of the NATO alliance…If the Russian view of the West has become as negative as it appears from what they say, then Russia will assume the worst of the West and act preemptively. In that case, it is a race over who will act first in the Baltics, Ukraine, and Slovakia…"

LA Times 3/14/99 Alan Tonelson Ted Galen Carpenter Freeper stralu "…Before President Bill Clinton sends a proposed 4,000 U.S. soldiers on a peacekeeping mission to Kosovo, he should consider this sobering reality: Peacekeeping operations all over the world are falling apart, despite the investment of billions of U.S. dollars and several dozen lives. Rather than continue pushing America's luck in regions irrelevant to the nation's security and well-being, Clinton should end this grandiose post-Cold War experiment in fixing failed states…"

The Political Review 3/15/99 Jon Dougherty "…The House last week narrowly approved the Clinton State Department's ambitious goal of placing U.S. troops in the dangerous civil war brewing in Kosovo between ethnic Albanian rebels and the lawful Serb government of Slobodan Milosevic. This act of pure imperialism on the part of the U.S. and its new pawn, NATO, is one of the most immoral uses for military forces ever conceived but, for the moment, let's just assume there is a reason for it. Well, what is it? What is the reason U.S. troops -- not threatened by anything Yugoslavia intends to do to keep one of it's own 'states' from seceding -- and NATO forces must be deployed in Kosovo? Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, along with President Clinton and key Pentagon commanders have only told Americans, "We must do this for the safety and security of the region," whatever that is supposed to mean. Whose safety and security? Kosovar Albanians? That must be it because Yugoslavia doesn't want any agreement that strips it of full control over one of it's own provinces -- anymore than the U.S. wants an outside coalition of nations dictating our internal policies.

Further, none of these people who advocate intervention has satisfactorily explained why American soldiers must risk their lives to defend Kosovo or why these people feel it is the right of the United States to force a peace settlement on Yugoslavia. And, no one has offered any reasonable and honest explanations for using NATO in this exercise, considering NATO was formed as a defensive force to counter the old Soviet Warsaw Pact during the first Cold War…"

Reuters via Central Europe Online 3/15/99 "…Reports that five Macedonian waiters beat up 22 British soldiers have filled many with pride in the former Yugoslav republic, where about 10,000 NATO troops are viewed with increasing mistrust. NATO sources said the incident was little more than a bar brawl involving drunken soldiers just over a week ago, but it has dominated talk at cafes across the capital Skopje…. Macedonia, eager to join NATO, offered to be the launch pad for a 28,000-strong NATO-led peacekeeping force the West wants to send to neighboring Kosovo if the Yugoslav government and Kosovo's ethnic Albanians agree a peace settlement. But some Macedonians said they have had enough of the troops stationed in their landlocked Balkan country of two million, which has a big ethnic Albanian minority of its own. Many fear Belgrade's opposition to the force will drag their republic -- the only one to leave the old Yugoslavia without a shot fired -- into the conflict raging next door…."

Fox Newswire 3/16/99 Reuters Freeper marshmallow "…The Yugoslav military has moved more than 30,000 Serbian troops into and near Kosovo and is "bracing for war'' with NATO as Serb officials take part in peace talks near Paris, the United States said Tuesday…."

Kosovan and Serbian Ministries of Information 3/17/99 by Freeper ohmlaw98 "…KOSOVO: "The credibility of NATO is at stake now that Serbia has engaged in a large-scale offensive and massed troops and armor in Kosova to defy it."........ SERBIA: ''We have no other country. We are the army which exists to defend its country and the people. Since our people decided to defend its country then we will be in front of the people. In that name I obligate you to fulfil our military and patriotic task with dignity and pride'', said Gen. Pavkovic...."

STRATFOR's Global Intelligence Update 3/17/99 "…Unless Belgrade suddenly reverses itself, which is always possible, the stage is now set for armed conflict between NATO and Serbia. The expectation is that air attacks on Yugoslavia will parallel those in Iraq. In Iraq, the United States and its allies have largely determined the scope and tempo of air operations. Iraq has essentially absorbed those air strikes without launching its own military counter-operations. To be more precise, Iraq has, on occasion, appeared to try to interfere with air strikes using anti-aircraft systems and some air interception, but Iraq has never tried to respond with ground operations outside of Iraq. It has appeared, at least publicly, to be a basic assumption in NATO's strategy that Serbia would follow the same pattern….We do not know how Belgrade is planning to respond to NATO air attacks nor even if they are planning to capitulate at the last minute. But assuming that maintaining the territorial integrity of their country is as important to the Serbs as it is to most countries, it is important to consider what military cards the Belgrade has available, should it choose not to behave like Baghdad…. Serbia's primary military goal would be political: to raise the cost of anti-Serb operations higher than NATO in general and the United States in particular would find endurable. The key to achieving this goal is to inflict casualties and take prisoners…"

Fox Newswire 3/18/99 Reuters Freeper marshmallow "…U.S. and NATO forces are ready to strike Serb targets "very quickly'' with cruise missiles and bombs but are unlikely to act on Kosovo until diplomats, Western observers and aid workers are removed from Yugoslavia, the United States said Thursday…."

Fox Newswire 3/18/99 "…The United States urged its citizens to leave Yugoslavia Thursday ahead of possible NATO air strikes and President Clinton was to meet the leaders of Congress Friday to discuss the crisis in Kosovo.

Clinton will seek to convince the skeptical Republican leaders of Congress of the wisdom of military action against Yugoslavia if it fails to sign a peace accord designed to end the conflict in the southern Yugoslav province.

Kosovo's ethnic Albanians, who are fighting for independence from Yugoslavia, signed the document Thursday but Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic rejected it and his forces appeared to be preparing for war in the province…."

Kosova Daily Report, Kosova Ministry of Information 3/18/99 Freeper ohmlaw98 "…"There are probably now 16,000 to 21,000 Serb forces gathered around the perimeter of Kosovo," Pentagon spokesman Ken Bacon said Tuesday. Some 14,000 to 18,000 Serb troops are already in Kosova, he said. They (the Serbs) "are certainly bracing for war", Bacon told reporters. Meanwhile, the White House expressed grave concern Wednesday about large-scale Serbian troop movements in and near Kosova and warned the Serbs not to launch an offensive against ethnic Albanians, CNN reported. White House Deputy National Security Adviser James Steinberg said NATO was "prepared to take actions" in response…."

AP BREAKING NEWS 3/23/99 "…Azerbaijan has detained a Russian cargo plane carrying six MiG jet fighters that may have been heading to Yugoslavia, news reports said today. The Russian AN-124 cargo plane arrived in Azerbaijan's capital last Thursday for refueling. But customs agents prevented the plane from leaving after finding the jet fighters and other military equipment aboard along with 30 pilots and technicians, the Turan news agency reported. The crew said initially that the plane was heading for Yugoslavia, a Russian ally that is under an international arms embargo. But the crew said later that they were going to North Korea, Turan reported. The crew has refused to provide information on where their flight originated and other details sought by Azeri officials, who suspect the crew members are mercenaries…"

The Daily Republican 3/23/99 Jan Oberg Freeper hope "…In a long-term perspective, we are now witnessing the third round of Western-aided destruction of former Yugoslavia. First, there were the violence in Slovenia and Croatia; then Bosnia-Hercegovina and now present Yugoslavia/Kosovo threatening to not spill over into but drag Macedonia down in international warfare. In all cases, one or more actors were armed by Western powers, in all cases the UN was squeezed out and NATO came in, in all cases violence was not prevented in time and everywhere some peace plan was introduced that secured Western control and permits use of unlimited force "if necessary" - and in all cases ordinary citizens are the main victims…."

Reuters 3/23/99 "…A deeply divided Senate Tuesday backed President Clinton on the Kosovo crisis and supported impending NATO air strikes against Serb targets. The Senate voted 58-41 to authorize U.S. participation in military strikes designed to force Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to halt an offensive against ethnic Albanians in the Serbian province of Kosovo and sign a peace deal….."

STRATFOR's Global Intelligence Update 3/23/99 "… Russia has been consistent in its opposition to the use of military force against Yugoslavia, particularly by NATO, since the crisis emerged. Primakov argued on March 23 that such an attack would fundamentally change "the nature of international order," as Yugoslavia was not an aggressor against foreign countries. "Maybe someone would like to make an air strike against Turkey because the Kurdish problem hasn't been solved yet," he mused, "Or maybe against Spain because the Basque problem has not been solved." Primakov insisted that all diplomatic options had not been exhausted, while Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Vladimir Rakhmanin repeated the argument that, "One cannot use force in international relations without the agreement of the UN Security Council." The Kosovo crisis strikes a deep chord in Moscow, and has been the exceptional case uniting Russia's contentious political factions []. Moscow not only opposes the use of force against its traditional Slavic ally, but also sees NATO action as a dangerous precedent, furthering the encirclement of and threat to Russia itself. Already incensed at the geographic expansion of NATO, Russia is fiercely opposed to the expansion of NATO's mission….Also on March 23, Vafa Goulizade, senior foreign policy advisor to Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev, announced that a Russian cargo plane carrying six MiG fighters and 30 pilots and technicians had been detained at Baku's Bina airport on March 18. According to Goulizade, the Antonov An-124's crew had admitted that the plane was bound for Yugoslavia. According to Azerbaijani authorities, the crew later repeatedly changed their story, claiming to be bound alternatively for North Korea or the Czech Republic….Whichever proves to be the real story, the implications are the same. It is important not to underestimate Moscow's resentment of the way in which Russia has been marginalized in international affairs. And deeper still is Russia's opposition to what it sees as the tightening noose being drawn around it by the U.S. and NATO…"

Drudge 3/23/99 "… Russia's Defense and Foreign Ministries have been working on options to act, in connection with possible NATO strikes against Yugoslavia... All actions by the Defense Ministry will be aimed at increasing the combat readiness of Russia's armed forces. According to the information available to ITAR-TASS newswire on Wednesday morning, in case the situation takes an unfavorable turn for Russia, the Ministry is preparing proposals on possible deployment of tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Byelorussia. Military officials are seriously considering the possibility of Russia's withdrawal from earlier agreements within the framework of the Russian-US commission as regards Russian arms supplies to Iran. Russia may order its peacekeepers in Bosnia and Herzegovina "not to take orders from NATO generals and only obey instructions from the Russian General Staff"... DEVELOPING HOT…"

The Washington Times 3/12/99 Bill Gertz "…Russia is recruiting spies, collecting technology, "sabotaging" international peacekeeping in the Balkans and using world organizations as cover, according to a classified CIA counterintelligence report. The report by the CIA's Counterintelligence Center said that Russian observers in the former Yugoslavia included many current and former intelligence officials who "conducted intelligence activities and cooperated with the Serbs," according to a report made available to The Washington Times. The CIA wrote the report to alert U.S. policy-makers to the problem of letting Russia participate in the Kosovo Verification Mission set up late last year by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe The spying has been facilitated by "a conscious international effort to include Russians in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia," the report said…"

STRATFOR's Global Intelligence Update 3/21/99 Freeper Brian Mosely "…In threatening air strikes against Serbia over Kosovo, Bill Clinton, the anti-war protestor, is following the same policies as Lyndon Johnson, the man he protested against. Air strikes, isolated from a general warfighting strategy, do not convince adversaries of resolve but of weakness. Serbia, like North Vietnam, is drawing the conclusion that the U.S. is not prepared to wage war against Serbia in an effective way. Like Vietnam, Serbia sees weakness in U.S. policy…"

AP 3/20/99 Freeper pea eye "…An investigation by an international war crimes tribunal recommended that three Croatian generals be indicted for leading the army to summary executions, indiscriminate shelling of Serb civilian populations and ``ethnic cleansing'' during a 1995 assault against the Serbs, The New York Times reported Sunday. In the course of the three-year investigation into the assault, the United States has failed to provide critical evidence requested by the tribunal, according to tribunal documents and officials, the newspaper said. The August 1995 Croatian offensive, which drove some 100,000 Serbs from a large area of Croatia over four days, was carried out by a Croatian army that had been schooled in part by a group of retired U.S. military officers, the Times reported…."

Drudge 3/24/99 "…MURMANSK (Itar-Tass) - Vice-Admiral Vyacheslav Popov, Commander of Russia's Northern Fleet, in comment on the NATO decision to deliver airstrikes against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, told Itar-Tass on Wednesday in an exclusive interview that "the Northern Fleet is ready to carry out any order issued by the Supreme Command to defend Russia's interests". …"

Drudge 3/24/99 "…BELGRADE (Itar-Tass) - NATO threats triggered an unprecedented wave of patriotism in Yugoslavia and people back the tough stance of President Slobodan Milosevic. "If Milosevic has retreated, he would have lost his post", a young street vendor told Tass on Wednesday adding that "it is better to die proudly than to live in disgrace". …Experts note that the United States and NATO helped raise the patriotism in Yugoslavia to a level which is unprecedented in post-World War history. They recall that a year or two ago many people, mostly from Belgrade intelligentsia, actually reconciled with the feared loss of Kosovo to Albanians. But such sentiments began to disappear when the first threats to bomb Yugoslavia were voiced last autumn…."

AP 3/24/99 Robert Reid "… U.S. B-52 bombers took off from their base in Britain today, and air raid sirens sounded in Kosovo's capital after NATO gave the go-ahead for allied airstrikes on Yugoslavia. Eight B-52 bombers armed with 20 cruise missiles each for possible attacks on Serb air defenses flew out of their base in Gloucestershire, England, this morning, the British news agency Press Association reported…."

United Press International 3/24/99 Freeper Jai "…Russia is considering a range of retaliatory measures if NATO goes ahead with plans to bombard Yugoslav positions within the next 24 hours. Among the steps being considered are shipments of armaments to Yugoslavia, which would in Moscow's opinion be free of a U.N. Security Council-imposed embargo on arms sales after the attack; deployment of Russian nuclear warheads in Belarus; and resumption of recently curtailed arms sales to Iran, breaking an agreement between Moscow and Washington. . . ."

Agence France-Presse 3/24/99 Freeper Jai "…China Wednesday warned any military action against Yugoslavia over Kosovo would be a breach of international law, and called for further dialogue to resolve the impasse between Belgrade and the Western alliance. "The question of Kosovo is an internal matter of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY)," Chinese ambassador to the UN Qin Huasun was quoted as saying by Beijing's official Xinhua news agency. . . . "

Associated Press 3/24/99 Greg Myre "… Boris Yeltsin pulled Russia out of its partnership with NATO on Wednesday and warned of possible further steps to protest the airstrikes against Yugoslavia -- attacks that he called deeply troubling. If the conflict grows, Russia reserves the right to take ``adequate measures, including of a military character, to ensure its own and general European security,'' Yeltsin said after airstrikes began. His statement did not elaborate. ``Russia is deeply upset by NATO's military action against sovereign Yugoslavia, which is nothing more than open aggression,'' Yeltsin said. NATO strikes began a few hours after Yeltsin spoke with President Clinton for more than half an hour by phone, urging him not to take the ``tragic step'' of bombing. Yeltsin also called for an immediate session of the U.N. Security Council…."


Times Newspapers 3/24/99 Roger Boyes Eske Wright "…THE Kosovo Liberation Army, which has won the support of the West for its guerrilla struggle against the heavy armour of the Serbs, is a Marxist-led force funded by dubious sources, including drug money. That is the judgment of senior police officers across Europe. An investigation by The Times has established that police forces in three Western European countries, together with Europol, the European police authority, are separately investigating growing evidence that drug money is funding the KLA's leap from obscurity to power. The financing of the Kosovo guerrilla war poses critical questions and it sorely tests claims to an "ethical" foreign policy. Should the West back a guerrilla army that appears to be partly financed by organised crime? Could the KLA's need for funds be fuelling the heroin trade across Europe? The KLA has become an essential component of the Kosovo peace agreement; without it, there would be no equal negotiating partner for the Belgrade Government…."

Fox News 3/24/99 Freeper weston "…Fox News reporting over 100 cruise missles have been launched. Some have hit an airport in Montenegro. This was unexpected since Montenegro has adopted policies in opposition to Melocevic…" Freeper stormchaser "…CNN says 70 planes took off form the bas in ITaly..including 10 f-117's stealths…" Freeper weston "…Fox now reporting this is the first time America has ever attacked a soverign nation that has not ventured out of it's own country…."

New York Daily News 3/24/99 Lars Erik Nelson "…You have heard this all before. We must go to war to defend our credibility as a great power. We must fight now or risk the domino effect of a spreading conflict. We must use bombs to halt a slaughter of innocents. We must fight to protect our jobs. President Clinton tried manfully yesterday to justify U.S. military intervention in Kosovo. But he was using arguments that he did not accept, a generation ago, as a justification for the war in Vietnam. He was right then. He's wrong now. The Kosovo conflict is a vicious religious/civil war between two peoples, the Orthodox Christian Serbs and the Muslim Albanian Kosovars, that goes back at least 600 years. There is zero U.S. national interest in who wins….The Serbs want to retain sovereignty over Kosovo. The Kosovars want independence. A Kosovo Liberation Army has devised a cynical but effective strategy to gain our backing: It murders Serb policemen. Vengeful Serbs, claiming to seek out guerrillas, massacre innocent Kosovars and drive tens of thousands of others from their homes — all on nightly television…."

The Washington Times 3/19/99 John Solomon AP "…Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott's brother-in-law received thousands of dollars from an associate of Radovan Karadzic around the time he tried to arrange the accused Bosnian war criminal's surrender in 1997, according to lawyers and government officials. The brother-in-law, Cody P. Shearer, has recently reported receiving mail threats from Bosnian figures who say he took the money in exchange for promises to win leniency for Mr. Karadzic on the war crimes charges. The mail threats demand that he pay Mr. Karadzic's family $1 million or risk "tragedy." Mr. Shearer's attorney denies his client ever promised to win leniency for Mr. Karadzic. He says the money he received was reimbursement for expenses he incurred while helping a Karadzic associate pursue peace in Bosnia. Even before Mr. Shearer reported the threats, the State Department inspector general and the FBI had begun investigating whether he had misrepresented his ties to the Clinton administration in his dealings with the Bosnian figures, several government officials told the Associated Press. The contacts were first disclosed last fall by former GOP congressional investigator David Bossie, who wrote about them in The Washington Times. U.S. officials said then that Mr. Shearer was not acting on behalf of the United States. A senior U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the State Department's current assessment is that Mr. Karadzic tried to use the Shearer connection to claim influence with Mr. Talbott and President Clinton and "sow seeds of discontent" among Bosnian Serbs….Mr. Shearer is the brother of Brooke Shearer, who is married to Mr. Talbott. Mr. Shearer's brother, Derek, was Mr. Clinton's ambassador to Finland…."

Reuters 3/24/99 "…Conceived in the Cold War and long cloaked in secrecy in the American heartland, the multi-billion-dollar B-2 stealth bomber got its first test in combat Wednesday in a NATO raid on Yugoslavia. Two of the sleek, black radar-evading jets attacked military targets in Yugoslavia, carrying 2,000-pound (900 kg) satellite-guided bombs capable of shattering hardened command facilities, Air Force officials told Reuters. Defense Secretary William Cohen said the B-2s performed as advertised….. The stealth bombers, which look like angular boomerangs, each cost $2.1 billion, were part of a $43 billion U.S. fleet of 21 B-2s built by Northrop Grumman Corp. with special materials to virtually escape detection by enemy radar…."

Drudge Report 3/24/99 Yeltsin speech "… Only the Security Council of the United Nations has the right to take decisions regarding measures, including military measures, needed for the support or establishment of international peace and security. Such decisions regarding Yugoslavia have not been taken by the Security Council. This violates not only the UN charter, but also the Founding Act of mutual relations, cooperation and security between Russia and NATO. A dangerous precedent has been set creating a policy of dictate through force, placing in jeopardy the entire contemporary framework of international law. In fact, we speak of an attempt by NATO to enter the 21st century in the uniform of a world policeman. Russia will never agree to this….Those who have set off on this military adventure bear complete responsibility before their own peoples and the world community for the grave consequences to international stability. In the event the military conflict worsens, Russia retains the right to take adequate measures, including military ones, to defend itself and the overall security of Europe…."

3/25/99 BELGRADE (Itar-Tass) "… Yugoslavia's air defense troops have shot down two NATO's planes and six cruise missiles, the commander of the 3rd Army, Lieutenant-General Neboisa Pavkovic said on Serbian state television on Thursday. He said his army, depployed in southern Serbia, is part of Kosovo's Pristina Corps which he said took most on NATO's strikes last night…. Most of planes and missiles came from the direction of Macedonia and Albania, Pavkovic said. He said the Pristina Corps suffered minimal losses, without elabotrating, but the air raids caused a serious damage of civilian facilities and civilian victims, including among Serb refugees camped in the town of Prokuplje. Pavkovic said the Kosovo Liberation Army, or KLA, activated after NATO launched the military operation. KLA mounted several attacks on Serbian villages, army and police units in Orahovac, Srbca, Glogovac and Podujevo. Serbian telvision said about a thousand of Albanian guerrillas are staying near the border with Yugoslavia waiting for a signal for invasion of Kosovo…."

UN.Org 3/24/99 "…The United Nations Security Council met in emergency session on Wednesday night after NATO launched airstrikes against targets in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Several delegates described the NATO action as a last resort to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in Kosovo after the failure of all diplomatic efforts to find a peaceful solution. Security Council resolutions recognized that the situation in Kosovo was a threat to regional peace and security and invoked Chapter VII of the Charter, they said. However, other representatives condemned what they described as the unilateral use of force against a sovereign State, in violation of the United Nations Charter and without Security Council authorization. …. "

Freeper Alas Babylon reports 3/24/99 on all channels speech by Clinton "…He doesn't mention that Kosovo is PART of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, just like New York or Florida are part of the USA…." Freeper walkin man adds "…

We have to go and fight in Kosovo cause of the bad things going on there. So I'm just wondering when we are going into Africa to stop the selling of Christians children into slavery by Muslims. At the same time we must attack Red China for the rape of Tibet and also at the same time North Korea for starving their own people…"

Reuters 3/24/99 "…A NATO plane was shot down over northern Kosovo Wednesday as the 19-member Western alliance unleashed air attacks across Yugoslavia, a NATO spokesman at the Vicenza airbase in Italy said. ``It happened in the northern region (of Kosovo),'' the spokesman told Reuters by telephone. ``We do not know what kind of plane or from which base it came from.'' …"

Reuters 3/24/99 Philip Pullella Freeper Earl B. "…A deathly silence fell over the ship at 1700 GMT after General Quarters, or battle stations, was announced over the scratchy public address system. "I told my men: 'This is a combat situation, unfortunately some members of the force that we are targeting may die,"' Jenkins said. "This is not a softball game. They (my men) understand what we have to do. There will not be any cheering tonight. There will not be any high-fiving tonight," he said. Just before the first missiles were fired, the ship's Christian chaplain, Lieutenant Frederick McGuffin, got on the horn and read a prayer. "Lord, we come to you this evening wondering what it may hold. We ask that you watch over us," he said…."

AP wire service 3/24/99 "…With NATO bombs and cruise missiles battering Yugoslavia, NATO troops in nearby Bosnia stepped up security measures Wednesday in response to unspecified threats. A statement from NATO provided no additional information about the threats, saying only they were related to the situation in Kosovo and made by persons ``who stand to gain by destabilizing the peace process.'' …"

Jane's Defence Weekly 3/25/99 "…UNNOTICED as the eyes of the world have focused on Kosovo is the dramatic build-up of weapons in neighbouring Macedonia. In addition to the 20,000 NATO troops stationed in the country, ready for some eventual intervention in Kosovo, Bulgaria has agreed to supply 150 main battle tanks and 150 artillery pieces to the Macedonian army. What are they for?…"

Reuters 3/24/99 "…The Kosovo crisis presented President Clinton with the biggest test of his credibility among Americans since the Senate acquitted him of impeachment charges five weeks ago. Clinton's critics in Congress, some of whom tried to have the president removed from office over the Monica Lewinsky affair, chose to support U.S. forces in action against Serb targets despite their distaste for Clinton's overall Kosovo policy. "Whatever our reservations about the president's actions in the Balkans, let no one doubt that the Congress and the American people stand united behind our men and women who are bravely heeding the call of duty there,'' said Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, a Mississippi Republican…."

Hellenic Orthodox Traditionalist Church of America 3/23/99 Metropolitan Archbishop PAVLOS to Clinton "...Again I write to you as a Christian and as an American. Sir, we are poised on the brink of disaster, a disaster that is manifold in its dimensions and character. As I expressed to you in my previous letter this imminent and unprovoked attack against Yugoslavia is immoral. Even the trepidation alone that we have instilled in the people of Yugoslavia is a horror. The fact that this is exactly one of our intentions is offensive. Legally speaking our country is heading toward the perpetration of a crime of international proportions. We are acting without a UN mandate. We are violating the very charter of the NATO Pact. NATO is acting without a UN mandate. We are violating every international law governing respect for the sovereignty of nations. We are acting without the mandate of the American people. Do the American people truly believe our national interests are at stake? A recent CBS Radio broadcast quoted a poll that said 50% of Americans cannot find Kosovo on a map! Is this the well-informed constituency that gives us a mandate to attack Yugoslavia? I ask again by what authority do we act? Is it the authority of the law of God, the law of our country, or international law? ..."

Interfax 3/25/99 "...Russia will not use force to settle the Kosovo conflict. "We are not discussing using force in response to force," Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov told Interfax after a Thursday morning meeting with Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov. On the possibility of Russia's unilaterally dropping sanctions on arms deliveries to Yugoslavia, Ivanov said, "An aggression was launched against a sovereign country that did not start any aggression, and under the U.N. charter other countries U.N. members may offer assistance to such a country." He did not specify what assistance could be given..."

USA Today 11/29/98 AP "...The man accused of orchestrating the U.S. Embassy bombings in Africa operates a terrorist network out of Albania that has infiltrated other parts of Europe, The Sunday Times reported. The newspaper quoted Fatos Klosi, the head of the Albanian intelligence service, as saying a network run by Saudi exile Osama Bin Laden sent units to fight in the Serbian province of Kosovo. Bin Laden is believed to have established an Albanian operation in 1994 after telling the government he headed a wealthy Saudi humanitarian agency wanting to help Albania, the newspaper reported. Klosi said he believed terrorists had already infiltrated other parts of Europe from bases in Albania. Interpol believes more than 100,000 blank Albanian passports were stolen in riots last year, providing ample opportunity for terrorists to acquire false papers, the newspaper said...."

Serbian Unity Congress 10/8/98 The European Stella Jatras "...The Jerusalem Post said it best when it reported on Sept 14, 1998 regarding Kosovo, "Diplomats in the region say Bosnia was the first bastion of Islamic power. The autonomous Yugoslav region of Kosovo promises to be the second. During the current rebellion against the Yugoslav army, the ethnic Albanians in the province, most of whom are Moslem, have been provided with financial and military support from Islamic countries. They are being bolstered by hundreds of Iranian fighters, or Mujahedeen, who infiltrated from nearly Albania and call themselves the Kosovo Liberation Army." What we are seeing in Kosovo is an Islamic army that has been trained in Osama bin Laden's terrorists camps in Afghanistan. Although we cannot rule out that the recent massacres were perpetrated by the forces of Slobodan Milosevic, we must ask ourselves the question, who has the most to gain from these horrendous massacres (or however many it may take to get NATO to bomb) considering the KLA is losing on the battlefield? Furthermore, the method of the killings are exactly the same methods that are used in Algeria by Algerian fundamentalists who have thus far literally butchered over 80,000 by slitting of throats. Oddly enough, there have not been any calls to bomb the Algerian government on a humanitarian basis...."

WorldNetDaily 3/25/99 William Westmiller "...When the first bomb dropped on Serbian forces in Kosovo, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization died. Established fifty years ago as a purely defensive organization, NATO has violated its own founding principles by initiating an offensive war against another sovereign nation. The assault will fail and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization will cease to exist. The bombing will fail because the exalted military power of the great western nations cannot stop the despicable assault on Albanian Kosovars. The victims are not being killed by A-6 missiles, or tank assaults, or by battalions of Serbian soldiers; they are being killed with a single bullet to the head. No cruise missile can knock that pistol out of the hands of each assailant. Kosovo homes aren't being strafed with napalm by fighter aircraft; they're being torched with a single match. We'll be treated to video clips of the pinpoint destruction of vacant buildings and superfluous facilities across Serbia, but the bombing will be totally ineffective against the design and intents of Slobodan Milosevic. This is hand-to-hand combat that NATO can't survive...."

Government of the FRY 3/25/99 "...Yugoslav Prime Minister Momir Bulatovic announced over Radio-TV Serbia and other TV stations in the country Wednesday night that, in keeping with its constitutional powers, the Federal Government had declared a state of war in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. "NATO this evening carried out aggression on the FRY. A sovereign country has been attacked contrary to all the principles and norms of internatinal law. For that reason, the Federal Government has decided to turn the declared state of an immediate war threat into a state of war..... President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic on Wednesday made statement to the Yugoslav public. He said: "Dear citizens, I believe that National Assembly did the right thing when it decided not to accept the presence of the foreign troops in our territory. This decision was made unanimously by the National Assembly, which proves the unity of all the citizens of our country and their commitment to the independence and freedom and unhindered development of our country and all its citizens. This is not all about Kosmet, although Kosmet is extremely important to us, this is about the freedom of our whole country, and Kosmet would only represent a door through which foreign troops were to come and question this greatest value. They selected this door because it was assumed that ethnic Albanian separatist movement would be there, and not the Yugoslav Army and all the citizens of this country, and that in such a way our country would lose gradually its independence and freedom. The only correct decision that could be made was refusal to accept foreign troops in our territory. However, we want to continue a persistent advocating of peaceful solution to Kosovo-Metohija problem....."

Associated Press 3/25/99 Barry Renfrew "...President Boris Yeltsin said today that Russia has decided not to use force to counter NATO attacks against Yugoslavia and will continue its efforts to find a peaceful solution to the Kosovo conflict. "Russia has a number of extreme measures in store, but we decided not to use them so far," Yeltsin said after meeting with his top ministers at the Kremlin. "Morally we are above America."..... "We would have liked to use grenades, but all we had were eggs," said protester Denis Yasov in St. Petersburg..... But after its initial harsh reaction to the bombings, Moscow appeared to be backing away from confrontation with the United States and its NATO allies. The ITAR-Tass news agency reported today that Russia would keep its mission at NATO headquarters in Brussels open and apparently would continue to take part in other alliance programs. Despite its staunch support for Yugoslavia, Russia's options are limited. It is no longer a major military power, and it desperately wants Western aid to revive its shattered economy..."

San Jose Mercury News 3/25/99 Luba Brezhnev "... Most Americans are not aware of the very important reason for the mutual hate between Serbs and Albanians, which has deep roots in history. Americans and the president should be reminded that the Serbs were the only people within Yugoslavia who fought against Hitler during World War II. In 1940, Hitler's Axis included almost all the countries that surround Yugoslavia. Greece and Yugoslavia were the only countries in the area that firmly refused to collaborate with Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. Massive anti-fascist demonstrations spread through the country. Infuriated by the unwillingness to submit, Hitler, in April 1941, ordered the bombing of the largest Yugoslavian cities, including Belgrade. The Axis army occupied Yugoslavia and divided it into several zones. Bosnia and Herzegovina were made into a part of Croatia, a pro-fascist independent state, ruled by the Ustashi, the fascist movement that controlled Croatia during the war. The Germans awarded control over Kosovo to the devoted ethnic Albanians, who were, at that time, among the most fanatical allies of fascist Italy. In Croatia, the local authorities built death camps, in which 350,000 to 450,000 Serbs, Jews and Gypsies died. The ethnic Albanians played an active role in the policy of genocide against the Serbs and others. In response to these atrocities, the Serbs organized a powerful partisan movement, the National Front, which was headed by Tito, who was sympathetic enough to allow Albanian refugees to live on Serbian soil after the war. With help from the Red Army, the Serbs drove the Nazis from Yugoslavia. The Serbs suffered, proportionally, the greatest loses of World War II -- 1.5 million dead, 10 percent of the population...."

Fox News 3/25/99 AP "....A statement faxed to The Associated Press by the Serb government today said: "Journalists of foreign public media from the countries that took part or allowed their territories to be used in NATO aggression on our country will be expelled.'' The order was issued "because they, by their reporting from the territory of the Republic of Serbia, strengthened the aggressive acts of NATO forces aimed at violent destruction of ... the territorial integrity of Serbia and Yugoslavia,'' said the statement. "This order is effective immediately,'' said the statement, which accused the foreign media of disinformation. It was signed by Information Minister Alexander Vucic. In a related development today, all but one of two dozen foreign journalists detained by police in Yugoslavia while watching NATO airstrikes were released...."

UPI Focus 3/25/99 "...At her weekly news conference today, Reno said the department's Office of Legal Counsel, which serves as the government's advising attorney, determined that the president had the constitutional authority to order the airstrikes in concert with NATO allies. The ongoing airstrikes mark the first time that NATO has attacked a sovereign nation. Previous airstrikes were conducted against Bosnian Serbs to end the fighting in that part of the former Yugoslavia, not against Yugoslavia itself. Reno said, "We were consulted and we advised the National Security Council that what the president proposed to do was constitutionally and otherwise lawfully authorized." In response to a question, the attorney general indicated that OLC did not examine the validity of the NATO action under international law, saying only, "We looked at what the president of the United States was constitutionally authorized to do."..."

AP John Diamond 3/25/99 "…Legal justification for the U.S.-led NATO air offensive against Yugoslavia is written in no diplomatic charter, international law or U.N. Security Council resolution. At best, scholars say, the Clinton administration can rely on an unwritten principle that allows intervention to protect people besieged by their own government. The administration lists a range of practical and political reasons for the attack. The trouble in Yugoslavia could spread to neighboring states, President Clinton said. Belgrade has failed to abide by international agreements. But for the strikes, Yugoslavia would continue attacks on the independence-seeking ethnic Albanians in the Kosovo province of Serbia. International legal scholars see scant legal backing for the NATO action beyond the unwritten principle of ``humanitarian intervention'' that permits nations to violate the sovereignty of another to stop widespread human rights abuses. ``I don't know any neighboring state that's been threatened, and I don't see how this (attack) can be self-defense,'' said Allan Gerson, a senior fellow in international law at the Council on Foreign Relations. As for Yugoslavia's refusal to settle the Kosovo crisis peacefully, he said, ``I don't know of any precedent that gives you the right to go to war against any party that refuses to reach a settlement at the peace table.'' But Gerson said the strictures of international law must move aside in an emergency. ``When you have massive human rights abuses, it's important that you respond immediately,'' he said…."

BBC News 3/24/99 "…Albanians claim that they are its original inhabitants, being the descendants of the ancient Illyrians. The Serbs say that Kosovo lay at the heart of its medieval kingdoms and that during the middle ages few, if any, Albanians lived amongst them. The Serbs buttress their claim by pointing to their ancient monasteries and churches which dot the landscape. A key date in Kosovo's history is the June 28, 1389. According to classical Serbian history, the Serbian Prince Lazar fought the invading Ottoman Turks at Kosovo Polje (The Field of Blackbirds) - and lost. Although his death was celebrated as glorious sacrifice, the defeat opened the gates to a Turkish advance which would only be checked some 300 years later at the gates of Vienna…. By 1459, all of Serbia, including Kosovo, had fallen under Turkish rule. Slowly but surely, the population balance began to change as the then-majority Serbs migrated northwards to Bosnia, the Austrian and Hungarian lands. Following a failed uprising in 1689, the numbers of Serbs emigrating began to escalate. They were replaced by mostly Muslim Albanians who came to Kosovo's fertile lands from the hostile mountains of Albania proper. From 1878, Serbia was a fully independent state again but Kosovo still lay under Ottoman rule. This year was also important for Albanians as it saw the foundation of the League of Prizren, which marks the birth of modern Albanian nationalism, not just in Kosovo but for all Albanians. By 1912, Serbia and the other independent Balkan states joined together to drive the Turks out of their remaining possessions in Europe. For Kosovo's Serbs, the arrival of the Serbian Army was a liberation. For Albanians, by now the majority population, it was nothing short of an occupation, coupled with massacres and expulsions. During the First World War, the Serbian authorities were themselves driven out and, in 1915, Albanians took their revenge for 1912 by exacting reprisals on retreating Serbian troops. The Serbian revenge for this came in 1918 when the army of what was now Yugoslavia returned…. In 1941, most of Kosovo became part of an Italian-controlled Greater Albania. …..Tito's Yugoslav Partisans found it hard to recruit Albanian soldiers, but in the end they had some success when they appeared to promise Kosovo Albanians the right to unite with Albania after the war. When, in 1945, it became clear that this promise was not to be kept, the Yugoslav authorities were again faced with Albanian uprisings…..Until the 1960s the province was kept on a tight leash, but in 1974 it was granted full autonomy, which gave it almost the same rights as Yugoslavia's six republics. From this time on, Serbs complained of harassment by Albanians who were also demanding the status of a full republic for the province. Serbs were also worried because, thanks to Serb emigration and a high Albanian birth rate, the proportion of Serbs in the province had now fallen to a mere one for every nine Albanians. Manipulating these grievances, Slobodan Milosevic, then the head of the Serbian Communist Party, rose to supreme power. In 1989 he stripped Kosovo of its autonomy. However, his actions precipitated a crisis across the rest of former Yugoslavia which was to end in its bloody collapse. Under the leadership of Ibrahim Rugova, Kosovo Albanians opted for peaceful resistance to Serbian rule under Mr Milosevic, declaring their independence and running a parallel state. However, over the last two years Mr Rugova has come under increasing attack from radicals who claim that his pacifism is tantamount to passivity. The events of the last year, and the emergence of the Kosovo Liberation Army, show that there are enough Albanians who are prepared to take up arms against Serbia to seriously threaten its hold on the province…."

ZDNN 3/25/99 Maria Seminerio Freeper Brian Mosely "…The barrage of cruise missiles raining down on Yugoslavia in the ongoing NATO offensive is only the most visible element of the campaign. Behind the scenes, military technologists are using 'infowar' tactics borrowed from hackers to disrupt the Serbian telecommunications infrastructure. The barrage of cruise missiles raining down on Yugoslavia in the ongoing NATO offensive is only the most visible element of the campaign. Behind the scenes, military technologists are using 'infowar' tactics borrowed from hackers to disrupt the Serbian telecommunications infrastructure…."

STRATFOR's Global Intelligence Update 3/25/99 "… The Ukrainian Parliament issued a statement on March 24 calling NATO military action in Yugoslavia an "aggression against a sovereign state." The Parliament also urged the Ukrainian government to change the country's non-nuclear status due to the NATO air strikes in the Balkans. The resolution was approved by an overwhelming majority of the members of the Ukrainian Parliament -- 231 in favor and 43 opposed. …. Perhaps the most notable statement was made by the Head of the Communist party of Ukraine, Petro Symonenko, who suggested that the country's legislative body reconsider immediately Ukraine's relationship with NATO. "If we do not make a decision on the alliance, that may entail a change in relations with Russia," Symonenko told Russian press agency ITAR-TASS. He also argued that Ukraine's cooperation with NATO complicates Kiev's relations with the CIS, especially with Russia and Belarus. Symonenko proposed that Ukraine recall its ambassadors in NATO countries and coordinate its security matters in the future with Russia and Belarus. Nearly all political parties in the Ukrainian Parliament have denounced NATO military activities in Yugoslavia. However, Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, currently visiting Sweden, called the Parliament's proposal to rebuild a nuclear arsenal "emotional." Kuchma said that any efforts to change his country's nuclear status would complicate Ukraine's relations with the West and endanger European security. …"

Fox News 3/25/99 Renee Schilhab Freeper Bayou City "…As the U.S. began a second day of bombing against Yugoslavia on Thursday, questions about the effectiveness of an aerial assault without the backup of ground forces reverberated throughout Washington…."

John Birch Society - New American 3/15/99 William Norman Grigg "…As representatives of Kosovo’s Albanian population — including delegates from the KLA — and Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic met in Rambouillet, France to discuss "autonomy" for the province, Clinton Administration officials made it known that the President was prepared to deploy 4,000 U.S. servicemen to Kosovo as part of NATO’s "Operation Joint Guardian." They also made it clear that they did not consider it necessary to obtain congressional authorization for the deployment. In testimony offered on February 10th before the House International Affairs Committee, Under Secretary of State Thomas Pickering defended Bill Clinton’s unilateral decision to commit troops to Kosovo, claiming that "there is ample constitutional precedent for this type of action." While it is true that Congress on many occasions has abdicated its constitutional responsibilities in the face of presidential usurpation, such delinquencies do not constitute "constitutional precedent." Congressman Tom Campbell (R-CA) underscored that fact, pointedly informing Pickering that "previous constitutional violations do not justify subsequent ones."…Using such time-honored tactics, Bill Clinton is recreating the circumstances that led to the Somalia debacle in 1993: U.S. troops assigned to a UN-supervised "peacekeeping" mission, under foreign command, deployed to a region in which no "peace" exists to be kept…."There’s no doubt that bin Laden’s people have been in Kosovo helping to arm, equip, and train the KLA," Works declared. "Bin Laden’s the monster du jour, and here we are coming to the aid of his allies in the Balkans. There is a monster being created here, but in important ways it’s a monster of our own making. Hardly a day goes by without a terrorism alert at some U.S. embassy that has been targeted by bin Laden’s people, and the Administration’s policy in Kosovo is to help bin Laden, through the KLA, extend his reach in Europe. It almost seems as if the Clinton Administration’s policy is to guarantee more terrorism."…In his syndicated column for August 12, 1998, retired U.S. Army Colonel Harry G. Summers wrote that in Bosnia and Kosovo "we find ourselves championing the very Islamic fundamentalist terrorist groups who are our mortal enemies elsewhere."…"

AFP 3/25/99 BELGRADE "…Three NATO aircraft were reported to have been shot down over Serbia Thursday on the second day of NATO air strikes launched to pressure Belgrade into signing a peace deal for Kosovo. However a NATO military spokesman at the allied forces' headquarters at Mons in southern Belgium, early Friday denied any planes were lost…."

FOX Newswire/Reuters 3/25/99 Giselda Vagnoni "…The first cracks appeared in NATO's united front against Yugoslavia on Thursday when Italian Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema called for a rapid return to diplomacy after the first allied air strikes. D'Alema, whose country is the main land base for NATO air forces participating in the strikes, told reporters at a European Union summit in Berlin that the first wave of bombing had forced the Serbs to stop their crackdown in Kosovo. "Based on the information we could receive, the first military action by NATO had significant results because it has weakened the Serb military potential and has forced the Serbs to suspend the military offensive against the civilian population in Kosovo," he said…."

The Daily Republican 3/25/99 Jan Oberg "…NATO's unwise, counterproductive and non-legal bombing of sovereign Yugoslavia is justified by President Bill Clinton, EU and other Western leaders and media with reference to humanitarian concerns. Supposedly air strikes serve to stop ethnic cleansing, future massacres, refugee flows, and prevent innocent children and women from being killed. Diplomatically expressed, this comes from the marketing department. Bombings will to produce what it purports to prevent, right after the bombing campaign has started. This argument lacks credibility. …. The immediate consequence of the threats of NATO air strikes is that OSCE's Verification mission had to be withdrawn and that almost all humanitarian organizations withdrew to protect their staff. More refugees are now running over the border to Macedonia. With fewer ears and eyes on the ground, its free for all sides - NATO included - to step up the killing….NATO bombings will be perceived as a punishment of Serbs and a clear support to Albanian hardliners. Serbs will feel that it was the Albanian side that called this hell upon them. Thus, the little hope we may have had about Serbs and Albanians living peaceful together or as trustful neighbours in the foreseeable future, is now gone. Producing hate is the opposite of a humanitarian effort.

The Kosovo war has caused the death of about 2.000 people during the last year. This is serious, every human life is sacred. However, the international community has chosen not to intervene in the following when: 80.000 have been killed in Algeria; perhaps 10.000 in the Ethiopian-Eritrean war the last couple of weeks; 820,000 in Rwanda the last five years; 1.500,000 in Sudan the last 15 years; more than 1 million people have died because of the Western sanctions against the Iraqi people; perhaps as many as 500,000 have died in Burma since 1948. …"

Interfax 3/25/99 "…The Russian Defense Ministry has at its disposal operational reports on NATO preparation for a ground operation in Yugoslavia, Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev said on Thursday in Moscow. He said the NATO ground force to be sent to Yugoslavia will number 22,000 men. "We also know that the Yugoslav army is fully ready to repel the aggression in its territory. And there are no doubts that there will be proper resistance," Sergeyev said…"

Original Source 3/25/99 Mary Mostert "…CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour, who invariably reports the stories from Bosnia or Kosovo with a sympathetic slant to Muslims, Albanians and Croatians - never Serbs - reported the NATO bombing raids from a safe distance from a comfortable hotel where, she said, they were taking out "Serbian military installations." Clinton Administration officials claim that it is the Serbs who are practicing "ethnic cleansing" and who, therefore, must be stopped, lest they follow in the steps of Adolph Hitler and commit genocide. Another view was reported to me via an e-mail forwarded to me by a reader who has a friend in Novi Sad, the capital of the Province of Vojovodina on the Danube River. Aleksandar Jankovic wrote after the missiles hit: "The first reactions from the United States on CNN - they seem to think the first mission is a success. This area of Novi Sad is obviously of no major significance in terms of the damage it can cause to NATO planes but as the part of strategy to damage infrastructure and targets of lesser importance as well, we have been hit. "There seem to be no human casualties here. A motor factory in the city outskirts has suffered infrastructure damage and so far the damage is, it seems, more financial than tactical or strategic. again this applies just to Novi Sad immediate surrounding area. NATO has attacked many targets throughout the country and I have no way of knowing what they have achieved in terms of the goals they had set. The state TV of course denies any army casualties or damage to the anti-air-raid defense system. There has just been an announcement of a Pentagon briefing at 2 pm tomorrow on that, and we have just learned that yet 3 more missiles have been launched from Adriatic towards Kosovo" … My reader later talked with his friend Alex by telephone and wrote: "Alex confirmed that Clinton's armada has wasted at least 4 missiles @ $1 Mill (?) by hitting non strategic targets and empty Army barracks on the outskirts of this peaceful city. The petrified and until now lethargic populace is of course rallying against Madam and Bill, the 'US terrorists.'" …"

STRATFOR's Global Intelligence Update 3/28/99 "….The Russian brigade that is supporting the NATO Stabilization Force (SFOR) in Bosnia is apparently no longer reporting to the NATO command. It now seems that the brigade has withdrawn from both the command structure and the communication net. While it has made no overt moves against NATO, it also has not shown any inclination to withdraw. Clearly, this is a signal of Russian displeasure at U.S. policy in Kosovo. It is also a potential security risk in the event that NATO chooses to mount any operations out of Bosnia, or the Serbs attempt any operations into Bosnia. Either way, it is a complex and potentially dangerous evolution…."

Reuters 3/28/99 "…The U.S. embassy in Moscow, the target of large anti-NATO protests, came under automatic gunfire from a passing vehicle Sunday, RIA news agency reported. The report, which quoted Moscow city police, also said a grenade launcher was found nearby…."

Washington Post 3/28/99 Dana Priest "…Pentagon officials stared incredulously at television screens late yesterday afternoon as Serbian television broadcast footage of one of America's premier warplanes, the F-117A stealth Nighthawk fighter, crumpled and burning in hostile territory, its distinctive "ACC" and "HO" markings visible through the flames. Then, they waited. As senior officials sought to deflect a flood of media questions about whether a plane had been downed, U.S. search and rescue teams were dispatched on a covert recovery mission with specially equipped HH-60 Black Hawk helicopters and HH-53 Super Jolly Greens. Protected by a swarm of fixed-winged aircraft, they headed toward the site in northwest Yugoslavia, near the city of Novi Sad, where the plane had crashed. When news arrived that the pilot had been safely rescued and extracted from Yugoslav territory, "there was a huge sigh of relief," Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon said at a briefing called at 10:30 last night. "The pilot has been rescued and is safe at a NATO base," he said….."

New York daily News 3/28 Charles Krauthammer Freeper starlu "…In fact, Clinton is wrong. The reason for the killing in Kosovo is not mindless ethnic hatred, but quite rational power politics. There is a guerrilla army of Kosovar Albanians who want independe nce and are willing to kill to achieve it. And there is a Serb army that wants to keep Kosovo in Yugoslavia and preserve the sovereignty of the state. And they are willing to kill for that…."

Los Angeles Times 3/28/99 Paul Watson "…The five Serbian police officers who killed human rights lawyer Bajram Kelmendi and his two sons must think that NATO will lose its war with Yugoslavia and that justice will not come to Kosovo. The officers didn't bother to pull down their black wollen hats to mask their faces when the abducted Kelmendi and his sons. And the left as witnesses two widows who saw straight into their eyes…."

FoxNews 3/28/99 Freeper rotorooter "…Serbian media reported that Yugoslav forces had downed five NATO jets and a helicopter Sunday during air strikes against military targets. In Washington, a Defense Department spokesman said: "I have no information on downed aircraft.'' … The Serbian side has made a number of claims of planes shot down since NATO launched their punitive air strikes Wednesday aimed at halting Serbian "genocide'' against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo, most of them denied by the Western alliance. However Saturday NATO admitted an F-117 stealth fighter had gone down after wreckage was shown on Serbian TV. The pilot was rescued by a U.S. recovery team. The Serb side said the plane, designed to be invisible to enemy radar, had been shot down. NATO officials said it was still not clear why it had crashed…."

Stratfor 3/28/99 "…0117 GMT, 990329 - China’s Xinhua News Agency in Albania is reporting a huge explosion in the Macedonian town of Tetovo…. The blast occurred at about 2120 GMT or 2320 local time. Macedonia is hosting over ten thousand NATO forces who were supposed to deploy into Kosovo in the event of a treaty….."

Stratfor 3/28/99 "…0110 GMT, 990329 - Yugoslavia is warning its people that NATO aircraft are dropping beacons on a massive scale intended to guide aircraft to their targets…. The beacons are described as radio transmitters with battery and two antennae…."

Stratfor 3/28/99 "….2315 GMT, 990328 - Brigadier General William Lake held a press conference on March 28, 1999 at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. BGen. Lake told reporters that Serb air defense systems were what NATO expected they would be…"

Stratfor 3/28/99 "…2310 GMT, 990328 - According to the Associated Press, an anonymous defense official has said that it was likely that a Yugoslav SA-3 SAM hit the F-117 stealth aircraft downed yesterday…"

Statfor 3/28/99 "…2230 GMT, 990328 - Michel Camdessus, the head of the International Monetary Fund, arrived in Moscow on Saturday for previously scheduled talks on Russia’s financial problems. Camdessus went out of his way to emphasize that there was no linkage whatever between the Yugoslavian crisis and IMF’s decisions on loans to Russia…"

Stratfor :,,,2155 GMT, 990328 - According to the Sunday Telegraph of London, Yugoslavia and Iraq have signed a secret cooperation pact. According to the agreement, Iraq would supply money and oil to Yugoslavia while Serbia would help rebuild Iraq’s air defense…"

Associated Press 3/28/99 Chaka Ferguson "…When Air Force Capt. Ken Dwelle saw the wreckage of a downed F-117A Nighthawk that crashed in Yugoslavia he knew there was something familiar about the plane — it was his…. "When I saw the wreckage on the news, I knew right away what it was,'' said Dwelle, who has been teaching pilots to fly the $45 million plane for the past 3 1/2 years. "When I saw what was burning, it was surprising.''…"

Stratfor "…0130 GMT, 990329 - Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpaee said on Sunday that India was considering entering into an alliance with Russia and China as a result of NATO’s attack on Serbia…."

David Hackworth 3/28/99 John Moore "…Col. David Hackworth spent his first tour of duty in the Balkans. He offers an insightful perspective on the problem which has escaped the Clinton Administration and all the media pundits. Imagine, says Col. Hackworth, that a few million Mexicans streamed across the Texas Border, settled for a brief period and then demanded autonomy for the entire state. This is exactly the way the Serbs feel about the Kosovo region. The Albanians are newcomers to an old Serbian province…."

AFP 3/28/99 "…Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee on Sunday said India was examining a possible alliance with Russia and China following NATO air strikes on Yugoslavia. "Such a possibility is being considered," the Press Trust of India quoted the prime minister as saying during a visit to the northern city of Lucknow. …"

Yugoslav TANJUG PRESS 3/28/99 Freeper crypt2k "…Chanting "Kosovo, Kosovo" to the tune of popular songs, the protesters [in Belgrade's Republic Square] wore painted targets on their shirts over their hearts "for NATO to see us better," a youth explained…."

AP 3/28/99 Angela Charlton "…Gunmen with grenade launchers and an assault rifle opened fire on the U.S. Embassy in Moscow on Sunday, in an attack apparently linked to opposition to NATO airstrikes on Yugoslavia. Police firing pistols drove the attackers away from the embassy, which was hit by several bullets but suffered minimal damage. No one was hurt. Protesters in other capitals around the world demonstrated Sunday against the ongoing NATO operation, directing most of their anger at the United States….. In Sydney, Australia, about 7,000 protesters attacked the U.S. consulate. Some hurled broken pieces of concrete through windows of a shop and restaurant in the building where the U.S. diplomatic facility is located, and many compared President Clinton to Adolf Hitler….. In Salzburg, Austria, about 3,500 people carried banners denouncing the NATO air strikes, waved Yugoslav flags and declared their support for Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, the Austria Press Agency reported….. French riot police used tear gas to disperse about 300 Serb supporters who threw rocks and toppled security barriers in demonstration in front the U.S. Embassy in Paris…."

The Times 3/29/99 "…A SENSE of déjà vu reigned in central Belgrade's Republic Square yesterday, as a crowd of thousands spanning all ages jumped to the jaunty tunes of the local punk band, Electric Orgasm. Just over two years ago we were all gathered on the same spot, with the same band. The object of ridicule then was Slobodan Milosevic, and international journalists and Serbs alike danced in the belief that he was about to meet a Ceausescu-like end. What a difference a guerrilla struggle to take away your mythical homeland can make…."

Stratfors 3/28/99 "…It is now painfully clear that the four-day air campaign has thus far failed. The mission, to convince the Serbs to permit NATO forces in Macedonia to enter Kosovo province has clearly not been achieved. The amount of force NATO has brought to bear thus far has not been sufficient to force Belgrade to submit. Quite the contrary, reports we are receiving from Belgrade indicate that Milosevic’s position has been strengthened by the bombings. Potential democratic opponents against him have been silenced, lest they be labeled pro-Western traitors. The mood appears to be a combination of defiance and resignation. As with most bombing campaigns, government and nation are being driven together and not apart. NATO and Washington both seem utterly at a loss as to what to do. The option they have chosen, to continue the SEAD campaign while extending it to a tactical air campaign within Kosovo, is simply not credible. NATO has not deployed enough aircraft, NATO has not deployed the right kind of aircraft, NATO does not have sufficient tactical intelligence, NATO cannot afford attrition from Serbian shoulder-fired anti-air systems. Finally, you cannot stop a terror campaign on the ground from the air…."

Reuters 3/28/99 Gideon Long "… Italy said Saturday that air strikes against Yugoslavia could end within days despite NATO's announcement it was escalating attacks to ground targets in and around the province of Kosovo. ``A question of days,'' Foreign Minister Lamberto Dini told reporters when asked how much longer the attacks, which have pounded Yugoslav defenses since Wednesday night, might continue….."

The Daily Republican 3/28/99 Milosh Milenkovich "…President Bill Clinton's address to the nation about the Kosovo crisis on Friday was filled with inaccuracies and falsehoods. Sadly, the President's address contained so many serious errors of fact that any truth he may have intended, was lost. Truth must not be the first casualty of this war. As a direct consequence, our nation faces disaster. Take Kosovo autonomy, for example. The decision to change Kosovo's autonomous status in 1989 was not taken by Slobodan Milosevic alone. It was a consensual act signed by all the constituent republics of then Yugoslavia, including Kosovo. Its purpose was to amend the 1974 Yugoslav constitution and to avoid paralysis of federal business caused by the veto of a single province. The use of Albanian Language is another example. Kosovo's Albanian population has never been denied use of their own language or access to Albanian language schools. The Albanian-language university in Pristina and the many Albanian language newspapers published in Kosovo attest to this fact. Take the dissolution of Yugoslavia, for another. Serbia did not start the wars with Croatia and Bosnia. These were precipitated by the actions these republics and by Slovenia in declaring illegal and unilateral independence in violation of the then federal Yugoslav constitution. Premature recognition of these illegal acts by the European Union and the wider international including the United States, negated the negotiation process and made war inevitable. Then, there is that "Moral Imperative". The claim to a "moral imperative" is false. The U.S. took no action in 1995 when over 250,000 Serbs were ethnically cleansed from Croatia. In the present situation no such moral authority has been conferred upon the NATO action. Pope John Paul has described this as a "defeat for humanity." NATO is acting without UN authority and in direct violation of international law as framed in the UN Charter, the NATO Treaty, and the Helsinki Accords. …"

Chicago Sun-Times 3/28/99 Robert Novak "…At President Clinton's White House meeting Tuesday with important members of Congress, Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas interrupted his argument for using force against Serbia by saying: ``That's not true, Mr. President!'' During the briefing, Clinton repeatedly contended that NATO-U.S. bombing had ended the war in Bosnia and would achieve the same result in Kosovo. When the senior Republican senators present (Majority Leader Trent Lott and Armed Services Committee Chairman John Warner) said nothing, Hutchison felt she had to object. A Senate defense appropriations subcommittee member who has visited Bosnia often, Hutchison pointed out that the Bosnian Serbs agreed to peace terms not because of U.S. air strikes but because they were losing the ground war to Croats and Muslims. After her interjection, Clinton did not repeat his claim…." (editorial) 3/28/99 Dr. Ronald L Hatchett "…THE primary justification for our military strikes against Yugoslavia is its refusal to sign the Kosovo peace agreement put forward by the United States. and its allies at Rambouillet, France. The president told us that the Albanians chose peace by signing the agreement even though "they did not get everything they wanted." The Serbs, he said, refused to negotiate, even though the agreement left Kosovo as part of Yugoslavia. However, as in several other instances over the past months, the president is telling us only part of the story…Under the agreement, "Kosovo will have a president, prime minister and government, an assembly, its own Supreme Court, constitutional court and other courts and prosecutors." "Kosovo will have the authority to make laws not subject to revision by Serbia or the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, including levying taxes, instituting programs of economic, scientific, technological, regional and social development, conducting foreign relations within its area of responsibility in the same manner as a Republic." "Yugoslav army forces will withdraw completely from Kosovo, except for a limited border guard force (active only within a 5 kilometers border zone) "Serb security forces "police" will withdraw completely from Kosovo except for a limited number of border police (active only within a 5 kilometers border zone)." The parties invite NATO to deploy a military force (KFOR), which will be authorized to use necessary force to ensure compliance with the accords." "The international community will play a role in ensuring that these provisions are carried out through a Civilian Implementation Mission "appointed by NATO"." …"Three years after the implementation of the Accords, an international meeting will be convened to determine a mechanism for a final settlement for Kosovo on the basis of the will of the people." …."

Associated Press 3/29/99 John Diamond Freeper Brian Mosely "…Yugoslav defense specialists, expecting a war over Kosovo, met last month in Baghdad with Iraqi counterparts in what the Pentagon suspects was a collaboration between two U.S. enemies to prepare Yugoslavia to shoot down American war planes, government officials say…."

AP 3/29/99 Freeper Thanatos "…The Associated Press via NewsEdge Corporation : In another show of protest over the fighting in Kosovo, Russia's Defense Ministry said Friday it will stop cooperating with the United States on the Y2K computer problem. A ministry spokesman made the announcement to a government committee that is tackling the problem, the Interfax news agency said. …"

The Hindu 3/30/99 Freeper Jai "…China, which has maintained a silence over a Russian proposal for a strategic triangle between Russia, China and India, is now considering forging an alliance with Moscow to prevent the alleged U.S. hegemonistic plans. . . . "

International Herald Tribune 3/29/99 Brian Knowlton Freeper Stand Watch Listen "…President Bill Clinton said Sunday that ''continued brutality and repression'' by Serbian forces in Kosovo underscored the need for NATO to persevere in its air assault on Yugoslavia, and offered his strong support to the alliance decision to broaden the military operation. ...As the president turned to walk to a waiting helicopter for a flight to his retreat in Camp David, Maryland, a reporter asked whether the bombing campaign might be driving the atrocities. ''Absolutely not!'' Mr. Clinton shouted back…."

USA Today 3/29/99 Tom Squitieri "…U.S. officials confirmed Sunday that Serb military radar had tracked an F-117A Stealth fighter and that a missile had been fired in its direction before it crashed Saturday. Though it was unclear whether the plane was downed by enemy fire or equipment failure, the incident has raised concerns about the operations of the jet, which was designed to be virtually invisible to radar. …. Officials also said the loss of the F-117A would not jeopardize the U.S. monopoly on stealth technology. "The aircraft itself would be hard to replicate" with the remains of the downed jet, Cohen said…."

AFP 3/29/99 Freepr Thanatos "…The NATO air strikes on Yugoslavia stirred fears among Arab officials on Monday that a precedent was being set for similar attacks against Moslem and other countries in the future. "Some (Arabs) are happy with these strikes, but they forget that such action could be used against Libya, Sudan, Iraq, Sudan, Iran or India," an Egyptian foreign ministry official said on condition of anonymity. The strikes are aimed at punishing Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosovic for refusing to stop attacks by his forces on the mainly Moslem ethnic Albanians in Kosovo province…"

The New York Post 3/29/99 Steve Dunleavy "…WHATEVER valiant victories we have won from the air, that bastard Slobodan Milosevic, the Butcher of Belgrade, has won the war on the ground. Perhaps hard for us to face, inestimably harder for the victims, Kosovo for the Albanians no longer exists ... zilch, kaput, see ya later. In pure mathematics, it does not compare to the toll in the Nazi gas chambers or the Armenian massacre. But can we grasp that a half a million human beings, lucky to be alive, have fled the houses which were once their homes? The refugees are going everywhere. Macedonia first, Bosnia second, and now Albania, wandering pathetic minstrels of Milosevic's monstrosity. Nowhere to go, no one to see, no where to sleep, nothing to eat. And now the crunch for our morality or just to see how tough we are comes the words which every mother and father dreads: "Only NATO ground troops can stop the killing of Albanians in Kosovo."…. There is no doubt in my mind, and I'm not a military strategist, that right now we need a street crime unit of the most elite forces of NATO to go in and pluck these ravagers, rapists and murderers from the scene. Smart bombs can't do it. …. To condemn the Serbs would be like condemning Germans because of Hitler. As a half a million people run from their little ratty hovels, this nasty speck on humanity, Slobodan Milosevic, shames the proud name of Serbs. I was one of the few journalists who within the last 48 hours was on Yugoslav soil in Montenegro….."

BBC 3/29/99 "…After five nights of air strikes against Yugoslavia, the plight of Kosovo Albanians is getting worse, with no sign that Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic is prepared to back down in the face of Nato's air campaign. Nato says more than 500,000 Kosovo Albanians have been driven from their homes. A spokesman for the alliance, Jamie Shea, described the situation as the worst Europe had seen for more than 50 years: "We have to recognise that we are now on the brink of a major humanitarian disaster ... the likes of which we have not seen in Europe since the closing days of World War II," he said…."

Reuters 3/29/99 – "…Russian Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev said Monday NATO air strikes had killed 1,000 people in Yugoslavia, most of them civilians, Russian news agencies reported….. Sergeyev told reporters that all military exercises being carried out in Russia were previously planned and were not linked to the increased tension between Moscow and NATO over the West's air strikes on Yugoslavia…"

Reuters 3/29/99 "…Russia readied a major diplomatic mission to Yugoslavia Monday to seek an end to the Kosovo crisis as NATO said five Kosovo Albanian leaders had been killed by Serb security forces….. On the ground, thousands more refugees streamed out of Kosovo, telling harrowing tales of atrocities by Serbian forces….."Reliable sources report that...Fehmi Agani, a member of the Kosovo Albanian delegation at Rambouillet...and peace negotiator over much of the past year, was executed Sunday, sometime after he attended the funeral of Bajram Kelmendi,'' the spokesman said…. In a dramatic bid to end the crisis and halt NATO's air blitz, Russian President Boris Yeltsin ordered his three top government ministers to Belgrade Tuesday…."

Detroit News 3/29/99 Tony Snow "…Key members of the United States Senate sat slack-jawed through a confidential briefing last Thursday from the Clinton administration foreign-policy team. They were waiting for some sign that the president and his advisers knew why they wanted to bomb Kosovo and possibly send troops there. Presidential mouthpieces previously had described our mission to Dalmatia either as a humanitarian gesture, an effort to avert World War III or a favor to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). But senators figured the White House was holding back some secret information that would silence critics on Capitol Hill. They were wrong. After the foreign-policy wise men asserted that the United States has a moral imperative to stop the murderous Serbian president, Slobodan Milosevic, one senator asked: How many Albanians have Milosevic's troops massacred this year? The president's emissaries turned ashen. They glanced at each other. They rifled through their papers. One hazarded a guess: "Two thousand?" No, the senator replied, that was the number for all of last year. He wanted figures for the last month - or even the year to date, since the president had painted such a grisly picture of genocide in his March 24 address to the nation. Said Clinton, "We've seen innocent people taken from their homes, forced to kneel in the dirt and sprayed with bullets; Kosovar men dragged from their families, fathers and sons together lined up and shot in cold blood." The senator pressed on. How often have such slaughters occurred? Nobody knew. As it turns out, Kosovo has been about as bloody this year as, say, Atlanta. You can measure the deaths not in the hundreds, but dozens. (I'm not trying to deny Milosevic's brutality here; only to provide some comparisons.) More people died last week in Borneo than have expired this year in Kosovar bloodshed - more died in a single Russian bomb blast; in a single outburst of violence in East Timor; in a single day in Rwanda. China has been bloodier this year. …."

Aviation Week & Space Technology 3/29/99 Freeper Fulbright "…Television footage of what was described as the downed USAF F-117 showed the burning remains of a relatively intact crashed aircraft, indicating the possibility of ground impact at a comparatively low air speed. Lighted by small fire, sections of the Nighthawk were large enough to display USAF star-and-bars insignia and the badge of the Air Combat Command…."

Newsday 3/27/99 H Josef Hebert AP "…Russia's anger at the United States over the bombing in Yugoslavia apparently is muted when it comes to rescuing a uranium deal that could yield as much as $12 billion to the financially beleaguered country. Only hours after NATO forces began their attacks in Yugoslavia, prompting outrage from Moscow, Russia and the United States quietly signed an agreement aimed at salvaging the multibillion dollar uranium deal that ran run into trouble in recent months. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson and Russia's minister of atomic energy, Yevgeny Adamov, toasted the agreement with champagne Wednesday night in a ceremony at the Energy Department, officials confirmed Friday. The signing was given no advance publicity….The agreement ``will facilitate the conversion of highly enriched uranium from dismantled Russian nuclear weapons into fuel for U.S. nuclear reactors,'' an Energy Department statement said. A U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the signing occurred at all signals the importance both governments place on it…."

Times Newspapers Ltd. (London) 3/27/99 Misha Glenny "…THE demonstrations which have rocked Skopje, the Macedonian capital, contain a serious warning to the West. For it is this territory, not Kosovo, that will be the centre of a massive Balkan war if the Nato airstrikes fail to achieve their objective. Perhaps the greatest weakness in the West's strategy is President Milosevic's trump card - the ability to trigger war in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia…. The relationship between the two Slav peoples, Serbs and Macedonians, is a complicated mix. But they share one sentiment in common - a profound antipathy towards Albanians. The key to a spread of the Balkan conflict does not lie in a possible Serbian attack against Macedonia, but in the possibility of a civil war between Macedonians and the large Albanian minority in the country. The Albanians, a quarter of the country's two million-strong population, live throughout western Macedonia which borders Kosovo and there is a large concentration in Skopje. Popular support for the Kosovo Liberation Army and the struggle in Kosovo is overwhelming among them. For many Macedonians, however, Mr Milosevic and the Serbs are heroes and the Kosovo Albanians villains…."

AP 3/26/99 "…One hundred ``combat-equipped'' Marines have been dispatched to guard the besieged U.S. Embassy in Macedonia, President Clinton said in correspondence to Congress. And more military personnel are needed in the country neighboring Serbia, he said. Clinton informed Congress of NATO's decision to deploy its Allied Rapid Reaction Corps Headquarters Rear Command Post to Macedonia. The 30 U.S. members of the command's staff would be added to the 400 U.S. troops already on the ground as part of the 10,000-strong NATO force that would help enforce any peace agreement…."

STRATFOR 3/27/99 "…There have been numerous reports out of NATO headquarters in Brussels that at 0515GMT 26 Mar 99 three Serbian Mig-29s violated Bosnian airspace. NATO sources stated that NATO fighters shot down two Mig-29s eight kilometers (five miles) inside Bosnia near the town of Bijeljina and that one Mig-29 fled back into Serbian airspace. NATO have said that the perceived mission of these fighters was to attack NATO Stabilization Forces (SFOR) in Bosnia. Serbian sources deny NATO claims that it sent fighters into Bosnia. NATO countered, initially claiming that it captured the pilots of both aircraft after they ejected, then later retracting that statement and saying that they were still searching for the pilots but that two parachutes were spotted…."

Janes defence 3/27/99 "…Former West German Chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, underlined his belief that this was just a new twist to the old game when he said in a recent interview: "Only the Americans would be naive enough to imagine that there could be a lasting peace in the Balkans". If, after the airstrikes, Milosevic backs down and a multi-national force is deployed then that force may not be an entirely NATO entity. Seen in the context of any future envisaged troop deployment in Kosovo, it is clear that Serbia could only sign up to a deployment which reflected an agreement between the powers (in this case the USA, on the one hand, and Russia and Moscow's supporters on the other)…..Despite denials by the ethnic Albanian leaders, there is no doubt that, situated as they are close to the Albanian frontier, the temptations of a future tie-up with a Greater Albania remain high on the agenda.Even without the Albanian issue, Macedonia has long been a controversial hot spot where Greek, Bulgarian and Serbian interests collide. Greece has long contested the right of the Macedonians to use the name of Macedonia, saying that it implied a territorial claim over Greek territory. Moreover, Greek politicians until relatively recently attempted to undermine the new state at international forums and in discussions involving new trade links.However, more recently under Russian, US and European pressure the Athens government has adopted a more supportive line, though this is of little comfort to the ethnic Albanian minority….."

SCMP 3/28/99 "…The British Embassy in the Macedonian capital was closed yesterday and ceasefire verification monitors who had been withdrawn from Kosovo were pulling out after being attacked by protesters. Demonstrators threw stones and petrol bombs at the US Embassy in Skopje on Thursday night and set fire to cars to protest at the Nato air strikes. Macedonian Premier Ljubco Georgievski said: "The two biggest problems the country is facing at the moment are the inflow of refugees from Kosovo and the emergence of anti-Nato and anti-American feelings among the Macedonian public." …"

Reuters 3/29/99 Freeper crypt2k "…"We will request that Macedonia urgently becomes a NATO member because of the current situation in Yugoslavia," the official told Reuters. "We have given NATO everything they have asked for and we need guarantees on their part."…"

STRATFOR's Global Intelligence Update 3/29/99 "…The U.S. Defense Department has thus far refused to comment on how the F-117 Stealth Fighter might have been shot down over Serbia, however, speculation has centered around Yugoslavia's SA-3 surface to air missile batteries. The F-117 wing being shown on Serbian television is peppered with irregularly sized and spaced holes, suggesting the aircraft was brought down by shrapnel from a large proximity fuzed warhead. While this could have resulted from either an air to air missile or large caliber anti-aircraft artillery, Serb attempts at interception have thus far ended up as one way trips to the ground and AAA in the concentrations the Serbs can employ would have had to be very good or very lucky to bring down the Stealth. This leaves SAMs, and particularly the SA-3. The SA-3 is a low to medium altitude SAM, fired from a static launcher. It has a maximum effective horizontal range of 22-25km and a maximum effective altitude of 12-18km, depending on the missile variant. Initial targeting comes from separate, van-mounted long-range radar, which feeds information to a trailer mounted fire control radar. The missile itself has a doppler radar proximity fuze. If an SA-3 did down the F-117, it would indicate that, for the right high-value target, the Serbs are now willing to utilize the anti-air assets they have until now been withholding…. Of course, the most interesting feature of this incident is the fact that, unless a lucky altitude or time-fuzed AAA round or an infrared AAM downed the F-117, the supposedly radar stealthy aircraft was apparently destroyed by an active radar guided weapon…."

3/29/99 Freeper Thanatos Inter Press Service via NewsEdge Corporation "…The failure of the United Nations to respond to NATO's attacks on Yugoslavia is another sign of the success of a U.S.-British alliance aimed at reshaping international politics. Most significantly, the NATO air strikes to punish Yugoslav military forces for their crackdown in Kosovo shows the strong influence of the U.S. and British government in determining war efforts with or without U.N. approval. The two nations were the most vociferous proponents of a NATO attack, and both defended the measure in an emergency session of the U.N. Security Council last night, although the Council never explicitly authorized the NATO action. …"

AFP 3/29/99 Freeper Thanatos "…An additional 20 aircraft, including five B-1 bombers, are being sent to Europe to beef up the NATO strike force as it steps up attacks on Yugoslav forces in the field, the Pentagon said Monday. The aircraft include five EA-6B electronic warfare planes and 10 air refueling planes as well as the B-1 bombers, which bombed Iraqi barracks last December in their combat debut during Operation Desert Fox, Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon said. More unmanned reconnaissance aircraft also are being readied to get a closer look at what is happening on the ground in Kosovo, where Serb attacks against ethnic Albanians has put NATO in a race against what US officials say is a swiftly unfolding campaign of ethnic cleansing. "When we started this, we had what we needed to do the job that NATO had called for. That job has changed. So we are augmenting the assets available to do that," Bacon said…."

Chicago Tribune 3/30/99 Roger Simon Freeper HAL9000 "…Aside from the possibility of American casualties or captives, the chief fear among White House staffers is that Clinton will be blamed for making matters worse for the Kosovar Albanians rather than rescuing them. Instead of retreating, Serbian forces have stepped up what the United States calls the "ethnic cleansing" of the Kosovars, the exact opposite of what the NATO bombing campaign was supposed to accomplish…."

NBC, MSNBC web site 3/30/99 Preston Mendenhall, John Gibson Freeper 4Liberty "… A Russian-brokered bid to end NATO’s air campaign against Yugoslavia was quickly dismissed on Tuesday by the United States, Germany and Britain, with President Bill Clinton declaring "We must remain steady and determined with the will to see this through." In Kosovo, meanwhile, a battle raged in the provincial capital, Pristina, as NATO warplanes harried the Yugoslav forces that have send a quarter-million refugees fleeing into neighboring states…."

AP 3/30/99 Robert Burns "…"There has not been a knockout punch," said Defense Department spokesman Kenneth Bacon. "It will take much longer to degrade the (Yugoslav) forces as much as we think we need to." Bacon declined to predict how long it might take but said, "We are prepared to go as long as it takes." To step up NATO's attacks, five Air Force B-1 long-range bombers were headed for Europe to join B-52 bombers that have been launching cruise missiles at Yugoslavia since last Wednesday's start of Operation Allied Force…..President Clinton said the NATO campaign was now focused on "an expanded range of targets, including Serbian forces on the ground in Kosovo." He said the alliance was solidly behind the strategy of diminishing Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's military capacity until he agrees to peace in Kosovo. U.S. officials steadfastly refused to give a clear picture of the amount of damage they believe NATO bombs have inflicted on Yugoslavia's air defense network, which continues to pose a threat to allied pilots…."

The Christian Science Monitor 3/31/99 Jonathan Landay Freeper A Whitewater Researcher "…EXCERPTS: "...with NATO airstrikes against Yugoslavia intensifying amid fresh reports of atrocities, and new waves of terror-stricken refugees, the allies' goals seem as elusive as ever....Milosevic remains defiant...Serbian retribution that is driving tens of thousands of ethnic Albanians into adjacent states in Europe's worst humanitarian calamity since World War II...."It's beyond a pace and intensity that we expected," says a senior US official of the reported executions and ethnic cleansing. "It's a calculated campaign to remove by killing or forced expulsion the population of Kosovo."...the US and its allies are now racing to save the remains of Kosovo's 2 million-strong ethnic Albanian majority and their own strategy....the crisis spins further and faster out of control....Milosevic has out-maneuvered NATO, and it is just a matter of time before...Clinton seeks the political cover he needs to halt the bombing...."The war is Serbian terms, the harder we hit, the greater the victory."..."…"

STRATFOR's Global Intelligence Update 3/31/99 "…One of the critical issues in the Kosovo war is the intention and capabilities of Iraq. It must be remembered that many of the same nations that are currently engaged in the Kosovo air campaign are also, simultaneously, engaged in an air war in Iraq. As NATO intensifies the air war over Kosovo, the possibility of an intensification of the air war over Iraq poses an important strategic challenge by diverting aircraft and logistical support. Recent reports emerging in the press tend to confirm Stratfor's long-standing view that Yugoslavia and Iraq collaborated in the run-up to the current conflict. According to the Associated Press, for example, U.S. intelligence now has evidence that Yugoslav technicians met with Iraqi specialists in Baghdad in February to help prepare Yugoslavia for an air war. Since both sides have similar equipment and are facing similar aircraft, the Yugoslav military quite rationally wanted to learn whatever lessons the Iraqis had to teach them….."

Stratfor’s Global Intelligence Update 3/30/99 2239 GMT "…As columns of ethnic Albanian refugees pour from Kosovo, accompanied by reports of Serbian atrocities in the province, Moslem countries are showing heightened interest in Kosovo….. The majority of Kosovo’s Albanians are Moslem, and the KLA has already allegedly drawn support from Moslems outside Kosovo. That support may grow as Moslem countries react to reports of Serb atrocities. While some Moslem countries have expressed a preference for a negotiated settlement, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have been consistent in comparing Slobodan Milosevic to Saddam Hussein and demanding that he be punished for his actions toward the Kosovar Albanians. Iran is apparently swinging from the negotiation camp to the applied force camp. Tehran has already reportedly asked Russia to intervene on behalf of the Kosovar Albanians….. On the other hand, there is Iraq. With reports that Milosevic and Hussein have been cooperating on air defense strategy against U.S. attacks, Hussein is clearly of the mind that the enemy of his enemy is his friend. What he apparently is unconcerned with is the fact that the enemy of his enemy is also evidently an enemy of Islam…."

UPI 3/29/99 Sid Balman Jr. Yugoslav commanders have altered their tactics in Kosovo to thwart NATO air attacks and terrorize civilians, resurrecting such practics from the Bosnian war as placing hostages around targets and detaining thousands of men in squalid detention camps. ….Kosovar leaders say some of the worst atrocities have been carried out by Zeljko Raznjatovic, a virulent Serbian nationalist and close ally of Milosevic who is also known as Arkan. Arkan and his Tigers, a volunteer paramilitary group, were infamous during the Bosnian war for executing civilians and looting their homes. The KLA said Arkan has been operating in in and around the towns of Klina, Kamenica, Ferizaj, Pristina and Pec. NATO intelligence analysts, speaking under conditions of anonymity confirmed most of the claims by Hasanaj and by the KLA field commander in Kosovo, but not the allegation that 100 Kosovars perished in a fire set by Serbian forces. For example, the analysts say they have employed reconnaissance satellites and the high-flying U-2 spy plane to photograph "what looks like 20,000 people" at the open-air soccer stadium in Pec….."

Stratfor 3/30/99 2103 GMT "… Germany has become the focus of diplomatic attention. The Americans are going out of their way to emphasize that German Chancellor Schroeder remains committed to the air campaign, following Primakov's attempt to pry him loose from the alliance. The United States remains committed to a Rambouillet-based formula. Of greatest interest,Schroeder spoke about a "third phase" of the air campaign for which the Americans are urging. Schroeder was very ostentatiously non-commital about entering the third phase. It is not clear what a third phase air campaign would look like…."

Reuters 3/30/99 Freeper Fulbright "…Belarussian President Lukashenko, known for his outspoken hostility to NATO and his sympathy for Belarus's Slav brethren in Serbia, on Monday told Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic in a telephone conversation he intended to send a plane with humanitarian aid…."

Fox Newswire 3/30/99 "…Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov said Tuesday President Milosevic had set six conditions for a reduction of Yugoslavia's military presence in Kosovo and a return home of refugees….. "He (Milosevic) is ready to be constructive. If the bombing stops he is ready to reduce his military presence in the region,'' Primakov told reporters through an interpreter. "We view the situation as hopeful,'' Primakov said…."

Agence France Presse 3/30/99 "…A senior Yugoslav official admitted for the first time Tuesday that Yugoslav security forces may be committing atrocities against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. "Emotions rise up extremely, and it's possible that under the circumstances we have crackdowns, maybe atrocities, but it is not a state strategy," Deputy Prime Minister Vuk Draskovic said in an interview with Israel's army radio. Draskovic went on to warn the NATO alliance which has been bombing Yugoslav targets for six days against believing they can force a resolution of the Kosovo crisis. "We are not weak," he said. "We are protecting our country and many in Israel know the old Serbian slogan, 'better grave than slave,'" he said.,,,"

The Daily Republican 3/30/99 Kaye Grogan Freeper hope "…It seems this president has been bomb and trigger happy ever since he has been in office. He tells the American people how important it is to get and keep rulers like Milosevic in tow, but yet countries like China who practice inhumane atrocities against their people daily are ignored and let off of the hook and have gained the rank of "Most favored Nation." This acceptance of China speaks in volumes, too…."

AP 3/30/99 "…Faced with a massive Serb onslaught, ethnic Albanian rebels are no longer attacking Serb forces and are barely holding on, a regional rebel commander said today. Ramush Hajredinaj, a commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army, told The Associated Press by satellite phone that the rebels are trying to protect what's left of the Albanian community in Kosovo….. ``After this, we can't imagine life together with Serbia,'' said Bilall Sherifi, a delegate to the failed peace talks earlier this year in Rambouillet, France…." 3/30/99 Freeper Thanatos "… Vice-Speaker in the Duma Sergei Baburin will head a State Duma delegation that will travel to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia on Wednesday. Duma Chairman Gennady Seleznyov will also visit Yugoslavia next week. Extending wide autonomy to Kosovo can be discussed only after NATO stops bombing Yugoslavia. Then it may be discussed "absolutely calmly and freely although with difficulty," Seleznyov said at an Interfax press conference. "Talks cannot be conducted under the thunder of bombing. This would resemble a capitulation, but Yugoslavia would never capitulate to NATO," he said. He warned NATO against conducting a ground troops' operation in Serbia. "God forbid they direct this army to Yugoslavia. Casualties would not remain limited and NATO would suffer a crushing defeat. The number of victims will be counted in thousands…."

USA Journal Online 3/30/99 Jon Dougherty Freeper hope "…To hear President Bill Clinton and his various administrative con men tell it, the decision to launch U.S.-led NATO air strikes on Yugoslavia for failing to make peace with the Kosovar Albanians is Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic’s fault........ In other words, because Milosevic decided he’d rather fight than accept a peace agreement that forced him to surrender his nation’s sovereignty – it’s his fault that Bill Clinton decided to play God and ‘sort this whole mess out.’ I’m still trying to figure out how the use of force can effectively be employed to end the use of force. But then again, people like presidential spokesman Joe Lockhart said today that it has been proven that air power alone can win these kinds of wars. …"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/30/99 Bill Sammon "….The White House grew increasingly defensive yesterday about NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia, insisting it was too early to call the mission a failure and blaming Serbs -- not air strikes -- for escalating atrocities…. For the first time since bombing began on -- Wednesday, President Clinton made no public statement on the military mission yesterday. Instead, he chomped on a cigar and played golf at a country club as the Pentagon announced more warplanes were being dispatched to the Balkans…… With criticism mounting on both sides of the aisle that the administration has no exit strategy from its latest military entanglement, Mr. Lockhart complained during a White House press briefing that Mr. Clinton's previous diplomatic efforts in the Balkans had triggered "criticism from the crowd that I look at now."….. Yesterday, Mr. Lockhart was unable to explain why his boss praised Mr. Milosevic as a legitimate head of state after 200,000 Bosnians were killed, only to denounce him as a war criminal after 2,000 Muslims were killed in Kosovo…."

AFP 3/30/99 Freeper starlu "…Israel, breaking with its traditional support of the West, refrained Tuesday from backing NATO attacks in Yugoslavia or condemning Serbia for atrocities committed in Kosovo....The officials said Netanyahu's and Sharon's position was influenced by several factors, including Israeli gratitude for Serb assistance to Jews during the Holocaust in World War II…."

London Telegraph 3/30/99 Tim Butcher "…THE "wingman" flying alongside the F117A Nighthawk Stealth fighter bomber that crashed in Serbia was being debriefed last night to establish whether the plane was shot down or suffered mechanical failure….There are now fears that the technology will fall into Russian hands. It is known that Russian expertise, apparently stolen from America, was used in the development of Yugoslav surface-to-air missile batteries. …"

Manchester Union Leader 3/30/99 Richard Lessner "…The NATO bombing campaign in Yugoslavia is succeeding in making a bad situation worse. It is inexplicable that NATO planners -- including the U.S. State Department and National Security Council -- did not foresee or plan for how Slobodan Milosevic would respond when threatened in this manner. There can be little question that the bombing incited the Serbs into carrying out something like a "final solution" to the Kosovo problem…... Backed into a corner, Milosevic is using the NATO bombing as the pretext to drive the ethnic Albanians from Kosovo. Thanks to the bombing, he is now free to pursue this "ethnic cleansing," as it has come to be called, without the scrutiny of the international press corps, which previously had a modest restraining effect on the Serbian forces in the rebellious province….."

INSIGHT Magazine 4/19/99 Jamie Dettmer Freeper Stand Watch Listen "…Where are we heading? How far down the road to war are we willing to go? Are American troops going to die on a foreign field, fighting someone else's civil war? In announcing NATO bombing raids on Serbia, President Clinton was long on Churchillian rhetoric but short on answers to the pertinent, practical questions that anxious lawmakers, including members of his own party, have been peppering the administration with for weeks. ...... Embarrassing as the ethnic wars in the Balkans may be to Europeans, they do not present a threat to the European Union's vital security interests and are even further removed from damaging the United States. But in explaining his decision to act, the president insisted that America has a major interest in ensuring Europe remains a vibrant, healthy commercial market. Did the conflict in Bosnia in any way harm the western European economy? No …."

New York Times 3/30/99 Craig Whitney "…Increasingly dejected by the inability of their dazzling weapons to bring Slobodan Milosevic to heel and stop the ethnic purge of Kosovo, NATO leaders wonder: What next? President Slobodan Milosevic has been impervious to a week-long battering by cruise missiles, "smart" bombs, stealth planes and high-tech bombers. An armed invasion has been ruled out by NATO, and the existing strategy has only one option left: bombing Yugoslavia's nerve centers in the heart of Belgrade, with all the risks of civilian casualties. The alternative, NATO's top civilian official said today, would be to acknowledge that the premise behind the bombing, that a sufficient show of power would batter Milosevic into accepting Western prescriptions for Kosovo, was fatally flawed. And that, in turn, would mean admitting that the world's most powerful alliance, with the world's most powerful air force, was helpless to stop the authoritarian leader of a small Balkan country from victimizing his people….."

NewsMax 3/30/99 JR Nyquist "…When US and NATO warplanes struck Yugoslavia last week, President Boris Yeltsin warned of a global war. But Western leaders have seemingly scoffed at Yeltsin's statement, and those of other Russian leaders. By ignoring such peril, Western leaders have taken a casual approach to Russia that may be intensifying Russia's growing animus toward the West. To date, no high level meetings between Russian and American officials have been arranged to address Moscow's concerns. The usual anxiety about US-Russian relations is almost non-existent. At the State Department, James Rubin offered the belief that "President Yeltsin, Prime Minister Primakov and Foreign Minister Ivanov see the value of keeping the relationship (between the U.S. and Russia) on track, and not letting someone like Milosevic derail everything that's at stake." Yet the relationship is not on track….An alarm has been sounded throughout Russia. When NATO bombs began falling on Russia's ally, Yugoslavia, the banner headline of Kommersant, a business newspaper, simply said: "The Blow." Segodnya's ominous headline explained: "It's war. The Americans cannot convince the Serbs, and Russia cannot convince the Americans." Vremya's headline stated: "NATO planes have attacked Yugoslavia as well as Moscow's international authority." …."

San Francisco Chronicle 3/30/99 Tom Campbell Freeper Stand Watch Listen "…EXCERPTS "The president did not wait for the U.S. Senate to vote on the resolution that was pending regarding the use of force over Kosovo. Nor did he supply the reports and findings required by the House of Representatives in its conditional resolution of support of two weeks ago. In so acting, President Clinton has defied the U.S. Constitution, which vests the sole right to declare war in the U.S. Congress. .......In Bosnia, the government invited us to keep the peace. In Somalia, there was no recognized government at all -- just bands of militias stealing food aid. In international law, war is the use of force by one government against another. Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic is horrible. Perhaps this war is the right thing for us to do, to try to stop what Milosevic would otherwise do in Kosovo. But if so, it is for Congress, not the president, to decide. No emergency prevented the president from making his case before Congress."…"

AP 3/31/99 "… State Department and Secret Service agents early this morning took over Yugoslav diplomatic facilities here. An hour after a midnight deadline the United States had given Yugoslav diplomats to vacate their embassy and chancery, U.S. officers arrived to clear and secure both buildings. Several people were seen leaving the chancery in night clothes after the federal officers took over…."

The New York Times 3/31/99 Maureen Dowd "… There are jitters, as usual, about the Clinton team's spine. "The White House is scared to death," says Senator John McCain, the Presidential candidate with the most military experience. It's not that the national security adviser is named Sandy, and seems too easily pushed around on Sunday mornings by George Will. It's not that President Clinton and many of his advisers came out of a flower-power, anti-war culture….. It wasn't reassuring when the President noted, the day the bombing began, that he had been "reading up on the history of that area." The Administration was caught off guard by the scale and brutality of Slobodan Milosevic's purge of Albanian Kosovars following the NATO bombings. "There was a gross miscalculation about how he would react," says McCain….. It was disturbingly reminiscent of Robert McNamara's stunning admission in 1996 that the Vietnam debacle occurred because top Washington officials were not sophisticated about other nations' thinking. He said a major lesson of Vietnam was "know your opponent." …."

Creators Syndicate Inc. 3/26/99 Oliver North "…-- March 18, 1999, after weeks of wrangling and arm twisting by the Clinton-Gore Administration, first at a castle in Rambouillet, France, then in Paris, the Kosovo Albanians and representatives of the Kosovo Liberation Army finally penned a "peace deal." The Kosovars were cajoled into this accord by assurances from Washington that if they signed, NATO would protect Kosovo from Milosevic's brutal repression. Undeterred by Washington's threats to "degrade his capabilities," Mr. Milosevic immediately launched a vicious attack into KLA territory. The Kosovars have now discovered what we learned long ago -- you just can't trust Bill Clinton. The Kosovo Albanians were told that if they signed the agreement, NATO would restore Kosovo's autonomy and introduce 28,000 NATO "peacekeepers" into the Yugoslav province. Instead of the promised protection, NATO -- taking its lead from the vaunted Clinton-Gore "national security team" -- did nothing for six long days while Milosevic's "Special Police" and more than 40,000 Yugoslav Army troops launched a bloody "search and destroy" sweep into KLA strongholds. The result: hundreds of dead, tens of thousands of new refugees, and a new awareness on the part of the KLA leadership that had taken encouragement from U.S. commitments: "If we did not trust them, we would not have signed the peace deal," said Suleyman Selimi, the KLA commander. Within minutes of the Kosovar acceptance of the Clinton-Gore ultimatum, Washington and Brussels went into crisis-mode on how to make good on promises which never should have been made…."

FoxNews AP 3/31/99 Barry Renfrew "…Russia will send warships to the Mediterranean in response to NATO airstrikes against Yugoslavia after Moscow's diplomatic efforts failed to end the bombings, Russian news agencies reported today. However, Russia has said repeatedly that its military will not become directly involved in the conflict in Yugoslavia. A squadron of seven ships, including missile frigates and anti-submarine frigates from the Black Sea fleet, will be sent to the Mediterranean in early April, the Interfax and ITAR-Tass news agencies reported. Turkey has been notified the squadron will pass through its Bosporus Straits that link the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, the reports said….. President Boris Yeltsin and other officials have strongly condemned the NATO action but ruled out any Russian military intervention. While any deployment of warships would likely be symbolic, it would be a step up in the Russian response….."

Scripps Howard News Service 3/31/99 Lisa Hoffman "…He’s a two-bit gangster turned Belgrade crime boss, a pastry shop owner who dotes on his pop-star wife’s poodle, and a charismatic brute who perfected the evil art of "ethnic cleansing" in Bosnia and Croatia. Now, Zeljko Raznjatovic -- who prefers the nom-de-guerre "Arkan" -- is in Kosovo. There, according to NATO and British officials, as well as accounts by fleeing refugees, this butcher of the Balkans and his Yugoslav Serb paramilitary gang are wreaking their trademark terror…."

New York Daily News 3/31/99 Lars Erik Nelson Freeper starlu "…"We found a majority ready to vote against him 18 months ago," says American pollster Stan Greenberg, who ran polls and focus groups in Yugoslavia. "One should not believe that there is strong support for Milosevic." But under NATO bombing, Serbs support him now…."

Washington Post 3/31/99 Michael Kelly "…The most revealing glimpse of the Clinton administration's thinking, such as it is, about Kosovo occurred earlier this month in a private meeting between the Italian prime minister and the president. As reported by The Post, Massimo D'Alema asked Bill Clinton a simple question about the contemplated NATO bombing of Serbia: What would the United States do if Slobodan Milosevic did not back down under bombing, and instead increased his assaults on the Kosovar Albanians? The president was stumped by the question. He did not answer, but turned inquiringly to his national security adviser, Samuel R. Berger. Berger hesitated, and then replied: "We will continue the bombing." The Post does not report whether the Italian prime minister at this point ran shrieking from the room, but it would have been understandable if he had. It must have been disconcerting to discover that the leader of the world's sole superpower was about to launch a war without a plan that extended beyond next Sunday's talk shows, or without a thought to one of bombing's most likely consequences…..Administration officials now are doing what comes naturally to them in these moments of embarrassment. They are dissembling. Asked on Monday about news reports of a wave of executions of Albanian Kosovars, White House press secretary Joe Lockhart said: "We knew he was going to do this." We knew he was going to do this? We knew that, if we bombed Serbia, Milosevic would respond with a massive killing and cleansing campaign against the very population we were going to war to protect? If so, then the president and his advisers are guilty of criminal irresponsibility. For the United States made no serious efforts to prepare for what Lockhart says we knew was coming, a wave of killing and "cleansing" U.S. officials now compare to genocide. The president ordered up the bombing without any strategy to protect the Albanian Kosovars from resultant attack, without sufficient ground strength in the region to even think about countering the Serb ground offensive, without even an adequate refugee-aid plan in place…"

STRATFOR's Global Intelligence Update 3/31/99 GMT 1809 "…Yugoslavia’s fundamental geopolitical goal is the retention of Kosovo province. Apart from cultural and historical attachments, Serbia’s view of the situation is that having surrendered control of Serbian dominated areas of Bosnia, abandoning Kosovo would put in place an evolution that would eventually reduce Serbia in size enough that it would pass from being the dominant power in the former Yugolsavian states to being a secondary power, at the mercy of other coalitions. Therefore, the Serbs see the retention of Kosovo as a fundamental strategic and national security interest. The Serbs see demographics as the key to retaining Kosovo. Once outside forces became dedicated to Albanian autonomy, it was the Serbs’ view that this meant Albanian secession and the creation of a greater Albania under the control of the United States and NATO. Therefore, in order to render the issue of Albanian autonomy moot, the Serbs began a policy of population transfer under the threat of terror. Understanding that massive population transfers have occurred in Europe numerous times in the twentieth century, many designed to ensure political control, the Serbian view was that such a transfer would be condemned but ultimately accepted by the world. As NATO military operations began, the Serbs understood clearly that time was now of the essence. Paradoxically, the operations designed to prevent harm to the Albanians actually accelerated the process…."

FoxNews 3/31/99 "…In an effort to gain a perspective from the ground in Yugoslavia, reached out to journalists in the region. The following was filed by a correspondent for the Balkan Crisis Reports of the Institute for War & Peace Reporting. ( The report cannot be independently confirmed because of the nature of the conflict in the region….. Tuesday night, my parents' home was filled with strangers. They had come from Dragodan, the Albanian section of town, desperately seeking a safe place to spend the night. That afternoon the police had entered each of the approximately 600 houses in that neighborhood and expelled everyone. It all happened in just two hours. The police had come in and cleared everything out. While there were no reports of anyone being killed in the incident, some residents were harassed. Armed men wearing black masks and blue police helmets arrived and announced, "You have to leave." The same thing happened in the Taslixhe section of the city. From my window I watched the people flee their homes. They left all their possessions behind — they weren't even allowed to take their identification cards. All they had was the sadness in their eyes. Their well-known pride seemed to have been destroyed…."

AFP 3/31/99 Thanatos "…Sharp disagreements between Washington and Moscow over the Kosovo crisis will not affect US-Russian strategic arms agreements in the long-run, a senior US official said Wednesday. John Holum, director of the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, told reporters he did not believe Russian outrage over NATO air strikes on Yugoslavia would harm passage of the START II nuclear disarmament treaty by the Duma. "There may be some impact, plus or minus, on our efforts to negotiate (with) international regimes on weapons of mass destruction, on our negotiations with Russia. But I think it's too early to specify what they may be," Holum said…."

Reuters 3/31/99 "…Now that war and ethnic cleansing have overshadowed the Rambouillet plan for autonomy in Kosovo, Washington showed signs Wednesday of concluding that other solutions for the province might be necessary. If the reported Serbian atrocities against Kosovo's ethnic Albanians continue, the United States and its allies may even reconsider their long-standing opposition to independence for Kosovo, a U.S. administration official said. "We share the view that an independent Kosovo is not economically viable... But if (Yugoslav President Slobodan) Milosevic continues the atrocities and continues the offensive, that view is subject to change,'' he said. "There could be a shift in international views on whether Kosovo should remain a part of Yugoslavia or not. There may come a point where we don't think the Kosovo Albanians would be willing to exist, even with substantial autonomy, within Serbia,'' added the official, who asked not to be named. …..In Moscow Wednesday, Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said Russia had "reliable information'' that the United States was considering a plan to let Kosovo break away from Yugoslavia or to divide up the restive province. "Carrying out this plan allows not only for reinforcing KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) detachments, but also for carrying out a ground operation. NATO is currently preparing for such an operation,'' he told a news conference…"

CSPan 3/30/99 Joe Lockhart Freeper dr. Hararar "…Joe Lockhart at the Nato news briefing announced the killing of Christians will continue during Easter. The questioner pointed out that we stopped bombing the moslems in Iraq out of respect for their holy period of Ramadan and why were Christians different? Joe said he would hace to get back "on that one"…"

The Hindu 4/1/99 Sridhar Krishnaswami Freeper Jai "…The United States has rejected the Yugoslavian President's conditions for ending the hostilities in Kosovo. The President, Mr. Bill Clinton, in a statement issued by the White House, said: ``I share the view of Chancellor Schroeder (of Germany) that President Milosevic's proposal is unacceptable. President Milosevic began this brutal campaign; it is his responsibility to bring it to an immediate end and embrace a just peace. There is strong consensus in NATO that we must press forward with our military action''. Meanwhile, administration officials here are downplaying Mr. Clinton's remarks . . . "

AP George Jahn Freeper Earl B. "…The Supreme Allied Commander Europe, U.S. Gen. Wesley Clark, said his request to NATO members for more firepower would be insufficient to stop the attacks against civilians, which are reportedly spearheaded by irregular Serb militia units. ``We can't stop paramilitary actions from the air'', Clark told reporters. ``We've slowed him (Milosevic) down and we've hurt him, but we never thought air power alone can stop this kind of paramilitary tragedy.''…."

AFP 3/31/99 Freeper HAL9000 "…Questions multiplied Wednesday over the accuracy of official accounts of alleged Serb atrocities in Kosovo as NATO and its member states continued publicly to repeat unconfirmed stories, some later debunked, of horrific war crimes.No one disputes that tens of thousands of ethnic Albanians have fled Kosovo in the past week and have reported with striking consistency that Serb forces are engaged in a widespread ethnic cleansing campaign in the province…."

Stratfor Kosovo Crisis Center 3/31/99 Freeper Brian Jenkins "…Itar-Tass reports that the Russian Defense Ministry is holding "active consultations" with Chinese defense officials as well as defense officials in India and Iran…."

AP 3/31/99 "…Three U.S. Army soldiers were missing in Macedonia near the Yugoslav border Wednesday night after possibly being abducted by members of the Serb military or police while on a reconnaissance mission, the Pentagon and NATO officials said. An immediate search and rescue mission was launched, involving ground and helicopter teams, U.S. officials said. The three-man reconnaissance team had been traveling in the Kumanovo area of Macedonia near the southern Yugoslavia border when they reported ``they received small arms fire and said they were surrounded,'' according to a NATO statement. The statement didn't say who had them surrounded, but a Pentagon spokesman said it was presumed to be the Serb Army, paramilitary units or perhaps special police forces. ``We believe they have possibly been abducted,'' said Col. Richard Bridges, a Pentagon spokesman. ``Right now there's a search and rescue effort on.'' …"

Reuters 3/31/99 Freeper Thanatos "…NATO said Wednesday it was intensifying its bombing of Yugoslavia as more terrified Albanians poured out of Kosovo and Serbian troops were reported closing in on a huge gathering of refugees inside the province. The alliance ruled out any Easter pause in the air raids. Gen. Klaus Naumann insisting it would be ``deeply inhumane'' to give President Slobodan Milosevic a free hand to continue his offensive in Kosovo during the holiday period. Two ethnic Albanian leaders NATO said had been shot in cold blood by Yugoslav security forces are still alive, U.S. diplomatic and Kosovan sources said…."

stratfor 3/31/99 "…0150 GMT 990401 - At 1330 GMT, U.S. forces sent out a several patrols mounted in HUMMWVs for a routine reconnaissance patrol near the Macedonian border. These HUMMWVs then, apparently split up into one-vehicle/ 3-man patrols while remaining in radio contact with each other. After a short while, one patrol radioed in that they were taking small arms fire and were taking evasive action. After a short pause, the same patrol radioed in again saying, this time, that they were surrounded. That was the last known radio contact with the patrol. The other HUMMWVs in the area attempted to look for the patrol but to no avail. The patrol commander then reported that the 3-man team was missing. Immediately thereafter, it was reported that 80 to 90 U.S. soldiers were seen boarding "Blackhawk" helicopters apparently in an attempt to look for the missing patrol. These helicopters were later joined by at least 2 other British helicopters, Macedonian police forces, and a C-130 equipped with infrared capability. The missing soldiers are members of 400 troops contingent, part of the 1st battalion of the 4th Calvary regiment of the U.S. 1st Infantry division based out of Germany. This unit had been part of the UN peacekeeping operation (UNPREDEP) in Macedonia known as Task Force Able Sentry. They remained in Macedonia after the UNPREDEP mandate expired at the end of last month…."

Workers World News Service 7/30/98 Sara Flounder "…According to Hedges, "The sprawling state-owned Trepca mining complex, the most valuable piece of real estate in the Balkans, is worth at least $5 billion." According to the mine's director, Novak Bjelic, "The war in Kosovo is about the mines, nothing else. This is Serbia's Kuwait: the heart of Kosovo. ... In addition to all this, Kosovo has 17 billion tons of coal reserves." The whole world knows and observed firsthand in the war against Iraq to what horrendous extent the Pentagon was willing to go in order to guarantee control of the oil wealth of Kuwait. But the enormous mineral wealth of Kosovo is never publicly discussed by U.S. United Nations Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, President Bill Clinton or the Pentagon generals. They speak only of "self-determination" of the Albanian population of Kosovo. Of course, they never mention what U.S.-imposed "self-determination" means. It means colonization under the guise of "liberation," like what the U.S. did to Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Philippines a hundred years ago. …"

Original Source 4/1/99 Mary Mostert Freeper hope "...Which pictures will grab the attention and the hearts of ordinary Americans? Those in CNN's Talk Back Live audience Thursday seem to have been prompted to ask some hard questions of Pentagon and Administration spokesmen, like: "Why were we not concerned when 300,000 Serbs were driven out of Croatia a couple of years ago? And, when did the Administration begin to consider the KLA a "Liberators" rather than "terrorists?"..."

Boston Globe via Bob Smith for President Web-site 3/29/99 Thomas Oliphant "... In the political runup to President Clinton's decision to participate in NATO's effort to avert a humanitarian and security catastrophe in the Balkans, our region's [New England] Republican spokesman with the loudest, clearest voice has been Smith. The temptation in the elite world is to dismiss the friendly hulk who did as much as anyone, save possibly Oklahoma's Don Nickles, to block the American military effort..... Smith was no wild man thundering against the wind - he was speaking for 38 of the Senate's 55 Republicans who joined three Democrats in opposing a prebombing resolution. Moreover, a similar resolution focusing more on US participation in any eventual NATO peacekeeping force was opposed by a solid majority of GOP members in the House.....Another core component of Smith's thinking involves almost a reverence for sovereignty. ''Kosovo is as much a part of Yugoslavia as New Hampshire is of the United States,'' he says. He warns of dire consequences if we start using military might inside the borders of sovereign nations without some legal authorization from Congress. He also is consistent, applying his thoughts back in time to Vietnam and forward through Ronald Reagan's disastrous blunder into the Lebanese civil war in 1983.... ''They have it exactly backwards,'' he says. ''A Balkan war became a world war in 1914 not because there was strife, but because the great powers of that day allowed themselves to become entangled in that strife.'' ..."

The Lawton Constitution 4/2/99 "...U.S. Sen. Don Nickles told a Lawton audience Thursday that he tried twice to warn President Bill Clinton that intervening militarily in Kosovo was unwise. Nickles said that as a longtime supporter of the military, he continues to agonize over U.S. involvement in the conflict and said Clinton and other leaders will face tough decisions on the Kosovo situation. "We're now really in a mess," Nickles told a crowd of about 500 at the Fort Sill Officers Club attending the Spring Banquet of the Association of the United States Army. "We're in a difficult, difficult situation....."

The Nation 4/19/99 Freeper Lonnie "...The catastrophic effects of the air war against Serbia subvert the Clinton Administration's declared humanitarian intentions. Instead of tying Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's hands, the bombing encourages Serbian nationalists for whom no price is too great to pay to hold on to Kosovo, the symbol of Serbian national identity. It also provides Milosevic cover to evict foreign journalists, shut down independent Serbian media like Radio B92 and rid the country of international monitors. And instead of bringing Albanian Kosovars a measure of security, the bombing hands Milosevic a predictable strategic chance to implement his long-planned scheme to brutally remove Albanian Kosovars from selected areas....."

Washington Post 4/2/99 Charles Krauthammer Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...EXCERPTS "On Monday, as "genocide" was going on in Kosovo (so said the State Department), Bill Clinton played golf. The stresses of war, no doubt......"We act to prevent a wider war; to defuse a powder keg in the heart of Europe that exploded twice before in this century with catastrophic results." Goodness. Where does this man get his history? World War II was not remotely caused by the Balkans. And World War I was caused not by clashing ethnics in the Balkans, but by the catastrophic decision of the Great Powers to intervene and choose sides among the contestants for Balkan power. Sound familiar? Clinton has taken a Balkan conflict that by world standards was relatively minor -- three times as many people were killed in the civil war in Sierra Leone in January alone as had died in the entire Kosovo war at the time we intervened -- and turned it into a world event. The NATO 19 are attacking Serbia; Russia, Belarus and Ukraine are supporting Serbia; China is denouncing from afar...."

New York Times 4/2/99 Thomas Friedman Freeper Stand Watch Listen "....EXCERPTS "...But NATO has a serious problem. All these refugees have fundamentally changed the equation. We are losing now, folks, and that means America needs to look at its four options in a much more clear-eyed way. ...The only problem is that by bombing Serbia into accepting Rambouillet, the U.S. is undermining any prospect the plan could work. It is going to be very difficult now for Kosovo Albanians -- who have just been expelled and savaged by the Serbs -- to return to Kosovo and live as an autonomous community under Serb sovereignty, even with NATO protection. And it is going to be even harder now for any Serb leader to swallow NATO troops on their soil. At best, NATO troops would be serving as "peacekeepers," not between two contented factions, but between two factions thirsting for revenge...."

USA Today 4/2/99 Rep Ron Paul (R-TX) "...For as sickening as the Serbian violence is toward ethnic Albanians, our ability to police the world and stop ethnic fighting and civil wars is limited. Such efforts quite simply are not permitted under even a tortured reading of constitutional law. George Washington warned against "foreign entanglements," encouraging neutrality and friendship except in direst cases.....Worse, our involvement threatens to escalate the violence. We have been told that this region is a powder keg. Sadly, this administration is poised with a lit match inches from the barrel. Save a miracle, it is sure to explode. The tragedy is that it is our soldiers who will be burned, not to protect U.S. interests or security, but for no one seems quite sure...."

Washington Times 4/1/99 John Godfrey, Sean Scully and Joyce Howard Price Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...Americans are telling Congress they oppose President Clinton's military policy in Kosovo and they want U.S. service members pulled out now, according to several House and Senate Republicans...."

The Daily Republican 4/2/99 Andrew Ping Freeper hope Risking American lives over an ethnic situation we can't solve was bad enough. Now, our President has involved our military forces in a reckless NATO attack on a sovereign nation that appears to be a nightmarish reprise of the Vietnam War debacle of the Johnson administration. And now, three of our men are prisoners of war in Kosovo. Worse yet, Americans were put on the ground in hostile territory, by our draft dodging president who is, himself, a complete stranger to the mortal danger these young men face. Mr. Clinton told the American public on a Wednesday evening ABC television interview that there would not be any U.S. ground troops deployed anywhere near Kosovo...."

USA Journal Online 4/2/99 Jon Dougherty Freeper hope "...As Russian Black Sea Fleet warships steamed towards the Mediterranean Sea yesterday, where they will eventually take up "monitoring" positions in close proximity to U.S. and NATO warships still waging an immoral campaign against sovereign Yugoslavia, Boris Yeltsin was ordering his military forces to increase their readiness. Meanwhile, two more Russian fleets, operating in the Pacific, were deployed and conducting "readiness exercises" while another formation of Russian Northern Fleet ships held sea-launched ballistic missile drills...."

International Herald Tribune 4/2/99 Henry Kissinger "...The war in Kosovo is the product of a conflict going back over centuries. It takes place at the dividing line between the Ottoman and Austrian empires, between Islam and Christianity, and between Serbian and Albanian nationalism. The ethnic groups have lived together peacefully only when that coexistence was imposed, as under foreign empires or the Tito dictatorship. President Bill Clinton has asserted that, after a brief period of NATO occupation, the ethnic groups will reconcile. There is no realistic basis for that assumption..."

Stratfor News 4/2/99 "...1925 GMT, 990402 - The pro-Serbian web site cites Croatian Radio 101 in Zagreb as confirming that a damaged F-117 was forced to land in Zagreb...."

Reuters Carol Giacomo 4/2/99 "...The Clinton administration is increasingly on the defensive as Kosovo spirals out of control and the complexities of the situation become more evident. In leading NATO in airstrikes against Yugoslavia, the United States was trying to protect ethnic Albanians in the province and prevent a widening war in Europe. But critics say miscalculations are exacerbating the challenge. .....Since NATO started the strikes last week, Americans have reacted with growing horror to news of a flood of refugees pouring out of Kosovo and reports of brutality as Serb forces kept up an onslaught on the ethnic Albanians. Concern grew after Serbian television showed film Thursday of three U.S. soldiers captured while patrolling the border between Kosovo and Macedonia, and some Americans said U.S. involvement in a ground war seemed inevitable....."

STRATFOR's Global Intelligence Update 4/2/99 "...2234 GMT, 990402 - The decision to send Strobe Talbott to Greece is a critical event in the crisis. Any ground attack into Kosovo will have to come through Macedonia as a military buildup in Albania at this time would be nightmarish. Virtually all of the 10,000 troops currently in Macedonia came in through the Greek port of Thessalonika..... 2123 GMT, 990402 - According to Serbian and other sources, the KLA is abandoning key strongholds in the face of attacks from the Serbian Army. The KLA has apparently deserted most positions north of Pristina. The population has also fled. Thus, the Serbs are succeeding in creating a fait accompli, in which the reality on the ground is that the region north of Pristina is under Serb control. As the Kosovo Albanian position collapses, the KLA is attempting to recruit men who are in Albania and elsewhere...... 2101 GMT, 990402 - According to the Iranian news agency IRNA, the Palestinian Authority has decided to send unspecified humanitarian relief to Kosovar Albanian refugees. IRNA reports that there has been a feeling of solidarity among the Palestinians toward the Kosovar Albanians during the crisis, and most Palestinians seem to support NATO air strikes on Serbian targets. Palestinian interest in this conflict goes beyond a vague sense of shared plight. ...."

STRATFOR's Global Intelligence Update 4/2/99 "...2311 GMT, 990402 - According to sources in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, the city's population is extremely fearful that Serbian forces will take action against the republic's pro-Western government in the next few days, either through a coup or a civil war. They report that, for the first time since the beginning of the NATO bombing campaign, army troops are deployed in downtown Podgorica...."

The Independent (UK) 4/3/99 "... Recriminations and accusations are growing within senior Nato ranks over the alliance's policy and its apparent failure to inflict significant damage on the Serbian war machine or halt the tide of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo....."

AFP 4/1/99 "....NATO and Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic are in a deadly "race" to achieve their objectives, senior diplomats here said Thursday, adding that a contingency plan to send allied troops into Yugoslavia is ready if NATO members give the go-ahead. "This is a race between NATO and Belgrade," a top European diplomat said. NATO's aim is to damage Milosevic's military to such a point that Kosovo Albanians will be safe from repression and Belgrade will be forced to talk peace, while Milosevic is seeking to rid Kosovo of all its 1.8 million ethnic Albanians, he said. More than 150,000 Kosovars may have already been forced to flee the Serbian province, but NATO warplanes are only just beginning their waves of attacks that will target Serb soldiers and tanks, the diplomat said. Up to now, NATO has concentrated on air-defence and logistics targets. In this context, time is of the essence, he said. "The weather is a crucial factor," the diplomat added, explaining that low cloud has hampered NATO attacks on Serb troops and artillery over the last two days, forcing many aircraft to return to base with the bombs still in their bays. Weather forecasts, however, suggest the clouds will not be dissipating before Sunday...."

AFP Itar-Tass 4/1/99 Freeper Thanatos "...Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic and Kosovo Albanian moderate leader Ibrahim Rugova met here Thursday for the first time in more than ten months and committed themselves to peace, state media reports said. The meeting, shown on Serbian state television, was seen as a possible shift by the Belgrade leadership towards a quest for a political solution to the Kosovo crisis. Serbian state television showed footage of a written communique signed by Milosevic and Rugova, and dated April 1, in which the two leaders stated that they "shared a committment to a political process."..."

Sacramento Bee 4/1/99 George Wil "..."We may not have the means to stop it," says Javier Solana, NATO's secretary-general, speaking of Serbia's campaign of ethnic cleansing, "but we have shown we have the will to try." Solana's almost complacent statement--NATO has meant well; NATO can feel good about itself--is precisely the reverse of the truth. NATO, ostensibly a military alliance, involves 19 nations, with 780 million people, well over half of the world's economic product and most of the sophisticated weaponry. Obviously it has the means to subdue threadbare and isolated Serbia. NATO lacks only the will to do so. As this is written (Wednesday afternoon) NATO is choosing to lose a war. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that NATO is choosing not to fight a war. NATO is waging a sort of war against an eccentric selection of Serbian targets, and NATO is disappointed by the results, even though NATO is essentially unopposed. Serbia, too, is waging an essentially unopposed war, mostly against he unarmed civilians of Kosovo. The surrealism is complete: two simultaneous, parallel wars, one waged unsuccessfully by a military colossus, the other waged successfully by a military midget...."

Times of London 4/2/99 Ben Macintyre "...PRESIDENT CLINTON was yesterday accused of going to war despite the repeated warnings of senior US intelligence and military advisers, who told him that bombing Serbia could lead to a humanitarian disaster and a military fiasco. As a dismayed America watched its captured soldiers being paraded on Serb television and the Kosovo conflict threatened to spiral into the worst foreign policy crisis of his presidency, Mr Clinton also found himself on the defensive on another, more familiar front, insisting that the impeachment trial stemming from his relationship with the former White House trainee Monica Lewinsky was "not a badge of shame". For weeks before the Nato bombardment George Tenet, the CIA Director, was predicting that an air campaign might only exacerbate Serb brutality in Kosovo. At the same time, according to The Washington Post, several senior military advisers told the President that air power alone would never halt the Serb offensive, a warning backed up by military intelligence. Mr Clinton and his senior aides pressed ahead, wedded to a decision taken some six months ago that ground troops should not be deployed in Kosovo and would not need to be. With recrimination rising and morale dropping at the White House, in the space of a few days Mr Clinton's tone has changed from bullish exhortation to something close to pleading...."

AP 4/1/99 Laurie Kellman "...Sen. Robert Torricelli, chairman of the Senate campaign fund-raising committee, said the U.S. military issued Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic a "virtual invitation'' to capture American soldiers. "It is incomprehensible to me that the U.S. military would send a three-man patrol near the borders of Serbia,'' Sen. Robert Torricelli, D-N.J., said in a telephone interview. "It was a virtual invitation.'' With the sharpest criticism issued by a Democrat after the capture, Torricelli questioned the wisdom of the U.S.-led campaign. "There's a very worthwhile humanitarian objective, but it was always a triumph of hope over reality that a limited bombing campaign would ever break the will of the Serbian military,'' he said. "It was never a very realistic plan.'' .."

The Hindu 4/2/99 Kesava Menon "...For the countries of West Asia, especially those with a Muslim majority population, the Kosovo crisis poses a peculiar dilemma. While they are concerned over reports that Kosovo is being ethnically cleansed of Muslims and do want something to be done about Serb aggression, they find the arguments used by NATO to justify its actions extremely troubling. The Arab world, in particular, has had enough experience of the U.S. proclivity to stretch the rules of international law for its own purposes and they have reasons to worry about new precedents being set. Most Arab Governments have thus far refrained from commenting, either positively or negatively, on the NATO air strikes...."

STRATFOR's Global Intelligence Update 4/1/99 "...NATO has no credible ground war options in any time frame short of several months. Therefore it is intensifying the air war in order to bring the maximum amount of pressure to bear. The Serbs, for their part, emphasized the vulnerability of NATO troops in Macedonia yesterday by capturing three American soldiers. The Russians are also doing their best to intensify the crisis. Each side is making its strongest military case. Since no one really has a good military case, and everyone knows it, it seems to us that the posturing is with an eye to the approaching cease-fire...."

AP 4/1/99 "...NATO leaders praise mission despite setbacks NATO used its air assaults to tighten a ring around Yugoslav forces in Kosovo, where Serbs were packing masses of ethnic Albanians into refugee trains so tightly that at least two people died. Three U.S. soldiers captured by the army faced charges by a military court. A Vatican envoy traveled to Belgrade to urge an end to the airstrikes, but the Western alliance said the bombardment of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's forces would proceed as long as necessary. ..."

UPI Spotlight 4/1/99 "...Pentagon spokesman Ken Bacon says (Thursday) the United States considers the three U.S. servicemen being held by Yugoslav forces as prisoners of war. The shift in phrasing from earlier in the day means the United States wants to apply Geneva Convention protections to the men, and Bacon says the conventionspecifies that POWs should not be put on trial...."

AP 4/1/99 "...Spec. Steven M. Gonzales Age: 21. Family: Lives in Huntsville, Texas..... Graduated from: Palestine (Texas) High School, top 10 percent of class of 1995. --- Staff Sgt. Andrew A. Ramirez: Age: 24. Family: Lives in east Los Angeles---^Staff Sgt. Christopher Stone: Age: 25. Family: Stone's wife and son live with her family in San Antonio; father lives in Kenockee Township, northeast of Detroit...."

The Hindustan Times 4/1/99 Freeper Jai "...US President Bill Clinton has rejected Pope John Paul II's plea for a temporary cessation of the NATO bombings on the Serb targets during Easter. . . . "

AP 4/1/99 Moscow "...Warning that the Yugoslav crisis could lead to a ``grave disaster,'' President Boris Yeltsin on Thursday appealed to the G-7 nations to stop the NATO airstrikes and weighed Russian plans to send more warships to the Mediterranean. Yeltsin called for a meeting of the foreign ministers of the Group of Seven leading industrialized nations and Russia on halting the NATO attacks. But with all the Group of Seven nations except Japan taking part in the assault, it appeared unlikely they would agree to such a meeting. The Russian leader issued the invitation in a dramatic television address, reiterating his country's demand that NATO immediately halt the airstrikes...."

AP Charles Hutzler "...Opposition to the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and slimming chances for a breakthrough on China's entry to the World Trade Organization have prompted Chinese leaders to reconsider whether to send Premier Zhu Rongji to the United States next week. Although the U.S. Embassy officially said today the long-planned nine-day trip is on, there have been conflicting signals from the Chinese leadership...."

STRATFOR 4/1/99 "...The German newspaper "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" reported on March 31 that Yugoslav Deputy Prime Minister Vuk Draskovic has ruled out a peace agreement enforced by NATO troops on the ground and that continued NATO bombing might trigger a Russian declaration of war against NATO. Draskovic: "Should the bomb attacks continue, the leadership in Moscow will find it difficult to control the growing outrage in the Russian population. The demonstrations could lead to the call for a counter attack. That would be the beginning of an international catastrophe. The government in Moscow is now under strong pressure to quickly supply state-of-the-art weapons to Yugoslavia and then give a counter-ultimatum to NATO. Meaning: should NATO not end its aggression against Yugoslavia, Russia will consider itself at war with NATO."..."

Fox News 4/1/99 Arlinda Causholli AP "...Kosovo rebels are urging ethnic Albanian males who fled the Yugoslav province to return and join the guerrilla army and fight the Serbs. Those who refuse, the Kosovo Liberation Army said in a statement, face reprisals even in Albania. "If men will refuse to join the KLA, the (rebel) general staff warns that the (KLA) military police will act, even outside Kosovo,'' said the statement broadcast on Albanian state television, indicating the rebel leadership is concerned that the exodus of ethnic Albanian refugees will deprive the movement of its base of recruits...."

Wall Street Journal 4/1/99 Bob Davis Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...EXCERPT "Bill Clinton came of age politically opposing the Vietnam War policies of President Lyndon Baines Johnson. Now, as commander in chief, Mr. Clinton echoes many of LBJ's strengths and his weaknesses......The legacy of Vietnam haunts Bill Clinton and his aides, and goes a long way to explaining their reluctance to commit ground troops to roll back Serbian gains in Kosovo. Nobody expects the Balkan crisis to reach the scale of Vietnam. But, ironically, the president's approach has some echoes of Mr. Johnson's record of gradual escalation, putting sharp limits at each stage on how much military power can be used and allowing hubris to cloud his vision. In Johnson-like style, Mr. Clinton approves which targets are to be attacked, questions objectives and inquires whether there could be unintended casualties."..."

Washington Times 4/2/99 Philip Smucker "...Kosovar rebels claimed for the first time yesterday to have organized resistance to Serbian troops in the Kosovo capital, Pristina, while a centrist ethnic Albanian political leader demanded an end to NATO bombing. Yugoslav army leaders in Pristina told Kosovar Albanians early this morning to hand in their weapons before it was "too late" or face "merciless" reprisals"The bombing must stop. Everything must stop," Mr. Rugova was quoted as saying by Agence France-Presse. "This must be worked on," he said, adding that the Yugoslav government in Belgrade "must commit to a diplomatic path and accept an accord" for peace in Kosovo. Mr. Rugova, whose political influence waned as violence mounted over the past year and the KLA became more powerful, said his message for NATO is "not to kill people and [to] help find a solution."...."

Baltimore Sun 4/2/99 Jack Germond Jules Witcover "...The situation in Kosovo is rapidly taking on the dimensions of a disaster -- militarily and politically. The principal victims are the innocent bystanders -- in this instance, the tens of thousands of ethnic Albanians driven out of their homes. But one tangential added casualty of the disaster in Kosovo may be President Clinton's last shred of credibility as a national leader. It is clear that the president failed to understand the basic rules of political conduct of foreign policy written by the American experience in Vietnam a generation ago. The first rule is that no foreign adventure can be sustained without U.S. public support. The approval rating for Mr. Clinton's handling of this war is 55 percent, an extraordinarily low figure for a president after a week of a crisis. The second rule: To help win support, the president needs to Clinton take great pains to explain why it is necessary to risk young U.S. soldiers' lives. Mr. Clinton should have gone on prime time television and discussed in detail the nature of the threat to the national interest that requires such a formidable commitment....Already the president is trying to counter the accusations that the bombing of the Serbs caused Slobodan Milosevic to send more forces to conduct genocide in Kosovo. But when Mr. Clinton says that is "absolutely not" the case, will the public believe him? At this point Mr. Clinton still holds that slim margin of support among the American people and the face-saving cover that is provided by this being a NATO operation. But both of these are declining assets. There is a restiveness about Kosovo among some of our allies and many of our citizens. If he can still lead the country, the president needs to do it by laying out -- better late than never -- a convincing rationale for the policies he is following...."

Washington Post 4/3/99 Jennifer Frey "... She gets defensive, even angry, when questioned about Karadzic or Milosevic, seeing her truth as vastly more nuanced. "I guess this illusion that America is all about the truth, and that truth is important, is one of the things that I hold most sacred to me," Sremac says. "I think this war is very hard to understand from Washington. It's hard for people who don't understand war, and the logistics of war. What's happening in Yugoslavia is complicated, and . . . the Serbs are the only ones who aren't seen as human. That's not reality. Human beings are violent, war is violent. But I don't believe the Serbs are doing any more or less than anyone else." ...."In a conflict like this, everyone gets defensively aggressive and idealizes your own side while demonizing the other," says Post, author of "Political Paranoia: The Psychopolitics of Hatred." Post has not spoken with Sremac, but he is not at all surprised that she is unwilling to accept reports of ethnic cleansing and genocide by the Serbs in Kosovo. "Your own people doing terrible things like ethnic cleansing -- that is simply inconsistent with her sense of what Serbia is, and what she is," Post says. "It's almost a psychological requirement to deny that." For Sremac, though, it's as much about what's happening to the Serbs as about what they are doing to others. She was last in Yugoslavia in February 1998, but she is in touch daily with family members -- cousins, aunts, uncles -- in Belgrade and grows increasingly concerned about them...."

AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE 4/3/99 "...Belgrade's residents were shocked and outraged Saturday by the overnight bombing of government buildings in the city centre, with some accusing the United States of launching World War III. "My baby is just one day old, I only hope she will never know what happened last night," a mother, contacted by phone in a nearby maternity hospital, told AFP. She was among a group of some 70 mothers and their babies who were evacuated from a maternity hospital, situated just 100 meters from the Yugoslav interior ministry building that was smashed by NATO missile strikes in the early hours Saturday....."

The Washington Post 4/3/99 Vernon Loeb Freeper Fulbright "...In Kosovo over the past two months, according to British defense officials, Milosevic amassed a force of up to 40,000 army, police and paramilitary troops, backed by 300 tanks, although that force has increased dramatically in recent days. "There are reports of 55,000 to 60,000 -- it's anybody's guess what it really is," said Cordesman...."

Stratfor's Global Intellgience Update 4/4/99 "The original NATO mission was to halt Serb actions against the Kosovo Albanians through the use of air power both in Kosovo and in other areas of Yugoslavia. That mission has clearly failed and NATO knows it. The deportations of Kosovo Albanians is underway at a fevered pace and, by some estimates, the province will be emptied of Kosovo Albanians by the end of the coming week. We expect that that view overstates both what is possible and what is intended. The current surge of refugees represent the group most accessible to Serb forces and most easily transported to the borders. More isolated areas are still filled with Albanians and will not be so easily transported. No matter. The primary mission, the radical transformation of the demographics of Albania is being achieved and will be in place by the end of the week. NATO has itself now shifted focus. First, it is trying to figure out what to do with the refugees..... We are ... now entering the second phase of the war. The first phase was the deportation of Albanians in the face of NATO military action. Serbia has clearly won that phase. The second phase is about NATO's desire to reverse those consequences and return the Albanians to their homes..... " 4/3/99 Celestine Bohlen "...President Boris Yeltsin has fired off another peace offensive, even as a Russian military reconnaissance ship was heading into the Mediterranean in a display of Moscow's anti-NATO stance in the conflict in Yugoslavia. On national television on Thursday, Mr Yeltsin called for an emergency meeting of the foreign ministers of the world's seven leading industrial powers, plus Russia, to seek a political settlement in the Balkans. Since six members of the group are now involved in the NATO bombing campaign, Mr Yeltsin's latest proposal seemed as unlikely to succeed as the mission earlier this week to Belgrade and then to Bonn by the Prime Minister, Mr Yevgeny Primakov...."

Stratfor's Global Intelligence Update 4/3/99 "...NATO is now taking its best shot against Serbia. Precision munitions, from the Tomahawk to the Paveway laser guided weapons to Maverick anti-tank missiles, represent NATO's core ability: the destruction of bridges, buildings and tanks with minimal collateral damage. Lack of collateral damage is critical. NATO is conducting a campaign with humanitarian rather than geopolitical ends. Conducting a massacre to stop a massacre would make no sense and would rapidly deconstruct the NATO coalition. Therefore, NATO's ability to use precision to destroy things of value is its strongest card. The United States and NATO have made it clear that they will use this ability to destroy things that are important to Yugoslavia.... What will happen, however, is that as the Serbs reach their goals they will become increasingly eager for a cease-fire. NATO will interpret this as showing that its strategy is working, when in fact it is merely a matter of the Serbs reaching a mission accomplished stage. NATO will make demands on the Serbs, such as withdrawal of forces, etc., that the Serbs will agree to. Then NATO will start facing the daunting task of returning the Albanians to the scorched earth of Kosovo. Task forces will be set up. UN Commissions will be created. Studies will be done. But the resources for reconstructing Albanian Kosovo will not materialize. NATO will have its official victory. Serbia will have the real one...."

STRATFOR's Global Intelligence Update 4/3/99 "...1627 GMT, 990403 - News agencies are now confirming STRATFOR's report of 2 April that Montenegro is on the verge of a coup. There are now widespread reports that Yugoslavia's Second Army is positioning itself to overthrow the relatively pro-Western government of the Yugoslav Republic...."

AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE 4/3/99 "...Belgrade's residents were shocked and outraged Saturday by the overnight bombing of government buildings in the city centre, with some accusing the United States of launching World War III. "My baby is just one day old, I only hope she will never know what happened last night," a mother, contacted by phone in a nearby maternity hospital, told AFP. She was among a group of some 70 mothers and their babies who were evacuated from a maternity hospital, situated just 100 meters from the Yugoslav interior ministry building that was smashed by NATO missile strikes in the early hours Saturday. "It seemed like an earthquake," she said, describing the explosions. The mothers and their babies took refuge in a shelter. "For the time being, we have everything, but the babies feel something is happening, and I am afraid they will get sick in the underground shelter," she said...."

Reuters 4/04/99 Arshad Mohammed "... The United States will send Apache helicopters to the Balkans region but NATO has not yet decided to use them against Yugoslav forces attacking Kosovo's ethnic Albanians, a top U.S. official said Sunday. ``A decision has been made, at this point, to deploy them,'' National Security Adviser Sandy Berger said in an interview on CBS Television's ``Face the Nation'' program. ...."

Boston Globe 4/4/99 David Filipov Freeper rface "...But at Friday's antiwar concert attended by some 60,000 people in Salonica, Greece, the United States was the bad guy: President Clinton was compared in posters to Hitler; NATO was spelled out as ''Nazi American Terrorist Organization''; and posters warned of ''a new Vietnam'' in Europe..."

TIME DAILY 4/4/99 Tony Karon Freeper A Whitewater Researcher "... EXCERPTS: "...with the refugee crisis spiraling out of control...some NATO members appear to be seeking to negotiate. A statement Saturday from NATO secretary general Javier Solana that the bombing will end if Milosevic withdraws his forces from Kosovo and allows NATO forces to escort refugees back to their homes was later withdrawn, with the alliance reaffirming that attacks will continue until Milosevic signs the Rambouillet peace deal. The conflicting statements, followed by caution from British prime minister Tony Blair against seeking a "premature or partial peace deal," indicates that NATO's unity of purpose may be under strain....315,000 Kosovars have fled the Serb campaign and the ever-swelling refugee population is beset by mounting hunger and disease...Macedonia...intensified the humanitarian crisis Saturday by closing its borders on the grounds that it could accomodate no more refugees..."

AP 4/4/99 Robert Burns "...The Pentagon has diverted important parts of the U.S. air fleet charged with monitoring the sky over northern Iraq in order to sustain its role in NATO airstrikes against Yugoslavia, officials said. Among the planes sent to Europe for the intensifying conflict with Yugoslavia are Navy EA-6B Prowlers, which are electronic warfare planes that jam and can attack air defense radars, and refueling aircraft, according to defense officials who discussed the matter on condition they not be identified. As a result, the American and British fighter aircraft used to enforce a "no-fly'' zone over northern Iraq have not flown since March 20, four days before NATO launched its airstrikes against Yugoslavia. Not coincidentally, U.S. officials have reported no Iraqi violations of the flight ban in that period, and almost daily U.S. and British attacks on Iraqi air-defense sites in the north have stopped...."

NAVY TIMES/Army Times Publishing Co. 4/3/99 Bradley Peniston "...Where are the carriers? For the first time in a long time, the answer is: no where near the action. The NATO order of battle for Operation Allied Force includes some 400 fighters, bombers, tankersand electronic warfare aircraft, but -- except for the Marine Corps Harrier jets and Cobra attack helicopters aboard the amphibious assault ship Nassau -- no shipboard air wings. The carrier Enterprise left the Mediterranean Sea some weeks ago to take up station in the Persian Gulf, and there are no plans to pull the "Big E" back to the Adriatic Sea. Meanwhile, the Theodore Roosevelt was slated to deploy from its Norfolk, Va., homeport on March 26, but would not proceed with undue haste to the Mediterranean, officials said....Navy planners were silent on the issue, except to say that NATO commanders felt that they had enough force without the carriers....."

Insight 4/26/99 Jennifer G. Hickey, Timothy W. Maier and Sean Paige Freeper Lonnie "...the dark hues of a military and political quagmire as intensified NATO bombing failed to end -- and even seemed to escalate -- the butchery and burning in the killing fields of the Balkans. As a golfing President Clinton pledged to stay the ill-defined course, standing fast in the faith that airpower alone would force Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to accept a negotiated settlement to the chronic conflict over Kosovo, centrifugal forces threatened to rend administration policy and NATO unity alike. "Do more!" advised some, believing the introduction of ground troops was inevitable and offered the only real hope of stopping brutal Serbian efforts to drive ethnic Albanians from Kosovo. "Do less!" counseled others, who see in Kosovo a tar pit from which the United States never would break free. "Do something!" urged neighboring nations and relief organizations awash in a tide of refugees, their pleadings bolstered by compelling news images of the faces in the flood. ..."

Insight 4/26/99 Jamie Dettmer Freeper Lonnie "...No one in this administration thought it relevant to do anything about Kosovo until lately. Two, three years ago, diplomats, U.S. and European, were warning of a meltdown in Kosovo and the dangers it would present for stability in Bosnia and Croatia and for neighboring states. No one in power took heed or plotted a strategy either to solve the problem or contain it. The White House and Congress, both fitfully attentive, went on their merry way -- the president had other things on his mind, such as smuggling Monica Lewinsky into the Oval Office, and Capitol Hill became consumed with punishing Clinton for his tawdry behavior...."

The Globe and Mail (Toronto newspaper) 4/3/99 Miro Cernetig "...Alarmed by NATO's attacks on Yugoslavia, Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji warned yesterday that such intervention could lead to global conflict. "All the internal matters should be left for the country itself to resolve. If we should refuse to recognize a country's sovereignty, I'm afraid that would lead to a world war." ..."

2/20/99 Rambouillet, France Secretary Albright with note by Freeper tracey12 "... Ambassador Hill and his colleagues have bridged many major gaps and resolved most of the political issues which divided the parties. The Kosovar Albanians have negotiated with discipline and unity of purpose. They have not yet accepted every element of the interim political settlement, but it was my judgment and that of my Contact Group colleagues that the remaining issues can be resolved with a reasonable amount of effort. Belgrade, in contrast, has taken every opportunity for evasion and delay. The Serb delegation bears the lion's share of responsibility for the difficulties we have experienced today. Belgrade has said that it can accept the political settlement although my sense is that this is not completely firm. However, the Serb refusal to even consider the presence of a NATO-led military implementation force in Kosovo is largely responsible for the failure to reach full agreement....[Note that Belgrade has agreed to the political settlement and the Albanian insurgents have not. Yet the Serbs are blamed for the failure. The Albanians did not agree but she is sure they will eventually. The Serbs have agreed but she senses they are not firm in this. The Serbs object to having 20,000 armed foreign troops on their sovereign soil. The albanians have no sovereign soil to worry about -- yet!]....."

USA Today 4/5/99 Jack Kelley "...Macedonian soldiers, in what appeared to be a deliberate attempt to get the refugees to turn back, told them Sunday that they weren't going to receive any food or water while they waited at the border. "Go back to Kosovo," a soldier who gave his name as Darko yelled. "Go back to where you belong."

But even if they wanted to return, many were too weak to try. There was little food here because most aid groups have been barred from handing out what goods they have in the valley. Local Albanian bakers drive to the border daily to hand out hundreds of loaves of bread, causing near riots among the refugees..."

Newhouse News Service 4/5/99 J Scott Orr "...Congress returns from recess April 12 to face a renewed debate over the use of war powers. At issue is the controversial War Powers Act, a 26-year-old law that requires Congress to give its imprimatur to any operation that introduces U.S. forces into hostilities or imminent hostilities.

Congressional opponents of the Kosovo operation -- and there are many in both houses -- are expected to launch a War Powers Act challenge to the mission if it does not reach an early conclusion....

WorldNetDaily 4/5/99 Geoff Metcalf "... To quote Albert Finney from the movie, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!" As if Clinton's myopic bumbling were not sufficient to gag a maggot (Chinagate, Zippergate, Bimbos ad nauseum, Filegate, Travelgate, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Somalia, Haiti, massive reductions in military force, and turning the USA into Hessians), this latest adventurism in the Balkans is an obscenity. NATO has attacked a sovereign country for the first time in its fifty-year history. Notwithstanding the duplicitous diatribes of the Commander in Grief, President Clinton has become a co-conspirator with Slobodan Miloslovic and earned the United States the antipathy of former allies in the Balkans. The DOPE (Department Of Propaganda Evil) has failed in its efforts to suppress, control, and spin the facts. DOPE has tried to position the USA as white hat heroes riding over the hill to save the oppressed from an evil villain. It was supposed to be quick, decisive, and heroic. It hasn't been, isn't, and won't be. This "Wag the Dog" may temporarily divert attention from the treachery of Chinagate, but the unintended consequences are rapidly mounting. ..." 4/5/99 Agence France Presse "...A first group of Russian volunteers arrived Sunday in the northern Serbian town of Novi Sad to defend Yugoslavia, the official Tanjug news agency said. "The Russian volunteers are waiting to be posted to defend Yugoslavia against the shameless attacks by the bloody NATO aggressors," said Vlado Micunovic, chairman of the Yugoslav branch of the Russian-Yugoslav Fraternity Fund. It is not known how many Russians arrived in Novi Sad. Russian nationalists and former servicemen were reported to have started recruiting volunteers to fight in Yugoslavia a few days after the NATO air strikes on Yugoslavia began on March 24. Russia has bitterly opposed the NATO campaign, aimed at forcing Milosevic to halt an offensive against ethnic Albanians that has triggered a refugee exodus from Kosovo. But Kremlin deputy chief of staff Sergei Prikhodko was quoted Sunday as saying Moscow was opposed both to sending volunteers and to lifting the arms embargo on Yugoslavia....."

AP 4/5/99 Freeper Brian Mosely "...Signaling its opposition to NATO airstrikes, a Chinese newspaper doctored a picture of President Clinton to make him look like Adolf Hitler...."

The Political Review 4/1/99 DK Zimmerman "...Kosovo is developing into a surreal foreign policy disaster. Clinton fraudulently dodged the draft to avoid service during a war in which one part of a country attempted to forcibly impose control over another portion. Now, he insists he must lead us helter-skelter into war, with even less of a plan than we had for Vietnam..... The so-called "balanced" Rambouillet accord required Serbia to surrender of all portions of Kosovo to democratic self-rule. Under NATO auspices, it would be allowed to form its own autonomous democratic government for a period of three years, at which time an international body would determine if the solution is permanent. In short, the Albanians were being offered everything they wanted while the Serbs would have their country forcibly partitioned...."

Interfax and 4/5/99 "...15:28 - Kosovar leader Igrahim Rugova has officially applied to the Yugoslavian authorities for permission to go abroad for negotiations. He has disclosed his decision during a meeting with Russia's ambassador to Yugoslavia, Yuri Kotov, at Pristina, the Ekho Moskvy radio station reports. 16:05 - Kosovar Albanian leader Ibrahim Rugova has called on NATO to stop bombing. Having met with Russia's ambassador Yuri Kotov today, Rugova held a press conference at his home in Pristina. An AFP correspondent was among those attending it. With reference to that correspondent, the Interfax news agency reported that Rugova said NATO should stop air strikes against Yugoslavia. He explained that he is free to move, that Yugoslav authorities have taken care of his security. Rugova resolutely rejected speculations around his meeting with President Slobodan Milosevic in Belgrade. Western agencies had previously expressed doubts about the videotape of his meeting with Milosevic and his statement that bombing should be stopped. NATO even said it was a fake tape. Interfax's sources at the Russian Foreign Ministry did not rule out that Rugova could visit Moscow to look for ways out of crisis. During his press conference, Rugova called on Yugoslav authorities to show more willingness for peace settlement. ..."

St. Louis Post Dispatch 4/5/99 Paul Beaver and Peter Beaumont of the London Observer Freeper Cosmo Topper "... Senior NATO officers have drawn up a last-ditch contingency plan for an opposed entry by ground troops into Kosovo, involving between 100,000 and 125,000 troops led by heavy armor and supported by mechanized infantry and helicopters...."

UPI 4/5/99 "...He then paraphrased Albright's response during a weekend television interview, saying, "We have a lot of tough questions to answer about this operation, and I am quite sure that we cannot answer every one to everyone's satisfaction. "But I would far rather be standing here answering these questions, with these people, talking about this endeavor," Clinton said, "than I would to be standing here having you ask me why we are permitting a wholesale ethnic slaughter and ethnic cleansing and the creation of hundreds of thousands of refugees, and not lifting a finger to do anything about it."..."

Macedonia Press Agency 4/5/99 "...The three U.S. servicemen captured by the Serb troops on the Yugoslav-FYROM border will not be tried, but, instead, they will be released as soon as NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia is stopped. As the Russian Itar-Tass news agency reported, Belgrade's vice-mayor Milan Bozic told the ABC television company that "they will return home as soon as this madness is over." ..."

Washington Times Weekly Edition 4/5-11/99 Rowan Scarborough "…Senior Air Force and Navy officers are disappointed with the slow pace of NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, as the alliance for the second time announced on March 31 it was stepping up a campaign that so far has failed to achieve Western objectives.

A senior Air Force officer said in an interview that allied forces generated an average of 48 combat sorties a day in the first week, which is fewer than on the first day of the 1991 air war against Iraq. The officer told of Air Force officers in the European theater who say the campaign to date "is a disgrace." "Senior military officers think that the tempo is so disgustingly slow it makes us look inept," said this officer. Targets hit so far are insufficient to break the will of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. The officer said targeters must get broad approval for their target selections from NATO political bureaucrats in Brussels The U.S. Air Force officer said the bombing has primarily been assigned to the Air Force. Air Force pilots have flown 84 percent of sorties --defined as one combat flight -- while the allies account for 10 percent and the U.S. Navy the remaining 6 percent…."

AP 4/6/99 "…On the fifth anniversary of the ethnic slaughter in Rwanda, with NATO's bombs aimed at halting the Serb onslaught against Kosovo's ethnic Albanians, President Clinton is again confronting a question he says poses the biggest challenge to progress in the 21st century. ``When you strip it all away, down deep inside there is this idea that you cannot organize personal life or social life unless some group feels better about itself only when they are oppressing someone else,'' he said Tuesday in pressing to expand hate crimes legislation…"

Reuters via Fox News Wires 4/6/99 "….NATO carried out its most extensive night of air raids against Yugoslav forces but admitted Tuesday that one of its weapons may have missed its target in an attack in which Serbian media say five people died. Reports from Belgrade said the deaths occurred as a result of a missile strike on a residential area of the southern Serbian town of Aleksinac. NATO military spokesman Air Commodore David Wilby said a rare technical failure, or anti-aircraft fire, could have caused the weapon to miss its target. NATO says it was aiming at a military post which houses the 203rd Mixed Artillery Brigade. Wilby said damage had been done 600 meters short of the target…."

AP/WP 4/6/99 Dimitri Messinis "…The Yugoslav leadership today declared a unilateral cease-fire in Kosovo to mark Orthodox Easter, hours after the most intensive night of NATO air raids across Yugoslavia. It was unclear if the cease-fire would continue past the holiday Sunday, but NATO and U.S. officials had been expecting a cease-fire offering. President Clinton said Monday that half-measures would not end the air campaign. ``To honor the biggest Christian holiday, Easter, all actions of the army and police will stop in Kosovo against the terrorist organization KLA starting April 6 at 8 p.m. (3 p.m. EDT),'' a government statement said. The statement also offered to reach a ``temporary agreement'' with moderate ethnic Albanian leader Ibrahim Rugova, which it said would be the basis for a ``final agreement'' on Kosovo ``within Serbia and Yugoslavia.'' The statement came after allied warplanes blasted fuel depots, oil refineries, roads and bridges across Yugoslavia, and Serb officials said today that a NATO attack on a coal mining town killed five civilians and injured dozens…."

UPI 4/6/99 "…Israeli Foreign Minister Ariel Sharon says (Tuesday) the world's concern over the Kosovo refugee tragedy should not cloud the danger that an independent Kosovo could join Albania and become a focus for Islamic terror in Europe. He said the world is witnessing ``a terrible tragedy, but this tragedy has been going on for many years. These (people) murdered and those (people) murdered.'' …"

4/6/99 AP Freeper Thanatos "…With NATO airstrikes pummeling Yugoslavia, President Clinton said today that President Slobodan Milosevic ``could end it now'' by withdrawing his forces from Kosovo, accepting terms of a peace accord and allowing hundreds of thousands of ethnic Albanians to return to their homes. The administration refused to match Yugoslavia's promise of a unilateral cease-fire in Kosovo to mark Orthodox Easter. Reciting the terms spelled out by Clinton, National Security Council spokesman David Leavy said, ``NATO operations will continue until these conditions are met.'' …."

StratFor Web Site - Moskovski Komsomolets 4/6/99 "…2100GMT, 990406 - Despite earlier Serbian assurances to the U.S. that the three captured U.S. soldiers would be treated as prisoners of war and not subjected to trial, Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Vojislav Seselj was quoted in the Russian newspaper Moskovski Komsomolets on April 6 that "since the United States has not declared war against Yugoslavia, these Americans have the status not of prisoners but of international terrorists." Seselj added that they would be tried and judged "according to Yugoslav law." …"

DICK MORRIS 4/6/99 "…THREE times in this century - in World War I, Korea and Vietnam - liberal presidents have gotten us into wars that sapped our national spirit, eroded our idealism and left our nation introverted, isolationist, and self-absorbed. Now the pattern may repreat itself if President Clinton approves the use of ground combat troops in Kosovo. As the poet and philosopher George Santayana said, ''Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.'' Clinton's recent decision to dispatch Apache attack helicopters to Albania for possible use in Kosovo is deeply troubling. These are not instruments of air power. They are flying ground troops. Their mission is to swoop low over a battlefield and intervene tactically against tanks, artillery and infantry. They are cavalry, not air units. They can be shot down and open the door to the kind of casualties we must not tolerate…Now the liberals summon us again to a foreign war to contain a viscous killer….. In 1995, Clinton told me, ''The liberals and the media are trying to get me into a war in Bosnia. They have their reporters there, they run scenes of slaughter and rape every night on TV. They are all internationalists who want to start a war.'' He was right then and he is right now….If the bombing doesn't work, we should pull out and go home. We cannot fight every injustice or defeat all tyrants. There are limits to our power because their are limits to our willingness to accept deaths. The United States cannot deploy ground troops in combat unless our vital national life literally depends upon it. Our public will never accept it…"

Empower America 4/6/99 EA Press Release Freeper supplyside "…Today Jack Kemp criticized the Clinton Administration for unilaterally rejecting Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov’s opening to negotiations in Kosovo. Kemp said "We should not unilaterally accept Slobodan Milosevic’s conditions, but nether should we unilaterally reject the idea of returning to the negotiating table under a simultaneous cease-fire on the ground in Kosovo and in the air over Yugoslavia. The president should explore every opportunity to halt the destabilizing violence that is threatening to engulf the entire Balkan region. "Our thoughts, our prayers and full support are with the men and women in the armed forces who honorably, courageously and without question carry out the orders of the Commander-in-Chief. Yet while they are succeeding with the air campaign, the Clinton Administration’s policy is failing. And let me emphasize that any thought of sending ground troops into Serbia to salvage the situation is, quite simply, insane…"

AP 4/6/99 Aida Cerkez-Robinson Freeper TheOtherOne"…A NATO helicopter flying on a routine mission apparently came under fire over Bosnian Serb territory, NATO officials said Tuesday, the latest in a recent series of attacks on alliance-led forces in Bosnia. The crew of a Black Hawk helicopter observed a flash on the ground 10 miles southwest of the northern Bosnian city of Doboj, on Monday. Within seconds they saw an object fly in front of them, forcing them to take ``evasive action.'' The helicopter landed safely, said Maj. Sheena Thomson, a NATO spokeswoman. NATO-led forces are investigating the incident and received assurances from the Bosnian Serb Army and local police that they will cooperate. Since NATO launched airstrikes against Yugoslavia, relations between the NATO-led Stabilization force, SFOR, and Bosnian Serbs have deteriorated and SFOR has increased security measures as a precaution against retaliation…."

Washington Post 4/7/99 Jim Hoagland "… NATO's leaders have grudgingly begun to admit they miscalculated Milosevic's willingness to turn his corner of southern Europe into a modern heart of darkness. This miscalculation has left their strategy vulnerable to pressures they must now find ways to contain -- but not ignore…. And each day the cry for a NATO ground war against the Serbs rises, even as Clinton and other alliance leaders insist it is not an option. To counter the pressure, they lapse into explanations of the goals of the air war that are increasingly vague and increasingly ambitious, a dangerous combination….. This is a lawyer going to war, constructing an argument for all eventualities -- including the possible need to argue failure as victory. Milosevic has raised the stakes by attacking Macedonia and Albania with refugee armies. Clinton and his aides have trouble explaining how they will stay in this bloody game. Worse: By describing the military choices given him as "a bunch of bad options," the president inadvertently points up the significant doubts the generals and admirals at the Pentagon have about the strategy they have been asked to carry out. A Clinton aide told the New York Times that the president is personally giving clearance to the Pentagon on buildings hit in Belgrade, to make sure the targets are chosen with political sensitivity. The aide, evidently showcasing the president's skills as a warrior-diplomat, seems never to have heard of Lyndon Johnson. Johnson came to grief constantly reviewing target lists and making them conform to his political goals during the Vietnam War. Bush made a point of leaving targeting and other military decisions to the Pentagon during Desert Storm. Clinton should immediately revert to the Desert Storm practice. He needs to insulate his commanders from political pressures, not leave them with a sense of being second-guessed. …..Johnson pretended that the Vietnam War could be pursued without great cost to Americans. He compounded that error by hiding his true intentions and assessments from the public. These were huge mistakes that no president should ever risk duplicating. It is time for Clinton to tell the nation in concrete, believable terms where he is taking us in this Balkan war. If he still knows…."

Associated Press 4/7/99 "…On Tuesday, Macedonia's prime minister, Ljubco Georgievski, had called NATO ``completely irresponsible'' for ignoring warnings that airstrikes on Yugoslavia could trigger a humanitarian disaster. Anti-NATO resentment has been growing among Macedonian nationalists who are angry over both the airstrikes against fellow Orthodox Serbs and the inflow of refugees, who are mainly Muslim…."


Itar-Tass News Agency 4/7/99 Freeper HAL9000 "…Tons of humanitarian aid, which Western countries send for the Kosovo refugees, are disappearing in Albania without a trace, often becoming a booty of local criminal groups, representatives from Italian charity organisations said here on Wednesday after visiting the region…"

AP 4/7/99 Freeper Marcellus "…After forcing more than 400,000 refugees out ... Yugoslav authorities closed the main exit route on Wednesday ... forcing tens of thousands of people back toward the burned villages.... aerial photos ... showed Serb tanks surrounding a Kosovo village, separating the men and women, and then opening fire on houses.... 50 villages reportedly have been burned since Saturday.... State Department spokesman James P. Rubin said nine Serb commanders have been linked to atrocities in Kosovo and could face war crime prosecutions…."

Reuters 4/7/99 "…Russia's State Duma lower house of parliament voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday for a resolution advising President Boris Yeltsin and his government to send weapons and an unspecified military mission to Yugoslavia…."

"…2202 GMT, 990407 - In a telephone conversation with Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov on Wednesday, U.S. Vice President Al Gore reportedly told Primakov that he could take another crack at convincing Milosevic to accept NATO's demands. Gore was responding to Primakov's demand that NATO end its bombing campaign, and it is unclear at this time whether Gore was making a serious suggestion - implying that the U.S. might be open to negotiation - or whether he was being sarcastic. All signs from NATO today suggested that the organization is more committed than ever to Yugoslavia's acceptance of the Rambouillet Accord, and Gore's comment sounded like he was offering Primakov the role of messenger boy, rather than mediator…."

St.Louis Post Wire Service 4/7/99 Lance Gay "…A week after NATO confirmed that Serb death squads had executed ethnic Albanian leaders and intellectuals in Pristina, Kosovo, some of those ``dead'' are showing up alive. ``I heard of my death on the radio,'' Baton Haxhui, editor of Pristina's Daily Times, told reporters in London this week when he showed up for a meeting with British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook. It's just the latest example of the raging propaganda war Albanians and Serbs are waging which has entangled both NATO and the Pentagon. Neither ethnic Albanians nor Serbs -- raised in a Communist state in which disinformation was honed to an art -- have made it easy to determine the truth of what's happening in Yugoslavia. Ethnic Albanians have claimed the Serbs have committed widespread massacres and set up concentration camps in Kosovo, while Serbia claims that its forces are only mopping up separatist rebels and that NATO is using radiation weapons. Both sides say the other is lying. ``They tell lies about us, we will go on telling the truth about them,'' British Defense Secretary George Robertson said this week…."

Interfax 4/7/99 "…The Russian Black Sea Fleet ship 'Liman' is not tasked with providing intelligence data to Yugoslavia, even though the ship has the technical capacity to do so, a high-ranking naval officer preferring to remain anonymous has told Interfax. He said that the Liman was sent to the Adriatic by a Defense Ministry decision to collect intelligence information and report it to fleet headquarters, and then from there to Moscow. "As to sharing intelligence information with Belgrade, such decisions are made by the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces," he said. The ship entered the Adriatic on Wednesday. Liman captain Anatoly Bartyshev said there had been no incidents on the way from Sevastopol…"

Interfax 4/7/99 "…Four warships from the Black Sea Fleet are being held in a state of alert and are waiting for an order to head to the Balkans, sources in the main headquarters of the Russian Navy told Interfax Wednesday. The large anti-submarine ship Kerch, the patrol boat Pytlivy and the large landing ships Azov and Filchenkov have been assigned additional tasks on the eve of the Black Sea Fleet's large-scale exercises, which are due to begin April 19….."

AP 4/7/99 Dave Carpenter Freeper TheotherOne "…Yugoslav forces positioned units in residential areas in Montenegro on Wednesday, prompting fears that the army may be trying to draw NATO attacks to undermine this republic's pro-Western government. New NATO airstrikes on Montenegro Tuesday night -- the first in a week -- came amid increasing friction between the republic and the central government in Belgrade over the army's actions there. The republics of Serbia and the much smaller Montenegro together make up Yugoslavia. Witnesses said the Yugoslav army was putting units in residential areas, and Montenegran officials complained it was conducting a harassment campaign against foreign journalists. Incidents resulting from the growing army activity ``could ignite a fire within the republic,'' said the state-run news service Montenegro Today, alluding to widespread fears of a military coup or unrest…."

4/7/99 Itar-Tass Freeper Thanatos via NewsEdge Corporation "…Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov, at the close of a meeting in the office of Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov, stated here on Wednesday that "we believe th at the statement made by the governments of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Serbia on cessation of hostilities in Kosovo is a very important signal in the right direction". In response to a question, Ivanov told Itar-Tass that "the statement is a serious gesture of goodwill which must be made use of in order to fundamentally change the situation in favour of a political settlement of the (Kosovo) crisis".

4/7/99 AFP Freeper Thanatos "…Talks between the United States and Yugoslavia on three Serb-held US soldiers snagged when Washington said no to China representing Yugoslav interests, The Washington Post said Wednesday. Swedish diplomats in Belgrade were told they could no longer represent US interests until Washington chose a country to handle Yugoslav interests in the United States, diplomats told the daily. As a result, discussions about the three US soldiers captured a week ago along the Macedonia-Kosovo border broke off, the sources said…."

BBC 4/7/99 "…The UN refugee agency says 30,000 refugees camped on the Macedonia-Kosovo have gone missing. It is believed that Macedonian authorities moved into the encampment, at Blace, before dawn and cleared the area by taking all the refugees away in a convoy of buses. But aid workers said it was not clear where the refugees were taken. It is thought some may have been taken to Albania, while others may have been taken to Greece…."

The Oklahoman Online 4/7/99 Thomas Sowell Freeper Penny "…RUSSIA has gone to war over the Balkans three times within the span of one century. Yet our politicians and media pundits seem to pay little attention to the danger that Russia will escalate its military aid to the Serbs -- even though there have already been rumblings out of Moscow about sending "volunteers" to fight against NATO and about the possibility of equipping the Serbs with tactical nuclear weapons. …."

Macedonian Press Agency 4/7/99 "…In a significant development at the initiative of the Greek government Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic will surrender in a good will gesture the three US soldiers who were arrested a few days ago by Serb soldiers. According to information, former Cypriot president Spiros Kiprianou is on his way to Belgrade to get the three US marines and deliver them to US ambassador to Cyprus Kenneth Brill. From there the three US soldiers will be able to go back to their country. The Greek government will also send a airplane if necessary for the transportation of the US soldiers to Cyprus…."

NY Times 4/7/99 Jane Perlez "…The Clinton administration has approached Moscow to serve as a go-between with Slobodan Milosevic in a new attempt to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Kosovo. Vice President Al Gore called Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov by telephone and spoke to him for 40 minutes on Tuesday, asking Russia's help in getting the Yugoslav leader to take steps that would lead to a diplomatic solution, Gore's office said. Gore's contacts with Russia were reported as the administration continued to explore other strategies to resolve the conflict without using allied ground forces to fight the Serbians…."

Reuters via Yahoo News 4/7/99 "…NATO on Wednesday rejected any conditions that Belgrade might attach to the possible release of three American soldiers captured by Serbian forces last week. NATO spokesman Jamie Shea said the three should never have been abducted and that NATO would welcome their release, but he ruled out any suspension of air attacks in connection with a handover which Greek officials say will happen later on Wednesday…."

AFP 4/7/1999 Freeper marcellus "…NATO said Wednesday it suspected there are three mass graves in Kosovo, and estimated that 50 villages in the province had been torched in the past four days. "Three mass graves have been identified from a number of refugees reports," NATO spokesman Jamie Shea said. "Statistics that I've seen today suggest that 50 villages have been torched since April 3," he added…."

AP 4/7/99 Alex Efty Freeper TheOtherOne "…The speaker of the Cypriot parliament claimed he was close to winning the freedom today of three American soldiers captured by Yugoslavia. The United States could not confirm a deal. Spyros Kyprianou arrived in Athens, Greece, today en route to the Yugoslav capital of Belgrade to meet with his longtime ally, Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. Yugoslavia's government did not comment on the deal. ``The exchanges have been very constructive so far and the indications are that this mission will succeed,'' Kyprianou told reporters. ``I am confident about it.'' Kyprianou said he was likely to spend the night in Athens -- ``waiting for the green light from Belgrade'' -- before going to Yugoslavia on Thursday morning…."

Reuters 4/7/99 "…NATO said Wednesday it had launched its heaviest air raids so far and told Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic he must accept five key demands before the alliance considers stopping its bombing campaign…..- is Milosevic prepared for a verifiable cessation of all combat activities and killings? - is he prepared to withdraw military, police and paramilitary forces from Kosovo? - is he prepared to agree to the deployment of an international security force? - is he prepared to permit the return of all refugees and unimpeded access for humanitarian aid? - is he prepared to put in place a political framework for Kosovo on the basis of agreement of the Rambouillet accords? …"

Itar-Tass 4/7/99 "…The continuing NATO aggression against Yugoslavia may force Russia to take a number of measures in the defence field, Defence Minister Igor Sergeyev said on Wednesday. "The world is being basically redivided" and "NATO is assuming the role of world policeman", Sergeyev told the soldiers and officers of the 210st motorised infantry division which is carrying out a peacekeeping mission in Tajikistan. He noted that Russia may have to revise its army reduction plans and increase the defence budget because of the conflict in Yugoslavia and NATO's new strategy. "We have reached the planned level of 1.2 million troops and I think it will not change. But priority will be given to the manning of combat units," Sergeyev said upon his return to Moscow from Tajikistan where he was on an official visit…."

STRATFOR's Global Intelligence Update 4/7/99 "…1935 GMT, 990407 - More information has emerged since our last commentary about the alleged secret evacuation of NATO casualties via Greece. Two details of the report check out. The "424 Military Hospital in the Solun" evidently refers to the 424th General Army Hospital in Thessaloniki. Also, the newspaper Athinaiki does exist. It is a low circulation Athens daily, though one Greek source claimed the paper is not reliable, and another source claimed the author, Spyros Karatzaferis, is known for providing accurate facts but highly politically biased interpretations. We can neither verify nor refute either of these characterizations. The April 3 story also reportedly appeared in the newspaper Adesmeftos Typos, which was headlined "Seven U.S. Soldiers in an Army Hospital in Thessaloniki." Athinaiki reported on April 3 that the bodies of 12 American soldiers arrived in Thessalonika from Macedonia on March 31 in metal coffins, escorted by U.S. officers, and an additional seven bodies arrived on April 1…."

STRATFOR's Global Intelligence Update 4/7/99 "…Russia reported that Milosevic has, in fact, agreed to the release of the three detained soldiers, as an Orthodox Easter gesture. Kyprianou's initiative illustrates the extent to which control of the diplomatic campaign is slipping away from Washington in the Kosovo crisis. Cyprus has a long history of close ties with Yugoslavia, and former Cypriot President Kyprianou reportedly has good personal relations with Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic. Cyprus and Yugoslavia are both Orthodox Christian countries and were both founding members of the Non-Aligned Movement. On March 27, the Cyprus high commission in London offered to represent Yugoslav interests, since Yugoslavia had broken off diplomatic relations with the United States, Britain, Germany, and France. But more important than Cyprus' close ties with Yugoslavia are the threads that tie Russia and Greece to the two countries and each other. Cyprus and Russia have very close financial ties, though now somewhat to Russia's detriment as Cyprus has been used as a conduit for legal and illegal capital flight from Russia. Cyprus and Russia only a week and a half ago agreed to strengthen trade ties, particularly in industry and high technology. Russia has sided with the Greek Cypriots in their diplomatic struggle with Turkish sponsored northern Cyprus. Russia's controversial sale of surface to air missiles to Cyprus has been facilitated by Greece's agreement to deploy the missiles in Crete…."

AFP via Babelfish 4/15/99 "...The strike carry out by the NATO in Yugoslavia since the 24 March have kill " a thousand of civil " and fact " of thousand of casualty ", have declare Thursday the spokesman of ministry Yugoslav of Affair Foreign Nebojsa Vujovic. " It there have a thousand of civil kill and some thousand of casualty ", have declare the spokesman at the time of a conference de press. It is the first time that the authorities of Belgrade advance a total assessment of the victims of the raids of NATO. The damage caused by the bombardments rises with " more than one hundred billion dollars according to estimates' some esperts European ", added the spokesman...."

London Telegraph 4/15/99 Marcus Warren Freeper starlu "...PRESIDENT SLOBODAN MILOSEVIC yesterday warned Nato that "the earth itself will burn under the occupiers' feet" if it sends ground troops into Kosovo....He said: "Tens, hundred of thousands of volunteers from 16 to 60 will rise to the defence of their borders. The earth itself will burn under the occupiers' feet"...."I repeat: we will defend our freedom and independence not only in the air but on the ground as well till the very end. We are not broken. Our army and people are beating back the Nato aggression with all forces at their disposal." ..."

San Francisco Chronicle 4/15/99 Frank Viviano Freepr starlu "...As bombing raids mount over Serbia, NATO's war against Slobodan Milosevic is paralleled by a bitter war of words raging inside the borders of the Atlantic Alliance itself....``Held on a leash by the Americans, we have violated international law and the charter of the United Nations,'' charges former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt...." 4/15/99 AP Freeper Thanatos "...As the world increasingly looks to Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the United Nations for a solution to the Kosovo crisis, the Security Council's divide illustrates the chasm that must be bridged . It's Russia and China vs. the United States and its NATO allies. Again. This time it's not the Cold War battle of communists and capitalists. But the rhetoric is equally heated, and at the moment there are no signs of compromise. As Wednesday's council meeting on the humanitarian crisis in Macedonia and Montenegro demonstrated, the protagonists are focused on different sides of the war...." 4/15/99 UK Times Freeper Thanatos "...NATO began an urgent investigation last night after its bombers were accused of killing up to 75 people in a convoy of Albanian refugees. It was the second time in two days that Nato had been blamed for the deaths of civilians; on Monday ten were killed when bombs aimed at a bridge hit a passenger train. Nato admitted that it had attacked the road where the refugees were supposed to be travelling yesterday, but insisted that it had targeted only military vehicles, which had returned fire. The Pentagon suggested that Serb soldiers had killed the refugees in retaliation for the allied attack on their vehicles...."

Associated Press 4/14/99 "...Yugoslavia accused NATO jets of blasting apart a convoy of refugees under Serb police escort Wednesday. The alliance said its pilots fired on military vehicles only, and the Pentagon suggested that Serbs may have been responsible for the carnage. Video of the scene taken under Serb control showed bloody bodies scattered along a roadway, damaged farm vehicles and bombed-out buildings nearby. People in rough peasant clothing loaded the dead and wounded into cars or wheelbarrows to transport them. A young boy sobbed bitterly....In other developments Wednesday: --On Albania's border with Yugoslavia, Serb forces shelled a deserted Albanian village they had briefly seized a day earlier, international observers said. --In Belgrade, a rare daytime air-raid alert sounded at mid-morning while jets flew overhead. Loud sonic booms echoed through the city center. As night fell, air sirens wailed again -- for the 22nd night in a row. --In overnight airstrikes, NATO hit a hydroelectric power plant and a major food-processing factory early Wednesday..."

World Tribune 4/15/99 Freeper Laz "...Russia is preparing to send nine more warships to the Mediterranean Sea to monitor NATO's air campaign against Yugoslavia, Turkish military sources said on Wednesday...."

AP 4/14/99 Jim Mone Freeper Laz "...Bringing the Kosovo conflict closer to home, U.S. military reservists are likely to be ordered to active duty as part of a major new buildup of American air power in the Balkans...."

Chicago Sun-Times 4/15/99 Bob Novak Freeper Prince Charles "...Republican members of Congress returned to Washington Tuesday after their spring break to find that the war most of them voted against two weeks earlier threatens to stretch far into the future, consuming the long-awaited budget surplus. Yet, their public opposition to President Clinton's war policies is diminishing...."

Washington Post 4/15/99 Bradley Graham "...At an afternoon briefing, Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon confirmed that NATO warplanes were involved in a raid on a convoy near Djakovica in Kosovo, but said the pilots reported hitting only military vehicles. He said NATO officials were investigating. He then raised the possibility that airstrikes on refugees in Kosovo may have been perpetrated by Serbian aircraft. He said refugees exiting Kosovo had reported to U.N. relief workers in Albania that they were attacked by Yugoslav planes or helicopters. Bacon stressed there was no confirmation yet of the report, which turned out to be about a separate incident alleged to have occurred yesterday...."

London Daily Telegraph 4/15/99 Hugo Gurdon Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...SPIES have penetrated Nato and are channelling vital information back to President Slobodan Milosevic, senior officials in Washington said yesterday. Evidence of espionage within the 19-nation alliance had been mounting since the air war began last month, and well-placed sources in Washington said that Belgrade was almost certainly scoring some intelligence successes. An official said: "The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, as a former Communist country, has a robust intelligence capability and they have directed all their efforts toward collecting information through various sources on what Nato is planning. They are probably acquiring a good deal of information by directing their efforts at Nato."..."

Los Angeles Times 4/15/99 Benjamin Schwarz "...America's missionary impulse--the conviction that we are obliged to inflict our conscience upon the world--engenders a reckless and cruel pride. A sense of righteous omnipotence is usually the mark not of a balanced and enlightened state but of the fanatic and the crusader, from whose civilizing zeal brutality seems inevitably to flow.... Those calling for a crusade in the Balkans forget that something perhaps necessary but nonetheless terrible happens to Americans when they make war. They become ruthless. The public's response to the war in Vietnam is a good example. In 1968, when opposition to that conflict turned fierce across the country, the number of Americans who favored ending the war by escalating, even to the point of invading North Vietnam--a move likely to risk war with China and the Soviet Union--exceeded the number favoring complete withdrawal by a majority of 5-3. Even though Americans did not see their security threatened by events in Vietnam, expert pollsters described public reaction to American soldiers committing mass murder and rape at My Lai in 1969 as "at best bland." Far from feeling moral outrage, a disturbing number of Americans were crying out for blood. More recently, although there was initially little public enthusiasm for the Gulf War, once it became clear that a ground war was imminent, fully half the public favored using tactical nuclear weapons against Iraq. War is at best a defensive necessity; it is never a civilizing exercise. Even--or perhaps especially--a war in the name of morality brutalizes all...."

BBC 4/13/99 "...US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov have said some progress has been made on finding a settlement to the Kosovo crisis. The pair met in an attempt to reconcile differences between the two countries over Nato's bombing of Yugoslavia. Russia is a traditional ally of the Serbs, and President Boris Yeltsin has warned that Nato's actions could lead to a world war. After a longer than expected meeting in Oslo, Mr Ivanov said: "We agreed to continue our diplomatic efforts to get a political settlement" to the Kosovo crisis. Mrs Albright said they had reached an "agreement on many of the basic principles" for an end to the crisis in Kosovo, but not on an international force for the Yugoslav province. As the meeting was being held in Oslo, the Albanian Government said there had been a Yugoslav incursion into northern Albania. Ministers confirmed that Serbian forces had crossed into the remote Tropoje district of northern Albania and that heavy shelling could be heard...."

The Daily Republican 4/13/99 Frederic L. Kirgis "...The question arises whether international law permits the use of armed force against Yugoslavia under these circumstances. Kosovo is a province of Yugoslavia, not an independent state. Even though about 90 percent of its population is ethnic Albanian, the international community has not supported a right of secession for Kosovo. Since Kosovo remains a part of Yugoslavia in fact and in law, the current military action raises questions of external intervention in civil strife. In this case, though, the civil strife is likely to endanger peace and security in neighboring states and has already created large refugee flows into those states. Until the advent of the United Nations, international law had little to say about what a government did regarding its own citizens in its own territory. In the U.N. era, it has become well established that governments do not have a free rein to mistreat their own citizens, and a wide range of international human rights standards has been established to prevent or rectify such mistreatment. The right of self-determination is one of the currently-recognized human rights, but it has not normally been regarded as a right of an ethnic or other minority to secede....."

Rush Limbaugh Radio Show 4/13/99 Freeper bigk reports "...Rush is saying that the Kosovo War is being funded by our Social Security fund. There is no surplus...." Adds Steven W. "the point is that there was no real surplus - since social security is still on budget. That was supposed to be HR 1 this year under Livingston - before Hastert took over - to take SS off budget...."

Reuters 4/13/99 Freeper HAL9000 "...Several people have starved to death and disease is spreading among ethnic Albanians displaced in Kosovo by Serbian forces, according to reports reaching international monitors outside Yugoslavia. The sources said that while NATO air strikes were progressively destroying or immobilising Serbian tank and artillery units, taking pressure off Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) guerrillas, the plight of ethnic Albanian refugees trapped in combat zones appeared to be worsening...."

Mary Mostert 4/1/99 Original Sources "...Only Two days ago, on March 30th, I wrote "Somehow I've had a feeling for a couple of days that I was watching one of those military situations where one side had prepared defenses for the last war fought and the other side was fighting a new kind of war that had never been fought before - and would win a stunning victory." The only problem I had was trying to figure out which combatant was which. Was the victor going to be NATO with its stealth bombers and sophisticated bombs that could destroy cities from afar? How could Yugoslavia, a poor country the size of the State of Kentucky, win? It is being attacked by the best military hardware of 19 nations - led by the United States of America. Yet, NATO certainly seems to be losing so far. "Milosevic simply did not DO what he was ordered to do by Bill Clinton. He didn't sign a paper agreeing to allow foreign troops into Kosovo, an agreement which was clearly written from the Albanian perspective. At the end of three years a vote would be held to decide whether Kosovo, which is about 10% of Yugoslavia, would be allowed to secede from the Yugoslavia. "The threat to the cradle of the Orthodox Eastern Church of the Serbs instantly unified the Serbs throughout the world behind a man that many of them actually don't like. Milosevic would not sign and Clinton ordered missiles and bombs to force him to change his mind. Obviously, no exit strategy was planned in the event Milosovic refused to sign. Clinton arrogantly announced he WOULD sign or his country would be destroyed...... "As the super-tech bombs dropped on Belgrade and Pristine, Milosevic's army began the Serb defense - not by mounting an all out attack on the missiles and bombs, which they undoubtedly could not stop, but by addressing the root of the problem at hand - the rebel Albanians who had moved into the area in the last 40 years. In 1961, Kosovo's population was 963,565, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, of which about 642,000 were mostly Muslim Albanians, and 321,565 were Serbs . When the conflict began last year the population of Kosovo was about 2 million, and almost 1,800,000 were Albanians, and 200,000 were Serbs. Somehow the about 121, 565 Serbs who are being accused of "abhorrent and criminal action on a maximum scale" and "genocide" by Madeline Albright's assistant, James Rubin disappeared in the last 40 years whereas the persecuted minority to almost tripled to 1,800,000. I thought genocide was supposed to reduce a group's population, not increase it." ...I said two days ago: "It should be obvious to everyone by now that the Clinton spin machine is trying to convince the American people, and hopefully the world, that he is a great humanitarian world leader who ordered the bombing of the Serbs to save the down-trodden Albanians from disaster." ...."Why were we not concerned when 300,000 Serbs were driven out of Croatia a couple of years ago? And, when did the Administration begin to consider the KLA a "Liberators" rather than "terrorists?" ..."

Reuters 4/13/99 Freeper R2 "...Serb forces withdrew from Albanian territory Tuesday after surrounding the northern village of Kamenica and exchanging heavy fire with Albanian border guards for several hours, Albanian television said.``Serb troops entered 500-600 meters (yards) inside Albania. Albanian police, supported by police from the neighboring border post of Padesh, fought with them for many hours, obliging them to withdraw,'' state television said...."

Toronto Sun 4/13/99 Peter Worthington "...An "immoral war" is not only one waged for a bad reason, but one that is deliberately prolonged and not won quickly. If you're not prepared to win it quickly - don't fight it. The reason for this "war," although we don't like calling it that, is one man: Slobodan Milosevic. Eliminate Slobo, and there's no cause for war. The bottom line is that the most formidable military alliance in history (NATO), coerced by the most powerful nation in history (the United States), has rained bombs and missiles on one of the world's historic cities, Belgrade; has destroyed the infrastructure of a country; has incited vengeful retaliation that has increased atrocities; has contributed to nearly a million refugees; has killed God knows how many innocents; and has achieved little except unifying a hitherto divided nation around the unpleasant despot of a threadbare country of 10 million. Makes one proud of NATO and our leaders, eh? To justify what's being done, the public has been misled, manipulated, deceived in a way that's mindful of the one-time Evil Empire. It is shameful, sad, so needless. And all the "allies" are guilty - Britain, NATO, the White House, the Pentagon, Ottawa....."

CATO Institute 4/13/99 Doug Bandow "...The result was a disastrous miscalculation: Washington has simultaneously magnified violence against ethnic Albanians and destabilized neighboring states. Yet administration officials have astonishingly responded that they did indeed foresee the risks of their strategy. If true, they were criminally negligent in failing to prepare for the horrors they unleashed. In any case, the administration obviously intends to keep on reinforcing failure. More intense bombing will weaken the Yugoslav military, but will not prevent operations against the Kosovo Liberation Army. Destroying buildings and even tanks is not likely to drive Serbian troops out of Kosovo. Expanding the number of targets may ruin what is left of Yugoslavia's economy, but is not likely to break the Serbians' will. Moreover, the broader the assault, the more civilian casualties. And the more damage done the Yugoslav military and economy, the more unstable the regional balance of power. Although Washington has treated Croatians and Muslims as allies, both have committed their own atrocities and expressed their own expansionist territorial ambitions. Indeed, until now the single largest case of Balkans ethnic cleansing was Croatia's 1995 expulsion of as many as 175,000 ethnic Serbs from the Krajina region. Even more worrisome is the prospect of Albanian nationalists turning their attention to Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and even conceivably Greece. Washington's pleasure at wrecking Yugoslavian power might be short-lived. Thus, continued bombing will kill for no purpose, reducing Yugoslavia to rubble without getting the Albanian refugees home. It will make any kind of compromise settlement less possible and increase the likelihood of war among neighboring countries. Unfortunately, to many, the preferred alternative to muddling through is massive escalation: a ground invasion. Some would merely seize Kosovo. Others would conquer all of Yugoslavia. The mind boggles. Of course, NATO would win. But victory would come at a high price. The Yugoslavian military is tough and Serbs would fight for their homeland. In World War II, they made Germany pay a high price for what at first seemed to be an easy conquest. The U.S. has nothing at stake to warrant paying a similar price. A ground war against a sovereign state which has done nothing against America--why? It is not Serbia but NATO which has caused the conflict to spill over Kosovo's borders. Overrunning Kosovo and Serbia would create a fragile protectorate and a resentful prisoner, requiring military protection and subjegation, respectively, for years to come...."

Associated Press 4/13/99 Robert Burns Freeper Brian Mosely "...Bringing the Kosovo conflict closer to home, U.S. military reservists are likely to be ordered to active duty as part of a major new buildup of American air power in the Balkans, officials said Tuesday...."

The Times Of India 4/14/99 Freeper lyonesse "...Monday's meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels expectedly decided to continue bombing Yugoslavia till President Milosevic capitulates unconditionally to NATO. Meanwhile, the Yugoslav Parliament has voted unanimously to join the union of Russia and Belarus. Russia has moved the International Court of Justice on the legality of NATO's bombing action against Yugoslavia..."

USA Today 4/13/99 Freeper Cincinatus "...Defense Secretary William Cohen and other U.S. officials in recent days hinted at the likelihood of a partial mobilization of the National Guard and Reserve, and that was before Army Gen. Wesley Clark, the top NATO commander, submitted his request Monday for a more than 50% increase in U.S. warplanes. Many of the additional planes, such as aerial refuelers, are the type flown by reservists. Pentagon officials speaking on condition of anonymity said Cohen was expected to approve most or all of Clark's request...."

USGAO 10/98 Report No NSIAD 99-7 Freeper XGMan "...How many generals have estimated that an overwhelming force of 300,000 to 400,000 ground troops would be necessary for an invasion of Kosovo, while others claim 200,000 could do the job? As most Americans believe, there really are more than a million uniformed "persons" presently in the U.S. Armed Forces. So sending 200,000 --or even 500,000-- to the Balkans seems no problem from a numerical position. But according to data contained in a recent GAO report (NSIAS-99-7), no such scenario could ever take place. While the GAO confirms there are 1.4 million armed forces positions, the investigators also reveal that more than 90% of them occupy non-ground combat occupations... In other words, instead of having a million-man force of combat-ready soldiers and marines, the real number of total U.S. troops is half the lowest estimate of forces required for Kosovo. Here are the facts as reported by the GAO: ...Direct US Combat Ground Troops Total ................ 101,733 The report also indicates there are 89,755 positions that are considered "Collocation" with ground troops--including combat engineering, field artillery, and air defense artillery...If a major U.S. led invasion of Yugoslovia does happen, it will either require a call-up of the Reserves, or a reinstatement of the draft, or both. Footnote: When the Chinese say they have a million-man army, they mean a million-man COMBAT FORCE. ..."

The White House 4/13/99 The White House Bill Clinton "... Pursuant to the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and laws of the United States of America, including section 112 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (26 U.S.C. 112), I designate, for the purposes of that section, the following locations, including the airspace above such locations, as an area in which Armed Forces of the United States are and have been engaged in combat: - The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia/Montenegro); - Albania; - the Adriatic Sea; - the Ionian Sea north of the 39th parallel. For the purposes of this order, I designate March 24, 1999, as the date of the commencement of combatant activities in such zone..."

AP 4/13/99 Tom Cohen Freeper TheOtherOne Igniting fears of a widening conflict, Serb forces pushed into northern Albania on Tuesday, fought an hour-long skirmish with Albanian troops, seized a border hamlet and torched homes before withdrawing, Albanian officials and international observers said. With Albania a major staging ground for NATO forces, even Tuesday's incident -- short-lived, small-scale, with no reported casualties -- brought a warning from Washington that Yugoslavia would make a grave mistake in expanding the fighting. In Belgrade, Yugoslav officials denied any incursion into Albania. The chief of the army information service, Col. Milivoje Novkovic, said on state television that Yugoslavia's defense of its own borders was ``being fabricated as an alleged invasion.'' Albania, in turn, said the Serb push into its territory would carry consequences. Sokol Gjoka, an Albanian Foreign Ministry official, said his country would take necessary steps to defend itself, ..." 0030GMT990414 "...Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon stated today that there will most "likely be a reserve call-up" as NATO operations expand in the region. General Wesley Clark, the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, requested on April 13th 300 additional aircraft, including ground attack planes, planes designed to conduct SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defense) operations, and tankers for refueling operations. The U.S. active duty military is being stretched thin and Bacon noted that some of the call-up would probably include pilots to fly some of the refueling planes, along with reservists from some specialities that only exist in the reserve components, like civil affairs..." 4/8/99 Akhtar Jamal "...Pakistan, in response to an informal request from the United States, has expressed its willingness to send troops to Kosovo as part of a multi-national peacekeeping force. A Pakistan government source, who requested anonymity, told CNS that President Bill Clinton has asked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to "contribute to the Kosovo crisis"....."

AP 4/8/99 George Gedda "...Citing changed conditions, a Clinton administration official raised the possibility Thursday that a plan to use the U.S. naval base in Cuba to shelter 20,000 Kosovo refugees may be scrapped. ``It's possible it won't happen,'' said J. Brian Atwood, the administration's foreign aid chief and also coordinator for the U.S. relief effort in support of the refugees. In a telephone conference call with reporters, Atwood said the decision on Tuesday to use the Guantanamo base for temporary asylum was made when thousands of Kosovar Albanians faced an extraordinarily difficult humanitarian situation. Since then, Atwood said, international relief efforts have improved living conditions. Another plus, he said, was the transfer of tens of thousands of desperate refugees from the ``no-man's land'' along the Kosovo-Albanian border. Atwood said no one in the government is enthusiastic about housing refugees at Guantanamo because of the heat and the base's long distance from the Balkans. ``We want to keep people in the region,'' Atwood said. ``We want to prepare the people to return to their homes. It will be a lot easier to undertake that if they are in the region.'' ..."

AP George Jahn 4/8/99 TheOtherOne "...Amid fears that refugees are becoming human shields now that Yugoslavia has sealed its borders, Serb media claimed today that ethnic Albanians were voluntarily returning to Kosovo. A Cypriot lawmaker arrived in Belgrade to seek the release of three captured U.S. soldiers. Spyros Kyprianou, speaker of the Cypriot parliament, said he planned to meet Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic on Friday and that the Americans might be freed during the long Orthodox Easter weekend, starting today. But the hardline Serbian vice premier, Vojislav Seselj, told reporters today that freeing the three was ``out of the question'' and that the soldiers should be tried as terrorists. ``The United States is leading an undeclared war against Yugoslavia,'' said Seselj, leader of the extreme nationalist Serbian Radical Party allied with Milosevic...."

Stratfor Analysis 4/8/99 "...1707 GMT, 990408 - Another crack has appeared in NATO's foundation, with Italian Foreign Minister Lamberto Dini signaling that Rome is unhappy with the continued bombing and wants a review of its effectiveness to date. Italy's wavering comes a day after the French Foreign Ministry dispatched a high ranking envoy to Moscow to discuss the Kosovo crisis. Greece, of course, has opposed the bombing campaign from the start. Britain remains steadfast in support of NATO's strategy, and Canada came on like an attack dog yesterday, hinting of ground war, but Germany is very much a question. Germany and Italy, central to both the current air operation and any thought of a ground option, watched at Wednesday's Contact Group meeting as the U.S. and Russia squared off in a revival of Cold War. As Russia once again appealed for a negotiated settlement, the U.S. dug in its heels and brooked no compromise. At the same time, Yugoslavia began mining its borders, making it perfectly clear that if NATO was unwilling to compromise, Yugoslavia was more than ready for a ground war...."

The Daily Republican 4/8/99 Howard Hobbs Freeper hope "...Today, Mr. Clinton has sent a letter to Congress explaining his efforts in continuing to intensify U.S. actions in support of international relief efforts being conducted in the region. Mr. Clinton also said he has directed U.S. military forces to deploy on the ground in Albania and Macedonia, " support humanitarian disaster relief operations for the Kosovar refugees...efforts will include delivering food and supplies, constructing shelters, providing coordination and assisting in logistics movement of displaced persons and relief supplies, and when necessary, providing protection for displaced persons and relief supplies." He wrote, "As a force protection measure, the U.S. military forces will be equipped for combat...I have also ordered additional U.S. forces to Albania. These forces consist of rotary wing aircraft, artillery, and tactical missile systems and will be stationed in Albania to provide a deep strike task force to enhance NATO's ability to conduct effective air operations in the FRY...."

U.S. Newswire 4/8/99 "...The following was released today by the Federation of American Scientists: Overview FAS has confirmed that there are four known Chemical Warfare facilities operating in the former Yugoslavia, specifically in Serbia. The four known facilities currently involved in the research, production, and storage of chemical warfare agents in the Serbia are: Prva Iskra in Baric, Serbia; Miloje Blagojevic in Lucani, near Casak, Serbia; Milojie Zakic and Merima in Krusevic, Serbia; and the Military Technical Institute in Potoci near Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The equipment in the Military Technical Institute in Potoci was disassembled by Serb troops in February 1992 and moved to the Lucani facility in Serbia. The facility in Lucani is, until the initiation of hostilities thought to have been producing sarin. In addition, the JNA (Former Yugoslav Army until the breakup in 1991) and the VJ (current Yugoslav Army) has worked with Iraqi specialists on CW since 1989. This raises the concern as yet unreported in the press that Milosevic may be planning to use or threatening to use, as a last resort, chemical weapons in Kosovo or in greater Serbia, especially if NATO ground troops enter the conflict, which is becoming increasingly possible...."

4/8/99 Reuters Freeper Thanatos "...Following a time-honored tradition, Washington is looking for someone to blame for the Kosovo crisis -- and right now, most fingers are pointing at Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. Some have even dubbed the latest Balkans conflict ''Albright's War,'' after the Clinton administration's leading advocate of backing diplomacy with force...." 4/7/99 "...2226 GMT,990407 - Russia has struck at the heart of NATO's bombing campaign against Yugoslavia with Duma Speaker Gennady Seleznyov's promise to provide Yugoslavia with oil products. While seeing limited success against Yugoslav troops and weapons, NATO has taken public pride in the success it has seen in depleting Yugoslavia's fuel supplies. Fuel is dual use, however, and Russia has argued that it can not be blocked under the arms embargo against Yugoslavia. Seleznyov hinted that Russia may change its mind on following the arms embargo as well, warning, "The West knows Russia's position. This is not the way to behave. After all, Russia may run out of patience." Currently Russia's fuel aid to Yugoslavia is only an incremental strengthening of its existing position, but the threat of open arms transfers looms great. Significantly, Russia's plan may put Romania and Bulgaria to the test, since they must allow the Russian fuel to pass through their pipelines into Yugoslavia if any meaningful amount is to arrive. Both countries hope for stronger ties to the West, but remain dependent on Russia for fuel supplies..."

Manchester Union Leader 4/8/99 Richard Lessner "...William F. Buckley Jr., suggests that we already have lost the war in Kosovo and his analysis is pretty convincing. Appearing on MS-NBC the other night, Mr. Buckley pointed out that the original objective of the NATO bombing was to prevent the Serbs from carrying out ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. Not only has NATO's bombing campaign directed against Yugoslavia and Serb forces in Kosovo failed to prevent Slobodan Milosevic from carrying out his nefarious schemes, but the aerial assault actually accelerated the pogrom against the Kosovar Albanians. So NATO now confronts a Serb fait accompli. Milosevic has crushed the Kosovo Liberation Army and purged the province of hundreds of thousands of Albanians driven into refugee camps in surrounding Balkan nations. What is our strategy now? The White House and NATO say that now we want to return the refugee Albanians to their homes in Kosovo. Is this a realistic objective? Hardly. As Mr. Buckley notes, it simply is not possible to recreate the status quo ante. Doubtless many thousands of Albanians have little interest in returning to their homes to face more Serb hostility. Judging by news accounts, the homes, villages and farms of the refugees have been destroyed. What would they return to? It also is likely that many Albanian intellectuals, teachers, lawyers, doctors and politicians have been murdered. The Serbs' campaign of terror has shredded the fabric of civil society in Kosovo. ...It is clear now that this whole misadventure was ill-conceived and poorly planned. Clearly, little thinking went into the possible consequences of NATO's precipitate actions. Rather than admit past mistakes, however, NATO and President Clinton are intent on compounding their errors. The alliance appears to be inching toward the introduction of ground forces to Kosovo, as it is obvious to all that a ground war cannot be won exclusively with air power...."

New York Post 4/8/99 Steve Dunleavy Freeper laz "...Kosovar refugees endured new misery yesterday as Macedonia expelled tens of thousands from a border camp and Serbian forces pushed another wave back to the burning towns from which they'd escaped. The overnight movement left the United Nations scrambling to account for thousands of refugees and wondering how they would reunite families scattered across the Balkans like confetti...."

MSNBC 4/7/99 Jonathan Broder Freeper A Whitewater Researcher "...EXCERPTS: "...many are questioning whether Clinton has the mettle to bring the war to a victorious conclusion....Leaks from the CIA and the Pentagon have revealed that weeks ago, Clinton was warned that bombing would unleash a Yugoslav campaign of "ethnic cleansing" in Kosovo and that a campaign of gradually escalating air strikes would be insufficient to stop it...if Clinton's original aim was to halt the expulsions...hundreds of thousands of Kosovo Albanian refugees leave no doubt that the president already has lost that battle...most House members and senators have...deep misgivings...about Clinton's appetite for sustained battle and his moral authority to ask the country for sacrifices in a time of war..."No one wants to say as much publicly, but they just don't trust him anymore, and that's very scary at a time like this," said a senior Democratic senator..."They don't trust his record in foreign affairs,..."

Christian Science Monitor 4/8/99 Francine Kiefer Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...EXCERPTS "With hundreds of thousands of refugees on the move and gruesome accounts of killings, the strategy so far has been judged a gross miscalculation on the part of the administration and its NATO allies - though it remains to be seen whether the president's renewed call for "undiminished, unceasing, and unrelenting" airstrikes will ultimately prove him right. The stakes for his presidency are high. If Clinton loses Kosovo, the shadow of impeachment "will pale in terms of what history has to say about Bill Clinton," says Leon Panetta, former chief of staff for Clinton. "..."

Los Angeles Times 4/7/99 Tyler Marshall and Robyn Dixon "....The NATO air campaign and the sudden hemorrhage of ethnic Albanian refugees from Kosovo have shaken the fragile Balkan democracies of Albania and Macedonia, as well as Montenegro--Serbia's ambivalent partner in the Yugoslav federation. The stability of all three is an essential ingredient in the Clinton administration's recipe for a peaceful southeastern Europe. The absence of the United Nations as a meaningful player during the Kosovo crisis has dented the world body's credibility and raised further questions about its role on the brink of a new century. But after the first two weeks of bombing, the most serious political damage is elsewhere. Two of America's most important bilateral relationships--those with Russia and China, both nuclear powers and permanent members of the U.N. Security Council--are suffering. The most serious damage has been to U.S. relations with Moscow, where the airstrikes are seen as nothing less than confirmation of a Russian nightmare: an aggressive, out-of-control Atlantic alliance with designs against Moscow and its allies. For members of the Russian policy elite, the Kosovo campaign has erased all the Clinton administration's assurances that they have no reason to fear enlargement of a purely defensive alliance...."

Reuters 4/8/99 freeper chuck allen "...Three U.S. soldiers held by Yugoslavia will not be released despite the arrival of a Cypriot delegation hoping to get them freed, a source close to Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic said Thursday. Milosevic might meet Cypriot envoy Spyros Kyprianou Friday ''but there will not be any release of the soldiers,'' the source, who asked not to be further identified, told Reuters. Officials of Milosevic's Socialist Party (SPS) said just before Kyprianou's arrival on a Greek air force plane from Athens that they had no knowledge of his mission. ``Yugoslavia doesn't know anything about it,'' Ivica Dacic, spokesman for the SPS, told a news conference when asked for the latest information on the Cypriot initiative...."

Itar-Tass 4/8/99 Freeper chuck allen "...The North Atlantic Alliance is using Yugoslavia as a proving ground to test the latest weapons with which its armed forces are to be armed in the next century. For instance, the NATO command is planning to use the latest types cluster bombs to destroy the tanks of the third Yugoslav army, which is deployed in Kosovo, Itar-Tass has learned from a military-diplomatic source here on Thursday. He said that the NATO air force was about to use for the first time cluster anti-tank bombs with infra-red C-B-U-97 targeting sensors. Developed by the U.S. Textron Company, they are classified top secret and designed to destroy tanks and other armour from the air. This weapon was never used in combat so far. The United States air force is to get it only next year. The above-said source also said that five strategic B-1B Lancer bombers, which are raiding Yugoslavia from the Fairford base in Britain, would be used to try out these anti-tank bombs. Studies carried out by the U.S. air force claim that three bombers can drop simultaneously thirty-two cluster bombs from an altitude of up to 6,000 metres. They are expected to destroy from 350 to 750 armoured vehicles at a time...."


4/8/99 Itar-Tass Freeper DonMorgan "...State Duma speaker Gennady Seleznyov said on Thursday Moscow will have to provide military assistance and support to Yugoslavia if peace initiatives by Moscow and Belgrade are not listened to. Seleznyov was speaking at a briefing after his visit to Belgrade where he had held talks with Yugoslav leaders. "The Yugoslav army is equipped with Soviet and Russian weaponry, and, since we supply it, we must continue to keep it in normal combat shape," he said. In his view, if Yugoslavia had modern air defense system, "NATO would never have poked its nose there." However, he added that military supplies to Yugoslavia require careful consideration. "I would very much like us to be able to spell out to NATO: do not push us into providing military help to Yugoslavia," he stated. Russia will seek peaceful negotiations between the parties, it does not want to be drawn into the war, but if escalation continues, it will have to do it,..."

Drudge 4/8/99 Freeper DonMorgan AFP "...Russia by next Monday will send three more warships from its Black Sea Fleet to the Mediterranean to monitor NATO strikes against Yugoslavia, military sources told AFP on Wednesday."Three warships of the Black Sea Fleet will, either on April 10 or 12, leave for the Mediterranean to collect full and detailed information on the Balkan region," a source in the Black Sea Fleet's press service said."We have asked (Turkey) for permission to pass through the Bosphorus on April 12," the source added on condition of anonymity."All other Black Sea Fleet warships are on a state of alert and waiting for orders from Moscow," the source said.A Russian spy ship left this Black Sea port for the Adriatic on April 2 to monitor the deepening Yugoslav crisis...."

NewsMax 4/8/99 J R Nyquist Christopher Ruddy "...Bill Clinton's use of NATO forces to bomb Yugoslavia could trigger global war. Over the weekend, Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji hinted that the crisis in Kosovo could lead to a world war. At the same time, Russia -- a long-time ally of the Serbs -- has begun a large-scale mobilization of its military forces. While NATO countries are engaging in military operations, not one Western country is mobilizing for a larger war, as is Russia.... NATO's soporific reaction to Russia's mobilization should also be viewed, not in the context of the Yugoslavia bombing, but in the broader context of the new China-Russia relationship -- one that has dramatically altered the balance of power in the world. In November 1998, Russia and China officially formed a "strategic partnership." According to the official Chinese news agency, this partnership is meant to challenge the "perceived global dominance of the U.S." In plain English, the primary enemy Russia and China plan to fight is the United States and its allies. Together, Russia and China have the world's most powerful military, including over 30,000 nuclear weapons, armies of 6 million men with hundreds of battle-ready combat divisions, and thousands of tanks. Their new alliance should have rung warning bells throughout the world. Instead the Western media, Clinton and other Western leaders have ignored it, continuing to insist that Russia and China are our "friends." ....There are strong indications that the Russia-China alliance also includes other sworn enemies of the West, including the North Korean military dictatorship. During the Korean War, tens of thousands of Chinese troops fought against the US in support of the North Korean dictatorship, and China continues to be North Korea's principal ally. It is virtually unthinkable that the North Koreans would launch a new war against South Korea or the West without Chinese approval and support. ....The sentiment expressed by Russian war protesters isn't just the opinion of a few extremists. A recent opinion survey found that in the wake NATO bombing of their traditional allies, the Serbs, an incredible 64% of all Russians now believe that NATO intends to attack Russia..... Obsessed with the carnage in Kosovo, NATO appears to be oblivious to the fact Russia has been engaging in a massive military mobilization. In the two weeks since NATO launched their offensive against Yugoslavia: The Russian Defense Ministry began an enlarged draft, calling up 168,776 men from the ages of 18 to 27. Recruited over 60,000 Russian "volunteers" to fight NATO troops in Serbia. On 6 April the first Russian volunteers arrived in the Serbian town of Novi Sad. Threatened to move tactical nuclear weapons and heavy bombers forward into Belarus -- Russia's highway to NATO. Dispatched key elements of their Northern fleet, including the aircraft cruiser, Admiral Kuznetsov, and the newly commissioned Peter the Great, the largest ballistic missile cruiser ever built. ...."