Revised 7/21/99

5/7/99 BELGRADE "...One of the people injured in a NATO strike on the Chinese embassy in Belgrade Friday night has died, the Yugoslav news agency Beta said Saturday. "One employee of the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia was killed in the overnight strike on the Chinese embassy building in Belgrade,'' Beta said. The Beta agency added that two more employees were missing. ''It is feared that these two have also been killed,'' it said...."

Washington Post 5/8/99 Daniel Williams "...NATO missiles plowed into the Chinese embassy in Belgrade during a ferocious allied bombardment tonight that also struck the Interior Ministry and army headquarters and again plunged the capital city into darkness. The 26 Chinese staff members who lived in the building were taken to a hospital, and there were conflicting initial reports about the extent of the casualties. The official New China News Agency reported that four people were injured and four others were missing. Yugoslav Foreign Ministry spokesman Nebojsa Vujovic said "there are deaths and injuries," without providing details. The airstrike that hit the embassy seemed likely to complicate Western efforts to secure a diplomatic settlement to the Kosovo conflict and to raise new strains in U.S.-Chinese relations..... Earlier today, NATO cluster bombs struck a residential neighborhood and hospital grounds in Nis, Serbia's third-largest city, killing at least 14 civilians and wounding 30 others. NATO said tonight that it was "highly probable that a weapon went astray and hit civilian buildings" during an attack on a nearby airfield...."

AFP 5/7/99 "...The UN Security Council will hold an emergency meeting at 11:30 p.m. (0330 GMT) at the rquest of Beijing after a NATO bomb hit the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, council diplomats said. The independent Beta news agency in Belgrade reported at least one person had been killed in the strike, which Chinese diplomats here called a "barbarian act."


Itar-Tass 5/8/99 "...NATO's missile attack on the Chinese Embassy to Yugoslavia means that the Kosovo Albanians mean nothing to NATO, as they attacked today the embassy of a sovereign state, the Chinese Ambassador told Itar-Tass. Pan Zhanlien emphasized that "China's reaction will be tough". The ambassador also said there were victims among the staff. He could not specify how may people had died. According to the ambassador, the attack on the embassy was targeted, as the building is situated far from industrial or military objects. "That could not have been a pilot's mistake," he said...."

AP 5/7/99 "...Fehmi Agani, a prominent politician and member of the Kosovo Albanian delegation at February's failed peace talks in France, was found dead Saturday, the state-run Tanjug news agency reported Saturday. Tanjug said Agani's body was found by police in the village of Lipjan about 12 miles south of the Kosovo capital Pristina. The agency blamed the killing on the Kosovo Liberation Army. Agani was a close aide of Ibrahim Rugova.... ``Since Rugova went to Rome, the terrorists obviously lost interest in keeping him alive and they executed him.''..."

5/7/99 Itar-Tass Freeper thanatos "...The Ukrainian parliament has adopted a resolution on the humanitarian assistance to Yugoslavia. The law-makers instruct the cabinet to seek reserves for supplying medicines and foods to the country in distress. It will not be a matter of the military-technical assistance, head of the parliament defense committee Georgy Kryuchkov told Itar-Tass on Friday. He thinks, however, that Ukrainian specialists could take part in the construction of bridges, airfields and other military and civilian sites destroyed by the NATO air raids...."

5/7/99 AFP Freeper Thanatos "...The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) on Friday rejected an international peace deal for Kosovo and insisted that moderate Kosovar leader Ibrahim Rugova had no mandate to negotiate for the province. KLA spokesman Bilal Sherifi told reporters that several points in the G8 agreement were "completely unacceptable", and warned that the Balkans remain at threat so long as Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic remains in power...."

5/7/99 AFP Freeper Thanatos "...The three US soldiers who were freed by Yugoslavia last weekend surrendered without firing a shot after their armored Humvee was ambushed by Yugoslav troops 2.5 kilometers inside Macedonia, their commanding general said Friday. The gunner took cover inside the HUMVEE to escape a hail of fire because in keeping with the rules of engagement his 50-caliber machine gun was not charged and ready, Major General David Grange, commander of the 1st Infantry Division said. Grange, in a news conference via telephone from his headquarters in Heidleberg. Germany, defended their performance, however, as well as rules of engagement that allowed them to travel alone in the border area with their weapons at less than ready...."

The Independent 5/8/99 Rupert Cornwel and Colin Brown "....As the diplomatic search for a Kosovo settlement gathered pace, Nato air strikes hit a residential area in Yugoslavia's third largest city yesterday, reportedly killing up to 13 people. The latest civilian casualties, on the 44th day of the bombing campaign, came as Belgrade sent out new signals that it might be ready to study the outline peace plan agreed this week by the leading Western powers and Russia. But in London, Tony Blair ruled out any direct negotiation with the Serbian President, Slobodan Milosevic, whom he effectively branded a war criminal who should be removed from power. The Nato attack in Nis, some 120 miles south-east of Belgrade, caused horrific scenes as what appeared to be cluster bombs ripped into an area near a hospital and a market. Bloodied and partially dismembered bodies lay in one devastated street, alongside unexploded yellow bomblets....."

The Independent 5/8/99 Julian Manyon Freeper Prince Charles "...The elderly woman lay on her back in the street, her eyes sightless, her face turning the colour of wax. There was no mark on her apart from the small bloody hole in the centre of her forehead caused by a Nato cluster bomb which did extensive damage to several streets near the vegetable market in the southern town of Nis...."

The Progressive Review 5/7/99 Sam Smith Freeper dirtboy "...In short, we have destroyed a country, killed a lot of people and let many more become homeless and helpless in large part because some killer litigants couldn't tell the difference between a leveraged takeover and real life. And after all this, we find ourselves moving back to the bargaining table, falsely claiming as victory a negotiating position close to what we could have had before the first bomb was dropped...."

UNITED NATIONS (CNN) 5/7/99 "...NATO should reassess the role it has played in the Balkans and let the United Nations lead peacemaking efforts, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Friday. The secretary-general's comments came as NATO continued its bombardment of Yugoslavia, where officials said NATO planes killed 10 civilians in an attack on the southern city of Nis on Friday. Annan praised the decision of the Group of Eight countries to seek U.N. approval of a multinational security contingent as part of a negotiated settlement of NATO's air war against Yugoslavia. The United Nations, not NATO, should make decisions about using force, Annan said. "The Security Council should have primary responsibility for peace and security, and when it comes to the use of force, the council must be involved," he said...."

Congressional Record 5/5/99 Congressman Sherman's Special Order Speech "... I could go on about the camp, but there is one other thing I want to mention and that is I went there looking for verification of the stories of atrocities. I spent two hours at that camp. My colleagues, about 18 of them, spread out throughout the camp. Each was assigned our own translator, and I would say one out of 20 or 1 out of 40 or 50 of the residents of the camp spoke English at a sufficient level to communicate. So I went around the camp asking whether they could put me in touch or introduce me to a refugee who had personally seen rape or murder. We were not able to find, at least I was unable to find, a refugee with such a story, either one who spoke English or one who could speak to me through the translator. The story we heard instead, again and again and again, was that Serb paramilitary told people in this or that town or this or that neighborhood to get out and get out quickly, often on as little as 20 minutes notice, and the people decided to leave. Clearly, the stories of rape and murder from other towns and villages inspired such immediate compliance with such an outrageous order...."

Reuters 5/7/99 Philippa Fletcher "...NATO said Friday the Yugoslav military in Kosovo was largely contained after 44 days of air raids, but Serb officials said bombs crashed into a hospital and an outdoor market, killing 15 people and wounding 70. Cranking up pressure on Serbian security forces and their supply infrastructure, NATO underlined that a new peace plan for Kosovo agreed to by the West and Russia did not herald an end to bombing as long as Belgrade did not accept its terms...."

Col. Hackworth's DEFENDING AMERICA newsletter 5/7/99 Letter from Jeremy Brecher to Congressman Bernie Sanders 4/29/99 "...This letter explains the matters of conscience that have led me to resign from your staff. I believe that every individual must have some limit to what acts of military violence they are willing to participate in or support, regardless of either personal welfare or claims that it will lead to a greater good. Any individual who does not possess such a limit is vulnerable to committing or condoning abhorrent acts without even stopping to think about it. Those who accept the necessity for such a limit do not necessarily agree regarding where it should be drawn. For absolute pacifists, war can never be justified. But even for non-pacifists, the criteria for supporting the use of military violence must be extremely stringent because the consequences are so great.....It was your vote in support of this resolution that precipitated my decision that my conscience required me to resign from your staff. I have tried to ask myself questions that I believe each of us must ask ourselves: Is there a moral limit to the military violence you are willing to participate in or support? Where does that limit lie? And when that limit has been reached, what action will you take? My answers led to my resignation. ..."

Associated Press 5/8/99 NICOLE WINFIELD "....China called an emergency meeting of the Security Council on Saturday to condemn what it called the barbaric ``NATO attack'' on its embassy in Belgrade. The United States expressed regret over the incident but vowed to continue bombing. Chinese Ambassador Qin Huasun circulated a draft statement to the press -- which would eventually have to be agreed upon by the entire council -- that calls for the United Nations to investigate the bombing and for NATO to provide an explanation. China's official Xinhua news agency said two people were killed and more than 20 injured...... Qin said China was ``greatly shocked,'' by the bombing. ``We strongly condemn NATO's act and will express our indignation. NATO's barbarian act is a gross violation of the United Nations Charter, international law and the norms governing international relations,'' Qin said. He warned that NATO would bear responsibility for the consequences of the blast, and he called on NATO to stop the bombing. China has consistently voiced strong opposition to the NATO attacks, saying they were launched without authorization of the council and violate international law...."

Press Association (U.K.) 5/8/99 "...Britain is to use an emergency session of the UN Security Council to try to persuade China that its embassy in Belgrade had not been bombed deliberately, Foreign Secretary Robin Cook said. At least three people are reported to have been killed in the incident. "We will most certainly be seeking to convince the Chinese that there was no possibility, no question of deliberately targeting their embassy," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme. "Indeed, the target was elsewhere and was a legitimate military target," he said, adding that although he did not have full details he understood the alliance had been targeting a hotel used by indicted war criminal and paramilitary leader Arkan...."

AFP via Babelfish 5/8/99 "...More than 2.000 Chinese expressed by throwing stones Saturday against the embassy from the United States in Peking, under the glance of the police force, after the bombardment by NATO in the night of the embassy from China in Belgrade which made at least three died. The demonstrators, for the majority of the well organized students, encircled the vast complex sheltering the American embassy. They threw stones and bottles out of plastic against the building. " the United States is assassins ", shouted the crowd of demonstrators, whereas a hundred police officers were held close to the procession without intervening. On banners one could read: " NATO, Nazis " and " the United States, go to the devil ". ..."

Reuters 5/8/99 Benjamin Kang Lim Freeper starlu "...Angry students, chanting and waving banners, burned a U.S. flag outside the American embassy in Beijing Saturday during a mass demonstration against NATO's bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. Students and onlookers cheered and clapped as the Stars and Stripes went up in flames outside the main embassy gates, and hurled empty plastic bottles, tomatoes and other debris over the compound's iron fence..."

USA TODAY 5/8/99 AP "...Several thousand students marched Saturday in front of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing to protest the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia, while the government accused NATO of a ''barbarian act.''.... A cheer of ''Hao,'' meaning ''Bravo,'' went up whenever a plastic water bottle or piece of pavement landed on the Embassy building. Police joined hands in a chain to block the embassy gate. Some of the protesters sang the Chinese national anthem, and others shouted ''Protect sovereignty, protect peace,'' and ''We don't want war.'' Signs hung on a bus that brought students to the embassy said ''Nato Nazis.'' Some police applauded the students when they sang the national anthem ....The protest was highly unusual for China, where authorities generally have banned any large gatherings or demonstrations for fear of unrest. Demonstrators said they had asked school authorities for permission to march, and it had been granted....Several hundred people with banners also demonstrated outside the U.S. Consulate in Shanghai, and several dozen protested in Hong Kong....."

5/8/99 CNN "....The protesters pushed toward the embassy, demanding to be let in and calling U.S. President Bill Clinton obscene names, CNN's Beijing Bureau Chief Rebecca MacKinnon said. Police pushed back demonstrators who tried to ram a van and hurl a burning American flag through the embassy gate. Protesters used pieces of concrete that had been left in piles by workers rebuilding sidewalks to break many of the windows in U.S. Embassy buildings. A group of protesters tried to flip a car and started shoving police who stopped them. Several cars were smashed with chunks of concrete...." 5/8/99 UN Security Council "...QIN HUASUN (China) read a statement from the Chinese Government that said that at midnight of 7 May, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), led by the United States, flagrantly attacked the Embassy of China with three missiles from different angles and caused serious damage. Two people had died, two were missing and many were injured. Flagrant bombing by NATO, led by the United States, had already caused enormous casualties and now it had gone so far as to bomb the Chinese Embassy. That was a violation of the sovereignty of China, and of the basic norms of international relations. China expressed the utmost indignation and severe condemnation of this barbaric activity. It made the strongest protest. NATO, headed by the United States, must assume the responsibility. China reserved the right to take further measures. The working buildings and the residence of the Embassy in Yugoslavia -- indeed the whole Embassy from the fifth floor to the basement -- had been destroyed, he said. All Embassy staff had either been sent to hospital for treatment or had been withdrawn to hotels. That was a serious incident and deserved the utmost indignation and the strongest condemnation. Even in times of war, it was recognized that diplomatic institutes should not be violated and diplomats should be protected. Violation of those principles was a serious threat to the maintenance of necessary and normal international relations. The indiscriminate attack constituted a serious breach of international conventions. It was a crime of war and should be punished. China demanded a NATO investigation of the incident and that NATO account for it. The frenzied bombardment by NATO, led by the United States, of Yugoslavia over the last 45 days had resulted in civilian casualties. It had now violated a mission. This was shocking. NATO should stop the air strikes immediately and unconditionally....Mr. QIN (China) said he had followed the comments by Council members and others closely. He thanked representatives for their expressions of sympathy and condolences. However, he had also heard the absurd argument expressed that NATO did not intentionally bomb the Embassy and therefore it could not be charged with contravening the convention on diplomatic protection. It was astonishing that a senior diplomat would say this. Facts spoke louder than words. Whether deliberate or not, this was a blatant transgression of international law. He reiterated that NATO must shoulder all responsibility for its actions. He also informed the Council that China had distributed a draft presidential statement on the situation, and it hoped there would be early action on this draft....."

The Independent 5/9/99 Andrew Marshall, Teresa Poole, Rachel Sylvester "...The last time such anti-Western wrath was vented on such a scale was during the Cultural Revolution, when the British embassy was sacked and burnt down by Red Guards. Such scenes have not been witnessed in Peking since the 1989 Tiananmen Square pro-democracy movement. Despite busloads of police and paramilitary soldiers, and half-hearted attempts to hold back the crowds from the embassy area, the authorities appeared to have neither the inclination nor the expertise to marshal the irate protesters..."

AFP 5/9/99 "...China may have bitten off more than it can chew as the authorities unleash a wave of mounting xenophobia across the country in the wake of NATO's bombing of its Yugoslav embassy. While giving assurances by the leadership that foreign nationals on its soil will be protected, the government has also sent a much more potent message -- that the angry and often violent protests which have erupted in major cities this weekend have its full backing. "There is a risk of things getting out of hand," said a Western diplomat in the capital who declined to be named. "They have done everything to make it boil over." ...The nightly news bulletin showed scenes reminiscent of the old days of political struggle sessions during the Cultural Revolution (1966 - 1976), with older people and schoolchildren sitting in rows chanting anti-NATO slogans.... The United States evacuated all personnel from its consulate in the southwestern city of Chengdu after angry protesters stormed the compound and set the residence of the consul-general ablaze. The American embassy and consulates across China will close Monday and Tuesday as a result of the violence..... "

The London Times 5/8/99 Matthew Parris Freeper starlu "...What a stupid, stupid adventure. What a catastrophe. What an unpardonably reckless blunder. What a misjudgment. What a bloody mess. Tens of thousands of deaths which it is only self-deceiving rubbish to insist would have occurred if the bombing had never begun. Around a million deported within weeks into abject poverty - exodus on a scale and with a speed and ferocity which to suppose Milosevic planned before the bombing, or could have achieved except under cover of the bombing, is a flight of pure, self-serving fancy on Robin Cook's part. If it were true, what a massive failure on the part of forward Allied intelligence and forward Allied planning, was that...."

Daily Telegraph (U.K.) 5/8/99 Patrick Bishop and Michael Smith Freeper HAL9000"...IBRAHIM RUGOVA, once voted "president" of the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo, has no right to speak for Kosovar Albanians, the Kosovo Liberation Army and political moderates said yesterday. Instead, the KLA called on him to renounce his lifelong pacifism and support the Nato air campaign and its own struggle. The standing of Mr Rugova has plummeted to zero among Kosovars since he was put under house arrest by the Belgrade regime at the start of the crisis...."

Lineone News - UK 5/8/99 Freeper starlu "...Anger at Nato's bombing of Yugoslavia spilled onto the streets of Britain today as thousands of protesters marched through London. More than 3,000 people with a wide range of ages, backgrounds, political beliefs and nationalities joined a demonstration organised by the Committee for Peace in the Balkans to demand a stop to the bombing campaign...."

STRATFOR's Global Intelligence Update 5/8/99 "...The Chinese have been playing a fairly quiet role in the war, opposing U.S. policy but having more important things on their mind. However, in the past 24 hours they have begun to be more aggressive, taking the position that Yugoslavia must be consulted in any proposed settlement. Their involvement now takes a quantum leap forward. In effect, the Chinese are arranging the Security Council meeting that Yugoslavia has been hoping for..."

Lineone News - UK 5/8/99 Freeper starlu "...The peace plan hinged on the passing of a UN Security Council resolution authorising foreign troops to enter Kosovo to supervise the safe return of ethnic Albanian refugees. Such a move, was thought to be the most likely way of persuading Milosevic to climb down and withdraw his troops. The agreement of Russia - a traditional ally of Serbia - to the plan was seen as a crucial breakthrough and diplomats had assumed China would back the deal if Moscow did. The attack on the embassy throws the whole process into doubt...." 5/8/99 "...1555 GMT, 990508 - The U.S. Embassy in Beijing has strongly protested to the Chinese Foreign Ministry over inadequate police protection from rock and bottle throwing students demonstrating against the NATO bombing of the Chinese diplomatic mission in Belgrade. "We felt the protection during the demonstration was inadequate and we protested strongly to the Foreign Ministry," a U.S. embassy official in Beijing said...."

UPI 5/8/99 "...Air Force Maj. Gen. Chuck Wald, spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff says (Saturday) a weapons malfunction is possibly to blame for the NATO bombing of a hospital and residential neighborhood in Yugoslavia on Friday. ..."

FoxNews 5/8/99 AP Freeper A Whitewater Researcher "...EXCERPTS: "...A large number of (Chinese protesters)...broke into the consulate compound in Chengdu (southwest China) and severely burned the (U.S.) consulate general's residence...U.S. officials (said) in Beijing, where the Embassy was surrounded by protesters...(they) were not getting adequate protection...."We feel that we are under a state of siege here. We don't have adequate security,"...the embassy had made a strong protest to Chinese provide better protection...."We don't have the ability to move between our buildings like we should,"...All U.S. diplomatic offices in China, except in Hong Kong, would be closed Monday and Tuesday...The communist government...apparently felt that stopping people from publicly expressing outrage over the embassy bombing could further inflame them and possibly turn emotions against the government...U.S. officials in Beijing advised staff and other Americans in the Chinese capital "to raise their security awareness,"..."

Agence France-Presse 5/9/99 "...Gulf Arab newspapers on Sunday started to criticize NATO over its air strikes on Yugoslavia, a conflict in which this region has sided firmly with fellow Moslems in Kosovo. "NATO's action plan is stupid, given the negative results it has produced so far," said Al-Raya, which is close to official circles in Qatar. "The strategy of NATO has led to many blunders, such as the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, and provoked the expulsion of the people of Kosovo instead of granting them their rights," it said. "We have the right to think that what is taking place is in actual fact a plot against both the Albanians of Kosovo and the Serbs," the Qatari daily added...."

Reuters 5/9/99 Freeper starlu "...Russia celebrated the anniversary of Nazi Germany's defeat Sunday and many veterans said President Clinton and other NATO leaders had filled Adolf Hitler's boots in leading aggression against Europe. ``Clinton and NATO are worse bastards than Hitler. Shame on them!'' said Heidar Sufiyani, 75, who helped liberate Berlin in 1945 at the end of World War Two...."

Truth In Media (Bulletin) 5/9/99 Bob Djurdjevic Freeper Ron C. "...A group of Canadian lawyers has filed a formal complaint with the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia against all of the individual leaders of the NATO countries, and the officials of NATO itself..."

AP 5/8/99 "...Ted Turner told University of Georgia graduates today to keep thinking and learning, then rained on their parade by suggesting that NATO bombing in Yugoslavia could lead to nuclear war. ``Here's the class of '99, and y'all are just starting out. Wouldn't it be terrible to have nuclear war in the next week or two and mess up y'alls careers before they have gotten started?'' Turner said in a commencement address to 5,000 graduates.... Referring to the NATO bombing of China's Embassy in Belgrade, Turner said: ``If we drop a bomb on the Russian Embassy, we could be at war with Russia and China tomorrow, and they both got lots of nuclear weapons. We might not even get to see the millennium.''..."

Agence France-Presse 5/8/99 "...NATO warplanes blasted a post-office knocking out telephone services in a small town and targetted television relay stations cutting off broadcasts to two regions south of Belgrade, the Serbian media reported Sunday...."

MSNBC 5/8/99 Dan Goure "...AT THE ROOT of some of the mistakes, is a decision to avoid NATO casualties, a decision that has meant bombing from high altitudes. And while it may save lives, it has also led to terrible errors. Prior mistakes acknowledged by NATO have involved a train, a bus, a column of ethnic Albanian refugees, dozens of homes and possible hundreds of deaths.... In reality, the air war's problems have little to do with the "smart bombs" and everything to do with the strategies employed by the two sides. Yugoslavia is pursuing a two-pronged strategy designed to resist attack by a more powerful foe and wear that enemy down. NATO is seeking to achieve a political settlement, while neither imposing nor suffering significant casualties...."

Agence France-Presse 5/9/99 Freeper starlu "...Moderate Kosovar Albanian leader Ibrahim Rugova told Russian envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin Saturday that he favoured disarming the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and wanted Kosovo to have autonomy within Yugoslavia, ITAR-TASS reported early Sunday. Chernomyrdin met Rugova in Bonn after holding talks with German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and new UN Balkans representative Carl Bildt...."

The Sunday Times (London) 5/9/99 Stephen Grey, Matthew Campbell, and Hugh McManners "...YESTERDAY Nato admitted it had bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade after mistaking it for a Yugoslav government office. At least three people were killed in the attack, which threw diplomatic efforts to end the war into turmoil. Alliance officials said they had believed the building was Yugoslavia's federal directorate of supply and procurement, which organises weapons imports and exports. It was hit by three 1,000lb precision-guided freefall weapons, thought to have been dropped by a B2 stealth bomber. Last night Nato diplomats were looking to General Wesley Clark, the supreme allied commander who now has sole authority for selecting targets, to take responsibility. Allied intelligence agencies, including the CIA, were also facing severe criticism. "It is absolutely incredible not even to know where the embassy of such an important world power is situated," one diplomat said....The embassy, purpose-built for the Chinese in 1993, was hit during the heaviest bombardment of Belgrade in more than six weeks of bombing. Witnesses said two missiles struck the roof and one penetrated its side. Two journalists and a reporter's wife died. A fourth victim was reported missing. Chinese diplomats, some with bloodstained clothes, watched in tears as rescuers brought out 21 injured. ...."

Wash. Post 5/9/99 Steven Pearlstein "...Embarrassed and apologetic NATO officials today blamed an "intelligence failure" for causing Friday night's accidental bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade that left at least three dead and 20 wounded, and threatened to derail diplomatic efforts to end the military conflict in Yugoslavia. NATO said its laser-guided bombs were mistakenly aimed at the embassy because CIA officials gave military planners incorrect information about the target, which they believed was the Federal Directorate of Supply and Procurement, which the alliance described as a military facility. Military authorities said the two buildings are 150 to 200 yards apart and are similar in size and age. Four bombs hit the embassy and were dropped by one or more U.S. planes, according to Pentagon officials. In an unusual joint statement issued late Saturday, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen and CIA Director George J. Tenet expressed regret about civilian deaths and said that "faulty information" led to the mistaken bombing...... Unlike earlier mishaps in the air war, when bombs strayed from their intended targets, officials said the Chinese Embassy was hit by four bombs that had been targeted on the new five-story building, in the belief that it was the Yugoslav military's weapons warehouse and procurement center. But throughout the day, alliance military spokesmen in Brussels and Washington could not provide details of how such a mix-up could have occurred. Officials declined repeated requests to produce a map showing where the embassy was in relation to the procurement center or even to estimate the distance between the two sites. Initial reports said missiles were used in the attack, but in fact they were laser-guided bombs...."

Stratfor 5/9/99 "...2030 GMT, 990509 U.S.-Chinese relations seem to have simply collapsed since the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Beijing. The rhetoric and the attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Beijing by mobs throwing rocks are all reminiscent of the worst days of the Cold War. Now, U.S.-Chinese relations have been rather poor for months, but to the unaided eye, this response seems fairly extreme. The U.S. has claimed that the bombing was an unfortunate accident. From the American point of view that, and some financial reparations, should end the matter. That is precisely what has the Chinese furious. They accept that it was an accident. What they don't accept is that accidents happen. More precisely, it is their view that such accidents happen only when there is carelessness and, more importantly, indifference to the consequences of the accident. In other words, the accident happened because making sure that such accidents didn't happen was not a top priority of U.S. and NATO planners....From an American point of view, the Kosovo affair is now getting completely out of hand. U.S.-Chinese relations, bad before, are now near collapse. Russian influence, even among NATO allies, is at an all-time high. Islamic powers, including the Iranians, that were previously split over the bombing because of the Islamic dimension in Kosovo, are now forming a solid anti-bombing phalanx. Milosevic is no nearer to capitulating today than he was at the beginning of the bombing is what happens when the use of military power is separated from crisp, strategic analysis in the name of humanitarianism. Not only has the military action not achieved control over the humanitarian situation, but also the unintended, yet foreseeable, consequences are piling up....."

AP 5/9/99 "...Scores of demonstrators broke into a NATO communications facility in northern Greece in renewed protests against the alliance's bombing in Yugoslavia. Shouting anti-American slogans, the protesters broke into an unused army base and damaged communications equipment stored at the base, near the northern port Salonica, local media said. There were no arrests, and the extent of the damage was not immediately clear. The air campaign has been widely condemned in NATO-member Greece, where attention is largely focused on the damage and deaths caused by the bombing and sympathy has grown for fellow Orthodox Christian Serbs...."

Reuters 5/9/99 Simon Gardner "...The West should forgive Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic for alleged massacres in Kosovo but it is too late now for a diplomatic solution to the conflict, Tibet's exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama said on Sunday . And he saw no hope in the short-term of securing Tibet's autonomy from China, which forcibly annexed the Himalayan region some 50 years ago. He urged Western governments to give Tibet's push for self-rule more overt support...."

The Independent 5/10/99 Editorial Freeper Prince Charles "...In any war, the wrong targets are going to be hit and civilians are going to be killed, but in this war the misjudgements and mistakes just keep coming. "If there is one building in Belgrade we would like not to have hit, it was the Chinese embassy," a Foreign Office official admitted on Saturday. It is not simply a matter of faulty intelligence. The use of cluster bombs - which are designed to maximise casualties - in a residential area in Nis was a terrible mistake. The bombing of the Serbian television station likewise, and that was a quite deliberate target...."

Serbian Unity Congress Illinois Chapter 5/9/99 A Whitewater Researcher "...The Illinois Chapter ( of the Serbian Unity Congress ( led 2000 Serbian-American protesters through the streets of downtown Chicago this afternoon to protest Clinton's mindless bombing of the former Yugoslavia....The demonstrators stopped at the Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China, 100 West Erie, to take note of Clinton's bombing of the Communist Chinese Embassy in Belgrade....The demonstrators chanted "Clinton/Hitler"; "Clinton/Nazi"; "Hey, hey, USA, how many kids did you kill today?"; "Stop the bombing now"; "NATO/Fascists"; "NATO/Nazi"; "Stop bombing bridges"; and "Stop NATO aggression". Many demonstrators wore t-shirts which read "Anti-NATO; Anti-War '99"; "Target: Serbia"; "Kosovo=Vietnam"; and "Don't let our soldiers die for this". There were no negative reactions by onlookers to the demonstrators, and many passers-by fell in with the blocks-long column of demonstrators as it snaked through downtown Chicago...."

Athens News Agency 5/10/99 Freeper Ymani Cricket "...An organisation calling itself Red Line todau claimed responsibility for two ride-by shooting attacks against an American bank and an insurance company on main Athens thoroughfares earlier in the day...."

The International Strategic Studies Association 5/4/99 Press Statements Freeper Bayou City "...NATO forces, including the United States, have lost numerous aircraft and have already suffered significant loss-of-life among ground troops in the Yugoslavia conflict, according to a report published today by the journal which in 1994 predicted the Kosovo war. "Strategic Policy", the monthly journal of the "Defense & Foreign Affairs" division of the worldwide International Strategic Studies Association (ISSA), a non-govern- mental organization (NGO) for senior national security officials from some 165 countries, said that NATO forces may have lost, up until April 20, as many as 38 fixed-wing aircraft and six helicopters in the Kosovo conflict. As well, it said, as many as 50 NATO ground troops - officially not acknowledged even to be in the conflict - may have lost their lives..."

Reuters 5/10/99 Matt Pottinger Freper HAL9000 "...Fearing that angry Chinese students would storm the U.S. embassy in Beijing, Ambassador James Sasser said Monday he and key staff holed up in the building had scrambled to protect sensitive documents. His comments in an interview with Reuters indicated how seriously the U.S. embassy views the threat from demonstrators, who have smashed most of the windows of the building in furious protests at NATO's bombing of China's diplomatic mission in Belgrade...."

AFP via Babelfish 5/10/99 Freeper HAL9000 "...- the pope Jean Paul II was to meet Monday with 10H00 GMT in the Vatican the moderate head of the Albanians of Kosovo Ibrahim Rugova, one learned at Saint-Siège..."

Capitol Hill Blue (The Rant) 5/10/99 DOUG THOMPSON "....Let's see if we have this straight. A NATO pilot, flying the latest in sophisticated jet fighter technology, launching a missile guided by the most up-to-date guidance system that money can buy, struck a target in downtown Belgrade selected by an intelligence analyst using an out-of-date street map? That's pretty much the gist of it. The "faulty intelligence" cited by the U.S. in the bombing snafu that left the Chinese embassy in flames and at least four dead was, in fact, an old street map that was out-of-date. And, it turns out, the CIA had the wrong street address for the Chinese embassy anyway. At first glance, this latest screwup makes you wonder just when the Marx brothers took over the Kosovo war. But, when you think about it, you realize the clowns have been in charge all along.....To fully understand just how messed up this military operation is, consider this: the only public "heroes" of this conflict so far are three U.S. Army soldiers who got captured early in the conflict. They were captured because they forgot the GPS receiver that was supposed to tell them where they were in the world, got lost, and wondered into Yugoslavia. ..."

NY Times 5/10/99 AP "...Chanting ``NATO, NATO!'' angry Kosovo Albanians protested the alleged beating of two refugees today by Macedonian police and demanded that NATO take control of the refugee camp. U.N. refugee workers persuaded the estimated 2,000 ethnic Albanians to disperse after promising them that NATO representatives would meet at an undetermined time with a small refugee delegation to discuss their grievances..."

New York Times 5/10/99 AP "...The intended target in the air attack Friday was a military supply office. But due to faulty information provided by the CIA and reviewed by NATO and the Pentagon, the pilots mistakenly bombed the Chinese Embassy several hundred yards away, the U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Sunday. ``They went through all these hoops, but for whatever reason it was not detected,'' the official said. He said the CIA was reviewing its published and clandestine sources of information to determine how the mistake was made. Another U.S. official said outdated maps showing the Chinese Embassy in a different Belgrade locale played a role in the error but were not the direct cause. The embassy was relocated three or four years ago, and this official said the CIA has determined that the mistake was caused by an analytical misjudgment. It was unusual for the CIA to be involved in target planning in the air campaign, the U.S. official noted. More often that is the responsibility of NATO, the U.S. European Command or the Pentagon. The Chinese said three people, all journalists, were killed and 20 wounded in the attack. ...." 5/10/99 "...1316 GMT, 990510 - Italian President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro said Monday that NATO should halt its air raids against Yugoslavia. Scalfaro, who arrived in the Macedonian capital earlier in the day, told reporters, "it is necessary for the bombing to stop, because we are very worried to see that the raids are apparently moving away from military targets and are being directed towards civilian targets."..."

Stratfor 5/10/99 "...Germany and Italy, whose simmering opposition to the U.S. led NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslavia has been kept in check through the intense efforts of Washington, have finally said "Enough." The bombing campaign has not succeeded in stemming the humanitarian crisis in Kosovo. It has not brought Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to the negotiating table. And it is now plagued with an increasing number of incidents of collateral damage, including the bombing of the Chinese embassy. Italian President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro said that NATO should cease its bombing campaign, "because we are very worried to see that the raids are apparently moving away from military targets and are being directed towards civilian targets." Germany, meanwhile, has called NATO Secretary General Javier Solana to Bonn to meet with German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. Schroeder wishes to discuss with Solana the aftermath of the bombing of the Chinese embassy, and its impact on the air campaign and the diplomatic process....."

Russia Today 5/10/99 Reuters "....Russia's Kosovo envoy, Victor Chernomyrdin, said on Sunday he had ended weekend talks in Bonn by outlining "new circumstances" by telephone to an appreciative Slobodan Milosevic, the Yugoslav president. Chernomyrdin told reporters in Moscow that Milosevic had reacted positively to the new circumstances, which he did not disclose. "Well. He took them very well," Chernomyrdin said. Itar-Tass news agency quoted Chernomyrdin as saying the call with Milosevic, which he made from his car on the way to the airport in Germany after weekend talks there, had been positive. "I can say there are some encouraging results from the conversation with Milosevic, but I will not say anything yet," Tass quoted Chernomyrdin as saying. "There is serious work ahead to defuse the crisis around Yugoslavia. For that I need to be in Moscow now." ..."

Jane's Defence Weekly 5/10/99 Greg Seigle JDW Reporter "...Yugoslav Serb forces are using chemical weapons (CW) to drive ethnic Albanians from their Kosovo villages and defeat the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), recent reports indicate. NATO officials last week received a report from a doctor working with one of the humanitarian relief agencies who said he had treated five refugees with blistering burns that appear to have come from a CW attack, US Department of Defense (DoD) officials said. "We don't have independent intelligence about these incidents, but we do have reports from refugees that chemical agents have been used," DoD spokesman Ken Bacon said on 28 April...."

AFP via Babelfish 5/10/99 Freeper HAL9000 "...Kosovo "must be independent", affirmed Monday evening the moderate head of the Albanians of Kosovo, Ibrahim Rugova. " Kosovo must be independent like the other States of the area, like Croatia or Macedonia ", declared Mr. Rugova with the press after one taken care of prayer close to the religious community San' Egidio of Rome...."

ABC News on-line 5/9/99 Stacy Lu '...Enraged hackers apparently attacked the official Web site of the U.S. embassy in China yesterday, took over the Web sites of the Departments of Energy and the Interior today, and established their own online convention center at a site called "killusa." The Department of Interior Web site on Sunday showed pictures of the three Chinese journalists killed on Saturday when NATO accidentally bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. The Department of Energy site read "Protest USA's Nazi action." It was unclear whether the hacking was done by Chinese or not, though several messages on Chinese Web sites and message boards based in China claimed that it was...."

Reuters 5/9/99 "....The State Department Sunday suspended official travel to China by all government employees and urged other Americans to defer plans to visit, citing the ``volatile'' conditions sparked by the NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade..... ``The Department of State strongly urges American citizens to defer travel to the PRC (People's Republic of China) until the situation stabilizes. U.S. citizens should remain in, or very close to, their homes or hotels, review their security practices, stay alert to the changing situation and avoid crowds and demonstrations,'' the statement said. The statement said there had been large-scale demonstrations, incidents of harassment of private Americans and damage to U.S. business in China since NATO mistakenly struck the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade Friday night during its ongoing air attacks against the forces of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. The bombing killed four people and wounded more than 20. The U.S. ambassador to China warned Sunday that protests could ``spin out of control'' in Beijing, where angry demonstrators hurled rocks, concrete and a homemade firebomb...."

Electronic Telegraph 5/10/99 David Rennie and Hugo Gurdon ISSUE 1445 ".....MOBS bussed in by the authorities were still besieging the British and United States embassies in Beijing last night as Nato's bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade threatened diplomatic efforts to end the Balkans conflict. Screaming slogans such as "Kill America", thousands of students and workers pelted the missions with stones or fire bombs and beat Western journalists and passers-by. Li Zhaoxing, the Chinese ambassador to Washington, expressed fury at the bombing and hinted that Beijing might retaliate with a Security Council veto of peace initiatives if "anyone tries to whitewash it [the bombing] as a mistake". China's reaction would "all depend" on its own investigation of the attack, which killed four Chinese, and which the ambassador linked to recent "false" allegations that Beijing's spies stole nuclear missile secrets from weapons laboratories in the United States. Beijing's response would be "in accordance with the charter of the United Nations", Mr Li said, adding: "The US-led Nato has violated the charter. I am watching. The Chinese people are watching. We are indignant. We are waiting for their response.".....The American and British ambassadors were trapped inside their missions by tens of thousands of marchers carrying Red Flags and banners reading "Nato=Nazis", "Down with American Imperialism" and "Clinton is Hitler". Crowds shouted "Get Out Nato" and, in a return to the language of the Cultural Revolution, "Death to American running dogs"....."

Washington Post 5/10/99 John Pomfret Michael Laris "...Today's protests in Beijing took on a harsher tone than demonstrations Saturday. An American reporter was hit with a rock, other Americans were threatened and one was rescued from an angry crowd by concerned protesters. "I want to kill Americans," shouted Li Guangqiao, a 25-year-old graduate student, as he marched toward the embassy. "Kill the big noses!" Attacks against U.S. diplomatic missions have already occurred in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenyang. In the southwestern city of Chengdu, protesters burned the residence of the U.S. consul general and pelted the consulate with rocks. "This hasn't been seen in 10 years," said a police officer outside the embassy in Beijing. "The masses are huge, and it's incited people's nationalist feelings." Asked if the police could lose control of the situation, he answered: "Yes." Once the protesters snaked their way through the city to the front of the U.S. Embassy, demonstrators uprooted pavement slabs and hurled them at the embassy. They also tossed burning U.S. flags and flaming effigies over the compound's white iron gates, and launched three molotov cocktails. Several Chinese tried to scale the fence surrounding the building but they were pulled back by police. Protesters shouted: "Take down the flag!" Protesters have made four demands known: that U.S. flags be flown at half staff across the United States; that NATO immediately stop its bombing campaign in Yugoslavia; that the United States issue an open apology for the attack; and that NATO be dismantled. But today, the protesters seemed to want something more violent. "Don't get Chinese mad," said one. "Remember the Korean War!" when Chinese and American troops fought each other in the early 1950s.... Sasser said he had been assured by the Chinese Foreign Ministry that the police and the People's Armed Police would be responsible for the safety of U.S. diplomats. But "there were instances today when it was very questionable as to if they could hold back the mobs," he said. "We're fully prepared to evacuate if necessary," he said. Asked where the U.S. officials would go, he responded: "That's the $64,000 question."..."

London Daily Mirror 5/10/99 LT-GEN SIR RODERICK CORDY-SIMPSON "...We have not only destroyed their embassy but killed three of their people. In one fell swoop we have managed to alienate China and Russia, two key members of the UN Security Council. And for these two sensitive nations this could be one Nato mistake too many. It's very difficult to understand how on earth we made an error on such a massive scale. Apart from bombing the Russian Embassy, it's the worst thing we could have done. To be honest it beggars belief. The Serbian government building which was the real target is nearby but the two buildings don't look even remotely alike. Nato sources are claiming we were duped by a double agent. But it's incomprehensible, with the technological intelligence at Nato's disposal, from satellites to spies on the ground, that we didn't even bother to check a good old-fashioned map....Diplomatically we will have to pay a heavy price. We have a weakened Nato which may be forced into a hastily agreed partition of Kosovo. It will be everything we said we weren't prepared to negotiate and will leave Milosevic laughing in Nato's face...."

Reuters 5/10/99 "...In mistakenly targeting the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, U.S. intelligence officials were working from an outdated map issued before China built its diplomatic compound several years ago, the Washington Post reported Monday. "The tragic and embarrassing truth is that our maps simply did not show the Chinese Embassy anywhere in that vicinity,'' a senior NATO official told the Post. Quoting unidentified U.S. and NATO authorities, the newspaper said it was the CIA that initially misidentified the site, although there has been no explanation from the agency about how such an error could have occurred. At the same time, responsibility for the blunder was said to extend beyond the CIA, according to the Post. Describing a targeting process that has numerous levels of review built in, government officials said members of the Joint Staff, the U.S. European Command and NATO all signed off on the target after failing to detect that the address they were given was wrong. "They all have a variety of means of checking on a proposed target and none of them seemed to come up with an objection to this one,'' one official told the Post...."

South China Morning Post 5/10/99 "...A CNN reporter was struck by a demonstrator in Beijing. "An older man in the crowd hit me on the back of the head," Rebecca Mackinnon said. "He was going to go at me again but the students stopped him. People were shouting 'Beat her, kill her'," she said. Mackinnon said she was shaken but not seriously hurt. Several Western reporters were punched and kicked in Beijing. The US Embassy advised American nationals to get off the streets and the International School of Beijing said it was cancelling classes today...."

Washington Post 5/10/99 Bradley Graham and Steven Pearlstein "... The erroneous B-2 bomber attack, which dropped several satellite-guided bombs on the embassy, killing four people and injuring 20 others, marked the latest in about a dozen strikes that have gone awry during the 6 1/2 weeks that NATO has been pummeling Yugoslavia from the air. The mistakes have had varying causes, with no evidence of any pattern, officials said yesterday. But they all have involved U.S. aircraft. And while the incidents amount to only a minuscule percentage of the more than 18,000 combat missions flown and 9,000 bombs and missiles fired, NATO officials from several countries acknowledged that the succession of accidents is having a damaging effect on public confidence in some alliance countries. Gen. Wesley K. Clark, NATO's top military commander, yesterday reaffirmed his confidence in the target selection process. He termed the mistaken bombing of the Chinese embassy "an anomaly" and insisted the allied air campaign would continue to intensify, although there were no new attacks on sites in Belgrade yesterday. "We're not going to let an incident like this deter us from doing what we think is right and necessary," the four-star American general said on ABC's "This Week." He called NATO's effort "the most precise, effective and collateral damage-free air operation ever conducted." ...In a joint statement issued late Saturday, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen and CIA Director George J. Tenet acknowledged that "faulty information led to a mistake in the initial targeting" of the Chinese embassy. "In addition, the extensive process in place used to select and validate targets did not correct this original error." But the two officials concluded that "a review of our procedures has convinced us that this was an anomaly that is unlikely to occur again."..."

South China Morning Post 5/10/99 "...With estimates of participants nationwide at more than 400,000, it was the largest turnout of protesters since the pro-democracy crusade in the run-up to the Tiananmen Square crackdown. Diplomatic sources in Beijing said the protests would go on until Washington paid compensation, made a commitment to de-escalate the strikes and looked for a diplomatic solution..... Popular anger was also directed at US businesses. In eastern Nanjing, students staged a sit-down protest outside a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant and plastered posters on windows saying: "Strike the US economy." As bricks and blocks of concrete rained on the British Embassy, a man and his adolescent son weaved through the crowds carrying a sign that read: "We beseech President Jiang [Zemin] to declare war on the United States." ..."

South China Morning Post 5/10/99 WILLY WO-LAP LAM "...Sino-US ties could take a leap backwards if Washington does not take substantial action to mollify Beijing. Senior cadres, including Politburo Standing Committee members, who met in emergency sessions on Saturday and yesterday, have ordered an overall assessment of relations. A Beijing source said the "minimum requirements" set forth by relatively moderate cadres was that the US and Nato authorities issue a full apology, pay adequate compensation and allow China a bigger role in the resolution of the Balkans conflict. However, the hawks, including PLA generals, were pushing for more pressure to be applied to the US - and overall scaling down of relations - unless Nato agreed to halt hostilities against Yugoslavia. The hardliners, one of whose leaders was PLA Vice-Chief of Staff General Xiong Guangkai, have held meetings in which they insisted the embassy strike was a pre-meditated attempt to trample on Chinese sovereignty.... Foreign diplomats said that even if Washington and Nato were to meet some of Beijing's demands, a pall would still be cast over relations. "Many cadres think Kosovo heralds a new wave of 'neo-imperialism' which will cut into Chinese interests sooner or later," a Western diplomat said. "Beijing cannot live with Nato's ideal that humanitarianism is above national boundaries." A Beijing University expert said last night Nato had become a "military machine" that might one day use Tibet or Taiwan to interfere in Chinese affairs...."

WorldNetDaily 5/10/99 J.R. Nyquist "...Other reports indicate that the Chinese government is behind the protests, shipping demonstrators into the city, orchestrating their movements. Senator John McCain, R-Ariz., said on NBC's Meet the Press: "It is clear that the Chinese are orchestrating this for some political reason." What political reason could there be? Chinese Defense Minister Chi Haotian met last week with Cuban Defense Minister Raul Castro. What was discussed? Military cooperation between Cuba and China. Soon China will join Russia in having a strategic presence on Fidel Castro's communist island-stronghold. This would further complement the Chinese position in Panama, where Chinese-controlled front companies now operate the ports of entry on either side of the Panama Canal. Meanwhile, the Chinese Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) continues its campaign to get operational control of the former Long Beach Naval Station. According to Timothy Maier, writing for Insight magazine, if the Chinese fail to get the Long Beach facility, they will attempt to get a base in Los Angeles. The idea, as in Panama, is for Chinese front companies to operate their own port facilities. Concerned U.S. intelligence experts say that Chinese control of a U.S. mainland port could create a "national security nightmare." In fact, the Chinese Ocean Shipping Company has already been linked with heroin and arms smuggling into the United States.... Anyone acquainted with recent Chinese moves should not be surprised at China's furious anti-American outburst. This outburst is, to a large extent, contrived. Everyone knows the NATO attack was an accident. President Clinton has apologized for it again and again. But the Chinese propaganda machine will not admit any accidents. Any close observation of China's strategic behavior reveals a war psychology at work behind the scenes. And before you can have a war, you must demonize your enemy, mobilize the hearts and minds of your people -- especially to justify your own actions, which might well include the unleashing of nuclear weapons.....Therefore, the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade was a lucky hit -- for the Russian-Chinese alliance. In Russia, popular outrage against America has reached such an extreme that tourists dare not speak English on the Moscow subway. People have been roughed-up for reading English language newspapers. Hundreds of thousands of Russians have gone into uniform. A colossal military mobilization is underway. Slavic brotherhood has been extolled by the presidents of Belarus and Ukraine, showing that solidarity yet exists between former Soviet republics. Meanwhile, Russian officials have been openly worrying about the approach of World War III. Last week Russian President Boris Yeltsin commented on the possibility of an accidental nuclear war, saying: "Just let Clinton, a little bit, accidentally, send a missile. We'll answer immediately. ..."

NY Times 5/10/99 AP "...China broke off talks on human rights and arms control with the United States today, and waves of demonstrators hurled stones at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing for a third day to protest NATO's bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia. The government also demanded that U.S. officials apologize for the NATO bombing, investigate the attack and punish those responsible. Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan issued the demands to U.S. Ambassador James Sasser, the state-run Xinhua News Agency reported..... Instead of halting the violence, police orchestrated the protest, directing the demonstrators past the U.S. and British embassies. Police also blocked nearby streets and ordered foreign reporters away from corners where they could see the embassy...... China suspended diplomatic relations regarding human rights, arms control and international security, Xinhua said, citing Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhu Bangzao. The suspension affected areas of key interest to the United States, including concerns that China has provided nuclear weapons or missile technology to Pakistan, Iran or other countries....."

USA Today 5/10/99 Editorial "...China's ambassador to the U.S. said Sunday, after mentioning the deaths of three Chinese and calling for an investigation, that he's piqued that Washington has accused China of nuclear spying and human-rights violations. In China, the manipulation is less subtle. U.S. diplomats deliberately are being spooked. Crassly, state TV isn't informing the public that Washington apologized or that the bombing was an accident. Students, once starry-eyed about the U.S., are angry and confused. The propaganda is helped by the White House's failure to find a way to take its apology to the Chinese people directly. The U.S. ambassador apologized in private to officials, who had no wish to pass the condolences on....."

XINHUA 5/10/99 "...China's foremost newspaper, the People's Daily, has lashed out at the U.S.-led NATO as the archcriminal of the ongoing humanitarian disasters in Yugoslavia and called on the international courts to bring it to justice. The U.S.-led NATO outrageously attacked the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia with missiles on May 7, killing three Chinese journalists and injuring more than 20 Chinese diplomatic functionaries. "This is a rare barbaric crime in the history of international relations. The inhuman atrocity of trampling on the international law has incited extreme indignation in the Chinese people and strong condemnation from the international community," said the newspaper in a commentary to be published Tuesday. The commentary, entitled "Archcriminal of Humanitarian Disasters", said that amidst denunciations and condemnations, NATO was still going ahead with its violent bombardment of Yugoslavia...."

Stratfor 5/11/99 "...1935 GMT, 990511 ... The U.S. and U.K. are trying to create a split inside of Serbia by holding open the possibility that the fall of Milosevic would mean the inclusion of Serbia in the western alliance system, with all the economic and political benefits deriving from that status. The intention is reasonable, but the probability of success is low, as Blair and Albright undoubtedly know. What they may not be aware of is that the campaign plays directly into Milosevic's hands by confirming one of the prevailing theories about the origins of the war, at least in Serbia. According to this theory, NATO's hostility to Serbia was that it alone, among all the countries of Europe, was neither a member of NATO, nor on any list to become a member of NATO and had no interest in becoming a member of NATO. According to this Serbian theory, Serbia's independence from NATO was absolutely intolerable to NATO, which has waged a campaign for over five years designed to bring down Milosevic and thereby liquidate the last pocket of resistance to NATO in Europe..."

The Nation 5/24/99 Stephen Cohen "....It is imperative to focus on the essential reason Americans must unequivocally oppose the US-led NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. There are, of course, many reasons--the five-week campaign having utterly failed in all of its declared purposes. But for all its other failings, the US-led bombing must be opposed first and foremost because it is a moral outrage. By so greatly increasing the number of Kosovar victims and by having done so recklessly without any precautionary steps to help them, the initiators of the air war have compounded Milosevic's evil deeds and thus made the United States deeply complicit in them. Still more, the bombing and missile attacks are growing into an all-out assault on the economic and other civilian underpinnings of Yugoslav society. NATO sorties are literally demodernizing Serbia. Two or three decades of its economic development--the foundation of the elementary well-being of ordinary men, women and children--have already been destroyed....The Clinton Administration bombers and their apologists must not be allowed to represent the rest of us. They have imposed a moral barricade on the soul of America, and to that barricade Americans must go in moral opposition. The pulverizers' purported morality rests primarily on a fraudulent analogy--equating Serbian treatment of Kosovar Albanians with the Nazi extermination of Jews....."

Australian Broadcasting Corporation 5/11/99 HAL9000 "...Flags at the US embassy in Beijing and at its consulates throughout China will be lowered to half-mast when the ashes of the three victims of the NATO bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade return to Beijing...."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 5/11/99 Bill Gertz Freeper sunshine "...The Albanian government is stepping up support for Kosovar rebels by providing training and military officers for the Kosovo Liberation Army, according to Pentagon intelligence officials....Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon declined to comment when asked about the attache's report from Tirana.....NATO and Pentagon spokesmen have said the alliance's military attacks have not made it "the Air Force for the KLA," although they have acknowledged that the bombing does benefit the rebels' battle against the Serbs...."

New York Post 5/11/99 "...The accidental bombing of China's embassy in Belgrade - based on an outdated map provided to NATO by the CIA - says it all about the way the Clinton administration has bungled its military campaign against Slobodan Milosevic. From the outset, Clinton and his top military and diplomatic advisers have approached this campaign with a tentativeness that is profoundly disheartening and a level of incompetence that is downright astonishing. Unable or unwilling to clearly articulate his specific goals against Milosevic, Clinton has shown that merely having the title of commander in chief does not bestow a president with either military knowledge or moral authority..... A man who dodged the draft and declared that he ''loathed'' the military is now boasting about how he's picking out specific targets. And his top advisers - the secretaries of state and defense, the national securityadviser - are all lacking in personal military experience..... The embassy bombing, which follows a series of accidental NATO attacks on non-military targets, is a perfect example. No one can guarantee that civilians won't die in a war. But there is also no excuse for a breakdown in military intelligence so breathtaking in its sloppiness. Until a few weeks ago, after all, Belgrade was an open city. If, as the White House maintains, this operation was months in preparation, it should have been no problem to properly identify all the targets in Milosevic's capital. Yet somehow we bomb the Chinese embassy - less than one month, by the way, after the White House managed to publicly and thoroughly embarrass Chinese Prime Minister Zhu Rongji, arguably the most pro-Western official in the Beijing government...."

Boston Globe 5/11/99 Charles A. Radin Freeper canuck1 "...Ra'anan said the use of the refugees to justify policy is blocking Congress and the media from attempting unsentimental appraisals of how the campaign against Milosevic's forces is going, and whether the assumptions on which the assault on Yugoslavia was launched remain valid. He particularly bristled at assertions by defenders of the policy equating events in Kosovo with the genocides in Rwanda and Cambodia, or suggesting a similarity to the Holocaust. ''The people who are using this know it is absurd nonsense,'' he said of the analogy. ..."

Washington Times 5/11/99 Bill Sammon "...President Clinton said questions about his trustworthiness and credibility have not hindered his ability to run the Kosovo war but acknowledged his lack of military service has forced him to spend "major, major chunks of time . . . learning about how the military works." ....."The American people made clear in the election in 1998 who they trusted," Mr. Clinton said. "They want their lives and their children and their future and their national interest put first....."When we started it, I never thought it would be a three-day wonder," Mr. Clinton said. "I have always been -- relaxed is the wrong word -- but patient about the timetable. And I'm looking forward, frankly, to May and June and July, where the weather is much clearer and we'll be freer to pursue our strategy."..."

AP World 5/12/99 Greg Myre "...Yugoslav troops fighting ethnic Albanian rebels swept over the border into Albania in one of their deepest incursions yet from Kosovo, international observers reported today.....``The conflict is not going to be sent into Albania,'' Solana said. ``I want to reassure the people of this country that NATO will not tolerate any action against this country stemming from the presence of NATO forces.'' ....Witnesses also say a crashed Yugoslav MiG fighter, which was reportedly downed Tuesday at the height of the fighting, is on the Albanian side of the border near the village of Padesh, a spokesman for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe said...."

The Strategic Studies Association 4/18-21/99 "...The International Strategic Studies Association organized a fact-finding mission from Washington DC to Yugoslavia on April 18-21, 1999. The purpose was for the Association and a key US Congressman to determine to a greater extent factors important to future policymaking with regard to the war being prosecuted against Yugoslavia. ISSA worked with a Yugoslav NGO, the Institute for Geopolitical Studies, in facilitating the mission... 1. The Flow of Refugees: The international media, because it is largely on the external borders of Yugoslavia, has seen only the flow of refugees out of the country, to Albania and Macedonia. However, some one-third of the Albanian Yugoslav and other ethnic group refugees appear, in fact, to be fleeing further into Serbia, to avoid the Kosovo Liberation Army. Yugoslavia has already been burdened since 1992 with almost one-million refugees from Bosnian Serb areas and Croatian Serb areas, as well as Croatians and Muslims fleeing into Serbia-proper from what is now Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia. ....4. We saw extensive destruction of civilian targets, many of which could not be justified by NATO as military targets nor vital to the maintenance of a Yugoslav strategic power base. Given the widespread damage to these purely civilian targets which we saw, including the direct destruction of homes, it is not difficult to believe the claims of the Yugoslav Government that some 400,000 to a half-million people have been thrown out of work because of the destruction of their workplaces. This means that some 2-million Yugoslavs of all ethnic origins are without income, out of a population of some 10+-million people. 5. Justification for bombing civilian targets has now been given that these facilities were owned by relatives of President Milosevic, but the vast majority of these factories were either State-owned, privately-owned by non-Milosevic family members or, for the greater part, owned jointly by the State and by the workforces of the various factories. As a result, this has directly contributed to an attack on the average Yugoslav family.....

UPI 5/12/99 SID BALMAN Jr. "...The United States and its NATO allies are scrambling to stop the leakage of support for the war against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and their diplomatic approach to resolving a conflict that has stretched on far longer than expected. NATO officials concede that some "hand holding" was necessary this week to maintain Greek and Italian support for continuing the air strikes in the wake of the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, which the Clinton administration said was the result of inaccurate targeting information from the CIA...But Russia's position has shifted since NATO's tragic mistake in Belgrade, which took the lives of three Chinese journalists in the embassy. Moscow has joined Security Council member China in demanding the air strikes stop before any further consideration of a resolution, an approach NATO has so far flatly rejected...."

The Times-UK May 12, 199 "...The diplomatic consequences of the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade might in time be contained; the political fallout may not. A single crass mistake has compounded the already growing public unease that the conduct of this war is fundamentally unserious. Nato is floundering; and this is not because the Alliance cannot prevail against Slobodan Milosevic, a vastly inferior adversary, but because of the crippling constraints laid on its commanders by their political masters...."

USA Today 5/11/99 Jack Kelley and Barbara Slavin "...As Serb forces continue the wholesale destruction of Kosovo, refugees and Western governments are already thinking about what it will take to rebuild. From Mitrovica in the north to Prizren in the south, refugees say, homes have been burned beyond repair. Nearly 500 of the 800 major villages and towns in Kosovo have been partly or completely destroyed by the Serbs since February 1998, 200 of them in April alone, according to NATO spokesman Jamie Shea...."

USA Today 5/12/99 Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...Five days after the foolish bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, Washington is rife with bureaucratic excuses. The people who make target maps suffer from low morale and are mistake-prone, say some. The CIA director isn't given enough power, say others. Most oddly, some senators who oversee the CIA say the tragic bombing occurred because the intelligence community needs more money. How about another 35 cents? That would have paid for the tragically missing phone call between a CIA analyst and a government mapmaker to double-check an address. Beyond that, no amount of money could fix the sloppy procedure that led to the bombing...."

The Nation 5/24/99 Stephen F. Cohen Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...The Clinton Administration bombers and their apologists must not be allowed to represent the rest of us. They have imposed a moral barricade on the soul of America, and to that barricade Americans must go in moral opposition. The pulverizers' purported morality rests primarily on a fraudulent analogy--equating Serbian treatment of Kosovar Albanians with the Nazi extermination of Jews. The analogy wantonly debases the historical reality and memory of the Holocaust: Milosevic's reign of terror has turned most Kosovars into refugees fleeing toward sanctuaries; Hitler gave most European Jews no exit and turned them into ash. And even given Milosevic's real atrocities, what has become of the American ethical axiom, Two wrongs don't make a right? Or the central moral lesson of this awful political century, that ends do not justify means? ..."

5/12/99 Xinhua Freeper Thanatos via NewsEdge Corporation "...The Russian State Duma on Wednesday passed a resolution on establishing a commission to study and sum up information on crimes committed by NATO during its air campaign against Yugoslavia. The 450-seat lower house of parliament approved the measure by 309 votes, the Itar-Tass news agency reported. The resolution said that the aggression must be considered a military crime, and that NATO leaders must be punished...."

5/12/99 Xinhua Freeper Thanatos via NewsEdge Corporation "...China's leading newspaper, the People's Daily, has accused the U.S.-led NATO strikes against the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade as brutal infringement upon China's sovereignty and national dignity, and a serious threat to world peace and security. In a commentary entitled "Serious Threat to World Peace" to be published Wednesday, the paper pointed out that the lunatic U.S.- led NATO strikes against the Chinese Embassy have shocked the whole world and ignited wide-spread condemnation and indignation among the world people. Quoting Chinese President Jiang Zemin as saying, "The U.S.-led NATO must bear full responsibility for the atrocity, or the Chinese people will not leave the matter at that," the paper pointed out that any prevarication such as "mistaken bombing" or " accident" can never be accepted...."

5/12/99 Nando Media/AP Freeper Thanatos "...Yugoslav troops fighting ethnic Albanian rebels swept over the border into Albania in one of their deepest incursions yet from Kosovo, international observers reported Wednesday. Witnesses also say a crashed Yugoslav MiG fighter, which was reportedly downed Tuesday at the height of the fighting, is on the Albanian side of the border near the village of Padesh, a spokesman for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe said. The area is too dangerous to approach the plane, and there was no word on the fate of its crew. Fighting between Yugoslav forces and the rebel Kosovo Liberation Army raged all Tuesday well into nightfall...."

Stratfor 5/12/99 "...Operation Allied Force, by comparison, is arguably the Internet war. Besides the web sites of news networks like MSNBC and CNN, and the official sites of NATO, NATO member governments and militaries, and the Yugoslav government, military, and media, scores of pro-Serbian and pro-Albanian sites are providing minute by minute coverage of the conflict. Admittedly, STRATFOR, too, is expanding its reputation and recognition through its coverage of the conflict. But given the significance of this medium, the conflict is apparently spilling over onto the Internet itself. Early in Operation Allied Force, Serbs and their supporters effectively shut down the official NATO web site with denial of service attacks, pinging the site repeatedly to tie up access. The pro-Serb web site recently reported that the Internet advertising agency Ad Club Network had broken its contract with the site, after an organized Albanian campaign put pressure on Ad Club Network's advertisers. Today, the pro-Serb site beonet.yu alleged that the U.S. government was ordering satellite service providers to shut down service to Internet providers in Yugoslavia. ...."

Stratfor 5/13/99 "...0010 GMT, 990513 - Primakov's fall is bad news for Milosevic. As we have argued from the beginning, Milosevic's decision not to capitulate to NATO bombing was, to a great extent, predicated on Russian support. Milosevic's sense was that with Primakov and Ivanov in charge Serbia could not be completely isolated by the West. ...Suddenly, Milosevic must face the fact that the hints may be turning into a policy. It is possible that this has been the rationale for NATO's continuation of the war. By most reads, the bombing campaign has not been successful. Stubborn continuation of the bombing appeared to us and to others as irrational. However, assuming that NATO and Washington had intelligence that Yeltsin was planning to oust Primakov, an interesting assumption given that Strobe Talbott was in Moscow as Yeltsin's strike took place, Washington might have been waiting for just this moment. There is now a proposal on the plate and Milosevic must decide what he is going to do, without the warmest support Russia has to offer. It has to be remembered that NATO cannot regard this as a permanent shift. In fact it may be a very small window of opportunity. Primakov's ouster will raise the furies in the Duma, and a very serious move is underway to impeach Yeltsin. Should Yeltsin have to change course again, Serbia might shortly find more friendly faces in Moscow. Therefore, NATO needs to end the war now...."

STRATFOR 5/14/99 "...0105 GMT, 990514 - Loral Space and Communications Ltd. of New York said that it might be forced to cut satellite service to Yugoslavia. Loral satellite service supports at least two of Yugoslavia's major Internet service providers (ISP). Rumors have circulated that an executive order signed by President Bill Clinton banning the sale of goods and services to Yugoslavia might be applied to Internet service. Loral is still seeking guidance from the U.S. Treasury Department. Spokeswoman for the company, Jeannette Colnan said, "We're still not clear on this whole thing. It depends on the interpretation of the executive order." Neither the White House nor the Treasury Department has responded to inquiries on the issue. State Department spokesman James Rubin said that he had no information on the subject.

Toronto Sun 5/13/99 Peter Worthington "...Dare I mention the unmentionable? That after 50 days of air strikes, Kosovo is losing its news appeal - unless another embassy or refugee train is hit. It's increasingly clear that the Russians are the best hope of saving face - not for Milosevic, but for NATO and Bill Clinton and the "me too" allies. Whatever the terms of the eventual ceasefire, NATO and the West have already lost. It's their own damn fault. Remember, Clinton and his secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, were convinced Milosevic and the Serbs would buckle in two days, after the first "boom"...Defending your own country doesn't work that way. No matter what Milosevic eventually agrees to, reality is that twice as many ethnic Albanians have left Kosovo as remain in it. The province has been pretty well "cleansed." Which was Slobo's goal....."

Stratfor 5/13/99 "...1517 GMT, 990513 - NBC News is reporting that a plan has been in the works for weeks to put thousands of ground troops in Kosovo in what could be a hostile environment. The plan would call for 16,000 heavily armed Marines with tanks and armored personnel carriers. They would constitute first wave of any peacekeeping force and would not be sent into Kosovo until Yugoslav forces started to withdraw and there was a cease-fire. is reporting that this would include the entirety of the 2nd Marine Division....."

Stratfor 5/13/99 "...1810 GMT, 990513 Walter Stuetzle told reporters that an investigation into NATO's bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade is not yet complete. Furthermore, Germany is not totally convinced that an outdated map is to blame for the mistaken attack on the embassy. An article due to be published tomorrow in the Berliner Morgenpost quotes a senior NATO official as saying that Germany has evidence that the position of the Chinese embassy was correctly marked on maps used to make the strike on Yugoslavia last week. The article adds that there is speculation that NATO might have been tricked into attacking the embassy, but adds no further details....'

BBC 5/13/99 Caroline Wyatt Freeper Fulbright "...Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer has reportedly threatened to resign if the pacifists push through a motion demanding a unilateral, indefinite and unconditional NATO ceasefire - a move which could bring down Germany's governing coalition...."

Freeper FISHHOG analysis 5/13/99 "...According to NATO there were three -- NO, there was only one smart bomb that hit the Chinese Embassy by mistake because it missed a building across the street that houses the "Federal Supply and Procurement Office" -- NO, that wasn't the problem. The missiles (because we're back to three missiles again) didn't miss -- they hit right on target except it turned out the target was all wrong, t wasn't the Federal Supply and Procurement Office at all, it was the Chinese Embassy and somehow the targeteers got it all confused but one thing is definite: the mix-up was not the result of using old maps. But that's not right either because if a target is important a great deal of care is taken, and given that this was such an important target, even more care would be taken to make sure it really was the a) Federal Directory for the Supply and Procurement and NO, that should be the b) Weapons Warehouse of the Federal Directorate for Supply and Procurement, NO, that isn't right either it wasn't just a warehouse, it was the c) HEADQUARTERS of the Directorate and - NO! Forget everything I've said so far. It was the maps. The maps were very old so you couldn't tell that the building on that site was an Embassy. And there were three missiles, of course -- who ever said anything about there only being one? ....This writer has just spoken to a Serbian gentlemen whose family lives a few blocks from the Embassy. He says the Embassy was built 4 or 5 years ago and that prior to the building of the Embassy, the only thing there was: a park. A park: tress and grass... Therefore the notion that NATO could possess a map drawn before the Chinese Embassy was built which showed any building occupying the land on which the Embassy now stands is simply impossible. There was nothing there but trees and grass. Therefore NATO is lying. And since NATO is lying, we are left with the Chinese gentleman's explanation. It is the only one that makes sense. NATO deliberately blew up three apartments inhabited by Chinese journalists in the Chinese Embassy. This was a high-tech execution. What will NATO do next? ..."

New York Times 5/13/99 Steven Erlanger Freeper Lonnie "...But there are foreign journalists based in Pristina, nearly all of them Greek. Even though Greece is a NATO member, it makes little secret of its pro-Serb orientation, and the Greeks have been quickest to provide needed relief assistance -- both medicine and food -- to the Serbs and Albanians who are living in Kosovo. There are also a Turkish journalist, who largely covers the Turkish minority in Kosovo; various Serbian journalists who work for the Serbian media or for Western news agencies, and one Canadian, Paul Watson of The Los Angeles Times. Watson managed to drive back to Pristina after having been expelled, with other Western journalists, in March. Having shown up at the dreary Grand Hotel in the midst of chaos, his car was stolen or confiscated. So Serbian officials let him stay, said Milivoje Mihajlovic of the Media Center, based at the Grand, mostly because they had no car or gasoline with which to expel him again...."

Yahoo! News Top Stories Headlines Reuters 5/12/99 "...U.S. congressional negotiators agreed late Wednesday to free up $11.7 billion to finance the air war against Yugoslavia, aid ethnic Albanian refugees and boost America's military preparedness -- nearly double the amount requested by President Clinton. The compromise between House of Representatives and Senate negotiators also would provide $1 billion for hurricane-battered Central America, $100 million for Middle East ally Jordan, and hundreds of millions of dollars more for struggling U.S. farmers. Brushing aside a White House veto threat, negotiators approved a provision to bar the federal government from taking a share of the U.S. states' $200 billion-plus settlement with tobacco companies. They also agreed to set up a $1 billion loan guarantee program for financially troubled steel companies, as proposed by Sen. Robert Byrd, a West Virginia Democrat. Those and other controversial and costly provisions that had nothing to do with the nation's defenses bogged down negotiations, preventing House and Senate negotiators from finishing work on the emergency spending bill...."

Chicago Tribune 5/13/99 Michael Kilian "...More than a month after NATO urgently requested U.S. Army Apache attack helicopters for action in the Kosovo conflict, the alliance announced Wednesday that the heavily armed gunships were poised to go into combat against Serbian ground forces. For weeks, NATO and Pentagon officials have been publicizing the imminent introduction into battle of 24 helicopters in the U.S. Task Force Hawk Apache, only to face repeated delays and embarrassing setbacks.....Rather than shooting laser-guided smart bombs at Serbian ground targets from 15,000 feet, as conventional NATO aircraft have done, the A-64 Apaches are designed to operate at treetop level, seeking hidden enemy tanks and armored personnel carriers and destroying them with powerful, flying artillery. The helicopters' high-tech weapons are capable of destroying 95 enemy tanks four miles away, at night in a single engagement lasting only a few minutes....."

The Independent 5/14/99 "…Living conditions are so bad now for civilians trapped in the mountains of southern Kosovo that the rebels are encouraging them to seek refuge in Albania rather than stay in their homeland. Soldiers of the Kosovo Liberation Army and civilians alike are subsisting on bread, potatoes and the meat of livestock roaming wild, with the milk of cows and goats set aside for children and babies. They are living in huts made of branches and covered with tarpaulins, or out in the open, sleeping on piles of grass….According to the military journal Jane's Defence Weekly, claims by the Serbs that they have defeated the KLA are close to the truth. Jane's says the KLA has only about 4,000 fighters still left in Kosovo penned into three small areas. Most of its force of 20,000 have fled to Albania…."

Reuters (via Drudge) 5/14/99 "...CNN Friday broadcast a video apparently showing the aftermath of a Serb massacre of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo last month which had previously been reported by NATO. Kosovo journalist Liri Loshi, who made the video, told CNN that 127 ethnic Albanians, all of them men, were killed in the massacre in the village of Izbica on March 28....

MSNBC 5/14/99 "...This town in southwestern Kosovo on Friday was the scene of charred bodies and terrorized ethnic Albanians - victims, Belgrade claimed, of NATO bombing overnight that left some 100 dead. NATO and U.S. officials would only say an investigation had begun, but privately some told NBC News that they feared the Yugoslav charge was accurate because of news accounts and TV footage from the scene. PEOPLE IN Korisa said nearly 700 refugees had just emerged from 10 days of hiding in nearby woods and decided to spend the night on their tractor-pulled trailers, which were clustered together between a road and the village. "We decided to spend the night here. Some time around midnight, they bombed us from their warplanes ... It was a horror," said Dostan Rexhaj. "Many people burned up instantly." "We still can't collect all the bodies," he added. "They are all around the place - in the fields and nearby farms. ... I am convinced that more than 150 have been killed." Rexhaj's son-in-law, Hasan Ahmetaj, said that "many of the children burned in the flames. I don't know what happened to my two sons and their families."

"I had seven grandchildren," he added. "The youngest one was only a year old, the eldest would have been 10 next autumn. I have been left alone like a mountain eagle to spend my remaining days here." ....Moreover, said one U.S. official, "despite all their other lies, the Serbs have been fairly accurate" in describing NATO's bombing mistakes. NBC's Jim Miklaszewski reported that the sources felt a mistaken NATO strike "probably" happened. NATO spokesman Jamie Shea promised the "full story ... full facts" - and an admission of wrongdoing if an investigation shows NATO warplanes made an errant airstrike...."

The Indian Express 5/14/99 Stephen Abbott "...The recent announcement of Yugoslavia's leadership that they have begun a partial withdrawal from Kosovo was met with an immediate denounciation from NATO. Officials of the newly-aggressive military organization stated that it "wasn't enough", and even called into question whether it was "real", saying that it was simply a few busloads of soldiers being paraded back to Belgrade for the media's benefit. What isn't real, and is in fact surreal, is the ongoing, uncritical reaction of the western media to this and other Kosovo-related stories. With hardly any tough questioning from reporters, everything NATO spokesmen say seems to be given the status of scripture, and is rarely questioned....What isn't making the news is the Serbian side of the equation, and there is more to this side than simply some quaint 19th century romantic "mythical" attachment to Kosovo. The issue runs far deeper than that, and NATO's use of brute force against Yugoslavia has greater and more complicated consequences, for both NATO and the world community of nations, than the media are letting us know...."


United Press International 5/14/99 Freeper Jai "...Russia's mediation efforts in the Yugoslav crisis are intensifying despite warnings from Moscow earlier this week that a pullout from the negotiating process could not be excluded. In a new initiative extending Moscow's diplomatic offensive, President Boris Yeltsin ordered his deputy chief of staff Sergei Prikhodko to travel to New Delhi to discuss the Yugoslav situation with Indian officials . . ."

Washington Times 5/14/99 Bill Gertz "...Russia's government has ordered high-ranking military officers to sever all ties to Western military officials in Moscow, prompting what a senior defense official called a "return to the Cold War." Army Brig. Gen. Keith Dayton, the top U.S. defense attache in Moscow, stated in an April 29 intelligence report that the Russian anti-spying measure was partly due to NATO's military bombing campaign against Yugoslavia, which Russia opposes. Details of the report come from high-ranking Pentagon officials who have seen the document and Thursday revealed its contents to The Washington Times. An aide to Gen. Dayton, who was reached by phone in Moscow, said the one-star general was not available to comment on his report...However, one ranking U.S. official who saw the report said, "The feeling [among Russians] is that if NATO bombs Serbia to help the Kosovars, it might bomb Russia to help the Chechens." Russian military forces invaded the southern Muslim enclave of Chechnya in 1994....Rep. Curt Weldon, a Pennsylvania Republican who has frequent contacts with Russian parliamentarians, called Gen. Dayton's report disturbing and "very scary." In an interview, he said, "It's not a good sign and is an indication things are getting worse." Russian sentiment against the United States is growing as a result of the NATO bombing, and many in the Russian government who favor democratic reforms are being pushed aside by anti-U.S. communists and nationalists, the representative said...."

Freeper Thanatos 5/14/99 AFP "...Visiting moderate ethnic Albanian leader Ibrahim Rugova on Friday said the rebel Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) was an "extremist" organization. "I am the leader of the Albanians of Kosovo in exil; as such I enjoy the support of people in the camps currently in Macedonia and Albania," said Rugova in an interview with Channel 4 television. But he added: "There is at the moment an extremist group who keeps criticizing me and that is regrettable," in a reference to the KLA...."

Reuters 5/14/99 Philippa Fletcher "...At least 100 ethnic Albanians were killed and scores injured when NATO missiles tore into a village in southwest Kosovo during the night, survivors and Serbian civil defense officials said Friday. NATO said it was investigating the report which, if confirmed, would mark the Western alliance's deadliest error so far in its 52-day-old campaign of air strikes on Yugoslavia. The Civil Defense Information Center in the Kosovo regional capital Pristina reported that 100 people died and some 50 were injured in the attack, but said the toll was expected to rise. Reporters reaching the village of Korisa, 70 kms (45 miles) southwest of the Kosovo capital Pristina, saw scenes of devastation, with dismembered bodies scattered around, several badly charred and some with smoke rising from them. Survivor Fehmi Ahmeta said the village was packed with some 500 refugees on their way home after hiding in the woods when it was hit by six missiles shortly before midnight...."

The Hindustan Times 5/15/99 "... THE UNITED STATES President Clinton yesterday acknowledged the error of his own previous conceptions about the Balkans when he laid out the rationale for the allied intervention over the Kosovo crisis. He was addressing a veterans group here. Referring to the theory that ethnic conflicts in the Balkans are the inevitable result of centuries-old animosities, Clinton admitted: "I myself have been guilty of saying that on an occasion or two and I regret it now, more than I can say." Asserting that such a theory was a gross over-simplification and misreading of history, the President pointed out that for centuries the various ethnic groups had lived together in the Balkans and southeastern Europe "with greater or lesser degree of tensions, but often without anything approaching the intolerable conditions and conflicts that exist today."...."

The Village Voice 5/12-18/99 Nat Hentoff "...Even after American military involvement in Vietnam increased, it took a considerable amount of time before most Americans had a clear, vivid sense of the killing and other atrocities there-on both sides. But in 1999, at the very beginning of the bombing to "save" the people of Kosovo from ethnic cleansing (George Orwell should be alive), there has been no escaping the daily and indeed hourly news of the results of that calamitous rescue operation. Death rains not only on the ethnic Albanians being "cleansed," but also on civilians in Yugoslavia and even Bulgaria. None of us can say we do not know what is going on in terms of rampant violations of the most fundamental human rights. But there will be additional devastating effects from the great NATO adventure that generals Bill Clinton and Tony Blair are commanding. Already, as The Nation reported in its May 10 issue, "There are credible reports from Belgrade of NATO strikes on petrochemical plants, as well as in the vicinity of a nuclear power plant. And both Britain and the United States include in their Yugoslav war arsenal depleted uranium weapons, which have been linked to leukemia and birth defects in the Persian Gulf region since Desert Storm." These environmental degradations know no borders, as the Serbs say..."

The American Spectator 5/14/99 R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. "...Last month Our Wartime President bombed Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Bulgaria. Earlier he had bombed Afghanistan and the Sudan. The bombing of Bulgaria was an accident. Our forces were aiming at Belgrade and hit Sofia. As progressives in Congress are wont to say, "So what!" Also last month, Our Wartime President became the first American president to lose the "football," the attaché case containing the country's nuclear launch codes... Finally just last week Our Wartime President bombed China's embassy in Belgrade, despite that country's generous support for his 1996 presidential campaign. Charlie Chaplin at the height of his comic powers could not have imagined such rich material....... So let us pause to put Bill Clinton's Balkan War into historic perspective. The United States has never fought a more stupid war. It has never bungled its way into a war more artlessly. It has never relied on a more dubious strategy. And it has never failed in its goals so rapidly. The homeless Kosovars will soon be hating us as intensely as they hate their erstwhile Serb neighbors. Though many of us Clinton critics predicted that foreign affairs would reveal the forty-second president for the humbug that he is, I doubt that any of us could have envisaged the full calamity that the Boy President has visited on the Balkans. ...."

5/14/99 UPI Freeper Thanatos "...NATO is using radioactive bullets to penetrate the heavy armor on tanks and artillery pieces stationed throughout Kosovo, NATO and Pentagon spokesmen have acknowledged. The military need for such weapons is real, but the long-term health effects remain a relative mystery. A-10 "warthogs," the Air Force's premier tank-killer, are loaded with 30mm rounds of which one in four is depleted uranium. DU is twice as strong as steel, ignites on penetration and actually gets sharper as it moves through armor. This makes it ideal for destroying enemy artillery. Apache helicopters, M-1 Abrams and Bradley tanks also carry the rounds...."

Stratfor 5/14/99 "...The Pentagon is revising its plans for a peacekeeping force to be deployed in Kosovo once the fighting ends, because Clinton administration officials have concluded the original estimate of 28,000 troops won't be enough. ''Everybody now believes that that force is probably too small and that a larger force will be required to go in as a peacekeeping force,'' Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon said. Bacon said new figures have not been nailed down, either for the total planned force or for U.S. participation. ''We don't know whether it'll be twice as large or three times as large or 50 percent as large as we initially planned,'' Bacon said...."

5/15/99 AP Newsday Freeper Thanatos "... After 12 hours of semantic wrangling between the United States and China, the Security Council formally responded late Friday to NATO's strike on Beijing's embassy in Belgrade -- one of several disputes over Kosovo that had deadlocked the Security Council's work. A statement adopted by consensus expresses the council's ``profound regrets over the bombing and deep sorrow for the loss of lives, injuries and property damage caused by the bombing.'' ..."

Yahoo News - BRUSSELS (Reuters) 5/15/1999 Douglas Hamilton "...- NATO said Saturday that the Kosovo village of Korisa was being used as a military camp and was not hit by alliance cluster bombs, which Yugoslav Serb authorities said had killed scores of civilians in the area...."

The New York Times 11/1/87 "...Portions of southern Yugoslavia have reached such a state of ethnic friction that Yugoslavs have begun to talk of the horrifying possibility of ''civil war'' in a land that lost one-tenth of its population, or 1.7 million people, in World War II. The current hostilities pit separatist-minded ethnic Albanians against the various Slavic populations of Yugoslavia and occur at all levels of society, from the highest officials to the humblest peasants. A young Army conscript of ethnic Albanian origin shot up his barracks, killing four sleeping Slavic bunkmates and wounding six others. The army says it has uncovered hundreds of subversive ethnic Albanian cells in its ranks. Some arsenals have been raided. Ethnic Albanians in the Government have manipulated public funds and regulations to take over land belonging to Serbs. And politicians have exchanged vicious insults. Slavic Orthodox churches have been attacked, and flags have been torn down. Wells have been poisoned and crops burned. Slavic boys have been knifed, and some young ethnic Albanians have been told by their elders to rape Serbian girls. Ethnic Albanians comprise the fastest growing nationality in Yugoslavia and are expected soon to become its third largest, after the Serbs and Croats. The goal of the radical nationalists among them, one said in an interview, is an ''ethnic Albania that includes western Macedonia, southern Montenegro, part of southern Serbia, Kosovo and Albania itself.'' That includes large chunks of the republics that make up the southern half of Yugoslavia...."

AP 5/15/99 "... The NATO bombing campaign in Yugoslavia is pursuing a just cause by reasonable means, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said Saturday, as the Pentagon described the latest incident of civilian casualties as the unfortunate fallout of war..... At the Pentagon, spokesman Kenneth Bacon said the bombing near a Kosovo village that killed scores of refugees also successfully hit the intended military subpost. ``This was successful in that we hit the target. It was clearly unsuccessful in that we hit civilians that we hope not to hit,'' Bacon said...." 5/14/99 UNSC Freeper Thanatos "...The Security Council tonight expressed profound regrets over the bombing of the Embassy of China in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia on 7 May. The Council expressed deep sorrow for the loss of lives, injuries and property damage caused by the bombing, and noted that regrets and apologies were expressed for the tragedy by members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). In a statement read out by its President, Denis Dangue Rewaka (Gabon), the Council reaffirmed that the principle of the inviolability of diplomatic personnel and premises must be respected in all cases in accordance with internationally accepted norms. Expressing its deep distress and concern over the bombing of the Embassy and its deepest sympathy and profound condolences to the Chinese Government and families of the victims, the Council further stressed the need for a complete and thorough investigation of the bombing by NATO...."

BBC News - Europe 5/16/99 "...Nato has admitted dumping unexploded bombs into the Adriatic Sea after fishermen found several in their nets off the coast of Venice. A Nato spokesman said bombs had been dumped on several occasions. "The procedures were carried out in international waters in 'designated areas' for this sort of operation," he added. David Willey reports from Rome: "Growing public disquiet" The bombs are thought to have been dropped by some of the hundreds of Nato planes flying missions over the Balkans. The major Aviano air base is close to Venice and it is standard practice to jettison weapons if a military plane is in difficulty as it comes in to land. Italian army officials who examined the devices said they probably dated from World War II. But Nato admitted some bombs could have been prematurely dropped by pilots because of mechanical problems...."

PRNewswire 5/16/99 Freeper Brian Mosely "....President Clinton has been told that he won't win the war in Kosovo without the use of ground troops, Newsweek has learned. A few weeks ago the Joint Chiefs of Staff sent a letter to Defense Secretary William Cohen saying that only ground troops would guarantee fulfillment of the administration's political objectives, Newsweek reports in the current issue...."

Freeper Denos observations 5/15/99 "... Let us take a look at another vastly different situation in our own country, crime fighting in the Bronx. We have heard a lot about the horrible mistake of the killing of Mr. Diallo, an unarmed African man, by heavily armed police crime fighters. It was just one mistake after thousands of successful excursions of the crime fighting units in the Bronx, which were successful in dramatically reducing the crime rate in the city. In fact, this was exactly Mayor Giuliani's reaction when he heard the accusations of police brutality. A paraphrased quotation might be, "What are you talking about? Can't you see how good the tough attitude of my police has been for the city?" We all know what the reaction of African Americans was to this justification of "just one mistake". They rose in indignation at an attitude which profiles an entire race as potentially criminal in order to fight crime, even if it results in their own improved safety. The end just does not justify the means, even if the overall benefit far outweighs the harm of a small mistake. Let us now return to Kosovo. Here the situation is far worse. Not only have we had more mistakes during our intervention, but a case can be made that the overall magnitude of the damage caused by the mistakes far outweighs any benefits that may have accrued, or will eventually accrue, from our intervention. We have profiled the entire population of Serbs as criminals, we are destroying their country in order to punish their leader and an undetermined number of his followers for their criminal acts, and we are damaging in the process the people we are trying to save plus several innocent bystanders. And we are hearing Mr. Rubin justify this record on statistical grounds as brilliant, since only a small percentage of our bombs kill innocent bystanders....'

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 5/15/99 Christopher Ruddy "...Nobody knows yet whether Bill Clinton's war in Yugoslavia will fizzle or erupt into a global crisis. But it is becoming increasingly clear that Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has been the driving force behind the aggressive NATO action. This week TIME's cover touts "Madeleine's War" and declares that Albright "helped push the U.S. into Kosovo. It was part of the assertive, moralistic new world role she is urging for America."... Albright, by Powell's and other accounts, has been preoccupied by the Serbians. In essence, she believes the Balkans are her personal department. Why the interest in this particular region? One provocative analysis comes from the Jewish Voice, a monthly published in the suburbs of New York City. The Voice notes that Albright has historical ties to the region. When the Nazis took over Czechoslovakia, Albright's Jewish family, the Korbels, fled Czechoslovakia to a Serbian village..... Albright has even said her motivation for NATO action against Serbia comes from World War II. Her "mindset is Munich," she said, indicating she does not want to repeat a policy of appeasement that helped Hitler. The Voice suspects that other negative experiences Albright experienced in Serbia may be a hidden cause of her antagonism to the Serbs. For instance, the Voice notes Albright's family decided to hide their Jewish ancestry. Albright, who says her family never told her that she was Jewish, was raised as a Catholic...."

WORLD 5/8/99 Mindy Belz Freeper laz "..."If I were president of the United States and I wanted to start World War III, I would do exactly as this president has done [in Yugoslavia]." That is the stark assessment of Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), one of the few elected officials to oppose the NATO war. Sen. Inhofe, just back from a trip to visit American troops, says the debate over ground forces is over. The question is no longer whether, he says, but when..."

Newsweek 5/24/99 Michael Elliott "... The war in Kosovo has soured Washington's relations with Moscow and Beijing. Are we on the brink of a new era of superpower rivalry? "It's been a pretty dull week," said a senior White House aide last Thursday. Makes you wonder, what would it take to excite those guys? It was a week when Chinese demonstrators made the American ambassador a prisoner in his residence. It was a week when the befuddled, unpopular president of Russia sacked his prime minister and narrowly avoided impeachment. It was a week that saw Robert Rubin, the secretary of the Treasury and the most respected member of Bill Clinton's administration, announce his resignation. And it was a week when diplomatic initiatives on Kosovo seemed to stall and the Serbs charged that NATO bombs had once again killed scores of Kosovars. If that's dull, heaven preserve us from interesting times. Suddenly, the world looks like a troubled, dangerous place again....So for Clinton, a crucial decision cannot be delayed much longer. Nobody fair-minded can doubt that the president is deeply, even passionately, engaged in a search for policies to bridge ethnic divides. Growing up in the American South, he saw what happens when hate poisons communal relations. His humanitarian instincts are surely genuine. But it is still unclear that he has drawn the obvious conclusion of the Kosovo war: you can't stop a humanitarian outrage from 15,000 feet in the air. Clinton's failure, so far, to acknowledge that truth has led to deep misgivings in Europe. The last week has seen an astonishing outpouring of vitriol by European commentators, many of whom are natural ideological supporters of Clinton. To wit: Hugo Young in The Guardian, London: "Bill Clinton does not want to lead... We are witnessing, I believe, the slow disintegration of American purpose." Francois Heisbourg, chairman of the Geneva Center for Security Policy: "He hasn't taken the war seriously; he's a draft dodger." The Berliner Zeitung: "Clinton's chance to go down in history as a strategic thinker is vanishing." All of those comments were made on the "narrow" issue of Kosovo. But from the day bombing started, it was plain that the war would raise international issues far larger than Kosovo...... "

Reuters 5/17/99 Freeper HAL9000 "....Kosovo Albanian moderate leader Ibrahim Rugova said in an interview published on Monday he would not join a government-in-exile led by the Kosovo Liberation Army and that NATO should keep bombing Yugoslavia until Serb forces quit Kosovo. Rugova told the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung the KLA government formed last month under Hashim Thaqi was not legitimate. He said his Democratic League of Kosovo, which eschews the KLA's military methods, would not accept the seats it was offered in the government...."

5/17/99 BBC News Freeper Thanatos "...Nato leaders have been asked to draw up a possible timetable for sending ground troops into Kosovo. The news coincided with the resumption of diplomatic efforts to try to find a basis for an international settlement to the crisis. For its part, the United States has said it intends to free two Yugoslav prisoners of war held at a US base in Germany. Doubts over air war The assessment of a possible ground deployment was announced after senior US military leaders raised doubts over the effectiveness of the air campaign...." 5/17/99 stratfor "...0300 GMT, 990517 There are now a number of indications, small though they might be, that the United States is shifting toward terminating the Kosovo war. First, the United States has apparently refused to release the Apache helicopters to NATO for use in Kosovo, in spite of the fact that they are ready to go operational. More important perhaps, the Clinton administration allowed this refusal to be leaked publicly. Second, Clinton rebuffed Tony Blair's attempts to get him to shift to a ground war strategy. Someone in Blair's entourage appears to have leaked it to the Sunday Times, but if so, it reinforces the image of Clinton wanting to wind the war down. Finally, the Defense Department leaked the news tonight that two Serbian POWs would be released tomorrow....."

Newsday 5/17/99 AP Freeper virgil123 "...Kosovo's ethnic Albanian leader Ibrahim Rugova says he was acting under duress when he backed Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's call for an end to NATO airstrikes last month, according to an interview published Monday. He told the newspaper he cooperated with Milosevic in an attempt to ``gain some freedom for my family.'' ..."

The UK Mirror 5/18/99 "...THERE has been a groundswell of military opinion since the campaign started that Nato could not win this war by bombing alone. Sooner or later ground troops would have to be committed. Milosevic has now started using human shields and Nato seems shocked..... The President's own joint chiefs of staff are advising him that the war cannot be won by air power alone. And now Gen Colin Powell, the architect of the allies' victory in the Gulf War, has come out openly and criticised the current strategy...."

5/17/99 AFP Freeper Thanatos "...Convinced the NATO air campaign against Yugoslavia is working, the United States and its allies have begun discussing the size of a peacekeeping force for Kosovo and the conditions under which it could be deployed, Pentagon officials said Monday. A NATO assessment has concluded that a force of about 50,000 -- more than twice as large as originally planned -- will be needed to keep the peace in the wake of the devastating conflict, now more than 55 days old with no end in sight, Pentagon and NATO officials said...." 5/18/99 'Independent on Sunday' (London) Freeper yuri "...Two NATO commandos have died in a secret operation in Kosovo, the London-published weekly "Independent on Sunday" reported. According to the weekly, a group of US and British commandos disguised as Yugoslav servicemen was infiltrated into Kosovo prior to the bombings to guide NATO planes at targets. The operation is being carried out jointly with the so-called "Kosovo Liberation army". Last week, a group of NATO commandos supported by 100 Albanians made a raid in Kosovo as a result of which tens of civilians were killed...."

New York Post 5/16/99 BRIAN BLOMQUIST Freeper laz "...NATO officials said yesterday it's a mystery to them how 87 civilian refugees were killed when NATO dropped bombs on a Serb military base near a village in Kosovo. The officials said it's possible the Kosovar civilians were brought to the base to be used as "human shields" by the Serbs, but they brushed off Serb accusations that NATO bombed Kosovar Albanians by mistake...."

Washington Post Company 5/16/99 Steven Pearlstein Page A23 "... NATO acknowledged that two laser-guided bombs fired from a pair of U.S. F-16 fighter bombers may have accidentally killed ethnic Albanian refugees who had camped out for the night next to a Yugoslav special police command post in the war-torn Serbian province of Kosovo. While expressing regret about the civilian casualties, NATO spokesmen said blame for the deaths in the village of Korisa rests with Yugoslav authorities, whom they said had originally driven the ethnic Albanians from their homes and knew of the risk of a NATO air attack. Yugoslavia said today that 87 people died in the attack. "If there were civilians at a target that was a military location, it wasn't NATO that brought them there," said NATO spokesman Peter Daniel. "Why were those people not sleeping in their houses?" At the Pentagon, Maj. Gen. Charles Wald said the pilots, flying at altitudes of two miles or more, would not have been able to see civilians camping out around the military target...."

Yahoo News - WASHINGTON (Reuters) 5/16/1999 Los Angeles Times Freeper sunshine "...The U.S. agency that provided the map used in the accidental attack on China's embassy in Belgrade was involved in three tragedies in the past 15 months in which 28 people died, including the shearing by a U.S. plane of a ski cable in Italy that killed 20 people, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday. ``The current (Defense Department) system to generate and distribute imagery and mapping products for use in mission planning is broke,'' Lt. Col. Phil Meteer wrote on April 30 in an internal Air Force report obtained by the Times...."

New York Times 5/16/99 MICHAEL R. GORDON ERIC SCHMITT "...In a behind-the-scenes struggle over military strategy and tactics, the Pentagon is blocking a plan by the NATO commander, Gen. Wesley K. Clark, to send Apache helicopters into combat against Serbian troops, Pentagon and NATO officials say. ...."The issue is that Clark is being aggressive, and there is some resistance to doing what he wants to do," a senior American official said. ....Since General Clark first requested them 48 hours after NATO's air strikes began on March 24, the Apaches have been a particularly sensitive matter for the Clinton Administration, which has been reluctant to use combat troops in Kosovo. It took weeks for Washington to agree to General Clark's request to deploy the Apaches. Then it took weeks more to lug the men and supplies for the helicopters and the Army units that accompanied them to Albania. Further, Washington only agreed to send the Apaches and rockets on the condition that they not be used in combat without the formal approval of President Clinton. That approval, which Apache commanders expected by early May, has yet to take place, largely because top Pentagon officials have refused to recommend such a step to the White House, fearing the possible domestic and international consequences if the missions fail. Nor are the Apaches allowed to conduct "live fire" exercises without the Clinton Administration's consent. Such exercises, in which the helicopters fire their guns and missiles, are an essential prerequisite for employing them in combat. ..... But General Clark wants to conduct the "live fire" test by shooting at targets in Kosovo, and he still has not received permission to do so. Two of the helicopters have already crashed during training missions, killing two pilots....."The Army's concern is that this is a very dangerous mission," a Pentagon official said. "The avenues into Kosovo are limited, and the opportunity for shoulder-held weapons is very real. We have to really have all our act together. No one thinks the mission can't be done, but in an age when the American people believe we're in a zero-defects war, there's real apprehension we're going to bring solders back in body bags." ....Another Pentagon objection pertains to barrages of rockets and artillery that would precede the Apache attacks. While the rockets would be aimed at air defenses, there are no NATO ground troops in Kosovo to direct the fire, raising the prospect of civilian casualties....."

Washing ton Post 5/17/99 Anthony Faiola "...Such feelings [anti-NATO/US] are common in Argentina -- and in many other parts of the world far from the conflict over Kosovo. As the air war against Yugoslavia concludes its eighth week, and blunders like the bombing that reportedly killed nearly 90 ethnic Albanians at Korisa and the strike on the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade grab headlines worldwide, NATO's warplanes are inflicting collateral damage of another kind -- on the alliance's international reputation. And Uncle Sam, NATO's dominant power, is bearing the brunt of people's anger. Here in Argentina, one of Washington's closest Latin American allies, a poll last week showed that 64 percent of the public opposed the NATO air campaign against Yugoslavia. More respondents had a negative opinion of NATO than of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. In Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and other regions with little direct interest in the conflict, opposition is surfacing in statements by elected officials, newspaper editorials, opinion polls, public protests, Internet banter and street graffiti. Increasingly, there is little subtlety in NATO-bashing. "NATO is blindly bombing Yugoslavia," Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee said in a fiery political speech in India last week. "There is a dance of destruction going on there. Thousands of people rendered homeless. And the United Nations is a mute witness to all this. Is NATO's work to prevent war or to fuel one?" In the view of analysts here and elsewhere, the anti-NATO backlash shows how Washington's portrayal of the conflict as a humanitarian mission is being superseded by lingering anti-Western feelings in countries with bad memories of U.S. intervention and European colonialism...."

The Daily Oklahoman 5/18/99 Mark Green "....COLLATERAL damage in Bill Clinton's air war against Yugoslavia is everywhere. A train, a bus, a civilian convoy, an embassy. National Journal editor Michael Kelly was right when he wrote that America would be better off with a ham-and-cheese sandwich running its foreign policy instead of Bill Clinton's crew, which has entangled the United States in a costly, open-ended civil war. Yet there is another victim in addition to innocent Kosovars, Serbs and Chinese embassy staffers. It is an endangered infant: The toddling, teething democracy in Russia. That was the message at a press conference last week in the U.S. Capitol Building. Organized by the conservative Free Congress Foundation, the event featured members of Congress and Russia's pro- democracy movement, who warned that Clinton's war against traditional Russian ally Serbia is killing them politically. "The most underreported part of the whole Kosovo story is what it is doing to the political situation inside Russia," said Paul Weyrich, Free Congress' president. "Our policy couldn't do more to promote ultranationalist and communist forces inside Russia."..."

AP 5/18/99 "...The vaunted Apache attack helicopters that were to have added a unique punch to NATO's air campaign are unlikely to see combat over Kosovo anytime soon. The risk to pilots is simply too great, President Clinton suggested Tuesday, after the Pentagon dispatched more ground-attack A-10 jets instead. ``When the weather is good - as it generally is at this time of year - most of what the Apaches could do can be done by the A-10s at less risk,'' Clinton said, referring to Air Force planes that are operating over Kosovo from bases in Italy....."

Evening Standard (London) 5/18/99 Charles Reiss Freeper HAL 9000 "...Serb forces are exhuming mass graves in Kosovo in a bid to hide their war atrocities, Nato alleged this afternoon. Bodies are being reburied in individual graves, either at sites bombed by the Allies or in areas formerly occupied by the Kosovo Liberation Army, said spokesman Jamie Shea...."

AP 5/18/99 Candice Hughes "...Proclaiming moral victory, a senior Yugoslav official said Tuesday that Belgrade is ready to ``cut a deal'' on Kosovo despite unspecified ``reservations'' about the formula put forward by the United States and its major European partners. Two Serb prisoners of war released by the United States, meanwhile, were handed back to Yugoslavia in drizzling weather at a Hungarian border post. U.S. officials said the return was not a payback for Belgrade's release of three captured American soldiers this month but done in the hope that Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic would swiftly release any NATO forces taken prisoner in the future...."

UPI Spotlight 5/18/99 "...President Clinton told reporters (Tuesday) that "all options are on the table" when questioned about the use of ground forces in Kosovo, adding that the air war had accomplished a great deal and that he expected NATO to achieve its objective. Also, Clinton denied that the U.S. had blocked the use of Apache helicopters in the Kosovo conflict and declared that it was a "military decision," not a political one...."

LA Times 5/17/99 PAUL WATSON "...Something strange is going on in this Kosovo Albanian village in what was once a hard-line guerrilla stronghold, where NATO accuses Serbs of committing genocide. An estimated 15,000 displaced ethnic Albanians live in and around Svetlje, in northern Kosovo, and hundreds of young men are everywhere, strolling along the dirt roads or lying on the grass on a spring day. So many fighting-age men in a region where the Kosovo Liberation Army fought some of its fiercest battles against Serbian forces are a challenge to the black-and-white versions of what is happening here. By their own accounts, the men are not living in a concentration camp, nor being forced to labor for the police or army, nor serving as human shields for Serbs. Instead, they are waiting with their families for permission to follow thousands who have risked going back home to nearby villages because they do not want to give up and leave Kosovo, a province of Serbia, the main Yugoslav republic. "We wanted to stay here where we were born," Skender Velia, 39, said through a translator. "Those who wanted to go through Macedonia and on to Europe have already left. We did not want to follow."..."

Stratfor 5/18/99 "... Sir Charles Guthrie's assertion that a ground war remains a possibility opens a fascinating question. Why are the British, virtually alone among the NATO allies, so intensely interested in the ground war option? ....Part of the answer probably is that they know that there won't be a ground war. Knowing that they will not be asked to pay the price of a ground war frees the British to advocate one without risking anything. The primary purpose for this now pointless public posturing is that it allows Blair to score domestic political points. By advocating a ground war, Blair projects himself as a resolute and forceful leader surrounded by weaklings. He shores up his strength in the area in which Labor is traditionally weakest, national security policy...."

Reuters 5/17/99 "...A rash of protests in Serbian towns against the deployment of local troops in wartorn Kosovo was reported on Monday, and a Serbian government official was said to have been lynched by a mob in one incident. Television in the tiny neighbouring Yugoslav republic of Montenegro said in a broadcast monitored by the BBC the worst violence erupted in the town of Aleksandrovac, southern Serbia...."

5/18/99 Valerie Richardson Washington Times ".... The last flowers, banners and candles from the Columbine High School memorial have barely been cleared away and already debate is bubbling over whether a permanent memorial should take account of the deeply held religious faith of several of the slain students. The Foothills Park and Recreation District, which manages Robert Clement Park next to the school, wants to build a monument to honor the victims of the worst school shooting in U.S. history. Organizers acknowledge there is strong community support for a memorial with a Christian or biblical theme, but some secular activists insist there should be no recognition of the religious faith that was so important to many of the slain students.....Others say a religious theme is particularly appropriate because a strong Christian faith was important to the slain students, and, indeed, some of them may have been targeted because of their faith. Two students, Cassie Bernall and Valeen Schnurr, were challenged by the gunmen to say whether they believed in God. When they said yes, the gunmen shot them. Valeen survived, but Cassie died....."

Electronic 5/18/99 "...A SERB who fled from Kosovo to Macedonia in a bus full of ethnic Albanians after his wife and daughter were killed by a Nato bomb has been told he does not qualify as a refugee. His rejection was only the latest instalment in a story of suffering that mirrors the Balkan upheavals. Stojan Zlatonovic, a Bosnian Serb by birth, was wounded six times in the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia and taken prisoner by a Muslim warlord. He thought he had escaped war when in 1995 he was handed over in an exchange for three Muslims....."The Macedonian guards let me out because they said they wouldn't be able to protect me," he said. Barefoot and penniless, he was given a used suit and some shoes by the Association of Serbs in Macedonia. Most Serbs still do not qualify as official refugees. An orphan most of his childhood, Mr Zlatonovic is again alone. He thinks he had a step-brother in Germany but he is not sure. "The lady taking names for the UN refugee bus to Germany wouldn't listen to me," he said. "She said if my name had been Alija or Muhamed I might stand a chance."..."

Front Page Online 5/15/99 "...The Portuguese government has explained that its withdrawal from the proposed allied ground attacks were not due to technical or logistical difficulties, but rather as a result of a political stance taken by the government. Many analysts believe that the socialist government has occupied this anti-war stance in the wake of public opinion which suggests that the majority of Portugal is against the current NATO bombings. The Portuguese government is therefore attempting to ensure valuable votes for the upcoming European and Portuguese elections....."

London Evening Standard 5/18/99 Charles Reiss "...German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder today rejected hawkish proposals led by Britain to deploy ground troops for war in Kosovo. He said it would be "unthinkable" to launch a ground war for Kosovo. He was speaking after a meeting with Italy's Prime Minister, which was in the starkest possible contrast with the line taken by Tony Blair and Foreign Secretary Robin Cook. They reaffirmed only yesterday that Nato troops could enter the province once Serb forces had been largely neutralised and suggested the time might be not far away...."

Reuters 5/18/99 Charles Aldinger "...U.S. missiles poised in Albania could shred Serb military targets in Kosovo with titanium bomblets but could also pose a threat to civilians in the war-torn Yugoslav province, the Army said on Tuesday. ``It is pretty devastating. ... There is absolutely no warning. You don't hear it,'' Army Col. George Svitak said in a briefing on the multiple-launch rocket system (MLRS) and its ballistic missiles, based near Tirana with Apache helicopters. Neither the 24 Apaches nor the Army's ATACMS tactical missiles, each capable of raining up to 950 bomblets on a Serb anti-aircraft site or command post ahead of an Apache attack, have yet been used by NATO in its air war on Yugoslavia. Those missiles, like the few errant NATO bombs that have killed dozens of ethnic Albanian refugees and Serb civilians in Yugoslavia, could prove extremely controversial if they landed in the wrong spot...."

UPI 5/18/99 PAMELA HESS Freeper Earl B "...The Apaches have had a tough deployment so far. Their arrival was delayed for weeks by heavy rains that essentially washed out their intended base. [...] The Apaches and their pilots have been declared battle-ready. The Pentagon will not say when they will be used, wanting to keep the element of surprise on NATO's side...."

Agence France Presse 5/19/99 "...A NATO air raid hit a hospital near the centre of Belgrade, killing three people, Beta news agency reported Thursday. The Tanjug agency also reported an unspecified number of casualties among the patients in the hospital in the Dedinje district 3.5 kilometres (two miles) from the city centre...."

Associated Press 5/19/99 KATARINA KRATOVAC Freeper HAL9000 "...Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic on Wednesday accepted the ``principles'' of a Kosovo peace plan, but insisted in talks with a Russian envoy that the details must be negotiated directly with the United Nations. That would appear to fall short of Western conditions for halting the eight-week bombing campaign -- unequivocal acceptance of the international plan...."

BBC Online 5/19/99 Jacky Rowland Freeper Poincare "...The BBC's Jacky Rowland finds many Kosovo Albanians have been able to resettle in the north of the Serbian province without harassment from the security forces...." 5/19/99 Press Association Freeper Thanatos "...Foreign Secretary Robin Cook was tonight preparing for a trip to Washington he hopes will banish talk of a split between Britain and the United States over plans to commit ground troops to Kosovo. Mr Cook will fly out tomorrow and tour American TV studios side by side with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in an effort to prove the allies are united on strategy for the campaign against Yugoslavia. The trip, planned last week, comes amid speculation that President Clinton is reluctant to commit ground troops in Kosovo. "My visit to Washington is designed to demonstrate the solidarity of the alliance," Mr Cook told MPs tonight...." 5/19/99 AP Freeper Thanatos "...The House Armed Services Committee voted Wednesday to impose new spending restrictions on President Clinton's conduct of the military operation in Yugoslavia. Democrats denounced the action as the latest in a series of conflicting signals by the Republican-led House. The panel, working on a $288.8 billion defense spending bill for the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1, endorsed a provision stating that none of the funds ``may be used for the conduct of combat or peacekeeping operations'' in Yugoslavia...."

macedonian press agency 5/19/99 (MPA) "...The television station NBC, citing statements made by a high ranking US Pentagon official, reported that the end of the war in Yugoslavia could be a matter of days. According to the NBC, US and United Nations officials are working on a specific peace plan based on the G-8 agreement...."

The Independent 5/19/99 Anne McElvoy "...Nato's most potent enemy lives in Washington, not Belgrade 'Blair has been confronted by the President's faults. Clinton cannot see a line without fudging it ' Tony Blair started this war as the European leader who combined impeccably pro-European credentials with a stiffening twist of Atlanticism..... How different things look today in the pre-terminal phase of the conflict in Kosovo. The Prime Minister is finding himself stuck in the position that comes least naturally to one of nature's bridge-builders - out on a limb.... In Kosovo, we are watching the Alliance being destroyed by its creators, the Americans. Some will welcome this as freedom from Washington's hegemony in world affairs. Others see it as the great opportunity for Europe to develop a common military strategy. Perhaps we have no other choice...."

The Nation 5/13/99 Tom Hayden Freeper Rudder "...Liberals in the Democratic Party should withdraw their support for the Kosovo war. So should the Democratic Party. Their dream of a war for human rights is descending into a nightmare of human despair...." 5/19/99 Reuters "...Russia, traditionally allied to Yugoslavia, exercised its international treaty rights on Monday to check the nature of NATO's efforts to help Kosovo refugees in Albania. Under the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty, which allows signatories to inspect significant deployment of forces outside normal boundaries, Russian Maj.-Gen. Sergei Tsyganov crossed into the nerve center of the Albanian Force for Humanitarian Assistance (AFOR). "The inspection team will look for evidence of unusual military activity, and anything that is contrary to the briefings that they have received," NATO said in a statement. "The bottom line is transparency," Maj. Nick Ridout said of the inspection, which can last up to 48 hours....."

Washington Post 5/19/99 John F. Harris Freeper laz "...President Clinton declared for the first time yesterday that he would consider sending ground troops to Kosovo if he becomes convinced that NATO's strategy of bombing Yugoslavia will not bring victory...."

New York Times 5/19/99 AP Freeper Deep_6 "...KUKES, Albania (AP) -- This small Albanian frontier town is threatening to cut off all water if aid groups don't start moving out the 100,000 Kosovo refugees who are overwhelming its local water supply, a U.N. official said today..."

Washington Times 5/18/99 Kurt Bassuener Bosnia 1992-95. Rwanda 1994-85... Kosovo 1999? Will the Clinton administration act forcefully to end the third genocide on its watch? It appears increasingly likely that the administration, lacking the fortitude to use the ground forces necessary for victory in this just war, will opt for capitulation in the guise of a Russian-brokered diplomatic "solution." If this is the case, then the Kosovo Albanian people - to whom we have a moral and contractual obligation undertaken at Rambouillet - will have been cynically betrayed. So will the proud history of the NATO alliance, its efficacy and the values underpinning it. American moral leadership in the world - upon which peace and global stability depend - will undoubtedly suffer a heavy blow. And the perpetrator of four wars in Europe this decade - Slobodan Milosevic - will remain in power, no doubt with carrots for his "peacemaking," as was the case with Bosnia. Surely, you wouldn't know it from the spin. The administration rhetorically stands firm, but the action on the margins is telling. The fact that NATO is no longer demanding a NATO force in Kosovo, but an "international military presence," is an appreciable - and unnecessary - retraction. Also, in recent weeks Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, NATO Secretary General Javier Solana and others have indicated a willingness to allow some Serbian forces to remain in Kosovo - after executing the most rapid and brutal expulsion of a population in Europe since the end of World War II....."

L.A. Times 5/19/99 Paul Richter Freeper Lonnie "...As was evident Thursday, when NATO warplanes killed dozens of ethnic Albanians in the southern Kosovo town of Korisa, NATO commanders are struggling with what they say is the Yugoslav military's increasing use of ethnic Albanians as "human shields" to protect military personnel and field equipment. While they insist this strategy will not keep the alliance from striking key targets, doing so often carries huge political and humanitarian risks...."

The New York Observer 5/24/99 Nicholas von Hoffman Freeper Lonnie "...It's two months since Secretary of State Madeleine Halfbright's remark that a couple of cruise missiles up Slobodan's ass and it'll all be over Over There. We're heading toward Day 60 of bombardment and the buggers in Belgrade still refuse to surrender. In what may come to be called the Coward's War, civilian casualties mount as diplomacy languishes. The most recent accidental atrocity killed scores of Albanians in a Kosovo village. To these almost daily horrors, the White House-Pentagon-State Department line is first to deny responsibility and then categorize fussing about them as a Yugoslavian "public relations offensive." Similarly, the Serbian refusal to call dead people collateral damage and their persistence in publicizing the gory effects of our precision bombing is deemed a fraudulently transparent attempt to gain sympathy...."

UK News 1999 Hugh Barnes Freeper pfesser "...A senior KLA commander, who goes by the name of Drini, said the missions were supposed to be what the US Army calls "sterile", which meant the soldiers either wore uniforms that could not be traced to any Allied unit or were disguised in the combat fatigues of the "Black Hand" Serb paramilitaries...."

Reuters 5/19/99 "...U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Wednesday the United Nations should play a key role in the search for peace in Kosovo and in its post-war administration. ``I think that the United Nations is going to have to play a central role,'' Annan told reporters during a visit to the Stankovic refugee camp outside the Macedonian capital Skopje. ``First of all, all concerned believe that the United Nations has to be a central part of the solution, that there ought to be a Security Council resolution permitting deployment of troops and the further administration, to some extent, of Kosovo...."

AP/San Jose Mercury-News 5/19/99 Freeper dirtboy "...The Group of Eight foreign ministry officials are drafting a U.N. Security Council resolution backing NATO terms for Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic that could also be passed by Russia and China, both of which oppose the allied bombing campaign...." 5/19/99 Press Association Freeper Thanatos "...Nato was today struggling to contain signs of a growing split between the allies over the early deployment of ground forces into Kosovo as the quest for a diplomatic solution intensified. At the same time there were unconfirmed reports of defections from the Yugoslav army and growing anger at the war inside Serbia. In the Commons, Prime Minister Tony Blair insisted "all options are under review" and there would be no compromise with Milosevic in the "war" - normally he refers to the campaign as just a conflict. However, after a meeting in Nato headquarters, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said his government was against ground troops and that Nato could not change its position unless all members agreed. He also delivered a stinging rebuke to British pressure for the early deployment of ground troops when he told journalists to stop "pestering" him over the question adding: "I will not participate in the special British debate on war theory."..."

Wall St. Journal 5/19/99 Editorial Freeper The Raven "...The Balkan stratosphere is now clogged with the helium-filled balloons of various peacebrokers. With so many so eager for an exit strategy, Belgrade has begun making obliging noises. The Serbian foreign ministry spokesman said yesterday that Serbia is "ready to cut a deal." NATO commander General Wesley K. Clark let it be known Monday he would need 40,000 additional troops to monitor an agreement. And tomorrow's G-8 meeting in Bonn is about fashioning the right Security Council gloss; President Clinton set the tone when he publicly suggested a peacekeeping system "like we had in Bosnia."..." 5/19/99 Stratfor "...Gerhard Schroeder's public intervention in the Chinese Embassy bombing affair is startling. If Germany wanted more information on the bombing and its causes, it would normally handle the matter quietly, within the machinery of NATO or in bilateral discussions among defense attaches in Washington or Bonn. The deliberate intrusion of the German Chancellor is neither casual nor trivial. Schroeder's demand has the implicit charge that NATO's military command might be deliberately withholding information. For the German Chancellor to choose to act so publicly on this matter raises serious questions...."

Boston Herald 5/19/99 "...Defense Secretary William Cohen and Gen. Henry Shelton, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have refused to permit NATO commanders to use the 24 attack helicopters so laboriously shipped to Albania. The Pentagon won't even let the troops engage in live-fire training. The New York Times says officials see use of the Apaches as an escalation which might provoke Yugoslav retaliation...."

The Deccan Herald 5/20/99 New Delhi "...China has stated that a new international order has to be established on the basis of five principles of peaceful coexistence. To this end it suggests commonality of views with India on the crisis in Yugoslavia, and its opposition to the NATO airstrikes. "China and India share extensive common views and interests on many regional and international issues. Both stand for the establishment of a new international political order on the basis of the five principles of peaceful co-existence and oppose NATO's airstrike against Yugoslavia.".... That this view is being taken seriously by the government of India is evidenced from the fact that India is now considering taking the initiative on the issue. Senior level meetings have forced the conclusion that this statement requires some action..... It brought together ambassadors from six (five actually, the Chinese Ambassador was in Beijing), Libya, Cuba, Iraq, Russia, China and Yugoslavia on a common platform to discuss and elaborate individual country's views on the Kosovo crisis...."

5/19/99 Washington Times Bill Gertz "...Russia is stepping up electronic spying operations against U.S. and NATO forces in the Balkans with the addition of a second intelligence-gathering ship in the region, Pentagon officials said yesterday. The Russian spy ship Kilden, which left the Black Sea port of Sevastopol on Friday, arrived in the Ionian Sea over the weekend to begin electronic eavesdropping and other surveillance of the war in the Balkans. The Kilden joined a second ship, the Limen, which has been in the Ionian since early April, said officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity..." 5/19/99 AFP "...Where the allies stand: UNITED STATES. President Bill Clinton favours an airstrikes-only campaign and is strongly reluctant to commit US troops. However he has left the door open for the possibility of a ground offensive, and planning is under way...Public opinion is narrowly in favour of sending ground troops (52 percent), slightly down from last month. Backing for the bombing campaign is also down, from 65 percent last month to 59 percent now.

BRITAIN. Premier Tony Blair is the most hawkish of the NATO allies, and reportedly has a "deep sense of frustration" at Clinton's reluctance to send in troops.... 52 percent of Britons support sending a NATO ground force, believing that the war cannot be won otherwise. This is up from 39 percent when the campaign began eight weeks ago. FRANCE. Prime Minister Lionel Jospin has spoken of the conflict as a "fight for civilisation" and says NATO will "use force until negotiations can resume"..... 56 percent of public opinion would favour the use of ground troops if the air campaign fails. GERMANY. Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder opposes sending ground troops into Kosovo, effectively ruling out any change in NATO strategy..... Public opinion favours airstrikes by a narrow margin of 41 percent against 34 percent in favour of a suspension. ITALY. Italy is a staunch US ally and provides most of the bases for airstrikes, but the fragile left-of-centre coalition is under strain over the Kosovo issue, and President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro last week called for a halt to the airstrikes..... GREECE. The PASOK government is co-operating with NATO while having to appease public opinion running at around 96 percent opposed to any military action..... HUNGARY. Budapest has granted NATO unlimited use of its bases and airspace, though 77 percent of Hungarians are opposed to the launching of airstrikes from their territory. A slight majority favours the air campaign, but support is ebbing. TURKEY. Ankara has sent warplanes to Italian bases and supports the air campaign, which is strongly backed by public opinion. Turkish planes will join in the strikes in the coming weeks, according to western military sources. However the use of bases in Turkey would be more controversial, and Turkey is not certain to support a ground invasion...." 5/18/99 UNSC Freeper Thanatos "...I say this not least because I believe we are presented with just such a case in Kosovo. As you will recall, my reaction to the decision of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to take enforcement action without seeking explicit Security Council authorization was twofold: I identified the Security Council as having the primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security. With equal emphasis, I also stated that it was the rejection of a political settlement by the Yugoslav authorities which made this action necessary, and that, indeed, there "are times when the use of force may be legitimate in the pursuit of peace". My regret then -- and now -- is that the Council was unable to unify these two equally compelling interests -- and two equally compelling priorities -- of the international community....." 5/20/99 Reuters "...Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev on Wednesday accused NATO of aggravating the situation in Kosovo, saying it should stop its military action against Yugoslavia immediately. Writing for the British tabloid the Mirror, Gorbachev said Western powers had not given diplomacy a proper chance to resolve the conflict, and accused them of supplying weapons to the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). "Aggression has only aggravated the situation," the 1990 Nobel Peace Prize winner wrote. "Now it is essential to stop all military actions immediately...Politically and morally, NATO and the United States have already lost...."

The Independent (UK) 5/20/99 Stephen Castle in Brussels Freeper marshmallow "...MORE than two-thirds of Serbia's tanks and heavy artillery inside Kosovo are still intact, Nato admitted yesterday, raising the prospect of many weeks of further bombardment before the military capacity of President Slobodan Milosevic is rendered ineffective...." 5/20/99 AFP Freeper Thanatos "...The separatist Kosovo Liberation Armyhas maintained control over a thin strip of land inside the embattled province for more than a month, but its hold remains precarious and costly in lives. But KLA fighters in the area, which stretches out for several kilometres (miles) into Kosovo from the Albanian border, said new attacks on Serb forces would be launched in the next few days to consolidate their position. "We have a new series of offensives planned. We are going to attack, it could happen today or tomorrow, at any minute. This is war," KLA member Skender said, as sporadic gunfire and shelling erupted in the vicinity....." 5/19/99 Radio Free Europe Freeper Thanatos "...An unnamed German government official told the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" of 19 May that NATO forces and the Macedonian government failed to fulfill its obligations deriving from a 1994 OSCE agreement on notification and verification of military activities. According to that agreement, OSCE member states are obliged to report military activities involving more than 9,000 soldiers to all other members 42 days in advance. As a OSCE member state, Macedonia was obliged to report the deployment of NATO troops on its territory but failed to do so until after that number had been exceeded in late April. Russia requested an inspection in early May...." 5/19/99 Don Hill Radio Free Europe Freeper Thanatos "...In taking its case against NATO bombardment to the International Court of Justice in the Hague, Yugoslavia really is arguing before the court of world opinion. Any legal decision by the Court of Justice will be moot as soon as rendered. Moot, as a legal term, describes a judgment or action that lacks any but purely hypothetical force, one without practical application. NATO began air bombardment of Yugoslavia in March in response to what Western governments allege are atrocities committed by Serbian forces in the Yugoslav province of Kosovo against ethnic Albanians....."

Borque 5/19/99 "...For the first time since the bombing began, Greek judges have taken a stand and, citing legal arguments, point out that the NATO offensive against Yugoslavia has inaugurated a period of lawlessness in international relations, bringing us back to the eras of the Holy Alliance and the Axis. In fact, they pointed out that this attack is accompanied by the revival of black propaganda that attempts to exploit the misfortunes of the refugees to draw public attention away from the violation of international law..."

Reuters 5/20/99 Colin McIntyre "...NATO faced a fresh furor over mis-guided missiles Thursday after Serb officials said an overnight strike on a Belgrade hospital had killed three people and injured two women in labor. Although the Western alliance admitted in Brussels that one of its laser-guided bombs had gone astray, it declined to say whether it was responsible for hitting the hospital. Italian Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema warned that public support for the NATO air campaign against Yugoslavia could falter if non-military targets were attacked...."

AP via Drudge 5/20/99 "...NATO bombs killed three patients in a Belgrade hospital early Thursday in heavy raids on the Yugoslav capital and other centres, amid further diplomatic efforts to end the Kosovo crisis, Serbian sources said. The dead were patients in the neurological department of the Dragisa Misovic hospital in the Dedinje district 3.5 kilometres (two miles) from the city centre, which received a direct hit, hospital director Radisav Scepanovic said. Scepanovic told journalists that two bombs or missiles which struck the hospital also badly damaged the gynaecological department and the children's wards, and slightly injured male and female nurses. The bombing of the hospital, which could prove another public relations embarrassment for NATO, came only hours after Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic met Russian envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin here...."

The Guardian (UK) via Drudge 5/21/99 Martin Kettle "....An angry Bill Clinton has told Tony Blair this week that he should 'get control' of people who could be encouraging press reports of splits between London and Washington on the Kosovo campaign. Reports of the unusually difficult 90-minute telephone call between the two allies surfaced yesterday in some US newspapers and have been confirmed by the Guardian...." 5/20/99 AP Freeper Thanatos "...TIRANA, Albania (AP) -- Kosovo rebels claimed Thursday to have killed 33 Serb soldiers and a Russian fighting alongside the Serbs in battles over the last three days. Kosova Press, news agency of the Kosovo Liberation Army, said 13 Serbs and the 34-year-old Russian were killed in fighting late Wednesday and early Thursday along the Albanian-Yugoslav border...."

Washington Post 5/9/99 Dana Priest "...Since NATO political leaders agreed last month to allow commanders to strike a broad variety of politically sensitive targets in Yugoslavia, at least 150 people have died in bombing accidents and hundreds of houses and cars have been destroyed. Miscalculations have sent NATO missiles crashing into neighboring Bulgaria and, on Friday, the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade..... While NATO's top commander, Gen. Wesley K. Clark, must still get the approval for targets where collateral damage is almost certain, he has broad authority to strike where he wants. Planning each target, however, continues to involve dozens of individuals in Europe and the United States who collect intelligence, decide which munitions to use and mark the "DMPI" - Designated Mean Point of Impact - where the bomb should do the most damage...." 5/20/99 "...1920 GMT 990520 - The Angolan Foreign Ministry reported that NATO strike in Belgrade damaged its embassy. Isabel Costa, secretary in charge of embassy affairs, said that when NATO munitions hit a nearby hospital, doors and windows in the embassy were broken. Angola plans to evacuate all diplomatic personnel from Belgrade....."

Reuters 5/20/99 Charles Aldinger "...The U.S. Air Force has begun using low-flying, heavily-armed AC-130 warplanes to rake Serb troops and armor in Kosovo with artillery and cannon fire, defense officials said Thursday. The four-engine turboprop aircraft, Special Forces ''Specter'' gunships that pack devastating firepower, were introduced into NATO air strikes on Yugoslavia this month to hasten destruction of Serb military targets, according to the officials. Navy Capt. Steve Pietropaoli, a spokesman for Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Henry Shelton, and other officials stressed in comments to Reuters that the planes were being used selectively because they could be vulnerable to Serb anti-aircraft fire..... The planes carry a crew of 14 including five gunners, a 105mm howitzer and two rapid-fire 20mm Vulcan Gatling guns capable of spitting out a withering 2,500 bullets a minute at ground targets. They are equipped with sophisticated radar and night-vision devices and fire while circling targets slowly -- chiefly at night -- at relatively low altitude...."

5/20/99 AFP Freeper Thanatos "...Russia hosted an intensive round of Kosovo peace talks Thursday between a trio of major players in the diplomatic process to unlock peace in Kosovo. Russia's Balkans envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin, US Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott and Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari emerged from a four-hour working dinner in Moscow in a positive frame of mind. "We want to unite our forces and act in order to achieve peace," said Ahtisaari, "but the problem is not here."...."

Stratfor's Kosovo Crisis Center 5/20/99 "...According to sources in Yugoslavia,when reservists heard that police in Krusevac beat civilians protesting the war, they requested permission from the Commanding Officer of the 3rd Army to return to Krusevac. Sources indicated that a report of deserting troops firing on other troops in reality was the reservists in question shooting into the air in Krusevac. According to the source, there is a rivalry between the Yugoslav Army and the police that was highlighted in this most recent incident. The rivalry stems from the fact that during the last decade, police forces were better equipped than paid than Army units....." 5/20/99 Bill Clinton "...Today, the Senate approved the emergency resources I requested to support our mission in Kosovo. Congressional support for this mission means our military forces can sustain the air campaign until we prevail. It sends a clear signal to the Milosevic regime that the Congress and the American people are committed to this mission. And the resources I requested for the Defense Department will keep our military readiness strong...."

Ap 5/20/99 KATARINA KRATOVAC "...NATO warplanes hammered Belgrade and its suburbs Thursday, leaving a hospital in smoldering ruins, three patients dead and eight foreign diplomatic missions damaged. An attack late Thursday hit a fuel depot in the capital and the blast damaged the home of the Swiss ambassador, who was hosting a diplomatic reception at the time, the private Beta news agency said. ....Besides leaving the hospital destroyed, the airstrikes damaged the residences of the ambassadors from Sweden, Norway, Spain, Hungary, Pakistan and Israel, and the Libyan Embassy, Yugoslav media reported...."

Reuters 5/20/99 Crispian Balmer "...Montenegro's President Milo Djukanovic accused Belgrade on Thursday of planning a military coup after the Yugoslav army effectively seized control of the small republic's border crossings. Soldiers set up heavily armed checkpoints on all main roads into Montenegro, blocking imports of raw materials, confiscating much-needed humanitarian aid and preventing Westerners from entering. ``The regime in Belgrade wants to install the Yugoslav army as a dictatorship power in Montenegro,'' Djukanovic said in an interview with the local Montena-fax news agency. ``Those responsible for this are federal officials who are causing us great economic damage with this stupid blockade and whose sole obsession is waging war,'' the 37-year old president added...." 5/20/99 AFP "...General Wesley Clark, NATO's supreme commander, told Defense Secretary William Cohen and the US military chiefs Thursday he was satisfied with NATO's air campaign and made no request for ground troops, Cohen said.

"General Clark made no request for the deployment of ground troops and no request for any change in NATO's policy," Cohen said in a statement after the meeting with the military chiefs...."

5/21/99 UPI Freeper Thanatos "...As diplomatic efforts to end the Balkan crisis made little headway, NATO and Pentagon spokesmen said the Kosovo Liberation Army has retaken a village in western Kosovo, capturing Yugoslav artillery, mortar and ammunition in the process. Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon said today that if Yugoslav troops attempt to win back the village, "they will be hammered by NATO planes. " ..."

Washington Times 5/21/99 Rowan Scarborough Freeper Trailer Trash "…NATO's decision to deploy 24 Apache gunships to the Balkans was in part based on a belief that the mere presence of the imposing tank-killing helicopters might encourage a bomb-weary Belgrade to relent to the alliance's demands, Army officials said this week…."

5/24/99 Itar-Tass Freeper Thanatos "...Damage caused to Yugoslavia by NATO's air strikes has exceeded 100 billion U.S. dollars, Russian presidential envoy on Yugoslavia Viktor Chernomyrdin said on Monday. Speaking at a press conference called to mark two months since the beginning of the war, Chernomyrdin said over 1,200 civilians have been killed, including Kosovar Albanians, for the sake of whom NATO "ventured this humanitarian operation"....."

Agence France-Presse 5/24/99 Freeper Jai "...Around 100 inmates have been killed and some 200 injured in NATO air raids on the Kosovo prison of Istok in recent days, Serb authorities in the Kosovo capital Pristina said Monday...."

The Independent (UK) 5/24/99 Rupert Cornwell Freeper marshmallow "...By announcing plans to assemble a 50,000-strong ground force, Nato has at last heeded what independent analysts have been warning for weeks: if the air campaign didn't crack President Milosevic and the refugees were to start returning by winter, a land force would have to be in place to go into Kosovo - opposed or unopposed - by the start of August. If so, the build-up had to start now...."

AP 5/24/99 "...An increasing number of NATO bombing blunders against embassies, hospitals and ethnic Albanian refugees and fighters is eroding allied and congressional support for airstrikes after two months. Germany is so worried the alliance might ``lose our moral ground'' that its foreign minister was heading to Washington to talk with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright about new diplomatic approaches to end the conflict. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott said Sunday the air war's mistakes unfairly are blemishing the U.S. military, which he said has been sent on a mission in Yugoslavia that air power alone cannot win. From President Clinton's perspective, NATO is more unified than when the bombing began March 24, though not without differences, he wrote in Sunday's New York Times...."

New York Post 5/24/99 Uncredited editorial Freeper laz "...As NATO continues to lose the war in the Balkans, the president and his men persist in claiming they're winning it. In a shocking op-ed piece in The New York Times yesterday - shocking whether you consider it comically thick-witted or disgustingly cynical - the president claimed that "there are growing signs of disaffection in Belgrade: Serbian soldiers abandoning their posts, Serbian civilians protesting the policies of their leader, young men avoiding conscription, prominent Serbs calling on Mr. Milosevic to accept NATO's conditions."..."

AP 5/24/99 Katarina Kratovac "...NATO missile attacks plunged much of Yugoslavia into darkness and seriously threatened water supplies, local media reported today. Serb authorities urged residents to be patient while they rectified this ``humanitarian disaster.'' ....In Serbia, fifteen NATO bombs hit water pumps early today near the northwestern town of Sremska Mitrovica for the second night in a row. Earlier strikes left at least 10,000 people without water, Serb media reported. Belgrade was down to its last 10 percent of water reserves because of damaged pumping stations and a power outage, which cut electricity to the few water pumps still working, media reported. Two ``destructive'' missiles targeted the Kostolac power plant, 20 miles east of Belgrade, reports said. Transformer stations in Novi Sad and Nis -- Yugoslavia's second- and third-largest cities -- were also hit and set ablaze, the independent Beta news agency reported. Serbian television said one person was wounded in Nis. ``Every effort is being made in this difficult situation to restore power supply to priority users -- hospitals, the water company, bakeries -- in order to alleviate the humanitarian disaster being caused by NATO,'' Serbia's power company told the state-run news agency, Tanjug....."

5/24/99 Interfax Freeper Thanatos "...NATO's position on Yugoslavia and Kosovo has not significantly changed, Russian special envoy Boris Maiorsky, who is involved in talks in the search for a political settlement of the Kosovo crisis, said on Russian RTR television on Sunday. "Now everybody, notably the Americans who initiated the NATO operation against Yugoslavia, is aware of the need to stop the airstrikes," he said. On the other hand, the United States "needs a victory and cannot afford to allow Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to say that he has prevailed," Maiorsky said. The NATO strikes are "dictated by the future U.S. elections, by the personality of President Bill Clinton and some partisan interests, but not by care for the Yugoslav people, for the population of Kosovo," he said...."

Strategic Intelligence/THE WASHINGTON TIMES 5/24/99 Bill Gertz "...Russia is stepping up electronic spying operations against U.S. and NATO forces in the Balkans with the addition of a second intelligence-gathering ship in the region, Pentagon officials said yesterday. The Russian spy ship Kilden, which left the Black Sea port of Sevastopol on Friday, arrived in the Ionian sea over the weekend to begin electronic eavesdropping and other surveillance of the war in the Balkans. The Kilden joined a second ship, the Limen, which has been in the Ionian since early April, said officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The ships are close to the Adriatic, where U.S. and NATO warships are engaged in military operations against Serbia. "The Kilden's presence there will mark the first time since 1991 that two Russian intelligence ships have operated in the same area," said one Pentagon intelligence official. ....The ships have the capability of intercepting high-frequency, very-high frequency, ultrahigh frequency and other channels of communications...."

5/24/99 AP Freeper Thanatos "...Gen. Wesley Clark insisted Monday that the NATO forces he commands have the option of using the U.S. Army's Apache attack helicopters in Kosovo, despite signs the plan has been shelved. In his fourth visit to this American base since it was established seven weeks ago, Clark shrugged off suggestions that remarks by President Clinton last week had squelched prospects for the low-flying tank-killers to see action against the Serbs...."

Reuters via YAHOO 5/21/99 Colin McIntyre "...NATO jets bombed a prison in Kosovo for the second time in two days Friday, killing 19 people including the deputy governor and wounding at least 10, the Serb-run Media Center in Pristina said. It said both prisoners and guards were among the casualties of the strikes, during which more than 20 missiles were fired...."

5/21/99 Reuters Freeper Thanatos "...British Prime Minister Tony Blair has reassured President Clinton his staff had nothing to do with media reports saying he was frustrated with a lack of U.S. leadership in the Kosovo crisis, officials said Friday. A spokesman for Blair confirmed the two leaders held a 90-minute call Tuesday night during which they discussed British reports which alleged a rift was growing. He said the talk covered ``media handling,'' but he would not confirm reports in U.S. newspapers that Clinton told Blair to ``please get control'' of people speaking on his behalf. ...." The Indian Express 5/21/99 Freeper Jai "...The residence of the India's ambassador to Yugoslavia was damaged in a NATO air raid on a fuel depot in a Belgrade suburb late yesterday...."

Reuters 5/21/99 Freeper HAL9000 "...The Iraqi embassy in Belgrade was damaged when a NATO missile hit a nearby hospital in the Yugoslav capital early on Thursday, the Iraqi News Agency (INA) reported on Friday...."

5/22/99 Itar-Tass Freeper Thanatos "...The so-called Kosovo Liberation Army has received reinforcements and modern weapons, Hashim Tachi, head of the "provisional government" of Kosovo and political leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army told journalists in Tirana on Saturday. "We now have 30,000 men in our army and we are able to fully liberate Kosovo," he stressed. Tachi did not name the country that has supplied the separatists with modern weapons. He only said: "NATO is not rendering us any military assistance, but neither is it preventing us from getting weapons elsewhere". "The Kosovo problem must be settled once and for all, and outside Serbia," Tachi stated. ..."

5/22/99 AP Freeper Thanatos "...U.S. officials say they regret bomb damage to a half-dozen diplomatic facilities in Belgrade, but foreign envoys should know they're living in hazardous territory. ``I think any diplomat who is aware of the situation knows that Yugoslavia is a dangerous place,'' State Department spokesman James P. Rubin said Friday. ..."

5/24/99 UK Times Freeper Thanatos "...NATO will this week send a fresh declaration of intent to Slobodan Milosevic by announcing that its ground force massing in Macedonia to go into Kosovo is to be almost doubled to 48,000 men. According to Robin Cook, the Foreign Secretary, Britain has secured America's backing for the forces to enter Kosovo without Belgrade's approval as soon as the Serb Army begins withdrawing...."

Chemical Week 5/19/99 Alex Scott "...The United Nations last week created a task force to assess pollution resulting from NATO attacks on Yugoslavia. Sections of the Danube River, Black Sea, and groundwater in Yugoslavia have likely been heavily polluted by NATO's bombing of chemical plants and oil refineries, the UN says. The task force's report will help direct cleanup operations when the conflict has ended...."

5/24/99 CNN Carl Rochelle "...President Clinton has authorized the Central Intelligence Agency to look for ways to destabilize the government of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, sources tell CNN. The authorization comes in the form of a "finding," a highly classified document authorizing covert operations. While it is not clear if any of the ideas being examined have actually be put into effect, or will be, Newsweek magazine says the tactic calls for: The use of computer hackers to attack Milosevic's international bank accounts. A sabotage campaign to erode his public support. It would include such tricks as cutting telephone lines, fouling gasoline reserves and pilfering food supplies. Contrary to some reports, however, the "finding" does not authorize the CIA to train or equip Kosovo Liberation Army rebels to perform covert acts of sabotage, according to CNN's sources...."

5/22/99 BBC News Freeper Thanatos "...Nato insists that a prison which it bombed repeatedly in Kosovo was a legitimate military target. The Serbs say the raids in the town of Istok killed up to 19 people. Alliance spokesman Jamie Shea said the prison was first and foremost a military target, as it was being used as a barracks for the Yugoslav Army and special police. Meanwhile, the United States has indicated a shift in its stance on ground troops. Pentagon spokesman Ken Bacon said Nato must consider other military options if the air campaign had not worked by the autumn....." 5/24/99 "...1650 GMT, 990524 - The German newspaper Welt am Sonntag quoted a confidential report from the staff of NATO Supreme Commander General Wesley Clark. According to Welt am Sonntag, the NATO report listed a disappointing assessment of Operation Allied Force. The newspaper reported that most of the Yugoslav Air Force is still intact, with the exception of Yugoslavia's inventory of MiG-29's, half of which are destroyed. The paper went on to state that while half of the high and medium-altitude Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAM) have been destroyed, Yugoslavia still has more than 1,000 low-altitude SAM's left...."

5/24/99 Itar-Tass Freeper Thanatos "..."The upcoming trilateral talks in Moscow on Wednesday should lead to an end to air strikes in Yugoslavia," Russian presidential envoy on Yugoslavia Viktor Chernomyrdin said. Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Chernomyrdin said "we need a concrete result and our trilateral talks should result in stopping the air strikes and transferring the conflict from the military to a political footing." ..."

5/24/99 Interfax Freeper Thanatos "...India shares the Russian and Chinese views on ways to resolve the Yugoslav problem, Jaswant Singh, Indian external affairs minister, said at the end of his official meeting with Russian special envoy for Yugoslavia Viktor Chernomyrdin in Moscow on Monday. Singh said that the Kosovo problem is more than a Balkan problem because it impacts on the entire world, the role played by the United Nations and the fundamentals of international law...."

5/24/99 Reuters Freeper Thanatos "...Signs of dissent within Yugoslavia grew Monday as NATO entered the third month of its air war by knocking out power and water supplies over large parts of the country. Two opposition parties urged President Slobodan Milosevic to strike a deal over Kosovo to end the bombing while an independent newspaper reported thousands had demonstrated in three towns to demand the withdrawal of reservists from the strife-torn southern province. But as thousands more ethnic Albanian refugees streamed out of Kosovo Monday, Germany said the air campaign was working and could even be intensified....." 5/24/99 "...1910 GMT, 990524 - Clinton Targets Milosevic Personally Recent reports claim that, with the air war unable to achieve NATO's goals and a ground war not yet an option, U.S. President Bill Clinton is seeking other options in Kosovo. Specifically, CNN and the U.S. news magazine Newsweek have reported that Clinton is seeking ways to destabilize the government of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. Clinton has reportedly issued a presidential "finding" directing the Central Intelligence Agency to develop ways to destabilize the regime, including the use of computer hackers to attack Milosevic's foreign bank account and to undermine his public image, and the training of ethnic Albanian guerrillas as saboteurs. We wonder if this plan was devised by the same group of advisors who argued that Milosevic would capitulate on a question of vital national interest - the territorial integrity of Yugoslavia - after a few days of bombing, or by the advisors who drew up similar plans for Iraq....." 05/21/99 "...0245 GMT 990521 - More than 300 Albanian Americans have flown to training camps in Albania to join the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). More Albanian Americans have volunteered to join the KLA, but representatives from the guerrilla army say that they have all the new recruits they can handle. The KLA says that what they really need now is money, not bodies...."

World Net Daily 5/24/99 J.R. Nyquist "...The air war against Yugoslavia is accelerating. On Sunday, NATO warplanes flew 652 sorties after flying a record 684 sorties the previous day.... But British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook said the bombing is hardly enough. He wants NATO to deploy ground troops into Kosovo. Secretary of State Albright has noted that 50,000 NATO troops are in position and could be used to invade the ravaged Serbian province.....Over the weekend a huge stream of refugees came pouring across the Yugoslav border into Albania and Macedonia. Saturday, 10,000 refugees fled Kosovo in the biggest single-day exodus in nearly three weeks. Despite the magnitude of the catastrophe, President Clinton continues to push Yugoslavia to the wall. He continues to ignore Russia's pleas for peace, claiming that any letup in the bombing would bring a widened war -- a notion at variance with common sense. The Russian people are furious with NATO. Many concede that Yugoslav President Milosevic is bad. But that does not excuse NATO breaking its promises to Russia, promises of non-aggression and non-interference in Eastern Europe. Whatever the wrongs of Milosevic, brother Serbs are being relentlessly bombed, maimed, and killed. Representative Curt Weldon, R-PA, who recently met Russian State Duma members, has publicly expressed concerns that nuclear war may occur due to "the instabilities this war has caused." In Weldon's presence, the chairman of the Russian State Duma Foreign Policy Committee, Vladimir Lukin, openly threatened America with an EMP attack that would wipe out most computers and electronics in North America, crippling the USA. The Russian Federation possesses nuclear bombs of high yield, specifically engineered to create a strong Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP). If such a bomb were detonated in outer space, far above North America, it would knock out the continental power grid and fry most all electronics from New York to Los Angeles....."

MSNBC Aubrey Immelman 5/25/99 Freeper dirtboy "...What moves Milosevic? Warren Zimmermann, U.S. ambassador to Yugoslavia from 1989 to 1992, offered an insightful first-hand account of Milosevic in a 1995 article in the journal Foreign Affairs. In it, three central character traits emerge in the political personality of Slobodan Milosevic: cynicism about democratic principles and institutions; mendacity and avoidance of personal responsibility for aggressive actions. Zimmermann's characterization points to the syndrome of malignant narcissism, originated by psychoanalyst Otto Kernberg and widely embraced by political psychologists to take the measure of leaders who pose a threat to regional stability and world order. The core components of the syndrome are pathological narcissism, antisocial features, paranoid traits, and aggression...."

5/25/99 UPI Freeper Thanatos "...The Senate has set aside a measure (Tuesday) that would have prevented the president from committing combat ground troops to Kosovo without a declaration of war or a joint congressional resolution authorizing the deployment. The proposal by Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., was an amendment to the fiscal year 2000 defense authorization bill. ..."

press release 5/25/99 Congressman Tom Campbell Freeper tellw "...Today, the sixty day-period accorded the President to engage U.S. troops in hostilities without Congressional approval expired. As the President has indicated no intention of securing such approval, twenty-six Members of Congress filed a Motion for Summary Judgement and for Expedited Review of their challenge to the President's continued military action without Congressional approval..."

Washington Post 5/25/99 Freeper sesame "...So far, Allied Farce has damaged at least 11 embassies and official residences in Belgrade: China, Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Isreal, Libya, Norway, Pakistan, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland...."

New York Times 5/25/99 STEVEN ERLANGER "...In the Belgrade suburb of Zemun Monday morning, people were complaining that even McDonald's did not have coffee, because there was no water and no electricity. In Kovin, a small town in the northern province of Vojvodina, there is no power for the air-raid sirens. So the populace is relying for warnings on the church bells, which are rung with pauses, in an imitation of the broken sound of an air alert here...."

5/25/99 UPI Freeper Thanatos "...Kuceviste is a poor agricultural town nestled in a steep valley 20 kilometres from the Macedonian capital Skopje and only 10 kilometres from the Kosovo border. Almost all its 3,500 inhabitants are ethnic Serbs born in Macedonia. Several times since the conflict in Kosovo began, buses have taken local people for the day to Vranje just across the Kosovo border to give blood. But the blood is only for the Serbs of Kosovo, not for the ethnic Albanians. Kosovar Albanians are not liked in Kuceviste. Neither are foreigners. Three Kuceviste townspeople are now awaiting trial after a group recently stoned a passing NATO vehicle, forcing the soldiers to flee on foot...."

5/25/99 AFP Freeper Thanatos "... NATO agreed Tuesday to boost the number of troops to be used in a future Kosovo peacekeeping mission to 45,000, an alliance source said here. Before NATO's bombing campaign against Yugoslavia began on March 24, the 19-member alliance estimated it would need about 28,000 troops in a peacekeeping force. A total of 16,000 troops have already been deployed in Macedonia as part of the force, dubbed KFOR, which is expected to enter Kosovo when Yugoslav forces have withdrawn following a peace agreement...."

5/25/99 UK Times Freeper Thanatos "...NATO is to ask non-alliance countries to help to meet the target of 48,000 troops needed to secure the Yugoslav province for the return of the ethnic Albanians. Foreign Office sources said that while Nato would be expected to provide the initial force that would enter Kosovo, non-alliance countries which had offered to take part would go in soon after as back-up. The sources admitted that it was going to be "difficult enough" to raise 48,000 troops for a peace enforcement operation in Kosovo, "let alone what it would need for a full invasion"....."

Iran-daily 5/25/99 Freeper Ymani Cricket "...Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev called Monday for a negotiated end to the war in Kosovo arguing that NATO has already broken all its teeth trying to cripple Yugoslavia, AFP said. In the only face-to-face interview he has given during a brief visit to Australia to deliver "motivational" lectures, he told ABC radio here he was very pleased Yugoslavia was beating the combined might of NATO....He said NATO could destroy Yugoslavia by bombing. "But morally, politically, they have been defeated," he said. "The problem is that they can't stop." Gorbachev, who as Soviet leader from 1985-90 played the key role in brokering the pact that ended the cold war, also accused the United States of abandoning the post-cold war agreement for a new world order...."

Washington Post 5/25/99 Philip Bennett and Steve Coll "...NATO airstrikes on Yugoslavia's power grid left millions of people without electricity or water service today, bringing the war over Kosovo more directly into the lives of civilians across the country..... NATO forces this time struck at Serbia's five major power-transmission stations with high-explosive munitions, causing damage that could take weeks to repair. Officials at the Pentagon and at NATO headquarters in Belgium said allied jets deliberately attacked the power grid, aiming to shut it down more completely and for longer periods than at any time previously in the two-month-old air campaign. U.S. officials estimated the attacks had shut off power to about 80 percent of Serbia...."

5/26/99 UPI Freeper Thanatos "... Serb state-run media is claiming that Yugoslav anti-aircraft defenses have shot down two NATO warplanes in eastern Serbia. According to the reports, a jet described as either a Harrier or a Tornado, was shot down Tuesday night at the village of Bozevac southeast of Belgrade and another plane was brought down over Prahovo close to the Romanian border. The claims could not be independently confirmed and the fate of the planes' crews is unknown...."

5/26/99 AP Freeper Thanatos "...Russia called for an immediate halt to NATO airstrikes against Yugoslavia today, warning that the growing number of alliance attacks could wreck any chance of a political settlement. Russia's special envoy on Kosovo also said that Yugoslavia may be willing to accept peacekeeping troops from NATO nations which are not taking part in the airstrikes as part of a settlement...."

ITAR-TASS 5/26/99 "...The conflict around Kosovo has affected all residents of this Yugoslav province, both Albanians and Serbs, that is why humanitarian assistance should be rendered to all its victims, irrespective of their nationality, a senior official close to the president of the Czech Republic told Tass on Wednesday. "The Czech Republic is of the opinion that humanitarian cargo should be distributed by equally among all the victims," he said. According to his information, the first batch of humanitarian cargo for Yugoslavia has been prepared in the republic. It is planned to deliver them to Belgrade in large-size trucks and to distribute them among the Serbs, who were forced to leave Kosovo. The humanitarian cargo include food, medical supplies, clothes and footwear...."

New York Post 5/26/99 NILES LATHEM "...President Clinton risks tearing apart NATO and subjecting hundreds of thousands of refugees to a death sentence unless he makes critical policy decisions on Kosovo - very soon. That was the urgent warning yesterday of a distinguished panel of experts at a forum on the Kosovo crisis sponsored by The Post as the brutal Balkan war entered its third month. The panel comprised former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and political commentator William Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard magazine...."

International Herald Tribune 5/26/99 Joseph Fitchett Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...Although NATO spokesmen deny it, military experts believe the alliance is hoping to intensify domestic opposition to President Slobodan Milosevic by using its air strikes to damage the Serbian economy. NATO has repeatedly said that it is not waging war on the Serbian people and planners have gone to great lengths in attempting to minimize civilian casualties. In practice, however, allied commanders have steadily widened their list of economic targets in a bid to raise the war's toll for Serbia. ..."

Washington Post 5/26/99 Page A28 "...Rep. Campbell: Today is the 60th day, plus 48 hours, since the bombing started in Kosovo. The 48 hours is important, because under the War Powers Resolution, the president is obliged to withdraw United States military from hostilities into which he has placed them 60 days after, plus 48 hours -- the 48 hours for notice . . . of the president to the Congress. Today the president is in violation of the law. That is clear. It does not require an interpretation of the Constitution. It is the War Powers Act, passed in 1973...." 5/26/00 "...1442 GMT, 990526 - Following an hour-long meeting with U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott, Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov ruled out any partitioning of Kosovo as a means of solving the Balkans crisis..... 1412 GMT, 990526 - Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov, speaking after talks held with U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott in Moscow, urged the alliance to end its air strikes on Yugoslavia in a signal that no breakthrough in the conflict was imminent. Last night's air strikes were the heaviest yet by NATO. 1350 GMT, 990526 - Yugoslav troops and KLA guerrillas were reported locked in heavy fighting in western Kosovo on May 25 as the rebels battled to gain a new access route into the province from Albania. The KLA's main supply route out of Albania came under heavy shelling by Yugoslav Army troops yesterday...."

5/26/99 Itar-Tass "...A representative U.N. delegation for humanitarian issues, which ended its ten-day visit to Yugoslavia on Wednesday, expressed perplexity over the bombing by NATO planes of civilian facilities in the very centre of the city of Uzice, in the south of Serbia. Members of the delegation could not give an answer on Tuesday to the question of members of the local administration of the Zlaty Bor District, who would like to know what made the NATO leaders choose that peaceful city as a target. U.N. Deputy Secretary-General Sergio de Mello expressed hope that even more beautiful building would be built there after the end of the war. The delegation led by him familiarized themselves with the ecological situation in the district, which has always been famous for its pine groves, transparent rivers and clear mountain air. Incessant air raids inflicted enormous damage on the natural environment of the Zlaty Bor District...."

5/26/99 Reuters Freeper Thanatos "... The International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia has indicted President Slobodan Milosevic for war crimes and his arrest warrant is already signed, a source close to the tribunal said Wednesday. The source, who declined to be identified, said the indictment was expected to involve alleged war crimes in Kosovo and would be announced Thursday by tribunal chief prosecutor Louise Arbour, who started her investigation into Kosovo atrocities on March 10 last year...."

Charles Aldinger Reuters 5/26/99 "...NATO's bombing of Serbia is a struggle for civilized society in the next century and must continue despite growing criticism until Belgrade bowed to allied demands, the United States said Wednesday. In a policy speech to U.S. Naval Academy graduates at nearby Annapolis, Maryland, Defense Secretary William Cohen said NATO would forsake ``our history and our heritage'' if it buckled under pressure to end the eight-week bombing campaign. ``This is no ordinary conflict. It is not a fight over territory, or money, or markets. It is a struggle for the future and shape of civilized society,'' the secretary said...." 5/25/99 agencies "....About 100 inmates have been killed and some 200 injured in Nato air raids on the Kosovo prison complex of Istok, Serb authorities in the Kosovo capital of Pristina claimed yesterday. The death toll, if confirmed, would be the highest from an attack on a single target in Nato's air war on Yugoslavia, which on Sunday entered its third month. Serb sources in Kosovo had previously said that at least 19 people - inmates, wardens and a deputy prison governor - were killed and more than 10 injured in one Nato air raid on the Istok prison on Friday...."

Reuters 5/25/99 Freeper HAL9000 "...The European satellite consortium Eutelsat, under intense presure from NATO, confirmed on Thursday that it had suspended its transmissions of Serbian radio and television broadcasts. The move meant Serbian TV programmes could no longer be seen in Europe, much of the rest of the world and in parts of Serbia, which is federal Yugoslavia's main republic. "Following a vote of our board, the broadcasts were suspended as of 1800 GMT on Wednesday," a Eutelsat spokeswoman told Reuters...."

5/26/99 Nando Media "...Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev Thursday accused NATO of bombing Yugoslavia to show "who is the boss" and said he feared the campaign may lead to a new cold war..... "We are seeing the prospect of a new cold war on the horizon, maybe even a hot war, and that would be grave," he said...."

5/26/99 Bill Clinton "...In response to a request by the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (SACEUR), President Clinton has directed deployment of more U.S. aircraft and other military forces, including the dispatch of several thousand additional personnel to Albania, to support NATO's ongoing campaign in Serbia and Kosovo. "I am also directing that additional U.S. forces be deployed to the region to assist in humanitarian operations," the President said in a May 25 letter, which was released May 26 by the White House in Florida and addressed to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President pro tempore of the Senate.....Dear Mr. Speaker: (Dear Mr. President:).....As part of intensifying NATO's operations, and in response to a request by SACEUR, I have directed deployment of additional aircraft and forces to support NATO's ongoing efforts, including several thousand additional U.S. Armed Forces personnel to Albania in support of the deep strike task force located there. I am also directing that additional U.S. forces be deployed to the region to assist in humanitarian operations...."

Weekly Standard 5/31/99 William Kristol, Robert Kagan "...Before the NATO summit in Washington on April 23, Blair and his foreign secretary, Robin Cook, sought Clinton's support for taking up the ground war issue with the rest of the alliance. Clinton said no. Last week, Robin Cook visited Washington again to make the case that NATO at least needs to prepare for the possibility of ground forces. But Clinton officials rebuffed him, again. Clinton's declaration last week that no options had been taken "off the table" seems to have been aimed chiefly at getting Blair off his back. Blair's Thatcherite gutsiness is proving an annoying embarrassment to the president, who so far lacks the stomach to match it. Last week Clinton officials grumbled to reporters that Blair's constant pressure for ground troops was making Clinton look weak by comparison with John McCain. True enough...." 5/26/99 Drudge Freeper Thanatos "...NATO forces are set to attack some of Yugoslavia's most sensitive sites, including civilian telephone and computer networks, police headquarters and leadership residences, the WASHINGTON POST is planning to reporting in Thursday editions. According to publishing sources, the POST's Bill Drozdiak has learned in Brussels that during a closed-door meeting of allied ambassadors, NATO's chief military commander, Gen. Wesley K. Clark, said NATO warplanes have established air supremacy -- now it is time to bomb key targets and go after the country's basic infrastructure networks!...." 5/26/99 Bill Clinton Freeper Thanatos "... President Clinton says that if the Congress sends him a Department of Defense Authorization bill that includes a restriction such as the one the House Armed Services Committee approved that prohibits the use of Fiscal Year 2000 funds for funding the Kosovo mission, he will veto it. "This restriction, or restrictions like it, is simply unacceptable," the President said in a May 25 letter to House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt. "It is essential that we, as a nation, send a consistent message to the Milosevic regime that the Congress and people of the United States are committed to the NATO efforts in Operation Allied Force," Clinton said. ..."

DRUDGE REPORT/LATimes 5/26/99 "...President Clinton is now ready to consider a full scale land war against Serb forces in Kosovo, sending up to 90,000 combat troops from America, if no peace settlement emerges within the next three weeks, the LONDON TIMES is reporting on Thursday... "

Reuters 5/27/99 "...President Clinton is ready to consider a full-scale Kosovo ground war against Serb forces, sending up to 90,000 U.S. combat troops if no peace deal emerges within three weeks, Britain's Times newspaper reported Thursday. The newspaper, which led its front page with the story, quoted unidentified NATO sources for its information. Although NATO was officially planning for a peace implementation force of only 50,000-60,000 troops, there was a growing feeling in Washington and London that it must prepare for a much bigger operation involving 150,000-160,000 troops, the Times said....."

Drudge 5/27/99 "...A letter will be sent to President Clinton on Thursday urging a temporary halt in the U.S.-NATO bombing -- a letter which will be signed by at least 17 Democratic Congressman who originally voted to support the President's military action, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. A portion of the letter: "As the air strikes in Yugoslavia and NATO efforts to halt Slobodan Milosevic's brutal campaign against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo enter the tenth week, we believe now is the time for the United States and NATO to open the door to a peace settlement. In an effort to encourage all sides to reach a viable peace agreement, we write to urge you to call for a 72 hour cease fire in Yugoslavia..."

Washington Post 5/27/99 Charles Babington Freeper lonnie "...One official today suggested the allies could even wait a full year before returning Kosovo Albanians to their homes, saying, "It's going to be an awfully cold winter in Belgrade and Novi Sad" if Milosevic continues to fight and NATO planes continue to knock out his fuel and electrical supplies. NATO has said its goal is to return the refugees this year, and the air war is designed to break the Serbs' ability to prevent it..."

5/27/99 Reuters Freeper Thanatos "...A planned trip to Belgrade by Russia's special Balkans envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin hung in the balance Thursday following news that Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic had been indicted for war crimes. As peace talks resumed in Moscow between Chernomyrdin, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott and European Union mediator Martti Ahtisaari, the Russian envoy's spokesman said his boss planned to travel to Belgrade as previously planned. But in London a senior Western diplomatic source told Reuters the Russian side would postpone the trip in order to gauge Belgrade's reaction to the shock news released by a court source at the U.N. war crimes tribunal in the Hague. ``As of 11:25 am Chernomyrdin intends to fly to Belgrade some time in the middle of the day,'' spokesman Valentin Sergeyev told reporters...." 5/27/99 SONYA YEE Freeper Thanatos "...Public support for the Nato air strikes in new alliance members Hungary and the Czech Republic is dropping as their governments continue to express ambivalent support for the campaign. In Hungary, a referendum two years ago found 85 per cent of Hungarians were in favour of Nato membership, but recent polls show the country is now evenly split over the bombings in neighbouring Yugoslavia...."

Washington Post 5/27/99 Viktor Chernomyrdin Freeper tellw "...It is impossible to talk peace with bombs falling. This is clear now. So I deem it necessary to say that, unless the raids stop soon, I shall advise Russia's president to suspend Russian participation in the negotiating process, put an end to all military-technological cooperation with the United States and Western Europe, put off the ratification of START II and use Russia's veto as the United Nations debates a resolution on Yugoslavia. On this, we shall find understanding from great powers such as China and India. Of this, I am sure...."

5/27/99 Reuters Freeper Thanatos "...The White House said on Thursday it disagreed with former President Jimmy Carter's characterization of the NATO air campaign in Yugoslavia as ``excessively brutal.'' In an opinion article published in the New York Times Thursday, Carter, who like Clinton is a Democrat, said the international community has admirable goals of protecting the rights of ethnic Albanians and ending the brutal policies of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic...."

EWTN 5/27/99 "... A report by two pro-family groups on Thursday said the United Nations' Population Fund (UNFPA) may be violating the human rights of Kosovar refugees and endangering their health through its campaign to provide them with abortion and birth control. The Population Research Institute (PRI) and Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute (CAFHRI) reported that shipments of UNFPA's "reproductive health kits" have bumped basic medical supplies and even food from supply convoys to refugee camps...." 5/26/99 The Voice of Russia "....Hospitals have been forced to stop providing emergency services for lack of water and power supply....... The air raids have killed over 12 hundred people in Yugoslavia....This country rules out any partition of Kosovo and continues to insist that the province must remain part of Federal Yugoslavia. Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said this after emerging from several hours of talks with US Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott and the Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari in Moscow on Wednesday...."

Drudge 5/28/99 "...Secretary of Defense William Cohen met with four of his NATO counterparts in Germany on Thursday. And during the secret meeting, Cohen discussed what it would take to mount a ground invasion of Kosovo, the NY TIMES is planning to report in Saturday editions. At the meeting, NATO's commander Clark projected that a ground invasion would involve a force of as many as 150,000 NATO troops, the paper reports...."

Washington Post 5/28/99 Juliet Eilperin "...More than two dozen House Democrats, most of whom have previously supported the NATO campaign against Yugoslavia, called upon President Clinton yesterday to halt airstrikes for 72 hours as an inducement to bring Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to the bargaining table. Though Clinton abruptly dismissed the request, the suggestion underscored how Democrats remain anxious about the administration's Kosovo policy, an issue that is likely to resurface when Congress reconvenes after its one-week Memorial Day recess. Thirty Democrats spanning the ideological spectrum signed the letter to Clinton, 25 of whom voted in favor of airstrikes...."

5/28/99 Reuters Freeper Thanatos "...Russia's Kosovo envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin said he was ``very pleased'' with his talks with Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic Friday and hoped to return to Belgrade next week with his European Union counterpart. Chernomyrdin had said earlier that the U.N. war crimes tribunal's indictment of Milosevic over the violence in Kosovo had complicated his mission and ``if it continues like this, everything will become meaningless.'' ..."

5/28/99 Itar-Tass Freeper Thanatos "...Yugoslavia accepts general principles for the Kosovo settlement advanced by the G-8 countries and is agreed to have the U.N. Security Council pass a resolution on the settlement of the crisis based on the U.N. Charter, according to an official statement that followed Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic' ten-hour talks with Russian Balkans envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin on Friday..."

5/28/99 AFP Freeper Thanatos "...After 65 days of NATO bombing, Belgrade has become a city where thousands of people have been reduced to poverty, living on a handful of dollars a month. Many of the 2.5 million residents no longer have enough money to eat normally. Bread, potatoes and cabbage have become the dietary staples, and it is not rare to see people going through the dustbins...."

5/28/99 UN Secretary General AP Freeper Thanatos "...At a news conference in Lund, Sweden, this morning, the Secretary-General said that he felt the indictment of President Slobodan Milosevic by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia would complicate the peace process. He added, however, that he did not expect it to be "an unduly complicating factor" in the UN's relations with Russian envoy Victor Chernomyrdin, who is in Belgrade today. The Secretary-General also expressed his concern for the situation in Kosovo, which has destabilized the entire region, from blockage of the Danube River, to driving tourists away from the Adriatic Coast. "Yugoslavia is being destroyed," he added, "which could prompt a Serb exodus, compounding the problem. This is why," he concluded, "we are intensifying our efforts to find an end to the conflict."...."

Reuters 5/28/99 "...A U.S. plane flying in the NATO air campaign may have been hit by air defenses over Yugoslavia but returned safely to its base, a Pentagon spokesman said Friday. Air Force Maj. Gen. Charles Wald, giving details of NATO operations over the last 24 hours, said the plane ``may have been hit but made it back.'' He said the aircraft ``landed at its base of origin,'' but gave no further details...."

WorldNetDaily 5/28/99 John Doggett "...The International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia has rightfully indicted Slobodan Milosevic for crimes against humanity committed against Kosovar Albanians. If there is any justice in this world, they will send the "Butcher of the Balkans" to prison for the atrocities that he has ordered. If Slobodan is guilty for what his forces have done, can we allow NATO to bomb Serbia with reckless abandon? Shouldn't we hold NATO to the same standard of conduct as the Yugoslavs? According to Thursday's Irish Times, an overwhelming majority of Greeks want Bill Clinton and Tony Blair indicted for war crimes..... After World War II, the Charter of the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, Aug. 8, 1945, adopted the following definitions: War crimes: namely, violations of the laws or customs of war. Such violations include, but not be limited to, murder, ill-treatment ... of civilian population, ... wanton destruction of cities, towns or villages, or devastation not justified by military necessity. Crimes against Humanity: namely, murder ... and other inhumane acts committed against any civilian population, before or during the war. ...The United Nations is still using these definitions today. See Convention on the Non-Applicability of Statutory Limitations to War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, G.A. res. 2391 (XXIII), annex, 23 U.N. GAOR Supp. (no. 18) at 40, U.N. Doc. A/7218 (1968)...."

Reuters 5/27/99 Mikhail Gorbachev "....Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, the man who consigned the Cold War to history, said on Thursday that a U.S. desire for global hegemony risked creating another Cold War "and even, perhaps, a hot war." Giving his starkest warning yet of the dangers of the Balkan conflict, Gorbachev also said that NATO troops would find it no easier to subdue Yugoslavia in a ground operation than the Nazis had in World War II. "Kosovo is only part of the problem. I believe the central part of the problem is how we should act to overcome this general situation, because if it continues we could have another Cold War -- and even perhaps a hot war." ...."

Reuters 5/28/99 "...Yugoslav forces illegally entered Bosnia on May 26, detaining and disarming a reconnaissance patrol of the NATO-led peacekeeping force in the country, the peacekeepers said in a statement Friday. The Stabilization Force (SFOR) said its soldiers were taken into Yugoslavia, interrogated and held for about eight hours before being released unharmed...."

William Drozdiak Washington Post Foreign Service "...As NATO warplanes step up the pace and number of their airstrikes on Yugoslavia, Belgrade's air defense forces are responding for the first time with ferocious volleys of antiaircraft fire and surface-to-air missiles, alliance officials said today. NATO authorities said the latest 24-hour phase of the air campaign drew 33 surface-to-air missile attacks on allied planes, more than at any time since the airstrikes began in late March. One pilot reported that a missile exploded so close to him that his plane shook...."

Itar-Tass/via Drudge 5/28/99 Freeper Brian Mosely "... A large-scale entry of NATO forces into Kosovo can be expected in September, a military source has told Itar-Tass, referring to information received from the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA)...."

5/29/99 AFP Freeper Thanatos "... The Yugoslav commander in Kosovo said Saturday the army was ready to fulfil all "peace initiatives" of President Slobodan Milosevic, but warned that NATO soldiers would face "hell" if they mounted a ground offensive in the province. "We are ready to fulfil all peace and other initiatives of our supreme commander (Milosevic) and state and military leadership," General Nebojsa Pavkovic, commander of the third army, said in an interview quoted by Serbian state television. In Belgrade Friday, Milosevic's office issued a statement saying Yugoslavia accepted the general principles for a peace settlement proposed by the G8 countries and agreed that the UN Security Council should adopt a resolution in line with the United Nations Charter. ..." 5/29/99 "....The first substantial details of the deal allegedly agreed to by Yugoslavia have begun to emerge, and they are bound to be contentious. The Russian news agency "TASS" has reported that the plan calls for forces from NATO nations which had taken part in the bombing campaign to be deployed in Albania and Macedonia to prevent KLA rebels from entering Yugoslavia. Inside of Kosovo, a military contingent under a UN commander and with the mandate of the UN Security Council, would be made up of forces from neutral nations, including Russia and other countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States. The U.S. has already previously rejected any plan that does not have NATO forces at the core of a UN peacekeeping force, and this may be enough to kill the proposed deal. However there have been some slight signs of flexibility from both sides, perhaps even enough to at least sustain talks based on this proposal...." 5/29/99 "....2330 GMT, 990529 - Two NATO B-52 bomber aircraft were seen flying over Pristina at 1400 GMT dropping leaflets that warned Yugoslav troops to leave Kosovo. The leaflets read : "NATO is now using B-52 bomber planes to throw MK-82, 225-kilograms-heavy bombs on the Yugoslav army units in Kosovo. Every B-52 plane can carry more than 50 of these bombs! These planes will keep coming back for you until they expel your unit from Kosovo and prevent you from committing atrocities. If you want to survive and see your family again, abandon your unit and weapon and leave Kosovo immediately! Thousands of bombs ... and the will, the power and the support of the entire world to relentlessly throw them on your unit!" ...."

Reuters 5/29/99 Erik Kirschbaum Freeper LPH2 "...Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's junior coalition partners, the Greens, said on Saturday that Germany will do everything it can to prevent NATO from sending combat troops to Yugoslavia...."

AP 5/29/99 Anne Gearan "...The Pentagon on Saturday ordered 68 U.S. planes to join about 1,000 allied aircraft fighting in Kosovo, and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright blamed President Slobodan Milosevic of Yugoslavia for prolonging the 10-week air war...."


Minneapolis Star Tribune 5/30/99 Freeper Fulbright "...Issuing a joint statement, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and French President Jacques Chirac asked for a meeting of the Group of 8, saying: "France and Germany consider it necessary to examine whether the content of this declaration can lead to a political solution on the basis of our principles." ..."

The Times 5/30/99 Mark Dowden "....Why is the United States so reluctant to fight in the Balkans? A tragic humiliation six years ago, when 18 Americans died fighting a Somali mob, still haunts President Clinton. The full facts of the nightmare have never been revealed, and the Pentagon scoffed when Mark Dowden, a newspaper reporter, set out to uncover them. But he traced survivors on both sides for a book that is causing a sensation in America. Matt Eversmann said a Hail Mary. He was curled into a seat between two helicopter crew chiefs, the knees of his long legs up to his shoulders. Before him, jammed on both sides of the Black Hawk helicopter, was his "chalk", 12 young men in flak vests worn over desert camouflage fatigues. He knew their faces so well they were like brothers.....It was mid-afternoon on October 3, 1993. Chalk Four was part of a force of US Army Rangers and Delta Force operators who were about to drop in on a gathering of Habr Gidr clan leaders in the heart of Mogadishu, Somalia. This ragged clan, led by Mohamed Farah Aideed, had picked a fight with America....." 5/30/99 "....Belgrade is now indicating that it is prepared to accept the G-8 agreement on Kosovo. Indications are, of course, not commitments. Belgrade still has plenty of room for maneuver. Nevertheless, it is now generally accepted that Belgrade has bought into the G-8 agreements. Those agreements are similar to NATO's demands with one fundamental difference: NATO's demands call for NATO forces to move into Kosovo. The G-8 agreement calls for a mixed force under UN command. However, the G-8 agreement was agreed to by the major NATO powers as the basis for the Chernomyrdin mission. NATO is locked into the G-8 accords and therefore Serbia's public, if tentative, embrace is significant...."

AP 5/30/99 FRANCES D'EMILIO Freeper gmik "...Pope John Paul II, journeying Sunday to Italy's coast across the sea from the war and misery in Yugoslavia, pleaded for an end to what he called a ``heavy defeat for humanity.''..."

5/30/99 Reuters Freeper Thanatos "...NATO aircraft smashed more targets across Serbia overnight, after daylight raids on a bridge crowded with market day traffic and pedestrians that killed nine people and wounded at least 17. Residents and local media reported that dozens of missile strikes Sunday night caused heavy damage to transport and power generation infrastructure. Serbian radio reported the southeastern city of Nis was blacked out after NATO planes hit a power station there just after 00:30 a.m. NATO aircraft fired three missiles at the Elektro Istok plant and two missiles at the area around the power station minutes later, the radio report said...."

5/30/99 AP "....Government and opposition politicians reiterated Sunday that Germany would not provide ground troops for a possible invasion of Yugoslavia's Kosovo province, while at the same time backing an international peacekeeping force in the region once the fighting stops...." 5/30/99 "....2300 GMT, 990530 ....Sunday appears to have marked some of the heaviest bombing of the war. It also marked a striking increase in individual incidents involving civilian deaths and injuries. Several separate incidents were reported. In one, four NATO missiles hit a bridge Krusevac, while several vehicles were passing over it. There were reports that additional casualties were incurred in a nearby marketplace. Current estimates of deaths are between 15 and 20. Three people were killed in an attack on the Serbian village of Dragas. One person was killed in Vrasje, while 31 were injured. Two were killed in an attack south of Leskovac. Finally, a convoy of Western correspondents was attacked in Kosovo, their driver killed and minor injuries to some of the correspondents. Collateral damage, as unintended deaths, injuries and damage has come to be called, is an inevitable part of warfare. Precision Guided Munitions, weapons that are guided to their target after release, increase the probability of the target's destruction...."

Associated Press 5/30/99 Freeper sesame "...BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) -- A NATO missile attack in Kosovo hit near a convoy of Western journalists Sunday, killing a driver and wounding a Times of London reporter and two others, the Serb-run Media Center in Pristina said. A NATO spokesman said he was unable to comment...."

Reuters May 30, 1999 Freeper Nick Danger "...NATO aircraft, intensifying their air war against Yugoslavia, bombed a crowded bridge in central Serbia Sunday, killing nine people and injuring at least 17 on the 68th day of the alliance's campaign...."

Reuters 5/30/99 Philippa Fletcher "...NATO intensified daylight bombardment across Serbia as an alliance spokesman said Sunday Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic was showing signs of moving toward a peace deal. Among the raids was an attack on a bridge in southern Serbia in which at least 11 people were killed, the Yugoslav state news agency Tanjug said. ``At the time of the attack many people and cars were on the bridge, so there is a great number of injured as well,'' it said....."

Reuters 5/30/99 "...NATO warplanes struck a sanatorium in Surdulica in southeastern Serbia early Monday, killing at least 10 people and wounding others, the official Radio Serbia network reported. The RTS radio report said two NATO missiles hit an old people's home on the grounds of the sanatorium and a pavilion where refugees were housed. The sanatorium strike came after a devastating daylight NATO attack Sunday on a bridge crowded with market day traffic and pedestrians in the central Serbian town of Varvarin that killed nine people and wounded at least 17..... This was the second time the sanatorium had been hit in the NATO air strikes which began on March 24, the radio said...."

Associated Press 6/1/99 Denis D. Gray "...NATO jets accidentally bombed government bunkers in northern Albania on Tuesday, injuring a Kosovo refugee as fighting raged along the border between Serb forces and ethnic Albanian guerrillas. The strikes narrowly missed a group of foreign journalists covering the border fighting...."

WBAL 6/1/99 RON SMITH Freeper Courage "...Yesterday, our heroic president, that exemplar of personal and moral courage, William Jefferson Clinton, remarked at Memorial Day ceremonies that though many Americans object to his war, it's really, like every other Clinton initiative, "for the children." We are bombing a nation that never attacked us, which cannot defend itself, which surely represents no threat to genuine American interests, to keep our children from ever having to fight another European war. We are able to do this without suffering human losses on our side. We can kill without real risk. Aren't we something to behold? ..."

6/1/99 Reuters Freeper Thanatos "...Yugoslavia said in a letter delivered to Germany Tuesday that it had accepted principles for peace in Kosovo set out by the Group of Eight powers and demanded an immediate cease-fire to NATO's bombardment. According to a copy of the letter obtained by Reuters, Jovanovic termed NATO's bombing campaign, now in its third month, a ``systematic killing of civilians'' and said that Yugoslavia was ``firmly committed to (a) peaceful settlement.'' ``Yugoslavia has accepted G8 principles including a United Nations presence, mandate and other elements to be decided by a U.N. Security Council resolution,'' Yugoslav Foreign Minister Zivadin Jovanovic wrote to German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer...."

5/31/99 Reuters Freeper Thanatos "...Yugoslavia Monday confirmed its acceptance of the principles laid down by the big power Group of Eight countries, the state news agency Tanjug said. ``In accordance with our consistent policy of peace and defense of freedoms, Yugoslavia has accepted the G8 principles and thinks a U.N. Security Council resolution, in accordance with the U.N. charter, should enable the transfer of the resolution of the crisis from the military to the political sphere,'' it said. Tanjug's statement was issued after what it said was a meeting between Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic and his top officials at which they discussed Milosevic's talks Friday with Russian Kosovo envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin...."

National Post 5/31/99 Michael Mandel "...Your extensive front-page coverage of the indictment of Slobodan Milosevic by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia made no mention of the fact that all of the NATO leaders, from Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, William Cohen, Javier Solana and Jamie Shea, to Jean Chretien, Lloyd Axworthy and Art Eggleton, are also under active investigation by the tribunal's prosecutors. Charges of war crimes for the illegal and cowardly war being fought by NATO against the civilian population of Yugoslavia have been made in three separate formal complaints to Judge Louise Arbour by legal experts from Canada, Argentina, the United States, Nicaragua, Switzerland, Greece and Britain....." 6/1/99 "...0250 GMT, 990602 - British soldiers in the volunteer Territorial Army are reportedly refusing to serve in the Balkans over concerns that the government is not doing enough to protect their civilian jobs. The report comes from the Daily Mail, which went on to say, "The resulting lack of volunteers from the Territorial Army could undermine (Prime Minister) Tony Blair's plans to send a 19,000 strong force to the war zone in the next few weeks, to be ready if NATO decides to send in ground troops."...0220 GMT, 990602 - The chairperson of the British Committee for Peace in the Balkans said, "NATO has changed tack in recent days. It has intensified its bombing of civilian targets." Alice Mahon, parliament member (MP) from the Labor party, also accused NATO of violating the Geneva Convention. A statement from the committee said NATO "is now violating the Geneva conventions on the protection of civilian life on a routine daily basis." Decrying civilian casualties, Mahon said, "NATO's new strategy seems to be to terrorize and brutalize the civilian population of Yugoslavia."..."

STRATFOR.COM 6/3/99 "....The issue of Serbian withdrawal from Kosovo is becoming a real problem for NATO. Having demanded the immediate withdrawal of all troops. the fact is that NATO does not want Serb forces to withdraw too rapidly. NATO charges against the Serbs notwithstanding, the sudden withdrawal of all Serb troops, even if possible,would eliminate whatever administrative structure existing in Kosovo. The result could be utter and devastating chaos. The Serb withdrawal must be followed with the immediate entry of peacekeeping forces. The gap between the withdrawal of the Serbs and the arrival of the peacekeepers must be minimal. At the same time, there must be some spacing between the two forces. The Serb Army is not defeated and is not surrendering. It is taking its weapons with it....What we don't know yet is the precise makeup of the peacekeeping force. We also do not know what was negotiated in Belgrade between Chernomyrdin,Athasaari and Milosevic. The makeup of the peacekeeping force was the key issue on which Rambouillet foundered. The Yugoslavs appear to have won the key victory on that score, but it is not clear how much of a victory it was. Forces from countries outside NATO are going into Kosovo. THE OPERATION WILL BE UNDER UN COMMAND. That is a Serb victory...."

The Times 6/4/99 Michael Evans "...PRESIDENT MILOSEVIC backed down yesterday after 72 days of Nato bombing, agreeing to a peace deal that should bring an end to the war in Kosovo and the eventual return of nearly a million deported ethnic Albanians. Although there was still a strong element of caution among Western leaders, the news brought out of Belgrade by the Russian and European Union peace mission indicated that the Yugoslav leader had agreed to meet all Nato's demands...."

The Times 6/4/99 Michael Evans "...The key part of the deal, agreed by Moscow, and now by Belgrade, is that the peace implementation force to be sent into Kosovo will include a substantial number of Nato troops and there will be a single unified command. Russian troops will also play a part. However, the text seen by the Serb parliament was slightly different from the one quoted by Western diplomats. A footnote appended to the text but apparently not seen by the Serb parliament, says: "It is understood that Nato considers an international security force with substantial Nato participation to mean unified command and control and having Nato at its core." It added: "This in turn means a unified Nato chain of command under the political direction of the North Atlantic Council in consultation with non-Nato force contributors." Although the force will enter Kosovo under the "auspices of the United Nations", it will effectively be a Nato-structured operation. If Mr Milosevic abides by the agreement, the first troops could be in Kosovo within days...."

Electronic Telegraph 6/4/99 Freeper starlu Philip Smucker Tim Butcher "...KOSOVO Liberation Army guerrillas are poised to sweep forward the moment Serb forces begin the withdrawal agreed in Belgrade yesterday, threatening more killing in Kosovo as Nato prepares to deploy in the province. The KLA yesterday reacted sceptically to the peace deal accepted by Belgrade, which calls for the withdrawal of Serbian forces and for the guerrillas to disarm. "We are not prepared to even discuss the future status of our army until all the Serb forces have left Kosovo," said Ilir Rama, a KLA official in the Albanian capital, Tirana. "And we won't be discussing disarmament anyway."..."

Manchester Union Leader 6/4/99Richard Lessner Freeper starlu "...The Roman historian Tacitus wrote, "Where they make a desert, they call it peace." The putative agreement between NATO and Yugoslavia to end the war - that's right, war - over Kosovo looks a lot like a desert prettied up to come off looking like peace. Little is left of Kosovo. Roughly 90 percent of its ethnic Albanian population was driven into exile by the Serb-dominated government of Yugoslavia - an exodus that actually was carried out under the cover of the months-long NATO bombing campaign. Now that Serb strongman Slobodan Milosevic has capitulated to most of NATO's demands, the Kosovar refugees will be free to return. But what they will return to is utter devastation. Kosovo is a desert. What has Bill Clinton won in this misguided war? The right of America to occupy permanently the Balkans? Some victory..."

Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville) 6/3/99 Editorial Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...There is only one major stumbling block to a peace accord. Yugoslavia wants the United Nations to rule Kosovo; Clinton insists on NATO occupation. Why not agree to U.N. rule? Peacekeeping is one of the primary duties of the United Nations. NATO has no peacekeeping mandate. NATO occupation would humiliate Yugoslavia - and give Clinton a clear military legacy. But, Lyndon Johnson also had a clear military legacy. ....The rebels say they want to win independence - then to take a chunk of several other countries and form a Greater Albania, which would be ruled under Islamic law. Who, then, is a menace to stability? ..."

Associated Press 6/4/99 AP "....Macedonian Prime Minister Ljubco Georgievski said today the 242,000 Kosovo Albanian refugees in his country may choose not to return to their homeland unless the West provides sufficient economic support. ``If that happens, the result will be Milosevic achieving his aims,'' Georgievski said, referring to Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic...."

6/3/99 Stratfor Special Report "...1800 GMT, 990603 ....Second, there is the question of the KLA along the Albanian frontier. According to NATO, the KLA has been conducting military operations that have been uncoordinated with NATO. While we doubt the claim of uncoordination greatly, NATO has itself created an official situation in which a military force under no one's control is waging operations in Kosovo. The G-8 agreements allow for autonomy but not for the central Albanian demand, independence. The KLA has seen its political position within Kosovo enhanced dramatically over the past sixty days. It neither wants to be reined in nor is it in favor of the peace agreement. The Serbian position is that they are currently locked in combat with the KLA and that a withdrawal from the border regions is impossible without a cease-fire and withdrawal by the KLA. Only NATO can control the KLA. Thus, there is a built-in booby trap in the Serb acceptance of the G-8 agreements, and it is a booby trap built into NATO's strategy...."

6/3/99 AFP Freeper Thanatos "...The rebel Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) will endorse a peace plan drawn up by the Group of Eight that has been submitted to Belgrade for approval, the KLA's political leader Hashim Thaci said on German ZDF television. "The KLA is ready to contribute to the political and military transformation" in Kosovo, Thaci said. He did not say whether or not the KLA was about to lay down its weapons ...." 6/3/99 Stratfor "...2230 GMT, 990603 - The political leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), Hashim Thaci, said the KLA accepts the peace proposal drafted by G-8 nations. In an appearance on German ZDF television, Thaci said, "The KLA is ready to contribute to the political and military transformation." However, Thaci did not mention if this included disarming the KLA...."

6-3-99 Khizar Hayat Abbasi Freeper jasoos2000 "...As Indian planes began a fresh wave of air strikes on Wednesday on Kashmiri fighters entrenched in Kargil sector close to the Line of Control, the Indian artillery fire in Nakial sector in Azad Kashmir killed three more schoolchildren bringing the total to 13...."

Capitol Hill Blue 6/3/99 "....U.S. business leaders and White House officials said Wednesday they hoped to convince Congress that maintaining trade ties with China was important despite allegations that Beijing stole U.S. nuclear secrets...... Last year, the United states bought $57 billion more in goods from China than the Chinese bought from Washington. ``We think there is a strong case to be made for continued engagement with China,'' National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President Jerry Jasinowski told reporters Wednesday. The group, which represents 14,000 companies, mostly small and medium-sized, has already been making its case to lawmakers for continued trade ties with China. Jasinowski said the group may resort to advertising in some key Congressional districts. But the group will mostly rely on direct contacts between local business leaders and members of Congress to get their message across, he said...... "

ORIGINAL SOURCES 6/3/99 Freeper Stand Watch Mary Mostert "...NATO persists in its demand that Belgrade "withdraw in full from Kosovo, and let in a NATO-based international force, that refugees be able to return to Kosovo and that the province enjoy substantial autonomy." Albright said, "We will not settle for less." ...That obviously means, even to a non-military mind such as mine, that NATO is demanding that the Yugoslav Army withdraw from Kosovo to allow the rag-tag KLA terrorists to move in and take over. This, of course, would be a repeat of what happened after the October 1998 cease-fire, which required the Yugoslav army to leave Kosovo. Milosevic agreed to that, and withdrew Yugoslav forces. The KLA was supposed to halt their terrorism - only, they didn't. They quickly took advantage of the vacuum created by the withdrawal of the Yugoslav Army and began to terrorize both Serbs and uncooperative Ethnic Albanians...."

The Progressive Review 6/4/99 Sam Smith "...While even the President seems confused as to what just has been agreed to in the Yugoslavian war talks, it appears that we have just fought our first war over a bunch of paragraphs. Given that the Clinton administration is run by those more comfortable with leveraged buyouts than with war strategy, this is not surprising, but the known differences between what Yugoslavia was willing to accept before the bombing began and what has now been agreed in no way justifies the destruction of a whole country to get there. Rather it merely accentuates the criminality of US behavior in the matter....Writes Kenney: "An unimpeachable press source who regularly travels with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright told this [writer] that, swearing reporters to deep-background confidentiality at the Rambouillet talks, a senior State Department official had bragged that the United States 'deliberately set the bar higher than the Serbs could accept.' The Serbs needed, according to the official, a little bombing to see reason. Kenney compares this plan to the Gulf of Tonkin incident. FAIR adds that Jim Jatras, a foreign policy aide to Senate Republicans, reported in a May 18 speech at the Cato Institute in Washington that he had it "on good authority" that a "senior Administration official told media at Rambouillet, under embargo" the following: "We intentionally set the bar too high for the Serbs to comply. They need some bombing, and that's what they are going to get." ...."

Conservative News Service 6/3/99 Ben Anderson "...Justice Department lawyers on Thursday pleaded before a US District Court judge in Washington to toss out a lawsuit filed by 31 members of Congress against President Bill Clinton seeking to enforce the War Powers Act. The judge is set to issue his decision either Monday or Tuesday of next week. Any U.S. military involvement in attacks on Yugoslavia past midnight on Wednesday May 26, is a "clear violation" of the War Powers Resolution according to Members suing Clinton in Federal Court. The War Powers Act was passed in 1973 and allows for American troops to be placed in harms way only 60 days without Congressional approval. "As of 12:00 am, William Jefferson Clinton will become an unindicted felon for his disregard of the War Powers Act," Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) said Wednesday of last week, noting that the 60-day waiting period would expire that evening. Bartlett is one of 31 Republicans and Democrats suing the President in an effort to force his compliance with the law...."

Los Angeles Times 6/04/99 Robert Hunter "...The Kosovo peace plan accepted on Thursday by the Serbian parliament was the product of intense bargaining between NATO--represented by the United States--and Russia's Viktor S. Chernomyrdin. Major elements of the plan still need to be worked out before peace can come. But one thing is already clear: NATO's putting Russia front and center in Kosovo diplomacy will have long-term consequences for the Atlantic alliance. It marks the limit of NATO's willingness to pay the costs of its security ambitions The decision to engage Chernomyrdin as lead negotiator with Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic grew out of a simple fact: Neither the U.S. nor its allies were ready to risk the casualties of a ground campaign...."

The Associated Press 6/3/99 "...A copy of the Kosovo peace plan approved by the Serb parliament today, obtained by The Associated Press from parliamentary sources..... 1: Imminent and verifiable end to violence and repression of Kosovo. 2. Verifiable withdrawal from Kosovo of all military, police and paramilitary forces according to a quick timetable. 3. Deployment in Kosovo, under U.N. auspicies, of efficient international civilian and security presences which would act as can be decided according to Chapter 7 of the U.N. Charter and be capable of guaranteeing fulfillment of joint goals. 4. International security presence, with an essential NATO participation, must be deployed under a unified control and command and authorized to secure safe environment for all the residents in Kosovo and enable the safe return of the displaced persons and refugees to their homes. 5. Establishment of an interim administration for Kosovo ....6. After the withdrawal, an agreed number of Serb personnel will be allowed to return to perform the following duties: liaison with the international civilian mission and international security presence, marking mine fields, maintaining a presence at places of Serb heritage, maintaining a presence at key border crossings. 7. Safe and free return of all refugees and the displaced under the supervision of UNHCR and undisturbed access for humanitarian organizations to Kosovo. 8. Political process directed at reaching interim political agreement which would secure essential autonomy for Kosovo, with full taking into consideration of the Rambouillet agreement, the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and other states in the region as well as demilitarization of the Kosovo Liberation Army. The talks between the sides about the solution should not delay or disrupt establishment of the democratic self-governning institutions. ...."

Associated Press 6/5/99 Anne Gearan "...Serbian civilians probably will flee Kosovo along with Serb troops retreating as part of a deal to end NATO bombing, the Pentagon predicted Saturday. If that happens, the province Serbs hoped to purge of ethnic Albanians will instead be emptied of the Serbs themselves. "The fact of the matter is that I don't think that Kosovo is going to be a very happy place for Serbs,'' Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon said, referring both to Serb military units and to the 100,000 or more Serb civilians in the province. "As Kosovar Albanians flow back in, our assumption is that many Serbs'' will leave Kosovo, Bacon said...."

6/5/99 Itar-Tass Freeper Thanatos "...NATO issued a "tough ultimatum" to Yugoslav negotiators in the Macedonian town of Blace on Saturday and "gave only two hours to think it over", a Yugoslav Embassy official in Moscow told Itar-Tass. "Basically, by issuing this ultimatum NATO assumes the right to adopt a political decision on the deployment of troops in Kosovo," he said. The diplomat believes that "if the Yugoslav leadership is forced to accept the ultimatum, this will mean that NATO assumes the right to act without the consent of the U.N. Security Council."...."

U.K. - Electronic Telegraph 6/5/99 Philip Smucker "...KOSOVAR refugees said yesterday they expected to return to an independent state with a president and their own full-fledged army. That vision of independence clashes with the peace deal that Nato and Russia say they have in store for the Kosovars. It is also a source of anger for Yugoslav officials who, while apparently surrendering to Nato's demands for intervention, expect to keep Kosovo within their own state...."

U.P.I. 6/6/99 LULZIM COTA "...Albanian authorities are reporting shelling by Serb forces in border areas and a heavy Serb offensive in Kosovo. Information Minister Musa Ulqini told reporters today that Yugoslav forces have shelled 16 Albanian villages over the past 24 hours, killing a 17-year-old girl and wounding at least three other people. He asked NATO to continue airstrikes on Yugoslavia today until all the alliance's conditions for peace are met. "During the last 24 hours, the Serb army has intensively shelled Pogaj, Kishaj, Cahan, Vlahen, Letaj, Dobrune, Qafe Prush, Perrollaj, Helshan, Zogaj, Zherge, Vlane, Kamenice, Kolded and Golaj," Ulqini told reporters...."

Stratfor 6/6/99 "...2058 GMT, 990605 -....Serbia rejected the Rambouillet accords on two basic issues. First, they rejected the idea of a total withdrawal of all Serb forces from Kosovo. Second, and much more important, they objected to a heavily armed foreign presence under the control of NATO in Kosovo. The G-8 agreement differed from Rambouillet on the second critical point. The Serbs accepted the idea of a peacekeeping force and to the withdrawal of the bulk of their forces. NATO agreed that the peacekeeping force would be under UN command and that it would not exclusively consist of NATO forces. This shift was the essence of the G-8 agreement. Serbia did not trust NATO's intentions. The agreement that the occupation force would be under UN control meant that Serbia would not lose sovereignty over Kosovo. The presence of Russian troops, coupled with UN command, was designed to guarantee the Serb position. It is important to remember that the G-8 agreements were negotiated between NATO and Russia. NATO's concessions were not made to the Serbs but to the Russians and the Russians, in turn, were the guarantors of Serb interests under the agreement..... Under the current negotiations, NATO is representing G-8 as the Rambouillet Accords with a formal, but not real, concession to the UN. In other words, the Bonn agreements negotiated with Russia are being treated as essentially formal and without meaning....."

Reuters 6/5/99 "...The United States suggested Saturday that about 90 per cent of a planned 50,000-member international peacekeeping force in Kosovo would be NATO troops, but also urged Russia to contribute soldiers.

Despite strong opposition in Belgrade to participation by NATO, which has been bombing Yugoslavia for 10 weeks, Pentagon spokesman Ken Bacon said alliance countries had so far pledged 44,000 troops, including 7,000 Americans....."I don't believe this list (of pledged troops) includes Russia because Russia has not made a firm commitment to participate. We hope they will,'' he said. "We will talk to the Russians about the way to arrange that.'' "We think Russia has played a crucial role in getting the parties to where they are today ... but the exact details of their participation in the force have not been worked out yet,'' he added...."

Investor Business Daily 6/7/99 Editor Freeper flamefront "...How will it look if the West is reduced to the role of a prosecutor cutting a deal with a defendant? What message comes of negotiating with the man Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said must be turned over to the World Court with no possibility of immunity in exchange for a peace deal? Certainly, future indictments by the World Court would carry less sting. If the charges against Milosevic are dropped in return for a shaky peace, then every bloody dictator across the world becomes a little bolder. ... Clinton needs this settlement, says his top adviser - the polls. His job rating fell below 50% because Americans grew concerned over what appeared to be an endless bombing campaign. The temptation to settle for less than a full capitulation from Milosevic just to save his approval ratings and play the hero's role will be immense...."

Reuters 6/4/99 Freeper Fulbright "...The United States said on Friday it was in contact with the Kosovo guerrillas as all sides edged toward peace in Yugoslavia and was confident they would end their armed struggle for independence. State Department spokesman James Rubin said the intention was to ``demilitarize'' the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) after the Serb security forces withdraw and a NATO-led peacekeeping force moves into the battered southern Yugoslav province...."

San Diego Union Tribune 6/5/99 Clark Brooks "....Belgrade accepted the international peace plan to end NATO's air war against Yugoslavia primarily because it does not include a provision that would allow Kosovo to become independent, the Yugoslav ambassador to the United Nations told the World Affairs Council of San Diego yesterday. Ambassador Vladislav Jovanovic said the peace plan is good for both Yugoslavia and NATO, but analysts in the West have suggested that President Slobodan Milosevic took a big gamble by rejecting a similar pact three months ago -- and lost. The plan rejected in March, which was accepted by the ethnic Albanian side during meetings in Rambouillet, France, called for Kosovar Albanians to have interim self-government for three years, followed by a nonbinding referendum on Kosovo's sovereignty...."

Itar-Tass 6/8/99 "....Three Yugoslav citizens were killed by Monday's air blow delivered by NATO on the Pancevo farm. Four people were wounded when NATO missiles hit the Kosovo village of Donja-Budriga not far from Gnjilane, where a bomb ruined an appartment house. The main strikes were aimed at Kosovo districts close to the Albanian border. During the past 24 hours more than 110 missiles and bombs have hit the area. No casualties have been reported from there, but apparently the material damage was enormous....."

Times of London 6/7/99 Eva-Ann Prentice "...'If and when Nato-led troops enter Kosovo, the peacekeepers may well find themselves having to protect Serb civilians from the KLA'.... But if Nato bombs caused amusement to Nebojsa and his fellow Serbs, there was one aspect of life in Kosovo that did alarm him - the Kosovo Liberation Army. Sweat formed on his brow as he drove around the province, gun at the ready, uneasily scouring deserted roads which the Serbs know are the domain of nests of KLA snipers. On Friday Nebojsa was buried in his native Belgrade. His destiny came at just after 3.30pm when he and seven others, myself included, found ourselves at a road tunnel being bombed by Nato in southwest Kosovo. Nebojsa is now hopefully at peace.....In Kosovo, the apparent end comes as one side - the KLA - is in the ascendant. Although it was largely vanquished as an organised fighting force by the Yugoslav Army in the first two weeks of the bombing, small bands of snipers have made huge inroads across Kosovo in the past two weeks and now terrorise Serb military and civilian traffic daily across almost half the province. No one ventures away from the relative safety of the towns unarmed. The KLA is believed to have between 15,000 and 17,000 guerrillas operating in Kosovo today, compared with about 5,000 when the Nato campaign began, all better armed and trained than they were in March...."

6/7/99 UK Telegraph Freeper Thanatos "...THE Clinton White House was considering its long-term commitment in the Balkans yesterday amid cautious optimism that the policy of bombing Slobodan Milosevic into submission had succeeded. Senior members of the administration began to prepare America for a drawn-out peacekeeping operation in Kosovo to stabilise a region one official called "a cancer in the middle of Europe". "We are going to stay engaged in this until this part of Europe looks like the rest of Europe," a senior State Department official said. "We are not talking about troops for two years. We are talking about a long-term engagement in the region." ..."

NY Times 6/7/99 DAVID ROHDE "... For a moment, it seemed as if the mob of Albanian refugees would literally tear the 7-year-old Gypsy boy apart, limb from limb, said three aid workers who saw the attack on Saturday night. Minutes earlier, 15 to 20 enraged Kosovo Albanian refugees had beaten the boy's older brother and father, whom they accused of collaborating with the Serbs and killing Albanians inside Kosovo last month. "The look in their eyes when they tried to tear this boy's arms out -- there was just fire in their eyes," said Ed Joseph, of the Catholic Relief Service, one of the aid workers who pulled the boy from the mob. "I was just grabbing them and shouting 'No! No! You won't!' " The attack was part of a chaotic and terrifying four-hour siege here as a mob of several thousand Kosovo Albanian refugees tried to seize and beat the Gypsy family. The attack illustrated both the chaos NATO forces could face in Kosovo when hundreds of thousands of Albanian refugees return home to the shattered province -- and NATO's reluctance to get involved in such conflicts. Many of the Albanians could arrive home intent on exacting revenge on former Serbian and Gypsy neighbors who attacked Kosovo Albanians or destroyed their homes. While most Serbs, and Gypsies have who allied themselves with the Serbs, are expected to flee the province before any Kosovo Albanians return, some elderly people could remain....Ms. Ghedini, the refugee agency spokeswoman, said that at one point her agency considered evacuating all foreigners from the area. But when it became clear that the refugees' real hostility was toward the Gypsies, she said, 17 Gypsies were evacuated from the camp...."

6/7/99 AFP Freeper Thanatos "...NATO military officials here admitted Monday that their talks aimed at sealing a Kosovo settlement have been downgraded to merely "keeping channels open" as the UN Security Council looked poised to take over the peace initiative. Lieutenant General Michael Jackson, who is due to command a 50,000-strong peacekeeping force into Kosovo once peace is declared, was said to be furious at what he saw as Serb "stalling"..."

UPI 6/7/99 "...Two Serbian opposition parties are blaming Russia for the breakdown of talks between NATO and Yugoslavia. The leader of the Serbian Renewal Movement, Vuk Draskovic, urged the Yugoslav regime to accept NATO's military demands for Kosovo and had harsh words for Moscow. In a scathing attack on Russia's State Duma, or lower house of parliament, Draskovic accused influential Russian parliamentarians of trying to sidetrack the pullout negotiations. "They want to restore Communism in Russia by sacrificing Serbian blood...No one has the right to push Serbia into suffering," Draskovic said today in an interview with the BBC that was also shown on Belgrade's Studio B television..."

Boston Globe 6/7/99 Jeff Jacoby "...Like so much else that Bill Clinton has had a hand in, the Kosovo peace plan is a shabby betrayal....NATO's ''victory'' over the Serbs should seem familiar, for we have seen such triumphs before. Just ask Saddam Hussein. Military defeat and repeated attacks from the air have not weakened his grip on power. His drive to stock an arsenal with nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons has not slowed. He remains a deadly menace, and only an ongoing Western presence in Iraq's airspace keeps him from resuming his war against the Kurdish minority within his borders. The extent of our betrayal of the Kosovars will become clear in the weeks ahead. Already, though, their losses far outweigh Milosevic's. The Rambouillet accord, which NATO went to war to enforce, guaranteed the Kosovars more than autonomy. It promised them a plebiscite on independence in 2002. That promise is now worthless; there is no hint of a plebiscite in the peace terms that Milosevic has accepted, and you will not hear the word ''Rambouillet'' escape NATO lips. The Serb troops who terrorized the Kosovars are not required to disarm under the armistice agreement. The ''demilitarization of the Kosovo Liberation Army,'' however, is explicitly mandated. Clearly the KLA will not turn its weapons over to the Yugoslav Army. Which means it will fall to the international peacekeepers, the supposed guarantors of the Kosovars' safety, to take away the Kosovars' weapons. The Yugoslav war, fought so as to minimize NATO's casualties, maximized the suffering of the people it was meant to help. It failed to accomplish its foremost goal - halting the violence in Kosovo and blocking the Serbs from widening their expulsions. This ''peace,'' too, will not live up to its billing. For it is a peace that resembles the president who will embrace it. Both are without honor...."

6/7/99 Itar-Tass Freeper Thanatos "...Yugoslavia demanded at its negotiations with NATO's delegates in Macedonia, which started at a NATO base on Saturday and broke off last night, that the UN Security Council pass a resolution on Kosovo settlement before NATO introduces its peacekeeping force into the province, NATO spokesman in Skopje, Trey Cate, said in a statement reported here on Monday..."

6/7/99 Itar-Tass Freeper Thanatos Hashim Thaci, the leader of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army, said that the army would not disarm until all the Serb forces are withdrawn from Kosovo. Thaci arrived in Norway on Sunday and had a meeting there with Chairman of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Norwegian Foreign Minister Knut Vollebaek...."

AP 6/7/99 Barry Schweid Freeper starlu "...Despite a stalemate on the details of withdrawing Serb troops from Kosovo, Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic offered assurances today that he intends to carry out a peace agreement, a U.S. official said...."

Agence France-Presse 6/7/99 "....Russia has said it would refuse to vote a UN resolution on Kosovo unless NATO first suspended its air raids, a Western diplomat said Monday. "(Russian Foreign Minister Igor) Ivanov made it very clear that Russia could not vote for a resolution in New York without a pause in the NATO bombing," the diplomat said. ..."

ITAR-TASS 6/99 "...For the first time in many years garbage has not been removed from streets of the Yugoslav capital today. Fuel shortages have paralyzed garbage collectors' trucks which could not reach garbage containers today and take the garbage away. Managers of this vitally important service of the public utilities sector have appealed to citizens of Belgrade, asking to dispose of the garbage placing it neatly packed in plastic bags into empty garbage containers in order to prevent it from being scattered around by the wind or snatched by stray cats and dogs. In turn, garbage collectors have asked the city authorities to provide them with minimum fuel since otherwise, a nearly 2.5 million strong population of Belgrade will face the threat of epidemics and infectious diseases....."

WorldNetDaily 6/7/99 Jerome Zeifman Proposed Indictment of William Jefferson Clinton and William Cohen General Allegations "...In July 1974 William COHEN advocated and voted for three articles of impeachment against Richard M. Nixon. Two of said articles charged Richard M. Nixon with crimes which he had not personally directed or known about prior to their commission by others. ...... On March 24, 1999 William Jefferson Clinton ordered the military forces of the United States to participate in an aggressive military attack on former Yugoslavia and with the aid and abetment of William COHEN has continued the attacks to the present, in violation of the Constitution and War Powers Resolution of the United States. At all times relevant to this indictment, the armed forces of the United States have participated in aggressive military attacks on former Yugoslavia. As stated in paragraph 88 of the May 23, 1999 indictment of Slobodan Milosevic et al by the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia: A superior is responsible for the acts of his subordinate(s) if he knew or had reason to know that his subordinate(s) was/were about to commit such acts or had done so and the superior failed to take the necessary and reasonable measures to prevent such acts or to punish the perpetrators thereof. The aforesaid precedents and legal principle and the allegations contained in paragraphs 1 through 8 are re-alleged and incorporated into each of the charges set forth below. * Note: The above-proposed indictment incorporates verbatim portions of the May 23, 1999 indictment of Molesivic et al. The acts alleged in Counts 1 and 3 are described in verbatim quotations from the May 27, 1999 New York Times article by President Jimmy Carter, stating "the decision to attack Yugoslavia [is] counterproductive, and our destruction of civilian life [is] senseless and excessively brutal." Count 2 is an abridged summary of acts charged in an open letter of Bishop Artemious of Kosovo, a leader of a democratic resistance movement against the Milosevic regime. Jerome Zeifman formerly served as Counsel to the House Judiciary Committee from 1961 to 1975 and as Professor of Law at the University of Santa Clara..."

Itar-Tass 6/7/99"..."We have made constructive efforts and are prepared to continue the talks," the Yugoslav representative said. "Speculations spread about the talks have not been correct. Many news agencies have sited them today. We have a clear-cut mandate whose boundaries are strictly specified by the political document signed in Belgrade," the Yugoslav representative said....."

BBC News Online 6/7/99 "...Russia has sided with Yugoslavia in the dispute over the withdrawal of Serb forces from Kosovo, accusing Nato commanders of adding conditions to the peace deal. Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said Nato was trying to bypass the UN..... But Nato has placed the blame for the talks' failure firmly with the Yugoslav side. The Yugoslav authorities have so far insisted they will not agree to withdraw from Kosovo without a UN Security Council resolution and that their priority is to defend their territorial integrity....."

Reuters 6/7/99 "...Some 2,500 U.S. Marines bound for Kosovo were stuck on a ship off the Greek coast Monday, held up by the Greek government's reluctance to let them cross its territory. A government source in Athens said Washington was exerting pressure ``at a very high level'' to allow the Marines through. Greece wants NATO to stop bombing Yugoslavia before moving the troops through Greek territory, government sources said...."

Agence France-Presse 6/7/99 "..."The UN Security Council has been left outside the framework of the talks, which violates the peace agreements reached during the Chernomyrdin-Ahtisaari-Talbott trilateral talks in Bonn," the official said...... "

6/7/99 UK Times Freeper Thanatos "...THE dogged war of attrition along KLA corridors into Kosovo rumbled on yesterday. Throughout the weekend Yugoslav Army shellfire could be heard in Morine, the blighted no man's land along the Kosovo-Albania border, and occasionally in Albania, where the border town of Krume was partially evacuated yesterday. The KLA showed no signs of slowing its offensive and the few observers to have been near the front recently say that the ceasefire which Nato evidently needs for any form of bloodless transition in western Kosovo is a distant prospect...."

6/7/99 Chicago Tribune Freeper Thanatos "...From Washington and across Europe, Russia is winning praise for helping to persuade Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to accept a NATO-backed peace plan for Kosovo. Some analysts even predict a new, more constructive and more influential role for Moscow in international diplomacy. In Moscow itself, though, consternation drowns out the compliments. Russia ended up being more pawn than player in the Balkan peace process, analysts in the region said. Moscow, by this view, has emerged not stronger but weaker on the world stage...."

6/6/99 Australian South News Freeper Thanatos "....Thousands of students, trade unionists and Serbian Australians held rallies around the country Sunday, condemning the bombing and urging NATO countries to pay for repairing the damage. More than 3000 protestors took their protest to the US consulate in Melbourne and symbolically blasted the site with air raid sirens and the sound of bombing of Belgrade from Real Audio posted on the internet. Joan Coxsedge, former MLA, said it was Nato that has been doing the ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia and the US has targeted the Non-aligned nation ever since President Tito's death....."

6/6/99 UPI Freeper Thanatos "...Members of Congress are giving the lion's share of credit for the Kosovo campaign to U.S. military forces for salvaging a situation they see as poorly planned. Praise for President Clinton was sorely lacking today as lawmakers made the rounds of the television talk shows, praising the armed forces for persevering in a situation that drew criticism for a seeming failure to stop ethnic cleansing. "The real successes are our fighting people, who despite these problems, were able to do what needed to be done," Sen. John D. Ashcroft, R-Mo., said on "Fox News Sunday," adding that the execution of the campaign was "abysmal."..."

Original Sources 6/5/99 Mary Mostert Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...NATO and the White House are issuing statements which totally ignore the agreement approved by the Serbian Parliament and Slobodan Milosevic - the part which puts the United Nations Security Council and a United Nations approved peacekeeping force. This requires United Nations Security Council involvement. What appears to be taking place, in view of the statements made by President Clinton and NATO spokesmen, is an attempt on the part of Clinton and NATO to create a propaganda message to the world that, should Milosevic and the Serb military refuse to bring their troops out of hiding and into the open, while NATO is in control and still bombing, that Milosevic, not Clinton, is ignoring the agreement. However, at this point, the KLA, which has been rebuilt and rearmed, apparently with NATO support, is poised to rush into Kosovo - under the protection of NATO bombing....."

New York Times 6/6/99 Freeper Fulbright "...Mindful of the controversy over the deployment of U.S. peacekeepers in Bosnia in 1995, who officials vowed would leave within a year, the Clinton administration has not said how long it expects the NATO force to stay. Cohen, who as a Republican senator opposed an open-ended commitment of troops in the Balkans, said he would not put ``time limits'' on the U.S. involvement in Kosovo. Cohen also signaled that NATO saw its expanding mission in the Balkans as extending beyond keeping peace in Kosovo and allowing refugees to return. He said NATO had drafted military plans to prevent President Slobodan Milosevic from overthrowing the government of Montenegro, Yugoslavia's junior republic, and would still be prepared to use the plans after a settlement of the Kosovo conflict...."

6/8/99 Reuters "...Western foreign ministers gathered in Cologne on Tuesday hoping to hear a positive verdict from Moscow on a draft U.N. deal, worked out on Monday, that could help break the deadlock over Kosovo. If the Kremlin approves the draft resolution proposed by seven Western countries, the U.N. Security Council could move within hours, adding to the pressure on Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to start pulling his troops out of Kosovo...."

Creators Syndicate 6/8/99 LINDA BOWLES Freeper hope "...As to the "success" of the air war, what was proved is that it is possible for a superpower to bomb a small and defenseless country into smithereens with 10 weeks of around-the-clock bombing. We only killed a couple of thousand innocent civilians while demolishing an entire, albeit small, nation. Break out the champagne -- and cigars!..."

6/8/99 UPI Freeper Thanatos "...NATO spokesman Jamie Shea has welcomed the news that G8 foreign ministers in Cologne have agreed on a draft U.N. Security Council resolution as a "breakthrough on the path to peace." But he made clear that until there is evidence of Serb-led Yugoslav forces withdrawing, the bombing will go on. "NATO is looking for practical implementation from Belgrade. Without that, nothing can go forward," Shea told reporters. The immediate NATO analysis of the G8 deal is that it is "fully consistent" with the Ahtisaari agreement that President Milosevic approved June 3, said Shea. It represents "peace with honor for the international community," and is "a basis to end the conflict and build a lasting peace."..."

STRATFOR NEWS 6/8/99 "...1910 GMT, 990608 - The UN Security Council held the first of its meetings today concerning the draft resolution to end the Kosovo conflict. Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov and Chinese deputy U.N. ambassador Shen Guofang reiterated that a bombing halt would be required before their approval of the resolution is given. Guofang also voiced concern over possible adoption of the measure under Chapter 7 of the UN charter, making it militarily enforceable, and references to the mandate of the international war tribunal...."

Associated Press 6/8/99 Edith M. Lederer "...China and Russia demanded Tuesday that NATO stop bombing Yugoslavia before the U.N. Security Council formally adopts a resolution ending the Kosovo conflict and paving the way for 850,000 refugees to return home. The 15-member Security Council met informally to discuss the proposed text hours after foreign ministers from the seven major industrialized nations and Russia - the so-called Group of Eight - agreed on the text of a resolution in Cologne, Germany. While the United States and its NATO partners pushed for quick adoption, hopefully within 24 hours, China said it had "difficulties'' on several key points and needed further instructions from Beijing...."

Itar-Tass 6/8/99 "...The "Kosovo liberation army" is getting prepared for the continuation of terrorist operation and is recruiting mercenaries abroad, including in Canada. Ottawa Citizen published an article about one of them -- Taylor Wentgues from Toronto. Wentgues, 34, told the newspaper that he had been recruited by the so-called "Kosovo information centre", at which he had been given an air ticket to Tirana, capital of Albania, and the address of the place where he had had to go. Wentgues spent 18 days in training camps near the border with Kosovo, where they train terrorists...."

6/8/99 Itar-Tass Freeper Thanatos "...The United States must play an appropriate role in the quest for a political solution to the Kosovo issue, Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan stated during talks with his Cypriot counterpart Ioannis Cassoulides, Renmin Ribao newspaper reported on Tuesday. The Chinese foreign minister again urged NATO to cease the bombing strikes against Yugoslavia immediately so as to create the necessary conditions and atmosphere for the United Nations to resolve the Kosovo issue, the paper said...."

American Spectator Online 6/7/99 Wlady Pleszcynski "....Did I mention that the supposedly withdrawing Serbs are also saying they really won't be able to clear the province of the land mines they laid? The folks in Washington might think they're far superior in every way to the war criminal rubes of Belgrade. But if anything is certain -- and we're already seeing it -- it's that on his turf a Balkan fighter will run circles around those who do their fighting in a Brooks Brothers suit. Slobo's country may be in ruins, but along with the humiliation he caused an infinitely more powerful enemy alliance he won at least three very important backdowns from what NATO's Rambouillet plan tried to impose on him. First, no more talk about three years of Kosovar autonomy to be followed by a referendum on independence...... Second, no more talk about NATO forces having the run of all Yugoslavia...Third -- and most telling -- the Kosovo Liberation Army has officially been told it will have to disarm...."

Reuters 6/8/99 "....A NATO B-52 bomber caught two Yugoslav Army battalions in the open after Serbia stalled on pulling its troops out of Kosovo and many hundreds of troops may have been killed, alliance sources said Tuesday. The B-52 dropped sticks of gravity bombs on the troop concentrations near the Kosovo-Albania border Monday, carpeting a hillside area where some 400 to 800 soldiers were estimated to have been in the field, they said...."

American Spectator 6/99 John B. Roberts II "...On the morning of March 29, 1999, the sixth day of NATO's bombing campaign against the Serbs, American diplomats throughout the Office of the High Representative (OHR) in Bosnia-Herzegovina received an unusual message from their colleague in Tuzla. It was Foreign Service officer Thomas R. Hutson's last official e-mail to his associates. Hutson's message was a bombshell. He was openly attacking Clinton's Kosovo policy. "My personal reasons for retiring now have only been strengthened by the ill-conceived decision of NATO to bomb the Serbs," Hutson wrote. "This decision has unified the Serbs as no other event I have witnessed in my observation of the area for nearly three decades." "As for its impact on Bosnia and Herzegovina," he warned, "I fear that it has driven a stake into the heart of the Dayton accords." His e-mail closed with a quote from Abba Eban: "Diplomacy should be judged by what it prevents, not only by what it initiates and creates...Much of it is a holding action designed to avoid explosion until the unifying forces of history take humanity into their embrace."...Hutson tried first to shape policy from the inside. During a briefing on resettlement of Bosnian war refugees, Hutson alerted NATO Supreme Commander Wesley Clark to the difficulties of dealing with the Serbs. Using a Turkish word, inat, to describe the Serb temperament, Hutson told Clark the Serbs could not be bombed into submission. Inat, Hutson says, means irrational. The Serbs' attachment to Kosovo as a symbol of national independence is like a Texan's view of the Alamo. NATO would not easily force the Serbs to allow Kosovo to secede from Yugoslavia and join with Albania, the goal of the Kosovar liberation movement since the early nineties.....When he met with Albright, Holbrooke, and Fuerth in 1995 Hutson may have thought they were simply uninterested in his political solution to preserve the Yugoslav Federation and prevent war. He didn't realize the three were leading advocates of a new and radical use of military intervention around the globe. In the early nineties, when Clinton was still governor of Arkansas, they formed part of a small foreign policy elite convened by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to change U.S. foreign policy after the Cold War. Reports signed by all three recommended a dramatic escalation of the use of military force to settle other countries' domestic conflicts. Ironically, an institution dedicated to "International Peace" set the stage for Clinton's interventionist policies in Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, and Kosovo, triggering the most widespread deployment of U.S. troops since the Second World War...."

6/9/99 AP Newsday Freeper Thanatos "...U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright says she got what she wanted. Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov says he's not unhappy, but insisted all's not settled yet. While the foreign ministers from the world's seven richest democracies and Russia managed Tuesday to produce a draft of a U.N. Security Council resolution intended to settle the crisis in Kosovo, there are still disagreements that need to be hashed out. ``We managed to achieve a real breakthrough,'' said German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, who chaired the meeting of his counterparts from the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Canada, Japan and Russia...."

6/9/99 AP Newsday Freeper Thanatos "...The Senate is insisting that the United States not be billed for any costs associated with rebuilding the rest of Serbia under a Kosovo peace plan, as long as Slobodan Milosevic remains in power. ``Rebuilding should primarily be done with European money,'' said Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Stevens, speaking with reporters, said some European leaders were anticipating that the United States would pay up to half the costs of repairing the damage from NATO airstrikes that began March 24...."

Itar-Tass 6/9/99 "...The Russian State Duma passed a draft resolution on Wednesday which says that 20 lawmakers will make up an adhoc commission to investigate "the crimes committed during the aggression of the North Atlantic Alliance against Yugoslavia". The commission has to submit the results of investigation by December 1, 1999. It is to collect and analyse information, cooperate with government agencies and also "interact with the International tribunal for legal persecution of those responsible for serious violations of the international humanitarian law committed on the territory of the former Yugoslavia since 1991"...."

Jewish World Review 6/9/99 Cal Thomas "....ONLY A U.S. PRESIDENT who knows more about making love than war would declare the puny and ineffective one-sided assault on the former Yugoslavia to be a victory. By any objective standard, the goals of Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic, not of NATO and the United States, have been achieved. Even while negotiations seem to be faltering, why shouldn't Milosevic and his Russian enablers now declare they are ready to accept NATO's "peace plan''? Milosevic's stated goal of ethnically cleansing Kosovo is virtually complete, abetted by NATO bombers. It is unlikely that substantial numbers of Kosovars will return to their original homes, if they are still standing, to live amid the mass graves of relatives and friends..... "

Chattanooga Free Press 6/09/99 Editorial "....The United States, under orders only from President Bill Clinton, has carried most of the military burden and cost of the Kosovo War. What a relief it would be if, in recognition of that contribution, American troops were not made part of the occupying force. But that's not the way it is going to be. Summer is short in the Balkan mountains. Kosovo has been left in ruins by the murderous arsonists who drove out perhaps a million people and burned many of their homes. Now, as perhaps 850,000 Kosovars reportedly are eager to return home, many must live in makeshift shacks or tents. Cold weather will begin within a few months. Many will suffer when early Balkan snows fall. The United States has spent several billions of dollars to destroy targets in Kosovo and Yugoslavia. There surely will be calls soon for us to rush billions of dollars in aid to overcome the destruction...."

Reuters 6/9/99 "...NATO and Yugoslavia signed an accord for the withdrawal of Serbian military forces from Kosovo, the designated commander of an international peace force for the region said Wednesday. British Lt. Gen. Mike Jackson announced the agreement after tortuous, often interrupted talks with Yugoslav generals that ran over five days at a NATO base in Macedonia, close to the border with Yugoslavia. ``This has not been easy going, because there has inevitably been a political as well as military dimension (on the road to the agreement),'' Jackson said in a statement to the media outside the camouflaged tent where the talks took place. ``This military-technical agreement ... details how army, interior (ministry) police and all other forces should conduct a phased verifiable and orderly withdrawal from Kosovo. (It provides) a legal basis for the international security force....."

UPI 6/9/99 "...An agreement between Russia and the West to strike a single sentence from a military agreement with Belgrade removed the final obstacle to ending NATO's military campaign against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. ....The offensive sentence said NATO would resume the bombing unless the U.N. Security Council endorsed within 24 hours a resolution codifying the arrangements for halting the attacks and carrying out a peacekeeping mission in Kosovo. The officials said the ministers discussed the sentence for roughly one hour and decided it was "unnecessary and irrelevant" since everyone had already agreed on the linkage....."

6/9/99 HAGUE, Netherlands AP "... A group of independent lawyers pressed the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal Wednesday to investigate allegations that NATO committed war crimes in the bombing campaign against Yugoslavia. Chief prosecutor Louise Arbour met privately with lawyers from Britain, Canada, Greece and Switzerland to discuss evidence they claimed showed that the alliance violated ``international criminal law in causing civilian death, injury and destruction'' in bombing that began March 24.....``We have plenty of compelling evidence of war crimes committed by the bombing of Yugoslavia,'' said one of the lawyers, Alexander Lykourezos of Greece. He said the charges involved ``the mass destruction of the civil infrastructure and general destruction of country'' and specifically stemmed from the bombing of bridges and a building that housed Serbian television...."

Reuters 6/9/99 "...Residents of Pristina said Wednesday that Serb soldiers, police and armed civilians were rampaging through the streets of the provincial capital threatening to kill ethnic Albanians before they quit Kosovo. The Kosovapress news agency said it had received two telephone calls from Pristina from frightened residents who said armed men were breaking into Albanian homes in central Pristina and the student quarter, yelling: "We are leaving and we'll kill you all.'' ..."

6/9/99 AFP "...The agreement signed Wednesday in Macedonia by NATO and Serbian envoys calls for a phased, 11-day withdrawal of Yugoslav ground forces from Kosovo, and a phased three-day withdrawal of Yugoslav air forces. It also calls for the deployment of an international peacekeeping force in Kosovo, known as KFOR, "following the adoption of a UNSCR (UN Security Council resolution)," authorizing it and detailing its tasks. The agreement focuses mainly on the steps all Yugoslav forces in Kosovo, including military, police, paramilitary and intelligence units, must follow in evacuating Kosovo. Yugoslav ground forces must withdraw behind a "Ground Safety Zone" extending five kilometers (3.1 miles) beyond the Kosovo border into Serbian territory. Yugoslav air and air defense forces, the agreement said, must withdraw behind a 25-kilometer (15.6 miles) extending similarly into Serbia, but which also includes the airspace above it. By the eleventh day the agreement enters into force, "all Yugoslav forces in Kosovo will have completed their withdrawal from Kosovo, and not within the 5 kilometer" safety zone, the document states...."

6/9/99 AFP "...Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel cautioned US President Bill Clinton Wednesday about the risks of a Serb "bloodbath," once Kosovo Albanian refugees return to their homes...... "I found terrible sadness, agony and hatred" at the refugee camps, Wiesel told reporters after a meeting with Clinton at the White House. "I am afraid of the consequences of the hatred that exists among the victims; therefore NATO and the United States military will have to be like a living buffer between the two communities to prevent a bloodbath," he said...... He added that initially the animosity between Serbs and Kosovo Albanians would drive Serbs from the Yugoslav province. "I am sure it will happen ... the Serbs already feel insecure (and) they are afraid," Wiesel said about a possible Serb exodus...."

UPI 6/9/99 Martin Sieff "...U.S. foreign policy experts say the Kosovo peace deal looks good and is likely to last, but they caution it could lead to a long U.S. commitment and possible future bloody clashes with militant Albanian Kosovars who refuse to be disarmed...."

Washington Post 6/9/99 William Drozdiak "…Several hundred Yugoslav soldiers are believed to have been killed in a raid by an American B-52 bomber that caught them massing in a field near the Kosovo-Albanian border on Monday, NATO sources said. The B-52 was ordered to drop a huge passel of cluster bombs on the troops, estimated to number between 800 and 1,200 soldiers. Initial aerial assessments showed such massive annihilation that fewer than half of the Serb-led Yugoslav forces are believed to have survived, according to alliance military sources. "This hit must have really stunned them," a NATO official said. "There's no doubt that the Serbs suffered enormous casualties. They were absolutely pulverized."...."

Reuters 6/10/99 Randall Mikkelsen "....``As you might imagine, this has been a very happy day at the White House because of the peace agreement in Kosovo,'' Clinton said at an afternoon appearance with the 1998 baseball champion New York Yankees. The president appeared in the White House press briefing room Thursday morning to announce the suspension of NATO's air war against Yugoslavia, spreading around thanks with the effusiveness of an Oscar winner. He saluted his staff, NATO leaders, peace negotiators and troops and selectively recognized his ``allies'' in Congress who supported the Kosovo campaign against congressional critics of his policies..... The president sidestepped any claim to vindication against critics who said the air war would not work or the United States had no business getting involved. But he said the military, from the secretary of defense on down, could claim vindication....."

Reuters 6/10/99 "...The United States, dominant military power in the Kosovo conflict, Thursday handed the baton to Europe to lead in rebuilding the Balkans. U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said Europe should and would pay most of the costs of reconstruction, which are expected to amount to billions of dollars. ``The United States clearly bore the bulk of the military part of the campaign. It was recognized that we had the military technology,'' she told a news conference after talks with Group of Eight ministers on southeastern Europe. ``It is now completely appropriate for the Europeans to take the lion's share of paying for the reconstruction. There is a great sense of understanding that that is correct and very much a sense that this is Europe's backyard and that they should and will take the responsibility,'' she added...." 6/10/99 "...2345 GMT, 990610 - In a TF1 televised interview in France, President Jacques Chirac said Yugoslavia surrendered unconditionally to NATO. "Yes, it is a surrender, without conditions, inasmuch as we clearly indicated there was nothing to negotiate," Chirac told TF1...."

The Daily Republican 6/10/99 Jan Oberg "...There will be NATO 'peace-keepers' in Kosovo. They tell that Yugoslavia and the Balkans are taking the first steps to long-term 'peace' and stability. To a peace professional it's all Orwellian Newspeak. This authoritarian NATO operation bodes ill for the future, for world order, normativity, lawful governance, democracy, moral politics and indeed peace. The present and future costs of this type of peace policy are unacceptable and out of proportion with the Albanian-Serb problem it purported to solve in the first place. Today Serbs and Albanians are more polarised and hateful than ever. The very least would be to stop using the word 'peace' under circumstances like these. ....The Kosovo - or independent republic of Kosova - we wanted to preserve is demolished; the rest of Yugoslavia partly in ruins. The immediate direct material costs range between US $ 50 and 150 bn, the indirect and long-term costs may be several times bigger. No one knows the costs of the bombing - 33.000 sorties by 1100 planes, aircraft carriers, bombs, missiles, ammunition, surveillance, international coordination, fuel, supplies, wages, insurance, social benefits, transport, etc - but if we estimate it at US $ 500 million per day, we come close to US $ 40 bn. The region now faces a huge environmental destruction, the Danube in particularly affected. The US has carried out most of the destruction, the EU will be footing the bill for reconstruction - a tremendous burden on the EU....."

6/10/99 AP newsday Freeper Thanatos "...With riot police keeping anti-NATO protesters away, U.S. Marines came ashore today on a beach in northern Greece, the first wave of American troops headed for a possible Kosovo peacekeeping mission. The deployment came after several days of delay because the Greek government, fearing an escalation of public unrest, insisted that an agreement between the Yugoslav army and NATO be signed first. Although a member of the Western alliance, Greece has been a hotbed of opposition to NATO's air attacks on Yugoslavia...."

6/10/99 TOM RAUM Associated Press Writer ".... With a Kosovo peace accord now in hand, Democrats and some Republicans hoped on Thursday to strip from the $288.8 billion defense authorization bill a provision denying funds for military or peacekeeping operations after Sept. 30. That provision, strongly opposed by the White House, would ``pull defeat from victory,'' said Rep. Ike Skelton of Missouri, senior Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee. ..... "

Associated Press 6/10/99 Candice Hughes "...How do you turn defeat into victory? Simple: You say you won. "Respected viewers, the war is over,'' state TV proclaims every hour on the hour. "This is a great victory for the policy of peace of Yugoslavia and Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic,'' the deadpan announcer says, staring straight into the camera..... Although many Serbs might dispute that, they would agree with his insistence that a measure of victory can be found in simply having withstood the alliance missiles and bombs. "The people are the heroes,'' Milosevic said. The government's spin throughout the war focused on the victimization of the Serbs. It ignored NATO's stated reason for starting the airstrikes: the attacks on ethnic Albanians in Kosovo by Serb forces. It explained the mass exodus of more than 850,000 ethnic Albanians by saying they were afraid of NATO bombs. Vujovic stuck firmly to the program on Thursday as he briefed an international press corps that he and other officials have repeatedly portrayed as the biased tools of NATO....."

Washington Times 6/10/99 "... A day earlier, Mr. Lott had said he would prevent Sen. James Inhofe, Oklahoma Republican, from stalling the nominations -- an unusual breach of etiquette for a Senate leader. Mr. Lott claimed yesterday that he had misunderstood Mr. Inhofe's plan and now will allow him to proceed. There are 149 presidential appointees awaiting Senate confirmation, including 37 federal judgeships. Those judgeships are already stalled in an unrelated dispute between the White House and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin G. Hatch, Utah Republican. An heir to the Hormel meatpacking fortune, Mr. Hormel has been a major financial backer of the homosexual movement. He was a founder of the Human Rights Campaign, the country's largest homosexual rights organization. Mr. Hormel has joined lawsuits to open the military to self-proclaimed homosexuals and matched donations made to Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, a group working to that end. Of particular concern to some Republicans is his funding of a new section of the San Francisco Public Library devoted solely to homosexual literature, including material condoning pedophilia. He has contributed more than $200,000 to Democrats since 1995 and was one of the donors personally telephoned by Vice President Al Gore. His was one of the calls that later came under scrutiny as possible violations of federal law...."

AP 6/10/99 "...Louise Arbour, chief prosecutor of the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal, met privately in The Hague yesterday with a group of independent lawyers who have accused NATO of atrocities in its air strikes against Yugoslavia. The lawyers -- who included Professor Michael Mandel of the Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto and Greek lawyer Alexander Lykourezos, a Serb sympathizer -- presented evidence that they said showed the alliance violated "international criminal law in causing civilian death, injury and destruction" in bombing that began March 24. "We have plenty of compelling evidence of war crimes committed by the bombing of Yugoslavia," said Mr. Lykourezos. "There is enough to issue indictments." Judge Arbour and the group discussed the formal launching of an investigation, tribunal spokesman Paul Risley said. He did not elaborate on what evidence, if any, the tribunal might have in hand. Included in the group's presentation were charges against Bill Clinton, the U.S. president, Tony Blair, the British prime minister, and Javier Solana, NATO secretary-general....."

6/10/99 Irish Times Freeper Thanatos "...NATO forces may encounter a hot welcome, Chris Stephen reports from Jazhince on the Macedonian frontier NATO troops will encounter a web of competing militias, many dug in waiting for battle, when they move today into Kosovo to enforce the peace deal. Reports from the rebel Kosovo Liberation Army say that, while Serb army and Interior Ministry troops are leaving, local police and militia units are staying put, in some cases digging in to defend their Serb villages...."

Original Sources 6/11/99 Mary Mostert Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...Folks, what we did in bombing the people of Yugoslavia is a shameful chapter in American history. It was no victory. When reality sets in, people will realize that a small nation, the size of Kentucky, of 11 million determined, united, patriotic Christian people held off the combined military forces of 19 nations, composed of hundreds of thousands of people who possess the most formidable armies, navies and airforces on the planet. It will be a story told in epic poems and songs - with Clinton as the villain. He wanted a unique legacy. I think he has it....."

Stratfor 6/11/99 "...1509 GMT, 990611 - The Pentagon has confirmed that U.S. and British paratroopers began parachuting into Pristina at 1400GMT...."

Itar-Tass 6/11/99 Itar-Tass Freeper PrinceOfCups "...Serbia is interested in Russian peacemakers to be the first in entering Kosovo as part of the international Kosovo Force, a high-ranking source in the Yugoslav Army headquarters told Itar-Tass on Friday. Let it be just one Russian soldier, that will be symbolic for Serbia and Russia, he noted...."

Agence France-Presse 6/11/99 Freeper starlu "...The entry of British troops into Kosovo at the head of the NATO-led peacekeeping force was delayed at Washington's insistence, to allow US troops to go in first, British media reports said Friday....Sky Television's correspondent on the Macedonian border said that there was "considerable anger among British officers" at what was seen as an attempt by the United States to claim the glory of being the first to enter Kosovo...."

UPI 6/11/99 "....Amid reports of Russian troop deployment toward Kosovo, a new round of talks between top Russian and U.S. generals on details of the international force in Kosovo appeared likely to resume after breaking up with no sign of agreement hours earlier. In an unexpected signal of Moscow's determination to enter Kosovo with NATO forces, a column of Russian trucks and armored personnel carriers, repainted with KFOR for the Kosovo peacekeeping operation, moved from their SFOR duty in Bosnia-Herzegovina through the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia toward the border with Kosovo today....." 6/10/99 UN Security Council Freeper Thanatos "...Adopts Resolution 1244 (1999) by 14-0-1 (China); Requests Appointment of Special Representative To Implement Civil Operation The Security Council today, welcoming the acceptance by the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia of the principles on a political solution to the Kosovo crisis, including an immediate end to violence and a rapid withdrawal of its military, police and paramilitary forces, decided to deploy international civil and security presences in Kosovo, under United Nations auspices. Acting under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, the Council, adopting resolution 1244 (1999) by a vote of 14 in favour to none against, with 1 abstention (China), also decided that the political solution to the crisis shall be based on the general principles adopted on 6 May by the Foreign Ministers of the Group of Seven industrialized countries and the Russian Federation -- Group of 8 -- and the principles contained in the paper presented in Belgrade by the President of Finland and the Special Representative..."

FOX News 6/11/99Reuters "...A Kosovo village close to the border with Albania was set ablaze Friday afternoon and Serb forces were still shelling Albanian villages at midday, international observers said. "Our observers from the village of Pogaj in Albania saw the village of Gorozhup in flames,'' Andrea Angeli, a spokesman for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Tirana, told Reuters. Angeli, who earlier reported that Serb shells had hit Albanian villages during the night, said renewed shelling had taken place around midday Friday in the villages of Letaj, Dobrune and Vlahan.....Fighting on the Albanian border had intensified in the past week as Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) guerrillas, with support from NATO bombers, tried to break through Serbian defenses...."

STRATFOR's Global Intelligence Update 6/11/99 1924 GMT "... Chapter 8, Article I, Section 3 of the Rambouillet accord states, "Three years after the entry into force of this Agreement, an international meeting shall be convened to determine a mechanism for a final settlement for Kosovo, on the basis of the will of the people, opinions of relevant authorities, each Party's efforts regarding the implementation of this Agreement, and the Helsinki Final Act..." Section 11, Subsections e and f of the UN Security Council resolution list as responsibilities of the international civil presence in Kosovo, "facilitating a political process designed to determine Kosovo's future status, taking into account the Rambouillet accords," and "in a final stage, overseeing the transfer of authority from Kosovo's provisional institutions to institutions established under a political settlement." NATO and Kosovar leaders interpreted the Rambouillet accord to call for a vote on autonomy or independence for Kosovo. That was not clearly stated in the Rambouillet accord, nor is the eventual status of Kosovo made any clearer by the Security Council resolution - except in that it presupposes in writing that there will be a transition from provisional political institutions established to facilitate autonomy within Yugoslavia to some other final political institutions. If anything, therefore, the UN Security Council resolution moves a step closer to allowing for an independent Kosova than Rambouillet, albeit in just as vague terms....."

Associated Press 6/11/99 Judith Ingram "...Sending troops to Yugoslavia to dramatize their demands, Russian leaders on Friday reiterated their insistence that Russian peacekeepers control their own sector in Kosovo and not be put under NATO command. "Russia's units will not be subordinated to anybody,'' Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said. "Russia will not take part ... with a second-rate standing,'' he said in an interview with Russian state television. "It will participate only under conditions that correspond to Russia's interests, that respect Russia's rights and that answer the tasks that have been set.''...The Russian contingent could thus "help safeguard Yugoslavia's sovereignty,'' Lukin was quoted as saying...."

6/11/99 AP Washington Post Freeper Thanatos "...Sending troops to Yugoslavia to dramatize their demands, Russian leaders on Friday reiterated their insistence that Russian peacekeepers control their own sector in Kosovo and not be put under NATO command. ``Russia's units will not be subordinated to anybody,'' Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said. ``Russia will not take part ... with a second-rate standing,'' he said in an interview with Russian state television. ``It will participate only under conditions that correspond to Russia's interests, that respect Russia's rights and that answer the tasks that have been set.'' ...."

6/11/99 Itar-Tass Freeper Thanatos "...Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov promised to restore the motor-railroad bridge across the Danube River in the Serbian town of Novi Sad. The bridge was ruined by a NATO air raid, Yugoslav businessman Dragomir Karic told Itar-Tass on Friday. The businessman was received by the Moscow mayor on Thursday. "It will be symbolic for the Russian-Serbian relations if You build a bridge in Novi Sad to become a pledge of people's unity and a reproach of the NATO aggressors," Karic told the mayor ..."

Associated Press 6/11/99 Candice Hughes "...An armored Russian column rolled into the Kosovo capital of Pristina to the cheers of crowds early Saturday, as NATO massed its own peacekeeping troops along the border apparently set to enter at dawn. There was shouting and fireworks as thousands of people crowded the main street of the city to greet the soldiers, who arrived aboard trucks and troop transports. They arrived as British and French NATO troops waited in Macedonia on Kosovo's southern border to enter as part of an international peacekeeping force authorized by the United Nations. The move by the Russians is bound to raise tensions with NATO, which was caught by surprise on Friday when a Russian column arrived in Belgrade and moved toward Kosovo. The terms of Russian involvement in the peacekeeping effort haven't been settled and Russian-Serb relations have often been close.... Albright visited on Friday Camp Able Sentry, a base for U.S. troops preparing to go into Kosovo. She said investigators - possibly including the FBI - want to get to Kosovo quickly before evidence of atrocities is destroyed...."

6/11/99 UPI Thanatos "...A White House spokesman says (Friday) the United States is trying "to establish the facts" after seeing the pictures on television of Russian troops arriving in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. "It looked pretty real," said deputy press secretary Mike Hammer. White House officials were taken by surprise in view of repeated assurances by Russian officials throughout the day that they would coordinate deployment of their troops with the NATO peacekeeping operations....."

Fox News - Associated Press 6/11/99 Candace Hughes "...The new exodus has begun. A new group of Kosovo residents is fleeing this war-ravaged province. This time they're Serbs, heading north toward Serbia proper, not south for Macedonia or Albania. And this time they're fleeing with the police and army, not being driven out by them as were their ethnic Albanian neighbors. The road leading north from Pristina, the provincial capital, was jammed Friday with withdrawing Serb forces. Hundreds of vehicles snaked their way northward: buses, cars, trucks, vans, mobile artillery pieces, tanks on trailers, mobile rocket launchers, jeeps, ambulances. Interspersed among them were scores of civilian vehicles, many hauling trailers carrying Serbs terrified of being left unprotected. They fear the rebel Kosovo Liberation Army, which has not disarmed. They fear that eye-for-eye justice will be extracted...."

6/10/99 AP "...The United States and Cuba traded insults and accusations Thursday in a Security Council discussion of Kosovo that degenerated into a diplomatic slugfest over colonialism and the battle between big and small powers. Cuba launched the back-and-forth with a rambling speech to the council in support of Yugoslavia and condemning NATO's airstrikes as a genocide that served merely to consolidate U.S. control over the world. ..."

UPI Spotlight 6/12/99 "...Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov says the surprise entry of Russian peacekeeping troops into Kosovo's capital, Pristina, without an agreement with NATO (Friday) was a mistake. Speaking from Moscow, Ivanov said Moscow's troops have been ordered to leave immediately, and that Russian and NATO officials will meet to sort out the "unfortunate occurrence." ..."

6/11/99 Itar-Tass Freeper Thanatos "...The North Atlantic Alliance wants to turn Kosovo into an "international protectorate", which will be actually cut off from Serbia. The New York Times has learned from trustworthy NATO sources that this Yugoslavian province with a predominantly Albanian population may get full independence within a few years...."

Stratfor 6/12/99 "...0145 GMT, 990612 - The White House said it was "pleased" that Russian troops were ordered to leave Pristina. "As (Russian) Foreign Minister (Igor) Ivanov has said, it was an unfortunate mistake and the troops will be withdrawn immediately,'' said presidential spokesman Joe Lockhart. "We're pleased that they've agreed to rectify the situation. The constructive talks towards determining Russia's role in this peacekeeping force continue with (Deputy Secretary of State) Strobe Talbott in Moscow," Lockhart added.... a Clinton administration official told Reuters, requesting anonymity. "If they follow through and the troops leave immediately, then we understand that mistakes do happen; if that doesn't happen, then obviously it's a different situation.'' ..."

6/12/99 AP "....A convoy of Russian soldiers rolled into the Kosovo capital of Pristina early Saturday to the crackle of gunfire, honking horns and cheering Serb crowds, the force apparently defying what NATO said was an understanding that Russia not enter the province alone. Shortly after their entry - just hours before NATO was to send its own peacekeepers into Kosovo - Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said the troops had arrived ``unfortunately'' and that they had been ordered to leave Kosovo. ``The reasons for this are being determined. They have been ordered to leave Kosovo immediately and to await further orders,'' Ivanov said in comments carried by CNN...."

The Independent 6/12/99 Robert Fisk "...Outside the Catholic church, an Albanian priest shook his head in disbelief. "Why hasn't Nato come?" he pleaded. "Things here are very, very bad."..... "It's what Nato wants," Yugoslav volunteer Private Stefan said with contempt when I came across him near the Army Club. "They are delaying so that the Serbs will leave and give them an Albanian-only Kosovo. Nato is 'cleansing' us with their delays." Did I have the nerve to explain that no, really, General Clark and General "Mike" were arguing like children about who goes first? I murmured something I'd heard on the BBC about "logistics difficulties" and Pte Stefan snorted with contempt....Yet as Nato hesitated - only to find the Russians stealing their thunder - Kosovo was moving towards just the kind of anarchy Nato had promised to prevent. When I drove the road north to Merdare yesterday, the villages were burning - either Serb homes set alight by their departing owners or Albanian property destroyed by Serb gunmen - while the Third Army's withdrawal sucked thousands of panic-stricken civilians into its wake. The old city of Prizren is almost entirely empty of its Serb inhabitants - almost every car I saw bore a Prizren or Djakovica number-plate - while the Serb citizens of Pristina are turning with bitterness against their own leaders...... "

6/11/99 Stratfor "....0205 GMT, 990611 - French President Jacques Chirac told French television TF1 that he is the reason bridges in Belgrade and targets in Montenegro were not bombed by NATO. Chirac also said French aircraft were not involved in any "collateral damage" caused when NATO missiles and bombs went off course. "It can now be said, even if there was a period when we had to be a bit discreet: Not a single air strike -- and there were about 22,000 of them -- was carried out without France's approval ... "

Stratfor 6/10/99 "...Let us leave the spin-doctors behind and try to get a handle on what has been achieved and what remains to be done. First, let us try to recall what the war was fought about. It was not about whether a peacekeeping force would enter Kosovo. The Serbs had agreed to that prior to the war. The issue that triggered the war was what that peacekeeping force would look like. NATO had demanded that a purely NATO force under solely NATO command be permitted to enter Kosovo and administer it directly. Serbia rejected this demand and asserted that it would permit only a United Nations observer force, consisting of unarmed or very lightly armed observers into Kosovo. There were other issues but, in the end, this was what the war was about. For Serbia, the issue of who would be permitted into Kosovo revolved around the question of Serbian sovereignty over the province. Its view was that a solely NATO force would, first de facto and then de jure, take Kosovo away from Serbia...."

Capitol Hill Blue 6/11/99 Doug Thompson "...We bombed, and bombed, and bombed and then we bombed some more. We smart bombed, cruise missiled and strafed Yugoslavia with as much effort as our overtaxed, underfunded, politically-constrained military could muster. And, now that it's over, what did we win? Clinton says we won a moral victory, allowing the oppressed to return to their homeland. But the object of our war, Slobovan Milosevic, is still in power. He still controls Yugoslavia with an iron hand. His people still support him (knowing, of course, that they had better do so or else)...."

Stratfor 6/12/99 "...1540 GMT, 990612 - Spokesman for the NATO-led Stabilization Force (SFOR), Lieutenant-Commander David Scanlon, said on June 12 that more than one hundred Russian troops in more than sixty vehicles had moved from their base in northeastern Bosnia to the area of Bijeljina, four miles from the border with Yugoslavia....1445 GMT, 990612 - Ninety minutes after Strobe Talbott resumed talks with the Russian side on June 12, he left the Russian Foreign Ministry and told the press that the talks would resume later in the day and would continue on June 13. Before resuming the talks at 1015GMT, Talbott met the U.S. ambassador to Russia James Collins..... 1405 GMT, 990612 - Russian President Boris Yeltsin has promoted General Viktor Zavarzin, who commanded the Russian troop that entered Kosovo overnight. Zavarzin, a lieutenant general, was named to the Russian rank of colonel general. Zavarzin is the Russian representative to NATO...."

CSpan I 6/11/99 Bloomberg News Reporter Freeper helms "...This morning on CSpan and for an hour, Bloomberg New's ace reporter on the Kosovo crisis repeatedly asserted that the allied bombing was ineffective up until several weeks prior to June 3rd. It was not until a coordinated air and land troop aka KLA troops effectively flushed the Serbian troops out into the open with artillery, that B52's were able to carpet bomb troops and equipment....."

6/12/99 AP/Itar-Tass UPI Freeper Thantaos "...Russian media has identified the Russian troops who made a surprise appearance in Kosovo as members of an airborne brigade from the Bosnia peacekeeping force. The news agency Itar-Tass reports (Saturday) that the 200 soldiers who arrived in the Kosovo capital of Pristina are reportedly camping near an airfield just outside of town. Their commander, Col. Gen. Georgy Shpak, says he doesn't know when they'll leave Kosovo because the "situation is complex." ...."

Reuters 6/12/99 "...Defense Secretary William Cohen said Saturday that Russian troops can participate in a Kosovo peacekeeping force with NATO if they agree to operate under a unified command structure and the Russians don't have their own sector to guard. ``There must be NATO forces throughout the region and NATO in every sector. And there will be under a unified command,'' Cohen told reporters in a Pentagon briefing. ``There must be clear understanding of who's in charge,'' he said......Cohen said NATO officials are meeting with Russian military leaders in Macedonia to work out a peacekeeping role for the Russian troops. ``We think we can work out an arrangement that will still satisfy the Russians in terms of their participation,''..."

AFP 6/12/99 "...The United States would consider according control of a geographic sector of Kosovo to Russia, a senior US official said Saturday. The US official, who requested anonymity, went on to reiterate Washington's insistence on a unified command under NATO for any international peacekeeping force in Kosovo (KFOR). It was the first sign of a possible concrete concession to Moscow on the nature of Russian troop involvement in Kosovo peacekeeping...."

New York Times 6/11/99 "...Although the political future of Kosovo is left vague in the settlement that ended the war, U.S. and NATO officials say they envision an international protectorate that will, in theory, be part of Yugoslavia but that may become independent after a few years. As refugees return and society is rebuilt, a senior NATO official said Thursday, Kosovo will become virtually "walled off" from Yugoslavia. People living in Kosovo wouldn't serve in the Yugoslav Army or pay taxes to Yugoslavia; a new police force and judiciary would have to be created without Yugoslav influence; the currency probably would be the Deutsch mark or the U.S. dollar, and trade would turn south and west toward Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro instead of north to Serbia. None of these points are spelled out in the settlement signed by President Slobodan Milosevic. In framing a political solution to the war, NATO has been careful to state that Kosovo will remain within Yugoslavia. The emphasis on keeping the territorial integrity of Yugoslavia and not allowing Kosovo to break away immediately was an essential ingredient for winning the support of Milosevic and the Russians to a peace agreement. But the resolution passed Thursday by the U.N. Security Council includes the phrase "taking full account of the Rambouillet accords," a signal that can be interpreted that, down the road, independence is a probability, Clinton administration officials said...."