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Janet Reno is the first woman Attorney General of the United States of America. Nominated by President Bill Clinton on February 11, 1993. She was again appointed in 1997 by President Clinton and remains Attorney General of the United States….

The early life and career of Janet Reno helps us understand the reasons why Janet Reno is the remarkable person she is. Born on July 21, 1938 in Miami, Florida. Her father, Henry Reno, came to the United States from Denmark and for forty-three years was a police reporter for the Miami Herald. Jane Wood, Reno's mother, raised her children and then became an investigative reporter for the Miami News. Janet Reno has three younger siblings. Strong roots for a strong woman

Janet Reno attended public school in Dade County, Florida, where she was a debating champion at Coral Gables High School. In 1956 Janet Reno enrolled at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, where she majored in chemistry, became president of the Women's Self Government Association, and earned her room and board.

In 1960 Janet Reno enrolled at Harvard Law School, one of only sixteen women in a class of more than 500 students. She received her LL.B. from Harvard three years later. Despite her Harvard degree, she had difficulty obtaining work as a lawyer because she was a woman.

In 1971 Janet Reno was named staff director of the Judiciary Committee of the Florida House of Representatives. She helped revise the Florida court system. In 1973 she accepted a position with the Dade County State's Attorney's Office. She left the state's attorney's office in 1976 to become a partner in a private law firm.

In 1978, Reno was appointed State Attorney General for Dade County. She was elected to the Office of State Attorney in November 1978 and was returned to office by the voters four more times. She helped reform the juvenile justice system and pursued delinquent fathers for child support payments and established the Miami Drug Court.

The strength, vision, tenacity and commitment of Janet Reno makes her a role model for all who seek justice.

The Wall Street Journal 10/15/97 "…Ms. Reno's position gets more preposterous by the hour. After all, the whole idea of an independent investigation is independence. The intent of the present Independent Counsel Act is that when accusations involve the President and other high officials, their own appointees should not be the investigators. Before the statute, Justice Department practice--in Watergate and Teapot Dome, for example--was to appoint a special prosecutor to operate independently of the Attorney General and other Presidential appointees. The President could always fire a special prosecutor, but at a high political price, as President Nixon discovered when he dispatched Archibald Cox…..If a controversy has reached the point where it's necessary to question the President, it has long since passed the point where an independent counsel is required. After getting "mad" about the delay in releasing video tapes of White House coffee solicitations, Ms. Reno hauled a member of the White House Counsel's office before a grand jury. If White House lawyers are being taken to a grand jury, surely it should be done not by Justice but by an authority with some measure of independence. In defending her position, Ms. Reno has been at once defensive and self-righteous. Yet in fact throughout her tenure, the press, the Congress and the public have treated her with extraordinary deference, due to her gender, her demeanor and her sufferings with Parkinson's Disease. Ed Meese would have been run out of town way back over Waco…."

3/9/99 Dan K. Thomasson Nando Media Scripps Howard News Service "…Janet Reno was Bill Clinton's third choice to be attorney general, but she now must be No. 1 in his heart. The former Dade County (Fla.) prosecutor, whose family has a history of alligator wrestling in the Everglades, has managed to get a hammerlock on at least two of her boss's major nemeses - the campaign funding scandal and Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. By stubbornly refusing to trigger an independent inquiry of the financial scandal despite a law that was designed for just that kind of official hanky-panky, Reno has managed to defuse a bomb that potentially could have done far more harm to Clinton (and, for that matter, his entire administration) than Monica Lewinsky. The need for an independent investigation into, among other things, Chinese contributions to the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign through the Democratic National Committee has been heightened by recent disclosures of Chinese spying on the U.S. nuclear weapons program in the late 1980s. The Clinton administration has been slow to accept the allegations of severe security damage and, while there is no evidence of a link between the giving and White House policy toward China, there already is speculation about such a connection. And now Reno is in the midst of investigating the investigator, Starr (while pushing for the end of the Independent Counsel Act altogether), lending aid and comfort to Clinton's forces who have been trying to discredit him from almost the outset of his several probes. The three-judge panel that appointed Starr has stepped into the case to determine whether she has the power to do so even though the law gives the attorney general the right to remove an independent counsel and presumably to conduct an investigation to make that determination.

The Justice Department contends there is absolutely no political motivation in Reno's decision to conduct the investigation to determine whether Starr has overstepped or abused his authority. That's difficult to buy under the circumstances….. Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., who led the Senate investigation into the campaign-funding irregularities, recently noted that it has been the history of the 20-year-old act that the party whose president is being investigated attacks the independent counsel. Thompson also accused Reno of sabotaging the act. He said that by refusing to name an outside prosecutor in the fund-raising scandal, she had turned the act from a sword to make sure high-level wrongdoing is addressed to a shield from prosecution of wrongdoing…."

Right Magazine 2/99 John Bender ".The word is out. Janet Reno is going to investigate Judge Starr. Of course there is no evidence that Judge Starr did anything wrong but that will not stop Janet Reno and her politicized department from going after him. Janet Reno's Justice Department is the most corrupt Justice Department in the history of the nation. Under Janet Reno, the Justice Department was turned into protectors of criminals within the administration and button men going after political opponents of the Clintons. Reno and the political hacks she placed in high positions within the department, refuse to investigate administration officials even when there is ample evidence of their crimes. The list includes Peter Knight, former Campaign Manager of the Clinton-Gore Reelection Campaign, even though the House Committee on Commerce sent Justice detailed evidence of crimes. She also refused to seriously investigate or indict Harold Ickes even though the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs provided evidence he committed perjury. Reno's Justice Department even refused to take any action on Al Gore's illegal campaign fund raising. She refused to act even though there is videotape of Gore breaking the law at a Buddhist temple and documentary evidence he made illegal phone calls. Chris Darden and Marsha Clark could win the case against Gore. There is also no indication the Reno Justice Department is going to take any action against Cheryl Mills even though the House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight sent Ms. Reno a massive amount of evidence that she committed perjury. They have not even bothered responding to the Committee on the status of the referral. .."

The Landmark Legal Foundation 2/13/99 Mark R . Levin , President [ L.L.F. ] ". Landmark ' s Application for Judicial Notice and Writ of Prohibition on the Justice Department ' s Investigation of Kenneth W . Starr ". UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CIRCUIT Special Division , for the Purpose of the Appointment of Independent Counsels the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 , As Amended .. Ms. Reno's aides have said that investigative authority is implied bylanguage in the independent counsel statute, which gives the Attorney General the sole responsibility to remove an independent prosecutor.. When Starr testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Nov. 19 of last year, he was asked by the chief counsel for the minority, Abbe D. Lowell, about the "substantial contacts" that Starr had had with Jones lawyers. In a series of questions, Lowell tried to suggest that Starr should have revealed the contacts to the Justice Department in January 1998, and that Richard W. Porter, a partner of Starr's at the law firm, Kirkland & Ellis, had declined a request to represent Ms. Jones.."

The Wall Street Journal 2/15/99 Op-Ed Freeper the Raven ".The Justice Department is the San Andreas fault of the Clinton Administration, quaking for example with Janet Reno's appointment as the third woman after Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood, the summary firing of 93 U.S. Attorneys, the installation of Webster Hubbell as Associate Attorney General, Ms. Reno's reappointment after a woodshed chat with the President, and the rejection of the Louis Freeh and Charles La Bella recommendations for an independent counsel for campaign finance. Now Mr. Clinton, equipped with a get-out-of-jail-free card from the U.S. Senate, is on the brink of turning Justice from his shield into his sword....That is the clear meaning of the departmental investigation of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's handling of Monica Lewinsky. Ms. Reno is point person for an attack intended to delegitimize the impeachment, Mr. Starr and the Lewinsky issue. The notion is that if Mr. Starr violated some Marquess of Queensberry rule, then there was no obstruction, there was no perjury, there was no blue dress."

SOFTWAR 2/15/99 ".Whitewater and the Chinese Army share one thing in common, Webster Hubbell. Assistant Attorney General Webster Hubbell was in charge of a top secret information warfare project that was penetrated by spies of communist China. In 1993, Webster Hubbell ran the Clipper project, a special computer security chip designed by the National Security Agency (NSA). Hubbell was assigned to the project by Attorney General Janet Reno. In January 1999, the FBI released a 1993 letter from then FBI Director Sessions to General Reno confirming Hubbell's work on the secret Clipper project. The Dept. of Justice has refused to release further documents on Webster Hubbell. The government denial is currently under appeal.. Hillary Clinton's close relationship with the Chinese Army is far more well documented. The First Lady was clearly involved with Chinese agent Johnny Chung and the penetration of Col. Lui of COSTIND. Mrs. Clinton helped John Huang obtain his secret cleared job at the Brown Commerce Dept. Mrs. Clinton shared secret contract work with the NSA and Hubbell when they worked at the Rose Office law firm. Mrs. Clinton brought Webster Hubbell into the Dept. of Justice.. Two weeks after the Lippo money was given to Mr. Hubbell, John Huang got his job at the Commerce Department as Assistant Secretary. Huang's position determined technology transfers that went to places such as Indonesia and Communist China. Mr. Huang and his wife have both taken the Fifth Amendment and refused to testify at Senate Congressional hearings... The Clinton administration claims to have canceled the Clipper project but events suggest otherwise. The recent outing of the "exploitable" feature of the Intel Pentium 3 is hardly a coincidence. Was the secret Intel feature a marketing ploy by some unseen executive or a paid secret project through the Clinton administration? .Ms. Reno does not want you to see Sanford Robertson and his direct payoffs to Senator Feinstein, Vice President Gore and Bill Clinton. General Reno does not want you to hear about Johnny Chung, Hillary Clinton and Col. Lui of COSTIND inside the White House. General Reno certainly does not want to you to know about the PLA penetration of the Dept. of Justice through Webster Hubbell.."

Arkansas Democratic-Gazette 2/14/99 Paul Greenberg Freeper Stand Watch Listen ".There is a great deal of talk these blase' days about junking independent counsels rather than just trying to impose some limits on them. Trials and investigations are such a bother when the economy is booming. But there's really no need to abolish the independent counsel statute so long as Reno is attorney general. With her on the job, it'll never be used anyway. At least not if anybody important is involved.."

Original Sources 3/9/99 Mary Mostert "… In 1996 Bill Clinton told reporters he was "not told about the June 1996 FBI warnings of Communist Chinese involvement in the 1996 presidential election." However, it was later learned that president Clinton not only KNEW about it, but that he subsequently made a thwarted attempt to obtain the counterintelligence information about what the FBI had learned of the Communist Chinese influence on the presidential election in November of 1996. Charles Ruff, Clinton legal counsel who most recently defended him in the Senate Impeachment trial, made the FBI contact. Ruff contacted Janet Reno's deputy Jamie Gorelick and wanted to know what federal investigators knew or suspected about Chinese illegal contributions to the presidential campaign. However, when FBI director Freeh learned of the White House probe by Gorelick, he ordered the information not be provided to Clinton, federal law enforcement officials told the Daily Republican in 1997. In a New York Times story Ruff was quoted as telling Gorelick he was seeking the information on behalf of the National Security Council…. However, law enforcement officials pointed out that Ruff's request was received only after FBI director Freeh had left Washington on a trip to the Middle East. In his absence, attorney general Janet Reno and Gorelick quickly moved to obtain the secret FBI files. Before the Justice Department turned over the FBI files to Clinton's legal counsel, Robert Bryant, then head of the FBI national security division, picked up the telephone and informed Freeh of Clinton's probe for the secret files on the Chinese investigation. Freeh ordered the files withheld. And people wonder how come the Senate of the United States was never able to get Janet Reno to obey the law of the land and appoint an independent counsel to investigate the Chinese money that helped get Clinton and Gore elected…."

Washington Times and Landmark Legal Foundation 3/11/99 Mark R Levin and Pete Hutchison Freeper Michele Shelton "…For weeks, "government attorneys" from the Justice Department have been leaking selectively negative information about the Office of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr in an attempt to build support for an investigation of that office. On February 11, 1999, Landmark Legal Foundation asked the three-judge panel that oversees the appointment of independent counsels, i.e., the Special Division, to resolve a straight-forward yet critical question: does the Attorney General have the statutory power to investigate the official conduct of an independent counsel? Landmark contends that she does not and requested that the Special Division issue of writ of prohibition stopping her….Disposing of Judge Starr’s argument first, Landmark was not seeking party status. Indeed, Landmark’s status in this matter is wholly irrelevant as this is not a case where the Special Division is adjudicating the rights of parties. Rather, the Special Division is exercising its own traditional and statutory powers to ensure the integrity of the independent counsel investigative process. Neither the Attorney General nor the Independent Counsel can decide for the Special Division how its responsibilities are to be met. The Special Division is the only true party and it is free to raise, among other things, jurisdictional questions on its own. …The more important issue for the Special Division’s consideration is Miss Reno’s attempt to expand her statutory authority so broadly as to eviscerate the very purpose of the Independent Counsel Act. The Act, which was reauthorized in 1994 with Miss Reno’s enthusiastic support, is intended to ensure the independent criminal investigation of "covered" individuals, i.e., senior executive branch officials, such as the President. The law expressly limits the Attorney General’s supervisory power to removing the independent counsel for "good cause, physical or mental disability. …"….

The entire purpose of the independent counsel law is to preclude an attorney general from investigating, among others, the person for whom she works – namely, the President. If she possesses the power to investigate an independent counsel’s prosecutorial judgments, and look into virtually any allegation by a defendant or a witness against an independent counsel, the independent counsel ceases to be independent. The law is defeated. This is why the statute gives the independent counsel "full power and independent authority to exercise all investigative and prosecutorial functions and powers of the Department of Justice, the Attorney General, and any other office or employee of the Department of Justice."…"


New York Times 3/15/99 William Safire "…Why did the Justice Department's intelligence surveillance policy staff, which reports directly to Janet Reno, deny the F.B.I. authority to tap the telephone of its suspect, Wen Ho Lee, at Los Alamos in 1995? This was no mere Mafia drug bust; a Chinese document showed our most vital national-security secrets were threatened. Over three years, did F.B.I. Director Louis Freeh protest to Reno about this leave-him-alone decision? …"

Fox News 3/15/99 Jim Abrams AP "… The Senate is holding hearings this week on an alleged 1980s case of Chinese spying at the Energy Department's nuclear weapons laboratory in Los Alamos, N.M., that only recently came to light. In the House, members are demanding that nearly all of a classified 700-page report on technology transfers to China be made public. Administration officials stood their ground Sunday, saying they have dealt properly with the Los Alamos case and overall security threats to the nation. "I think we moved swiftly and I think we continue to impose on China the strictest controls,'' national security adviser Sandy Berger said on NBC's "Meet the Press.'' But Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said President Clinton should appoint a onpartisan commission to investigate allegations that China stole nuclear warhead technology. The Justice Department "does not have credibility on this issue'' because Attorney General Janet Reno refused to seek an independent counsel investigation into illegal campaign contributions originating in China, he said on CBS' "Face the Nation.'' …"


Fox News Channel 3/17/99 Renee Schilhab "…Attorney General Janet Reno told a Senate committee on Wednesday that she had reversed course and no longer supports the independent counsel statute because the law is flawed at its core and creates a strong incentive for independent counsels "to do what prosecutors should not be artificially pushed to do — that is, to prosecute." … Thompson raised questions about fund raising by controversial Democratic contributor Charlie Trie and visits by Trie to the White House. Accusing the president of violating federal election laws, he said Clinton had accepted $62 million in public funding for his re-election effort after signing a declaration mandated by the Federal Election Commission that he would not accept additional campaign monies, and then going on to raise an additional $44 million that directly benefited his campaign. Reno defended her decision not to seek the appointment of an independent counsel in the case, saying, "I'm going to call it like I see it, the best way I can." But she grew testy at Thompson's reference to Trie. "Let me say something here, because it really, really troubles me," Reno said. "This is the fourth or fifth hearing I've testified at where there have been passing references to visitors attending White House functions and circumstances having no connection with the original question. It is these types of questions that create so much confusion about the independent counsel statute." …"

Hearst news service 3/18/99 Mark Helm "…Attorney General Janet Reno, who has argued against renewing the Independent Counsel Act, took strong criticism Wednesday from two senators, a Democrat and a Republican, for refusing to name a special prosecutor to probe possible campaign finance violations. ``The decision you made on campaign finance shows me that we still need some type of independent counsel law,'' Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., told Reno at a Senate Governmental Affairs Committee hearing on the future of the statute. Last December, Reno said she found no reasonable grounds to seek the appointment of an independent counsel to investigate President Clinton's role in the multimillion dollar Democratic fund-raising campaign in 1996. Her decision was made despite the urgings of FBI Director Louis Freeh and Charles LaBella, the former head of the Justice Department's campaign finance task force, to appoint a special prosecutor to probe the issue. Committee Chairman Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., said he could not understand why Reno, who has recommended the appointment of seven independent counsels during her six-year term, seemed so reluctant to move on the possible campaign finance violations. ``In some cases you have quickly called for an independent counsel, but in other cases that I believe cry out for a special prosecutor, you don't,'' he said. …"

The Chicago Sun-Times 3/18/99 Robert Novak "…A seat at the Feb. 25 White House state dinner honoring the president of Ghana was filled by investment banker and civil rights pioneer Ernest F. Green, invited as a prominent African American by his good friend and fellow Arkansan Bill Clinton. Now, not even a month later, Chairman Dan Burton of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee has sent Attorney General Janet Reno a referral alleging that Green misled Congress about his contributions to the 1996 Democratic campaign. Green, the Washington-based managing director of public finance at Lehman Brothers, contributed $50,000 to the party. He denied under oath for the first time two years ago that any of these funds were supplied by the notorious Charlie Trie. But Republican House investigators have found $2,000 in travelers checks given to Green by Trie, which they see as the tip of the iceberg. Writing to Reno this week, Burton noted Green's intimacy with the president and added: "I hope that you can conduct this investigation with the vigor and impartiality that it deserves. . . . I hope that you will devote careful attention to this matter to determine whether Mr. Green should be prosecuted for his false statements." This poses a new test for Reno, who has refused to call special prosecutors for campaign scandal allegations while her Justice Department investigations have yielded little. Green is the only close associate of Trie--the indicted restaurant-owner-turned-global-entrepreneur--to testify to Congress. Another 121 prospective witnesses either have fled the country or invoked the Fifth Amendment. Green denied being a "conduit contributor" for illegal money raised abroad by Trie. Indeed, he swore he never received "any money" from Trie…."

3/12/99 Letter from Dan Burton to Janet Reno "…The Committee’s investigation of the activities of Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie has involved a review of Mr. Trie’s relationship with Ernest G. Green. Mr. Green was one of Trie’s main business and fundraising contacts between 1994 and 1996. During his depositions before this Committee and the Senate, Mr. Green made several false statements regarding his relationship with Mr. Trie which raise concerns warranting investigation. Therefore, I am referring this matter to you for investigation by the Campaign Financing Task Force….Mr. Green’s misleading statements to the Committee concealed crucial elements of his relationship with Charlie Trie, a close friend of the President who has already been indicted by your Campaign Financing Task Force. Green and Trie were close associates whose relationship included private business ventures, foreign travel, and political fundraising. Trie was central to the Committee’s investigation, and accordingly, Green was an important figure in the investigation as well, as he was one of few Trie associates who had not fled the country or invoked his Fifth Amendment rights…Green was acquainted with both Trie and his Macau-based benefactor, Ng Lap Seng, having been introduced to them by Jude Kearney, a high-level Commerce Department official. Green met with Trie and Ng to explore the possibility of lending the support of his employer, Lehman Brothers, to a real estate project backed by Ng in Macau called the Nam Van Lakes project….Green traveled with Trie to Asia on two occasions: first, in the summer of 1995, and then again in the fall of 1995. Both times, Green traveled at the expense of Ng and Trie, and Green claims that the purpose of the trips was to inspect the Nam Van Lakes project….During his second trip to Asia, in October 1995, Green attended a dinner held at the Hong Kong Shangri-La Hotel in honor of Secretary Ron Brown. In news accounts, several of the foreign guests at the dinner stated that they were solicited by Charlie Trie and Antonio Pan to contribute to the DNC…Green was involved in arranging to have Charlie Trie and Wang Jun attend a February 6, 1996, fundraising coffee with President Clinton. Wang is the head of CITIC, a major Chinese conglomerate which was under investigation for smuggling illegal weapons into the United States. President Clinton later stated that it was "clearly inappropriate" for Wang to visit the White House…. Green made two large contributions to the DNC in 1996, and DNC records indicate that Charlie Trie solicited both contributions. The first was made by Green on February 6, 1996, and the second was made on March 8, 1996…. "

Washington Times 3/23/99 Sean Scully Freeper Rodger Schultz "…A Justice Department written statement argued that the department's internal figures show a far smaller decline in gun prosecutions. The department said that prosecutions have, in fact, dropped from 6,763 in 1992 to 4,529 last year…"

AP 3/22/99 Pete Yost "…The head of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's Arkansas office testified Monday for the second time in less than a week, outlining an unsubstantiated allegation that Webster Hubbell, a friend of the Clintons, may have tried to stop an investigation while a Justice Department official. Subpoenaed as a witness in a civil lawsuit, Starr deputy Hickman Ewing Jr. testified about a meeting initiated last year by Mike Salem, a disgruntled former employee of the Lane poultry company that was purchased by Tyson Foods more than a decade ago….. Appearing on the witness stand for a half-hour before Pulaski County Chancery Court Judge Ellen Brantley, Ewing testified that Salem repeatedly brought up Hubbell's name in meeting with him last May 27. He said Salem suggested that Starr's office look into Hubbell's activities at the Justice Department at a time when ``elements of the department'' were looking into the actions of the Lane trustees. ``Salem wanted to make us aware'' that ``Hubbell had been at the Justice Department'' and that ``what had happened up there needed investigating,'' Ewing testified…."

UPI 3/23/99 "…A Pentagon official told a Senate panel that the Defense Department will turn over its local-level "first responder" training for chemical, biological or nuclear weapons attacks to the Justice Department by Oct. 1, 2000…The transfer of the first responder program will allow local police and fire departments to have "one-stop shopping," getting all their domestic crisis response equipment and training from Justice. Under the new proposal, the Pentagon would continue to provide crisis-response support through the National Guard and reserves…."

New York Times 3/24/99 James Risen "…In spring 1997, Los Alamos National Laboratory chose a scientist who was already under investigation as a suspected spy for China to run a sensitive new nuclear weapons program, several senior Government officials say. The scientist, Wen Ho Lee, eager for the new post, asked that he be allowed to hire a research assistant, the officials said. Once in the new position, in charge of updating computer software for nuclear weapons, Lee hired a post-doctoral researcher who was a citizen of the People's Republic of China, intelligence and law-enforcement officials said. Although the Federal Bureau of Investigation had said that a wiretap on Lee, a computer expert born in Taiwan who is an American citizen, would allow the bureau to keep close tabs on him in the new position, the bureau never won approval for the electronic monitoring, the officials said. Now, two years later, Lee has been fired for security breaches at Los Alamos and senior Government officials say he remains a suspect in the F.B.I.'s continuing investigation of allegations that China stole nuclear secrets from America's weapons laboratories…. And the research assistant has disappeared….The F.B.I., which opened a criminal investigation into the spy case in June 1996, gave its approval when Los Alamos officials decided to give Lee the new position, intelligence and law-enforcement officials say. Clinton Administration officials said that Lee's new posting was approved in part because they believed his access to information would be "controlled." In the new job "he only had access to material he already had in his head," said one official. "He couldn't see the latest stuff." The bureau also assured laboratory officials and the Department of Energy, which owns the weapons labs, that it would keep close watch on Lee in his new job, and would seek approval for a secret wiretap to monitor his telephone conversations. But officials now say that the bureau's requests for a secret wiretap were repeatedly turned down by Justice Department officials who did not believe they had sufficient grounds to take to a Federal court to obtain the authorization for the wiretap…."

WORLD Magazine 3/27/99 "… The spy scandal has given new urgency to the long-held belief that Attorney General Janet Reno was covering for the president when she refused to appoint an independent counsel to investigate the Peoples Liberation Army donations and other campaign-finance abuses. To bypass the intractable attorney general, Mr. McCain called for a blue-ribbon panel, similar to the one that investigated the Iran-Contra arms deal, to look further into charges of Chinese influence peddling and spying…."

Investors Business Daily 3/30/99 "… It's almost too fantastic to believe. But evidence has surfaced that the administration may have turned a blind eye toward Red Chinese espionage - if not actually abetted it. The lethal drama unfolding in Kosovo has helped keep the charges that Red China stole nuclear secrets out of the spotlight. But some journalists - in particular Jeff Gerth and James Risen of The New York Times - have made some very disturbing discoveries. Not only did the Clinton administration take its sweet time in investigating the alleged theft after learning of it, there's reason to believe that the Justice Department failed to follow its usual procedures in overseeing the FBI probe of the matter. The result? The Chinese have a vastly improved missile force and no one has been held accountable….. As part of the probe, the bureau requested a wiretap on Lee. Justice denied it, arguing it did not have sufficient grounds to take to a federal court to get the tap approved. But a look at the Justice Department's record on wiretaps calls that argument into serious question. From 1993 to 1997, federal officials requested 2,686 wiretaps. For all its concern for probable cause and legal standards, the Justice Department turned down one request in those four years - Lee's in 1996. The Clinton administration's defense that it had few grounds to wiretap Lee might carry weight if most of the wiretaps Justice OK'd resulted in incriminating evidence. That would suggest Justice was setting and meeting high standards for wiretaps.

But again the record suggests Justice is talking through its hat. In 1997, 21.4% of federal wiretaps produced incriminating information. Indeed, through the first four years of Clinton's term, only one in five wiretaps revealed shady actions. Yet in the case of Lee and alleged Chinese espionage, the department seems to think that it needed cold proof of illegal activity before approving a wiretap. Several conclusions can be drawn from this case, each one more and more incredible. One is that key officials in the Clinton administration are incredibly naive. Another is that they are criminally incompetent. Both answers are plausible, given this administration. But it's not too big a leap to ask if some officials were more than naive or incompetent. Were they intentionally ignorant? Did the push for campaign cash in 1996 - some of it coming from Chinese sources - take precedence over national security? An even more disturbing speculation is that someone in the administration was actively working for the Red Chinese. Sure, it sounds like a Tom Clancy novel. But why did Justice deny the wiretap request? Why did the Energy Department promote Lee to a spot where he could learn more secrets? How did a Chinese national get hired for such a sensitive job? The administration has its hands full now with Kosovo. But it must not be allowed to duck these questions on Red China's espionage…."

CNS/Softwar 4/1/99 Bruce Sullivan Charles Smith "...The Department of Justice approved 748 applications for electronic surveillance or physical searches in 1997. It denied only one. The FBI's request to wiretap Wen Ho Lee, a computer scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, who has since been fired amid suspicions of espionage at the laboratory. The wiretap was denied despite Attorney General Janet Reno's admission that there was "probable cause to believe the target to be an agent of a foreign power," according to Justice Department documents.

"In one case, although satisfied as to the probable cause to believe the target to be an agent of a foreign power, the court declined to approve ther application," wrote Reno in a letter to L. Ralph Mecham, Director, Administrative Office of the United States Courts dated April 29, 1998. When Lee was given a sensitive new job at the Los Alamos facility, which conducts top-secret nuclear research, the FBI suspected him of espionage and only approved his assignment, with the stipulation that they would seek a wiretap authorization from the Department of Justice. The DoJ denied the request on the grounds that the evidence against Lee was too old. The government has filed a motion to withdraw the case as it has become moot," said Reno in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by CNS...."


The Oklahoman 4/7/99 Dan Thomasson "…Senate and House investigations had revealed that Chung visited the White House at least 50 times and escorted a number of Chinese associates to White House events with the Clintons. It would be tough for the average American to get there once, but money talks and Chung has talked plenty. According to reports by the Los Angeles Times, Chung and the intelligence official got together through a woman friend of Chung's who also was (imagine this) a lieutenant colonel in the People's Liberation Army. Well, wonderful. But it just so happened all this was going on at a time when the White House appeared to be moving rather slowly on information that the Chinese might have been stealing U.S. missile technology and that the main thief was still in place at the Los Alamos, N.M., laboratories. The initial theft took place in 1988, but the Clinton administration has been accused of taking only tentative steps toward cleaning up the mess and tightening security…..The Chinese spying case is expected to become a major problem for the White House as Congress awaits the release of a House committee report and new hearings. With these new elements, the whole campaign funding affair cries out for the appointment of an independent counsel. But Attorney General Janet Reno has made it abundantly clear that she has no intention of losing control of the investigation….."

Manchester Union Leader 4/14/99 Richard Lessner "…All of this makes Mr. Clinton's dealings with Beijing deeply suspect, especially as his Justice Department continues to drag its feet investigating the Chinagate scandal. Is it any wonder that the Clinton dealings with China have the odor of appeasement? No matter how egregious China's behavior, Mr. Clinton appears determined to reward Beijing…."


AP 4/11/99 "...CIA technicians found 31 secret files in the unsecured personal computer at the home of the former Director John Deutch shortly after he stepped down as the nation's top spy, it was reported Sunday. The Central Intelligence Agency turned the case over to the Justice Department, which investigated for a year before deciding not to file charges, Newsweek magazine said. The Justice Department returned the case to the CIA, which Newsweek said was preparing a critical report and considering revocation of Deutch's security clearances..... Quoting Justice Department sources, the magazine said Deutch's mishandling of classified material came to light shortly after he resigned in December 1996. He was to continue as a consultant..... During the Justice Department investigation, Deutch was reappointed to a federal panel that studies how to combat proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and was given top security clearances, Newsweek said...."

A.P. 4/11/99 William Mann "...``Nowadays, the ability of Congress to really find out anything substantive in congressional hearings has been very, very limited.'' ....Thompson, R-Tenn., chairman of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, said the hearing process has degenerated to little more than committee members revealing what their staffs have found out. ``The media's short attention span, the partisanship that we have and all of that makes it so that you can kind of lay out and demonstrate what you already have,'' Thompson said on ``Fox News Sunday. ``But finding something out is very, very difficult.'' ``What we've relied on in this country for years and years ... is a strong prosecution team, an independent counsel, a special counsel, or a Justice department who's aggressive,'' Thompson said. ``That produces people who want to make deals, who want to talk.'' But, he said: ``That hasn't happened in this case. The real scandal in this case (his committee's investigation) emanates from the Justice Department more than anything else.'' ....." 4/13/99 Ben Anderson "...House Government Reform Committee Chairman Dan Burton (R-IL) has written letters to President Bill Clinton, Attorney General Janet Reno and Chinese Prime Minister Zhu Rongji, in another attempt to win their cooperation to determine the extent of Chinese influence in the 1996 elections. Burton's latest attempt is rekindling flames in a campaign finance investigation launched two years ago, but delayed by 121 witnesses fleeing the country or refusing to testify and by White House assertions of executive privilege. Following-up on Chinese Prime Minister Zhu Rongji's commitment last week to "cooperate" with an investigation of illegal campaign contributions, Burton wrote to the Premier asking for the Chinese government's cooperation on two levels: Interviews with would-be witnesses and bank records of wire transfers to Charlie Trie and Johnny Chung, both Democratic National Committee donors. When committee investigators applied for visas in January 1998, to interview witnesses in China, Embassy officials in Washington said they were under orders from the Chinese Foreign Ministry to deny visas pertaining to a congressional investigation. "My staff was further informed that anyone who attempted to travel to China or Hong Kong to conduct interviews in this investigation would be arrested," Burton wrote in his letter to Zhu. According to Burton, the committee has "received little or no cooperation" in obtaining "information about wire transfers from the Bank of China to key figures" in the fundraising investigation....With media reports of Chung's testimony before Federal investigators and Zhu's visit as a backdrop, Burton asked Reno for help in making Chung available to testify before the Committee. Despite reaching a plea agreement with Chung more than one year ago, the Justice Department has failed to bring about one indictment, Burton notes. "Recent media reports have suggested that the Task Force's work has ground to a halt," Burton said, referring to Fox News Channel's report that Reno had essentially approved of keeping the case open simply for political expediency, but allowing the work of the investigation to stall...."

Judicial Watch Press Release 4/09/99 "...Today, in the wake of reemerging revelations about Chinagate, The Wall Street Journal reported: "The upshot is that, 2 1/2 years after the Justice Department's investigation of alleged campaign finance abuses began, its workload has slackened considerably and some cases are stuck in neutral. At one point there were 120 prosecutors, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and others working on the department's campaign finance task force. That number has dwindled to fewer than 90, and the bulk of them aren't working on the case full-time anymore." With only eight lawyers, Judicial Watch - which, in the words of Representative Bob Barr, has uncovered about 65% of what Americans now know about the Clinton scandals, including Chinagate -- has accomplished more than the Reno Justice Department.... Judicial Watch's Interim Report (see urged Congress to include Chinagate in its impeachment inquiry. Congressman Bob Barr and House investigator Dave Schippers supported this, but the rush to end the impeachment inquiry precluded this....."

Wall Street Journal 4/9/99 David Cloud Phil Kuntz "...Even as Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji visits President Clinton here, the steam is going out of one of their biggest problems: the federal investigation into whether China hatched an elaborate plot to funnel money into the Clinton-Gore 1996 re-election effort. Justice Department and congressional investigators have uncovered significant evidence that funds from China wound up in Democratic National Committee coffers. But law-enforcement officials think the evidence more strongly suggests uncoordinated efforts by business entrepreneurs who have prominent party or government positions, rather than a Chinese government plot. Even if there were such a plot, law-enforcement officials now seem to have concluded that there is little point in charging those responsible in China, because there is little chance they would ever be turned over to U.S. custody. That leaves the matter in the hands of U.S. counterintelligence officials... Sen. Thompson is especially scornful of skepticism by law-enforcement officials about what his committee dubbed the "China Plan" to funnel money to the Clinton campaign. He concedes that there is no evidence indicating that each step of the alleged conspiracy was directed by Chinese President Ziang Zemin. But he adds, "We know how the Chinese government operates -- through various companies. Practically everything is the government over there." ....But prosecutors have run into unexpected problems in two of the major cases, those of Little Rock, Ark., businessman Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie and Los Angeles immigration consultant Maria Hsia, both Democratic fund-raisers. Federal District Judge Paul Friedman has dismissed several counts against both of them, ruling that U.S. law doesn't prohibit foreigners from contributing "soft money" -- that is, unregulated donations to help build up political parties -- as it does "hard money" used to directly influence an election. He also has thrown out charges alleging the defendants caused false statements to be made to the Federal Election Commission..... The biggest remaining mystery of the case is whether DNC fund-raiser John Huang, whose attempts to tap Asian-American donors helped to ignite the scandal, will ever be charged. In seclusion since the first days of the scandal, Mr. Huang may soon be heard from again: Judicial Watch, a conservative group with a number of civil suits pending against the Clinton administration, has subpoenaed him to appear next week to give a deposition in a related suit it has filed against the Clinton administration...."

AP 4/10/99 "…FBI agents executed a search warrant Saturday at the New Mexico home of a scientist fired from his job at the Los Alamos National Laboratory under suspicion he passed nuclear weapons secrets to China, federal and law enforcement sources said. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson confirmed the warrant was executed in ``the ongoing investigation of alleged espionage,'' but he would not say where. But three other sources said the warrant raid was on the residence of Taiwan-born American Wen Ho Lee, who was fired last month….The sources would not describe what may have been confiscated but said the search was part of an effort by the FBI and the Energy Department to determine whether criminal charges should be brought…Richardson stressed that nobody has been charged, and FBI sources have cautioned in the past that charges might never be filed in the case…."

Reuters 4/25/99 "...Attorney General Janet Reno said Sunday that authorities investigating last week's Colorado school massacre would try to establish what the parents of the two youthful perpetrators knew of their sons' intentions. Interviewed on NBC's ``Meet the Press,'' Reno said: ``It is important that we identify who is responsible for them having guns, what the parents knew or should have known, and take appropriate steps.'' ..."

Reuters 4/25/99 Dan Whitcomb "...The parents of the two gunmen who killed 12 fellow students and a teacher at a high school could face prosecution, Colorado's governor said Sunday after investigators found clear evidence of the massacre's planning in the bedroom of one of the assailants. "I think that perhaps charges will be filed and certainly should be filed" against the parents if the evidence is confirmed, Republican Gov. Bill Owens said on Fox News Sunday. Investigators "found in one of the gunman's homes clear evidence out, sitting in the room, of what was about to happen," said Owens. He did not say specifically what the parents could be charged with....Attorney General Janet Reno also said Sunday that investigators would probe who gave the two teen-aged gunmen their weapons and "what the parents knew or should have known." Any adult could be charged as an accomplice if he or she gave weapons to the perpetrators, said Owens....."

Washington Times 4/30/99 Unsigned "...The latest Chinese nuclear-espionage bombshell has just exploded, sending shrapnel throughout Janet Reno's Justice Department. It involves the downloading of millions of lines of computer code detailing the history of U.S. nuclear-weapons development from highly classified computer systems to a widely accessible computer network. The downloading, most of which occurred during 1994 and 1995, was done by Energy Department scientist Wen Ho Lee. The FBI has uncovered evidence suggesting that someone accessed these supersecret files after Mr. Lee placed them in the unclassified network. For several years, the Justice Department obstructed the FBI's efforts to detect Mr. Lee's downloading activities.....Senior managers at the Los Alamos nuclear-weapons laboratory, which is run by the Energy Department, will soon be disciplined for their failure to monitor Mr. Lee's activities while he was under suspicion of espionage. But Attorney General Reno's Justice Department is far more culpable for this catastrophic national-security debacle. Time and again, the New York Times reports, the Justice Department declined to pursue FBI requests for wiretaps. Under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the Justice Department's Office of Intelligence Policy Review would have been required to petition a special court to obtain either a wiretap of Mr. Lee's phone or to gain surreptitious access to his office computer. Despite Mr. Lee's role as the principal espionage suspect, Miss Reno's Justice Department declined a 1997 FBI request for a wiretap and surreptitious access to Mr. Lee's office computer. Justice's Office of Intelligence Policy Review maintained there was insufficient evidence for it to seek the necessary court permission The FBI appealed that decision to Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, the second-highest Justice Department official. Mr. Holder also denied the request to pursue the wiretaps. It's worth recalling that in 1997, while President Clinton was pursuing his "strategic partnership" with China, not only was the FBI investigating Chinese nuclear espionage but congressional committees and an incompetent Justice Department task force were investigating Mr. Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign and the Democratic Party for receiving laundered money from the Chinese Communist government. Miss Reno repeatedly refused to seek an independent counsel, despite a 1997 recommendation to do so by FBI Director Louis Freeh. Meanwhile, her deputy and other Justice officials were refusing to act on FBI requests to obtain wiretaps that would have uncovered Mr. Lee's unauthorized downloading of the secrets of 50 years of U.S. nuclear-weapons development. Normally, the Justice Department favorably responds to FBI requests for such wiretaps in 99.9 percent of the 700 or so requests it receives each year. Why the issue of Chinese nuclear espionage was given a free pass by Justice wiretap gatekeepers is worth knowing...."

New York Times 4/29/99 Eric Schmitt "...Senior lawmakers expressed outrage and frustration on Wednesday over the government's failure to monitor a scientist suspected of spying for China, who officials now say may have given away secrets to virtually every nuclear weapon in the U.S. arsenal. After a three-hour closed hearing, the Republican chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Frank Murkowski of Alaska, criticized witnesses from the Energy Department, CIA and FBI for not taking responsibility for lax security at Government laboratories..... The witnesses were two Energy Department officials, Notra Trulock, acting deputy director of intelligence, and Ed Curran, counterintelligence director; Robert Walpole, a senior CIA official, and Neil Gallagher, assistant director of the FBI national security division.... The information, which Lee, who was born in Taiwan, transferred mainly in 1994 and 1995, was apparently accessed by someone after the files had been placed in the unclassified network, officials said..... Lawmakers said on Wednesday that those assurances were wrong. "This clearly points out a situation where we have the utmost secret, national security weaponry blueprints, and oversight that's not working," Murkowski said. "During this time frame there were some inexcusable lapses of accountability."... "It's inconceivable to the average person that Wen Ho Lee would not be watched closely after being suspected of espionage and be returned to an area of our most top guarded secrets," Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., who heads the Intelligence Committee, said in an interview. A Justice Department official acknowledged missteps in handling the FBI request, which career prosecutors never knew about. "People in the criminal division," the official said, "would liked to have been consulted early on, and it didn't happen in this case." ..."

LA Times 4/29/99 Bob Drogin "...The FBI plans to arrest suspected spy Wen Ho Lee on charges related to the transfer to China of top-secret nuclear weapon computer programs and data into an insecure computer over a 12-year period, a senior Clinton administration official said Wednesday. The official said the FBI is "reasonably close" to making a case and expects to arrest Lee within 10 days on charges of unauthorized disclosure of highly classified material..... The FBI only discovered the transfer of the massive computer files in late March, and officials said it appeared to be the most solid evidence yet linking Lee to possible espionage.... Richardson is expected to discipline several Los Alamos and Energy Department officials in the next few days as a result of an internal probe into the Lee case. The probe has attempted to determine why Lee was allowed to work in classified areas at Los Alamos until last year, and why he kept his classified security clearance until shortly before he was dismissed. The FBI first identified Lee, who was born in Taiwan but is a naturalized American, as a possible Chinese agent in 1996. Agents did not interview him, however, until late last year, and were unable to obtain a search warrant for his home and other property until earlier this month.... "

Washington Post 4/30/99 Walter Pincus& Vernon Loeb "...Amid new allegations of questionable activity by an espionage suspect at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Congress erupted in complaints yesterday about FBI and Justice Department handling of security breaches and possible espionage by China at the nation's nuclear weapons laboratories. After grilling FBI Director Louis J. Freeh for nearly three hours in a closed-door hearing, members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence from both parties appeared equally outraged at what they depicted as lax handling o f past and present investigations into suspected leaks of classified data. Their concern was aroused in particular by Freeh's testimony that the suspect, Wen Ho Lee, had been cited for suspicious actions going back almost 20 years, according to congressional and administration sources. This information hit particularly hard because it came on top of the disclosure Tuesday that Lee had moved secret nuclear weapons data from a highly classified computer network to an unclassified system vulnerable to access by outsiders....Freeh's appearance included disclosure that Lee had a series of questionable activities documented in his security file going back to the early 1980s and continuing to 1994, according to the sources. "Any one of these should have led to lifting his security clearance years ago," one source said. Failure of the FBI almost 20 years ago to follow up on an intercepted telephone call was one critical focus of the session, according to administration and congressional sources. The call in the early 1980s, made by Lee, then a new Los Alamos employee, was to an individual at the Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Laboratory who was then suspected of having given neutron bomb secrets to the Chinese, according to sources. In it, Lee said, " 'I can help you -- I can tell you who ratted on you,' " one source said. The Livermore scientist, whose name is still classified, was permitted to resign in 1981, sources said. That case has never been closed, according to FBI sources...."

Rush Limbaugh Show 4/29/99 Freeper Newsman "... "One of the things that backs up what you say," Limbaugh noted, "is the discoveries that the FBI tried twice to wiretap Lee, but the Justice Department said "no." "They allowed every other wiretap, except the wiretap on him."

Houston Chronicle 4/29/99 William Safire "...Suspecting Lee at Los Alamos to be a spy for China, FBI agents in 1997 alerted the White House and went to the Department of Justice's Office of Intelligence Policy Review to request application to a special court for a wiretap under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. But Acting Director Gerald Schroeder and his aide Alan Kornblum decided the evidence was insufficient and refused to apply. The FBI then went over Schroeder's head to the office of Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, and was turned down again. The FBI never returned with new evidence to Schroeder. Did Freeh appeal to Janet Reno about "overlawyering" in a national security case, or was he too browbeaten to try? The bureau learned that when it comes to China, Reno's Justice Department assigns only its most incompetent operatives and penalizes prosecutors who target Asian financing of the 1996 election. Consider: Justice makes some 700 court applications a year for taps under that surveillance law. Maybe once or twice a year, says a Justice intelligence official, it finally refuses the FBI's request that it apply. This case, involving an embarrassment to China when Clinton was proclaiming "strategic partnership," was the one..."

Houston Chronicle 4/29/99 William Safire "...Moreover, Congress should examine the ultra-gentle prosecution of a Los Alamos nuclear simulation scientist, Peter Lee, who was let off with a year in a halfway house. The sentencing judge was never told all Justice knew of his spying...."

Washington Post 4/29/99 Vernon Loeb and Walter Pincus "..."It's staggering - I'm still in shock here," said Robert S. Norris, a senior analyst and nuclear weapons expert at the Natural Resources Defense Council. "If someone had access to [Lee's] unclassified computer, this could be all over the world." Norris's colleague, physicist Matthew G. McKinzie, said that unauthorized access to those programs - so-called legacy codes used to simulate warhead detonations - would represent "an unprecedented act of espionage, in its scope. The espionage in the Manhattan Project [would] pale in comparison." .... The official said that a password was needed to access the information even after Lee transferred it from the classified computer system. The unclassified system allows investigators to determine when and whether the data was accessed, the official said, and initial indications are that the material was accessed "at least a little bit." Who was looking at it remains unclear, the official said, since Lee could have given his password to someone else. Another high-ranking official reported no indication that the information was compromised. He denied a published report of evidence showing a password had been misused to gain access. He also denied that the FBI had been derelict in not searching Lee's computer at the beginning of the espionage investigation in 1996. At the time, FBI agents from the bureau's Albuquerque field office wanted to search the computer but were told they needed a search warrant from a secret federal court under the Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Act. The warrant was denied, the official said, because of a lack of evidence showing that Lee was engaged in acts of espionage....As soon as FBI agents discovered Lee had transferred massive amounts of secret data to his unclassified computer, Richardson ordered a shutdown of the classified computer networks at Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore and Sandia National Laboratories on April 2 for an extensive security overhaul. The FBI is still reviewing material taken from the search of Lee's home, some of it in Chinese...." 4/27/99 (Charles Smith) "...The Galaxy New Technology deal went public in 1996, drawing a firestorm of press and a GAO report. According to the GAO, "Defense Department officials told us that broadband telecommunications equipment could be used to improve the Chinese military's command and control communications networks." In 1997, Congressman Hyde wrote Attorney General Reno a letter outlining his concerns about Galaxy New Technology. According to Congressman Hyde's letter to Reno, "In 1994, sophisticated telecommunications technology was transferred to a U.S.-Chinese joint venture called HUA MEI, in which the Chinese partner is an entity controlled by the Chinese military. This particular transfer included fiber-optic communications equipment which is used for high-speed, secure communications over long distances. Also included in the package was advanced encryption software." Despite the GAO, Congress and the public press reports, the honorable General Janet Reno did nothing...."

World Net Daily 4/27/99 Joseph Farah "..."We have a great opportunity right now," said Attorney General Janet Reno, a day after 13 children and a teacher were massacred at Columbine High in Littleton, Colo. What in the world did she mean "great opportunity"? Was it an opportunity for her bosses to get their mugs on TV? Was it an opportunity to dispense more federal money on meaningless programs to put counselors in the schools or to track potential student timebombs through Big Brother databases or to pump more mind-control drugs into government schools? Was it an opportunity to get the debacle of the Balkans aggression off the front pages, which was in turn an opportunity to get Chinagate off the front pages? Was it an opportunity to dispatch a "crisis response team" from Washington to Colorado to demonstrate how compassionate President Clinton is? Was it an opportunity to send $1.5 million in U.S. taxpayer money to pay for funerals and other costs associated with the tragedy? Was it an opportunity to fast-track the administration's plan to further restrict your inalienable right to bear arms? Or was it an opportunity to do all of the above? I'll tell you, I have never seen such shameless political exploitation of tragedy in my life as I have with the Columbine massacre.... A great opportunity, indeed. How many times did Clinton appear on television the day of the massacre? Does he think he's a TV newsman or the chief executive of the federal government? It may be hard for some to imagine or accept, but I am convinced that this whole evil Clinton administration actually looks upon incidents such as Columbine as opportunities. Janet Reno's verbal slip was simply a rare moment of candor and honesty from an administration best characterized by duplicity and deceit...."

USA Today 4/29/99 AP "...A number of Energy Department and national weapons laboratory officials face possible disciplinary action because a scientist was provided continued access to top nuclear secrets long after he became a target of an espionage investigation, government officials say. An internal Energy Department investigation of the scientist and possible theft of secrets by China at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico is focusing on ''why was this man permitted access for so long,'' a senior official said Wednesday....Meanwhile, it was learned Wednesday that investigators for nearly two years were prevented from examining Lee's personal computer at Los Alamos because Los Alamos employees never had been put on formal notice that their computers were subject to search.... A search of Lee's computer was proposed as early as 1996, but both FBI and Justice Department lawyers said a warrant would be needed because the lab's computers did not contain warnings they were subject to search as government property, the officials said, and there was not enough hard evidence to get a warrant. When investigators finally examined Lee's computer after the scientist had been fired, they found the computer contained extensive files of top-secret weapons design and performance codes, although the computer was part of an unclassified system with wide access and could be used to send data in and out of the lab complex. The discovery of top-secret data in Lee's less secure computer is expected to raise new questions about why he was allowed to keep his security clearance and allowed continued access to some of the lab's most sensitive weapons data more than two years after he became a leading suspect in the alleged theft by China of information on a sophisticated nuclear warheads, the W-88, in the 1980s....Most of the files in Lee's computer had been transferred from Los Alamos' highly secure computer system in 1994-95, although evidence was found the Lee made some authorized transfers as early as 1983, an official said. He said there was no evidence that the files were accessed from outside the laboratory, but also no assurance that they were not...."

New York Times 5/2/99 Jeff Gerth James Risen "...A secret report [11/98 prepared by U. S. counterintelligence officials throughout the government] to top Clinton administration officials last November warned that China posed an "acute intelligence threat" to the government's nuclear weapons laboratories and that computer systems at the labs were being constantly penetrated by outsiders. Yet investigators waited until March to search the computer of a scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory who had been under investigation for nearly three years, suspected of spying for China. And it was not until April that the Energy Department shut down its classified computer systems to impose tighter security over their data. Meanwhile, in February, the scientist, Wen Ho Lee, tried to delete evidence that he had improperly transferred more than 1,000 files containing nuclear secrets, officials said. The classified report contains numerous warnings and specific examples showing that outsiders had gained access to the computer systems at U. S. weapons labs as recently as June 1998....The report was distributed to the highest levels of the government, including Bill Richardson, the secretary of energy; William Cohen, the secretary of defense; Janet Reno, the attorney general; President Clinton's national security adviser, Sandy Berger, and three dozen other senior officials at law enforcement, defense and intelligence agencies. A government official gave a copy of the report to The New York Times. ... According to the report, the Energy Department recorded 324 attacks on its unclassified computer systems from outside the United States between October 1997 and June 1998, including instances when outsiders successfully gained "complete access and total control to create, view, modify or execute any and all information stored on the system." The document does not say where the computer attacks originated...."

New York Times 5/2/99 Jeff Gerth James Risen "...The 25-page counterintelligence report contains many examples of lax security and serious intelligence breaches at the labs that have not been previously disclosed, involving more than a dozen foreign countries. Foreign spies "rightly view DOE as an inviting, diverse and soft target that is easy to access and that employs many who are willing to share information," the report states.....The report also singles out Russia and India as immediate threats. "China represents an acute intelligence threat to DOE," the report said, referring to the Department of Energy. "It conducts 'a full court press' consisting of massive numbers of collectors of all kinds, in the United States, in China, and elsewhere abroad. "China is an advanced nuclear power yet its nuclear stockpile is deteriorating," it continued. "As such, China has specifically targeted DOE for the collection of technical intelligence related to the design of nuclear weapons." The report concludes, "This effort has been very successful and Beijing's exploitation of U.S. national laboratories has substantially aided its nuclear weapons program." The report states that the maintenance of nuclear weapons, so-called "stockpile stewardship," is the area of most intense interest to China. Lee was at the center of Los Alamos' stockpile stewardship program for years...."

New York Times 5/2/99 Jeff Gerth James Risen "...The report also includes detailed information about a number of incidents in which China could have obtained sensitive weapons information, as well as some of the ways the espionage could have taken place, including these: A Chinese scientist working at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, on Long Island, was able to send dozens of long, technical faxes to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, enabling the Chinese research center to duplicate Brookhaven experiments as they were being conducted. China might be using its exchanges with American scientists for espionage. Chinese intelligence officials have also arranged the visits of American scientists to China to "enable Chinese experts to assess and develop these contacts," according to the report. Thirty-seven Chinese intelligence officers have visited or been assigned to the labs and other Energy Department facilities over the last five years...."

New York Times 5/2/99 Jeff Gerth James Risen "...The report also focuses on security breaches at the labs involving other countries, citing numerous incidents. For example, Russian intelligence has intercepted communications from Los Alamos concerning nuclear power plants used for military purposes. In addition, the report says that an unknown individual sent 38 faxes to India from inside a sensitive area of the Oak Ridge Laboratory, in Tennessee, during a 30-day period in 1995 and 1996. The report grew out of a comprehensive counterintelligence review prompted by an espionage investigation that came to focus on Lee in 1996...."

New York Times 5/2/99 Jeff Gerth James Risen "...A select congressional committee sent the president additional warnings about the security of the weapons laboratories in a separate report that was also secretly delivered in January of this year. ..."

New York Times 5/2/99 Jeff Gerth James Risen "...The search of Lee's computer "should have happened earlier," Richardson said. But he defended waiting until April 2 to shut down the computer systems at the laboratory, saying: "It wouldn't have made much of a difference to have gone earlier." "The shutdown was the most extreme of measures," he said. After learning on March 30 that Lee had improperly moved vast amounts of nuclear secrets, Richardson said he decided to "speed up" plans adopted months earlier to improve computer security...."

New York Times 5/2/99 Jeff Gerth James Risen "...In April 1996, Energy Department officials briefed Berger, then the deputy national security adviser, on the case and how it related to China's nuclear strategy. Berger took no action and did not inform the president of the matter, White House officials have said. The FBI meanwhile began a criminal inquiry. But little investigative work was done by FBI agents throughout the rest of 1996. In 1997, the Justice Department declined an FBI request to ask a court for authority to monitor Lee's phone and to gain access to Lee's office computer. Justice Department officials argued there was insufficient evidence to convince a judge to approve the surveillance. The FBI had asked the Energy Department not to move Lee from his job at Los Alamos, fearing this might alert him that he was a suspect. But the inquiry appeared to be stalled. In April 1997, the bureau's agents in Albuquerque, N.M., told Energy Department officials they could transfer Lee to a less sensitive job. But that message apparently never reached Energy Department officials in Washington, officials said. The job Lee was shifted to that month was one in which he was responsible for updating a computerized archive of nuclear secrets...."

New York Times 5/2/99 Jeff Gerth James Risen "...In July 1997, Berger was briefed again. This time, the briefing included evidence that the Chinese were focusing on computer systems at Los Alamos, in particular computer simulations and codes for nuclear weapons, according to one U.S. official. At about the same time, officials at the Energy Department, the lab and the FBI were all also warned that the Chinese were attempting to gain access to computer systems at Los Alamos. The July discussion was also broader, including other security problems, the W-88 theft and other espionage cases, including one involving a scientist who had worked for weapons labs and their contractors, officials said....That scientist, Peter Lee (who is not related to Wen Ho Lee) later pleaded guilty to attempting to pass classified information in 1985 and making false statements about a trip to China in 1997. The November 1998 report cited his case as "a good example of China's use of cultural ties to collect successfully." After Berger's 1997 briefing, he discussed the matter with the president, and White House officials began to draft a presidential directive ordering better security at the laboratories, White House officials said. Meanwhile, the FBI's investigation of Wen Ho Lee continued without success...."

New York Times 5/2/99 Jeff Gerth James Risen "...In the summer of 1998, Chinese-American FBI agents, posing as Chinese spies, tried to establish a covert relationship with Lee, officials said. In their sting, what the FBI calls a "false flag" operation, the FBI agents called him, pretending to be Chinese spies checking up on Lee in the wake of Peter Lee's conviction earlier that year, officials said. Wen Ho Lee listened, and then called the agents back to refuse their offer to get together. ..."

New York Times 5/2/99 Jeff Gerth James Risen "...In November, the secret counterintelligence report was completed. Richardson, prodded both by Congress and by the mounting evidence of security problems, took action to screen foreign visitors to the labs, proposals that had lain dormant for years at the Energy Department. In December, Lee was subjected to a polygraph for the first time. During that first examination, for reasons that officials could not explain, investigators did not ask Lee to consent to a search of his office computer. Government attorneys had concluded that the earlier Justice Department denial for an FBI surreptitious search required Lee's permission to examine his office computer. In February, Lee took a second polygraph. This time, officials said, he was asked about his computer use and some of his answers were seen as deceptive. Two days later, apparently aware that investigators were now suspicious about his computer use, Lee deleted between 1,000 and 2,000 files, officials said. Lee's deletions involved millions of lines of computer codes he had downloaded, mostly in 1994 and 1995, from his classified computer system to an unclassified system. Such unclassified systems at the labs have been successfully attacked by outsiders, according to the 1998 intelligence report. In early March, Lee was interviewed by the FBI. During the interviews he gave permission for his computer to be searched. On March 8, he was fired from Los Alamos for security violations. Over the next few weeks, investigators pored through his computer records, recreated the deleted files and learned that Lee had downloaded computer data and codes that, in effect, were the distillation of more than a half-century of research on how to perfect nuclear weapons, officials said...."

The Associated Press 5/02/99 JIM ABRAMS "...National Rifle Association President Charlton Heston said Sunday that better pursuit of criminals, not new gun laws, is the best way to prevent a repeat of the Colorado high school shootings. An administration proposal to impose new background checks on gun purchasers, he said, ``smells of tyranny.'' ....But Heston insisted that ``the problem is not the availability of guns,'' but the failure of the Justice Department to enforce what he said are more than 2,000 laws controlling the sale and ownership of firearms...."

Washington Times 4/30/99 Editorial Board "..... For several years, the Justice Department obstructed the FBI's efforts to detect Mr. Lee's downloading activities Mr. Lee, who was fired in March, emerged more than three years ago as the primary suspect in an espionage case in which China acquired design information about America's most sophisticated nuclear warhead, the W-88, which is deployed on the Trident II submarine-launched ballistic missile...."

Washington Times 4/30/99 Editorial Board "..... Energy Department counterintelligence officials identified Mr. Lee as a major suspect in February 1996, noting that his travels to China made him stick out "like a sore thumb." For reasons that are virtually impossible to fathom, however, the FBI did not learn of Mr. Lee's massive downloading activities until last month, more than three years after he became the primary suspect in an espionage case that the CIA's chief of counterintelligence regarded as "far more damaging to national security than [Soviet spy] Aldrich Ames." ..."

Washington Times 4/30/99 Editorial Board "...Attorney General Reno's Justice Department is far more culpable for this catastrophic national-security debacle. Time and again, the New York Times reports, the Justice Department declined to pursue FBI requests for wiretaps. Under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the Justice Department's Office of Intelligence Policy Review would have been required to petition a special court to obtain either a wiretap of Mr. Lee's phone or to gain surreptitious access to his office computer. Despite Mr. Lee's role as the principal espionage suspect, Miss Reno's Justice Department declined a 1997 FBI request for a wiretap and surreptitious access to Mr. Lee's office computer. Justice's Office of Intelligence Policy Review maintained there was insufficient evidence for it to seek the necessary court permission The FBI appealed that decision to Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, the second-highest Justice Department official. Mr. Holder also denied the request to pursue the wiretaps...."

Washington Times 4/30/99 Editorial Board " 1997, while President Clinton was pursuing his "strategic partnership" with China, not only was the FBI investigating Chinese nuclear espionage but congressional committees and an incompetent Justice Department task force were investigating Mr. Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign and the Democratic Party for receiving laundered money from the Chinese Communist government. Miss Reno repeatedly refused to seek an independent counsel, despite a 1997 recommendation to do so by FBI Director Louis Freeh...."

Washington Times 4/30/99 Editorial Board "..... Meanwhile, her deputy and other Justice officials were refusing to act on FBI requests to obtain wiretaps that would have uncovered Mr. Lee's unauthorized downloading of the secrets of 50 years of U.S. nuclear-weapons development. Normally, the Justice Department favorably responds to FBI requests for such wiretaps in 99.9 percent of the 700 or so requests it receives each year. ...."

Washington Times 4/30/99 Editorial Board "....The FBI finally discovered the downloaded computer code after searching Mr. Lee's office computer last month. Within days of his March 8 firing and after he failed a lie-detector test, Mr. Lee gave the FBI permission to search his office computer...."

Washington Times 4/30/99 Editorial Board "..... Amazingly, however, even after the FBI made its startling discovery, the Justice Department delayed seeking court-ordered approval to search Mr. Lee's house. That search was finally conducted April 10, more than a month after Mr. Lee was fired...."

Reuters 5/2/99 "...The United States should brace for more "revelations'' on the China nuclear scandal, a senior U.S. lawmaker said Sunday. "The damage was bad, a lot worse than people ever imagined,'' said Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Shelby on allegations China penetrated the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico and obtained U.S. nuclear secrets. "I think there will be more revelations that will come out week after week.'' Shelby told "Fox News Sunday'' he hoped that China did not have "it all,'' but "I'm afraid they have a lot more than we ever dreamed they would have.''.... "It looks to me like this is a botched investigation by the FBI, and I think there is some culpability with the Justice Department,'' Shelby said. "I think the Justice Department treated this as an ordinary case when it should have been an extraordinary case.'' Shelby questioned why Justice investigators at one point did not approve a request from the FBI to secretly monitor Lee's computer and telephone. "They had a wake-up call. Maybe they didn't hear it,'' he said..... Shelby said China, which denies the spy assertions, is "so aggressive and so well connected all over America'' on U.S. nuclear technology matters. "I assume and I bet as we sit here, espionage or attempted espionage is going on.'' Asked if other nations, like Russia and India, had obtained U.S. nuclear secrets, Shelby said they were "trying.'' ....Shelby said it would take a long time to put meaningful security measures in place, and that he thought the FBI would eventually have to take over security at U.S. labs...."

Washington Weekly 5/2/99 RICKI MAGNUSSEN AND MARVIN LEE "...QUESTION: Considering that Johnny Chung has identified several channels of communication between the Chinese military and president Clinton, how close do you think that Clinton is to the Chinese military? TIMPERLAKE: Very close. Here's the reason why. Johnny Chung, who is a hustler, was picked because he figured out that the administration would take money for access. By our analysis, it looks like Chinese military intelligence saw that Johnny Chung was a clever fellow who knew how to work Bill Clinton. So Lieut. Col. Liu was assigned his case officer to recruit him. Her trade craft broke down, however, because in order to recruit Chung she brought him offshore and introduced Chung to Major General, I believe, Ji. And Ji is the famous fellow reported in the paper as saying: "We like your president" and he indicated that they had other individuals or channels of money. That happened several times. Now, General Ji reports to the deputy chief of staff for intelligence, a four star, who got there by providing agent provocateurs and discrediting the students who were at Tiananmen in 1989. That's what his job was, to get those poor kids. He's the gentleman who threatened to nuke Los Angeles over the Taiwan issue, that's the guy who did that. He is the ultimate spy master. His major general is general Ji, who met personally with Johnny Chung and Lieut. Col. Liu--by our count three times. They created a shell corporation called Marchwell to buy Lieut. Col. Liu access to President Clinton twice. And through a contribution to Senator Kerry of Massachusetts, she managed to meet the senior executive of the Securities and Exchange Commission about placing offerings on the American stock market of PRC companies. Now, I always thought that it was just about money, but it turns out that it was more than that. Apparently, the goal was to create a lot of shell companies in the import/export business and high-tech business so they could accomplish the goal of buying American high-tech equipment across the board, equipment like gyroscopes, computers and high tech communications equipment and flood them out of the country thereby overwhelming our safeguards, our Customs, the FBI and counter intelligence operations. So that was the goal and we don't know how successful she was because Chung is the only person of 122 people who has actually gone in front of the grand jury and (in our opinion) told the truth. That's a very powerful statement because the rest of them, if there were a strong law enforcement operation from the Justice Department, the conspiracy would have been broken by now and we would know how bad the damage was that was done to America. It's very apparent that the Attorney General of The United States has chosen to keep her job and sacrifice America at this point. The country is in great jeopardy, because as long as the conspiracy stands we don't know bad the damage was and we can't bring people to justice and until we bring people to justice we don't know how to rebuild the military because we don't know our total vulnerability. Prudence dictates that we should at this point assume a worst case scenario. Everything is gone! I was director of mobilization for the Department of Defense and we looked to the fact that our technology would save us. The great strength of America is our high-tech labs and our high-tech imperative to always be on the cutting edge and that is now compromised and sold out because of Bill Clinton accepting bribes from the People's Republic of China. ..."

The Union Leader 5/3/99 Richard Lessner "...Worse, the Clinton administration's criminal negligence in the face of this nearly total failure of security verges on - dare we say it? - the treasonous. The scale of our loss has been almost incalculable. This is the most important news story of the year. Even so, the Los Alamos case continues to be overshadowed by the tragedy in Littleton, Colo., and the war in Yugoslavia. It also may be that the American people - having endured Monicagate, impeachment, campaign finance shenanigans, Whitewater - are suffering Clinton scandal fatigue. Yet as worn-out as we all are with this scandal-ridden Presidency, this security is too serious to be casually written off..... As bad as this is, it is not the worst of the scandal. Lee's computer transfers apparently came in 1994 and 1995. Shortly thereafter, the Taiwan-born scientist became the prime suspect in the transfer to Red China of data on the secret W-88 nuclear warhead, the most advanced in the U.S. inventory..... The FBI began to target Lee in the W-88 theft in 1996. Despite this, he was allowed to keep his top secret security clearance and was allowed to continue working at Los Alamos. Despite the criminal investigation, Attorney General Reno's Justice Department blocked an FBI request for court approval to gain surreptitious access to Lee's office and computer files. At that point the investigation inexplicably stalled. Incredibly, in April 1997, Lee was promoted! Despite being the prime suspect in an espionage investigation, Lee was put in charge of updating the so-called "legacy" codes....... And now the FBI is saying it may be prepared to arrest Lee sometime in the next week or so. Is this delay intended to allow the suspected spy the opportunity to flee the country, as so many other witnesses in the Clinton-Gore/Red China fund-raising scandal have done? As we have noted before, what is so disturbing about this espionage case is the Clinton-Gore/Red China fund-raising nexus. At the very time the FBI was being thwarted in its efforts to investigate the Los Alamos security breakdown, the Clinton-Gore campaign was accepting campaign contributions from foreign sources linked to Beijing and, in at least one instance, directly from the chief of Chinese military intelligence. Did Janet Reno's Justice Department drag its feet in order to conceal the Clinton-China connection? Was the inattention to national security driven by political considerations? Was the FBI investigation blocked in 1996 to prevent this espionage scandal from becoming public during the Presidential campaign? ....."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 5/3/99 Joyce Howard Price "...Sen. Orrin G. Hatch, Utah Republican, who's also on the intelligence committee and who appeared on Fox, said: "We've compromised some of our most important top secret information. . . . It's very apparent we haven't taken counterintelligence measures or matters very seriously in this administration. This has gone on now for a long time through a series of administrations, but never has it been as bad as in the last two or three or four years." Some government officials and officials at the Los Alamos laboratory said last week that Mr. Lee compromised every weapon in the U.S. arsenal. He was removed from his job earlier this year but has not been charged with any crime so far. Asked about that yesterday, Mr. Shelby said he believes charges will be brought against the suspect. But he doesn't know when that will occur. But he did not have anything favorable to say about the government's investigation of Mr. Lee. "It looks to me like this is a botched investigation by the FBI, and there seems to be some culpability in the Justice Department," said Mr. Shelby. Asked whether he believes the administration's delayed response to warnings of Chinese spying might have been related to contributions the Chinese made to President Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign, Mr. Shelby said, "It makes us wonder. I hope not. I hope and pray there was never a connection between the two." But he noted that a request made to the office of Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder for a warrant to monitor the computer and phones of Mr. Lee was denied. "It was turned down during the historical context of all the investigation by Congress of the fund raising at the White House," Mr. Shelby said on Fox. Mr. Holder, who appeared on ABC's "This Week," denied any responsibility. "Our office did not refuse . . . our office is generally not in the loop. The office that handles those things did turn it down. A request was made of the Deputy Attorney General's Office in an informal way, from what I understand, to one of the lawyers in my office. It's not even clear that I was the deputy attorney general at that time. We're in the process of trying to re-create all that happened there," he said. "The determination that was made by the people who are professionals in this regard was that there was not probable cause at that point to proceed in the way in which the FBI wanted to," Mr. Holder said...."

Newsweek Magazine 5/3/99 Gregory L. Vistica and Daniel Klaidman "... Weeks after reports that Wen Ho Lee, a Chinese-American scientist at Los Alamos, may have leaked secret nuclear-weapons designs to Beijing back in 1988, some in the U.S. intelligence community are asking: was the FBI deliberately slow to investigate? The bureau certainly had a reason to be embarrassed about the investigation: NEWSWEEK has learned that Lee's wife, Sylvia, was for years an FBI informant. According to senior intelligence officials, from 1985 to 1991, Sylvia Lee - an administrator at Los Alamos who arranged lab tours for Chinese delegations and attended academic conferences in Beijing - covertly helped the FBI keep tabs on prominent Chinese scientists and develop personality profiles on them..... Intelligence officials still have doubts about whether they will ever gather enough evidence to prosecute Wen Ho Lee, who, sources say, knew about his wife's relationship with the FBI. Lee maintains he is innocent. Earlier this month the FBI sheepishly revealed Sylvia Lee's FBI ties to top intelligence officials, who are furious that the bureau withheld critical information. According to government officials, FBI Director Louis Freeh, Attorney General Janet Reno and CIA Director George Tenet were also kept in the dark. This week Freeh will appear before angry senators on the Intelligence Committee. It won't be an easy sell...."

Time 5/3/99 Elaine Shannon and Michael Duffy "...Mrs. Lee's modest relationship with the FBI complicates the already murky case of her husband, Wen Ho Lee, a Taiwanese-born computer scientist who worked on nuclear-warhead design programs at Los Alamos. In 1995 U.S. intelligence officers learned that China had somehow stolen classified information about the W-88 miniaturized nuclear-warhead program. The ensuing FBI investigation found Wen Ho Lee had violated a number of lab security rules, including failing to report contacts with PRC scientists-lapses for which Department of Energy Secretary Bill Richardson fired him last month...."

Associated Press 5/5/99 H. Josef Hebert, "....As early as 1996, managers at the Los Alamos nuclear lab wanted to examine the computer of a scientist suspected of espionage. But they were warned away by Justice Department lawyers who feared the search would taint information for use in court, the Senate was told Wednesday..... Computer experts reconstructed the files, government officials have said, but questions remain why the search was not conducted much earlier since Lee had been under suspicion of espionage since 1996. "An individual is suspected of being a spy with access to all of our warhead information ... and we did not get into his computer. This is total incompetence,'' Sen. Don Nickels, R-Okla., said Wednesday...... John Browne, the director of the Los Alamos lab in New Mexico, told a Senate hearing Wednesday that as early as 1996 laboratory officials suggested to the FBI, which had just begun investigating Lee, that the Taiwanese-born scientist's computer be searched. They argued they could do so under a 1995 policy directive that advises all lab employees that their computers are subject to search without notice. "The FBI and the Department of Justice felt that the policy was not adequate (and) ... that if we proceeded independently, anything that was found they could not use'' in court, Browne told the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. .... In 1984, Lee was told to take a polygraph test and "showed deception on seven questions'' that should have alerted security officials, said Domenici. Instead, the data became buried and was never passed on to lab managers. When the Energy Department office in Albuquerque, N.M., five years later raised some questions about the 1984 polygraph tests, the file disappeared when sent to Washington, said Domenici, so three years later the regional office had to hire a contractor to reconstruct Lee's personnel file....In August 1997, FBI director Louis Freeh told the No. 2 official at the Energy Department that the investigation of Lee would not be jeopardized if the scientist were shifted to a less sensitive job, or if his security were lifted. But word of Freeh's assessment never reached Los Alamos, according to Browne, who took over as the lab's director in November of that year. "I never received any information regarding this ... and to my knowledge, neither has anyone else at the laboratory,'' Browne told the senators Wednesday. Browne called this perhaps the most serious communications breakdown involving the Lee case and said if he had known of the FBI's go-ahead he would have moved quickly to remove Lee from his job....."

Syndicated Column 5/4/99 Debra J.Saunders "...LAST NOVEMBER, a secret report warned the Clinton administration about an "acute intelligence threat" in U.S. nuclear labs. Yet, according to a devastating report in the New York Times, five months went by before investigators searched the computer of the suspected party, scientist Wen Ho Lee. The delay gave Lee, who has since been fired from his job for security violations, time to try to delete thousands of files containing nuclear secrets. National security may be an oxymoron in U.S. government under President Clinton. His Justice Department turned down an FBI request to wiretap Lee's phone and monitor his computer. What's more, although investigators suggested that the Department of Energy transfer Lee to a less sensitive job, it instead put him in charge of updating the computer archives of nuclear secrets. (Lee's attorney insists his client is not guilty of espionage.) Get the feeling this administration doesn't take national security seriously? You should....."

Reuters 5/6/99 James Vincini "...U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno, stung by criticism in Congress that the Justice Department and FBI bungled the case of a suspected Chinese nuclear spy, announced Thursday that an internal review panel would find out what should have been done differently. A day after Republican senators cited repeated mistakes in the espionage investigation, Reno said a team of federal prosecutors and FBI agents would go back to 1982 to determine what had happened and to make recommendations so cases can be better handled in the future. ``I want to make sure that we've looked at everything to see if there is anything that we could have done differently,'' Reno said at her weekly Justice Department news conference.....Senate Energy Committee Chairman Frank Murkowski, an Alaska Republican, said he wanted ``an explanation of why the Justice Department didn't give the FBI the authority to initiate an investigation and monitor (Lee's) computer.'' Assistant Senate Majority Leader Don Nickles, an Oklahoma Republican, said: ``It's very, very troubling to think this individual, this suspect ... had unbelievable access to very sensitive data on warheads, testing codes, and to think that we didn't even review his computer files until this March.'' Nickles said he wanted to know why the Justice Department turned down the FBI's request several years ago to search the computer of the Taiwanese-born U.S. scientist...."

Time 5/10/99 Romesh Ratnesar "...But the realization that the codes stored on Lee's computer could have found their way into scores of foreign hands, including those of the Chinese government, left U.S. officials dumbstruck. "Holy s___," was what Energy Secretary Bill Richardson said when his counterintelligence chief told him of the data transfers in late March. Republicans were using language even less polite last week when news of the possible heist landed in Washington. Congressional leaders were already fuming about disclosures, first made in the March 6 edition of the New York Times, that since 1996 the FBI had been trying to determine whether Lee had given Beijing classified information about the design of America's most advanced nuclear warhead, the W-88, and that in spite of this possibility, Lee had remained at Los Alamos until he was fired on March 8. The Administration tried to sidestep criticism by insisting that any spying that had taken place had happened during Republican administrations. But that defense may not cut it this time around. Investigators suspect that Lee, 59, downloaded the bulk of the secret codes in 1994 and 1995. He was allowed to retain his high-level security clearance at the lab until late 1998, even while he was under FBI surveillance for the W-88 theft. Agents say they asked the lab to let Lee keep his job so he wouldn't get wise to their probe. Still, it was not until after Lee's dismissal from Los Alamos that anyone managed to check what was on his computer. As more details have emerged, it has sometimes seemed that the only thing more breathtaking than Lee's alleged deceit was how long the government took to ferret it out...."

Time 5/10/99 Romesh Ratnesar "...By then the investigation of Lee had devolved into a bureaucratic Byzantium. The Albuquerque agents filed their warrant request with the Justice Department in July 1997. Officials there concluded that the FBI did not have sufficient proof that Lee posed a national-security threat grave enough to merit a raid on his computer. Exasperated FBI authorities appealed to Attorney General Janet Reno, but she wouldn't budge. Attempts to get more goods on Lee turned up nothing. Says a veteran counterespionage investigator of China's spy network: "They're everywhere, but it's hard to catch them doing anything." ..."

Time 5/10/99 Romesh Ratnesar "...The Energy Department contracts out day-to-day operation of the country's nuclear labs to the University of California and Lockheed Martin Corp. "Security is something they don't even think about," says a retired FBI agent. To break the logjam, agents arranged for Freeh and CIA director George Tenet to receive a stunning briefing in 1997 on security lapses and suspicions of Chinese snooping at Los Alamos. The directors then told Energy Secretary Federico Pena that security was in need of an overhaul. The two also convened a committee of U.S. counterspies, which informed the National Security Council in mid-1997 that the labs needed tighter security and stricter vetting of foreign visitors. Clinton signed off on the proposal in February 1998...."

Judicial Watch Press Release 5/06/99 "...Ever since Judicial Watch filed its first case against the Clinton Commerce Department, uncovering in documentation the role of suspected spy John Huang at the agency, it has been opposed on nearly every effort to get at the full truth by the Clinton Justice Department. Just recently, the Clinton Justice Department, run by Attorney General Janet Reno, even opposed Judicial Watch's request to depose Johnny Chung. The effort was not successful, and Mr. Chung will testify on May 13, 1999. Another example of Reno's attempts to obstruct was her refusal to turn over the original of the desk diary of John Huang, which also proved unsuccessful. Huang was deposed again by Judicial Watch on April 13, 15 and May 3, 1999. While questioned about his diary, he took the Fifth Amendment over 1000 times. Judicial Watch will challenge this with the Court.....Now, the excellent newspaper, The Washington Times, reports today that, "Justice to Probe FBI Handling of Nuke Espionage: Focus on Secrets Passed To China." With revelations in Judicial Watch depositions in recent days that the Clinton Administration has also failed to shore up security at its Commerce Department, where it is likely that classified material was also provided to the Chinese by Huang, having the Clinton Justice Department put in charge of a new task force is like letting the fox investigate his own henhouse massacre. "Why don't we just let the Chinese investigate. While corrupt, at least they're not also incompetent," quipped Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman...."

The Union Leader, Manchester, NH 5/6/99 "...U. S. Attorney General Janet Reno refused yesterday to say in a public U. S. Senate Committee hearing why her Justice department vetoed wiretaps of suspected Los Alamos spy Wen Ho Lee. Appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Reno was asked pointedly by U. S. Senator Bob Smith, R-NH, why an FBI request to wiretap Lee was twice rejected. She refused to answer publically, preferring to do so during a closed door meeting of the committee. "This is the biggest spy scandal in the history of the United States," Smith said. "Our entire nuclear arsenal has been compromised. I am very concerned that the Attorney general refused to answer, and concerned that no reasons were given for the wiretap refusal...."

Washington Post 5/6/99 Walter Pincus and Vernon Loeb ".... Senate Republicans unveiled new evidence yesterday that investigations of the chief suspect in possible Chinese espionage at nuclear weapons laboratories have been marked by repeated bungles over the past 15 years, including at one point the loss of his security file. "I think heads should roll," Don Nickles (R-Okla.), the Senate majority whip, said at a hearing held by the Energy and Natural Resources Committee....Adding to charges of lax security and improper investigations that have cascaded out over the weeks, the revelations provided further fuel for a growing controversy pitting Republican lawmakers against the Clinton administration..... "An individual is suspected of being a spy with access to all of our warhead information . . . and we did not get into his computer. This is total incompetence," Nickles said..... Feeding the concern of Nickles and others was disclosure by Los Alamos director John C. Browne that Lee, like all employees, had signed a waiver permitting his e-mail and personal computer to be reviewed without his knowledge. Browne said that despite the waiver the FBI and Justice Department in 1996 decided a court warrant would be needed before that step could be taken.....It was not until 1989, when Lee's five-year renewal of his special Q clearance was up for review, that the Energy Department at the highest levels learned of the FBI's inquiry into Lee. But a file put together on Lee that was sent to DOE headquarters for security review was lost, Domenici said, and it was not until 1992 that the department hired an "outside contractor to reconstruct the lost Wen Ho Lee file." ..."

Deseret News 5/5/99 Lee Davidson "...Sen. Orrin Hatch said Wednesday the Justice Department took rare action to deny a request for an FBI wiretap that could have cut short the Chinese spying at a U.S. nuclear lab. He said that happened about the same time the Justice Department refused to seek an independent counsel to investigate illegal Chinese campaign donations to the 1996 Clinton campaign. "Had the department acted promptly and properly two years ago (on the wiretap petition) . . . much of this apparent damage to our national security may have been avoided," the Utah Republican said. In a second front of attack, Hatch also used an annual Justice Department oversight hearing to accuse the administration of not enforcing current gun control laws - but calling for more of them after the Littleton, Colo., school shootings..... Hatch noted that press reports said the FBI makes 700 such wiretap applications a year, and the Justice Department only refuses one or two a year. "We find ourselves looking at the extraordinary damage that may have been caused since 1997 alone - since the time the department denied action to seek a wiretap," Hatch said. The actions also came while Attorney General Janet Reno continually refused to appoint an independent counsel to look into possible fund-raising illegalities involving the Chinese government. A written statement by Hatch said not enough evidence exists to connect the two actions, but maybe Reno should reconsider appointed a special council to ensure "greater confidence in the Department's actions in this most serious matter." ...."

The Washington Times 5/6/99 Bill Gertz and Jerry Seper "...The Justice Department is setting up a special task force to investigate the FBI's probe of a Los Alamos computer scientist suspected of passing nuclear weapons secrets to China. A senior Justice Department official told The Washington Times that Attorney General Janet Reno and Deputy Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. will soon appoint a panel headed by a federal prosecutor and supported by FBI agents...."

Detroit News 5/6/99 "...The picture is becoming ever clearer: The Clinton administration has been shockingly lax in protecting America's nuclear secrets. And it is allowing the Energy Department, which is primarily responsible for nuclear weapons research and development, to hold up a bipartisan congressional report on the issue of China's theft of nuclear secrets. This is only likely to add to suspicions that the security lapses are somehow linked to this administration's campaign fund-raising efforts..... "

Washington Times 5/7/99 Helle Bering "....Miss Reno's Justice Department did its part. From October 1996, when the campaign-finance scandal erupted, to the present, Miss Reno has repeatedly refused to seek the appointment of an independent counsel to investigate the Chinese-Democratic Party money connection. Meanwhile, other senior Justice officials repeatedly refused in 1997 to seek a court-approved wiretap that would have allowed the FBI to examine Mr. Lee's office computer...."

Washington Times 5/7/99 Helle Bering "....DOE did its part as well. Without the wiretap, the FBI was unable to pursue aggressively its investigation of Mr. Lee. In April 1997, with its investigation stalled, the FBI advised DOE to remove Mr. Lee from his sensitive position. Instead, DOE inexplicably placed Mr. Lee in charge of updating the computerized archive of nuclear secrets... Most of this downloading, which includes virtually all the nuclear secrets of the U.S. arsenal, occurred in 1994 and 1995. Had Miss Reno's Justice Department obtained the court-approved wiretap in early 1997, the FBI would have learned about Mr. Lee's unauthorized downloading two years earlier. Meanwhile, DOE refused for several years to reinstate the FBI-recommended background checks for visitors to its weapons labs, and the counterintelligence officer who uncovered the espionage has testified before Congress that an acting DOE secretary prevented him from briefing Congress about the Chinese spying...."

The New Australian No. 118, 5/10- 16/99 Peter Zhang "....But what of the CIA and the FBI, asked some readers? I have no wish to be patronising, but the naiveté of the American public is almost touching. It didn't even notice that William Sessions, FBI Director, a man noted for his integrity and opposition to political interference in the Bureau's affairs, was removed as quickly as Clinton moved into the Oval office. There is no doubt that Clinton deliberately acted to chain the CIA and the National Security Agency as well as the FBI. One method was to have Clinton supporters in sensitive positions so that they could delay, if not derail, any budding investigations into Clinton's China operations. With these bodies effectively neutered Chinese intelligence would have a field day. Now being ineffective does not mean uninformed. These agencies new very well what Chinese intelligence was up to but were largely powerless to do anything. After all, what could they do when the commander in chief, the president himself, had, by his actions, made it clear that investigations into China's spying activities were not to be implemented. Just to make sure that nothing embarrassing emerged, Clinton appointed Janet Reno to head the Justice Department with the intention of sabotaging any investigations into Chinese intelligence operations. I should point out at this stage that several Chinese officials let it drop that they believed Clinton was blackmailing Reno over certain activities concerning her personal life. Whatever the truth of the matter, Reno's role as the last of Clinton's gatekeepers, so to speak, has more than satisfied Beijing's expectations by thoroughly corrupting the Justice Department and blocking FBI requests...."

Reuters 5/10/99 "...A scientist assigned to a classified Pentagon project in 1997 supplied China with secrets about advanced radar technology being developed to track submarines, a report in the New York Times said Monday. Submarine detection technology is closely guarded by the Pentagon because the U.S. Navy's ability to hide its submarines is a key military advantage, the newspaper said.....The Justice Department in Washington also blocked any prosecution of Lee, officials quoted by the paper said..... On March 26, 1998, a judge declined to put Peter Lee in prison and sentenced him to 12 months in a halfway house with three years' probation and a fine of $20,000, according to the newspaper. Regardless of the failure to prosecute Lee over the radar technology, the case shows Chinese espionage runs deeper than just assertions of theft at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Times said. It also illustrates that the American government believed China was successfully receiving American defense secrets during President Clinton's second term in office, the paper said...."

New York Times 5/10/99 JEFF GERTH and JAMES RISEN "...A scientist working on a classified Pentagon project in 1997 provided China with secrets about advanced radar technology being developed to track submarines, according to court records and government documents. Submarine detection technology is jealously guarded by the Pentagon because the Navy's ability to conceal its submarines is a crucial military advantage. The information about the radar technology, which is considered promising and has been in development for two decades, was divulged to Chinese nuclear-weapons experts during a two-hour lecture in Beijing in May 1997 by Peter Lee, an American scientist, court records show. Lee was then working for TRW Inc., which had been hired by the Pentagon. Federal prosecutors in Los Angeles wanted to charge Lee with espionage but were unable to, in part because Navy officials in Washington would not permit testimony about the technology in open court, law-enforcement officials said. The Justice Department in Washington, having some questions of its own, would not approve the prosecution either, the officials said.... The Justice Department's 1997 decision not to approve the espionage prosecution of Lee contrasts with some spy cases involving the former Soviet Union or Israel in which ways were found to protect secrets and bring charges. The 1997 decision not to prosecute came a few months after the Justice Department turned down a request from the FBI to put a covert wiretap on Wen Ho Lee, then a scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory.


New York Times 5/10/99 William Safire "... called three friends in the Departments of Energy, Defense and Justice and asked them to turn on their office computers and read to me the first banner that came on their screens. Anyone using this system expressly consents to monitoring" is the message. Government employees using Government equipment on Government time thus waive privacy claims. Wen Ho Lee, the scientist who downloaded millions of lines of the nation's most secret codes to a computer easy to penetrate, also signed a waiver consenting to a search of his computer without his knowledge. And yet the Reno Justice Department denied the F.B.I.'s request for permission to search Lee's Government computer. Eric Holder, Janet Reno's deputy, decided that a court search warrant was necessary -- but then refused to apply to the special foreign-surveillance court to get it. Of more than 700 such F.B.I. requests a year, a surveillance official admits that a flat turndown is extremely rare. Why this one?

Ms. Reno, who never met an investigation of Chinese penetration she didn't try to undermine, is suckering us with a claim that the denial of surveillance was to protect a criminal investigation. That is foo-foo dust. This was counterespionage, and the Criminal Division was kept in the dark. Making C.D. the scapegoat for the failure to protect America's deepest nuclear secrets is typical of the Clinton-Reno refusal to accept responsibility for endangering national security. Reno has appointed her personal Whitewash Brigade of favorite roundheels. This enables her to rebuff Congress and the press for months with the usual "I cannot comment because an inquiry is ongoing." ...With Clintonites hunkered down and Justice covering up, Congress must do the digging. A report by the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control showed what Chinese arms enterprises received U.S. technology over the past decade -- but could supply no names of U.S. exporters during the Clinton years. That's because that embarrassment is "proprietary information" at the Commerce Department. John McCain's Senate Commerce Committee has the power to subpoena those names from Commerce, and to have Wisconsin's Gary Milhollin run those sales against his Chinese-arms data base. That would tell us what political contributors were allowed to sell sensitive technology in 1996 and 1997 to which Chinese nuclear, missile and military sites....."


NY TIMES 5/12/99 TIM GOLDEN and JEFF GERTH "…On June 23, 1997, about six months into the inquiry, Stipano convened from the Justice Department and other law-enforcement agencies to describe its initial findings. "We were not oblivious to the fact that this could be money laundering, that it could be embezzlement, that it could be campaign-finance related," one official said. The inquiry was completed early the next spring. No charges were brought, and no regulatory actions taken. At the time of the June 1997 meeting, Justice Department and FBI officials were already searching for flows of Chinese money into American political coffers. And they were focusing closely on one of Ms. Xu's relatives by marriage, a Chinese military officer and aerospace executive named Liu Chao-ying….Ms. Xu said she was not questioned by federal investigators until almost a year later, and then only briefly. She said the officials asked about her role in setting up a checking account for Ms. Liu in 1991, but dropped the matter after she explained that Ms. Liu was the sister of her younger brother's wife, and that she had no other business involvement with her. They are not my favorite people," Ms. Xu said of her in-laws. "I live in a different world." Several American officials privately questioned that assertion, saying Ms. Liu traveled to China with Ms. Xu at least once, in 1991. Ms. Liu has also used Ms. Xu's identity as an alias on at least one occasion, officials said.

NY TIMES 5/12/99 TIM GOLDEN and JEFF GERTH "…On June 3, 1998, the comptroller's office called a second, larger interagency meeting to present the findings of its investigation into Far East National. "This was a situation where we had identified a piece of a much bigger puzzle," Stipano, the agency's enforcement director, said. "And the rest of the puzzle was not something that we had the ability or the authority to investigate." Because the investigators thought some of the $92 million might have been diverted by Chinese officials, a State Department official was asked to consider raising the matter with Beijing. The Department decided against that. "It was not a foreign policy issue that one raises with the Foreign Ministry," one official said. At the FBI, an official said the matter was initially passed on to a task force investigating campaign-finance cases questions. The task force later referred it back to the bureau's headquarters in Washington, which forwarded it to the FBI field office in Los Angeles. Although the field office brought the case to the office of the U.S. attorney there, word of it only belatedly reached agents in foreign counterintelligence -- those who knew the most about Ms. Xu…."

Washington Times 5/12/99 Jerry Seper "...A defiant Johnny Chung told a House committee yesterday of cash gifts for President Clinton's re-election campaign, of threats by the Chinese to his family if he didn't keep his mouth shut, and of hush money to defend himself if he did. The exact language of the threats was imprecise and polite, he said, but he got the message loud and clear that he would cooperate with the FBI and the Justice Department only at great risk. "The message was as follows: If you keep your mouth shut, you and your family will be safe," the one-time Democratic fund-raiser said At one point, the FBI believed the threat was serious enough to hide Chung and his family in a California hotel for three weeks.....Chung, who admitted last year as part of a plea agreement to making illegal donations to the Democratic Party, told the committee the threat and the hush money offer for attorneys' fees came from Robert Luu, a Chinese-American he first met in Beijing and whom he later met in Los Angeles -- while the FBI listened on a body microphone he wore and watched on a hidden camera. He said Mr. Luu represented himself as being in touch with a Chinese general who had earlier given Chung $300,000 for President Clinton's re-election campaign. The threat, he said, was veiled. "The Chinese are more polite and indirect, so the words do not precisely translate. . . . Nevertheless, this was how I interpreted the meaning of the words. Essentially, the message that I believe I was given was that me and my family would be safe if I didn't talk, and if I did talk, I could not be *certain what would happen," Chung said. In describing the threat, Chung said Mr. Luu told him he was in contact with "some people from Beijing," that he had received money from Chinese officials "to take care of my legal expenses, and that the lawyer, David Brockway, "was connected and knew the No. 3 person" at the Justice Department. Chung said Mr. Luu also told him that he might be able to get himself a presidential pardon. Chung testified that Mr. Luu said he was connected to Liu Chao-ying, a Chinese aerospace executive and lieutenant colonel in the People's Liberation Army.... "


CREATORS SYNDICATE, INC. 5/12/99 Dr. Paul Craig Roberts "....Adultery, sexual promiscuity and lying now bear the presidential seal of approval..... Clinton has established that perjury and obstruction of justice are not sufficient grounds for removing a president from office.....Clinton might be the first president to commit treason.... Clinton is using a totally politicized Justice Department to prevent an investigation and has bottled up Congress' own investigation by refusing to release the Cox report. Both Congress and the media have acquiesced to Clinton's refusal to be held accountable, further strengthening the precedent that the president is accountable only to polls. Clinton is the first to turn the White House into a campaign operation, not only selling the Lincoln bedroom, but also U.S. policy. Using an obscure law, Clinton made a national monument in Utah out of billions of dollars of non-polluting coal deposits. The direct benefactor was the Indonesian/Chinese Lippo Group -- another source of Clinton's illegal campaign contributions -- which owns the other major deposits of environmentally safe coal.

Clinton has politicized the FBI. The bureau acquiesced in the Clinton administration's illegal demand for hundreds of files on Republicans. The FBI also helped Bill and Hillary Clinton cover up the purge and illegal prosecution of White House Travel Office personnel..... Clinton politicized the IRS and ordered audits of conservative think tanks and organizations. Clinton has politicized the NATO alliance, turning a defensive European alliance into an aggressor in behalf of a Muslim drug gang in Kosovo, a province of Serbia....The casualties are mainly civilians, making Clinton the first American president who is a war criminal under the charter of the International Criminal Court.... Clinton has established that the morality of the liberal elites is an issue-driven morality. For liberals, morality is determined by a person's position on homosexual rights, the radical feminist agenda, minority privileges and the Second Amendment, not by personal behavior. Clinton has established that the U.S. media has no integrity...... For example, infuriated Canadians have called for a criminal investigation by the Justice Department of the sale of infected blood from prison inmates in Arkansas while Clinton was governor of the state....The Canadian call has gone unheeded, both by the Justice Department and the U.S. media...Clinton is the first president to be held in contempt of court by a federal judge....."

Wall Street Journal 5/12/99 JOHN J. FIALKA "... Treasury Department employees in January destroyed 162 boxes of old records that may have included files subject to a court order in a suit accusing the government of mishandling Indian trust funds. The Justice Department's lead lawyer in the case, Phillip A. Brooks, admitted the destruction in a letter to Judge Royce C. Lamberth of federal District Court here. The court had ordered the Clinton administration to produce trust-fund documents, and earlier this year Judge Lamberth held both Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt in civil contempt for repeatedly failing to locate and provide all the documents. The case, scheduled for trial in June, has been pending for more than two years.....The destruction was stopped, Mr. Brooks said, and a check of the remaining 245 boxes showed that at least two boxes were from the Interior Department. "We cannot at this time rule out the possibility" that some of the destroyed documents were subject to the court order, he stated in his letter. Dennis Gingold, a lawyer for the Indians, reacted angrily: "I think Mr. Rubin should go to jail for this. This is criminal contempt.".... Mr. Brooks said the boxes of destroyed records covered payments made by various federal agencies during the first half of this century. Another box from the collection "was apparently mislaid" during a transfer operation in 1996, he wrote. "We have opted to err on the side of caution and bring these matters to your attention immediately," Mr. Brooks said in his letter to Judge Lamberth. There was no immediate reaction from the judge, who has been critical of the government's handling of the case. In two separate rulings Tuesday, Alan L. Balaran, a special master appointed by the judge to enforce his orders for documents, ordered the government to provide e-mail as well as other documents that the Justice Department had argued should be withheld under attorney-client privilege.

Opening Statement Chairman Dan Burton Committee on Government Reform 5/11/99 "...The Clinton Administration hasn't been very aggressive in getting to the bottom of the fundraising scandal. The nuclear espionage scandal looks even worse: The FBI tried four times to get approval to tap the phones of the main suspect in the Los Alamos case. The Justice Department turned them down repeatedly. Why? The Energy Department kept the main suspect, Wen Ho Lee, in his job for three years. He was kept on for eighteen months after the FBI said there was no investigative reason for it. He had access to classified information the entire time. Why? The President's National Security Advisor were thoroughly briefed about China's espionage, but no action was taken for over two years to improve security at those labs. And the President continued to sign waivers to ship sensitive satellites to China. Why? Just yesterday, the President approved a new satellite export to China. Why is the President approving a technology transfer like this when we haven't gotten any answers from China?

Associated Press 5/12/99 H Josef Hebert "...Attorney General Janet Reno defended the Justice Department refusing to let the FBI search the computer of a suspected nuclear weapons lab spy in 1997 as "a close call'' justified by a lack of evidence. Reno's defense in a closed-door meeting Wednesday of the Senate Intelligence Committee left Republicans and Democrats still angry over the slow response by the FBI and Justice Department to an emerging espionage crisis. Critics contend a computer search would have turned up years earlier evidence emerging only last month that Los Alamos scientist Wen Ho Lee shifted thousands of classified atomic weapons codes to an unsecured computer...... Both the FBI's general counsel and the Justice Department agreed that a search warrant granted by a secret federal court under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act would be required. The FBI applied, but in 1997 Justice ruled that there was not enough evidence against Lee and decided against seeking the warrant from the secret court..... Mary Anne Sullivan, the Energy Department's general counsel, said that Los Alamos lab managers twice had offered to search Lee's computer. If the department proceeded with the search over the FBI's objections, Sullivan said, "we would have subjected ourselves to another criticism. That we compromised their ability to conduct an investigation.'' ..." 5/11/99 Bill O'Reilly "..."Of course Mr. Clinton is at fault ... but he's almost over and history will have to deal with him. However, it is Attorney General Janet Reno who should be held accountable by Congress ... and investigated to the fullest extent. I'm going to use the word treason here ... I believe Ms. Reno should be investigated for intentionally harming the United States of America. We all know that Janet Reno refused to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Chinese campaign finance situation ... despite the fact that Charles La Bella ... the top Justice Department investigator on the case ... and Louis Freeh ... the FBI Chief .... strongly recommended an independent prosecutor. We also know that Ms. Reno's justice department refused to seek wire taps and computer monitoring for suspected Los Alamos spy Wen Ho Lee. Those two facts alone ... demand an investigation into Ms. Reno's conduct. Under her watch, our presidential election was tainted by foreign money ... and vital military secrets were obtained by the Chinese and who knows who else....."


Boston Herald 5/13/99 "....From the candidate who criticized George Bush for being soft on tyrants, Bill Clinton rapidly evolved into the regime's most reliable friend - approving the transfer of sophisticated dual-use technology and mouthing platitudes about our ``strategic partnership'' with China as its rulers threatened Taiwan and sold missiles to outlaw nations. As Chung testified, Clinton's friendship with China wasn't one-sided. While nuclear secrets and technology transfers went out one door, campaign cash flowed in the other. More than enough questions for a special prosecutor to examine, if only one were appointed...."

The New York Times 5/13/99 Jeff Gerth "...."Coke's 130-year-old secret is more secure than our nuclear weapons research," Murkowksi said. A Democrat on the committee, Sen. Blanche Lambert Lincoln of Arkansas, said the failure to quickly search the computer "still angers me." "Supposedly everybody was watching, and in reality no one was watching," she said...Requests by the FBI for permission to obtain a search warrant for the scientist, Wen Ho Lee, were rebuffed twice in 1997 by the Justice Department. It was not until March of this year, after obtaining Lee's consent, that investigators examined his computer.....But the difficulties of gaining access to a computer at a government-owned weapons laboratory prompted senators to complain on Wednesday about how security concerns could be improperly subordinated to privacy protections or the demands of espionage investigations, most of which never result in prosecution. Ms. Sullivan and her aides said the Energy Department may search someone's computer if there is a reasonable basis to suspect work-related misconduct. But a search in a criminal case requires a higher standard, probable cause that a crime has been committed. Thus, the Energy Department may forgo its right to search -- as it did in the case of Lee -- if it fears that a defendant may legally challenge the evidence. This legal caution can create a dilemma in which no one is charged with a crime, yet national security may be harmed because no one does a search...."

5/13/99 Drudge **Exclusive** "... The Justice Department has considered prosecuting WASHINGTON TIMES reporter Bill Gertz for unlawful possession of classified material, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned -- material that is set to be published in a new blockbuster book! Coming next week from every spooks' favorite reporter, BETRAYAL. The project Bill Gertz has been working on in secret for over a year lands in bookstores on Monday. -- The First exclusive interview with Navy Lt. Jack Daly, the officer who was lazed by a Russian merchant ship in 1997 off of Washington State's Puget Sound. Gertz, for the first time, has the officer's whole story of how he was hung out to dry. The State Department tipped off the Russians in advance of a search of the ship. -- Gertz offers highlights of the upcoming Cox Report, including this nugget: China tested a neutron warhead seven times. (The U.S., which designed it, never tested it.) -- A top-secret CIA memo exposes how China and Pakistan collaborated secretly to fool the United States about illicit nuclear sales. The document is included in the appendix. -- The secret Executive Order signed by Clinton on missile defense. That and another document (both reprinted) show that the administration has no plans to deploy a national missile defense outside the ABM treaty.... -- The North Korea chapter reveals how Madeleine Albright lied to Congress about Pyongyang's continuing development of nuclear weapons in order to protect its much-vaunted Agreed Framework, that was supposed to have halted the program back in the early 1990s. -- Secret documents reveal how Russia's nuclear weapons control is weakening.

Fox News 5/13/99 "...Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Richard Shelby blasted Attorney General Janet Reno Wednesday for turning down an FBI request to search the home and computer of Wen Ho Lee, a suspected Chinese spy. The Republican senator from Alabama only smiled when asked if she should be fired. "The nation was not well-served," Shelby said. "It's indefensible on the part of the attorney general. She's accountable for what happens." Reno responded to the assault by calling the refusal of the Justice Department to allow the FBI search of Lee in 1997 a "close call." Reno said a lack of evidence justified the refusal. Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., said Congress should make it clear there are certain times when national security is at issue that such a search of a government computer will not taint evidence.... Sen. Bob Kerrey, D-Neb., said he wasn't sure if Reno goofed or whether she was a victim of a flawed process, but he singled out her agency for failing to take nuclear spying seriously...."I'm still sort of surprised that we may have been briefed on this prior the president's knowing about it," said Kerrey, noting that Congress has been more aggressive than the White House in unearthing details of spying.....Sen. Frank Murkowski, R-Alaska, called the two-year delay in searching Lee's computer "a classic case of bureaucratic bungling." Even if such a search jeopardized possible prosecution, it should have been conducted to help prevent additional losses of secrets, he said... "

Washington Post Vernon Loeb and Walter Pincus 5/13/99 Page A25 "...Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.), chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, charged yesterday that Attorney General Janet Reno committed an "indefensible" error in failing to approve an FBI request for a warrant to search the desktop computer of an espionage suspect at Los Alamos National Laboratory. "The diligence of the FBI and the Justice Department just wasn't there," Shelby told reporters after he and other intelligence committee members grilled Reno and her aides at a closed-door hearing for more than two hours. Leading Democrats did not hold Reno personally accountable but agreed that the Justice Department should have approved the FBI's request and sought a secret warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to search physicist Wen Ho Lee's unclassified office computer two years ago. "Most of us on the committee see this as something that should have been granted and we don't understand still why the surveillance opportunity wasn't presented," said Sen. Bob Kerrey (D-Neb.), the committee's vice chairman. Asked after the hearing where the FBI made mistakes, Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) replied: "In the beginning, in the middle, and in the end."..."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 5/13/99 Vol Four No 82 "..." 3) Only FNC cared that a top Democrat criticized Justice for turning down the FBI's warrant request for Wen Ho Lee. FNC's Carl Cameron exclusively revealed how the Clinton team ignored evidence about misuse of plutonium by North Korea. 4) No Chung on Wednesday's morning shows, but they had time for a story about a beach party for a furniture store's staff and a discussion about Star Wars toys. CNS picked up how Chung's sentencing judge said if the DNC didn't know then they were dumb. .... Cameron began his May 12 story over video of a nuclear plant in North Korea: "Classified intelligence data about this North Korean nuclear energy reactor, Fox News has learned, was ignored by the Clinton administration just last year. The administration pushed forward with funding for a new cleaner reactor for North Korea even though there was evidence that the North Koreans were using the old reactor's plutonium fuel rods for weapons development instead of sending the material to the new facility for energy production. Sources say there was a huge debate about withholding funds for the new project, but the White House insisted on going ahead anyway." Jumping to Chinese espionage, Cameron showed how at a Senate hearing ignored by the other networks Energy official Mary Ann Sullivan said her department followed proper procedure in deferring the espionage investigation to the FBI. Cameron picked up: "But the FBI says it was denied wiretaps and search warrants by Justice Department brass. That had Attorney General Janet Reno called on the congressional carpet and blasted by members of both parties." .....Cameron concluded with this intriguing development: "Senators were supposed to receive a top secret briefing from House lawmakers who conducted an in depth investigation of China's nuclear espionage, but at the last minute sources say Democratic Senators urged House Democrats not to show up to brief them and the meeting was canceled."...."

Judicial Watch 5/13/99 "...Chung also testified that he told the FBI to investigate "their own people" at the Reno Justice Department, as he was made to understand that the "Number 3" at the Reno Justice Department was going to "fix" the investigation into his fundraising activities. Chung testified that, given his recent experiences, he was not happy to have received such solicitations from Gore, that "this [is] not the kind of mail" that he liked to receive, considering what he's gone through in the past two years. Chung said that shortly after his first contribution in 1994, he realized he and other Asian-Americans were being targeted for fundraising by the Democrats, and "that it never stopped." Chung also understood that his political contributions to Democratic causes helped buy him access to and favors from the President, Vice President, and First Lady and that he expected (and received) something back from government officials in return for his political contributions. Chung testified that a letter sent to him by Mrs. Clinton was very helpful in opening doors for his fax broadcast business and that he used the letter to solicit business from the U.S. Commerce Department for his business. Mr. Chung's deposition is set to be continued at a later date...."

Fox News ( 5/14/99 Carl Cameron "...Fox News has learned that sources within the intelligence community believe that the Chinese military could by 2002 integrate secrets stolen from U.S. weapons labs into its arsenal, including the information required to construct a W-88 miniaturized nuclear warhead. The latest information contradicts CIA assurances last month that the Chinese were 10 years away from employing any of the stolen technologies. That CIA timetable had allowed politicians on capitol hill to play down the growing scandal which centers around allegations that classified military secrets have been leaking from the United States for more than 15 years. U.S. military intelligence sources say China's long range Dong Feng-31 missile is currently being armed with miniaturized nuclear warheads alarmingly similar to the American W-88. The Dong Feng has a range of 5,000 miles, meaning it could hit targets in the United States. Secrets for the W-88 were stolen from U.S. weapons labs like Los Alamos between 1984 and 1997. The W-88 is used by the U.S. on the Trident missile which is mostly launched from submarines. Up to eight warheads can be deployed and aimed at separate targets from a single missile. Reports suggest the Chinese plan to launch their Dong Feng-31 missiles from trucks, a dramatic improvement in their missile mobility made possible by the miniaturization of warheads. Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Richard Shelby blasted Attorney General Janet Reno Wednesday for turning down an FBI request to search the home and computer of Wen Ho Lee, a suspected Chinese spy. The Republican senator from Alabama only smiled when asked if she should be fired. "The nation was not well-served," Shelby said. "It's indefensible on the part of the attorney general. She's accountable for what happens."

Stratfor 5/14/99 "...On May 10, 1999, the DOJ attorney representing the Commerce Dept. delivered a motion containing a complete explanation of the materials that are being withheld. In one case, the Commerce Dept. is claiming that "FIVE-pages questions and answers" from the Dept. of Defense must remain classified. "13. Five-page questions and answers regarding Hua Mei - no date Originating agency: Department of Defense (E44-E47). Exemptions: (b)(5). This document is being withheld under (b)(5) because was originated by the Department of Defense as part of the process of deciding how to respond to allegations about an export to China... As there is nothing on the document that indicates it was actually used for public discussions, its release would harm the decision making process by discouraging the full consideration of facts to decision makers." Clearly, the Commerce Dept. did not inspect the SOFTWAR lawsuit submitted in 1998. Not only was this document released to SOFTWAR in full in 1998 - The entire DOD document was provided by this reporter as evidence to the Court in the original lawsuit filed in November, 1998! In fact, the entire Dept. of Defense document has been on the SOFTWAR internet web site since September 1998 and is fully available for public viewing ( The evidence consists of a cover letter from the Deputy Secretary of Defense dated Jan.29, 1996, FIVE-pages of questions and answers, and a three page attachment. The entire nine (9) page document, including the "FIVE" pages the Commerce Dept. is currently withholding, was returned in response to a FOIA against the Commerce Dept. in 1998..... The Commerce Dept. delivered to the Court an incomplete version of the DOD document, demonstrating they performed an incomplete search. The Commerce Dept. withheld a document that has been previously released, demonstrating that they are unable to perform a proper search. Finally, the Commerce Dept. withheld a document supplied by this reporter as evidence to the Court, demonstrating that they are unable to determine what material should or should not be withheld....."

NY Times 5/17/99 WILLIAM SAFIRE "...Though Clinton is softer than ever on China, he's taken a hard line in resisting Congress's investigations into Beijing's penetration of our nuclear labs and our political process. His latest trick: the improper use of documents submitted for intelligence declassification to prepare advance refutations of evidence of security lapses. The White House has delayed for four months the three-volume report on security laxity by the House select committee headed by Representative Chris Cox. Clinton spinners are already distributing a packet of reprints of derogations by offended scientists, China-defenders and favorite journalists. Cox has used the "clearance" delay to rewrite the turgid prose and to enliven the report with photographs and diagrams showing what missiles and satellites were stolen; that might even awaken television interest. The Senate Intelligence Committee, headed by Richard Shelby and Robert Kerrey, is not about to hold still for the abuse of clearance. After it submitted one of its reports on nuclear lab laxity for review to protect intelligence sources, it learned of a refutation of that bipartisan report in work by the National Security Council response machine. The White House was told that the submission of documents was for security clearance only. It was not to be used for (a) advance policy review so that "rapid response" would occur in the same news cycle as the reports' release, or for (b) leakage of portions to the press for "inoculation" to later reduce its impact as "old news." The intelligence business is not the publicity business. National security reports are not to be equated with the Starr report about hanky-panky. The Shelby committee made plain to the Berger Rapid-Apology Center that if this undermining of inter-branch comity did not stop forthwith, "we're going to zero out the N.S.C. staff budget."..... (In both House and Senate, bipartisan committees are discovering serious intelligence weaknesses: too little analysis of too much collection. "If there's a flare-up in Iraq, North Korea or the Andes," worries an investigator, "we could not handle it and Kosovo, too." The most troubling breakdown is in counterespionage. The F.B.I. and C.I.A., which are not blameless, are telling Congress the weakest link is the Department of Justice. What began as corrupt political protection became dangerous national security laxity. Who will apologize for that? ..."

NationalPost (Canada) 5/18/99 David Frum "....The Chinese steal American nuclear secrets, corruptly interfere in an American election, orchestrate mob attacks on the U.S. embassy -- and it's the Americans who are apologizing? How can that be? It gets worse. When President Bill Clinton attempted to apologize to China for the accidental bombing of their Belgrade embassy, the Chinese refused to take his call, and then told the newspapers about the snub. An insult followed by a public humiliation. Why is the U.S. swallowing such maltreatment? In 1971, after Britain caught a much less serious Soviet spy ring operating out of the London embassy, it expelled 105 diplomats. Why aren't Chinese diplomats being sent home? Why hasn't the U.S. announced, for instance, restrictions on visas for Chinese nuclear physics students? Those questions are inextricably connected to a second set. Why has Janet Reno's Justice Department failed to file a single charge against the Clinton-Gore campaign for violating campaign laws? Why have nearly 100 people associated with the Clinton-Gore campaign been permitted to flee the country or plead the Fifth Amendment? Why did the Justice Department thwart the investigation of espionage at the Los Alamos laboratories? ...He's at their mercy on the campaign corruption, too. The people who know best exactly how much money the Chinese government gave the Clinton campaign -- and how much Mr. Clinton personally knew about it -- are in hiding in China..... It's a wise caution. So let's just say that throughout the investigation of Chinese espionage, Mr. Clinton has acted like a man who would very much prefer the truth not be known. On March 19, Clinton declared, "Can I tell you there has been no espionage at the labs since I've been president? I can tell you that no one has reported to me that they suspect such a thing has occurred." He repeated his words later that day: "To the best of my knowledge, no one has said anything to me about any espionage which occurred by the Chinese against the labs, during my presidency." In fact, the Energy Department presented the cabinet with a report on Chinese espionage in November, 1998. The Clinton administration suppressed the report for fear of embarrassing the president during his impeachment trial. The president's account of when he learned of the spying, in other words, is a lie. But then, he sort of has to lie, doesn't he? For the truth is simply too horrible. The truth is that Mr. Clinton accepted millions of dollars from people he knew for a fact to be connected to the Chinese government. Wittingly or unwittingly, he accepted at least $300,000 (US) in gifts from the Chinese military itself. He took this money at the very same time that China was engaged in stealing America's most valuable secrets. And then, when the espionage was on the verge of being exposed, his attorney-general sabotaged the investigation to protect the president from political embarrassment. In the annals of presidential disgrace, it would be hard to identify anything worse...'

Augusta Chronicle 5/18/99 Editorial "...In August 1997, Reno denied the FBI permission to apply to a special federal court for a warrant to monitor the computer and tap the telephones of Los Alamos lab scientist Wen Ho Lee. (The FBI told her they suspected Lee was a Red spy.) By the way, the FBI has an incredible record of submitting successful requests to this court. In 1996, Reno reported 839 applications were made to the court, and all were approved! In 1997, all were OK'd save one (but not the Lee case). Reno turned down the FBI request to target Lee before it even got to the court.. What a disgusting spectacle to see a U.S. attorney general so partisan as to endanger national security in order to protect the admitted liar who appointed her....."

New York Times 5/20/99 DAVID JOHNSTON "...Senators at a closed-door hearing of the Intelligence Committee Wednesday lashed out at Attorney General Janet Reno for what they said was her failure to aggressively manage the case of a suspected spy for China at the Los Alamos nuclear weapons, government officials said. "You are responsible," one senator angrily told Reno in what the officials described as a hearing punctuated with acidic exchanges with the witnesses, who included FBI Director Louis Freeh and Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder. Several senators repeated their conclusion that the Justice Department and the FBI botched the security inquiry into Wen Ho Lee, a nuclear scientist who worked for more than two decades at Los Alamos..... At the hearing, senators reviewed the Justice Department's decisions in 1997 to twice reject a request by FBI counterintelligence officials to seek a search warrant authorizing more aggressive investigative techniques from a special court established by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. ....At the Justice Department, officials said the FBI managers did not aggressively present the case for a warrant as a top counterintelligence priority and were unwilling to deploy the large number of agents that would have been required for full-time surveillance that might have produced evidence to justify a FISA warrant. But FBI officials said the Justice Department took the case casually and failed to understand the difficulties in obtaining concrete evidence in a case in which the suspected espionage may have begun years earlier, before any investigation started...."


The State (Columbia, SC) 5/11/99 WILLIAM SAFIRE "...I called three friends in the departments of Energy, Defense and Justice and asked them to turn on their office computers and read to me the first banner that came on their screens. "Anyone using this system expressly consents to monitoring" is the message. Government employees using government equipment on government time thus waive privacy claims. Wen Ho Lee, the scientist who downloaded millions of lines of the nation's most secret codes to a computer easy to penetrate, also signed a waiver consenting to a search of his computer without his knowledge. And yet the Reno Justice Department denied the FBI's request for permission to search Lee's government computer. Eric Holder, Janet Reno's deputy, decided that a court search warrant was necessary -- but then refused to apply to the special foreign-surveillance court to get it. Of more than 700 such FBI requests a year, a surveillance official admits that a flat turndown is extremely rare. Why this one? Ms. Reno, who never met an investigation of Chinese penetration she didn't try to undermine, is suckering us with a claim that the denial of surveillance was to protect a criminal investigation. That is foo-foo dust. This was counterespionage, and the Criminal Division was kept in the dark...."

The State (Columbia, SC) 5/11/99 WILLIAM SAFIRE "...Making C.D. the scapegoat for the failure to protect America's deepest nuclear secrets is typical of the Clinton-Reno refusal to accept responsibility for endangering national security. Reno has appointed her personal Whitewash Brigade of favorite roundheels. This enables her to rebuff Congress and the press for months with the usual "I cannot comment because an inquiry is ongoing." Her non-investigation of this Lee, following last year's oh-so-gentle prosecution of another Lee for espionage, is part of a pattern of averting exposure of Clinton's national-security laxity. .....With Clintonites hunkered down and Justice covering up, Congress must do the digging. A report by the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control showed what Chinese arms enterprises received U.S. technology over the past decade -- but could supply no names of U.S. exporters during the Clinton years. That's because that embarrassment is "proprietary information" at the Commerce Department...."

New York Post 5/11/99 Dick Morris "...THE Justice Department's efforts to block the FBI investigation of the worst episode of espionage in 50 years raises the most important issues of obstruction of justice by Attorney General Janet Reno and her deputy, Eric Holder. Incredibly, unbelievably, it now appears that Reno's department did more to protect atomic spy Won Ho Lee than was even suspected before. Not only did Justice deny the FBI access to Lee's computer; it denied it even though Lee had signed a waiver specifically allowing access to his computer files.... Well, how did Janet Reno come to stay on as attorney general in Clinton's second term? The president had planned to get rid of Reno once he won re-election. Having once complained to me that she was his ''worst mistake,'' he was determined to rid himself of this nuisance. He was sick and tired of her refusal to endorse tough administration initiatives on crime. In addition, as George Stephanopoulos has speculated, he might have been angry that she had intervened gratuitously and backed Kenneth Starr's assertion of criminal jurisdiction over Clinton ally and Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker. ....But then, shortly before the inauguration, Clinton met with Reno. He called me after their chat to report that he had told her that few attornies general had ever served for eight years and that he had indicated that he did not think it was a good idea for her to do so. He said she had ''pleaded to be allowed to stay on for one more year'' and that he had grudgingly agreed, with the understanding that she would then resign..... After winning that one-year reprieve, Janet Reno changed, suddenly metamorphosizing into a loyal administration advocate. She has stayed on the job ever since. Apparently, her service to the president in refraining from the appointment of independent counsels to investigate campaign fund-raising earned her a reprieve from her scheduled year-end departure. ...Her decision that the independent-counsel law did not mandate a special probe of campaign finance is a matter of interpretation and subject to reasonable disagreement. But Justice's refusal to let the FBI act on massive suspicion of espionage of the most vital sort is a breech of national security of the first magnitude. If politics entered into this decision, the issue becomes one of malfeasance in office..... Remember the political environment in early 1997. Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Tenn.) had just launched his heralded probe of campaign finances and predicted that he would find a deliberate plot by the Chinese government to influence the American election. What remained obscure was China's motive. The Democrats loudly derided Thompson for his suspicions of a Chinese plot. If Thompson had been aware of major and systematic Chinese spying and theft of our most vital secrets while he was conducting his hearings, there would have been hell to pay. Reno did a great political service to the president and disservice to America in not allowing the FBI to proceed. Between the time of her rejection of the FBI request for access and the actual inspection of Lee's computer last month, reports indicate that upwards of 300 files have been transferred and deleted...."

Freeper Right-Winger on Barr's examination of Chung 5/11/99 "...Reasonable intent was that the General gave the money for donations? That's right. Gerneal Ji was worried about chung alking to FBI. That's right. Is chung in danger? That's right. I look over my back every day. Damaging leak that endangered prominent witness. Barr wants DOJ investigaton abou tleak to NYT. Drunign conversations with MR. Lu, did he ask abou tyour family? Yes. Not concerned about family, but telling you to be concerned. That's correct. "IF you keep your mout shut, you will be safe". Attorney - Mr. Brockway ATTY in LA. Meetings with Mr. Lu and Brockway. Lot of FBI agents around in club. Lu suggested he use brock for atty. Attys fees would be taken care of - Lu. Lu tell you he recieved money from Beijing? In that convesation, Yes...." And "... Mr. Brockway told you he had invfluence in DOJ? Yes. #3 man. Brock also knew judge who would try chung. Chung didn't think so. tho. PRESIDENTIAL PARDON IF HE KEPT HIS MOUTH SHUT! Brockway atty for watergate...." And "...When you testified that lu said he was getting money from general Ji, that's all on tape right? yes. audio or video. If soebody said, mr chung, DOJ didn't have any idea that money was coming from beijing, that wouldn't be true would it? He don't know. If money going to Lu, FBI should know. tapes. ...."

NY TIMES 5/12/99 TIM GOLDEN and JEFF GERTH "…Late in the spring of 1996, federal bank examiners discovered that the central bank of China was moving tens of millions of dollars into the United States, depositing it in a maze of accounts controlled by a fast-rising Chinese executive at a small California bank. The regulators struggled for almost two years to understand the transactions, guessing finally that they might have been intended to hide the private fortunes of Chinese officials. They turned their findings over to the Justice Department, the State Department and the FBI, but officials said no legal or diplomatic action was ever taken in the case….. The banker in California, Nan Nan Xu, turned out to have a series of ties to a Chinese military officer who has been identified as the conduit for at least $300,000 sent from the military's intelligence chief to a Democratic fund-raiser, officials said. And almost half of the $92 million that eventually flowed from China into the California bank, Far East National, came from a Hong Kong investment firm controlled in part by two men who American officials say have been associated with Chinese intelligence agencies. The purpose of the money remains a mystery. Some federal officials now suspect that it might have been intended to pay for Chinese intelligence operations. Others believe that it could have been amassed for political contributions or to purchase sensitive military technology…..But a close look at the case, based on interviews and confidential Government documents, shows that the Clinton administration was slow to pursue or even pull together the disparate leads uncovered over several years by different agencies…."

NY TIMES 5/12/99 TIM GOLDEN and JEFF GERTH "…The discovery of the Chinese money flow was the sort of information that typically sets off alarms among government investigators and the bank examiners alerted Justice Department officials early on. But officials said the department initially gave the matter only a cursory review, even as it was separately searching elsewhere for evidence of Chinese contributions to American political campaigns. Federal prosecutors in Los Angeles examined the case last year, but then referred it back to the Justice Department in July, asking that its international-affairs section determine whether the transactions might involve criminal activity in China….The FBI -- which had helped Ms. Xu, a Chinese national, to gain legal residency in the United States in 1992 and then tried unsuccessfully to recruit her as an informer -- paid relatively little attention to her in the years when her banking activities became suspect, several officials said…… "This information was in the hands of the Department of Justice, Department of State, and the FBI," the Republican chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Richard Shelby of Alabama, wrote in a letter last Friday asking the Senate Banking Committee to continue an inquiry into the matter begun by the Intelligence Committee last year. "We also provided this and additional information to the FBI and the Justice Department on numerous occasions during the course of our investigation," Shelby continued. "It is my understanding, however, that nobody from the federal campaign contributions investigation has followed up in any significant manner."


AP 5/20/99 H Josef Hebert "...Intelligence experts were worried three years ago about the possible theft of secrets about America's nuclear arsenal and believed the Los Alamos weapons lab was the most likely source, an Energy Department intelligence officer told a Senate panel Thursday.... "What was done, in short was nothing,'' Notra Trulock, acting deputy of the Energy Department's Office of Intelligence, said of the concerns expressed by intelligence experts in early 1996 about potential loss of the top-secret computer codes. Lawmakers have applauded Trulock for raising alarms as early as 1995 about the possible theft of nuclear secrets from weapons labs, including information in the 1980s about a sophisticated warhead known as the W-88......Trulock, appearing before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, described repeated attempts in early 1997 to bring his concerns about espionage and lax security at weapons labs to then-Energy Secretary Federico Pena. He said that he was repeatedly thwarted by senior DOE officials, including Pena's deputy, Elizabeth Moler, and that Pena knew nothing of the espionage concerns for about six months. Trulock in the past also has accused Moler of muzzling him when he tried to testify before Congress..... Trulock, who was director of the Office of Intelligence from 1994 into early 1998, said his concerns about espionage at the labs were viewed in 1997 with skepticism and "outright denial'' among senior DOE officials. They were dismissed as views of "Cold War warriors,'' said Trulock..... Sen. Frank Murkowski, R-Alaska, the committee chairman, derided the "cavalier attitude about security'' described by Trulock and suggested that senior administration officials should not be let off the hook..... Attorney General Janet Reno announced on Thursday that a veteran prosecutor, Randy Bellows, would head a Justice Department investigation into whether Justice or the FBI made any mistakes in the Wen Ho Lee investigation, dating to 1996...."

Koenig's International News 5/19/99 Charles Smith "... The Galaxy New Technology deal went public in 1996, drawing reams of press and a General Accounting Office, or GAO, report. According to the GAO, "Defense Department officials told us that broadband telecommunications equipment could be used to improve the Chinese military's command and control communications networks." House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde of Illinois tried to prompt an investigation in 1997 by writing Attorney General Janet Reno a letter outlining his concerns about Galaxy. According to Hyde's letter to Reno, "In 1994, sophisticated telecommunications technology was transferred to a U.S.-Chinese joint venture called HUA MEI, in which the Chinese partner is an entity controlled by the Chinese military. This particular transfer included fiber-optic communications equipment which is used for high-speed, secure communications over long distances." Despite the GAO report, Hyde's letter, a furious Congress and embarrassing press reports, Reno did nothing...."

AP 5/24/99 Michael J. Sniffen "....Reno's statement disclosed that the FBI's 1997 request for a surveillance warrant on Lee ``did not contain a request to search any computer.'' ....In addition, a senior Justice official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the FBI was never informed by the Energy Department that Lee had signed a waiver that would have allowed agents to search his computer without a warrant.... She said career Justice lawyers rejected the FBI's warrant application. ``Although I was not apprised of the details of the case at the time the decision was made, I have reviewed the decision ... and fully support it,'' Reno wrote..... A senior FBI official, requesting anonymity, has said, ``We didn't have any real evidence of espionage. All we knew was the Energy Department put him on a list of people who had access to this information and he had made a trip to China to give a lecture.'' To get a warrant, the act requires probable cause to believe a citizen is knowingly engaged in clandestine intelligence-gathering for a foreign power. ...."

MSNBC 5/21/99 Brokaw and Cox "... Brokaw: "Is the Hughes Corporation and Loral going be embarrassed when this report comes out?" Cox: "We were able to interview the scientist who actually went over to Beijing and who met with the PRC scientists that came to America, and talking about their discussions and what they covered. And we found, beyond the fact that a great deal of technical information was illegally shared that will in fact improve the reliability of military space lift rockets in the PRC, that the way that this activity was conducted by both Hughes and Loral was illegal. Brokaw: "Absolutely illegal. Criminally illegal?" Cox: "There is no question that it was deliberate and that it was an intentional avoidance of our export control regime. I think it will be much easier for our select committee to conclude that this corporate conduct was wrong, than perhaps it will be for the Department of Justice to pluck a particular individual out of the corporate structure and say, "This person uniquely is responsible and should be put behind bars." But the Department of Justice is looking at this. And they have had it under criminal investigation now for some time." Brokaw: "Would you expect an indictment will be brought against Loral ...?" Cox: "Honestly, I don't know. Because what is going on inside the Department of Justice remains completely opaque to us on the Select Committee." Brokaw: "But if there are no indictments, based on what you know, will you be outraged by that?" Cox: "Honestly, I can't tell you what's going on inside the Department of Justice because I don't know. And they know a lot more about the grounds for prosecution than I do." Brokaw: "But Senator Lott and others have been very quick to criticize Janet Reno and the Justice Department for not making a more vigorous prosecution of some of the transfer of that technology to China and the corporations involved." Cox: "Well, there's no question that the Department of Justice, which after all controls, among other things, the FBI, and is responsible for counter-intelligence generally in the United States, has done a poor job of sharing information, not just with Congress, but within the executive branch. .... So that the FBI director was sometimes kept in the dark about what was going on in a smaller investigation inside the Department of Justice. So the CIA director was not told information that had a significant national security aspect to it. If we don't share that information inside the executive branch, we're never going to be able to arrest the kind of espionage that we've seen. And we'll never be able to solve the cases once they occur." ..."

Foxnews 5/24/99 "...Attorney General Janet Reno, under pressure to resign over handling of alleged nuclear spying by China, Monday defended the Justice Department's refusal to approve FBI requests for a wiretap of a suspect at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. "The Justice Department has not - nor will it - authorize such intrusions when, as in this case, the standards of the Constitution and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) have not been met,'' Reno said in a written statement..... Reno's statement also said that the FBI's 1997 request for surveillance of Lee "did not contain a request to search any computer.'' .....Republicans in Congress called for Reno to resign on the eve of the release of a lengthy report by a special House committee detailing China's alleged theft of nuclear and military secrets. "I believe the Justice Department is adrift,'' said Republican Sen. Richard Shelby, of Alabama, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. "I believe that the attorney general ought to resign and she ought to take her top lieutenants with her.'' Even one staunch Democrat has suggested Reno ought to consider stepping down. Sen. Robert Torricelli, of New Jersey said there was "something wrong when the United States Congress on a bipartisan basis has so little confidence in the chief law enforcement officer of the United States.'' ...."

Freeper Freedom'sworthit reports 5/24/99 on Inhofe v Wexler "...Inhofe, the Senator the White House fears the most. Clinton concealed this Chinese teachery from 1995, maybe 1996.... HE IS LYING, CLINTON IS LYING UNDER OATH, SAYS INHOFE! This is a "cover up"! 4400 Visitors were allowed into the labs without background checks. Tap the phone - 700 requests every year to tap phones...all are approved - this one was not approved. Why? Wexler says given the "Constitutional rights" this was not done...the Attorney General, the one who incinerated the compound at Waco....what about the other 700 people who were wiretapped.....she didn't care about the Constitutional rights of those people, did she....(oh, this is too good.... Wexler: "Let's let the investigation occur."<----It happened under Repubs and Dems and let's fix the problem not the blame will be the spin! Inhoffe countered that by saying "Lies matter." ...Way to go, Senator! But, please watch your propeller!!!! ..."

Fox 5/24/99 "...."I believe it is time (for Reno to quit), considering her role, or her lack of role, trying to defend the indefensible. It is time for new leadership at the Justice Department,'' Sen. Richard Shelby, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told CBS' "Face the Nation.'' "I believe the attorney general ought to resign, and she ought to take her top lieutenants with her. She ought to do it now for the sake of the country,'' the Alabama Republican added. .... Shelby accused the Justice Department of being adrift and said many members of Congress had little confidence in its leadership.... "I think it is time for President Clinton to have a conversation with the attorney general about her ability to perform her duties and whether or not it is in the national interest for her to continue,'' Torricelli told CBS..... Congressional investigators have also raised questions about when Clinton and other senior administration officials were told of the spying allegations. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said she had not been briefed on the nuclear espionage case before 1999. "I found out about it earlier this year,'' Albright told CBS. "I was not briefed. That was wrong, and I made that clear, and that has been rectified.'' ..... "

New York Post 5/24/99 VINCENT MORRIS "...."It's time for new leadership at the Justice Department. I believe that the attorney general ought to resign, and she ought to take her top lieutenants with her," said Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), whose Senate Intelligence Committee is probing Chinese espionage....."

AP Jim Abrams 5/24/99 "...Democratic Sen. Robert Torricelli of New Jersey, appearing with Shelby on CBS' "Face the Nation,'' also said President Clinton should talk with Reno about possibly stepping down. "There is something wrong when the United States Congress on a bipartisan basis has so little confidence in the chief law enforcement officer of the United States,'' said Torricelli, who customarily supports administration policies. "I think it's time for President Clinton to have a conversation with the attorney general about her ability to perform her duties and whether or not it is in the national interest for her to continue,'' he said. Reno has long been under fire from GOP lawmakers for her refusal to have an independent counsel investigate charges the Chinese funneled illegal contributions to Clinton's 1996 presidential campaign. This time, the issue is the Justice Department's refusal to approve FBI requests for a wiretap of Wen Ho Lee, a scientist at the Los Alamos, N.M., nuclear weapons laboratory who is suspected of passing secrets to Beijing. Justice Department spokesman Myron Marlin said Reno had reviewed the decision and fully supported it. "The Justice Department cannot and must not authorize intrusion by the government into the lives of its citizens when the evidence presented as in this case fails to meet the standards established by the Constitution and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act,'' Marlin said....."

MSNBC 5/24/99 Freeper A Whitewater Researcher "...EXCERPTS: "...Chinese spies stole classified information on every intercontinental and submarine-launched ballistic missile warhead in the U.S. arsenal, sources familiar with a congressional report on Beijing's quest for military secrets told NBC News...The 700-page report, which includes several startling security breaches, is expected to be released on Tuesday....THE SOURCES...said the nine-member House select committee that investigated the alleged spying concluded that the stolen technology - including classified information on the Trident, Peacekeeper and Minuteman III warheads - will be incorporated into a new generation of Chinese ICBMs as early as 2002....China:...controlled several thousand U.S. "front companies" to obtain American technology for military purposes...Stole design information for the neutron bomb....MSNBC Live Vote: Should Janet Reno resign for her handling of espionage allegations?...Yes, she dropped the ball 78%...No, Republicans are trying to make her the scapegoat 22%..." ...."

Judicial Watch Press Release 5/21/99 "...By allowing Trie to escape punishment for obstructing a Senate investigation and funneling illegal donations to the Democratic National Committee in exchange for favors from Bill Clinton, Janet Reno and her corrupt Justice Department have saved Bill Clinton and the DNC from further damaging revelations about their illegal fundraising practices that would have surely come out during upcoming trials of Trie. Judicial Watch also announced today that it will seek Court permission to question Charlie Trie about his participation in the 1994 Commerce Department trade mission trip to China and related matters...."

Washington Times 5/21/99 Jerry Seper "...Attorney General Janet Reno, whose Justice Department has been criticized for its investigation of espionage at U.S. nuclear laboratories, Thursday named a veteran federal prosecutor to head a task force to determine whether the probe was mishandled. At her weekly press briefing, Miss Reno said she appointed Randy Bellows, a senior litigation counsel in the U.S. Attorney's Office in Alexandria, Va., to head the internal probe, which could prove to be critical of both Justice Department and FBI officials..... In the task force probe, Miss Reno said she wants to know whether "everything was done right" during the FBI's investigation of Wen Ho Lee, the Los Alamos scientist suspected of passing U.S. nuclear weapons secrets to China..... FBI officials, including Director Louis J. Freeh, have blamed Justice Department prosecutors for mishandling the probe. Justice Department officials have blamed the FBI's National Security Division. The White House contends the problem began in previous administrations.....

The New Australian 5/24/99 Peter Zhang No 120 ".... I revealed (No. 118, 10- 16 May 1999) that officials had confided in me that Clinton had appointed Reno has his 'gatekeeper' with instructions to block investigations into Chinese spying activities, not to mention his campaign funding allegations. What is important is that Chinese officials know and that believe Clinton is blackmailing Reno. I'm absolutely sure that they did not come by this information via Clinton. ....It seems that this knowledge strengthened Beijing's confidence that it would be granted sufficient protection by Reno's Justice Department to continue its espionage activities..."

AP 5/25/99 "...Former Democratic fund-raiser John Huang is cooperating with the Justice Department's probe of campaign financing and will plead guilty to conspiracy to make illegal contributions, two legal sources said today. Huang's ``cooperation has been going on for several months and it is with several independent counsels as well as the Justice Department,'' said one of the sources, speaking on condition of anonymity.... The one count filed today charged Huang with conspiring to defraud the Federal Election Commission by causing Lippo Group employees to donate money that was reimbursed by the Lippo Group in Jakarta, Indonesia, the Justice official added. The conspiracy charge is for two campaign contributions totaling less than $10,000 made in the early 1990s, said the other source. The other source said that under a special federal criminal procedure, the Justice Department has agreed to seek a sentence of one year of probation for Huang with a small fine and some community service....A key part of Huang's agreement is that the Justice Department will publicly acknowledge there is no evidence that he engaged in espionage or any violations of national security laws, said the source familiar with the arrangement. In addition, the government has written a letter in support of the restoration of Huang's voting rights..... "

Manchester Union Leader 5/25/99 Richard Lessner "...Either the Clinton administration is guilty of gross incompetence verging on the criminally negligent, or its actions were treasonous. Mere incompetence cannot adequately explain the mind-boggling breakdown in national security at the country's top secret nuclear weapons laboratories, or the Justice Department's failure to take action upon learning of Red China's possible espionage. Something more than mere bungling was going on here. In 1996, Attorney General Janet Reno repeatedly and personally rejected FBI requests for wire taps and search warrants of suspected spy Wen Ho Lee's telephone, computers and office at the Los Alamos nuclear weapons lab. A spokesman for Ms. Reno claims she rejected the requests on constitutional grounds, that the FBI's evidence against Lee was insufficient. This is total bunkum. Ms. Reno does not issue search warrants or wire taps, federal courts do. Indeed, there is a special court specifically designated to deal with such requests involving national security and sensitive intelligence matters. Nothing prevented Ms. Reno from sending the FBI's request to this court, even if she had doubts regarding probable cause. A federal judge, not AG Reno, should have made this call. Indeed, Ms. Reno's solicitude for Lee's constitutional rights is unpersuasive because this was the one and only such request that she has rejected over her entire term in office as the nation's chief law enforcement officer. It is reminiscent of her rejection of the request from FBI Director Louis Freeh and her hand-picked special investigator, Charles La Bella, for the appointment of an independent counsel to investigate the fund-raising activities of the Clinton-Gore campaign and the illegal donations that flowed from Red China's military and shady Asian businessmen linked to Beijing. It may be tempting to lay the blame for all this off on the hapless attorney general, but she was only doing the bidding of her boss, Bill Clinton. Ms. Reno all along has been covering up for the President's misdeeds. The national security breakdowns did not begin with the Wen Ho Lee investigation...."

New York Post 5/25/99 "....The catalogue of Reno's professional lapses is extensive and lamentable. They begin way back in the earliest days of her tenure. Literally just a few weeks after she took office came Reno's decision to OK the storming of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. Eighty people,including many children, died in the resulting inferno. Reno never gave a satisfactory explanation of why the assault was ordered. On her watch, Justice became the ''home alone'' department as major posts went unfilled for months and even years. She also has acquiesced in the unconstitutional tenure of Bill Lann Lee, who has been filling the post of assistant attorney general for civil rights without Senate confirmation. During the Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky imbroglios, Reno unhesitatingly threw the Justice Department's weight behind every worthless delaying tactic the White House Counsel's Office could think of, including the absurd ''presidential protection privilege'' that sought to block the testimony of Secret Service agents. When The Washington Post detailed the total chaos surrounding Justice's investigation of illegal foreign fund-raising by the Clinton White House, Reno brought in Charles La Bella, an experienced prosecutor in the San Diego U.S. attorney's office. When La Bella did the unexpected and recommended a special prosecutor, however, Reno ignored his advice and then nixed his appointment as U.S. attorney. Enough. Reno has demonstrated she is an incompetent at best and a ready, willing and able accomplice in the subversion of justice and national security at worst. The faster she is disposed of, the faster the American people will get some answers...."

Washington Times 5/25/99 Editorial "...Appearing on CBS' "Face the Nation," Mr. Torricelli said how disgusted he was over the Justice Department's repeated failure to pursue FBI requests for secret warrants for wiretaps in 1997. Those wiretaps would have given the FBI access to an office computer and the telephone of a scientist working at the Los Alamos nuclear-weapons laboratory whom the FBI was investigating for espionage. Accordingly, the FBI did not gain access to the suspected spy's computer until the suspect was fired in March 1999. Then, the FBI learned that the suspect had downloaded into his unclassified office computer more than 1,000 computer files from the laboratory's classified computer system. Those files contained America's most sensitive nuclear secrets. "[T]his is potentially the greatest failure of American intelligence in our history," Mr. Torricelli declared. "It is an extraordinary lapse of judgment in the highest levels of law enforcement, with consequences for a full generation." Asked if Miss Reno should resign, the New Jersey senator responded, "I think the failures of judgment by the attorney general of the United States are inexplicable. I do not know how she could explain the failures to provide this wiretap, despite overwhelming evidence that there was probable cause and that the national security was being compromised." Pressed to say whether Miss Reno should resign, Mr. Torricelli bluntly replied, "I think it's time for President Clinton to have a conversation with the attorney general about her ability to perform her duties and whether or not it's in the national interest for her to continue." For the few who still didn't get it, he said he was not the only Democrat disillusioned by Miss Reno: "[T]here is something wrong when the United States Congress on a bipartisan basis has so little confidence in the chief law enforcement officer of the United States." Indeed, Sen. Bob Kerrey, vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, agreed with Mr. Torricelli's assertions that there was probable cause to obtain the wiretap and that national security was being compromised. "Most of us on the [intelligence] committee see [the FBI's wiretap request] as something that should have been granted," Mr. Kerrey noted two weeks ago, after his committee grilled Miss Reno. "We don't understand why the surveillance opportunity wasn't presented," Mr. Kerrey complained on May 12....."

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES 5/24/99 Robert Novak "...Habitual Republican lack of discipline and strategy collided last Thursday with a barely hidden Democratic agenda of eventual gun confiscation. The result was a political windfall that had Democrats giddy. Having broken a 50-50 Senate tie to pass the Democratic gun-control proposal, Vice President Al Gore proclaimed "a turning point for our country." Actually, the new restrictions were modest. But this was the first gun-control legislation approved in Congress since the Republicans took over in 1995, and it was a major defeat for the National Rifle Association. On one side was a Republican Party desperately afraid of losing its majority and terrified by adverse news media reaction. On the other side were Democrats newly confident that their anti-gun dogmas are popular..... But at a May 5 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Attorney General Janet Reno fostered the camel's nose theory. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) asked whether there will be any improvement in sluggish federal prosecution of weapons violations. "I can't promise you improvement in numbers," Reno responded. Her priority was controlling possession of guns, not their use...."


5/25/99 Laurence McQuillan Reuters "..."I think Sandy Berger should resign," said powerful Texas Republican Rep. Dick Armey of the White House national security adviser faulted for failing to act when the allegations first reached him in 1996. "I just think Sandy Berger needs to stand up and accept his responsibility," said Armey. U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno also drew the ire of critics outraged that she rejected FBI requests to wiretap one of the prime suspects in the spy case. "Janet Reno has always said that she's accountable, and she certainly is," said Sen. Richard Shelby, an Alabama Republican who is chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. "She's accountable to the people ... for her actions or inactions, and there are a lot of inactions there," he told CNN. "And I believe it's time for her to go, and now." White House officials said Clinton has "full confidence" in both Berger and Reno..... Republican critics have accused the Clinton White House of trying to downplay the significance of the spying because it interfered with its policy of engagement with Beijing. "The report shows the total lack of coordination with the administration and a complete failure to effectively bring these breaches of security to a halt," said Sen. John McCain of Arizona, a contender for the Republican presidential nomination next year. Another Republican White House aspirant, Texas Gov. George Bush, complained that "this administration apparently did not take seriously, did not react properly and it is still trying to minimize the scope and extent of the damage." ...." 5/25/99 "...However, according to the 100 page Federal indictment from one of the key undercover agents, Chen and Ma had to call back to PLA Headquarters in Beijing to obtain the 2,000 machine guns. According to the Custom agent's deposition, Chen and Ma had difficulty in getting the "barrels" because they required "higher-level permission". Yet, Poly Technology Executive Director, Xie Datong, stated on the record that the machine gun transfer did not require permission from the Chinese General Staff. Xie Datong, also a corporate officer of Poly's American subsidiary PTK, claimed the weapons were transferred from stockpiles from the General Logistics Division of the PLA. Whether Chinese Generals attempted to smuggle machine guns into America may never be answered. Ma and company fled the country. Gun runner Robert Ma, and all of the Chinese executives that served Poly Tech, escaped the grasp of the inept Janet Reno and Louis Freeh. Ma was reportedly one step ahead of FBI agents who had a warrant for his arrest. Clearly, the Chinese Generals made a profit from illegal gun smuggling. President Jiang Zemin certainly has no incentive to return Robert Ma into the hands of U.S. justice, nor has Bill Clinton made any attempt to ask his "strategic" partners in Beijing...." 5/25/99 "...However, the Poly Tech story goes deeper than just a few Chinese Generals and a princeling or two. According to another document obtained from the Commerce Dept., the 2,000 machine guns were to be transferred to the Long Beach port in California onboard the COSCO ship, the Princess Bride. However, "a leak from the State Dept alerted the company, which then canceled the delivery." "COSCO," according to Defense Department intelligence officials "operates a fleet of ELINT (electronic intelligence) trawlers for the PRC government... When China delivers missiles or chemical agents to the Middle East, specially outfitted COSCO ships deliver them." 5/25/99 "...However, according to the 100 page Federal indictment from one of the key undercover agents, Chen and Ma had to call back to PLA Headquarters in Beijing to obtain the 2,000 machine guns. According to the Custom agent's deposition, Chen and Ma had difficulty in getting the "barrels" because they required "higher-level permission". Yet, Poly Technology Executive Director, Xie Datong, stated on the record that the machine gun transfer did not require permission from the Chinese General Staff. Xie Datong, also a corporate officer of Poly's American subsidiary PTK, claimed the weapons were transferred from stockpiles from the General Logistics Division of the PLA. Whether Chinese Generals attempted to smuggle machine guns into America may never be answered. Ma and company fled the country. Gun runner Robert Ma, and all of the Chinese executives that served Poly Tech, escaped the grasp of the inept Janet Reno and Louis Freeh. Ma was reportedly one step ahead of FBI agents who had a warrant for his arrest. Clearly, the Chinese Generals made a profit from illegal gun smuggling. President Jiang Zemin certainly has no incentive to return Robert Ma into the hands of U.S. justice, nor has Bill Clinton made any attempt to ask his "strategic" partners in Beijing...." 5/25/99 "...However, the Poly Tech story goes deeper than just a few Chinese Generals and a princeling or two. According to another document obtained from the Commerce Dept., the 2,000 machine guns were to be transferred to the Long Beach port in California onboard the COSCO ship, the Princess Bride. However, "a leak from the State Dept alerted the company, which then canceled the delivery." "COSCO," according to Defense Department intelligence officials "operates a fleet of ELINT (electronic intelligence) trawlers for the PRC government... When China delivers missiles or chemical agents to the Middle East, specially outfitted COSCO ships deliver them."

Augusta Chronicle 5/26/99 Editorial "...Now that the bipartisan Cox report over massive Communist Chinese contributions and espionage has exploded like a bombshell on Capitol Hill, we are already hearing the ``T'' word uttered: Treason. How the Clinton administration allowed China to acquire, in the words of the report, ``super-computers to simulate nuclear tests (and) satellite technology that might help aim ballistic missiles more accurately ... against the United States and its allies'' is the story of an incredible betrayal of our national security! While it's true thefts started in the late '80s during the Reagan-Bush administrations, the stepped-up stealing of secrets regarding our seven major warheads, as well as the neutron bomb, occurred on Clinton's watch. Alarmingly, the Cox report concludes the new Chinese weapons are likely to be ``on a par with our own.'' Maybe the only positive fallout is that Clinton's misguided policy of treating the Red butchers of Beijing as a ``strategic partner'' is in shambles. Even some longtime Democratic Clinton defenders are now appalled at the greed and treachery of some leading American corporations/ Democratic donors. Perhaps another good thing to come will be the removal of White House National Security Adviser Sandy Berger (once a registered agent of China) and Attorney General Janet Reno, who actually blocked FBI investigations and wire-taps of Chinese spies at our national laboratories. Just as the old Roman senator ended his every speech with ``Carthage Must Be Destroyed'' so, too, should the speeches of our senators end with ``Berger and Reno Must Be Fired.'' ...."

Chicago Tribune 5/27/99 Naftali Bendavid "...Encased in vaultlike security and sheltered by extraordinary secrecy, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the most clandestine pocket of the U.S. legal system, is receiving a rare dose of public attention amid the controversy about whether Atty. Gen. Janet Reno did enough to pursue alleged Chinese espionage. The top-secret tribunal, where FBI agents seek permission to use wiretaps in national security cases, operates on the sixth floor of Justice Department headquarters behind a series of security doors reminiscent of the "Get Smart" television show's introductory scenes. Inside, the legal system's ordinary rules evaporate in the name of national security: There are no defense lawyers, and government lawyers have lost only once. Lawmakers have attacked Reno in recent days for her refusal to go into the windowless, surveillance-proof courtroom in 1997, as the FBI wanted her to, and seek a wiretap on Wen Ho Lee, a former scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory suspected of passing secrets to China. Reno has fiercely defended her decision not to seek the wiretap. But the political back-and-forth does not reflect the complexity of the system by which the FBI and other agencies get permission to eavesdrop on U.S. citizens in the name of national security. Unlike ordinary wiretap authority, this system relies less on the familiar tenets of law and order than on a nation's fundamental right to protect itself. Many say it is far easier to get wiretapping authority from the special intelligence court than from an ordinary criminal court. Since its creation two decades ago, the court has approved 11,210 of the 11,211 national security wiretaps requested by the Justice Department -- and rejected just one. [The only one rejected was Wen Ho Lee]... The seven-judge FISA court -- named for the law that created it, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act -- was established in 1978 as a reaction to the "black-bag jobs" of the Watergate era and the FBI's COINTELPRO investigations of civil-rights activists and others. In the wake of these abuses, Congress decided that the FBI and National Security Agency would no longer have unfettered freedom to spy on U.S. citizens, resident aliens, foreign embassies and others in the name of national security. Now, one of the FISA judges flies to Washington every two weeks to sit in the vaultlike courtroom and hear Justice Department lawyers make their case for the wiretaps. Some say these jurists are so dazzled by the glamor of spy wiretaps that they can't say no.... Royce Lamberth, a federal judge in Washington who serves as the FISA court's current chief judge, was traveling and could not be reached for comment. Harold A. Baker, a judge from Urbana, Ill., who also sits on the FISA court, did not return a call.....When the FBI wants to wiretap someone, it sends over a two- or three-page document known as a letterhead memorandum, signed by the assistant FBI director for national security. A special office at the Justice Department -- the Office of Intelligence Policy and Review, or OIPR -- decides whether to recommend to Reno that she seek the wiretap. In the Lee case, the office recommended that Reno not do so, and she didn't. Reno was probably not even informed of the request; that is typical when OIPR recommends against a wiretap. Still, Reno faced fierce recriminations earlier this week for the department's inaction....The Justice Department's critics say Reno was obligated to take the Lee case to the FISA court and let the judges sort out the legitimacy of the wiretap, which is their job. "The Lee case was a terrible mistake, both by OIPR and by the FBI in not following up after it was turned down," said Stewart Baker, former chief counsel at the National Security Agency, which also conducts counterintelligence. "We may have all paid a very high price for OIPR's vigilance in protecting the rights of suspected spies."..."

Fox Newswires/AP 5/27/99 Tom Raum "...Attorney General Janet Reno said today Justice Department and FBI subordinates should have come to her two years ago when they disagreed over whether to wiretap a nuclear weapons scientist suspected of spying for China. "Where there is something serious where (FBI Director) Louis Freeh disagrees with the findings (of Justice officials) it should be discussed at my level,'' Reno told her weekly news conference...... Reno explained that when the FBI first sought to wiretap Wen Ho Lee, a Taiwanese-born scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, the application for a warrant was rejected by Justice's Office of Intelligence Policy and Review. "The facts presented in 1997 were insufficient to support a finding of probable cause'' to believe that Lee was knowingly engaged in clandestine intelligence-gathering on behalf of a foreign power, Reno said. That is the standard required by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 and by the Constitution. Reno explained that then-Assistant FBI Director John Lewis complained about that decision to her and she asked Justice's Executive Office for National Security to review the decision. Daniel Seikaly of that office agreed with the earlier decision and his ruling was transmitted to the FBI, Reno said. Seikaly never took the matter up with Reno or with the deputy attorney general, she said. "I assumed since I did not hear again from the FBI that it was resolved to their satisfaction,'' Reno said. Indeed, a senior FBI official has said the bureau itself doubted it had sufficient evidence for a warrant. This official said agents basically had three facts: the Energy Department listed Lee as among those officials who knew about the W-88 nuclear warhead that China had obtained data about, that Lee had traveled to China to give lectures and that he had once telephoned another laboratory scientist under suspicion of spying, this official has said..... "

Philadelphia Daily News 5/27/99 "...Even when the FBI belatedly got suspicious and, in 1996, asked for permission to look at Lee's computer, it was turned down. The Justice Department maintained there wasn't enough evidence to ask for a warrant from a special foreign surveillance court - although the court rarely turns down such requests. Even adjusting for 20-20 hindsight, this looks like breathtaking incompetence. Even now, though, Attorney General Janet Reno doesn't get it. Her spokesman is still talking about Lee's constitutional rights when the issue wasn't about prosecuting one alleged spy but about preventing wholesale espionage...."

Chicago Tribune 5/27/99 Robert Novak "... Something only hinted at in the 908 pages of the Cox committee report released Tuesday suggests that the strange, always shaky tenure of Janet Reno as attorney general could be coming to an end. Closed-door testimony to the Senate a week ago revealed that the Justice Department rejected two FBI requests in 1997 to wiretap suspected Chinese spy Wen Ho Lee, a scientist at the Los Alamos Nuclear Weapons Laboratory. Reno signed off on those refusals, renewing Republican demands for her resignation and evoking harsh words from a very important Democrat: Sen. Robert Torricelli of New Jersey..... Furthermore, in closed-door testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on May 19, Justice Department and FBI officials blamed each other for this 1997 course of events: FBI counterintelligence asked Justice, under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, for wiretaps and other listening devices to gather evidence on Lee. Justice said no, claiming no "probable cause." The FBI tried again, and the answer was still no...... But the more sophisticated appraisal in GOP circles was that while the president might seem to be a typically ungrateful politician, he would not sack the attorney general who for more than two years has protected him from an independent counsel on campaign-finance irregularities. Indeed, White House aides privately have said the decision against wiretaps was made not by Reno but by Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, with the attorney general merely signing off..... Indeed, her Republican critics on Capitol Hill say the issue is less a matter of the attorney general making a wrong decision than of Reno being out of the decision loop, which would be the greater evil. "I don't think we have had an attorney general for some time," said one GOP senator who has worked closely with Reno....." 5/27/99 "... CHRIS BURY (VO) In the fall of 1997, soon after LaBella took over, Janet Reno portrayed the campaign finance task force as part of one big happy family at the Justice Department. JANET RENO, ATTORNEY GENERAL There is a real spirit of teamwork now and I feel very gratified by that. ....CHARLES LABELLA I can't talk about the evidence per se. But what I can tell you is, and as far as leading to the White House, we followed every lead to wherever it went, whether it led to the White House, whether it led to a foreign country, wherever it led we followed those leads and we did it as aggressively as we could. There were certain patterns that we saw concerning the alleged violations of campaign financing laws and we followed those. CHRIS BURY (on camera) LaBella's dilemma was how to investigate the role of the White House, if any. Any credible evidence against President Clinton, Vice President Gore or senior officials could trigger the law requiring an independent counsel, that is, if the attorney general agreed. But that same statute also limited the tools LaBella could use to investigate those high ranking officials. ....CHARLES LABELLA Ultimately, I concluded that given all the information we had, given the credibility of the information that we had, the Independent Counsel Act should be triggered. CHRIS BURY (VO) Little did LaBella know that coming to that conclusion would bring his career as a federal prosecutor to an end. ..... CHARLES LABELLA There are people with political agendas, there are people with personal agendas, there are people with bureaucratic agendas and I, in my stint in Washington, was fortunate enough to offend all three. .... JANET RENO I have not reached a conclusion. I would not comment on that. I am continuing to review the matter. CHRIS BURY (VO) In public, the attorney general promised again and again to seriously consider LaBella's advice. In private, he now says, it was abundantly clear her mind was already made up. CHARLES LABELLA That was one of the first indications, when nobody called me after I handed my report in. Nobody called me to say well, what did you mean when you wrote this? Because we're looking, we're following what you wrote. We're trying to analyze it. What did you mean when you wrote this? Or was there more to it than what you put in the four corners of this piece of paper? What made you think ...CHRIS BURY (interviewing) And nobody talked to you? CHARLES LABELLA Nobody talked to me about that. Nobody ever debriefed me on my report. CHRIS BURY (VO) But LaBella was hardly a voice in the wilderness. UNIDENTIFIED POLITICIAN Would it be fair to say that you agree with his conclusions? LOUIS FREEH, FBI DIRECTOR I do. UNIDENTIFIED POLITICIAN And would it be fair to say that he makes a very compelling case for an independent counsel given the facts to date? LOUIS FREEH I agree with his recommendations. CHRIS BURY (VO) In testimony before Congress, the head of the FBI and the chief investigator on the campaign finance task force also backed LaBella's report. UNIDENTIFIED POLITICIAN Do you concur with the recommendations of Director Freeh and Mr LaBella? UNIDENTIFIED JUSTICE DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEE I do, yes, sir. ..... CHRIS BURY (interviewing) You said your perception was that Justice was angry at you? CHARLES LABELLA Yeah. CHRIS BURY Why? Why were they angry? CHARLES LABELLA Because I had put Justice apparently in a difficult position. I had recommended some course of action that Justice ultimately did not want and did not take and I, the fact that I recommended it and Louis Freeh recommended the same course of action independently caused them some problems because they really couldn't discredit us. We're both fairly credible, you know, former prosecutors...... TED KOPPEL With this big unanswered question that even you don't feel free to answer at this date. When is the American public ever going to find out, and let me put it very bluntly, whether the President was dirty on this and whether the vice president was dirty on this? CHARLES LABELLA I think as far as my report goes, there were sections that we agreed were appropriate to show the ranking members of Congress, the House and the Senate, and we did that in September. There are portions that don't contain what we call federal grand jury 6E secrecy materials. It's up to the Justice Department whether or not to disclose those bits of information. As far as the evidence in the particular cases, given the law I don't think those will ever see the light of day. I think my report will remain secret. The arguments that I made will remain secret. I'm certainly not going to reveal them because I have a loyalty to the Department of Justice and I have a professional obligation not to. ...."

5/27/99 AP Michael Sniffen "...Attorney General Janet Reno faulted Justice Department and FBI subordinates today for not coming to her two years ago with their disagreement over whether to wiretap a nuclear weapons scientist suspected of spying for China. ``Where there is something serious, where (FBI) Director (Louis) Freeh disagrees with the findings (of Justice officials), I think that it should be discussed at my level,'' Reno told her weekly news conference. ``I was not briefed on the details.''.... "

The Boston Globe 5/26/99 Michael Kranish "...When a Senate panel two years ago investigated allegations that foreign money was given to the Democratic Party, it hoped to nail down the specifics with testimony from three fund-raisers with connections to the Chinese government. But all three men refused to testify without being granted immunity. Now, the same three men, John Huang, Yah Lin ``Charlie'' Trie and Johnny Chung, are secretly telling what they know to the Justice Department in exchange for guilty pleas to relatively minor offenses..... ``It looks bad,'' said Senator Fred Thompson, the Tennessee Republican who headed the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee investigation in 1997. He noted Huang reportedly has not implicated ``higher-ups.'' ``If this is the kind of cooperation they are getting for a probation sentence, it heightens our concern,'' he said in an interview. Thompson said he plans to launch a new investigation focusing on why the Justice Department decided to plea bargain. Thompson often has said an independent counsel should be appointed to examine the campaign finance matter because the administration has a vested interest in closing the probe...."

Labella on NightLine Freeper kristinn reports 5/26/99 "...Labella says Reno not interested in his memo--her mind already made up. His report was ridiculed as "emotional". He was never debriefed on it by Justice. Says he managed to alienate the power establishment and was run out of town. Points to two phone messages, one right after the other. First is a "call me" message from Rep. Dan Burton. Second one is from a Justice Dept. official, "Don't talk to Burton." LaBella shipped out to San Diego, then passed over for appointment as U.S. Attorney. Questions raised about the motivations of nominator, Sen. Boxer about why she nominated LaBella's underling for the post...."

Labella on NightLine Freeper kristinn reports 5/26/99 "... LaBella says his instructions were to leave no stone unturned, follow every lead, resources will be provided. In response to Cox report, he says that his leads were followed to "foreign countries," took investigation as far as he could. Says portions of the report cannot be released because of 6e rules, release is up to Justice Dept. Says he doubts his 94 page report will ever be released. Says he will not break his oath to talk about the details. As a professional, he does not favor it's release, because of the free discussion by prosecutors. Personally, as a point of pride, he would like to see it released. Says plea deals by Huang, Trie, etc. are good developments for the task-force. Says he would encourage his daughter to come work in Washington and speak her mind and let the chips fall where they may...."

Labella on NightLine Freeper debo21 reports 5/26/99 "...This "Nightline" was EXTRAORDINARILY harsh on Janet Reno. This is especially significant, given that it was "Nightline" that bailed her copious butt out of the wringer, in the aftermath of Waco, when the nation wavered on the very edge of decency for some hours, while Clinton hid out (probably in that antechamber off the Oval Office, seeking relief of one sort or another), before we were all vigorously herded back into an appalling state of denial by the press establishment....Tonight, then, marked a sea-change: a radical departure from the usual, cooing and oohing, sycophantic treatment of Reno. It presented her almost as she really is--as we on the right have known her to be since 1993. It stopped just short of charging her with incompetence and corruption: and despite the mandatory shot at the GOP (Dole's campaign got illegal money, too!), it was incredibly hard on the president and the Veep, all but saying that if La Bella COULD talk, what he'd tell us would be that Yes, the Clinton administration WAS bought by Chinese money. Now, this will probably drop out of sight by morning, like all Koppel's sudden, quirky shots at the Clinton Regime always do--but brother, it was a break with tradition....."

Labella on NightLine Freeper kristinn reports 5/26/99 "...Labella says Reno not interested in his memo--her mind already made up. His report was ridiculed as "emotional". He was never debriefed on it by Justice. Says he managed to alienate the power establishment and was run out of town. Points to two phone messages, one right after the other. First is a "call me" message from Rep. Dan Burton. Second one is from a Justice Dept. official, "Don't talk to Burton." LaBella shipped out to San Diego, then passed over for appointment as U.S. Attorney. Questions raised about the motivations of nominator, Sen. Boxer about why she nominated LaBella's underling for the post...."

Labella on NightLine Freeper kristinn reports 5/26/99 "... LaBella says his instructions were to leave no stone unturned, follow every lead, resources will be provided. In response to Cox report, he says that his leads were followed to "foreign countries," took investigation as far as he could. Says portions of the report cannot be released because of 6e rules, release is up to Justice Dept. Says he doubts his 94 page report will ever be released. Says he will not break his oath to talk about the details. As a professional, he does not favor it's release, because of the free discussion by prosecutors. Personally, as a point of pride, he would like to see it released. Says plea deals by Huang, Trie, etc. are good developments for the task-force. Says he would encourage his daughter to come work in Washington and speak her mind and let the chips fall where they may...."

Labella on NightLine Freeper debo21 reports 5/26/99 "...This "Nightline" was EXTRAORDINARILY harsh on Janet Reno. This is especially significant, given that it was "Nightline" that bailed her copious butt out of the wringer, in the aftermath of Waco, when the nation wavered on the very edge of decency for some hours, while Clinton hid out (probably in that antechamber off the Oval Office, seeking relief of one sort or another), before we were all vigorously herded back into an appalling state of denial by the press establishment....Tonight, then, marked a sea-change: a radical departure from the usual, cooing and oohing, sycophantic treatment of Reno. It presented her almost as she really is--as we on the right have known her to be since 1993. It stopped just short of charging her with incompetence and corruption: and despite the mandatory shot at the GOP (Dole's campaign got illegal money, too!), it was incredibly hard on the president and the Veep, all but saying that if La Bella COULD talk, what he'd tell us would be that Yes, the Clinton administration WAS bought by Chinese money. Now, this will probably drop out of sight by morning, like all Koppel's sudden, quirky shots at the Clinton Regime always do--but brother, it was a break with tradition....."

Boston Herald 5/27/99 Rachelle Cohen "....Yes, the same John Huang who this week, according to the Justice Department, agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy on the fund-raising charges and to cooperate on a number of other investigations. Huang will get a year's probation, pay a small fine and perhaps do some community service. The Justice Department insists he engaged in no espionage, economic or otherwise, on behalf of the Chinese. The Cox committee report doesn't sound quite so sure. In late 1993 Huang, by then a pal of Bill Clinton's for some 20 years, was given the job of principal deputy assistant secretary of commerce for international economic policy. Before that he had worked for the Lippo Group. The Cox report notes, ``Lippo's principal partner in the PRC [People's Republic of China] is China Resources (Holdings) Co., a PRC-owned corporation based in Hong Kong.'' China Resources has been identified by government investigators as ``an agent of espionage, economic, military and political.'' China Resources also shares a controlling interest in a PRC-run telecommunications satellite company, which through yet another firm wanted to launch Hughes satellites on Chinese rockets. That, of course, needed to be OK'd by the Commerce Department. So, we have a high-ranking Commerce Department official - Huang - who had only recently left a company directly linked to a Chinese-based firm with a reputation for using espionage to get what it wanted. Oh, and, of course, Huang had top secret security clearance and access to classified materials sent to his supervisor, who had an even higher level security clearance. The Cox report notes that during the 18 months Huang was at Commerce he ``called Lippo Bank 232 times, in addition to 29 calls or faxes to Lippo Headquarters in Indonesia.'' The committee also found Huang made 61 calls to a Lippo consultant and 72 calls to a Lippo joint venture partner. (Espionage opportunities aside, this bozo ought to be forced to repay the taxpayers his government salary.) Then it really gets good. Two or three times a week Huang left his Commerce Department office, walked across the street to an office rented by an Arkansas-based brokerage firm with ``significant ties to the Lippo Group'' where he ``regularly'' received packages and faxes addressed to him. ``No one at the Commerce Department, including Huang's secretary, knew of this additional office,'' the Cox committee found. They also discovered that Huang met on at least nine occasions with officials at the Chinese Embassy and that six of those meetings were at the embassy. The under secretary for trade administration was `` `taken aback' to learn that Huang ever dealt with anyone at the PRC Embassy. The purpose of the contacts is unknown.'' But Janet Reno's Justice Department didn't find anything amiss here, and John Huang will do community service on some minor campaign violation...."

WorldNetDaily 5/27/99 Stephan Archer "...Although Huang will be pleading guilty to a one-count criminal charge, which accuses him of violating campaign finance laws between 1992-1994, Larry Klayman, chairman and general counsel at Judicial Watch, believes the whole deal between Huang and the Justice Department is a "miscarriage of justice"...."Huang deserves more than a slap of the wrist," insisted Klayman. "Reno, through this sweetheart deal with Huang is protecting her patron Clinton. It is outrageous." Judicial Watch believes it is all too coincidental that on the same day the Cox Report was released, the Justice Department announced its plea agreement with Huang. "It is clear that the Reno Justice Department leaked news of Huang's plea bargain to try to create the appearance of doing something," Klayman said....Regarding Judicial Watch's intentions to haul Huang back in court, Klayman said, "We expect that the Reno/Clinton Justice Department will again oppose this, as it is deathly afraid of anyone, except itself, investigating the biggest and most damaging scandal in American history, one that will eventually bring the Clinton-Gore administration down, including its Justice Department."...."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 5/28/99 Jerry Seper "...Attorney General Janet Reno, sharply criticized in Congress for declining to aggressively investigate suspected Chinese espionage, said Thursday the FBI should have come to her two years ago if it had concerns about a Justice Department refusal to seek a wiretap in the spy probe..... "I assumed that since I did not hear from the FBI, that the matter had been resolved to their satisfaction," she said. The attorney general's remarks marked the latest public disagreement among Miss Reno, the FBI and a Justice Department task force investigating campaign finance abuses during the 1996 presidential election, including accusations that China sought to influence U.S. policy with illegal campaign donations..... Last July, Charles G. LaBella, the federal prosecutor she picked to head the task force probe, told Miss Reno that she was required under the Independent Counsel Statute to seek the appointment of an outside prosecutor in the case. He eventually lost his job after his recommendation became public. Mr. LaBella's recommendation coincided with an earlier memo from Mr. Freeh, who also recommended that Miss Reno seek the appointment of an independent counsel to take over the department's campaign finance investigation. Mr. Freeh said in the November 1997 memo that the attorney general had a conflict of interest involving an investigation of the fund-raising activities of Mr. Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. Miss Reno rejected the recommendations, to the dismay of Republicans in Congress. .... "

Washington Times 5/28/99 Greg Pierce "...David Schippers, who served as the House Judiciary investigative counsel in the impeachment of President Clinton, says if Republicans had gained House and Senate seats in the last election, "history would have been totally different." "If, as anticipated, they had picked up four or five seats in the Senate and 20 seats in the House, we would probably be just reaching a stage now where we'd be ready to impeach. And you would have anticipated that that process which would have gone on in the House Judiciary would have involved Chinagate leads -- I mean if you're gonna have an impeachment inquiry, you inquire," Mr. Schippers said in a long and sometimes explosive interview published in the May 28 issue of Human Events. Mr. Schippers, in response to a question by Human Events editor Terence P. Jeffrey, said he would have investigated Attorney General Janet Reno and the Justice Department. "I feel they were covering up for the president," Mr. Schippers said. The Chicago lawyer said evidence of more incidents of Clinton administration obstructions of justice, witness tampering, perjury and abuse of power "is now on its way to the National Archives." "I tell people, hold your breath, come 2008, you're going to find out a lot of stuff."...."

Washington Times 5/28/99 Wesley Pruden "...Pity the Democrats. They're running short of scapegoats. They don't want to blame the man who stepped aside to enable the Chinese to steal our nuclear secrets. Besides, he only did it to pay off a campaign contributor. Don't all the pols do that? So the president's defenders are looking for someone smaller (if not shorter), weaker, less intimidating. Someone who can't hit back. This makes Janet Reno, a spinster with Parkinson's disease, a perfect candidate to take the fall. They understand that Bill Clinton has no particular love for her, he having had to take her in the first place because Hillary thought she would make a neat (and harmless) attorney general.....We've seen the writing on the wall for Miss Reno for weeks. Al Franken, the comic whose stale material cracks 'em up at the White House and who (he says) works out of there when he's in town, retailed a howler at Miss Reno's expense at the recent dinner of the White House Press Photographers Association. "The Democratic National Committee is coming up with a novel way to raise money," he said. "For $50,000 you can get a waltz with the first lady. For $25,000, you can dance a tango with Tipper. And for $25, the attorney general will come to your table and do a lap dance." He seemed surprised when the photographers greeted this bon mot with groans, hisses and boos. It's too bad there isn't a Mr. Reno, or at least a big brother. That kind of vulgar behavior at a lady's expense ought to be paid for with a good country lickin' (and if he were an authentic Arkansas man the president would administer it himself) Miss Reno, looking for a scapegoat of her own, yesterday fingered the top G-man. She blames FBI Director Louis Freeh for not telling her two years ago about an internal Justice Department disagreement over whether to put a tap on the telephone of the nuclear weapons scientist suspected of spying for China...."


Wash. Post 5/30/99 Roberto Suro "...The recent plea bargains in the Justice Department's investigation of fund-raising by the 1996 Clinton-Gore reelection effort do not portend a new wave of indictments. Instead, the probe seems likely to end without producing charges against any officials at the White House, the Democratic National Committee or the Clinton-Gore campaign. The clearest indication that the probe has peaked came last week, when the Justice Department announced that it had reached a deal with John Huang, a former official at the Commerce Department and the DNC who once loomed as a mysterious figure at the center of the campaign finance scandal.

Huang helped generate about $2 million in 1996 campaign contributions that the DNC ultimately returned because they came from illegal or suspect sources. He had long been considered the witness who could potentially connect illegal fund-raising to Washington policymakers and perhaps even to President Clinton. However, Huang's plea agreement involves only an admission of guilt regarding two small contributions to Democratic campaigns in California in 1993 and 1994. According to Justice Department officials, the plea agreement, which is expected to be made public later this month, not only does not involve any admission of wrongdoing for any fund-raising during the 1996 campaign, it includes a statement from the department that no further charges will be brought against Huang....."You can ask whether the investigation was mishandled and failed to find whatever was there, but you also have to ask whether there ever really was anything there, whether any serious crimes were ever really committed," said an attorney representing a major figure in the case. That query may never get an official answer because the Justice Department does not ordinarily offer explanations when it declines to bring charges...."


JimRob Received via email 5/31/99 Garland "...Those familiar with the Burton and Thompson Committee evidence, know that the Cox Committee basically confirmed in more detail what was already known from their investigations. This evidence was also defined by the Senate investigators in a book entitled Year of the Rat. The real question that now begs to be answered is "How complicit were organizations and individuals within our government in giving them the information?". About 100 pages that answer this question in the classified Cox report were left out of the declassified version for reasons of 'national security'. A disturbing, but good start at answering this question can be found in the declassified report appendices, which may be the most intriguing chapter in the entire report. Here, the report mentions how Loral employees were instructed by their lawyers not to answer questions and how three Loral lawyers claimed attorney certain client privileges, after Loral waived the privileges for voluntary disclosure. The report then goes on to describe three top government agencies that similarly hampered the investigation. First, the CIA impeded the investigation by tipping off Hughes with a 'courtesy' notice that the Cox Committee might interview Hughes employees. The CIA even detailed to Hughes the potential lines of questioning. The Cox Committee did not agree to the 'courtesy' notification and was concerned that the CIA had given Hughes the opportunity to destroy evidence and pressure employees to be less candid. Second, Chairman Cox testified that the Justice Department attempted to insert itself as an intermediary for information requests between the committee and all government agencies because an investigation was in progress. However, Justice did not provide other agencies with necessary progress information about their investigation. The Cox Committee spent a major part of their resources retracing Justice Department steps despite protests of harm to their investigation. The sincerity of their investigation was demonstrated one day after the Cox report was released, when Justice gave John Huang immunity for the entire campaign finance scandal in a plea bargain on an unrelated 1992 charge. Previous evidence indicated that Huang arranged most of the 7 sources of revenue traceable through 11 streams from Clinton / Gore campaigns and the DNC to individuals and organizations directly connected to the Communist Chinese military. Even more disturbing was the lack of cooperation from the Department of Defense (DOD). Defense Technology Security Administration (DTSA) employees testified that senior managers frequently overruled valid national security concerns regarding DOD positions on dual-use license applications. But the DOD refused to allow the Cox Committee to interview the six most senior DTSA managers, refused to let them interview DTSA employees unless a DOD observer was present and refused to allow DTSA employees to answer a survey by mail. The problems illustrate how key Executive Branch agencies can easily form a tyrannical dictatorship that is not accountable to the American people or even the Congress of the United States. They also show a strong anti-American pro-Communist mentality in individuals at the very top of the CIA, DOD and Justice Departments, which are agencies that we rely on to protect our freedom. As Americans, we are falsely fooled into believing that elected and appointed officials represent our interests...."

New York Times 6/4/99 Jeff Gerth "...In a diplomatically sensitive case, the Justice Department is nearing a decision on whether to indict one of China's most powerful state-owned corporations, law-enforcement officials and lawyers say. Some career prosecutors in the department have recommended the indictment of the corporation, Catic, an aerospace giant, on charges of buying American machining equipment for civilian use in 1994 and diverting some of it to a military plant, the officials and lawyers said. The equipment was sold to the Chinese by McDonnell Douglas, now part of The Boeing Company, which has also been under criminal investigation for possible violations of American export laws..... Catic agreed with the Justice Department last month to extend the deadline for filing charges, the officials and lawyers said. It was five years ago that McDonnell Douglas applied for a Commerce Department license to sell the machining equipment to Catic, which buys and sells civilian aerospace technology. Since the extension, the parties have been in a "continuing dialogue," and Catic has discussed the possibility of paying a civil penalty to resolve the case, one lawyer said. ....The sale of machining equipment was part of a billion-dollar jetliner deal in 1994 in which McDonnell Douglas was to build aircraft in China. At the time, the aircraft deal was promoted by President Clinton and Commerce Secretary Ronald H. Brown as a centerpiece of the Administration's commercial diplomacy, the policy of using economic engagement to broaden ties with Beijing and promote exports. But within a few months of the announcement of the deal, McDonnell Douglas discovered that some of the equipment it sold to China had been sent 800 miles from Beijing to a military facility in Nanchang that makes missiles and fighter aircraft. And though the 1994 deal announced by President Clinton called for the building of 20 planes, a Boeing spokesman said today that China would build only 1 or 2 planes with the company..... The committee's unanimous report also found that Catic had played a central role in China's drive to acquire technology with civilian and military uses and that on several occasions Catic had "misrepresented the proposed uses of military useful U.S. technology." The Clinton Administration prevented the committee from disclosing further details. In addition, Justice Department officials blocked the committee from disclosing 1994 cables that showed how Administration officials delayed seeking timely assurances from Catic on how it planned to use the machining equipment so as not to disrupt Brown's announcement in China of the McDonnell Douglas aircraft deal, officials familiar with the report said. The Commerce Department received an assurance from Catic after Brown left China but it left unanswered the question of exactly where the machining equipment would be located, according to excerpts from a Sept. 13, 1994, cable included in the Cox committee report. On Sept. 14 the department approved the export of the machining equipment -- some of it more than a decade old, including machine tools to shape and bend large aircraft parts -- for use in Beijing as part of the McDonnell Douglas project to build aircraft in China. The license included some last-minute additions to allay concerns raised by the Pentagon. In August, the Defense Intelligence Agency warned that the Chinese did not really need the equipment for the civilian aircraft deal but that "an advanced machine tool facility presents a unique opportunity for Chinese military aerospace facilities to access advanced equipment which otherwise might be denied," the Cox report said...."

Washington Post 6/6/99 AP "....The Justice Department has put its misconduct investigation of independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr on hold while waiting to see whether Starr resigns or significantly curtails his activities after the independent counsel law expires on June 30, according to sources familiar with the deliberations. If Starr were no longer serving as an active prosecutor, the Justice Department could simply forgo the inquiry into Starr's handling of the Monica S. Lewinsky matter. Some senior department officials would welcome that outcome as a chance to avoid a potentially contentious and politicized proceeding, the sources said...... Reno has defended her authority to handle a disciplinary proceeding against independent counsels who are technically appendages of the Justice Department, are subject to department rules and can be dismissed by an attorney general for misconduct. However, top department officials are deeply divided over whether there is a potential case against Starr that merits a full-scale investigation, with some arguing that the allegations are stale, minor or irrelevant and others insisting that as a matter of principle the department must determine whether the guidelines governing federal prosecutors have been violated, sources said...... "

Freeper harpu 6/7/99 Cspan reporting "...Weldon just gave Carl Cameron the credit for getting him copies of the FBI Wiretap transcripts of Chung & Lu. Weldon is asking for House printing costs (to put transcripts in the House Record) before getting them put into House records....."

Scripps-Howard News Service 6/7/99 Dan K. Thomasson "...It is almost inconceivable that Janet Reno continues to hold the office of attorney general of the United States. Beginning with her horrible miscalculation in the handling of the Waco tragedy at the very beginning of her tenure, to her failure to take a key step in the investigation of Chinese espionage, the former prosecutor quite simply has been an embarrassment.....The only plausible explanation for Reno remaining on the job would appear to be her tightness with the first lady, whose demands that the job go to a woman won Reno the appointment, and the fact that Reno has been an absolute pushover for her boss...Reno may have saved his presidency by protecting him and his cronies, from an independent investigation into the horrendous campaign-funding scandal, which turns out has direct links to the Chinese affair. The recently released Cox report on Chinese espionage ties Democratic fund-raiser Johnny Chung directly to Chinese intelligence operatives who were trying to steal U.S. nuclear technology. The Chinese funneled campaign donations to the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign through Chung and Democratic Party fund-raiser John Huang. Had Reno acted to name an independent counsel in this matter two years ago, chances are excellent that it would have turned up evidence in the espionage case as well, experts believe. The department's current belated efforts in the campaign cases, with Chung and Huang receiving wrist slaps in exchange for "cooperation," clearly are too late to much impact. It was also two years ago that Reno refused to authorize a wiretap of a suspect in the theft of secrets from Los Alamos labs....While some of the Chinese spying took place as far back as the Carter administration, the Cox report reveals that quite a lot of it occurred during the current presidency. Of the 10 instances of serious security breaches cited in the report, seven of them took place from 1992 to 1997...."

AP 6/8/99 Jim Abrams "...National Security Council spokesman David Leavy said Berger had consulted closely with the Intelligence Committee on the issue and would continue to do so. But he added that it was a "longstanding constitutional practice followed by this administration and previous administrations that the president's national security adviser doesn't testify before congressional committees.''..."

AP 6/8/99 Jim Abrams "...House and Senate lawmakers also held closed-door meetings Tuesday with Reno and FBI Director Louis Freeh on such issues as the Justice Department's refusal to allow a wiretap on Wen Ho Lee, the Los Alamos scientist who is suspected of leaking secrets to the Chinese. Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said there was some "bipartisan skepticism'' over Justice's argument that it lacked probable cause to allow the wiretap. "Many of us are dubious about the attorney general's assurances that this will not be repeated in the future,'' Hatch said...."

CBN News 6/7/99 Melissa Charbonneau "...The nation's attorney general is being blamed for bungling the Chinese Espionage investigation by Republicans and Democrats alike. Her chief accuser is the Republican Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Richard Shelby. On CBS's "Face the Nation," Shelby said he believes the attorney general "ought to resign and she ought to take her top lieutenants with her. And, she ought to do it now for the sake of the country." ....Some lawmakers are reportedly appalled at Reno's failure to act aggressively when national security was so clearly at risk. At a May hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chairman Orrin Hatch reviewed a string of suspicious events he says were known at the time of wiretap request: -Lee had telephoned Taiwanese-born scientist Peter Lee, a suspect in the theft of neutron bomb technology; -Lee had been observed being hugged by a visiting Chinese scientist; -Lee had travelled and lectured in China in 1988; -And, Lee had had access to classified documents detailing secrets on W-88 nuclear warhead designs.... "From the outside," Woolsey says, "it doesn't look like Justice jumped on the case with all fours, as it did with the Ames case. I don't know why." Ames also notes that without access to classified information it's hard to tell whether Justice was justified in its decision, and he expects Congress will be asking officials some tough questions. "If they didn't press on everything promptly because of the importance of it in 1995 and at least in 1996, why not?" says Woolsey. "Who made the decision?" Other questions linger over the search of Wen Ho Lee's office computer. A search just this year revealed that Lee had downloaded millions of lines of secret computer codes used to design nuclear weapons to an unsecured computer..... "

Curt Weldon Website 6/8/99 "...If this administration has nothing to hide, they can do one very simple thing: release the entire text of the memos sent by Louis Freeh and his subordinate investigator to Janet Reno requesting that a special prosecutor be named to handle this whole situation. If there is no other question we need to ask as Americans, for the next year and a half it is this one question because Louis Freeh, the head of the

FBI, and his top investigator recommended Janet Reno, but because of all this data, and they have a lot more than I have shown my colleagues; in fact, I have seen a lot more as a member of the Cox Committee that I cannot put on here because it is classified. But they seen all of this data, the other 99 percent we cannot show, and they made their recommendations, and Janet Reno choose not to follow their recommendations. The American people are owed, owed an explanation as to why Janet Reno choose not to follow the advice of her chief law enforcement agent for this country. Every person in this country needs to send a card to the White House, every Member of Congress needs to ask the question why the White House will not release the FBI internal memos that Louie Freeh and his assistant sent to ask for a fully completed investigation of this network, of this operation, because that will tell us, Mr. Speaker, whether or not there were motives behind the transfer of technology that caused America's security harm, and that question needs to be asked by everyone in this country....."

Chicago Sun Times 6/10/99 Robert Novak "...In the first week of July 1997, the Justice Department dispatched a lawyer from its campaign-finance task force and an FBI agent to Little Rock, Ark., in quest of a warrant to search the home and offices of restaurateur and Clinton fund-raiser Charlie Trie. But they were called back to Washington before any warrant could be issued. Not until 3 1/2 months later was the search made. By that time, as court testimony has shown, material subpoenaed by Senate investigators was destroyed by Trie's order. After the story of the aborted search warrant was confirmed last week by Justice in briefing the House Government Reform Committee staff, Chairman Dan Burton subpoenaed records of what transpired two years ago. Typically, the department missed the subpoena's due date. Such stonewalling by Attorney General Janet Reno long ago cooled the investigative fervor of the Republican-controlled Congress. But not Burton's. Dogged despite intense abuse, the chairman still targets illegal foreign financing for President Clinton's re-election in 1996. What's more, Burton has cited new evidence in asking Reno to reconsider something she has steadfastly refused: naming an independent counsel. This effort to breathe life into Burton's inquiry comes as Reno's lieutenants are putting a lid on the scandal that once threatened the Clinton presidency. Trie and fund-raiser John Huang both have entered guilty pleas for lenient sentences, with the Clinton White House and the Democratic National Committee off the hook. The Justice Department's deadly delay in executing the Trie search warrant bears an eerie resemblance to its refusal to wiretap a scientist suspected of giving nuclear weapons secrets to China. In Trie's Little Rock trial last month, his office manager, Maria Mapli, testified under a grant of immunity that she followed Trie's orders to destroy information sought by Sen. Fred Thompson's investigation beginning in mid-1997. According to committee sources, the FBI pressed for the search warrant, only to be forestalled by Justice Department orders from Washington. "It is troubling to wonder what additional records that we will never know about may have been destroyed in this time frame," Burton said in a June 4 letter to Reno accompanying the subpoena...."

Chicago Sun Times 6/10/99 Robert Novak "...The Burton committee's open-ended investigation still is seeking testimony from Trie and Huang. But, as usual, the Justice Department is insisting on delays..... In again calling for an independent counsel, Burton in a May 26 letter to Reno cited two pieces of evidence that "coffees" at the White House were, in fact, fund-raisers. The first was the assertion in former White House Special Counsel Lanny Davis' new book that the "coffees were held to raise money during a political campaign. That's a fact." The second, retrieved from the computer of March Fong Eu, former U.S. ambassador to Micronesia, describes the coffees as fund-raisers presided over by the "man"--presumably Bill Clinton. Reno, guided by her highly political aides, has been impervious to new evidence when she has refused to invoke the independent-counsel statute. That was made clear in a chilling interview on ABC's "Nightline" May 26 with former Justice Department campaign-finance task-force chief Charles LaBella. His 94-page memo recommending an independent counsel, he indicated, was ignored last year because Reno already had made up her mind. "Nobody talked to me about that [report]," LaBella said. "Nobody ever debriefed me on my report." He was soon shuffled out of government service. LaBella also revealed that he had been ordered by the deputy attorney general's office: "Don't talk to Congressman Burton." Complaining to me that "we have been blocked by the Justice Department," at every turn, Burton is one member of Congress who argues that an independent counsel mechanism is essential...."

Jerusalem Post 6/10/99 Margot Dudkevitch "....A government official and a mother whose son was killed in a terror attack have accused the US of footdragging in its investigations of terror attacks in which American citizens were among the victims. The investigations seek to determine the whereabouts of terrorists who murdered US citizens and examine the possibilities of extraditing them to the US to stand trial. Officials from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department concluded a third visit in the region in April. They met with Palestinian Authority officials and spoke with eyewitnesses to the murder of David Boim, near Beit El, on May 13, 1996. According to excerpts of documents summing up their visit given to The Jerusalem Post, the FBI team asserted that certain difficulties arose in the Boim case and suggested that the confession of the terrorist Amjad Hinawi, who was sentenced to 10 years by a Palestinian court for his involvement in the murder, was insufficient and that more objective evidence linking him to Boim's murder is required....."

Boston Globe 6/12/99 Louise D. Palmer "....While the NRA did not get exactly what it wanted, the lobby's influence during the early stages of House discussions on gun control has reversed the prevailing opinion that pronounced the gun lobby weakened after last month's defeats in the Senate. ''Our epitaph has been written many times,'' said Jim Manown, an NRA spokesman, laughing...... The NRA's two-pronged lobbying strategy, which was advertised on the Internet, in mainstream newspapers, and all over Capitol Hill, began two months ago with a campaign that questioned the wisdom of passing new gun-control laws when the Clinton administration is not enforcing existing ones. In one advertisement in The Wall Street Journal, the NRA wrote that the government prosecuted only 37 cases where felons bought firearms through straw purchases, 11 cases where individuals provided guns to juveniles, and 11 cases of juveniles caught with guns. ''More firearms legislation, like previous legislation, that is passed with no intention of enforcement is a dangerous fraud,'' the ad said. The Justice Department said it could not comment on particular prosecutions but defended its record, pointing out that combined state-federal prosecutions of gun crimes were up 22 percent since 1992. The number of federal cases in which an offender is sentenced to more than five years also rose 22 percent....." 6/11/99 Carl from Oyster Bay "...Could it be that the spirit of the late Vince Foster now haunts the Chinagate probe? On Thursday nationally syndicated columnist Robert Novak reported that a 1997 attempt to search Chinagate figure Charlie Trie's Little Rock office was thwarted when, inexplicably, the Clinton Justice Department ordered its investigators to return to Washington, D.C. More than three months later, Justice probers got the green light and a warrant was obtained. But by that time Trie had his office manager destroy key documents Last week, according to Novak, Clinton Justice confirmed this sequence of events for Rep. Dan Burton (R-In), who chairs the House committee which continues to probe the Chinese campaign cash connection.....Four years later, Charlie Trie was tracked down by ABC News in China, just weeks after the search of his own office had been mysteriously aborted by Washington. He had fled overseas, ostensibly, to avoid congressional subpoenas. But that's not how Trie explained it to ABC. Instead, the bigtime Clinton donor peered into the TV camera and revealed, "I'm not hiding. I want to stay alive." Evidently, by seeing that important evidence was shredded and by making himself unavailable for testimony, Trie succeeded where Foster had not. He did manage to "stay alive". ..." 6/11/99 Carl from Oyster Bay "...Five years ago [Sen Kit] Bond sat on the then-Democrat controlled Senate Banking Committee, which was investigating Whitewater at the time. The committee scheduled a single day of hearings into the death of Vince Foster, who doubled as both the Clintons' Deputy White House Counsel and their Whitewater lawyer. Before the July 29, 1994 hearing, Bond got permission from then-chairman Sen. Don Reigle to dispatch his own investigators down to Little Rock. Why? To see if Foster was tipped off when the Little Rock U.S. Attorney issued a search warrant for the office of key Whitewater witness David Hale....Three days before the Foster hearing, Bond's team was in the Little Rock ready to interrogate the U.S. Attorney's staff about whether anyone had called Foster with a heads-up on the search warrant. But an hour before the scheduled 9:30AM grilling, word came down from the Banking Committee that permission to do the interviews was withdrawn. Bond's team packed their bags and flew back to Washington in disgust Thus, one of the great mysteries of Whitewater slipped between the cracks: Did Foster know about the Hale office search? If the answer is yes, then he knew that Whitewater was about to explode, which no doubt caused him great distress. Just hours after the Hale office search warrant was issued, Foster's body was found in a remote Virginia Park; his gunshot death ruled a suicide...."

Baltimore Sun 6/11/99 David K. Martin "...WASHINGTON -- Critics of U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno have attacked her for either ignoring or whitewashing one Clinton administration scandal after another. Whether you agree with them or not, you have to wonder about the core competence of Ms. Reno's Justice Department when it asks Congress to provide $20 million to hire more lawyers and so-called "expert witnesses" to sue the U.S. tobacco industry. The Justice Department wants to spend $15 million to hire 40 new lawyers to make a federal case against the tobacco industry and throw in an additional $5 million to pay for "expert witnesses" in the trial. The department already has hired Minneapolis trial lawyer Michael Ciresi to give its new tobacco hires a primer on how to sue the nation's cigarette makers...."

Conservative News Service 6/3/99 Ben Anderson "...Justice Department lawyers on Thursday pleaded before a US District Court judge in Washington to toss out a lawsuit filed by 31 members of Congress against President Bill Clinton seeking to enforce the War Powers Act. The judge is set to issue his decision either Monday or Tuesday of next week. Any U.S. military involvement in attacks on Yugoslavia past midnight on Wednesday May 26, is a "clear violation" of the War Powers Resolution according to Members suing Clinton in Federal Court. The War Powers Act was passed in 1973 and allows for American troops to be placed in harms way only 60 days without Congressional approval. "As of 12:00 am, William Jefferson Clinton will become an unindicted felon for his disregard of the War Powers Act," Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) said Wednesday of last week, noting that the 60-day waiting period would expire that evening. Bartlett is one of 31 Republicans and Democrats suing the President in an effort to force his compliance with the law...."


Newsmax 6/14/99 Christopher Ruddy "...Reno's efforts to cover-up for Chinagate, the Clinton's scandal du jour, are legion. But one fact stands out above all others: Reno refused to authorize a wiretap request in 1997, when the FBI wanted to monitor Los Alamos espionage suspect Wen Ho Lee. According to Investor's Business Daily, this was the only wiretap request she denied out of almost 2,700. Even before the Chinese nuclear espionage allegations shook the political landscape, Reno had been covering for the Clintons' special dealings with China. Despite the FBI director's recommendation and the request of a Justice Department official she appointed, Reno has steadfastly refused to appoint an independent counsel to investigate whether Clinton sold America's most sensitive nuclear and military secrets for campaign cash. Actually, Janet Reno has been in the middle of every maelstrom involving the Clintons since her appointment as Attorney General. From Waco to Travelgate to Vince Foster's death to Whitewater obstruction to China-Lippogate, Reno has done exactly what she was appointed to do. She has held the floodwaters of justice from ever reaching the Clinton White House. The truth is that Janet Reno was the most important appointment made to the Clinton cabinet ..... "

Newsmax 6/14/99 Christopher Ruddy "...The real details about Reno's ascendancy were sketched out to me one afternoon by a friend and one-time associate of Janet Reno. We met at a restaurant in the bohemian enclave of Cocoanut Grove here in Miami -- once a stomping ground for Reno...... Investigative reporters James Collier and Ken Collier detailed in the 1992 book Votescam how they uncovered pre-printed voter ballots in a warehouse rented by a Miami political candidate. Following the advice of their editor, they seized the evidence and took the illegal ballots to the State's Attorney, Janet Reno. Incredibly, Reno had the journalists arrested, rather than investigate how a candidate had pre-printed ballots in his possession. As Reno's former associate noted, she was a perfect match for the Clintons because she had a near-perfect record of not prosecuting white-collar criminals or politicians. No one ever accused her of taking bribes or conspiring with criminals, but she was frequently criticized by her political opponents for her naiveté. It was alleged, too, that she was susceptible to blackmail for personal indiscretions. It was clear from Reno's tenure as Miami's figurative top cop that she liked holding public office. She focused on safe issues that she cared about, such as preventing child abuse, while drug dealing, money laundering, and political corruption were rampant.... "

Newsmax 6/14/99 Christopher Ruddy "...The Dade County state attorney shaped up as the ideal Clintonian candidate for the post. She was a woman. She was ineffectual in dealing with organized crime and white-collar criminals. She was a yes woman who would not expose political corruption. She did not have the credentials associated with the post of Attorney General and would owe the Clintons for the appointment...... Their control of Justice became complete when Web Hubbell, described as the president's best friend and an intimate of Hillary's from the Rose Law Firm, was named as Associate Attorney General. As such, Hubbell became the Clintons' point man and safety check at the Justice Department. Hubbell, a white-collar criminal in the same mold as the Clintons, would later plead guilty to tax and mail fraud charges. Any pretense of an independent Justice Department disappeared when Reno's top deputy, Philip Heymann resigned in 1994. He described her performance as Attorney General as "amateur hour." ...."

Newsmax 6/14/99 Christopher Ruddy "... As they were with the Clintons, the press was too willing to overlook horrendous mistakes, such as her decision to have the FBI storm the Koresh compound in Waco, resulting in the deaths of everyone inside, including children. Reno claimed she took the action because of solid evidence that Koresh was abusing children. But, in fact, no written report provided to her during the crisis indicated any children were being abused...... "

Newsmax 6/14/99 Christopher Ruddy "...Perhaps most telling was the experience of Independent Counsel Donald Schmalz. He was appointed to investigate charges that Clinton-backer Don Tyson had made illegal gifts to Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy. In the course of his investigation, Schmalz uncovered evidence Bill Clinton, when governor of Arkansas had received cash bribes from Tyson. One of Tyson's airline pilots testified under oath that he had ferried bundles of cash for Governor Clinton to Little Rock Airport, where Clinton's state trooper bodyguards made the pickup. Schmalz's evidence was strong and included testimony from one or more troopers supporting the pilot's allegations. But Reno opposed his every move to expand his jurisdiction. In 1997, Schmalz described to Peter Boyer of PBS a remarkable showdown he had with Reno and six Justice officials over the Tyson allegations. Schmalz told Boyer that until that point he had dismissed his wife's fears his life was in jeopardy while investigating the Clintons. But when he saw the control Clinton had over the Justice Department of the United States he said he was truly shaken. His greatest fears, he said, were for the country....."

Washington Times 6/15/99 "...Sen. Robert G. Torricelli, New Jersey Democrat and chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, grew angry with Attorney General Janet Reno in a closed Senate hearing last week, Roll Call reports. Mr. Torricelli was upset over Miss Reno's handling of suspected espionage at a U.S. nuclear weapons lab -- and the answers to his questions...... "In a 10-minute exchange with Reno, Torricelli laid out at least five reasons why she should have supported the FBI's warrant request, according to a committee source present during the questioning. "Reno gave 'vague and misleading answers,' said the source, and did not seem 'well-versed' in the Foreign Intelligence Service Act, the statute that covers federal counterintelligence probes. "Torricelli was infuriated at Reno's answers, particularly after she indirectly criticized him for being late for the hearing, said one senator present." ....."

Providence Journal 6/15/99 "...And the stunning fact is that nothing was done by the Clinton administration until nearly two years after evidence of espionage was revealed. National Security Adviser Samuel Berger was fully aware of the information contained in the Cox Report for months before he bothered to inform President Clinton, or Energy Secretary Bill Richardson, whose department manages the nuclear laboratories where the spying took place, about what he knew. And Atty. Gen. Janet Reno, similarly informed, refused to take appropriate measures (urged on her by the FBI) to get the facts about Chinese espionage, or gather evidence about suspected spies. Even Sen. Robert Torricelli, D-N.J., a reliable Clinton point man in Congress, finds the conduct of Berger and Reno "inexplicable." "Inexplicable" is scarcely the word; "outrageous" might be better suited to the circumstances. Not only did Mr. Berger withhold important information from the President -- who has pursued a policy of "strategic engagement" with Beijing -- but Miss Reno deliberately made it more difficult for federal law enforcement agencies to take action against people who stole American nuclear secrets for the Chinese. It is impossible to explain why Mr. Berger and Miss Reno might have acted to jeopardize national security, but the Cox Report reveals the grave consequences of their action. Mr. Berger, a trade lawyer who succeeded his patron, Anthony Lake, at the National Security Council, is visibly out of his depth. And Janet Reno's tenure at the Justice Department has been marked by weak enforcement of the law, an excessive sense of public relations, and a solid determination to provide political cover for the Clinton White House. In this episode, however, it is not Bill Clinton's political viability that has been damaged, but the national security. Integrity is not a word always associated with the Clinton administration, but if Janet Reno and Samuel Berger understood its meaning, they would resign...."

Judicial Watch 6/14/99 "...Last week, Roberto Suro, Attorney General Janet Reno's and the Clinton Justice Department's favorite reporter at The Washington Post -- and the person who routinely discloses tactically-timed Justice Department leaks -- published an article on Sunday, June 6, 1999, entitled "Justice Department Puts Starr Investigation on Hold, Sources Say," which suggested that Reno would not proceed with an investigation into alleged ethics violations by Judge Starr's Office of Independent Counsel ("OIC"), if the OIC would drop any on-going investigations of the Clintons. With yesterday's article in The New York Times that indeed Starr is ending his investigations, and will issue a final report recommending against indictments of Bill and Hillary Clinton, it would appear that Reno's "message" may have been favorably received by the independent counsel. In Judicial Watch's cases, it has learned that Judge Starr and his team have not completed their investigations, and that key witnesses have never been approached or put under oath on important issues. "If the reports are true that Judge Starr is about to 'throw in the towel,' we therefore hope that Judge Starr -- whose criminal mandate provides him with important powers -- will reconsider," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman and President Tom Fitton...."

Fox News 6/16/99 Carl Cameron "…Senior sources in the Justice Department's Campaign Finance Task Force tell Fox News they plan to turn down a chance to retry Democratic fund-raiser Maria Hsia on Federal tax fraud charges. A mistrial was declared last week in Los Angeles when the jury deadlocked. The Judge gave prosecutors until Thursday to decide what to do. Hsia faces four counts of income tax evasion. Hsia faces a later trial in Washington, D.C. on charges of funneling illegal foreign contributions to the Clinton-Gore re-election campaign through monks and nuns at a Buddhist Temple in California. ..."

Washington Times 6/18/99 Jerry Seper "…The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who has challenged a Justice Department ethics investigation of independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr, questioned Thursday why the department had delayed the probe. Sen. Orrin G. Hatch, Utah Republican, told Attorney General Janet Reno in a terse letter that a Justice Department decision to defer the inquiry until after June 30 when the Independent Counsel Act expires was inappropriate and that Mr. Starr "should either be exonerated or sanctioned in a timely fashion." "Delaying an inquiry into the alleged misconduct of any prosecutor unfairly prolongs suspicion of that prosecutor and undermines his or her ability to perform his or her duties," Mr. Hatch said. "And where, as here, the matter is of significant public interest and involves charges of impropriety, the delay causes even more egregious harm -- erosion of the public's confidence that the administration of justice remains free of inappropriate influence." Citing published reports, Mr. Hatch questioned why the probe had been put on "hold" to see whether Mr. Starr resigns or curtails his inquiry when the act expires. Mr. Hatch said the independent counsel is required to submit a final report on his investigation, which began in 1994, and that he should be "free to carry out his responsibility expeditiously without the distraction or threat of an 'on hold' department inquiry into his office's conduct." "It is simply inappropriate to withhold the completion of an ethical inquiry, which I might add, is of dubious legal merit. . . . I think all would agree that it would be beneficial to have Judge Starr complete his report sooner rather than later."…."

Washington Weekly 6/20/99 ROBERT STOWE ENGLAND "...All three allegations of violations of export license laws [Hughes and Loral - Cox Report] controlling sensitive technology were referred to the Department of Justice for criminal investigation, the earliest in 1996. The investigation, which a Justice Department source claims got underway in late 1997, has led to no arrests and no charges so far...."

Nation 6/12/99 Christopher Hitchens "....The Clinton Administration, through legal measures such as the Anti-Terrorism and Intelligence Authorization acts, has been treating the Fourth Amendment as an inconvenience since at least 1996. The chief exhibit in this contempt for the Constitution is the "roving wiretap," whereby any phone to which a suspect is "reasonably proximate" can be invigilated by the FBI. Yet when the FBI asked Justice for permission to tap the phone of Wen Ho Lee, a scientist at the Los Alamos labs, Janet Reno's amazing subordinates three times turned down the application. We now know that in 1996 her judicial review panel authorized all 839 wiretap warrants that it received.

AP 6/24/99 "... Attorney General Janet Reno said Thursday that the Justice Department will be ready to take on the job of appointing special prosecutors to investigate misconduct by high government officials when the independent counsel law expires next week. Reno said the department is nearly finished crafting new rules it will follow in naming special investigators. ``Our regulations will be ready by July 1,'' she said at her weekly news briefing. Barring any last-minute attempts to keep it alive, the independent counsel law, which spawned Kenneth Starr's investigation of President Clinton and 20 other probes of high-level officials over the past two decades, will expire June 30.... One key Senate Republican has urged Congress to seize some authority over the naming of special prosecutors by making Justice Department rules for their appointment, conduct and removal subject to the approval of Congress and the president....."

The Associated Press 6/26/99 William Kates "...The FBI obtains convictions in just one in four cases, the worst average among major federal law enforcement agencies, according to a new study of Justice Department statistics. From 1993 through 1997, the FBI referred 222,504 cases for prosecution. Only 27 percent resulted in a conviction, said researchers at Syracuse University's Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, or TRAC. In about one-third of cases the FBI referred, federal prosecutors declined to take action because of weak or insufficient evidence, or after deciding there was minimal or no federal interest...... TRAC noted that the FBI's conviction average was significantly more impressive when it was considered in terms of cases that were actually prosecuted - 69 percent ended in convictions. Although complete 1998 figures were not available, TRAC reported that the FBI ended with convictions in 76 percent of its cases that were tried last year...."

Associated Press 6/26/99 "...In the wake of allegations of Chinese espionage, the FBI, with the approval of Attorney General Janet Reno, is planning to create a new division for hunting spies, government officials said Saturday. ...Reno signed off on an FBI plan in recent weeks to split the functions of the national security division into two parts, counterterrorism and spy-hunting. Under the plan, counterespionage would have its own new division, said the officials, who spoke only on condition of anonymity..... "

AP 6/27/99 "...Attorney General Janet Reno said Thursday she is preparing regulations to take over the authority to appoint special prosecutors when the independent counsel law expires next week. "The attorney general should have the basic responsibility for determining when a special counsel should be appointed and the scope of the jurisdiction of the special counsel, and should be responsible for removing the special counsel if there is reason to do so." Reno said at a news conference Thursday...... "

Human Events interview of Schippers 5/28/99 Terence Jeffrey "... HE: Did they let you see an unredacted version of the LaBella memo? Did you get to see the whole thing? S: Yes. I'm one of the few people who got to see it. HE: Did you see FBI Director Louis Freeh's memo? S: I saw both of them, every word of them. HE: Can you say that having read those memos you would have still wanted to go on and investigate the China connection as an impeachable offense? S: Oh, absolutely. I mean I wanted to see the memos just to see if there was something in there that I had anticipated and that I had expected all along. HE: Can you say what that is? S: No, I can't. It goes to the China aspect. HE: When Louis Freeh testified August 4, 1998, in the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, he was asked by Chairman Dan Burton [R.-Ind.], in effect, "Are you investigating the President and the Vice President? Freeh leaned back in his chair, leaned forward to the microphone, and said: "Yes." You have no reason to disbelieve that Louis Freeh was investigating the President and Vice President of the United States? S: No. I believe every word Louis Freeh says. Louis Freeh, in my opinion, is one of the honorable people up there. HE: Another thing that Louis Freeh said on August 4 was that he and the attorney general had worked out a procedure by which they reviewed whether national security information developed in the Chinagate task force would be briefed to the National Security Council at the White House -- in other words, to the President. He said that there were some instances in which they decided not to brief the President. You have no reason to disbelieve that? S: I have no reason to disbelieve anything that Louis Freeh says. Let's leave it at that. I'm definitely gagged on anything that I read in that report. HE: I understand. I don't want you to violate any confidence or security agreement. The implication for people who watched closely is that the FBI is investigating the President of the United States for knowingly accepting Chinese money and perhaps there may be a quid pro quo at the bottom of that, and that Janet Reno and some political appointees in the Justice Department are not naming an independent counsel because that would trigger an unfettered investigation. And that they are therefore covering up for the President. Is that a question that you would have pursued in an impeachment inquiry? S: Oh yes. Absolutely. I would have pursued that, I would have pursued the China aspect of it, I would have pursued John Huang and Charlie Trie. I would have gone into Filegate and tried to find out what went on there. HE: You would have investigated whether the attorney general of the United States is actively covering up for the President of the United States in the commission of impeachable offenses? S: Yes. Whether I had read that report or not, we would have investigated that....."

Human Events interview of Schippers 5/28/99 Terence Jeffrey "... S: About anything. We tried to get into the immigration and naturalization problems that we saw and we were told that they weren't going to allow us to see the immigration records. The FBI at every stage of the investigation -- at every stage of oversight, impeachment, or anything else -- gave us nothing but 100% full cooperation from the bureau. The problems always came between the bureau and us because interposed between us was the Justice Department, and they were not about to give up anything that might embarrass the President or the Administration. HE: Your feeling is they were covering up for the President? S: I feel they were covering up for the President. HE: That the FBI, under the directorship of Louis Freeh, and the House Judiciary Committee under Chairman Henry Hyde -- in other words, the Congress -- have been cut out of the investigation of what might be the most significant corruption taking place in government today. S: Absolutely. There is not a person in the Congress who has even been able to read Mr. LaBella's report or Mr. Freeh's report. HE: You're the only person? S: No. One of the Democrat staffers was able to read it with me. And, of course, we were totally gagged. I could only report to Mr. Hyde, personally. ..."

Washington Weekly 6/28/99 Marvin Lee "...Congressman Bob Barr (R-GA) on Friday filed suit in federal district court in Washington, DC against the Clinton White House for illegally requesting from the FBI and illegally transferring to publisher Larry Flynt, spinmeister James Carville, and reporter Dan Moldea, his FBI file. Flynt, Carville, and Moldea subsequently used information, which Barr contends must have been obtained from his FBI file, in an attempt to discredit him in his capacity as a critic of the White House. Also named in the lawsuit is the Clinton Justice Department for acceding to the illegal White House request for Barr's confidential FBI file. Barr contends that both the White House and the Justice Department violated the Privacy Act and asks for compensatory and punitive damages as well as attorney's fees. Barr is represented by Judicial Watch, which is already litigating a "Filegate" lawsuit on behalf of others whose FBI files were misused by the White House....."

Sen. James M. Inhofe Republican from Oklahoma. "...The Cox Report also tells us that the Energy Department and FBI investigations of this matter have focused exclusively on the loss of the W-88, which we know happened around 1988. There have been no investigations undertaken about the loss of the other warheads, the timing of whose loss cannot be as clearly pinned down...."

Sen. James M. Inhofe Republican from Oklahoma. "...What are the motives for all this? Why did the Clinton Administration act the way it did, in almost total disregard for any traditional concern for U.S. national security? The Cox Report did not answer these questions because it was only concerned with the facts of the security breaches themselves, not what was behind it. But FBI Director Louis Freeh did assign one man to look into this. His name was Charles LaBella, who became head of the Justice Department's China Task Force. He and his investigators spent months looking into the connections, trying to connect the dots with campaign contributions, foreign influences, and Administration actions. What he found is laid out in a 100-page memo he prepared for Janet Reno. We know this memo argues in favor of the appointment of an independent counsel to carry on the investigation. But the memo itself has remained secret, even though it has been subpoenaed by Congress. Janet Reno, who rejected its recommendation for an independent counsel, has refused to release the memo to the Congress or to the public. It is time for that memo to be released. FBI Director Freeh has testified that the public knows only about one percent of what the FBI knows about the Chinagate scandal. It is time for the truth to come out. It is time for the public to get some sense of the other 99% which is contained in the LaBella memo...."

Sen. James M. Inhofe Republican from Oklahoma. "...On March 15, I began my speech by asking the American people to listen as I told them "a story of espionage, conspiracy, deception and cover-up-a story with life-and-death implications for millions of Americans-a story about national security and a President and an administration that deliberately chose to put national security at risk, while telling the people everything was fine." In the three months since I made these statements, none of this has been refuted...."

Charleston Post and Courier 7/2/99 "... The New York Times reported last weekend that senior administration officials first learned of possible Chinese spying at the Energy Department's nuclear-weapons labs in Los Alamos, N.M., in July 1995, when then-Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary told then-White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta about it. That's eight months sooner than the White House previously dated the initial briefing. The Times also reported that then-CIA Director John Deutch, after concluding that the Chinese had stolen design information on the W-88 (the most advanced U.S. nuclear warhead), informed then-National Security Adviser Anthony Lake of his conclusions - in November 1995. Samuel Berger, then Mr. Lake's deputy and now national security adviser, repeatedly said he first learned of the "problem" in April 1996. He said he finally told President Clinton in the summer of 1997 - or early in 1998 (he's not sure). .... Why did high-level administration officials wait two years to inform the president of this threat? Particularly, why did Mr. Berger, who sat in on several early 1996 meetings with Asian fund-raisers and knew that Chinese aerospace officials were making large contributions to the Clinton re-election campaign, not tell the president of the Los Alamos "problem"? ...Why did Attorney General Janet Reno reject an FBI request to wiretap a suspected spy at Los Alamos in 1997? Why did administration officials wait until after that suspected spy's name surfaced in news reports to remove him from his position - and from his access to highly classified nuclear data? ...How could White House special counsel Jim Kennedy keep a straight face last weekend while dismissing this latest revelation - the 1995 O'Leary-Panetta meeting - as "simply an informal heads-up to the White House"? Who in the White House kept his or her head up when informed that the Chinese were stealing nuclear-weapons secrets? ...."

ANN COULTER 6/10/99 "...Gun Don't Kill People, The Department of Justice Does In June of 1997, Tony Leong, convicted felon caught with a handgun illegally in his possession was returned to the streets because the Department of Justice refused to enforce the law. Not the law that prohibits convicted felons from owning guns, though that was the incidental effect, since he could not be prosecuted. The law is section 3501 of title 18, enacted two years after the Supreme Court decided Miranda v. Arizona. Though lavishly praised in this space, this provision in the Omnibus Crime Control Act of 1968 has attracted little attention. That's too bad....."

Associated Press 7/1/99 Laurie Asseo "...The Justice Department announced new rules today that give Attorney General Janet Reno the authority to appoint special counsels to investigate the president and other top government officials. The rules in effect will replace the independent counsel law that expired Wednesday following years of controversy. Even Kenneth Starr, who has investigated President Clinton's administration for more than four years, has told Congress he favored its abolition. Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder said at a news conference the new rules were intended to "strike the proper balance between accountability and independence.'' ....The rules give Reno the sole authority to appoint a special counsel if she determines the Justice Department would have a conflict of interest in investigating allegations of wrongdoing, and if she decides that naming an outside prosecutor would be in the public interest....."

Washington Post 7/1/99 Walter Pincus "...National security adviser Samuel R. "Sandy" Berger made an unusual two-hour, closed-door appearance before members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence yesterday to answer questions about his handling of allegations of Chinese espionage at the nation's nuclear weapons laboratory. .... Berger told the senators he stands by Richardson's efforts to reach a compromise. Meanwhile, administration and congressional sources said a new FBI investigation was underway into possible economic espionage by a contractor at one of the Energy Department's civilian laboratories. Although the sources would not identify the lab, the report illustrates the need for a department-wide counterintelligence effort rather than one primarily within the nuclear weapons complex, according to Energy officials. The case, initially uncovered by an Energy Department internal audit, stemmed from questionable "irregular" expenditures by a contractor that led to suspicions that proprietary government information was being used for the contractor's private business, according to sources...."


7/15/98 The New York Times "Attorney General Janet Reno is going to report to the Senate Judiciary Committee today, but nothing she says is likely to change one big fact or clear up one lasting mystery. The fact is that even with the Independent Counsel Act, if an Attorney General is determined to protect a sitting President from investigation there is little that Congress or Federal law enforcement agencies can do. The mystery is why any Attorney General would want his or her chief legacy to be the preservation of a cover-up.."


Washington Post Robert Suro 8/1/98 " Democrats Friday accused Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., chairman of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, of threatening Attorney General Janet Reno with contempt of Congress if she does not seek an independent counsel in the campaign finance investigation. . A Justice Department official depicted it as ``an unprecedented display of political tampering with law enforcement.'' Denying that Burton was threatening the attorney general, Will Dwyer, the committee spokesman, said: ``Congressman Burton is not trying to dictate a decision by the Attorney General. He is just trying to get her to produce subpoenaed documents according to lawful procedures.'' ."


8/7/98 AP Michael Sniffen "Critics of the FBI crime lab are disappointed that the Justice Department has proposed ``minimal'' discipline -- censure of just two bureau employees -- despite a scathing inspector general report a year ago. Four lab supervisors also would have been disciplined but they have retired, according to a June 30 Justice memorandum obtained by The Associated Press. .."


New York Times 8/27/98 David Johnston "Attorney General Janet Reno advanced a significant step closer on Wednesday toward deciding whether to ask for an independent prosecutor to investigate Vice President Al Gore's role in fund raising for the 1996 campaign, government officials said. Reno ordered a 90-day preliminary inquiry into whether Gore lied to investigators last year when he was initially interviewed about his telephone solicitations to donors from the White House, the officials said. ."


AP 9/2/98 Anne Gearan "Senate Judiciary Chairman Orrin Hatch, who summoned Attorney General Janet Reno to a private meeting today, said she had been ``forthcoming'' after more than two hours of discussions in his office. Reno was briefing Republican leaders of the House and Senate Judiciary committees who are pushing for a broad independent counsel investigation into alleged abuses during the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign.. Hatch, R-Utah, called today's meeting with Reno to demand again that she turn over memos from FBI Director Louis Freeh and from the former chief of her campaign finance task force, Charles LaBella. Both recommended she appoint an outside counsel..John Conyers of Michigan, the ranking democrat on the Judiciary Committee, was not at the meeting.

UPI 9/2/98 Jennifer Brooks "After a month-long showdown with the House, Attorney General Janet Reno has turned over edited copies of Justice Department reports about the Clinton administration's fund- raising practices. The memos from top Justice Department aides _ minus 50 pages that were edited out for fear the information would compromise the ongoing department probe _ reportedly urge Reno to appoint an independent counsel to investigate fund-raising practices during the 1996 presidential campaign..Burton also said that the information he saw in the documents today reinforced his belief that ``the attorney general appeared to be trying to protect the president'' from a full investigation. Top Justice Department aides and FBI director Louis Freeh had written Reno, recommending a wider probe into allegations of improper campaign fundraising. ."

AP 9/3/98 Laurie Kellman ".Following a three-hour meeting Wednesday in which Reno produced a cache of staff memos long sought by the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, Burton raised the possibility of dropping a contempt citation the panel passed last month. ``If the (House) leadership and my members feel like that's sufficient after I've briefed them, then the contempt citation might not go forward,'' Burton, the committee's chairman, told reporters. ``But if we don't have everything that we think is required, then of course, we'll probably move forward with it.'' Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, agreed. ``It appears that the contempt crisis may be averted,'' he said.."

AP 9/8/98 John Solomon "For the third time in a month, Attorney General Janet Reno has launched a 90-day investigation into whether an independent counsel should be named to investigate Democratic fund-raising during the Clinton-Gore 1996 re-election campaign, legal sources said Tuesday. This inquiry will focus on whether the White House or Clinton's campaign illegally coordinated Democratic issue ads to assist the president's re-election, the sources said, speaking on condition of anonymity. A formal announcement of Reno's decision was expected when the federal court that appoints independent counsels approves its public release, the sources said.."

NY Times David Johnston 9/10/98 "After two years in which Attorney General Janet Reno resisted demands for the appointment of an independent prosecutor to investigate how the Democrats financed President Clinton's re-election campaign, Reno has started three separate inquiries, each of which could lead to an independent counsel. The sudden activity -- opening three cases in less than two weeks -- has significantly shifted the opinions of some prosecutors and investigators who once thought an independent counsel was out of the question. Many now believe such a step is inevitable..In the estimate of the government officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, Reno is unlikely to seek an independent prosecutor in the case of Gore and is likely to ask for an appointment in the case of Ickes. The case of Clinton and the issue advertisements, they said, is too close to call.."

AP 9/25/98 "The Justice Department agreed to pay $4.1 million to hundreds of immigration workers who claimed they were denied promotions because they are black. Under a proposed settlement, back wages would be paid to about 800 past and current employees of the Immigration and Naturalization Service and 26 will be promoted, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday, citing a copy of the pact. Without admitting wrongdoing, the government also agreed to pay $1.5 million in legal fees and to hire an independent consultant for three years to monitor the hiring and promotion of blacks.."

Wall Street Journal 1/11/99 Terry Eastland ".Those who have worked at the Justice Department know that much of what it does is carried out in the same way, regardless of who is president. Yet it is also true that in executing his office every president affects the department and its work..Within Justice the point is well understood that if the same evidence of perjury and obstruction of justice developed in Mr. Clinton's case were brought forward against an attorney general or anyone else in the department, there would be no constitutional bar to prosecution and that these offenses would be grounds for removal. "If any one of us had engaged in this kind of conduct," one prosecutor says, "we would have been smoked by Janet Reno within 13 seconds.".Sometimes the fact that the president has become an embarrassment to law enforcement fairly shouts itself. In November, when the FBI celebrated its 90th anniversary, Director Louis Freeh invited a president to attend. But he was not Mr. Clinton, who appointed Mr. Freeh, but George Bush. In making him an honorary agent, Mr. Freeh said: "He is a leader whose life is a model for the core values we in the FBI hold dear--fidelity, bravery and integrity." There was "an unmistakable subcontext," says one attendee. "The theme," says another, "was 'we need a president we can trust.' "."


Washington Post 9/3/98 Roberto Suro "President Clinton is the subject of a new Justice Department probe to determine whether an independent counsel should investigate allegations that he personally violated campaign spending laws during his 1996 reelection effort, according to officials familiar with the inquiry…..On at least three occasions, Attorney General Janet Reno has formally examined allegations related to the DNC ads and the funds used to pay for them. Each time, she has come to the conclusion that there are no grounds for an independent counsel investigation.."

AP 7/15/98 Laurie Kellman "Senate Republicans accused Attorney General Janet Reno of protecting President Clinton from fund-raising and obstruction of justice investigations by having the Justice Department concoct ways to shield the White House. Chief among the phony protections, Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch charged Wednesday, is the department's insistence that the law exempts Secret Service agents from having to testify in the Monica Lewinsky investigation. Sen. Arlen Specter, R- Pa., accused Reno of using a double standard in appointing an independent counsel to investigate charges of influence peddling against Labor Secretary Alexis Herman but using similar arguments to reject a special prosecutor for campaign fund raising…. Governmental Affairs Chairman Fred Thompson of Tennessee pointed out. `It is difficult to imagine a more compelling situation for appointing an independent counsel,'' Thompson quoted Freeh."


Washington Post 7/17/98 Ruth Marcus and Roberto Suro "In the battle over whether Secret Service agents should be forced to testify about their dealings with President Clinton, the Justice Department finds itself in the line of fire.. "The Attorney General is, in effect, acting as the President's counsel under the false guise of representing the United States, contrary to the whole purpose and structure" of the independent counsel law, wrote Judge Laurence H. Silberman. ."


Michael Harris 7/19/98 Toronto Sun "The garter-belt is tightening around Slick Willy's presidential neck. But what is less obvious, and far more sinister for the world's greatest democracy, is the rift growing between those who support the rule of law and those who believe in presidential privilege..No one in the U.S. legal system believes in the so-called "protective function privilege" that Clinton's lawyers used to block members of the Secret Service from testifying in front of the Monica Lewinsky Grand Jury.It is one thing for the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Orrin Hatch, to accuse the administration of perverting the law for the benefit of Bill Clinton. After all, Hatch is a Republican and a political foe of the Democrats who might be expected to make hay out of the president's difficulties. But when an experienced appeals court judge such as Lawrence Silberman accuses the administration of "declaring war" on Kenneth Starr in order to "protect the president," it's time to start wondering whether Reno has outlived her usefulness as chief law officer of the United States. Despite the ruling of three separate courts and now the opinion of the head of the U.S. Supreme Court, the men who guard the president are treating their pending trip to the Lewinsky grand jury like mobsters who don't want to talk about it.While the Secret Service and the president mouth all the appropriate rhetoric about the rule of law, they are imperilling the judiciary by turning the Lewinsky Affair into a popularity contest between Bill Clinton and U.S. justice.

7/16/98 Rodger Schultz/Transcripts "Yesterday [July 15], Reno once again saw fit to insolently poke her finger in the eye of the Senate Judiciary Committee's Orrin Hatch regarding her failure to appoint an Independent Counsel to probe widespread criminal activity by the White House and DNC during the 1996 Presidential campaign. .I think it fair to say that any honest observer of Reno's recent performances must conclude that she is either naive and grossly incompetent; or has been compromised and is under the complete control of the Clinton White House. . I offer a 1997 transcript of an Ollie North/ Jack Thompson interview .Thompson, a Miami attorney and erstwhile political opponent of Reno, did dozens of interviews in 1997 wherein he made the specific accusation that Reno is being blackmailed by the White House..Jack Thompson, a Florida attorney who ran against Janet Reno for State's Attorney in Dade County was interviewed by Ollie North on April 28, 1997: "Janet Reno's erstwhile opponent in Florida politics has told Ollie North in a radio interview that he gave the FBI adverse information regarding Reno's record of drunk driving and use of call girls. He said that he also passed along this information to President Clinton, through an intermediary named Sam Jones, a senior partner to Bruce Lindsey in a Little Rock law firm. Sam passed the information to Lindsey who conveyed it to Clinton, before he had even nominated Reno to be attorney general. Lanny Davis called Thompson while Reno was being vetted for the job, to get the information again. Thompson concludes from this that Clinton wanted a "dirty cop" on the beat during his tenure as president."

Philadelphia Inquirer 7/21/98 Chris Mondics "Amid growing frustration on Capitol Hill over Attorney General Janet Reno's refusal to appoint a special prosecutor to probe Democratic fund-raising practices in the 1996 election, Sen. Arlen Specter is pressing his Republican colleagues to ask the courts to take the case out of her hands. Specter's lawsuit says there is evidence that the President and his staff violated the law through the improper raising and spending of so-called soft money. The suit also contends that Reno ignored evidence gathered by her own department of an illegal Chinese scheme to influence the 1996 election that allegedly touched on the White House. "I hope to get federal district court to order Reno to appoint independent counsel," Specter said yesterday. "I think the conclusions [ of the lawsuit ] are very, very strong."

When a federal court ruled that the administration's proposed warrantless searches of public housing is unconstitutional, Bill Clinton's response was "I'll consult with Janet Reno to find a way around this." ("this" being the Bill of Rights).

Attorney General Janet Reno's brief to Appeals Court is an attempt to prevent sworn law enforcement officers (Secret Service) from testifying in a criminal investigation.

Washington Weekly Marvin Lee "Over the past several months, Attorney General Janet Reno has repeatedly told Congress that she is following the advice of "my people" in refusing to appoint an independent counsel to probe the Chinese penetration of the White House. Well, leaks from the Justice Department have made clear that this is a lie. "Her people," the two highest authorities on the matter, FBI Director Freeh and outgoing Campaign Task Force head Charles LaBella, have both counseled her in writing to seek the appointment of an independent counsel. The lead FBI agent on the case, James Desarno, is reported to be of the same opinion. So unless Janet Reno means that she is following the advice of the White House and "my people" refers to Bruce Lindsey and Charles Ruff, she could very well be guilty of lying to Congress, which includes not telling the whole truth."

Fox News 8/18/98 "The Justice Department once again is reviewing whether Vice President Al Gore broke federal election laws when he used White House telephones to make fund-raising calls, The Wall Street Journal reported today. The review will help Attorney General Janet Reno decide whether to request an independent counsel to probe the 1996 presidential race. Reno, who last year elected to not have an independent counsel investigate, is under pressure from Republicans to reverse her stance.."

Richmond Times Dispatch 8/25/98 Joseph Duggan "Before Kenneth Starr reports to Congress and issues indictments, he should redouble efforts to probe the many Clinton administration crimes against privacy. As one of 900 former Reagan and Bush White House employees whose lives were disrupted when Clinton operatives ransacked our confidential FBI background files, I believe these offenses must not go unpunished. The scope of the needed investigation is wide, because the crimes against privacy neither began nor ended with the White House "Filegate" affair. *State Department Files: In a nearly forgotten 1993 incident, two Clinton aides in the State Department's White House Liaison Office - the clearinghouse for political patronage jobs - illegally obtained the sensitive background files on almost 200 persons who had worked in the State Department as Bush administration political appointees. They released derogatory information from those files to a Washington Post writer. The State Department Inspector General, having found clear evidence of a crime, urged the Justice Department to prosecute. Republicans, wanting professional prosecutors on the case, called for an independent counsel. Attorney General Janet Reno re- fused to appoint one. For no apparent reason other than to protect political allies, she also refused to prosecute through regular Justice Department channels. Relying on interviews with Clinton White House officials Bruce Lindsey and Bernard Nussbaum, the IG reported he turned up no White House complicity in the crime. Today no one would accept Lindsey and Nussbaum's alibis at face value.."

The Bulletin's Frontrunner 8/24/98 "Insight (9/7, 6, Dettmer) reported Attorney General Janet Reno's "pivotal position in the ongoing Clinton saga has many speculating within the Justice Department whether she's healthy enough to handle the challenges that lay ahead. Several Justice sources for weeks now have confided reluctantly" to Insight that they have "anxieties about the Attorney General's mental and physical condition." Justice Department sources "say that the Parkinson's and the strong medication she's under are taking their toll. One Federal prosecutor...said Reno has physically deteriorated rapidly the last few months. The prosecutor -- who's known Reno for nearly two decades -- saw the Attorney General recently for the first time in several months and was taken aback," calling her deterioration "very noticeable."

AP 8/24/98 "The chairman of a House committee that wants Attorney General Janet Reno cited for contempt for failing to provide a controversial memo on campaign fund raising rejected her offer Monday to have Justice Department officials simply brief congressional aides about the report..``The offer this morning to brief staff on the LaBella memorandum is yet another disingenuous offer to avoid complying with the committee's subpoena and legitimate oversight needs,'' Burton wrote to Reno. ``The committee will continue to insist upon its right to have compliance with our subpoena to you of July 24, 1998.'' ."

New York Times 9/19/98 Editorial "Attorney General Janet Reno's recent decision to review the advertising blitz orchestrated by President Clinton during his re-election campaign marks an important if belated turnaround..Unfortunately, Ms. Reno's change of position has not led to an increase in candor. She attributes her decision to re-examine the Clinton ads to a preliminary finding by a Federal Election Commission auditor that White House control of the commercials rendered them campaign ads. But that finding hardly comes as a surprise. As Trevor Potter, a former F.E.C. chairman, testified a year ago, F.E.C. advisory opinions hold that party commercials coordinated with a candidate's campaign and containing an "electioneering message" depicting an identifiable candidate are campaign ads, whether or not they tell viewers to vote for or against someone. Ms. Reno was finally goaded into action by the memo left by the outgoing chief of her campaign finance task force, Charles La Bella. It said the known evidence required an independent counsel, and advanced a refreshing legal theory that campaign finance laws mean what they say. " Les Kinsolving WCBM, 680 AM, Baltimore, MD "."On May 2, 1973, Joanne Chesimard, a member of the so-called Black Liberation Army, together with two of her associates, murdered two New Jersey State Police officers. She was tried, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. But six years later, she escaped and fled to Cuba, where she was recently the subject of a TV report, in which she claimed victimhood. That led to widespread and understandable outrage in New Jersey, so that Gov. Christine Todd Whitman contacted Attorney General Janet Reno asking assistance in getting Chesimard extradited from Cuba. On Sept. 14th, Congress passed a resolution asking that Cuba extradite this murderess of Troopers James Harper and Werner Foerster. Now, Washington Times columnist John McCaslin reports what should have been page one and prime time nationwide. For California Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Chairwoman of the racially segregated Congressional Black Caucus, has written a letter to Cuba's communist dictator Fidel Castro. She wrote Castro that she and other members of the Black Caucus had been 'deceived' and had 'mistakenly' voted for the extradition resolution because it 'used the birth name of Joanne Chesimard, when this political activist (sic) is known to most members of the Congressional Black Caucus as Assata Shakur.' Moreover, I support the right of all nations to grant political asylum to individuals fleeing political persecution. (!) ."

AMERICAN SPECTATOR 11/98 Byron York ". As La Bella wrote, the sources say, he regularly discussed the investigation with senior department officials. Some, like Reno and top deputy Eric Holder, did not signal what course they might ultimately take (although Reno had resisted all earlier calls for a counsel). Others, like Public Integrity chief Lee Radek, his assistant Jo Ann Farrington, and Deputy Attorney General Robert Litt, seemed dead set against a campaign finance independent counsel. The differences in opinion led to heated arguments that left the participants' nerves on edge. Prosecutors on La Bella's side believed Radek, Farrington, and Litt were simply set in stone on the issue; arguing with them, the sources say, was like arguing with a brick wall. La Bella even wrote a letter to Reno telling her the issue had become so overheated that rational debate was no longer possible. "It is clear to me that emotions run high whenever we begin a discussion of the Independent Counsel Act," he wrote. "I do not think we are capable of the type of collegial exchange which would be beneficial." By mid-July, La Bella finished his memo and gave it to the attorney general. He made just three copies: one for himself, one for Reno, and one for FBI Director Louis Freeh, who also favored the appointment of a counsel. Sources say La Bella apparently intended to keep the memo a closely held secret--vainly hoping to shield it not only from the press but from the in-house critics. Perhaps Reno would read it on her own a few times before giving it to the people who were going to rip it apart. But that's not what happened. Instead, once the report hit Reno's desk, several copies were made and distributed to the attorney general's circle of advisers. And it wasn't just insiders who got a look; within a few days, the New York Times published a front-page account of La Bella's central conclusion headlined "Reno Aide's Report Urges Counsel on Fund-Raising." Now everyone knew La Bella disagreed with his boss's stance against an independent counsel.."

WorldNetDaily 1/5/99 Charles Smith ".A newly de-classified FBI document confirms that Attorney General Janet Reno appointed Webster Hubbell to a secret computer chip project intended to bug America. The document, a 1993 letter from FBI Director William Sessions to Reno, was obtained from the Department of Justice using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The FBI letter to Reno states: "During the June 30, 1993, meeting with the National Security Council staff to discuss the status of the Presidential Decision and Review Directives concerning key-escrow encryption technology and telecommunications trends, which was attended by Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell, the issue of a recommended solution to the law enforcement access problem, or the digital telephony issue, was discussed." The Department of Justice withheld many of the documents seen by Hubbell, including a secret report from the FBI on "Requirements For the Surveillance of Electronic Communications." The June 30, 1993, letter from Sessions to Reno states that the Whitewater figure attended a secret White House briefing on U.S. computer chip policy. In 1993, President Clinton considered mandatory legislation for a special computer chip called "Clipper" to be manufactured into all U.S. computers. According to a secret FBI report from 1992, the Clipper chip contained a "exploitable feature" which allowed the federal government to intercept and decode computer communications...Prime targets for monitoring would be foreign governments, banks, corporations, and individuals opposing the Clinton administration. The keys were to be held by "key recovery agents" licensed by the Commerce Department...As a Commerce official, Huang, a fund-raiser for the Democratic National Committee and employee of the Lippo Group, was briefed 37 times on encryption communications by the CIA. Immediately after each briefing, Huang would walk across the street to the Lippo/Stephens Group offices and make long distance phone calls and send faxes to points unknown.."

WorldNet Daily 2/23/99 Charles Smith "...The direct link between Beijing espionage, millionaire drug lords and Bill Clinton is Webster Hubbell. In 1993, Webster Hubbell was personally charged by Janet Reno with a top-secret project to tap every phone in America. Hubbell's initial task was to tap every phone in the government, starting with the Drug Enforcement Administration. This month, the Department of Justice was forced by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to release the Hubbell files. According to Justice, many of the Hubbell documents are being withheld for "national security" reasons. In addition, 15 Hubbell documents remain in the hands of the FBI and National Security Agency to be reviewed prior to any release. According to the NSA, FBI and the National Security Council, the Hubbell files are so sensitive that to release them today could result in charges of treason and the death penalty. The newly released Hubbell files are so secret that even the code word classification level was blacked out for "national security" reasons. Furthermore, Justice was forced to admit that a 1993 letter from AT&T CEO Robert Allen to Hubbell was "destroyed pursuant to the records destruction schedules." This in itself is highly suspect because this author has obtained documents dating as far back as 1983 that were returned by the NSC -- over 10 years prior to the "destroyed" AT&T Hubbell letter. One document released by Justice is a March 1993 memo from Stephen Colgate, assistant attorney general for administration. Colgate's memo to Hubbell details the Clinton officials charged with bugging every phone in America. According to the Colgate memo, Vice President Al Gore was to chair a meeting with Hubbell, Reno, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and Leon Panetta. The meeting was on the "AT&T Telephone Security Device." In 1992, AT&T had developed secure telephones the U.S. government could not tap. The Clinton administration secretly contracted with AT&T to keep the phones off the American market. According to Colgate, the secure phones were simply too dangerous for American citizens.... Part of the secret project included re-fitting the purchased AT&T phones with a new chip called "Clipper" developed by the NSA at Fort Meade, Maryland. This chip contained a secret "exploitable" feature allowing the government to tap the phone conversation with a special back door key. ..."

FoxNews 3/1/99 "…Attorney General Janet Reno has asked a federal commission to study the legality of taking DNA samples from everyone arrested instead of just sex offenders and violent felons, Monday's USA Today reported. he newspaper said such widespread testing would essentially place the genetic fingerprints of millions of Americans into state crime databases, even if they were never convicted of a crime…."

Associated Press 3/12/99 Laurie Kellman "… Republicans on both the Senate panel and the House subcommittee that oversees the department's budget took particular issue with the fact that Reno has not requested money for more border patrol agents next year. "It was not negligence, it was not sloppiness, it was not malice or evilness or badness or dumbness" that led her to hold up a request for more money, Reno told the House panel on Thursday. Rather, she said, the force is suffering from a flood of inexperienced border patrol agents and wants to wait until they are properly trained before hiring new ones. Republicans on both panels also criticized Reno for proposing to cut millions of dollars in local grants for juvenile crime and other initiatives while supporting "questionable social programs." "One could argue that the Clinton administration is trying to disguise social service programs as law enforcement initiatives," said Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch of Utah. Reno said that since violent juvenile crime is down, the Justice Department wants state and local governments to take greater responsibility for meeting their own needs in that regard…."

St. Petersburg Times 3/15/99 Editorial "…If being a Democrat once meant believing the Bill of Rights applies to more than just private property and gun ownership, Attorney General Janet Reno, FBI director Louis Freeh and President Bill Clinton have proved otherwise. Like the good paternalistic parent, they seem to think government governs best when it knows how its children are behaving. There's no need, apparently, to worry about silly constitutional rights. To keep their eyes on all of us, they've attempted to force manufacturers of new technologies to open a government-only back door for spying on private computer and telephone conversations. And they want to use medical information to pry into the private lives of citizens like never before. Reno's latest incursion is a request to a federal commission to investigate the feasibility of collecting and analyzing a DNA sample from every person arrested in the country, even those picked up on minor traffic violations. At a meeting of the National Commission on the Future of DNA Evidence in Dallas, Reno asked the group to examine the potential for sampling every arrestee's genetics for permanent collection in a huge data base. In January, she mused that police in the future could check a person's identity during a traffic stop by use of a mobile DNA test…."

FOX - Brit Hume David Shuster Freeper Theresa 3/17/99 "…Report says Jackie's [Bennett] job search was hampered as Democrats shut him out of a half a dozen top Washington firms. He is the third of Starr's attorneys to leave. He is going to join a law firm in Indianapolis. Bennett and the other two attorneys who are leaving say thier roles at the OIC have come to an end as they were working mainly on the Lewinsky scandals. Other attorneys in Starr's office are remaining to work other cases. Bennett worked for the Justice Department for a number of years. Janet Reno once referred to him as one of the department's top trial lawyers. "…My comments. Starr announced Bennet's leaving saying Bennett "served with integrity"…."

Jewish World Review 6/1/99 Mona Charen "...When the creaky organs of counter-intelligence finally began to respond to this security catastrophe, they were thwarted by Clinton's agent. The FBI asked Janet Reno for authority to tap Wen Ho Lee's phone. Reno refused, claiming civil liberties objections. But according to Investors Business Daily, between 1993 and 1997 federal officials requested 2,686 wiretaps. Guess how many were refused? One. The corruption of this administration appears to be total. And there are willing Democrats in the Congress ready to "spin" on its behalf. Rep. Helen Tauscher, D-Calif., for example, worried aloud on PBS's "NewsHour" that "patriotic Asian-Americans were going to be scapegoated because of this issue." Whenever they find themselves in a corner, Democrats can be relied upon to play the race card -- even, it appears, to the point of self-parody...."

Vol 6 page 2649 10/11/98 Kenneth Starr Freeper reports ".Dear Deputy Attorney General Holder: Rule 6(e) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure binds all attorneys for the government, including those employed by the Department of Justice who are privy to information regarding "matters occurring before the grand jury." And, as Chief Judge Johnson has recently written, Rule 6(e) protects against the disclosure not merely of the actual testimony of grand jury witnesses before the grand jury but also of the substance of their testimony as conveyed to government attorneys and agents in anticipation of their grand jury appearance. The enclosed article from Newsweek magazine recounts in detail what Officers Muskett and Byrne told "Secret Service and Justice Department lawyers." The article identifies its source as these "government lawyers" and makes out a potential & facie case that attorneys for the Department of Justice (and possibly Secret Service) involved in the litigation have violated Rule 6(e). Please advise me at your earliest convenience of the steps you are taking to identify the source of these disclosures and prevent future violations of Rule 6(e) so that 1. may take appropriate action.."

Wall Street Journal 2/16/99 George Melloan "...Politics is a combative profession and in some parts of the world frequently lethal. There is something to be said for a leader who usually wins, even when he sins. As Peggy Noonan wrote on these pages last week, Mr. Clinton is a man with so much political aplomb that he can instruct a room full of evangelicals in the importance of prayer even while he is charged with the grossest sex acts in a national shrine and with two felonies. "Don't do as I do," sayeth the prophet. "Do as I tell you."...Yet, it is worthwhile to ask whether this windy drama that has just been played out in Washington is likely to have any effect on the collective morale of 270 million Americans. Clearly, the Senate chose not to uphold the rule of law, something that the very practical, even crucial, importance of which a great many Americans seem to have forgotten or never learned. Mr. Clinton's character is reflected in a decline in the professionalism of the Department of Justice and by not a few abuses of the civil rights of American citizens. Waco and Ruby Ridge were only the most notorious examples. That too has a Third World ring..."

7/24/98 Houston Chronicle Paul Greenberg " How many times now has the attorney general of the United States had to invoke independent counsels to investigate this administration -- 10? And month after month, she's been staring at the need for an 11th -- to investigate her boss' campaign finances. And still she dawdles. This wouldn't be the first campaign to re-elect the president that needed investigating. But thanks to this attorney general's molasses-like progress, this one may never be exposed. The price of exoneration is eternal vacillation."

AP 2/18/99 Michael Sniffen ".Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, who is supervising the Justice Department's review of the Independent Counsel Act, advocated some changes Thursday to fix problems with the Watergate-inspired law. ``It is a statute that has some problems and needs some work, I think at a minimum,'' Holder told a news conference. Because the law expires this summer, ``we have an opportunity ... at a minimum, to tinker with it,'' he added... Some Democrats in Congress, angered over the conduct of counsel Kenneth Starr's investigation of Clinton, have urged limiting or even killing the act. The American Bar Association, long a supporter of the law, voted recently to recommend its demise. The Justice Department has informed Starr that it intends to open an investigation of his dealings with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, officials have said..."

CREATORS SYNDICATE, INC. 3/3/99 Paul Craig Roberts Freeper Bluse "…With only slightly more than one-third of the public casting ballots in the last federal election, our elected officials comprise a minority government.. . .the U.S. Senate's inability to do its job has left us with a rapist and a perjurer in the White House and an attorney general who investigates the law enforcers instead of the criminals…."

Drudge Report 7/3/99 "..." A former U.S. law enforcement official on Friday was chosen as the lead candidate to head Interpol, the global law enforcement organization. Ron Noble, former Treasury undersecretary for enforcement, was named during an executive session at Interpol headquarters in Lyon, France. Noble, 42, best known as the chief investigator of the failed Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms raid on the Branch Davidian compound outside Waco, Texas, is the only person the United States has ever nominated to head Interpol in the 75-year history of the organization. Attorney General Janet Reno personally picked Noble for the position. ..."

Boston Herald 7/3/99 "...Huang, who raised millions so illegally that most of it had to be returned, obviously can give answers to some very serious questions, such as: What was he telling Riady and what was he hearing from the CIA? Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Tenn.) wants to bring him back before his investigating committee, after his sentencing next month, under a grant of immunity from further prosecution. Incredibly, Janet Reno objects because there's a ``continuing investigation'' still under way, and the Democrats on Thompson's committee will use that lame excuse to block immunity. We haven't seen the end of Reno's stonewalling, which saw the resignation of her special adviser on the fund-raising scandal and her rejection of the advice of the head of the FBI to seek an independent counsel. As we've said before, there are ample grounds for impeaching her and removing her from office. No Cabinet officer has ever been impeached, but the Constitution permits the impeachment of ``all civil officers of the United States,'' and she is one. What would be the grounds? Obstruction of justice for a start. No one in the House of Representatives has the stomach for another impeachment, so she skates. But honesty demands clarity about what she deserves....."

9/1/97 Tim Maier Insight Nation "…Secrets abound. Ira Sockowitz knows that all too well. The former New York administrative law judge and 1992 Clinton/Gore campaign fundraiser walked out the Department of Commerce in June with 2,800 pages of intelligence documents - many dealing with sensitive and highly secret satellite and encryption technologies. "He knew what he was doing," says one congressional investigator. "He had to. He held one of the highest level of clearance - top secret with code word." ….The interest House investigators have shown in Sockowitz is in sharp contrast to the strategy of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, which chose to leave the Sockowitz case to others. It also is a signal that the House plans to concentrate on activities at Commerce - just the opposite of Attorney General Janet Reno, who shut down the Justice Department's probe of Sockowitz without even interviewing him…The value of the records could be tremendous for commercial brokers in the international-consulting business - the line of work to which Sockowitz return after his stint with SBA. Congressional investigators would like to know if he has used secret information obtained from those files in any manner for his Washington consulting firm, which conducts strategic planning for international companies. Does it make sense the SBA would be interested in secret information contained in those files relating to rockets, satellites, encryption and CIA political assessments of CHina, Russia and other foreign nations?…."

Michael Chapman Investor’s Business Daily 6/19/98 "…While at Commerce, Sockowitz held a top-secret clearance and kept classified files in a safe. Among these papers was "A Study of the International Market for Computer Software With Encryption." The CIA marked portions of this report "secret" and the U.S. Bureau of Export Administration said disclosure could "damage the national security by revealing export control problems that could be exploited to the detriment of the United States." The secret sections could reveal weaknesses in U.S. encryption defenses, David Sobel, general counsel of the Electronic Privacy information Center, told IBD. Other papers Sockowitz locked away covered "remote sensing satellites," presidential waivers for satellite launches, "space commerce," and country files on China, Russia and India. Sockowitz also got documents on satellite encryptions from Hoyt Zia, chief counsel for Commerce's Bureau of Export Administration…"

Michael Chapman Investor’s Business Daily 6/19/98 "…Zia is a former Democratic National Committee fund-raiser and close friend of Huang. In May '96, Sockowitz's boss, Lew, moved to the Small Business Administration. He followed as her senior adviser on May 27. Three days after he moved to the SBA, Commerce OK'd a Sensitive Compartmentalized Information clearance for Sockowitz, a level above top secret. It let Sockowitz view the government's most tightly classified papers on encryption. Sockowitz didn't get an SBA top-secret clearance until July 29. The agency never gave him SCI. Sockowitz returned to Commerce for a visit on Aug. 2, 1996. While his successor there, Jeffrey May, was out of the office, Sockowitz removed 136 files from his old safe. He told a secretary only that he was gathering some personal items. Sockowitz wasn't debriefed when he left Commerce, something that would have required him to return any classified papers he held. Commerce says Sockowitz violated his clearance by not returning the files. But Sockowitz says his clearance traveled with him to the SBA and that nothing in the security manual prevented him from taking files. Sockowitz also says he never disclosed the papers and they never left his possession. He claims he needed the files for his SBA job. But the SBA told the conservative weekly Human Events that it knew of no projects that Sockowitz was working on that involved encryption, remote-sensing satellites or China…"

Michael Chapman Investor’s Business Daily 6/19/98 "… Sockowitz left the SBA In November '96. Again. he was not debriefed. He now works for the Strategic Planning Group in Bethesda, MD, an international business consulting firm. The company didn't respond to repeated requests by IBD to speak with Sockowitz. Justice stopped looking into the matter in December '96 without ever talking to Sockowitz, Lew or May. Hill told Judge Lamberth in March of this year that Brown worried that Sockowitz might have "funneled information to others." Larry Klayman, chairman of Judicial Watch, told IBD some of the files may have made their way to "a consortium like Iridium." Iridium is a global satellite mobile-phone business with partners such as China Aerospace. It competes with Loral's partly owned subsidiary Globalstar. At least four of Sockowitz's ex-Commerce colleagues work for Iridium. "Sockowitz was the first evidence that there may be an espionage element to this," Klayman said, adding that "Hill can confirm a lot that went on on those trips that dealt with matters that were not legal." For her part, Hill has said that Brown talked to her about how Commerce wanted to end satellite-export controls and how "encryption was a big issue," Klayman said. "Hill can confirm that this whole transfer of satellite technology (abroad) was a major initiative of the Clinton administration, and particularly in the encryption area," Klayman said. "All these companies were competing. And we know from Hill that satellites were what they were after -- the big bucks. Brown was very interested." …"

Committee on Government Reform 7/15/99 Dan Burton "….Now let me summarize my concerns with the Justice Department and Attorney General Reno. Before I start, though, let me play a tape. I think it is a very good introduction to how this Justice Department operates: [Tape Text]: La Bella: My favorite piece is these two message slips that I got when I was out of my office. At 12:10 on May 20th I got a call from Chairman Burton. Very important, please return the call. At, the same day, 12:10, the same time, it must have been the next phone call, . . . a call from Craig Iscoe who is in the deputy attorney general's office, saying don't talk to Dan Burton. Don't talk to Congressman Burton. So that really says it all. That's Washington in a nutshell. ..."

Judicial Watch 7/16/99 "…Johnny Chung, a Clinton fundraiser who admitted to funneling money from the China's military to the Democratic National Committee to help Bill Clinton, testified to Judicial Watch last week that the Reno Justice Department didn't want to hear all the information and evidence he had on Clinton Administration illegal fundraising and that he was abandoned by the Reno Justice Department despite repeated threats to his life from Chinese operatives. The complete text of Chung's testimony is now available on the Judicial Watch Internet site at Mr. Chung also implicated an unnamed top official of the Justice Department, head of the Civil Division, in an effort to keep him quiet by fixing the case against him on campaign fundraising. In fact, Mr. Chung received no jail time. But Judicial Watch believes that the Eric Holder, the number two at the Justice Department, is the likely culprit here.
Another star witness in this case, Nolanda Hill, implicated Holder in similar activity -- accusing him of wanting to keep her quiet about what she knows about the illegal fundraising of her former confidante Ron Brown, the Clintons, and Al Gore. Chung also implicated President Clinton directly in a scheme to keep Chung quiet. Chung testified that he was told by a Chinese operative that President Clinton had a deal with the Chinese that Chung would be pardoned as long as he kept quiet. Chung also gave testimony indicating that Clinton and the Chinese President had agreed together on a cover story to explain away the Chinagate scandal….Chung also testified about threats to his life from at least two squads of Chinese operatives sent to the United States to harm him and his family. Despite these and other threats, Chung was recently told by the U.S. Attorney (appointed by Reno) overseeing his case that he should "call 911" if any future threats occurred… His latest testimony puts him at significant personal risk and is an act of patriotism. The fact that Reno, with Chung's testimony and other evidence, hasn't indicted one high-level official is absolute proof of a massive cover-up, one that Judicial Watch is committed to unraveling…"

New York Times 7/16/99 William Safire "… The most dramatic clash between the F.B.I. and the heavily politicized Reno Department of Justice took place in February 1997. Stimulated by press reports of "the Asian connection" to the Clinton-Gore campaign, the Bureau teletyped all field offices for reports on foreign attempts to influence U.S. political campaigns. On Washington's Birthday the F.B.I.'s counterintelligence chief, John Lewis, delivered a packet of those top-secret reports to Janet Reno. "The Attorney General gave the packet of teletypes to then Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick," reports Michael Bromwich, the in-house Inspector General. At the same time, White House Counsel Charles Ruff made two calls to Justice seeking to find out what embarrassment was in store. Never told by Ms. Reno of F.B.I. restrictions on the documents, Ms. Gorelick bucked them to the Office of Intelligence Policy and Review. They then blithely passed them on to Laura Ingersoll's Justice "task force," selected for its ineptitude. Nothing doing, said the F.B.I., which "retrieved the packet shortly after the Task Force received it," according to Bromwich. When I asked the F.B.I. Director, Louis Freeh, yesterday if he had been aware of the confrontation -- an unprecedented dispatch of agents to snatch back evidence from Main Justice -- he replied, "I knew about it and certainly approved of it." …Justice was passing the surveillance of messages to Ted Sieong and Maria Hsia -- both in direct contact with Al Gore in his fund-raising -- all over the building. And so the F.B.I. acted to prevent contacts with the White House officials under investigation, to avoid the sort of improper "heads up" given them in Whitewater….The name-no-names whitewash by Ms. Reno's I.G. admits that Congress was not given two pieces of espionage information it should have had until September 1997 -- after the Senate investigators had all but closed shop and Democrats happily declared the Asian penetration unproven…."

New York Times 7/16/99 William Safire "… Bromwich's 569-page report dumping on the F.B.I. and claiming innocent ineptitude on high is stamped "top secret" because it might jeopardize an ongoing failure at Justice. The two of its deep, dark secrets … are covered in Elizabeth Drew's new book that has a chapter about the successful obstruction of the Thompson committee investigation, "The Corruption of American Politics." One is the Hong Kong source of the $400,000 contribution of Indonesia's Sieong, most of it routed to the Democratic National Committee through his resident alien daughter…. Another secret was sent the committee only after its hearings were over. It alleged that Ms. Hsia had recruited someone in California's state government to be "an agent" for China. In the Bromwich sandwich, eight more bits of intelligence information concealed from Congressional oversight are deliciously embedded, but not for the public to see until after the next election…."

New York Times Company 7/16/99 David Johnston "…An unclassified summary of the inspector general's report, which was released on Wednesday, found that F.B.I. officials were at first reluctant to share raw intelligence with campaign finance prosecutors, senior Justice Department officials and lawmakers who demanded the information as part of their own investigations. Later, the report said, Justice Department officials provided too much unverified intelligence to lawmakers, fearing that Attorney General Janet Reno and her subordinates could be criticized by Republicans if they failed to turn over information that might be considered relevant to a Congressional inquiry…"

AP 7/15/99 "…U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno acknowledged Thursday bungling in the handling of sensitive intelligence about an alleged Chinese plot to influence U.S. elections. Reno said she accepted the main conclusion of a report that strongly criticized the FBI for failing to share the classified information in 1996 and 1997 with Congress and top FBI and Justice Department officials. But Reno maintained the delay in sharing the intelligence did not hurt the investigation by a Justice Department task force into various allegations of campaign finance abuses, including charges denied by China that it sought to influence the 1996 U.S. presidential election…. Bromwich also faulted "questionable'' Justice Department policies and practices in handling intelligence information. He said the department, concerned after September 1997 of being accused of withholding intelligence, adopted a policy of briefing congressional committees and the White House's National Security Council (NSC) on information of unknown reliability rather than waiting for it to be confirmed…."

AP 7/14/99 "…Bromwich called on Justice and FBI officials to resolve a dispute over how much to tell the White House's National Security Council about this intelligence. The FBI and some Justice officials believed providing China intelligence to the White House ``was akin to briefing the subject of an investigation about that investigation.'' Other Justice officials believed the White House needed to receive national security information from the probe. As a result, the FBI has not attended NSC briefings on the Chinese intelligence or campaign finance investigations, Bromwich said. Finally, until Reno stepped in, FBI counterspies insisted on giving campaign finance investigators paraphrases of their data rather than direct access to the intelligence….."

Chicago Sun-Times 7/18/99 Robert Novak "...Attorney General Janet Reno has refused to give former Justice Department lawyer Charles LaBella a copy of his own report recommending an independent counsel to investigate 1996 campaign finance irregularities, even though he removed any reference to secret grand jury testimony. Reno will not pemit members of Congress to see the LaBella report even on a confidential basis. After career prosecutor LaBella's recommendation became known, he was removed as acting U.S. attorney in San Diego...."

AP News Wire 7/21/99 "...Rep. Dan Burton, leading an investigation of campaign fund-raising abuses, asked two federal judges Wednesday to delay sentencing of two former Democratic fund raisers until Congress can obtain their testimony. Burton, R-Ind., chairman of the House Committee on Government Reform, said that once Yah Lin ``Charlie'' Trie and John Huang are sentenced, they would have no incentive to cooperate with Congress....Burton wrote U.S. District Judge George Howard Jr. in Little Rock, Ark.'..."

WorldNet Daily 7/22/99 "...The Internal Revenue Service and the Justice Department are withholding evidence crucial to a $10 million civil suit alleging the tax agency audited the Western Journalism Center at the behest of the White House in 1996, says Judicial Watch chairman Larry Klayman..... a Treasury Department report obtained by the center through a separate FOIA request shows investigators found documents in the case file not yet produced by the IRS or Justice Department. Among those documents is a letter sent from the White House to IRS officials suggesting an audit of the center was in order.... "This new evidence, clearly suppressed by the administration until after a favorable ruling by a Superior Court judge, provides the smoking gun we were hoping to find in the discovery process," said Klayman. "I am confident this new revelation demonstrating the government systematically concealed the truth will persuade the courts to permit this case to proceed to trial and give us the opportunity to expose and punish these abuses of power." ..."

Washington Weekly 7/26/99 Marvin Lee "…Recent weeks have yielded unambiguous evidence of crime and abuse of power in the White House. Yet nobody seems to care. First, Judicial Watch unearthed a Treasury report that reveals that the White House orchestrated a politically motivated IRS audit of its client, the Western Journalism Center….. Second is the July 9 testimony by Johnny Chung that his $50,000 donation to Hillary Clinton at the White House was in return for a "wish list" and was directly solicited by aides of the First Lady to repay debts she had at the DNC. Among the items on the "wish list," or quid pro quo, was a visit to the White House Mess -- a wish that was immediately granted. When one of the requests of the wish list, a meeting with the President, was not immediately granted, Mr. Chung complained and he received the goods he had paid for. There cannot be any more obvious evidence of a quid pro quo than that. This is a clear violation of several statutes -- including prohibitions against taking bribes at the White House -- and a selling of tickets to the White House Mess, which is funded by taxpayers…."

Washington Weekly 7/26/99 Marvin Lee "…Most troubling of all are the at least four groups monitored by the FBI in their attempt to physically harm Johnny Chung or his family at the time he was a witness against the President and the DNC. Two of the groups where from China and it is reasonable to assume that they were sent by Chinese intelligence. But one incident involved an Italian-American. Now, if he wasn't sent by the Chinese, then who could have sent him? What U.S. interest could have wanted this witness silent? Perhaps the answer lies in Chung's testimony that the day after the FBI traced the license plate of the Italian-American, the Justice Department removed the FBI from the protection of Chung as a witness. And one of the Chinese agents relaying threats to Chung, Robert Luu, claimed that he was close to the "number three man" at the Justice Department….Johnny Chung in his testimony to Judicial Watch also relayed how he sensed that government investigators had no interest in the evidence of crime that he gave them. It is obvious that we would not have reached the current state of lawlessness had it not been for the active cooperation of the Department of Justice and the mainstream media…."

The Washington Times: National Weekly Edition 7/19-25/99 AP "…Born out of the destruction of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, a little-noticed program has made strange bedfellows of FBI agents and militia members. On the orders of FBI Director Louis Freeh and Attorney General Janet Reno, agents in the 56 FBI field offices around country have been finding ways to reach out to members of militia groups in their local areas. The program, established just weeks after the April 19, 1995, bombing that killed 168 persons has been an open secret with positive consequences for the nation's top police agency and the militia movement…. The outreach program takes many forms. In Texas, several meetings have taken place in hinterland burgs like Dew, a community of 71 persons located some 100 miles south of Dallas. ….The meetings give militia members a chance to meet people like FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Danny Defenbaugh, who has been the subject of dozens of Internet newsgroups because of his role in leading the Oklahoma City bombing investigation. The sit-downs also help the FBI set the record straight on its motives. Last year, Mr. Defenbaugh requested a meeting in Dew to dispel rumors that he has charged with disbanding the groups…."

The New York Times (Letter to the Editor) 7/23/99 Michael R. Bromwich "…William Safire's July 16, 1999 column on the Justice Department's investigation into the handling of classified information in the campaign finance inquiry characterizes our report as "dumping" on the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He also makes the erroneous statement that the report is classified as "top secret' because "it might jeopardize an ongoing failure" at Justice. Mr. Safire also suggests that the information will be made public after the next election. We found that the National Security Division within the F.B.I. failed to disseminate relevant intelligence information not only to Justice Department prosecutors and Congress but also to senior officials in the F.B.I.. [emphasis added] Our report is classified top secret because the F.B.I., not my office, deems much of the information to reveal sensitive sources and methods. We have no power to change that classification, not now or after any election. Michael R. Bromwich Inspector General, Justice Dept…."

Associated Press 7/16/99 Michael J. Sniffen "…Critics of the FBI crime lab are disappointed that the Justice Department has proposed ``minimal'' discipline -- censure of just two bureau employees -- despite a scathing inspector general report a year ago. Four lab supervisors also would have been disciplined but they have retired, according to a June 30 Justice memorandum obtained by The Associated Press. Five lab examiners criticized in the report avoided discipline because of either the ``staleness'' of their alleged misconduct, disputes over scientific issues, or the ``consistent and often spirited FBI opposition to any conclusion that its employees have engaged in misconduct or performed poorly,'' wrote Assistant Attorney General Stephen R. Colgate, who issued the disciplinary rulings….. Indeed, Colgate endorsed the inspector general's lab policy recommendations and added three more of his own designed to ensure that FBI lab examiners testify in court ``in an accurate and objective manner and limit their testimony to their documented scientific findings and areas of technical expertise.'' The slap on the wrist disappointed two lab critics: Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, chairman of a Senate subcommittee that supervises the FBI, and the Justice Department's inspector general, Michael Bromwich….."

Washington Times 7/26/99 Paul Craig Roberts "...The Clinton administration cannot stand up to Beijing, because Beijing used illegal campaign contributions to compromise the Clinton administration. The most striking feature of President Clinton's foreign policy is its lack of consistency. A different view would be that his policy is consistent only in its perversity. Compare Mr. Clinton's China policy with his Serbia policy. Mr. Clinton and his minions - for that is what they are - are hot and bothered because Taiwan referred to itself as an independent state. Mr. Clinton has cancelled or delayed various U.S.-Taiwan exchanges, and The Washington Times reports that Pentagon officials are "considering a cutoff of U.S. military assistance to show displeasure over Taipei's pro-independence comments." Taiwan has been an independent state for a half century. But Mr. Clinton cannot allow Taiwan to speak for itself as a state, because it makes China mad. We have a "one-China' policy, says the State Department. We do "not support Taiwan independence." China, whose human rights record is worse than Serbia's, has the Clinton administration by the short hairs. All the communist government in Beijing has to do is acknowledge that it made campaign contributions to Mr. Clinton and provide the evidence. That would blow Attorney General Janet Reno's cover-up of the illegal affair and send some Democrats off to prision...." 7/27/99 Carl Cameron "...A Justice Department task force investigating alleged illegal foreign contributions to the Democratic Party has possessed potentially incriminating documents since the fall of 1997, Fox News has learned. The documents - bank records from Citibank, which has branches in New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong - indicate that big-time Democratic donor Johnny Chung received $300,000 from Chinese government officials. Sources say Chung in 1997 turned over the records, which show he received a wire transfer from Citibank's Hong Kong branch from Liu Chaoying, a vice president at China Aerospace, a firm that helps loft satellites into orbit on Chinese rockets. China Aerospace has worked numerous times with U.S. satellite makers Hughes Electronics and Loral Space & Communications, whose chief executive, Bernard L. Schwartz, was the top donor to President Clinton's re-election campaign, contributing almost $1 million.... Sources say the Justice Dept. never bothered to pursue the bank records, a simple piece of evidence that would have revealed that the origin of Chung's cash was one of China's top spies. A senior DOJ task force source said investigators chose to concentrate on other leads ....Sources say Johnny Chung, too, is telling friends he offered the Justice Dept. new details of White House and DNC knowledge of foreign fund-raising impropriety, but investigators "did not want to hear it." One senior Justice Dept. prosecutor expressed his frustration to Fox News, saying there is "fertile ground" to till and that he is being pressed to ignore it. ...." 7/27/99 Carl Cameron "...There is also a battle raging within the Department of Justice campaign finance task force over how to proceed with the plea-bargained sentencing of long-time Clinton friend and fund-raiser Yah-Lin Charlie Trie, who has pleaded guilty to fund-raising violations. Sources familiar with Trie's DOJ cooperation say some FBI investigators want to hold off on Trie's sentencing in order to pursue his allegations that top Democratic National Committee and White House officials were aware of - and on at least two occasions encouraged - illegally funneled foreign contributions to the Democratic Party during the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign. Sources close to Trie say he has been trying to tell investigators about several alleged illegal contributions from a mysterious Macao businessman named Ng Lap Seng. Also known as Mr. Wu, Seng, who has ties to Asian organized crime, allegedly funneled several hundred thousand dollars to the DNC through various illegal means. Sources with knowledge of Trie's testimony say, however, that top-level Justice Dept. political appointees have expressed little interest in Trie's revelations and want the case wrapped up...."

Newsweek 8/2/99 "...Lawyers for wen ho Lee, the scientist suspected of spying for China, are set to meet with Justice Department officials this week to try to head off criminal charges against their client. Justice lawyers have told Lee's defense team they don't now contemplate espionage charges. Instead, the Feds are focusing on Lee's alleged transfer of nuclear codes from a secured computer to an unsecured one, where a third party, presumably Chinese agents, could access them. There's evidence of one intrusion, but the FBI still can't prove that a foreign government hacked into the files...."

The Dallas Morning News 7/28/99 Lee Hancock "...The head of the Texas Department of Public Safety said Tuesday that evidence held by the Texas Rangers since the 1993 Branch Davidian siege calls into question the federal government's claim that its agents used no incendiary devices on the day that a fire consumed the sect's compound. "There's some evidence that is at least problematic or at least questionable with regard to what happened," said James B. Francis Jr. of Dallas, chairman of the Texas Department of Public Safety. Mr. Francis declined to detail the evidence but said, "With the proper experts analyzing it, it might shed light as to whether an incendiary device was fired into the compound that day." Myron Marlin, a spokesman with the Justice Department in Washington, D.C., dismissed the allegation. "It's more nonsense. We know of no evidence to support an allegation that any incendiary device was fired into the compound on April 19, 1993," Mr. Marlin said....Mr. Francis said Tuesday that some FBI officials made statements to Texas Rangers immediately after the fire "that are contradictory" to the federal government's account of what happened. Mr. Francis told The Dallas Morning News that he only recently became aware of those statements as he began looking into complaints about the lack of public access to evidence in the Davidian investigation. Mr. Francis said he became concerned enough to contact U.S. District Judge Walter Smith of Waco, who has presided over all the cases arising from the deadly standoff. DPS recently filed a motion asking Judge Smith to take control of the evidence in the case. "I took the steps to turn it over to the court so the court could decide what to do," Mr. Francis said. "I think it's very important that whatever the evidence is and whatever it shows, that all of it come out and let the chips fall where they may." .... "I said, 'It is in effect a cover-up. It is not intended to be, but in effect it is," Mr. Francis said. "It is a complete stonewall." Mr. Francis said he doesn't think there was "some grand conspiracy to hide the evidence. I think it evolved into a situation where that was the effect of it." He said the judge asked only "how much space are we going to need," when Mr. Francis proposed turning over the evidence in the case to his federal court in Waco. After the siege, about 40 Texas Rangers were assigned to investigate and gather evidence in the case, and their investigation became the backbone of a 1994 criminal trial in which eight Branch Davidians were convicted of charges ranging from manslaughter to weapons violations..... Evidence used in the federal prosecutions was transferred to DPS headquarters in Austin for safekeeping. Although Texas Rangers had custody of the material, Justice Department officials retained authority over who could see it. They ordered DPS officials to route requests for access to Washington....Mr. Francis and others in the agency said DPS officials became increasingly frustrated as they learned that Justice Department officials routinely sent those requests back to Austin with the explanation that the evidence was in the custody of Texas officials. "It was a perfect Catch-22 to block everybody from seeing the evidence," Mr. Francis said. "There is some evidence there that the world needs to see, in my opinion. The government does not want this evidence out, and yet, that's not right." .... "

AP via Fox News Wire 7/28/99 "...Evidence stored by the Texas Rangers may contradict the U.S. government's claim that no pyrotechnic devices were fired into the Branch Davidian compound the day it burned, The Dallas Morning News reported today. Branch Davidian leader David Koresh and about 80 followers died in the 1993 inferno at the compound 10 miles east of Waco, Texas. Authorities have denied using any incendiary devices during the assault that ended when the compound was consumed by fire. Investigators concluded that sect members set the fire..."

Reuters 7/28/99 Marcus Kabel "...Dallas businessman James Francis Jr, chairman of the three-member Public Safety Commission that oversees the state police, said he wanted wider public access to the evidence collected by Texas Rangers investigating the cause of the blaze. ``Some of the evidence appears to be problematic and at least raise legitimate questions'' about how the fire started, Francis told Reuters in an telephone interview, commenting on reports in Wednesday's Dallas Morning News....."

7/23/99 to Louis Freeh FBI from Rep Weldon "...I am writing to convey my strong concern about a serious breach of United States national security. According to Insight Magazine, in October Sandia National Laboratory officials sold as surplus an Intel Paragon XPS supercomputer with a capability between 150,000 and 200,000 million theoretical operations per second (MTOPS) -- one of the United States' most capable supercomputers operating today. The potential national security ramifications of this sale are disastrous. As I understand it, we remain unaware of the current location of this supercomputer -- it may even have already been transferred out of the country. If, in fact, this computer is or has been successfully transported out of the United States, the capability it will provide to the Chinese in their efforts to improve their nuclear weapons capability is enormous. In my opinion, this could be one of the most significant breaches of our national security. The problem is magnified because we do not know what the computer was used for at Sandia National Laboratory. There is a very real possibility that nuclear secrets may be stored on the system's hard drive. Even with a "wipe" of the supercomputers memory, much of the information that was stored on the system can be retrieved using advanced techniques.

There also exists the very real possibility that the Chinese have reassembled the supercomputer and are utilizing the system's capabilities right here in the United States. The possibility also exists that the Chinese may attempt to reverse-engineer the machine. ....As I understand it, the Department of Energy -- once alerted by the Intel Corporation of efforts by the buyer to obtain key components to reassemble the supercomputer -- attempted to reacquire the supercomputer by offering $2.5 million for its return. It had been sold to the Chinese national at the bargain basement price of $30,000. This appears to me as an attempt by DOE to quietly cover up the diversion...."


AP 7/29/99 "...A former China-based U.S. diplomat and the State Department office that investigated him for possible visa fraud refused to discuss the case with a congressional committee Thursday. ....Jacquelyn L. Williams-Bridgers, the State Department's inspector general, also refused to talk about the case at the hearing. She said the Justice Department had advised her that discussing it could violate grand jury secrecy laws.....The inspector general's investigation of Parish was conducted jointly with the FBI as part of the Justice Department's probe of campaign contributions, for which a grand jury was impaneled. Democratic fund-raiser Johnny Chung told the same congressional committee in May that Parish helped him get visas for dozens of Chinese. Chung said he ended his relationship with Parish after the president of a Chinese beer company asked him to deliver ``a shopping bag of money'' to the then-consular officer....Committee Chairman Dan Burton, R-Ind., said he was appalled at Williams-Bridgers' refusal to discuss the investigation. ``This is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard,'' he said, saying it was typical of what he considered the Justice Department's stonewalling on campaign fund-raising issues under Attorney General Janet Reno. Burton said his staff found that foreigners are willing to pay up to $20,000 for a U.S. visa. He accused the State Department of bumbling its investigation of Parish, destroying documents before reviewing them and failing to interview witnesses or subpoena bank records. ``Everybody dropped the ball,'' Burton said...."

AP FoxNews 7/30/99 "..."I'm absolutely furious," said Burton, R-Ind., after the Justice Department prevented the State Department's inspector general from discussing her office's 1996 investigation of former top consular officer William Parish. The inspector general, Jacquelyn L. Williams-Bridgers, told the House Government Reform Committee on Thursday that any comment on the case could violate rules on grand jury secrecy since the investigation was conducted with the FBI as part of the inquiry into campaign finance abuses for which a grand jury was impaneled.... testimony from Bonnie R. Cohen, under secretary of state for management, who told the lawmakers that Parish was aggressively investigated in 1996 and the inquiry "did not reveal criminal wrongdoing." Cohen said the federal government "aggressively pursued leads" in the case and found no need to take action against Parish. She said he "performed in an excellent manner" on visa duties in Washington, where he was transferred during the investigation. Parish retired last year...."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 7/29/99 Jerry Seper "...The civilian head of the Texas Rangers yesterday called into question FBI claims that its agents didn't ignite the windswept fire that killed 86 members of the Branch Davidian sect, including 24 children, in 1993. James B. Francis Jr., chairman of the three-member Public Safety Commission that oversees the Texas Rangers, said items found at the site were "problematic or at least questionable" in corroborating FBI claims that its agents did not fire a single shot or use any incendiary devices during the 51-day siege. "With the proper experts analyzing it, it might shed some light as to whether an incendiary device was fired into that compound that day," Mr. Francis said, adding that the evidence included shells, shell casings and other "physical things." He declined to elaborate. Seventeen of the children who perished in the fire were younger than 10 years old....The existence of the evidence was first reported by the Dallas Morning News, which said a researcher for a 1997 film documentary critical of the siege was allowed access to it last spring in preparing for a new documentary on the standoff. The researcher, Michael McNulty, told The Washington Times he found a number of questionable items in the material, including "flash-bang" devices commonly used by law enforcement to stun suspects. He said the devices -- ignited by a small pyrotechnic charge -- can start fires in enclosed spaces and were found in areas of the compound in which the fires ignited...."It's our belief that these pieces of ordnance could and probably did have an impact on the fire on April 19," he said. Justice Department spokesman Myron Marlin called the conclusion "nonsense." He said the department had no evidence "that any incendiary device was fired into the compound on April 19, 1993." ...."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 7/29/99 Jerry Seper "...The sect members died when a fire fanned by high winds swept through the compound after the FBI had forced the chemical O-chlorobenzalmalononitrile, known as CS, into the facility. The chemical, a white crystalline powder, poured into the compound for six hours before the building erupted into an inferno and burned in minutes. The White House and the FBI later acknowledged that CS had been banned for military use at the Chemical Weapons Convention in Paris in January 1993, because of its danger, but nevertheless called its deployment "appropriate." The Justice Department report said the fire that ravaged the compound was deliberately set by sect members. The CS was blown into the compound through compressed air canisters to force sect members into a smaller area of the sprawling compound..... Attorney General Janet Reno ordered the April 1993 assault because of what she said were reports that the children were being physically and sexually abused. She later acknowledged that the FBI had no evidence of abuse, telling reporters at the time she had misunderstood what FBI officials had told her two days before the raid. The reports of child abuse were central to Clinton administration justifications for the deadly raid, which was said to have been designed to rescue the children...."

World Net Daily 7/29/99 Joseph Farah "... The New York Times reports the Clinton administration has developed a plan for "an extensive computer monitoring system, overseen by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to protect the nation's crucial data networks from intruders." "The plan, an outgrowth of the administration's anti-terrorism program, has already raised concerns from civil liberties groups," reports the Times. "A draft prepared by officials at the National Security Council last month, which was provided to The New York Times by a civil liberties group, calls for a sophisticated software system to monitor activities on non-military government networks and a separate system to track networks used in crucial industries like banking, telecommunications and transportation....And, vice versa: Since this shocking plan was revealed in the pages of the New York Times, there is little reason for any American to question its veracity or to suggest that it is being sensationalized. Therefore, for those out there who still cannot believe that this administration would actually use all the power of the federal government to go after its political enemies, perhaps this story will demonstrate the true character of the Clinton machine. These are totalitarians. The people running the executive branch of the federal government are nothing less than fascists. No other descriptive quite fits. They would think nothing of turning America into a police state -- if they haven't already brought us to that point. And they would do it without a second thought. They'd do it while telling you the whole time that they are protecting you, safeguarding your interests, making you more secure...."

ABC 7/31/99 David Ruppe "...Is Uncle Sam illicitly reading your e-mail? Listening in on your telephone calls? Scanning your faxes? Some in Congress suspect advances in communications technology in recent years may have enabled America's biggest, and most secret, spy agency, the National Security Agency, to greatly increase its eaves- dropping powers at the expense of Americans' privacy. But they can't be sure without a thorough congressional examination into the agency's practices. And, they say, the NSA has not yet provided all the information requested by the House Select Intelligence Committee, which is looking into the question. That the National Security Agency intercepts Americans' missives is clear. Observers point to the agency's practice of intercepting massive volumes of communications through spy satellites and by listening to commercial communications satellites, which inevitably draws in the communications of U.S. citizens for whom the agency has no court order.....Government officials admit the NSA's collection methods do draw in communications made by U.S. citizens. "Read the statute, the executive order, the legislative history, and what you'll find is the underlying assumption is that you can't avoid collecting U.S.-person information incidentally if you are going to do foreign intelligence collection," says an official familiar with the agency..... Still, critics say there is no way to be sure the NSA's judg- ments consistently respect citizens' rights unless the congressional committees responsible for overseeing those rights have full access to information on how the agency applies the laws..... "

Media Research Center 7/30/99 Brent Baker "...After outlining on Tuesday night how the Justice Department thwarted probes or failed to pursue leads involving Johnny Chung, John Huang and Charlie Trie, FNC's Carl Cameron returned Wednesday night with a look at how two others with names not uttered much recently will also escape charges. In a piece which led the July 28 Special Report with Brit Hume, but unlike the previous story did not also appear an hour later on the Fox Report, Cameron began: "Indonesian businessman Ted Sioeng funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal Chinese contributions to the Democratic Party in 1996. He dined with the President at one glitzy fundraiser and accompanied the Vice President to another at a Buddhist temple. And though FBI and congressional investigators say they have conclusive evidence that Sioeng worked for Chinese intelligence, Fox News has learned no charges of any kind will be brought against him. "Sioeng fled a year ago to the Central American nation of Belize, refusing to cooperate with U.S. investigators. Despite owning a Chinese-language newspaper and several import-export firms in California, investigators have no plans to freeze or leverage Sioeng's U.S. assets to bring him back."..."

Media Research Center 7/30/99 Brent Baker "...Cameron then moved to Sioeng's partner.... Hsia currently faces only minor tax and election fraud charges, although she was identified by Congress as a Chinese agent." Reporter in crowd outside courthouse: "Are you an agent for the Chinese government, Ms. Hsia?" Nancy Luque, Maria Hsia's attorney: "She's certainly not an agent of the Chinese government." Cameron countered: "But even before her lawyer's denials, the Justice Department had what sources tell Fox News was conclusive evidence that, indeed, Hsia was working for China. But like similar intelligence information in the Sioeng case, investigators mishandled it and both suspects are now about to slip through the net."..."

Media Research Center 7/30/99 Brent Baker "...But that's all part of a pattern, Cameron noted in again citing a report ignored by the other networks: "According to an inspector general's report, key facts in the Justice Department's China cash investigation and specific intelligence data on Maria Hsia and Ted Sioeng's China connections was, quote, 'supplied in a fashion that belied their significance' because it was, quote, 'serendipitously included in memoranda on other subjects, or buried amid documents.' That so downplayed the evidence that, quote, 'Some officials were unaware that they had received these pieces of information.' Cameron honed in on Reno and how the FBI was afraid to share information because they knew the White House would get it: "Some Justice Department investigators suspect their bosses deliberately dropped the ball to protect the President, though the inspector general concluded it was poor judgment and not intentional. But congressional critics think Attorney General Janet Reno and her closest advisers were playing pure politics. And according to the report, when Reno's top troops wanted to share evidence with the White House, the FBI protested, even boycotted meetings, to prevent the handing over of such information, saying it was, quote, 'akin to briefing the subject of an investigation about that investigation.' ..."

Media Research Center 7/30/99 Brent Baker "...Giving a clue about who is providing him with his information, Cameron observed: "Line-level investigators and prosecutors, disgruntled with the way Department of Justice management have handled, and some say botched, this entire case, almost daily now are disclosing more information. Last night Fox reported on how the initial investigation into the Buddhist temple fundraising event was thwarted by the attorney general's office. In fact, one specific individual, the head of the Office of Public Integrity, Lee Radick (sp?), has essentially been fingered as trying to close down that investigation. And as a result, Congress plans to subpoena Mr. Radick's documents to find out whether or not he tried in some way to close things down in order to protect the President." ..."

Fox News Channel 7/30/99 Freeper Cincinatus' wife reports "...Fox News had a long report today on Burton's investigation of the China campaign money connection. Carl Cameron's still on this story. Tony Snow's Sunday show will be doing an in depth story on Janet Reno's obstruction of this investigation. Carl Cameron reported about FBI investigators being pulled back from issuing a search warrant in Little Rock for Charlie Trie even as they were on the way to serve it. This order to desist, came from Reno's Justice Department even though investigators had told Justice that document shredding was going on. Cameron reported that investigators were told by someone in Washington (I didn't get his name), that the investigation should stop because Justice was going to have an independent council look into this and while at the same time, this same person was arguing against an independent council back in Washington. A woman who is on Dan Burton's committee looking into this, said Justice has blocked and given heads up to people who then had time to skip the country and shred evidence. She also said that the Buddhist monks were given time, by the Justice Dept., to shred documentation . This was quite a report and Tony Snow's Sunday Fox News program should be a block buster...."

Judicial Watch 8/2/99 Larry Klayman "... Republican leaders admitted on the weekend talk shows that, as far as the Republican-controlled Congress is concerned, Chinagate is, for now, a lesser-issue and must await a new Administration before any real action is contemplated. Congressman Chris Cox, when asked what he will now do about allegations of corruption at the Clinton Justice Department, admitted, AThis will have to await a new Justice Department and a new President....Most in Washington, D.C. know the Reno Justice Department is in full cover-up mode, yet Republicans sit on their hands. Whether it is Reno and other Justice officials looking the other way as Chinagate evidence was shredded, or Renos refusal to authorize a wiretap for a suspected Chinese spy, there is ample evidence that the Clinton Justice Department cant be trusted and is corrupt at the highest levels. Johnny Chung, one of the few Chinagate figures to testify truthfully and who was therefore targeted to be killed by Chinese agents, testified to Judicial Watch that he was recently told by the Reno Justice Department to call 911" if he and his family were threatened again...."

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES 8/20/98 Robert Novak "...As it downsizes and gets ready to go out of business, the Justice Department's task force on campaign finance is acting strangely. It lists as "ongoing" long-dormant cases that could embarrass President Clinton. It has classified as "inactive" the probe of an inquiry into a major fixer of illegal Chinese campaign contributions. And it still lists as "active" an inquiry that appeared to surely be dead: targeting former Republican National Chairman Haley Barbour. This is the kind of information that closed-mouth Attorney General Janet Reno would not reveal to Congress, much less to the public, even under excruciating torture. The status of the task force's investigation is disclosed in a three-page memo dated June 4, which was not leaked by the zippered-up Justice Department but was inadvertently released. In the intervening two months, Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder has been desperately trying to retrieve all copies. No wonder. The cryptic document tends to confirm suspected politicization at Justice. That is the interpretation of Reno's most severe congressional critic: Rep. Dan Burton, chairman of the House Government Reform Committee. Shown a copy of the task force document, Burton told me: "The attorney general was blocking for the president, to keep us from holding hearings."

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES 8/20/98 Robert Novak "...Surprise No. 1: Listed among the "ongoing investigations" are former Democratic National Chairman Don Fowler and businessman Roger Tamraz....Surprise No. 2: Also in the "ongoing" category is the Lippo Group, the Asian conglomerate that poured big money into Clinton's 1996 campaign. The Burton committee last year cited $1.2 million in illegal contributions from Lippo, but here, too, it has been forestalled by a Justice proceeding that shows no progress. Surprise No. 3: Former Clinton White House aide Mark Middleton, accused of engineering campaign loans, was stricken off the task force's list of investigations "likely to be [closed] shortly" and added to the "ongoing" list with this notation: "reinvigorated in light of Trie debriefing." Just what the Justice Department learned from Clinton fund-raiser Charlie Trie, who has made a plea bargain, is a mystery. Surprise No. 4: Liu Chao Ying, the daughter of a highly influential Chinese general, is on the list of "pending inactive investigations"--a real eyebrow-raiser.... Surprise No. 5: After two years of facing gossamer charges involving 1996 Republican soft-money contributions from abroad, GOP insider Barbour--now a member of George W. Bush's "exploratory" committee--is still on the "ongoing" list.... Surprise No. 6: Nearly two years since Burton was accused of trying to shake down a lobbyist, Reno's archenemy is now listed in the "shortly-to-be-closed" category with this notation: "closing memo sent to Public Integrity section of Justice Department." Was this fruitless investigation kept open for so long, with no announcement of the "shortly" designation and without notifying Burton, in order to give the attorney general a club? ..."

Roll Call 8/2/99 Morton Kondracke "... It smells. Despite abundant evidence that Democratic fundraisers channeled Chinese government money into the U.S. election campaign in 1996, no one is going to jail. One by one, Attorney General Janet Reno's Justice Department has cut generous plea bargains with the money launderers and hasn't come near prosecuting any Democratic Party or White House officials. And if there is any connection between Chinese money and cozy Clinton policy toward China, it's unlikely to be discovered as Justice lets the fundraisers off and removes their incentive to talk. Today, one of the major figures in Chinagate, John Huang, is scheduled to be sentenced to a fine and community service after pleading guilty to minor charges having nothing to do with the $1.6 million he raised that the Democratic Party was forced to return. Instead, the Justice Department charged him with making two illegal donations worth $7,500 in two California campaigns in 1993 and 1994....In spite of all the tantalizing investigative leads Huang represents -- and in spite of his utter refusal to cooperate in Congressional Chinagate investigations -- Justice is closing out its probe of Huang with a slap on the wrist and a promise to bring no further charges against him. ...Later this month, Justice is scheduled to close the books, too, on President Clinton's friend, Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie, who raised more than $1.3 million -- mainly from Asia -- that had to be returned. He, too, has refused to cooperate with Congress, yet was permitted to plead guilty to one felony count of making false statements to the Federal Election Commission. The charge carries a maximum sentence of up to six years in prison and fines of $350,000, but prosecutors recommended that Trie get a penalty of three years' probation. ..."

Roll Call 8/2/99 Morton Kondracke "... Cameron reported that Mansfield, who successfully prosecuted former Rep. Jay Kim (R-Calif.), was ordered to desist in a letter from Lee Radek, head of the public integrity section of the Justice Department, on grounds that it was a matter for an independent counsel to investigate. However, no independent counsel was ever appointed -- with Radek reportedly one of those most vociferously urging Reno not to take that step....Burton also has been chasing down evidence, also reported by Cameron, that in 1997 the Justice Department ordered the immediate return to Washington of an FBI agent and prosecutor sent to Little Rock, Ark., to stop documents from being shredded by Trie's secretary. And Burton charges that, for two years, the Justice Department failed to follow up on information it had about the wire transfer of $300,000 to Chung through a Citibank account of Liu Chaoying, a Chinese military officer, aerospace executive and daughter of China's former military chief. Burton has appealed to Reno and to federal judges in Little Rock and California to hold off the sentencing of Trie and Huang to give them an incentive to testify before his Government Reform Committee.

Chances are, the fundraisers will get off. The former chief counsel in Thompson's 1997 campaign finance probe, Michael Madigan, said the plea bargains have "all the earmarks of something being swept under the rug." Indeed, they do..."

Usatoday 7/29/99 Thor Valdmanis Paul Davidson "...After several failed attempts to settle a nasty antitrust battle out of court, the government is refocused on breaking up software giant Microsoft. Senior officials at the Justice Department have approached at least two leading technology investment banks in recent days, requesting a detailed analysis of how best to break up the world's most valuable company - a complex study that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Bankers at the two firms, who requested anonymity, said Justice officials wanted an assessment of where the logical breakup points of Microsoft were and a valuation of what the market reaction would be. Both firms declined, worried about the impact of siding with a Justice Department that they say is viewed in the business community as interventionist....."

Los Angles Times 8/1/99 William Rempel "...Attorneys for Wen Ho Lee have made a spirited last-ditch effort to head off indictment of the fired nuclear weapon scientist, arguing in a confidential report to the Department of Justice and in recent private meetings with prosecutors that Lee "used considerable care" to protect the security of secret nuclear codes when he transferred data to an unclassified computer system. The transfers were made for "a good reason," the attorneys asserted, explaining that it was easier to work with the data outside the classified system and because the extra file provided a backup in case the computers crashed. The attorneys called Lee a victim of political hysteria and "a scapegoat for the scandalous lack of security" at the national weapon laboratories, which are run by the Department of Energy....In another case much like Lee's, defense lawyers said that a Los Alamos scientist downloaded from a classified computer to an unclassified system material from the lab's "green book," a secret assessment of the status, maintenance needs and vulnerabilities of some of the nation's most sophisticated weapons. "The scientist was fined and suspended but kept his job and was not criminally prosecuted," the brief says. "Given the numerous individuals who have mishandled classified information but have not been prosecuted, the discriminatory effect of charging Dr. Lee is clear," it says...."

Freeper kristinn reporting on FoxNews 7/28/99 "...Fox News reporting that the head of the Justice Dept. public integrity division has been subpoenaed by Rep. Burton's committee for issueing an order to cease investigating Al Gore's Buddhist Temple fundraising. Schippers says an unchecked Justice Dept. is a danger to Americans. Says there is unequal justice at Justice. O'Reilly suggests Reno is a traitor--Schippers demurs; O'Reilly asks if Reno is corrupt--again Schippers demurs. Schippers represents someone who worked at the "Argonne" (sp.?) lab, says through second hand word, that Hazel O'Leary blacklisted white males for promotion at the Energy Dept, by going over promotion lists and scratching off all white males. Schippers says the information his client has given him about national security is, "FRIGHTENING." ..."

Freeper Lady In Blue 7/28/99 on FoxNews "...I just got through looking at the segment on O'Reilly with Schippers. I'm sure I had my mouth wide open! I can't believe it. The part that got me, and I just assumed Schippers and the other investigators would be primarily interested in the campaign funds going into the DNC, illegal immigrants by the load coming into the U.S. without FBI investigations and the kicker - going into large cities where their votes could swing the election!!!!!!Lord help us!!!! ..."

MSNBC 7/29/99 Michael Moran "...The United States passed up an opportunity to apprehend two of the men thought to be directly involved in the bombings of its embassy in Kenya last year because of a dispute between the FBI and the State Department, senior law enforcement officials and diplomatic sources said Thursday.... THE DAY after the Aug. 7, 1998, attacks, two of the suspected bombers were arrested in Sudan, which then offered to turn them over to the FBI, according to accounts from two senior U.S. law enforcement officials and diplomatic sources. Those accounts were also confirmed by documents obtained by MSNBC. ..."

Ether Zone Online ( 8/1/99 Bob Momenteller "...Brief excerpts from a 168 report released on Wednesday, concluded there's no basis to charges that President Clinton's chief Whitewater accuser, David Hale, was paid off.... Hale alleges, under oath, that then-Governor Clinton pressured him to help secure an illegal $300,000 Small Business Administration loan. $50,000 to $60,000 from the illegal loan was funneled into the Clinton-McDougal cash-strapped Whitewater real estate development. The late Jim McDougal, one of Clinton's Whitewater partners, corroborated Hale's testimony. In a March 17, 1998 "Road To Hale" article, Salon charged while under FBI custody, Hale allegedly received payments from a bait-shop owner, Parker Dozhier. Dozhier received monthly payments as a stringer for the American Spectator magazine. The American Spectator Education Foundation, a non-profit group associated with the American Spectator magazine, received contributions from the Scaife Foundations. Richard Mellon Scaife is the head of the foundation. The fairy tale ending to all this of course, is that Richard Mellon Scaife bought Hale's testimony against Clinton. .....The basis of Salon's story was an eyewitness account from a Caryn Mann. Mann was a disgruntled ex-girl friend of Parker Dozhier. She gave Salon eyewitness details of the money being transferred between Parker and Hale..... She was also employed by a private investigative firm headed by two former Arkansas state troopers who undertook a 1996 photo-surveillance assignment for the National Enquirer of a Little Rock woman, not identified, seeking to learn whether she was having a romance with independent counsel Kenneth Starr. It turned out that man just looked like Starr. In a letter to the Justice Department, Hale's lawyer also claims that Mann was a "psychic, tarot card reader, and fortune teller" who claimed "to have knowledge of the last resting place of the remains of Jimmy Hoffa. Other than Mann's son, who would have been 13 years old at the time, Salon comes up empty handed in the creditable witness department for such serious allegations. Salon's two other concocted witnesses wanted to remain anonymous. Credible or not, U.S. Attorney, P.K. Holmes sent FBI agents to interview Mann. Mann told several news outlets, including the Washington Post, that the FBI visited her after a reporter for Salon contacted retired Senator David H. Pryor (D-Ark.). Salon contacted Senator Pryor on her behalf for assistance in getting the attention of Arkansas law enforcement officials. Former Senator David Pryor is the head of Clinton's legal defense fund.

Ether Zone Online ( 8/1/99 Bob Momenteller "...As we charged in our exclusive article in October of last year, "Salon created a story and then colluded with the head of Clinton's legal defense fund, former Arkansas Sen. David Pryor, to improperly instigate an investigation of fabricated allegations of witness-tampering." Salon was also given a free pass by the White House to the Clinton Justice Department. The department investigators were just a phone call away and bingo, they had the inside information on the progress of the Hale investigation. The investigation that they themselves orchestrated....To help promote Salon's left wing attack, Geraldo Rivera kept the story alive by promoting Salon's allegations night after night on his CNBC show. At the time, a full FBI investigation had been called for by Congressman DeLay on Salon. The investigation was to focus on this and the Hyde-Burton expose. Of course, the FBI investigation never materialized, much too political to handle. Indeed, had a legitimate investigation been given to the matter by either the DOJ or FBI, Salon's Editor in Chief, David Talbot, would be behind bars. Mark Levin of Landmark Legal made a stronger case against the White House and Salon. He wrote a report to the Justice Department's criminal division as well as the OIC. "I am not convinced that the current political leadership at the Justice Department is capable of putting the law before Mr. Clinton's political interests." Sadly, they still were not and still aren't. Salon continues to be a mouth piece for the White House and tends to sensationalize every political story with their left wing agenda. They do not report the news, but create it. Salon's chief Democratic backers, Hambrecht & Quist, continue to support their internet darling with a recent IPO and a $15 million dollar loan...."

Ether Zone Online ( 8/1/99 Bob Momenteller "...Once again, Salon cannot be taken as a serious news organization. Without exception, they are nothing more than a supermarket tabloid, disguised in corporate cloth. How long will Hambrecht & Quist continue to float this lost venture? We suspect as long as there is need for Hambrecht & Quist to fund a liberal platform in return for political favors in their investment world. William Hambrecht is a major donor to Bill Clinton and the DNC. The administration's open door policy on China has allowed this investment banking firm to profit in the supply of goods to the Peoples Liberation Army. Their latest venture in a $1.2 billion high tech silicon valley factory in Hong Kong is bound to keep the money rolling in and the favors at a high premium...."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 8/2/99 Vol Four 134 "...6) Fox's Carl Cameron revealed how a Justice official stymied the Buddhist temple probe by shutting down the local prosecutor...." 8/2/99 Carl Cameron "...Just a few hours before former Democratic Party fund-raiser John Huang was to plea bargain to minor fund-raising violations and be sentenced to probation and a fine, a federal judge in California ordered a last-minute delay Monday to determine whether Huang should be forced to testify before Congress before his case is closed. At the same time, Clinton friend and fund-raiser Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie's scheduled plea bargain two weeks from now in Little Rock was postponed by top Justice Department officials. Attorney General Janet Reno's aides were persuaded by the FBI's Campaign Finance Task Force to further investigate what sources say is Trie's assertion that some White House and Democratic National Committee officials knew he was soliciting and receiving illegal foreign contributions...." 8/2/99 Carl Cameron "...The chair of the House investigation into illegal foreign campaign contributions, Dan Burton, R-Ind., has for weeks been asking Justice to postpone Huang's and Trie's sentencing so he could question them. Justice declined. Under the plea deals Huang and Trie will not be charged for raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal foreign donations - much of that from Chinese citizens and corporations - to help President Clinton get re-elected, but instead must cooperate with investigators. Burton complained that Huang and Trie are not being forced to testify against bigger fish and are being let off easy. "For them to not be prosecuted fully or get a plea bargain without then turning on some people higher up - it's just criminal," he said...."

NY Times 8/3/99 AP "...A hearing for John Huang was postponed when a Republican congressman demanded that the former Democratic Party fund-raiser testify before Congress before making a courtroom plea bargain. Huang, the Democrats' chief fund-raiser for the Asian-American community in 1996, brought in $1.6 million in questionable donations that later were returned. He has been cooperating with Justice Department investigators in their campaign finance probe......Thom Mrozek, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's office in Los Angeles, said Paez delayed the hearing until Aug. 12 and ordered attorneys in the case to begin submitting legal briefs on whether Huang's case should be postponed indefinitely...."

Press Release - House Committee on Government Reform Rep Dan Burton 8/3/99 "...Chairman Dan Burton today said that he hoped a federal judge's decision to postpone the sentencing of DNC fundraiser John Huang improved the chances that the Government Reform Committee and the American people would finally hear Huang's testimony. On July 15, Burton wrote to Judge Richard A. Paez, the Federal Judge presiding over the Huang case, to request that Huang's sentencing be postponed until he agreed to cooperate with Congress. Judge Paez referenced Burton's letter as the basis for his decision to postpone sentencing. Burton also wrote to the federal judge presiding over Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie's case and made the same request. Trie's sentencing has also been postponed. "Congress and the American people have waited for over two and a half years to hear from John Huang and Charlie Trie," Burton said. "I hope the judge's decision is a step in the right direction." ...."The one and only time that we got any cooperation from the Justice Department we were finally able to hear from Johnny Chung. His testimony laid to rest any doubts about whether the Communist Chinese Government tried to interfere with our elections," Burton said. "If John Huang and Charlie Trie are allowed to plead guilty without ever talking to anyone other than the Justice Department, there will always be doubts as to whether they got a sweetheart deal. I hope Judge Paez and Judge Howard will agree that John Huang and Charlie Trie should be required to cooperate with legitimate Congressional investigations." ..."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 8/3/99 Linda Satter "...If a House committee looking into possible campaign fundraising allegations wants to talk to Charlie Trie, it can stop trying to take advantage of a plea agreement he made in Little Rock and instead grant him immunity, Trie's lawyer asserted Monday.....The plea agreement he made with the Justice Department "plainly does not cover statements made my Mr. Trie in any other forum, such as a Congressional hearing," noted the brief filed by Washington defense attorney Reid Weingarten. It's not as if Trie hasn't alread cooperated and thus hasn't earned a sentence reduction, Weingarten argued. He noted that since the plea, which ended Trie's Little Rock trial that had been under way for a week, Trie has been "debriefed by the government" 14 times for a total of 75-100 hours...." 8/2/99 Carl Cameron "...Christopher Cox, the California Republican who chaired the House committee that investigated Chinese espionage at U.S. nuclear weapons labs, also lodged complaints. "The way that John Huang was handled, the way that Charlie Trie was handled and the way future cases are apparently being handled raises some significant questions," he said. Cox was reacting to a Fox News report that the Justice Department may postpone or perhaps never indict Los Alamos nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee, who was fired from his post in March amid allegations he passed weapons secrets to China....Though Lee is suspected of espionage, FBI and Energy Department investigators, along with New Mexico's U.S. attorney, decided the best charge to pursue for now was a lesser indictment for mishandling classified information. In his television appearance, Lee did admit violating national security regulations by downloading top secret nuclear computers codes to his unclassified desk computer. But, he said, "I do that routinely. I have never give those information to any unauthorized person." Wen Ho Lee's defense apparently has senior Justice Department officials second-guessing FBI counterintelligence and prosecutors on the case. Despite Lee's admission, Reno's aides have delayed the indictment that was scheduled to be handed up this week and may scrap it all - even though it was prepared by the U.S. attorney, supported by FBI investigators and has the support of Energy Secretary Bill Richardson and members of Congress...." 8/4/99 Cassandra Burrell "...Prompted by the case of a Mexican drifter suspected in nine killings, a Republican lawmaker is seeking to subpoena Justice Department information about crimes committed by immigrants after their release from previous arrests. Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, has not received data he requested in mid-July, shortly after Angel Maturino Resendez surrendered to authorities in El Paso, Texas, a Smith spokesman said. The Immigration and Naturalization Service came under fire for allowing Maturino Resendez, suspected to be the "railroad killer,'' to slip repeatedly through its fingers. Smith's letter to Attorney General Janet Reno requested the information be delivered by July 31.....The July 14 letter from Smith said the Maturino Resendez case "has spotlighted the serious and long-standing problem of the Immigration and Naturalization Service's releasing from custody dangerous criminal aliens who then commit additional crimes.'' The letter asks Reno for data on immigrants who had previously committed crimes that could make them eligible for deportation...."

Washington Times 8/4/99 Paul Craig Roberts "...In July 27, the chairman of the Texas Department of Public Safety, James B. Francis Jr., told the Dallas Morning News that evidence in possession of the Texas Rangers calls into question the federal government's account of the deadly federal assault and subsequent fire that claimed the lives of scores of men, women and children in the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, in 1993. Mr. Francis wants to turn the evidence over to federal district court Judge Walter Smith. The U.S. Department of Justice is trying to block the Texas Rangers from releasing the evidence. Mr. Francis says that the Rangers have "some evidence that the world needs to see, in my opinion. The government does not want this evidence out, and yet, that's not right." Mr. Francis added: "It is a complete stonewall."...The Texas Rangers should not trust Judge Smith with the evidence. Judge Smith presided over the trial of the Waco survivors. He has been strongly denounced by the jury foreman and jury members for misleading the jury in order to sentence the survivors. The jury foreman has repeatedly criticized Judge Smith for sentencing the survivors for offenses for which the jury did not convict. Judge Smith deceived the jury to oblige the Justice Department. By handing down long sentences that the jury did not intend, Judge Smith prevented the verdict from casting doubt on the government's explanation of what happened at Waco and prevented the survivors from being available to the media to tell their stories.....Lawyers and investigators involved in the wrongful death suits tell me that they have powerful evidence that the federal government is guilty of criminal assault, criminal negligence, and reckless endangerment...."

Washington Times 8/4/99 Paul Craig Roberts "...But some important evidence appears to have leaked from government officials sickened by the federal massacre and cover-up. There is a belief within the government itself that if the federal government gets away with its Waco cover-up, the casualty will be the rule of law. Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark is a lawyer for many of the wrongful death suits. He described to me some of the key evidence: the FLIR tape (Forward Looking Infra Red), which shows federal automatic fire into the compound on the day of the fire. Mr. Clark also has Dr. Edward F. Allard's "Thermal Imaging Report" and the "Sun Reflection Geometry Report" prepared by Maurice Cox of the National Reconnaissance Office. These reports make clear that the images on the FLIR tape are images of federal gunfire. Mr. Hardy says he has an FBI report that acknowledges federal gunshots during the fire originating from an FBI position designated as Sierra One. Mr. Hardy also has an Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms memo reporting that three ATF agents went on a friendly shooting excursion with David Koresh nine days before the initial ATF assault on the compound. ...Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark says the evidence of wrongful death is overwhelming --even without the powerful evidence in his possession. "The first civil right," Mr. Clark says, "is to be free from unlawful and excessive force by your own police. That is the difference between a free society and a police state." "At Waco a police force exceeding 700 men with armored vehicles began a systematic aggressive attack in a situation rife with flammable materials and high winds. It is indisputable that this is reckless endangerment." "How could it happen that a flimsy building full of men, women and children could be assaulted by the U.S. government in that way?"This question demands an answer..."

Roll Call, 8/2/99 Morton Kondracke "...It smells. Despite abundant evidence that Democratic fundraisers channeled Chinese government money into the U.S. election campaign in 1996, no one is going to jail. One by one, Attorney General Janet Reno's Justice Department has cut generous plea bargains with the money launderers and hasn't come near prosecuting any Democratic Party or White House officials. And if there is any connection between Chinese money and cozy Clinton policy toward China, it's unlikely to be discovered as Justice lets the fundraisers off and removes their incentive to talk. Today, one of the major figures in Chinagate, John Huang, is scheduled to be sentenced to a fine and community service after pleading guilty to minor charges having nothing to do with the $1.6 million he raised that the Democratic Party was forced to return. Instead, the Justice Department charged him with making two illegal donations worth $7,500 in two California campaigns in 1993 and 1994..... In spite of all the tantalizing investigative leads Huang represents -- and in spite of his utter refusal to cooperate in Congressional Chinagate investigations -- Justice is closing out its probe of Huang with a slap on the wrist and a promise to bring no further charges against him. Later this month, Justice is scheduled to close the books, too, on President Clinton's friend, Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie, who raised more than $1.3 million -- mainly from Asia -- that had to be returned. He, too, has refused to cooperate with Congress, yet was permitted to plead guilty to one felony count of making false statements to the Federal Election Commission. The charge carries a maximum sentence of up to six years in prison and fines of $350,000, but prosecutors recommended that Trie get a penalty of three years' probation. The third major Chinagate fundraiser, Johnny Chung, was sentenced in December 1998 to probation and community service. But at least Chung did cooperate with Congress...What's disturbing is that Thompson and other Republican leaders haven't kept energetically digging into the finance scandal, leaving the work to a few journalists, right-wing activists and Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.), who's easily dismissed for hyper-partisanship..... Burton is pursuing some interesting avenues, such as a report by Carl Cameron of Fox News that a former crack federal prosecutor in California, Steven Mansfield, was ordered to halt a probe he started in 1996 into Vice President Al Gore's infamous fundraiser at a Buddhist temple. Cameron reported that Mansfield, who successfully prosecuted former Rep. Jay Kim (R-Calif.), was ordered to desist in a letter from Lee Radek, head of the public integrity section of the Justice Department, on grounds that it was a matter for an independent counsel to investigate. However, no independent counsel was ever appointed -- with Radek reportedly one of those most vociferously urging Reno not to take that step. Burton also has been chasing down evidence, also reported by Cameron, that in 1997 the Justice Department ordered the immediate return to Washington of an FBI agent and prosecutor sent to Little Rock, Ark., to stop documents from being shredded by Trie's secretary. ....The former chief counsel in Thompson's 1997 campaign finance probe, Michael Madigan, said the plea bargains have "all the earmarks of something being swept under the rug." Indeed, they do...."

The O'Reilly Factor 8/4/99 Freeper truthkeeper "...Bill O'Reilly said at the end of his show tonight that a MAJOR story was "just breaking:" Dan Burton's House Oversight & Reform Committee had issued a subpoena to Janet Reno regarding campaign finance. No details in yet, but I noticed there's a thread saying they'll be getting Mark Middleton's testimony, too...."

AP 8/5/99 "...Attorney General Janet Reno today denied that the Justice Department has kept open campaign finance investigations involving Democrats to block Republicans in Congress from conducting their own. A House committee investigating alleged fund-raising abuses in the 1996 presidential election is barred from questioning anyone who is a target of an active Justice Department investigation...."

Congressional Report Blasts U.S. Inquiry of China's Nuclear Espionage 8/5/99 "...A bipartisan congressional investigation blasts the way the U.S. investigated China's nuclear espionage. A 22-page unclassified report to be released Thursday but obtained by FOX NEWS concludes "this is a story of investigatory missteps, institutional and personal miscommunications, and we believe legal and policy misunderstandings and mistakes at all levels of government. The DOE [Department of Energy], FBI and DOJ [Department of Justice] must all share the blame for our government's poor performance in handling this matter." ....The report says in 1995 the Dept. of Energy (DOE) limited its investigation to the theft of one warhead despite evidence independently gathered by both CIA and DOE that the security breach was much more significant and had included at least six other nuclear weapons..... Investigators concluded the most likely source of the breach was Los Alamos. They cross-referenced relevant staff with opportunities to pass secrets and pinpointed fired scientist Wen Ho Lee and his wife, Sylvia Lee. DOE record keeping was "spotty at best," so the report says it's possible that other scientists had both access to secrets and opportunity to pass them along..... The report says the second mistake came when the Department of Energy turned the case over to the FBI in May 1996, but inaccurately said Lee's computer could not be monitored. The agent already had Lee under investigation for other leads, and had investigated Lee in the 1982-84 case. This was the third full-blown investigation of Lee. ...."

Congressional Report Blasts U.S. Inquiry of China's Nuclear Espionage 8/5/99 "...In November 1996 the FBI wanted access to Wen Ho Lee's computers and asked the Department of Energy. "These conversations began a series of miscommunications and mistakes between Los Alamos and the FBI that had significant implications for the course of the Lee espionage investigation." The Department of Energy said Lee did not have a banner on his computer saying it could be monitored and had not signed any security waivers permitting searches. But the report says Lee had indeed signed a waiver and his computer did have banners saying his system might be monitored. As a result of the miscommunication, his computer was never monitored...."

Congressional Report Blasts U.S. Inquiry of China's Nuclear Espionage 8/5/99 "...This report says the second group of mistakes came when the FBI sought search warrants under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). The report says, "the FBI has conceded that it proceeded too slowly with its investigation, and perhaps should have requested FISA authority earlier but in April 1997 prompted by Lee's request to his Los Alamos superiors to hire a Chinese national as his research assistant the bureau finally began preparing a formal FISA request." The request was made June 5, but "for unexplained reasons and despite the fact that the FBI's field office had wanted a computer search in 1996 the Bureau did not request a computer search in this application, it merely requested other types of surveillance." ...."

Congressional Report Blasts U.S. Inquiry of China's Nuclear Espionage 8/5/99 "...By June 30 the Department of Justice's Office of Intelligence Policy and Review (OIPR) received the FISA request draft from the FBI. OIPR Deputy Council Allan Kornblum immediately forwarded it to the court marked "important and urgent" ....Still the first warrant application was "deemed wanting in probable cause." There was a subsequent appeal which was also deemed inadequate to approve the warrants. FBI went round and round with Department of Justice Office of Intelligence Policy and Review until August 1997. After the third application was denied, OIPR did not hear back from the FBI for a year and a half....The report concludes that the OIPR ignored ample probable cause. As FOX NEWS reported Wednesday night at 6 p.m., 18 elements of probable cause are sighted: (these are paraphrased) ..."


1.DOE counterintelligence had concluded there was a great probability that the W88 had been compromised between 1984-88 at Los Alamos

2.China recruits ethnic Chinese living in the United States to spy

3.China recruits academics and scientists, particularly those at restricted U.S. facilities like Los Alamos

4.Sylvia Lee had inordinate contact with visiting Chinese scientists, as did Wen Ho Lee

5.Sylvia Lee was downsized in 1995, and her file indicates security violations and threats to coworkers

6.When Wen Ho Lee and his wife visited China in 1986, he gave a speech on nuclear weapons in Beijing and visited China's top nuclear weapons lab

7.In 1988 Wen Ho Lee returned to China and its weapons lab

8.China encourages and/or pressures those who visit "the homeland" and tries to dilute their loyalties

9.In 1986 and 1988, the Lees took vacations to China

10.The FBI knew Lee made purchase of unknown goods in Hong Kong and Taiwan in 1992

11.Lee's "contact reports" after visiting China did not disclose some of what the FBI deemed important

12.Lee worked on "legacy codes" (vitally important computer data from U.S. nuclear tests), a top priority of Chinese intelligence

13.The FBI learned that at Los Alamos Lee discussed unclassified weapons info with Chinese scientists and passed software and calculations

14.In 1997 Lee hired a Chinese national as a research assistant to work on unclassified legacy codes; the FBI learned there is no such thing as unclassified legacy codes

15.In 1984 Lee was questioned about contact in 1982 with another scientist under investigation

16.Answers during the above were deceptive, he a polygraph and admitted passing unclassified weapons information to China

17.The FBI was already investigating whether Lee "provided significant assistance to China" in another unrelated case

18.The FBI had a 1987 letter signed "Sylvia Lee" that sought to have Los Alamos documents sent to the Chinese nuclear weapons lab


Congressional Report Blasts U.S. Inquiry of China's Nuclear Espionage 8/5/99 "...When the FBI presented its 18 elements of probable cause for warrants in the Wen Ho Lee Espionage case (above), it expected the application to be processed by the Justice Department's Office of Intelligence Policy and Review. The FBI assumed OIPR would forward the warrant request to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court for it to decide if there was probable cause. The FBI's warrant requests were never sent to the court, they were held up at Justice. The Thompson Lieberman report states the following verbatim: "Viewed together, in the 'totality of circumstances,' the FBI believed that this information amounted to 'probable cause' that Wen Ho Lee and his wife Sylvia Lee were 'agents of a foreign power' such that approval of electronic surveillance was authorized under FISA." OIPR, however, viewed the evidence against the Lees differently. OIPR argued that the information from the FBI's 1982-84 investigation of Lee and the FBI's more recent, separate, investigative lead, in particular, was not "current" enough to satisfy the statutory definition of an agent of a foreign power as someone who "engages in" intelligence activities.... Most importantly, however, OIPR viewed the FBI's case as being flawed from the outset and "the central reason" for that, OIPR attorney Allan Kornblum explained, "had to do with the fact that the DOE and Bureau (multiple) suspects, and only two were investigated. ... That is the principal flaw which ha[d] repercussions like dominoes throughout all of the other probable cause."


Congressional Report Blasts U.S. Inquiry of China's Nuclear Espionage 8/5/99 "...On August 14, 1997, the FBI's National Security Division Director, John Lewis, sent a memo to FBI Director Louis Freeh explaining that OIPR had repeatedly refused to forward its warrant requests to the court. According to the report: "In Lewis' view, Congress had created the FISA court precisely in order to enable it Ð rather than OIPR Ð to decide close cases." Lewis clearly believed OIPR should have gotten out of the way and let a judge decide if warrants were justified, as is the case in most criminal investigations. On August 20, 1997, the FBI took the unprecedented step of appealing the warrant rejections right to Attorney General Janet Reno; more delays ensued...."

Washington Times 8/5/99 Jerry Seper "...The committee also sent subpoenas for Justice Department records describing its campaign-finance task-force probe. Sources said investigators are not satisfied the Justice Department inquiry has been complete....The subpoenas also request records "relating to the unauthorized disclosures by the Justice Department" of secret grand jury information concerning the task-force probe. The sources said investigators are concerned the department leaked information to lessen the probe's impact -- in violation of grand jury rules. Meanwhile, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday charged the Justice Department was "mired in an ethical quagmire" and was "quietly setting about to terminate" the campaign-finance probe.... Mr. Hatch also said his office was conducting interviews of Justice Department and FBI officials involved with the Chinese espionage investigation to determine how effective that probe has been...."


New York Times 8/7/99 James Risen "... The Energy Department has sought a delay in the Government's decision on seeking an indictment against a former Los Alamos scientist in connection with the mishandling of nuclear secrets, officials said on Friday. More time is needed, the officials added, to decide whether to release highly classified information for use as evidence. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson has the legal authority to decide what classified information can be released. Officials said Richardson was waiting for a recommendation from the department's new security czar, a former Air Force General, Eugene Habiger. Habiger has to weigh whether the risks of exposing additional classified nuclear data outweigh the need for the prosecution of the scientist, Wen Ho Lee. Justice Department officials are mulling how to handle the case, and some reportedly believe that the case is too weak to prosecute...."

Investors Business Daily 8/9/99 "...With those words, Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., described the U.S. government's investigation of Chinese espionage. We'd add words like ''shameful,'' ''pathetic,'' ''criminally inept.'' What remains to be learned is if ''treasonous'' applies. The report details how the FBI and the Energy and Justice Departments botched the probe time and time again. It reads like a how-not-to manual. We realize that hindsight is always clearer, but several mistakes stand out: After an agonizingly slow preliminary investigation, the FBI came up with 18 reasons to suspect Wen Ho Lee, the Taiwan-born scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The bureau sought a warrant from the Justice Department for his arrest. A midlevel Justice official said no. The FBI failed to push for Lee's arrest, even as it was continuing to investigate him. ''The bureau was apparently content to take 'no' for an answer,'' the report said. Justice and the FBI did not realize that the neutron bomb data that China obtained from the U.S. could have come from any number of sites in the U.S. The probe focused almost exclusively on Los Alamos..... This leads us to believe, at the very least, that the culture of the Clinton administration spawned an indifference to U.S. national security -especially where China was concerned. An engagement policy is one thing; coddling a communist country is another. And not caring enough to conduct a professional investigation into whether that communist country got our nuclear secrets is even worse All of which makes us wonder: Was there more than just incompetence at work here? ....."

Fox News O'Reilly Factor 8/5/99 Bill O'Reilly ".... The House Committee on Government Reform... chaired by our first guest Congressman Dan Burton ... has sent four subpoenas to Janet Reno concerning her campaign finance investigation..... Ms. Reno says she cannot comment while her investigation is on-going. But journalist Robert Novak reports that an internal memo at Justice ... says Reno is keeping dormant investigations open ... so she has an excuse not to say anything about campaign finance. Reno denies that but will not comment on why inactive investigations are being kept open. She also says the memo should not have gotten out to the public. Talking points has believed for months that something is very wrong in the Justice Department ... and obstruction of justice there is not out of the question. Points is also amazed that no major newspaper even mentioned that Ms. Reno had been subpoenaed. Could there be a cover-up of the cover-up? ..." 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "... For his part, the FBI's "Agent D" also inexplicably failed to pursue this computer-access issue with appropriate diligence. Despite having been advised by Craig that Wen-Ho Lee and the rest of the weapons division had not yet signed computer-monitoring waivers as part of the ongoing LANL training program -- but, implicitly, that they were expected to do so -- "Agent D" apparently never again consulted Craig about this issue. Moreover, though the purpose of requesting documentation from Craig was to provide FBI headquarters with the information necessary to support a determination as to whether FISA authority would be needed in this case, "Agent D" neglected to send headquarters the documents Craig gave him. According to "Agent D," he simply got distracted, and "got involved in many other things at the time. These failures were also potentially quite significant. To the extent that a subsequent waiver through the LANL training program could have been obtained, it might have (as described above) greatly affected later disputes over probable cause under FISA. Moreover, "Agent D's" apparent failure to forward Craig's computer training documentation to Washington also deprived the NSLU of any firm basis for its determination that FISA authority would be required. Even were no waiver to have existed, it is significant that LANL's computer policy assumed that the laboratory did have the right to monitor employees' computers at will for "waste, fraud, and abuse"; the documents provided "Agent D" by Craig were intended to convey the substance of this policy to the FBI. Because of "Agent D's" failure properly to inform his superiors, the NSLU was apparently never informed of this policy, and thus never given the chance to decide whether the ability of LANL to access these computers in order to prevent "abuse" also meant that the FBI could do so in order to prevent espionage or the unauthorized disclosure of classified information. 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "... The FBI has conceded that it proceeded too slowly with its investigation, and perhaps should have requested FISA authority earlier, but in April 1997 -- prompted by Lee's request to his LANL superiors to hire a Chinese national as his research assistant -- the Bureau finally began preparing a formal FISA request. On June 5, 1997, the FBI's "Agent A" completed a "letterhead memorandum" (LHM) addressed to DOJ's Office of Intelligence Policy and Review (OIPR), asking that office to submit to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) a request for a FISA surveillance warrant. For unexplained reasons -- and despite the fact that the FBI's field office had wanted a computer search in 1996 -- the Bureau did not request a computer search in this application; it merely requested other types of surveillance.

On June 30, the FBI sent its completed FISA request to OIPR. After receiving the FBI's draft FISA request, OIPR reviewed it and drafted a proposed application to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). Allan Kornblum, then OIPR's Deputy Counsel for Intelligence Operations -- the office within OIPR responsible for FISA matters -- received the letterhead memorandum and immediately recognized the huge national security importance of this case. Kornblum thought the case "important and urgent," and was "shocked to read about the loss of the nuclear weapon design [information]. * * * I was also shocked by the facts, the idea that this guy is making official trips to the PRC to meet with his counterparts in nuclear weapons design. I couldn't believe that. Spurred by these concerns, Kornblum quickly assigned the Lee case to David Ryan, a line attorney in his office, who prepared a draft application to the FISC over the Independence Day holiday weekend. Kornblum reviewed Ryan's draft application, and "found it wanting."It would be necessary, he felt, to consult further with the FBI "in order to complete the application and send it forward." Kornblum annotated Ryan's draft with his questions and comments. A series of discussions then ensued, both within OIPR and with FBI agents knowledgeable about the case, and two further draft FISA applications were prepared as the FBI added additional information in response to Kornblum's queries. (Only drafts one and three can presently be found, however.) As described below, OIPR attorneys and the FBI agents held their final 1997 meeting on this subject in August. As Allan Kornblum recalls, "Following that meeting, the case was put back to the Bureau to further the investigation in order to flesh out and eliminate some of the inconsistencies, to flesh out some of the things that had not been done * * *." OIPR would not hear back from the FBI for nearly a year and a half.

DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "... Viewed together, in the "totality of the circumstances," the FBI believed that this information [probable cause on Wen-Ho and Sylvia Lee] amounted to "probable cause" that Wen-Ho Lee and his wife Sylvia were "agents of a foreign power" such that approval for electronic surveillance was authorized under FISA. OIPR, however, viewed the evidence against the Lees differently. OIPR argued that the information from the FBI's 1982-84 investigation of Lee and the FBI's more recent, separate investigative lead, in particular, was not "current" enough to satisfy the statutory definition of an agent of a foreign power as someone who "engages in" intelligence activities -- i.e., one who is currently involved in such things. OIPR officials argued that the FBI had "not sufficiently demonstrated a connection" between Lee and the compromise of the W-88 information, and that "all of the most interesting things that would qualify him for coverage were too distant in time." 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...Most importantly, however, OIPR viewed the FBI's case as being flawed from the outset, and "the central reason" for that, OIPR Attorney Allan Kornblum explained, "had to do with the fact that the DOE and Bureau had [multiple] suspects, and only two were investigated. * * * That is the principal flaw which ha[d] repercussions like dominoes throughout all of the other probable cause." When asked why, given the seriousness of the case, they did not simply ask the FISA Court itself to decide whether these elements amounted to probable cause, OIPR attorneys offered two answers. First, Kornblum explained, OIPR believed that the FBI was still working on the issue and would return with more information for the FISA application. "When we broke off discussions in '97," he said, "I fully expected the Bureau to come back." Second, and more broadly, it was OIPR's position, in dealing with FISA matters, that the Department of Justice should be essentially certain that there is probable cause before forwarding a FISA application to the court. According to OIPR attorneys, the statute's requirement that the Attorney General find that the requirements of the statute have been met imposes a legal and ethical obligation upon them to make the determination of probable cause themselves. OIPR, however, was far from certain: the acting head of OIPR, Gerald Schroeder, felt that the evidence did not show probable cause and did not even make "a close case." 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...Accordingly, on August 12, 1997, Allan Kornblum headed a meeting between OIPR and FBI officials at which the application was discussed, and he recounted OIPR's objections. (FBI official "Agent A" took notes at this meeting; this is apparently the only written record of OIPR's denial.) On August 14, John Lewis, then chief of the FBI's National Security Division, sent a memorandum to FBI Director Louis Freeh. In this memorandum, Lewis recounted to Freeh that he had turned in the Wen-Ho Lee FISA application earlier than anticipated -- and without as much supporting information as he would have liked. He advised Freeh that OIPR had found it inadequate. In Lewis' view, Congress had created the FISA court precisely in order to enable it -- rather than OIPR -- to decide close cases. OIPR attorneys are reluctant to describe their disposition of the matter as a "denial" or "turndown," but it is evident that the FBI took it as such. As one FBI official put it, "I think if you were to ask the FBI our impression was that we were not successful, we were turned down in our efforts to get a FISA [warrant]. * * * We didn't get it. We were turned down." 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...It is also evident that after not hearing back from the FBI for some time, OIPR effectively also concluded that the matter was over, for when Ryan's file cabinet and the computer diskette upon which he had stored his draft Wen-Ho Lee FISA applications both became full, he destroyed these records in order to make space for new materials. (At the time, OIPR had no record-keeping policy regarding cases that were not sent to the FISA court for approval; the only documents that remain from this process were kept by the FBI.) That the FBI viewed OIPR's assessment as a refusal is also apparent from the Bureau's subsequent -- and unprecedented -- decision to appeal the matter to the Attorney General. On August 20, DOJ and DOE officials met at the Justice Department to discuss security issues at DOE. Officials present included Attorney General Reno, Deputy Attorney General Holder, and DOE's intelligence chief, Notra Trulock. After this meeting, the head of FBI's National Security Division, John Lewis, mentioned to the Attorney General that the FBI had sought a FISA warrant in the Wen-Ho Lee case, but that "we've been turned down by OIPR. (Attorney General Reno has said that she does not recall the conversation, but does not deny that it occurred.) 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...According to Lewis, she told Kornblum to "[r]evisit it, and I'm going to have either [Daniel] Seikaly [of DOJ's Executive Office for National Security (EONS) within the Deputy Attorney General's office] or the Deputy [Attorney General Eric Holder] review it" The FBI's Stephen Dillard, who also attended the August 20 meeting, thereupon discussed the FISA denial with OIPR Acting Counsel Schroeder and Deputy Counsel Allan Kornblum. At or after the August 20 meeting, Seikaly was asked to review the Wen-Ho Lee FISA matter. Seikaly told the Committee that he does not recall who asked him to do this, but when reviewing this Statement prior to its declassification, OIPR's Allan Kornblum "recalled that * * * Mr. Seikaly [told him] that the Attorney General had asked Mr. Seikaly to review the matter." Seikaly met with Kornblum to discuss the FBI's evidence of probable cause; they talked about this matter at least once 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...Though he had been asked to undertake a review of OIPR's legal judgment in this enormously important case, Seikaly had no experience with FISA matters and had never worked on a FISA issue before (although national security was his field of expertise). "[T]his was -- in my experience at least, a singular event. I had never done it before or since. * * * I am not a FISA expert." After his consultations with Kornblum, however, Seikaly soon agreed with OIPR that the FBI had failed to demonstrate probable cause. Seikaly apparently did not consult with the FBI. In late August or early September 1997, Seikaly communicated his decision to the FBI through Allan Kornblum. Though he had apparently been specifically requested to deal with this important matter, Seikaly says he did not report his disposition of this matter to his supervisor, the Deputy Attorney General, or to the Attorney General herself. 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...The FBI's action in raising the Wen-Ho Lee FISA issue directly with the Attorney General -- as well as the involvement of the Deputy Attorney General's office in adjudicating this intra-Departmental "appeal" -- was apparently unprecedented. Every approval of a FISA surveillance or search request made by OIPR necessarily involves the Attorney General, since her certification is required on the application submitted to the FISC. The denial of a FISA request by OIPR, however -- itself an extremely rare occurrence -- had never before been thus appealed. Similarly, while it was not uncommon for the Deputy's office (though obviously not Seikaly) to become involved in helping assess FISA requests where OIPR recommended approval but the Attorney General still harbored doubts, non-approvals had never before been thus addressed. 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...In the summer of 1998, the FBI endeavored to revive its stalled investigation. The Bureau undertook additional, proactive investigative steps. While not dispositive of Wen-Ho Lee's status as an agent of a foreign power, these additional steps did yield additional information that OIPR attorneys would have considered relevant to a determination of probable cause for FISA surveillance. Nevertheless, the FBI's "Agent A" did not mention the FBI's additional investigative steps to OIPR for four months, and when he did, he failed to recount vital details relevant to a probable cause determination -- details relating to Lee's failure to make full disclosure of a certain significant matter. 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...Indeed, the FBI's only effort to inform OIPR of the results of these additional investigative steps took the form of an unscheduled meeting that occurred when "Agent A" dropped by Ryan's office at the Department of Justice on December 22, 1998. At this meeting, they briefly reviewed "the prior application and the reasons for its declination," and "Agent A" "advised Dave of the FBI's most recent steps and their results." The "results" that "Agent A" recounted, however, were only the bare fact that the investigative steps had not yielded a positive result. He did not tell Ryan about the additional details relating to Lee's failure to make full disclosure that could have affected OIPR's prior determination. 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...By this point, officials at OIPR had become aware of additional information bearing upon the W-88 issue at Los Alamos. In November 1998, the National Counterintelligence Center (NCIC) distributed a report assessing the Chinese espionage threat to the Energy Department's laboratories. This report highlighted the efforts of Chinese intelligence to target these Energy facilities and amplified upon many of the issues (e.g., particular aspects of Beijing's intelligence practices) raised in the draft FISA applications prepared by the FBI and OIPR in the summer of 1997. The new head of OIPR, Frances Townsend, received this report in November or December 1998, and she used it to help prepare the Attorney General for a meeting with Energy Secretary William Richardson. OIPR attorney Allan Kornblum also saw the report in or around March 1999. 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...Armed with this new information -- the failed polygraph of February 10 and the new discoveries regarding Lee's computer -- the FBI returned to OIPR for a final attempt to obtain FISA authority. At this point, however, the focus of the FBI's efforts was upon searching the Lees' home, and the FBI simultaneously pursued two avenues of approach: (a) the possibility of FISA search authority, and (b) the possibility of a criminal search warrant under Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. In the first few days of April 1999, a draft Rule 41 criminal search warrant was circulated among prosecutors in both the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice in Washington and the U.S. Attorney's Office in Albuquerque. To the FBI's frustration, the Criminal Division prosecutors concluded that the draft contained an insufficient showing of probable cause to search Lee's residence. This conclusion led the FBI to begin working with an assistant U.S. Attorney in Albuquerque to craft a second affidavit -- as well as to initiate an additional round of FISA discussions with OIPR. 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...In a conference call with FBI agents from Headquarters and from Albuquerque, prosecutors from the Criminal Division and the U.S. Attorney's Office discussed strategies to bolster the showing of probable cause. Shortly thereafter, the FBI added additional facts to the draft Rule 41 affidavit it had circulated, and this affidavit was reviewed and approved by the Criminal Division and the U.S. Attorney's Office. The revised affidavit was presented to a U.S. Magistrate Judge on April 9, 1999; the Rule 41 criminal search warrant against Wen-Ho Lee was executed without incident the following day. 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...As noted, however, before the FBI finally went to the District Court for this Rule 41 warrant, it tried once more to persuade OIPR that there was ample reason to obtain a FISA warrant against Wen-Ho and Sylvia Lee. On April 7, FBI officials met with OIPR attorneys to discuss this matter. The FBI recounted the new information about Wen-Ho Lee. As memorialized in notes taken by OIPR's new Deputy Counsel for Intelligence Operations, James Baker -- and in an "action memorandum" to OIPR drafted the next day by the FBI General Counsel's office (though apparently never sent) -- FBI officials also told OIPR that FBI Director Louis Freeh preferred to use FISA authority to search the Lees' house. According to these FBI representations, Freeh was prepared formally to supply the necessary certifications that this search met the requirements of the FISA statute -- that is, that it was being sought for purposes of intelligence collection (e.g., to learn about Lee's alleged contacts with Chinese intelligence). The FBI's General Counsel has confirmed that Director Freeh was indeed "prepared [to make this certification] if we were going to go that route." 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...At this April 7 meeting, OIPR attorneys raised their old concerns with the "currency" and sufficiency of the evidence against Lee, but also raised two new issues. First, they expressed concern that -- particularly in light of the negative reaction from ISS with regard to the Rule 41 idea -- there might be the "appearance" that FBI was improperly using the FISA process as a proxy for criminal search authority. Second, OIPR expressed concern about the prospect of conducting an unprecedented overt FISA search. Now that Lee had been fired from his Los Alamos job, he and his wife remained at home most of the time -- leaving little opportunity for a clandestine search of their house. A FISA search, therefore, would have to be conducted in broad daylight and with the Lees' knowledge. This had never been done before, and OIPR attorneys expressed serious practical and legal reservations. These issues were not resolved at the April 7 meeting. 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...Though, as noted above, the FBI did prepare a draft "action memorandum" to OIPR on April 8 requesting FISA search authority for the Lee house, the Bureau did not return to OIPR on this subject and never sent the memorandum. FBI officials have said that this final loss of interest in the FISA route was simply because the Bureau chose to obtain a Rule 41 criminal warrant in Albuquerque -- as indeed occurred on April 9, 1999. 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...The real reason that the FBI filed the Rule 41 warrant affidavit in Albuquerque on April 9 and abandoned its FISA approach, however, may be related to contacts on April 7 or 8 between OIPR Counsel Frances Fragos Townsend and the FBI. According to handwritten notes taken by the FBI's "Agent A," an NSLU attorney was told by NSLU's chief that "the FISA search warrant is not going forward" because "F.F. Townsend called and said it was way too criminal." Townsend has denied saying this specifically to FBI General Counsel Parkinson, but she did admit talking with him about the Lee case and did not specifically deny conveying such a message to his office or to NSLU. With the issuance of a criminal warrant on April 9 and the search of Lee's house on April 10, the Wen-Ho Lee espionage investigation moved into its criminal phase, which at the time of writing was still ongoing.

O'Reilly Factor 8/5/99 Dan Burton Freepe go star go "...O'Reilly was interviewing Dan Burton and O'Reilly asked Burton if he found obstruction by Reno caould he refer it to the next Attorney General. Burton said that he didn't know if Reno was paying attention but that if he did find obstruction then he would in fact refer it to the new Attorney General in the next administration. Unless, Burton says, Clinton pardons himself, Reno and a whole host of others...."

Washington Weekly 8/9/99 Rep Dan Burton "...FIRST. I am well aware that the Department obstructed investigations prior to my tenure as Chairman of the Government Reform Committee. At the beginning of the Clinton Administration, the de facto head of the Justice Department, Webster Hubbell, had boxes of Whitewater evidence in his basement while his staff was trying to decide what to do with criminal referrals that depended on the very evidence that Hubbell was withholding. When Michael Dukakis said that a fish rots from the head down, he must have had Janet Reno's Justice Department in mind...."

Washington Weekly 8/9/99 Rep Dan Burton "...SECOND. Throughout Chairman Clinger's tenure, the Justice Department repeatedly stonewalled him. The Travelgate investigation was maintained as an "open" case even after a criminal trial completely exonerated Travel Office Director Billy Dale. These delays needlessly hampered Chairman Clinger's efforts. In fact, that is a recurring pattern the Department keeps investigations open long after it has stopped doing any work, and then tells Congress that it can't cooperate because the investigation is ongoing...."

Washington Weekly 8/9/99 Rep Dan Burton "...THIRD. When Chuck La Bella and Louis Freeh recommended the appointment of an Independent Counsel, Janet Reno took the political low road. She sided with her boss and her party. To this day I imagine that she doesn't even care about the damage that decision has caused to the Department's reputation. I have read parts of the Freeh and La Bella memos, and I can tell you that what they said was really troubling. Janet Reno's political staff was using a higher threshold for senior White House political staff than for other citizens. This is what LaBella said: "The task Force has commenced criminal investigations of non-covered persons based only on a wisp of information." He continued by noting that the threshold was much higher for Clinton Administration political appointees. It is also clear that investigations would have commenced much earlier if the people under scrutiny were not White House officials. Again, here is what LaBella said: If these allegations involved anyone other than _______, an appropriate investigation would have commenced months ago without hesitation.".... In addition, the Department went through legal contortions to avoid moving forward on investigating those at the highest levels. Again, here is what LaBella actually said in his memo: "The contortions that the Department has gone through to avoid investigating these allegations are apparent." As I've said before, I am deeply troubled by the use of double standards, with the political colleagues of the Attorney General getting the benefit of the more lenient standard. Let's not beat around the bush here. Taken as a whole, these are allegations of corruption. When you fail to investigate members of your own political party, or when you apply different standards to Administration officials than to other citizens, and when you go through contortions to avoid investigating members of your party, you are behaving corruptly. La Bella and Freeh concluded that an Independent Counsel was necessary. In return, Attorney General Reno's political staff overruled and belittled them. Even though all agreed he was the most qualified candidate, Chuck LaBella was even denied the U.S. Attorney position in San Diego...." Washington Weekly 8/9/99 Rep Dan Burton "...FOURTH. Speaking of corruption, over a year ago, we gave information to the Justice Department about a friend of the Attorney General. This information alleges that the Attorney General's friend illegally obtained sensitive, classified information from the Justice Department. According to information received by the Committee, this friend of the Attorney General even suggested paying money to a Justice Department employee who helped obtain some of the illegal information. One document we have says that the person the author talked to "confirmed that Steel Hector was hired due to the relationship with the Attorney General." Steel Hector is a big Miami law firm where Attorney General Reno once worked. The memo goes on to point out that Reno and the sister of the lawyer hired are "good friends." Other documents indicate that the Department changed a policy related to release of information so that this person could help her client. This policy change, according to one memo obtained by the Committee was made personally by the Attorney General. Still another document talks about a "confidential and reliable source" within the Justice Department. And still another memo obtained by the Committee states that the confidential source within the Department would not come forward publicly "due to her pension may be at risk if she was exposed. She added an offer may have been made as to severance pay by the client if that resulted." The "she" here is the lawyer who is friends with the Attorney General. Janet Reno has steadfastly refused to investigate her friend. Again, this is corruption.

Washington Weekly 8/9/99 Rep Dan Burton "...FIFTH. On a related note, Janet Reno's political appointees dropped the ball completely when it came to prosecuting a Democratic fundraiser who raised illegal campaign money in Venezuela. To make matters worse, her political appointees have interfered with our investigation of this matter. Last winter, we asked the Justice Department to provide information for this investigation on DEA policies relating to computer access. For six months, a Justice Department official refused to provide this information, claiming the DEA would not provide it to him. Just two days ago, we found out that the DEA had never been informed that the Committee wanted this information. As soon as the DEA found out about the Committee's request, they worked to give us an answer. But in the meantime, the Justice Department kept the Committee from finding out critical information for six months...."

Washington Weekly 8/9/99 Rep Dan Burton "...SIXTH. Let's talk about the Department's handling of the Charlie Trie investigation. Campaign Task Force investigators knew that Trie's bookkeeper was destroying documents relating to Trie. They asked for a search warrant. FBI agents were even sent to Little Rock to execute the search warrant. Janet Reno's handpicked political advisers turned down the request. Months went by before the search took place..."

Washington Weekly 8/9/99 Rep Dan Burton "...SEVENTH. Speaking of Charlie Trie, it is impossible to leave out the slap on the wrist that the Justice Department has agreed to give both Charlie Trie and John Huang. The Department has promised them no prison time at all maybe some community service, but no prison time. The Justice Department even promised to give John Huang back his voting rights. When U.S. Attorneys outside of Washington, D.C. have prosecuted conduit contributors recently they have managed to get prison time or, at the very least, home incarceration. Why the kid gloves treatment for Presidential friends Huang and Trie? ..."

Washington Weekly 8/9/99 Rep Dan Burton "...EIGHTH. I also wonder what happened to the Attorney General's promised investigation of leaks within the Department. I have yet to hear her condemn those of her employees who leaked material damaging to the campaign finance investigation. I intend to ask for all records relating to these so-called investigations. When the White House accused Independent Counsel Starr of leaks, the Justice Department went to work investigating vigorously. When the Attorney General's political people run interference for the Administration, the Department is noticeably silent. This Justice Department investigates if there is political benefit, but it is silent when real crimes have been committed...."

Washington Weekly 8/9/99 Rep Dan Burton "...NINTH. Turning to national security, it was the Attorney General's political staff who reviewed search warrant requests for records at Los Alamos. It appears that her political people weren't really all that concerned with national security. The FBI tried to get permission for wiretaps of Wen Ho Lee three times...."

Washington Weekly 8/9/99 Rep Dan Burton "...TENTH. One of the greatest hurdles facing the Committee is the routine failure by the Department to produce documents in a timely manner. Earlier I mentioned a specific example involving DEA documents. The excuses are endless. And the Department hides behind legally unsupportable readings of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. At all times, the Department has behaved as though it was defense counsel for the President, and not a servant of the Constitution and the American people..."

Washington Weekly 8/9/99 Rep Dan Burton "...ELEVENTH. When law and politics collide, the political appointees at the Justice Department seem to ignore the law. Take for instance an anecdote from the recent Bob Woodward book. In May of 1996, White House Counsel Jack Quinn was voted in contempt of Congress by my Committee for failure to turn over subpoenaed documents. This is what Mr. Woodward says in his book: "Quinn was confident he wouldn't be sent to jail. Lawyers in the Justice Department had assured him they would not prosecute even if the full House of Representatives cited him for contempt.". .."

Washington Weekly 8/9/99 Rep Dan Burton "...TWELFTH. In August 1998, Committee investigators interviewed Jack Ho. Jack Ho helped one of Charlie Trie's associates funnel $25,000 in foreign money to the DNC. In the course of interviewing Ho, Committee staff learned that Ho had never been contacted by the Justice Department. After the Committee informed the Justice Department of Ho's existence, the Department scrambled to interview him. Mr. Ho later told the Committee that in the course of his Justice Department interview, investigators told him that he did not have to cooperate with the Committee..."

Washington Weekly 8/9/99 Rep Dan Burton "...THIRTEENTH. When we asked to talk to lawyers at the Department who could shed some light on why the Attorney General's advisers decided to let the statute of limitations expire on Florida fundraiser Charles Intriago, we were given a stiff arm. Five years ago, when Democratic Chairman Dingell wanted to talk to the same types of lawyers, he was given full access...."

Associated Press 8/10/99 Laurie Asseo "...Attorney General Janet Reno on Tuesday suggested providing courts with more resources to keep defendants from committing new crimes. If a former inmate has no job and no high school diploma, ``Guess what? They're going to be doing it again,'' the attorney general told members of the American Bar Association, the nation's largest lawyers' group. .... The attorney general noted the success of drug courts during her tenure as a Miami prosecutor, a concept now being used in many cities. Such courts focus on giving defendants treatment and incentives to not repeat their crimes. Similar courts could be created to concentrate on domestic violence or child abuse and neglect cases, she said. She also suggested the use of ``re-entry courts'' for inmates being released...."

AP 8/10/99 "...When it comes to discussing Attorney General Janet Reno, Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr may have mastered the art of saying a lot without saying anything. Interviewed on NBC's "Today'' program, Starr, who has spent five years investigating President Clinton and his wife, Hillary, was asked about his feelings for Reno. Question: "Do you think that the attorney general has conducted herself properly during all this?'' Answer: "I don't want to comment.'' Q: "Some have said that she has protected the president.'' A: "I don't want to comment. Let me say this, I believe that the career people at the Justice Department are honorable, decent people. We have a very, and have enjoyed a very good relationship with them over the past five years.'' Q: "So you won't say the same thing about the attorney general.'' A: "I'm not going to comment.'' ..."

New York Times 8/13/99 "....Not everyone may agree with the reported decision to clear Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt in a case that grew out of the 1996 campaign finance abuses. But at least the conclusion that there is insufficient evidence to indict Mr. Babbitt or Harold Ickes, one of President Clinton's top campaign operatives, was made by an impartial, independent prosecutor. Unfortunately, that was not so for other abuses in Bill Clinton's re-election campaign. A serious failure of this Administration was the stubborn and misguided refusal of Attorney General Janet Reno to allow any other independent counsel to investigate the array of sordid campaign practices, especially the donations from foreign sources..... Both Louis Freeh, the F.B.I. Director, and Charles La Bella, former head of the campaign fund-raising inquiry, urged Ms. Reno to appoint an independent counsel to oversee the investigation of other aspects of the fund-raising mess. Because she rejected their advice, Americans can never be confident that every lead was followed in examining Vice President Gore's fund-raising phone calls from the White House and the evidence of a conspiracy by Mr. Clinton and others to evade campaign laws by using "soft money" to finance a Democratic Party advertising campaign. Even worse is the broken trail of leads regarding the foreign money funneled into the campaign by John Huang, Charlie Trie and others who have admitted to violating the law. They have apparently not implicated any senior people in the White House or the campaign, and Representative Dan Burton has failed so far to get Mr. Huang and Mr. Trie to testify before his committee in the House...."

New York Times 8/12/99 Abraham Foxman "...In the late 1980's violence by neo-Nazi skinheads was on the rise across America. At a meeting with Richard Thornburgh, then the Attorney General, we urged the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to place the skinheads on the F.B.I. watch list -- to monitor their activities and vigorously apply the law. The Attorney General did just that, and as a result violence by neo-Nazi skinheads declined significantly. Fast-forward to this past July 4 weekend, when Benjamin Smith, who had been linked to the white supremacist, anti-Semitic World Church of the Creator, went on a shooting rampage, wounding six Jews coming home from Sabbath services and killing an African-American and an Asian before committing suicide. The Anti-Defamation League and other organizations knew about this group -- we monitored its activities and Web site, sought to expose it in the news media. After the July 4 rampage, again we went to the Attorney General, this time Janet Reno, and asked that a full field investigation be initiated in keeping with the Attorney General's "Guidelines on Domestic Security/Terrorism Investigations." We believe we had documented examples of violence and criminal activity perpetrated by members of the World Church. I believe that if Ms. Reno was not restricted by certain legal parameters put in place since the Thornburgh era, she would have acted immediately. Instead, she said she had to "review whether the group itself was tied to individual acts." Mr. Smith's activities on behalf of the World Church of the Creator, while public and abhorrent, were protected by the First Amendment, irrespective of his shooting rampage. Now, in the shootings this week at a Jewish community center in Los Angeles, we have the worst act of anti-Semitic violence since the killing of Yankel Rosenbaum in Crown Heights eight years ago, and we have a suspect with clear ties to known hate groups. The suspect, Buford Furrow Jr., who turned himself in yesterday, had spent considerable time at a compound of the Aryan Nations, authorities say, and he may have aspired to the Phineas Priesthood, to which one gains "membership" by committing violence against nonwhites. Once again, the information we're getting about the suspect is coming largely from private groups. This doesn't mean that the F.B.I. has not been tracking these hate groups. But the Justice Department and the bureau are so hamstrung -- by the unpleasant legacy of the Hoover years, by fears of suits from the American Civil Liberties Union, by complaints from conservative lawmakers about avoiding another Randy Weaver fiasco -- that they can't act aggressively....."

New York Post 8/12/99 Steve Dunleavy "...SINCE the big daddies of hate - the Ku Klux Klan and the Black Liberation Army - are drawing Social Security checks, you might think their venom has been transferred to walkers. The truth is since those big daddies of hate have dissipated into the Viagra age, there has spawned a great family - Sons of Hate - and what an attractive brew they are. There are Aryan Nations, The Aryan Brotherhood and The National Alliance, whose leader, William Pierce, wrote the "Turner Diaries." Now, that is a tidy little handbook of hate. And then there is World Church of the Creator. Man, do they hate Christians like me. One of their passionate members went and killed a black and a Korean in Chicago on July 3 and 4. What a hero. Of course there is the Skinhead Movement, The Posse Comitados, who call all non-whites "Mud People." Charming. And don't let's forget our old friends in The American Nazi Party. The misfit who triggered Tuesday's ugliness in Granada Hills, Buford O'Neal Furrow, 37, was reportedly in Aryan Nations and its more active offshoot Order, another highly-resistible group..... So if you were in New York and wanted to join a hate group in Idaho, you would have to read an out-of-town newspaper, write letters, make telephone calls and virtually expose your identity, otherwise how can anyone get back to you without a name and address? But voila. The Internet. "Today, cyberhate can come right into your living room, right into your kids room and you can be anonymous, your neighbor or the local police don't know who you are."...."

The Dallas Morning News 8/10/99 Lee Hancock "...A federal judge in Waco told the federal government Monday to hand over every piece of evidence relating to the 1993 Branch Davidian standoff. In a sweeping order, U.S. District Judge Walter Smith told federal authorities to surrender to the federal clerk in Waco everything "in any way relevant to the events occurring at Mount Carmel," the Davidian compound besieged by federal authorities from Feb. 28 to April l9, 1993. "It is important for two reasons that the materials be maintained and safeguarded. First and foremost, the parties to civil litigation pending in this court have a right to seek access," Judge Smith wrote. "Second, the events that took place between Feb. 28 and April 19, 1993, and thereafter, have resulted in sometimes intense interest from the national media and members of the public." ..... The officials have said repeatedly in sworn testimony that FBI agents did not fire a single shot during the entire 51-day siege and used nothing capable of starting a fire. Government officials have noted that arson investigators ruled that the fire was set by sect members, and federal actions were exhaustively examined in weeks of congressional hearings, an independent U.S. Treasury Department review and an internal evaluation by the U.S. Justice Department and the FBI. Michael Caddell of Houston, one of the lead lawyers representing the Branch Davidians, praised the judge's order as a first step toward full disclosure of the government's actions. "I do think that for the American people to feel that justice has been done in this case, it's important that they feel there has been complete disclosure," he said. "That has not happened. There's been a complete stonewall by the government. "I don't think that people realize this lawsuit was filed five years ago and the government hasn't filed an answer yet. They have tied this up with procedural gimmickry. ... When you play games and obfuscate, people think you must have something to hide." ...."The Justice Department's going to have a fit," the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said. "This is an unfathomable amount of material." The FBI alone will have to turn over tens of thousands of documents. An agency official recently reported that more than 17,000 pages of documents had been compiled by the FBI's San Antonio office alone, where the chief agent supervised the standoff. A major portion of the evidence will come from the Texas Department of Public Safety. The state agency's lawyers precipitated the judge's action by filing a motion several weeks ago asking him to take control of the evidence it has stored since the Texas Rangers were asked to investigate the standoff. The Texas Rangers were named special deputy U.S. marshals and brought in to investigate within days after the shootout that started the standoff. Four agents from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms died on Feb. 28 when a gunfight erupted as they tried to serve search and arrest warrants on the Branch Davidian compound....Mr. McNulty researched and helped produce a 1997 film harshly critical of government actions in Waco, and he has worked as a private investigator for the Branch Davidians' lawyers. He is completing a second film on the incident due for September release that will include footage he obtained during his visits to DPS evidence lockers. Among the evidence that Mr. McNulty has spotlighted are two 40 mm projectiles and a 40 mm shell casing found in the compound wreckage. He said explosives experts retained by his film's producer to test chemical residues from the devices recently reported preliminary findings that they were pyrotechnic. The Rangers recently opened an inquiry to determine the nature of the 40 mm munitions and other items that Mr. McNulty found mislabeled in their evidence locker...."

Judicial Watch 8/13/99 Larry Klayman "...Yesterday, in what has now become a routine with the corrupt Clinton Justice Department, John Huang, who even Bob Woodward and The Washington Post called a likely Communist Chinese spy, entered into a plea agreement, in which he gets off "scott free," with only a $10,000 fine and 500 hours of community service. Huang was uncovered in the fall of 1996, and when he ran from U.S. Marshals trying to serve him with a subpoena in the Judicial Watch case which sparked the Chinagate scandal, his story rose to national prominence. Later, he would testify to Judicial Watch, untruthfully. When Judicial Watch moved the Court to have Huang testify again, and it so ordered, he invoked the Fifth Amendment over 1000 times, leading the widely respected liberal journalist Christopher Hitchens to remark that Huang had established a "new indoor record." As was true with Huang, thus far the Clinton Justice Department has indicted primarily Chinese, Indonesians, African Americans, and Indians in the Chinagate scandal, to create the appearance of justice. However, they have all been plead out with little to no jail time, with no real commitment to implicate other, high up Clinton-Gore officials. "The Clinton Justice Department is effectively playing the race card, by blaming just a bunch of foreigners and minorities, but not holding them accountable in any event for fear they might implicate the corrupt 'white men in the White House,'" stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman. "Judicial Watch will not allow justice to be compromised, and will now ask the Court to bring Huang back again for testimony, as he can no longer even claim that the Fifth Amendment is applicable," added Klayman and Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. ..."

Washington Post 8/13/99 Vernon Loeb "...Attempting to bring an end to the Chinese espionage scandal that has plagued his department for months, Energy Secretary Bill Richardson yesterday recommended disciplinary action against two former counterintelligence officials and the former director of Los Alamos National Laboratory. Richardson's announcement came as he released the findings of a sharply critical report by the Department of Energy's own inspector general and issued a statement acknowledging that both "political and career management" failed to pay enough attention to security. As a result of "systemic" management lapses, the inspector general concluded, the government's chief espionage suspect, former Los Alamos scientist Wen Ho Lee, was able to keep his security clearance and sensitive work assignment for at least 18 months longer than necessary..... Richardson declined to name the three officials he recommended for disciplinary action and said it would be up to Los Alamos Director John C. Browne to determine the proper punishment, which could range from letters of reprimand to dismissal. But officials familiar with Richardson's recommendation identified the three as Sig Hecker, who served as Los Alamos's director from January 1986 to October 1997 and still works as a senior scientist at the facility; Robert S. Vrooman, the lab's former counterintelligence chief, who is now retired and serves as a part-time consultant to a lab subcontractor; and Terry Craig, a former counterintelligence team leader now working in another section of the lab...... Senior Energy Department officials also said that former Energy Secretary Federico Pena and two former deputy secretaries, Elizabeth A. Moler and Victor H. Reis, might have been subject to disciplinary action for failing to adequately pursue espionage allegations, if they were still employed by the department. However, the Energy Department's inspector general, Gregory Friedman, determined that there was insufficient evidence to substantiate a charge by Notra Trulock, the DOE counterintelligence official who targeted Lee as a suspect, that Moler tried to prevent Trulock from testifying to Congress...."

Capitil Hill Blue 8/13/99 Dan Thomasson "...If one were inclined to believe in government conspiracies, the failure of the FBI and the Justice Department to properly investigate the loss of U.S. nuclear technology to the Chinese would be an excellent candidate. As Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., chairman of the Senate Government Affairs Committee, put it, there is enough blame to go around in the "poor handling" of what may turn out to be the biggest case of successful espionage ever perpetrated against this country. Not just a "comedy of errors but a tragedy of errors," echoed Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., the committee's ranking minority member, all the while shaking off the conspiracy theory. In fact, the bungling among the FBI, the Justice Department and the Energy Department may be every bit as historic in its dimensions as the stealing of our nuclear warhead design. Oddly, in 13 hours of closed-door hearings, the committee failed to find out why all the ineptitude by the nation's key counterintelligence agency and its bosses. How, then, one must ask, could there be such monumental missteps unless they were deliberate? Two possibilities come to mind...."

Washintgon Post 8/13/99 Edward Walsh "... John Huang, a central figure in the more than two-year-old investigation of campaign fund-raising abuses during the 1996 election, pleaded guilty yesterday to conspiracy to defraud the Federal Election Commission as part of a plea agreement reached earlier with federal prosecutors. Appearing in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, Huang was sentenced to one year's probation, a $10,000 fine and 500 hours of community service. A condition of the probation is that Huang will continue to cooperate with government investigators, prosecutors said. Huang, a former official of the Commerce Department and the Democratic National Committee, helped generate about $2 million in 1996 contributions that the DNC ultimately returned because the funds came from illegal or suspect sources. But in hours of interviews with government investigators, Huang never provided evidence linking other White House and Democratic Party officials to criminal activity. The conspiracy charge to which Huang pleaded guilty did not involve the 1996 campaign but rather contributions to Democratic campaigns in California in 1993 and 1994....."

Inside the Beltway (Washington Times) 8/16/99 John McCaslin "...Let's duck into the bowels of the Justice Department, to the basement floor and "Document Design Unit," where we see a large four-color story board designed for a news conference that apparently never was. "It's been laying against the wall since early June," a Justice Department official says. "They prepare this thing, ready to have a media [event], but then they don't use it." It's a money-flow chart, related to Vice President Al Gore's fund-raising event at a Buddhist temple. It shows with criss-crossing arrows how seven Asian individuals wrote checks for the amount of $25,000 each and how the money wound up at the Democratic National Committee. If Justice has no use for the big flow chart, Rep. Dan Burton, Indiana Republican and chairman of the House Committee on Government Reform, might want to use it for his probe into the campaign finance abuses.... Published reports say a federal prosecutor in California was ordered to halt the probe he began in 1996 into Mr. Gore's fund-raising event at the Buddhist temple. The prosecutor is said to have been told it was a matter for an independent counsel -- the one never named by Miss Reno...." 8/18/99 Senate Bill 1059 "…S.1059 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2000 (Public Print) …SEC. 1084. CHEMICAL AGENTS USED FOR DEFENSIVE TRAINING. (a) AUTHORITY TO TRANSFER AGENTS- (1) The Secretary of Defense may transfer to the Attorney General, in accordance with the Chemical Weapons Convention, quantities of lethal chemical agents required to support training at the Center for Domestic Preparedness in Fort McClellan, Alabama. The quantity of lethal chemical agents transferred under this section may not exceed that required to support training for emergency first-response personnel in addressing the health, safety, and law enforcement concerns associated with potential terrorist incidents that might involve the use of lethal chemical weapons or agents, or other training designated by the Attorney General. (2) The Secretary of Defense, in coordination with the Attorney General, shall determine the amount of lethal chemical agents that shall be transferred under this section. Such amount shall be transferred from quantities of lethal chemical agents that are produced, acquired, or retained by the Department of Defense…."

Wall St. Journal 8/19/99 Editorial "…Rejections of FISA requests are rare. As to probable cause, an August 5 report by Senators Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman lists the FBI's suspicions about the Lees across 18 paragraphs, including: "The FBI learned that during a visit to Los Alamos by (Chinese) scientists from IAPCM, Lee had discussed certain unclassified (but weapons-related) computer codes with the Chinese delegation. It was reported that Lee had helped the Chinese scientists with their codes by providing software and calculations relating to hydrodynamics." A congressional source tells us that two additional reasons to monitor were dropped from the public report for security reasons. The FBI then made an unprecedented appeal of the denial to the Attorney General. After a meeting about security issues, the head of the FBI's National Security Division told Ms. Reno "we've been turned down" by her department. The Thompson report then states: "Attorney General Reno has said that she does not recall the conversation, but does not deny that it occurred." Nonetheless, another Justice attorney, Daniel Seikaly, ended up with the assignment of reviewing the original turndown, and weeks later concurred with the decision not to monitor the Lees. The turndown of this wiretap is at the heart of the Thompson-Lieberman report. Both criticized Justice's refusal…..Sen. Lieberman, noting various bureaucratic failures by the FBI along the way, concluded: "I ask why, given the extreme importance of this case to America's national security, [Justice] did not raise this issue to the Attorney General herself, push the FBI harder to make its case, or decide to send the request for a warrant to the court to make the final judgment Squaring this circle, Sen. Thompson said Justice "adopted a highly restrictive view of probable cause, even though the showing necessary in a national security context is less than for a criminal investigation." Another report by the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, led by former Sen. Warren Rudman, raised precisely the same issues regarding these decisions. Obviously there was a judgment call to be made here. And reasonable people might differ on the call. They might differ, that is, if Justice under Ms. Reno had not by now shown itself to come down routinely on the side of doing nothing or next to nothing in investigations of this sort. As in the campaign finance investigation of illegal foreign contributions to the President's reelection campaign.

Wall St. Journal 8/19/99 Editorial "…Consider the record. As with the Los Alamos case, clearly something illegal was taking place with the Chinese fundraising. But Ms. Reno rejected the advice of both Charles La Bella and Louis Freeh to turn these matters over to an independent counsel. The La Bella episode is especially illuminating. It would have been one thing if Ms. Reno had simply rejected Mr. La Bella's recommendation. But she and her aides went further, essentially trashing La Bella for his position and pushing him out of federal service. One might reasonably suspect that the lower-echelon lawyers, including those handling the Los Alamos decisions, knew better than to get on the wrong side of any Justice investigations involving China. Then, after giving "her people" full responsibility for this investigation, and after a few indictments, the result has been no jail time for anyone. Johnny Chung and John Huang got probation. Charlie Trie awaits sentencing…."

Wall St. Journal 8/19/99 Editorial "…And it is similarly clear that something happened at the Sept. 13, 1995, Oval Office meeting at which Bill Clinton, Bruce Lindsey, Joe Giroir and James Riady told a nobody named John Huang that he was moving from his Commerce Department job over to fund raising for the DNC. Absent a real inquiry into this crucial meeting's content, we're supposed to conclude that it was John Huang's idea to go all the way to China to break the contribution laws. In other words, it is at least clear to us that Bill Clinton and Janet Reno have inculcated the Department of Justice with a culture of nonfeasance. Nonfeasance is about not doing what duty requires. …Perhaps, for another year or so. It will then be the next President's job to remake Justice from a place of constant suspicion about motive to one of respect…."

Daily Republican 8/19/99 Howard Hobbs "…In 1997, the Department of Justice made allegations of False Claims Act violations in four jurisdictions against nearly 200 hospitals or clinics, even though it did not have sufficient evidence to back up those claims. According to the General Accounting Office this week, it's investigation found that DOJ probes in many cases in Texas and other areas were ultimately dropped because of insufficient evidence. The shocking facts are contained in a GAO Report ordered by Congress after hearings on complaints numerous last year by the health care industry after questions were raised about the lack of thhroughness of the Clinton administration's investigation of health care fraud. …"

The Washington Weekly 4/6/98 Michael Levine Laura Kavanau-Levine "…As an ex-DEA agent I found the complete lack of coverage by mainstream media of what I saw during last month's congressional hearings into CIA Drug Trafficking both depressing and frightening. I sat gape-mouthed as I heard the CIA Inspector General testify that there has existed a secret agreement between CIA and the Justice Department, wherein "during the years 1982 to 1995, CIA did not have to report the drug trafficking by its assets to the Justice Department." To a trained DEA agent this literally means that the CIA had been granted a license to obstruct justice in our so-called war on drugs; a license that lasted, so the CIA claims, from 1982 to 1995, a time during which Americans paid almost $150 billion in taxes to "fight" drugs….. This might also explain Janet Reno's recent and unprecedented move in blocking the release of a Justice Department investigation into CIA drug trafficking…..One of the most distressing things for me as a 25-year-veteran of this business to listen to was when Congresswoman Waters said that the hearings were not about CIA officers being indicted and going to jail. "That is not going to happen," she said. Almost in the same breath she spoke of a recent case in Miami wherein a Venezuelan National Guard general was caught by Customs agents smuggling more than a ton of cocaine into the US. Despite named CIA officers being involved in the plot, as Congresswoman Waters stated, the Justice Department will not tell her anything about the case because of "secrecy laws." No wonder chairman Goss was snickering. She could not have played more neatly into CIA hands than to surrender before the battle was engaged…" 7/30/99 "…Cameron honed in on Reno and how the FBI was afraid to share information because they knew the White House would get it: "Some Justice Department investigators suspect their bosses deliberately dropped the ball to protect the President, though the inspector general concluded it was poor judgment and not intentional. But congressional critics think Attorney General Janet Reno and her closest advisers were playing pure politics. And according to the report, when Reno's top troops wanted to share evidence with the White House, the FBI protested, even boycotted meetings, to prevent the handing over of such information, saying it was, quote, ‘akin to briefing the subject of an investigation about that investigation.’ Giving a clue about who is providing him with his information, Cameron observed: "Line-level investigators and prosecutors, disgruntled with the way Department of Justice management have handled, and some say botched, this entire case, almost daily now are disclosing more information. Last night Fox reported on how the initial investigation into the Buddhist temple fundraising event was thwarted by the attorney general's office. In fact, one specific individual, the head of the Office of Public Integrity, Lee Radek, has essentially been fingered as trying to close down that investigation. And as a result, Congress plans to subpoena Mr. Radek's documents to find out whether or not he tried in some way to close things down in order to protect the President." …." 8/16/99 "…Chung also revealed that the FBI and DOJ had him tape conversations with a Chinese National nicknamed "Fish Powder" who was an important contact person between the Chinese Government and Chung: O'REILLY: So what you're saying is that after you were caught and after all the heat came down on Johnny Chung, you were honest, you told the investigators -- Chuck LaBella, the FBI agents -- just as you're telling me today, what happened, here's what happened. But in Washington Janet Reno's staff sat on it and didn't do anything with it. Is that accurate? CHUNG: That's very accurate. I can say that in my part I told them everything I know in this ongoing investigation, and I didn't see any of them is really come out to the light yet. For example, I have the agreement with the Department of Justice, I'm not going to mention the name, but we gave him a nickname, we call Fish Powder. O'REILLY: Fish Powder? CHUNG: Yes. We gave a nickname. And this gentlemen of Fish Powders, he is very important witness and my prosecutors put him on watch list of the immigration office. Any time he comes to the United States, they want to question him. O'REILLY: Is he a Chinese national? CHUNG: That's correct. O'REILLY: And what happened is this guy call me out of the blue. And my prosecutor doesn't know that. The FBI who protect me doesn't know that. And then I was instructed by the FBI to record all of the conversation. I was instructed by my prosecutor to record all of the conversations. And I've been recording a lot under their instruction, the Department of Justice and FBI. And this guy comes in and out to our country freely, and nobody talked to him. And he's a very important witness. …"

WorldNetDaily 8/17/99 Charles Smith "…Federal Judge Robert Payne issued a court order against this reporter to remove a secret DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) report from the Internet. I was ordered to remove the unredacted version of a DIA report by 5:30 p.m. eastern time that same day. Apparently, Department of Justice lawyer Joan Evans released the unredacted version by mistake. The DIA document sent to me contained the names of DIA agents who wrote the 1995 report on the Chinese Army Unit COSTIND. The DIA requested that the names of the agents be withheld under "Title 10, United States Code" to protect their identity. I replaced the secret version with the redacted (blacked out) version as per Judge Payne's orders, prior to the 5:30 p.m. deadline. As part of the process, I had to contact Assistant U.S. Attorney Evans, in an attempt to comply with Judge Payne's order to return the DIA document. Instead of resolving the situation, Evans swore vengeance and threatened to "get" me. I took her threats to be officially sanctioned by the U.S. Justice Department and the Clinton White House. Of course, this is typical of the Clinton administration. Its mistake compromised the identity of DIA agents. Instead of working to minimize the damage to U.S. national security, it has engaged in threats. Discover the truth, and come under attack…."

WorldNetDaily 8/17/99 Charles Smith "…The truth is that Ron Brown and the Commerce Department dealt with the Chinese army. My original Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) was for "all information on COSTIND" or the Chinese "Commission on Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense." In 1994, this PLA unit was led by General Ding Henggao with his two vice "minister" sub-commanders, General Huai Guomo and General Shen Rougjun. In my 1998 appeal to the Commerce Department, I submitted a document showing that "COSTIND Vice Minister Shen Rougjun" met with Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and LORAL CEO Bernard Schwartz in August 1994. The Commerce Department has correctly released a mountain of information on "COSTIND," including data on COSTIND "Minister" General Ding and "Vice Minister" General Huai. COSTIND Vice Minister Shen was a general in the Chinese army. COSTIND is a Chinese army unit. Gen. Shen traveled to the U.S. in May 1994 and arranged for COSTIND to purchase a Hughes Corporation satellite, called Apstar 2, that was later destroyed in a crash. The PLA blamed the satellite for the crash and tried to pin the higher insurance rates on Hughes. Afterwards, Gen. Shen investigated the crash. Commerce Department officials participated in and authorized the Hughes crash analysis to be passed back to the Chinese under Vice Minister Shen. In the process, Hughes passed significant nose cone technology directly to COSTIND under the direction of Shen. In 1994, Gen. Shen also actively sought help from the Commerce Department in obtaining employment for his son, Shen Jun, at LORAL. Gen. Shen succeeded in obtaining a sensitive position for his son at Hughes. Gen. Shen, his son, and Hughes officials met to discuss the satellite crash…."

WorldNetDaily 8/17/99 Charles Smith "…Another key report found at the Commerce Department is a 1997 Rand Report on the Chinese army. The Rand Corp. found that PLA bribes paid for "lavish parties, luxury foreign automobiles and Swiss bank accounts". The Rand report, "Chinese Military Commerce and U.S. National Security" also details the CITIC bank-owned Poly Technologies and the smuggling of 2,000 fully automatic AK-47s from Chinese army inventories. According to the Rand report, U.S. Custom agents, posing as U.S. drug gangsters, arranged to purchase the machine guns in a sting operation that led directly to the Chinese army in Beijing. However, the Customs PLA machine-gun sting crossed with Poly Tech President Wang Jun and his visits to the White House. The Rand report ignored the donations made by the PLA through operatives to Mr. Clinton. The Rand Corp. missed the Chinese atomic espionage altogether. ….. The answer to the big miss in Rand analysis becomes all too clear upon closer inspection. The 1997 Rand report was sponsored and, in part, authored by Asia-Pacific "policy" expert Gareth C.C. Chang. Chang is a familiar player in the Chinagate affair. Even in the 1997 Rand report Chang is listed as "Senior Vice President" of Hughes Corporation. In fact, Chang is also in the 1999 Cox report. On April 4, 1995, Hughes Electronics Senior Vice President Gareth Chang wrote a memorandum to Hughes CEO Steven Dorfman regarding the Apstar 2 failure. Chang wrote, "We need to personally share our findings with the Chinese leadership. A senior Hughes executive, armed with detailed scientific and technical evidence, should meet with General Shen of COSTIND and Chairman Liu of CASC before anything is said to the media." Hughes' Chang and COSTIND PLA General Shen traveled in the same small circle of international arms dealing as Poly Tech Wang Jun and Loral CEO Bernard Schwartz. All of the above elected to connect their weapons business through Commerce Secretary Ron Brown…."

AP 8/17/99 "…Justice Department officials have told Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr they would probably be unable to take over his uncompleted investigation of President Clinton and his wife should he resign, a department official said Tuesday. ``He's never said to us, `I'm leaving,''' the official said, speaking only on condition of anonymity. But Starr's staff has had theoretical discussions with Justice Department attorneys about how his unfinished work would be handled if he left, the official said…." 8/17/99 J Jennings Moss and Brian Ross "…ABCNEWS has learned that Kenneth Starr has told the three-judge panel that appointed him he is ready to leave the Office of the Independent Counsel, though a great deal of work remains unfinished, including a decision on whether to prosecute the Clintons. But Starr, who wants to leave in the next few months, has determined it is not feasible to hand the work to the Justice Department and is recommending that the OIC continue its work. Sources also said Starr has forwarded the resumes of three of his deputies — including Michael Emmick, who led the sting operation against Monica Lewinsky — to the judges as recommended replacements who then would file a final report closing out the five-year investigation into President Clinton…… "

FoxNews AP 8/176/99 "…The Justice Department official said Starr's aides and the department's staff attorneys had discussed the possibility and ramifications of referring the unfinished investigation back to the Justice Department. "We said that was probably impossible given the kind of things he's investigating,'' the official said. "We said we would either have to decline to accept them or seek a new independent counsel or special counsel to complete the work.'' …"If any independent counsel chose to step down before an investigation were completed, it might raise questions we would want to address,'' said Myron Marlin, a Justice Department spokesman. …"

Central News Agency 1/18/97 Bill Wang & Debbie Kuo "…James C. Wood Jr., chairman of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), submitted his resignation to the AIT Board of Trustees on Friday. With a copy of the resignation being sent to US Secretary of State Warren Christopher, Wood's resignation took effect immediately. In a dialogue with CNA, Wood said he quit because he has been appointed to another post in the Clinton Administration. He, however, did not elaborate. His successor, meanwhile, will not be announced until the new secretary of state, Madeline Albright, takes office, Wood noted. …. Unlike his predecessors, who were all "China hands" with professional diplomatic backgrounds, Wood, a lawyer from Arkansas, was the first politically-appointed AIT chairman. …. Last year, Wood was accused of pressuring Taiwan businessmen for contributions to President Bill Clinton's reelection campaign. Wood denied the accusation, saying that all he has done is tell Taiwan businessmen to strengthen economic relations with the United States, including increasing investment in America. Wood, who assumed his AIT chairman post on Dec. 18, 1995, became an American liaison officer with Taiwan with the shortest working tenure, serving just 13 months…."

The Straits Times (Singapore) 1/19/97 "…Mr James Wood, chairman of the semi-official American Institute in Taiwan, was said to have resigned of his own accord after getting wind of talks in Washington that the Clinton administration wanted him replaced. The resignation had been accepted and Mr Wood's duty would be covered by his deputy, Ms Barbara Schwaghi, before a new appointment was made, said the Taiwanese daily. President Bill Clinton was said to be unhappy with Mr Wood because of media reports that the latter had "solicited donations" from Taiwanese businessmen for his re-election campaign…."

South China Morning Post 1/19/97 Jason Blatt "…TAIWAN authorities yesterday remained silent about Friday's resignation of Washington's top envoy to the island, American Institute in Taiwan chairman James Wood. Mr Wood, a lawyer from Arkansas and close friend of US President Bill Clinton, told Taiwan's Central News Agency he stepped down to accept another appointment with the Clinton administration. But he did not say what his new assignment was. Mr Wood, who the US Department of Justice last October confirmed was under investigation in connection with allegations of seeking donations for Mr Clinton's campaign from Taiwanese businessmen, did not address the accusations against him in the interview….Later, Mr Wood's predecessor, Natale Bellocchi, said he had heard rumours suggesting Mr Wood had sought illegal campaign donations from Taiwanese businessmen, ostensibly to "thank" Mr Clinton for protecting Taiwan when Beijing was conducting military exercises off the island's coast early last year. Mr Bellocchi said he had relayed everything he knew to investigating authorities. The allegations had caused a stir in the American media in the lead-up to last November's US presidential election. Yesterday, reports in Taiwan said Mr Wood's resignation had been confirmed by the US State Department….Mr Wood's resignation came as a surprise since just a few days before, when Taiwan's Vice-President Lien Chan was passing through New York on his way to Rome, Mr Wood was on hand to receive him…."

South China Morning Post 2/26/97 Simon Beck "…US officials have dismissed allegations of corruption and sexual harassment at America's de facto embassy in Taiwan, but admitted sloppy accounting and other problems. The administration yesterday said the man hired to run the American Institute in Taiwan was fired recently not because he revealed the alleged scandal, but for failing to do his job... The Justice Department is also investigating allegations that Mr Wood pressurised Taiwanese nationals to make donations to the Democratic Party. Even the admission that he was fired for doing a bad job will bring embarrassment to President Bill Clinton, who was instrumental in getting the Arkansas businessman the job, despite his lack of diplomatic credentials. The source of allegations of demands by institute officials for sex or cash in return for issuing visas to Taiwanese, could be traced to a former Taiwanese staff member at the institute, Mr Davies said. The official, whose job was to investigate the backgrounds of visa applicants, was sacked in 1990 for misconduct, he said, and went on to make wide-ranging allegations of visas being sold for as much as US$ 25,000 (HK$ 193,250). However, the spokesman said department officials charged with looking into his claims "concluded that the accusations were baseless and may have been made with the specific purpose of discrediting honest officers". Only one case of sexual harassment by an institute official had arisen, Mr Davies said, and that was in 1989. He said the probe failed to bear fruit after the employee denied the incident and the woman filed no charges. Mr Davies admitted an independent audit of institute finances between 1992 and 1995 stated that US$ 5 million in visa fees could not be accounted for, but he denied this money had disappeared through fraud. On Mr Wood's sacking, the spokesman said: "The department decided Mr Wood's performance failed to meet the basic needs of US foreign policy."…"

The Washington Times 8/19/99 "…. Given the extent of the scandal, which included efforts by some of Chung's Chinese friends to divert missile technology from a U.S. corporation desperately eager to do business with China and headed by the Democratic Party's largest individual contributor, Democratic officials have become obsessed with blocking various investigations. Chung has accused Attorney General Janet Reno, who has stubbornly refused to seek the appointment of an independent counsel, of "sitting on the information" he has given her. Chung also has asserted that the Democratic minority on the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee sent his attorney an unsolicited package of materials explaining "how you take the Fifth in the United States Congress" after Chung was subpoenaed to testify. Government Reform and Oversight Committee Chairman Dan Burton, citing a letter addressed to him from Miss Reno but delivered to ranking Democrat Henry Waxman within minutes of a telephone conversation between Miss Reno and Mr. Burton, convincingly argues that Miss Reno had been working in concert with the committee's Democratic minority to thwart its investigation. Mr. Burton also accuses Miss Reno of keeping case after case open to prevent his committee from interrogating witnesses. …"

The Washington Times 8/19/99 "…. Jerry Seper of The Washington Times reported this week that Democratic obstructionist actions included telling White House Deputy Counsel Bruce Lindsey to make himself unavailable for a deposition to which the Government Reform and Oversight Committee had subpoenaed him. Mr. Waxman told Mr. Burton that he had advised Mr. Lindsey to be "not available for this deposition." During the deposition of another White House official, the minority counsel raised 49 objections, and in another deposition Democrats sought to prevent a witness from answering questions from the majority counsel despite the witness' willingness to do so. In another deposition, Mr. Waxman attempted to prevent questions about convicted felon Webster Hubbell, the former associate attorney general who received $200,000 in consulting fees from Lippo Group, the Indonesia-based conglomerate that was the source of nearly $500,000 in illegal contributions from the Wiriadinata family…..Contrary to what Mr. Schiliro asserts, Democrats have had every incentive to block the campaign-finance probe, a fact that became particularly evident after China's involvement was confirmed. The cover-up began in October 1996, when the scandal erupted. And it has accelerated ever since. In hindsight, is it any wonder why Democratic Sen. John Glenn reacted so fiercely to Sen. Fred Thompson's July 1997 charge implicating China at the beginning of congressional investigations? The reality is that Chung, a convicted felon, is more credible than the Democratic Party and President Clinton…."


8/25/99 Freeper ohmlaw98 reporting on FoxNews with Trulock "….Sandy Berger was discussed briefly...Sat in both open and closed testimony by Cox Committee....He briefed Reno in August of 1997....

Reno took a very hands off approach to the case... Berger culpable! ...clearly within his authority to mandate action....Deputy secretary [Moehler] culpable...(No follow up question regarding false statements by Berger about the content and nature of Trulock's briefing...)…."

The Cincinnati Post 8/26/99 Editorial "… But why is it that the FBI is getting around to admitting the truth only this week, six years after the initial raid, 51-day siege and final calamitous attack?

Truth, it seems, has never been a priority of those responsible for the government's actions. One investigation ordered by President Clinton concluded that there had been ''deliberately misleading post-raid statements'' about the initial raid in which four federal agents were shot to death. The fact is, there was precious little cause for the federal government to intervene in the first place and surely no cause to bring in tanks for a second assault. Not only does one mistake seem to have been piled on top of another, but the responsible agencies have had a very difficult time being honest about it. While that's not an excuse for the paranoia of some fringe groups, it is a cause for grave concern among ordinary citizens. …"

Christian Science Monitor 8/26/99 Peter Grier "…Washington's China spy case is falling apart faster than John Le Carré can say, "Who swallowed that microfilm dot?" Charges that Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist Wen Ho Lee passed US nuclear data to Beijing have roiled the national security establishment for months. They've caused Congress to approve a sweeping rejiggering of A-bomb development, and may force bureaucrats to reinspect 600 million pages of declassified material for inadvertent leakage of secrets. But now top officials say publicly that Mr. Lee became a security target largely because he is Chinese-American, and that they do not have a shred of direct evidence against him. The official who led the first probe into Lee's activities has resigned, and the whole affair is calling into question lawmaker assertions that China has penetrated the highest levels of US security and may be America's new cold-war adversary. "If Lee is not charged, then we are really back to square one," says Jonathan Pollack, a Rand Corp. senior adviser for international policy. …Then it turned out that a recent CIA director, John Deutch, had kept secret material on his unsecured home computer. In the atmosphere of the Lee case, the government had no choice but to strip Mr. Deutch of his security clearance. "The national security part of the community in Washington has been utterly convulsed by [the Lee case] for over a year," says John Pike, a Federation for American Scientists intelligence expert. But wait. If the respected former head of the CIA did some of the same things Lee did, does that mean...? Oops. Never mind. So far Lee has not been charged with espionage, and it now appears he never will be. A recent bipartisan report by the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs concluded that if nothing else, the Lee probe was hopelessly bungled. Investigators didn't bother to look at other suspects and fought over things such as whether to search Lee's computer…."

Freeper Mia T on O’Reilly 8/21/99 "…Orrin Hatch when he asked Charles LaBella whether, during his investigation for Reno, she informed him of the clinton-enabled China espionage. LaBella responded with an unequivocal "NO."…."

O'Reilly's Talking Points 8/18/99 "…"The reaction to our story on Chung ... is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. The Washington Times is reporting that democrats on the House Reform and Oversight Committee ... tried to delay and obstruct the campaign finance investigation .... The Times says documents back that up. This comes as no surprise to talking points .... as the evidence we have compiled on The Factor clearly shows that Attorney General Reno ... and at least a few democrats ... did everything possible to hide the truth from the American people. That is truly disturbing and possibly illegal .... and what is also disturbing is the lack of interest in this story on the part of some major media outlets. When we sent out transcripts of the Chung interview .... only a few in the media showed any interest at all. USA Today, the Reuters news-wire, The Washington Times, and a few others gave the story some attention. But once again .... most of the media ignored it ... and some even scorned our reporting. But why? There's no question that illegal campaign money from China and the selling of access to top Clinton officials ... including the President, Vice-President, and First Lady ... is important news. No question at all. There's also no question that Janet Reno refuses to investigate the matter ..... stonewalling both Congress and the American people. So why isn't the press pounding this story home? I have my suspicions but I can't be sure. But I will tell you this .... competition in the media is at an all time high ... there is fear and jealousy and agendas galore. News agencies are now run by giant companies .... and profits come first. By concentrating on China, the Factor suffered in the ratings at first ..... but now our investigations are beginning to pay off. I'd hate to think that some in the media are failing to cover important stories because of political agendas ... I resist believing that ... but it may be true. Talking points is angry that corruption in our government is allowed to go on ..... and we are making it our mission on The Factor to expose corruption where-ever we find it...."

N. Y. Times 8/25/99 David Johnston "…Workers for a large and well-known employer in the nation's capital have accused their bosses of juggling the books to cheat them out of overtime pay in violation of the law and then lying about to it to conceal the illegality. Sounds like a case for the Justice Department, except in this instance the employer is the Justice Department, the agency charged with enforcing the law. On Tuesday, a Federal judge said the court would ask more than 12,400 current and former Justice Department lawyers whether they wanted to join a class-action lawsuit filed last year by nearly 200 lawyers against the agency. The lawsuit seeks a half-billion dollars for what the lawyers charge are millions of hours of overtime that the department owes them…."

PRnewswire 8/22/99 "… Internal Security chief John Dion has urged his superiors at the Justice Department not to proceed with a case of mishandling information against Wen Ho Lee, the Los Alamos scientist suspected of leaking nuclear secrets to China, sources tell Newsweek in the current issue. Lee was fired from his job but investigators have already conceded that they don't have the evidence to convict Lee as a spy…"

New York Post 8/23/99 Marilyn Rauber "…A top Justice Department official wants the case against suspected Chinese nuclear spy Wen Ho Lee dropped, it was reported yesterday. Internal Security Chief John Dion has urged his superiors not to proceed against Lee, a Taiwan-born scientist fired in March from the Los Alamos National Laboratory after being suspected of leaking nuclear secrets to Beijing, Newsweek magazine reported. The latest development comes after the former CIA head at Los Alamos, Robert Vrooman, claimed Lee was targeted because of his race - and revelations this week that former CIA Director John Deutch also took home classified documents and loaded them into his unsecured home computer. Deutch won't be prosecuted….. "It would be outrageous to follow a botched investigation with a botched prosecution," Dion's predecessor at the Justice Department, John Martin, told the magazine. Vrooman, the ex-CIA honcho who's been accused of bungling the espionage probe by allowing Lee access to secrets even after he was suspected of spying, told the Washington Post earlier this month that race was "a key factor" in Lee being targeted - a claim vehemently denied by investigators. Although he's been under investigation for a year, Lee's never been charged with any crime. …"

Daily Journal, Franklin, Indiana 8/24/99 Gene C. Robinson "….It's obvious by now that President Clinton will never be removed from office for any ofthe many reasons that would justify such action. Nor will Hillary Clinton be held accountable for the abuses of power she orchestrated. The Clintons brought to Washington an administration so corrupt that it orchestrated and allowed the illegal sale and transfer of secret nuclear weapons technology to the Red Chinese Army. In earlier years, that sort of conduct would have landed elected officials in federal penitentiaries. It shows how corrupt the federal justice system has become, and I believe these following reasons explain why nothing has been done to bring them to justice" No. 1: We have a spineless U.S. Senate that is cowering under the shadow of the FBI files that Hillary ordered smuggled into the White House…. No. 2: A lap-dog media, of course, has always covered Clinton's tail as it did during the impeachment process by repeating over and over "It's only about sex."…. No. 3:… But as habits will dictate, when the Clinton "mob" came to Washington, they were savvy enough to know that they had to be able to control the Justice Department…. With Reno installed, they brought in Web Hubble, a white-collar criminal from Hillary's Little Rock law firm as their "man to run things". Next, they had Janet Reno fire every assistant attorney general and replace them with their own people. This gave the Clintons control of the criminal justice system, even after Hubbell later pleaded guilty to tax and mail fraud charges and did some prison time. Time after time, when investigations got close to the Clintons, whether it was Travelgate, Filegate or Chinagate, Reno lived up to the Clintons' expectations by obstructing the investigation in some way. Most legal writers feel she acted criminally when she refused to appoint an independent counsel in the scandal concerning illegal campaign funds from Red China to Clinton and Gore - even though FBI Director Louis Freeh and her own appointed investigator, Charles Labella,recommended she do so. Two House committees have demanded she turn over Labella's memo to them, and she refused their subpoenas to do so. She has been defying a body of Congress elected by the people. She has even ignored their subpoenas ordering her own testimony, flouting their legal duty of oversight. She was to be charged with contempt of Congress, but then House Speaker Newt Gingrich refused to let it come up for a vote…. Reno most certainly has refused a role in allowing a wiretap on the prime suspect in the case involving Chinese espionage at our nuclear weapons labs. As an appointed official, not an elected one, she feels that she is above the law, has obstructed investigations and has been witholding information from Congress. The nation has been under the subjugation of a criminal as chief law enforcement officer for seven years. She has helped render the legislative branch of government sterile and, in doing so, she has even angered some Democrats (imagine that). …."

Radio America's Blanquita Cullum 8/21/99 "…The President stonewalls us .... His underlings in the Administration stonewall us ... Janet Reno at the Justice Department stonewalls us ... This makes is very difficult to turn the wheels of justice in Congress ... ... Look first at the example of the State Department's Charles Parish ... According to Dan Burton (R-Ind.), the FBI's task force has evidently closed the file on Parish, a senior official at the U.S. consulate in Beijing who allegedly accepted sexual favors and shopping bags full of cash in exchange for providing visas to Chinese nationals ... The FBI said it had found nothing that was prosecutable ... Burton surmised that the reason Parish took the Fifth Amendment before the House Government Reform Committee was because he apparently thought there were some things that he could be prosecuted for ... Burton said he has information that the Justice and State departments did not have, and the question is, why didn't they have it? ... If the Government Reform Committee is able to get it with limited staff, why, with all the staff they have over there, didn't they get the job done? ... It's because they didn't want to pursue it as diligently ... Burton said he's concerned that Johnny Chung said he paid Parish money for visas ... This is the same Johnny Chung who was free to give campaign contributions to and meet with the President ... And if Johnny Chung was using Parish to get visas for people who may have been giving illegal campaign contributions, they may have been involved in other things as well ... ...And so the Clinton Administration may not want us to have access to the records of people who did get visas because it might lead us into its behind-the-scene operations ... "

Radio America's Blanquita Cullum 8/21/99 "…... Burton has provided very powerful testimony ... Some of the most powerful statements that have been made about this whole issue ... And Janet Reno ... How do you get past her? ... She's acting like a shill for the President ... They've basically said at the Justice Department that they don't have to respond to the Government Reform Committee ... They block the committee wherever they can by saying it's under investigation or it's grand jury material ... But Government Reform keeps sending the subpoenas, looking for an opportunity to get the information ... Of course, Reno is preventing the committee from getting it ... ... While investigating Parish on the visa-peddling scandal, Government Reform interviewed a man in New York before the Justice Department got to him ... He admitted he was a conduit for illegal contributions ... He called back a couple of days later and said somebody from the Justice Department had been there and said he did not have to cooperate with Congress ... Here's a guy the committee has already talked to being told he does not have to cooperate with Congress on illegal campaign contributions ... ... This is horrible ... It's obstruction of justice ... It's a violation of the law ... The President stonewalls us .... His administration stonewalls us ... Janet Reno stonewalls us ... It's very difficult ... Who's going to prosecute Janet Reno? ...


Radio America's Blanquita Cullum 8/21/99 "…...Burton described the obstacles he has faced in his attempts to subpoena records from the Justice Department ... A U.S. Attorney in California was requesting information regarding the campaign finance scandal and was told by the Justice Department that he should withdraw the subpoena because the information was being turned over to the task force investigating campaign finance ... But nothing was ever done ... The U.S. Attorney was really chagrined, because he felt there were some incredible offenses, and that the information would have been very helpful ... .. He was stopped cold by Janet Reno ...... According to Burton, this is how they work it ... Reno will say that anybody being investigated is covered by a broader legal interpretation relating to grand jury investigations ... She'll say that because it's under investigation by the Justice Department, they can't tell us anything about it ... A total of 121 people subpoenaed by Government Reform have taken the Fifth Amendment or fled the country ... Many of these people have been investigated by Justice, and they keep the investigation open so Government Reform can not get to them ... This is how Burton is getting stalled by the White House and Justice Department ... ... What's really bad, Burton noted, is that the American People don't know this, and we're seeing justice in this country turned on his head, all to serve the personal interests of this Administration ... He believes the Attorney General is deliberately keeping us from getting information and thus is obstructing the Congress of the U.S. and obstructing justice, in order to protect this Administration ... "

Radio America's Blanquita Cullum 8/21/99 "…... Reno would not allow Lee's computer or phone to be tapped ... Burton said the FBI asked three times that Lee's computer and phones be tapped ... This is the first time we know of in history where alleged espionage has taken place and secrets stolen that we have not been allowed to wiretap. They said there was not enough probable cause ... ... That's just incomprehensible ... ... Reno called the FBI back, even though they had evidence that documents were being shredded, and for about two or three months they were forced to wait ... And, of course after all the documents were shredded, there wasn't much left ... ... It seems very dangerous that television would take Wen Ho Lee's story before he testified before the U.S. Congress ... Burton said Lee's lawyer probably would make it appear to the television producers that he hadn't done anything wrong ... But the fact is the President heard about this espionage back in late 1996 or early 1997 and wouldn't allow a wiretap on Lee's phone or computer ... He wouldn't allow those warrants to be served ... "


Newsweek 8/22/99 Newsire "…Internal Security chief John Dion has urged his superiors at the Justice Department not to proceed with a case of mishandling information against Wen Ho Lee, the Los Alamos scientist suspected of leaking nuclear secrets to China, sources tell Newsweek in the current issue. Lee was fired from his job but investigators have already conceded that they don't have the evidence to convict Lee as a spy. Agents instead are focusing on Lee's admission that he transferred nuclear codes onto his unsecured office computer. Insiders say that even if they decide against indicting Lee, prosecutors may never admit they went too far in publicly fingering him, reports Washington Correspondent Daniel Klaidman in the August 30 issue (on newsstands Monday, August 23)…."

New York Times 3/25/93 "… Janet Reno, who is pledged to restore confidence in the Department of Justice and place it above politics, has taken an odd first step in the wrong direction. One of her first moves as Attorney General was to demand the prompt resignations of all incumbent United States Attorneys . Nobody questions her right to dismiss every Bush Administration holdover. But her emphasis on sweeping out the incumbents puts a premium on political control before she has established her own independence of White House politics, or even fielded her own top management. This clumsy beginning suggests that Ms. Reno does not understand her main task: to restore the integrity and fairness of the Justice Department and assure the electorate that the new Administration will keep it free of political taint….. When Ms. Reno says that dismissing all the U.S. Attorneys was a `joint decision' with the White House, she hardly reassures voters that she will be free of White House political manipulation. She needs to make it clear that she, not Mr. Hubbell, is running the department. ….. This is a late, false start when the electorate wants some evidence of what Janet Reno meant when she said proudly at her confirmation hearing, `I keep politics out of what I do, Senator.' …"

Washington Times 9/7/99 Mark Levin "….Virtually every federal department has been corrupted under President Bill Clinton. The Commerce Department was used to sell seats on foreign trade missions in exchange for campaign cash. The Interior Department cannot account for billions of dollars in Indian trust monies, and top appointees were using their positions to conduct opposition research and smear members of Congress. The Energy Department became the plaything of the Red Chinese, who looted our nation's nuclear secrets at will. The Environmental Protection Agency planted false evidence in a federal lawsuit for which two employees have now been indicted. The Treasury Department has set up a community-banking program that benefits longtime Clinton friends. Even the White House was used as a presidential fund-raising casino. But nowhere is the corruption more acute than at the Justice Department. The writing was on the wall in the first days of the Clinton administration. In an unprecedented move, the new attorney general, Janet Reno, ordered the firing of all 93 United States attorneys. She dragged her feet in seeking the appointment of an independent counsel to investigate the Whitewater scandal, only doing so after the president, remarkably, requested the appointment. Throughout the Paula Jones sexual assault litigation, Miss Reno directed Justice Department attorneys to file briefs on behalf of the United States government in defense of Mr. Clinton's indefensible and unconstitutional immunity claims, which the U.S. Supreme Court rejected unanimously….."

Washington Times 9/7/99 Mark Levin "….For the past five years, Miss Reno has attempted to undermine Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's investigation by siding with Mr. Clinton on specious privilege assertions…. And based on false allegations of payoffs to a key Whitewater witness, leveled by Clinton cronies such as former Arkansas Senator David Pryor (who heads the Clinton legal defense fund) and writers for the Internet magazine Salon (which is funded largely by Clinton campaign contributors), Miss Reno ordered an investigation of Mr. Starr's office and several of the president's critics. Of course, no wrongdoing was found. Moreover, Miss Reno has impeded all serious attempts to investigate the Clinton-Gore campaign finance scandal. She rejected the recommendation of FBI Director Louis Freeh, and her former chief of the Campaign Finance Task Force, Charles LaBella, to seek the appointment of an independent counsel to investigate the matter….."

Washington Times 9/7/99 Mark Levin "….Miss Reno's tortured reading of the since-expired Independent Counsel Act prevented an investigation of Vice President Al Gore's illegal fund-raising from his White House office. She has obstructed repeatedly Congress's constitutional oversight authority with a songbook that includes such greatest hits as: I'm damned if I do, I'm damned if I don't; I won't talk about matters currently under investigation; I'll follow the facts and law wherever they lead. She holds Congress in contempt and is dismissive of its responsibilities. No one has done more to politicize the justice system in this country and to protect a corrupt president and a lawless administration than Janet Reno. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that Miss Reno's actions in the ongoing Waco scandal are wholly consistent with her past performance….."

Washington Times 9/7/99 Mark Levin "….In spite of long-standing allegations that the government concealed the true nature of its operations against the Branch Davidians, resulting in the deaths of more than 80 people, Miss Reno sat on her hands and did nothing. Not until the Texas Rangers and private litigants uncovered evidence of military gas canisters --the use of which Miss Reno denied in testimony before Congress -- did she acknowledge their use. And not until Mr. Freeh and members of Congress from both parties called for an independent investigation did she consent. When Miss Reno ordered last week the U.S. Marshals to confiscate a videotape of the Waco assault from the FBI, this was nothing more than a typical Clintonoid stunt. She hopes to shift responsibility for this debacle from herself to her subordinate, Mr. Freeh. And she is joined in that effort by many congressional Democrats and other Clinton spin troopers who appreciate her key role in preserving this presidency. However, Miss Reno was the general in charge of the Waco operation. She had the power to order the assault or to prevent it. She had the power to order and ensure a thorough and timely investigation six years ago…."

Human Events 9/3/99 Scott Park "…Conversations captured by FBI wiretaps suggest that forces in the Peoples' Republic of China may have attempted to direct a witness in the Justice Department's campaign finance investigation to mislead federal investigators. Transcripts of FBI wiretaps of communications between Robert Luu and Democratic fundraiser Johnny Chung raise new questions about Atty. Gen. Janet Reno's much-criticized decision not to call for an independent counsel to be named to investigate foreign influence in the 1996 presidential election. This case may also cause House Republicans to resurrect the contempt of Congress citation against Reno that the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee approved last year, but which then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R.-Ga.) never brought up for a vote on the House floor. The committee approved the citation when Reno flatly refused to comply with a subpoena demanding that she turn over to Congress a memo, written by then-campaign finance investigation tastk force director Charles LaBella, that detailed the reasons both LaBella and FBI Director Louis Freeh believed that the law required Reno to call for an independent counsel to investigate President Clinton and Vice President Gore. "There's no doubt why they didn't go forward with the investigation," Rep. Curt Weldon (R.-Pa.) told HUMAN EVENTS. "Janet Reno know it would be devestating to Clinton and she's covering for him. "She knew this could be the silver bullet," said Weldon, who was a member of the Cox committee that investigated Chinese espionage at U.S. nuclear weapons facilities. "They backed down last time, but I've spoken with Burton and the leadership, and before the end of this Congress, there will be a strong effort to release the contempt citation for a vote." …."

Human Events 9/3/99 Scott Park "…In an FBI interrogation, according to the transcript, Luu claims that he was simply fabricating the whole thing. "When Mr. Clinton came back from China," said an FBI agent, "all of a sudden you're telling Mr. Chung...Don't hold back...just protect her and the two companies, you can tell about everybody else because they're all Taizidang [princelings], blame it on them." "It's all make up story by me," said Luu. In one transcript, Luu told Chung he was leery of meeting in a hotel, and suggested they rendevouz at the Los Angeles Athletic Club-a place, he said, "even the CIA can't get in." Luu also told Chung he would get help with his finances, and that Chung should open an account with a bank in Asia, where the records would be beyond the reach of the FBI. "It would be best if it was a Bank of China account," Luu said. "But it wouldn't be good to use the one over here. It would be best to use the one in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia or Singapore." "They want to push me," Chung told Luu of the FBI's quest for information from him. "What is fact and fiction, is not the concern of anyone," said Luu. "How many people are murdered in the world is also not important. What's important is how the game is played. No matter how much pressure was put on him, Clinton still had to go to China." Luu used President Clinton to illustrate how investigators can be frustrated by suspects who doggedly stick to their stories, however improbable….."

Human Events 9/3/99 Scott Park "… In the transcripts, the FBI discusses with Luu three Chinese who allegedly tried to enter the United States on the false pretext of doing business with Home Depot but who were actually coming to "help" Chung. "You told us intitially," said one FBI agent, "that you never told Johnny that there was anybody coming over to help him...Yet, you tell Johnny that there's three people coming over, under some Home Depot theory, that are here to help him but they got intercepted. Okay, so we go over there [Los Angeles International Airport] and three people...come into the United States that prior weekend with fictitious Home Depot letters. And they were sent back."

Human Events 9/3/99 Scott Park "…Weldon said that what people don't yet know about Chinese activities is far worse than what has already become public. "As a member of the Cox Committee," he said, "I was briefed by the CIA and FBI. Louis Freeh said only 1% of the material in the LaBella memo to Janet Reno has been made public, and I really believe that. Only a small part has gotten out." "I told Reno, if the administration has nothing to hide, release the memo and dispel all the accusations, but, of course, she won't do it," Weldon said. "The American people need to know why LaBella was so emphatic."


The Washington Times 9/3/99 Bill Gertz Rowan Scarborough "… Puerto Rican opposition to a live-ammo bombing range on Vieques Island has escalated beyond vocal protests. People are encroaching on the U.S. Navy training site and stealing unexploded ordnance, and the Clinton Justice Department will not prosecute them. The bombing range is a hot political issue in the U.S. territory. The White House ordered the Pentagon to examine whether to close the Vieques site despite Navy arguments that it is essential for training pilots before they deploy on aircraft carriers. The White House order has raised suspicions President Clinton's motive is to help Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign for a soon to be vacant U.S. Senate seat from New York. New York City has this country's largest concentration of Puerto Ricans - about 900,000. …."

Tampa Tribune 9/7/99 "…Until President Clinton announced that his administration would sue the tobacco companies to recover the costs that smoking supposedly imposes on Medicare and related programs, Attorney General Janet Reno and others in the Justice Department consistently insisted that the federal government did not have the authority to file such a lawsuit. Neither she nor any number of federal prosecutors working for her would do anything to help the states that sued to recover the costs of Medicaid payments made by them on behalf of sick smokers. Nevertheless, the department and Clinton thought the federal government would share in the spoils when the tobacco companies, neutered by state laws crafted to eliminate their legitimate defenses, agreed to a $260 billion settlement. When the states refused to share, Clinton abruptly reversed course and decided the federal government would sue on its own…..Reno's problem is that she has no statute to point to that authorizes the lawsuit, so she must devise a theory to justify the government's move. We suspect that's why the department wants the $20 million appropriation, and we agree with Gaziano that lawmakers should refuse to pay unless Reno can explain the department's change of heart. If Congress appropriates the money, the department is likely to take the position that an appropriation amounts to an authorization to sue, which may or may not be persuasive to a judge. For example, this newspaper topped a July story with the headline ``Justice Department gets clearance to pursue tobacco industry lawsuit'' after the Senate took a neutral position on the appropriation….."

CBN News 9/9/99 Dale Hurd "…. Hurd: HMA was investigated in 1981, ’82, ’83, and ’86. In 1982 the Food and Drug Administration cited HMA for overbleeding inmates, bad record-keeping, and allowing medically unqualified inmates to bleed. It shut down the bleeding center at Cummins prison after plasma infected with hepatitis B was shipped to Canada and given to hemophiliacs. It was shut down again in 1986. But that wasn’t the end of the bleeding program, thanks to the intervention of the Arkansas Governor. And more tainted prison plasma from Arkansas was distributed in Canada, the U.S., and other nations. Some believe Bill Clinton organized a payoff scheme to keep a plasma operation in business that will cause the deaths of an estimated 1000 Canadians. It’s part of a larger public health catastrophe in which 42,000 Canadians are believed to be infected with hepatitis C, and thousands more with HIV, thanks to poorly-screened plasma in Canada. The White House dismisses allegations that then-Governor Clinton knew about the tainted blood. Yet there’s one indication that someone in the White House did. In January Linda Tripp was giving her sworn deposition about FBI files in the White House, when she was asked about encrypted files on the computer of Deborah Gorham, secretary of the late-Deputy White House Counsel, Vincent Foster. In her answer she mentioned something that she obviously thought was strange.

Linda Tripp: The word ‘encrypted’ if I used it at all, did not have to do with FBI files. It had to do with another issue, on Deb Gorham’s machine, when it was located in the West Wing, prior to its being moved. And, what I had told Ruthann Goldberg at the time was, that it had been alarming to me that when I tried to enter data from a caller that I was working with, a tainted blood issue, that every time I entered a word that had to do with this particular issue, it would flash up either the word ‘encrypted’ or password required, or something to indicate the file was locked. [note: see p. 662 of Tripp’s deposition to Judicial Watch, January 13, 1999. Available at Judicial Watch web site.

Hurd: It could mean White House officials were tracking the tainted blood scandal, because they knew it could seriously damage Bill Clinton. It is what some call the Blood Trail. The blood trail leads from Arkansas all the way to Canada, where a story most Americans have never heard of has dominated the front pages. Because here it involves billions of dollars in lawsuits and political fortunes as well. The scandal threatens to ruin the political career of the man dubbed as the next Prime Minister of Canada – liberal Finance Minister Paul Martin.

Paul Martin served on the board of directors for a company that helped to distribute the prison plasma. His problems only worsened when it was alleged the Canadian government shredded documents and erased tapes to hide his role.

Canada’s Krever Commission has documented the Arkansas blood connection, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have launched a massive investigation in Canada and the U.S., into what caused a national health catastrophe. But in Washington it’s a different story. The Justice department, which did not return our calls, is not believed to have shown any interest in the Arkansas prison plasma scandal.

The man who blew the whistle on the blood program is Michael Galster. Galster worked at Cummins prison, and discovered that sick inmates were giving blood without being tested.

Interviewer: At your February press conference you called on the Justice Department to look into this, did you not?

Galster: Certainly.

Interviewer: Have you heard from them?

Galster: Absolutely not. We’ve been totally ignored. …."

Washington Times 9/13/99 Editorial "…In an unrelated, though not dissimilar, case, it was also revealed last week that Miss Reno's Justice Department failed to respond to numerous requests from staffers at the White House National Security Council (NSC), who began in March seeking confirmation and additional information about Justice's then-six-month-long investigation into Russian money-laundering. According to the administration, Miss Reno did not find it necessary to brief the White House about her department's Russian investigation until it was reported in the newspapers….."

Washington Times 9/13/99 Editorial "…"Nor was this the first time Miss Reno admitted that her department failed to inform the White House about important foreign-policy issues. In March 1997, Miss Reno said she telephoned then-NSC Adviser Anthony Lake the previous May to inform him of allegations that China was illegally involving itself in U.S. elections. Unable to reach Mr. Lake by phone, Miss Reno directed the FBI to brief NSC staffers, assuming the appropriate White House senior officials would be informed. As it happened, the NSC officials briefed by the FBI failed to relay the information to senior White House officials, who later had the audacity to assert, against all common sense, that the FBI instructed the NSC not to pass along the information. The FBI publicly disavowed the White House's absurd explanation. At the time Miss Reno said, "I'm just troubled whenever there appears to be a misunderstanding, and that's why I want to review it and make sure we have clear communications line." Evidently such a review failed to establish procedures that would permit the Justice Department to respond to urgent NSC information requests about Russian money-laundering during a period when billions of U.S. tax dollars were being poured down a Russian rat hole….."

Washington Times 9/13/99 Editorial "…Miss Reno's failure to respond to the NSC's recent requests appears all the more inexplicable, particularly given her professed belief, expressed in the wake of Justice's fiasco over the China's intervention in U.S. elections, that "the National Security Council should be determining what the president should know and not know, or needs to know." Good idea, but how can the NSC perform its duties when Miss Reno's department refuses to respond to urgent NSC questions? If Miss Reno failed to brief the White House until the Russian money-laundering allegations appeared in the newspaper, it wasn't the first time the morning papers caused her to act. After absolving Vice President Al Gore of any impropriety because, she reasoned, his White House fund-raising telephone calls solicited only soft money, Miss Reno was -- or should have been -- humiliated to learn from the morning papers that Mr. Gore had in fact raised hundreds of thousands of dollars of hard money from his White House telephone calls, a fact that was clearly outlined in files possessed by the Justice Department. As it turned out, Mr. Gore's solicitation of hard money made no difference to Miss Reno, who predictably changed her rationale and subsequently absolved Mr. Gore again…."

Washington Times 9/13/99 Editorial "…She not only ignored FBI Director Louis Freeh's recommendation that an outside counsel be appointed. She also ignored the same recommendation from Charles LaBella, whom she personally selected to head Justice's investigation after an utterly unqualified woman Miss Reno initially appointed had conveniently turned Justice's probe into a chaotic mess. And let's not forget that it was Janet Reno's political hacks in the Justice Department who refused repeated FBI requests to seek court authority to electronically monitor Wen Ho Lee, a national-weapons laboratory scientist suspected of spying for China. When Mr. Lee's computers were finally searched, he was fired for having transferred some of the nation's most sensitive nuclear secrets from Los Alamos's secure computer system to an unsecure computer system that had repeatedly been subjected to intrusions by foreign nations, including China. Time and again Miss Reno has demonstrated that she cannot perform the duties of the Attorney General without completely politicizing them. Her incompetence is staggering to behold. Her and her agents' increasingly implausible explanations for her department's repeated fiascos long ago destroyed her credibility. That she has not yet resigned amid the disgrace that overwhelms her suggests that she is now entirely devoid of any ethical impulse. Just the sort of Attorney General Bill Clinton and Al Gore want -- and need. …."


New York Post 9/9/99 Steve Dunleavy "…I AM dramatically drawn to the conclusion that the U.S. attorney general, Janet Reno, has a huge and very secure safe. And inside that safe are mountains of photographs of Bill Clinton in a giant bed with 20 or 30 girls, smoking but not inhaling cigars. How else could Janet Reno cling so successfully to the job as top cop of the country? On her performance as attorney general, she would be hard pressed to get hired as the security guard at an ice-making factory in Alaska. "I have given up trying to understand what the Justice Department and Janet Reno use as investigative standards," Washington lawyer Joseph diGenova says.

DiGenova was a U.S. attorney from 1983 to 1988 and independent counsel from 1992 to 1995…… The Times reported that the Clinton administration learned of a federal probe into Russian money-laundering five months earlier than it had previously acknowledged. The Times is so polite. In other words, the administration told a stone-cold bloody lie. This investigation alleges that $5 billion to $10 billion of aid was channeled by Russian crooks and laundered in a U.S. bank. "I just fail to know or try to know what Reno's department did about this when it was in their department and why the alarms didn't go off after they knew about it so long ago," diGenova said. "There has been a very strange relationship by the supposedly independent Justice Department and the administration…… diGenova: "When the CIA sent Gore's office the first report on the alleged money-laundering operation, the response was pretty quick. "The file came back with a very derisive comment on it and was ignored. Where was the Justice Department? Where was Janet Reno? There is a real crisis of confidence here." The Russian money-laundering scandal, which Reno apparently thought was a chewing-gum theft at a candy store, is just the latest in many examples of an ostrich sand-bound. "When you look at Waco, you see something very symptomatic of Reno and her department," said diGenova. "It IS an absolute inability to get to the truth or wanting to get to the truth."

Well, of course, Joe, it all depends on what "is" is…."

FOIA Update Spring, 1997 "….Attorney General Reiterates FOIA Policy As a follow-up to the statements of FOIA policy that were issued by President Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno in October 1993, the Attorney General has reiterated the importance of the Administration's FOIA policy to all federal agencies. In early May, Attorney General Reno sent a memorandum to the heads of all federal departments and agencies that reminded them of the fundamental principles of openness in government and of "the Administration's policy of striving for the maximum responsible disclosure of information under the FOIA." She called upon all federal agencies to "place a sustained priority on [their] FOIA administration responsibilities," both through continued adherence to these principles and through needed attention to agency backlogs of pending FOIA requests. Attorney General Reno's memorandum to all agencies stated in part: . . . "I urge you to be sure to continue our strong commitment to the openness-in-government principles that President Clinton and I established on October 4, 1993. These principles include applying customer-service attitudes toward FOIA requesters, following the spirit as well as the letter of the Act, and applying a presumption of disclosure in FOIA decision making. Most significant is that an agency should make a discretionary disclosure of exempt information whenever it is possible to do so without foreseeable harm to any interest that is protected by a FOIA exemption; an agency should withhold information under the FOIA only when it is necessary to do so. . . . These principles remain vital to the continued success of our FOIA policy."…."

Wall Street Journal. 9/10/99 "….Michigan Rep. Pete Hoekstra, chairman of a House Oversight and Investigations subcommittee, speaking yesterday on the Teamsters campaign scandal: "The entire Teamsters investigation has fallen into a black hole. Nothing has happened. We had meetings with Justice about the Teamsters probe and the involvement of Richard Trumka, the treasurer of the AFL-CIO, Terry McAuliffe and other players. The compelling argument by both the Democrats on the committee and the Justice Department was you can't go there because it would jeopardize an ongoing investigation. What we find now is that none of these probes were aggressive in any area whether it be Teamsters, campaign fund-raising scandals, Waco or China. Those were never followed up on.

Every time we wanted to bring in some of these witnesses we heard, 'We can't talk about this,' but don't call these witnesses because you will jeopardize an ongoing investigation. With the Reno Justice Department we would behave very differently in the future if they said there was an ongoing investigation, because there probably isn't one. But that was a painful lesson for us to learn. When the good guys are the bad guys it makes it tough to find the truth." …." 9/10/99 Julia Campbell "…Attorney General Janet Reno experienced some political déjà vu this week when two GOP senators called for her resignation after she admitted the FBI had used incendiary devices in the Waco siege. The calls for her job — from Trent Lott, R-Miss., and Phil Gramm, R-Texas — are just the latest in a long line for the woman who has, despite several controversies, become the second-longest serving attorney general in U.S. history. In the spring of 1997, during the battle over Democratic fundraising activities, several key Republicans called for Reno to be investigated, impeached or to resign when she decided against ordering an independent counsel. Included in that group were then-House leader Newt Gingrich and Sen. Thad Cochran, R-Miss. Then there was China's espionage scandal in May 1999, when Reno came under fire from both political parties for the way the Justice Department and FBI handled the crisis, as well as her refusal to allow electronic surveillance of Wen Ho Lee, a scientist at the Los Alamos nuclear laboratory in New Mexico. In that case, it was Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., who called for her resignation.

Reno has been asked to step down at least a half-dozen times in her six-year tenure, making her one of the most embattled attorney generals in U.S. history. She has even been called names — like "General Stonewall Reno," courtesy of Trent Lott. …." 9/9/99 L Brent Bozell III "….With the Waco fiasco back in the headlines, one of two conclusions concerning this Attorney General of ours is inescapable. Either Janet Reno is the most corrupt A.G. in memory, or the most incompetent. It also says something about the political press that has slobbered all over Ms. Reno for years, most notably over her handling of the Waco disaster back in ‘93. Let's take a trip down Memory Lane, when Reno took responsibility for the disaster, even though her department's supposed number-three man, Webster Hubbell, was more involved than she was. Far from burying Reno in charges of incompetence, reporters fell in love with her. On May 7, 1993, CNN's Charles Bierbauer made "Inside Politics" sound more like "Entertainment Tonight" with this wet kiss: "One top White House official says Reno's become a rock star celebrity inside the administration...There are certainly other potential stars: Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala, Henry Cisneros at HUD, Robert Reich at Labor. But Bernie, when I posed the question ‘Who's the star?', every single person I asked said Janet Reno first." The May 10 issue of Time contained an entire cover story lauding Reno by former Washington Bureau Chief Stanley Cloud. "In that instant [of taking responsibility], Reno, who had already pretty much captivated Washington with one gutsy performance after another, achieved full-fledged folk-hero status," he wrote….. Cox Broadcasting reporter Gloria Moraga took the hype the furthest that July: "Janet Reno could be the next President of the United States," gushed this impartial journalist. "She's doing such a fabulous job and even people who came out and were ready to be very critical of her, extremely critical of her, just love her." Six years later, we now learn that federal agents covered up evidence that government forces lobbed flammable tear-gas canisters at the Branch Davidian complex. If Reno wasn't complicit in that action, she was -- and is -- at best an incompetent administrator of our nation's top law enforcement agency……"

Medium Rare Newsletter Jim Rarey 9/11/99 "….Shortly after Bill Clinton took office in 1993, an event unprecedented in the history of the United States took place. Newly appointed officials at the Justice Department "accepted the resignations" (fired) every U.S. Attorney in the country and appointed Clinton loyalists as replacements. Two of those replacements were, Eric Holder in the Washington, D.C. district and Edward L Dowd, Jr. in St. Louis. The actual ordering of the firing was issued by Webster Hubbell, longtime friend of the Clintons' and a partner of Hillary Clinton in the Rose law firm. Hubbell had been placed in the Justice Department by the Clintons' as "liaison" between Justice and the White House and, some say, was the de facto head of that department although Janet Reno was the Attorney General and the nominal head. Hubbell was in place during the Waco fiasco although he later had to resign when indicted for bilking unspecified clients of the Rose law firm out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent billings……"

Medium Rare Newsletter Jim Rarey 9/11/99 "….At the time, many (including this writer) suspected that the mass firing was a cover to obfuscate the fact that the U.S. Attorney in Little Rock was fired for cooperating with the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC). The RTC had been set up to clean up the Savings and Loan debacle and had issued a referral to the Justice Department for a criminal investigation of the handling of Jim McDougal’s Madison Guarantee Savings and Loan by members of the Rose law firm including partners Hubbell, Vince Foster and Hillary Clinton……The criminal referral was never acted on by Justice and neither Ken Starr nor his predecessor evinced much interest in the matter. The case evidently died along with the RTC investigator who fell to his death from the top of Vince Foster’s apartment building the same day he had scheduled an interview with Foster. His death was ruled a suicide. …."

Washington Times 9/12/99 Jerry Seper "...The former federal prosecutor named by Waco special counsel John C. Danforth as his chief deputy is himself under investigation by the Justice Department for suspected misuse of government funds during a referendum in Missouri...... The Dowd query was sought in March by Sen. Christopher S. Bond, Missouri Republican, who asked Attorney General Janet Reno to order Mr. Dowd to "cease and desist" in what he called a "systematic grass-roots lobbying campaign" to defeat a Missouri referendum in April that would have lifted a ban on the carrying of concealed weapons. "It is my understanding that current federal law prohibits the department from using its federal appropriations for 'publicity or propaganda' purposes not authorized by Congress," Mr. Bond said in the letter, which did not address the merits of the referendum. "I would hope that 'publicity or propaganda' would include efforts designed to influence pending legislation." The Hatch Act, among other things, prohibits political activity by federal employees on the job.....When questions were first raised in April about Mr. Dowd's involvement in the Proposition B campaign, he told the media it was "absolutely proper for me to comment on a matter relating to law enforcement and public safety." But in the March 10 letter, Mr. Dowd not only urged recipients to oppose the pending referendum, but suggested they begin grass-roots lobbying campaigns across the state. He announced the creation of a toll-free number through which callers could obtain anti-referendum materials for distribution. ...."

Senate Governmental Affairs Committee 9/21/99 Press Release "....Senate Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Fred Thompson (R-TN) today announced the witness list for the full Committee's oversight hearing on the Justice Department's handling of the Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie case on Wednesday, September 22, 1999 at 10:00am in 628 Dirksen Office Building. Witness Panel I Special Agent Roberta Parker, FBI Special Agent Kevin Sheridan, FBI Special Agent Daniel Wehr, FBI Mr. Ivian C. Smith, Former Special Agent In Charge, FBI Witness Panel II Ms. Laura Ingersoll, Department of Justice Mr. Lee Radek, Department of Justice During the 1996 presidential campaign, Charlie Trie contributed $220,000 to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and $789,000 to the Presidential Legal Expense Trust. Most of this money was not Trie's; much of it was from sources in Macau, Hong Kong and the People's Republic of China. In March 1997, at the start of its campaign finance investigation, the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee issued a subpoena to Charlie Trie for documents important to the Committee's investigation. In June, just before the Committee's hearings began, the FBI learned that Trie's assistant was destroying documents that agents believed should have been produced under that subpoena. DOJ attorneys, however, rejected the FBI's request to conduct a search of Trie's office for the purpose of stopping this destruction of evidence. The FBI was not permitted to conduct its requested search until October 23, 1997, by which point the Committee's hearings were about to end. "The Committee wants to know whether Justice officials stood by while Charlie Trie destroyed documents we subpoenaed," said Chairman Thompson. Throughout 1997, Attorney General Reno promised that her campaign finance investigation would "get to the bottom of the allegations" of campaign finance abuses. She stated publicly that she was "personally monitoring it closely and regularly." And she assured the American people "that the career professionals in the Department will investigate this matter in a fashion that will satisfy the American people that justice has been done." Wednesday's hearing will examine whether this was the case...."

Reuters 9/21/99 "....Senate Republicans, unhappy with Attorney General Janet Reno, proposed Tuesday a special task force to look into the Justice Department's handling of its Waco, campaign finance and China spying probes. The task force would have a broad mandate to look at the Justice Department's role in each of those investigations because they raise similar questions of credibility, Orrin Hatch, the Utah Republican who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, told reporters. "It certainly would be an investigation into whether or not the Justice Department is serving the American people as it should,'' Hatch said. "The attorney general seems to be asleep at the switch while the White House runs the Justice Department.'' The task force was proposed to Democrats at an afternoon meeting in Senate Republican Leader Trent Lott's office. Tom Daschle of South Dakota, the Senate Democratic leader, said later that he would meet Wednesday with Democrats on the Judiciary Committee to discuss the proposal.

Under it, a task force headed by Pennsylvania Republican Arlen Specter and including two other Republicans and two Democrats would look at the handling of the disastrous 1993 assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, Hatch said. It also would investigate a decision to offer plea bargain deals to several key figures in the 1996 Democratic fund-raising scandal and the Justice Department's handling of allegations of spying at the Los Alamos, New Mexico, nuclear laboratory...... The Judiciary Committee will conduct the probe if Democrats do not agree to create the task force, Hatch said. ....."

Fox News, AP 9/22/99 Larry Margasak "....In a rare public airing of friction between the FBI and its parent Justice Department, bureau agents testified Wednesday that prosecutors impeded their campaign fund-raising inquiry. The former lead prosecutor countered by criticizing the agents' work. The testimony before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee spotlighted the bitter internal disagreements in the investigation of donations to the 1996 Clinton-Gore re-election campaign. ...... Disputing Reno's oft-quoted assertions of a vigorous investigation, FBI agent Daniel Wehr told the committee that the initial lead attorney in the inquiry, Laura Ingersoll, told the agents they should "not pursue any matter related to solicitation of funds for access to the president. The reason given was, 'That's the way the American political process works.' I was scandalized by that.'' Wehr, agents Roberta Parker and Kevin Sheridan are still assigned to the investigation and worked on the case of presidential friend Yah Lin "Charlie'' Trie, a major Democratic donor who pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations. Besides the three agents, the committee heard from Ivian C. Smith, the retired agent who headed the Little Rock, Ark., FBI office. The four contended that Ms. Ingersoll - who eventually was replaced as lead attorney - prevented the FBI from executing search warrants to stop destruction of evidence and micromanaged the case beyond all reason...... Explaining her rejection of the search warrant request in the summer of 1997, Ms. Ingersoll said, "Nothing we saw indicated to us'' that there was "anything incriminating'' in the documents. She said the FBI's proposed search warrant affidavit lacked any description of how the records were relevant..... Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., chairman of the Senate committee and leader of its campaign finance inquiry in 1997, appeared upset by Ms. Ingersoll's answers. "We're not talking about trying to electrocute someone,'' Thompson said. "We're talking about getting ... to an independent magistrate. It does not have to be a smoking gun.'' FBI agent Parker, also an attorney, testified that Ms. Ingersoll told the agents the department "would not take into consideration'' evidence involving President Clinton's legal defense fund and obstruction of the Senate's investigation. Smith, the retired FBI supervisor, told the committee he was "quite astounded at the type of documents being destroyed.'' The committee released a memo by Smith, dated Aug. 4, 1997, to Freeh that bitterly complained about the prosecutors. He expressed "a lack of confidence'' in department attorneys, adding, "I am convinced the team at DOJ leading this investigation is, at best, simply not up to the task.'' "The impression left is the emphasis on how not to prosecute matters, not how to aggressively conduct investigations leading to prosecutions.'' ...... Agent Parker testified that there were 27 pages missing from her spiral notebook recounting the agents' disagreements with the prosecutors. She said she had turned over the notes to FBI superiors because Congress sought information about the disagreements, adding that the pages must have been ripped out...."

Judicial Watch 9/23/99 Joe Giganti "...During yesterday's hearing before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee ("The Thompson Committee"), FBI agents testified how Laura Ingersoll and the rest of Attorney General Reno's handpicked Chinagate investigative lawyers have obstructed and ruined their efforts to fully probe violations of the campaign finance laws and breaches of national security by the Clinton Administration. Reasonable people must ask why Republicans have just now, on the eve of the 2000 elections, taken a perceived interest in what Judicial Watch, Robert Novak, William Safire and others have known for years. Indeed, over one year ago, Judicial Watch, in its Interim Impeachment Report to Congress, revealed that FBI agents assigned to investigate the illegal sale of seats on trade missions were ready to quit because they had been blocked by the Clinton Justice Department from doing their job...."

Scripps Howard News Service 9/22/99 James Brosnan "....Ivian Smith, testifying before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, said he was so distressed that in August 1997 he wrote a memorandum to FBI Director Louis Freeh detailing the agents' complaints. A month later, Attorney General Janet Reno replaced the head of the campaign task force, career Justice prosecutor Laura Ingersoll, with Charles LaBella....."

Fox News Wire 9/22/99 Reuters "....Four FBI agents said Wednesday the Justice Department impeded their investigation of campaign fund-raising violations and blocked efforts to search the office of a key suspect, allowing him to destroy crucial documents. ...."There was extensive control of this investigation by the Department of Justice,'' FBI Special Agent Roberta Parker told the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee. "I've been in the field 18 years, I've never seen that in any other situation.''..... "Time and again we saw things that indicated to us there was not a very aggressive criminal investigation going on here,'' Thompson said of his 1997 probe. "We're talking about a pattern here, a pattern of in some cases incompetency and in some cases inexplicable decision-making,'' he added. "But no one can exclude the possibility of corruption.'' The agents testified they were delayed for four months in their effort to search the Little Rock, Arkansas, office and residence of President Clinton's friend Yah Lin "Charlie'' Trie because lead prosecutor Laura Ingersoll rejected their requests for search warrants. The rejections occurred even though agents were routinely turning up evidence in the trash of Trie's business manager that she was destroying documents that had been subpoenaed by the department's campaign finance task force and the Senate committee, they testified...... Parker said 27 pages of her notes on the events surrounding the search warrant requests were missing after she gave them to her superiors at the FBI in response to congressional requests. The FBI is investigating the disappearance of the notes...."

New York Post 9/23/99 Marilyn Rauber "....The Justice Department refused to probe allegations that President Clinton did favors for fat cats and barred the FBI from searching his pal Charlie Trie's house, FBI agents testified yesterday. The bitter split between the department and the FBI burst wide open at a Senate hearing, where one FBI agent said 27 pages of her journal - all detailing the Trie dispute - vanished after she turned it over to Justice's funny-money task force. Four FBI agents helping probe 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign financial hanky-panky, claimed Justice stymied the FBI - and did nothing when they warned records tied to Clinton's legal defense fund and documents subpoenaed by a Senate panel were being destroyed....... "

SUSAN ROTH ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE 9/23/99 "...In the latest evidence of friction between the two federal law-enforcement agencies, Little Rock Special Agent Daniel Wehr said the chief of the Justice epartment's campaign-finance task force told him, "we would not pursue an investigation of any matter related to the solicitation or payment of funds for access to the president." "The reason I was told was, that's the way the American political process works," Wehr told members of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee. "I was scandalized by that."...... In the Trie case, Wehr and two other agents said a Justice Department prosecutor initially refused to allow a search of the Little Rock homes of Trie and his assistant, Maria Mapili, in the wake of evidence that the pair were destroying documents relevant to investigations by a federal grand jury, the Senate and the House.....He was facing more campaign fund-raising accusations in Washington, but prosecutors agreed to drop those charges in exchange for Trie's plea and cooperation in the grand jury's investigation. He pleaded guilty to a felony charge of causing a false statement to be made to the Federal Election Commission and a misdemeanor count of making campaign contributions in the name of another...... Parker said she flew to Little Rock on July 2 to help with the searches, believing that they had been approved by the Justice Department. But when Parker arrived in Arkansas, she learned that Laura Ingersoll, the chief of the department's campaign-finance task force, would not allow the searches.

Ingersoll said there was no probable cause to conduct them, and the FBI was not allowed to take any steps in the investigation without her approval. Later in July, after FBI agents found more evidence of destroyed documents in Trie's trash, Parker said, "I continued to believe we had probable cause and evidence of obstruction of the Senate subpoena for documents. But she [Ingersoll] said we were not going to do that. I don't know the reason why."......Parker said she submitted three spiral-bound notebooks to the department, fulfilling a request in connection with the investigation. She recently received most of the 600 pages back, but the section from June 24, 1997, to July 17, 1997, was missing. "That is beyond comprehension," Thompson declared. "The Justice Department is forever tainted in the eyes of the public and historians. This could have all been avoided if they had done an aggressive investigation or if the attorney general had appointed an independent counsel."...."

Washington Times 9/23/99 Jerry Seper "....FBI agents assigned to the campaign-finance task force told a Senate committee yesterday Justice Department officials blocked their efforts to pursue key investigative targets -- including information that Charles Yah Lin Trie was bringing in "duffel bags full of cash" to the Democratic Party. The agents, during nearly four hours of testimony before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, described Justice Department lawyers assigned to oversee the probe as nonaggressive prosecutors who sought to impede or delay the investigation with "ludicrous" restrictions. ..... "I am well aware of such matters as 'prosecutive discretion,' but I am convinced the team at [the Justice Department] leading this investigation is, at best, simply not up to the task," wrote Ivian C. Smith in the Aug. 4, 1997, missive. ...."

AP 9/21/99 Laurie Kellman "....A former antagonist to Attorney General Janet Reno is being considered to head a Senate probe of the 1993 Waco standoff and, perhaps, the Justice Department's handling of controversies such as alleged Chinese nuclear espionage and Democratic fund-raising abuses...... Danforth and congressional Republicans want to interview survivors, relatives and lawyers involved in a wrongful-death lawsuit against the government as a result of the 1993 FBI assault on the Davidians' compound....Republicans and Democrats on Tuesday held the first formal talks about the size and the scope of their Waco investigation. But the discussions were overshadowed by the Danforth complaint and word that Specter may hire Charles LaBella to head the investigation. LaBella left the Justice Department earlier this year over Reno's refusal to seek an independent counsel for 1996 campaign fund raising. In a private meeting, senior GOP leaders proposed that Specter chair a five-member task force that would probe ``whether or not the Justice Department is serving the American people'' in its handling of several matters, such as 1996 fund raising, Waco and the alleged theft of U.S. nuclear secrets by China, according to Hatch. Specter's consideration of LaBella was not discussed, according to those present. But Specter told Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, that he was thinking of hiring the former Reno aide, Grassley said in an interview...... "

The Dave Bossie Investigative Report 9/99 "...I have in my possession at my Capitol Hill office, an absolutely amazing and strictly confidential document. It is just a simple list of names. But these names are of individuals and organizations involved in illegal campaign contributions to Bill Clinton and the Democrat National Committee (DNC). Most of these names have been seen before, however this simple list of names comes directly from the Department of Justice (DOJ) Criminal Task Force. This confidential memo, dated Jun 4, 1999, was mistakenly faxed out of the Justice Department and Clinton crony, Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, has been frantically calling around to collect all of the copies. Obviously, he has not been successful. This type of information is not suppposed to be released to the public or even to congressional investigators. This vitally important confidential memo contains the names of all of the DOJ Task Forces' ongoing and close investigations. And there are some startling revelations that come from reading it because it clearly illustrates what my former boss, Chairman Dan Burton, and I have been saying for years. The Department of Justice and Janet Reno are stonewalling Congressional investigators by keeping cases which are harmful to Clinton open and out of the reach of Congress, and bogus partisan investigations against Republicans open to use as political leverage....."

The Dave Bossie Investigative Report 9/99 "...First, under the heading "Pending Inactive Investigations" is Liu Chaoying, the daughter of the powerful Chinese General Ji, the former head of Chinese Intelligence. Ms. Liu is a high level aerospace official, who was in charge of China's missile technology and responsible for bringing Johnny Chung into the intelligence circles in China. Ms. Liu funneled $300,000 from the Communist Chinese government to Johnny Chung for the purpose of infiltrating the Clinton Administration and receiving favors in return. This is cause for investigation. What is going on at the Department of Justice? How could this case be inactive? ...."

The Dave Bossie Investigative Report 9/99 "...Secondly, Loral aerospace is also on the list of "Pending Inactive Investigations." This company is lead by Bernie Schwartz, the single largest contributor to the DNC and the campaign to re-elect Clinton in 1996. His company allegedly passed classified information about our missile program to the Communist Chinese government. This is fairly new information and should require an extensive investigation--instead, it seems to have been closed down quickly. President Clinton also signed an executive order to allow Loral to pass information to the Chinese military, seemingly releasing them from legal problems. This case should be very interesting to federal law enforcement on several levels...."

The Dave Bossie Investigative Report 9/99 "...Thirdly, Dan Burton is on the list of "Investigations Not Yet Closed but Likely To Be Shortly." This political witch-hunt began on the first day Burton became Chairman of the Committee on Government Reform and Oversight. It began when a liberal Carter White House staffer and former Executive Director of the DNC, claimed Burton tried to shake him down for a campaign contribution from his Capital Hill office. Like me, Dan believes this investigation has been held over his head as political and legal leverage. It has not worked...."

The Dave Bossie Investigative Report 9/99 "...Other interesting names on this document include former Clinton White House staffer Mark Middleton, who is now back on the "Ongoing Investigations" list, because next to his name it says: "reinvigorated in light of Trie debriefing."..... Also on the list is Ernie Green, a longtime Clinton crony and a recipient of a Congressional criminal referral from my former Committee. Let's hope these politicized investigations will gain the attention and respect they deserve from federal law enforcement...."

Washington Post 9/27/99 David Vise Lorraine Adams "….Last Tuesday, a draft letter from FBI Director Louis J. Freeh undercut the Justice Department at a House hearing on Puerto Rican clemency. On Wednesday, a team of FBI agents told a Senate committee that Justice Department attorneys had stymied their campaign finance investigation. On Thursday, at her weekly briefing, Attorney General Janet Reno fielded questions that kept returning to the same unpleasant theme – the unusually hostile relations between Justice and the FBI…… "This town seems to be dividing up between supporters of Reno and supporters of Freeh. I think that is unfortunate," said Tim Lynch, a criminal justice expert at the Washington-based Cato Institute. …."

Freeper AuntB 9/23/99 FoxNews reports "…On O'rielly earlier tonight with a reporter from the Wash. Times, I believe, told about the senate hearing with Thompson today on Cspan 2 (don't get it!!!!). 4 FBI Agents testified they were told to stay away from any investigations with the White house and Chinese money. They had notes destroyed by the Justice Dept. as well as evidence ( YES, EVIDENCE) that Clinton was the endgame of the campaign money. As O'rielly pointed out, not one major media outlet has covered it and there were 17 members of this committee, eleven will not attend... 6 Repubs(Roth, etc.),5 democrats (Toricelli,etc.) O'rielly point blank asked, what is it, a conspiracy, WHAT IS GOING ON! WHAT IS THE MEDIA DOING???? I Think it was his best show….." 9/24/99 Beverly Lumpkin "….Justice officials are quietly gloating that the FBI’s being forced to return to square one on the investigation into alleged Chinese espionage at U.S. nuclear labs. They feel it proves that they were right all along when they kept telling the bureau they didn’t have enough to proceed with a secret surveillance warrant on Wen Ho Lee…..There will be a report issued Sunday from a working group on the backlog of cases in police departments — an issue on which a huge and largely unwritten scandal is developing. With both DNA samples drawn from convicted offenders and with evidence found at crime scenes, there are huge backlogs in all states and police departments…… The Justice Department is trying to decide whether and how to respond to Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott’s, blessing of the task force headed by Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., and charged with investigating Waco, campaign finance and alleged Chinese espionage — or, in Lott’s words, "Why is there no justice at the Justice Department?" …. LaBella said he has made clear to Specter that he would only consider the job if it is completely bipartisan. He would insist that Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., sign off on his hiring as well. Then he would want to know more about the mission: "If the mission is to beat up Janet Reno, that’s not what I’m interested in. It’s just not useful." ….. "

Scripps Howard News Service 9/24/99 James Brosnan "….Congressional investigators will question Justice and FBI officials about "possible destruction of evidence by people within the Justice Department" in the investigation of President Clinton's friend Charlie Trie, the chairman of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee said Friday. Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., said FBI and Justice officials will be questioned under oath by Senate investigators to determine what happened to 27 pages of missing notes from the lead FBI agent in the campaign finance probe….. "\\Politics\\archive\\199909\\POL19990922d.html 9/24/99 Susan Jones "….A week after Attorney General Janet Reno appointed an independent investigator to look into the Waco debacle, Senate Republicans are proposing a special task force to investigate Janet Reno - and the way her Justice Department has handled its probes into Waco, campaign finance abuses, and alleged Chinese spying. There are reports that former Justice Department investigator Charles LaBella may be named to head that probe. LaBella resigned from the Justice Department after Reno failed to seek an independent counsel to look into a variety of Democratic Party campaign finance irregularities in the 1996 presidential campaign….. They would look into the deadly assault on the Branch Davidian complex, the decision to offer plea bargains to several key figures in the 1996 Democratic fund-raising scandal, and the way the Justice Department handled allegations of spying at the Los Alamos nuclear laboratory. …."

Investor's Business Daily 9/24/99 Daniel Murphy "….The flap involves two people who dealt with the legal debate surrounding the flap -and the two very different roads they appear to be traveling down. The first is outgoing White House Deputy Counsel Cheryl Mills. Mills won some renown for her impeachment-trial defense of President Clinton. Yet she faced legal trouble of her own. Last fall, while Mills' boss was reeling from the lurid details of the Starr report, the House Government Reform Committee gave evidence to the Justice Department that Mills had possibly obstructed justice and perjured herself. Mills had been asked to turn over all documents relating to the White House database, also known as ''WHoDB.'' She chose to withhold one key handwritten note with ''WHoDB'' written on it, later saying it didn't fit under the documents requested. But that document landed on Capitol Hill months later. White House Counsel Charles Ruff had deemed it was, in fact, part of what Congress requested. That act exposed Mills to obstruction charges. Still, much of the partisan hubbub surrounding the White House database revolved around whether it was used for nonofficial, or political, purposes. Mills said ''a hundred times'' that the White House database could receive information, but could not share it with others, Brian Bailey, an aide to former White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles, said in a depostion. But later she learned that the Democratic National Committee had a tape of the entire 1994 Holiday Card list - a White House list that isn't supposed to be used for political purposes. She then asserted that it was OK for the DNC to have the list as long as they didn't use it ''for any purposes other than the holiday project.'' The House Government Reform Committee sent evidence in the Mills case to the Justice Department about a year ago. The Justice Department cleared her in a three-sentence letter in May. Yet a House Government Reform Committee source told IBD that Justice's public integrity chief, Lee Radek, criminal division head Jack Keeney and Faith Burton of the agency's congressional affairs unit held a mid-July briefing on Mills. ''The Justice Department told committee staff that they did no independent investigation beyond the materials the committee provided. It interviewed no other witnesses or talked to anyone,'' the source said. Another source confirmed those comments, adding that Justice said the close vote in the committee was a key reason for not doing anything - a sign ''that they apparently make decisions on whether to pursue possible prosecution based on politics.'' A Justice spokesman said only the case was closed, adding it was not ''public information.'' When cases end, either by being closed or through convictions or settlements, press spokesmen routinely comment on them……. Justice, in fact, even releases information to the public when it opens investigations. Yet the nation's top law enforcement shop has yet to go public on its Mills decision. Mills begins a private-sector job in New York City in early October….."

Investor's Business Daily 9/24/99 Daniel Murphy "….Then there's the story of the other ''Cheryl'' in the database flap: Sheryl Hall. This one, a career government worker, started working at the White House in the waning days of the Bush administration. Hall was told about the database project in November 1993. That same month, Hall expressed reservations about the political nature of the work, citing the Hatch Act's ban on government involvement in political campaigns. In a January 1994 memo to first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and presidential confidant and legal adviser Bruce Lindsey, long-time Clinton aide Marsha Scott described that she had ''real concern . . . in having our entire information management system developed and supervised by people who do not know and may not support the president.'' Scott closed the memo, ''We were left for the most part with an older, less informed and certainly less enthusiastic career group whose allegiance is, in my opinion, highly questionable.'' Less than two months later, Scott forwarded a memo draft titled ''Serious Concerns with Information Management Office'' to then-White House Deputy Chief of Staff Phil Lader. It deplored that Hall and an office colleague ''considered us the enemy from the start,'' adding that ''their loyalty is questionable to say the least.'' Over time, Hall alleges she saw her job assignments shift and responsibilities dwindle. Last week Hall left her White House job and filed a discrimination suit in federal court against the first lady, Marsha Scott and others. A White House spokesman referred questions to the Justice Department. Hall now works as a computer specialist at the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. ….."

Washington Times 9/24/99 Jerry Seper "….Attorney General Janet Reno Thursday defended Justice Department lawyers accused by FBI agents during Senate testimony of blocking the department's campaign finance investigation but promised to look into the agents' concerns. "With respect to one of the issues that I understood was of concern, a search-warrant issue, I'll have to look at the statements made by the agents to understand exactly what their concern was," Miss Reno said during her weekly press briefing. "But I would again reiterate, any prosecutor and any detective who work together on a case will oftentimes have disagreements . . . sometimes fierce disagreement. It's just a matter of trying to work through these issues between people who feel very strongly about their positions," she said. On Wednesday, four FBI agents assigned to the campaign finance task force told the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee that Laura Ingersoll, the department's public integrity section lawyer named to head the probe, blocked their efforts to pursue investigative leads -- including a search warrant to stop what they said was a destruction of evidence by Democratic fund-raiser Charles Yah Lin Trie….."

AFP 9/24/99 "….The Federal Bureau of Investigation is studying "new things" in the allegations of Chinese theft of US nuclear secrets, Republican Senator Orrin Hatch said Friday. Hatch spoke to reporters as he left a meeting with Attorney General Janet Reno and FBI director Louis Freeh. "They indicated there are some new things that they were looking into," said the Utah senator. But Hatch, who chairs the Senate's Judiciary Committee, refused to reveal what new items the FBI was looking at. On Wednesday the FBI said it was expanding its investigation into allegations of Chinese spying on American nuclear laboratories. According to reports, FBI investigators were ordered to widen their probe after the Justice Department and FBI director Louis Freeh determined that the scope of their investigation was too narrow. Asked by reporters what justified expanding the investigation, Hatch said he had no details. "I haven't heard any adequate explanation to this day ... except that Director Freeh said that he felt that they needed to do what they were doing," he said. Reno said Thursday that she thought there might be new evidence in the case. "I think there may have been new facts brought to the attention of the FBI," she said….."

Washington Weekly 9/26/99 Marvin Lee "….

Attorney General Janet Reno again last week defended the Justice Department (DOJ) against charges of widespread and massive corruption and obstruction of justice. Her statements last week came in response to FBI agents testifying before Congress that Laura Ingersoll, head of the DOJ's task force on campaign finance (Chinagate), had blocked their efforts of investigating transfers of money from China to President Clinton through Clinton friend and bagman Charlie Trie. Ingersoll blocked efforts by the FBI to prevent Trie from destroying evidence that linked him to the White House. FBI agents further testified that they were blocked from pursuing an informant who said he had seen Trie bring in "duffel bags full of cash" for delivery to the Democratic Party. Trie was let go on a cozy plea bargain with the DOJ last May…"

The Kansas City Star 9/26/99 Rick Montgomery "…..FBI observers say the agency's troubles of late, including evidence of a Waco cover-up, add fresh scars to a face that people once thought was unblemished. Reckless sharpshooting at Ruby Ridge? Whistle-blowing at the crime lab? Confessing to firing incendiary tear-gas canisters at Waco after years of denials? Author and historian Richard Gid Powers said the agency's image problems were mounting at an unlikely time. Since Louis J. Freeh became FBI director several months after the 1993 siege at Waco, "the primary in-house training has been in the area of ethics," said Powers. "They've developed a zero-tolerance policy for lying. "Freeh is very serious about changing the culture," he said. "And yet, you have all these stories coming out. It's got to be demoralizing." …."


Jewish World Review 10/4/99 David Limbaugh ".....NOW, THIS SHOULD BE interesting. It seems that Bill Clinton has decided to turn his politics of personal destruction on his own executive branch. Where are Woodward and Bernstein when you really need them? The president is a little peeved that the FBI is beginning to make headway in its investigation into his campaign finance shenanigans. Or maybe he's angry because in the process they are blowing the whistle on his institutional guardian, the Justice Department. ...."

New York Times 10/4/99 Michael Gordon Judith Miller ".....U.S. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson proposed that United States experts visit Novaya Zemlya islands in Northern Russia to conduct seismic experiments that would enhance the American ability to distinguish between a nuclear test and, say, an earthquake. The need for such measures was evident in August 1997, when the CIA informed the White House that the Russians might have conducted an underground test at Novaya Zemlya. After seismic experts challenged that assessment, the C.I.A. said that it was wrong and that the tremor was an undersea earthquake....."

The Washington Weekly 10/4/99 Marvin Lee ".....Chairman Dan Burton of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee in a letter to Janet Reno last week revealed what reason the Justice Department had given his staff for their decision not to prosecute, or even investigate, White House aide Cheryl Mills for perjury and obstruction of justice: partisanship. Public Integrity Section Chief Lee Radek told Committee staff that a factor in the decision not to prosecute Cheryl Mills -- after Congress had forwarded evidence of perjury and obstruction of justice in the WhoDB inquiry -- was "lack of consensus" within the Committee. Mr. Radek went on to say that since the Committee as a whole "did not feel victimized," the Justice Department's "enthusiasm [to prosecute or investigate] was dampened." Mr. Radek, of course was referring to Democrats on the Committee who did not "feel" lied to. Chairman Burton expressed his dismay at this novel concept of jurisprudence. "The notion that disagreement in a political body would influence the Justice Department's decision-making is problematic," he wrote the Attorney General. "The examination of the facts in this case -- or any case -- should not be viewed through the lens of politics." ....."

Reuters 10/4/99 "....President Clinton Monday said he hoped the FBI's broader investigation of allegations that China stole U.S. nuclear secrets would uncover the truth. He also said the widening of the investigation which had previously focused on one physicist was a lesson that guilt should never be assumed. "They (FBI) ought to do whatever they can to find out whatever the truth is,'' Clinton said at a media briefing. ''This is another lesson that we should not assume anyone's guilt ever. We should let investigations take their course.''...... "

Associated Press 9/27/99 Ted Bridis "...Viewers who tuned in to ABC's novel Internet news broadcast Monday to chat electronically with anchor Sam Donaldson had more than their names and comments posted to the Web site for the world to see. In an unusual move, ABC also disclosed the unique four-digit Internet address for each person who wrote a comment, a decision that helps anyone trace a viewer's real-world identity. In one instance, "Mark from DC'' turned out to be an employee at the Justice Department who pressed the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission: "When will the telecommunications industries begin addressing the increasing gulf in the inaccessibility of the Web to (the) poor?'' ....The Justice Department referred questions about its employee's participation in Monday's broadcast to its 1997 Internet policy, which urges that employees "making personal use of Internet e-mail should make it clear, when appropriate, that his or her e-mail is not being used for official duties.'' ...."

Associated Press 9/27/99 Michael Sniffen ".....The Justice Department hired its first chief science adviser Monday -- Donald Prosnitz, a physicist from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. Prosnitz will be on a two-year detail as the department's chief science and technology adviser from the lab where he was the chief scientist for the Nonproliferation, Arms Control and International Security Directorate. ``This newly created post enables us to consolidate the responsibility for technology policy in one position,'' Attorney General Janet Reno said. Prosnitz is the second physicist drawn from the Energy Department's nuclear weapons laboratories to take a top Justice Department job. By coincidence, the laboratories currently are a focus of an FBI investigation into whether China stole secrets about U.S. nuclear warheads in recent years. In October 1997, Donald M. Kerr Jr., a physicist-engineer who spent six years as chief of the government's Los Alamos National Laboratory, where nuclear weapons were designed, became assistant FBI director in charge of the bureau's crime laboratory. In a brief interview, Prosnitz said ``familiarity with the government'' might be the reason Justice has twice turned to the national laboratories for a scientist. ....."

Associated Press 9/28/99 Laurie Kellman "....The senator leading an inquiry into the Justice Department's handling of high-profile cases said Tuesday he will focus more on the investigation into Chinese espionage than on the renewed furor over the fiery end of the Waco standoff. ``There's nothing we can do about Waco except correct procedures for the future,'' Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said in an interview. ``Espionage, I think, is the number one priority. ... That's an issue of America at risk.'' ...... In light of the outcry over Waco, Senate Republicans chose Specter to lead a task force investigation of several Justice Department activities that have raised the GOP's ire. Specter is making clear early on that he's more interested in using the panel's resources to examine the FBI's investigation into how U.S. nuclear secrets were leaked to China than in Waco. He also plans to look into how Justice prosecutors deal with political fund-raising abuse..... Senate Majority Leader Lott urged Reno to resign and added that the revelations gave him reason to doubt the conclusion that the Davidians started the fire. Neither Specter nor Burton would comment on whether they have discovered evidence that would pin blame for the fire somewhere other than on the Davidians. The two agreed that shortcomings in the government's expanded probe into the alleged Chinese theft of secrets concerning a sophisticated nuclear warhead is a more important problem. The FBI focused for almost four years on Wen Ho Lee, a scientist at the Los Alamos national weapons laboratory, who was fired in March but never charged with a crime. ``That's a life or death matter,'' Specter said. ``The Judiciary Committee should have been doing oversight on that for a long time.'' ...."

Investor's Business Daily 9/28/99 Paul Sperry ".....In what's turning into an internecine feud between the White House and the FBI, President Clinton charged that the FBI is trying to turn the spotlight away from its new Waco troubles by raising doubts about the probe into White House fund-raising. Four career FBI agents told the Senate Wednesday that the Justice Department has thwarted their investigation of illegal foreign funds to the 1996 Clinton-Gore re-election effort. ''The FBI wants you to write about that rather than write about Waco,'' a visibly angry Clinton told Investor's Business Daily Friday night at the White House....... The president's statement, called ''extraordinary'' by Hill leaders, marked the first time he's criticized his own bureau in public....... Some compare the discord between Clinton and his chief law enforcement agency to the one that developed between President Nixon and Justice as the Watergate probe crept closer to the Oval Office. ...... Referring to Clinton, Brookings Institution presidential scholar Stephen Hess said: ''The idea that the president is acting as if the FBI is trying to do him in is pretty fascinating.'' .....Clinton also lashed out at Republicans in responding to several IBD questions about the fund-raising probe, which has turned up at least $300,000 intended for Clinton from the Chinese military: ''The GOP wants that to be the story rather than guns'' and other issues that ''people care about,'' he said, adding that ''not one person has brought up'' the Chinagate scandal on his stops around the country. ''You want to know the only person who has been linked to money from China?'' Clinton said. ''Haley Barbour and the RNC (Republican National Committee), that's who.'' ''Bob Dole had more FEC (Federal Election Commission) fines than I did,'' he said..... ''He always likes to attack others more than defend his own positions,'' said a senior Republican White House official. ''He has trouble with the facts and the truth,'' said House Government Reform Committee spokesman Mark Corallo. ''So it wouldn't surprise me, in this case, for the president to be ignoring the facts that his party and his re-election committee and his legal defense fund were the recipients of millions of dollars in illegal money from foreign sources -much of it coming from Communist China.'' The Democratic National Committee has had to return over $3 million in illegal or improper donations from the 1996 campaign. The RNC returned $102,400 in illegal donations from the Florida unit of a Hong Kong-based real- estate company. The 1991-93 RNC donations are apparently the ones Clinton cited. Barbour was RNC chairman at the time, though Hong Kong was still part of Britain, not China, back then. Barbour, now head of a Washington lobbying firm, is a target of Reno's campaign-finance task force. IBD was unable to reach Barbour for comment......The impromptu interview with Clinton, conducted on the South Lawn not far from the Oval Office during a dinner for the press, lasted about 10 minutes and started with a single and simple question: ''When's your next formal press conference, Mr. President?'' Clinton was testy throughout. Observers say his face turned red when questioned about the Chinagate probe. The questions came only after Clinton asked why he should hold another formal news conference. ''He was pretty exercised, and I was surprised he'd get so exercised about the campaign finance stuff,'' said Washington-based Seattle Times reporter James Grimaldi, who overheard the exchange and filed a story Sunday. ''He actually blew up.'' Staffers for CNN and the Associated Press also witnessed the exchange. The president's comments came just two days after three active FBI agents -Roberta Parker, Kevin Sheridan and Daniel Wehr - and one retired - 25- year veteran Ivian Smith - told the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee that Laura Ingersoll, the former head of Reno's task force, blocked attempts in 1997 to question Clinton fund-raisers and seize documents....."

Investors Business Daily 10/13/99 ".... It's an old story: black children in a southern city barred from attending the school of their choice. But this time it has an ironic twist. Standing in their way is none other than the U.S. Department of Justice, the very agency that's supposed to be kicking down doors for them. Kids and parents looking for an alternative to the traditional public schools in Baton Rouge, La., have been forced to put their plans on hold because of a wrangle with the feds over the legality of new charter schools. Louisiana's state government wants to see more of these schools - which get public funds but are not controlled by school districts - established to expand the choices available to the state's low-income students. But plans to start a large charter school in Baton Rouge have brought the federal government into play, in the role of obstructionist. United Charter, as it's known, was to start with about 650 students in kindergarten to eighth grade and grow to 1,200 as grades were added. Its proposed site is a mostly empty inner-city shopping mall. And though it would be open to all, its location and recruiting focus are designed to serve the local low-income, mostly black community....... "

Washington Post 10/15/99 David Vise Lorraine Adams "....The Senate Judiciary Committee forged a compromise yesterday that will permit Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) to head fresh probes of the Justice Department's handling of campaign finance abuses, alleged Chinese espionage and the confrontation with Branch Davidians near Waco, Tex. After weeks of a power struggle that had left the committee deadlocked, the panel unanimously approved an unusual arrangement permitting Specter to chair the investigations through its subcommittee on administrative oversight and courts. While Specter would have preferred heading an independent investigative task force, that effort was blocked by Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.), who argued that any probes must be conducted on a bipartisan basis through the existing Judiciary Committee structure. ....." 10/15/99 Jack Torry ".....A Senate investigation headed by Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Arlen Specter has given Attorney General Janet Reno until Tuesday to turn over key documents detailing her investigation into charges that Democrats violated campaign finance laws in 1996 and allegations of Chinese espionage at U.S. nuclear facilities. By a 18-0 vote, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved a resolution to subpoena the records if Reno declines the request. Committee Democrats said the subpoena was not needed because Reno already has turned over many of the documents and would comply with the subcommittee request. ........In addition, Specter wants to determine if Reno conducted thorough inquiries into accusations that President Clinton and Democratic Party officials violated campaign finance laws in 1996, and whether senior U.S. officials were aware of allegations that China stole nuclear secrets from the U.S. laboratories in Los Alamos, N.M. "I've expressed my own concerns about Janet Reno's performance in different instances, but this will be fair," said Sen. Robert Torricelli, D-N.J., the ranking subcommittee Democrat. "My concern is that there's obviously a breakdown in law enforcement in protecting the nation's most valuable national security information at Los Alamos. And public confidence in the FBI and Justice Department -- and even the military establishment -- was undermined in the Waco matter." ....."

New York Post 10/11/99 Jack Newfield "....Hoffa, the son, started running for Teamster president in 1996, telling truck drivers across the country: "The mob killed my father. If you vote for me, they will never come back." The first time Hoffa ran, he lost to Ron Carey, who posed as a reformer and had illegal support from Clinton allies in the Democratic National Committee and in other unions. These factions laundered $850,000 into Carey's campaign. Several Carey operatives have since pleaded guilty. In another week, William Hamilton, the Teamsters' political director under Carey, goes on trial in Manhattan for his role in the conspiracy. Hoffa is essentially a bland personality. He showed emotion only three times during our hour together. The first time came when he was asked about Hamilton's trial. "That's the Rosetta stone of the Teamsters," Hoffa said. "We will monitor that trial every day to see if any higher-ups are implicated. The fraud went higher than Hamilton "I'm hoping Hamilton pleads guilty and becomes a government witness. He can name the missing links in the money transfers to Carey." Hoffa's aides later suggested the first person Hamilton can implicate is Richard Trumka, the secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO. Trumka took the Fifth in the federal probe, and a court-appointed master has ruled that he funneled $50,000 to Carey. This was part of the improper financing that led the government to oust Carey and ban him from running again. ..." 10/11/99 Vincent Morris ".....- FBI Director Louis Freeh is fighting off new complaints that he was ignorant of key weaknesses in the case against a man suspected of giving U.S. nuke secrets to the Chinese. According to this week's Newsweek, Freeh was unaware that some of his own agents thought the FBI case against Wen Ho Lee was weak. While Freeh was getting regular briefings on the case, he was never told of the doubts of the FBI probers - even though those concerns were placed in writing on at least six separate memos, according to Newsweek. ...."

PRnewswire via Drudge 10/10/99 ".....Federal Bureau of Investigation officials failed to tell Congress or FBI Director Louis Freeh of persistent misgivings by their own investigators in the case against suspected Los Alamos spy Wen Ho Lee, Newsweek reports in the current issue. As far back as December 1998, the FBI's field office in Albuquerque, N.M., raised concerns that the investigation was superficial and failed to look at other suspects outside of Los Alamos..... Though Freeh was getting briefed on the case every day, he was never told of the qualms that appeared in a half-dozen memos, Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff and Washington Correspondent Daniel Klaidman report in the October 18 issue (on newsstands Monday, October 11). Now that the case against Lee appears to be weak, the revelation of the FBI's own suppressed doubts is sure to set off another round of bureau-bashing in the press and on Capitol Hill......"

The Wall Street Journal. editorial page 10/12/99 ".....Tomorrow, Al Gore will become the first Democrat since Walter Mondale to secure the endorsement of the AFL-CIO in the primaries. AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard Trumka was bragging yesterday, "This will be a boost to his campaign." ...... Gerald McEntee, a big Gore backer as head of the public employees union AFSCME might find his ears tingling. Not least, Richard Trumka, point-man in lobbying for Mr. Gore's union endorsement, might have to take the Fifth Amendment once again. But last week the Hamilton trial was suddenly and mysteriously postponed. How convenient! The investigation is headed by Mary Jo White, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Manhattan, seen by veteran prosecutors as a lonely bastion of integrity in the Clinton Justice Department. These veterans, however, view the delay in her probe as inexplicable. Ms. White was handed the Teamster/DNC contribution scandal on a silver platter in 1997, but it bogged down even after initial guilty pleas. Justice gave assurances that it was vigorously pursuing the case to abort an investigation by Rep. Pete Hoekstra's oversight committee. But Mr. Hoekstra now says, "The entire Teamsters investigation has fallen into a black hole." ....."

Republican National Committee 10/12/99 "......Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson today challenged Attorney General Janet Reno not to ``give a typical slap-on-the-wrist plea bargain'' to former International Brotherhood of Teamsters Political Director William Hamilton. .....``The facts must come out about William Hamilton and his unindicted DNC co- conspirators,'' Nicholson asserted. ``If Janet Reno's 'Obstruction-of-Justice' Department cuts a plea bargain with Hamilton, there's only one reason behind it -- to keep secret the involvement of the Democratic National Committee, the Clinton-Gore '96 campaign, the AFL-CIO and the White House itself.'' Hamilton is alleged to have conspired with Clinton-Gore '96 Finance Director Laura Hartigan, then-DNC Finance Director Richard Sullivan, former Clinton-Gore '96 Finance Chairman Terry McAuliffe and others in a money laundering scheme to funnel $1 million in Teamsters union funds to Democrats in exchange for a $100,000 contribution to Ron Carey's campaign for President of the Teamsters. ``The people deserve to know the full story of campaign corruption in the Democrat party, and of the Democrats' manipulation of labor organizations representing millions of American workers,'' Nicholson asserted. ``Among other things, William Hamilton's trial will establish whether this entire scheme was approved by Bill and Hillary Clinton's sugar-daddy and private financier, Terry McAuliffe.'' ``The jury can also decide whether AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard Trumka -- who's been busy with McAuliffe these days delivering an early endorsement of Al Gore from the AFL-CIO -- was involved in the Ron Carey campaign dollar swaps.'' ``If Janet Reno and U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White give Hamilton a 'Get-Out- of-Jail-Free' card like was dealt to Charlie Trie, John Huang, and Johnny Chung, Michael Brown, and Nora, Trisha and Gene Lum, there'll be no question that Reno is really heading the 'Obstruction-of-Justice Department.''' ....."

WorldNetDaily 10/13/99 David Bresnahan "....Here we go again. More cover-ups underway in high places. Attorney General Janet Reno is about to facilitate a major cover-up of wrong-doing -- again. Former International Brotherhood of Teamsters political director William Hamilton is about to be given a "Get Out of Jail Free" card by Janet Reno, according to well-informed sources. Hamilton has been indicted on six counts of conspiracy, embezzlement, fraud and perjury. The charges are the result of Hamilton's handiwork as he tried to line his own pockets while facilitating illegal campaign fund raising for the Clinton-Gore campaign in 1996. Hamilton is alleged to have made a deal with Laura Hartigan, the Clinton-Gore Campaign finance director, along with Democratic National Committee finance director Richard Sullivan and Clinton-Gore finance chairman Terry McAuliffe and a host of others....."

Associated Press 10/13/99 H Josef Hebert "....A special prosecutor has concluded there is insufficient evidence to indict Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt or anyone else in connection with a federal Indian casino investigation, The Associated Press was told today. Special Prosecutor Carol Elder Bruce was expected to issue a statement on her 19-month investigation into Babbitt later today with a report to be issued within a few weeks, said sources familiar with the case. ...... The case involved allegations that Babbitt had lied to Congress in his explanation as to why the Interior Department in 1995 rejected a permit for a proposed casino by three Wisconsin Indian tribes. The tribes charged that promises of campaign contributions by other Indians opposed to the casino had influenced the decision. ..." 10/13/99 Chris Mondics ".... And the outlook for Specter's task force has not improved since then. .... Sen. Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has oversight authority over the Justice Department, has said no Democrats would serve on the task force because the rules are tilted in favor of Republicans. Leahy's objections alone may doom the panel because without Democrats, it would inevitably be seen as a partisan probe. And U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno has told the Senate that her department would not cooperate with such a task force. In a letter last Thursday to Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R., Utah), the Judiciary Committee chairman, Reno said Specter's task force doesn't have the authority to request confidential information from the Justice Department because it was never authorized by a vote of the full Senate. But Specter said yesterday that he remains undaunted, convinced that he will be able to persuade Democrats to support his initiative.....With the Senate set to go on recess at the end of the month, there is the growing risk that lawmakers will leave town without granting subpoena power to the task force. The Judiciary Committee is scheduled to meet on the issue again tomorrow to take up Specter's request for permission to subpoena the Justice Department for information on its probe of alleged of campaign-finance improprieties by Democrats in the 1996 election. In particular, Specter wants a memo from former Justice Department prosecutor Charles LaBella to Reno recommending that she appoint an independent counsel to look into the campaign accusations. LaBella contended that Reno, a Clinton appointee, faced potential conflicts in probing Democrats. Specter is also asking the Judiciary Committee to authorize the task force to subpoena Justice Department files on its investigation of Wen Ho Lee, the former Los Alamos nuclear weapons lab scientist suspected by the FBI of providing nuclear secrets to China. Lee has repeatedly denied spying for the Chinese and he has not been charged with any crime. The Justice Department turned down FBI requests to tap Lee's phone, a decision that was later questioned by Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill....."

BQ's view...With Radio America's Blanquita Cullum 10/7/99 "........ This China thing is going to break big-time ... Watching the President slight the FBI is going to anger some of the rank-and-file FBI agents who are seeing their reputation ruined while they're taking the heat ... Are we going to see, before this president leaves office, FBI agents and others come forward and really become whistle-blowers? ... Sperry thinks we already are with these four ... Sperry said he pointed out to Clinton that one of the agents had been with the FBI 24 years, and another 14 years ... There are four of them, and they swore under oath ... Is the President saying that they're lying? ... You have the four agents saying that Janet Reno's lawyers, most of whom are political appointees, blocked the agents from doing their job ... FBI agents investigating Wen Ho Lee in the Chinese espionage case said the same thing ... So here you have two investigations involving China, and both of them blocked for some reason by the Justice Department ... ... This is really starting to smell rotten ... Sperry doesn't know if anyone in the daily media is starting to smell it ... But you'd think they would by now ... Leave raw hamburger meat out too long, and this is bound to happen ... "

The New York Times 10/21/99 Neil Lewis ".....The Justice Department took extraordinary steps to enhance the chances of clemency for a group of imprisoned Puerto Rican nationalists after receiving regular expressions of interest from the White House, according to documents released Wednesday. In one instance, the department's top officials repeatedly urged the prisoners' supporters in Congress to persuade them to fashion a statement of repentance to help their chances of release. The documents released at a hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee also show that the Puerto Rican nationalists did not apply for clemency personally, as is usually required, but department officials processed an application anyway. Under department regulations, a personal application is usually required to start the process, because such a move is taken as a sign of remorse for the criminal acts........ The details and sequence of events leading up to Clinton's clemency offer have remained murky because the White House and Justice Department have declined to release much information, citing executive privilege. Because the Constitution explicitly gives the president the sole authority to issue pardons, administration lawyers have argued that the president's discussions with subordinates over the issue of clemency for the Puerto Rican prisoners is privileged and need not be disclosed..."

The Limbaugh Letter 10/99 Rush Limbaugh ".....When Attorney General Janet Reno learned that the FBI had discovered tapes recorded on the morning of April 19, 1993 at the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, this was not just another news story. The tapes captured conversation between agents implementing the decision to use incendiary tear gas canisters. For over six years the government had maintained that no such incendiary devises were used, and that no such tapes existed. ....... Janet Reno long ago lost any credibility: anything she has "investigated" has been swept under the rug, depending how clQse it might get to those in the Clinton Administration. At this point, why should Janet Reno be issuing orders at all? Everything she does contaminates the investigation. She is the reason why the Justice Department is collapsing. She is the reason why the government concealed for six years all the facts surrounding Waco, and she's the reason that over 80 American citizens were killed at Waco. She was in charge throughout, and she, herself, said the buck stops with her. An Independent Counsel should have been appointed years ago to investigate Janet Reno and her actions -- and inactions --throughout her tenure. If Janet Reno were a Republican, I guarantee you that Democrats would have demanded an Independent Counsel...... "

Ken Starr 10/19/99 "....On Monday a superb career prosecutor took over as Whitewater independent counsel. The investigation has resulted in the convictions of 14 people, including a sitting governor of Arkansas, the business partners of the president and the first lady, and the former associate attorney general of the U.S. Yet more remains to be done. Why? Partly because of factors beyond our control: an inability to reach an agreement with the Justice Department and the institutional limitations of independent counsels....... Mr. Fiske, like any federal prosecutor, had the authority to take the investigation in whatever direction seemed promising. I soon found that I did not. The Ethics in Government Act tightly limits the jurisdiction of independent counsels, who must get the blessing of the Justice Department before advancing onto new terrain. Indeed, with Justice's approval, our mandate grew to cover matters related to the firing of White House Travel Office employees, the accumulating of FBI files in the White House, the congressional testimony of a former White House Counsel, and Monica Lewinsky....."

Ken Starr 10/19/99 ".... The investigation was slowed further by litigation over the authority of the independent counsel....... We were also slowed by the nature of what we were investigating: convoluted financial frauds, not simple whodunits. The evidence sometimes proved elusive. Important documents came to light long after we had sought them--in the White House book room, in a Little Rock attic, even in an abandoned car...... A crucial witness, Susan McDougal, served 18 months in jail to avoid testifying before a grand jury--and President Clinton, through his public statements, appeared to be encouraging her unlawful silence. Other witnesses suffered selective amnesia when we questioned them. Still other witnesses invoked dubious privileges--executive privilege to cover conversations with the first lady, for instance, and the never-before-imagined Secret Service privilege. We nearly always prevailed in these cases, but only after extensive litigation. And although for a time we enjoyed a productive and collaborative relationship with the Justice Department, just as Ms. Reno had promised me, our relations soured over the last 18 months of my tenure. At times, political appointees in the department actively interfered with our investigation. (I hasten to add that the department's excellent career lawyers never did.) ..... "

Ken Starr 10/19/99 "....The partisan attacks, which began early in my tenure, escalated a thousandfold last year. I once believed that this partisan assault was a purely personal hardship. I came to realize that the impact is larger. It has hindered the investigation. Consider: About 5% of all federal criminal trials end with a hung jury, when jurors cannot reach a unanimous verdict. In this investigation, 75% of trials have produced hung juries. In the first of these, in 1996, the jurors apparently had a good-faith dispute over the evidence. But in our two trials earlier this year, some people entered the jury room with agendas. Even judges sometimes appear to be swayed by politics. In such cases, we have almost always prevailed in a higher court. But the appeals consume time and resources. Regrettably, the independent counsel's work is not yet complete...... "

Ken Starr 10/19/99 "....We completed the Little Rock investigations, and we made a great deal of progress toward a final report. But there are still important decisions to be made. Because of the public's apparent distrust, these are decisions that I could not prudently make. That's why, after thorough consultation with my colleagues in the office, I decided to resign.....I did not seek this responsibility, but I have done my best to uphold the public interest in each and every decision. It has been my privilege to work with scores of diligent, highly skilled lawyers and investigators. When I think back on what we accomplished together--the facts we uncovered, the strategic decisions we made, the indictments we brought, the indictments we decided not to bring, the record we built--I am gratified....."

The Wall Street Journal 10/20/99 "...."When I became president, there was one independent public charter school in all of America. With our support, there are 1,100 today. My budget assures that early in the next century, there will be 3,000." --President Clinton, 1999 State of the Union address. Another lie, it turns out. When it comes to actual treatment of the nation's fledgling charter schools, the Clinton Administration follows another policy: It tortures them. Consider what it is doing to Louisiana's United Charter school. Back in 1995, Louisiana lawmakers surveyed their failing schools. After decades of desegregation orders, mandatory busing and so on, Louisiana school kids, half of whom are black, ranked 49th in the nation in overall achievement. Distressed, legislators passed one of the nation's more far-reaching laws for charter schools--public schools that are given autonomy to try their own educational approach without bureaucratic oversight....This didn't sit well with Mr. Clinton's civil rights czar, Acting Assistant Attorney General Bill Lann Lee. To Mr. Lee and his fellow crusaders at Justice, it seems, the actual welfare of flesh-and-blood students ranks a distant second to abstract notions of "rights." Tucking a 43-year-old court desegregation decree under their collective arm, Mr. Lee's attorneys descended on Louisiana to block United Charter....."

Judicial Watch 10/20/99 "....The Clinton Justice Department of Janet Reno has indicted McDonnell Douglas, the client of the law firm of WACO special counsel and former Republican Senator John Danforth, for alleged breach of U.S. export regulations, but conspicuously not indicted the Loral Corporation, chaired and run by Bernard Schwartz, who has given millions to the Democrats since the election of Bill Clinton, gone on a trade mission to China (where he met Chinese agents) and whose company transferred high technology to the Communist Chinese. Judicial Watch is prosecuting a lawsuit against Loral, Schwartz, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, John Huang, Terry McAuliffe, Marvin Rosen and the Democratic National Committee over these allegations. See "Is it a coincidence that the Clinton Justice Department indicts a company, like McDonnell Douglas, with Republican connections, but fails to take action against Loral, Schwartz and their alleged co-conspirators?" asked Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman. "The campaign finance scandal continues...," he added....."

10/20/99 Shannon Mccaffrey, Associated Press ".....Just a month after President Clinton offered clemency to 16 Puerto Rican separatists, a report from Attorney General Janet Reno said that the nationalist groups they had been aligned with posed an "ongoing threat'' to national security. "Factors which increase the present threat from these groups include ... the impending release from prisons of members of these groups jailed for prior violence,'' Reno's September 1999 report said. The report - the Justice Department's Five Year Interagency Counterterrorism and Technology Crime Plan - was made public at a U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today on the controversial grant of clemency Clinton made to Puerto Rican separatists, most of them associated with the terrorist group FALN......Republican senators at the hearing and the lone Democrat in attendance, ranking minority member Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, scolded the Justice Department for failing to contact victims of FALN violence, either to gather their input on the potential offer of clemency or to even inform them that the prisoners were being released...... "I think we could do a better job ... getting in touch with victims,'' Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder admitted. Holder said it was likely that Justice Department officials would "tinker'' with internal regulations to make it a requirement that direct input from victims be obtained as part of the clemency process. Lawmakers also said that before the prisoners were released, Justice Department officials should have attempted to obtain information from the jailed militants about violent fugitives from their groups still at large, some still on the FBI's Most Wanted list....."

FOX/AP 10/20/99 Shannon McCaffrey "....President Clinton's clemency offer to 16 Puerto Rican nationalists helped heighten the threat of terrorism from militant groups seeking independence for the island, the Justice Department said in a report made public Wednesday. The report, presented at a hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee on the clemency offer, said Puerto Rican separatist groups pose an "ongoing threat'' to national security. "Factors which increase the present threat from these groups include renewed activity by a small minority advocating Puerto Rican statehood, the 100-year anniversary of the U.S. presence in Puerto Rico and the impending release from prisons of members of these groups jailed for prior violence,'' said the report....."

Washington Post 10/27/99 Vernon Loeb "....Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) yesterday faulted the Justice Department's 1997 prosecution of physicist Peter H. Lee for passing nuclear secrets to China, saying government attorneys accepted a lenient plea bargain in an espionage case that could have merited the death penalty. "There are very serious questions as to why they didn't take a much tougher line," Specter said. "Here you had a case that could have been a real example and deterrent." ...... Federal prosecutors say they accepted a plea agreement in part because the information Lee passed to China in 1985 had since been declassified. Facing 10 years in prison, Lee was sentenced to 12 months in a halfway house, a $20,000 fine and 3,000 hours of community service....."

Washington Post 10/28/99 Lorraine Adams David Vise "….During more than 23 days of interrogation earlier this year, Huang told FBI agents that after being solicited by Ickes, he contributed $1,000 to Jackson's campaign and raised several thousand dollars more, according to sources close to the investigation. Last week, the Justice Department provided reports of Huang's debriefing to the House Government Reform Committee, which is expected to vote today on granting Huang immunity for testimony he might give to the panel. Federal law bars government officials from requesting campaign donations from subordinates…. Justice officials said yesterday that bringing a case against Ickes would be problematic because of questions about whether Huang could be considered a subordinate of Ickes under the law……"

Washington Post 10/28/99 Lorraine Adams David Vise "….In another revival of an old scandal, Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) told the Associated Press yesterday that he would investigate the Justice Department's timing in notifying independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr that he was under investigation for his conduct of the Monica S. Lewinsky probe……"

New York Post 11/2/99 "....It looks like Hillary Clinton's top political strategist, Harold Ickes, has once again moved from the frying pan into the fire. John Huang, the Democratic National Committee money-man who helped raise $2 million for the Clinton-Gore re-election efforts, is reportedly prepared to tell Congress of yet another Ickes financial outrage. Huang will testify that, in 1995, then-deputy White House chief of staff Ickes asked him to raise money for the re-election campaign of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.). The problem is that Huang was then an official at the Commerce Department - and the Hatch Act prohibits supervisors from asking subordinates to make political contributions or do partisan political work..... On top of that, The Post's Brian Blomquist and Gregg Birnbaum reported Sunday that Ickes has repeatedly flouted federal lobbyist-disclosure law requiring him to identify his clients and how much they're paying him. After being ignored for more than a year, officials have referred the matter to the U.S. Attorney in Washington...... Despite his role at the center of the now-notorious 1996 Clinton-Gore fund-raising apparatus, Ickes was spared a full-scale independent counsel investigation when Janet Reno, America's "hear no evil, see no evil" attorney general, declined to authorize a probe into charges that Ickes lied to Congress about his role in helping the Teamsters while the union was a potential hot source of campaign cash......"

World Net Daily 11/2/99 Scott Park ".....The greatest scandal of the Clinton presidency may be yet to come. It includes some of the same elements of the previous Clinton scandals, but also one crucial additional element. It is about national security -- but does not center on Communist China. It is about a Justice Department cover-up -- but revolves around successful prosecutions that were later unmade, rather than prosecutions that were never made. Yet, it involves neither sex nor campaign money -- as far as is known.....Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee released the unclassified version of a report from Attorney General Janet Reno, titled, "The five-year interagency counterterrorism and technology crime plan." The report concludes that many Cold War-era terrorist threats have diminished or disappeared. But Reno cited one notable exception: Increased threat "Puerto Rican terrorist groups...are an exception and represent an ongoing threat," said Reno's report. " They have previously used violence in an attempt to achieve independence for Puerto Rico. In an 11-year span, Puerto Rican terrorists were responsible for more than 100 bombings and arsons, in both Puerto Rico and on the U.S. mainland. Factors which increase the present threat from these groups include renewed activity by a small minority advocating Puerto Rican statehood, the 100-year anniversary of U.S. presence in Puerto Rico, and the impending release from prison of members of these groups jailed for prior violence." .....The obvious conclusion? The Justice Department believes that, when President Clinton released a group of Puerto Rican terrorists in August, he was using his power as president to "increase the present threat" of terrorism against the United States. Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee Oct. 20, Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, a Clinton political appointee, made a feeble attempt to argue that the report was not referring to the Puerto Rican terrorists Clinton released, but to some other Puerto Rican terrorists due to be released in the near future....."

World Net Daily 11/2/99 Scott Park ".....Clemency advocates knew terrorists weren't repentant Notes from a November 1997 meeting among Adams, Holder and Democratic reps. Jose Serrano of New York, Luis Gutierrez of Illinois and Nydia Velasquez of New York indicate that when Holder asked whether the terrorists had really repented, Serrano gave evasive answers. "Whether you are repentant or not goes to who we are as a human being," he said. "The fact that they have not applied reinforces the political nature of who they are." According to notes from an April 1998 meeting with clergymen who supported clemency, Holder asked the Rev. Paul Sherry, who claimed to have met with most of the FALN members, whether or not they had renounced violence. "Rev. Sherry said they would not change their beliefs. This probably meant they would not change their beliefs about Puerto Rican independence, although he gave a carefully phrased answer that did not make it entirely clear that they had renounced the use of violence."......Justice solicited a repentance statement The Justice Department repeatedly urged Gutierrez, who acted as a liaison with the FALN prisoners, to secure statements of remorse. He promised Holder they would be forthcoming, but they never materialized. FALN convicts never renounced violence A collective statement, signed by the FALN prisoners, not only does not renounce violence, it rationalizes it. "Invoking the right under international law to use all means available does not mean we used them with no respect for human life," the statement said....."

World Net Daily 11/2/99 Scott Park ".....U.S. attorneys and FBI opposed clemency Adams wrote talking points for Holder to use when he informed U.S. attorneys that Clinton would release the terrorists. The notes indicate that the prosecutors opposed clemency.....In an unsent letter to Rep.Henry Hyde, R.-Ill., FBI Director Louis Freeh said that "the FBI was unequivocally opposed to the release of these terrorists under any circumstances and had so advised DOJ." ....In a letter to Rep. Henry Waxman, D.-Calif., Clinton said, "Whatever the conduct of the other FALN members may have been, these petitioners, while convicted of serious crimes, were not convicted of crimes involving the killing or maiming of any individuals." ...."

World Net Daily 11/2/99 Scott Park ".....Current sentencing guidelines would have been just as severe Clinton and others have claimed that FALN members were given inordinately long sentences and that under current guidelines their penalties would be less severe. But in response to an inquiry from Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, R.-Utah, Tim McGrath, the staff director of the U.S. Sentencing Commission, wrote that under the new rules, FALN members not only would have been given sentences just as severe, but most likely would have been charged under the Treason guideline. "Because the object of the FALN conspiracy, and the conduct alleged as part of the conspiracy, amounted to an avowed intent by the members of the conspiracy to wage war against the United States, a court could appropriately find that the most analogous guideline is ... Treason." ....."

Newsweek 11/8/99 "….A new CIA report says ex-CIA director John Deutch may have tampered with evidence in an inquiry into his misuse of classified files, sources say. Deutch lost his security clearance in August for transferring CIA files to an unsecured home computer. As the Feds investigated, Deutch tried to erase them. The report also says Deutch had mishandled secret files at the Pentagon in the early '90s. Congressmen, angered that Justice hasn't prosecuted, are now livid. "It's very troubling," says Senate intelligence chair Richard Shelby…..".

Associated Press 11/1/99 James Jefferson "…. Presidential friend Yah Lin "Charlie'' Trie was sentenced today to four months of home detention and three years of probation for violating campaign finance laws. Trie, 50, also was fined $5,000 and ordered to perform 200 hours of community service…..U.S. District Judge George Howard Jr. imposed a stiffer term than prosecutors had recommended for the former Little Rock restaurateur. Prosecutors had suggested probation because of Trie's support of a federal investigation of campaign fund-raising. Howard said he tacked on the additional sanctions because of concerns that Trie and others who violate federal campaign finance laws "compromise the integrity and the virtue of this great nation.'' ….."

Chattanooga Free Press 10/31/99 "....The usual practice for criminals to get out of federal prisons early is for the convict, personally, to initiate petitions for clemency, on which appropriate officials then act. But now it has come out that those 16 Puerto Rican terrorists whom President Bill Clinton was so eager to free did not go through the usual procedures. In fact, some of them refused to ask for clemency. That's how they emphasized their mistaken view that the United States government had no authority over them. So if the terrorists wouldn't apply for clemency themselves, who drew up their petitions? Documents released by the Senate Judiciary Committee show that the terrorists were helped by the Justice Department, headed by Clinton-appointed Attorney General Janet Reno...." 10/30/99 Carl Limbacher "…. A Taiwanese businessman who visited the White House 57 times says that the Democratic National Committee urged a federal judge to "throw the book" at him after he exposed the Clinton administration's connection to the Chinese campaign cash scandal. The explosive allegation was leveled by key Chinagate witness Johnny Chung, who spoke last Saturday at a Pasadena, California awards dinner held in his honor by Judicial Watch, a Washington based public interest lawfirm….But Mr. Chung's most compelling account was about the donation he made to former Energy Department Secretary Hazel O'Leary. Chung says that after he requested a meeting with the then-Energy Secretary for representives of China's national oil company, he was solicited inside the Energy Department by an O'Leary aide -- who indicated that such a meeting could be arranged after Chung made a $25,000 donation to Africare, O'Leary's favorite charity. ……"I made my $25,000 donation to Africare and I got my access," Chung told the Judicial Watch audience. Then why was no independent counsel appointed to investigate the Chung-O'Leary transaction? "Janet Reno, attorney general, said to me, 'Thank you' is not evidence," Chung said. .." 10/30/99 Carl Limbacher "…. Chung repeatedly stressed his intent was to "tell the truth" but says now that his honesty nearly landed him in jail. Party officials, Chung claims, pushed for him to get the maximum sentence for the crimes to which he pleaded guilty, which could have put Chinagate's most significant cooperating witness behind bars for 37 years and cost him $1.45 million in fines. "When (the court) got ready to sentence me, the DNC wrote a letter to my sentencing judge (Manuel) Real portraying themselves as a victim. They were 'victimized' by Johnny Chung. So they asked the judge to throw the book at my face." Chung described Judge Real as "tough judge", a Lyndon Johnson appointee, but one who wouldn't bend to the DNC's heavy handed tactics. "He throw the book out." Because of his cooperation with investigators, Judge Real sentenced the former DNC donor to just five years probation…..As for the recepients of Chung's campaign cash, such as O'Leary and the First Lady, Judge Real said, "It's very strange that the giver pleads guilty and the givee gets off free." ….."

Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation 10/29/99 "….PRNewswire/ -- Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation today issued the following statement: Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation said today that a previously sealed FBI investigation uncovered by the news media ``has now exposed the truth behind the soon to be released film 'The Insider' and shows that the government's key witness lied to federal agents and fabricated death threats. ''The question now,`` said Brown & Williamson, ''is how can Disney continue to promote a film based on fabrications and lies?`` The FBI investigation also raises serious questions about the actions of CBS ``60 Minutes'' producer Lowell Bergman and the U.S. Justice Department's five-year investigation of the tobacco industry.

Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation 10/29/99 "….The FBI's conclusions are outlined in the affidavit of an FBI agent responsible for investigating the 1996 Jeffrey Wigand death threat. Wigand, a former Brown & Williamson employee, is being portrayed in the soon-to-be- released film as a hero and ``the key witness on the biggest public health reform issue in U.S. history.'' In the affidavit, the FBI concludes that Wigand faked death threats and placed a bullet in his own mailbox. The agent found probable cause that Wigand committed a crime and as a result was seeking a search warrant of Wigand's home. The FBI agent's sworn affidavit includes a forensic analysis of Wigand's home computer by the FBI's crime laboratory in Washington, D.C. The document states that ``subsequent examination revealed fragmentary portions of the threat message were stored on the hard drive of Wigand's Compaq Presario 150 personal computer.''

Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation 10/29/99 "….The FBI also reported that a CBS ``60 Minutes''-hired bodyguard apparently used Wigand's computer to type a copy of the threat letter and that it ``appeared to (the CBS-hired bodyguard) to be an exact match to a copy of the threat letter.'' The FBI's sworn affidavit concludes that Wigand's official statement to the FBI was ``untrue and misleading and in violation of'' federal law that makes it a crime to lie to a federal investigator. ``While Brown & Williamson has emphatically stated that we did not threaten Wigand or his family in any way, many media reports and Wigand himself have implied that Brown & Williamson was behind the threats. In fact, we think the Hollywood film, 'The Insider' accuses Brown & Williamson of this and has invented scenes in the movie to dramatize such threats,'' the company said. …."

SunSpot/AP 10/28/99 "….Congress might delve into the details of the difficult relationship between independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr and the Justice Department, Sen. Arlen Specter said yesterday. Specter's statement followed an Associated Press article that said Attorney General Janet Reno had informed Starr four days before his impeachment testimony that the department would review allegations against his office's conduct of the Monica Lewinsky investigation. Unknown to Starr, word of Reno's plans had leaked to the news media before the Sunday afternoon meeting between the prosecutor and the attorney general……"

Washington Post 10/28/99 David Vise Lorraine Adams "….Attorney General Janet Reno said today that she would examine any new information about campaign fund-raising abuses unearthed by Congress, including allegations that former White House aide Harold Ickes improperly pressured former Commerce Department official John Huang to raise money for the congressional campaign of Jesse Jackson Jr. in 1995. Reno said she first learned about the allegation in a story in this morning's Washington Post and was not certain whether it was fresh information or something that had been previously examined by the Justice Department. Congressional Republicans have been highly critical of Reno for her decision not to seek appointment of an independent counsel to look into allegations of wrongdoing in campaign fund-raising by the White House, including Ickes, a former presidential aide who is now working on First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's New York Senate race….."

Judicial Watch 10/28/99 "…..Judicial Watch, who initially deposed John Huang (and remains the only one to depose him) in October, 1996, sparking the Chinagate scandal, has asked the Court to recall him, subject to his grant of government immunity. During Huang's initial testimony, he lied to the Court - after he appeared following a manhunt by U.S. Marshals. A Court decision of December 22, 1998, discusses his testimony. See Huang has been alleged to be a Chinese agent by Bob Woodward and The Washington Post. When Judicial Watch asked him, under oath, if he passed classified information to the Chinese, he took the 5th Amendment…… Judicial Watch will pursue criminal proceedings against Huang for his past false testimony. Both the Reno Justice Department and Congress have failed to pursue serious law enforcement proceedings against him, and it is unlikely that they will do so given their immunity grants…."

Associated Press 10/27/99 Pete Yost "….The allegations, which included the treatment of Monica Lewinsky, had been around for months, and the two sides even had discussed them before. But no action had been taken. Now four days before Starr's pivotal testimony, Reno had opted to review the allegations, but withhold a full-scale investigation…… He told Reno he had ``profound concern'' that if news about the review reached the public, it could be used as a political weapon to discredit his investigation. ``If this leaks, I'll be the second-maddest person in Washington, D.C.,'' Reno replied, seeking to assure the prosecutor. Unknown to Starr, Reno's plans already had leaked. While the independent counsel sat with Reno on Nov. 15, 1998, his office was frantically paging him, attempting to alert him to phone calls coming from reporters already inquiring about the Justice review……``The timing'' of the review ``raises more starkly than anything in our relationship to date -- the specter of politically motivated interference,'' Starr deputy Robert Bittman wrote the office of Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder on Dec. 2, 1998. ``You decline to apprise us of even the nature of the allegations against us.'' ``The Justice Department -- which could not investigate the president owing to the obvious conflict of interest -- proposes at this most delicate juncture to investigate the investigator,'' Bittman wrote, adding a complaint about the leak……"

AP 10/27/99 "…. Former Commerce Department official John Huang has told federal investigators that White House aide Harold Ickes called him at his government office in 1995 and asked him to "round up'' donations for the congressional campaign of Jesse Jackson Jr., legal sources say. Federal law prohibits government employees such as Ickes, who since has left the White House and now advises Hillary Rodham Clinton's prospective Senate campaign, from soliciting campaign donations from subordinates. It is a felony punishable by up to three years in prison. The Justice Department conducted an initial inquiry into Huang's allegations but concluded there was no need to seek an independent counsel to investigate Ickes, according to legal sources familiar with Huang's testimony. Huang told the investigators he donated $1,000 to Jackson and raised an additional $6,000 to satisfy Ickes' request, the sources told The Associated Press, speaking only on condition of anonymity…..Justice officials said the department would not consider Huang a "subordinate'' of Ickes under the law even though Huang was a presidential appointee. The officials said Huang's assertion that Ickes asked him to raise money rather than give his own money would not be regarded by prosecutors as a solicitation under the law. But a legal expert said Ickes' alleged conduct is "so close to the line that certainly it's not what officials should be doing.'' "If it doesn't violate the letter of the law, it certainly violates the spirit,'' Georgetown University law professor Paul Rothstein said….."


Los Angeles Times online edition 11/2/99 Eric Lichtblau, Robert Jackson "….FBI Director Louis J. Freeh has long been a dissenting voice in the Clinton administration, but his latest stand--quietly singing the praises of two outgoing independent counsels who had won themselves no friends at the White House--surprised even some of his critics Monday. Kenneth W. Starr, who went toe-to-toe with President Clinton for more than five years as an independent counsel, received praise from Freeh in a personal letter the day after Starr left his post last month. Freeh hailed Starr's "persistence and uncompromising personal and professional integrity" and even passed along thanks from the FBI's laboratory scientists--the same division that analyzed former White House intern Monica S. Lewinsky's notorious blue dress. Freeh also hosted a breakfast in the director's dining room at FBI headquarters last week for outgoing independent counsel David M. Barrett, according to a source who attended the event. Barrett spent $10 million on a four-year investigation of former Clinton administration Housing Secretary Henry G. Cisneros, which ended in a single misdemeanor plea in September by Cisneros for lying to the FBI about payments to his former mistress. With Barrett's wife and four of his five children attending the breakfast, Freeh gave Barrett the bureau's top civilian award for his "exemplary service" to law enforcement. The tributes underscored Freeh's increasingly tense relations with the White House. He has aligned himself in surprisingly strong terms with Clinton's foes--and distanced himself from the man who appointed him to the prestigious FBI post, observers said….."

NewsMax 11/2/99 Carl Limbacher "….After pleading guilty to a felony in the 1996 Democratic fund-raising scandal, Clinton money-man Charlie Yah Lin Trie was sentenced Tuesday by a Little Rock judge to four months of home detention and four years probation. Trie was also fined $5,000. Oddly, as the Wall Street Journal noted on Wednesday, Judge George Howard actually had to bump up the sentence from the penalty Janet Reno's prosecutors had in mind - something just the other side of a ticker tape parade. Reno's gang recommended a barely noticable tap on the wrist for Charlie Trie; just three years probation and $150 fine. Hey, it's the least they could do after Trie so fortuitously hotfooted it out of the country one step ahead of congressional investigators in 1996 and, upon his return, put his shredding machines to work overtime. Meanwhile, as has been reporting for a week, former Clinton fund-raiser Johnny Chung continues to connect the Chinagate dots for anyone who cares to listen. For Chung's candor, the DNC - of which the Justice Department has become a wholly owned subsidiary - wanted a Washington judge to throw the book at him. Clearly frustrated after cooperating with prosecutors only to be hung out to dry (Chung has suffered through several attempts on his life), the key Chinagate witness has begun taking his story directly to the public…..Chung says he has more to reveal, including new details about Beijing's attempts to kill him. Apparently the White House has taken notice. Chung told Goldberg that the Clinton IRS put a tax lien on all his property just one day after he spoke at the Judicial Watch dinner….."

The Wall Street Journal 11/7/99 "…. Many newspapers Friday ran a little item noting that Attorney General Janet Reno has named the fourth chief in three years to head the Justice Department's ill-fated probe of the 1996 campaign-finance affair. But nowhere in the vast machine that is the national media have we found mention that an actual prosecution in the campaign-finance scandal is underway in New York City. We recommend a visit to Courtroom 26B in lower Manhattan, where U.S. District Judge Thomas Griesa presides over the corruption case of William Hamilton, former political director of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters……. Mr. Hamilton, a relatively small fish in this affair, of course is entitled to a presumption of innocence, and has yet to present his defense. But over the past few weeks Ms. White's team, led by Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Rice, has painstakingly detailed an encyclopedia of campaign-finance abuses, showing precisely how money was laundered through the system for political benefit. They have presented evidence suggesting a conspiracy much broader than charged in this one trial. The fund-transfer allegations involve players such as Terry McAuliffe, today a senior Democratic Party fundraiser and in 1996 head of the Clinton-Gore re-election effort; Mr. Carey, whose 1996 re-election to head the Teamsters was later voided due to the scandal; and AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard Trumka, who claimed Fifth Amendment privilege when questioned by Congressional investigators….." 11/6/99 Carl Limbacher "…. on Friday Chung revealed that in March 1999 the U.S Attorney's office in Los Angeles overruled the FBI on the question of whether Chung's life was still in danger, even though FBI field agents had already deemed Chung's situation dire enough to put the witness and his family under armed guard…… Though Chung offered the startling account [below] of how his protection was withdrawn on a nationally syndicated radio broadcast hours before newspaper deadlines, not a single mainstream print outlet carried the news on Saturday….." 11/6/99 Carl Limbacher "….CHUNG: The third (assassination attempt) was on March 20, 1999, this year. An Italian-American man came to my office with a weapon in his back pocket. And I was lucky to have the FBI inside my office. And they got him. But I don't know what happened next......Some of the Chinese Mafia here in Los Angeles, they also come to harass me. And this is an ongoing investigation (so) I don't want to mention too much. Yes, indeed, I fear that.

GRANT: Larry, is Johnny aware of the infamous list of curious deaths that have occured to people that have had anything to do with then-Governor Bill Clinton and now President Bill Clinton?

KLAYMAN: I don't know that he is. But one of the things that's true; thank God that he's not on that list......When we were taking his deposition, and when Johnny relayed this latest incident where a person came to his office with a gun stuffed in his pants, Johnny said to me that he called the FBI over and they came over. And this guy, of course, left. I'll let Johnny explain it too. And when they left, he asked the FBI, he said, "I want some protection." And their response was, "Call 911."

GRANT: Are you serious!

KLAYMAN: I'm being serious. Johnny can confirm this.

GRANT: Oh, my God!

KLAYMAN: I then said to Johnny, "Johnny, would you like me to ask Judge Lamberth to get you some protection? Not only are we concerned about you as a human being but as a material witness in this entire case." The Reno Justice Department lawyer breaks in and says, "He doesn't need any protection." Unbelievable, isn't it?

GRANT: It certainly is.

CHUNG: Well Bob, I'd like to say that immediately after that Italian-American, the FBI take me to the hotel. And then they immediately went to my house and picked up my wife and children. And then, FBI was protecting me. But the next day, all of the FBI was retrieved from the hotel. And that was that. And then later on I called the U.S. Attorney's office in Los Angeles. They told me, "Mr. Chung, you're case is over. So if you are a normal citizen, what would you do? You just call 911." I said, "What!!!" (The U.S. Attorney repeated), "You just call 911." I told my sentencing Judge about this, and Judge (Manuel) Real. He also say, "What!!!"

Bob Grant's nationally syndicated radio show is broadcast Monday though Friday, 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM ET, on the WOR radio network. Grant's broadcasts are archived and can be heard on Real Audio. Johnny Chung was interviewed during the second hour of Grant's Nov. 5 broadcast….."

New York Daily News 11/5/99 Kenneth Bazinet "….Former independent counsel Kenneth Starr yesterday blamed Attorney General Janet Reno for his prolonged, $40 million probe into the Clinton administration and heaped praise on FBI Director Louis Freeh for his help. Starr told a Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce luncheon that his office became "five separate independent counsels all rolled into one," but had the scope of the five-year probe remained the Whitewater investigation, his work would be finished. "But that work is not complete entirely because of the expansion of our mission at the specific behest of the attorney general," Starr said, giving no hint when a final report might be completed by Robert Ray, who now heads the investigation. Starr, however, lauded the FBI chief as "a great friend of honest government" and the law. "Freeh was always unfailingly supportive of the investigation," Starr said……"

MSNBC 11/4/99 Tom Vurry "….Attorney General Janet Reno appointed Scott Fredericksen, a Seattle lawyer and former prosecutor in the Office of Independent Counsel, on Thursday to be the head of the federal campaign finance task force, the Justice Department unit looking into illegal contributions in the 1996 presidential campaign. A 1997 Senate committee investigation found that 'unprecedented amounts of illegal foreign contributions' were poured into the 1996 Clinton-Gore re-election effort and the coffers of the Democratic Party……The committee said it had "uncovered strong circumstantial evidence that the Government of the People's Republic of China (PRC) was involved in funding, directing, or encouraging some of these foreign contributions." The Democratic National Committee was forced to return $2.8 million in illegal or improper donations…….When Reno asked him to take on the mission, "I felt duty bound to respond," Fredericksen said. Scott Fredericksen Now a partner in the Seattle law firm of Stoel Rives, LLP, Fredericksen served from 1991 to 1994 in the Office of Independent Counsel's investigation of scandals at the Department of Housing and Urban Development during the Reagan administration. Fredericksen's job will be complicated by the parallel, on-going investigation by House Government Reform Committee, headed by Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind….."

MSNBC 11/4/99 Tom Vurry "….House Government Reform Committee chairman "Most of the [Lippo] employees didn't even live in the United States, but they had green cards," Burton said. "Mr. Huang states that he got the bank account numbers from some of these employees and passed them on to Lippo Group headquarters in Jakarta to make sure that they got reimbursed." … "Why hasn't James Riady been indicted?" wondered Burton. "It's certainly not for lack of evidence. You have clear testimony that James Riady was organizing conduit contributions. People were being reimbursed from overseas. You have documentary evidence." ….."

Washington Times 11/5/99 Jerry Seper "…Independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr Thursday described the law under which he worked for five years as "fragmented" and "lacking accountability" and criticized the Clinton administration for delaying the probe with unfounded privilege claims. In a sometimes emotional speech before the Fairfax (Va.) County Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Starr also asked the public to support his successor, Robert W. Ray, and the career prosecutors and investigators he left behind -- calling them "unheralded heroes."…… In his first public speech since his Oct. 18 resignation, Mr. Starr said Presidents Carter and Reagan, both of whom were investigated by outside counsels, cooperated fully. He said they waived all legal privileges, turning over documents on demand and making people available for questioning when requested. He also said the Independent Counsel Statute -- now lapsed -- offered no incentive for Attorney General Janet Reno to support his inquiry. He said the attorney general should name an outside prosecutor "of her selection," for which she would be held accountable….."

Washington Post 11/5/99 Walter Pincus "….The federal government is in the final stages of determining what classified information could be presented in court against Wen Ho Lee, clearing the way for a possible indictment of the former nuclear weapons scientist as early as next week, according to senior administration officials. Justice Department prosecutors have been wrestling for months over whether to seek an indictment against Lee, a U.S. citizen from Taiwan who was fired in March for alleged security violations at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, where he had worked for almost 20 years. Officials indicated the government has decided not to prosecute Lee for espionage, since there is no evidence that he deliberately turned over nuclear secrets to China. However, the U.S. attorney in Albuquerque, John J. Kelly, may seek an indictment for gross negligence in handling classified information. …."

Reuters 11/11/99 "....The FBI plans to announce a major restructuring Thursday, an overhaul meant to address internal problems with the handling of information and to put more emphasis on preventing terrorism and espionage, the Washington Post reported Thursday. ..... "We collect a lot of information, but ... our predictive intelligence is poor," the Post quoted Bryant as saying. "The bottom line is, We don't know what we know."' ...."

Judicial Watch 11/10/99 Joe Giganti "…. Do not be fooled by Clinton Justice Department press spokespersons and Congress, that John Huang, who Bob Woodward has called a Chinese agent, will cooperate and tell the whole truth about Chinagate. First, the plea agreement with Huang has more "loopholes" than swiss cheese. Second, true to form, the Clinton Justice Department has "negotiated" a deal which removes the pressure from Huang to tell all that he knows, and what he participated in, concerning the misuse and removal of classified national security information from the Clinton Commerce Department. Third, by testifying before Congress, Huang's lawyers will cleverly then claim that he is immune from all criminal prosecution, even if he is later found to have been a Chinese spy…… Fourth, in the Judicial Watch case which sparked the campaign finance and Chinagate scandals, Huang has already been shown to have not testified truthfully under oath, for which the public interest watchdog will be seeking perjury charges……"

Judicial Watch 11/9/99 ".....Joel Klein, the Clinton Justice appointee and Assistant Attorney General prosecuting the Microsoft antitrust case was in The White House Counsel's Office around the time period that Republican FBI files were illegally gathered by the Clinton White House. Indeed, after the death of Vince Foster, Klein filled Foster's job and occupied his office. Linda Tripp, who worked with Klein, testified in the Judicial Watch Filegate lawsuit that she understood that these FBI files were being uploaded into a computer in the White House Counsel's Office. In the least, Mr. Klein was at "the scene of the crime" around the Filegate time period. Tripp testified that Klein kept files on others, including Ken Starr's office, for intimidation purposes..... "The past news that Joel Klein had breakfast at the home of Netscape's CEO just before the suit against Microsoft was filed raises significant questions about Mr. Klein's possible involvement in a political payback," stated Klayman.......Judicial Watch believes the involvement of the Clinton Justice Department's "tainted" political operatives such as Joel Klein has pushed the ongoing antitrust action against Microsoft. The group filed a request for documents under the Freedom of Information Act to see if politics and campaign contributions have influenced its actions against Microsoft. When the Clinton Justice Department failed to respond, Judicial Watch filed suit. The case remains pending and active....."

Elko Daily Free Press 11/15/99 Chris Fotheringham "…Setting up a showdown between the Justice Department and the Clinton administration, U.S. Forest Service representatives refused to answer key questions regarding Jarbidge's South Canyon Road dispute during a congressional field hearing held Saturday in Elko. "The policy of the federal government is to prohibit its employees from discussing the merits of these cases," Regional Forester Jack Blackwell told Rep. Helen Chenoweth-Hage, chairman of the House Resources Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health, and Rep. Jim Gibbons, R-Nev., who called for the congressional investigation. …."Well, the fact is the forest service policy is different than the law," Hage responded during the tense exchange. "And if you don't answer the questions of Congress, that's a serious matter. We will have to subpoena the information if you are unwilling to abide by what your chief has personally told us. I'm very sorry about that." …."

StarTribune 11/12/99 Eric Black "….While he and his staff in the Office of Independent Counsel were subjected to a relentless smear campaign by the Clinton administration, Starr said, "the leadership of the Justice Department stood by and allowed that to happen," making his job more difficult, he said, because it undermined public confidence in the investigation. "One phone call [from Reno to the White House], one threatened resignation, and the waters would have been much calmer," Starr said….."

StarTribune 11/12/99 Eric Black "….While Starr avoided uttering Clinton's name, he criticized Reno implicitly and explicitly for several alleged failings including some -- such as her investigation of the lethal 1993 FBI siege of the Branch Davidian compound at Waco, Texas -- that had nothing to do with Starr's work….."

The Limbaugh Letter 10/99 Rush Limbaugh "....The truth is, hers is actually the Obstruction of Justice Department. It has never been as corrupt or as incompetent since the Nixon Administration. The target of the investigation needs to be the Attorney General -- though she has set things up to take herself out of the loop. The spin now is to blacken the eye of law enforcement and protect Janet Reno. But the focus of any investigation ought to be Janet Reno. In point of fact, no one should have to wait for the outcome of another Washington investigation. Out of a sense of duty and honor, she should resign. Janet Reno long ago lost any credibility: anything she has "investigated" has been swept under the rug, depending how close it might get to those in the Clinton Administration. At this point, why should Janet Reno be issuing orders at all? Everything she does contaminates the investigation. She is the reason why the Justice Department is collapsing. She is the reason why the government concealed for six years all the facts surrounding Waco, and she's the reason that over 80 American citizens were killed at Waco. She was in charge throughout, and she, herself, said the buck stops with her. An Independent Counsel should have been appointed years ago to investigate Janet Reno and her actions -- and inactions-throughout her tenure. If Janet Reno were a Republican, I guarantee you that Democrats would have demanded an Independent Counsel....." 11/29/99 Marvin Lee "……In a remarkable interview with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the federal prosecutor who worked on the Waco case longer than any other government lawyer has revealed the methods used by the Department of Justice to intimidate him after it discovered his intentions to reveal the truth about Waco. Assistant U.S. Attorney William W. Johnston said he saw the Justice Department:

1) Refuse to prosecute government agents who made false statements about the initial raid on the Branch Davidians by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

2) Deny using pyrotechnic tear gas for six years after federal prosecutors in Texas had learned of its use.

3) Classify him a mutineer for releasing information about the use of the pyrotechnic gas.

4) Send subtle -- and not so subtle -- messages threatening to pin blame on him for the delay in the release of information.

5) Stamp key Waco documents "privileged" to block their disclosure.

6) Obstruct his attempt to warn Attorney General Janet Reno that she was not being told the whole truth about Waco……."

Arkansas Chronicle 11/26/99 Tom Winters "….A detailed 206-page secret report of an internal U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) probe was issued on November 18, 1999. In it are details of serious internal problems and flaws in the Oklahoma City FBI Field Office. That office investigated the 1995 death of federal prisoner Kenneth Michael Trentadue. That same office spearheaded the investigation of the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing. Investigations into both cases, believed to be unrelated, ran concurrently out of the Oklahoma City Field Office. ….."

The Dallas Morning News 11/27/99 Pete Yost AP "…..In a secret confrontation the Sunday before Kenneth Starr testified at President Clinton's impeachment hearing, Attorney General Janet Reno stunned the prosecutor with news that her Justice Department would review allegations of misconduct against his office…..Unknown to Mr. Starr, Ms. Reno's plans already had leaked. While the independent counsel sat with her on Nov. 15, 1998, his office was frantically paging him, attempting to alert him to phone calls coming from reporters already inquiring about the Justice Department review……Excerpts from letters provided to the AP show that the relationship between the Justice Department and Mr. Starr only grew worse behind closed doors as the impeachment drama played out in public last winter… The timing of the review "raises more starkly than anything in our relationship to date the specter of politically motivated interference," Starr deputy Robert Bittman wrote the office of Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder on Dec. 2, 1998. "You decline to apprise us of even the nature of the allegations against us….."

The Detroit News 11/23/99 "….A federal jury in New York has convicted a top-ranking Teamsters Union official of conspiracy and fraud for laundering contributions to Ron Carey's campaign . Just who else William H. Hamilton Jr. actually conspired with remains a matter of speculation, in large part because Atty. Gen. Janet Reno seems disinclined to investigate her Democratic friends. Michigan Rep. Peter Hoekstra ought to consider resuming the congressional inquiry he earlier led on the matter…. Mr. McAuliffe's alleged involvement would logically point to the Clinton/Gore campaign, as well as the Democratic National Committee. But Ms. Reno, with help from congressional Democrats, has avoided producing a full accounting of the scheme, despite a Justice Department investigation spanning three years. Rep. Hoekstra, R-Holland, earlier attempted to uncover how $20 million worth of federal oversight was so badly bungled. But under the guise of protecting the government's inquiry, Ms. Reno requested that the House refrain from questioning key witnesses and pursuing substantive leads. Yet there has been nothing from the Justice Department since. (Hamilton was indicted in New York and prosecuted there by U.S. Atty. Mary Jo White.)

The Washington Times 11/23/99 Wes Pruden "…. Talk about a rush to judgment. The Egyptians, stung badly by the implications of the crash of EgyptAir Flight 990, have come up with a conclusion without an investigation. Human mistakes, and certainly not a Muslim suicide, didn't cause the crash because it couldn't have, the Egyptian transport minister told his parliament last night in Cairo. He doesn't have any idea who or what did, and of course Egypt intends to get to the bottom of it. His government is determined to have "a thorough and scientific investigation" and will pursue all leads (except any that might lead to the solution of the mystery)……Ibrahim al-Dumeiri, the transport minister, said that President Clinton, after getting a telephone call from Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, spiked the criminal investigation. "Mubarak's personal call to Clinton prevented the investigation from being turned over to the FBI," Mr. Dumeiri told the Egyptian parliament……"

American Spectator 12/99 James Bovard "…. The Clinton administration is racing to defuse the latest Waco crisis. Janet Reno could have recused herself and allowed her deputy, Eric Holder, to appoint a special investigator. Instead, she personally chose former Senator John Danforth to head the re-investigation. It is peculiar that someone implicated in six years of perjury could be allowed to choose the person who investigates her and her department. Danforth's credibility suffered further when he promptly chose federal attorney Edward Dowd as his chief investigator. Last year Dowd used federal funds to oppose a Missouri state referendum on concealed firearms. As Yale Law School's John Lott, who favored the referendum, recalled, "Dowd used taxpayer money to set up a 1-800 line to answer people's questions about the initiative. He also used federal money to send out a letter to state law enforcement to try to get them to oppose the initiative." A Justice Department inspector general was investigating Dowd when Danforth picked him. The same day the Washington Times broke news of the investigation, the Justice Department cleared Dowd of all charges. When Sen. Kit Bond of Missouri asked to see the official report, the Justice Department refused to comply, citing the Privacy Act. …."

Judicial Watch 12/1/99 "….Johnny Chung, the former Clinton fundraiser who has bravely admitted to funneling money from the Chinese military to Bill Clinton's political campaigns, told Judicial Watch on October 5, 1999 that Don Fowler, the then-head of the DNC knew that one of Chung's associates and DNC donor, Col. Liu Chao-ying, was in fact the daughter of the highest-ranking general of China's military. This speech, which was given at Judicial Watch's 5th Anniversary Dinner, was broadcast nationwide on C-Span last month as well. The full transcript of Mr. Chung's speech is available at the Judicial Watch Internet site at The Washington Times reported today about Chung's new information. The information had been disclosed to the nation via Judicial Watch over one month ago on C-SPAN. "Through its excellent reporter, Jerry Seper, we're happy The Washington Times reported on Chung's revelations. The scandal is the lack of interest by others - whether in the Clinton Justice Department, the elite Establishment media, and the Clinton Justice Department," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman. …."

11/26/99 Arkansas Chronicle Tom Winters "…..A detailed 206-page secret report of an internal U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) probe was issued on November 18, 1999. In it are details of serious internal problems and flaws in the Oklahoma City FBI Field Office. That office investigated the 1995 death of federal prisoner Kenneth Michael Trentadue. That same office spearheaded the investigation of the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing. Investigations into both cases, believed to be unrelated, ran concurrently out of the Oklahoma City Field Office. "If the chain of custody broke down in Oklahoma City, even slightly, with any of the Murrah Building bombing evidence or if any of the agents lied about it, then the McVeigh and Nichols convictions won't be worth the paper they're printed on." ….The Oklahoma D.A.'s "Wintory Report" relied heavily on Freeman's evidence collection and photos to determine that Trentadue's death was a suicide. In the civil wrongful death suit maintained by family members, most if not of all of Wintory's conclusions have been disputed. According to the OIG report, "In a polygraph conducted by the OIG on July 14, 1998, Freeman was found to be deceptive regarding his statements about the time he had processed the cell in relation to when he spoke with [FBI Special Agent] Jenkins." The report noted that Freeman's supervisor, Associate Warden Max Flowers, believing that Freeman was acting with FBI consent, ordered the cell cleaned up before outside investigators had a chance to examine it. The OIG investigators claim that when confronted with a failed polygraph test, and after admitting his perjury and lies, "Freeman did not appear to recognize the consequences of his lies. He stated after making his admission to the OIG, 'This really doesn't change the case facts. If I have to take a hit for it, then so be it.' " The report section dealing with Freeman concluded, "In sum, we believe that Freeman's false statements, repeated several times under oath, constitute serious misconduct and warrant discipline." The OIG's office reportedly referred Freeman and three other federal employees for federal criminal prosecution. The Reno Justice Department has declined to prosecute the cases, citing "lack of prosecutive merit." …."

Judicial Watch 12/9/99 "….Senator Orrin Hatch, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has steadfastly refused to call for the resignation of Attorney General Janet Reno, claiming that he doesn't like to "ruin people's careers" and "the decision should be made by the President." In a recent Republican Party Presidential debate in Arizona, Senator Hatch also staunchly defended the Reno Justice Department's decision and case to break up Microsoft. Senator Hatch's defense of Attorney General Reno and his attacks on Microsoft are, unfortunately, easily explained, and are the subject of two Judicial Watch lawsuits. First, Judicial Watch brought a Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA") lawsuit to uncover facts behind the Attorney General's decision not to investigate and indict Senator Hatch for his alleged involvement in the BCCI scandal. This involvement was first disclosed by the conservative newspaper, The Washington Times. Thus far, Attorney General Reno has illegally refused to produce one document to Judicial Watch and the matter is now pending in federal court. Second, The Washington Post reports today in an article entitled "Microsoft Foes Team Up For Hatch Fund-Raiser," by John Mintz (see page A-26), one of the fine and objective reporters at The Post, that the good Senator is receiving money hand over fist from corporations who would like to see Microsoft dismembered. Indeed, the biggest of the Microsoft competitors, Novell, is located in Utah, the Senator's home state. Judicial Watch also has a FOIA lawsuit concerning Hatch's involvement in the Microsoft case and, as is true in the BCCI case, Attorney General Reno is attempting to stonewall there as well……"

New York Post 12/15/99 Brian Blomquist "....Justice Department insiders say Attorney General Janet Reno has been out of the major decision-making loop and her deputy, Eric Holder, is running the show...... Holder, a Barbadian immigrant's son who grew up in Queens and received his law degree from Columbia, has played major roles in the probe of Democratic funny-money in the 1996 elections, the Sexgate scandal and the recommendation to President Clinton on whether to free FALN terrorists from jail. A list of FALN documents withheld from Congress shows that many memos on the FALN clemency decision went directly to Holder, while Reno's role was minimal. Officials close to Holder say he's "in the lead on the big issues and setting policy" because Reno gets distracted with "minutiae" and is "blind to the big picture." .....

New York Post 12/15/99 Brian Blomquist "....Reno's critics see her as a protector of the Clinton administration, but several lawyers who have dealt closely with Holder say he's a fierce partisan who also has strong loyalties to Clinton and the Democrats. Prosecutors from the office of independent counsel Kenneth Starr came to distrust Holder intensely after Clinton appointed him in March 1997. They believe he was behind leaks to the media that tarnished them at the height of the scandal...... Two of Starr's former prosecutors say that early in the Sexgate scandal, they received phone calls from a lawyer with strong White House and Justice Department ties, warning them to watch out for Holder. "Beware, the White House puppet in the Justice Department is Eric Holder. Janet Reno doesn't even know this," the tipster warned. Holder ridiculed the anonymous charge, saying, "Unnamed people, a prominent defense attorney? Yeah, right!" ...... "Eric Holder is a very polished political partisan. He was the one who spurred all the investigations of Ken Starr. He has his finger on everything," said Mark Levin, an ex-Justice official who heads the conservative Landmark Legal Foundation...."

Associated Press 12/12/99 John Solomon "……Facing flaws in their evidence, FBI officials began to doubt more than a year ago that Los Alamos laboratory scientist Wen Ho Lee had given China one of America's most prized nuclear secrets as originally feared, according to government officials and documents…… The emergence of the internal documents forced a top FBI official to alter testimony he gave in June. That testimony said that evidence gathered by the Energy Department's original inquiry against Lee made a ``compelling case'' to focus on the Los Alamos lab near Albuquerque as the likely source of Chinese espionage. ``I believed then that these statements were accurate. ... I have subsequent to that testimony asked for and become aware of additional facts,'' Assistant FBI Director Neil J. Gallagher wrote in a letter to the Senate just last month. Gallagher, who oversees national security criminal cases, disclosed the Albuquerque office had written reports in November and December 1998 and again in January that ``question the accuracy of certain representations and conclusions'' about the original evidence against Lee….."

Washington Weekly 12/13/99 Marvin Lee "…..The Department of Justice has asked Federal Judge Royce Lamberth to delay publication of a report that accuses Treasury Department officials of cover-up. Judge Lamberth last week denied the request and made the report public immediately. Given the low interest the mainstream media show in reporting government cover-ups, Judge Lamberth made the report available on the internet [1]. The report is authored by Alan L. Balaran, a special master appointed by Judge Lamberth to look into destruction of documents requested in his courtroom for a lawsuit brought by Indian representatives against the Treasury Department for mismanagement of their money. Five individuals who are discussed in the report -- Treasury Assistant General Counsel Roberta McInerney, Treasury Deputy Assistant General Counsel Eleni M. Constantine, and Treasury attorneys in the Office of the Chief Counsel, Financial Management Services, James Regan, Randall Lewis, and Daniel Mazella -- also filed a motion seeking to have the Special Master's Report filed under seal and giving them 45 days to review and comment on the report before it was made public. Introducing a novel concept in public service in Washington, Judge Lamberth wrote that "Continued delay is not in the public interest." …."

INSIGHT Magazine 12/10/99 Jamie Dettmer "…..The Justice Department is bracing itself for the release early this month of the results of a two-year inquiry by Inspector General Michael Bromwich into Justice programs tasked with training foreign police and prosecutors. Department insiders suspect the report - there is considerable interest in its contents, too, on Capitol Hill - will prove highly embarrassing for Attorney General Janet Reno and her senior criminal-division officials. They predict it will excoriate endemic mismanagement at the programs, citing instances of serious security breaches, sexual favoritism in hiring practices and awarding of contracts and even possibly an attempt at visa fraud by top officials. Bromwich's investigation likely will finish the career of onetime Reno favorite Robert Bratt, the former executive officer of the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program, or ICITAP, and the Office of Prosecutorial Development and Training, or OPDAT, insiders say. …."

INSIGHT Magazine 12/10/99 Jamie Dettmer "…..The IG's probe also encountered burgeoning allegations that ICITAP's senior staff regularly showed classified DEA, CIA and State Department reports and cables to uncleared consultants. Consultancy contracts also have been scrutinized. Several witnesses told IG investigators that some contracts with past Justice employees breached ethics rules, including one awarded to former assistant attorney general JoAnn Harris shortly after she left the Justice Department. That contract was approved by Deputy Assistant Attorney General Mark Richard, sources told the IG. Richard is blamed by some staffers at ICITAP for failing to monitor their program rigorously. Other contracts were given to people who were "unqualified, knew nothing about training and were simply there as the playthings of senior management," says one source. Since the launch of the investigation, Justice chiefs in the department's criminal division have been scurrying to distance themselves from ICITAP colleagues……" 12/7/99 Susan Jones "….Three years ago, Native Americans filed a lawsuit accusing the federal government of mismanaging Indian trust funds, and according to a report released Monday, that mismanagement continues up to the present moment. The report, written by Alan Balaran, a court-appointed investigator, shows that Treasury Department officials shredded 162 boxes of documents that may have been relevant to the lawsuit Native Americans have filed against the government. According to Balaran's report, not only did the Treasury Department destroy potentially relevant documents - it covered up its actions for more than three months, then lied to a federal court about it. "This is a system clearly out of control," Balaran said. He called the document shredding and subsequent delay in reporting it "part of a general pattern of obfuscation" by the government. The Indians' class-action lawsuit accuses the federal government of mismanaging Indian trust funds for decades. Money for the trust fund comes from land settlements, royalties from mineral rights, and other uses of Indian land. The Native Americans are seeking millions of dollars in damages. US District Judge Royce Lamberth ordered the release of Balaran's report on Monday, despite a request from the Justice Department to delay the report's release. (The Justice Department is managing the case.) …." 12/16/99 Jim Burns "…..House Government Reform and Operations Committee Chairman Dan Burton opened Thursday's Capitol Hill hearing on Democratic presidential fundraising with criticism of Attorney General Janet Reno. The criticism came as the committee began a second day of questioning of John Huang, a former Democratic National Committee (DNC) vice chairman and top fundraiser during the 1996 Clinton-Gore reelection campaign. Burton said, "It's pretty obvious to me that [Reno] is blocking for her boss, the president." …… "We were met with excuse after excuse, delay after delay. Suddenly, they came up with a new policy: They weren't going to give FBI interview summaries to Congress anymore. They said we could come to the Department and read them, but we couldn't have copies. So I sent my staff over to read the interviews. It became very clear why they didn't want us to have them, " Burton said. Burton said the Justice Department interviewed Clinton twice, once in 1997 and once in 1998, but didn't ask some questions the committee wanted answered. "They never asked the president a single question about John Huang. They never asked the president a single question about James Riady. They never asked the president a single question about Charlie Trie. How can that be? What kind of investigation is this?" Burton said. Burton also criticized the Justice Department's questioning of Vice President Gore, which Burton said was done three times. "They didn't ask him a single question about the Hsi Lai Temple Fundraiser. They didn't ask him a single question about John Huang or Maria Hsia. What's going on here? . . . I'm so disillusioned, I don't have the words to describe my feelings," Burton said……"

Associated Press 12/16/99 Larry Margasak "…..The FBI never asked President Clinton about the fund-raising activities of John Huang or other key figures involved in illegal contributions to the Democratic Party, a Republican House committee chairman said today. With Huang testifying for the second day about his role in the illegal fund-raising, House Government Reform Committee Chairman Dan Burton, R-Ind., asked: "How could they not ask the president about John Huang? Did they forget? Did they think it wasn't important? Did someone tell them not to?" The committee planned to release interviews with Clinton and Vice President Al Gore that were part of the Justice Department's campaign fund-raising investigation……. Burton said that in two interviews - one in 1997 and another in 1998 - FBI agents from the Justice Department's campaign finance investigation "never asked the president a single question" about Huang, controversial fund-raiser Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie or Riady. And, Burton said, they didn't ask Vice President Al Gore in three interviews "a single question about" Huang, a Buddhist temple in California where Gore held a controversial 1996 fund raiser or the woman who organized the event, Maria Hsia. …… The committee's senior Democrat, Henry Waxman of California, said Burton was "challenging the integrity of the FBI." ….."


REP. BURTON: …… Before I start the questioning, I'd like to ask or make -- you can go ahead and start the clock so this will be on my time -- I'd like to respond just briefly to Mr. Waxman's comments…… Regarding the bias that we have and the bias that our government has toward people on the Democrat side and people involved in this campaign finance scandal; Mr. Huang really was not fined any financial penalty whatsoever, although Mr. Huang and Mr. Trie were involved in over $2 million, we believe, in illegal conduit contributions that came from foreign sources. And much of this money, probably 90 percent of it, has been returned. So they were directly involved. And there is no question about it, or else the DNC would not have returned that; while at the same time the Dole for President Committee got $120,000, much less than the $2 million, from a man named Simon Fireman. He was fined $6 million. The Empire Sanitary Landfill -- they gave $129,000. They were fined 8 million. Another Republican, who was responsible for much fewer illegal conduit contributions than Mr. Huang, had a $5 million fine. And both of the Republicans got terms of detention.

Now none of that has happened to any of the Democrat conduit contributors, that we know of -- $5 million fine, $8 million fine, $6 million fine. And so as far as the equal application of justice, it doesn't appear to me that there has been an equal application of justice by this Justice Department. And I've talked about that a number of times. And I've said that I thought the attorney general was showing a bias, was blocking our investigations, wasn't cooperating with this committee. And I've said the same things of the White House.

Now I stand by what I've said in the past. I understand -- and much of what you said today, Mr. Waxman, you have said time and time again. You've tried to make a comedy out of our hearings. You've tried to denigrate our hearings. You've tried to say we've been on a witch hunt. You've tried to say all kinds of things. And you said it again today. And you have a right to say those things. But the fact of the matter is, we are determined, if it's at all possible, to get to the bottom of this campaign finance scandal, and we're going to be vigilant, and we're going to continue. And I fully expect, at future hearings, you will say the same things over and over again. You will attack me over and over again. But I want you to know, Mr. Waxman, I and this committee will not be deterred. And now the American people can watch gavel-to-gavel and judge for themselves, from the questions and answers of the witnesses, whether or not we're being fair. And I think that they're going to be pretty fair when they judge what we do….."

Freeper Truthkeeper comments on 12/17/99 "…I wonder if you (or anyone) also caught possibly the most important part of the hearing. It occurred when Burton was grilling Huang about whether his Justice Dept. interrogators knew the fund-raiser seating arrangement was determined by the admission price (if you know what I mean). After some lengthy wrestling, he finally got Huang to admit the following facts:

1. People who contributed more WERE given the better seats.

2. The Justice Department WAS AWARE of this fact because the interrogators made up a seating chart and discussed fact #1 (above) at length with Huang.

After Burton pulled these admissions out of Huang, he asked or said something to the effect of "So the Justice Department knew there was seating preference to this "community event" based on the contribution amount?" Huang again confirmed that they did. (Translation: Yeah, it was a fund-raiser, all right.) Then I saw him turn to a staffer and whisper, "Did they write this information on the 302s?" It looked like he asked that person to go check this out. (Want to bet the 302s do NOT state this fact?)

This is a tremendously significant point. The Justice Department KNEW THIS WAS A FUND-RAISER. Burton now has John Huang's DIRECT TESTIMONY of such...and STILL General Reno chose not to appoint an independent counsel on the matter, despite knowing of illegal activities….."

New York Times; New York; 12/17/99 "….Documents made public today at a Congressional hearing about a Democratic fund-raiser at the center of the 1996 campaign finance controversy showed that in interviews with Justice Department investigators, President Clinton denied placing fund-raising calls from an official White House workspace. The documents also showed that Mr. Clinton was never asked in the interviews about the fund-raiser, John Huang, who testified for a second day today before the House Government Reform Committee under a grant of limited immunity. Representative Dan Burton, the Indiana Republican who is the committee chairman, said before his panel released the interviews that he could not understand why the F.B.I.never asked the president and Vice President Al Gore about activities of Mr. Huang or other main figures in the illegal fund-raising. ….. ''How could they not ask the president about John Huang?,'' Mr. Burton asked. ''Did they forget? Did they think it wasn't important? Did someone tell them not to?'' …."

The Washington Post 12/17/99 David A. Vise; Lorraine Adams; "…. "I am at a loss," Burton wrote, "to understand why you would tolerate an investigation that failed to ask the president a single question about the following subjects: James Riady, John Huang, Charlie Trie, Mark Middleton, and the Presidential Legal Expense Trust." Burton also complained that Gore was not questioned about "the Hsi Lai Temple, Maria Hsia, John Huang and James Riady." In a statement released yesterday, the Justice Department said it "has conducted a vigorous investigation into allegations concerning campaign finance violations . . . interviews have been conducted so as to focus on the matters then under review." …."

Wall Street Journal; New York; 12/16/99 "….Abstract: "the second of three days of Congressional testimony by John Huang, the mystery man behind many of the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign's fund-raising scandals, will likely draw C-SPAN cameras and not much else" The conclusion one draws from this is fairly obvious: The people who violated existing campaign laws in 1996 have largely gotten away with it. Mr. Huang won a sweetheart plea agreement with the Justice Department that resulted in no jail time and involved him only pleading guilty to making $7,500 in illegal campaign contributions that were unrelated to the 1996 election. "As it now stands, the law has no teeth," remarked Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman. "Why else would two of the most prominent figures from the 1996 scandal -- John Huang and Charlie Trie -- be allowed to plea to charges that resulted in no jail time?" Why else? We can answer that in two words -- Janet Reno. And beyond that, her boss, Bill Clinton. ……. From Mr. Clinton's first days in office, his "strategic partnership" with China included a friendship with Asian fat cats and Clinton fund-raising operatives such as the Lippo Group's James Riady and Macau's mysterious money man Ng Lap Seng. Then-Commerce Secretary Ron Brown ferried corporate titans and Friends of Bill to Beijing and Hong Kong to cut deals, and national security aide Sandy Berger, a former China trade lobbyist, sat in on weekly White House meetings to discuss strategy and fund raising for the 1996 Presidential campaign. The lines between foreign policy, national security and Mr. Clinton's self interest blurred. And surely with this bad example before them, those lines blurred in the eyes of many officials, at many levels, throughout the government. ……. Her department lurched into a series of feckless investigations, obtained a few guilty pleas, but made no real progress toward uncovering the truth about what precisely had happened. We are not suggesting here that the fund-raising and the Lee case are linked directly, but we are suggesting that Ms. Reno's Department acted as if it didn't want to know. Now we are told that the answer to all our problems is more and tighter campaign finance laws, like the ones the incumbent Administration has ignored and the incumbent Attorney General has managed not to enforce. ….."

MSNBC AP 1/6/00 "…..HIGHWAY PATROL TROOPER Rene Guillen said he was told by supervisors what to put in the report on the Nov. 23 accident on Interstate 95, The Miami Herald reported Wednesday. The family of brothers Maurice Williams, 23, and Craig Chambers, 19, said the investigation was tailored to protect FBI agent David Farrall at the expense of the brothers' reputation. The FBI and the patrol have rejected those assertions...."

5th Estate 12/1999 Bill O’Reilly "….It seems hard to believe but the United States Department of Justice may be the most politically compromised government organization in the history of the Republic. Under Attorney General Janet Reno, the DOJ has failed to investigate or resolve one major case after another. Read these items and weep for America.

* Last September, four FBI agents testified under oath in front of Sen. Fred Thompson's governmental affairs committee that DOJ attorney Laura Ingersoll impeded their investigation into illegal campaign fund donations to the Democratic Party. According to agent Daniel Wehr, Ingersoll told him that he should not pursue any evidence "related to the solicitation of funds for access to President Clinton."

* On the same day agent Roberta Parker testified that she handed over extensive notes detailing her campaign finance probe to her FBI superiors. But, Parker said, when her notebook was returned to her, 27 pages of crucial information had been torn out.

* The agents also testified that on a number of occasions Ingersoll prevented them from executing search warrants that would have prevented evidence in the campaign finance investigation from being destroyed. The agents pointed to Charlie Trie -- who since has been convicted of campaign finance violations -- as someone who had destroyed a massive amount of evidence while the FBI observed from across the street, unable to enter his office because no warrant was forthcoming.

* Reno reacted to the agents' testimony by saying, "we have just got to check out and see what happened, but I don't see any basis for concluding there was obstruction of justice." She did however take Ingersoll off the campaign finance investigation, which is allegedly ongoing.

* Reno also did not see any basis for appointing an independent counsel to look into the campaign finance matter. This despite the fact that her top justice department investigator on the case, Charles La Bella, advised her to do so in the famous "LaBella memo," which has still not been made public. Not only did Reno fail to take LaBella's advice, she refused to even meet with him to discuss his findings which, by the way, FBI director Louis Freeh endorsed. Soon after LaBella delivered his memo, Reno failed to appoint him to be the U.S. attorney in San Diego, a job he actively sought and for which he was very qualified. After being passed over, LaBella left the Justice Department and now works in the private sector.

* Reno has been very busy these last few years, but not in an investigative capacity. In addition to hindering the FBI, she and the head of the public integrity section of the DOJ, Lee Radick, pulled top DOJ investigator Steve Mansfield off the Buddhist Temple case where Al Gore was given thousands of dollars in campaign donations by a bunch of nuns who didn't have a penny to their names. Reno also failed to authorize a wire-tap on Wen Ho Lee in the Los Alamos Chinese espionage situation despite the pleas of the FBI and Department of Energy investigators that Lee's computer be examined.

* Reno also gave Johnny Chung, Charlie Trie, John Huang and others lenient plea bargain deals in the campaign finance case without requiring them to testify against people at the Democratic National Committee and the White House -- people to whom these men admittedly gave illegal campaign money.

……Counselor Shippers and I had this exchange on the Fox News Channel.

O'Reilly: You said that the Justice Department is just an out of control monster. What did you mean by that?

Shippers: They're totally unanswerable to anybody, and that includes the Congress. Remember, I went out there originally to conduct an oversight investigation of the Justice Department at the request of Chairman (Henry) Hyde and the Republican majority on the Judiciary Committee. When I got there and began my investigation, we ran into a brick wall. We would request information (from the DOJ) and they'd say 'fine, give us a couple of days.' Then they refused to cooperate. They refused to give us anything.

O'Reilly: And you're laying that on Janet Reno's doorstep?

Shippers: She's in charge of the store. There was one area that we were investigating that could have been very embarrassing to the White House and we just ran into a stone-cold roadblock. It was in the Department of Immigration and Naturalization where there were charges that the Clinton administration was letting certain people into this country without proper FBI clearance. Janet Reno's Justice Department just simply wouldn't investigate it and they refused to furnish us with the information we needed to investigate. The FBI gave the information we requested to Janet Reno but she would not forward it to us.

David Shippers, Charles Labella, FBI Chief Freeh and a number of FBI agents all say pretty much the same thing: that Janet Reno has failed to uphold the law by aggressively investigating charges of federal corruption….."

NewsMax 12/29/99 Carl Limbacher and Staff "….Oklahoma's chief medical examiner is exploring the possibility that a key government witness in the Independent Counsel's investigation of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown may have been murdered. In 1997, Oklahoma businessman Ron Miller provided the government key evidence -- including audio tapes -- against Eugene and Nora Lum, two fund-raisers with close ties to Brown and the Clinton White House. For more than two years Miller's death has been officially classified as "natural." But, last week, legal consultant Stephen Dresch persuaded the Oklahoma state medical examiner to reclassify Miller's cause of death as "unknown," saying that the available medical evidence was also "consistent with homicide." Dresch is currently involved in a lawsuit stemming from the 1996 plane crash death of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. Evidence provided by Miller to the independent counsel then probing Secretary Brown's business dealings helped prosecutors build a case against fund-raisers Eugene and Nora Lum. The Lums had given Brown's son Michael gifts of stock in their company, Dynamic Energy Resources, made him a board member and lavished him with six-figure consulting fees…… Miller had owned Gage Corp., a company that was sold in 1993 to Dynamic Energy. Miller also audiotaped his telephone conversations with the Lums and provided federal probers with 165 cassette recordings believed to be crucial to their prosecution. Dresch told on Tuesday that Miller had taken elaborate steps to document his dealing with the Lums, bugging his own office and even his briefcase. "He realized he was in the middle of something big," Dresch explained….."

NewsMax 12/29/99 Carl Limbacher and Staff "….However, the Clinton Justice Department, which had taken over Independent Counsel Daniel Pearson's probe of Commerce Secretary Brown's activities after Brown's April 1996 death, brought no action against the Lums related to their ties to Brown, his son or the Commerce Department. The Oklahoma couple were instead charged only with making illegal campaign contributions to Senator Edward Kennedy and an Oklahoma Democratic House candidate. Less than four months after the Lums pled guilty, Ron Miller was rushed to a Norman, Oklahoma hospital after becoming ill at home. Doctors were never able to determine the cause of his affliction. Miller died days later. "He went from being healthy to dying in a week," J. Dell Gordon told the Associated Press at the time, explaining that Miller had just turned over "boxes of material" to congressional investigators. Integris Baptist Medical Center, where Miller died in early October, 1997, turned the case over to the state medical examiner because hospital officials said the witness' death "was not fully explainable." Dr. James Marvel, a local physician who has studied the evidence in Miller's death, told on Wednesday that he suspected the Oklahoma businessman may have been poisioned. "From the outside it certainly looks that way," Marvel said, adding, "I'd have to investigate further to see if this pattern fits into anything." After examining Miller's autopsy report, Dr. Marvel noted that several of his vital organs, particularly his lungs, were much heavier than normal. "It tells me that he sustained serious physical insult to his lungs." Marvel suggested that such an injury would be consistent with someone gradually overcome by an airborne toxin. "Whatever it was that killed Ron Miller entered through his lungs," said the Oklahoma doctor.

NewsMax 12/29/99 Carl Limbacher and Staff "….Revealing a new and disturbing aspect of the case, Dresch said that Miller had been the subject of death threats in the months before he died. has obtained a copy of a Norman Police report that backs up this claim. Dated 1/14/97, the "Offense Report" reads in part: "....suspect told Miller, 'You hadn't been shot at yet.' Mr. Miller said that the subjects he is dealing with have made a number of references to certain people wanting Mr. Miller dead. Mr. Miller said he recorded this telephone conversation." The police report names Dallas businessman Donald Sweatman as the source of the most recent threats. Though Dresch said that local police took Miller's complaint seriously at the time, a criminal investigation was never opened. The Miller tapes, which are still in the possession of the FBI, could have far reaching consequences if they ever see the light of day. It is believed that on one recording, Sweatman even implicates First Lady Hillary Clinton in the Lums' financial scheme: "Apparently the assertion that Sweatman made (on tape) was that Hillary had been instrumental in arranging a $4.5 million loan to Dynamic Energy back in 1993, so (the Lums) could purchase Miller's Gage Corporation," Dresch told….."

NewsMax 1/7/00 "….. Monday, launches a multi-part series based on a new book entitled Altered Evidence. …… July 17, 1996, TWA Flight 800 was downed by missile fire, according to eyewitnesses and the physical evidence. The Justice Department framed and indicted a journalist whose investigation of government lawlessness associated with this event placed senior members of the Clinton administration at risk. The journalist's wife was harassed by the Justice Department, intimidated and - when she refused to turn on her husband - indicted. Altered Evidence tells how the Justice Department vilified and prosecuted the journalist and his wife while major media obediently published government propaganda as news while misrepresenting or spiking the other side of the issue. Altered Evidence reveals how the Judicial system allowed the First Amendment to be excised from the courtroom - how the Justice Department stood before the Court, without smirking, demanding that government lawlessness not be part of the journalist's defense….."

NewsMax 1/7/00 "…..But when over one hundred witnesses see evidence indicating a missile shot down a commercial jetliner, it is a mystifying event to major media rather than compelling evidence. The standard of evidence required to put an American citizen to death is considered by major media to be far too low a standard to use when investigating wrongdoing at the highest levels of the federal government. Within our judicial system an inference can be drawn from circumstantial evidence. If senior members of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) leak false information to major media, an inference can be formed of a consciousness of guilt. But within major media, such events are mystifying……"

NewsMax 1/7/00 "….. Altered Evidence provides compelling evidence that: The FBI and NTSB altered radar data presented to the press in December 1997 in order to hide a major military presence in the immediate area of TWA Flight 800 when it was shot down; The NTSB and FBI altered the Flight 800 reconstruction at Calverton Hangar to hide evidence of damage caused by a missile, and have blocked the publication of photos revealing the Altered Evidence; The FBI and NTSB conspired to misrepresent the reddish-orange residue found on seats in rows 17, 18 and 19, claiming it was 3M 1357 HP Adhesive; The FBI and NTSB altered the debris field to create a "mechanical" facade; The Clinton administration, at the highest levels, including the Justice department, controlled the cover-up; and A journalist and his wife were maliciously vilified, harassed, persecuted and framed by the same FBI and Justice Department officials placed at risk by his investigation…."

World Net Daily 1/20/2000 Jon Dougherty "….The Department of Justice has admitted that it used false testimony and evidence in a 1983 trial to convict an ex-CIA operative of exporting weapons to Libya despite an arms embargo. Edwin Wilson was convicted 17 years ago of exporting explosives to the North African nation, partly on the basis of the affidavit of CIA executive director Charles Briggs. During his trial, Wilson claimed that nearly 20 tons of C4 plastic explosives he shipped from Houston's Bush/International Airport to Libya was done at the behest of the CIA. Briggs, however, testified at the trial that "Wilson was not asked or requested, directly or indirectly, to perform or provide any services, directly or indirectly, for the CIA," after he retired in 1971. But in pleadings filed in U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes' court, the Justice Department has now admitted that prosecutor Ted Greenberg had supplied "evidence about Wilson that he knew was false."……. Defense lawyer David Adler told the Houston Chronicle that the Justice Department's admission "implicates seven attorneys in the plot to lie, withhold evidence or participate in the cover-up." The report also said that three of the seven later went on to become federal judges, one became an independent counsel, and "the three others now hold high positions within the department." ….."

Washington Times 1/14/2000 Jerry Seper "… The FBI has reopened an investigation into accusations that Commerce Secretary William M. Daley lied to a Senate committee during his 1997 confirmation hearing when he denied knowing about a state probe linking him to a suspected kickback scheme that was never proved. FBI agents in Chicago concluded in a criminal referral last year that Mr. Daley made false statements to the committee, although the U.S. Attorney's Office in Chicago declined an FBI request for prosecution. But now, law enforcement sources in Chicago confirmed Thursday, the FBI's Washington headquarters reopened the matter and is reviewing the Chicago findings for possible referral to the Justice Department here for prosecution…… Prosecutors declined to pursue the case, the sources said, after determining that Mr. Daley's answers to the panel were sufficiently well-worded so as not to present a prosecutable case……. The referral focused on a 1992 complaint by Chicago contractor Errol C. O'Brien, who told the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission that Mr. Daley was involved in a 1984 scheme by a Chicago law firm, Daley & George Ltd., to bill him for more than $180,000 in kickbacks disguised as legal fees. Daley & George's senior partner is Mr. Daley's brother, Michael. William Daley worked at the firm until 1985. Another brother, Richard, now the mayor of Chicago, worked at the firm until 1980……"

UPI 1/11/2000 "….Justice Department officials told United Press International on Tuesday they do not believe a state judge has the authority to rule on the case of a 6-year-old Cuban boy in Miami, and are considering a number of ways to contest it. The state judge ruled that the boy, Elian Gonzalez, should stay in the custody of his extended family in Miami until a March 6 hearing, despite an earlier ruling by the Immigration and Naturalization Service that the boy should be returned to his father in Havana by Friday…..Department officials are looking at options, particularly removing the case to federal court to take it away from local political pressures. If so, department attorneys would go into court in Miami and formally ask a federal judge to take jurisdiction…."

The Washington Post 7/20/97 Jim McGee ".... On May 9, 1995, FBI Director Louis J. Freeh finished a letter that set down his vision of the bureau's future. It was just three weeks after the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, the worst act of domestic terrorism in U.S. history. Hundreds of FBI agents were already swarming over that case. The bombing had struck Washington like a new Pearl Harbor, and the FBI had the undivided attention of the Clinton administration and Congress. Indeed, politicians had already started shoveling money at the FBI, attempting to reassure the public about their fortitude in the face of terrorism..... All told, Freeh's vision would cost more than $1 billion by the year 2000. To other federal department heads tightening their agencies' belts amid bipartisan plans for a balanced budget, the scale of Freeh's requests might have seemed audacious. Yet Freeh understood that, like the Pentagon had been during the Cold War, the FBI in the 1990s was increasingly seen by Congress and the administration as the agency that could best defend America against its most serious perceived threats -- in this case, violent crime and terrorism....."

Los Angeles Times 1/23/2000 Gary Milhollin "….Just over two months ago, CATIC, the Chinese military and aviation giant, was indicted for diverting American machine tools to a Chinese cruise missile and military aircraft plant. The powerful machines had produced parts for the B-1 strategic bomber and the MX nuclear missile, and CATIC was charged with lying to get the machines out of the U.S. in 1995 by promising to restrict them to civilian use. Yet with the ink barely dry on the indictment, the Clinton administration has begun to undermine it. According to U.S. officials, the Commerce Department wants to allow one of CATIC's sister companies to buy the same kind of American machine tool that CATIC is accused of diverting. …"

Los Angeles Times 1/23/2000 Gary Milhollin "….A company in Milford, Mass., named Bostomatic has requested permission to sell the machine to China's Xian Aero Engine Co., which makes engines for China's military aircraft, including the nuclear-capable H-6 strategic bomber. Bostomatic was purchased last year by the Agie Charmilles Group, a Swiss concern. According to U.N. inspectors, 11 of Agie's machine tools were found at five of Saddam Hussein's leading nuclear weapon and missile sites in 1992. And in January 1999, Gen. Alexander Zdanovich, a spokesman for Russia's foreign intelligence services, said that Agie also had supplied Iran with equipment for making liquid-fueled ballistic missiles. ….."

Los Angeles Times 1/23/2000 Gary Milhollin "….The Pentagon is fighting the export license. The same officials who tried to block the export of the machines that CATIC diverted in 1995 are objecting to this one. The officials were right the last time, but got overruled. Xian Aero Engine is pledging to use the milling machine only to make civilian aircraft. That is what CATIC promised. Since Xian and CATIC are part of the same state-owned organization, no one should be fooled. Nor should anyone be fooled by the CATIC indictment. It took more than four years for the Justice Department to get around to it, and Justice is dragging its feet in a string of other apparently illegal exports of U.S. high technology.

Los Angeles Times 1/23/2000 Gary Milhollin "….In 1996, Silicon Graphics Inc. of Mountain View, Calif., sold four supercomputers to one of Russia's leading nuclear weapon laboratories without the required export license. The U.S. computers were 10 times more powerful than anything the Russians had….. The case was sent to a a federal grand jury in 1997, where it has languished. Also in 1996, Silicon Graphics sold a powerful supercomputer to China's Academy of Sciences, which develops nuclear warheads and long-range missiles, and IBM sold an equally powerful supercomputer in 1997 to the Indian Institute of Science, India's leading missile research site. Neither Silicon Graphics nor IBM bothered to obtain the required export licenses. ….The Cox committee on Chinese spying found that Hughes Electronics and Loral Space and Communications, two big American satellite makers, "deliberately acted without the legally required licenses and violated U.S. export control laws" when they helped China improve its rockets in 1995 and 1996. To boost their profits, these U.S. firms gave China technology that could, in the committee's words, increase "the reliability of all PRC ballistic missiles." A federal grand jury has had these cases for more than a year and a half….."

USA Today 2/2/2000 Kevin Johnson ".....A congressional advisory panel recommended a wholesale restructuring of federal law enforcement Tuesday that would merge the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Drug Enforcement Administration into a larger, more powerful FBI. Similar merger proposals have been floated in years past. But the Commission on the Advancement of Federal Law Enforcement, chaired by former FBI director William Webster, cited grave concerns about a lack of coordination of the government's top police agencies. Webster said the increased threat of terrorism and the global nature of financial crime now support an urgent need for a consolidated law enforcement strategy. At the same time, the commission found that anti-terrorism efforts could be crippled by the reluctance of law enforcement and intelligence agencies to share sensitive information. In a joint response, Attorney General Janet Reno and Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers rejected the proposal as ''unnecessary'' and ''detrimental.'' The FBI and DEA are aligned under the Justice Department and the ATF under the Treasury Department. ....."

Associated Press 2/1/2000 Jim Abrams ".....The attorney general and the FBI should have more authority to coordinate the fight against new and increasingly dangerous forms of crime, a congressional commission said Tuesday. The Commission on the Advancement of Federal Law Enforcement, formed in part in response to such contentious law enforcement episodes as the standoffs at Ruby Ridge and Waco, recommended that the FBI take over enforcement functions of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. The ATF is part of the Treasury Department. The anti-drug effort of the Drug Enforcement Administration should become a separate division of the FBI, it said. Congress has failed to act on similar recommendations in the past. ....... The commission also recommended that law enforcement and intelligence agencies coordinate their activities better, that global crime be made a national law enforcement priority and that Congress require that law enforcement agencies establish new standards for professionalism and integrity. ....."

ABC News 1/28/2000 Beverly Lumpkin "…. The Wall Street Journal had a lengthy piece Thursday on Attorney General Janet Reno's putative management failures, but the only real example given was her "failure to rein in" the FBI. …… It does reveal, however, for the first time to my knowledge, that during a classified hearing last June before the Senate Judiciary Committee, "Reno was reduced nearly to tears under fierce interrogation by New Jersey Democrat Robert Torricelli. ... Her voice cracked and her eyes watered for several moments." I've been told that she actually did weep. Here's why: Before the hearing had even begun, she had been told that Torricelli was planning on leaving the hearing, storming out to the reporters' stakeout, denouncing her publicly and demanding her resignation. During the hearing itself, according to one official, "he attacked her viciously and then stood up." The assumption is that she believed at that point he was departing to begin his public attack. For whatever reason, it was at that point that she broke down. "It unbelievably affected the room ... there was dead silence ... everybody was staring at her," I was told. Aides were also worried because in questions immediately afterward, she seemed confused, almost incompetent....A law enforcement official believes the hearing had a profound effect on Reno, that it hurt her very deeply, particularly to be attacked so vociferously by Democrats, and in such a personal manner. ……."

World Net Daily 1/27/2000 Joseph Farah "….Your federal government funded a paranoid, conspiracy-minded activist to the tune of $2 million last year to, among other things, spy on little old me. This self-proclaimed "militia watchdog" is Mark Pitcavage of Columbus, Ohio. He's a one-man clearinghouse whose work on behalf of Janet Reno's Justice Department includes trashing those investigating the Waco massacre. He boasts on his website of being research director for the State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training program, funded through the Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Assistance through the Institute for Intergovernmental Research…... "I don't know who 'owns' them (WorldNetDaily)," he writes, "but they do have a clear agenda. They are an ultraconservative conspiracy-oriented (and, needless to say, anti-government) 'news agency.' I put that last in quotes because they attempt to make themselves seem like a respectable news agency, but their stories are generally the same old conspiracy theories and similar dead horses (land grabs, U.N. power, military urban exercises, Bill Clinton is evil, etc.) that have been trotted out before. The difference is money, which allows them to have paid, full-time journalists, and of course the Internet, which gives them a veneer of respectability."…."

World Net Daily 1/27/2000 Joseph Farah "….* On the term "conspiracy-oriented": I find it interesting that the targets of WorldNetDaily's investigative reports often resort to using this characterization as their sole line of defense. They don't pick apart our reporting. They don't cite inaccuracies. They don't deal in specifics. Instead, they use broad strokes to discredit the one news agency in the world that uses responsible journalistic techniques to carry out the most traditional, honorable and noble work being done in our profession today. That's what Pitcavage does. And he learned the trick from his masters in this administration - Hillary Clinton to name names……"

World Net Daily 1/27/2000 Joseph Farah "….Pitcavage is small potatoes. I'm not suggesting he's really a key player in the massive forms of abuse of power exercised by this administration. But he's indicative of how far the abuse has gone. He should be stopped. He should be defunded. But, more importantly, Congress and the people of the United States must demand that his sponsors - Reno and the Clinton smear machine - be brought to justice for their high crimes and misdemeanors. If it was wrong for Nixon - and it was - it's equally wrong for the Clintons to use all the power of the federal government to maintain "enemies lists" and to target law-abiding critics and government watchdogs for retribution….."

Wall Street Journal 1/27/2000 David Cloud "….Attorney General Janet Reno started her job seven years ago with much acclaim. After taking the rap for the Waco, Texas, disaster in her first month, she was portrayed on Time magazine's cover as "The Real Thing." Since then, she has become the longest-serving attorney general this century -- but earned few other accolades in the process. She has presided over a string of messy and controversial investigations. The Republicans in Congress who oversee her department consider her incompetent. Democrats are mostly lukewarm in her defense, and some are downright hostile... Still, Ms. Reno's problems may be rooted not just in politics, but in a more serious failing: her management style. In a city where management gets little attention, Ms. Reno often stands out as an example of how it shouldn't be done. In a way, her most appealing personal traits are also her biggest flaws as a manager: She is courteous and trusting to a fault, which often seems to make her unable or unwilling to hold wayward subordinates accountable. She goes to great lengths to avoid confrontation because "she cares about relationships and people getting along," says John Lewis, the Federal Bureau of Investigation's former assistant director. In her dogged quest for consensus, Ms. Reno has let critical problems fester and has failed to recognize political time bombs…….. Compounding Ms. Reno's problems with the FBI is the agility with which Mr. Freeh navigates Congress and the press. He and his aides court congressional overseers, frequently acceding to demands by Capitol Hill committees for inside information. Some of the resulting leaks have been detrimental to Ms. Reno. Yet, it's difficult to find any evidence that Ms. Reno has expressed unhappiness with the FBI or its director, despite behind-the-scenes prodding from Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder and others. Though she talks to Mr. Freeh just about every day, she rarely imposes her will on the bureau. "I don't run the FBI," she says. "I support them in any way I can -- that's the way I manage it."……"

Judicial Watch 1/24/2000 "....Judicial Watch learned through an anonymous source that the Clinton Justice Department - run by Attorney General Janet Reno - has been keeping a secret database against religious and pro-life leaders. The secret database is called "VAAPCON." When Judicial Watch learned of this secret illegal database, it filed a Freedom of Information Act request and confirmed that indeed VAAPCON existed. Because he believed himself to be a likely target of the Clinton Administration, Dr. Jerry Falwell, Chancellor of Liberty University, and founder of "The Moral Majority," filed a Privacy Act request to determine whether or not The White House and Clinton Justice Department had files on him and his ministries. Typically, both entities stonewalled - effectively confirming that illegal files are being kept on Dr. Falwell and his ministries. To get at the truth, Judicial Watch and Jerry Falwell, Jr., an attorney in Lynchburg, Virginia, and son of Dr. Falwell, filed suit in the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia....."Over the years, my ministries and I have been subjected to a number of attempts to not only inhibit our free speech, but to subvert our pro-life advocacy. When I learned of this illegal VAAPCON database, I felt obliged to take action to stand up for the rights of all Americans to be free to express their religious beliefs, as people of faith should not be intimidated by a corrupt and immoral Clinton Administration," stated Dr. Falwell....."

AP 1/25/2000 Susan Parrott "….The federal prosecutor who warned Attorney General Janet Reno of a possible government cover-up after the 1993 Branch Davidian siege resigned Tuesday. Assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Johnston, whose willingness to re-examine evidence from the deadly standoff touched off a re-investigation of the government's actions, handed in his resignation to his boss, U.S. Attorney James Blagg in San Antonio. Johnston, 40, acknowledged mounting frustration with Justice officials, whom he called ``less than forthright.'' And he said his job had been awkward ever since he wrote Reno last August…… Johnston's tension with his superiors was heightened in August, when he wrote Reno that government lawyers had known for years about the use of pyrotechnic tear-gas canisters, which were fired hours before the Davidians' compound erupted in flames. Ten days after he wrote the letter, Johnston was abruptly pulled from the case, as was Blagg's entire office….. ``I wasn't going to be a party to misleading the American public about this issue, when I full well knew the import of it,'' Johnston told CBS' ''60 Minutes II'' in an interview airing Tuesday night. ``We cannot hide the ball, in criminal or civil cases, and feel good about it.'' ….``We're sorry that there doesn't seem to be a place for good, hardworking, honest public servants like Bill Johnston in this Justice Department,'' said Mark Corallo, a spokesman for House Government Reform Committee Chairman Dan Burton, R-Ind., who has been critical of Reno and the Justice Department….."

The Washington Times 2/8/00 "…..It's official. Arthur A. Coia, the former president of a labor union who raised millions of dollars for Bill Clinton, Al Gore and the Democratic Party, is now a convicted felon and big-time tax cheat, too. Coia pleaded guilty in federal court last week to a felony charge that he defrauded taxpayers in Rhode Island of nearly $100,000 in taxes that were due on three Ferrari sports cars worth more than $1.7 million, including one for which Coia paid more than $1 million. Just as the Clinton Justice Department negotiated a sweetheart deal in 1995 for Coia himself to root out the mobsters controlling the Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA), which he served as general president, the Justice Department gave Coia another sweetheart deal to resolve his tax fraud. The feds could have put Coia in prison for five years and fined him $250,000. But they slapped his wrist. Instead of hard time, Coia got two years probation. Instead of the $250,000 fine, Coia will pay a puny $10,000. He also must pay $100,000 in restitution to Rhode Island, although he was assessed no interest or penalty charges. In other words, the taxpayers of Rhode Island have, in effect, given Coia, who earned $335,000 as LIUNA's president, an interest-free loan……." 2/8/00 AP "….The attorney general and the FBI should have more authority to coordinate the fight against new and increasingly dangerous forms of crime, a congressional commission said today. The Commission on the Advancement of Federal Law Enforcement, formed in part in response to such contentious law enforcement episodes as the standoffs at Ruby Ridge and Waco, recommended that the FBI take over enforcement functions of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. The ATF is part of the Treasury Department. The anti-drug effort of the Drug Enforcement Administration should become a separate division of the FBI, it said….Webster said that while such events as Ruby Ridge and Waco had become "metaphors" for some recent problems in law enforcement, they were only part of a larger picture that included real successes such as law enforcement coordination after the 1995 bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City. The FBI was deeply involved in both the 1992 Ruby Ridge, Idaho, and 1993 Waco, Texas, incidents…. The commission also recommended that law enforcement and intelligence agencies coordinate their activities better, that global crime be made a national law enforcement priority and that Congress require that law enforcement agencies establish new standards for professionalism and integrity…."

Washington Times 2/9/00 "….The death penalty was once declared unconstitutional because it was held to be "cruel and unusual." That description is certainly debatable - indeed, it was subsequently rejected by the Supreme Court when capital punishment was reinstated more than 20 years ago. But the decision by Attorney General Janet Reno to seek the death penalty in the case of Carl Derek Cooper - the gunman charged with a triple killing at a Georgetown Starbucks coffee shop on July 6, 1997 - could certainly be described as "arbitrary and capricious." Though murders are committed in the District almost every day, many of them equally brutal, the last person executed for capital murder was Robert E. Carter - in 1957. While the Starbucks murders certainly merit the ultimate sanction against the perpetrator of those crimes, surely it's unequal justice that other killers, guilty of similar or worse offenses, face at most life in prison - often with the possibility of parole after 20 years. Those who believe in the death penalty - and there are strong arguments in favor of it - ought to be concerned about this uneven application of justice…… The disconnect between sanctions for essentially the same crime, all dependent upon whether one is charged under federal or state law, is dangerous because to any fair-minded person it does indeed seem arbitrary, capricious - even cruel and unusual, for that matter. Cold-blooded murder is cold-blooded murder - no matter how the legal system might parse it…… If proved guilty, Carl Derek Cooper deserves to die. But so do others who are found guilty of similar crimes. That is the lesson - and the warning - to be gleaned from this horrible episode….."

Washington Post 2/10/00 Bill Miller "…Attorney General Janet Reno overruled U.S. Attorney Wilma A. Lewis by deciding to seek the death penalty against Carl Derek Cooper in the Starbucks slaying case, marking one of the relatively few times she has opted to push for capital punishment against the wishes of the local federal prosecutor's office. ……. Two law enforcement sources, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the consensus at the U.S. attorney's office was that the Starbucks case did not have such a compelling federal interest that it called for the ultimate sanction of death. ……. " ….. CORRECTIONS 2/9/00 A02 "….An article yesterday about Attorney General Janet Reno's authorization for prosecutors to seek the death penalty in the Starbucks coffee shop murder case here incorrectly reported how many times she has given that authorization. Reno has reviewed 498 capital cases over the past seven years and authorized prosecutors to seek the death penalty in 141 cases, including the case of Carl Derek Cooper, the suspect in the Starbucks slayings. …."

Investor's Business Daily 2/12/00 Freeper snopercod transcribes "……...the Communist Chinese even bigger than we first thought in July, 1997. We ran a half-page chronology of events then, calling it Chinagate. ...It.s become plain that Reno is doing her best to hide the conspiracy's full scope -- namely the part of the puzzle that would link Clinton administration officials to the foreign donations. ...cover up...Sources tell us that Justice may even be teaming up with the White House to spin teh story. It was White House operatives, they say, wo leaked part of the FBI interviess of Trie, called "302's", to the Los Angeles Times, which reported highlights Feb. 6. ...Tomy [not a typo] Winata, an Indonesian billionaire with ties to an aide to the chief of Chinese military intelligence, gave Trie $200,000, which he used to make illegal donations to the Clinton- Gore re-election effort and teh Clinton legal defense fund. (All told, Trie gave close to $1 million to President Clinton in the 1996 cycle.) ….. Trie got a flase ID for foreigner Chich Chong "Simon" Chien to sneak him past Secret Service guards and into the White House to see Clinton... Winata is a business associate of PLA Lt. Col. Liu Chao-ying, who procures weapons technology for missiles and satellites. ... The story that Trie dumped $640,000 in laundered dough in the lap of Clinton's legal defense fund trustee broke in 1997. Yet Justice didn't talk to Trie until May 28, 1999 -- giving him ample time to flee the country and destroy documents (which he did, at his Little Rock, Ark., office) ….It's time we learned more abou what Clinton administration officials knew. And we won't know that until Congress takes this case away from Reno. …" adding "…Sorry I couldn't key in the whole thing. Buy the paper! And let's not forget that Rep. Coble of NC has called for Reno's resignation over this. Let's not leave him twisting slowly in the wind... "

The Washington Weekly 2/14/00 Jerry Zeifman "….President Clinton promised, "The most ethical administration in history." Yet the questions now arise: Has Hillary Clinton been the closet Attorney General? Has Janet Reno been a disreputable figurehead? Reno was the Clintons' fifth choice. One of her key sponsors was Hillary Clinton's brother. Hugh Rodham. The third and fourth choices (Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood) had been disqualified for not paying social security taxes for their house maids -- scandals known in the media as "Nannygate." The second choice was Shirley Hufstedler, a former Secretary of Education under President Carter, who had declined -- purportedly because of her advanced age. The first choice was federal Judge Patricia M. Wald of the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals. Wald had served as Assistant Attorney General during the Carter administration. Carter eventually appointed her to the bench. Remarkably, after the Clintons chose her, she too had declined She explained to the press simply that she preferred to stay in a secure judicial office until retirement. However, she had other good reasons to refuse to be A.G. Wald abhorred the prospect of becoming a figurehead -- under the domination of Hillary Clinton The President had not given Wald the freedom to choose her own top deputies. He had selected then-Harvard Law professor Philip Heymann to be Deputy A.G., and Hillary's former law partner, Web Hubbell, to be the Associate Deputy. Although Wald knew little about Hubbell, she was suspicious of him. However, she knew a great deal about Heymann -- and regarded him as a "political animal." When Wald became Assistant A.G. in the Carter administration, she was in charge of Congressional relations. Heymann was then a prosecutor in the criminal division. In an effort both to ingratiate himself with President Carter and capture media attention, Heymann launched a "sting" operation that became known as "Abscam." ….."

Associated Press 2/11/00 Jim Abrams "….The Justice Department has turned down a request by Republican senators to investigate the activities of a group that promotes the separation of church and state. Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Keeney said in a letter that the department found no voter intimidation involved in efforts by Americans United for Separation of Church and State to warn churches they were jeopardizing their tax status by participating in Christian Coalition voter registration drives. "For that reason, we declined to initiate a criminal investigation," Keeney wrote to Americans United executive director Barry Lynn last week. "If the Christian Coalition and its political cronies thought they could harass and bully Americans United into dropping its efforts to educate churches about the perils of partisan political activity, they were wrong," Lynn said in a statement Friday. ……..Sessions "is offended by their suggestion that churches may lose their tax-exempt status by allowing the Christian Coalition to conduct voter registration drives," Cox added. …..The request to Reno was linked to Americans United's advice to churches that they could lose their tax-exempt status if they distributed biased voter guides to their congregations. The group in particular warned of voter guides prepared by the Christian Coalition, which had lost its request for tax-exempt status after the Internal Revenue Service concluded that some of its activities were too partisan……"

Washington Times, p. A7 2/4/00 Jerry Seper "….. A report by a federal commission calling for the consolidation of federal law enforcement agencies under the FBI brought a rebuke yesterday from Attorney General Janet Reno, who said the matter had already been reviewed and rejected. The Commission on the Advancement of Law Enforcement, headed by former CIA and FBI Director William H. Webster, proposed on Tuesday that the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms be consolidated under the control of the FBI to stave off the growing threat of global crime and terrorism. "I think there's been an excellent working relationship between the agencies," Miss Reno told reporters at her weekly press briefing. "We have, I think, come a long way and people who have observed the agencies in action say they are working together better than ever before." …."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 2/14/00 Bill Gertz "….. The Justice Department did not prosecute the former head of its intelligence division despite his admission to investigators that he disclosed classified information, The Washington Times has learned. Richard Scruggs, a friend of Attorney General Janet Reno's, who brought him to Washington, provided secret information to two reporters about an electronic eavesdropping FBI operation against the Japanese group Aum Shin Rikyo in 1995, according to Justice Department officials familiar with the case. Justice Department officials disclosed some aspects of the investigation into unauthorized disclosure on condition of anonymity. It is the first time information has been disclosed from the secret court set up under the 1979 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The Justice Department's downplaying of the Scruggs findings is similar to the CIA's limited response to former director John Deutch, who was caught mishandling classified documents but not prosecuted. In both cases, government officials have charged that security infractions were covered up to protect senior personnel……"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 2/14/00 Bill Gertz "….. Mr. Scruggs worked with Miss Reno when she was a prosecutor in Florida and was offered a job on her Justice Department staff in the early 1990s. He was placed in charge of writing the 350-page "after action report" on the Justice Department's handling of the Branch Davidian standoff. The report was submitted in October 1993, six months after the incident……Some officials suggested Mr. Scruggs was not punished for disclosing intelligence because of his friendship with Miss Reno and because he helped protect her from criticism after the Waco affair….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 2/14/00 Bill Gertz "…..Mr. Scruggs also was singled out for criticism in a recent internal Justice Department report on the department's mishandling of the case of fired Los Alamos scientist Wen Ho Lee, who is suspected of passing nuclear weapons secrets to China. The report by Justice official Randy Bellows criticized Mr. Scruggs for his role in setting the department's intelligence policy, including the decision not to seek a court order allowing the FBI to place Mr. Lee under surveillance early in the espionage investigation. One former U.S. government official said Mr. Scruggs' treatment showed the department covered up security infractions by senior officials, but aggressively pursued similar misconduct for lower-ranking officials. Numerous FBI investigations have been ordered by the Justice Department into other leaks of classified information…….. .CIA Director George Tenet, who is in charge of protecting all secrets, was never notified of the leak investigation, the officials said. The committees of Congress with oversight responsibility for the intelligence community also were not informed….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 2/14/00 Bill Gertz "….. The reporters' book revealed that the FBI and Justice Department were at odds over how quickly to install electronic eavesdropping devices in the offices of Aum Shin Rikyo in New York shortly after the group's poison gas attack in a Tokyo subway. The surveillance and break-in at the group's New York offices required approval by the secret court set up under the 1979 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to authorize searches and eavesdropping in counterspy and counter-terrorism cases. According to the book, Mr. Scruggs delayed approval for the electronic bugging because of a lack of evidence. The holdup angered James Kallstrom, director of the FBI's New York office….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 2/14/00 Bill Gertz "….. Mr. Scruggs said he was assigned to "shadow" the two reporters during their work on the book and that the department's cooperation was approved by Miss Reno. Mr. Scruggs also said the probe was not "a leak investigation." However, other officials familiar with the case said it was. One official close to the investigation said Mr. Scruggs was the original source for the intelligence material contained in the book and admitted it during the subsequent investigation by the Office of Professional Responsibility……"

Associated Press 2/16/00 Pete Yost "…..The chief judge of the federal court here suggested that Justice Department prosecutors ask that a criminal case against a Democratic fund-raiser be sent to a judge appointed by President Clinton, documents state. Chief U.S. District Judge Norma Holloway Johnson has already drawn judicial and congressional scrutiny for bypassing the normal random assignment system and sending the cases against six Clinton supporters to judges appointed by the president. But Rep. Howard Coble, R-N.C, whose judiciary subcommittee is looking into the assignments, disclosed a new document on Wednesday which states that Johnson suggested to prosecutors that they ask for the case of fund-raiser Maria Hsia be sent to a judge appointed by Clinton. "This procedure is unusual, unorthodox and may be improper," Coble wrote in a letter to the federal appeals court in Washington. Coble, a House Judiciary subcommittee chairman, enclosed a copy of a notice that the Justice Department filed in the Hsia case in 1998 in which prosecutors requested the case be sent to U.S. District Judge Paul Friedman "at the suggestion of the Chief Judge." …."

United Press International 2/14/00 "…..The former head of the Justice Department's intelligence division was not prosecuted even though he admitted that he leaked classified information about FBI eavesdropping operations against a Japanese extremist group…….. The fact that nothing happened to Scruggs angered some Justice Department officials, the Times reported……… According to the newspaper, Scruggs provided authors Jim McGee and Brian Duffy with details of the planting of eavesdropping devices by the FBI in the New York office of Aum Shin Rikyo shortly after the group launched a poison gas attack on the Tokyo subway system in 1995. Scruggs' approval was needed before the FBI could proceed……… "

O'Reilly Factor/Jim Quinn/my D:\drive Freeper W. 2/15/00 "…..David Schippers/Bill O'Reilly interview transcript Transcribed from the Quinn In The Morning Radio show, 14 Feb 2000. S is Schippers, O is O'Reilly, and Quinn is Quinn. …….
O: All right, let's get on the Maria Hsia trial , another very strange... First of all, Miss Hsia should be tried in Orange County, California, but she's not being charged there, she's being tried in Washington, D.C., because some pundits say that's more favorable to the Clinton-Gore team.
S: I think that's absolutely true. I think it's been proved already, where they're have been acquittals out there on cases that were very strong cases. Um, as an old prosecutor, usually it's the defense that's screaming about the venue, in this case, Miss Hsia is from California, the co-conspirator, the temple, is in California, the money was paid in California, the reimbursement was made in California, the trial is being held in Washington, D.C.
O: And that's at Janet Reno's request?
S: Yeah, it figures.
O: You want to explain that, counselor?
S: Absolutely. I refer to Janet Reno as the goalie. And, I think she's a goalie, though, who is doing exactly the opposite of what most goalies do. Her job is to keep things in the net, instead of letting things get out of the net.
O: I am of the same opinion that you are, but it doesn't seem that Congress is that upset about it, because the woman does this time and time and time again. In fact, she didn't even want to prosecute the Hsia case, but she had to because the evidence was so blatant, and in the opening statements her prosecutors from the Justice Department said--four times--the Clinton-Gore team didn't know anything about this. Isn't that a little unusual?
S: That is very unusual. Very unusual. Let the Clinton-Gore people come in and say no, we didn't know anything about it, but they have the prosecutor get up and say: "Here's the bad guy, and by the way, the other people who may have been involved are good guys."
O: Yeah, they didn't know anything about it, and you know what the kicker is on that, counselor, Al Gore, who was the man who was there in the center of everything--he never was interviewed by the Justice Department, did you know that?
S: He should have been an unindicted co-conspirator, at least.
O: Not even that, they never even talked to the Vice-President--isn't that a little strange?
S: Well, why bother, when you've got a fall guy, and they had the fall guy in Miss Hsia.
…… [Quinn's commentary: Now, I want you to listen very carefully to what Mr. Schippers is saying, and I will translate it in words he didn't want to use...]
S: They don't care about the public, they don't care about the Congress, they have made the statement: "Nobody can oversee us because we're too big..."
[Quinn's commentary: They don't care about the law. Now think about what that means...the Justice Department doesen't care about the law. This means that when the Justice Department comes after you, either because you really have done something wrong, or because it is a politically motivated attack--when the Justice Department does that, you are dealing with a bunch of people who have decided to become organised criminals. You are dealing with a bunch of people here, who have no moral authority whatever to come after you. These are people that don't care about the law. Now, I don't mean individuals in the Justice Department. I got news for ya, there are individuals in the Justice Department who are appalled by what's going on, and to them, I would say I am appalled that you are not blowing the whistle. I know what happens to whistle-blowers, that's right, I'm asking you to end your career, alright. I know of a lot of people who have died for freedom--ending your career ain't that big a thing. You're talking about the rule of law, you're talking about everything this country is built on, and you people in the Justice Department who remain silent because you're afraid of losing your careers better start talking. And I know there is a whistleblower law, and I know the Clinton Administration and the current Justice Department totally ignores that law too, which means when you open your mouth you're screwed... I'm asking you to make the sacrifice, this is bigger than you are... Hear what this guy is saying--that the Justice Department is a monolith that claims no one can oversee it! Now, does that sound familiar to you? That's the attitude of this President--no one can oversee me! It continues.]
S: ...the Congress has the power, and when we tried to do it in Oversight, before Mister Starr brought over his material, we would ask for material, we would ask to interview people, and the answer was no. Now it is up to the Congress to assert their power, to assert thier rights and to use their civil contempt power that they have to force them to open up...
…..O: I asked John McCain on this air a couple weeks ago, will you prosecute Janet Reno for obstruction of justice, if you're elected President? Will you hand it over to your Justice Department to prosecute the woman? And he said no, because of her health.
S: Oh, out here in Chicago, we've had a number of old-time politicians die while they were awaiting trial. Health doesn't seem to bother the Justice Department or the prosecutors when it happens to be just some poor citizen. But, if it's the Attorney General of the United States, then health is a very important matter. The whole thing smells to high...
O: It does, it's horrible, and I don't want to put words in your mouth, but what you seem to be saying is the Justice Department, right now, in the United States of America, is an entity unto itself.
S: Precisely, you aren't putting words in my mouth, those are my words. They do what they want and they answer to nobody. And they are so arrogant that they look upon the Congress of the United States as a bunch of mopes.
O: Well, counselor, I think we're gonna leave it right there... "

Los Angeles Times 2/26/00 Eric Lichtblau Ronald Ostrow "…..Four years ago, a senior Justice Department official quietly acknowledged to the department that he had revealed secrets about a New York City anti-terrorism operation to the authors of an upcoming book. ...... Despite an in-house call that the official should be disciplined, he escaped formal punishment. But now, amid stepped-up concerns about how the government protects its secrets, the case of Richard Scruggs is drawing new scrutiny because of some troubling questions. First, did the Justice Department go easy on Scruggs, a friend of Atty. Gen. Janet Reno from her days as a prosecutor in Florida? And perhaps just as worrisome, did Justice Department officials mislead U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth--head of one of the nation's most powerful and secretive courts--by not disclosing their findings to him? ……… "This was more than an ordinary leak," said John L. Martin, who headed the Justice Department espionage investigations unit at the time. "This was a horribly egregious offense, and it goes to the very heart and essence of how you operate in combating terrorism and how you handle secret information." ...... Such issues have taken on newfound resonance in recent months because of the cases of two other federal employees who allegedly compromised government secrets: Wen Ho Lee, the Los Alamos National Laboratory nuclear scientist charged with downloading massive amounts of classified data onto an unsecured computer, and former CIA Director John M. Deutch, who used several unprotected home computers to write confidential memos to President Clinton and for other highly classified work. ……"

Los Angeles Times 2/26/00 Eric Lichtblau Ronald Ostrow "…..At the center of the Scruggs case is a book called "Main Justice," published in 1996. Written by journalists Jim McGee and Brian Duffy, it details the inner workings of the Justice Department. The book, along with a shortened adaptation published in the Washington Post Magazine a few months earlier, focused in part on the increased use of secret wiretaps by federal authorities. These wiretaps were authorized by the secret court headed by Lamberth. Meeting in secret, it has the power to permit federal prosecutors and FBI agents to sidestep normal constitutional protections when they undertake wiretaps, surveillance and searches against suspected terrorists or agents of a hostile foreign government. ......At the Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Act Court, headed by Judge Lamberth since 1995, the judges were equally concerned. Lamberth recalled in an interview that he was shocked when he first saw in the McGee-Duffy book what were purported to be details on the secret workings of his court. It marked "an apparent breach. . . . It was obvious that someone from inside the Justice Department or the FBI had to be giving out classified information. I didn't understand that." Troubled, Lamberth said that he contacted the Justice Department to find out what had happened. He never heard anything back, he said, and "as far as I know, they were never able to determine the source." If Justice Department officials did in fact determine the possible source without taking proper action--or without telling the court--"that would be troubling," he said. "Just philosophically, I think when you identify someone who has been improperly leaking protected material, you've got to deal with it." ……"

CNN 2/25/00 "….The Justice Department announced it will review the evidence in the trial of four white New York City police officers who were acquitted on Friday of all charges in the death of Amadou Diallo, an unarmed black man who was hit by 19 of 41 shots fired at him in the vestibule of his Bronx home last February. The Justice Department released the following statement on behalf of Mary Jo White, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York: ……. The statement came shortly after the acquittal of the defendants -- Kenneth Boss, Sean Carroll, Edward McMellon and Richard Murphy -- who had all pleaded not guilty to the charge of second-degree murder in the 1999 killing of Diallo, a 22-year-old immigrant from the West African nation of Guinea. Jurors also were allowed to consider lesser charges, including first-degree manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, and reckless endangerment. …….. "

Insight 2/2000 Douglas Burton "……He [Trie] also confessed to orchestrating the sale of a 500-liter (130-gallon) medical fermentation device to a pharmaceutical plant in China suspected of manufacturing chemical and biological agents for military purposes. Insight has obtained copies of the secret depositions given by Trie to the FBI's Campaign Finance Task Force that, until recently, was thought to have begun shutting down operations after skirmishes with the Reno Justice Department concerning the scope and direction of the long-running investigation. In fact, based on the FBI's 302 summaries of Trie's lengthy depositions, the task force appears significantly to have expanded its operations and is zeroing in on key targets involved in suspected illegal campaign donations from overseas, most notably China and Indonesia. ….."

Insight 2/2000 Douglas Burton "……Trie, who pleaded guilty to making illegal campaign operations and is cooperating with federal authorities, has revealed extensive details about the machinery of campaign-finance irregularities involving the Democratic National Committee, or DNC, and Clinton's political operations. He lays bare the elaborate methods he and others used to collect and channel illegal contributions from Asian-Americans and overseas nationals. It is the revelation about the estimated $1 million sale of dual-use medical technology to China, however, and the involvement of a respected U.S. government scientist in a company Trie used to facilitate the sale, that most deeply has shocked federal investigators and national-security officials contacted by Insight. ……"

Insight 2/2000 Douglas Burton "……Peter Leitner, a senior Defense Department licensing analyst who specializes in export controls of dual-use technology, has reviewed Insight's copies of the confidential FBI interviews with Trie. Leitner says the transfer of the highly sophisticated pharmaceutical-grade fermenting machine poses significant risks to U.S. security at home and abroad if used to make advanced germ-warfare products such as anthrax and botulism. The evidence of the fermenting machine's sale and transfer sometime in 1993 to the Changchun Biological Products Institute is alarming, according to Leitner, given that the Chinese facility has been flagged by some experts as a biological-weapons laboratory run by the People's Liberation Army. Leitner tells Insight: "This whole affair has the classic earmarks of a Chinese military-intelligence operation." What the FBI has done with the information newly obtained from Trie is not clear. However, Insight has learned that Rep. Dan Burton, the Indiana Republican who is chairman of the House Government Reform Committee, is aware of the new development and has scheduled hearings on this and other revelations made to the FBI by Trie. ......"

Insight 2/2000 Douglas Burton "….Wheeler and Leitner, who appears in the documentary, were asked to comment on the FBI summary materials. Leitner tells Insight that Trie's export of biotech materials to China illustrates "a major diversion of U.S. military and technological assets to biowarfare plants in China." According to Wheeler: "This is a new basis for the congressional oversight committees to revisit the federal task-force investigation of campaign-finance violations in light of compelling evidence that the Reno Justice Department has failed to conduct a thorough investigation."

Insight 2/2000 Douglas Burton "…..Trie told the FBI he formed an international-trading business in 1991 that "brokered the export of biotech machinery and elevator equipment to China." It was this company, Daihatsu International Trading Inc., that arranged the sale in mid-1992 of the 500-liter fermenting machine from Sulzer Biotech Systems in Woodbury, N.Y., which, only after Clinton took office in January 1993, shipped the equipment from its Swiss manufacturing plant to the Chinese facility…….. Trie told the FBI that he didn't see the fermenter sale as a big deal. What appears to have impressed him is that on trips to China he met with high-level intelligence, military and business officials, some of whom gave him hundreds of thousands of dollars that he used to make illegal donations. ….."

Insight 2/2000 Douglas Burton "…….According to Wheeler, Rene Losher, former executive director of Sulzer Biotech Systems, has advised government investigators that a Swiss engineer was sent to Changchun to help install the tank. The buyer was Zhang Jiaming, director of the Changchun Biological Products Institute. Leitner says the FBI also should have been concerned with the likely participation in the deal of Peter Fu, a toxicology expert at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's research facility on the grounds of the Pine Bluff military arsenal in Arkansas. The arsenal originally was established to produce and store biological weapons, Leitner says. According to the FBI summaries, Trie said Fu and his wife, Violetta, were "silent partners" in the formation of Trie's Daihatsu International Trading Inc. and invested thousands of dollars in start-up capital. According to government sources who have seen Trie's full FBI interviews, the Fu's gave Trie $40,000 in "start-up capital" for this joint venture……."

Insight 2/2000 Douglas Burton In fact, Fu tells Insight in an exclusive interview that he was not a "partner" with Trie and did not invest money in Daihatsu, per se. But he admits that he and his wife lent the Tries $40,000 as a favor and that the loan was repaid. At the same time, Fu acknowledges that the registered mailing address for Daihatsu was Fu's home in Little Rock, Ark.. …..A summary of Trie's depositions to the FBI reads, in part: "Trie acknowledged being a close friend of Dr. Peter Fu, a research biochemist who was chief of the toxicology branch of an FDA facility near Little Rock," adding that "the Fus withdrew from the partnership in 1992 or 1993." Trie also told the FBI that Zhang was present when Trie formed United Biotech and that Trie had introduced Fu to Zhang in Little Rock……. The 500-liter fermentation tank transferred to the Changchun facility would be prohibited for sale by the Department of Defense's Militarily Critical Technologies List because it allows the manufacture of large quantities of biological agents, such as botulism or anthrax bacteria, for military purposes, Leitner says. Several 500-liter tanks of this type were discovered in Iraq and seized as contraband by U.N. Special Commission inspectors in 1991. According to government sources, China has listed the Changchun facility on the international registry of facilities producing biological or chemical agents but claims its only use at this time is for the production of pharmaceuticals such as hepatitis vaccines. ….."

Insight 2/2000 Douglas Burton "…….Leitner calls Trie's deposition regarding the fermentation tank and the involvement of Fu "a revelation" that should have been followed up but apparently wasn't. "Here we have an FDA guy who is head of the toxicology branch of his lab, who gives Trie $40,000 and gets introduced to the manager of a bioweapons program in China. They gave direct assistance to a biological-weapons program, and the FBI did not follow up. It's right there on page four of the FBI summary. You can't get more blatant than that." ………. "

Manchester Guardian 2/22/00 Raymond Bonner "…..In a move that underlines the growing concern in the United States about Russian organised crime, the FBI is setting up its first office abroad in which its agents will serve as full-time investigators. The office opens next month in Budapest, which is home to many Russian mafia leaders , who see the Hungarian capital as a well-situated portal to western Europe and the US. …."

Associated Press 2/24/00 "….The Justice Department, which earlier declined to bring criminal charges against former CIA Director John Deutch for home computer security breaches, is taking a new look "to see whether there is any basis for further action," Attorney General Janet Reno said Thursday. Reno said the inquiry would cover both Deutch's conduct and the CIA's follow-up. Top members of the Senate Intelligence Committee welcomed Reno's new interest but said they would move ahead with their own inquiry. "It's sad she didn't take a closer look at it earlier, because something is wrong and we're going to get to the bottom of it," said the committee chairman, Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala. He said the committee, which heard from Deutch earlier in this week, is turning more attention to why it took the CIA 18 months to notify congressional oversight committees after the agency discovered in December 1996 that Deutch had mishandled classified material. "This is inexplicable to me and to others on the committee," Shelby said, suggesting "possibly a cover-up." "There are a lot of unanswered questions," said Sen. Richard Bryan of Nevada, the committee's vice chairman and senior Democrat. ….."

UPI 2/24/00 Michael Kirkland "…..The Justice Department indicated Thursday its review of security allegations surrounding former CIA Director John Deutch has entered a more serious stage…… Speaking on background, an official said the department's criminal division was now conducting the review of Deutch, who has admitted to mishandling classified documents on his home computer. There was no sense at the Justice Department that the review was targeting some specific allegation of a crime, either by Deutch or those agency officials who delayed sending a CIA inspector general's report on the matter to department offificials. However, the new criminal division review of all the facts surrounding the Deutch admission marks a distinct departure from the department's earlier stance, when officials said they were merely reviewing the CIA's report……"

New Australian, The No. 145, 21-27 2/00 James Henry "……So bad is the situation that it was immediately assumed that the killers [of Jerry Parks] would never be arrested. They never were. How could they be, whispered critics, when one of the first acts of the Clintons was to replace all US Attorneys "with our people." An unprecedented and dictatorial act that gave the Clintons control over the prosecutorial machinery of the federal government in every judicial district in the country. To top this off, the Clintons even maneuvered to get Webster Hubbel installed as Attorney General - before he went to jail where he threatened to cooperate with Starr. However, $US700,000 plus in hush money, clumsily disguised as consultancy fees. To strengthen their control further they had William Sessions, Director of the FBI, removed. Sessions was noted for his integrity and opposition to political interference in the Bureau's affairs. (No wonder he had to go.) Clinton groupie Louis Freeh was made Director of the FBI. Rumour now has it that FBI agents have withheld sensitive information from Freeh in the belief, rightly or wrongly, that it would be passed on to the White House which is now considered, to put it mildly, a security risk……"

New Australian, The No. 145, 21-27 2/00 James Henry "……The irony and added danger for the Clintons is that Freeh might start taking his job seriously, unless they have something on him too. That this may be so is why some people believe Freeh refused in May 1998 to prevent the New York Times blowing an FBI operation that centered on Johnny Chung, a Clinton fundraiser, thus endangering his life. Any wonder it is now thought that the White House fed the details of the undercover operation to so-called hot-shot NYT reporters Don Vanatta, Jeff Gerth and David Johnston, confident in the knowledge that Freeh would not intervene. No wonder the NYT was able to smugly claim it would have postponed the story for a couple of days if only Freeh had asked it to do so. Yep, there's one hell of smell round there……" 2/18/00 Carl Limbacher "…. FBI Director Louis Freeh failed to intercede with The New York Times as the paper prepared a bombshell report that blew the lid off a crucial Chinagate sting operation planned by the bureau's Los Angeles Counterintelligence Group, key cooperating witness Johnny Chung says in a new videotape account of his story. The failure of the FBI's brass to seek a delay from Times editors caused Los Angeles investigators to shortcircuit their probe into a suspected Chinese military connection between the campaign cash Chung was raising for the White House and the Clinton administration itself. Once the Times report hit the streets, the FBI's Los Angeles Counterintelligence Group immediately became concerned for Chung's safety, rushing the key witness and his family to a secure location for their protection. As Times editors informed Chung's lawyer of their impending blockbuster, Chung himself was preparing to wear a bodywire into a high stakes meeting with Robert Luu, a man investigators believed had been sent to quiet Chung by top officials in Beijing……… "


TheWashington Times 2/28/00 George Archibald "…..The Justice Department, defending housing Secretary Andrew M. Cuomo against efforts to force his testimony in a bid-rigging case, told a federal judge that bids are missing for government housing auctions worth $5.2 billion. The claim in court affidavits 10 days ago is now disputed by Mr. Cuomo's spokesman at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. He said disputed bids were seized more than two years ago by investigators for Susan M. Gaffney, the agency's inspector general, as part of an ongoing criminal probe of multibillion-dollar contract fraud and bid-rigging in HUD's auctions of defaulted federally subsidized housing properties. The criminal investigation has not resulted in any prosecutions to date. The IG has declined to comment, saying the probe is still under way. But left in the middle of administration finger pointing is a frustrated and angry HUD contractor, Bethesda, Md.-based Ervin & Associates, which has sued HUD for multibillion-dollar fraud in defaulted housing sales. It has asked District of Columbia Judge Emmet G. Sullivan to sort out whether a cover-up is under way - now assisted by criminal investigators appointed by President Clinton……"Susan Gaffney is asleep at the switch or they're being told to kill this thing," said HUD contractor whistleblower John Ervin, who has used a four-year federal lawsuit and the Freedom of Information Act to extract evidence of HUD mismanagement and wrongdoing. "They aren't stupid. There's a cover-up going on." ….."

Washington Post 10/3/97 Susan Schmidt Robert Suro "…….."The [FBI] wanted to investigate the president and the vice president," said one well-placed Justice Department attorney who, like all others interviewed for this article, declined to be identified by name. ". . . We thought if the evidence was there for an independent counsel, we would get to it in the normal, ordinary course of the investigation." From the outset, the task force studiously avoided seeking out new information on an issue many may have assumed it was examining most closely: whether the White House or the Clinton-Gore reelection campaign was involved in fund-raising abuses. If agents came upon evidence of a crime by a covered person, they were instructed to flag it immediately so the attorney general could decide whether to seek the appointment of an independent counsel. But the agents were not to go looking for such evidence, the Justice lawyers insisted. "You can't ask someone whether a covered person committed a crime," said one Justice Department lawyer involved in the investigation……….

Washington Post 10/3/97 Susan Schmidt Robert Suro "……...Eventually, the conflict between the lawyers and the FBI agents became so great that even routine matters had to be referred to their most senior bosses, who themselves sometimes disagreed over how to proceed………. It was not until eight months after the task force began its work that the FBI began to interview more senior officials…….For Director Louis J. Freeh, the July publication of a potential witness list by the Senate committee holding hearings on campaign fund-raising was an alarm bell. The list included some of the most senior officials in the Clinton-Gore campaign and the Democratic National Committee, officials that FBI agents inside the task force had felt constrained from talking to……..The possibility that these officials would be questioned in public before the FBI had talked to them was unacceptable, Freeh concluded. He ordered that everyone on the list be interviewed by the FBI, most for the first time.

Washington Post 10/3/97 Susan Schmidt Robert Suro "…….."You don't tell the FBI that in this particular investigation - unlike any other - you don't seek a full explanation of what happened. You follow the facts and let them lead where they may," said one experienced Justice Department prosecutor familiar with the Independent Counsel Act. "If they said we're not going to look into this because it might lead to a covered person . . . it is prima facie evidence of proof of conflict of interest. If they were restraining the agents, if they curtailed the manner in which questions could be asked, that should have been the moment when they appointed an independent counsel."……Terry Eastland, a Reagan-era Justice Department official who has written a book on the independent counsel law, said the limitations agents felt were placed on them reflected a "very rigid analysis. . . . If you feel that constrained that you can't interview anybody . . . you've already bumped up against the statute, and you ought to hand it off" to an independent counsel……."

National Post 3/11/00 "…….To this day, however, the full report has never seen the light of day. Ms. Reno has repeatedly rejected any outside investigation of White House campaign finance wrongdoing -- in defiance of the opinion of both Mr. LaBella and Louis Freeh, the FBI director. And she has kept a tight lid on the LaBella memo. In September, 1998, Ms. Reno did allow a small group of congressmen to review a version. But 64 of the memo's 94 pages had been blacked out in advance, and each copy was collected following their review in order to prevent public dissemination. Recently, however, the Los Angeles Times obtained a copy of the redacted LaBella report. And yesterday, the newspaper published details of its contents. ….."

New York Times 3/11/00 Howell Raines "…..The documents are further evidence of Ms. Reno's politicized handling of the campaign fund-raising issue and of her dedication to protecting Democratic Party interests from start to finish. Given her record, it is unlikely that these revelations will now shame her into appointing another strong prosecutor to reinvigorate her department's languishing campaign finance investigation. But she owes the public an explanation of her behavior, and Congress will need to explore ways to force action from attorneys general who protect their cronies while ignoring the recommendations of professional investigators. …….. The document does not accuse any of these Democrats of illegal activities. What it does say is that the department's failure to appoint an independent counsel, and its insistence on using its own lawyers, was "a recipe for disaster" guaranteeing that the public would never learn the truth. In many respects the La Bella memo echoed the views of Louis J. Freeh, the F.B.I. director, who also told Ms. Reno that under the independent counsel law she was legally obliged to appoint an outside investigator who would not be troubled, as Ms. Reno inevitably would be, by the conflicts of interest inherent in investigating her boss and the vice president……."

New York Times 3/11/00 Howell Raines "…..The second damaging document, disclosed in today's New York Times, is a letter from a senior Justice Department official ordering a federal prosecutor in Los Angeles, Stephen Mansfield, to stop his investigation of the now-famous fund-raising luncheon that Mr. Gore attended in April 1996 at a Buddhist retreat in California. With presumably unintended irony, the official, Lee J. Radek, informed Mr. Mansfield that he should cease and desist because the matter could have "independent counsel ramifications" -- even though Ms. Reno never had any real appetite for such a counsel. Mr. Mansfield halted his investigation, and in the following months several figures involved in the temple fund-raising scheme fled the country. The department's own internal inquiry exonerated Mr. Gore. So far the only person nailed in the affair has been Maria Hsia, a California immigration consultant and fund-raiser for Mr. Gore who was convicted by a federal jury in Washington last week……."

NEW YORK TIMES 3/11/00 David Johnston Don Van Natta Jr "…..Not only did the F.B.I. director, Louis J. Freeh, and Ms. Reno's chief campaign finance prosecutor, Charles G. La Bella, conclude that Ms. Reno was obligated to seek an independent counsel, but so did aides like Robert S. Litt, a highly influential political deputy at the Justice Department who was often said to have opposed such appointments. But Ms. Reno decided against them and ordered the investigation of Mr. Gore closed in December, 1998. That decision lifted an enormous political weight off Mr. Gore as he prepared to seek the presidency and became one of the attorney general's most controversial and criticized moves. …… "

NEW YORK TIMES 3/11/00 David Johnston Don Van Natta Jr "…..But in an early, pivotal decision, senior Justice Department officials in Washington ordered the prosecutor, Assistant United States Attorney Stephen A. Mansfield, to cease his investigation and turn over any information he had gathered to prosecutors in Washington because Mr. Gore was covered by the independent counsel statute. "As would be necessary in any matter with potential independent counsel ramifications, your office should take no steps to investigate these matters at this time," Lee J. Radek, the chief of the public integrity section, wrote in a Nov. 1, 1996 letter to a top Federal prosecutor in Los Angeles. The letter was recently obtained by The New York Times. The department's temple inquiry exonerated Mr. Gore by 1997, and when he was later interviewed by the F.B.I. in 1997 and 1998, he was never even questioned about the temple. The investigation led to an indictment of Maria Hsia, a California immigration consultant and longtime fund-raiser for the vice president, who was convicted by a Federal jury here last week. ……"

NEW YORK TIMES 3/11/00 David Johnston Don Van Natta Jr "…..A review of the Justice Department's inquiry of Mr. Gore's role in the 1996 campaign finance investigation shows that the vice president only narrowly avoided the appointment of an independent counsel to investigate charges of illegal fund-raising, not for any actions related to the temple for but for fund-raising phone calls that the vice president placed from his White House office. The closeness of the call on Mr. Gore's case was not known previously. The debates kept the decision open until the final day of the 90-day deadline imposed by the independent counsel law, when Mr. Radek and other lawyers from the public integrity section persuaded Ms. Reno that the facts would never warrant prosecution, the officials said. ………."

NEW YORK TIMES 3/11/00 David Johnston Don Van Natta Jr "…..In a confidential memorandum to Ms. Reno in 1998, Charles G. La Bella, her hand-picked chief of the department's campaign finance task force, argued strenuously that an independent counsel should be appointed to investigate the fund-raising roles of President Clinton and Mr. Gore. Mr. La Bella's memorandum has never been made public. But verbatim notes by someone who reviewed the document demonstrate Mr. La Bella's frustrations. Mr. La Bella said that the Justice Department had begun aggressive investigations of lower-level people "based only on a wisp of information," while he believed that top White House officials had the benefit of a much higher legal threshold. Mr. La Bella pointed out in his memo, some details of which were first reported in The Los Angeles Times, that the independent counsel law had an assurance that senior officials would be "treated neither more harshly nor more leniently than others in less powerful positions." ….."

NEW YORK TIMES 3/11/00 David Johnston Don Van Natta Jr "…..Mr. Mansfield, the Los Angeles prosecutor who originally investigated the temple fund-raiser, said in a recent interview that he had prepared to investigate aggressively. "I wanted to move very quickly, to gather evidence by issuing subpoenas, interviewing witnesses and considering the execution of search warrants," said Mr. Mansfield, who had extensive experience prosecuting campaign finance fraud cases and who is now a partner at the law firm of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld. "But it got yanked off my desk and as far as I know, nothing happened for many, many months. The consequence of a strategy of sitting back and doing nothing means you effectively make the matter go away. It is so much harder to develop. Speed is everything in a highly publicized case." …..In the months that elapsed, several figures involved in the temple fund-raising fled the country. ……"

NEW YORK TIMES 3/11/00 David Johnston Don Van Natta Jr "…..In a letter in October, 1997, after her task force had been investigating for about a year, the attorney general had already decided that the practices that had first raised the biggest questions about the Democrats, among them the use of the White House as a fund-raising tool, did not merit an independent counsel. But one fund-raising statute, a 1883 civil service law that barred elected officials from using government offices to raise money, was clear and troublesome for Mr. Gore, who had made 45 fund-raising calls from his vice-presidential office. Mr. Gore's supporters have said that the accusations were baseless, and that the applicable law was created to correct political abuses before the invention of the telephone. In December 1997, Ms. Reno absolved him of any wrongdoing by saying that his calls were intended to raise unrestricted soft money only for general party purposes, not for potentially illegal hard-money donations for the use of the re-election campaign effort. ..."

NEW YORK TIMES 3/11/00 David Johnston Don Van Natta Jr "…..Gore II, as it became known within some Justice Department circles, focused on whether Mr. Gore lied to investigators during the initial inquiry into his fund-raising phone calls. But this time, Ms. Reno's advisers were sharply divided and there was much deliberation. Mr. La Bella and Director Freeh, this time joined by Mr. Litt and other Justice Department officials, redoubled their efforts to get the attorney general to appoint an independent counsel. Again, this time more narrowly, Mr. Gore escaped the appointment of an independent counsel when Ms. Reno overruled her advisers. The Justice Department's second investigation of Mr. Gore began in September 1998 when the White House belatedly disclosed a fund-raising memo by David M. Strauss, a deputy chief of staff to the vice president. Mr. Strauss's notes were taken at a White House meeting on Nov. 21, 1995 and suggested Mr. Gore might not have been truthful in the 1997 inquiry. Mr. Gore had told investigators that he thought his White House telephone calls were only to raise soft-money donations. But the Strauss memorandum indicated that Mr. Gore might have known when he was questioned by Justice Department investigators that money was being split into both unrestricted soft-money accounts and restricted hard-money accounts. According to new documents, the former White House chief of staff, Leon A. Panetta, recalled that the vice president was present and seemed attentive when there was a White House discussion of how money would be split among party accounts. But Mr. Gore said he was sometimes inattentive and missed parts of fund-raising meetings. Additionally, he told the F.B.I., according to notes of a 1998 interview, that "he drank a lot of iced tea during meetings, which could have necessitated a restroom break." Ms. Reno concluded the evidence against Mr. Gore was too slight to support a prosecution. ….."

CNN 3/10/00 Pierre Thomas Terry Frieden "……The Justice Department's chief spokesman has rejected charges published Friday that political favoritism led Attorney General Janet Reno to decline to appoint a special prosecutor to look into Democratic fund-raising efforts during the 1996 campaign. Spokesman Myron Marlin said Reno had "received differing points of view, and based her decision on the facts and the law, without regard to politics." The White House said the allegations in the so-called LaBella report are not new, and that the administration "responded very openly several years ago when these first came [out]," said Joe Lockhart, President Bill Clinton's spokesman. The report is named after Charles LaBella, former chief Campaign Finance Task Force prosecutor. "The only thing I'll say is that the attorney general made her decision based on the facts, the evidence and the law," Lockhart added.......... A December 1997 internal memo by another former task force prosecutor, Steve Clark of San Diego, said that his attempts to look into charges of corruption by Republicans and Democrats was fended off by "behind-the-scenes maneuvering, personal animosity, distortions of fact and contortions of law." "The campaign finance allegations ... present the earmarks of a loose enterprise employing different actors at different levels who share a common goal: Bring in the money," said the LaBella report. The report said Clinton knew, or should have known, that some of his fundraisers were bringing in money from sources outside the United States. Evidence suggested "a conscious avoidance of the truth..." the report said. Task force documents also questioned Gore's "failure of recollection" in his story. Gore "may have provided false testimony," the report said….."

New York Post 3/11/00 "……Just as Al Gore was being listed as the morning-line favorite for the presidency, he finds himself cast in a Charles Dickens story -- haunted by the ghost of fund-raising scandals past. First there was the conviction of Maria Hsia, a longtime Gore fund-raiser, on five felony counts for funneling more than $100,000 in illegal contributions to the White House-controlled Democratic National Committee in 1996. Now, the Los Angeles Times has published a large part of the 1998 confidential memo filed by Charles LaBella, the Justice Department's chief campaign-finance investigator, urging Attorney General Janet Reno to appoint a special prosecutor to probe the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign. Reno has kept this explosive memo tightly under wraps for two years -- even under threat of a contempt of Congress citation -- and no wonder. According to LaBella, Reno and her "see-no-evil" Justice Department gave special treatment to President Clinton, Vice President Gore, First Lady Hillary Clinton and former White House aide Harold Ickes -- now Mrs. Clinton's top campaign strategist. …..The blistering memo was backed by FBI Director Louis Freeh -- but despite this dramatic endorsement, Reno said she saw no reason to appoint an independent counsel. ….."

Rep. Curt Weldon's Website 3/10/00 "…..Congressman Curt Weldon (R-PA) charged Attorney General Janet Reno with attempting to cover-up a myriad of campaign fundraising illegalities in the wake of the public disclosure of the LaBella memo in today's L.A. Times. As a member of the Cox Committee investigating Chinese espionage and the transfer of sophisticated military technologies from the U.S. to the People's Republic of China, Weldon has repeatedly called upon the Justice Department to release the memo. ……."This shows the Clinton-Gore-Reno stonewalling for what it was - a nakedly political attempt by the Clinton-Gore Administration to squelch all evidence of its illegal activity," said Weldon. "The months-long spin-doctoring of the Reno whitewashers was nothing more than a lame attempt to explain away a cover-up." ……

……"I have long-believed that the LaBella memorandum contained damning information on the illegal campaign fundraising efforts by the Clinton-Gore Administration," stated Weldon, who says there is a link between illegal campaign contributions to the Clinton-Gore campaign and the DNC and the transfer of sensitive technologies to China. "During our investigation, the Cox Committee - which was afforded unprecedented access to a wide range of classified intelligence documents - requested a copy of the LaBella memo but was refused by Janet Reno and the Justice Department. Now we know why."

…….Today's L.A. Times revealed that the internal Justice Department Campaign Finance Task Force - set up to investigate illegal campaign financing activities during the 1996 election - was stifled, in the words of one task force prosecutor, by "behind-the-scenes maneuvering, personal animosity, distortions of fact and contortions of law" by high-level Justice officials. Another task force attorney stated "They didn't want us to succeed. It made them look bad."

.........Ultimately, Janet Reno rejected recommendations by both Charles Labella, the head of the task force, and FBI Director Louis Freeh to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the illegal campaign fundraising. According to the task force, issues that warranted the appointment of a special counsel included:
* evidence that Vice President Gore may have provided false testimony to investigators;
* the likely knowledge within the White House of efforts to inject foreign funds into the reelection effort;
* and a potential quid pro quo with Charlie Trie in exchange for obtaining more than $460,000 in illegal campaign donations
"This is just the tip of the iceberg," predicted Weldon. "There are countless pages that were redacted from the memo that I believe will offer even more damaging evidence of wrong-doing by the Clinton-Gore Administration."

…….."Charles LaBella wasn't some politically motivated investigator," stated Weldon. "He was handpicked by Janet Reno to head this task force in an effort restore integrity to this investigation. Apparently, LaBella restored more integrity to the task force than either Janet Reno or the White House could handle." ……"

Committee on Goverment Reform 3/10/00 "……Chairman Dan Burton (R-IN) today issued a subpoena to the Justice Department for the 1997 memos by FBI Director Louis Freeh and former head of the Campaign Fundraising Task Force Chuck La Bella. Burton said:

……."The leak of the La Bella memo comes on the heels of new information about the White House not producing hundreds of thousands of e-mails to Congress, the Justice Department and the several independent counsels who have investigated the Clinton Administration.

…….."I'd like to know why to this day, Janet Reno hasn't asked the White House for these documents? She says she's been conducting an aggressive investigation of the campaign finance scandal. The evidence would suggest the opposite. "It's not surprising that Janet Reno has taken no steps to get this information. She didn't even let her investigators ask Al Gore or President Clinton about John Huang, James Riady, Maria Hsia, Charlie Trie or the Buddhist Temple fundraiser.

………"The leak of the La Bella memo speaks volumes about Janet Reno's mishandling of the campaign fundraising investigation, and her disregard for Congressional oversight of the Justice Department. "I expect immediate compliance with the Committee's subpoena. There is no reason why Congress should not get substantially unredacted versions of those documents."

Committee on Government Reform 3/10/00 letter to Janet Reno "…..The Justice Department has apparently disclosed to the Los Angeles Times the memorandum by Charles La Bella regarding the appointment of an Independent Counsel for the campaign fundraising investigation. As you know, I subpoenaed this memorandum, as well as the similar memorandum by FBI Director Louis Freeh, in July 1998. You refused to comply with my subpoena, and the Committee voted to hold you in contempt. However, you have still refused to provide the memorandum to the Committee, despite that contempt vote and several requests since that time. While you failed to comply with a lawful Congressional subpoena, either you or someone in the Justice Department has seen fit to provide the La Bella memorandum to the media. The leak of the La Bella memorandum speaks volumes about your mismanagement of the Justice Department, your mishandling of the campaign fundraising investigation, and your disregard for Congressional oversight of the Justice Department. I am sending with this letter a subpoena for the Freeh and La Bella memoranda, and I expect that the Department will now comply with the subpoena.

The Committee initially subpoenaed the Freeh memorandum in December 1997, and then it subpoenaed both the Freeh and La Bella memoranda in July 1998. You refused to comply with the subpoenas, claiming that disclosure of the memoranda to the Committee would harm the Justice Department's campaign fundraising investigation, as well as the internal deliberation process at the Justice Department. In a letter dated July 28, 1998, you stated:

The disclosure of these memoranda could provide a "road map" of the Department's investigation. The documents, or information that they contain, could come into the possession of the targets of the investigation through inadvertence or deliberate act on the part of someone having access to them. The investigation could be seriously prejudiced by the revelation of the direction of the investigation, information about the evidence that the prosecutors have obtained, and assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of various aspects of the investigation. Indeed, disclosure of information such as is contained in this report could significantly impede the Task Force's criminal investigation, and could conceivably preclude prosecution of some individuals.

In another letter dated August 4, 1998, you stated that:

[S]uch documents lay out the thinking, theories and strategies of our prosecutors and investigators, and the strengths and weaknesses of our cases. They talk about leads that need further investigation, and places where we've reached dead ends. Criminals, targets and defense lawyers alike can all agree on one thing - they would love to have a prosecutor's plans.

Leaving aside the fact that your senior staff have leaked a list of the status of every campaign fundraising case and other information that has had a negative impact on your cases, providing the La Bella memo to the press is an extraordinary turn of events.

In the same August 4 letter quoted above, you also claimed that disclosure of the memos would create a "chilling effect" on Department employees' ability to render advice to you:

If future Attorneys General know that the innermost thinking behind their toughest law enforcement decisions will become fodder for partisan debate, then we risk creating a Justice Department and an FBI that tacks to political winds instead of following the facts and the law wherever they lead. If future law enforcement professionals cannot provide advice that is candid and confidential, we will have a government of "yes" men who advocate what is popular instead of what is right.

You used these arguments against the Committee forcefully and repeatedly during the contempt debate. I was told countless times that compliance with my subpoenas would harm your investigation. I was told that all of the Members of the Committee could not even review the memos in private, because they might leak the contents of the memos. But, the Justice Department's current release of the La Bella memo leads me to reach one of four possible conclusions:

* The arguments that you made in July 1998 were false and misleading.
* The arguments that you made in July 1998 were true, but you no longer are concerned about protecting the Department's investigation, or the frank and candid advice of your subordinates.
* All of the investigations discussed in the La Bella memo are closed, and the memo can be released publicly, but rather than comply with the Committee's lawful subpoena, you decided to release the memo to the press.
* You still believe that disclosure of the memo would cause significant harm to the campaign fundraising investigation, but you do not have enough control over your senior political advisers to prevent them from leaking the memo to the press.

The release of the La Bella memo shows that something is seriously wrong at the Justice Department; whether it is incompetence, politicization, or a serious disregard for the rule of law has yet to be determined. Since the Department has released the La Bella memo to the press, I expect that you will now comply with this Committee's subpoena for the Freeh and La Bella memos, and provide them to the Committee by Tuesday, March 14. I also expect that the memos will be redacted only to remove information covered by Rule 6(e).

It is clear, based on the brief portions of the La Bella memo that I have reviewed or that have been reported by the Los Angeles Times, why you did not want to release the memo to the Committee. First, the La Bella memo condemned you for misleading the American people by providing an erroneous explanation of when an Independent Counsel could be appointed. It also claimed that you had erected a higher legal threshold for investigating White House officials and others covered by the Independent Counsel Act than other individuals. Mr. La Bella concluded that the "contortions that the Department has gone through to avoid investigating these allegations are apparent." As an example of these contortions, Mr. La Bella referred to one senior official, whose name was redacted from the report: "[i]f these allegations involved anyone other than [redacted], an appropriate investigation would have commenced months ago without hesitation."

As described by Mr. La Bella in his memo, the Task Force's investigation was created to fail. Since he wrote his memo, this Committee has discovered countless examples of how that investigation has failed. While many of these cases will be detailed in a report that this Committee will issue later this year, I can briefly recount some of them here:

* Your investigators failed to ask President Clinton a single question about James Riady, Charlie Trie, John Huang, or any other aspect of his involvement in raising foreign money for the 1996 election. As a close friend of Riady, Trie, and Huang, if Bill Clinton were an ordinary citizen, rather than President of the United States, he would have been questioned extensively by the FBI, and likely called before the grand jury. Instead, your Task Force gave him a free pass.a

* Your investigators failed to ask Vice President Gore a single question about his relationship with Maria Hsia, or his role in the infamous Buddhist Temple fundraiser. Likewise, if Al Gore were not Vice President, and were some other private citizen with a ten-year fundraising relationship with Maria Hsia, your investigators would have questioned him extensively.

* You have failed to pursue documents held by the White House and other agencies. For example, it has been widely reported in the press that the White House has failed to produce to Congress or several Independent Counsels thousands of e-mails covered by subpoenas. While there are almost certainly Justice Department subpoenas outstanding for those e-mails, as of March 8, the Justice Department had not contacted any of the Northrop Grumman employees responsible for the White House e-mail system. In contrast, when you were confronted with embarrassing new information in the Waco tragedy, you immediately dispatched United States Marshals to seize evidence from the FBI. When you learned of significant new evidence being held by the White House in the campaign fundraising matter, you did nothing. While this disparate treatment could simply be attributed to incompetence, the La Bella memo suggests that there might be more serious reasons for the Department's failure. You seem to be proceeding on the premise of what you don't know won't hurt your political colleagues and your political party.

* The La Bella memo apparently points out that the First Lady has potential criminal involvement in the campaign fundraising scandal, based on her failure to warn the DNC about the illegal campaign fundraising activities of Charlie Trie. In April 1996, Mrs. Clinton was warned that Trie was raising huge amounts of money for the Presidential Legal Expense Trust. By May 1996, her closest advisers were told that the money raised by Trie was foreign money, and had been given through straw donors. However, Mrs. Clinton did nothing to warn the DNC about Trie's illegal fundraising. In the time period between April and November 1996, while Mrs. Clinton sat on this information, Trie raised hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of illegal contributions for the DNC. Your task force has apparently failed to follow up on these serious allegations.

The La Bella memo's conclusions about your handling of the campaign fundraising investigation are alarming. Moreover, Mr. La Bella's predictions about the failure of the investigation have come true. Many low-level figures, like John Huang and Charlie Trie, have pled guilty, and gotten light sentences without giving up any serious evidence. In the process, they have maintained implausible stories that exculpate them and their superiors. For example, John Huang sat before this Committee and testified that the Buddhist Temple event with the Vice President was not a fundraiser, even though it raised funds, and even though individuals who contributed to attend were seated at the front. I fail to understand how you can hear testimony like that, and then tell a sentencing judge that Mr. Huang is cooperating with your investigation. Similarly, Charlie Trie appeared before this Committee and claimed that the money given to him by Ng Lap Seng to contribute to the DNC was actually Trie's own money, even though he did not pay taxes on it, or list it on his financial disclosure forms. Yet again, Mr. Trie received credit for cooperating with the Justice Department. Failure to obtain true cooperation from these witnesses has meant that the Department has not been able to pursue White House and DNC officials who may have had a role in the fundraising scandal. The La Bella memo raises a serious question as to whether this failure is intentional.

By ignoring the advice given to you by Director Freeh and Mr. La Bella, you crippled the campaign fundraising investigation. By withholding the memos from this Committee, you tried to keep the Committee from learning how you had mishandled the investigation. At this point, it is unlikely the harm can be undone, and that a real campaign fundraising investigation will ever be conducted by the Department. However, the Congress has a right to know what has happened, and therefore, I expect that you will immediately comply with the Committee's subpoena……"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/9/00 Jerry Seper "…..Officials at Northrop Grumman Corp. have confirmed that thousands of White House e-mails containing information on "Filegate," campaign finance abuses, "Chinagate" and Monica Lewinsky were never turned over to a federal grand jury or three congressional committees despite pending subpoenas. House investigators said yesterday the confirmation came after extensive interviews with Northrop Grumman employees, who discovered a glitch in the White House computer system in 1998 showing that more than 100,000 White House e-mails involving 500 computer users had never been surrendered……. "There is an appearance that White House lawyers have made a conscious decision to do nothing to solve the problem posed by so many documents being improperly managed," Mr. Burton wrote. "I can only conclude you are personally content with what is, in effect, a purposeful effort to keep the documents from Congress, the Department of Justice and various independent counsels," he wrote………In a separate letter to Attorney General Janet Reno, Mr. Burton questioned why no effort had been made to investigate the e-mail accusations - which first surfaced last month - and demanded an explanation on what the Justice Department intends to do about the matter……..

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/9/00 Jerry Seper "…..James Wilson, the House committee's chief counsel, said investigators determined that hundreds of thousands of e-mails sent to the White House were never reviewed and never made available under subpoena. "There is great concern about what these documents might contain and, of course, why they were never turned over since the White House knew they existed," he said, noting that hundreds could contain pertinent information about several ongoing investigations……The White House e-mails had been sought under subpoena by a federal grand jury, the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee and the House Government Reform Committee. They also were sought by Judicial Watch in separate pending suits involving Filegate and Chinagate….."

The Associated Press 3/8/00 Michael Sniffen "….. Responding to anger over the release of a suspected "railroad killer" by immigration agents, the Justice Department outlined a five-year plan costing substantially more than $200 million to merge the fingerprint files of the FBI and the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Congress ordered the department to devise such a plan when it enacted this year's budget. It was reacting to the case of a Mexican drifter, Angel Maturino Resendiz, also known by the alias Rafael Resendez-Ramirez. ….."

The Associated Press 3/8/00 Matt Kelley "…..A Republican senator who investigated allegations of Chinese nuclear spying accused Attorney General Janet Reno on Wednesday of improperly delaying the government's espionage probe. Lee was fired a year ago and indicted in December on 59 felony counts of mishandling classified information. He has pleaded innocent. The indictment does not accuse Lee of giving secrets to China or any other country…….. A Democratic colleague, Sen. Robert Torricelli of New Jersey, said he agree d with most of Specter's conclusions, including the criticism of Reno. "It is inexplicable and will always remain a mystery to me" why the warrant application was denied, Torricelli said. "If there was damage to national security, we will never know if the granting of that application would have prevented it." …….. Specter's report also criticizes the FBI and Energy Department. It said the investigation of Lee "has been characterized by a series of errors and omissions ... which have permitted Dr. Lee to threaten U.S. supremacy by putting at risk information that could change the global strategic balance." …..

Washington Post 3/9/00 Lorraine Adams David Vise "……After lambasting the Justice Department last fall for destroying 27 pages of an FBI agent's notebook containing information about Democratic fund-raising abuses, Sen. Fred D. Thompson (R-Tenn.) kept under wraps an FBI lab analysis showing the pages were never missing. …….. But the FBI lab first conducted what is called "indentation analysis," a document examination technique to determine whether the pages were in fact missing from the notebook, which was labeled "Q1." In a Nov. 1 report, FBI examiner Peter J. Belcastro concluded "nothing of significance was noted to indicate attached pages containing writing were removed from the Q1 spiral notebook," according to a copy of the report reviewed by The Washington Post. The fingerprint examinations were "discontinued per telephonic communication with contributor on Nov. 1, 1999," the report stated. …….. Parker, a 17-year veteran of the FBI who is also a lawyer and is based in the Baltimore field office, was then given a polygraph by the FBI. The results showed Parker was not being truthful about the missing pages, according to two sources familiar with the test…….. Parker, as well as FBI agents Kevin Sheridan and Daniel Wehr, testified at the Sept. 22 hearing under subpoena. Retired FBI agent Ivian C. Smith testified voluntarily and called the department's micromanaging of the FBI agents "ludicrous." He described how he shared his concerns with FBI Director Louis J. Freeh in a 1997 memo in the middle of the campaign finance investigation. Laura Ingersoll, head of the Justice Department's campaign finance task force, was ultimately replaced by Charles G. LaBella. Under questioning about the notebook last September, Parker said, "There was a section of the notebook that was missing from the time-frame of June 24 to approximately 7/15 or 7/17." Thompson estimated that portion at 27 pages, and she did not dispute his assertion. She was asked about it by three senators on the committee, and said each time the pages were missing….."

Associated Press 3/9/00 "……Missing pages from the notebook of an FBI agent investigating donations to the 1996 Clinton-Gore re-election campaign were not missing at all, according to an agency report obtained by a newspaper. Last fall, during a hearing by the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, FBI agent Roberta Parker testified that pages were missing from her red spiral notebook after it was returned to her from the Justice Department. …….. The notebook was sent to an FBI lab to try to determine who might have removed the pages. Before starting a fingerprint analysis, the lab conducted an "indentation analysis," a technique used to determine whether the pages actually were missing. In a Nov. 1 report, an FBI examiner concluded no pages had been removed, The Washington Post reported Thursday. ……. "

Inside The Pentagon 3/9/00 Keith Costa "…..The Federal Bureau of Investigation has turned down a formal request from the Defense Department to help produce a list of companies operating in the United States that are controlled by China's military. "We're not going to do it; we're not the appropriate agency," an FBI source told Inside the Pentagon March 3. The source added that Defense Secretary William Cohen will receive a letter this week from FBI Director Louis Freeh on the bureau's decision. The Pentagon is required to produce the list by an amendment sponsored by Rep. Tillie Fowler (R-FL) and included in the fiscal year 1999 Defense Authorization Act. Specifically, the law says that the defense secretary "shall make a determination of those persons operating directly or indirectly in the United States . . . that are Communist Chinese military companies and shall publish a list of those persons in the Federal Register." Moreover, the defense secretary "shall make additions or deletions to the list . . . on an ongoing basis based on the latest information available." ….."

Security Intelligence News Service 3/9/00 "…..Despite intensified U.S. counterintelligence efforts to identify Chinese spying activities in the U.S., a joint CIA/FBI report states that Chinese spies have escalated espionage operations against the United States. "Chinese attempts to obtain U.S. military and military-related technology ... have increased since the early 1990s," the Washington Times today reports the five-page unclassified counterintelligence report as saying. ……. The report states that since 1987 the FBI and Customs service have stopped "at least two MID/PLA clandestine collection operations in the United States." SOURCES first reported last May that there have been perhaps dozens of probes of Chinese spies conducted by the CIA and the FBI, some jointly, during the last ten years, none of which have resulted in any arrests, according to a variety of federal officials and sources who spoke on condition of anonymity. The sources said CIA and FBI counterintelligence (CI) agents have grown increasingly frustrated over decisions by higher-ups not to prosecute persons against whom they painstakingly developed espionage cases, including stings in which the spies reputedly were caught red-handed buying secrets from undercover U.S. CI agents. ……"

Security Intelligence News Service 3/9/00 "…..The FBI has not commented on the extent of or the subjects of its investigations, but SOURCES has learned that the stings and related investigations it has been told about have come under scrutiny by the Attorney General's office. The Chinese spies at the heart of these FBI probes, many working in the U.S., sought to acquire a "shopping list" of military weapons secrets including information on the SR-71 spy plane, AWACS aircraft, ballistic missile guidance systems, and nuclear attack submarines, according to sources. According to a CIA report turned over to U.S. lawmakers, China has, in fact, obtained information on a variety of U.S. weapon systems as a result of espionage operations here. It is not known if classified portions of the report acknowledge the CIA and the FBI's counterintelligence investigations. Regardless, mounting evidence indicates that Chinese espionage is pervasive, as the joint CIA/FBI report quoted by the Washington Times today asserts, and that the stings SOURCES has been told about are only the tip of the iceberg. ……."

Committee on Government Reform 3/2/00 "…..Congressman Dan Burton, Chairman of the Government Reform Committee, issued the following statement regarding the conviction of Democratic fundraiser Maria Hsia for her involvement in the Hsi Lai Temple fundraiser:

"I was disturbed that Attorney General Reno's Justice Department sought to portray the Vice President and the Democratic National Committee as victims in the Hsi Lai Temple fiasco. The Justice Department is being a little disingenuous about this.
"Yesterday, Charlie Trie testified before my Committee that he spent the night at the Hsi Lai Temple and that members of the Temple 'asked Mr. [Antonio] Pan and I if we were interested in helping the Temple organize a fundraiser for President Clinton or Vice President Gore.' Trie then called John Huang and suggested the Hsi Lai Temple as a fundraising venue.
"When John Huang testified before our Committee, he said that numerous people at the DNC and in the Vice President's office knew it was a fundraiser: 'Mr. (Don) Fowler . . . knew about it and Mr. (David) Strauss knew about it.' There is no doubt that the Vice President and the DNC were not victims. The Vice President just hasn't leveled with the American people.
"I will be watching the sentencing in this case very carefully. Janet Reno's Justice Department has sought very light sentences for Democrats and severe sentences for Republicans who have committed similar crimes.
"Simon Fireman, a Republican fundraiser, admitted to funneling $120,000 through straw donors. He got a $6 million fine. John Huang admitted to working with James Riady to funnel more than $700,000 in illegal money to the Democratic Party. He got a $10,000 fine.
"Empire Sanitary Landfill pled guilty to arranging $129,000 in conduit contributions. They were fined $8 million. The Justice Department wanted to give Charlie Trie probation. They didn't even want to fine him. The judge insisted on a $5,000 fine and four months of home confinement.
"Two years ago, when Judge Friedman, a Clinton-appointee, threw this case out, he called it an 'Alice in Wonderland-like maze of logical leaps and tangled inferences.' The appellate court and the jury did not agree. I'll be watching to see if Judge Friedman hands down an Alice in Wonderland sentence."…."

Washington Weekly 3/6/00 Marvin Lee "….. The Chinagate scandal as it has been known so far has included the relaxation of export controls, the circumvention of export control laws, and the relaxation of national security background checks and control measures with the result that the People's Republic of China has been able to dramatically enhance its nuclear strategic arsenal, its military communications infrastructure and its weapons design. All of this has either been related to or unrelated to the fact that the People's Republic of China has supported financially Bill Clinton and Al Gore for more than a decade. They might not have won the 1992 election had it not been for the crucial financial support they received from Chinese agents. The scope of the quid pro quo between China and the Clinton administration widened last week with the public admission before Congress by Clinton friend and campaign contributor Charlie Trie that he had shipped equipment for the production of biological warfare agents to a facility in the PRC suspected of biowarfare production. The shipment took place only months after Clinton took office in 1993. The equipment is of the same type that the UN inspection team sought and destroyed in Saddam Hussein's Iraq. The FBI has known about this since last year when it conducted secret interviews with Charlie Trie. The FBI has not pursued this breach of national security because it is under strict orders from the top of the Campaign Finance Task Force not to go anywhere that leads into the White House……"

Washington Times 2/6/00 "……According to Attorney General Janet Reno's Justice Department, which prosecuted the case, the nation's campaign-finance laws weren't the only things violated. The Clinton Justice Department has repeatedly portrayed the president, the vice president, their re-election committee and the Democratic Party as mere victims - unknowing dupes - of unscrupulous fund-raisers and contributors, including not only Hsia but also Charlie Trie, John Huang, Johnny Chung, Yogesh Gandhi, the Wiriadinata family, etc. Meanwhile, Miss Reno has steadfastly rejected recommendations from the likes of New York Democratic Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Clinton-appointed FBI Director Louis Freeh and Charles La Bella, the respected prosecutor she appointed to head her department's campaign-finance task force, to seek the appointment of an independent counsel to investigate the roles of President Clinton and Vice President Gore in the scandal……." 3/5/00 Simone Nilsson Michael Rust "…..The FBI's labs are under the microscope again. This time heroin and cocaine appear to be missing, according to a recent General Accounting Office, or GAO, audit titled "FBI Needs to Improve Certain Physical Safeguards and Strengthen Accountability." The GAO reports that portions of some of the drugs that were seized by the FBI are missing from the Miami, New York City, Dallas and San Diego field offices. Although most of the cases detailed by the GAO documented only minor discripancies between the weight of the drugs recorded by FBI agents and their actual weight, the GAO discovered some alarming differences: For example, 269 grams of heroin and 3.9 kilograms of cocaine apparently vanished. The FBI blamed the loss on its scales, which it claims were improperly calibrated and said it would implement better safeguards in the future. …."

Associated Press 3/2/00 Tom Raum "…..The CIA's former general counsel is being commanded to appear before a Senate panel to explain why it took the agency so long to act on information that former CIA Director John Deutch had violated security rules by storing top secrets on unsecured home computers. A subpoena for Michael J. O'Neil's testimony was issued by the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday after the former CIA official refused to show up before the committee on the advice of his lawyer. …… Panel members said they had intended to question O'Neil on whether he withheld information about his former boss from agency investigators and the Justice Department. O'Neil's lawyer, Roger Spaeder, sent a letter to the panel saying that he had advised O'Neil that ''he should not testify at this time'' because Attorney General Reno had decided to review her earlier decision declining prosecution of Deutch and others identified in a CIA inspector general's report. However, Spaeder suggested that O'Neil ''is prepared to cooperate and testify'' if the committee were to vote to give him immunity from possible prosecution. ...... ''I'm sure he'll assert the Fifth Amendment, but we want him to do it in front of the committee,'' committee Chairman Richard Shelby, R-Ala., said in an interview. Shelby said he did not anticipate that the panel would agree to the immunity request. ......"

INSIGHT Magazine 3/3/00 Scott Wheeler "……The summary reveals that Trie explained "he would have contributed money to Clinton's campaign back in 1992, but he was aware at the time that either the FBI or the CIA was interested in talking to him." According to the summary, when then-governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton told Trie that he would run for president, Trie telephoned the Chinese Embassy, apparently to apprise Beijing of the development. It is this slip, according to the summary, that was the cause of Trie's anxiety about openly donating to Clinton in 1992 despite his "pro-Clinton enthusiasm." ……. In May 1998, an Associated Press, or AP, report indicated that the Justice Department and the FBI had "gathered evidence as early as 1992 that two fund-raisers who organized Clinton's initial efforts among Asian-Americans were engaged in wrongdoing."... According to the AP account, "The Lums also told prosecutors that [Ron] Brown, then the Democratic Party chairman, tipped them off in 1992 that a businessman they were working with was in fact an undercover FBI agent." The same press account says the Lums were told of the attempted FBI sting only days before they were to meet with Clinton in Arkansas. How the FBI got on to these operations is not discussed. ……. The retired official, who worked on counterintelligence and technology-transfer cases related to China, states that the testimony "suggests Trie was already in communication with sources of tainted money" in 1992. A U.S. citizen since 1984, Trie legally was free to make any legal donation he wished, so the retired special agent is suspicious of what may be a Trie cover story or spy legend. . ….. "

INSIGHT Magazine 3/3/00 Scott Wheeler "……According to the FBI documents, Trie explained to investigators that he phoned the PRC's consulate in Houston to ask officials to "gather Asian immigrants and community leaders [and] organize a party to raise money for Clinton." The summary of sworn Trie depositions went on to say, "The consular official told Trie that the PRC could not become involved in a U.S. election campaign and warned him that the phone line was tapped." In short, Trie was told to "shut up and duck." The retired special agent says the money that the PRC poured into Clinton's campaign coffers through Trie after Clinton was elected president, coupled with the dramatic testimony, suggests that the investigation is far from over….." 3/3/00 Jim Burns "…..Senator Fred Thompson (R-TN) predicted that Maria Hsia, who was convicted Thursday on charges she hid $109,000 in illegal campaign contributions during the 1996 Clinton-Gore re-election campaign, will receive probation instead of jail time and that she had most likely compromised American national security. During a question and answer session at the Heritage Foundation in Washington Friday Thompson, who is also the Chairman of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee which investigated the campaign finance scandal, said the Hsia conviction is but one example of how far down in stature the Justice Department has sunk during the Clinton Administration. "The greatest tragedy of the Clinton administration is the Department of Justice," Thompson said. He cited as the reasons, "no leadership, gross incompetence [and] not having an outside prosecutor look into the campaign fundraising case."…… When asked by if Hsia was connected to the communist Chinese government and if this may have compromised American security Thompson said yes. "We pointed out that there were a half a dozen individuals who were raising large sums of money for the Democratic National Committee who had very close ties with the Chinese government," Thompson said. "We also said in our report that Miss Hsia was an agent of the Chinese government. We did this after consultation with the FBI. With regard to the rest of your question, I'll just leave it there. I don't want to draw any broad conclusions until I at least have the chance to go back in and review our report," Thompson said. ….."


Jewish World Review 3/17/00 Linda Chavez "…….Al Gore's problem isn't his dubious campaign fund-raising activities per se. By now, everyone knows Gore made fund-raising calls from his White House office, and attended a fund-raiser at a Buddhist temple in Los Angeles, where unsuspecting monks and nuns gave illegal contributions to Gore aide Maria Hsia, who was found guilty a week ago of five felony counts for her involvement in the scheme. But few people understand or care much about the intricacies of campaign finance laws, so they are neither surprised nor particularly exercised about Gore's actions. No, Gore's problem isn't so much what he did, but what he said. He lied --over and over again -- to investigators, to the media, to the American people. On the subject of the phone calls, first, Gore denied making them on White House phones, then, when telephone records confirmed that he had, he said they were legal because he asked only for so-called soft-money donations to the Democratic Party for party-building activities. But last week, the Los Angeles Times revealed evidence that suggests not only that Gore mischaracterized what happened, but that he deliberately lied about it, and continues to do so to this day. What's more, the L.A. Times story implies that the White House withheld from investigators crucial documents that contradicted Gore's account for more than a year, and that Attorney General Janet Reno ignored the evidence when she twice decided not to appoint an independent counsel to investigate the matter, despite the strong recommendation of F.B.I. Director Louis Freeh and her own chief investigator, Charles G. La Bella……" 3/16/00 Michael Park "……. Republicans in the House of Representatives are mulling over whether or not to cite Attorney General Janet Reno for contempt of Congress for stalling on handing over internal memoranda about a fund-raising scandal involving Vice President Al Gore, Congressional sources said. Mark Corallo, communications director for the House Government Reform Committee, said the committee is considering the sanction because Reno missed a Tuesday deadline for turning over Department of Justice papers about whether Gore did anything illegal or unethical when he gathered money for the 1996 presidential election. "What Janet Reno has done is a non-investigation," Corallo said. "She says she's following every lead, yet it's clearly not true. It's hard to look at the conduct of the Department of Justice throughout the campaign finance investigation and not have serious questions about their several mistakes and complete mishandling and the double standard employed when it comes to Democratic abuses." ……"

Committee on Goverment Reform Website 3/17/00 Rep Dan Burton "……Chairman Dan Burton (R-IN) today announced that the Government Reform Committee will hold a hearing on the missing White House E-mails and the mismanagement of subpoenaed records. The hearing will take place on Thursday, March 23, 2000, at 10:00 a.m. in room 2154 of the Rayburn Building. The Committee will hear testimony from the Northrop Grumman employees who discovered the problem and the White House officials involved…….. When the contractors informed their White House supervisors of the problem, they were reportedly ordered to remain silent about it or there would be "jail cells with their names on them." Since the problem was discovered in 1998 the White House has not solved the problem. It has been a few weeks since the story was first reported in the Washington Times. To date, the Committee's investigation has produced no indication that the Justice Department has looked into the matter……."

ABCNEWS.COM 3/17/00 Beverley Lumpkin "…….Everyone I talk to at Justice believes it's the FBI - NOT Republicans on the Hill, and NOT Charles LaBella - who leaked the LaBella report excerpts to the Los Angeles Times last week. (Of course, only Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., thinks it was Reno herself who leaked it!) Several of Reno's top aides believe she should just release the report, along with the response from Lee Radek of Public Integrity, and the supporting documents. One of them, making an obvious play on Reno's constant admonition always to "do the right thing," said it would be doing the best thing…….What was stunning was the level of personal attack and vituperation in the language LaBella employed; he said Justice officials had engaged in "gamesmanship" and legal "contortions" to avoid an IC and that they were following "intellectually dishonest" double standards in calling for ICs for the likes of former Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros and Interior Secretary Babbitt but not for senior White House figures (quotes again per L.A. Times)…….." 3/16/00 David Vise "……Attorney General Janet Reno today vigorously defended the Clinton administration against attacks by officials of the National Rifle Association, who have alleged that the recent spree of killings resulted from the administration's failure to enforce existing gun laws. "I have heard an awful lot in the last seven years, but that's about the worst rhetoric that I have heard," Reno said during her weekly press briefing. "I don't know of any president that has worked so hard to make this a less violent nation, a more peaceful nation, a nation where its children can grow in a strong, peaceful, safe constructive way." ….."

The New York Times 3/14/00 "….. The general election campaign has gotten off to an unusually fast start, and it has done so under a cloud of suspicion created by Attorney General Janet Reno's incompetent and politically biased response to the campaign finance abuses of the 1996 campaign. The prospective Republican nominee, Gov. George W. Bush, has every right to take advantage of news reports that Ms. Reno protected Vice President Al Gore from the searching inquiry recommended by senior Justice Department officials. That said, Mr. Bush's fully justified criticism of Clinton-Gore fund-raising in 1996 should not divert attention from the fact that in the 2000 campaign debate Mr. Gore is right about how to fix the campaign finance laws, and Mr. Bush is wrong...."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/14/00 Jerry Seper "…… A top Justice Department official ordered federal prosecutors just before the 1996 presidential election to stop an investigation into suspected illegal fund raising by Vice President Al Gore at a California Buddhist temple. Lee J. Radek, head of the department's Office of Public Integrity, said in a secret Nov. 1, 1996, cease-and-desist order that the U.S. Attorney's Office in Los Angeles "should take no steps to investigate these matters at this time." Justice Department actions in the case, including the timing of the Radek letter, are now the focus of congressional investigators, The Washington Times has learned…….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/14/00 Jerry Seper "…… A House investigator, who also asked that he not be named, noted that the Radek letter went out 10 days after accusations first surfaced about questionable campaign donations by Asian-Americans to the Democratic National Committee, including hundreds of thousands of dollars from John Huang, who helped arrange the temple event. He said that had the Los Angeles probe leaked so close to election, the media "would have had a field day." Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen A. Mansfield immediately shut down the probe after the Radek letter and, according to federal authorities, turned over evidence in the case to officials at Justice in Washington. The letter said that since outside counsel might be named, the inquiry would have to stop. ….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/14/00 Jerry Seper "…… Mr. Gore later was cleared of any wrongdoing by Attorney General Janet Reno, who had been lobbied by Mr. Radek not to seek outside counsel because the facts did not support a successful prosecution. After the Los Angeles probe was terminated, several key figures involved in the temple fund-raising scheme fled the country. The existence of the Radek letter was first reported by the New York Times...."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/14/00 Jerry Seper "…… Last year, Mr. Radek was criticized by four FBI agents assigned to the campaign finance task force, who told the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee he sought to impede or delay the task force probe - even blocking efforts to obtain a search warrant to stop what they said was the destruction of evidence by Democratic fund-raiser Charles Yah Lin Trie. Agents Ivian C. Smith, Daniel Wehr, Roberta Parker and Kevin Sheridan told the panel they were stopped from executing the warrant at Trie's Little Rock, Ark., office after they discovered that financial, business and travel records were being destroyed.......,Mr. Smith, former agent in charge of the Little Rock office, later told FBI Director Louis J. Freeh in a letter that "the team at [the Justice Department] leading this investigation is, at best, simply not up to the task."......"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/14/00 Jerry Seper "…… Mr. Radek and Laura Ingersoll, a department lawyer named to direct the task force, argued against the warrant, saying the [Trie] checks were "not responsive" to an existing grand jury subpoena, only to one issued in March 1997 by the Senate committee. The warrant was approved in October 1997, four months after the agents first requested it. By then, Miss Ingersoll had been replaced by Charles G. LaBella……….. "

New York Daily News 3/14/00 Michael Blood "….. In a scathing attack on the Justice Department, the mayor pointed to Reno's decision to ignore recommendations for an independent counsel and allegations in a confidential report of special treatment for President Clinton, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, Vice President Gore and former top aide Harold Ickes. "It's extraordinary that the attorney general would turn down a recommendation for an independent counsel that was made by the director of the FBI, and then that was made by the person the attorney general appointed to review" the case, Giuliani said. "You have to come to the conclusion that the Justice Department is more politicized than at any time since before Watergate," added Giuliani, a former Justice Department prosecutor......."

American Spectator 3/13/00 Byron York "……Now, several sources tell TAS that in the past few months the Justice Department and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde have been engaged in behind-the-scenes maneuvering over the [Labella] memo. After initially refusing to permit anyone from the committee to see the memo, the Department relented last month and allowed a top Judiciary staffer to read the entire, uncensored document. ……….. "People had forgotten about this," says a committee source. "We hadn't." But several sources familiar with at least parts of the memo say that no one should expect it to contain explosive new evidence about the campaign fundraising scandal. . ……..In addition, the committee is awaiting the results of what is, in effect, an investigation of the investigation. Last year, Hyde asked the General Accounting Office to probe management decision-making inside the Justice Department. The GAO report is almost finished and is expected to deal with deficiencies in the department's campaign finance probe………… A lower court initially ruled in favor of the White House, but an appeals court later sided with Starr and ruled that the lower courts had interpreted Rule 6(e) too broadly. The decision clarified -- and, to some degree, narrowed -- the scope of Rule 6(e). That was important to Hyde because the Justice Department had used the rule as one of its main reasons for not turning over the entire La Bella memo. Department lawyers said the La Bella memo was filled with secret 6(e) material gathered during prosecutors' questioning of witnesses before a federal grand jury. Even when they allowed some members of Congress to see the memo in 1998, Justice lawyers blacked out about 60 of the memo's 94 pages on the grounds of grand jury secrecy. But the Lewinsky rulings changed things. "The stated reason that Justice gave to the Hill about not seeing the other parts of the memo was that it was laden with 6(e) material," says a knowledgeable source. "It turns out that was not the case.".........Also in the House, Government Reform Committee Chairman Dan Burton has subpoenaed the uncut La Bella memo. Burton issued his subpoena on Friday after the publication of the Los Angeles Times story. The Justice Department has until the close of business on Tuesday to respond……."

WorldNetDaily 3/14/00 Paul Sperry "……Hall says the e-mails also include messages about the 1996 Clinton-Gore fund-raising scandal. Attorney General Janet Reno is in charge of that probe. Yet Reno's task force hasn't asked Hall about the missing e-mails, either. Nor has it quizzed the White House computer contractors from Northrop Grumman who first discovered the gap -- and were threatened by White House officials to keep quiet about it. One said she was told she would be "jailed" if she told her boss about it. ….." 3/14/00 "……Just before the 1996 presidential election, a top Justice Department official ordered federal prosecutors to stop an investigation of Al Gore's possibly illegal fund-raising at a Buddhist temple. Tuesday's Washington Times reports that Lee Radek -- head of the Justice Department's Office of Public Integrity - wrote a secret cease-and-desist order on Nov. 1, 1996, telling federal prosecutors in Los Angeles that they "should take no steps to investigate these matters at this time." Congressional investigators are now looking into how the Justice Department handled the investigation, as well as the timing of Radek's letter. Attorney General Janet Reno later cleared Gore of any wrongdoing, after Radek urged her not to seek outside counsel because the facts, he said, did not support a successful prosecution......."

The Detroit News 3/24/00 Richard Ryan "…….Complaining of "foot dragging" by the Justice Department, the chairman of a congressional subcommittee is threatening to reopen hearings into the failed 1996 Teamsters union election in which top labor leaders and others have been accused of misdeeds. "For all intents and purposes it appears that their investigation is over," grumbled Rep. Peter Hoekstra, R-Holland. "As far as I'm concerned they have their work to do, which appears to be very little, and we have our work to do." The election, the Justice Department's investigation and continued government control over Teamsters' affairs are all certain to come up next Tuesday when Teamsters President James P. Hoffa testifies before Hoekstra's subcommittee of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce. …….. Six people already have pleaded guilty or been convicted in the 1996 election scandal. Most recently, William Hamilton, the union's former political director, was sentenced to three years in prison for his role in illegally using $885,000 in union funds to help Carey win election. Testimony in previous court cases has implicated Richard Trumka, secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO and heir apparent to President John Sweeney, in the illegal fund diversion scheme. Trumka has refused to testify before a grand jury investigating the scandal or earlier congressional hearings, invoking his right against self-incrimination. Terence McAuliffe, the former chief fund-raiser and finance officer for the 1996 Clinton-Gore presidential campaign, has also been linked to the scandal. Testimony in the Hamilton trial indicated he played a role in trying to arrange a contribution swap in which Teamsters would give money to the Democratic Party in exchange for the Democrats finding someone to contribute to Carey's campaign. There is no evidence the swap was ever carried out although, according to public records, an effort was made to do so. McAuliffe has denied any wrongdoing….."

The Detroit News 3/24/00 Richard Ryan "…….Hoekstra held hearings in 1998 and 1999 but did not go deeply into the money laundering scheme at the request of Justice Department officials who said they feared a congressional hearing might jeopardize their investigation. "We bowed to their requests," Hoekstra said this week. "We didn't pursue things in which we had a high degree of interest under the assumption the Justice Department would act vigorously. They didn't." Marvin Smilon, a spokesman for Mary Jo White, the U.S. Attorney in New York who has been conducting the Teamster probe, would not comment on Hoekstra's accusations but insisted "our investigation is continuing." ……." 3/25/00 Kamenko Pajic "……Attorney General Janet Reno reaffirms her belief Elian Gonzalez should be 'reunited with his father' Attorney General Janet Reno has set no deadline for the 6-year-old boy's return to his father except to say that she wants it to happen in an "orderly, fair and prompt" manner. ……… Reno said she has the legal power to send the boy back at any time but aides doubted she would use that power - although Cuba's communist government and the boy's father have angrily demanded his return. ….." 3/23/00 Jon Dougherty "……. A national law enforcement group is accusing Attorney General Janet Reno of violating the "Brady Law," which requires background checks on every person seeking to purchase a handgun and mandates a five-day waiting period before the sale is approved. Reno is "violating key provisions of federal law" with actions that "impose tremendous potential liability on federal law enforcement officers," according to the Law Enforcement Alliance of America. Furthermore, LEAA said, Reno's actions increase that liability "by establishing illegal dossier-making practices against law-abiding gun owners, and invading the privacy of Americans." The suit, originally filed in 1998, received a hearing in the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of appeals on Friday, but LEAA spokesman Carl Mica told WorldNetDaily no decision had come yet. The group anticipates court action within 60 days. The Alliance is the nation's largest nonprofit coalition of law enforcement professionals, crime victims and citizens, with a membership of about 65,000 members and supporters. ……Specifically, the organization is alleging that the FBI is illegally keeping records on firearms transactions generated by the National Instant Check System (NICS), according to LEAA Executive Director James J. Fotis, prompting his organization to join "a lawsuit to stop this blatant violation of federal law." ……… According to Fotis, LEAA decided to join the suit, in part, because of its belief that the Department of Justice is forcing law enforcement agents to violate federal law pertaining to the proper implementation and use of data collected by the Bureau's NICS system. ……" 3/16/00 Michael Park "…… Republicans in the House of Representatives are mulling over whether or not to cite Attorney General Janet Reno for contempt of Congress for stalling on handing over internal memoranda about a fund-raising scandal involving Vice President Al Gore, Congressional sources said. Mark Corallo, communications director for the House Government Reform Committee, said the committee is considering the sanction because Reno missed a Tuesday deadline for turning over Department of Justice papers about whether Gore did anything illegal or unethical when he gathered money for the 1996 presidential election. "What Janet Reno has done is a non-investigation," Corallo said. "She says she's following every lead, yet it's clearly not true. It's hard to look at the conduct of the Department of Justice throughout the campaign finance investigation and not have serious questions about their several mistakes and complete mishandling and the double standard employed when it comes to Democratic abuses." ……."

ABP News 3/20/00 Bill O’Reilly "…… There is a cliffhanger going on right now in Washington. Will Attorney General Janet Reno and a few of her top assistants get away with possible high crimes? The noose is getting tighter around Reno's neck but her demise is by no means assured. Powerful people are working feverishly to try to save her. . ……"

Human Events via WND 3/20/00 "……. We now know at least one of the things Atty. Gen. Janet Reno has been trying to cover up by refusing to comply with an 18-month-old subpoena from the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee demanding that she release a memo written to her in July 1998 by federal prosecutor Charles LaBella. ……..In a redacted portion of the memo that was leaked last week to the Los Angeles Times, LaBella said Gore "may have provided false testimony" about his fundraising activities. Specifically, the vice president claimed he did not recall internal White House conversations and memos in which he was specifically informed that he was raising "hard," rather than "soft," money…... Raising such money from a White House office -- as Gore did via his telephone -- is unambiguously felonious....The vice president's convenient lack of recollection stood in stark contrast to testimony from then-White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta, who swore that he remembered watching Gore "attentively listening" to the conversations in question and "walking through the papers." ……"

Human Events via WND 3/20/00 "……. In sworn testimony on Dec. 9, 1997, before the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, under cross examination from a well-prepared Rep. John Shadegg, R.-Ariz., Reno admitted that the words and phrases Gore had used at his press conference to describe his White House fundraising solicitations described the solicitation of "hard money." She also admitted that soliciting "hard money" in the business quarters of the White House is illegal. So how could she justify not calling for an independent counsel? Read below as Shadegg ties Reno in knots. Then look at some of the evidence she was sitting on. Meanwhile, remember, there are other elements of the LaBella memo that have yet to see the light of day.

Shadegg: Your report also concludes that some of the money was in fact -- raised by the vice president -- was in fact used by the DNC as hard money. That's on page 8. You would agree with that?
Reno: That's correct.

Shadegg: Okay. Your report also concludes that, at least for the purposes of the report, you will assume that the statute makes it illegal for the vice president from the White House to raise hard money contributions.
Reno: That's correct. .……

Shadegg: Okay. Would you agree with me, Madame Attorney General, that the best evidence of whether or not the vice president was soliciting hard money campaign contributions would be his own words?
Reno: It would be a variety of information.

Shadegg: Certainly it would be fairly good evidence, would it not? His own description of what he was doing?
Reno: Yes. But again, we wanted to make sure that we did not rely on the vice president predominantly, that we looked at all the evidence.

Shadegg: Well, your report pretty well concludes that, number one, yes, he made the calls, yes, some of the money was used as hard money, but he didn't know of the DNC policy to use it as hard money, so he didn't know he was raising hard money. And you just agreed with me that if he was raising hard money that that would appear to be a violation of the law -- at least your report assumed that -- and that it was likely, absent the issue of aggravating circumstances, that you would have called for an independent investigation, right?
Reno: Depending on the circumstances and the aggravating circumstances…….

Shadegg: Right. ... Now the last quote I want to bring you from his press conference is that it says -- point blank -- he says, "My counsel advises me that there is no controlling legal authority" -- the phrase that became famous from that press conference -- "or case that says there was any violation of law whatsoever in the manner in which I asked people to contribute to our reelection campaign." ... I think this is pretty clear evidence that at the time he did it, he thought it was hard money.
Reno: Based on the interview of over 200 witnesses, based on the analysis of documents, we disagree…….

-- Nov. 24, 1998 LaBella memo: "Confronted with notes and memos indicating that a November 1995 meeting Gore attended in the Map Room of the White House included discussions about raising hard money, the vice president said he did not recall such conversations or the memos. Previously undisclosed documents show that former White House Chief of Staff Leon E. Panetta told FBI agents that he remembered Gore 'attentively listening' to discussions about the hard money aspects of the media fund and 'walking through the papers' as the November 1995 meeting progressed. These documents also indicate that the task force obtained photographs from that meeting showing Gore looking at papers that he said he did not recall reviewing." -- Los Angeles Times, March 10, 2000 ….."

Media Research Center 3/22/00 Tim Graham "……. Newsweek reported that a still-secret memo by FBI Director Louis Freeh argued Justice Department lawyers went soft on Al Gore. U.S. News & World Report arrived late with a report on former Justice investigator Charles LaBella, and was the only magazine to give a report on independent counsel Robert Ray's investigations of the White House. Newsweek reported that a still-secret memo by FBI Director Louis Freeh argued Justice Department lawyers went soft on Al Gore. An unbylined "Periscope" item related: "In the November 24, 1997, memo addressed to Attorney General Janet Reno, portions of which were read to Newsweek, Freeh criticized Justice Department lawyers for making 'factual assumptions' favorable to the Clinton White House 'without investigating whether those assumptions were accurate.' Among the issues Freeh argued needed to be investigated by an independent counsel: Gore's fund-raising calls from the White House, the use of a White House computer database for political purposes and whether Clinton and Gore illegally raised money on federal property during White House 'coffees.'" The report added: "Release of the memo could seal Freeh's fate if Gore wins in November. Although the director's term won't expire until 2003, a Gore ally says Freeh won't be welcome in a new Democratic administration."……"

House Government Reform Committee 3/15/00 "……. According to the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee this morning, the deadline for subpoenaed production of the now infamous LaBella memo which called for Janet Reno to appoint an independent counsel to investigate possible Clinton/Gore criminal activity in their 1996 fundraising activity, has passed and attorney general Janet Reno has thumbed her nose once again. ……… When she previously refused to produce the memo, a contempt citation was voted in the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee whereupon she promptly fainted in church and the committee backed off. Will we see another such stunt or shall we now expect the committee to vote another contempt citation which should go to the full house for a vote? ……"

WASH POST VIA ETHERZONE NEWSWIRE 3/18/00 "……Over the past 20 years, dozens of military and civilian employees of the U.S. government have been punished for taking classified documents home from work without authorization. But few of these incidents have been made public, and the penalties have been extremely inconsistent, according to current and former federal officials. THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT and the FBI are grappling with how to achieve greater fairness in such cases as they review the treatment of John M. Deutch, a former CIA director who lost his security clearances but was not prosecuted for keeping secrets on ordinary home computers. An aide to Attorney General Janet Reno said she was deeply concerned about the appearance of inequity in the handling of Deutch and Wen Ho Lee, a former scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory who faces trial and a possible life sentence for transferring nuclear secrets to an unsecure computer and portable tapes, seven of which are missing. ……"

Arkansas ChronicleTom Winters and A.J. Hardcastle Freeper Leper Messiah "……… [snip]"The sequence of exposure of the pictures is tracked by 'frame numbers' that appear on the edge of the film. Even after the negatives are cut into strips and placed in plastic sleeves, you can always tell which order they were shot in by looking at the frame number just beneath the actual image," said the Navy analyst. "Those frame numbers are put on the film by the manufacturer, not the camera." …….. It is this "image sequence" that creates the most problems for the Justice Department. When you take the pictures, in the sequence that the government claims they are on the roll and compare it to the testimony, and, to other pictures on the same roll, the Alice-in-Wonderland world of the government defense to a murder case becomes shockingly apparent.

……..According to the negatives, the sun had risen an hour early, just in time for prison guard Freeman to take his first picture of the cell. His camera, a Minolta with a built-in flash, failed to flash on the first shot in the cell. And through the vertical slit window at the back of the cell, you can see daylight, trees and grass. "Another picture after that one shows a clearly illuminated outdoor scene," said the expert. "Somehow, the sun set again. Additional pictures, but with higher frame numbers, show total darkness outside the very same window. There's just no way the sun was going up and down. It's the pictures that are all wrong."

…….Pressed for an explanation as to how such images could be faked, the image expert explained. He described the process whereby a computer with two "peripherals," a negative scanner and a film output printer were used to fabricate a roll of film that appears to be "original," but really isn't. "What someone obviously has done is this: they had the two rolls of film all along. And I would guess that there is surely something on one or both of those rolls they don't want anyone to see. So, they simply used a common computer tool, a 'negative scanner,' to import the negative images into a graphics program.

……..Government lawyers also produced the faked negatives for copying onto CD-ROM's. The analyst said that there are tell-tale "artifacts" on the digital imagery that further confirms the negatives are "second generation," but would not offer specific details on the methodology used to identify the fake photos. Arkansas Chronicle was able to obtain a set of the CD-ROMs and have them analyzed at the same time as the prints were analyzed.

………The analyst said that the most damning piece of evidence is that one of the pictures released earlier by government lawyers somehow does not appear on the "roll" that the FBI produced. "It's sort of an obscure shot. But the point is, the picture is not on the roll of their negatives, and without question, it was indeed shot between two frames that I can absolutely identify on the roll they released." Other evidence suggests, he said, that the roll they produced was in fact shot from two different cameras with "two different lens systems."

……."Since the case record would indicate that the FBI had custody of these negatives for several years," said the imagery expert, "that's where I would be looking in terms of identifying who manipulated this imagery. It took really expensive equipment to produce these fakes and not a lot of people have it." Contacted again shortly before press time, the expert would neither confirm nor deny that he is one of two imagery experts now examining video tape of aerial FBI infrared photography from Waco for a U.S. Congressional committee headed by Rep. Dan Burton.

…….According to court records in the Trentadue case, the Department of Justice's Office of Inspector General has indeed been investigating Bureau of Prisons and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents for complicity in criminal misconduct in the Trentadue case. It was in the process of having the pictures and CD-ROM's examined that a chilling allegation surfaced about the capabilities of the FBI's lab, especially its ability to alter physical evidence such as photographs, video and audio tape. A person recently employed as an FBI lab technician, in the process of approaching a public interest group called "Judicial Watch," claims to be able to prove that the alleged audio tapes of Branch Davidians talking about setting fires in the Waco compound are as fake as the Trentadue pictures.

……..Judicial Watch does in fact represent several federal "whistleblowers" including former agents of various agencies in high-profile cases involving alleged governmental corruption. The non-profit organization, headed by Larry Klayman, has filed a series of high-profile suits against government officials claiming miscounduct, fraud, waste and abuse of office. When shown the Trentadue pictures, the former FBI worker claimed to personally know the persons responsible for faking the negatives. Arkansas Chronicle was able to confirm that one of the persons named does indeed work in the section of the FBI lab responsible for processing photographic evidence.

…….The former lab worker could not produce any documentation of claims of falsifying evidence and when pressed for details on the Waco case said, "I hope to be able to file a lawsuit that involves a lot of misconduct in the lab and I don't want to say anything at this time that might jeopardize that." The former technician expressed great fear of the FBI saying, "When you mess with them, they mess back." "The FBI can compete with the best of Hollywood special effects shops," said the former lab worker. "I wouldn't really believe anything controversial that they produce." The former worker claims to have walked in on one session in "an editing bay," where "forward looking infrared (FLIR) imagery" was being edited. "I recognized the scene as Waco." Interestingly, the interviews with the former worker occurred months prior to public information surfacing about the existence of the now controversial video tapes found in FBI possession. "The particular suite they were in has extensive special effects and electronic editing capability," said the source. "While I cannot honestly say I saw them alter evidence, I can tell you that I was present on more than one occasion where both audio and video tapes from Waco were being 'played' in editing suites where the only logical reason for anybody being there was to alter or edit original footage. If you just wanted to play the stuff there are a lot better places to do it than an editing suite." Burton's committee has already learned that some of the Waco video tapes are in fact missing part of the audio tracks where critical conversations between agents are thought to have been recorded……."

AP 10/28/93 Larry Neumeister "…… An FBI supervisor called off a plan to thwart the World Trade Center bombing by substituting a harmless powder for explosives, according to transcripts of secret tapes a newspaper reported today. The tapes FBI informer Emad Salem recorded of his conversations with law enforcement agents suggest the authorities were in a position to foil the bombing, The New York Times said. …….. In transcripts the Times quoted, Salem says an unidentified FBI supervisor canceled a plan to have Salem help the plotters make the bomb and secretly substitute a fake explosive. Salem expresses anguish at failing to prevent the bombing. In one tape he tells an agent: "Since the bomb went off I feel terrible. I feel bad. I feel here is people who don't listen." ……The newspaper cited an unidentified investigator close to the case as saying Salem's claims came from his imagination. New York Newsday and the Times reported Wednesday that they had obtained transcripts of Salem's secretly recorded conversations with government agents, which had been turned over to defense lawyers in the broader conspiracy case. Newsday reported that Salem said on the tapes that the government knew before the trade center bombing that El Sayyid Nosair wanted Salem to kidnap a judge and build bombs. ......"

Los Angeles Times 10/28/93 Reuters "…..The New York Times published conversations the informer, a 43-year-old former Egyptian army officer, Emad Ali Salem, taped with his FBI handlers. In the tapes, Salem recalls that the FBI had planned on "building the bomb with a phony powder and grabbing the people who was involved in it." But the informer, who is heard lecturing his handlers, said the powder scheme was called off and "we didn't do that." Salem also is heard on the tapes criticizing the agents for ignoring his warnings that the World Trade Center was to be bombed. "Guys, now you saw this bomb went off and you both know that we could avoid that," the newspaper quotes him as saying……" 3/16/00 Jim burns "….Attorney General Janet Reno said Vice President Al Gore did not give false statements to FBI investigators, nor did he have any reason to do so, in connection with a 1996 campaign fundraising investigation. "I think it's clear," Reno told reporters Thursday, "That in that case, what was at issue was whether in a statement given in the fall of 1997, the Vice President gave incorrect information. We went through it carefully and could show no instance where he knew that what he had said was false. We also found very clearly that he had no motive to give a false statement and that there was no purpose in it."......"

Newsweek 3/27/00 "……. A still-secret memo by FBI Director Louis Freeh could provide fresh ammunition for Republicans hoping to wound Vice President Al Gore over campaign-finance practices during the 1996 presidential race. In the November 24, 1997, memo addressed to Attorney General Janet Reno, portions of which were read to NEWSWEEK, Freeh criticized Justice Department lawyers for making "factual assumptions" favorable to the Clinton White House "without investigating whether those assumptions were accurate." Among the issues Freeh argued needed to be investigated by an independent counsel: Gore's fund-raising calls from the White House, the use of a White House computer database for political purposes and whether Clinton and Gore illegally raised money on federal property during White House "coffees." …."

The Wall Street Journal 3/16/00 David Cloud "…..The Justice Department, facing renewed criticism from Republicans for its handling of the 1996 campaign fund-raising scandal, is trying tougher tactics against remaining defendants and others implicated in the probe. The department is threatening, among other things, to bring money-laundering charges, a move that could add more fuel to Republicans' criticism of the fund-raising activities of Vice President Al Gore, who just cinched the Democratic presidential nomination, and first lady Hillary Clinton, who is running for the Senate from New York. The money-laundering charges would be lodged against Thai-born businesswoman Pauline Kanchanalak and her sister-in-law Duangnet "Georgie" Kronenberg, who were indicted in 1998 on charges of funneling more than $600,000 to the Democratic Party from foreign sources. "The task force is considering international money-laundering charges in this case and in its other pending investigations," prosecutors disclosed in court documents this week......., Campaign finance task-force chief Robert Conrad is trying to put more legal pressure on James Riady, the Indonesian businessman who is under investigation for allegedly reimbursing employees who contributed to President Clinton's election effort. Mr. Conrad traveled to Jakarta this month to arrange for evidence gathering and questioning of Mr. Riady………. None of the more than a dozen people who have pleaded guilty or been convicted have been indicted under money-laundering statutes, which make it a crime to bring money into the country for illegal purposes. Lawyers for Ms. Kanchanalak and Ms. Kronenberg argued in court that no new evidence has emerged that would justify expanding the charges against their clients. In January, the department received more than 1,300 pages of bank records and other documents from Thailand, which are being translated, prosecutors said…….." 3/16/00 Michael Kirkland UPI "…..Some Justice Department officials are urging Attorney General Janet Reno to begin an investigation into who leaked a controversial 1998 memo that has proved politically embarrassing to Vice President Al Gore, sources told UPI Thursday. The internal memo was written by Charles LaBella, then chief of the campaign finance task force, and demanded that Reno request an independent counsel investigation of White House fund raising, including Gore's. Reno has repeatedly refused to release the memo to congressional investigators, and did so again Thursday, though she has discussed its conclusions with Republican leaders. …….."

Washington Post 3/16/00 Michael Sniffen "…..Attorney General Janet Reno defended on Thursday her refusal to order an independent counsel investigation of Vice President Al Gore in 1998 and expressed reluctance to release a memo critical of her for retaining control of the campaign finance investigation. But Reno said she is sometimes tempted to release both the critical memorandum as well as memos from other subordinates who advocated the course she took. Her decisions brought regular calls from Republicans in Congress for her resignation and now have become grist for GOP attacks on Gore during the presidential campaign. ...... Burton subpoenaed the memo earlier but he settled for being allowed to read a copy of it after Reno argued release could imperil pending investigations. He renewed his subpoena after some excerpts leaked to The Los Angeles Times this month, including LaBella's contention the department used "gamesmanship," "contortions" and "intellectually dishonest" double standards to avoid an independent counsel. …….Asked if White House fund-raising activity remains under investigation, Reno replied, "I don't want to foreclose any avenue down the road, but at this time I do not have specific and credible evidence of any violation by a person who was a covered person when the Independent Counsel Act was in effect." ......"


Judicial Watch 3/28/00 ".....Today Judicial Watch began the deposition of "Charlie" Yah Lin Trie in the Chinagate lawsuit which yielded the first sworn testimony of John Huang four years ago, and which sparked the Campaign Finance and Chinagate investigations. At the outset of the deposition, which began at 8:00 a.m. this morning, Trie, when he was asked whether he had met Bill Clinton at his restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas, claimed the Fifth Amendment privilege....... During the discussion, it was learned that, while Trie had been granted "limited use immunity" by the Reno Justice Department, Congress, and the Federal Election Commission - which immunity hinged on the consent of the Reno Justice Department - the Court had not been given similar consideration or treatment by the Reno Justice Department. Obviously, if Trie is not granted limited use immunity by the Reno Justice Department, he will likely assert the Fifth Amendment (subject to Court challenge), preventing him from providing sworn testimony to Judicial Watch and Judge Royce C. Lamberth.......... The individual who must consider whether limited use immunity will be granted is Robert Conrad, chief of the Reno Justice Department's Campaign Finance Task Force. Failure to grant this limited use immunity will effectively, for the time being, throw a monkey wrench into Judge Lamberth's proceeding concerning Charlie Trie..........Recently, this same Robert Conrad asked Judge Lamberth to stay consideration of whether there is an obstruction of justice over e-mails in his civil Filegate lawsuit. Conrad and the Reno Justice Department have until 1:45 p.m. today to state to the Court whether they will allow Charlie Trie to testify today by granting Trie limited use immunity in Judicial Watch's Chinagate lawsuit. Even if immunity is not granted, Judicial Watch will challenge Trie's invocation....."

Congressional Record 3/23/00 Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Ocala FL) "…..There is something seriously wrong at the Justice Department when career prosecutors are not allowed to follow the facts wherever they lead. The result is an investigation that has no credibility. There are numerous examples of the failed investigation: The President and Vice President were never thoroughly questioned. Can you imagine--the Justice Department failed to ask the President a single question about James Riady and foreign money. They didn't ask the Vice President any questions about the Buddhist Temple fundraiser. Unbelievable! The Justice Department has apparently never asked the White House to turn over hundreds of thousands of e-mails that have never been reviewed. Central figures in the scandal, like John Huang and Charlie Trie, have received light sentences without giving up useful information to the Justice Department. Mr. Speaker, we have a right to know whether the Justice Department has done a thorough and credible job investigating the 1996 campaign fundraising scandal. The Justice Department has already leaked the La Bella memo to the press. They should now turn it over to congress, so that we can see if Janet Reno has allowed her career prosecutors to do their job. ......"


House Committee on the Judiciary 4/5/00 Henry Hyde to Janet Reno "…..As you know, over the past several years there has been intense public and congressional concern regarding the Department of Justice's handling of the campaign finance investigation, including
(1) whether the Department used the independent counsel law to prevent law enforcement officials from investigating high level "covered" persons,
(2) whether decisions regarding the appointment of an independent counsel and other key prosecutorial decisions were made by taking the most exculpatory view of all potentially damaging evidence,
(3) whether such decisions were made based on untested factual assumptions that turned out to be false,
(4) whether consistent and principled judgments were made regarding important legal issues, such as the legality of using federal property for fundraising purposes,
(5) whether the Department failed to investigate credible allegations that might have implicated high level government officials, such as Common Cause's allegation of a conspiracy to violate campaign funding laws,
(6) whether the Department failed adequately to consider the possibility that innumerable individual examples of campaign fundraising violations or improprieties reflected an overall scheme or pattern,
(7) why high level government officials were never asked key questions about their knowledge regarding these violations and improprieties,
(8) why lawbreakers such as Charlie Trie and John Huang were given plea agreements which were too lenient,
(9) why the recommendations and views of distinguished and career law enforcement officials such as FBI Director Freeh and Charles La Bella, your handpicked prosecutor, were repeatedly overruled or ignored by senior officials at the Department, and why these officials were excluded from some aspects of the investigation and
(10) why there are still no answers to important questions such as why Chinese government officials provided hundreds of thousands of dollars for contributions to an American political campaign. These concerns have not been alleviated by recent disclosures regarding the now famous Freeh and La Bella memoranda.

The House and Senate Judiciary Committees believe that Congress needs to be fully informed regarding these matters, and that your repeated assurance, however sincere, that relevant decisions were made "on the facts and the law," is simply not sufficient. Accordingly, we hereby request that you provide the records identified in Attachment A in accordance with the instructions contained therein. These records are necessary to assist the Committees with their constitutional oversight responsibility over the Department of Justice and will help inform the Congress as it wrestles with questions about whether to reauthorize the Independent Counsel law and reform the campaign finance system. Furthermore, a review of the operation of the Task Force and its relationship with other officers and agencies should assist the Congress in making decisions about how such investigations should be handled in the future. It will also help you, future Attorneys General and other DOJ officials to provide a management and operational structure that will ensure confidence in DOJ investigations of politically sensitive matters.

Recent reports in The Los Angeles Times and The New York Times highlight the need to fully explore the issues raised by Director Freeh and former Campaign Finance Task Force Chief La Bella. A recent New York Times editorial asserted that the Freeh and La Bella Memoranda are "further evidence of [your] politicized handling of the campaign fundraising issue and [your] dedication to protecting Democratic Party interests from start to finish." Editorial, The Justice Department Memos, The New York Times, March 11, 2000, A28. Public confidence in our system of justice is of paramount importance, and it remains a central responsibility of the Judiciary Committees to ensure confidence in that system. Public confidence requires more than mere conclusory assertions that the investigation has been vigorous and that you have applied the law to the facts. The Washington Post, in an editorial, stated, "In a post-independent counsel world, the department cannot just declare a bit indignantly that it has done its duty in a case involving the president and expect to be believed. For the sake of the public confidence it claims to deserve, it has to find a better way to make its case." Editorial, Dan Burton's Question, The Washington Post, December 19, 1999, B6. The editorial went on to state that "the attorney general should issue more than a press release . . . she should issue a report." It is long past time for a thorough accounting of the actions of the Justice Department. Both Committees will continue to review the Justice Department's activities and such review necessitates your turning over the requested documents.

Recently, you refused to turn over the Freeh and La Bella memoranda to another committee because "the Department has a substantial interest in avoiding a chilling effect on the candor of future prosecutorial deliberations." Letter from The Honorable Janet Reno to The Honorable Dan Burton, March 21, 2000. This reason is not enough to justify your refusal to comply with constitutionally authorized congressional oversight.

In short, this request is similar to requests for information with which the executive branch has historically complied. The requested documents were written by political appointees or senior managers whose decisions are clearly subject to congressional oversight. We seriously doubt that disclosure of such documents to Congress will have a "chilling effect" on political appointees and senior level managers. Also, except for a couple of sentences in the La Bella memorandum, the information contained in the requested documents is not protected by grand jury secrecy rules. The documents no longer relate to ongoing criminal investigations so your claim that you are fending off inappropriate political pressure is specious. Finally, you have already disclosed these documents to the House Judiciary Committee's Chief Investigative Counsel who reports that the matters contained in the memoranda address issues that will advise the Congress on pending legislative matters. It seems, at this late stage in the process, your sole reason for refusing to comply with requests for these documents is to insulate your decisions from further criticism. Ensuring that the laws are faithfully executed necessitates the review of decision making by cabinet secretaries like yourself and other governmental officials. You should welcome such scrutiny and the ability to justify your decisions……..

Records Requested

* All records received or relied upon by the Attorney General regarding the issue whether to seek the appointment of an Independent Counsel in the campaign finance matter or any matter related thereto;

* Memorandum from the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Louis J. Freeh, to the Attorney General, dated November 24, 1997 ("Freeh Memo");

* Interim Report regarding the campaign finance investigation, dated July 16, 1998, along with an August 12, 1998 Addendum, submitted by the former head of the Campaign Financing Task Force, Charles LaBella, and James DeSarno, Assistant Director, FBI CAMPCON Task Force, to the Attorney General and the Director of the FBI ("LaBella Memo");

* Memorandum from Lee J. Radek, Chief, Public Integrity Section to James K. Robinson, Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division, dated August 5, 1998, reviewing the LaBella and DeSarno Interim Report;

* Memorandum by James K. Robinson, Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division, dated August 25, 1998, analyzing the LaBella and DeSarno Interim Report;

* Any record (excluding electronic mail) relating to the appointment of an independent counsel of a covered person within the meaning of 28 U.S.C. § 591(b)(1) in the campaign finance matter or any matter related thereto including, but not limited to, -

* those to and from Judith Feigin, Robert Litt, the FBI, and the Public Integrity Section (including Jo Ann Farrington and Lee Radek),

* those relating to records to or from Judith Feigin, Robert Litt, the FBI, and the Public Integrity Section (including Jo Ann Farrington and Lee Radek);

* Any record (including electronic mail) relating to the documents listed in 1- 8 or the appointment of an independent counsel in the campaign finance matter or any matter related thereto from the Director of the FBI, Deputy Director of the FBI, any Assistant Director of the FBI, any Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI, General Counsel of the FBI, any Deputy General Counsel of the FBI, or the FBI Supervising Investigator of the Campaign Finance Task Force to the Department of Justice;

8. Any record (including electronic mail) relating to the documents listed in 1-7 or the appointment of an independent counsel in the campaign finance matter or any matter related thereto from the Department of Justice to the Director of the FBI, Deputy Director of the FBI, any Assistant Director of the FBI, any Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI, the General Counsel of the FBI, any Deputy General Counsel of the FBI, or the FBI Supervising Investigator of the Campaign Finance Task Force from the Department of Justice;

* Any Office of Legal Counsel legal opinions -

* related to fundraising phone calls or fundraising events made from or held in the White House or other government building,

* related to the Pendleton Civil Service Act (excluding the 1979 OLC opinion relating to fundraising in the White House by President Carter),

* relating to campaign funding laws issued since January 1, 1996;

* Any communication to or from Lee Radek to or from Stephen Mansfield relating to the campaign finance investigation and any record related to any such communication to or from Lee Radek to or from Stephen Mansfield; and

* All enclosures, attachments, or tabular material appended to the above referenced documents.


* Please provide the documents requested in 1-6, 9-10 and 11 (insofar as 11 relates to 1-6 and 9-10) by April 10, 2000.

* Please provide the documents requested in 7 and 8 and 11 (insofar as 11 relates to 7 and 8) by April 24, 2000.

* If you do not intend to provide any of the above referenced documents, please so inform both Committees no later than April 10, 2000, with a complete explanation of the legal basis and authority upon which you rely to withhold the documents in question.

* If you refuse to provide any requested records, please provide a log listing each record by date, type, addressee, author (and if different, the preparer and signatory), general subject matter, and indicated or known circulation. Also, indicate any privilege asserted with respect to each record. Such a log should be submitted to each Committee no later than April 24, 2000……."

Associated Press 4/2/00 William Mann "…….The prosecutor who once led the Democratic fund-raising investigation said Sunday he did not think politics motivated Attorney General Janet Reno to reject his recommendation for an independent counsel. Charles LaBella, who lost his Washington assignment after recommending an outside investigation of President Clinton and other top White House figures, also said such an investigation might well have failed to produce criminal charges. ``The standard was information, sufficient information from credible sources. ... I believe we had substantial information from credible sources to warrant a full-scale investigation of many of these allegations,'' LaBella said on NBC's ``Meet the Press.'' Once an experienced prosecutor reviewed the allegations, LaBella said, ``I think most of these, if not all of them, would have washed out.'' …………``It was never politics. It was bureaucratic agendas, I think. Protecting turf internally at the Department of Justice,'' LaBella said. ``I don't think anybody was protecting anybody. I really don't believe that the attorney general, in any way, shape or form, was protecting anybody, or anybody else at the Justice Department was politically protecting anybody.'' ……"

Worldnet Daily-2000, Human Events 4/17/00 Terence Jeffrey "………This is the story of a spy who got away. Or, more precisely, it is the story of a man who gave U.S. nuclear secrets to the People's Republic of China and for his crime was sentenced to 12 months in a halfway house. It is yet another story of the decline of the Justice Department during the presidency of Bill Clinton and the attorney generalship of Janet Reno -- a tale woven from twisting and overlapping strands of bureaucratic timidity, indifference and, perhaps, something far more troubling than that. In a public hearing on April 5, 2000, frustrated because the Justice Department was stonewalling his special subcommittee investigation of the case, Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said, "It may well be that the Justice Department is guilty of obstruction of justice." ….."

Worldnet Daily-2000, Human Events 4/17/00 Terence Jeffrey "………This spy story begins in 1984 at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, one of three laboratories, along with the Sandia National Laboratory (also in New Mexico) and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (in the San Francisco Bay Area), at which the U.S. Department of Energy develops and designs nuclear weapons. ………At the time, Los Alamos employed a 45-year-old scientist named Peter Hong-Yee Lee. Lee was an immigrant from Taiwan who, in 1975, armed with a Ph.D. in aeronautics from the California Institute of Technology, became a naturalized U.S. citizen. He went to work for TRW, a U.S. defense contractor, then for the Lawrence Livermore Lab, and then, in 1984, for Los Alamos. ………… Lee's work at Los Alamos was connected to a program on the cutting edge of nuclear-fusion technology that 16 years later is still not fully developed. It involved a device called a hohlraum, which the U.S. government intends to use as the basis for creating computer models to simulate hydrogen bomb detonations………. It's like having a pinhead hydrogen bomb blow up in a bottle. The value of this to the U.S. nuclear weapons program is immense…….."

Worldnet Daily-2000, Human Events 4/17/00 Terence Jeffrey "………It was with some of that expertise in his head that Peter Lee traveled to China for a three-week visit, starting just before Christmas 1984. While in China, Lee spoke with members of the China Academy of Engineering Physics, or CAEP, the branch of the Chinese government responsible for all of China's nuclear weapons development programs. …….. On Jan. 9, 1985 -- according to unclassified information put together by Specter's investigators and from sworn public testimony by the FBI -- a CAEP scientist visited Lee in his Beijing hotel room….. Lee then had what the FBI describes as a "detailed conversation" with the scientist, in which he revealed information that he knew to be classified. ……… In a meeting that lasted "approximately two hours," the FBI later testified, Lee "answered questions from the group and drew several diagrams for them, including several hohlraum diagrams, specific numbers which described the hohlraum design and experimental results, and he discussed some problems the U.S. was having in its weapons research, in simulations programs." Lee also discussed with the Chinese scientists a classified paper he had written in 1982. ……."

Worldnet Daily-2000, Human Events 4/17/00 Terence Jeffrey "………The "data provided by Dr. Lee," the Department of Energy concluded, "was of significant material assistance to the PRC in their nuclear weapons development program. For that reason, this analysis indicated that Dr. Lee's activities have directly enhanced the PRC nuclear weapons program to the detriment of U.S. national security." …….. Yet, when Lee returned from Beijing on Jan. 19, 1985, his superiors at Los Alamos did not know what he had done in China. So, he continued his work in the nuclear weapons program. ……….. In 1991, Lee left Los Alamos to work again for TRW. But he continued to be involved in nuclear-weapons-related technology. TRW was then just starting a research program with the Department of Energy's Lawrence Livermore lab, the British government, and other U.S. defense contractors, that was aimed at developing a radar system that could track submerged submarines. ……"

Worldnet Daily-2000, Human Events 4/17/00 Terence Jeffrey "………In April 1991, about the same time Lee started on the radar project at TRW, the FBI received "sensitive information" about him that caused the bureau to open an espionage case. In 1993, the FBI upgraded the case to a full investigation code-named "Royal Tourist," probably in reference to Lee's frequent travel to China. (Between 1980 and 1997, he visited Beijing five times.) In early 1994, the bureau determined it needed to put Lee under electronic surveillance and prepared the special Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant needed to do so. …….. In the 20-year history of FISA, the Justice Department has only twice refused to allow the FBI to take a warrant application to the court….. In February 1994, there was no such problem. The Justice Department concurred with the FBI that Peter Lee should be placed under electronic surveillance. A FISA judge approved the warrant. ………. Every 90 days, for more than three years, the FBI went back to Justice for re-approval of the warrant. Every 90 days, Justice approved. ……"

Worldnet Daily-2000, Human Events 4/17/00 Terence Jeffrey "………Then on April 30, 1997, while under FBI surveillance, Lee departed on another Beijing vacation. In a travel-request form that he filled out for TRW before his departure, Lee said he was going to China for the fun of it, and would pay his own expenses. In reality, the Chinese government was paying for the trip through a subsidiary of the China Academy of Engineering Physics. ……….. Said the Cox Committee: "Lee ... passed to PRC weapons scientists, classified research into the detection of enemy submarines under water. This research, if successfully completed, could enable the PLA to threaten previously invulnerable U.S. nuclear submarines. …….. "Specifically, on or about May 11, 1997, Lee gave a lecture in Beijing at the PRC Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics (IAPCM). Among the attendees were nuclear weapons scientists from the IAPCM and the China Academy of Engineering Physics (CAEP). "Lee described for the PRC weapons scientists the physics of microwave scattering from ocean waves. Lee specifically stated that the purpose of the research was anti-submarine warfare. "At one point in his presentation, Lee displayed an image of a surface ship wake, which he had brought with him from the United States. He also drew a graph and explained the underlying physics of his work and applications. He told the PRC scientists where to filter data within the graph to enhance the ability to locate the ocean wake of a vessel. "Approximately two hours after his talk was over, Lee erased the graph and tore the ship image 'to shreds' upon exiting the PRC institute." ……."

Worldnet Daily-2000, Human Events 4/17/00 Terence Jeffrey "………When Lee returned from Beijing, the FBI decided to have him in for a little chat. An agent from the bureau's Los Angeles office met with Lee on June 25, 1997, for a "non-confrontational interview." In this interview, as Daniel Sayner, the assistant special agent in charge of the FBI's Los Angeles office, later testified, "Lee lied to the FBI, stating that he engaged in no technical scientific discussion with the People's Republic of China, PRC, and that he paid for the trip himself." ………. "Peter Lee admitted that he traveled to the PRC with the intention of giving scientific lectures to the PRC scientists. In addition, Peter Lee admitted to agents that he lied when he said that he had not received requests from foreign nationals for technical information and lied when he said no attempts were made to persuade him into reviewing or discussing classified information. "Peter Lee admitted he had received requests from foreign nationals for technical information and attempts were made to persuade him into reviewing/discussing classified information. Lee also admitted that he did not report personal contacts with several PRC scientists in January 1993 and April 1994, when they visited the United States. ……."

Worldnet Daily-2000, Human Events 4/17/00 Terence Jeffrey "………Several days after his Aug. 14 FBI interview, Lee contacted a government scientist in China and, according to Sayner's testimony, "requested him to provide receipts indicating that he had made that trip to PRC and asked him if those receipts contained his and his wife's name in English and that they were paid in cash. "On Sept. 3, 1997," Sayner said, "Peter Lee then provided agents of the FBI with copies of the hotel and airline receipts for his 1997 May trip to the PRC, which appeared to indicate that Peter Lee paid cash to cover his expenses for the trip. Peter Lee did not pay ... for the trip to the PRC." On the same day he gave the FBI the bogus receipts, Lee had a stroke of luck: The FBI's Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to keep him under electronic surveillance expired and was not renewed. Just why it was not renewed remains a matter of dispute. ……"

Worldnet Daily-2000, Human Events 4/17/00 Terence Jeffrey "………Sayner explained the FBI's view on March 29 in sworn testimony to Specter's subcommittee. It came in an exchange with Sen. Robert Torricelli, D-N.J.:
Torricelli: "When the FISA coverage of Dr. Lee expired in September 1997, was there consideration made to reapply for FISA coverage?"
Sayner: "Yes, senator."
Torricelli: "And what was the determination?"
Sayner: "We made an application to our headquarters and there was discussion between our headquarters, and there was between our headquarters and Department of Justice to renew at that time."
Torricelli: "And what was the determination."
Sayner: "Not to renew." ……."We have uncovered a discrepancy since last week's hearing," said Grassley, "and I think it's something we need to get to the bottom of. "Last week, we received testimony from the FBI's Daniel Sayner, from the Los Angeles office. He was asked about the FISA coverage expiring September '97 and if there was a request for it to be renewed. Mr. Sayner said yes, but ... it was turned down by the Justice Department because the activity in question was stale. "This week, representatives from the Justice Department briefed us that there was no such record of their turning down a FISA renewal, and they would never have characterized the activity as stale for what they called obvious reasons." ……… The remarkable timing and lack of a Justice Department record are only the first and second odd circumstances surrounding the cancellation of Lee's FISA warrant. The third is even more curious: The Peter Lee warrant cancellation came within weeks of the Justice Department's refusal to allow the FBI to go to the FISA court and request a warrant to begin surveillance on Dr. Wen Ho Lee, a scientist suspected of nuclear espionage at the Los Alamos National Lab. …….."

Worldnet Daily-2000, Human Events 4/17/00 Terence Jeffrey "………In a March 7 hearing, Specter asked FBI Director Louis Freeh to quantify how unusual it was for the Justice Department not to approve an FBI request to seek a FISA warrant.
Specter: "Do you know, Director Freeh, how many times there has been a declination, a refusal by the Department of Justice to forward the FBI's request to a court for a FISA warrant?"
Freeh: "It's been a very rare occasion, in my experience."
Specter: "Has there been any occasion, other than this one, with Dr. Wen Ho Lee, to your knowledge?"
Freeh: "There have been occasions where, you know, the application has gone back and forth between the department and the FBI, which is exactly the way the process is designed, as a collaborative process. So the application is not rejected, but it's sent back for additional work and review. In this particular case, there was a rejection at the end of all the deliberations. And this was a very rare case in my experience."
Specter: "Do you know of any other case where there was a rejection at the end of the deliberation -- the back and forth process, as you describe it?"
Freeh: "Only one other case."

Worldnet Daily-2000, Human Events 4/17/00 Terence Jeffrey "………The FBI brought the information to Jonathan Shapiro, who worked in the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Central Division of California. Shapiro -- now chief of staff to Cruz Bustamante, the Democratic lieutenant governor of California -- was a prosecutor with stellar credentials. A Harvard grad with both a bachelor's and master's degree in history, he attended Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship, where he received a second master's degree, before moving on to Boalt Hall, the law school at the University of California at Berkeley…….. His first instinct, he said, was "to put cuffs on" Lee "and let him taste incarceration." "From my standpoint," Shapiro said, "the most important leverage that we could have had on Peter Lee was through an arrest, and it was my desire to arrest him as soon as the confession was obtained." But because it was an espionage case, Shapiro needed to get approval for the arrest from the main office of the Justice Department. The approval was denied, and Lee was left free on the streets. Shapiro discussed the denial with the committee:……
Grassley: "[W]hy weren't you allowed to arrest Mr. Lee, and did main Justice have a rationale?"
Shapiro: "As I recall, senator, the request was made of main Justice from the U.S. Attorney's Office after my supervisors at the U.S. Attorney's Office reviewed the matter for some period of time. The affidavit was sent to main Justice, and the decision not to go forward with the arrest, as I recall -- and I don't have documents here, but as I recall -- the decision was based in part because of the need for an assessment of the information that Peter Lee had passed.
"That is, main Justice did not want to proceed with an arrest warrant until they had an opportunity to assess what it is that he passed to determine, first of all, if in fact it was classified."
There was a debate, Shapiro explained, as to which laws should be cited in an indictment of Lee. There were three possibilities: 18 USC 1001, which makes it a felony to give a false statement to a federal agency; 18 USC 793, which makes it a felony to communicate national defense information to people not entitled to it; and 18 USC 794, which makes it a felony to communicate information to a "foreign power" that "directly concerned nuclear weaponry, military spacecraft or satellites, early warning systems, or other means of defense or retaliation against large scale attack ... or any other major weapons system or major element of defense strategy."
The 793 law carried a 10-year statute of limitations and a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail. The 794 law had no statute of limitations and carried a maximum penalty of capital punishment.
Said Shapiro: "I think they [the Justice Department] felt if you're going to arrest somebody on 1001, but you're going to make reference to potential 794 charges, this becomes a very public case. My feeling was, obviously, that the complaint and the arrest warrant would be sealed and that we wouldn't necessarily have to get into that. Nevertheless, DOJ had to go to the Navy, had to go to the Department of Energy and had to get information before they could make an assessment as to the damage, before they could give me the approvals."
During this time, the un-arrested Lee was a risk to flee the country.

Worldnet Daily-2000, Human Events 4/17/00 Terence Jeffrey "………Shapiro was ready to charge Lee not only with lying to a federal agency but also with a Section 794 espionage charge on the 1985 hohlraum disclosures and a 794 espionage charge on the 1997 radar disclosures. ……. "In my view," Shapiro told the committee, "coupling the 1985 charge with the 1997 charge, with what I thought was a dead-bang case -- and I think there's total agreement on the false statement, the 1001 case -- those counts added together. I felt I was going to convict him of something, and I had a very strong sense that at sentencing all that information could have been considered by a judge." But the Justice Department would not allow it..........John Dion, the acting chief of the Justice Department Internal Security Section, and Michael Liebman, the criminal division attorney immediately supervising the case, decided Shapiro should go for a plea agreement. John Keeney, then the acting assistant attorney general in charge of the criminal division, approved it. He also testified that he never discussed the case with Janet Reno. The same attorney general who has become fixated on deporting Elián González apparently had no interest at all in providing leadership in the prosecution of one of the most important spy cases in recent history. ……. So the bureaucrats of the Justice Department denied Shapiro the authority he wanted to charge Lee with the more serious 794 espionage offense. But they allowed him to bluff Lee by using the threat of such a charge as leverage in negotiations. ….."

Worldnet Daily-2000, Human Events 4/17/00 Terence Jeffrey "………What Justice wanted was for Lee to waive the 10-year statute of limitations on a lesser 793 espionage charge for his 1985 disclosures, plead guilty to a 1001 false statement charge for filing false travel reports in 1997, and agree to cooperate with the FBI. In return, they would ask the sentencing judge to give Lee a short period of incarceration. A 1997 espionage charge -- for the radar ocean imaging disclosures -- was not even put on the table. Lee grabbed the deal. On Dec. 8, 1997, he agreed to cooperate with the FBI and pleaded guilty to one count of violating 18 USC Section 793 and one count of violating 18 USC 1001. The ballgame was over. …….."

Worldnet Daily-2000, Human Events 4/17/00 Terence Jeffrey "………At his own sentencing, Lee told the judge he had disclosed information to the Chinese because of his "camaraderie" with Chinese scientists. "Words cannot describe how remorseful I feel for the terrible mistake I made," he said. "I violated a sacred oath to protect our nation's secrets." The judge gave the spy a five-year suspended sentence, a $20,000 fine, 3,000 hours of community service, and ordered him to spend one year in a halfway house. ….."

Worldnet Daily-2000, Human Events 4/17/00 Terence Jeffrey "………For months, as Arlen Specter struggled to get information out of the Justice Department to complete his investigation of this case, the Department stalled. Finally, he determined to subpoena the so-called line attorneys involved in the case -- men such as Shapiro and his supervisor, Liebman. Janet Reno vehemently objected to the move. It was the morning after an April 4 meeting with Reno on this subject that Specter, in a hearing, revealed, "It was only last night that we received from the Department of Justice, information that the Department of Energy damage assessment had been provided to the Department of Justice, a fact concealed from this committee. "We're going to inquire about that as well. It may well be that the Department of Justice is guilty of obstruction of justice, and we intend to get to the bottom of that." ……… But in his prepared written testimony, Liebman made a truly stunning revelation: "Another reason for the declassification [of hohlraum technology], I was told," he said, "was that the DOE considered it to be in the U.S. national interest to educate countries on how to simulate nuclear weapons explosions in a laboratory setting, in order to discourage them from actually detonating nuclear devices." In other words, an illegal act of espionage that contributed to nuclear weapons development in a communist power in 1985, became in 1993, an act that forwarded the policy of the Clinton administration to help such a power develop nuclear weapons. This, at least, is what a Justice Department lawyer seemed to be claiming, under oath, in a public hearing, in carefully prepared written testimony. This is unlikely to be the last extraordinary revelation from Sen. Specter's special subcommittee investigation. ........."

Washington Post 4/15/00 John Harris David Vise "….Inside the department, Reno has relied on Deputy Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and two senior staff members for guidance: James E. Castello, a 45-year-old associate deputy attorney general who is a former Supreme Court clerk, and Brad Glassman, a 33-year-old expert in immigration law who is counsel to the deputy attorney general. Glassman used to work at the INS. Reno also has consulted heavily with INS Commissioner Doris N. Meissner, as well as private-sector psychiatrists and psychologists, and a wide array of people she knows in Miami, where she worked as a prosecutor before becoming attorney general. Both Reno and Holder, who has solid relations at the White House, are firm in their conviction that the law must prevail, sources said, but that this happen in a way that minimizes the trauma for the child, creating an ugly confrontational scene on television. At the same time, Reno and other Justice Department officials have a plan that involves the use of federal marshals and immigration officers to seize control of the boy at an opportune time and and return him to the custody of his father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, people familiar with the matter said. Reno was not moved by the video of the child saying he did not want to be reunited with his father that was released on Thursday. Earlier, the attorney general said, "Based on our law, based on foundations of our society, parents speak for their children."........."

Philadelphia Inquirer 4/16/00 Peter Nicholas "……..To the growing unease of some colleagues from both parties, Sen. Arlen Specter is doggedly pursuing a many-tendriled investigation into the Clinton administration that seems destined to creep into the presidential campaign as it enters its most competitive phase. The Pennsylvania Republican heads a Senate task force created in September that is probing a thicket of Chinese espionage cases, the campaign finance scandals stemming from the 1996 election, and the government's role in the fatal standoff near Waco, Texas, in 1993. Specter sees a pattern of obstruction, delay and ineptitude on the part of President Clinton's Justice Department. At a hearing April 5, Specter said that "it may well be that the so-called Department of Justice is guilty of obstruction of justice. And we intend to get to the bottom of that." In recent weeks, he has hauled rank-and-file Justice Department lawyers before his subcommittee to explain a plea bargain granted in 1998 to Peter Lee, an American scientist who admitted passing nuclear secrets to the Chinese but was not sentenced to jail. ….."

Miami New Time 10/9/90 Joshua Weinstein "…… The county commissioner's corruption was petty, stupid, and - as far as the state attorney's office was concerned - perfectly legal: Charging the county $176.35 for two nights in a hotel room he never used: legal. Charging the county $310 for round-trip airfare to a destination he used only as a stopover: legal. Charging the county $225 for registration to a conference he did not attend: legal. Lying on a financial disclosure form: legal. …….. While Commissioner Barry Schreiber visited a girlfriend in New York in December 1988, taxpayers in Dade were shelling out money for his empty hotel room and other expenses in Washington, D.C. After the Miami Herald published a story about the bogus trip (approximate cost equalling that of a police detective's weekly salary), the state attorney's office conducted an investigation and decided that Schreiber had broken no laws and would not be prosecuted. ............ But in a county marked by a public perception of rampant corruption, only rarely do elected officials end up before a judge. Says a partner at one well-known Miami law firm: "Janet Reno's prosecution of elected officials isn't animal. It isn't mineral. It's vegetable." ..."

Miami New Time 10/9/90 Joshua Weinstein "……Yet public corruption unit files show that Reno, in her twelve years as state attorney, has brought to trial a total of five elected officials for violations of the public trust. Reno's records contain only these corruption prosecutions: Former Surfside Mayor Louis Hoberman was found guilty of bribery in a 1978 case, former Florida City Mayor Thomas Karrick pleaded guilty to grand theft in 1979, former Metro Commissioner Neil Adams was convicted of gambling charges in 1979, former school board member Kathleen Magrath pleaded guilty to election-law violations in 1986, and former Circuit Judge Howard Gross was acquitted of bribery charges brought against him in 1987……. Prosecutors filed civil - but not criminal - charges against former Miami Mayor Maurice Ferre in 1983 for election-law violations, resulting in a $35,000 fine. Reno's office has since brought civil charges against other elected officials for similar violations………"

Miami New Time 10/9/90 Joshua Weinstein "…… Although the U.S. Attorney's Office took those cases, the laws local officials broke or are currently charged with breaking are not exclusively federal statutes - the state books contain similar versions - and Reno's office could have pursued the whole bunch. Which again raises the question: Why hasn't the state prosecuted? Because the feds did, says Reno. "If they are pursuing it," says the Dade state attorney, "it is not in the best advantage of the case for us to jump in. It creates a disadvantage for the feds." Unlike federal law, Reno explains, state statutes allow defense lawyers to question witnesses and examine evidence prior to trial, which can make it more difficult for prosecutors to handle such matters in state court…….. Reno is unfazed by Garcia-Pedrosa's puzzlement. She applauds the feds for prosecuting elected officials and defends her policy of letting them handle many of the cases, because federal agencies, she says, have more time to investigate such matters than her office does. "The FBI and IRS," she explains, "don't have the burden of street violence." She says her department has a good relationship with the U.S. Attorney's Office, and frequently works with them. "I don't put up trophies," she says. "We shouldn't worry about perception, or who gets credit for it. We should worry about the end result." .........:

Miami New Time 10/9/90 Joshua Weinstein "…… But when the bad guys are politicians, it adds a new dimension to prosecutions. Although Reno is adamant about keeping politics out of her office, the fact remains that she is a politician and faces election every four years - her current term expires in 1992. She depended on the good will of Gov. Reubin Askew for her appointment in 1978, and has depended upon the good will of the voters to keep her job ever since. It may not be politically wise for such a person to prosecute popular politicians, observers point out. Yet with the exception of a handful of habitual complainers who have little credibility, few people question Reno's personal integrity. Even her most tendentious critics - Garcia-Pedrosa, for instance - vouch for her veracity. In fact, one local lawyer says, "If she weren't so honest, I'd be sure there was some kind of payoff with public corruption cases." Again the question: If she's so honest and the cases so important, where are the prosecutions? Perhaps the answer lies in the corruption politicians are committing. Reno's files portray a county practically oozing with political chicanery. Yet Reno's office insists that it oozes on just the right side of the law. ……"

Miami New Time 10/9/90 Joshua Weinstein "……Defense lawyers contend that Reno gives a benefit to elected officials she does not extend to people who don't have political connections. That benefit, they say, comes in the form of enormous analysis before charges are filed - analysis that concentrates on reasons not to file. Meanwhile, the lawyers add, Reno is brutal on nonpoliticians, routinely filing charges without such investigation. ……."

BBC 4/15/00 "………Janet Reno's path from her childhood home on the edge of the Everglades in Florida to the highest law enforcement office in the US demonstrated her drive and determination. Her parents provided her with role models of tenacity and toughness - and an early acquaintance with law enforcement. Her father, Henry Reno, spent 43 years as a police reporter for the Miami Herald. Her mother, Jane Wood Reno, raised her four children before becoming an investigative reporter for the Miami News. Jane Wood Reno was a female version of the classic hard-drinking, chain-smoking reporter, who also hunted and wrestled alligators. ……"

BBC 4/15/00 "………In 1960, Janet Reno enrolled in Harvard Law School. She was one of only 16 women in a class of more than 500 students. But despite graduating from one of the most prestigious law schools in the country, she had difficulty finding work. One of Miami's largest law firms denied her a position because she was a woman. Fourteen years later, the same firm would make her a partner. In November 1978, after holding a number of public positions, she was elected to the office of State Attorney in Florida. She was re-elected four more times. …… In 1993, President Clinton nominated her to become attorney-general. But she was his third choice for the post and has never enjoyed his unqualified support. She appointed seven independent counsels to investigate him and other senior administration officials. ….."

Freeper aristeides "…….. Designation of the Attorney General as the Lead Official for the Emergency Response Assistance Program Under Sections 1412 and 1415 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1997 (Public Law 104-201) (the "Act") …………Under sections 1412(a) and 1415(a) of the Act, the Secretary of Defense is responsible for implementing the Emergency Response Assistance Program, commonly known as the "Domestic Preparedness Program," to provide civilian personnel of Federal, State, and local agencies with training and expert advice regarding emer-gency responses to a use or threatened use of a weapon of mass destruction or related materials, and for testing and improving the responses of such agencies to emergencies involving chemical or biological weapons and related materials.
Under the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, including sections 1412(a)(2) and 1415(d)(1) of the Act, I designate the Attorney General to replace the Secretary of Defense as the lead Federal official with responsibility for carrying out these programs.
These designations are effective October 1, 2000, and constitute designations pursuant to sections 1412(a)(2) and 1415(d)(1) of the Act.
The Attorney General is authorized and directed to publish this memorandum in the Federal Register. …..WILLIAM J. CLINTON ……."

THE WASHINTON TIMES 4/13/00 David Sands Jerry Seper "…..Attorney General Janet Reno last night failed to persuade the Miami relatives of Elian Gonzalez to give the 6-year-old boy back to his Cuban father after delivering a message warning them that, voluntarily or by force, they must surrender the boy. In a hastily arranged trip, Miss Reno made a extraordinary personal plea to Lazaro Gonzalez, the boy's great-uncle, to relinquish the boy to end the 4 and 1/2-month international custody dispute. But the three-hour meeting, at which Elian was also present, broke up inconclusively, with the relatives still insisting on a meeting here with the father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, now waiting for his son in the company of Cuban diplomats in Bethesda……."

Insight Magazine 4/12/00 Paul Rodriguez "……..New "old" memos to and from the FBI and the Justice Department are being sought by a House Judiciary subcommittee that only recently learned about them. And a hearing sure to create sparks is scheduled for April 13. The memos, according to Insight's sources, include previously unknown blockbusters from FBI Director Louis Freeh and former Campagin Task Force leader Charles La Bella, among several others inside the Justice Department. ……… Florida Republican Rep. Charles Canady, with the full backing of Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde, wants to know why his panel should not issue subpoenas to obtain the "secret" documents that, so far, Attorney General Janet Reno has refused to turn over -- let alone even ackowledge exist. But exist they do and, according to federal law enforcement sources who have seen them, they are explosive and provide substantial backup to La Bella's assertions from over a year ago that Reno should have sought the appointment of an Independent Counsel to investigate the Clinton/Gore reelection committee's campaign fundraising tactics and those of the DNC, or Democratic National Committee….."

Washington Times 4/11/00 Wesley Pruden "…… Whatever else she may be, Janet Reno is consistent. She "saves" children wholesale, as she did at Waco, and she "saves" them retail, as she is determined to do with Elian Gonzalez. It's tough on the children, particularly when she gives an order for the feds to burn their house down. That's just a risk this brave lady is willing to take. Not even the defenders of the decision to let the bureaucrats of the Justice Department and the Immigration and Naturalization Service - and not the courts - decide what happens to Elian are under any illusion about what will happen to the boy when he returns to Fidel Castro's satrap. Cuban law decrees that Elian must be taken from his family for long periods of time to be indoctrinated into the harsh communism of the Castro dictatorship, and taken from his family permanently if the state decides that his "communist personality" is not developing satisfactorily. The carefree little boy in tennis shoes and Disney tee shirts, whose life in Miami has been suffused with love, warmth and good times, will disappear into the maw of a brutal and remorseless state. "He is a possession of the state," Luis Fernandez said last week in a rare outburst of Cuban truth-telling. "Once the transfer takes place, no other entity can remove this." A firestorm of protest compelled Mr. Fernandez to complain that he had been misquoted by this newspaper, that he was speaking of the house where Juan Miguel Gonzalez would be staying, not of his son. He was quoted correctly. (His "explanation" makes no sense, since the house is already an undisputed possession of the state.) ……."

ABCNEWS.COM excerpt 4/13/00 "………in a family-made videotape broadcast exclusively this morning on the Spanish-language Univision channel, Elian is seen sitting on a bed, saying he does not want to return to Cuba. "Papa, I don't want to go back to Cuba," he says in Spanish. "If you want you can stay here. I am not going to Cuba. "... I know you want me to go back, but I am telling you right now, I don't want to go. Now, I don't want to go back to Cuba. If you want, stay here, but I am not going back to Cuba." Sources at the Justice Department said this morning that if the release of the video was designed to bolster the family's cause, it had backfired, and the U.S. government was determined more than ever to return the child to his father. ……."

Washington Post 4/14/00 Karen DeYoung "…..The Justice Department declined to take action yesterday after the great-uncle of Elian Gonzalez defied a government order and refused to surrender the 6-year-old boy, pushing the international custody dispute into another day amid escalating tension in Miami and mounting anger from Elian's Cuban father. As thousands of Cuban Americans protesting outside great-uncle Lazaro Gonzalez's home in Miami's Little Havana vowed to prevent the boy's removal, Attorney General Janet Reno continued to seek a negotiated settlement despite adamant refusals on both sides of the Gonzalez family to alter positions they have held for weeks. Lazaro Gonzalez again demanded a face-to-face meeting with the father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, after which, he has said, he would decide whether to turn over Elian. "We want the family to get together with no preconditions," said Manny Diaz, an attorney for the U.S. relatives……The father again responded that there would be no meeting until Elian is "physically and legally" in his custody, as the Justice Department has ordered. "Juan Miguel Gonzalez asks only this, that the laws of this nation be enforced," the father's…."

Washington Post 4/6/00 Robert O’Harrow Jr. "…… In response to growing concerns about terrorism, hackers and other high-tech criminals, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is planning a series of sophisticated computer systems that would sharply increase agents' ability to gather and analyze information. The FBI is seeking more than $75 million in budget appropriations to continue a massive information technology expansion, which includes a system dubbed "Digital Storm" that eases the court-sanctioned collection and electronic sifting of traffic on telephones and cellular phones. Another proposed system would create "the foundation for an up-to-date, flexible digital collection infrastructure" for wiretaps under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. A third initiative would develop an "enterprise database" that would enable agents to analyze huge amounts of data and share them via a secure World Wide Web-style network…."

Covenant News 4/3/00 Jim Rudd "……. Remember the law that makes it a felony to purchase or sell aborted baby parts for profit? It's part of the National Institutes of Health Revitalization Act of 1993. You would think with all of the pro-life lobbying groups in Washington, D.C., we would be hearing a multitude of voices crying out from the rooftops demanding a nationwide investigation to bring these baby butchering profiteers to justice. So where is the public outcry, where is the righteous indignation demanding that justice be upheld? After a week of not hearing anything I began to ask around to find out what the problem is. Well, it seems that some party hacks and policy wonks on Capitol Hill are saying that this federal law has a "loophole" and "cannot be used to prosecute anyone." I was told that Christians need to support more bills that will regulate the baby butchering industry better. They said, "we must force the buyers and sellers" of aborted baby parts "to fill out forms and place more regulatory limits on how much people can charge" for human flesh. All this, I was told, "will make it easier for the FBI to do its investigation." ……"

Washington Post 4/4/00 Vernon Loeb "…….Specter asked last week at a hearing why prosecutors hadn't used a death penalty section of the espionage statute in prosecuting Lee, a laser scientist at TRW Inc. who has admitted passing nuclear secrets to Beijing but spent only 12 months in a halfway house. Tomorrow, Specter will hear from two senior attorneys from the criminal division who supervised the prosecution, John Dion and Michael Liebman, and the lead prosecutor in Los Angeles, former assistant U.S. attorney Jonathan Shapiro. Sparks should fly. ………..FBI agents confronted Lee in 1997, after he failed to report a trip that year to China, as required under the terms of his government security clearance. After failing an FBI polygraph examination, Lee confessed to passing nuclear secrets to Beijing in 1985, while working as a physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. ….. The Justice Department ultimately accepted a plea agreement from Lee on two felony charges that fell far short of a full espionage conviction punishable by death--one for passing classified nuclear secrets in 1985 and one for lying to the government about the purpose of his 1997 trip, when he also revealed classified information to Chinese scientists about his work at TRW involving space radar imaging of submarines. ……"

Washington Post 4/4/00 Vernon Loeb "…….Department officials have previously explained that they accepted the plea agreement because the information Lee had given China had by then been declassified. They say they decided against prosecuting Lee for passing classified information during his 1997 trip, because much of what Lee had divulged had already been revealed in press accounts. But John G. Schuster Jr., a Navy branch chief in submarine security and technology, testified last week that Lee had revealed information classified "confidential . . . that was not in the public domain" during the 1997 trip. ……. Daniel Sayner, an FBI official, testified that Lee failed another FBI polygraph in February 1998, after having negotiated his plea agreement, leading investigators to conclude he had not revealed all of the secrets that he had passed to China. …….Given that failed polygraph, Specter may ask Justice Department lawyers tomorrow why they didn't immediately back out of the deal. ……"

NewsMax 4/5/00 John LeBoutillier "….What do Elian Gonzalez and Bill Gates have in common? They are both the targets of Janet Reno and her corrupt, partisan Justice Department. The richest man on the planet and perhaps the poorest boy on the planet have both become Co-Enemy Number One of the most crooked Department of Justice in American political history. And as much as we might all want to blame it on this pathetic example of an Attorney General, the real fault is running for the US Senate from New York: Hillary Rodham Clinton…….From the Inaugural on, the Clintons have purposely and deliberately broken the law and abused the various investigative arms of the federal government…..When the Clinton crew determined that FBI Director William Sessions would not be their patsy they sacked him -- on the very day that Vince Foster decided to whack himself after eating a hamburger……… From then on the Clintons have run amok throughout Washington – with impunity and virtual immunity. Each and every time they have crossed the line they have used their dupe, Janet Reno, to cover up their transgressions. From the FBI files to the Red Chinese donations to the Clinton 1996 campaign, from the Fiske/Starr investigations to Travelgate, Janet 'Waco' Reno has cleverly used DOJ not to prosecute wrongdoing but to protect the Clintons. Plain and simple………… Hillary and Bill are again using their Department of Justice to implement their social order: to side with Castro and to punish the creation of wealth………"

NewsMax 4/6/00 Carl Limbacher "…… Justice Dept. to be Sued Over Clinton's Terrorist Pardons The Landmark Legal Foundation plans to sue the Clinton Justice Department for the release of documents related to the President's pardon of 16 members of the Puerto Rican terrorist group, the FALN. The White House claimed executive privilege last fall to keep the documents from becoming public. Landmark had sought their release under the Freedom of Information Act; a request denied by the Justice Department. Landmark President Mark Levin said this week that Clinton's executive privilege claim was an abuse of power. "This President has shown himself to be a serial abuser of the privileges of his office. Mr. Clinton is trying to avoid public accountability" for the pardons. ….."

WASHINGTON TIMES 4/6/00 "…….. Janet Reno isn't a real attorney general. She just plays one. What other conclusion could be drawn from the remarkable interview that NBC's Tim Russert conducted on "Meet the Press" this week with Charles LaBella, the former head of a Justice Department task force investigating alleged violations of campaign-finance laws? Mr. LaBella told Mr. Russert that he never had a "substantive conversation" with Miss Reno after he submitted a memo in July 1998 recommending the appointment of an independent counsel to examine campaign fund-raising by President Clinton, Vice President Gore, first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Harold Ickes. Mr. Russert then asked Mr. LaBella what Miss Reno's deputies told him. "I didn't have a conversation with anybody substantively about the memo. I have never to this day had a conversation with anybody about my memo at the Justice Department," Mr. LaBella replied. "I handed it in. I really believed in my heart of hearts that it was going to start a dialogue." Mr. LaBella said his memo was "an interim report . . . not a final report. This was not the end of the day." In fact, as far as Miss Reno was concerned, it was the end of the day for Mr. LaBella, who, after the attorney general rejected his recommendation without offering him any reason why, promptly returned to San Diego......."

ABC Raw News 4/6/00 Reuters "…….The Justice Department has decided not to bring federal charges against Pentagon spokesman Ken Bacon for releasing information from the private file of defense worker Linda Tripp, Pentagon and Justice Department officials said on Thursday. ……. Pentagon Deputy Inspector General Donald Mancuso, who has been looking into the two-year-old case, told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday he was told by the Justice Department that it would not press charges against Bacon or former Bacon assistant Clifford Bernath. Justice Department spokesman John Russell confirmed in response to questions that the decision had been sent in a recent letter to the Pentagon inspector general's office. He would not elaborate. ……. "

Insight Magazine 3/28/00 Paul Rodriguez "….. The head of the Justice Department/FBI Campaign Task Force, along with the department's lead attorney, James Gilligan, are being charged with playing a game of hide & seek with U.S. District Court Judge Royce C. Lamberth on the matter of "lost" White House emails, Insight has learned. Moreover, high level federal law enforcement sources have told Insight that neither the Campaign Task Force nor the Justice Department have been completely above board on a separate matter that has yet to garner much press attention concerning "lost" White House telephone logs detailing virtually every long distance call made from the Executive Office of the President between January 1992 through at least December 1998. Robert J. Conrad Jr., the head of the Task Force, along with Gilligan, have effectively told Judge Lamberth as recently as March 24 that to release any information concerning the now-infamous White House emails would seriously impede new investigations launched by the two law enforcement groups into recent allegations in the press involving a cover up (and threats to contract employees who have known about the emails) going back at least two years. Gilligan also told the judge that the Justice Department and Independent Counsel Robert W. Ray want to delay any judicial intervention or review into the White House emails because of separate new probes they are conducting into the latest allegations. The requests to Lamberth by Conrad and Gilligan were in response to a civil suit brought by Judicial Watch in its $90 million "Filegate" case against the White House. ……"

Insight Magazine 3/28/00 Paul Rodriguez "….. But Insight can now reveal for the first time that the statements made to Lamberth raise troubling ethical and legal issues for the Task Force and Justice Department because, since at least February 1999, senior agents of the FBI personally met with White House lawyers and officials and confidential witnesseses to discuss the emails, along with separate so-called lost telephone logs that long had been under subpoena by congressional panels, grand juries, and others. In other words, the implications of statements made before the judge that the investigative bodies are just now looking into these matters has been drawn into question, based on over a dozen interviews with confidential sources in and out of government in recent days. ……"

Insight Magazine 3/28/00 Paul Rodriguez "….. One well-placed source familiar with the LaBella memo and others from him and other lead investigators, said it comes as no surprise to hear about the FBI agents' disinterest in the White House emails and stories from witnesses recounted by Insight such as this one: "They [the FBI agents] said that the emails were somebody else's problems but that a report had been filed and 'they' would get back to us. They never did call back." Another high-level federal law enforcement official who confirmed these damning charges, said he also knew that high-level officials at the Justice Department and the FBI were aware of both the emails now in the news plus the missing telephone records. "There was a lot of politics over this and most other areas of these investigations that in the end were killed to protect the higher ups," this law enforcement official shockingly claimed. "We blew it and we're just trying to cover our asses on this," the federal law enforcement official bluntly confessed to Insight. When asked about the statements made before Judge Lamberth that no information could be released to the court or to Judicial Watch because it could compromise new probes, the official had this to say: ……"

Insight Magazine 3/28/00 Paul Rodriguez "….. "This is a mess," admitted one of the Justice Department sources who asked like the others not to be further identified. "We're damned if we do and damned if we don't and in this case, we're damned either way because too many people knew about these [emails and telephone logs] but did nothing about it other than file reports." A cover up? "Call it what you want, you figure it out," the Justice source snapped. ….."

Insight Magazine 3/28/00 Paul Rodriguez "….. Yes, Insight has confirmed that several agents did look into the issues of emails and telephone records but, according to Justice Department sources familiar with these matters, the agents and their superiors at both the Campaign Task Force and at Starr's office did not pursue the evidence whistle-blowers were trying to share at great peril to careers. Why? "That's the real scandal in all of this," a disgruntled former FBI agent tells Insight. "They've known all along about what's in those records or at least what the potential has been but they didn't care to followup until now when it explodes in their faces...Now they want to pretend they never knew about it and never looked into it and never interviewed witnesses who had access to the records. They're trying to hoodwink the judge," this former agent told Insight in a fury of anger. ……" 4/3/00 Sean Scully "……. Former Justice Department investigator Charles LaBella yesterday blamed Attorney General Janet Reno's refusal to name an independent investigator to look into the 1996 White House fundraising scandals on bureaucratic infighting rather than a desire to protect the president. "It wasn't politics. It was never politics," Mr. LaBella said on NBC's "Meet the Press." "I don't think anybody was protecting anybody. . . . I really don't believe that the attorney general in any way, shape or form was protecting anybody, or anybody else at the Justice Department was politically protecting anybody," Mr. LaBella said. He also denied that the White House had in any way obstructed his investigation when he headed a Justice Department task force looking into accusations of illegal fund raising. "I think they were as responsive as they could be," he said. "And . . . we had trouble getting documents out of the White House. But I don't think it was intentional." ......"

Rep. James Trificant, Jr's House of Rep website 3/28/00 "……U.S. Rep. James A. Traficant, Jr. (D-OH) today introduced legislation to establish an independent federal agency to investigate allegations of wrongdoing on the part of Justice Department personnel. "Numerous incidents over the past several years have made it painfully clear that the Justice Department cannot effectively police itself," said Traficant. "The American people expect the Justice Department - more than any other federal agency - to be beyond reproach when it comes to ethics and responsible behavior. Something is seriously wrong in our democracy if criminal and unethical behavior at the nation's top law enforcement agency goes unpunished," asserted Traficant. Traficant's bill, the Fair Justice Act, establishes a new federal agency responsible for investigating and prosecuting alleged misconduct, criminal activity, corruption, or fraud by Justice Department employees. The director of the Fair Justice Agency (FJA) would be appointed by the President to a ten-year term subject to confirmation by the Senate. The director may be dismissed by the President only for inefficiency, neglect of duty, or malfeasance in office. Should the President dismiss the director, the bill requires the President to submit a report to Congress within five days detailing the reasons for the dismissal. ……"

Fox News 3/30/00 Michael Sniffen "……Attorney General Janet Reno, a Miami native who was the elected state prosecutor for 15 years there, is visibly troubled as she deals with that city's large Cuban exile community over the "heartbreaking'' case of Elian Gonzalez. "It is a community I was born in, raised in. It's a community I love. And when it's hurting, it hurts me,'' Reno told reporters Thursday - her eyes glistening briefly with tears she blinked away. Reno often opens her weekly news conference with a word-by-word recitation of a staff-written statement, but Thursday she brought only two sentences she had typed and a few phrases she had written by hand. ……" 3/30/00 Bruce Sullivan "…….Frustrated with a White House counsel and a Justice Department lawyer's responses to his questions concerning missing White House e-mail, House Government and Reform Committee Chairman Dan Burton, (R-IN), said on Thursday that he would issue subpoenas to several more Clinton Administration lawyers in order to find out which one assisted a White House computer specialist who filed an affidavit that Burton believes is false. "It is inconceivable that you come up here and not have any of the answers," Burton told White House counsel Beth Nolan and Justice Department lawyer Robert Raben. Burton was especially miffed with Raben, who repeatedly answered Burton's questions with a curt "I don't know." "Just what are you doing here?" snapped Burton to Raben. "Well, you subpoenaed me, sir," replied Raben……… Burton told Raben that he intends to subpoena perhaps half a dozen more Justice Department attorneys to appear before his committee……"

Associated Press Online 3/30/00 Pete Yost "……White House counsel Beth Nolan said Thursday there was a "disconnect" in the White House e-mail controversy, with computer specialists aware of a widespread problem in 1998 while presidential lawyers were not. The "technical people knew" many e-mails were not being archived so that they could be searched for possible turnover to various investigations, Nolan told the House Government Reform Committee. "There is absolutely no question there was a disconnect" with the White House counsel's office being aware of a "glitch" but no major problem, Nolan said under questioning by committee chief counsel Jim Wilson. Nolan revealed that the White House lawyers' point of contact about the "glitch" was presidential aide Mark Lindsay. ……"

Fox News 3/30/00 John Martin "……. Because of the misunderstanding, White House Counsel Beth Nolan said her office waited until just weeks ago to tell the Justice Department and Office of the Independent Counsel of the flaw that was first detected in June 1998. "The Counsel's office did not understand there was a problem that needed to be reported," Nolan told the House Government Reform Committee……… But Committee Chairman Dan Burton, R-Ind., a harsh critic of the administration, was slow to accept such a response. Burton has asked the Justice Department to appoint an independent investigator to launch an inquiry on the e-mail controversy and determine if someone tried to obstruct the investigations. "The track record is pretty clear. Complying with subpoenas is something the White House does as a last resort," he said during the hearing, which was broadcast on the Internet. ….."

Chicago Tribune 3/31/00 Naftali Bendavid "…The flap over thousands of lost White House e-mails intensified Thursday as the chairman of a House committee declared that he did not believe White House explanations, asserted that the Justice Department cannot fairly investigate the matter and referred a White House staffer for criminal investigation. "If documents are withheld once, I can try to understand," said Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.), chairman of the House Committee on Government Reform. "If it occurs twice, you have justifiable doubts. But when it happens over and over again . . . you start to get a little skeptical." ……. This scrap is part of a perpetual battle between the White House and congressional investigators over all kinds of materials that have been subpoenaed since the beginning of the Clinton administration on subjects from campaign donations to the Waco raid to Clinton's decision to grant clemency to Puerto Rican activists. It is now a recurring drama that the White House belatedly informs investigators it suddenly has located documents requested much earlier, and that by law should have been turned over then. In 1995, for example, billing records from First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's law firm mysteriously appeared in the White House residence. In 1997, videotapes of White House donor coffees were unexpectedly discovered. In both cases, the material had been subpoenaed long before, and on each occasion a dispute arose over whether the White House merely blundered, as apparently was the case with the mishandling of dozens of FBI files, or whether it was trying to cover up wrongdoing. ……."

Insight 3/31/00 Paul Rodrigurz "…….. White House Counsel Beth Nolan raises as many questions as answers on who knew what and when regarding the "lost" emails everybody is chasing. The testimony of White House Counsel Beth Nolan March 30 is sure to cause much angst at the Executive Office of the President once Republicans on the House Government Reform Committee figure out they've been caught in circular debates on who knew what and when. For example, Nolan told the panel towards the end of her sworn testimony that there was "no truth" to reports first published in Insight in December 1998 and January 1999 that a secret stash of detailed long-distance records existed at the White House going back to 1992. "No such records exist," Nolan testified, relying on statements by her staff. She also testified that concerning the "lost" emails that the White House and her office only recently found out the extent of the problem when news reports surfaced in mid-February. The problem for Nolan and others at the White House is that in December 1998 a senior White House spokesman told Insight they knew about the "big problem" back then, as well as a "reconstruction project" to determine if any "lost" emails were not turned over as required by numerous subpoenas. ……."

Insight 3/31/00 Paul Rodrigurz "…….. Yet Nolan, along with representatives of the Justice Department and the federal Campaign Task Force plus the Office of Independent Counsel Robert Ray have told the committee and, separately District Court Judge Royce Lamberth, that only recently has anyone realized they had such missing or lost emails in their possession……….When Insight asked several federal law enforcement officials familiar with the email and telephone controversy if Nolan's testimony was accurate, here's what one source said: "She's wrong. When we first read your stories we tried to ask the White House if it was true that emails and telephone records existed. And we were told yes but that, concerning the emails, they were just duplicative." ……… "When we asked them about the long-distance telephone records during at least one meeting with [FBI] agents present with White House lawyers and some aides, they told us they were aware there may be such telephone records but we needed to refine our requests." ……..Insight asked this federal lawman and others who have spoken to the magazine on the condition they not be named what happened when they got stonewalled. They all said that they could not get backing from higher ups at the FBI or the Justice Department to pursue the matters. "It was a joke," said one federal lawman, echoing the comments of several other current and former federal law enforcement and Justice Department officials. ….."

New York Post 4/5/00 Robert Hardt Jr "…… Mayor Giuliani says the Justice Department has "dramatically" increased investigations of the city since he began his Senate race against Hillary Rodham Clinton. In an interview airing tonight on the Fox News Channel's "The O'Reilly Factor," Giuliani rips into the Justice Department under President Clinton. "Now they have a Justice Department that lets them skate completely through everything," said Giuliani in the segment that was taped last night. "Since I have been a candidate for Senate or a possible candidate for Senate against Mrs. Clinton, now the Justice Department investigations in this city have increased dramatically. "That makes me wonder," said the mayor, who didn't specify what investigations what he was talking about. ……"

Washington Post 4/3/00 Robert Suro "…… The former chief of the Justice Department's campaign finance task force said yesterday that questions about Vice President Gore's truthfulness and motives were unresolved when Attorney General Janet Reno dropped a campaign finance investigation of Gore in 1998. "It's a jump ball - it's too close a call for us to make," Charles G. La Bella said on NBC's "Meet the Press," in the former career prosecutor's first public comments on evidence collected during probes of 1996 Democratic fund-raising. Given those uncertainties, La Bella said, he repeatedly urged Reno to seek an independent counsel, which she rejected. The standard was not whether crimes had been committed but whether there was enough evidence to justify a criminal probe, La Bella said. "I believe we had substantial information from credible sources to warrant a full-scale investigation of many of these allegations." But he said he doubted criminal charges would have resulted……"

AP 4/5/00 Pete Yost "……Chairmen of the House and Senate Judiciary committees today sought documents from the Justice Department detailing internal disagreements over appointing an independent counsel in the campaign fund-raising scandal. In a letter to Attorney General Janet Reno, Rep. Henry Hyde, R-Ill., and Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, asked for memos by former fund-raising task force chief Charles LaBella and FBI Director Louis Freeh that favor an independent counsel to investigate the conduct of top Clinton administration officials in the 1996 campaign. The members of Congress also requested a memo by Lee Radek, chief of the department's public integrity section, who opposed appointment of an independent counsel. Joining the request were Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., and Rep. Charles Canady, R-Fla., who head subcommittees with congressional oversight of the Justice Department. ……"

AP 4/5/00 Pete Yost "……Among other documents the four are seeking: --All records Reno relied on about whether to seek an independent counsel in the campaign fund-raising probe. --A memo by James Robinson, head of the department's criminal division. --E-mail and any other records relating to the key memos ......"


Judicial Watch 4/19/00 ".......In a decision today issued by the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, this respected tribunal found that Attorney General Janet Reno attempted to deny Elian Gonzalez his legal rights to apply for asylum in the United States. In a well-reasoned decision that took into account the rights of the six-year-old child from Cuba, the Court pointed out that not only is the statutory language clear that anyone, no matter what their age, can apply for asylum , but that the Immigration and Naturalization Service's own regulations confirm that a child has rights to request life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the U.S. "Attorney General Reno's arrogance in trying to deny the rights of Elian Gonzales, contrary to law, to live free in the United States, is unprecedented in American history. She has created the appearance of being a lackey not only for The Clinton-Gore White House, but the brutal Communist dictator, Fidel Castro. It is clear from a reading of the Eleventh Circuit's Decision that it found her actions despicable," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman......."

Time 4/5/93 "......Last Tuesday, after being on the job only 11 days, Attorney General Janet Reno had the Justice Department moving and shaking. She requested the prompt resignation of all 93 U.S. Attorneys around the country "to build a team" that represents "my views" and those of the President.. ........"

Independent Womens Forum 4/27/00 Rael Jean Isacc "……Before her appointment by Clinton, Reno was district attorney in Dade County. There she catapulted to national attention on the basis of her prosecutions of child sex abusers: the only trouble was that the cases on which she achieved her fame were phony from top to bottom. ……. Grant Snowden was a police officer, named North Miami Officer of the year in 1983, whose wife had provided day care in their home for 15 years. Under relentless pressure from Reno's office (he was prosecuted a second time, after the first case was thrown out) Snowden was railroaded on spurious charges of sexually abusing a four year old and her 6 month old brother. Key to the conviction was the testimony of self-styled child-abuse experts Laurie and Joseph Braga (she had a PhD in speech, he in education)whom Reno installed in the D.A.'s office, complete with a special interrogation room for small children, from whom they elicited preposterous charges. Snowden was given five life sentences and served twelve years. Thanks to the well known efforts of the Wall Street Journal's Dorothy Rabinowitz and the unsung dedication of attorney Robert Rosenthal, a federal court of appeals finally overturned Snowden's conviction in 1998. ……"

Independent Womens Forum 4/27/00 Rael Jean Isacc "……Reno's most famous case, the one that made her a national figure, was Country Walk, named after the upscale suburban Miami development in which it took place. This time day care was provided by newly wed 17 year old Ileana Fuster, supplementing the income of her 36 year old husband Frank. What makes Robert Rosenthal call this case "the worst I have ever seen" is the brutality with which Reno's office extracted a confession from Ileana, scarcely more than a child herself. For much of the eleven months she was held before she cracked, Ileana was kept in an isolation cell. In a sworn deposition, Stephen Dinerstein, the experienced investigator employed by the Fusters' attorneys, described how the bright, attractive girl with shiny black hair came to look as if she were 50, her skin covered with sores and infections……"

Independent Womens Forum 4/27/00 Rael Jean Isacc "……Even worse, if that is possible, was Reno's behavior in the case of Bobby Fijnje, a fourteen year old boy active in his church and the son of a Dutch diplomat. Bobby was accused of a litany of absolutely ridiculous Satanic crimes including delivering babies by Cesarian section and forcing the children at the church day care center to eat them while their parents were next door at prayer. Reno put tremendous pressure on the family to have him plead guilty, offering a very light sentence if he would do so. If he would not, she would try him as an adult and put him behind bars for 99 years. The family was told he would have AIDS within a week and even the family's lawyers and expert witnesses urged the boy and his parents to take the plea bargain. Bobby and his father stood firm and by some miracle, given the hysterical atmosphere, the jury found him innocent…. "

The New York Times 5/6/00 James Risen "……The Justice Department and the F.B.I. have begun a criminal investigation to determine whether the former director of the C.I.A., John M. Deutch, mishandled classified material by placing it on unsecure computers in his home, government officials said today. The investigation, which amounts to a reversal by the Justice Department, is the result of an internal review of the case ordered in February by Attorney General Janet Reno, following criticism of the C.I.A.'s handling of the case and of her initial decision not to prosecute Mr. Deutch for the security lapses. …….Ms. Reno ordered the new inquiry to determine whether her initial decision not to prosecute him was in error and whether he should now face criminal charges. ……. She decided against prosecution last year, officials said, without ordering any investigation by the F.B.I. ……"

Associated Press Online 5/6/00 Michael Sniffen "……..The Justice Department is conducting a new criminal investigation of whether former CIA director John Deutch violated the law in mishandling secrets on his home computer, officials say. ….. The inquiry represents the second time the department has looked into the matter, reflecting what top Justice officials say is their concern that Deutch be held to the same standards applied to Taiwan-born American nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee, whom the government charged earlier this year with mishandling atomic weapons secrets on computers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory…….. Lee's attorneys have publicly challenged his indictment, citing the department's decision in April 1999 not to prosecute Deutch for storing numerous classified CIA documents on an unsecured computer in his home, which was used by his children to connect to the Internet. ……."

Washington Post 5/6/00 "…… The FBI investigated an allegation that Israeli spies had penetrated the White House and other government telephone systems, but more than a year of extensive work found no evidence of any breach, two senior federal law enforcement officials said yesterday. The two officials, who requested anonymity, said the FBI had identified no one to arrest during its investigation. …..The probe is technically not closed, this official said. But it was described as being in the "pending inactive state because the allegation is so serious and in case something develops." ….."

The Cincinnati Enquirer 5/6/00 M R Kropko AP "…..U.S. Rep. James Traficant on Friday made public a sworn statement from a man who identified himself as a former paid FBI informant and who said Mr. Traficant is the FBI's investigative target. In the same affidavit, the man said an FBI agent asked him to kill a police detective. Mr. Traficant, D-Ohio, who said during his re-election campaign that he expects to soon be indicted, has accused FBI agents of breaking the federal racketeering law. "But what's even worse, they suggested to one of their field operative informants that he should commit murder. Ladies and gentlemen - murder," he said in a brief statement Tuesday on the House floor. ……"

Plain Dealer 5/3/00 James mcCarty "…… Rep. James A. Traficant Jr. swung back at the federal agents who are investigating him yesterday, accusing the FBI of soliciting murder and pocketing large sums of cash earmarked for informers. Traficant made the allegations from the floor of the House of Representatives yesterday afternoon during a televised speech. "Mr. Speaker, I have evidence that certain FBI agents in Youngstown, Ohio, have violated the RICO statute, and I shall prove it," Traficant proclaimed, accusing the agents of stealing cash and failing to report the money on their tax returns. "But what's even worse," he said, "they suggested to one of their field operative informants that he should commit murder. ... It's out of control." ……"

CNN 5/2/00 Ian Christopher McCaleb "…….Former Justice Department prosecutor Charles LaBella, the man whose report on alleged Clinton-Gore campaign finance improprieties sparked an outcry on Capitol Hill, told a Senate subcommittee on Tuesday that he stood by his work -- work that he cordially refused to detail for panel members. ……. The former Justice Department investigator told the Senate Judiciary Administrative Oversight and Courts Subcommittee during a morning hearing that he was hesitant to go into any detail about the evidence he had collected for his July 1998 report on financial irregularities within the 1996 Clinton campaign. ……. Reno opted not to appoint a special prosecutor after hearing from LaBella and others. It was widely reported that during the deliberations process, FBI Director Louis Freeh fell in behind LaBella, and urged Reno to find an independent counsel. ...... In early March, The Los Angeles Times broke details of the subsequent report drafted by LaBella in 1998, and a series of internal documents that accused senior Justice Department officials of "gamesmanship," and legal "contortions" to avoid a deeper probe into the Clinton-Gore campaign's conduct. …… In his report, the newspaper said, Reno and the people who advised her not to appoint a special prosecutor made "intellectually dishonest" decisions that protected the president, the vice president, and first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. ….."

CNN 5/2/00 Ian Christopher McCaleb "…….Still, despite the L.A. Times report and later Justice Department denials that Reno had treated anyone more favorably than they deserved, LaBella insisted Tuesday that some of his report's most vital information had not been made public, even when temporary subcommittee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Pennsylvania), mused out loud that all had been revealed. "No, it hasn't," LaBella relied curtly. "What is not public record is my analysis and piecing together of evidence." ……"Some people do not want this to come out because circumstantially, it's very powerful," LaBella continued.... One of the people who may not want the information to come out, LaBella intimated, might be former White House deputy chief of staff Harold Ickes, whose handiwork, LaBella said Tuesday, could be traced through a series of ongoing investigations. ……"I concluded that ... with respect to the evidence that [Ickes'] conduct warranted that the attorney general appoint an independent counsel," LaBella said. "He was somebody who made cameo appearances in a number of investigations." ….." 5/3/00 "……. Attorney General Janet Reno rejected his recommendation to investigate President Clinton's connection to a Democrat fund-raiser tied to the sale of hi-tech missile data to China, a former Justice Department official testified yesterday. Appearing before a Senate subcommittee, Charles G. LaBella testified that he requested that an independent counsel be sought to investigate the relationship between Mr. Clinton and Bernard L. Schwartz, chief executive officer at Loral Space & Communications Ltd, but the attorney general refused to go along with the recommendation. …….. According to the Washington Times, the House Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China had singled out Loral for supplying key missile-related expertise that damaged U.S. national security. …….. The committee asserted that Loral assisted China without first obtaining U.S. licenses even though the corporation knew licenses for sensitive, militarily useful technology transfers were required. …… The technology transfer, the committee said, allowed China to improve the reliability of its missiles, noting that China had stolen secrets on every deployed U.S. nuclear missile warhead in recent years and had 20 long-range missiles aimed at the United States. …….." 5/3/00 "…….LaBella, author of a memo to Reno that remains secret, was questioned about its contents. He told the senators that the task force he headed was convinced that if Schwartz - who gave $1.5 million to the Democratic National Committee - was to be investigated to learn if the technology transfers were tied to his donations to the DNC, the inquiry should also include the president. LaBella said he made the recommendation to Reno in a July 1998 memo but that one of Reno's top executives, Lee Radek, head of the department's public integrity section, called the recommendation "silly." ..."

UPI via 5/2/00 "…….The head of the Justice Department's campaign finance task force said today it was highly likely Vice President Al Gore knew he was violating federal campaign finance laws when he made fund-raising calls from his office. But further investigation into financial irregularities of fund raising by the Clinton-Gore presidential campaign of 1996 would probably not have lead to prosecution, task force chief Charles LaBella testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is investigating the matter. However, Attorney General Janet Reno has come under fire from Republicans for refusing to appoint an independent counsel to investigate the matter further, alleging that there was no credible evidence of criminal intent that would lead to prosecution……"

The White House 4/6/00 "…… SUBJECT: Designation of the Attorney General as the Lead Official for the Emergency Response Assistance Program Under Sections 1412 and 1415 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1997 (Public Law 104-201) (the "Act") …… Under sections 1412(a) and 1415(a) of the Act, the Secretary of Defense is responsible for implementing the Emergency Response Assistance Program, commonly known as the "Domestic Preparedness Program," to provide civilian personnel of Federal, State, and local agencies with training and expert advice regarding emergency responses to a use or threatened use of a weapon of mass destruction or related materials, and for testing and improving the responses of such agencies to emergencies involving chemical or biological weapons and related materials. Under the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, including sections 1412(a)(2) and 1415(d)(1) of the Act, I designate the Attorney General to replace the Secretary of Defense as the lead Federal official with responsibility for carrying out these programs. ….."

Lew 4/27/00 Joseph Sobran "……. Along with Madeleine Albright and Donna Shalala, Attorney General Janet Reno is one of the weird sisters of the Clinton administration. If Macbeth had met these three stirring their cauldron on the Scottish heath, he might have run for the highlands. But of the three, Miss Reno is the one who really gives people the creeps. When Mother Waco starts talking about "protecting" children, the blood runs cold. She looks and sounds like one of nature's inscrutable freaks, and the results of her solicitude for the kiddies bear out this impression……….. In 1993, at Waco, she cited suspicions of "child abuse" as the warrant for an unconstitutional federal siege of the Branch Davidian community. Not only was the siege itself unconstitutional; so is any federal jurisdiction over child abuse. Anyway, no such abuse was ever shown; the siege itself was terrifying to the children within the compound; and most of the kids wound up dead……… Now she has struck again, enforcing what she and Clinton choose to call the "rule of law" in Miami by smashing down a household door without so much as a warrant in order to seize little Elian Gonzalez for Fidel Castro. This time she spoke of the "sacred bond between father and child" - a "sacred bond" no Clintonite has ever acknowledged before (and the smart money says it will be a long time before any Clintonite makes use of this expression again)……"

Sen. Inhofe Website 4/27/00 "……U.S. Sen. James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.), chairing yesterday's hearing of the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Readiness, clarified key facts concerning the investigation of how information from Linda Tripp's personnel file was leaked to the media in violation of the Privacy Act. …… "The Justice Department obviously has a very uneven standard for upholding the 'rule of law'" Inhofe said. "In one instance, the 'rule of law' is invoked so that federal agents, armed with masks and assault weapons, can seize an innocent little boy out of the arms of his loving relatives. But in the Linda Tripp file case, the flimsiest excuses are being employed to allow a top official to escape criminal punishment despite his clear violation of the law." ………. At the conclusion of Wednesday's hearing on Pentagon acquisition reform initiatives, Inhofe asked Pentagon Deputy Inspector General Donald Mancuso a series of questions about the Linda Tripp file case, which Mancuso's office investigated more than two years ago and which it is still overseeing from an administrative standpoint. Inhofe's questioning followed an April 6 hearing at which Mancuso testified and subsequent public comments made by Bill Murphy, the lawyer representing Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon, a principal subject of the Pentagon IG inquiry into Linda Tripp file matter.

Inhofe noted that Bacon's lawyer and the Justice Department are relying on three primary arguments in defense of Bacon's actions and the decision not to prosecute:
1. That Bacon only leaked a part of a confidential file, not the whole file;
2. That the Freedom of Information Act "trumps" the Privacy Act; and
3. That Bacon "didn't intend to break the law." …….

"Today, all of these arguments have been refuted and exposed as having no merit in this case," Inhofe said. "This leaves us facing the stark truth: The law was violated, and those who violated it should be held accountable." …….. In testimony today, Mancuso confirmed the following points:

* That criminal violations of the Privacy Act are not contingent on whether a whole file or just a part of a file is compromised. Either one constitutes a violation.
* That there was no formal written FOIA request made prior to the Tripp file leak; that, in any event, FOIA does not trump the Privacy Act; and that, indeed, FOIA includes specific exemptions directly related to the Privacy Act.
* That his IG report, in July 1998, had uncovered sufficient evidence about the actions of Mr. Bacon and a colleague to justify a "criminal referral" to the Justice Department. ……

Finally, Inhofe noted that the Justice Department, in its March 2000 decision not to prosecute, stated that Bacon and his colleague "didn't intend to break the law when they released information from Linda Tripp's personnel file." ……..Inhofe said, "What this tells me is that the Justice Department knows the law was broken, intentional or not. It is all the more reason why their decision not to prosecute is so outrageous. The next time I'm stopped by a policeman for speeding, I'm going to tell him, 'I didn't intend to break the law,' and let's see how far that gets me." ….."


National Review 5/18/00 Dave kopel "…… The Reno Department of Justice is very good at being sneaky. The DOJ's lobbyists are on the verge of successfully sneaking into law a provision which will authorize federal agents to stealthily enter people's homes, search the homes, and not tell anyone. …….. Subject to virtually no public discussion, the Secret Searches item has already passed the Senate, hidden inside the methamphetimine giant S. 486. Next week, the House Judiciary Committee will take up H.R. 2987, the House version of the Senate bill, which also contains the buried clause on Secret Searches (section 301). The federal bankruptcy reform bill (which has passed both houses, and is currently in a conference committee) likewise has the hidden Secret Searches language. If the Secret Searches provision became law, it would apply to all searches conducted by the federal government, not just searches involving methamphetimines or bankruptcy. ……… When conducting searches, federal agents are currently required to announce their presence before entering, and to provide an inventory of any items they take. Because the person whose home or business is being searched knows about the search, he can exercise his Fourth Amendment rights, and make sure that the police have a properly-issued search warrant. He can also see if the search is being conducted according to the warrant's terms - i.e., the police are searching only for items authorized by the warrant, they are searching the right address, etc. …….But under a Secret Searches law, federal police could enter a person's home surreptitiously, conduct a search, and not tell the homeowner until months later. ……."

Washington Times (Inside The Beltway) 5/11/00 John McCaslin "….. A senator has lumped Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon in the same crime category as Watergate defendant Charles Colson, who was imprisoned for misusing a political opponent's FBI file. Mr. Bacon has come under fire for leaking to the media in March 1998 a portion of the confidential personnel file of former Pentagon employee Linda Tripp, who blew the whistle on President Clinton's romantic interludes with Monica Lewinsky. It was revealed at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing last month that the Pentagon's Office of Inspector General completed its probe of Mr. Bacon within four months of the leak, forwarding its findings to the Justice Department with "sufficient evidence that a crime had been committed," says Sen. James M. Inhofe, a Republican committee member from Oklahoma. …….. The senator charges, however, that from July 1998 to March 2000 the Justice Department "sat" on the IG's report, "essentially engaging in a cover-up." On March 28, he says, Justice "quietly" returned the report to the Pentagon, declining to prosecute. ……."

Washington Times (Inside The Beltway) 5/11/00 John McCaslin "….. Mr. Inhofe says he recently received a letter from Mr. Bacon's attorney, William J. Murphy, who says comparing the Pentagon's flack to Mr. Colson is "inaccurate" and "unfair" because their two cases are not "remotely comparable." ……. Mr. Murphy argues that the court found that Mr. Colson implemented "a scheme to defame and destroy the public image of Daniel Elsberg, with the intent to influence, obstruct and impede the control and outcome" of pending investigations and prosecutions. ……Mr. Inhofe, actually, couldn't agree more. Mr. Bacon's action, says the senator, can also be seen as part of "a scheme to defame and destroy the public image of Linda Tripp, with the intent to influence, obstruct and impede the conduct and outcome" of pending investigations and possible prosecutions. ….."

Associated Press Online 5/11/00 George Gedda "……An FBI official told a House hearing Thursday that foreign spies have unescorted access to the State Department by working undercover as news correspondents. Hours after the disclosure by Timothy D. Bereznay, an FBI section chief, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright ordered an investigation. "Obviously we don't want spies posing as journalists," Albright said, speaking at a joint news conference with French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine. Then she said jokingly to the assembled press, "If any of you are (spies), please identify yourselves." …… "

Deutsche Press 4/12/00 "…….The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation is preparing to open an office in Prague in advance of the September 26-28 International Monetary Fund/World Bank meetings, which are expected to draw more than 20,000 anti-globalization protesters to the city, an embassy official said Friday. FBI Director Louis Freeh visited Prague this week and said the new FBI office should be up and running within two months. The office will provide local law enforcement with guidance on how to handle the upcoming IMF conference. ……. ``The FBI will organize training and share information about what happened in Seattle [during the anti-World Trade Organization riots last December],'' Victoria Middleton, spokeswoman for the U.S. Embassy in Prague, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa Friday. ``I think it will be really useful.'' ….."

Insight Magazine 5/10/00 "…….Now that the FBI has confirmed the outline of an Insight exclusive - that its famed Division 5 counterintelligence group was probing suspected eavesdropping by Israeli agents on top-level U.S. government telecommunications traffic - why hasn't the rest of the press followed? …… Especially since the FBI also has confirmed that this is still an open investigation - even though, according to an Associated Press story, insufficient details had been confirmed to support the allegation. So what has the FBI been probing for nearly 3 years? ……. "This should be front-page news," exclaimed a high-level U.S. government source familiar with the details of Insight's exclusive report ( "This is one of the most important intelligence stories to come along in years and nobody is paying any attention to it!"…... Variations of "I can't talk to you about" or "It's too sensitive" or "It's still an open investigation" ring hollow if, as the FBI has told other news outlets, it couldn't confirm the allegation (actually allegations) but still is suspicious. And consider why that is so:

* Few people in U.S. government even knew the counterintelligence operation existed.
* Fewer still knew any details.
* The story involves Israel, always a radioactive subject, especially on intelligence matters.
* The FBI artfully downplayed the story by denying that hard proof had yet been found to support an allegation (which one remains a mystery though and reminds one of Al Gore's infamous "no controlling legal authority").
* The FBI is embarrassed on two fronts: 1) its probe was exposed, and 2) its exposure also revealed that the hunted were, allegedly, capable of tracking the hunters………

…… "It's as if they wanted the story to come out so they could vent frustrations about not being able to break the case," suggested a senior government official. …….…."

Insight Magazine 5/10/00 "…….Top FBI officials declined to comment on the impending story, even to urge the magazine's editors to pull it for national-security reasons and/or to provide guidance on any aspect of it - such as to note, as has been claimed anonymously, that the probe found no hard facts and thus was moved to an inactive status pending further developments. …….News organizations respond on a case-by-case basis, but generally they work with government officials to help get facts straight and give. Insight and most other media do not allow censorship or government involvement in shaping a story but do consider arguments and counter-arguments prior to publication concerning matters that might be incorporated in investigative reports. Exculpation, so to speak. ……..But the FBI did not respond normally. In fact, while some of its own large and extended family in intelligence circles confirmed large portions of Insight's story in the weeks before publication, none in the Bureau's press office ever offered a public statement. Why? ...... Nor did the FBI's top brass bother to inform the top leadership of Congress prior to publication of the Insight story - knowing that questions would be asked, if only privately, after the story was released. ……."

Insight Magazine 5/10/00 "……."This is the first I've heard of it," NSC spokesman Dave Stockwell told Insight. "That doesn't mean it doesn't exist or that someone else doesn't know." ……..White House spokesman Joe Lockhart and his group also professed ignorance of the allegations reported by Insight, which further suggests that they, too, were not given a heads-up. Which brings us back to the FBI: Why would it fail to respond to Insight after so many calls and conversations unless it wanted the story released as is? And for what purpose? ……… While Insight prides itself on having sources and contacts others don't, this doesn't mean that other venerable institutions such as the New York Times and the Washington Post don't have good sources and contacts. In fact, several reporters at those papers, as well as ABC News and Fox News Network, have been pursuing the Insight exclusive and have been told much the same story that was published by this magazine. Yet apart from Fox News, these outlets have run not a word other than the initial wire or staff stories repeating bland comments by the FBI. ………

Insight Magazine 5/10/00 "…….Insight has been told that prior to publication of the main story, senior government officials only had been briefed on the serious allegations and FBI frustrations about not being able to nail down the specifics. "We were unaware as far as I know that the case had been moved to an inactive status," a senior U.S. government official familiar with such briefings told Insight. This raises interesting questions, such as: Since when is it not news that the FBI has an "open" counterintelligence investigation involving suspected Israeli spying at the White House and other secure government facilities? Since when is it not news that the FBI has confirmed it conducted just such an investigation, and that its agents were unable to prove or disprove allegations of such a serious nature that they prompted the probe in the first place? And what were the underlying issues that continued to feed a nearly three-year probe? Something must have been pretty solid for such a clandestine operation over so long a period….."

Insight Magazine 5/10/00 "…….Consider the Wen Ho Lee case: Never has so much reporting been done with so few facts and so much speculation. That's news - but an even larger counterintelligence operation by the FBI into suspected spying on the State Department and the White House isn't? ……..Maybe there's something the FBI wants the world to know without saying it directly. Congressional leaders now getting back to Capitol Hill and hearing about the Insight story are beginning to ask questions…… There are lots of stories lately about security at the State Department. Maybe there ought to be some inquiries about security at the FBI. ……… "

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 5/31/00 "……Kenneth Bacon, the bow-tied and bespectacled Pentagon spokesman, got a wrist slap when he should have been indicted and forced to stand trial. It was Mr. Bacon who, at the height of the fast unfolding Monica Lewinsky scandal, broke the law. In violation of the federal Privacy Act, he released confidential information to a New Yorker reporter from the government's personnel file on Linda R. Tripp. ……… It was in July 1998 that the Defense Department's Office of Inspector General concluded Bacon's actions (and that of his former top deputy, Clifford H. Bernath) ``constituted a clearly unwarranted invasion'' of Tripp's privacy that outweighed any public benefit. Last month, the Justice Department decided not to seek an indictment. Its incredible conclusion: ``(N)o direct evidence upon which to pursue any violation of the Privacy Act.'' ……." 5/31/00 Bill O’Reilly "……All along I have been reporting that Attorney General Janet Reno and her top Department of Justice chiefs have been compromised by the Clinton administration. I've taken a lot of heat for my words, but now comes a stunning piece of evidence that the mainstream media has ignored, but that congressional investigators cannot. …… In this memo, Freeh discusses comments allegedly made by Lee Radek, the head of Justice Department's Public Integrity Unit, to Esposito suggesting that someone was pressuring Reno and the Justice Department not to aggressively investigate charges of illegal fund-raising by the Democratic Party. The memo says that Radek feared Reno's job was at stake. Since Reno serves at the pleasure of the president, you can draw your own conclusions. …….Although the House and the Senate had demanded any and all materials relating to illegal fund-raising, Freeh's memo was not turned over for more than three years. ……..The story is huge because of Al Gore. " 5/31/00 Bill O’Reilly "……The Justice Department's top man on the Buddhist Temple case, Steve Mansfield, was gathering evidence against the vice president when he was told by Reno and Radek to shut down his operation. Sources say that when Mansfield questioned the decision because his investigation was zeroing in on what Gore knew and when he knew it, he was told that Reno and Radek were going to recommend that an independent counsel be appointed to look into the illegal Buddhist Temple donations. The logic was that Mansfield should not muck up the waters before the counsel got there. In fact, just the opposite occurred. Both Reno and Radek told the FBI they could not find enough evidence to warrant an independent counsel. Soon after that disclosure, Mansfield quit the Justice Department. He now practices law in Los Angeles but refuses to comment on the case. 5/31/00 Bill O’Reilly "……The FBI also turned over a second memo to congressional investigators disclosing that the Justice Department bypassed using FBI agents to gather information about illegal campaign money and gave the job to investigators from the Commerce Department. …….. Another interesting wrinkle in this case is that Freeh was in no hurry to make his damaging memos known. In fact, it looks very much like he was covering for Reno and Radek. ….". 5/31/00 Bill O’Reilly "……Justice in America has become a joke under the Clinton administration, and these latest revelations are about as serious as it gets. ……If it is true that the attorney general killed the Buddhist Temple investigation, that is obstruction of justice -- a felony. And there is now plenty of evidence pointing that way. ….But the elite media continues to ignore the story, and millions of Americans believe -- as long as the TV show Law & Order stays on the air -- things will be fine. But things are not fine. We are living in a time of great federal corruption. At this point only Congress can do something about it. Why am I not confident? …."

Conservative News Service 5/29/00 David Thibault "…..Charlie Trie, a central character in the 1996 Democratic fundraising scandal, is running out of time as he tries to avoid turning over sensitive documents in the case. A federal judge ruled last Thursday that Trie could no longer hide behind the Fifth Amendment and gave Trie ten days to show why he should not be held in contempt of court. Trie''s lawyers were unavailable for comment……. The Washington group, Judicial Watch, however, has been trying to learn whether Trie also used his fundraising prowess to buy access to the sensitive workings of the US Commerce Department. …….During his deposition in the Judicial Watch case, Trie refused to produce certain documents, claiming his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. "You can''t assert the Fifth Amendment concerning documents, like he did," Fitton said……. Before deposing Trie, Judicial Watch had asked the Department of Justice to grant Trie immunity, to make it easier for him to release the documents in question. However, according to Fitton, "the Justice Department, in an obstructionist tactic, ... refused to grant that immunity….."

Washington Times 5/29/00 "……Well, he said it. For all intents and purposes, Lee Radek, the head of the Justice Department's so-called public integrity section, has publicly called two senior FBI officials liars. To be sure, somebody is not telling the truth. But all the circumstantial evidence points to Mr. Radek and not to the FBI. Moreover, either Attorney General Janet Reno is lying as well; or her memory and mind are operating so poorly that they should disqualify her from holding a position of such responsibility……... In that memo, Mr. Freeh told Mr. Esposito that he had discussed Mr. Radek's remarks with Miss Reno and had strongly urged her to recuse both herself and Mr. Radek from the investigation of the Democrats 1996 fund-raising practices and to seek the appointment of an independent counsel. When the Associated Press learned of the memo last week, Mr. Radek issued a statement asserting that he had "no recollection of ever saying I was under pressure because the attorney general's job hung in the balance." The next day Miss Reno declared that she had no "recollection" of a meeting with Mr. Freeh in which the FBI director told her of Mr.Radek's comments about the pressure and about her job hanging in the balance. No recollection? At that very moment, Miss Reno's job did in fact hang in the balance. …."

Capital Research Center 6/2000 Phillip F Kelly Jr. "…….Hamilton was the Teamsters' political director. Since then, many have been waiting to see whom else U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White will indict. Testimony in the Hamilton trial implicated high-ranking labor officials, including AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard Trumpka, Gerald McEntee, president of the Association of Federal, State, County and Municiple Employees (AFSCME), Andrew Stern, John Sweeney's successor at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) as well as officials at the Democratic National Committee and Clinton fundraiser Terry McAuliffe. President Clinton's former deputy chief of staff Harold Ickies was also implicated in testimony. Not surprisingly, the Justice Department did not appoint an independent counsel to investigate White House involvement in the illegal scheme. ……… No indictments have been handed down against Carey, Trumpka, McEntee et al, while Arthur Coia of the Laborers' Union (LIUNA) and the late Edward Hanley of the Hotel and Restaurant Employees (HERE) ---both big Democratic contributors--- avoided takeovers of their unions in sweetheart deals with the Justice Department. …."

Capital Research Center 6/2000 Phillip F Kelly Jr. "…….. Since the 1980's Carey had purchased real estate in Florida and Arizona well beyond his modest means. Before the election, the reformer" Carey was widely reported to be making about $40,000 a year. Giacumbo offered Lacey documents exposing Carey's financial dealings. Lacey demurred, but soon after an article appeared in Time magazine which quoted Giacumbo and detailed Carey's extensive real estate holdings. Lacey subsequently spoke with Charles Ruff, White House counsel during the Clinton impeachment. Ruff was then working for Carey and the Teamsters, and he had briefed the review board on the allegations against Carey. In a letter to Thomas Puccio, a government trustee overseeing Teamsters Local 295, who had raised to Lacey and Ruff allegations linking Carey to organized crime, Lacey made plain his sympathy for Carey and reminded Puccio to consider "what would happen if you brought Carey down...... so that the clock would be turned back to what it was when first I came on the scene as independent administrator". Lacey, the lone Independent Administrator, has since morphed into an Independent Review Board (IRB) comprised of Lacey and two others: Judge William Webster, former FBI and CIA director and Grant Crandell, general counsel for Trumpka's ideological United Mine Workers. (Many believe Trumpka is the real power at the AFL-CIO.) …."

The Bulletin's Frontrunner 5/25/00 "…….. At the Senate hearing, a top official of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Neil Gallagher, said he attended a meeting four years ago with Lee Radek, a senior Justice Department official, who, according to Mr. Gallagher's testimony, said that he was under heavy pressure on the case and that Ms. Reno's job was 'in the balance' as a result of the inquiry." Radek testified " that he had no recollection of the meeting but that he was sure he had not made such a remark. He dismissed Mr. Gallagher's statement as 'a lie.' Mr. Gallagher, however, said he was positive of his account of the meeting." The Times added, "The disagreement between two high-ranking officials reflects the acute sensitivity within law enforcement circles over the campaign finance inquiry that has resulted in guilty pleas and convictions of lower level fundraisers but has never reached the upper echelons of the Democratic Party or the White House." ……."

David Shuster said on Fox's "The O'Reilly Factor" (5/24), "Radek certainly didn't do himself any favors with the senators when he blamed the FBI director for not making this a big enough issue with Attorney General Janet Reno. The senators pointed out, 'Well, wait a second. The FBI director met with Attorney General Janet Reno,' and Radek said, 'Well, maybe not because, if Janet Reno had had that conversation, she certainly would have raised it with me, and she did not.'" Radek is "saying that, because Janet Reno did not discuss this alleged conversation with him, Lee Radek, he said that, therefore, the FBI director certainly must not have had this conversation with Janet Reno."

The Associated Press 5/26/00 John Solomon "…… In the Freeh matter, the Justice Department public integrity section began a 30-day preliminary independent counsel inquiry after Inspector General Michael R. Bromwich made his allegations. Freeh testified March 5, 1997, before the House subcommittee that FBI lab whistleblower Frederic Whitehurst was suspended with pay ''solely and directly on the basis of the recommendation by the inspector general and their findings with respect to Mr. Whitehurst.'' Bromwich objected in writing, saying his report never formally recommended that Whitehurst be suspended and that the FBI also made the suspension because Whitehurst refused to be interviewed during a separate Justice investigation into a press leak of his allegations. After Bromwich demanded a correction, the FBI director sent a letter to the subcommittee that his testimony ''was incomplete.'' He wrote that Whitehurst's refusal to cooperate with the leak investigation was a basis for the suspension. ……. In his statement Friday, Freeh said he didn't know about the second basis for Whitehurst's suspension because he had been recused from the FBI lab matter earlier to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest. …..''Immediately after learning that my answer was not factually complete, I drafted a letter and sent it to both the subcommittee chairman and the DOJ inspector general,'' he said. ….."

Associated Press Online 5/26/00 John Solomon "…..The Justice Department considered but decided against an independent counsel to investigate FBI Director Louis Freeh for inaccurate congressional testimony, The Associated Press has learned. Freeh was the subject of a 30-day preliminary independent counsel inquiry in 1997 after the department's internal watchdog accused him of giving false testimony during a hearing about the FBI laboratory's mishandling of cases, government officials said Friday. Attorney General Janet Reno concluded that while Freeh's testimony was inaccurate, there was no evidence of criminal intent that would warrant the appointment of an independent prosecutor. …… At the time of the Freeh inquiry, the director and Reno were beginning what became a lengthy disagreement over whether an independent prosecutor should be named to investigate the fund-raising activities of President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. ……"

Associated Press 5/24/00 "…….A Justice Department prosecutor testified today that the investigation of 1996 Democratic fund raising was "a pressure cooker," but not because the attorney general's job might be at stake. Career prosecutor Lee Radek, called before a Senate subcommittee to explain remarks he made about the probe during a 1996 meeting, said he didn't remember the disputed conversation. But Radek said he never linked pressure he felt investigating the fund raising for President Clinton's re-election to questions about whether Clinton would retain Attorney General Janet Reno in his second term. ….. After Radek, the subcommittee was to hear a differing account from an FBI assistant director who was at the 1996 meeting and claimed to hear Radek's remarks. ….. Radek said he has "no recollection" of the conversation in question with the FBI's then-deputy director, William Esposito, and assistant director, Neil Gallagher, who also was testifying today before the Judiciary subcommittee on administrative oversight. …… "

NewsMax 5/27/00 "……Cuban doctors are illegally treating Elian Gonzalez with the permission of the U.S Department of Justice, according to a complaint filed by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) late this week. Based on the government's own reports, several Cuban physicians, who are not licensed to practice medicine in this country, have been providing medical treatment to, and possibly medicating, Elian Gonzalez while he has been residing on private property in the United States since the end of April. ……… "As far as AAPS can discertain, these physicians are not licensed by any state in this country," said Jane M. Orient, M.D., AAPS Executive Directors. "Therefore, these physicians are illegally practicing medicine in this country, with the obvious nod of the federal government." ……"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 5/24/00 Jerry Seper "…..A second FBI executive can confirm that a top Justice Department official said he was "under a lot of pressure not to go forward" with an investigation into 1996 campaign finance abuses, and that Attorney General Janet Reno's job "might hang in the balance." FBI general counsel Larry Parkinson told the House Judiciary Committee yesterday that Neil J. Gallagher, the bureau's assistant director for national security, was present at the meeting during which Lee Radek, head of the Justice Department's office of public integrity, made the comments. The testimony from Mr. Parkinson came during an unrelated oversight hearing about pending immigration matters after questions by Rep. James E. Rogan, California Republican………Mr. Parkinson, in response, said Mr. Gallagher also had attended the session and could confirm the conversation. "He essentially corroborates the account that is described in the director's memo to Mr. Esposito," Mr. Parkinson said…….."

Wall Street Journal 5/22/00 Phil Kuntz "……..Prepared by Randy Bellows, a prosecutor assigned by Ms. Reno to look into the matter, the 800-page report faults the Federal Bureau of Investigation for focusing too early on Mr. Lee in trying to determine who provided China with important nuclear-weapons technology, officials familiar with the document say. ………. The report, described in Friday's Washington Post, also says the FBI didn't give the inquiry enough resources, expertise or vigorous top-level oversight in its early stages. ......... Though the report echoes previously voiced criticisms, it represents the first comprehensive internal look by the Justice Department and so will bolster arguments by some in Congress that the inquiry was bungled. Ms. Reno called the 800-page report an "extraordinary" undertaking that would help guide future espionage investigations. ….."

Independent Institute 5/21/00 Dave Kopel "……The Reno Department of Justice is very good at being sneaky. The DOJ's lobbyists are on the verge of successfully sneaking into law a provision which will authorize federal agents to stealthily enter people's homes, search the homes, and not tell anyone. ……The Secret Searches measure is so outrageous that it would have no chance of being enacted as a bill on its own, when subjected to public scrutiny and debate. So instead, the DOJ has nestled the Secret Search item deep inside a long bill dealing with methamphetimines. The measure is further disguised with the innocuous title of "Notice Clarification." ……..Subject to virtually no public discussion, the Secret Searches item has already passed the Senate, hidden inside the methamphetimine giant S. 486. Next week, the House Judiciary Committee will take up H.R. 2987, the House version of the Senate bill, which also contains the buried clause on Secret Searches (section 301). The federal bankruptcy reform bill (which has passed both houses, and is currently in a conference committee) likewise has the hidden Secret Searches language……" 5/19/00 Bob Melvin "…….US Representative Dan Burton (R-IN), Chairman of the House Committee on Government Reform, announced on Friday he will call three key witnesses to testify about the Justice Department's decision not to investigate the Democratic campaign fundraising scandal four years ago………. Burton's Committee will issue a subpoena to require Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder to produce, in person, documents related to the Department of Justice's decision not to appoint an Independent Counsel in the case. The hearing is scheduled to begin May 25th. …….. Burton and his Government Reform Committee also will require Lee Radek and William Esposito to testify about an alleged conversation during which Mr. Radek indicated that he and the Public Integrity Section were under a lot of pressure in 1996……… "Now we have a piece of evidence from the Director of the FBI that makes it abundantly clear that we have been right all along. Janet Reno and Lee Radek have been blatantly protecting the President, the Vice President and their party from the outset of this scandal," Burton stated…….. "To this day, the Justice Department continues to stonewall our investigation by not turning over documents. This is not about national security or matters of executive privilege. This is about the Justice Department obstructing justice by withholding documents from our Committee - documents that have been under subpoena for two years," Burton declared……..."

WorldNetDaily 5/20/00 Paul Sperry "…….The House Government Reform Committee plans to call the top official steering the Justice Department's Chinagate probe to testify about an FBI memo quoting him as saying he was under political "pressure" to ice the investigation. ………The potentially explosive hearing is slated for Thursday, May 25. The Dec. 9, 1996, memo -- turned over to Senate investigators more than two years after they asked for such information -- reportedly recounts how Justice Department public integrity chief Lee Radek allegedly told the no. 2 FBI official that he was "under a lot of pressure not to go forward with the investigation" because Attorney General Janet Reno's job "might hang in the balance." President Clinton delayed reappointing Reno after he won reelection in 1996. …….. .".

WorldNetDaily 5/20/00 Paul Sperry "…….The FBI-Radek memo follows remarkable Senate testimony last fall from four FBI agents assigned to Justice's campaign-finance task force. They accused Radek of impeding or delaying the task force's probe of Clinton fund-raiser pal Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie. Also, the U.S. Attorney probing Vice President Al Gore's involvement in an illegal Buddhist temple fund-raiser in Los Angeles, said Radek yanked the probe away from him in November 1996. …….. Charles LaBella, the former lead prosecutor on the Chinagate case, in 1998 urged Reno to include Clinton in a probe to see if record-high DNC donations from Loral Space & Communications Ltd. Chief Executive Bernard Schwartz were tied to missile technology transfers to China. Clinton gave Loral export waivers. Radek called the idea "silly," LaBella said. Radek has also fended off arguments from LaBella and Freeh that Reno should seek the naming of an independent counsel to probe Chinagate. LaBella said he saw a "pattern of conduct" that signaled political involvement at the highest levels, which presents a clear conflict for Reno. ……Despite turning over several other Clinton administration scandals to outside prosecutors, Reno still stubbornly insists on keeping the Chinagate probe in-house. Next week's hearings, which will be the first time Radek has testified before Congress, may shed more light on why that is……"

The Associated Press 5/20/00 John Solomon "……The government struck a plea bargain that resulted in no prison time for a nuclear scientist who confessed to passing secrets to China, rather than await an analysis that ultimately concluded he ``directly enhanced'' Beijing's weapons program, documents disclose. The documents, gathered by Senate investigators, detail weeks of miscommunication between prosecutors, defense officials and the FBI that led up to the December 1997 plea bargain for former U.S. nuclear labs scientist Peter H. Lee. ……. The miscommunication left the Justice Department official with final authority for the case unaware that his prosecutor would seek minimal prison time for Lee. As it turned out, the judge gave Lee no prison time even though he was informed Lee had been deceptive in his cooperation. ….." 5/19/00 "……Moreover, in the memo Freeh said he had urged both Reno and Lee Radek, head of the Department's Public Integrity Section to step aside from the Democratic fund raising investigation because of comments made by Radek to a top FBI official that he was being urged to stop the probe to help Reno keep her job. ……. Now in the hands of Senate investigators, the memo, whose contents were disclosed to the Associated Press, was written to Deputy FBI Director William J. Esposito on December 9, 1996. It recalls remarks allegedly made by Radek to Esposito implying that he was "under a lot of pressure not to go forward with the investigation" because Reno's job "might hang in the balance," the Associated Press reported. ……. This is not the first time Radek's name has been brought up in connection with efforts to impede the campaign fund raising probe. In a March 14 story NewsMax reported that he had told investigators probing alleged illegal fund raising by Al Gore to back off. In that story we reported that in a secret Nov. 1, 1996, cease-and-desist order Radek wrote that the U.S. Attorney's Office in Los Angeles "should take no steps to investigate these matters at this time," …….. Radek's name surfaced in reports in the Los Angeles Times and New York Times which revealed details of the so-called LaBella report that had been suppressed by Attorney General Janet Reno for two years. According to the papers, insiders at the Justice Department said that it was Radek who persuaded Reno to drop the investigation of Gore's role in the fund raising scandals ……."

The Associated Press 5/19/00 John Solomon "……A highly classified Justice Department report concludes that the FBI failed to provide enough resources and supervision to the Wen Ho Lee spy case and focused so narrowly on the Los Alamos scientist that it may have missed other national security breaches, officials say. ……… The Bellows report, according to officials who have seen it, concludes that the department should have approved the warrant requested several times by the FBI. ......But it adds that the FBI did not provide all the information it possessed that might help the department make the decision, the officials told The Associated Press, speaking only on condition of anonymity. …….. The officials added that the report concludes FBI agents spent so much time fighting for the surveillance warrant that they missed the opportunity to more quickly search Lee's work computer, where they say they belatedly found evidence he downloaded prized nuclear secrets from secure lab computers. Bellows concludes the FBI did not need the warrant to conduct the search because Lee had no reasonable expectation of privacy on a government computer, the officials said. ……..The lengthy focus on Lee also kept the bureau from considering other possible China espionage suspects and other possible leaks of national security secrets, the report added. ……"

FOX News 5/19/00 David Koeppel "……Clinton's scandal-ridden presidency will end in eight months, but will his legal problems be over so soon? The list of scandals and investigations faced by President Clinton is longer than for any other American president in history. Yet, he remains one of the nation's most popular chief executives ever. President Clinton survived it all. The question now is how Citizen Bill will fare when he walks out the door of the West Wing eight months from now. His legal problems are far from over. Investigations by Congressional committees, the Justice Department and the office of independent counsel Robert Ray will dog him. But even the president's most virulent critics don't expect him to be seriously punished for any of his perceived offenses. …….."You get the sense the Justice Department is just trying to run out the clock and deal with it after the elections," Corallo said. "They're betting on polls that say Americans are sick of the investigations. Our position is the law is the law and everyone who works in the White House has to obey it." 5/19/00 John Solomon "……Frustrated by the belated disclosure of key memos in the fund-raising scandal, a key senator warned Friday he may seek sanctions against Attorney General Janet Reno and FBI Director Louis Freeh if more surprises surface. Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., reacted angrily to the FBI's belated disclosure this week that Freeh penned a memo in late 1996 suggesting a prosecutor was under pressure to drop the fund-raising case to save Reno's job. ……… Specter, often an ally of Freeh, said the director and Reno should have disclosed the memo long ago but produced it only after being formally subpoenaed by a Senate subcommittee. "He didn't produce it until he got a subpoena ... I think they're afraid that if they don't come across with the documents, they may be liable for obstruction of justice," Specter said. ……"

Washington Post 5/18/00 John Solomon AP "……Law enforcement officials told AP that Reno has received an internal report on the government's handling of the case of nuclear lab scientist Wen Ho Lee that criticizes both agencies. ……. The sources, who spoke only on condition of anonymity, said the report by prosecutor Randy Bellows blames the FBI for not providing enough oversight and resources into the early part of the investigation when leads of Lee's possible spying for China emerged. ……. The Bellows report sides with the FBI on one issue - that the Justice Department had enough grounds to approve a warrant for electronic surveillance in the Lee case, the officials said. Justice had rejected the FBI's request, angering its agents. But the Bellows report adds that the FBI did not provide the department with all the information it collected that could have helped in the decision. ……."

Washington Post 5/18/00 John Solomon AP "……FBI Director Louis Freeh wrote a memo in the earliest days of the Democratic fund-raising investigation suggesting a top Justice Department official was under pressure not to proceed with the probe to save Attorney General Janet Reno's job. …….. The memo, belatedly turned over to Senate investigators this week, also discloses that Freeh urged Reno and Justice Department public integrity chief Lee Radek to step aside from the investigation as early as December 1996 because of purported comments made by Radek. ………. "

Washington Post 5/18/00 John Solomon AP "……In the Dec. 9, 1996 memo to Deputy FBI Director William J. Esposito, Freeh recounted, third-hand, comments Radek allegedly made to Esposito suggesting he was being pressured in connection with the investigation into Democratic fund-raising improprieties during President Clinton's 1996 re-election. Freeh's memo quotes Radek as telling Esposito he was "under a lot of pressure not to go forward with the investigation" because Reno's job "might hang in the balance," the officials said. ……. Freeh wrote Esposito that he met with Reno and told her about Radek's purported comments and suggested "on that basis" both Radek and Reno should step aside from the investigation, the officials said. ……. Reached late Thursday, Radek said he never was under pressure to scrap the investigation to help Reno and did not recall ever making such comments to Esposito. ……"

Washington Post 5/18/00 John Solomon AP "……The Freeh memo involving the fund-raising issue emerges more than two years after Congress first began reviewing the conduct and quality of the criminal fund-raising investigation, in which several Democratic donors and fund-raisers have been convicted. ……. Officials said the FBI did not disclose the existence of the memo to Justice officials until late last month and that it wasn't turned over to Senate investigators until this week. …….But Freeh's memo provides the first evidence that such arguments dated to the very beginning of the investigation in late 1996 and were based in part on concerns about possible political pressures. ……."


Daily Oklahoman 6/14/00 "……AL Gore learned quite a bit from Bill Clinton. Running afoul of the law? Plead a faulty memory or concoct a rickety alibi. Inconvenienced by a campaign promise? Just pretend you never made it. Newly released documents from a Justice Department investigation into the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign paint a dim picture of our vice president, the man who would be president. ……..Charles G. LaBella, the probe's chief, argued long and hard with Attorney General Janet Reno for appointment of an independent counsel after finding what he thought was credible evidence Clinton and Gore were key players in a scheme to "raise money by whatever means and from whomever would give it." ……. No question, Clinton-Gore found plenty of willing givers, some of whose money could be traced overseas and some of it linked to Communist China. Reno, who by then was deep into efforts to turn Justice into Clinton's legal defense team, told LaBella no. ......... She also said no to FBI Director Louis Freeh, who according to released documents called Gore an "active participant" in questionable fund-raising efforts. Freeh was so worried about the stuff his agents were unearthing that he hesitated to share information with the White House. Still, Reno was firm: no independent counsel. ….."

Judicial Watch 6/12/00 "……If only it were true that once this Clinton-Gore Administration is over, the Republican Congress -- assuming it wins reelection, and that is a big "if " in the House of Representatives -- would make criminal referrals in the Chinagate scandal to new leadership at the U.S. Department of Justice. Indeed, Judicial Watch, which sparked the scandal with its case against the Clinton-Gore Commerce Department and the testimony of John Huang in October, 1996, has a vested interest, on behalf of the American people, in seeing to it that justice is done. Unfortunately, the statements of Chairman Dan Burton of the House Government Reform Committee on yesterday's morning talk shows were likely just more political posturing during an election season. This is true for a number of reasons………. First, assuming George W. Bush wins the Presidency, a great assumption given the toss-up nature of the race, his history, both in this race and as Governor of Texas, has been to show little to no interest in pursuing government ethics and corruption issues through legal proceedings. ……Second, the Bush family has never shown an inclination in "going for the jugular," as perhaps they view themselves as part of the Establishment. Indeed, it was George Bush, Sr. who, over the last several years, has written letters in support of President Clinton -- most recently urging that his Secret Service detail not be interrogated over the Lewinsky scandal. Jeb Bush, who is Governor of Florida, could have his Attorney General investigate the illegal Clinton-Gore Chinagate money laundering which took place among Democrat fundraisers in South Florida, but he has never, and will never, do so. ….."

NY Times 10/28/93 Ralph Blumenthal "…..Law-enforcement officials were told that terrorists were building a bomb that was eventually used to blow up the World Trade Center, and they planned to thwart the plotters by secretly substituting harmless powder for the explosives, an informer said after the blast. The informer was to have helped the plotters build the bomb and supply the fake powder, but the plan was called off by an F.B.I. supervisor who had other ideas about how the informer, Emad Salem, should be used, the informer said………. The account, which is given in the transcript of hundreds of hours of tape recordings that Mr. Salem secretly made of his talks with law-enforcement agents, portrays the authorities as being in a far better position than previously known to foil the February 26th bombing of New York City's tallest towers……." 6/11/00 "…… A Department of Justice summary of what happened during the raid on the Lazaro Gonzalez house claims that the agents involved conducted themselves like perfect gentlemen - a claim scoffed at by eyewitnesses. ``News footage of the operation clearly shows that the team members acted with discipline and restraint ... as they entered the González home,'' according to a Justice Department summary of Reno's raid when Elian Gonzalez was seized at gunpoint. "It's a pack of lies; a whitewash," free-lance NBC cameraman Tony Zumbado, 45, of Miami told the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel. ……. Zumbado, who had been covering the standoff at the Gonzalez residence for weeks, ran inside the Gonzalez house just before federal agents stormed in at 5:15 a.m. April 22. ……. ``They really are trying to misrepresent the whole thing,'' said Cuban-American businessman Carlos de la Cruz, who was in the house during the raid. ``They are making this sound as if this is a beginning of a cotillion.'' A cotillion it was not, said cameraman Zumbado. The federal agents acted like a bunch of out-of-control thugs, according to the NBC free-lancer, who has been on a number of police S.W.A.T. team raids. "To read the report, you would think this was the most perfect, uneventful mission they ever carried out," Zumbado told the newspaper. The feds, he said, did everything they denied doing in their reports. "The agents were physically and verbally abusive; they said every bad word in the book and kept me from doing my job," said Zumbado. ……"

AP 6/6/00 "…..In a memo kept secret for 2 1/2 years, FBI Director Louis Freeh warned that the Justice Department was ignoring ``reliable evidence'' that conflicted with Al Gore's accounts of his fund-raising activities. Freeh sent the November 1997 memo, written by staff at his request, to Attorney General Janet Reno to urge appointment of an independent counsel to investigate Democratic fund raising. ...... It preceded a better-known, and more scrutinized, memo by the chief prosecutor in the case, Charles LaBella, who urged the same action and also accused his Justice Department superiors of contorting their investigation to avoid triggering an independent counsel. ...... The FBI director said the Justice Department's preoccupation with bit players should be replaced by a top-down investigation starting with President Clinton and a ``core group'' of aides under the theory that ``most of the alleged campaign abuses flowed directly or indirectly from the all-out efforts by the White House and DNC (Democratic National Committee) to raise money.'' ......"

Washington Times 6/8/00 "…..For two and a half years, Attorney General Janet Reno has obstinately refused to disclose several internal Justice Department documents and memorandums relating to the department's investigation of campaign-finance abuses during the 1996 presidential election. For years, Justice has argued that publicly disclosing the memos would provide defendants with a road map of the task force's investigation. …… It immediately became clear why Miss Reno has refused to disclose these documents. Declaring that the documents "expose the bankruptcy of this investigation," Rep. Dan Burton, the committee chairman, conveyed the exasperation that Messrs. Freeh and LaBella have felt for years, noting, "If this is a road map, it's a road map of a car going around in circles."......... In September 1997, however, newspaper reports disclosed that Mr. Gore had in fact raised substantial sums of hard money for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) from his White House office. Mr. Gore subsequently claimed he did not know hard money was being raised. In his Nov. 24, 1997, memo, Mr. Freeh argued: "In the face of compelling evidence that the vice president was a very active, sophisticated fund-raiser who knew exactly what he was doing, his own exculpatory statements must not be given undue weight." Indeed, Mr. Freeh warned Miss Reno that the Justice Department was ignoring "reliable evidence" that "contradicted" Mr. Gore's statements. Miss Reno ignored Mr. Freeh's recommendation to seek an independent counsel……"

Washington Times 6/8/00 "…..In July 1998, Mr. LaBella, who had been selected by Miss Reno in 1997 to head the task force after it had become mired in chaos, sent his 94-page memo to Miss Reno arguing that the law compelled her to seek an independent counsel to investigate Mr. Gore, the president, the first lady and Deputy White House Chief of Staff Harold Ickes, whom Mr. LaBella described as a "Svengali, assuming power - with the imprimatur of the president - to authorize DNC and Clinton/Gore '96 expenditures." Noting that Mr. Gore had received a series of memos from Mr. Ickes and attended several meetings, all of which discussed the status of the DNC's hard-money accounts, Mr. LaBella wrote, "Curiously, though renowned as a policy wonk, the vice president claims he did not read the memos and cannot recall the meetings." ......... "

Washington Times 6/8/00 "…..Notwithstanding Mr. Strauss's contemporaneous notes and corroboration by four participants, including then-White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta, all of whom recalled Mr. Gore's attendance at the Nov. 21, 1995, meeting and a discussion of the hard-money component in the media fund, Mr. Gore contemptuously told the FBI that he had consumed an excessive amount of iced tea and might have been in the restroom when meeting participants discussed hard money. But the FBI found that Mr. Gore attended a total of at least three meetings and was an active participant at each one. According to the FBI's interview with Mr. Panetta, the "hard/soft money breakdown of the media fund [was] discussed at all three meetings; there was always discussion [and] an examination of the overall DNC budget and, at a minimum, a reference to the hard/soft breakdown of the media fund."…….."

Washington Times 6/8/00 "…..Mr. Parkinson's Nov. 20, 1998, memo exhaustively chronicled the evidence detailing why the FBI clearly believed Mr. Gore had made "a false statement" worthy of investigation by an independent counsel. Also in November, a Justice attorney, whose name was redacted, wrote in a memo that "the evidence we now have . . . supports an argument that the vice president had to have known that hard money was a component of the media fund" [italics in the original]. ……"

National Review 6/7/00 Mark Levin "…… The expired independent-counsel law required the Attorney General to seek the appointment of an independent counsel whenever she was presented with specific and credible information that a crime may have been committed. The threshold for such appointments was extraordinarily low. Moreover, the law also provided the Attorney General with the discretion to request the appointment of an independent counsel whenever she felt a possible conflict of interest existed. …….. But when it became clear that the law, and her interpretation of it, might ensnare her President and her Vice President, she became the Helen Keller of American law enforcement. Reno not only ignored her own prior congressional testimony - she also actively undermined the law with tortured and legally insupportable conclusions about the conduct of her bosses. ……..With the release of two key memos, one produced by FBI Director Louis Freeh and the other by ex-Campaign-Finance Task Force chief Charles LaBella, no doubt remains that Clinton and Gore used their offices to illegally raise campaign funds. And there remains no question that both Freeh and LaBella (as well as several career prosecutors in the Justice Department's Criminal Division) concluded that Gore's denials about raising "hard" money, i.e., contributions for the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign, were not believable. Even Reno had concluded earlier that raising "hard" money on government property, such as the White House, violates federal law. But she reached that conclusion only after Gore stated that he had raised only "soft" money, i.e., contributions for the Democratic National Committee. ….."

AP 6/2/00 Larry Margasak "…..Quarrels between the Justice Department and the FBI over appointment of an independent campaign finance investigator had a "devastating impact" on relations among those investigating fund-raising abuses, officials acknowledged in a report obtained Friday. ……. Lee Radek, chief of the Justice Department's public integrity section, spoke to congressional investigators as did FBI officials about the bitterness that has enveloped the department's Campaign Finance Task Force, created in December 1996. ...... The animosity became so severe that Freeh, seeking an expansive probe, ordered his agents to strike out on their own to interview White House and Democratic Party officials. Cautious prosecutors not only opposed the move but told the GAO that the agents virtually paralyzed the task force's operations for weeks. Eventually, the prosecutors and agents had to be separated on separate floors. ......"

AP 6/2/00 Larry Margasak "…..…… Radek's comments referred to the period in 1997 when he was directly in control of the investigation, but even after he relinquished the direct role, he remained a key player in opposing an independent investigation. Neil Gallagher, an FBI assistant director, "believed that Mr. Radek's criteria for what information was needed to trigger the seeking of an independent counsel were too stringent," the report said. ……. Freeh recommended to Reno in a November 1997 memo that she seek an independent investigation, and in July 1998, LaBella made the same recommendation. Reno refused on grounds evidence was insufficient to trigger the independent counsel law, which since has expired.

AP 6/2/00 Larry Margasak "…..FBI officials also accused the attorneys of "excessive participation in traditional investigative functions, especially interviews of witnesses where agents felt they were being used mainly as note takers." …….. There were severe differences in the investigative approach, with the Justice prosecutors seeking to build the investigation methodically, "from the ground up," and the FBI agents trying "to pursue several investigative tracks simultaneously." ……Justice officials wanted "to avoid prematurely tipping off potential witnesses and investigative targets," the report said. It added that Radek "did not believe specific predication existed ... to justify all the investigative tracks proposed by the investigators." He also "believed the press created expectations for a major scandal, rather than allowing the investigative process to make that determination."

AP 6/2/00 Larry Margasak "…..Gallagher said that on the basis of news reports about White House coffees for campaign contributors, "The FBI wanted to investigate ... whether the White House had violated campaign finance laws." In June 1997, Freeh directed investigators to interview more than 100 individuals including White House and Democratic National Committee employees who were not yet the focus of the task force efforts. …….. The head of the task force at the time, Laura Ingersoll, said as a result of the interviews, 90 percent of the investigative resources were unavailable for two to three weeks. ….."

Weekly Standard 6/5/00 Jay Nordlinger "…… It's just a small matter, in all the Clinton grossness, but it counts. Linda Tripp was the victim of a dirty, and illegal, trick. It was played on her by her own bosses at the Pentagon. And now those men -- Kenneth Bacon and Clifford Bernath -- have escaped with the wispiest slaps on the wrist. This is ho-hum for the Clinton administration; but it is a reminder of how unlawful and indecent this administration has been………. The Pentagon's inspector general, Eleanor Hill, duly launched an investigation. The case being clear-cut, it didn't take her long to find that Bacon and Bernath had indeed violated the Privacy Act. In July 1998, she referred the matter to the Justice Department -- which then sat on it for almost two full years. This would have been incomprehensible in any other administration. Only in April 2000 did Justice announce that it would not prosecute. Incredibly, the department claimed that there was "no direct evidence upon which to pursue any violation of the Privacy Act." ..."

Weekly Standard 6/5/00 Jay Nordlinger "…… It was then left to Secretary Cohen to determine a penalty for Bacon and Bernath -- if any. What he decided to do was write a letter expressing his "disappointment" in the men. Each would receive a copy. In this letter, Cohen said that his subordinates' actions had been "hasty and ill-considered." He noted that, at the time of the incident, they and others at the Pentagon were under instruction not to release anything concerning Tripp without first consulting department lawyers. The strongest language he used was "serious lapse of judgment." But this was balanced against "the very high quality of the performance that you have otherwise exhibited." Amazingly, Cohen told the press that "there was no attempt to injure Miss Tripp's credibility or her reputation." Contemplating this, Dick Morris, the former Clinton adviser, had no choice but to remark, "Generally, it is a good political rule never to say anything that the average 6-year-old knows isn't true." ......"

Weekly Standard 6/5/00 Jay Nordlinger "…… The most striking thing about the Cohen letter is that it will not even be placed in either Bacon's or Bernath's permanent file. According to the Pentagon, this is not a letter of reprimand. A department spokesman, Craig Quigley, described it as "a personal letter to both Mr. Bernath and Mr. Bacon." Incredulous, a reporter said, "So, it's not a letter of reprimand?" "No," said Quigley. "Well, what would you call it?" Said Quigley, "It's an official letter expressing the secretary's disappointment in the judgment" of the two officials……"

Weekly Standard 6/5/00 Jay Nordlinger "…… Meanwhile, Tripp is suing both the Pentagon and the White House for Privacy Act violations and witness intimidation. This suit may in fact have been on Cohen's mind when he declined to take serious action against his guys. Cohen gave the game away somewhat on Meet the Press, saying of Bacon, "He is now the subject of a major lawsuit. And so he will continue to be held accountable to the legal process." This is exactly the sort of thinking that worries many observers, including Joseph diGenova, a former U.S. attorney with long experience in this area. Says diGenova, "The treatment of Bacon and Bernath suggests that the Privacy Act will be enforceable only in civil lawsuits filed by the victims. If there's no adverse action -- not even a letter that goes into somebody's file -- there's no deterrence here. None whatsoever." In other words, "Don't leave it solely to the victim, who has to pay lawyers and so on, to enforce her rights under the Privacy Act. The government should enforce those rights, especially given that it was government people who broke the law." 6/4/00 Brian Blomquist and Al Guart/The New York Post "…… FBI Director Louis Freeh - whose feud with Attorney General Janet Reno has exploded in public - would gladly quit, but doesn't want to give President Clinton the chance to pick his replacement, sources told The Post. Freeh's rank-and-file agents and Reno's line prosecutors say they still can work together but are alarmed the battle between their bosses has burst into public. ...... One exception is within the funny-money task force, where relations are so bad that prosecutors and agents have had to be placed on separate floors. ……. Reno fired back by sending Congress information revealing that she considered naming an independent counsel to probe whether Freeh gave inaccurate testimony to Congress. Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said he was surprised he got the information - which he said was clearly meant to "blacken up Freeh" - because it "was not within the scope of the subpoena." FBI agents - and even some Justice Department prosecutors - say they don't doubt it was retaliation by Reno. "This is how they play ball," said Charles LaBella, the former head of the Justice Department's campaign-finance task force ……." 6/4/00 Brian Blomquist and Al Guart/The New York Post "……Those who've worked with Freeh say he's a straight arrow. "He's the most unpolitical person I've ever met in my life, almost to a fault," said James Kallstrom, who headed the FBI's flagship New York office and has known Freeh since 1976. Another retired head of the New York FBI office, Lewis Schiliro, said: "On numerous occasions, I consulted with him on how to handle cases, and he always said, 'Do what is in the best interest of justice.' From corruption to terrorism to organized crime cases, it's never, ever wavered. And there aren't a lot of people you can say that about." ……. "

New York Times 6/2/00 James Risen "……An ambitious plan to create a post to oversee the government's spy-catching efforts has been shelved by the Clinton administration, largely because of strong opposition from Attorney General Janet Reno, federal officials said today. The job of a national counterintelligence executive was proposed to answer widespread criticism of the government's efforts to combat espionage. ……… The proposal, the product of a yearlong interagency review, gained high-level support, including from Louis J. Freeh, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; George J. Tenet, the director of central intelligence, and John J. Hamre, who until recently was deputy secretary of defense, officials said. But Ms. Reno blocked the proposal, and some officials said they believed that her opposition was the product of her ongoing feud with Mr. Freeh, whose agency is charged with overseeing domestic counterintelligence. ......"

The New York Times 6/22/00 Don Van Natta Jr David Johnston "……The head of the Justice Department's campaign finance unit has recommended that Attorney General Janet Reno appoint a special counsel to investigate Vice President Al Gore's political fundraising activities during the 1996 Presidential campaign, government officials said today. ……. Mr. Gore has been questioned five times under oath, most recently in a four hour interview on April 18 at the Vice Presidential mansion. Prosecutors were dissatisfied with Mr. Gore's answers during the interview which was conducted in a more confrontational tone than previous sessions, the officials said. At times, Mr. Gore reacted angrily to the questions, which covered an array of issues related to the Vice President's fundraising. ……..So far, there is no indication that Ms. Reno has reached a decision on the matter. First in 1997 and then again 1998, Ms. Reno rejected the appointment of an independent counsel over the objections of F.B.I. Director Louis J. Freeh and some Justice Department officials…….."

The New York Times 6/22/00 Don Van Natta Jr David Johnston "……The investigation has remained a highly confidential matter within the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. F.B.I. Director Louis J. Freeh, who has long urged an independent investigation of Mr. Gore, has met privately in recent weeks with lawmakers in the House and Senate to avoid being asked to appear as a witness to discuss memorandum that he wrote several years ago about campaign finance issues. …….. Mr. Freeh, whose relationship with the White House has eroded badly over the issue, told the lawmakers that he did not want to be drawn into a public discussion of a pending inquiry and did not want give the White House further cause for complaint. F.B.I. officials would not comment on the matter today. ……."

Washington Weekly 6/19/00 Sen. Inhofe, U.S. Senate "…… "Time after time after time, again and again, the Justice Department and Janet Reno have used that Department to protect the President's political friends and to punish the President's political enemies." ………. I am not outraged; I am not mad; and I am not feeling any anxiety about this. I guess the best way to characterize my feelings after the last 7 1/2 years of this administration using the Justice Department to protect its friends and to punish its enemies is just something that I feel numb about. I am proud of two of the mainstream media--only two--that have been willing to write about these things. And that is Fox News and the Washington Times……….. But what occurred to me was that every citizen out here, whether in Wyoming or Oklahoma, has to obey the law and has to be punished under the law if that person disobeys the law, and that he would be prosecuted if there was justification for prosecution and then would be punished accordingly--except in this administration………. On Thursday, May 25, which was the eve of the Memorial Day recess when we left for about a week, the Clinton administration perpetrated another outrage to add to its long trail of operations, I guess you would say. In the face of the Pentagon inspector general's firm conclusion that Kenneth Bacon and Clifford Bernath violated the Privacy Act and broke the law and committed a crime, the Secretary of Defense announced that he would do nothing to hold these men accountable for their actions. And this neatly follows the earlier decision of the Justice Department not to prosecute after engaging in a 2-year coverup……… Now, as I have said before, this case has broad implications for what has been done to the rule of law and to the concept of honesty and integrity in Government over the past 7 1/2 years. Above all else, the systemic undermining of these time-honored principles constitutes the true and lasting legacy of the Clinton and Gore administration….."

Fox News 6/27/00 "…..Attorney General Janet Reno abruptly cut off weekly meetings with one of her top prosecutors after he interviewed Vice President Al Gore about fund raising for the 1996 re-election effort, Fox News has learned. Reno and Robert Conrad, the head of the Justice Department's campaign-finance task force, had been meeting every week since January, according to investigation sources. ……Officials at the campaign-finance task force refused to tell Fox News why the meetings ended, as did a spokesperson for Reno. ……."

Washington Times 6/28/00 Jerry Seper "……President Al Gore's role in a Buddhist temple fund-raiser would now be moot because the Justice Department took nearly four years to question him about it under oath, Senate Republicans said yesterday……… "It appears to me that it may well be too late at this point to have a special counsel, because it would interfere with the election in 2000," said Sen. Arlen Specter, chairman of a Senate subcommittee investigating the Justice Department's handling of the 1996 campaign finance probe……… Even if one were appointed, Mr. Specter said, it was "not even realistic" to suggest the probe could be completed before the November election……… Sen. Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican, also criticized the attorney general for the "lateness" of the Gore interview, saying the Justice Department failed to conduct a proper investigation of the temple accusations after they first surfaced…….. "I believe your staff failed you. And in a sense, you failed to supervise in making that declination of the independent counsel at that early date without even commencing any investigation," he said. "I think that was an error, and that has caused us to be [still investigating] at this late stage."….."

Washington Times 6/28/00 Jerry Seper "……When Mr. Specter and Mr. Sessions asked the attorney general directly why she had waited to conduct the interview until it was too late - since now the matter cannot be resolved in a timely fashion before the November elections - she declined to answer……… Miss Reno has twice refused to seek the appointment of an independent counsel for Mr. Gore, and she bristled at suggestions by Mr. Specter that she had "discounted everything you could" in examining the evidence against the vice president. "No, I looked at everything I could," she said…….."

UPI 6/27/00 Ashley Baker "…..Attorney General Janet Reno condemned on Tuesday the leak of a confidential Justice Department memo recommending that she appoint an outside investigator to examine possible fund-raising illegalities by Vice President Al Gore in 1996……… "I feel very strongly that we must be careful in order to protect the investigation, protect leads, protect the reputation of people involved, lest the information disseminated impede our careful and professional process that we pursue."……. Although many lawmakers have criticized Reno for twice declining to make such an appointment, several joined in condemning the leak…….. "It seems to me that the 'pressure' to appoint an outside counsel is coming from inside the Justice Department, from people (Reno) has chosen at various times to advise her," said Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah. "The Attorney General has been examining (this case) for four years, and it is time to make a decision and be held accountable for it."……"

New York Times 6/25/00 "……. Because of her brazen dereliction of duty as attorney general, Janet Reno has now stirred up a political mess for herself and Vice President Al Gore and created an electoral quandary for the public. It turns out that yet another top official in the Justice Department has concluded that Ms. Reno should name a special counsel to investigate Democratic campaign fund-raising irregularities in 1996, especially the activities and statements of Mr. Gore. Had Ms. Reno agreed to such an investigation years ago, as the law clearly required, the public would have answers about the legality of Democratic fund-raising in 1996. Such an inquiry might have exonerated the vice president, just as Robert Ray has closed the Travel Office inquiry with no charges against Hillary Rodham Clinton. ……..With Mr. Gore newly entangled by charges in several fund-raising areas, Ms. Reno has created an excruciating choice between orderly legal process and an orderly presidential campaign. …."

INSIGHT 7/3/00 Jamie Dettmer "… U.S. drug warriors say Justice has undermined a key drug probe and fear that the department will prove weak in enforcing a new law aimed at squeezing narcotraffickers. The wording could not have been more direct and yet within weeks of the highly classified National Drug Intelligence Center, or NDIC, report being leaked to the media - first to Insight in March 1999 and then later to the Washington Post - the allegations it contained against Mexico's powerful Hank family were being "discredited" by Attorney General Janet Reno. …….. Despite detailed allegations contained in the report, Reno dismissed it, writing in a March letter: "The analysis and any conclusions and inferences contained in the report have not been adopted as official views and positions of the NDIC, the Department of Justice, or the various federal, state and local law-enforcement and regulatory authorities that may have provided information to the drafters of the report." ……..The Hank family greeted Reno's statement as amounting to having been given a clean bill of health. For a year the family has been fighting the NDIC claim that they pose a "significant criminal threat to the United States." ……"

INSIGHT 7/3/00 Jamie Dettmer "… The attorney general's retraction of an intelligence analysis based on dozens of past investigations on the Hank family and on new lines of inquiry came as a bitter disappointment to members of the San Diego-based Operation White Tiger Task Force. The Hanks and their supporters insist that Reno's intervention was just and that they have been victims of innuendo spread by their political and business rivals. …….. From the get-go agents involved in the probe feared that Washington would conclude that Operation White Tiger was too controversial and potentially too disruptive to Mexican-American relations for it to continue. They suspected it would go the way of previous investigations of top Mexican politicians. In their minds was a series of probes launched by individual DEA special agents in charge before the signing of the controversial North American Free Trade Agreement. Those investigations encountered strong Washington disapproval, say former agents Phil Jordan and Hector Berrellez…….Far from lacking substance, agents involved in the inquiry say that financial investigations and information supplied by confidential sources established that Hank family "businesses, corporations and entities, are linked to the major drug-trafficking organizations." ……"

ABC 6/23/00 "…….Vowing to keep "the media" and "people who may have differing views" from pressuring her into making any decisions before she is ready, Attorney General Janet Reno today spoke out against leaks that revealed one of her prosecutors is recommending a special counsel be named to investigate Vice President Al Gore for alleged 1996 campaign fund-raising improprieties. ……..Under repeated questioning at her weekly press briefing, Reno would not comment on the status of "the matter," but said she did not want to "let people think that because they leak something they can pressure us into doing something." ……. "The most important thing in any investigation - particularly in this time of year," Reno said, referring to the presidential campaign season, "is that we conduct an