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The Wanderer 4/15/99 George A. Kendall "...It's obvious, from listening to the talking heads of the TV talk shows, that most of them (with the exception of a few really hard-core nitwits like Bill Press of Crossfire) acknowledge, in their heart of hearts, that Clinton's action in bombing Yugoslavia is indefensible. Yet, almost invariably, these same people, who ought to know better, end up giving voice to some sentiment along lines of "now that we are in there, we have to go the whole way, we have to back up our fighting men," and so on, even if this means sending in ground troops. Invariably, they tell us that if we fail to do so, the United States will lose all its credibility. In other words, our commander in chief has made a tremendous error in committing us to a senseless war which we have no legal or moral right to wage, but we must go along with him to save face. This is moral insanity. .."

C.J. Barr 3/30/99 ‘…

Way back in the November 1994 issue of Reason, Edith Efron asked the intriguing question:
"Can the President Think?" Her conclusion was that the president suffers from severe cognitive dysfunction and that the resulting chaos of his mind accounts for the chaos in his administration. In her analysis, Clinton emerges as the sum of two bedeviling paradoxes. The first, the paradox of the Hollow Sun King, refers to the strange emptiness that we perceive at the center of the charismatic Clinton phenomenon. The second, the paradox of the Paralyzed Sprinter, to the utter chaos that reigns at the center of his administration -- and, seemingly, of his mind….. Efron writes of the fragment of stone at the bottom of Stephanopolous' kaleidoscope -- reflecting in a unique way, showing a different facet to each person as Clinton turns. This is a metaphor for the elusive "real Clinton"; but, in truth, there is no real Clinton that we could possibly comprehend. That little fragment is so alien that it might as well not exist in our universe. At the core of this man, Clinton, where the soul is supposed to be, there is, instead, a gaping void. A black hole. The Sun King exists only as the irresistible gravitational pull he exerts on others and the dying light -- the catastrophic annihilation -- of everyone and everything that strays too close to his event horizon. Within, there is an unknowable emptiness…."

Capital Hill Blue 4/8/99 Doug Thompson "...White House staffers, Clinton confidants and others describe Clinton as "incredibly profane" and "an angry man who wants to inflict as much pain as possible on his enemies." Former White House senior staff member George Stephanopoulos in his book, All Too Human, writes about Clinton's mishandling of the Somalia crisis and shows the depth of the President's violent emotions: "'We're not inflicting pain on these fuckers,' Clinton said, softly at first. 'When people kill us, they should be killed in greater numbers.' Then, with his face reddening, his voice rising, and his fist pounding his thigh, he leaned into Tony [Lake], as if it was his fault. 'I believe in killing people who try to hurt you. And I can't believe we're being pushed around by these two-bit pricks.'" Those who have known Clinton since his days in Arkansas say the quote is "vintage Bill." "Only an idiot would buy the public persona of Bill Clinton," says Walter Erricson, a retired reporter who covered Clinton in his early political days in Arkansas. "He is an incredibly profane individual. He is now and always has been an angry man who wants to inflict as much pain as possible on his enemies." White House staff members say Clinton curses like a sailor, has temper tantrums that cause people to back away from him and uses the word "kill" often to describe what he wants to do with his enemies...."

Capitol Hill Blue (The Rant) 4/13/99 Doug Thompson "...The one word that says it all Contempt. Think about the word. Say it. Contempt. It rolls off the tongue easily when one needs a simple word to describe a complex man like William Jefferson Clinton. Contempt. Contempt for the law. Contempt for the truth. Contempt for decency. Contempt for the Constitution. Contempt for the people who were foolish enough to twice elect him twice to the highest office in the land. Contempt. The defining word for the legacy of Bill Clinton....No number of cruise missiles raining on Eastern Europe can erase this part of history. Clinton can bomb all of civilization back into the stone age and it still won't alter the fact that he is now officially censured, known forever as a man who so blatantly lied under oath that it pissed off a federal judge and she slapped him down for it.....And he may lose his license to practice law in Arkansas, not that anyone ever expected him to return to Arkansas to practice law or anything else. But fines and disbarrment are still overshadowed by that one word. Contempt. The word oozes with the slime that has inundated the White House from the first day Bill Clinton took office, promising the "most ethical administration in history." Six years later, after many investigations, many trials, convinctions of a number of cabinet officials, the "most ethical administration in history" is now laid bare for its contemptible disregard for everything ethical...."

The American Spectator 4/99 John Corry "...Words fail. Things fall apart. The president's apologists made the expected denials, but no one believed them, and even Geraldo Rivera had the grace to look embarrassed. Juanita Broaddrick had caused a problem. The New York Times, for one, tried to ignore it, although later it tried to make amends. It said in an editorial that Bill Clinton in his past confessions had presented himself as a "recreational philanderer," but now it seemed he might be "a serial masher or worse." The wording was close to whimsical - masher had a quaint ring to it - but you could excuse the Times for that. Some things are almost too painful to talk about, and the Times, and all the rest of the press, was having a problem. How do you deal with the idea of having a rapist in the White House? Or must you deal with it at all? .....None of this is promising. It should be obvious by now that Bill Clinton suffers from not merely reckless but clearly compulsive behavior, and that he will, as always, do anything to save himself when he gets in trouble. On the day the Broaddrick story broke in the Journal, the most interesting, and appalling, item on the evening news broadcast was a report by David Martin, the CBS Pentagon correspondent. The White House, he said, wanted to bomb Serbia, even though our NATO allies opposed it. It is to think the unthinkable that the proposed bombing had anything to do with diverting attention from Juanita Broaddrick, of course. The thought is too overwhelming. But it is also unthinkable that we have a rapist in the White House. Who could possibly believe that, either?..."

Strategic Investment Intelligence Bulletins 2/17/99 James Dale Davidson Freeper Ogle ".Jack Wheeler admits he was wrong about Clinton: "He's not a sociopath." In this month's issue of Strategic Intelligence, Jack reports: "On a visit to Canada last month, I read a book review in the Toronto Globe & Mail of British Columbia University Professor of Psychology Robert Hare's Without Conscience. Since I have publicly stated in past columns my agreement with Senator John McCain's assessment of Bill Clinton as a 'sociopath,' it was interesting to note Prof. Hare's careful distinction between a sociopath and a psychopath... Psychopathology is a spectrum, with vicious killers on one end and 'closet psychopaths' on the other. It was the description of the latter that intrigued me: 'Their most pervasive trait is a stunning lack of conscience. They are glib, lack remorse, guilt, or empathy, are emotionally shallow and lie easily and convincingly. Underneath a charming, sometimes irresistibly likeable fa‡ade, the closet psychopath is ruthless, ambitious, selfish, and dishonest. They are social predators who charm and manipulate their way through life, leaving a trail of broken hearts and empty wallets. Power and control are all-important to them, and they will use threats, intimidation, litigation, and violence to get what they want.' A nail-on-the-head of Slick Willie, wouldn't you say? ."

The Progressive Review 4/10/99 Sam Smith "…"Clinton is far more psychologically disturbed than the public ever imagined . ." NEWSWEEK's Michael Isikoff on DATELINE "I think that's an understatement. The suggestion is that this guy is in terrible trouble mentally and psychologically and is a completely hollow narcissist and egomaniac." "And he thiks that the best therapy fo it is being President. My view is that presidential therapy hasn't worked for him and shouldn't have been tried." "But he certainly does need professional help.---" . . .Christopher Hitchens on WOR 4/16/99 "... Onetime presidential guru Dick Morris has noticed something reviewers had missed in Michael Isikoff's new book, "Uncovering Clinton: A Reporter's Story." It's this tidbit from page 256 about Clinton's one-night stand with former Miss America Elizabeth Ward Gracen: "According to Gracen's later account, Clinton flirted with her -- then invited her to the apartment of one of his friends at the Quawpaw Towers. They had sex that night. It was rough sex. Clinton got so carried away that he bit her lip, Gracen later told friends. But it was consensual." Appearing Tuesday night on Fox News Channel's Hannity & Colmes, Morris noted, "There's a very important revelation in [Isikoff's] book that hasn't received a lot of attention." Morris paraphrased the passage quoted above and then pointed out that Clinton bit Gracen's lip, "... just as he'd bit Juanita Broaddrick's lip, according to Juanita Broaddrick. And [Gracen's] statement was made before Juanita Broaddrick spoke."... Morris added, "Now if there was a rape trial of Bill Clinton right now and this woman, Gracen, was called as a witness and confirmed the M.O.; that would be a) admissible and b) very decisive." What about Gracen's claim, as Isikoff reports, that her Clinton sex was consensual? ...Last month, Lambert elaborated on Stokes' version for's Carl Limbacher: "I talked to Judy Stokes for an hour and a half," said Lambert. "At first she was reluctant to burn her bridges with Liz. But I finally asked, 'Do you believe Clinton raped her?' She said, 'Absolutely. He forced her to have sex. What do you call that?' " Lambert concluded, "Stokes was totally convinced it was rape." ..."

EXEGESIS 4/17/99 Steve Meyers "... Above all, these four years have confirmed two trends: first, a considerable acceleration of the pace at which Western nations are discarding the sanctity of national sovereignty in their unseemly rush toward a global government for which there seems to be little popular support; and secondly, the systematic hypnotization of the American people into an Orwellian trance, never better illustrated than in the current rash of propaganda about the bombing of Yugoslavia: "War brings Peace! Killing is the way to save people. Ignorance is Strength! Freedom is Slavery!" Ah yes, and at Clinton's Animal Farm, some animals are most definitely more equal than others: indeed, some are still alive, but others are not; some are wealthy, others are neglected; some are intimidated, yet others tell the truth. According to the governments participating in the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, the justification for this military operation is to stop the "ethnic cleansing" in Kosovo, never mind that the West ignored it in Bosnia, Tibet, Rwanda and elsewhere. It is said that Kosovo is seeking independence from Yugoslavia, a sovereign nation which has not attacked or threatened any of its neighbors. Maybe so, but what differentiates it from Chechnya, Scotland or the Palestinians? Are we going to bomb Moscow, London and Jerusalem too? Shall we bomb Istanbul and Athens in protest at the Cyprus problem? Shall we bomb Ottawa to help the cause of Quebec? How about bombing China to free Tibet? ..."

UPI Spotlight 4/17/99 "... The president told Democrats in Massachusetts (Friday night) that the NATO campaign fits with his philosophy for the future, where America's technology and economic resources are put to good purposes...."

The New Australian 4/12-18/99 James Henry Freeper hope "...Lord Acton's dictum that power corrupts and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely is much quoted. But what happens when power, especially enormous power, falls into the hands of an already corrupt man? A man that sees power merely as a means to advance his own interests: to reward sycophants, punish critics, intimidate potential enemies, buy favours from dictators and even wage war to enhance his own position regardless of the cost in terms of blood and misery. Such a man is Clinton. A man with the mentality of a teenage thug who seems literally incapable of making a genuine moral judgement is president of the United States. A man whose pathological behavior has rightly stripped him of all moral authority has declared war on another nation. Do Americans really believe that such a creature can enoble a cause driven by the meanest of personal ambition and the desperate psychological need to politically survive? Do American troops walk tall when they think of their commander-in-chief?..." 'World Report' 4/15-30/99 Doug Thompson "...BILL Clinton's failing Kosovo war is part of a desperate, dangerous and fatally flawed plan by a scandal-ridden President to salvage a legacy or the history books, White House and Pentagon insiders say. ... "THE President is standing alone on a lot of this," says one White House aide. "He's finding fewer and fewer people who are willing to stick with him over Kosovo. He's backed himself, his administration and his countryinto a corner. "TWO who are sticking with Clinton are National Security Advisor Sandy Berger and Secretary of State Madeline Albright, who aides say would follow Clinton anywhere. "BERGER and Albright put their loyalty to Clinton above their oaths to serve the constitution," says military analyst Sander Owen. "It's pathetic to watch." AT the Pentagon, senior officers now call the President the "draft dodger in chief," and sneer at his inability to grasp simple military tactics. "THE man is an ass," says one career officer. "He has no concept of a military operation. To him, it's just a video game. What we don't know is how many body bags it will take to make this jerk face reality. "ARNOLD Crittendon, a retired intelligence analyst, says Clinton has become a "laughing stock" in both the military and intelligence communities. "HIS political motives are so blatant that they would be farcical if we weren't talking about the lives of American soldiers," Crittendon says."There wasn't that much respect for the man to begin with. What little there was is long gone now...."AIDES say that Clinton started focusing more on foreign policy when it became clear he would not be convicted in the Senate impeachment trial. "HE wanted to find some foreign policy arena where a bold stroke would showcase his administration as a world leader," one former aide says."When it became clear that he was focusing on Kosovo, a lot of people tried to talk him out of it. But Bill Clinton is a man who won't let goof something once he focuses on it. He was sure that defeating a tyrant would restore his place in history. "BUT military planners told Clinton he could not win a limited air war in Kosovo."THE President was advised that his strategy was flawed and did notserve the national interest," says one Pentagon planner, "but he wasn't interested in hearing the facts.... "A psychologist who treats obsessions says Clinton's preoccupation with his legacy could be viewed by mental health professionals as a warning sign over the President's stability. "THERE are enough outward signs that the President is so driven by his obsession with his legacy that it could be affecting his mental judgments," says Dr. Stephanie Crossfield. "If I were consulting on thePresident's case, I would recommend further evaluation of his condition...."

WorldNetDaily 4/23/99 Joseph Farah Freeper laz "...There he was, Bill Clinton -- the man for all seasons -- johnny-on-the-spot ready to seize any political advantage he could wangle in exploiting the emotional reaction of a nation to the massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado. This guy makes me sick. He told the people of Littleton that a federal "crisis response team is ready now to travel to Colorado, and I strongly believe that we should do whatever we can to get enough counselors to the families and the children as quickly as possible." The date of this tragedy made me wonder where such a "crisis response team" was for an even bigger, federally sponsored slaughter a few years earlier at Waco, Texas...."

The Washington Post Charles Krauthammer 4/23/99 "..."[NATO] strikes continue to cause serious damage to the FRY [Serb] military and will further degrade their capability to commit atrocities against the Kosovo Albanian population." -- NATO military spokesman Giuseppe Marani, April 17. "We are also seeing increased evidence of ethnic cleansing. . . . " -- Same spokesman, same briefing, same day, one minute later.... If it were not so tragic, the standard Clinton/NATO line on Kosovo would be farcical. Every day they report how we are "degrading" Slobodan Milosevic's ability to carry out war crimes. Within minutes, they then report a fresh new set of war crimes...."

NewsMax 4/24/99 JR Nyquist "...The Western alliance is inching toward an abyss -- either a confrontation with Russia or a split within NATO. These are the dangers courted by President Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Their strategy? To bomb the Yugoslav army until it can no longer offer effective resistance to a ground invasion. Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, his country under bombardment, is given no alternative but to withdraw the Yugoslav army from Yugoslav territory, making way for a NATO occupation. Milosevic now appears willing to accept an international peacekeeping force on Yugoslav soil, providing that NATO pulls back from the border and stops the air assault. But President Clinton will not agree to Milosevic's compromise. What is wrong with that compromise? It appears that President Clinton wants the crisis to continue, if not intensify....Blair further declared that NATO forces would enter Yugoslavia with or without Milosevic's permission. "We are all internationalists now," said Blair, "whether we like it or not."....Meanwhile, Russian mobilizations continue on land and sea. The Ukrainian and Russian navies are presently engaged in training exercises. Dozens of warships have been mobilized. At the same time, Russian diplomats are courting Israel, Greece and France -- feeling out weaknesses in the West's global position. Russia's ally, President Jiang Zemin of China, has once again called on the People's Liberation Army to brace for a possible war. There is "regional tension and unstable elements," he said earlier this month. "The world is not safe."..."

Original Sources 4/22/99 Mary Mostert Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...EXCERPTS "The President now wants to know: What is causing this kind of behavior? Well, Mr. President, what has caused your kind of behavior? If character no longer matters in presidents, should it matter for 11 and 13 year old boys? If the nation's top executive can use anger, power and position to get sexual services from women he casually meets, and receive a 67% approval rate from the people, as the polls claim, is this not, then, the new social standard for all males, including resentful 13 year olds? If the president can destroy the lives of women who object to his unwanted sexual demands, is it OK for 13 year olds to take the matter one step further and just shoot the pesky females who won't cooperate? Perhaps to find the source of the problem in Jonesboro in his home state of Arkansas, the President might try looking in the mirror. "

Associated Press 4/24/99 "...President Clinton departed the NATO summit in such haste Saturday that he left behind perhaps the most important piece of luggage in the world - the ``nuclear football.'' The president's military aide, who constantly shadows Clinton and carries the briefcase containing U.S. nuclear launch codes, was mistakenly left at the International Trade Center when Clinton's motorcade sped off 45 minutes early and without notice. The aide walked the 4 1/2 blocks back to the White House without incident..."

WorldNetDaily 5/4/99 David Limbaugh "...On Friday, Bill Clinton announced that he would convene a White House summit on youth violence on May 10. In his opening remarks, after briefly relating how much time he had spent in the last week agonizing over the Littleton massacre, he conducted a clinic on that skill for which he has become legendary: compartmentalization. Unable to resist a self-congratulatory detour, in a textbook sociopathic performance, he said, "Let me begin by saying we got some more good news today on the economic front with the word that our economy expanded by 4.5 percent in the first quarter of this year." Getting back to the obligatory subject of student killings, he asked, "What can we do to give our children safe, whole childhoods?" He added, "We should not be fighting about who takes the blame." As accomplished a fibber as he is, the president must have forgotten, or assumed we had forgotten, about his NRA-blaming comment earlier this week: "It's not just the culture of violence that has to change. It's the culture of hunting and sport shooting that has to stop financing efforts to frighten their members who are good, God-fearing, law-abiding, taxpaying citizens out there into believing that every time we try to save a kid's life it's a camel's nose in the tent." Not only is Clinton blaming the NRA, he is exploiting the tragedy for political gain. He even admits that he is counting on the outrage over the shootings to help push his new gun-control proposal through Congress. White House press secretary Joe Lockhart said, "Unfortunately, oftentimes it takes tragic events to catalyze work here in Washington." ...."

The Orlando Sentinel Online 5/6/99 Charley Reese "....While the United States is committing a crime against Yugoslavia, where we have no legitimate strategic or national interests, President Clinton's Chinese friends have been busy little bees, 90 miles from our shores. Chi Haotian, minister of national defense, got together with Raul Castro, big brother Fidel's minister of defense, and decided that working together was a very good idea....You can expect to see Chinese investments in Cuba, and you will see Castro join forces with the Communist Chinese to drive Taiwanese interests and businesses out of Latin America and the Caribbean.....As they say, much is afoot to the south of us. It makes you wonder why the United States is bogging itself down in the no-win mire of the Balkans. My guess is that flawed decision can be attributed to the fact that underneath his mask of sanity, President Clinton has a screw loose. I suspect that before his term ends the cowardly Democrats in the House of Representatives and Senate who chose partisanship over duty will regret they missed their opportunity to get this captain off the ship. Probably what will shock most Americans in the months ahead is the discovery that the United States has few to no friends in Latin America, and among the few, the fervor is faint to absent..... "

Omaha World-Herald 5/6/99 Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...It's strange to contemplate: A president asking Congress to not give him flexibility in a crisis. Usually a president seeks the maximum maneuvering room. The resolution was not telling Clinton to invade Yugoslavia. It was simply expressing Senate support for that option. .....The fact that Clinton worked to defeat McCain's resolution confirms the opinion of the doubters. He does not want a green light on ground forces because he does not want to be responsible for deciding whether to use them. He is afraid to lead...."

Los Angeles Times 5/5/99 Tom Hayden Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...The moral rationale provided by the Clinton administration at the outset of the bombing was that the brutal ethnic cleansing of Kosovo could be stopped in a short military campaign. That promise was either a deception or a delusion. The war has turned into a horrific quagmire, and yet even liberal Democrats remain strangely tongue-tied about the suffering, which our government lamely calls "collateral damage." Every day seems to bring news of civilians being killed and the White House apologizing. Worse, according to the Wall Street Journal, President Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair pushed in mid-April for a wider definition of targets that would increase the danger to civilians. The result is the death of cleaning ladies and bus drivers, evacuation of 85,000 people from Belgrade neighborhoods poisoned by toxic chemicals, the unemployment of 100,000 Serbs and laying waste of Serbia's civilian infrastructure..."

American Spectator 5/99 Jeremy Rabkin Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...Bill Clinton has his own rules. In his understanding, he did not perjure himself when he denied having sex with Monica Lewinsky: She had had sex with him. In launching air strikes against Serbia, he operated again on Clinton rules: Just because Serbian President Milosevic got a sustained slamming from American bombers did not mean that the United States was entering into a war. This episode is the culmination of a trend in Clinton's foreign policy. Call it "therapeutic bombing." Saddam Hussein won't cooperate with U.N. weapons inspectors? Bomb him! Saddam then cancels all further inspections and forces the withdrawal of U.N. monitors and the collapse of the whole inspection regime in place since the Gulf War? Do a little more cosmetic bombing--to prove that while we may be defeated, we are not humbled. A terrorist attack on U.S. embassies with threats by Osama bin Ladin's terror network? More bombing! We don't disarm any terrorists, but we prove that, if provoked, we can destroy an aspirin factory in Sudan..."

WorldNetDaily 5/7/99 Alan Keyes "...On Wednesday the Senate voted to shelve a proposal by Sen. John McCain to authorize "all necessary force," including ground troops, to achieve American objectives in Yugoslavia. This is a good thing. To put it mildly, I do not believe that we need to multiply expressions of our confidence in Bill Clinton's leadership and judgment. We might try instead multiplying instances of clear and morally literate reasoning about the war in Yugoslavia. Here, Sen. McCain is not helpful. "All necessary force" would literally include the use of nuclear weapons. So Sen. McCain put a resolution on the table that would have authorized Bill Clinton -- a man we know to be without judgment, conscience, decency, morality, integrity, or competence -- to use nuclear weapons to deal with the conflict in Yugoslavia. The idea that the Senate would authorize such a man to use all means he judges necessary in a military effort as questionable as this one is insane. In this proposal, Sen. McCain shows a lack of judgment bordering on lunacy. ..."

Orlando Sentinel 5/12/99 Miriam Marquez "...The man is shameless, absolutely, positively without remorse. What else could one assume, watching President Clinton on C-SPAN recently as he hammed it up at the Washington Correspondents Dinner....The president, noting that a survey of journalists had ranked Clinton's sex-and-lies impeachment scandal of last year at 53rd among the top 100 events of this century, deadpanned: "What's a man got to do to get into the top 50?" Even the creation of plastics made it to the top 50, Clinton added. "Plastics," he repeated with one cocked eyebrow...."

Freeper majordivit on Gertz interview 5/14/99 "...Gertz says that the Russians have underground facilites. Could be to house leaders... Russians refuse to discuss..CIA doesn't know what's going on... Gertz supposes that it could be the next generation of Nuclear Weapons facility.. Gertz goes on to say that this is happening at the same time US stopped building Nukes.. Gertz in disbelief says that at the same time we are sending the Russians 100's of millions of bucks to dismantle their nukes, they are using money that is freed up to build these underground facilities. ....Gertz - During Clinton's trip to China - China tested a new missile..Message - We have no repect for you... White house doesn't care.. White house people told Gertz that they didn't care. They told Gertz that China is a deveoloping power... Gertz says that these weapons that China is developing are not designed to be used against the Phillipines, they are designed to fight against the U.S.... Clinton administration, for purely ideological reasons, has gone to great lenghs to oppose missile defense in the US......Gertz - After the bombing of the Chinese embassy, the Chinese made an unspecified military threat which went unnoticed in the press....."

SPECIAL TO MSNBC 2/12/1999 Jonathan Broder "....Now that he has been acquitted by the Senate, President Clinton is launching a two-pronged political offensive that hopefully will burnish his tarnished image, create a legacy beyond his sexual appetites and extract revenge on the House Republicans who impeached him, his advisers say...... At the same time, however, aides described Clinton as having "blood in his eye" toward Republicans whom he feels used the scandal to try to destroy him..... "The president of the United States, arguably the most powerful man in the world, has declared a personal vendetta against the House managers, stating his will to single them out for destruction," said Rep. Christopher Cannon of California, one of the House prosecutors. "Such action is the height of the arrogance of power." Then, in what appeared to be a theme that other House Republicans may use in their campaigns, Cannon added: "Throughout the impeachment process, I never acted in anger. I was not acting on emotion. I was doing my duty." ..... "He understands the politics of this, and I really see no sign that he's moving toward them," Frank said of the Republicans. "He's really mad at them, and he's really happy with us. But he's still a human being, one with great control over his public policy instincts - although not some of his personal ones." ..." 5/27/99 Stratfor "...1145 GMT, 990527 One of the critical dimensions of the Kosovo conflict is the state of mind of U.S. policy makers. Their view of Kosovo is, quite naturally, part of their general perception both of the world and of their place in it. It is, therefore, important to understand that Bill Clinton and his foreign policy team are experiencing a crisis of confidence of monumental proportions. Actually, saying they are in a state of shock is probably a better way to put it. They have gone in less than 90 days from being a fairly credible foreign policy team to a group in total, and probably unrecoverable, disarray. Obviously it started with Kosovo. They did not expect Milosevic to resist as he has. One result has been the near disappearance of the administration's expert on Yugoslavia and Milosevic, Richard Holbrooke...... However, it has been their China policy that has truly shaken the administration. Sandy Berger, National Security Advisor, was particularly close to the Chinese and a strong relationship with China has been one of the foundations of Clinton's foreign policy. China's crackdown on dissidents struck the administration as a betrayal of their tacit understanding with the Chinese, and the administration struck back with bitter rhetoric. The Chinese merely hardened their position. The Chinese response to the bombing of their Embassy further stunned the administration. The release of the Cox report has left their China policy in a shambles and the speed of the collapse has left Clinton's staff stunned. Add to that the near collapse of relations with Russia at the beginning of the war, German and Italian mistrust of U.S. competence and motives, and we are seeing the near collapse not only of foreign policy, but also of the leadership of the foreign policy apparatus. With the departure of Robert Rubin, the loss of credibility for Clinton's foreign policy team is breath taking. Berger is being held by many as personally responsible (along with Janet Reno) for not stanching Chinese espionage. Albright is being treated with increasing contempt in Washington and foreign capitals. George Tenet, head of CIA, was forced to take responsibility for the China bombing incident. After his humiliation over Monica Lewinsky, Clinton was going to use foreign policy to redeem himself. That search for redemption has turned into a nightmare...."

Bangor (ME) Daily News 5/26/99 John S. Day Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...Given hindsight, Reagan's covert, sometimes illegal foreign policy schemes seem positively brilliant these days when stacked up against Bill Clinton's amateur-hour efforts to ensure world peace and safeguard the national security of the United States. Somewhere along the way, Clinton managed to get us in a war with a country smaller than New England that has the potential of re-igniting the Cold War. Imagine American public reaction had Nikita Khrushchev dispatched a squadron of Bison bombers to take out our embassy in West Germany during the Cuban missile crisis? ....Some Democratic apologists, who heaped scorn on GOP Sen. Fred Thompson for alleging two years ago that the Chinese government was buying its way into the U.S. government with illegal campaign contributions, now are calling for administration heads to roll. ...."

Naval Academy Commencement Address 5/26/99 Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen Freeper Marching Johny "....We are bombing to Stop Hate, Cohen told the graduating class of the Naval Academy. Apparently, Stopping Hate has now become the new, vital National Interest for the U.S. If you hate anything, even a football team or your mother-in-law, you are next. Your name has already been noted! Hate is verboten and punishable by death!!! Only love, lusts, and perversions are now legal and acceptable to think about or express, publicly or privately, throughout the U.S. controlled, free world...."

The New York Times Company 5/24/99 WILLIAM SAFIRE "...We have a President who has a problem: he lies when he doesn't really have to. This mysterious compulsion is not to be confused with the rational falsehood. His finger-wagging denial of a sexual relationship last year was designed to cut off further inquiry, and he could logically assume at the time he would not be contradicted by hard evidence. It was a calculated deception by a well-ordered brain. The deceptions this year are different. Not only were the misleading statements made about the weightiest matters -- war and national security -- no purpose was served in uttering them. That's the puzzling part. For example, on March 24, he said: "I do not intend to put our troops in Kosovo to fight a war." He reiterated that policy time and again..... But he could not bring himself to say forthrightly that the time had come for such new pressure on Serbia. Instead, he insisted that he had "always said . . . that we have not and will not take any option off the table." That's just not so, and everybody knows it. Why does he do it? Does he imagine that nobody will remember what he has been saying all along? His diehard defenders explain that his words "to fight a war" limited the meaning of "do not intend to put our troops in Kosovo." Under that parsing, he intended only to put them in a "permissive environment." That's demonstrably untrue, too. His Secretary of State says that the 50,000 NATO troops might well be used in a "non-permissive environment." (That euphemism for invasion means "a place where soldiers shoot at you." When is NPE Day?) Another example of the unnecessary lie was his March 19 response to: "Can you assure the American people that under your watch, no valuable nuclear secrets were lost?" ..."

The Marshfield Mail 5/12/99 Gordon E. Nordquist "...No act of war has been officially authorized by the United States Congress, and yet this moron president is passing out Purple Hearts and the nation has lost two Black Hawk Helicopters, costing billions and a mega billion Stealth Bomber. All this, on a war that is being financed by our Social Security Retirement, at a price tag of over $1 billion per month! Just what is it going to take before the American people become outraged? It is not Slobodan Milosevic who has placed America's national security at risk-it is Bill Clinton. Relations between the U.S. and Russia are strained to the limit-and now the Chinese are justifiably enraged at the United States. Can this moron president possibly bring this nation more disgrace, more shame, more chaos and yes, more crisis?..."

Wesley Pruden Washington Times 5/25/99 "....Rep. Chris Cox and his special committee on U.S.-Chinese security will finally let the public in on the secret this morning that's scaring the pants off official Washington. Well, most of official Washington. President Clinton, who sees everything through the prism of the permanent campaign, has so far treated the subject of Chinese espionage as the usual gubernatorial politics, of the importance of, say, whether to allow Don Tyson to dump chicken guts into a pristine Ozarks river, or give Arkansas Power & Light Co. the rate increase it hankers after. Constituents with the ability to write big checks have to be looked after. The Cox Report, as it will become known, will detail how the Chinese have stolen every nuclear secret America has. "They've got everything," says one official who has read the report. "I mean, everything."...... If the public may still want to cower behind the do-not-disturb sign on its bedroom door, there's evidence that some of the hear no evil, see no evil Democrats in Washington are at last rubbing the sleep out of their eyes. "At the end of the [Thompson] investigation in 1997," concedes Sen. Joe Leiberman of Connecticut, "the way I viewed it is that we were left with a lot of dots on a canvas, but they were not connected. I think what has happened in the last couple of months is that the dots are beginning to be connected."...."

Jewish World Review 6/1/99 Mona Charen "...LET'S SEE IF THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION'S logic can be understood: We must go to war with Slobodan Milosevic because he is engaging in human-rights abuses on a massive scale. We must expend treasure, risk American lives (though only slightly), alienate the Russians, and bomb Serb hospitals, passenger trains and civilian apartment complexes because "ethnic cleansing" so offends our consciences. Yet when it comes to China, probably the world's leader in human-rights abuses, we are not only eager to overlook their ghastly bamboo gulag, their wholesale torture and murder of Christians, and their near total suppression of speech, we are even eager to overlook their theft of our most valuable secrets. Ethnic cleansing is an ugly spectacle. And Milosevic richly deserves indictment as a war criminal. But the difference between Milosevic and Zhu Rongji is this: Zhu is a Democratic Party campaign contributor, and Milosevic is not...." 6/4/99 Alan Keyes "...But whatever kind of "victory" Bill Clinton claims, I think that the rest of us ought to hang our heads in shame. The NATO campaign has followed a strategy that we know to be wrong and deeply immoral. The moral norms that as a decent and civilized people we have worked to establish condemn a strategy that aims to break and destroy the civilian people of a country in order to achieve political objectives. The classic definition of terrorism is the use of force against civilians in order to get them to do your bidding as a result of the terror induced in their hearts. And we have been practicing a strategy based on just such a use of force..."

BBC News Online (UK Politics section) 6/6/99 BBC's Edward Main Interviews Christopher Hitchens Freeper yaya123 "...Christopher Hitchens: I wince for Mr Blair when he compares himself to Mr Clinton. "I mean to say, as directly as I possibly can, that with Clinton the concept of matter of principle does not exist. He would not in his own mind be able in his own mind to formulate such a thing," "It's a foreign idea to him. If he is in shot when he hears an expression like matter of principle or character or integrity he wonders what face to put on now and will it be convincing." ...."

The Marshfield Mail 6/2/99 Gordon E. Nordquist "...Bill Clinton's war in Yugoslavia is a horrendous disaster-and those Democrats who rallied around him when they should have removed the menace from office must bear the full blame for his actions in Yugoslavia. It's obvious that this draft dodger of the 60s has no conscience when it comes to destroying property and killing innocent people. Democrats never have been good at warfare and Bill Clinton doesn't have a clue that conducting war is anything different than a politcal campaign...... More than 600 U.S. combat aircraft are now engaged in this undeclared war, and over 30,000 reservists have been alerted to active duty, because six years of Clinton's military cuts have gutted the armed forces. Bill Clinton has politicized the NATO alliance, turning a defensive European alliance into an aggressor in behalf of a Muslim frug gang in Kosovo, a province of Serbia. It should come as no surprise that Clinton's own cocaine addiction would ultimately dictate his policies for the nation. The casualties in Clinton's war are mainly civilians, making Clinton the first American president who is a war criminal under the charter of the International Criminal Court that just indicted Slobodan Milosevic! U.S. and NATO pilots have dropped bombs on school children, passenger trains, hospitals, nursing homes, refugee columns, civilian homes, and the Chinese embassy in Belgrade The man is insane, and Senate Democrats who placed party before their country during the impeachment trial of this lunatic, are soley to blame for his murderous blundering and abuse of U.S. military power...."

The American Spectator 6/11/99 R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. "....To the morally alive it is astounding that the disgraced 42nd president is still lumbering up and down the halls of the White House, grinning to aides and visitors alike, leering at the pretty girls. More astounding, members of the press, after being lied to and smeared, are still finding threads of gold in this bum's old rags. We are coming to the bloody end of the most bungled war in American history. As a diplomatic endeavor it is certainly among the most bungled. Yet the other day the Washington Post ran a vintage 1962 "Crisis in the Oval Office" piece. Since this yokel from an Arkansas dog patch first tripped into the White House and commenced to jog through Washington traffic in his underpants, our Liberal friends in the press have been glimpsing visions of Camelot in his vulgar travesties. Never does he fail to disappoint their hallucinations with some new and unsurpassed gaucherie. Yet always they come back to the same old delusion: Boy Clinton, a Kennedy in rustic's raiment! .....Truth be known, until recently every time he piped up about his Balkan wagging of the dog, he was gibbering like a mental defective on speed....The costs that the Clintons have imposed on this country will someday be chronicled, but one of the most onerous is the cost they have imposed on the quality of intellect. All intelligent people hope that this war is over. We hope that the Kosovars and Serbs will live in peace. We are grateful for the American military whose members have without much support from the political establishment and almost no support from the Clintons' built and maintained the high quality force that saved Clinton's hide once again. Yet let us not do further violence to intelligent thought by calling this "Victory." In war, achieving one's stated goal is victory...."

The New Australian 6/99 Peter Zhang "...Chinese officials have privately bragged about the extent of their penetration, their placing of agents, their successful use of bribery and blackmail.....As for Bill Clinton, I personally believe he is capable of anything, a view shared by Chinese officials who also hold him in the greatest contempt. He is not only considered treacherous but unstable. A man completely incapable of seeing beyond tomorrow. This goes someway, in Chinese eyes, of understanding his motives. I pointed out in another article that Beijing has a profile of every member of Congress and the Senate. The interesting thing is that Clinton's file goes back, so I have been told, to his student days..... The key to the puzzle lies in his psychological profile. My understanding is that Chinese intelligence concluded that Clinton is bereft of any kind of morality or cultural moorings and that he is totally absorbed; a man for whom the only thing that counts is what promotes his interest regardless of the cost to others, including the nation; a man with no sense of honour, integrity or loyalty but an uncanny ability to convey the opposite feelings. It was early evidence of this ability plus his thuggishness in pursuit of his own ambitions that finally convinced Beijing that he was a political winner. Beijing knew what many still cannot see. Clinton sees the presidency as a mere trophy, a kind of political Oscar. Everything he does is geared to winning and keeping that Oscar. Curiously enough, it this destructive ambition - destructive to America, that is - leaves him as a Democrat. Now Clinton is a genuine political thug and these type of thugs are attracted to politics because of the power it gives them. Therefore when they gain power they do what they can to accumulate even more. This is why the likes of Clinton are not to be found in political parties that preach small government, the need for low taxation and the virtues of patriotism.... No wonder it was child's play for Beijing to manipulate Clinton. It was like bribing a child with sweets. All said and done, Clinton wilfully betrayed his country. To call Clinton a Judas would be to insult Judas whose shame led him to commit suicide. Clinton is not a flawed man, as some would have it, he is a deeply corrupt and very dangerous man. As I said, there are stories I could never repeat though I do not doubt their veracity for a moment...."

Salon 6/21/99 David Horowitz "...The evidence suggests only one conclusion. The reason Clinton is protecting China's spies and their communist masters is because in protecting them he is protecting himself. The China strategy is fully intelligible in the frame of Clinton's strategy on other matters: The president has triangulated with China's communist government in pursuit of his own political interest at the expense of the United States. This is not about loyalties that Clinton might have to communist ideology or communist dictators. On this, Clinton's record is clear: He has no loyalties, except to himself. It is the solipsistic nihilism that we have come to know as the very essence of President Clinton that has made this treachery possible, even, inevitable. Clinton's triangulation with communist China has been chillingly charted by two national security professionals (although they do not employ the term itself), with the help of congressional investigations into illegal campaign contributions. In "Year of the Rat," Bill Triplett and Ed Timperlake show that the roots of the Clinton betrayal lie in relationships that go back to Arkansas, and the fact that Clinton owes his political life to the Chinese communists through their agents, business associates and friends....Understanding the security disaster that has befallen the United States requires an understanding that the leakage of America's secrets proceeded along two parallel tracks. One track was espionage, the other was a political-economic track through the legal commercial activities of the United States government -- in particular through its political oversight of these commercial activities, which in past administrations had included formal controls of sensitive technologies that the Clinton team systematically dismantled. Political contributors to the Clinton-Gore campaigns played key roles in promoting the dismantling process" 6/28/99 "....There was something chillingly vindictive in President Clinton's commentary on the Serbs at last Friday's not-really-a-news-conference in Washington. You couldn't miss it, as he justified his decision to deny assistance to Serbia, whose civilian infrastructure lies shattered by Nato bombing (the Serb military, by contrast, seems to have come through the recent unpleasantness relatively unscathed). Those buckets of money we're shipping overseas even now are strictly off-limits to the people we bombed into compliance. Off-limits, that is, until they say they're sorry. "They are going to have to come to grips with what Milosevic ordered in Kosovo," Mr. Clinton sniped, with that peculiar schoolyard bully's smirk of his (there's something about him that seems to come to life only when he's got someone small and weak on the ropes). Evidently, he's managed to forget that before Nato's bombs began to rain down on Belgrade, most Serbs were growing increasingly hostile to Milosevic..... In one of his weirder flights of rhetoric, Mr. Clinton added that the Serbs are "going to have to decide whether they think it's OK that all those tens of thousands of people were killed, and all those hundreds of thousands of people were run out of their homes and all those little girls were raped and all those little boys were murdered." The head-waggling, glittery self-righteousness of the man was indescribable. It didn't seem to trouble the Beltway journalists gathered reverently at his feet, but it bothered the heck out of me...."

Jewish World Review Julia Gorin 6/29/99 "...BILL CLINTON was running out of time. His presidency would expire in less than two years, and his most memorable legacy would be perverting the country. He'd need to do better than that. He'd need to find a war. His only experience with such a thing was protesting it, but now he required one, one with results. He thought hard. Eventually his thoughts led him to the Balkans...."

WorldNet Daily 6/30/99 Joseph Farah "...Maybe it seems like old news not worth revisiting. But the more I see Bill Clinton congratulating himself over his "military victory" in Kosovo, the more it reminds me that this entire operation began as little more than a diversion from his latest political scandal. This wasn't a humanitarian relief mission, folks. It was the latest in a series of wag-the-dog attacks directed by the war criminal in the White House. If you have any doubts, let's just review the facts: ...On Aug. 17, 1998, Clinton went on national television to offer an explanation-cum-apology for his deposition that day in the Monica Lewinsky investigation. On Aug. 20, 1998, Clinton launched a cruise missile assault against Sudan and Afghanistan.... On Dec. 16, 1998, Operation Desert Fox began with air and cruise missile attacks on Iraq just hours before the House of Representatives was to commence its impeachment debate.....In February 1999, Clinton was faced with two scandals breaking at once -- the emerging evidence that he had raped Juanita Broaddrick and the details of security lapses that resulted in American nuclear secrets falling into the hands of the Chinese. Though many analysts were surprised at the precipitous manner in which negotiations were halted, Clinton chose this moment to launch what turned into an 11-week bombing campaign in Serbia, killing some 6,000 Yugoslavian troops, 2,000 civilians and sparking the revenge killings of some 11,000 ethnic Albanian Muslims. Where would Clinton get the inspiration for such brazen and risky political theatrics? Paul Burgess, a former congressional aide to U.S. Sen. Michael Enzi of Wyoming, thinks he has an answer. And so do I. Burgess cites a hard-to-find report released by Federal Reserve economists in late 1997 called "An Investigation into the Magnitude of Foreign Contacts." The document (No. RWP97-14) is essentially, Burgess explains, a scientific qualification of the "wag the dog" theory, with the researchers offering a lengthy and complex mathematical model to illustrate the advantages of small-scale, low-intensity wars to presidents in distress...."

Insight Magazine 6/28/99 Michael Rust "...Insight:You were skeptical of Bill Clinton as early as the New Hampshire primary in 1992. Hitchens:I felt there was something politically monstrous about him. There were moments when he seemed like a reptile breakfasting in a mammal's nest .... "

Washington Times 7/11/99 Reed Irvine "…Yugoslavia's refusal to accept our sign-or-be-bombed ultimatum was the main justification for starting the bombing. Henry Kissinger has said that it was entirely predictable that Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic would not sign the Rambouillet accord as long as it included deal-breaker provisions. George Kenney, a former State Department desk officer for Yugoslavia, says that reporters were told by an official on deep background that unacceptable demands were deliberately included in the accord because Mrs. Albright wanted to drop a few bombs. The publisher of The Washington Post, Donald Graham, told me that he had also heard this. This is subject to two interpretations. One is that the unacceptable demands were so important to Mrs. Albright that she was willing to start a war to force Yugoslavia to capitulate. That is contradicted by the fact these demands were not included in the agreement that ended the war. The other interpretation is that the president and his advisers wanted to bomb for domestic political reasons. President Clinton was facing a Senate vote on the impeachment charges. The Chinese espionage scandal was getting a lot of attention. Juanita Broaddrick's allegation that Bill Clinton had raped her in 1978 was breaking into the news. Bombing Yugoslavia and forcing Mr. Milosevic to bow to our will, would divert attention away from these scandals and show the president to be a bold and decisive leader. This "wag-the-dog" scenario gains plausibility from the fact that there is documentary evidence in the form of U.N. memos showing that Clinton advisers wanted to stage a shooting invasion of Haiti in 1994 in order to demonstrate Clinton's "firmness of leadership." That plan was derailed by the last-minute intervention of former President Carter, Sen. Sam Nunn and Gen. Colin Powell. They negotiated the uncontested landing of U.S. troops in Haiti, embarrassing Mr. Clinton, who had said further negotiation would be fruitless…."

Washington Weekly 7/12/99 Edward Zehr "…Ah, but haven't I fallen into the trap so cleverly set by Bill Clinton -- the classic "Wag the Dog" strategy? The very first bomb that fell on Serbia blasted Juanita Broaddrick right off the TV screens and out of the "news." Perhaps, but those who were already aware that Bill Clinton is a psychopath who has been accused of sexual assault by more than a dozen women in unrelated incidents extending over a long period of time haven't forgotten this, and the mainstream press did not assign a very high priority to informing those who were unaware of it. But Clinton's callous disregard for human life, as well as his treachery in dealing with friend and foe alike have been clearly delineated by the decisions he has made regarding Kosovo. And, interestingly, the Kosovo war has done what all the other scandals didn't do -- it has put a noticeable dent in Clinton's vaunted approval rating. Granted his high approval rating was probably more of a referendum on the economy -- other polling data suggest that the public are aware that the president is a scoundrel. Nevertheless, the conclusion one might draw from this is unsettling: the public seem prepared to wave a serial rapist through the checkpoint (so long as the economy is booming), but have qualms about a leader who could get us into a serious war (in which Americans might get hurt, not just the enemy)……What we have done is to allow the Constitution to be overridden by a president who was determined to make war without the consent of Congress. But, you may say, it has been done before. Not to this extent. President Bush obtained the consent of Congress, however grudging, before waging war upon Iraq, even though he insisted that he didn't really need it. And President Johnson persuaded Congress to pass the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution before making large-scale commitments of troops in Vietnam. Other presidents have engaged in minor military adventures without consent of Congress, but Kosovo isn't minor. Not that Congress made a credible effort to assert itself, even after the grace period for executive action provided in the War Powers Act had expired…."

New York Post 7/24/99 "…What is it about Bill Clinton that requires him to concoct irrelevant and unnecessary lies to simulate emotional ties to other Americans? Four years ago, during the nationwide uproar over an apparent new wave of church arson, an emotional Clinton spoke of his personal memories of black churches being burned in his native Arkansas while growing up in the segregated South. One problem, which a local newspaper discovered after careful research: No black churches were burned in Arkansas during the '50s and '60s. Last week, the president once against felt compelled to tell a whopper when discussing the tragic death of John F. Kennedy Jr. And, once again, the lie was totally meaningless and unnecessary. "John Kennedy had actually not been back to the White House since his father was killed until I became president," Clinton told a nationally televised news conference. "He came back to the Oval Office where he saw the desk that he took the famous picture in - you know, coming through the gate for the first time since he was a little boy." It was obviously an emotional moment for Bill Clinton, who has tried to pattern his life and career after JFK Sr. As one network correspondent described it, Clinton "seemed to think that the visit helped John Kennedy come to terms not only with his own life, but [with] his family's history." Except, of course, that what Bill Clinton said wasn't remotely true…. What is it about this president that not only moves him to tell unnecessary lies, but also compels him to insert himself into every emotional event? No one questions the emotion he, like all Americans, felt over JFK Jr.'s death; why did he feel the need to invent a story about his own supposed role in bringing "closure" to the Kennedys? Consider it yet another example of Clinton's deeply flawed character - one that exaggerates his self-importance and renders any historical event irrelevant unless he can place himself, truthfully or not, at its center…."

Laissez Fair City Times 2/15/99 Robert L. Kocher "...Some of you asked what would cause Bill or Hillary Clinton to become borderline psychotics. This is especially confusing from the view that Hillary had an almost ideal childhood. Bill's mental disorder might be explained from his turbulent background. I wrote an 850-page manuscript on the borderline psychotic phenomenon and its political expression in the Clinton generation. My analysis was considered too right-wing to be of wide interest.... However, it is also true that doting parents giving children their way in an undisciplined permissive environment can produce very serious irreversible mental disorder that is delayed until that child becomes an adolescent or adult. What is produced is a child who is cosmetically very well functioning as long as he or she is kept in a spoiled child's world forever, but is completely unable to make the transition into the adult world and reality.... It became obvious by the mid-60s that the country had produced a generation of young orators who could argue any side of a case with the cleverness of a trial lawyer. This had three disastrous consequences. First, the word "no" did not need to be taken seriously.... Second, and I absolutely can not overemphasize the importance of this, in being allowed laxity in return for inane arguments a generation came to believe that it could argue reality out of existence. This formed the foundation for very serious mental disorder. In recent decades the failure of thoughts, of speech, of behavior to conform to basic reality is no longer a signal to a person that he may be doing or saying something irrational. Rather, it has become interpreted as a sign that one has a public relations problem that must be addressed by creating a new series of arguments in a campaign to deny reality. At the presidential level this necessitates a campaign to obscure or redefine what the words "sex" and "is" mean. Third, it both delays and intensifies childhood temper tantrums...."

Philadelphia Daily News 8/2/99 "... Hillary's blabbed about her husband's sex life in the kind of gushing psychobabble you might hear on a third-rate soap opera. This is a major blunder that could end Hillary Clinton's political career before it starts..... Playing Dr. Freud to her husband, Hillary Clinton blames his philandering on trauma as a tot. "He was so young, barely 4 [years old], when he was scarred by abuse. There was terrible conflict between his mother and grandmother . . . Conflict between two women is the worst possible situation." Is it, really? Anyway, Hillary Clinton describes the years since the Gennifer Flowers episode as bimbo-free bliss. Then, in the 20th century's most famous come-hither overture, Monica Lewinsky snapped her thong. To Hillary Clinton and America, the president denied all. "He couldn't protect me, so he lied," she said. "There was enormous anger, enormous pain." ...Over and over, Hillary Clinton describes her husband as "weak," someone who "needs discipline" - instead of a president, he's a puppy going to obedience school. In her self-righteous revelation, Hillary Clinton has wreaked more havoc on Bill Clinton than Ken Starr's prurience and the Senate impeachment trial. She's made him into a psyche-damaged, sex-addled addict living under his vigilant wife's thumb. It makes Hillary Clinton look like a bigger woman, but turns Bill Clinton into a smaller man. Honey, I shrank the president! ..."


Washington Times/ Inside Politics 8/11/99 Greg Pierce "...President Clinton was back chasing the ladies just two weeks after his Senate acquittal on Feb. 12, according to sources for Christopher Andersen's book "Bill and Hillary: The Marriage."... And in March, the author said, "An anguished military officer complained to her immediate superior that the president 'groped' her following yet another glittering black-tie function in Washington. "Her commanding officer told her pointedly: 'It didn't happen.' " ..."

Investor's Business Daily 8/11/99 "...Even more infuriating than the sweetheart interview the sycophants at Talk magazine gave pseudo-politician Hillary Clinton is her portrait of her unfaithful husband as a harmless, if hopeless, lady pleaser. Make no mistake, Bill Clinton abuses women. Buried in the back pages of one of the dozen or so books that Washington reporters have written is a damning piece of evidence that corroborates Juanita Broaddrick's tale of rape by Clinton. The book, ''Uncovering Clinton: A Reporter's Story,'' is by Michael Isikoff, the supposedly intrepid Newsweek reporter who broke the Monica Lewinsky story only to have it bottled up by his editors..... While Broaddrick was reliving her painful story on national TV in January, and fending off White House-dispatched skeptics, Isikoff held back facts that would have lent credence to her story, saving them for his precious book, published a few months later. Isikoff tells how Elizabeth Ward Gracen ran into Clinton in Hot Springs, Ark., when she was 21 and serving as Miss America. While doing a public service announcement there, then-Gov. Clinton pulled up in his state limo and offered her a ride. According to Isikoff, Clinton invited Gracen to the apartment of one of his pals at the Quapaw Towers back in Little Rock. ''They had sex that night. It was rough sex,'' Isikoff said. ''Clinton got so carried away that he bit her lip, Gracen told her friends.'' Bit her lip....." 8/24/99 Carl Limbacher "… During last December's House impeachment investigation the Judiciary Committee gathered a treasure trove of politically explosive information on President Clinton, much of which has never been released. But Republicans currently have no plans to make those secrets public, Georgia Rep. Bob Barr told Inside Cover Monday. The materials, stored in D.C.'s Gerald Ford Building, are said to include evidence on Clinton's alleged rape of Juanita Broaddrick, the intimidation of other women and, according to one source, the sexual harassment of up to three female Secret Service agents. ….. Though Barr was pessimistic on prospects for making the Clinton impeachment secrets public, he did add, "The House could decide, if it had the backbone to do so, it could decide to release the evidence." Reactions from Congressmen familiar with the Ford Building secrets suggest they are extremely shocking. Rep. Chris Shays (R-CT) told the New York Times that the evidence on Clinton is, "Very alarming and very unsettling," involving, "conduct by the President that is alleged to be pretty horrific." After reviewing the same material, Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) told the Arizona Republic, "I came away nauseated. There are things that go far beyond what we've heard." One Washington wag told Inside Cover in January that the secret evidence on Bill Clinton reduced Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE) to tears…"

The American Spectator Online 9/8/99 Jackie Mason Raoul Felder "....Hasn't anybody told the President about New York's version of Megan's Law? For Clinton, it will not be so easy to move into his dream house after he leaves the White (Trash) House...... We are talking about the fact that Clinton should be compelled to register with the police, as would any other degenerate, before he could move into town. New York's version of Megan's Law (named after a New Jersey sex victim, Megan Kanka), as do similar laws in 49 other states, requires known sex offenders, when moving into a new neighborhood, to register with the local police so that the community may be informed about the new degenerate in the neighborhood and mothers could lock their daughters safely out of sight. Don't forget, Clinton, when questioned by the press about the detailed the charge of brutally violent rape made against him by Juanita Broaddrick, never bothered to deny it. He merely indicated that, on the advise of counsel, he would not comment. Oh where is Johnnie Cochran just when you need him? Even O.J. denied the crime. If any other person were asked such a question, logically the answer would be either "Yes" or "No", or in Clinton's case, in view of the volume of his activity in that particular area, the answer could truthfully be, "I don't remember". .."

Washington Times 8/31/99 Balint Vazsonyi "…A review of executive orders currently in force cannot fail to alarm the most placid and trusting soul among us. "They include," writes Mr. Murray, "vast powers to seize property, commodities, fuel and minerals; organize and control the means of production, including compulsory job assignments for civilians; assign military forces abroad; institute martial law and force civilian relocation; seize and control all forms of transportation and restrict travel; seize communications and health facilities; regulate operation of private enterprise; require national registration through the postal service, or otherwise control citizens' lives." True - many of these were first issued by others and only confirmed, renewed and consolidated by Mr. Clinton. But the end result is that, for all practical intents and purposes, Mr. Clinton can declare himself dictator of America with yet another stroke of the pen. He can choose to do so at, say, 3:00 a.m. so that we wake up to a country of which we are no longer citizens, but prisoners. The reality, of course, is that no sane person would have thought past presidents - such as Carter, Reagan or Bush - capable of imposing their personal rule upon the United States of America. But it is also a reality that no sane person could think Mr. and Mrs. Clinton incapable of imposing their personal rule upon the United States of America. No one before presumed to say that the American people cannot be trusted to make proper use of the money they had earned. No one before has placed an ever-growing circle of fortifications between the People and the People's House. No one before has populated an entire administration with purely political appointees…… The result is a commissar mentality, making its way throughout society. We find it already in our schools, we find it in "human resource" departments, we find it at airline counters. Forty years ago, when I arrived in this country, no one had even heard of a driver's license with a photograph and persons in the service industry were, well, of service. Today, baggage handlers have been given federal authority to demand - government-issued - identification. "Security" personnel standing around metal detectors, scarcely able to speak three words in English, have the power to arrest you…… All of the above is happening because we are letting it happen. Congress lets it happen. The courts let it happen. The Founders knew better….."

American Spectator 9/3/99 R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. "…The latest burgeoning scandal stems from the Clinton Administration's bold and stubborn involvement with corrupt Russians who stripped their country of its assets and stole from International Monetary Fund loans. This scandal might prove to be the one that finally sinks the Administration in the eyes of its friends in the media. The New York Times has been leading the press in revelations about the coziness of Vice President Al Gore with corrupt Russian figures, and other members of the press have followed. An indication of the Administration's arrogance in dealing with the clear evidence of its recklessness with the Russians comes from leaks at the CIA. Since the earliest days of the Clinton Administration, the CIA had been reporting to the White House that its policy was being endangered by Russian kleptomaniacs. James Woolsey, the Administration's first CIA director and a man of enormous probity and talent, tried frequently to notify the White House of the corruption in Moscow. In 1993 he was astonished to see a photo of a Russian crook shaking hands with President Clinton at a fundraiser. Woolsey tried to inform the President of his unsavory campaign supporter but got nowhere. The crook continued to be invited for fundraising affairs. By 1995 the CIA was regularly reporting that Vice President Gore's contacts in Russia were with crooks, most notably erstwhile Russian prime minister Viktor Chernomyrdin. A 1995 CIA report of Chernomyrdin's corruption was returned from the White House with "bull shit" written on it in the Vice President's handwriting….." 9/14/99 "..... An Arkansas State Trooper who once guarded Bill Clinton has revealed startling new information about Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Trooper Larry Patterson, a recently retired 32-year veteran of the state police, had been the most senior member of the elite Governor's Security Detail during the period Bill Clinton served as Governor. During that time, Patterson became privy to Bill and Hillary Clinton's most closely guarded secrets. Patterson told his story exclusively to and Internet Vortex..... In More than Sex Patterson makes bombshell revelations, some of which have never been disclosed before: ...... Violence against Women. Trooper Patterson says he believes Bill Clinton is capable of rape. He reveals for the first time his encounter outside the Governor's mansion with a woman who had been injured. ..... Organized Crime. The press has ignored reporting of this critical issue, but Patterson says Clinton had a close relationship with the head of the Dixie Mafia.... Patterson said Clinton regularly received gifts from the reputed mob boss. Patterson also discloses new details of Bill Clinton's relationship with Dan Lasater-a one-time bond dealer who served time in federal prison for cocaine distribution charges. ....Ethnic Slurs about Jews. Both Hillary and Bill Clinton frequently used slurs during heated arguments with each other, Patterson said....The use of the "N" word. Patterson said Bill Clinton would use the word "nigger" - the "N" word - when he was angry with African-American opponents....Patterson said Clinton also used the "N" word during the 1992 campaign when referring to Jesse Jackson.. ....Hitler and Mein Kampf. Bill Clinton, Patterson said, spoke admiringly of Hitler and was fascinated by his book Mein Kampf....... Vince Foster. Patterson explains why he believes Vince Foster was murdered...... Helen Dickey's Call. On the day of Vince Foster's death, Patterson said he learned about the death before the Park Police even found Foster's body and hours before the White House said they were informed. Patterson's information, corroborated by another trooper, exposes a cover-up bigger than Watergate. ...... The audio cassette tape More than Sex: Trooper Larry Patterson Reveals the Secrets of Bill and Hillary Clinton is available for $19.95 plus $4.50 shipping and handling by calling 1-877-NewsMax...."

The Wall Street Journal 9/14/99 George Priest "....The impeachment of Bill Clinton may now seem to have been only a sordid moment in our recent political life. But in "An Affair of State," Richard A. Posner shows that, despite its lurid and shameful origins, the episode raised questions of law and morality that are profoundly important to the direction of the country and to our sense of the American political order. His analysis transforms the impeachment into an event of abiding significance. Mr. Posner, the chief judge of the Seventh Circuit, works with unusual care through each of the moral and legal questions of the impeachment process. He considers all sides and possible interpretations of each event. But he does not hesitate to hand down strong judgments. He offers scathing criticism of virtually all participants in the drama, including the editors of The Wall Street Journal and the members of the Supreme Court. But the harshest verdict is reserved for Mr. Clinton. Point by point, Mr. Posner shows that the president committed a long series of criminal acts. "Clinton's violations of federal criminal law ... were felonious, numerous, and nontechnical." In particular, he demonstrates convincingly that Mr. Clinton was guilty of repeated perjuries, tampering with witnesses, suborning perjury -- not to mention obstruction of justice, which includes all of these.. ... In the end, Mr. Posner suggests, the strongest grounds for the president's conviction were ignored by the House and Senate. He regards Mr. Clinton's authorization of cruise missile attacks on Afghan and Sudanese terrorists days after his explosive grand jury testimony and, later and more damningly, of more cruise missile attacks on Iraq on the eve of the debate over impeachment as dangerous examples of obstruction of justice, since these actions seem intended to deflect attention from the impeachment deliberations. Finally, to Mr. Posner, the most powerful case for impeachment stems from Mr. Clinton's "deep disrespect for the Presidency" in both specific behavior, such as conducting public business during the performance of sex acts, and the "volume and brazenness" of his duplicity. "Clinton's disrespect for the decorum of the Presidency, especially when combined with the disrespect for law that he showed in repeatedly flouting it and with his barefaced public lies, constitutes a powerful affront to fundamental and deeply cherished symbols and usages of American government, an affront perhaps unprecedented in the history of the Presidency."...."


MENTAL STABILITY 9/15/99 "....Gennifer Flowers claims that during her affair with Bill Clinton, he once asked her to perform oral sex on him while he stood at a window in the Governor's mansion and waved to his wife Hillary who was outside the house. Such stories are not be dismissed, a recently retired Arkansas State trooper says in More than Sex: The Secrets of Bill & Hillary Clinton revealed! - an audio tape set published by - The trooper, Larry Patterson, has offered his story of backstairs with the Clintons during the six years he protected Bill and Hillary in Arkansas. Patterson alleges that Clinton's womanizing was not a personal matter, but a public issue that involved "an abuse of women, an abuse of people and abuse of power." Patterson, citing the Flowers case, said Clinton's affair with Flowers led to several abuses. Flowers was put on the state payroll and was given a position for which Charlotte Perry, a career civil service employee, had been passed over. Perry later sued the state. "That's an abuse of power; that's an abuse of state funds," Patterson said. Later, when Clinton's affair with Flowers began to surface, Clinton lied to the public about the relationship. Clinton first claimed he barely knew Flowers and never had a sexual relationship with her. During a deposition in the Paula Jones case, Clinton admitted he had one instance of sexual contact with Flowers. In fact, Patterson said he drove Clinton to Flower's Little Rock apartment dozens of times and that Flowers sometimes called Clinton several times a day...." 9/15/99 "....Flower's case was not an isolated one, Patterson said, alleging that Clinton juggled several relationships at a time, misused state police to maintain these relationships and hide them from his wife and the public. "He would have some woman in the governor's mansion, his own child there, and staff people there" as well, Patterson explained. State police had to monitor his wife's activities to insure a speedy exit down the backstairs for any woman he was attending to. Clinton was "obsessed" by sex, Patterson said. "You could not believe it unless you were around him and saw him. It was 24 hours a day." Even passing a woman on the street would prompt Clinton. "Larry, what would you do to her," Patterson said would be a typical Clinton comment. ....Clinton used his "jogging" time to visit with various women. Upon return to the governor's mansion, water would be poured over Clinton's head to make it look like he had actually been exercising.... Clinton was thrilled by risky sex, and constantly referred to the potential political liability as having to "live at the foot of the cross." Often times Clinton brushed off such worries of being exposed by saying that without a picture of him with another woman, his denials would be believed. "Larry, unless they've got pictures of me with a goat, I'll deny it." Patterson quoted Clinton as saying......" 9/17/99 "....there isn't much that escaped Patterson's notice during his time on the inside. In his initial sit-down with executive editor Christopher Ruddy last week, Patterson revealed startling new information about a whole range of topics the Washington press corps doesn't dare cover, including: The secret relationship between Bill Clinton and Ross Perot. The instructions Clinton gave Patterson indicating that he believed an impoverished African American child was indeed his illegitimate son. Clinton's outrageous proclivity for sexual exhibitionism, which he sometimes indulged right before the First Lady's eyes. The cash-stuffed envelopes Patterson received with instructions to give them to his boss. The shocking term Clinton would use when angry at one of America's leading civil rights leaders....."

Yahoo News 9/19/99 Reuters ".....President Clinton said Saturday the National Rifle Association and its supporters must assume more responsibility for the mass killings across the United States in recent years. The most recent shooting was Wednesday, when a lone gunman killed seven people and himself in a Fort Worth, Texas Baptist church. The attack sparked more calls by Clinton and gun-control advocates for tougher limits on the purchase of firearms. Officials of the NRA and its many supporters across the country and on Capitol Hill say mass killings will fall if the federal government would enforce existing gun laws more strictly...."

New York Daily News ( 9/20/99 Stanley Crouch "...Once Democratic senators like New York's own Chuck Schumer joined in denouncing President Clinton's clemency for the FALN prisoners, things were made clear about this administration. When Bill Clinton exits the White House in 2001, his image will be one of the grimmest in the nation's history...But there is no way that one can look at Clinton and not feel that his story, like that of Nixon, has tragic dimensions. ...... In that shadow world where he so often resided, one could not tell exactly what kind of man this was. He was too murky. On one hand, there were strong symbolic moves to give the country a sense of how well people other than white men could perform. And there were, eventually, strong foreign policy actions. Conversely, there was a refusal to stand his ground. There were the scandals coming from Arkansas. And there was the early arrogance that rallied the Republicans behind their worst personalities because Clinton and his crew refused to show the GOP the respect one has to have for those on the other side of the aisle. Then there were such heavy-handed fund-raising tricks that one wondered what century Mr. Bill's people thought they were in. Observers began to speculate as to whether the President and his people knew the difference between a country town like Little Rock, Ark., and Washington, the fastest, most politicized city in the nation. With the FALN issue, it seems Clinton still doesn't know the difference. There may be no bigger hole in his record than his decision to give clemency to those FALN dunces. ....If the analysis of Mr. Bill is at all correct that he has a tendency toward reckless, self-destructive behavior, this clemency business is part of the proof. How much sillier an idea could he have come up with? Was it intended to help his wife in her run for the Senate? Are Puerto Ricans supposed to be that gullible? ...."

Orlando Sentinel 9/23/99 Charley Reese "....After I squawked about the United States getting involved in East Timor, someone asked, "Just what kind of humanitarian disaster would you think qualifies for U.S. military intervention?" That's a fair question. The answer is none. To purport to go to war for humanitarian purposes is a contradiction in terms. Nothing is more inhumane than war, regardless of who wages it or for what reason. To state that you are going to kill people and destroy their homes and jobs for humanitarian reasons is insanely hypocritical. It's about as nutty as a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team warning some guy who is threatening to kill himself that, if he doesn't surrender, they will kill him. That actually happens. Making war for humanitarian reasons is like ending a hunger strike by withholding food. It plain makes no sense to create human misery in the name of stopping human misery. ...."

WorldNetDaily 9/22/99 Jon Dougherty "....In a speech delivered to the U.N. body on Monday, Annan said state sovereignty is being redefined by the forces of globalization and international cooperation and declared, "The state is now widely understood to be the servant of the people, and not vice versa." In his dreams. Traditional considerations of national sovereignty will no longer be taken into account, Annan said, and governments "must not allow divisions within the Security Council to derail legitimate intervention in places such as Rwanda and Kosovo," according to the Washington Times. "Legitimate intervention?" Who decides what this is? President Clinton -- the ever consummate "compassionate" man and globalist -- agreed, telling U.N. delegates, "Regional groups of nations should have the right to launch collective military action to stop mass killings in their part of the world." There are several things wrong with this mental illness. First, who in Sam Hill is Kofi Annan to elevate himself to the level of global arbiter? If he personally believes it is appropriate to "intervene when necessary" in another nation's sovereign business, then he ought to be outfitted with the latest military uniform and gear, provided with a weapon and a few magazines full of ammunition, and sent on his way. He can take Clinton the draft dodger with him, but I won't wait up for them. Secondly, who gave the U.N. -- or the U.S. government, for that matter -- permission to send my son and your son to Rwanda, Kosovo, or East Timor on behalf of a global organization that was established to work out solutions through diplomacy, not weaponry? Our leaders are supposed to decide when it is in this country's best interest to fight, not the United Nations' king. We don't always agree with our leaders, but it is their job -- not Kofi Annan's job or fat cat bureaucrats sitting around some globalistic "security council" table. To heck with that. Can you believe the kind of arrogance it must take to make such proclamations about the fate of billions of people over whom you were never elected to serve? What kind of "brass" does it take to tell billions of people you have the "right" to sentence their sons and daughters to death fighting on your behalf for a cause that doesn't affect you or your country (our own politicians do this enough already)? What kind of hubris must a man have to assume that he has a "right" to order an attack on your country if the leadership doesn't follow his beliefs or fit into his personal agenda? Yes, there is horror in this world. Yes, there is pain and suffering. Yes, there should be people speaking out against it. ....."

MSNBC 9/17/99 Deroy Murdock "...Scandal never sleeps. Perhaps those words will become the Clinton-Gore Administration's epitaph once the curtain finally falls on "the most ethical administration in history." WHILE VACATIONING in California recently, I expected a break from the malfeasance that has grown as integral to this government as sand is to the beach. Rather than peace and quiet, a fresh ethics flap erupted about every 48 hours. The Waco, IMF money laundering and FALN clemency controversies have been discussed widely. And on Sept. 9, PBS president Ervin Duggan suddenly resigned amid a growing brouhaha over the government network's exchange of donor lists with political groups. Consider as well these other imbroglios that garnered less attention in the last few weeks: On Sept. 7, former Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, namely lying to the FBI about cash payments to his former mistress.. .What is it about the Clintons and real estate deals? On Sept. 2, they announced their purchase of a home in Chappaqua, New York -- a ritzy Westchester County suburb miles from the huddled masses they champion. This transaction looks fishier than Sea World. Democratic fundraiser Terry McAuliffe, inventor of the Lincoln Bedroom sleep-overs, put up $1.35 million in collateral to help the Clintons purchase their new white house. How generous...... Federal Judge Robert Hodges Jr. agreed in late August to allow 12,000 current and former Department of Justice attorneys to join a lawsuit against the agency for violating the 1945 Federal Employees Pay Act....... The wholesale corruption of the U.S. government proceeds apace. This charge once could be ridiculed as a right-wing rant. But it's impossible to dismiss the widespread law-breaking and abuse of legal norms that have become absolutely routine in Washington. The occasional random act of virtue is now the exception that proves this rule...."

New York Post 9/21/99 Steve Dunleavy "... It has to do with a man called Wayne Dumond, over whose case I have agonized for long more than a decade. Dumond, now 52, was given conditional parole yesterday in Arkansas after having being sentenced to 50 years in jail for the rape of Clinton's cousin. That rape never happened. Is that just me saying so? No way. Some others who say so are: *The judge who sentenced Dumond under court guidelines to 50 years. In fact, the judge later quit the bench to become Dumond's lawyer to prove his innocence. *Dr. Moses Schanfield, who headed the Genetic Testing Center in Denver and did sperm tests on the so-called victim's jeans. "No way, zip, nada. No way Dumond was the donor of that sperm. It couldn't have happened in a million years." Schanfield was one of the experts sent to Bosnia to identify mystery graves. *Fred Odam, a retired Arkansas state police captain. He immersed himself in the case. He told me: "In all my time, this is the one case when I know a man is not guilty." *Veteran journalist Gene Wirges, 72, who now publishes the "Common Sense American" and has battled this travesty from Day One: "Very few people thought Wayne was guilty, but a lot thought the Clinton kin and clan had to have revenge ... against anyone - and Bill went along with the program." Despite the fact the Clinton cousin - whom I will not name, although The Associated Press has - failed to identify Dumond in two lineups, he was convicted. Despite the fact that she identified two other suspects, one an ex-boyfriend, Dumond was convicted Dumond will finally get out after nearly 14 years. ..."

New York Post 9/21/99 Steve Dunleavy "... Before Dumond turned himself in for his 50-year sentence, while awaiting surrender, something terrible happened. Two masked men burst into his house with a scalpel and surgical gloves and castrated him. You heard it right. The former Vietnam veteran and father of six was found hog-tied from a rafter by two of his schoolboy sons. Miraculously, he survived. A Clinton crony, Sheriff Coolidge Conlee, who also was a friend of the father of the Clinton cousin, had let the two animals out of jail to rob Dumond of his manhood. Sheriff Coolidge Conlee would die in jail after the feds nailed him for 60 years on a RICO charge. As Dumond was clinging to life in jail, the sheriff displayed his severed testicles in a jar on his desk. "I saw him pick them up and I saw the display," state police Capt. Odam has told me. As Dumond's testicles were on display on the sheriff's desk, something else happened. Dumond's house was torched to the ground. The father of the so-called rape victim was one of Clinton's biggest donors in his race for the Arkansas Governor's Mansion. When Dumond finally gets released next month, his wife, Dusty, will not be able to greet him. She died two years ago - after years of pleading with Clinton to review the case while he was governor. The man who, as president, would later grant clemency to FALN terrorists turned a deaf ear to her pleas...... "

Chattanooga Free Press 9/21/99 Editorial "...While the Chinese Communists have been stealing U.S. nuclear and missile secrets at our Los Alamos, N.M., lab, and while the Chinese Communists have been unloading slave-labor products in U.S. markets and persecuting its people expressing religious faith in China, President Bill Clinton has led in kowtowing to the Communists, both economically and diplomatically. With Puerto Rican terrorists of the Armed Forces of National Liberation (FALN) having boasted of more than 130 bombings that killed six people and wounded dozens of others, President Clinton astoundingly offered to free 16 terrorist plotters from their just sentences. Fourteen of them took his offer, with two defying him, refusing to renounce violence. And now Mr. Clinton has surrendered to Communist North Korean blackmail by easing trade, travel and banking restrictions against North Korea's vicious Communist regime. What Clinton surrender is coming next? ....It's a bad deal. North Korea's Communist rulers cannot be trusted in any degree. President Clinton's softness on Chinese Communists, Puerto Rican terrorists and now North Korean Communist blackmailers shows a foreign policy pattern of bad judgment and dangerous leadership by the commander in chief of our armed forces, the president of the United States. All Americans should be greatly concerned about how far he will go in wrong directions...."

Bob Lonsberry 9/21/99 Bob Lonsberry "...Is Bill Clinton a traitor? I am embarrassed to ask that, fearing how stupid it sounds. How completely implausible. How completely partisan. I apologize. Please don't think me a fool, or a hateful rabid conspiratorialist. I don't belong to a militia, I pay my income tax, I don't think the United Nations is taking over the United States. I'm not afraid of black helicopters or the Council on Foreign Relations or the ATF. But I am running out of excuses for the president's behavior. As I think of plausible explanations for his conduct in office I am increasingly coming up empty. Increasingly, there is no good reason for the president's actions. Bill Clinton is a brilliant man, extraordinarily bright. And yet his administration has been riddled with profoundly bad decisions, decisions which time and time again have damaged American interests and security. Invariably, significant policies and decisions of recent years have directly hurt this country and imperiled world stability. There are two possible explanations for that. The first is that the president and his subordinates are so profoundly incompetent - and unlucky - as to substantially muff every decision they make. The second is that it happens on purpose. They're either dumb or dastardly. And I think we can rule out dumb. They may be misguided, or have philosophical views alien to many, but they are not patently stupid. They must at some level be able to understand their actions and their probable consequences...."

WSJ 9/24/99 Paul Gigot "….One of President Clinton's charms is his epic brazenness. Only a man of invincible political audacity would nominate James Lyons to a prestigious lifetime spot on the federal bench. This one makes clemency for Puerto Rican bomb-makers look prudent. Mr. Lyons is the Denver attorney who helped Bill and Hillary sweep Whitewater under the carpet back in 1992. At their request he produced the notorious "Lyons report," which claimed that the whole thing was no big deal and helped the issue disappear by election day. Several years and Whitewater convictions later, the country has learned a painful lesson in presidential character……"

World Net Daily 10/4/99 Joseph Farah "...President Clinton's run-in with Investor's Business Daily reporter Paul Sperry gives us yet another insight into the twisted personality currently leading the executive branch of the federal government. It also illustrates the institutional flaws in the establishment press. To recap, Sperry was attending a White House gathering for much of the press corps. As Clinton walked by him, he casually asked when the president might be holding his next press conference. At first Clinton brushed off the question as he has brushed off the idea that there is any reason for him to hold press conferences or Cabinet meetings or perform any other traditional presidential function of accountability or management. But, unlike most members of the Beltway press, Sperry didn't just drop the matter...... "Who are you with?" he wondered. This was an unusual species, and Clinton was curious. Sperry answered him and repeated his simple, straightforward, reasonable and unthreatening question about the press conference. Clinton asked why he should hold a press conference, and Sperry answered that the American people had many questions about the growing China scandal involving his administration and an FBI investigation. Now Clinton was getting irritated. According to Sperry and other witnesses, he contorted his face, got testy and challenged the reporter....."

World Net Daily 10/4/99 Joseph Farah "...Clinton sputtered that the only reason the FBI was focusing attention on the China scandal was to divert attention from its role in the Waco scandal. Did you catch that? Clinton, the expert on using one scandal to divert attention from another, accused the FBI -- his FBI -- of doing precisely that. Clinton appointed the FBI director. He appointed the attorney general who supervises the FBI. Yet, here he was passing the buck, again, suggesting that his FBI was victimizing him. Well, I guess if I believed my mother victimized me, my grandmother victimized me and that I, as one of the most powerful people in the world, was still little more than a helpless victim of circumstances, then it would be natural for me to feel persecuted by anyone and everyone with whom I had disagreements. But this was clearly an enlightening exchange...."

World Net Daily 10/4/99 Joseph Farah "...As a result, Clinton's White House banned Sperry from the White House. Banned him. Which raises the question, again, of just whose house this president thinks he lives in and works in. It's not his. The people of the United States graciously provide the president this office space and these living quarters while he serves. It's not a compound. It's not his personal playground. It's not his bunker. It's not his dirty tricks headquarters. It's not an office from which it is legal or appropriate to conduct political campaigns. It's not a place in which it is legal or appropriate to spy on the American people, maintain dossiers and target enemies. But Clinton obviously thinks it is all of those things. People have often asked me during the last seven years if I actually believed Clinton was capable of terrible and dastardly behavior. Yes, I do. And this exchange and its aftermath should illustrate to everyone just how insecure this man is -- just how volatile he is, just how arrogant he is, just how truly sociopathic he is....."

World Net Daily 10/4/99 Joseph Farah "...Clinton lost it with Sperry -- over nothing, an innocent question, a good question, a legitimate question, a not-particularly-tough question........ One of the reasons the American people remain so shockingly ill-informed about the state of affairs of American government is because there have been too few tough questions asked. The U.S. press establishment has been more of a lapdog for government than watchdog. But all that's about to change. You know, one of the reasons people are talking about the Clinton-Sperry confrontation is because of the attention it got right here -- on the Internet. In fact, more people read Sperry's account of this incident through a link on WorldNetDaily last week than subscribe to Investor's Business Daily. The New Media are making a difference....."

The Seattle Times 9/26/99 James Grimaldi "....Suddenly, the president's mood changed, his face turned red and he launched into an argument that lasted nearly 10 minutes as he defended himself and the Democratic Party against allegations of Chinese attempts to influence the 1996 U.S. presidential election.....Brookings Institution presidential scholar Stephen Hess said he found the president's anger unusual, given that Clinton has survived a series of political storms, investigations and attacks on his presidency. "The idea that the president is acting as if the FBI is some kind of independent operation that is outside the executive branch of government and is trying to do him in is pretty fascinating," Hess said. "It is very peculiar that this guy would have gotten under his skin in this way, that he would have answered him in this nondiplomatic manner when he could have just pushed him down the receiving line. It is not typical. He has this temper, and it flares up from time to time, but not that often." ....... The conversation got so heated that a White House photographer attempted to end it. "This is so inappropriate," the photographer said, defending the president. "Mr. President, there is a nice little boy here who wants to shake your hand." Midway through the encounter, the president tried to downplay any lingering concern he had about the campaign-finance issue, saying, "I don't have to run for re-election anymore." At one another point, Clinton directly criticized the reporter and the tone and tenor of his questions, calling them accusatory. Both Ornstein and Hess suggested that it was rude for the reporter to argue with the president at a party to which he was invited...... Yesterday, Sperry said he regretted that the exchange got out of hand. "I hope he didn't think I was trying to ambush him," Sperry said. "I really wasn't. I really feel bad that that happened and it was such a scene." ....... "

The New Austrailian 10/4/99 James Henry "....As I made clear in my last article, what is really under discussion here is not Clinton's character, a subject that has been dissected at length by many others, but the degree to which the revelations of Larry Patterson in particular, a former Arkansas state trooper of 32 years standing, incidentally reveal the degree to which the mainstream media still consciously acts to conceal Clinton's criminal behaviour. These ideologically motivated media lapdogs have moved from a state of denial to one of active collaboration, of aiding and abetting Clinton's wrongdoing........ There is certainly no doubt in the minds of a great many informed observers of our mainstream media that it has been deeply infected by those political and social pathologies that the Clintons introduced into the White House. A 1996 nation-wide poll by the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) showed that 89 percent of all journalists voted for Bill Clinton, despite being aware of his 'shortcomings'. This fact alone explains why Patterson's disclosures could be a watershed in the fight against the liberal media's self-imposed policy of censoring (suppressing is a more appropriate word, I think) news that would bring down Clintons while at the same time it beat up stories designed to cripple his critics. Larry Patterson and L. D. Brown's statements will provide media critics with the ammunition to personally embarrass pro-Clinton journalists. These journalists should be hounded into explaining why they refused to investigate drug-taking allegations against Clinton; why they tried to bury the Juanita Broaddrick rape case; why they tried to excuse Chinese-funding for the Democratic Party; why they ignored his serial abuse of women and threats of intimidation; why they ignored new findings regarding Foster's death; why they ignored the Clinton's Arkansas financial swindles and Bill Clinton's connection with drug smuggling through Mena; why they ignored allegations of fraud and dealings with organised crime, etc. The list is breathtakingly long and to ignore it is to commit journalistic treason...."

Jewish World Review 10/14/99 Marianne Jennings ".....Each moment brings something more inane but you bite your tongue until the pressure builds and you stand on the arms of a waiting room chair in full view of patients, the nurse behind the glass and Blue Cross/Blue Shield shouting, "I don't blame Frank for messing around. Run for Senate or something, Kathie Lee, and let us all alone." The big one approaches each time the quota/fairness/hate police speak. These are the knuckleheads who wouldn't surprise me if they found offense in Little Friskies cat food. They found moral outrage in excluding divorcees and abortionists from Miss America. Each day their complaints are covered as if these malcontents had discovered a cure for mental illness, which, by the way, is unjust and one of the more popular whining topics. Their notions of fairness and justice have Lucy Ricardo logic. For example, studies show that you're less likely to die if you have an accident in an SUV vehicle, but more likely to die if you're in a smaller vehicle hit by an SUV. So, what do the whiners want? To ban the safe SUV!............"

Washington Times John McCaslin 10/15/99 "..... A sexual personality scale published by two respected clinical authors puts President Clinton, by name, in category No. 9: "You may be among the nymphomaniacs of the world, whether male or female. You may sacrifice family or friends, if you find this necessary, to live in a world of sex." The lone category above Mr. Clinton's rank is No. 10: "Time to check in somewhere. You may murder for sex. You may try rape, particularly if you also have an intense power program and can't meet your expectations any other way. You may do whatever it takes to fulfill your sexual urges and fantasies." ...."

NY Post 10/11/99 ".....Several cultural institutions last week filed friend-of-the-court briefs in support of the museum's lawsuit against the city's funding cut-off. This was to be expected, but interestingly, this group also included many who have strongly criticized the show. "I have seen the exhibition, and I think the emperor has no clothes," wrote Philippe de Montebello, the director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art; "Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has shown acute critical acumen." But having gone to the edge of the cliff, Montebello pulled back: "I find no fault with the mayor's aesthetic sensibilities, only with his effort at censorship." This is a disturbingly familiar opinion. The same tone and moral foundation - if one may call it that - was on display during the last year's impeachment saga. America heard constantly from Bill Clinton's defenders (mostly, but not completely, Democrats) that what Clinton had done - perjury, obstruction, etc. - was "indefensible." Yet invariably following such a statement was what seemed to most thinking people as, well, a defense. Clinton's allies used the harshest possible words to describe his behavior - wordsoften harsher even than those of his critics - but when it came down to where logic should take them, they pulled back. They would not support impeachment, or conviction in the Senate, under any circumstances. It's punishment without consequences, which is to say, no punishment at all. Offenses to the Constitution or the moral order should merely be complained about - and that's it. It used to be that in the real world, actions had consequences...."

Investors Business Daily 10/11/99 "..... To hear White House spokesman Joe Lockhart tell it, our Washington bureau chief ambushed President Clinton on the South Lawn and caused such a ruckus that Secret Service agents were within seconds of bouncing him from the grounds. Nothing could be further from the truth....... After Sperry asked Clinton when he would hold his next formal press conference, the president gave him two openings to ask more questions. Sperry took them, as any journalist should, asking Clinton about the Chinagate probe and the explosive Senate testimony two days earlier by four career FBI agents. They swore that the Justice Department in effect blocked them in 1997 from sleuthing trails to the president. Not once did Clinton stop Sperry from following up his questions during the rest of the nearly 10-minute exchange. Though Clinton bristled at the questions, he never said they were inappropriate...... ''Obnoxious.'' If our reporter created such a disturbance, why do our photos of the exchange show a uniformed guard behind Clinton not so much as budging from his post? Could it be because the only person he saw losing control was the president? ''Yelling at the president.'' The photos also show Sperry standing still, listening, not even gesturing. Whereas, a red-faced Clinton is wagging his finger at Sperry. Grimaldi said the president was ''exercised.'' Two other witnesses, a woman from CNN and another from the Associated Press, approached Sperry afterward and expressed shock over Clinton's anger and ''beet-red'' face. ....."

BQ's view...With Radio America's Blanquita Cullum 10/7/99 ".....When Paul Sperry, Washington Bureau Chief for Investor's Business Daily, showed up on the South Lawn of the White House for a picnic for the Washington Press Corps, he no doubt expected to see a few hamburgers sitting on plates, but little did he expect to go nose-to-nose with President Clinton and get a close-up view of a complexion that resembled raw hamburger meat ... .. The picnic turned out to be an odd event for several reasons ... Clinton showed up in a black, tight-fitting Johnny Cash outfit, completely lost his cool over an innocuous question about his next press conference, and the press corps, itself, continued to show signs of having hamburger between its ears rather than brains ...,, Two reporters standing nearby, one from the Associated Press and the other from Cable News Network, said that Clinton's face turned the color of a beet ... Sperry said it looked more like the color of "hamburger meat when you first take it out of the package" ... ... Clinton pointed his finger in Sperry's face and demanded to know who he was ... Sperry gave him his business card ... Clinton "just really jumped down" his throat for the next 10 minutes, but Sperry kept following up ... ... Clinton conveniently failed to mention Johnny Chung, Charlie Trie, the many others who have fled the country to avoid testifying, the fundraisers at the White House and the money-laundering problems ... You have to admit that Clinton is pretty creative with the truth when he's pushed against the wall ... Or, more accurately, when he pushes Sperry against the wall ... He never lacks an answer, but with Sperry he did get off script ... ... And then there was the press, standing there ineffectually like a bunch of sheep ... Sperry was asking honest, relevant questions that they all should have been asking, but there were virtually no other reporters who stood with him and supported his questioning ... Sperry did mention one, James Grimaldi of the Seattle Times, who filed a story that Sunday ... "

BQ's view...With Radio America's Blanquita Cullum 10/7/99 "........ Another odd element to this story is the role played by Internet reporter Matt Drudge ... The media establishment criticizes Drudge for not being a credible journalist, but it was not until Drudge filed his report that Sperry received calls from The Washington Post, ABC News and CBS News Radio ... ... During our discussion, a radio listener applauded Sperry for his reporting but warned him to "watch his back," because he's dealing with "very dangerous people" ... Sperry said he understood the viewpoint and asked when in U.S. history have we been afraid of our own president? ... This is outrageous, he asserted ... Obviously, we are afraid of the President, because we have a White House press corps that is so lacking in backbone that it looks as if it's covering the president in a Third World country ... Sperry said he's been warned of an IRS audit and other ramifications ... How did we get to this point where we are afraid of our president? ... He's an elected official ... It's just a sad state of affairs ... There were many witnesses to the scene on the South Lawn, and they're all in the press, so Sperry feels the White House would have second thoughts about seeking vengeance ... "

BQ's view...With Radio America's Blanquita Cullum 10/7/99 "........ Clinton's response to questions about the FBI's Chinagate investigation was curious ... His violent reaction indicated that Sperry had opened up a crack there ... Sperry hopes, against hope, that the rest of the White House press corps will open it wider ... ... It also is odd that video tape of the FBI agents testifying in Congress was available but not shown by the major networks ... Sperry noted that the Big Three - NBC, ABC and CBS - had footage available but ran nothing on the FBI agents' testimony ... Very disturbing, since it's major news ... Nothing on CNN ... Only Fox ran something ... Not a word in the New York Times the next day ... Not a word in the Washington Post ... This is huge news ... It's the first direct evidence that there is a cover-up in the Chinagate investigation ... Why would this happen? ... Why are major news stories getting spiked? ... The Fourth Estate is supposed to be the guardian of the truth ... That is our responsibility as members of the press ... If people can not rely on the press to inform them, they don't have access to the White House or the President ... We are not doing our job then the people are not getting the information ... "

ABC Raw News 10/13/99 Josh Gerstein "....Over the last three weeks, Clinton has raised eyebrows among reporters and White House staff with his provocative, frank and, occasionally, cavalier comments on a number of subjects..... At a White House press picnic in late September, Clinton got into a heated exchange with a reporter about campaign finance allegations. During the argument, the president suggested that the FBI has revealed information about that probe in order to distract from the agency's conduct in the Waco tragedy Asked at another event about criticism of the financial arrangements behind the first couple's purchase of a house in New York, Clinton lashed out at Washington's scandal culture. "What's true is not as important as whether you can be dragged around, you have to spend a lot of money you don't have or you'd rather not spend for reasons that have nothing to do with anything that's real," he said. Clinton also referred to the charges of impropriety as being the product of the "Larry Klayman political press world." His statement amounted to a free advertisement for Klayman, whose group, Judicial Watch, dogs the Administration with lawsuits. Clinton went on to note twice that reporters were "smiling" at his comment....... The president's newfound uninhibited speaking style has also had its impact in the policy arena. Clinton aides have found themselves scrambling as he strays from the carefully calibrated verbal formulations prepared by issue-oriented staffers reluctant to make waves. In an interview with CBS last week, Clinton said allowing American companies to resell prescription drugs bought overseas seemed like a good idea, as long as concerns about safety could be addressed. Such a move could have ramifications worldwide and might cause drug prices to rise in poor countries, so this hardly seems like something White House policy types would want him winging an answer to in a hallway interview......"

Fox News Wire 10/13/99 Laurence Arnold AP "....Sen. Robert Torricelli, a close ally of President Clinton, includes in a new book the text of an apology-laced speech that he says Clinton considered but rejected before addressing the nation last year on his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. The speech Clinton ultimately delivered to the nation on Aug. 17, 1998, hours after testifying to a grand jury, was more critical than contrite.....Begala said Democratic consultant Robert Shrum wrote and faxed to the White House what Torricelli describes as "the original draft.'' A Shrum assistant said he was in meetings and not available for comment Wednesday afternoon. That draft begins, "No one who is not in my position can understand the remorse I feel today,'' and it includes an acknowledgment of responsibility "for hurting my wife and daughter, for hurting Monica Lewinsky and her family, for hurting friends and staff, and for hurting the country I love.'' It also contains the line, "I never should have had any sexual contact with Monica Lewinsky, but I did.'' ..." 10/11/99 Norman Liebmann "….With the approval of a docile media, Clinton has been a closet fascist, an unconstrained, even flaunting, traitor, and a practicing pervert. He has moved into the open and shown himself as Humanity's amiable enemy, knowing it won't affect his numbers….. If you are alarmed by the Clinton culture crash of this nation, you do well to be alarmed. If freedom comes to an end in America it won't be back for a curtain call, for it is now no less than a matter of our survival as a nation to regurgitate the Clinton Administration and its gangrenous values. Its malignancy is poised to sink this nation and it will be left to a few surviving historians to decide the only relevant question about Bill Clinton - was he flotsam or jetsam?….. Bill Clinton is a magnet for the corrupted and the corruptible. He has made the White House a black hole that draws into it the greedy, the habituated, the megalomaniacal, the deviant, and thepsychedelic. ……"

INSIGHT J Michael Waller 10/16/99 "….."This is the pattern within the Clinton administration. I have 12 to 14 whistle-blowers, people who have been abused because they've been doing their job," says Weldon. "It is a pervasive attitude that this administration hasn't wanted anything to surface that they think might come in the way of their predetermined policy conclusion. That means they deny reality. They deny reality when Jay Stewart was doing the Russian Fission program. They deny reality when Jack Daly got lased. They deny reality when they issued NIE 95-19 [the National Intelligence Estimate that downplayed the missile threat to the United States and led to Congress creating a special investigative commission led by former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld]. They deny reality when Gordon Oehler briefs officials about the Shahab missile and they force him out of his position. They deny reality when they document 17 Russian arms-control violations."

New York Post 10/21/99 Deborah Orin "...THE latest victim of "Clinton Fatigue" is Bill Clinton. The buzz in Washington is that the president is starting to act a little, well, weird. Shades of Bruce Springsteen, Clinton seems "tired and bored with myself" and in need of a little help, even if it's just playing golf (instead of dancing) in the dark. Without a partner, no less...... That capped Clinton's sudden spate of gaffes - saying the Irish are hooked on fighting like drunks, claiming he once thought a Secret Service man would gun him down, and revealing his fixation with right-wing pit bull Larry Klayman. Sure, everyone puts foot in mouth. But usually no one is more careful about words than Clinton, the man who could dance on the head of a pin over the meaning of "is." ...... A few weeks ago Clinton showed up 60 minutes late in Rockland County for a governors' education conference - one of his pet issues - and gave a 20-minute speech that boiled down to pablum...... What really seems to grate on Clinton is the seemingly effortless rise of this year's golden boy, Republican 2000 front-runner George W. Bush, son of the man whom he beat in 1992..... Just yesterday, Clinton seized on Elizabeth Dole's exit from the GOP race to blast Bush for raising so much cash, fuming: "I could have done that, and I decided it wasn't fair, and I didn't do it." But where Republicans once feared to tangle with Clinton, Bush's staff fired back a sharp retort to the man whose pals raised millions in illegal foreign funny-money for his campaign and legal bills. "We appreciate the president's advice - but we don't intend to use him as a model for how Gov. Bush will raise money or lead the nation," zinged Bush communications director Karen Hughes. Ouch......"

WorldNetDaily 10/18/99 Llewellyn Rockwell ".... For 50 years, there's been an assumption that foreign policy and treaty making are the sole province of the presidency. Clinton has taken every advantage of this notion, spreading mayhem here and yon, butting in on civil conflicts that don't concern him, wrecking an African pharmaceutical plant, launching bombs at TV stations, vegetable markets, and people's apartments in Serbia, running an ongoing, genocidal war against Iraq -- all without bothering to check with Congress. Generally the Republicans have deferred to this nonsense, believing that while it is fine to challenge Clinton on health care, the budget and his girlfriends, it is unpatriotic to question his judgment outside the borders, no matter how much property is destroyed or how many innocents die. Nonsense. The Congress has a moral obligation to stop a president who makes the Pentagon the headquarters of Bombs Without Borders. If they gave a Nobel Prize for War, Clinton would certainly be a meritorious recipient. It is long past time for the Republicans to wonder if this approach is the best one....... No one knows precisely how bad the Kyoto treaty would be for the economy. Certainly it would set back industrial civilization as we know it and subject us all to totalitarian regulatory control. Even Clinton's own Department of Energy warns that it might cause soaring energy costs and plunging productivity. If the Senate's rejection of the Nuclear Test Ban suggests that Kyoto is going nowhere, that's all to the good. ........ "

Washington Post 10/18/99 John Harris "....A succession of late-night speeches and impromptu remarks in recent weeks have offered a glimpse into the mind of a man in the dusk of his presidency. In private, say associates, Clinton is looser, more reflective and more at ease than they have seen him; in public, he is less guarded than ever about sharing opinions and moods....... " 10/18/99 J R Nyquist ".... A delusion is a false belief, and a person who is consistently delusional is sometimes judged to be insane. The dictionary defines insanity as "unsoundness or derangement of mind, especially without recognition of one's own illness." When we look at U.S. arms control policy, and President Clinton's recent statements on the subject, words like "unsoundness" and "derangement" come readily to mind. ...... " 10/18/99 J R Nyquist "....Never before has a president of the United States suggested that military strength could only be purchased at the expense of our children's education.....Clinton said that America should not desire more weapons than it already has. In his view, weapons do not guarantee our safety and security. Only scraps of paper and Russian promises can make us secure. Clinton did not address the fact that Russia has been caught in numerous treaty violations. He did not discuss their nuclear modernization program. Treaty-breaking is an honored Kremlin tradition....." 10/18/99 J R Nyquist ".... The United States government under Bill Clinton refuses to entertain the possibility of a Russian nuclear attack. Clinton refuses to grasp the implications of a large Russian missile force that only exists to attack America. This is clear when we look at the range capability of Russian missiles. The reality of the situation is lost on a delusional administration which is determined to defend its policy with a bodyguard of lies....." 10/18/99 J R Nyquist ".... Behind the president's deceit, beneath his public lies, he remains deluded by Russian promises. Some have criticized Clinton for lacking conviction and for changing his mind on this or that; but if you saw Clinton's performance on Oct. 14 you would realize that this man remains a determined opponent of a strong American military, and an advocate of the Russian and Chinese position on arms control. A delusion is a false belief. In this context, the president of the United States is determined to base our nation's security on a delusion...."

Drudge Report 10/17/99 "..... President Clinton played a full 18 holes of golf on Sunday evening -- all by himself in the rain! Clinton completed a full round in pitch dark at a deserted Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, Va., in a development one Clinton insider called: "odd." "It was odd, it was strange," the Clinton insider, who has known the president for more than 20 years, told the DRUDGE REPORT on Sunday evening. "I'm worried. It sounds completely out of character. Maybe he is working off stress, or he is using golf as a form of therapy or prevention." ....."

WorldNetDaily 10/19/99 David Limbaugh "....There is no question that Clinton is the consummate politician, a man who can turn almost any situation to his political advantage. He is at his political best when he is cool and collected, which is most of the time, considering his sociopathic nature. When he is on his game, he is cunning, calculating and manipulative. But he may have finally exposed his Achilles' Heel. He simply cannot handle defeat or rejection of any kind. He appears to lose his Machiavellian edge when emotionally reactive. Last week, after the Senate's stinging rejection of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, he threw a temper tantrum disguised as a press conference, where he lambasted the Senate Republican majority for placing politics above national security. Never mind his usual misrepresentation of the facts for now. I'm talking about his temperament.....Both the Washington Post and New York Times featured photos from that press conference showing the president looking quite unpresidential....."

Jewish World Review 10/19/99 Cal Thomas "....IN PROFESSIONAL SPORTS one first notices a career is in the endgame when the athlete can't perform quite as well as he or she once did. Usually it is first noticed in little things. An inch less here, a second off there. To experienced eyes, these are signs that a career is in decline. At his news conference last week, President Clinton, who has specialized in outfoxing his adversaries, gave every indication that Clinton fatigue may have caught up with even him. After disrespecting the U.S. Senate and its constitutional role in treaty ratification, Clinton launched into an anti-Republican diatribe that sounded almost McCarthyite in its extremism....''

WorldNetDaily 10/19/99 Ben MacIntyre "....A STRANGE, solitary figure could be seen on the Army and Navy Country Club golf course outside Washington on Sunday night, whacking ball after ball into the pitch darkness as the rain poured down. It was Bill Clinton, inadvertently offering the stark image of an increasingly isolated and frustrated President heading towards the end of his second term, his temper rising and his power waning....... "He was playing in the pitch dark," one reporter said. "He was swinging and wildly hitting balls everywhere." Mr Clinton's obsession with golf is well known, but his eccentric solo session has inevitably invited speculation about his state of mind in the twilight of his presidency. "It was odd. It was strange," one White House official was quoted as saying....."

New York Times 10/19/99 Maureen Dowd "....It was a disturbing image, with elements of Nixon, Lear and "Caddyshack." The Associated Press headline said it all: "Clinton Golfs Alone Under Rain and Darkness." The president of the United States, who could have been cozy and dry back at the White House on Sunday evening, watching the Mets' thriller against Atlanta, was hitting balls in a gray drizzle at a suburban country club, his white sports hat dripping wet. The most gregarious of presidents was playing solo..... Is the president getting wiggy in the final days? Will he start talking to the portraits in the White House?..... Some who work with the president say that he seems, at times, angry and melancholy and distracted and even a little lonely. His daughter is back at college, and he has to watch his co-president and his vice president go off without him to his favorite place in the world -- the rope line. He sees Hillary and Al trying to win their races by slamming him....."


Washington Post 10/22/99 Charles Krauthammer ".... The twilight of the Clinton presidency is here, and it is not a pretty sight. Not that Clinton's underside had ever been entirely hidden. We got our first national glimpse of it in the 1992 campaign, when Clinton, informed (incorrectly) that Jesse Jackson had endorsed an opponent, exploded with a stream of abuse into an open mike. Unlike Nixon, however, Clinton always had the charm to work his way out of this and other embarrassments. But as his presidency wanes, as his power erodes, as respect for him evaporates, as the legacy he lusts for recedes over the horizon, the charm wears thin and we are left with the real Clinton: bitter, angry and flailing. Never was this more on display than during his extraordinary Oct. 13 and 14 press appearances, called by Clinton to savage the Senate for having voted down the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). ....."

The American Partisan 10/28/99 Linda Prussen-Razzano "…. After watching events unfold over the last two weeks, I am absolutely convinced that the media and the Liberal Left are losing their touch with reality. First, President Clinton take center stage... not to answer questions about our hemorrhaging national security, continued evidence directly linking the White House to illegal campaign contributions, and the abject failure of the Justice Department to pursue anything remotely resembling justice, but to lie about Republicans encouraging nuclear proliferation and to lie about China's and Russia's proliferation record. No parsing here; he flat-out lied. …. "

AP 10/29/99 Kevin Galvin "….President Clinton criticized GOP budget writers Thursday for ignoring his education goals and accused lawmakers of engaging in "frivolous" battles for short-term political gain. The president suggested that Congress was making a mistake by assuming that good economic times and the absence of an international threat presented an opportunity to ignore long-term domestic concerns. "If we were being attacked by space aliens, we wouldn't be playing these kinds of games," he said…..Clinton cited the film "Independence Day" - in which aliens destroy the White House - as an example of how crisis forces citizens to work together, and suggested that good times had prompted some to postpone planning for future domestic needs……"

Florida Times-Union 10/28/99 "….Drug companies are about to find out what Kenneth Starr, Linda Tripp and others learned in the past few years. Interfering with the presidential agenda in this administration can be painful. To put it another way: Bill Clinton doesn't get mad. He gets even. When drug companies opposed his scheme to create a new federal entitlement for prescription drugs, they came into the cross-hairs. It wasn't just a matter of getting labeled ''special interests.'' That is pro forma when business interests get involved in politics. Nor was it a matter of being accused of disseminating ''falsehoods'' - although for this president to make that charge is ironic to an extreme. Now, however, the fun begins. Clinton has ordered a study of prescription drug costs. This is no in-depth study, to be done in scientific detachment. This study will be done in 90 days. Its purpose is clear. As the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, ''He will undoubtedly use the study to hammer Republicans and industry officials who oppose his plan to offer a voluntary drug benefit as part of the federal health program for the elderly.'' …."

Jewish World Review 11/11/99 Marianne Jennings "…..SENATOR JOSEPH MCCARTHY once said that he didn't care how many "crackpots" and "screwballs" taught on college campuses; he supported their academic freedom so long as they didn't infiltrate the government. Senator McCarthy didn't anticipate infiltration by their disciples. Mrs. Clinton used her Yale and Wellesley education to attempt a hijack of health care and hold seances with Eleanor Roosevelt in the White House. Mr. Clinton is surely the nation's alpha crackpot. His vice president, our own father of the Internet and Tipper's self-proclaimed stud, Al Gore, has succumbed to his inner intellectual child. He has been relying, for $15,000 per month, on the advice of Naomi Wolfe, a feminist whose major contribution to social science is requiring sex education to include masturbation techniques for young girls……"

Democracy in America 1835 Alexis de Tocqueville Volume II, Part B, Fourth Book, Chapter 6 What Sort of Despotism Democratic Nations Have to Fear:

…..This led me to think that the nations of Christendom would perhaps eventually undergo some sort of oppression like that which hung over several of the nations of the ancient world. A more accurate examination of the subject, and five years of further meditations, have not diminished my apprehensions, but they have changed the object of them.. .

But it would seem that if despotism were to be established amongst the democratic nations of our days, it might assume a different character; it would be more extensive and more mild; it would degrade men without tormenting them….

When I consider the petty passions of our contemporaries, the mildness of their manners, the extent of their education, the purity of their religion, the gentleness of their morality, their regular and industrious habits, and the restraint which they almost all observe in their vices no less than in their virtues, 1 have no fear that they will meet with tyrants in their rulers, but rather guardians. .

I think then that the species of oppression by which democratic nations are menaced is unlike anything which ever before existed in the world: our contemporaries will find no prototype of it in their memories. I am trying myself to choose an expression which will accurately convey the whole of the idea I have formed of it, but in vain; the old words "despotism" and "tyranny" are inappropriate the thing itself is new; and since I cannot name it, I must attempt to define it..

I seek to trace the novel features under which despotism may appear in the world. .

The first thing that strikes the observation is an innumerable multitude of men all equal and alike, incessantly endeavoring to procure the petty and paltry pleasures with which they glut their lives. Each of them, living apart, is as a stranger to the fate of all the rest -- his children and his private friends constitute to him the whole of mankind; as for the rest of his fellow-citizens, he is close to them, but he sees them not -- he touches them, but he feels them not; he exists but in himself and for himself alone; and if his kindred still remain to him, he may be said at any rate to have lost his country. .

Above this race of men stands an immense and tutelary power, which takes upon itself alone to secure their gratifications, and to watch over their fate. That power is absolute, minute, regular, provident, and mild. It would be like the authority of a parent, if, like that authority, its object was to prepare men for manhood; but it seeks on the contrary to keep them in perpetual childhood: it is well content that the people should rejoice, provided they think of nothing but rejoicing. .

For their happiness such a government willingly labors, but it chooses to be the sole agent and the only arbiter of … happiness: it provides for their security, foresees and supplies their necessities, facilitates their pleasures, manages their principal concerns, directs their industry, regulates the descent of property, and subdivides their inheritances -- what remains, but to spare them all the care of thinking and all the trouble of living? .

Thus it every day renders the exercise of the free agency of man less useful and less frequent; it circumscribes the will within a narrower range, and gradually robs a man of all the uses of himself. The principle of equality has prepared men for these things: it has predisposed men to endure them, and oftentimes to look on them as benefits..

After having thus successively taken each member of the community in its powerful grasp, and fashioned them at will, the supreme power then extends its arm over the whole community. It covers the surface of society with a network of small complicated rules, minute and uniform, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate, to rise above the crowd. The will of man is not shattered, but softened, bent, and guided: men are seldom forced by it to act, but they are constantly restrained from acting: such a power does not destroy, but it prevents existence; it does not tyrannize, but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to be nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd..

I have always thought that servitude of the regular, quiet, and gentle kind which I have just described, might be combined more easily than is commonly believed with some of the outward forms of freedom; and that it might even establish itself under the wing of the sovereignty of the people. .

Our contemporaries are constantly excited by two conflicting passions; they want to be led, and they wish to remain free: as they cannot destroy either one or the other of these contrary propensities, they strive to satisfy them both at once..

They devise a sole, tutelary, and all-powerful form of government, but elected by the people. They combine the principle of centralization and that of popular sovereignty; this gives them a respite; they console themselves for being in tutelage by the reflection that they have chosen their own guardians. .

Every man allows himself to be put in leading-strings, because he sees that it is not a person or a class of persons, but the people at large that holds the end of his chain. .

By this system the people shake off their state of dependence just long enough to select their master, and then relapse into it again. …...

It is in vain to summon a people, which has been rendered so dependent on the central power, to choose from time to time the representatives of that power; this rare and brief exercise of their free choice, however important it may be, will not prevent them from gradually losing the faculties of thinking, feeling, and acting for themselves, and thus gradually falling below the level of humanity……"

Drudge Report 11/7/99 "….During the frenetic first weeks after the eruption of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, in January of last year, President Clinton kept what he called the 'Richard Jewell file' in his desk, Jeffrey Toobin reports in the November 15, 1999, issue of the NEW YORKER, hitting racks on Monday Clinton identified with Jewell, the former Atlanta security guard who was wrongly suspected of planting a bomb at the Olympics in 1996, Toobin writes, and Clinton kept in the secret file newspaper articles about what he regarded as the unfair attacks on him……"

San Fransisco Examiner 11/14/99 Christopher Matthews "…. BILL CLINTON must believe that nine months is the outer limit of the American memory. Either that or he remains in a deep state of denial about the humiliation he so recently caused himself and the country. "I think that history will view this much differently," he said in an interview with ABC's Carole Simpson. "They will say I made a bad personal mistake, I paid a price for it, but that I was right to stand and fight for the country and my Constitution and its principles, and that the American people were very good to stand with me. "I think that over the long run, the fact that we accomplished as much as we did in the face of the severe, bitter, partisan onslaught . . . will, in a way, make many of the things we achieve seem all the more impressive." These words tell more about the president's state of mind today than the true events of 1998 and 1999. He wants his contemporaries to accept - and wants future generations to be instructed - that his impeachment and subsequent trial in the Senate resulted from behavior that was entirely "personal" and charges that were entirely political. …."

Excite News (Reuters) 11/15/99 Steve Holland "….From all appearances, President Clinton has a sunny outlook on the remainder of his White House tenure, happy to push his priorities and revel in a strong economy. But lurking just beneath the surface is a deep vein of lingering anger at the impeachment drama that has forever scarred what would otherwise seem to be a respectable record. From Clinton's perspective, the House of Representatives' impeachment of him last year and the Senate's subsequent trial over the Monica Lewinsky affair was an attempt by his political opponents to toss him out of office. His strong defense of himself, according to his view, was admirable in that it protected the Constitution…."

Calgary News 11/14/99 Peter Worthington "…. To the surprise and dismay of some (like me), broadly speaking, Americans were not as offended and outraged last year at the Monica Lewinsky escapade and its side effects as they might have been. Had it been anyone other than the masterful manipulator Bill Clinton, Democrat or Republican, I doubt he'd have survived…… So Clinton got away with lies, deception, gross improprieties and accusations of sexual assault and rape -- behaviour that would have destroyed any other executive. Even being nailed with contempt of court, being fined and paying off one sexual victim (Paula Jones) didn't phase him……"

The Globe 11/14/99 Reuters "….Former independent counsel Kenneth Starr said on Sunday President Clinton has "failed to come to grips" with the scope of a court ruling that he lied under oath to hide his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Starr, appearing on "Fox News Sunday," said it would be good for the country if Clinton acknowledged publicly that he was untruthful in a January 1998 deposition in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case to cover up his relationship with Lewinsky. "With all respect to him, I think he's just failed to come to grips with the findings, not of an independent counsel, not the views of a member of Congress, but the chief judge of his home district in Arkansas," Starr said. ….."

Washington Times/Inside Politics 11/18/99 Greg Pierce "….President Clinton was not part of the New York Post poll of the 25 most evil people of the past 1,000 years, but that didn't stop 1,625 readers from giving him the write-in vote that earned him second place on the list. He lost first place to Adolf Hitler by 39 votes. Hillary Rodham Clinton wasn't part of the poll, either, but she pulled in 765 votes to earn 6th place on the list…."

The Washington Times 11/15/99 "…. In the latest installment of William Jefferson Clinton's relentless search for a legacy, the president has insisted that historians will conclude that his fight against impeachment in the House and conviction in the Senate "preserved the Constitution." Mr. Clinton recently told ABC News correspondent Carole Simpson, "I was right to stand and fight for my country, my Constitution and my principles." …… Inexplicably, ABC News failed to share with its viewers the revisionism that has clearly consumed the only elected president to be impeached in U.S. history. Surely, airing the president's delusional escape into victimhood would have been news. Instead, the network showcased a lengthy sweetheart report featuring Ms. Simpson posing one softball question after another to the president aboard Air Force One as they traveled from one anti-poverty-initiative photo-op to another. The entire segment could have easily been construed as a campaign commercial. Only this campaign is for his reputation….."

Orlando sentinel 11/25/99 Charley Reese "….The politicians in Washington ought to build a museum for the American holocaust -- the slaughter of 42 million American babies by abortionists since the Roe vs. Wade decision by the Supreme Court. If 42 million deaths isn't a holocaust or genocide, I guess I'm just not politically correct. Gee, I always thought I was. Now, of course, the filthy abortion business has developed a sideline of selling human parts in a scheme carefully worked out by Clinton-like lawyers to evade the poorly written law that forbids commercial traffic…… Within minutes of passage means as soon as the abortionist has killed the baby. Notice that you can get tissues between 40 days and term. Term means a fully developed baby. The middle men -- the body snatchers -- are outfits that set up inside abortion clinics. They pay rent for space and subsidize the abortionists' staff payroll. In exchange, they snatch the baby, slice it up and send out the parts. "Donations" or "service fees" evade the law against selling dismembered human beings. ….Thus you have two evils joining forces to create a new and evil industry. One evil, of course, is the dismemberment of the U.S. Constitution by political hacks appointed to the federal bench. No sane human being can find two syllables in the Constitution that would justify the Supreme Court forbidding the states to ban abortions……. The other evil is science, devoid of God and human compassion, which sees humanity as so many pieces of tissue….."

ABC "news" 11/23/99 "….. Every American in Kosovo today was welcomed as a hero. And President Clinton, who led the military campaign to return Kosovo's ethnic Albanians to their homes, was treated almost as a god....", Inc. 11/23/99 Linda Bolwes "…Over the past few years, I have been particularly harsh in my criticism of Bill Clinton -- but I have always tried to be fair. Even though the depth of my contempt for him is bottomless, it is impossible for me to remain silent when I see him suffering a serious injustice. Reluctantly, but in the spirit of honest commentary, I rise to his defense. Recently, one of Rupert Murdoch's newspapers, the New York Post, took a poll to identify the 25 "Most Evil People" of the millennium. The paper provided a long list of notoriously wicked people, and asked readers to pick the most evil. Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham were not on the list, but made a good showing as "write-ins." Nineteen-thousand readers participated. Adolf Hitler barely edged out Bill Clinton for first place, and Josef Stalin came in third. Pol Pot was fourth, and Nazi death-camp doctor Josef Mengele was fifth. Hillary Rodham came in sixth, followed by Saddam Hussein, Adolf Eichman, Charles Manson and Idi Amin, which rounds out the Top 10. The injustice is not that Bill Clinton was voted in as one of the top, world-class, evil men in the last thousand years. The injustice is that, with a level playing field, he might have come in first….."

Washington Post 11/22/99 "…. The New York Post has never made any secret of its disdain for President Clinton--and, increasingly since the Senate campaign began, for his wife. But it was still a surprise to see the president and Hillary Rodham Clinton described as "evil" last week. Really, really evil. Right up there with Hitler. ….. "

Cox Newspapers 12/4/99 Julia Malone "....Former independent counsel Kenneth Starr said Friday that President Clinton has yet to show remorse for deceiving the court in the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal. ''In some way, through some manifestation of genuine sorrow and acceptance of responsibility, the president should get himself right with the law,'' Starr said....... The White House greeted Starr's recommendation with disdain. ......Starr also defended his decision to send Congress what he called ''sobering to the point of devastating'' material in which Juanita Broaddrick, a Little Rock nursing home executive, accused Clinton of having raped her when he was attorney general of Arkansas more than 20 years ago. That information was not included in the independent counsel's public report, Starr said, because it did not relate to possible obstruction of justice, which was the focus of his probe. However, he said it did relate to Clinton's ''fitness'' for office. ''I didn't think it was completely irrelevant. I had to be careful about what I was keeping from the Congress.'' Asked whether he believed Broaddrick's charges, Starr said he did not meet her, but added: ''The investigators found her entirely credible.'' Clinton, through his lawyers, has denied the assault allegations, but the evidence forwarded by Starr was said to have swayed some House members to vote for impeachment......"

Washington Weekly 11/22/99 Edward Zehr "…..In his grotesque and increasingly desperate quest for legitimacy as his tenure in the office of the presidency winds down, the psychopath Clinton recently told fawning ABC News sycophant Carole Simpson that his ultimately successful effort to cling to power represents a high point in American history. By declining to do the right thing (resign), as had Richard Nixon before him, the alleged serial rapist has "preserved the Constitution," you see. "I was right to stand and fight for my country, my Constitution and my principles," Clinton told Simpson during a lengthy interview. Thus Mr. Clinton's fighting spirit would appear to be undaunted despite the half-hearted effort by a thoroughly cowed Congress to impeach the scoundrel and remove him from office. But of course he had already demonstrated this (despite his loathing of the military and obsessive concern for his own personal safety) by blowing up children and TV journalists in Serbia with cluster bombs from the safety of his bunkered war room in Washington. This bit of self-promoting vainglory was a little too much even for a media lapdog as obliging as ABC News, which elected to scrap the president's mock-heroics and self-pitying bid for victim status, while featuring his answers to Ms. Simpson's whiffle-ball questions. By any rational measure, Mr. Clinton's political career is over, but it seems that he just can't stop campaigning. It's difficult to break the habit of a lifetime. ……"

NYTimes 11/24/99 Maureen Dowd "…. One would think that eight years running the country is a pretty good shot at getting your business done. But there's something so rootless and chaotic about the Clintons. They seem like a virus or alien that needs a host body to survive. They've invaded our national psyche and we're going to have to keep living with their weird marital problems and tangled ambitions forever and ever. Their business will never be finished. They are never going to go away because they have no place else to go. They will get some worthy things done, but they will also be in our faces, exhausting us with their "We want to do good so we can break the rules when we need to" ethos….."

Publius Press Email 11/19/99 Brendan Miniter "…. "Bill Clinton's greatest strength is finally being put to good use. .. Nationwide, police officers are intently studying the president's facial expressions, gestures and pauses in order to become better at spotting a liar. Officers in El Paso, Texas, Broomfield, CO, and in Washington, D.C., recently studied the first fibber.... It is ironic that police officers are finding better ways of getting to the truth by watching Bill Clinton lie without flinching. …."

Freeper RLK 11/28/99 from The Amerinand mind in Denial: Robert L. Kocher 3/99 "...But Bill Clinton does not have a sex addiction problem. He does not engage in passionate attraction or sex in the ordinary erotic sense. He doesn't have love affairs in the erotic, romantic, or any other ordinary sense. If anything, he has a massive hostility problem just beneath the outer surface of his personality that is channeled into sexual symbolism within a pattern in which a vaguely sexual action becomes a vehicle for contempt and reducing others to a position of acknowledging his aloof superiority. The so-called affair with Lewinsky was not one of mutual eroticism. Much of it was spent with Lewinsky down on her knees in controlled submission before an emotionally detached superior Bill Clinton. In many of their episodes Clinton demonstrated his superiority by withholding ejaculation and masturbating into the sink adjacent to the Oval Office in an act of further emotional distance and contempt devoid of passion. The act of demanding Paula Jones kiss his penis was not an act of consensual eroticism or passion. Clinton's personality is more closely oriented in the direction paralleling the mentality of serial woman killer Ted Bundy who imposed the ultimate subjugation of death upon women. Certainly, if there were incidences of violence upon women somewhere in Clinton's background, it would not be surprising. However, Bill Clinton's brutality is more mentally destructive than physical. Women feel dead inside when he is through with them….. Bill Clinton exhibits a wide spectrum of characteristics strongly diagnostic of very serious psychiatric disorder. It's not a matter of sex, but of chronic lying without inhibition or hesitation, lack of rational behavioral control, lack of insight, absence of remorse or conscience, feeling of special personal entitlement, shallowness of personal relationships, and absence of any sense of relative importance in personal priorities. Forty-five years ago before sociopathic narcissism and irresponsibility became interpreted as social liberation, Bill Clinton would have been written up in journals as a bizarre and extreme case history….".

BusinessWeek 12/6/99 Lee Walczak "…..The surest sign that he's slipping is the complete hash he made of the Seattle WTO talks Will the 38% of Americans who despise Bill Clinton as the personification of evil please leave the room while I make the following appeal to everyone else: Take a moment to pity poor William Jefferson Clinton. After seven years of New Democracy, his party appears to be veering left again, as if Clintonism never happened. Hillary is packing for Westchester County and her own political career as a Senate candidate…… Worst of all, for a young President in the twilight of his tenure: The master of the deft maneuver seems to have lost his touch, beset by premature political senility…….The surest sign that the Prez may be losing his grip is the complete hash he made of the Seattle World Trade Organization meeting. The portents going in were bad: Clinton was rebuffed on his call to invite other heads of government to join the ministerial meeting -- a ploy meant to break the impasse over a trade agenda. Nobody showed, not even Fidel Castro. Next, Clinton appeared politically tone-deaf in the face of fierce anti-WTO street protests. His first reaction was a sound bite that informed Americans he was "sympathetic" to the rampaging protesters. As the demonstrations turned increasingly violent, the remark looked more and more inappropriate. So Clinton, realizing this wasn't Oxford in the Sixties and the issue wasn't Vietnam, did an about-face and called for civil order -- something that should have been his first impulse……"

Capitol Hill Blue 12/15/99 Godfrey Sperling "....The Monitor breakfast group sought to meet with Judge Starr on several occasions when he was pushing his probe of the Clintons. But, as a prosecutor involved in a case, he did not see fit to do so. Meanwhile, several Clinton defenders, most notably James Carville and Lanny Davis, came to a number of breakfasts and used the opportunity to make Starr out to be an overzealous pursuer of the president. Indeed, they were able to plant the impression that Starr, not the president, was the real villain. But now that he is freed of his duties as special prosecutor, Starr is finally speaking out. Visiting the Monitor breakfast the other day, he asserted he'd been blackened by the White House "spin machine" and said that White House-related charges that he had been carrying on a "vendetta" against the Clintons were "a totally bogus and bum rap." .... Starr uncovered a massive effort by the president to lie under oath and obstruct justice. The House impeached the president. Fifty senators voted to remove the president. Thirty-two other senators who voted to retain the president nonetheless signed a resolution that condemned him for giving "false or misleading testimony" and "impeding discovery of evidence in judicial proceedings" and concluded that he had "violated the trust of the American people." Federal Judge Susan Webber Wright held the president in contempt because he intentionally provided "false, misleading and evasive answers" and "undermined the integrity of the judicial system." Meanwhile the president is seeking to change the public perception of his impeachment, making it out to be nothing more than an act of GOP political vindictiveness for actions that were nothing more than personal misbehavior. He says he broke no laws. Starr told us he was dismayed over this Clinton effort to squirm out of responsibility and said how wrong it is to believe that "it's OK to commit perjury and obstruction of justice if the arena of conduct is personal." That view, he said, "is a lawless perspective." ....."

NY Daily News 12/13/99 Charles Krauthammer "….. What did President Clinton think he was doing in Seattle? He invites leaders from all over the world to a new round of talks on lowering trade barriers. They find themselves besieged by anti-trade demonstrators. The President-host then shows up - and makes the demonstrators' case! Startling his own negotiators (and pleasing Big Labor), Clinton goes way beyond the official U.S. position about tacking environmental and labor standards onto tariff talks. He declares publicly that he favors imposing sanctions on countries that violate such standards. This astonishing expansion - and subversion - of what were supposed to be negotiations about reducing tariffs terrified delegates. India, Indonesia and Egypt understand what the rich countries' newfound concern for the working conditions of their poor-country competitors is all about. It is protectionism. It is a way to ensure that countries in the early stages of industrialization are deprived of their one tool for competing economically: lower wages….."

The Regan Exchange 12/10/99 Mary Mostert "…. In his seven year history, Bill Clinton has bombed a lot of countries. However, none of them have been nations with nuclear arsenals. Yeltsin is just reminding his buddy in Washington that he shouldn't think about making the situation in Russia an exception, in spite of the treatment his troops in Kosovo have received at the hands of the NATO occupiers. What is troubling, at least to me, is that Yeltsin would make the statement about his nuclear arsenal in the context in which he made it. Is he concerned about Clinton's instability? Or is he afraid that the Kosovo situation will embolden Clinton to try a few bombing raids against Russia, if he thinks it might help the Democrats win the election next year? Or, are BOTH Yeltsin and Clinton becoming mentally unstable enough to consider nuclear weapons - especially after the use, by American bombers, of depleted uranium missiles and anti-personnel cluster bombs dropped in school yards against Yugoslavia? Certainly Yeltsin is probably getting increasingly alarmed at the situation in Kosovo, where Clinton and NATO agreed to the sovereignty of Yugoslavia over Kosovo, and during the current occupation have totally ignored Yugoslavian sovereignty over Kosovo and Resolution 1244 to the extent that it has approved and aided the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo of all non-Albanian minorities, changed the currency to the German mark and physically turned over factories and other property owned by the Serbs to Albanians from Albania……."

LA Times 12/10/99 Doug Gamble "….When Reagan delivered his presidential farewell address to the nation in January 1989, he issued an Eisenhower-type warning about the future, which most Americans have by now forgotten. He cautioned that what he termed the "new patriotism" that swept the country in the 1980s would fade unless it was reinforced by constant reminders of America's past and present greatness. After almost eight years of Bill Clinton in the White House, the patriotism Reagan urged the country to protect has been diminished, in part, by the egotism of a self-glorifying president. While the Reagan presidency was all about America, the Clinton presidency has been all about Clinton. The Great Communicator kept America at center stage; the Great Self-Promoter has used America as the stage itself. The kind of reinforcement of national pride that Reagan had in mind--he called it "reinstitutionalizing patriotism"--included extensive use of the presidential bully pulpit, a hallmark of his leadership from his inaugural address in 1981 to his last speech as president to a GOP national convention in 1988. ….. This is not to suggest that Reagan loved America more than Clinton does, but that Reagan wanted Americans to love their country and all it stands for more than Clinton does. Clinton wants Americans to love him, first and foremost. Also, he brought with him to the White House the typical liberal mind-set that overt displays of love for one's country are embarrassing. But Clinton isn't the only culprit. The educational system has abandoned even the pretense that patriotism plays any role in American life. How can students who are not adequately taught about the American Revolution, George Washington or Abraham Lincoln appreciate why they have what they have and the importance of defending it? Reagan addressed this in that 1989 farewell speech, when he said educators "must do a better job of getting across that America is freedom--freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of enterprise--and that freedom is special and rare."…. "


Washington Weekly 1/23/2000 Edward Zehr "…."I took action to try to prevent erroneous rumors from becoming public news," President Clinton told the court in a deposition he gave regarding the lawsuit Paula Jones had filed against him. He was referring to rumors about him that had surfaced during his 1992 presidential campaign. …….. Although part of this testimony had been reported by the Washington Times on March 15, 1998, it was not until "sealed" documents were posted on Random House's Vast Conspiracy Web site last week, for the purpose of hyping Clinton apologist Jeffrey Toobin's new book, "A Vast Conspiracy," that the names of two additional "Jane Does" were revealed. In the newly disclosed transcript of the secret hearing before Judge Wright, held on January 12, 1998, James Fisher, an attorney for Paula Jones, named the witnesses whom he planned to call on behalf of the plaintiff. The list included Kathleen Willey, Beth Coulsen, Monica Lewinsky, Shelia Lawrence, Juanita Broaddrick, Gennifer Flowers and Dolly Kyle Browning. Fisher continued, "The other two would be Marilyn Jo Jenkins, whose deposition has not been continued after the Court made its ruling on our motion to compel; and Cyd Dunlop, a woman to whom Mr. Clinton made unwanted sexual advances." ……"

Washington Weekly 1/23/2000 Edward Zehr "…. These and five other "sealed" documents were posted on Jan. 11 at the Random House Web site, however, those curious folks who attempted to access the documents soon reported that they were unable to download them………. It seems that a few Web surfers were fast enough to download most of the documents before they disappeared. Thus, four of the five missing files can now be accessed at: ……. David Schippers, the chief investigator in the House impeachment inquiry, told NewsMax that the most likely source of the "sealed" documents is the Clinton White House. "It's obvious that this material came from either someone in the Jones camp or the White House itself," Schippers told the online news organization. But anyone who witnessed the grudge match between Jeffrey "Canvasback" Toobin and Paula "The Mauler" Jones on Larry King Live (Jones decked him early in the second round) would find it unlikely that Jones' attorneys would pass secret documents over the transom to a Clinton sycophant such as Toobin……"That's why I think this might be coming from the White House," Schippers told NewsMax. "Remember, they got copies of everything Jones' lawyers had." …."

Washington Weekly 1/23/2000 Edward Zehr "…."The reference to Cyd Dunlop in the newly revealed transcript of the hearing before Judge Wright in January 1998 concerns a woman who says she was repeatedly propositioned by Clinton during a victory celebration held at the Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock on the occasion of his reelection to serve a third term as Governor of Arkansas. She rejected his advances. According to an account which Dunlop later gave to Newsweek reporter Michael Isikoff, Clinton was not so readily rebuffed. Two hours after she and her husband had retired to their hotel room she received a phone call from Clinton, who identified himself as "Bill, the governor," and insisted, "I just wanted to hear the sound of your voice again. Can you get out of your room?" Dunlop said that she was taken aback by the temerity of Clinton's determination to proposition her even as her husband slept a few feet away. But Clinton was not to be deterred. "Just tell him you need to be by yourself for a while," he cajoled. When Mrs. Dunlop replied that she couldn't do that, Clinton asked her if she would go jogging with him in the morning. She finally agreed to this, just to get him to hang up, but there was no meeting the following day……. "

Washington Weekly 1/23/2000 Edward Zehr "….""But how could this possibly be true?" asks my neighbor, Dufus Dymwittee. "If the mainstream press ever got hold of such stories they would blab them from one end of the country to the other. You know how scandal-oriented they are." If the name of the man in the Oval Office were ard Nixon or George Bush, Dufus would no doubt have a point -- the stories would be common knowledge by now……. If the TV nets are so determined to give Clinton a hard time why did two of the three major broadcast networks avoid mentioning Juanita Broaddrick's allegation that Clinton had raped her? If one would suggest that they had inadequate documentation, then why did the other network report the story (after waiting for the impeachment proceedings to wind down)? Once this point has been grasped it is not so difficult to understand why the mainstream news media have downplayed all of the other stories relating to Clinton's pathological behavior. They just don't want us to know that we have a serial rapist psychopath for a president. After all, he's their boy……"

AP 1/20/2000 "….`What I have gained more than anything else is a certain humility in recognizing how important forgiveness is, but how it doesn't count and it can't count unless you can give it as well as ask for it,'' the president said in an interview with the Christian Science Monitor…….The president indicated that one of his personal challenges has been abandoning resentment over the investigation into the matter. Clinton was impeached by the House, but the Senate declined to vote him out of office. ``The thing that I have really had to work on is trying to gain some spiritual anchor that will enable me to give up resentments and disappointment and anger,'' he said….."


American Partisan 1/28/2000 Robert Yoho "….The time has finally come for the public to seriously question the mental stability of self-proclaimed civil rights leader, the Reverend Jesse Jackson. After the court upheld the expulsion of six black thugs from a school in Decatur, Illinois, Jesse has been a man without a real mission. In short, the reverend is quickly losing his slim grasp of reality. Claiming there is conspiracy by white, racist school officials, our nation's newest conspiracy theorist has coined the term "Decatur Syndrome." Jesse has charged that racist school board members are actively seeking to expel young black students from school so that these same young blacks can fill our prisons, making jobs for scores of other racist white workers……."

China Daily 1/27/2000 Agencies "….President Bill Clinton said on Wednesday he believed history will judge his time in office by accentuating the positive and putting the Monica Lewinsky scandal into "proper perspective." In an interview with the PBS programme "The Newshour with Jim Lehrer," Clinton said he regretted that "I wasn't straight with the American people" initially about his sexual relationship with Lewinsky, a scandal that almost cost him the presidency…… Clinton said he believed his achievements will outweigh his personal foibles in the history books. He is only the second US president to be impeached by the House of Representatives……"

AP wire 1/26/2000 Anne Geargan "….On the eve of his last State of the Union address, President Clinton said Wednesday the independent counsel investigation that shadowed most of his presidency was "bogus," but he apologized anew for the Monica Lewinsky debacle. "First of all, I made one mistake. I apologized for it, I paid a high price for it and I've done my best to atone for it by being a good president," Clinton said in a television interview. "But I believe we also endured what history will clearly record was a bogus investigation, where there was nothing to Whitewater or these other charges." ….Clinton asserted that Republicans in Congress used the six-year Whitewater investigation as a political cudgel, even when they knew neither Clinton nor first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton had done anything wrong. "They knew it was a bunch of bull. They had no evidence," Clinton said in an interview with PBS host Jim Lehrer. The interview was taped at the White House Wednesday afternoon and broadcast Wednesday evening….."


The Washington Weekly 2/20/95 Marvin Lee "….. Feb. 20, 1995 Marvin Lee - Interview of Judge Jim Johnson …….. MR LEE: Allegations against Bill Clinton include his use of State Police for personal purposes, even to the extent of framing political opponents. If such activities indeed took place, how could they go on for such a long time? Was it due to a lack of ethic laws, lack of oversight by the legislature, the judiciary, and the media, or was it due to the ability and willingness to threaten dissenters?

JUDGE JOHNSON: All of the above. The personal, financial, and political intimidation is awesome. The results, especially with the local press, is reminiscent of the piano player in the whore house, who swore he didn't know what was going on upstairs! The Stephens empire owns five of the most influential newspapers in this state, and have their bluff in on the owners of the others. Of all these matters, the most disturbing to me is the fact that the political theoreticians seem to have concluded that the revelation of the truth should not be made now, but delayed so as to do the most damage to Clinton during his campaign for reelection. Aside from the fact that this kind of political manipulation is no more honorable than the cheap "spin doctoring" tricks the Clinton people have been utilizing to prevent their disclosure, it is flirting with political suicide. You are not dealing with a normal person when you are dealing with Clinton. He is not controlled by character and truth, but by cunning instincts for survival and political expediency. Give him an inch and he will beat your brains out! He is capable of causing a Third World War, martial law, or whatever to maintain his position of power. Full scale Congressional hearings, on the order of Watergate, should commence tomorrow!….."

New York Post 2/5/00 "….. The president of the United States appeared before this week's annual National Prayer Breakfast and underscored the reason why many Americans consider the words "hypocrisy" and "Clinton" to be synonyms. President Clinton admonished his audience of government and religious leaders, on the need for civility -- even in the heat of political battle. Too often, he complained, "we slip from honest difference, which is healthy, into dishonest demonization." If ever there was an outfit that understands the concept of "dishonest demonization," it's the Clinton White House. Just ask Ken Starr -- who found himself depicted as a sex-crazed zealot and saw his professional reputation ripped to shreds by the Clintonites. ….Ask Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers and all the other women who, we now know, told the truth about their sexual encounters with Bill Clinton, only to be characterized by the president's pit bulls as "trailer trash" -- and worse. ….."

Boston Herald 3/1/00 "…..President Clinton is so steeped in politics that he sees everything as politics. But it's complete folly to dismiss China's threats of war against Taiwan as the result of ``the political season over there'' as Clinton did yesterday. China is doing its best to persuade the world that it scorns a ``strategic partnership'' with the United States. Visitors from the ``partner'' are insulted as a matter of routine, as was a delegation headed by the deputy secretary of state and the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It was met by officials of lower rank, and was not told before it left last week that an 11,000-word paper threatening force against Taiwan was about to be issued. Just yesterday the commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific visited Beijing and was told China would never renounce the use of force……" 3/24/00 Carl Limbacher "……. Though Rudy Giuliani has vowed to avoid personal attacks on Hillary Clinton in New York's senate race, on Thursday Clinton ally Jesse Jackson called the New York mayor "mental" and said he sounds like "a disturbed person." Addressing students at Manhattan's Martin Luther King High School, Jackson skewered Giuliani over his handling of last week's shooting death of Patrick Dorismond, the third unarmed black New Yorker to die by police gunfire in thirteen months. Saying that police deserve the benefit of the doubt until evidence to the contrary emerges, Giuliani unsealed court records showing that Dorismond had a history of violence going back to his teen years. ……. Jackson picked up the attack where the First Lady left off, telling the high school audience: "There's something that is not well about (Giuliani's) response to unarmed people being shot by police. This consistent reaction for the police who shoot unarmed people before even asking for information, without showing sympathy for the victims.... that sounds like a disturbed person. There's an ugly consistency, and people are beginning to see that Mr. Giuliani's reaction to these things is not just meaness, it's mental." ......"

NATIONAL REVIEW 3/17/00 Otto Kreishner San Diego Union Tribune "……California Gov. Gray Davis, who earlier angered legislative leaders by saying their job is to "implement my vision," insisted yesterday that judges he appoints should "reflect the views I've expressed" or resign. "I've let every judge know that, while they have to follow the law . . . they're there because I appointed them, and they need to keep faith with my electoral mandate," said Davis, who was in Washington for the National Governor's Association conference. "That is totally contrary to the notion of judicial independence and the separation of powers," said Philip F. Anderson, the immediate past president of the American Bar Association……"


Freeper Goldi-Lox 4/18/00 ".......I read here on Free Republic, months ago, a posting with pictures of Clinton attending and participating in a VooDoo ceremony. I don't recall where...Haiti? Maybe. Can anyone find that posting? I am trying to correlate that with the Cuban prophecies/religion of Cuba that Castro has himself in a frenzy over. Some kind of prophecy concerning his downfall linked to the outcome of this child's fate. My personal search has failed. I will continue looking and if I find it, I will post it, and link it to the other article about Castro. ......"

WorldNetDaily 12/98 Joel Ruth "......Editor's note: The information in this report is based on interviews and translated documents gathered in seven trips to Haiti since 1992. ......... PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- In this land where witch doctors carry more clout than conventional PhDs or professional campaign advisers, the average citizen has been provided a mind-boggling explanation for why Bill Clinton so handily beat President George Bush in 1992, triumphed to re-election easily in 1996 and is now facing impeachment......... Acting on the advice of a "houngan" or sorcerer, supplied by then-exiled President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Clinton did not change his underwear the last week of the 1992 campaign, voodoo practitioners say. ........ The same houngan also cast a "malediction" on President Bush by manipulating a doll made in the president's image, goes the story. The torment climaxed when the houngan caused Bush's projectile vomit into the lap of the Japanese prime minister as the world press looked on, disgracing him with the public. ......... Those and other bizarre stories were being told the Haitian people through the Lavalassien, a newspaper published by Aristide's ruling Lavalas party. They were written by the Rev. Gerard Jean-Juste, who was a priest in Aristide's entourage. The Rev. Gerard claimed that Aristide had developed a powerful grip on Clinton's psyche through the power of voodoo........... "

WorldNetDaily 12/98 Joel Ruth "......As told in Lavalassien, in the Haiti Observateur, another popular paper, and in private interviews by participants, Clinton staffers first got the idea of invoking voodoo during conversations with Aristide who was living in exile in Washington, D.C. The aim was to learn what the future held for then candidate Clinton, and to cast spells to help influence the election. In return for what the Rev. Gerard called a "large sum of money," a houngan was retained by the Clinton campaign, the story goes, and a "wanga" or malediction was cast upon Bush to cause his electoral defeat. Clinton, for his part, agreed to wear the same pair of underpants the last week of the campaign. ........ Both Haitian officials and the Haiti Observateur stated that Clinton reaffirmed his faith in voodoo during his March 31, 1995 visit to the island. The official purpose of the visit as told by the American media was to celebrate Haiti's supposed "return to democracy." ............

WorldNetDaily 12/98 Joel Ruth "......However, the Haitian press had a much different story. The headlines of the March 29, 1995 issue of the Haiti Observateur read: " CLINTON ASSISTERA A UNE CEREMONIE VAUDOU EN HAITI" (Clinton to assist in a voodoo ceremony in Haiti). The story, confirmed by Haitian officials, stated that initiating Clinton under the power of voodoo had two purposes -- to render him impervious to the attacks of his Republican enemies in Washington, and to guarantee his re-election. While the initiation could protect Clinton from his political enemies, they say, it could not protect him from himself. .........The ceremony was said to have been hidden within a public event touted as a dedication of a monument to Haiti's boat people. The focal point was a "magic well" concealed inside a sculptor's rendition of a brick and concrete boat which was hurriedly constructed for the event in the vicinity of Aristide's residence at Tabarre..........It should be noted that Aristide, a de-frocked priest, earlier in 1995 had renounced the Catholic Church and said he was returning to the voodoo faith of his ancestors. In July of the same year, he held a large voodoo congress at the National Palace attended by over 300 leading houngans and "bocors" (black magicians -- including leaders of the dreaded "Bizango Cult," which practices zombification and human sacrifice))........

WorldNetDaily 12/98 Joel Ruth "...... Several persons close to Aristide stated that they believed that Clinton's will and fate would be permanently at the mercy of "Father Aristide" -- a zombie slave so to speak, who would suffer dire consequences if he ever betrayed his pact with the dark forces invoked at Tabarre.......... Since then, Clinton forced Aristide to step down at the end of his term and hold more bogus elections. True to his nature, however, Aristide has continued to rule in secret through his hand-picked surrogate, President Renee Preval. Clinton has, according to the voodoo practitioners, also betrayed his old friend by withholding millions of extra dollars that he promised would follow, an act which has undoubtedly resulted in a Haitian revision of Clinton's original contract at Tabarre. .......With Clinton now facing impeachment, the Haitian sorcerers are able, once again, to claim credit for the power of their black magic. ......."

CubaNet/Miami Herald 4/17/00 Guillermo Cabrera Infante. "…….Every year Santeria, the African-rooted religion popularly practiced in Cuba, publishes a horoscope. The Santeros ``toss the coconut shells'' and forecast the future according to whether the shells fall flesh-side up or down. The Santeros have tied the future of the Castro regime to the fate of the Elian Gonzalez, who is to them the reincarnation of Elegua, a kind of Christ child. The position of the coconut shells foreshadows ills for the ``tribe'' of Cuba and a worse fate for the ``chief,'' Fidel Castro. A little background: The Virgin of Charity of El Cobre is Cuba's patron saint, known familiarly as Cachita. Legend has it that the Virgin Mary appeared to three Cuban fishermen floating on the high seas. This image is revered by the Cuban people. Her equivalent in Santeria is Ochun, half virgin and half whore. ``The extremely popular Ochun,'' as Lydia Cabrera describes her, ``. . . who shares dominion over the waters.'' Many Catholic believers have no doubt that Elian is the reincarnation of the Christ child, who, according to Santeria, is one of the 21 forms that the Elegua takes. As soon as the Santeros learned of Elian's fate (the boy had been rescued at sea, saved from sharks by the appearance of dolphins and after 48 hours in the water under a blazing sun did not show the burns and sores typical of those rescued at sea), they declared that he was a divine Elegua and that if he remained in Miami -- in other words, in exile -- Fidel Castro ``would fall.'' The Elegua had to be returned to Cuba for the protection of an atheist dictator who believes all of the Santeros' prophecies. ……."

CubaNet/Miami Herald 4/17/00 Guillermo Cabrera Infante. "…….Soon after these predictions became known, Castro began his speeches, roaring threateningly, as he always does…… As time goes by, the prophecies of the Santeros are becoming increasingly gloomy: Without the child there will be no Castro. Is anyone surprised that an erstwhile Marxist-Leninist believes in prophecies? Hitler, no less a secularist, believed in the auguries of his personal astrologer. …….. We must remember that it is Fidel Castro and his squandering of lives and property that has caused millions of Cubans to flee, dividing not only families but also the Cuban people. He did not react this furiously when one of his torpedo boats attacked and sank the tugboat Trece de Marzo just off the Cuban coast. Forty persons drowned in this unnatural disaster, among them 10 children. The government has not expressed a single regret over the tragedy. Why all the noise and all the threats this time, over the return of a boy who was saved from drowning? The only explanation is the incoherence of a man who is struggling with the inevitable: his disappearance and the end of his tyranny and his life. After all, other Cuban dictators, from Gen. Gerardo Machado to Juan Batista, also turned to acts of sorcery in their hours of need. …….."

WorldNetDaily 4/18/00 Joseph Farah "….I left Washington a day early. Had I still been there last Thursday, I could have witnessed a historic speech -- right in the very hotel where I was staying until the day before! What I missed was President Clinton explaining to hundreds of newspaper editors from around the country how he "saved the Constitution" by fighting his impeachment on perjury and intern-shtupping charges. I'm not kidding. Read it for yourself. When asked how the presidential museum in Arkansas might deal with the impeachment legacy, Clinton boldly pronounced: "We'll have to deal with it, it's an important part of it (his administration). I am proud of what we did there because I think we saved the Constitution of the United States." That's what he said. I don't make 'em up, folks. I'm just the messenger. ……"

Baltimore Sun 4/17/00 Jack Germond Jules Witcover "….Let us all now be grateful to President Clinton for saving the Constitution for us. You probably weren't aware he did it, but he informed the American Society of Newspaper Editors of the fact here last week at its annual convention. The revelation came in response to a question about whether his presidential library would have a "wing" dealing with his impeachment. Regarding that late unpleasantness, he said, "I am proud of what we did here because I think we saved the Constitution of the United States." He accomplished this feat, he went on, by defeating "the Republican revolution of 1994 when they shut down the government and we beat back the Contract on America [former Speaker Newt Gingrich's agenda]," and "then we had to beat it in the impeachment issue." ……..Indeed, he said, "I consider it one of the major chapters in my defeat of the revolution Mr. Gingrich led" because it "would have changed the Constitution forever in a way that would have been very destructive to the American people." In the House voting articles of impeachment against him, he informed the editors, "as a matter of law, Constitution and history, it was wrong." ……" 4/27/00 Reuters "……President Clinton, who faces proceedings in his native state to revoke his law license, dedicated a University of Arkansas law school on Thursday renamed for a former state aide of Clinton's. Speaking at a ceremony dedicating the William H. Bowen School of Law at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock, Clinton praised Bowen for watching over the state as his chief of staff while he ran for the presidency in 1992. ``If it hadn't been for you I couldn't have done it, and I hope you have been proud of what has happened in America for the last eight years,'' Clinton said. ……" 4/25/00 Ben Anderson "……. Vice President Al Gore called for tighter gun-control laws on Monday within hours of a gun fight at the Smithsonian Institution's National Zoo in Washington where prohibitions against hand guns have been in place for the past 24 years. "We really have to have mandatory child-safety trigger locks, and photo license IDs for the purchase of new handguns," Gore said during a political fund-raiser in New York City after informing the audience of the tragedy. ......" 5/23/00 Neal Boortz "…… By now you know that an Arkansas judicial panel has recommended that Bill Clinton be disbarred. Our president, Bill Clinton, is setting all sorts of onerous firsts. Let's see now: He's the first elected president to be impeached. The first to be found in contempt of court. The first to settle a sexual harassment case. The first to be found in violation of the law by a federal judge. And now - he's the first president to face disbarment hearings while in office. …..The odds are not in Clinton's favor. ……he says that what he did he did to protect our Constitution. Just how does Clinton protect our Constitution? How does he protect the supreme law of the land? Well, he does it by breaking the law, of course! He lies under oath to deny a citizen her day in court. That's protecting our Constitution. ……"

Village Voice 5/23/00 James Ridgeway "…… In one of the sickest wildlife programs in recent memory, a Montana wolf pack that was caught feeding on cattle is being rounded up by helicopters manned by federal agents armed with dart guns and sent to media mogul Ted Turner's Flying D Ranch south of Bozeman, where they are to be fitted with electric shock collars. The idea is to jolt the wolves every time they go for a tasty morsel of cow. If the wolves shape up and stop killing the cattle, they will be allowed back on the range. Otherwise, the federal Fish and Wildlife Service will slaughter them. ….." 5/22/00 J R Nyquist "…..Alexander Lowen, M.D., asks a curious question in the last chapter of his book, "Narcissism: Denial of the True Self." He asks on "what grounds can we describe the state of our culture as insane?" After passing over the legal and psychiatric definitions of insanity, Lowen offers a common sense definition. Today's culture is insane because it is self-destructive. But given who we are and what we've become, most Americans do not see their culture as self-destructive. This is because the destructiveness involves a shared blindness -- and a shared insanity. ……… Unable to look within, lacking historical perspective, many Americans no longer recognize the need for prescribed boundaries and principles. As Christopher Lasch explained over two decades ago, American culture has become intensively narcissistic. Not surprisingly, narcissism produces self-destructive behaviors. ……"

Enter Stage Right - A Journal of Modern Conservatism 5/15/00 Diane Alden "……The man is unbelievable, shameless, beyond name calling or common sense. Who else? William Jefferson Clinton does it again. Just when you thought he couldn't do anything dumber he goes right ahead and proves you wrong. This time with more chutzpah than anyone in recent memory he has called for "organizing home schooled kids." Where is his head? ……. "



WGIL 6/15/00 Freeper Pure Country "…..Just heard on WGIL radio, Galesburg, Illinois that Dan Shoemaker was arrested outside the Abingdon Middle School, Abingdon, IL, at 6:00am. Shoemaker was charged with Agravated Intimidation and Threatening a Public Official. Dan is the head of the Western Illinois Militia. On Saturday, June 17, Dan was to walk fully armed around the Public Safety Building in Galesburg testing his rights under the 2nd Ammendment. According to the news report, Dan threatened to shoot it out with Public Authorities if he was denied his rights. Dan was arrested at the Middle School, his place of work. (I assume when he pulled in for work. He has worked there for close to 20 years.) ………There was news of a stand-off at the Middle School, but there supposedly was only a minor scuffle. Guess Dan isn't going to be allowed to test the government and his rights. News conference on WGIL at 11:00. ….."

Freeper Pure Country "……Just heard on the radio that Dan has really done the ultimate dumbest thing. When arrested at the Middle School, he had 3 firearms in his vehicle on school property. All were semi-automatics, both rifle and pistols. His bond is set at $1,000,000 from each the Monmouth and Galesburg States Attorneys. Wonder how many years that Dan is going to be looking from the inside/out. Abingdon Middle School is probably looking for a new janitor about now. ….."

Freeper Memphis Belle "…..This guy sounds like a freaking psychotic most militia types. If you're a fan of the Militia movement, please take it somewhere else...all the over the top guns and ammo crap really makes this forum look like a bunch of wackos...and this coming from a woman who proudly supports the second ammendment and owns a 38. ......"

Freeper DonQ "……Actually the timing seems to have motivated, not by a movie, but by the fact that his wife recently left him. Evidently this was (as someone else described it) his Gritzian moment and he was determined to commit "suicide by cop". Apparently the local authorities decided to grant him a stay of execution, for which he is probably ungrateful. ......... He claimed he was Not Free because he wasn't allowed to wander the streets with a gun dangling from his hip. He is now about to have some serious opportunity to compare his life as a law-abiding citizen with that of an inmate in a jail or a psych hospital, and then he can re-evaluate just how Not Free he wants to be. ......"

Medium Rare articles 6/10/00 Jim Rarey "…… What do Bill Clinton and Robert Mugabe have in common? Several things. Both seem to believe that their election to high office gives them a mandate to rule by fiat. Both believe that redistribution of ownership and/or use of land is their "duty" by virtue of their "popular" mandates. While neither has been directly implicated in the deaths of innocent citizens, both condone such actions by subordinates or stand by idly while atrocities are committed. In Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) President Mugabe proposed a constitutional amendment to give him the authority to confiscate white owned property. An overwhelmingly black electorate soundly defeated that provision. Mugabe then encouraged black terrorist to drive whites off their lands and take over. White owners are being beaten and murdered by "landless" natives in the process. Mugabe recently announced that white owned properties would be "nationalized" by fiat, presumably to be given to the terrorists. …….." 5/24/00 Dr James Herson "……. Federal District Judge Jennifer Coffman recently engaged in the ultimate semantic distortion of the law. Through use of a twisted interpretation of the First Amendment's text, which over the last several decades activist jurists have carefully crafted, Judge Coffman ruled that displays of priceless American treasures must be removed from public view. We are, amazingly enough, referring to historic documents that set forth the soul and conscience of our laws, our heritage and our very culture. ......... Documents from which the eyes of the public must be sheltered include: the Preamble to the Constitution of Kentucky, which speaks of gratitude to Almighty God for the "civil, political and religious liberties we enjoy"; a portion of the Declaration of Independence, which states that "all men ... are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"; the Mayflower Compact, which speaks of the name of God and explains that one of the reasons for the journey of the early settlers was "for the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith"; and lastly, that perennial favorite of the dubious defenders of civil liberties, the Ten Commandments. …." 6/6/00 Mona Charen "…….For those of us who live in the District of Columbia or nearby, there is widespread hope that after Clinton's departure Pennsylvania Avenue may once again be opened to vehicular traffic. Pennsylvania Avenue is a main thoroughfare in the District, and closing it off has badly exacerbated an already gruesome traffic-flow problem. ....... According to District police, about 1000 legally parked cars are towed every year to provide maximum security for the president when he decides, often on the spur of the moment, to dine out, see a basketball game or visit friends. Dozens of cars are towed without any notice, sometimes to spots a few blocks away, but sometimes to the impoundment lots on the edge of town -- which are incredibly inconvenient to reach. Hapless citizens are left wandering the streets, frantic at the thought that their cars have been stolen. …….. It's the same story in other cities. In Brooklyn, where the president attended a fund-raiser, 157 cars were unceremoniously removed. ….. The Secret Service has towed cars for other presidents. But those who cover the White House agree that the lack of elementary consideration for others that one expects from normal people is not present in Mr. or Mrs. Clinton. Remember the famous haircut at the Los Angeles airport that held up hundreds, if not thousands, of travelers? ……This president, despite his down-home style and blue jeans, has stretched the limits of acceptable luxury in office beyond normal bounds. Without a flicker of worry about the cost, this president has made more than twice as many foreign trips as Ronald Reagan, the only other president to serve two complete terms in the jet age. ….." 6/30/00 Josh Gerstein "…… In a new riff he has begun to work into his speeches, President Clinton expresses his outrage over Republicans' use of - brace yourselves - polling. On six different occasions in recent days, he has denounced the GOP for having pollsters advise them on what language to use in the debate over prescription drugs. "They're so afraid of this prescription drug issue they have hired pollsters to tell them what words and phrases they should use to convince you that they're for giving affordable prescription drugs to our seniors, even though they're not," Clinton said at a fundraiser in Washington this week. …….In various appearances, the president has called the practice "bizarre" and "astonishing." …." 7/3/00 William Anderson "…… In the days leading up to the execution of the obviously guilty Gary Graham in Texas, Jesse Jackson seemed to be everywhere, at least where a television camera was present. The condemned prisoner, he told the assembled sympathetic media, was a modern figure of Jesus Christ. Gov. George Bush of Texas, who could not legally have stopped the execution even if he had wished to do so, was likened to Pontius Pilate…….. This is not the first time Jackson has used the analogy of characters from the Bible to make political points. During the presidential election of 1992, Jackson, who was stumping for Bill Clinton and Al Gore, condemned the anti-abortion beliefs of Vice President Dan Quayle and compared him to King Herod. Herod, as St. Matthew wrote in his Gospel, ordered all of the boys under age two living in and near Bethlehem to be killed in order to keep the Messiah from occupying Herod's throng……… Of course, one is bewildered by this comparison. Quayle, after all, supported the right of unborn children not to be torn apart in their mothers' wombs or be put to death immediately upon birth (all in the name of "choice"). Therefore, it seems strange to compare him with someone who did what Jackson and his supporters believe to be moral: kill babies. However, no media pundits questioned Jackson's faulty biblical exegesis, which is not surprising, since few media personalities even read the Bible……."

Reuters 6/28/00 Steve Holland "……President Clinton said on Wednesday he doubted voters will penalize Vice President Al Gore (news - web sites) over the problems associated with his White House, angrily insisting that many of the ``so-called scandals were bogus.'' ``The word 'scandal' has been thrown around here like a clanging teapot for seven years,'' Clinton fumed at a news conference, waving his arms out for emphasis. Having said that, however, Clinton could offer little explanation for why Gore stands up to 13 points behind Republican George W. Bush (news - web sites) in opinion polls in the presidential campaign for the November election. ……."

AP 6/28/00 "……President Clinton said Wednesday he has been saddled with ``bogus'' scandals and that Vice President Al Gore should not suffer for them in his own campaign for the White House. He said Gore himself has been implicated only in ``this campaign finance thing,'' over Democratic fund-raising excesses in 1996. A top Justice Department investigator has recommended that Attorney General Janet Reno appoint a special counsel to pursue the matter. …… " 6/24/00 Carl Limbacher "…… Rev. Jesse Jackson compared Texas Governor George W. Bush to Pontius Pilate for refusing to delay his execution. And after he was dead Jackson and others called him a martyr. But Gary Graham's dying words had nothing to do with Christlike forgiveness or even remorse for the 19 victims he left in his wake. Instead, Graham's last expressed desire on earth was for revenge. ...... "He urged his supporters to avenge his death by whatever means possible," reported "News 2 Houston" on its Web site Friday. And although Rev. Jackson made no mention of it in the immediate aftermath of Graham's execution, he informed the dead man's family the next day that his dying wish was a request to "avenge my death." ...... If Graham's supporters decide to heed his call, it wouldn't be the first time. "Shortly before a previous execution date last year, Graham called on his supporters to come armed with AK-47's," reported the Houston Chronicle on Thursday. In the last week members of the New Black Panther Party have complied not once but twice. ……."

National Review Online 6/22/00 John Derbyshire "……Anyone seeking evidence that the country has gone mad need look no further than the current passion for "hate crime" legislation. On June 20th the U.S. Senate passed the Kennedy-Smith bill making "hate crimes" against homosexuals a federal crime; on the 21st, the New York State Senate will almost certainly pass a "hate crime" bill, joining 41 other states that already have such legislation in place. Of the New York bill, Matthew Forman said: "It's really a great victory over hate and prejudice." Forman is executive director of the Empire State Pride Agenda, a gay-rights organization. Legislation against greed, envy, pride, sloth, and gluttony will no doubt soon follow. …….. It remains to be explained, to me at any rate, why whacking someone over the head with a tire iron while yelling, "Take that, faggot!" is more heinous than performing the same act while murmuring, "If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well it were done quickly." Indeed, it is hard to see why the first instance, equally with the second, is not merely the conjunction of a class A felony with an exercise of First Amendment rights. The lawyers are going to have fun with this. Perhaps that's the main point; legislators, after all, are mainly lawyers, and legislation of this sort is really just drumming up business. You don't even need to ask which side of this the Trial Lawyers' Association is on. ……"

National Review Online 6/22/00 John Derbyshire "……In Northern Ireland the police have a cute little expression they use when compiling statistics: "ODC." This stands for "ordinary decent criminals," as opposed to terrorists. A terrorist blows the arms and legs off old ladies at bus stops to make a political point (a sort of First Amendment exercise, really); an ODC just wishes to help himself to someone else's property. Presumably our own national and local police forces will now have to adopt a version of this terminology, distinguishing between ODCs and those possessed by the demon "hate." ……"


Reuters 8/6/00 "……First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton stepped up her criticism of Republican presidential nominee George W. Bush on Sunday, twinning her race for the U.S. Senate with the presidential campaign. "We're going to have a very stark choice in this election between me and my opponent at the presidential level as to whether we continue the policies that have worked or we go a different direction," Clinton said at a reception to raise $150,000 for her campaign for a New York seat in the U.S. Senate. Standing on a stage under a tent at a harborfront home, she attacked the Texas governor as a sympathizer with the National Rifle Association's opposition to gun control. ….." 8/2/00 Joan Nagy "……A particularly lame, but successful, defense of Clinton's sexual indiscretions, put forth by his spin doctors, was the use of the term "compartmentalize." This term tried to suggest that Clinton could be one kind of man and another kind of president. His supporters argued that any behavior done in private did not diminish his ability to lead the nation or hinder the performance of his public duties. Defenders moaned that his private life was irrelevant to the job Clinton was elected to do and the acceptance of this belief was the mark of a truly sophisticated society, as the Europeans always like to remind us. Those who demanded a kind of moral consistency were called "sanctimonious." …….The notion that people's actions can be separated away from who and what they are as an individual is schizophrenic reasoning. However, in our present culture where popular psychology has usurped the time-tested universal law of cause and effect, the intellectually dishonest explanation makes sense to the morally confounded. ……"

Philadelphia Inquirer 8/14/00 Tom Adkins "……If you were standing next to Brad Pitt, would you suddenly be more attractive to the ladies? Would Hollywood starlets swoon at your feet? Would you command millions at the box office? Hardly. You'd still be that same dope in the purple bowling shirt and plaid Bermuda shorts. What idiot would be fooled? ......, If you sit in a Maserati, you ain't Mario Andretti. If you buy a brand-new Fender Strat, you're still no Eric Clapton. A basement full of weights doesn't make you Arnold Schwarzenegger. ......, And Al Gore can hug Joe Lieberman from here till November yet still be the same dirty old Al Gore. ......Lost in the excitement is George W. Bush's brilliant political move. Dick Cheney is a good complement to Bush, one whose selection forced Gore to pick someone of equal stature. Problem is, anyone of stature makes Gore look, well . . . bad. Gore might as well wear a neon sign that reads, "I'm sleazy, so I picked Joe Lieberman." Lieberman's history highlights the immense pile of baggage that Gore lugs around. He magnifies Gore's flaws......."

Time Daily Online 8/11/00 Lance Morrow "…….I don't think much about Bill Clinton anymore - it doesn't seem necessary. But his behavior on the eve of the Democratic convention has just enough peculiarity, just enough gleam of outrageous narcissism, to refresh some of the old interest in Virginia Kelley's beamish boy. ……… Poor Al Gore. The Democratic convention is supposed to be entirely his show, the pageant of his accession. Instead, as the New York Times remarks in a Friday editorial, "President and Mrs. Clinton are blatantly hogging the spotlight from Saturday until next Tuesday." .........It's not just the money. It's the self-absorption of the Clintons that is disgusting, exhausting and, even after eight years, fascinating. ...... Consider Clinton's performance Thursday before an audience of 4,000 evangelicals in South Barrington, Ill. And consider the political context of it. Al Gore has named Joe Lieberman - a good man, a fine choice, a wise if somewhat adenoidal moralist - to be his running mate. There is some historical excitement in the fact that Lieberman is an Orthodox Jew, the first of his faith to run on a national ticket. …….So Clinton, like a slightly compulsive only child trying to ruin someone else's birthday party because he can't stand it that the other boy will get all those presents, all that attention, stages a gaudy little party of his own. The theme, faute de mieux, is sin and penitence, which has a great Q rating. The President says, in effect: "By God, there's only one person who can condemn me, and that's me - not my understudy's understudy. It's all about me - the sinfulness of me, the forgiveness of me, the brilliance of me, the theatrics of me!" ……." 8/19/00 Carl Limbacher "…… If the truth about the Clinton scandals is ever written it will show that Larry Nichols was ground zero for the revelations that defined Bill Clinton's presidency. ……Like many of Bill's critics, Nichols, a Democrat, was also a one time aide to then Gov. Clinton. Clinton even had Nichols appointed as his Marketing Director of the Arkansas Development Finance Authority. …… But Nichols fell from Clinton's grace when, in the middle of Clinton's 1990 re-election bid for governor, he held a press conference announcing Bill had been using state funds and troopers to take care of five different girls. One was Gennifer Flowers. The rest is history. ……… Through the Clinton presidency he has aired his views on thousands of radio shows, and no doubt, created the ground swell of the movement that led to Clinton's impeachment. …….. Nichols did say in 1994, soon after the Republicans won by a landslide and Clinton was at his nadir, that Clinton would rise again and win big in 1996. And so it happened. Nichols is back making another prediction. ......,, A full page ad he took out in a recent edition of the Washington Times National Weekly is headlined "Wake Up America! Clinton Ain't Plannin' on Leavin' Office Any Time Soon!" ......,, Nichols asks in his ad: "If you were the president of the United States, and you had committed high crimes and misdemeanors that included accepting bribes (in the form of campaign contributions) from America's deadliest enemy (and had successfully thwarted every effort by the people to uncover the facts that would incriminate you and possibly cause your conviction in a federal court), would you, if you could find a way to legally hold on to the Presidency after your term in office had expired -- surrender that high office that protected you, or give it up?" ......"

WASHINGTON TIMES 8/15/00 "….. Why did Bill Clinton decide to address the delegates of the Democratic National Convention last night and make an early, practically graceful exit from Los Angeles today? Could it be that he wished to provide his loyal vice president with an unobstructed shot at the political limelight? Remove his own shadow from the stage where Mr. Gore will be assuming leadership of the Democratic Party? …….. Hardly. "The reason I was able to sell him on Monday was the Titans-Rams game," Edward G. Rendell, general chairman of the Democratic National Committee, told the New York Times. Titans-Rams game? Mr. Rendell explained that what convinced Mr. Clinton not to hang around into the week was Mr. Rendell's argument that the president would be an even bigger sensation if he took the Monday night slot immediately following what was guaranteed to be a highly rated televised football game. "I said, 'Look, we've got to get the maximum audience because there's nobody alive who can better explain why Al Gore should be president than you,' " said Mr. Rendell. Far be it for Al Gore to make the case......." 8/15/00 Mona Charen "…….There is something in the air. Stop. Breathe deep. Do you feel it? It's the coming departure of Bill Clinton from the national stage. We've grown so accustomed to his self-serving, self-obsessed, sanctimonious and slightly sinister persona that it's going to be difficult to adjust to a non-neurotic in the White House. What am I saying? It will be no trouble at all. It will be glorious! Say goodbye to 90-minute State of the Union Addresses, coffee klatches for big donors in the Oval Room, starlets bouncing on Lincoln's bed and lies, lies, lies. Say farewell also to apologies to foreign nations for "sins" committed by previous American governments. ……."

CNS News 8/15/00 Michael Quinn Sullivan "……How sadly typical was the president's swan song address Monday night. In a speech filled with gilded self-promotion, historical revisionism and worn cliches, William Jefferson Clinton once again proved himself to embody the irrepressible egotism of the "me" generation. For Bill Clinton and his ilk, all that counts is one's hopes, dreams and intentions. Performance does not matter. Reality is an inconvenience to be ignored. …… "America gave me the chance to live my dreams, and I have tried as hard as I knew how to give you a better chance to live yours," he said. ….."

National Review 8/15/00 Jonah Goldberg "……That was followed by a video tribute to Bill Clinton that seemed to suggest that all that's left for world peace is for Bill Clinton to send out the thank-you cards. And then came the President's walk-on. Not since Elvis Presley walked on stage in a karate gi to the tune of "Kung Fu Fighting" has there been a more self-indulgent entrance. The president walked through the fluorescent tunnels of the Staples center for what seemed an eternity. While he walked like a lost Shriner trying to find his way back to the bar, the producers ran bullet points about his administration's successes across the screen. It was an impressive concatenation of factoids, which at times had only a tenuous relationship with his own actions in office. "The sun rose 2,737 times during the Clinton administration" wasn't one of his bragging points, but he took credit for just about everything else. ......"

Washington Times 8/15/00 Frank Gaffney Jr "……President Clinton's self-indulgent, "Me Generation" excesses in recent days before a convention of ministers, his admirers in Hollywood and the run-up to the Democratic National Convention has a companion, darker side that is threatening to do serious harm to U.S. national security interests. A memorandum circulated by the State Department to other agencies last week makes clear that Mr. Clinton intends to try to commit the United States to more than a dozen dubious U.S.-Russian and/or multilateral arms-control-related initiatives. They are clearly meant to burnish his tattered public image and round out his "legacy" as a statesman....... These measures appear most likely, however, to lock in his successor to policies, accords, arrangements and institutions that will prove highly problematic for, if not downright inimical to, the nation's ability to deter aggression, safeguard its intelligence secrets and minimize the transfer of strategic dual-use technologies to potential adversaries……… What is more, the timing of this frenzy of diplomatic doings - at least some of which might lend themselves to highly publicized unveilings in October - may even be calculated by Mr. Clinton to influence the election of the man who will succeed him......."

USA Today 8/13/00 Walter Shapiro "…….Is it too soon to speculate about Bill Clinton's role at the 2004 Democratic convention? The president is proving that he is incapable of following the show-biz maxim "Leave the stage while the audience still wants more." Clinton, who in credulity-defying fashion assured an audience of ministers last week, "I don't watch the TV news much," does seem determined to hog the spotlight until the last television camera dies. Yet it is an open question how welcome he will be when the Democrats assemble in four years. This is a party that airbrushes away its past, shamelessly ignoring George McGovern, Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale and Michael Dukakis at the conventions that followed their presidential defeats. If George W. Bush wipes the floor with Al Gore, does Clinton get an encore in 2004? ......"

American Spectator 8/15/00 Wlady Pleszczynski "……One thing to remember about Monday night is that Hillary Clinton didn't introduce Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton introduced Bill Clinton -- in a video all about Him, in between the Clintons' two speeches. Not only was the video all about Bill, but it was the first time, as a friend remarked, that a president has narrated a video tribute to himself. And the jam-packed Staples Center loved it, giving Clinton an ovation that would have blown the roof off a more shoddily built arena. The crowd especially loved the scene of Clinton leaving the video and walking live through an interminable maze of arena corridors, as pictured on the overhead monitors. By comparison, Martin Scorsese's famed back corridor scene in "Goodfellas" was a mere hop, skip, and jump. Clinton and his admirers evidently can't get enough of Him……. Granted, the guy is good, really good. At the podium he was looking not only at transparent monitors to his left and right, but at a large screen straight ahead beneath the bank of cameras on the other side of the floor. Earlier speakers also used that screen, and from the press area behind the stage one could see the words on it rolling nonstop during their remarks. When Clinton spoke, the screen stopped cold time and again as Clinton ad-libbed new introductions and conclusions to many a paragraph. What's more, while for others the screen showed words in the normal upper and lower case, for Clinton they appeared in all-caps. No doubt he considers his words weightier than those of mere mortals......."

American Spectator 8/15/00 Wlady Pleszczynski "……Urging Americans to think hard, feel deeply, and choose wisely, Clinton signed off. "Remember, keep putting people first," the printed version of his brief last paragraph began. But for reasons known only to himself and his psychiatrist, ad-libber Clinton inserted "WHENEVER YOU THINK ABOUT ME" between "remember" and "keep." He won't leave until we recognize Him as our inspiration. If in the final analysis it's really all been about Clinton, it probably doesn't matter any longer whether Gore succeeds Him or not. Not only did Clinton declare on Monday there's nothing left to achieve, he also made it clear no one can replace Him. Without Clinton, win or lose, we lose. He told us so Himself. ……"

Opinion Journal 8/15/00 "…….Yesterday evening's most striking scene came after the festivities lurched to their halt in Los Angeles. The Gores and the Liebermans were sitting quietly when the TV reporter asked Mr. Gore if the president's speech had been supportive and helpful to him. ……. The answer was clear in the expression on Mr. Gore's face, which was that of a man who had just been shot. Clearly Mr. Gore had expected more from the speech. His answer--that he was grateful for the president's generous words--came so haltingly, and in a voice so disembodied, the network anchor took note and declared it a classic example of Mr. Gore's wooden persona. But in fact Mr. Gore's stricken response told us a lot. There are some kinds of dissembling, at least, in which the candidate needs tutoring. ......"

CNN 8/15/00 Tucker Carlson "……From the very first words of his speech to the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles on Monday night, it was clear that Bill Clinton planned to talk almost exclusively about himself. "I come here," he began, "above all to say 'Thank You.'" Gore advisors had hoped that Clinton would come, above all, to endorse Al Gore, whose convention it is. They should have known better. With Bill Clinton, it is always all about Bill Clinton. ......Not surprisingly, Clinton spent the bulk of his time on stage recounting what a wonderful president he has been. He waxed rhapsodic over how much better America is for all the things "we [i.e., Bill Clinton] have done." Clinton made it clear that there is not a sunny day on Earth that he is not responsible for, that there is not problem on Earth he is not busy solving. At one point, Clinton actually claimed credit for making America "more tolerant, more decent, more humane," as if anyone apart from God has the power to do such things. ......Clinton is a compulsive self-aggrandizer, so as nauseating as his performance was, it came as no surprise. But for Vice President Al Gore it must have been bitter nonetheless. ….."

Times/U.K. 8/16/00 Damian Whitworth "…….THERE is a god after all, and he walks on Earth in the form of Bill Clinton. That, at least, is what Democrats believe. The only "Clinton fatigue" here is a state of physical exhaustion brought on by over-zestful worship of the President and hysterical breast-beating over the prospect of his leaving office. So much for quietly taking his bow and letting the other guy do a turn. Mr Clinton's performance on the opening night of the convention showed why for years Al Gore's advisers have been framing their biggest problem in a simple question: How do you follow Elvis? ……If one wanted somewhere to make the argument that Mr Clinton would rather have been the King himself than President, it was here. This was a stadium rock concert, with all the pomp and manipulation and towering ego that one expects from a Jagger or a Jackson. And then add some. ……."

USA Today 8/15/00 William Welch "……Delivering a sharp warning to President Clinton from within his own party, Sen. Bob Kerrey said Tuesday that the president must "go quietly" from the political stage and permit Vice President Gore to establish his political independence or be responsible for a "tragic" loss this fall. …..Kerrey, the maverick Nebraska senator who has been one of Clinton's biggest Democratic critics, said the president must "stay off the playing field" and refrain from offering more criticism of Gore's GOP opponent or otherwise inject himself into the presidential race if Gore is to have any hope of emerging from the president's shadow. ……."

Boston Herald 9/16/00 "…President Clinton wins the chutzpah Olympics hands down. He says he ``always had reservations about the claims that were being made'' to deny bail to spy suspect Wen Ho Lee. And what did he do about those reservations? Nothing. ……. Clinton has been president of the United States for seven years and 239 days. The Constitution vests the entire ``executive power'' of the government in the president, and that includes the power to prosecute crimes. With consent of the Senate, he appoints ``all . . . officers of the United States,'' and that includes the subordinate officers who carry out that power. He may ``require the opinion in writing'' of the head of any department under his charge. He must ``take care that the laws be faithfully executed.'' And he takes an oath to ``preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.'' ...... Now that a courageous federal judge in New Mexico has exposed the government's shredding of the Constitution and the law in Lee's case, Clinton is laying off the blame on his attorney general and energy secretary. If he was so concerned, why not ``require the opinion in writing'' of these two about a case that was supposed to find out how China got the blueprints for the lightweight W-88 warhead used on Poseidon missiles? ……."

NewsMax 9/16/00 "……If the Clinton administration resorts to the same tactics Clinton used to drive his Monica problems off the front pages when he bombed Sudan and Afghanistan, and springs an October surprise to help Gore win the election by attacking Iraq, he could set off a war with Russia. ……. The prospect of a nuclear war with Russia loomed larger as the result of two little-noticed events: …… Administration saber-rattling evident in the sudden beefing up of U.S. forces in the Persian Gulf, which the Clinton administration admits is partially due to U.S. alleged fears that Saddam Hussein might attack Kuwait or Saudi Arabia. ….. Russia's announcement that it plans to resume regular commercial flights to Baghdad in spite of the U.N. air embargo on that nation. ….. As reported this week in, observers fear that the administration is gearing up for a possible October surprise attack on Iraq. "Agence France Press reports the United States is flying scores of warplanes and thousands of support troops to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Turkey as part of a scheduled rotation of forces that coincides with heightened concern about Iraq, Pentagon officials said Tuesday," said. "The forces, which began moving into the region in late August, will temporarily overlap with forces in those countries that are being sent home after a 90-day tour," the officials said. ……."

Christian Broadcasting Network 8/28/00 Bob Jones "…….In one of the most theatrical entrances ever, Mr. Clinton strode alone through a maze of stark, white walls, a camera just steps ahead. As he neared the stage, the delegates watched his progress on huge Jumbotron screens throughout the hall. The music swelled subtly as the president approached, and the roar of the crowd ratcheted upward with each step. Finally, in a flash of light, Mr. Clinton emerged stage left. The roar gave way to the kind of high-pitched screaming usually reserved for rock stars. Journalists in the press section stood-not because liberal reporters needed a better view, but simply because they couldn't resist the perfectly orchestrated emotion of the moment. …….. It felt more like a second coming than a last hurrah. The delegates, many of whom distrust Mr. Clinton's "New Democrat" aspirations, nonetheless greeted him as the savior who had given them eight years in the White House. And Mr. Clinton wasn't about to let them forget it. In a defiant, emotional valedictory address, he hit constantly on the accomplishments of his two terms, taunting critics who said the economic boom was due to market forces rather than White House decisions. ……. He took pains to point out that Al Gore was at his side all along, but the references seemed almost an afterthought. Again and again he went off-script to inject personal reminiscences and proud asides. Again and again the TelePrompTer stopped its steady scrolling as the president chose to tell his own story in his own words. As the speech went on-13 typed pages in all-Mr. Clinton added ever more asides, as if he were loath to reach the end of the script. The last two pages of text took him roughly as long to deliver as the first five, and when it was finally over, he stood for long moments on the stage, his face flushed with emotion as the cheers of the crowd washed over him. …….."

World Magazine 4/5/97 Marvin Olasky "...... Four church leaders--Rex Horne from Immanuel Baptist in Little Rock, Tony Campolo from Eastern College, Gordon MacDonald from Grace Chapel in Massachusetts, dressed in coats and ties, and Mr. Hybels, in a sweater--sat in the private study on the second floor of the White House one evening late in November, 1994. Two others--the president of the United States, in a sweater, and a presidential aide--were with them. ...... President Clinton had called in the four because he was in not only a political funk but a spiritual one as well. Voters had just repudiated him by voting in a Republican Congress. Pundits were saying that the president could look forward only to two miserable years in a castrated White House, and then involuntary retirement. All in all, a bad month, and Mr. Clinton was perhaps hoping for balm at the end of the tunnel. ...... The men exchanged pleasantries, and then the meeting turned to a discussion of the problems the president was having in gaining acceptance among evangelical Christians. One of the church leaders told him, Most of our people are conservative Republicans. They ask me a very simple question: Is the president a good man? What can you tell us that would convince them that you're a good man? ......, Mr. Clinton reacted strongly and explained that he was trying to be a good man. The church leader stood his ground: Are you a good man? What do I tell my people? And the president continued to insist, without going into specifics, that he was good. ...... There was a standoff. Then one participant said quietly, I don't think any of us can say that, that we're good; he had in mind the biblical understanding that "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." ...... Mr. Clinton, however, responded politically, arguing that some Republicans were trying to bring him down, and that their methods were often unfair and evil........."

New York Post 9/23/00 "....... Not so long ago, when President Clinton wanted to distract the public, he'd lob some cruise missiles at terrorists - or maybe bomb Baghdad. Times have changed. But not much. Clinton's midafternoon announcement that he'll dip into the nation's strategic oil stockpiles came virtually simultaneously with the White House release of a log of recent Lincoln Bedroom guests. ..... Call it "Wag the Dog - Part III." (Part I starred Clinton bombing Sudan and Afghanistan days after 'fessing up to his Monica Lewinsky affair. Part II featured bombs over Baghdad in the midst of impeachment proceedings.) ......" 9/24/00 Paul Sperry "….. Editor's note: One year ago, President Bill Clinton endured something to which he was not accustomed -- a member of the news media challenging him with tough questions about issues of concern to the American people. WorldNetDaily Washington Bureau Chief Paul Sperry, then a reporter with Investor's Business Daily, went toe-to-toe with the president during a picnic on the White House south lawn. The widely publicized confrontation caused Clinton so much consternation that Sperry was subsequently banished from the White House. …….. Zydeco tunes skipped across the crowd of giddy guests. As the sunny day faded to dusk, the soft lights of the White House portico glowed behind us. Intoxicating. What a night. But, for me, there was still something wrong with this party -- namely, the host. President Clinton, the function's main attraction, was due to make a cameo appearance at any moment. Despite having to wade through 40-plus scandals over the previous seven years, my cohorts in the press were all atwitter at the prospect of pumping Clinton's arm and snapping shots of him with their spouses and kids. …….. Strutting past me, he looked like a bad imitation of Johnny Cash. Or was it an over-the-hill Elvis? Tom Jones? Whatever, the silver-haired devil made a beeline for the stage, climbed up on it and drawled on about how great it was for all of us to be there with him on such a wonderful night listening to such great music. …... Little did he know that in just a few minutes, a rude guest would give him a Maalox moment to remember and probably spoil any entertainment plans he had for the evening. ……I stood there slack-jawed, watching one powerful journalist after another clamor like so many fawning teen rock-idol fans to grasp the hand of the most corrupt president in U.S. history. So many scandals, so many unanswered questions -- so many unasked questions. National security at stake. That little boy there, that little girl over there ... your sons, your daughters. Don't you care what this president has or hasn't done with our military secrets? Maybe I just cared too much. Relax. Yes, have a good time; it is a party after all. Don't be so serious. Loosen up. ……….. " 9/24/00 Paul Sperry "….. It was my turn to meet the celebrity president. As he approached me, I politely, if coolly, asked him when he would hold his next formal press conference. It had been several months since his last and he's had fewer than any recent president. I admit I was trying to agitate the proper forum for questions about the FBI agents' charges. But, to me, this was still a rather innocuous question, even within the supposedly neutral zone of a party. A relevant question, too, given the gathering. Other hard-nosed reporters surely were wondering when they'd get another crack at Clinton. Or so I thought. My simple question was rewarded with boos and hisses from the adoring Clinton groupies around me. So much for the adversarial press. ……..But that was nothing compared with Clinton's reaction to my inquiry about his next press confab. In an instant, his 100-watt charm shut off, replaced by a taunting belligerence. "Why?" he barked. "Because the American people have a lot of unanswered questions," I replied, struggling to hold my bladder. At that point, he moved back down the rope, pulling up square in front of me, and demanded, "Like what?" "Well, like illegal money from China and the campaign-finance scandal ..." 9/24/00 Paul Sperry "….. What happened over the next 10 minutes was nothing short of a "scene." The party-goers collapsed in around us. I watched the blood rush to Clinton's gargantuan face as he launched into a tirade against ex-Republican National Committee Chairman Haley Barbour, the FBI, Bob Dole and Republicans in general. All the while, he tried to belittle me by making faces (to get a rise out of his fans) and intimidate me by getting in my face. And now I can see how he can do that to people. Clinton's not just intellectually intimidating, he's physically imposing. He's tall (6-2) and big-boned. Luckily, I'm the same height and was able to stand toe-to-toe and eye-to-eye with him. I'll never forget the maniacal look in his bloodshot eyes. There was a moment, fleeting, where I sensed he wanted to try to take a swipe at me. I was getting full frontal Clinton. His volcanic temper, hidden so well from the public by his handlers, erupted less than 12 inches from my eyes. ……."

Dallas Morning News (JWR) 9/22/00 Tony Snow "……Here we see a now-familiar blend of fantasy, fabrication and exploitation of Gore's family. He says his father was a champion of civil rights, although OOPS- the senior Gore voted against the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964. ……. He says his mother put an end to single-sex accommodations at a Nashville Club -- OOPS- the change occurred 14 years after she visited the place. ……. He says he remembers being lulled to sleep as a baby by his mother's singing "Look for the Union Label." OOPS- He was 27 when the unions came up with that ditty. …… He brags that his sister was the "very first" Peace Corps volunteer. OOPS- False. …..He has said that he swore off tobacco money after the same sister died of lung cancer. OOPS- Not exactly: Four years later, he was bragging to tobacco farmers about his own prowess at cutting tobacco. ……."

Dallas Morning News (JWR) 9/22/00 Tony Snow "……His campaign literature touts his record as a "brilliant student." Gore's a bright guy, but he wasn't a candidate for honors. OOPS- His grades at Harvard, according to David Maraniss of The Washington Post, included "one D, one C-minus, two C-plusses and one B-minus, an effort that placed him in the lower fifth of the class for the second year in a row." [OOPS-Not to mention that he flunked out of Divinty School, and did very poorly in Law School.] …………He once said his work as an investigative reporter at the Nashville Tennesseean led to the jailing of corrupt bad guys. OOPS- He later had to apologize for the fib. …….. He boasted of co-sponsoring the McCain-Feingold campaign-finance bill. OOPS- It was introduced after he left the Senate. ……… Reporters wave this pattern off as if it were the most natural thing in the world. But it isn't. It's weird, and it's incomprehensible. Al Gore is a guy with a good life's story. He has plenty to boast about. But he insists on embellishing, embroidering, fabricating -- lying -- and about his own life! The question is: Why? Nobody has a good answer, least of all Gore. But it gives cause for pause. ……"

Rush Limbaugh Show 9/19/00 Freeper newsman "…… Yesterday, The Boston Globe reported that Algore told seniors that his mother-in-law pays nearly three times as much for the same medicine his dog Shiloh uses. Today, his own aides admit the story was totally fabricated. The goal? To terrify the elderly. Algore has a major screw loose. He makes things like this up in full knowledge that they can be proven false - witness the Internet, Love Story, the Buddhist Fundraiser, etc. These are huge whoppers that indicate a psychological problem. If you ask me, Gore should be running for the nearest psychiatrist's office instead of the White House. ………. Now, if your boss lies to you about a raise, if your auto mechanic tells you something will cost $800 more than they promised, or a plumber invents a problem so he can overcharge you, that makes you mad, right? You don't trust or tolerate liars in your personal life, so why aren't you suspicious of Algore's exaggerations and outright lies? ……At the very least, this is a major gaffe. Of course, there are two kinds of gaffes. There are Republican gaffes - played on the news and Leno all the time - and Democratic gaffes which are shelved. For instance, video of Dan Quayle's potato spelling, or Bush not being able to name some foreign leaders, still shows up. But what about Gore recently confusing mammograms with sonograms? ….. If you ask me, Gore should be running for the nearest psychiatrist's office instead of the White House. ……."

American Spectator 10/6/00 Mark Hemingway "……… For journalist's the "character issue" has long been verboten territory. Considered the ploy of desperate Republicans seeking victory at all costs, the issue of a man's moral fitness for highest office in the land is once again going more or less untouched. But this election year, journalists have recklessly tramped into a new area of presidential evaluation -- the "mental issue." …….. Much has been made of presidential candidate George W. Bush's tenuous grasp of the English language. His mispronunciations and malapropisms have been endlessly cataloged by the media, e.g. "Dubya as a Second language" in Harper's magazine, Is Our Children Learning: The Case Against George Bush by Paul Begala, and the popular Internet zine keeps a running list of "Bushisms of the Week." It's possible one could argue that such articles show a media groping for some insight into the true nature of Bush as a human being -- but a far more compelling explanation is that such merciless ridicule is not so "subliminal" evidence of media bias at work. …….. Those who would argue the latter have to point no further than Gail Sheehy's profile of George W. Bush in the October issue of Vanity Fair. The infamous biographer attempts to show that Bush's dubious command of language is the result of dyslexia. …….Yet, even if George W. Bush were dyslexic, it's worth noting that it is often only a mild learning disorder overcome by millions of Americans, and always totally unrelated to issues of intelligence. ……..

American Spectator 10/6/00 Mark Hemingway "………The journalist psychologists have veered away from making any diagnosis. This may be bias, or perhaps an unwillingness to confront an ugly question: Is Al Gore autistic? ………One has to admit this tragic affliction is a strikingly plausible explanation for Al Gore Jr.'s notoriously wooden personality.. ….The Vice-President's latent autism was never more obvious than his recent performance in the first Presidential debates. According to the Autism Society of America (ASA), for those suffering from this malady, communication is mostly a matter of "...talking at others (for example, monologue on a favorite subject that continues despite attempts of others to interject comments)." ....... The ASA further says that autistics "may be overactive or very passive" and "[throw] tantrums for no apparent reason.". ……….. Another common symptom is "perseveration," defined by the ASA as "show[ing] an obsessive interest in a single item, idea, activity or person."........... Which brings us to a final indication of Gore's autism: The ASA states that the autistic exhibit "an apparent lack of common sense." ……."

Chattanooga Free Press 10/6/00 "……
It's a trivial thing, maybe, that Vice President Al Gore Jr. repeatedly tells things that, well, just aren't really so.
It was trivial when he claimed that he and wife Tipper were the models for characters in "Love Story."
It was trivial when he claimed he "found" Love Canal, although two months before President Jimmy Carter had declared it a disaster area and offered to have the federal government buy its houses.
It was trivial when Mr. Gore claimed to have invented the Internet, which was conceived before he entered Congress.
It was trivial when he said he became an enemy of tobacco when his sister, a smoker, died of lung cancer -- but he later appealed for tobacco farmers' votes by ardently relating how he was one of them, having worked personally in every stage of tobacco production.
It was trivial when he claimed his sister was "the very first volunteer for the Peace Corps," although she was actually a paid employee in its headquarters.
It was trivial when he said " I grew up on a farm," and "I live on a farm today," although he lived in a Washington hotel suite and went to school at St. Albans Cathedral School in Washington, and at the time of the latter claim lived in the vice presidential mansion in Washington.
It was trivial when he claimed in 1987 that half his staff were women, but when asked by reporters to name his staff women, he fumbled before coming up with one name, which later was found to be incorrect.
It was trivial that he claimed he had "always" been for "choice" for abortion to kill unwanted unborn babies, although when he represented a fairly conservative Tennessee district he voted for declaring an unborn baby a person and said abortion is "arguably the taking of a human life."
It was trivial that he changed from being a House member who prompted a National Rifle Association official to say "We could have made Al Gore NRA Man of the Year," to be one of the most vociferous gun-control advocates in current politics.
It was trivial when he claimed "I was the author" of a proposal for the Earned Income Tax Credit, although it was enacted in 1975, two years before Mr. Gore entered Congress.
It was trivial when he claimed he was a co-sponsor of the McCain-Feingold campaign-finance reform bill, although he and Sen. Russell Feingold never served together in the Senate.
It was trivial when he claimed President Bill Clinton is "one of our greatest presidents,'' although ...
It was trivial whether the meeting at the California Buddhist temple was a fund-raiser -- until the money poured in from poverty-pledged nuns and pre-event Gore staff memos showed it was clearly a fund-raiser.
It was trivial -- or was it? -- when Mr. Gore claimed there is "no controlling legal authority" to prevent him from making political fund solicitation calls from the White House although the law says it is, and although a White House adviser had warned against the illegal procedure in advance
It was trivial -- or was it? -- when Mr. Gore claimed he was a supporter of the Persian Gulf War, although Sen. Alan Simpson, R-Wyo., said Sen. Gore approached Minority Leader Bob Dole seeking to barter his vote "for" or "against" supporting President George Bush on the war -- depending upon how much debate time Sen. Gore would get: "Bob, how much time will you give me if I support the president?" Sen. Dole asked how much "the other side" offered. Sen. Gore said "seven minutes." Sen. Dole offered 15, then said, "Maybe we can get you another five, so you'd have 20 minutes, Al." Sen. Gore responded, "Well, I'll think about it all night." He finally voted for the war.
It was trivial when, courting union officials, Mr. Gore recently said he remembered, as a baby, the singing of "Look for the union label" as a lullaby. But he was actually 27 when the song was written.
It was trivial when Mr. Gore claimed his mother-in-law had to pay $108 for an arthritis drug that cost only $37.80 for his dog, Shiloh, although his claim was not fact at all. He had lifted the cost figures from a Democratic report that had nothing to do directly with his mother-in-law or Shiloh.
It was trivial when Mr. Gore insisted in Tuesday's presidential debate that he had accompanied the Federal Emergency Management director to Texas in the wake of a disaster -- although he and the FEMA director had never been there together.
It was trivial when Mr. Gore, also in Tuesday's debate, claimed that a 15-year-old Sarasota high school girl had to stand because she had no desk, being the 36th student in a class supposedly for 24 -- to which the school principal, Daniel Kennedy, responded: "It would have been good if the facts had been checked before he was encouraged to use that information on a national debate. ……..

Washington Weekly 10/9/00 J Peter Mulhern "……Gore's disgraceful performance was easily the worst in the history of televised presidential and vice presidential debates. Many observers, particularly conservatives, nonetheless concluded that he won the debate because he was aggressive. He took more than his share of time and Governor Bush never responded point by point to his many outlandish arguments. ……. Gore made the debate about him. Bush didn't try to get in his way. Gore had ample rope. In the full view of a national television audience, he hanged himself with it. ……Gore's great weakness is the psychiatric condition known as OPD or Obnoxious Personality Disorder. In the heat of a national campaign he just cannot hide the fact that he is an arrogant, self-absorbed jerk. In a nationally televised debate that fact shines out like a lighthouse on a clear night. The best thing Bush can do is to let it shine. ….."

Omaha World Herald 10/8/00 "……. Sometimes, even a cynical manipulation of the facts is overlooked. When Al Gore, at the 1996 Democratic National Convention, movingly described his sister's 1984 death from a smoking-related illness and pledged to do all he could to protect children from smoking, many commentators gave him a free pass. The fact that Gore, years after his sister's death, was still describing himself as a proud tobacco grower while courting colleagues in the tobacco industry for approval and contributions was treated as just one of those political oddities that doesn't count for much……… Now, during Gore's campaign for the presidency, his tendency to exaggerate and misstate is coming under more scrutiny, and appropriately so. There is a point at which misstatements and embellishments reach a critical mass, raising questions of credibility, even integrity. Gore is nearing that point, if he hasn't reached it already. ………. However, as the vice president's questionable assertions accumulate, concern legitimately grows. Belatedly, Gore's evasive and contradictory answers to stave off Justice Department investigators in the campaign finance scandal take on heavier meaning. Gore, it is being remembered, revised his story more than once as new information came to light about the executive office fund-raising phone calls, about the China connection and about the famous "community outreach" event, as Gore called it, at the California Buddhist temple where nuns handed over four-figure donations that were later proven to have been laundered. ......... All this occurs against the background of the Clinton era, of which the kindest that can be said is that respect for the truth was a sometime occurrence. Good reason exists for the voters to worry when a candidate embellishes and fabricates on relatively insignificant issues. One thing leads to another, and before long, matters affecting the nation's business, indeed its security, are being embellished and fabricated right along with the rest. ……."

"....... The essential feature of the narcissistic personality disorder is a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and lack of empathy (DSM-IV(tm), 1994, p. 658). Gunderson,, (Livesly, ed., 1995, p. 208) notes that the grandiosity may not be overt or may involve arrogant and haughty behavior.

Kantor (1992, pp. 203-204) describes the clinical characteristics of NPD as:
* inordinate self-pride;
* self-concern;
* an exaggeration of the importance of one's experiences and feelings;
* ideas of perfection;
* a reluctance to accept blame or criticism;
* absence of altruism although gestures may be made for the sake of appearance;
* empathy deficit; and,
* grandiosity.

Frances, (1995, p. 374) add:
* entitlement;
* shallowness;
* preoccupation with fame, wealth, and achievement;
* craving admiration, attention and praise;
* placing excessive emphasis on displaying beauty and power.

Beck (1990, p. 49) describes the key elements of NPD as presumed superiority and self-aggrandizing behavior. These individuals also give evidence of intense motivation to seek perfection and a feeling state of emptiness, rage and envy (Masterson, 1981, p. 7). They are vulnerable to the most negligible slights and are prone to withdraw and become inaccessible when feeling offended (Benjamin, 1993, p. 141). ......

Issues With Authority

Competent individuals with NPD are often in positions of authority themselves. If dealing with other authority figures, they are non-deferential, convivial or condescending, and presumptive of special treatment. They do not reveal any information derogatory to themselves and behave with self-righteous indignation when questioned. Lying is not difficult; concealment is a routine behavior. These individuals are unwilling to accept that society's limitations apply to them.

NPD Behavior

....Sperry (1995, p. 114) notes that individuals with NPD are expansive and inclined to exaggerate; they focus on images and themes and take liberties with the facts. They use self-deception to preserve their own illusions. They will do whatever is needed to reinforce their self-ascribed superior status (Beck, 1990, p. 50). They are competitive, boastful, impatient, arrogant, and hypersensitive (Sperry, 1995, p. 114). Individuals with NPD evidence an uneven morality and a readiness to shift values to achieve goals; they may engage in pathological lying (Akhtar, 1992, p. 69). ......"

ABC News with Sam & Cokie 10/9/00 Freeper motife ".... George Will : "If I catch an 18" trout and say it's a 20", that's exaggeration. If I say I caught a 20" trout, and never went fishing at all, that's something else." ....."

Chicago Tribune 10/9/00 Eric Zorn "...... My guess is that even Al Gore's biggest detractors at first believed what they saw in their minds' eyes last Tuesday when Gore described the plight of a student in an overcrowded Florida high school. ....... "They can't squeeze another desk in for her, so she has to stand during class," Gore said during the presidential debate with George W. Bush. We must act, Gore said, "so Kailey [Ellis] will have a desk and can sit down in a classroom where she can learn." ........ Poor vertical child! This tale was certainly true! Not because Gore had such a great track record for precision, but exactly because he didn't. ......... The rap on Gore going into the debates was that he had a candor impairment, an authenticity-deficit disorder. It seemed like a safe assumption that the absolute last thing he would do in front of the largest TV audience of the political season would be to freelance with the facts and reinforce the main nagging doubt about him. ...... Expletives, however, did not fail me when I learned later that Gore had it wrong. Kailey sits! Has for all but a few class periods early in the year when, administrators at Sarasota High School said, she could have availed herself of a lab stool. ......... But he inexplicably gilds them with, well, what? Nouns fail me. Online journalist Mickey Kaus calls them "fiblets." I'm partial to "twisties," "distortionettes," "demifacts" "Shetland whoppers" and "microbunk." ........And what must secretly drive his handlers crazy is how unnecessary they are. ......The Gore campaign maintains that these were trivial inaccuracies, yet it is that very triviality that makes them so troubling. ......"

Washington Post 10/9/00 Howard Kurtz "........ Remember way back when -- all right, six days ago -- when those instant polls showed that Al Gore had won the first debate? Why, then, does the press keep treating him like the loser? The answer is that the media watchdogs have sunk their teeth into Gore's ankle and won't let go. The candidate who has long been tagged as an exaggerator extraordinaire is paying the price for his truth-stretching in the Boston debate -- which seemed to come full circle today as a pair of polls showed George W. Bush surging back into the lead......"

Evansville Courier & Press 10/6/00 Calvin Woodward AP ".......It has come to this: Al Gore says in a presidential debate that his uncle was gassed in World War I and then his campaign searches for the records. ....... The campaign knows no claim by the Democratic candidate about his family or professional resume will be taken at face value. ........ His exaggerations, standing alone, are not earthshaking by anyone's serious estimation, although Republican operatives gleefully tally them up for public consumption. ........ Robert S. Feldman, a social psychologist at the University of Massachusettes who researches lies, is not sure Gores' misstatements add up to much. The misfires are so easily verified that they don't seem like purposeful distortion, he said. "Really good liars don't get caught," he said, "Part of this phenomenom may just be simple failure of memory. We remember things the way we want to remeber them" ....... Gore has mentioned the gassing of his uncle for years. After the debate, his campaign contacted the National Archives seeking any records in support of that. The campaign ultimately relied on the uncle's 1959 newspaper obituary saying he had been treated for illness caused by being gassed as a soldier in France. ........."

Washington Times 10/9/00 Sean Scully "....... George W. Bush's campaign yesterday called Al Gore a "serial exaggerator" and questioned his veracity, and the vice president's campaign fired back that the governor is "incoherent" and questioned whether he was smart enough to be president. ...... "[Mr. Gore] is a serial exaggerator," Bush chief strategist Carl Rove said on NBC's "Meet the Press." "This is a man who has difficulty telling the truth." Memos from Mr. Gore's earlier campaigns, first published on the Internet on the Drudge Report, reveal that his aides warned him about "exaggerating" and "embellishing" stories as early as 1988. One 1988 memo, by his press secretary, warned him that Rep. Richard A. Gephardt, an opponent in the party primaries that year, as well as reporters covering his campaign were "scrutinizing" his remarks for exaggerations and prevarications. He would suffer, the aide said, if he did not cut it out. Gore aides yesterday called Mr. Bush a babbling bumbler whose intellectual skills are not sufficient for him to become president. ........ Bush senior aide Ari Fleischer dismissed charges by Gore aides that Mr. Bush is inarticulate and unable to explain policies coherently. "I think voters are much more comfortable with a candidate who occasionally mispronounces a word than with a candidate who has a long pattern of exaggerations and embellishments," he said. ......... "

NYPOST 10/10/00 Dick Morris "…….. AS he was defeating Bush in debate, Al Gore continued to undermine his candidacy by fibbing his way out of the presidency. He visited Texas during the fires ... but he didn't. He never criticized Bush's inexperience ... but he did. A school in Miami makes kids have lunch at 9:30 a.m. due to lack of space ... but it doesn't. Another is so overcrowded, a young girl has to stand ... but she needn't. ……. He invented the Internet. He founded the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. His mother-in-law pays more for her medication than does his dog. "Love Story" was based on him and Tipper. He was shot at in Vietnam. His journalism sent politicians to jail. He didn't know the Buddhist Temple event was a fund-raiser. He was in the bathroom when fund-raising was planned at the White House. All alluring stories. All untrue. ......,, Why does Al Gore lie? What is the inner compulsion that leads him to risk so much by exaggerating, misrepresenting and embellishing? He gets caught every time, but he keeps on and keeps on and keeps on…….. At his core, Gore is deeply insecure about his ability, stature and credentials. He feels that he needs to go the extra mile to burnish his image even if he has to make things up. He is just not content with what is. It never seems to be enough. ……."

DNC 10/8/00 "….. Vice President Gore spoke in Florida Friday, reminding voters of the importance of this year's election, especially concerning the economy. Gore told voters the key to the country's continued healthy economy was held in their votes. "Prosperity itself is on the ballot in the United States of America this year," Gore said. ….."

Opinion Journal 10/10/00 William J Bennett "……. Albert Arnold Gore Jr. is a habitual liar. …… I realize that in the political culture in which we live, making such a charge--even if it is true--is considered to be mean-spirited, in bad form, indecorous. Nevertheless, as the Founders understood, almost nothing matters more in a chief executive than his public character and trustworthiness, his truthfulness and integrity. And on these grounds alone, Mr. Gore should be disqualified from being president. ……. The vice president lies reflexively, promiscuously, even pathologically. He lies on matters large and small, significant and trivial, when he "needs" to and when he doesn't, on matters public and private, about his opponents and his family. When asked to come up with an explanation for Mr. Gore's "misstatements," Art Torres, chairman of the California Democratic Party, said, "I have no idea. I'm not a psychiatrist." ........."

Opinion Journal 10/10/00 William J Bennett "……. First, by pointing out that persistent lies by a person in high public office are not merely "personal"; they have to do with the public interest. Public office is a public trust, and people who violate it ought to be held accountable--particularly if they deceive federal investigators. …….. Second, if the people can't trust your word, why should they trust your proposals? ……Third, if an individual is a habitual liar, it will manifest itself in all sorts of ways. As Mr. Clinton demonstrated, a person who has utter contempt for the truth is likely to have utter contempt for the law. ......Fourth, the American public's loss of trust in government is a vital national issue. We don't need another president to deepen further the people's cynicism. ……..Finally, whether you're talking about a police officer, a teacher, a doctor or a car mechanic, it matters greatly whether that person's word is good. If it matters for all these people, then it surely matters in choosing a president……."

Washington Times 10/11/00 Tony Blankley "……You should read this week's New Yorker magazine article by Joe Klein, in which he reports on a series of interviews with President Clinton looking back on his presidency……… As our opponent, Mr. Clinton could pay us no higher compliment than that he was obsessed by us: "[The] two great achievements of my administration were facing down the government shutdown in 1995 and 1996, and then facing this [impeachment] . . . Those two things essentially ended the most overt and extreme manifestations of the Gingrich revolution."….. Could you imagine Ronald Reagan bragging that his greatest accomplishment was foiling Tip O'Neill a couple of times? This is revelatory. Mr. Clinton, the admitted master of tactics, could never lift his vision to see a strategic objective. He was content to be gratified by technical satisfactions, whether political or physiological…….."

Wall Street Journal 10/11/00 Holman Jenkins "……. The problem isn't that Al Gore lies, embellishes or exaggerates, though sometimes he does all three. It's more a matter of his odd compulsion to self-inflate so he personally encompasses whatever issue he's talking about. For instance, it's true that the same chemicals have a different price when prescribed for a pet rather than a human patient. Medicines aren't priced according to their chemical ingredients but to recover the cost of creating the intellectual property embodied in them. Moreover, people are unwilling to pay as much to treat their dogs as they are to treat themselves, and yet the money a drug company can earn selling dog medicine helps to defray the costs just the same. All of this could have been stated without making it an Al Gore issue. …"

Wall Street Journal 10/11/00 Holman Jenkins "…….One of the many things Al Gore has had to live down since running for president was his conspicuous mooning over his inner life just prior to the Clinton administration. Gore students keep a prized place for the 1993 account by the Washington Post's Katherine Boo of Mr. Gore's preoccupation with psychoanalyst Alice Miller and her book "The Drama of the Gifted Child" ("gifted" is used somewhat ironically to mean a child imposed upon to fulfill a parent's needs.)...... The piece nicely fills in the background to the newspaper bios being penned today dwelling on the demands of his father that Mr. Gore redeem the family's political star. It also helps to connect these issues to a question that must occasionally creep into mind:….."

Wall Street Journal 10/11/00 Holman Jenkins "……. Here it pays to recall that Mr. Gore wrote his book of eco-doom immediately after his ignominious presidential failure in 1988. Whatever its debatable premises and overwrought conclusions, the book clearly served to present the humiliated, defeated aspirant as an Earth-saving prophet. One is left believing, as the New York Times put it, that the book was a form of "therapy, a catharsis," more concerned with repairing Al's sense of personal significance than setting out a policy agenda……."

Florida Times-Union 10/8/00 "….. At some point, Al Gore's credibility problem could become a major campaign issue. If so, he has only himself to blame. Jay Leno, after the recent debate, noted Gore's conflicting positions on many issues and suggested that they should forget Bush and simply have Gore debate himself. This is humor, but good humor has a core of truth. Much like his mentor, Bill Clinton, in 1992, Gore has a history of taking first one side and then the other on major issues. ……."

The Associated Press 10/8/00 Deb Riehmann "……. Clinton also agreed with his questioner that his style of being president may change the way America views the office after he leaves the White House. ``I'm not sure that's such a bad thing,'' Clinton said. ``We need to demystify the job. It is a job. There's a lot to be said for showing up every day and trying to push the rock up the hill. ... If you're willing to win in inches as well as feet, a phenomenal amount of positive things can happen.'' ……He said his greatest achievements were dealing with impeachment and the government shutdowns in 1995 and 1996. ``Those two things together essentially ended the most overt and extreme manifestations of the Gingrich revolution,'' he said, referring to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and the Republican majority that took over Congress in 1994……."

ABCNEWS 10/6/00 Carter Yang "…….."He seems to have a compulsion to embellish his arguments," vice-presidential nominee Dick Cheney told reporters aboard his campaign plane today. "This is a man who's got significant accomplishments ... and yet seems to have this uncontrollable desire periodically to add to his reputation, to his record, things that aren't true." ……."There's a huge and significant difference between making up stories and facts and an occasional slip of the tongue," said Sullivan. "This is not just an occasional problem for the vice president. It seems to be a pattern of embellishments."……."

Salon 10/6/00 Jake Tapper "…….."This is a man who has got significant accomplishments, been a congressman, a senator, vice president," Cheney said. "He held national office for 24 years. And yet he seems to have this uncontrollable desire periodically to add to his reputation, to his record, things that aren't true. That's worrisome. And I think it is appropriate to point that out." ……"

National Review Online 10/6/00 Jonah Goldberg "……… Over the last eight years, what has been the one, constant, distasteful theme of the Clinton administration? Is it corruption? Not necessarily; there were whole months when influence peddling and policy selling did not occur. Self-indulgence? Tackiness? Vainglorious military overreach? Cynical blame-shifting on everything from Medicare to race relations? The syncopated porn Muzak which bawmp-bawmp-ditty-bawmp-bawmped on like a refrigerator light every time Bill Clinton opened the door for an intern? These are all good guesses, and people of good will can disagree. But ultimately all of these things are simply fuel for the true Unified Field Theory of Clintonism: Lying. Bill Clinton utters more lies than all the boys on prom nights have ever uttered combined. He is a liar about all things relevant, irrelevant, important, trivial, tasteful, distasteful, big, small, medium, extra large, extra crispy, your way, my way, every which way he can. He is a liar. Sure, his trousers may blaze in another sense too, but he is a liar, liar, pants on fire. …..I mean who really cares about technical violations of campaign-finance laws? Not me (and certainly not the Clinton Justice Department). But I do care about the flagrant and bald-faced lies Al Gore spews about them. He still says that he "doesn't know" if the Buddhist fundraiser was actually a fundraiser. This sort of denial is hilarious in Monty Python skits but it's creepy at American politics, especially after we've been through this before with Bill Clinton. ……"

WorldNetDaily 10/6/00 David Limbaugh "…….. To me the only thing more frightening than Al Gore's book "Earth in the Balance" is that he reportedly believes the stuff in it. There's another thing about it, though, that bothers me even more. ……. I confess that when I bought the book I expected sensationalism and doomsday alarmism, but I did not anticipate the sweeping scope of the book and what it apparently reveals about Gore. ……. The most noteworthy thing about it is Gore's breathtaking presumptuousness and audacity. He essentially holds himself out as a Renaissance man. He is a sociologist, a psychologist, a child psychologist, an historian, a philosopher, a theologian, a meteorologist, a climatologist, a molecular biologist, a marine biologist, a chemist, an agronomist, a physicist, an economist, a conservationist, an anthropologist, a zoologist, a nutritionist, an ecologist, an engineer, a scuba diver and a politician -- I'll give him that one. The only thing he takes more seriously than the "environmental crisis" is himself. ……."

NorthWest Florida Daily News 9/27/00 Casey Brooks "….

I'm beginning to wonder if Al Gore is in need of some psychological testing. I mean, if John Rocker, a mere baseball player, can be forced to undergo psychological analysis for his thoughts, why shouldn't Al Gore, vice president of the United States and Democratic contender for president, be subjected to the same? After all, if the mental integrity of a potential president isn't significant, then I don't know what is. ……. The concern here regards Al's historical procession of distortions he has conjured about himself, his achievements and his vision. Ever since Al Gore has been in public office, he has literally left a verbal trail littered with falsehoods. ……It's no wonder Hollywood loves him. He's an original work of fiction.….."

DRUDGE REPORT 10/6/00 Exclusive "…..The DRUDGE REPORT on Friday released memos written to Al Gore by his staff that warned of his impulse to embellish…… Published reports earlier this year quoted from the memos, written in 1987 and 1988 by Gore campaign staffers. The full text is now released…… Staffers warned then-Senator Gore that a tendency to "stretch" the truth could get him into serious trouble.

TO: Al

FROM: Mike [Mike Kopp, the campaign's deputy press secretary]
RE: Attacks on your credibility
9/9/87 "……… We've been hearing an increasing number of remarks from members of the press corps (national, and regional) about your tendency to go out on a limb with remarks about your campaign. It is clear that at least one of the other campaigns, Gephardt's, has picked up on this and is helping to fan the flames……Your remark on Face the Nation is a good example of how one comment can generate a behind-the-scenes attack by one of our opponents, in this case Gephardt. Granted that our relationship with Post reporters is not great, by Maralee Schwartz was on the kill armed with your comment from Face the Nation that you had campaigned more extensively than all the other candidates put together in the South. That comment is not easy to defend. Fortunately it came out in the press in August, and was dismissed by several reporters I spoke to (Kevin Sack; Mike Pigott; Howard Fineman; Strobe Talbot) as inside the Beltway news. But Maralee told me, during the course of our numerous lengthy conversations that day; that you have a growing reputation as a politician who "stretches the truth to suit a political moment." ......... Your remark in Texas which was widely circulated by AP outside of the state that you intend to campaign more days than all the other candidates combined in that state did not go unnoticed. Kevin Sack brought it to my attention (though he did not write anything about it) and I'm certain he's filed it away………This impression that you stretch the truth (or say something one place and something different elsewhere) reared its ugly head in Portland with your remarks about women staffers in your campaign, and in your Administration. You know the problems that created for you at the news conference that followed your remarks to the group, but you should be aware that press clips I am still getting from contacts on the West Coast indicate it was widely reported. As you know Gephardt's staff told Howard Fineman to ask you about it when he interviewed you for the mini-profile last week. …….."

February 15, 1988
FM: ARLIE [Arlie Schardt, campaign press secretary]
"…….This is very important…….. However, Walters is continuing to pursue diligently a story in which he wants to discredit your resume, primarily as it concerns your claims to be or have been (1) a farmer and (2) homebuilder. Walters is making the Texas trip with you this week. He will be asking you about the above. He has made many calls to people in Tennessee and plowed through lots of records. He is therefore very familiar with your past activities and will undoubtedly ask you about them in hopes of catching you in an exaggeration……… Therefore, /above, do not overstate your degree of involvement as a farmer or former homebuilder……… Walters questioned Walter Robinson extensively. He also questioned the owners of the homes in Tanglewood. Walters is trying to establish that you could not really have been active in the housing development when you were also going to school and working as a reporter. …….The main point is to be careful not overstate your role……."

Washington Times 106/00 William F Connelly Jr "...... Republican vice presidential candidate Richard Cheney, we are told, is "staid," "stolid," "serious" and "dull." The Washington Post even raised a question as to whether his "integrity, ability, dignity, resolve" are enough in a candidate these days. Indeed, Mr. Cheney apparently even raised doubts in the minds of some recently by his seeming awkwardness when invited to read the children's book, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," to students at an elementary school........ As someone who regularly reads "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" to my 4-year-old, Ben, and my 2-year-old, Caroline, allow me this sigh of relief: at last a candidate for national office who is more comfortable defeating Saddam Hussein than feeling the hunger pains of caterpillars. Perhaps the era of therapeutic, paternalistic big government really is over?....."

Associated Press 10/4/00 Tom Raum "......George W. Bush (news - web sites) seized on statements Al Gore (news - web sites) made in their first debate to ratchet up criticism Wednesday of his rival's credibility. The Texas governor suggested the vice president exaggerated his account of a disaster-relief visit to his state and Gore scolded Bush for trying to paint him as ``a bad person.'' ......"

New York Post 10/5/00 Deborah Orin "........Al Gore - who took flak for ostentatiously sighing and grimacing while rival George W. Bush was talking at the first debate - yesterday said it was a mistake and he won't do it again. But Gore blamed it on the TV camera operators he said broke the rules and showed him while Bush was speaking, although his sighs could be heard even when the camera was on Bush. "Under the debate rules, we were told there was going to be no coverage of our reactions when the other guy was talking," Gore told CNN, denying he intended to seem condescending toward Bush. ......It's not the first time Gore has taken flak for heavy sighs in a debate - he was slammed after did it in a "Meet the Press" debate with Democratic rival Bill Bradley last winter. ......."

Freeper Burkeman1 10/5/00 "……It was a boring debate but I would say Cheney walks away with a win but just becasue he acted and sounded more natural than Lieberman. The real story is with this debate Al Gore now looks like the big loser of the four. Cheney and Lieberman's civility and adult behaviour coupled with the polite manner of Bush in his debate only highlight Al Gore's boorish behaviour even more. The person who "lost" this debate was Al Gore. ….."

New York Times 106/00 Richard Berke "…….For years, his political opponents have groused that Vice President Al Gore has trouble with facts. They pounced on statements he made about his service in Vietnam, about his record in Congress and even about the price he has to pay for his dog's arthritis medicine. ......On Tuesday, they got even more ammunition: Several of Mr. Gore's comments in his debate with Gov. George W. Bush set off a fresh outcry over what even some of his supporters acknowledge is a tendency to embellish anecdotes about his roles in events……."It's a weird pattern that has emerged," Karl Rove, the chief strategist for Mr. Bush, said in an interview. "We have these episodes in which Gore is playing Forrest Gump or Zelig."…….While many politicians are prone to spice up a story here and there, Republicans and Democrats say Mr. Gore's shading of the truth has become so frequent that some politicians are no longer dismissing it as sloppy oratory from a candidate under the glare of television cameras…….This predilection of Mr. Gore's is all the more surprising because it often involves trivial matters — ones that could easily be checked — such as how Mr. Gore recalled a childhood lullaby that did not exist. …….Even as he tried to defend Mr. Gore, Art Torres, chairman of the California Democratic Party, could not come up with an explanation for the misstatements. "I have no idea," he said. "I'm not a psychiatrist."……."

New York Times 106/00 Richard Berke "…….Robert Schmuhl, a professor of American studies at the University of Notre Dame, said Mr. Gore should take greater care to watch what he says. "It's reaching a point where a stereotype might form and we might think of Gore as someone who is prone to exaggeration," Mr. Schmuhl said. "That's a real danger for someone who is trying to run for president without the strain of character questions or problems of credibility." But Chris Wetzel, a professor of psychology at Rhodes College in Memphis, said he was willing to give Mr. Gore the benefit of the doubt and did not believe he had sinister motives. "Why would someone say something like this when it can be so blatantly discovered?" asked Mr. Wetzel, who has taught a research course called Detecting Impostors and Con Artists. "I think it's like the false memory syndrome when people end up believing that they were abducted by aliens."……."

CBSNEWS 10/5/00 "…….Bush was set to talk about children's issues in Michigan as he continues to underscore what he called Gore's "exaggerations and embellishments" from Tuesday night's debate. "This is a man - he's got a record, you know, of sometimes exaggerating to make a point," said Bush. …… The governor pointed to two of Gore's debate comments - one about a disaster inspection trip to Texas, the other about a Florida schoolgirl forced to stand in a crowded classroom. ……."It's another in a disturbing pattern of the vice president simply making things up," said Bush spokeswoman Karen Hughes. ……. "

The Telegraph (U.K.) 10/6/00 Mark Steyn "……. IF you missed the first presidential debate, congratulations. But, if you didn't, don't worry. If you switch on the TV right now, Al Gore should just about be wrapping up his first interruption. …….. Fortunately, I followed the debate so you don't have to. Bush had to accomplish several goals: he had to stand at the lectern pointing in the right direction, he had to make sure his fly was zipped up, he had to steer clear of wacky foreigner-of-the-week-type names like Kostunica (the hot new Serb the ostentatious Gore mispronounced twice), and he had to let the Vice-President do all the talking. All these he pulled off effortlessly. ……. Gore, on the other hand, had been misinformed - possibly by his friend Oprah - that he had to "be himself". As a result, during Bush's answers, he was all sneers, eye-rolling, weary sighs, curled lips. As an audition for the new Bond villain, it was flawless. All he needed was a cat to stroke and to murmur, after Bush's answer on the financial crisis, "You're beginning to grow tiresome, Dubya-0-7." Bush, for his part, was less James Bond than Austin Powers, a shrewd choice. ……."

AP 10/5/00 Calvin Woodward "…….It has come to this: Al Gore (news - web sites) says in a presidential debate that his uncle was gassed in World War I and then his campaign searches for records to back him up. ……. The campaign knows no claim by the Democratic candidate about his family or professional resume will be taken at face value. His occasional tendency to embellish has not stopped, even in the campaign spotlight. ……… Gore said Thursday he considers such criticism a personal attack. When Bush has made a mistake, Gore said, he has not tried to portray it as ``evidence of some character flaw'' on the part of his rival. …….. Whether claiming to have been an inspiration for a ``Love Story'' character years ago or recently recalling the strains of a childhood song that wasn't written until he was grown, Gore has tended to go off track on peripheral things. …….. Does it matter? On that, opinion varies. ``When something happens once you think about it as random,'' says Stanley Renshon, who is both a psychoanalyst and political scientist. ``When something happens twice, it's a trend. When something happens three and many more times thereafter, it's a pattern. And when an analyst sees a pattern like that, they want to know what accounts for it. ………"

Opinion Journal 10/5/00 John Fund "…… Gore's heavy breathing at the debate was no more spontaneous than his makeout session with Tipper... "The sigh kept Gore from winning the debate," observed Margaret Carlson of CNN and Time magazine. Partisans of both George W. Bush and Al Gore expressed concern this week at their candidates' unfortunate gestures and noises during Tuesday's debate. But the vice president was by far the worse offender. Even his closest allies in Congress are exasperated and puzzled by their man's debate manners this week. ………. Mr. Gore sighed with deep impatience throughout the debate in an attempt either to distract George W. Bush in his answers to debate questions or influence the audience. Yesterday Mr. Gore blamed his behavior on the TV cameras. "Under the debate rules, we were told there was going to be no coverage of our reactions when the other guy was talking." …….This is preposterous. Mr. Gore's sighs were highly theatrical in nature, and he accompanied them with a series of squints, grimaces and eye-rolling that couldn't gave been accidental. The proof is Mr. Gore's behavior during the Democratic primaries. Anita Dunn, who was Bill Bradley's media adviser, notes that during a "Meet the Press" debate the Bradley campaign issued "an official deep-sign count of seven" for Mr. Gore. Jacob Weisberg of Slate noted at the time that "Gore's sneering gestures all seemed rehearsed and theatrical. . . . Bradley made Gore look like a complete ass." ...... What's most telling is that Mr. Gore's reaction to the criticism then was to attack, not apologize. ….."

Washington Times 10/5/00 Bill Sammon "….The Gore campaign spent much of yesterday putting out other fires concerning other anecdotes, including one by Mr. Gore that a Florida school forced a female student to stand in an overcrowded classroom……."Her science class was supposed to be for 24 students," the vice president said during the debate. "She is the 36th student in that classroom. . . . They can't squeeze another desk in for her, so she has to stand during class."……Sarasota High School Principal Daniel Kennedy, however, said that isn't true. The class was short a desk for just one day…….. "That was probably one of the first days of school when we were in the process of leveling classes. And, she did have an opportunity to use a lab stool," he said on radio station WFLA in Sarasota. "We don't really have any students standing in class and we have more than enough desks for all of our students," said Mr. Kennedy…….. "It's a troubling pattern of ongoing embellishments and exaggerations from the vice president under pressure," said Bush senior adviser Ari Fleischer. "It's an unsettling indication of how the vice president reacts to pressure by exaggerating personal stories that are easily verifiable."……"

AP WIRE 10/4/00 "…….George W. Bush seized on statements Al Gore made in their first debate to ratchet up criticism Wednesday of his rival's credibility. The Texas governor suggested the vice president exaggerated his account of a disaster-relief visit to his state and Gore scolded Bush for trying to paint him as ''a bad person.'' ………"

AP WIRE 10/4/00 "…….Bush, in an interview with Fox TV, said, ''I thought for a minute I was going to challenge him on it because I don't remember him being in Parker County,'' scene of the fires. ….. ''But I took the man at his word,'' Bush added. ''Of course, it turned out he didn't (make the trip with Witt). This is a man -- he's got a record, you know, of sometimes exaggerating to make a point.'' …… Bush running mate Dick Cheney was more blunt: ''Al Gore, once again, made up facts,'' he told the Republican National Committee in Washington. …….."

AP WIRE 10/4/00 "……. Gore has recently found himself challenged on the numbers he used on the relative costs of arthritis medicine for his mother-in-law and his dog and on his claiming a union song was a childhood lullaby when it wasn't written until he was 27. ….."

AP WIRE 10/4/00 "…….Later, at a rally and question session at a suburban Columbus, Ohio, high school, Bush disputed Gore's debate assertion that a disproportionate share of Bush's $1.3 trillion tax cut plan would go to the nation's wealthiest 1 percent. Bush, citing figures his staff said were from a review of his plan by Congress' Joint Committee on Taxation, said that $223 billion of the total would go to these affluent taxpayers -- not the some $561 billion the Gore campaign has suggested. ''That's far short of the numbers he was throwing around last night,'' Bush said. ………"

Freeper report on drudge & hannity 10/4/00 "…… Drudge just said the Gore campaign and Donna Brazille have been calling him in the last couple of days to get him to print the abortion rumor about GW from 20 years ago. …."

Washington Times 10/4/00 John Julian Vecchione "……. What do Sens. Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden and Joe Lieberman know about Al Gore that the American public does not? On Feb. 12, 1999, each of these men, and every other Democrat in the Senate, voted to keep Mr. Gore from the presidency of the United States. On that day the Senate ruled on the two impeachment counts before it: obstruction of justice, and perjury. Every single Democrat in the Senate voted against conviction on both counts. One after another these solons unburdened themselves of the opinion that the accusations and evidence did not rise to the level of impeachable offenses. Had 17 Democrats joined the 50 Republicans who voted to impeach Bill Clinton, Mr. Gore would be president of the United States today. Some may say, and a few might believe, that each Democratic senator voted his conscience. Nonetheless, if even an ounce of political calculation went into that vote, every single Democratic senator, and almost every House Democrat as well, believed that their party and their country was better off with a wounded, disgraced and corrupt Bill Clinton at the helm, than with Mr. Gore……."

WorldNetDaily 10/3/00 Linda Bowles "........ Gore claimed that he invented the Internet, that he and Tipper were the models for Erich Segal's novel, "Love Story," that as an investigative reporter he "got a bunch of people indicted and sent to jail," that he was a cosponsor of the McCain-Feingold campaign-finance reform bill, that he was always pro-choice on abortion, that in Vietnam he spent most of his time in the field and was fired upon by the enemy, that he had a private meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev in the 1980s, that he negotiated Internet protection for children, that he had a major impact on Hubert Humphrey's 1968 presidential acceptance speech, that half of his 1988 presidential campaign staff were women, that he totally renounced his connections to tobacco after the death of his sister from lung cancer, that his sister was the very first volunteer for the Peace Corps, that his father was a leader in the civil rights movement, that he did not know he was in the middle of a fund-raiser at the California Buddhist Temple in 1996, that he did not know his fund-raising phone calls from his government office were illegal, and that he did not know anything about the millions of dollars illegally funneled into the Democrat Party by agents of communist China. All of these claims and boasts are documentably false, and some of them are arguably delusional. We have in clear view the picture of a deeply insecure man, uncomfortable with himself, and too fragile to hear or tell the hard truth -- a man who phonies up the past to appear smarter, more worthy, and more substantive than he really is. ....... Gore's propensity to mangle the truth appears compulsive in that, although warned about it by his advisers, he apparently cannot stop himself. ....."

The American Spectator 10/18/00 Byron York "……. What image will millions of viewers remember from the third debate between Al Gore and George W. Bush? Most likely it will be The Lunge, the moment early in the debate in which a testosterone-stoked Gore attempted to send the signal that, unlike the last session in which he was accused of being too passive, this time he would be the big dog, the head man, the baddest you-know-what in the room. Bush had just given a nearly perfect answer to a question about HMOs -- an answer that clearly outclassed Gore's effort a few seconds earlier. By the time the Texas governor moved on to explain his position on prescription drug coverage for Medicare recipients, viewers could almost see a thought-bubble forming over Gore's head, just like in the comics. "Get into this. In his face. Move." And Gore jumped off his stool, puffed out his chest, and approached Bush -- coming dangerously close to what New York debate analysts would call the governor's personal space. For an instant the scene was rife with possibilities. Would Gore try to deck Bush -- not symbolically, but with his actual fists? Would Bush fight back? Would moderator Jim Lehrer intervene?...... Bush glanced at Gore, smiled, and gave the vice president a quick little nod. ……. This time, Bush's little look was a cue for the audience to laugh at Gore's essential silliness. And Gore held himself back, perhaps realizing that he had literally overstepped his bounds. He stood at attention until Lehrer gave him the go-ahead. ……." 10/17/00 Jacob Weisberg "……… Where Gore crossed the likeability line, I thought, was in his smarminess toward the audience. Though barred by the negotiated rules from engaging in dialogue with the undecided voters who asked the questions, Gore oozed all over them nonetheless. "That is a GREAT question," he told a woman who asked whether part of the solution to the cost of prescription drugs might be in discouraging use of them. Of course, Gore never answered her great question or even engaged with the premise, choosing instead to retail all the wonderful bennies in his Medicare prescription drug plan. When a public teacher stood up, or a farmer, or a member of minority group, Gore responded with a tongue bath. This is something else that Gore never quite learned from Bill Clinton over the past eight years. You bond with ordinary people by taking them seriously and engaging with their concerns, not by flattering them. What seemed slightly off-key was Gore's attitude that every semi-articulate questioner had to be completely right about everything while his opponent was totally wrong about nearly everything………. If Gore's performance was significantly better, Bush's was shockingly better. The governor's improvement between the first and second debates was notable. But his improvement since the second debate was, if anything, even more striking. I'm not sure how to explain the change, but tonight Bush seemed not only to have some idea what he was talking about much of the time, but even to be at ease with his knowledge. Unlike last time, Bush wasn't desperate to squeeze in minor references to East Timor to show he'd studied. Through most of the debate, he sounded confident and assured. Early on he noted that his trust in the people rather than the federal government "will be one of the themes you hear tonight." And he really did make it into a theme rather than a drumming cliché. Bush also did a deft job working in his other big themes --that he is someone who can work across party lines to get things done and that Gore is for big government. Somehow all that cramming--invisible in the first debate, too visible in the second--finally worked the way it was supposed to. ……..Unlike Gore, Bush didn't pander to the audience. Toward the end of the debate, a black man asked him a hostile-sounding question about the fact that he seemed almost proud, in the last debate, that Texas leads the nation in executions. Bush disagreed vehemently, and described how hard he finds the decisions he has to make about whether to allow executions to proceed. Before long, Bush had the hostile questioner nodding in seeming agreement with him. ……"

Reuters 10/19/00 "…..Former first lady Barbara Bush said on Thursday she was worried Vice President Al Gore would ``hit'' her son, George W. Bush, during their final presidential debate this week. In an interview with ABC's ``Good Morning America'' program, Mrs. Bush criticized Gore, the Democratic Party's presidential nominee, for his aggressive stand during the third presidential debate with her son, the Republican choice for president. ``I thought he was going to hit George,'' said Mrs. Bush, wife of former President George Bush. ``It sort of scared me.'' ......"

National Review 10/16/00 Jonah Goldberg "……… It may just be me, but it seems like the Washington press corps is more than a little surprised - and remains more than a bit upset - that Gore's problem with truth telling has become a central issue in the campaign. ……. Columnists favorable to Gore or hostile to Bush have been arguing that Gore's lies fall into the "everybody does it" category. According to Slate editor Michael Kinsley, Dick Cheney lies about his policies, but apparently the only lies emanating from Goreland are meaningless. Kinsley writes, "the main reason Gore's lies are a big issue and Cheney's are not is precisely that Gore's lies are trivial and serve no purpose." ……."

Washington Post 10/29/00 ".....THERE HAS been a not-so-subtle shift in the way President Clinton talks about the Monica Lewinsky scandal and the impeachment that resulted from it. Gone are the days when he used to apologize for his sexual conduct at every opportunity, without ever acknowledging the lies under oath that made it a national issue. Now an emboldened Mr. Clinton talks about his role in positively heroic terms. The president was impeached, it turns out, not because he disgraced his office but because of his fight for the underdog......"

The Weekly Standard 11/06/00 Tucker carlson "…… Ask a few prominent Democrats about the relationship between Al Gore and Bill Clinton and the word you're most likely to hear, probably more than once, is "psychodrama." According to those who know him, Gore has come to resent a lot of things about Clinton. He resents Clinton's lack of respect for him and for the vice presidency. He resents Clinton's secretive style. He resents the Monica business. He really resents Hillary……Clinton, meanwhile, didn't always resent Gore, but he does now. Gore is losing the presidential race, and Clinton doesn't understand why he hasn't been called in to bail him out. The president feels rejected. His feelings are hurt….."

Boston Globe 10/26/00 ".....The following was released today by Gore/Lieberman 2000: ........With the presidential election less than two weeks away and Al Gore gaining momentum daily, a desperate George W. Bush today returned to the same negative campaign tactics he has employed time and again whenever under pressure: he went negative. Campaigning in Pennsylvania, Bush launched a stream of negative attacks against Gore, ending them, unbelievably, with a pledge to ''change the tone'' in Washington......... ''Twenty negative, partisan attacks followed by a hollow pledge is hardly what is needed to change the tone in Washington,'' said Ron Klain, Gore/Lieberman senior advisor. ''Gone is the Compassionate Conservative. No where is the Reformer with Results. Now all that is left is the Initiator of Insults.'' For those who missed Bush's performance, the Gore campaign today issued the highlights from Bush's remarks:

''My opponent is opposed to trusting people with their own money.''

''My opponent thinks Washington knows best (on education).

''My opponent would deny (parents of low-income children trapped in failing schools) those (voucher) options.''

''My opponent he has a one-size-fits all answer (on prescription drugs) dictated by and for Washington.''

''My opponent offers tax cuts for only the few and the favored -- for those he calls the right people.''

''My opponent looks to government instead (of churches and synagogues for solutions).''

''I'm running against a man who will expand government more than we have seen in 35 years.''

''Even if we could afford to pay for the Vice President's ideas, they would still be the wrong ideas. They would be the failed policies of the past.''

''A leader doesn't try to be all things to all people. He doesn't change personalities, say for - a different debate.''

''On both of these issues (education and social security) my opponent would ad four years of drift to 8 years of failed leadership. His ideas to issue Government IOU's to fill the Social Security trust fund.''

''Pitting grandchildren against their grandparents is old style politics.''

''Importantly, it is a failure of leadership -- there was a time when leaders spoke of passing the torch on social security, my opponent would pass the buck to voters he will never face.''

''On education, he talks about reforms -- and he talks and talks and talks. But for eight years, there's been little progress, few results.''

''And his current proposals really don't require any.''

''VP Gore's plan has no new accountability.''

''When you ask focus groups, you cannot confront real problems in America.''

''When you wait for the latest polls to point the way, you cannot lead.''

''When you hold your finger to the wind, you cannot put your finger on a problem.''

''When you hold on to power for power's sake, you cannot govern.''

''My opponent has set a tone -- ripping the lungs out of political adversaries. Part of his campaign is called a ''slaughterhouse'' and a band of his workers call themselves a band of 'killers'. This is what we can expect -- attack politics.''

''It doesn't have to be this way. I'll change the tone of Washington!''

Salon 10/25/00 Camille Paglia "............ About the third debate, however, I have a lot to say. The run-with-the-pack commentary by professional journalists about that event was woefully off the mark. The St. Louis debate should go down in history as one of the most stunningly successful uses of TV by a candidate (in this case Bush) since Sen. John F. Kennedy's charisma overshadowed another experienced, knowledgeable vice president, Richard M. Nixon, in 1960. ...... Those who thought that Gore won the third debate evidently know little about TV and its relation to the mass audience. After over two decades in politics, Gore showed that neither he nor his advisors fully understand live TV either. Vainglorious about the "1000 town meetings" he claims to have conducted, Gore plunged into the debate thinking he had to impress and convert the immediate audience of allegedly undecided (but suspiciously liberal-sounding) voters sitting in front of him. But after his poor showing in the prior debates, it was the great, invisible array of TV viewers nationwide that he needed to reach. ............. Gore and his team (including, presumably, his simpering daughter Karenna) made a massive misjudgment about presentation. Gore's pirouettes, finger-pointing and constant crossing and recrossing of the pit between the bleachers may have struck in-house observers as dynamic and dominant, but his choreography was not keyed to the camera, of which he showed little awareness except when he was prissily sitting or stiffly standing. Gore's "blocking" of physical space in the circumscribed arena was inept and incoherent. Hence his movements seemed to the TV audience awkward, erratic, febrile, disconnected and chaotic, leaving the viewer with a lingering impression not of presidential authority but of psychological instability. ......"

Salon 10/25/00 Camille Paglia "............ Add to this Gore's dreadful failure to modulate his voice for the microphone to communicate effectively with TV viewers, most of whom at that hour were sitting at home or (on the East Coast) preparing to retire for the night. So implacably determined was Gore to score big with the small group in St. Louis that he boomed away at top volume with a forced, monotonous, near-breathless pacing more appropriate to a rah-rah partisan rally. ......... The big news, surprisingly, is how Bush reacted to Gore's hammy, manic affectations. It's not clear whether this was the result of superb coaching or his own gut instinct, but when it was Bush's turn to speak, he treated the camera as if it were an intimate, as if he and the viewers at home were in league against a hectoring wind machine. Gore's deafening, indiscriminate blather became so annoying after a while that whatever Bush said, no matter how disjointed or tottering the syntax, came as a palpably physical relief, like cool rain after a broiling sun. Bush was so sly and deft in undercutting Gore that at one point I said to myself, "This is like Zen!" That is, Bush made himself a reed bending to the wind. He projected modest self-containment -- but it was the strategy of a fox. ......"


MSNBC 10/23/00 "....... George W appeared today in Kansas City to a roaring, exuberant crowd lining the airport and filling the hall which he and four Governors used for the first day of their "Barnstorm for Reform" campaign. ......After outlining his major issues, he began throwing out some new and wonderful soundbites, sure to draw attention! Here are some which were most memorable: .......This administration came in with resounding promise....but they're going out with a SIGH! For eight years Al Gore has been the second greatest obstacle to he wants to be the GREATEST obstacle to reform. He wants to be the OBSTACLE IN CHIEF! During the last debate the vice president answered a young woman (who wanted to know how how the tax cuts would affect her personally) by saying "if you" eight times! You might call it an "Iffy" tax cut. Gore is not offering tax reform...only more tax forms. ......"

Reuters 10/19/00 "..... Former first lady Barbara Bush said on Thursday she was worried Vice President Al Gore would ``hit'' her son, George W. Bush, during their final presidential debate this week. ......In an interview with ABC's ``Good Morning America'' program, Mrs. Bush criticized Gore, the Democratic Party's presidential nominee, for his aggressive stand during the third presidential debate with her son, the Republican choice for president. ``I thought he was going to hit George,'' said Mrs. Bush, wife of former President George Bush. ``It sort of scared me.'' ....."

The New York Times 10/22/00 Maureen Dowd "…….. Sure, they hate Bill Clinton in the swing states and they can't abide him in the rural counties, but nobody's perfect. In the Gore campaign, the president is known as "the ice on our wings." ……..But just wait. That supercilious Nashville crowd is going to have to let Mr. Clinton do a little more than get-out-the-vote rallies and ads. They're going to have to let the big dog run. …….. When Mr. Clinton is asked about his role in the campaign of his vice president, who refuses to campaign with him, he says, "I just want to do whatever is best." But you can see the pop-up bubble: "Give me a shot at Bush. I can take him." ……We all knew that Bill Clinton was going to make this election about himself sooner or later. This is a man with needs. Unquenchable needs. …."

Drudge Report 10/19/00 ".....In an interview with a weekly gay publication, President Clinton says homosexuals stood by his side during impeachment because they understood what it was like to be "publicly humiliated and abused." Asked by The Advocate magazine how he felt about the support he received during the scandal from gays, Clinton said it "came from the same wellspring of experience that prompted so many African-Americans to stick with me - they've been there." Expressing his lingering frustration with the investigation of his affair with a White House intern that nearly brought down his presidency, Clinton likens the vigilance of his opponents with those who have persecuted gays, blacks and other minorities. ....."

The Boston Phoenix 10/19/00 Seth Gitell "…….But there's nothing surprising about what's been taking place over the past two weeks. ……… On the contrary, anyone who's followed news of the Middle East peace talks has been expecting something like this. President Bill Clinton, who's governed with one eye on opinion polls and the other on the history books, has orchestrated the peace process for the past five years. It was only a matter of time before his superficial approach -- motivated in large part by the accolades he believed he'd get by negotiating peace -- led to armed strife. People who follow the situation carefully are wondering why it didn't happen sooner. ……. AS A close observer of Clinton's role in the Middle East peace talks (I covered the Middle East for four years at the national Jewish weekly the Forward), I can say with confidence that since Clinton realized he might gain special recognition for his role in the peace talks -- perhaps even win a Nobel Peace Prize -- his strategy has been to ignore simmering hostilities in the region in favor of high-profile signing ceremonies whenever possible. (Since he's been in office, we've seen at least seven of these ceremonies -- not including the Balkans' ill-fated Dayton agreement. That's more than those held by the previous three presidents combined.) In negotiating these signings, Clinton seemed to operate on the theory that if he treated Yasir Arafat, the chairman of the Palestinian Authority, as if he were a statesman -- ignoring considerable evidence to the contrary -- then Arafat would act like one. Unfortunately, reality has wedged itself between Clinton and his dreams………Clinton's ambition led him to get involved with every aspect of the peace negotiations. In most successful bargaining sessions -- such as the one that produced the original Oslo agreement -- you let the small fry work out the deal and don't bring in the big cheese until it's done. But Clinton not only wants to be there at the end, he wants to do the job of Dennis Ross, the State Department bureaucrat who has worked on this issue since the Bush administration. Clinton likes to be in on these talks because he thinks his personal skill and charm -- which have wooed friends and disarmed Republicans -- will win the negotiators over. ……The president has treated the centuries-old hostilities in the Middle East as if they were the budget deal or welfare reform. …... "

The Boston Phoenix 10/19/00 Seth Gitell "…….TO FULLY understand the implications of Clinton's superficial approach to the peace process, it's important to comprehend just what he's done. Generally speaking, he's taken credit for successes he had nothing to do with; he's interfered in Israeli elections; and he's pressured Israel to make concessions before the Israeli and Palestinian people have been ready to accept them. Most significantly, when Arafat's been given an inch, Clinton's let him take a mile. ......... When the Israelis first began negotiating with Palestinians in Oslo in 1993, the Clinton administration knew absolutely nothing about it. The talks, which grew into the Oslo peace accord, took Clinton completely by surprise. That, of course, didn't stop him from taking credit for the agreement -- and milking it for all it was worth. (Remember all the press coverage of Clinton pushing Rabin toward Arafat for that famous handshake?) ……..The idea behind that agreement was simple. The Palestinians would gain land and a degree of autonomy over their political lives; in return, they promised to give up violence and hateful rhetoric and work out disagreements peacefully. The reason Arafat came to the table -- and, later, to the Rose Garden for the signing ceremony -- wasn't that he liked Bill Clinton. It was that he saw the handwriting on the wall. When the Cold War ended and the Soviet Union dissolved, Arab nations lost their primary financial patron. The humiliating defeat of the Iraqi juggernaut in 1991 showed that America was willing to stand by its allies and risk lives for what it believed in. Meanwhile, the Palestinian uprising in the West Bank and Gaza, which began in 1987, had petered out. Arafat had no choice but to cut a deal with Israel. ….. 10/18/00 Thomas Jipping "……Maybe Al Gore was not always a liar, but he sure is one now. And the dangerous thing is that Gore's lies are worse than Clinton's lies. …… Bill Clinton lied about many, many things and a lot of Clinton's lies had two common characteristics. They were about very personal things and they were usually denials of things he had been accused of doing. That is, Clinton's lies were at least based in reality. ……Al Gore's lies are different. Many of them are about public, rather than private, things and many of them are claims he did, things he did not do or that things happened that did not happen. …. And another curious difference is that while Clinton's lies were in settings that exposed him to potentially serious consequences, Gore's lies are in settings that potentially allow him to get away with his lies entirely. ……Gore lies about everything, private or public, denials or assertions, when it's important and when it's just plain silly to lie. He lies on the fly, not in the calculated, deliberate way that Clinton lied. Gore seems to be living a lie, not just telling lies. In this way, while Clinton lied a lot, Gore is truly a liar. And that's worse. ….." 10/18/00 Paul Sperry "…….When his son was hit by a car and severely injured 11 years ago, the accident "changed my priorities totally," Al Gore told Oprah Winfrey last month. "I remember sitting in the hospital looking at my schedule book for the first time," said Gore, then a U.S. senator. "All of these things for the next month had felt so weighty when I put them on the schedule. When I exhaled they just blew off the schedule, light as feathers. They didn't matter anymore." "It was a great lesson for me," he said. "Now family is first." ……… But not long after Gore says he had his bedside epiphany, he sent his Senate staff scrambling for a more family-friendly shirt just minutes before a photo op he arranged the day his 6-year-old son was discharged from the hospital, say sources familiar with the 1989 press conference. …..Hospital staffers who witnessed the behind-the-scenes maneuvering were "appalled" at what seemed to be Gore's calculating behavior in the middle of a heart-rending family crisis -- behavior that would show up again later in his political life, fitting into a pattern. It was no secret that Gore, coming off a failed bid for the White House in 1988, was angling for another run, and seeking more press exposure. ……. The staff at the Baltimore hospital where Albert Gore III was treated were shocked, first, that Gore would want to even hold a press conference after Tipper Gore had insisted on maintaining their "privacy," and then, that he almost held up the televised news event fussing over what style of shirt to wear. ….."

NewsMax 10/18/00 Dan Frisa "……. Well, what can you say about a candidate who stomps around the stage spouting arcane legislative minutia while constantly interrupting the moderator? Not much, and that's why Al Gore did nothing to help his faltering candidacy during the final presidential debate with George W. Bush held in St. Louis, Missouri. ……… On several occasions moderator Jim Lehrer, host of the News Hour on PBS, had to admonish Gore to follow the rules of the debate, as agreed to by both candidates, because he continually interrupted, attempted to extend the time allotted, or otherwise behaved as his usual obnoxious self. ….. Bush, on the other hand, wisely and purposefully did not overreact to Gore's obvious desire to goad him into losing his cool. Actually, the more Gore pressed and prodded, the calmer Bush became, projecting a rational and mature countenance in the face of Crazy Al's sophomoric antics. ……Therein lies the whole story. Al Gore has a natural inability to be genuine, to demonstrate empathy, or to seem comfortable with himself. And people instinctively know it. George Bush is at ease with himself, exudes a quiet confidence, and is able to connect with people. And people know that, too......."

The Weekly Standard 10/18/00 Bill Kristol "…… Tonight Al Gore was obnoxious, overbearing and off-putting. He also tied himself in knots trying to make the case for continuity without acknowledging the existence of the president whose policies Gore intends to continue. Crippled by his own personality and by the burden of trying at once to run as the heir and not the heir of his successful but impeached boss, Gore lost the debate and, most likely, the presidency………"


The Weekly Standard 10/18/00 Christopher Caldwell "……. Gore was right to revert to the pit-bull personality of Debate #1. It gives him access to his speaking strengths. But since those strengths are in the realm of invective rather than argument, he winds up winning minds while repelling hearts. The preening egotism of the man! Gore's most repulsive moments came early: He opened it with a tribute to late Missouri governor Mel Carnahan that was all about Al Gore. He swaggered up to Bush and heaved out his chest as if he were trying to start a barroom brawl, a piece of bullying Bush defused nicely with a quizzical look and a "hello there" nod. Then Gore waved off a perfectly sensible question about whether the U.S. military was overextended, in order to barrel ahead with all the autobiographical bragging he'd failed to fit into his previous answer: "Just to finish . . . I was on the National Security Council . . ." Some of the bragging may have helped: Gore's looking over at Bush as he described his service in Vietnam, for instance……." 11/3/00 Tony Snow ".......Bill Clinton hit the hustings in the final days of his final campaign, only to discover the magic was gone. Crowds didn't mob him as before. Reporters didn't cover him as before. When he spoke, the earth didn't quiver and quake -- but Al Gore did. ........ Even if we didn't need a reminder, the president provided one last week. In an interview slated to appear in an upcoming issue of Esquire, he whined that Republicans owed him an apology for impeachment. ......Let's get this right: The man dropped his pants in the Oval Office. He pleasured himself at a sink. He multitasked with Monica while discussing troop movements in Bosnia with Rep. Sonny Montgomery. When word leaked out, he lied to

a) his wife,

b) his daughter,

c) his friends,

d) his Cabinet,

e) the American public,

f) a court of law and

g) anyone not mentioned above. He tried to intimidate witnesses. His office planted vicious news stories about that woman, Ms. Lewinsky. And when he survived, he claimed he did what he did because he wanted to save the Constitution of the United States! .......It is hard to take seriously a man who ruts in the Oval Office, let alone revises history to describe his swiving as the democratic version of Horatius at the bridge. ......"

BUSINESS WIRE 10/31/00 "…..The following is a statement by Esquire magazine Editor-in-Chief David Granger regarding yesterday's comments by President Clinton that the magazine violated an agreement on releasing an interview with the President: "Esquire is extremely grateful to President Clinton for the time he gave to writer Michael Paterniti. The interview is extraordinary. …… "Regarding the timing of its release, there was no embargo requested by the White House, and the magazine otherwise had no formal agreement with the White House regarding the timing of the release of the article or the interview, other than that it was agreed that the president would be the cover subject of the magazine's December issue. As we always do with newsworthy stories, we released information about our interview prior to the on-sale date. ……"

WSJ 10/31/00 "….. "President Clinton is mighty ticked off at Esquire magazine. Yesterday, you'll recall, we learned that he had given the magazine an embarrassing interview in which he demanded an apology from Republicans for impeaching him. Now he says the magazine betrayed his trust. …. They LIED to him. Just flat-out lied! Is there no honor left in this country? …….. "Mr. President, we can relate. Let us tell you what happened to us a few years ago. We hired a fellow to do an important job, and this guy was charming and gifted, but he had - how do we put this delicately? - a 'character problem.' ……"Apparently his marriage was on the rocks, and he was always hitting on women at the office, in violation of our sexual-harassment policy. Anyway, to make a long story short, he ended up having an improper relationship with a very young woman on the staff, and when we caught him at it, he looked us in the eye, waved his finger and lied to us. It gets worse. There was also a lawsuit, and he lied in a deposition, and then he lied under oath to a grand jury that was conducting a criminal investigation. That's not only dishonest, it's against the law! "We seriously considered firing him but in the end decided just to let his contract expire. (And get this--now he wants us to give his WIFE a job!) ……."Don't get us wrong, Mr. President. We don't mean to suggest that our little experience with this problem employee was as serious as the perfidy you've suffered at the hands of Esquire magazine. All we're saying is, we feel your pain." ….."

National Review Online 10/31/00 Jonah Goldberg "…… As you may have heard, the December issue of Esquire features an extensive "Exit Interview" with Bill Clinton in which the president asks Republicans to apologize for impeaching him. Putting that aside for a moment, let's talk about the cover, which has Esquire, the White House, and the Gore campaign either scrambling, fuming, or back-peddling. ……. As you may have heard, the cover photo of Clinton is special. The camera angle is shot from the, er, belt-buckle level. The leader of the free world sits with his legs akimbo and has his hands on his knees; his wedding ring appearing prominently. The president's bright blue tie, as many have pointed out, seems to be pointed like an arrow to an anatomical area that has been the subject of considerable conversation - and subpoenas - in recent years. The most disquieting thing, though, is the president's smile. It's not quite a smile, actually. It's a smirk. Showing no teeth, it is simultaneously smugly satisfied and vaguely sexual, like a he's thinking of the punch line to a dirty joke that he won't share. ….." 11/2/00 ".....Word has it that President Clinton is getting a mite testy these days. Some say it's because his tenure in office is nearing an end and he "didn't get all he wanted to do accomplished." I say if that's the case, thank God for small favors. Whatever it is, it's obvious Clinton is less than enamored with his impending lame duck status. After Nov. 7, it'll all be over but the fumigating. So much for the perpetual campaign mentality that has besieged this man's every mortal fiber since the mid-1970s. ..... In a separate CNN interview published Tuesday, Clinton was his usual "I've done nothing wrong" pathological self about the whole issue of impeachment -- why it happened, what led to it, and the details of it. Even in his pseudo-apology to the nation after his "I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky" lie to the nation, Clinton's voice is tinged with malice, his demeanor filled with resentment and arrogance. Much like a three-year-old. ...... "

The Associated Press 11/2/00 Ron Fournier "…..Bill Clinton took his most active role in the presidential campaign to date, visiting a crucial state Thursday and pronouncing Al Gore ``the next best thing'' to electing Clinton himself to a third term. ……" via 10/31/00 Carl Limbacher "...... President Clinton says congressional Republicans owe the nation an apology for his impeachment. The lame duck president also said that, despite statements by Republicans, the matter of impeachment is over. "They haven't necessarily put their abuse of power behind them," Clinton said. ......... When told of the Clinton comments on the impeachment issue, Senator Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-MS) said, "That's absolutely bizarre, but it shows you something about his thinking and the judgment that he has. Look, he disgraced the office. He did things in the Oval Office that just absolutely are still incredible, and then he lied about it. You know, we didn't want to go through it. Lott also said on ABC's This Week on Sunday, "If there is any apology to be made, he owes it over and over again for what he put the country through." ....."

N.Y. Times News Service 10/30/00 Marc Lacey "…… President Clinton said Monday that Esquire magazine violated an agreement with the White House when it decided to publish a lengthy interview with him before the presidential election -- including his contention that Republicans owe the country an apology for their failed effort to remove him from office. …… "Unlike them," Clinton said in the interview, referring to his congressional critics, "I have apologized to the American people for what I did wrong, and most Americans think I paid a pretty high price. They never apologized to the country for impeachment. They never apologized for all the things they've done." The president's comments, which have circulated in news reports and on the Internet in recent days, came at an importune time for the Gore campaign, which has been doing everything it can to avoid the taboo subject of impeachment. …….Sen. Trent Lott, the Republican majority leader, rejected the president's request for an apology in an interview on Sunday on ABC's "This Week." "It shows you something about his thinking and the judgment that he has," Lott said. "Look, he disgraced the office. He did things in the Oval Office that are absolutely still incredible, and he lied about it." ……"

Newsmax 10/27/00 Dr. James Hirsen , J.D., Ph.D. "…… With impeachment as the backdrop, Bill Clinton crowed about the conduct of the White House during his unprecedented period of turmoil. He proudly proclaimed, "We saved the Constitution." Leave it to the president to declare that a heap of manure is really a storehouse of jewels. A certain segment of the population and nearly all of the mainstream media will believe, or pretend to believe, that is exactly what they see. …… The utter tragedy is that, when the sun finally sets on this presidency, subsequent presidents, legislators, judges, and other leaders of the nation will have their work cut out for them in trying to restore the basic integrity of the Constitution. ……Obscured by the sheer number of scandals that have sprung up like weeds during Clinton's tenure lies a misapplication of the very office of the presidency. It is the blatant misuse of executive orders that may end up leaving the deepest scar. ……." 10/27/00 Carl Limbacher "….. In a phone conversation with a trusted friend earlier this week, President Clinton hinted that if Vice President Al Gore loses the election, he might make another run for the White House himself. ……… The Constitution would seem to forclose that option: "No president shall be elected to the office of President more than twice," the twenty-second amendment states clearly. Then again, the lesson imparted by eight years of the first Clinton presidency is just as clear: Laws are made to be broken. ……"

TIME Inc Hugh Sidey12/22/00 "..... In 1989, President Bush had horseshoe pits installed at the White House. We know that President Bush was a competitive man, and in his later life, he turned to chess, golf and horsehoes to satisfy his sporting nature. A pair of Horseshoe pits is all that is needed, and they take up little space. ...... After Bill Clinton became our 42nd President, he did the unthinkable. Out of spite, he had President Bush's Horseshoe pits removed from the White House grounds. It was a malicious action with no thinkable reasoning. It was one of the first indications that the Clintons percieved their political foes as personal enemies. It was simply unprecedented and inexcusable to modern day historians......." 12/26/00 Carl Limbacher "..... As first lady, Hillary Clinton had a habit of raging at even senior White House aides, hurling personal insults designed to belittle and humiliate them in front of their colleagues, according to former White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers. ...... Myers lifted the lid on Mrs. Clinton's long rumored nasty temper in an amazingly candid interview with, which gathered the accounts of several former White House staffers to commemorate the end of the Clinton administration. ........"Mrs. Clinton wanted to know what was going on and she looked at George," reports Myers. "And George began to make the argument that we'd all been making and nobody backed him up. Nobody backed him up. Everyone just sat there and let George take the beating, you know. ...... "And Mrs. Clinton got really angry," said Myers. "She attacked George, which everyone knew was coming, which is why I guess nobody was willing to ride in there to the rescue.... Here were twelve people in the room who all basically agreed and only one of them was willing to stand up and tell her what she had asked. And that took a lot of courage." ......"

Newsmax 12/15/00 Robert Novak "....In keeping with his performance over the past five weeks, it took some 10 hours of conferences and meditation for Al Gore to recognize that the U.S. Supreme Court had finally closed the door on his presidential hopes. Contrary to the Gore campaign's statement late Tuesday night, the 5-4 majority's opinion is neither "complex" nor "lengthy." It could be read in half an hour, and it unequivocally left no legal options for Vice President Gore to pursue the challenge that was unmistakably his own.. .....This is the sad legacy of Al Gore after 24 years of public life. In the absence of any vision other than lifelong ambition to enter the Oval Office, he will be remembered as the principal cause of the great 2000 deadlock. The costs included ridicule throughout the world, deeper racial tensions, the U.S. Supreme Court forced into the political maelstrom and costly stock market losses. A passive general election mood was transformed into post-election anger in the political community. ....."

Weekly Standard 8/7/00 Noemie Emery "...... The world, as Al Gore sees it, is a fairly strange place: a logic-free zone, where irreconcilables are described as identical, the past is subject to revision, and reality barely exists. ......Admittedly, this place -- which San Francisco newspaper columnist Debra Saunders, in The World According to Gore, calls "Goredom" -- is different from Clintonville, which is a place of evasions, illusions, half-truths, and subtleties. In Goredom, nothing is subtle; all has the finesse and indirection of a hammer blow. Pieties are ponderous, humor is leaden, machine guns are used to dispatch insects, and lies are more than bald-faced. It is ruled throughout by the famous "Gore Disconnect" -- the gap between fact and image, between Gore's own views on various issues, between what Gore claims and what others remember, and between the prescriptions Gore lays out for others and the things he does for himself. For years, it has been conventional wisdom that Gore is the "good" Clinton, a "moderate" clone, only honest and stable. On the basis of Saunders's book -- and prior ones by Bill Turque and Bob Zelnick -- that needs revision. Gore's flaws are no fewer than Clinton's; they merely are different. And in some ways, they are worse. ....."

Nando Times 10/13/00 Betsy Hart "……But what struck me most in the fevered news reports and discussions surrounding his lies was that the press used and still uses euphemisms for the vice president's lying, phrases such as "habitual exaggerations" or "truth-stretching." This supposedly describes everything from his claims that he helped create the strategic petroleum reserve to his non-existent outing with James Lee Witt to inspect Texas wildfires to dozens of others fabrications. ……. Such a characterization allows Gore's lies to be put in the category of the "tall-tales" that "all politicians tell." It's true that in the last few days, with the election at stake, Gore seems to be making a Herculean effort to keep the lying under control. But the fact remains that this is not about "tall tales." It's about the risk of electing to the presidency a man who has shown himself to lie pathologically. ….."

New York Daily News 11/5/00 Mike Barnicle "…….. The President leers at us, screaming for attention, from the cover of next month's Esquire, sitting on a stool, a smug smile on his face, his legs spread, the photograph looking like it could have been taken for Hustler. In the magazine interview, he tells us the Republicans owe the country an apology for impeaching him, his words opening old wounds and reminding people of past sins. He will not go quietly into some Chappaqua night. He is proud and willful and selfish and apparently beyond embarrassment…….. He is a man whose many talents never included the truth. For someone with such confidence, he was reluctant to go outdoors without being armed with information from some focus group or pollster. Sadly, instinct and belief took second place to positioning and imagery.......Perhaps the saddest aspect of his eight years in office, though, isn't the "what might have been," it's the fact that he actually invaded our privacy and allowed us to know too much. His sex life became part of some ludicrous interactive game played between the President and the public. A large part of the blame belongs to him; he gleefully answered questions about whether he wore boxers or briefs at the same moment he disingenuously swore he'd never broken the laws of his country by smoking a joint…….He became the first President of the United States ……"

New York Post 11/5/00 Vincent Morris "......Al Gore yesterday spoke of salvation and painted the election as a choice between good and evil as he urged black voters to help him win his home state of Tennessee on Tuesday. "I am taught that deep within us we have the capacity for good and evil. I am taught that good overcomes evil if we choose that outcome . . . I feel it coming," Gore said as he predicted victory in Tennessee. ...... Bush spokeswoman Karen Hughes blasted Gore's remarks as "beyond the bounds of responsible political discourse." ......"

Reuters via Independent Online 1/4/01 "...... Rome - Pope John Paul II was quoted on Thursday as saying the only world leader he was never really able to have a proper conversation with was outgoing US President Bill Clinton. In a wide-ranging interview published on Thursday in Italian weekly magazine Oggi, the surgeon who operated on the Pope in 1994 said the 80-year-old Pontiff had revealed details of some of his encounters during relaxed conversations......."

Washington Times 1/5/01 "….. Nearly everyone fortunate enough to get a solo audience with the pope has no trouble paying attention. But not, according to Pope John Paul II, President Clinton. In an interview published in Italian weekly magazine Oggi, the surgeon who operated on the pope in 1994 said the 80-year-old pontiff had revealed details of some relaxed conversations. Dr. Gianfranco Fineschi said the pope told him: "The only leader I did not manage to have a proper conversation with was Clinton. I was speaking, and he was looking at one of the walls, admiring the frescoes and the paintings. "He was not listening to me." …."

The Associated Press 1/2/01 Mike Recht ".....A newly elected Republican state lawmaker has enraged his constituents, party leaders and police by saying he favors killing police officers when they cross the line. One police chief calls him ``a hate-mongering lunatic.'' Tom Alciere, 41, won a seat in the New Hampshire House on his fourth try after a low-key campaign last fall. It wasn't until Sunday that his constituents in Nashua learned of his anti-police views. ...... Alciere told the Valley News of Lebanon that he loves it when someone kills a police officer: ``It's unfortunate that cops do make it necessary (to kill them) when they're waging a war on drugs, and I view cops as enemy officers.'' He said he is ``too chicken'' to do it himself. ....."

Washington Post 1/3/01 Robert Samuelson "......The Clinton paradox is this: Rarely has a president so dominated the public stage and so little affected the public agenda. His central failure lay not in what he did -- which wasn't much -- but in what he deliberately avoided. As the first baby boomer president, he had a historic opportunity to prepare for his own generation's retirement. The task was to redraw the political compact between workers and retirees by modernizing Social Security and Medicare. Clinton didn't try, and worse, he consistently obstructed others in both parties who did. ....."

AP 1/3/01 Mike Recht "...... CONCORD, N.H. (AP) A newly elected state lawmaker has inflamed his constituents, party leaders and police after the revelation that he encourages killing police officers. One police chief called him ''a hate-mongering lunatic.'' ..... Tom Alciere, 41, won a seat in the 400-member New Hampshire House in November on his fourth try after a low-key campaign. But it wasn't until Sunday when his constituents in Nashua's Ward 4 learned of his vehement antagonism toward the police. ...... In an interview published in the Valley News of Lebanon, Alciere said he loves it when someone kills a police officer, but is ''too chicken'' to do it himself. ''It's unfortunate that cops do make it necessary (to kill them) when they're waging a war on drugs, and I view cops as enemy officers,'' he said. .........Shadowed by reporters and camera crews as the Legislature convened Wednesday, Alciere held a lunchtime news conference to again reject calls that he resign. ''I am not a nut,'' he said. ....."

New york Post 1/4/1 Dick Morris ".....BRITISH political philosopher Isaiah Berlin once classified all thinkers as either hedgehogs or foxes. Hedgehogs have only one big idea; foxes have lots of little ideas. That analysis beautifully describes the difference between Bill Clinton's and George W. Bush's styles of thinking. ........ Policy, to Clinton, is an endless collection of details. He does not think clearly about big things. When he tries, he gets mired in process - as with his race initiative - and never finds his way out. Foreign policy? Clinton never had one. Instead he had an endless collection of specific ideas....... Ronald Reagan had only one idea. A prototypical hedgehog, he knew only one thing - that competition worked better than government control. This idea powered the United States to a Cold War victory and helped us recover our sense of mission and greatness. He knew one thing and left everything else for others to implement. .......Bush II is a thinker like Reagan. He knows only one thing - that conservatism must be a way to help the needy, not to pad the wealthy. Unlike his father, whose thinking style was more a collection of details like Clinton's, Dubya keeps his attention focused on his central theme and lets others fill in the blanks. ......."

New york Post 1/4/1 Dick Morris ".....Presidential styles differ according to Berlin's construct. Wilson, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan and Bush II are hedgehogs, possessed of one big idea, leaving the details to others. Carter, Ford, Bush I, Clinton, and, I suspect, Kennedy, were foxes, filled with small ideas which they hoped to aggregate into concepts. ........., Liberal intellectuals smugly say that Bush II or Reagan are shallow. They often mistake an ability to rise above detail as cerebral laziness. ......Clinton had a hard time making decisions. His knowledge of the details was so encyclopedic, his grasp of specifics so incredibly profound, that he often experienced paralysis by analysis. ......One suspects that Bush II will have no difficulty making decisions. He will likely outline directions, vectors, in broad strokes and leave the nitty-gritty to others. ......Sometimes he will miss the point. Just as Reagan's broad outlines left his subordinates free to act illegally in swapping arms for hostages, Dubya will frequently find that the details rise up to bite him in the rear. But Bush II will be freer to act, to decide and to move boldly than were either his father or his immediate predecessor. ...."

Judicial Watch 12/28/00 Tom Fitton ".....Judicial Watch has learned through sources that Bill Clinton is seeking improperly to use White House funds to help pay to set up office space in government townhouses across the street from the White House. Clinton plans, according to sources, to use the space for his post-presidency offices. The space, part of the White House complex, is in a Jackson Place townhouse once used by Teddy Roosevelt after he left the presidency. Normally, such offices are for the use of the current administration, and not for the use of a past administration. In other words, according to Judicial Watch's sources, Clinton is trying to ensconce himself in White House complex offices that normally would be used by the incoming Bush Administration. ......... According to these sources, Clinton is trying to use White House funds, rather than lawful funds designated for his post-presidency, to pay for key aspects of his White House complex offices. (Normally, an ex-president uses private office space after he leaves the White House.) .......Judicial Watch's sources on this story are well-placed and have proved reliable in the past. ......"In essence, Bill Clinton has no intention of leaving the White House after his term ends. He seems intent to set up a shadow presidency within the White House complex itself. His improper plan to use White House resources to further his scheme is outright theft of government property. Even in the waning days of his regime, Clinton's lawlessness continues," stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. ...."