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Ken Starr and prosecutorial staff - press materials, Carville declared "war," and White House officials "our continuing campaign to destroy Ken Starr" and "stand up to Starr" campaign.
Gary Aldrich
Matt Drudge - $30m Sid Blumenthal suit
Linda Tripp - death threats, Pentagon information to New Yorker
David Hale - David Pryor
Rep. Barr & Judicial Committee Members - Mulholland
Billy Dale (Travel Office)
State Troopers via Buddy Young (Clinton) - (testified to procuring women)
Three state troopers testified that they or their families were threatened if they talked.
Dolly Kyle Browning testified her brother, a 1992 Clinton campaign worker, warned "we will destroy you" if she talked.
Kathleen Willey - Nathan Landow flew her to his estate, conversation and Michael Viner
Jim Robinson - lawsuit threats
Bruce Bates
Jeff Evans
Margie Gray
Patricia and Glenn Mendoza (shouted remark at president)
William E. Kelly (Chicago)
Kent Masterson Brown
Walter Gazecki
Shelly Davis
Chief Petty Officer Kathleen Janoski
Lt. Col Steve Cogswell
Lt. Col David Hause
Maj. Thomas Parsons
John Deutch
R. James Woolsey
Gordon Oehler
Frederick Whitehurst
Dennis Patrick
Jean Duffey
Richard Jewell
Jack Wickman

Education and Information Project: Judicial Watch has subpoenaed from James Carville 38,698 pages of documents and 5,000 pages of computer diskettes, which reveal a well organized and financed opposition research effort. Records include voting and driving records, court documents, mortgages, deeds, rumor information. Some documents were faxed to Carville from Kendall, Blumenthal and Begala. The following names are on the list:

1 Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr
2 Senator Fred Thompson (R-TN)
3 Independent Counsel Donald Smaltz
4 Senator Lauch Faircloth (R-NC)
5 House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA)
6 Pat Robertson
7 Congressman Henry Hyde (R-IL)
8 David Brock
9 Philanthropist Richard Mellon Scaife
10 Floyd Brown
11 Olin Foundation
12 Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR)
13 Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA)
14 Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN)
15 L. Brent Bozell III
16 David Bossie
17 Common Cause
18 Kathleen Willey
19 Susan Carpenter McMillan
20 Jacob Stein
21 Gil Davis
22 Judge David Sentelle
23 David Hale
24 Jim Guy Tucker
25 Dick Morris
26 Paula Jones
27 Richard DeVos
28 Citizens for Honest Government
29 Lamar Alexander
30 Bradley Foundation
31 Bill Bennett
32 Senator Jesse Helms (R-NC)
33 Landmark Legal Foundation
34 Congressman Bob Barr
35 Concord Coalition
36 Joe DiGenova

7/2/98 Robert Novak on Carville's Intelligency Agency ".On Jan. 24, 1996, Lisa Caputo of Mrs. Clinton's office transmitted to Carville questions-and-answers about Whitewater. On July 1, 1997, senior White House aide John Podesta sent him the resignation letter of the House investigating committee's chief counsel. On July 15, 1997, communications aide Ruby Shamir faxed a copy of a Ken Starr news release concerning the Vince Foster investigation. Much of the White House documents were sent to Glen Weiner, who in November 1996 left the Democratic National Committee to join Carville's Education and Information Project. In August 1997, Weiner switched over to the White House communications research office. To underscore the symbiotic relationship, Weiner now works for Tom Janenda, who was a Carville lieutenant in previous campaigns. Some of the material was tailored for Carville -- including an annotated copy of my July 7, 1997, column faxed to Weiner. Somebody at the White House went to the trouble of preparing for Carville "Points on Novak," refuting my criticism of the Treasury's statistics in fighting Republican tax cuts. On Dec. 9, 1996, Weiner received an e-mail from Eric Berman, a master of opposition research then working at the Democratic National Committee. Berman prepared a four-and-a-half page, single-spaced rundown on Hyde, noting that he defended Oliver North and opposed the Vietnam War Memorial. Two full pages were devoted to a since-settled government lawsuit against Hyde as a savings and loan director -- material for attack-dog Carville. "I've never seen it," Carville told me. Such help for Carville from the Clinton establishment continues -- as recently as June 17 from David Kendall, the president's lead defense lawyer and his top personal strategist. Material subpoenaed by Judicial Watch shows that Kendall's pricey Williams & Connolly law firm prepared for Carville a five-page Freedom of Information request for submission to Starr."


Stinson said he received a call from a 60 Minutes producer who told him, among other things, "We just want to nail Ruddy."

On Larry King, Carville indicated he had inside knowledge of Justice Department investigations "I don't know what the judge did yesterday; I'm not privy to that. But I know that the White House -- I KNOW ONE THING: he's under investigation right now by the Justice Department; probably going be under investigation about something else."

The new magazine Content which was billed as a journalistic watchdog publication, in its first issue made railing accusations against Ken Starr which were subsequently emphatically denied by Starr. Notably, Steven Brill, the publisher did not disclose his campaign contributions to President Clinton and other Democratic candidates. Numerous other publications and reporters assailed the article using such terms as "utterly garbarge" "fundamentally dishonest" "slimy" - others said they were "mischaracterized" - others asked for retractions.

Wallaby found in Jack O'Dwyer's Newsletter dated August 13, 1997 MEDIA NEWS; Vol 30 No 32 Pg 3 "Steven Brill, founder of Court TV and American Lawyer magazine, and Donald A. Baer, who is White House Communications director and strategic planning chief, have joined up to start a media magazine next year, called Connect. Baer was an editor at U.S. News & World Report before joining the Clinton Administration in 1994. "

Producers Michael Radutzky and Trevel Nelson courted Willey to tell her story on 60 Minutes and a key selling point was the changing story of Julie Steele, who was (they believed) being pressured by the White House into changing her account in her affidavit in the Paula Jones case, which was drafted with help from the president's lawyers. There was apparent pressure concerning Steele's adoption of a boy in Romania, whether the procedure was handled properly. Radutzky and Nelson had shown up at Steele's house, and when they raised the adoption issue "she really freaked," says her lawyer, Nancy Luque.

In a video taped deposition for Judicial Watch, James Carville admitted that on the day before Kathleen Willey's appearance on 60 Minutes, that he consulted with Clinton about their damage control plan and what they could release on Willey.

Kendall hired private eye Terry Lenzner of Investigative Group International, who also dug dirt on Paula Jones, to do a thorough investigation of Lewinsky's past, according to the Washington Post.

In a 6/29/98 Washington Weekly exclusive by Wesley Phelan: "Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch on Friday, June 26, deposed J. Lowe Davis, to whom New Yorker reporter Jane Mayer attributed information about a 1969 arrest of Linda Tripp. J. Lowe Davis admits telling Mayer that her former husband and Linda Tripp's father, Albert Caretenuto, had once bailed Linda Tripp out of jail. But Davis claims not to be the source of other quotes attributed to her by Mayer. " Also in the interview, Klayman said that the documents obtained from Carville (Education and Information Project) indicate that the information comes from many sources and that if the information sent to him from the White House comes from identifiable files of the White House, it may constitute a violation of the Privacy Act which may have both civil and criminal remedies. Klayman also said that the smear campaign used a Washington Post editor William Hamilton who is the husband of Jane Mayer who is a former colleague of Sidney Blumenthal. In deposition, Ms Davis remembered little more than her former husband and Tripp's father once bailed Linda out of jail. Many of the quotes in Mayer's second article did not come from Davis. And, the Tony Snow article raised the question of whether the source of the form: Pentagon or White House.

7/6/98 Washington Weekly Marvin Lee "Terry Good, head of the White House Office of Records Management last week admitted that he had been ordered by the White House Counsel to pull the file of Linda Tripp after the Lewinsky story broke in January. The admission was made under oath during a deposition by Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch. "There appears to be a concerted effort by the Clinton administration to use government files to harm and intimidate perceived grand jury witnesses," stated Larry Klayman. The files of Kathleen Willey and Monica Lewinsky were pulled as well."

4/5/98 Washington Weekly concerning FreeRepublic Jim Robinson ". But Caroline Little's (Washington Post General Counsel) cease-and-desist letter has not been an isolated event. Over the past several months, Robinson has received similar letters, almost identical in fact, from news organizations Times Mirror, Dow Jones, and Reuters..Orchestrating these attacks is the law firm of Debevoise & Plimpton.The name of Debevoise & Plimpton popped up recently during the Filegate deposition of Clinton private eye Terry Lenzner. Lenzner revealed under oath that he had been retained by Debevoise & Plimpton to perform investigations of a political nature. Lenzner has admitted that he performs research on White House critics. Debevoise & Plimton is the law firm of the Democratic National Committee, and has conducted most of the investigation of illegal foreign contributions received by the DNC. For this work, the DNC owes Debevoise & Plimton $6 million..Jim Robinson is no less combative in the face of attempts to threaten and intimidate him. As a modern-day Patrick Henry, he defiantly declares from his wheelchair: "They'll have to pry my keyboard from my cold dead fingers."

6/29/98 The Weekly Standard Tucker Carlson ".Destroying a person's reputation is messy work, and not everyone in the White House enjoyed it. "Whenever I went off the facts and into attacks on Starr, I felt very uncomfortable," says Lanny Davis, who must have spent much of his tenure as special counsel to the president feeling uncomfortable. Nevertheless, the strategy worked. By the time Monica Lewinsky became famous, Starr's approval ratings were below even D'Amato's.. Davis says, suddenly sounding quite sober, even repentant, on the subject. "I think the temptation, which I have shared in, is to characterize the report ahead of time as a political document. The facts ultimately are going to determine the outcome here, and we ought to focus on those facts once the report is issued." ."

7/7/98 Landmark Legal Foundation president, Mark R. Levin: ".The point is, if Maryland courts are not willing to recognize a violation of this law in a civil case without a showing of actual intent, they certainly won't recognize it in a criminal case where the standard is far more stringent. Levin added, "This raises serious questions about the timing and motives behind Mr. Montanarelli's actions - on the same day Tripp is testifying before a federal grand jury. Federal investigators need to determine if Mr. Montanarelli's announcement today is intended to influence or intimidate Tripp. "

7/8/98 The Dodge County News Ken Carroll "Jane Mayer's story on Linda Tripp has fallen apart. The timing was far too convenient and it was never well-constructed anyway. .So, how did Ms. Mayer get the scoop on this long forgotten incident? Good question. In fact, it's such a good question, there are two answers! Ms. Mayer's original statement was that Tripp's former step-mother contacted her with the information. Mayer claims she then checked it out and used it in her story. Ah, but not so, says Tripp's former step-mother, a liberal newspaper columnist based in Pensacola, Florida. She says Mayer called her up and asked her comment on the arrest story. Mayer also claimed to have gotten other information in her story from Tripp's personnel records Yet the language in one doesn't square in the other. So, there are two important questions here if we think for ourselves: 1) Where DID the story idea come from, and 2) Why did Mayer lie about the origin of her information? .it seems the information may have come straight out of Bill Clinton's Office of the White House Counsel. .in another story, reported in The Washington Weekly.Terry Good, the head of the White House Office of Records Management has admitted under oath that he complied with orders from the office of the White House counsel and pulled Linda Tripp's personnel file.Larry Klayman, of Judicial Watch, was quoted by The Washington Weekly as stating, "There appears to be a concerted effort by the Clinton Administration to use government files to harm and intimidate perceived grand jury witnesses." Files on Monica Lewinski and Kathleen Willey were also pulled. ."

Time Daily 7/10/98 Frank Pellegrini "Linda Tripp certainly looks as if she's under siege. According to CNN.Michael Weisskopf says that Special Prosecutor Ken Starr's interest in Tripp will probably trump any state investigation. "It's more than likely the grand jury in Maryland will not get hold of any tapes because Starr's is a federal investigation," Weisskopf says. And Montanarelli's chances for reeling in Tripp herself aren't much better. "Tripp received immunity when she agreed to cooperate with Starr. That immunity would likely be relevant to state as well as federal investigations."."

Maryland State Prosecutor Stephen Montanarelli opened a grand jury probe into whether Tripp broke Maryland law barring taped phone calls unless both parties consent. But his job description is to root out corruption by public officials. Tripp is not a Maryland public official.

7/11/98 Washington Post Bill Miller "A federal judge yesterday ordered the Defense Department to seize and examine the computer of a Pentagon official who has admitted releasing sensitive information contained on Linda R. Tripp's security clearance form. U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth said he acted because the official, Clifford Bernath, deleted numerous documents from his computer in the weeks after his release of information to the New Yorker magazine."

A Commerce ITA Muslim employee, who remains anonymous, was discovered in Freeper research led by Clinton's a liar; she will be speaking with Judicial Watch about her being harassed out of her job, her home phones tapped, etc. - there is documentation.

Washington Times 7/15/98 Bill Sammon "Attorneys for Dolly Kyle Browning, who says she had a long-term affair with President Clinton, accused the president yesterday of defaming her and warned him to reach a settlement by July 27 or face a civil lawsuit."

Rush Limbaugh 7/15/98 Summarized "Tim Russert on NBC Today Show this morning says Clinton White House threatening USSS not to testify; Russert says the USSS "facilitated" liasons for Clinton like Arkansas State Troopers. Starr may be investigating if USSS facilitated and covered up."

7/17/98 Washington Times Bill Sammon "White House officials searched their files for "anything and everything" on Linda R. Tripp after the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, but President Clinton refused to reveal that search to Congress, The Washington Times has learned. Thursday, the chairman of the House Rules Committee referred "this potential obstruction of a Congressional investigation" to independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr. Rep. Gerald B.H. Solomon suspects the White House, after searching its files on Mrs. Tripp, tipped off the New Yorker magazine to damaging information in Mrs. Tripp's personnel file at the Pentagon. "In the Linda Tripp matter, we may be previewing the extent of damage the president's political team is capable of, and apparently intent upon, inflicting," Mr. Solomon wrote to Mr. Starr, adding that it amounted to "intimidation of a federal witness." Days after the New Yorker published sensitive information from Mrs. Tripp's security clearance form in March, Mr. Solomon -- in an attempt to determine if the Tripp leak violated federal law -- asked Mr. Clinton in a letter whether anyone had pulled Mrs. Tripp's White House file, which he said would have contained her security clearance information.. "Because of the seriousness of this unfortunate and illegal occurrence, I look forward to the courtesy of a rapid response," the New York Republican wrote in the letter, dated March 18. According to a Solomon spokesman, Mr. Clinton did not respond. But the answer was revealed June 30 by Terry W. Good, director of White House records management. In a deposition to Judicial Watch.

DRUDGE REPORT 7/20/98 "Last month, CNN producers nudged this reporter off an episode of LARRY KING LIVE. Now a new report provides fresh details of what may have gone done behind-the- scenes at the all-news network on the show that started as a "talk on the future of journalism" -- with Steve Brill, Larry King and myself -- but mysteriously ended up featuring James Carville, Wolf Blitzer and others. "In the days before Drudge's announced appearance, White House staffers Mike McCurry, Ann Lewis, and Rahm Emanuel are said to have lobbied CNN news chief Rick Kaplan to pull the plug on Drudge, warning that the network's White House reporters might otherwise lose access," reports August AMERICAN SPECTATOR. "So in the end, Drudge's seat was filled by none other than CNN White House correspondent Wolf Blitzer." Calls to CNN on Monday evening went unreturned... MORE "

7/24/98 AP "Paula Jones said Friday that letters written to her by her previous lawyers should not have been made public in her sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton. The letters were released last month when U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright, who dissed the lawsuit, entered them into the public record. Mrs. Jones asked Wright to vacate her order that made the letters public, saying the letters were addressed to her, dealt with legal issues and included advice in the lawsuit. ``Therefore, on their face, these are attorney-client privileged communications,'' her motion said. ``Why these letters were in the possession of the court is unknown to Mrs. Jones.'' "

Washington Weekly Carl Limbacher 7/26/98 " As part of its $90 million Filegate lawsuit against the Clinton administration, Judicial Watch has obtained the names of hundreds of heretofore unidentified White House employees whose FBI files were gathered by Clinton dirt digger Craig Livingstone. And though Clintonites had denied that their collection of files was an attempt to gather damaging information on political opponents, the new list of White House Filegate targets includes the name of Linda Tripp, the most damaging witness yet to testify against President Clinton."

The Washington Times 7/21/98 John McCaslin "Every news report that James A. Ross reads leaves him with the impression that taping telephone calls in Maryland is legal only if all parties consent; and therefore, Linda R. Tripp broke the law when she recorded her telephone conversations with Monica Lewinsky."I wonder who does legal analyses for all those people," asks the director of the Ross Group, a privacy and security outfit based in Washington. "Yes, Linda Tripp was recording calls while in her Maryland home; and yes, Maryland law requires all-party consent," Mr. Ross agrees."However, the calls were not made within the state of Maryland. They were interstate calls made between [Washington D.C. and Maryland, and therefore the federal law applies, not state law. And federal law allows taping when one party consents."."

L. Jean Lewis, RTC Whistleblower on Whitewater, was harassed by Democratic staff members on the House Banking committee. Among other things, Jack Ryan, of RTC, was able to get hold of a private letter between Ms. Lewis and her lawyer and provided it to Paul Kanjorski (D-Penn.)

Richard Iorio, Lewis' boss, RTC official placed on leave

8/1/98 The New York Post Brian Blomquist and Marilyn Rauber "Linda Tripp has testified a top Clinton aide threatened to "destroy" her and that Monica Lewinsky passed along veiled threats from the president himself, a source close to Tripp said yesterday. Tripp also told the Sexgate grand jury Lewinsky ominously warned her the president "was aware" of Tripp after she surfaced in last summer's bombshell Newsweek article on Willey, the source said."

Don Nichols' family (IGI investigation plan)

LA Times 8/1/98 Ken Ellingwood "A veteran federal prosecutor who is the president of the Hispanic National Bar Assn. was recommended Friday by Sen. Barbara Boxer to be named U.S. attorney for the high-profile border region of San Diego and Imperial counties. In asking President Clinton to nominate 44-year-old Gregory Vega, Boxer passed over interim U.S. Atty. Charles G. La Bella, who headed the attorney general's campaign financing task force. La Bella urged the naming of an independent prosecutor to investigate fund-raising abuses during the 1996 presidential campaign. ."

New York Post Ray Kerrison "The violent demolition of Monica Lewinsky's character and reputation is about to begin. If Judge Clarence Thomas thought he had it rough, if Robert Bork thinks he was mugged, if Newt Gingrich thought he was ambushed, it will be as nothing compared with the artillery the White House is about to fire at Monica Lewinsky. It is President Clinton's last hope. He has been pinned to the wall. His only way out is to smash Monica Lewinsky, to depict her as a liar and perjurer, strip her of all credibility. Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a rough ride. The stakes here do not get much higher. A 25-year-old bimbo, with no discernible skills, is poised to topple the president of the United States. That's real Powerball. If the word of Lewinsky's immunity deal with independent counsel Kenneth Starr is accurate - and you can go to the bank on it - then the Clinton presidency is history. Well, almost. She reportedly will testify under oath that Clinton urged her to lie about their sexual relationship in the sworn affidavit she submitted in the Paula Jones sex harassment case. That has to be true, otherwise Starr would never have granted Lewinsky and her mother the rarest of all deals - total immunity."

7/31/98 Creator's Syndicate Inc. Tony Snow "Linda Tripp bid farewell last Wednesday to the grand jury impaneled by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. She delivered a few remarks to the jurors and then made her way outside to a waiting horde of reporters.. By the time Tripp reached the microphone and began to address reporters, she was trembling like a leaf. Most Americans can identify with this kind of fear. We find only one thing more frightening than speaking to strangers, and that's death. So when Tripp trembled, she offered a glimpse of something we have seen seldom in L'Affaire Lewinsky: authentic human emotion. A bit of serendipity helped her through her six-minute oration. Just beyond the reporters stood a patriotic scultpure bearing quotations from the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the 14th Amendment. Tripp's eyes sighted on the first engraved phrase: "We hold these truths to be self-evident. ..." "I was mesmerized by it," she recalls. "I almost threw my notes away." And at the end, she did. She closed by speaking from the heart: "I believe in our country. As I said, I'm no different than any of you. I believe you have the right to tell the truth under oath, and I believe you have the right to do so without fear of retribution or worse. ... It is a right all of us should be fighting for." Tripp's performance was a far cry from the slick and practiced statements delivered by the likes of Vernon Jordan. It bore no resemblance to the rehearsed assaults on her, Kenneth Starr or anybody else who has dared question the probity of a patently corrupt president. Yet it also featured a fair share of zingers, including the following passage: "I became aware between 1993 and 1997 of actions by high government officials that may have been against the law. "For that period of nearly five years, the things I witnessed concerning several different subjects made me increasingly fearful that this information was dangerous -- very dangerous -- to possess." She identified the two enduring features of the Clinton scandals: brazen lawlessness and witness intimidation. And now, she feels free to recount some of the things she has seen. She says she was shaken by White House dishonesty during investigations of Vince Foster's death, Filegate, Travelgate and reports of drug abuse among administration employees. "It's chilling," she says, "to watch high government officials lie under oath." She says a political operative recently approached her attorney, Anthony Zaccagnini, and relayed stunning news. The man said the White House legal team had asked him to root through Tripp's trash and perform a back audit on all her tax returns. "Tell her to watch what she puts in the garbage," he warned, noting that he had turned down the commission from Team Clinton. Tripp doesn't consider that unusual. It turns out Monica Lewinsky gave her much more than talking points. The intern also relayed threats from the president during the Kathleen Willey controversy. Tripp had alerted her White House superiors that Michael Isikoff of Newsweek was about to print Willey's claim that the president assailed her sexually. The administration wanted Tripp to observe the old rule of omierta. So the messages came: "(Talking to Isikoff) is a dangerous thing to do." "Team players don't do this. You need to be a team player." "You have two children to think about." "This is not a good career move." She says presidential fixer Bruce Lindsey told her she would be "destroyed" if she went public with anything she had seen . For a while, the threats worked. "Fear is a magnificent motivator," she says. "There is none quite like it. But you do get to a point where you say either, 'I'm going to continue this way and do what I need to keep my health and my job', or, 'I'm mad, and I'm not gonna take it anymore. Tripp made her choice. "There are no standards in that White House," she says, "and I'm not going to be a part of it. I'm going to expose it." ."

7/30/98 US Information Agency - Washington File Pentagon Briefing 7/30/98 Deputy Defense Department Spokesman Captain Mike Doubleday briefed. Following is the Pentagon transcript: Q: Do you have a response of Linda Tripp's statement that she's been demoted and cast aside by the Pentagon? A: I have just a few things that I can pass along to you on that subject. First of all, she has not been demoted. Linda Tripp continues as an employee of the department. At her request, we made special arrangements for her to work at home, and those arrangements will be reviewed at some appropriate time. Q: Can you say how many hours a week she puts in at her job? And does the pay scale reflect... A: No, what I've just gone through for you right now is the extent of what I can give you today. Yes. Q: Can you go a little deeper into some appropriate time? My recollection is that this arrangement allowed her to prepare for her testimony, which is over. So is there going to be a review very shortly to find some other arrangement? A: I can't forecast for you any kind of a time table. As soon as I have any information, I'll be glad to pass it along. Q: During all this time has she produced some work product?A: I think I've indicated what I've given you here is the extent of what I can provide for you. Q: Is Ken Bacon the one who has to make the decisions on her future or is it someone else? A: I can't answer that question for you. But when I can I'll certainly do so. ."

8/7/98 San Francisco Chronicle "SENATOR Barbara Boxer had a perfect right to pass over federal prosecutor Charles LaBella for the job he sought as U.S. attorney for San Diego, but her decision carries the sour stench of political vindictiveness. Boxer's office says the nomination of Gregory Vega, a veteran prosecutor and president of the Hispanic National Bar Association, was based on merit and not political considerations. Maybe. But it strains the wings of plausibility to suggest that Boxer, a Democratic partisan and an in-law by marriage to President Clinton, ignored the obvious political implications of passing over LaBella..

Freeper report "Drudge is reporting that Clinton forces plan to expose GOP dirty Laundry if GOP pushes for IMPEACHMENT."

8/7/98 Freeper report on CNN Julie Hiatt Steele "On Larry King Live, Julie Hiatt Steele appeared to attack Kathleen Willey, Newsweek and Michael Isikoff. During her appearance she disclosed the OIC is currently persuing her for Contempt of Court for not disclosing details related to the picture of Kathleen Willey she sold to the National Enquirer and also gave some hint as to a possible reason why she (Steele) betrayed her friend to protect Clinton. Ms. Steele also disclosed that the adoption of her child may not have been legal. Apparently the adoption was "fixed" so she's not worried about any problems (any more, at least).."

Washington Times 8/10/98 Editorial "White House strategists seem to be thinking up the darnedest things lately. But then, desperation is the mother of goofy invention. The internet magazine "Salon" just launched a trial zeppelin for the Clintonistas, one with Hindenberg written all over it. According to Salon, the president's operatives are letting it be known that they are ready to expose the "sexual improprieties of Republican critics, both in Congress and beyond, should they demand impeachment hearings in the House." As if the Clinton administration's sins aren't manifold enough, they are adding to them the odious practice of blackmail. ."

Wall Street Journal 8/21/98 "Clinton realizes his speech about Monica Lewinsky fell short, friends say. Concern grows about editorial calls for his resignation..White House staff chief Bowles offers to counsel staffers deeply troubled by Clinton's deceit on Lewinsky. Advisers consider compromising with the GOP on health care and tax cuts to combat a lame-duck image. Anti-impeachment strategy focuses on accusing past GOP presidents of lying and pointing to alleged congressional sexual peccadilloes. Just before Clinton's announcement Thursday, reporters in a nearby press tent were watching "Wag the Dog," the movie about a crisis staged to divert attention from a president's sex scandal.."

AP 8/26/98 Anick Jesdanun " Rep. Paul McHale, the first Democratic member of Congress to publicly call for President Clinton's resignation, blamed the White House Wednesday for an inaccurate broadcast report about his military honors. Geraldo Rivera made an on-air apology Tuesday for suggesting on his CNBC show the previous evening that the Pennsylvania congressman took credit for medals he never received. Rivera said he had received a call from a "source very close to President Clinton.'' McHale called Rivera's unnamed source "a loose cannon on deck who was desperately trying to defend the president no matter how dishonorable.'' "This is a pretty consistent response we've seen from this White House whenever anyone raises criticism,'' McHale said. "This loose cannon ... confirms some of our most serious concerns, that this administration does not have a commitment to truth.''."

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 8/28/98 Editorial "The White House disclaims knowledge of Geraldo Rivera's source of information used to impugn a Pennsylvania congressman's integrity. But Paul McHale, a Democrat who represents Lehigh and Northampton counties in the House of Representatives, isn't buying the administration line. To his credit, Rivera has apologized for echoing what he calls an earlier administration line. The broadcaster and unabashed Clinton booster implied Monday on CNBC that McHale, a Marine reservist and Gulf War veteran, inflated his martial record.. Rivera claims his information was supplied by a ``source very close to President Clinton.'' Certainly Rivera, a shameless cheerleader for the administration, is a Clinton favorite with a history of rare access to the president. ."

Washington Weekly 8/31/98 Marvin Lee ".Just how far Clinton is willing to go became evident from other developments last week. Democrat Paul McHale's call for Clinton's resignation was followed by an immediate call to the Rivera Live show questioning the honor of McHale and alleging he had fabricated his war record. The ploy backfired when it turned out that the charges were false and Rivera named the White House as his source. The White House had to backpedal. But only a few days later, Bill Clinton sent his half-brother Roger on the "Larry King Live" show. Roger admitted that he had been in contact with Bill just before the show and he said he was "issuing a statement" that politicians who live in glass houses... "

Indianapolis Star and News 9/1/98 John Strauss and Mary Beth Schneider "In a rare case of the reaction coming before the story, Rep. Dan Burton has begun warning people in his central Indiana district that a national magazine is planning a ``scandal story'' about his personal life. A reporter from Vanity Fair spent seven weeks in the state talking to more than 200 friends and associates, Burton said Monday."

Capitol Hill Blue 9/2/98 Daniel Harris & Teresa Hampton ".Even after Clinton went before the nation and claimed his private life was "nobody's business," his White House staff has continued to compiled dossiers on opponents and leak information from those dossiers to reporters. Information from the files compiled by private investigators, lawyers and other investigators, are in the hands not only of Vanity Fair, but other reporters considered "friendly" to the administration. Besides Burton, targets of this campaign of leaks, include House Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde, Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott and Newsweek investigative reporter Mike Isikoff. A plan to smear House Speaker Newt Gingrich was pulled when Gingrich softened his criticism of Clinton. Sources within the White House said the campaign is directed by Clinton smearmaster Sidney Blumenthal, who was brought on board to wage war against opponents of the administration. A reporter from Vanity Fair spent seven weeks in Indiana talking to more than 200 friends and associates. But Capitol Hill Blue has confirmed that much of the information that Vanity Fair is using as the basis of its "investigation" came from the White House.Last week, sources confirmed, Blumenthal orchestrated leaks about Democratic Congressman Paul McHale's military record to CNBC tabloid talk show host Geraldo Rivera after McHale called on the President to resign. Rivera later was forced to retract his statement that McHale had inflated his military record aftrer the information furnished by the White House proved to be inaccurate.."

Wall Street Journal 9/2/98 Op Ed "The vast power prosecutors wield--from Kenneth Starr on down--indeed merits scrutiny, so how is it that Stephen Montanarelli, the Maryland state prosecutor who seems bent on indicting Linda Tripp, has been virtually ignored? Mr. Montanarelli runs an independent office charged with prosecuting public officials, a role similar to Judge Starr's. It's his job to see if Linda Tripp violated Maryland's law against taping without consent.Mr. Montanarelli denies that he's under political pressure, but acknowledges his timing on calling a grand jury was inappropriate. GOP State Rep. Robert Flanigan says the move "certainly created the impression he was trying to intimidate her." Mr. Flanigan says there has been a "comprehensive effort" to urge a prosecution, including a January letter signed by 49 Democratic members of the Maryland House.Obviously Mr. Montanarelli must follow the law. But his track record doesn't inspire confidence. In 1995, he refused to prosecute a county election commissioner for nepotism because he ruled the person wasn't a "public official." Somehow, Ms. Tripp, a Pentagon employee, qualifies as one. Should Mr. Montanarelli proceed with a dubious prosecution, his own clear standing as a public official should qualify him, as it does Judge Starr, for a measure of scrutiny."

FreepMaster Jim Robinson from CAS Mailing List 9/5/98 "Congressman Dan Burton gave a brief radio interview on the KSFO (San Francisco) morning talk program on Thursday morning. This was before the ABC news stories about Burton's out-of-wedlock teenage son. Two important news items came out of the interview: 1. His committee has uncovered another $800,000 in illegal campaign contributions, and I think he may have said that the amount could eventually be in the millions. 2. He has received "extortion letters" that he has turned over to the FBI. He also reported receiving "Federal Express packages that had been opened and the contents had been photocopied"."

Washington Post 9/6/98 "It's no surprise to find the Clinton administration treating any problem as a public-relations challenge, looking to spin instead of solve, vilifying critics instead of debating them. Even so, turning the dogs loose on Scott Ritter is a new low.. First came leaks about an FBI investigation of Ritter for sharing confidential information with other governments -- something he freely admits he did, as part of his job and at the direct order of his U.N. bosses. Then Secretary of State Madeleine Albright lashed out. Ritter "doesn't have a clue about what our overall policy has been," she told CNN. Claiming great success for Iraq policy on behalf of "the United States -- and, I must say, me personally," Albright nonetheless didn't have enough confidence in that policy to sit by as Ritter testified to Congress. She urged a House committee chairman to squelch one such hearing, while Senate Democrats did their best to prevent Ritter's testimony.."

9/6/98 Doug Fiedor A Weekly View from the Foothills of the Appalachia "The White House's professional rumor mongering and disinformation cabal is hard at work creating more lies and mistruths. Remember now, they have those FBI files on over 900 Republicans and others. And, apparently, they are using them to Clinton's best advantage. For instance, a few weeks ago, Newt Gingrich publicly stated that he would continue relating the administration's misdeeds and crimes. Now, suddenly, he's quiet, almost conciliatory. House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt mentioned impeachment two weeks ago, then received a call from the White House and dummied up. And Rep. Paul McHale (D-PA), the first Democrat to call for Clinton's resignation, was immediately discredited by false rumors started by administration operatives. Journalists are worried about covering the Clinton scandals, too. The White House has dossiers on some of them as well as on GOP members of Congress."

Boston Herald 9/6/98 Editorial "The administration's recent attempt to smear a Democratic critic, and rumors that it's orchestrating a hit on a leading Republican, shows its desperation. For months, its sleazier supporters have hinted that if Congress pursues the Lewinsky scandal, Republicans would be subjected to a mud bath. For an administration notorious for its negative spin, this isn't exactly front-page news. Whenever a Paula Jones comes forward, White House rumor-mongers try to discredit her personally.The spectacle of the White House wrecking crew in action is one of the most sickening aspects of an administration increasingly devoted not to seeking justice but to getting even.."

Newsweek 9/14/98 Periscope "Scott Ritter may not be the last United Nations inspector to quit UNSCOM, the commission charged with dismantling Iraq's biological and chemical arsenal. Other weapons sleuths, feeling betrayed by the cancellation of several surprise inspections this summer, may "throw in the towel," one told NEWSWEEK. Ritter, who bitterly criticized the Clinton administration's Iraq policy as he resigned last month, is now under investigation for allegedly sharing intelligence with Israel. Republicans say the charges are a White House smear. But CIA sources tell NEWSWEEK that the agency, not the administration, raised concerns about his contacts with Israel. The CIA has cleared Ritter, who says he did nothing wrong, but his lawyer says an FBI probe continues."

ABC 9/16/98 "The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee-and one of the key people sitting in judgment of President Clinton over the Starr report-said a story published today in an Internet magazine claiming he once had an extramarital affair was an "obvious attempt at intimidation." Rep. Henry Hyde, R-Ill., characterized the allegations in a Salon magazine report as the work of White House staff. But he did not deny that 30 years ago, he had an affair with a married woman named Cherie Snodgrass. During his congressional career, he has been an outspoken critic of abortion and is often regarded as a symbol of the party's conservative tradition. "The statute of limitations has long since passed on my youthful indiscretions," Hyde said in a statement Wednesday. "Suffice it to say Cherie Snodgrass and I were good friends a long, long time ago. After Mr. Snodgrass confronted my wife, the friendship ended and my marriage remained intact." Hyde said the only purpose in reporting the affair now was to intimidate him in his role as chairman of the committee, which is considering the allegations against President Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky scandal..Almost as soon as he got the Starr report, Hyde warned his members that things might get rough. He pointed to media reports that the president's supporters might try to dig up dirt on them, saying: "White House staff attempting to disseminate derogatory personal information about members of the House Judiciary Committee." He called it "the `scorched earth' policy." Hyde made clear any effort to intimidate committee members could amount to an obstruction of justice Even before he wrote that memo, he had learned that the president's allies might be spreading a story about him. Two reporters have told ABCNEWS that a senior White House official tried to peddle a story to them that Hyde once had a girlfriend.

AP 9/17/98 Ron Fournier "The White House says there is no ``scorched earth strategy,'' but Republicans see a trend. They say it's been open season on Bill Clinton's critics. Since the president admitted he had sex with Monica Lewinsky, three Republican lawmakers were forced to acknowledge adulterous affairs, and questions were raised about the military honors of a Democrat who asked publicly for Clinton to resign. Suspecting White House handiwork, Republican leaders asked FBI director Louis Freeh on Thursday to investigate whether Clinton advisers or allies peddled stories of adulterous relations to the media..All three lawmakers came forward after reporters questioned them about the relationship. There is no proof the White House or Clinton backers planted or spread the stories, but even some colleagues wonder if Blumenthal was involved.."

Freeper Report (Z) on CNN "Tom DeLay just called for an FBI Investigation of the attack on Henry Hyde, citing a federal law relating to the obstruction of a congressional investigation. He mentioned Sid Blumenthal by name! This was live on CNN."

Freeper Report (Rev. George) on Fox News "Tom Delay is on FOX News at this time calling for an FBI investigation. He is going to give the (Democrats) a chance to sign on to the investigation. He just quoted the statute that has been violated. He says this has nothing to do will the Clinton problem. This is obstruction of justice.. Cited that this is a conspricy to obstruct by members of the White House. Is calling on Freeh to look into this manner. Call's it a slezy operation performed by some sick individuals..Cites pattern of conduct of White House. Recites how White House says they would fire anyone involed in this behavior. He brought up Ken Bacon. Accused McCurry of lieing and possibly the White House of lieing. Recited many case of intimidation. Said Demos as well as Repubs are repulsed by this.."

Fox News 9/17/98 "Republicans accused the White House Thursday of orchestrating a sexual witch hunt after the respected elder statesman who would head an impeachment inquiry into President Clinton became its latest victim. Republican lawmakers angrily accused the White House of being behind a personal smear campaign against Judiciary Committee chairman Henry Hyde, after the veteran Illinois lawmaker was forced to acknowledge having conducted an affair with a married woman 30 years ago. "In recent weeks, several of our colleagues have been subjected to vicious partisan attacks via the news media by individuals who are clearly attempting to intimidate members of Congress,'' said California Republican John Dolittle. He said various Clinton supporters, including his brother Roger, had warned Republicans to expect their personal secrets to be exposed. "We will never be intimidated by these scorched earth tactics, we will not back down from our constitutional responsibilities, and we will not cower from the White House attacks. We will do what is right,'' he said. Texas Rep. Tom DeLay, the third ranking House Republican, said he had heard reports that Clinton allies were investigating Democrats as well as Republicans. "Abuse of power is far more serious than having an affair 30 years ago. I just urge the president to stop his allies from engaging in this kind of disgusting conduct,'' he said.."

Freeper Philly reports "This is my first post, so please bear with me. I had to share this information. My girlfriend was riding on a train out of Washington this week and an investigator from Investigative Group International sat next to her. He asked her about her work and when she asked what he did, he replied, "Heard of Ken Starr or Paula Jones? Well, my job is to dig up dirt on them for the White House." He gave her his business card which I have here in front of me. The man holds a very high position in the firm and continued to brag about his work investigating "Starr and his team." He then offered to interview my girlfriend for a job--keep in mind, she is a young, attractive woman. I was completely surprised and disgusted by his bragging about such sleazy tactics. The White House sleaze machine is in full force and not ashamed!."

WorldNet Daily Joseph Farah 9/22/98 "Thanks to the work of London Telegraph investigative reporter Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, the Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce is back in the news. For those of you who never heard of it or have forgotten what it is, the 331-page White House report remains the most comprehensive "enemies list" produced by the Clinton administration -- and, for that matter, perhaps any administration in history. Evans-Pritchard connects, for the first time, the 1996 Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce report and a $100,000 no-bid 1994 contract from the White House to mud-slinging private investigator Terry Lenzner's firm Investigative Group International. Were taxpayer dollars used to prepare and distribute the report? I have long asserted just that. In fact, whether or not Lenzner prepared the report, there can be no question that the White House counsel's office was involved in the distribution of it to select members of the media. Think about it. This was an overtly political document. It had one purpose and one purpose only -- to slime those exposing the scandals of the Clinton administration. It alleged there was a "vast right-wing conspiracy" in the press. Three news organizations were found to be at the source of a "media food chain" -- the American Spectator, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and my group, the Western Journalism Center, the parent company of"

Newsbytes 9/29/98 Bob Woods "Times Mirror's [NYSE:TMC] Los Angeles Times newspaper, The Washington Post Co. [NYSE:WPO] and the Post's Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive subsidiary will later today file a lawsuit against the owner of the FreeRepublic Web site, over what the plaintiff's call copyright infringement, Newsbytes has learned.. The lawsuit, which was slated to be filed in a Los Angeles federal court, names FreeRepublic's operator Jim Robinson as a defendant, and claims that FreeRepublic copies and posts articles from the and Web sites..The plaintiffs also charged that FreeRepublic encourages its users to copy and post the full text of the Times' and the Post's copyrighted newspaper articles on its Web site. Both of FreeRepublic's actions constitute copyright infringement, all three plaintiffs claim in their suit.."

NY Times 9/28/98 James Bennett Jill Abramson "Broadening its counterattack against possible impeachment proceedings, the White House has coordinated a strategy with congressional Democrats to turn the tables and investigate the investigators by examining how Kenneth Starr, the Whitewater independent counsel, came to look into the Lewinsky matter, Clinton advisers said Sunday. With help from Democrats in the House and Senate, the White House is trying to obtain from Starr an accounting of how he persuaded the Department of Justice in January to authorize him to broaden his inquiry to include President Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky. A Democratic effort to do just that failed in a strict party-line vote in the House Judiciary Committee on Friday. "That was defeated, but it's going to come back in many different ways," one senior Clinton strategist said Sunday, speaking on condition of not being named. "This is a coordinated, strategic approach." ..The president's strategists and congressional allies plan to portray Mrs. Tripp as a tainted witness who broke the law to tape the conversations and manipulated Ms. Lewinsky -- and perhaps Starr -- in an effort to entrap the president. The new Democratic assault on Mrs. Tripp is based on documents released last week, including testimony from Ms. Lewinsky stating that it was Mrs. Tripp who pushed her into actions that subsequently damaged Clinton. Ms. Lewinsky said that Mrs. Tripp urged her to save the dress stained in a sexual encounter with the president, suggested that she seek help from Washington lawyer Vernon Jordan Jr. to get a job in New York, and urged her to delay signing her affidavit in the Jones case until the job came through.."

9/29/98 Drudge Report ".A White House switchboard operator received the first reprimand of his career after he "declined suggestions from the White House counsel's office that he hire a lawyer from a recommended list before testifying" before the Lewinsky grand jury, according to Wednesday's NEW YORK TIMES. President Clinton's former political consultant Dick Morris told the grand jury that "the White House maintains an operation to intimidate women who have had affairs with the president." Morris identified them as private investigators Terry Lenzner and Jack Palladino and White House Deputy Chief of Staff Bruce Lindsey, reports Wednesday's CHICAGO TRIBUNE. "Morris also told the grand jury that he knew of two instances, one involving himself, in which the White House had leaked damaging information. Morris said that two or three personally embarrassing stories that he told White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles ended up in the NATIONAL ENQUIRER. Morris noted that Clinton's private lawyer, David Kendall, also represents the ENQUIRER." Morris also said that the White House improperly leaked damaging information about GOP consultant Ed Rollins.."

Boston Globe 9/29/98 Bob Hohler "A rancorous dispute over how much of the independent counsel's evidence against President Clinton to make public formally ended last night, with the House Judiciary Committee withholding more than 80 percent of the material from public scrutiny. More than 40,000 pages of documents from Kenneth W. Starr's investigation of Clinton's affair with Monica S. Lewinsky will remain under armed guard, off limits even to the 398 House members who do not serve on the Judiciary Committee but who may help decide Clinton's fate, according to the panel's staff.."

Washington Post 9/29/98 Juliet Eilperin John Harris "House Republicans yesterday pressed ahead with a plan to give the Judiciary Committee the power to pursue a Watergate-style open-ended impeachment inquiry against President Clinton, GOP sources said, in a resolution that would adopt the same broad language as that passed by Democrats 24 years ago to investigate President Richard M. Nixon. With the Judiciary vote slated for early next week on whether to open formal proceedings stemming from the Monica S. Lewinsky investigation, committee Democrats met yesterday in an attempt to write an alternative with strict limits on the length and scope of any inquiry.."

Washington Weekly 4/6/98 "The Washington Post last month sent a cease-and-desist letter to a small web site operator in Fresno, California. The Washington Post objected to the posting of a copyrighted article in a news discussion forum maintained by Jim Robinson...Orchestrating these attacks is the law firm of Debevoise & Plimpton. On behalf of all of the news organizations listed above, it last year filed a lawsuit against a commercial Internet copyright infringer who later settled out of court. Bruce P. Keller of the law firm Debevoise & Plimpton did not respond to Washington Weekly questions about how Jim Robinson's site was selected, who selected it, and whether outside interests played any role. The name of Debevoise & Plimpton popped up recently during the Filegate deposition of Clinton private eye Terry Lenzner. Lenzner revealed under oath that he had been retained by Debevoise & Plimpton to perform investigations of a political nature. Lenzner has admitted that he performs research on White House critics. Debevoise & Plimpton is the law firm of the Democratic National Committee, and has conducted most of the investigation of illegal foreign contributions received by the DNC. For this work, the DNC owes Debevoise & Plimpton $6 million.Jim Robinson is no less combative in the face of attempts to threaten and intimidate him. As a modern-day Patrick Henry, he defiantly declares from his wheelchair: "They'll have to pry my keyboard from my cold dead fingers." "

Freeper report 9/26/98 on ".51. For example, as part of this effort to prevent publication of Mrs. Browning's manuscript, Jane Mayer, on information and belief, at Mr. Clinton's or his agents' direction and/or request, published an article in the May 26, 1997 edition of The New Yorker magazine that attributed false, misleading, and disparaging statements about her manuscript, "Purposes of the Heart," to Alfred S. Regnery, President of Regnery Publishing Company. According to Ms. Mayer's article: Alfred S. Regnery, the heir to a small and influential publishing firm, had recently launched several controversial best-sellers . . . and now had another hot prospect to consider: a typed manuscript purporting to be a memoir disguised as fiction, by a Texas lawyer who claimed to have had a two-decade- long affair with Bill Clinton. The manuscript, which had already been rejected by a great many major publishing houses in New York, had finally reached the more specialized quarters of Regnery Publishing, an independent firm that ever since its founding, in 1947, has been associated with the political right. * * * It seemed plausible, then, that a memoir by a putative Presidential mistress would find a home at Regnery [Publishing Co.]. But this time the company's namesake and president was taking the high road. "Are we going to publish a book that just talks about whom Clinton slept with?" [Alfred S.] Regnery asked, casually spreading the calumny as he chatted. "I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole." One reason is that, given the accounts of Clinton's private life that this company and others have already published, a novel by a self- proclaimed mistress, he explained, "isn't particularly newsworthy." Besides, he added, "it's far below our standards." 52. Contrary to the statement in The New Yorker that "the manuscript . . . had finally reached the more specialized quarters of Regnery Publishing," Mrs. Browning never sent Mr. Regnery a copy of her manuscript. 53. In fact, Mr. Regnery never saw a copy of Mrs. Browning's manuscript and did not make the false, misleading, and disparaging statements about the manuscript that Ms. Mayer attributed to him.."

Followup on Lawsuits against owner of Free Republic by Freepers are keeping track of sites that link to Washington Post and/or Los Angeles Times. So far they have found "Act Up DC" a web site promoting medical dope smoking

Investor's Business Daily 10/2/98 Editorial "Just the phrase ''secret police'' calls up images of the Gestapo or KGB. Now, says President Clinton's former adviser, Dick Morris, it turns out White House allies have used private detectives to threaten women who dallied with the president. Buried in the next document dump from Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's investigation is testimony from Morris before the grand jury that friends of Bill had mounted a ''secret police operation to go around and intimidate women.'' Morris says he didn't have firsthand knowledge of the operation, but that he based his testimony on affidavits and published reports. Incredible. And frightening. We already know that the Clinton camp used the services of Terry Lenzner, a private detective, to investigate the ''bimbo eruptions'' in the '92 campaign. We know that the White House had more than 1,000 raw FBI files, mostly of Republicans. Clinton officials said it was ''a bureaucratic snafu,'' but only after unjustly blaming the Secret Service. And Linda Tripp has told the conservative Judicial Watch group, which is suing the administration over the files, that she saw staffers in the White House entering the data from the files into computers. And speaking of Tripp, we know that when she became a central figure in the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Kenneth Bacon of the Defense Department authorized the release of her background investigation to the media - a violation of privacy laws - to undermine her credibility. Also buried in the document dump, according to sources who have seen it, is a tape-recorded statement from Lewinsky to Tripp: ''I wouldn't cross these people for fear of my life.''."

Tony Snow 10/2/98 "By the time Congress completes its inquiry into Bill Clinton's impeachability, you're likely to hear a lot about Billy Ray Dale. Dale ran the White House Travel Office for eight years -- until May 20, 1993. On that fateful day, he and his staff were herded into a room, fired and given an hour to clear out. Dale says the White House ``was a family'' when he arrived in 1961. (He was once even Caroline Kennedy's Santa.) More than 31 years later, he was stuffed in a seatless van and hauled away. He didn't know it, but he was about to become a poster boy for the abuse of presidential power. Hours after the putsch, then-White House lawyer William Kennedy III demanded that the FBI mount a criminal inquiry, claiming he was acting on ``the highest authority.'' The G-men dutifully cooked up a set of charges against Dale: embezzlement, kickbacks, cooking accounting ledgers and living beyond his means. Hollywood producer Harry Thomason predicted a public-relations bonanza: ``This is going to be a great story -- Bill Clinton cleaning up the White House!'' Instead, the administration got a black eye. Reporters knew Dale and trusted him. He had handled their flight arrangements on presidential trips for years. Furthermore, the facts didn't add up. The books weren't a mess, as the FBI claimed: Dale had used an accounting system created by the White House computer office. Under normal circumstances, he and his staff could lay hands on any financial document within 10 minutes.They (FBI) accosted his daughter after she returned from her honeymoon. They interrogated her for eight hours, repeatedly reducing her to tears. They asked who attended her wedding -- any reporters? Any Republicans? What did they talk about at the reception? How did she pay for her honeymoon? Another daughter got a slightly milder grilling. Ditto for his son, who arrived home from a business trip one evening at midnight -- only to find a G-man parked in his driveway, clutching a subpoena. The nightmare lasted 30 months -- and a jury threw out the case in just 20 minutes.."

Judicial Watch website 10/1/98 Larry Klayman "Yesterday evening, James Carville, was interviewed on CNN's Crossfire, and asked about documents obtained by Judicial Watch from his Education Information Project. These documents show that, contrary to the public statements of White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry, that Carville is directed by The White House in waging a smear campaign against perceived Clinton adversaries and material witnesses. The documents also show that Carville has received information from a number of sources about the sex lives of investigators. Carville's sources include but are not limited to Gene Lyons of Salon Magazine -- the Clinton front operation that recently smeared Chairman Henry Hyde and Speaker Newt Gingrich. In addition, Judicial Watch subpoenaed from Carville audio tapes, which are now in the Court's possession, delving into the sexual and personal backgrounds of investigators. In other internal Carville documents obtained by Judicial Watch under subpoena, Carville targets Starr and Republican leaders, including Speaker Gingrich and Representative Dan Burton. Rep. Burton recently was smeared as well. Importantly, discovery in Judicial Watch's Filegate lawsuit also shows that Carville stays in regular contact with the President and his lawyer, David Kendall, who hired investigators to presumably dig up dirt on witnesses and perceived critics and adversaries.."

NewsMax 10/9/98 Sam Smith "According to Judicial Watch, in his deposition to the group, Clinton sleaze shamus Terry Lenzner admitted not only investigating Republican officials, but members of the media, public interest groups and even members of the judiciary. As we've pointed out before, one of the best concealed subtexts in this whole story is the fear of some journalists that the White House might use an Ellen Rometsch strategy against them. ."

AP 10/9/98 Nicole Winfield " The American who resigned as a U.N. weapons inspector has threatened to sue his former boss for saying he illegally discussed Iraq's weapons capabilities. Scott Ritter has asked chief U.N. weapons inspector, Richard Butler, to retract the statement if he wants to avoid personal liability for defamatory comments. "If you wish to avoid assuming personal liability, we require your prompt retraction of your accusation,'' the lawyer wrote to Butler in a letter dated Oct. 7..According to a transcript of the show, Butler said he told Ritter, "'You have broken the law in speaking in public about things that you obtained while on official duty, and I demand that you desist from doing that.'''."You must know that the Constitution of the United States affords Mr. Ritter the precious guarantee of free speech,'' Lifflander wrote. "Nothing in the United Nations Charter, its rules or its unenforceable agreements supersedes Mr. Ritter's rights as an American citizen.'' ."

The Red Bluff Daily News 6/11/97 Marsha Dorgan & Bryon Burruss ".The U.S. Postal Police Tuesday afternoon temporarily shut down the post office at the Paynes Creek Store..Paynes Creek Store owner, school board president and post office operator, Monte Manwill, believes the shut down stems from accusations he is opening some of the mail. "I got some complaints accusing me of opening people's mail," Manwill said. "It's a lie. I wouldn't do that. I have never done that. If a letter is open, it was that way when it got to the post office." . "There were all these guys in dark suits out here with rifles guarding the place," said Ginn. "They were serious."." with followup Freeper commentary ".Monte Manwill is a former Marine, a huge man somewhere past 50, who also is a licensed gun dealer. He is not a man who wears his patriotism on his sleeve, but he is a constituionalist all the way. The agents that sealed off the area were carrying automatic weapons when they cordoned off the town. They entered the store looking for illegal weapons. They were BATF, but they did not have local police with them on their raid. No charges were ever filed, no irregularities were found in Manwill's record keeping, and the post office boxes were returned.." 10/98 ".As the impeachment debate heats up on the Internet, pro-Clinton cyber crashers have been tampering with and several impeachment sites we link to. Incidents have ranged from mail bombs and sophisticated attacks on network routers to domain removals and the intentional cutting of phone lines into one webmaster's home! CIC is looking into these incidents to try to determine if these attacks are a central, organized effort or individual pranksters.."

ABCNEWS.COM 10/15/98 newspoll ".I have to ask why ABC would post the following poll on the front page of their web site. "If there were an Ig-Nobel Peace Prize, who would win it?" Choices: Slobodan Milosevic, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein Linda Tripp

WorldNetDaily 10/16/98 John N. Doggett ".As my wife and I walked past camera crews waiting for candidate Williams, a young white couple shouted "what are you minorities doing supporting a Republican? What have these people done for your people?" The arrogance of these white, liberal racists stunned my wife and me. I quickly responded that "I am not a minority. I am an American and I can support whomever I want. You know, I left the Democrat Party because of racists like you who can only see a black face and not an American citizen." The male said: "You are not an American, you are a minority." I got right up into his face and said, "I am not a minority. That is a word that white liberals created that I reject." He yelled back, "Oh yes you are a minority, there are more of us than there are of you." I told him that "you are so wrong. There is only one of me and only one of you. Anyway, there are many more people of color in this world than whites. I am an American and you can't define me."."

Heads Up 10/18/98 Doug Fiedor ".Just a few short years ago, the so called "conservative" publications not marching in lock-step with the socialism espoused by the Clinton administration were punished. The administration sent the IRS to audit them. Here on the Internet, WorldNetDaily got it. After news of more than a dozen such punitive audits broke, Congress started to notice and the administration changed tactics slightly. For instance, Matt Drudge, always a pain in the rear for the White House, is being sued by Hillary's flunky, Sid Vicious -- with the tacit approval and encouragement of the Clintons. Moving on, we find that the next Internet dissenter on the Clintons' "get" list is Jim Robinson, founder and operator of the now famous Free Republic web site. ( Jim Robinson recently told Heads Up that back in April of this year, Marvin Lee, Editor of the Washington Weekly, investigated the genesis of our problem with the major media and he reported that the White House was behind the effort to get us shut down. Lee found that Terry Lenzner, the President's private investigator and henchman, was hired to do the background work on our forum. The results of Lenzner's work was turned over to Debevoise & Plimpton, a law firm frequently used by the President and in turn they formed a consortium of several news media companies to file complaints against Free Republic. As a result, Free Republic received several cease and desist orders from the companies involved, all with very similar language, and all on the same day. Several were received via email within the same hour. There is no doubt that there was coordination between all of these media companies and that the President's henchmen put the whole thing together. Two weeks ago, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times joined together to file suit in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles against Jim Robinson. The newspapers alleged that, on several occasions, participants of the Free Republic discussion forum downloaded articles from the newspaper's web sites and posted them in the forum..In the last several months Free Republic has grown to a daily readership of over 50,000 readers and sometimes as high as 100,000 per day. Free Republic chapters have sprung up in almost every state, and groups of our members have began following the movements of the President, Vice President and the First Lady and have began organizing protests wherever they travel. These protests are now beginning to embarrass and concern the President and his party. This, coupled with the fact that the Washington press corps and the Congress and all the Beltway crowd are visiting Free Republic everyday to get the truth about the day's happenings, is the reason why the President wants to shut us down.."

Arkansas Democrat Gazette 10/18/98 Joe Stumpe ".On Sept. 18, a columnist for The Calgary Sun opined that if what he's heard about Clinton's involvement with Monica Lewinsky is true, "the Monica Lewinsky problem for Bill Clinton will look like the proverbial Sunday school picnic." Clinton was never mentioned in a 1997 report issued by a Canadian national commission on that country's tainted blood problem nor in news coverage of the report. Seven of the report's more than 1,000 pages explore how the plasma from Arkansas inmates got to Canada. But a Pine Bluff man's interest in the prison plasma program - and in promoting a novel he wrote called Blood Trail - is changing that. Michael Galster, who owns an orthopedics lab in Pine Bluff that has done business with the state prison system, wrote the novel under a pseudonym and originally talked to journalist on the condition his real name not be used, saying he feared for his family's safety. He is now willing to be identified, and he isn't mincing words. "What we've got is a bunch of dead people and a bunch of fingers pointing at our governmental and medical professionals," Galster said.."

AP 10/19/98 James Jefferson ".In a filing in January, Clinton's lawyers told the court they had testimony from a man who alleged he had sex with Mrs. Jones in his car in a bar parking lot on their first encounter. A few weeks later, Mrs. Jones initiated oral sex with the man, the president's lawyers alleged. The two encounters, the lawyers said, occurred just months before the episode in which Mrs. Jones alleged she was emotionally distressed when Clinton propositioned her for a similar sex act at an Arkansas hotel in May 1991... But Clinton's lawyers argued in their court filing it was relevant as rebuttal evidence if Mrs. Jones "should assert at any trial that she was an innocent minister's daughter" or was "emotionally traumatized" by a suggestion she perform a sex act.."

New York Post 10/20/98 Dick Morris ".THERE comes a time in the life of a presidential scandal when the cure becomes more potentially lethal to the president than the disease ever was. In legal terms, the cover-up becomes more of an issue than the misdeed it is covering up. As in Watergate, the Clinton scandals are entering this critical phase.. But now the scandal enters a new phase as evidence emerges of a systematic campaign to intimidate, frighten, threaten, discredit and punish innocent Americans whose only misdeed is their desire to tell the truth in public...Since Lenzner was awarded a no-bid contract to train Haitian police at U.S. government expense, how can we be sure public money is not being used to subsidize his dirty little war against America's innocents? Congress should also probe The Washington Post's allegation that Detective Jack Palladino was paid with federal funds during the 1992 campaign to investigate the background of women who were sexual and political threats to Clinton. The hearings should also focus on who is paying for the secret police. To say that Clinton's lawyers are paying is to dodge the question. Clinton's lawyers have basically never been paid. The president and the First Lady have yet to pay them a dime, and the legal-defense fund has largely been consumed by administrative and legal expenses. If the Clinton lawyers are running on empty, you can bet that Lenzner is not. So who is footing the bill?."

New York Post 10/20/98 Dick Morris ".Beginning as early as 1990, Clinton surrounded himself with detectives and negative-research specialists who collectively have become a kind of secret police force to protect his interests. Consider the public evidence of their possible activities: Kathleen Willey reports her cat was stolen and her tires were slashed on her car. Shortly thereafter, while jogging in the park, a man ran up alongside her, asked about her cat - calling it by name. He said that if she wasn't careful, her children would be next. Former Miss America Elizabeth Ward Gracen says she was offered acting jobs through the Hollywood-connected Clinton operative Mickey Kantor in return for denying a sexual encounter with Clinton when she was Miss Arkansas. She also reports that her hotel room was ransacked - and $2,000 left untouched - in what she suspects was an effort to find incriminating tapes. Linda Tripp's confidential personnel file winds up in The New Yorker magazine in an attempt to discredit her. Dolly Kyle Browning, who claims a former longtime relationship with Clinton, relates the details of a long attempt to intimidate her and shut her up. The Washington Post reports in 1992 that the Clinton presidential campaign aintained a staff of detectives to dig up dirt on women to cow them into silence. In a telephone conversation that same year, Betsy Wright, head of the Bimbo Patrol told me much the same thing. Data from my confidential personnel file ends up in the National Enquirer - for which Clinton lawyer David Kendall is the attorney - and in Newsweek magazine in the first two weeks of September 1996. Republican consultant Ed Rollins confides to me that White House staffer Sidney Blumenthal wrote a negative story about him when Blumenthal worked for The New Yorker, using material that, Rollins said, could only have come from my FBI file. I kept Rollins' secret until I was asked a direct question in my grand-jury appearance. Data smearing House Government Operations Committee Chairman Dan Burton and Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde is released just as possible impeachment proceedings open. Paula Jones' husband is dismissed from his decades-long job with Northwest Airlines just as the CEO of the airline seeks the Democratic nomination for governor of California. The Washington Post reports detectives in Clinton's employ have spent months digging up dirt on Monica Lewinsky to discredit her.."

Freeper Kickme report from Palm Springs CA 10/20/98 "Reporting from a bunker in the fairway of a remote, but exclusive private country club in the deserts of Palm Springs, this reporter (notice clever use of third person just like Dan what's-his-name) spoke to two of his golf buddies about the Clinton Crisis. Coincidentally, both of this reporter's golfin' buds have wives that are good friends of H. R. Justice Committee member Mary Bono. Interestingly, these wives' friendships with Representative Bono developed through separate social contacts only, not business, and certainly not politics. EACH of the wives have received separate calls from a "reporter from the National Inquirer" wanting anything they could get of a scandalous nature on the private life of Ms Bono - current and/or historical. Both women hung up on the callers, refusing to give them the time of day, and instructed the caller not to call again. Please note one has a unlisted phone number, the other was called at work. Discussion. In light of the fact Ms. Bono is on the H.R. Judiciary Committee, it is not surprising that she is under the microscope. The first question that comes to mind, however, is how were these low-profile local ladies names and numbers brought into the foray? Of course the easy answer is FBI files, etc. but I think that this is quite disconcerting.."

Capitol Hill Blue 10/20/98 ".At a later meeting, the man is supposed to have told the lawyers, Paula went down on him. It was, he said, her idea. This portrait of young Paula as a wanton slut willing to spread her legs or open her mouth for the cost of a free beer came from somebody named Michael King, but reporters called the two Michael Kings in the Little Rock phone book Monday and both said they had never met, let alone gotten it on with, anybody named Paula Corbin...But the filings in the Paula Jones case joins an ever-growing mountain of evidence that shows Bill Clinton, between blow jobs, used the power of his office to destroy people. That, by anybody's definition, is abuse of power and abuse of power is a "high crime and misdemeanor" against the constitution of the United States. Which is more than reason enough to throw the lowlife son-of-a-bitch out of office. "

USA Today 10/20/98 AP ".Three former FBI employees who claim the bureau retaliated against them for reporting improper conduct sued the Clinton administration Monday, contending it failed to protect bureau whistleblowers. In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court, the three said President Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno had failed to implement a 1989 federal law requiring whistleblower protection for FBI employees. In April 1997, Clinton ordered Reno to issue regulations protecting FBI whistleblowers as the 1989 law required, but she has yet to do so. Justice Department spokesman Bert Brandenburg said the department is nearly finished drafting those protections. He said Reno had asked Clinton to issue the April 1997 order when she learned the 1989 law had never been implemented. Brandenburg had no comment on the lawsuit's allegations. The FBI referred all inquiries about the lawsuit to the department.."

Wall St. Journal 10/26/98 Op-Ed ".The Starr Report wasn't just about sex; it was about perjury. We seem to be living through an era, however, in which a kind of media version of Gresham's Law grinds on relentlessly, ensuring that any information of value is taken out of circulation, leaving the public to make do with muck. So the report's legal purpose drops from view, leaving only "pornography." So it has been with the Clinton women.Not merely Monica. But all the other women who've passed through the Clinton vortex. The Clinton camp itself long ago dubbed these incidents "bimbo eruptions," suggesting mere dalliances. But the real story here is acutely relevant to the current effort to mischaracterize the Starr Report. The real story is not the muck, the improprieties. The real story is the same one at the center of everything else we've seen in this Presidency, extending back through the Travel Office firings. It is about the abuse of power. Now, maybe you get indicted or impeached for abuse of power; and maybe, sometimes, you don't. But there is an informal tradition in our system that the Presidency, with all its vast resources, doesn't engage in it. Recall the firestorm that ensued when it came to light that Nixon's Plumbers had ransacked the office of Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist. So it has been with the Clinton women, all of whom, in the wake of their association with him, have had their lives ransacked.."

The Washington Times 10/26/98 Bill Sammon ".President Clinton believes his only hope to escape impeachment is to make his case directly to the American people, not the House Judiciary Committee. Republicans say the end run will not work. While the White House anti-impeachment team is privately pledging cooperation to the committee, it is publicly denouncing the panel as an unfair "tribunal" determined to slowly destroy the president without bothering to contemplate the definition of an impeachable offense.. The strategy is risky because it calls for the White House to attack the committee while making at least token overtures of good will to the Republicans who run it. The prospect of an out- and-out public relations attempt to divert the committee probe would be ill-advised and seen as an attempt to intimidate the panel, its third-ranking Republican member told The Washington Times. "That would be looked at as intimidation," Rep. Bill McCollum, Florida Republican, said while campaigning. "It might not change votes, but it would change attitudes." ."

Washington Post 10/27/98 Juliet Eilperin ".A public watchdog group asked the House ethics committee yesterday to probe whether House Judiciary Committee Henry J. Hyde (R-Ill.) violated the House gift rule by receiving free services from a private investigator, Ernie Rizzo. Citing reports in the Chicago Tribune and Roll Call newspaper, Congressional Accountability Project Director Gary Ruskin questioned Hyde's involvement in Rizzo's investigation of Tim Anderson, a critic of Hyde's role in the failure of Clyde Federal Savings and Loan. Hyde served on Clyde's board of directors between 1981 and 1984, and has denied responsibility for its collapse, which cost taxpayers $67 million. Hyde acknowledged in an Oct. 18 Tribune article that he was kept apprised of the investigation, in which Rizzo posed as a television producer to obtain documents from Anderson. But he denied hiring the detective, who he said was hired by "a mutual friend" who "thought he was helping me." Hyde said he did not recall the friend's name.."

New York Observer 11/2/98 Joe Conason ".This year's scariest Halloween party will take place at the Washington Monument, where Lucianne Goldberg and her followers are planning to host a pro- impeachment rally on Oct. 31. The chief sponsor of this morbid event is the ultra-right-wing Web site called "Free Republic," where concerned citizens agitate themselves and each other with daily on-line paranoia about Clintonian perfidy. Reigning over the Free Republic site under the Web name "Trixie," Ms. Goldberg addresses its denizens as "my pretties," much as if she were indeed the Wicked Witch of the West Side. The only prop missing from this Oz-like spectacle is an old bicycle with a little basket in front.. "

The Washington Times 10/30/98 Frank Murray ".Deputy independent counsel Robert J. Bittmann Thursday accused Democratic staffers in the impeachment inquiry of misleading statements that imply his office is not cooperating with the congressional investigation. "It has misled the public about the cooperation of this office," Mr. Bittman said in a letter to Special Counsel Abbe D. Lowell, the Democratic side's counterpart to chief investigative counsel David P. Schippers..The disputed reports said that without approval from Committee Chairman Henry J. Hyde, Illinois Republican, the Office of Independent Counsel (OIC) refused to provide sensitive information requested by John Conyers Jr., the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee. "This is absolutely false, and you know it," Mr. Bittman wrote to Mr. Lowell Thursday.."

Reuters 11/9/98 ".California Congresswoman Mary Bono has long had ties with the Church of Scientology and is still linked with the organization, according to several sources. Bono has taken at least six courses in the religion, according to Celebrity, a Scientology publication that chronicles activities of prominent members. One course, which she took in 1990, was on family counseling...The church has been at the center of several controversies recently; critics accuse it of cultlike tactics and attempts to influence government. Defenders and members of the church, which not long ago received tax-exempt status as a religion from the IRS, say it is the victim of harassment and violation of constitutional rights to religious freedom.."

Drudge 11/8/98 " .The DRUDGE REPORT has learned that Independent Counsel Ken Starr's medical records are being shopped to the nation's tabloids! The records, claimed to be lifted from private insurance company documents, are said to contain personal and detailed information about Starr's health. The shopping occurs just weeks before Starr's planned testimony on Capitol Hill. One leading tabloid has passed on the story, according to a publishing source.."

New York Post 11/11/98 ".Someone high up in the Clinton administration owes Scott Ritter a public apology. Last August, Ritter resigned in disgust as chief U.N. arms inspector in Iraq. The courageous ex-Marine charged that Washington had backed off its policy on Saddam Hussein, quietly abandoning support for the international team that was aggressively searching for the Iraqi despot's weapons of mass destruction. The Clinton administration hotly denied Ritter's assertions. At first, it suggested he'd overstepped his mandate. Then it leaked baseless accusations that he was illegally slipping classified information to Israel. It now turns out - no big surprise - that Ritter was absolutely on target. According to numerous reports this week, the Clintonites secretly decided last spring to undercut the weapons inspections in favor of a policy of containment - abandoning the search for such arms in hopes of merely preventing their use. Ritter & Co. had uncovered secret Iraqi caches of deadly, forbidden weapons - including anthrax (2,000-plus gallons), botulinium toxin (5,125 gallons), ricin, sarin and VX; some of these chemicals need just a few drops to kill thousands. They also found evidence that Iraq lacks only enriched uranium to detonate nuclear weapons. Some of these deadly weapons have been destroyed; others remain hidden. Even as Ritter and his U.N. team launched surprise inspections of Iraqi facilities, however, the Clinton administration moved swiftly to cut the legs out from under them. Publicly, meanwhile, the president has talked tough - only to back down at the last minute in favor of a conciliatory settlement."

3/18/98 The Washington Times ".President Clinton has taken charge of the aggressive White House campaign to attack accuser Kathleen E. Willey's credibility and cast doubt on her charges that he sexually assaulted her. The Washington Times has learned. A day before she aired her accusations Sunday on the CBS News show "60 Minutes,) Mr. Clinton had aides collect fawning letters from Mrs. Willey to him and then asked his advisers if they thought releasing the notes would offset her jolting testimony, according to administration officials. That day, for example, he telephoned longtime adviser James Carville to ask him if releasing the letters - some signed "Fondly, Kathleen" - was wise. During a five-minute phone call from Camp David, Mr. Clinton "said there were some letters that she had written and [White House lawyers] were considering making them public and what did I think about it," Mr. Carville said."

MSNBC Jonathan Broder 11/17/98 "."WE HAVE have been the victims of vilification and demonization while senior government officials have been lying," said Charles Bakaly, Starr's spokesman. "This has been an attempt to destroy prosecutorial authority while the lying continues. ... It is a complete flipping of the world on its head when an independent prosecutor appointed by judges is made out to be the villain." In an interview with USA Today, Bakaly said that when Starr is sworn in before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday as the only witness in its impeachment inquiry, he will not seek to vindicate himself or his four-year investigation of the president, which produced a damning report in September accusing the president of perjury, obstruction and abuse of power. Bakaly said Starr would restate his case and outline what he sees as a broad pattern of obstruction of justice by the president and his aides. But Bakaly's broadside underscored the anger and wounded sensibilities of Starr and his investigators after four years of bare-knuckled legal and political combat with the White House. One White House aide dismissed Bakaly's comments, which he derided as a "plea for sympathy" by Starr, one of the most unpopular public figures in the nation.."

11/16/98 Jamie Dettmer; INSIGHT ".Morris said the Clinton use of muckraking private eyes might be this administration's Achilles' heel. "It's a pattern that I feel can consume the administration just as it consumed Nixon's administration," Morris told Starr prosecutors..Morris' testimony on what he termed the "Clinton secret police" attracted only momentary interest, even though he tracked the origins of the first family's reliance on sleuths back to Arkansas and the bimbo patrols mounted by aide Betsy Wright. But in the weeks ahead, as the House Judiciary Committee holds impeachment hearings, Morris might be heard about private eyes as well as Filegate. Some congressmen serving on the impeachment panel already are pressing for a probe of gumshoe activities, arguing along with Morris that there might be comparisons to be drawn between Richard Nixon's Plumbers and the Clinton secret police, say Capitol Hill sources. A hint of that came during the House Judiciary Committee debate on the scope and timetable for an impeachment inquiry, when Republican Rep. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina warned that if the president obstructed justice by having his aides secretly going after women, or anybody else who got in his way, impeachment would be merited.."

11/16/98 Jamie Dettmer; INSIGHT ".Questions on Capitol Hill about the Clinton administration's use of private eyes break down into two areas. Were gumshoes used by the White House or Clinton loyalists to trawl for trash on lawmakers in a bid to intimidate Congress? And what was the nature of efforts to get Clinton bimbos to back off, to remain mum? Both raise the specter of lawbreaking, according to congressmen including GOP Rep. Bob Barr of Georgia, who stressed these matters recently. "Just the accumulating of dirt with the intent to cause congressmen to back off impeachment well could fall within the federal statutes of obstruction of justice," Barr said. Republican ire has increased dramatically on this issue since the media revelations about decades-old sexual indiscretions of three Republicans, including House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde of Illinois and House Government Reform and Oversight Committee Chairman Dan Burton of Indiana. House Minority Whip Tom DeLay of Texas has called on the FBI to investigate whether the White House - or those close to it - played any role in divulging to the press the secrets of lawmakers heading committees investigating the president.."

AP 11/22/98 ".The White House has done a good job of trying to destroy Kenneth Starr's credibility. That's how Starr's chief spokesman sees it. Charles Bakaly has been making the rounds of the Sunday TV talk shows. He told NBC that the White House set out to destroy Starr's authority as special prosecutor. Starr testified before Congress this week, and Bakaly says the evidence against President Clinton remains, despite the attacks on his boss.."

Washington Weekly 11/23/98 Marvin Lee ".After the marathon Starr session of the House impeachment committee Thursday, no Democrat opposed Chairman Henry Hyde's request for subpoenas of Bruce Lindsey, Nathan Landow, Robert Bennett and Daniel Gecker. The subpoenas of Lindsey and Landow confirm the suspicion that was raised by Hyde's as yet unanswered 81 questions to the President. Hyde seeks to broaden the impeachment inquiry into a larger pattern of obstruction of justice and intimidation of witnesses that goes beyond the Monica Lewinsky affair. When Landow was asked by the Kenneth Starr grand jury about his involvement in the violent intimidation of Clinton accuser Kathleen Willey, he reportedly pled the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. Congress can grant Landow limited immunity and force him to testify. Nathan Landow has been linked by the Washington Post to the Gambino and Lansky organized crime families. Both Linda Tripp and Dolly Kyle Browning say that Clinton aide Bruce Lindsey threatened, either directly or through an intermediary, that the White House would destroy them if they went public with what they knew. In the end, both decided to go public anyway, and the White House kept its promise and destroyed them. In the case of Linda Tripp it involved the illegal use of her private employment papers, laundered through a friendly journalist at the New Yorker, to brand her as a thief and a liar. But Bruce Lindsey has been involved in much more sinister intimidation than that. In December of 1993, an ABC News crew taped Clinton associate Buddy Young as he accepted a call on the speakerphone from Bruce Lindsey directing him how to coordinate Troopergate damage control. Buddy Young has expressed concern for the health of Arkansas State Troopers who were considering going public with what they had learned while serving on then-Governor Clinton's security detail. Young also set up CIA contractor Terry Reed on an insurance fraud charge after Reed threatened to expose then-Governor Clinton's involvement in a drug operation at Mena airport. And finally, Young has been implicated by reporter Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the 1993 murder of Jerry Parks after Parks presumably threatened to go public with, or perhaps even use for blackmail, his knowledge gained as security contractor for the Clinton campaign. We know from the ABC tape that Bruce Lindsey is Buddy Young's White House contact.."

EtherZone Online 12/1/98 Bob Momenteller ".Sam Dash who abruptly resigned as ethics adviser to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr last month, left conservative lawmakers with the feeling of being had. . Starr praised Dash publicly, but sources say that he was devastated and angered by the resignation. Starr was warned numerous times that Dash was nothing more than a pipeline to the White House, a ticking time bomb that could go off anytime destroying any OIC credibility, according to sources. One source went on to state, " Dash would secretly do all that he could to keep Bill Clinton in the White House. If your looking for leaks, take a good look at that two faced son of a bitch, Dash. The OIC now has 24 charges of 6E material leaks against them, all of which are baseless and didn't emanate from the Independent Counsel." .. In April of 1996, Sam Dash told the New York Observer, "There is no relationship between Whitewater and any of the major scandals in our time that have required the appointment of an independent counsel. I don't believe this is a major scandal, involving a President, that would call for an independent counsel." Dash then felt compelled to make the comparison between Whitewater and Watergate, "The only relationship between Whitewater and Watergate," he said dryly, "is the word 'water.' I said that on Nightline before I was appointed as ethics counsel to Ken Starr, and I haven't changed my opinion." .The New York Observer closed the 1996 article in the following uncanny paragraph: " How long Mr. Dash will continue to serve the independent counsel is an open question. At several points, he took pains to say that his tenure could end at a moment's notice if his advice on ethical conduct and fairness is not followed. That warning, with its power enhanced by Mr. Starr's diminishing reputation, could be what ensures that Whitewater ultimately concludes as the trivial matter it is." . Sam Dash had known for weeks that he would be resigning. The White House was even privileged to the information. Yet, he chose to make his announcement in the most political and timely fashion. Interestingly, his resignation letter was dispersed to the media at the same time it was delivered to Starr. . Dash's exit strategy goes back to his 1996 statement to the New York Observer. A quick and easy way out once his fun money dried up . His fundamental reason for resigning is pure poppy cock... While the jury is still out, we suspect that any further plumbing problems with the OIC has been fixed with Sam Dash's resignation."

World Net Daily 12/8/98 ".A federal judge yesterday unstayed the deposition of former White House aide Linda Tripp, clearing her to testify in a public-interest legal group's civil lawsuit over Filegate. Judicial Watch is pursuing a $90 million class-action lawsuit against the Clinton White House, the FBI, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bernard Nussbaum, Craig Livingstone and Anthony Marceca over the misuse of FBI files by the administration. . Larry Klayman, general counsel and chairman of Judicial Watch, said Tripp is prepared to testify that she saw former Associate White House Counsel William Kennedy, Mrs. Clinton's Rose Law Firm partner, using Republican FBI files. According to literary agent Lucianne Goldberg, Tripp's friend and confidante, Tripp also has information about FBI files being loaded into encrypted computers and copies in the White House counsel's office, raising the likelihood that information from Republican FBI files is still at the White House. When Kennedy was deposed before videotape cameras by Judicial Watch recently about whether he had FBI files of Republicans stacked in his office, he literally choked before making a carefully worded denial. "Linda Tripp apparently has important testimony to offer about Filegate and related issues," said Klayman. "We look forward to taking her sworn testimony on Filegate -- perhaps the most serious of all the Clinton scandals." ."

Grassroot Republicans 12/8/98 Ken Carroll ".Perhaps what honesty, logic and the rule of law cannot do will be accomplished by the desire for political advantage. While the White House concerns itself with the mindset of a handful of moderate Republicans, more moderate Democrats may have come to some conclusions of their own about the impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton. The facts of the case for President Clinton's impeachment proceeding will not be disputed. President Clinton committed perjury multiple times in civil and criminal proceedings according to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. Democrats don't dispute Starr's facts, they just believe these things aren't impeachable offenses. For two days, the Democrats will present expert witnesses and White House lawyers, but none will dispute Starr's evidence. So, we leave the realm of law and enter into the ugly world of political manipulation. Rest assured the impeachment vote will be close unless it is a vote widely in favor of impeachment. Despite what you have heard about the recent elections sending a "message" to Republicans, the people again elected a majority of Republicans in the US House and US Senate."

Jewish World Review 12/10/98 Larry Elder ".IT WAS VINTAGE ALAN DERSHOWITZ, the attorney and race card player extraordinaire. Appearing as an anti-impeachment panelist before the House Judiciary Committee, Dershowitz accused Georgia conservative Republican Rep. Bob Barr of "racism," "bigotry" and "anti-Semitism." ....Dershowitz played the race card. Not satisfied with simply calling the pro-impeachment camp wrong or unfair, this Clinton attack-squad member unleashed a new weapon -- calling Clinton's critics bigoted and anti-Semitic. Hey, whatever works. Targets change, but tactics remain the same. Attack, demean, mischaracterize. Judge Robert Bork, Justice Clarence Thomas, independent counsel Ken Starr, and now Rep. Bob Barr. What a distinguished panel of ... "un-Americans." ."

12/10/98 Freeper Physicist reports ".Don Adams, the anti-Clinton protestor who was most viciously beaten by Teamsters on October 2nd in Philadelphia, has received notification that he is being charged with three crimes as a result of the beating he received. The charges are the result of a private criminal complaint filed by one of the Teamsters, and they are simple assault, harassment, and reckless endangerment.."

Dave Stone - WGST Atlanta 12/15/98 Freeper Buzz Brockway ".Tom Delay in not pressuring anyone, while the WH is treating this as a spending bill. They're making promises, trying to buy voted. These heavy-handed tactics are backfiring. Moderate Republicans who have been contacted by the WH are going for impeachment. Barr feels that most moderate Republicans who have not come out in public for impeachment will indeed vote in favor of atleast one article of impeachment. Barr emphasized that this is not a "political" vote and that people will see that Republicans are doing the right thing, not just following the polls. He is troubled by the polls, feels that it reflects a larger problem of accepting cheating, and the like. Barr would not be suprised by anything that the left does between now and Thursday. They are using big labor, Jesse Jackson, and other groups to pressure members of Congress. He has heard of people's trash being gone through, and other types of intimidation.."

Freeper John Locke 12/15/98 observes ".There's an interesting parallel here that hasn't yet been mentioned. Bob Barr is a racist for the rather indirect reason that he gave a speech to a group that has a web site that contains a pointer to an article... and the article says that "intermarriage" is a threat to the White Race. Shock! Horror! Well, just last year, a book was published called "The Vanishing American Jew", which made the bizarre and histrionic claim that the aforesaid Americans were going to succeed "where the Nazis failed in their nightmarish plan to eliminate Jews as a force in the world". The reason this was going to happen? You guessed it, "intermarriage". And the author of this piece of racist shit? Yes, you guessed that too: Professor Alan M Dershowitz.."

12/15/98 Judicial Watch Press Release ".Geraldo Rivera, who limits the appearances by staunch critics of the Administration (most of his so-called conservative guests, not coincidentally, are actually against impeachment), has allowed his show to be used again by The White House and its allies. Yesterday, Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law Professor, branded Bob Barr, Trent Lott and Tom Delay, "white supremacists." Geraldo did not do anything in response to rebuke Dershowitz, and in fact seemed to approve of the statements. "Rivera, who has been used by the White House to smear opponents of the Administration, including Democrat Representative Paul McHale, should be ashamed. He owes an immediate apology to these conservative leaders, and unless one is forthcoming, conservatives should not appear further on his show, " stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman. "As for Dershowitz, he is the equivalent of Louis Farrakhan, and should not be allowed to spew forth this hatred on any television medium," Klayman added.."

Freeper Mikelau on Cokie Roberts ".WOW!! How lucky can Bill Clinton be? Monica Lewinsky gets a job in New York the day she signs her affidavit Lewinsky and Clinton both have the same definition of sex and affair. The gifts just happen to end up under Betty Curry's desk. The letters that were lost during the Paula Jones Case from Kathleen Willey show up when they are needed to bash Willey. He finds an aspirin plant to bomb. A story about Henry Hyde comes out a few days after it's announced that he is chairman. Sam Dash resigns the next news cycle after Ken Starr's testimony The Mid-East Peace Mettings(photo ops) get scheduled during the time of the impeachment debate. He is force to bomb Iraq the night before he is to be impeached. A story about Bob Livingston comes out the night before the impeachment debate on the floor. Gee, I wonder what's gonna come out about Trent Lott within the next few weeks? ."

Drudge Report 12/17/98 Matt Drudge "."Wait until it gets to the Senate!" one White House staffer predicted late Thursday night. "There's even more hypocrites serving there!" Sin City was rocked once again in what has come to be known as Hell Week when incoming Speaker Rep. Bob Livingston admitted that he has cheated during his marriage! Livingston and his wife, Bonnie, have been married for 33 years and have four children. But on Thursday night, on the eve of the historic impeachment debate in the House, over a case that started with President Bill Clinton's affair with an intern, the new leader of the Republican party came clean, before he was cleaned by a news report set to drop in ROLL CALL, that he had strayed from his marriage vows. But just hours after Livingston made his stunning confession to members in the basement of the Capitol, it was learned that at least one staffer in the White House had already been aware of the sex secret! "Sure we knew he was vulnerable [in this area]," the White House staffer, who spoke only on a condition of anonymity, revealed late Thursday. "But, Drudge, no one here had anything to do with this [getting out]. You can't hold back news, you of all people know that." The staffer refused to offer any insight on just when the Livingston information came to be known at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, or how high up the information went.." 9/23/98 Donald Morgan ".Hunter S. Thompson's famous book, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, can't hold a candle to the white-knuckle fear gripping Congressmen of both parties as they struggle with a President whose personal defense policies are right out of the tortured drug and crime culture that the Gonzo journalist portrayed in his strange and twisted books. Just as jurors in trials of high level drug lords and mafiosi have been, Congressmen are being threatened by gravelly voices and shadowy threats. Some have had details of their private lives exposed publicly - even when the indiscretions and moral lapses occurred years and even decades ago. Others have heard high level democrats talk about the "Ellen Rometsch" strategy - a frightening reference to the misuse of FBI secrets dating back to the Kennedy years. Many of the leaders of today's Congress remember the fear that J. Edgar Hoover and his files could strike in the hearts of the toughest legislators.."

MSNBC 12/17/98 Freeper report ".Dana Rochrbacher(R) said tonight there was anger in the conference meeting at the White House. He said it seems like everytime someone does something Clinton doesn't like thier personal life is trashed. He said the committee supports Livingston and stands behind him. He also said that Livingston felt he had to make a statement after being informed the information was being given to reporters. He said the WH wants us to think this is about sex but it is not. The impeachment will go on as scheduled."

AP 12/17/98 ".Text of a statement by incoming House Speaker Bob Livingston, R-La.: It has suddenly come to my attention that there are individuals working together with the media who are investigating my personal background in an effort to find indiscretions which may be exploitable against me and my party on the eve of the upcoming historic vote on impeachment. When I did an early interview with the media after announcing my candidacy for speaker, I told a reporter that I was running for speaker, not sainthood. There was a reason for those words. Because of the tremendous trust and responsibility my colleagues have placed in me and because of forces outside of this institution seeking to influence the upcoming events and/or media coverage of these events, I have decided to inform my colleagues and my constituents that during my 33-year marriage to my wife, Bonnie, I have on occasion strayed from my marriage, and doing so nearly cost me my marriage and family. I sought marriage and spiritual counseling and have received forgiveness from my wife and family, for which I am eternally grateful. This chapter was a small but painful part of the past in an otherwise wonderful marriage. I want to assure everyone that these indiscretions were not with employees on my staff and I have never been asked to testify under oath about them..."

UPI 2/17/98 ".House Republicans are closing ranks around embattled House Speaker-elect Bob Livingston, R-La., and eyeing the White House suspiciously in the wake of his forced admission of multiple extramarital affairs. This evening, during a party conference called to discuss last-minute impeachment strategy, Livingston instead found himself informing his colleagues that a Capitol Hill newspaper, Roll Call, was about to publish a story saying that he had been unfaithful during his 33-year marriage. At the end of his short speech, Livingston reportedly looked into the silent gathering and said, ``My fate is in your hands.'' His colleagues gave him a standing ovation. There was at least one voice of dissent. Rep. Mark Sanford, R-S.C., said: ``The bottom line is that he still lied. He lied under a different oath, an oath to his wife. I'm going to be struggling with this in the next few days.'' Suspicion immediately fell on the White House. Many members felt the timing of the news story was far too convenient. Rep. John Linder, R-Ga., spoke for many who blame the administration for the timing of the news story that prompted Livingston's admission: ``This is what the White House calls 'scorched earth' policy."."

Freeper Lonnie on ABC Cokie Roberts 12/17/98 ".At the end of ABC news...Cokie Roberts stated she heard the Livingston srory from a White House source TWO TO THREE WEEKS AGO! AHA .."

American Spectator 11/98 ".Capitol Hill allies of Rep. Dan Burton suspect he was the first official to be publicly slimmed by information culled by WH hacks going through Republican FBI files. While Burton's name was not among the 900-plus files sent to the WH in Filegate, investigators from Kenn Starr's office are said to have looked into the possibility that information about Burton's illegitimate child and ensuing child support payments, which was fed to the Indianapolis Star, came from his FBI file. "The last time the FBI ran a check on Burton was in 1992, and that is the first time they noted child-support payments in the report," says a Capitol Hill source familiar with Burton's situation. "He provided the FBI with updated financial data, and the child-support documentation was part of that." Burton is said to believe there were few other ways the press or anyone else could have developed the story. "It's suspicious that at the same time people are shopping stories about Henry Hyde's affair, other people were shopping the story about Dan Burton. And the information the Star claimed it recieved from 'sources' is the kind of detail that could have only been pulled from his FBI file," says the Hill source. As to why Burton's name has never appeared on a list of files previously held by the WH, an FBI source says, "We've never been able to confirm it, but there are some who strongly believe the WH had more than 1,200 files in its possesion at one time in 1993, including FBI files on congressmen and senators. We've never received what could be termed an 'accurate and final' count on how many files the WH held."."

Drudge Report 12/18/98 ".The staffer refused to offer any insight on just when or how the Livingston information came to be known at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, or how high up the information went. The Livingston explosion comes just months after Rep. Henry Hyde, the Republican chairman of the House Judiciary Committee who is to bring the impeachment charges against the president, was forced to admit to an extra-marital affair after a story ran in SALON. Before it was published the Hyde affair story was shopped by a White House employee, it can now be revealed. The White House employee, with ties to the President and the First Lady, reportedly called Linda Douglas at ABC NEWS to give her a heads-up on the soon-to-be-outed Hyde, according to a well-placed ABC NEWS employee. Rep. Livingston, in a statement Thursday night, said he was confessing, in part, "because of forces outside of this institution seeking to influence the upcoming events and/or media coverage of these events." "To those who are investigating me or others of my colleagues, please understand that I will not be intimidated by these efforts," Livingston said. "These efforts will NOT deter me from performing my sworn duty under the Constitution as a member of Congress." [ABC's Cokie Roberts revealed on the air Thursday evening that someone in the White House had informed her over three weeks ago they had proof of numerous affairs by Livingston. Roberts did not disclose further details.].."

AP 12/19/98 Ron Fournier ".The nation's capital is aflame with scandal and its aftershocks. Clinton, Gingrich, Hyde, now Livingston -- the toll seemingly mounts by the day. What one Democrat called ``sexual McCarthyism'' is bringing official Washington to its knees. Rep. Bob Livingston shocked the House on Saturday by announcing he would not accept the speakership after admitting two days earlier to extramarital affairs. One confessed sinner to another, he urged Bill Clinton to resign as president. ``I must set the example that I hope President Clinton will follow,'' he said in a startling aside to a debate that ended with Clinton's impeachment. Livingston's example is one that few politicians wanted set.. One senior White House official gladly left town for the holidays. ``I expect to look through my rear view mirror and see black plumes of smoke rising from the ashes,'' the official said. Washington powerbrokers have long fed on each others' troubles, if not always in this dramatic fashion. Bob Packwood resigned from the Senate in 1995 amid allegations that he made unwanted sexual advances to 17 female employees and colleagues. John Tower's nomination as Pentagon secretary was jettisoned by the Senate in 1989 amid questions about his fondness for drinking and womanizing. The Senate narrowly confirmed Clarence Thomas for the Supreme Court in 1991, but only after hearings over sexual harassment allegations that he equated to ``a high-tech lynching.'' Gary Hart dropped out of the 1988 presidential race, refusing to confirm whether he had an affair with Donna Rice. ``None of your business,'' he told reporters. If only Livingston could say the same thing. One after another, Democrats and Republicans alike urged the Louisiana lawmaker to reconsider his decision.. ``The example is that principle comes before person, and it is an example that we must all hold to ourselves,'' said Rep. Dick Armey of Texas. It was left to Hyde, the silver-maned Clinton nemesis, who summed up the day and this era the best. ``My friends,'' he said from the well of the House, ``those of us who are sinners must feel especially wretched today.''.."

2/16/98 London Telegraph Ivo Dawnay ".The United States President, Mr Bill Clinton, is planning to launch an explosive counter-strike against his enemies by revealing their sexual peccadillos if the Monica Lewinsky scandal threatens to unseat him, a former aide has revealed. ..Meanwhile, within the White House, Mrs Hillary Clinton has largely wrestled policy-making from her husband, according to another former aide. "The bargain is clear to both the President and the first lady," wrote the former Clinton image-maker, Mr Dick Morris. "She'll bail him out of the mess, but now she calls the shots." ...He said the ploy, which he called the "Ellen Rometsch strategy", was a deterrent. His astonished interviewer, the veteran White House reporter Mr Sam Donaldson, pressed him for details. "Are you suggesting that what they are beginning to say is that: `If you investigate this too much, we will put all your dirty linen right on the table?' " asked Mr Donaldson. "Every member of the Senate? Every member of the press corps?" "Absolutely," replied Mr Stephanopoulos, who has close contacts at the White House and lunched with senior Clinton advisers last week. "The President said he would never resign and I think some around him are willing to take everybody down with him." .."

12/11/98 Rep Bob Barr ".In a statement today, U.S. Representative Bob Barr (GA-7) blasted President Clinton's defenders for conducting a scorched-earth campaign to smear members of the House Judiciary Committee with false allegations. The statement followed an attempt by trial lawyer Alan Dershowitz to call Barr a racist, based on his appearance before a group in South Carolina called the Council of Conservative Citizens. In another case, White House operative Sidney Blumenthal has attacked Committee Member Lindsey Graham (R-SC). The National Enquirer, which is represented by Clinton Attorney David Kendall, also reportedly published an article today alleging an affair involving Committee Member Mary Bono (R-CA). Barr also noted a report in the New York Daily News today that White House Chief of Staff John Podesta is ordering prominent businessmen to pressure Members of Congress on the upcoming impeachment vote. "I am adamantly opposed to discrimination in any way, shape or form. For the President's henchmen to suggest otherwise, based on a brief appearance I made before a group in South Carolina to discuss the impeachment process, is outrageous. The fact is, I strongly disagree with many of this group's ridiculous views, and have said so publicly. "It is a sad day in our country when a Member of Congress cannot speak before a group without subjecting them to an exhaustive investigation to determine if one of their members has ever written an offensive or ridiculous column. Sadly, there appears to be no despicable conduct the President's defenders will not stoop to in order to protect him.."

ABC News 12/12/98 Brian Hartman ".Rep. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., turned the debate to more recent allegations of White House meddling. Waving an article printed from the Arkansas Democrat- Gazette Web site, Graham pointed out a passage quoting an anonymous Clinton aide issuing a threat to moderate Republican Rep. Jay Dickey, who has not yet decided how to vote on impeachment. "If Jay Dickey votes to impeach the president, it's probably an indication he will not run for reelection in 2000," the article quoted the aide as saying. "It's suicide - we will make sure it is." Dickey won reelection handily last month, but Clinton carried his district in 1996. So Democrats have been reminding him that an impeachment vote could threaten his chances next time around. "This needs to stop," Graham said. "I think it is important to know that this behavior, if true, is certainly out of line." .."

AP 12/12/98 Ron Fournier ".``The only thing he hasn't done is plead guilty to a crime. If he does that, they'll say he should be impeached because he pleaded guilty to a crime,'' said Lanny Davis, a former White House special counsel and informal adviser. Davis said he wished Clinton had canceled the Middle East trip ``to wage this battle himself.'' He suggests the president should attack House Majority Whip Tom DeLay, making the conservative nicknamed ``The Hammer'' a lightening rod for anti- impeachment sentiment. In past political battles, the party's target was outgoing House Speaker Newt Gingrich. ``I hope the president starts to fight,'' Davis said. ``The time for apologies are over.'' The aggressive approach is an emerging Democratic tactic. White House lawyer Gregory Craig said Saturday a House vote for impeachment would ``divide the country, gridlock the government and defy the will of the people.'' After the White House was accused of applying political pressure to GOP moderates, Judiciary Committee member Barney Franks, D-Mass., fired back: ``Any discussion of pressuring ... that leaves out the name of Tom DeLay is equivalent to debating impeachment without mentioning Monica Lewinsky.'' ..."

July 1996 The Chicago Sun-Times ".But now that Bill Clinton is president, it appears that disagreeing with the president and rudely saying so to his face is cause for arrest - as Patricia and Glenn Mendoza of Westchester found out last week. Police charged the two with disorderly conduct after she allegedly told Clinton at Taste of Chicago: "You suck, and those boys died" - referring to the 19 servicemen killed in Saudi Arabia... The Mendozas did not seek out Clinton; they and their friends were cleared out of the way for Clinton and his photo op. And while the couple were supposedly a threat to the president, they were not arrested until 15 minutes after the president departed. And Glenn Mendoza's only offense may be that he shouted at his wife that she needed a lawyer..."

July 1996 Chicago Sun-Times ".Shades of William Kelly, the South Side political activist arrested in 1993 for shouting an unwelcome question at Clinton about his broken promise to deliver a middle-class tax cut. As Kelly was escorted from the room, Clinton pontificated about how the likes of Kelly are what's wrong with America today. Kelly figured, well, that's that, and went home. Three hours later, the cops surrounded his house and arrested him for violating - from 100 feet away - some sort of movable no-admittance zone, around the president. Facing up to six months in prison and a $100,000 fine, Kelly fought for six months to get the charge dropped. Nothing worked, until he ran for Congress, against Bobby Rush, who in the 1960s regularly shouted nasty things about presidents. .."

Ruth Larson Washington Times July 1996 ".The Washington Times has obtained video footage of the July 2 incident that led to her questioning by the Secret Service. It shows the president appearing to direct aides to detain the woman. The agents questioned Mrs. Mendoza for about 45 minutes on July 13, according to her husband, Glenn. "They asked her about her sexual preference, but our lawyer said, `No way does she have to answer that.' " ."

Joseph Curl Washington Times ".Glenn and Patricia Mendoza, arrested after she told President Clinton "You suck," had their day in court Aug. 27, and - to no one's surprise - the case was postponed... The hearing - held on the second day of the Democratic National Convention - was short on dramatics and also simply short. The couple stood at the judge's bench with Mr. Munoz for about three minutes as the lawyers agreed on the new date. A handful of reporters, along with a half-dozen fans of the Mendozas, hunched forward in the dingy courtroom, straining to hear. .."

Jerry Seper Bill Sammon Washington Times ".Is it possible that Internal Revenue Service audits of Paula Corbin Jones, the National Rifle Association and a growing list of others at odds with the Clinton administration are pure coincidence? "Yes, but it's also possible that you could toss a penny in the air a hundred times and have it land heads every time," said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. "It's possible. But I don't think it's very likely.".. "So, logically, if the White House or some other outside force wanted to influence what we do for political reasons, it would come through us - and it hasn't," Mr. Brown said. "Other than what happened in the Kennedy-Nixon eras, I'm not aware of any serious allegations of political influence in audits." But critics say that leaves unexplained cases such as that of Billy R. Dale, who was audited shortly after being fired from his job as director of the White House travel office in 1993...Then there's the case of the Western Journalism Center, which the IRS began auditing last year. The center was the only news organization targeted for action in a 1994 White House memo on how to deal with those pursuing administration scandals. The center had been supporting an investigative journalist looking into the death of White House Deputy Counsel Vincent W. Foster Jr. "When the examiner met with our accountant, it became clear the IRS was not concerned with our bookkeeping procedures or fund-raising techniques, but rather with our choice of investigative reporting projects," said the center's executive director, Joseph Farah. "When our accountant questioned the direction, extent and propriety of the probe, IRS field agent Thomas Cederquist blurted, `Look, this is a political case, and it's going to be decided at the national level,'" he said...White House claims that politics played no role. They point to a growing list of administration adversaries who have become IRS targets, including: * Patricia Mendoza, notified of her audit within a month of yelling "You suck!" at Mr. Clinton during a campaign stop in Chicago in July 1996. The IRS said she owed $200 in back taxes and threatened to seize her property to satisfy the debt. After consulting with an attorney, the IRS announced a "computer error" was to blame and dropped the matter - amid massive media coverage. .."

Washington Times/Inside politics 12/21/98 Lance Romance ".Although Larry Flynt denies getting his "marching orders" from the White House, the pornographer admits that his investigators digging up dirt on congressional Republicans are "friends with people inside the White House" and it's possible some sexual allegations originated there. Mr. Flynt says his investigators work for a D.C. firm made up of former FBI and CIA agents, Hotline reports. He would not comment on whether that firm is Terry Lenzner's Investigative Group Inc., which reportedly has been retained by law firms defending the president. Meanwhile, immediately after word began circulating on Capitol Hill Thursday night that Louisiana Rep. Robert L. Livingston was ready to admit to GOP colleagues that he had been involved in more than one sexual affair over the years, ABC News correspondent Cokie Roberts reported that the White House had told her similar stories about Mr. Livingston's sexual history.."

Drudge 12/21/98 ".A mystery woman who was set to appear for the first time on television this week to reveal fresh stories about Clinton corruption has been hit with an intimidation campaign, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned! Former Arkansas state auditor [1981 to 1995], Julia Hughes Jones, was scheduled to appear on CNBC's HARDBALL with Chris Matthews on Tuesday. Jones, according to an insider, was going to use the HARDBALL appearance to tell stories that have not yet publicly been told about Gov. Bill Clinton and his Arkansas associates -- stories that Julie Hughes Jones is preparing to detail in an explosive tell-all book. But sometime over the weekend, Julia Hughes Jones' computer files were mysteriously corrupted -- files that contained information she was going to fax to HARDBALL producers! Someone over the weekend broke into her computer and destroyed a memo of talking points that she had typed up to Chris Matthews and his producers, ahead of her appearance," a source close to Jones revealed late Monday night. ."

Washington Times 12/24/98 Joyce Howard Price and Bill Sammon ".A new media report by a liberal on-line magazine about the sex life of a Republican congressman has fueled the debate over the role of private morality in public life, even as President Clinton condemns what he called the "politics of personal destruction." "The left routinely accuses religious conservatives of sexual McCarthyism, but it's the left that is outing gays and exposing the private lives of others. It's not Gary Bauer. It's not the Christian Coalition. It's not the Weekly Standard," said William Kristol, editor of the conservative Weekly Standard. "The politics of personal destruction is the politics of Bill Clinton," he said. Salon, the liberal on-line magazine, and Larry Flynt's Hustler magazine have been responsible for most of the recent character assassinations. Victims have included three top House Republicans -- former Speaker-elect Robert L. Livingston of Louisiana; Rep. Henry J. Hyde of Illinois, chairman of the Judiciary Committee; and Rep. Dan Burton of Indiana, chairman of the Government Reform and Oversight Committee. Some Republicans have charged that the White House fed Salon and Hustler the information. The White House and the two publications deny that... Conservative pundit Cal Thomas contrasted Mr. Clinton's current talk about the need for "reconciliation" and "healing" with the attacks his political adviser James Carville has leveled against independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr and House Republicans who voted to impeach Mr. Clinton. "While his minions slime his enemies, [Mr. Clinton] pleaded for the sliming to end," Mr. Thomas wrote in a column that appeared yesterday in The Washington Times. The New York Post's Dick Morris assailed Mr. Carville's "crazed strategy," which he says has hurt the president. Mr. Carville yesterday blamed Republicans for initiating destructive politics by refusing to back off their investigations of Mr. Clinton. "There are doors in life which are best left shut, and they insisted on opening them," he told The Washington Times. "At every point, people begged these people to stop it, and at every point they ignored them." Mr. Carville bemoaned the fact that Hustler's publisher, Mr. Flynt, a staunch Clinton defender, offered $1 million to women who came forward with proof of extramarital affairs with congressional Republicans. In a new development, Salon ran a story Tuesday that accused Mr. Burton of groping a female lobbyist for a family planning organization in the mid-1990s.. The story by Russ Baker, a free-lance writer who penned an earlier Salon article that discussed an extramarital fling Mr. Hyde had with a beautician in the late 1960s and early 1970s, also raised questions about Mr. Burton's ties with a former model, Claudia Keller...A separate report in Tuesday's issue of Salon blamed liberals for "hypocrisy" in "backing a president who lied under oath in a sexual harassment lawsuit." "Before the rest of us get too misty-eyed about ending the politics of character assassination, we might want to take a closer look at our own record in this area," Andrew Ross, a Salon founder and vice president, wrote in an article titled "What if it were President Packwood?" ..Mr. Ross also cited liberal opposition to the nomination of the late Texas Sen. John Tower as defense secretary. His "crime," Mr. Ross said, was that "he enjoyed a drink or two." Others targeted for destruction by liberals, the Salon writer said, included failed Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork, "whose video rental receipts were paraded in front of the world," and Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who was hit with a "sex harassment smear" during confirmation hearings. Paul McMasters, ombudsman for the Freedom Forum, says: "The bar hasn't just been lowered. It's been done away with." .."

AP Larry Margasak 12/24/98 ".With the nation's second presidential impeachment trial looming next month, key senators acknowledged Wednesday that bipartisan talks were under way on how to decide the president's fate..Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., a Clinton ally and former boss to presidential Chief of Staff John Podesta, was among the senators Wednesday who said they wanted no White House interference. Leahy said he agreed with the Senate's senior Democrat, Robert Byrd of West Virginia, that only senators should craft a deal. .``I do believe there will come a time when people of good will in Senate will want to resolve this,'' Hatch said. Hatch, who has advocated censure if it appears certain that Clinton can't be convicted, said, ``It's up to the Democrats to show there's no way there will be 67 votes for conviction. Once that is shown to the satisfaction of most Republicans, then people have to see what has to be done in a way that punishes him, but still resolves it.'' ."

The Detroit News 12/22/98 Thomas Bray ".As for the politics of personal destruction, it would be nice if the left had thought about that back in the 1980s and early '90s, when Ted Kennedy painted entirely unfair and hateful pictures of "Robert Bork's America." Or when Clarence Thomas was being subjected to a high-tech lynching over scurrilous charges of sexual impropriety. Or when Sen. John Tower's nomination as secretary of defense was being undermined by rumors of womanizing and boozing.."

Michael Reagan Show by Freeper Ambrose 12/22/98 ".Larry Flynt's daughter: My father doesn't have anything. Whatever "info" he has was given to him by the White House She also said her father molested her, is a liar, doesn't care about the 1st Amendment, and hasn't paid anyone anything. Very interesting interview, to say the least..."

Worldnetdaily 12/23/98 David M. Bresnahan ".All members of the Utah congressional delegation came under attack from the state's attorney general -- and some believe it is a direct result of their votes to impeach Clinton. The only Democrat elected to state office in Utah is Attorney General Jan Graham. Monday she gave Utah's three House members and two senators one week to sign an unusual affidavit. Graham has asked the delegation if they have ever been unfaithful to their wives. She sent them an affidavit asking them to attest to their fidelity. Graham's motivations and intentions were questioned, and some suggested she may have been "put up to it by someone in Washington." Graham refused a request for an interview."It is unfortunate that the chief prosecutor of Utah doesn't understand the difference between perjury and sexual misconduct," said Cannon. "It's also unfortunate that her partisan love of this president would lead her to demean such a serious process. I have no intention of giving any credibility to her actions by signing her affidavit.".."That's just dumb," said Hatch of Graham's actions. He said that efforts to find sexual immorality in the lives of Republicans was an unwise approach to the current challenges in Washington over the impeachment issue. "That's just throwing gas on the fire," he added. "That's just plain dumb." ." 12/22/98 Christopher Ruddy ".A civil war is brewing in the news room of ABC's World News Tonight over allegations that in 1979 Bill Clinton may have raped Juanita Broaddrick, an Arkansas woman, when he served as the state's Attorney General. has obtained an internal ABC News memo that was emailed to the top news producers earlier today about the controversy. Chris Isham, a top ABC News producer, distributed the memo which lays out out the scintillating facts surrounding the alleged incident, and the interest sparked in the subject by Republican Congressmen who last week were permitted to review the Starr documentation of the case...The memo states that Arizona Republican Congressman J.D. Hayworth told ABC News -- off-the-record -- that the material makes Clinton out to be "a sexual predator." The Broaddrick incident may be cited in a Senate trial of the President, Isham suggests. has learned that Isham's memo comes as a result of a feud between World News Tonight Executive Producer Paul Freidman and network anchor Peter Jennings. Jennings -- reputed to have a eye for the ladies much like the President's -- has vehemently objected to ABC news reporting on the subject. The memo, in an apparent shot at Jennings, states, "...the potential that a rape charge could be leveled at the President makes the story one that can't be totally ignored." ..ABC News memo follows: From: Isham, Chris Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 1998 12:45 PM To: Friedman, Paul E.; Dunlavey, Dennis; Murphy, Bob Subject: Broaddrick Forwarding a memo by Josh Fine which is a good summary of the Juanita Broddrick (Jane Doe #5.) Her case MAY have tipped some moderate Republicans to vote yes on impeachment and MAY be introduced in the Senate proceedings. Juanita Broaddrick was subpoenaed in the Paula Jones case. She filed an affidavit that said "These allegations (that Clinton had made unwelcome advances towards her) are untrue.". It is unclear if he raped or assaulted her but that is the allegation made by Phillip Yoakum. Yoakum is a Fayetteville man who says Broaddrick told him in 1992 that she was raped by Clinton in the late 70's. I interviewed Yoakum in March and found him entirely uncredible. He had facts wrong, was a total Clinton-hater, and his claims to being friends with Broaddrick are untrue. The other person who supposedly knows about what took place is Norma Rogers-Kelsay, a friend of Broaddrick's who went to the convention with her in Little Rock and drove back with her to Van Buren where they live). Tamara Lipper spoke with Rogers on the phone in March. Rogers said that Yoakum was telling the truth. She was with Broaddrick before and after the incident and said that she was in "quite bad shape after." In 1991 Broaddrick was at a nursing home convention in Little Rock and a man pulled her out of a meeting (this is all according to Rogers-Kelsay). The man took her to Bill Clinton and he apologized for hurting her and asked if there was anything he could do. She didn't understand at the time why he had taken that step but soon realized the real reason after he announced his candidacy for President a few months later. In the 1992 campaign these rumors began to circulate and Sheffield Nelson, a longtime Arkansas Clinton-hater, tried to get her to come forward. She did not. Yoakum evidently was at a meeting with Rogers and Broaddrick where they discussed the incident and whether or not Broaddrick should talk publicly about it. Evidently Broaddrick was worried no one would believe her (similar to what happened with Gennifer Flowers)..Late last week Republicans began to stream over to the Ford building to look at the materials. According to a source of mine there were about two dozen members who went to look at the material on Thursday and Friday. Many Republicans were talking up the new material as evidence that could come up at trial because it would show a pattern and practice of behavior (paying off or influencing women to keep quiet). According to Rep. Inglis under federal rule of evidence 441(B) something showing a pattern or practice can be admissible in a trial...Still, the potential that a rape charge could be leveled at the President makes the story one that can't be totally ignored.."

Washington Post 12/23/98 Michael Kelly ".So, there was the first impeached elected president in the history of the United States, standing on the South Lawn. There, with the stain of disgrace still fresh as paint upon him. There, facing a nation he had betrayed and harmed. And the man seemed to believe he was speaking from the moral high ground.. he piously intoned: "We must stop the politics of personal destruction. We must get rid of the poisonous venom of excessive partisanship, obsessive animosity and uncontrolled anger." "Excessive partisanship"? Certainly the president was not referring to the House Democrats, who voted to not impeach a man they themselves had described as having "violated the trust of the American people, lessened their esteem for the office of the president and dishonored the office which they have entrusted to him." "Poisonous venom"? Certainly this was not aimed at California Democrat Tom Lantos, who, on the floor, likened the House to "Hitler's parliament" and "Stalin's parliament." Nor at Illinois Democrat Jesse Jackson Jr., who compared the vote to the racist overthrow of Reconstruction. Nor at House Democratic Caucus Chairman Martin Frost, who said Republicans could have "blood on their hands," for debating while American pilots bombed defenseless Iraq. In deploring "uncontrolled anger," the president was assuredly not referring to the actor Alec Baldwin.In inveighing against "obsessive animosity" the president meant no disrespect to James Carville, who appeared on "Meet the Press" the day after the president and frothed thusly: "These people are going to pay for what they did...." Nor, I am sure, was the president sniping at Salon magazine editor David Talbot, who brutally outed House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde..And, rest assured, the president meant no censure of Talbot's media soul mate, the pornographer Larry Flynt, who orchestrated the impeachment-eve expose of Republican Speaker-designate Bob Livingston..I trust that it goes without saying that the president was not referring at all to the media outreach efforts of White House special assistant Sidney Blumenthal..And the president meant no insult to Betsey Wright and private investigator Jack Palladino, who ran his 1992 campaign operation to squelch "bimbo eruptions," nor to private investigator Terry Lenzner, who has helped the president's defense team. The vast wreckage about us is one man's work. And this work will continue with that man's blessing. The president's press spokesman, Joe Lockhart, was asked on Monday if the president, in his desire to end the politics of personal destruction, would ask Larry Flynt to stop exposing the sex secrets of Republicans or if would ask James Carville to stop threatening Republicans with retribution. Nah, said Lockhart. .."

12-24-98 Freeper Doug from Upland "..It began in the late 1970s when she was at a business event. The young attorney general told her that he may be able to help her in that regard. Under the guise of helping her, Bill Clinton entered her room. But she was not aware that he was not there to help her. He was there as a sexual predator. That is what the man is. Although she said "NO," he would not take "no" for an answer. In the sexual assault, he bit her lip. Broaddrick was treated by a nurse who was at the same gathering. Her lip was swollen twice its normal size. What could make it worse? It was not a thug off the street who assaulted her. That kind of person could be tracked down and would face the justice system. Rather, it was the Attorney General of Arkansas. Where does a woman go when she is assaulted by someone with that much power? Who can she tell? Broaddrick contemporaneously told four friends what had happened to her. Years later, Paula Jones felt the same fear. Who could she tell that the Governor of Arkansas had exposed himself to her and threatened her? There was a trooper outside the room with a gun. He knew what was happening. Twenty years later, Broaddrick continues to live in fear. She is currently being threatened. Private investigators are talking to her friends, acquaintances and business associates in order to get dirt on her. They will assault her again, this time with the complicit press. It will be "Trailer Trash II, the Sequel." Broaddrick worries about the press circus that will be outside her home. She also worries that she will be subpoenaed. And the White House is on full alert. They are aware of the damage that she can do. As have other women, pressure and threats convinced her that she had to file a false affidavit. The office of independent counsel is absolutely aware that she was pressured into signing a false affidavit. Many Republicans know the truth but it seems that the Democrats do not want to look at the evidence. Several Republican congressmen have attempted to contact her, however, she has not talked to them..."

New York Times 12/24/1998 JAMES DAO ".Those papers, first placed under seal by independent counsel Kenneth Starr and then made available to House members, include a hearsay accusation that Clinton had forced himself on a woman about 20 years ago. The president's lawyers released an affidavit from the woman early this year flatly denying that such an incident took place. [emphasis added] ." Freeper occupant noting ".We now learn that clinton did not RAPE Jane Doe #5, he only "forced himself" on her (like an obnoxious party guest, I guess). It's also a scream that he wants to point to another affidavit submitted in lieu of testimony. Does that ring a bell with anyone?."

The Boston Globe 12/24/98 John Ellis ". Four months ago, Salon magazine reported that''diehard Clinton loyalists'' were spreading the word that ''a long-ignored but fearsome tactic has now resurfaced as an element in the president's survival strategy: The threat of exposing the sexual improprieties of Republican critics both in Congress and beyond. ''We're talking about the Doomsday Machine here,'' a close Clinton ally told the on- line publication. ''Once the Doomsday Machine is set in motion, there will be no stopping it. The Republicans with skeletons in their closets must assume everything is known and will come out. So the question is: Do they really want to go there?'' As it happened, they really did want to go there. And in the end, they built a strong enough case to compel a majority of the House of Representatives to impeach President Clinton on one count of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice. They were not deterred by blackmail. But the Doomsday Machine - or something like it - did its damage. The fact that Representative Dan Burton had fathered a son out of wedlock was exposed and duly reported in the press. Representative Helen Chenoweth's affair with a married man was exposed and duly reported in the press. House Judiciary Committee chairman Henry Hyde's extramarital affair of 30 years ago was exposed and duly reported in Salon, which justified publication by saying ''ugly times require ugly tactics.'' This past weekend, House Speaker-designate Robert Livingston's extramarital affairs cost him his job and his political career. Livingston delivered the news himself, in advance of what he knew would be certain publication on Hustler magazine's Web site. ''Desperate times,'' said Hustler publisher Larry Flynt, ''deserve desperate actions.'' Flynt injected himself into the impeachment process two months ago. He ran a full-page advertisement in The Washington Post offering a reward of up to $1 million for anyone who could prove having had an adulterous sexual encounter with a current member of Congress or a high-ranking government official. The real purpose of the ad, Flynt said, was to gather dirt on GOP legislators to derail the impeachment process. Flynt is the publisher of what may be the most nihilistic and misogynistic magazine in America. He is also a self-described partisan Democrat, a fan of President Clinton's and a friend of Clinton political strategist James Carville...On Monday the president's press secretary, Joe Lockhart, was asked if the president would call Flynt and request that he desist from publishing the names of Republican legislators who may have had extramarital affairs. No, said Lockhart, he would not. And so the politics of personal destruction continue apace. Assuming that Flynt has enough evidence to go forward with publication, the reputations of as many as 12 more politicians will be destroyed for the stated purpose of enabling one man to keep an office he has disgraced. Having lost the vote on impeachment, the president's defenders are now doing everything they can to discredit that vote. In this effort they have been so far surprisingly successful. The president's job approval ratings are at record highs. Two-thirds of the electorate opposes his removal from office. Sentiment for some kind of censure resolution is building in the Senate. But their efforts reveal the moral bankruptcy of their politics. They have become partners in the politics of Larry Flynt. They are burning the village to save it. And with each passing day, their conduct and complicity in this ongoing disgrace makes censure less likely and conviction more possible.."

Freeper Commemsense on Asheville Citizen-Times 12/24/98 ". Anyway, coincidentally, today the Asheville Citizen-Times reported that the City has issued a notice of violation to Congressman Taylor and will begin fining him $100 per day if he continues using the house for business purposes. One neighbor said that her biggest concern is that their elected representative is setting a bad example by "breaking the law. "He may be in the Congress, but he still needs to follow the same laws that we all need to", said Marsha Bate. "He sets the standards. If they don't follow the law, how can they expect other people to?" I know this is petty when compared to some of the outings and attacks that have been made on other Republicans, but I thought it was worth reporting to continue to subtantiate a pattern of retribution against those who support impeachment.."

Washington Times 12/24/98 Joyce Howard Price "..Vice President Al Gore says he believes President Clinton's enemies are motivated by the president's efforts to improve race relations and enhance the status of women and the poor. In a CNN interview on Dec. 25 , Mr. Gore was asked by Jesse Jackson if he believes the president's "commitment to racial reconciliation" -- the same commitment of such great emancipators as Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon Johnson, the talk show host said --is driving the "anti-Clinton mania." "President Clinton and I have been trying to bridge the historic divide that has come about because of race and ethnicity in this country, elevate the role of women in our society, and bring about some other changes -- lifting the poor -- that have caused many to feel a little unsettled as old patterns begin to give way," Mr. Gore said."

American Spectator 12/26/98 R Emmett Tyrrell ".Our president has picked up the support of yet another distinguished American. He is Larry Flynt, the publisher of Hustler magazine, the magazine for men who wear diapers--more on that another time. Flynt says he loves this president and will protect him from Republican hypocrisy. Incidentally, do not be put off by Flynt's apparent coarseness: the diction of a mental defective, the thoughts of a hopeless slob. He is a Clintonian sophisticate to the utmost, reminiscent of the Clintons' partners at Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan, and, for that matter, of various members of the Clinton family. Consider the other stalwarts who have recently come out for the Clintons. There is Abe Hirschfeld, the New York parking-lot tycoon who put up $1 million to rid the nation of that malodorous Paula Corbin Jones suit, and Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard prof and deli entrepreneur. There are the private investigators Jack Palladino and Yale-educated Terry Lenzner. Their presence in the Clinton camp provides eloquent testimony to the dignity the Clintons have brought to the White House, in glorious contrast to the "sleaze" of Ronald Reagan and the militarism of George Bush. Yes, some have had their problems with the law. Mr. Hirschfeld was arrested on December 9 after his indictment for allegedly organizing a murder-for-hire plot. On January 19 Flynt will stand trial on 15 charges of obscenity violations. Yet Dershowitz is as clean as a hound's tooth, and we have very little current information on Palladino and Lenzner, who keep their activities rather secretive..Yes, the Clintons have brought some unique voices into national politics. One of the most unusual is their long-time defender, the glabrous James Carville. He once spoke of knee-capping Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. Just over the weekend he announced that "these people [Republicans who voted for impeachment] are going to pay for what they did. This was a cowardly and dastardly thing that they did, and there's going to be retribution." Not twenty-four hours earlier the President called for an end to "excessive partisanship, obsessive animosity, and uncontrolled anger.".."

The New York Post 12/27/98 ".For nearly three decades, Neil Jacobs was considered a model employee at the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). He'd been promoted to assistant director of investigations in the Dallas regional office. He'd received public-service awards for excellent work from President Ford and Vice President Al Gore. Then, in September 1996, Jacobs went before Congress, was asked questions and decided to answer truthfully. That's when the "reinventing government"-crazy Clinton administration decided he had to go. Jacobs' mistake was to blow the whistle on "Citizenship USA," a pet project of Vice President Al Gore. In theory, the program was designed to end the "backlog" of resident aliens seeking naturalization as U.S. citizens. In fact, it was a Clintonite political effort to make one million immigrants - most of whom would presumably vote Democratic - eligible to vote in the 1996 election. Jacobs discovered that, in order to speed the process, officials were naturalizing tens of thousands of people without first conducting the criminal-records check required by federal law. Subsequently, it was revealed that more than 100,000 aliens with criminal records had been naturalized in violation of federal law. Subpoenaed to appear before the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, Jacobs repeated his story. Almost at once, the Clinton smear machine went into action. Agency officials branded Jacobs a racist who denied promotions to Hispanic agents and tried to have him fired. When that failed, the INS sought to demote him from his supervisor's job and transfer him to El Paso. When that too was unsuccessful, he was suspended for 21 days and given a non-supervisory position in Dallas.."

Wall Street Journal 'Letters to the Editor' 12/28/98 Jascha Kessler, Professor of English & Modern Literature UCLA ".You quote Rep. Patrick Kennedy as saying, "It borders on treason to assume the president of the United States would sacrifice men and women for his own personal political gain" (Dec. 18). We have with such demagoguery stepped far into the world of the thought police. It seems that anyone who dissents from the Democratic Party's line deserves vilification. Treason, is it now? So we have this "tribune of the people" using the dreadful "T" word to threaten what he assumes are assumptions, not skeptical questions or doubts, about this latest action of a man who tells us he intends to "degrade" Saddam Hussein's means of mass destruction, while he himself has degraded his office to a point where many are doubtful of his purposes, statements and total career as a foreign policy (?) strategist.. Jascha Kessler Professor of English & Modern Literature UCLA Santa Monica, Calif.."

George magazine 12/98 Brock Freeper vitolins report ".Under the title "Monsters on the Mall", george magazine /david brock makes this claim: ...This crowd rallied under the auspices of an anti- government Web site, Free, which has some of the ugliest, most bigoted, homophobic postings imaginable. One speaker read a letter form linda Tripp, who thanked for giving her the strength to survive her ordeal. And Lucianne Goldberg declared, "They hate us because we believe in God." No, Lucianne, that's not why we hate you... "

.Freeper zoe adds ".Hey Dave, let's be careful with that hate speech, OK bud?"

Freeper Chanel reports The Progressive Review 12/30/8 Sam Smith "."How abominably absurd is the idea of being hereafter governed by a set of men who have been guilty of forgery, perjury, treachery, theft and every species of villainy which the lowest wretches on earth could practice or invent" --Thomas Paine, The American Crisis...The basic operating system of today's Washington runs on threat, fear and blackmail. The targets to assume, include journalists as well as politicians, e.g.; journalists who have too much fun on presidential trips and congressmembers who availed themselves too well of the prostitution that is part of the stock-in-trade of Washington lobbying. Bear this in mind: Much of what is being said in this city is now being censored by the filter of fear..."

Washington Times 12/31/98 Suzanne Fields ".As 1998 draws to a close, President Clinton remains commander in chief of the Men Behaving Badly Brigade. Whether or not he's forced from office, we've learned he's not very nice to women. In the war between the sexes he's a bully, not a gallant. That sounds old-fashioned, and it is. More's the pity. When his public battle with Monica Lewinsky heated up he used his power to cast a slur upon his former "playmate." He told Sidney Blumenthal that she was a "stalker" and intimated she had emotional problems. If Miss Lewinsky hadn't saved that blue dress with the DNA, the president would have used his powerful office and friends to destroy her. He said" vs. "she said" wouldn't have given Miss Lewinsky any more cover than Kathleen Willey, who received a full frontal attack by the president's men. Miss Lewinsky without the dress would have been as powerless as any Victorian upstairs maid in the house of a gentleman. Smearing a woman he had once enjoyed in a sexual relationship is not merely ungentlemanly, it's misogynistic. No matter who seduced whom in the manners of sexual relations, men have traditionally been taught to protect the woman at hand. Men who do otherwise are pigs."

Capitol Hill Blue 12/31/98 Staff and Wire reports ".Committee members refused to discuss specifics Wednesday after unanimously adopting their report and did not release the 700-page document, much of which is classified. But sources close to the committee tell Capitol Hill Blue the committee's investigation concludes: The Clinton administration allowed the transfer of sensitive technology to the Chinese, threatening US national security; Transfers of technology were approved for companies whose political action committees and executives made large contributions to President Clinton's reelection effort; China used Asian-American middlemen to launder contributions to the Clinton campaign and for a number of key Congressional campaigns; US intelligence officials had warned the White House of the Chinese efforts, but these warnings were ignored.."

The Boston Globe 12/31/98 Jeff Jacoby ".The worst political slur of 1998, to judge by the media attention it drew, was uttered by Al D'Amato, New York's Republican senator. In a private meeting with supporters during his reelection campaign last fall, D'Amato called his Democratic opponent, Representative Charles Schumer, a ''putzhead.'' Now, it is not nice to call people ''putzhead,'' and I wasn't sorry to see D'Amato spanked for his boorish language. But it is also not nice to call people white-sheeted racists, yet so far as I know, none of my media brethren spanked Illinois Senator Carol Moseley-Braun when she implied that George Will, the noted commentator, belonged to the Klan... In Salem, the superintendent of schools declared that Barbara Anderson - the state's leading taxpayer activist - ''should be tried for murder'' for her opposition to raising property levies. In Berkeley, Calif., advocates for the homeless denounced bookseller Andy Ross - who campaigned to keep vagrants from sitting and lying in the streets - as a ''fascist'' and defended the swastikas that were painted in front of his store. In Washington, Republican foes of a campaign finance bill were likened to ''terrorists'' by Gwen Ifill, a reporter for NBC. This is liberal hate speech, and I choose the word ''hate'' advisedly.. This is why Alan Dershowitz, a formidable liberal who defends rapists and murderers, could publicly curse congressmen who voted for impeachment as ''the forces of evil. Evil. Genuine evil.'' This is why Tom Shales, the Washington Post's gifted TV critic, could suggest of independent counsel Kenneth Starr: ''Beneath the dullness lies pure evil.'' This is why liberal talk show host Phil Donahue could go postal during a conversation about politics ''and begin shouting,'' as the New York Post reported this month, ''how much he hated Republicans.'' ..Repugnant stuff. Yet liberals routinely get away with injecting it into the public discourse. Just ask Starr, who would have been crucified if he had hurled at his critics the sickening libels many of them hurled at him...That is hate speech so monstrous the outcry against it should have cost Baldwin his career. But Baldwin is a liberal. So, of course, there was no outcry, and his incitement cost him nothing.."

New York Post 12/31/98 David Gelertner ".IF you think the House of Representatives did right when it impeached the President, hold the phone for a message from professor Alan Dershowitz, famed Harvard law professor. You represent ''the forces of evil, evil, genuine evil.'' Got that, or shall I repeat? .. These ''forces of evil'' presumably have a grip on the entire pro-impeachment population. That means me, and many other people who write for this newspaper, and possibly you.. Several reasons. One is a matter of perspective. The other is basic household psychology: Nothing makes a man angrier than to be wrong and know it. Certain crimes are forgivable and certain others are not. ... For Republicans, context makes forgiveness impossible. It's exactly because the man is President that letting him get away with perjury is such a dangerous idea. Laws that apply to the people apply to the President. No man is above the law. These principles are basic to American democracy; it's even possible they are taught at Harvard, although presumably not by Professor Dershowitz..Opposite viewpoints on a forgivable crime explain a lot, but not everything. They explain why certain liberals got angry, but not why they went crazy... Democrats love to talk about the rule of law, and how the Constitution applies to everyone, and how justice must be served. They enjoy lashing out against powerful men who twist the law around their little fingers, and big-shot executives who outmaneuver justice with the help of their craven staffers, and male bosses who dominate female subordinates without even trying and then chuckle about it. Democrats love to explain how government prosecutors must attack injustice no matter what, and how arrogant white males must be brought to heel, and how the legal system must do what is right, period, and to hell with public opinion. And now they are forced to listen as Republicans solemnly (while attempting to keep straight faces) repeat the whole list right back at them..."

Capitol Hill Blue 1/1/99 ".President Clinton, the President who turned destruction of his enemies into an art form, opened 1999 with a call to "move away from the politics of personal destruction.''. Nor did he mention his own prominent role in destroying the lives of his political enemies, although he came closer than any questioners to addressing those issues stemming from his actions in the Monica Lewinsky affair.. "

San Antonio Express News 1/1/99 Tonya Flynt-Vega ".My father, Larry Flynt, is once again basking in the glow of acclamation, this time for mounting an assault against Washington "hypocrisy." Not too long ago, as a result of the movie "The People vs. Larry Flynt," he was being celebrated as a champion of the First Admendment. There could not be a more innappropriate symbol for any of our national freedoms. Larry Flynt is a sick man. His appearance on the national stage in defense of President Clinton is an embarassment. Yet, in the surreality of these times, he is being taken seriously. His misogynistic publication, Hustler, is being used to process the dirty linen of opponents of President Clinton. Perhaps gratitude is why presidential spokesman Joe Lockhart briefly accorded Hustler the kudos of "newsmagazine." ..On CNN's "Reliable Sources" Bernard Kalb asked my father, "If you believe sex is a private matter, why are you and your magazine poking around in the private lives of these people?" Because "desperate times requires desperate actions," he replied. I would like to ask my father why he is suddenly so concerned about adultery. Here is a man who would wish that every politician in America were having as many trysts as time and public duties would permit. When I had completed high school and was living at home, he wanted to know why I was not out having sex..."

The New Yorker via NBC News 'Today' 1/4/99 Freeper Dez ". NBC News Today highlights a feature piece in the New Yorker about Chief Justice Rehnquist. The pieces accuses him of perjurious lies while he was a lawyer in private practice. Interesting coincidence, don't you think?.."

The New York Observer 12/28/98 Joe Conason [emphasis mine] ".For the aging Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, a Presidential impeachment trial is hardly a happy New Year's prospect. As he approaches the end of his judicial career, reportedly burdened by ill health, William Rehnquist must know that every ruling he makes will be evaluated in light of his own longtime political allegiances, not only by the public and the bar, but by historians as well... Among the questions that could be raised, however, is Mr. Rehnquist's responsibility for the Independent Counsel Act and the partisan perversion of that law by Judge David Sentelle of North Carolina's appellate court... More immediately, Chief Justice Rehnquist selected the relatively junior and inexperienced Judge Sentelle to preside over the three-judge panel that appoints independent counsels, despite a clear legal requirement that he give preference to senior and retired members of the judiciary ... Unfortunately, there was nothing startling about Chief Justice Rehnquist's partisan misuse of his authority in that instance. Dating back to his days as a Supreme Court clerk, when he wrote a nauseating memo on Brown v. Board of Education citing his own opinion that whites simply don't like blacks, he has aligned himself with the far right... Nor is Chief Justice Rehnquist in the best position to examine the President's alleged lies under oath. On both occasions when he gave sworn testimony at his confirmation hearings, he left a distinct odor of dishonesty in his wake. The late Senator Birch Bayh of Indiana, among others, called Chief Justice Rehnquist's 1971 testimony "self-serving" and publicly questioned his veracity..."

Carl Limbacher 12/28/98 "."I guarantee you that if you do this you'll never work in Democratic politics again." That was the threat issued by George Stephanopoulos to Steve Dinari, director of Ross Perot's Illinois campaign, when Dinari informed him that he was ready to go public with a credible allegation that Bill Clinton had fathered an illegitimate son. It was the day before the 1992 election. Stephanopoulos was in Clinton's Little Rock campaign headquarters nervously anticipating the next day's returns when a secretary told him that Dinari was on the phone and "he wants to talk to someone confidentially." Stephanopoulos' side of their conversation was captured on videotape by a film crew preparing a documentary on the 1992 Clinton-Gore campaign, which was released the next year under the title "The War Room." Dinari informed Stephanopoulos, then campaign communications director, that he had names, addresses, and phone numbers of people who could back the story up. In a tense moment of election-eve panic, the Clinton wunderkind barked into the phone: "It's completely bullshit! If you went on the radio and said that Bill Clinton is the father of an illegitimate black child, you will be laughed at. People will think you're crazy. ... You will be embarrassed before the national press corps. People will think, nobody will believe you, and people will think you're scum." ."

Electronic Telegraph 1/6/99 Hugh Davis ".However, Miss Sheehy reported that in the 1992 presidential campaign, when she spent several days as the only reporter with Mrs Clinton, there was huge alarm when the Star disclosed taped conversations between her husband and a former mistress, Gennifer Flowers. Mrs Clinton directed a counter-attack. She demanded a phone for a conference call from Rapid City, North Dakota, asking aides, including George Stephanopoulos in Little Rock, Arkansas: "Who's getting information on the Star? Who's tracking down all the research on Gennifer?" In an aside to Miss Sheehy, Mrs Clinton talked of "crucifying" Miss Flowers.."

Freeper Shethink 13 on Tonya Flynt-Vega (O'Reilly Factor FoxNews) 1/6/99 ".Just heard on the O'Reilly Factor Larry Flynt's daughter Tonya claim she has evidence that information on Republicans came from WH and will present evidence at news conference tomorrow.." Confirmation by Freeper tsister ".Paraphrasing, Tonya says she has "bombshell" to drop tomorrow. When pressed, she acknowledged that it was related to FBI files. She also mentioned James Carville and his relationship with her father. She said that Flynt got his information from Carville, regarding the outing of anyone who opposes Clinton. .."

Washington Times 1/7/99 Greg Pierce ".Pornographer Larry Flynt says he will hold a news conference next week to reveal the sexual secrets of more government officials -- and Rep. Tom DeLay, Texas Republican, is a target. Mr. Flynt, an adamant supporter of the president, has gone after Republican critics of Mr. Clinton. "I can assure you that Tom DeLay is one of the individuals presently under investigation at this time. The investigation is not completed, but I can say that for sure," Mr. Flynt said in a satellite interview from Hollywood with Blanquita Cullum on the America's Voice cable network.."

10/2/98 OIC Supplemental Documents by Freeper Dukeman ".At page 2941, Dick Morris testifies about the bimbo supppression work of Clinton aide, Betsey Wright: Q: Okay. What knowledge do you have of her efforts in what is generally described as the efforts to control the bimbo eruptions? A: Well, the first-- I had two conversations with Betsey about that. One was kind of right after she had been hired, probably-- I'm guessing that it was around March or April-- February, March, April of 1992, and the other after election day. .And I said, "How do you do that?" And she said, "Well, sometimes it's just a question of giving him material and sending over a fact sheet and rebutting it and sometimes it involves trying to persuade women not to talk to reporters." And I said, "How do you do that?" And she said, "Well, most of the women that Clinton's been involved with are pretty savvy types, they're career types, and they've got a lot to lose and they generally don't want to be public and they don't want a lot of attention." .."

Imus In The Morning 1/7/99 Radio Show by Freeper paul in cape2 ".At approx. 8:15 AM e.s.t. Sen. John Kerry insulted the majority Party in the House of Representatives by equating them to the Ayatollah."

CBN News 1/7/99 Transcript ".Pat Robertson: Yesterday we mentioned there might be some revelations at the National Press Club today and we have a quick update on that. Here is Lee at our news desk. Lee Webb: That's right, Pat. As we mentioned earlier, Larry Flynt is expected to drop yet another bombshell on his crusade to expose the alleged sex scandals of congressional Republicans. Now in a surprising counter, the daughter of the Hustler magazine founder is threatening to expose her father. Today in Washington, Flynt's daughter, Tonya Flynt-Vega, is holding a news conference to counter her father's allegations. We go now by phone to the National Press Club in Washington where Melissa Charbonneau is standing by. Melissa, what's happening? Melissa Charbonneau: (National Press Club, D.C.): Well, we are here at the National Press Club and Tonya Vega said she is here to give revelations about her father's motivation and what kind of man her father is. She says she has evidence to reveal the relationship between her father Larry Flynt and the White House and she says she believes her father Larry Flynt is being used to launder information from illegally obtained FBI files on high-ranking Republican politicians. She believes James Carville, her father's friend, is behind all this. However, she is not willing at this point to present any hard evidence of that. She said she might present that after her father's press conference next week. Lee Webb: Why did she say she was going to wait to do that, to bring that evidence, Melissa? Melissa Charbonneau: She said she did not get any information. She said she had not provided this information to any law enforcement authorities, but she will use it to protect herself..."

NewsMax Mona Charen 1/8/99 ".Don't spare them any pity, the Democrats who are now decrying the "politics of personal destruction." The left in this country invented and perfected the politics of personal destruction. They used it against fine men and women like Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, William Rehnquist (remember the charge that he was a drug addict?) and Prof. Carol Iannone. It isn't just a matter of turnabout being fair play. No, when the left set out to destroy people, they targeted people of honor. Knowing that they could not defeat them with truth, they chose lies. By contrast, everyone knows that the things President Clinton stands accused of are true, and that he and his agents, faithful to their party's tradition, have been wielding lies as weapons.. For Bill Clinton, of all people, to condemn the politics of personal destruction was an act of surpassing gall. He who smears seven honorable people every day before breakfast (or has his henchmen do so). He who is not above attacking Kenneth Starr for doing a job that his own attorney general instructed him to carry out. Bill Clinton is corrupt and despicable. There is little argument about that. But what of the party that harbors him, not gagging on the poison in its system? If you want a reminder of what the leaders of the Democratic Party are capable of, review the history of Robert Bork's nomination to the Supreme Court in 1987.. The conspirators in this crime included Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.), Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.) and Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.). It included every major liberal group from NOW to the ACLU, and from the NAACP to People for the American Way. Kennedy set the contemptible tone by describing "Bork's America" as a place of racial segregation, back-alley abortions and rogue police knocking down citizens' doors in midnight raids. It was all preposterous. But Democrats don't mind lies. Expensive ads were purchased suggesting that Bork upheld a company policy forcing women to choose between losing their jobs or undergoing sterilization -- totally false. One of the other judges on the case said later "They made Bob look like some kind of Nazi scientist . .... It was inexcusable." One of Ralph Nader's groups published a study which purported to analyze Bork's record on the Court of Appeals. The report, widely reported as fact, contended that Bork was uniformly pro-business, pro- government and anti-consumer. But the study examined only 10 percent of Bork's cases, and falsified his record. In fact, Bork had voted with the majority 95 percent of the time and had voted with the court's liberals on 80 percent of the cases. .."

AP 3/22/98 ".Meanwhile, book publisher Mike Viner said on CNN's "Late Edition" that he thought Mrs. Willey "shaded" her version of events as she tried to win a contract for a book on her experiences. Viner said he began talking with Mrs. Willey's lawyer in early January, and at that time she was "very much pro-Clinton." But this later "changed a great deal to the sort of Anita Hill-want-to-be that I saw on '60 Minutes."' end of article An "Anita Hill want-to-be"..... "

LA Times 1/10/99 Geraldine Baum by Freeper BP2 ".The nation's capital pulsates with seamy rumors of politicians behind closed doors. A Harvard historian predicts that congressmen, knowing that smut publisher Larry Flynt is about to disclose the names of the allegedly unfaithful, would be crawling home to have difficult family discussions.."

U.S. Newswire 1/11/99 Contact: Diana Banister of Craig Shirley and Associates, 800-536-5920 or 703-739-5920 ".Republican strategist Craig Shirley today again called on Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt to set the record straight on his relationship with the White House. Flynt is scheduled to hold a press conference tonight to disclose more information on sexual indiscretions by Republican members of Congress. "A few weeks ago MSNBC host John Gibson and I asked Larry Flynt some very direct questions about his relationship with the White House and the details of his investigations of members of Congress and the media," said Shirley. "In 'Clintonian' fashion, Flynt refused to answer the questions, but I again call on him to clear up the current suspicion that he is working in cahoots with James Carville and the Clinton defenders, by answering the following: 1. What is your current of past relationship (financial or otherwise) with Terry Lenzner and Investigative Group International? ..Jack Paladino and his associates? . Fairfax Group? . James Carville, Paul Begala and Sidney Blumenthal? 5. Have you personally or has your company ever given money to President Clinton or the Democratic Party? 6. Have you or anyone on your payroll been in contact with any members of the Clinton administration? 7 Has anyone from the White House approached you to offer assistance in discrediting members of Congress involved in the impeachment process? 8. Why is the number of Republicans you are investigating much greater than that of Democrats, and are you withholding information on Democrat members? 9. With the mention of your investigations on members of the press, are you planning to blackmail potential media critics of the president? .."

Freeper ynotjjr report 1/11/99 CNBC Geraldo ".Flynt: Barr took the fifth during his divore hearing when asked if he was having an affair {with the woman who would later be his wife) [Geraldo] visably shaken . "Well if thats all you have on him..well then..I guess...Larry why not try again after the break ." [Dershowitz], what do you think: I dispise Barr but it sounds like he's a better lawyer than Clinton.."

Reuters 1/11/99 ".Sex magazine publisher Larry Flynt told a TV interview Monday his $1 million probe to expose hypocritical politicians had shown that arch-Clinton critic Republican Rep. Bob Barr of Georgia had an affair while married. Appearing on the CNBC cable show "Rivera Live,'' the Hustler magazine publisher said Barr had invoked a Georgia law equivalent to the Fifth Amendment to refuse to answer questions during a divorce proceeding as to whether he had an affair with a woman who would later become his third wife. The woman, Jerilyn Ann Dobbin, also refused to answer questions under oath about the alleged affair during the divorce proceeding. Flynt said this showed the "hypocrisy'' of those seeking to remove the president from office in an impeachment trial revolving around Clinton's affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky... But the program's host, Geraldo Rivera, showed a letter sent by Barr to Flynt calling the charges false and salacious and adding that he never lied under oath as he charges Clinton did. .."

1/12/99 Larry Klayman Press Release ".With Latest Attacks on Bob Barr by Flynt, Rivera and Dershowitz, Show Has Again Gone Over The Line And Runs Counter to NBC's, CNBC's, and MSNBC's Otherwise Excellent Programming and Ethics Yesterday, true to form, Geraldo Rivera continued his White House-orchestrated campaign against conservatives and others who dare to question the corruption in this Administration. Flanked by Alan Dershowitz and Reverend Jerry Falwell, Rivera disingenuously allowed Larry Flynt, a close friend of James Carville -- head of the White House smear machine -- to slander Representative Bob Barr. If this was not enough, the one-two punch was delivered by Alan Dershowitz, the self styled defender of the radical, extreme left, who again branded Barr a "racist." In her deposition in Judicial Watch's Filegate lawsuit, Linda Tripp recently testified about The White House smear machine, and her knowledge of who is responsible. According to Tripp, it was being orchestrated, in part, out of the White House Counsel's office, the very same lawyers who are defending Clinton in the impeachment trial. Interestingly, following the display yesterday evening on "Rivera," Lanny Davis, the former Special White House Counsel who continues to participate in the Clinton smear machine, also appeared, and disingenuously claimed not to approve of Flynt's tactics.."

The Village Voice 1/12/98 Nat Hentoff ".This obstruction of justice charge has been underplayed in the press and in the referral to the Senate by the House Judiciary Committee. It has many dimensions, but the most disgusting and pertinent involves what Clinton and his emissaries have done to threaten his discarded women in order to prevent their testifying against him. It has become brutally clear that any former object of his lust who threatens his presidency should be put into the Witness Protection Program.."

Republican National Committee 1/12/99 PRNewswire ".Chairman Nicholson's full statement follows: "Larry Flynt provided a handy public diversion for the White House, but tonight's performance was the biggest television failure since the opening of Al Capone's safe. Neither Flynt's paid informants, nor even David Kendall's squad of ex-CIA operatives, could manufacture a case anywhere approaching the serious illegalities that the President is accused of. "There's no room in this democracy for the kind of extortion, intimidation and blackmail that the President's lieutenants threatened months ago and have delivered ever since. Mr. President, it's long past time to end the tactics of sexual terrorism. Call off your attack dogs James Carville and Sidney Blumenthal, and put your buddy Larry Flynt back in the plain brown paper wrapper where he belongs." ."

Associated Press 1/12/99 David Pace ".Republicans suggested Tuesday that the White House may be involved in Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt's efforts to brand Georgia Rep. Bob Barr - one of the House impeachment managers - as a hypocrite for his past personal conduct. "If that's the best he can do, the White House ought to get another agent,'' said Rep. John Linder, R-Ga., a former chairman of the National Republican Campaign Committee.."

CNN 1/12/99 BREAKING: CONGRESSMAN BOB BARR ON CNN CROSSFIRE by A Whitewater researcher ".U.S. HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE MEMBER AND SENATE CLINTON IMPEACHMENT TRIAL CO-MANAGER BOB BARR: When Clinton took grand jury oath, had three choices: tell truth; assert privilege under the law; or lie. Clinton chose to lie; his perjury, his obstruction of justice. No coincidence (Flynt) charges against me arise on eve of Clinton's impeachment trial in the Senate. If you tell a lie under oath about a material fact, you have committed a perjury. Obstruction pattern by the president is what his trial is all about. Flynt charges are a thinly veiled effort to detract from Clinton's prosecution. I have never committed a perjury, never would have committed a perjury. My ex-wife is seeking to make money from disclosing details, including those made up, about our prior marriage. I'm going to do the honorable thing and prosecute Bill Clinton. The smearing of me and other Congressional Republicans is part of an overall scheme. It is orchestrated and characteristic of the overall pattern of where this country is going: politics of hatred: Carvile "this is war"; Alec Baldwin calling for the murder (stoning) of Henry Hyde and his family. Clinton deplores the politics of personal destruction while calling for these very activities.."

The Washington Times 1/13/99 Bill Sammon ".The investigator who dug up dirt on Republican Reps. Bob Barr and Robert L. Livingston for pornographer Larry Flynt is a Clinton sympathizer who has supplied the president's attorneys with evidence against independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr. Dan Moldea said that while he is no longer in contact with Williams & Connolly, the law firm defending President Clinton against impeachment charges, his "outing" of GOP adulterers is designed to help the president. He made it clear he has uncovered salacious material on more Republicans whose identities will remain secret as long as they refrain from speaking out against Mr. Clinton. "I'm the investigator on all of this -- whether it's Livingston or Barr or anyone else who's coming -- and I'm also helping call the shots," Mr. Moldea told The Washington Times yesterday. "I'll tell you right now: We have a lot of these guys, dead bang, and the evidence is clear. But they haven't been going on TV, or on the floor of Congress, shooting their mouths off, trying to take the moral high ground against Clinton. "And as a consequence, we're throwing it back in the river," Mr. Moldea said. "We're concentrating on the people who have been very visible on this." He said Mr. Flynt made it clear that "my marching orders were to deal with hypocrisy." He emphasized that if a Republican "hasn't been shooting his mouth off, we let him go. We're not going to interfere with his life." ."

Capitol Hill Blue 1/13/99 Daniel Harris ".Information gathered on political enemies of President Clinton by a private investigator hired by the White House was turned over to porn publisher Larry Flynt and used in his "investigation" of sexual indiscretions of members of Congress, Capitol Hill Blue has leaned. Files compiled by Washington private investigator Terry Lenzer, who is paid by the Clinton White House, have been used by Flynt for reports on the sex lives of former House Speaker-to-be Bob Livingston and Clinton critic Bob Barr -- both Republicans. Sources said Tuesday the files were reviewed by Clinton confidant James Carville and White House aide Sidney Blumenthal before they were delivered to Flynt by an anonymous third party.."

The Washington Times 1/13/99Bill Sammon by A Whitewater Researcher ".EXCERPTS: "...The investigator who dug up dirt on Republican Reps. Bob Barr and Robert L. Livingston for pornographer Larry Flynt is a Clinton sympathizer who has supplied the president's attorneys with evidence against independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr....Dan Moldea said that while he is no longer in contact with Williams & Connolly, the law firm defending...Clinton against impeachment charges, his "outing " of GOP adulterers is designed to help the president. He made it clear he has uncovered salacious material on more Republicans whose identities will remain secret as long as they refrain from speaking out against Mr. Clinton...."I'm the investigator on a ll of this -- whether it's Livingston or Barr or anyone else who's coming -- and I'm also helping call the shots,"...Mr. Moldea said he received a call last year from Max Stier, one of six Williams & Connolly lawyers now defending Mr. Clinton in the S enate impeachment trial.."

The Washington Times 1/13/99 Jennifer Harper ".EXCERPTS: "...The Larry Flynt sideshow ultimately proved high on hype and low on content yesterday..."Being a smut publisher is my vocation, but politics is m y hobby," Mr. Flynt said...Rivera all but dismissed Mr. Flynt's claims...."If that is the most you have against Bob Barr, it is that he's a better lawyer than Bill Clinton, and he was smart enough not to answer in a perjurious manner,"...Rivera said....Th e broadcast was "the biggest television failure since the opening of Al Capone's safe," said Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson. "Larry Flynt provided a handy public diversion for the White House."...Mr. Flynt's claims against Mr. Barr c ould not approach the "serious illegalities that the president is accused of," Mr. Nicholson said, and called upon Mr. Clinton "to end the tactics of sexual terrorism."..."Call off your attack dogs James Carville and Sidney Blumenthal, and put your buddy Larry Flynt back in the plain brown paper wrapper where he belongs,"..." "

National Post 1/13/99 David Frum ".There was a time -- not at all long ago really -- when a Democratic president's important allies were people like the head of the AFL-CIO or the National Conference of Mayors. In Bill Clinton's America, however, a Democratic president's most important allies are people like Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine. Months ago, Mr. Flynt offered a reward of $1- million (US) to anyone who produced evidence of sexual misconduct by a Republican congressman. Mr. Flynt's reward elicited the information that toppled speaker-designate Bob Livingston during the House of Representatives' debate on impeaching the president. But that, it has been rumoured for weeks, was only the beginning.."

The New York Times 1/14/99 John Kifner ".If, as Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott has insisted for a month, he has "no first-hand knowledge" of the views of the Council of Conservative Citizens, which calls itself pro-white, it comes as news to a lot of people back home, including his Uncle Arnie. "Trent is an honorary member," said Arnie Watson, a former state senator, tax assessor and currently a member of the council's executive board... But after a month of questioning and scrutiny about his relationship with the group, Lott issued a statement Wednesday night, saying: "I have made my condemnation of the white supremacist and racist view of this group, or any group, clear. Any use of my name to publicize their view is not only unauthorized, it's wrong." .."

Washington Times 1/14/99 Sean Scully ".Senate Republicans say they will not be intimidated by pornographer Larry Flynt's effort to discredit President Clinton's critics, and they blame the president for the campaign. "This is part of the Clinton legacy," said Sen. Robert F. Bennett, Utah Republican, "descending to the level of Larry Flynt as the arbiter of political debate." The White House has denied any connection to the anti-Republican smear campaign by the publisher of Hustler magazine. Whether there is a direct connection or not, Mr. Bennett said, the aggressive tactics of Mr. Clinton's official spin machine "have created an atmosphere where Flynt is comfortable." "I'm deeply concerned," said Sen. James M. Jeffords, Vermont Republican. "I think any effort to blackmail people ... that's very serious.".Sen. Larry E. Craig, Idaho Republican, said the president should make a personal statement disavowing efforts by Mr. Flynt. "His silence is a shout," he said.."

Judicial Watch Press Release 1/14/99 Larry Klayman ".Judicial Watch will seek Court permission today to depose Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine, in its $90 million Filegate civil lawsuit. Judicial Watch represents those former Reagan and Bush staffers and others whose FBI files were illegally obtained and misused by the Clinton White House. Mr. Flynt has been linked in press reports to the illegal use of FBI files by his daughter, Tonya Flynt-Vega. Ms. Flynt-Vega stated that Clinton ally James Carville may have supplied Mr. Flynt with FBI files to assist him in his attempts to smear investigators of President Clinton, including Republican members of Congress. Clinton supporters have repeatedly warned of a scorched-earth plan by White House allies to destroy investigators and critics of President Clinton. Clinton ally George Stephanopoulos warned nearly one year ago of an "Ellen Rometsch" strategy... "Judicial Watch has already proved that President Clinton violated the Privacy Act and misused Kathleen Willey's government files to try and destroy her credibility. Judicial Watch has also proved that his political appointees at the Pentagon violated the Privacy Act and illegally released information from government files to smear Linda Tripp," stated Larry Klayman, Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel. And in sworn testimony as late as yesterday, Linda Tripp recently confirmed the misuse of FBI files in the Clinton White House. "We thus will ask the Court permission to pursue the serious allegations that Mr. Flynt may have access to FBI files," Klayman concluded..."

Tulsa World 1/14/98 Jim Myers Freeper tellw ".U.S. Rep. J.C. Watts Jr. on Wednesday called on President Clinton to denounce Hustler publisher Larry Flynt for going after Republicans in Congress for their sexual misdeeds. During Watts' speech, which clearly impressed the National Press Club's audience and triggered an unusual standing ovation, Watts gave an emotional tribute to his uncle. Watts' uncle was the late Rev. Wade Watts, who served for 16 years as president of the Oklahoma chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.."

Drudge 1/16/99 Freeper LYNXcry ".On other news, Drudge had a copy of the deposition that Bob Barr's exwife signed for Flynt, on the dirt that was dished on Barr and the exwife said that she DID NOT contact Flynt, they contacted her. Drudge mused, "who steered Flynt in her direction, was it from prior evidence gathered elsewhere? (perhaps FBI files). Drudge showed a clip from the Flynt press conference and in that clip he asked Flynt if he knew Strobe Talbot...and the answer was yes..."

FoxNews 1/16/99 The Impeach Clinton Cigar Protest Freeper Impeach98 ".It has been reported on Hannity & Colmes (FOX NEWS CHANNEL) that Larry Flynt has purportedly made an agreement with or offered to agree to withold information that would embarrass certain GOP Members of Congress if they agreed to back off in criticism of the President.."

LA Times 1/16/99 ".Republican National Chairman Jim Nicholson has demanded an investigation by the Justice Department into publisher Larry Flynt's efforts to unearth information about the extramarital affairs of Republican lawmakers. The sole purpose of Flynt's effort, Nicholson charged yesterday, is "to intimidate and to silence members of Congress investigating the president." Although the GOP has discounted Flynt's probes as the malicious meddling of a pornographer, his disclosures have stung leading critics of President Clinton, including Republican Reps. Bob Livingston (La.) and Robert L. Barr Jr. (Ga.). Nicholson said he was adding his voice to a separate request for a Justice Department investigation from the conservative Washington-based Landmark Legal Foundation. In a letter addressed to officials of the department's criminal division, the foundation said Flynt's efforts and those of his investigator, author Dan Moldea, could constitute obstruction of a congressional investigation. Flynt may have violated federal law by allegedly "threatening, intimidating or coercing Republican members of Congress" to remain silent about Clinton's conduct or face embarrassing disclosures about their personal lives, the letter said, adding that obstructing Congress is "a felony punishable by five years imprisonment and a fine of $250,000." ."

Landmark Legal Foundation Web Site 1/15/99 ".Landmark Legal Foundation today formally asked the Criminal Division of the Justice Department, the Public Integrity Section of the Criminal Division, and the United States Attorney for the District Columbia, to open immediately a federal criminal investigation into possible violations of Title 18, Section 1505 of the United States Criminal Code. 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1505 states, in part: Whoever corruptly, or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication influences, obstructs, or impedes or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede the due and proper exercise of the power of inquiry under which any inquiry or investigation is being had by either House, or any committee of either House or any joint committee of the Congress - shall [be fined not more than $250,000 and/or imprisoned not more than five years per violation]. Landmark president, Mark R. Levin, said, "We believe Larry Flynt and his private detective, Dan Moldea, are, and have been, attempting to corruptly influence the congressional impeachment process. They are apparently attempting to stop Republican members of Congress from criticizing during the impeachment- trial proceedings by threatening to disclose embarrassing personal information purchased by Flynt. This appears to violated federal law. The Criminal Division of the Justice Department has the duty, and the jurisdiction, to put an end to these coercive tactics." ."

San Diego Union-Tribune 1/17/99 Robert Caldwell Freeper Nick Danger ".Eighteen days after L'affaire Lewinsky hit the front pages of the American press one year ago, the following exchange occurred on the ABC News Sunday program, "This Week": George Stephanopoulos (Clinton adviser turned commentator): " . . . there's a different, long-term strategy, which I think would be far more explosive. White House allies are already starting to whisper about what I'll call the Ellen Rometsch strategy..." Sam Donaldson (ABC's White House correspondent): "Are you suggesting for a moment that what they are beginning to say is that if you investigate this too much, we'll put all your dirty linen right on the table? Every member of the Senate? Every member of the press corps?" Stephanopoulos: "Absolutely. The president said he would never resign, and I think some around him are willing to take everybody down with him." Now fast forward to Aug. 5. Salon Magazine ."Die-hard Clinton loyalists are spreading the word that a long-ignored but fearsome tactic has now resurfaced as an element in the president's survival strategy: The threat of exposing the sexual improprieties of Republican critics, both in Congress and beyond, should they demand impeachment hearings in the House. "` `We're talking about the Doomsday Machine here,' one close ally of the president told Salon . . . `Once the Doomsday Machine is set in motion, there will be no stopping it. The Republicans with skeletons in their closets must assume everything is known and will come out. So the question is: Do they really want to go there?'" Broder and Jaffe went on to write that the Clinton camp was targeting then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich, House Majority Leader Richard Armey, Rep. Dan Burton, chairman of the House Oversight Committee then investigating Clinton's 1995-96 campaign fund raising, and Rep. Henry Hyde, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, which would conduct any impeachment hearings authorized by the House.."

Wall Street Journal 1/18/99 "."Don't tamper with this jury," Senator Robert Byrd warned the President from the Senate floor back in October. Now, as the Senate convenes as a jury, scatology king Larry Flynt has launched a blackmail campaign designed to intimidate them into giving the President a pass. Senator Byrd's warning was directed at the White House attempt to get 34 Democratic senators to sign a pledge that they would never remove the president from office even if he were impeached. But it came just three days after Mr. Flynt took out an ad in the Washington Post offering up to $1 million for information about any illicit sexual affairs by Congressmen, that is to say, either Representatives or Senators. But of course the scalps on display all happen to be foes of the President, such as Bob Livingston and Bob Barr. Who can doubt that Senators, if they vote the wrong way, will be next? ." Legal 1/19/99 ". Senator Byrd's warning was directed at the White House attempt to get 34 Democratic senators to sign a ledge that they would never remove the President from office even if he were impeached. But it came just three days after Mr. Flynt took out an ad in the Washington Post offering up to $1 million for information about any illicit sexual affairs by Congressmen, that is to say, either Representatives or Senators. But of course the scalps on display all happen to be foes of the President, such as Bob Livingston and Bob Barr. Who can doubt that Senators, if they vote the wrong way, will be next? To protect its own procedures and dignity, the Senate needs to know what's going on here, to make sure that this is properly investigated by someone with the power of subpoena, whether the Congress itself, the Justice Department or Independent Counsel Ken Starr. One Dan Moldea has appeared from almost nowhere to volunteer as the source of Mr. Flynt's dirt. In a remarkably candid interview with the Washington Times last week, he bragged, "I'm the investigator on all this whether it's Livingston or Barr." Mr. Moldea made clear that Mr. Flynt's marching orders were to focus on Clinton opponents. If a Republican "hasn't been shooting his mouth off, we let him go. We're not going to interfere with his life." Put this way, what Mr. Flynt is doing is not only distasteful but unlawful. Blackmail is a crime, after all, and even public figures can collect for libel if they show "actual malice." Beyond that, Title 18, Section 1505 of the U.S. code makes it a crime when anyone "corruptly, or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication influences, obstructs, or impedes or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede the due and proper exercise of the power of inquiry under which any inquiry or investigation is being had by either House, or any committee of either House or any joint committee of Congress.".."

The American Spectator 1/19/99 Ben Stein Freeper Brian Mosely ".Now, here is a question. Why isn't Ken Starr indicting Larry Flynt for jury tampering? There are federal laws against tampering with a jury, attempting to influence the trier of fact or law, and also laws against extortion and blackmail. Larry Flynt has admitted that he is paying money to dig up dirt -- and we all have dirt in our lives -- to try to help Clinton in the Senate trial and before that in the House impeachment. The Senate trial is exactly analogous to a trial in court. Why isn't Flynt tampering with the trial when he blackmails the Senate or the House."

1/22/99 FoxNews O'Reilly Freeper Plummz reports ".Okay, Bill Sammon from the WashTimes is on O'reilly now. Sammon talked to Moldea, who admitted who gathered the Livingsotn and Barr info. Moldea says he has more info on other GOPers, which info he is holding for the time being. Refs Landmark's request for an investigation. O'reilly brings up Max Steier (sp?), Clinton defense attorney who met with Moldea. Sammon mentions the earlier Moldea-OIC situation, where Moldea recorded Bittman and two others talking about OIC's press operations. Moldea gave the tape to Steier. O'Reilly thinks Steier was feeding info to Moldea, Sammon has no evidence of that. ."

MSNBC 1/22/99 Freeper GoodSense reports ".In a response to the announcement by Sen. Byrd that he will bring a motion to dismiss on Monday, Sen. Graham "..due to the importance of Sen. Byrd, and at the request of our leadership", came forward and spoke the following (roughly paraphrased): In each of the 13 cases tried (2 were not tried, the persons resigned), the Senate fulfilled its duty and went the distance. To end the trial without going the distance is wrong. The Senate must fulfill its duty to go the distance. It will not be a persuasive argument to end the trial simply because it may not be believed enough votes to convict. The Founding Fathers intended the process to be a form of 'closure'. Thus the Senate must do its duty, and either convict or acquit. He went on to say that the argument to dismiss would not be persuasive and predicted that it "will not pass"."

Mark Scott Show WXYT Detroit John McManus by Freeper MichaelP 1/22/99 ".Syndicated Talk Show Radio Host Mark Scott hosted John McManus, Director of the John Birch Society this afternoon.. He also said Sen. Rick Santorum, Rep. from Pennsylvania went to the evidence room in the Ford building and was appalled at the evidence against Clinton that hasn't been released."

Village Voice 1/20/99 Nat Hentoff ".Lefcourt, a prominent attorney, ignores the series of women who have been threatened by Clinton and his agents to keep their silence about his exercising his droit du seigneur on their bodies. It is this relentless obstruction of justice that I began to detail last week. Also on the list of Clinton's throwaway women who should have been placed in the federal Witness Protection Program is Elizabeth Ward Gracen, Arkansas's former Miss America, who had a brief bout of intimacy with Clinton in 1983. During the 1992 presidential campaign she received calls to keep quiet about it-or else. But just in case she faltered-as the Wall Street Journal Europe (October 27, 1998) reported- her agent met with Clinton buddy Harry Tomason and Clinton advisor Mickey Kantor and "worked out some kind of deal." She would deny any relationship with Clinton and her career would benefit. ..Juanita Broaddrick is another woman whom feminists Gloria Steinem, Patricia Ireland, and Betty Friedan have somehow forgotten to tell us about. Lisa Myers, who has broken a number of stories for NBC, reported on March 28, 1998, that Paula Jones's lawyer had filed court papers saying that Clinton, in 1978, while attorney general of Arkansas, had "forcibly raped and assaulted" Broaddrick in a Little Rock hotel room, and then "bribed and intimidated her" to keep that indelible experience to herself. Myers added: "NBC News has talked to four people from Arkansas who say Broaddrick told them of such an assault years ago." According to one source, Clinton "ripped her clothes and bit her lip.".

Landmark Legal Foundation 1/22/99 Mark R. Levin ".Federal District Judge Henry H. Kennedy, Jr., has ordered the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to produce documents requested by Landmark Legal Foundation in its Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit to uncover the origins of referrals for audits of nonprofit groups, including conservative and libertarian organizations. "This is a very significant victory," explained Landmark's President Mark R. Levin. "For two years we have sought the names of individuals or groups that may have urged the IRS to audit nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations. We want to determine whether the costly and time consuming audits of scores of conservative and libertarian groups have been politically motivated."."

1/25/99 Drudge ".NBC NEWS hotshot Lisa Myers has reportedly conducted an in-depth interview with "Jane Doe #5", according to media sources in an around the network. The interview with Juanita Broaddrick of Arkansas is said to have gone down late last week and is now being held tight by NBC NEWS. It is not known if and when the network plans on airing the interview, or what exactly it was that Broaddrick told Myers, but media circles in Washington have been buzzing with word of the development for days..Lisa Myers, out of character, did not return repeated calls seeking comment. A well-placed source inside of NBC's Washington bureau said Myers "remained out of town." NBC NEWS president Andy Lack could not be reached.."

Judicial Watch 1/28/99 ".Mrs. Browning has filed a RICO suit, alleging that Bill Clinton and his agents threatened her and other women to silence them from telling the truth about him. Named as victims in the RICO count is not only Mrs. Browning, but also Kathleen Willey and Linda Tripp and the other Jane Does. Both Senate and House Republicans failed to pursue the clearcut evidence of RICO threats against the Jane Does, because of fears that there would be a political backlash among "swing voters." "Bill Clinton's demonstrated pattern of threatening women must end," stated Larry Klayman, Chairman of Judicial Watch. "Congress won't stop him because of selfish political reasons. The feminists have not stopped him. So, now it is time for Dolly Kyle Browning and other people of faith to take a stand."."

Drudge 1/26/99 Freeper Senator Pardek ".NBC NEWS hotshot Lisa Myers has conducted an in-depth interview with "Jane Doe #5", according to media sources in an around the network. The interview with Juanita Broaddrick of Arkansas went down late last week and is now being held tight by the network. NBC NEWS brass claim it has to be relevant and airtight before broadcast. The DRUDGE REPORT has learned that in the past 24 hours, network executives have come under enormous pressure from the White House not to air the interview! "There is a civil war developing," one network insider said on Tuesday. "Between those pushing for the interview to air and those who think it is completely reckless." The interview, believed to have been conducted inside of Broaddrick's home in Arkansas, is being described as "provocative." "At this late stage, the White House is trying to pull off another Aldrich!" declared one Myers supporter.."

1/27/99 Rush Limbaugh Freeper ClintonBeGone reports ".Rush is talking about NBC's holding the Juanita Brodrick story. He's airing Cannon's clips on MSNBC.." Adds Freeper mombonn ".WLS AM 890 in Chicago spend a good half hour on Juanita also. Read the Drudge report about NBC, really hammered it.."


Drudge Report 1/27/99 Freeper citizen reports ".Congressman Chris Cannon in an interview with John Siegenthaler on MSNBC shortly after 9:00 am EST said: "Everyone in Washington, and I mean everyone, knows that you (meaning NBC) are holding a video taped interview that Lisa Myers did with Jane Doe #5." Sigenthaler said nothing..."

Drudge via e-mail 1/28/99 Freeper Senator Pardek ".Juanita Broaddrick has now told associates that she feels "betrayed" by NBC NEWS, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. One week ago, Broaddrick sat for an exclusive in-depth interview with NBC NEWS reporter Lisa Myers -- an interview that she was told would immediately air on NBC's DATELINE! Broaddrick doesn't hold Lisa Myers responsible for the building media nightmare, according to a source. Talk in the cafeteria at NBC'S New York headquarters on Wednesday had NBC NEWS anchorman Tom Brokaw threatening to resign if Andy "America's News Leader" Lack goes with the completed Lisa Myers package, one NBC producer, who asked not to be identified, said late Wednesday. Broaddrick is now being described as "emotionally drained" after the session with Myers. And since giving the interview, Broaddrick has confessed to a friend: "I'm so afraid over what is going to happen now."..Pro-Myers associates inside of the network question why the original Myers piece on Broaddrick aired, and now the actual interview with "Jane Doe #5" has hit a broadcast wall. "It was clear sailing, but now that Lisa has put the house up with the nails there is resistance by executives," said one pro-Myers source. And while no final decision on airing the interview has been made, the Myers situation has caused confusion throughout the ranks at NBC...

Pittsburg Tribune-Review 1/28/99 Bill Sammon (Washington Times) Freeper Cincinatus ".Linda Tripp says she was warned by President Clinton's closest confidant, Bruce Lindsey, that she would "be destroyed" for raising questions about scandals she witnessed in the White House. "He said: `Talk like that will get you destroyed,'" Tripp said last Friday in a deposition to Judicial Watch, a legal watchdog group. "`You will be destroyed.' He said it with a smile." Lindsey, deputy White House counsel, did not return phone calls seeking comment. James Kennedy, spokesman for the White House Counsel's Office, declined to comment. Tripp said the conversation took place around December 1993 when she was executive assistant to White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum. She said she shared with Lindsey her concerns about a variety of sensitive subjects, including Filegate, Travelgate, White House volunteer Kathleen Willey and the handling of Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster Jr.'s suicide.."I didn't think Bruce Lindsey was going to come at me with an Uzi," she said. "I felt that my professional future was at stake and that I would most likely lose in any protracted battle. I would be the loser. "I also felt, frankly, that perhaps an accident would befall me and - and I'm not overdramatizing." ."

Washington Post Archives 3/28/98 Jones Lawyers Freeper randita ".19. Moreover, as demonstrated by Exhibit F attached hereto and incorporated herein (the Declaration of T. Wesley Holmes identifying documentary material obtained in the factual investigation of this action concerning witness Phillip Yoakum) and Exhibit G attached hereto and incorporated herein (Sworn Declaration of Beverly Lambert), significant evidence suggests that Defendant Clinton and his agents have exerted great efforts to suppress and obstruct testimony by [name withheld] that Defendant Clinton in the past forcibly raped and sexually assaulted (within the definitions of Federal Rules of Evidence 413 and 415) her and then bribed and/or intimidated her and her family into remaining silent about this outrage. [name withheld] admitted to Plaintiff's investigator that [name withheld] had suffered a "horrible thing" at the hands of Bill Clinton that she did not want to relive; that Mr. Clinton was "too vicious" to be impacted by this lawsuit; and that, based on [name withheld]'s experience, she believes Paula ]ones is telling the truth in this lawsuit. Exhibit G. Mr. Yoakum's documents recount that Mr. Clinton would provide "a couple of big favors" to [name withheld]'s husband to serve as the purchase "price for silence." Exhibit F at 3.."

Associated Press 10/2/98 AP Freeper gocowboys ". BLUMENTHAL: ... And I said to the president, ``What have you done wrong?'' And he said, ``Nothing. I haven't done anything wrong.'' I said, ``Well, then, that's one of the stupidest ideas I've ever heard.'' ... And it was at that point that he gave his account of what had happened to me and he said ... ``Monica Lewinsky came at me and made a sexual demand on me.'' He rebuffed her. He said, ``I've gone down that road before, I've caused pain for a lot of people, and I'm not going to do that again.'' She threatened him. She said that she would tell people they'd had an affair, that she was known as the stalker among her peers, and that she hated it and if she had an affair or said she had an affair then she wouldn't be the stalker anymore. And I repeated to the president that he really needed never to be near people who were troubled like this... And I said, ``You need to find some sure footing here, some solid ground.'' And he said, ``I feel like a character in a novel. I feel like somebody who is surrounded by an oppressive force that is creating a lie about me and I can't get the truth out. I feel like the character in the novel `Darkness at Noon.''' And I said to him, I said, ``When this happened with Monica Lewinsky, were you alone?'' He said, ``Well, I was within eyesight or earshot of someone.'' I said, ``You know, there are press reports that you made phone calls to her and that there's voice mail. Did you make phone calls to her?'' He said that he remembered calling her when Betty Currie's brother died and that he left a message on her voice machine that Betty's brother had died and he said she was close to Betty and had been very kind to Betty. ..."

Washington Post 1/28/88 John F Harris ".White House aides admit they occasionally had to bite their tongues, but for the past month their talking points were clear: There was to be no political trash- talk about the Senate's handling of President Clinton's impeachment trial. Now, the old rules are off. The new White House line is to dismiss the continuing Senate proceedings as a questionable and even illegitimate exercise, a spectacle for which the country should hold Republicans to blame. "America, looking in on this process, now understands that . . . this trial continues to go on, and the fact that the Senate continues to be diverted from [its] business, is the responsibility of the Republican majority," White House press secretary Joseph Lockhart said from the briefing room lectern yesterday. Such rhetoric has a familiar ring: It is an echo of the derisive refrain the White House took all through the House impeachment debate. But for the past month, Clinton and his aides have made a clear distinction in its attitude toward the Senate..."

Drudge Report 1/29/99 ".There is now less than a 50-50 chance NBC will air Lisa Myers' in- depth interview with Juanita Broaddrick, network sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT. "There is a feeling that NBC brass do not want to get directly involved in the impeachment trial and throw it into chaos," explains one insider..One pro-Myers source on Thursday night questioned why her network is holding back the interview. "Why was it okay to release the first story at the height of the Paula Jones case, and now running the actual interview with the woman is seen as interfering with the president's impeachment?" asked the insider. "And we did cover Anita Hill, didn't we?". An NBC spokesperson said the network "does not comment on our newsgathering," but categorically denied there has been under pressure from the White House to hold the interview. One NBC NEWS source explained that the network is still working to corroborate Broaddrick's story and it will not run "until it is rock solid" and "fit for air." But a pro-Myers insider tells the DRUDGE REPORT the official NBC explanation is way off base. "The story is done, our investigation is over!" declared the source. "I challenge anyone to point out the holes in Lisa's piece." .. According to a well-placed source, Myers explained to Broaddrick during the conversation how she is being given the run around by her superiors at the network. And Myers recently confided to an associate that she is not even sure if she will have a say in the final cut, should NBC finally air the interview. There are growing fears that NBC has lost complete control of the situation. According to one report, NBC sponsors are starting to complain of receiving calls from angry viewers. The network itself been hit with nearly non- stop phone messages and e-mails on the subject. The story surrounding NBC's interview has turned into a talkradio sensation.."

Newsmax 12/22/98 Christopher Ruddy Freeper chuck allen ".A civil war is brewing in the news room of ABC's World News Tonight over allegations that in 1979 Bill Clinton may have raped Juanita Broaddrick, an Arkansas woman, when he served as the state's Attorney General. has obtained an internal ABC News memo that was emailed to the top news producers earlier today about the controversy... has learned that Isham's memo comes as a result of a feud between World News Tonight Executive Producer Paul Freidman and network anchor Peter Jennings. Jennings -- reputed to have a eye for the ladies much like the President's -- has vehemently objected to ABC news reporting on the subject. The memo, in an apparent shot at Jennings, states, "...the potential that a rape charge could be leveled at the President makes the story one that can't be totally ignored." ."

The Ether Zone 1/29/99 Freeper Roscoe Karns ".NBC said late yesterday that they are sitting on the Jane Doe #5 interview until they can corroberate the story. However, close sources told the Zone last night that this is nothing bit a smoke screen, "They have serious internal problems if they run the interview. Even Brokaw has threatened to quit. We also get word that the White House operatives have been putting pressure on NBC to withhold any airing until after the trial.",according to one source.."

NewsMax 1/28/99 Hugh Davies ".A FURIOUS row was reported at a major television network yesterday over whether to broadcast an interview with a woman who was allegedly raped by President Clinton in 1978 when he was the attorney general of Arkansas...Another network source was quoted as saying: "There is a civil war developing between those pushing for the interview to air and those who think it is completely reckless."."

Original Source 1/29/99 Mary Mostert Freeper hope ".This promises to become a double- header in the news next week, as Monica Lewinsky testifies for the U.S. Senate impeachment trial of William Jefferson Clinton and, the London Telegraph suggests, may have been casting a long shadow over the "backroom dealings at the Senate trial of Mr Clinton, with argument raging over how a videotape of her cross-examination was to be handled." Could it be that fear of the rape story is the real motivation behind the strange behavior of Senate Democrats lately? A major portion of the Democrat plank in their effort to halt the Impeachment Trial before witnesses could be heard, and their incredible determination to get the trial over with by the end of next week seems suspicious.."Miss Myers said NBC talked to four people who confirmed that the woman had spoken of the assault at the time. The woman denied any sexual encounter with Mr Clinton in an affidavit prepared to assist him in the Jones suit. She later told the FBI during the Starr investigation her affidavit was 'false'. This, I suggest, is pretty serious stuff. Far more serious than Anita Hill's charge that Clarence Thomas talked dirty to her. She never charged, and no one ever claimed, that Clarence Thomas did anything worse than that, and yet Sen. Tom Harkin dramatically appealed for a postponement of the confirmation vote to allow the Senate time to "investigate" her salacious charges against Judge Thomas. It appears that THIS time the Democrats have been desperately negotiating a plan to short-circuit the first Impeachment trial against a president in 168 years by eliminating all witnesses, if possible and simply closing down the process. I'm not one to jump to conclusions, but based on the behavior of Senate Democrats in 1991 when they demanded immediate inquiry into the unsworn statements of Anita Hill, their determination to cover-up serious charges, felony charges no less, of perjury, obstruction of justice and now rape, ought to slow down the rush to short-circuit the Clinton trial. ..If there is a court document charging Bill Clinton with rape in the Paula Jones court documents, that would certainly explain why Clinton suddenly decided to buy her off Paula Jones with a settlement after years of claiming she made it all up. And, if there is such a document, and NBC has it and is refusing to broadcast the story - the American people are simply being manipulated by a propaganda campaign managed by the White House to keep Bill Clinton in the Oval Office. Increasingly, the area of greatest concern to me as a journalist, is the seemingly total lack of independence and integrity in the Networks and major newspapers of America. Voters in America should not have to read the London papers to find out what is going on, or has happened, to our own president.."

WorldNetDaily 1/29/99 Stephan Archer ".Dolly Kyle Browning, a witness in the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit against the president, is scheduled to appear before a U.S. district court on Feb. 16 in a RICO case against President Clinton. Judicial Watch, a public-interest legal group, filed the lawsuit on behalf of Browning, who had been Clinton's friend since she was 11 years old. Other witnesses of the Paula Jones lawsuit, including Linda Tripp and Kathleen Willey, were also included as plaintiffs in the lawsuit..Court records state that the lawsuit was filed against Clinton and the others named in the suit for "tortuous interference with business opportunities, disparagement of property, defamation, false light invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, civil violations of the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), violation of First Amendment rights, and civil conspiracy."..Even Bennett, Clinton's lawyer, allegedly painted Browning in a false light. Browning said that during her deposition in the Paula Jones lawsuit, Bennett referred to her March 6, 1998, affidavit as "a web of deceit and distortions." Bennett also referred to them as "garbage," "vicious and false attacks," and "salacious material.".."

NewsMax 1/29/99 Freeper BP2 ".Broaddrick is said to be exhausted and deeply frustrated that NBC, after chasing her story for nine months, had persuaded her to go public only to lose their own nerve at the eleventh hour. She got the first hint of trouble on Tuesday, when Myers called her to warn that NBC brass were panicking. "The good news is, you're credible. The bad news is, you're very, very credible," Myers told Broaddrick, according to our insider. Our source said Broaddrick had decided the "Dateline" interview would be a one shot deal, and that she had hoped to retreat into anonymity after NBC made her story public.."

1/29/99 ABC News Jackie Judd Chris Vlasto ".ABCNEWS has learned that a private investigator has become a key witness in the investigation of whether someone tried to scare Kathleen Willey into remaining silent about allegations President Clinton made an unwanted sexual advance.. Sources now say Starr's investigation is focused on Jarrett Stern, a private investigator with ties to prominent Democratic fund-raiser Nathan Landow. Asked whether he has been working on a project related to Willey, Stern said, "It is true. The specifics of it, I don't want to get into." ..Sources familiar with Stern's work say he was hired by Saul Schwartzbach, a lawyer for Landow...Sources say Stern was asked to pull Willey's phone records, to find out what medications Willey might be taking and to conduct a "noisy" investigation aimed at making sure Willey knew she was being watched. Stern's lawyer, Edward Bouquet, said the private investigator began to feel uneasy with the Willey project. "I think that he perceived a situation where he was being asked to do something he wasn't comfortable with," Bouquet said. Bouquet claims Stern was so uncomfortable that he called Willey and left a message - using an alias - warning her that someone wanted to do her harm..."

MSNBC 1/29/99 MiSh Reports ".MONICA WANTS HER STORY OUT...SHE IS NOT A BIMBO!!! "NOBODY ASKED THE RIGHT QUESTIONS IN THE RIGHT WAY!!! He is saying he has contacts and Monica has bombshell maybe. She likes the Manager Bryant.." And adds ".He said she wants people not to say she is a stalker any more and that he and all...ALL reporters got phone calls telling them the stalker story.."

FoxNews Special Report Freeper yikes reports 1/29/99 ".tonight Tony Snow sucker-punched Sen. Durbin (?sp) big time on the Brit Hume Special Report. Durbin was into talking point A for today...Monica has been through enough...we need to preserve whatever dignity... With an almost angelic look on his face, Snow said very softly and emphathetically, "She's very young, isn't she?" Durbin fell for it hook, line and sinker, and said, "Yes, she is".."

Washington Weekly 2/1/99 J Peter Mulhern ".Post mortems on the Clinton impeachment are starting to pop up like mushrooms after a rain. It may be a bit premature to comment with the benefit of hindsight. But instant history is all the rage, and who am I to resist fashion? There remains at least one known wild card in the deck that could change what the moving finger appears to have written. That card is the story of Jane Doe #5..It pains me greatly to say this, but it seems unlikely that the Jane Doe #5 story will have any effect on Clinton's tenure, or even his public standing. What does that story tell us? Clinton is a pervert. We knew that. Clinton has been at the center of a conspiracy to deceive a federal court by submitting false evidence and tampering with witnesses. We knew that too. There's nothing new here, let's move on. ."

Drudge 2/1/99 ".It has been seven months since NEW YORK TIMES columnist Anthony Lewis printed questions that White House aide Sidney Blumenthal said were posed to him before the Lewinsky grand jury. Questions, it would later be revealed, that were never asked! In his June 29, 1998 column -- slugged "Questions that Degrade" -- Lewis wrote: ."... Mr. Blumenthal decided to tell me about the experience, as a grand-jury witness may do... Prosecutors asked Mr. Blumenthal to leave the room so they could consult. After five minutes he was called back, and Mr. Wisenberg asked him: 'Does the President's religion include sexual intercourse?'" But according to transcripts of Blumenthal's grand jury testimony, released four months after the NEW YORK TIMES column ran, that question was never asked by prosecutors! Lewis continued: "There was another sexual question in last week's grand-jury session, conducted by two new prosecutors. It was, 'Does the President believe that oral sex is sex?' It was just that -- a general question not tied to any particular matter." . Another question that prosecutors never asked! Lewis summarized: "What we have here, I think, is third-rate prosecutors full of hubris and obsessed by sex... It is sneering, smart-aleck stuff, the tone of Clinton-haters on cable television and the Internet." . "In two recent visits to the grand jury, Mr. Blumenthal said, he was asked, 'Does the President believe that oral sex is sex?' and 'Does the President's religion include sexual intercourse?'" -- JAMES BENNET's "The Titillating, Zigzagging Focus on Sex at 1600" June 30, 1998, Section A; Page 17. Seven months later, Bennet still has not informed his readers that Blumenthal's statements were false. And columnist Lewis has never straightened up his mess for the "newspaper of record.". A Starr associate explains that the Office of the Independent Counsel could not alert the media at the time of the smear due to restrictions covering grand jury secrecy. But the grand jury foreperson personally lectured Blumenthal during the closing moments of the session last summer: "We are very concerned about the fact that during your last visit that an inaccurate representation of the events that happened were retold on the steps of the courthouse." "I appreciate your statement," Blumenthal responded. "If Ken Starr is interested in the truth, he heard it today," Blumenthal told reporters just moments later.."

Orlando Sentinal 2/2/99 Charley Reese ".The Lindale, Texas, News and Times, published a feature story on a local couple who are private investigators and who were hired by the second law firm that represented Paula Jones in her suit against the president. Comments made to the paper by Rick and Beverly Lambert are interesting, and I would like to share them with you. These are all from the newspaper article. "I have never in my entire 28 years [in investigative work] seen a machine that works like Bill Clinton's machine," Rick said. "Fear and intimidation were used to keep people from talking . . . . Tactics by his machine kept a lot of the truth from coming out." He said after their first day in Little Rock they were followed everywhere and often when making cold calls were greeted by name. In other words, people knew they were coming. Rick told the paper the work had left him "cynical and pessimistic." "I've never worked a case that degenerated my view of the system more than this case has. I've seen a machine roll over people like tanks in Tiananmen Square. . . . Character means nothing anymore." ."

Imus in the Morning Show 2/2/99 reply from AJAY ".Russert DID confirm, for all intents and purposes, that they had the interview [Juanita Broaddrick] in the can.."

Stern Interview reported by Freeper truthkeeper 2/2/99 ".Hired by Landow's personal attorney to investigate Willey...believes Willey, feels sorry for her...regrets his involvement in this...he has become Starr's key witness re the intimidation...has testified twice before Starr's grand jury...initially hired by Prudential Associates' Bob Miller (now deceased, how convenient)...Miller was hired by Landow's personal attorney...refused to answer whether he was operating under a grant of immunity by Starr...refused to answer whether a search warrant had been issued for documents...refused to answer when his involvement initially began....Stern says initial contact began in an underground parking garage at night, no notes were taken, and he was told he was being hired by the WH.."

NewsMax 2/2/99 Carl Limbacher ".While Blumenthal is almost a peripheral player compared to center-stage figures like Currie, Vernon Jordan, and Monica Lewinsky herself, House prosecutors may be able to use Blumenthal to connect the Lewinsky cover-up directly to what former presidential insider Dick Morris calls "The Clinton Secret Police". .Graham noted that immediately after Clinton imparted his own personal spin on Monica to Blumenthal, a flood of press accounts followed echoing the White House line... But the very hour before Clinton entered the well of the House to speak to Congress and the nation, Andy Bleiler took center stage 3,000 miles away. Bleiler's account of his five-year affair with a teenage Monica, delivered from his Oregon home in a full-blown, nationally broadcast press conference, was the Clinton attack machine's boldest foray into "nuts and sluts" territory.."

WhiteHouse Daily Press Briefing 2/3/99 ".Q: Joe, I realize this may be a sore subject, but there are reports today that you pressured one TV network not to run a story that another network had investigated. My question is, is that appropriate behavior in terms of spin control, or is it kind of heavy- handed for the White House Press Secretary -- LOCKHART: If this is your way, your side way to get into writing the story, go ahead and write the story; I'm not going to help you. You've already written it. So, next..Q: Did you pressure a network? LOCKHART: If any of you think I'm in a position to pressure anyone, you give me more power than you think I have. Q: Did you make the call, as has been reported? LOCKHART: I'm just not going to discuss private conversations I have, even if others can't keep them private..."

Freeper Stop the Insanity 2/3/99 reports ".I also can add a little indication that the White House is pressing reporters not to run with these items. While walking to the subway, I overheard a cell-phone conversation where the party walking was bragging about his success in getting a reporter to hold off on a story. "I told him to call you or Podesta," he said. My guess is he was talking to Lindsey..."

Drudge 2/3/99 ".In a front page scream story, hitting racks on Friday, the ENQUIRER details what it declares to be an impeachment hypocrisy: "Schippers brought his ex-mistress AND his wife to Committee hearings at the same time!" "David Schippers, the Republican' prosecutor, blasted into living rooms on your TV sets attacking the president and passionately calling for his impeachment over the Monica Lewinsky scandal," reads the ENQUIRER story, a copy was obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT. "But Schippers -- who has 10 children and a wife of 45 years -- hid something. Sitting behind him on the floor of the House Judiciary Committee was his secret mistress of 25 years.".."So the White House got tired of using Larry Flynt, it's now back to the tabloids!" one top Republican source in the House Judiciary Committee declared to the DRUDGE REPORT. "David Schippers is a hero to many of us on the committee, this will not change that!" ." Freeper adds ".What a huge surprise that this should come from the Enquirer, prominent client of David Kendall..."

Judicial Watch 2/3/99 "."The White House smear operation should be thoroughly investigated by House prosecutors," said Larry Klayman, General Counsel and Chairman of Judicial Watch. "Is Sidney Blumenthal in contact with the President's private detectives? Is Mr. Blumenthal disseminating information from government files on perceived Clinton adversaries?" Pursuant to a subpoena, James Carville produced to Judicial Watch a file he was keeping on Kathleen Willey - the woman who has accused Bill Clinton of an improper sexual advance in the Oval Office. In Carville's Willey file was a document with fax markings indicating that it came from Sidney Blumenthal. The markings indicate the document was faxed to Carville on July 31, 1997. The document was produced by Carville, along with nearly 15,000 other pages and telephone conversation audio tapes Carville created and kept on adversaries. "Did Mr. Blumenthal help Mr. Carville develop information on Kathleen Willey? Did this type of activity continue after Mr. Blumenthal arrived at the White House?" asked Klayman. Carville testified in his Judicial Watch Filegate video deposition that he did have contact with Mr. Blumenthal at the White House. Carville also testified that President Clinton consulted with him prior to the White House release of letters from Kathleen Willey to the media in an attempt to discredit her as a witness. The release of the Willey letters was a violation of the Privacy Act.."

Washington Times 2/4/99 Bill Sammon Frank Murray ".White House tried to pressure the Fox News Channel not to broadcast a story about a woman who claims President Clinton raped her 21 years ago and then coerced her into denying it under oath, network sources said yesterday. White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart on Tuesday warned a Fox White House correspondent not to run the story, noting that NBC News had interviewed the woman in Arkansas and had not put the story on the air. Fox ran the story anyway, and Internet scribe Matt Drudge yesterday published Mr. Lockhart's unheeded words of warning, which the White House did not categorically deny, but said were off the record.."

San Diego Union-Tribune 2/4/99 ".When Attorney General Janet Reno wanted to give credibility to the Justice Department's investigation of campaign finance violations by the Clinton-Gore re- election campaign, she turned to Charles La Bella. An experienced federal prosecutor with a reputation for toughness and integrity, La Bella left his job as first assistant U.S. attorney in San Diego and moved to Washington to oversee the Justice Department's probe. But after he recommended that a special prosecutor be named, as required by law, to investigate the president and vice president, he provoked the eternal enmity of Reno and her top deputies. Throughout the mushrooming campaign finance scandal, the attorney general has steadfastly shielded the White House from the scrutiny of a special prosecutor. Although his position was firmly backed by FBI Director Louis Freeh, La Bella's once-promising career at the Justice Department was shattered overnight.."

Capitol Hill Blue 2/4/99 ".The Internal Revenue Service has cleared an organization of charges that it violated its tax-exempt status when it helped finance a college course taught by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. The IRS ruled after a three-year investigation that The Progress and Freedom Foundation's donations to Gingrich were ``consistent with its stated exempt purposes,'' and that Gingrich's course and course book ``were educational in content,'' the foundation said..Gingrich denied violating tax laws and described his college course as nonpartisan. But he agreed to pay a $300,000 penalty for his misleading statements to the ethics committee as it investigated the financing of the college course and other issues. In its ruling, the IRS said the content of Gingrich's course ``was educational and never favored or opposed a candidate for public office.'' It said the foundation ``did not intervene on behalf of candidates of the Republican Party merely by promoting'' themes in the course.."

Washington Times Greg Pierce 2/5/99 Freeper Lance Romance ".Sen. Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat, is not much of a comedian. At Tuesday's congressional press dinner, Mr. Schumer's attempts at humor "sparked stunned silence with a harsh routine that slashed everyone in sight," according to Roll Call's Ed Henry. Taking a cheap shot at former House Judiciary Committee colleague Bob Barr, Georgia Republican, Mr. Schumer said Mr. Barr had plans to introduce a "Defense of White Marriage Act."."

Original Sources Mary Mostert 2/5/99 ".By any chance does ANYONE remember what the news was in January 1997? There was a leader in the House of Representatives named Newt Gingrich that the Democrats were determined to get rid of. They cooked up one "ethics" charge after another - something like 500 of them over the years - and finally the House Ethics Committee, pushed by the liberal Democrats and chaired by a weak Republican, Rep. Nancy Johnson, voted that the Speaker of the House "could have avoided a public controversy if he had sought and followed specialized legal advice" on the tax exempt status of his To Renew America course. Newt Gingrich's main antagonist was Rep. David Bonior who routinely lied about Gingrich, and his lies were just as routinely printed as fact by the media. For example, Bonior released a statement in December 1996 entitled "Speaker Gingrich Guilty of Tax Fraud" claiming "The committee has found that Mr. Gingrich's activities violated U.S. Tax Laws." Bonior said, and the media dutifully reported without argument, that Newt purposely lied to the subcommittee. It is a charge, unchallenged, that has been used time and again in the impeachment of Bill Clinton. "Newt Gingrich did the same thing." He didn't..Bonior said that Newt committed tax fraud and used money intended for inner city children to fund his "political empire." That was a lie. The Ethics Subcommittee did not find Newt had violated any tax law.. His college course was not political - it was educational. Gingrich, now driven from office, did not violate ANY TAX LAW. He was unfairly and unjustly vilified and fined by determined Democrats and he was innocent all along.."

"The insinuation to me was that Mr. Bennett was implying that I was going to face some kind of a criminal charge for perjury or something else and that I would need ... an inside Washington lawyer. And I didn't, and I don't," Kathleen Willey... CNN 3/16/98

AP John Diamond 1/28/98 Little Rock Newspapers, Inc. ".While anonymous White House officials are portraying Monica Lewinsky as a flirtatious Valley girl with a crush on President Clinton, Pentagon colleagues describe her has a hard-working professional unintimidated by power. A part of the White House strategy is to raise questions about the veracity of the woman who is heard telling a friend on a secretly recorded tape that she had sexual relations with the president. The issue of whether these encounters were real or fantasy, and whether Clinton or his close friend Vernon Jordan pressured Ms. Lewinsky to deny the affair in a sworn affidavit, lies at the center of controversy.Last week when the scandal first broke, one White House official who did not work for the administration at the time Lewinsky served as a White House intern began a whispering campaign that Lewinsky was ''unstable,'' the product of a broken home. She battled a chronic weight problem, the official said, and was known in the West Wing as ''the stalker'' for the way she shadowed Clinton as he went about his daily business.."

New York Times 1/28/98 Maureen Dowd ".Inside the White House, the debate goes on about the best way to destroy That Woman, as the President called Monica Lewinsky. Should they paint her as a friendly fantasist or a malicious stalker? They hope it won't be necessary, of course. Maybe Kenneth Starr won't flip her. Maybe the Clintonites won't have to go out and maul a 24-year-old Valley Girl whose friends say she is "like, suicidal," a young woman who has already been traumatized by the creepy Starr and his marauding gang of F.B.I. agents. But the Animal House President has messed up big time again, and he must be dragged back from the precipice by the bimbo patrol.. "That poor child has serious emotional problems," Representative Charlie Rangel of New York said last night before the State of the Union. "She's fantasizing. And I haven't heard that she played with a full deck in her other experiences." ..At least some of the veteran Clinton shooters feel a little nauseated this time around, after smearing so many women who were probably telling the truth as trashy bimbos. It is a tricky matter, going after another young woman who really, like, loved the President, putting mushy valentines to him in the Washington Post personal ads, sending presents by messenger, paying $250 to get into a fund-raiser so she could follow him around like a high school kid waiting outside her boyfriend's biology class..."

National Review 2/9/99 Jonah Goldberg Freeper Marcellus ".Hitchens is being blackballed by his left-wing colleagues...Yesterday the Washington Post approvingly recounted how various friends must now turn on him for being an "informer." But what has he informed about? He has admitted something under oath which everybody in Washington already knew and which he had said to numerous people. Was he supposed to lie to Congress? Wasn't that Ollie North's pernicious crime? Blumenthal and his lawyer, Bill McDaniel, on numerous occasions publicly released any journalist who felt bound by the rules of journalistic confidentiality.... To me the real outrage is that journalists kept Blumenthal's actions secret.... The allegation that the White House mounted a concerted effort to defame its opponents, especially Monica Lewinsky, is serious. If the press has evidence of it and they choose not to run it, they are making a conscious decision to skew popular perceptions...."

Washington Post 2/11/99 Robert Suro ".Just as President Clinton's impeachment trial began in the Senate, Attorney General Janet Reno last month took the first steps toward a full-scale investigation of alleged misconduct that could lead to independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr's removal from office, according to official sources. In a mid-January letter, a top Justice Department official informed Starr of the department's intention to investigate him on several points arising from his handling of the Monica S. Lewinsky matter, including alleged misconduct in immunity talks with Lewinsky and potentially unethical contacts with the lawyers behind Paula Jones's sexual harassment suit against Clinton... Both the timing and the content of the letter from the Justice Department career official had an explosive effect in Starr's office, where some of his staff concluded that Reno was out to get the prosecutor who had prompted the president's impeachment, sources said. Even though the investigation had not been formally opened, Reno had threatened Starr with the professional equivalent of the death penalty. By law, the only disciplinary measure an attorney general can take against an independent counsel is removal from office, and Reno's publicly stated policy is that no investigation of an independent counsel will be opened unless the charges are so weighty that if proven true, removal would be the proper punishment. No sudden discoveries appear to have prompted Reno's decision, and some of the controversies cited in the letter to Starr were nearly a year old, such as the claim that Starr's assistants acted improperly when they first confronted Lewinsky on Jan. 16, 1998. Questions about informal contacts between Starr's office and attorneys who helped bring the Jones lawsuit have circulated since November.."

AP 2/10/99 Laurie Asseo ".The Senate is deliberating in the impeachment trial, but one verdict already is in: The lawyering wasn't always topnotch. House persecutors should have called presidential secretary Betty Currie to testify, and independent counsel Kenneth Starr shouldn't have helped prosecutors arrange to meet Monica Lewinsky before her sworn questioning, legal observers say.."

Newsmax 2/9/99 Carl Limbacher ".A women's advocate and rape crisis counselor who has befriended Juanita Broaddrick told on Sunday that the Clinton accuser has no political or financial motive and has not timed her allegation to coincide with the President's Senate impeachment trial. But despite Broaddrick's lack of ulterior motives, her friend believes that NBC News will not air the January 20 interview Broaddrick gave to Lisa Myers until the trial is over... Since the Rapegate controversy exploded two weeks ago, Broaddrick's friend has become the target of what appears to be a White House inspired intelligence-gathering operation.How do rape victims and their counselors feel when feminist leaders turn away from sexual abuse victims like Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick? "We keep in contact with women across the nation who've had things like this happen. And I can tell you, they were really upset with Clinton even before Juanita's case came to the forefront. It's annoying when people think Gloria Steinem and Patricia Ireland speak for us.".. If NBC won't run her interview, why doesn't she just go to another network? "People who say she should take her story elsewhere don't understand that most victims are emotionally exhausted after an interview like that. It's not easy to recount the intimate, embarrassing details of a rape experience. Now that NBC won't run it immediately, it's almost like saying they don't believe her. That's every rape victim's nightmare. Besides, what guarantee does she have that the next network won't do the same? ..The person who counsels women like Broaddrick won't say what her friend actually felt at that moment, adding only: "Right now I'm concerned for her because I believe NBC is jerking her around. And the longer NBC waits, the more time the White House has to discredit her. It took all that she had to make the decision to grant an interview. Now that she has made that decision, Juanita's story should be heard." ."

Newsmax 2/10/99 ". Sgt. Schultz would be proud. The comedic "I know nothing, I see nothing," obedient Nazi soldier from "Hogan's Heroes" has nothing on CNBC anchorman Brian Williams, who told a Boston talk radio audience Tuesday that he'd rather not know why his own network is keeping Juanita Broaddrick's bombshell interview on ice... Carr then confronted Williams with examples of other stories his network had deemed germane, like a false TODAY Show report based on rumors that Chicago's Cardinal Bernadin had molested a boy. The anchorman explained that NBC didn't want to make a similar mistake with Broaddrick's allegation against Clinton. NBC's must have discovered it's journalistic conscience very recently, since just weeks ago Williams' CNBC colleague Geraldo Rivero let investigative pornographer Larry Flynt debut his dirt on Rep. Bob Barr to a national television audience.." 2/9/99 ".This morning when jolly Al Roker greeted the crowd outside of NBC's "Today" show fishbowl studio in Rockefeller Center, he wasn't all smiles. Clinton critics from the have been showing up to wave placards denouncing NBC for not airing the interview with Juanita Broaddrick aka Jane Doe #5. NBC camera crews have been instructed to avoid wide angle camera shots and to be on the lookout for anyone engaging in free speech about Broaddrick, Inside Cover has learned. "Gotcha," was the only thing we could say when we saw Roker introduce one smiling fan who unfurled his poster reading "NBC Rape Cover-Up, Free Juanita." Roker turned, as if to say "Oh my God, I hope Bob Wright didn't see that," and immediately segued back to the bunker-studio where Lauer and Katie are holed up pretending business is as usual. FREEPERS -- the nickname for aficionado-- are not letting NBC off the hook for censoring the Broaddrick story.."

Rep. Cannon Press Release 2/11/99 ".Throughout the impeachment process, I never acted in anger. I was not acting on emotion, I doing my duty. After reading this morning's New York Times, however, I am very angry. The President of the United States, arguably the most powerful man in the world, has declared a personal vendetta against the House Managers, stating his will to single them out for destruction. While such action is the height of the arrogance of power, especially considering the strong language with which his own party continues to condemn his actions, I suggest that it should surprise no one who understands this president. It was his arrogance and abuse of power that led him to summon Paula Jones to that hotel room. It was his arrogance and abuse of power that kept him from settling the Jones case originally. It was his arrogance and abuse of power that led to him to commit perjury and obstruction of justice as that case went forward, and again before a United States Grand Jury. It was his arrogance and abuse of power that motivated him and his agents to lie to the American people over and over again. And it was his arrogance and abuse of power that got him impeached in the House. This is a man who on one hand talks about ending the politics of personal destruction, while dispatching his agents and pledging to destroy people. Imagine a defendant in a trial, in the middle of jury deliberations, having the audacity to publicly declare his intent to go after the police and prosecutors of the trial. We had a constitutional duty to present this case, and even though it was a sham trial, as Senator Specter said, we were doing our duty. And now, as the Democrats in the Senate are working through harsh and ugly language to describe his willful, wanton and despicable actions, the president has declared war on Ken Starr and on the House managers. While I consider his statements both pathetic and deplorable, nothing about this man surprises me anymore. Such recklessness is at the core of his character, or lack thereof. Perhaps the Senate Democrats are right in their claims that the American public knew who they were reelecting. Personally, I doubt they knew the half of it.."

Investor's Business Daily 2/12/99 Daniel Murphy ".The attack on straying members of the Fourth Estate is nothing new. The Clinton administration has long used ostracism as a weapon against media outlets that threatened to publish critical stories. While many observers point out that every White House has attacked unfavorable stories, they say Clinton's defenders have used unusually aggressive tactics as they've tried to suppress negative news. In 1996, for example, news surfaced that the White House was circulating a massive document detailing media coverage of Clinton. Some compared its tone and level of detail to President Nixon's ''enemies list'' of critics in the media and elsewhere. Hazel O'Leary, who was secretary of the Department of Energy at the time, landed in hot water when it was learned that she used public funds to track media coverage of her and her department. More recently, reports surfaced that White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart threatened to label Fox News as a political outcast for reporting on another network's story. NBC News was allegedly refusing to air an interview with Juanita Broaddrick, who was listed as ''Jane Doe No. 5'' in Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's report to Congress. Broaddrick now says that Clinton sexually assaulted her 20 years ago. But she's denied it in the past. Lockhart reportedly said the White House would start calling Fox a ''right wing'' operation if it ran a story about the NBC controversy. The story aired anyway.."

Washington Times 2/12/99 Andrew Cain and Sean Scully ".Republicans reacted with outrage to a report Thursday that Mr. Clinton, on the verge of acquittal, will seek his revenge by targeting House Republicans -- including the 13 GOP prosecutors -- for defeat in 2000..Sen. Orrin G. Hatch, Utah Republican, said Mr. Clinton "ought to concentrate at least an itsy-bitsy-eensy-weensy bit on a better legacy." But if Mr. Clinton chooses revenge, Mr. Hatch said, "Bring him on." ."