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Capitol Hill Blue 2/12/99 Daniel Harris ".Despite official denials, the Clinton White House has collected new dossiers, complete with financial records, FBI investigative information and IRS reports on House impeachment managers and other perceived enemies of the administration, Capitol Hill Blue has learned. "It's payback time and payback will be a bitch," one White House aide said Thursday. "This won't be a gloat-free zone. It will be a 'get even' zone." Some White House aides worry privately that the President's lust for revenge will be so great it will create a new scandal and charges of abuse of power. "I've seen FBI and IRS files on members of Congress, complete dossiers on reporters and more," one worried aide admitted. "This is really scary." . There are new files from the investigators, files from the FBI and IRS financial information on Hyde, Barr, Hutchinston and others," one source confirmed Thursday night. "We will get even." Another source said Blumenthal has been working on the campaign "at the expense of everything else. This is Sid's ballywick and he is ready to serve his President." . But privately, aides say Clinton is unrepentant and angry and wants revenge for the attempts to remove him from office. "The President doesn't feel any remorse over what has happened," one aide said, "but he is angry...very, very angry."."

Capitol Hill Blue Doug Thompson 2/12/99 ".Clinton's professional smearmeisters are gearing up a full-bore "campaign of terror" aimed directly at any and all of those he feels were out to get him. One of the first victims will be Ken Starr. Once the paperwork on the impeachment muddle is complete, Attorney General Janet Reno will fire Starr. That's about as much of a foregone conclusion as Friday's acquittal of Clinton. With Starr gone, and Republicans on the Hill scared shitless of Clinton and his goons, who stands between the felons at 1600 Pennsylvania and his future victims? Good question. The Clinton that emerges from the impeachment process is unrepentant, still unwilling to accept responsibility for his actions and ready to inflict massive amounts of pain and punishment on his long list of real and perceived enemies. In other words, the next two years are going to be a real bitch, courtesy of a vindictive President who believes strongly in payback.."

Today Show 2/12/99 Katie Couric Freeper Steven W. ".Katie Couric poses the question to James Carvile, "now that it's over James, isn't it time to bury the hatchet?" - Carvile, adamant that he's "proud (his friend) the president called on him" to wage Clinton's war of personal destruction, declares a new battle on Judge Starr, "I'll bury the hatchet - I'll bury the hatchet in his head"."

National Post 2/13/99 David Frum Freeper praise ".Mr. Clinton's plans for the future were revealed on Thursday to The New York Times by unnamed aides who spoke of the president's fury at the House that impeached him and his determination to spend the rest of his final term getting even. He will deploy his considerable fundraising powers to collecting an enormous war chest to be used against vulnerable pro-impeachment Republicans and to return the House to Democratic control in '00. For Mr. Clinton, revenge is the next order of business.."

Dallas Morning News 2/13/99 David Jackson ".The impeachment battle is over, but it's only a cease-fire in the scandal wars. Independent counsel Kenneth Starr is still investigating President Clinton and his associates on a variety of fronts, some of which could rekindle the firefight that sparked impeachment. Mr. Starr himself is also under investigation, including a Justice Department review that some Republicans suggest is payback for the Monica Lewinsky investigation. Above all looms the big question: Will Mr. Starr try to obtain a criminal indictment of President Clinton before his term expires in 2001? He has retained consultants who argue that the Constitution permits indictments of sitting presidents.. Congressional Republicans, meanwhile, criticized Justice Department news leaks about Mr. Starr. "These press accounts ... support the impression many people have that this is a partisan Justice Department," Sen. Orrin Hatch, R- Utah, wrote in a letter to Attorney General Janet Reno.." 2/14/99 ".Rep. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) called alleged Clinton rape victim Juanita Broaddrick repeatedly last month as House trial managers secretly debated whether to request her testimony during the President's impeachment trial, Inside Cover has learned exclusively. "He never encouraged her to come forward," a source close to Broaddrick revealed. "But Lindsey said he wanted her to know they'd support her whatever she decided to do." A civil war has broken out among House members over whether to release secret material now stored in D.C.'s Gerald Ford Building on "Jane Does" linked to Clinton, internet sleuth Matt Drudge reported Saturday night.One Arkansas insider contacted by House staffers was told that Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott "went ballistic" at the mere mention of Broaddrick's name. But, as Inside Cover reported exclusively on Friday, House Democrat Robert Wexler has hinted that a House vote to release the explosive sealed material could come soon.."

Freeper Jolly reports on TLC Real History "The Clintons: A Marriage of Power ".I was wondering if you had heard that Lousie from the Health add Harry and Lousie, (I do not rember the actress' name) was threatened. I saw last night on TLC's Real History The Clintons: A Marriage of Power - Episode 1. They interviewed the actress and she said that people came to her and told her that she could appear in the Rose Garden and apoligize to Hillary. If she accepted it would be very good for her career, if she declined it would be bad for her career. She then went on to say that she told them she was a democrat becuase she thought only republicans acted that way."

MSNBV 2/16/99 Jonathon Broder ".AUTHOR Edward J. Epstein, a friend of Blumenthal, told MSNBC that four years ago, Hitchens questioned whether the Holocaust had ever taken place. The Anti- Defamation League, which monitors anti-Semitism around the world, says Hitchens is not a Holocaust denier, and now Hitchens, a caustic critic of President Clinton, is accusing Epstein of launching a plot to destroy his reputation and is considering legal action against him. "Why now?" Hitchens said in an interview. "I suspect it is an effort by the Clintonoids to change the subject."."

Washington Times 2/17/99 Jerry Seper Freeper A Whitewater Researcher ".EXCERPTS: "A federal judge...will rule soon on...a defamation lawsuit by a woman who accuses...Clinton of threatening to destroy her if she revealed their sexual relationship....the Dolly Kyle Browning, a longtime friend of Mr. Clinton's...accused Mr. Clinton of defamation for what she said was a long-term sexual relationship. The suit...also named White House Deputy Counsel Bruce Lindsey, White House Deputy Personnel Director Marsha Scott and Jane Mayer, a reporter for the New Yorker magazine....They are accused of trying to block...a fictionalized account of the affair titled "Purposes of the Heart."...Mrs. Browning said Clinton operatives threatened to "destroy" her if she pursued publication of her book....Mrs. Browning's attorney, Larry Klayman, president of Judicial Watch...said he was "confident" the case would proceed..."Congress was unwilling to do the job, but Dolly will," he said, referring to the Senate's acquittal of Mr. Clinton on...the impeachment trial brought on by the Monica Lewinsky scandal...."

Newsmax 2/15/99 Debra J. Saunders ".How threatening Rogan's probity must be to Bill Clinton. You can see why Clinton, the most powerful man in the world, would want to hound out of office this two-term congressman from Glendale. The sight of Rogan's uprightness must rankle Clinton the way Snow White's looks got to her wicked stepmother. The chilling truth, at the moment when Americans can sigh with relief at the end of the trial, is that this president won't be satisfied with acquittal. He'll set out to bury the likes of Rogan. Whatever happens, scalp or no scalp, at least he won't be able to bring Rogan down to his level.."

Freeper report on The O'Reilly Factor 2/18/99 ".On the O'Reilly Factor tonight, Mary Frances Berry of the Civil Rights Commission was accusing the House Managers of being against civil rights for minorities. This, I believe, is simply a covert way of calling them racists. Bill O'Reilly insisted that she give one specific example (in regards to Henry Hyde). She just kept filabustering with generalities until O'Reilly cut her off and told her she must answer his questions, and could not fillabuster; especially since she was accusing people of pretty nasty stuff. After the break Ms. Berry was gone. She decided not to continue the interview.."

Washington Times 2/19/99 Greg Pierce ".President Clinton and first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton have already launched a campaign of vengeance against one of the most liberal Republicans in the House, The Washington Post reports. Rep. Jack Quinn, a New York Republican who had been friendly with Mr. Clinton, infuriated the the president when he decided to vote for impeachment back in December. "Clinton pointedly snubbed Quinn's outstretched hand after delivering his State of the Union Address and even more pointedly flew to Buffalo the next day for a huge rally in Quinn's district," said reporter Michael Grunwald. "Behind the scenes at the rally, Hillary Rodham Clinton asked several local Democrats about Quinn's prospects in 2000 and promised to campaign for whoever faced him," the reporter said.."

UPI 2/11/99 ".House impeachment manager Rep. Chris Cannon, R- Utah, fumed (Thursday) over a New York Times report that President Clinton plans to target his impeachment foes in the 2000 election. "This is the height of arrogance, this is the very arrogance of power," Cannon announced."

UPI S 2/11/99 ".Senate Republican leader Trent Lott (Thursday) objected to a New York Times story that claims President Clinton plans to retaliate against congressional Republicans for their impeachment efforts by working to unseat as many of them as possible in the 2000 elections. Lott issued this statement: ``It is deeply troubling that the president views closure of this constitutional process as an opportunity for revenge.'' ."

Cspan 2/20/99 Freeper LYNXCry reports ".On Cspan a panel was discussing Privacy and the Press, and Joe Conason was slamming Drudge, when Dick Morris jumped in and said "that is the third time you have slammed Drudge and I think we need to let people know that you are a Whitehouse lackey Mr. Conason." Conason fired back at Morris and the gloves were off. Morris tried to say that Conason had called him when Clinton was running for President in 96 to get some dirt to dish out to clintons opponents and Conason called Morris a liar. They continued to take shots at each other, with Conason telling Morris that he "may have more dirt on Morris (he reported the Morris scandal a few years back ). Morris challenged "go ahead, there is nothing to report". ."

Zola Times 2/22/99 Wesley Phelan "...In 1996, shortly after the publication of Unlimited Access, Gary Aldrich appeared on "This Week" with David Brinkley. The panelists derided Aldrich's claims that security had broken down in the Clinton White House. After the show, ABC and other networks canceled their remaining interviews with Aldrich. Elizabeth Vargas rounded out the media attack, stating on "Good Morning America" that Aldrich was under fire for "what appears to be sloppy reporting." [1] George Stephanopoulos, a senior adviser to the President, had attempted before the program to convince ABC to cancel its invitation to Aldrich. He accused Aldrich of being a "tool" in a right-wing plot "to destroy" the President. He said that Bob Dole, Clinton's opponent in the 1996 presidential election, had "a responsibility to repudiate him or he is complicit in this campaign of character assassination". Aldrich's claims, according to Stephanopoulos, were "vicious", "totally preposterous", "absurd" and "outrageous". [2] Now, two-and-a-half years later, any reasonably informed person knows who is guilty of "sloppy reporting" and who is "vicious", "totally preposterous", "absurd", and "outrageous". On January 12 of this year Ms. Vargas interviewed Larry Flynt on "Good Morning America." She allowed him to air charges against Congressman Bob Barr, pausing only momentarily to note that it "might be a stretch" to imagine that Flynt was a White House tool. [3] Stephanopoulos, for his part, has been sanctioned by a federal judge for not telling the truth in a deposition to Judicial Watch. [4] Vindication is sweet..."

Weekly Standard 8/4/97 Thomas M. DeFrank and Thomas Galvin "...When he started investigating President Clinton 's Whitewater dealings, Jim Leach knew he wouId be playing hardball. But the Iowa Republican never expected to see Jack Palladino lurking around his house. But there Palladino was, scoping out Leach's Northwest Washington premises one evening as the congressman arrived home in 1994. Palladino, a San Francisco private detective who had been paid more than $100,000 by the Clinton campaign in 1992 to deal with what Clinton intimate Betsey Wright called "bimbo eruptions," quickly scurried away, and Leach never went public with what he saw. But the House Banking Committee chairman privately told colleagues the intended message was clear: You mess with us, we'll mess with you. William Clinger got the same treatment. When the now-retired Pennsylvania Republican congressman was probing Commerce secretary Ron Brown's business dealings in 1995, a New Jersey detective named Louis Stephens suddenly started snooping around. Stephens had been hired by Brown's ex-business partner and mistress Nolanda Hill to button up Clinger's sources. About the same time, a member of Clinger's staff got a call from a reporter working on a Clinger profile. She'd been tipped by a supposedly solid source that Clinger was a wife-abuser who'd once viciously pushed his spouse down a flight of stairs in a rage..... "Can I prove it was the White House behind the story? No," concedes a well-informed source. "Do I think it was them? Absolutely. They do have a pattern of getting into your past." ....The president's impressive people skills and abundant personal charm mask a streak of political cold- bloodedness and score-settling worthy of a Mario Puzo novel. That's particularly true in the way he and his lieutenants deal with anyone-critic or innocent victim alike-who poses a potential menace to the massive effort to keep the lid on the various scandals dogging Clinton, Mrs. Clinton, and his administration...."

Weekly Standard 8/4/97 Thomas M. DeFrank and Thomas Galvin "...The most successful hit so far by Clinton's team was delivered on Gary Aldrich, author of Unlimited Access, a kiss-and-tell memoir of his days as an FBI agent posted to the Clinton White House that sent the president's men into orbit. When ABC invited Aldrich onto This Week last summer, Clinton aides went to red alert to try to get the interview scrubbed. Chief of staff Leon Panetta called ABC's veep for news to complain. Former congressman Tony Coelho leaned on a Brinkley producer, Capital Cities/ABC president Robert Iger got a call, and so did Michael Ovitz, then president of ABC's parent corporation, Disney. Democratic party chairman Chris Dodd and White House press secretary Mike McCurry hit the phones as well. The message was identical: Aldrich was a Clinton hating conservative nut case whose book wasn't worthy of network air time. ABC officials say it was the most aggressive and heavy-handed attempt to muzzle a presidential critic since the government went to court to block publication of the Pentagon papers...."

CBS radio network 3/1/99 Feeper meandog reports "…Heard this morning that Hustler huckster Larry Flynt was threatening to "out" television news anchors if they keep reporting on Larry's "beloved president's" sex habits…."

UPI 3/3/99 Freeper Brian Mosely "…Hustler Magazine publisher Larry Flynt plans to detail the sexual escapades of as many as 21 congressional Republicans in a special 84-page report in the magazine's April 6 edition. Hustler editors told The Hill, a Capitol Hill newspaper, (Wednesday) that the exposes include at least one senator and one House impeachment manager who continued their relationships during the impeachment and trial of President Clinton…."

WorldNetDaily 2/16/99 Charlton Heston at Harvard "…. I believe that we are again engaged in a great civil war, a cultural war that's about to hijack your birthright to think and say what resides in your heart. I fear you no longer trust the pulsing lifeblood of liberty inside you ... the stuff that made this country rise from wilderness into the miracle that it is. Let me back up. About a year ago I became president of the National Rifle Association, which protects the right to keep and bear arms. I ran for office, I was elected, and now I serve ... I serve as a moving target for the media who've called me everything from "ridiculous" and "duped" to a "brain-injured, senile, crazy old man." I know ... I'm pretty old ... but I sure thank the Lord ain't senile. As I have stood in the crosshairs of those who target Second Amendment freedoms, I've realized that firearms are not the only issue. No, it's much, much bigger than that. I've come to understand that a cultural war is raging across our land, in which, with Orwellian fervor, certain acceptable thoughts and speech are mandated. For example, I marched for civil rights with Dr. King in 1963 -- long before Hollywood found it fashionable. But when I told an audience last year that white pride is just as valid as black pride or red pride or anyone else's pride, they called me a racist. I've worked with brilliantly talented homosexuals all my life. But when I told an audience that gay rights should extend no further than your rights or my rights, I was called a homophobe. I served in World War II against the Axis powers. But during a speech, when I drew an analogy between singling out innocent Jews and singling out innocent gun owners, I was called an anti-Semite…."

Roll Call Online: News Scoops Via Drudge Report 4/20/99 Ed Henry "...Female conservative pundits are running scared from Playboy magazine, which is trying to do a story on the blond, leggy stars of political chat shows. ....But one conservative told HOH that the women are "fleeing in terror," out of a fear that the mag is developing a story charging that the gals are hypocrites for preaching conservative values while using sex appeal to get on TV..... John Fund, a writer on the Wall Street Journal editorial board, huffed that "feminist and liberal pundits would never be treated this way." ...."

The American Spectator 5/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "...When I exposed the efforts of Defense Secretary William Perry to help the Chinese buy highly sensitive U.S. telecommunications gear over the objections of the National Security Agency ("Peking Pentagon," April 1996), Perry threatened to sue this magazine for defamation. Instead, he called prominent conservatives to his office in an attempt to organize a counter-attack against me. Meanwhile, I learned, photocopies of my article were being passed around gleefully behind Perry's back. ..."


New Republic 5/24/99 Jacob Heilbrunn "...It appears also that the Cox committee report contains new information about China's exploitation of the Clinton administration's willingness to allow American companies to sell the Chinese dual-use technology. Starting in 1993, with the support of then-Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, American firms began to promote the sale of computers and other high technology to China. The question is whether these firms were, in the process, also giving the Chinese dual-use technology--technology that arguably should be kept from the Chinese since, although it can be used for relatively benign purposes, it can also be used to achieve military ends. In particular, the Cox committee report apparently takes a close look at the sale of high-performance computers to China and whether these computers were used by the Chinese in modeling the miniaturized W-88 warhead..... On April 12, Notra Trulock, a senior Energy Department intelligence official, testified to the Senate Armed Services Committee that in July 1997--on the eve of Clinton's summit with Chinese President Jiang Zemin--he had alerted Sandy Berger to his suspicions of ongoing Chinese espionage in American labs. Trulock has said that he didn't get much of a response. Indeed, about the only thing Berger appeared to do "swiftly" in response to Trulock's allegations was to have his deputy, Gary Samore, commission an alternative study from the CIA about other ways--apart from stealing from the United States--the Chinese might have developed certain technologies. Not surprisingly, the CIA study was later used to cast doubt on Trulock's concerns..... But Trulock, in his congressional testimony, complained that Energy Department officials "strenuously resisted" implementing PDD-61. Then-Deputy Secretary of Energy Elizabeth Moler has maintained that Trulock's allegations are "absolutely false" and that the department did implement changes. Unfortunately, given the secrecy still surrounding the underlying events, this amounts to a high-level he-said-she-said dispute, and, at least until the Cox committee report is declassified--and maybe not even then--it's impossible to know exactly what occurred. .....Specifically, Kennedy points to an April 8 Times article by Gerth and James Risen that alleged Berger had learned about the theft of neutron bomb data as early as April 1996. "Four people at the meeting don't recall Berger being told," says Kennedy. But Gerth stands by the story. When I explained to Gerth that the White House was now targeting him by name, he read to me portions of an April 20 letter he had sent to National Security Council spokesman David Leavy in response to White House complaints about the April 8 story. Gerth wrote: "[N]o one knows precisely what transpired because the meeting was apparently not transcribed. Our reporting relied on officials who were present or had used materials present at the briefing. Moreover, one of our sources spoke to us with the knowledge and approval of the White House. We did not include this in the story ... because we did not want to point a finger at the White House as disclosing a highly classified briefing." ....."


New York Times 5/11/99 "....Recounting a tale of intrigue with mysterious meetings at smoky restaurants, hotel lounges and karaoke bars in Hong Kong, the fund-raiser, Johnny Chung, provided his first public account of his experiences, from 1994 to 1996, as he traveled the Far East prospecting for business clients eager for access to the Clinton Administration..... It was the Democrats from Chung's party who turned on Chung, bitterly denouncing him as an untrustworthy witness. "You've had your 15 minutes, Mr. Chung," said Representative Tom Lantos, Democrat of California. "You are a very minor, insignificant puppet of the Communist regime." Representative Henry Waxman, Democrat of California, accused Chung of providing the authorities with misleading accounts of his dealings with Hazel O'Leary, the former Energy Secretary, and Margaret Williams, a former White House aide, who were investigated before they were cleared of wrongdoing. Chung said that after investigators focused on him, he was offered money to keep him from cooperating with Federal authorities and was introduced to a Los Angeles lawyer, David E. Brockway, who Chung said would help him if he kept his silence. But after Tuesday's hearing, the lawyer denied Chung's account. "He's a huckster and a hustler," Brockway said in a telephone interview. "It's a lie." ..."

Freeper paul in cape reports 5/11/99 on Kathleen Willey on Hardball with Chris Matthews "...Opening statement - she expects to be verbally attacked starting after tonight's show ..." Truthkeeper adds "...She says Mickey Kantor is the one who applied pressure to Julie Hiatt Steele re: the flaky adoption of her kid...."

Washington Times 5/12/99 Jerry Seper "...A defiant Johnny Chung told a House committee yesterday of cash gifts for President Clinton's re-election campaign, of threats by the Chinese to his family if he didn't keep his mouth shut, and of hush money to defend himself if he did. The exact language of the threats was imprecise and polite, he said, but he got the message loud and clear that he would cooperate with the FBI and the Justice Department only at great risk. "The message was as follows: If you keep your mouth shut, you and your family will be safe," the one-time Democratic fund-raiser said At one point, the FBI believed the threat was serious enough to hide Chung and his family in a California hotel for three weeks.....Chung, who admitted last year as part of a plea agreement to making illegal donations to the Democratic Party, told the committee the threat and the hush money offer for attorneys' fees came from Robert Luu, a Chinese-American he first met in Beijing and whom he later met in Los Angeles -- while the FBI listened on a body microphone he wore and watched on a hidden camera. He said Mr. Luu represented himself as being in touch with a Chinese general who had earlier given Chung $300,000 for President Clinton's re-election campaign. The threat, he said, was veiled. "The Chinese are more polite and indirect, so the words do not precisely translate. . . . Nevertheless, this was how I interpreted the meaning of the words. Essentially, the message that I believe I was given was that me and my family would be safe if I didn't talk, and if I did talk, I could not be *certain what would happen," Chung said. In describing the threat, Chung said Mr. Luu told him he was in contact with "some people from Beijing," that he had received money from Chinese officials "to take care of my legal expenses, and that the lawyer, David Brockway, "was connected and knew the No. 3 person" at the Justice Department. Chung said Mr. Luu also told him that he might be able to get himself a presidential pardon. Chung testified that Mr. Luu said he was connected to Liu Chao-ying, a Chinese aerospace executive and lieutenant colonel in the People's Liberation Army.... "


Reuters 5/31/99 "...House Republican Leader Dick Armey of Texas blasted filmmaker Spike Lee again Sunday for his ``totally outrageous'' comment that the president of the National Rifle Association Charlton Heston should be shot. ``Charlton Heston does not deserve that kind of a cheap shot from this second-rate movie producer,'' Armey told Fox News Sunday. Lee, asked what he would do to combat violence in the United States, was quoted in Saturday's New York Post as saying the NRA should be disbanded and Heston should be shot ``with a .44-caliber Bulldog'' magnum pistol...."

Judicial Watch 6/1/99 "...Last week, at the height of the Chinagate scandal, the infamous Craig Livingstone returned to testify in Judicial Watch's $90 million dollar Filegate class action lawsuit. While the deposition is not complete, in six hours of testimony he broke new ground. First, it is now even clearer than ever that he was hired by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Based on his testimony, one can only conclude he was not fit for the job of head of the Office of White House Personnel Security. Second, Livingstone confirmed that the FBI files which he and others improperly procured are still at the White House, as they have been archived. This buttresses Judicial Watch's conviction that they were used to smear political and other adversaries as late at the Lewinsky scandal. Third, the former bar bouncer now claims a religious conversion, regretting aspects of his past life, including his threats to bash in the face of his next door neighbor, a feat which earned him a police report. Livingstone took umbrage at this, and testified that his neighbor was on a terror campaign to harass him, and that he really threatened to bash in the face of her dog. Fourth, Livingstone implicated James Carville in likely false testimony. When Carville was deposed, he stated that he could not remember meeting Livingstone, except for one time at the Palm Restaurant in Washington. At that encounter, Carville recounted that Livingstone came up to him and Carville asked, "Do I know you?" Livingstone says that, in fact, the two had contact during prior Clinton campaigns, and has an entirely different account of the story at the Palm. Given Carville's smear operation during the Lewinsky scandal, his contact with the White House over the Lewinsky scandal, his complicity with the President in releasing the Willey letters in violation of the Privacy Act, and statements by the daughter of Larry Flynt that her father may have had access to FBI files through Carville, the prior contact with Livingstone is significant. Incredibly, at the Palm, Livingstone told Carville, "'re really doing a good job out there."...."

Investor's Business Daily 6/3/99 Editorial "...Energy Secretary Bill Richardson promised last weekend that heads would roll over the Chinese spying scandal. Earlier in May, Attorney General Janet Reno said the same thing. Is the White House finally taking responsibility? Don't bet on it. Richardson and Reno are engaging in typical Clinton-style accountability: Blame someone else. Richardson is in a tough spot. He took over a department that seemed to have scant interest in guarding U.S. nuclear technology. But Richardson has been a part of the Clinton administration long enough to learn the playbook. And blaming underlings is this White House's favorite pastime - one begun as early as 1993 over the Whitewater land deal When the White House-China fund-raising scandal blew up, the administration finally gave up a trio of stooges: John Huang, Johnny Chung and Charlie Trie. Even though they were charged with crimes ranging from obstructing investigations to illegal fund-raising, it appears that none will go to prison. Is that their reward for protecting the president? When the White House was found to have more than 1,100 FBI personnel files, administration officials pointed fingers at the Secret Service. The Clintons, they implied, were above digging for dirt on political opponents. The Secret Service immediately proved it hadn't been involved. The president once called Webster Hubbell his best friend....James McDougal, an ex-business partner of the president who died in prison, was convicted for his role in Whitewater. He protected the Clintons in court. Yet he implicated them while in prison. Susan McDougal, his wife, spent months in jail because she refused to testify before a grand jury. Her refusal proved to many that she had information on the guilt of the president. In April she was found not guilty of obstructing justice. The Clintons are like Mafia dons. They run the show but insulate themselves from the dirty work. When the heat's turned up, they expect their subordinates and associates to take the bullets intended for them...." 6/4/99 "...Reacting to Spike Lee's suggestion two weeks ago that NRA President Charlton Heston should be shot, Georgia Congressman Bob Barr has made a formal request that the movie maker be held officially accountable. Inside Cover has exclusively obtained a copy of a letter written by Barr regarding Lee's comment, which was sent to Navy Secretary Richard Danzig on Thursday. In it, the congressman asks the U.S. Navy to deep-six a seven figure deal it cut with the shoot-from-the-lip filmmaker earlier this year. Barr told Danzig: "According to press reports, the United States Navy has chosen to contract with filmmaker Spike Lee to direct the filming of a series of recruiting commercials. "It is bad enough that Spike Lee has a history of promoting racial division at every opportunity. However, his recent public comment that Charlton Heston should be shot for defending the Second Amendment is beyond the pale of any acceptable human conduct. "I request the Navy immediately cancel any contract with Spike Lee. Surely, in a nation with such a diverse array of talented directors and producers, the United States Navy can do better than choosing a divisive hate monger such as Spike Lee to direct its recruiting commercials." ... But Lee's "Shoot Heston" remark, along with his lucrative Navy deal, has drawn little media outrage to date. But for the efforts of New York talk radio host Steve Malzberg, who focused on Lee's remarks after the New York Post covered them deep inside their May 22 edition, the story would have likely disappeared. Malzberg's news judgement was vindicated when House Majority Leader Dick Armey took notice last week and sent out a press release denouncing Spike Lee's comments. Thus far Rep. Barr, a longtime defender of the Second Amendment and frequent ally of the National Rifle Association, is the only member of Congress to call on the Navy to remove the incendiary film maker from the taxpayers' payroll...."

UNIVERSAL PRESS SYNDICATE Garry Wills "...On the day when Bill Clinton testified to the Starr grand jury about Monica Lewinsky, Lanny Davis, his ally and one-time aide, appeared on the MSNBC network. When a criticism of the president by Gov. George W. Bush of Texas was quoted to him, Davis shot back in an ill-considered way: "I was in college with George Bush Jr., and if we start seeing smug, sanctimonious comments from political officials, especially Governor Bush, throwing stones in glass houses, I think everyone is going to be at risk." After a break in the show, Davis admitted he had no basis for this comment. "I admitted I just lashed out because I was under stress." But he still finds that people believed his first comment and not his second one. In the immediate aftermath of the show, he received approximately 200 phone calls from reporters and others wanting to get the dirt on Bush. The fact that people are still scrounging for gossip from Davis shows that they have not been able to turn up any other source of scandal. He regrets that the very thing he was criticizing in Clinton's foes is what Democrats now want him to indulge in with Bush...."

6/7/99 Judicial Watch "....Last Friday, Judicial Watch took the long awaited deposition of Bernard Nussbaum, the White House Counsel who presided over Travelgate and Filegate. In six hours of testimony in its Filegate class action lawsuit, where Hillary Clinton is a defendant, Nussbaum at times gave candid testimony.... Among the matters Nussbaum revealed or confirmed were: 1. Virtually the entire upper echelon of the White House Counsel's Office was hired at the recommendation of Hillary Clinton, including Vince Foster and Bill Kennedy, who oversaw Craig Livingstone and Anthony Marceca of Filegate fame. This supports Linda Tripp's and others' testimony and/or statements that Livingstone bragged about being hired by Mrs. Clinton. It also supports statements by Dick Morris and others that Hillary is the mastermind of Filegate. Nussbaum added that Mrs. Clinton had close contact with Foster, and was seen in the office on a number of occasions. Deborah Gorham, Foster's secretary, testified the day before that Mrs. Clinton had Foster water her plants. 2. Linda Tripp, who worked for Nussbaum, is an honest person. This confirms the truthfulness of her testimony that FBI files were misused in the White House Counsel's Office. 3. While not admitting that Filegate occurred, Nussbaum's testimony buttresses Tripp's, by confirming that certain key events took place.... 4. The '92 Clinton campaign tried to have Gennifer Flowers prosecuted for alleged false statements, and it clearly had an investigative element -- supporting the exact "mentality" of Filegate. 5. Nussbaum saw files of the same color and in the same place as Tripp saw in Kennedy's office and other key places. These files were identified by Tripp as FBI files, and many were of Republicans....."

Capitol Hill Blue 6/7/99 "....Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Shelby Sunday disputed an accusation by an energy department official that he had missed important nuclear security briefings. Energy Department Director of Counter-Intelligence Edward Curran said last Sunday that Congress had failed to allocate money to plug security holes, that Shelby never bothered to attend classified briefings about the problem and that Shelby's staff would not attend a CIA briefing on ``sensitive cases.'' Shelby acknowledged on NBC's ``Meet the Press'' program he had not met Curran on every occasion but said top Republican and Democratic committee staffers had attended the briefings. The Alabama Republican said Energy Secretary Bill Richardson called him last week and, while not directly apologizing for Curran's comments, ``indicated that it shouldn't have happened and it would never happen again.'' Calling Curran's comments ``off base,'' Shelby said Curran and Richardson were both expected to testify this week before his committee, which is examining lapses in U.S. nuclear security at the energy department that a congressional report says allowed China to obtain important secrets. ``But the main thing is we wish Mr. Curran well in his job,'' said Shelby. ``He's got a lot of experience and qualifications. I hope the pressure will not overwhelm him.'' ......Shelby disputed Richardson's assertion last week that the department's nuclear laboratories were now safe from unauthorized infiltration....."

Manchester Union-Leader 6/8/99 Joseph W. McQuail "...Just what is up with the Democratic Party and its obsession with tape-recording private conversations? A couple of years ago, it was then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich whose confidential telephone chat with fellow Republicans was illegally taped (and broadcast). Last week, right here in New Hampshire, Republican Presidential hopeful John Kasich got a taste of the tape..... Gingrich was at least talking with fellow politicians, about political matters. But Kasich's private meeting (it was purposely not put on his public schedule) was with women recovering from drug addiction. The meeting at the Odyssey Family Center was secretly taped by a woman who spies on Republican Presidential candidates for the Democrats - a fact the Democrats do not dispute. Infringing on the privacy of others, Kasich said, is "the worst kind of opposition research." ...."

WALL STREET JOURNAL, Michael Ledeen, 6/10/99 "...Shortly before Chinese President Jiang Zemin's arrival in Washington in the fall of 1997, the White House was pushing the State, Defense and Energy departments to support a presidential certification of China as a nuclear nonproliferator and to sign off on the creation of an "information exchange and technical cooperative reciprocal arrangement" on ostensibly civilian nuclear technology. This arrangement would give the Chinese easy access to American civil reactor sites, provide them with detailed information on how the U.S. handles fissionable materials, and give them access to operational data on U.S. nuclear sites. Jonathan Fox, an attorney on the arms-control staff of the Defense Special Weapons Agency, wrote a memo stating with certainty that China was a nuclear proliferator and that the proposed arrangement was "a technology transfer agreement swaddled in the comforting yet misleading terminology of a confidence-building measure. On Oct. 24, 1997, Mr. Fox was called out of an interagency meeting to receive an urgent telephone call. According to three people to whom he gave a contemporaneous account of the phone conversation, he was given an ultimatum from superiors in the Office of Non-Proliferation Policy in the Department of Defense: either revise the memo and recommend in favor of the agreement, or look elsewhere for employment. (Mr. Fox himself declined to comment on the matter.) Within an hour, all the critical language had been deleted, and the memo now simply concluded that the agreement "is not inimical to the common defense or the security of the United States." Worried that his earlier draft might fall into unfriendly hands, Mr. Fox's superiors insisted that somebody else sign the new memo. ...."

WALL STREET JOURNAL, Michael Ledeen, 6/10/99 "...Mr. Fox is not the only weapons expert in the government to have been instructed to lie or remain silent about the true consequences of sending military technology to China. Notra Trulock and his colleagues were told by their superiors at the Department of Energy hat they should stop annoying people with accounts of Chinese espionage at Los Alamos. Similarly, professionals in the Pentagon such as Michael Maloof and Peter Leitner were told to keep quiet about the approval of high-tech licenses that would strengthen Chinese military power. Both of them spoke out; others remain silent. But even when the professionals stick by their principles, their superiors have chosen to substitute facts with politically expedient disinformation. On at least two occasions, military experts who argued against high-tech exports to China later discovered that their recommendations had been altered in the Pentagon's computerized data base...."

Washington Times 6/11/99 Donald Lambro "...The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has begun a sweeping search of government correspondence by 10 Republican senators who are up for re-election. GOP officials call it an attempt to dig up political dirt, a charge the DSCC denies. The targeted GOP senators complain that the unusual governmentwide Freedom of Information Act request risks disclosing personal information contained in constituent casework letters. They also fear it will have a "chilling" effect on the right of people with personal problems to privately write their lawmakers seeking assistance with the government..... "This is tantamount to the taxpayers paying for opposition research and to engage in a dirty tricks campaign," said a Senate GOP leadership official..... Another DSCC target, Sen. Conrad Burns, Montana Republican, took to the Senate floor Tuesday to denounce the practice and to demand that President Clinton "put an immediate stop to this and any similar action." "What we are witnessing is an unprecedented attempt to corrupt the nonpolitical casework system of Senate offices for political gain," Mr. Burns said. "I find these efforts repugnant, and if there are any Americans alive who think politics can't sink any lower, they need look no further than the DSCC." Other targeted GOP senators were equally outraged. "This is the politics of personal destruction. This is FBI Filegate II," said Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania....."

Portland Press Herald (Maine) 6/13/99 Steve Campbell "... Sen. Olympia Snowe is crying foul over a tactic used by the Democratic Party to investigate her record in advance of next year's election. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has mailed a letter to the major departments in the Clinton administration, asking for information on Snowe and nine other Senate Republicans who are up for re-election in 2000. The Democratic letter requests that federal agencies turn over "all direct correspondence between the senators or members of their staff . . . including letters, written material, reports, constituent requests and other relevant information." "I also request that you state the specific legal and factual grounds for withholding any documents or portions of documents," wrote Alexis L. Schuler, research director for the Democratic group. Schuler said she is "gathering information for research purposes only," under the Freedom of Information Act. But like other Republicans on the list, Snowe said the letter was improper. This marks "a disappointing new low in political tactics that could jeopardize the privacy of constituents who are seeking help in dealing with the federal government," Snowe said. "I hope that Democratic officials will put an end to this practice, and reassure the American people that politics will not bear on these private casework issues." ...." 6/15/99 "...What happened to Georgia Rep. Bob Barr's complaint to the U.S. Navy over film director Spike Lee's outrageous advice that NRA chief Charlton Heston should be shot? Lee has a $2.5 million contract with the Navy to do six recruiting commercials, which Barr would like to see terminated in light of Lee's outburst about Heston. The pro-Second Amendment congressman was so offended that he fired off a letter to Navy Secretary Richard Danzig almost two weeks ago, which Inside Cover reported exclusively.... But on Monday, three days after Lt. Staggs said that Danzig would respond personally to the congressman, Barr's press office was unaware of any such reply...."

Wall St. Journal 6/16/99 Editorial "…At this juncture, the news that Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr is sticking to his mandate and will issue a final report on the Clintons would appear to be no news at all. But to some commentators Mr. Starr remains a clear and present danger to the Republic, and so the campaign to delegitimize the Independent Counsel continues unabated among the co-dependents. In point of fact--facts still mattering in most legal and press circles--Mr. Starr is bound by law to issue a final report….While a normal prosecutor is indeed supposed to shut up if he decides not to indict, the whole thrust of the Independent Counsel law has been that when an allegation concerns high officials, there may be some things that the public should know, even if you don't have a criminal violation that you think can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt…."


Washington Weekly 6/28/99 Marvin Lee "...Congressman Bob Barr (R-GA) on Friday filed suit in federal district court in Washington, DC against the Clinton White House for illegally requesting from the FBI and illegally transferring to publisher Larry Flynt, spinmeister James Carville, and reporter Dan Moldea, his FBI file. Flynt, Carville, and Moldea subsequently used information, which Barr contends must have been obtained from his FBI file, in an attempt to discredit him in his capacity as a critic of the White House. Also named in the lawsuit is the Clinton Justice Department for acceding to the illegal White House request for Barr's confidential FBI file. Barr contends that both the White House and the Justice Department violated the Privacy Act and asks for compensatory and punitive damages as well as attorney's fees. Barr is represented by Judicial Watch, which is already litigating a "Filegate" lawsuit on behalf of others whose FBI files were misused by the White House....."

The Miami Herald 6/25/99 Steve Bousquet "...FBI agents have questioned current and former employees and are scrutinizing the books of MWI Corp., a politically active Deerfield Beach company that sold water pumps to Nigeria with millions of dollars in loans backed by American taxpayers. The federal investigation revives interest in the company's past ties to Jeb Bush, who, long before becoming governor, was a partner with MWI President David Eller in a water pump marketing company, Bush-El Trading Corp., that did business worldwide, including in Africa. The Bush-Eller connection was an issue in the governor's race last year..... The FBI probe takes on political implications at a time when Bush's older brother, Texas Gov. George W. Bush, is seeking the Republican presidential nomination. Eller, a leading GOP fund-raiser in Florida, has contributed $1,000 to the elder Bush's campaign....."



POLITICS OF PERSONAL DESTRUCTION 7/13/99 Stephan Archer "…A tip-off by an anonymous informer to Judicial Watch has led the legal watchdog to believe that both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice have been keeping a computer database on pro-life leaders. Concerned about the existence of such a database, Larry Klayman, the chairman and general counsel of Judicial Watch, filed a Freedom of Information Act request at the end of March with both the FBI and Justice Department. The FOIA request had asked for all documents and records relating to VA-AP-CON, the database in question that is maintained by the FBI. Because no documents have been turned over to Judicial Watch, the group filed a FOIA lawsuit against the Justice Department and the FBI last Friday….. In the initial FOIA request back in March, Judicial Watch specifically asked for any databases containing biographical or other information on pro-life leaders and organizations including, but not limited to, Dr. Wanda Franz, Randall Terry, Judith Brown, the American Life League and the National Right to Life Committee…. The Freedom of Information Act only allows for a maximum 10-day extension to the 20-day deadline for producing requested documents. It is because of this clear violation of time in responding to Judicial Watch's FOIA request that the organization has filed suit against the FBI and Justice Department. Regarding this most recent case against the FBI and Justice Department, Klayman said, "The Clinton administration has used and continues to use the FBI as a political weapon against its perceived adversaries. We've seen this in spades in our $90 million Filegate lawsuit. Now, we understand that the Clinton Administration is keeping a FBI database on prominent Americans and other citizens who happen to be active in the pro-life movement and who believe it is wrong to kill unborn children." …"

WorldNetDaily 7/9/99 Larry Klayman "…The Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce, a 331-page manifesto and brainchild of Associate White House Counsel Jane Sherburne and the DNC, was circulated to select reporters in a tortured effort to describe how the "right wing" conveyed "fringe" stories into mainstream American media. In essence, this document was an effort to "alert" friendly journalists that such a "conspiracy" was being promulgated by certain groups dissatisfied with the moral lapses of the Clinton White House. In short, it was an enemies list. …In December 1994, Associate White House Counsel Sherburne prepared a memorandum that outlined strategies to use against individuals and organizations perceived to be adversaries of the Clinton Administration. The memo also assigned staff members to carry out these strategies -- and specifically identified the Western Journalism Center for having investigated Foster's death. WJC was the only news organization targeted for action. ….Over the course of the investigation of WJC, nearly 20 conservative organizations -- including the Heritage Foundation, NRA and Citizens Against Government Waste -- felt the close, touch of the Clinton audit machine. Even more oddly, the media who knew of the Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce never saw any pattern developing that would signify an orchestrated White House effort -- much less actually troubled themselves to report it. Meanwhile, the WJC's offices were being broken into, with, mysteriously, nothing stolen. Their phone messages were apparently being monitored, and some of these developments happened to coincide with WJC breakthroughs in Clinton investigations. The scrutiny of the WJC by the IRS lasted nine months. WJC employees lost their jobs and livelihoods. Finally, in October 1996, Farah exposed these corrupt practices in a piece in The Wall Street Journal, and the tide began to turn. Margaret Milner-Richardson, IRS commissioner and close friend of first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, abruptly resigned. The New York Post attributed her departure to political audits of conservative organizations. Some began to probe these rampant abuses, and the audit of the Western Journalism Center was "concluded" -- a verdict of "no wrongdoing" rendered in May 1997. Under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights enacted by Congress, Farah requested his case file from the IRS so he could review its contents. In keeping with the Clinton Administration standard practice, these rights were trampled in a terse refusal to turn over the documents -- the IRS frivolously citing "government privilege" as a means of keeping Mr. Farah from seeing justification for what had nearly bankrupted his organization…."

Washington Post 7/16/99 Juliet Eilperin "…House GOP sources said the committee has acquired documents showing that North, while working at his office computer, contacted the DCCC and offered to provide negative information about Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), Majority Leader Richard K. Armey (R-Tex.) and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.). Each of these lawmakers has resisted Democratic efforts to more tightly regulate the islands' [Marianas] economy. The Hatch Act prohibits government employees from participating in political activity on the job or using their office for partisan purposes; penalties range from a 30-day suspension to removal from office…."


Roll Call 7/26/99 John Bresnahan "...House Resources Chairman Don Young (R-Alaska) is threatening to seek a contempt citation against a top Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee official over the DCCC's failure to comply with a subpoena. The subpoena, issued two weeks ago, stems from a probe of alleged illegal partisan political activities by an Interior Department employee who was trying to dig up dirt on several top Congressional Republicans. "This a very serious matter," Young wrote in a letter sent late Friday to DCCC Executive Director David Plouffe. "Unless you and the DCCC provide the subpoenaed materials, I intend to issue notice that the full Committee will consider a motion to hold you in contempt of Congress." .... Young is seeking evidence of contacts between North and the DCCC. North sent a former senior DCCC official a memo in October 1997 suggesting they cooperate in finding incriminating information on DeLay, Armey and Rohrabacher and their ties to the Mariana Islands, as well as the American corporations that do business there. ..."

World Net Daily 7/23/99 "...The former chief counsel to the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate impeachment hearings says President Clinton's targeting of the Western Journalism Center by the Internal Revenue Service as exposed in WorldNetDaily is worse than similar offenses by President Nixon and clearly warrants impeachment.....Asked if Clinton is getting away with misdeeds for which Nixon was charged, Zeifman responded, "Of course!" He said Nixon did not have a team of people routinely forwarding investigation suggestions to the IRS. "There was no systematic plan" under Nixon, he said. "In my opinion, the misconduct of President Clinton and his White House is more egregious by far than the misconduct of the Nixon White House with respect to the misuse of the IRS. We found that in fact there was some misuse of the IRS [by Nixon], but it was not part of an overall systematic plan, as has been the case with the Clinton White House." Zeifman added that Watergate investigators also found misuse of FBI records. Charles Colson, for instance, went to jail for misuse of one FBI file. "Whereas in the Clinton administration there has been regular and systematic abuse," he said. "It's been documented, with Bernie Nussbaum's name, on regular and systematic requests for FBI files. I was a strong proponent of Nixon's impeachment and played a role in drafting the Articles of Impeachment. In my view, everything we said in Article II, Paragraph 1, clearly applies to Clinton on the basis of information already in the public record prior to WorldNetDaily's story." ..."

The Washinton TIMES 7/21/99 George Archibald "...Bruce E. Lindsey, President Clinton's chief advisor, prepared to discredit Kathleen E. Willey a year before the former White House employee publicly accused the president of sexually groping her in the Oval Office. First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton was also involved in Mr. Lindsey's planned use of 15 friendly letters from Mrs. Willey to Mr. Clinton to counteract her expected claims about Mr. Clinton's sexual advances, Justice Department lawyers stated in a civil lawsuit over Privacy Act violations. The disclosures came last week in lawsuit filings by Judicial Watch for former White House employees who accused the administration of misusing their FBI files in the so-called Filegate case. U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth ordered White House officials to answer Judicial Watch's questions about release of Mrs. Willey's letters in March 1998, saying "misuse" of materials from her White House file "could prove to be circumstantial evidence of file misuse aimed at the [Filegate] plaintiffs." ...."

Worldnet Daily 7/19/99 Jane Chastain "...Ask filmmaker Pat Matrisciana, who, until just recently, has been one of Clinton's most successful enemies. Matrisciana's videos, the Clinton Chronicles, Obstruction of Justice, Mena Cover-up, 60 Minutes Deception, The Death of Vince Foster and Bill Clinton's Rise to Power, have made him a household word, although they have been only a sideline....However, these last two years Jeremiah Films[Matrisciana] has managed just to stay afloat because of a $16 million "defamation" lawsuit filed by two Pulaski County sheriff's officers. Jay Campbell and Kirk Lane were briefly identified in Obstruction of Justice as suspects implicated in the 1987 murders of two Arkansas teenagers, Kevin Ives and Don Henry. In order to win their lawsuit the plaintiffs must prove that Matrisciana falsely singled them out with reckless disregard for the facts. However, Obstruction of Justice was assembled painstakingly based on years of documentation compiled by Linda Ives, the mother of one of the victims, and Jean Duffey, who headed a drug task force in Arkansas' Seventh Judicial District, whose investigation led straight to the murdered boys. The reference to the two officers in Matrisciana's video was taken from police files and news reports. When Western Journalism Center's Joseph Farah, who often is called as an expert witness in defamation cases, heard about this lawsuit, he volunteered his services saying, "If Matrisciana is found guilty you can throw the First Amendment out the window." Nevertheless, the lawsuit has been so expensive that just six weeks before the trial is set to begin Matrisciana has exhausted his resources, which may have been the point. The big question is how are these two lowly police officers paying their lawyers who cannot be working on a contingency. ..."

The New Australian No 128 8/2-8/99 Larry Boeske "...Congressman Bob Barr* said 90 percent of the serious scandals being revealed about the Clinton administration are due to the efforts of Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch. And he announced that he is putting all of his hopes in Judicial Watch as the only hope for bringing the Clintons' to justice and revealing the truth. Larry Klayman is now his attorney over the possible misuse of Barr's FBI file. And Bob Barr believes that the recent embarassments of the House Managers and other members of Congress who pushed for impeachment were a result of the illegal use of the FBI files. ..."


The Washington Weekly 4/6/98 Editorial "…In today's issue of National Review, Michael Ledeen makes a compelling case that the Clinton administration has modeled itself after the larger Mob families of organized crime. Indeed, the modus operandi of the Clinton administration is indistinguishable from that of organized crime: KEEPING THE CODE OF SILENCE (1) When Webster Hubbell started telling friends that he didn't believe that Vince Foster had committed suicide and word leaked out through Esquire magazine, his own law firm dug up incriminating material on him and turned it over to Kenneth Starr. Four months later, Hubbell resigned as Associate Attorney General….(2) When Nolanda Hill started saying that she believed that her former business partner and lover Ron Brown was murdered, and that there was a cover-up of the crimes in which he was involved, she told Judge Royce Lamberth that she was afraid "the Clinton administration and more particularly its Justice Department will try to retaliate against me." She was right. The Clinton Justice Department recently indicted Nolanda Hill on charges of filing a false tax return…..

The Washington Weekly 4/6/98 Editorial "…THREATENING OPPONENTS (1) In his recent Filegate deposition by Judicial Watch, Clinton private eye Terry Lenzner admitted to having investigated an untold number of Clinton opponents going back to 1992: judges, lawyers, prosecutors, reporters and women. There is little question about the intended purpose: to collect a "White House file" of negative information on every opponent and potential opponent to have it ready when it is needed in the cases cited above and below…."

Judicial Watch 8/17/99 Larry Klayman "…Yesterday, Johnny Chung, a key figure in the Chinagate scandal appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor," and provided information linking the Clintons and their Administration with illegal bribery during the Chinagate scandal. Weeks earlier, Judicial Watch had supplied Fox News and others -- consistent with its public interest function -- with video of sworn testimony of Johnny Chung. This sworn testimony, which is evidence, obviously formed the road map of the questions posed by Bill O'Reilly yesterday evening. More importantly, the sworn testimony substantiates what Chung confirmed to O'Reilly during the interview. Following the airing of Chung's interview yesterday, Clinton apologists went to the airwaves to try to discredit him. "However, sworn testimony, as provided to Judicial Watch, backs up his off the cuff account, as told to Bill O'Reilly. Since providing false testimony to Judicial Watch and the Court would place Chung at additional legal risk for perjury, it is extremely unlikely that he would have lied. Moreover, what would Chung have to gain? His life and those of his loved ones have already been threatened, and he is now at odds with his one time benefactors in the Clinton Administration. Ironically, it is Johnny Chung, not Democrats or Republicans, who now take Chinagate seriously enough to speak openly about the wholesale espionage and treason that was committed against this country. While he did wrong, Chung wants to make amends by now coming forward bravely to tell the truth. Others who have done so -- Nolanda Hill and Linda Tripp -- have been retaliated against, with no help from the 'opposition party,' the Republicans. Judicial Watch will stand by these witnesses, however, and react strongly to any further attempt to coerce them to be silent," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman and President Tom Fitton…."

WorldNetDaily 8/17/99 Charles Smith "…Federal Judge Robert Payne issued a court order against this reporter to remove a secret DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) report from the Internet. I was ordered to remove the unredacted version of a DIA report by 5:30 p.m. eastern time that same day. Apparently, Department of Justice lawyer Joan Evans released the unredacted version by mistake. The DIA document sent to me contained the names of DIA agents who wrote the 1995 report on the Chinese Army Unit COSTIND. The DIA requested that the names of the agents be withheld under "Title 10, United States Code" to protect their identity. I replaced the secret version with the redacted (blacked out) version as per Judge Payne's orders, prior to the 5:30 p.m. deadline. As part of the process, I had to contact Assistant U.S. Attorney Evans, in an attempt to comply with Judge Payne's order to return the DIA document. Instead of resolving the situation, Evans swore vengeance and threatened to "get" me. I took her threats to be officially sanctioned by the U.S. Justice Department and the Clinton White House. Of course, this is typical of the Clinton administration. Its mistake compromised the identity of DIA agents. Instead of working to minimize the damage to U.S. national security, it has engaged in threats. Discover the truth, and come under attack…."

WorldNetDaily 8/17/99 Charles Smith "…The truth is that Ron Brown and the Commerce Department dealt with the Chinese army. My original Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) was for "all information on COSTIND" or the Chinese "Commission on Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense." In 1994, this PLA unit was led by General Ding Henggao with his two vice "minister" sub-commanders, General Huai Guomo and General Shen Rougjun. In my 1998 appeal to the Commerce Department, I submitted a document showing that "COSTIND Vice Minister Shen Rougjun" met with Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and LORAL CEO Bernard Schwartz in August 1994. The Commerce Department has correctly released a mountain of information on "COSTIND," including data on COSTIND "Minister" General Ding and "Vice Minister" General Huai. COSTIND Vice Minister Shen was a general in the Chinese army. COSTIND is a Chinese army unit. Gen. Shen traveled to the U.S. in May 1994 and arranged for COSTIND to purchase a Hughes Corporation satellite, called Apstar 2, that was later destroyed in a crash. The PLA blamed the satellite for the crash and tried to pin the higher insurance rates on Hughes. Afterwards, Gen. Shen investigated the crash. Commerce Department officials participated in and authorized the Hughes crash analysis to be passed back to the Chinese under Vice Minister Shen. In the process, Hughes passed significant nose cone technology directly to COSTIND under the direction of Shen. In 1994, Gen. Shen also actively sought help from the Commerce Department in obtaining employment for his son, Shen Jun, at LORAL. Gen. Shen succeeded in obtaining a sensitive position for his son at Hughes. Gen. Shen, his son, and Hughes officials met to discuss the satellite crash…."

WorldNetDaily 8/17/99 Charles Smith "…Another key report found at the Commerce Department is a 1997 Rand Report on the Chinese army. The Rand Corp. found that PLA bribes paid for "lavish parties, luxury foreign automobiles and Swiss bank accounts". The Rand report, "Chinese Military Commerce and U.S. National Security" also details the CITIC bank-owned Poly Technologies and the smuggling of 2,000 fully automatic AK-47s from Chinese army inventories. According to the Rand report, U.S. Custom agents, posing as U.S. drug gangsters, arranged to purchase the machine guns in a sting operation that led directly to the Chinese army in Beijing. However, the Customs PLA machine-gun sting crossed with Poly Tech President Wang Jun and his visits to the White House. The Rand report ignored the donations made by the PLA through operatives to Mr. Clinton. The Rand Corp. missed the Chinese atomic espionage altogether. ….. The answer to the big miss in Rand analysis becomes all too clear upon closer inspection. The 1997 Rand report was sponsored and, in part, authored by Asia-Pacific "policy" expert Gareth C.C. Chang. Chang is a familiar player in the Chinagate affair. Even in the 1997 Rand report Chang is listed as "Senior Vice President" of Hughes Corporation. In fact, Chang is also in the 1999 Cox report. On April 4, 1995, Hughes Electronics Senior Vice President Gareth Chang wrote a memorandum to Hughes CEO Steven Dorfman regarding the Apstar 2 failure. Chang wrote, "We need to personally share our findings with the Chinese leadership. A senior Hughes executive, armed with detailed scientific and technical evidence, should meet with General Shen of COSTIND and Chairman Liu of CASC before anything is said to the media." Hughes' Chang and COSTIND PLA General Shen traveled in the same small circle of international arms dealing as Poly Tech Wang Jun and Loral CEO Bernard Schwartz. All of the above elected to connect their weapons business through Commerce Secretary Ron Brown…."

NEWSWEEK 8/4/97 Michael Isikoff "…The proposal, marked "privileged and confidential," was a model of bluntness. Entitled "Background Research: Senator Don Nickles," the May 16, 1997, document, obtained by NEWSWEEK, outlined an extensive plan to scour the Oklahoma Republican's life for embarrassing or incriminating details: searching courthouses for "civil, criminal, divorce and bankruptcy litigation"; hunting for "fictitious name filings"; reviewing his and his wife's "personal business activities." The goal was to show that Nickles was "linked to the oil industry." The memo's author: Terry Lenzner, a former Watergate counsel who now runs a private investigative firm with close ties to the White House. The Democratic National Committee is one of his top clients. ….."

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 9/5/99 "…The message came out loud and clear: Don't do anything to offend Katharine Graham, the dowager dragon of The Washington Post, or her friends and their causes during August. August is a notoriously slow month for news, and the dowager Graham can devote rivers of printer ink into a campaign of calumny against an individual. This year, the vilification campaign was intense. It began Aug. 6 and continued throughout the month. The single target was Notra Trulock, the counterintelligence officer in the Department of Energy who initiated investigations into nuclear weapons espionage in the national laboratories by The People's Republic of China…… Pincus, doubtless motivated by an urge to make the powerful dowager happy, said that the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs was not sure whether any secrets had been stolen, to which he added the fiction that Wen Ho Lee was singled out because he and his wife were Chinese-Americans. It took the Post some three weeks to publish a letter correcting these lies from Sens. Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman, respectively chairman and ranking minority member of the Governmental Affairs Committee. Obviously, Trulock has struck many nerves in the Clinton administration to warrant such an attack. The Washington Post, rarely an organization to shirk publicity, does not say anything about its or his special interests….."

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 9/5/99 "…This panel, selected by Warren Rudman to do some heavy whitewashing, brings some thoughts to mind. Would PFIAB ever issue a report that would embarrass the president? Is it not unfortunate that panel members Rudman and Friedman have major personal business contacts that depend on the good will of China's government? Isn't it just as unfortunate that no one on the panel, indeed on PFIAB, has any experience in spy catching or in operations in Asia? Did Walter Pincus know these facts? Of course he did. He is a capable, experienced reporter. Concealing the facts is what he wanted to do. Last week, the rape of the Bank of New York by the Russian Mafia was discussed in this column. Headlines have followed throughout the week, with each one bringing more and more revelations, not so much of this respectable old bank being raped, but of enjoying a profitable spree. But, strangely, our newspapers were reticent about publishing the involvement of a Russian friend of Bill Clinton's, President Boris Yeltsin, and his family…."

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 9/5/99 "…The message came out loud and clear: don't do anything to offend Katharine Graham, the dowager dragon of the Washington Post, or her friends and their causes during August. August is a notoriously slow month for news, and the dowager Graham can devote rivers of printer ink into a campaign of calumny against an individual. This year, the vilification campaign was intense. It began Aug. 6 and continued throughout the month. The single target was Notra Trulock, the counterintelligence officer in the Department of Energy who initiated investigations into nuclear weapons espionage in the national laboratories by the People's Republic of China. The Post's campaign against Trulock began with a front-page story under the headline, "China Spy Probe Bungled, Panel Finds." The article, written by one of Katie's most prominent hatchet men, Walter Pincus, contained two major lies and was a deliberate attempt to change evidence about China's spying in America. Pincus, doubtless motivated by an urge to make the powerful dowager happy, said that the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs was not sure whether any secrets had been stolen to which he added the fiction that Wen Ho Lee was singled out because he and his wife were Chinese-Americans. It took the Post some three weeks to publish a letter correcting these lies from Sens. Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman, respectively chairman and ranking minority member of the Governmental Affairs Committee….."


Washington Times 9/16/99 George Archibald "...In a sworn affidavit filed yesterday in U.S. District Court, Sheryl L. Hall said Craig L. Livingstone, the former White House personnel security chief who improperly obtained hundreds of FBI files of former Reagan and Bush administration appointees, was among "the small group of White House staffers who acted as Mrs. Clinton's agents." Mrs. Hall, 50, now a GS-15 computer manager at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, has filed a lawsuit against Mrs. Clinton in the U.S. District Court of Alexandria accusing the first lady and nine White House political appointees of job harassment and reprisals. The 15-year government computer supervisor claims the retribution against her over the past five years followed her refusal to load political campaign contribution information in files of individuals listed on the White House Office Database (WHODB)....Mrs. Hall also said Mrs. Clinton actually ran the White House during Mrs. Hall's tenure there from October 1992 intil her transfer Friday. "Based on my personal observations and experience, as well as my interaction with numerous White House staffers, it was clear to me that Mrs. Clinton has operational control of the White House, including but not limited to the hiring and firing of personnel," the affidavit states....."

Washington post 9/15/99 "....Whatever comes of the Bakaly matter, it is worth noting that the underlying charge of a grand jury leak has, like so many allegations against Mr. Starr and his people, evaporated on neutral inspection. A unanimous panel of the D.C. Circuit ruled recently that "internal deliberations of prosecutors that do not directly reveal grand jury proceedings are not" covered by grand jury secrecy. The ruling does not clear Mr. Starr on all allegations of grand jury leaks, as a much larger group of 24 instances of alleged leaks remains before the courts. But the current ruling does suggest that at least some of these instances may be found not to have involved grand jury material after all. It is another example of an ethical allegation that many assumed self-evident melting on closer examination. Mr. Starr was attacked throughout the Lewinsky episode in a coordinated smear campaign that accused him publicly of a variety of types of misconduct. These accusations seriously undermined his investigation and distracted people from sober discussion either of the president's conduct or of Mr. Starr's probe The allegations took a great deal of time to investigate and sort out. Now, one by one, they are proving meritless, but only long after they have done their job of eroding confidence in his investigation. ...."

CBN News 9/9/99 Dale Hurd "...Galster: This that is the parking lot now, was about 4000 sq. ft. of our laboratory space, our offices and exams rooms, and computers. It was all completely engulfed in flames when I got here on the evening of the 19th, or the early morning of the 20th. The fire trucks were pumping water into it, and by early the next morning we only had a brick shell of what had originally been our business for 22 years. Hurd: Then, in July a laptop computer was stolen. It belonged to the lawyer who was investigating Bill Clinton's role in the tainted blood scandal. Linda Tripp said there were encrypted blood files on the computer of Vince Foster's secretary. In July of 1993, Foster's body was found in Fort Marcy Park, Virginia, just outside of Washington, in what was officially ruled a suicide. During the time that Foster died (sic), a commons committee in the Canadian Parliament had called for a major public inquiry into how Canada's blood supply became so contaminated. And Foster was reported to be very upset about the issue. Galster says that when Foster worked in Arkansas, he approached Galster in the legal role of defending Health Management Associates, the company that ran the prison blood program. Foster asked Galster to help bail HMA out of a malpractice suit. Galster thinks Foster was still cleaning up HMA's messes after he went to the White House. When the scandal exploded in Canada, Galster believes the blood trail caught up with Foster. Tainted blood scandals have rocked several nations. Some have forced official to apologize. Others have sent officials to jail. Now it could be America's turn. The surviving Canadian hemophiliacs are preparing a $5 billion lawsuit against those responsible in the United States. That would most certainly include the states of Arkansas and Louisiana, which had a similar blood program. The FDA may also be sued. And the lead counsel for the hemophiliacs, Steven Harvey, will seek a deposition from Bill Clinton on his role in the program. Steven Harvey: We want to know from Bill Clinton on down, who was involved in these decisions, how decisions were made, what information they had, and why it is that Cummins was allowed to continue as a blood source, even after all the dangers became obvious...."

Washington Times 9/15/99 George Archibald "...A White House computer supervisor who battled Hillary Rodham Clinton's interference with a major presidential computer database has sued the first lady for job reprisal after being forced to transfer to another agency Sheryl L. Hall, who now runs computer support operations for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, filed her lawsuit in U.S. District Court Friday - her last day of work at the White House , where she had managed computer operations since President Clinton took office.... In the lawsuit, Mrs. Hall, an Arlington resident, accused Mrs. Clinton of overseeing political misuse of the White House Office Database (WHODB), being built under the direction of senior presidential advisor Marsha Scott. "Development of the WHODB was overseen by Scott upon the direction and with the approval of [Mrs.] Clinton who, because of her marriage to the president, had usurped far reaching authority and influence over a variety of matters relating to the president's administration, including but not limited to matters relating to personnel," the lawsuit states. ...... She says in her lawsuit that she was harassed and abused by top Clinton political appointees for five years, at Mrs. Clinton's behest, after she first voiced objections to using career White House employees and the WHODB for political activities that violated federal law...... "

Judicial Watch 9/10/99 Joe Giganti "...Hillary Clinton, Marsha Scott and others in the Clinton White House have been sued in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia by Sheryl Hall, a White House employee who expressed reservations about the legality of a scheme to use The White House computer system, known as WhoDB, for political and other improper purposes. When Mrs. Hall balked, she was harassed and retaliated against, causing her great emotional distress and other harm. Ironically, Mrs. Hall first contacted Judicial Watch during the deposition of Harold Ickes in the Filegate class action lawsuit. She visited Judicial Watch's offices, unannounced, while the deposition was in session.....Mrs. Hall is the first "John Dean" type whistleblower to come forward from the current Clinton White House. She and her husband Don are American heros. It is noteworthy that she would put her trust in Judicial Watch, the public interest, non-partisan government watchdog, and not the Clinton Justice Department or Congress, who have either covered up wrongdoing or have done little to combat it during the Clinton Administration. The WhoDB computer system was the "brainchild" of Hillary Clinton and in addition to being used for illegal political purposes, to track and solicit campaign contributions with the Democratic National Committee, Judicial Watch believes that it also was used to input the FBI files of Republicans and others in the Filegate scandal. "Thank God for true Americans like Sheryl and Don Hall, patriots who put their country first and are not afraid of the evil lurking in this White House," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman...."

Washington Weekly 9/14/99 Marvin Lee "....White House employee Sheryl Hall has filed suit against Hillary Clinton, Marsha Scott and others in the Clinton White House in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. She is represented by Judicial Watch. In a pattern that is by now all too familiar to those who have followed this White House, Sheryl Hall claims she expressed reservations about the legality of a scheme to use The White House computer system, known as WhoDB, for political and other improper purposes. As a result, she was harassed and retaliated against. ....."

Newsmax - Inside Cover 9/13/99 Carl Limbacher "....In the rough and tumble world of daytime TV talk -- where lesbian nuns routinely compete with one-armed alligator wrestlers to deliver top shock value to the audience -- one would think that a relatively straightforward account of an extra-marital affair laced with some routine drug use might passed unnoticed. Not so, says Richard Bey -- who up until Oct. 8, 1996 hosted one of the most popular nationally syndicated daytime chat-fests on the air. What happened on that particular day? Bey decided to do a pre-election show featuring two guests in possession of some rather inconvenient information regarding the above topics and the President of the United States. "I kept reading in the trade papers about Gennifer Flowers being booked on one show or another -- and then when she shows up they tell her they don't need her.......On the broadcast Flowers' claimed that then-Governor Clinton had once put her in a family-way back in 1979, then paid her $200 in cash with the understanding she would abort his child. She also recounted how her home had been broken into three times. She suspected Clinton was responsible for the break-ins, Flowers told a national TV audience. Fearing for her physical safety, the former Clinton paramour revealed she now traveled with bodyguards. For his part, Tyrrell offered an update on the saga of Clinton's never-released medical records, in which he linked their secrecy to an alleged drug over-dose which some say culminated in a trip to a Little Rock emergency room. Bey also quizzed the American Spectator publisher about six witnesses who claimed to have knowledge of Clinton's cocaine use. Most of the explosive information had been available in books (both Flowers and Tyrrell had authored their own that year) and on the internet for some time. But, as with so many otherwise credible reports about Bill Clinton, most reporters, especially on television, had taken a pass. The next day, Richard Bey found out why. "The show got the highest ratings of the book and I had just started a new contract for alot of money," Bey told Inside Cover. "But the day after it airs, I'm called into the office and told that we're going out of production." ......As the TV host tells it, he asked directly, "Is this because of the Gennifer Flowers show?" Unable to reply, the unnamed network executive simply stared at his shoes. Then Bey protested, "But I have a contract." "You'll be paid off," came the response. ....."


New York Post 9/17/99 Steve Dunleavy "....Now, when Clinton was governor of Arkansas, I recall just about the most horrific miscarriage of justice I have come across. Wayne Dumont was falsely accused of rape. He was sentenced to 50 years in jail. The judge who had to sentence him under guidelines actually became Dumont's lawyer - and proved, under exhaustive sperm testing, that it was impossible for Dumont to have had anything to do with the rape. The so-called victim failed to identify Dumont in a lineup. Even failed to prove that a rape actually happened. But Dumont is still doing time. But not before he was mysteriously castrated by two animals who were sent by a crooked sheriff, who later was sentenced to 50 years for racketeering. Oh, I forgot to tell you: The so-called victim of the rape was directly related to Clinton, and her father was his biggest contributor in Forest City, Ark...."

Washington Times 9/17/99 ".... It is just like Ken Starr's kind of luck. After being the subject of relentless and highly-publicized attacks from White House minions and even the president himself on his integrity, credibility, motives, political affiliation, religious beliefs and anything else short of his taste in neckties, the good name of the independent counsel has finally been cleared by an investigative report produced for the U.S. District Court by Senior Appeals Court Judge John W. Kern. The accusation was that Mr. Starr's office had leaked grand jury material to the press. No evidence was found that it ever happened. Unfortunately for Mr. Starr, however, Chief U.S. District Judge Norma Holloway Johnson decided inexplicably to keep the report under seal. Surely, Mr. Starr and his staff deserve public exoneration after all the abuse that was heaped upon them. The charge on independent counsel leaks was first leveled by presidential lawyer David E. Kendall in February, 1998. It found a new lease on life with the first issue of "Brill's Content," a stunningly pompous publication put out by Steven Brill. Mr. Brill, who calls himself a friend of Mr. Starr, had learned during a conversation that Mr. Starr had -- goodness -- talked to reporters on background. There was, of course, nothing unusual about this; it had indeed been a common practice among independent counsels all along to brief reporters on background. But in the supercharged political atmosphere of last summer, the White House attack team seized upon this unremarkable admission like a dog on a particularly promising bone. ....."


AP 9/20/99 "....The state parole board has voted unanimously to grant convicted rapist Wayne Dumond his release, the board announced today. In a closed meeting last week, the Post Prison Transfer Board voted 5-0 to allow Dumond to move in with his mother in DeWitt. Dumond must first complete a pre-release program in prison but could be released in one month, board specialist Tamara Salaam said...."

New York Post 9/21/99 Steve Dunleavy "... It has to do with a man called Wayne Dumond, over whose case I have agonized for long more than a decade. Dumond, now 52, was given conditional parole yesterday in Arkansas after having being sentenced to 50 years in jail for the rape of Clinton's cousin. That rape never happened. Is that just me saying so? No way. Some others who say so are: *The judge who sentenced Dumond under court guidelines to 50 years. In fact, the judge later quit the bench to become Dumond's lawyer to prove his innocence. *Dr. Moses Schanfield, who headed the Genetic Testing Center in Denver and did sperm tests on the so-called victim's jeans. "No way, zip, nada. No way Dumond was the donor of that sperm. It couldn't have happened in a million years." Schanfield was one of the experts sent to Bosnia to identify mystery graves. *Fred Odam, a retired Arkansas state police captain. He immersed himself in the case. He told me: "In all my time, this is the one case when I know a man is not guilty." *Veteran journalist Gene Wirges, 72, who now publishes the "Common Sense American" and has battled this travesty from Day One: "Very few people thought Wayne was guilty, but a lot thought the Clinton kin and clan had to have revenge ... against anyone - and Bill went along with the program." Despite the fact the Clinton cousin - whom I will not name, although The Associated Press has - failed to identify Dumond in two lineups, he was convicted. Despite the fact that she identified two other suspects, one an ex-boyfriend, Dumond was convicted Dumond will finally get out after nearly 14 years. ..."

New York Post 9/21/99 Steve Dunleavy "... Before Dumond turned himself in for his 50-year sentence, while awaiting surrender, something terrible happened. Two masked men burst into his house with a scalpel and surgical gloves and castrated him. You heard it right. The former Vietnam veteran and father of six was found hog-tied from a rafter by two of his schoolboy sons. Miraculously, he survived. A Clinton crony, Sheriff Coolidge Conlee, who also was a friend of the father of the Clinton cousin, had let the two animals out of jail to rob Dumond of his manhood. Sheriff Coolidge Conlee would die in jail after the feds nailed him for 60 years on a RICO charge. As Dumond was clinging to life in jail, the sheriff displayed his severed testicles in a jar on his desk. "I saw him pick them up and I saw the display," state police Capt. Odam has told me. As Dumond's testicles were on display on the sheriff's desk, something else happened. Dumond's house was torched to the ground. The father of the so-called rape victim was one of Clinton's biggest donors in his race for the Arkansas Governor's Mansion. When Dumond finally gets released next month, his wife, Dusty, will not be able to greet him. She died two years ago - after years of pleading with Clinton to review the case while he was governor. The man who, as president, would later grant clemency to FALN terrorists turned a deaf ear to her pleas...... " 9/24/99 Washington Times John McCaslin "….For several days now, the other newspaper, in both print and comics, has revisited the days when Mr. Bush, as president of Yale's "Deke" fraternity, "took part in a fraternity hazing ritual featuring red-hot branding irons." Or at least that's how The Post phrased it Thursday. Mr. Oppenheimer, whose name was merely mentioned in the article, wants to tell readers for the record that the branding iron was actually a "little coat hanger." "I know," he says of the 1967 fraternity ritual. "I wrote about it and took the picture for the [Yale] newspaper." Nevertheless, guilty by association with the Post piece, Mr. Oppenheimer says he spoke to the Bush campaign "and they said the only way to redeem myself was to have two 'Bush 2000' tattoos burned on my butt. "So, I'm going to do that, and also carry out their other order to call you."….. What's worse, he points out, "selling military secrets to the Chinese for campaign money or putting a coat-hanger on your back?"…." 9/23/99 "….It's hard not to raise an eyebrow over the prosecution of Little Rock community activist Robert "Say" McIntosh, who just happens to be Bill Clinton's most outspoken black critic anywhere in the America. He was sentenced on Tuesday by Municipal Judge Vic Fleming to one year in jail for hitting his 39-year old wife. Why the jail time, Inside Cover wonders -- especially since McIntosh's wife Denise Armstead withdrew all charges five months ago and left the courtroom after the sentence arm-in-arm with her husband? After the political prosecutions of key Clinton scandal witnesses like Linda Tripp and David Hale, the IRS investigations launched against Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers and Billy Dale -- not to mention the countless others who have alleged all manner of threats and intimidation after telling what they know about President Clinton, McIntosh's current predicament should be viewed in context. What McIntosh claimed to know as early as 1988 was that Bill Clinton was the father of Danny "Danno" Williams, born in 1985 to Bobbie Ann Williams, an African-American prostitute, after what she said were 13 paid sexual encounters with the then-Governor. According to most journalists, her paternity claim was disproved this past January when Star Magazine compared a sample of Danny's DNA with the brief presidential genetic profile made public as part of Ken Starr's impeachment report to Congress….." 9/23/99 "….But several reputable laboratories consulted by in the months since, contend that the Starr Report information on Clinton's DNA was too scant to be conclusive. Clinton biographer Christopher Andersen concurs, reporting in his recent best selling book "Bill and Hillary: The Marriage", that DNA experts told him, "it would have been 'impossible' to make any definitive comparison based solely on the information provided in the Starr report." Also, shortly after Star Magazine announced the results, asked the FBI Lab if Clinton's DNA information might have been altered in public documents for national security and/or privacy reasons. A Lab spokesman responded curtly, "We're not going to answer a question like that." ……It was one of those photos of Danny that "Say" McIntosh had plastered all over Arkansas, after a local black minister brought the case to his attention. The Little Rock provocatuer told last year, "Rev. Knotts came to me with the little boy's picture and said that Clinton wouldn't take care of the baby. So I just enlarged the picture and printed up fliers and put them all over town." He became a nagging thorn-in-the-side for Governor Clinton, especially after Little Rock's black community began to echo McIntosh's concerns. Suddenly Clinton was dogged at local appearances with signs demanding, "Just One Drop." The phrase was a reference to the blood test that could establish Danny's paternity once and for all. It was after one such confrontation that Trooper Patterson heard Clinton refer to McIntosh as a "n - - - - r." …." 9/23/99 "…. These days the Arkansas activist is amazed by the support Clinton wins from African-Americans. The outspoken black leader told last year, "That's why Clinton puts black people in key positions with him. They won't tell him when he's doing wrong, like Betty Currie." Currie was the Oval Office secretary who looked the other way as Clinton risked his presidency to have sex with Monica Lewinsky. "That's one of the reasons for his downfall, " added McIntosh. "When it comes to Clinton fooling around, black people just say, 'don't judge, don't judge.'" …… Clinton's campaign staff desperately tried to chase reporters away from the story McIntosh had dredged up. The 1993 documentary "The War Room" shows George Stephanopoulos threatening an operative from the Perot campaign with political oblivion if he went public with records purportedly showing that Clinton was Williams' father. After Clinton won the election, McIntosh had another enounter with the law, this one far more pleasant than what he's been through lately. It's perhaps the most telling bit of evidence showing how worried the Clinton camp truly was about the story Robert "Say" McIntosh was spreading. In 1991 the activist publicly claimed that Clinton had promised to grant his then-imprisoned son a pardon. Nobody took him seriously at the time. Young Tommy McIntosh was doing 50 years behind bars on a state drug rap and wasn't expected to get out anytime soon. But that changed on inauguration day 1993. Clinton's Arkansas successor Jim Guy Tucker traveled to D.C. to watch his former boss take the presidential oath, leaving president pro tempore of the Arkansas State Senate, Dr. Jerry Jewell in charge. Suddenly, young McIntosh was issued a surprise parole. Was this part of a deal to buy "Say" McIntosh's silence? He certainly thinks so. The Clinton critic told the Washington Times shortly after his son was sprung, "Those who question my credibility should ask themselves: If there was no deal, how did this happen? How did my son get out of prison 18 years before he was eligible for parole?" …."

FrontPage Magazine online 9/24/99 Jamie Glazov "….AFRICAN-AMERICAN COLUMNIST Jack E. White’s recent smear of David Horowitz is only a logical continuation of the Left’s traditional treatment of its ideological opponents—and especially of those who, like Horowitz, come from the Left’s former ranks. David Horowitz is an ex-radical who ended up abandoning his "progressive" odyssey. In his books Radical Son (1996) and The Politics of Bad Faith (1998), he profoundly exposed the socialist cause from the inside out. For this, the Left has never forgiven him, as the Inquisition never forgave its supposed heretics……Indeed, almost every single critique of Horowitz in the Left-wing press has been anti-intellectual and verbally abusive. One of the best, and perhaps most intriguing, examples of this phenomenon was Eric Alterman’s "review" of Horowitz’s The Politics of Bad Faith in The Nation on November 16, 1998. It provided the perfect foundation for White’s recent attack. Alterman did not discuss a single idea in Horowitz's main thesis, that there is a direct connection between the socialist dream and totalitarianism. Instead, Alterman informed us that literary critic Paul Berman believes that Horowitz is a "demented lunatic." It is interesting to note that socialist regimes have always either censored or killed the ideological defector, or labeled him "insane." That is exactly why Soviet dissidents were force-fed drugs in psychiatric hospitals. Alterman and Berman, of course, do not have the power to institutionalize Horowitz in an asylum—but it is clear from their own words that they wish they could…..That Time magazine has committed a grave injustice by publishing Jack White’s slander against David Horowitz is a given. What is being largely overlooked is that the vicious and heartless behavior of individuals like White toward Horowitz is not an aberration. When it comes to the Left, as Eric Alterman and Co. have shown us well, ideological opponents must be dehumanized and silenced. That is why it is crucial for all of us to make sure that, as long as his intellectual discourse remains as profound, fair, and compassionate as it is, David Horowitz never shuts up….."

Judicial Watch 10/4/99 Joe Giganti "......Judicial Watch, a not-for-profit, public interest law firm that exposes and prosecutes government corruption, will file a civil rights lawsuit today in federal court on behalf of two citizens who were beaten by Philadelphia Teamsters supporting President Clinton. Defendants in the lawsuit include Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell, District Attorney Lynne Abraham and Teamsters official John Morris. A copy of the complaint will be available on the Internet at On October 2, 1998, Don and Teri Adams, brother and sister, were viciously beaten by Teamsters acting under the direction of powerful Pennsylvania Teamsters boss John Morris. At the time, the Adams' were exercising their First Amendment rights by advocating the impeachment of Bill Clinton during the President's fundraising visit to Philadelphia. The beating was caught by news and other cameras on videotape and was broadcast nationwide. Despite exculpatory videotape and police evidence, Lynne Abraham prosecuted the victim of the crime, Don Adams, and refused to bring any charges against John Morris, whose local union has a history of violence. The lawsuit alleges, on information and belief, that Philly Mayor Ed Rendell arranged for the Teamsters' presence and reasonably foreseeable beating to curry favor with the President, Vice President, the Clinton-Gore Administration, Democratic Party, and its 2000 convention. Is it a coincidence that Rendell is now Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, reportedly for his closeness to Bill Clinton and Al Gore, and his fundraising prowess?......"

Jewish World Review 10/4/99 David Limbaugh ".....NOW, THIS SHOULD BE interesting. It seems that Bill Clinton has decided to turn his politics of personal destruction on his own executive branch. Where are Woodward and Bernstein when you really need them? The president is a little peeved that the FBI is beginning to make headway in its investigation into his campaign finance shenanigans. Or maybe he's angry because in the process they are blowing the whistle on his institutional guardian, the Justice Department. ...."

MSNBC 10/14/99 Jeanette Walls "..... Flynt apparently wants to wait until closer to the election to release any alleged dirt he's collected because he doesn't want to give the Republicans time to regroup. In the same speech, Flynt also claimed that Clinton was so happy with his anti-GOP tactics that he conveyed his thanks through an intermediary - someone Flynt referred to obliquely as "my very dear friend in the White House." Flynt declined to name the White House insider, but said, "All I can say is that he is very wired in. And it's not Clinton, although the president is a man after my own heart. He knows what that desk in the Oval office is for."...."

NewsMax 10/19/99 Carl Limbacher "....The news sizzled across the internet Monday afternoon. A soon-to-be-released biography of George W. Bush will level the first specific cocaine charge against the GOP frontrunner, who told reporters in August he's been coke-free for at least 25 years. The book, "Fortunate Son: The Rise of George W. Bush and the Next Generation of American Politics," alleges that 27 years ago, the Texas Governor was arrested for cocaine possession, then had his arrest record expunged by a Texas judge who owed his father a favor. ..... But are the charges true? Hatfield's decision not to identify his sources for the Bush coke story renders them unavailable for cross examination. Journalistically, reporting such an explosive charge when no one is willing to attach his or her name to it is highly questionable. Inside Cover is aware of other equally ill-sourced accounts about Bush's alleged involvement with drugs. But because those sources are either anonymous or long dead, we haven't printed a word. The rules are even stricter when it comes to similar charges against President Clinton....."

The Drudge Report 10/29/99 Charles Kelly Kris Mayes "....George W. Bush did work at a Houston inner-city youth program in the early 1970s, but three people familiar with the program said they never heard that Bush performed the work to erase a cocaine-possession infraction from his record...... The Texas governor called the account "ridiculous" during a campaign stop in Phoenix on Monday. On Tuesday, his father also called the accusation groundless. The story was also discounted by three P.U.L.L. observers. Ernie Ladd, a former Houston Oilers football player who co-founded P.U.L.L. with fellow Oiler John White, said White never mentioned that the younger Bush's service was in any way linked to drugs. "If this would have been true, John White would have told me, and John White has gone to his grave and he never told me about it," Ladd said. White died in 1988, and the P.U.L.L. program ended that year. White's widow, Otho Raye White, also said she never heard that Bush was forced to work at P.U.L.L. in connection with a drug arrest. She said she recalled no adverse rumors about Bush, but does remember that he was "very attached to some of the kids." Linda McCarthy, an art instructor for the program, said she did wonder why a young man from a wealthy, prominent family was working there. She thought it might have been for personal fulfillment. "It seems like he was an open person with a genuine concern for the children," she said....."

Chattanooga Free Press 10/20/99 "....It was President Bill Clinton who was under investigation about questionable pre-presidency financial deals that involved taxpayers' money and savings and loan improprieties. It was President Bill Clinton who engaged in disgusting immorality in the White House. It was President Bill Clinton who lied repeatedly under oath. It was President Bill Clinton who obstructed justice. It was President Bill Clinton who was impeached by the House of Representatives, and escaped conviction by the Senate. But it was Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, a former federal judge and a man of impeccable character, who was smeared so effectively by the Clinton White House gang that his reputation -- in some circles, at least -- seems to have suffered more than has that of Mr. Clinton......Judge Starr deserves the thanks and commendation of the American people for doing a job that would have been difficult under any circumstances and proved to be particularly onerous because he had to endure the attack-dog smear attempts by Mr. Clinton & Co. ....."

Dallas Morning News 10/21/99 Pete Slover "....The author of a book alleging that Gov. George W. Bush covered up a 1972 cocaine arrest is himself a felon on parole, convicted in Dallas of hiring a hit man for a failed attempt to kill his employer with a car bomb in 1987, records show. James Howard Hatfield, 41, was convicted of solicitation of capital murder, served five years of a 15-year sentence in a Texas prison and was paroled in 1993, records show. Author J.H. Hatfield flatly denied in an interview that he is that man. But a parole officer in Arkansas confirmed Wednesday that Mr. Hatfield the author is Mr. Hatfield the ex-convict, who is serving parole from Texas through April 2003.......Reached this week in New York during a book tour, Mr. Hatfield insisted that any link to the convicted man was a case of mistaken identity and that his middle name is Hathaway, not Howard.....When questioned further, Mr. Hatfield refused to give his birthday, Social Security number or any other information to distinguish him from the convicted man...... "If it's true, we're going to be shocked," said David Kaye, general counsel for St. Martin's Press, after the conviction was confirmed late Wednesday. He declined to comment further.......By 1994, he was paroled to Benton County, Ark., where state officials oversaw his Texas parole under an interstate pact that requires them to annually report Mr. Hatfield's status to Texas. The most recent report in his file confirms he is an author but does not specifically link him to the Bush book or any other works by J.H. Hatfield. But, Eddie Cobb, the official overseeing the parole confirmed Wednesday that records show his parolee is the author of Patrick Stewart, a biography of the Star Trek actor written by Mr. Hatfield and touted in the promotional materials for his Bush biography......"

WorldNetDaily 10/21/99 Joseph Farah "....Have you ever thought about using your website to campaign for your favorite candidate? Or, perhaps, to urge the defeat of that congressional representative who has been ignoring your letters? Better think again. Leo Smith of Connecticut decided he would use his business website to do just that -- urge the defeat of his congressional representative, Republican Nancy L. Johnson. He decided to add a new section to an already existing Internet site to advance the cause of her challenger, Charlotte Koskoff. Just a few days later, Smith was contacted by Koskoff's campaign manager. No, it wasn't a call to thank him for his efforts. It was a warning of legal problems he might encounter because of campaign finance regulations. Smith was told by the Federal Elections Commission that he was in violation of federal law because he had spent more than $250 in expressing his political views without disclosing his identity and filing the required reports. .....Do you believe this? For those who argue that campaign finance restrictions do not abrogate free-speech rights, I hope this is an eye-opener....."

Houston Chronicle 10/21/99 Cal Thomas ".....During his five difficult years as independent counsel, Kenneth Starr regrets not speaking out more when he was under attack by members of the Clinton administration and its hired guns. Interviewed on CNN's "Larry King Live," Starr said, "I should have done much more to educate the public, provide information about what it is that we were doing. And statements like that (speaking of James Carville's frequent attacks on Starr as being a "cigarette lawyer") went unanswered." That was about the only mistake Starr made in the professional and completely legal way he and his staff of career prosecutors conducted themselves while under constant attack by Clinton defenders who sought to smear an honorable man. The Clinton bunch even made fun of Starr's practice of singing hymns while walking alone.......Ken Starr eloquently summed up his philosophy when he offered these thoughts to Larry King about the duty of law officers and prosecutors: " ... their duty is to see that justice is done. And that may mean no indictment should be brought. It may mean that the evidence at the end of the day wasn't there to support a conviction beyond a reasonable doubt. It's not winning and losing, it's doing it right, playing by the rules, which is exactly what the men and women of this investigation did." The definition of honor pretty well sums up Ken Starr: "A person of superior standing." And honor's opposite, disgrace, accurately describes President Clinton: "To be a source of shame; to cause to lose favor or standing." ....."


New York Times 10/22/99 Frank Bruni "....Reporters for The New York Times, which received an advance copy of Hatfield's book last week, spent several days looking for evidence that might corroborate his account. But they did not find any, and the newspaper did not publish anything about the claim..... "Fortunate Son" was initially scheduled for publication early next year but was rushed into print to compete with "First Son: George W. Bush and the Bush Family Dynasty," a book by Bill Minutaglio, a reporter for The Dallas Morning News, that the Times Books division of Random House published this month. Minutaglio said in a telephone interview today that there had long been a rumor of Bush's being arrested in 1972 and that he had done reporting to try to confirm it, but that it appeared to be untrue....."

The Dallas Morning News 10/22/99 Pete Slover Wayne Slater, Sam Attlesey, Cheryl Chapman "..."We can't trust this guy anymore," said David Kaye, general counsel for St. Martin's, which had earlier been aggressively marketing the book. Industry experts said they can't recall a similar action by a publisher. The real effect of the stoppage may be difficult to gauge, since bookstores are free to sell or return the copies they have..... In addition to the car bombing conviction, Mr. Hatfield was separately convicted of embezzlement. Federal court records reveal that Mr. Hatfield pleaded guilty in 1992 to embezzling thousands of dollars in federal housing money - a case in which his intended bombing victim was a witness. Mr. Kaye, the publisher's lawyer, said the company had dispatched investigators to Texas and Mr. Hatfield's home state of Arkansas...... "That's him. He used to wear a beard, so I recognized him," said Dallas lawyer Norman L. "Happy" Nelson Jr. Mr. Nelson said that when his client's car was blown up, she was a witness in the federal investigation of Mr. Hatfield. In that matter, he was charged in Dallas federal court with forging signatures to cash government checks worth $34,887. While in prison, he pleaded guilty to one count of making a false statement in federal paperwork and had five additional years tacked on to his state sentence. Authorities had investigated missing funds earmarked for a low-income housing project managed by the company where Mr. Hatfield worked....."

The Dallas Morning News 10/22/99 Pete Slover "... Mr. Nelson said that Mr. Hatfield's ambitions as an author were evident even when he was working at the property management firm before his arrest. Mr. Hatfield told fellow employees that he had won a contest to write the next James Bond book, to continue the series started by deceased author Ian Fleming. After Mr. Hatfield showed up with his book, printed and bound, co-workers called the publisher. They learned Mr. Hatfield had paid to have the work published himself, Mr. Nelson said....."

The Dallas Morning News 10/22/99 Pete Slover "..."The promotional material for Mr. Hatfield's Bush biography include a statement that he won the Isaac Asimov Foundation Literary Award for his biography of Mr. Stewart, the Star Trek star. St. Martin's publicists could not say who presents the award. The Asimov award is not among the hundreds of contests in the 49-page contest reference guide contained in Literary Marketplace, an authoritative publishing reference book....."

National Review 10/22/99 Jonah Goldberg "....In the last weeks, the Democratic strategy going into the 2000 elections has become clear. It is one of slanders, smears, fear-mongering, and rank partisanship. President Clinton has hurled accusations against the Republicans, calling them racists, traitors, opportunists, and money-grubbers. His administration has made it a plank of their foreign policy to say they are hobbled by isolationist Republicans. This is doubly pernicious, because it politicizes statecraft and it slanders - deliberately - the opponents who disagree on popular issues....."

The New York Times 10/22/99 Doreen Carvajal "....St. Martin's Press, the publisher of a controversial biography of George W. Bush, took the unusual step of killing the disputed book Friday, issuing an alert to booksellers around the country to return thousands of copies for shredding or burning because company executives no longer trusted the author. ....."They're heat, furnace fodder," Sally Richardson, the president and publisher of St. Martin's trade division, said of the books. The publishing house this month had shipped more than 70,000 copies of Hatfield's "Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President." ..... Such recalls are rare, but this one comes in a season when other companies have been forced to pull books because of shattered trust -- from an author accused of making up a Holocaust identity to a biographer who simply plagiarized the words of other books. The incidents have raised questions about the industry's ability to screen authors. ...."

WORLD Magazine 10/30/99 ".....The flashbulbs had barely stopped popping before Mr. Ray's own reputation was sacrificed on the altar of President Clinton's public-relations machine. White House aides immediately began phoning reporters to suggest a conflict of interest because New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Hillary Clinton's likely Senate opponent next year, had appointed Mr. Ray to his first prosecuting job back in 1988. "This whole thing is just a political deal to try to help Giuliani," charged presidential pit bull James Carville. "This thing stinks, and I'm going to start a fumigation program." The New York Times attributed to unnamed White House aides this description of Mr. Ray: "an ideologue unfit to conduct an impartial inquiry"-never mind the fact that until January of last year, Mr. Ray was a registered Democrat in New York City. (He is now registered as an independent in New Jersey.) ...."

CHAD HAYWORTH ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE 10/24/99 ".....As questions about his background continue to swirl through the national press, James Howard Hatfield spent Friday afternoon closeted in his home while a landscaper worked on the lawn of his Bentonville house....... Hatfield and his wife, Nancy, live in a 2,000-square-foot, ranch-style home in southwest Bentonville with their newborn daughter....... "James Hatfield is under supervision in Arkansas on a Texas conviction," Cobb said. "I know him to be the author of several books, including the Bush biography." Cobb said he has supervised Hatfield since 1994, when he moved to Arkansas. Hatfield receives a minimal amount of supervision because of his behavior and the length of time he has been on parole........ Hatfield, who moved to Arkansas with the approval of Texas authorities, remains on parole through April 15, 2003, Castlebury said........The Bush campaign has its legal staff reviewing the matter for possible libel implications, representative Karen Hughes said......"

The Benton County Daily Record 10/22/99 Kirk Bayer ".....Years later, when he returned to his home in Arkansas, he asked Jensen for a contact at a publisher. "He has always been a very nice man, and I just can't believe all this," Jensen said. "I knew they'd get back at him." The "all this" Jensen referred to is the accusation that Hatfield the author is also Hatfield the convicted felon. "He's very kind, he's an animal rights activist, and he dearly loves his wife and child," she said. His child was born approximately two months ago. His publishing company, according to what Jensen recalls from her conversations with Hatfield, hired someone to look into Bush's past and the accusations, and it was their idea for him to add this to the book. "He called me and voiced his concern over the book," she remembers. "He had it all done and it was already in galleys when the publisher told him to add the last chapter - he was very concerned." ......"

Excite News - Reuters 10/14/99 Paul Kirby "..... Former President George Bush Sunday assailed as "a vicious lie" a withdrawn biography about his son George W. Bush that said he was arrested for cocaine possession in 1972.....The former president hinted of possible legal action. "I was so outraged, I did something I seldom do and I asked our attorney to talk to the man and they just brushed us off," Bush said. "We may not be finished with this yet, even though I'm a public figure. It's outrageous." ..... When asked Friday if the younger Bush was contemplating legal action against the publisher, a campaign spokesman replied: "Attorneys are looking into it." ...... The former president said the news media was using a standard that treats someone as if they are guilty until they are proven innocent. "We've been very close and I don't understand where all these rumors are coming from about his 'abnormal behavior,"' the elder Bush said of his son...... "

Drudge Report 10/24/99 "..... Author J.H. Hatfield's Response to the Controversy Surrounding the Publication and Recall of Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President My recently published biography Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President is "scrupulously corroborated and sourced," as described by my publisher, St. Martin's Press, in their own press release on October 18........ On Monday October 18, I was in New York City promoting Fortunate Son. Although John Murphy, the head of the publisher's publicity department, had previously promised they could arrange an appearance by me on the Today show, Good Morning America, and interviews with most major news outlets in the country (I even taped a segment for the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather), we quickly found ourselves running into a virtual news blackout and lack of media coverage of the release of my new biography of the leading presidential candidate George W. Bush. my defense I must quote my former editor at Kensington Publishing Company, Tracy Bernstein, who edited my first six books and stated in the October 21 edition of the on-line magazine "I found Jim Hatfield to be a tireless worker who I could count on to always deliver, and in every way an easy author to work with," she said. "Most of the books we worked on concerned pop-culture trivia, but even those books had a certain amount of 'backstage' info about the stars, creators or what have you. So those books, as well the Patrick Stewart bio, were vetted by our lawyers and anything that was questioned he had reputable sources for. I thus never had cause to doubt his professionalism or honesty." ........ I will not appear on 60 Minutes or a host of other national television shows or grant interviews to Newsweek or the Wall Street Journal-all who offered me an opportunity to "tell my side of the story." Simply stated, I don't have a story to tell. ...."

AP 10/21/99 "....St. Martin's Press said Thursday that it has suspended publication of a new book about Republican presidential candidate and Texas Gov. George W. Bush after questions were raised about the author's background. The Dallas Morning News reported this week that J.H. Hatfield, author of "Fortunate Son,'' was paroled from a Texas prison in 1993 after serving time for a felony conviction....."

Washington Post 10/22/99 Howard Kurtz "....The revelation [Hatfield] is the latest bizarre twist in the media's handling of a charge, based on three anonymous sources, that lacks any independent corroboration...... Salon and the Drudge Report were the first to publicize Hatfield's allegations. In fact, Salon helped put the story in play. Hatfield writes that he began investigating after an August gossip column in Salon reported a widely circulated e-mail claiming that a Texas judge had ordered Bush to perform community service "in exchange for expunging his record showing illicit drug use.".... Asked about its story this week on the Hatfield book, David Weir, Salon's senior vice president, said: "Salon, and the Internet generally, aren't really interested in the corporate-gatekeeper mode of deciding about stories.....Stephen Hess, a presidential scholar at the Brookings Institution, criticized the handling of the story. "The problem is that mainstream, distinguished publishers aren't checking these things," he said. "They aren't in the business of fact-checking." As for newspapers, "you wind up publishing a story because someone denies it, which strikes me as a pretty shabby ethic." ...." 10/26/99 Linda Bowles "….When Democratic leaders begin to rail about the evils of "the politics of personal destruction," and cluck about how harmful such tactics are, it may be viewed as an announcement that they are about to launch campaigns to assassinate the character of those who do not agree with them…… For example, to thwart criticisms of flagrant violations of campaign-finance laws -- from renting out the Lincoln bedroom in the White House to soliciting illegal contributions from the Chinese -- Democrats are conducting a valiant crusade for campaign-finance reform…… With the election more than a year away, President Bill Clinton and Senate minority leader Tom Daschle are already on the stump clearly saying that Republicans are racists, and in the same sentence, saying they are not saying any such thing. Apparently, it is the operative attitude of a number of key Democratic leaders that if you do not automatically vote to confirm black judges and ambassadors based on their skin color, without regard to their attributes and qualifications, you are obviously a racist. It should be obvious, and is to the unobstructed mind, that the opposite is true……"

Washington Post 10/27/99 Linton Weeks "…..In the wake of the controversy over J.H. Hatfield's "Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President," Robert B. Wallace, editor in chief of St. Martin's Press, resigned suddenly yesterday…… "I didn't want to be associated with a book I have no control over," Wallace said from his home. "I haven't even read the book."….. Many of the top-level publishing houses, including St. Martin's Press, routinely conduct legal reviews of books. But the standard contract between writer and publisher places the burden of proof squarely on the writer--for libel, for plagiarism, for factual errors. ….. Just before the book was published, Hatfield delivered an "Afterword" that contained the allegations about Bush's cocaine use. At St. Martin's, a warren of ancient offices in the Flatiron Building in Manhattan, the document was considered top secret and referred to only by the cryptic letters "MJ." It was also run under the legal microscope, Murphy said…… In his resignation announcement, Robert Wallace said, "I do not in any way wish to have my name associated with 'Fortunate Son' or future books published by Thomas Dunne Books . . ." ….."

AP 10/31/99 "..... A few days after Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr left his post, FBI Director Louis Freeh sent him a letter praising his work and his personal integrity, according to a published report. ``You have always respected the truth and have never engaged in any misleading or evasive conduct or practice,'' Freeh wrote, Newsweek magazine reports in its Nov. 8. ``Your objective has always been the promotion of justice and the safeguarding of the judicial process.'' ...." 10/30/99 Carl Limbacher "…. A Taiwanese businessman who visited the White House 57 times says that the Democratic National Committee urged a federal judge to "throw the book" at him after he exposed the Clinton administration's connection to the Chinese campaign cash scandal. The explosive allegation was leveled by key Chinagate witness Johnny Chung, who spoke last Saturday at a Pasadena, California awards dinner held in his honor by Judicial Watch, a Washington based public interest lawfirm….But Mr. Chung's most compelling account was about the donation he made to former Energy Department Secretary Hazel O'Leary. Chung says that after he requested a meeting with the then-Energy Secretary for representives of China's national oil company, he was solicited inside the Energy Department by an O'Leary aide -- who indicated that such a meeting could be arranged after Chung made a $25,000 donation to Africare, O'Leary's favorite charity. ……"I made my $25,000 donation to Africare and I got my access," Chung told the Judicial Watch audience. Then why was no independent counsel appointed to investigate the Chung-O'Leary transaction? "Janet Reno, attorney general, said to me, 'Thank you' is not evidence," Chung said. .." 10/30/99 Carl Limbacher "…. Chung repeatedly stressed his intent was to "tell the truth" but says now that his honesty nearly landed him in jail. Party officials, Chung claims, pushed for him to get the maximum sentence for the crimes to which he pleaded guilty, which could have put Chinagate's most significant cooperating witness behind bars for 37 years and cost him $1.45 million in fines. "When (the court) got ready to sentence me, the DNC wrote a letter to my sentencing judge (Manuel) Real portraying themselves as a victim. They were 'victimized' by Johnny Chung. So they asked the judge to throw the book at my face." Chung described Judge Real as "tough judge", a Lyndon Johnson appointee, but one who wouldn't bend to the DNC's heavy handed tactics. "He throw the book out." Because of his cooperation with investigators, Judge Real sentenced the former DNC donor to just five years probation…..As for the recepients of Chung's campaign cash, such as O'Leary and the First Lady, Judge Real said, "It's very strange that the giver pleads guilty and the givee gets off free." ….."

SunSpot/AP 10/28/99 "….Congress might delve into the details of the difficult relationship between independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr and the Justice Department, Sen. Arlen Specter said yesterday. Specter's statement followed an Associated Press article that said Attorney General Janet Reno had informed Starr four days before his impeachment testimony that the department would review allegations against his office's conduct of the Monica Lewinsky investigation. Unknown to Starr, word of Reno's plans had leaked to the news media before the Sunday afternoon meeting between the prosecutor and the attorney general……"

NewsMax 11/2/99 Carl Limbacher "….After pleading guilty to a felony in the 1996 Democratic fund-raising scandal, Clinton money-man Charlie Yah Lin Trie was sentenced Tuesday by a Little Rock judge to four months of home detention and four years probation. Trie was also fined $5,000. Oddly, as the Wall Street Journal noted on Wednesday, Judge George Howard actually had to bump up the sentence from the penalty Janet Reno's prosecutors had in mind - something just the other side of a ticker tape parade. Reno's gang recommended a barely noticable tap on the wrist for Charlie Trie; just three years probation and $150 fine. Hey, it's the least they could do after Trie so fortuitously hotfooted it out of the country one step ahead of congressional investigators in 1996 and, upon his return, put his shredding machines to work overtime. Meanwhile, as has been reporting for a week, former Clinton fund-raiser Johnny Chung continues to connect the Chinagate dots for anyone who cares to listen. For Chung's candor, the DNC - of which the Justice Department has become a wholly owned subsidiary - wanted a Washington judge to throw the book at him. Clearly frustrated after cooperating with prosecutors only to be hung out to dry (Chung has suffered through several attempts on his life), the key Chinagate witness has begun taking his story directly to the public…..Chung says he has more to reveal, including new details about Beijing's attempts to kill him. Apparently the White House has taken notice. Chung told Goldberg that the Clinton IRS put a tax lien on all his property just one day after he spoke at the Judicial Watch dinner….."

Judicial Watch 11/4/99 "….. In recent weeks, Judicial Watch, through reliable sources close to the Democratic National Committee and The White House, has received evidence that "All the President's Men" have, consistent with Bill Clinton's recent verbal attack on Larry Klayman, set loose their band of investigators to try to smear the public interest law firm. The campaign, which began last week and this week with false and defamatory articles in liberal media, is underway. Judicial Watch, whose 42 lawsuits concerning the corrupt Clinton Administration, the Democratic National Committee, and its new Chairman, Mayor Ed Rendell of Philadelphia (for his apparent complicity in the beatings of peaceful Clinton protestors during the impeachment proceedings), will not be deterred from its quest to obtain justice. Rather through Judicial Watch's own proper investigative efforts, it will expose those persons of the DNC and The White House, and their collaborators, who are participating in the campaign, unmask their illegal actions, and seek criminal indictments from district attorneys for violation of privacy and civil rights. Civil litigation will also be pursued….."

Associated Press 11/10/99 John Hughes "….The FBI has stepped up a criminal investigation into the taping and distribution of a 1996 cellular telephone conversation involving GOP leaders, a spokesman for Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, said Wednesday. The episode already has resulted in a criminal conviction for the tapers and a civil suit by Boehner against fellow Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash., for allegedly leaking the tape's contents. FBI agents interviewed Boehner last month, aide Dave Schnittger said….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 11/10/99 Greg Pierce "….Larry Klayman, head of the legal watchdog group Judicial Watch, filed suit yesterday against Washington Post business columnist David Segal. Mr. Segal, in an Oct. 25 edition of his "Klayman Chronicles" column, quoted an anonymous former employee of Judicial Watch as saying Mr. Klayman badgered the staff to phone television producers in an effort to get him air time, even if programmers already had decided on topics unrelated to suits against the Clinton administration filed by Judicial Watch. Mr. Klayman said he was libeled in this quote: "If there was a school shooting he'd say, 'So what? We΄re doing important things here.' " "Mr. Segal's column, the 'Klayman Chronicles,' which is published nearly every two weeks, is unprecedented," Mr. Klayman said yesterday. "Even Ken Starr didn't get this treatment. It's designed to harm my reputation among lawyers and judges." …."

Office of Independent Counsel 11/10/99 Robert Ray "….Independent Counsel Robert W. Ray issued the following statement today: The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit today once again rejected claims by the White House and President Clinton's lawyers that this Office illegally leaked grand jury information. No judge asked for a vote by the entire court on the Petition for Rehearing of the court's September decision. The decision today reaffirms the Court of Appeals' ruling that information contained in a January 31, 1999 New York Times article was not leaked illegally. This rejection of the President's petition puts to rest this baseless claim. The ruling leaves intact the Court of Appeals' order to the District Court to dismiss the proceeding against this Office….."

Judicial Watch 11/9/99 Joe Giganti "....Today, after a history of publishing a defamatory column entitled "Klayman Chronicles," David Segal, the writer of the column "Washington Hearsay," in the Monday Business Section of The Washington Post was sued for libel and false light, by Larry Klayman. Klayman had tried to reach a settlement with Segal over his latest column of October 25, 1999, but Segal apparently thought the threat of suit was idle. Based on tacit admissions by Segal himself, his unprecedented "Klayman Chronicles" column is written with the assistance of the Clinton Administration. "Now, Mr. Segal will have something accurate and factual to write about; a lawsuit over his own libelous conduct," stated Larry Klayman....."

Judicial Watch 11/9/99 ".....Joel Klein, the Clinton Justice appointee and Assistant Attorney General prosecuting the Microsoft antitrust case was in The White House Counsel's Office around the time period that Republican FBI files were illegally gathered by the Clinton White House. Indeed, after the death of Vince Foster, Klein filled Foster's job and occupied his office. Linda Tripp, who worked with Klein, testified in the Judicial Watch Filegate lawsuit that she understood that these FBI files were being uploaded into a computer in the White House Counsel's Office. In the least, Mr. Klein was at "the scene of the crime" around the Filegate time period. Tripp testified that Klein kept files on others, including Ken Starr's office, for intimidation purposes..... "The past news that Joel Klein had breakfast at the home of Netscape's CEO just before the suit against Microsoft was filed raises significant questions about Mr. Klein's possible involvement in a political payback," stated Klayman.......Judicial Watch believes the involvement of the Clinton Justice Department's "tainted" political operatives such as Joel Klein has pushed the ongoing antitrust action against Microsoft. The group filed a request for documents under the Freedom of Information Act to see if politics and campaign contributions have influenced its actions against Microsoft. When the Clinton Justice Department failed to respond, Judicial Watch filed suit. The case remains pending and active....."

AP 11/9/99 ".....A black janitor was charged after he admitted leaving hate notes signed by the Ku Klux Klan on the doors of two black lawmakers, authorities said. Darryl E. Gray, 35, who works for the state Office of General Services, was charged Monday with two counts of second-degree aggravated harassment, state police Capt. Gerald Meyer said. If convicted, Gray's could be sentenced to up to two years in prison......"

NewsMax 11/9/99 Carl Limbacher "…..Is there a concerted effort by the White House and its defenders to intimidate Judicial Watch and it's chairman Larry Klayman? Just last month President Clinton himself singled out Klayman for personal attack, complaining that the "Larry Klayman political press world" had put the kibosh on efforts to get F.O.B.'s to bankroll the First Freeloader's New York retirement mansion. A week after that, Klayman and Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton were run off the road on a Dallas, Texas highway. After several seconds of high-speed jostling by a non-descript gray van, the Judicial Watch car ended up in a hair raising 360 degree spin-out. Though it's not likely that the van's driver was unaware of what happened, he kept right on going. Last week Judicial Watch came under attack again; this time in the pages of the National Law Journal, in a lengthy screed by Klayman critic Harvey Berkman….."

World Net Daily 11/8/99 Jane Chastain ".....The Clinton campaign finance scandal is back in the news, because of the tireless work of Chairman Dan Burton of the U.S. House of Representatives Government Reform and Oversight Committee. Rep. Burton, R-Ind., just won't give up and allow this matter to be swept under the rug in his committee, as it has been in so many other places. Burton has been demonized by the administration. However, he beat Clinton's muckrakers to the punch by announcing that, many years ago, he had fathered a son out of wedlock. Then he continued the investigation while many of his less courageous colleagues simply folded their tents and faded into the woodwork. Burton now is releasing details of the testimony that former Commerce official John Huang gave the FBI regarding the part he and his former boss, John Riady, who owns the six billion dollar Indonesian banking conglomerate known as the Lippo Group, played in the 1992 presidential campaign...."

World Net Daily 11/8/99 Jane Chastain ".....Huang surely must be considering what has happened to Los Angeles businessman Johnny Chung, the only man indicted by the Clinton Justice Department who has been willing to fully cooperate with the FBI, the Justice Department and Congress. As a result, there have been three attempts on his life and his family has been threatened. Chung charges that the Democratic National Committee wrote an unsolicited letter to his sentencing judge, Manuel Real, portraying itself as a victim and asking Judge Real to throw the book at him...."

World Net Daily 11/8/99 Jane Chastain ".....However, Chung willingly began providing information to federal prosecutors a full year before he had reached a plea agreement with the Justice Department in March of 1998. In fact, his cooperation went far beyond answering questions and turning over records. Shortly after press accounts reported his deal with federal investigators, Mr. Chung was approached by an associate of Liu Chaoing, an executive of a Chinese government-owned aerospace company and a lieutenant colonel in the Chinese military, who advised him to keep silent about some of his Chinese contacts. In return, this San Gabriel Valley businessman told him that he would receive funds sufficient "to live very comfortably." Then, the man said pointedly, "By the way, how is your family?" Thanks to Chung, the FBI captured the meeting on videotape. Judge Real took all this into consideration when he sentenced Chung to five years probation and 3,000 hours of community service....." 11/12/99 Stephan Archer "….Berkman went on to write of a case in which he alleged Klayman "argued an appeal for three overseas branches of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International ... BCCI had forfeited assets to the United States pursuant to a plea agreement under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act," Berkman said. But Klayman, in a letter to Patrick Oster, editor-in-chief of the National Law Journal, explained this statement by Berkman was not true. "Mr. Berkman writes that I represented the Bank of Credit and Commerce International in private practice, to undoubtedly suggest that my prior career involved representing criminals," said Klayman in his letter. "This is blatantly false, as I represented the government liquidators of BCCI, who were seeking to protect the innocent depositors, who had nothing to do with the crimes of the bank, and whose monies had been seized unjustly." …"

Washington Weekly 11/15/99 Edward Zehr "….Quick! Quick! Who is the president of Chechnya? Take your time, but remember, the clock is running. Tick, tock, tick...Bzzt! Oh I'm AWFULLY sorry. You lose. What's that -- you want to know the answer? How would I know who the president of Chechnya is? Who cares? What difference does it make? Yet this question was asked in all solemnity of George Dubya Bush by a Boston TV reporter. Poor Dubya was at a loss to identify more than one of the four foreign leaders he was asked to name, a fact that was gleefully picked up by the liberal Democrat propagandists who masquerade as a "free press" in this country and blabbed incessantly from sea to shining sea. Considering all the vital issues these newshawks "don't have time" to report, one can but wonder at the energy and resources they expend on such trivial pursuits. But of course, they have a hidden agenda, as always, which is to elect a Democrat to the presidency next year. Pursuant to this goal, the mainstream press have launched a massive propaganda campaign aimed at tearing down Bush's image, as well as his commanding lead in the polls. …..Why else did they dig out Bush's academic record as an undergraduate student at Yale and trumpet it in propaganda broadsides thinly disguised as legitimate news stories? …."

Judicial Watch 11/12/99 Joe Giganti "….Harvey Berkman, a reporter for The National Law Journal, a tabloid newspaper loved by liberal trial lawyers and judges, was sued on Wednesday, and served with the complaint yesterday, for a maliciously factually false story he wrote about Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch in the November 8, 1999 edition. The complaint alleges that the libelous story was written with the assistance of agents for the Clintons. Recently, Bill Clinton threatened Larry Klayman at a press conference, emotionally exploding that Klayman is the instigator of the "Larry Klayman political press world" against him and Mrs.Clinton. The strategy of Clinton operatives for years has been to try to harm Klayman's reputation with the judges before whom cases are pending against the President and Mrs.Clinton. Along with David Segal's "Washington Hearsay" Column in The Washington Post's weekly Business Section, who was also sued this week, The National Law Journal is another conduit to try to carry out this tactic……"

Drudge Report 11/18/99 Judicial Watch "….Today, after years of being disparaged, vilified and defamed by the President and his men - in particular, James Carville and George Stephanopoulos - Gennifer Flowers has responded with a lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the District of Nevada. "Having been proved correct by the President's and Mrs. Clinton's own belated admissions, the time has now come for justice. If people like Carville and Stephanopoulos think they can walk away from the wreckage that they have caused in certain peoples' lives, particularly women like Gennifer Flowers, they are sadly mistaken," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman, who filed suit on Ms. Flowers' behalf. A copy of Ms. Flowers' complaint can be found on Judicial Watch's Internet site at ### Judicial Watch, Inc. 501 School Street, S.W.; Suite 725; Washington, D.C. 20024 …" (Inside Cover) 11/18/99 "….Following in the footsteps of Paula Jones and Dolly Kyle Browning, Gennifer Flowers is about to thrust the Clinton White House into more legal hot water. She's suing longtime Clinton operatves James Carville and George Stephanopoulos for libel and slander, based on the falsehoods they've spread about her over the years. Flowers is being represented by Judicial Watch, which filed the suit on her behalf in a Nevada US District Court Thursday morning…… Flowers reacted to Clinton's "60 Minutes" appearance by releasing her now famous tapes to prove the relationship. But even the smoking gun recordings didn't stop Stephanopoulos and Carville, who charged that Flowers' tapes had been doctored. To back up the charge, the Clinton gang retained Los Angeles private detective Anthony Pellicano, who produced an audio analysis which Stephanopoulos and Carville touted as evidence that Flowers' tapes had been edited. The Clinton spin on Flowers' "doctored" tapes was widely circulated by the mainstream media. Pellicano came in handy again during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, when he unearthed Lewinsky's former boyfriend, Andy Blieler. In a nationally televised press conference, Blieler alleged that the intern had once told him she wanted to "go to Washington to earn my presidential kneepads." …..Flowers submitted her tapes for independent analysis by Truth Verification Labs, which found that they had not been tampered with in any way. Still, as late as February 1998, weeks after the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, Stephanopoulos was still publicly claiming that Flowers' tapes had been doctored….." 11/18/99 Kim Eisler "….As independent counsel Kenneth Starr gets closer to returning to private law practice, Senate Democrats have been sending him terse warnings not to interfere in Hillary Clinton's New York Senate race. Although Clinton's likely opponent, New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, may not want to remind voters he and Starr are friends and allies dating back to when they served in the Justice Department together from 1981 until 1983. Democrats like Michigan Senator Carl Levin believe that gives Starr a double reason to put a whammy on Hillary Clinton, not only in his final report to Congress but also in public statements. …..Democrats are not sure they can stop Starr but are hopeful his impending return to private law will keep him from lashing out. His firm, Kirkland & Ellis, represents clients with business before the government and Congress. Starr's biggest brake pedal will probably be his partners' desire to do what lawyers do best--keep their heads down….."

New York Observer 11/22/99 Philip Weiss "….Every time I see the name of Al Gore's press guy, Chris Lehane, I think of a giant mistake I made that I'm still trying to figure out…… The 2,000 pages of Travel Office documents made me deeply uneasy, because they showed how the White House counsel's office had coached staff members on exactly what other members had already said in their depositions, regarding firings we had a right to know about. In retrospect, I should have been getting those documents from the critics, the Congressional committee that had released it. But I was leery of the Republicans, and Chris was a friend. …… He proudly showed me a report he'd done. It was a thick blue looseleaf binder of news clippings interspersed with some analysis he'd written. It was titled, bizarrely, "The Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce," and talked about how wild allegations about Bill Clinton got legitimized in the press. It blamed the British papers and the tabloids for printing rumors and immunizing them so that the mainstream could then pick them up. I mulched the report. This is the way the press should work, I thought. Stories bubble up from wherever they bubble up from. People should decide what they think is right to say. But the report saw this as a sinister process. I thought Chris was slightly addlepated but in an earnest way, too eager. …"

New York Observer 11/22/99 Philip Weiss "….In fall 1996, The New York Times Magazine asked me to look into the Clinton haters, and I called Chris, who overnighted me another copy of the report, bigger than ever. Then I went down to Washington to talk to him and his boss, Mark Fabiani….. Mr. Fabiani laughed, talking about what a whiz Chris was on the Internet and the photocopier. The two of them were dark and light. A week later, I went to Arkansas for the first time and read Chris' report on my bed in the Excelsior Hotel. The clippings were like a box of candies of Clinton haters. I got to choose which person I'd do first. Sitting on the bed, I called Linda Ives. ……. When I asked Chris and Mark about the actual stories in the clips, they said they hadn't looked into them, that wasn't the point. When I left Linda's house, late at night, standing under the spotlight rural people have outside their homes, her dog barking, I promised her I wouldn't sell her out. I didn't realize it yet, but I was already becoming a Clinton-hater.

New York Observer 11/22/99 Philip Weiss "….Linda had been through hell, and she was a lot tougher than I was, and not nearly so naïve. She'd asked me that night how I learned about her case and I'd glibly told her about the White House documents. Linda told her friend Micah Morrison at The Wall Street Journal. I called Mr. Morrison to interview him for my article. He was suspicious and opaque. He refused to meet with me, would only talk on the phone. In being interviewed by me, he interviewed me, and thoroughly finessed me. Then he called Mr. Fabiani to get the conspiracy report. After that Chris called me. We were both a little panicked, but I acted like it was no big deal. Chris was gentlemanly. He told me his clear understanding was that the report was off the record. I was defensive. I said I didn't remember him declaring it off the record. We both braced for what would come.

New York Observer 11/22/99 Philip Weiss "….Micah Morrison got the biggest scoop of his career. For a couple of days in early 1997 the conspiracy report and what it said about the politics of spin became a press feeding frenzy at the White House. Mike McCurry distanced himself from it but said that it accurately described how "crazy" rumors and "nutcase material" got into the mainstream press…. Later, I talked to him from my hotel. At once formal and nice, he let me save journalistic face by listening as I said again that I didn't understand it to be off the record. Of course, any fool should have known it was off the record. And yet the report should have become public knowledge-it was wrong that taxpayers should have been paying for the White House counsel's office to put out such crap. I wonder how much of that I'd unconsciously figured out….."

New York Observer 11/22/99 Philip Weiss "….Looking back on it, we were both being used. He was the pawn putting out poison and washing his hands of it, I was the slithering snake that fucked him. We told ourselves we were friends, but we were already thousands of feet apart. We were on the knife edge then, and about to fall……"

Judicial Watch 11/23/99 "….Judicial Watch, the non-partisan public interest law firm that prosecutes government corruption, asked if the White House or its agents were involved in today's Washington Post hit piece against new independent counsel and Starr replacement Robert W. Ray. Judicial Watch has previously uncovered evidence that the Clinton White House had kept files on Ken Starr and others it considered to be threats. Maintenance or use of such files on individuals is a violation of, among other federal laws, the Privacy Act. Bill and Hillary Clinton also employ private investigators, who include former FBI officials and agents. "It is evident from the Post piece that someone was digging into the background of Independent Counsel Ray. The Washington Post article has the fingerprints of The White House and the Clintons' private investigators all over it," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman. Judicial Watch notes that it would be a crime for any individual to intimidate Mr. Ray, a federal law enforcement official, in the performance of his official duties. …."

Judicial Watch 11/22/99 Joe Giganti "….Judicial Watch, the non-partisan public interest law firm that prosecutes government corruption, asked if the White House or its agents were involved in today's Washington Post hit piece against new independent counsel and Starr replacement Robert W. Ray. Judicial Watch has previously uncovered evidence that the Clinton White House had kept files on Ken Starr and others it considered to be threats. Maintenance or use of such files on individuals is a violation of, among other federal laws, the Privacy Act. Bill and Hillary Clinton also employ private investigators, who include former FBI officials and agents. "It is evident from the Post piece that someone was digging into the background of Independent Counsel Ray. The Washington Post article has the fingerprints of The White House and the Clintons' private investigators all over it," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman. Judicial Watch notes that it would be a crime for any individual to intimidate Mr. Ray, a federal law enforcement official, in the performance of his official duties….."

Washington Post 11/22/99 David Vise "…. Jill Harris recalls being "shocked" when she learned last month that Robert W. Ray had been named to replace Kenneth W. Starr as independent counsel…. Harris, a lawyer who lives in Brooklyn, N.Y.…. she and a number of other residents in Brooklyn's Park Slope and Windsor Terrace neighborhoods remember Ray in another role--as an unsuccessful school board candidate who vehemently opposed an elementary school curriculum designed to teach children about families with two moms or two dads, an approach he characterized as an "assault on the moral authority of parents." ….."

WorldNetDaily 11/22/99 "…. Larry Klayman, general counsel and chairman of Judicial Watch, has filed a formal demand for retraction of a published statement made by Washington Post ombudsman E.R. Shipp linking WorldNetDaily Editor Joseph Farah with Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. Demands for retraction must precede defamation claims……"

Las Vegas Review via WND 11/20/99 Carri Geer Andrew DeMillo "…James Carville, the mastermind of Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign, chuckled frequently Friday when questioned about the federal defamation lawsuit former Clinton paramour Gennifer Flowers has filed against him in Las Vegas. "Cover it like it's a serious story," Carville told a reporter. "You're not getting a serious comment from me." ….. It claims Carville appeared Jan. 21, 1998, on the Larry King show, and Stephanopoulos appeared Feb. 2, 1998. Both men made statements casting doubt on Flowers' account of the affair, according to the complaint. Carville did not deny making the statement attributed to him in the lawsuit, but he denied he defamed Flowers. "The lawsuit has no merit," he said……. In Washington, Larry Klayman is perhaps the sharpest thorn in the side of the White House. An outspoken and colorful conservative activist and attorney, he has sued the Clinton administration in more than 30 matters……Transcripts of depositions in which he relentlessly pursues his targets circulate as entertainment in the legal community and sometimes are excerpted in the Washington Post's legal gossip column. The president himself has criticized the attorney and his take-no-prisoners style. At a September news conference, Clinton decried "the Larry Klayman political press world in which what's true is not as important as whether you can be dragged around." ….Turley said he used to be a Klayman critic but has gained respect for what the attorney has done with his litigation. Klayman can't be dismissed as an extremist or a gadfly as quickly as he once was, Turley contends. "He has certainly proven he has the tenacity to succeed," he said….."

Washington Post 12/4/99 Tim Graham "….I applaud E. R. Shipp for piercing the media silence around the death of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising at the hands of two gay men [ombudsman, Nov. 14]. But I did not appreciate being lumped in a clause with David Duke without any context except we're both "hostile to homosexuals." Shipp's blanket description of my shared "hostility" with Duke underlines what's wrong with newsroom thinking about covering homosexuals. Is it considered "hostile" to straight people to cover them when they are perpetrators of crimes as well as when they are victims? David Smith of the Human Rights Campaign proclaimed: "This has nothing to do with gay people." By that standard, Matthew Shepard's death had nothing to do with straight people. Activist groups such as the Human Rights Campaign have used Shepard not simply as a "symbol" but as a spiked club. They claimed Shepard was killed not by his assailants but by a "climate" fostered by newspaper ads telling gay people they could repent their sins and come to Christ. ……."

Reuters 11/21/99 "….Former Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr would take a 60 percent pay cut if he decides to return to his old law firm, an indication that his former partners doubt his ability to recruit new clients. The New Yorker magazine reports in its Nov. 29 issue. When Starr left the law firm of Kirkland & Ellis in 1998, he was at the top of the salary range for partners, now about $2 million a year, according to excerpts from the article. But Starr was recently offered a job at Kirkland & Ellis ''at the bottom of the partner salary range,'' or about $800,000, The New Yorker reports. …." Foster "….. "Lenzner is apparently so well-connected to the CIA that, in an hour of need, the agency turned to him for help in shielding one of its most notorious employees from public scrutiny. On March 13, Lenzner was deposed by Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch in connection with Filegate: the White House confiscation of over 900 FBI files on Bush and Reagan administration employees.. On his attorney's advice he neither admitted nor denied if his firm carried out the highly intrusive investigations of Judge Robert Bork and Justice Clarence Thomas after they had been nominated to a place on the Supreme Court. Lenzner also refused to say whether or not he had ordered his gang of snoops to dig up dirt on Linda Tripp, Paula Jones, Pat Robertson, Kenneth Starr and members of his independent counsel team. Nor would he admit to having investigated reporters at Newsweek, the American Spectator and other publications…."

New York Post 11/20/99 "….Amid all the Madison Square Garden hoopla that was Bill Bradley's retired-jock fund-raiser last weekend was a gratuitous slur by Bill Walton on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Walton called Thomas's presence on the court a "sad joke." This is the same Bill Walton who, as a pot-smoking collegiate and professional ballplayer in the early '70s, found time to pal around with Symbionese Liberation Army fellow-travelers. So who's the sad joke? ……."

Ark. Dem. Gazette 11/19/99 Bradley Gitz "….. One of the more endearing traits of the Clinton administration has always been the vicious manner with which it smears its critics. Those who oppose racial quotas because they see them as racist are, for instance, routinely denounced by the administration as racists themselves. Those who see an overly intrusive federal government as a threat to individual liberties are charged with inspiring tragedies like the Oklahoma City bombing. Those who question the need for additional gun control measures are blamed, as Al Gore attempted to do just a few weeks back, for mass shootings like Columbine. And so on. It shouldn't be all that surprising, then, that the administration would ratchet up the invective directed at Republicans following the Senate's recent refusal to ratify the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. What is genuinely surprising, though, is the White House's smear term of choice--more precisely its decision to launch a full-scale attack upon the GOP as "the new isolationists." …."

N.Y. Post 11/26/99 "….. A well-placed story this week in the Washington Post painted Starr-successor Robert Ray as a social troglodyte of the first order. The evidence? In 1993 and again in 1996, Ray ran for the board of Community School District 13, in Brooklyn's Park Slope, as a member of the Children's Slate -- whose principal plank was opposition to the infamous Rainbow Curriculum. Remember "Heather Has Two Mommies?" "Daddy's Roommate?" Condom instruction for third-graders -- and teaching approvingly about homosexuality as a matter of "tolerance" in the first grade? That was the Rainbow Curriculum. While the Washington Post characterized that preposterous gaggle of radical edu-junk as "a multicultural approach to teaching children about alternative lifestyles," it was -- in point of fact -- about much more than that. It was an outrageously age-inappropriate effort at social indoctrination, undertaken by then-Schools Chancellor Joseph Fernandez and a coalition of activists -- who, in the end, almost won. But they didn't, and soon Fernandez was sent packing……"

Judicial Watch 11/29/99 "…..Today, in the "Media Notes" section of the Style Section of The Washington Post ("the Post"), Howard Kurtz and the Post attacked Larry Klayman, Chairman of Judicial Watch, for writing an article entitled: "The Ethical Decline of Liberal Jewish Intelligentsia Under Clinton." The article appeared in Klayman's debut column of on November 9, 1999, and set the record for hits (over 30,000) that day alone. It can now be found on's archives, or at Judicial Watch's website at The article has received thousands of rave reviews from Jews and Christians and Kurtz was provided with e-mail to quote from. Kurtz' hit piece makes no mention of this. The article celebrates Klayman's Jewish heritage, and is a salute to his grandparents who taught him these values. It goes on to point out how the Clinton years have exposed a decline in Jewish values among those liberal Jewish journalists who have shilled for the President, Mrs. Clinton and their administration. In essence, the article asks the compelling question -- which Kurtz and other liberal Jews have a hard time confronting -- "Why have they abandoned their proud Jewish heritage -- founded in the Ten Commandments -- to run interference for the most dishonest and corrupt President in American history?" The obvious answer is that they have elevated their leftist political ideology over basic Judeo-Christian values. The article also candidly points out a sad observation. Since founding Judicial Watch in 1994, Klayman has observed that the overwhelming majority of attacks against him and his group have come from liberal Jewish journalists, raising another question: Do liberal Jews treat conservative Jews the same way liberal blacks treat conservative blacks? Certainly, the viciousness exhibited against Klayman, Justice Clarence Thomas, Alan Keyes, J.C. Watts, Ward Connerly, and others seems to be similar. In the article, Klayman asks whether he is viewed as a "kosher uncle Tom," particularly given his openly expressed belief in Jesus Christ, first taught to him by his devoutly Jewish grandfather, Isadore, who preached the "oneness" of the two religions to him, emphasizing that Christ was a Jew and should be respected……"

New York Post 12/15/99 Brian Blomquist "....Justice Department insiders say Attorney General Janet Reno has been out of the major decision-making loop and her deputy, Eric Holder, is running the show...... Holder, a Barbadian immigrant's son who grew up in Queens and received his law degree from Columbia, has played major roles in the probe of Democratic funny-money in the 1996 elections, the Sexgate scandal and the recommendation to President Clinton on whether to free FALN terrorists from jail. A list of FALN documents withheld from Congress shows that many memos on the FALN clemency decision went directly to Holder, while Reno's role was minimal. Officials close to Holder say he's "in the lead on the big issues and setting policy" because Reno gets distracted with "minutiae" and is "blind to the big picture." .....

New York Post 12/15/99 Brian Blomquist "....Reno's critics see her as a protector of the Clinton administration, but several lawyers who have dealt closely with Holder say he's a fierce partisan who also has strong loyalties to Clinton and the Democrats. Prosecutors from the office of independent counsel Kenneth Starr came to distrust Holder intensely after Clinton appointed him in March 1997. They believe he was behind leaks to the media that tarnished them at the height of the scandal...... Two of Starr's former prosecutors say that early in the Sexgate scandal, they received phone calls from a lawyer with strong White House and Justice Department ties, warning them to watch out for Holder. "Beware, the White House puppet in the Justice Department is Eric Holder. Janet Reno doesn't even know this," the tipster warned. Holder ridiculed the anonymous charge, saying, "Unnamed people, a prominent defense attorney? Yeah, right!" ...... "Eric Holder is a very polished political partisan. He was the one who spurred all the investigations of Ken Starr. He has his finger on everything," said Mark Levin, an ex-Justice official who heads the conservative Landmark Legal Foundation...."

The American Spectator 12/14/99 John Corry "..... Waiting to Inhale The health police grow more brazen. Smoking upsets them very much, and they do what they can to stamp it out, no matter how reprehensible their tactics. In California, the Department of Health Services has been giving money to anti-smoking zealots in Berkeley, ostensibly to educate the public about the dangers of smoking, but actually to compile an "enemies" list of those who disagree with them. The list is made up of groups and individuals -- some with no connection to California -- who have written, spoken or otherwise commented on smoking in ways they consider unsuitable. The bureaucrats and the zealots say health concerns drove them to compile the list, but their desire to stifle discussion is more plausible. They undermine the right to free speech because they think they know what's good for us. And, of course, they use government funding to do it....... Meanwhile, like all good enemies lists, this one does not discriminate. It indicts big shots and small fry alike. Thus you may find on it the name and address of a man in Colorado who "appears to work for a research firm that represents the tobacco industry." You may also find the name and address of a man in Sacramento who "contacted the Chino Hills, Calif., city clerk, seeking information on the sponsor of a smokefree ordinance pending in Chino Hills." Obviously it took a lot of detective work to uncover miscreants like that, and as the Los Angeles Daily News reported last week, the tax-exempt Non-Smokers Rights Foundation spent part of the $1.2 million "monitoring people who attended and spoke on tobacco issues at city council meetings in cities throughout the state." It also reported that it investigated a federal judge in North Carolina who issued a ruling in a case involving second-hand smoke. ......"

Capitol Hill Blue 12/15/99 Godfrey Sperling "....The Monitor breakfast group sought to meet with Judge Starr on several occasions when he was pushing his probe of the Clintons. But, as a prosecutor involved in a case, he did not see fit to do so. Meanwhile, several Clinton defenders, most notably James Carville and Lanny Davis, came to a number of breakfasts and used the opportunity to make Starr out to be an overzealous pursuer of the president. Indeed, they were able to plant the impression that Starr, not the president, was the real villain. But now that he is freed of his duties as special prosecutor, Starr is finally speaking out. Visiting the Monitor breakfast the other day, he asserted he'd been blackened by the White House "spin machine" and said that White House-related charges that he had been carrying on a "vendetta" against the Clintons were "a totally bogus and bum rap." .... Starr uncovered a massive effort by the president to lie under oath and obstruct justice. The House impeached the president. Fifty senators voted to remove the president. Thirty-two other senators who voted to retain the president nonetheless signed a resolution that condemned him for giving "false or misleading testimony" and "impeding discovery of evidence in judicial proceedings" and concluded that he had "violated the trust of the American people." Federal Judge Susan Webber Wright held the president in contempt because he intentionally provided "false, misleading and evasive answers" and "undermined the integrity of the judicial system." Meanwhile the president is seeking to change the public perception of his impeachment, making it out to be nothing more than an act of GOP political vindictiveness for actions that were nothing more than personal misbehavior. He says he broke no laws. Starr told us he was dismayed over this Clinton effort to squirm out of responsibility and said how wrong it is to believe that "it's OK to commit perjury and obstruction of justice if the arena of conduct is personal." That view, he said, "is a lawless perspective." ....."

Progressive Review 12/13/99 Sam Smith "….McDougal himself, one of the federal government's most important witnesses against Clinton, would die underquestionable circumstances while in the custody of the Department of Justice. His former wife, co-conspirator and Clinton loyalist Susan McDougal, would become a national media darling. When Monica Lewinsky looked like she might cause Clinton trouble, power-brokers Bill Richardson and Vernon Jordan went to extraordinary lengths to find her sedating employment. Less compliant former sexual partners found themselves followed, trashed in the media, and physically threatened…... Witnesses willing to dissemble or duck on Clinton's behalf retained political power or honor within Washington establishment. Those willing to pull back the curtain -- including police officers and federal prosecutors -- were subjected to unprecedented ridicule and dismissal by the media. Some of these witnesses even turned up dead. Journalists willing to provide exculpation for the president saw their careers expand; those who tried to tell the truth found themselves blacklisted. This then, has been the last big crime carried out on behalf of America's most corrupt president: the destruction of those who dared to challenge him. This then, is the story being continued in a Maryland courthouse as a woman who kept her mouth shut is pitted a woman who told the truth. The former has launched a post-crisis celebrity career complete with book and fawning media attention. The latter, the one who told the truth, has faced massive media libels, a death threat left on her White House chair, government release of her personnel files, and now even jail. …."

Newsmax 12/13/99 "….. Key Chinagate witness Johnny Chung has been ordered to notify US government authorities of any plans he has for speeches, interviews, public appearances or other activities where he might discuss his role in the White House's campaign fundraising scandal and its links to the Communist Chinese Peoples Liberation Army. The new restrictions stipulate that Chung must also apprise a designated government contact about the anticipated media presence at venues where he plans to speak. The onetime White House regular revealed the shocking new government demands late Friday, just minutes before he was scheduled address's holiday conference at Huntington Beach, California. After notifying his government contact from the site of the gathering, Chung told the packed ballroom audience: "I've been ordered two days ago by the United States government that, anywhere I try to make a speech, or if I try to give an interview on the radio or on TV; I have to notify them. So I did. I called them up just before the event and told them about it. I said, 'There's a lot of wonderful people here. I don't know them but obviously they know me.'" ……Chung recalled what happened to him after he spoke at a Judicial Watch dinner in October, where he revealed new details about his cooperation with the FBI's undercover Chinagate sting operation and how that led to three attempts on his life. "Less than 48 hours after I gave that speech, I get a tax lien from our wonderful California Franchise Tax Board." Ever since that event, says Chung, "I've been singing like a bird on radio and TV." …." 1/9/00 Jon Dougherty "…..Deborah Perroy, who was employed at the White House from 1988 until September 1993, said in a sworn statement to Judicial Watch, a Washington-based legal watchdog group currently involved in a number of lawsuits with the Clinton administration, that Robert Manzanares and Marcia Dimel examined top secret personnel background files in the fall of 1993. Perroy charged that shortly before Manzanares was "slotted to leave the NSC for a foreign post," she surprised him and his assistant, Dimel, looking through the secret files, "which included FBI/CIA file information," in Room 397 on the third floor of the Old Executive Office Building. At the time, Perroy said, the office belonged to the CIA liaison to the NSC. "The files were normally kept in the safe of the CIA liaison's office and were intended to be used by the CIA liaison to evaluate the suitability for security clearances of the White House staffers," she said. …… Perroy stated that she was aware that the files contained copies of the FBI background reports and other FBI information on individuals who worked in the NSC and the West Wing of the White House in the Reagan, Bush and possibly Carter administrations. …….. " 1/9/00 Jon Dougherty "….Perroy maintained that there was "no legitimate reason" for Manzanares and Dimel to have been in the CIA liaison's office, "let alone accessing the files I witnessed them perusing." She stated that the incident caused her "great concern and stress, together with the appointment of the new director of NSC administration (Manzanares)," which "precipitated" her resignation from the Clinton White House "shortly thereafter." After she resigned, however, Perroy stated that she was telephoned "several times a day" by Col. David Harrington, director of the White House Situation Support Staff, a position responsible "directly" to the director of administration of the Clinton White House. She said Harrington "implored" her to "come back to work there and complete end of year and next year budget submissions." She refused, and was summarily threatened by the Clinton White House. According to Perroy's statement, the administration "threatened to come after me with false charges and allegations in order to smear my good name," a tactic alleged by other former White House officials. She said she informed the White House she would sue "if they did something so egregious and that I would go public with information about what I believe to be improper activities I witnessed." …..The document indicated that the White House had initially received her file Oct. 7, 1993, but requested another copy March 17, 1994. "The White House requested my file again in March after I had threatened to sue them," Perroy stated. "Based on my experience working for the Clinton administration, I believe that my FBI file was obtained and repeatedly sought in part because of fear that I would divulge information about improper activities I witnessed at the Clinton White House," said Perroy….."

The Washington Times 1/8/00 Jerry Seper "….Deborah Perroy, a member of the NSC support staff, said the classified files included documents kept in the safe of the CIA's liason office intended for use by CIA officials to evaluate the suitability of security clearances for White House officials. Mrs. Perroy, who worked at the White House from 1988 to 1993, said the files included copies of FBI background reports and other FBI information on persons who worked for the NSC and in the West Wing during the Reagan and Bush administrations. She said the files included those for persons who no longer required either access to the White House or security clearances……… Mrs. Perry, also said she has since learned that her FBI file was requested by the White House Office of Personnel and Security in March 1994, six months after she left her post and no longer required access or a security clearance…….. Mrs. Perroy is the second former administration employee to come forward in the past month with complaints of impropriety at the White House. Sheryl Hall, a former White House computer specialist who left her job four months ago, said in legal papers filed Dec. 15 that the Clinton administration was trying to "stall" the "Filegate" lawsuit until after President Clinton left office with first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. Mrs. Hall said Michelle Peterson of the White House Counsel's Office told her in late May or early June "that 'our strategy' for the Filegate lawsuit was to 'stall' because 'we had just a couple of more years to go.'" ….."


The Washington Weekly 1/10/00 Marvin Lee "….Perroy said in her statement that she surprised Robert Manzanares, director of NSC administration, and his assistant, Marcia Dimel, after hours in the CIA liaison's office rummaging through confidential CIA/FBI files. The files had been removed from a safe known by Perroy to contain confidential information on former NSC officials in past Republican administrations. Perroy states that Craig Livingstone had "several" meetings with Mr. Manzanares, providing a link to the Filegate scandal in which Livingstone was seen in the White House counsel's office improperly handling FBI files of Republicans. The White House claimed that Livingstone had committed a "bureaucratic snafu," a position that is badly in need of revision in light of the sworn revelation by Perroy of the magnitude of the political intelligence operation run not only out of the White House Counsel's office but also out of the NSC…."

Chicago SunTimes Online 1/20/2000 Robert Novack "….. At issue is the most mysterious of the Clinton scandals: discovery at the White House of more than 900 secret FBI personnel files, including dossiers of prominent Republicans. For more than six months, Lamberth has had on his desk requests for sworn testimony by two people--a former White House aide's ex-wife who claims Hillary Rodham Clinton was associated with the files affair, and Mrs. Clinton herself. Lawyers familiar with Lamberth's court believe his decision is imminent. The judge has more to consider than one woman's unsubstantiated allegations. Conservative Larry Klayman's Judicial Watch has collected at least 14 pieces of evidence in his class-action suit in behalf of people claiming exposure of their confidential files violated their privacy. His evidence certainly does not prove Mrs. Clinton's complicity, but suggests this was more than the FBI blunder described by the White House. …… Lamberth now is considering the request for sworn testimony by the first lady and Leslie Gail Kennedy, who in 1994 was married to former White House Associate Counsel William Kennedy. Last June 11, Mrs. Kennedy told a Judicial Watch interviewer that she in 1994 observed her husband "on several occasions" transferring FBI files into his laptop computer. She expressed the opinion that Mrs. Clinton, her ex-husband's former law partner in Little Rock, was using the files against enemies of health reform…."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 1/25/2000 "….The Clinton White House has made a habit of assassinating the character of those it finds politically inconvenient, and no one, no matter how apolitical, is exempt from its attacks……Now come the details of the terrifying experience of Deborah Perroy, another longtime White House worker who served administrations of both parties. In an affidavit taken earlier this month, Mrs. Perroy has charged that White House officials threatened to "come after me with false charges and allegations in order to smear my good name." Mrs. Perroy, a member of the National Security Council (NSC) support staff who had worked in the White House during the Reagan and Bush administrations, became a target of the Clinton White House after she witnessed Robert Manzanares, the director of NSC administration, and his assistant looking through the secret FBI files of Reagan and Bush officials. Mr. Manzanares and his assistant "were keeping some sort of list," Mrs. Perroy said in her affidavit, and "clearly reacted as if they did not expect me and had been caught doing something improper." Those files, which were kept in a safe in the CIA's White House liaison office, contained information on "virtually every top political and NSC aide to Presidents Reagan and Bush," Mrs. Perroy said….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 1/25/2000 "….Four days after Mrs. Perroy resigned in Sept. 1993, White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum wrote to the FBI requesting her confidential FBI file. (It's worth noting that Mr. Nussbaum also requested Mr. Dale's secret FBI file, after which FBI Director Louis Freeh, whom President Clinton appointed, accused the White House of "egregious violations of privacy.") As Jerry Seper of The Washington Times reported last week, Mr. Nussbaum's letter explained that he needed Mrs. Perroy's file because she was "being considered" for access to the White House. Not only had Mrs. Perroy resigned four days earlier; but for the previous five years, she had already been cleared for access to most areas of the White House, including the West Wing and the Old Executive Office Building. Despite Mr. Nussbaum's claim that he had "absolutely no knowledge" of any request under his name for Mr. Dale's file, his office received Mrs. Perroy's confidential file from the FBI a month after she resigned…."

The Associated Press 1/24/2000 "….The Rev. Jerry Falwell has sued the White House and the FBI for denying a request for information about him that he contends is kept in a "secret" Justice Department database about religious and anti-abortion leaders. The lawsuit, filed last week in U.S. District Court, contends the database is used to keep information intended for use in smear tactics. Falwell sought the information last summer under the Freedom of Information Act after being told of the alleged database by Judicial Watch, a conservative Washington group that said it learned of the material through an anonymous source. Falwell contends that keeping information about him in the database is a violation of the Privacy Act, which makes it illegal for the government to keep a file on a person without a lawful reason. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Falwell and several organizations he founded or has affiliations with, including Liberty University, the Moral Majority and the Old-Time Gospel Hour. "All of this is to see if any of my father's organizations are in the database," Jerry Falwell Jr., who serves as the senior Falwell's attorney, said Monday. ….."

Associated Press 1/25/2000 "….The Rev. Jerry Falwell has sued the White House and the FBI for denying a request for information about him that he contends is kept in a ``secret'' Justice Department database about religious and anti-abortion leaders. The lawsuit, filed last week in U.S. District Court, contends the database is used to keep information intended for use in smear tactics. Falwell sought the information last summer under the Freedom of Information Act after being told of the alleged database by Judicial Watch, a conservative Washington group that said it learned of the material through an anonymous source. Falwell contends that keeping information about him in the database is a violation of the Privacy Act, which makes it illegal for the government to keep a file on a person without a lawful reason……. In a letter regarding Falwell's request, Meredith E. Cabe, an associate counsel to President Clinton, wrote, ``FOIA does not establish a statutory right to the records Dr. Falwell has requested from the White House, if such records exist.'' …."

Chicago Sun-Times 1/20/2000 Robert Novak "…..Federal District Judge Royce C. Lamberth, a Reagan appointee who often has ruled against the Clinton administration, may be nearing two decisions of profound importance for the president's legacy and for the first lady's future. At issue is the most mysterious of the Clinton scandals: discovery at the White House of more than 900 secret FBI personnel files, including dossiers of prominent Republicans. For more than six months, Lamberth has had on his desk requests for sworn testimony by two people--a former White House aide's ex-wife who claims Hillary Rodham Clinton was associated with the files affair, and Mrs. Clinton herself. Lawyers familiar with Lamberth's court believe his decision is imminent. The judge has more to consider than one woman's unsubstantiated allegations. Conservative Larry Klayman's Judicial Watch has collected at least 14 pieces of evidence in his class-action suit in behalf of people claiming exposure of their confidential files violated their privacy. His evidence certainly does not prove Mrs. Clinton's complicity, but suggests this was more than the FBI blunder described by the White House……… How could a sole controversial judicial activist uncover such material when special prosecutor Kenneth Starr in late 1998 gave President Clinton a clean bill of health on the files scandal? Sources close to Starr's investigation say the burdens of simultaneous prosecutions in Washington and Little Rock forced him to pick and choose. Uninhibited by such demands, Klayman has ploughed ahead, collecting affidavits on a matter that even Republicans have abandoned, but Democrats consider the most dangerous of all Clinton improprieties……"

Silicon Valley Logic 4/28/98 "…..According to Secret Service logs, Bill Clinton had a rare meeting with Craig Livingstone, ex-White House security man and the keeper of the infamous "FBI files," on December 7, 1993. Incredibly, that meeting took place the very day after FBI logs show that Livingstone and his men first began to request the "unjustifiably obtained" FBI files! FBI logs show that starting on December 6, 1993, "a series of 481 requests which bear the characteristics of a single alphabetical series" were sent from Livingstone's office in the White House, all with the notation "ACCESS," indicating that they were to be used to facilitate security clearances. This series of files is the same that was later found by the FBI to have been "improperly sought," and which contained confidential and personal information on many enemies of the Clinton administration. White House entry logs show that Livingstone entered the residence the very next day, on Dec. 7, 1993, at 7:23 p.m. to meet with POTUS - the president. The meeting on December 7th was one of only two face-to-face meetings on the record between Bill Clinton and Livingstone, who was later fired for his role in the FBI files controversy……"

World Net Daily 1/27/2000 Joseph Farah "….Your federal government funded a paranoid, conspiracy-minded activist to the tune of $2 million last year to, among other things, spy on little old me. This self-proclaimed "militia watchdog" is Mark Pitcavage of Columbus, Ohio. He's a one-man clearinghouse whose work on behalf of Janet Reno's Justice Department includes trashing those investigating the Waco massacre. He boasts on his website of being research director for the State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training program, funded through the Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Assistance through the Institute for Intergovernmental Research…... "I don't know who 'owns' them (WorldNetDaily)," he writes, "but they do have a clear agenda. They are an ultraconservative conspiracy-oriented (and, needless to say, anti-government) 'news agency.' I put that last in quotes because they attempt to make themselves seem like a respectable news agency, but their stories are generally the same old conspiracy theories and similar dead horses (land grabs, U.N. power, military urban exercises, Bill Clinton is evil, etc.) that have been trotted out before. The difference is money, which allows them to have paid, full-time journalists, and of course the Internet, which gives them a veneer of respectability."…."

World Net Daily 1/27/2000 Joseph Farah "….* On the term "conspiracy-oriented": I find it interesting that the targets of WorldNetDaily's investigative reports often resort to using this characterization as their sole line of defense. They don't pick apart our reporting. They don't cite inaccuracies. They don't deal in specifics. Instead, they use broad strokes to discredit the one news agency in the world that uses responsible journalistic techniques to carry out the most traditional, honorable and noble work being done in our profession today. That's what Pitcavage does. And he learned the trick from his masters in this administration - Hillary Clinton to name names……"

World Net Daily 1/27/2000 Joseph Farah "….Pitcavage is small potatoes. I'm not suggesting he's really a key player in the massive forms of abuse of power exercised by this administration. But he's indicative of how far the abuse has gone. He should be stopped. He should be defunded. But, more importantly, Congress and the people of the United States must demand that his sponsors - Reno and the Clinton smear machine - be brought to justice for their high crimes and misdemeanors. If it was wrong for Nixon - and it was - it's equally wrong for the Clintons to use all the power of the federal government to maintain "enemies lists" and to target law-abiding critics and government watchdogs for retribution….."

Judicial Watch 1/24/2000 "....Judicial Watch learned through an anonymous source that the Clinton Justice Department - run by Attorney General Janet Reno - has been keeping a secret database against religious and pro-life leaders. The secret database is called "VAAPCON." When Judicial Watch learned of this secret illegal database, it filed a Freedom of Information Act request and confirmed that indeed VAAPCON existed. Because he believed himself to be a likely target of the Clinton Administration, Dr. Jerry Falwell, Chancellor of Liberty University, and founder of "The Moral Majority," filed a Privacy Act request to determine whether or not The White House and Clinton Justice Department had files on him and his ministries. Typically, both entities stonewalled - effectively confirming that illegal files are being kept on Dr. Falwell and his ministries. To get at the truth, Judicial Watch and Jerry Falwell, Jr., an attorney in Lynchburg, Virginia, and son of Dr. Falwell, filed suit in the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia....."Over the years, my ministries and I have been subjected to a number of attempts to not only inhibit our free speech, but to subvert our pro-life advocacy. When I learned of this illegal VAAPCON database, I felt obliged to take action to stand up for the rights of all Americans to be free to express their religious beliefs, as people of faith should not be intimidated by a corrupt and immoral Clinton Administration," stated Dr. Falwell....."


WorldNetDaily 2/8/00 Jon Basil Utley "…Although Joseph McCarthy was one of the most demonized American politicians of the last century, new information -- including half-century-old FBI recordings of Soviet embassy conversations -- are showing that McCarthy was right in nearly all his accusations……. Using new information obtained from studies of old Soviet files in Moscow and now the famous Vanona Intercepts -- FBI recordings of Soviet embassy communications between 1944-48 -- the record is showing that McCarthy was essentially right. He had many weaknesses, but almost every case he charged has now been proven correct. Whether it was stealing atomic secrets or influencing U.S. foreign policy, communist victories in the 1940s were fed by an incredibly vast spy and influence network…….Speakers detailed many of the cover-ups used to smear McCarthy. Veteran journalist and teacher Stan Evans, director of National Journalism Center, told of the Tydings Committee, which had investigated McCarthy's charges of communists in government. Its report had exonerated everybody. Among the accused it stated categorically that there was no evidence against Owen Lattimore, a man McCarthy said was a major figure in the communist conspiracy. Lattimore had been Roosevelt's key advisor on China policy. Yet Evans showed evidence from 5,000 pages of FBI files on him -- files released only a few years ago to the public, although the White House had access to them. However, evidence before the committee showed that Lattimore had supported Soviet policy at every turn, even declaring that the Stalin purge trials in Russia, "sound like democracy to me." With then-Vice President Henry Wallace in Russia, Lattimore compared concentration camps to the Tennessee Valley Authority, and later urged Washington to abandon China to communism and to withdraw from Japan and Korea. FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover, who had fed information to McCarthy, broke with him afterwards, fearing McCarthy would prejudice FBI sources of information for its criminal prosecutions. ..."

San Francisco Examiner 2/8/00 George Koo "…..Recent revelations allow a detailed comparison of the cases of two men accused of breaching national security, John Deutch and Wen Ho Lee. We can now judge whether there are grounds for the accusation made by Lee's defense team and supporters that the government is engaged in selective prosecution. Lee: At the bail hearing for the former scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, government prosecutors contended that he had downloaded "massive" amounts of secret data into an unsecured personal computer in his office, which is why his case is so serious. Deutch: According to news reports, investigators found 17,000 pages of top-secret files in unsecured computers in the home of the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Since Lee's prosecutors did not define "massive," we can only speculate whether 17,000 pages constitute a massive breach by Deutch. According to the prosecutors, Lee mishandled enough data to allow someone to design a nuclear bomb. In Deutch's case, the data reportedly dealt with "some of the government's most sensitive covert operations." ..."

Associated Press 2/9/00 Laurence Cruz "….Dan Savage, gay writer of an outrageous and comically explicit sex-advice column, is waging either germ warfare or a disinformation campaign against the religious right. He claimed recently that while posing as a volunteer for Gary Bauer's campaign in Iowa, he licked office doorknobs and coffee cups and handed the conservative Republican a slobbered-on pen to try to infect him with the flu. Bauer's people were furious, but Savage, 35, now says the part about the germs never happened and was just a joke - a metaphoric reply to Bauer's rhetoric against homosexuals and gay marriage. Either way, the episode was characteristic of a man who regularly pushes boundaries in his Seattle-based column "Savage Love," which appears in 28 alternative newspapers around the country, including the Village Voice in New York, and is read by an estimated 4 million people a week. …..Savage, who with his partner recently adopted a little boy, is the very incarnation of all that the Christian conservative movement despises. There is no sex act too perverse, no sex subject too outlandish for him to delve blithely into - often in blush-inducing detail. ……. " 2/9/00 "…..CBS News learned that Lee - a top nuclear scientist at a government lab in Los Alamos, New Mexico - passed a lie detector test given by the Department of Energy a year ago with flying colors, but somehow ended up the subject of a criminal investigation of possible espionage. Now, Lee is in prison, a prime suspect awaiting trial on charges of computer and security violations. Lee's attorneys say senior Energy Department officials repeatedly violated their client's privacy rights, citing seven examples in a letter to the inspector general, including a statement from Energy Secretary Bill Richardson on 60 Minutes that Lee failed two polygraph tests. Whether or not that constitutes a violation of Lee's privacy, Richardson's claim that Lee failed his lie detector test directly contradicts the polygraphers on the test……"


New Australian, The No. 145, 21-27 2/00 James Henry "……No wonder George Stephanopoulos confidently bragged the "long-term strategy" of the White House could be "explosive". The idea that blackmail is at the heart of White House strategy was strengthened by rumours that Clinton aides held very private meetings with Barney Frank, Democratic representative from Massachusetts and expert blackmailer……..Frank brought his expertise in to play when he found his career threatened by the scandal of putting Steve Gobie on his payroll. Answering a personal ad in the homosexual Washington Blade, Frank met with Gobie, a male prostitute with convictions for theft, drug trafficking and sodomising a child. They certainly must have hit it off on their first meeting because shortly afterwards Gobie moved in to Frank's house, from where he ran a male prostitute business among other things. To cut this squalid tale short, Frank escaped the consequences of his action by threatening to reveal the identities of closet homosexuals. What Frank knows is what some Clinton aides wanted to combine with the information they stole from the FBI. They had hopeed that this information would have given them the "explosive" they needed to get their boss off the impeachment hook. Anyone who thinks the above is far fetched does not know Clinton.

World Net Daily 2/19/00 Charles Smith "…..Paula Jones renewed her legal battle with Bill Clinton today by joining in a lawsuit filed by three other women, all reportedly abused by Clinton. Jones has retained Judicial Watch, a Washington, D.C.-based legal watchdog organization led by Larry Klayman, to demand the White House release her secret government files. According to Judicial Watch, Jones joined with Juanita Broaddrick -- who accused Clinton of forcibly raping her while he was Arkansas' attorney general -- Dolly Kyle Browning and Gennifer Flowers in filing suit under the Privacy Act to obtain government files that the Clinton administration has been keeping on her. ……. The Clintons are accused of collecting hundreds, perhaps thousands, of confidential FBI files on political opponents. ….."

World Net Daily 2/17/00 Joe Farah "… a journalist, I feel obliged to share my observations about this Republican presidential race. There is no question in my mind now that the Bill Clinton-Al Gore campaign strongly prefers to face John McCain in November. The Democratic Party machine is actively promoting a crossover vote in key primary states to promote the candidacy of McCain. In Florida, for instance, a big state governed by George W's younger brother, Jeb Bush, Democrats have actively organized a party-switching voter-registration effort. The idea is that the Democrats would vote for McCain, help secure for him the nomination of the Republican Party, then switch back to vote for Gore in November…….. What makes such reports particularly noteworthy is the fact that the Clinton political machine has run this drill before. It's a play right out of their bag of political tricks. It has worked for them in the past. Arkansas Democrat-Gazette columnist Meredith Oakley reminds us it's the way Clinton secured the gubernatorial election in 1990 -- quietly, through vote-switching, helping Sheffield Nelson to get the Republican nomination over Tommy Robinson, who was considered a bigger threat in the general campaign. As Oakley phrased the question: "Is it possible? Can it be? Is John McCain the pander bear for the year 2000?" ......How can the Democrats be so sure they can beat McCain? Remember, these people play dirty -- very dirty. These people think nothing of opening up confidential files maintained by the FBI, IRS or CIA and using them for political gain. They think nothing of collaborating with military and intelligence agencies from hostile foreign nations, as we have seen in the Chinagate scandal….."

NYPress 2/15/00 Byron York "…… Not that anybody cares any more, but it's been two years this month since David Kendall, President Clinton's personal attorney, stood in front of reporters gathered outside his law office and accused Kenneth Starr of massive, illegal leaks of evidence in the Monica Lewinsky investigation…….. Kendall handed out a list of two dozen news reports that he said were based on illegal leaks by Starr's office…… The press ran with Kendall's accusations, and the White House was only too willing to fan the flames. "People who have larger purposes are deliberately misleading the American people by providing incorrect information," said chief flack Mike McCurry a few days after the story broke. "The score on leaks has been a whole lot of lies and not very much fact," added fellow spinner Paul Begala. And while his men trashed Starr, the President himself stayed above it all. "I'm honoring the rules of the investigation," Clinton explained with a marvelously straight face, "and if someone else is leaking, unlawfully, out of the grand jury proceeding, that is a different story." …."

NYPress 2/15/00 Byron York "…… Starr denied that his office was the source of the reports-his letter to Kendall seemed the first time that the independent counsel really got mad and departed from his usual clumsy, take-out-the-garbage public statements. Shortly thereafter, chief judge Norma Holloway Johnson began an investigation to find out who was telling the truth. With that underway, the controversy quieted down a bit-until Steven Brill began hawking the arrival of his new magazine, Brill's Content……. But the Brill article touched off more than just a storm on the chat shows; it also appears to have had an effect on Judge Johnson herself. She had reportedly been investigating the situation for months, but it was only after the magazine hit the newsstands that she ruled the leaks did indeed appear to come from Starr's office. Her opinion talked about the "serious and repetitive nature of disclosures to the media," and she ordered Starr's prosecutors to appear at a hearing during which they would be required to prove they were not guilty. Later, after much legal wrangling between Kendall and the independent counsel's office, the judge appointed a "special master," meaning an outside investigator, to conduct the probe and report to her. …."

NYPress 2/15/00 Byron York "…… What has happened since then? It's hard to tell. One of the few clues we have is a related case that began in January 1999, after Kendall made a new complaint-this one about a Times report that Starr believed his office had the authority to indict a sitting president. In that case, Johnson reportedly ruled against Starr again, but was later overturned by a federal appeals court, which not only exonerated Starr's office but said that Johnson's definition of grand jury secrecy was too broad. Has there been a similar ruling-or any ruling at all-on the two dozen leaks originally alleged by Kendall? Nobody, at least nobody outside the small circle of those involved, knows the answer. It seems hard to believe the inquiry is not yet finished. The questions involved are so narrow-this is not the Microsoft trial, or even the Whitewater investigation-that it could have been wrapped up in a few months at most……. For the questions to remain unanswered today is simply outrageous. If anyone on Starr's team was guilty, we should know. If they were not guilty, we should know. And if any of the leaks came from the President's defenders, we should know that, too. And soon….."

Transcript of Politically Incorrect from Freeper Ironman: "...
Bill: Because he has the money to buy these ads -- which convince people of things that are completely untrue -- and because he has the name, and because half of them thought he was his father until about two weeks ago. [ Laughter ] And the other half loved his mother -- who, by the way, was always a bitch.
Monty: That's not true.
Rita: Oh, I think so.
Monty: That's harsh.
Bill: You think so?
Rita: Yes, I think so.
Bill: Barbara Bush? Are you kidding?
Monty: I worked for Barbara Bush, that is to say --
Rita: She is in a Little Rocking chair at home knitting a noose. I mean, she will kill anyone.
Catherine: Why is she a bitch? Bill: Because you could just see right through that facade.
Catherine: No, no, but you're calling a woman a bitch on national television because she appears that way?
Carson: Change it to "ho". [ Laughter ]
Rita: I was so appalled at Barbara Bush.
Bill: That's my impression. Monty: Happened to the military?
Rita: When Geraldine ferarro was running for Vice President, I mean, it was such an achievement, she was a wonderful woman, she was right there. When Barbara Bush stooped to saying "It rhymes with witch, that's what I call," I thought that was appalling. That's where she lost me. I don't care what kind of cookies she bakes.
Carson: She's more popular than Madonna.

AP 3/9/00 Timothy Williams "….An upcoming exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art all but calls Mayor Rudolph Giuliani a Nazi, with quotations from the mayor written in Gothic typeface and audio speakers playing a recording of marching soldiers. The piece, scheduled to be featured prominently in a Whitney exhibition of new American art, was prompted by Giuliani's decision to cut off funding to the Brooklyn Museum of Art for its display of a painting of the Virgin Mary plastered with elephant dung. ..."

WorldNetDaily 3/3/00 Julie Foster "…."It may not be a matter of church-state separation, but it is definitely a matter of professional competency," said Scott, who told "The Oregonian" any biologist who leads students to discount the theory of evolution is doing a disservice to them. But the college science department's former chairman, Bruce McClelland, wrote a letter recommending Haley be promoted from assistant to associate instructor last month….. Despite the recommendation, Haley was given written complaints Monday that were filed by other faculty. Vice President of Instruction Bart Queary gave the letters to Haley saying they represent a "serious and persistent issue." "If this is such a 'serious and persistent issue,' why haven't I heard anything about it before now," asks Haley. Queary also told the professor he had complaints of his own, but did not formalize them in writing. According to Haley, Queary suspects the teacher of racism as a result of an educational video Haley showed in class. The video relates an African folk tale explaining the origin of the leopard's spots as the fingerprints of an Ethiopian. Haley says the complaint is unfounded since Danny Glover, a black actor, narrated the tale. ……... Queary said the college is investigating complaints from three students and five women faculty members that Haley tends to belittle women by questioning their intelligence. Haley denies the charges and points to his record as evidence. He taught for seven years at the College of St. Mary in Omaha, an all-girls school. While there, Haley was selected by the pupils to receive the Student Senate award. "They've been trying to get me for three years for teaching creationism and couldn't, so they then came up with this women thing," Haley said……"

Committee On Government Reform and Oversight 9/24/96 Deposition of Craig Livingstone "...
Mr. Burton. Okay. Well, I want to ask a question that is relevant to that. On page 183 of the House hearing transcript, Mr. Cole was questioned by Congressman Horn. In the transcript Mr. Cole stated that he wanted to have a conversation outside of your office because you didn't think it was safe to talk in your office.
Do you recall that conversation?
……Mr. Burton. Do you recall talking to Mr. Cole about wanting to go out in the hall because you thought your office might be bugged? Forgetting the transcript at the moment, do you recall that kind of conversation.
The Witness. I recall a conversation -- I believe is the last conversation I had with Agent Cole where we went out into the hallway and had a conversation.
Mr. Burton. Okay. Mr. Cole asked you if you thought your office was bugged and you didn't give him an answer. Do you think your office was bugged.
The Witness. No.
Mr. Burton. Then why did you want to go out in the hall.
The Witness. I don't know. I really don't. I think I was on my way out of the office to do something else and we talked in the hallway. I do recall saying I would like to talk to him in the hall and him making some sort of a casual comment like that and me responding let's "just talk here." I have no reason to believe my office was bugged.
Mr. Burton. I really need that transcript because according to Agent Cole, he says you didn't think it was safe to talk in your office, and it is in quotation marks. I think that is relevant.
Ms. Olson. It is on its way up.
Mr. Burton. I am just about finished here.
Numerous press accounts -- and of course this is secondhand information -- have stated that people off the record have stated that you told him that your mother and Mrs. Clinton are or were old friends at one time. I know you have heard this before. Did you at any point tell anyone that your mother and Mrs. Clinton were friends or knew each other?
……..Mr. Burton. Let's forget the previous statement and say did you at any point tell anyone that your mother and Mrs. Clinton were friends or knew each other.
The Witness. I don't recall having a conversation like that with anyone. I know for a fact that my mother does not know Mrs. Clinton.
Mr. Burton. So if someone else tells us that you said that they would be lying to us.
The Witness. I don't recall any conversation like that. I know people -- I can't account for what other people would say.
Mr. Burton. Of course Sculimbrene and Aldrich, both of the FBI agents at the White House, say that you did say this and even have notes to that effect.
Mr. Turk. Does Mr. Aldrich say that Mr. Livingstone said that?
Ms. Olson. Is this an objection, Mr. Turk?
Mr. Turk. You don't need to get argumentative with me, Ms. Olson.
Ms. Olson. I am not. There has just been a commentary going on. There seems to be a question --
Mr. Turk. This is not a typical examination; is it, Ms. Olson? What is happening is there is a reading into the record before each question is asked someone's characterization -- and I don't mean to suggest it is the Congressman's but I believe it was somebody who prepared it for the Congress which makes suggestions --
Mr. Burton. It wasn't the staff here and it was not done for any purpose other than to refresh Mr. Livingstone's memory.
Mr. Turk. That is the only purpose of my commentary is to also just balance things out, because I do not believe that there are any facts to support that Gary Aldrich ever said that Mr. Livingstone told him that. Now perhaps you have evidence of that. My understanding is that Sculimbrene is the only person who has ever made that suggestion --
Mr. Kanjorski. May I suggest if we have evidence of that, the intent of the deposition is to establish facts, not innuendos or suggestions.
Mr. Burton. I will provide that for the record.
Ms. Olson. We have a sworn deposition by Dennis Sculimbrene.
Mr. Kanjorski. Then that should be produced for Mr. Burton to refer to and it could be an addendum to the transcript so everyone who reads this transcript in the future can see the exact import of that sworn deposition, not a characterization.
Mr. Burton. When we do the report I will add in my comments the portions of the transcript that verifies what I just said that Sculimbrene and Aldrich both say that you did say this and that I guess even they have notes to that effect that that was said.
I am finishing up here now so you are about through with me. Who is paying your legal expenses for this?
Mr. Turk. For this deposition here today?
Mr. Burton. No, for this entire investigation.
Mr. Turk. Starting when?
Mr. Burton. I am asking Mr. Livingstone.
Mr. Turk. I know.
Mr. Burton. He knows who is paying his legal fees, doesn't he?
Mr. Turk. I know who is paying his legal fees as well.
Mr. Burton. Mr. Livingstone, who is paying your legal fees?
The Witness. I am not paying my legal fees.
Mr. Burton. I said who is.
The Witness. I am not. I am not trying to be disrespectfull --
Mr. Burton. Do you know who is paying your legal fees?
The Witness. I haven't. I haven't paid my bill.
Mr. Burton. Do you know who has made a commitment to pay your legal fees.
The Witness. I had a group of friends that set up a legal fund for me which I think paid a small amount towards my legal fees, but there hasn't been any activity, to my knowledge, in quite some time. ….."



Schippers Interview with Judicial Watch 3/25/00 "……..This is an excerpt from last week's (3/18/00)interview by Larry Klayman and Tom Fitton with Dave Schippers, lead counsel in the Impeachment of Clinton……..

Klayman: Well, they caved in a few other ways. We have Jim Nicholson on later and we know Jim actually wanted to get something done. He is a very fine person. He is the head of the RNC........
Fitton: Dave, what's your take on the recent activities by the independent counsel? Are you happy, disappointed? Do you think he has done an adequate investigation based on what you know?
Schippers: Based on what I know I feel that they did a full investigation as much as they could. ...I don't know what is under seal. I don't know what they are coming up with under Filegate. I know what Judicial Watch came up with on Filegate and that was one of the reasons that we were.....that was high on our list of investigations after we got the inquiry started. However, as you know, when the November 3, 1998 elections came, everything changed and we were stopped dead in our tracks. I am disappointed that we weren't able to get into Filegate and I'll tell you why. Because I am convinced and this is purely opinion...I am convinced that one of the reasons we weren't able to get our trial in the Senate was because some of the material in Filegate was used to, shall we say, coerce some of the members. ……..

Klayman: You know there is another thing here, Dave, and are admirers of an FBI and an age gone by. I don't may disagree with me on this, you don't have are not the kind of person that is going to say yes if you feel the answer is now, but the FBI is different today than it was many years ago, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Olympic Bombing, Oklahome City, falsifying evidence, this thing and that thing but I don't understand how Starr and Ray's office could have had the FBI assigned to investigate allegations of its own criminal conduct in Filegate. I mean, you can't expect any agency to indict itself and I think that may be part of the problem if not the major problem with this Filegate investigation. Do you have any comments on that?
Schippers: Larry, I am going to have to disagree in one sense. I, when we were out there, we ran into brick walls over at the Justice Department, as did everybody in congress. We came up with a method to force them to do it. We couldn't get anybody in the congress to go along with us. But the only agency that was really cooperative, the only agency that really gave us everything we tried to get and never lied, never in any way acted contrary to the investigation, was the FBI. I mean, the may there are other things that I don't know about and that is possible but I have to say that we got full total cooperation from the bureau out there and it was the only agency that we did get cooperation from. .........,

Schippers: No you're absolutely right. There is no question that we assumed that stuff was being withheld. We didn't know how much. We had no idea how much. That, Larry, is why we, and when I say we, I am talking about my staff and I with the cooperation of the members of the committee, they were with us all the way, especially Hyde...we came up with a method to force them to cooperate, force them to turn things over. We had something that Burton didn't have. It was a new concept and unfortunately...we were ready to go with it....and after the election everybody backed off. But we all know as we sit here. First of all we couldn't get anything out of the justice department. I mean, we would ask the FBI for some information. They would compile it for us, overnight if we required it or as quickly as possible. Now I am not even talking about during the impeachment. I am talking about when we were doing the oversight...that everybody though we weren't doing....during out oversight investigation, we got into the Immigration and Naturalization Service very heavily and we asked for information. The bureau would compile it, the Justice Department would sit on it. It was a terrible situation.

Fitton: Well, the Justice Department, we know is essentially run by Hillary Clinton so you are talking to the White House when you are talking to the Justice Department. Along those lines, you wanted to get into another major scandal, probably more important than Monica Lewinsky in the long run certainly which is Chinagate.
Schippers: Absolutely! That was the first call I made. On October 8th, the House of Representatives voted the inquiry. On the afternoon of October 8th and the morning of October 9th, I called either Triplett or Timperlake.
Klayman: The authors of "Year of the Rat" at that time.
Schippers: Right and I said I have read your book. Will you help me put this thing together? Both of them said we'll work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, Dave because we couldn't get it done in the Senate but if you have got the power to do it, we'll do it and the first move we made was to begin on that and of course, that too, went down the tube. The election is what killed everything. The election cowed the Republican leadership in both houses. I used the word "cowed". That is the only word to use. They were so poll driver that they just couldn't understand that the American people, once they knew what was going on, would change overnight.
Klayman: Dave I think we can safely say that the cows turned into sheep.
Schippers: Yeah.

Schippers: Absolutely. Let me tell you something. I will tell anybody who will listen that I think we reaped the whirlwind of Filegate in the Senate and in the attitude of some of the leaders and some of the people in the Senate. People that we thought we could rely upon just sat on their hands and I don't know what was in those files but I could guess. ……….

WorldNetDaily 3/28/00 Paul Sperry "…..Sheryl L. Hall came back to work one Monday in the fall of 1996 and noticed something wasn't right. Someone had broken into her locked office over the weekend. A file drawer was ajar. Files had been rifled. Sensitive papers were missing. The cleaning crew? Street burglars? Not at this address. Hall officed in the New Executive Office Building, which is part of the White House complex. Security wasn't aware of any pattern of breaches there. Once the head of all White House computer operations, Hall was the only one with the key to her office, besides the security crew. She asked her superiors about it, but they didn't seem concerned. So she reported the break-in to the Secret Service. Not long after, someone entered her office again to snoop around -- this time during the week. Her office was unlocked at the time. ……."

WorldNetDaily 3/28/00 Paul Sperry "…..The papers lifted from her office files relate to a computer project Hall was ordered to work on in 1994. She refused to help with the project after seeing that it involved keying in personal data about political donors. Officially named the White House Office Database, or WHODB, the project was also known among staffers as "Big Brother." Hall, a career civil servant, warned the political appointees building the database that it violated federal laws against using government resources for fund-raising. For that, she was cut out of the loop and branded as "disloyal," memos from top Clinton aides show. ...... "They were trying to move her out of the way," a Hall confidant said of the demotion. "It was intimidation." When Hall told her supervisors of the office break-in, they brushed it aside, the source says, suggesting to her that someone might have gone in her office to look for "a wipe-off board." "They didn't seem to mind that her office was broken into," the source said. ……Asked for a copy of Hall's complaint, a spokesman for the Secret Service's uniformed division says it will take awhile to search the unit's "central files," which are not computerized. ...... In another curious development, Hall's website was taken down without her consent about a month before she quit her White House job last year. One day it just disappeared into the ether. The site,, was carried by and registered with Network Solutions. The webmaster could not explain to Hall what happened to it or even date when it went off the server. Hall, who was told there was no back-up, decided not to rebuild the site, which documented her conflicts with Clinton appointees over the donor database. ….."

WorldNetDaily 3/28/00 Paul Sperry "…..CNN and ABC News interviewed her about the missing White House e-mail, only to later kill their stories, as WorldNetDaily first reported. Correspondent Bob Franken interviewed Hall for CNN. The news organizations, which later confirmed WND's report, claimed her story lacked "corroborating evidence." But in testimony before Congress last week, six computer contractors -- including the team leader -- all repeated Hall's charge that they were ordered by the White House to keep quiet about the missing e-mail. ......It's not known if CNN's news division, which is run by President Clinton's some-time golfing partner Rick Kaplan, or ABC News, which employs former top Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos, will now air their interviews with Hall….."

Townhall 4/13/00 Robert Novak "………When U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth on March 29 ruled that President Clinton committed a crime in releasing Kathleen Willey's personal letters, a presidential aide delivered this appraisal of the judge: "A loose cannon." That was reported over national television, and shortly thereafter, the White House was prompting Democratic senators to threaten that they never would permit Lamberth's promotion to a higher court. ……… Considering the admission by sometime Clinton private eye Terry Lenzner that in 1997 he was employed to investigate sitting judges, Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch wrote FBI Director Louis Freeh April 7 asking for a probe of "threats and coercion by the Clinton machine" against Lamberth. That coincided with an unprecedented judicial investigation of alleged favoritism toward Clinton in assignments made by the District of Columbia's chief federal judge. The president's ability to emerge unscathed from so many allegations can be traced to the fact that they are generally assigned to 12 D.C. district judges. Clinton-appointed jurists once called themselves "the Magnificent Seven," but since then, their number has reached eight. The remaining judges include the fearless, feisty Lamberth, who was named by Ronald Reagan. Thus, adjudication of the Clinton scandals depends on which judge gets the case. …….."

New York Post 4/4/00 Dick Morris "…… EVEN as she complains loudly that Mayor Rudy Giuliani is invading the privacy of Patrick Dorismond by releasing his juvenile criminal justice file, interrogatories provided by a White House aide in a proceeding in Washington's U.S. District Court indicate that Hillary Clinton blatantly violated the Federal Privacy Act in approving the release of letters Kathleen Willey wrote to the president. It has been widely reported that U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth found that President Clinton willfully committed a criminal violation of the Privacy Act in releasing Willey's letters. But if Bill is guilty, Hillary is guilty as well. Indeed, Hillary's involvement in the illegal release of these protected documents is even more overt than her husband's. ………… Energized by his call with Hillary, Blumenthal called New York Times reporter Jill Abramson the same day and left a message on her voicemail describing the existence and the content of the Willey letters. The next day, March 17, Blumenthal learned that the letters had been released to the public. Now that Lamberth has held that the release of the letters was a "criminal violation" of the Privacy Act and has mentioned Bill Clinton's culpability, it is logical to deduce that the gander is as guilty as the goose. The Hillary-Blumenthal phone call makes her so. ……….. Those who have worked with the Clintons for years know that Bill is in charge of positives and Hillary is in charge of negatives. You go to the president over policy and to her over politics, to him concerning initiatives and to her where the focus is on combat. Whether the subject is negative ads or generating negative press publicity against an opponent, Hillary is in charge of the White House's noir operations, just as she was in Arkansas……"

New York Post 4/4/00 Dick Morris "…… Blumenthal has been Hillary's hatchet man for almost a decade. In the 1996 campaign, it was he who worked to generate negative press on Kenneth Starr. Sidney was particularly gleeful when he got New York Times columnist Anthony Lewis to write a piece critical of the special prosecutor. It was his success in this endeavor that earned him promotion to the White House staff after the election. Even while he worked at the New Yorker, Sidney was Hillary's boy. It was she who pestered me to involve Sidney in the campaign and she who constantly mouthed what I knew Sidney had said to her the day before. The negative food chain ran from Hillary to Sidney to Blumenthal's journalistic friends and former colleagues. …….In any event, there is enough in the Willey letter case to hang Hillary. We have Blumenthal's sworn statement that he talked to her, that she wanted him to release the file, and that he then released it, all on the same day. We have the ruling of Judge Lamberth that the release of the file violated the Privacy Act. Ergo, Hillary and Sidney conspired to violate Willey's privacy. All this will be very difficult for Hillary to explain as she runs for the Senate.. …"

Insight Magazine 3/30/00 Paul Rodriguez "……. There's an old maxim: If you put it on paper, one day it will come back and bite you.The same can be said in the nineties of storing information on a computer data-base. The Clinton snoops are about to be bitten. At the same time President Clinton issued his now famous "don't ask, don't tell" policy on homosexuals in the military, the White House secretly was issuing a different set of orders to its own political lieutenants: Segregate resumes pouring into the new administration by sexual preferences. "It was utterly outrageous," says one of nearly a dozen current and former Clinton, Bush and Reagan administration officials who spoke to Insight about operations at the White House and the growing scandal involving FBI background reports on hundreds of prominent Republicans. "We told them that it was unethical and possibly illegal to do this," says one source. "They didn't care," says another familiar with the matter. ………… But, despite protests, it did not stop there. Confidential internal documents obtained by Insight indicate that the White House moved to create an even more ambitious and comprehensive computer database within the Executive Office of the President -one designed to keep tabs on virtually anyone who did or might come into contact with presidential personnel. Known by the acronym WHODB, for White House Office Data Base, the super-secret computer system was nicknamed Big Brother - and for good reason. The "eyes only" database not only can track generic information about people and issues, it is designed to include such intimacies as personal biographies, military records, academic degrees, family details and addresses, political loyalties and how or whether individuals are "important" by region, state or city. ……..Conceived in late 1993 and developed throughout 1994 and 1995 under a protocol stamped "President and First Lady," the secret project was ordered by the White House through a double-blind contract under the aegis of a general-maintenance computer firm that subcontracts special projects. WHODB was, by all accounts, the most closely guarded of its secret jobs…….. The first lady was involved in and "was pleased" with initial phases of the project; so too was the president. The project was overseen by political appointees in the West Wing of the White House. It had an option designed to link it to the WAVES database system operated by the U.S. Secret Service's computer center. That center collects background information on people entering the White House and interacting with the president, first lady and senior staff anywhere in the world. ……."

Boston Herald Editorial 3/31/00 "……. When it comes to the Clinton administration's trail of illegality, there's no end in sight. U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth ruled this week that the president violated the privacy rights of Kathleen Willey, who alleged the president groped her in the Oval Office when she came to ask him for a job. The day after her ``60 Minutes'' interview, the White House released private correspondence between the president and Willey intended to show that after the alleged incident they remained on cordial terms. Trashing the reputations of those considered a threat to this administration is SOP. After Billy Dale was fired as chief of the White House Travel Office, Clinton aides culled his FBI file for damaging details. When the Monica Lewinsky affair surfaced, Clinton told his associates the intern was a ``stalker-type person,'' intending for them to pass this on to the media. ….."

New York Post 4/5/00 Robert Hardt Jr "…… Mayor Giuliani says the Justice Department has "dramatically" increased investigations of the city since he began his Senate race against Hillary Rodham Clinton. In an interview airing tonight on the Fox News Channel's "The O'Reilly Factor," Giuliani rips into the Justice Department under President Clinton. "Now they have a Justice Department that lets them skate completely through everything," said Giuliani in the segment that was taped last night. "Since I have been a candidate for Senate or a possible candidate for Senate against Mrs. Clinton, now the Justice Department investigations in this city have increased dramatically. "That makes me wonder," said the mayor, who didn't specify what investigations what he was talking about. ……"

WorldNet Daily 4/3/00 Larry Klayman "……Earlier this week, United States District Judge Royce Lamberth issued a landmark decision, finding for the first time in American history that a United States president had committed a crime. This crime was for violating the privacy rights of Kathleen Willey by obtaining and then releasing information from her Privacy Act-protected personnel file to admittedly destroy her reputation. Judge Lamberth previously made a similar finding with regard to the Clinton-Gore Defense Department over the release of information from Linda Tripp's Privacy Act-protected Pentagon file……….. In Judicial Watch's $90 million class-action Filegate lawsuit, Judge Lamberth has correctly ruled that a pattern of violating the privacy rights of American citizens by The Clinton-Gore White House would raise an adversarial evidentiary inference that the 900 FBI files at issue were obtained and misused for illegal purposes. Accordingly, the Judge's rulings with regard to Ms. Willey and Ms. Tripp are huge -- particularly since, with regard to Ms. Willey, Hillary Clinton is a defendant in the Filegate lawsuit, and she was admittedly involved in the illegal release of Ms. Willey's confidential communications………."

Judicial Watch 4/3/00 "……In a ridiculous editorial of today, The Washington Post sides with Democrats and the Clinton-Gore Administration in criticizing the Honorable Royce Lamberth for upholding the law which, ironically, liberal Democrats wrote in response to the Watergate era. The law, commonly known as the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. Section 552(a) et seq., states plainly on its face that it applies to the Executive Office of the President, among other government agencies. The Privacy Act simply provides that when the government keeps information on individuals in a record-keeping system, it must obtain the consent of these individuals before it can publicly release this information. The purpose behind this civil rights law, which is punishable with up to one year in prison, is to prevent the government from using its record-keeping system as a way to intimidate, threaten, coerce and/or blackmail its citizens. The editorial also effectively endorsed the Clinton-Gore White House's refusal to abide by the Privacy Act.......... Indeed, this is what the Clinton-Gore Administration, and most particularly Bill and Hillary Clinton, have been doing over the last seven years with FBI and other government files. The results of this "campaign of terror" were most clearly felt during the impeachment proceedings, where the House Managers were "outed" in an attempt to intimidate, threaten, coerce and blackmail them. This sent a coercive signal to Senators that similar treatment was in store for them if they convicted the President. Sure enough, the Senate "caved" and failed to convict………

Judicial Watch 4/3/00 "……In Judicial Watch's $90-million class-action Filegate lawsuit, the Court has correctly held that a pattern of violating the privacy rights of American citizens by the Clinton-Gore White House will raise evidentiary inferences that the FBI files were also misused. In this context, Judge Lamberth found that the President and his collaborators (who include Mrs. Clinton, by the Clinton-Gore White House's own admission - see criminally violated the privacy rights of Kathleen Willey. Previous rulings involved Linda Tripp, and the Clinton-Gore Department of Defense…….."The Washington Post, owned and operated by Katharine Graham (and the Graham family), who dined with the President shortly after it was revealed he had been procuring oral sex from a 23-year-old White House intern, and who has close ties with the Democratic Party, obviously unleashed her left-leaning editors to write the editorial of today criticizing Judge Lamberth for upholding the law. Coupled with threats against the Judge by Democrats, published by Paul Bedard in U.S. News and World Report (see other Judicial Watch press release of today), that any further appointment of Lamberth would be blocked, it is clear that Democrats are running scared because for once there may be one judge in this country who will uphold the rule of law against the most corrupt President, First Lady, and Administration in U.S. history," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman. ......"

Washington Post 4/26/00 "… What drove independent counsel Ken Starr? Was he, as some have portrayed him, a politically motivated right-wing zealot out to destroy Bill Clinton over a sexual indiscretion? In her new book, Truth at Any Cost: Ken Starr and the Unmaking of Bill Clinton, co-authored with Time magazine reporter Michael Weisskopf, Washington Post reporter Sue Schmidt presents another take on Ken Starr by taking the reader inside the independent counsel's office. The authors portray Ken Starr in a different light: an upright but politically naive man who, along with his deputies, withstood public vilification to bring the president to justice. ……. Susan Schmidt: Ken Starr was offended to his core by what he saw as the criminality of the president's behavior. He was disturbed by Clinton's effort to improperly use the trappings of the presidency--like executive privilege-- to hide his acts. That bothered him much more than the immorality of his adultry. ………. Susan Schmidt: Starr tried not to let the attacks and the criticism get to him. He thought enduring those things went with the job. He relied on faith a great deal, he told us. Not many people have fallen so far in public esteem. When he took the job as independent counsel he had been on the short list for the Supreme Court. Now it's unlikely he would ever be able to get a seat on any court. ……"

Washington Times 3/17/00 Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough "…… Assistant Defense Secretary Kenneth Bacon is at it again. The Pentagon's public affairs chief is secretly cooperating with a Washington Post reporter. This time it's not one of his employees who is the target, but one of us. Mr. Bacon is helping the Post's David Ignatius to dish the dirt about leaks of classified information and their security impact. The spokesman has tasked a certain Pentagon intelligence agency to work with Mr. Ignatius in highlighting some recent disclosures of classified information, including many in this newspaper. The collaboration infuriates some defense officials who see it as an abuse of intelligence for political purposes. Look for the House and Senate Intelligence committees to jump on this story……."

Drudgereport 4/23/00 "……Former Independent Counsel Ken Starr directed his aides to draft a sample indictment of President Bill Clinton, a new book set for release this week will claim. And last October, Starr's staff began practicing arguments to make their case! ……… WASHINGTON POST'S Schmidt and TIME magazine's Weisskopf reveal in "Truth at Any Cost: Ken Starr and the Unmasking of Bill Clinton" that Starr, at one point, came within hours of losing his job and being declared in contempt of court during the Lewinsky mess because he refused to obey a secret court order to answer questions by Clinton lawyers about grand jury leaks. ……… TIME magazine -- in fresh editions hitting racks on Monday -- pulls details from the book: *Private investigators, a customary tool of Clinton backers seeking to discourage his enemies, appeared in Starr's hometown, sniffing after the political connections of the prosecutor's dead father. *A White House contact told a reporter that Starr -- often cartooned as a hymn-singing Fundamentalist -- was himself having an affair. *Clinton friend James Carville collected tapes of phone calls made to his office discussing the sexual backgrounds of Starr's staff. …….."

Drudge Report 4/23/00 "…….TIME magazine -- in fresh editions hitting racks on Monday -- pulls details from the book:
*Private investigators, a customary tool of Clinton backers seeking to discourage his enemies, appeared in Starr's hometown, sniffing after the political connections of the prosecutor's dead father.
*A White House contact told a reporter that Starr -- often cartooned as a hymn-singing Fundamentalist -- was himself having an affair.
*Clinton friend James Carville collected tapes of phone calls made to his office discussing the sexual backgrounds of Starr's staff.
Carville's tapes are now under seal in another lawsuit, and the Ragin' Cajun denies circulating the material. The new info may help support claims made by Doug Ireland in the NATION magazine. Ireland reported that another Clinton friend, Sidney Blumenthal, the famed White House media counselor, spread derogatory sex stories about members of Starr's staff. "Three members of the media confirmed to me that Sidney Blumenthal had indeed been spreading such stories," reported Ireland. "...Blumenthal had told them directly of the same-sex orientation of a member of Starr's staff." Blumenthal called the report a "complete lie." ….."

Drudge Report 4/23/00 "…….Schmidt/Weisskopf book impacting on Tuesday. "'Truth at Any Cost' offers a detailed inside account of Starr's investigation from the vicinity of the office water cooler. The authors had 10 lengthy interviews with Starr and long talks with 25 assistants," the WASHINGTON POST reported on Sunday.
"Starr's staff gathered to discuss indictment in October 1999. 'No one doubted the strength of their evidence, at least in a perjury case,' the authors write. 'The question before them was a matter of prosecutorial discretion.... Some at the summit meeting argued that Clinton had suffered enough."
Starr ultimately decided that he'd let his successor, Robert Ray, make the final choice whether or not to indict.
The book also reveals that most every lawyer in the OIC believed that Hillary Clinton had lied in sworn testimony over her Whitewater dealings but they did not have enough evidence to indict......." 5/17/00 Alan Bock "…… McCaffrey a War Criminal? We'll see if legendary investigative reporter Seymour Hersh's story suggesting that former Gulf War commander and now "drug czar" Gen. Barry McCaffrey either ordered or condoned actions that would be viewed as those of a war criminal if done by a foreigner turns out to "have legs," as we say in the business. Gen. McCaffrey tried a preemptive strike against Hersh and has been quite effective defending himself by impugning Hersh on television and radio. And the very qualities that make Hersh a remarkable (if sometimes flawed) investigator could lead much of the courtier press to acquiesce in taking him down a peg or two by ignoring this story…….. I do know that Barry McCaffrey, in his current role as head of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, has been known to tell half-truths he simply has to know are not the whole story and untruths he simply has to know are not true…….. The most serious charge in the Hersh article is that troops under Gen. McCaffrey's command and under his orders, conducted a four-hour all-out assault on Iraqi troops who were in the process of retreating two days after a cease-fire went into effect at the end of the Gulf War. McCaffrey's outfit had undertaken the noted "left hook" maneuver that put them behind Iraqi lines……." 5/23/00 Carl Limbacher "….. Former Clinton confidante Dick Morris, writing in yesterday's New York Post, says he has little doubt that Hillary's "secret police" sabotaged Rudy's campaign chances by revealing his relationship with Judith Nathan. Morris asked curiously, "How did it happen that Rudy's relationship with Judith Nathan, apparently not a state secret, was publicly exposed only a few weeks before his nomination for the Senate would have become irrevocable at the Republican State Convention?" Morris notes that the personal revelations PLUS the cancer problem forced Rudy from the race. Hillary, Morris says, wanted Rudy KO'ed before he even got the nomination. ……"

Washington Post 5/24/00 "…… THROUGHOUT THE Monica Lewinsky scandal, the White House tried to turn the tables on Kenneth Starr by making the prosecutor's conduct--rather than the president's--the issue. ….. The allegations of prosecutorial misconduct did, in fact, divert attention from Mr. Clinton's own behavior and greatly weakened public confidence in Mr. Starr's investigation. …. Conveniently, Mr. Starr and Mr. Clinton both faced reckonings on this score over the past week. Last Thursday a federal judge threw out a series of ethical allegations against Mr. Starr. Four days later a disciplinary panel of the Arkansas Supreme Court decided that Mr. Clinton should be disbarred. ……"

The New York Times 5/19/00 Jim Rutenberg Stuart Elliott "…..For years, the Paramount Television studio has been left out of the riches of daytime talk television as shows starring Oprah Winfrey and Rosie O'Donnell became wildly popular. So, last spring, top Paramount executives jumped at a chance to produce a talk show starring Dr. Laura Schlessinger, the conservative advice-giver whose radio show is the second-highest-rated talk show in the nation. They scheduled it for September and sold it to stations covering 96 percent of the country. …….But now they are facing an increasingly vociferous protest by gay advocacy groups, who are angered by what they say is Dr. Schlessinger's anti-gay message. And the protests are getting results. …….The reactions to the protests reflect the growing political and economic clout of gays. It has been far more common for mainstream marketers to listen to groups on the right like the American Family Association, which assert that they represent millions of consumers, than to those representing gays, a smaller segment. …... " 5/17/00 Carl Limbacher "…….. Washington whispers say the Clintons beat impeachment charges and staved off Chinagate, FBI Filegate, Travelgate and other scandals by using files to blackmail political opponents, particularly in Congress. Perhaps they have used them against media opponents, too. …….. Larry Klayman, chairman of Judicial Watch, told that while the Lewinsky scandal was exploding, he received a call from CNBC "Hardball" host Chris Mathhews. Matthews, Klayman said, explained that he knew of Klayman's law suit against the White House for using the confidential FBI files. …."I think they have a file on me," Matthews told Klayman. Matthews, a former Democratic congressional aide, has been a critic of the Clintons. …..Klayman said Matthews seemed "very concerned and frightened" and asked Klayman to keep an eye out for any information he uncovered that might prove the White House did have a file on him. …….. Klayman said he ran into Matthews at the recent White House Correspondents Dinner and that he looked "white as a ghost" upon seeing Klayman. He apparently was uncomfortable being seen with the White House's chief legal antagonist. ......" 5/16/00 AP "…..A White House lawyer asked human rights activists to help ``discredit'' an impending article raising questions about drug policy director Barry McCaffrey's conduct as an Army general in the Persian Gulf War. The request, sent by fax from the White House two days before The New Yorker published Seymour Hersh's article, arose from a campaign to blunt the impact of a story that McCaffrey labeled ``nonsense.'' The Office of National Drug Control Policy also sent some 30 organizations and several reporters a package of information about McCaffrey's commitment to human rights this week in advance of the ``inaccurate'' magazine story, said spokesman Bob Weiner. Weiner said the fax was poorly worded but was otherwise appropriate. ….But some of the activists, who have no knowledge of McCaffrey's actions during the war, found the appeal unsettling. It appeared that Amnesty International was being asked ``to help bury a story'' about the kind of abuses the organization protests, said Carlos Salinas, the group's acting legislative director. ……``It's one thing to refute charges or refute information. I think it's quite another to ask for participation in a pre-emptive strike to discredit,'' Salinas said. ``I let them know this was wrong.'' ……"

ABC News – AP 5/18/00 AP "……A federal appeals court today sharply questioned a judge's ruling that President Clinton committed a crime in releasing friendly letters from a woman who accused him of groping her. But the appeals court expressed strong doubts that it will intervene now, as the White House wants, in the lawsuit that spawned the ruling against Clinton. …….. The Privacy Act does not cover the Executive Office of the President, previous administrations have concluded. "How could there be intent" on the president's part to break the law in view of the previous discussions? asked Edwards. Appeals Judge David Tatel, a Clinton appointee, said "the plain language" of the law suggests that the Privacy Act does not cover the president and his top advisers. ......... However, Edwards, a Carter appointee, and Appeals Judge Douglas Ginsburg, a Reagan appointee, suggested the issue could be dealt with on appeal when the lawsuit ends. "What is the harm" to the White House with letting the lower court decision stand for now? asked Ginsburg. ......"

ABC News – AP 5/18/00 AP "……Edwards was dismissive of Schultz's argument that there were broad implications for Lamberth's ruling. "Your concern has to be focused on this case," Edwards told the Clinton administration lawyer. Lamberth found that Clinton "had the requisite intent for committing a criminal violation of the Privacy Act" when he authorized the release of the letters in the midst of the 1998 criminal investigation that led to his impeachment and acquittal. In an emergency appeal, the Clinton administration is asking the appeals court to set aside Lamberth's ruling. It is highly unusual for appeals courts to involve themselves in cases before they are disposed of. ……Lamberth's ruling came in pretrial proceedings in the lawsuit by Reagan and Bush administration appointees over the Clinton White House's gathering of hundreds of FBI background files on Republican officials.. "

Washington Times 5/17/00 "……Dear Editor [Washington Post:] I was astonished to read in The Post, in a story about the sale of United Press International to News World Communications, Inc., that UPI's new owner "is controlled by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church and the conservative voice behind the Times's editorials." ……….. Someone may be hearing voices, but it is not anyone here at The Times. Neither Rev. Moon nor the Unification Church control, contribute or influence in any way any editorial, or any news dispatch, in The Times. As the editor-in-chief of The Times (since 1992), I have sole responsibility and authority for every word that goes into the newspaper, guaranteed by my contract, which the owners have never tried to breach in any way. ………..Neither I nor Helle Bering, the editor of our editorial page, has ever received one word of instruction or remonstration about any editorial or any topic for an editorial. This baseless accusation by your reporter Yuki Noguchi, who did not inquire of Rev. Moon or of anyone here at The Times as to how our editorial opinion is arrived at, is an appalling affront to the integrity of the men and women who write and edit our editorials. I cannot imagine why The Post printed such a lie….

CNS News 5/17/00 Thomas L. Jipping "……Remember when Bill Clinton condemned what he called the "politics of personal destruction"? Now that the hounds of personal destruction are after House Majority Whip Tom DeLay, however, Mr. Clinton is silent about such concerns. It seems that, to him, it all depends on whose ox is being gored. ……… On May 3, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee filed a lawsuit against Mr. DeLay and three conservative organizations, the US Family Network, the Republican Majority Issues Committee, and Americans for Economic Growth. …….. It's not surprising that the Dems do not like either Republicans or political conservatives. But the DCCC has taken political competition to a new level. The lawsuit claims that Mr. DeLay, these three organizations, and the people who run them are actually racketeers. …….As the Wall Street Journal has pointed out, the Dems took these charges to the Clinton Justice Department which refused to pursue them and once condemned a racketeering suit filed against them for soliciting friendly donor funds. ……… The lawsuit also accuses Mr. DeLay of money laundering by creating the three named organizations. None of them is a PAC and, therefore, not subject to the disclosure requirements PACs must obey. The money laundering supposedly happened when Mr. DeLay helped raise money for these organizations. Well guess what? Democrats have for years also raised money for advocacy groups which support their political agenda. Groups such as Handgun Control, Inc. and the Sierra Club don't disclose their donors either because, like the conservative groups named in this lawsuit, they aren't PACs. That's not money laundering, it's legal political activity. …….It's no wonder that, just days after this lawsuit was filed, Democrats are already publicly balking. ….."

Newsweek 5/11/00 Catharine Skipp and Joseph Contreras "……Overnight, Dalrymple's image was splashed across television screens, magazine covers and newspaper front pages. Then came the awkward questions about his past. It turned out that Elián's real savior wasn't Dalrymple at all; the hero of the tale was actually his cousin Sam Ciancio, who dove into the ocean to save Elián. Dalrymple, who had been commonly identified as a fisherman, in fact had never fished prior to that November morning. He has also faced questions about his marital past. Dalrymple may be reluctant to discuss the topic for good reason. Newsweek has learned that in 1984, he walked down the aisle with a 14-year-old Broward County girl who was two years shy of the minimum marital age under Florida law. ……"

WorldNetDaily 5/12/00 Johnny Chung "…… McCaul already knew Bob from November 1998, when Bob stepped in to accompany me from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. after my promised FBI escort was called off just a day before my trip (to the shock of the Los Angeles FBI office). Apparently, the Justice Department had decided I should make that trip alone. It was a very tense time…... As we sat on the McCauls' backyard deck and discussed that trip, we told McCaul and Andy something they didn't yet know. I asked Bob to tell them what happened when we landed at Dulles airport. "Suffice it to say," Bob said, "that, under the circumstances, with Johnny going to give his first official courtroom testimony about Chinagate, the FBI escort being called off at the last minute, and the LA FBI people wondering what was going on, Johnny and I were on 'red alert' during the whole trip. We almost switched planes from American to United at the last minute just as a precaution, but were advised against it. When we got to Washington, it was late at night." ………."

WorldNetDaily 5/12/00 Johnny Chung "……Well, Johnny is on the escalator right in front of me, and as we're descending, I'm scanning around for anything out of the ordinary. I notice a well-dressed Chinese man in his mid-thirties to mid-forties, well over to our right on the side of the baggage claim area. He's clearly watching Johnny as the escalator descends. ……. As we're walking down the long hallway, I'm still wondering about this Chinese guy. There's no one else in the hallway except us. When we get halfway down the hallway -- with Johnny a step ahead of me on my right -- I turn around abruptly as we continue walking to see if there's anyone behind us. "Sure enough, this same Chinese guy, who before was well off to our right as we came down the escalator, is now standing directly behind us at the end of the hallway and he's looking right at us. And there's still no one else in that hallway but us. My eyes lock onto his, and we are clearly sizing each other up. He didn't look very happy or friendly at all. I give him my best 'make my day, pal' kind of look as I wait to see what he's going to do. No way I'm going to turn my back to him again. "After a few seconds he turns and walks away to his left and was quickly out of sight. I'm thinking, 'Who is this guy?' It was spooky. I was glad to get in the cab with Johnny and get out of there. ……."

WorldNetDaily 5/12/00 Johnny Chung "……"We found out later there were two FBI agents at Dulles that night watching for Johnny, but one of them was Caucasian and the other African-American. So we still don't know who the Chinese guy was and why he was there." ……. When he finished, McCaul and Andy looked at each other knowingly and said they were not surprised. The men explained that, at that time especially, there was also concern for McCaul's safety. They and others were concerned enough that a number of FBI agents took turns protecting McCaul and his family around the clock, on their own time. ………"


WorldNetDaily 5/12/00 Johnny Chung "…… Bob and I were both surprised and not surprised to hear them say this. It amazed us that a United States federal prosecutor was being protected by FBI agents who were concerned for the safety of him and his family. We wondered exactly who they were protecting him from and why on their own time, but we knew better than to ask such direct questions about such a sensitive issue. …… Just before dinner was served, McCaul said to Bob, "Why don't you say the prayer? We are all Christians here." That was the first time I realized McCaul was also a Christian. …….. So Bob said the prayer, and we sat down to eat. "What's this all about?" I wondered as we began eating. My own prosecutor resigned, Chuck LaBella resigned, and the FBI agents that knew my case very well were all reassigned. Now I hear my prosecutor was under FBI protection by agents on their own time. ……. During the drive, I pondered the complicated and unique situation I was in. My prosecutor, the man whose job was to put me in jail, called me a hero and became a lifetime friend. As strange as it was, though, my heart was relieved. When I got back to my hotel, I said goodbye to Andy, saying, "Andy, you are the toughest FBI agent, but you have a good heart. Thank you." "Mr. Chung," he replied, "I know you told the whole truth. Your story is always the same and always corroborates. Good luck to you." Then I went back to my room and began to sing an old hymn in my head. "What a friend we have in Jesus all our sins and griefs to bear. What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer." ……"

Excite/Reuters 5/26/00 Christine Gardner "……Defense Secretary William Cohen said Friday the Pentagon did not try to smear defense worker Linda Tripp's reputation and denied that he whitewashed the release of information from her private file. Cohen spoke a day after he reprimanded Pentagon spokesman Ken Bacon and former Bacon aide Clifford Bernath in letters to them for releasing information to a reporter in 1998 from Tripp's government file. "Contrary to allegations that have been made, there was no attempt to injure Miss Tripp's credibility or her reputation" in releasing the file information, the secretary told reporters at Morristown Airport after touring nearby Picatinny Arsenal. "They (Bacon and Bernath) were seeking to respond to pressure from the press and said that the Freedom of Information Act was very much involved in their minds and there was no attempt to orchestrate any campaign to discredit Miss Tripp," he said in response to questions. ……."

Insight Magazine 6/19/00 J Michael Waller "…… Intelligence and security experts are outraged at the Clinton administration's probable use of blackmail and susceptibility to it as the Congress fails to investigate. ……… After the 1994 elections, when the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, the Clinton administration ran an alleged dirt-digging operation out of the Office of the White House Chief of Staff, says Gary Aldrich, a former senior FBI special agent on White House duty at the time. "They hired upwards of 36 lawyers to staff the operation to handle 40 different cases," Aldrich tells Insight. "Once it became known that they had such an operation, then the blackmail itself took place." It all came in handy when the House impeached President Clinton. "People like [James] Carville and [George] Stephanopoulos said in the media that there would be a 'scorched-earth policy' and that everyone who had skeletons in their closet would be exposed if they didn't back off the impeachment policy," Aldrich says. These threats allegedly were carried out during the 1998 impeachment trial of Clinton, when White House operatives and allies such as pornographer Larry Flynt not only dug up dirt on their Republican opponents but openly threatened them with releasing it if they persisted. ……."

Insight Magazine 6/19/00 J Michael Waller "…… According to Capitol Hill insiders, some Senate Republicans caved under the implicit threat. "One of the things that always bothered me was why senators we thought might be willing to do the right thing [and vote to convict Clinton] backed off," David Schippers, the Democratic Chicago lawyer who led the impeachment investigation, tells Insight. "I still have in the back of my mind some thought that Filegate had something to do with it." ……. Dan Moldea, who was one of pornographer Flynt's lead investigators, denies blackmail in a rambling self-defense: "No member of our team ever approached any of our targets and posed any threats and/or ultimatums - or participated in any other activity that could even remotely be viewed as blackmail or extortion." That would be illegal. But Aldrich says "blackmail is implied," and the recipient gets the message. ……."

Insight Magazine 6/19/00 J Michael Waller "…… Asked about the Clinton sex scandal when it broke in early 1998, Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Director Vyacheslav Trubnikov told a Russian newspaper, "Our intelligence service some time ago anticipated that powerful pressure would be brought down to bear on the U.S. president and that it would be exerted in various fields, including this one." ……….Do we know how such pressure was exerted? That question seemed to escape a Senate that acquitted Clinton. But former senator Sam Nunn, the Georgia Democrat who won a reputation as one of Washington's foremost national-security experts, was deeply worried about Clinton. Nunn warned that the president had opened himself - and the country - to blackmail by foreign spy services. "For people to say that the president of the United States having - allegedly - telephone sex, is strictly private, has nothing to do with official duties," Nunn told CNN in January 1999, "means they've never been acquainted with the world of espionage and the world of blackmail." Nunn said that questions about Clinton's phone sex should be treated as a national-security issue: "It seems to me that the [Senate] Intelligence Committee and the Armed Services Committee must ask the question about espionage." ……."

Insight Magazine 6/19/00 J Michael Waller "…… The system has worked for more than a half-century, with total confidence that the material in one's background file always would be protected against leaks or misuse. However, says Aldrich, other former and current FBI agents, officials from the CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency, or DIA, and other security and intelligence services also believe that the system has broken down under the Clinton administration. …….. Seasoned counterintelligence professionals are outraged, and some blame not only the Clintons but the FBI director. "It was the height of irresponsibility for Louis Freeh to allow this to happen," a veteran tracker of Russian spies tells Insight. "That was a disgrace. He broke faith with millions of people on that one. The buck stopped with him. He knew what was going on." 5/26/00 Dan Frisa "….. There they go again, making a mockery of the rule of law and any semblance of ethics. Defense Secretary William Cohen didn't even mete out a slap on the wrist to Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon, who was found by the Inspector General to have violated the Federal Privacy Act when he released the confidential personnel files of Linda Tripp. Cohen, a former Republican U.S. Senator from Maine, merely sent a letter to Bacon expressing his displeasure. That's it. Oh, and he also managed to say what a wonderful job Bacon has been doing. This is unreal, and what's even worse - if that's possible - is that the letter won't even be made part of Bacon's permanent employee file. ……..Bacon himself, much like his boss at the White House, even had the nerve to state that he did the right thing in supposedly "responding to a media inquiry" regarding Linda Tripp......." 5/14/00 Lawrence Auster "…..The armed seizure of Elian Gonzalez was not only a lawless act of tyranny by the Clinton government, it was an announcement, for those with eyes to see, of the beginning of an age of tyranny in America. It is a tyranny that has been taking shape imperceptibly and informally over many years, but now is becoming so blatant and systematic that it virtually amounts to a new - if unofficial - form of government. …….. Under this regime, the executive, liberated from the Constitution and from any fear of genuine political opposition, does whatever it feels like doing, from character assassination campaigns against witnesses and prosecutors to missile attacks on foreign aspirin factories to the terror bombing of foreign civilian populations, while the major media, functioning in effect as a state organ, shapes an ignorant and malleable public into agreement with whatever the executive is doing. …… 5/14/00 Lawrence Auster "…..This is especially easy when the dissident is not a public figure but simply some poor slob whom fate has placed in the path of the left. Since the legions of the politically correct do not regard such a person as a human being like themselves, they don't have to observe even minimal decency toward him. …….. This may sound extreme, but experience is bearing it out. Just as property owners had no intrinsic value in the eyes of the Bolsheviks, and just as Jews had no intrinsic human value in the eyes of the Nazis, anyone who doesn't dance to the tune of America's dominant left has no intrinsic human value. …….. These are some of the thoughts triggered by The Washington Post's front-page hit job against Donato Dalrymple four days after machine-gun-toting INS agents grabbed Elian Gonzalez from his arms. ………I won't go into the details of this unbelievably filthy piece of "journalism," which has been adequately discussed elsewhere. What I want to emphasize here is what the article tells us about the liberals' devotion to the "little people." ……..But as soon as the little people are unfortunate enough to find themselves on the other side of an issue from the left, they become inconveniences to be swept aside. Their very insignificance - their relative lack of success in life, their lack of sophistication and media savvy, their quirks, their immaturities, even their very innocence - becomes the means the left uses to isolate and humiliate them. ……" 5/23/00 "……Paula Jones said she fears that when President Clinton leaves office he may have her killed or injured out of vengeance for her allegations that he sexually harassed her. During an exclusive interview with Fox News Channel's Hannity and Colmes, she said friends have told her they too fear that "when Clinton gets out of office, he'll have something done to me." ……. She said she told her friends that she is a good car driver and would never take her own life, so they should suspect foul play if she is found dead by an apparent suicide or car accident. "He may not do it himself," she said, but "he will always have the authority to get what he wants done." ….." 6/7/00 Sara Nelson "…… Under fire from Matt Drudge and others, Talk/Miramax on Friday is expected to kill a book being written by investigative reporter John Connolly that purports to expose the sex lives and business dealings of President Clinton's critics. Senior executives, worried about possible legal repercussions and the spectacle of part-owner Disney being dragged into a singularly unappetizing political storm, spent Thursday meeting to decide whether to go ahead with the book, tentatively titled The Insane Clown Posse. ''The book was horrible, and a lot of it was wrong,'' says a Talk/Miramax employee who has read portions of the manuscript. ''The legal department would have been tearing its hair out trying to vet this thing.'' ......,, According to Matt Drudge, writing on his Drudge Report Web site, the book outs gay members of Kenneth Starr's Office of the Independent Counsel and examines the sex life of Ann Coulter, the author and syndicated columnist. Coulter told Drudge that she would sue over the book and that she is ''looking forward to owning Miramax if it's published.'' ......"

The Nation Magazine 3/30/98 Doug Ireland "…..The first indication that the Clinton White House might be violating the Frank rule came in late February, when MSNBC reported that Clinton loyalists had been leaking derogatory rumors about members of independent counsel Kenneth Starr's staff, including matters of "sexual preference" …….. As both a journalist and as someone who's gay, my interest was sparked, and I began making calls to determine whether the outing accusations were true. Three members of the media confirmed to me that Sidney Blumenthal, the White House media counselor, had indeed been spreading such stories: They'd heard him do it. These reputable members of the Beltway media agreed to tell me what they knew only if guaranteed complete anonymity; they were afraid of losing access to White House sources, and of possible reprisals. Two said that Blumenthal had told them directly of the same-sex orientation of a member of Starr's staff, and a third said he had been present for a conversation in which Blumenthal made such a comment to a third person……..The claims about Blumenthal's activities go beyond Starr's office. On the February 25 Nightline, ABC's Chris Bury reported that Blumenthal "is not only suspected [of] leaking damaging material about Starr's staff, sources tell Nightline he has been disparaging aggressive reporters on the Lewinsky story to their colleagues in the media." Two of the members of the media I spoke to about the Starr allegations also said Blumenthal had described at least two other media figures to them as gay. One of those sources, as well as other people who know Blumenthal, described him as fascinated by sexual gossip that they said he recycles as part of his defense of the Clintons. ……"

The Weekly Standard 6/5/00 "…..A federal judge demolished practically every complaint or allegation Carville and Co. ever made against Kenneth Starr and the Office of Independent Counsel. Dismissing three well-coordinated nuisance suits against Starr -- filed by convicted Whitewater defendant Stephen Smith, indicted Kathleen Willey witness Julie Hiatt Steele, and Francis T. Mandanici, an apparently obsessed, Starr-hating Connecticut lawyer -- district judge John F. Nangle used unusually brutal language. …… The charge that Starr pressured Steele and Susan McDougal to lie and falsely implicate the president? "There's not one shred of support [for that claim] in the hundreds of pages of documents submitted" to him, Judge Nangle wrote. …… The contention that Starr violated the independent counsel statute by testifying before the House Judiciary Committee impeachment inquiry? "Ridiculous." …..The allegation that Starr abused his power by continuing to represent tobacco companies during his supervision of the Whitewater investigation? "Nonsense...absolutely ridiculous." ……The argument that some conflict of interest tainted Starr's aborted acceptance of a deanship at Pepperdine University? "Very dubious." And "the stuff that dreams are made of." ......And "this Court has never heard a more absurd argument." And it is "totally illogical" and there is "no evidence" to substantiate it. ...... Nangle called Stephen Smith's complaints that he had been asked to lie by Starr "meritless" and "completely frivolous." And then Nangle announced that he was considering holding Mandanici in contempt of court. ......"

DRUDGE REPORT 6/5/00 "…… The DRUDGE REPORT has obtained a working manuscript of a book commissioned by DISNEY's TALK/MIRAMAX imprint -- a book that digs deep into the private sex lives and business dealings of major and minor Clinton critics... "

Drudge Report 6/5/00 "……The DRUDGE REPORT has obtained a working manuscript of a book commissioned by DISNEY's TALK/MIRAMAX imprint -- a book that digs deep into the private sex lives and business dealings of major and minor Clinton critics! Author John Connolly [NY MAG, PREMIERE] has been working feverishly behind the scenes on his slash and trash investigation. "There are no less than six gays involved in the [Lewinsky] case. Two of the 'elves', and three of Starr's young male protege's were gay..." Connolly writes. ……. Best-selling author and syndicated columnist Ann Coulter, who comes under the Connolly microscope, said on Monday that she was "harassed" after Connolly brought in a private investigator to dig into her background. "The guy began a program of harassment by calling me at home 6 times a day until I changed my number, sending me flowers, and hiring a private investigator to look into my personal life. I have a copy of the letter his P.I. sent to an ex-boyfriend of mine, stating that he was hired by John Connolly to look into me." Connolly confirmed that he hired an investigator: "When Coulter abruptly stopped taking my calls for whatever reason, my P.I. said he knew someone who was a friend of Bob Guccione Jr., who Coulter had dated." ……"

UPI 6/12/00 Randall Mikkelsen "……President Clinton's lawyers released friendly letters from Kathleen Willey to prevent allegations he groped the former White House volunteer from fueling a broader impeachment inquiry, a legal filing released on Monday said……… The document was filed on behalf of deputy White House counsel Bruce Lindsey in response to a lawsuit by the conservative legal group Judicial Watch, which released it………. In the filing the White House said Lindsey and other White House lawyers considered releasing the letters after they learned Willey would detail her allegations on the CBS television program ``60 Minutes.''………. The filing said Lindsey and other White House lawyers ''concluded that Ms. Willey's allegations, without any context, might bias the public and Congress and thereby increase the potential for the expansion of the independent counsel's jurisdiction and the likelihood of impeachment proceedings against the president.'……..' It said the lawyers concluded releasing the letters would not violate a self-imposed pledge not to personally attack any of the president's accusers. ``Because these letters were Ms. Willey's own words, the use of them would not be inconsistent with that commitment,'' it said………"

The Modesto Bee 6/17/00 Garth Stapley "…..State agents who seized rifles from a Modesto gun store owned by Republican candidate Steve Wilson had no idea Wilson is running for Congress, a spokesman for the agents said Thursday. "None of us had any clue who this guy was," said Nathan Barankin of the state Department of Justice. During an inspection, an agent noticed someone wearing a "Wilson for Congress" campaign pin and remarked that he wasn't aware Pete Wilson was running for Congress, Barankin said. "The reply was, "Not Pete Wilson--it's him," Barankin said. "That was the first time we were aware he is a candidate for office. ……Wilson said Wednesday he was the victim of political harassment becuase he is running against Democratic incumbent Gary Condit of Ceres. Condit's chief of staff, Mike Lynch, vehemently denied the charge. ….." 6/10/00 Michael Caggiano "……When Congressman James Rogan made his articles-of-impeachment speech, I was standing in a local electronics store, at a wall of TV screens. Thus began the process that led to the impeachment of Bill Clinton. As Rogan spoke, a guy standing nearby asked, "Is he crazy? Clinton's Mafia will bury him." I've often thought about those comments and the threats of reprisal, most of which have come from the "Hollywood" community. (Now there's a real subject for a sanity probe). But, the question floated like a hot air balloon as to whether James Rogan had lost his mind. Or, was he one of the bravest men we've ever known? It was a burning question that cooled, smoldering for more than a year. ……. As I pondered my historical visions, I had no choice but to compare the sanity of James Rogan with these ordinary people, and the answer teased at me. It did seem, by comparison, that a case was being made. Soon I began to believe that he might be crazy -- certainly as crazy as a young farmer and engineer named Thomas Jefferson when he reached for quill and ink, and set about the architectonic task of designing a document which exposed evil deeds and declared the freedom of then and future Americans, and separation from a greedy, egotistical and lascivious tyrant; …… Congressman Rogan acted, in our behalf, to separate from a cunning and wicked self-proclaimed sovereign because of his lawlessness and disregard for the Office of the President of the United States and the respect which it commands -- respect, not for him but from him. Congressman Rogan acted in our behalf to prosecute the perpetrator of the heinous crime against all Americans, and not just for Mr. Rogan's constituency -- of perjury, of lying under oath in a court of law -- and obstruction of justice. These were offenses against the people and laws of the United States, for it is not the laws themselves that make us free, but respect for the rule of law. ……" 6/14/00 Carl Limbacher "….When the White House announced last week that Vice President Al Gore's e-mail for eleven key months before and just after Bill Clinton's impeahcment had been "lost forever," no one could have been more astonished than L. Jean Lewis. Lewis was the Resolution Trust Corporation investigator who uncovered the series of land flips, insider deals and check kiting scams at Little Rock's Madison Guarantee Savings and Loan that became known as the Whitewater scandal. …….. Way back in 1992, she wrote the very first Whitewater criminal referral naming Bill and Hillary Clinton as witnesses to and possible beneficiaries of bank fraud. A year later, after the explosive document made its way up the bureaucratic food chain, Lewis' Whitewater probe set off the Clinton White House's smoke alarms. ……. By 1995 the scandal uncovered by Lewis was comsuming the White House. Hillary Clinton's chief of staff Maggie Williams admitted privately that the first lady was now "paralyzed" with fear. What's more, Jean Lewis was about to get her chance to tell what she knew to the Senate Whitewater Committee……… Once Senate Republicans called Lewis to testify, Clinton strategists realized they'd have to do something to stop her. And the way they and their Congressional allies decided to do it was to go after her e-mail. Democrats on the Senate Whitewater Committee subpoenaed all Lewis' relevant written correspondence, some of which she had stored on computer disks. Also on those same disks: private letters that had nothing to do with her investigation. …….. Lewis had simply deleted the personal mail and handed the disk over to Democrat staffers. Just like Vice President Gore, she presumed that her deleted mail was "lost forever." But thanks to White House ingenuity, it turned out she presumed wrong. …….." 6/14/00 Carl Limbacher "….When it came time to cross examine Lewis in televised hearings, chief Democratic Whitewater counsel Richard Ben Veniste hit the RTC prober with embarrassing revelations gleaned from private letters that had nothing whatsoever to do with Whitewater. ……… Some of the information was about her teenage stepson, who was humiliated before the world in an attempt to discredit Lewis. Other tidbits revealed that Lewis had a political dislike for Bill Clinton even before she began looking into Whitewater -- and had once even considered marketing a line a anti-Clinton T-shirts. …….. Suddenly the investigator with a spotless record and a personnel file folder full of commendations was being smeared as a "Clinton-hater" and a "gold digger" whose testimony was so hopelessly tainted by bias that it could net be taken seriously. …….Lewis, who suffered from high blood pressure, was so rattled by the invasion of privacy that she collapsed right there at the witness table and had to be taken to a doctor. ...... Though nothing Clinton's allies on the Whitewater panel had unearthed about Lewis compromised her testimony or the evidence she presented in any way, White House spinmeisters made no secret of their joy that the woman who started Whitewater had been discredited. "The left is very good at retrieving information when it needs to be," Landmark Legal Foundation President Mark Levin told on Tuesday. Landmark represented Lewis at the time of her testimony. ……..Having personally witnessed the lengths to which the White House went to get deleted files when it helped their case, Levin is mystified over claims that Gore's e-mail is beyond the reach of even the experts they sicced on Jean Lewis: ……"

CNN 6/12/00 "…..President Bill Clinton's lawyers released amicable letters from Kathleen Willey in an effort to contain allegations that the president groped the former White House volunteer from fueling a broader impeachment inquiry, according to a legal filing released Monday. The legal document was filed on behalf of deputy White House counsel Bruce Lindsey in response to a pending lawsuit by the conservative legal group Judicial Watch, which released it. According to the filing, Lindsey and other White House lawyers contemplated releasing the letters after they learned Willey would detail her allegations in an episode of CBS's "60 Minutes." …..The White House released the 15 letters written by Willey the day after the broadcast aired in March 1998. In them, Willey said that she was the president's "number one fan" and requested a permanent government job. A federal judge ruled in March that Clinton violated the federal Privacy Act by releasing the letters. The White House appealed the ruling, arguing that the president is not covered by the law. …… In May, a federal appeals court refused to intervene in the lawsuit, writing: "We do not take seriously" White House arguments that the office of the president and his aides is hindered by the ruling. ….." 6/9/00 "…… Talk Miramax Books, as expected, announced Friday that it would not publish a book that would have exposed the private lives of Bill Clinton's adversaries. In a terse statement, Tina Brown, the chairman of Talk Media Inc., insisted the cancellation had nothing to do with the revelations on Matt Drudge's Web site that the book, tentatively titled The Insane Clown Posse, would ''out'' members of Kenneth Starr's legal team and delve into the sex life of conservative columnist Ann Coulter. ''Mr. Jonathan Burnham, President and Editor in Chief of Talk Miramax Books, was submitted a partial manuscript for a proposed book,'' Brown's statement said. ''He read it and decided not to publish it. I have now had an opportunity to read the draft myself and I agree with him. Our decision not to move forward with the project would have been the same even if the partial manuscript had remained private. End of story.'' ……. ''The book was horrible, and a lot of it was wrong,'' a Talk Miramax employee who has read portions of the manuscript said Thursday. ''The legal department would have been tearing its hair out trying to vet this thing.'' ......"

The Nation Magazine 3/30/98 Doug Ireland "……Of closets and Clinton; charges of leaks by White House media adviser Sidney Blumenthal about sexual preferences of some of Kenneth Starr's staff……… The first indication that the Clinton White House might be violating the Frank rule came in late February, when MSNBC reported that Clinton loyalists had been leaking derogatory rumors about members of independent counsel Kenneth Starr's staff, including matters of "sexual preference" (at MSNBC, which likes to portray itself as the hip news network, it has apparently escaped notice that same-sex attraction is not a matter of choice, and that the correct term is "sexual orientation"). As both a journalist and as someone who's gay, my interest was sparked, and I began making calls to determine whether the outing accusations were true. Three members of the media confirmed to me that Sidney Blumenthal, the White House media counselor, had indeed been spreading such stories: They'd heard him do it. These reputable members of the Beltway media agreed to tell me what they knew only if guaranteed complete anonymity; they were afraid of losing access to White House sources, and of possible reprisals. Two said that Blumenthal had told them directly of the same-sex orientation of a member of Starr's staff, and a third said he had been present for a conversation in which Blumenthal made such a comment to a third person. The claims about Blumenthal's activities go beyond Starr's office. On the February 25 Nightline, ABC's Chris Bury reported that Blumenthal "is not only suspected [of] leaking damaging material about Starr's staff, sources tell Nightline he has been disparaging aggressive reporters on the Lewinsky story to their colleagues in the media." Two of the members of the media I spoke to about the Starr allegations also said Blumenthal had described at least two other media figures to them as gay. One of those sources, as well as other people who know Blumenthal, described him as fascinated by sexual gossip that they said he recycles as part of his defense of the Clintons. ……"

Drudge Report 6/11/00 "……**Exclusive** ……. Late Friday, TALK chair Tina Brown announced that she was dropping plans to publish the book INSANE CLOWN POSSE after details from a working manuscript were released on the Internet. ...... But the possibility that author John Connolly was secretly receiving assistance from a White House insider for his book on the sex lives of Clinton critics could haunt TALK executives for months to come………. "I was in Berlin at a business gathering, when I ran into White House aide Sidney Blumenthal. Later , when I got up to my hotel room, I had a message waiting from author John Connolly!" Those are the shocking claims of a lawyer directly involved in the Lewinsky case -- a lawyer who, at the time, was the subject of a sex investigation financed by DISNEY! "I could not believe it. Here was this guy calling from America. How did he know I was at the hotel?" In a conversation with the DRUDGE REPORT last month, Connolly admitted that he has been in contact with Blumenthal during the writing of POSSE. Tina Brown hired Sidney Blumenthal while she was at the NEW YORKER. Blumenthal also worked for Brown as a contributing editor at VANITY FAIR…….Meanwhile, it has been learned, TALK/MIRAMAX was alerted last December that Connolly was spreading malicious sex slurs against Clinton critics and government lawyers. "We sent TALK a legal warning late last year," one impeachment player explained. "They did nothing."……."

Drudge Report 6/6/00 "…… "Mr. Drudge, you will be sued," warned famed powerlawyer Floyd Abrams late Monday from Israel. Abrams, calling on behalf of DISNEY's TALK/MIRAMAX, warned of immediate legal action against this report if new details are released and circulated about a controversial project currently in the oven at Tina Brown's new book imprint. The DRUDGE REPORT obtained a working manuscript of a book commissioned by TALK -- a book that digs deep into the private sex lives and business dealings of major and minor Clinton critics!…….. Author John Connolly's investigation has became the focus of intense scrutiny on Publisher's Row. Connolly has not only hired private investigators, he's also consulted with White House aides, the DRUDGE PORT can reveal………" 6/6/00 Carl Limbacher "……. For years presidential sex accusers like Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, and even the Clintons' Arkansas state trooper bodyguards, have had their credibility attacked by those who saw ulterior motives. Surely these people had only told their lurid tales in hopes of getting a book deal, the argument went, and so anything they said should be taken with a grain of salt. Well, it's finally happened. A Clinton administration sexual harassment accuser has just signed with a prominent ad agency in hopes of landing a big bucks book contract. …… But the lucky she isn't Jones, Willey, or Broaddrick -- or any of the others in Mr. Clinton's sexual portfolio. The gold plated harassment victim is none other than recently retired Lt. General Claudia Kennedy, who complained to the Army in September that she'd been kissed against her will years ago by a fellow general. Gen. Kennedy has just signed with Hollywood's William Morris agency to write a book about her 31 years in the military. ….."

Drudge Report 6/7/00 "….."Tina Brown is financing slanderous hate speech against alleged gays," charged a Washington insider who has met with the author of a book project commissioned by DISNEY's TALK/MIRAMAX. [NYSE:DIS] ……… Seven sources have now come forward to describe their conversations with author John Connolly -- conversations during which the author labeled members of the Office of the Independent Counsel as "fags", "faggots" and "queers."…… The DRUDGE REPORT has now traced similar accusations made of Starr's staff -- accusations reportedly spread by a senior White House aide! In its March 30, 1998 issue the liberal NATION magazine claimed White House aide Sidney Blumenthal was briefing members of the media about the sex lives of investigators. "Blumenthal had told them directly of the same-sex orientation of a member of Starr's staff," wrote NATION reporter Doug Ireland………Ireland continued: "Two of the members of the media I spoke to about the Starr allegations also said Blumenthal had described at least two other media figures to them as gay."….." 6/8/00 Ann Coulter "…….I wish I had the sex life that Talk/Miramax Books author John Connolly fantasizes for me. In the Clinton-era version of the Pentagon Papers case, cyberstud Matt Drudge has obtained a draft manuscript of Connolly's book on the sex lives of Clinton's critics. Miramax has evidently been funding Connolly's flights around the country, his stays at fancy hotels, and his hiring of at least one private investigator -- all to investigate the sex lives of various random individuals whose only common trait is that we probably didn't vote for Clinton. On the basis of the excerpts about me, I'd just like to say I'm looking forward to owning Miramax if it ever publishes any of this. Among other things, Connolly accuses me of having trysts with "playboy" Geraldo Rivera at his "oceanfront retreat in New Jersey." ("Oh Geraldo," I moaned, "there is no protective function privilege!") …….. But the thing is, Geraldo is not like Clinton. From what I've heard of Geraldo's printed oeuvre, he brags about what Clinton lies about. Connolly inexplicably fails to account for the absence of published reports about my sexual tryst with Geraldo within 48 hours of its occurrence. (The sad truth is, my affair with Geraldo at his "oceanfront retreat" was compromised by the presence of my brother, Mrs. Rivera and several other guests.) ……… Everyone in Connolly's book who is not accused of having an affair with Geraldo is said to be gay, from Ken Starr to Justice Kennedy, Starr's staffers, various of the elves, and random Republicans having nothing to do with impeachment. (Who would have guessed that my association with Geraldo would end up saving my reputation?) In the Clintonian world, if no one's accused you of rape lately, you must be gay…….." 8/7/00 Carl Limbacher "……Al Gore's campaign has gone negative. Not waiting for the official Labor Day campaign season kick-off, Gore's campaign has already begun blitzing battleground states with negative, nasty and, very misleading televisions ads. But why haven't we heard about this development on national media? Polls shows that Americans don't like negative ads - and we suppose that if Bush started running negative ads about Al Gore, it would make top headlines. Gore is behind, and the major media wants him to succeed. That's a given. ………"

Fox News at Ten - New York Area 8/7/00 Freeper report ".......They used terms like he burglarized an ex-girlfriend's home. And they kept it as a lead in before a commericial for several cycles. First, they showed GPBush speaking at the Rep convention last week. Then they said "He's not so squeaky clean, even as he is portrayed a role model for the young." Then they show a graphic of a police report from six (6) years ago---when GPBush opened the window of an ex-girlfriends home and entered while she was in her bedroom with a new boyfriend. ...... The comments from the girls family said "He was a real problem." The father saw GPBush leave the family's grounds only to return with his Ford Explorer and drive all over their property and caused $300 worth of damage. The family made no formal charges and nothing happened to GPBush as the police spoke with the Bush family who resides nearby. .....Comments from the Jeb Bush's office state that GPBush made a mistake and has a apologized and the matter has been settled. Folks, I tell you this campaign is getting nasty and dirty. Fox News at Ten is favorite watched by many, many minorities and elderly in the NY Metro area. These bast***s know exactly what they are doing. ......"

Judicial Watch 7/31/00 "……NOTRA TRULOCK, III AND LINDA CONRAD Plaintiffs, vs. LOUIS FREEH, in his personal capacity, NEIL GALLAGHER, in his personal capacity, STEVE DILLARD, in his personal capacity, BRIAN HALPIN, in his personal capacity, STEVE CARR, in his personal capacity, JANE DOE NO. 1, in her personal capacity, Defendants.......
This is an action to redress violations of the First and Fourth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. …….
* In the aftermath of the political fallout that resulted, and which continues to date, Plaintiff Trulock was demoted within DOE in 1998, then forced out entirely in 1999. He subsequently found employment with TRW, Inc.
* Early this year, Plaintiff Trulock decided to write a "personal reflections-type" manuscript about his experiences, including his criticisms of the Clinton-Gore White House, the DOE, the FBI and the CIA for their mishandling and cover-up of the Chinese spy threat, as well as the compromise of national security at U.S. nuclear weapons laboratories, including Los Alamos. Plaintiff Trulock took painstaking care not to include any classified information in the manuscript and, in March 2000, sent the document to DOE for a security review before trying to have the manuscript published. DOE declined to review the manuscript. Plaintiff Trulock also submitted to, and passed, a polygraph examination intended to reveal any disclosure of classified information.
* National Review decided to publish an article by Plaintiff Trulock, excerpted from the manuscript, in its July 31, 2000 edition. The article, entitled "Energy Loss," was actually in circulation by early July 2000.
* At or about the same time, Plaintiff Trulock was fired by TRW, Inc., on information and belief, under pressure from high-ranking officials at DOE.
* Plaintiff Conrad is the Executive Assistant to the Director of the Office of Intelligence at DOE. She has held this position for six (6) years and has been in government service for twenty-five (25) years.
* Plaintiff Conrad and Plaintiff Trulock share a townhouse in Falls Church, Virginia. Plaintiff Conrad is Plaintiff Trulock's landlord. Plaintiff Trulock rents a bedroom in the townhouse from Plaintiff Conrad, and they share the common portions of the townhouse.
* Plaintiff Conrad and Plaintiff Trulock also share a computer, which is located in Plaintiff Conrad's bedroom. However, Plaintiff Conrad and Plaintiff Trulock each have multiple passwords for their respective personal computer files. They do not know each other's passwords. Plaintiff Conrad and Plaintiff Trulock do not, and cannot, access each other's personal computer files.
* When Plaintiff Conrad arrived at work on Friday, July 14, 2000, her supervisor, Lawrence Sanchez, who is the Director of the Office of Intelligence at DOE, relayed to Plaintiff Conrad, on behalf of the FBI, that the FBI wanted to question her about Plaintiff Trulock and that they had a search warrant for her and Plaintiff Trulock's home. Sanchez also relayed to Plaintiff Conrad, on behalf of the FBI, that not only did the FBI have a search warrant for her home, but that if she did not agree to cooperate, they would break down her front door to execute the warrant, that the media would be present, and that the local police had already been alerted to the fact that the search was about to take place.
* Plaintiff Conrad became extremely upset. She was very scared and began to shake. She broke down in tears, and remained extremely upset and in tears all day.
* Throughout the day, Sanchez had several telephone calls with FBI Assistant Director for National Security Neil Gallagher and FBI Inspector in Charge Steve Dillard, who is the head of the FBI's Chinese espionage investigation task force, to discuss the interrogation of Plaintiff Conrad and the search of her and Plaintiff Trulock's home. DOE Secretary Bill Richardson even contacted FBI Director Louis Freeh to discuss the interrogation and search.
* The FBI insisted on going forward with complete interrogation of Plaintiff Conrad and a search of her and Plaintiff Trulock's home, with or without Plaintiff Conrad's cooperation.
* Sanchez, who had received a "dressing down" by Clinton-Gore White House Chief of Staff John Podesta for having been too cooperative with Congressional investigations into the Chinese espionage matter, pressured Plaintiff Conrad to cooperate with the FBI.
* At approximately 4:00 p.m., Agents Halpin and Carr, acting, on information and belief, under the direction, instruction and orders of FBI Director Freeh, FBI Assistant Director Gallagher, and Inspector in Charge Dillard, arrived at DOE to interrogate Plaintiff Conrad, who remained extremely intimidated and fearful, and had been crying all day.
* On information and belief, Agents Halpin and Carr were armed. They took Plaintiff Conrad into a conference room at DOE, closed the door, and began to interrogate her.
* Plaintiff Conrad continued to be extremely intimidated and fearful, and remained extremely intimidated and fearful throughout the interrogation. She was crying and shaking, and continued to do so throughout the interrogation.
* Agents Halpin and Carr asked Plaintiff to sign a piece of paper, which she did. She did not read the paper however, and does not know what was written on the paper.
* Plaintiff Conrad would not have signed the paper, or agreed to cooperate in any way, if she had not been told that the FBI had a search warrant for her and Plaintiff Trulock's home, and that the FBI would break down the front door and search her and Plaintiff Trulock's home, in the presence of the media and the local police, if she did not cooperate.
* At no point was Plaintiff Conrad ever advised of her constitutional rights, or that she did not have to consent to the interrogation or the search of her home.
* No one else was present during the interrogation, although at one point Plaintiff Conrad's supervisor entered the conference room and spoke briefly with Agent Carr.
* During the interrogation, Agents Halpin and Carr questioned Plaintiff Conrad about the manuscript from which Plaintiff's Trulock's article was excerpted, as well as about persons with whom Plaintiff Trulock was in contact, meetings that Plaintiff Trulock may have had, and Plaintiff Trulock's telephone habits, among other subjects.
* During the interrogation, Agents Halpin and Carr also questioned Plaintiff Conrad about Plaintiff Trulock's personal records and computer files. Plaintiff Conrad told Agents Halpin and Carr that she and Plaintiff Trulock share a computer, which is located in Plaintiff Conrad's bedroom. Plaintiff Conrad also told Agents Halpin and Carr that both she and Plaintiff Trulock maintain separate, personal files on the computer's hard drive, but that she did not know what information Plaintiff Trulock keeps in his personal files on the computer's hard drive. Plaintiff Conrad also told Agents Halpin and Carr that she and Plaintiff Trulock had multiple passwords for their respective personal computer files, that they did not know each other's passwords, and that they did not, and could not, access each others personal computer files.
* Agent Halpin and Agent Carr were particularly interested in the fact that Plaintiff Trulock maintained personal files on the computer's hard drive. Agent Halpin, who had told Plaintiff Conrad that he is a lawyer, then made a telephone call to his supervisor, Inspector in Charge Dillard, who also is a lawyer. Plaintiff Conrad overheard Agent Halpin discussing with Inspector in Charge Dillard the fact that Plaintiff Trulock maintained personal files on the computer's hard drive.
* During her interrogation, Plaintiff Conrad was not allowed to make any telephone calls. Plaintiff Conrad was able to receive two (2) telephone calls, however, one from her daughter and one from Plaintiff Trulock. However, the agents would not let Plaintiff Conrad take either telephone call in private, but instead listened in on Plaintiff Conrad's side of each conversation. Plaintiff Conrad was too upset to speak with her daughter. Plaintiff Trulock could tell from Plaintiff Conrad's tone of voice and manner that she was extremely upset, but Plaintiff Conrad had been forbidden by Agents Halpin and Carr from telling Plaintiff Trulock what was happening to her.
* The interrogation lasted from approximately 4:00 p.m. to 7:15 or 7:30. When the interrogation was over, Agents Halpin and Carr told Plaintiff Conrad that she was not allowed to tell anyone about what had occurred during the interrogation.
* At no point during the three and a half hour interrogation did Plaintiff Conrad feel that she was free to leave. To the contrary, she felt that she was under arrest.
* At no point did Plaintiff Conrad freely and voluntarily consent to her seizure and interrogation by Agents Halpin and Carr, nor did she freely and voluntarily consent to the search and/or seizure of her home, the computer she shares with Plaintiff Trulock, and/or the password-protected personal files on the computer's hard drive. Rather, Plaintiff Conrad merely acquiesced to the agents' claim of lawful authority and/or was coerced by threats that, if she failed to cooperate, the FBI would break down her door and search her and Plaintiff Trulock's home, in the presence of the media and local police.
* At no point did Agents Halpin and Carr ever show Plaintiff Conrad a search warrant, nor, on information and belief, was a warrant ever issued.
* Agents Halpin and Carr then followed Plaintiff Conrad home. When Plaintiff Conrad entered the home, the agents entered immediately behind her. On information and belief, the agents were armed when they entered Plaintiffs' home.
* Plaintiff Trulock was home at the time. He asked to see the agents' search warrant. The agents replied that Plaintiff Conrad had consented to a search, even though she had given no such consent, but merely acquiesced to a claim of lawful authority and/or was otherwise coerced by the agents.
* At all times, Plaintiff Trulock had a reasonable expectation of privacy in his password-protected computer files. Plaintiff Conrad and Plaintiff Trulock were the only persons who had regular access to the computer. Plaintiff Conrad and Plaintiff Trulock understood that they each maintained separate, password-protected, personal files on the computer, but that they would not, and did not, know each other's passwords. Plaintiff Conrad and Trulock also understood that they would not, and could not, access each other's personal files on the computer's hard drive. Consequently, Plaintiff Conrad lawfully could not, and did not, consent to a search of Plaintiff Trulock's password-protected personal files on the computer's hard drive.
* Like Plaintiff Conrad, Plaintiff Trulock acquiesced to the agents' claim of lawful authority and/or was otherwise coerced by the agents. At no point did Plaintiff Trulock freely and voluntarily consent to the search and/or seizure of his home, the computer he shares with Plaintiff Conrad, and/or the password-protected personal files he maintains on the computer's hard drive.
* At no point was Plaintiff Trulock ever advised of his constitutional rights, or that he did not have to consent to the search of his home, the computer he shared with Plaintiff Conrad, or the password-protected personal files he maintained on the computer's hard drive.
* Upon entering the home, Agent Carr immediately asked Plaintiff Conrad to show her the computer that she and Plaintiff Trulock shared. Plaintiff Conrad took Agent Carr upstairs to the bedroom where the computer was located. Agent Carr asked Plaintiff Conrad to return downstairs and to wait with Plaintiff Trulock and Agent Halpin. After approximately fifteen to twenty minutes, Agent Carr returned downstairs. On information and belief, Agent Carr accessed and secured the contents of the computer's hard drive, including Plaintiffs' password-protected personal computer files, during this time period.
* Agents Halpin and Carr then began interrogating Plaintiff Trulock. The interrogation lasted for approximately one half hour, during which the agents asked Plaintiff Trulock whether there was any classified material in the home, whether any classified material was on the computer, whether he had sent the manuscript of the article to other persons, and whether he downloaded e-mail onto a palm pilot, among other questions. Again, at no point did the agents ever advised Plaintiff Trulock of his constitutional rights.
* During the interrogation of Plaintiff Trulock, a third agent, an FBI computer specialist who did not identify herself to Plaintiff Conrad and Plaintiff Trulock, arrived at the home. The computer specialist sat silently on the couch during the remainder of the interrogation.
* After the interrogation of Plaintiff Trulock, Agent Carr and the computer specialist went upstairs to the bedroom where the computer was located, where they again accessed and began to search the contents of the computer's hard drive.
* Plaintiff Conrad was asked to come upstairs to the bedroom, where she was asked to identify certain, but not all, of her personal bank records on the computer's hard drive. The computer specialist copied these bank records onto a diskette, and gave the diskette to her. Plaintiff Conrad was then told to return downstairs.
* Plaintiff Trulock was then asked to come upstairs to the bedroom. Plaintiff Trulock observed that the computer specialist had accessed the computer's hard drive through its "DOS" directories. The computer specialist told Plaintiff Trulock that the hard drive had been "locked down."
* Plaintiff Trulock was then asked to identify certain, but not all, of his personal bank records on the computer's hard drive. The computer specialist copied these bank records onto a diskette, and gave the diskette to him. Plaintiff Trulock was then told to return downstairs.
* Agent Carr and the computer specialist remained in the bedroom, apparently searching computer files, for approximately one and a half hours.
* While Agent Carr and the computer specialists were searching Plaintiffs' computer files, Agent Halpin remained downstairs with Plaintiffs. At one point, Plaintiffs and Agent Halpin began to discuss dogs. Agent Halpin had commented on the fact that Plaintiff Trulock had a golden retriever, and told Plaintiffs that he also had a golden retriever. Plaintiffs did not think anything of the conversation at the time. Although Agent Halpin had a cell phone with him, he asked Plaintiffs if he could use the telephone. Agent Halpin then took a cordless telephone belonging to Plaintiff Conrad, went outside where he could not be overheard by Plaintiffs and made what appeared to be a long telephone call.
* After Agent Carr and the computer specialist finished searching the computer, they told Plaintiffs that they would have to take the computer hard drive with them. They gave Plaintiffs a receipt for the hard drive, but left the monitor, printer and accessories.
* At no time during or after the search did the agents ever show Plaintiffs Trulock and Conrad a search warrant, nor did they leave a copy of the search warrant with them.
* On information and belief, no such warrant existed, nor would the FBI have had probable cause to obtain a warrant, because DOE had declined to review the manuscript before Plaintiff Trulock sought to have it published, and because Plaintiff Trulock also submitted to, and passed, a polygraph examination intended to reveal any disclosure of classified information, and because DOE had made no criminal referral to the FBI regarding the manuscript.
* In fact, Secretary Richardson has since admitted to Congressman Dan Burton, Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Government Reform Committee, that DOE had made no criminal referral to the FBI, which would have been necessary for the FBI to even commence an investigation.
* CIA Director George Tenent has since admitted to Chairman Burton, in reference to the search and seizure of Plaintiffs' home, that "it looked like somebody has been wronged."
* On Monday, July 17, 2000, several reports appeared in the media about the FBI's search and seizure of Plaintiffs' home.
* On Tuesday, July 25, 2000, eight days after reports had appeared in the media about the FBI's search and seizure of Plaintiff's home, and only a few days after Plaintiffs sought legal representation about this matter, Plaintiffs' home was broken into. While there were no visible signs of entry and nothing appeared to have been taken, it was obvious to Plaintiffs that someone had rifled through a collection of digital video disks, videotapes, photo albums and books and other items kept in the same bedroom where the computer had been kept before it was seized by the agents. In addition, Plaintiff Trulock's golden retriever, the same dog that Plaintiffs had discussed with Agent Halpin, had been injured. The dog had a gash in his head, approximately one inch long, where he was struck with a blunt object, such as the butt of a gun. A report of the incident was made to the local police, who termed the incident "suspicious."
* Included among the personal, password-protected computer files on the hard drive searched and seized by the FBI, and to which Plaintiffs are being deprived access, is personal banking, billing, checking, financial and tax information, information for a consulting business upon which Plaintiff Trulock relies to earn a living, and approximately one year's worth of research by Plaintiff Trulock concerning a genetic disorder from which his son suffers.
* Thus, as a direct and proximate result of the unlawful seizure of Plaintiff Conrad, and the unlawful search and/or seizure of Plaintiffs' home, computer hard drive, and personal computer, Plaintiffs Trulock and Conrad have suffered loss of income, loss of personal property, emotional distress, loss of reputation, and invasion of privacy, among other substantial damages.

Judicial Watch 8/8/00 "…..Johnny Chung, a former fundraiser for Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, will file a lawsuit today against the Clinton-Gore Justice Department and unnamed Justice officials for civil rights violations. As a result, Mr. Chung's and his family's lives were put in danger. Mr. Chung is being represented by Judicial Watch, Inc., the public interest law firm that investigates and prosecutes government corruption. "Chung is one of the only figures in the Chinagate scandal to cooperate fully with investigators and directly implicate Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Al Gore in illegal fundraising. Rather than using Mr. Chung to indict this trio, the actions of the Clinton-Gore Justice Department in leaking Mr. Chung's whereabouts at a sensitive time were calculated to silence him by subjecting he and his family to harm. This lawsuit will finally get him justice and expose fully the facts behind the Chinagate cover-up," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman. ……"

Judicial Watch 8/3/00 "……A White House whistleblower scheduled to testify in e-mail hearings found his office broken into last week -- just days before the hearings started, his lawyers told a federal judge yesterday. Howard "Chip" Sparks, a career White House network specialist, noticed signs of a break-in when he came to work last Thursday morning. "They may have been looking for things, or seeking to intimidate him," said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, which is representing Sparks. "It ought to be taken seriously," he added. "It looks like someone may be messing with a court witness." …… The incident, which Sparks reported to his superiors, comes just a few weeks after he was forced to move his New Executive Office Building office to the other end of the 5th floor wing -- away from meetings on a court-ordered e-mail search project. ……. Sparks saw a shoe print on the inside of his locked office door, where he had posted his son's hockey schedule. He found the schedule lying on the floor. He had used two pushpins at the top and bottom of the schedule to secure it to the door. Now the piece of paper has four tack holes in it, two of them ripped, indicating the intruder may have accidentally kicked off the paper and tried to re-tack it. …….. Sparks' new office is less secure than his old one. The door is attached to a partition wall that doesn't reach the ceiling. "Someone climbed over the wall," Fitton said, which would explain the shoe print and torn-away paper. ……. The intrusion would have occurred sometime between the late afternoon or early evening of July 26 and 7:30 a.m. July 27. ……"

Judicial Watch 8/3/00 "……His story is eerily similar to that of former White House computer manager Sheryl Hall. After she spoke out against WHODB, she also was demoted. And her locked office was opened -- twice -- without her permission. The first breach took place in late 1996, the second in early 1997. In the first case, she says she came back to work after the weekend and found that papers she'd stacked underneath a "wipe board" had been rifled through. ……. Then on March 4, 1997, she approached her office and found her door unlocked, her computer turned on and desk papers "messed up." Also, files were missing from a desk drawer. She went to the Secret Service to report the intrusion, but was told to talk to White House Security Officer Charles C. Easley. …….."

CNN 8/3/00 Stuart Rothenberg "……Show me a candidate who promises to stick to positive campaign themes and swears not to "go negative" against his opponent, and I'll show you a candidate who either breaks his promise or loses the election. Politics, after all, is a full-contact sport that requires both an offense and a defense. Without an offense, you can't create a contrast that gives voters a reason to support you over your opponent. And without a defense, you allow your opponent to define you, making you a far less credible and appealing alternative. ……."

WorldNetDaily 8/11/00 ".....Paul Sperry, the WorldNetDaily Washington bureau chief who broke the White House porn-gate story, being attacked by supporters of President Clinton as a journalism lightweight, spent 12 years reporting for Investor's Business Daily, has a journalism degree from the University of Texas at Austin and won a prestigious media fellowship at the Hoover Institution. Though Sperry's reports on national security issues have been picked up by virtually every major news agency in the world, he is most well-known for a White House picnic confrontation with President Clinton last year for which he was banished from future functions. .......Sperry has extensive reporting and editing experience on national affairs, economics, manufacturing, real estate and general business coverage. While at IBD, he helped create the popular features "IBD's Top 10," "To The Point," the "Leaders & Success" page, "Industry Snapshot" and "IBD Brain Trust." He also helped launch the IBD poll of top CEOs. ......"

Dallas Morning News 8/10/00 Blackie Sherrod "...... We're talking quick-change artists here. Dr. Henry Jekyll. Rich Little. Renee Richards. Now, we must add the name of Dick Cheney. Think about it. One day, Mr. Cheney is the epitome of good citizenship. In references on both political banks, he is right out of the Boy Scout code: trustworthy, loyal, helpful, courteous, brave, reverent and constantly on the lookout for old ladies to help across the street. He's the fellow you call when you're shy of rent money or if you hear a noise outside. By the old East Texas yardstick, he's the guy you like to go fishing with. ........ Suddenly, Dick Cheney became a scheming opportunist, a wastrel who flunked out of Yale, got student deferments to escape the military draft and cultivated big spenders to fund his political career. He would put dumdum bullets in criminal revolvers and wanted to keep Nelson Mandela in jail until he rusted. In the private sector, he did business with Mideast scoundrels, used political bonds to land government contracts and wants to crawl in bed with Iran to get even more. ........ Everyone knows you don't sack $40 million in five years as a corporate neophyte by walking the Straight & Narrow. What we have here is Tricky Dick Cheney, now selling his soul for some nefarious motive. (He can't sell his heart. Damaged goods.) What happened to this honorable man that turned him into such a scoundrel? What dark potion did he gulp in his evil laboratory that caused his eyebrows to sprout, his back to hump, his teeth to lengthen, his mouth to leer and his breath to sour? Easy. He became the Republican nominee for vice president. ......... In the political climate of today, that's painting a bull's-eye on your back and wandering onto a rifle range. The attackers don't even have to be good marksmen. Shoot enough bullets, and some will register. ......" 8/13/00 J Waller "……The U.S. intelligence officer who exposed China's theft of nuclear-weapons designs from U.S. government labs is being harassed by an agency that lets Beijing's agents roam free. When the FBI couldn't bust the Chinese spies stealing U.S. nuclear-weapons secrets, it went after the spycatcher who exposed them. Humiliated by its inability to crack what intelligence experts call the worst national-security breach in U.S. history, the FBI and other agencies are trying to grind down the man who discovered the espionage, informed Congress of the cover-up and warned the public. ...... The FBI went after that man, former Department of Energy, or DOE, intelligence official Notra Trulock, at the end of July, searching his home without showing a warrant and making off with the hard drive from his computer. They claimed to suspect that he improperly was keeping classified data. But insiders tell Insight they believe the FBI is trying to send Trulock to prison for exposing its failures. ……. FBI fumbling has let most, if not all, the Chinese spies remain at large. But the Bureau and the DOE - including the chief of the FBI's Chinese espionage investigation task force - now are out to get Trulock. "The national-security community has turned a blind eye to China," Trulock tells Insight. "I could never find a rational reason, but I always suspected money, and the federal bureaucracy has been so corrupted by the Clinton administration that bonuses and promotions go to those who adhere to the administration's line on China. The signal that they've sent to the system is chilling at best." ……… Other national-security experts agree. A senior FBI special agent tells Insight that "many in the Bureau have lost their moral backbone or never had it in the first place and tend to bend under political pressure to get promoted." He adds that "few in the FBI take counterintelligence seriously any more, preferring to focus on more visible problems like organized crime." ………" 8/13/00 J Waller "……But rather than act, the Clinton/Gore administration retaliated against Trulock. DOE demoted him shortly after he started speaking with the congressional oversight committees, then forced him out of government service in early 1999. He took a job in the private sector with TRW Inc., a large contractor with the Pentagon and DOE. But after Trulock wrote a "personal-reflections" article about his experiences - which included criticism of the administration, DOE, FBI and CIA for what he tells Insight was "their mishandling and cover-up of the Chinese spy threat, as well as the compromise of national security at U.S. nuclear-weapons laboratories" - the Clinton/Gore harassment got ugly. According to the official complaint filed in the lawsuit on his behalf by Judicial Watch, Trulock "took painstaking care not to include any classified information in the manuscript and, in March 2000, sent the document to DOE for a security review before trying to have it published. DOE declined to review the manuscript," and Trulock "submitted to, and passed, a polygraph examination intended to reveal any disclosure of classified information." In a July issue, National Review published excerpts from the Trulock manuscript as an article titled "Energy Loss." The FBI moved in on Trulock. TRW immediately fired him, according to the complaint, "under pressure from high-ranking officials at DOE." And that was just the beginning of what appears to be a typical Clinton/Gore campaign to destroy Trulock professionally, discredit him personally and ruin people around him. ……" 8/13/00 J Waller "……The complaint alleges she was told that "if she did not agree to cooperate," the FBI would "break down her front door to execute the warrant, that the media would be present and that the local police had already been alerted to the fact that the search was about to take place." "The media would be present" - proof that someone was orchestrating something much more than a standard federal investigation. And Insight has learned that the "Get-Trulock" operation had the highest-level coordination: Energy Secretary Bill Richardson, who saw his chance to be Gore's vice-presidential nominee shanghaied by the aftermath of Trulock's revelations, spoke with FBI Director Freeh about interrogating Conrad and searching her home. According to the complaint, White House Chief of Staff John Podesta even gave Sanchez a dressing down for having cooperated too closely with congressional investigations of Red Chinese espionage. Sanchez, in turn, pressured Conrad to cooperate with the FBI against her friend, Trulock. …….." 8/13/00 J Waller "……But who is directing the FBI to go after Trulock? FBI spokeswoman Debbie Weierman tells Insight that the Bureau is acting in consultation with Attorney General Janet Reno's Department of Justice. Security and intelligence experts blame the FBI for slashing its counterintelligence staff after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Post-Cold War laxity toward counterintelligence and security got so bad in 1997 that two retired FBI supervisory special agents founded the Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies to help train the government intelligence community in counterintelligence disciplines. …….. Some FBI veterans have criticized Freeh for placing too little emphasis on counterintelligence in favor of common crimes that produce arrests and convictions. Freeh made his name in the Bureau for fighting organized crime and drug-trafficking......." 8/13/00 J Waller "……Trulock, meanwhile, is struggling with the day-to-day problems of supporting his children while unemployed and building his legal defense. The warrantless seizure of his computer hard drive and other harassment have deprived Trulock of his ability to make a living and undermined his efforts to find appropriate medical attention for his handicapped son. ……Conrad's career is likewise a shambles. On the day Freeh's secretary confirmed receipt of the Judicial Watch letter asking for a conference, according to the lawsuit, Sanchez, Conrad's supervisor at DOE, told her "that he had tried to keep her out of this matter, but that, if she went forward with a lawsuit, he would deny telling her the FBI had told him it had a search warrant for her home." Sanchez also told plaintiff Conrad that "he would do this in order to protect 'the Bureau,' that she would be 'branded' forever, that he could not take her with him to his next assignment at the Central Intelligence Agency, and that her career would be ruined." ......"

The NY Times 8/18/00 David Stout "……When word got out on Thursday that a new grand jury was investigating the fallout from President Clinton's liaison with Monica Lewinsky, there was outrage aplenty. …… Some Democrats saw the revelation, coming when it did, as a cynical attempt to steal the spotlight from Vice President Al Gore, who was just hours away from delivering the most important speech of his life before the Democratic National Convention. ….. "Reeks to high heaven," a White House spokesman, Jake Siewert, said of the timing. Even some Republicans thought the timing was a bit crude. ……. But today, it appeared that the news "leak" was pure accident and coincidence. And a federal judge, Richard D. Cudahy, said he was responsible for it. …….. Judge Cudahy is one of three federal Circuit Court judges who make up a special panel responsible for deciding whether to keep the independent counsel's investigation alive. A year ago, he voted to shut it down. But this week, he voted with the other two judges to keep it going. …….For the record, Judge Cudahy, the chief judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, in Chicago, was appointed by President Jimmy Carter, a Democrat. The other two judges on the special panel, David B. Sentelle of the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit and Peter T. Fay of the 11th Circuit, in Florida, were appointed by Republicans. ….." 8/18/00 David Thibault "……Democrats were outraged Thursday after news spread that Independent Counsel Robert Ray had empaneled a new federal grand jury to investigate President Bill Clinton's behavior in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. …….. The news leak occurred only hours before Democratic Presidential Nominee Al Gore was to deliver his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention - and party loyalists howled that the timing "reeked." A top Gore adviser said the leak was part of what he called a "grand Republican strategy" to connect Gore to Clinton. House Minority Whip David Bonior said, "You can bet your bottom dollar that the Republican Party was behind" the leak…….. Well it turns out that a federal judge, who is a Democrat, and who was appointed by Democratic president Jimmy Carter, admitted Friday that he was the source of the news leak. …….. "

Media Reality Check 8/18/00 Brent Bozell "…… Near the top of CBS's prime time coverage last night Dan Rather charged: "In an apparent attempt to embarrass Al Gore on this his big night, someone, for whatever reason, has leaked the story that the Republican-backed special prosecutor, Ken Starr's successor, has convened a new grand jury to investigate President Clinton and accusations related to the President's sex life." ...... Earlier on the CBS Evening News he employed the same language which incorporated the liberal spin about an unfair partisan attack in a personal matter: "Al Gore must stand and deliver here tonight as the Democratic Party's presidential nominee. And now Gore must do so against the backdrop of a potentially damaging, carefully orchestrated story leak about President Clinton. The story is that Republican-backed special prosecutor Robert Ray, Ken Starr's successor, has a new grand jury looking into possible criminal charges against the President growing out of Mr. Clinton's sex life." ………. In prime time and on the Evening News Gloria Borger then passed along the Gore spin with a warning about Ken Starr: "One top Gore adviser portrayed it as what he called a quote 'grand Republican strategy to tie Al Gore to President Clinton.'" She added: "The hope of the Gore campaign is that this leak will fire up their troops and backfire against the Republicans. How? By tying George W. Bush to Kenneth Starr." …….. A fact skipped by CBS News: Last year the AP reported, "Until January 1998, Ray was a registered Democrat in New York City." ….."

CBSNEWS 8/18/00 "…..A federal judge has stepped forward and volunteered that he was the source of Thursday's leak that a new grand jury was looking into the Monica Lewinsky affair, CBS News Correspondent Jim Stewart reports. …….. Cudahy, a veteran jurist appointed to the bench by President Carter in 1979, said the reporter had called to ask about the panel's decision to grant an extension to Ray's investigation. In a statement of his own, Ray said the disclosure was a setback. "The timing of yesterday's disclosure of the existence of a grand jury considering evidence in the Lewinsky investigation undermines our ability to complete this matter in a prompt, responsible, and cost-effective manner," he said. ……. Indeed, Democrats criticized the timing of the legal developments involving President Clinton because they were made public on the day his vice president Al Gore was accepting his party's nomination at the Democratic National Convention. ……… Cudahy was the lone dissenting voice a year ago when the panel decided to let Ray go ahead with the probe, saying "an endless investigation" served no goal and imposed a needless burden on taxpayers. The judge, based in Chicago, agreed with the order issued this week. ….."

ABCNEWS 8/18/00 "……Because the jury was convened some time ago, many have questioned why its existence was revealed late Thursday - just as Vice President Al Gore prepared to address the Democratic convention. Grand juries are supposed to be held in secret, and the disclosure brought a skeptical response, especially from Democrats. The Gore campaign was stunned by the timing of the new grand jury probe, and one gore senior adviser called the timing "weird." "Americans are going to have serious questions about the timing of today's leak," said Mark Fabiani, a Gore campaign spokesman. " People are wise by now to these Ken Starr-like tactics."…… Another Gore spokesman, Chris Lehane, said the vice president and his running mate were more interested in looking ahead. "Al Gore and Joe Lieberman are going to focus on America's future," Lehane said. "Republicans are obsessed with the past." The story also angered officials at the White House. "The timing of this leak reeks to high heaven," White House spokesman Jake Siewert said, who added the White House had no further comment……… However, one White House official said the move supports the notion that the independent counsel's office is an arm of the Republican Party….George W. Bush's presidential campaign denied any involvement in the news leaks……." 8/18/00 Carl Limbacher "……. Democrats and their media mouthpieces had on egg on their face late Friday, when a judge on the panel overseeing Independent Counsel Robert Ray revealed that it was he and not Ray who leaked news that a new grand jury has been impaneled to investigate President Clinton on Sexgate charges. …….. From the moment the Associated Press broke the story Thursday afternoon, Democrats howled that the Bush campaign was in cahoots with the Office of Independent Counsel, which they said had leaked the story to deliberately embarass Vice President Al Gore on the night of his convention acceptance speech. Never mind that Robert Ray is a Democrat who earlier this year passed up the opportunity to indict Hillary Clinton on Filegate and Travelgate charges -- or the fact that there wasn't a shred of evidence linking Ray to the leak. But rather than wait for the facts to come in, Democrats lept at the chance to slander the independent counsel: …….. "The timing just absolutely stinks," complained former White House counsel Jack Quinn. "And the American people are not going to be distracted by it." "To have a prosecutor so involved in the political process reminds one not of America but of a Third World country," an outraged Sen. Charles Schumer told Newsday, adding, "For it to break on the biggest night of [Gore's] political career is a shot below the belt." …….. Democrat politcal consultant Bill Carrick was beside himself, charging that, "either these prosecutors are the most malicious bunch of people that ever lived, or they're so dumb that they should just be disbarred for plain political stupidity." ……Not to be outdone, network anchormen Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw peppered their convention coverage Thursday night with complaints about the timing of the grand jury news. ………Without a doubt, apologies to Mr. Ray are in order from all concerned. Whether they'll be forthcoming is another matter altogether. ……" 8/18/00 Jacob Christopher "…… The amount of vicious rhetoric unleashed upon all Republicans yesterday was astonishing. For the record, here is a small sampling of quotes from leaders of the Democratic Party:
"The timing seems very odd that it comes out today, given the fact that it (the formation of the grand jury) occurred more than a month ago," - Gore campaign spokesman Chris Lehane.
"If Clinton was to drop dead, the Republicans would dig him up,." - Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y.
The timing of the news "hours before Al Gore is to give this speech'' warrants a federal investigation, said Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill.
"You can bet your bottom dollar that the Republican Party was behind (the leak). I think the American people are going to reject this kind of behavior.'' - Minority Whip David Bonior (D-Mich) Part One
"People are going to be just infuriated with the Republicans for dragging this up again. People are tired of this story. They want to move beyond it. They don't want their children, their families exposed to more of this. If Republicans think that this is the way to victory in November, they're going to have another surprise like they did in '98. They should be ashamed of themselves for doing this." - Minority Whip David Bonior (D-Mich) Part Two
"I'm a former prosecutor. Announcing something like this on the day of a political convention is so partisan, so absurd, that it's not a question of passing the smell test. It doesn't even pass the giggle test." - Senator Patrick Leahy (D - Vermont)
"I don't know that it knocks Gore off message, but I think the timing is so suspect and so raw that I think everybody's going to react against it. It becomes obvious that Ray's office is acting as a persecution office, as a raw political office, not as a prosecutor's office." - Rep Jerry Nadler (D-New York)
"The timing of this leak reeks to high heaven." - Jake Siewert, White House Spokesman
Again, the question is simple: will any of these "leaders" step forward and apologize for their libelous rush to judgment over the leaking of this information? Democrats have long since ceased to apologize for such attacks and Republicans have long since ceased to demand them - the false accusations dissolve quickly in the fast moving 12 hour news cycle. ……."

The Standard 8/11/00 Jen Muehlbauer "…… Matt Drudge had the Lewinsky story. The Smoking Gun made pop-culture history by digging up dirt on the "Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire" groom. Now has become the latest Internet news outlet to scoop the big boys with a scandal. This time, it's White House staffers checking out hardcore porno at work. …… With a wild story like that, you can't help but question the anonymous sources. Sperry said White House geeks asked WorldNetDaily to withhold the name of the consultant, "arguing that disclosing the information would tip off hackers to the security software the White House is using and make it easier for them to breach the network." WorldNetDaily followed up its scoop with a story entitled "Who is porn-buster Paul Sperry?" which rebutted unspecified "supporters of President Clinton" who have questioned Sperry's credentials. …… After a run-down of Sperry's qualifications, an unnamed WorldNetDaily writer practically boasted that Sperry is best-known for an argument with Clinton at a White House picnic that got him banned from future presidential functions. We don't suppose his latest exposé will get him back on the guest list. ……. Other outlets gave the nod to WorldNetDaily for breaking the news but followed up with their own reporting. "White House staffers have been downloading porn from the Internet in the past several weeks, White House officials acknowledged after a review of their server logs," wrote MSNBC's Lisa Napoli. White House spokesman Jake Siewart also told Napoli that, contrary to Sperry's article, none of the naughtiness can be traced to the West Wing, and the guilty staffers are "no one you ever heard of." ……"

Judicial Watch 8/14/00 "……Today, Robert Haas, one of the Northrop Grumman contractors who discovered and worked on the missing e-mail at the Clinton-Gore White House, revealed that after he was threatened to keep his mouth shut about what he had discovered, someone anonymously left a death list on his chair of 58 people who had died during the Clinton-Gore Administration. This shocking revelation squares with other such evidence; such as the testimony of Linda Tripp, that a similar death list was left on her chair on at least two occasions during the Monica Lewinsky scandal……….. Haas also revealed startling information that "The Principals" - Bill and Hillary Clinton and Al and Tipper Gore - kept secret e-mail accounts and have done so since the inception of the Clinton-Gore Administration. This has never before been revealed to the Court in Judicial Watch's Filegate litigation, the Congress, or the Office of the Independent Counsel. These suppressed e-mail are likely the "Rosetta Stone" of the Clinton-Gore Administration scandals………Finally, Robert Haas revealed that as early as April, 1999, he and others of the Office of Administration of the Clinton-Gore White House knew that Al Gore's e-mail accounts were not being records managed, and that many of these e-mails have now been lost permanently. This further contradicts statements of the Clinton-Gore White House, made before Congress by White House Counsel Beth Nolan, that the problem was just recently discovered……..At the end of the day, Haas revealed that although he had informed high officials of the Clinton-Gore White House that he had been threatened a day before press accounts of the e-mail scandal broke on February 19, 2000 on the frontpage……"

New York Times 9/2/00 "……Two federal prosecutors who helped send several Branch Davidians to prison may face prosecution themselves on charges that they withheld information about government actions in the siege at the group's compound near Waco, a lawyer involved in the case said today. The prosecutors, Ray Jahn and his wife, LeRoy Jahn, assistant United States attorneys in San Antonio who in 1994 won convictions against eight Branch Davidians in the group's deadly 1993 standoff with federal agents, have been told that they may be indicted by John C. Danforth, the special counsel investigating the government's actions, the lawyer said. ……. Michael Kennedy, a lawyer for the former United States attorney Bill Johnston, another Branch Davidian prosecutor and the official whose charges of a possible government cover-up led to the Danforth investigation, said on Wednesday that Mr. Danforth's prosecutors planned to indict Mr. Johnston on charges of perjury, obstruction of justice and making false statements. ……."

New York Times 9/2/00 "……The report said that Mr. Jahn had acknowledged knowing that pyrotechnic tear gas rounds had been used in the Federal Bureau of Investigation's final assault on the Branch Davidians' home but had not revealed that information when he submitted a written statement to Congress in 1995. The report said Mr. Jahn admitted that his statement to Congress was "false" but that Mr. Jahn "claims that he was merely 'negligent' in not disclosing" that the pyrotechnic rounds had been used. ……. The report also said the Jahns had not disclosed the use of pyrotechnics to defense lawyers in the criminal trial. ….. "

New York Times 9/2/00 "……The bulk of Mr. Danforth's efforts appears to be focused on Mr. Johnston and what he knew about the F.B.I.'s use of the pyrotechnic rounds. …….. Officials familiar with the case say that investigators are focusing on a memorandum saying that Mr. Johnston attended a meeting with other Justice Department officials, in 1993 or 1994, at which the use of rounds was discussed. …… Investigators are also looking at some of the handwritten notes Mr. Johnston made before the 1994 trial of the Branch Davidians. One page includes the note "incind," apparently short for incendiary, which may indicate Mr. Johnston knew something about the use of the devices that he did not reveal. ……. Mr. Johnston later withheld his handwritten notes from Mr. Danforth's investigators because he feared they would be used against him by his enemies within the Department of Justice, the officials said. Mr. Johnston has appeared before Mr. Danforth's grand jury twice. ……… The threat of an indictment against Mr. Johnston appears to have caused a rift between Mr. Danforth and Judge Walter Smith Jr. of Federal District Court in Waco. Judge Smith, who is a friend of Mr. Johnston's, is overseeing the Branch Davidians' $675 million wrongful death lawsuit against the federal government. When the judge heard that Mr. Johnston might be indicted, he quickly told investigators who were working for Mr. Danforth inside the federal courthouse in Waco that they could no longer carry their guns into the building, officials in the courthouse said. If the investigators tried to do so, the officials say the judge warned, they were to be arrested. ……"

San Antonio Express-News 8/31/00 Maro Robbins "…… Two of San Antonio's most respected and feared prosecutors have hired one of the city's best known and most accomplished criminal defense lawyers to deal with an investigation into whether they deceived Congress. Gerald H. Goldstein is representing the husband-and-wife team of Assistant U.S. Attorneys Ray and LeRoy Jahn - career prosecutors who are subjects of a probe into possible government wrongdoing related to the 1993 Waco standoff with Branch Davidians. While making allies out of former courtroom adversaries, the match between the federal enforcers and the eloquent, self-described ex-hippie has symmetry beyond their local status as premier lawyers. All three attended law school in Austin together, and all attended the 1995 congressional hearing in which the Jahns have been accused of misleading lawmakers. ……. The investigation led by special counsel John C. Danforth, however, represents an unexpected twist in the Jahns' careers. Their polished résumés include targeting public corruption, convicting federal Judge John Wood's assassin and tenaciously grilling President Clinton during the trial of his former Whitewater business partners. ……" 9/2/00 Maro Robbins "…. The former prosecutor who complained of a government cover-up in connection with the Branch Davidian siege is likely to be charged with concealing his own knowledge of the 1993 Waco debacle, his lawyer says. The special counsel examining what went on during and after the 51-day standoff has threatened to charge former Assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Johnston with obstruction of justice, perjury and making false statements to officials, Johnston's lawyer said in a statement issued Thursday. The attorney, Michael Kennedy of New York, cast the threat as payback for Johnston's criticism of the government, which last year cast suspicion on the Justice Department - including his supervisors in the U.S. Attorney's Office in San Antonio. Johnston is one of the few government officials who seemed to have emerged from the Waco controversy as something of a hero. ……. Indeed, this month Texas Monthly named Johnston one of the state's most impressive, influential and intriguing figures in an article that dubbed him "Law's good soldier." …… " 9/4/00 "…..The most recent casualty involves a former U.S. attorney who blew the whistle on Justice Department and FBI lies over the bureau's use of pyrotechnic devices during the final April 19, 1993, raid that leveled the Waco compound. For six years FBI agents, President Clinton, Attorney General Janet Reno and dozens of other toadies from dozens of other agencies lied through their teeth to Congress and the American people, saying, "No -- we didn't use such devices when storming that compound." ……… According to the Washington Post, former assistant U.S. attorney William Johnston is now likely to be indicted by prosecutors who worked for "special counsel" and former Missouri Republican Sen. John C. Danforth -- a man who I once believed was honorable. ……. At issue is whether or not Johnston "conspired" to withhold key evidence from investigators and the Justice Department. Danforth has threatened to indict Johnston on charges of -- now get this -- perjury, obstruction of justice, making false statements and obstructing a congressional investigation, because Johnston deliberately withheld notes from Justice investigators about the pyrotechnic devices the FBI and others used during the raid. …… He withheld it because he didn't trust Reno's Justice Department with the information, though, not because he was attempting to suppress evidence -- as the Justice Department is doing and as Danforth is now helping them to do. ………. Besides the obvious hypocrisy involved, Danforth's charges are specious and hypocritical given that Danforth, in his final report, identified others -- including an FBI lawyer -- that did "intentionally mislead" prosecutors and investigators. None of them, however, are slated for indictment or even punishment, though. Why is that? ……… Johnston was the one federal officer who brought the pyrotechnic lie to the attention of the Justice Department; he even had to go directly to Reno to pass on what he had learned about the use of pyrotechnic devices because conspirator middle-agency managers refused to pass it on for him. …..They felt Johnston was breaking "the code of silence," you see. ……" 9/4/00 "…..The legal action Danforth is considering against Johnston is a pure, political travesty -- and it is retribution, no question about it. Outside of U.S. District Judge Walter Smith Jr., Johnston is the only federal official who has shown any desire to get to the truth of what really happened at Waco. …… The badly institutionalized corruption throughout this administration has caused more citizens than ever, according to recent survey data, to mistrust federal agencies, officers, and intentions. We can thank Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Janet Reno -- as well as Danforth now -- for that. ……. " 8/28/00 Michael Sniffen AP "……Patricia Nixon Cox, daughter of the late President Richard M. Nixon, flatly denied a published allegation that her father struck her mother. She also cast doubt Monday on the suggestion that Nixon took a mood-altering drug without a prescription while in the White House. ''Because I lived at home with them and my sister, I can state unconditionally that at no time during 1962 or ever did my father ever strike my mother or did my mother ever have physical signs or bruises of the type claimed in this book,'' she told The Associated Press. ''My mother was not a fragile flower. She was very strong. She would have left forever if anything like that had happened,'' said Mrs. Cox, who is better known by her childhood nickname, Tricia. …….."

New York Observer 8/24/00 Andrew Goldman "……. It was Aug. 17, 8:20 p.m. Al Gore had just finished his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention just a few miles away in downtown Los Angeles. Mr. Flynt had seen the speech. "It was better than I thought it would be," he said. "I thought that Gore would come out there screamin' and yellin' and hyperventilating, you know." Mr. Flynt spoke slowly and quietly and sounded a bit like Fozzie Bear with a tranquilizer dart in his ass. ……. "It was sincere and the message was driven," said Mr. Flynt's wife, the former Liz Berrios, who was at the table along with Mr. Flynt's 52-year-old younger brother, Jimmy; a grizzly-like 53-year-old man named Dennis Hof, in a double-breasted black jacket; and Mr. Hof's toothpick of a 21-year-old girlfriend, Tara Farr. …… "I was glad to see him recognize Clinton, you know," said Larry Flynt. ….. "He didn't distance himself," concurred Mr. Hof, who employs 250 prostitutes at his brothel, the Moonlite Bunnyranch, near Carson City, Nev. ….. "He has been his partner for almost 8 years," said Larry Flynt. ……. Mr. Flynt said this in a way that conveyed he did not take the word "partner" lightly; possibly because he had been Mr. Clinton's partner, too. Not for eight years and not in any official sense, but certainly during the days when the name Monica Lewinsky flushed the cheeks of any Democratic operative on the Eastern seaboard, Mr. Flynt had been there for Mr. Clinton. Though the New York and Washington elite who had put Mr. Clinton in the White House would scoff at this notion, less powerful people-certainly everyone at this table-held one truth as self-evident: that by outing Georgia Republican Bob Barr and Louisiana Congressman Bob Livingston for their less- than-exemplary extramarital behavior, Larry Flynt had single-handedly saved Mr. Clinton's ass. ......And here at the Royal Court, among his friends, among his family, Mr. Flynt hinted that just as Mr. Gore had recognized his partner, Mr. Clinton had done the same. ......"The President sent word to me, you know-ahh, he was thankful for my effort, and maybe after he left office we could break bread or something," Mr. Flynt told The Transom. "A lot of people say that he should be thanking me now in person. I say, look, the last thing Bill Clinton needs now is to be associated with me in any manner whatsoever." ……"

UPI 8/26/00 "……New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said early Friday he was considering suing an animal rights group for using his picture without permission in a series of billboards that link him, his prostate cancer and drinking milk. By Friday night two of the billboards were down……."

U.S. News & World Report 9/25/00 Chitra Ragavan "…..After nine months in solitary confinement, former Los Alamos weapons scientist Wen Ho Lee finally went home last week, a free man. Surrounded by family and friends, a beaming Lee said, "For the next few days I'm going fishing." It was apropos. In a dramatic apology to Lee, Albuquerque federal Judge James A. Parker excoriated "top decision makers"-Attorney General Janet Reno, FBI Director Louis Freeh, and Energy Secretary Bill Richardson-for their failed fishing expedition. ......... All three officials defended their conduct (Reno said it was Lee's fault for not cooperating). But President Clinton, in a rare public split with his own cabinet, said he was "quite troubled" by the handling of the case....... Lee, 60, has acknowledged improperly downloading classified weapons design data to a non-secure computer. But other scientists have gone unpunished for far more egregious violations. So why him? …….. Actually, Trulock started out with the names of 70 potential suspects. Washington says he told Trulock that he saw no evidence any of them had committed crimes; he never saw the case again. Last year, a DOE investigator, Robert Vrooman, told lawmakers Lee was not a spy. He was later reprimanded by Richardson for failing to help the FBI. Washington told U.S. News that he attempted to meet with Richardson last year to convey his concerns but was never given an appointment. (He was also turned down by the Republican-run intelligence committees on Capitol Hill.)...... The feds in Washington also are distrustful of the contractors at the labs. So Lee had three strikes against him: He was a contractor, a minority, and an immigrant. ............ Once the FBI got into the act, Lee became trapped in the infighting between the recalcitrant bureau and its frustrated parent, the Justice Department. Senior officials frittered away valuable time debating whether they could legally wiretap Lee. The FBI said Justice was too cautious. Justice said the FBI was too aggressive. Congressional pressure grew. Meanwhile, Lee, who has been described by some as fitting the profile of a naive scientist, had 20 contacts with the FBI without an attorney present. Last week, Justice officials sounded a defiant tone in the face of the judge's tongue-lashing. "It was a slam-dunk to put this guy away for life," insists one. So then why did the feds cut a deal? It was, he says, more important to determine the fate of the tapes than to punish Lee. But former Justice spy catcher John Martin is not convinced: "This is a total and complete disaster and anybody who tries to put a happy face on it is being very naive." …….."

Judicial Watch 9/13/00 "……Today the Clinton-Gore Justice Department entered into a plea agreement with nuclear physicist Wen Ho Lee, the man who was accused of perhaps the largest breach of U.S. national security in American history. Importantly, the plea agreement resulted after Judicial Watch's client, Notra Trulock, the former Energy Department head of counterintelligence, was accused falsely of singling out Mr. Lee for investigation on the basis of his Asian-American heritage……… Judicial Watch, which represents Chinagate whistleblower Johnny Chung, would be the first to defend the rights of any Asian-Americans who were wrongly singled out by the Clinton-Gore Administration for prosecution, while Caucasians in the White House, such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and others, get off scot free………. However, the attacks against Notra Trulock constitute not only a vicious use of the "race card," but a convenient way to deflect scrutiny from the allegations against Wen Ho Lee and others in the Clinton-Gore Administration. For this reason, on behalf of Notra Trulock, Judicial Watch filed a defamation lawsuit against Wen Ho Lee yesterday. It is neither just nor fair to try to "save one's own skin" by improperly smearing another," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman………. "The hard fact is that prior to his plea agreement, Mr. Lee could still not account for the missing tapes containing alleged nuclear secrets," added Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton……… "There is something that is not quite right here. When Mr. Lee and the Clinton-Gore Administration are exonerated and Mr. Trulock - who alerted the nation to the largest breach of national security in American history - is defamed, defiled, and persecuted, our justice system has truly broken down. We are committed to righting these wrongs!" added Klayman. ……"

National Review 9/14/00 Kate O’Beirne "…… Gail Sheehy's profile of George W. Bush - "The Accidental Candidate," in the current issue of Vanity Fair - reaches the loony conclusion that Bush probably suffers from both dyslexia and attention deficit disorder. If I were inclined to engage in Sheehy's signature style of distant diagnosis, I would conclude that she is so utterly incapable of logical argument she must be brain-impaired. Rather than establishing anything alarming about George Bush's psyche, the article's blatant contradictions and wild assumptions establish Gail Sheehy as "the accidental journalist." ……. We're told that the young, unfocused George W. "broke his father's heart" and engaged in "boozing to blot out his failures." The evidence for the former President's crushing disappointment and his son's self-medicating? None. Sheehy at least attempts to make a case for her diagnoses of dyslexia and attention deficit disorder, but here, the evidence is laughable: In high school, the young essayist thought "lacerates" was a synonym for the noun "tears." The boy needed some remedial vocabulary work. The fact that his mother had drilled him with flash cards to assist him with reading is also taken as evidence that she had a dyslexic on her hands. The thousands of kids in Catholic schools similarly drilled on vocabulary? Dyslexia! ……."

Judicial Watch 9/12/00 "……Today, Notra Trulock, the patriotic Energy Department whistleblower who exposed the breach of national security at the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory, will file a complaint for defamation against Wen Ho Lee and others who have "scapegoated" him to divert attention away from the massive national security breaches at the Los Alamos Nuclear Lab under the watch of the Clinton-Gore Administration…….. As Wen Ho Lee attempts to skate from charges that he breached national security - and uses the race card as a convenient tool to scare politicians and the courts from proceeding - Mr. Trulock is fighting back and will not tolerate this blatant use of the race card to smear his good name……"Mr. Trulock wants to hold accountable those who would smear him to cover up the greatest breach of national security in our nation's history," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman. …."

National Review 9/7/00 Dave Kopel and Paul H. Blackman "…….Last September, there were hints that the Waco cover-up might end. In response to the FBI admission it had previously lied about using incendiary devices before the final conflagration, the Justice Department's primary opponent of independent investigations, Janet Reno, was promising one on Waco. ……… Danforth was a brilliant choice by Reno. A moderate Republican, he had a well-established reputation in Washington for honesty. This was the main fact that the press noticed. But there were two other significant facts about Danforth. As a senator, he had a compiled a generally pro-gun voting record. But on leaving the Senate, he gave a speech expressing his regret about all those votes, and his caving in to special interests. The Waco investigation offered Danforth a perfect opportunity for personal expiation for having been too pro-Second Amendment in Congress. ……. Second, Reno told Danforth that his second-in-command should be Edward Dowd, the United States Attorney for eastern Missouri. Unlike Danforth, Dowd has never pretended to be anything other than a fervent anti-gun advocate. During the Spring 1999 Missouri election campaign on a referendum to establish a licensing system for carrying handguns for legal protection, Dowd used the financial resources of his U.S. Attorney's office to fight the referendum - establishing a toll-free number for referendum opponents. ……. The day after the Reno Justice Department cleared Dowd of criminal charges stemming from his use of federal resources for a political campaign, the Reno Justice Department appointed Dowd to investigate the Reno Justice Department's handling of Waco. One hand whitewashes the other. ……. As second-in-command, Dowd could reasonably be expected to exercise plenty of control over the mode and type of information that was presented to Danforth - who was five years into retirement, and who had not practiced law for a quarter of a century. Danforth decided that his inquiry would be limited solely to the final day of the fifty-one day Waco siege. He also decided that limited inquiry would ignore any issues as to whether the FBI or others in the government had exercised bad judgment. ……….. Instead, the Danforth tunnel-vision inquiry contented itself with finding that some of Koresh's lieutenants had started the fire, and that therefore the FBI was entirely blameless for everything that happened on April 19, 1993. ……. The only real target of Danforth's pique is the former assistant U.S. attorney whose whistleblowing forced the government to produce its latest cover-up report. It had certainly never occurred to us that Bill Johnston would turn out to be one of the good guys. His prosecution of the surviving Davidians included a panegyric in praise of the use of CS against the children. But Johnston had consistently shown some interest in preserving evidence-as when he complained during the siege that FBI tanks were destroying evidence as they crushed everything in site outside the Branch Davidian's building. ……… It is an effective warning to every federal employee that the only federal employee who faces any prosecution because of Waco is the man who blew the whistle on the cover-up. ……"

Capitol Hill Blue 9/9/00 Lee Hancock Dallas Morning News "…….Special counsel John C. Danforth met privately Friday with U.S. District Judge Walter S. Smith Jr., trying to repair a rift created when the special counsel's investigators recently threatened to indict a former federal prosecutor who turned whistle-blower in the Branch Davidian case. …….. But the former Missouri senator said before meeting with Judge Smith that he was not prepared to discuss what action, if any, his office might take against the longtime Waco federal prosecutor, Bill Johnston. …….. Judge Smith angrily confronted several of Danforth's investigators last month over the special counsel's treatment of Johnston, telling them that he was ending his court's cooperation with the inquiry because of what appeared to be a witch hunt against a respected federal prosecutor. The judge also told Danforth's investigators that they were no longer welcome to carry firearms in the courthouse and would be given only the same access to the building offered to the public. The special counsel's investigators left their courthouse offices that day and largely stayed away until Friday, when Danforth arrived from St. Louis. …… Before entering the judge's chambers Friday, Danforth acknowledged that he requested a meeting with Judge Smith, in part, to air concerns about that incident. …. He emerged tightlipped after about an hour in the judge's office, refusing to say whether he had briefed the judge or listened to his concerns about reports from Johnston and his attorneys that say the special counsel's assistants were threatening him with felony criminal prosecution. ……. Danforth also would not say whether the hour-long discussion had repaired the strained relationship between his office and Judge Smith, who has heard all litigation arising from the 1993 standoff. "Can't say. I can't say anything," he said. …….."

Capitol Hill Blue 9/9/00 Lee Hancock Dallas Morning News "…….Johnston has declined to speak publicly about the case. …. His attorney, Michael Kennedy of New York, could not be reached for comment. But he acknowledged last week that Danforth's investigators told him that Johnston would soon be indicted on charges of obstruction of justice, lying to federal investigators and perjury. Late Friday, supporters of the 41-year-old former prosecutor said that they believe his indictment is imminent and the special prosecutor's visit amounted to a courtesy call before criminal charges are made public. "It appears they are determined," said one person familiar with the case who asked not to be identified. "They have made it clear." …. Associates said Johnston acknowledged that he removed several pages before sending one pretrial notebook to superiors in San Antonio because one page included a reference to incendiary objects. They said Johnston did not recall why he wrote the phrase in the fall of 1993, but feared that hostile colleagues might try to use the notes to discredit him. Friends said Johnston surrendered the missing pages and volunteered his personal records from his tenure as a Waco federal prosecutor. They said he told Danforth's investigators that he had not disclosed the notes sooner because he had been harshly treated and accused of wrongdoing from his earliest dealings with them. …….. They said Johnston recounted being told that he could avoid prosecution by accepting a felony conviction that would mean the loss of his law license. He recalled being told he would have to provide information to help the special counsel's office prove that his co-counsel in the Davidian prosecution, assistant U.S. attorneys Ray and LeRoy Jahn of San Antonio, had conspired to conceal information about the use of pyrotechnic gas. ……."

Washington Post 9/1/00 David Vise "…… The whistleblower who sparked a probe into whether the federal government was responsible for the deaths of 74 Branch Davidians near Waco, Tex., has been notified he faces criminal charges after acknowledging he withheld notes from special counsel John C. Danforth's investigators and misled a federal grand jury about the papers. Prosecutors have told former assistant U.S. attorney William Johnston they will seek to indict him on charges of perjury, obstruction of justice, making false statements and obstructing a congressional investigation unless he agrees to a plea bargain. …… Though he acknowledges withholding three pages of notes he feared would be used to smear him, Johnston, 41, asserted that he did not commit a crime and will not plead guilty to a felony, which would cause him to lose his law license in Texas. If Danforth's prosecutors follow through on their threat to indict Johnston, it would mark the first and only criminal prosecution to come out of the $12 million probe, which began a year ago with Johnston's disclosure of evidence that FBI agents had used incendiary tear-gas projectiles during the 1993 raid in Texas……..It also would stand in sharp contrast to the former Senator's decision not to indict several other people who committed wrongdoing, including a junior FBI lawyer who misled investigators……."


Judicial Watch 10/18/00 "…….Billy Ray Dale issued the following statement in response to the report by the Office of Independent Counsel: I am disappointed by Robert Ray's decision to not prosecute Hillary Clinton and others in the Travelgate affair. Bill and Hillary Clinton tried to have me thrown in jail to cover up their corrupt efforts to give the Travel Office's business to their friends. Unsurprisingly, a jury found me innocent of all of Hillary Clinton's charges in record time. In fact, Bill Clinton himself signed legislation which paid my legal bills. Everyone, especially Robert Ray, knows Hillary Clinton lied under oath about her key role in firing me and my colleagues. It is disappointing that the Office of Independent Counsel, which is charged with enforcing the law, would not prosecute her simply because of a fear of what a Washington, DC jury might do. Of course, the Clinton Justice Department prosecuted me with no evidence of any wrongdoing on my part. Despite my 38 years of government service, Bill and Hillary Clinton tried to destroy my good name. They put my wife and me through pure hell. I, along with my lawyers at Judicial Watch, will continue to explore my legal options in holding them accountable. ……"

10/24/00 Freeper Xgman "……. Mort Kondrake says he is outraged [NAACP ad against Bush]. Well Big Deal. Why is the NAACP not under IRS investigation ? Take a look at this material found at the NAACP web site. By the way, if the pickup truck with the chain dragging down the road isn't in absolute violation of the law, what the hell is? It's amazing how quick CHARLES ROSSOTTI--the Clinton IRS butt-boy--has been all over groups that may, or may not, be even remotely associated with the GOP--yet not a peep from the IRS Commissar in this case. ……….When you go to the NAACP web site at You won't find a link to this material. It's been buried. I got it off a search engine. …… It talks about the NAACP and the IRS CODE restrictions it must abide by to maintain its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. …..The link after this material (below) is active on the site, but omits any reference to the tax status or ramifications for political activity.
Non-Partisan Political Policy-----{
NAACP policy prohibits the endorsement of any candidate or political party in the name of the Association, National Office, Branch or any other units of the NAACP. Nothing in NAACP policy infringes upon an individual's right to support the party or candidate of his personal choice if it is made clear that such endorsement does not in any way commit the NAACP to support a candidate or political party.
A careful review of Internal Revenue Service guidelines indicates that the NAACP and other "not-for-profit" organizations can participate in nonpartisan voter activities without jeopardizing their 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status (see Attachment II: "What Is Legal in Non-Partisan Voter Registration, Education and Get-Out-The-Vote", prepared by the National Coalition on Black Voter Participation, Inc.) ……
Here's the active link with no IRS references: ……"

Fox News with Brit Hume 10/24/00 Freeper foreshadowed at waco "….. I was just watching Fox News Report with Brit Hume--Guests Mara Liason, Mort Kondrake, and some man named Sammon from The Washington Times--they showed clips of an NAACP ad to be released shortly in 10 swing states--black and white ad--visual--close-up of the back of a pick-up with a chain attached to the hitch and the truck movement suggested to be fast as the road below speeds by--voice over--James Byrd's daughter says that George W. Bush, by not signing hate-crimes bill, makes her feel like they're killing her father again. Very powerful visuals. ………….Kondrake says he is outraged that the NAACP is trying to link Bush to this tragedy--and that they are using Byrd's daughter in a shameless way--to say not signing a bill is the equivalent of murdering her father again. Sammon says that Gore recently said on the stump that Byrd was killed in GW's state of Texas and Matthew Byrd, the gay man crucified, was killed in Cheney's Wyoming! Mara Liason says that Gore is just trying to rev up his base--but does admit the language he uses is incendiary--she cites similarities to Gore accusing Bradley indirectly of being responsible for racial profiling during the debates by suggesting it began in New Jersey. ……."

Sprint Voice Mail 10/23/00 Freeper visitor "....... My sprint voice mail had a message at 10:30 this morning from Ed Asner. The content of the message was directed toward senior citizens saying that George Bush would take $1 trillion dollars out of social security and give it to the younger generations. The theme of the message was that current social security recipients would lose benefits. .......I saved the message on sprint voice mail and it is definitely misleading if not an out right lie. .......Maybe of more importance is the fact that I cancelled my sprint voice mail 2 months ago. This means that Sprint is providing this service free or the Democrats are paying for it. During this 2 month period I have received messages from my children prompting me to call Sprint to alert them to this problem and they have confirmed that my service was cancelled and my current bills do not reflect service charges....."

Freeper joyce11111 10/22/00 "…… This evening I recieved a call from the Union. My husband is a retired Teamster The man on the phone said that he was calling to tell me to get out the vote. It was a very important vote. The reason it was so important was because George Bush, if he became President, would eliminate the 40 hour work week, hence, NO overtime. With that I said..."SH*T" and slammed down the phone mightely! I am going to write this to Rush, and, would like this bumped, so more can see what the Dems have stooped to. I sure hope I hurt his ear. ….."

Drudgereport 10/20/00 "....... All-news channel CNN on Friday aired allegations that Republican presidential hopeful George W. Bush was involved in an abortion in the 1970's. ...... "We've found out in the early 1970s Bush was involved in an abortion in Texas," HUSTLER publisher Larry Flynt reported on CNN. Flynt did not offer specifics. CNN stunned the jounalistic community by airing the claims without evidence. ....The Bush campaign immediately blasted the network. "CNN's standards have hit a new low, if that is even possible!" slammed one senior Bush source from Austin. "It appears the liberal media is becoming desperate as Election Day nears." ....."

Drudgereport 8/18/99 "...... NEXT RUMOR TO HIT BUSH: ABORTION Here we go again. ...... The next wave of George W. Bush rumors will involve 'abortion'. ....... From senior White House staffers, to editors in Tabloid Valley, Florida, stories have been swirling in recent weeks about Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush -- and a possible abortion. ....... "A question should be asked of George W. Bush and these candidates, 'Have you ever caused an abortion to happen,'" NEW YORK OBSERVER's Joe Conason declared on MSNBC Wednesday evening. ....... Conason has been talking to White House friends who have been telling tabloid reporters who -- surprise -- have already been put on the 'abortion hunt' by their editors. ...... Conason's outburst on Wednesday should be viewed like a coming attraction preview for the next Hollywood hype project. ......"

Original Sources 10/17/00 Mary Mostert ".....The same Dick Gephardt that stood on the White House lawn defending Clinton's behavior and calling for an end to the "politics of personal destruction," has been caught practicing the very same in his own district. ........ Missouri Residents have discovered that it has been Gephardt's "standard operating procedure" for years to hire stalkers to follow his opponents around to harass them at public events -- and Gephardt seems to have recently given his stalkers license to become more taunting and aggressive. ....... In the South County Day's Parade this past Saturday, Oct. 7, 2000, Gephardt intern James Larrew placed himself in path of Bill Federer as Federer was greeting people along the parade route. ......... "I knew he was up to no good the minute I saw him," said Winnie Carter, who was a participant in the parade. "Everyone else was happy along the parade, except for this guy. He looked like trouble, sticking out like a sore thumb." Mrs. Carter continued, "As Mr. Federer went by shaking peoples' hands, this guy lunged forward with his camera, almost hitting Mr. Federer in the chin. Mr. Federer had to walk out of his way to get around him." ..... Indeed, the uncensored video footage from Mr. Larrew's camera showed his camera getting within two inches of Mr. Federer's chin. Mr. Larrew then placed his own hand over the lens, shook the camera and uttered a profanity, as Mr. Federer continued down the street. This was just the first encounter. ......."

Original Sources 10/17/00 Mary Mostert ".....Video footage showed Mr. Larrew following Mr. Federer constantly, zooming in and out on him from many positions. He would run ahead and place himself in front Mr. Federer in the parade route. ...... As Mr. Federer passed by, Mr. Larrew again tried to shove his camera in Mr. Federer's face, but this time Mr. Federer put his hand up to keep the camera from hitting him in the eye, pointing the lens toward the sky........ Mr. Larrew then began an almost scripted yelling, but by that time Mr. Federer had already passed by and was further down the parade route. Mr. Larrew then proceeded to the Police station where he was greeted by Gephardt's staff to "file a complaint." The news media showed up almost instantly and began publicizing his account. ....... "Mr. Federer did not even touch that man," said Leah McGraw. "I was right there in the street not more than fifteen feet from Mr. Federer and saw the whole thing." ....... Patty Becker, a doctor's wife, had also been walking along in the parade. She said "I was shocked to see on the news that night this spoiled-looking young man accusing Mr. Federer of pushing and shoving him. I was right behind Mr. Federer and none of that happened. .........Scott Walker, a Lemay resident and Persian Gulf veteran, said "Yes sir, I saw the whole thing, sir. This guy kept trying to put his camera in Mr. Federer's face several times during the parade. The last time he nearly hit Mr. Federer with it. I saw this man put his own hand in front of his camera and move it around. Mr. Federer never touched him." ........ Another eye-witness, Cathy McGann, said "I saw him drop his own camera. Bill Federer was no where near him." Catie Carter, the eleven-year-old daughter of Winnie Carter, said "After Bill Federer had already gone by, the man dropped his camera and I ran over and picked up the piece that fell off and handed it back to him." ......"

Original Sources 10/17/00 Mary Mostert ".....A classmate of Mr. Larrew called in on a KMOX radio interview and said that Larrew had been bragging to friends that he was "going to get Federer." .......Gephardt was seen talking to Mr. Larrew at the beginning of the parade, and Gephardt knew him by name. ...... Gephardt's staff had the "Democrat appointee" county counselor Patricia Redington file the charges, not the county prosecutor, and the complaint was filed on Columbus Day, a State and National Holiday. "No ordinary citizen could have conducted business with the county government on this day," stated a former county employee, "This was clearly a politically motivated event." ....... Mr. Larrew's attorney, Charles Pleban, noted recently for belligerently threatening to sue First Baptist Church of Arnold in a high profile case, was retained by a large check from the Democrat Party. ........."

Original Sources 10/17/00 Mary Mostert ".....When Gephardt's staff realized the evidence was against them, they insisted on having the court date placed after the election, not before. Gephardt could be found guilty of violating Federal law for conspiracy to deprive a candidate of his right to run for Federal office. ....... After the St. Louis Post Dispatch, which has published several other stories about Federer with documented factual errors, printed its front page story, two ladies, Patricia Presky and Joan Dillander, came forward with stories of having been harassed by Gephardt's cameramen two years ago. ..... "

Original Sources 10/17/00 Mary Mostert ".....Metro Media Inc, a local St. Louis company, showed only 40.5% voting for Gephardt as of the beginning of October. "These attacks have backfired on Gephardt," said Mary Freudenthal, a longtime Republican campaign worker in south St. Louis County, "We have given out more Federer yard signs since the Gephardt stalker attack than any week in the entire campaign!" .......Federer's campaign office has been flooded with phone calls of support, many from Democrats who see Gephardt's tactics no different from Clinton's. "If Gephardt hires stalkers to harass his opponents now, imagine the police state tactics he'd do as Speaker of the House," said a Democrat now voting for Federer. ......."


5/99 American Spectator: Freeper truthandlife "…..Several Gore allies, including a prominent public-policy professor from George Washington University, were recently crowing at a Stanford University conference that they were aware of an incident from George W. Bush's past. They claimed the event occurred almost 30 years ago, and that Gore 2000 had documentary evidence in its possession. "It's going to be great," one professor told colleagues. "We're going to get him before he even starts his campaign." Further, they claimed to know that Gore himself had authorized a full investigation of Bush, and was being regularly updated on the results of the project, which included investigators from Clinton P.I. Terry Lenzner's staff. "We're all helping Gore," one academic was overheard to say. "We'll do whatever we can to keep him in the White House." ……"

Dallas Morning News 10/18/00 Lee Hancock "……… The federal judge who has presided over seven years of litigation arising from the Branch Davidian siege will go to St. Louis this week to appear before a federal grand jury hearing evidence in the ongoing Waco special counsel's investigation. U.S. District Judge Walter S. Smith Jr. volunteered to testify after being served on Oct. 11 with a federal grand jury subpoena by the office of Waco special counsel John C. Danforth, the judge's lawyer said Tuesday. …… But people familiar with the inquiry say the judge is scheduled to appear Friday and will be questioned about former federal prosecutor Bill Johnston. Mr. Johnston, a longtime friend of Judge Smith's who helped prosecute surviving Branch Davidians, gained national attention last summer after complaining publicly that the government withheld evidence from the 1993 siege. …….. Mr. Johnston's supporters say they fear that the special counsel could use the judge's grand jury testimony to limit his effectiveness as a potential defense witness. The judge has told Mr. Danforth that the pursuit of Mr. Johnston is a witch hunt and that he would testify for his friend at trial. ……. Mr. Johnston was questioned intensively about three pages that he took from a notebook before turning it over to his superiors in San Antonio, friends and associates said. Mr. Johnston had been ordered last fall to send all of his Davidian records to the U.S. attorney's office in San Antonio after Judge Smith issued his order for the turnover of all government Davidian evidence to his court. …… Mr. Johnston acknowledged that he removed several pages before sending one notebook to superiors because one of the pages included a specific reference to the FBI's use of a "military incind" â?" or incendiary gas round â?"against a Davidian bunker adjacent to the compound. Friends said Mr. Johnston did not recall writing the phrase and withheld the pages out of fear that hostile colleagues might try to use what he had written to discredit him. ………. Friends said Mr. Johnston surrendered the missing pages to the special counsel's office in July. They said he told Mr. Danforth's investigators that he had not disclosed the notes sooner because he had been accused of wrongdoing from his earliest dealings with the special counsel's office. ………..Susan N. Kelly, a Waco lawyer who went to St. Louis in July to advise Mr. Johnston after he surrendered his notes, said the special counsel's staff threatened to indict him if he received more favorable publicity as a whistle-blower and also declared that his life "was basically over." ............ Judge Smith was so disturbed that he told Mr. Danforth's investigators that he was ending his cooperation with the special counsel's office. He wrote Mr. Danforth to express his dismay, and Mr. Danforth responded with a trip to Waco last month. ...... Officials in Waco said the special counsel spent more than an hour trying to convince Judge Smith that Mr. Johnston deserved to be prosecuted. In turn, the officials said, the judge argued during the meeting that Mr. Johnston had made mistakes, but those mistakes did not rise to the level of criminal acts. ......"

Drudge 10/26/00 "….**Exclusive** Friends and family of a woman at the center of Larry Flynt's investigation into Republican presidential hopeful George W. Bush blasted the porn king for spreading abortion allegations and challenged Flynt to 'put up of shut up,' the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal. ……. "Mr. Flynt better start naming names!" demanded a close friend of the Texas woman at the center of the storm. "What is he afraid of? We all know this is a setup by desperate Gore supporters. Mr. Flynt will not go into specifics, because he can't! The story he is spreading around is pathetic. Put up of shut up, Mr. Flynt!" The controversy surrounding Flynt's allegation intensified late last week after the all-news network CNN aired the charge. …… "We've found out in the early 1970s Bush was involved in an abortion in Texas," the HUSTLER publisher reported on CNN. Flynt did not offer specifics. ….. "How could I have aborted George Bush's child? We never once had intercourse!" the woman explained to friends. "This is outrageous." ……"

Waco Herald Tribune 10/28/00 Tommy Witherspoon "..... Three Waco men who testified before Special Counsel John Danforth's federal grand jury in St. Louis this week said they feel retaliated against for their support of former assistant U.S. attorney Bill Johnston. ....... Waco businessman Carey Hobbs and former Waco city manager David Smith have raised about $30,000 to help Johnston defray his legal expenses and said Jim Martin, an attorney on Danforth's staff, asked them about the fund-raising efforts in front of the grand jury. ........ "I felt like he wanted to throw a bomb in the middle of Bill's friends and watch everybody scatter, but it had the opposite effect on me because I am mad. I was not intimidated, I was mad, and I let the grand jury know about it," David Smith said. "But I had a good sense when I left. I think the grand jury seemed to respond and I'm glad I had an opportunity to talk directly to the grand jury and tell them how I feel about Bill. It had the opposite effect, I think, of what they wanted it to have." ........ Waco attorney Rod Goble, who also is a close friend of Johnston's, said he was asked about a newspaper article in which he was quoted as wondering what Danforth's staff was "smoking" to make them pursue felony criminal charges against Johnston. "It is eye-opening to me to see what a tremendous abuse of power there was up there," Goble said. "I wonder if in other cases where there is a special prosecutor if they were on as much of a witch hunt as they are on this one. I felt I was subpoenaed solely because I made that comment about what they were smoking and I still haven't figured it out yet. ... It is an embarrassment to the legal profession." ........

Waco Herald Tribune 10/28/00 Tommy Witherspoon "..... Deputy U.S. marshals Mike and Parnell McNamara of Waco, who also are close to Johnston, also testified before the grand jury Thursday in St. Louis. Parnell McNamara said that he and his brother have been forbidden to comment on their grand jury testimonies by their superiors. ......Sharon Barker, an administrative assistant in the Waco U.S. attorney's office, and John Phinizy, a federal prosecutor who formerly worked in Waco, also testified before the grand jury. ........ Hobbs, owner of Hobbs Bonded Fibers, said he fielded a number of calls Friday from supporters who had heard that he had been subpoenaed in Johnston's case and who wanted to donate to the legal defense fund. ........ "The overall deal that they can and would subpoena some of us whose only connection is our vocal support of Bill is extremely scary," Hobbs said. "The mere fact that the federal government can use this power to come after you if you are vocal in support of one of their adversaries is chilling. If they wanted to know something, they could have called us and asked us. I would have told them the same thing. Obviously, we didn't have anything to hide." ...........

Waco Herald Tribune 10/28/00 Tommy Witherspoon "..... Goble, David Smith and Hobbs all said they felt their grand jury appearances were in retaliation for their support of Johnston. However, each said he thinks it might have been good for Johnston's cause since grand jurors seemed interested in listening to their views about the case and their feelings for Johnston. ........ "

WND 10/29/00 David Bresnahan "…….The Army Inspector General investigated and reported illegal activities and security risks at Maryland's Army Research Labs, but lab officials have taken no action against the offending employees. ......,The only action taken by lab officials was to conduct another investigation, according to Davison. Although that investigation was completed in July, the Army lab refused to release it to WorldNetDaily or reveal its findings. …… The Army inspector general report was given to Dr. Robert W. Whalin, civilian director of the Army labs in November 1999. But rather than take action against the employees cited in the report, Whalin asked a long-time friend, retired Gen. Allen Grum, to conduct a new investigation. …..WorldNetDaily obtained a copy of the Army IG report, but not the completed Grum report, which remains locked in Whalin's office. However, WND was able to obtain most of the evidence gathered for both investigations. ……"

Drudge 10/26/00 ".......Friends and family of a woman at the center of Larry Flynt's investigation into Republican presidential hopeful George W. Bush blasted the porn king for spreading abortion allegations and challenged Flynt to 'put up or shut up,' the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal. ...."Mr. Flynt better start naming names!" demanded a close friend of the Texas woman at the center of the storm. ........ "What is he afraid of? We all know this is a setup by desperate Gore supporters. Mr. Flynt will not go into specifics, because he can't! The story he is spreading around is pathetic. Put up or shut up, Mr. Flynt!" The controversy surrounding Flynt's allegation intensified late last week after the all-news network CNN aired the charge. ........ "How could I have aborted George Bush's child? We never once had intercourse!" the woman explained to friends. "This is outrageous." The woman's husband, a government employee in law enforcement, has raised the possibility of legal action against anyone who links his wife to a 'Bush abortion'. ........Investigators working for Flynt launched their investigation after the woman's college roommate came forward and offered to sell information that dated back thirty years. ...."She once overheard her roommate on the phone arranging for a doctor, but she never heard the voice on the other side of the phone," said a source.........Flynt and the roommate could not reach financial terms, one insider told the DRUDGE REPORT. ........ Appearing on Bernie Ward's KGO-AM 810 talk show, Flynt said the abortion took place in Houston in 1970 during the elder Bush's campaign for a seat in Washington. At that time, the younger Bush was working in the campaign. Flynt claimed he had affidavits from four witnesses. ....."

Washington Post 10/26/00 Howard Kurtz "...... Slate Editor Michael Kinsley writes that "journalists' reluctance to call someone who may well be our next commander in chief a moron is understandable. But if George W. Bush isn't a moron, he is a man of impressive intellectual dishonesty and/or confusion."...... Author Todd Gitlin says in Salon that "Bush gives ample evidence that he does not reason. . . . Bush has gotten a pass on most of his slipshod ways," while journalists are "embarrassed to point fingers at a nonentity who is within two weeks of the presidency."....... In the International Herald Tribune, former assistant editor Hope Keller declares: "Most American political commentators today are so timid, so mealymouthed, so committed to a distorted ethic of fairness that they are unable to state the obvious about George W. Bush: that he is unfit to be president." ....Come on, tell us what you really think...... Rich Lowry, editor of the conservative National Review, sees "a little whiff of desperation" in such accusations. "A lot of liberal journalists don't want to admit that there have been issues that have worked for Bush," he says, citing education, health care and tax cuts. "You get a sense of, why is Gore blowing it?"......Not everyone believes Bush's lack of policy wonkiness is a liability. Robert Bartley, the Wall Street Journal's editorial page editor, writes that Bush "has no intellectual pretensions; he's not even afraid to say he'd consult his advisers."......"

Freeper report 10/25/00 Attillathehon "...... I just received an e-mail from my brother, a retiree living in Florida. He said that for the last three days he has received phone calls from Gore people telling him that if George Bush is elected, retirees will lose their Social Security benefits. He said the polls in Florida are still showing a very close race and the old folks scare easily. He also asked that we let the Bush camp know what's happening - which I have done. ......"

Wall Street Journal 10/25/00 "....... Then there's left-wing actor Ed Asner, who is taping scare calls to seniors, and deceptively invoking this newspaper along the way. "George W. Bush has a proposal that would undermine Social Security," the former union boss says, "even threatening current benefits." Mr. Bush "promises that won't mean a cut in current benefits, but the independent Wall Street Journal shows that the Bush plan drains money that is needed now to pay our current benefits," the call adds. For the record, we believe no such thing and no story we've published has asserted it. ......." Freeper comment "...So, it seems the Gore campaign has stooped to lying about Wall Street Journal comments. ...."

Washington Times 10/25/00 Notra Trulock "........ Reputations have been destroyed as a matter of routine policy; just ask Gordon Oehler, the CIA's top nonproliferation expert. His mistake? He refused to lie to Congress about China's spread of weapons of mass destruction to Pakistan and elsewhere. He was forced into retirement after he wouldn't trim his assessment of China's proliferation behavior to suit the administration's policy. ........ For months, the intelligence community fought-off administration efforts to "certify" China's good behavior. The intelligence facts clearly went the other way, but this administration has never let the facts get in the way of (their) truth. So Mr. Oehler had to go........"


Washington Times 10/25/00 Notra Trulock "........ Or ask Bill Richardson, the hapless secretary of energy. Mr. Richardson watched his hopes of a place on the Gore ticket go up in the smoke of the Los Alamos fires and the furor of the missing computer hard drives. Even his own president left him swinging in the wind when the Wen Ho Lee prosecution disintegrated. Mr. Richardson had urged Attorney General Janet Reno to hold Lee in solitary confinement, but the decision was made in a Saturday morning meeting in the White House with National Security Adviser Sandy Berger in charge. ......"


Washington Times 10/25/00 Notra Trulock "........ The Clinton administration's deft handling of the Chinese nuclear espionage scandal has claimed another victim. The administration's cleanup crew has ensnared one of the premier nuclear weapons experts in the country, John L. Richter. The sad thing is that Mr. Richter probably doesn't even realize his reputation has been sacrificed to deflect attention away from the administration's handling of the case.

Of course, no sacrifice has been too great to make for the sake of protecting the administration on this (or any other) issue. ......... Mr. Richter now becomes known to history as the man "who blew a prosecution to pieces" in the words of a recent Washington Post puff piece lauding Mr. Richter. Mr. Richter is credited with issuing Lee a get-out-of-jail card when he testified that 99 percent of the Lee tapes were unclassified and out in the public domain. That seems to have been the last straw for the federal judge hearing the pleadings on Wen Ho Lee's detention. But Mr. Richter wasn't satisfied at that; no country would use these codes to build nuclear weapons and the damage was "marginally harmful, at worst," he went on to testify. ....... Mr. Richter's role in all this is supremely ironic. Mr. Richter is a nuclear weapons expert almost without peer. He has 40 live nuclear shots at our Nevada Test Range to his credit. If he were a country, he would come in fourth in terms of testing experience after the United States, Russia, and China. It was Mr. Richter who lent his credibility to the initial suspicions of Chinese espionage first raised in 1995. It was Mr. Richter who was a key participant in the 1995 Energy Summer Study that validated the initial suspicions and determined that China's acquisition of nuclear weapons data helped China's efforts to field mobile ballistic missiles. ...... Mr. Richter stayed on in Washington to assist intelligence analysts understand foreign nuclear developments over the next two years. At the conclusion of his Washington tour, the CIA awarded him a medal for his services to the U.S. intelligence community. Mr. Richter did some groundbreaking work on Russian, Chinese, and South Asian nuclear developments, most of which he appears to have now "forgotten." Most ironic is an exchange on the subject of Mr. Richter during a China espionage briefing to Donald M. Kerr, former Los Alamos director and now the director of the FBI's science lab.

Mr. Kerr, cited in The Washington Post, asked if John Richter had seen the briefing. "Many times and he helped write it" was the response. "Good enough for me," replied Mr. Kerr. Still good enough, one wonders? Mr. Richter recanted his testimony that 99 percent of the Lee tapes were unclassified. Only the software and physics principles, he now says, but not the nuclear warhead dimensions or physical properties of materials under the stress of a nuclear explosion. By the way, the latter knowledge was acquired only after hundreds of nuclear tests at the cost of billions to the taxpayer. ......"

New York Post 11/4/00 Kirsten Danis "......George W. Bush yesterday blasted the "dirty politics" behind the disclosure of his 1976 drunken-driving arrest as his campaign fended off charges he tried to hide the embarrassing incident. "I believe that most Americans are going to come to the conclusion that is dirty politics, last-minute politics," Bush told Fox News Channel. "I don't know if my opponent's campaign was involved, but I do know that the person who admitted doing it at the last minute was a Democrat and a partisan in Maine." ........."The American people are sick of this kind of 'gotcha' politics. They're sick of dirty tricks," Bush spokeswoman Karen Hughes said at a news conference on the tarmac at an airport in Michigan. ........ Fox News reported Connolly got the document from a Democratic probate judge named Billy Childs, who ordered it out of cold storage four months ago. The Fox report noted that Childs, scion of a prominent Democratic family, wasn't old enough to recall the arrest from personal experience, adding that raised the question of who tipped him off to seek the records. ........ "

New York Post 11/4/00 Kirsten Danis "......A Texas reporter said Bush denied in an interview two years ago he had been arrested at any time other than after a 1966 fraternity prank. "I said, 'Have you ever been arrested after 1968?' He said no . . . and then he said, 'Well, wait a minute,' " Dallas Morning News reporter Wayne Slater told reporters aboard the Bush campaign plane. Hughes immediately cut off that autumn 1998 interview, Slater said. ......, But Hughes insisted Slater walked away knowing there was another arrest in the governor's history because Bush started to correct himself. "The reporter was clearly left with an impression, an accurate impression, the governor had been involved in an incident with alcohol," Hughes said. ......... The only time Bush was asked directly by a reporter if he had been arrested for drunken driving was when he was called for jury duty in 1996. He responded: "I did not have a perfect record as a youth. When I was young, I did a lot of foolish things." The Dallas Morning News reported that Bush did not mention the conviction on the 1996 jury-duty questionnaire. A Bush spokesman said a staff member, who did not know about the arrest, filled out the form for Bush. ......"

FoxNews 11/4/00 "........Dick Cheney said his boss's arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol 24 years ago was "old news" and urged GOP voters not to be distracted. "The important thing is we keep our eye on the ball," he said in a tour of swing states. George W. Bush's parents also rallied to their son's defense, and his sister, Dorothy, who was with him the night of the arrest, said in Louisiana: "He said what needed to be said." Former President Bush, campaigning in Spokane, Wash., said the timing of the disclosure was "outrageous." "Four days before an election? Come on," he told an enthusiastic crowd of 500. "Our son is a man of total integrity and honor." "Much ado about nothing," Barbara Bush said in Pittsburgh. ......"

Foxnews 11/3/00 "......Tom Connolly, a Maine attorney and Democrat who ran for governor in 1998, has over the years nearly gotten himself kicked out of the Democratic Convention, launched a Web site ridiculing the Bush candidacy, talked about traveling to Los Angeles to find the "real killers" of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman and jokingly encouraged people to drink and drive. ...... "

Foxnews 11/3/00 "......Connolly's role in the Bush arrest story is only his latest political stunt. In August, at the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles, the 43-year-old distributed buttons to convince delegates that the "W" in George W. Bush's name stands for "Wiener." He also wrote and distributed a book called W Is for Wiener and launched a Web site, "A big wiener is someone who's had his whole life handed to him, so W. is a big wiener," Connolly was quoted as telling the Portland Press Herald. ....... Connolly, a defense attorney who rails against the death penalty and defends many drunk driving clients, was also a delegate to the 1996 convention. There, too, he caused a stir. According to reports, he nearly lost his credentials after the White House noticed he was distributing pamphlets featuring a photo from the 1968 Chicago convention riots. ....... " 11/4/00 "......Anti-drunken-driving crusaders in Texas say they've known for five years about George W. Bush's drunk driving arrest - but they didn't know the details. "I gathered it happened a long time ago . . . It was sort of common knowledge," said Bill Lewis, state public-policy liaison for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. An official of the Irving, Texas-based national organization heard about the arrest from someone on Bush's staff in 1995, early in his first term as Texas governor. ..... "We knew that he had been arrested for DWI," Lewis said. "But we didn't know the details, that it happened in Maine." .....MADD national president Millie I. Webb said she appreciated Bush's support of anti-drunken-driving legislation in Texas, and hoped he had learned from his arrest. "We recognize that people can change," Webb said. ....."

Village Voice 11/1/00 James Ridgeway "……After surviving Gore-inspired "flash attacks" over the weekend, Ralph Nader's campaign is now the target of a propaganda wave. One high-profile Gore partisan this morning was spreading a nasty rumor about the Nader machine. According to the scuttlebutt, Nader operatives had leaked information that the consumer advocate had been secretly offered $12 million-the amount his Green Party would get in federal matching funds if he won 5 percent of the vote next Tuesday-….."

Freeper Timesink 11/2/00 "….Kevin Kelly, news director of WPXT-TV, the Fox affiliate in Portland, said that a reporter received a tip from someone while covering a court case in Cumberland County Superior Court. The reporter drove to Kennebunkport to get the arrest report, Kelly said. … Unless there's more than one document involved here, Kelly is lying. The reporterette (who looks to be about 21) said on Nightline that the lawyer/Gore Delegate handed it to her in his office. ….."

Freeper Elkiejg 11/2/00 "….. Just caught the last portion of Nightline where B. Kristol said he had talked to someone in the Bush camp. They are now fighting mad to learn this came from a Democratic operative. Gore just shot himself in the foot. First they try to smear Nadar (Gay or not??), then question Bush's National Guard record (went nowhere), now this. I felt Bush was going to win before this - now think it will be a landslide. ….."

Maine State Bar Association 11/3/00 "….. Rule 3.6 (h) Preserving Confidences and Secrets.
(1) Except as permitted by these rules or as required by law or by order of court, a lawyer shall not, without the informed written consent of the client, knowingly reveal a confidence or secret of the client; use such a confidence or secret to the disadvantage of the client; or use such confidence or secret to the advantage of the lawyer or a third person.
(2) A lawyer shall exercise reasonable care to prevent partners, em-ployees, associates, and others whose services are utilized by the lawyer from improperly disclosing or using confidences or secrets of a client. ….."

Rush Limbaugh 11/3/00 "….. I just thought I would jump into the sewer with the DemocRATS and remind everyone of former Clinton/Gore press secretary Dee Dee Myers was also dui only she did it while serving the Clinton administration and this was only 5 years ago. This latest democrat dirty trick only makes me more determined. I was debating on whether to drive from Ohio to PA to help the campaign. Now there is no doubt. I leave for Pennsylvania in about 7 hrs. Furthermore, I used to be open minded about things, now the democrats have earned an determined enemy until I die. ..."

New York Times 11/3/00 Jo Thomas "…… Two Democratic senators today called on Gov. George W. Bush to release his full military record to resolve doubts raised by a newspaper about whether he reported for required drills when he was in the Air National Guard in 1972 and 1973. But a review of records by The New York Times indicated that some of those concerns may be unfounded. Documents reviewed by The Times showed that Mr. Bush served in at least 9 of the 17 months in question……. Dan Bartlett, a Bush spokesman, said that Mr. Bush had fulfilled his military obligations "or he would not have been honorably discharged." ……. The senators, Daniel K. Inouye of Hawaii and Bob Kerrey of Nebraska, both Medal of Honor winners, were responding, in a telephone conference with reporters, to an article in The Boston Globe on Tuesday……..The article, citing military records for Mr. Bush, raised questions about whether Mr. Bush performed any duty from April 1972 until September 1973, when he entered Harvard Business School…..A review by The Times showed that after a seven-month gap, he appeared for duty in late November 1972 at least through July 1973……"

Wayne Slater 9/6/98 Austin Bureau of The Dallas Morning News "…….With speculation growing about his "young and irresponsible" past, Gov. George W. Bush has come clean: He was once busted for "borrowing" a Christmas wreath. "It was a fraternity prank," the Republican governor said Friday. The date was December 1966. The place: Yale University. "As I recall, a couple of us were trying to borrow a Christmas wreath for the fraternity house and were caught," he said……. "The wreath was returned, and I was given a misdemeanor," he said. "The charges were later dropped." ……… Mr. Bush, 52, has admitted having something of a wild streak in his youth but has offered few specifics other than to say he once drank too much and ultimately quit. …… The explanation solves a mystery about Mr. Bush's enlistment papers with the Texas Air National Guard, which he joined after college. …… In response to a question on whether he'd ever been arrested, Mr. Bush said he had. But before releasing the documents, the Guard expurgated the details for privacy reasons. …… Now it can be told. According to Mr. Bush, here's what the papers say: Offense: Disorderly conduct. Date: December 1966, Yale University. Disposition: Charges dropped. …."As you recall," he said Friday, "I've always said that I was young and irresponsible." ….."

NEWSMAX.COM 11/3/00 Carl Cameron "…… Shortly after a Fox News TV affiliate in Maine uncovered the 1976 "Operating Under the Influence" arrest record of Texas Governor George Bush, documentation of the incident was blast faxed around the country by an unknown source, Fox News Channel's Carl Cameron reported Thursday night. ……..Cameron broke the Bush-DUI story nationally during FNC's six o'clock news broadcast. ………. "There is something of a mystery that has unfolded since we broke the story," Cameron told "Edge" host Paula Zahn. "And that is that part of the arrest record and the state of Maine's documentation of George Bush's driving record and arrest record in Maine was faxed to news agencies all over the country after we were on the air with it at 6 o'clock eastern time." ……. But in the next breath, Cameron took pains to dispell suspicions that the Gore campaign was behind DUI bombshell. "Having said that, working with our Fox affilliate in Portland, Maine there has been a change in the laws in Maine recently which allows for certain information, legal court documents, to be disclosed to the (media), which were unavailable to us just a couple of months ago." ……."

NEWSMAX.COM 11/3/00 Carl Cameron "…… On CNBC, Newsweek reporter Howard Fineman told "Hardball" host Chris Matthews that Democrats were ready to pounce on the DUI news and would focus on Bush's candor about this and other possible "drug related incidents." …… "The focus will be on whether Bush still has the moral upper hand in this campaign that was supposed to be about character," Fineman said. On the question of whether the DUI news was a Gore campaign dirty trick, former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson told Matthews: "If anybody doesn't believe that this came right out of Gore headquarters, you ought to sprinkle some Peter Pan twinkle dust on them." ….."

Freeper E=MC2 11/2/00 "…… A docket report from 24-25 years ago just happens to be in this lawyer's office...(must be one cluttered, messy office). Amazing how Democrats can retrieve ancient information at the drop of a condom but can't remember important events that occurred in the past few years. ….."

New York Post 11/3/00 Dick Morris "…… THE bombshell revelation that George W. Bush was arrested, convicted and fined for driving under the influence of alcohol could derail his candidacy five days before the election, or it could pass as a blip in the night. It all depends on how he handles it. ……. What impact will this disclosure have? The key lies with other facts and other questions that the report of his conviction raises. The extenuating circumstances surrounding his arrest will likely shield the GOP nominee from the kind of initial damage which could kill him outright. ….. Nobody was hurt. There was no accident. He was still young. It never happened again. He gave up drinking and moved on with his life. …… Most impressively, he didn't pull strings to avoid prosecution. His father was a famous man, particularly near his Maine home: He had already served as chairman of the Republican Party, head of the CIA and ambassador to China. …..George W. could have tried to throw his weight around - as Ted Kennedy did at Chappaquidick, for example. Bush didn't. …… He was arrested. He was convicted. He paid his fine. His license was suspended in Maine. …."

New York Post 11/3/00 Dick Morris "……On the other hand, one is driven to ask why this revelation surfaced on Nov. 1. Who tipped off the Portland TV station? Did Gore's campaign unearth this fact? Did they hold onto it until five days before the election deliberately? I smell a dirty trick. Did some of Bill Clinton's secret police - the detectives he hires to discredit political opponents - dig up this dirt on Bush and then hold it until it would do maximum damage? ….."

New York Post 11/3/00 Deborah Orin "….. MOST analysts last night said they doubt George W. Bush will be hurt by the eleventh-hour revelation that he was busted for drunk driving 24 years ago - but Republicans smelled a rat. "This really sounds desperate and it looks planted. It was 24 years ago. Now we've got the same Democrats who think it's fine for Bill Clinton to lie under oath to a grand jury trying to act as if this is a big deal," fumed GOP pollster Kellyanne Fitzpatrick. ….. "Actually I think it humanizes Bush," she claimed, noting Bush immediately faced the press and 'fessed up. "It shows he's a plain-spoken, forthright man, unlike Al Gore and Bill Clinton who never admit they did anything wrong." …..There's no doubt the Bush story was leaked - and not by somebody out to help him. Reporters for two TV stations in Portland, Maine, were in a local courthouse when they were tipped to go look for official records about the 1976 incident in nearby Kennebunkport. The tips came just as national polls suggested Bush was solidifying a lead of 3 to 5 points over Gore. ……. Neither station last night would divulge the source of the tip and the Gore campaign denied any role. Gore spokesman Chris Lehane declined comment, saying the story was "still developing." But Bush repeatedly told reporters the timing was "an interesting question. Why now?" ….. McLaughlin added: "Voters are so cynical, and rightly so. This could be seen as dirty pool. It's clearly politically timed. It's not good for Bush but, if he's honest about it, it should not be that much of a problem." ……" 11/2/00 Dan Kennedy "….. Wrapping up a four-month suspension for what was officially called "serious journalistic misconduct," Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby will return to the op-ed page next Wednesday, November 8. Jacoby will join other Globe pundits in writing a short, day-after analysis of the election results before resuming his regular twice-weekly column. ……. Jacoby became a national cause célèbre when he received a stunningly harsh punishment for writing a Fourth of July tribute to the signers of the Declaration of Independence without noting that he was drawing on similar pieces by Paul Harvey and Rush Limbaugh's father, as well as material published in Ann Landers's column and on the Internet. Some of Jacoby's conservative supporters charged the liberal Globe with acting out of ideological malice. But even if you don't buy into that conspiracy theory (and I don't), four months without a paycheck still appeared to be a disproportionately tough penalty for what was a minor, apparently inadvertent offense (see "Don't Quote Me," News and Features, July 14 and 21)……."

stocksthatgoup 11/3/00 "…Well folks- Ihave had the misfortune to spend my share of time dealing with just such issues with courthouses in Massachusetts and Connecticut. There is no way in hell that state courthouse workers produce any document (much less one like this) that are 24 years old in one day (try getting documents that are 30 days old and it takes a week!) ANd secondly there is certainly no way she would have recieved a 24 year old drivers from the pre computer year of 1976! Big lie! Most states purge driving records every 7 years or so! This is an absolute falsehood. To get such a record would invole a reasearch team for gods sake! This is a setup!.............thanks for this info …."

Burkeman1 11/3/00 "…..The reporter who broke the story claimed the following on "nightline"!
a) After the morning session she recieved a copy of the arrest record from the DNC delegate. This must have been around 11am.
b) She then claimed that later in the day she confirmed the copy with the orignal report from 1976 and was faxed a driver's record from 1976 confirming it as well. ….."

Randita 11/3/00 "….Carl Cameron just said that the info retrieved and given to the reporterette was not easy to come by. It was not in the computerized files. Instead it was "squirreled away in the basement archives". Cameron said it was unclear how the lawyer - Curtis, who has a jr. partner named Erin Lehane, was tipped off to go looking for this info. They're going to get nailed, folks. I think Curtis was tipped off by someone to go looking for this info. ….."

PJ-Comix 11/3/00 "….."They probably used her because she was stupid enough to take teh ball and run with it not seeing how it could backfire on her like a reporter with experience would turn it down!" They underestimated her total stupidity. Most reporters NEVER reveal their sources. However, last night she revealed that her source was a lawyer who was also a Demmycrat delegate this year. She might as well have drawn an arrow pointing at Mr. Curtis. …..The Demmycrats timed their November Surprise so close to the election that their was no chance that the source of this smear could be revealed until AFTER election day. What they didn't calculate is the UTTER STUPIDITY of the Bimbo Reporter who "broke" this story. Because of her airheadedness, we now know the source of the smear---just hours after the smear was made. I hope Rush talks about this at length today. ….."

FrdmLvr 11/3/00 "…… 9:23 a.m. est: Fox anchor is asking the reporter covering Gore in MO about the Chris Lehane/Erin Lehane connection....quite a long pause by the reporter before he replied...."the Gore campaign doesn't want to get involved in this issue." MY A$$! ……"

Pete 11/3/00 "…….The Fox reporter who broke this story was on Fox at the top of the 9:00am hour. After I finished listening, something bothered me about the interview, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I think I just figured out what it was. Maybe it is no big deal but I see an inconsistency in her version of how she heard about the DUI. ….. She said that a woman police officer came over to her and told her that she had overheard some gossip from a judge and lawyer talking about a DUI by GWB. The reporter said that the police officer stated that she didn't believe it and thought it was a joke. Further, the reporter claims that the police officer then asked her if she knew anything about it. ….. Later in the interview with the reporter, she was asked if she thought the police officer had a motive in telling her about the overheard conversation. The reporter answered something like "No, I think she just wanted to pass along some information that she thought I might be interested in". …. The motive of the police officer as described by the reporter is wholly inconsistent with the conversation she describes. …."

Portland Press Herald 8/9/98 "…..The wedding of Erin Lehan and Julius Ciembroniewicz took place June 6 at Phippsburg Congregational Church. The reception was held at the Sewall House, Bath. ….. The bride is the daughter of Stephen and Mary Lehane of Santa Clara, Calif. The bridegroom is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Julius Ciembroniewicz of Winthrop. ……… The honor attendant was Rebecca Graves. The bridal attendants were Susan Pereira, Stephanie Clayton, Deb Jones and Debra Lazinsky. The best man was Laurence Ciembroniewicz. Ushers were Stephen Ciembroniewicz, Erik and Christopher Lehane. The bride graduated from Kennebunk High School, Vassar College and Boston College Law School. She is employed by Wright Express Corp. The bridegroom graduated from Winthrop High School, Connecticut College and Franklin Pierce Law Center. He is employed by Kozak, Gayer & Brodek. ….."

GB 11/3/00 "……. Have been a longtime lurker here, but this has me fired up enough to post for the first time, so excuse me if I violate any rules or etiquette. As a journalist with nearly a quarter-century in the business ... and a conservative for probably 32 of my 42 years ... it's awesome to see a top-notch reporter like Cameron digging to the bottom of this and uncovering the slime. Cameron had to report the original story yesterday ... as I would have also, even though there would've been tears in my eyes, if it had been fed to me, because that's the way it works and that's my job and I have a wife and two kids to house, clothe and feed. But the real story is what Cameron is uncovering, and it's going to ensure that on Tuesday, Algore is going to be utter, absolute TOAST. In fact, it seems to me that the news coverage this a.m. is starting to focus less on the DUI incident and more on why it came out at this point and who leaked it. This was the equivalent of a Hail Mary pass on the final play of the Super Bowl, and it fell incomplete. ......"

Freeper kcvl "….. A former two-term Governor of Maine and United States Ambassador to Canada, Ken Curtis is a founding partner of Curtis Thaxter. Governor Curtis has represented clients in energy matters, start-up businesses and international law, particularly Canadian-American law. He works with Maine, New England, Canadian and other North American companies on regional and inter-governmental affairs. His international practice has also included work relating to France, Japan and the Republic of China. ...... Governor Curtis' other leadership positions include President of the Maine Maritime Academy from 1986 to 1994, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 1977 to 1978, Chairman of the New England Governors' conference from 1969 to 1970 and Chairman of the Environmental Task Force of the National Governors' Conference in the early 1970's. He serves on a number of boards and commissions, including the Board of Directors of KeyCorp, Bowater Incorporated and the Alberta Northeast Gas Limited Advisory Board. ….."

Miss Marple 11/3/00 "…..News from Indiana: Gregg Garrison (Tyson prosecutor) says that this has the fingerprints of Joe Andrew (DNC Chair and former Indiana State Chairman) ALL OVER IT!!! Also, Tony Snow on WLS in Chicago saying that they have definitely tied this to Chris Lehane. Ha! …."

Yaya123 11/3/00 "……so...we paid for Ms. Erin LeHane's law degree? "Ms. Lehane, a native of Kennebunk, Maine, earned her B.A. with Honors in 1993 from Vassar College, where she received the Vassar Scholarship. In 1997, she graduated from Boston College Law School, where she was awarded a Full Presidential Scholarship. She is admitted to practice law in Maine and Massachusetts. ….. Until I read this, I thought Erin Lehane was some office paper pusher in a lawyer's office. SHE'S A LAWYER!!!!! The other lawyers in this lawfirm might know nothing bout none of this, but I'd say Ms. Lehane is up to her eyeballs in Demo Dirty Tricks....and she wouldn't have done it without cousin Chris' knowledge. Count on it!! ......"

The Associated Press 11/2/00 "…..Texas Gov. George W. Bush was arrested and pleaded guilty nearly 25 years ago to driving while under the influence of alcohol, his presidential campaign confirmed Thursday. ``It's not something he's proud of,'' spokeswoman Mindy Tucker said, explaining why Bush had not come forward with the information on his own. The incident was first reported by a TV station in Maine. ……Calvin Bridges, identified as the arresting officer by the Bush campaign and documents made available by the Bush campaign, said in a telephone interview that he recalls driving home from work after midnight and spotting a car slipping briefly onto the shoulder before getting back on the road. ...... Bush, the driver, failed a road sobriety test and a second test in the police station, registering a 0.10 blood-alcohol level - the legal limit at the time, Bridges said. …… Asked about Bush's demeanor, the retired officer said, ``The man was, and I say this without being facetious, a picture of integrity. He gave no resistance. He was very cooperative.'' Bridges said Bush spent about 90 minutes in custody. He said he was contacted Thursday night by two Bush aides, including spokesman Dan Bartlett, and asked if he would accept a telephone call from a reporter. ......Bridges, 51, said Bush was accompanied by two women and a man. Bush spokeswoman Karen Hughes said they were Bush's sister, Dorothy, the Australian tennis player John Newcombe and his wife. …..``I hope that a mistake the governor made 24 years ago would not have an impact in the final days of this election,'' Hughes said. …….."

Reuters via Yahoo 11/2/00 Steve Holland "……Republican presidential nominee George W. Bush admitted on Thursday he had been arrested 24 years ago for drunken driving and said he had kept it secret because he ``didn't want to talk about this in front of my daughters.'' ……… ``I'm not proud of that. I've often said that years ago I made some mistakes,'' Bush told reporters. ``I regret that it happened. But it did ... I stopped drinking 14 years ago and I haven't had a drop since.'' ...... Asked why he had not disclosed the incident earlier, Bush said: ``I didn't want my girls to do the same thing. I'm not trying to get away with anything. I didn't want to talk about this in front of my daughters. I didn't want them drinking and driving. It was a decision I made.'' …….. Earlier, Bush campaign spokeswoman Karen Hughes said Bush, who was 30 at the time, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of driving while under the influence, paid a $150 fine, and had his license suspended in the state of Maine for ``a period of time.'' …… She questioned the timing of the report, saying, ``The timing of this information coming out about something that happened 24 years ago and about which his daughters didn't even know five days before the election, is questionable.'' But she insisted that Bush had often acknowledged that he made mistakes while he was drinking and that he decided to quit drinking altogether 14 years ago. …… ``Governor Bush has always acknowledged he made mistakes in the past years ago when he was drinking,'' Hughes said. ``This is something he is not proud of. Drinking and driving is wrong.'' ……" 11/2/00 Jake Tapper "……As Vice President Al Gore's presidential campaign prepared for its anticipated win at the Iowa Caucuses Monday, Washington media circles were agog with news having to do with crops other than corn. After Newsweek pulled a report on Gore's pot-smoking past, the story's main source started speaking out. At the last minute on Friday, Jan. 14, editors at Newsweek magazine pulled an excerpt of "Inventing Al Gore: A Biography," a book by their own reporter Bill Turque. According to a knowledgeable source, the editors were concerned that the excerpt focused too much on Gore's past drug use. The chapter in the book addresses the veracity of Gore's claim in 1987 that his past pot smoking was "rare and infrequent." That same year, as Gore was gearing up for his doomed presidential run, he said to reporters that it had been approximately 15 years since he last toked up. But Newsweek editors were worried about the credibility of one of Turque's main sources for the story disputing Gore's claim to "rare and infrequent" pot use -- former Gore pal and colleague at the Nashville Tennessean, John Warnecke, a recovering alcoholic currently in a 12-step program. Warnecke told Salon that he suffers from depression and that schizophrenia runs in his family. He says he used to regularly smoke pot with Gore, and that the vice president's marijuana use was far more extensive than Gore has indicated. …."

Ap 11/2/00 "…..Kevin Kelly, news director of WPXT-TV, the Fox affiliate in Portland, said that a reporter received a tip from someone while covering a court case in Cumberland County Superior Court. The reporter drove to Kennebunkport to get the arrest report, Kelly said. ……. WCSH-TV News Director Mike Curry says one his reporters also was tipped by someone while at the Cumberland County Courthouse. A WCSH-TV reporter drove to York County retrieve copies from Biddeford District Court and from the Kennebunkport Police Department. ……. Bush's running mate Dick Cheney, 59, had two driving while intoxicated offenses when he was in his early 20s, in 1962 and 1963, according to his press secretary Juleanna Glover Weiss. She couldn't provide details. ….."

CBSNEWS 11/2/00 "…..Texas Gov. George W. Bush pleaded guilty nearly 25 years ago to driving while under the influence of alcohol in Maine, his presidential campaign said Thursday after news organizations received copies of the 1976 police report. ….. At an unscheduled press conference, Bush called the arrest "a regrettable incident." Coming just days before the presidential election, the Bush campaign is questioning the timing of the revelation, reports CBS News Correspondent Cami McCormick. …… Bush, now 54, was pulled over by police near his family's Kennebunkport, Maine, summer home during the Labor Day weekend. Hughes said Bush had several beers at a local bar before he was stopped. ……. Campaign officials said Bush decided to release details of the incident after the police report was faxed to Maine news outlets. The incident was first reported by a TV station in Maine. …. "He has said repeatedly he is not going to itemize the mistakes that he made. He has said what's important is that every American knows it's not right to drink and drive," Tucker said. ……. At the press conference, Bush said, "I'm not trying to get away with anything." "I think people know that I've made mistakes in the past," he said. …… James Campbell, a professor of political science at the State University of New York at Buffalo, tells CBS News that suspicion may be directed at the campaign of Vice President Al Gore. "If it appears that...someone close to the Gore campaign released the information, there is the possibility there could be a backlash," Campbell said. …… "

Freeper Lent FoxNews 11/2/00 "..... BREAKING NEWS. FOX NEWS. DEMOS INVOLVED IN DUI SMEAR.LAWYER WHO WAS AT THE DEMO CONVENTION SUPPLIED THE DIRTY PAPERS!!! .... " Freeper Trailer Trash adds ".... Carl Cameron on the cellular phone just moments ago reports that the person who supplied the Bush DUI record was the Lawyer in the original case who just so happened to also be a Maine DEMOCRATIC DELEGATE to this years convention! Sounds like an operative hit to moi. ..." Freeper StAnDeliver adds ".... FoxNews at the bottom of the hour got Carl Cameron on the phone tres briefly - he said that he had information to the effect that the lawyer (who actually had copies of the arrest report on his person when the Fox51 reporter was steered to him by an accomplice, a local policeman) was a Democratic Delegate from the State of Maine to the Democratic National Convention this year. Made a brief allusion to the odd timing of the release with the Fox news host (can't think of her name) and then the phone call was over. ......" Freeper Charles H. (The_r0nin adds "..... Fox News just reported (Carl Cameron live in Maine) that the story came from a police officer who said he/she had heard rumors about this arrest. The police officer then sent the reporter directly to a lawyer who had actually been involved in the litigation.

***This lawyer SERVED AS A DELEGATE TO THIS PAST DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION AND HAD ALL OF THE DOCUMENTATION FROM THE COURT RECORDS ON HAND TO GIVE TO THE REPORTER !!!!*** Who keeps court records lying around just in case they happen to get asked about a 25 year old case? This was a planted story. Period. ...."

Press Herald via Maine 8/14/00 "……There's no doubt about it: Tom Connolly of Scarborough is one of the more colorful? delegates at the Democratic National Convention this week. Connolly, a 42-year-old lawyer - and the Democratic nominee for governor in 1998 - has launched a campaign in Los Angeles to convince delegates that the "W" in George W. Bush's name stands for "Wiener," not "Walker." Connolly has written a book called "W Is For Wiener" and is distributing hundreds of "W Is For Wiener" buttons at the Los Angeles convention this week. ……… "A big wiener is someone who's had his whole life handed to him, so W. is a big wiener," Connolly said………. While in California, Connolly promised, he would search for the "real killers" who stabbed O.J. Simpson's ex-wife, that he would take an embarrassing picture of "one of our beloved" Democratic leaders, and that he would visit Richard Nixon's grave site to make sure he's still dead. Some Democratic leaders view Connolly as a loose cannon. But his offbeat style also amuses a lot of delegates………At a welcoming party Saturday night, Connolly walked through the hordes of delegates doling out his "W Is for Wiener" buttons. At the end of the night, as he waited in line to use the men's room, he passed a few buttons to the man behind him in line: President Clinton's spokesman, Joe Lockhart……."

CNN 11/3/00 Freeper blake6900 "….. A CNN reporter (don't recall his name) just gave the following account of how Thomas Connolly became aware of Bush's DUI... An elderly man was at a chiropractor's office and mentioned in passing that he was in court for a DUI 24 years ago and said that GWB was there for the same thing at the same time. The chiropractor asked why he hadn't mentioned it before and the man said he didn't think it was particularly important. …… The chiropractor did think it was important and he contacted a friend of his, an "important public figure", who then, in turn, gave the information to Connolly, apparently via cell phone, while Connolly was standing outside the courthouse with a group of fellow lawyers. …… Connolly said after he got the call, he said to the group, guess what I just heard and proceeded to inform them. According to Connolly, a reporter who happened to be standing nearby, overheard Connolly's statement and asked him about it. That, according to Connolly, is how the story broke... ……Connolly's account does not coincide with the TV reporter's account...she said a policewoman told her she (the cop) had overheard two lawyers talking about this and asked the reporter if she knew anything about it. The reporter then went to find the lawyers but they were in court. She saw Connolly later while filming reaction to an arson verdict, ask Connolly about it, he confirmed it and went to his office to retrieve the paperwork, which he then handed over to her. ….."

FoxNews 11/3/00 "...... Tom Connolly, a Maine attorney and a Democrat who ran for governor of the state in 1998, has suddenly become known as the man who provided information relating to George W. Bush's drunk-driving arrest and conviction to a Fox News affiliate. Fox News Channel's Shepard Smith and Tony Snow talked to Connolly about why and how he dug up the DUI report. ....
Smith: How did you get this information?
Connolly: It came to me from an attorney friend.
Smith: Who's that?
Connolly: That person doesn't want their name disclosed. I'm an attorney and can't disclose that information.
Smith: But there's a question about the root of this report. Where did it come from? And did it possibly
directly, or indirectly, come from the Gore camp?
Connolly: It did not. It came from the court clerk's office. It was made available to me through a phone call.
Smith: You heard about this yesterday. Do you remember what time?
Connolly: Approximately 1:10. The clerk is in a different town. I got it through a fax and confirmed through the Secretary of State of Maine's office. ...
Fox News Channel's Tony Snow also questioned Connolly.
Snow: How did you learn about it?
Connolly: I learned about it in court yesterday about 1:10. I got a call from another Maine attorney who became aware of it yesterday, also.
Snow: So it was not a judge?
Connolly: The system is complicated in Maine, so I'm not going to confirm or deny the particular source. That person is confidential.
Snow: You won't say it's a certain probate judge?
Connolly: I won't say that. That's not my function. I got the information from the clerk's office. It's truthful information. The secretary of state provided it, and then I provided it out for the public.
Snow: Where do you think your source got the information?
Connolly:Connolly: From a person in court the day W. went in and pled guilty. Somebody that remembered it 24 years ago.
.....Snow: I don't understand this. If a judge in the state of Maine releases a court record, isn't that a violation of the ethics in that state?
Connolly: Absolutely not. It's public record. You could go to the clerk's office and get a copy of that.
Snow: Another question arises: this is something somebody's known about for 24 years. Why was it brought up a few days before the election?
Connolly: Because it was disclosed through a source that disclosed it to someone who brought it forward. That's the difference. .....
Snow: You shopped the story to another reporter before the Fox reporter got it. Is that true?
Connolly: Not true. In fact, I didn't offer it to the reporter. She heard me discussing it and came to me to obtain the information.
Snow: If the reporter didn't talk to you, you wouldn't have made an issue of it?
Connolly: No, I was intending to give to an Associated Press reporter in Portland....."

New York Post 11/5/00 MARIA ALVAREZ and BRIAN BLOMQUIST "...... The Maine lawyer who leaked George W. Bush's drunken-driving arrest says he's received death threats and garbage has been thrown on his lawn. As tears welled in his eyes, Tom Connolly told The Post he is the messenger "that everyone wants to kill." ..... "The right has gone mental on me," he said at his home in the Portland suburb of Scarborough. ....... The lawyer, known for his trademark long-billed cap, said his wife was forced to leave work Friday because of bullying. Connolly, a Democrat who ran unsuccessfully for Maine's governor two years ago, said the leak of the arrest, which happened 24 years ago, was not a conspiracy. ......"

New York Post 11/5/00 MARIA ALVAREZ and BRIAN BLOMQUIST "...... While Connolly took the heat, another figure in the leak, probate Judge Billy Childs, packed up his family and left home. Childs, who told several lawyers Thursday that he knew Bush had been arrested and he had documents to prove it, hasn't spoken publicly about his role - or about who tipped him off. ...... Childs' neighbors described him as quiet and not too social. They said he appeared to have fled his middle-class suburban home Friday, when the media starting hounding him. ......The shades on his windows were down yesterday. Toys were left in the yard, and there was no car in the driveway. Calls to his house and office weren't returned. ....."

UPI Peter Roff 11/4/00 "...... As a result of the revelation, conditioned on the premise that this is all there is and there are no additional arrest revelations in the offing, three things happen........ One, the Republican base is energized in a way that no paid RNC effort could engineer. Republicans are, simply put, absolutely steaming, over what they inevitably see as a dirty trick perpetuated by the Gore campaign, in collusion with a cooperative and salivating media. That may be unfair, but it is their perception and, in politics, perception is reality...... Two, the elite press gets a black eye. There is already a debate over alleged liberal bias in the major media. The hungry pack of journalists gnawing at the story of George W. Bush's DUI does everything to reinforce that it exists........ Three, swing voters who are alienated by the nastiness of politics in America have had their disgust ratcheted up by several notches. To the extent this does not keep them home on Election Day, it is likely they will take out their disgust on the campaign they hold most responsible for increasing the din of negativism-whether Bush for being driving under the influence or Gore for seeming to profit from it. In the end though, this edifies no one...."

UPI 11/4/00 Mark Kukis "........Strategists for GOP presidential candidate George W. Bush voiced little concern about the political fallout from recent revelations of the Texas governor's drunk-driving arrest 24 years ago, despite widespread media exposure in the final days of the tightest White House race in decades.......... Mark McKinnon, Bush's chief media strategist, said his own informal focus groups expressed little care about the matter, which has dominated media coverage of Bush since the story surfaced Thursday...... "We get such a buzz in the tunnel and then you go out and talk to real voters and they say 'are you kidding me?'" McKinnon said........ Bush seems to have brushed the incident aside and his confidence is only increasing as Nov. 7 draws nearer. Speaking with Fox News, which broke the story of Bush's 1976 arrest, the governor predicted an early win on Election Day......... "Very early," Bush told Fox, saying his campaign's internal polling showed them up by five percentage points in Florida, tied in California and down by two percentage points in Pennsylvania -- where he campaigned Saturday with running mate Dick Cheney -- but climbing quickly enough to overtake Gore by Tuesday......."

WorldNetDaily 11/4/00 Paul Sperry "......Long before he was William Childs the Portland, Maine, probate judge who anonymously leaked George W. Bush's DUI conviction, he was Billy Childs the streaker who ran "bare-assed naked" through a Catholic girls' school........ In 1974 -- two years before Bush was pulled over for drunk driving in Kennebunkport, Maine -- Childs was involved in his own youthful indiscretion just up the coast. He and another young Portland man donned ski masks, sneakers and ties -- and nothing else -- and streaked through the Catherine McAuley High School cafeteria during lunch hour........ A Portland Press Herald photographer got an anonymous tip about the prank and snapped an award-winning shot of Childs and buddy Paul Doughty in the act. The photo, which even hit the London papers -- sans names -- before finding a home in a Chicago museum photo display, shows Childs running past a shocked schoolgirl, face buried in hands......... Last week, Childs, a Democrat elected two years ago to the Portland bench, tipped off local Democrat gadfly Tom Connolly to the story of Bush's misdemeanor. Connolly, in turn, tipped off the press....... Childs didn't alert the press himself because he didn't want to relive his indecent-exposure incident, a former classmate says. ..... When Childs ran for probate judge, he made oblique reference to the incident when asked by local press about embarrassing things in his past. "He said he wasn't proud of something he did years ago," Norton said........ Connolly, a liberal lawyer-activist recognized by his beat-up cap, is considered by many locals to be more than just idiosyncratic. "He's ready for one of those coats with the long sleeves -- you know, the kind that wrap all the way around," Norton said......."

Daily Telegraph 11/5/00 David Wastell ".... AL GORE'S hopes of wiping out George W Bush's slender lead in the presidential election campaign were fading last night amid fears that a Democrat-inspired "dirty trick" against Bush may be backfiring. ....... Mr Gore has spent the last 48 hours trying to distance himself from the row and his campaign has denied any advance knowledge of the leak, first broadcast by two television stations in Maine, where Mr Bush committed the offence near his parents' summer home. The Vice-President pointedly refused to comment on it himself and aides said the first they knew of the story was when it broke on Thursday night. ......"

New York Post 6/19/00 Deborah Orin ".....They call themselves the "Men of Zeal" - even though two of the seven are women - and they all work 100 hours a week to zap the enemy. Their first target was Bill Bradley; now it's George W. Bush . ...... They're Vice President Al Gore 's opposition research team. All day long, they pore over records, newspapers, anything they can find on Bush , hunting for ammunition to hurt him. They're young, mostly 21 to 25. "They work 24-7-365 - nonstop. It's a young people's game," says Gore press secretary Chris Lehane. ....... "By now, they should have collected every single public document about George W. Bush , everything he's said, everything he owns, everything he's ever done, and it should all be categorized and computerized so it's easily retrievable, ready and waiting," says a Democratic operative. ........ The Men of Zeal aren't Gore 's only oppo resource. The Democratic National Committee has a second, bigger team of at least a few dozen (the DNC won't say how many). Many cut their teeth digging dirt on Whitewater-Sexgate prober Ken Starr. ...... But it's too early to waste good attacks on Bush , so the Gore team is saving its best stuff. With apologies to Franklin D. Roosevelt, they say their stash is called "The Arsenal of Democracy." ....."

Boston Herald 11/4/00 Joe Fitzgerald "...... Political sharpies in the media, especially those who make no bones about their ardor for Al Gore, are trying their best to convince themselves and the rest of us that George W. Bush, because of a 1976 drunken-driving incident, is much too flawed to occupy the Oval Office in 2001. Please. If Bush was a lush today, that would be an issue. If he was in denial of a problem everyone else could see, that would be an issue. If what happened that long-ago night on a rural Maine road had any relevance to his fitness for becoming our president in January, then, yes, this would be an issue worth discussing. ..... But we are talking about a 54-year-old man who's been a teetotaler since 1986, freely admitting on numerous occasions how alcohol contributed to what he confesses was an ``irresponsible'' youth. ..... This is a scandal? No, this is a joke, and the joke will be on us if we allow Gore's surreptitious henchmen to hijack our attention from issues that ought to be dominating discussions in the days ahead. ....."

Portland Press Herald 11/4/00 David Hench "...The Press Herald was tipped to the 1976 arrest late Thursday and ran the story Friday on Page 1A. However, editors discovered Friday that a reporter in the York County bureau had actually learned of the arrest in mid-July. The reporter was told of Bush's arrest while researching a story about Kennebunkport and the possible return of a Bush presidency. He told his assignment editor, who decided along with the reporter that the arrest was not relevant to the story and that it was too old to be germane....."

Portland Press Herald 11/4/00 David Hench "......Calvin Bridges is a longtime Republican, and a solid supporter of Texas Gov. George W. Bush for president. But Bridges, 51, is also a former cop who is known for his plain-spoken honesty.....Bridges knew his arrest of Bush 24 years ago for drunk driving in Kennebunkport could become an explosive issue in the campaign, and the weight of that knowledge grew as election day neared........ Twenty-four year ago, Bridges was a young officer who was developing a knack for getting drunk drivers off the road. Bush, as he often did during the summer, was vacationing at the family's Kennebunkport compound at Walker's Point........On Sept. 4, 1976, Labor Day weekend, Bridges was driving home from work after midnight when he spotted a car on Ocean Avenue slip onto the soft shoulder, then pull back into the travel lane......Bridges pulled the car over. Bush was driving. His sister Dorothy, Australian tennis player John Newcombe and Newcombe's wife were in the car....Bush failed a roadside sobriety test and another test back at the Kennebunkport police station, registering a blood alcohol level that exceeded .10 percent, which was the legal limit at the time. Bridges did not take into account Bush's VIP status.......... Bridges recalled Bush as being cooperative and "the picture of integrity.'' But Bridges did not want to provide further details about the evening, saying he hoped the issue would die down. Kennebunkport police officials said Friday that nobody in the department treats the Bush family any differently than other members of the public. ....... "

Portland Press Herald 11/4/00 David Hench "......"The record speaks for what it is. He pleaded guilty, he paid his fine, he had his license suspended," said Lt. Joseph Bruni. Bruni said he's known about the arrest for years, as has Police Chief Robert Sullivan. "I don't think it would've been appropriate to bring this matter up. It's a matter of public record. The information's been there to be obtained by anybody," Bruni said. It's not the police department's job to inform the public about candidates' police records, he said........ Bush pleaded guilty to operating under the influence and paid a $150 fine in Biddeford District Court on Oct. 15, 1976, according to court records. Five days later, the secretary of state notified Bush by mail that his right to drive in Maine was being suspended indefinitely. ........ Rebecca Wyke, deputy secretary of state, said Friday that Bush did not hold a Maine license and was operating on his Texas driver's license. ...,,On Nov. 1, 1976, the secretary of state's office received a handwritten note from Bush acknowledging his receipt of the license suspension notice. "In that I live in west Texas it is virtually impossible for me to attend the Maine Driver Rehabilitation Course," Bush wrote. "However, since I would like to return to your state as a tourist, I would like to know how I could meet state requirements to drive." Bush also paid the $10 reinstatement fee with a check....... In its response, the state suggested that Bush seek out an alcohol education program in Texas. But Wyke said the law in 1976 also allowed a driver to request a license reinstatement hearing after his license had been suspended for 60 days......"

Portland Press Herald 11/4/00 David Hench "......On July 25, 1978, a hearing officer held a telephone hearing with Bush to consider his request. The hearing officer's handwritten notes of the conference indicate that Bush had been out drinking beer with Newcombe and had a blood alcohol content of .12 percent when he was driving that night. The notes also say that Bush told him he "drinks infrequently - one a month plus occasional beer." The notes also reported "nothing adverse from Kennebunkport - recommended restoration."...... The state reinstated Bush's driving privileges that day and notified him by mail......."

Portland Press Herald 11/4/00 David Hench "......As Bush rose to political prominence, the case was lost in obscurity, with just a handful of people in Maine aware of the conviction. One of those was William Danton, a 46-year-old businessman from Old Orchard Beach, who says his late father, Nicholas W. Danton, handled the case when he was chief judge of the Maine District Court system. ...... Bridges knew, of course, along with others in the Kennebunkport police department. But he felt no desire to broadcast the information. ....... After his stint in Kennebunkport, Bridges went to work for the Cumberland police department from 1980 to 1985, left the department, then returned in 1993 for four years. ....... "

Portland Press Herald 11/4/00 David Hench "......The Press Herald was tipped to the 1976 arrest late Thursday and ran the story Friday on Page 1A. However, editors discovered Friday that a reporter in the York County bureau had actually learned of the arrest in mid-July.

Portland Press Herald 11/4/00 David Hench "......But the story of the information's release has little intrigue, at least as described by lawyers, police and others familiar with the purported chain of events. They say Cumberland County register of probate William Childs heard about the arrest in the course of a case he was working on as a lawyer. Childs, a Democrat, was elected to the part-time judicial position of judge of probate, which he has held for two years. ...... A man who was in court the same day that Bush pleaded guilty in 1976 had mentioned it to a friend who then mentioned it to Childs. Childs shared the information with other lawyers Thursday at Portland District Court after confirming it with the Secretary of State's office. Thomas Connolly, a former Democratic candidate for governor, learned of the arrest and alerted the media.. ......"

Original Sources 11/3/00 Mary Mostert "...... Yesterday, faxes mysteriously appeared on the desks of reporters telling them about a DUI arrest back on September 4, 1976 of George W. Bush. A little bit of sleuthing soon revealed, as the Washington Post put it, that a "lawyer who was delegate to the Democratic National Convention, had a copy of the docket" at the convention. Peddling it, perchance? ...... In the first place, having too many beers and driving too slowly hardly compares with the lying to a grand jury as Bill Clinton did, smoking pot, an illegal substance, as Al Gore did during the same period or leaving a body in your car at the bottom of a pond on Chappaquidick Island, as Senator Ted Kennedy did in 1969. ......And, secondly, this story is so obviously timed for political damage that it's apt to make some voters mad at the Democrats, not George W., who, after all, had said much earlier in the campaign that he had drinking problems and that he quit drinking 14 years ago when he turned 40. ......"

Original Sources 11/3/00 Mary Mostert "...... When the story first broke it was claimed that "two Portland, Maine, television stations said their reporters came across the incident while covering an unrelated arson case yesterday and overheard hallway conversations about the arrest. Reporters for the stations, WPXT-TV and WCSH-TV, pursued the story and found several documents confirming the Sept. 4, 1976, arrest, as well as the name of the arresting officer." .........Just 5 days before the election? Is that story true? Apparently not. It turns out that a Democrat lawyer from Maine brought the story to the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles. The Gore campaign obviously had had the story at least a couple of months. ......In fact, it turns out that the story came out of the Democratic National Convention which appears to have been released five days before the election. ......... "

Original Sources 11/3/00 Mary Mostert "...... Are we all supposed to forget, as Newsweek reporter Bill Turque wrote, that Al Gore and John Warnecke "would gather to talk politics late into the night, fueled by Grateful Dead albums and the high-grade marijuana that Warnecke imported from the West Coast. 'We'd get stoned and talk about what we'd do if we were president.'" "Warnecke and two other close friends from Gore's Nashville days say Gore was an enthusiastic recreational user, smoking sometimes as often as three or four times a week: afterhours at Warnecke's house, on weekends at the Gore farm or canoeing on the Caney Fork River. Andy Schlesinger, a former Tennessean reporter ... says that in the first few months after Gore returned from South Vietnam in 1971, he smoked with him 'at least a dozen times' at the Warneckes'. The partying continued, according to Warnecke and a Gore friend who declined to be named, until Gore ran his first House race in 1976." "He continued: 'Al Gore stoned was a mix of expansiveness, melancholy and paranoia, friends recall. 'These were low times,' Schlesinger says." ...... Somehow, with all the scandals that have rocked the White House in the last 7 years, I can't see the "too many beers" story changing many votes. I also doubt that the "too many joints" story about Al Gore will change many votes for Al Gore. ....."

MSNBC.COM 11/3/00 "....... The arrest and court documents were never expunged or deleted. "It's been public record," said Lt. Joseph Bruni of the Kennebunkport police. "And with all the scrutiny that the candidates go through, I'm just frankly surprised no one's ever asked." ......... Connolly, who began spreading the word about the arrest Thursday and then confirmed it to reporters, says he heard about it from a fellow lawyer at the Portland, Maine, courthouse, who heard it from a doctor, who, in turn, heard it from someone who was in court when Bush paid his fine 24 years ago. But Connolly says he gladly spread the story after checking court records. ........ Connolly insists he acted on his own and had no contact with the Gore campaign before spreading the story....."

Freeper TBBT "...... Hmmm, strange MSNBC's reporting seems to differ from other reports. ...... NYPOST - Lawyer Tom Connolly, a Portland Democrat who ran for governor of Maine two years ago and was a Gore delegate to the 2000 Democratic convention, confirmed he gave a Maine Fox TV affiliate the report...... Fox News reported Connolly got the document from a Democratic probate judge named Billy Childs, who ordered it out of cold storage four months ago. ........ The Fox report noted that Childs, scion of a prominent Democratic family, wasn't old enough to recall the arrest from personal experience, adding that raised the question of who tipped him off to seek the records." ...." ...... The "Whole Story" is that this Democrat had the documents for 4 months, and had been waiting for just the right time to release this hit piece againt Bush. ....."

Profile on attorney providing the last minute DUI information on Bush:


Portland, Maine

(Cumberland County)


LAW-SCHOOL: University of Maine School of Law (J.D.)

COLLEGE: Bates College (B.A.)

BORN: 1957

Military Service: None.

Family: Wife, Elaine; three children.

Religion: Roman Catholic.

Political Career: No previous office.

AP 11/3/00 "...... Tom Connolly, a Portland lawyer and Democratic activist who attended the Democratic National Convention, confirmed Friday to The Associated Press that he was the source of the report. ....Connolly said someone who was in Biddeford District Court when Bush's 1976 case came up was alarmed that it had never been reported and alerted ``a public figure'' about the case. That person passed the word to Connolly, he said, though he would not name the public figure. ..... Connolly, who ran unsuccessfully for governor two years ago, said he had been talking about the case at the courthouse Thursday. He said he had confirmed Bush's arrest by obtaining a copy of the court docket - which he gave to a local television reporter. ...... ``It's not a dirty trick to tell the truth,'' Connolly said, maintaining that Bush should have made the case known a long time ago....."

WorldNetDaily 11/3/00 Johnny Chung "...... Four years ago, I made a promise to my oldest daughter. She had challenged me to tell the American people my side of the Chinagate story. "Whether you like it or not, this is a part of American history," she told me. "What are you going to do about it?" I replied, "I will come out, and I will tell the truth. I will set the record straight." ....... I am very proud to say to my kids that I kept that promise, and I've accepted the consequences that came with it. As someone who broke the law, I am accepting the punishment. I have told the truth when truth-telling worked against me. I have tried to right a wrong. But I have done so under tremendous pressure from this White House. ...... My column, which has been my tool to tell the world the true story behind the campaign finance scandal of 1996, has upset a lot of people -- not only in this presidential administration, but also in the Chinese government. Who am I to fight with the two most powerful people on earth: the president of China and the president of the United States? ...... Yes, Mr. President, indeed, you showed me you are the most powerful man on earth. I learned that during your first term when I was a die-hard Democrat who supported you. But it has become even more clear to me during your second term. After the Chinagate scandal erupted, you put incredible burdens on my shoulders to punish me for speaking out. Well ... you win. ........ As I have often told my readers, it's never been easy for me to write this column due to the tremendous pressure from this government. As a result, I need to tell you, my readers, farewell. This is my last column. ...."

Freeper stocksthatgoup 11/3/00 "..... - THE DRIVER had a record of serious traffic violations. Their nature formed a pattern of deliberate and repeated negligent operation. Particularly bothersome was a June, 1958 conviction for "reckless driving."....... On March 14, 1958, Deputy Sheriff Thomas Whitten had been on routine highway patrol outside Charlottesville, Virginia, when an Oldsmobile convertible ran a red light, sped off, then cut its tail lights to elude pursuit. A license check revealed the car belonged to THE DRIVER, a 26-year-old law student attending the University of Virginia. THE DRIVER had previously been fined $15 for speeding in March 1957. ..... Whitten was on patrol at the same intersection a week later, he testified, "And here comes the same car. And to my surprise, he did exactly the same thing. .... Three weeks after his trial, THE DRIVER was caught speeding again, and still operating without a valid license. ..... In December 1959, THE DRIVER was stopped again for running a red light and fined $10 and costs. In Whitten's view, "That boy had a heavy foot and a mental block against the color red. He was a careless, reckless driver who didn't seem to have any regard for speed limits or traffic ordinances." ...... The offenses in Virginia had occurred on THE DRIVER's Massachusetts driver's license, but mysteriously neither the Registry of Motor Vehicles nor the office of probation in Cambridge had any record of the out-of-state convictions. Had it been revealed at the inquest, the Senator's history of negligence and reckless driving would have been further evidence to support a charge of manslaughter in the Chappaquiddick accident. ......."

Freeper Diamond 11/3/00 "..... Either someone has a superhuman memory, or the Kenebunkport vital records have been accessed recently. ......... Part of my job entails researching court files and sometimes police reports. Arrest records, at least here in Missouri, are confidential. Police departments will not release them without a subpoena. Expunged court records are also confidential. I have a working relationship of many years with many court clerks, and without exception, none of them have ever given me the cause number of a sealed file, much less access to to the sealed file itself, unless one of our attorneys was the attorney of record. ......... So, either a government attorney who worked on the case and/or some court clerk are complicit in the release of the information from the court file, including the hard copy. Whoever did it should be severely sanctioned. The clerk who did it should immediately be fired. If a government attorney did it, he should be dis-barred. ....."

Freeper YaYa123 "...... The reporter who broke this is on MSNBC. She just said the judge is the one who dug out this information. She didn't explain how the lawyer got the copy of the docket and had it in his office. ......"

Freeper Eroteme 11/3/00 "...... Connolly said someone who was in Biddeford District Court when Bush's 1976 case came up was alarmed that it had never been reported and alerted ``a public figure'' about the case. That person passed the word to Connolly, he said, though he would not name the public figure. ...... Based on this, Connolly is the third link down in the chain. (Having multiple layers is essential in any information laundering effort.) The "public figure" from whom he claims to have received the info (but will not name)could be former governor of Maine Ken Curtis. (Note to connolly: Using the term "public figure" was a brilliant move, doofus. Ol' Ken is probably just thrilled to death with your clever handling of this.) ....... Connolly has likely been instructed to take the fall for this to obfuscate the Lehane connection and insulate the Gore campaign. Looks like they picked the wrong guy to do it right. ......."

Fox News 11/3/00 Carl Cameron AP "..... Fending off a last-minute bombshell dropped with the help of a Democratic Party activist in Maine, George W. Bush said late Thursday night that he did not previously disclose his 1976 arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol because he didn't want his twin teenage daughters to emulate his behavior. ........ "I made a decision as a dad - I didn't want my girls doing the same things I did. I didn't want them to drink and drive," the Texas governor said at a seven-minute news conference during which he repeatedly called attention to the timing of the revelation. Bush was 30 years old when the arrest occurred in Maine. ..... He added that the Sept. 4, 1976, drunk driving incident, first reported nationally by the Fox News Channel but discovered by a reporter from a Fox affiliate in Maine, should not be shocking, considering how "up front" he has been about his less-than-exemplary youth. ....."

Fox News 11/3/00 Carl Cameron AP "..... The record of the arrest, buried in courthouse documents, was disclosed by a Democratic lawyer and delegate from Maine to the 2000 Democratic National Convention. .....Portland Fox affiliate reporter Erin Feahlau said she was at the Cumberland County Courthouse covering a story Thursday when a police officer told her she overheard a lawyer and a judge talking about Bush's arrest 24 years ago. Feahlau said she made calls for two hours but could not get any information because the case was so old that no computer files existed and the paper documents had been archived. At about 2:30 p.m., Feahlau caught up with the lawyer, who offered to provide her a docket number and other information that he said was at his law office. ...... Feahlau says the lawyer indicated he had obtained the docket number and additional documents after he and a judge had heard rumors of a Bush DUI arrest. The docket number and additional information made it possible to retrieve documents at the Kennebunkport Police Dept. and from the Maine State Dept. of Motor Vehicles. ...... "

Fox News 11/3/00 Carl Cameron AP "..... Feahlau does not believe she was set up or that the story was planted, but she acknowledged a series of coincidences. She had no explanation as to how or why a Democratic activist was able to obtain documents that were unavailable to the media. ....... A second reporter from an NBC affiliate said he, too, was tipped to the story. ......."

Fox News 11/3/00 Carl Cameron AP ".....Asked about Bush's demeanor, the retired officer said, "The man was, and I say this without being facetious, a picture of integrity. He gave no resistance. He was very cooperative." Bridges, 51, said Bush was accompanied by two women and a man. Bush spokeswoman Karen Hughes said they were Bush's sister Dorothy, the Australian tennis star John Newcombe and his wife. ....... The station also quoted Bridges as saying that while working a detail in 1993, former President Bush and his wife Barbara "thanked me for the way I handled it." They said it was "part of the learning process" for their son, he said. ......Bush, 54, has refused to answer questions about "youthful indiscretions," including whether he used illegal drugs in the 1960s and early 1970s. He continued to avoid specifics Thursday night. ........ Bush has said he quit drinking the day after his 40th birthday on July 6, 1986. ....... Bush's running mate Dick Cheney, 59, also was arrested twice for driving while intoxicated - in 1962 and 1963 when he was in his early 20s, spokeswoman Juleanna Glover Weiss confirmed. Cheney disclosed the incidents privately in 1989, when President Bush nominated him to be secretary of defense. ....."

American Spectator 5/17/99 "........ No sooner does the Gore 2000 campaign hire one of the Democrats' most talented mudslingers than rumors about Gore's main threat in the general election begin to surface. In late April former Dukakis 1988 campaign consultant Donna Brazile was hired by Gore as a deputy campaign manager. She is best remembered for trying to smear Vice President George Bush as a womanizer. Now her touch is starting to infect the Gore camp. Several Gore allies, including a prominent public-policy professor from George Washington University, were recently crowing at a Stanford University conference that they were aware of an incident from George W. Bush's past. They claimed the event occurred almost 30 years ago, and that Gore 2000 had documentary evidence in its possession. "It's going to be great," one professor told colleagues. "We're going to get him before he even starts his campaign." .........Further, they claimed to know that Gore himself had authorized a full investigation of Bush, and was being regularly updated on the results of the project, which included investigators from Clinton P.I. Terry Lenzner's staff. "We're all helping Gore," one academic was overheard to say. "We'll do whatever we can to keep him in the White House." ......."

Devereaux (in Tennessee) 11/3/00 "....In that AP story Connolly "said he had been talking about the case at the courthouse Thursday." On the morning call-in show on WLAC radio in Nashville this morning, a caller said he was told by a Democrat staffer in the state legislature, at 9:00 Thursday morning, that "We have something on your boy. You'd better watch the 6 o'clock news." .......So, a legislative staffer in Nashville already knew that story was going to break before Connolly let the FOX reporter overhear him talking about it. ....." ".....The news that George W. Bush had been arrested in 1976 for drunk driving broke too late for the ET/CT feeds of the broadcast network evening newscasts, but it became the topic for Nightline on which the Portland, Maine reporter who was first given the information told Ted Koppel her source was a delegate to the Democratic convention....... The revelation first made national news on the Fox News Channel at about 6:05pm ET on Special Report with Brit Hume when Carl Cameron, traveling with the Bush campaign, tacked it onto the end of a packaged report. Hume made it the first topic for discussion by his panel at 6:48pm or so ET. Nearly an hour-and-half after FNC had calmly relayed the revelation, MSNBC broke into their Imus in the Evening clip show at 7:32pm ET with the "Breaking News." CNN caught up during Crossfire with the "Breaking News" at 7:48pm ET........The 24-year-old drunk driving case then consumed most of the 8pm ET hour on both CNN and MSNBC as well most of MSNBC's 9pm ET The News with Brian Williams. CNN went to a live Larry King Live at 9pm ET with Ross Perot who announced his support of George W. Bush, but went live at about 9:20pm ET to show George W. Bush's remarks to reporters about the matter. At 10pm ET CNN returned to Bush's plight and MSNBC aired a live Hardball focused on it........ABC's Nightline opened with lengthy excerpts from the briefing for reporters by Karen Hughes and Bush's comments. Nightline had Fox affiliate WPXT-TV reporter Erin Fehlau, who first reported the story, drive down from Portland to Kennebunkport so they could get the live visual of her standing in front of a police car marked "Kennebunkport Police."....."

New York Post 11/4/00 Frankie Edozien "..... Mayor Giuliani yesterday branded the revelation of Republican presidential contender George W. Bush's 1976 drunk-driving conviction a "dirty trick." "I mean, come on, the weekend before the election this all comes out," Giuliani said, adding: "I'm a New Yorker. If this isn't a dirty trick, [then] I don't know one." "I'm not going to say who or how, but there's got to be something behind it," the mayor said before heading to Chicago to stump for Bush. Giuliani lauded the Texas governor's candor and forthrightness in discussing the decades-old conviction soon after it was revealed Thursday night. ......... It "certainly doesn't come as a surprise to me," Giuliani said. "He's talked about mistakes like this all throughout the last two years." ...... "He didn't use daddy to help him in any way at all, which is what they constantly try to throw up to George W. He acted like a man," Giuliani said. ..... "If it were Bill Clinton, we'd be doing, 'How do you define drunk driving?'" he added, saying the revelation would backfire against the Democrats. ......"

New York Post 11/4/00 ".......And with everything that's come out since, it's even more important that someone answer the two questions we asked yesterday: What did Al Gore know? And when did he know it? ...... Because there's growing evidence that this last-minute mugging originated within the precincts of the Democratic Party. ....... The young TV reporter who first broke the story reluctantly admitted that her source, a Maine lawyer, was a Gore delegate at last summer's Democratic National Convention. .....But it goes a lot deeper than that. ...... Before that, he was a Clinton-Gore delegate at the 1996 Democratic convention. But two years ago, he was the Democratic nominee for governor of Maine. (He lost badly, garnering just 12 percent of the vote.) ...... Connolly says he was told about Bush's arrest by a "Democratic Party official" - now identified as probate judge Billy Childs. But who told him? ..... And ponder this: Gore's chief mouthpiece, Chris Lehane, grew up in Kennebunkport, where Bush was arrested. His sister practices law in Portland - as does Connolly. The senior partner in Lehane's sister's law firm is Kenneth Curtis - former Democratic governor of Maine and state Democratic chairman. ....... "

Washington Weekly 11/6/00 J. PETER MULHERN "…….Just as Campaign 2000 was settling into a rut (it should be safe to use that expression again now that Bill Clinton is on the point of retirement) along comes a story we can all sink our teeth into. From the start I've been pining for a fresh scandal that clearly shows one candidate to be unfit for office. Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.'s secret agreement with Russia had promise, but it failed to catch the popular imagination. With the revelation that Governor Bush pled guilty to operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol a quarter of a century ago, we have a clear winner in the scandal sweepstakes. That revelation tells us nothing interesting about the Governor of Texas. Coming, as it does, on the Thursday before Election Day, it speaks volumes about the Vice President of the United States. ……The latest scandal gives us no reason to doubt Bush's decency, his responsibility, or his truthfulness. It gives us ample reason to doubt the decency, responsibility and truthfulness of Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. Gore's spokespeople have been telling anyone who will listen that the Gore campaign had nothing to do with spreading the story about Bush's arrest. Nobody should listen.

Maine Sunday Telegram 11/5/00 Dieter Bradbury "…… Tom Connolly, a Portland lawyer and Democratic activist, may be taking the heat for disclosing George W. Bush's drunken-driving arrest in Maine 24 years ago. But he is not the only one who has been snooping into the Texas governor's criminal history in Maine as Election Day draws near. On Oct. 23 - 10 days before Connolly leaked Bush's arrest record to a TV reporter - the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles received a written request to perform a search of Bush's driving records going back 10 years. The request was made by a Juan L. de Leon, who asked the bureau to send the information to a post-office box in Phoenix, Ariz., according to records provided to the Sunday Telegram by the secretary of state's office. Because the request sought only 10 years' worth of data, the bureau sent a clean record to de Leon. No information was included on Bush's 1976 arrest in Kennebunkport. ……The request, and its timing, add mystery to a story already flavored by intrigue and contradictions. …..How de Leon may figure in the picture is unclear. Wyke, at the secretary of state's office, said Saturday that de Leon's letter, dated Oct. 20, was the first request the state received for information about Bush. That information was forward to de Leon, who submitted a money order for $5 to cover the search fee. The address de Leon gave is that of a Mailboxes Etc., a shipping and packaging services store, in a strip mall on the west side of Phoenix. ……..The Arizona Republic, the daily newpaper in Phoenix, sent a reporter to the store Saturday, but employees told the newspaper they could not reveal any information about who rented mailboxes……." 11/5/00 Carl Limbacher "…… A Tennessee minister outraged by the 11th hour release by Democrats of Texas Governor George Bush's 1976 DUI arrest record, has come forward with his firsthand account of a wild night in 1971 that featured sex, booze, guns, drugs and presidential candidate Al Gore. ...In an e-mail to Nashville talk radio host Phil Valentine Thursday night, Pastor Ray Hudson cited an episode where Gore, while a reporter for the city's Tennessean newspaper, was assigned to do a story on the Death Angels, a notorious local motorcyle gang. ……. Pastor Hudson, who now ministers to the homeless, was a Death Angels member in good standing at the time -- and tipped Valentine that Gore's research for the story included spending a night with the gang. ……During the hours between dusk and dawn, the vice president got drunk, smoked pot, shot a club member's gun and had sex with one of the club's girls, the biker-turned-minister contended. Hudson said that what he saw flies in the face of Gore's family man image (Gore had married Tipper 18 months earlier), making his campaign's attempt to smear Bush over a DUI ticket even more outrageuous…….On Friday, Pastor Hudson went public with his story on Valentine's WLAC talk radio show. ……" 11/3/00 Carl Limbacher "…… New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said he believes that an allegation Vice President Al Gore once tried to pressure a friend to lie about his past drug use should "cancel out" any negative impact of Thursday night's revelation that Texas Governor George Bush may have been less than candid about being stopped in 1976 for drunk driving. Guiliani made the comment on Fox News Channel's Hannity & Colmes Friday night:
HANNITY: Is it legitimate, when we have Al Gore's best friend on tape saying that he was a regular pot smoker, that he asked him to lie about it if the press came to him -- which he did; if they're going to draw this blood is it then fair game for everybody?
GIULIANI: Maybe the thing to do is that it cancels -- let's cancel this all out and go back to who do you think is going to make a better president. ………
Minutes before Giuliani's remark, Hannity played an audiotape from an interview of former Gore friend John C. Warnecke, Jr. conducted in September by WLAC Nashville, Tennessee talk radio host Phil Valentine. …..
VALENTINE: Was (Gore) doing more than marijuana when you were with him or was it just pot?
WARNECKE: Well, we smoked hashish together and we smoked a type of marijuana called "Thai sticks." That's a special high-grade marijuana that comes wrapped in a special stick from Thailand. And what they do is, after they wrap it around a stick they dip it in opium. So it's an opium-laced marijuana.
VALENTINE: Now you're asserting that Al Gore continued the drug use after you stopped 20 years ago.
WARNECKE: I'll tell you the story. I know I smoked with him one time while he was actually campaigning.
VALENTINE: For Congress?
WARNECKE: For Congress, the first time around.
VALENTINE: That would be in '76?
WARNECKE: '76, correct. ……
Gore has claimed publicy that he stopped using drugs in 1972. ……."

New York Post 11/4/00 Brian Blomquist "…… Connolly says his leak of Bush's arrest record was meant to cause maximum political damage. "It was good that it came out at all before the election," he said. "If it came out a week after the election, it would have no saliency." …… Childs, 44, a party activist whose father was once speaker of the House in Maine, had Bush's arrest record retrieved from storage at a courthouse near the Bush clan's summer house in Kennebunkport…….. Portland lawyer John DeGrinney told the Post that Childs was "telling everyone, bailiffs, clerks, that he knew George Bush had an OUI [operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol] and that he had documentation." …….. DeGrinney, a Republican, denounced what he called "Pearl Harbor politics" and suggested Connolly must have tipped off higher-ups in the Democratic Party. "It's pretty clear that somebody who has run for governor, and not only run, but been the nominee, must have a few phone numbers in his Rolodex in terms of who is in charge of things at the national level," he said. ….."

New York Post 11/4/00 Brian Blomquist "……But he admitted he tried to fax it to Gore campaign headquarters in Nashville, adding the line was busy. Connolly said a "friend" who's both a lawyer and a public official gave him the information about Bush's arrest, but Connolly wouldn't reveal the name. …….Gore campaign spokesman Chris Lehane, who's from Maine, said he knows Connolly. Lehane's sister, Erin Lehane, a Portland lawyer, also said she knows Connolly. But Chris and Erin Lehane both denied knowing anything about Bush's arrest until it was reported Thursday. ……. Chris Lehane also worked on the campaign of former Democratic Gov. Joseph Brennan, who was a mentor to Childs. Erin Lehane works for the same law firm as former Gov. Kenneth Curtis, who appointed Childs' father, Dana, to be a judge. ….." 11/3/00 "….. Bush campaign spokeswoman Karen Hughes blasted the Democratic party for what she called a "dirty trick" relating to the revelation Bush was once arrested for a DUI. Hughes spoke with reporters moments after the Bush campaign plane landed in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Friday morning. Hughes said the source of the leak was the Democratic governor of Maine, and said the leak was inspired to influence the elections just five days before Election Day. ……She reiterated Bush's candid admission to the arrest last night. ……"

Republican National Committee 11/3/00 Jim Nicholson "……. Five days before a close presidential election, news reports now reveal that Democratic party activists somehow got access to 24-year-old documents and leaked them five days before an election. This is exactly the kind of do-anything, destroy-anyone type of politics that voters are sick of. After eight years, it's time to say enough of the politics of personal destruction. Dirty tricks should have no place in our elections. …….FLASHBACK: Eight years ago today, Clinton/Gore were behind in a close race for the White House . . . "A federal grand jury Friday indicted former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger with one additional charge in connection with the Iran-Contra affair." -- "Weinberger Indicted on New Charge," Associated Press, October 30, 1992 ….."

BANGOR DAILY NEWS 8/14/00 David Tirrell-Wysocki "…… Maine's delegates to the Democratic National Convention realize their platform is all but adopted and their ticket is all but nominated, so they are heading for Los Angeles for a shot of adrenaline to help boost Al Gore into the White House. …….. Take Thomas Connolly, a Portland lawyer who ran for governor two years ago. He is looking forward to "adding a little pepper to the stew, to flavor it or leaven it to make it rise unexpectedly. " ……"


Washington Times 11/6/00 Thomas Sowell "…… The story about Gov. George W. Bush's minor brush with the law, two dozen years ago, tells more about the people who leaked this to the press, on the eve of the election, than it does about Mr. Bush. Add to this the innuendoes about Ralph Nader's sex life by Gore operatives, also on the eve of the election, and you can see some pretty desperate people in the Gore camp, whether or not the vice president's fingerprints can be found on any of this — and whether or not there is any "controlling legal authority."……"

Washington Times 11/6/00 Thomas Sowell "…… What someone who was not a public official did in his private life in 1976 has no relevance to his fitness to be a candidate today or to take office in the 21st century. Abuses of elected office — by Al Gore as vice president and by both Clintons in Arkansas and in Washington — are wholly different from some young man having too many beers on a night long ago. Moreover, political smears of this sort have become a hallmark of the Clinton-Gore administration……….Remember the illegal release of Linda Tripp's confidential personnel files — and Attorney General Janet Reno's announcement that she would not prosecute the person who admitted doing it? Remember James Carville's depicting Paula Jones as trailer park trash on nationwide television? Remember the leak to the press of Rep. Henry Hyde's 30-year-old affair on the eve of the Clinton impeachment hearings?…….Remember Mr. Clinton's lawyer accusing Kenneth Starr of illegally leaking grand jury testimony? This charge had already been investigated and found to be groundless in a court of law when this inflammatory claim was nevertheless repeated during the nationally televised impeachment hearings. But, because that court decision was still sealed at the time, it would have been illegal for Judge Starr to defend himself by referring to it —a fact shamelessly exploited by the Clinton smear machine.......These are the people who publicly deplore "the politics of personal destruction" while no administration in living memory has practiced that tactic as much as they have. What does that tell you about their character?……."


Washington Times 11/6/00 Thomas Sowell "……Many other people of far less prominence have been targeted for character assassination by this administration. The Clintons had barely arrived in the White House when they made false criminal charges against travel office employees whose jobs they wanted to give to their Arkansas cronies. These employees were quickly acquitted in court — but were left with legal bills larger than their annual salaries……..During Mr. Clinton's days as governor in Arkansas, state health officials who tried to enforce the law against the Clintons' business partner Jim McDougal were summoned to the governor's office and told McDougal was a friend of his. When they failed to take the hint, and continued to cite McDougal for violations of state health laws, they were fired. After Bill Clinton reached the White House, federal officials in Arkansas investigating the Whitewater scandal were suspended after they disregarded hints from their supervisors that people higher up did not look favorably on their investigation. Personal destruction? This administration wrote the book. ……"

Time.Com 11/3/00 Lance Morrow "…… Here at campaign's end, you need not be partisan to notice a ruthless amorality busying itself just beneath the surface of Al Gore's campaign - an amorality that was always evident behind the scenes in the Clintons' way of doing business. The noblest ends may call for the nastiest means. That is the rationale. ……. Who brought up the DUI? I don't know. No one has claimed responsibility. But consider a far more egregious piece of endgame ugliness, the James Byrd ad. What's astonishing is that anyone would admit being responsible for that one. ……. It's one thing if W. drove his car home too slowly 24 years ago after too many beers in Kennebunkport, Maine. Do the NAACP and the Democratic party really mean to charge that George W. Bush is responsible for dragging James Byrd to death behind a pickup truck in Jasper, Texas? …..Well, yes. Not literally, of course, but... you see, W. might just as well have been in the pickup that night. The grainy black-and-white television ad shows the tires of the truck peeling off on a dirt road, and the chains behind the truck, for long seconds, jumping and straining under the weight of a body bouncing just off camera - Byrd's body. The voiceover by the victim's daughter states that Governor George W. Bush's failure to sign hate crimes legislation in Texas lynched Byrd all over again. This scurrilous trash makes the 1988 Willie Horton ad look like an exercise in judicious understatement. ….." 11/3/00 Carl Limbacher "…… A former close friend of Vice President Al Gore says they once drove from Nashville, Tennessee to Memphis while under the influence of illegal drugs. Worse still, another Gore friend says the vice president drove his car while high on drugs as he worked the police beat for Nashville's Tennessean newspaper. …… The explosive accounts were first cited earlier this year by Newsweek reporter Bill Turque in his investigative biography, "Inventing Al Gore" -- but the news has been assiduously avoided by the mainstream press ever since. ……. John Warnecke, who has described himself as Gore's best friend during the 1970s, told Turque that Gore's drug use during that decade was extensive, an account which starkly contradicts Gore's own claim that he smoked marijuana only on an "infrequent and rare" basis. Gore has told reporters that he stopped using the drug by 1972. But based on what Warnecke and another source who declined to be named revealed about Gore's drug use, Turque reported: ….. "(Gore) remained an enthusiastic recreational user throughout the 1970s, during his newspaper career and up until his first congressional campaign in 1976. ……"They remember him smoking dope as often as three or four times a week; after-hours at Warnecke's house; on weekends at the Gore farm, where they sometimes lit up and canoed the Caney Fork (river), on an impulsive road trip to Memphis for a barbecue; and even once, according to an anonymous friend, in his car cruising the police beat for the Tennessean." "He smoked as much as anybody I knew down there and loved it," Warnecke told Turque. ….."

Original Sources 11/3/00 Mary Mostert "…… Yesterday, faxes mysteriously appeared on the desks of reporters telling them about a DUI arrest back on September 4, 1976 of George W. Bush. A little bit of sleuthing soon revealed, as the Washington Post put it, that a "lawyer who was delegate to the Democratic National Convention, had a copy of the docket" at the convention. …… Peddling it, perchance? Fox News broke the story nationally and it promptly became the major topic of discussion on talk shows. Endless discussion followed. Will the revelation derail the Bush juggernaut? Not likely. ……. In the first place, having too many beers and driving too slowly hardly compares with the lying to a grand jury as Bill Clinton did, smoking pot, an illegal substance, as Al Gore did during the same period or leaving a body in your car at the bottom of a pond on Chappaquidick Island, as Senator Ted Kennedy did in 1969. And, secondly, this story is so obviously timed for political damage that it's apt to make some voters mad at the Democrats, not George W., who, after all, had said much earlier in the campaign that he had drinking problems and that he quit drinking 14 years ago when he turned 40. ……."

Original Sources 11/3/00 Mary Mostert "…… When the story first broke it was claimed that "two Portland, Maine, television stations said their reporters came across the incident while covering an unrelated arson case yesterday and overheard hallway conversations about the arrest. Reporters for the stations, WPXT-TV and WCSH-TV, pursued the story and found several documents confirming the Sept. 4, 1976, arrest, as well as the name of the arresting officer." Just 5 days before the election? Is that story true? Apparently not. It turns out that a Democrat lawyer from Maine brought the story to the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles. The Gore campaign obviously had had the story at least a couple of months. …… In fact, it turns out that the story came out of the Democratic National Convention which appears to have been released five days before the election. …… "

NewsMax 11/3/00 Dan Frisa "…… The Gore campaign has refused to comment on the story while claiming to have had nothing to do with its release. However, Fox News Channel has reported today that the source of the leak may be former Democrat National Committee Chairman Kenneth Curtis, former Maine governor and a Gore delegate to the 2000 Democrat convention. A partner in Curtis' law firm, Erin Lehane, is the sister of Gore campaign spokesman Chris Lehane, who last night denied any involvement by the Gore team. The Lehane's are natives of Kennebunk, Maine, the location of the incident. …… If Curtis was, in fact, the source for this story the backlash against the Gore campaign in Tueday's election could be devastating to the Democrat. …….What is highly suspicious is the fact that these records were somehow miraculously uncovered after two dozen years, and therefore were not accessible by computer, which means a physical search would have had to be made. ……"

Fox News 11/3/00 Freeper Pokey78 "….. Fox News just reported that Judge Billy Childs (or Chiles) obtained the DUI documents of GWB and passed them to Connerly. He requested the documents 4 months ago! ……"

Yahoo News 11/3/00 Reuters "…….A leading Democrat said on Friday presidential candidate Al Gore would not use the disclosure of George W. Bush 's drunk driving arrest in 1976 as political fodder and strongly denied Gore's campaign played a role in the release of the story…….. Leading Republican William Bennett, speaking on the same program, said Bush had dealt with the story in a ``manly way'' and taken responsibility for his mistake. ``I'm suspicious because the timing is suspicious,'' Bennett said, adding that there could be some ``blowback'' for the Gore campaign. …… He added that Gore had been forgiven for ``smoking dope'' in his youth. ``But I don't think that should matter, in terms of his qualifications to be president. And certainly it shouldn't matter in George Bush's case, who has been so straightforward on this,'' Bennett said. ……"

Freeper uncbob on FoxNews "….Snow predicts Bush to win by over 10 points now, referring to this revelation as a "nuclear bomb to the gore camp" Snow was one of the few pundits along with Bob Novak who predicted the huge election success of the GOP in 94 …."

Childs, Rundlett, Fifield, Shumway & Altshuler
Portland, Maine 04103
(Cumberland County)
ADMITTED: 1983, Maine
LAW-SCHOOL: University of Toledo (J.D., 1982); New England Law School
COLLEGE: University of Maine (B.S., 1978)
BORN: March 22, 1956, Portland, Maine


Portland Press Herald 4/24/99 Joshua Weinstein "…… Dana Childs, the third Democrat this century to serve as Speaker of Maine's House of Representatives and a long-time probate judge in Cumberland County, died of a heart attack Friday at his Westbrook home. He was 76. As much as he loved politics, he loved horses and harness racing. On Thursday night -- hours before he died -- one of his favorite horses, Precious, gave birth to a foal. …… "He got to see Precious's baby last night," said William Childs, his son and successor as Cumberland County Probate Judge. "That undoubtedly brought him quite a bit of joy." …..In 1973, Curtis appointed Childs as Cumberland County's Judge of Probate. Childs remained on the job until 1998, when his son succeeded him. ……. On Friday, Gov. Angus King directed that the United States and state flags be lowered to half-staff until sunset today. ……. In 1964, on Lyndon Johnson's coattails, Democrats became the majority party, and Childs, who had been a Republican Majority Leader and Democratic Assistant Minority Leader, was elected Speaker. ……. In 1973, Curtis appointed Childs as Cumberland County's Judge of Probate. Childs remained on the job until 1998, when his son succeeded him. ……."

Portland Press Herald 7/13/98 "…… William H. Childs, who is about to become a public figure as Cumberland County's judge of probate, expressed some second thoughts this week about a different sort of public figure he cut 24 years ago. ….. That was when he and another Cheverus High School student dashed nude through the all-girls Catherine McAuley High School, amusing and shocking students and the community. ''It's something I'm not real proud of,'' Childs said of the 1974 streaking incident. ''If I had it to do all over again I wouldn't do it.'' However, he added, ''that was a very different time.'' ……. But the McAuley dash stood out from them all. That's because a Press Herald photographer captured the lunchtime incident on film. Charles H. Merrill's photo, which was picked up by newspapers and magazines worldwide, caught the young men from behind as they rushed into the school, wearing only ski masks, ties and sneakers. It also captured the various expressions of astonishment, shock and amusement on the schoolgirls' faces. ……."

UPI 11/3/00 Mark Kukis "……But Wayne Slater, a Dallas Morning News reporter traveling with the Bush campaign said the governor denied being arrested to him during an impromptu interview in 1998 on the sidelines of a news conference in Austin, Texas. Slater said he asked bush whether the governor had been arrested after 1968, when Bush had been arrested for being involved in a fraternity prank. Slater said Bush said, "No."…….. "That's the way it happened," Slater said, speaking to fellow reporters aboard Bush's plane as it prepared to leave Milwaukee for a campaign stop in Grand Rapids. "There's no equivocation," Slater said. As Slater spoke, Karen Hughes, Bush's communication director, joined the conversation, at first questioning whether Bush and Slater's conversation was for public use and then disputing Slater's account. "That conversation was off the record, wasn't it Wayne?" Hughes asked in a tense moment as a crush of reporters surrounded Slater and Hughes in the aisle of the plane as Bush settled into the front cabin nearby. Slater said the conversation was on the record………… Hughes didn't press the issue, but she did refute Slater's account of his conversation with bush, which Hughes interrupted and cut short in 1998. "The governor disagrees with that," said Hughes, referring to Bush's denial of the arrest. "He was hinting that something had happened. That's why I stopped the conversation."…….. Slater said he believed the governor was about to amend his statement and perhaps acknowledge the unknown arrest when Hughes stopped the conversation…….."

UPI 11/3/00 Mark Kukis "…… She also said Bush aired the issue in 1996 when asked publicly if he had ever been arrested. "I do not have a perfect record as a youth," Bush said then…….. Bush and his wife Laura called their daughters from a Chicago campaign stop to tell them about the arrest as the story first broke on national television from Maine, where Bush was arrested in 1976 in Kennebunkport after drinking with his sister Dorothy and two other friends at an area bar……… Hughes said Thursday she had known about the arrest for many years………"

National Review 11/3/00 Mark Levin "…….. While serving as vice president, and after taking an oath twice to uphold the law of the land, Vice President Al Gore committed several federal offenses for which he has never been held to account. ……. For example, he participated in an illegal fundraiser at a Buddhist temple where was money laundered for the Democratic National Committee through several nuns who had taken vows of poverty. Despite documentary evidence to the contrary, Gore denies having any knowledge that the event was a fundraiser. Gore used his White House office to make phone calls to major donors for large contributions. When he was caught, his defense was that "there's no controlling legal authority" prohibiting this conduct. Gore participated in over 20 White House coffees where still more donors were hit up for big bucks. He said he didn't know the events were fundraisers. And, of course, Gore met with several top White House staffers, including Leon Panetta and Harold Ickes, where they hatched a scheme to raise more campaign cash. Gore said he didn't remember that because he must have been in the restroom, having consumed too much iced tea. It's illegal to turn the White House into Wal-Mart, where everything's for sale. Career prosecutors who looked at most of these offenses found Gore's responses unbelievable. And but for Janet Reno, Gore might well be breaking rocks at some minimum-security federal penitentiary. ……..Now, four days before the presidential election, we learn that 24 years ago George Bush was picked up for drinking and driving. He admitted guilt, paid a fine, and moved on with his life. He hasn't had a drink since 1986 and became a successful businessman and a popular two-term governor of Texas. We're supposed to ignore all of Gore's offenses while he was serving as vice president, but condemn Bush for a single event nearly a quarter century ago. ……. Furthermore, when confronted with this news last night, Bush called a press conference, confirmed the accuracy of the story, explained his actions, took questions, and demonstrated that he is man of integrity and courage. Unlike Clinton and Gore, there were lies, no recriminations, and no evasions of responsibility. He was cool under fire, an important characteristic for a leader. ……."

Sourced from NewsMax by Lazamataz "…..A quarter of a century. When you put it that way, it sounds like a long time ago, and indeed it is, especially when you consider that many people who will vote in next Tuesday's elections were not even born a quarter of a century ago. And it was almost a quarter of a century ago that George W. Bush had a few beers, and was busted for driving under the influence up in Maine.
* There was no accident.
* Nobody got hurt.
* He was arrested because, aware that he had had a few too many beers, he was driving SLOWER than normal.
* When taken before the judge on a misdemeanor charge, George W. Bush admitted his error, and took the consequences like a man.
* He didn't lie about what he had done.
* He didn't blame a "vast left wing conspiracy".
* He didn't send his wife out to the talk shows.
* He didn't claim there was "no controlling legal authority".
* He didn't send out private detectives to discredit the prosecutor.
* He didn't send out his cabinet people to lie for him.
* He didn't claim he couldn't recall the incident.

And when Democratic operatives spoon fed this story from a quarter century ago to Democratic reporters at Fox and NBC, and the media ran with the story like it happened this morning, George Bush confirmed the event.
* He didn't lie about what he had done.
* He didn't blame a "vast left wing conspiracy".
* He didn't claim there was "no controlling legal authority".
* He didn't claim he couldn't recall the incident.
* He didn't send his wife out to the talk shows.
* He didn't send out private detectives to discredit the prosecutor.
* He didn't send out his cabinet people to lie for him.

And this, to the media, is a major story……….. This is quite a contrast to last February, when this very same media that is trying to use a misdemeanor from a quarter century ago to sway your vote spiked a story about Al Gore's habitual use of Thai stick (marijuana laced with opium). ………. Still, in a way, this is very reassuring. With all the digging the media and the Democratic operatives like Terry Lenzner have been doing for the past 6 months, a misdemeanor charge from a quarter century ago appears to be the best they can do. …..

The liberally biased media drones on and on about what this misdemeanor from a quarter of a century ago says about the character of George W. Bush. The irony is that how he handled it speaks volumes about the man.
* He didn't lie about what he had done.
* He didn't blame a "vast left wing conspiracy".
* He didn't claim there was "no controlling legal authority".
* He didn't claim he couldn't recall the incident.
* He didn't send his wife out to the talk shows.
* He didn't send out private detectives to discredit the prosecutor.
* He didn't send out his cabinet people to lie for him.

And in that simple and forthright act George W. Bush underscored all that was wrong with the preceding administration.
* Clinton DID lie about what he had done.
* Clinton DID blame a "vast right wing conspiracy".
* Gore DID claim there was "no controlling legal authority".
* Gore DID claim he couldn't recall the incident.
* Clinton DID send his wife out to the talk shows.
* Clinton DID send out private detectives to discredit the prosecutor.
* Clinton DID send out his cabinet people to lie for him.

Tossing out a misdemeanor DUI from a quarter of a century ago was an act of desperation, and a rather foolish one, because it gave candidate Bush the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that he is indeed of a different character than his opponent. ……."

Fox News 11/3/00 "……. Tony Snow just stated on Fox News that in polling in California conducted AFTER the DUI incident was announced, George W.'s numbers IMPROVED. Listening to Howie Carr show on WRKO out of Boston. Lots of Democrats appear to be leaning towards Bush over this. Also, I was just at Applebees restaurant having a couple of beers after work (and I drove home afterwards). Everybody at the bar and I do mean EVERYBODY was ripping Algore for this dirty trick. I do think this is going to backfire on Algore and in the least, it won't hurt Bush's base at all. ……."

Freeper LibertarianLiz "…… I thought W's demeanor in the press conference was very impressive - grace under fire. It was more than that. After Clinton/Gore and every response to a scandal being that it's not their fault, no controlling legal authority, outright lying, smearing the people bringing the charges; what a relief George W. was. …….. I believe his poll numbers shot up after people heard him say: "What I did was wrong." Simply admitting you had made a mistake will hold you in good stead, and shows a world of difference between yourself and your oppononents. ……"

Phil Valentine Show 11/3/00 Interview With Ray Hudson Freept Jthro "…… Phil Valentine, the talk show host of 1510 WLAC AM in Nashville, Tennessee just interviewed a former motorcylce gang member/turned minister, Ray Hudson. Hudson said he was reluctant to call in and tell about the night Al Gore, while a reporter for the Nashville Tennessean in May of 1971,partied all night with his motorcycle gang, the "Devil's Angels". …….. According to the live interview with Ray Hudson, Al Gore was writing a "puff piece" on motorcycle gangs in May of 1971. While interviewing the members of the gang for his article, Al Gore smoked dope all night long with the gang members, took turns firing an illegal pistol at a door(Hudson said he was a very poor marksman), and took a biker groupie into the back room to have his way sexually with her. …….. Ray Hudson said he did not want to come forward with this information, but did so reluctantly after the way the Gore campaign played the 24 year old DUI charge against George W. Bush. Mr. Hudson is a reformed drug addict, heavy drinker, and womanizer. He is now a minister to the homeless in Nashville, Tennessee……."

TIME daily 11/3/00 Jessica Reaves "…… Is drunk driving a felony or misdemeanor in Maine? …..These days, your fourth OUI conviction in a 10-year period is considered a felony. Back in 1976, drunk driving was considered a misdemeanor into infinity - unless there was an accident, which could elevate the charge. ….."

TIME daily 11/3/00 Jessica Reaves "…… Can a drunk driving arrest be expunged from your record? ...... Back in '76, OUI charges were removed from the driver's record six years after the offense occurred. …..Within the first 10 years after the arrest, a driver's record shows a drunk driving conviction, with various details. After 10 years, a record will only show a past violation, without details. A casual observer wouldn't be able to pick out a drunk driving conviction by glancing over a 24-year-old arrest record. You have to know what you're looking for. …."

email 11/3/00 Freeper PhiKapMom From: (I hid the name to protect - from a Houston TV station) "….. I was faced with a very difficult task today....I had to put aside my personal political opinions aside and try my best to be an unbiased, fair journalist. Why, I don't know because I haven't seen any on any other network, but I did. ...... We got a tip from Washington on another George W. Bush DWI in Galveston County in 1976 and I began to dig. It was a gut wrenching few hours, but I found that George W. Bush had been arrested for DWI in Galveston in 1976. However, he was a black male with several other offenses. ……. I believe that this was leaked by the Gore campaign hoping a media outlet would jump all over this trying to be the first to break it, therefore not reseaching it completely and causing a major anti-Bush scandal. ….."


Reuters 11/3/00 "……U.S. oil firms are having to tone down efforts to ease an investment ban in Iran after the government told them it would not tolerate attempts to sidestep restrictions, industry sources said. "The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sent a letter to the big U.S. players laying down the law. As a result everyone's reviewing where they stand," one oil company executive said. The letter followed September's launch of an investigation by OFAC, part of the U.S. Treasury, into allegations that Conoco Inc. might have breached U.S. sanctions by analyzing seismic data from a giant oil discovery in Iran. Iran this week gave negotiating rights for that field, named Azadegan, to Japanese firms -- underlining U.S. firms disadvantage as Iran reopens its energy sector to foreign capital. ……"

National Review 11/3/00 John J. Miller & Ramesh Ponnuru "…… Tom Connolly, the lawyer who revealed George W. Bush's DUI arrest on Thursday, probably knew Gore communications director Mark Fabiani as a college student in the late 1970s, several sources tell NR. Today, Fabiani denied that he knows Connolly. Yet the men were college debaters, and were present together at the National Debate Tournament in 1978 and 1979 - and probably other events as well. Fabiani attended Redlands College in southern California, while Connolly attended Bates College in Maine. ……. "The debate community is a very tight-knit community," says Mark Gidley, a former University of Kansas debater. "You spend 40 to 60 hours a week on it, going to tournaments 16 times a year that run from Thursday to Sunday, and you do this for a couple of years. You see the same people over and over." ......"

Opinion Journal 11/3/00 Peggy Noonan "…….. Let's start with the facts, which in many ways are on your side. It happened a quarter century ago. You always said that when you were young and irresponsible you were young and irresponsible. Now we have fresh proof of how right you were. Only you were 30 when it happened, which isn't so young. But it's early enough in the arc of the story of your life to be not a revelation but a reaffirmation of what we know: You used to drink much, then you grew up and stopped. ……. You never lied about your wild and wooly past, and that's good, and right too. But in your own way you're sensitive about it. That time I saw you last spring at dinner, as we chatted you mentioned that when you were a young man you'd taught Sunday School in Midland. From everything I'd read about your life I associated your young manhood with party time, so I blurted, "You taught Sunday School? Boy, that musta been some class!" ……… Karl Rove and Karen Hughes were there and they laughed, and so did I. But you didn't. You looked mildly irritated. ……. But Al Gore is surrounded by people who see themselves as killers, and they mean to kill you. That's what I'm told some of them call themselves, "The Killers." So expect their continued efforts to make you dead. …….A Democratic political professional told me this afternoon: "The guy who leaked the story was a Gore delegate to the Democratic convention. And they [the Gore campaign] have no involvement? I'm a priest who can fly." …….. You've already outclassed Clinton and Gore by owning up to the truth of the story, taking responsibility, admitting the facts are correct. You didn't lie. When it happened you actually pled guilty and paid the fine. Your family didn't try to hide or destroy the records. A good beginning, but more is needed. ………. Today or tomorrow, give a serious thoughtful speech about the scandal. Begin with a candid statement in which you again take responsibility, again refuse to dodge the facts, again admit the charges are true, again explain that you didn't want your kids to know. ….."

The Associated Press 11/3/00 Larry Margasak "…….For his entire campaign, George W. Bush had deflected questions about drinking and drugs by admitting in general terms to past mistakes and a bit of a wild streak while young. Now, in the final days, he's had to use precious campaign time describing his arrest for driving under the influence 24 years ago. …….. ``Most Americans are going to come to the conclusion that this is dirty politics. Last minute politics,'' Bush said Friday as he was peppered with questions about the incident only four days before the election. ……. "

Reuters 10/26/00 Randall Mikkelsen "…..Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore (news - web sites) walked on ``the wild side'' with talk show host Queen Latifah Thursday, telling tales of his motorcycle days and revealing a preference for lace over leather on a woman. ``On a woman, leather or lace?'' Latifah asked Gore, giving him a pop culture quiz during a taping of her show. ``Lace,'' Gore answered, after a brief pause. …….. ``I look back on those days and I feel like I'm very lucky to have survived,'' he said. He told of a time double dating in Boston, riding with three passengers on his motorcycle and ducking from police. ``We had tuxedos on,'' he said. ``There was a blue light, and I can't say for sure that they were coming after us. Just on the off chance that they were we cut through an alleyway.'' ……. But Gore grew serious when he was asked whether he had participated in a drinking game in college. ``I hate to make light of that too much,'' he said. ``The answer is yes, but I think it's a problem, I really do.'' …….."

The Americab Spectator 11/3/00 Byron York "…… In December 1991, presidential candidate Bill Clinton met with the editors of the Washington Post, who asked him a series of questions on how he got out of serving in the military during the Vietnam War 22 years earlier. Clinton, who had faced such questions many times during his campaigns for governor of Arkansas, explained that it was a "fluke" that he hadn't been drafted. "I expected to be called while I was over there [at Oxford] the first year," he told the editors. "But they never did." ...... It wasn't until months later that the public saw evidence of the lengths to which Clinton had gone to avoid the draft -- the famous letter to Colonel Holmes and, later, the fact that he had actually received an induction notice. Clinton had lied about it for years -- even to his closest staff members. ………… Contrast that to George W. Bush's reaction to the news that he was arrested for drunk driving in Maine 24 years ago. "It's an accurate story," he told reporters in West Allis, Wisconsin Thursday night. "I was pulled over. I admitted to the policeman that I had been drinking. I paid a fine. And I regret that it happened. But it did. I've learned my lesson." …….. The Bush DUI story may become a case study in political damage control. And the lesson is this: The best way to defuse a story is to tell the truth about it. First, the Bush campaign immediately confirmed the story. Then, within a few hours, the candidate himself did. The response effectively ended any further questions about the incident itself. On the other hand, if Bush had said he did not remember the arrest, or claimed that it did not happen, reporters would have had to start searching for records to confirm it. ……."

Associated Press 11/3/00 Ted Anthony "…….Newspapers across the country gave vastly different amounts of attention Friday to George W. Bush's newly revealed DUI arrest. Some put the story at the top of Page One, while others played it inside or even in the political briefs package. …… ``I want a front page that has stories people are going to read about and talk about in the morning. And I can't imagine a story people are going to talk about more than this one,'' said Bobbie Jo Buel, managing editor of The Arizona Daily Star of Tucson, where it ran as the lead story. ….. ``Whether you think it's a vast left-wing conspiracy or a reason not to elect the guy, people will talk about it. I thought it was a fairly easy call,'' Buel said. She said there had been ``lots and lots'' of reader response -- enough to warrant an entire page of letters in Saturday's issue. ……… The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times kept the story inside, as did USA Today. Others that played it out front included the Dallas Morning News and the Concord (N.H.) Monitor. ….."

PBS Online 11/3/00 "….Questions about Al Gore's use of marijuana first arose in Gore's campaign for Congress in 1976, but only in an off-the-record conversation with a reporter from the Nashville Tennessean. Not until his presidential run in 1988 did the matter force significant public comment from Gore. …… At a 1988 press conference, Gore admitted to experimenting with marijuana a few times during his Vietnam years and immediately afterward. But this, he argued, needed to be understood in the context of a great "period of change" in the nation, as well as in himself. "Like many others in my generation," he said, "my life reflects the times." The matter seemed to be over before it started. ……… Some ten years later, however--and more than twenty years after he smoked pot with Gore--John Warnecke offered a new version of the story-- "compelled," he said, to correct the record and to clear his conscience. In 1987, Warnecke said, he had lied to the Tennessean and to the New York Times when he minimized Gore's drug use--and the lie increasingly "bothered" and "haunted" him. Warnecke said he believed that his statements in 1987 were a "more nuanced, authentic-sounding lie" than what the Gore campaign had strongly urged him to say. But a lie nonetheless, and Warnecke couldn't live with himself. In recent years, he attempted to contact the Gores about it, he said, but the Vice President and his wife did not write back or return his calls. As part of his psychotherapy, Warnecke felt he needed to come clean. ……….How were Warnecke's latest comments regarded? Bill Turque, the Newsweek reporter who was first to talk to Warnecke, corroborated much of WarneckeΉs account with reference to "another close friend from Gore's Nashville period who declined to be named." What was the point of re-telling the story? Turque reported Warnecke's argument for the continuing relevance of the information: "The issue is not smoking dope," he told Turque in a 1998 interview, "but [rather] the measure of a man who would browbeat a friend into covering up." ……"

The Telegraph (U.K.) 11/4/00 "…..Normally, campaigns like to end on a high note, but that is a luxury that is not now available to much of the Democratic ticket. This shrillness has been evident in the harshness of Vice-President Al Gore's attacks on business lobbyists - whom he likened to rats - but also in the highly negative adverts that Hillary Clinton has directed at her Republican opponent, Rick Lazio, in the contest for New York's Senate seat. Another sure sign that there will be much "hard-ball" in the closing days of this campaign has been the dispatch of the highly combative Democratic consultant, James Carville, to the Empire State. ……. Curiously, the Clintons appear even more desperate to win both the presidential and the Senate contests than Vice-President Gore. The reasons are quite understandable. On a personal level, Mrs Clinton cannot face returning to Arkansas. More to the point, the Clintons are desperate that Democrats continue to hold the Executive branch and, above all, the Justice Department for the next four years: by that time, the statute of limitations will have run out on any misdemeanours that both the ex-president and his wife may have committed (by contrast, if the Republicans win, the Clintons must fear relentless investigations). Indeed, the stakes are so high that it may well be that this will not be the last trick that will be pulled. ......" 11/3/00 "…… The Democrat leak that George W. Bush was arrested for drunk driving 24 years ago will remind voters of similar tactics used by the Clinton-Gore administration and backfire, Bush supporters say. The Bush campaign criticizes Democrat dirty tricks. …… More dirt: The Gore campaign just unleashed its most negative attack ad, focusing on Bush's record in Texas. With more and more states encouraging voting by mail and loosening restrictions on absentee voting, many observers are concerned about election fraud. Vote-swap Web sites try to help Al Gore and Ralph Nader at the expense of Bush. ……Tinseltown's attack on Bush turns increasingly vicious. Foul-mouthed Cher ridicules "stupid, lazy" Bush. NBC "News" lets TV has-been Marlo Thomas rant against Bush on national television. ABC "News" is letting Barbra Streisand speak out against Bush as well, but Hollywood's pro-Gore frenzy might backfire. Still, Miramax's Harvey Weinstein scrambles to make a star-studded Gore-Lieberman "infomercial." ……" 11/4/00 "……. The Democrat leak that George W. Bush was arrested for drunk driving 24 years ago will remind voters of similar tactics used by the Clinton-Gore administration and backfire, Bush supporters say. …….. "It reminds people of the Clinton administration's historic contempt for people's privacy, for their use and abuse of FBI files against political enemies, and their willingness to do absolutely anything," said Grover Norquist, president of the Americans for Tax Reform. "We were always expecting an October surprise, and I guess this is it," remarked Norquist. …… Norquist expects the backlash to help Bush. He predicted legal consequences for those who leaked the court documents. ……" 11/4/00 "……."The guy who leaked it will almost certainly be disbarred for this, and the judge who was part of this, who was also a Democrat," Norquist said. Norquist conceded that Bush should have revealed the information himself earlier. …….. " 11/3/00 John Fund "…… "It's not dirty tricks to tell the truth," says Tom Connolly, the flamboyant Democratic lawyer who says he gave reporters the court file on George W. Bush 1976 drunk-driving conviction in Maine. Fair enough, but it's also appropriate to look into the timing and motivation of Mr. Connolly's stink bomb. ……. In August, while he was in Los Angeles as a Gore delegate to the Democratic convention, Mr. Connolly told the Bangor Daily News that during the coming campaign he was looking forward to "adding a little pepper to the stew, to flavor it or leaven it to make it rise unexpectedly." That he has succeeded in doing. …….. The Gore campaign has denied that anyone from the campaign "contacted the press about the operating-under-the-influence thing." Students of Clintonian language know that leaves a lot of wiggle room. National Review Online reports that several sources say Mr. Connolly probably knew Gore communications director Mark Fabiani as a college-student debater who attended the same tournaments in the late 1970s. Mr. Fabiani denies knowing Mr. Connolly. ......" 11/3/00 John Fund "…… Likewise, Mr. Connolly also claims not to know Chris Lehane, the Gore campaign's press secretary, who is from Maine and is a minicelebrity in the state's political circles. Mr. Lehane moved to Kennebunkport, the town where Mr. Bush was stopped for drunk driving, in his early teens, and he graduated from the local high school there in 1984. He returned to Maine in 1994 as campaign manager for Joe Brennan, an unsuccessful Democratic candidate for governor. Mr. Connolly was active in the Democratic Party at the time, and it would be passing strange for him not to have known Mr. Lehane. In 1998 Mr. Connolly himself became the party's nominee for governor. He received 12% of the vote in a four-way race that was won by the incumbent, Gov. Angus King, an independent. ….." 11/3/00 John Fund "…… Students of Maine politics tell us that the Bush DUI revelations include a lot of similarities to a 1996 incident in which the U.S. Senate campaign of businessman John Hathaway was destroyed. A week before the Republican primary, the Boston Globe and Portland Press-Herald approached Mr. Hathaway at the same time asking for comment on allegations that he had sex with his family's preteen baby sitter when he was living in Alabama. Mr. Hathaway strenuously denied the claim, but his momentum was stopped and he ended up losing the primary to Republican Susan Collins. No charges were ever filed against Mr. Hathaway. ……. It later turned out that another GOP candidate, Bob Monks, had retained the Washington-based investigative firm headed by Terry Lenzner--the same firm President Clinton hired during the Paula Jones lawsuit and the Monica Lewinsky scandal--to look into Mr. Hathaway's past. Mr. Monks, a renegade Republican, had endorsed Michael Dukakis over George Bush in the 1988 presidential race whereas many of Mr. Hathaway's advisers came out of the Bush White House. Nonetheless, Mr. Monks insisted his campaign didn't give any files on the sex charges to reporters. ….."

State of Main website-Laws and Statutes 11/3/00 "….§ 600. Expungement of records of arrest (REPEALED) Section History: 1969, c. 460 (NEW). 1973, c. 706 (RPR). 1975, c. 430, § 23,24 (AMD). 1975, c. 623, § 18-A,18-B (AMD). 1975, c. 763, § 2 (RP). ……."

§ 618. Confirming existence or nonexistence of criminal history record information

Except as provided in section 612, subsection 3, paragraph B, no criminal justice agency shall confirm the existence or nonexistence of criminal history record information to any person or agency that would not be eligible to receive the information itself. [1979, c. 433, § 2 (new).]

Freeper ex-Texan "……Looks to me like it might be a technical criminal violation to go on a "fishing expedition" records search looking for an old conviction where the Court had issued an order of expungement. In other words -- if the Court is considered a "criminal justice agency" under Maine law -- it can only disclose the "existence or nonexistence" of conviction information pursuant to a legitimate request from a law enforcement agency. ……If Joe Public comes in making a request, the records clerk can tell them "no way." Just a legal theory.... "

Austin American-Statesman 11/3/00 "…… Answering a summons to jury duty four years ago, Gov. George W. Bush did not provide information about his 1976 drunk driving conviction when asked on a questionnaire whether he had ever been accused of a crime, according to documents released Friday. The sworn document, required of all people summoned in Travis County for jury duty, asked "Have you ever been accused, or a complainant, or a witness in a criminal case?" Bush did not answer the question, despite a 1976 conviction for misdemeanor driving while under the influence in Kennebunkport, Maine. …."

New York Times 11/4/00 Carey Goldberg "…….Thomas Connolly makes no bones about it: he is delighted to have served as a central conduit for spreading the word that George W. Bush was arrested for drunken driving in Kennebunkport, Me., in 1976. But he denies the Bush campaign's accusation that his timing, so close to Election Day, reflects anything suspicious or conspiratorial……… Mr. Connolly said he immediately verified the information by calling a court clerk at the Biddeford, Me., courthouse, where Mr. Bush's case was heard, and by double- checking with the Maine secretary of state's office, which also keeps records of drunken-driving cases. Both confirmed the report, Mr. Connolly said; he happily passed on what he had learned, including a copy of the court docket, to local television reporters; and the news exploded across the nation.......... "

New York Times 11/4/00 Peter Marks "……Virginia Cha, a correspondent for MSNBC, positioned herself in front of the police station in Kennebunkport, Me., yesterday and flashed a photocopy of an arrest report for the cameras. "This little card," she exclaimed, "has created a firestorm for the Bush campaign!"……. Firestorms and other doomsday imagery were all the rage on the air and in the tabloids, as anchors, analysts, editors and reporters scrambled to explore the nooks and crannies of one of the more combustible stories of the political year……. "A bombshell in the campaign for George W. Bush!" a WABC-TV news reader declared in a tease for the news at noon. "G.W.B. - D.U.I." read the caption frozen under the logo of the Fox News Channel…….. For every breathless declaration, there seemed to be a corresponding expression of doubt over how juicy a drunken-driving infraction from 24 years ago really was. "Arrested, charged and convicted. But will Americans care?" Brenda Blackmon, an anchor on UPN's New York station, said on Thursday. Gregg Jarrett, an MSNBC anchor, edited himself after calling the story "a developing scandal." "That seems too strong a word," Mr. Jarrett added…….. Though television rushed to embrace and at times pump up the drama, the nation's newspapers were more ambivalent. In Denver, The Rocky Mountain News, a tabloid, ran a headline on its front cover. But its rival, The Denver Post, ran only a wire story in its "political briefs" column, on Page 19. In Boston, WCVB began its 6 p.m. newscast with a piece it called "Damage control and finger pointing on the campaign trail," while The Boston Globe provided a couple of column inches on Page 1 that referred to a full story on Page 25……"

CNN 11/3/00 "…….Wolf: And he flatly denies he had any connection with the Gore campaign or the national Democratic Party He just says somebody brought it to him and he went ahead and released it.
Rush: Okay. Then we'll just believe that it's a just a coincidence, Wolf, you know, and just like that 75 year old grandparent couple driving on I75 in Florida, just happened to be driving along with a radio that picks up cell phone signals and just happened to have a tape recorder that records those signals and calls and then overheard a conversation with Newt Gingrich and John Bainer and gave it to Jim McDernot and ended up on the back pages of the New York Times. I don't b-- my experience, my intelligence tells me not to trust what these people say. Wolf, this has been known -- this happened in 1976 and it's 24 years ago. It comes out 5 days before the election. The healthy thing to me, is to be suspicious of when this comes out and to look at who benefits from it and draw your own conclusions. ...."

Worldnet Daily 11/5/00 Paul Sperry "……. The sister of Al Gore's press secretary denies helping leak information about George W. Bush's drunk-driving record but her Portland, Maine, law firm is affiliated with a political consulting business headed by a long-time Democratic National Committee operative, WorldNetDaily has learned. The DNC has denied leaking any information about Bush's 1976 misdemeanor in Maine, although it admits investigating public records on GOP foes. ……. Erin M. Lehane, sister of Gore campaign spokesman Chris Lehane, is a member of the Portland-based law firm, Curtis Thaxter Stevens Broder & Micoleau. Partner Charlie Micoleau, an eight-year DNC veteran, is director of The Public Affairs Group, an Augusta, Maine-based political consultancy. …….. Micoleau also served as an aide, including as chief of staff, to U.S. Sen. Edmund S. Muskie in Washington from 1970 to 1978. The Portland probate judge, Bill Childs, who pulled the court files on Bush and gave them to a local Democratic lawyer to tip off the press, is tied through his father to the old Muskie political machine in Maine, according to Portland political watchers. ……."

Worldnet Daily 11/5/00 Paul Sperry "…….Some White House employees who have dealt with Chris Lehane say he has a reputation as a dirty trickster. Former White House FBI agent Gary Aldrich, for one, said Lehane's job in the White House primarily was to smear whistleblowers. "Chris Lehane was the deputy over at the Old Executive Office Building who was assigned by (presidential aide) Harold Ickes to discredit any witnesses like me who came forward to give testimony about Bill Clinton," Aldrich said. "He's now handling the Gore campaign. What does that tell you about Al Gore's campaign?" Ickes is now handling Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign. ….."

Town Hall 11/7/00 Robert Novak "......Disclosure of a 24-year-old drunken driving violation by Bush in Maine was not the collaboration of a civic-minded lawyer and an enterprising lawyer, as the first accounts implied. Rather, all evidence points to intense partisans in Maine's hapless Democratic Party -- quite likely with the knowledge of Al Gore's high command -- setting this trap months ago. ...... These assaults on Bush's competency and intelligence had gained no traction prior to last week's DUI revelation from a backwater of Democratic politics. Though Maine is one of the nation's most liberal states, no Democrat has been elected as a governor or U.S. senator there in 12 years. ...It was Connolly who leaked Bush's 1976 Maine arrest record after supposedly being tipped about it by an unnamed "public official" whom everybody in politics knows is Portland Probate Judge Billy Childs. Connolly and Childs are political compatriots and proteges of Joe Brennan, the state's last Democratic governor. ......To hear Connolly tell the tale, the DUI record was identified, secured and leaked -- very innocently and very quickly -- all on Thursday. But Maine sources say Childs (who has maintained silence while Connolly does the talking) dug up Bush's court record some four months ago. Its impact would long ago have faded had it been released then. Five days before the election could be another matter. .......The Gore campaign denies everything, but consider the connections. Connolly is close enough to the Gore operation to be one of his delegates to the Los Angeles convention, where he generated notice by the Associated Press with a poster avowing that the "W" in George W. Bush "stands for wiener." Gore press secretary Chris Lehane was born and raised in Kennebunckport (site of the Bush Maine summer home), and his sister is a partner with a Democratic law firm in Portland's tightly knit political community. ...."

Town Hall 11/7/00 Robert Novak ".......Is it conceivable that the Gore campaign was not aware of what Childs had? For all of their hands-off attitude, the vice president's lieutenants rejoiced. Gore's "no comment" was accompanied by Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa, at the candidate's side, assailing Bush's credibility. ......Contrary to the caricature of Bush in Washington's drawing rooms as a tongue-tied dolt, he has emerged from the harsh crucible of non-stop campaigning as the GOP's most effective candidate since Ronald Reagan. Republican skeptics had feared that with the election in doubt, he would now abandon issues and imitate his father's unfortunate propensity for cheerleading. .....He has not. Near the end of each political speech, he launches a protracted call for tax cuts -- just as Ronald Reagan did immediately before the 1980 election. Al Gore's campaign architects never imagined that after 20 years of being the target of unending assault by the liberal establishment, the tenets of Reaganism would exert such popular appeal.


PHIL VALENTINE SHOW 11/6/00 Freeper Blood of Tyrants "……. A former member of the Death's Angels, who goes by the name Bagpipes, called in to the Phil Valentine Show to confirm Pastor Ray Hudson's claim that Al Gore did indeed use drugs and commit adultery with a biker chick in 1971……"

Newsmax 11/6/00 "……. On Friday Vice President Al Gore told Tennessee's KCCI-TV that he'd never been arrested for drunk driving. "Absolutely not," Gore said. "I've had speeding tickets, but no. Absolutely not." Apparently the veep told the truth about not being arrested for DUI. But WREC AM Memphis talk show host Mike Fleming says there's more to the "speeding ticket" story than meets the eye. …….. According to a Tennessee government source who Fleming describes as "unimpeachable," Gore was not just ticketed for speeding, he was arrested. And then he was arrested a second time for reckless driving……… "It happened near his home in Carthage, Tennessee, in the late 1960s," Fleming told Monday. "Not only did they arrest him twice, Gore tried to get away from them once." Fleming's source says Gore was driving a Corvette at the time and he "took out about seventy feet of fence row" while on the run from the cops. ……Fleming went public with the info on his radio show Friday afternoon, going so far as to name the two Tennessee Highway Patrol arresting officers - Capt. Ralph Swift and Officer R.C. Overstreet. ……"

Dick Morris 11/6/00 "…….Over every dinner table, kitchen counter, coffee table and bar in America, there is one and only one subject of conversation: Bush's DUI. Is anyone asking if George W. Bush will zap Medicare? No. Do families worriedly discuss if Bush has the intelligence to hold the high office of president? Nope. ….. Are people wondering if the Republican will rape Social Security? Nobody's mentioning it. …… The DUI scandal is all anyone is talking about. It has taken the microphone out of Gore's hands at the crucial last minute. While Gore hammers away at his message, pounding Bush every day on his issues, we see his lips moving, but we don't hear the sound. ….. All we want, as we gather around our TV sets, is to hear how the DUI issue is playing. …..Unfortunately for Gore, it's not doing him much good. Gallup reports that 87 percent say it has no effect on how they'll vote. In the online survey of over 100,000 voters, 91 percent say the same. …..He has only his own operatives and thugs to blame for taking away any chance he had to close the gap in these waning days. ……. Anyone who doesn't believe that Gore's people were behind the substance and the timing of this revelation doesn't know anything about American politics. This stink bomb did not explode by spontaneous combustion. ……Doubtless what happened was that Gore's operatives dug it up early on, then fed the information to the Democratic judge who used his official position to ask for the files which would otherwise not be accessible to the public. ……The judge asked for this information four months ago. Did Gore's immature attack dog Chris Lehane, who hails from Maine and runs in these circles in his hometown of Kennebunkport, play a key role? ……."

Detroit Free Press 11/6/00 Freeper Azzurri and The Energizer "….. Geoffrey Fieger said Sunday that it was he, not a Maine TV station, that broke the Bush DUI story. Indeed, excerpts from Fieger's syndicated radio show, "Fieger Time Coast to Coast," played Sunday for the Free Press, substantiate that be brought up the allegaiton at least three times since July 9, asking various guests why it had not been mentioned. The radio show has since been cancelled. Fieger said he heard of it from sources in Washington, D.C., and Maine. ……"

Front Page Magazine 11/5/00 David Horowitz "…….AS PREDICTED at the time when Al Gore was still tarring Bill Bradley as a racist, and a year before his surrogates began floating rumors that Ralph Nader was gay, the Political Murder Incorporated operating out of Nashville under Gore directives is now making the final run of this presidential campaign the ugliest and bloodiest in memory. Gore has already accused Bush of killing elderly nursing home patients in Texas and running a scam on vulnerable seniors that would strip them of their Social Security benefits; at the same time, he has encouraged his Democrat, race-baiting, friends at the NAACP in their disgusting ad campaign to smear Bush with the lynching of James Byrd ("It was as though my father was killed a second time"). In this context, Thursday's surfacing of a 25-year-old DUI by Democratic Party activists is pretty tepid stuff. It will soon be forgotten. .........However, among some of us, it will leave this lingering thought: The same party that is trying to discredit George Bush because of a youthful indiscretion in which nobody was hurt has made an icon out of a man who, as a sitting Senator and the Democrats' presidential-candidate-in-waiting, got himself drunk, drove a woman off a bridge while under the influence, and drowned her, failed to report the accident (an act which might well have saved her life), removed her body from the scene and bribed her parents to prevent an autopsy, and then muscled the local authorities in order to escape manslaughter charges. At Al Gore's convention, Ted Kennedy had virtually his own family night, which is just one more testament to the Democratic candidate's utter lack of a moral center……."

Etherzone 11/6/00 John Reynolds "….So what do we have? We have a misdemeanor offense from 24 years ago, in a SEALED court record, dug up in approximately July of this year, before Al Gore even had the nomination of his party nailed down!! And Tom Connolly and his hidden cabal of scumbag conspirators expect us to believe that this was all just "coincidence" that it should come out five days before the general election? Connolly would seem to have the market on arrogance and stupidity cornered, at least in the Pine Tree State of Maine!! This was a very carefully planned, organized and deliberate "in-the-gutter" operation, conceived and executed by representatives of the Democratic Party and the Gore/Lieberman Campaign. Now it occurs to me that the distribution of a sealed court record without the requisite court order is very likely a criminal offense! Does anyone intend to do anything about it? Hello Augusta Maine? Anyone home over there? I would hope that someone within the court system would encourage their Chief Justice, Daniel E. Wathen, of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, to demand answers from Judge Billy Childs, Tom Connolly, and any other parties who had any involvement with what appears to be a criminal act, an especially despicable act, as it is intended to smear and besmirch a candidate for President of the United States, an attempt to foul and pollute the standards of fair play which seem to have been forgotten by the Democrats over the past eight years. I might add that if it had been a Republican who had conspired to release sealed court records to the media about a Democratic candidate for high office, the entire chorus of the media, ABC, See-BS, CNN, NBC, etc., would have been shrieking to high heaven about "dirty tricks", the "spirit of Watergate", the "politics of personal destruction". See this clearly America? It is called a DOUBLE STANDARD, engaged in by the mainstream media for decades, because they refuse to just report the news, they demand the "right" to slant their reporting to favor the left/liberal (and usually) Democratic Party point of view. Your only real "alternative" news source these days is the Internet, which is something which has defied all efforts to control it, restrict it, censor it, or stop it, thank God for that! But as the saying goes, 'alas, I digress....' 1/3/01 Carl Limbacher "...... Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, who was demonized by the Democrat-controlled media when she pledged to follow the law that compelled her to certify George W. Bush as president, is reportedly under consideration for a top post in his administration. So is Michael Powell, son of Bush Secretary of State designee Gen. Colin Powell....... Harris is being eyed for possible appointment as Bush's special envoy to the Americas, reports Wednesday's Washington Post, citing sources in the White House and in both Democrat and Republican circles. ....... As Florida Secretary of State, Harris had traveled extensively throughout the America's and won much praise for enhancing trade with businesses from the state. She won the respect of Latin American ambassadors when she hosted the Summit for the Americas in Miami in 1997. ..... The appointment has another advantage for Harris: it wouldn't require Senate confirmation, which could become a vehicle for Democrats to make good on their threats to launch a "Whitewater-style" investigation into her background. ....." 12/21/00 Carl Limbacher "...... It looks like "Politically Incorrect's" Bill Maher isn't the only prominent liberal who finds the notion that Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris might somehow meet an early demise downright hysterical. Two weeks ago Maher noted that the live TV coverage of the Ryder truck that shipped thousands of ballots to Tallahassee, Fla., at the height of the election crisis brought back memories of the O.J. Simpson car chase. ..... "And for a brief moment, Americans held out the hope that O.J. Simpson had murdered Katherine Harris," he joked. ....... Tuesday night, at a party hosted by Phil and Melanne Verveer (his wife's chief of staff), Clinton tossed off his own Harris death knee-slapper. ....Thursday's Washington Post detailed the scene: ...... "While the president presented 'survivor' medals to eight of his wife's staffers who have lasted all eight years at the White House, Phil Verveer said he hoped no one would confuse these awards with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, because the often-elderly recipients of that particular honor tend to die shortly after the ceremony. "'I guess I should have given one to Katherine Harris,' Clinton riposted, referring to the woman who certified George W. Bush the winner of Florida's 25 electoral votes." ......."

AP 12/7/00 "…..A Chicago law student filed a misconduct complaint against a Portland probate judge linked to the release of information about George W. Bush's 1976 drunken driving arrest in Kennebunkport. The complaint, filed with the Maine Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability, alleges that William Childs unethically used his office as Cumberland County register of probate to obtain archived court records to maliciously injure Bush's presidential campaign. …… Complainant Eugene Koprowski asked that the committee schedule a public disciplinary hearing and impose unspecified sanctions. ……Tom Connolly, a Portland lawyer and Democratic activist, acknowledged that he had tipped off reporters about the 24-year-old misdemeanor. He said he got the information from a ``public figure'' whom he would not identify. Media reports later implicated Childs. ….."

The Sacramento Bee 11/12/00 AP ".....Martin Sheen, America's favorite prime-time president, told a group at a California treatment center that he thinks George W. Bush is a "white-knuckle drunk." In his speech, Sheen said he was concerned that the Republican presidential candidate never received counseling after a 1976 arrest for drunken driving. ...... "He's still in denial about it," said Sheen, a vocal supporter of Bush's rival, Vice President Al Gore. "You have got to be in a program. I did not make up the rules about that." Throughout his campaign, Bush deflected questions about drinking and drug abuse by admitting he made mistakes while young and emphasizing that he gave up alcohol at age 40. ....."

The News Observer 11/7/00 AP "......Joan B. Kennedy, former wife of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, pleaded guilty to drunken driving Tuesday. Kennedy, 64, was sentenced to two years' probation and told she would be subject to random alcohol checks. She will also undergo counseling and cannot apply for a driver's license during her probation. She was arrested Sept. 10 after police were notified that a car was being driven erratically. It was her fourth such arrest since 1974...."

Freeper soccermom 11/6/00 PBC Frontline "...... I was just watching a re-run of the PBS Frontline program "The Choice". Recall that this program, to which Rush referred when it first aired, was broadcast in early October. That program acknowledged that GW had a DUI record. There was no hoopla or outrage. It was reported matter-of-factly. It seems, as the report from MADD confirms, that GW never lied about this. ......" adds sjeann "....I saw it too! I thought that DUI was suppose to be a deep dark buried secret that was just discovered last week! ......" adds Carry_Okie "....It was supposedly a matter of dates. Bush is said to have reported a cutoff date for his pecadillos several years prior to the DUI arrest. ...." Adds LOMBARD WARRIOR "..... The Dems and Libs knew about this at least since July. Here's how I know..... Tonight the ultra left wing liberal lawyer Jeffrey Fieger was on a local Detroit news TV station saying that he was the first to reveal Bush's DUI back in July of this year, during a radio show interview. They showed footage of that interview, and he said something like..."What about the DUI,...Bush had a DUI! Why won't the news media report that?!" ...... Then right after the old footage, the local TV reporter interviewed him further, and he said that he was given the information by Democrats in Washington, and he said that he can't understand why the media kept this DUI quit until know. ...... After I saw this report, it just reaffirmed my belief the liberal fix was in, and that the Democrats and the liberal media were in collusion together to save this as a November Surprise, as a last ditch attempt to harm Bush. ......" adds Jim Robinson ".....Yup. I just saw it. The narrator said that the drinking caused problems for young Bush, inlcuding an arrest for DUI in 1976. ....... Also, in the same show, Gore smoked dope several times a week. Gore admitted to it off the record, and convinced the reporter not to report it. And he won the elction (1976). Gore is the liar! ......"