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Gary Johnson, Beaten
LJ Davis, Beaten
Larry Nichols, Beaten, Threatened (Several Attempts)
Linda Tripp, Threats
Russell Welch, Arkansas State Police investigator, anthrax
Sally Perdue, Threats
Dennis Patrick, Attempts
Anthony Bizakis - Car Assault, Break-in
Terry Reed ("Compromised")
Rodney Stich ("Defrauding America")
Darlene Novinger - Former FBI operative
Pat Matriciani - Author - "Clinton Chronicles". Has been told by Justice Dept to get "visible" real quick.
L.D. Brown (threatened)
Gennifer Flowers, Threats, Apartment Broken Into
Kathleen Willey, Tires were slashed, her cat disappeared, then a stranger approached her as she jogged, spoke to her by name, and asked her if her tires had been fixed, if her cat had been found, and if she'd gotten the message.
Steve and Paula Jones - Death threats and phone taps
Linda Tripp's children
Patrick Knowlton, (witness who claims Vincent Foster's body was moved) claims he was followed and glared at in a threatening way


Washington Weekly Carl Limbacher 8/3/98 on Linda Tripp who said "."As a result of trying to earn a living, I became aware between 1993 and 1997 of actions by high government officials that may have been against the law. For that period of nearly five years, the things I witnessed concerning several different subjects made me increasingly fearful that this information was dangerous, very dangerous, to possess." Just what kind of danger was Ms. Tripp talking about? As a political appointee, no doubt her honest testimony about "several different subjects" could be hazardous to her career. But Tripp had other reasons to be concerned - as the press has known for months. Still, journalists have refused to report on the subject in any way that might cause appropriate alarm. During a May 26 appearance on Larry King Live, Tripp's lawyer, Anthony Zaccagnini, was asked why Tripp was sequestered in an FBI "safe house" early on in the Lewinsky investigation. Zaccagnini replied: "Linda Tripp was the subject of a lot of press scrutiny and there were some threats made against her life." For that reason, he said, the FBI in conjunction with Starr's office "decided to move her to a secure location." Later on in the King interview, Zaccagnini said that Tripp feared losing her job and felt threatened by another "danger" that he was not at liberty to discuss. The day after Tripp's attorney revealed the stunning news that Ken Starr's key cooperating witness had been the target of death threats, not a single American news outlet dared report the story. Only the British wire service Reuters carried the news. Their headline, "Linda Tripp faced death threats, lawyer says" made it hard to miss this bombshell, but somehow our media managed the trick. What's worse, this wasn't the first indication that Tripp may have been the target of a White House campaign to intimidate her through threats of physical violence. In their March 23 issue, Newsweek buried."

Citizens for Honest Government Pat Matrisciana 1995 New Clinton Chronicles ".LARRY NICHOLS: During the 1992 presidential campaign, I was getting bludgeoned by the media because Gennifer Flowers had come out of my lawsuit. A man called me on the phone on a Monday, his name was Gary Johnson. He was an attorney. He told me that he felt bad because I was being bludgeoned, and he wanted to talk to me about handling my case. Well, I was craving an attorney, any attorney to help me. GARY JOHNSON: You know, I saw Larry out there doing battles, so to speak, on his own, and I felt like he needed some help. LARRY NICHOLS: I met him on a Tuesday. He was a special attorney; I didn't even know it. You see, he lived next door to Gennifer Flowers. NARRATOR: For security purposes, Gary Johnson had installed a video camera near the front door of his Quapaw Tower Condominium. GARY JOHNSON: Looking at someone in front of my door, it got a perfect shot of them in front of Gennifer Flowers' condominium, and it wasn't my intention ever to take pictures of Bill Clinton going in to see Gennifer Flowers. I could care less who Bill Clinton goes to see. But it just so happened she lived next door to me and I mounted the camera there. LARRY NICHOLS: Guess what he caught on tape? Bill Clinton walking into Gennifer Flowers' apartment on numerous occasions--with a key. LARRY NICHOLS: We filed the request for the subpoenas on Thursday. Saturday morning we found Gary Johnson beaten and left for dead. And without getting into gory details, both elbows were dislocated, his collar bones were broken, his spleen and his bladder were ruptured with holes the size of half dollars in them. His nose, his sinus cavities were all crushed. He had been beaten by Clinton's people.."

9/26/98 Drudge report "Elizabeth Ward Gracen, star of a new TV show and former Miss America, now claims that Clintonistas waged a campaign of terror that scared the hell out of her. Gracen, in Toronto, gives an exclusive interview to NEW YORK POST columnist Steve Dunleavy for Sunday editions, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. "I spent a small fortune hiring investigators to investigate the investigators of the White House who I honestly believe were chasing me to head off my story," Gracen tells Dunleavy. Gracen previously revealed how she had a sex fling with Gov. Bill Clinton in 1983. "I really should not be saying these things," a tearful Gracen tells the POST, in an interview that has caught the eye of the White House -- even before publication For the first time -- Gracen describes how she was terrorized during the discovery period in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case and later during the Ken Starr investigations. "Yes, I was physically scared," says Gracen. "We are talking about the presidency. There were always veiled threats [made against me].".Gracen describes a hotel room that was ransacked while she was hiding out in St. Martin. "The gentleman looking after my room said he saw two men in suits enter the place and one man in a suit waiting outside." But Gracen said nothing was stolen! "They were looking for tapes that did not exist." Gracen offers no further details on the hotel episode. "Then there were the telephone calls," she explains. "To me, to my parents. I was in an undisclosed location but the calls found me. "It was pretty much the same kind of call. Get out of town before I get hit with a subpoena... between the calls telling me to get out of town for my own good and the calls talking about smear tactics, I got scared." Gracen does not reveal who made the threat calls. ."

NY Post 9/27/98 Steve Dunleavy "ELIZABETH Ward Gracen, star of a new hit TV show and former Miss America, claims the Clintonistas waged a campaign of terror that scared the hell out of her. "I spent a small fortune hiring investigators to investigate the investigators of the White House who I honestly believe were chasing me to head off my story," she told me on the set of her new TV show "Highlander: The Raven." And what was her story? In the fall of 1983, when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas, he invited Elizabeth to a place called Quapaw Tower in Little Rock."He offered me a lift back in his limo, and he flirted with me." At that stage in the interview, tears well in her eyes."I learned later that movie director Harry Thomason a Clinton friend and White House big-wig Mickey Kantor sat down with my agent, Miles Levy, and worked out some kind of a deal that would have me deny anything to do with Bill Clinton." Whatever was said that day in a deli in Los Angeles between Thomason, Kantor and agent Levy, things started looking up for a pretty girl who was struggling with commercials here and there. "I suddenly got a very good acting job, a mini-series in Croatia, of all places," the 37-year-old said with a slight smile. "Then I got another good, long-lasting role in Brazil. I thought, well at last they have recognized me. I think I was a little naive. "I knew nothing about my agent talking to Clinton's friends, but this year, late last year, I started getting calls that made things fall into place. "Some friendly calls telling me to get out of town to dodge a subpoena from independent counsel Kenneth Starr. Some nasty calls saying my character was about to be assassinated. "My friends were being asked mystery questions about tapes," she said. "Believe me, I don't tape people, and no tapes existed." She said she got a lot of weird phone calls - and her parents got some, too. Then the crunch. "I was with my boyfriend on vacation in St. Martin. We went jogging. We were staying in one of those cabanas. Left behind was a Rolex watch and $2,000 in cash on the coffee table." "When we came back, the place was ransacked. The $2,000 and the Rolex watch were still there. Nothing was stolen. They were looking for tapes that did not exist. "The gentleman looking after our room said he saw two men in suits enter the place and one man in a suit waiting outside. He didn't challenge them, he thought they were our friends. "Then the telephone calls again. To me, to my parents' place. I was in an undisclosed location, but the calls came to me. It was pretty much the same kind of call. Get out of town before I get hit with a subpoena. "On one particular occasion during the Paula Jones case, I disappeared. The next day, a subpoena arrived at my parents' place. I started to keep on getting the calls. I hired lawyer Bruce Cutler and investigators. "Yes, I was physically scared. We are talking about the presidency of the country here, and between the friendly calls on one hand telling me to get out of town for my own good and then talking about smear tactics on the other, I got scared. Yes, physically scared. "There were always veiled threats. Always. I did nothing wrong except one stupid night a long time ago. But now this last year has become very frightening."."Every week on the show I battle evil. But all those evil people have a charming side. Have I made my point?" Tragically, Elizabeth, you have."

Newsmax 9/21/98 Betsy Gibson "Retired Uniformed Secret Service Officer Lewis Fox broke the code of silence. He was the first law enforcement officer to go public, during an interview with a Pittsburgh television station, that he saw Monica and Bill alone, in the Oval Office. Clinton, at first, denied the two were ever alone, behind closed doors. [Clinton re-defined "alone", suggesting that he is never alone in his office when Betty Currie sits at her desk, even with his doors closed.] After Lewis went public, he was summoned before Starr's grand jury and into the klieg lights. At the time of his appearance, Fox's attorney told the press that Fox had qualified his previous claims and that he testified Clinton and Monica were never alone. Odd. Then comes Starr's report. A footnote in the report states that Fox did, in fact, testify the two were alone, together. Fox's "sworn testimony on this point differs from the public statements of his attorney..." So what's going on? One source familiar with Fox's situation tells us the following: after Fox first went public he received many, many calls of support from Secret Service buddies. He also received a number of calls from Secret Service officers who delivered some not-so-veiled threats.."

Washington Weekly 10/3/98 Carl Limbacker ".Clinton protester beaten in Philly "Vote Democrat, OR ELSE!" .Only the British wire service Reuters carried the news. Their headline, "Linda Tripp faced death threats, lawyer says" made it hard to miss this bombshell, but somehow our media managed the trick. "Vote Democrat, OR ELSE!" . FLOWERS: Yes, I had some saying I was going to get beaten up. I had some saying I was going to be killed. "Vote Democrat, OR ELSE!" ."

Washington Weekly 10/3/98 Carl Limbacker ".There were a handful of reports about the threat against Willey, but the press decided it wasn't worth raising a fuss over. "Vote Democrat, OR ELSE!" Dolly Kyle Browning. says word was sent via her brother from Clinton consigliere Bruce Lindsey, who warned that the White House would "destroy" her if she didn't keep quiet. "Vote Democrat, OR ELSE!" .. Broaddrick hastily issued an affidavit recanting her allegation. But questions remain as to why she changed her story.."

Washington Weekly 10/3/98 Carl Limbacker "."Vote Democrat, OR ELSE!"..Former Clinton girlfriend Sally Perdue says a Clinton operative threatened to break her legs if she didn't lay low during Clinton's first bid for the presidency. "Vote Democrat, OR ELSE!" Arkansas State Trooper Roger Perry has claimed that he was threatened with physical harm by Trooper Chief Raymond "Buddy" Young unless he kept quiet about what he knew..."Vote Democrat, OR ELSE!" .The late James McDougal, who first revealed the Clintons' Whitewater shenanigans to the New York Times, was tape recorded as he told a local Arkansas politico that he could sink the Clintons on Whitewater - "if I could get into a position where I wouldn't get my head beaten off." "Vote Democrat, OR ELSE!" .Whitewater witness David Hale has been threatened by state Democrats with prosecution after cooperating with Ken Starr. Hale told the Associated Press last year that attempts had been made to both bribe and threaten him into silence. And like Tripp, federal prosecutors decided that Hale needed the protection of an FBI "safe house" while preparing to testify. "Vote Democrat, OR ELSE!" ."

Washington Weekly 10/3/98 Carl Limbacker ".Gennifer Flowers' onetime neighbor, Gary Johnson has alleged that he was beaten and left for dead after goons he suspected were sent by Clinton stole videotaped evidence of Clinton's relationship with Flowers. "Vote Democrat, OR ELSE!" New Republic writer L. J. Davis says he was knocked unconscious in a Little Rock hotel room while researching a story on the Rose Law Firm, after which he discovered a portion of his notes were missing. "Vote Democrat, OR ELSE!" Someone might get their kneecaps broken James Carville "Vote Democrat, OR ELSE!" ."

NewsMax.Com 10/12/98 Carl Limbacher ".Hyde need not depend on Starr when the list of witnesses with published accounts of scandal-connected threats, break-ins, beatings, and bribe attempts is as long as his arm. Here are just a few of them: Americans know about Gennifer Flowers' 12-year affair with President Clinton. But they aren't familiar with what Flowers says happened to her just before she went public with her story. "I was getting threats. I had some saying I was going to be beaten up. I had some saying that I would be killed," Flowers told a New York radio audience in July 1997. Flowers even fingered Clinton himself, whom she believes ordered agents to search her apartment for any evidence that could expose their relationship. Though portrayed by the media as a gold digger, Flowers' real reason for tape- recording her lover and then going public was self-preservation. "Some very scary things were going on," she said. "... I made those tapes for my own protection.". Loren Kirk had merely once shared an apartment with Gennifer Flowers, but that was enough for her to be chased down. San Francisco private eye Jack Palladino -- referred to as a "knee buster" by one Republican personally familiar with his 1992 work -- paid Kirk a visit that summer. And according to the American Spectator in April 1994, Palladino posed a chilling question to her. "Is Gennifer Flowers the sort of person who would commit suicide?" the enforcer wanted to know. Palladino was paid over $100,000 for his work as an alleged bimbo silencer. Dick Morris has questioned whether Palladino was paid from federal funds, which he rightly says would be a devastating development if proved. Morris, who's spent the last few months warning about the "Clinton secret police," is apparently unaware that the Clinton watchdog group Citizens United published a copy of the pertinent page from the Clinton campaign's 1992 Federal Election Commission disbursement report. It suggests that at least $17,000 worth of Palladino's expenses were paid with campaign monies that had federal matching funds mixed in. Another Flowers-related victim would be her Quapaw Towers neighbor, Gary Johnson, who says his videotape of Clinton standing outside her door was stolen by thugs who beat him to a pulp and left him for dead. ."

NewsMax.Com 10/12/98 Carl Limbacher ".Sally Perdue alleged only a brief affair with Clinton in 1983 but ran into similar trouble when Clinton embarked on his quest for national office nine years later. She told the London Telegraph in 1994 that a Democratic operative had approached her, offered a bribe, and told Perdue that he "couldn't guarantee the safety of her pretty little legs" if she didn't cooperate. His name, according to Perdue, was Ron Tucker. Afterwards, Perdue's car window was mysteriously broken. A spent shotgun shell was found on the car seat.." 10/8/98 Christopher Ruddy "Linda Tripp told Starr's grand jury this summer that she had significant reasons to question official claims about former White House Vincent Foster's July, 1993 "suicide." Tripp, one of Foster's secretaries, and among the last people known to have seen Foster alive, told the grand jury she knows that top White House officials committed perjury in their accounts of Foster's death. Tripp indicated to the grand jury Foster's death was only one reason she feared for her life as she gained knowledge of Monica Lewinsky's affair with President Clinton."

From 10/8/98 Christopher Ruddy, testimony from Linda Tripp to the Grand Jury ".

Juror: To save your job, you went public and that in turn would probably cause you not to continue in the career that you had?

Tripp: It was far more than that. . . It was for me really far more than that. It was a question of I am afraid of this administration. I have what I consider to be well-founded fears of what they are capable of. I believe that I have had a far more informed perspective than most people in observing what they are capable of and I made a decision based on what I felt I knew to be the possibilities that could befall me. Juror: Could you give some examples of what's happened in the past to make you feel as if your life might be threatened?

Tripp: There was always a sense in this White House from the beginning that you were either with them or you were against them. The notion that you could just be a civil servant supporting the institution just was not an option. I had reasons to believe the Vince Foster tragedy was not depicted accurately under oath by members of the administration. I had reason to believe that -- and these are, remember, instances of national significance that included testimony by [???] -- to my knowledge also others [???], Clinton also in Travelgate. It became very important for them for their version of events to be the accepted version of events. I knew based on personal knowledge, personal observations[,] that that they were lying under oath. So it became very fearful to me that I had information even back then that was dangerous.

Juror: But do you have any examples of violence being done by the administration to people who were a threat [???] to them that allowed you to come to the conclusion that that [sic] would happen to you as well?

Tripp: I can go -- if you want a specific, a personal specific, the behavior in the West Wing with senior staff to the President during the time the Jerry Parks came over the fax frightened me.

Juror: Excuse me, Jerry Parks?

Tripp: He was one of the -- if not the head of his [Clinton's] campaign security detail in Arkansas, then somewhere in the hierarchy of the security arrangements in Arkansas during the '92 campaign. And based on the flurry of activity and the flurry of phone calls and the secrecy, I felt this was somewhat alarming.

Juror: I don't understand.

Tripp: I don't know what else to say.

Juror: Meaning that you were alarmed at his death or at what people [in the White House] said? Or did you have knowledge that he had been killed or --

Tripp: He had been killed. I didn't even at this point remember how but it was the reaction at the White House that caused me concern, as did Vince Foster's suicide. None [sic] of the behavior following Vince Foster's suicide computed to just people mourning Mr. Foster. It was far more ominous than that and it was extremely questionable behavior on the parts of those who were immediately involved in the aftermath of his death. So -- I mean I don't know how much more I can be specific except to say I am telling you under oath today that I felt endangered and I was angry and I resented it and I still do.

Juror: [Questions about her current job.]

Juror: I'm sorry. We were talking the incident that happened and how the people were acting at the White House and you said they were acting strange. Can you give us some examples of what you saw to draw that conclusion? What are some of the examples? You said they were not acting as if someone had just passed or whatever, something was strange. What were the strange things?

Tripp: It replicated [referring to the Parks murder, apparently] in my mind some of the behavior following the death [sic] of Vince Foster. A fax came across the fax machine in the counsel's office from someone within the White House, and I think it was from Skip Rutherford, who was working in the Chief of Staff's office at the time [September 1994]. At the same time the fax was coming, phone calls were coming up to Bernie Nussbaum which precipitated back and forth meetings behind closed doors, all with -- you know, we have to have copies of this fax and it was -- an article, it came over the wire, I think, I can't remember now, but I think we actually have that somewhere, of this death, this murder or whatever it was [referring to the Parks death]. And it created a stir, shall we say, in the counsel's office which brought up some senior staff from the Chief of Staff's office up to the counsel's office where they, from all appearances, went into a meeting to discuss this. It was something that they chose not to speak about. One of our staff assistant's asked what is going on and it was never addressed. Which was primarily the same way that the Vince Foster death -- in the aftermath of the Vince Foster death -- in the aftermath of the Vince Foster death things proceeded as well. So, for people not in law enforcement, for people just government workers it was -- it was behavior that was considered questionable, cause for concern

. Juror: Just because they were having meetings behind closed doors?

Tripp: Because of the flurry of activity, because it was hush-hush, and that a fax could cause that level of activity. The White House is a very busy place, it's generally short-staffed, but there is pretty much a constant flow. It starts in the morning, it never really ends, you go home, you sleep,you come back. There are times as I am sure you can imagine during the Vince Foster thing that the pace changed somewhat and this was another such time. Maybe you had to be there. I know. I left and I will say under oath with the same sense that this was something they wanted to get out in front of. There was talk that this would be another body to add to the list of 40 bodies or something that were associated with the Clinton administration. At that time, I didn't know what that meant. I have since come to see such a list. So -- 10/13/98 Christopher Ruddy "Gary Parks, the son of a murder victim referenced by Linda Tripp during her grand jury testimony, is livid that Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr has not investigated his father's murder..Tripp explained to Starr's Washington grand jury probing the Lewinsky matter that she had reason to fear for her life because of the suspicious way top White House officials behaved in the aftermath of the murder of Park's father, Jerry Luther Parks. In September, 1993, Jerry Parks, former head of security for the Clinton-Gore 1992 campaign headquarters, was shot repeatedly while driving to his home on the outskirts of Little Rock, Arkansas. Local police have never solved the murder case, nor identified possible suspects. Parks' death came on the heels of deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster's sudden death in July of 1993. Young Parks, and his mother, have alleged that the two deaths were connected and that Parks feared for his life when he learned of Foster's death. Tripp had served as a secretary to Foster. Asked why she taped Lewinsky, Tripp said she was frightened and cited Foster's death. She told the grand jury she believed senior White House officials lied under oath about the circumstances of Foster's death. ."

Wall Street Journal/via TPDL - e-mail 10/15/98 ".Kings do not say "murder the archbishop." Instead they say, at most, something like "who will rid me of this meddlesome priest." But lo and behold, four of the king's knights accost Thomas Becket in his cathedral and cut him down with swords. Human nature has not changed since 1170, but we have learned a thing or two about restraining it. Even Henry II felt he had to do penance to calm public revulsion at Becket's murder, and 45 years later Henry's son John was forced to issue the Magna Carta.. A little reflection on Becket might help our moralists understand where that road leads. If Presidents get a pass on perjury, the rougher types around them will conclude they too can get away with rougher things. For instance, Kathleen Willey, who reported being groped by the President in the Oval Office, says she was accosted by a jogger remarking on her missing cat and then mentioning her children by name. The next step, actual violence on the street, came during the President's October 2 visit to Philadelphia. "Teamsters for Clinton" attacked when provoked by a sign reading "Liar, Pervert, a National Shame." The Clinton-Teamster alliance is already suspect.. Now of course, Bill Clinton did not order the Teamsters to rough up anti-Clinton demonstrators. Like Henry's knights, they figured this out for themselves, after hearing about the "vast right-wing conspiracy" and all that. Their assault was fully and dramatically captured by local television stations, as the accompanying frame shows, though somehow it has not been constantly splashed over the networks the way the Rodney King film was.." 10/26/98 Carl Limbacher ".The dark underside of the current sex scandal engulfing the Clinton administration has yet to receive much media attention. White House spinmeisters complain that the president is being persecuted for an inappropriate -- but nonetheless consensual -- sexual relationship with a woman not his wife. But before the entire Paula Jones-Monica Lewinsky saga plays out, that perception could radically change. That's because a review of accounts by numerous women linked to Clinton reveals no less than seven allegations of sexual abuse -- and in several cases even rape."Willey said that the president was so out of control that his face was purple, and the veins were showing on his neck and forehead. The meeting ended when someone entered the adjacent office." (FBI Statement of Linda Tripp; House Document 105-316; Part 3; Page 3998.) That last line is key, since it reveals that Clinton's assault stopped only when discovery seemed likely -- and not because Willey said "no." What might have happened if the president hadn't been interrupted? Perhaps what Juanita Broaddrick says happened to her some 20 years ago..That friend, Phillip Yoakum, reminded Broaddrick of her nightmare in a letter he wrote hoping to convince her to go public in 1992: "I was particularly distraught when you told me of your brutal rape by Bill Clinton ... [how] he started trying to kiss you and ran his hands all over your body until he ripped your clothes off, and how he bit your lip until you gave into his forcing sex upon you." (, March 28, 1998) Yoakum's version of Broaddrick's story is corroborated by a nurse who treated her after the assault. Norma Rogers told NBC News last March that Juanita Broaddrick was "distraught, her lips were swollen at least double in size. ... She told me they had intercourse against her will."."A young woman lawyer in Little Rock claimed that she was accosted by Clinton while he was attorney general and that when she recoiled he forced himself on her, biting and bruising her. Deeply affected by the assault, the woman decided to keep it all quiet for the sake of her own hard-won career and that of her husband. When the husband later saw Clinton at the 1980 Democratic Convention, he delivered a warning. 'If you ever approach her,' he told the governor, 'I'll kill you.' Not even seeing fit to deny the incident, Bill Clinton sheepishly apologized and duly promised never to bother her again." (page 238) .For forty minutes late one airborne night, Zercher sat frozen after Clinton awoke, plunked himself down next to her, and casually began caressing her breasts - as Mrs. Clinton slept all the while just feet away. Coming next: Three more allegations of unwanted Clinton sex, coercive groping, and even S&M with a vulnerable young underling.." 10/27/98 Carl Limbacher ".For a time, it seemed that Elizabeth Ward Gracen, Miss America in 1982, might have suffered a fate similar to Juanita Broaddrick's, the woman whose rape allegation against Bill Clinton we have detailed here.. Then finally last April, Gracen came forward to the New York Daily News to acknowledge that she and Clinton did indeed have sex, something she denied when Clinton first ran for president.. That should have cleared the matter up. But then the Clinton White House did something very unusual. Clinton spinmeisters did nothing to challenge Gracen's acknowledgment of a consensual liaison, as if the fact that yet another woman claiming to have sex with the president was almost a relief, as long as the rape allegation was off the table. Recall, this was the same Bill Clinton who had his operatives trash Gennifer Flowers mercilessly for going public the way Gracen just had. He himself would not confess to a consensual relationship with Flowers till he was put under oath..Gracen's ordeal begs the question: If the White House was so worried that she would finger Clinton in a consensual relationship, taking the extraordinary measure of surveiling her every move -- then why the nonchalant reaction when Gracen finally did spill the beans? Or did Casa Clinton have reason to worry that Gracen's account might have turned out to be more damaging than a story about a now-regretted one-night stand? .There's more. Even Paula Jones, whose lawsuit opened up Clinton's Pandora's boxer shorts, may have a legitimate complaint of assault..After Clinton exposed himself, she made a break for the door. Clinton interrupted her escape and held the door briefly while he warned, "You're smart. Dave Harrington [Jones' boss] is a friend of mine. Let's keep this between ourselves." In a detail reminiscent of what Kathleen Willey told Linda Tripp about Clinton's demeanor during her own assault, Jones said Clinton's face turned "beet red" as he became fully aroused. And finally there's Monica Lewinsky herself..Last week, the New York Post reported that Linda Tripp, sourcing Monica herself, told the grand jury that Clinton sometimes enjoyed "rough sex" with Lewinsky. "I don't mean abusive," said Tripp, "I mean very over the top, out of control, physically powerful, where he would repeatedly say to Monica, 'I'm not hurting you, am I?' And essentially he was, but she didn't say he was." ."

Freeper Report on Dom Giordano Show, WWDB 96.5 FM in Philadelphia 11/2/98 ".Don Adams, who spoke at the FreeRepublic reception at the Octagon on Saturday night, appeared on the Dom Giordano show this morning. He had some interesting information about his case, most notably that the FBI has been involved since the day after the beatings. In a stunningly ugly display, one of Philadelphia's finest openly ridiculed Mr. Adams on the air, and placed the blame entirely on the shoulders of the victims. It has been learned that Barry Perlman (or Pearlman), the head of the Libertarian Party in Burlington County, NJ, independently contacted the FBI on October 3rd, and got them involved in the case. The word is that they have been conducting an independent investigation. This is good news, since the city investigation is going nowhere fast."

The Times (London) 11/5/98 Ian Brodie ".Black voters provided margins of victory in contests for governors and senators especially in South and North Carolina, Maryland, Alabama and other states....Mr Clinton accused Republicans of planning to scare blacks away from polling stations with armed guards and cameras, charges that echoed the old ways in the South of keeping minorities from voting. Republicans demanded an apology, but Mr Clinton refused to back down. There were no proven cases of intimidation. 11/10/98 ".Two Catholic churches and a pro-life group received letters that threatened they contained anthrax bacteria on Monday, 10 days after abortion clinics in four Midwestern states received similar threats. St. Matthew's Church and School in Indianapolis, Queen of Martyrs' Church in Cheektowaga, New York, and the Chicago office of the Pro-Life Action League all received letters that said, "You have been exposed to anthrax." The note was identical to a threat sent 10 days ago to the abortion clinics. Those letters had a Cincinnati postmark while the most recent threats had Texas and Illinois postmarks. Six parish staff and 481 students and teachers were treated for possible exposure to anthrax at St. Michael's, although authorities did know if the threat was real. Nine people were decontaminated at Queen of Martyrs, which is located near Amherst, New York where abortionist Barnett Slepian was murdered last month. None of the seven workers at the Pro-Life Action League were evacuated or treated. That group lost a lawsuit earlier this year that had been brought by pro-abortion groups.."

Inside Cover ( 11/25/98 Betsy Gibson ".The feisty, left-wing newsletter, CounterPunch, reports that "Jim McDougal's death in a federal prison, apparently caused by medical negligence, is having a sinister sequel." According to CounterPunch -- among the first to report the suspicious circumstances of Jim's March 6, 1998 death -- the man who told them about the murky events surrounding McDougal's death has now been targeted by federal prison officials. CounterPunch names that man as inmate T.J. Lowe. Lowe had been in a holding cell at Fort Worth Medical Center near to McDougal on the day of his death. He told CounterPunch that McDougal had been taken to solitary confinement where officials denied McDougal life-saving medications. As McDougal's condition worsened, his cries for help were ignored by prison officials. McDougal later died of cardiac arrest. CounterPunch says that last month prison officials conducted a raid on Lowe's cell, and "seized all of his correspondence on the preposterous claims that it posed a fire hazard." Officials also took medications Lowe needed for a serious medical condition.."

Washington Weekly 11/30/98 Marvin Lee ".In the 81 questions posed by Chairman Henry Hyde, President Clinton was given an opportunity to deny that he had hired private investigators to intimidate witnesses. In his responses, carefully worded by his lawyers and himself, Clinton did not deny the allegations. In fact, he admitted that he had hired Jack Palladino in 1992: QUESTION 74. Do you admit or deny having knowledge that Jack Palladino was contacted or employed to make contact with or gather information about witnesses or potential witnesses in any judicial proceeding related to any matter in which you are or could be involved? CLINTON: My understanding is that during the 1992 Presidential Campaign, Mr. Jack Palladino was retained to assist legal counsel for me and the Campaign on a variety of matters arising during the Campaign. See also response to No. 72. Jack Palladino is the private investigator and "bimbo eruptions fixer" who visited Gennifer Flowers' roommate, Loren Kirk, expressing concerns for the health and safety of Flowers. "Is Gennifer the type to commit suicide?", Palladino asked Kirk. Another case involving Jack Palladino was that of Susan Coleman. While opposition researchers supportive of President Bush were checking out an allegation that she had an affair with her law professor Bill Clinton at the time of her suicide, the Clinton opposition research team got wind of the investigation and decided to strike a pre-emptive blow. Jack Palladino used CBS reporter Eric Engberg to attack opposition researchers David Bossie, Jim Murphy and Floyd Brown of harassing the Coleman family. Thus, in an attempt to pre-empt negative publicity, it was the Clinton campaign itself that aired the Susan Coleman allegations to the American people through CBS News.."

Washington Weekly 12/7/98 Wesley Phelan ".In June of this year the Washington Weekly filed a Freedom of Information Act request for all documents pertaining to the incarceration of James McDougal by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP). Documents from the Federal Medical Facility in Fort Worth, where McDougal was held, were reviewed by BOP headquarters at the Justice Department in Washington before release to the Washington Weekly last week. Among the documents obtained by the Washington Weekly is a seventeen page "Report of the Focus Review Team Regarding the Death of James McDougal." [1] The report shows McDougal was placed on the suspect list for urine testing on October 21, 1997. A separate, handwritten document indicates he might have been placed on the list because he was a high profile prisoner, and it was a common practice to place such prisoners on the list to show they were not receiving special treatment. As mentioned, other documents show that McDougal had a different theory about how he came to be on the list. .Another notation says McDougal offered to give a blood test to show he did not use drugs. The use of blood tests, however, is not standard BOP policy. One of the potentially most explosive documents received by the Washington Weekly is McDougal's November 10, 1997 Mental Status Check report. The report states in part: Mr. McDougal took the opportunity to suggest his presence in the SHU [Segregated Housing Unit] might be a result of his claims about the President but quickly added: "I'm not saying there is a conspiracy; however, it would seem if a prudent person knew of the events that have occurred recently they might very well draw that conclusion." He then went on to outline a series of events, that were later confirmed by this writer, to support his veiled suspicions. His final comment was, "Well, I have a case against the president, and as an employee of the Department of Justice, you all work for him." Unfortunately, the doctor's name is redacted, so it has not been possible to immediately determine the "series of events" that were confirmed by him..According to the Focus Review Report, the psychologist's assessment and recommendation were reviewed and endorsed by the prison Medical Officer, who forwarded a memorandum to that effect to the Captain in charge. Unfortunately for McDougal, the memorandum of endorsement was misfiled into a Special Investigative Supervisor file and was not discovered until after his death. The Focus Review Report does not explain why the psychologist, the Medical Officer, and the Captain to whom the memorandum was sent all failed to follow up to ensure the dry cell recommendation was actually implemented...At 9:00 p.m. McDougal informed the officer that he was feeling dizzy. The officer notified the physician's assistants of that fact by telephone. At 9:20 another officer took over and telephoned the physician's assistants once more. They replied that they were assisting other inmates and were due to get off at 10:00 p.m. The Focus Review Report states that:The physician's assistants indicated they advised the contract physician [redacted] to evaluate inmate McDougal. Dr. [redacted] reports that he told the physician's assistants that they should take care of inmate McDougal before they left for the night. There is no indication of follow-up on this issue by any member of the Health Services staff. At 10:30 p.m. McDougal stated he was ready to go to Administrative Detention in the Segregated Housing Unit, or what the inmates call the 'hole.' As he was being processed into the unit some 40 minutes later he "vomited a clear, watery substance onto the floor." After that he stated he was fine. The nursing supervisor was notified that McDougal was being placed in detention, and decided his medication could be supplied during regular rounds the next morning. The events that transpired after McDougal was placed in Administrative Detention are critical for determining what -- if any -- direct culpability employees of the Bureau of Prisons might have for McDougal's death. The Washington Weekly is currently conducting a detailed analysis of the 1357 pages of documents to establish a time line of those events. "

Freeper aka 12/15/98 on FoxNews ".Hannity and Combs with Larry Klayman. Tripp says she recieved letter from Monica with list of deaths connected to Clinton! They got the list! This is a list which Monica provided to Linda Tripp with the comment that it was interesting or something to think about. I don't quite remember but it is there at the Judicial Watch website for your consideration. It is in the TRIPP deposition for Judicial Watch which was released today. The implication is that Monica was warning Linda that she had better play ball. The list was not in MONICA'S handwriting. There is no way that this was released by the whitehouse that early or with any deep game being played. It would be sheer intimidation of a witness..."

WorldNetDaily 12/16/98 Joseph Farah ".People are surprised that a supporter of President Clinton would suggest -- no, urge -- that House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde be stoned to death and his family killed. That's what actor Alec Baldwin reportedly said on a recent airing of "Late Night with Conan O'Brien." "If we were living in another country, what we, all of us together, would go down to Washington and stone Henry Hyde to death, stone him to death, stone him to death!" said Baldwin. "Then we would go to their house and we'd kill the family, kill the children." People are shocked by the comment - - understandably so. But, as repulsive, inexcusable and hateful as it is, this comment is not really out of character with this administration or its defenders. Remember James Carville? He's told us over and over again that "This is war." He also suggested that Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr should be knee-capped. Some people laugh this stuff off, as Conan O'Brien's studio audience apparently did. But Hyde is not laughing. "I heard about it, and I'm sickened by it," he said. No wonder. Hyde has been the recipient of a series of death threats ever since he became the point man in the effort to impeach Clinton. He is under constant armed guard. "You have someone like that, talking in those terms, about killing your family? To kill my family because you disagree with me? To laugh about that? There are people out there, sick people, who are just waiting for a push. Excuse me for not laughing. He wants my family stoned to death by a mob. Imagine if a Republican said such a thing. I don't find the humor in it.".I would rather take my chances in mano a mano combat with Alec Baldwin than be put through the wringer of a politically motivated Internal Revenue Service audit. Isn't it ironic that not once during the impeachment hearings did anyone mention the fact that Paula Jones was audited within days of turning down a settlement offer from the White House? And she's hardly alone. Dozens of political enemies of the White House have been so victimized. The Clintons have been shrouded by mysterious deaths before they ever moved into the White House. Since then, they've been surrounded a rash of "suicides," professional hits and unexplained terminations. The administration can chalk it all up to coincidence, but the Clintons also revel in the fact that they are feared on Capitol Hill because of the doubts about Vincent Foster, Ron Brown, Jerry Luther Parks, Kathy Ferguson, Bill Shelton and others who have met an untimely demise that proved politically convenient and expedient to Clinton.."

Reuters/Variety 12/18/98 Christopher Stern "..Alec Baldwin's recent televised outburst against House Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde has annoyed both members of Congress and Hollywood's chief lobbyist who said the rant was ``so off base as to boggle the mind.'' ..Jack Valenti, president of the Motion Picture Assn of America which lobbies lawmakers on behalf of the film and television industry, said Thursday he would be calling Baldwin or ``writing him a note'' in which he would suggest ``to my dismay and sorrow'' that Baldwin's comments were ``over the top.'' Baldwin's publicist Lisa Kasteler said the actor was just joking around: ``It was a parody. It was a parody on the hysteria in this country coming from right- wing fanatics.'' She added, ``I'm not sure why Valenti thinks he needs to get involved.'' But irate members of Congress called Valenti to say the actor's statements were irresponsible. Those statements included Baldwin responding to roars from the ``Late Night'' audience by shouting: ``We would stone (Hyde) to death, and we would go to their homes, and we'd kill their wives and their children. We would kill their families,'' exclaimed Baldwin, according to a transcript printed in the New York Post. Baldwin has written a letter to Hyde and his family, apologizing for his statements.."

Freeper Bob Ireland 12/13/98 on NBC Late Night with Conan O'Brien ".During the show Late Night With Conan O'Brien' on NBC-TV Friday night/Saturday morning, Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin became very agitated about the House Judiciary impeachment hearings. At one point he leaped from his chair, obviously very exercised. ''We should go to Washington and stone Henry Hyde to death.'' [Crowd cheers...] ''And then we should go to his house and kill his family!"[paraphrased] Now folks... this show doesn't air 'live'. NBC had adequate opportunity to delete this part of the show or take measures to preserve common decency. They chose to leave the comments intact for 'air'."

12/13/98 Freepers noting threats . Ambrose ".I have seen several Clinton shills beginning to issue dark, thinly veiled warnings/threats about the unrest which will occur if the House votes to impeach Clinton. Chuckie Grodin was doing so on his show yesterday. Maxine Waters has made these same veiled threats as well. Considering how Waters helped encourage the L.A. Riots, this is no empty threat either..." Casse ".Geraldo has said that too. Geraldo, Derchowitz and a few more like them also have indicated that this was happening to Clinton because he is for the "blacks".". Right-Winger ".Apparently you folks didn't hear Wexler on tv the other night. Some one asked him, so what if clinton were impeached. What's the worst that could happen? He blustered for a few seconds then said that the American people would go into "open revolt". I figure he meant the unionists, blacks, and other clintonites, but, who ever knows what a Democrat means. Godspeed ". California Dave ".I remember hearing all sorts of people on TV saying that there would be riots in LA if the cops who beat Rodney King were acquitted. There would be riots. There will be riots and looting and everything if they get acquitted. When there verdicts were announced and they were indeed acquitted, guess what? There were riots and looting. Then those same talking heads were saying "see, I told you it would happen". It happened because they help to incite it.." 12/21/98 ".Explosive new charges by Lucianne Goldberg on In a stunning allegation heard earlier today on The James Golden Show on, Lucianne Goldberg claims corroboration exists that ties the President of the United States to the alleged rape of an Arkansas woman in the seventies. The woman - previously known as a "Jane Doe" in the Paula Jones case - is Juanita Broaddrick, said Goldberg. On January 2, she issued an affidavit that denies any unwanted sexual advances from the President."

National Review/The Goldberg File 1/5/99 Jonah Goldberg "..Now, I've learned that there seems to be additional evidence out there (not in the Ford building and not in OIC's office) corroborating the allegations that Jane Doe #5 was assaulted by Bill Clinton and then intimidated into covering it up. I suspect you'll be reading about it soon. Let's assume that story is true, or assume it isn't, it doesn't really matter. But again, would anybody be surprised? Would any opinions change? What is it about this man that his actual allies think he is capable of despicable things and they just don't care?."

Washington Post 1/31/99 Susan Schmidt ".Democratic fund-raiser Nathan Landow said yesterday that his longtime personal lawyer hired a private investigator to obtain former White House volunteer Kathleen E. Willey's telephone records, but the lawyer did so without authorization. Landow confirmed that investigator Jared Stern was hired by attorney Saul Schwartzbach to obtain the phone records. Landow insisted that he had "no knowledge" that Schwartzbach was hiring Stern. Two sources close to Landow said Schwartzbach used the phone records to prepare a chronology of Willey's activities that was shown to Landow. Stern said yesterday that independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr's office has twice summoned him before an Alexandria grand jury investigating whether there were efforts to intimidate Willey or chill her testimony in Paula Jones's sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton. ."

ABCNEWS 1/29/99 Jackie Judd/Chris Vlasto Freeper Chanel ".Sources say Stern was asked to pull Willeys phone records, to find out what medications Willey might be taking and to conduct a "noisy" investigation aimed at making sure Willey knew she was being watched. Sterns lawyer, Edward Bouquet, said the private investigator began to feel uneasy with the Willey project. "I think he perceived a situation where he was being asked to do something he wasnt comfortable with," Bouquet said. Bouquet claims Stern was so uncomfortable that he called Willey and left a message - using an alias - warning her that someone wanted to do her harm. What investigators want to know is whether Stern has knowledge of "the jogger", a man Willey claims tried to scare her. Willey says that 2 days before her deposition in the Jones case, a jogger - a stranger - approached her, asked about her children, and said "Don't you get the message?" Stern insists he is not the jogger but also says he believes wholeheartedly" that Willey is telling the truth about the incident.."

Drudge Report 1/31/99 ". MORRIS: When I was called by the House Judiciary Committee just last weekend to testify or to meet with them I met with 3 investigators of the committee. They asked me not to use their names and I won't but they were each 50 years of age or over, they weren't kids. They had decades of experience working for the IRS, the FBI, and all kinds of other investigative organizations; they told me that they were physically afraid of retaliation. They asked me if I would testify DRUDGE: The ones questioning you were afraid?! MORRIS: Exactly, they asked me if I would testify and I said yea. And they said aren't you afraid of retaliation? And I said what are they going to expose, my sex life? You know we have done all that. I've taken the trouble to not sin since then. And they said no, no. I mean don't you know the list of the 25 people who have died in mysterious circumstances in connection with this investigation? And I said are you guys out of your minds? And they said no, no. And one of them said I guarantee you that each of us will have an IRS audit when this is over, he said I'm saving my receipts I know that I am going to have an audit. And I said, how does that work? And he said well the head of the IRS and Hillary are very good friends. DRUDGE: Let me get this straight, those even questioning people at this point are afraid. MORRIS: Yes. And we are not talking here about some right wing nuts, or some people who are really paranoid. We are talking about guys who have spent 20 or 30 years as top level investigators for the IRS and the FBI who have retired and are now on leave and brought back by the Judiciary Committee and they specifically asked me not to mention their names on the air.."

Capitol Hill Blue 2/3/99 Daniel Harris Teresa Hampton ".Although the White House has successfully intimidated NBC News into deep sixing an explosive interview with an Arkansas woman who says Bill Clinton raped her 20 years ago, Capitol Hill Blue has confirmed that the charge is but one of many allegations of sexual assault by the President...A 1969 charge by a 19-year-old English woman who said Clinton assaulted her after she met him at a pub near the Oxford University campus where the future President was a student. A retired State Department employee, who asked not to be identified, confirmed this week that he spoke with the family of the girl and filed a report with his superiors.."

Capitol Hill Blue 2/3/99 Daniel Harris Teresa Hampton ".In 1972, a 22-year-old woman told campus police at Yale University that she was sexually assaulted by Clinton, who was a law student at the college.."

Capitol Hill Blue 2/3/99 Daniel Harris Teresa Hampton ".In 1974, a female student at the University of Arkansas complained that then-law professor Bill Clinton tried to prevent her from leaving his office during a conference. She said he groped her and forced his hand inside her blouse.."

Capitol Hill Blue 2/3/99 Daniel Harris Teresa Hampton ".Broaddrick, a volunteer in Clinton's attorney general campaign, said he raped her in [1978 per Freeper VeritatisSplendor ] ."

Capitol Hill Blue 2/3/99 Daniel Harris Teresa Hampton ".From [1978 per Freeper VeritatisSplendor]-1980, during Clinton's first term as governor of Arkansas, state troopers assigned to protect the governor reported seven complaints from women who said Clinton forced, or attempted to force, himself on them sexually.."

Capitol Hill Blue 2/3/99 Daniel Harris Teresa Hampton ".Elizabeth Ward.told friends she was forced by Clinton to have sex with him shortly after she won her state crown. Last year, Ward, who is now married with the last name of Gracen, told an interviewer she did have sex with Clinton but said it was consensual. She later recanted that interview and said had been threatened by Clinton supporters into claiming the sex was consensual.."

Capitol Hill Blue 2/3/99 Daniel Harris Teresa Hampton ".Paula Corbin, an Arkansas state worker, filed a sexual harassment case against Clinton after an encounter in a Little Rock hotel room where the then-governor exposed himself and demanded oral sex.."

Capitol Hill Blue 2/3/99 Daniel Harris Teresa Hampton ".A former Washington, DC, political fundraiser says Presidential candidate-to-be Clinton invited her to his hotel room during a political trip to the nation's capital in 1991, pinned her against the wall and stuck his hand up her dress. She says she screamed loud enough for the Arkansas State Trooper stationed outside the hotel suite to bang on the door and ask if everything was all right, at which point Clinton released her and she fled the room. When she reported the incident to her boss, he advised her to keep her mouth shut if she wanted to keep working.." 2/4/99 Carl Limbacher ".In an exclusive interview late last week, onetime Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Sheffield Nelson told that for years he's known of a woman who alleged that then-Gov. Bill Clinton had raped her. Nelson refused to identify the victim but did emphasize that the woman, a friend of his wife's, was not Juanita Broaddrick. Reached at his Little Rock home on Thursday, Nelson revealed that he had met with Broaddrick and her friend, Phillip Yoakum, at her office in October 1992. Both Yoakum and Nelson were trying to convince Broaddrick to go public with her devastating account of a bruising sexual assault by Clinton 14 years earlier. Two years before that meeting, Nelson had failed to unseat Clinton in an election that earned the future president his fifth term as governor. Nelson informed Broaddrick that her unwanted encounter with Clinton was not unique. Still, Nelson told, the other victim "will never come forward." One source familiar with the meeting revealed that one of the reasons the woman was reluctant to go public about her attack is because she had been drinking heavily when it occurred.."

McLaughlin Freeper 4Liberty reports 2/8/99 ".McLaughlin summarized the events about Juanita and added details such as that Clinton was supposed to meet her at his campaign hq office to give her campaign lit., then changed the meeting place to the coffee shop at her hotel, and then called and said he'd just come up to her room for coffee (evil predator). McLaughlin said Juanita said it was a "double rape" (too sickening, to think about). Then Sammon, Blakely, Warren and a reporter (woman) from the Baltimore Sun discussed the threat from the WH to Fox News, and tried to explain the NBC News "delay" in airing the interview with Juanita. All decided that it is a 'close call' on whether to air the story or not, but they (including McLaughlin) felt it was best to wait for a corroborating witness to be interviewed - such as the nurse who treated Juanita - before running the interview. [Feeling spun, yet?] My own belief is that NBC would have immediately run the interview if Clinton were Republican. I think NBC prepared and canned this interview with the expectation that Clinton's poll numbers would drop. If the polls did drop ...well, no need to miss a solid Revenue-Source and Ratings-Grabber, but -- if his numbers remain high, then just keep it in the can, and don't hurt Mr. Ted Bundy.."

McLaughlin Freeper EarlyBird reports 2/8/99 ".I got the impression that Lowell's aim was to explain away JB's bruises by blaming the husband but then McLaughlin shot that down by saying the hubby was in Van Buren at the time. Anyone else get that? Also, McLaughlin said that when WJC called JB from coffee shop, he said they needed to meet in her room because of the media at the coffee shop, but then McLaughlin said that THERE WAS NO MEDIA THERE. Small point but its inclusion indicates that it can be proven, and THAT, my friends, proves premeditation."

Judicial Watch Press Release 02/16/99 ".Tomorrow, Dolly Kyle Browning, one of the President's oldest acquaintances, and the one woman who dares to hold Bill Clinton accountable through her racketeering lawsuit for threatening her and other women, will file a motion for order to show cause. In this motion, which fortuitously was prepared before Judge Wright's comments today that she would now entertain possible contempt proceedings, Mrs. Browning details the perjury and obstruction which occurred concerning her "situation" in the Jones case. In the Jones case, Mrs. Browning will show that Bill Clinton created and fabricated evidence, and offered false testimony. House Judiciary Chief Investigator David Schippers and his staff confirmed this with sworn affidavits from several sources during the impeachment proceedings, but was overruled by Henry Hyde in using Mrs. Browning as a witness, along with other Jane Does. Mrs. Browning has copies of these affidavits, which will be attached to the criminal contempt motion. "The case for criminal contempt to be presented to Judge Wright by Mrs. Browning is strong; so strong that the Court will have no choice but to initiate proceedings," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman."

Drudge 2/18/99 ".Completely frustrated that NBC NEWS has refused to air her interview, Juanita Broaddrick, aka Jane Doe #5, opens herself up to Friday's WALL STREET JOURNAL! .In a Little Rock hotel room, Bill Clinton forced Broaddrick onto a bed where he "held her down forcibly and bit her lips," says the report. "The sexual entry itself was not without some pain, she recalls, because of her stiffness and resistance..I felt paralyzed and was starting to cry.' As he got to the door, she remembers, he turned. 'This is the part that always stays in my mind -- the way he put on his sunglasses. Then he looked at me and said, 'You better put some ice on that.' And then he left.'"."

Wall Street Journal 2/19/99 Dorothy Rabinowitz ".They had not been there more than five minutes, Mrs. Broaddrick says, when he moved close as they stood looking out at the Arkansas River. He pointed out an old jailhouse and told her that when he became governor, he was going to renovate that place.. But the conversation did not linger long on the candidate's plans for social reform. For, Mrs. Broaddrick relates, he then put his arms around her, startling her.. The argument failed to persuade Mr. Clinton, who, she says, got her onto the bed, held her down forcibly and bit her lips. The sexual entry itself was not without some pain, she recalls, because of her stiffness and resistance. When it was over, she says, he looked down at her and said not to worry, he was sterile--he had had mumps when he was a child. "As though that was the thing on my mind--I wasn't thinking about pregnancy, or about anything," she says. "I felt paralyzed and was starting to cry." As he got to the door, she remembers, he turned. "This is the part that always stays in my mind--the way he put on his sunglasses. Then he looked at me and said, 'You better put some ice on that.' And then he left." Her friend Norma Rogers, a nurse who had accompanied her on the trip, found her on the bed. She was, Ms. Rogers related in an interview, in a state of shock--lips swollen to double their size, mouth discolored from the biting, her pantyhose torn in the crotch. "She just stayed on the bed and kept repeating, 'I can't believe what happened.' " Ms. Rogers applied ice to Juanita's mouth, and they drove back home, stopping along the way for more ice.."

Washington Post Page 1 Louis Romano Peter Baker ".Hers has been a story hidden in plain sight since last March, referred to in vague terms in Jones's court filings and Starr's impeachment report yet never explicitly a part of the now-concluded congressional debate over whether Clinton should be removed from office for trying to cover up his affair with Monica S. Lewinsky. Few in official Washington who have been privy to the Broaddrick story have been entirely sure what to make of it.. With no witnesses, Broaddrick's story is difficult to verify. But her account is corroborated to an extent by one person who has said they talked about it contemporaneously. Norma Rogers, an employee and friend who traveled with her to the conference, told The Post in separate interviews that she returned to the hotel room that day to find Broaddrick badly shaken and her lip swollen. They quickly packed and left, stopping to get ice for Broaddrick's lip on the way back to Van Buren, both later said. Rogers, who has since moved to a suburb of Tulsa, Okla., had not talked with Broaddrick for several years until the episode was resurrected in the Jones lawsuit. Before the two got back in touch, Rogers told The Post last spring: "It's true unless she has been lying to me for 20 years and I don't think she did. We were close enough at the time that if something else had happened I believe she would have told me.". Broaddrick said Clinton called her at the nursing home several times afterward but she would never take the call. The next time she recalled seeing him was in 1991, when she said she was summoned out of another nursing home meeting in Little Rock to meet with him. "It was unreal. . . . He kept trying to hold my hand," she said. "I can still remember his words. He said, 'Can you ever forgive me? I'm not the same man I used to be.' . . . I told him, 'You just go to hell.' And I walked away. I was shaking." ..Looking back, Broaddrick said yesterday that she does not believe she made a mistake by keeping quiet in 1978 but wishes she had come forward in 1992. "I feel that had I come out in '92, that it may have made a difference," she said. "I regret that." .."

New York Post 2/20/99 Brian Blomquist Freeper ProTruth ".The 56-year-old nursing-home owner claims Clinton bit her lips, forced her to have sex with him, then told her not to worry because he was "sterile" due to a child-hood bout with the mumps.. She alleges that after Clinton painfully forced her into sex, he put on his sunglasses and told her as he was leaving, "You'd better put some ice on your face."."

New York Post 2/20/99 Steve Dunleavy ".JUANITA BROADDRICK said yesterday "Bill Clinton is a cold bastard who might have been killed if he had not been governor of Arkansas." Broaddrick claims Clinton sexually assaulted her in a Little Rock hotel room in April 1978. "If my husband had his way at the time he would have killed him," she told me from her home in Van Buren, Ark. "If as governor of Arkansas he had not been so well-protected, I shudder to think what my husband would have done or what would have happened.".. The NBC interview never appeared and to this day remains a journalistic mystery. "A week after I did the interview with NBC I was still pretty shaken up about the whole thing. I called and asked them what was happening," she said. "I was told that I was very credible and they were still researching the story." What NBC does with their exclusive interviews is entirely their business. But journalists still have giant question marks on their face as to why it has not yet appeared. "I honestly don't know why, but one has to wonder," Broaddrick said. "Considering that I gave the interview at the time of the impeachment hearings, I don't know. "Anyway, I've said what I've said and I think that no one would doubt my credibility. "As for Clinton himself, it's quite obvious what I think about him." If the allegations by Monica Lewinsky are true, if the allegations by Paula Jones are true, if the allegations by Kathleen Willey are true, and if the allegations by Broaddrick are true, then there is a particularly important resident of Pennsylvania Avenue who needs a lot of professional help.."

Freeper DonMorgan 2/20/99 excerpts Daniel J. Harris, Teresa Hampton ". In 1972, a 22-year-old woman told campus police at Yale University that she was sexually assaulted by Clinton, who was a law student at the college. No charges were filed, but retired campus policemen contacted by Capitol Hill Blue confirmed the incident; .."

Freeper DonMorgan 2/20/99 Capitol Hill Blue Daniel J. Harris, Teresa Hampton excerpt ".Sandra Allen James, a former Washington, DC, political fundraiser says Presidential candidate-to-be Clinton invited her to his hotel room during a political trip to the nation's capital in 1991, pinned her against the wall and stuck his hand up her dress. She says she screamed loud enough for the Arkansas State Trooper stationed outside the hotel suite to bang on the door and ask if everything was all right, at which point Clinton released her and she fled the room. When she reported the incident to her boss, he advised her to keep her mouth shut if she wanted to keep working. Miss James has since married and left Washington.."

Capitol Hill Blue 2/20/99 Freeper DonMorgan excerpts fromDaniel J. Harris, Teresa Hampton ".A 1969 charge by a Eileen Wellstone, 19-year-old English woman who said Clinton assaulted her after she met him at a pub near the Oxford University campus where the future President was a student. A retired State Department employee, who asked not to be identified, confirmed this week that he spoke with the family of the girl and filed a report with his superiors. Clinton admitted having sex with the girl, but claimed it was consensual.."

Laissez Faire City Times 2/22/99 Rex Rogers "."Juanita Broaddrick's, yet to break, 'very credible' interview with NBC, and her subsequent actions in 'going on the record' with the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and the Associated Press has broken the dam wide-open! "The Whitehouse is in panic. New attack victims are coming out of the woodwork like rats fleeing a sinking ship," Washington insiders are saying. Fear of reprisal is waning. From England, Canada and even Yale University, alleged victims, belatedly enraged, seem to be getting braver and more are going on the record with official allegations.."Bill Clinton may even resign over this, if it gets much worse," a scandal hardened reporter exclaims, "There is a breaking point. Even in the establishment press. To people outside the beltway, it's beginning to look like the US president is a serial sex offender. This is truly unbelievable", he says. "'Cold Bastard Bill'," [quoting Broaddrick], "just chews 'em up, and spits 'em out like chicken wings!".Sources say the 'War Room' was vacant Saturday afternoon, and rumors spreading on the internet hint that major team players are considering resignation themselves. Could this be the beginning of the end? ."


Sunday Telegraph (Australia) 2/21/99 Ian Cobain "...THE scandal which has secretly terrified Bill Clinton for years burst into the open yesterday when claims that he raped a woman appeared in America's most respected newspaper. He was said to be "utterly dumbfounded" that the Wall Street Journal had published the allegations. ...What occurred that night in Room 824 has been the subject of at least three secret inquiries: by investigators working for Paula Jones' lawyers, by the FBI, and by a woman police sergeant on attachment to the House of Representatives judiciary committee. At least one investigation team concluded that the President was guilty of rape. The allegation is that Mr Clinton tried to persuade Mrs Broaddrick to sleep with him. When that failed, he is said to have ripped her clothes, and bit her lip hard until she succumbed...."

Washington Times 2/22/99 John McCaslin "..."All trained criminal investigators who have interviewed Mrs. Broaddrick, including House Judiciary Committee law enforcement officers detailed to that committee, have found her ... very credible," Mr. Aldrich tells this column.... "

Capitol Hill Blue 2/22/99 Daniel J. Harris & Teresa Hampton "...Capitol Hill Blue has confirmed that the charge is but one of many allegations of sexual assault by the President. A continuing investigation into the President's questionable sexual history reveal incidents that go back as far as Clinton's college days, with more than a dozen women claiming his sexual appetites leave little room for the word ''no.'' ...."

Electronic Telegraph 2-22-99 Hugh Davies "...Mrs Broaddrick, 56, said: "Bill Clinton is a cold bastard who might have been killed if he had not been governor of Arkansas." She said she feared that her husband might take revenge against Mr Clinton for what she claimed was a "horrible" attack on her in a Little Rock hotel bedroom. "If, as governor of Arkansas, he had not been so well protected, I shudder to think what my husband would have done or what would have happened," she said. Mrs Broaddrick said that Mr Clinton had long been "covering his tracks" about the incident. ..."

UNDERNEWS 2/23/99 Sam Smith "...OXFORD SCHOLAR: News that W.J. Clinton may have sexually assaulted a woman as far back as his Oxford days -- an ex-State Department official reports investigating the matter -- raises some interesting questions about that muddied period in the president's life. We know that Clinton did not complete his work at Oxford, but why? Was he asked to leave or did he go on his own accord? Former White House FBI agent Gary Aldrich, in "Unlimited Access" discusses the point: "Investigation reveals that after the winter of 1969, Mr. Clinton embarked on a tour of Europe, and there are suggestions that school officials told him he was no longer welcome on campus.....There were no grades available for review to approve or disprove claims regarding Clinton's achievement, since the university will not release such records absent the candidate's authority. It is noted that normally a candidate would sign a release so as to allow investigators to confirm or deny educational claims. In this case, the candidate will neither sign a release form nor will he provide documentation related to his attendance and performance at Oxford."...." 2/23/99 Inside Cover "...Broaddrick's nurse-friend Norma Rogers told Paula Jones investigators Rick and Beverly Lambert, who were recently interviewed for an upcoming report, that the wounds were so bad that one lip was nearly torn in two. What accounts for such rabid brutality? According to a former rape investigator with the New Orleans Police Department, who contacted confidentially, lip biting is a common M.O. for rapists. She told Inside Cover: "The reason rapists bite is because, even with the full weight of her attacker on top of her, the woman is often able to resist the parting of her legs by locking her ankles. The rapist's arms are busy keeping her pinned down. The only weapon the rapist has left is his teeth, which he uses to bite while demanding she open her legs. The lips are very sensitive. Biting them is so painful it distracts the victim, allowing a rapist to overcome her resistance. The victim can only hold out for so long as the blood flows into her mouth. Some women are stronger than others and I've seen their lips half-torn from their faces before they give up."..."

MSNBC Hockenberry Freeper eyewitness reports 2/23/99 4Liberty "...Schippers just said that in the opinion those who read her deposition, Mrs. Broaddrick was one of the most credible witnesses they had ever seen. David Schippers also said that he would certainly prosecute this rape case if he were a prosecutor in Arkansas - he believe there would be ample and sufficient evidence to proceed. Lanny Davis and Stewar Taylor up, next. (YOU SHOULD SEE LANNY'S FACE)..." free4all "...Lanny Davis is IGNORING the facts and bashing Schippers! I've never seen Lanny so lame! He's been had...real pissed off.. and he's even blaming Hockenberry for covering the story calling everyone unclean! ..." truthkeeper "...My God...Lanny Davis is having a nervous breakdown right before my very eyes on national television! He's going ballistic...he's attacking David Schippers for not using the word "alleged" before "rape" asking Hockenberry if he feels he needs to take a shower - repeatedly...saying Hockenberry's gone into the sewer by associating himself with Schippers and this interview...a veiled - or not so veiled - threat. Talking about "Bill's love child" being a "hoax"...Billyboy is being smeared...Juanita's a liar - SHE'S LIED UNDER OATH, after gods...I'm getting sick...I'm gonna barf...excuse me, please..." Logophobe "…The best part of Hockenberry tonight was, without a doubt, John Fund's performance. He just kicked butt, WSJ style, with mucho class! Fund made EJ Dionne of the Washington Post look like the bumbling idiot that he is. Fund was armed with facts, not shrills. I was thrilled especially when Fund brought up Packwood and Clarence Thomas. Fund asked Dionne point blank whether Dionne could state what the most serious charge was against Packwood. Dionne was dumbfounded. The most serious charge, of course, was Packwood's sticking his tongue in a subordinate's mouth forcefully. Yet here is a RAPE charge that the media is so quick to dismiss…"

AP 2/24/99 "…At times tearful, Juanita Broaddrick appeared on national television Wednesday describing an alleged sexual assault by Bill Clinton 21 years ago. ``I was a little bit uneasy, but I felt a real friendship toward this man and I really didn't feel any danger'' in letting him come up to her Little Rock, Ark., hotel room during a nursing administrators' conference in 1978, she told NBC's ``Dateline.'' In the interview, taped Jan. 20 but held by the network until Wednesday night, Mrs. Broaddrick cried briefly as she detailed the alleged assault and she said of Clinton, ``my hatred for him is overwhelming.'' She said he forced himself on her when she ``pushed him away and told him `no.''' …"

Judicial Watch 2/24/99 Larry Klayman to Freepers "… The reporter [AP, Anne Gearan] also wrote about an order of Judge Lamberth which involves Hillary Clinton and her lawyers. Although I did not want the story to be published to protect my infant daughter, it is now public against my wishes. What occurred was that Mrs. Clinton's lawyers came into a deposition and, in threatening tones, asked "How is your daughter, Isabelle doing, Mr. Klayman." The Clinton lawyers had no reason to know my daughter's name and it likely was obtained through the Clintons' private investigators or government files. Mr. Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, heard the perceived threat and attested to it in a sworn affidavit. The incident was later discussed in a Washington Post story, we believe planted by the Clinton lawyers to try to threaten and intimidate me yet again. Indeed, when I asked one of them if they were resposible, they replied "None of your business." The Clinton lawyers also represent the Washington Post. The perceived threats from the Clinton lawyers were similar to threats received by Kathleen Willey and Linda Tripp about their children. Today, Judge Lamberth observed in one of his orders: "The Washington Post thereafter published an account of the matter, and plaintiffs seek to establish that defendant Hillary Clinton or her agents or counsel were responsible for this publication. Defendant Hillary Clinton's counsel represent to the court that they were not responsible, but provide no affidavits themselves or evidence as to whether other agents of Ms. Clinton, or Mrs Clinton herself, might have been involved. ... Defendant Hillary Clinton then goes on to request imposition of sanctions against plaintiffs for filing their motion, stating that even if the court assumes that Ms. Clinton or her counsel was responsible for the newspaper article, it was frivolous for plaintiffs to file their motion. On this point, the court cannot agree. While it is clear that there was no contempt of a written order of the court, it is not clear that defendant Hillary Clinton and/or her counsel could not be subject to some sanction by the court if they are themselves responsible for the newspaper's publication of something that they asked the court to strike from the record, as scandalous and impertinent. It truly would be trifling with the court if what they want the court to assume to be true were, in fact, true." The Associated Press reporter, contrary to her promises to do so, did not make reference to this part of Judge Lamberth's order…."

Original Sources 2/25/99 Dr. Bryce Buchanan "…. She [commentator on a typical American family] said the family would be sitting around the dinner table with the news on and the news reporter would say something like, "273 more Americans and 423 Vietnamese were killed today in continued fighting along the Cambodian border. Many women and children were among the dead." Upon hearing this, one of the members of the family would say, "Could you pass the salt?". In a very dramatic way, catching my full attention, the commentator anguished over the amorality of that dinner scene. Are we so accustomed to violence that we have no emotional reaction to it at all, she asked. Wouldn't it be more appropriate for the family to be yelling, "Oh my God! 700 more dead! What can we do?" Despite the hyperbole, I was profoundly moved by her comments. Suddenly, the war deaths were more than abstract numbers. They represented real people, mostly young, who were suffering and dying every day. I was ashamed by my relative lack of concern. It became clear to me that there are some public issues where the stakes are high and a failure to act is an abdication of our moral responsibility….. I thought about all of this last week when a respected writer for the Wall Street Journal, Dorothy Rabinowitz, reported the "very credible" allegations of an Arkansas woman, Juanita Broaddrick. For the past 20 years, Juanita has tried to keep what she calls her "horrible, horrible experience" a secret. She didn't want to relive it. She didn't want the publicity. She didn't want the retaliation that would surely come her way. She was trembling with fear as the interview with Rabinowitz approached…..Who cares? Do you, or would you just like me to pass the salt? …"

Original Sources 2/25/99 Dr. Bryce Buchanan "…. And what if it is true that Bill Clinton enticed young Paula Jones to his hotel room so that he could expose himself to her and ask for oral sex? What if Bill Clinton, seeing Kathleen Willey at a time of personal crisis for her, took that opportunity to sexually assault her? What if Monica was correct that Bill had used her as a sex toy 3 or 4 times before he even knew her name? What if, when these women came forward with their stories, Bill essentially assaulted them again with the White House attack machine, calling them trailer park trash, liar, and dangerous stalker? Does it matter? In 1969, a 19 year old English girl, Eileen Wellstone, charged that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her after they met in a pub near Oxford. In 1972, a Yale University coed told campus police that a law student named Bill Clinton had sexually assaulted her. In 1974, a student complained that her law professor, Bill Clinton, blocked her from leaving his office, groped her, and forced his hands inside her blouse. During Clinton's first term as Governor, the state police who served as his bodyguards said that 7 women submitted sex related complaints against Clinton. In 1991 a campaign worker, Sandra Allen James, said Clinton invited her to his room, pinned her against the wall, and fondled her. What if these women (and others) are all telling the truth about this man? Would you care at all? …"

Fox News 2/24/99 Fox News David Shuster by Freeper chuck allen "…Federal Marshalls have parked a Motor Home outside of Ken Starrs home and they are keeping 24 hour armed surveilence. There are 4 Federal Marshall assigned to the detail. Evidently Starr must feel threatened from something…."

Newsmax(Ruddy) 2/24/99 Carl Limbacher "…Are there other victims like Juanita Broaddrick in Bill Clinton's past? The husband-and-wife team of Rick and Beverly Lambert say the answer to that question is yes. Seasoned private investigators with a knack for success, the Lamberts were tapped by Paula Jones' lawyers in September 1997 for the Jane Doe search. For six months, they traveled between Arkansas and D.C. looking for women whose account could bolster Jones' allegation. What they found horrified and nauseated the handful of congressmen familiar with their work product, which was turned over to the House Judiciary Committee after being subpoenaed by the Office of Independent Counsel. Arguably, President Clinton would never have been impeached had several House members not switched their votes after reviewing evidence in the Lamberts' Jane Doe files. In their first postimpeachment trial interview, the Lamberts detailed exclusively to the accounts of some of the 209 witnesses they contacted; evidence about which they were bound to silence until after Clinton's trial was over….One particularly elusive Jane Doe was former Miss America Elizabeth Ward Gracen. Long rumored to have had a sexual relationship with Clinton, she spent late 1997 and early 1998 on the run from the Lamberts -- who were trying to serve her a subpoena in the Jones case. Published reports cited the testimony of Gracen's friend Judy Stokes, who recalled that Gracen had come to her in tears right after a 1983 sexual encounter with Clinton. Gracen said the sex was, "something she did not want to have happen," according to Stokes. …The somewhat ambiguous quote fueled speculation that Clinton had raped the onetime beauty queen, a notion dispelled by Gracen in the New York Daily News last April. She admitted to a consensual one-night stand that she regretted almost immediately. But Rick Lambert tells that Stokes was not the least bit ambiguous in the account she gave him, undermining Gracen's rape denial. "I talked to Judy Stokes for an hour and a half. At first, she was reluctant to burn her bridges with Liz. But I finally asked, 'Do you believe Clinton raped her?' She said, 'Absolutely…."

Capitol Hill Blue 2/24/99 Doug Thompson "…Three women who earlier confirmed unwanted sexual encounters with Bill Clinton over the last 30 years are now refusing to discuss the matter further and at least one may have been threatened in an effort to keep her quiet. "I'm sorry I ever talked to you about this. Please don't call again," a teary Carolyn Moffet told Capitol Hill Blue Tuesday night…. In London, Eileen Wellstone, who said Clinton sexually assaulted her while he was a student at Oxford University 30 years ago, changed her phone number and hired a barrister who warned a reporter to "cease and desist all further efforts" to contact his client. A third woman, Sandra Allen James, who worked as a Democratic fundraiser in 1991 when she said then-Presidential candidate Bill Clinton accosted her in his hotel room and tried to force her into sex, hung up the phone after saying she had received unwanted phone calls from other news organizations…. One news source, however, said privately Tuesday that she had gotten Sandra James' phone number from a source close to the White House…At least one phone call to the home of Carolyn Moffet, who is now married and no longer lives in Arkansas, was an anonymous warning to keep quiet. "Carolyn said she was threatened by a man who said she and her family could be hurt if they said any more," said Constance Harris, a neighbor. "She's real scared." …"

2/25/99 Michael Kelly Page A23 "...So now Bill Clinton has been accused, publicly, and it appears with some real credibility, of rape.... The 55-year-old Broaddrick is, as the Journal's Rabinowitz writes, "a woman of accomplishment, prosperous, successful in her field, serious; a woman seeking no profit, no book, no lawsuit." She is no one James Carville can casually smear as trailer trash, but a nurse who built up a company of five nursing homes in Arkansas. Moreover, Broaddrick was a reluctant witness, keeping her story secret for two decades.... And Broaddrick's account is highly specific, filled with small, precise points of recollection that do not seem the sort of details someone would make up...Moreover, Broaddrick's account is supported by the account of a friend and fellow nurse, Norma Rogers, who told the Journal that she found Broaddrick in her hotel room shortly after the alleged assault "in a state of shock -- lips swollen to double their size, mouth discolored from the biting, her pantyhose torn in the crotch." It is also supported by her then-boyfriend (now-husband), David Broaddrick, who says his wife reluctantly told him of the assault soon afterward. But above all, Broaddrick's story is believable because of its wretched familiarity...."

Mark Steyn National Post 2/25/99 "...He raped her. That's what she told Lisa Myers of NBC News back in January, just as the impeachment trial was getting underway. But the network got cold feet -- unlike the president, who always keeps his socks on. "The good news is you're credible," Miss Myers informed her interviewee. "The bad news is you're very credible" -- a problem peculiar to American journalism. Last night, with Mr. Clinton acquitted and Senator-elect Rodham cruising to victory in the New York primary, NBC decided it was finally safe to air Miss Myers' report on Dateline. So what will happen now? Nothing. He raped her. Old news. Get over it. Move on. The country's reached "closure." ..."

NewsMax.Com 2/25/99 Lucianne Goldberg AKA Trixie "... In an interview with Canada's National Post, Goldberg hinted that not all allegations of forcible sexual assault by Bill Clinton are 20 years old. Here's how the National Post covered Goldberg's revelation on Tuesday: Lucianne explains, for instance, that she is unsurprised by the failure of the latest "cold bastard" allegations of "rape" against Mr. Clinton involving Jane Doe 5. So far, this charge has failed to get much beyond the Drudge Report, the tabloid New York Post and the Wall Street Journal. That is why she is now promising yet another tale, a Jane Doe 6. "It's assault, not rape because there was no sexual entry," she says. "It occurred since he became president, and comes from someone who cannot be faulted." ..." 2/23/99 Inside Cover Report "...One of the more shocking aspects of Juanita Broaddrick's rape allegation against President Clinton is the way she says he forced her to submit. After pushing her down on a hotel room bed, Broaddrick says Clinton bit her lips until they bled. Broaddrick's nurse-friend Norma Rogers told Paula Jones investigators Rick and Beverly Lambert, who were recently interviewed for an upcoming report, that the wounds were so bad that one lip was nearly torn in two...." Telegraph 2/28/99 "...At least two more women, one of them English, may have been his victims on earlier occasions, according to an Internet website that claims to have spoken to both in the past few days. The new charges, which have not been independently confirmed, are signals that the controversy over President Clinton's sexual conduct is far from over.... Capitol Hill Blue, a conservative-leaning website, claims that a 19-year-old Englishwoman complained of being sexually assaulted by Mr Clinton at a pub near Oxford in 1969, when he was a Rhodes Scholar. It claims to have confirmation from a former State Department official. The alleged victim's family is said to have decided against pursuing the case. According to Capitol Hill Blue, the woman - who it says is now married and lives near London - confirmed that there had been an incident when contacted last week but refused to go public. It said she had since changed her telephone number..."

Freeper report 2/2/8/99Allan J. Favish "...Lisa Myers said on Meet the Press this morning that the reason Starr's investigators deemed their April 1998 interview with Broaddrick to be "inconclusive" is because Braoddrick broke down during the interview after telling them that something happened, but did not tell them that she was assaulted and raped and the investigators did not press her for details...."

Freeper report 2/28/99 4Liberty "... "Meet the Press" had a roundtable discussion with Howie Kurtz, Gene Lyons, Tim Russert, Lisa Meyers. They all looked completely dazed and sickened by the Broaddrick story - even Gene Lyons, a long-time Clinton-enabler. Lyons continued his small, defensive noises about Clinton, but he couldn't even look at the camera. Lisa Meyers was DEFENDING Ken Starr at length. She carefully and accurately responded to a question from Time Russert regarding the matter of why this horrid rape accusation was not formally introduced during the Impeachment hearings, by Ken Starr's Office. Lisa carefully explained that Starr's IC mandate was to investigate Obstruction of Justice activities by Clinton, only - including possible obstructions in the Paula Jones Trial. Meyers observed that Ken Starr's people interviewed Juanita, and Mrs. Broaddrick stated to them that she was not threatened or tampered with by Bill or the WH, with regard to her participation in the PJ trial -- so, Mr. Starr had to drop it, by Law. And he did. LISA MEYERS OF NBC WAS DEFENDING STARR -- AND WAS QUITE SYMPATHETIC TO STARR'S - REASONABLE - APPROACH TO JUANITA IN LIGHT OF THE REALITY OF HIS OFFICE'S LIMITED MANDATE, AND INSTITUTIONAL CONSTRAINTS. She in essence concluded that Judge Starr was acting carefully, judiciously, and in accordance with the Law. - that Starr was not "out of control," "partisan," or "out to get" Clinton...."

Freeper report 2/28/99 snoopyone "...There was a roundtable discussion on MTP with Susan Estrich (shameless ostrich), Bill Bennett, and Patricia Ireland. I, and a few other very observant FReepers caught what Bill Bennett said at the beginning of the discussion - that White house operatives are now admitting "on background" to many news organizations that Bill Clinton WAS at the Camelot Hotel on the morning of April 25, 1978. Interestingly, the same episode of MTP later had on Lisa Myers, who reiterated that the White House refused to answer a single question she posed to them prior to the airing of the interview with Broaddrick. They would not admit if Clinton had ever met Broaddrick, if there was any sex of any kind, etc. They would not divulge to her any information about Clinton's whereabouts around the time of the alleged assault, among other things. The White House does have files relating to Clinton's stint as Arkansas Attorney General, but refused to answer Myers' questions when the info was at their fingertips. The admission, even if "on background", that Clinton was there is a SERIOUS one!!! ..."

Boston Globe 3/01/99 Jeff Jacoby "…Different reactions are possible to Juanita Broaddrick's accusation that Bill Clinton raped her in 1978, but stunned disbelief isn't one of them. No one is sputtering, ''Clinton? Force himself on someone? Impossible!'' We know by now that with Clinton, anything is possible….. In its ''Conventional Wisdom'' box, the March 1 Newsweek gives Jane Doe No. 5 - Broaddrick - a sideways arrow: ''Should have leveled (unproven) assault charge in '78 or '92. But sounds like our guy.' ' Sounds like our guy. Invite himself up to a married woman's hotel room, shove her on the bed, bite her lip so hard it swells to twice its size, rip her pantyhose? Yep, sounds like our guy. Agree to meet Kathleen Willey when she's in a financial crisis, grope her, force her hand to his crotch, mutter, ''I've wanted to do this ever since I laid eyes on you''? Sounds like our guy. Send a trooper to fetch Paula Jones, pull her to the couch, expose himself and tell her to ''kiss it''? Sounds like our guy…."

London Evening Standard 3/1/99 Richard Holliday "…President Bill Clinton is facing a fresh sex scandal today over claims that he raped a 19-year-old girl while he was a student at Oxford in the Sixties. The allegation - together with claims that he sexually assaulted another student while at Yale - appear on a Washington website, Capitol Hill Blue It is claimed the future president met the 19 year old in an Oxford pub when he was a Rhodes Scholar in 1969.A retired State Department official is quoted by the website confirming that the rape took place and saying: "There is no doubt in my mind that this woman suffered severe emotional trauma. "But we were under tremendous pressure to avoid the embarrassment of having a Rhodes Scholar charged with rape. I filed a report to my superiors and that was the last I heard of it."…The Yale University allegations centre on an incident in 1972 - where Clinton had returned from Oxford to study. A 22-year-old woman student complained to campus police she had been sexually assaulted by him.The web-site claims police confirmed the report. Like the woman in England, the Yale victim was tracked down, but she too refused to give her married name or to discuss the allegations…"

The Washington Weekly 3/01/99 Edward Zehr "… Rick Lambert, an investigator for the Paula Jones legal team, told the online publication NewsMax that, "I talked to Judy Stokes for an hour and a half. At first, she was reluctant to burn her bridges with Liz [Gracen]. But I finally asked, 'Do you believe Clinton raped her?' She said, 'Absolutely. He forced her to have sex. What do you call that?' Stokes was totally convinced it was rape."Why did Gracen change her story? As I reported last year, the lady is an actress and, according to The New York Post, the 1992 denial was elicited from Gracen after she and her manager Miles Levy, met with Clinton's TV producer friend Harry Thomasson and his campaign manager Mickey Kantor. At a Little Rock press conference held a week later Gracen denied that she and Clinton were lovers. She was thereupon given a role by producer Michael Viner in … Of course, Gracen denies that the denial she made on Clinton's behalf had anything to do with her being given a role by producer Michael Viner. Of course. Michael Viner just happens to be the former publisher of Dove Books who felt inspired by civic virtue to hold a press conference in which he badmouthed Kathleen Willey, implying that the only reason she had made those allegations against Clinton was to promote a book she wanted to sell him. (In fact, it was Viner who had approached Willey about the book, but the smear seemed to work at the time). Small world, isn't it? According to Capitol Hill Blue, Gracen's latest version of the story is that what she had said in the Daily News interview is false. She now says that she was pressured by threats from the president's supporters to say that her sexual encounter with Clinton was consensual…."

The Washington Weekly 3/01/99 Edward Zehr "… Beverly Lambert provided details of Clinton's assault on a "young woman lawyer" he met at a Democratic fundraiser in Little Rock in the late '70s. The incident had been mentioned in a book by Roger Morris, "Partners in Power." The victim had talked to Morris on condition of confidentiality. After the fundraiser at a popular waterfront restaurant, known then as Fisherman's Wharf, "She offered Clinton a ride home. And once he got her alone in her car, he grabbed this woman and assaulted her. He did his trademark thing; exposed himself, asked her to 'kiss it,' and pushed her head down into his lap," according to Lambert. The woman went home and told her husband, who subsequently confronted Clinton, obtaining a "sheepish" apology from him. But the couple were unwilling to talk to Jones' investigators. Do you wonder why? Lambert explains: "Right after they talked to Roger Morris, her husband was suddenly appointed to head up the Arkansas Real Estate Commission," says Beverly. "I'm sure that job pays pretty well. She works for the state, too. So at this point they're afraid for their jobs." Does that sound excessively cynical? Shouldn't we give then the benefit of a doubt? Beverly Lambert explains further: "The husband was cooperative when Rick first called, but said he wanted to check with someone before he talked further. When he called back he was totally hostile and started calling Rick every name in the book."…’ 3/3/99 Carl Limbacher "…During the interview with Beverly Lambert, Broaddrick revealed information she had indicating that another woman had been raped by Clinton. Lambert explained: "I don't think she meant to do it. But she let it slip that a friend of Sheffield Nelson's wife was also attacked." In 1990, Nelson made a bid for the Arkansas governorship but lost the race to Clinton. Just a month before the 1992 election, Nelson met with Broaddrick to persuade her to go public with her rape account. Broaddrick declined to do so, telling the pair, "Who's going to believe little old Juanita from Van Buren?" Last month, Broaddrick repeated the same story to, saying that Nelson told her the woman refused to come forward because she was drunk at the time of the attack and perhaps blamed herself. Reached at his Little Rock home days later, Nelson confirmed the story but would not reveal the woman's name, explaining that she "would never come forward."

Associated Press 3/25/99 Pete Yost "…Prosecutors then started to show a videotape to the jury of Mrs. McDougal's interview several years ago with ABC in which she talked about Whitewater. In one out-take, Mrs. McDougal, who had been convicted and sentenced before the interview, is asked what is the one thing she wants to say after four years of silence in the Whitewater investigation. In a joking manner, Mrs. McDougal said ``that I hate'' the prosecutors ``and that I want them dead and their children dead.''…"

Los Angeles Times 4/4/99 William Rempel, Henry Weinstein, Alan Miller "...Chung's relationship with federal authorities took a dramatic turn last spring when teams of federal agents moved him and his family into protective custody, law enforcement sources told The Times. The FBI feared for Chung's safety after he received veiled threats and bribe offers from individuals pressing him to keep silent about his China dealings. Those concerns grew after the FBI received information from overseas indicating that Chung could be in danger. For 21 days in May and June, Chung and his family were kept under 24-hour guard in hotels near Los Angeles International Airport by teams of heavily armed FBI agents. And, as recently as two weeks ago, special agents again secluded the Chung family in a Torrance hotel for three days over still-unexplained safety concerns...."China never interferes in other countries' internal affairs," President Jiang told a live television audience during Clinton's trip to China last summer. A few weeks before Jiang's televised remarks, FBI officials had information that led them to believe Chung might be in danger. The agency responded by imposing extraordinary security measures to protect its key witness: More than 40 agents were assigned to guard Chung, his wife and three children for three weeks. During this period when Chung and his family were kept in hiding, FBI counterintelligence agents also monitored groups of Chinese visitors traveling in Southern California, according to law enforcement and other sources. At least one group was regarded by U.S. intelligence operatives as a possible "hit squad," said one federal law enforcement official. No attempt was made to harm Chung or his family. One federal law enforcement source said that there is no evidence today that the visitors were sent to target Chung...."

NewsMax 4/17/99 Inside Cover "...Paula Jones feared for her life while pressing her lawsuit against President Clinton and thinks he may have played a role in a number of mysterious deaths of potential witnesses against him. Jones, appearing Friday night on FOX News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes", was asked whether she suspected that Clinton was responsible for the deaths; a list numbering, according to some, more than 50 people who were associated with one Clinton controversy or another. Some of the more prominent Clinton friends to die in the midst of scandal were Vince Foster, Ron Brown and James McDougal. Jones repsonded, "He may not be hands-on in doing it, but I think maybe he has some part in some of this stuff. Because there's just too many of them that have come up dead or missing that have had some kind of bond or have been in business or some kind of dealings with Clinton." ..... JONES: Well, there's been a lot of people that have come up dead in Arkansas. And I've had a lot of people ask me, 'Aren't you scared for your life?' And actually, I have been. Even (Clinton attorney) Bob Bennett said a quote one time on CNN that his mother always used to tell him that you better be careful for what you ask for because you just might get it. And then he went on to talk about how his dog used to chase cars. And then his dog was dead and he has a new dog now. And I took that even as a threat. There were just so many things and I wanted people to know that I'm not like that and that if I come up strangely dead that I didn't kill myself. ....In March, lead House impeachment prober David Schippers told that the House and Senate leadership refused to allow him time to investigate charges of witness intimidation against President Clinton...."


Drudge report expands 5/11/99 "...Earlier this year, ABC NEWS hotshot reporter Jackie Judd showed presidential accuser Kathleen Willey a picture of a man. Judd was developing a story about an incident she was first to reveal about the morning Willey was spooked by a stranger -- a stranger that knew too many details about her private life. A stranger that approached her just two days before she was to tell a grand jury about what Bill Clinton did to her in the White House. "Is this the man who approached you that morning?" Judd asked Willey. The DRUDGE REPORT can now reveal that Willey was shown a picture of Cody Shearer -- the brother-in-law of Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott and long-time friend of President Bill Clinton! Judd has not yet filed a report on what Willey told her that day, but Willey did open up to CNBC's Chris Matthews in an interview on Tuesday night. Willey unloaded details of her run-in with a man: "I was walking with my three dogs, and I saw this man coming toward me... He called me by name, 'Kathleen, did you ever find your cat?' he asked. 'No, I have not, and we really miss him,' I told him. 'Did you ever get those tires fixed on your car?' he asked. The hair on my neck started to stand on end... He asked me about my children by name. Willey told Matthews that she can ID the man as being one of the president's associates. The twin brother of Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott's wife, Brooke Shearer, has been at the center of controversy since Bill Clinton has been president -- but he has remained mostly out of the headlines. Freelance journalist Cody Shearer is alleged to have had cozy relations with Investigative Group International, using their office databases and hob-nobbing with operatives, according to reports in VANITY FAIR and the NEW YORK POST last summer....." 5/12/99 "...Breaking a 14 month media silence about the events surrounding her sexual assault by President Clinton, on Tuesday Kathleen Willey linked two friends of the president to separate episodes of witness intimidation. Appearing on CNBC's "Hardball" with Chris Matthews, Willey alleged that former Commerce Secretary and longtime Clinton operative Mickey Kantor had threatened her friend Julie Hiatt Steele to get her to change her story. Willey said that she was persuaded to go public with her own account in March 1998 only when producers for CBS's "60 Minutes" unearthed Kantor's involvement and shared the information with her: "They told me that my friend Julie Steele had been approached by a very high ranking member of the Clinton administration questioning her about the conditions of the adoption of her child.....I decided that no woman, no person, no mother should be threatened with her child. And that was the reason I did "60 Minutes". Willey said that "60 Minutes" producers specifically identified the administration official to her as Kantor. She told Matthews that "60 Minutes" had promised to expose the cover-up as part of the same episode where she described her assault by Clinton but instead CBS decided to withold the Kantor bombshell...." 5/12/99 "...In another shocking exchange, Ms. Willey established a separate White House link to the encounter she had with a jogger who threatened her two days before her January 1998 deposition in the Paula Jones case. Willey told CNBC's Matthews that she was approached at dawn as she walked through her Virginia neighborhood by a total stranger who seemed to know a lot about her personal life: "He asked me, 'Did you ever find your cat?' And I said, 'No, I haven't and we really miss him.' Then he said, 'Did you ever get those tires fixed on your car?' And I said 'No' and that's when the hair started standing up on the back of my neck." Willey said the stranger identified her pet by name, saying, "That cat, he was a nice cat. Bullseye was his name, wasn't it?" Willey added, "He asked me about my children by name. He said, 'How are your children, Shannon and Patrick?' It was a very insidious thing and it was meant to scare me." The former White House volunteer said she was able to identify the stranger as someone "associated with" President Clinton after being shown photos by investigators. She would not publicly reveal her tormentor's name but Matthews' questions narrowed the field down to three people:... MATTHEWS: Is it someone in the President's family of friends? Is it somebody related to Strobe Talbott? Is it a Shearer? WILLEY: I can't say. I've been asked not to by the Office of Independent Counsel because they are investigating this. Derek, Cody and Brooke Shearer are longtime friends of the Clintons who have been linked in published reports to IGI, the White House's regular private detective agency run by Terry Lenzner. Brooke Shearer is married to Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott...." 5/14/99 "....When historians ponder the question of how an already impeached American president managed to stay one jump ahead of the sheriff through continuing financial scandals, questions about mysterious deaths, new rape allegations and frightening lies to cover-up nuclear espionage, this is a week they'd do well to focus on. Just ask Chinagate figure Johnny Chung and Clinton sexual assault victim Kathleen Willey, whose answer to that question in accounts offered on Tuesday might be summed up in two words: witness intimidation. In testimony before the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, Chung revealed that his Chinagate handlers transmitted to him the clear message, "If you keep your mouth shut, you and you family will be safe." The threat came from a man Chung identified as Robert Luu, who also suggested that attorney's fees could be paid and even a possible presidential pardon arranged as long as Chung hung tough. As Chung unraveled some of Chinagate for Congress, Kathleen Willey was preparing for her first television appearance in 14 months, wherein she would finger two friends of the president in a scheme to silence her about her own Oval Office sexual assault. Speaking to CNBC's Chris Matthews, Willey said she could positively I.D. a person "associated with" Bill Clinton who threatened her family's safety two days before she testified in the Paula Jones case. Based on what Willey had told him off camera, Matthews named Cody Shearer, a longtime friend of Bill with ties to the White House's favorite secret policeman, Terry Lenzner. Willey also charged that former Commerce Secretary Mickey Kantor had pressured a key corroborating witness to her story, Julie Hiatt Steele, to change her account -- which kept Independent Counsel Ken Starr from including Willey's charge in his impeachment referral. ...."I want to stay alive," Chinagate's Charlie Trie explained while on the lam in 1997, when asked by an ABC News reporter why he'd fled to China after his involvement in suspicious payments to the Clinton Defense Fund and DNC became known. "I could sink their story quicker than they can lie about it, if I could get into a position where I wouldn't get my head beaten off," Jim McDougal revealed to an Arkansas pol in 1992 about the Clintons' Whitewater cover-story. Four years later McDougal sought refuge as a government witness, only to die under questionable circumstances after cooperating for 19 months...."

New York Post 5/28/99 GERSH KUNTZMAN Freeper laz "...Controversial filmmaker Spike Lee says it's all a big misunderstanding: He doesn't really want someone to shoot National Rifle Association President Charlton Heston. The man behind the critically lauded films "Malcolm X" and "He Got Game" said he was "only joking" at the Cannes Film Festival when he told reporters that one way to prevent school violence would be to "shoot" Heston "with a .44-caliber Bulldog." "I was only joking!" the "Do the Right Thing" director said yesterday...." 6/12/99 Carl from Oyster Bay "... Perdue went public with her claim of a 1983 Clinton affair during the 1992 Democratic convention. She quickly became the target of the Clinton campaign's "bimbo eruptions" swat team, which spread stories that she was unstable to the American press. But in 1994 Perdue gave the British press new details, which included a vivid description of her former lover using cocaine "like a real pro" and frolicking in Perdue's negligee while serenading her with his sax. Sometime after the Arkansas governor announced his bid for the White House, Perdue says a Democrat operative offered her bribes and threatened to break her legs if she didn't stay silent. She identified the operative, who set up a meeting with her at a Missouri restaurant, as Ron Tucker. Perdue was wary of meeting with Tucker, so she posted a witness within earshot. Because of that witnesss, Perdue would be able to substantiate the threat, which would lend credibility to some of the gamier details in the rest of her account. Obviously, Perdue would have been one of the most explosive witnesses at a prospective Paula Jones trial. Or, even worse from the White House's standpoint, at the House impeachment hearings...." 6/23/99 "...Inside Cover has learned that production on Spike Lee's U.S. Navy recruitment ads continued until last week, nearly a month after the New York Post revealed that the controversial film director said of National Rifle Association President Charlton Heston: "Shoot him -- with a .44-caliber Bulldog." On Wednesday, Lt. Cmdr. Karen Jefferies, spokeswoman for the Navy Recruiting Command, explained that the first of Lee's six spots has appeared in approximately 10,000 movie theaters already this summer. The other five ads are still being edited and have not yet been approved by the Navy for release..."

Free Republic 7/16/99 Freeper Clarity "…Breaking News..... I just spoke to the Philadeplhia District Attorney's Office and they are going to prosecute the three additional Teamsters identified by Don Adams. Free Republic Foundation strikes again! …."

The Progressive Review 8/2/99 Sam Smith "... [And from a November 20,1997 tape in which Monica is talking about telling Clinton she wants to break up with him]: TRIPP: Well, let me put it to you this way. By hanging up and saying you're telling your parents and then hanging up the phone, you're saying a whole hell of a lot more than you could ever do in a 20 minute conversation. LEWINSKY: I know (tape skip) (inaudible) my mom will kill me if I don't tell him - make it clear at some point that I'm not going to hurt him, because - see, my mom's big fear is that he's going to send somebody out to kill me. TRIPP: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. LEWINSKY: So -- TRIPP: Shut up. LEWINSKY: Well, that's what she thinks. TRIPP: Oh, my God. Don't even say such an asinine thing. He's not that stupid. He's an arrogant....but he's not that stupid. LEWINSKY: Well, you know, accidents happen. ..."

NEWSMAX.COM 8/2/99 "...Gennifer Flowers broke one of the most powerful of all media taboos Monday night when she unequivocally called her former lover, the President of the United States, a murderer. The most famous of all pre-presidential Clinton paramours also insisted that had she not protected herself by going public with her story of a twelve-year affair with the then-Arkansas Governor, she would have been killed. Appearing on CNBC's "Hardball" to discuss Hillary Clinton's bombshell Talk magazine interview about her husband's philandering, Flowers was asked by host Chris Matthews if she thought Mrs. Clinton's renewed victim status would help her win the New York Senate race. FLOWERS: Well, in the first place I hope that she does not succeed at becoming a United States Senator from New York. I think that would be a travesty. We've had enough of these people; these criminals, these liars, these murderers. We need to get them out of political office, please. MATTHEWS: Murderers? ....MATTHEWS: Do you believe that the President ordered the killing of anyone? FLOWERS: I believe that he did. And I believe that I wouldn't be sitting here talking with you today had I not become high profile as I did. Even though I didn't do it on purpose, it saved my life. .....Matthews challenged Flowers to cite "one hard case" of Clinton ordering a murder. Flowers named Luther "Jerry" Parks, the onetime chief of campaign security in 1992 who was gunned down execution style nine months after Clinton entered the White House..... Matthews continued to press Flowers for evidence: MATTHEWS: But you don't know if there's any connection [to Bill Clinton]. FLOWERS: I didn't hear Bill Clinton get on the phone and call and place the order to have this man killed. MATTHEWS: But, you know - you sort of need evidence like that to accuse even this guy, a guy you don't like perhaps, of murder, don't you? FLOWERS: Well, I think if it looks like a chicken and walks like a chicken - perhaps it's a chicken. I mean, c'mon. All of these things are just not a coincidence. MATTHEWS: Perhaps...."

Larry Klayman 8/3/99 "...Yesterday, Gennifer Flowers appeared on Chris Mathews' "Hardball," confirming claims by Judicial Watch client Dolly Kyle Browning that the President has a sexual addiction that cannot be controlled, and adding that she, like many others, believes some of the 58 plus deaths during the Clinton Administration may not be accidental, but instead are related to silencing witnesses. She added that persons on behalf of the President may be involved, even if Bill Clinton is not directly responsible. Indeed, on Fox News' "Hannity & Colmes" yesterday evening, Judicial Watch produced a video of the deposition of Linda Tripp, where she testifies that she was threatened on a number of occasions by the Clinton Administration, including through a list of deceased people which Monica Lewinsky left on her chair at the Pentagon. During a later interview on "Larry King Live," Tripp stated that she believed, based on discussions with Lewinsky, that Bill Clinton was behind death threats made to her. When confronted with Flowers' opinion that persons in and around the Clinton Administration were likely behind some of the deaths, Chris Mathews became very nervous and apologetic that Flowers had made these remarks on his program. In fact, The White House obviously views him as an adversary and thus Judicial Watch believes that the Clinton Administration is keeping a file about him. Indeed, Judicial Watch is aware that The White House keeps and maintains files on journalists. Chris Mathews should continue to speak out against Bill Clinton, and not be afraid to pursue factual allegations that he and/or his agents may be behind even greater crimes than can be imagined. In the real world, bad things do happen, and they can even happen in the United States. Gennifer Flowers, who has been proven correct on a number of fronts, should not be dismissed lightly. The hard fact is that the law of averages itself raises questions about the number of deaths in and around this Administration. This 'coincidence' needs to be investigated, not cast aside," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman and President Tom Fitton...."

Investor's Business Daily-EDITORIALS 8/18/99 "…***At a fund-raising event in Los Angeles that Clinton and Vice President Al Gore attended, Chung gave $25,000. That bought 2-1/2 tables and a chance for two guests to get their pictures taken with Clinton and Gore. Chung said he wanted to take two others in for a picture. No problem, said a DNC official before the event, if you give another $70,000. Chung refused. A DNC aide later told him that "bad things would happen to him" if he didn't. He still refused.

NewsMax 10/29/99 Carl Limbacher "….First of all I want to say thank you for the first time, Chinagate witness Johnny Chung told a packed hall Saturday night at the Pasadena Hilton [Judicial Watch]. "Everytime I mean to do it but everytime on TV they always edit. So tonight is the night I can say it without edit."….. "I want to thank those FBI agents who put their life on the line for me and risk their life to protect my family and me, " Chung said. "They are the best of the best. They are the FBI Los Angeles Counterintelligence Group." A law enforcement source confirmed to that no fewer than six armed FBI agents were on hand to protect Chung as he spoke. His wife and daughter were seated just feet away as he addressed the standing-room-only crowd. So why, with the public and the press long ago bored with Chinagate, is this key cooperating witness still in such danger? Chung remains the only figure whose testimony links the Clinton campaign fundraising scandal directly to Chinese espionage…..But before Johnny Chung exposed significant parts of the Chinagate cover-up, Beijing's agents made sure he understood that cooperating with investigators would place his safety -- and that of his family -- in grave danger. ….."Since I've begun to tell the truth, my whole family has been under government protection," Chung told the crowd. Rather than embittering him, the experience seems to have given him the strength to withstand the pressure. "We love each other more because we are in the same room 24 hours a day, seven days a week.... I'm only allowed one hour under the sunshine." ….."I got a message for whatever group going to receive this message. You can try to kill me, but you cannot stop me from telling the truth." …."

The Associated Press State & Local Wire 10/22/99 Kelly Kissel "….A man castrated while awaiting his rape trial was released from prison Friday after serving 14 years in prison. He returned as a pariah to his hometown of DeWitt. DuMond, 50, was convicted and sent to prison for the September 1984 rape of a high school cheerleader in Forrest City. The girl, then 17, was Ashley Stevens, a distant cousin of President Clinton. ….. While awaiting his 1985 trial, Wayne DuMond was castrated with fishing line at his home, he said by masked men. No one was ever arrested in the attack and Bobby Dumond said Friday "because they never looked." …….The parole board had recommended clemency partly because genetic evidence uncovered by DuMond's lawyer showed that semen on Ms. Stevens' pants did not exhibit a genetic marker DuMond possessed……. According to a lawsuit, St. Francis County Sheriff Coolidge Conlee took DuMond's testicles after the attack and displayed them in a jar in his office for about two weeks. DuMond sued over the affront and settled his lawsuit for $ 110,000. …..Between the time his 1997 parole and his 1999 parole plans were approved, DuMond's wife Dusty died from injuries suffered in an Ohio traffic accident. He was allowed out for a day to attend her funeral. With DuMond now out for good, the family hopes to prove his innocence, Bobby Dumond said. "I know he didn't do it. I hope we can put all this behind us," he said….."

NewsMax 1/8/00 Carl Limbacher "…The FBI has confirmed that its agents arrested an unidentified suspect in connection with an attempt to kill key Chinagate witness Johnny Chung last March, Fox News Channel reported late Friday. …..At the top of her interview with Chung, Zahn reported, "Chung believes that he's been marked for death by Beijing because he cooperated with the Justice Department's investigation into the (Chinagate) scandal." Turning to Chung, Zahn added, "The FBI confirmed that it had arrested a man in March allegedly trying to kill you." To date, America's establishment press has been oblivious to the ominous implications of the now-confirmed report that a Beijing operative apparently attempted to rub out a key US government witness…."

AP 1/5/00 "…..At a Teamsters union local ringed by police in riot gear, the union opened a hearing Wednesday on the ouster of embattled Philadelphia local chief John P. Morris. Teamsters president James P. Hoffa signed an emergency order in November removing the 73-year-old Morris as secretary-treasurer of Local 115 for charges including alleged weapons purchases with union money and intimidation of members he considered disloyal……. "

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 1/6/00 "….A legal watchdog group has filed a multimillion-dollar civil rights and defamation lawsuit against two Philadelphia politicians and a Teamsters union official on behalf of two people beaten at an anti-Clinton rally. Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit on behalf of Don Adams and his sister Teri Adams. The legal action names as defendants Democratic National Committee Chairman Ed Rendell, Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham and Johnny Morris, founder and secretary-treasurer of Teamsters Local 115...."

Judicial Watch 1/4/00 Joe Giganti "….Judicial Watch's heroic client, Don Adams, and his sister, Teri Adams, have filed a multi-million dollar civil rights and defamation lawsuit against Philadelphia Mayor and Democratic National Committee Chairman Edward Rendell; Lynne Abraham, Philadelphia District Attorney; and John Morris, formerly head of Local 115 of the Teamsters Union in Philadelphia. Mr. Adams was brutally beaten by Morris' Teamsters - who were wearing "Teamsters For Clinton" t-shirts - as Adams and his sister peacefully protested outside of City Hall during a fundraiser sponsored by Rendell with the assistance of Bill Clinton. Both were in City Hall at the time of the attack. Before the attack, Adams' protest sign was ripped out of his hand. When Adams demanded his sign back, Morris proceeded to order and participate in the attack on him. Following the attack, Rendell, along with others, slandered Mr. Adams, showing that the Mayor and DNC chief were working in tandem with Morris. On FOX's "The O'Reilly Factor" yesterday evening, Time Magazine reporter, Edward Barnes, confirmed that the Adams' case is not just a Democrat scandal. Barnes revealed links between Senator Arlen Specter and John Morris and suggested that the reason Morris was not prosecuted for his attack on Adams, or concerning recent revelations that he was stockpiling weapons, was because he had protection from Specter, Rendell, Abraham, and others….."

Nando Times 1/6/00 "….Police in riot gear ringed a hearing Wednesday into whether the head of a Teamsters chapter in Philadelphia should be removed. Union president James P. Hoffa ordered in November that John P. Morris, 73, be removed as secretary-treasurer of Local 115 over accusations of weapons purchases with union money and intimidation of members……. "

World Net Daily 2/29/00 David Bresnahan "….. A multinational group of intelligence and military operatives are preparing men and supplies in the area of Liberia, Costa Rica for a possible operation in Panama, according to intelligence sources. While investigating the mysterious Jan.15 plane crash that occurred in San Jose, Costa Rica, WorldNetDaily was led to intelligence sources who provided some details of the operation on the condition of anonymity -- revealing an even bigger mystery. Former CIA director Stansfield Turner was nearly killed when the private plane he was in crashed. His wife Karen, along with Sigifred and Therese Richert, and Antonio Sanchez Diaz were killed in the crash. The pilot, Cleto Miranda Luna, died of his injuries on February 2. There were 12 others who were injured on board the plane and one on the ground……"

World Net Daily 2/29/00 David Bresnahan "….. Turner and his group were in Costa Rica as part of a secret intelligence operation, according to an informed source, who says the plane crash brought press attention to their presence, possibly forcing the operation to be moved. Whether the operation is still underway in a new location and the specific involvement of Turner could not be determined, but the source would only say the plans involved possible deployment to Panama. The flight plan showed that Turner's plane was headed for the Tortuguero National Park on Costa Rica's Atlantic sea shore, which is said to be near the area where the military forces and supplies were being accumulated. The plane was only a short distance from the airport when it exploded and fell like a rock from the sky, according to witnesses. It crashed into a house with three people inside, all of whom survived. …….. Asked the cause of the crash, the intelligence source said, "Well, let's just say it wasn't an accident," but he declined to give any details. He helped WorldNetDaily contact sources who were at the airline office and at the crash site during the rescue after the crash, saying it would help prevent future problems if word of the nature of the crash became public. ….."

World Net Daily 2/29/00 David Bresnahan "….. The airline source confirmed that Juan Carlos was the scheduled pilot, but he "was released against his will" just before the flight was to take off. The source said there was a heated debate over the replacement pilot. Carlos objected, but then he "suddenly stopped complaining and walked away," apparently because he was offered compensation to make up for lost pay for not flying the plane. The source would not provide information about Luna, the substitute pilot, who later died of his injuries. He told WorldNetDaily he was frightened and shouldn't have said anything at all. …..Press accounts at the time of the crash stated that Turner, his wife, and everyone on board were tourists. One of the passengers was listed as a tour guide, and the airline is often used for tourist flights. The intelligence source said everyone on board the plane had "intelligence ties." ….."

AP 3/10/00 Pete Yost "…..In court papers unsealed Friday, a former White House contractor says she was threatened not to reveal a problem with the White House e-mail system that concealed thousands of messages from the Justice Department and congressional investigators. The contractor, Betty Lambuth, says a subordinate told her some of the e-mails deal with ``Vice President Al Gore's involvement in campaign fund-raising controversies'' and ``the sale of Clinton Commerce Department trade mission seats in exchange for campaign contributions.'' The subordinate said the e-mail also contained information on the White House's improper gathering of FBI background files of long-ago Republican appointees and the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Lambuth stated in her declaration. The document was unsealed by U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth. ……. Lambuth says she learned of a problem with the White House e-mail system in May 1998 in the midst of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's perjury and obstruction probe of the president in the Lewinsky scandal.

AP 3/10/00 Pete Yost "…..``Lindsay and others on the Clinton White House staff who knew why I wasn't telling Hawkins about the e-mail problem never intervened with Hawkins to protect my job,'' Lambuth said in the declaration……. At a hearing Friday morning, the judge also unsealed a new declaration by Hall in which she said the White House get rid of computer-taped archives and the contents of computer hard drives of presidential aides who leave. A career staff member in the White House Office of Administration ``told me that ... the Clinton-Gore White House plans to destroy ... archival cartridge tapes'' and to ``reformat the hard drives'' of departing White House staffers. Hall said there are archives cartridges for at least 500 departing staffers. Lamberth ordered Justice Department lawyer James Gilligan, representing the White House in the case, to ensure that no hard drives are reformatted and no cartridges destroyed. In addition, ``I want names of those responsible for preserving'' the material, said Lamberth. Gilligan promised to provide them. ..."

Judicial Watch 3/10/00 Betty Lambuth DECLARATION OF BETTY LAMBUTH "……I was an employee for CEXEC in the Information Systems and Technology Division ("IST") of the Clinton White House Office of Administration ("OA"). CEXEC was a sub-contractor for Northrop-Grumman at the Clinton White House that helped run and maintain its computer systems. My duties and responsibilities included but were not limited to the management of all computer message systems, e-mail and Internet security services within the Executive Office of the President ("EOP"). ……

......I informed as soon as possible my Clinton White House supervisor, Laura Crabtree, of the e-mail server problem, who quickly understood the technical and legal severity of the problem. I understand Crabtree then went to the Clinton White House OA office and spoke with its counsel, Mark Lindsay. Crabtree also informed Paulette Cichonne, another official at the Clinton OA, of the problem.

……..After consulting with Lindsay and Cichonne, Crabtree, acting on their instruction, said that I was forbidden to say anything to anyone concerning the e-mail server problem. Crabtree specifically stated that I and my staff was not to inform Steve Hawkins, my Northrop-Grumman manager at the Clinton White House. Crabtree told me that if I did talk about the e-mail problem, I would loose my job, be arrested, and jailed.

…….I then sought a meeting with Mark Lindsay and Paulette Cichonne about the e-mail problem. At that meeting, Mark Lindsay reiterated Crabtree's comments and told me directly that I nor any of my staff were not permitted to discuss anything concerning the e-mail problem with anyone, including Steve Hawkins. Lindsay said that if I or any of my team who knew about the e-mail problem told anyone else about it we would loose our jobs, be arrested and put in jail.

…….I conveyed Lindsay's threats to my staff at the Clinton White House who knew of the e-mail problem. The members of my contractor staff were worried about the threats as well. In fact, to maintain the Clinton White House's ordered secrecy about the e-mail problem, my staff and I held meetings to discuss the issue outside the office in a park close to the New Executive Office Building and in a nearby Starbucks. Also to ensure secrecy, the e-mail problem was called Project X.

……I was initially instructed to work up technical plans and cost estimates to fix the e-mail problem. But within days, I quickly came to the conclusion that the Clinton White House had no intention of fixing the problem, despite their knowledge that the e-mail in issue contained many e-mails from and to Monica Lewinsky, who was then involved in an ongoing criminal investigation. My conclusion was based on the fact that nothing was done to fix the problem and the e-mails continued to be left out of any searches in response to subpoenas and other document requests.

……..A contractor for Northrop-Grumman whom I supervised, and who examined this group of e-mail, told me the e-mail contained information relating to Filegate, concerning the Monica Lewinsky scandal, the sale of Clinton Commerce Department trade mission seats in exchange for campaign contributions, and Vice President Al Gore's involvement in campaign fundraising controversies.

……..Steve Hawkins somehow found out that a major issue (the e-mail problem) was being kept secret from him. He pressured me and another female member of my staff to divulge the information about the secret project on which we had been working. He told us that unless we told him, we would be removed from our positions at the Clinton White House. He also told my other female staffer that would not have any job at all if she didn't tell him about the secret project. Lindsay and others on the Clinton White House staff who knew why I wasn't telling Hawkins about the e-mail problem never intervened with Hawkins to protect my job. For fear of going to jail, per Lindsay's and others' threats, I did not tell Hawkins about the e-mail problem. This led Hawkins to request that CEXEC remove me from my assignment at the Clinton White House. This was done and I left the Clinton White House in July, 1998. (I still remain employed with CEXEC.) ......"

Insight Magazine 3/10/00 Paul Rodriguez "…….The explosive affidavit by Betty Lambuth, filed under seal in late February before District Court Judge Royce C. Lamberth, not only confirms details of a story that was first reported by Insight magazine in December 1998 and January 1999, but goes on to detail threats by White House lawyers to punish any employee who revealed the existence of the secret e-mails even to White House staff in charge of computer-system operations. …….. It is Hall's latest affidavit delivered to Judge Lamberth on March 10, however, that contains the rocket sure to send sparks through Congress and the White House concerning a secret operation to destroy confidential computer records. ……. Although the senior staff of the House Government Reform Committee knew of the so-called lost e-mails and the White House's attempts to conceal the discovery of the priceless data from many investigators, the materials were neither sought nor subpoenaed by the committee. That is, until early March 2000 when the Washington Times picked up the original Insight stories from two years ago (see "news alert!" March 13) and, separately, Dan Burton confirmed that at least five government contract employees had been threatened with loss of jobs and/or jail time if ever they revealed the information. …….. Besides the Burton committee, the FBI Campaign Task Force and the Office of Independent Counsel Ray (who succeeded Ken Starr) now are on the trail of the e-mails and long-distance telephone records. Although agents from the Campaign Task Force actually had meetings with White House lawyers shortly after the original Insight stories broke, they reportedly failed to follow up. "I promise you, we'll get these records now," a high-level federal law-enforcement official said, March 10. ...... The latest revelations, plus new ones not yet revealed to the court or Congress, have rattled the White House and angered members of Congress in both political parties. Burton is expected to conduct hearings shortly on the entire matter and, as Insight sources say, work already has begun to depose current and former contract employees who worked at the White House and claim to have been threatened by senior Clinton staff and lawyers. ......The Justice Department Campaign Finance Task Force, along with Independent Counsel Ray, also are preparing new batches of subpoenas, Insight has learned, based on the latest revelations and, in particular, a review of notes from meetings with White House lawyers who said such records did not exist when, in fact, they did. ……"

AP via WorldNetDaily 3/9/00 "…..The White House said Thursday it is completing an initial review of its failure to examine thousands of e-mails that have never been turned over to Congress in the campaign fund-raising scandal. President Clinton told reporters the problem "will all be handled in an appropriate way" by White House lawyers. As Clinton spoke, the House Government Reform Committee chaired by Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., was sending a subpoena to the White House demanding records that might explain how e-mails were collected in 1998……. The existence of the messages didn't become public until a former White House employee testified about it last month in a lawsuit brought by a conservative group, Judicial Watch……….. In interviews Tuesday with Burton's committee, five computer system employees from Northrop Grumman who worked at the White House said they were threatened and ordered to keep quiet in 1998 by two people from the White House Office of Administration…… "

AP via WorldNetDaily 3/9/00 "…..The contract employees said they were told "there's a jail cell with your name on it" if the workers talked to anyone about this, including their superiors at Northrup Grumman, Burton's staff says. …….. Burton's subpoena seeks records from 1998 dealing with "the failure to collect e-mail messages." …….. Computer specialists who worked on the White House system told Burton's staff that among the e-mails are some from former White House intern Monica Lewinsky after she had been transferred to the Pentagon. …….. It is unclear whether copies of those e-mails were turned over to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr in 1998 in his perjury and obstruction investigation of the president. "There were a significant number of e-mails from Monica Lewinsky," said Mark Corallo, a spokesman for Burton's committee. …….."While we're not interested in those, we would be interested in any e-mails pertaining to our several investigations; for instance, any e-mails from the Democratic National Committee to White House personnel," said Corallo. …..White House Counsel Beth Nolan wrote Burton that "we are completing out initial review" and she promised a "written description of the measures the White House has taken to address this matter" next week. A meeting between Burton and Nolan would follow. …."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/10/00 Jerry Seper "….Five Northrop Grumman employees were so intimidated by White House threats of jail that one was nearly fired when she refused to tell her own bosses about the administration's failure to turn over thousands of e-mail messages under subpoena. Newly obtained information shows the White House threatened to have the five employees jailed after they found - and reported - a glitch in the White House computer system that prevented the discovery of more than 100,000 White House messages involving campaign finance abuses, Monica Lewinsky, "Chinagate" and "Filegate." The threat came from Laura Crabtree, White House customer-support branch chief, during a June 15, 1998, meeting in her office after the discovery by Northrop Grumman of the computer glitch, according to lawyers and others familiar with the growing scandal. She told the employees the matter was "extremely sensitive," warned them not to tell anyone about it without explicit authorization and said the consequences would be a "jail cell."......"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/10/00 Jerry Seper "….One of the Northrop Grumman employees, all of whom worked on a technical-support contract for the Executive Office of the President, was given 30 minutes to change her mind or be fired for insubordination when she refused - as ordered by the White House - to tell her immediate supervisors about the e-mail problem. That employee ultimately told the company's program manager she would "rather be insubordinate than go to jail." During the June 1998 White House meeting, Mrs. Crabtree asked each of the five employees individually if they understood there were consequences if they spoke out about the e-mail problem, according to the sources…….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/10/00 Jerry Seper "….The employees confirmed in interviews Tuesday by government reform panel lawyers a series of accusations made last month by Sheryl L. Hall, chief of White House computer operations……… The Northrop Grumman employees discovered that because one of the e-mail servers was named "Mail2" instead of "MAIL2" and because some components of the system were case-sensitive, the incoming messages to the users of "Mail2" were not collected between September 1996 and November 1998. The effort to fix the problem initially was dubbed "Project X," but later changed to the "Mail2 Reconstruction Project."……"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/10/00 Jerry Seper "….The Northrop Grumman employees brought the mistake to the attention of Mrs. Crabtree and Mark Lindsay, head of the Office of Management and Administration. Mr. Lindsay, who participated in the June 1998 meeting in Mrs. Crabtree's office by speakerphone, and Mrs. Crabtree, who now works at the Labor Department, have been unavailable for comment. ......... On Wednesday, the House Committee on Government Reform asked White House Counsel Beth Nolan for a meeting to discuss the matter. The committee issued subpoenas Thursday for a number of related documents and reports. Rep. Dan Burton, Indiana Republican and panel chairman, told Miss Nolan in a letter this week it appeared the White House had " made a conscious decision to do nothing to solve the problem posed by so many documents being improperly managed." He also asked Attorney General Janet Reno why no effort had been made to investigate the e-mail accusations….." 8/7/00 Carl Limbacher "….. Ironically, at the height of the impeachment trial in mid-January, something did develop that might have moved Broaddrick to the front burner had it happened weeks earlier. ......,,Schippers explained the event he learned of too late to include: "There was a time when she was being followed. This was just around the time of the (NBC) interview. She was being followed by a guy who was making it very obvious. That's how they do it. They get right out there and look at you in order to scare the hell out of you." ......The mysterious tail put on Broaddrick is eerily similar to what several witnesses claim happened to them, as they were about to testify before Starr grand juries. ...... 8/7/00 Carl Limbacher "…..Patrick Knowlton, who happened by Fort Marcy Park the day White House counsel Vince Foster's body was discovered there, had told the London Telegraph's Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and's Christopher Ruddy that he was followed by a series of men on the streets of D.C. soon after he was subpoenaed for Starr's Foster investigation. Knowlton's account, documented in the appendix to Starr's Foster report, clearly shows that Foster could not have taken his life in the Virginia Park. ......,Skeptical at first, Ruddy took a walk with Knowlton after the witness reported the harassment. Just as Knowlton claimed, a series of individuals followed and glared at the pair in what Ruddy later reported for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review was a very unnerving attempt to send Knowlton the clear message: Truthful testimony about Vince Foster could be hazardous to one's health. .........Though Starr and the media ignored Knowlton's harassment, prosecutor Schippers told that he took the account of another Starr witness extremely seriously: "I wanted to put Kathleen Willey on. Because, you talk about intimidation -- they did everything but threaten to kill her. And in fact, they did give her a threat to kill, in a veiled fashion, two days before her deposition." Schippers recounted Willey's story about the jogger who approached her, asked about her missing cat, the recent vandalism of her car and then mentioned her children by name. "Don't you get the message?" the total stranger told the frightened witness. ……." 8/7/00 Carl Limbacher "…..But the ex-Chicago prosecutor shared a chilling new aspect of Willey's ordeal -- an account that could have been lifted right from the script of an Alfred Hitchcock film: "The woman was absolutely scared to death. She got a call from the electric company. And they told her they were going to shut off her power and she'd be in total darkness for about 15 minutes. At first she thought nothing of this. But when it didn't happen she called them back to ask when they were going to do this. And they said, 'What are you talking about?' So that's the kind of thing that happened to some of these witnesses. That's how they operate." ……....."

Newsmax 8/10/00 Carl Limbacher "...... While the mainstream press ignored news that the CBS television network had allowed an apparent threat to the life of presidential candidate George W. Bush to go out over its airwaves, the story percolated on the Internet and talk radio for days. ........ Though CBS stayed mum, on Web sites like the actual video of the Kilborn Show stunt has been available since Monday. And at least one radio talk show host, WABC-NY's Steve Malzberg, was steamed enough to take matters into his own hands.

For days Malzberg had been calling the Secret Service, trying to find out if they'd launched an investigation. "This is outrageous," he told Wednesday night. "If I had pulled a stunt like this on the air, I'd be fired in a heartbeat." ........ Wednesday the popular conservative host finally got some answers from Secret Service officials, who told him that "an investigation is ongoing." ....... Later that night Malzberg speculated on his show that CBS would probably blame the Kilborn Show threat on a low level staffer. "They'll probably fire some intern and that will be that. But it's Kilborn's show. You can't tell me he didn't know what was going on." ........Curiously, CBS's press release was dated August 8th, a day before the network actually made it available to the media. Apparently network honchos were sitting on their "regrets," acknowledging the Bush threat only when pressure from the Internet and talk radio forced the issue......"

Rush Limbaugh Show 8/10/00 Freeper Travis McGee ".... Rush is STEAMING HOT on the media double standard over "SNIPERS WANTED". He mentioned Free Republic and Doctor Raoul in the first minute. ...." Freeper Faith adds ".... I heard it and would safely say Rush was on fire. He expressed the liberals' hypocrisy very well. Also mentioned that heads should roll because it is a TAPED show. Anyone in charge could have eliminated the problem before it aired. ..." Travis McGee continues "....Well he was burning with rage as has been said. He said that this story was e-mailed to him by Doctor Raoul from, with great pictures and so on. Rush said that this story was emailed to him earlier in the week, but he just didn't believe it. Mostly it's a "liberal double standard" show. This is Rush at his BEST!! ......"

8/10/00 John B. Thompson, Attorney letter to Mel Karmazin President and CEO Viacom, Inc./CBS "....... Last Friday Craig Kilborn and his crew on Late, Late Show aired footage of George W. Bush accepting the GOP nomination, and your CBS employees superimposed on the screens of millions of Americans the words "SNIPERS WANTED." This was a taped show, so all the legal beagles on staff at CBS, who have had their common sense educated out of them, thought this was cool. This was, however, a criminal act, as it violates a federal felony statute enacted by Congress after the 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. The Secret Service is now responsible for investigating, for the purpose of prosecution, threats such as the one your network purposefully aired upon the lives of major political party presidential and vice presidential candidates and their families. You know that CBS hired Craig Kilborn after he was guilty of outrageous conduct over at Comedy Central (also owned by Viacom) that got him canned. You thus knew what you were getting in him, as you moved him laterally from one Viacom property to another. ....... CBS must either fire the persons responsible, including Kilborn, or I shall use all the options available to me under the law to make sure that CBS is punished corporately for its repeated toleration and thus encouragement of irresponsible, illegal acts. ......."

WorldNetDaily 8/10/00 Jon Dougherty ".....A late-night television host for CBS may have threatened the life of GOP presidential nominee George W. Bush during a parody of a news report showing Bush accepting his party's nomination at the Republican National Convention........ Craig Kilborn, host of the network's The Late, Late Show, aired a video clip of the GOP convention, which depicted several convention scenes in Philadelphia. ......The video segment began by displaying briefly a photograph of Bush giving his acceptance speech, with the words "SNIPERS WANTED" appearing in white letters at the bottom of the screen. ......The portrayal outraged some viewers, who in turn contacted CBS. Others contacted the U.S. Secret Service to inquire about whether the parody constituted a threat. ........Not only do such actions legally constitute a threat, but, according to a Secret Service agent who spoke with WorldNetDaily, the agency takes all such threats seriously -- regardless of who makes them or who they are directed against. ......."

WorldNetDaily 8/10/00 Jon Dougherty ".....Mackin said the Secret Service was made aware of the "SNIPERS WANTED" parody shortly after Kilborn aired it last Friday night, one day after the close of the Republican National Convention. Since then, he said, agents have been in contact with Kilborn and CBS after verifying the authenticity of the clip. "I can't go into any details, but I can tell you that we have investigated this matter and whether or not there was any harmful intent behind it," Mackin told WorldNetDaily on Wednesday. He also declined to comment on CBS's reaction to the clip or whether action would be taken against the network generally or Kilborn specifically. Others were clearly upset by the broadcast, however. ......"

WorldNetDaily 8/10/00 Jon Dougherty "....."Kilborn has made a statement that, for all intents and purposes, should mean his arrest," said one poster on the Free Republic chat and news website. "He may have meant it in jest, but it's not funny. He should make a public apology, he should apologize directly to [Bush] in person, and he should resign." "If it was a Republican saying this, there would be protests in the streets," said another. .......... The Gore campaign did not return calls for comment, nor did The Late, Late Show's media representative, Michael Naidus. ...... Keenan said CBS was "concluding a review of this matter" and pledged to "take appropriate action when this process is complete." ........ In an oddly related incident, The Austin American-Statesman reported in its Aug. 2 edition that federal officials arrested a man for allegedly threatening Gov. Bush. According to the report, Winfred Ener Jr., 44, who officials say is homeless, was shouting outside of the governor's mansion in Texas on July 29. He was spotted by the Secret Service the following day and taken in for questioning. Authorities say among the contents of his bag were writings that stated "Die, pig" and "I'll cut the FBI's head off and stick it on the gate." Ener was charged with making threats to a presidential candidate and could face up to three years in prison if convicted......." 8/9/00 Carl Limbacher "…….CBS television network acknowledged late Wednesday that it broadcast an "inappropriate and regrettable" joke about the assassination of Republican presidential nominee George W. Bush last week. For days reports have swirled around the internet website Free alleging that CBS's Craig Kilborn Show superimposed the words "Snipers Wanted" over the image of the Texas governor during his acceptance speech at the GOP convention in Philadelphia. ….When questioned about the incident by, CBS's media relations bureau in New York acknowledged the bizarre Bush barb in a press release:


"On the Friday August 4 broadcast of THE LATE, LATE SHOW with CRAIG KILBORN, an inapropriate and regrettable graphic was briefly presented on the screen during an 'In The News' item about George W. Bush's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. This graphic -- which was not accompanied by any remarks from Mr. Kilborn -- should not have been included in the telecast and is not consistent with our broadcast standards.

"CBS and Worldwide Pants, which produces the program, deeply regret this incident. We are now concluding a review of this matter and will take appropriate action when this process is complete."

The Secret Service is said to be investigating the CBS incident……"

Craig Kilborn threatened George Bush.
Alec Baldwin threatened Henry Hyde and his spouse and his children.
Spike Lee threatened Heston.
Carville threatened Starr with the kneecap remark.
Julianne Malveaux wishing Clarence Thomas would die of his wife's cooking.
Katheleen Willey's cat missing (presumed dead)
The Mayberry's (Al Gore's tennants) cat killed
Tom Lantos suggesting Craig Livingston commit suicide like Admiral Boarda

AP 8/10/00 Lynn Elber "……CBS apologized Wednesday for a violent anti-George W. Bush message that flashed briefly on the screen during the "The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn" last week. The phrase "Snipers wanted" was shown Friday across footage of Bush accepting his nomination as the Republican presidential candidate at the party's Philadelphia convention. "This graphic, which was not accompanied by any remarks from Mr. Kilborn, should not have been included in the telecast and is not consistent with our broadcast standards," CBS said in a statement. The network called the display "an inappropriate and regrettable graphic," adding that it and program producer Worldwide Pants Inc. "deeply regret this incident." The company said it would take appropriate action. A Bush spokesman said the candidate accepted the apology …….. "It's unfortunate something like that has happened," Bush campaign spokesman Dan Bartlett said from Austin, Texas. "We accept their apology and look forward to seeing the results of their investigation." …….."

CBS 8/4/00 Freeper HHFi "…… On Friday night's "Late, Late Show," Craig Kilborn showed a photo of George W. Bush captioned "Snipers Wanted." Was this supposed to be a "joke?" …… You are encouraging unstable viewers to pick up a gun and MURDER a presidential candidate and our sitting Texas governor! I assume Mr. Kilborn's liberal writers judge Gov. Bush not to be sufficiently tolerant of other viewpoints for their standards, so they actively encouraged someone to assassinate him. How tolerant of them. Well, guess what: it's not only beyond unfunny and beyond bad taste, it is borderline felonious, and I also intend to complain to the Justice Department about it. By the way, I'm not some uptight conservative with no sense of humor. I write an internationally- syndicated radio comedy service and have written topical jokes every day for 10 years. But if I wrote garbage like that, I wouldn't have many subscribers. ……"

New York Post 8/11/00 ".....Kilborn is still on the air. ........ Last week, the late-night show presented a video clip of the GOP nominee delivering his acceptance speech. Superimposed over the graphic were the words: "Snipers Wanted." Funny, huh? No doubt the Kennedy family, and Martin Luther King Jr.'s, thought it was a laff-riot. ...... Unsurprisingly, the CBS apology was crabbed - noting that the graphic "was not accompanied by any remarks from Mr. Kilborn." Duh. Why would it have been? "Snipers Wanted" sort of speaks for itself. Just as the fact that Kilborn is still on the air speaks - loudly - about what passes for humor and taste at the one-time Tiffany Network. ....."

Rush Limbaugh Radio Program 8/10/00 Freeper Matchett-PI Rush Limbaugh led off his program today, 8-10-00, at noon talking about the Free Republic web site and Dr. Raoul. Here is the transcription from my tape recording of Rush's program: "….. Boy, ya know, its really big of 'See BS' (CBS). Really, really big of See BS. They have apologized, they apologized yesterday for a quite violent, anti-George W. Bush message that flashed on the screen during the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn last week. …….. They were showing footage of George W. Bush accepting his nomination at the Republican Convention in Philadelphia. And they put a graphic on the screen which said "Snipers Wanted". ……. Now may we review some other things that Liberals have ... remember now ... the Liberals are the peace-loving among us. The Liberals are not mean spirited. The Liberals are not confrontational. Liberals are open-minded. Liberals are tolerant of ALL points of view; divergent and otherwise. Liberals are the ones among us who are NOT pointy-headed, idiological ... they are expansive, and open to ALL ideas. They are willing to listen and discuss anything. ………. Well, ah, there's a guy who posts things at the Free Republic web site .. name is "Dr. Raoul", and he's got a little message reminding us of, of the mean-spirited LITERAL death threats .. which is what this is!!! You put George Bush up accepting his nomination, and have some super cool, left-wing, Liberal comedian, and his own little TV show, I don't care if it is 1:30 or 2:30 in the morning, whatever it is, with a graphic, "Snipers Wanted", I will guaran-damn-tee ... you!! You put that up about any other political figure and the Secret Service is going to be calling on you BUD!!! In fact the Secret Service HAS launched a full investigation into CBS and Mr. Kilborn about this!! …….. You put something up that says, "Snipers Wanted", with George W. Bush, you are inviting somebody to go out and take a shot at him, are you not??? "It's just a joke Rush, lighten up!" Don't give me that!!! Oh ... we're just supposed to understand its a joke when you Liberals threaten people's lives. We're just supposed to sit around and laugh at it, when YOU try to inspire, and provoke violence!! Remember Alec Baldwin... threatening Henry Hyde and his spouse, and his children. He didn't just threaten them ... he was on Conan O'Brian's show. And Alec Baldwin suggested that Henry Hyde, his wife and children, be murdered. ……. Spike Lee.... has threatened Charleton Heston. And of course, the Ragin' Cajun, James Carville, threatened Ken Starr, remember the, "I'm gonna cut him off at the knee-caps", comment. "I'm gonna cut him off at da knee caps, he keep this up! I, I get my gumbo out der! I, I'm not gonna put up wit dis. Dat man is a sexual preeeevert. He out der. He out der, he cain't, he no better man than our President of the United States .. the most moral man in America taday. And I'm out der .. I'm gonna cut him off at da knee caps." And we're just supposed to sit around and, ah-hem, understand that Liberals are entitled because they're not really mean. And, of course, Liberal audience members, noooo .. they're not influenced by any of this. ......... Well, if you ask me, somebody needs to be fired. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a taped show. This is not a live show. That went out, because somebody, a.) either didn't think it was that bad, or b.) somebody wanted it to go out. I don't know when this show is taped, but I would wager its taped at 5 or 6 or 7:00 at night. It airs at, ah, well, in the east, right after Letterman, at 12:30. Letterman's production company, World Wide Pants, puts it together. So they had hours to review this program and edit that out .. prevent it from going out .. but it went out. They had plenty of time to get it out, and it was an active decision to leave it in. Now, CBS, "See" "S E E BS", apologized for the violent, anti-George W. Bush message. The phrase, "Snipers Wanted" was shown Friday across footage of Bush accepting his Republican nomination. In a statement, CBS said that "the graphic, which was not accompanied by any remarks by Mr. Kilborn, should not have been included in the telecast, and is not consistent with our broadcast standards." Oh, its not? Take a look, CBS, at who you have on radio and TV, and just ask yourself if it doesn't fit your standards lately. …………. …. Its not clear why it took more than 96 hours for CBS to respond to a public outcry which was fueled by Steve Malzberg of WABC AM in New York and the FREEREPUBLIC.COM. web site. ……. Ummmmmmm,you know, I, I saw a reference to this in my email earlier in the week ... I ..(half-laughing).. frankly didn't believe it. You know, this is one of the, ahem, one of the dangerous things I guess, thats happening. I've been burned so many times .. by getting something sent to me in email that was supposedly said on the internet, or whatever, that I just... I, I, do not accept email as a source. So I said, aaww this just, aaww that didn't, that just didn't happen; somebody's just making this up. And it turns out to be more than true. And again, folks! This is _NOT_ isolated! The Liberals have been advocating murder and violence against conservative leaders for who knows how long. Alec Baldwin, James Carville, Spike Lee, and now Craig Kilborn…..."

WorldNetDaily 8/11/00 "....... Can anyone fairly deny that when it comes to name calling, insults and innuendo, conservatives are fair game? They are called racists and anti-Semites, and are said to be worthy of death, but no one seems to consider such words hate speech or even inappropriate. Last Friday on CBS's "The Late Show with Craig Kilborn," a violent graphic flashed briefly on the screen. The words "Snipers Wanted" was superimposed over footage of George W. Bush accepting the Republican nomination at his party's convention in Philadelphia. ........ Is this not reminiscent of militantly liberal film star (excuse the redundancy) Alec Baldwin's call to violence against Henry Hyde and his family on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"? ........ . Did anyone in the media or anyone else on the left condemn Baldwin for hate speech? By the way, the enlightened, love-filled audience was cheering. ....... An arguably more subtle statement was made by CBS's Dan Rather in his recent commentary about Al Gore's selection of Sen. Joseph Lieberman as his running mate. "The prevailing logic in the Democratic camp has been, anyone who won't vote for a Gore-Lieberman ticket because Lieberman is Jewish wouldn't have voted for it in the first place." I don't know if Rather was speaking for himself there or other proud owners of "the prevailing logic," but his statement bears scrutiny. Please read it again, carefully. ............ I ask you: How does it logically follow that those who won't vote for Gore-Lieberman because Lieberman is Jewish wouldn't have voted for them in the first place? Let's break it down. Anyone who won't vote for Gore-Lieberman because Lieberman is Jewish is (obviously) anti-Semitic. They (the anti-Semites) wouldn't have voted for Gore-Lieberman in the first place. The only people who wouldn't have voted for them in the first place are Republicans. Therefore, Republicans are anti-Semitic. I see no other plausible explanation. ............ Anti-Semitism isn't the only charge, as we all know. Democratic National Committee General Chairman Ed Rendell, referring to the Republican convention, said, "No four-day convention can overcome decades of Republican neglect of African-Americans." This isn't just a "sticks and stones may break my bones" thing. False charges of bigotry and racism are very damaging. So are calls to violence, even if made by those self-exalting leftist brats in Hollywood who seem to escape all scrutiny because of their allegiance to the politically correct ideology. When you think about it, aren't these false charges of racism almost as odious as racism itself? Isn't the chief complaint about so-called hate speech that it incites people to violence? ......" 8/11/00 "...... According to the New York Daily News, criticism of Kilborn's "joke" came fast and furious. In fact, a New York radio talk-show host, Steve Malzberg, was so incensed that he called the Secret Service to report the incident. "They told me they would investigate it," he told the Daily News. "If someone had done this to a picture of [Democratic vice presidential nominee Joseph] Lieberman, they'd be fired tomorrow." A statement issued by CBS and David Letterman's Worldwide Pants, which produces Late Late Show, labeled the stunt "inappropriate and regrettable." ......"

The Media Research Center Dishonor Awards -- Videos -- 12-9-99
"The man is on the Court. You know, I hope his wife feeds him lots of eggs and butter and he dies early like many black men do, of heart disease. Well, that's how I feel. He is an absolutely reprehensible person."
-- USA Today columnist and Pacifica Radio talk show host Julianne Malveaux on Justice Clarence Thomas, November 4, 1994 PBS To the Contrary.

Inside Washington host Tina Gulland: "I don't think I have any Jesse Helms defenders here. Nina?"
Nina Totenberg: "Not me, I think he ought to be worried about what's going on in the Good Lord's mind, because if there is retributive justice, he'll get AIDS from a transfusion, or one of his grandchildren will get it."
-- National Public Radio and ABC News reporter Nina Totenberg reacting to Senator Jesse Helms' claim that the government spends too much on AIDS research, July 8, 1995 Inside Washington. totenberg1


"Can Ken Starr ignore the apparent breadth of the sympathetic response to the President's speech? Facially, it finally dawned on me that the person Ken Starr has reminded me of facially all this time was Heinrich Himmler, including the glasses. If he now pursues the President of the United States, who, however flawed his apology was, came out and invoked God, family, his daughter, a political conspiracy and everything but the kitchen sink, would not there be some sort of comparison to a persecutor as opposed to a prosecutor for Mr. Starr?" -- Keith Olbermann on MSNBC's Big Show, to Chicago Tribune Washington Bureau Chief James Warren, Aug. 18, 1998.

AP 8/11/00 ".....As a member of Congress in 1986, Dick Cheney was present for one of the defining moments in the Iran-Contra scandal - a White House meeting where Oliver North misled members of the House Intelligence Committee. The episode, however, didn't keep Cheney from defending North at the Iran-Contra hearings a year later or from stumping for him in 1994 when North ran for the U.S. Senate. ....... With his record scrutinized anew as George W. Bush (news - web sites)'s running mate, Cheney is declining to discuss his role as a top Republican on the House committee that investigated the Iran-Contra scandal in the mid-1980s. ....... "

ABCNews 8/17/00 Brian Hartman ".......Violent skirmishes between police and protesters broke out Wednesday night as thousands of demonstrators marched from Los Angeles' embattled Rampart police station toward the site of the Democratic National Convention. ...... Demonstrators yelled, "Down with the fascist state!" and "No justice, no peace!" as police prevented them from both leaving and entering their designated protest area. As some tried to calm the riled up crowd, others donned gas masks and waved signs that read "Execute George Bush." ...."

New York Daily News 8/15/00 Kenneth Bazinet "…..The Secret Service is looking for a caller to "The Howard Stern Show" who threatened to kill Sen. Joseph Lieberman yesterday. "The Secret Service is aware of the incident and will follow up with the appropriate ... action," said Special Agent Marc Connolly. Stern warned the caller, who identified himself as Nazereen, to take back his threat to kill the Democratic vice presidential candidate, but the shock jock's plea fell on deaf ears......." 8/18/00 Jim Burns "……The United States Secret Service said Friday the investigation is "ongoing" of an incident in which a CBS late night comedy show superimposed the words "snipers wanted" over video of Republican Presidential nominee George W Bush. The graphic, which CBS says should not have been telecast, aired during the "Late, Late Show with Craig Kilborn" on Friday, August 4th. According to US Secret Service spokesman Mark Connally, "certainly, the Secret Service is aware of this incident and each threat toward any of our protectees or any unusual direction of interest toward any of our protectees is investigated by the Secret Service."……"


Washington Weekly 8/21/00 Marvin Lee ".....Even more evidence of the relatedness of the Filegate suit and the Tripp suit surfaced in the court of Judge Lamberth just last week. [Body Count lists left for both Haas and Tripp} ....This indirect threat of assassination of those who do not follow the code of "omerta" is obviously the hallmark of the Clinton Mob -- the more reason for Lamberth to hear her case and pursue it to its bitter end wherever it may lead. But that will not happen now that a Clinton-appointed judge will have an opportunity to throw it out of court before any damaging evidence is discovered, if past Clinton cases before Clinton-appointed judges are to be used as a guide......"

Imus 9/14/00 Freeper Samizdat "…… Listening to Imus this morning. Talking about the debate and how Imus thought Russert really showed some cojones in asking the VRWC question of Hellery. Bernie pipes up and says he hopes nothing happens to Russert like maybe taking a dirt nap in Ft. Marcy Park. They're on to Mrs. Evil over there at Imus. ...,,: 9/7/00 Carl Limbacher "……'s interview with former House impeachment counsel David Schippers about his book "Sellout: The Inside Story of President Clinton's Impeachment." …….
NM: I've seen you on Fox News Channel, but I haven't seen you on any of the broadcast networks ...
SCHIPPERS: And I don't think you will (laughs).
NM: Has CNN shown any interest?
SCHIPPERS: Not a - well, yeah, somebody at CNN has shown some interest. But it's not "Larry King Live" or anything like that. Up till now I don't think I have anything scheduled for CNN.
NM: Have reporters shown any interest in some of the truly newsworthy parts of your book? For instance, you wrote that Wall Street Journal piece on Al Gore and his role the Citizenship USA vote fraud scheme, which is covered in your book.
SCHIPPERS: A lot of the alternative news people - radio talk shows have been hitting that stuff pretty hard. Fox News hit it a couple times, Paula Zahn. What amazes me is that it is such a terrific possibility for an investigation. ……
NM: One of the most amazing things that was apparently never addressed were the repeated references by Monica Lewinsky on the tapes to her being afraid for her life. "I would not cross these people for fear of my life," she tells Linda Tripp at one point. There's other references to her mother being afraid that she's going to wind up like Mary Jo Kopechne. And there are at least four of these instances on the tapes. Did anybody look into this? Or say, "Oh my God, what's she talking about?"
SCHIPPERS: Well, I'll tell you something. It shocked me when I heard those things. But we really had only one crack at Monica Lewinsky, and by that time she had pretty much laid out her story and she wasn't going to change it. As (Associate Independent Counsel) Bob Bittman told us before we interviewed her, he said, "Don't worry, she will not lie to you, but she sure as hell isn't going to go out of her way to hurt the president."
But no, we didn't specifically get into Monica's comments about being afraid for her life. Let me tell you something, though. Remember when she disappeared and the White House spent three days over the holiday, the Martin Luther King birthday, trying to find her with any kind of family emergency, messages about "good news," things like that. Had she not been in semi-custody at that time, I think that something might have happened to her had she been found.
They were really looking for her. And if she had surfaced - I don't mean they'd kill her - that's not necessarily the point. But remember, Clinton went into his Paula Jones deposition thinking that Monica was in the bag. He came out of that depositon with enough evidence to show him that she'd been talking to somebody.
And they were genuinely worried. I don't know what they would have done. I mean, nothing is beneath them, in my opinion. ……."

Reuters 8/21/00 Jeremy Pelofsky "….A top Federal Communications Commission official expressed concern on Monday about recent on-air incidents construed as threats against Republican presidential candidate Gov. George W. Bush and Democratic vice-presidential hopeful Sen. Joseph Lieberman. FCC Commissioner Gloria Tristani said her agency has received 30 to 40 complaints about the CBS television network's ``The Late Late Show'' comedy programme, which in early August briefly showed a picture of Bush with the words ``Snipers Wanted'' printed across it. Tristani also expressed concern about a recent death threat made against Lieberman by an on-air caller to radio shock-jock Howard Stern's morning programme. ……"

Variety 8/22/00 Pamela McClintock "…..Though CBS publicly apologized for running a picture of GOP presidential contender George W. Bush with ``snipers wanted'' as a caption on Craig Kilborn's late-night show, FCC commissioner Gloria Tristani has admonished the network to further account for the ``appalling broadcast.'' Tristani is the latest Washington player to make violence and the entertainment industry a high-profile issue. Democratic presidential contender Al Gore and running mate Sen. Joseph Lieberman are both advocates of putting pressure on the entertainment industry to tone down programming. In a letter to CBS Television president Leslie Moonves dated Aug. 18, Tristani wrote that many viewers have contacted her demanding the government take action over the spot on ``The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn,'' aired earlier this month during the week of the Republican National Convention. …….``Perhaps there is no government solution for bad taste or the thoughtless broadcast of misguided humor. However, Americans' patience with gratuitous violence on her airwaves is perilously thin,'' Tristani stated in the letter. ….."

NewsMax 8/25/00 "……. The House Judiciary Committee had credible evidence that witnesses against President Clinton were subject to threats of physical violence and other forms of intimidation, chief House impeachment counsel David Schippers revealed on Thursday. ……Schippers, author of "Sellout: The Inside Story of President Clinton's Impeachment," broke his silence on the intimidation tactics employed by the Clinton White House during an interview on WLAC radio's "Nashville This Morning," hosted by Steve Gill and Terry Hopkins. ………
GILL: So the stories of threats and intimidation, of physical threats -- you don't have any problem believing these?
SCHIPPERS: None whatsoever.
GILL: Did you find any evidence in your investigation that these things actually happened?
SCHIPPERS: Yep. Yes, yes we did. And I'm sure that's part of the ongoing investigation.
GILL: The investigation being discussed by Independent Counsel (Robert) Ray?
SCHIPPERS: Right. …….."

Federal Communications Commission 8/29/00 Gloria Tristani "…. Re: Craig Kilborn Incident on CBS ……. Thank you for your communication regarding the "Snipers Wanted" graphic run beneath the picture of Governor George W. Bush on a CBS show hosted by Craig Kilborn. I understand your concerns about this irresponsible broadcast. On August 18th, 2000, I wrote to CBS President Leslie Moonves conveying those concerns and in particular the concerns about "the misuse of the public's airwaves to suggest violence solves problems and the implicit endorsement of vigilante action against those with different opinions." I have attached copies of my letter and CBS's August 23, 2000 response, for your review. …….. The FCC has no explicit authority to address the use of violent speech on an incident by incident basis unless the speech is intended to incite violence and is likely to do so. Historically, this kind of speech has been left to the criminal law enforcement authorities. As a citizen you have the right to file a complaint about a particular station. A complaint should be in writing and contain the call letters of the station, the city and state where the station is located and the time and date of the broadcast in question……… As a citizen you also have the right to object to a station's license renewal. Licenses come up for renewal every eight years. At the time of review of a renewal request, the FCC considers, among other things, the contents of the "station file" and any "petitions to deny" the application for renewal. A petition to deny must be in writing and must be submitted by the last day of the month preceding the date of the expiration of the license. The petition must contain the reasons the FCC should deny the renewal. For your information, I also have attached a copy of the renewal license periods as well as a list of all CBS owned and affiliated stations……"

Pittsburgh Tribune Review 10/1/00 "…….Chang came to the United States, prospered greatly and lived in New Jersey, in the district then represented by Congressman Torricelli…….. Chang met with other elected politicians in Washington; he met with lobbyists and had at least half-a-dozen meetings with Bill Clinton. From the account books of Chang and his office staff, considerable sums of money were used to cement this Korean citizen's friendships with what Chang believed to be America's political elite. Now, in late September, information was revealed that Chang was arrested late on a Friday in December 1999 on serious felony charges including making illegal contributions to Torricelli, obstruction of justice and conspiracy. In June, Chang pleaded guilty to illegally donating $53,000 for Torricelli's 1996 campaign. Chang also made a big decision - to cooperate with the Justice Department's Campaign-Finance Task Force in exchange for its dropping other serious criminal charges against him. ……While Chang was in New Jersey's Hudson County Correctional Center for the weekend of his December arrest, waiting for a bail hearing, he had several visitors. He has told the task force that he was visited by a number of big, tough guys, who by gesture directly warned him not to cooperate with prosecutors. Chang, by now a frightened little man, told them that he would never betray his friends. His then-attorney so informed a federal court. But Chang got a new attorney and decided that he wanted to talk. The FBI is now investigating these threats and has put a number of prison guards in front of a federal grand jury. County Executive Robert Janiszewski, another dear friend of Torricelli, who also will be asked to testify, runs (surprise, surprise) the Hudson County Jail. …….. Chang has a very strange business associate in Washington. One of them is retired Adm. Daniel J. Murphy, once upon a time a bold U.S. Navy officer, sworn to defend the United States against all enemies. In the days of President Reagan, Murphy was appointed director of community relations to Bill Casey, then director of Central Intelligence. ...... It is not known what action the admiral missed, but as an unsuccessful lobbyist, he was not often in the public eye until he was discovered by David Chang and joined his international trading company, Panacom. ...... Panacom made a great deal of money selling the city of Moscow its cell telephone system. Murphy, obviously prospering, opened an office adjacent to Washington's Four Seasons Hotel and often could be seen having breakfast in that hotel with Chang and other Korean businessmen. It is said that these were people representing North Korea and that Chang and Murphy were planning to sell used American nuclear waste to North Korea for disposal (and even possible reclamation). Some folks claim that this scheme had the blessing of Energy Secretary Bill Richardson……. It was probably this deal that took our admiral and his Korean friend to Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. It was there that a visiting Korean from South Korea (our ally) claims that he heard the two of them boasting of how they owned Bill Clinton and Al Gore because of all the money that they had raised for their political campaigns. The FBI has known this story for several months, as has The New York Times. Nothing has been heard of Murphy within the Chang context. ……"

David Schippers new book "Sellout" 9/21/00"…..She was frightened and convinced that if she testified she would be indicted by Janet Reno's Justice Department. ……. Shortly before her January 10 deposition, Willey came out of her Virginia home to find all of her tires flat. Her mechanic asked, "Who the hell did you tick off? Your tires were flattened with a nail gun." ………. In another incident, a man called -- supposedly from the local electric company -- saying her electricity would be turned off that evening so they could run some tests. Later that afternoon, she called the electric company to find out how long the tests would last. She was told there was no plan to interrupt service and no record of anyone calling her. ……… As the deposition got closer, the intimidation increased. One day her cat, Bullseye, disappeared. On January 8, two days before she was to testify, Willey was walking her dogs in a secluded area early in the morning. A man in a jogging suit approached her.
JOGGER: Good morning, did you ever find your cat?
WILLEY: No, we haven't found her yet.
JOGGER: That's too bad. Bullseye was his name, wasn't it? [This shocks Willey, because she has not revealed the cat's name to anyone.]
JOGGER: Did you ever get those tires fixed?
WILLEY: They're fine [Kathleen starts to edge away and look around for help.]
JOGGER: So,---and---[Willey's children's first names]? [Kathleen walks faster toward her house.]
JOGGER: And our attorney, Dan, is he okay?
WILLEY: He's fine
JOGGER: I hope you're getting the message.
Willey was terrified. She turned and ran. The jogger called after her, "You're just not getting the message, are you?" ……… As a result of that meeting, Kathleen feared that she, her children, and her lawyer were at risk of physical harm. She told Gecker about the jogger but didn't mention the not-too-veiled threat against Gecker himself. As she put it, "He was my only hope--I didn't want to lose him." Willey confessed that even during the deposition she was contemplating whether to lie or to tell the truth and possibly suffer terrible consequences. ......"

David Schippers new book "Sellout" 9/21/00"….. Gecker saw that Willey was nervous. When the Jones attorneys asked about the incident in the Oval Office, she looked terrified. Gecker asked for a short recess to consult with his client. He took Kathleen aside and told her they were about to go into the heart of the subject. "Kathleen, there is no turning back, what are you going to do." "I'm going to tell the truth, the whole truth," she answered, with tears in her eyes. She went back and answered every question put to her. The next morning, Willey stepped outside to pick up the newspaper. There on the porch, within a few feet of the front door, the skull of a small animal lay facing her. I asked Willey if she would be willing to testify. As she looked at Gecker, I could see real fear in her eyes. He said it was up to her. …….."

Reuters 11/6/00 Gregg Birnbaum Maggie Haberman "….. The State Police are supervising Rick Lazio's travels across the state in the campaign's final days - because the Republican Senate hopeful has received several death threats, The Post has learned. A senior law-enforcement official said he believes the threats are related to Lazio's recent criticism of opponent Hillary Rodham Clinton's acceptance of contributions from Arab-Americans. "We are taking this very seriously," the law-enforcement official told The Post, adding that the FBI, the NYPD, and the Suffolk County police also are involved. "The State Police are coordinating Rick's movements," the source added...." 11/6/00 Carl Limbacher "….. What does Hillary Clinton's Senate rival Rick Lazio have in common with Paula Jones, Judge Susan Webber Wright, former independent counsel Ken Starr, Monicagate taper Linda Tripp and even key Whitewater witnesses David Hale and James McDougal? All were charter members of the Clinton enemies club. And all - at one point or another during their challenges to the Clintons - required extra security because they were receiving death threats. …… The New York Post reports that New York City and Suffolk County police along with the FBI have beefed up security around Lazio and his family after his campaign received multiple phone call death threats recently. …… …."

Freeper alf1380 11/2/00 ".....Liberal asshole talk show host Neil Rogers...(admitted homosexual, ultra-liberal) is spewing the abortion charge against Gov. Bush....calling him a scumbag...saying that his wife is a murderer....that an "assasination might not be a bad thing"....this is just slanderous......I don't know if he has an E-mail function on his web site....but his web site is if he does have an E-mail function.....we should send him about 100,000 e-mails ripping this jerk an ass......."