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Sacramento Bee 5/30/99 Michael Doyle "... President Clinton says new lie-detector tests at places like Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are already helping to protect the nation's nuclear secrets. His energy secretary, Bill Richardson, agrees. But in fact, the aggressive new testing -- touted publicly for more than a month -- hasn't begun at Lawrence Livermore, and it's not clear when it will. "The discussions are under way," Lawrence Livermore spokesman Jeff Garberson said last week..." 5/30/99 Inside Cover "...And what about the ever popular claim that there's no evidence the Chinese have actually implemented the high tech they got from us? Tell it to the Taiwanese. Even a cursory reading of the Cox Report (i.e., the "Overview") reveals that the Chinese stole guidance technology from advanced aircraft like the F-14, F-16 and even the F-117 Stealth fighter -- which, the report states, "is directly applicable to medium and short range PLA missiles, such as the CSS-6 (also known as the M-9)". The Cox report continues: "CSS-6 missiles were, for example, fired in the Taiwan Strait over Taiwan's main ports in the 1996 crisis and confrontation with the United States." What's worth noting here is that the CSS-6 (M-9) is nuclear capable, a fact which made U.S. defense experts extremely nervous when they saw that particular missile soaring over a Pacific Island we have a treaty obligation to defend...."

Salon 5/28/99 David Horowitz "....If these revelations were not disturbing enough, the Clinton team's initial reaction to the Cox Report gives even more cause for alarm. Before the report was issued, the Clinton cover-up squad had already scrambled its famous spin control into action. We have been told by the Clinton team, for example, that the damage resulting from all this spying is not very great because China has only 18 missiles and we have 6,000. Well, that's this year. The theft has given China a 20-year jump in its nuclear weapons development -- an eternity in terms of modern technologies. What happens five or 10 years from now when the Beijing dictatorship has hundreds of missiles aimed at American cities and decides that it wants Taiwan? What consolation would it be to people in Los Angeles, for example, who have already been threatened with a nuclear attack over the Taiwan issue, should Beijing decide to launch even one missile in their direction, given the fact that their president has denied them a missile defense? In the event of such an attack, would Washington be willing to trade 17 American cities (and that's just this year) in a retaliatory nuclear exchange to defend Taiwan? On the other hand, if historical experience is any guide, the communists just might. In Vietnam, the communists were willing to sacrifice 2 million of their own citizens, while 58,000 proved to be too great a sacrifice for Americans in pursuit of the opposite result. The Chinese communists have already killed an estimated 50 million of their own population in the pursuit of a revolutionary future. Is the risk of China's willingness to pay another awful price to achieve what its leaders consider a worthy objective one that we can just brush off? ..."

Committee on Government Reform 6/1/99 Dan Burton "....I am deeply troubled by reports that the leadership at the Department of Energy would discourage an employee from informing Congress of security problems at the agency," Burton said. "One of the key findings of the bi-partisan Cox Report was that Congress was not adequately briefed on DOE security breaches and the unprecedented scale of espionage at DOE labs. It is disturbing to think that whistleblowers would have to fear for their jobs." During the 1990s, Mr. McCallum wrote several reports faulting agency budget cuts, saying they seriously weakened security forces assigned to protect weapons-related facilities and to screen foreign visitors. Mr. McCallum, who was placed on administrative leave in April, has claimed that within the last few weeks he has come under pressure not talk to Congress if he wants to continue working in the government...."

Freeper Rhammm 6/1/99 "...From the COX REPORT, I fould 12 sections that the Clinton administration has determined that further information cannot be made public. We can only guess. ....

In addition, in the mid-1990s the PRC stole, possibly from a U.S. national weapons laboratory, classified thermonuclear weapons information that cannot be identified in this unclassified Report. Because this recent espionage case is currently under investigation and involves sensitive intelligence sources and methods, the Clinton administration has determined that further information cannot be made public without affecting national security or ongoing criminal investigations....

The Select Committee is aware of information of further PRC proliferation of missile and space technology that the Clinton administration has determined cannot be publicly disclosed without affecting national security. To fill its short-term technological needs in military equipment, the PRC has made numerous purchases of foreign military systems. The chief source for these systems is Russia, but the PRC has acquired military technology from other countries as well. Specific details on these acquisitions appear in the Select Committee's classified report, but the Clinton administration has determined that they cannot be made public....

CATIC has, on several occasions reviewed by the Select Committee, misrepresented the proposed uses of militarily useful U.S. technology. The Clinton administration has determined that the specific facts in these cases may not be publicly disclosed....

The Select Committee also received evidence of PRC theft of technology data from U.S. industry during the 1990s valued at millions of dollars. The PRC used Chinese nationals hired by U.S. firms for that purpose. The Clinton administration has determined that no details of this evidence may be made public....

The Select Committee reviewed evidence from the mid-1990s of a PRC company that obtained U.S. defense manufacturing technology for jet aircraft, knowingly failed to obtain a required export license, and misrepresented the contents of its shipping containers in order to get the technology out of the country. The Clinton administration has determined that further information on this case cannot be made public....

In 1996, Sunbase Asia, Incorporated purchased Southwest Products Corporation, a California producer of ball bearings for U.S. military aircraft. Sunbase is incorporated in the United States, but is owned by an investment group comprised of some of the PRC's largest state-owned conglomerates as well as a Hong Kong company. According to a Southwest executive, the purchase will "take [Sunbase] to the next level" of technology. The Clinton administration has determined that additional information on this transaction cannot be made public....

Other information indicates COSCO is far from benign. In 1996, U.S. Customs agents confiscated over 2,000 assault rifles that were being smuggled into the United States aboard COSCO ships. "Although presented as a commercial entity," according to the House Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, "COSCO is actually an arm of the Chines military establishment." The Clinton administration has determined that additional information concerning COSCO that appears in the Select Committee's classified Final Report cannot be made public....

The Select Committee judges that at least some of the PRC's statements about its technical progress are distorted so as to increase the PRC's ability to gain access to foreign technology. By claiming substantial indigenous progress in areas ranging from supercomputers to stealth technology, the PRC can allay foreign fears that providing it with advanced technology will improve the PRC's capabilities. This tactic was used, the Select Committee believes, to overcome U.S. and Western objections to transfers of high performance computers to the PRC. The Select Committee's classified report includes further material details and examples of PRC acquisition of advanced U.S. military technology, which the Clinton administration has determined cannot be made public....

On average, the FBI has received about five security-related referrals each month from the Department of Energy. Not all of these concern the PRC. These referrals usually include possible security violations and the inadvertent disclosure of classified information. The FBI normally conducts investigations of foreign individuals working at the National Laboratories. The Clinton administration has determined that additional information in this section cannot be publicly disclosed....

The PRC will not permit any end-use verification of a U.S. HPC at any time after the first six months of the computer's arrival in the PRC The Select Committee has reviewed the terms of the U.S.-PRC agreement and found them wholly inadequate. The Clinton administration has, however, advised the Select Committee that the PRC would object to making the terms of the agreement public. As a result, the Clinton administration has determined that no further description of the agreement may be included in this report....

Other countries developing nuclear weapons and missiles have also apparently benefited from the PRC's ability to acquire advanced machine tools on the world market. As one recent Defense Department assessment noted, the PRC's "recent aerospace industry buildup and its history of weapons trade with nations under Western embargoes makes this increase in key defense capacity of great concern." The Clinton administration has determined that specific examples of this activity cannot be publicly disclosed...."

JimRob Received via email 5/31/99 Garland "...Those familiar with the Burton and Thompson Committee evidence, know that the Cox Committee basically confirmed in more detail what was already known from their investigations. This evidence was also defined by the Senate investigators in a book entitled Year of the Rat. The real question that now begs to be answered is "How complicit were organizations and individuals within our government in giving them the information?". About 100 pages that answer this question in the classified Cox report were left out of the declassified version for reasons of 'national security'. A disturbing, but good start at answering this question can be found in the declassified report appendices, which may be the most intriguing chapter in the entire report. Here, the report mentions how Loral employees were instructed by their lawyers not to answer questions and how three Loral lawyers claimed attorney certain client privileges, after Loral waived the privileges for voluntary disclosure. The report then goes on to describe three top government agencies that similarly hampered the investigation. First, the CIA impeded the investigation by tipping off Hughes with a 'courtesy' notice that the Cox Committee might interview Hughes employees. The CIA even detailed to Hughes the potential lines of questioning. The Cox Committee did not agree to the 'courtesy' notification and was concerned that the CIA had given Hughes the opportunity to destroy evidence and pressure employees to be less candid. Second, Chairman Cox testified that the Justice Department attempted to insert itself as an intermediary for information requests between the committee and all government agencies because an investigation was in progress. However, Justice did not provide other agencies with necessary progress information about their investigation. The Cox Committee spent a major part of their resources retracing Justice Department steps despite protests of harm to their investigation. The sincerity of their investigation was demonstrated one day after the Cox report was released, when Justice gave John Huang immunity for the entire campaign finance scandal in a plea bargain on an unrelated 1992 charge. Previous evidence indicated that Huang arranged most of the 7 sources of revenue traceable through 11 streams from Clinton / Gore campaigns and the DNC to individuals and organizations directly connected to the Communist Chinese military. Even more disturbing was the lack of cooperation from the Department of Defense (DOD). Defense Technology Security Administration (DTSA) employees testified that senior managers frequently overruled valid national security concerns regarding DOD positions on dual-use license applications. But the DOD refused to allow the Cox Committee to interview the six most senior DTSA managers, refused to let them interview DTSA employees unless a DOD observer was present and refused to allow DTSA employees to answer a survey by mail.

The problems illustrate how key Executive Branch agencies can easily form a tyrannical dictatorship that is not accountable to the American people or even the Congress of the United States. They also show a strong anti-American pro-Communist mentality in individuals at the very top of the CIA, DOD and Justice Departments, which are agencies that we rely on to protect our freedom. As Americans, we are falsely fooled into believing that elected and appointed officials represent our interests...."

White House Briefing Room 6/1/99 "...Q One other general has been widely quoted, a Lieutenant General Tom Griffin, who is an Army Vietnam combat veteran, asked this: He says, now, let's see here if I understand all this correctly. President Clinton has ordered our forces to engage an entrenched politically-motivated enemy, backed by the Russians on their home ground, in a foreign civil war, in difficult terrain with limited military objectives, bombing restrictions, boundary and operational restrictions, queasy allies far across the ocean -- MR. LOCKHART: Do you have a question? Q -- with uncertain goals, without prior consultations with Congress. His question -- his question is, so just what was it that Clinton was opposed to in Vietnam? Q Could you repeat the question? (Laughter.)..."

The Progressive Review 6/4/99 Sam Smith "...While even the President seems confused as to what just has been agreed to in the Yugoslavian war talks, it appears that we have just fought our first war over a bunch of paragraphs. Given that the Clinton administration is run by those more comfortable with leveraged buyouts than with war strategy, this is not surprising, but the known differences between what Yugoslavia was willing to accept before the bombing began and what has now been agreed in no way justifies the destruction of a whole country to get there. Rather it merely accentuates the criminality of US behavior in the matter....Writes Kenney: "An unimpeachable press source who regularly travels with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright told this [writer] that, swearing reporters to deep-background confidentiality at the Rambouillet talks, a senior State Department official had bragged that the United States 'deliberately set the bar higher than the Serbs could accept.' The Serbs needed, according to the official, a little bombing to see reason. Kenney compares this plan to the Gulf of Tonkin incident. FAIR adds that Jim Jatras, a foreign policy aide to Senate Republicans, reported in a May 18 speech at the Cato Institute in Washington that he had it "on good authority" that a "senior Administration official told media at Rambouillet, under embargo" the following: "We intentionally set the bar too high for the Serbs to comply. They need some bombing, and that's what they are going to get." ...." 6/4/99 Jon E. Dougherty "....President Bill Clinton, for instance, is a classic example of the pure political professional. This man has never owned a business or even met a payroll, yet he claims to know how to manage a $2 trillion national budget. He has never owned a home, yet he claims to know how difficult it is to find decent housing for some Americans. In fact, he's been paid with tax money all his professional life and has had every basic need met, yet he claims to relate and "feel the pain" of the average American family. How many "average American families" can be reasonably compared to the Clintons? ...."

Orlando Sentinel 6/6/99 Charley Reese "...Congress says that, because they've stolen our nuclear secrets, the Chinese can now build a better nuclear warhead. Dearly beloved, what the heck is a better nuclear warhead? Come on, from a consumer's (that's a euphemism for victim) viewpoint, if the darn thing can get to one's vicinity and explode, what further quality improvements matter? Better grade of radiation? A prettier mushroom cloud? Methinks we are in Dr. Strangelove country..... For those of us who may be on the receiving end of a nuclear missile, there is only one question: Is it a dud or does it explode? If it explodes, everything else is moot, irrelevant and not germane, as an excitable, old defense lawyer used to say when he objected to damaging testimony. Dead is dead. Radiation is radiation. Overpressure is overpressure. Fire is fire. I doubt if any of the thousands who died at Hiroshima and Nagasaki were upset that the bombs that killed them were primitive, experimental, unproven and lacking all the bells and whistles on today's nuclear warheads....."

6/7/99 David Horowitz "....To say, as the Senate minority leader has, that there is nothing really new in these revelations is patently absurd. Which previous administrations dismantled vital security procedures; accepted illegal monies from foreign intelligence services and then blocked investigations when the illegalities were revealed; presided over the wholesale evaporation of the nation's nuclear weapons advantage; abetted the transfer of missile technologies that can strike American cities; and opposed the development of weapons systems that could defend against such attacks? The honest answer is none...."

New Times Los Angeles 6/99 Jill Stewart "....That the beloved director of E.T. could be the object of jeering at the Museum of Tolerance, which he helped build, is emblematic of the fight surrounding massive construction proposed on 1,087 acres of wetlands and buffer acreage that sprawl below the bluffs of Westchester. The Ballona brawl has profoundly redrawn the battle lines over megadevelopment that have long divided Los Angeles, thrusting lead characters into roles that go uncomfortably against type and leaving a perplexed public wondering which side is which. On the pro-development side are major environmental philanthropists: Spielberg, the world's most successful filmmaker; David Geffen, the music industry giant with so much money that he paid $47 million cash for the fabled Warner Estate a few years back; and their partner, Jeffrey Katzenberg, the former Disney financial whiz. Together, the three are among the 10 biggest contributors to, and close friends with, President Bill Clinton and Governor Gray Davis, among other powerful liberal Democrats with major environmental credentials. Despite claims to the contrary, DreamWorks has acted as the Trojan horse, opening the way for the long-delayed Ballona project. Today, developers are finally laying in sewage pipes and bulldozing extensive roadbeds to erect "Playa Vista," which will be twice the size of Century City....."

The Weekly Standard 6/7/99 David Brooks "...Let's say you've brought your kids to Washington, D.C., on their summer vacation..... Along the Mall, you notice a large building called the National Museum of American History, part of the famous Smithsonian Institution. So you figure you'll spend an afternoon there with the kids showing them more about the nation's past....But when you get to the map and scan it, you realize the truth about the National Museum of American History. It ignores or virtually ignores most of the major events in American history. This is a museum of multicultural grievance, which simply passes over any subject, individual, or idea, no matter how vital to American history, that does not have to do with the oppression of some ethnic outgroup or disfavored gender. If you start adding up the space devoted to different subjects, you discover the museum has allocated its space in all sorts of absurd ways. For example, up on the top floor there is a section on the armed forces. Six times more space is devoted to the internment of and prejudice against Japanese Americans than to the entire rest of World War II. There is no mention of Eisenhower, Patton, Marshall, or MacArthur, leaders who weren't exactly incidental to American conduct of the war. Similarly, there is but one showcase devoted to World War I. And that showcase is devoted to the role of women in the war. If you judged by the National Museum of American History, men had no role in World War I. Nor would you have any idea why World War I was fought, who was on which side, or how America came to be involved...."

Washington Weekly 6/7/99 J. Peter Mulhern "....Anyone with an appetite for empty rhetoric should be having a field day. The major powers of the industrial West have lost a war against tiny Serbia but continue to dictate terms, normally a winner's prerogative. But the farce gets richer still. The "International" War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague has indicted the sitting president of Yugoslavia for war crimes. That tribunal is, of course, the creature of the same powers that are busily bombing Belgrade. The indictment of Slobodan Milosevic means that NATO has a new war aim. Our attack on Yugoslavia will be a failure unless, in addition to the safe return to Kosovo of nearly a million refugees, Serbia accepts the NATO view that Milosevic is a criminal and repudiates him. Not since young men marched off to fight a war to end all wars has any nation taken such an absurdly inflated view of what can be accomplished by blowing things up....."

Boston Herald 6/8/99 Editorial "...Clinton must bear all the additional costs that his misleading answers imposed on everybody else in the case, she said [Judge Wright]. His lawyers put the figure at a bit less than $34,000; Jones' lawyers say it's almost $488,000. No doubt the president's defense fund will pay, whatever the outcome.... For a man who showed nothing but contempt for the law, disbarment would be appropriate.

INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY 6/9/99 Paul Sperry "...Say it enough and it becomes common wisdom. Two days before a special House report detailed Chinese espionage at U.S. nuclear weapons labs, Energy Secretary Bill Richardson said: ''There was lax security at the labs in the '70s, '80s and '90s.'' On May 25, the day of the report, Richardson said blame should ''start in the '70s and '80s.'' ive days after the report, he said it ''points out some very serious lapses at our national laboratories in the '70s, '80s and the '90s.'' He added: ''We need to focus on correcting a problem that spanned Republican and Democratic administrations.'' That's now the standard press line on Chinese espionage: It spanned 20 years and included both GOP and Democratic administrations.....

Curt Weldon Website 6/8/99 "... CHINESE ESPIONAGE AND NATIONAL SECURITY (from the Congressional Record, Proceedings of the U.S. House of Representatives) Monday, June 7, 1999 The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. Green of Wisconsin)..... Mr. Speaker, it is my contention that when the administration got a preliminary view of the Cox Committee report in early January, in fact we gave it to the administration sometime around January 2nd or 3rd, they got a chance to see a document that nine of us, Democrats and Republicans, had worked on together for 7 months in a very nonpartisan way.... We gave it to the White House the first week of January and we asked for a very quick response to assist us in making that report available in a declassified version so the American people and our colleagues could read it and talk about it. As we all know, that took 5 months. But what gave me the first indication that this report was going to be spun politically was about a month later, in February. In fact it was February the 1st. Sandy Berger, the National Security Adviser to the White House, issued a statement that I have a copy of to selective members of the Washington media, responding to the 38 recommendations that we made in our Cox Committee report that were still classified. Without asking any member of the Cox Commission, Sandy Berger released the White House's spin in response to those recommendations. Two days after he released that spin, I had the occasion of asking the Director of Central Intelligence, George Tenet, in a closed National Security Committee hearing in front of 40 Members from both parties if he agreed as the head of the CIA with our findings that our security had been harmed. Now, Mr. Speaker, this was 2 days after Sandy Berger released public information about our still classified report. George Tenet said, `Congressman, we at the CIA haven't finished reading the document yet.' Which meant, Mr. Speaker, that the White House, before the CIA had even completed reading our report, was spinning it publicly to try to deflect attention away from the White House and any responsibility of this administration. That is not what the nine members of the Cox Committee did and that is not the approach we used. We did not spin anything....."

urt Weldon Website 6/8/99 ".... Since the report was released some 2 weeks ago, the administration has sent Bill Richardson, a friend of mine whom I served with in this body, out a road show traveling around the country convincing the American people that the only issue in the Cox report is Chinese espionage, the stealing of our W-88 nuclear warhead design, the stealing of our nuclear design technology. And the reason why the White House has wanted to spin the Cox Commission report in this way is because they can point to this stuff to having occurred before the Clinton administration took office. So what Richardson has been saying publicly, on national TV shows, on the talk shows on Sunday mornings is, `Look, when this administration in 1995 found out that China had stolen some of our designs, prior to us coming into office, we took aggressive steps to stop it. These problems didn't happen under the Clinton administration. They happened under previous administrations.' I am here tonight, Mr. Speaker, to challenge that notion and to offer to debate Secretary Richardson anytime anyplace in a public format on the issues that I am about to unveil...."

Curt Weldon Website 6/8/99 "... CHINESE ESPIONAGE AND NATIONAL SECURITY (from the Congressional Record, Proceedings of the U.S. House of Representatives) Monday, June 7, 1999 The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. Green of Wisconsin)..... Mr. Speaker, it is my contention that when the administration got a preliminary view of the Cox Committee report in early January, in fact we gave it to the administration sometime around January 2nd or 3rd, they got a chance to see a document that nine of us, Democrats and Republicans, had worked on together for 7 months in a very nonpartisan way.... We gave it to the White House the first week of January and we asked for a very quick response to assist us in making that report available in a declassified version so the American people and our colleagues could read it and talk about it. As we all know, that took 5 months. But what gave me the first indication that this report was going to be spun politically was about a month later, in February. In fact it was February the 1st. Sandy Berger, the National Security Adviser to the White House, issued a statement that I have a copy of to selective members of the Washington media, responding to the 38 recommendations that we made in our Cox Committee report that were still classified. Without asking any member of the Cox Commission, Sandy Berger released the White House's spin in response to those recommendations. Two days after he released that spin, I had the occasion of asking the Director of Central Intelligence, George Tenet, in a closed National Security Committee hearing in front of 40 Members from both parties if he agreed as the head of the CIA with our findings that our security had been harmed. Now, Mr. Speaker, this was 2 days after Sandy Berger released public information about our still classified report. George Tenet said, `Congressman, we at the CIA haven't finished reading the document yet.' Which meant, Mr. Speaker, that the White House, before the CIA had even completed reading our report, was spinning it publicly to try to deflect attention away from the White House and any responsibility of this administration. That is not what the nine members of the Cox Committee did and that is not the approach we used. We did not spin anything....."

urt Weldon Website 6/8/99 ".... Since the report was released some 2 weeks ago, the administration has sent Bill Richardson, a friend of mine whom I served with in this body, out a road show traveling around the country convincing the American people that the only issue in the Cox report is Chinese espionage, the stealing of our W-88 nuclear warhead design, the stealing of our nuclear design technology. And the reason why the White House has wanted to spin the Cox Commission report in this way is because they can point to this stuff to having occurred before the Clinton administration took office. So what Richardson has been saying publicly, on national TV shows, on the talk shows on Sunday mornings is, `Look, when this administration in 1995 found out that China had stolen some of our designs, prior to us coming into office, we took aggressive steps to stop it. These problems didn't happen under the Clinton administration. They happened under previous administrations.' I am here tonight, Mr. Speaker, to challenge that notion and to offer to debate Secretary Richardson anytime anyplace in a public format on the issues that I am about to unveil...."

Curt Weldon Website 6/8/99 "...Today we have the Secretary telling us that our labs are secure. I can tell you right now, Mr. Speaker, there are no controls on e-mails that are being sent out of our labs at this very moment. They will tell you they have a software system that looks for keywords, that if an e-mail is sent to Beijing or some other city and a keyword is in that e-mail, it raises a flag and that person then will be investigated. Raising a flag after the e-mail leaves the laboratory does us no good, Mr. Speaker. So for Richardson to say that secure measures are in place today is wrong, it is factually wrong, it is not correct, and he needs to be honest with the American people...."


David Espo, Associated Press "....Bitterly evoking the Colorado school massacre, President Clinton accused House Republicans today of pushing a watered- down gun-control bill "plainly ghostwritten'' by the National Rifle Association...."It is wrong to let the NRA call the shots on this issue,'' the president said at an afternoon roundtable discussion with civil rights and law enforcement officials. "If the American people care about it, if we can still remember Littleton - it hasn't even been two months - then we ought to speak up and be heard. This is a classic, horrible example of how Washington is out of touch with the rest of America.''...."

WALL STREET JOURNAL, Michael Ledeen, 6/10/99 "...Shortly before Chinese President Jiang Zemin's arrival in Washington in the fall of 1997, the White House was pushing the State, Defense and Energy departments to support a presidential certification of China as a nuclear nonproliferator and to sign off on the creation of an "information exchange and technical cooperative reciprocal arrangement" on ostensibly civilian nuclear technology. This arrangement would give the Chinese easy access to American civil reactor sites, provide them with detailed information on how the U.S. handles fissionable materials, and give them access to operational data on U.S. nuclear sites. Jonathan Fox, an attorney on the arms-control staff of the Defense Special Weapons Agency, wrote a memo stating with certainty that China was a nuclear proliferator and that the proposed arrangement was "a technology transfer agreement swaddled in the comforting yet misleading terminology of a confidence-building measure. On Oct. 24, 1997, Mr. Fox was called out of an interagency meeting to receive an urgent telephone call. According to three people to whom he gave a contemporaneous account of the phone conversation, he was given an ultimatum from superiors in the Office of Non-Proliferation Policy in the Department of Defense: either revise the memo and recommend in favor of the agreement, or look elsewhere for employment. (Mr. Fox himself declined to comment on the matter.) Within an hour, all the critical language had been deleted, and the memo now simply concluded that the agreement "is not inimical to the common defense or the security of the United States." Worried that his earlier draft might fall into unfriendly hands, Mr. Fox's superiors insisted that somebody else sign the new memo. ...."

WALL STREET JOURNAL, Michael Ledeen, 6/10/99 "...Mr. Fox is not the only weapons expert in the government to have been instructed to lie or remain silent about the true consequences of sending military technology to China. Notra Trulock and his colleagues were told by their superiors at the Department of Energy hat they should stop annoying people with accounts of Chinese espionage at Los Alamos. Similarly, professionals in the Pentagon such as Michael Maloof and Peter Leitner were told to keep quiet about the approval of high-tech licenses that would strengthen Chinese military power. Both of them spoke out; others remain silent. But even when the professionals stick by their principles, their superiors have chosen to substitute facts with politically expedient disinformation. On at least two occasions, military experts who argued against high-tech exports to China later discovered that their recommendations had been altered in the Pentagon's computerized data base...."

AP 6/10/99 "...Text of President Clinton's address to the nation about the end of NATO bombing in Yugoslavia, as transcribed by the Federal Document Clearing House:.... I can report to the American people that we have achieved a victory for a safer world, for our democratic values, and for a stronger America..."

AP 6/10/99 "...We also preserved our critically important partnership with Russia. Thanks to President Yeltsin, who opposed our military effort, but supported diplomacy to end the conflict on terms that met our conditions..."

Indian Country Today 6/10/99 David Melmer "... It was a long time coming, but the courts must now decide whether or not the federal government was derelict in its trust responsibility to 300,000 American Indian people. The largest class action lawsuit in history is about Individual Indian Money accounting procedures..... District Judge Royce Lamberth ordered an investigation and report on the condition of the records throughout the BIA system. The appointed special master submitted the report to the court June 2 with the provision it would not become public before Judge Lamberth ordered it opened. Jim McCarthy, spokesperson for the plaintiffs, said they expect the report to show that records were kept in barns and other buildings that were condemned, verifying massive disarray. He also said the report will show continued destruction of records. The IIM trust fund problem carries the label of the largest, longest, financial scandal in the nation, according to Cobell and attorneys for the Native American Rights Fund. The 300,000 account holders demand accountability. Cobell accused the BIA and Department of Interior of losing, misplacing or destroying documents that could reconcile lost funds. According to the Cobell, the loss amounts to billions of dollars. "Justice is just around the corner for Native Americans," said Robert Peregoy, counsel for the plaintiffs. "It was estimated that it would cost $281 million just to reconcile those IIM accounts and at the end of the day any information they came up with would be virtually worthless because of the missing, lost and destroyed records," he said. The money belongs to individuals, not the federal government, but is managed in trust by the U.S. Treasury and administered by the Department of Interior...... "The federal government in actuality has no idea how much of our money it has; how much of our money it should have; how much of our money it has lost; or how much of our money that could easily be and may be stolen every single day.....The government readily admitted documents were lost and a change in the reconciliation is required. In fact, in affidavits from former members of Solicitor's Office in the Department of Interior, the assertion is that some of the records were deliberately destroyed. This accusation is strongly denounced by Babbitt and Gover. The road to trial is paved with controversy and mountains of legal paperwork including a contempt charge against Secretary of Interior Bruce Babbitt, Assistant Secretary Kevin Gover and Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin. Judge Royce Lamberth issued the contempt charges for failure to follow a court order to submit documents...... Babbitt and Gover were subjected to harsh criticism from Congress. Former Chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee John McCain, R-Ariz., criticized the BIA for its handling of the trust funds and when Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell, R-Colo., became chairman of the same committee he continued the barrage of criticism......."

Stratfor 6/12/99 "...800 GMT, 990612 - A Russian military source told Itar-Tass on June 12 that U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott "played for time by dodging the concrete question of Russian participation in the KFOR operation" in the overnight talks in Moscow. The U. S. generals "insistently tried to convince" Russians NATO was not going to enter Kosovo earlier than Saturday evening, the source said. Reportedly, the Russian Defense Ministry had received information from a trusted source by 2200 GMT on June 11 that the alliance had launched the KFOR operation. "In this situation, we could no longer trust our partners and decided to send a forward unit of Russian paratroopers into Kosovo, " the source said...."

Washington Times 6/11/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "....The White House has been spinning the Cox Report into a Department of Energy scandal, in a desperate attempt to spread the blame to previous administrations for loose security procedures at our national nuclear labs. While this selective reading of the Cox report is convenient, it sweeps under the rug the report's most devastating conclusion: the total destruction of our national security export control system by President Clinton and his administration. "The broader and more damaging issue is the wholesale auctioning of sensitive American technology to the highest bidder," says Congressman Curt Weldon, one of five Republicans who sat on Committee..."

Reuters 6/11/99 "....President Clinton, basking in the NATO air victory in Kosovo Friday, disputed those who said last year's Monica Lewinsky scandal had eroded his moral authority to marshal U.S. support for the war. Asked in a television interview whether his critics were wrong to assert that the sex-and-impeachment case had whittled away public trust, Clinton replied, "Oh, I think so.'' ...."But I have been trustworthy in my public obligations to the American people, and I have been trustworthy in my dealings with them,'' Clinton said....."

The Times (London) 6/12/99 Ben Macintyre "...WITHIN hours of his ringing victory speech yesterday, President Clinton's triumphalism was beginning to ring hollow amid political criticism and an embarrassing rivalry over whose troops should enter Kosovo first....... "In Kosovo, we did the right thing, we did it the right way and we will finish the job," Mr Clinton said. "Because of our resolve the 20th century is ending not with helpless indignation, but with hopeful affirmation of human dignity and human rights for the 21st century." But the celebratory mood in the White House found few echoes in Congress or the rest of the country. During a congressional debate on military financing, Republicans bitterly attacked the President's claims of success. "We have killed civilians. That is not a win. Hundreds of thousands of people are refugees. That is not a victory," Randy Cunningham, a Republican Representative said. Others insisted that the expenditure, destruction and loss of life could have been avoided by different military tactics. "After 11 weeks of bombing we have a settlement we probably could have achieved at the beginning. If this is a victory, what would defeat look like?" asked Representative Mark Souder......"

The Washington Post 6/11/99 Cindy Skrzycki "....The debate between the business community, which thinks it has the right to know about the science that goes into rules that it must comply with, and the researchers who want their work protected from prying eyes was set off by a 1997 Environmental Protection Agency proposal to tighten air-pollution rules at considerable cost to industry. After the EPA rule change was proposed, Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.) pressed the agency for the Harvard University study that helped it draw its conclusions about the need for a new air-quality rule. But EPA refused to request the data for Shelby. "What the heck? Can you imagine the arrogance?" Shelby said, who responded with the disclosure legislation..... Shelby said there are safeguards in the current Freedom of Information Act that protect the privacy of patients, trade secrets and other sensitive information..... He said the new OMB rule would "empower the people to have access to the data." He chided the scientific community for appearing "to view federal funding as an entitlement" and for assuming the public is "too stupid to understand their research" and likely to misuse it....... Robert Hahn, director of the Joint Center for Regulatory Studies, and Linda Cohen, an economics professor at the University of California at Irvine, suggest tailoring access to the documents. They believe there should be access to the information that results in regulations that have significant economic impact -- such as the EPA's 1997 ozone and particulate matter standard, which would make current air-pollution rules more stringent -- and an independent agency should be created to replicate the results of research before any standard becomes final. "Give the data to a completely disinterested party and see if they can replicate the results," said Randall Lutter, former OMB economist and an AEI resident scholar...."

New York Times 6/11/99 "...Although the political future of Kosovo is left vague in the settlement that ended the war, U.S. and NATO officials say they envision an international protectorate that will, in theory, be part of Yugoslavia but that may become independent after a few years. As refugees return and society is rebuilt, a senior NATO official said Thursday, Kosovo will become virtually "walled off" from Yugoslavia. People living in Kosovo wouldn't serve in the Yugoslav Army or pay taxes to Yugoslavia; a new police force and judiciary would have to be created without Yugoslav influence; the currency probably would be the Deutsch mark or the U.S. dollar, and trade would turn south and west toward Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro instead of north to Serbia. None of these points are spelled out in the settlement signed by President Slobodan Milosevic. In framing a political solution to the war, NATO has been careful to state that Kosovo will remain within Yugoslavia. The emphasis on keeping the territorial integrity of Yugoslavia and not allowing Kosovo to break away immediately was an essential ingredient for winning the support of Milosevic and the Russians to a peace agreement. But the resolution passed Thursday by the U.N. Security Council includes the phrase "taking full account of the Rambouillet accords," a signal that can be interpreted that, down the road, independence is a probability, Clinton administration officials said...."

The New York Times 6/13/99 John Broder "...Even as the Administration publicly projected no sense of urgency, adopting the same tone as NATO's leadership, the continuing presence of Russian troops at the airport near Pristina, Kosovo's capital, and their welcome by Serbian residents of the area contrasted starkly with the White House's depiction of the development as a mistake, a trivial matter or a mere enigma...."

6/14/99 AFP "....In a press conference Clark said: "The bombing was simply a mistake. The target we were seeking was not the Chinese embassy. That building was misidentified. It was just unfortunately an accident."....Clark informed NATO Secretary General Javier Solana in a written report that the Chinese embassy was bombed in error because the Alliance was relying on inaccurate maps of the area, an anonymous NATO source told AFP at the end of May....."

6/14/99 Joseph Sobran "...Clinton's habitually slippery language, even when he isn't lying outright, is the chief reason so many people regard him with exasperated distrust. He takes credit for the sunshine and passes the buck when it rains. His phenomenal evasive powers were pushed to the limit by the Lewinsky scandal. Having escaped removal from office, he now treats his partisan rescue as exoneration of his honor. His impeachment, as he told Dan Rather, is not a "badge of shame." It merely gave him the opportunity to "defend the Constitution." So he was lying in a noble cause, pursuant to his oath of office. Similarly, Clinton says, "I strongly believe our continuing engagement with China has produced benefits for our national security." So, presumably, did our alliance with the Soviet Union during World War II, which resulted in Soviet spies acquiring the secrets of the atomic bomb.....And now, after the Cox committee's extensive report on Chinese espionage in this country, he dares to say -- or "strongly believe" -- that his policy of coddling China has enhanced "our national security." That's "our," the heartfelt pronoun, as in "our children." The words "I strongly believe," coming from Clinton, usually preface a new attempt to spin the news his way. William Richardson, his energy secretary, adds, "I can assure the American people that their nuclear secrets are now safe at the labs." Does that mean that those secrets have been recovered from the Chinese agents before they could be digested? Apparently so. Perish the thought that our "secrets" are no longer secret. They have somehow been brought home to their secure nest. All's well that ends well..... The Lewinsky scandal carried the lesson that Clinton, in exposing himself to possible blackmail, never gave a thought to "our national security." He seems to have assumed that national security ceased to be a serious matter when the Cold War ended. Now Clinton pledges to cooperate with Congress to "protect our national security" -- just as he pledged to cooperate with the Starr investigation...."

AFP 6/15/99 "...The media organisation Reporters sans Frontieres (Reporters without Borders, RSF) Tuesday criticized NATO for "distorting the truth," and giving "false information and impossible-to-check figures," about the war in Yugoslavia In a report called "War in Yugoslavia, NATO's media blunders," the group, which is based in Paris, questioned whether it was a matter of "mistakes" or if the alliance made "deliberate attempts at disinformation." "False information, exorbitant and impossible-to-check figures and the use of debatable historical references have strengthened doubts about the goodwill of certain western political and military leaders," RSF said in a communique. In one example, the group cites NATO confirmation concerning the death of ethnic Albanian leader Fehmi Agani along with five others...."

Hong Kong Standard 6/13/99 Phillip Cunningham "...The Nato bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade may not have been the result of carefully coordinated strategy--but it was no accident either. That is the gist of a sneak preview of the still-classified investigative report that the United States will present to the Chinese Government by way of apology. Ezra Vogel, director of the Asia Centre at Harvard University and a former senior intelligence official of the Clinton administration is in Hong Kong awaiting arrangements to visit top officials in Beijing in the wake of anti-US animosity stirred by the attack on the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade on 7 May. Dr Vogel gave a dinner talk at the University of Science and Technology on 7 June which contradicted the Western media story that the bombing was an accident due to outdated maps. Instead Dr Vogel's views were closer to those expressed by the Chinese government and independent investigators at the Chinese-language weekly Yazhou Zhoukan (Asia Weekly), which published a controversial report on the bombing entitled "Exposing the lies of the old map story"..."

Hong Kong Standard 6/13/99 Phillip Cunningham "...Dr Vogel's views: --There was an official cover-up and the map story was part of it. --There was a bureaucratic battle over where to assign blame, with the White House and the State Department prevailing over the Central Intelligence Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency to obtain data for the yet-unreleased official report. --The embassy bombing was a major setback to Sino-US relations in the magnitude of theTiananmen crackdown and the effects will be felt for a long time to come. --Blame will be assigned to lower-ranking people. --The security side of the embassy was precisely hit, and the Chinese embassy, like all embassies, has a lot of electronic equipment. The implication is that strong electronic signals made the embassy a hot spot for Nato bombers. --It was probably the military who did it, perhaps responding to vigorous electronic activity in the building. --Chinese popular anger, while enhanced by government manipulation of the media, was real. --President Clinton's first apology was misunderstood for cultural reasons. The president, who first spoke about the bombing during a tour of tornado-devastated Oklahoma, was perceived as insincere in part because of the casual clothes he was wearing. The possibility that the bombing was no accident is shocking and clearly has serious implications for Sino-US relations...."

Hong Kong Standard 6/13/99 Phillip Cunningham "...Chinese reports were quick to point out that the embassy was hit by three bombs from three different angles. Mr Shimatsu spoke to the National Imaging and Mapping Agency and was told the Chinese embassy was correctly marked on the map. Wang Jianmin, a staff writer for Yazhou Zhoukan, wrote a related story about two bomb attacks on the embassy. A Belgrade resident, identified only as Zoran, said the embassy was hit twice--the first attack with two missiles, the second with one. The second attack came after news of the embassy being hit was broadcast on Yugoslav media...."

5/28/93 Office of the Press Secretary Statement by the President "...Yesterday the American people won a tremendous victory as a majority of the House of Representatives joined me in adopting our plan to revitalize America's economic future. Today, members of Congress have joined me to announce a new chapter in United States policy toward China. China occupies an important place in our nation's foreign policy. It is the world's most populous state, its fastest growing major economy, and a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. Its future will do much to shape the future of Asia, our security and trade relations in the Pacific, and a host of global issues, from the environment to weapons proliferation. In short: our relationship with China is of very great importance.... To implement this policy, I am signing today an Executive Order that will have the effect of extending Most Favored Nation status for China for 12 months. Whether I extend MFN next year, however, will depend upon whether China makes significant progress in improving its human rights record.....The Administration is now examining reports that China has shipped M-11 ballistic missiles to Pakistan. If true, such action would violate China's commitment to observe the guidelines and parameters of the Missile Technology Control Regime. Existing U.S. law provides for strict sanctions against nations that violate these guidelines. We have made our concerns on the M-11 issue known to the Chinese on numerous occasions. They understand the serious consequences of missile transfers under U.S. sanctions law. If we determine that China has, in fact, transferred M-11 missiles or related equipment in violation of its commitments, my Administration will not hesitate to act....."

11/14/1994 Office of the Press Secretary "...Dear Mr. Speaker: (Dear Mr. President:) Pursuant to section 204(b) of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1703(b)) and section 201 of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1631), I hereby report to the Congress that I have exercised my statutory authority to declare a national emergency and to issue an Executive order that consolidates the functions of two existing Executive orders, eliminates provisions that have been superseded by legislation, and expands certain existing authorizations in order to enhance our ability to respond to the threat of weapons of mass destruction-related proliferation activities around the world.... My Administration continues to believe that the harmonized proliferation sanctions legislation it included as part of the proposed new Export Administration Act represents the best means of maximizing the effectiveness of sanctions as a tool of U.S. nonproliferation policy while minimizing adverse economic impacts on U.S. exporters. Until such harmonized sanctions legislation is enacted, however, I believe that it is appropriate as an interim measure to take the steps described above to consolidate and streamline the restrictions of the former nonproliferation Executive orders...."

3/21/95 Office of Press Secretary "....Additionally, section 401(c) of the National Emergencies Act (NEA) (50U.S.C. 1601 et seq.) requires that the President, within 90 days after the end of each 6-month period following a declaration of a national emergency, report to the Congress on the total expenditures directly attributable to that declaration. This report, covering the 6-monthperiod from August 19, 1994, to February 19, 1995, is submitted in compliance with these requirements. 3. Since the issuance of Executive Order No. 12924, the Department of Commerce has continued to administer and enforce the system of export controls, including anti boycott provisions, contained in the Export Administration Regulations. In administering these controls, the Department has acted under a policy of conforming actions under Executive Order No. 12924 to those required under the Export Administration Act, insofar as appropriate...... Effective September 30, 1994, the Department of Commerce revised thecontrol language for MTCR items on the Commerce Control List, based on the results of the last MTCR plenary. The revisions reflect advances in technology and clarifications agreed to multilaterally. On October 4, 1994, negotiations to resolve the 1993 sanctions imposed on China for MTCR violations involving missile-related trade with Pakistan were successfully concluded. The United States lifted the Category II sanctions effective November 1, in exchange for a Chinese commitment not to export ground-to-ground Category I missiles to any destination..... In February 1994, the Department of Commerce issued a Federal Register notice that invited public comment on ways to improve the Export Administration Regulations. The project's objective is "to make the rules and procedures for the control of exports simpler and easier to understand and apply." This project is not intended to be a vehicle to implement substantive change in the policies or procedures of export administration, but rather to make those policies and procedures simpler and clearer to the exporting community. Reformulating and simplifying the Export Administration Regulations is an important priority, and significant progress has been made over the last 6 months in working toward completion of this comprehensive undertaking...... 5. The expenses incurred by the Federal Government in the 6-monthperiod from August 19, 1994, to February 19, 1995, that are directly attributable to the exercise of authorities conferred by the declaration of a national emergency with respect to export controls were largely centered in the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Export Administration. Expenditures by the Department of Commerce are anticipated to be $19,681,000 most of which represents program operating costs, wage and salary costs for Federal personnel and overhead expenses...."

NRA website 6/15/99 NRA Press Release "…The White House has embarked on a deliberate campaign of deception and misinformation, in a "win at all cost" effort to impose more federal restrictions on lawful, peaceful gun owners, charged Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association. Referring to comments made this morning by White House spokesman Bruce Reed, LaPierre said, "When Bruce Reed was in short pants and Bill Clinton was running for Governor of Arkansas, the NRA was on Capitol Hill lobbying for passage of the national instant background check on firearm purchases. For the Clinton-Gore Administration to attempt to take credit for that instant check is deceitful. When the law was passed in 1993, it was the NRA who supported the mandatory instant check system, while Bill Clinton and Al Gore opposed it." …"

NRA website 6/15/99 NRA Press Release "…LaPierre also blasted the Administration's claims today, after the White House stated the background check had stopped more than 400,000 felons and prohibited persons from purchasing a firearm. Making such an attempt has been a federal felony, subject to ten years in prison, since 1968. "If that's true, where are the prosecutions?" LaPierre asked. "The truth is they had zero prosecutions in 1996, zero in 1997, and one in 1998." "They've only prosecuted 11 people nationwide in two years for illegally giving a gun to a juvenile. With that kind of dismal record of enforcing federal law, it's no wonder Bill Clinton and Al Gore are trying to mask their record with lies and misinformation," LaPierre said…."

Defending America 6/15/99 David H. Hackworth "…Wait a military minute. We spend 4 billion bucks, risk our Green Berets' and jet jockeys' lives, and the Ruskies do an end run and march into Kosovo before us? They get the parades, flowers and cheers that were beamed by television around the world -- and we pick up the tab. This just doesn't add up. But come to think of it, nothing in the "war that wasn't a war" makes much sense. Let's review the deal. President Clinton does a peace dance with indicted war criminal Slobodian Milosevic, a guy he called Hitler, in which Milosevic stays the main man. Kosovo still belongs to him. Serb soldiers, the ones who drove out the refugees, will be at the border welcoming them back home…. The veteran Clinton spin team -- which flimflammed Monica into a stalker, Paula into trailer-park trash, and labeled Bill's womanizing and the selling of secrets to China as dirty tricks by right-wing extremists -- will ram a hype hose down the nation's throat and turn the water all the way up.

Washington Times 6/16/99 Kristina Stefanova "….Reporters Without Borders, a free-press advocacy group, accused NATO yesterday of deliberate disinformation about Kosovo during the 2-and-a-half-month bombing campaign against Yugoslavia….Another example of misleading information the report cites is the attack on a convoy of Albanian refugees, which resulted in 75 deaths. At first, German Defense Minister Rudolf Sharping accused Serbian planes of the bombing. The next day NATO acknowledged it had bombed the civilians, claiming the attack was made because military vehicles were presumably in the area. Greek and French journalists who were on the scene the same day quoted refugees as saying the convoy had been bombed several times. It was five days later when NATO said it had dropped nine bombs on the convoy. "Other features of Western communication are approximate figures, debatable historic references and the use of vocabulary that has the aim of making the adversary appear monstrous," the report said. NATO spokesman Jamie Shea and German officials repeatedly compared Mr. Milosevic to Hitler, and British Prime Minister Tony Blair systematically used the term "genocide". RSF also points out that NATO officials made "practically no mention of 'collateral damage' -- only of 'legitimate targets' such as television buildings and relay stations, post offices, power stations and bridges -- without provoking any major movements of protest."…." 6/15/99 U.S. Senator James M. Inhofe "…Gary Hoitsma, press secretary to U.S. Sen. James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.), today responded to two wildly erroneous statements made today by White House spokesman Joe Lockhart concerning Inhofe's effort to prevent further abuses of the recess appointment power. First, Lockhart stated that the White House has "done an excellent job in notifying Congress" about recess appointments. "In making the unexpected appointment of Mr. Hormel on the last day of a brief five-day Senate recess, the White House did a lousy job of notifying Congress," Hoitsma said. "They notified the Majority Leader less than 24 hours before the appointment. "If that is their idea of 'excellent,' they should talk to Senator Byrd. In 1985, Byrd held up over 5000 Reagan nominees for two months to protest inadequate notification of recess appointments. Byrd's holds were lifted when Reagan agreed to notify Congress in advance of a recess for any future recess appointment. This is all we are asking of President Clinton for future recess appointments. He should agree, just as Reagan did in 1985." Second, Lockhart said "what Sen. Inhofe is engaged in here is akin to ideological extortion." >P> "No. What Sen. Inhofe is engaged in here is protecting the Senate from future abuses of power by this President," Hoitsma said. "It would be more accurate to say that the President's stealth-attack appointment was akin to ideological tyranny. The recess appointment power should not be used simply to avoid controversy or to circumvent the constitutional power and responsibility of the Senate." …."

Associated Press 6/16/99 Laurie Kellman "…With a promise from President Clinton to notify senior lawmakers before making recess appointments, a key Republican senator said today he will stop blocking approval of pending nominations. Sen. James Inhofe said in a statement the holds he placed on nominations were ``never designed to undo the appointment of'' Clinton's ambassadorial appointment of an openly gay businessman. The Oklahoma Republican said he acted ``to uphold the Senate's proper role in the 'advice and consent' process.'' Over the Memorial Day congressional recess, the president circumvented the Senate by appointing James Hormel of San Francisco ambassador to Luxembourg…."

CBS Online 6/16/1999 "….After a series of reports blasted the Energy Department for lax security at U.S. nuclear weapons labs, Energy Secretary Bill Richardson will announce the nation's first "security czar," who will be charged with insuring the security of those labs, CBS News has learned. Richardson is expected to name General Eugene Habiger, a just-retired four-star general who was the head of STRATCOM, and oversaw Air Force and Navy nuclear forces, CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reports. The official announcement is expected at a 2:30 p.m. ET press conference Wednesday. The nation's nuclear weapons labs aren't even close to solving their security problems, according to an independent panel headed by former Republican Sen. Warren Rudman. "I don't think this is just a security problem, this panel found an accountability problem," Rudman said….. the following glaring security problems: * It took four years to fix a broken doorknob that was stuck open, allowing access to sensitive areas. * One employee was dead for a year before officials realized classified documents were still assigned to him. * Another employee confessed to installing an illegal wiretap but was not prosecuted. Just last month, Richardson declared the espionage crisis at U.S. nuclear weapons labs was over. "I can assure the American people their nuclear secrets are safe," Richardson said. Responded Rudman: "I just find that statement incomprehensible and I'm just not sure why he's saying it!" …"

Agence France-Presse 6/16/99 "… Kosovo separatist guerrillas are expected to agree in the next few days to demilitarise, NATO said Wednesday, but warned this does not mean a total disarming of the rebels. British Lieutenant General Michael Jackson, head of the international peace-keeping force in Kosovo, KFOR, said: "The UN Security Council resolution makes it absolutely clear that this organisation (KLA) is to be demilitarised." "I expect that in the next two to three days the leadership of this organisation will sign an agreement which is being worked out between them and the representatives of our (KFOR) force," he added. In Brussels, NATO said the aim of the June 10 Security Council resolution was to demilitarise and not disarm the Kosovo Liberation Army. That would mean confiscating its heavy weapons but leaving fighters with their lighter arms to allow them to eventually carry out police functions…."

6/18/99 Lee Davidson Deseret News "…The Clinton administration says that its 1996 creation of Utah's Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument wasn't really secretive. "This was not done in secret. For the last several weeks leading up to the proclamation, there was an actual vigorous debate involving the Utah delegation, the governor of Utah and many people," Interior Department solicitor John Leshy said Thursday at a congressional hearing. That flabbergasted Reps. Jim Hansen and Chris Cannon, R-Utah. Cannon retorted, "I congratulate you for keeping a straight face while you said that." The debate came over a bill sponsored by Hansen that would require more public hearings and studies before a president can create a monument. Hansen quoted White House documents, which he obtained by subpoena, that ordered secrecy. He also went through a chronology showing Utahns didn't hear rumors about the monument until a Washington Post story 11 days in advance - and the White House said for days thereafter that any monument was years away from creation. In fact, Hansen said the White House only finally confirmed solid plans to Utah officials for the monument "at 2 a.m. on the day that the monument was created." …."

The Washington Times 6/18/99 Mark Levin "…Deep Throat's stenographer, Bob Woodward, has written another book about scandals--laced with the usual purported statements from scores of unnamed sources. And The Washington Post ran excerpts on its front page for three days--which has generated considerable interest among political and media elites. I recall, however, that when Gary Aldrich's book, "Unlimited Access," hit the bookstores, the mainstream media all but ignored his shocking accounts of high-level misconduct. Instead, they questioned the unnamed sources of some of his information. Tremendous latitude was granted Mr. Woodward when he wrote a book in which he recounted wide-ranging discussions with former CIA Director William Casey. The problem was that Mr. Casey was apparently in a coma when the conversations supposedly occurred. Mrs. Casey disputes that Mr. Woodward had access to her husband when he was in the hospital--and the hospital apparently has no records of Mr. Woodward's visits. When Mr. Woodward's book was published, Mr. Casey had passed away, thereby leaving us with only Mr. Woodward's version of events. Moreover, Rush Limbaugh raised a key question of journalistic ethics the other day when he asked how Mr. Woodward could justify with-holding information about the Clinton scandals from the public in order to benefit financially from its later release in a book…..Perhaps the most telling insight we gain from all of this is that journalist Woodward--like Judge Wright with her contempt citation, and NBC with the Juanita Broaddrick rape allegation--withheld their information from the public until after it could affect the outcome of Mr. Clinton's impeachment trial. That, Mr. Woodward, is the rest of the story…."

The Washington Times 6/20/99 James Inhofe "...Too many commentators are missing the point about the national security significance of the Cox Report and its revelation of China's theft of U.S. nuclear secrets. It is time to face the truth: This president and this administration are singularly culpable for orchestrating a politically inspired coverup to advance policies they knew were causing harm to U.S. national security. Let's not be distracted by the self-serving Clinton spin: everybody does it; that it all happened during previous administrations; that there is equal blame to go around on all sides, that Bill Clinton acted quickly and properly when he found out. All of this is wrong, a dishonest smokescreen designed to divert attention from the real issues. It is also an attempt to dissuade people from actually reading the Cox Report and discovering for themselves that the Clinton spin is a delusion...."

The Washington Times 6/20/99 James Inhofe "...Sixteen of the 17 most significant major technology breaches revealed in the Cox Report were discovered after 1994. The notion that Presidents Carter, Reagan and Bush knew the extent to which China's efforts to steal U.S. nuclear and military technology were successful is fantasy...."

The Washington Times 6/20/99 James Inhofe "...At least eight (and maybe more) of these breaches actually occurred after 1994 and after it was well-known to the Clinton administration that China had been illegally proliferating arms technology to rogue countries around the world. Among these breaches--occurring on the Clinton watch--are many of those that go the farthest in advancing China's potential as a direct nuclear threat to the United States. These include:

(1) The transfer of the so-called Legacy Codes containing data on 50 years of U.S. nuclear weapons development including more than 1,000 nuclear tests.

(2) The sale and diversion to military purposes of more than 600 high-performance computers enabling China to enhance its development of nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, and advanced military aviation equipment.

(3) The compromise of nuclear warhead simulation technology enhancing China's ability to perfect miniature nuclear warheads without actual testing.

(4) The compromise of advanced electromagnetic weapons technology useful in the development of anti-satellite and anti-missile systems.

(5) The transfer of missile nose cone technology enabling China to substantially improve the reliability of its intercontinental ballistic missiles.

(6) The transfer of missile guidance technology enabling China to substantially improve the accuracy of its ballistic missiles.

(7) The compromise of super-secret space-based radar technology giving China the ability to detect our previously undetectable submerged submarines.

(8) The compromise of some other "classified thermonuclear weapons information" which "the Clinton administration" (not the Cox committee) "has determined...cannot be made public."

The Washington Times 6/20/99 James Inhofe "...President Clinton, who was given a copy of the Cox Report on Jan. 3, lied to the American people on March 19 when he conveyed the message he was unaware that anyone suspected there were breaches of nuclear-related secrets during his presidency. ..."

The Washington Times 6/20/99 James Inhofe "...The Clinton administration coverup was recently exposed in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Notra Trulock, the Energy Department's former director of intelligence, who had first briefed Mr. Berger in April 1996, testified he was prepared to brief members of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees as late as July 1998, but was denied permission to do so by Acting Energy Secretary Elizabeth Moler, a political appointee. Miss Moler reportedly ordered Mr. Trulock not to conduct the briefing because she said the information would be used to hurt Mr. Clinton's China policy. When Miss Moler refuted this testimony and claimed she did not recall gagging Mr. Trulock in this way, I asked both officials if they would voluntarily submit to a polygraph test. Both agreed at the hearing, but when pressed several weeks later, only Mr. Trulock was readily willing to cooperate and go through with taking the test. As a result, it is obvious to me Mr. Trulock was telling the truth and Miss Moler was not, confirming rather conclusively that there was indeed a politically inspired coverup...."

Nation 6/12/99 Christopher Hitchens "....The White House "line of the day" says that Chinese espionage is nothing new and was known to occur under previous, Republican administrations. In that case, they had every reason to be vigilant, when all the evidence shows they were not...."

Nation 6/12/99 Christopher Hitchens "....The President says that he was not told of any espionage until March 19 this year. Not only does this tell against the smug claim of previous awareness of the problem, but it flatly contradicts Sandy Berger's claim to have been briefed by Energy Department intelligence as far back as July 1997 and to have passed on the briefing to Clinton "within a day or two." ...."

6/23/99 Rueters NewsEdge "...Politicians can lie to the public because President Clinton did it and got away with it, an influential South African regional leader was reported Wednesday as saying. "It is accepted and it is not unusual anywhere in the world. It wasn't the end of Bill Clinton's life," Ndaweni Mahlangu, newly elected premier of Mpumalanga province told journalists.....The premier's comments provoked a stream of calls into local radio stations denouncing him. The opposition Democratic Party called for the ruling African National Congress (ANC) to discipline Mahlangu for his comments...."

The Hindustan Times 6/14/99 Robert Fisk "...Nato officers began to realise the discrepancy between their own claims and the reality within hours of the start of the Yugoslav military withdrawal. In just the first stage of the Serbian retreat, they logged 250 tanks moving out of Kosovo - all undamaged - and at least 40,000 men. This was supposed to be the troop strength of the entire Third Army; several thousand soldiers left in the next three days. All of which casts serious doubt on Nato´s wartime propaganda. On 17 April, for example, Nato spokesman Jamie Shea was boasting that the alliance was "knocking the stuffing out of Milosevic" while Gen Wesley Clark, the Nato commander, said on 27 May that after 27,000 Nato sorties, his pilots had conducted "the most accurate bombing campaign in history."....."

Yediot Achronot (Israel) 6/18/99 Shimon Shiffer "...Netanyahu plans in the book he is currently writing to publish several details that will considerably embarrass the president of the United States. In one of the chapters Clinton will earn the title 'International Swindler'. And this is the story. In September '98, Yom Kippur Eve, Clinton and Netanyahu met for a conversation in the White House, during the course of which Netanyahu agreed to attend the conference at Wye Plantation with Yasser Arafat on condition that Clinton would act to immediately release the spy Jonathan Pollard. Clinton, according to Netanyahu and his closest advisors, agreed to the condition. Netanyahu explained to him that this gesture would help him to get the support from his constituents for the painful part of the agreement he expected to sign - continuation of the withdrawal from the territories. 'Bibi went to Wye knowing that Clinton would immediately release Pollard with the signing of the agreement with the Palestinians,' the advisors of the departing prime minister said this week.......At the end of the conference, at 5:00 AM, after arrangements had already been made for the signing ceremony, Clinton put his hand on Netanyahu's shoulder and asked him to step aside with him so he could tell him a few things. One of those present in the room saw Clinton and Netanyahu as they spoke from a distance. 'Netanyahu turned pale, and Clinton hugged him.' The man said this week. When Netanyahu returned to the center of the room, he told his advisors and ministers that Clinton had announced to him that he could not honor his promise to release Pollard. 'We were shocked,' said one of them. 'We thought that Bibi should go back to Clinton and tell him: 'if that is the case then there is no agreement with the Palestinians. You lied to me.' Our problem was that we did not want to find ourselves again in the terrible situation that both in Israel and the world Netanyahu would be presented as a liar, and would not talk at all about the real liar...."

National Review 6/28/99 John O'Sullivan "...It is, in fact, quite hard to find actual expressions of anti-Chinese or anti-Asian racism in public statements by Republicans or anyone else. The nearest thing to an allegedly bigoted remark came from Alabama's Sen. Richard Shelby, who described the Chinese spies behind the stealing of U.S. technology as "crafty." This was seized upon as an, er, crafty employment of an ethnic stereotype about Asians. But since the spies undoubtedly were crafty -- that comes with being a spy -- the bigotry could well repose in the minds of those who heard the word "crafty" and instantly leapt to the conclusion that Shelby must have intended an ethnic slur. Even before Sen. Shelby had committed his faux pas, however, Amb. Richardson had denounced those who were supposedly questioning "the patriotism of Asian-Pacific Americans and sowing the seeds of a darker xenophobia" because of the spy scandal. But his denunciation, bravely issued to a meeting of Chinese-Americans in New York, contained no hard evidence of anti-Chinese racism. And when the Los Angeles Times sought to fill this gap with anonymous anecdotes of "ethnic profiling" in America's nuclear-weapons laboratories, these turned out to be less than totalitarian. For example, "Snickering and hushed laughter broke out in a roomful of computer users as a person with a Chinese surname was introduced to lead a session on computer security." ....Most accounts blame Americans first. They leave no doubt that the racism of ordinary Americans -- made worse by politicians who incite and aggravate it -- is to blame. Richardson's speech, for instance, defended Asian-Americans against unnamed American racists. A spokesman for Beijing similarly blamed the spy scandal on "typical racial prejudice." Then Maurice Meisner declared in the Los Angeles Times that "opportunistic American politicians now portray Chinese in stereotypical fashion. The increasingly dominant images are of 19th century vintage: Chinese are crafty, deceitful, villainous and half-crazed automatons manipulated by evil rulers. It has become ever more difficult for Americans to see Chinese as fellow humans," etc., etc. There is a neat symmetry here. Meisner's picture of Americans might almost be of "half-crazed automatons manipulated by evil rulers." But the reader will search in vain for any evidence supporting such a picture...."

New York Times 6/27/99 James Risen Jeff Gerth "...The White House was told about China's apparent theft of American nuclear weapons technology in July 1995, soon after it was detected by the Energy Department and the Central Intelligence Agency, several officials said. Until now, the Administration has left the impression that the White House first learned about the matter in April 1996, when Samuel R. Berger, then President Clinton's deputy national security adviser, was briefed on the case by Energy Department officials. But interviews with current and former officials show that warnings about possible Chinese nuclear espionage received high-level attention within the Clinton Administration early in the Government's investigation of the matter...."

Reuters 6/27/99 "...Republican and Democratic senators criticized Sunday the Clinton administration's handling of allegations of Chinese nuclear spying. Reacting to a New York Sunday Times report that the White House was told of the technology loss in 1995, an angry Sen. Orrin Hatch, a Republican from Utah, told Fox News Sunday, ''That's the kind of crap that really shouldn't go on. I'm sick of it and that's one reason I'm running (for president).'' ....``The scandal is there -- the revelations of Chinese spying -- and then starts the cover-up, the obfuscation and that makes it 10 times worse. Clearly the White House has not been forthcoming about what the president knew, when he knew it, when (National Security Adviser) Sandy Berger knew it,'' said McCain. ....Sen. Joseph Lieberman, a Democrat from Connecticut, said he thought that the White House handling of the allegations had been inadequate. ``From everything that I know the administration ... either knew about it or should have known about it. The 'should have' is because some of the experts at our labs in the Department of Energy reached a conclusion based on what they saw from Chinese nuclear testing that the Chinese must have obtained, probably obtained, information on our W-88 warhead,'' he said on Fox News Sunday..... ``Looking back at it, this is critical enough. The president should have been told then, there's no question about it,'' he said...."

Reuters 6/25/99 "...President Clinton said Friday he misspoke earlier this year when he said no security breaches occurred at U.S. nuclear research laboratories during his administration. A congressional report last month said China had acquired U.S. secrets about seven nuclear weapons and the neutron bomb through 20 years of espionage. China has denied it stole U.S. nuclear secrets. ``First of all, there has been a 20-year problem with lax security at the labs,'' Clinton said at a press briefing. ``And what I said was that I didn't suspect that any actual breaches of security had occurred during my tenure.''..... ``But I think my choice of wording was poor. What I should have said was I did not know of any specific instance of espionage, because I think that we've been suspicious all along,'' Clinton said. ``I have to acknowledge I think I used a poor word there,'' he added. ``We did not have any specific instance, as we now do, of the off-loading of the computer,'' Clinton said....."

AFP 6/28/99 "...The Clinton administration was first told China may have stolen US nuclear secrets nine months earlier than it originally admitted, a newspaper said. Throughout the uproar over allegations that China stole secrets to every key US nuclear warhead made since the 1970s, Republicans have claimed the White House failed to react quickly or strongly enough to the charges. The White House says it learned of the possible spying in April 1996. But unnamed current and former US officials told the New York Times the administration was informed of the apparent theft in July 1995....."

New York Post 6/28/99 Deborah Orin "...The latest revelation by The New York Times that the first tipoff came in 1995 also raised new doubts about the truthfulness of Clinton's claim earlier this year that no one told him of any suspicions of such spying. "A scandal is there, the revelations of Chinese spying, and then starts the cover-up and obfuscation, and that makes it 10 times worse," Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) told Fox News. "Clearly, the White House has not been forthcoming about what the president knew, when he knew it ... There's no doubt that there [were] tremendous lapses or even, frankly, misconduct." McCain's criticism was echoed not just by other Republicans but also by Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.), who said news reports showed that the administration "either knew about it or should have known about it." ..."

The Associated Press 6/27/99 William Mann "...- Senators reacted bitterly Sunday to a report the Clinton White House knew of Chinese nuclear espionage earlier than it has acknowledged. "That really shouldn't go on," said GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, who plans to run for president. "I'm sick of it." ...."Looking back at it, this is critical enough...that the president should have been informed. There's no question about it," said Lieberman, D-Conn. The White House acknowledged Sunday it was alerted to suspicions of Chinese espionage in 1995 but did not learn about details until 1996, as the administration has maintained. ....The New York Times reported Sunday that in July 1995, Hazel O'Leary, then energy secretary, told then-White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta and other officials about evidence that China may have stolen nuclear secrets. Word filtered out to other officials in ensuing months, the newspaper said, citing interviews with current and former officials. It said a new report on the case issued by the president's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board refers to meetings among Energy Department, CIA and White House officials in the second half of 1995. Sandy Berger, deputy national security adviser in 1995 who now holds the top job, has said he did not tell Clinton of the matter until Berger was briefed thoroughly in July 1997. On Sunday, the White House denied any formal interagency contack over the issue before April 1996, when the Energy Department first briefed Berger. Counsel Jim Kennedy said prior discussions of the matter - such as the July 1995 contact - constituted preliminary and informal notification. O'Leary's talk with Panetta, Kennedy said, was "simply an informal heads-up to the White House." ...."

Media Research Center CyberAlert 6/28/99 Brent Baker "....At Clinton's late afternoon press conference on June 25 FNC's Wendell Goler, who asked him back on March 19 about spying during his term, pressed: "Let me ask you once again do you still maintain that you were not told anything about these Chinese efforts to spy at the nation's nuclear labs during your administration?" Clinton answered by stressing how spying by China has been ongoing for twenty years, but then he got to commenting how his March 19 reply: "What I said was that I didn't suspect any actual breaches of security had occurred during my tenure. Since then we have learned of the off-loading of the computer by Mr. Lee, from the secured computers into his personal computer. That's something we know now that I didn't know then. But I think my choice of wording was poor. What I should have said was I did not know of any specific instance of espionage because I think we've been suspicious all along. And I have to acknowledge I think I used a poor word there. We have been suspicious all along generally. We did not have any specific instance as we now do of the off-loading of the computer..." Actually, on March 19 Clinton did not say "that I didn't suspect any actual breaches of national security." He answered: "Can I tell you there has been no espionage at the labs since I've been President? I can tell you that no one has reported to me that they suspect such a thing has occurred." And in response to another question he maintained: "To the best of my knowledge, no one has said anything to me about any espionage which occurred by the Chinese against the labs, during my presidency." ....Now to last Friday. Clinton's grudging admission that he misled the American people as "my choice of wording was poor." In fact, he was again misleading people by suggesting that the "off- loading of the computer" is the only specific instance during his watch. But as Paul Sperry pointed out in the June 9 Investor's Business Daily: "The declassified version of the House [Cox] report identifies 11 cases of Chinese espionage since the late 1970s. Eight took place during President Clinton's years in office....In other words, the vast majority of the leaks over the past 20 years have sprung on Clinton's watch....The House report doesn't disclose the full extent of Chinese espionage in the Clinton years. Citing 'national security' reasons, the White House censored roughly 375 pages, including several recent cases." So, the networks had plenty of angles to pursue Friday night, but they bunted: ABC's John Cochran, CBS's Scott Pelley and CNN's John King all ignored China. FNC's Wendell Goler included Clinton's answer in his Fox Report story and NBC's Claire Shipman gave it 24 seconds in a piece about how "Bill Clinton laid out a bold and ambitious agenda for just 18 months left in office today."

Washington Times 6/27/99 Jack Kemp "..."Milosevic's capitulation to NATO demands?" "NATO proved right?" My goodness, what delusions are emanating from inside the Washington Beltway; what fabrications are being perpetrated on the American people. The truth of this war is the exact opposite of the establishment's portrayal. It was an unnecessary, and in my opinion illegal and unconstitutional, war from the beginning. It failed on every score to achieve the goals articulated to justify it, exacerbated the very problems it sought to remedy and created new problems that will plague America and the Balkans for years to come. It was, in short, a debacle, an "international Waco," which no amount of "spinning" by NATO and the media can erase. We could have had the same, or perhaps even a better deal at Rambouillet if we had been willing to, in Winston Churchill's words, "jaw jaw instead of war war!" President Clinton, spurred on by U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in particular, led NATO to start an unprovoked and unjustified war out of pique because the Yugoslavian government, as would any other sovereign nation, refused to consent to two provisions of the Rambouillet proposal that were insisted on by the Atlantic Alliance: (1) that Belgrade allow a foreign military alliance (NATO) to occupy every square inch of its sovereign territory, billet its forces wherever it desired and receive immunity before the fact against "any claims of any sort" that might arise out of alliance activities (including criminal acts by NATO personnel); and (2) that Belgrade concede to a referendum after three years that would almost certainly have guaranteed independence for Kosovo and thus wrench it out of the Yugoslav Federation. Far from capitulating to these NATO demands, which constituted an unambiguous assault on Yugoslavian sovereignty, Belgrade withstood 79 days of brutal bombing, while the Milosevic government ruthlessly exploited the opportunity to engage in killing and brutality by pillaging and conducting wholesale displacement and deportation of Kosovar Albanians, only a fraction of whom are ever likely to return to their homes. Far from stopping a humanitarian disaster, the NATO bombing provoked one. The Yugoslavian Parliament finally agreed to withdraw most of its troops from Kosovo only after NATO agreed to a peace accord that explicitly reaffirms Yugoslavian sovereignty and conspicuously omits both of the two unacceptable demands from Rambouillet....."

Investor's Business Daily 6/29/99 "...To hear President Clinton tell it, the country owes its present economic prosperity all to him. So too a higher budget surplus. In fact, he says the fiscal policies of the Reagan-Bush era were ''reckless.'' Hogwash. For someone who decried playing politics just a few days ago, Clinton wasted no time in sharpening up the partisan needle. ''In the 12 years before I took office, reckless fiscal policies quadrupled our debt, bringing us higher interest rates, higher unemployment, higher inflation.'' Huh? When President Reagan took office, the unemployment rate topped 7%. By the time he left, it was under 6%. In 1980, the yield on the 30-year U.S. bond was 13.91%. On his leaving, it was 6.69%. And inflation? It grew 10.3% in 1981, and only 4.1% in 1989. As for the higher debt, Clinton should look to the actions of the Democrat-controlled houses of Congress in the last 12 years. They spent more than Reagan wanted. ee chart). Plus, he thinks it's all his doing that the federal government will run a surplus this year that's $20 billion more than expected in February - $99 billion, not $79 billion. The 15-year surplus is expected to be $1 trillion more under these new projections. Far from thanking his economic team, he ought to tip his hat to the policy foundations President Reagan put in place, Bush carried on ort of) and the Republican Congress built upon when it took control in 1994. ..."

Stratfor 6/29/99 "...In an address to the Council on Foreign Relations on June 28, U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright said NATO's air strikes in Kosovo should not be used as a precedent for intervention in other conflicts. "Every circumstance is unique," said Albright. With regards to NATO intervention in future conflicts, Albright added, "I would caution against any such sweeping conclusions." She called NATO a European and Atlantic alliance and expressed the hope that NATO intervention in Yugoslavia would deter future conflicts. Albright's comments reflect an evolving analysis, in Washington, of the Kosovo conflict and its ramifications. Washington's public spin of Operation Allied Force was that NATO, unanimous in aim and approach, successfully bombed Yugoslav forces into submission. And while this unmitigated victory temporarily aroused hostility in Russia and China, both Moscow and Beijing have more to gain from cooperating with the West than from confronting it, and will soon come around. The reality now tacitly acknowledged by Albright is somewhat different. First, NATO most certainly was not and is not unanimous regarding either the goals of the Kosovo campaign or the methods employed to achieve it.....Washington has been forced to reconsider its official spin that NATO successfully bombed Yugoslavia into submission. Bomb damage assessment inside Kosovo has shown just how little damage NATO inflicted on Yugoslav forces, raising the question of just why Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic did capitulate. The point is, Milosevic did not capitulate, but rather accepted a compromise settlement that NATO later successfully, if duplicitously, spun into an unmitigated victory in Kosovo... Finally, Russia and China - each with a host of their own "Kosovos" in which Western involvement would be most unwelcome, are not simply "getting over" their hostility to U.S. hegemonic behavior in Kosovo. Far from it, the two have accelerated plans for their strategic alliance...."

Washington Post 7/2/99 Charles Krauthammer "...After 15 years, the Democrats have apparently given up their opposition to a "star wars" missile defense for the United States. A law committing the United States to building such a defense passed Congress by overwhelming majorities. And President Clinton, who had vetoed such legislation in the past, will sign it. This was no Democratic conversion to toughness. This was Democratic acquiescence to blinding reality. The reality is that: (1) Rogue states such as North Korea and Iran are building nuclear missiles soon to be aimed at the United States, and (2) The United States is utterly defenseless to shoot them down. For the better part of this decade, the Clinton administration has denied both ends of this reality. First, it claimed that the threat was distant....The administration now recognizes that its own CIA estimates of the threat were hopelessly wrong and that the congressionally mandated Rumsfeld Commission was right when it warned last July of the imminent capacity of rogue states to develop the means to attack the United States. The other feat of reality-denial involved American defenselessness. Democrats liked to argue, alternatively, that American defenselessness is (a) paradoxically a good thing or (b) divinely -- technologically -- ordained. Defenselessness was good because it made for "strategic stability" with the Soviet Union.....Less than three months later, on June 10, an Army THAAD missile intercepted a ballistic missile launched from 120 miles away. This was precisely what Baldwin claimed was unfeasible: destruction by collision, a bullet hitting a bullet. Reality bites, even for Democrats..... Is Clinton really serious? Former Pentagon expert Frank Gaffney, an ABM hero who has campaigned on its behalf for 15 years (we should name the first system after him), warns that a recent Clinton-Yeltsin agreement to renegotiate the ABM treaty has the makings of a trap. The ABM treaty, amended or not, can only hinder the building of an American defense. For example, because of the administration's interpretation of the treaty, THAAD could only test against a missile going no more than five kilometers per second. But North Korea's new missile goes seven to eight kilometers per second. This THAAD won't catch up to it. Even worse, the ABM treaty prevents the Navy's Aegis ships (which could carry mobile ABMs) from using satellite information to track incoming long-range missiles. This deliberately and unnecessarily degrades the Aegis system, our best hope for a cheap, fast, near-term national defense...." 6/28/99 David Hackworth "...During NATO's air campaign against Yugoslavia, millions of folks around the world got a daily television fix on how NATO air power was smashing the Serbian Army. Silver-tongued spinmeister Dr. Jamie Shea said things such as "We're knocking the stuffing out of Milosevic," and, NATO "is conducting the most accurate bombing campaign in history." The statistics he presented at the end of the fight were awesome: NATO pilots flew more than 35,000 sorties: 96.6 percent of their bombs hit their targets: 60 percent of Serb artillery and 40 percent of Serb tanks were damaged or destroyed; the Serb Army in Kosovo was battle-rattled after taking thousands of casualties and deserted their bunkers like post-Monica White House staffers. Now that NATO has troops on the ground in Kosovo along with a few tell-it-like-it-is reporters, it should have been an easy task to match the briefing stats with the burned tank hulks and white crosses. But this hasn't been the case. So far, the grunts and scribes have found only a dozen destroyed vehicles and guns, no military cemeteries, no signs that Serb units were pummeled. Something's wrong. This insane demolition job cost American taxpayers billions of bucks, so where's the Mother of All Army Junkyards? The Serb generals couldn't have swept that kind of reported battle destruction into a foxhole before scooting back to Belgrade. Blown-up 50-ton tanks, miles of twisted artillery barrels and 5,000 graves don't just disappear with the wave of a general's baton. Yet the body counters have found only the shot up carcasses of three 1960s- model tanks, a lot of blown-up army buildings clearly vacated before the bombs fell, and carpet-bombed forested areas that look like cyclones twisted through them. Ten battle-damaged tanks were observed heading north when the Serbian army pulled out along with 254 combat-ready tanks, thousands of missiles, cannons, armored vehicles, trucks and 60,000 defiant, smartly dressed and well-equipped troops -- exactly 50 percent more grunts than the spinners said were deployed in Serbia's Kosovo province in the first place...."

Reuters 6/29/99 "...Almost 40% of physicians say they have exaggerated a patient's condition to an insurance company to make sure the patient has coverage for needed treatment or time in the hospital, according to a survey conducted by the American Medical Association (AMA). The national sample of physicians showed that ``physician deception of third party payers is prevalent and may be rising,'' AMA investigators announced at the annual meeting of the Association for Health Services Research in Chicago, Illinois. The forms of ``deception'' included exaggeration of severity of the patient's condition in order to avoid early discharge from the hospital, changing the billing diagnosis to help secure services, and reporting symptoms that the patient did not have in order to obtain coverage and treatments...."

USA TODAY 7/1/99 Steven Komarow "...Many of the figures used by the Clinton administration and NATO to describe the wartime plight of Albanians in Kosovo now appear greatly exaggerated as allied forces take control of the province. "Yes, there were atrocities. But no, they don't measure up to the advance billing," says House intelligence chairman Porter Goss, R-Fla. Instead of 100,000 ethnic Albanian men feared murdered by rampaging Serbs, officials now estimate that about 10,000 were killed. 600,000 ethnic Albanians were not "trapped within Kosovo itself lacking shelter, short of food, afraid to go home or buried in mass graves dug by their executioners" as President Clinton told a veterans group in May. Though thousands hid in Kosovo, they are healthy. Kosovo's livestock, wheat and other crops are growing, not slaughtered wholesale or torched as widely reported. Kenneth Bacon, spokesman for Defense Secretary William Cohen, says the best estimates available were used..... Then why exaggerate? "In order to justify this thing, they needed to tap that memory of the Holocaust," says Andrew Bacevich, professor of International Relations at Boston University....The "missing men" -- young Albanians who were believed killed -- are home with no jobs. NATO forces are struggling to keep them from seeking retribution.....Mike Hammer, spokesman for the National Security Council, says there was no effort to mislead. The administration found that "as you go through a campaign like this, there is a great deal of uncertainty." Even lower numbers justify action, he says. "We needed to move because of the campaign of ethnic cleansing that could not be allowed to stand."...." 7/6/99 Barry Grey "…In recent days scattered reports have emerged in the American media of the inflated and misleading character of claims by US officials of Serb atrocities against the Kosovan Albanians. On June 28 the Detroit Free Press carried an article by foreign correspondent Lori Montgomery, datelined Prizren, which bore the headline, "Rapes not a policy in Kosovo: Assaults were individual acts by Serbs, evidence indicates." ….That evening NBC Nightly News carried a segment by foreign correspondent Andrea Mitchell on the same theme. Mitchell characterized the war-time reports of Kosovan deaths as a "gross exaggeration" and said officials now estimate the civilian death toll in Kosovo since the onset of NATO bombing last March 24 to be between 3,000 and 6,000. These reports have been simply ignored by the "newspapers of record"—the New York Times and the Washington Post—which enthusiastically backed the bombing of Yugoslavia and retailed the government claims of mass murder, rape and genocide that were used to justify the war and manipulate public opinion….. Within days of the onset of NATO bombing, Clinton described the ensuing Serb attack as an attempt to wipe out the Kosovan Albanian population. In a radio address from the Oval Office on April 3 he said the "cold clear goal" of Milosovic was to "keep Kosovo's land while ridding it of its people." Twelve days later he told the American Society of Newspaper Editors that Milosovic was "determined to crush all resistance to his rule even if it means turning Kosovo into a lifeless wasteland." On May 5, in a speech at Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany, he added to the list of Serb crimes the setting up of concentration camps, something that never occurred. In a Memorial Day address on May 31 he compared Milosevic to Hitler, saying his government "like that of Nazi Germany rose to power in part by getting people to look down on people of a given race and ethnicity, and to believe they had... no right to live." On June 11, on the eve of the deployment of NATO troops into Kosovo, Clinton described the actions of the Serbs as "an attempt to erase the very presence of a people from their land, and to get rid of them dead or alive." Since the withdrawal of Serb forces, Clinton's rhetoric has become, if anything, more unrestrained. Even as NATO was quietly lowering its estimates of ethnic Albanian deaths, Clinton repeatedly said the evidence of death and destruction in Kosovo was "even worse than we imagined." In a June 20 interview on Russian television he said, "We were only trying to reverse ethnic cleansing and genocide." Two days later, in a speech to KFOR troops in Macedonia, he spoke of "young girls [being] raped en masse." …"

WorldNetDaily 7/13/99 Charles Smith "…Clearly, the Commerce Dept.'s vain attempt in 1998 to dispute the fact COSTIND was not a Chinese Army unit was another White House spin effort that failed. COSTIND, to Defense Secretary Perry, was indeed a military unit, commanded by General Ding and manned by "officers and soldiers" of the PLA. In 1998, the Commerce Dept. denied access to all China-Gate documents, citing national security, on the grounds that they could "neither confirm nor deny" their existence. In response, this reporter filed suit in Federal Court, located in Richmond, Virginia, seeking the withheld information. Previously released information, forced from the Clinton administration using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), clearly showed meetings between Commerce officials and COSTIND. For example, one document described an August 1994 meeting in Beijing that included COSTIND General Shen, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, and Loral CEO, Bernard Schwartz. The evidence showed that the Commerce Dept. was withholding details on "military" exports directly to the Chinese Army. The Commerce Dept. is not authorized to issue export licenses to military end-users… The Clinton/China military relationship included the "Eight Point Plan" to transfer a state-of-the-art air defense system directly to the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). The air defense technology transfer to the PLAAF, according to 1998 GAO testimony on U.S. military sales to China, required a waiver signed by President Clinton…."

The Washington Times 7/12/99 Bill Sammon "…Vice President Al Gore, who in 1992 said America was in "the worst economy since the Great Depression," is now quietly acknowledging the current economic boom began midway through the Bush administration…. "The economic expansion that began in April 1991 is now the second longest on record," said a recent report by the White House Office of Management and Budget. "If the expansion continues through February 2000 -- as virtually all private- and public-sector forecasters expect -- it will become the longest running expansion ever." But in October 1992, 18 months after the boom began, Mr. Gore insisted the economy "is in trouble." During a debate with Vice President Dan Quayle, then-Senator Gore denounced Bush-Quayle economic policies.
"The experience that George Bush and Dan Quayle have been talking about includes the worst economic performance since the Great Depression," said Mr. Gore, hammering home a campaign theme he first articulated months earlier….."

Washington Times 7/5/99 "…(1) After learning in April of 1995 from their monitoring of Chinese nuclear test explosions that China had apparently acquired classified design information about the United States' most sophisticated nuclear warhead, the W-88, why did Department of Energy (DOE) weapons scientists and counterintelligence officials delay for an entire year -- until April 1996 -- reporting this alarming information to the White House? (2) Given that Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officials learned of the same development in 1995 as well, why would that agency not advise the White House? Those questions have now been answered. In fact, DOE counterintelligence officials did not wait nearly so long. Nor did their CIA counterparts. As early as July 1995, DOE Secretary Hazel O'Leary conveyed her department's suspicions to no less a senior White House official than Chief of Staff Leon Panetta, according to an article in the New York Times. Within days, CIA Director John Deutch, a former deputy secretary of defense, told Mr. Panetta that the CIA had independently gathered intelligence confirming the suspicions of DOE officials; namely, that China had stolen secret information about the W-88….. In November of 1995, a convinced Mr. Deutch personally briefed White House National Security Adviser Anthony Lake -- who implausibly asserts that he cannot recall the briefing, although the White House acknowledges there is a record of it. In any event, Mr. Lake claims to have failed to brief the president. Moreover, Mr. Panetta, the government official who probably spent more time with Mr. Clinton than anybody else at the time, admitted to the Times that he failed to mention to the president what Mrs. O'Leary and Mr. Deutch told him in July 1995…..Imagine that. CIA Director Deutch informs the the White House Chief of Staff in July 1995 that his agency suspects Chinese nuclear espionage involving America's most advanced nuclear warhead. After the sober-minded Mr. Deutch becomes convinced of the nuclear espionage, he personally briefs the president's national security adviser. Five months later, DOE counterintelligence officers gave then-Deputy National Security Adviser Sandy Berger what they termed an "explicit" and "detailed" briefing. And none of these three --neither Mr. Panetta, nor Mr. Lake nor Mr. Berger -- ever considered the information sufficiently alarming to brief the president. (At one point, within days after the scandal exploded in early March this year, Mr. Berger, who became national security adviser in early 1996, claimed to have briefed the president in April 1996, but the White House now insists the president was not briefed until July 1997, after DOE officials briefed Mr. Berger a second time.) Either these three senior White House officials are among the most incompetent aides ever to serve a U.S. president, a prospect that, admittedly, is difficult to believe in Mr. Panetta's case. Or they are lying…."

New York Times 7/16/99 William Safire "… Bromwich's 569-page report dumping on the F.B.I. and claiming innocent ineptitude on high is stamped "top secret" because it might jeopardize an ongoing failure at Justice. The two of its deep, dark secrets … are covered in Elizabeth Drew's new book that has a chapter about the successful obstruction of the Thompson committee investigation, "The Corruption of American Politics." One is the Hong Kong source of the $400,000 contribution of Indonesia's Sieong, most of it routed to the Democratic National Committee through his resident alien daughter…. Another secret was sent the committee only after its hearings were over. It alleged that Ms. Hsia had recruited someone in California's state government to be "an agent" for China. In the Bromwich sandwich, eight more bits of intelligence information concealed from Congressional oversight are deliciously embedded, but not for the public to see until after the next election…."

DrudgeReport 7/14/99 "…First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton says in a sworn statement that she had nothing to do with the gathering of FBI files on employees of the Bush and Reagan administrations….. 5. I did not hire, nor did I direct or recommend the hiring of, Craig Livingstone for any position, including his position of Director of the White House Office of Personnel Security, and I do not know Mr. Livingstone's mother…."

Judicial Watch 7/15/99 "…But, in court papers filed Monday, Mrs. Clinton sought desperately to try to block her deposition by saying she was too high a government official to be deposed. In addition to filing a loophole-ridden sworn declaration, Mrs. Clinton’s brief contends that "‘as a general proposition, high-ranking government officials are not subject to depositions’" and that she not have to testify so she can "‘have time to dedicate to the performance of [her] government functions.’" This argument fails for a number of reasons, chiefly because Mrs. Clinton is not a government official. She is, however, a defendant and all defendants are deposed. "If the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the President is subject to being deposed, then certainly the President’s wife, who is not even a government official, can be deposed…. Judicial Watch has sworn evidence and documents tying Mrs. Clinton directly to Filegate... The evidence includes but is hardly limited to: – An authentic FBI document and sworn testimony showing Hillary Clinton hired the former bar bouncer Craig Livingstone, the individual who helped obtain the Republican FBI files... – Linda Tripp’s testimony that FBI file information was being uploaded onto White House computers to be shared with the Democratic National Committee -- on the orders of Hillary Rodham Clinton…"

Public Diplomacy Query 7/10/99 Freeper Born in a Rage "… TN-none given, Title: TEXT: Energy Department Boosts Security at Nuclear Facilities Date: 11-13-97 Secretary of Energy Federico Pena announced several actions to strengthen the safeguards and security at the Department's defense nuclear facilities. The measures include deployment of new technologies, involvement of Navy SEALs in training for "force-on -force" exercises, and additional involvement and advice from outside experts. The report, which summarizes more than 2,000 classified pages, identified the need to continue to improve protection at four sites-- Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (evaluated in May 1997), Rocky Flats (evaluated in April 1997), and Los Alamos National Laboratory (evaluated in May 1997). According to the report, these sites do not have "vulnerabilities that would have allowed an adversary to penetrate the facility, but rather that one or more of the layered elements of the protection system surrounding a very important asset had an exploitable weakness." At the remaining sites, the combination of multiple layers of protection-- including security clearances, access controls, sophisticated alarm systems and highly trained and armed protective forces-- provide an adequate safety margin. The oversight review concludes that there is no immediate security danger at any DOE site…."

Public Diplomacy Query 7/10/99 Freeper Born in a Rage "…TN-none given, Title: Text: White House's Samore on China Nuclear Issue Date: 3-18-99 The Clinton Administration plans to stick with its policy of engagement with China, despite that country's theft of American nuclear weapons technology, said a top White House official... But, he added, the U.S policy of engagement with China "is premised on the expectation that China-- like other countries-- will seek to aquire sensitive U.S information and technology through clandestine means... The Clinton Administration, Samore said, has done more to strengthen lab security in the past year than all previous Administrations have done over the past 20 years... "

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 7/22/99 John McCaslin "...President Clinton misspoke yesterday when he said he was the first president to invite John F. Kennedy Jr. to the White House. Christopher Matthews, a former Washington bureau chief of the San Francisco Examiner and now host of a television talk show, recounted a 1971 White House visit by Jacqueline Kennedy and her two children. President Nixon invited President Kennedy's widow and children, Caroline, 13, and John Jr., 10. The occasion was the unveiling of portraits of JFK and Jackie. Mr. and Mrs. Nixon showed the Kennedys around the home where the children had once romped. The family then had dinner, a story John F. Kennedy Jr. later related on Mr. Matthews' cable-television show..... The Kennedy clan -- including John Jr. -- also gathered at the White House in 1981 for a ceremony hosted by President Reagan, who presented a gold medal to Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy in honor of her husband's service to the country. In a news conference yesterday, Mr. Clinton said he was the first to invite Mr. Kennedy to the White House. "John Kennedy had actually not been back to the White House since his father was killed until I became president. . . . He came back to the Oval Office where he saw the desk that he took the famous picture in, you know, coming through the gate for the first time since he was a little boy. . . . "I asked him if they'd like to go upstairs and he said he would. So I took him upstairs and showed him the residence, which he had not seen since he was a tiny boy," Mr. Clinton said. "I think that he really wanted to kind of come to terms with all of it. And I think he and Caroline, they were delightful young people and they had a great time here that night and Hillary and I loved having them here. It was quite a great night...."

New Republic 9/14-21/98 Andrew Sullivan "...There can be little doubt that if Bill Clinton were a prime minister in a parliamentary system he would no longer be in office. It is a convention in British politics, for example, that a minister can survive even the tawdriest of scandals, or direst of careers, but, if he clearly lies to the House of Commons, he has no option but to resign. A lie in this context is not merely a hedging of the truth, a ducking of a question, or an act of omission-because the Brits have long understood that these kinds of lies are sadly inextricable from much of political life. What a lie here means is an untruth spoken directly and knowingly in a formal capacity to the political nation. The reason for this convention is a simple one. If a politician is capable of self-consciously lying to his peers and electorate, then nothing he says from that point on can be reliably believed. Once that happens, politics becomes impossible because trust has been destroyed, both at home and abroad. Domestic politics is as threatened as national security. It doesn't matter what the lie is about. What matters is that it is premeditated and clearly proven. What matters is that the politician knows it is a lie when he says it, and operates not from a position of political engagement, but from political dishonesty....."

JWR 7/21/99 Peter Wehner "...On June 25, President Clinton held a news conference during which a reporter asked if he took any personal responsibility for polarizing the country and generating antagonism. The president accepted none. Instead, he said, "I think generally in our country's history, that people who are progressive, people who try to change things, people who keep pushing the envelope, have generally elicited very strong, sometimes personally hostile, negative reaction. You read some of the things people said about President Roosevelt in retrospect, because of the magnificent job he did, and because of the historic consequences of the time in which he served and what he did for America, we tend to think that everybody was for him. That¹s not true." ..."

JWR 7/21/99 Peter Wehner "...In a June 11 interview, PBS's Jim Lehrer asked Clinton about Senator Chuck Hagel's assertion that the president has debased the currency of trust and that he'll never get it back. In response, Clinton said that "elements of the other party" have devoted the better part of the last seven years to "attacking me personally because they knew the American people agreed with my ideas." About his critics he said, "they have just been mad ever since I won because a lot of them really never believed there would be another Democrat in their lifetime." They are left with nothing but "personal attacks" when the country does well, "but that's not good for America. I don¹t attack them personally." The president went on to say that "on one occasion, much to my eternal regret, I gave them a little ammunition. But I have been trustworthy in my public obligations to the American people. And I have been trustworthy in my dealings with them."..."

NY Times 7/23/99 Robert Pear "...The Congressional Budget Office said Thursday that President Clinton had grossly underestimated the cost of his proposal for Medicare coverage of prescription drugs. Dan L. Crippen, director of the budget office, also told Congress that Clinton had overstated the savings that could be achieved by his proposals to redesign Medicare and encourage competition in the traditional fee-for-service program. When Clinton unveiled his drug proposal on June 29, he said it would cost $118 billion over 10 years. The Congressional Budget Office says now that the cost would be $168 billion. The budget office number is higher by $50 ..."

Washington Weekly 7/26/99 Rep Bereuter House of Representatives 7/19/99 "…Mr. Speaker, following the public release of the Final Report of the Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China, more commonly referred to as the Cox Committee report, there have been attempts to discredit the work of the select committee. As one of the nine members of the select committee, this Member would like to reemphasize the truly bipartisan nature of the select committee and underscore that every finding made by the Cox committee in its report is fully corroborated with evidence detailed either in the public report itself or in the classified version. The Cox committee report is not and has never claimed to be a comprehensive report, nor was it ever meant to be one…..In the course of our investigation, far more disturbing information came to light that took us into unanticipated directions. Even as we were trying to close the select committee's operations, new revelations kept being brought to our attention by whistleblowers. It became clear that a very deep institutional problem had existed for some time in some of our Federal agencies and particularly the Department of Energy and its national laboratories, there at least since the late 1970s. I believe that these lapses of security at the DOE weapons laboratories taken together resulted in the most serious espionage loss and counterintelligence failure in American history. Moreover, these lapses facilitated the most serious theft ever of sensitive U.S. technology and information. Clearly, what the select committee revealed is very disturbing. Americans should be angry that their own government's lax security, indifference, naivete and incompetence resulted in such serious damage to our national security. The loss of sensitive nuclear weapons information to China is a national embarrassment and an incredibly important loss…."

The most recent distortion circulated in Washington and in the national media is a document written by Dr. James Gordon Prather entitled 'A Technical Reassessment of the Conclusions and Implications of the Cox Committee Report.' It was released personally by the Honorable Jack Kemp after Empower America, the organization to which Mr. Kemp belongs and which sponsored Dr. Prather's research, refused to endorse the final document. The Prather document was also the subject of a Wall Street Journal article and one of Robert Novak's columns last week. Dr. Prather claims that our select committee erred in finding that Chinese espionage penetrated U.S. weapons labs. Indeed he claims there was no evidence of Chinese espionage, that the real culprit is the Clinton administration's policy of unilateral nuclear disarmament and opening up the Nation's nuclear secrets to the world. That is pure nonsense. Of course there was espionage…… For example, the Prather document essentially dismisses the charge that China stole design information for the neutron bomb with the help of Taiwan-born Peter Lee. This dismissal is based on a deliberately selective reading of our report, faulty assumptions and a disregard for other information which is still classified. The Prather document called this theft charge (quote) 'ridiculous' (unquote) and opined that the Cox Committee, in its zeal to be bipartisan, claimed the Chinese stole neutron bomb information (quote), 'because the alleged spying happened on Reagan's watch, not Clinton's watch.' (unquote). Notwithstanding Dr. Prather's interpretations, Peter Lee pled guilty to willfully passing classified U.S. defense information to PRC scientists and to providing false statements to a U.S. government agency…."

AP 7/24/99 Terence Hunt "…President Clinton, mingling with big-money Democratic donors, described the Republicans' tax-cutting plan in doomsday terms Saturday, saying it would ``imperil the future stability of the country.'' ``It doesn't make sense,'' Clinton said in his weekly radio address, asserting that the GOP program would soak up money needed to fix Social Security, Medicare and other social programs. In reply, a top Republican praised the $792 billion tax cut passed last week as returning surplus federal money to the people to keep it from being spent in Washington ..."

South China Morning Post 7/27/99 Jimmy Cheung Quinton Chan "...Fears raised by the Cox report had eased amid a growing belief in the United States that Hong Kong had not been abused as a trans-shipment centre for strategic goods, an SAR official in Washington said. Commissioner for Economic and Trade Affairs Jacqueline Willis said Congressman Chris Cox changed his position after meeting Chief Secretary for Administration Anson Chan Fang On-sang in the US last month.... But Mr Cox's secretary, Paul Wilkinson, said he had not heard of a change of attitude from the congressman....."

Associated Press 7/26/99 Barry Schweid "...The United States is prepared to use force to protect civilians against genocide in Africa and elsewhere under certain specified conditions, President Clinton's national security adviser said Monday. Sandy Berger, an architect of the air war against Yugoslavia over Serb mistreatment of Kosovo civilians, set out three conditions for similar American intervention in strife-torn Rwanda or any other nation where a government undertakes a "systematic effort to eliminate a people.''.... However, Berger said, the United States would be prepared to step in if three conditions were met: There was a systematic effort to eliminate an ethnic group; the United States had a national security stake; and the U.S. military had the capacity to act...."Had the United States done nothing,'' Berger said, "an entire people would have been erased.'' ..."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 7/27/99 Vol Four No 131 "...5) The Associated Press put words in Clinton's mouth last week so readers would have no idea Clinton made a false assertion about JFK Jr.'s visit to the White House. ....The broadcast evening shows never mentioned Clinton's false claimand while both GMA and This Morning pointed out the Nixon visit, neither castigated Clinton for his misinformation. On Today, Matt Lauer blamed the dead guy: "It could have been just that John Kennedy Jr. was being especially gracious to his host, President Clinton, and made him feel as if this was a special visit.") The August 2 Weekly Standard revealed some dissembling from the AP. An excerpt from the magazine's "Scrapbook" page: When did the White House start doing free spin for the WhiteHouse? Sonya Ross's initial AP stories duly repeated as fact Clinton's misty-eyed claim to be the first President to invite John Kennedy Jr. back to the White House. Once his prior visit tothe Nixon White House had been reported elsewhere, AP amended its dispatch -- not to report Clinton's whopper, however, but to help the White House press office obscure it. The new improved AP story read: "It was during Clinton's first term, in 1994, that Kennedy visited the White House for the first time as an adult, when Kennedy was serving on an advisory committee on schools, Clinton said." But Clinton said no such thing; this paraphrase was a lawyerly evasion, courtesy of AP.It got worse. Even this new version failed to account for JFKJr.'s visit, as an adult, to the Reagan White House in 1981. Thus, the final (unbylined) AP dispatch on the subject: "It was during Clinton's first term, in 1994, that Kennedy visited the White House inner sanctum for the first time as an adult, Clinton said. "No he didn't say it that way, either. Had Clinton phrased it as AP did for him, it would indeed have been true, in a Clintonian sort of way. Maybe AP should just start drafting the President's remarks for him...."

Associated Press 7/27/99 Alice Ann Love "...Women stand to lose more than men if government surpluses aren't used to bolster Medicare, the Clinton administration is contending in an attempt to stir up opposition to a big tax cut Republicans want. At a White House event today, President Clinton and first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton plan to frame the alternatives this way, according to administration documents: ``Invest in a stronger Medicare program for our mothers and grandmothers, or give away the entire surplus on a risky and irresponsible tax scheme.'' The Clintons plan to highlight a study by a women's advocacy group showing that women rely more than men do on Medicare -- the nation's health insurance program for the elderly and disabled -- mainly because the average woman lives longer and has a lower income...."

AP 7/27/99 "...Clinton also used the celebration of the Legal Services Corp.'s birthday to chastise the group's congressional critics as shortsighted, and to laud the service of his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, as a legal aid attorney and board member of the group. "You and I know there are still a lot of poor folks out there,'' Clinton said during an East Room salute to the congressionally-chartered group, which has been under annual attack in the Republican-led House for four years. "There is a need, a crying need, for the Legal Services Corporation,'' Clinton said. A House Appropriations subcommittee voted last week to roughly halve the Legal Service budget to $141 million. The same House panel also voted to halve funding last year, but that vote was later reversed by the full House..... In April, it admitted that a few regional offices had overstated their workloads. And in June, an independent investigation showed that the organization's five largest offices also reported 75,000 cases they couldn't document. The Baltimore and New York City offices reported twice as many legal cases as they should have, according to a General Accounting Office report, while offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and Puerto Rico overstated their caseloads by small margins. Cases were double-counted, cases that should have been closed were counted as open, and cases paid for from nonfederal sources were included with the federal count, the audit said...."

Inside Politics (Washington Times) 7/28/99 Greg Pierce "..."And, by the way, don't believe Mr. Clinton when he claims, as he did in his Saturday radio address, that 'the GOP tax cut is so large it would require dramatic cuts in vital areas, such as education, the environment, biomedical research, defense and crime fighting,' " the Wall Street Journal said in an editorial yesterday. "As [the Congressional Budget Office] shows, since 1990 domestic spending (not including entitlements) has increased by 5 percent a year; that's roughly double the rate of inflation." ...."

Reason website 7/28/99 Cox Reports Interviewed by Michael W. Lynch and Jeff A. Taylor 8/9 99 Reason: The White House spin, which was picked up by many news organizations, is that this espionage is a long-running problem dating back for at least three administrations. In your estimation, how much blame is borne by the Clinton administration? Cox: Our report states that the magnitude of the problem was not known until 1995. As a result, the critical time period has been the last four years. Questions properly have been raised over whether the response has been adequate. I am outraged as chairman of this select committee that Congress was kept so much in the dark. Sitting to my left during our 34 hearings was the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee; sitting to my right was the chairman of the Intelligence Committee. I guarantee you, because I saw the looks on their faces and heard the anger in their voices, that they had never heard these things before.

Boston Herald 8/3/99 Margery Eagan "...There are several theories on why Hillary Clinton has blamed her husband's chronic philandering on the dead: ....Hillary is after the adulterers' vote, significant in New York. Thanks to Hillary, husbands caught in flagrante can now claim that after flashbacks of Mother chasing Nana with the frying pan, they had no choice but to seduce intern after intern after intern after intern..... ``And if she knew all along he had this `weakness' caused by his poor dead mother and the grandmother who loved him, why allow James Carville and his ilk to trash Paula Jones? Why go on the `Today' show (after the Lewinsky story broke) and blame a vast right-wing conspiracy? ``You know, everybody makes mistakes,'' says Milton, author of ``The First Partner.'' ``But the Clintons don't feel they should ever pay a price for their mistakes . . . It's so dispiriting.'' ..." 8/3/99 AFP "...The head of the UN interim administration in Kosovo, Bernard Kouchner, on Tuesday backpedalled over comments he made the day before that "11,000 people died" in the province in the Serb military operation against ethnic Albanians. His spokeswoman, Nadia Younes, said Kouchner's "statement reflected what many people believe to be the potential number of victims, based on reports of mass graves in Kosovo received to date from all sources." She added: "Most of these reports are, as yet, unconfirmed by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). ..."

Itar-Tass 8/4/99 "...Head of the U.N. mission to Kosovo Bernard Kouchner said he had made a big mistake by overestimating casualties in the Kosovo war. Two days ago Kouchner said that 11,000 people died in the Kosovo war by quoting the International Criminal Tribunal on the former Yugoslavia. "I had had so many meetings with peoples and it seems to me that this number corresponds to reality, but I was wrong," he recognised. On Monday, the U.N. mission head visited one of the mass burials in the north of Kosovo. An official of the International Criminal Tribunal on the former Yugoslavia, Paul Risley, said that it is too early to name the total number of killed Kosovars, adding that according to certain international organisations, a total of 7,000 people died in the Kosovo war...." 8/4/99 "...1834 GMT, 990804 Yugoslavia - Bernard Kouchner, head of the UN mission to Kosovo, has retracted statements made on August 2 that as many as 11,000 ethnic Albanians had been killed in Kosovo, saying the figure was an overestimation. He stated, "I had had so many meetings with people and it seems to me that this number corresponds to reality, but I was wrong." An official of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Paul Risley, said it was premature to give a solid figure, but that some international organizations had put the number at a total of 7,000. ...." 8/5/99 Mary Mostert "...In a recent commentary, we discussed a report of NBC's Andrea Mitchell in which she said that the number of Albanians killed in Kosovo during the war appeared to be in the three to six thousand range, not 100,000 as Secretary of Defense William Cohen and others were predicting." Even before the bombing started, I warned that the public was not being told the truth by the Clinton Administration. (See: Albanians Terrorize Kosovo, Clinton Threatens to Bomb Milosevic)The Serbs had been demonized by the Clinton Administration and by CNN especially, once again taking the Muslim, Nazi, Nationalism side of an argument, while CLAIMING to be supporting "humanitarianism." Coming just as the Cox report was about the be released, the bombing of Yugoslavia seemed an easy way to get Clinton's reprehensible behavior in a variety of situations off the front pages. Obviously, Clinton and Albright thought a couple of days of bombing would make the Serbs give up. It didn't. .....In fact, I was threatened a few times that all kinds of things would happen to me if I didn't stop my skepticism of those numbers. My favorite number, which not even NATO is now defending, was Jamie Shea's statement that "100,000 babies" had been "born in refugee camps to Albanian women." (See: NATO Says 200,000 Albanian Women Gave Birth to 100,000 Babies in Two Months?) ....The FBI sent a team over to investigate two of the seven sites listed in the indictment of Slobodan Milosevic for war crimes, one where the indictment said six persons were murdered and the other 20. The team included 65 persons and including graphic artists and demolition experts. They took 107,000 pounds of equipment, but we have seen no reports that they discovered any new mass graves in the few weeks that they spent there. "Although there have been reports that a hundred or more other sites have been reported, the FBI team came home on July 1. This suggests that there was not as much demand for their services as the news stories suggest. An AP story on June 18 said that at least 10,000 Albanians were killed in more than 100 massacres, but as yet very few mass graves in addition to those listed in the Milosevic indictment have been have been identified in news stories...."

New York Post 8/5/99 Editorial "...Surely "everyone" remembers the study from a few years ago that "proved" power lines caused cancer, right? Well, it now comes to light that not only was that study wrong, it was a fraud. The Office of Research Integrity recently found that researcher Robert Liburdy committed "scientific misconduct" by "intentionally falsifying and fabricating" data to buttress his hypothesis on the cancer-causing impact of electromagnetic fields. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Liburdy received $3.3 million in federal grants - primarily for his now-discredited study...."

Wall St. Journal 8/5/99 Sallie Baliunas "...Last month's heat wave has prompted by-now-predictable warnings about, as Time magazine's cover puts it this week, "New Concerns on Global Warming." Computer simulations say the "greenhouse effect" should have raised the temperature globally by about one degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit) in the past 100 years. But actual temperatures have not cooperated with the computer models. Temperature records show a rise of 0.5 degree Celsius over the century, peaking before 1940. The average surface temperature then decreased until the 1970s (when the doomsayers were warning of an impending ice age) and has since risen a modest 0.2 degree Celsius. Because more than 80% of the manmade carbon dioxide has entered the air since the '40s, the early-century warming of 0.5 degree must be natural. One reason for the failure of the models is that they overlook an important natural factor that probably influences temperatures: the changing sun. In 1610 Galileo began the telescopic observations of sunspots that make up our modern view of the sun. Sunspots are cooler, darker areas of strong magnetic fields. The number of sunspots peaks and the direction of the field changes every 11 years or so, making a 22-year magnetic cycle. In the 1980s NASA satellites collected data that showed the sun was brightest during peak sunspot periods. The length of the magnetic cycle is closely related to its amplitude; thus the sun should be brightest when the sunspot cycle is short....As for the past 20 years, when climate models say increasing carbon dioxide should have caused a clear global warming in the lowest layer of the atmosphere, NASA satellites have been recording the temperature there. The satellite measurements are thought to be precise to 0.01 degree Celsius, and have been verified by independent samplings made by balloon-borne instruments. Result: The readings show no increasing global warming trend. Computer models predict exaggerated warming trends for the recent past; presumably they do for the future as well. Surface readings, likewise, show too small a warming compared to the model results......In 1990, after the George C. Marshall Institute released a report that included evidence on the sun and climate change, Jerry Mahlman, then director of the fluid dynamics laboratory of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, scoffed that it was "noisy junk science." This know-nothing approach is counterproductive. New discoveries about the causes of climate change, like a varying sun, are the key to creating better models. Introducing the sun's impact in the models has shown that human effects on temperature are much smaller than first projected, and perhaps insignificant compared with natural temperature changes. Those who are worried about global warming can cool down...."

Fox News 7/29/99 Reuters "...A federal judge Thursday ordered President Clinton to pay $90,000 for contempt of court for denying having sex with Monica Lewinsky in his testimony in the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit.... "The court takes no pleasure in imposing contempt sanctions against this nation's president and, no doubt like many others, grows weary of this matter,'' Wright wrote in her order. "Nevertheless, the court has determined that the president deliberately violated this court's discovery orders, thereby undermining the integrity of the judicial system, and sanctions must be imposed to redress the president's misconduct and to deter others who might consider emulating the president's misconduct,'' the judge wrote...."

Inside Politics (Washington Times) 7/29/99 Greg Pierce "...."With little public notice, the EPA time and again has used slipshod science to justify new anti-pollution rules, then defended the rules to the hilt, even if that defense came at the expense of its own scientists," USA Today says. The latest example: a gasoline additive mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency poses a health risk, according to a blue-ribbon panel. The agency accepted the findings and said it will find an alternative to the additive. "But the report didn't contain new research. The panel just collected studies long available to the EPA. The agency either was too busy cheerleading the fuel additive to examine that research seriously or willfully ignored it," the newspaper said in an editorial...."

AP (Version) 7/29/99 Larry Margasak "... The money is in addition to the $850,000 the president has paid Mrs. Jones to settle her sexual harassment lawsuit, although he never admitted any wrongdoing. Clinton can use his legal defense fund to pay for the court sanction. .... Clinton said the relationship did not fall under the definition of ``sexual relations'' provided by Mrs. Jones' lawyers during his deposition, and that his testimony was legally accurate. The judge wrote in her contempt ruling, ``It is difficult to construe the president's sworn statements ... as anything other than a willful refusal to obey this court's discovery orders.'' ..."

INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY 7/29/99 Editorial "...Is it just us? Doesn't anyone care that the president and first lady think the American people are stupid? They must, given their recent spate of public pronouncements. Take President Clinton's plea Tuesday to save Medicare by asking women to oppose the Republican tax cut. ''I ask you to help me send the word to the Congress that let's do first things first. Let's fix Medicare. The women of America especially need it,'' he said at the White House. His wife joined him at the dog-and-pony show. Here's their logic. Because women live longer, they use Medicare more. Plus, women generally get more medical care than men. .... What makes Clinton's deception all the more galling is that he's making this pitch to women. In case anyone's forgotten, his regard for women is what got him impeached. He's shown he cares not one whit about women personally. They're just objects he can use to gratify himself. It must be OK because Hillary's at his side - always ready to forgive him . . . because it'll advance her career. ..."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES Ben Barber 7/30/99 "...White House spokesman David Leavy on Thursday adamantly denied a new International Public Information (IPI) system would be directed at American audiences. IPI is a secret Clinton administration program to control public information disseminated by the departments of State and Defense and intelligence agencies. It is meant to "influence foreign audiences in a way favorable to the achievement of U.S. foreign-policy objectives," according to a draft IPI charter obtained by The Washington Times. But critics claim that IPI will be used for domestic propaganda "That is totally inaccurate," Mr. Leavy said. "The IPI initiative is designed to better organize the government and the instruments we have to support our public diplomacy, military activities and economic engagement overseas. There is no impact on the domestic press."..... But a former deputy chief of the U.S. Information Agency (USIA) under three presidents said he fears the IPI plan would mean U.S. propaganda aimed at foreigners would be used to influence American elections Gene Kopp, who served under Presidents Nixon, Ford and Bush, said the elections of President Kennedy and President Carter were directly influenced by leaks of USIA foreign public-opinion polls showing a decline in U.S. prestige abroad...."

WorldNet Daily 8/2/99 Joseph Farah "... Well, I'm still mad. For three weeks my worst suspicions about the Clinton White House have been confirmed. WorldNetDaily broke a political scandal bigger than Watergate, and the American press establishment offered up a collective yawn. I've called some of the top reporters and editors in the country to explain what we have here. When I tell them who I am (a guy who has run major metropolitan daily newspapers for years) and what my story is (that we have documentation that the White House initiated an Internal Revenue Service audit against us for political reasons), they seem genuinely interested. Then they never call back. You tell me what I should think about this. All my professional life I have actively debunked the idea that there is a press conspiracy out there actively suppressing the truth. Instead, I explain as an insider, that the real problem with the press is that everyone just thinks alike -- which leads to a lot of bad decisions and poor news judgment. But this! I can't explain this kind of tunnel vision, this kind of self-censorship, this kind of news negligence with my usual rap about the sorry state of the newsroom culture...."

Reuters 7/30/99 Steve Holland "...- President Clinton said Thursday it was intolerable that the patriotism of U.S. scientists of Asian-Pacific heritage has been questioned in the wake of the Chinese spy probe. ``Asian Pacific American scientists and engineers have long made major contributions to our country, to our national security, and to our unmatched scientific enterprise,'' Clinton said in a written statement.... ``Security matters are of the highest priority in my administration, but history has shown the damage to the lives of our citizens and to our society that results from the destructive grip of prejudice, suspicion and discrimination. Racism and stereotyping have no place in our 'one America' in the 21st century,'' Clinton said. ..."

Heritage Foundation 7/29/99 Baker Spring "...On July 23, 1999, President Bill Clinton signed the National Missile Defense Act (H.R. 4) into law and established as the policy of the United States the decision to deploy a national missile defense system as soon as technologically possible. H.R. 4 does not include specific steps, however, to implement this historic policy. In order to deploy a missile defense system, the U.S. military must be able to test the systems currently under development against the types of missiles that may be launched against the United States or its allies. Today, the clearest threat of attack emanates from North Korea, which surprised the military community last August by launching a Taepo Dong-1 rocket over Japan. Unfortunately, the Clinton Administration's current policy bars the testing of certain defense systems against target missiles resembling the Taepo Dong-1....."

Heritage Foundation 7/29/99 Baker Spring "... In 1995, when the Clinton Administration announced its intelligence estimate that no hostile Third World country would be able to launch a ballistic missile similar to the Taepo Dong-1 within the next 10 years, it affirmed its policy to limit the capability of U.S. missile defense systems to meet this long-range threat. Consequently, its current policy bars the NTW and THAAD systems from being tested against target missiles that resemble the Taepo Dong-1. To begin testing against such missiles, Congress should insist that the Administration remove its restrictions on testing....."

Washington Times 7/29/99 Ben Barber "...Mr. Clinton in April issued Presidential Decision Directive 68, ordering the creation of the International Public Information (IPI) system, designed to make sure that all government agencies disseminating information abroad share a single message. A draft charter obtained by The Washington Times says the purpose of IPI is "to prevent and mitigate crises and to influence foreign audiences in ways favorable to the achievement of U.S. foreign policy objectives." Officials of U.S. defense, intelligence, diplomatic and other agencies met for the first time yesterday at the State Department to go over the draft charter, said a source who spoke on the condition of anonymity..... Future meetings of an IPI "core group" developing the new information system are to be chaired by Morton Halperin, head of policy planning at the State Department. The draft charter says information aimed at U.S. audiences should "be coordinated, integrated, deconflicted and synchronized with the [IPI] to achieve a synergistic effect." The former senior official complained that the charter "did not distinguish what would be done overseas and what would he done at home. . . .It talks about a news war."...." 7/27/99 U.S. Senator James M Inhofe "....U.S. Sen. James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.) said today President Clinton is employing word games and abusing the constitutional lawmaking process to cover-up his administration's ideologically-driven opposition to protecting the American people from ballistic missile attack. "Every American must understand that the Clinton-Gore administration strongly opposes the deployment of a national missile defense system," Inhofe said. "They must also understand the President's position has not changed in spite of signing a bill into law last week which calls for the deployment of such a system. "In the spirit of redefining what the meaning of 'is' is, the President has brazenly chosen to interpret this new missile defense law in a manner contrary to its intended and stated purpose. In so doing, he makes a mockery of the Constitutional lawmaking process and once again illustrates the threat posed by his incessant deception, manipulation and dishonesty." Inhofe was referring to President Clinton's actions Friday in which the President a) signed into law a bill calling for the deployment of a national missile defense system; and at the same time, b) issued a statement claiming the bill actually called for no such thing. ..." 7/27/99 U.S. Senator James M Inhofe "....The Missile Defense Act, which passed the House and Senate earlier this year, sought to clearly define U.S. policy on missile defense. The bill states in its entirety that "it is the policy of the United States to deploy as soon as technologically possible an effective national missile defense system capable of defending the territory of the United States against limited ballistic missile attack (whether accidental, unauthorized, or deliberate) with funding subject to annual authorizations of appropriations and the annual appropriation of funds for national missile defense. It is the policy of the United States to seek negotiated reductions in Russian nuclear forces." In his statement on signing the bill, Clinton claims that "by specifying that any national missile defense deployment must be subject to the authorization and appropriation process, the legislation makes clear that no decision on deployment has been made." Inhofe: "In fact, it makes no such thing clear. It is a ludicrous and preposterous interpretation to suggest that the language of the bill means 'no decision on deployment has been made.' The whole point of the bill is to make an affirmative national decision on deployment. The references to 'authorizations' and 'appropriations' are nothing more than policy-neutral statements of fact about the legislative process. For the President to argue differently is shameless." 7/27/99 U.S. Senator James M Inhofe "....Also in his statement, Clinton asserts with a straight face that the second sentence of the two-sentence bill "puts Congress on record...reaffirming my Administration's position that our missile defense policy must take into account our arms control and nuclear nonproliferation objectives." Inhofe: "In fact, it does nothing of the sort, for if it did, I and many others would not have supported the bill in the first place. The purpose of this bill is to state that our nation's missile defense policy is decided in favor of deployment 'as soon as technologically possible.' The policy does not need to 'take into account' anything else. The stated goal of seeking negotiated reductions in Russian nuclear forces is a wholly separate statement of policy, not a contingent one. ...."

Wordnetdaily 8/2/99 Geoff Metcalf "...Notwithstanding the consistent unrelenting flood of propaganda, "the U.S. public has refused to back President Clinton's foreign policy." Some of you might question, "What foreign policy?" The fact is the administration has its collective panties in a bunch in the wake of this apparent inability to sell the gospel according to Bill-Jeff... Well, the latest abuse of power under the color of authority is "using resources that are aimed at spinning the news." Thanks to the wizardry of presidential decision directives, the president can (and does) create new policies and the agencies to implement his will. Congress impotently sits in the shadows alternately clucking and quivering. Up jumps the International Public Information (IPI) system, created in April by Presidential Decision Directive 68. This potential disinformation tool isn't bad enough as a bureaucracy, so it is to be run by Morton Halperin, formerly "Senior Director for Democracy" at the National Security Council and now head of policy planning at the State Department -- an all around anti-constitutional wonk.

Wordnetdaily 8/2/99 Geoff Metcalf "...This IPI working group met for the first time last Wednesday. It is yet further evidence of the evil that unbridled ambition can wrought without sufficient checks and balances. The IPI charter, still classified top secret, reportedly synthesizes the functions of agencies like the old USIA and Radio Free Europe. Those agencies were supposed to be aimed overseas, to sell New Deal propaganda. The leaked text of the draft charter is written in typical bureaucratese-speak. However, if that fictional "reasonable person" reads between the lines of the form, the substance is clear. Under the purview of IPI overseas information (propaganda) will "be coordinated, integrated, de-conflicted and synchronized with the (IPI) to achieve a synergistic effect" at home. What the heck does that mean? Simply stated, we will have the dubious distinction of paying (with OUR tax dollars) for our own indoctrination. Cool ... and Machiavelli smiled....The Washington Times got their hands on a copy of a draft charter which states the purpose of this outfit is "to prevent and mitigate crises and to influence foreign audiences in ways favorable to the achievement of U.S. foreign policy objectives." Anonymous insiders report that honchos from defense, intelligence, diplomatic and other assorted alphabet soup groups gathered at the State department to review the draft charter...."

Wordnetdaily 8/2/99 Geoff Metcalf "... Presidential Decision Directive 68, which ordered the creation of the International Public Information was designed to make sure that all government agencies disseminating information abroad share a single message...... One former senior official dared complain that this charter "did not distinguish what would be done overseas and what would be done at home. ... It talks about a news war." BINGO! The devil is always in the details. The IPI charter does not distinguish between overseas information and domestic information because the intention is to slap a tighter bridle on domestic critics..... This administration has routinely and consistently proved to be corrupt, disingenuous, duplicitous, untruthful, mean-spirited, and manipulative. The same president was just fined for having lied to a judge under oath. Lying has been proven to be the one life-long axiomatic consistent of the man...."

Associated Press 8/8/99 Anne Gearan "...The Clinton administration, dismayed by the success of anti-American propaganda worldwide, is striking back with an information offensive of its own: a State Department unit that will control the flow of government news overseas, especially during crises. The new International Public Information group, or IPI, will coordinate the dissemination of news from the State Department, Pentagon and other U.S. agencies.....In the recent Kosovo war, the Pentagon, State Department and White House poured out information each day but no single agency tried to assemble it so that the United States spoke with a coordinated message overseas. The group came about partly in response to the spread of unflattering or erroneous information about the United States received abroad via electronic mail, the Internet, cellular telephones and other communications advances. ...President Clinton signed a directive April 30, in the thick of the Kosovo war, that set out plans for IPI, although the White House did not formally announce the group's existence or role. An unclassified mission statement obtained by The Associated Press described IPI's role: ``Effective use of our nation's highly developed communications and information capabilities to address misinformation and incitement, mitigate inter-ethnic conflict, promote independent media organizations and the free flow of information, and support democratic participation will advance our interests and is a critical foreign policy objective,'' the document said...."

AP Washington 8/99 Lawrence Knutson "...President Clinton promoted a support system to help youngsters graduate from ``the playground to the college classroom,'' announcing $120 million in grants Saturday intended to put higher education within their reach. Even as ``Operation Gear Up'' gets under way, Clinton said it is threatened by the Republicans' $792 billion tax-cut package...."

Reuters 8/7/99 "...House majority leader Tom DeLay of Texas said Saturday Republicans will use the Social Security surplus as a bargaining chip to force President Clinton to approve their proposed $792 billion tax cut. ``If the president wants to spend more money than what we want to spend in keeping a balanced budget, he'll have to go the Social Security surplus,'' said DeLay in an interview with CNN's ``Evans, Novak, Hunt & Shields'' program...."

Associated Press 8/7/99 "...Some call the U.S. legal system a ``sporting'' way of seeking justice, with winners and losers as well as promises that lawyers will keep their clients' secrets. But where does the truth come in? ....Coulter said the adversarial legal system ``has become an end in itself for most lawyers,'' adding that she saw nothing wrong with a lawyer suggesting a client confess to the authorities. Bright countered that as a defense lawyer, ``my responsibility is to make it clear to them ... they don't have to confess to anybody.'' Stanford law professor Deborah L. Rhode said, ``Truth is a value, but it's not the only value. We are also concerned about individual rights. We need someone to challenge the government's case. Protecting the guilty really does protect the innocent.'' President Clinton took a verbal beating from panelists for his actions during the Lewinsky scandal. ``Bill Clinton, everybody knew immediately, I think, that he was lying,'' Butts said...... "

Washington Times 7/29/99 Ben Barber "...White House spokesman David Leavy on Thursday adamantly denied a new International Public Information (IPI) system would be directed at American audiences. IPI is a secret Clinton administration program to control public information disseminated by the departments of State and Defense and intelligence agencies...."I am concerned this could happen again under the IPI plan," said Mr. Kopp, currently a Washington lawyer. "The administration is transferring all assets, except broadcasting, to State, where they will not be separated in any way. It will be very difficult to separate what is disseminated in the United States and overseas." He said that the opportunity for abusing the system will be great. "The temptation to spin this stuff in a partisan way will be very strong -- probably irresistible," he said. "The other ominous feature is that this includes the intelligence agencies. They are in the business of misinformation. God only knows where that goes." ..."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 8/9/99 Greg Pierce "...John Podesta, the White House chief of staff, squirmed and repeated his answer like it was a mantra, but he refused to say whether President Clinton actually accepts a judge's conclusion that he lied to her court...After reading from the judge's ruling, Tim Russert, host of NBC's "Meet the Press," said: "Those are very strong words -- contempt of court, misleading, obstructing the judicial process. In this era of accepting responsibility, will the president now accept the judge's words as true?" Mr. Podesta replied: "The president has said he will pay the fine, and his lawyers have said that he will pay the fine. . . ." Mr. Russert tried again. And again. And again. And again....Mr. Russert: "Why can't you take the next step and say -- " Mr. Podesta: "He's accepted responsibility, Tim." Mr. Russert: "And said he lied under oath?" Mr. Podesta: "He's accepted the responsibility for his actions, for this judgment. He's going to pay the fine and, you know, we could spend all next year talking about this, too, but I think it's better to focus on the work of the American people and the job that the president's doing for the American people to keep this economy strong and to move forward." ..."

U.S. Newswire 8/9/99 Rob Geist "...The Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF), an Atlanta-based public interest law firm which filed a formal ethics complaint with the Arkansas Supreme Court Commission on Professional Conduct last September, today condemned what it called "the loss of ethical authority over the legal profession" by the American Bar Association for featuring attorney Bill Clinton during its 1999 convention in Atlanta. "As an attorney, Bill Clinton has violated key provisions of Arkansas' ethical standards governing the practice of law, any one of which may result in his disbarment upon conviction," said L. Lynn Hogue, chairman of SLF's Legal Advisory Board and an attorney licensed in the state of Arkansas. "It is with a profound sense of disappointment that the national platform offered by the ABA Convention will undoubtedly appear to the American people as tacit approval for the actions of an attorney recently held in civil contempt for misrepresentation under oath." ....The Foundation has collected more than 15,000 signatures on its "Citizens' Motion to Disbar William J. Clinton, Esq." since last September, which it will forward to the Arkansas commission overseeing the ethical standards of law practice in the state. "We urge the ABA to clarify its position with regard to the civil contempt citation, because the American people, along with thousands of honorable, ethical attorneys, deserve to know the ABA supports the fundamental tenets of an honest bar," said Hogue...."

PRNewswire 8/8/99 RNC "...Eleven days after being fined $90,000 for contempt of court in the Paula Jones lawsuit, President Clinton will speak to the American Bar Association today, and the Chairman of the Republican National Committee -- an attorney himself -- says the event ``will permanently lower the bar'' for the organization. ``Every member of the legal profession ought to be outraged that the ABA has lowered its standards to host Bill Clinton less than two weeks after he was found to have lied under oath, withheld evidence and obstructed justice,'' said RNC Chairman Jim Nicholson. ``The job of the American Bar Association is to uphold the highest standards of the practice of law and build the public's respect for our system of justice. By inviting Bill Clinton to give the keynote address at the Opening Assembly of the Annual Meeting, the ABA has reneged on that responsibility, and shown itself to be a partisan precinct organization for the Democrat party instead.. ``What kind of message does it send to the public and the profession when the keynote speaker at the Opening Assembly of the Annual Meeting is a man who, just two weeks ago, a federal court adjudged to be guilty of 'contempt of court,' and giving 'intentionally false' testimony?'' ..."

Cleveland Plain Dealer 8/7/99 Alex Dragnich "..."A propagandist cannibalizes an already existing stream; in a land where there is no water he digs in vain." - Aldous Huxley - I was reminded of Huxley's remark when it was recently disclosed that President Bill Clinton had set up a new group designed to influence "foreign audiences" in support of U.S. foreign policy and to counteract propaganda by enemies of the United States. It is of more than passing interest that Clinton issued the secret directive ordering the creation of the International Public Information group in the midst of his bombing of Yugoslavia. By that time it was clear to him that nearly all countries around the globe were critical of what we were doing. Not only the world's largest countries - China, India, Russia - but also medium and small nations were condemning the unprovoked attack on the Serbs. Even in the NATO countries much of the public disapproved. And in the United States, while it did not get on the evening newscasts, columnists across the political spectrum called the bombing an aggression against a sovereign state. It is in the Kosovo blunder where the Huxley quote is particularly apt. Enemy propagandists were able to "cannibalize an already existing stream." Our policies provided them with the ammunition that IPI, if it had existed, could have done little or nothing to counter. On the other hand, if U.S. actions had been seen as just and fair, enemy propagandists would "dig in vain." ..."

From AFIO [Association of Former Intelligence Officers] 8/11/99 "...In London, General Sir Michael Rose, former Commander of UN troops in Bosnia, dismissed the NATO bombing campaign as a tragic failure. Rose said that British politicians and NATO were running a propaganda campaign to persuade people that the air war met its objective. In the UK as well as in continental Europe and the US there are deep differences of opinion on many levels concerning the unilateral war on Yugoslavia, including the efficacy of airpower alone versus the need for ground forces or combined arms. The NATO air war strategy is said to have made the Yugoslav anti-guerilla campaign worse and expanded the humanitarian tragedy in Kosovo while doing next to nothing to interfere with it. The bombings were said to have been the trigger for much of the ethnic cleansing as well as many of the refugees. In Washington, the Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the Hon. Porter Goss, recently stated that, although there was no doubt that brutal actions and massacres took place, many of the figures used by the Administration and NATO in describing the wartime plight of Albanians in Kosovo now appear to be greatly exaggerated. "Yes, there were atrocities. But no, they don't measure up to the advance billing." For example, "600,000 Albanians were not trapped within Kosovo lacking shelter, short of food, afraid to go home or buried in mass graves" (President Clinton). Though thousands hid in Kosovo during the Yugoslav anti-KLA insurgent operations, they are found to be healthy.

Kosovo's livestock, wheat and other crops are growing, not slaughtered wholesale or torched as reported earlier. Also, most of the "missing men," the 100,000 young Albanians who were reported to have all been killed, can be found at home - - but without jobs, sometimes engaged, along with KLA elements, in terrorism against Serb and Gypsy minorities as well as moderate Muslims in the province...."

The American Spectator Online 8/13/99 R. Emmett Tyrell, Jr "...The American Bar Association is a self-appointed arbiter of lawyerly ethics. Supposedly reigning soberly high above the swales of politics, the ABA claims in its constitution that its purpose is "to promote throughout the nation the administration of justice and uphold the honor of the profession of law." It boasts of its devotion to high moral conduct in the law. Meeting in August 1973 it condemned the conduct of President Richard Nixon. Of course at the time Nixon had not been convicted of any wrongdoing in Watergate -- the proximate cause of the ABA's wrath. Rather, the organization's argument was that Nixon and his aides -- only some of whom were lawyers -- had failed "to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct," an obligation laid down in the ABA's Code of Professional Responsibility. Along comes Bill Clinton, whose reckless ways have made him the second American President to be impeached. Owing to his moral turpitude he has been found in contempt of court by Judge Susan Webber Wright for giving testimony in her court that she deemed "intentionally false." As Judge Wright sees it, that false testimony was part of Clinton's "attempt to obstruct the judicial process." The ABA did not condemn this conduct. So far as I have been able to ascertain it has not even taken note of that behavior. Rather it invited Clinton to address its national meeting the other day. The ABA also invited Clinton's crony, the convicted felon Web Hubbell, to speak. Hubbell, you will remember, was found guilty of cheating his law partners among other indelicacies. What did Clinton speak on? He spoke ON Congress. And what of Hubbell? He inveighed against the Independent Counsel who was responsible for establishing his guilt....."

LAT 8/14/99 A C Miller "..."Reinventing government" is linked so closely to Vice President Al Gore that he often jokes its nickname, REGO, is "Gore spelled sideways." But a new report by the General Accounting Office obtained by The Times turns Gore's sweeping claims of transforming government upside-down. Although Gore says that the program has "saved the American people over $137 billion," the GAO report concludes that the National Partnership for Reinventing Government claims credit where credit is not due. ... The GAO concluded that it could not document nearly $22 billion of $30 billion in the savings it had analyzed. Investigators determined that money was counted twice, expenses were overlooked and some savings were reported years before they occurred. "In general, the savings estimates we reviewed could not be replicated, and there was no way to substantiate the savings claimed," the GAO reported....Gore's office, offered a chance to respond, referred phone calls to the Office of Management and Budget, which came up with the savings estimates. OMB spokeswoman Linda Ricci said the agency had not seen the final report but questioned its conclusions. "It seems they are focusing on arcane issues of accounting rather than giving credit to the success of the administration's reinventing strategy, which has improved the operation of government while saving the taxpayers money," she said....The report lays most of the blame not with Gore but with the Office of Management and Budget, which came up with the cost-savings estimates. OMB could not give the GAO the paperwork to show how it had reached its conclusions--a practice Ricci said was routine in "responsible budgeting." ...."

Investors Business Daily 8/15/99 "...ENERGY SECRETARY BILL RICHARDSON has promised since spring that heads would roll over the espionage at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. But when the results of a department probe came in, all he did was urge "appropriate action" be taken against three employees. Doesn't he get it? When the extent of the treachery at Los Alamos was revealed, Richardson talked tough. It was a welcome change in tone from the White House's blase evasions and excuses. He kept up the tough talk even as his department's inspector general began to look into the matter. The IG identified three lab employees who fouled up, and still Richardson sounded tough. "There was a total breakdown in the system, and there's plenty of blame to go around." So, does Richardson take tough action? Hardly..... To us, jail time sounds appropriate. Or if nothing criminal or treasonous can be probed, dismissal sounds appropriate. If these three workers are responsible in part for the hemorrhage of our nuclear secrets tough punishment is called for. But all Richardson can find the political courage to do is call for "appropriate" action. It's true that Richardson can't fire the three workers. They are paid by the University of California, which runs the lab. But his word would carry a lot of weight with the UC authorities. If Richardson said, "Fire them" they would get the ax.

Yet, Richardson has hidden behind the pabulum of appropriateness. By doing so, he has given officials a pass to do what bureaucrats do best: obfuscate the issues and duck responsibility. And by all appearances, the bureaucrats are going to take that pass. "I will consider what actions to take, consistent with the policies and procedures of the laboratory and the University of California," said lab director John Browne...."

Judicial Watch 8/13/99 Larry Klayman "...Judicial Watch, in its ongoing Filegate civil lawsuit, recently uncovered written descriptions of Clinton White House photos of Bill and Hillary Clinton with Craig Livingstone, the former bar bouncer who obtained over 900 FBI files for the Clinton White House. Hillary Clinton has pretended not to have known who Craig Livingstone was, even though there is overwhelming evidence she hired him for his White House job. The photo descriptions, which come from Clinton White House records, further demonstrate that Mrs. Clinton's denials relating to Craig Livingstone and Filegate are false. The descriptions include the following information: Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sec. Donna Shalala talk with Rosie O'Donnell and Paula Poundstone in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall Presidential Box... Craig Livingstone is present in the box. Hillary Rodham Clinton arrives [at] the Senate Russell Building. She is accompanied by Craig Livingstone The President greets an intern next to Craig Livingstone. President Clinton is presented with a statue of Mohandas "Mahatma" Gandhi by Yogesh Gandhi... The President talks alone with Craig Livingstone about the statute. President Clinton Greets David Bowie and his band in the outer Oval Office. The band poses for pictures in the Oval Office. Craig Livingstone is present. The Clinton White House should have produced copies of these photos under court process. We alerted the Clinton White House as soon as we found this new evidence among the tens of thousands of pages they produced. Now they refuse to the turn the photos over. Judicial Watch will ask the Court to order these photos produced because they help expose the truth about Hillary Clinton's involvement with Craig Livingstone. ..."

New York Times 8/16/99 Steven Erlanger "...The United States and its allies charged with peacekeeping in Kosovo are establishing a system to control the news media in the province that would write a code of conduct for journalists, monitor their compliance with it and establish enforcement mechanisms to punish those who violate its rules. A draft plan of operation for Kosovo's Department of Media Affairs, which already has been established, was drawn up earlier this month by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, calling for a staff of 50 people. It has been circulating on a restricted basis to member countries, who have been asked to nominate suitable personnel. A copy was provided to The New York Times by someone disturbed by the contents. International news media groups also have heard about it and already have expressed criticism..... On the other hand, he said, the department is charged with preventing "the abuse of the media, especially radio and television, so it can't be used to urge people to go out in the streets and create riots." But in Montenegro and Serbia, which together make up Yugoslavia, Clinton administration officials are actively engaged in supporting politicians and news media outlets opposed to the continued rule of the elected Yugoslav President, Slobodan Milosevic. In Serbia they are helping the opposition to organize large street demonstrations intended to press Milosevic to resign....He cited a forthcoming study of foreign media management in Bosnia by professor Monroe Price of Cardozo Law School, Yeshiva University, who wrote, "The time to intervene or control propaganda is when brutality is imminent," not to protect the political environment afterward. "The line between information intervention and censorship becomes blurred," Price wrote. "One of the great dangers of international action to restrict free speech is that it provides apparent democratic justification for any nation to use its police power to close down media outlets." ..." 8/15/99 L E Schutz "...Smith & Wesson has long been a proponent and active participant in firearms training to create safe, responsible firearms owners and users. The Smith & Wesson Academy was founded 30 years ago and has trained individuals from all 50 states and 50 foreign countries. Most of the law enforcement officers in the State of Massachusetts have at some time in their career been involved with Smith & Wesson training efforts. Several years ago, we completed a $3 million expansion of our Springfield training facility in order to meet the demand for high quality training for private citizens across the country. Firearm education is in everyones best interest. Smith & Wesson, through its training facility has worked closely with the City of Springfield and its mayor in a number of areas to promote the safe use and storage of firearms, including participating with the citys Violence Prevention Task Force which last year put gun locks on hundreds of firearms at no cost to the owners.... Smith & Wesson can only promote and support education where such efforts are accepted. Far too many community leaders are adamant in not supporting firearm educational programs. The same educational processes that are utilized to address other social issues such as AIDS, teenage pregnancies and the misuse of drugs and alcohol need to be applied to firearms also. To do any less is to admit that one is not serious about addressing the issue. Those individuals and groups that oppose educational efforts to inform children and adults about the rights, wrongs and responsibilities of firearms usage and storage must share the blame for every firearm accident or misuse that occurs...."

Investor's Business Daily-EDITORIALS 8/18/99 "…In his first news interview after being convicted of making illegal campaign contributions, Chung put flesh on the story we all suspected: The White House would do anything for cash for Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign. That included crimes. Chung said federal employees solicited and accepted campaign donations on federal property, at least one White House staffer lied under oath in the probe of the scandal, and Democratic Party officials tried to extort more money from Chung. If you believe Chung, the president, first lady and several top party officials knew Chung got his money from Chinese nationals, but ignored this illegality in favor of the cash. Here are the details from Chung: ***Chung wanted Hillary Clinton to meet with him and Chinese nationals. When he made that request, the first lady's secretary told Chung Mrs. Clinton owed a lot of money to the Democratic National Committee for a White House party. Chung offered to give $50,000. He got his meeting. ***At the meeting, Chung handed a check to Mrs. Clinton's chief of staff, Maggie Williams, in her government office. Williams flipped open the unsealed envelope and saw the check. Under oath, Williams denied knowing what was in the envelope. ***At the meeting, he asked Mrs. Clinton's secretary if the first lady knew he gave the money on her behalf. "Absolultely," said the secretary…."

Washington Weekly 8/19/99 Dinesh D’Souza "…Ronald Reagan sat at a small wooden table at his Santa Barbara ranch and signed into law the largest tax cut in American history. The landmark legislation slashed income taxes by 25 percent across the board over three years. Although controversial at the time, the Reagan tax cut is today regarded by many economists as the catalyst that helped produce the largest and longest economic boom in the 20th century. . . . . Not surprisingly, President Clinton takes credit for the peace and prosperity of the 1990s. But Mr. Clinton is no more responsible for the current boom than Al Gore is responsible for inventing the Internet. Is it possible to name a single Clinton policy that plausibly could have generated today's economic good news? The reality is that Mr. Clinton inherited the low inflation, technology-driven, post-Cold War economy. His modest achievement has been to leave it alone. His political success is entirely due to the fact that, since 1994, when the Republicans swept Congress, Mr. Clinton has governed as a born-again Reaganite. If history does not remember him primarily for his sexual and financial scandals, he is likely to be recalled as the reluctant custodian of the Reagan revolution. …"

Chicago Tribune 8/16/99 Salim Muwakkil "…Some cynical wag once quipped that the only people who hate hypocrisy are those too young to realize its necessity. That world-weary wisdom must explain how the Clinton administration can flaunt its hypocrisy so easily. It helps us understand how an administration so dedicated to arms sales abroad can condemn the spread of guns at home with such enthusiasm. It also accounts for the ability of administration officials to urge dialogue over violence, even as they eagerly substitute bombs for words in an ongoing air war with Iraq. According to the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, the United States is by far the leading exporter of weapons, with more than 55 percent of the worldwide market--way up from 16 percent in 1988. During Clinton's first year in office, U.S. arms sales more than doubled. From 1993 to 1997, the U.S. sold, approved or gave away $190 billion in weapons to virtually every nation on Earth…..This is just the kind of amoral profiteering that American gun-control advocates recently have placed in their sights. Chicago and at least 20 other jurisdictions across the country now are targeting gun dealers and manufacturers in lawsuits seeking to recover the medical and social costs of gun violence. The suits charge that gun merchants' search for profits makes guns too widely available. Perhaps someone has convinced Clinton administration officials that Americans look at foreign policy as an amoral realm without ethics. That may be why they openly talk the talk of peace at home, while walking the walk of war elsewhere. And because so few of us know (or care) much about foreign policy, the "experts" tell us entertaining stories to keep us pacified. I'm sure many of us can remember those terror tales about evil Iraqis who lied about U.S. spies among United Nations weapons inspectors. We were told that these agents of Saddam Hussein lied to carry out their dictator boss' sinister desire to gas the world. But how many of us remember that those Iraqi stories turned out to be true-life tales when news accounts revealed the spies indeed were part of the inspection team? …."We must decide now, as a nation, whether we are going to allow our culture of violence to continue on into the next millennium," said Atty. Gen. Janet Reno after the latest bullet-riddled carnage in Los Angeles. We need, she added, to develop "a commitment to tolerance and to peaceful resolution of our disputes."

If the Clinton administration genuinely wanted to send a message about peaceful resolutions, it could easily stop the bombing campaign that has pummeled Iraq virtually every day since December 1998. The latest outrage involved U.S. warplanes bombing a site at a 4th Century monastery that was set up as a gathering place from which to view the solar eclipse….."

The Weekly Standard 8/23/99 David Tell "…A couple of weeks ago, Tim Russert of NBC's Meet the Press read his audience choice bits of U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright's latest and perhaps final decision in the Paula Jones litigation. Bill Clinton, Wright had written on July 29, has "violated this Court's discovery orders by giving false, misleading, and evasive answers that were designed to obstruct the judicial process." Then Russert asked his guest, White House chief of staff John Podesta, whether the president would "now accept the judge's words as true."

Well, Podesta replied, "he will pay the fine." And "he has accepted responsibility." And he is returning to his "work for the American people." And "I don't really have much more to say." Russert smiled politely and pressed on ….Her July 29 ruling chastises Clinton in language noticeably milder than that she employed on April 12, when she first found him in contempt of court. The penalty she now imposes on the president for his lies–an assessment of some $90,000 in lawyer's fees and expenses–represents a tiny fraction of the $5.5 million he proved willing to spend last year on the private attorneys who advanced those lies. They are advancing them still, incidentally, which is why Podesta was so slippery on Meet the Press: Robert Bennett's most recent formal submissions to Judge Wright announce that Clinton "does not concur with the findings of the Court." Not that it seems to matter all that much. The president commits perjury and obstruction of justice and is given what amounts to a parking ticket. He is tried in the court of politics on those same charges–impeached–and is acquitted. He devotes an entire year of his administration to a brazen official defense of his undeniable private crimes, and the Gallup Poll likes him better for it. Is public dishonesty no longer to be discouraged? …."

The Weekly Standard 8/23/99 David Tell "… "…consider Steele's legal argument against Isikoff on its own terms. Her lawyers assert that to expect truth from a reporter's confidential source is to impose "new, never-before-stated contractual obligations" on this most basic of journalistic relationships. A news organization must "explicitly bargain and contract for only truthful information" from its interview subjects. Failing that, those interviewees are authorized to deceive. And if a news organization then reveals such deception–and embarrasses the deceiver in the process–it is liable for damages. Got that? You have a legally enforceable right to whisper lies, penalty free, to the press. A federal judge, we are sorry to report, is still pondering this preposterous theory after more than a year, without conclusion. …" 8/16/99 "…Chung also stated in the interview that the two faxes he received from Hazel O'Leaary inviting him to attend the Africare charity function, and were subsequently taken back from Chung, were not the faxes submitted for evidence by O'Leary to the FBI: CHUNG: OK? And this is what happened. I got a letter later on from the attorney general, Janet Reno, and said to me, only a few words to say thank you, it's not enough. I also like to show to you what the original letter is, and what the letter FBI showed to me. They retrieve all of them. They're different. O'REILLY: So, when the gentleman came in and took the faxes away from you, the African-American gentleman, the faxes that the FBI asked for, they gave them different faxes? CHUNG: That's what I say to the FBI, it's different…."

Kansas City Star 8/17/99 Mark Bredemeier "…Ah, America. Where else could a 75-year-old World War II veteran accuse the world's most powerful leader of draft dodging while standing alongside a former '60s radical pleading for the release of Leonard Peltier? But if the VFW's polite response evidences the maturity of a wiser generation, the American Bar Association's decision to invite Clinton to speak to its convention last week provides more fodder to those who contend that the ABA has become more interested in political causes that in such things as truth and justice. I never joined the ABA, even out of law school. Once again I am reminded why. Just 11 days after being the first president fined for contempt of court and lying under oath, Clinton was feted by the nation's largest organization of lawyers as the keynote speaker of its annual meeting in Atlanta. Clinton was preceded three days earlier by Arkansas crony and convicted felon Webster Hubbell. In a measure of good taste, though, convention planners did scratch the Monica Lewinsky "dunk tank." ….More than a decade ago, the ABA became embroiled in bitter debates over abortion and affirmative action. Today the group parrots the Democratic line on gun control and tobacco litigation. More repugnant is the ABA's biased approach to the judicial confirmation process. As a lawyer, I fear the most damaging consequence of the Clinton-Lewinsky affair will be the lingering perception among witnesses that telling the truth under oath is now optional. Since the rules really didn't apply to the chief executive in a special investigation, witnesses will muse, "Why should they apply to me and this little ol' lawsuit?" The fact is, Bill Clinton's deposition testimony was not "just about sex" any more than any witness's testimony is "just about" infidelity, or the terms of a contract or the color of a traffic signal. Lying under oath cannot be tolerated in a system of self-government dependent on personal accountability. …"

Washington Times/ Inside Politics 8/18/99 Greg Pierce "…Vice President Al Gore's "reinventing government" project claimed $21.8 billion in savings that it lacked evidence to support, inflated savings by double-counting cost cuts, and took credit for savings that may have been the result of other efforts to streamline government, the General Accounting Office says. Project officials also neglected to take into account expenses that offset some of the savings, said the GAO, the auditing and investigative arm of Congress…… Rep. Dan Burton, Indiana Republican and chairman of the House Government Reform Committee, said the report released Monday shows that Mr. Gore "greatly exaggerated the success of his National Partnership for Reinventing Government." "It looks like they were reinventing accounting rules," said Mr. Burton, who requested the GAO study…."

Investors Business Daily 8/20/99 "…President Clinton was whining to his liberal elitist friends at the American Bar Association convention in Atlanta on Aug. 9 that the Senate has not confirmed enough judges for him. The sky was falling when he spoke to the ABA about a ''mounting vacancy crisis'' and a ''rising emergency'' that threatens the administration of justice. As with so many other matters relating to this man, the facts tell a different story. My father always said that everything has a frame of reference. The best way to put Clinton's judicial selection record in perspective is to compare it to the record of President Reagan, the previous two-term president. Their records are amazingly similar. Clinton has appointed 309 judges, compared to Reagan's 310 at the same point in his presidency. In the presidents' first six years, Clinton appointed judges at about the same annual rate as Reagan, 50 vs. 49. Even looking only at the years each president faced an opposition Senate, the record is the same. The Republican Senate has confirmed an average of 43 Clinton nominees per year, and the Democratic Senate confirmed an average of 43 Reagan nominees per year. Clinton is actually ahead of Reagan….."


UPI 8/20/99 "…Bowing to pressure from the State Department, the New York Times has issued a formal correction to a story that claims $1 billion of international assistance was misappropriated by corrupt leaders in Bosnia-Herzegovina. But the Times, which has contacted several news agencies to complain bitterly about their handling of the story, still maintained in its correction today and a separate story about the controversy that the basic premise of the report is correct. ``The story is basically sound, there is widespread corruption in Bosnia,'' the Times foreign editor, Andrew Rosenthal, told United Press International. ``But we found three factual errors in the story that have no relevance.'' ….Rosenthal told UPI that two American officials and an official from the United Nations sought out his reporter in Sarajevo, Chris Hedges, and volunteered the details of a 4,000-page report that purportedly laid out the extent of the corruption and misappropriation of funds. Given the planned ``leak'' of information to the Times, Rosenthal expressed dismay at State Department spokesman James Rubin's ``mock indignation.'' …"

WORLD magazine 8/28/99 J. Budziszewski "…Our statesmen do lie more, and for the same reasons that most of us lie more. There are seven degrees of descent on the downward staircase of honesty. Not all of us are at the bottom, but most of us are at a lower stair than we admit. The first and topmost stair is simply sin. The greater our trespasses, the more we have to lie about. We lie about money, sex, and our children because we sin about money, sex, and our children….The second stair is self-protection. Lies are weaklings; they need bodyguards. Even the smallest prevarication needs a ring of perjuries to keep from being seen. But each new lie needs its own protective ring…. Third down is habituation. We make habits of everything; it is part of our nature. ….The seventh and bottommost stair is that morality turns upside-down. Why does this happen? Because the moment lying is accepted instead of condemned, it has to be required. If it is just another way to win, then in refusing to lie for the cause or the company, you aren't doing your job. This is where we are, and this is who we are becoming. The problem is not just in our politicians, for they came from us and we elected them. How serious are we about Truth? Do we dare finally yield our hearts, words, and deeds to Truth Himself, to be scraped, scoured, and made honest until they can give back His light…"

American Spectator Online 8/27/99 R Emmett Tyrrell "… For years we have seen them [Clintons] lie brazenly, even when they did not have to lie. Hillary, when asked under oath if she had a hand in the Travelgatge firings, could have said: "Sure, I wanted the White House to be filled with the best and the brightest of our generation, colossuses on the same high plateau as Dr. Joycelyn Elders, Webb Hubbell, and William Kennedy." When asked if she was responsible for the hiring of either of the meatheads whose offices contained the 900 FBI files of prior Republican White House employees, again she could have said "sure." High-ranking Clinton Administration employees had produced documents proving that she was lying. Moreover there was nothing illegal or even unethical for Mrs. Clinton to recommend the firings in Travelgate or the hirings in Filegate. The Clintons simply like to lie. Then when they get caught they spin elaborate explanations. They whine that they are being unfairly beset. They attempt to smear their accusers and any innocent caught in between. …"

Chuck Baldwin Live 8/25/99 "…According to Rep. Bob Barr of Georgia, there is a massive amount of evidentiary material that is still sealed in the Gerald Ford Building which incriminates Bill Clinton to a variety of criminal conduct. It is material that the Republican leadership has no desire to let the American people see, however. And, that's the way many people apparently want it. It appears that we have reached a point in our nation when many, if not most, of us would rather believe a lie than deal with the truth…..Those things don't bother us today. In fact, not much of anything bothers us today. That's the problem. We place little value on character and integrity. Instead, we esteem wealth and power. We don't teach our children to be somebody. We teach them to do something. Who they are is not near as important to us as what they do…."

Drudge Report 8/25/99 "….Eight years ago, Bill Clinton confessed that, as a student, he had smoked marijuana "but never inhaled." Now he "chews cigars but does not smoke," White House spokesman Joe Lockhart declares. Lockhart has been caught in a fresh "spin cycle" after a candid photograph of Clinton on the golf course with a cigar made the front page of Tuesday's BOSTON HERALD. Under the title "Stogie bogey," the photo ran with a caption that said the president was "puffing on a cigar" while golfing…."

Boston Herald 8/25/99 Editorial "…For those still naive enough to expect a certain consistency from the president of the United States, those photos of Bill Clinton puffing on a stogie had to be a real bummer. As the president played a round of golf on Martha's Vineyard, Herald photographers got a picture of him chomping down on a cigar, thinking he was safely out of lens range. When he saw the cameras clicking, Clinton tried to hide the evidence, like a bad little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Aside from the unfortunate connotations cigars have for this administration (see the Starr report), there is the matter of hypocrisy. More than any of his predecessors, Clinton loves to lecture us on the dangers of smoking, especially for children. Big tobacco is after our kids, and we gotta save them, the president intones…."


World In Review 8/99 Dr John Coleman "…We have so often said, the American people are the most lied-to, connived, cheated people in the world, even though they have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights, given to them for their protection against such eventualities. Professional liars run the U.S. Government and they no longer care who knows it. In their insolent attitude toward the sovereigns of this nation, they have no fear that their rule will be broached. The unconstitutional onslaught against Serbia proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt the tares sown among the wheat by the Socialists have grown to maturity and are choking this nation. We are governed by professional liars, skilled in the art of making lies sound like truth. They have shown the utmost contempt for the American people, believing that "bread and circuses" will pacify them, as did the bread and circuses of Rome just before it fell. The United States has lost the cultural war being waged against it by the enemies of freedom, the servants of collectivism ias opposed to individualism. These enemies of freedom and servants of collectivism have come out, quite openly, and boasted of their lies which they used to get the acquiessence of the Amerian people to their vicious armed aggression against the sovereign nation of Serbia. They are boasting about how they ran the show, excluding the legislature from their bloody plans. James Rubin, a functionary of the State Department goes around boasting that he carried out "negotiations" in Serbia virtualy as the executive for Mrs. Albright, without once consulting with the members of the House and Senate, whose job it is to set and run foreign policy. And with whom did Rubin "negotiate?" Certainly not with any official of the Serbian government, oh no, nothing like that. Rubin spent his time chasing after "leaders" of the KLA drug mafia, begging them to accept the latest U.S. "compromise." What constitutional authority did Rubin have for his activities which completely bypassed the legislative body of the nation? The answer is that he did not have one shred of authority that might have made his conduct acceptable under the United States Constitution. …." 8/24/99 Col David Hackworth "…Bill Clinton and British leader Tony Blair don't want us to get the word that: Their promises to end the bloodshed and ethnic cleansing and bring peace to Kosovo aren't happening. Bullets and grenades are still flying in Kosovo. Americans and other NATO soldiers are now targets along with the Kosovars. Just as they lied to us about how NATO air power was clobbering the Serbian Army, their spinmeisters are now working overtime to put the best face on a situation that daily becomes nastier.

The facts are that since VK-day -- "Victory in Kosovo" -- more Serb civilians have been slaughtered than ethnic Albanians were before the NATO air campaign began. Since NATO's last bomb fell, scores of Serbians, Gypsies and Jews have been murdered, over 200 Serb villages have been torched and 50 Christian churches have been defiled or destroyed. Grannies are being murdered in their homes. Out of 350,000 Serbs, Gypsies, Jews and others who've lived in Kosovo for centuries, all but 30,000 have fled to nearby countries. They no longer trust NATO to protect them and don't see the promised peace coming anytime soon. Why should they? NATO troops flat haven't been able to stop the violence or the ethnic cleansing…." 8/24/99 Carl Limbacher "… During last December's House impeachment investigation the Judiciary Committee gathered a treasure trove of politically explosive information on President Clinton, much of which has never been released. But Republicans currently have no plans to make those secrets public, Georgia Rep. Bob Barr told Inside Cover Monday. The materials, stored in D.C.'s Gerald Ford Building, are said to include evidence on Clinton's alleged rape of Juanita Broaddrick, the intimidation of other women and, according to one source, the sexual harassment of up to three female Secret Service agents. ….. Though Barr was pessimistic on prospects for making the Clinton impeachment secrets public, he did add, "The House could decide, if it had the backbone to do so, it could decide to release the evidence." Reactions from Congressmen familiar with the Ford Building secrets suggest they are extremely shocking. Rep. Chris Shays (R-CT) told the New York Times that the evidence on Clinton is, "Very alarming and very unsettling," involving, "conduct by the President that is alleged to be pretty horrific." After reviewing the same material, Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) told the Arizona Republic, "I came away nauseated. There are things that go far beyond what we've heard." One Washington wag told Inside Cover in January that the secret evidence on Bill Clinton reduced Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE) to tears…"

INSIGHT Magazine 8/20/99 Christopher Cox "…In two Insight articles -- "Check Your Facts: Cox Report Bombs" (Aug. 9) and "Cohen Fires Back" (Aug. 30) -- Samuel Cohen wrote about the report issued by the House Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China, which I chaired, and the select committee's study of the transfer of military technology to the People's Republic of China, or PRC. If any good can come of Cohen's opinions, it is that they provide an opportunity to emphasize the urgency of the problems uncovered by recent congressional investigations. . . . . Cohen asserts that whether the PRC stole the most advanced U.S. nuclear-weapons technology does not matter. "On what basis," he asks, "does the Chinese possession of the world's best thermonuclear-warhead technology make U.S. security meaningfully less secure?" . . . . The select committee found several reasons to be concerned on this score:

. . . . 1) The People's Liberation Army, or PLA, now can put several miniaturized warheads on a single missile, geometrically multiplying their nuclear force.

. . . . 2) The PLA now can put nuclear weapons on submarines. Since submarines are invisible -- unlike missile silos -- the United States no longer can take out the PLA's nuclear weapons in an emergency. This gives the PRC a first-strike option against virtually every nation in the Pacific region.

. . . . 3) The PLA now can deploy mobile nuclear weapons, which also can survive a U.S. strike.

. . . . 4) The PRC gains vast political leverage in the Pacific region by effectively neutralizing U.S. nuclear deterrence.

. . . . The impact of these developments on U.S. allies already is clear. The PRC is now militarily threatening both Taiwan and the Philippines. The PRC also is assisting North Korea's missile and space programs, which threaten Japan, South Korea and U.S. forces in the Pacific. Cohen's argument seems to be that nuclear-weapons security does not matter. We are fortunate that almost no policymaker shares his lack of concern about PRC theft of design information for our most sophisticated nuclear weapons…."

INSIGHT Magazine 8/20/99 Christopher Cox "… Cohen further writes that it "flies in the face" of logic to assert that Russia, China, France and Israel have not deployed a neutron bomb. Cohen is entitled to his opinion, but the latest top-secret information provided by the U.S. intelligence community, upon which the select committee's report is based, indicates otherwise…."

INSIGHT Magazine 8/20/99 Christopher Cox "…In his Aug. 9 article, Cohen implies that the select committee said the W-70 warhead was a neutron bomb. In his Aug. 30 article, he asserts that implication as fact. The text of our report speaks for itself: "On two occasions, the PRC has stolen classified U.S. information about neutron-bomb warheads from a U.S. national weapons laboratory. The United States learned of these thefts of classified information on the neutron bomb in 1996 and in the late 1970s, when the first theft -- including design information on the W-70 warhead occurred. The W-70 warhead contains elements that may be used either as a strategic thermonuclear weapon or as an enhanced radiation weapon ('neutron bomb')." In other words, elements of the W-70 warhead are configurable either as a neutron bomb or a "conventional" nuclear weapon. The details of how this works are classified but, contrary to Cohen's assertion, the committee did not state "that the W-70 is a neutron bomb." The select committee stands by its report.

INSIGHT Magazine 8/20/99 Christopher Cox "…Cohen also questions the report's statement that U.S. designs for small nuclear warheads are "the most advanced in the world" because he suspects that perhaps Russia may have such weapons. The departments of Defense and Energy amply have documented to Congress that the W-88 is the world's most sophisticated miniaturized nuclear warhead and Russia does not have such warheads. . . . Not only our aggregation of reporting by the intelligence community about past events but also our predictions as to future PRC actions have been vindicated since the issuance of the select-committee report on Jan. 3. On July 15, the PRC admitted for the first time that it possesses a neutron bomb. And on Aug. 2, the PRC tested its new Dong Feng-31 intercontinental ballistic missile -- just as the report alerted the Congress it might. . . . There was a simple reason that nine senior members of Congress, including liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans, voted unanimously after six months of closed proceedings that vital U.S. military technology was lost to the most powerful communist government on earth: It happened…."

Bloomberg 8/26/99 Heidi Przybyla "…The Clinton administration will keep confidential a long-awaited report exploring what impact China's membership in the World Trade Organization would have on the U.S. economy. That decision, coupled with the administration's moves to delay the report, underscores White House concern about airing any potential criticism of its push to get China into the Geneva-based trade body, policy experts say. The report may stoke criticism, since it will conclude that at least one U.S. industry -- textiles -- would ``clearly be hurt'' by China's WTO entry, according to an internal document from the author, the independent International Trade Commission, that was obtained by Bloomberg News. ``The administration is always very cautious that any kind of skeptical or realistic policy analysis could stir up opposition in Congress and undermine negotiations with the Chinese,'' said Greg Mastel of the Center for National Policy, a Washington think tank. …"

The Cincinnati Post 8/26/99 Editorial "… But why is it that the FBI is getting around to admitting the truth only this week, six years after the initial raid, 51-day siege and final calamitous attack? Truth, it seems, has never been a priority of those responsible for the government's actions. One investigation ordered by President Clinton concluded that there had been ''deliberately misleading post-raid statements'' about the initial raid in which four federal agents were shot to death. The fact is, there was precious little cause for the federal government to intervene in the first place and surely no cause to bring in tanks for a second assault. Not only does one mistake seem to have been piled on top of another, but the responsible agencies have had a very difficult time being honest about it. While that's not an excuse for the paranoia of some fringe groups, it is a cause for grave concern among ordinary citizens. …"

Washington Post 8/25/99 Alan Kuperman "…It's interesting that The Post reported on June 17 the little-known fact that U.S. forces lost at least nine unmanned aerial vehicles in Kosovo. Better known is that NATO lost five manned aircraft in battle and accidents, for a total of at least 14 losses. Thus, Belgrade's claims of 76 losses represent only about a five-fold exaggeration. By contrast, NATO reported on June 10 that it had destroyed 122 tanks, 222 armored personnel carriers and 454 artillery and mortar pieces. Subsequent on-site inspection revealed, according to the July 12 U.S. News and World Report, that "NATO jets may have destroyed fewer than 20 Serbian tanks, a similar number of artillery pieces, and fewer than 10 armored personnel carriers." Thus, NATO's original claims represent up to a twenty-fold exaggeration. While Belgrade clearly lied about its brutality in Kosovo, Mr. Lind's characterization of the relative accuracy of its reporting appears to hold up. ALAN J. KUPERMAN Research Fellow Brookings Institution Washington …"

Ft Worth Star-Telegram/NY Times 9/14/99 William Safire "....It is as if Bill Clinton looked us directly in the eye and, waggling his finger, said: I want you to listen to me. I never discussed clemency for terrorists with that woman, Ms. Clinton. Not a single time; never. That is in essence his line in pretending he was not using the power of the presidency to help get the first lady a job in New York. ...... Although a charge of "sedition" has been an abomination in America since 1801, these were no mere protesters exercising free speech. These convicted gunrunners incited followers to "armed struggle" that killed 6 people and maimed scores more. Ignoring opposition by law enforcement officials, the least clement president in recent history--who turned down 3,000 other pleas--OK'd this one. Then his political ploy backfired. When Hillary saw she was losing more upstate and suburban votes than would come from New York City Hispanics, she frantically reversed field......Too late; most of the convicts grabbed the deal to walk and are now hailed as heroes. "I did not discuss it with her," insists the president who discusses every political angle with her. ....Try that for credibility; He supposedly panders to an ethnic group that his wife needs without even a hint from her, and when the misuse of his pardon power to shore up her campaign becomes a front-page controversy--they never talk....."

FOIA Update Spring, 1997 "....Attorney General Reiterates FOIA Policy As a follow-up to the statements of FOIA policy that were issued by President Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno in October 1993, the Attorney General has reiterated the importance of the Administration's FOIA policy to all federal agencies. In early May, Attorney General Reno sent a memorandum to the heads of all federal departments and agencies that reminded them of the fundamental principles of openness in government and of "the Administration's policy of striving for the maximum responsible disclosure of information under the FOIA." She called upon all federal agencies to "place a sustained priority on [their] FOIA administration responsibilities," both through continued adherence to these principles and through needed attention to agency backlogs of pending FOIA requests. Attorney General Reno's memorandum to all agencies stated in part: . . . "I urge you to be sure to continue our strong commitment to the openness-in-government principles that President Clinton and I established on October 4, 1993. These principles include applying customer-service attitudes toward FOIA requesters, following the spirit as well as the letter of the Act, and applying a presumption of disclosure in FOIA decision making. Most significant is that an agency should make a discretionary disclosure of exempt information whenever it is possible to do so without foreseeable harm to any interest that is protected by a FOIA exemption; an agency should withhold information under the FOIA only when it is necessary to do so. . . . These principles remain vital to the continued success of our FOIA policy."...."

Washington Post 9/10/99 "....EARLIER THIS year, after NATO's bombing campaign persuaded Slobodan Milosevic to withdraw his marauding troops from Kosovo, President Clinton informed "the people of the world" that a new era had dawned. "Whether you live in Africa, or Central Europe, or any other place, if somebody comes after innocent civilians and tries to kill them en masse because of their race, their ethnic background or their religion, and it's within our power to stop it, we will stop it," the president declared. Now just such a scenario is unfolding. The horror in East Timor is strikingly reminiscent of Serbia's despoliation of Kosovo. Innocent civilians are being rounded up, expelled and killed by soldiers and paramilitaries who do not want East Timor to leave their country of Indonesia. As in Kosovo, whole towns apparently are being leveled, stores and homes are being sacked and burned. Catholic priests, independence leaders and their relatives are reportedly being singled out for assassination. But the administration's expansive view of its global responsibilities appears to have constricted considerably in the face of this first post-Kosovo challenge.....Mr. Berger contrasted the "humanitarian problem" of East Timor with the "strong security and strategic consequences" he said were at stake in Kosovo. He also pointed out that Kosovo is "in the middle of Europe," while "I think we have to recognize that Indonesia is in Asia." But surely a theme of the Clinton presidency has been the significance of Asia to America's future. Even more important, East Timor can no longer be viewed as only a human tragedy to be balanced against considerations of sea lanes and bank loans. If the world powers, having staked their prestige on self-determination for East Timor, can so easily allow their will to be flouted, the "security and strategic consequences" will be immense, and they will resonate far beyond Indonesia...."

The Center For Security Policy / 9/10/99 "....The American people's understandable ennui with such tripe might be called "Excuse Fatigue." Unfortunately for Messrs. Clinton and Gore, the excuses with respect to their implication in what the Economist has called the Russian "climate of corruption"(1) are becoming so implausible as to render them not just fatiguing, but laughable. Their Administration's culpability is laid bare by two op.ed. articles that appeared earlier this week in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal......Authored, respectively, by Harvard's Jeffrey Sachs and a former State and Pentagon official, Wayne Merry, these essays confirmed a longstanding contention of the Center for Security Policy and its Casey Institute(2): The Clinton-Gore Administration's stewardship of U.S.-Russian relations has been defective from its inception. Matters have been greatly exacerbated by the Vice President's personally micro-managed and self-serving co-chairmanship of a non-transparent, out-of-channels bilateral committee that bears his name. Its lasting legacy has been to diminish the chances for real, systemic reform in Russia, accentuate conditions for massive corruption and expose the United States to new, dangerous national security abuses......"

The Center For Security Policy / 9/10/99 "....With the scrutiny on "What did the Vice President Know and When Did He Know It" intensifying day by day,(3) high-level policy officials in both Washington and Moscow are trampling over one-another to find exit doors. Indeed, the sheer magnitude and suddenness of the Clinton-Gore policy meltdown vis á vis Moscow has turned briefing rooms into political infernos and left leadership figures scrambling to blow the whistle on their fellow officials..... Cases in point are the recent assertions by National Security Advisor Samuel Berger, and the Vice President's staff, that they only learned of the international investigations of the Russian connection to multi-billion dollar money-laundering/corruption schemes involving the Bank of New York when it was revealed in press reports. As Berger put it in his press conference on [8] September:.....An editorial in yesterday's Washington Times puts this blather in its proper light: "Given that the White House's National Security Council, as well as the State and Treasury departments, were all intimately aware of the money-laundering investigations conducted by the Justice Department, White House assertions that Messrs. Clinton and Gore learned of the investigation by reading their morning newspapers are simply, and utterly, preposterous. Congress' impending investigation has become all the more urgent in the face of the White House's incomprehensible explanation." ...."

New York Times 9/12/99 Fritz Ermath "....Of course the Administration has been aware of the crime and corruption and has known that this has been much more than mafia-type activity. It has known that "reform" was the entrenchment of a kleptocracy in which corrupt officials ally with a very few business magnates to send wealth out of the country. It has been crony capitalism without much capitalism. But the Administration wrote off the top-to-bottom corruption of what it proclaimed as Russian reform. It also discouraged candid intelligence and diplomatic reports about it, as former officials are now revealing. ..."

New York Times 9/12/99 Fritz Ermath "....This silence protected our policy, especially International Monetary Fund lending. No audience has found this more offensive than have the Russians themselves, for they, along with anyone who bothered to read their press, knew the truth. In Washington a few months ago, Georgi Arbatov, the old warhorse of Soviet propaganda, recalled President Clinton's saying in Moscow last September that if the Russians continued down the path of reform, they would get more international support (that is, I.M.F. and other lending). Given the plundering and impoverishment that "the path of reform" has meant, Mr. Arbatov asked, how could Russians not suspect that the United States was deliberately conniving in the wrecking of their country? For once, after decades of sparring over cold war issues, I had to tell Mr. Arbatov that I agreed with him fully....."

New York Times 9/12/99 Fritz Ermath "...But we have to ask: is our overall security relationship with Russia in better shape today than it was in 1993? The answer is clearly no. Diplomatic relations are testy. Arms control is frozen. The danger that nuclear and other weapons might leak out of Russia is hardly diminished. Russian elites are more interested in undermining American superpower status than in cooperation. Worst of all, we have largely lost the admiration and respect of the Russian people that we had six years ago, because of the perversity of the reforms we have been applauding....."

National Legal and Policy Center Summer 1999 "....Since 1995, NLPC [National Legal and Policy Center] has alleged that the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) exaggerates the amount of help it gives to the poor, NLPC has now helped expose information, kept secret by LSC, that proves this allegation to be spectacularly true. This year, LSC is receiving $300 million in taxpayer money to fund 269 local programs which are supposed to provide legal help to poor people with civil, non-criminal problems. The $300 million represents an increase of $17 million over 1998. The increase, approved by Congress on October 21, 1998, followed dramatic please by LSC President John McKay that LSC- funded programs could not keep up with the demand. LSC submitted to Congress a 1998 "Fact Book & Program Information" which claimed the total number of cases nationwide in 1997 was 1,932,613. McKay said, "We think this publication provides overwhelming documentation of LSC's success in achieving its mission and we hope that it will build further support for the program in Congress and among the public." .....As it turns out, the LSC figure for total cases was grossly inflated. Furthermore, McKay and other LSC officials were aware of this fact before the Congressional vote but did not disclose it to Congress. ....The numbers were cooked in a variety of ways. For instance, the San Diego program counted 14,000 phone calls handled by non- lawyers as "cases." The rural Florida program blamed a "computer error" for 5,500 cases becoming 44,993...... Strong evidence has come to light that this information was deliberately concealed by LSC officials....."

Washington Times 9/13/99 Greg Pierce "....The White House has insisted that Cardinal John O'Connor of New York was among those who supported clemency for imprisoned Puerto Rican terrorists. But that turns out not to be true, according to the Republican National Committee. Cardinal O'Connor's spokesman, Joe Zwilling, tells the New York Post that the cardinal "has not taken on a position on this. I don't expect that he will." The disinformation about Cardinal O'Connor -- who is recovering from surgery for a brain tumor -- was picked up by TV talk-show hosts such as Alan Colmes, Bill Press and Geraldo Rivera, the Republican National Committee complained in a prepared statement. ...."

Toronto Sun 9/14/99 Lorrie Goldstein "....If East Timor was Kosovo, we all know what would have happened by now. U.S. President Bill Clinton would have gone on national television to denounce Indonesian president B.J Habibie as a new Hitler and a threat to world peace. There would have been American-led cries (with a hearty, "Me too!" from Jean Chretien and Lloyd Axworthy) to indict Indonesia's army generals for war crimes. The media would be referring to what is now happening in East Timor as a "new Holocaust." The reason none of this is happening is obvious. The United States, the key player in both conflicts, regards Serbia as a pariah state and Indonesia as a valued trading partner. Say this much for the Americans. At least they address their blatant double standards and selective morality in the open. In Canada, our politicians simply ignore the huge discrepancies in approach, hoping no one will notice. Belgrade remember, was bombed for waging a campaign of murder, terror and ethnic cleansing against an independence movement in Kosovo in which 10,000 ethnic Albanians were killed over a few months. Indonesia, by contrast, is being consulted on UN peacekeepers, including 600 Canadians, after the latest outrage in its 24-year campaign of murder, terror and ethnic cleansing against East Timor's independence, in which some 275,000 people have died. (One-third of East Timor's entire population prior to its 1975 invasion by Indonesia.) And yet no one calls for bombing Indonesia or Dili in East Timor the way Belgrade and Kosovo were bombed. ....."

International Herald Tribune 9/17/99 Joseph Fitchett "....NATO destroyed significantly fewer Serbian tanks in Kosovo than the alliance had claimed at the end of the air war, General Wesley Clark said Thursday, acknowledging that only 26 actual wreckages had been found by allied troops who have been combing the province since June. But North Atlantic Treaty Organization commanders insisted that they had confirmed evidence of 93 Serbian tanks being destroyed by allied warplanes, most of which were taken away by Serbian forces before the NATO-led peacekeeping force took over Kosovo. That figure - fewer than the 110 previously claimed by alliance spokesmen or the 122 total announced by the Pentagon at the war's end - was disappointing in terms of allied effectiveness in the 78-day air war in Kosovo, Western officials and analysts said. ...."

washington post 9/18/99 "....``Of course something horrible happened to that man's heart when he walked into that church in Texas. But we cannot use that as an excuse,'' Clinton said. He asserted that the solution is a sharing of responsibility and a refusal to duck facts, not a search for scapegoats or an attempt to blame all gun murders simply on human evil. ``The NRA (National Rifle Association) and that crowd has got to stop using arguments like this to avoid facing our shared responsibility,'' the president said. He said tragedies such as this year's spate of school shootings and the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City has made the search for answers imperative. ``I think the killing of innocent people en masse in America has been the most painful thing that (the vice president ) and I and our families have had to endure in discharging our duties for America,'' Clinton said...."

Reuters 9/19/99 "....President Clinton said Saturday the National Rifle Association and its supporters must assume more responsibility for the mass killings across the United States in recent years. The most recent shooting was Wednesday, when a lone gunman killed seven people and himself in a Fort Worth, Texas Baptist church. The attack sparked more calls by Clinton and gun-control advocates for tougher limits on the purchase of firearms. Officials of the NRA and its many supporters across the country and on Capitol Hill say mass killings will fall if the federal government would enforce existing gun laws more strictly. During a speech to the annual dinner of the Congressional Black Caucus, Clinton said: "The NRA and that crowd have to stop using arguments like this as an excuse to avoid our shared responsibility" to end the killings. ....."

New York Post 9/23/99 "...So Bill Clinton now wants us to believe that giving clemency to imprisoned terrorists of the FALN constitutes a great act of moral courage on his part! Past presidents, Clinton noted in a letter to Congress, made similar decisions and did "what they believed was right, even in the face of great controversy. I have done the same." That's an insult to past presidents. To take the most pertinent example, Harry Truman chose to commute the death sentence of a Puerto Rican terrorist who tried to assassinate Truman himself - a personal act of mercy by an intended victim. In sharp contrast, Bill Clinton hasn't even had the decency to explain his decision to the victims of the men and women he set free. Compounding the outrageousness of his decision, Clinton just this week had the temerity to lecture the U.N. General Assembly about the need to combat terrorism - this after a decision that, according to the FBI, returned "committed, experienced, sophisticated and hardened terrorists" to a "clandestine movement." In his letter toCongress, Clinton rejects suggestions that he ignored the recommendations of the FBI and U.S. attorneys, insisting he "carefully weighed them in making this difficult decision." But even that statement is disingenuous: Every single law-enforcement agency whose advice was solicited firmly opposed granting clemency. ..." 9/20/99 AP "....- White House press secretary Joe Lockhart cited figures from a House Government Reform and Oversight Committee report Monday to back up his claim that the committee has issued more than 700 subpoenas for investigations of the Clinton administration and the Democratic Party. The committee's chairman, Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., questioned that figure on NBC's ``Meet the Press'' Sunday, saying it was ``totally out of line.'' ..... Mark Corallo, a spokesman for the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, accused Lockhart of not reading the committee report correctly. Corallo said that the 700 subpoenas were sent out to a wide range of officials, agencies and even banks. ``But only 26 went to the White House and the majority of those were for documents,'' Corallo said. ...."

Congressional Record, 9/22/99 Rep Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) "....It is most disturbing to me, Mr. Chairman, that after 2 years we still have press reports from the likes of Bob Scheerer of the Los Angeles Times. And why the Los Angeles Times feels that it has to always tout the far left line, I do not know. I do not understand that. I do not understand how a major newspaper in the United States can continually take the side of those left-wing regimes, and downplay any threat to the United States that these left-wing regimes around the world pose to the United States of America. But now, Mr. Scheerer in the L.A. Times and others in the media and this administration, through an orchestrated maneuvering, is trying to suggest that there was no validity to the Cox report and that the Chinese really have not, through underhanded means, obtained information that permits them to develop weapons of mass destruction that threaten millions of Americans. This I assert today is a truism. Over the last 7 years, the Communist Chinese have been able to obtain and start putting into their weapons systems technology that cost the American people, the American taxpayer, billions of dollars to develop. The Communist Chinese have been able to use American technology to leapfrog ahead by decades, farther ahead than what they would be if it was not for the fact that they had American technology at their disposal, which permits them to build weapons of mass destruction that threaten every American city, that threaten tens of millions of Americans with nuclear incineration. They have atomic weapons that are based on American technology, and they obtained them from the United States in some way....."

Congressional Record, 9/22/99 Rep Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) ".... But it is worse. Mr. Speaker, after my investigation into the original charges about the use of technology to upgrade and to perfect Communist Chinese rockets, the gentleman from California (Mr. Cox) and the gentleman from Washington (Mr. Dicks) were made the heads of a select committee; and they conducted their own investigation with people with much more expertise than I have. Specialists went in and confirmed this horrible, horrible transfer of technology to the Communist Chinese. And now the Clinton administration and the news media is trying to get the American people to relax, forget about it, pretend it does not exist. In fact, Robert Scheerer of the L.A. Times is trying to claim it never happened. Yes, the Communist Chinese just simply found the plans for the W-88 warhead, atomic warhead. They found those plans under their pillow one night because the tooth fairy must have left it there....... Also, some people do not know that during the post-war period after World War II, the English decided to prove to Josef Stalin that they were his friends and so the English shipped to Joe Stalin, this bloody dictator in Russia, they shipped to him a complete Rolls Royce jet engine which at that time was the utmost, that was the ultimate in all weapons technology, a jet engine for an airplane. Know what? That did not make Josef Stalin any more benevolent. It did not make Josef Stalin more inclined to trust the West and become more democratic and open. No. Josef Stalin used that jet engine, that Rolls Royce jet engine, not to build passenger planes that could help tie Russia with the rest of the world. Josef Stalin used that Rolls Royce engine, which was copied, every little bit of it, and mass produced in Russia. He used it in the MiG fighters that shot down American planes in Korea....."

Congressional Record, 9/22/99 Rep Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) ".... About 6 months ago, I flew over the Spratly Islands. It took me 2 years to get to the Spratly Islands because our State Department did not want me to see what was going on there. What was going on there? The Chinese communists are taking the islands. These islands are just about 100 miles off the Philippines. Yet they are 800 miles off the coast of China, and the Chinese communists are building fortifications. When I finally got out to the Spratly Islands, I was in an old C-130, an old propeller-driven airplane that the Philippine Air Force provided me; and as soon as we got through the clouds, there were three Chinese war ships right there in the lagoon of, which is one of the Spratly Islands. Not only were there three Chinese war ships, but the Chinese construction workers were feverishly trying to complete a fortification on those islands. We could see their welding torches. Even as our plane dipped down to take a low pass over those islands, we could see the torches at work, and they were building their fortifications. This is very similar, very similar, to the situation in the 1920s and 1930s when the Japanese fortified the Pacific Islands, and in this case the Chinese are trying to grab these islands from the Philippines, a democratic country with very little military, trying to grab these islands in order to what? In order to bracket the water passages between the mainland of China and the Spratly Islands, which will then give them a strangle hold on 50 percent of the commerce of Asia, a strangle hold and also a grip on America's ability to defend Asia. ...."

Softwar 9/27/99 Charles Smith "….The documented meetings shows that the Clinton administrationattempted to conceal the military background of the Chinese representatives from everyone, including FAA officials. In 1993, a Chinese military delegation visited America. Yet, according the FAA, which sponsored the visit, the entire delegation was civilian The 1993 FAA delegation list includes a "Mr. Kui Fulin" who toured FAA Headquarters in Washington, Andrews AFB in Maryland, and Boeing aircraft Corporation in Washington state. "Mr. Kui Fulin" was actually General Kui Fulin, Chinese Army Deputy Chief of the General Staff. The 1993 FAA list states "Mr. Li Yongtai" was the Commissioner of the Air Traffic Control Commission of China. According to hand written notes taken by the FAA, Mr. Li Yongtai was actually "Lt. General" Li Yongtai of the Chinese Air Force….."

Softwar 9/27/99 Charles Smith "….In 1999, Softwar obtained the full bio, in Chinese and English, of COSTIND Lt. General Huai after winning a Freedom of Information lawsuit against the Commerce Dept. The official White House spin is that COSTIND was not a Chinese military unit but a "civilian" agency. According to a November, 1997 report, written for the Commerce Dept. by "think-tank" company SAIC, COSTIND was neither civilian nor engaged in purely commercial activities: "COSTIND supervises virtually all of China's military research, development and production. It is a military organization, staffed largely by active duty officers...COSTIND also coordinates certain activities with the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), which produces, stores, and controls all fissile material for civilian as well as military applications. COSTIND approves licenses for the use of nuclear materials for military purposes."…."

Drudge Report 9/23/99 "….Lockhart came clean about his story telling after he was asked about NBC's new fuss drama THE WEST WING. Lockhart, who watched the debut of WEST WING Wednesday night, said the show seemed well done, featuring serious people trying to do good work. Lockhart concluded that WEST WING could end up being "a small plus for the image of government and politics," reports KNIGHT RIDDER in Friday cycles. However, Lockhart said one queasy moment of truth in Wednesday's episode came when Rob Lowe, who plays the White House deputy communications director, got caught making up facts about the history of the White House. "I'll admit I've made a few things up myself," Lockhart conceded. …."

Augusta Chronicle 9/24/99 "….In what is being spun as his ``most complete explanation'' yet of why he offered clemency to 16 Puerto Rican terrorists, President Clinton vehemently denies politics played any role. Any other president might be given the benefit of the doubt, but not this one. Clinton's like the little boy who cried ``Wolf.'' He has lied so much that even when he tells the truth nobody believes him. In the controversial Puerto Rican clemency case, though, there's less reason than ever to believe him or the first lady. This is the couple who boasts they discuss everything with one another (except, apparently, Clinton's infidelities). And now they claim they did not discuss the pardons before he announced them. …."

Newark (NJ) Star Ledger 9/24/99 Lawrence Hall "….It's difficult to gain any clear perspective on much that happens in America these days. The country is overrun with flimflam men peddling lies. ……Tired of the lying and evasiveness, people often give up, figuring there's no way to stand up to the politicians, corporations and special-interest groups. That's just what the flimflam men want. A huge amount of time and money is spent on deceiving people, many of whom are easy marks because of their ignorance. …… The nation's capital is at the center of this pernicious enterprise. Our leaders employ spin doctors, journalists, Hollywood producers, law firms, scholars and researchers to advance their agendas. I'm tired of watching the Clinton administration cry crocodile tears over such issues as gun control, global warming and the decline in family values. The administration has been big on symbolism and short on accomplishment. Neither has the administration been forthcoming about the horrible events that transpired in places like Waco and Kosovo -- to say nothing of the many scandals dogging the White House. ….." 9/26/99 Gerald Hibbs "….Does anyone else happen to remember what the Democrats said was the cause of the 1994 bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City? Wasn't conservative talk radio (thus conservatives in general) blamed for creating a "culture of hate?" Conservatives, it was suggested were the cause of the bombing, the militias, hate groups, and - the existence of hate itself. That's a lot of blame for simply opposing the Democrats' liberal agenda. Given this history of finger-pointing, it was interesting to observe the reaction to Larry Ashbrook walking into the Wedgwood Baptist Church youth prayer rally and opening fire. Janet Reno declared that his motives were "unknown." When a similar incident involving a Jewish youth center occurred, there was no questioning what motivated the killer. Obvious to all was his hatred of Jews. The facts that were gathered thereafter simply supported the obvious. Where is the outrage over this murderer's hatred of Christians? Where is the seeking of who to blame for those who have cultivated this "culture of hatred" toward Christians? Who are the hatemongers who have sown the hatred of Christians? Ah, there is the rub. The perpetrators of "Christian hating" are the very liberals who take it as their life purpose to find others to blame. Christianity is the very antithesis of liberalism. Thus the popular appellations, Christian Right or Extreme Christian Right, Jesus Freaks, and Moral Majority (not in itself derogatory but made so by liberals who make sure to sneer when they say it). ….." 9/24/99 Joseph Farah "…"On the basis of these discussions, it is our understanding that North Korea will continue to refrain from testing long-range missiles of any kind as both sides move toward more normal relations," explained White House spokesman Joe Lockhart. Normal relations? The very same day Lockhart issued this statement, here's what the official North Korean news agency had to say about warming relations with the U.S.: "... The most important aim sought by the U.S. in the establishment of the 'Theater Missile Defense' system (TMD) is to build up the sphere of its unchallenged domination over the Asia-Pacific region. ... It is working hard to militarily stifle the DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) through the establishment of the 'TMD.' However, any ' missile defense' system of the United States will be of no use because of our strong striking power." In response to the action of the White House, KCNA issued this statement Sept. 21: "The United States should show good faith by lifting the remaining sanctions against the DPRK so as to make it a comprehensive and substantial measure. Furthermore, if the U.S. is truly willing to totally drop its hostile policy toward the DPRK and improve relations with the DPRK, it should withdraw its forces from South Korea, sign a peace agreement with the DPRK and thus root out the military threat to the DPRK. The DPRK will reciprocate the U.S. practical action to from its hostile policy toward the DPRK and improve relations with it." Yeah, that's really how North Korean bureaucrats write. They added, for good measure, that the U.S. is pursuing missile defense in Asia "in a bid to realize its ambition for world domination." What does this mean? It means the North Koreans believe they have promised nothing for Clinton's agreement. They believe they convinced the U.S. to lift certain sanctions under a previous agreement reached with the Clinton administration in 1994. They do not believe they have made any additional commitments to forgo testing of long-range missiles. And, even if they did acknowledge such an agreement, it would be meaningless at best. So who's fooling whom? ….."

C-Span: House Committee, Independent Council Practices 9/23/99 L N Smithee "….Rep GEORGE GEKAS, R-PA: My first question is to counsel for Ms. Steele. I'm not sure the answer to this. Would you have the right to talk to the jurors after the hung jury reported?

NANCY LUQUE, Julie Hiatt Steele's attorney: There's a rule in the eastern district of Virginia which prohibits the lawyers from talking to the jurors. Mr. Starr's office petitioned to be allowed to talk to them and the judge denied it.

GG: Is the report that nine voted in favor of conviction and three to acquit which caused the hanging, is that accurate?

NL: I don't believe it is accurate, Mr. Chairman, in fact, we learned during the course of the trial that the foreman of the jury was a member of the group called the Free Republic, and had been online during the course of the trial, something which was somewhat terrifying and lends some support to the notion that there is a right-wing conspiracy. In any event, he apparently is one of the people that told the reporter about the split. Knowing that, I have absolutely no faith in that being accurate information.

GG: But that there's a hanging jury means there were votes both ways.

NL: Hanging jury means Mr. Starr lost.

GG: But we know what a hung jury is, do we not?

NL: I think we do. I think we know that Mr. Starr lost. And we don't know the split.

For those of you who are tuning in late, the man selected as jury foreman for the Julie Hiatt Steele trial was the workmate of a man who is a registered member of FR. The workmate was NOT A REGISTERED MEMBER, but was a lurker. A thread about this man is still in the White Water Archives. Click here. ….

To my knowledge, this is the first time anyone has disputed that 9-3 in favor of conviction indeed was the split, 75% in favor of convicting Steele. In the same story in which AP reporter Pete Yost talked with the jury foreman/FR lurker, two other jurors were interviewed, one of which was Thomas Brown a pro-conviction Treasury Department employee who made this memorable remark about Kathleen Willey: "I've met liars before, but this is the first time I've met one with papers to prove it.'' Luque, Steele, and the Starr-slimers can't even admit that the majority of jurors thought he had a case. It's like they don't only want you to believe that Starr is Satan the Devil, they want you to believe that doesn't recycle his beer cans, either……"

Fox/Reuters 9/24/99 "….Senior U.S. officials have privately dropped their opposition to Kosovo's independence from Yugoslavia and say the Clinton administration increasingly sees the province's secession as inevitable, the Washington Post reported Friday. In a report from Pristina and quoting unidentified officials, the newspaper said the emerging consensus, which amounts to a major shift for the United States, is already having a significant impact on the international peacekeeping operation in Kosovo……"

Fox News Online 9/23/99 Sandra Sobieraj "….President Clinton articulated what he called Vice President Al Gore's "great challenge" in asking voters to give him the nation's top job: "People think at election time they're supposed to vote for change." Gore, meanwhile, continued to grapple for a message that would make clear a vote for him is not a vote for a third Clinton-Gore term….."

Cato 9/23/99 David Isenberg "…..George Orwell and Franz Kafka could not have crafted a more cunning character than President Clinton. Orwell and Kafka, who devoted so many of their writings to warning of the dangers of centralized governmental control and thought police, would find the president's new International Public Information (IPI) system eerily familiar. Back in April, while NATO was dropping bombs on Kosovo, Clinton issued Presidential Decision Directive 68, ordering the creation of the IPI, a new multiagency plan to closely control the dissemination of public information abroad. The initiative was designed to ensure that all U.S. government agencies disseminating information abroad presented a single message. The reported purpose of the IPI is to "prevent and mitigate crises and to influence foreign audiences in ways favorable to the achievement of U.S. foreign policy objectives." The White House seems to be concerned that the public is not sympathetic enough to the president's noble foreign policy aims. Thus, the IPI will also reeducate Americans while "educating" non-Americans……. But the IPI initiative, coming from a White House that has blamed criticism of it on a "vast right-wing conspiracy," and whose sense of paranoia rivals that of Richard Nixon, makes perfect sense. After all, as Washington Post media writer Howard Kurtz detailed in his book Spin Cycle, for the Clinton administration spinning is a way of life……In other words, it will be next to impossible to prevent the pro-administration information from seeping back into the United States. That is because U.S. media outlets frequently repackage foreign news reports or just repeat the information within them. So these "foreign" stories that appear in your morning paper or on the evening news across the United States may actually originate within the halls of the U.S. government's information apparatus. According to the former White House source in the Washington Times report, this is just what the Clinton administration intends with the IPI. The potential for blowback and the de facto propagandizing of the American people is enormous. The IPI may not have yet reached the level of Orwell, but even Big Brother had to start small. Americans owe it to themselves and their nation to learn about the IPI and call for a halt to it -- before the information they can receive is controlled for them by the White House spin machine….."


Conservative News Service 10/7/99 Scott Hogenson ".....President Clinton has mastered the art of the lie like no politician before him and he exhibited his expertise once again Wednesday in the White House Rose Garden. Following the Senate's refusal to confirm the nomination of Judge Ronnie White to the federal bench, Clinton promptly laid the race card on the table and said the Senate's rejection of White because of his judicial activism reinforced a perception that Senate Republicans "treat minority and women judicial nominees unfairly and unequally." This is a fabulously artful lie on so many levels. Clinton never got around to mentioning precisely who has the perception that Senate Republicans treat minority and women judicial nominees unfairly. One can rest assured that if the president bothered to support his vicious accusations with facts, it would paint a portrait of nasty partisanship that's marked much of his term in office. While accusing Republicans of racism in the judicial confirmation process, the president failed to even allude to the 1991 Senate confirmation of Judge Clarence Thomas. Thomas, you may recall, is the black jurist who was raked over the coals by Senate Democrats and liberal partisans who could not bear the thought of him being seated on the bench of the Supreme Court of the United States....."

The Washington Weekly 10/4/99 Marvin Lee ".....Chairman Dan Burton of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee in a letter to Janet Reno last week revealed what reason the Justice Department had given his staff for their decision not to prosecute, or even investigate, White House aide Cheryl Mills for perjury and obstruction of justice: partisanship. Public Integrity Section Chief Lee Radek told Committee staff that a factor in the decision not to prosecute Cheryl Mills -- after Congress had forwarded evidence of perjury and obstruction of justice in the WhoDB inquiry -- was "lack of consensus" within the Committee. Mr. Radek went on to say that since the Committee as a whole "did not feel victimized," the Justice Department's "enthusiasm [to prosecute or investigate] was dampened." Mr. Radek, of course was referring to Democrats on the Committee who did not "feel" lied to. Chairman Burton expressed his dismay at this novel concept of jurisprudence. "The notion that disagreement in a political body would influence the Justice Department's decision-making is problematic," he wrote the Attorney General. "The examination of the facts in this case -- or any case -- should not be viewed through the lens of politics." ....." cover 10/4/99 Carl Limbacher "....Does President Clinton truly believe that oral sex isn't sex? That was the excuse he gave to save himself from Sexgate perjury charges. But if it's true, the President must not be reading his own executive orders very carefully. Three months before Clinton told a Washington grand jury that he and Monica Lewinsky did not have sex as he defined it, he issued an executive order that blatantly contradicted that definition. On August 17, 1998 Clinton testified that he had an "inappropriate relationship" with the then-24-year old White House intern. But the President denied he had perjured himself in his deposition to Paula Jones' lawyers when he swore he didn't have sex with Lewinsky. Clinton later claimed that the term did not cover Monica performing oral sex on him. Lewinsky testified that she did so 11 times in the course of her relationship with Clinton. But on May 27, 1998, Clinton issued Executive Order 13086 -- 1998: Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States; a modification of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Part of the amendment deals with sexual assault and contains sub-clauses that define the term "sexual act" as: " between the mouth and the penis, the mouth and the vulva, or the mouth and the anus; the penetration, however slight, of the anal or genital opening of another by a hand or finger or by an object....." (Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, June 1, 1998, Volume 34 -- Number 22, Page 985) ....."

Fox News/Reuters 10/6/99 "..... "Yesterday's defeat of Ronnie White's nomination for the federal district court judgeship in Missouri was a disgraceful act of partisan politics,'' Clinton told reporters in the White House Rose Garden. "Unfortunately, by voting down the first African American judge who was already serving - the first African American judge to serve on the Missouri State Supreme Court - the Republican-controlled Senate is adding credence to the perception that they treat minority and women judicial nominees unfairly and unequally,'' he said. White's Republican opponents had criticized his record on the death penalty and charged he was soft on crime, but the vote prompted outrage from Democrats......Republicans Tuesday rejected the accusation that race played a role in the vote. "I categorically reject the allegation that race or gender, as opposed to a substantive controversy, has ever played any role whatsoever in slowing down any nominee,'' Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said. ..."

National Post Online 10/6/99 Jonathan Rauch "....Is former U.S. senator Bob Dole a racketeer? No other conclusion is possible once you have read the Clinton administration's lawsuit against the tobacco industry. It is, without a doubt, the most astounding legal document of our day, and not only because it reveals Bob Dole's life of crime. The tobacco companies, according to the administration's filing, have "sought to deceive the American public about the health effects of smoking." They denied that smoking causes disease, denied that tobacco is addictive and "consistently stated" that they did not market to children. The alleged result is that many Americans -- the administration does not say who exactly -- became addicted to cigarettes. "As a consequence of defendants' tortious and unlawful conduct, the federal government spends more than $20-billion annually for the treatment of injuries and diseases caused by defendants' products." But the suit contains a fundamental logical flaw: The government suffered no net damages. There is nothing to recover. Just the opposite. Washington's tobacco-related health spending is more than offset -- to the tune of tens of billions of dollars a year -- by the government's earnings from cigarette taxes, and by its savings on health and pension benefits that smokers don't live to collect. Making a profit and then suing for compensation is cheeky, even by lawyers' standards....."

National Post Online 10/6/99 Jonathan Rauch "....In Lawsuit Land, smokers were naifs fooled by tobacco giants. In real life, polls show that most have known since at least the early '50s that cigarettes are dangerous and hard to quit. Every pack and every ad has carried a warning since 1964. In standard legal theory, writes Richard A. Epstein, a University of Chicago law professor (who has consulted for Philip Morris), where there is no actual deception, there can be no civil claim of fraud. True, some individual smokers may have been deceived. But the administration seeks to build its case on statistics rather than on identifying any injured people. .... "

National Post Online 10/6/99 Jonathan Rauch "....The lawsuit's appendix lists 116 counts of illegal racketeering. Of those, fully 25, by my count, consist of press releases issued by the tobacco companies. Thus, on or about May 16, 1988, the defendants, through their trade group, "did knowingly cause a press release to be sent and delivered by the United States mail to newspapers and news outlets. This press release contained statements disputing the addictiveness of cigarette smoking." By mailing the release, the companies committed -- I am not making this up -- mail fraud......Counts 109, 110, 111, 112 and 113 consist of the testimony given before Congress, in 1994, in which the chief executives of five tobacco giants denied that smoking is addictive and denied manipulating the amount of nicotine in cigarettes. The hearings were televised: five counts of wire fraud....... So, does this mean that President Clinton should have been impeached for wire fraud when, on national television, he denied having sex with Monica Lewinsky? And poor Bob Dole. As a presidential candidate in 1996, he was asked in a televised interview if he thought tobacco is addictive. He replied, "Some people who've tried it can quit easily, others don't quit. So I guess it's addictive to some and not to others." You can send your contributions to the Bob Dole Racketeering & Wire Fraud Defense Fund to me at the National Journal. In its lawsuit, the Clinton administration has redefined fraud and racketeering to mean, in effect, publicly disagreeing with the Clinton administration...."

Boston Herald 10/6/99 Don Feder "....Construction was begun on the Smithsonian's Indian museum on the Mall in Washington, D.C. The $110 million project (two-thirds paid by the taxpayer) is expected to attract 6 million visitors a year. The New York Times noted that the museum ``will not only celebrate and display continuing tribal cultures but work to set the record straight.'' The museum's director, Richard West, said the institution would be dedicated to ``presenting the Indian perspective.'' By ``Indian perspective,'' West means the fulminations of activists who think Columbus was the father of genocide and the 7th Cavalry was the Nazi S.S. on horseback. To emphasize the point, those attending the ceremony sang the anthem of the American Indian Movement, a militant gang best known for its terrorist action at the Pine Ridge Reservation in 1975, which left two FBI agents dead. The Smithsonian has passionately embraced the multiculturalist agenda. It sees all of history in the reflected light of the PC trinity - race, gender and class.....This dogmatism was most conspicuous in a 1995 exhibit on the end of World War II in the Pacific and the Hiroshima bombing. The original script (revised after protests by veterans) described the conflict as ``a war of revenge against the Japanese,'' who were ``fighting to preserve their culture against imperialism.'' It was as if the rape of Nanking, Pearl Harbor, the Bataan Death March, ``comfort women'' and other atrocities by the Imperial Army had never happened....... The Smithsonian's latest editing of history is its book ``Timelines of the Ancient World - A Visual Chronology From the Origins of Life to A.D. 1500.'' While major events in the development of Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam are meticulously detailed, the book moves from B.C. to A.D. without acknowledging the birth of Jesus. The spiritual revolution wrought by the Jewish people is similarly ignored. The Smithsonian was established in 1846 for the ``increase and diffusion of knowledge among men.'' Today, it exists to exhort. History becomes a self-criticism session, where the sins of the West, evils of capitalism and the toxicity of the Judeo-Christian tradition are confessed and atoned....."

Investor's Business Daily 10/6/99 "....You've got to hand it to this administration. Its willingness to revise history to suit its political ends has no limit. The latest example is President Clinton's remarks on health-care reform. When the Census Bureau reported Monday the number of Americans without health insurance has risen by 1 million to more than 44.3 million, the White House reaction was swift and predictable. ''(The new statistics) mean that the first lady and I and all the rest of us were right in 1994,'' said Clinton. ''We told you in 1994 that if this were voted down, the insurance companies would continue to drop people, or employers, because of the system we had,'' Clinton added, to make sure the ''I told you so'' was complete. Well, we'd like to indulge in a little of the same.

First, a little background. The Clinton administration proposed to take over health care - one-seventh of the economy - because millions of people didn't have health insurance. The health care crisis, it was called. Higher insurance costs were responsible, then as now. And the reasons for those higher costs is the same today as then, as well. Too much government and not enough market forces. The government's two biggest health programs, Medicare and Medicaid, account for more than a fifth of all spending on health care. Yet despite this apparent generosity, neither program covers the cost of the people it supposedly serves. In 1990, for instance, Medicare covered 89.6% of enrollee charges due to a complex set of price controls. In contrast, private payers paid 128% of charges. In other words, the private sector was being forced then to make up the difference. This cost-shifting had a predictable effect on premiums. From 1984 to 1991, the cost for the average annual health plan per employee more than doubled. After adjusting for inflation, health-insurance costs for employees over that time period rose 67%. Price controls haven't come off in Medicare and Medicaid since then. They've become tighter, and premium costs have jumped again. (And Clinton wants to expand the Medicare program to include prescription drugs.) It's no wonder employers have a hard time affording health insurance for their workers. Of course, the president and his team don't acknowledge these simple economic facts of life. Instead, they blame Republicans, saying they didn't go far enough. ......"

The New Australian 10/11/99 James Henry ".....Let take as an example Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott's publicly expressed view that the United States might not exist in its current form in the 21st Century because he believes that nationhood will have become obsolete...... Ordinarily, anyone with Talbott's views would not have found a position in a responsible and intellectually sound administration. But this is the sensitive '90s and Bill 'I-feel-your-pain' Clinton lounges about in the Oval Office. It took a Chinese columnist, Peter Zhang, to cleverly sum up the situation with the observation that America is being run by the "Arkansas Hick and his merry band of '60s dipsticks with their fairyfloss intellects and LSD-coloured view of the world [who] continue to pursue policies that puts the United States mainland at considerable risk." .......The basis of this ideology is a pathological hatred of America. Understanding this fact makes us realise that Talbott, a former journalist and college roommate of Clinton, is not really calling for the a world government but the destruction of the USA, an oppressive, exploitative and racist society. These were the ideas they absorbed during their college days and they have never renounced them. This is the principle reason why Talbott and the rest of Clinton's "merry band of '60s dipsticks with their fairyfloss intellects" are so light on China1. It's really all America's fault, meaning "white America". This lot are so riddled with shame and guilt they are prepared to sacrifice America's interests in order to atone for her alleged sins while exculpating their own....." The Left's malicious nihilism is impacting on every aspect of the nation's culture. The almost farcical response of Clinton to the discovery of Kennewick Man is a sickening example of the pervasiveness of the Left's ideology and its contempt for scientific truth. Kennewick Man is thought not only to be more than 9.000 years old but of Caucasian origin. If this is true, then a momentous scientific and cultural discovery has been made. But such a discovery does not fit the Left's ideological view of the US. In keeping with this view, Clinton ordered the site destroyed and the bones vandalised in the hope of destroying any possibility of determining the remains racial origins. This is a calculated Orwellian attempt by the Left, through Clinton, to try and control the present, and hence the future, by destroying historical evidence. There is no clearer evidence of the Left's power, influence and malice, especially in the media....."

AP 10/13/99 Chris Newton ".....It takes a lot to get under folks' skin in this West Texas town. Even the falling prices of corn and cotton don't seem to rile them. But Hollywood has somehow managed. The new film "Happy, Texas" showcases stereotypical Texans dodging armadillos in the road and hanging out in a gay honky-tonk. But the film wasn't made in Happy, and the town's 650 residents are not amused. "If they're going to make a movie about Happy, then let them make it about the real place," said Ed Burk, a farmer. "There is no gay bar in Happy." ......"

Los Angeles Times 10/14/99 James Pinkerton ".....Magicians call it misdirection: the art of getting audiences to look in the direction the magician wants them to, so they miss the trick. Today, politics itself is being misdirected. Some of the biggest controversies in the United States--debates over gun control, auto safety, health care policy and pharmaceutical development--are no longer being decided by the democratic process or by the rule of law as traditionally understood. Sure, the politicians continue to talk, but their words are increasingly just part of the illusion. The real tricks, and some very big bucks, are being generated by a small group of trial lawyers who are pulling the ultimate trick: They are making the substance of politics disappear. ....Why hasn't this angle been covered much? Two possible explanations. First, journalists mostly support this legal onslaught against industries and products they don't like. Second, to cover the story of how trial lawyers are preempting politics, elite newsies would have to travel to tort hot spots such as Hayneville, Ala. In 1996, for example, a jury there heard the case of one Alex Hardy, who apparently fell asleep at the wheel of his Chevy, leading to an accident that left him paralyzed. Yet plaintiff's lawyers claimed, against all reason, that the vehicle was defective. Hardy was awarded $150 million in a case that has set a low standard for auto liability cases since....."

The New Australian 10/4-10/99 Dr Aaron Oakley ".....An important characteristic of activists is that they are prepared to use any argument - true, half-true or false - to support their ideological agenda. Hence truth plays second fiddle to expediency. This article examines a canard popular with anti-nuclear activists - that there is no level of radiation which is safe. This myth will be exposed along with certain activists who have repeated it. since 1959, the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) has dictated that regulations be based on the assumption that the effects of low doses of radiation may be derived by linear extrapolation from the effects of high doses (this is called the linear hypothesis). For example, 10,000 mSv of radiation (a very high dose!) would be expected to kill those exposed within hours, and by assuming a linear relationship, we would expect that a dose of 1 mSv would kill 1 in 10,000 people. The fact that we are not dropping like flies (background radiation averages about 2.4 mSv/year globally) immediately brings the hypothesis into question...."

Augusta Chronicle 10/12/99 ".....President Clinton has once again demonstrated his essential dishonesty in his dealing with Congress over the issue of establishing an independent security agency within the Department of Energy. An upset Congress established the agency in the defense authorization bill in the wake of startling revelations that Communist China had been stealing top-secret information from the nation's nuclear labs for years. Many in Congress preferred that the new security unit not even be part of DOE, that it be an outside oversight agency with authority to order security changes when necessary. But after haggling with the White House and congressional Democrats, it was agreed to keep the newly formed National Nuclear Security Administration within DOE, but with the understanding that a director independent of the Energy secretary be named. That upset DOE Secretary Bill Richardson, who felt his authority was being ``eroded.'' He said he'd urge the president to veto, but when the defense package passed with enough votes to override, the veto threat vanished. But Clinton did find a way to sabotage Congress' intent for the new security agency. Instead of naming an independent director with security experience, he named Richardson to head it up -- a farce and a double-cross. It is these kinds of back-stabbings which explain why Congress does not trust this president. ....." 10/12/99 Justin Torres ".....A new report released this week indicates that the melting of the Antarctic ice shelf may be due to natural causes, and not to manmade chemical emissions. Becky Norton Dunlop, former Virginia state secretary of natural resources and a vice president at the Heritage Foundation, told that she "wasn't surprised by the report, but I'm sure Professor Gore [Vice-President Al Gore] is, since he's invested so much in catastrophic global warming occurring." Norton says she thinks that the report will have "little influence" on the public policy debate, but added that scientists "simply have to keep pointing to the evidence that contradicts" global warming claims. ....The report, released Monday in the journal Science, was issued by Dr. Howard Conway and a team of geophysicists at the University of Washington and the University of Maine. The geophysicists said they found the ice of West Antarctica has receded 800 miles in past 7,000 to 8,000 years, and is presently shrinking at the rate of 400 feet per year. ....."

Boston Herald 10/16/99 "….President Clinton's shameless news conference this week shows that he cleary believes most people ``will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.'' The big lie is this: ``Hard-line Republicans irresponsibly forced a vote against the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. This was partisan politics of the worst kind.'' Or so the president said. This is a very big lie when stated without the background. It was the Democrats who made a political game out of ratification. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott recounted the facts: At a White House meeting on Sept. 23 with national security adviser Sandy Berger, Democratic senators agreed they would ``try to attach a resolution to every bill that moved, demanding that we have a hearing, or that we have a vote, or that we take this issue up.'' …."

Chattanooga Free Press 10/16/99 "….When could you ever believe anything that President Bill Clinton said? ("I want you to listen to me. I never had ..." etc.) And now an angry lame duck President Clinton is no more believable than before in his reaction to the Senate defeat of a bad nuclear test ban treaty. Typically, he invoked his "little children" demagoguery again, saying rejection of the treaty threatens the future of "our little children." Actually, the rejection of the treaty protects "little children" by keeping the United States from binding itself to an agreement that would have been unreliable and unenforceable, while undermining American military nuclear deterrence. Do you remember the agreement with Saddam Hussein? It was supposed to assure U.S. and U.N. inspection to check Iraq for illicit nuclear, chemical and germ warfare developments. Well, our inspectors haven't been in Iraq for many months. But Saddam is still there -- uninspected….."

Original Sources 10/19/99 Mary Mostert "....Yesterday, Clinton spokesman Joe Lockhart picked up the debate about spending after Clinton's veto, saying at a White House Press Conference: "As he said this morning, the reality already is that they've (the Congress) spent the Social Security surplus based on their own CBO. And the President wants to sit down and say, if we want additional spending, it's got to be paid for. Actually, according to Majority Whip Tom DeLay that's not true. It WOULD be true if the Congress passed all the spending bills Clinton is demanding. However, the White House is telling us, Clinton vetoed HR 2606 because he wants four billion dollars more in the bill for all the new programs he mentioned on Friday, and he is accusing the Congress of ALREADY spending the Social Security surplus but he is going to spend all this extra money, pay down the national debt, extend Social Security, etc., etc. ....Clinton cleverly picks a fight with Congress, blames THEM for the evaporation of the surplus, vetoes an appropriation bill and threatens to veto more of them, unless the Congress appropriates MORE money, clearly positioning himself for a repeat of the 1995 budget shut-down which he and the national media successfully blamed on the Republicans. It's a clever gimmick. Will it succeed again? We'll see...."

AMERICAN RIFLEMAN 11-12/99 Institute for Legislative Action Report "....[Clinton] He demands more gun control laws. He wastes millions of tax dollars on useless gun turn-in schemes. And with a wink, he releases into society criminals convicted of nearly three dozen violations of federal firearms laws, not to mention laws dealing with explosives, arson and bank robbery. Twelve of the terrorists were convicted of possessing "unregistered firearms," meaning, of course, they were caught with firearms regulated under the 1934 National Firearms Act, such as machine guns and sawed-off shotguns. Nine were convicted of carrying firearms during the commission of seditious conspiracy and interference with interstate commerce by violence. Nine were convicted of interstate transportation of firearms with intent to commit seditious conspiracy and interference with interstate commerce by violence. Three were convicted of conspiracy to make a "destructive device" (such as a pipe bomb). And, finally, two were convicted of possessing firearms without serial numbers. ...."

New York Post 10/23/99 "...The president first sounded this theme after the Senate defeated ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Now his national security adviser, Sandy Berger, is pressing it home: In a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations, Berger charged that the "new isolationists" want to build "a fortified fence around America." Lines like that certainly make for good sound bites on the network news, but they fly in the face of reality. Yes, there is a small GOP minority whose notion of foreign policy is to stick America's head in the sand. Yet their most vociferous opponents aren't the Clintonites, but the internationalists on the Right (like this editorial page) who have been waging an open battle against conservative isolationism. Bill Clinton knows that. ........ The test-ban treaty went down to defeat because the administration - from Clinton to Sandy Berger on down - failed to present a convincing argument in its favor. That led dedicated and influential GOP internationalists like Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana to oppose ratification. In the cases of Kosovo, Iraq, Bosnia and NAFTA, Republican internationalists provided the political support necessary for Clinton to achieve his aims. For the president to now assail those Republicans as isolationists for purely partisan advantage would be like Ronald Reagan denouncing those Democrats who supported him on aid to the Nicaraguan contras back in the '80s. But Reagan - unlike Clinton - would never have done something so crass....."

weeklystandard magazine 10/25/99 Fred Barnes " my 26 years of covering the White House, I've never seen a president as hysterical, cheaply partisan, and dishonest as Bill Clinton was at his October 14 press conference. Attacking Senate Republicans for killing the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, Clinton concocted a fantasy world about the impact of the treaty's defeat. He was also deceitful, illogical, and, worst of all from his own perspective, politically shortsighted. On arms control and national security, Clinton tossed aside all pretense that he's a New Democrat, a triangulator, or pursuer of a Third Way. Clinton is normally quite clever in tilting one way or the other on an issue, never going too far and usually giving himself plenty of political wiggle room. Not this time. He all but wrote Republicans out of the human race. Calling them reckless and partisan was the least of it. There was the claim, for instance, that out of "personal pique" Republicans would "put our children in peril and the leadership of America for a safer world in peril." And Clinton insisted that Republicans voted against a treaty they knew little about. Actually, GOP senators had been studying it for months. It was Democrats who'd paid little or no attention to it....."

weeklystandard magazine 10/25/99 Fred Barnes ".....The biggest whopper came when the president described what he thinks is the practical impact of the treaty's defeat. "What happens overseas?" he asked himself, and then answered. "Countries that could be putting money into the education and health care and development of their children . . . will be sitting there saying, "Well, you know, we'd like to lower the infant mortality rate, we'd like to lower the hunger rate, we'd like to lower the poverty rate, we'd like to raise the literacy rate, but look at what the Americans are doing, look at what our neighbors are doing, let's spend half our money on the military." Does Clinton really believe folks around the globe are making this calculation? If he does, he's totally caught up in the arms control cult......And talk about pique. Clinton jeopardized everything with his tirade. By losing his cool at a press conference, he gave up any realistic chance of a meaningful legacy, which requires compromise with Republicans...."

The American Spectator 10/18/99 Wlady Pleszczynski " my reckoning, the Senate Republicans finest hour came the day after the vote -- in the 60 minute presidential press conference they'd provoked. It was Bill Clinton's ghastliest performance since his post-grand jury speech to the nation on August 17, 1998. It's not everyday that the GOP is accused of being a threat to national security, by someone who has given more of it away than the Salvation Army has given away free meals. ......In their charming way, the Democrats (and their media echo chamber) think there isn't a Clinton weakness that can't be exploited against the hated Republicans. It makes for a perverse politics, particularly since the Republicans themselves are probably the first to think that they are at their politically weakest when they show themselves to be strong. Sooner or later (perhaps) it might dawn on them that one reason they can be strong is that the Democrats' have yet to pay for the years they've spent propping up their man...... I've saved the best for last. CBS's courageous Bill Plante confronted Clinton with Judge Wright's contempt ruling in the Paula Jones case. Clinton replied that the American people have been put through enough, but "when I am out of office, I will have a lot to say about this.... When I'm done, then I can say what I want to say." We can hardly wait. By then he won't have his office to hide behind -- and no one will care to listen. ......"

New York Post 10/19/99 Tracy Connor "....A new bio of George W. Bush claims he was busted for cocaine in 1972 but that his father pulled strings to get his record expunged - a bombshell flatly denied by the candidate and a former prosecutor...... The book, published yesterday by St. Martin's Press, does not provide any documentation or specifics, including a time or place for the arrest or the name of the Republican judge supposedly involved. The Texas governor said it never happened, and he was backed up by Carol Vance, a Texas lawyer who was Harris County's Democratic district attorney in 1972. Vance said there were no Republican criminal judges handling cases in the county that year and Texas did not even pass an expungement law until 1977. "I would have known about any such charge had such a thing occurred .... and so would most everyone in the courthouse, including most of, if not all of, the some 100 assistant district attorneys," Vance said....."

PRESS RELEASE 10/16/99 Senator James Inhofe "....Oct. 14 Press Conference Statement Laced with Misrepresentations, Half-Truths, Distortions and Falsehoods [NOTE: Following is a line-by-line analysis prepared by Sen. James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.) of President Clinton's opening statement at his Oct. 14 White House news conference regarding the Senate's rejection of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).]

1. CLINTON: Members of the congressional majority have displayed a reckless partisanship...

REALITY CHECK: One hundred percent of the Democrats voted to back Clinton's position. Republican votes were split on both sides, with the prevailing view reflecting the concerns of numerous eminent non-partisan experts.

2. CLINTON: threatens America's economic well-being and, now, our national security.

REALITY CHECK: The CTBT threatened our national security by undermining the long-term safety and reliability of the U.S. nuclear deterrent.

3. CLINTON: ...hard line Republicans irresponsibly forced a vote against the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

REALITY CHECK: Hard line Democrats, including the President, demanded Senate action on the CTBT-claiming it had to be voted on before the convening of an already scheduled international CTBT conference in early October. They irresponsibly threatened to tie the Senate into procedural knots if they didn't get their way. When the procedures for conducting the debate and the vote were set, every Democrat agreed, with the approval of the President. A single objection from any one senator could have prevented the vote.

4. CLINTON: This was partisan politics of the worst kind, because it was so blatant and because of the risks it poses to the safety of the American people and the world.

REALITY CHECK: This was not partisan politics. The treaty was addressed on the merits or lack thereof. The real risks were embodied in a fatally flawed treaty that would have undermined the U.S. nuclear deterrent upon which the safety of the American people and so much of the world depend.

5. CLINTON: What the Senate seeks is to abandon an agreement that requires other countries to do what we have already done...

REALITY CHECK: What does he mean, "we"? The Senate was never a party to a permanent, zero-yield test ban. What does he mean "requires"? The treaty is not verifiable, nor is it enforceable. Russia and China will not accept appropriately located monitoring devices. The on-site inspection provisions include 50-square-mile-large loopholes. We would scrupulously abide by a zero-yield test ban. Others already dispute the definition of zero-yield and can--and will--exploit ways to hide low-level nuclear tests. This puts us at an intolerable disadvantage.

6. CLINTON: agreement that constrains Russia and China, India and Pakistan from developing more dangerous nuclear weapons;

REALITY CHECK: An unverifiable, unenforceable treaty constrains no one but those who choose to abide by its terms. Russia and China have already indicated they will not permit monitoring devices near their major test facilities. India and Pakistan, in conducting sudden nuclear tests last year, proved they will defy the international community if they conclude it is in their interest.

7. CLINTON: ...that helps to keep other countries out of the nuclear weapons business altogether;

REALITY CHECK: Countries will make such decisions based on their supreme national interests, not on the CTBT. If there are doubts about the U.S. nuclear deterrent, if the U.S. does not deploy missile defenses, if countries like North Korea are perceived to have reaped concessions by making nuclear and missile threats, other countries may act accordingly. The CTBT may constrain Costa Rica and Luxembourg, but what about Syria, Libya, Iran and Iraq?

8. CLINTON: ...that improves our ability to monitor dangerous weapons activities in other countries.

REALITY CHECK: But not necessarily the countries we really care about. The Washington Times reported last week how Russia and China both have pointedly rejected allowing appropriate monitors in the most strategic locations near their major test facilities. In addition, the on-site inspection procedures give inspected countries rights to refuse specific inspectors (remember Scott Ritter in Iraq), to declare certain sites off-limits (like the Iraqi presidential palaces), and to restrict intelligence overflights.

9. CLINTON: Even worse, they have offered no alternative, no other means of keeping countries around the world from developing nuclear arsenals and threatening our security.

REALITY CHECK: On the contrary, the alternative is called "peace through strength," the policy that won the cold war--a policy that includes responsible diplomacy, negotiations, verifiable arms control, renewed security export controls and counterintelligence, an aggressive defense of U.S. vital national interests and values, the promotion of democracy, the deployment of missile defense and a long-overdue rebuilding of U.S. military strength.

10. CLINTON: In so doing, they ignored the advice of our top military leaders...

REALITY CHECK: No, they weighed it carefully against the contrary advice of 13 top former commanding generals, six former secretaries of defense, at least four former national security advisors, among many others--whose jobs are not beholden to the political fortunes of the incumbent Administration.

11. CLINTON: ...our most distinguished scientists...

REALITY CHECK: Our weapons lab directors shared a different view in testimony before the Senate. For example, Dr. Paul Robinson, testified that: "I and others who are or have been responsible for the safety and reliability of the United States stockpile for nuclear weapons have testified to this obvious conclusion many times in the past. To forgo that validation through testing is, in short, to live with uncertainty..." He went on to say: "If the United States scrupulously restricts itself to zero yield while other nations may conduct experiments up to the threshold of international detectability-- we will be at an intolerable disadvantage."

12. CLINTON: ...our closest allies.

REALITY CHECK: Whose "advice" is based on, and almost certainly orchestrated by, the Clinton Administration and its three year campaign to persuade them to sign and ratify this treaty, without the advise and consent of the Senate. In any case, our allies should not dictate U.S. security policies.

13. CLINTON: They brushed aside the views of the American people...

REALITY CHECK: The American people have never been fully informed on the details and ramifications of the CTBT. Generalized support, reflected in polls, for the abstract goal of ending nuclear testing is not equal to support for an unverifiable, unenforceable treaty which will harm national security.

14. CLINTON: ...and betrayed the vision of Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy, who set us on the road to this treaty so many years ago.

REALITY CHECK: No previous president, including especially Eisenhower and Kennedy, supported anything close to a zero-yield, permanent, and unverifiable ban on nuclear testing.

15. CLINTON: Even more troubling are the signs of a new isolationism among some of the opponents of the treaty.

REALITY CHECK: Like Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Sen. Richard Lugar, we presume? Give us a break.

16. CLINTON: You see it in the refusal to pay our U.N. dues.

REALITY CHECK: On the contrary, the Congress is prepared to pay the so-called U.N. "dues" if only the Clinton Administration will drop its extremist fixation on simultaneously exporting its radicalized pro-abortion agenda. Nevertheless, the so-called "dues" do not reflect vast unrepaid billions which the U.S. has contributed to U.N. peacekeeping over the years.

17. CLINTON: You see it in the woefully inadequate budget for foreign affairs...

REALITY CHECK: This year's proposed foreign aid budget ($12.6 billion) is the same as last year's level, which Clinton approved. This level is appropriate at a time when the priority is to hold the line on overall spending and protect the Social Security trust fund. The proposed spending is $2 billion below the Clinton request, reflecting legitimate concerns about lack of reforms at multilateral banks and international organizations and the failure of certain governments to meet minimal debt relief benchmarks.

18. CLINTON: ...and includes meeting our obligations to the Middle East peace process

REALITY CHECK: The amounts allocated to Middle East countries were made with the understanding that additional funds would be made available as warranted by progress on the Wye River peace process. Notably, AIPAC (the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee) expressed its support for the bill in writing.

19. CLINTON: ...and to the continuing efforts to destroy and safeguard Russian nuclear materials.

REALITY CHECK: The bill allocates $735 million (compared to the $1 billion request) for the post-Soviet states. Clinton claims this shortchanges the $250 million Enhanced Threat Reduction Inititative (ETRI), but this is not true. Nothing prevents spending part of the allocated amount on the ETRI. Besides, almost $6 billion has already been spent on such programs, for which there are increasing concerns about corruption and money-laundering. A thorough reexamination is in order.

20. CLINTON: You see it in the refusal to adopt our proposals to do our part to stem the tide of global warming...

REALITY CHECK: The Kyoto Global Warming Treaty, negotiated and signed by the Clinton Administration in defiance of the express wishes of the Senate, cannot, should not, and will not be ratified, and the President knows it will not be ratified. Scientists are not even sure if there is a "tide of global warming," much less what might work to do anything about it. In light of this, the Administration's efforts to seek backdoor implementation of the Kyoto Treaty's provisions through executive orders and budget provisions is an egregious affront to sound science, to the Senate and to the Constitutional process.


21. CLINTON: even though these proposals plainly would create American jobs.

REALITY CHECK: Perhaps some, mostly among regulators, bureaucrats and select government-favored industries which will pass along unnecessary higher costs to consumers. But these jobs will be more than offset by the many more lost jobs which will result if the radical Clinton-Gore extremist environmental agenda is fully implemented.

22. CLINTON: But by this vote, the Senate majority has turned its back on 50 years of American leadership against the spread of weapons of mass destruction.

REALITY CHECK: Preposterous. No previous administration supported a zero-yield, permanent, unverifiable nuclear test ban. No previous administration has witnessed, covered up, or refused to punish--on its watch--as much proliferation of such weapons and related technology as this one.

23. CLINTON: They are saying America does not need to lead, either by effort or by example.

REALITY CHECK: On the contrary, leadership requires sound national security policies to which the flawed CTBT will not contribute.

24. CLINTON: They are saying we don't need our friends or allies.

REALITY CHECK: America must do what is in its own vital national security interest, fully recognizing that our nuclear umbrella protects our allies as well as us. Our allies cannot and should not dictate our vital national security policies.

25. CLINTON: They are betting our children's future on the reckless proposition that we can go it alone; that at the height of our power and prosperity, we should bury our heads in the sand, behind a wall.

REALITY CHECK: Clinton wants to bet our children's future on a piece of paper and an unproven "stockpile stewardship program" which its own experts say won't be fully ready for another ten years at best. He suggests that at the height of our prosperity and power, we should unilaterally disarm, hold hands, and hope for the best on a policy of "trust, but don't verify." Knowing that we will scrupulously abide by a treaty when others will not, the heads in the sand belong to those whose faith in arms control overwhelms their knowledge of history.

26. CLINTON: That is not where I stand. And that is not where the American people stand.

REALITY CHECK: It is not where the Congress stands either. The "withdrawing behind a wall" analogy is a fanciful straw man.

27. CLINTON: They understand that, to be strong, we must not only have a powerful military...

REALITY CHECK: Clinton has devastated the military, which has shrunk 40 percent since the Gulf War. Army divisions have dropped from 18 to 10. Since 1990, Air Force fighter wings have shrunk from 36 to 20. Navy ships have dropped from almost 600 at the height of the Reagan buildup to close to 300 now. Spare part, equipment and readiness problems abound. Clinton killed the Strategic Defense Initiative program, vetoed missile defenses, and clings feverishly to the outdated Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, which is keeping America undefended against growing missile threats.

28. CLINTON: ...we must also lead, as we have done time and again, and as the whole world expects us to do, to build a more responsible, interdependent world.

REALITY CHECK: But not at the expense of U.S. national security as would be the case with the CTBT.

29. CLINTON: So we will continue to protect our interests around the world. We will continue to seek from Congress the financial resources to make that possible.

REALITY CHECK: Under the Clinton Administration, the U.S. military has been underfunded and overstretched to the point that we have close to half the strength in many conventional weapons categories than we had in 1991. He has presided over inadequate defense budgets coupled with increasing deployments, causing decreasing morale and growing problems with retention, recruitment, and readiness. Today, we are spending just 3 percent of GDP on defense, the lowest since Pearl Harbor. We are literally not prepared today protect-without intolerably high risk to the lives of our men and women in uniform--all our vital security interests in two major theater wars as is our stated objective.

30. CLINTON: We will continue to pursue the fight against the spread of nuclear weapons.

REALITY CHECK: Proliferation has never been greater than during the Clinton Administration, which has presided over growing threats in North Korea, Iraq, Iran and elsewhere. Our nuclear secrets have been stolen, many on Clinton's watch, while security-related export controls have been consistently relaxed with clearly damaging consequences.

31. CLINTON: And we will not -- we will not -- abandon the commitments inherent in the treaty, and resume testing ourselves.

REALITY CHECK: In other words, the Senate will have no say in treaty making, treaty implementing, treaty advising or treaty consenting-so long as Clinton is president. So what was the point of the ratification debate in the first place? By rejecting the treaty, the Senate wisely protected the options of future presidents to deal with critical nuclear security matters without being bound by the Clinton administration's wrongheaded policies.

32. CLINTON: I will not let yesterday's partisanship stand as our final word on the test ban treaty.

REALITY CHECK: If the President truly believes that partisanship is what killed his treaty or that this Senate is going to ever pass this treaty, then he is dangerously out of touch with reality. His comment betrays astounding arrogance and contempt for the very Constitution he was sworn to uphold.

33. CLINTON: Today I say again, on behalf of the United States, we will continue the policy we have maintained since 1992 of not conducting nuclear tests.

REALITY CHECK: During the debate, the President sought support by emphasizing that he would resume testing if the national security interest required it. Does anyone believe he is sincere in this?

34. CLINTON: I call on Russia, China, Britain, France and all other countries to continue to refrain from testing.

REALITY CHECK: Continue to refrain? The CIA just recently reported that it could not determine with certainty whether Russia recently conducted a small nuclear test.

35. CLINTON: I call on nations that have not done so to sign and ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

REALITY CHECK: The treaty cannot go into effect unless the United States ratifies. The United States has rejected ratification. The treaty needs to be dropped or renegotiated to fix its obvious flaws.

36. CLINTON: And I will continue to do all I can to make that case to the Senate. When all is said and done I have no doubt that the United States will ratify this treaty.

REALITY CHECK: The treaty was 19 votes short of that needed for approval. Ratification will never happen on his watch. The President should face up to this reality.

WASHINGTON POST 10/27/99 "….Rep. Christopher Cox, who supports fellow California delegation Republican Tom Campbell's quest to unseat Sen. Dianne Feinstein, is hopping mad at Capital Style magazine. The November issue claims that Cox told attendees of the recent state GOP convention that the two-term Democrat is "old, fat and lazy, and her husband doesn't want her in politics anymore." Yesterday Cox heatedly denied the quote. "I never said it. It happens to be categorically false," he told us. ..."

The Progressive Review 10/25/99 Sam Smith "…. Hate is booming in the waning days of the century -- not the emotion, whose prevalence hasn't changed that much in recent times -- but the word. Politicians and their media mimics are having a field day decrying "hate crimes" and "hate groups" while the police and military use the terms as rationale for increased intrusion into domestic American life. This approach to ugly manifestations of ethnic prejudice romanticizes and increases in importance of some extremely troubled people…… What anti-hate theatrics do accomplish is (1) provide a measure of superfluous self-righteousness to those decrying the hate and (2) demonize groups of people in a manner ironically similar to that of used by the "haters" themselves. Once this has been done, measures such as improper force or censorship become permissible because the targets are no longer human. This is what happened at Waco, with Giuliani in New York (with both white and black groups) and what happens daily against persons who choose to use particular drugs….." 10/22/99 Alan Caruba "….President Clinton's announcement that he intends to lock up 40 million acres of wilderness in 35 States is the implementation of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and Vice President Gore's "Ecosystem Management Policy." The US Senate has voted to withdraw from the UN Convention. Clinton's action is in direct violation of the Constitution and the will of Congress going back to 1778. The Homestead Act of 1866 reaffirmed, "The right-of-way for the construction of highways over public lands not reserved for public uses, is hereby granted." The Constitution directs Congress, not the Executive, to manage federal lands. Under the Clinton-Gore plan, no wilderness roads could be created and public access to this vast area would be further restricted. Regrettably, the editorial writer in the Oct 18th New York Times who lauded Clinton was unaware of this Constitutional responsibility, saying, "The tactical genius of the plan is that it can be done administratively, under the National Forest Management Act, circumventing a potentially hostile Congress." One wonders when liberal newspapers like the Times will ever wake up to the fact that Clinton is a pathological liar……"

Fort Lauderdale (FL) Sun-Sentinel 10/28/99 Kingsley Guy "….After reading about Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's condemnation of the Russians for their attacks on insurgents in Chechnya, which have caused civilian casualties, I looked up the definition of "hypocrisy." …… No, Albright isn't a hypocrite. She just doesn't have a clue. America's secretary of State, if you recall, was one of the engineers of the NATO air war against Yugoslavia. When it became obvious NATO could not accomplish its objective of halting "ethnic cleansing" in the province of Kosovo by bombing Serbian military targets, NATO leaders decided to bomb Serbian civilian targets. Taking the war to the home front eventually caused the Serbs to capitulate, but the price was high in lost civilian lives. It also was high in lost civilian jobs, and depriving people of a way to make a living can kill, too….."

INSIGHT Magazine 11/22/99 Stephen Goode "....When today's leftists say that 'whiteness' is an oppressive social construct that must be destroyed, David Horowitz calls them bigots opposed to black success. Recently, the onetime leftist and now conservative writer and activist David Horowitz received an e-mail from a friend that carried a quotation from the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Moscow, dated 1943. The order had been sent to communists abroad, including the Communist Party in America. . . . . "Members and front organizations must continually embarrass, discredit and degrade our critics," the 56-year-old directive began. "When obstructionists become too irritating, label them as fascist or Nazi or anti-Semitic." But above all, "constantly associate those who oppose us with those names that already have a bad smell." Why? Because "The association will, after enough repetition, become 'fact' in the public mind."..... . . Sontag's radical posturing has become a leftist commonplace today, Horowitz says, especially among white liberals at elite institutions. Lecturer Noel Ignatiev, a former sixties radical, for example, several years ago launched "Whiteness Studies" at the prestigious W.E.B. DuBois African-American Studies Institute at Harvard University. Among other things, Whiteness Studies argue that "whiteness" is a "social construct that is oppressive" and must be "abolished." The motto of Race Treason, the name of Whiteness Studies' academic journal, is "Treason to Whiteness is Loyalty to Humanity." ......"

The Detroit News 10/31/99 ".....When President Bill Clinton ordered bombs on Kosovo, he asserted that the United States had a duty to prevent the "genocide" supposedly taking place there . And when he ordered the bombing of a "chemical weapons factory" in the Sudan, he justified the action as retaliation for the bombing of two American embassies in Africa. Yet there are growing reasons to wonder about the basis for both actions. In Kosovo, for example, an international team of inspectors seems to have come up short - far short - of its efforts to prove genocide. To be sure, it hasn´t finished its work yet. But few, if any, mass graves seem to have been discovered. And Stratfor, a well-regarded private group that keeps track of such things, says only a few hundred bodies have so far been found, not the 10,000 or more once feared.....In a similar vein, reports are surfacing that high officials in the State Department, Central Intelligence Agency and Pentagon had opposed the bombing of the Sudanese chemical plant...... Moreover, according to the Times, in the days after the American strike, Assistant Secretary of State Phyllis Oakley, who headed the State Department´s intelligence section, was ordered to suppress a report that might have questioned the propriety of the Sudan attack. Ms. Oakley, a 42-year veteran of the department, later resigned......Such reports, if true, are likely to revive charges of a "wag the dog" foreign policy....."

Washington Weekly 11/1/99 Edward Zehr "....The way things have quieted down of late one might never suspect that the president had been impeached earlier this year. Indeed, this is scarcely considered worth mentioning by the mainstream press. Perhaps if the backlash against Republicans predicted with such eager anticipation by the newsies had actually materialized, they would find the topic more "newsworthy." Actually, there has been a backlash, but is seems to be working against the Democrats. A CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll taken in mid October showed George W. Bush leading Gore by 16 points and Bradley by 12 points, despite the fact that President Clinton was said to have a 56 percent approval rating. However, a recent Zogby poll indicated that Clinton's approval rating is about ten points lower than that, and even the Gallup poll showed that "almost two-thirds" do not approve of Clinton as a person....."

WSJ 10/29/99 Daniel Akst "…. Last year Hillary Rodham Clinton delivered a serious message to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, asserting that without a strong civil society, we risk succumbing to unbridled materialism. "We are creating a consumer-driven culture that promotes values and ethics that undermine both capitalism and democracy," she warned. Mrs. Clinton's comments were well-timed. They came well before she and the president settled on a $1.7 million house in Chappaqua, N.Y., but many years after she had made a $98,537 profit on a $1,000 investment in the commodities markets. Thus did the first lady assume her place in the great tradition of well-heeled hypocrites bent on saving the rest of us from the horrors of consumption. ….."

Washington Post 10/29/99 Charles Krauthammer ".....After seven years, the big foreign policy thinkers in the Clinton administration are convinced they have come up with a big idea. Having spent the better part of a decade meandering through the world without a hint of strategy--wading compassless in and out of swamps from Somalia to Haiti to Yugoslavia--they have finally found their theme. National Security Adviser Sandy Berger unveiled it in a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations last week. In true Clintonian fashion, Berger turned personal pique over the rejection of the test ban treaty into a grand idea: The Democrats are internationalists, their opponents are isolationists. First of all, it ill behooves Democrats to call anybody isolationists. This is the party that in 1972 committed itself to "Come home, America." That cut off funds to South Vietnam. That fought bitterly to cut off aid to the Nicaraguan contras and the pro-America government of El Salvador. That mindlessly called for a nuclear freeze. That voted against the Gulf War....."

REUTERS 10/28/99 "….The House Thursday approved sweeping spending cuts sure to face a White House veto as the Republican-led Congress and President Clinton wrestled for a political victory in the battle over the federal budget. The House passed 1 percent across-the-board spending cuts in federal programs -- excluding such benefits as Medicare, veterans' pensions and food stamps -- to save about $4 billion and help meet the Republicans' pledge of balancing the fiscal 2000 budget without draining Social Security reserves.. ….. The spending cuts, tucked into $327 billion legislation to fund labor, education and social services programs that Clinton said he would veto, were Republicans' last-ditch strategy to send Clinton spending bills that did not tap Social Security surpluses to make ends meet….."

Associated Press 10/27/99 "….The White House said Wednesday that President Clinton's national security advisers have not second-guessed the decision to bomb a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan in retaliation for terrorist bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa. Spokesman Joe Lockhart said Clinton's national security team recommended unanimously last year to proceed with plans for a missile attack on the factory, which was supposedly linked to Osama bin Laden, the suspected mastermind behind the embassy attacks. "The president's national security team felt very strongly at the time that there was a real and imminent threat to our national security interests. They believe the same today,'' Lockhart said. "I believe very strongly that we took the right steps.'' …."

Washington Times 10/26/99 Frank Gaffney Jr. "….What's going on here? The stinging defeat of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) - the result of 51 Republicans courageously voting their consciences rather than yielding to pressure to approve a fatally flawed treaty - is being portrayed by the Clinton administration, congressional Democrats and their allies as evidence of the GOP's embrace of a "new isolationism." Don't you believe it…….. Surely, party leaders understand the Clinton record in the foreign and defense policy fields is an almost unbroken string of reverses, if not outright disasters, for America's long-term security interests. In fact, the Clinton-Gore team has squandered the strongest hand ever bequeathed to an American president in terms of U.S. prestige, military power, alliance relationships, effective use of our economic strength to shape our world and, as a result of all these, in terms of having America's foes on the run. Today's orchestrated campaign against Republicans as "new isolationists" deliberately belies this legacy, ignores the unwavering commitment of the vast majority of the GOP in Congress and elsewhere to American leadership and international engagement on the basis of the Reagan principle of "peace-through-strength" and distorts the choices before the public in the year 2000….."

The American Spectator 11/99 John Corry "….The rules are known, the stakes are high, and one of Washington's great contests is played out accordingly. Jesse Helms will thrust, and the White House will parry. As chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Helms will demand straight answers, but the administration will not want to provide them. "I did not expect Bill Clinton to be a conservative," Helms says, "but I did expect him to be a litle more constant-every breath he takes is political." Helms, even his critics must agree, is not like that. His views are consistent, and his principles firm, and in a city where lesser men live and die by the press and elite opinion, he cares not at all what others may say about him….."

Associated Press 11/10/99 "…..A spokesman for Gov. George W. Bush on Wednesday disputed a claim by James Byrd Jr.'s family that he never telephoned his condolences or offered to attend the funeral after the Jasper man was dragged to his death behind a pickup truck. "That's wrong,'' Bush said Wednesday in South Carolina when asked about the family's claim. He said he called a member of the family and "has the evidence to prove it.'' Later in the day, Bush spokesman Scott McClellan provided The Associated Press with a copy of the telephone bill that shows a two-minute call from Bush's private phone in the governor's office on the night of June 10, 1998, to James and Stella Byrd's home telephone in Jasper. The Byrds contend that Bush, the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, never contacted the family…."

Washington Times 11/9/99 Ben Barber "....US. and other estimates that 100,000 or more people were slaughtered in Kosovo and in East Timor have turned out to be grossly inflated -- by as much as 900 percent -- according to humanitarian and government officials. The inflated death estimates were issued in the fog of war, when access to battlefields and killing grounds was impossible and refugee accounts could not be verified. So estimates of the numbers killed were made by multiplying a small number of convincing accounts or verifiable killings, said experts and government officials. Some suggest that the inflated body counts were politically motivated -- intended to drum up public support for NATO's bombing campaign in Yugoslavia ....."

The Limbaugh Letter 11/99 Rush Limbaugh "..... The liberals have one objective where Reagan is concerned: to perpetually destroy the truth of the 1980s - economically, and in terms of foreign policy, that is, militarily. That is because the '80s worked. If the '80s is not rewritten historically, then liberalism is dead. If the 1980s are ever correctly and widely understood, then liberalism is for all intents and purposes over. That was why the publication of Edmund Morris's so-called biography of Ronald Reagan was so celebrated by the media. Word spread that Morris had called Reagan "an airhead," and their joy know no bounds....."

Houston Chronicle 11/7/99 Bruce Herschenshon "..... Unlike the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month or V-E Day or V-JDay, the end of the Cold War has no date. Even with all its witnesses, no one is sure exactly when it ended. For that matter, no one could say for certain the exact date it began. So the Cold War ended in the same fuzzy way in which it started. Maybe it was July 6, 1990, when NATO announced that the Soviet Union was no longer an adversary. Maybe it was one of those days in late August 1990, when one republic of the U.S.S.R. after another declared independence. Maybe it was March 31, 1991, when the Warsaw Pact military alliance disbanded. Maybe it was Dec.l8, 1991, when the Commonwealth of Independent States was inaugurated. Maybe it was Dec.26,1991, when the U.S.S.R. was formally dissolved. However, because of the drama in the destruction of the symbol of the Soviet empire, the date that has become recognized is Nov.9,1989, when the Berlin Wall Crumbled. Since that event 10 years ago, there has been an absence of public dialogue regarding the role of U.S. liberals and conservatives during the post-Khrushchev period. That absence of dialogue has left young people with the mistaken belief that the United States was united in its quest to end the expansion of the Soviet system. IT'S A LIE. It was the conservatives who wanted to build U.S.military forces to a position so strong that the Soviet Untion would go broke trying to keep up....."

Congressional Quarterly Weekly 11/6/99 Pat Towell "...The Clinton administration's national security team, badly shaken by the party-line split that derailed the nuclear test ban treaty in the Senate on Oct. 13, has launched a behind-the-scenes effort to rehabilitate its relationships with both Democratic and Republican heavyweights whose support it will need to deal with thorny issues in U.S.-Russia relations. Among the thorniest is the administration's plan to negotiate changes next summer in the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty that would allow deployment of a limited anti-missile defense. ....."

Accuracy In Media 11/8/99 Reed Irvine Cliff Kincaid "…. When a full-page ad recently appeared in the New York Times defending "artistic freedom in New York," one of the signers was Rob Reiner, the director. But Reiner is better known as the actor who played the liberal character on the hit comedy All in the Family. He was known as "Meathead." Reiner was just one of dozens of so-called intellectuals who signed this ad, which defended an exhibit that featured a portrait of the Virgin Mary with elephant dung and pornographic images on it. Meathead and his associates said the artists had the constitutional right to use American tax dollars to display their "provocative" works. But it appears that Hollywood, the arts crowd and the media have not been that concerned about assaults on freedom of expression when that freedom is being exercised by those opposed to the liberal agenda. A good example is the national campaign that is being waged against radio talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger by the militant homosexuals. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, or GLAAD, has been waging a letter and e-mail campaign to Schlessinger, radio stations running her program, advertisers, and the executive of Premier Radio Networks, which syndicates her show. Schlessinger is under fire because she believes homosexual conduct is abnormal and that homosexuals should undergo therapy. She is also opposed to homosexual adoptions of children….."

BusinessWeek 11/5/99 Michael Mandel "….Celebrating victory in economics is dangerous…… in economics, the data are always subject to revision, and what seems to be true at one time may later turn out to be very different. So when the Commerce Dept. released a major revision of the historical economic data on Oct. 28, it dramatically changed the score on the three-cornered economic policy wars of the 1980s and 1990s. The big winners are New Economy advocates--including BUSINESS WEEK--who now have much better evidence to support their claims that information technology can lead to much higher productivity growth…….. The big losers are most economic forecasters and mainstream macroeconomists, who held the conventional view that growth mainly depends on building up the capital stock of equipment and structures. The new data undercut their argument--made consistently over the past decade--that the large government deficits of the 1980s and early 1990s would depress investment and doom the U.S. to slow growth for years to come…… The revised data show higher growth in the 1980s, making the Reagan-Bush era look better compared with the Carter Administration. On the other hand, the economy did very well in the aftermath of the tax increases of 1990 and 1993, something that the supply-siders would not have predicted….."

Investors Buisness Daily 11/5/99 Frank Stephens "….From the Atlantic to the Pacific, headlines proclaim that salmon are in the decline. The National Marine Fisheries Service….. To support their claim that salmon population are at record lows, federal and state agencies have devised a systematic plan to kill fish by the thousands. For example, Oregon state hatchery workers, since 1997, have carried out a program to kill returning hatchery fish.At the Fall Creek Hatchery in Alsea basen,1500 hatchery coho were clubbed to death in one day with baseball bats, stripped of their eggs and sold for fish bate and fertilizer. In January1999 the U.S. Fish an Wildlife Service admitted that its Coleman National Fish Hatchery on the Sacramento River had slaughtered 343000 Baby chinook salmon and planed tto kill another 700,000 Meanwhile, California's state run Nimbus Fish Hatchery on the American River had destroyed 2.2 million fall-run salmon eggs to reduce the number of fish. The Fish Sniffer sport fishing publication reported Hatchery officials revealed they had decreased hatchery production from 20 million to 12.9 million at the request of National Marine Fisheries Service biologists. All of this is very puzzling since salmon used for hatchery propagation originated from naturely spawned populations and are indistinguishable from wild salmon now listed as threatened…."

Inside the beltway (Washington Times) 11/5/99 John McCaslin "…..The World Wildlife Fund issued a warning last week that rising sea levels caused by man-made global warming could flood the nation's capital and other coastal cities over the next century. The WWF maintained that unless steps were immediately taken to reduce the amount of greenhouse-gas emissions, global warming would continue to melt the polar glaciers over the next 100 years and "threaten low-lying U.S. coastal cities such as New York, Boston, Baltimore and Miami with flooding."…. The Environmental Policy Task Force, a project of the National Center For Public Policy Research, predicts: "At the current rate of melting, it will take several thousand years before this melting ice sheet would even begin to affect seaboard cities -- assuming the Earth doesn't enter a new ice age before then." As for the WWF's dire predictions, the latter group suspects: "By making such baseless claims, the environmental movement hopes to pressure the U.S. into endorsing major reductions in greenhouse emissions at the fifth session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change," which is now under way in Bonn….."

Toronto Star 11/3/99 Richard Gwyn "…..IN THE GENOCIDE of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo by the forces of Serb leader Slobodan Milosevic, the worst incident occurred at the Trepca mine. As reported by American and NATO officials, large numbers of bodies were brought in by trucks under the cover of darkness. The bodies were then thrown down the shafts, or were disposed of entirely in the mine's vats of hydrochloric acid. Estimates of the number of dead began at 1,000. That was six months ago, in the middle of the war undertaken to halt what both U.S. President Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair called ``a human catastrophe.'' Estimates of the number of ethnic Albanians slaughtered went upward from 10,000. U.S. Defence Secretary William Cohen put the count at 100,000. Three weeks ago, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia released the findings of Western forensic teams investigating the horror at Trepca. There were not 1,000 bodies down the mine shafts at Trepca, reported the tribunal. There were not 100 bodies there. There was not one body there, nor was there any evidence the vats had ever been used to dispose of human remains……"

Washington Times 11/9/99 Frank Gaffney "…. As the worm turns. In the wake of the U.S. Senate's crushing rejection of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) last month, President Clinton and his supporters unleashed a torrent of invective against Republicans in the Senate, and their party more generally. The GOP, it was said, was in the hands of "new isolationists" who were reflexively opposed to arms control and endangering the nation's standing around the world by appearing indifferent to the will of the "international community." Now, having widely promoted this slanderous falsehood, the administration finds itself being tarred with the same brush. The president's new-found, and long-overdue, enthusiasm for deploying a limited national missile defense is causing Mr. Clinton's allies at home and abroad - and most of our potential adversaries - to portray this initiative as isolationist, a mortal threat to arms control and insensitive to the preferences of foreign governments….."

The Limbaugh Letter 10/99 Rush Limbaugh "....But there is, in this Administration, from top to bottom, a systemic disdain for the rule of law. Lying before Congress, lying before a federal judge, lying before a grand jury, lying to the American means nothing; withholding evidence is a form of politics. It's routine with this Administration. No one in a position of authority is ever held accountable; no one is ever responsible for anything. ....."

Jerusalem Post 11/18/99 "….If Oscars were given in international relations, US President Bill Clinton's public questioning of Israel's military sales to China would be a serious contender in the "cynicism and double standards" category. As a special committee of the US Congress found, stolen US technology contributed directly to China's development of thermonuclear weapons, and the Clinton administration has been progressively loosening the sanctions on technology transfer imposed following the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. The low standards set by the United States, however, should not cause any pride in Israel, which should scrutinize its relationship with China according to its own moral and strategic lights….."

WorldnetDaily 6/14/99 Sarah Foster "….At a time when Americans are forced to dig deeper than ever in their pockets to pay the high cost of government, politicians and bureaucrats at all levels of government -- local, state, and federal -- are sitting on tens of trillions of public dollars stashed away in secret "slush funds," a WorldNetDaily investigation reveals. All levels of government conceal the existence of these vast sums of money by keeping and filing what amounts to two sets of financial books -- one for the general public, which shows a very limited revenue stream, and the second, for political insiders, bond brokers, investors and the like, which reveals the money hoards and gives an accurate account of a government's income. There's enough money in these hoards -- largely the result of aggressive investing on the part of government -- to pay off the $5.6 trillion national debt and the accumulated state and local debt many times over, plus cut everyone's taxes for years to come, according to Walter Burien, a former Wall Street commodities trader, whose revelations -- on talk radio and the Internet -- about government finance practices have sparked a nationwide firestorm of public outrage over an arcane, hitherto all-but-ignored subject. The first set of government books, the budget, projects the flow of tax money into the general fund for the coming year and directs how it will be spent. The second is the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), and not one City Hall watcher in a thousand has ever heard of it…..CAFRs (pronounced "cay-fers") are financial documents that show, among other things, the balances of all the funds for a given entity -- e.g., city, a county, school board. CAFRs, says Burien, report a government's total income, which is exponentially greater -- millions and even billions of dollars greater -- than is shown by the budget….."

INSIGHT Magazine 12/6/99 "….A few weeks ago the League of Women Voters, or LWV, lobbied hard in favor of the defeated Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Now the LWV is championing campaign-finance reform, one of the hot-button issues for the 2000 presidential campaign, while simultaneously -- and jealously -- guarding the "nonpartisan, impartial" image the organization relies on for its influence. But that carefully coifed reputation clashes with the rhetoric of LWV national leaders and the policies they advocate, according to a new study by the National Taxpayers' Union, or NTU, a Washington-based think tank that advocates lower taxes and less government regulation.. . . . In fact, the LWV Website says that the "most frequent misunderstanding about the League" is that "taking positions on political issues makes us partisan. The League is a nonpartisan organization. We don't support parties or candidates. Nonpartisan does not mean nonpolitical, however. After studying and debating issues, the League develops consensus positions which we then actively work to support through grass-roots lobbying."…… . . . Whatever the reasons, the partisanship of the LWV is so established that the best example then-president Becky Cain could come up with in 1996 when asked whether the LWV had ever "boosted a GOP policy" was that they backed President Nixon's establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA -- 30 years ago!. . . . Attached to the LWV -- an Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)4 organization allowed to engage in "nonpartisan" political advocacy and not tax-exempt -- is the League of Women Voters Education Fund, which also provokes conservative suspicions. Chaired by Jefferson-Jenkins, the purportedly separate LWV Education Fund -- a Section 501(c)3 organization that is tax-exempt and may not participate in campaign activity -- shares office space with its parent lobbying organization and is governed by an identical board……"

Washington Post 11/15/99 "…. Richard Cohen's Oct. 26 op-ed broadside, "So Long, Ken Starr," grossly mischaracterizes Ken Starr and his investigation. Cohen ridicules the Lewinsky case, but he ignores the following facts: Starr uncovered a massive effort by the president to lie under oath and obstruct justice. The House impeached the president. Fifty senators voted to remove the president. Thirty-two other senators who voted to retain the president nonetheless signed a resolution that condemned Bill Clinton for giving "false or misleading testimony" and "impeding discovery of evidence in judicial proceedings" and concluded that he had "violated the trust of the American people." Judge Susan Webber Wright held the president in contempt because he intentionally provided "false, misleading and evasive answers" and "undermined the integrity of the judicial system." Those conclusions fully vindicate Starr's findings and make Cohen's diatribes against the case ("woe is me, the Republic is in peril") look juvenile……"

Orlando Sentinel 11/14/99 Charley Reese "…..Americans should never forget that their government and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization lied through their teeth repeatedly to justify the unjustified attack on Yugoslavia. The attack, which was never authorized by the United Nations, was justified on "humanitarian grounds" to prevent a "human catastrophe" and "genocide." Why, those nasty old Serbs may have killed 100,000 Kosovars, U.S. politicians speculated. Finally, they seemed to accept the British estimate of 10,000 to 11,000 dead. The American press frenziedly reported these wild accusations and added their own. Well, after months of being totally in control of Kosovo, guess how many bodies NATO has found. A tad more than 2,100. Some gravesites remain to be examined, but, because the worst were done first, the count isn't likely to go much higher….."

NCI Press Release 11/22/99 Max McGarrity "….. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) announced today the availability of the most comprehensive report on the health risks of secondhand smoke ever conducted. The monograph, "Health Effects of Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke: The report of the California Environmental Protection Agency," links secondhand smoke, also called environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), not only with lung cancer, but with heart disease, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), nasal sinus cancer, and a host of other diseases in both adults and children…….Except for the addition of the Surgeon General's preface, the monograph contains only minor editorial changes from the initial Cal/EPA report. The initial report was conceived and developed under the editorial direction of Lauren Zeise, Ph.D., chief of the Reproductive and Cancer Hazard Assessment Section at Cal/EPA, Oakland, Calif., and Amy Dunn, M.P.H., research scientist at Cal/EPA…."

7/7/99 And Now, For The Truth By Linda A. Prussen-Razzano Right Magazine, "…..During the 1998 election cycle, politicians on the far left were quick to criticize the 105th as a "do nothing" Congress. In truth, the Republicans were actually quite busy; unfortunately, most of the time they were cleaning up Clinton's messes. When Congressman Dan Burton declared that Communist Chinese had infiltrated the election process, he was immediately rebuked by Clinton's supporters. With limited exceptions, his comprehensive "campaign finance investigation" report received either little media attention or an occasional attack. Now we know, Burton was telling the truth. When Senator Orrin Hatch announced that the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument scam was the most "arrogant abuse of power" he had seen in 20 years, he was immediately criticized by Clinton's supporters. The House of Representatives' comprehensive report received even less media attention than Burton's report. Now we know, Hatch was telling the truth……"

AP Wire 11/26/99 "…Sen. Russ Feingold's 1998 election campaign has been fined $9,000 for failing to report contributions within 48 hours of receiving them as required by federal election laws. In the three weeks leading to elections, congressional campaigns must report contributions of $1,000 or more within two days of receiving them….." 11/24/99 Alan Caruba "….. The Environmental Protection Agency's use of "science" paid for with taxpayer's dollars and frequently kept secret from those same taxpayers, goes back to its founding in 1970 and is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg as regards the way the EPA now regulates virtually every aspect of our lives through layers of deceit, capricious regulations, and naked coercion. When it comes to generating dubious news, the EPA has no equal beyond the many Green Mafia who support its lies. In 1999, the Agency announced that it was going to require the States to "clean up" the air in our national parks (trees and decaying vegetation emit a wide variety of natural substances the EPA regards as pollutants.) Its demand for clean air could outlaw backyard barbecues, gasoline-powered lawn mowers, plowing fields for new crops, and even throwing a Yule log on the fire……. The EPA is estimated to be responsible for one third of all the current federal laws and regulations on the books today. Is it any wonder the overall cost to the economy of these regulations has risen from $1.9 billion (in 1992 dollars) in 1960, to $16 billion in 2000? This is what Americans pay to operate a federal agency that creates laws reaching into every aspect of their lives, including how much water is permissible to flush toilets….."

Florida Times-Union 11/26/99 "…… Officials from the Burlington Liars Club insist it's the truth: They need more tall tales. John Soeth, the Wisconsin club's president, said officials are concerned about the dearth of lies being submitted as the organization approaches its 70th anniversary. This year a renegade faction of the club pushed for President Clinton to be granted honorary membership. The proposal eventually was rejected. "Our club is only open for amateurs," Soeth said. "The politicians can't join. They know that."..."

Manchester Union-Leader 11/25/99 Don Feder "….BEING OFFENDED MEANS NEVER having to answer an argument. The conversation went something like this. Caller: "I want you to know your column on drug legalization offended me." Me: "Let me get this straight. Because I said drugs are soul-deadening and far too lethal to legalize, you were offended?" Caller: "That's right. It made me want to hurl." Charming, the way these Gen-Xers express themselves. I don't hear this more than a few dozen times a week: "I'm offended." "I'm deeply offended." "I was really offended." "I found your column very offensive." They should turn it into a song, the hymn of the hypersensitive. "O say can you see, that which offended me? If you do, cut it out, or I'll start to pout." Liberals are addicted to displays of indignation. Increasingly, the left believes that certain ideas are inherently evil. Instead of seeking a dialogue, they righteously proclaim their outrage and wait for the offending party to wither….."

Electronic Telegraph 12/5/99 Charles Clover "….PRESIDENT CLINTON instructed negotiators to allow world trade talks in Seattle to collapse at the weekend, sources said yesterday. This has infuriated, among others Stephen Byers, the Trade Secretary, who led the British delegation and other European Union ministers. Discussions between 135 countries foundered because Mr Clinton decided the likely result would not have been favourable for the United States or have won support from the labour unions who are backing Al Gore's presidential campaign, according to EU sources. Mr Clinton's miscalculation in trying to use the talks, as he has used so many other international treaty negotiations, as a grandstand for scoring domestic political points infuriated many delegations from the EU and developing countries….."

Washington Times 12/3/99 Patrice Hill "….President Clinton's attempt to bridge a divide in the Democratic Party by introducing labor and environmental issues into the world trade talks has backfired and is serving only to deepen dissent and political unrest in Seattle, trade experts said Thursday. To the surprise of many involved in the Seattle talks, Mr. Clinton aired last-minute proposals to include labor and environmental standards backed by sanctions in the round of trade talks negotiators hope to launch this week. He then gave his support to peaceful street protesters who have been blaming trade for lowering labor and environmental standards around the world. Thursday marked the third day of clashes between the Seattle police and more disruptive demonstrators protesting the World Trade Organization. About 570 have been arrested……"

Capitol Hill Blue 12/1/99 Jim Burns "….Before leaving for Seattle and the embattled World Trade Organization meeting, President Clinton commended the sixth anniversary of the Brady Law for having a profound impact on public safety. In a statement from the White House, Clinton cited data from the Department of Justice (DOJ) that showed the Brady Law, since its passage in 1993, has helped "block over 470,000 sales by licensed gun dealers to felons, fugitives, stalkers and other prohibited from purchasing firearms" Clinton also said, "In the last year alone, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System created under the Brady law has blocked sales to over 160,000 of these restricted buyers. These numbers, of course, are not just numbers. They represent lives saved, injuries avoided, and tragedies averted. They are a measure of what we can do to reduce gun violence and a measure of what still needs to be done." ….."The fact", according to Powers, "that there are only some 300 or so referrals to prosecutions out of those denials is disturbing. Essentially, this administration has been allowing criminals to walk in and out of gun stores, forcing them to the black market, where they obtain their firearms illegally and then are free to go outside the realm of federal regulation and commit their violent crimes' Powers also believes it's disturbing "on one point, the will to enforce the law and prosecute the rare felon who does go into a gun store...(is needed...and...) that will is lacking with this administration." ….."

Fox News 12/4/99 Reuters "….Failure to launch a much touted new round of trade liberalization talks at the World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting on Friday was embarrassing for host President Clinton and also politically expedient……. But despite telephone calls by Clinton to Japanese Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi and other world leaders, negotiators were unable to break a deadlock over politically sensitive agriculture and labor issues. Administration officials tried to put the failure in a positive light, saying the president refused to back down on issues important to him……"

ABCNews 11/19/99 Josh Gerstein "….. The federal government's top ethics official dressed down President Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton last month for making inaccurate statements about his agency's role in reviewing the couple's purchase of a new home…….. In a letter dated Oct. 8 to the White House, Office of Government Ethics (OGE) Director Stephen Potts complained that the Clintons had told reporters inaccurately that OGE had approved an unusual financing arrangement for the $1.7 million Chappaqua, N.Y., home. The first couple initially planned on getting a mortgage backed by a guarantee from Democratic fund-raiser Terry McAuliffe, although they eventually abandoned that deal after it was attacked by critics. Potts' letter, which was addressed to White House Counsel Beth Nolan, disputed Mrs. Clinton's Sept. 14 claim that "everything that we've done has been passed on by the Office of Government Ethics and has been legally approved." …..The letter also criticized a statement made by President Clinton during a Sept. 30 exchange with reporters in the White House briefing room. "We did not do it before we got an opinion from the Office of Government Ethics about the mechanics of it, and that it did not constitute a gift under federal law," the president said……"

Associated Press via Fox Newswire 12/6/99 Matt Kelley "…..The Treasury Department shredded potential evidence in a multibillion-dollar lawsuit over American Indian trust funds, then covered it up for more than three months, a court-appointed investigator concluded. Government lawyers in the case misled the federal judge overseeing the case, investigator Alan Balaran said in a report released Monday. In a strongly worded opinion released with the report, U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth also accused government lawyers of making false statements to him. "This is a system clearly out of control,'' Balaran wrote. He said the shredding and cover-up were "part of a greater pattern of obfuscation'' by the government in the lawsuit over the mishandling of accounts for more than 300,000 Indians now worth about $500 million…… After ordering the shredding halted Jan. 28, Treasury Department lawyers waited more than 14 weeks before notifying the Justice Department and Lamberth in May, the department also has acknowledged. In his Monday order, Lamberth wrote that he was "deeply disturbed'' by the delay and by the fact that the government's assurances that records were being preserved "turned out to be just as false as those false representations that led to the court's February contempt findings.'' ……. "

Washington Post 12/7/99 Bill Miller "…..Besides condemning the conduct of Treasury attorneys, special master Alan L. Balaran said the actions were "part of a general pattern of obfuscation" carried out by government officials involved in the litigation. In this instance, Balaran said, the Treasury attorneys kept the destruction a secret even from the Justice Department, which is managing the case. "This is a system clearly out of control," Balaran wrote. …." 12/14/99 "….The most popular students in school sometimes are the best liars, according to a study conducted by University of Massachusetts psychologist Robert S. Feldman and published in the most recent Journal of Nonverbal Behavior. "We found that convincing lying is actually associated with good social skills. It takes social skills to be able to control your words as well as what you say non-verbally," said Feldman...."

Independence Institute 12/10/99 Dave Kopel "…. "Close the gun show loophole" demands Handgun Control, Inc. The major obstacle to Congress complying with HCI's wishes appears to be the desire of many Democrats to preserve gun shows as a campaign issue in the 2000 election. But if the voters learn the facts about gun shows, they will discover that there is no gun show loophole, no gun show crime problem, and no reason to adopt federal legislation whose main impact would be to infringe First and Second Amendment rights. Despite what some media commentators have claimed, existing gun laws apply just as much to gun shows as they do to any other place where guns are sold. Ever since 1938, persons engaged in the business of selling firearms have been required to obtain a federal firearms license. If a dealer sells a gun from a storefront, from a room in his home, or from a table at a gun show, the rules are exactly the same: he must call the FBI and get authorization for the sale, after the FBI runs its "instant" background check (which often takes days to complete). As a result, firearms are the most severely regulated consumer product in the U.S.-the only product for which FBI permission is required for every single sale. Conversely, people who are not engaged in the business, but who sell firearms from time to time (like a man who sells a spare hunting rifle to his brother in-law), are not required to obtain the federal license for gun dealers, or to call the FBI before completing the sale. …..Similarly, if a gun collector dies and his widow wants to sell the guns, she does not need a federal firearms license because since she is just selling off inherited property and is not "engaged in the business." ….. If you walk the aisles at any gun show, you will find that the overwhelming majority of guns offered for sale are from licensed federal dealers. Guns sold by private individuals (such as gun collectors getting rid of a gun or two over the course of the weekend) are the distinct minority. ….Yet HCI claims that "25-50 percent of the vendors at most gun shows are unlicensed dealers." This statistic is true only if one counts vendors whoaren't selling guns (e.g., vendors who are selling books, clothing, or accessories) as "unlicensed dealers." ….."

Newsmax 12/12/99 Carl Limbacher "…. A legal publication that has recently squared off against the Washington, DC based public interest lawfirm Judicial Watch was an early booster of First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, helping to craft her image as one of America's "most influential" lawyers. The widely reported citation by the National Law Journal came eight years ago as the Clintons laid the groundwork for their first White House bid. The First Lady has been cited in Judicial Watch court filings as the prime mover behind a myriad of White House scandals. The lawfirm seeks to depose her as part of its $90 million Filegate lawsuit. In two recent articles National Law Journal writer Harvey Berkman has attacked both Judicial Watch and its chairman Larry Klayman for the organization's fundraising practices. In his first report Berkman suggested, erroneously it turned out, that Klayman was making more money than Independent Counsel Ken Starr and, later, implied that Judicial Watch was shortchanging its financial supporters. …But according to Barbara Olsen, former Chief Investigative Counsel for the House Filegate and Travelgate probes, the National Law Journal was responsible for two well-timed but ultimately misleading reports touting Mrs. Clinton as one of the nation's top one hundred lawyers. ….." 12/13/99 Jim Burns "….The Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) Monday filed a complaint with the Arkansas Supreme Court in an effort to jump-start disciplinary proceedings against President Bill Clinton for lying under oath in the Paula Jones case. The case involves Clinton's job as an attorney, and it could affect his ability to practice law once he leaves the White House. In legal terms, the SLF Monday filed something called a writ mandamus, which in this case urges the Arkansas Supreme Court's Committee on Professional Conduct (the state's legal ethics panel) to act on the SLF's original complaint - the one filed in September 1998. According to the SLF, "Despite clear rules and procedures, which compel the Arkansas Committee to issue a formal complaint against Clinton, particularly in light of a federal court contempt citation by Federal Judge Susan Webber Wright, the Arkansas Committee has to date taken no disciplinary action against Clinton." ….."

Southeastern Legal Foundation 12/13/99 "….Following up on its pledge to ensure attorney accountability, Atlanta-based Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) today filed a mandamus action with the Arkansas Supreme Court, requesting that the court compel the state's legal ethics enforcement body to begin disciplinary proceedings against attorney Bill Clinton. SLF filed its original complaint* in September 1998 with the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct, which polices attorney ethics in the state, based on alleged misrepresentation under oath by attorney Clinton in the Paula Jones matter. Federal district court Judge Susan Webber Wright then issued a contempt citation in April this year against President Clinton, stating, "It is simply not acceptable to employ deceptions and falsehoods in an attempt to obstruct the judicial process . . . [n]evertheless, the President's . . . conduct in this case, coming as it did from a member of the bar and the chief law enforcement officer of this Nation, was without justification and undermined the integrity of the judicial system." ……."


Providence Journal-Bulletin 1/5/00 Philip Terzian "….IT IS NOW EVIDENT that reports of Serbian atrocities committed against Albanians in Kosovo were, to appropriate Mark Twain's famous phrase, greatly exaggerated. The notorious mine shaft where 700 murdered Kosovars were said to have been thrown has been thoroughly examined by a French forensic team sent in by NATO. They found no bodies, and no evidence that bodies ever were in the mine shaft. When NATO spokesman Jamie Shea would recite horrific statistics to justify the bombing campaign against Belgrade men and boys marched out of villages en masse to be shot, Kosovars massacred and mutilated by the thousands it turns out he was using figures and anecdotes supplied by the Internet site of the Kosovo Liberation Army, not the most reliable source for information. Few of these incidents have been confirmed by NATO inspectors, much less found to have resembled Shea's descriptions. Bill Clinton and his various spokesmen still talk about the tens of thousands of Kosovar Albanians killed by Serbs in a genocidal orgy. But the U.N.'s International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia puts the number at 2,108, and not all of those were necessarily casualties of war. When the Spanish pathologist Emilio Perez Pujol entered western Kosovo to examine the evidence, he was told by the United Nations to expect some 2,000 bodies. He found, instead, 187 corpses, and none showed evidence of reported mutilation….. It also illuminates a number of curious inconsistencies in American policy. The 1994 massacres in Rwanda really were genocide, by any definition: Men, women and children of the Tutsi tribe were killed precisely because they were Tutsis, not because they held certain political beliefs or had taken up arms against the Hutus. Yet it was not until the French sent a small expeditionary force that some Tutsis were able to escape into nearby Congo and Uganda; and even then, the killing continued for several months. I can think of several reasons why President Clinton would not consider the genocide in Rwanda worthy of American intervention, but the uncomfortable fact remains that, as in Cambodia during the late 1970s, more than a million people were massacred while the world watched from afar…."

Washington Post 1/6/00 Roberto Suro "….The Pentagon disclosed yesterday that its explanation of the accidental bombing of a passenger train during the Kosovo campaign was flawed in one important respect: A videotape of the airstrike was shown to the public at nearly three times its normal speed. But U.S. defense officials adamantly denied that the tape was sped up to make it appear that the pilot had no time to react to the arrival of the train on a bridge that was targeted ..."

Yahoo! Asia – News 1/6/00 A Pole AFP "….A videotape of a US missile hitting a commuter train on a railroad bridge in Serbia last April was inadvertently shown to the public at three times normal speed, a Pentagon spokesman confirmed Thursday. "There was never any intent to deceive or mislead," said Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Vic Warzinski. The April 12 attack, which destroyed the train and killed at least 14 civilians, was one of the most dramatic cases of "collateral damage" of the 11-week NATO air war…… Clark said the pilot's attention was focused on an aim point on the bridge "when all of a sudden, at the very last instance, with less than a second to go, he caught a flash of movement that came into a screen and it was the train coming in."…."

Msnbc 1/6/99 Reuters "….Some California legislators want handguns treated the way cars are: licensed and registered.Handgun owners in California would have to register their weapons and get licenses to use them, just as they do with their automobiles, under proposed legislation that would give the state some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation….. DEMOCRATS WHO control both houses of the legislature have proposed at least four separate bills in an aggressive effort to make California the first state to require handgun owners to face yearly background checks and new buyers to go through a hands-on safety training course. But Democratic Gov. Gray Davis is on record as saying he wants a moratorium on new gun control legislation this year because it is an election year….. But gun control foes say stricter measures are unnecessary and will eventually lead to confiscation of handguns. CRIMINALS DON'T CARE "No criminal is going to stand in line registering their guns. We think their efforts would be better placed in prosecuting criminals who have violated existing gun laws," said James Baker, a spokesman for the National Rifle Association, which estimates there are 7 million to 10 million handguns in California…."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 1/6/00 Michelle Malkin "….ACADEMICS, agitators, public-relations specialists and professional grousers. They are the self-appointed spokespeople for the Asian-American community. As an American of Asian descent, I have three words for the mouthpieces of my "community": Speak for yourselves. A vociferous clique of these Asian-American activists formed recently to defend jailed nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee. They've drummed up $70,000 for Lee in recent months; more fund-raisers are planned. Lee's support group is based on bogus ethnic unity. The organization blames the media, the feds, the courts and Congress for conducting a race-based lynching of Lee….."

AP 1/6/00 "….NATO showed videos of the bombing of a passenger train on a bridge in Yugoslavia last spring at three times the normal speed, bolstering the impression that the fatal attack was unavoidable, a newspaper reported Thursday. The two videos were made from cameras in the heads of guided missiles as they bore down on the railway bridge near the Serb town of Grdelicka on April 12, the Frankfurter Rundschau said. ……" 1/6/00 Susan Jones "….Democrats who didn't like the results of an on-line poll have purged the data from an Internet Web site. A weekly survey question on the Democratic National Committee's home page asked visitors whether they preferred the "risky" tax cut proposal offered by Texas Governor George Bush or shoring up Medicare and Social Security. Support for Bush's tax cut neared 85 percent by mid-morning on Wednesday, January 5, based on more than 4,000 responses to the survey. But by Thursday morning, the poll question had disappeared. It was replaced with a new question about gun control, and the results of "risky" tax cut poll were nowhere to be found on the DNC's poll results archive…."

WorldNetDaily 1/6/00 Jon Dougherty "….Russia and Yugoslavia will pose new challenges to NATO's authority in Kosovo by mid-summer if the Western military alliance doesn't permit Yugoslav soldiers back into the enclave as mandated by U.N. terms that ended the conflict there last summer. At issue is whether NATO is prepared to honor Annex 2 of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1244, signed June 15, 1999, which states Yugoslavia was to be permitted to send a small, lightly armed contingent of soldiers to Kosovo to guard cultural sites, the country's territorial borders, and to help clear landmines by June 2000. However, U.S. Gen. Wesley Clark, supreme commander of NATO forces in Europe, says that the alliance is not prepared to honor the agreement. "The Yugoslav Army will not be authorized to return to Kosovo," Clark told the Montenegrin daily newspaper Monitor. "If by chance it tries, it will be prevented." …."

Houston Chronicle 1/8/00 James Kimberly "….The black former state trooper who says he was traumatized by a decade-old birthday party in which his white co-workers donned Ku Klux Klan hoods was the one who requested the party in the first place, his former supervisor said Friday. Sgt. Roy Henry, who managed the Livingston Department of Public Safety office for 16 years, said Darron Anderson, now 35, requested the birthday party after seeing photographs of a similar party thrown for another black trooper four years earlier.Quanell X, spokesman for the Black Muslim Movement who has acted as Anderson's media liaison, called Henry's story "an outright lie." ..."

Florida Times-Union 1/8/00 "….The tarnish continues to spread across Bill Clinton's Kosovo legacy. When NATO attacked Yugoslavia, the stated purpose was to force its Serb-dominated government to accept President Clinton's peace plan. After the bombing began, the Serb army expelled hundreds of thousands of ethnic Albanians from Kosovo - and many of them came to refugee camps in neighboring countries with tales of indiscriminate murder and mass graves. The administration, seeking support for the war, seized the opportunity, eagerly announcing the war now was being waged to stop ''ethnic cleansing.'' ….To date, only 2,100 bodies have been found - and it isn't known how many were Kosovo Liberation Army guerrillas killed in combat with the Serb army. When questioned by reporters, Serb authorities denied mass killings and said the deportations were an effort to clear out KLA soldiers and supporters because they believed NATO planned to use the KLA as its invasion force…… The Wall Street Journal now has learned many of the refugees' tales of atrocities were told not to independent human rights activists but to the KLA, which had a vested interest in embellishing and fabricating the facts. Furthermore, a NATO official told the Journal that his organization stepped up its claims about the Serb ''killing fields'' figures during the war to take the media's attention off the story of civilians killed by NATO bombs. Under NATO rule, meanwhile, Kosovo has drifted into anarchy - small wonder since fewer than half of the 4,700 United Nations police officers promised actually have arrived. Those who are there are under-equipped. As the Associated Press delicately puts it, ''Their handguns do not make much of an impression on civilians armed with AK-47 assault rifles.'' …."

Florida Times-Union / News Services AP 1/8/00 "….Vice President Al Gore, under fire from military brass and some of his own political allies, backpedaled Friday from his statement that he would require candidates for the Joint Chiefs of Staff to support his policy that gays should be allowed to serve openly in the military. "What I meant to convey was I would not tolerate, nor would any commander in chief, nor would any president tolerate orders not being followed," he told reporters at a hastily convened news conference after a campaign rally at a Des Moines area high school...."

The American spectator online 1/7/99 R Emmett Tyrrell Jr. "….The Democrats first felt apprehensions about Gore when he began trailing preposterosities in his campaign's wake, the most amusing being his biographical whoppers. The most memorable has been his claim of paternity over the Internet, but there have been others. As Gore's blunders multiplied, George W. Bush's lead over him in the polls bulged. Democratic expectations wilted……Just last month Gore got caught claiming to have been "a real estate developer" long ago, to have been the whistleblower for "discovering Love Canal," and to have inspired a columnist back in 1968 with ideas that the columnist then deposited into Hubert Humphrey's speech to the Democratic National Convention. All these claims were immediately exposed as false, but how was a simple-minded guy like Gore to know? Other politicians exaggerate too….. Remember back in 1993 when the poor fellow mistranslated the national motto, "E pluribus unum," to "out of one, many"? He was speaking in Milwaukee to the Institute for World Affairs. He thought he had a very good idea. From one nation came many cultures. That is faulty history and the Latin translation of a troglodyte. People snickered, but not Gore. He looked bemused. In all his years of politics Gore has been a 60-watt bulb where 100 watts were the average. Gore is Ted Kennedy without the charm or the vast and talented staff…."

CBS News Online 1/7/00 "….NATO showed videos of the bombing of a passenger train on a bridge in Yugoslavia last spring at three times the normal speed, bolstering the impression that the fatal attack was unavoidable, a newspaper reported Thursday. The two videos were made from cameras in the heads of guided missiles as they bore down on the railway bridge near the Serb town of Grdelicka on April 12, the Frankfurter Rundschau said. ….. "Look very intently at the aim point, concentrate right there, and you can see how, if you were focused right on your job as a pilot, suddenly that train appeared. It was really unfortunate," Clark explained. Now, it turns out the tape was played at nearly three times normal speed, reports CBS News National Security Correspondent David Martin. The effect was to bolster Clark's contention that the pilot didn't have time. The video had been compressed when it was transferred from the cockpit to a computer, and in the rush to counter Serb claims NATO was wantonly killing civilians, officials neglected to slow it down before showing it. …."

Salon 1/5/99 Susan Zakin "…. A lawsuit to force the federal government to add the Atlantic salmon to the endangered species list has exposed a secret deal between Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt and Defense Secretary William Cohen. Cohen and Babbitt aren't talking, citing litigation, but at least one staff member called it politics as usual. The nation's top environmental lawyers call it illegal. Internal agency memos show that at the height of the Republican Congress' Contract With America fever in early 1995, Cohen, then a moderate Republican senator from Maine, sent a letter to Babbitt complaining about the way a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposal to list the Atlantic salmon as an endangered species would affect Maine industries. In it, Cohen bluntly threatened to join his party's attempts to gut the Endangered Species Act if the proposal wasn't dropped. Within the next few weeks, agency memos reveal, Babbitt put the brakes on listing the fish, over vehement protests by federal scientists. Today, the nation's top environmental attorneys say that Babbitt's action violated the law. The Endangered Species Act clearly mandates that science should be the only criteria for listing species. "Babbitt broke the law, period," says Mark Hughes, executive director of Earthlaw, a Boulder, Colo., environmental law firm….."

Yahoo Reuters 1/4/99 "….An Internet poll staged by the Democratic National Committee left the party with red faces on Tuesday when the vote went heavily in favor of Republican presidential front-runner George W. Bush ……. Respondents were offered the following options: ``Saving Social Security, strengthening Medicare, and paying own the debt or implementing (Texas Gov.) George W. Bush's $1.7 trillion risky tax scheme that overwhelmingly benefits the wealthy?'' As of Tuesday afternoon the result was a overwhelming win for the ``risky'' Bush tax plan. The results were:
Saving Social Security etc......447 votes or 22.3 percent
Implementing Bush's cuts.......1446 votes or 72.2 percent
Other...........................110 votes or 5.5 percent
Party spokeswoman Jenny Backus speculated that former Republican House (of Representatives) Speaker Newt Gingrich had nothing better to do and was voting multiple times….."

Original Sources 1/7/00 Mary Mostert "…..It was only 306 words long, but it said volumes. It was first published by Agence France-Press, perhaps the world's oldest news organizations, with over a century and a half of experience - more than any other international press agency which prides itself on "a strong and proven commitment to accuracy, speed and reliability." The German daily Frankfurter Rundschau printed it and from there it was posted on and one of my readers, George Hodgson, e-mailed it to me - all within apparent hours of it being first published by Agence France-Press (AFP) …. Throughout Bill Clinton's impeachment we were deluged daily with "news" items which said things like: "All people lie" and "lying about sex is just nobody's business" and, earlier during the campaigns, "Character doesn't matter." So, it isn't news in the eyes of the networks and the dominant print media when those making the news lie through their teeth. Evidently, since they lie, they think everyone else in the world lies….Lying rulers can get their way only as long as the public believes what they are saying. Americans knew Clinton lied about sex, but they thought, for some reason, he would tell the truth about Kosovo. Of course he didn't. Now even Clinton supporters are at a loss to figure out how they can continue their highly successful political spin and propaganda when the public clearly no longer believes or even wants to hear what he, and other politicians, are saying…… "

AP 1/5/00 "…..The following was released today by the Virginia Institute for Public Policy: There was no statistically significant warming or cooling in Virginia during the entire 20th century, University of Virginia Research Professor of Environmental Sciences Patrick J. Michaels reported in a study released today. Moreover, Dr. Michaels said, the United Nations' "Kyoto Protocol" to raise energy prices would cause serious economic harm to Virginia without having any measurable impact on either Virginia or global climate between now and 2050. Dr. Michaels released his study, published by the Virginia Institute for Public Policy, in a briefing at the Virginia State Capitol. The U.S. Senate has been reluctant to ratify the Protocol because of its harmful economic consequences and doubts about the soundness of its scientific basis. However, the Clinton Administration, by sequestering large amounts of forestlands and impounding vast amounts of coal reserves has shown itself determined to implement the Protocol in piecemeal fashion, without the Senate's approval. The latest research shows that "planetary warming is not proceeding as originally predicted, and that it is evolving in a much more benign fashion than is generally portrayed," Dr. Michaels said. "In the Northern Hemisphere, for instance, most of the warming has occurred during the winter months. This winter warming has been confined to the colder air masses of Siberia and northwestern North America. This type of warming is important because it is these extremely cold air masses that, when they migrate southward into Virginia, produce the cold outbreaks that are responsible for late spring and early fall freezes." Dr. Michaels added, "This type of climate change has the beneficial effect of lengthening the growing season." The trend in future global climate change is likely insignificant with or without the Kyoto Protocol, he said. The impact on Virginia's economy, on the other hand, is highly negative….."

DrudgeReport 1/8/00 "…..Morris, who has been in defense-mode with the White House ever since the president accused him of lying -- "I think that a lot of the things that he has said he knows downright aren't true, and I feel bad for him, because I think you pay a terrible price when you do that over and over and over again," Clinton told Larry King -- is swinging back! Morris throws a left: "Dear Pinocchio President, the president who has been convicted by the courts for lying, tell me one thing that I've said about you on television that isn't true... And let me remind you, sir, that when your spokesmen said you had not read my book, you had to backtrack on that because you and I went through it together over the phone. Let me remind you that when McCurry said that my book was inaccurate, you had to backtrack on that because you couldn't find a single inaccuracy in the book." Morris throws a right: "And let me remind you that you under oath said that my testimony about the Monica Lewinsky conversations you and I had was accurate." …." 1/17/2000 Lionel Waxman "….The White House has adopted a program to buy off the support of television producers and networks with your money and subvert them to produce programs that meet White House criteria. They have used 22-million of your dollars so far to propagandize you. Here's how it works. The officials at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy create story lines and plots for television programs. The TV guys build programs around the government "suggestions," and, if the White House likes the final product, they get paid. That's slightly simplified, but that's the effect of it. Cleverly, they are asking only that they present drug users as losers. It is a worthwhile message. But the broader implications are ominous. The government has no business shaping media content. They can buy commercial time or ask for public service announcements. But buying the right to influence media content that the viewers know nothing about opens a dangerous door….." 1/16/2000 Alan Caruba "….The debate about "global warming" continues and it would appear that more people are beginning to doubt the endless lies they read and hear. An opinion editorial by Philip Stott, a professor of biogeography, was published recently by Bridge News. He wrote, "Imagine a coast-to-coast headline, from The Boston Globe to the Los Angeles Times: Climate stops changing? What a story. Nobody would believe it for a minute." Why? Because we know that the weather changes hour to hour, day to day. "If the bizarre idea of a stable climate is so intrinsically newsworthy, why are we currently obsessed by the opposite, the idea of global warming?" …….. "In the December 19, 1999, edition of The New York Times, science writer Bill Stevens reported that 1999 was the 'second warmest year on record' for the United States and other global land masses and that the rate of increase has been especially dramatic since the 1970's. While these facts in themselves are correct, Mr. Stevens ignores the larger set of observations that are necessary in order to put these facts into proper perspective. For instance, the warming rate during the most recent three decades is the same as the warming rate observed during the 30 years from 1916 to 1945-a period before there was any large buildup of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration. The fact that the rate of current warming has been observed in recent history indicates that it is not at all unusual and that it is, therefore, likely to have occurred many times in the past." …… Or to put it another way, Stevens has taken a set of facts and twisted their interpretation to suggest that the earth is undergoing an unusual amount of warming. The Virtual Climate Alert points out that "In fact, of the 13 years in the Twentieth Century that the average temperature in the United States was greater than 1 degree Fahrenheit above normal, over half occurred more than 40 years ago (before 1960)."….." 1/15/2000 Alan Caruba "….On January 6, the National Environmental Education and Training Foundation put out a report saying you people are just not scared enough about the environment. Among other things the Foundation complained about was that "People fail to understand that they as individuals are indeed a leading cause of many problems, water pollution, forms of air pollution, certain toxic pollution, solid waste and more..." That's right, YOU are to blame! ……It seems that your "EQ" (environmental intelligence) is "disturbingly low and will block progress on many issues." …..THIS is what the Greens think of you. They think you're just too stupid to listen to everything they tell you and are, therefore, blocking the "progress" they want…." 1/19/2000 Scott Hogenson "…..There have been protestations of late against South Carolina's flying of a Confederate battle flag over its state capitol. Advocacy groups like the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, as well as politicians including Vice President Al Gore and former Senator Bill Bradley, have called for the removal of the flag because they say it is offensive to some and represents bigotry…… Using symbols as a political tool is devilishly clever and effective. Symbols are inherently subjective in their use and interpretation, so they can be twisted and manipulated in almost any way one sees fit, making them ideal platforms from which to launch attacks on opponents. The trick to using symbols as a political weapon lies in perception. It's been said that perception is reality….. A good case study here is the swastika. Used for centuries in Asian culture as a symbol of prosperity and good luck, the swastika became a symbol of terror earlier this century, thanks to Adolph Hitler and his fellow National Socialists who brought Germany and the rest of the world into perhaps the most horrific war ever waged on this planet…… So what do we say to the young students of the Red Swastika School in Singapore? Is their symbol and motto of "Respect, Magnanimity, Trustworthiness and Alertness," a facade for a more sinister, Hitleresque agenda? The premise is absurd, but it illustrates a point: Those who condemn symbols in the name of cultural inclusion many times denigrate the culture of others to whom the same symbol is benign or even positive in its connotations……" 1/19/2000 Ben Anderson "….A new congressional report is calling into question the reliability of the Treasury Department's claims about which taxpayers would benefit more from a tax cut. The Treasury Department's "tax distribution numbers are statistically compromised and include conjectures and guesswork making their reliability unknowable," according to a new Joint Economic Committee (JEC) study released on Tuesday. "Simply put, the Treasury is releasing statistics in such a way that it is impossible to evaluate their quality and integrity despite their often-explosive policy impact," said JEC Chairman Jim Saxton (R-NJ). "It appears quite possible that the Treasury itself does not know how reliable these statistics are." The Treasury Department, under which the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) operates, routinely gathers data on which taxpayers pay their share of the federal budget. But the latest JEC report suggests that the agency, in compiling its data, neglects to adhere to federal information dissemination rules implemented to ensure the accuracy of such reports….."

Washington Weekly 1/23/2000 Edward Zehr "…."I took action to try to prevent erroneous rumors from becoming public news," President Clinton told the court in a deposition he gave regarding the lawsuit Paula Jones had filed against him. He was referring to rumors about him that had surfaced during his 1992 presidential campaign. …….. Although part of this testimony had been reported by the Washington Times on March 15, 1998, it was not until "sealed" documents were posted on Random House's Vast Conspiracy Web site last week, for the purpose of hyping Clinton apologist Jeffrey Toobin's new book, "A Vast Conspiracy," that the names of two additional "Jane Does" were revealed. In the newly disclosed transcript of the secret hearing before Judge Wright, held on January 12, 1998, James Fisher, an attorney for Paula Jones, named the witnesses whom he planned to call on behalf of the plaintiff. The list included Kathleen Willey, Beth Coulsen, Monica Lewinsky, Shelia Lawrence, Juanita Broaddrick, Gennifer Flowers and Dolly Kyle Browning. Fisher continued, "The other two would be Marilyn Jo Jenkins, whose deposition has not been continued after the Court made its ruling on our motion to compel; and Cyd Dunlop, a woman to whom Mr. Clinton made unwanted sexual advances." ……"

Washington Weekly 1/23/2000 Edward Zehr "…. These and five other "sealed" documents were posted on Jan. 11 at the Random House Web site, however, those curious folks who attempted to access the documents soon reported that they were unable to download them………. It seems that a few Web surfers were fast enough to download most of the documents before they disappeared. Thus, four of the five missing files can now be accessed at: ……. David Schippers, the chief investigator in the House impeachment inquiry, told NewsMax that the most likely source of the "sealed" documents is the Clinton White House. "It's obvious that this material came from either someone in the Jones camp or the White House itself," Schippers told the online news organization. But anyone who witnessed the grudge match between Jeffrey "Canvasback" Toobin and Paula "The Mauler" Jones on Larry King Live (Jones decked him early in the second round) would find it unlikely that Jones' attorneys would pass secret documents over the transom to a Clinton sycophant such as Toobin……"That's why I think this might be coming from the White House," Schippers told NewsMax. "Remember, they got copies of everything Jones' lawyers had." …."

Washington Weekly 1/23/2000 Edward Zehr "…."The reference to Cyd Dunlop in the newly revealed transcript of the hearing before Judge Wright in January 1998 concerns a woman who says she was repeatedly propositioned by Clinton during a victory celebration held at the Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock on the occasion of his reelection to serve a third term as Governor of Arkansas. She rejected his advances. According to an account which Dunlop later gave to Newsweek reporter Michael Isikoff, Clinton was not so readily rebuffed. Two hours after she and her husband had retired to their hotel room she received a phone call from Clinton, who identified himself as "Bill, the governor," and insisted, "I just wanted to hear the sound of your voice again. Can you get out of your room?" Dunlop said that she was taken aback by the temerity of Clinton's determination to proposition her even as her husband slept a few feet away. But Clinton was not to be deterred. "Just tell him you need to be by yourself for a while," he cajoled. When Mrs. Dunlop replied that she couldn't do that, Clinton asked her if she would go jogging with him in the morning. She finally agreed to this, just to get him to hang up, but there was no meeting the following day……. "

Washington Weekly 1/23/2000 Edward Zehr "….""But how could this possibly be true?" asks my neighbor, Dufus Dymwittee. "If the mainstream press ever got hold of such stories they would blab them from one end of the country to the other. You know how scandal-oriented they are." If the name of the man in the Oval Office were ard Nixon or George Bush, Dufus would no doubt have a point -- the stories would be common knowledge by now……. If the TV nets are so determined to give Clinton a hard time why did two of the three major broadcast networks avoid mentioning Juanita Broaddrick's allegation that Clinton had raped her? If one would suggest that they had inadequate documentation, then why did the other network report the story (after waiting for the impeachment proceedings to wind down)? Once this point has been grasped it is not so difficult to understand why the mainstream news media have downplayed all of the other stories relating to Clinton's pathological behavior. They just don't want us to know that we have a serial rapist psychopath for a president. After all, he's their boy……"

UPI 1/23/2000 "….President Bill Clinton said Roe v. Wade risks reversal if GOP frontrunner George W. Bush takes the White House and fills Supreme Court seats expected to open in the next administration. "There is absolutely no question in my mind that whether Roe v. Wade is preserved or scrapped depends on what happens in the next presidential race," Clinton said Saturday during remarks at a Los Angeles brunch hosted by the Women's Leadership Forum. "I appointed two members to the Supreme Court. In all probability, the next president will appoint more." ….."

USA Today 1/21/2000 James Freeman "…. The smartest guy I know has just written a great book. So the first chance you get, buy a copy of Peter Huber's Hard Green. The subject, "a conservative manifesto for the environment," may sound a little dry, but it's an excellent read. Huber explains with clear logic what so many of us have felt in our guts. Huber, a former MIT engineering professor, shows why burning oil and smashing atoms are good for the environment. He also explains why encouraging solar power would lead to environmental disaster. In trashing another cherished urban myth, Huber explains why biotechnology is saving the environment, while trendy "organic" farming destroys wilderness. Here's the basic idea - if you want to save the planet, you have to use the efficiencies that come from technology……"

New York Daily News 1/21/2000 Charles Krauthammer "…. No one invokes the sanctity of the First Amendment more often than the media. When music companies are criticized for purveying the most repulsive misogynistic rap lyrics, they hoist the First Amendment flag. When newspaper reporters who've given confidentiality pledges refuse to testify about their sources, the flag is run up again. As it should be. For all its abuses, the First Amendment is perhaps the greatest of all bulwarks against the power of government. It turns out, however, that the TV networks are not quite the First Amendment purists they pretend to be. Dangle some cash in front of them, and they will let the White House drug czar vet their scripts. In return for being released from the obligation to show free anti-drug ads (and thus enabled to sell that ad time), the networks let the White House review prime-time programs to make sure they send the right anti-drug message. These networks are parts of some of the same media giants that make passionate protestations of their sovereign right to purvey syncopated CD incitement to rape and murder. They are quite willing, however, to accept government meddling in their prime-time shows if that makes them money…." 1/21/2000 Alan Caruba "…. The news media celebrated President Clinton's decision to declare still more of the US "an historic monument" and therefore off limits to any development or use this month. The extraordinary danger of what is occurring can only be understood if you know something about the Wildlands Project. You can visit an Internet site that will tell everything you need to know. "The goal of the Wildlands Project is to set aside approximately fifty percent (50%) of the North American Continent as 'wild land' for the preservation of biological diversity." The Wildlands Project is based on "the philosophy of Deep Ecology." Now, what is that? It's the belief that humans are destroying the earth. It is a religion based on faith, not on science. It's preached in our nation's schools every day because it is inserted to every one of the textbooks your children use. …."

Jewish World Review 1/21/2000 Ann Coulter "…. -- IN RESPONSE to the dazzling success of the Susan B. Anthony dollar, the folks at the Treasury Department are minting a new $1 coin…. Scheduled to make its debut on Feb. 1, the new coin will commemorate Sacagawea, the Shoshone Indian squaw who accompanied the Lewis and Clark expedition on its historic trek to the Pacific coast. (As one commentator wrote -- yes, THAT Sacagawea.) Sacagawea is said to have acted as guide and translator on the expedition. Except that she wasn't a guide, and apparently wasn't much of a translator either, since she didn't speak English. The actual work of translating to Lewis and Clark (the explorers) fell to her husband, who fortunately did speak English. Sacagawea met her husband when one Indian tribe abducted her from another Indian tribe and then traded her to a French Canadian who made her his wife. It is not actually known whether or not she was, in fact, a Shoshone. So naturally, all this got me wondering: Over in the Congo or Beijing, are they minting coins to commemorate irrelevant white people? I bet not. Only the white man seems to have a gene for self-loathing.......... "

New York Times 1/11/2000 Michiko Kakutani "….Vast Conspiracy," the title of Jeffrey Toobin's new book about the sex scandal that led to President Clinton's impeachment, comes of course from Hillary Clinton's accusation that a "vast right-wing conspiracy" had been working "against my husband since the day he announced for president." ….. Toobin's highly partisan book does a dexterous job of showing how Kenneth Starr's office bungled its investigation of Clinton through a combination of zealotry, infighting and ineptitude; this portion of the book was recently excerpted in The New Yorker. But the book consistently plays down the role that the president himself played in triggering and sustaining the ordeal the country went through for so many months. Toobin makes the dubious assertion that not only the Paula Jones case but the Whitewater investigation as well exist "only because of the efforts of Clinton's right-wing political enemies." …."

Democratic Web - authorized by the Democratic National Committee 1/2000 "….The accomplishments of the Clinton-Gore Administration are giving Americans the tools to realize their potential, providing opportunity while demanding responsibility and building One America in which all are challenged to serve…."

Economy: the Strongest Economy in a Generation…. Closing The Book on A Generation of Deficits…. More than 18 Million New Jobs…...Fastest and Longest Real Wage Growth in Two Decades…. Unemployment Falls to 41-Year Peacetime Low ….Highest Homeownership Rate in History….

Strengthening America's Working Families …. $500 Per-Child Tax Credit… Tax Cuts for Working Families…. Family and Medical Leave….. Largest Four-Year Drop in Child Poverty Since 1960s … Increased the Minimum Wage from $4.25 to $5.15 per hour …. Enacted the Workforce Investment Act ….. Signed Landmark Adoption and Safe Families Act….. Putting Families First -- put in place first-ever plan to protect our children from tobacco. Required the installation of V-chips in all new televisions. Encouraged schools to adopt school uniform policies to deter school violence and promote discipline. Produced guidelines on religious expression in public schools.

Supporting Community Service -- In just five years, AmeriCorps has allowed more than 100,000 young people to serve their communities while earning money for college or skills training….. Building One America -- established the President's Initiative on Race to lead the nation towards becoming One America in the 21st Century…. Largest Investment in Education in 30 Years …. Making 13th & 14th Grades as Universal As High School …Expanding College Opportunity with Tuition Tax Credits, Education IRAs, Work Study and Increased Pell Grants …. Making College More Affordable….

More High-Quality Teachers With Smaller Class Sizes ….. Teaching Every Child to Read by the 3rd Grade …. Preparing for the 21st Century by Expanding Access to Education Technology …. Establishing the GEAR-UP Mentoring Program for Middle School Children …. Expanding Choice and Accountability in Public Schools -- supported increase of public charter schools, from one independent public charter school in the nation in 1993 to more than 1,000 charter schools in 1998, on track toward 3,000 quality charter schools early next century….. Providing Early Education to 835,000 Children with Head Start….

Lowest Crime Rates in 25 Years ….. Violent Crime at Lowest Level since 1973….. Putting 100,000 New Police on the Street….. Over 250,000 Felons, Fugitives and Stalkers Denied Handguns ….. Developed Comprehensive Anti-Drug Strategy ... Fighting Hate Crimes -- enacted the Hate Crimes Sentencing Enhancement Act in 1994…

Health Care: Increasing Access for Millions of Americans… Protected Medicare …. Enacted Single Largest Investment in Health Care for Children since 1965….. Passed Meaningful Health Insurance Reform -- signed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ….. Raised Immunization Rates to All Time High …. Ensuring Safe Food for America's Families ….

Largest Drop in the Welfare Rolls in History …. 80% Increase in Child Support Collections …. Moving from Welfare to Work ….. Helping People Get to Work…..New Housing Vouchers ….. Expanded Investment in Urban and Rural Areas -- by creating 31 Empowerment Zones and more than 100 Enterprise Communities…Providing Incentives to Save….

Cleanest Environment in a Quarter Century …. Toughest New Air Quality Standards in a Generation …..Accelerating Toxic Cleanups and Brownfields Redevelopment ….. Keeping Our Drinking Water Safe ... Reducing the Threat of Global Warming …. Preserving Our Lands….

Science and Technology …. Historic Investments in Biomedical Research …. Supporting University Research, Training the Next Generation of Scientists and Engineers ….. Strengthening the Economy and National Security with Information Technology …. Ensuring U.S. Leadership in Space Science and Exploration….

World's Strongest Force for Peace, Freedom and Prosperity ….. Promoting Peace and Strengthening Democracy
* Restored momentum to the Middle East peace process, brokering the Wye River Memorandum and visiting Israel and Gaza.
* Led efforts that produced Good Friday peace agreement in Northern Ireland, ending decades of bloodshed.
* Building a self-sustaining peace in Bosnia through implementation of the Dayton Peace accords.
* Restored democracy in Haiti, ending military dictatorship and stopping refugee flows.
* Helped settle Peru-Ecuador border dispute and end civil war in Guatemala.
* Pressing for human rights, core labor standards, religious freedom, and an elimination of child labor worldwide.

Combating New Threats
* Protecting Americans from Weapons of Mass Destruction by reducing Russian nuclear arsenals, ratifying the Chemical Weapons Convention, and signing the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.
* Combating terrorism by developing a national counterterrorism strategy and striking terrorist targets in Afghanistan and Sudan. Addressing threats to our infrastructure like cyberterrorism and biological and chemical weapons.
* Containing Saddam Hussein through diplomacy, economic sanctions and military force.
* Preventing North Korea from developing nuclear weapons through deterrence, diplomacy and non-proliferation.
* Improving military readiness through increased defense spending.

Strengthening Alliances and Building Partnerships
* Built a stronger and larger NATO to ensure a more stable, democratic Europe and a fully-integrated Russia.
* Deepening security alliances with Japan and South Korea.
* Built more constructive relationship with China through engagement and frank dialogue on human rights, security and trade.
* Expanding trade relations and strengthening democracy in Asia and Latin America.
* Building partnerships with Africa during historic Presidential trip.

Expanding Prosperity
* Opening markets abroad through NAFTA, GATT and 270 other free trade agreements.
* Addressing global economic crisis by leading international relief efforts and stimulating worldwide growth.
* Leading efforts to establish world finance and trade systems for 21st century economy that benefits ordinary citizens in all countries….." 1/23/2000 "….A U.S. defense analyst says the Pentagon may have doctored a surveillance photograph showing a Russian ship firing a blinding laser weapon at U.S. and Canadian military personnel in 1997 as an attempt to provide political cover for a Clinton administration friendly to Moscow. The incident, which occurred off the coast of Washington state in April 1997, involved a joint U.S/Canadian intelligence team sent to observe the activities of a suspicious Russian trawler suspected of spying on U.S. nuclear submarines as they sailed into and out of Puget Sound. The analyst, J. Michael Waller, editor of the American Foreign Policy Council's Russian Reform Monitor, said "at issue is a Navy intelligence photo of a Russian spy ship believed to have fired a laser at a Canadian military helicopter, wounding members of its Canadian-U.S. crew over the waters" off Washington. Writing in this week's issue of Insight Magazine, Waller said a newly-released DoD photo of the incident "differs markedly from the original taken by the wounded U.S. Navy intelligence officer aboard the helicopter. "Details that Navy imagery analysts interpreted as a laser beam had been removed from the official photo," Waller said….."

The New York Times 1/24/2000 Robert Pear "….Federal health officials say they are unwilling at this time to embrace the National Academy of Sciences' recent call for a new federal law requiring hospitals to report all mistakes that cause serious injury or death to patients. The proposal came from the academy's Institute of Medicine, which also recommended that the information on medical errors be made available to the public. Some federal health officials said the proposal for mandatory public reporting could have unintended consequences and might elicit less information than a well-designed, well-run system of voluntary reporting. ..." 1/28/2000 "….. For months, complaints about President Clinton's conduct in the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit against him have languished. Now, Arkansas' highest court has ordered action. The state Supreme Court curtly instructed its professional-conduct committee Thursday to "take such action forthwith." The order came on the same day Clinton went before Congress to deliver the final State of the Union message of his two-term presidency, riddled with ethical scandal and violation of his oath of office. …… Sixteen months had gone by since an Arkansas lawyer, L. Lynn Hogue, first petitioned the Arkansas Supreme Court's panel that disciplines licensed attorneys in that state to determine whether the president lied and obstructed justice in the Jones case. Nothing happened. Nine months had gone by since United States District Judge Susan Webber Wright, ruling that Clinton had given "intentionally false" testimony in the Jones case, referred the matter to the Arkansas ethics panel for action. Still nothing happened. So, on Dec, 13, 1999, Hogue had enough of nothing and this time petitioned the state's highest court to make its ethics panel and executive director, James Neal, do their job. The court did, in these words: "If Neal and the committee have failed to initiate the procedures required to initiate and process Hogue and Judge Wright's complaints, then we order they take such action forthwith." ….."

Washington Times 1/28/2000 Frank J Murray "….The Supreme Court of Arkansas Thursday ordered its own bar ethics committee to start formal disciplinary proceedings against President Clinton, if it has not already done so in secret. "We order they take such action forthwith" if the accusations of lying under oath and obstructing justice already filed by the Southeastern Legal Foundation and U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright are not in the mail, the court said in an unusual public order. The delicately worded unsigned opinion avoided conclusions but implied the Supreme Court Committee on Professional Responsibility (CPR) is dragging its feet on charges including lying under oath and obstructing justice. The accusations could cost Mr. Clinton his license to practice law……"

Houston Chronicle 1/30/2000 Regina McEnery "….Hundreds of Canadians are flocking to the United States for radiation and other special treatments for which the wait in Canada can be two to three years. Hospitals in Cleveland, Detroit and Buffalo, N.Y., have contracts with Canada's overcrowded state-run health care system to provide package deals that can sound like a pitch for a spa. For instance, the Cleveland Clinic's contract pays for 6 1/2 weeks of radiation therapy, airline tickets for patients and their spouses, meals and accommodations at a hotel where an entire floor is dedicated to the patients. The clinic arranges parties for the patients and transportation to cultural events and ball games. Patients have access to a nearby gym. Such pacts will continue indefinitely, until Canadian officials find a better solution to their health care problems. "We have a shortage of radiation therapists, and the waits have become unacceptably long," said Kristin Jenkins, a spokeswoman for Cancer Care Ontario, a government agency established about two years ago to oversee cancer programs throughout the province. "We wanted to make sure that patients get the care that they need when they need it." About 564 Canadians from Ontario have been sent to U.S. hospitals, where the government is spending $16,000 to $20,000 per patient. Hospitals are also picking up business from Canadians who don't mind spending $20,000 for a bypass or $10,000 for a plastic hip. Since last spring, nearly 60 prostate and breast cancer patients from Ontario have received radiation treatment at the Cleveland Clinic. ….."

The New York Times 2/10/00 William Safire "…..About that awful word, "truth": At first Gore said the fund-raiser was merely "community outreach"; months later, he amended that to knowing only it was "finance-related." But Gore's 10-year relationship with Hsia was always based on her fund-raising; Harold Ickes sent him a memo that John Huang was organizing the temple event to raise $250,000; and there stood fund-raising Maria in a golden robe when he walked in. Yet he still denies he knew he was raising Asian-generated money in a Buddhist temple. But Gore has never denied it to the Justice Department. That's because no prosecutor, no grand jury, no F.B.I. agent has ever dared to ask the vice president. Janet Reno protected him as Maria Hsia will protect him. Gore has broken no law because -- as we have seen all too often in the Clinton administration -- there is no law against misleading the public. …."

The Washington Weekly 2/20/95 Marvin Lee "….. Feb. 20, 1995 Marvin Lee - Interview of Judge Jim Johnson …….. MR LEE: Judge Johnson, you were instrumental in obtaining and publicizing the statement from Colonel Eugene Holmes, former commander of the University of Arkansas ROTC program, denouncing then presidential candidate Clinton as potential commander-in-chief. What made you decide to get involved?

JUDGE JOHNSON: To save my country from Bill Clinton! ……. Clinton is one of the most charming men you could ever meet, and the best salesman in America. It just happens that the bill of goods he is selling is "something for nothing," and all you have to give up for this utopian dream is your freedom. Because, as has been said so many times, "Government can give you nothing that it hasn't first taken away from you, and that a government big enough to give you everything you want is powerful enough to take from you everything you have."...... George Bush, being the perennial preppy, blew the opportunity to politically annihilate Clinton, and ended up almost apologizing to a hostile press for seeming to question Clinton's patriotism. And on top of that, to make sure that their boy Clinton survived, the Stephens empire sent their jet to pick up Jack Stephens' old Annapolis classmate, Admiral William Crowe, a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to stand by Clinton's side until the political crisis was over. ( In exchange for this favor, Clinton appointed Crowe as Ambassador to the Court of St. James, the position Old Joe Kennedy held when he made most of his millions. It will be interesting to see what Stephens and Crowe make of their opportunity.) In fact, Jack Stephens takes full credit for keeping Clinton's letter to Fulbright, which we sought to disclose, from ever being made public…….. Just as all the copies of the Holmes letter were not destroyed, I have the strongest conviction that the Fulbright letter and the Parish letter will eventually see the light of day, and then history will reveal this President for what he really is…….

Associated Press 2/12/00 Pete Yost "….In FBI interviews, Vice President Al Gore changed his answers when confronted with documents in a fund-raising investigation, and suggested he may have missed a key discussion during a meeting because he drank too much iced tea, FBI documents show. In a 10-month span in 1997 and 1998, Gore's initial denials to the FBI gave way to other explanations - from hazy memory to the possibility he was in the bathroom when the president and political aides discussed the sensitive topic of fund-raising phone calls, FBI memos show. On the campaign trail in this year's race for the presidency, Gore has tried to neutralize his role in the fund-raising controversy of 1996 by saying he made a mistake in phoning prospective donors from the White House during the Clinton-Gore re-election effort. But political opponents from Bill Bradley to the Republican Party are raising a more fundamental question: whether the vice president tells the truth. ……"

New York Post 2/12/00 Deborah Orin David K Li "….Veep Al Gore told the FBI he may have missed a key discussion on the Democratic funny-money mess because he drank lots of iced tea and possibly had to go to the toilet, documents show. …… The Republican National Committee this week put out an e-mail to reporters asking: "Did Al Gore mislead the FBI?" and pointing to FBI summaries that show what the RNC calls Gore's "iced-tea defense." The documents show Gore first denied to the FBI that he was present when fund-raising calls were discussed -- but then 1995 notes from his own deputy chief of staff, David Strauss, surfaced, quoting the veep as saying: "Count me in on the calls." Gore then changed his story and said he can't recall details and might have been out of the room due to iced-tea overload. "The vice president also observed that he drank a lot of iced tea during meetings, which could have necessitated a rest-room break," the FBI summary said……"

American Spectator 2/11/00 R Emmett Tyrrell Jr "….There was that unpleasant ceremony in the White House East Room. The room was filled with military brass and veterans, rough fellows whose company brings agitation to this graduate of war protests and draft irregularities. Worse, he had to place a Medal of Honor around the neck of a hero from the Vietnam War, Mr. Alfred Rascon…….. When Rascon and his unit were ambushed 34 years ago in Long Khanh Province, Bill Clinton, the awesome student politician and frequent class president, was growing increasingly apprehensive about his chances with what was then a universal military draft. Mr. Rascon spent the next couple of years recovering from the wounds he suffered while treating his wounded and turning an abandoned machine gun on the enemy, wounds so grave that he received the last rites of the Roman Catholic Church. Meanwhile the smartest student politician in American history was anxiously plotting to escape the draft.. ….One of the most contemptible transgressions committed by the Clintons in public life is their willful falsification of the historical record with lies, evasions, and stupefying exaggerations. Most of Clinton's lies about his draft dodging have now probably been exposed. Yet he and his apologists have followed up these exposures with an even more contemptible lie, namely the lie that they resort to so often when caught red-handed, the lie that "everyone does it." To listen to them, every young man of draft age in the late 1960s worked as energetically as the President to avoid military service. Oh yes, and every American president was an adulterer. And it is the rarest of American presidents who did not fill his campaign coffers with money from foreign nationals and perhaps even extra-terrestrials. Truth be known it was only the rarest of young American men in the late 1960s who dodged the draft. ……"

American Spectator 2/4/00 Emmett Tyrrell Jr "….When historians begin their excavations of the Clinton-Gore Administration, there is one particularly important question they must answer. That is, why political opponents never made much of an issue of the administration's corruption, most notably its penchant for lying. There were instances when the lies were noted, for instance Senator Bob Kerrey's jibe that Bill Clinton is "an unusually good liar." But this line of criticism never became a serious issue. "Slick Willie" never replaced "Tricky Dick" in the public discourse. At the very outset questions about the character of the man at the top of the ticket were raised by writers and people who knew the Clintons' record in Arkansas, but the politicians shied away. After four years of Clinton's disturbing string of 'gates, Senator Bob Dole never made a campaign issue of the Clinton Administration's obvious corruption…….Surely, there are Democrats out there who recognize how vulnerable their party is to "the character issue." I, idealist that I am, even like to think that there are Democrats who recognize what a threat Clinton-Gore's corruption is to the democratic process. When David Obey, a prominent liberal Democrat in the House, responded to the Starr Report's revelations by telling House Minority Leader Dick Gerphardt that "We have to get rid of this guy. He will destroy the Democratic Party for a generation," he was not alone. Other honor-bound Democrats on the Hill and out in the states feared for their party and, I like to think, their country. ….." 2/6/00 Carl Limbacher "….. As she prepared to make her bid to be US Senator from New York official, First Lady Hillary Clinton has been hit with new charges that she lied last month when she claimed she'd always been faithful to the President. Two separate voice stress experts who examined responses Mrs. Clinton's gave during a Buffalo radio interview now say that her answer to questions about whether she'd ever cheated on her husband were "definitely deceptive" and "totally dishonest." On January 19 WGR-AM's Tom Bauerle asked Clinton, "Have you ever been sexually unfaithful to (the President) and specifically, the stories about you and Vince Foster -- any truth in those?" Clinton berated Bauerle for what she said was an "out of bounds" inquiry, but the talk host persisted. "Is the answer no?" "Well, yes, of course it's no," Clinton finally replied. But Robert Jenkins, a certified computer voice stress expert who's been using a high-tech version of the Psychological Stress Evaluator in court since 1994, says the First Lady fibbed. "She was not being truthful in answering that question," Jenkins told The National Examiner last week. "That response is definitely deceptive." …..Martin Markowitz, a truth detection expert who subjected Mrs. Clinton's answer to an Electronic Psychological Profile Analysis, concurrs. "She was being totally dishonest," he told The Examiner. Both Jenkins and Markowitz provided stress test read-outs, printed in full by the tabloid, to back their conclusions. ......"

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 2/8/00 Michael Rowett "….Eleven days after the Arkansas Supreme Court ordered its Committee on Professional Conduct to address a 17-month-old ethics complaint against President Clinton and a related court referral from a federal judge, the committee has indicated that the complaint is being addressed. A letter and possibly other information was sent to the Atlanta-based legal foundation that filed the complaint in September 1998. But the specifics were unclear Monday. "I can confirm that we have been contacted by the committee in response to the [Supreme Court] order," said Matthew Glavin, president of the Southeastern Legal Foundation, which wants Clinton's law license revoked. The foundation received a letter Monday, he said, but he declined to discuss the contents of the letter or whether it was accompanied by any other documents. ….." 2/10/00 "….President Clinton is being served with a formal legal ethics complaint that alleges he committed violations including "lying, deceit, perjury, fraud, dishonesty (and) untrustworthiness," Fox News has learned. It is the first time in U.S. history that a sitting president has been made the subject of formal professional ethics violations and brought up on a formal complaint before a bar. ……. The allegations were raised by the Southeastern Legal Foundation, a conservative public-interest law firm based in Atlanta. President Clinton is a member of the Arkansas State Bar; the complaint seeks to have him disbarred immediately. The complaint - which the President could receive in a matter of hours - states that the referral made by the Office of Independent Counsel to the House of Representatives during last year's impeachment proceedings shows, "His conduct involves lying, deceit, perjury, fraud, dishonesty, untrustworthiness, obstruction of justice, subornation of perjury, tampering with witnesses and other forms of misconduct inimical to and destructive of the administration of justice. As a man and as a lawyer, Mr. Clinton is utterly without shame and utterly without honor." The complaint also states: "His conduct brings great discredit and great disgrace to the Arkansas legal profession. His status as a member of our Bar is an intolerable affront to the rule of law. Mr. Clinton should therefore be permanently disbarred." ... ….." 2/9/00 AP "…..An obviously angry Hillary Rodham Clinton today accused Senate rival Rudolph Giuliani of "injecting religion into this race." …… She added: "I have worked very hard my entire life to support our fundamental religious values in my own life and in our public life." …."

Washington Times 2/16/00 "……"I want to tell you my personal experience with Democrats in my condominium," writes T.R. Horn, who lives inside the Beltway. "Since I am a minority, these educated, white Democrats assume that I too am a Democrat and so they confide in me freely. They all advise me to vote for John McCain in the Virginia primary and then for Al Gore in the general election. They want John McCain to be the Republican nominee, because they believe that Al Gore can beat McCain." …… The chairman of the Michigan Democratic Committee has urged the party faithful not to vote in the Republican presidential primary next Tuesday, the Conservative News Service ( reports. "It's a violation of our rules for someone to vote in the Republican primary and then vote in the Democratic caucus," said Mark Brewer. The Democratic caucuses will be held on March 11. ……"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 2/14/00 Bill Sammon "….. Democratic leaders in Michigan are urging minorities, union members and liberal activists to vote for John McCain in next week's Republican primary in order to weaken George W. Bush, whom they view as the eventual GOP nominee. But in South Carolina, which holds its Republican primary on Saturday, Democrats who had been following a similar strategy are shifting course and beginning to urge the party faithful to vote for Mr. Bush, whom they now view as the weaker candidate....Even in Michigan, where Democrats remain confident that the Texas governor will be the GOP's standard-bearer in November, officials are careful to ask only dyed-in-the-wool Democrats to cross over to Mr. McCain. These leaders are wary of enlisting the more centrist "Reagan Democrats" in their self-described "mischief making" because such voters might be tempted to stick with Mr. McCain in the general election……"

Conservative News Service 2/14/00 Jerry Miller "…..The chairman of the Michigan Democratic Committee has urged the party faithful not to vote in the February 22nd Republican presidential primary. "It's a violation of our rules for someone to vote in the Republican Primary and then vote in the Democratic caucus," said Mark Brewer. The Democrats caucus will be held on March 11th. Brewer warned party members who do vote in the Republican Primary that they could be challenged when they show up to vote at a caucus. ….."

Augusta Chronicle 2/15/00 "…… The word is out from President Clinton's appointees who run the U.S. Census Bureau: Whether you are in the United States legally or not, go ahead and fill out the census questionnaire when it arrives in April. What a sorry pass this nation has come to! "As a matter of fairness it's hard for folks whose ancestors built this country to understand how they could be losing political representation to people who just crashed our borders and entered illegally," laments Dan Stein, executive director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. His group has twice sued the Census Bureau to stop including illegal aliens i the numbers used to apportion seats in Congress. So far, ultra liberal judges have thrown up roadblocks. ….." 2/15/00 Carl Limbacher "…McCain 'Crying Wolf' Over Push Polls, Says Nationally Renowned Consultant Nationally respected political consultant Stuart Rothenberg says Sen. John McCain's claims about alleged push polls run by the Bush campaign are "a distortion and, worse, a smear of a highly respected pollster." What's more, Rothenberg adds, the media's sympathetic frenzy over McCain's charges "is so outrageous that I couldn't ignore it." On Feb. 7, the McCain campaign fired the first salvo in the push polling controversy with a press release charging that Voter/Consumer Research, now working for Bush, was spreading "misleading accusations."…… Once again, the candidate expressed his outrage with all the spontaneity of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address: "I will do everything in my power and I will ask Governor Bush again to stop all this." McCain continued to cite these incidents in appearances on CBS's "Face the Nation" and Tuesday's "Today Show," as well as other venues, as the reason he was abandoning his own negative attack strategy in South Carolina. But writing in Monday's "Roll Call", Rothenberg said that he has examined the polling script in question and concludes, "there is nothing in it that should make anyone cry." "In fact," adds the nationally renowned consultant, "it doesn't say even one negative word about McCain's record, which is what the Senator complained about [in his initial press release]." Rothenberg's analysis also casts doubt on the authenticity of Donna Duren's account, whose story about her tearful teen-age son McCain said had "profoundly moved me." "Pollsters such as Voter/Consumer Research don't poll 13-year-olds," the consultant observed. "The McCain campaign is not only crying wolf," says Rothenberg, "it is doing much the same thing that is is accusing Bush of doing. The Senator should know better."….."

Freeper truthkeeper 2/22/00 reporting on CNN's "Election 2000" With Jeff Greenfield "……Not that we hadn't already figured this out, but E.J. Dionne stated the above plainly on this program tonight. He said he had suspected something weird was going on over the last couple of days, and his suspicions were confirmed while watching the Democrat "debate" on television with a group of Detroit Democrats. He said they got not one, but TWO separate calls from the McCain camp pleading with them to vote for McCain in the primary. They explained that there would be no permanent repercussions or any negative impact on them voting for a Democrat in a later election. …."

WorldNetDaily 2/23/00 Jon Dougherty "…..But don't ever imagine you can challenge their right to say and think what they wish. They're on the side of "righteousness," don't you know -- as defined, of course, by all the leftists. At one point in our country's history, we used to use that line of reasoning to control slaves and other "enemies" of "conventional wisdom." At one point, Hitler used it to control his political opposition. …… For example consider the ridiculous nature of anti-tobacco advertising. It's "against the law" to advertise cigarettes in most venues today, but the same people who have championed this ban don't mind seeing Budweiser lizards or Jack Daniels plastered all over the same venues. ...All guns are bad -- taboo -- Americans are constantly told. Even a large banking conglomerate like Citibank refuses to do business with people who do business in weaponry. But it's OK to do business with other businesses that hype sex and violence -- as if neither of those two vices actually hurt people. ……If you're a Christian and you talk publicly about your faith, you're either branded as some sort of extremist or you're disregarded as unrealistic. Witness the numerous sportscasters who were uncomfortable talking to St. Louis Rams' winning quarterback Kurt Warner who unabashedly credits his skill and performance to the Almighty. …….If you're white -- and specifically a white guy -- then you're inherently racist. But if your skin is any other color in this country, you're somehow immune from being a racist, even though you may espouse anti-white rhetoric and blame "whites" for everything that has gone wrong in your life. Anything "liberal" or associated with the Democratic National Committee is good. Anything "conservative" or associated with the Republican Party, the Libertarian Party or anything right of left is worse than bad -- it's dangerous…….Only kids who are educated in public schools learn the "right" things, while kids schooled at home or in parochial/private settings are considered freakish and disadvantaged. And the list goes on. …."

NEWSMAX 2/23/00 Carl Limbacher "….. New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman complained to Al Gore on Tuesday about his claim during Monday night's Apollo Theater debate with Bill Bradley that "racial profiling practically began" in her state. Gore leveled the charge against Bradley without citing a single shred of evidence, after the former New Jersey senator called on the VP to get President Clinton to sign an executive order banning the practice………"I understand that you were trying to make the point that Senator Bradley did little, if anything at all, to address the problem of racial profiling during his 18 years as a United States Senator," Whitman wrote to Gore. "On that point you are absolutely on target." Then came her zinger about Clinton: "You must have misspoken when you alleged that racial profiling 'practically began in New Jersey.' The fact is that racial profiling is a national problem that the President and the Department of Justice have indicated goes well beyond state borders. If the public record is correct, in 1988 Governor Bill Clinton sanctioned a program by Arkansas State Troopers that profiled Hispanic drivers. The program was declared unconstitutional by federal courts and was the subject of a consent decree." In fact, as reported here yesterday, then-Gov. Clinton even tried to revive Arkansas' racial profiling program after the court tossed it out. ……"

THE FRONT-RUNNER 2/23/00 Frank Bruni ".....Aides to Senator John McCain acknowledged tonight that the campaign placed thousands of phone calls to Roman Catholics in Michigan in which voters were told about Gov. George W. Bush's appearance at Bob Jones University earlier this month and which described Mr. Jones as someone with a history of anti-Catholic statements. "We simply pointed out a fact," Rick Davis, manager of the McCain campaign, said. ...... "I'm telling you," he said, "John McCain, he's a man who's called me an anti-Catholic bigot, and I don't appreciate it. That's shameful politics." To pound home the governor's message, the Bush campaign electronically mailed, in the span of 42 minutes, nine news releases with statements from nine Republican governors, all of whom denounced the telephone calls. Many of the governors are Catholic, and many assumed that the McCain campaign was to blame for the calls. ....."

Chicago Sun-Times 2/22/00 Gary Wisby "....Thanks to an erroneous "gun ban" headline in a local newspaper, an informational meeting in Skokie held by a new anti-gun group drew plenty of pro-gun residents Monday night. Judging from applause at certain statements, perhaps one-third of the 130 people at the standing-room-only event were gun supporters. Leaders of the newly formed Evanston/Skokie chapter of the Bell Campaign found themselves explaining that they weren't out to ban handgun possession in Skokie, as Evanston did in the mid-1980s. But the idea of registering handguns also drew fire. One man said the practice "started in the late 1930s in Germany before they came and started collecting guns from Jewish people." That elicited this retort from a woman in the audience: "Are you telling me that the Holocaust would have been prevented if people like my grandmother owned a gun?" State Rep. Julie Hamos (D-Chicago) said the importance of Bell Campaign activities in the suburbs is that suburban legislators hold the balance of power in gun legislation. ....." 2/23/00 Mary Mostert "..... As has been extensively reported, John McCain won yesterday's Republican Primary. Only, more Democrats and Independents voted in it than Republicans. Fox News Exit interviews with voters there showed that "a whopping 51 percent of the record number of participants who cast ballots in this open primary were not Republicans. One-third were independents and 18 percent were Democrats. ......The Detroit Free Press reports today that "From his pulpit, the Rev. E.L. Branch called on members of the Third New Hope Missionary Baptist Church to support a pair of Detroit library millages and to vote for McCain. "Our governor wants to see a certain candidate do well in Michigan. His name rhymes with 'Hush.' Don't vote for him. Our governor has not made us happy. We should not make him too happy," said Branch, president of the Council of Baptist Pastors of Detroit and Vicinity. "I want him to be upset Wednesday morning, like he keeps me upset. Like he keeps you upset." ...."

Washington Times 2/24/00 Greg Pierce Freeper kattracks "..... While most TV analysts Tuesday seemed to believe that virtually all the Democrats who voted in the Michigan Republican primary did so out of support for the maverick candidacy of Arizona Sen. John McCain, former Democratic strategist George Stephanopoulos saw it differently. "Never before have you seen so many Democrats, I think, in the last 10 years vote in a Republican primary," Mr. Stephanopoulos observed on ABC's "Nightline." "Even more interesting to me, 7 percent of the electorate were liberal Democrats, 6 percent were African-Americans. These are not voters who are going to vote for the Republican nominee in November. This was definitely a mischief-making vote in Michigan, and it's going to ensure that there's mischief throughout the Republican nominating process." ....."

Associated Press 2/21/00 Kathy Barks Hoffman "…..Autoworker Sheila McCaulley says there's no question of her politics: ''I am a Democrat a Democrat all the way.'' But when the polls open Tuesday for Michigan's GOP presidential primary, McCaulley will be there. She is casting her vote for John McCain not because she likes McCain, but because she despises Michigan Gov. John Engler, an ardent and highly visible backer of George W. Bush in the presidential race. ''If it will send a message to Engler to vote for McCain, I will,'' McCaulley said. …… But Detroit Democratic state Rep. Lamar Lemmons III, helping to lead the anti-Engler, pro-McCain movement in Detroit, made clear his position as he took the campaign to several Detroit churches on Sunday. ''Should he get it, we're not going to be with John McCain in the fall,'' Lemmons said at the Second Canaan Missionary Baptist Church. ''We're going to be with Bill Bradley or Al Gore or whoever the Democratic nominee is,'' Lemmons said to choruses of ''that's right'' from the congregation. ….."

The American Spectator 2/17/00 "….. The liberal mind is fickle these days. One week its aging organ, The New Republic, puts John McCain on the cover and declares: "This Man Is Not a Republican." A month later the same dishpan rag puts McCain on the cover -- in a brown shirt and tie, complete with a Hitler do, substituting only the Confederate flag he's clutching for its Nazi equivalent. Oh, and he's not wearing a toothbrush mustache. At first his campaign was prepared to accuse curators of the Bush Museum of commissioning this portrait. But that's unlikely, since at last report the Bush project has just about run out of money, and it's too late for it to request matching funds from the National Endowment for the Arts. So much to its dismay, the McCain crowd had no choice but to divine the editorial purpose behind the two covers, to wit: John's not a Republican but he is a fascist. It's a horrible message, just the opposite of the one McCain thought he was putting out when he let it be known that, unlike the rest of the GOP, he's not a creation of the iron-triangled Krupp family. In all, it's been an unfortunate interlude. But let's look at the bright side: What we've just seen is the first on-the-record concession by a leading progressive voice that the Republican Party is not a Nazi Party. Think of it this way, Senator. It's not in your self-interest to get stuck with the label of Nazi, but it turns out you've done it for a cause greater than yourself...." 2/28/00 Ron Fournier "…..Sen. John McCain decries "the negative message of fear," yet airs one of the Republican presidential campaign's harshest ads. He denies ownership of a political flier that turns out to be his. Issues like abortion and the Confederate flag tie him into rhetorical knots. Even the man behind the wheel of the "Straight Talk Express" can throw the truth a curve. McCain is known for endless news conferences, freewheeling town meetings and a willingness to tell audiences what they don't want to hear. Yet in the heat of battle, particularly when his emotions get the best of him, the Arizonan can fall short of his hard-earned reputation as a straight-talker. ……"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 2/29/00 "….. It may seem that Vice President Gore has taken the clue from his boss when it comes to finessing the truth. However, the fact is that Mr. Gore was lying long before he ever teamed up with Bill Clinton. Indeed, during Mr. Gore's ill-fated 1987-1988 pursuit of the Democratic presidential nomination, his own staffers twice admonished him in writing to tell the truth now that the national media was following his words. His press secretary told Mr. Gore his image "may continue to suffer if you continue to go out on a limb with remarks that may be impossible to back up." Later, his communications director told Mr. Gore in a memo, "Your main pitfall is exaggeration." Mr. Gore fibbed when he told the Des Moines Register that his stint as an investigative reporter at the Nashville Tennessean "got a bunch of people indicted and sent to jail." In fact, as the newspaper acknowledged, nobody went to jail. For years Mr. Gore greatly exaggerated the danger he faced in Vietnam, where bodyguards were assigned to protect him. He lied when he claimed that Harvard professor Erich Segal used him and Tipper as the models for "Love Story." And Mr. Gore, of course, lied when he asserted that, as a congressman, he "took the initiative in creating the Internet." In fact, the Internet was created years before Mr. Gore entered Congress. Mr. Gore lied when he claimed to be a co-sponsor of the McCain-Feingold campaign-finance reform bill. As it happens, Mr. Feingold wasn't even in the Senate when Mr. Gore represented Tennessee there. Mr. Gore lied when he said it was he who "found a little place in upstate New York called Love Canal" and "had the first hearing on that issue . . . that started it all." In fact, President Carter had declared Love Canal a disaster area months before Mr. Gore's hearing. "I live on a farm today," Mr. Gore tells people, when, in fact, he resides at the Naval Observatory. Mr. Gore has repeatedly lied about his evolving position on abortion. ......"

AP via WorldNetDaily 3/9/00 "…..The White House said Thursday it is completing an initial review of its failure to examine thousands of e-mails that have never been turned over to Congress in the campaign fund-raising scandal. President Clinton told reporters the problem "will all be handled in an appropriate way" by White House lawyers. As Clinton spoke, the House Government Reform Committee chaired by Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., was sending a subpoena to the White House demanding records that might explain how e-mails were collected in 1998……. The existence of the messages didn't become public until a former White House employee testified about it last month in a lawsuit brought by a conservative group, Judicial Watch……….. In interviews Tuesday with Burton's committee, five computer system employees from Northrop Grumman who worked at the White House said they were threatened and ordered to keep quiet in 1998 by two people from the White House Office of Administration…… "

AP via WorldNetDaily 3/9/00 "…..The contract employees said they were told "there's a jail cell with your name on it" if the workers talked to anyone about this, including their superiors at Northrup Grumman, Burton's staff says. …….. Burton's subpoena seeks records from 1998 dealing with "the failure to collect e-mail messages." …….. Computer specialists who worked on the White House system told Burton's staff that among the e-mails are some from former White House intern Monica Lewinsky after she had been transferred to the Pentagon. …….. It is unclear whether copies of those e-mails were turned over to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr in 1998 in his perjury and obstruction investigation of the president. "There were a significant number of e-mails from Monica Lewinsky," said Mark Corallo, a spokesman for Burton's committee. …….."While we're not interested in those, we would be interested in any e-mails pertaining to our several investigations; for instance, any e-mails from the Democratic National Committee to White House personnel," said Corallo. …..White House Counsel Beth Nolan wrote Burton that "we are completing out initial review" and she promised a "written description of the measures the White House has taken to address this matter" next week. A meeting between Burton and Nolan would follow. …."

Insight Magazine 3/10/00 Paul Rodriguez "…….The explosive affidavit by Betty Lambuth, filed under seal in late February before District Court Judge Royce C. Lamberth, not only confirms details of a story that was first reported by Insight magazine in December 1998 and January 1999, but goes on to detail threats by White House lawyers to punish any employee who revealed the existence of the secret e-mails even to White House staff in charge of computer-system operations. …….. It is Hall's latest affidavit delivered to Judge Lamberth on March 10, however, that contains the rocket sure to send sparks through Congress and the White House concerning a secret operation to destroy confidential computer records. ……. Although the senior staff of the House Government Reform Committee knew of the so-called lost e-mails and the White House's attempts to conceal the discovery of the priceless data from many investigators, the materials were neither sought nor subpoenaed by the committee. That is, until early March 2000 when the Washington Times picked up the original Insight stories from two years ago (see "news alert!" March 13) and, separately, Dan Burton confirmed that at least five government contract employees had been threatened with loss of jobs and/or jail time if ever they revealed the information. …….. Besides the Burton committee, the FBI Campaign Task Force and the Office of Independent Counsel Ray (who succeeded Ken Starr) now are on the trail of the e-mails and long-distance telephone records. Although agents from the Campaign Task Force actually had meetings with White House lawyers shortly after the original Insight stories broke, they reportedly failed to follow up. "I promise you, we'll get these records now," a high-level federal law-enforcement official said, March 10. ...... The latest revelations, plus new ones not yet revealed to the court or Congress, have rattled the White House and angered members of Congress in both political parties. Burton is expected to conduct hearings shortly on the entire matter and, as Insight sources say, work already has begun to depose current and former contract employees who worked at the White House and claim to have been threatened by senior Clinton staff and lawyers. ......The Justice Department Campaign Finance Task Force, along with Independent Counsel Ray, also are preparing new batches of subpoenas, Insight has learned, based on the latest revelations and, in particular, a review of notes from meetings with White House lawyers who said such records did not exist when, in fact, they did. ……"

Los Angeles Times 3/8/00 Jonathan Peterson "…..As members of Congress prepare for what could be their major showdown of the year, the battle over granting China permanent normal trade ties is unfolding against an unusual backdrop: A recent deal that will transform Beijing's economic relationship with the United States remains secret from the general public. Lawmakers, senior staff and others with special security clearance are being allowed to review the document, which was negotiated last year and paves the way for China to become a member of the World Trade Organization. But they are legally restricted from copying or discussing the 2-inch-thick set of rules and details that are stamped "confidential" and bear the initials of U.S. and Chinese negotiators. As a result, critics complain, one of the biggest foreign policy decisions the nation has faced in years will be made with an extraordinary lack of public knowledge and informed discussion. ….."

New York Post 3/9/00 "…..The polls had barely closed Tuesday night, and Al Gore was taking the fight straight to George W. Bush and the Republicans. "I've learned from my mistakes. I know it's time to change a broken system. We need tough, uncompromising campaign-finance reform," declared the vice president in a crisply delivered, wholly disingenuous victory speech. And Gore managed to keep a straight face through it all. What an effort that must have taken. Remember his rationalization for the 82 fund-raising calls he made from the White House in 1996? There was "was no controlling legal authority" over such calls. But the calls were illegal. …….. Now Gore wants more laws? Wouldn't it be better for the vice president and his associates to obey those already on the books? …..Maria Hsia, a longtime Gore fund-raiser, was convicted last week of five felony counts for her role in funneling more than $100,000 in illegal contributions to the Democratic Party and individual Democratic candidates in 1996. ……"

Reuter's 3/9/00 Lisa Richwine "……A congressional probe seeking to expose alleged profiteering on sales of fetal tissue for research got off to a rocky start on Thursday as Republicans were forced to distance themselves from a key witness. Lawrence Dean Alberty Jr., who said he had worked for two companies that obtained and sold tissue, delivered a statement alleging some samples were taken from live babies. After Democrats pointed to a number of inconsistencies between an affidavit Alberty signed in January and various other statements, Republicans disowned him. ``Your credibility, as far as this member is concerned, is shot,'' Rep. Richard Burr, a Republican from North Carolina, told Alberty, who was appearing at a hearing of a House Commerce subcommittee. ……. A group that opposes abortions, Life Dynamics Inc., paid Alberty to make charges about unscrupulous practices on a video, Alberty told the panel. Alberty, however, said he now stood by his January affidavit and could not say whether his former employers, companies called Opening Lines and the Anatomic Gift Foundation, had committed any crimes regarding fetal tissue sales. ``When I was under oath I told the truth ... Anything I said on a video when I'm not under oath, that is a different story,'' Alberty said. He later added he made allegations on the Life Dynamics video because he thought ``that's what they wanted to hear.'' ….."

AP via WorldNetDaily 3/9/00 "…..The White House said Thursday it is completing an initial review of its failure to examine thousands of e-mails that have never been turned over to Congress in the campaign fund-raising scandal. President Clinton told reporters the problem "will all be handled in an appropriate way" by White House lawyers. As Clinton spoke, the House Government Reform Committee chaired by Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., was sending a subpoena to the White House demanding records that might explain how e-mails were collected in 1998……. The existence of the messages didn't become public until a former White House employee testified about it last month in a lawsuit brought by a conservative group, Judicial Watch……….. In interviews Tuesday with Burton's committee, five computer system employees from Northrop Grumman who worked at the White House said they were threatened and ordered to keep quiet in 1998 by two people from the White House Office of Administration…… "

AP via WorldNetDaily 3/9/00 "…..The contract employees said they were told "there's a jail cell with your name on it" if the workers talked to anyone about this, including their superiors at Northrup Grumman, Burton's staff says. …….. Burton's subpoena seeks records from 1998 dealing with "the failure to collect e-mail messages." …….. Computer specialists who worked on the White House system told Burton's staff that among the e-mails are some from former White House intern Monica Lewinsky after she had been transferred to the Pentagon. …….. It is unclear whether copies of those e-mails were turned over to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr in 1998 in his perjury and obstruction investigation of the president. "There were a significant number of e-mails from Monica Lewinsky," said Mark Corallo, a spokesman for Burton's committee. …….."While we're not interested in those, we would be interested in any e-mails pertaining to our several investigations; for instance, any e-mails from the Democratic National Committee to White House personnel," said Corallo. …..White House Counsel Beth Nolan wrote Burton that "we are completing out initial review" and she promised a "written description of the measures the White House has taken to address this matter" next week. A meeting between Burton and Nolan would follow. …."

Reuter's 3/9/00 Lisa Richwine "……A congressional probe seeking to expose alleged profiteering on sales of fetal tissue for research got off to a rocky start on Thursday as Republicans were forced to distance themselves from a key witness. Lawrence Dean Alberty Jr., who said he had worked for two companies that obtained and sold tissue, delivered a statement alleging some samples were taken from live babies. After Democrats pointed to a number of inconsistencies between an affidavit Alberty signed in January and various other statements, Republicans disowned him. ``Your credibility, as far as this member is concerned, is shot,'' Rep. Richard Burr, a Republican from North Carolina, told Alberty, who was appearing at a hearing of a House Commerce subcommittee. ……. A group that opposes abortions, Life Dynamics Inc., paid Alberty to make charges about unscrupulous practices on a video, Alberty told the panel. Alberty, however, said he now stood by his January affidavit and could not say whether his former employers, companies called Opening Lines and the Anatomic Gift Foundation, had committed any crimes regarding fetal tissue sales. ``When I was under oath I told the truth ... Anything I said on a video when I'm not under oath, that is a different story,'' Alberty said. He later added he made allegations on the Life Dynamics video because he thought ``that's what they wanted to hear.'' ….."

Boston Herald 3/8/00 Don Feder "…..When do Democrats care about anti-Catholicism? When they can use it to bash Republicans. Last week, congressional Democrats pushed a resolution condemning anti-Catholic Bob Jones University and the public officials who've spoken there. At a press conference unveiling the resolution, Michigan Democratic Rep. John Conyers confessed, ``Had not Gov. George Bush gone to Bob Jones University, I doubt we would be standing here.'' No doubt about it. Prior to Bush's blunder, Conyers' party never showed the slightest indication that it cared about the numerous attacks on the Catholic Church that contaminate our culture. ``It was the Democrats who gave us Dr. Jocelyn Elders in 1993 as surgeon general, and it was the Democrats who gave us James Hormel as the ambassador to Luxembourg in 1999,'' says William Donohue of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. When Clinton's first surgeon general was up for confirmation, New York's John Cardinal O'Connor charged her anti-Catholic comments made Elders' ``unfit for public office.'' Among other gems, in 1992 Elders told a pro-abortion audience, ``Look at who's fighting the pro-choice movement: a celibate, male-dominated church.'' The Democratic Party showed scant concern about anti-Catholicism then. Of the 34 senators who voted against confirming Elders, only four were Democrats. …….. There was no Democratic outrage over James Hormel, Clinton's choice for the Luxembourg posting. The wealthy donor to Democratic and gay causes is reportedly a fan of ``The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,'' a group of homosexual men who dress as nuns and mock Catholic rituals…….Then there was Geoffrey Fieger, Jack Kevorkian's mouthpiece and Democratic candidate for Michigan governor in 1998, who ridiculed the Catholic Church and described Jesus as ``some goofball that got nailed to a cross.''….."

Washington Times 2/6/00 "……Known throughout the 1996 campaign as "Solicitor-in-Chief," a role he zealously pursued, Mr. Gore had become so steeped in the sludge that he has shamelessly adopted the Clinton tactic of parsing words and phrases to deflect the implications of the evidence and his actions. Mr. Gore introduced the phrase, "no controlling legal authority," to the political lexicon to absolve himself of making illegal campaign telephone solicitations from the White House. Miss Reno initially claimed that Mr. Gore had only been raising "soft money" with those calls, a permissible practice she concluded. But when the press offered evidence that Mr. Gore raised hundreds of thousands of dollars of "hard money" contributions with his White House calls, Miss Reno simply disregarded incriminating documents revealing that Mr. Gore had attended meetings at which his hard-money White House solicitations were discussed. In the Buddhist temple fiasco, Mr. Gore initially claimed he attended the temple luncheon as a "community outreach" event. As evidence mounted to the contrary, including White House memos identifying the event as a fund-raiser, Mr. Gore allowed that it may have been "finance-related" and his attendance may have been in the realm of "donor maintenance." ..."

Washington Times 2/6/00 "……Nevertheless, Mr. Gore continues to deny that he knew the luncheon was a fund-raiser. Yet, as Fortune magazine convincingly reported earlier this year, Mr. Gore's longtime relationship with Hsia was such that "Gore saw green whenever he saw Hsia." …..If the White House memos and Hsia's presence at the luncheon were not a tip-off that it was a fund-raiser, perhaps the presence of the DNC chairman, Huang and two other senior Democratic money men, should have made clear to the vice president that money was about to change hands. Or perhaps it should have been the unmistakable references to fund-raising that emanated from the podium. Mr. Gore's continued insistence that he did not know the Buddhist Temple luncheon was a fund-raiser - an illegal one, given the temple's tax-exempt status - is so unbelievable that only Janet Reno could pretend to believe it. Once voters see the inevitable political ad showing a videotape of Mr. Gore happily frolicking with his trusted, longtime bagwoman at the luncheon, they will be able to make their own judgments about Mr. Gore's status as unwitting victim……"

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 3/5/00 Paul Kengor "…..If George W. Bush is ``intolerant'' because he spoke at Bob Jones University, without first officially and publicly distancing himself from the college's views, then what does that make Hillary Rodham Clinton, New York's senatorial candidate? Recall this quote from the first lady in 1997: ``I, myself, have become an eager student of Islam. ... Western society too often mischaracterizes Islam and those who adhere to its teachings. We have allowed a tiny minority to define an ugly stereotype.'' I want to be clear: Most Muslims in the world are peaceful, far removed from supporting any sort of terrorism; they don't go around blowing up buildings. But even mainstream Muslims who aren't ``extremists'' are typically not real receptive of their sons and daughters dating and marrying people of other religious faiths. They firmly reject the teachings of Catholics and Christians generally. Many feel that a rejection of Islam will keep Christians out of Heaven. They see Catholicism as much worse than a ``cult.'' …..(Moderate Muslims aside, there are radical Muslims, some of whom declare jihad - holy war - over religious differences with Christian ``infidels.'') These ideas are at least as ``intolerant'' as the beliefs at Bob Jones. ….."

Florida Times-Union 3/4/00 Knight-Tribune News Service "…..For several years, Vice President Al Gore has maintained he knew little about the purpose of a 1996 luncheon in his honor at the Hsi Lai Buddhist temple that turned into an illegal money laundering operation. But a growing body of documents, including new records obtained by Knight Ridder, show that Gore would have had a reason to believe the luncheon at a tax-exempt religious institution, which was attended by some of the Democratic Party's top fund-raisers, was for the purpose of raising political money…….. One previously unreleased Secret Service memo prepared about the time that Gore flew to Los Angeles for the luncheon describes it as a political fund-raiser. Other Gore staff memos refer to a fund-raising luncheon; one lists a ticket price of $1,000 to $5,000 per person. Luncheon participants told Senate investigators that at least two of the podium speakers referred to the event as a fund-raiser in Gore's presence. ……The question of whether Gore knew he was attending a fund-raiser is important because raising political money on the site of a tax-exempt religious institution could constitute a violation of the federal tax code….."

Bob Jones Reaction v. white house 1/14/00 "…..BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A PROCLAMATION On January 16, 1786, the Virginia legislature enacted a law whose impact is still felt around the world today. Authored by Thomas Jefferson and introduced by James Madison, this act affirmed religious freedom as one of the "natural rights of mankind" and pledged that none would "suffer on account of his religious opinions or beliefs." Recognizing the fundamental importance of this right to human dignity, our founders modeled the First Amendment to our Constitution on the Virginia statute and made religious freedom and tolerance core values of our democracy. More than a century and a half later, Eleanor Roosevelt, as the Chairperson of the U.N.'s Commission on Human Rights, worked to extend that vision to peoples around the world through her contributions to the U.N.'s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Americans draw great strength from the free exercise of religion and from the diverse communities of faith that flourish in our Nation because of it. Our churches, mosques, synagogues, meetinghouses, and other places of worship bring us together, support our families, nourish our hearts and minds, and sustain our deepest values……"

Los Angeles Times/Page A-18 3/3/00 Jim Mann "…..During Wednesday night's televised debate with Bill Bradley, Vice President Al Gore presented a version of a 1996 U.S. military crisis with China over Taiwan that is fundamentally at odds with the historical record. Gore's account misstated the military action the Clinton administration took during the crisis. The vice president also said inaccurately that the administration had defused the crisis through low-keyed actions. In fact, quiet diplomacy did not work, and the crisis was resolved only after a public, well-advertised display of American force. Gore's remarks raise questions both about how familiar he is with the administration's actions in the Taiwan crisis and whether he may have derived lessons from it that are based on faulty information. ….." 3/3/00 Neal Travis "…..WITHIN the next two weeks, President Clinton will achieve a legacy of sorts, something to indelibly mark his term of office. But it's not the kind of legacy Slick Willie is really looking for, because he is about to become the first sitting president ever to be disbarred from the practice of law, thanks to his perjuries about Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky, among other matters. "It's coming to a head and there should be no further delays," Matthew Glavin, president of the Atlanta-based Southeastern Legal Foundation, tells me. He says Clinton received a certified letter in mid-February giving him 30 days to respond to the Arkansas Supreme Court, which is hearing the SLF's ethics complaint against the president. ….. My own sources suggest that Clinton and his legal team have decided to ignore the summons. By not responding to it, he will be disbarred, anyway, but the hope is that the court will simply lift his law license without making any comment. That way, Clinton will be able to say he was disbarred merely because he was too busy steering the ship of state to respond to such a trifling matter. ….."

Washington Times 2/29/00 Arnold Beichman "…… George Orwell has written: "He who controls the past controls the future." Some of the most distinguished American historians are working hard to control the past by proving, to state it simply, that the United States did not win the Cold War. Why? So that when our children and their children study post-World War II history they will never know that the capitalist democracies, led by our country, saved the world from what could have been conquest by a communist totalitarian dictatorship based on Marxist socialist dogmas. And, perhaps even more to the point, they will never know that an overwhelmingly popular two-term president, Ronald Reagan, presided over the slide of the Soviet Union into oblivion. In the modern history of warfare, the Cold War seems to be the only one where victory is in dispute. And it is liberal academic opinion that has created the fiction that nobody won. There is no more Soviet Union, no Berlin Wall, no gulag. Never mind. The United States did not "win" the Cold War, and that's that. Now that's really weird….."

Jewish World Review 3/17/00 Linda Chavez "…….Al Gore's problem isn't his dubious campaign fund-raising activities per se. By now, everyone knows Gore made fund-raising calls from his White House office, and attended a fund-raiser at a Buddhist temple in Los Angeles, where unsuspecting monks and nuns gave illegal contributions to Gore aide Maria Hsia, who was found guilty a week ago of five felony counts for her involvement in the scheme. But few people understand or care much about the intricacies of campaign finance laws, so they are neither surprised nor particularly exercised about Gore's actions. No, Gore's problem isn't so much what he did, but what he said. He lied --over and over again -- to investigators, to the media, to the American people. On the subject of the phone calls, first, Gore denied making them on White House phones, then, when telephone records confirmed that he had, he said they were legal because he asked only for so-called soft-money donations to the Democratic Party for party-building activities. But last week, the Los Angeles Times revealed evidence that suggests not only that Gore mischaracterized what happened, but that he deliberately lied about it, and continues to do so to this day. What's more, the L.A. Times story implies that the White House withheld from investigators crucial documents that contradicted Gore's account for more than a year, and that Attorney General Janet Reno ignored the evidence when she twice decided not to appoint an independent counsel to investigate the matter, despite the strong recommendation of F.B.I. Director Louis Freeh and her own chief investigator, Charles G. La Bella……"

House Government Reform Reports 4/99 "…… Contributions to Republican causes are notably absent from the following discussion for good reason. While it is safe to assume that mistakes are made during every election cycle by both the Democratic and Republican parties, it is no fluke that the Republican party has returned only $150,000 in contrast to the approximately $3,766,324 returned by the Democratic Party. These Republican foreign contributions were immediately returned by the RNC when identified in contrast to the months and even years it has taken the DNC to return suspect contributions. There were no such foreign contributions in the 1996 election cycle at the RNC. ….."

American Spectator 3/17/00 "……As the American electorate rouses itself to contemplate who might best lead the country over the next four years, the voters find themselves beset by an unanticipated issue. Recent revelations in the Los Angeles Times force voters to ask whether this great Republic, the only superpower left on earth, can risk electing as president a man with a record of bladder problems? By his own admission, Vice President Al Gore repeatedly had to leave important White House meetings in 1995 to get to the bathroom. He told this to a Justice Department task force, though possibly he calls the bathroom by the Victorian euphemism "the comfort station." The vice president frequently resorts to euphemisms when difficult questions confront him, and there is something decidedly Victorian about his stilted formulations. Another troubling question arises from the Los Angeles Times report. The Vice President has a drinking problem. By his own admission he cannot hold his iced tea. It was the tea, he says, that forced him to the bathroom or to the comfort station or whatever he calls it……."

Republican National Committee 3/4/00 "…… "Community Outreach Event." When the scandal first broke in October 1996, before the election, Gore claimed, "It was billed as a community outreach event." (Al Gore, National Public Radio's "Morning Edition," 10/22/96) ….."Finance-Related Event." After the election when Congress subpoenaed documents related to the event, Gore's staff acknowledged, "He [Gore] knew it was a finance-related event." (Gore Spokesperson Lorraine Voles, The Associated Press, 1/14/97)……."I Did Not Know." Yet, even after the documents were made public, Gore continued to claim in January 1997: "I did not know that it was a fundraiser." (Al Gore, NBC's "Today," 1/25/97) …….. "Donor-Maintenance Meeting." Later in 1997, "[m]eeting with reporters on Tuesday, a top aide to Mr. Gore offered a new description, calling the event [at the Buddhist Temple] a 'donor-maintenance' meeting." (The New York Times, 9/5/97)……… "I Should Have Known." And just last week, Gore still refused to admit he knew the event was a fundraiser: "I made a mistake. I should have known that it was related to fundraising. I did not. But the very fact that I was there was a mistake." (Al Gore, San Francisco Chronicle, 2/28/00)......"

Republican National Committee 3/4/00 "…… The Top 11 Reasons Gore Should Have Known the Event Was a Fundraiser
XI. THE VICE PRESIDENT'S STAFF KNEW: ….." 3/26/00 "……Judicial Watch, a public interest law firm, has obtained, through court process in its $90 million Filegate lawsuit, exclusive photos of Craig Livingstone with Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Janet Reno and other top dignitaries. The photos of Livingstone with Mrs. Clinton prove, contrary to her denials, that she knew and worked closely with Livingstone………. When allegations erupted in 1996 that the White House was collecting secret FBI files on Republican opponents, the White House chalked up the controversy to a "bureaucratic snafu." Livingstone, who had custody of the files in the White House, was fingered as the key man in the scandal. As media scrutiny fell upon Livingstone, his questionable background raised new questions. Livingstone's most important job before serving at the White House was that of a local bar bouncer at a Washington, DC night club. Livingstone's White House Security position is considered among the nation's most sensitive. Livingstone had the highest security clearances in the U.S. government. With the FBI scandal erupting, the White House quickly distanced itself from Livingstone. Mrs. Clinton and other White House officials could offer no explanation as to why Livingstone had been hired, or who had hired him. Mrs. Clinton claimed she did not know Livingstone -- though Livingstone had bragged to associates he was very close to both the President and his wife, and that Mrs. Clinton had personally hired him for the Security job. …… Additionally, Judicial Watch reports that it has testimony from five different sources that Livingstone was hired by, and worked under, Mrs. Clinton. ……" 3/26/00 "……Judicial Watch alleges that Livingstone, along with Anthony Marceca and William Kennedy, wrongfully obtained and then rifled though the FBI files of plaintiffs in the Filegate lawsuit. The photos of Livingstone with Mr. Clinton and Ms. Reno prove that Livingstone was no "ordinary White House hired hand," Larry Klayman, chairman of Judicial Watch explained. ……."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/27/00 "……Al Gore cannot have it both ways. The vice president, who once asserted he played an indispensable role in the creation of the Internet, now wants the public to believe that he and his staff were unaware for years that the computer system in his office was enmeshed in so much chaos that it could not even keep track of its e-mails. Despite evidence to the contrary, moreover, the administration is making the utterly implausible claim that it did not learn about Mr. Gore's computer problems, which date at least to 1994, until this month……….. In an equally implausible assertion, White House Counsel Beth Nolan insists that her predecessor, Charles F.C. Ruff, was somehow led to believe, ever so conveniently, that technicians had solved a separate White House computer glitch. That problem prevented the legally required archiving of an estimated 100,000 incoming e-mail messages sent to nearly 500 White House computers……."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/27/00 "……And why was it "sensitive"? Because the discovery that 100,000 e-mails had been missing was made in June 1998, precisely the time when the independent counsel and Congress were investigating the Lewinsky scandal and other matters. Needless to say, the emergence of potentially incriminating e-mails would have affected several criminal investigations, particularly given that thousands of the e-mails are said to involve Miss Lewinsky, campaign finance, Filegate and accusations involving the selling of seats on trade missions for political contributions. Yet, the White House never informed any investigating body that the computer glitch created a major problem in complying with their subpoenas……… The White House has offered no rational explanation why it believed the 100,000 missing e-mails had been retrieved and examined for their relevance to the various subpoenas. Instead, in a statement Miss Nolan simply asserts, "While the counsel's office knew in June 1998 that a configuration error had existed, it believed that the problem was fixed and did not, until recently, understand the scope and possible effect on e-mail records searches of this error." ……"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/27/00 "……Why did Mr. Ruff and others believe things that were patently untrue? Who led them to think or believe such falsities? Or did they merely assume them to be true? Given that neither Mr. Ruff nor any other White House official ever informed investigators of the computer-generated problem the White House had in complying with their subpoenas, did Mr. Ruff and others then not have the responsibility to learn beyond a doubt that the problem had in fact been solved? Clearly, they could easily have learned otherwise. At best, it was a case of willfully ignorant misfeasance. At worst, it was obstruction of justice………"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/27/00 "……Miss Nolan's statement regarding the computer problems affecting the Office of the Vice President is even less believable. She claims that the problem was discovered only this month. However, a September 1998 memo has surfaced contradicting that claim. Written by White House computer technician Daniel Barry, the memo did, in fact, identify the problem in Mr. Gore's office. The only e-mails entering the archiving system's "records bucket" in Mr. Gore's office, Mr. Barry reported 18 months ago, were those that had crossed over into the White House's main computer system……"

Denver Post 3/23/00 Al Knight "……. President Bill Clinton and his political allies continue to reduce the precision of the English language as they flit from one public-policy issue to another. Because they are so intent on getting their own way, they damage or destroy useful words and concepts and never show a hint of regret. Two recent events illustrate the trend. The first has to do with last week's decision by Smith & Wesson, the nation's largest gunmaker, to give in to government demands and make a number of changes regarding manufacture and marketing. Smith & Wesson had been sued by about 30 municipalities, and the federal govern AL KNIGHT ment had threatened to join those suits. The company, faced with mountainous legal bills, finally surrendered to preserve its "viability." Viability means "capable of living" and "having the ability to grow, develop and expand." In other words, Smith & Wesson signed the agreement so that it would not die. Numerous press accounts, however, blindly reflected the administration's point of view that Smith & Wesson had voluntarily signed. "Voluntary" was a key word in followup articles and statements by either the administration or its allies. ……"

Judicial Watch 3/27/00 "…..Judicial Watch has obtained, through court process in its $90 million Filegate lawsuit, exclusive photos of Craig Livingstone with Hillary & Bill Clinton and Janet Reno together. The photos of Livingstone with Mrs. Clinton prove, contrary to her denials, that she knew and worked closely with him. Judicial Watch has testimony from five different sources that he was hired by and worked under Mrs. Clinton. Livingstone, along with Anthony Marceca and William Kennedy, wrongfully obtained and then rifled though the FBI files of plaintiffs in the Filegate lawsuit. The photos of Livingstone with Mr. Clinton and Ms. Reno prove that Livingstone was no "ordinary White House hired hand." ……. The Clinton-Gore White House fought to keep these photos secret, but the Court ordered them released late last week...."

The American Spectator 3/24/00 Tom Bethell "…….Hype about AIDS in Africa has reached new heights. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Vice President Al Gore (at the U.N. Security Council) have declared it to be an international security threat. AIDS is now called the leading cause of death in Africa, with over two million deaths last year, and the epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa is spreading "nearly unabated." Seventy percent of all AIDS cases are said to be African. On Newsweek's cover we read of "10 Million Orphans."……..Skepticism about what governments say -- always scarce among journalists -- vanishes completely when it comes to "plagues" and epidemics. At the mention of AIDS, newspaper stories are virtually dictated by public health officials. The New York Times is the pre-eminent example, with other publications trotting behind uncritically……...The author of The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS, Fumento told me that he found the recent reports of HIV infection rates of 25 percent in some African countries to be not believable. The alarmist predictions about the progress of AIDS in this country have not been borne out, he said. African AIDS is an attempt to find the bad news elsewhere. Here, AIDS has not spread into the general population, and never will. It has remained confined to the major "risk groups," mainly intravenous drug users and fast-lane homosexuals. But in Africa, more women than men are said to be infected with the virus. Prof. Geshekter, too, sees African AIDS as a prolongation of the gravy train for public health experts. "AIDS is dwindling away in this country," he told me. "The numbers are down. What are the AIDS educators to do? Africa beckons." ……………

The American Spectator 3/24/00 Tom Bethell "…….Here is an "African AIDS" primer. Over the years AIDS American-style was redefined more and more expansively. In 1993, for example, the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta added cervical cancer to the list of AIDS-defining diseases, with the unacknowledged goal of increasing the numbers of women. The overwhelming preponderance of males was an embarrassment to infectious-disease epidemiology, given that the viral agent was supposed to be sexually transmitted. AIDS is a name for 30-odd diseases found in conjunction with a positive test for antibodies to the human immunodeficiency virus. Being "HIV positive," then, is the unifying requirement for an AIDS case. Here is the key point that the newspapers won't tell you. To diagnose AIDS in Africa, no HIV test is needed. The presence of the unifying agent that supposedly causes the immune deficiency, the ID of AIDS, does not have to be established…………. This was decided by public health officials at an AIDS conference in Bangui, a city in the Central African Republic, in October 1985. This meeting was engineered by an official from the CDC, Joseph McCormick. He wanted to establish a diagnostic definition of AIDS to be used in poor countries that lacked the equipment to do blood tests. He also succeeded in persuading representatives from the World Health Organization in Geneva to set up its own AIDS program. The appearance of sick people in Zaire hospitals had persuaded McCormick and others that AIDS now existed in Africa -- this before HIV tests had even been conducted. And here was something important to write home about: Slightly more women than men were affected. Back in America, as Laurie Garrett wrote in The Coming Plague (1994), McCormick told an assistant secretary of Health and Human Services that "there's a one to one sex ratio of AIDS cases in Zaire." Heterosexual transmission had been established. Now we were all at risk! AIDS budgets would soar…….."

The American Spectator 3/24/00 Tom Bethell "……..We needed a clinical case definition -- that is to say, a set of guidelines a clinician could follow in order to decide whether a certain person had AIDS or not. This was my major goal: if I could get everyone at the WHO meeting in Bangui to agree on a single, simple definition of what an AIDS case was in Africa, then, imperfect as the definition might be, we could actually start to count the cases, and we would all be counting roughly the same thing. His goal was achieved. The "Bangui definition," was reached "by consensus." It has proven useful, McCormick added, "in determining the extent of the AIDS pandemic in Africa, especially in areas where no testing is available." Here are the major components of the definition: "prolonged fevers (for a month or more), weight loss of 10 percent or greater, and prolonged diarrhea." No HIV test, of course. What this meant was that many traditional African diseases, pandemic in poverty-stricken areas with tropical climate, open latrines, and contaminated drinking water, could now be called something else: AIDS………The Bangui redefinition was published in CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, and in Science magazine (November 21, 1986), but you would be hard put to find it in our major newspapers……..The obvious problem was pointed out by Charles Gilks in the British Medical Journal in 1991. Persistent diarrhea with weight loss can be associated with "ordinary enteric parasites and bacteria," as well as with opportunistic infection, he wrote. "In countries where the incidence of tuberculosis is high," as it is in Africa, "substantial numbers of people reported as having AIDS may in fact not have AIDS." ….."

The Free Lance-Star (Fredericksburg, Va.) 3/19/00 James Lakely "……[LaPierre] This alarming comment earned a sharp rebuke from Clinton and his heir apparent, Al Gore-both of whom classified LaPierre's rhetoric as sinking to a "new low." Hmmm. Let's think about from where that retort is coming. This is an administration who's top campaign consultant, James Carville, dismissed a legitimate sexual harassment suit against his boss by characterizing Paula Jones as trailer-park trash on national television. This is an administration that wanted to free up jobs for friends and political patrons in the White House Travel Office, but decided that a simple firing would look bad. So they trumped up charges of misconduct against innocent people and sicced the FBI on them. And, of course, this is a president who used the intern pool as a harem from which he plucked a girl willing to perform what can now be called a "Lewinsky" while he discussed troop movements in Bosnia with a congressman. ......" 3/20/00 Carl Limbacher "……..The Seventeen Lies of Al Gore
(1) His use of marijuana was "rare and infrequent."
(2) He didn't know the Buddhist temple event was a fundraiser.
(3) He didn't know that fundraising calls from his office were illegal.
(4) He has always been pro-choice.
(5) He has never said anything in the campaign that he knew to be untrue.
(6) He was co-sponsor of the McCain/Feingold campaign finance reform bill in the Senate.
(7) He took the initiative in creating the Internet. (8) He and Tipper were models for "Love Story."
(9) He uncovered the pollution at Love Canal.
(10) His reporting for the Nashville Tennessean "got a bunch of people indicted and sent to jail."
(11) His views on the Vietnam War were written into Hubert Humphrey's speech to the 1968 Democratic National Con- vention by a journalist who had interviewed him.
(12) His claim that as an army reporter in Vietnam: "I pulled my turn on the perimeter at night and walked through the elephant grass and was fired upon."
(13) One reason he enlisted and went to Vietnam was to spare some other family the agony of sending a son.
(14) He had been a small businessman and a homebuilder, helping develop a subdivision on his father's land in 1969.
(15) He is responsible for the "one-click-away" tool that helps parents block, filter or monitor Internet content to protect their children.
(16) He was taught how to clean out hog waste, how to clear land with a double-bladed ax and how to plow steep hillsides with a team of mules.
(17) His claim at the Des Moines Register offices in January that he bought his own farm when he came back from Vietnam and that he has owned and operated it for 26 years. ……"

Washington Post 3/22/00 "…….. My thanks to the always-dependable Lanny J. Davis, former special counsel to President Clinton, for providing, in a recent letter [Free for All, March 18], a splendid example of Clintonite defense tactics. Davis wrote that I had written, in this space on March 15, that Vice President Gore "himself" had raised "some $55,000--from Buddhist nuns and monks serving as straw donors." This charge, he said, was false, and he challenged me to produce any evidence to support my claim. Alas, I cannot, for as Davis must know, I never made it. What I wrote was that "some $55,000" of the more than $100,000 raised by recently convicted Gore fund-raiser Maria Hsia "was raised at a visit by Gore himself to the Hsi Lai Temple, from Buddhist nuns and monks serving as 'straw donors.' ". ……"

NewsMax 3/22/00 "…… In 1997 several of Gore's former senate aides told his home state paper, The Knoxville News Sentinel, that the Veep's habit of phoning fat cats from federal property didn't start with the 1996 campaign. In fact, they say they caught Gore dialing for dollars the last time he ran for president. The Associated Press covered The Knoxville News scoop and reported at the time: "Al Gore made fund-raising phone calls from his Senate office during his 1988 presidential bid.... One of his aides said Gore made at least 24 calls in the spring of 1987. The staffers, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said they thought the fund-raising was part of running for president." One aide explained to the Sentinel, "We didn't think anything of it at the time because we'd never been associated with a presidential campaign before." ……"

AP 3/22/00 Tom Raum "…… Indian leaders have made it clear they don't like being told what to do by America. Yet President Clinton has been pressing them hard to accept two treaties that even the United States has not ratified. Against the shimmering backdrop of the Taj Mahal, Clinton promoted a global-warming treaty that has yet to go to the Senate, and he's spent days abroad pitching a nuclear test-ban treaty that the Senate soundly rejected last year. ……. "We don't have to choose between economic opportunity and environmental protection," Clinton told a group of environmentalists Wednesday at one of the world's most photographed sites. His point was that both are possible with modern technology and the proper policy, but that's not an argument he's won in his own backyard………. The administration has yet to send the global air-quality pact, which it helped write in Kyoto, Japan, in 1997, to the Senate for ratification......."

AP 3/22/00 "……. A DNA test has again failed to link a descendant of Monticello slave Tom Woodson to Thomas Jefferson, according to a retired pathologist who performed the test. Woodson's descendants claim he was the son of the third president and slave Sally Hemings. Eugene A. Foster, a former pathologist, conducted the DNA test on the Rev. Thomas Woodson of Dayton, Ohio, a descendant of Tom Woodson's third son. The analysis did not find a match with the Jefferson family Y chromosome, which passes unchanged from son to son. ...... Previous DNA tests by Foster showed similar results with other descendants of Tom Woodson, and linked the Jefferson family's Y chromosome to descendants of Eston Hemings, the youngest son of Sally Hemings…….."

The Washington Times 3/15/00 Margie Hyslop "…….Gov. Parris N. Glendening's office forwarded inaccurate information from Handgun Control Inc. to state legislators, doubling federal statistics on 1997 gun deaths in Maryland. A Glendening legislative staffer sent inflated figures, apparently taken from Handgun Control's Web site, to House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Sheila Hixson. They listed firearms deaths in Maryland by victim's age and type of shooting. Handgun Control Inc.'s research director, Douglas Weil, said staffers used data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics to create the chart. But Handgun Control listed a total of 1,408 firearms deaths for Maryland - almost double the 710 Maryland firearm deaths that the CDC reported……"

Washington Times 3/15/00 "…….. "Do us a favor," asks the National Rifle Association, hoping President Clinton is reading. "Tell the president that if he's going to keep claiming that he has a 'lifetime' membership with the NRA to at least get the terminology right. We don't have such a thing," says NRA spokesman Bill Powers. "We've always called it a 'life' membership." ......... After an extensive search of NRA records, Mr. LaPierre said Mr. Clinton never had an NRA "membership, he never had a jacket. He made it up." "I can't believe it," the NRA chief added. "You know, if he's that delusional maybe he did inhale."......"

Heads Up 3/19/00 Doug Fiedor "……Funniest of all was Gore's contention that he wants to be a campaign-finance reformer. Because, if we had a real justice department, he and about 15 other Democrats would be in prison right now. One glaring fact is that Gore's campaign chairman was kicked out of Congress for illegal campaign money funny business. Al, Jr. should have been, too, but didn't get caught. Gore has been talking about campaign finance reform since McCain seemed to pick up a few votes spouting his nonsense. The problem is, Gore is just about as dirty as they come……"

Union Leader 3/20/00 Betsy Hart "……President Clinton recently met with the mother of Kayla Rolland, the little girl so tragically shot to death by her first-grade classmate in Flint, Mich. "As a parent, my heart goes out to her," Clinton said. "And as President, I'm going to do all that I can do to see that this doesn't happen to other children." So Bill Clinton began promoting the wildly inflated but well-quoted figure that 13 American "children" are killed every day in gun related incidents. That's close to 5,000 such deaths every year. But the only way to arrive anywhere near that figure is to lump 19-year old convicted felons killed in gang-fights along with innocent first graders killed in class, as if both are children and there is no other cause for gun-shot deaths but the very existence of firearms themselves. The reality is that the typical number of children - meaning those aged 0-14 - killed annually in firearm related incidents in recent years is between about 600 and 700. While that number is still tragically too high, it is dwarfed by those in the same age range who have drowned each year in recent years - between about 950 and 1,050 annually. ….." 3/16/00 Jim burns "….Attorney General Janet Reno said Vice President Al Gore did not give false statements to FBI investigators, nor did he have any reason to do so, in connection with a 1996 campaign fundraising investigation. "I think it's clear," Reno told reporters Thursday, "That in that case, what was at issue was whether in a statement given in the fall of 1997, the Vice President gave incorrect information. We went through it carefully and could show no instance where he knew that what he had said was false. We also found very clearly that he had no motive to give a false statement and that there was no purpose in it."......"

Insight Magazine 4/3/00 Paul Rodriguez "…….Giving perjured testimony is very difficult when there are high-tech records to prove the truth. But the Clinton White House apparently has yet to learn that lesson. Soon it will........... Nolan also told the panel, flanked by other White House counsel and aides, that she and the president's staff didn't know about the e-mail problem until early to mid-February of this year when press reports surfaced concerning a secret "Project X" to reconstruct upwards of 100,000 e-mails the White House claims it didn't know it had and should have turned over under subpoena to various congressional and federal investigators. But that flies in the face of facts first reported by Insight in December 1998 and January 1999. Indeed, Insight revealed then that Project X was a highly secret program to reconstruct tens of thousands of e-mails that a computer contractor had discovered in or around June of that year.......... The task of this project was to "reconstruct" the e-mails, allegedly to determine what they were and whether any contained material demanded under the various subpoenas the White House had received. There was much fear that some or all of the newly discovered e-mails would not be surrendered as required by law. Barry Toiv, then a White House spokesman, told Insight in December 1998 that indeed such a project existed and that while some of the e-mails reviewed were duplicates of others that had been turned over to investigators, some were not. He also said that it was too soon to tell much more than this, given that the project still was under way. Toiv assured Insight that if any e-mails were uncovered that were responsive - well, then, they'd be turned over to the authorities demanding them......."

Insight Magazine 4/3/00 Paul Rodriguez "…….Fast-forward to February 2000 when new press reports revived the old story……….. Yet when congressional investigators and agents from the Justice Department's campaign task force began asking questions about e-mails that the White House people claimed to know nothing about, suddenly the White House began to backpedal. They said they didn't really have all the facts and that the continuing news stories about the e-mails were a surprise. ......... Sources within the White House and federal agents who have kept in touch with Insight during the last two years have been dumbfounded by the way the president's communications shop has officially feigned ignorance - especially since the White House has been working on the reconstruction project the entire time. "They can't have it both ways," a reluctant but irritated White House official says.

Insight Magazine 4/3/00 Paul Rodriguez "…….Take, for example, Nolan's sworn testimony that Insight's story about the telephone records was wrong. In fact, such records do exist: Insight has obtained copies - and they detail an extraordinary month-by-month calling and charge pattern that goes back to 1992 by day, time, numbers called, how long the calls lasted, charges for the calls, master numbers to which charges were billed and (in the case of domestic long-distance calls) even some of the numbers from which the calls were made. Nolan and others have testified and/or told federal law-enforcement officials such records don't exist.......... Yet based on what Insight has seen, the investigators will find the telephone logs neatly bound for easy reading. Accessing the e-mails is easy, too: A computer programmer simply can enter a White House server and extract by name any and all e-mails being sought - even print them out, as was done for Insight. Moreover, the White House has testified about only one e-mail server. Insight has been told there could be as many as five of these computers, as well as a repository at an off-site location in Greenbelt, Md., where backup tapes and records have been stored for the better part of two years……"

WorldNetDaily and Insight Magazine 4/18/00 Paul Sperry "…….The White House's argument that it didn't know the "scope and nature" of the Project X e-mail fiasco until news broke in February is looking more and more threadbare. A White House memo obtained by WorldNetDaily shows senior officials there discussed a magazine article on the West Wing e-mail hole back in December 1998. In a Dec. 9, 1998, meeting, Northrop Grumman computer contractors gave the officials a heads-up about the story, which appeared on Insight magazine's website the day before. The report disclosed for the first time the Project X scandal. Devere Patton, projects manager for the White House Office of Administration, and Robert "Dale" Helms, head of White House procurements, were among those White House officials who saw a copy of the story, the White House memo says. ………"

WorldNetDaily and Insight Magazine 4/18/00 Paul Sperry "……."Northrop Grumman read a portion of, and then provided to the Government a hard copy of, an Insight article entitled 'Looking for Information in All the Wrong Place(sic),' which was referenced in the Drudge report," wrote Northrop Grumman project manager Joseph Vasta in the Dec. 11, 1998, memo. Vasta sent a copy of the memo to Daniel "Tony" Barry, the White House computer manager who is under investigation for allegedly filing a false affidavit about the e-mail situation to a federal court seeking the documents. ……."

WorldNetDaily and Insight Magazine 4/18/00 Paul Sperry "…….All along, Northrop Grumman technicians pressed White House officials for the OK to restore the e-mail. Judging from their highlighting of the Insight article, they seemed to have been worried about any suggestions they were part of a cover-up. And the memo from their project manager appears to be an attempt to set the record straight, as if to say "Don't blame us, we tried to produce the documents." In the Dec. 9, 1998, meeting with White House officials, "Northrop Grumman re-emphasized that no actions on its part has been or will be clandestine in any way," Vasta asserted in his memo recounting the meeting at which the article was passed out. ……."

AFP 4/15/00 Gretchen Cook "…….As his White House days wind to a close, US President Bill Clinton is winding up to go out with a bang. ………"I've been accused of murder and all kinds of things," he complained just a month later when asked about his critics' credibility......."This Whitewater thing was a lie and a fraud from the beginning, and most people with any responsibility over it have known it for years," Clinton inveighed at a press conference Thursday....... Even his jokes carry more sting these days……. In one fell swoop, Clinton pegged both the Cuban-Americans fighting his order to send Cuban boat boy Elian Gonzalez home and the Reform Party's isolationist presidential candidate. "(Elian's) the one immigrant Pat Buchanan wants to keep in America," Clinton said at the White House TV and Radio correspondents' dinner last month.......... Clinton's black list is growing too. First it mostly targeted the independent counsel who launched the Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky probes, and the Republican hardliners who fueled the subsequent impeachment drive. Now it includes the political opponents of his wife Hillary and of his would-be successor Vice President Al Gore, his congressional foes and the gun lobby thwarting his anti-violence campaign. "You have the right-wing venom machine all gearing up against her again," Clinton said at a recent fundraiser for the First Lady's Senate bid. "The only way they can win is to convince people we're space aliens," he added. "They have no guilt and no shame. I mean, they'll say anything."……"

Boston Globe 4/11/00 Walter Robinson Michael Crowley ‘…… Vice President Al Gore brings a remarkable life story to the presidential race: His father was such an unwavering supporter of civil rights that it cost him his Senate seat. His older sister was the first-ever volunteer in the Peace Corps, that heroic outpost on President Kennedy's New Frontier. By Gore's account: He was raised in hardscrabble Tennessee farm country. He was a brilliant student, in high school and at Harvard. And despite his political pull, he received no special treatment, opting instead to go to Vietnam where he was "shot at." After his Army service, he spent seven years as a journalist, and his reporting at the Tennessean in Nashville put corrupt officials in prison. As a junior member in the US House, he was a major force: He wrote and then spearheaded passage of the Superfund law. He even authored the US nuclear negotiating position. And at a time when President Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev faced off on the superpower stage, Gore had his own meeting with Gorbachev. And, of course, he created the Internet. At various times in his political career, Gore, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, has said all those things about himself and his family. None are quite true. ……."

New York Daily News 4/14/00 A M Rosenthal "....Cuba is a totalitarian state controlled by President Fidel Castro, who is chief of state, head of government, First Secretary of the Communist Party and commander in chief of the armed forces. "President Castro exercises control over all aspects of Cuban life through the Communist Party and its affiliated mass organizations, the government bureaucracy and the state security apparatus." "The judiciary is completely subordinate to the government and to the Communist Party." "The government does not allow criticism of the revolution or its leaders. If President Castro or members of the National Assembly or Council of State are the objects of criticism, the sentence can be extended to three years. Charges of disseminating enemy propaganda (which includes merely expressing opinions at odds with those of the government) can bring sentences of up to 14 years. "In the government's view, such material as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, international reports of human rights violations and mainstream foreign newspapers and magazines constitute enemy propaganda." Those are verbatim statements from the report on Cuba in 1999 by the State Department's human rights bureau. They are based entirely on Cuban law and regulation. The report is available to every member of the Clinton government and of Congress, which made annual human rights reviews mandatory and generally ignores them. In fact, it is available to every American and foreigner through the State Department Web site. Well, not Cubans, of course. Their computers have been declared the property of the government, and their access to computers and the Internet are naturally controlled by it........ Critically important: The report on Cuba is evidence that the Clinton government has been lying. It has been lying throughout the entire moral and legal crisis about whether Elian Gonzalez should be returned to Cuba or allowed to stay in the United States awaiting hearing and American law......"

The Daily Oklahoman 4/14/00 "……THE next time President Clinton, Sarah Brady or any other gun-control spokesman says 13 children a day in this country are being killed by guns, throw a brick through your television set and shout, "No, no, no!" OK, the brick part is a little extreme. But there should be lots of shouting about the 13- kids-a-day statistic because it is absolutely false………According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 629 children 14 and under died in gun-related incidents, or 1.7 a day, in 1997, the most recent year available. The stat for teens 15-19 is 3,576 or 9.8 per day. Put the two groups together and you get 4,205 or 11.5 per day. You have to include people over the age of 20 to reach the 13-per-day figure cited by Clinton and others. That includes young drug dealers who shoot each other, gang slayings and teen-age robbers who're shot by police. Kopel writes that the actual figure for gun-related deaths of children 10 and under is 0.4, which is "far lower than the number of children who are killed by automobiles, drowning or many other causes." ......"

NY Post 4/14/00 Maria Alvarez Rita Delfiner "……Elian Gonzalez's videotaped message to his dad insisting he won't go back to Cuba shows a coached performance by a child who's saying what his Miami relatives want to hear, experts said yesterday. Psychologist Robert Butterworth said the tape of the 6-year-old released by his Miami relatives appeared as edited and staged as "a Hollywood production." "The video shows a child frightened out of his mind to go back," he said. "He's a child who was subtly brainwashed by being in that environment, being told every day, 'This is the best place for you. Everyone loves you here and if you go home, this all stops.'" ……The home video shows Elian, wearing a red T-shirt and striped shorts and seated cross-legged on a bed, declaring in Spanish that "I do not want to go to Cuba ... If you want to, stay here. "I am not going to Cuba." The child pokes his finger emphatically in the air as he speaks. ….."

AP/Las Vegas Sun 4/13/00 "......A Democratic senator said Thursday it is "the brink of lunacy" for Independent Counsel Robert Ray to consider indicting President Clinton after he leaves office. "What is happening here is too outlandish and unbelievable to qualify anymore as literature," Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., said on the Senate floor. ...... During the Lewinsky scandal, Reid co-sponsored a censure resolution that, in lieu of impeachment proceedings, would have provided for the president to remain subject to criminal actions in a court of law. Reid said that Clinton is being subjected to both impeachment proceedings and criminal indictment is tantamount to double jeopardy......."

Freeper Starfan "......Co-sponsors of the Resolution of Censure: Mrs. Feinstein, Mr. Bennett, Mr. Moynihan, Mr. Chafee, Mr. Kohl, Mr. Jeffords, Mr. Lieberman, Mr. Smith of Oregon, Mr. Daschle, Ms. Snowe, Mr. Reid, Mr. Gorton, Mr. Bryan, Mr. McConnell, Mr. Cleland, Mr. Domenici, Mr. Torricelli, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Wyden, Mrs. Lincoln, Mr. Kerry, Mr. Kerrey, Mr.Schumer, Mr. Durbin, Mrs. Murray, Mr. Wellstone, Mr. Breaux, Ms. Mikulski, Mr. Dorgan, Mr. Baucus, Mr. Reed, Ms. Landrieu,Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Levin, Mr. Rockefeller, Mr. Robb, Mr. Inouye, and Mr. Akaka.

Resolution of Censure

Whereas William Jefferson Clinton, President of the United States, engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate employee in the White House, which was shameful,reckless and indefensible;

Whereas William Jefferson Clinton, President of the United States, deliberately misled and deceived the American people, and people in all branches of the United States government;

Whereas William Jefferson Clinton, President of the United States, gave false or misleading testimony and his actions have had the effect of impeding discovery of evidence in judicial proceedings;

Whereas William Jefferson Clinton's conduct in this matter is unacceptable for a President of the United States, does demean the Office of the President as well as the President himself, and creates disrespect for the laws of the land;

Whereas President Clinton fully deserves censure for engaging in such behavior;

Whereas future generations of Americans must know that such behavior is not only unacceptable but also bears grave consequences, including loss of integrity, trust and respect;

Whereas William Jefferson Clinton remains subject to criminal actions in a court of law like any other citizen;

Whereas William Jefferson Clinton's conduct in this matter has brought shame and dishonor to himself and to the Office of the President; and

Whereas William Jefferson Clinton through his conduct in this matter has violated the trust of the American people:

Now therefore, be it Resolved, That the United States Senate does hereby censure William Jefferson Clinton, President of the United States, and does condemn his wrongful conduct in the strongest terms; and now be it

Further resolved, That the United States Senate recognizes the historic gravity of this bipartisan resolution, and trusts and urges that future congresses will recognize the importance of allowing this bipartisan statement of censure and condemnation to remain intact for all time; and be it

Further resolved, That the Senate now move on to other matters of significance to our people, to reconcile differences between and within the branches of government, and to work together--across party lines--for the benefit of the American people. ......"

Senate Floor Statement by Senator Harry Reid Regarding the Ongoing Investigation of President Clinton by the Independent Counsel April 13, 2000 .......The House of Representatives voted to impeach on a straight party-line vote. This body voted not to convict the President on any charge. We then decided not to renew the law that authorized the Independent Counsel. That law died last summer.......... Mr. President, this is a long, sad and sordid story that should have ended long ago. The Independent Counsel's office has repeatedly stepped over the line of decency in its quest to find something, anything, on the President of the United States. Now, the new Special Prosecutor says he is looking at indicting the President after he leaves office next year. I say enough is enough. ......... The President has been tried in this body and acquitted. He has suffered, his family has suffered. His legacy is forever tarnished. He is deeply in debt to his lawyers. The Arkansas bar is considering withdrawing his license to practice law. He has not gone unpunished. Apparently, that is not enough for Mr. Ray. ........Many of his critics like to point out that the President does not have greater rights under the law than any other citizen of this country. That is true. But it is equally true that the President should not have fewer rights than any other citizen. ......... What the President did should not be lightly or easily forgiven. But it should not be blown out of proportion either, by an unrelenting prosecutor with an unlimited budget in search of a conviction that won't serve the cause of justice. This case has gone on far too long. Enough is enough. ......."

Daily Oklahoman 4/4/00 "…….. Bill Clinton Showed last week that, in addition to impeachment and lawlessness, he will be remembered for redefining the word "shameless". …….At a news conference with White House reporters the president said he was "appalled as the next person" to discover his 1996 re-election campaign accepted illegal contributions. "I was outraged when I found the the system for checking the backgrounds of contributors had been dismantled without my approval," he said. Thats a bit rich considering the parade of visitors into the Oval Office and Lincoln bedroom, allegations of Chinese influence and the rest. ……. Exhibit B would be Clinton's performance at the New York fund-raiser in which he railed against last year's Senate rejection of the administration-backed Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. "They have no guilt and no shame," Clinton said of the Republican majority, which refused to ratify the treaty because of concern for its effect on the United States' nuclear readiness and its lack of verifiability. Attacking people who disagree with him on policy is classic Clinton. He wasn't done. The president said the treaty's failure prevented him from getting arms agreements during recent tripsto India and Pakistan. "That is real gall, man," he said. "That requires a lot of moxie, you know? One of their great strengths, by the way, is they have no guilt and no shame. I mean they'll say anything." On that point, Bill Clinton qualifies as an expert. ......"

Washington Times 3/30/00 "…….The mysterious disk happens to contain e-mail messages that former intern Monica Lewinsky sent to two White House workers during and after the time she was carrying on with President Clinton. On March 17 the in-house counsel of Northrop Grumman, the firm that manages the White House's computer systems, turned the "zip disk" over to the Executive Office of the President, which, as of last Friday, had not yet reviewed its contents. The "zip disk's" mysterious appearance at the White House occurred one week after Justice Department investigators contacted the White House about the missing e-mails. That contact occurred three weeks after The Washington Times first reported that more than 100,000 e-mail messages sent between August 1996 and November 1998 were never properly archived by the White House - and, thus, were not found in the normal computer searches the White House conducted in efforts to comply with the various subpoenas. The "zip disk" also arrived at the White House six days before Robert Haas, the computer technician who compiled it and who turned it over to Northrop Grumman's corporate counsel, told Chairman Dan Burton of the House Government Reform Committee that he "never saved [any e-mail search responses or records] on a zip drive for anybody."……."

Washington Times 3/30/00 Jerry Seper "……. A top White House official lied to a federal court about missing White House e-mail messages, making "false and intentionally deceptive" statements in an affidavit prepared by the Justice Department, the chairman of a House committee said yesterday. Rep. Dan Burton, the Indiana Republican who is chairman of the House Government Reform Committee, told U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth in a letter he intends to ask today for a criminal investigation of Daniel "Tony" Barry, computer specialist for the Executive Office of the President. Mr. Burton said Mr. Barry swore in an affidavit "under the penalty of perjury" that e-mails sent to the White House had been collected in an Automated Records Management System (ARMS), although thousands were missing and the White House knew it……….. "Mr. Barry was aware that a large number of e-mails had not been archived in the ARMS system," Mr. Burton said in the letter. "Consequently, tomorrow I will submit a criminal referral regarding this false statement, signed by him and made under the penalty of perjury, to the Justice Department."…… Mr. Burton advised the judge that House investigators had been told that Justice Department lawyers who helped Mr. Barry with the affidavit "were aware that the information was misleading."….. He also said he was concerned that lawyers in the White House Counsel's Office "were also involved in this deception."......"In short, it may well be that Justice Department and White House attorneys were involved in a conspiracy to commit a fraud upon your court," Mr. Burton said……"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/30/00 Andrew cain "…… President Clinton yesterday called Vice President Al Gore "a good messenger" on campaign finance reform and said he was "as appalled as the next person" to learn his campaign accepted illegal foreign donations in 1996. _... was outraged when I found out that the system for checking the backgrounds of contributors and things like that had been dismantled without my knowledge or approval," Mr. Clinton said at his second news conference of the year. _... didn't need it to win. It was wrong," Mr. Clinton said. _......"

Washington Weekly 4/3/00 Edward Zehr "……. The latest news from Washington is that President Clinton is shocked, SHOCKED, to learn that his campaign accepted illegal foreign political contributions in 1996. Right. "It's still the same old story." "Your winnings, sir." "Round up the usual list of suspects." Besides evoking nostalgic lines from classic movies, Clinton contributes to the prevailing climate of fantasy and denial that grips our politics in this year of grace. "I was outraged when I found out that the system for checking the backgrounds of contributors and things like that had been dismantled without my knowledge or approval," Clinton told a press conference last week, looking outraged. "We didn't need it to win. It was wrong," Unh-hunh. So whom did he fire? Who was demoted? Who was transferred to a less sensitive position as the result of this egregious act that so outraged the chief? And why did it take him four years to get around to telling us that he is outraged? He's not just a kibitzer, you know -- he's supposed to be running the store. While he was at it, Clinton put in a good word or two for the way his administration has handled the case of the missing White House e-mail that was "lost" after being subpoenaed by a federal grand jury and three congressional committees. "I believe that it is accurate to say that we had turned over everything that had been found." ……" 5/8/00 Dr. Michael S. Brown "…….Soliciting votes from today's turned-off, apathetic voters is tough. Like mutating bacteria, voters are becoming immune to our favorite campaign tactics. If you want to win an election, you must return to the basics. The oldest weapons in the politician's arsenal are fear and hatred. They are always effective if applied properly. The principles outlined in this guide can be applied in many ways, but the perfect issue, as you will see, is gun control.......Your goal is to make voters fear guns and hate the gun lobby. These emotions can then be transferred to your opponent. We are dealing with emotions, not facts, because people are more easily influenced through their emotions. ……. To promote fear of guns you must be prepared to rapidly exploit appropriate shooting incidents. The media will make this easy for you, since they are already extremely anti-gun and prone to hysterical coverage of these events. Imagine surfing a wave. If you are smart, the wave does the work and you enjoy the ride. ......... One popular factoid says you are 43 times more likely to be killed by a gun in your home than to use it for self defense. This is nonsense, of course, but tossing out a number, then quickly changing the subject, can often end a debate on a favorable note. If you are challenged later, you can say that you got the information from a reliable source. ......... The final part of the strategy is to tie your opponent to the gun lobby. One of the best tactics is to obtain photos or video of your opponent meeting with evil gun lobbyists. Also look for statements by the gun lobby referring to your opponent as a supporter of their misguided agenda. Pass this material to your friends in the media and stand back; they will do the rest of the job for you. …….. As you make use of these principles, beware of a serious problem that has embarrassed several politicians. Bodyguards have an annoying habit of flashing their guns or leaving them in inappropriate places. This reminds people that you have armed protection and makes you appear hypocritical, so take steps to prevent this from happening. Also, if you have ever used a gun for protection, deny it. We know that the elite can be trusted with guns, but voters may not share our enlightened view. The truth has no place in politics. If you aren't willing to do what it takes to get elected, you don't deserve to hold an office. ….."

Christian Science Monitor 5/9/00 Laurent Belsie "……This spring, while most Americans were filling out the short census form, 21,000 households received a special form with an extra question. It was a test to see if Americans would voluntarily write in their Social Security numbers. Supporters call the experiment a worthy trial of new data-gathering methods. And many Americans, who regularly give their Social Security numbers to store clerks and government officials, may see nothing ominous in such requests. But critics charge it's another bureaucratic step toward a national identity tag. While some say that Washington already has a great deal of information about its citizens, critics say the bureaucracy is so convoluted that it's difficult to access it. ……" 5/5/00 "…….Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson's inaugural foray into the heady world of record making produced a sell-out. In less than one week on the charts, 1,000 free copies of his compact disc - "The Best of Al Gore: Hits of the 80's, 90's and Today!" - are in the mail to talk radio hosts across the country, with a 1,000 more on order. "Gore's 'Best of' CD are out the door faster than the Vice President escaping a pack of reporters demanding a real news conference," joked Nicholson. ……" Marc Perkel for Senate A new breed of Republican "…..I decided at the last minute to run against Ashcroft. He was unopposed in the primary. I'm opportunistic. If John Ashcroft gets tapped by Bush to be Vice President, that leaves me as the Republican Candidate. Bush needs someone like Ashcroft to bring the Religious Right back from Buchanan. Without the right wing, Bush doesn't have a chance. With Ashcroft, Bush can move to the middle while Ashcroft reels in the right. …….. I believe that Republican extremists are on their way out. Clinton and Gore have proven that the Democratic center is the place to be and their success with the economy speaks for itself. This race will be about who can best build on the Clinton/Gore economic recovery. That doesn't have to be a Democrat, but it won't be a Republican who denies the reality of what has happened to the economy over the last 7 years, and that Clinton and Gore, not the Democrats or Republicans in Congress, made it happen…... I don't buy into it. I used to own a Chevy pickup truck. Now I own a Ford. It's just a truck. It doesn't identify who I am. Running as a Democrat or a Republican is just a slot on the ballot to me. Yes, I did Run for Congress as a Democrat two years ago. But, none of my views on any of the issues have changed. And just because I changed parties doesn't mean that Gore isn't still the best man to be president……… Although I've written extensively on my issues, I will summarize these positions here. I am Strongly pro-choice…….I believe Jack Kevorkian is a hero because he is fighting to restore a person's right to decide their own death and to get relief for the dying and suffering. I believe it is our life and that the government has no place to interfere in personal decisions……… I'm against State led prayer in schools because it interferes with freedom of religion for all people. The government has no business creating a state religion. I'm against School Vouchers because if the government starts giving money to private schools then they will eventually control them and ruin them. I oppose Term Limits because it reduces my choice to keep someone I like……. I agree with Clinton and disagree with Bush and Gore that Elian Gonzalez should be returned to his father…Although many people find it offensive, I support the burning of the American Flag……"

Reuters 5/3/00 Patricia Wilson "…….Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush (news - web sites) rebuked Democratic rival Al Gore (news - web sites) Wednesday for constantly distorting the facts and said he expected better of someone running for the White House. The Texas governor cited several ``egregious examples'' of what he called the vice president's dishonesty, saying Gore had invented numbers and facts to make his case and vowed to respond swiftly to set the record straight. …… Glancing at a sheet of paper in his hand, Bush added: ``I'd be glad to give you a couple of egregious examples.'' They included Gore's charge that Bush was trapped in a Cold War mind-set and regarded Russia and China as once and future enemies, that the Texan had never assembled a budget and that under the governor recidivism in Texas had risen 25 percent. ……"

The Associated Press 5/1/00 "……With a CD recording just 10 minutes long, Republicans hope to make Vice President Al Gore a radio star. The Republican National Committee produced 1,000 compact discs featuring its favorite gaffes by Gore -- ``The Best of Al Gore: Hits of the '80s, '90s and Today!'' the compilation is called -- and is distributing them to radio talk shows around the country. One 6-second bit is Gore telling CNN last March, ``I took the initiative in creating the Internet.'' Another has Gore telling New Hampshire high school students, ``I found a little place in upstate New York called Love Canal.'' ….."

ST. Louis Post-Dispatch 4/26/00 Deirdre Shesgreen "…… When Democratic party officials reported their fund-raising totals earlier this month for an account affiliated with Gov. Mel Carnahan, they left out a few key details: how much soft money the account took in and who the soft-money donors were. ..."

Wall Street Journal 4/27/00 "…..Al Gore gave a big speech in New York this week about "our mountaintop moment" and "our values as a people" and "the virtues of responsibility." Actually, it was about economics. Along the way, Mr. Gore identified the most "irresponsible" man in American politics today. That turns out to be George W. Bush. Finally, he described his own philosophy of fiscal policy as "conservative." This all reminds us of the recent TV commercial in which a man is awakened from a sound sleep by Peter Pan, who assures him that he can still fly. "I can't fly," the astonished onetime resident of Never-Never Land replies, "I've grown up." ......,, Based on a reading of this speech, it appears that the Gore campaign pitch will be directed at that slice of the electorate which, despite the past seven years, still keeps up a childlike credulousness toward whatever politicians promise. ..."


Rockford Institute 5/11/00 Srdja Trifkovic "……. The proponents of the Kosovo intervention are in real trouble. That they stand exposed as liars, conspirators against peace, and war criminals is no news to our readers. But when their own minions in the courtier press decide that it is time to look for a lifeboat, the ship must be sinking indeed. ......... The International Herald Tribune published a remarkable op-ed piece last Thursday (May 11) by that paper's and Los Angeles Times' columnist William Pfaff. "After NATO's Lies About Kosovo, It's Time to Come Clean," says the headline to Pfaff's piece prompted by recent revelations that NATO lied about the military effectiveness of its air war against Serbia a year ago. This "poses a question," says he: "What other lies may have been told? Did the ethnic cleansing inside Kosovo really begin before NATO's attacks started? The Serbs and some reports in the international press say 'no.' There have been claims that the United States deliberately sabotaged the Rambouillet conferences in order to provoke a bombing campaign that it expected to be quick and decisive. We know that panic was produced in Brussels when it proved to be neither... What else is there to come out about what went on in Kosovo before the NATO intervention?…."

Inside The Pentagon 5/11/00 Elaine Grossman "……. A general officer who led the Air Force study of last year's war over Kosovo used a controversial on-the-ground damage assessment conducted by NATO's military staff as a starting point, then built upon those numbers considerably using other data from satellite imagery, pictures from U-2 reconnaissance planes and unmanned aerial vehicles, and interviews with pilots and forward air controllers, according to Air Force officials……… Beginning last summer, Brig. Gen. John Corley led a team of more than 200 analysts in a nine-week study of NATO's effectiveness in the war against Yugoslavia. But left unclear in the media coverage this week has been the fact that the only on-the-ground survey of Kosovo battle damage assessment -- a report Newsweek said had been "suppressed" -- was done, at least in part, under Corley's leadership, Air Force sources tell Inside the Pentagon……"

International Herald Tribune 5/11/00 William Pfaff "……Newsweek magazine's revelation that NATO lied about its air war over Kosovo a year ago poses a question: What other lies may have been told? Newsweek publishes what it says are the suppressed findings of a U.S. Air Force investigation into the results of the air campaign against Serbian army forces in Kosovo....... Last year NATO claimed that it had destroyed 120 tanks, 220 armored personnel carriers and 450 artillery pieces in 744 ''confirmed'' air strikes. In Washington, Secretary of Defense William Cohen said these attacks had ''severely crippled [Serbian] military forces in Kosovo by destroying more than 50 percent of [their] artillery and one-third of the armored vehicles.'' The reality, according to the new air force report, is that NATO destroyed 14 tanks, 18 armored personnel carriers and 20 artillery pieces - more or less what the Serbian government said at the time, which was dismissed by NATO as Serbian ''disinformation''……."

Washington Times 5/29/00 "……Well, he said it. For all intents and purposes, Lee Radek, the head of the Justice Department's so-called public integrity section, has publicly called two senior FBI officials liars. To be sure, somebody is not telling the truth. But all the circumstantial evidence points to Mr. Radek and not to the FBI. Moreover, either Attorney General Janet Reno is lying as well; or her memory and mind are operating so poorly that they should disqualify her from holding a position of such responsibility……... In that memo, Mr. Freeh told Mr. Esposito that he had discussed Mr. Radek's remarks with Miss Reno and had strongly urged her to recuse both herself and Mr. Radek from the investigation of the Democrats 1996 fund-raising practices and to seek the appointment of an independent counsel. When the Associated Press learned of the memo last week, Mr. Radek issued a statement asserting that he had "no recollection of ever saying I was under pressure because the attorney general's job hung in the balance." The next day Miss Reno declared that she had no "recollection" of a meeting with Mr. Freeh in which the FBI director told her of Mr.Radek's comments about the pressure and about her job hanging in the balance. No recollection? At that very moment, Miss Reno's job did in fact hang in the balance. …."

The Washington Weekly 5/14/00 J Peter Mulhern "……The Million Mom March is coming to town. For the sake of brevity let's call it the M3. M3 represents the triumph of alliteration over arithmetic. Nobody believes that much more than one hundred thousand people will march in Washington this weekend. Not all the marchers will be mothers. But hey, what's an order of magnitude among friends. ……… Arithmetic isn't a strong suit for the marching moms The organizers of M3 persist in publicizing the absurd factoid that 14 "kids" fall victim to gun violence every day. One can only approach this figure by including statistics from the entire population under the age of 20 and lumping together suicides, accidents and gang-related violence with all other shootings. If one corrects for these distortions it turns out that M3's PR is, once again, off by an order of magnitude. ……….M3 enthusiasts have tried to defend their sensational claim of 14 dead kids per diem by arguing that a death is a death and that teenagers are, after all, quite young even if they aren't strictly speaking children. This doesn't disguise the deliberately deceptive nature of the M3 PR. ….." 5/30/00 Phyllis Schlafly "…The Million Mom March was not a grassroots uprising of mothers but a slick media event orchestrated by Bill Clinton's public relations experts and led by a sister-in-law of a close friend of Hillary Clinton. That the campaign was contrived was evident in the cozy meeting with the President, the extravagant television coverage and multi-page color "ads" disguised as "news" in national magazines, and the distribution of color brochures in airports. …….. The Centers for Disease Control could identify only 21 children under age 15 dying from accidental handgun deaths in 1996. But 40 children under the age of five drown in water buckets every year and another 80 drown in bathtubs. Are we going to demand that water buckets and bathtubs be locked up and fitted with safety catches? The risk of a child drowning in a swimming pool is 100 times greater than the risk of dying from a firearm-related accident. ……"

Excite/Reuters 5/26/00 Christine Gardner "……Defense Secretary William Cohen said Friday the Pentagon did not try to smear defense worker Linda Tripp's reputation and denied that he whitewashed the release of information from her private file. Cohen spoke a day after he reprimanded Pentagon spokesman Ken Bacon and former Bacon aide Clifford Bernath in letters to them for releasing information to a reporter in 1998 from Tripp's government file. "Contrary to allegations that have been made, there was no attempt to injure Miss Tripp's credibility or her reputation" in releasing the file information, the secretary told reporters at Morristown Airport after touring nearby Picatinny Arsenal. "They (Bacon and Bernath) were seeking to respond to pressure from the press and said that the Freedom of Information Act was very much involved in their minds and there was no attempt to orchestrate any campaign to discredit Miss Tripp," he said in response to questions. ……."

U.S. Pacific Command 5/26/00 Thomas Ricks "….. When Pentagon officials first sat down last year to update the core planning document of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, they listed China as a potential future adversary, a momentous change from the last decade of the Cold War. But when the final version of the document, titled "Joint Vision 2020," is released next week, it will be far more discreet. Rather than explicitly pointing at China, it simply will warn of the possible rise of an unidentified "peer competitor." …….The Joint Chiefs' wrestling with how to think about China--and how open to be about that effort--captures in a nutshell the U.S. military's quiet shift away from its traditional focus on Europe. Cautiously but steadily, the Pentagon is looking at Asia as the most likely arena for future military conflict, or at least competition. ……"

WorldNetDaily 5/24/00 Patrick Poole "….. Members of Congress are expressing outrage after Department of Justice and FBI lobbyists tucked an unseen provision into an anti-drug bill that expands their power to conduct "black bag" jobs, allowing them to enter homes, conduct searches and seize certain items without telling anyone. ……" 5/24/00 "….. The Clinton-Gore administration, seeking congressional support for normalized trade relations with Communist China, has added free Taiwan to its list of hostile-spy nations. The Washington Times is reporting on a secret directive signed by Attorney General Janet Reno that puts the Chinese breakaway island government in the same category with nations long considered to be engaged in hostile spying against the United States. ….. The attorney general listed the states the Federal Bureau of Investigation is now to regard as America's most dangerous "strategic national security threats." In order of priority, they are: Russia, China, North Korea, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Serbian-controlled Bosnia, Vietnam, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan and Taiwan. ……" 5/25/00 "…… Rosie O'Donnell just hates guns. They are evil. They hurt people. They kill people. Remember how she treated Tom Selleck on her show for supporting the NRA. …… Rosie would like a gun-free world for America -- or should we say for the rest of America. For herself, she would like a gun. She would like one for her bodyguard. Why? To keep her and her children safe. Some of Rosie's Greenwich, Connecticut neightbors noted the irony recently when her bodyguard applied for a gun permit. ….."

New York Post 5/25/00 "……. When it was convenient to argue that Bill Clinton deserved any punishment except impeachment for his perjury, New York's soon-to-be-senior senator was talking tough. But now that a disciplinary panel appointed by the Arkansas Supreme Court wants to disbar the president for "serious misconduct" during his Paula Jones case testimony, Schumer is as mild as a tabby cat. Back in October 1998, Schumer had this to say: "The president's actions cry out for punishment but do not rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors ... I don't want to get into the degree of punishment ... but it should be significant." ……… Now that it's time for Clinton's punishment, however, Schumer is claiming that the process is a sham. The panel's decision, he says, is the work of Clinton's enemies, and it comes from a "kangaroo court." First of all, is Schumer really calling the Arkansas Supreme Court panel a kangaroo court? Has he uttered this anti-Arkansas slur in front of Senator-wannabe Hillary? …..Secondly - and much more to the point - the fact is that the charges against Clinton were not brought exclusively by his political enemies. ……" 5/19/00 "…… Following an article published in the UK science magazine New Scientist, a group of solar physicists have taken issue with the article's slant that the Sun is not to blame for global warming. The scientists further argue that the original article was misinterupted as suggesting the sun does not play a key role in our recent detection of global warming. Paal Brekke a solar physicist with the SOHO project told SpaceDaily that there is growing evidence that the sun and its relationship with the ebb and flow of cosmic rays is responsible for a substantial portion of the increase in global tempurates. ……..In an article published on the University of Oslo website Paal Brekke and Nigel Marsh provide details on the growing evidence that Cosmic Rays have a significant influence on the Earth's cloud cover and reprinted with the permission of the authors. ……"

Media Research Center 5/17/00 Tim Graham "…..The mom leading this parade is Donna Dees-Thomases, portrayed as a suburban homemaker and part-time CBS publicist from Short Hills, New Jersey. But sometimes the hype gets ahead of reality. ………… Us Weekly repeated the Dees-Thomases mom-in-tennis-shoes public-relations bit, that she came up with the idea after seeing footage of the August 10, 1999 shooting at a California day-care center. "Before that I wasn't politically active," she claimed, "I'd throw my sneaker at the TV, but did I get off my couch? No." NBC's Tom Brokaw began their Dees-Thomases profile: "And Women to Watch, tonight a mother who'd never been politically active until she saw this [shooting footage]." ………. But the Hillary Clinton for Senate campaign recorded that a Donna Thomases of Short Hills, New Jersey donated $1,000 on August 9, 1999, the day before the shooting. (She added another $250 on October 14.) If that seems like nitpicking about "never" being politically active before, consider that she worked as an assistant press secretary to Sen. Bennett Johnston (D-La.) and then Sen. Russell Long (D-La.) from 1979 to 1983. Us Weekly mentioned the Long job, but allowed Dees-Thomases to be both a neophyte and well-connected, since her sister-in-law is one of Hillary's best friends, Susan Thomases.

Media Research Center 5/17/00 Tim Graham "…..Next to another promotional article, in a People magazine caption, came another quote: "At first, I didn't know the Brady bill from The Brady Bunch." Is that a credible claim of ignorance for a woman who served as a spokesperson for CBS News from 1987 to 1993? ……..On September 23, 1987, the Washington Post reported, "Donna Dees has been named manager of communications for CBS News. Based in New York, her responsibilities will include the Washington bureau, special events and 'Campaign '88.'" ….."

Associated Press 5/17/00 "……A television reporter was charged with theft for taking a videotape from the car of a man suspected of staging pit bull fights, authorities said. Tom Lyden acknowledged taking the tape, which showed dogs fighting, from Will Grigsby's parked car. He has called it "aggressive reporting." Authorities had searched the property of Grigsby's girlfriend earlier and taken other tapes related to dog fighting, and 13 pit bulls were seized there last month. Grigsby, of St. Paul, is charged with staging dog fights. ……. "

New York Post Print Edition Only 5/17/00 John J Miller "……Al Gore's defenders claim he's not a liar - it's all just media bias. But National Review political reporter John. J. Miller has compiled a list- which The Post will be sharing with its readers in the weeks to come. …..
CLAIM: "It's not fair to say, 'Okay, after his sister died, he continued in the same relationship with the tobacco industry.' I did not. I did not. I began to confront them forcefully. I don't see the inconsistency there."
TRUTH: The same month Gore's sister died in 1984, he received a $1,000 speaking fee from U.S. Tobacco. The next year, he voted against cigarette and tobacco tax increases three times and favored a bill allowing major cigarette makers to purchase discounted tobacco. In the 1988 campaign, Gore bragged of his tobacco background: "I want you to know that with my own hands, all of my life, I put [tobacco] in the plant beds and transferred it. I've hoed it, I've dug in it, I've sprayed it, I've chopped it, I've shredded it, spiked it, put it in the barn, and stripped it and sold it" (Newsday, 2-26-88). ......"

New York Post 5/16/00 "……So in the end, the "Million Mom March" turned out to be little more than a super-hyped Democratic Party campaign rally. Gee, what a surprise.

* Bill and Hillary Clinton hosted the organizers at the White House;
* Mrs. Clinton and Tipper Gore campaigned personally among the obviously sympathetic crowd; and,
* Speakers repeatedly praised both the president and the vice president and castigated the GOP.
Doesn't sound very non-partisan to us. …… But then, from the beginning, everything about the event has been misrepresented by its organizers, with the help of a gullible and sympathetic media. ….. "Head Mom" Donna Dees-Thomases piously proclaimed she'd "never been politically active." Then it turned out that not only is she the sister-in-law of Susan Thomases, Hillary Clinton's close political adviser, but she also worked as an assistant press secretary to two Democratic senators from 1979 to 1983. Some rookie. ……"

New York Post 5/16/00 "…… The rally's message is contradicted by the fact that, despite the intense media coverage of tragedies like Columbine and Jonesboro, gun violence in America is down significantly in recent years. And this is so despite the fact that, under Clinton and Gore, prosecutions of gun-law offenders are virtually non-existent. Of the more than 400,000 felons and others successfully barred from buying guns under the Brady Bill, fewer than 1,000 have been prosecuted for lying on their applications. And of the 6,000 youths caught trying to sneak guns into schools since 1996, only 17 (!) have been prosecuted. Federal gun-law prosecutions are down 25 percent under Clinton-Gore. …….. The "Million Mom March" was, fundamentally, an exercise in the same dishonesty that has long surrounded the gun-control debate. ……"

Augusta Chronicle 6/4/00 "…….. It was one of President Lyndon Johnson's Vietnam-era spokesmen who candidly admitted, ``Sometimes we have to lie to the American people.'' The United States and its North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies have taken a page from that dishonest playbook. NATO's numbers regarding the effectiveness of its air attack on Serbia just don't add up. U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Henry Shelton, not long after the bombing campaign ended, bragged that NATO's airplanes had ``killed'' approximately 120 tanks, 220 armored vehicles and 450 artillery and mortar pieces. But according to a suppressed U.S. Air Force report leaked to Newsweek, ``the number of targets verifiably destroyed'' were only 14 tanks, 18 armored trucks and 20 artillery and mortar pieces. The Air Force report was shamefully buried by top Pentagon officials who didn't want to contradict the official Clinton-Gore line that the Serbian campaign was the most successful air operation in all of military history. ….." 6/4/00 Carl Limbacher "…… Excerpts of a still-unreleased Clinton administration report on the April 22 raid that seized Elian Gonzalez indicate that the internal government review has exonerated a federal SWAT team charged with using excessive force. ……. Several of the conclusions reported by CBS are contradicted by accounts already on the record from Gonzalez family members and other eyewitnesses to the assault on the Gonzalez home. "Team members made no threats to use force against anyone in the home. ... No one on the team threatened to shoot anyone during the operation," concluded the probe. The assertion that agents didn't threaten to shoot anyone is contradicted by at least three sources present during the raid. ……Both Elian's cousin, Marisleysis Gonzalez, and the person from whose arms the boy was snatched, Donato Dalrymple, have repeatedly asserted that agents shouted at them, "Give me the boy or I'll shoot." …….. Just minutes after the raid, NBC camerman Tony Zumbado told his network that agents physically restrained him and "told me not to move or else they were going to shoot." ......" 6/4/00 Carl Limbacher "…… Another point of contention: "No team member struck anyone with a weapon during the operation," claims the report. But again, cameraman Zumbado's account of what happened to NBC sound man Gustavo Moeller flatly contradicts that denial. "My sound man got hit with a shotgun butt on the head," he said, adding that Moeller was "dragged outside - he was halfway in - and he was dragged to the fence and left there, and they told him if he moved they'd shoot." ......Kerry Sanders, a third member of the NBC crew, later told that he saw clear evidence of the attack on Moeller: "Gustavo doesn't make it in. Gustavo's outside. He said one of the agents takes the butt of his gun and bangs it right into his forehead, causing him to fall down. I saw the blood on his forehead." The report also challenges Zumbado's claim that he was assaulted during the pre-dawn raid. "I was kicked in the stomach and pushed down and they kind of like put their foot on my back...," the cameraman told NBC. Fellow crew member Sanders later gave this account: "Tony is hit in the stomach and goes down. And then the agent puts his foot on Tony's back and puts a gun to him and says, 'Don't move or I'll shoot.'" Zumbado was hospitalized four days after the assault, which Sanders said severely aggravated a pre-existing back problem. ......,, But according to CBS, the Clinton administration's after-action review showed that "no one was pushed or held to the floor in the Gonzalez home, that a video cameraman was not touched in the home. ..." ……."

WorldNetDaily 6/1/00 Tanya Metaksa "……Elitists are so predictable. They talk about the diversity of public schools, while sending their children to private schools; they talk about disarming the populace, while hiring bodyguards to carry guns; they oppose allowing ordinary workers to invest their own Social Security money in the stock market, while investing in Internet start-ups to fund their own retirement. ………Most law-abiding gun owners were not surprised when the Stamford Advocate published the story about Rosie O'Donnell's bodyguard applying to the Greenwich Police Department for a pistol-carrying permit. …..I predict that none of her children will ever set foot in a public school. Rosie, like so many of her elitist colleagues, can't seem to admit they are snobs and don't know truth from fiction. After all on her television show of April 19, 1999, Rosie the hypocrite said, "I don't care if you want to hunt. I don't care if you think it's your right. I say, 'Sorry.' It is 1999. We have had enough as a nation. You are not allowed to own a gun, and if you do own a gun I think you should go to prison." Yet when queried about whether her bodyguard should carry a gun on May 24, 2000, she said, "I don't personally own a gun, but if you are qualified, licensed and registered, I have no problem." ......"

Washington Times 6/5/00 Nat Hentoff "……As funds continue to be raised for Bill Clinton's presidential library, I would be eager to see whether there'll be a room opened only by special - and very limited - permission. Where, for example, will there be the contempt-of-court ruling against him by U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright for "undermining the integrity of the judicial system?" No other president had one. And in what room will there be another unprecedented part of his legacy - the recommendation by the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct that William Jefferson Clinton be the first sitting president to be disbarred? He will likely be out of office before his appeals are concluded, but in this, too, he is - as Duke Ellington used to say of certain musicians - "beyond category."...... The best journalism is a rough draft of history, and future historians will spend considerable time with "Truth at Any Cost: Ken Starr and the Unmaking of Bill Clinton" (HarperCollins), by Susan Schmidt of The Washington Post and Michael Weisskopf of Time magazine. After interviewing more than 150 of those directly involved - including Ken Starr and 25 members of his staff, along with 14 of Mr. Clinton's lawyers, advisers and aides, 13 officials of the Justice Department and the Secret Service, and many others in the cast of this constitutional drama - they have produced the factual narrative, including abundant source material, to illuminate Judge Posner's constitutional and other conclusions. ….."

L.A. Times 6/18/00 Alissa Rubin "……Despite the increasing level of discomfort with the high court's ruling--43% of current survey respondents express support for Roe, compared with 56% in 1991--the poll shows continued opposition to a constitutional ban on abortion…..More than half of those surveyed say abortion should either be illegal in all circumstances or legal only in cases of rape, incest or when a woman's life is in danger. At the same time, more than two-thirds say that, regardless of their own feelings on the subject, the highly personal decision to obtain an abortion should be left to a woman and her doctor. ……. Even more striking, while 57% of respondents say they consider abortion to be murder, more than half of that group agree that a woman should have the right to choose an abortion....... Bush's opposition to abortion appeared more likely to help his candidacy than Gore's support of abortion rights will help his. …..Nearly two-thirds of respondents say abortions should be illegal after the first three months of pregnancy. While 85% support abortion when a woman's physical health is at risk, the level of support drops to 54% when only her emotional health is at stake. And 66% say they support abortion when the fetus is at risk of an abnormality......."

MRC 6/15/00 "……Al Gore, who last year boasted how he "took the initiative in creating the Internet," denied any knowledge of how many of his subpoenaed e-mails were lost, conceding, during a Fox News Channel interview, "I'm not an expert on computers." 2) Al Gore's tenants complained the repairs haven't been made and that he reneged on the promise of other housing, FNC's Brit Hume relayed. ..."

WorldNetDaily 6/15/00 Paul Sperry "….." "To have this happen after all that we have done to improve security," lamented Los Alamos director John Browne. Boy, I feel safe. All that you've done? Like what? Los Alamos contractors tell me that Energy still hasn't replaced controls on foreign visitors. In 1998 alone, the labs hosted more than 1,100 foreign visitors from Russia and 918 from China, the only country with long-range nuclear-tipped missiles pointed at U.S. cities (13 under target, to be exact). ......Who rolled out the Red carpet? Browne. That's right, as I first reported in a June 28, 1999, Investor's Business Daily editorial, Browne refuses to turn away such visitors, even though he acknowledges they "represent a challenge in protecting classified and sensitive information." "At first glance, the exclusion of foreign nationals may look like an attractively simple solution," he reasoned in a May 18, 1999, internal lab paper. "But it would not solve the broader security problems that the world faces." ......

WorldNetDaily 6/15/00 Richard Grenier "…..In the cloud of euphoria that accompanied Bill Clinton to the White House seven years ago, he made a high-minded prediction about the extreme ethical nature soon to be revealed to the country by his administration. Never, he promised, had America seen such honest people. ……… The years have rolled on, and not even counting his "is-is," impeachment and other scandals, there are not many people left who'd consider Mr. Clinton an even remotely honest man. It just doesn't seem to be in his nature to tell the truth. He opens his mouth and out come descriptions of the world the way he'd ardently like it to be. The curious thing is that he never seems self-conscious or rattled when he delivers these elaborate fictions. But it would be rash to believe the fictions completely the way they come out of his mouth. …….."

AP 6/13/00 "…..Facing a Republican inquiry into missing e-mails, Vice President Al Gore said Tuesday he remembers his office losing three days of e-mails and the problem getting fixed after he asked aides, "What in the world happened?" ……. "I remember the system, the computer system, breaking down and losing three days of e-mail," Gore said in an interview with The Associated Press between campaign stops. "I remember asking them, 'What in the world happened?' and it was in the nature of saying, 'Please don't let that happen again.'" With a chuckle, Gore said he was concerned that the e-mails were lost with no backup system. "The answer I got was verbal assurance that they had fixed the problem and it wouldn't happen again. And it hasn't happened." …….."

Media Research Center 6/13/00 Brent Baker "……Ex-Clinton operative Cheryl Mills hosted Oxygen's forum with Al Gore. She promised that the women questioning Gore represented "a cross-section of...political ideology." In fact, 14 questions came from the left, two from the right. Also in the audience: Million Mom March's Donna Dees-Thomases. Oxygen Breathed Liberal for Gore…….. In fact, 14 of the questions posed came from the left with just two queries from the right, a 7-to-1 ratio. Another four did not have a clear ideological angle……….When we last heard from Mills she was making a preposterous argument at an early May House Government Reform Committee hearing about missing White House e-mail. She scolded the committee members: "Nothing you discover today will feed one person, give shelter to someone who is homeless, educate one child, provide health care for one family, or justice to an African-American or Hispanic juvenile."……."

Washington Times 6/9/00 "…… The Clinton administration has insisted for months it acted independently in its handling of the Elian Gonzalez case. But Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) e-mail recently made public through the courts indicates that the White House was in very close, and probably daily, communication with the Cuban government to discuss the Elian case. Even more potentially damaging to the administration is an INS memo that strongly suggests the government agency first decided to return Elian to Cuba and later sought to find a legal justification for its decision. In other words, U.S. policy with Cuba, rather than the law, would have been the INS' overriding priority. ………..An INS e-mail dated Jan. 19 said, "DOS [Department of State] wants to have a daily conference call to coordinate press guidance and communications with the Cubans." If the INS were simply following U.S. laws, irrespective of the concerns of the Cuban government, then why would daily coordination for communications with the Cubans be necessary? This coordination would hardly seem appropriate if the INS were independently resolving immigration issues related to Elian. …….Meanwhile, an undated INS e-mail memo asks, "What is INS going to say if someone asks why, if the [regulation] didn't really require us to give notice [to Elian's father], we moved forward as we did?" The memo goes on to say, "As noted, it is my view that the [regulation] is clear. INS has no LEGAL obligation to contact the father. The INS may have no legal basis to make a determination on that issue." …"

Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel 6/11/00 Luisa Yanez "……The NBC cameraman who disputed last week the official Department of Justice report on the raid to retrieve Elián González has been invited by immigration officials to tell his side of the story. Veteran cameraman Tony Zumbado, 45, of Miami, who was assigned by the network to camp across the street from the Little Havana home where Elián lived, said he is set to meet with officials at 2 p.m. Tuesday at U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service headquarters in Miami. "I'll tell them whatever they want to know," Zumbado said. "As a witness, I always thought they would talk to me before they issued their report, but they never did." ……. Zumbado, one of the only people inside the house during the raid who did not have a stake in the outcome of the Elián case, is disputing the agents' accounts of their behavior. He called the government's 51-page report "a whitewash." Accompanying Zumbado will be attorneys for NBC, which has filed an official grievance with the federal agency over the treatment its crew received during the April 22 pre-dawn raid. …….. The INS invitation came in the wake of Zumbado's disputing of the agents' claims that they did not manhandle anyone inside the house or use foul language or tear gas. Zumbado said they did all those things. …….Zumbado, one of only two journalists to make it inside the house footsteps ahead of the federal agents, said he was struck in the back, thrown on the ground and kept at gunpoint near the front door, which prevented him from videotaping the dramatic events unfolding inside the house. ……Meanwhile, agents outside the house struck his sound man on the head, he said. ……"

Buffalo News 6/13/00 Lauren Sadler "……I'm sure the June 6 letter protesting the hanging of the Ten Commandments in public schools raised some eyebrows. Whenever Christian Americans propose an activity that "exercises" their religious beliefs, a First Amendment, constitutionally protected right, we are told by non-believers that we should "recognize and respect the rights of others." We are reminded that we "should not infringe upon the equal rights of others" and that we are "thereby obligated to respect the same rights of others." ……… Yet when we Christians express dissatisfaction with pornography on magazine shelves, we are told, "Just don't purchase it!" When we express dismay at the content of television shows and movies, we are told, "Just change the channel!" When we raise concern over the language and ideas expressed in popular music, we are told, "You don't have to listen to it!" When we express distaste for government-subsidized pornography that is called art, we are told, "You don't have to go see it!" ……Would I be remiss in saying that these people don't have to read the Ten Commandments just because they are hanging on a wall? ……"

Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel 6/9/00 Luisa Yanez "……The federal agents who carried out the Elián González raid said they were the picture of professionalism, according to an internal Department of Justice report released this week. They uttered no foul words. Used no physical force. Shoved no guns in anyone's face. Used no tear gas. They went in, grabbed the boy and rushed out. Mission accomplished, the report states. But this week, one witness who was inside the house and says he has no stake in the outcome of the Elián case is challenging the veracity of the government's 51-page report on the controversial raid. "It's a pack of lies; a whitewash," said Tony Zumbado, 45, of Miami, the freelance NBC cameraman who ran inside the Little Havana house steps ahead of federal agents who stormed in at 5:15 a.m. April 22. …….."To read the report, you would think this was the most perfect, uneventful mission they ever carried out," said Zumbado, a veteran who has been on numerous police SWAT-team missions. Zumbado said the agents did everything they said they didn't do in their report. ……."The agents were physically and verbally abusive; they said every bad word in the book and kept me from doing my job," said Zumbado, who had become so tied to the story that other reporters had dubbed him "the Mayor of Camp Elián," at the media tent set up across the street from the home of Elián's Miami relatives. Others, including the boy's Miami family, attorneys and supporters who were at the house, have given a version similar to Zumbado's, but they were players in the drama. Zumbado was not. ……"

ABC News 20/20 6/9/00 Brian Ross and Richard D. Allyn "….. From tofu and tacos to burgers and baby formula, soy products have swept the nation as a healthy source of high protein, with a reputation for being all natural and all good. But a 20/20 investigation has found that amid all of this praise, some scientists are now challenging this popular wisdom, and suggesting there may be a downside to this "miracle food." "The safety issues are largely unanswered," says Daniel Doerge, a research scientist for the Food and Drug Administration and an expert on soy. New studies have raised questions over whether the natural ingredients in soy might increase the risk of breast cancer in some women, affect brain function in men and lead to hidden developmental abnormalities in infants. This unresolved scientific debate continues to develop. Just last October, soy enjoyed a huge boost when the FDA issued a health claim, concluding that soy may lower both cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease. ……But two of the FDA's experts on soy - Doerge and his colleague, Daniel Sheehan - have stepped forward to criticize their own agency's claim and even attempted in vain to stop the recommendation. Their main concern: that the claim could be misinterpreted as a much broader endorsement for soy protein, beyond benefits solely for the heart. ….."

U.S. News Online 6/19/00 Kenneth T. Walsh and Marianne Lavelle "…… A time bomb may be ticking for Al Gore's presidential campaign. It arrived last week, courtesy of congressional Republicans, in the form of documents showing that even presumed loyalists wanted an independent counsel to investigate the vice president's role in a 1996 fundraising scandal. …………. The documents show that even Gore's natural allies were deeply skeptical of his professed ignorance. Key Justice Department official Robert Litt, whom conservatives had accused of pro-administration bias, actually favored an independent counsel's probe rather than leaving the matter to Attorney General Janet Reno. "It was a question of whether there was clear and convincing evidence that Gore didn't intend to lie," says Litt, now practicing law. While he never concluded there was a criminal case against Gore, he argued that the matter would have been best handled by an outside lawyer. Reno said no. In one of the released memos, Litt wrote, "It is not uncommon for us to bring a perjury case where the defendant's statements are contradicted by documents. . . . "

Washington Weekly 6/12/00 Marvin Lee "…..The past week has not been a good one for presidential candidate Albert Gore. "Slumlord" was one title that was associated with him after it was revealed how the tenants in a house on his property were treated. They were evicted after complaining about backed up toilets and clogged sink drains that were never fixed. The story made it into national media -- but only reporters critical of the Clinton administration covered the news. More serious were the revelations on the legal front. One by one, Albert Gore's excuses in the Chinagate scandal are exposed as lies…….Gore told the FBI he missed parts of a key fund-raising meeting because he drank lots of iced tea and had to take frequent bathroom breaks In a memo that has been withheld by the Justice Department until it was released to Congress last week, that excuse is revealed as a bald lie: "Not only is there no evidence that this occurred, but the [FBI] agents' notes reflect that [Harold] Ickes told them that when he conducted meetings, he would halt the proceedings if the president or vice president stepped out of the room; the meeting would resume when they returned."……" 6/11/00 "…… A Department of Justice summary of what happened during the raid on the Lazaro Gonzalez house claims that the agents involved conducted themselves like perfect gentlemen - a claim scoffed at by eyewitnesses. ``News footage of the operation clearly shows that the team members acted with discipline and restraint ... as they entered the González home,'' according to a Justice Department summary of Reno's raid when Elian Gonzalez was seized at gunpoint. "It's a pack of lies; a whitewash," free-lance NBC cameraman Tony Zumbado, 45, of Miami told the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel. ……. Zumbado, who had been covering the standoff at the Gonzalez residence for weeks, ran inside the Gonzalez house just before federal agents stormed in at 5:15 a.m. April 22. ……. ``They really are trying to misrepresent the whole thing,'' said Cuban-American businessman Carlos de la Cruz, who was in the house during the raid. ``They are making this sound as if this is a beginning of a cotillion.'' A cotillion it was not, said cameraman Zumbado. The federal agents acted like a bunch of out-of-control thugs, according to the NBC free-lancer, who has been on a number of police S.W.A.T. team raids. "To read the report, you would think this was the most perfect, uneventful mission they ever carried out," Zumbado told the newspaper. The feds, he said, did everything they denied doing in their reports. "The agents were physically and verbally abusive; they said every bad word in the book and kept me from doing my job," said Zumbado. ……"

CBSNEWS 6/11/00 "….This year's debate over campaign finance reform is boiling down to predictable partisan jabs with no changes in the status quo. Vice President Al Gore is under fire for Democratic National Commitee (DNC) campaign ads funded by so-called "soft money." Only months ago, Gore had vowed, "I will take the first step by requesting the Democratic National Committee not to run any issue ads paid for by soft money unless and until the Republican Party uses such money for advertising." Republicans now charge the vice president has broken that promise. But on CBS News' Face The Nation on Sunday, DNC General Chairman Ed Rendell said Gore had never promised to "unilaterally disarm." ……Also on Face The Nation, Rep. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said of Gore and his promise: "This manipulation has continued for seven and a half years. This is about honesty and trust. I can vote for somebody I disagree with politically. I can't vote for somebody I don't trust to tell me the truth." ……"

NY Post 6/7/00 Vincent Morris Brian Blomquist "…… A new Justice Department document from the funny-money campaign-funding investigation says Al Gore's famous "iced-tea defense" is all wet. Gore told the FBI he missed parts of a key fund-raising meeting because he drank lots of iced tea and had to take frequent potty breaks - but a federal prober said Gore's defense can't be true. The Justice Department prosecutor wrote that former White House aide Harold Ickes, who ran the fund-raising meetings, always stopped them when President Clinton or Gore had to leave the room. "Not only is there no evidence that this occurred, but the agents' notes reflect that Ickes told them that when he conducted meetings, he would halt the proceedings if the president or vice president stepped out of the room; the meeting would resume when they returned," the prosecutor wrote in a memo. ……"

Washington times 6/8/00 Tom Carter "….. The Clinton administration coordinated strategy with "the Cubans" - presumably the Castro government - to return Elian Gonzalez to Cuba, newly obtained documents revealed yesterday. …….The documents, obtained by the public interest group Judicial Watch under a Freedom of Information Act request and subsequent court order, reveal:

• The State Department sought to work with "the Cubans" - presumably the Castro government -in how to manage the way the incident would be reported in U.S. newspapers and on television.
• INS Commissioner Doris M. Meissner ordered that discussions with Cuba on the grandmothers' visit continue "with the understanding that INS would not be involved."
• That the INS, to avoid official involvement, sought through contacts in Miami and Cuba to have representatives of the Catholic Church take on a public role as an intermediary.
Three months after the grandmothers' visit in late January, the Justice Department seized the boy from his relatives' Miami home in an April 22 predawn raid…….. "These smoking-gun documents prove what we've suspected all along, that the Clinton-Gore administration was doing the bidding of Fidel Castro when it raided the Gonzalez home using 151 armed federal agents," said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch……."

New York Post 6/6/00 Barry Wigmore "…… FOR a dozen years, pop superstar Sting has warned that man has brought the Amazon rainforest to the verge of extinction. He and a host of celebrities have insisted that Amazonia - 2.7 million square miles of nearly impenetrable Brazilian forest, an area nearly as big as the lower 48 states - is being destroyed at a horrifying rate. But now, two of the world's top eco-scientists, Patrick Moore and Philip Stott, say the save-the-rainforest movement is wrong: at best, vastly misleading; at worst, a gigantic con. "All these save-the-forests arguments are based on bad science," says Moore, a founding member of Greenpeace who recently returned from a fact-finding mission to the Amazon. "They are quite simply wrong. We found that the Amazon rainforest is more than 90 percent intact. We flew over it and met all the environmental authorities. We studied satellite pictures of the entire area." ……..TV reporter Marc Morano, who's spent more than a year investigating the rainforest movement's claims for an American Investigator TV program that will be broadcast nationally next month, says he was amazed when he discovered the truth. He says the statistics he found--backed up by satellite imagery of the forests--speak for themselves. "We learned that only 12.5 percent of the original Amazon has been deforested, leaving 87.5 percent intact," he said. …….."Of the 12.5 percent deforested, one-third to one-half of that land is fallow or in the process of regeneration. That means that at any given moment up to 94 percent of the total Amazon is left to nature. That is not wanton destruction." ……"

Washington Times 6/6/00 Patrick J. Michaels "…… A recent Scripps-Howard story was titled "U.S. Experiences Warmest First Quarter on Record." Part of the first paragraph read, "The first four months of this year were the warmest such quarter in 106 years." Fact: Four months are a third of a year, not a quarter. The Environmental News Service writes that this is "a year already marked in the U.S. by threats of record drought, wildfires and huge tornadoes." ……… Fact: The standard measure of drought, something called the Palmer Drought Severity Index, currently shows that 4.6 percent of the lower 48 states are experiencing what the index objectively defines as extreme drought. But the average figure for the 20th century is 4.4 percent, making the year 2000 about as close to normal as one can get. ……Fact: Ninety percent of the area experiencing this level of drought is in the desert band extending from eastern California through the Texas panhandle. Almost this entire zone averages less than 10 inches of rain per year. A drought in a desert is about as significant as a thunderstorm over the ocean. …….." 6/27/00 "…….DEPENDS ON WHAT THE DEFINITION OF "RAISING" IS. . .
FEDERAL PROSECUTOR: With respect to raising the $108 million, did you have discussions with anybody concerning the role coffees would play in raising that type of money?
ALBERT GORE, JR.: Well, let me define the term "raising", if I could, because if you mean by it, would they be events at which money was raised, the answer is no. ("Testimony of Vice President Albert Gore Jr.," Campaign Financing Task Force, 4/18/00, p. 53)……."

U.S. News & World Report 7/3/00 Toni Locy "……..Conrad's interview with the president was silky smooth. But his sit-down with Gore was anything but. By the time it was over, Conrad was convinced the vice president had been untruthful. "We are not talking blatant lies," says a senior law enforcement official close to the Justice Department's campaign finance task force. "We are not talking about lies about big things. We are not talking about new evidence. We are not talking about smoking guns. We are talking about itsy-bitsy, nitty-gritty-type bull. And over nothing really.".........An official familiar with Conrad's four-hour interview with Gore on April 18 says the vice president was combative, especially when asked about the fundraising event he attended at the Hsi Lai Temple in California on April 29, 1996. The source, who requested anonymity, says: "Essentially, it's one of these deals where X happened. . . . You say Y happened. Then, when you are being asked in detail about Y, you have to make statements that would make Y seem plausible. In saying things that are not particularly accurate in trying to make Y look plausible, you have other folks that your explanation deals with……." 6/21/00 Justin Raimondo "…….. Maybe it's those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer - but the Silly Season is apparently upon us in full force. Let's start with the US State Department, which has just announced that the term "rogue state" - which, as we all know, is any nation that refuses to grovel convincingly at the feet of Madeleine Albright - has been officially banished from the lexicon of our leaders. In answer to a question from Diane Rehm, host of a talk show on WAMU, a local radio station, about the "rogue state" of North Korea and its roguish leader, Kim Jong Il, Albright explained (no doubt with a straight face) "First of all, we are now calling these states 'states of concern.'" Say what? Imagine the memos, meetings, and focus groups that resulted in this momentous announcement: Perhaps they discovered that a "rogue," in the real world, can often be engaging, even sympathetic - especially when up against an overwhelmingly powerful and malignant opponent. ……. According to State Department spokesman Richard Boucher, this linguistic revisionism is America's response to warming relations with Libya - which handed over the suspects in the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 - and rapprochement of the two Koreas. But don't be misled by the warm-and-fuzzy euphemism, we aren't letting down our guard: "If we see a development that we think is in the US interest," Boucher said, "we will respond. If we see states of concern that continue to be of concern because they are not willing to deal with some of the issues we are concerned about - whew!" And I just want to make that perfectly clear. . . ."

Media Research Center 6/21/00 Brent Bozell "……..In the 2000 election cycle, Al Gore should be a great challenge for the media's fact checkers. With his penchant for truth-twisting, the press might need a whole brigade working around the clock. For example, see his performance in a June 15 interview with PBS anchorman Jim Lehrer. Mr. Lehrer asked Gore about who could take credit for the economy: "Let me read you what Governor Bush said about it. 'The momentum of today's prosperity began in the 1980s with sound money, deregulation, the opening of global trade and a 25% tax cut.' Has he got it wrong?" ……. To hear Gore's response is to be amazed at the degree to which this man, like his boss, will shamelessly....lie. "Oh yeah, of course. Because we had a miserable economic performance in the 1980's, and you don't have to take my word for that. Just ask anybody on the street who went through it. We had the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930's." …….. How on earth can anyone pretend that we had a "miserable economic performance" on a national scale in the 1980s? Reagan saved America from Jimmy Carter economics: inflation went down from 13.5 to 4.1 percent; unemployment, from 9.5 to 5.2 percent; the federal discount rate, from 14 to 6.5 percent; the number of jobs up almost 20 million; median family income up every year from 1982 to 1989. It was the greatest peacetime expansion in history. ……........."

AP 6/23/00 "…….In sometimes heated exchanges, Vice President Al Gore told investigators "I sure as hell don't recall" being told that a 1996 event at a Buddhist temple was a fund raiser, according to transcript released by the White House Friday. ……. Gore ordered release of the full transcript of his interview with a federal prosecutor who has recommended the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the vice president's statements about his 1996 fund raising. …… The questions were led by Robert J. Conrad Jr., chief of the Justice Department's campaign financing task force, with assistance by two FBI agents. Again and again their questions focused on the temple fund raiser. ……"You were aware in late February, were you not, that there was a goal of raising $108 million by the DNC (Democratic National Committee)?" Gore was asked. …."Yes," the vice president replied. ……"Then a couple of months later there is a DNC-sponsored event at the temple and it didn't raise any fund-raising issues in your mind?" …."I did not know this was a fund raiser," Gore answered. ……"

EWTN 6/20/00 "……. Sassone: alarmist claims are an attempt to capitalize on the fears of the American people Misinformation in the Clinton Administration's latest environmental tome, titled Climate Change in America, raises serious questions about the veracity and motives of alleged threats of global warming, said Robert Sassone, Director of Research for World Life League (WLL). …….. "Climate Change' is yet another serving of the alarmist propaganda that has been making the rounds for over twenty years," said Sassone. "It is in keeping with the administration's 1997 Kyoto protocol, which attempts to make 'environmentalism,' in tandem with population control, a global agenda at the expense of basic maternal and infant health, and authentic social and economic development. Climate Change is the basis of a misapplied domestic agenda. It provides a new excuse for the administration to capitalize upon the fears and anxieties of the American population, in order to advance their anti-life, population control agenda in America." ……According to early press reports, 'Climate Change' predicts a number of environmental catastrophies in coming years, including: massive flooding and loss of agricultural and transportation infrastructure due to rising ocean tidewaters; the reduction of forests to grasslands, and the significant evaporation of The Great Lakes. But, according to Sassone, "That any of these catastrophies would ever come to pass is extremely unlikely at best, and more likely altogether ludicrous." ……"

NewsMax 6/24/00 Carl Limbaher "….. Barbara Olson was the chief investigative counsel for the House Committee that examined Travelgate. Her Hillary Clinton biography Hell to Pay was titled after the famous memo wherein White House Personnel Director David Watkins explained there would be "hell to pay" if he and Vince Foster failed to carry out Mrs. Clinton orders to fire Dale and the others…….On Friday Olson told ……."The frustrating thing about this is that Hillary Clinton under oath, signed in her own hand under penalty of perjury, answered 36 questions that I wrote for her as chief counsel for (House Travelgate Committee) Chairman Clinger. And in one of those answers she said she didn't have a hand in the firing of the Travel Office employees." …….Olson pointed out that Independent Counsel Ray declined to prosecute while at the same time acknowledging that there was "substantial evidence that (Hillary Clinton) had a 'role' in the decision to fire the travel office employees." …….In fact, Ray used the word "role" euphemistically. As practically everyone with firsthand knowledge of the scandal has admitted, Hillary Clinton was the driving force behind Travelgate. Ray's wordplay is merely an attempt to make her Travelgate perjury look less prosecutable than it really is. ... "

New York Post 6/24/00 Brian Blomquist "…..Vice President Al Gore fumed to funny-money investigators that "I sure as hell don't recall" being told that his infamous Buddhist temple event was a fund-raiser, new documents show. During a testy interview, the Democratic presidential contender was all over the map in his description of the embarrassing 1996 event at the Hsi Lai Temple. ......At different points, Gore called it "community outreach" and "finance related" and then, under aggressive grilling, acknowledged it was a "fund-raiser." ......Gore released the transcripts of the interview yesterday amid a political firestorm over the revelation that Robert Conrad, the head of the Justice Department's funny-money task force, wants a special prosecutor to investigate Gore. ......... Maria Hsia, the Gore fund-raiser who planned the temple event, has pleaded guilty to money laundering. And yesterday's transcripts raise questions about whether she's cooperating with the department on Gore. ….." 6/24/00 "……..In their zeal to damage Bush, the media blithely ignored the truth about Graham and distorted the facts surrounding his conviction, giving credence to the absurd claims by the likes of Jesse Jackson that the man, who had managed to keep the executioners at bay for the 19 years and 22 appeals since he executed Bobby Lambert in a Houston robbery, had been denied due process. ………The truth the media and Graham's Hollywood celebrity fan club withheld from the public is that he was a murderous thug who bragged about the number of victims he'd killed, robbed, raped and brutalized in a crime spree his victims still recall with horror almost a score of years after their encounters with him…….In yesterday's Dallas Morning News, Steve Blow touched on the media's treatment of the case: "In the slew of recent stories about the case, that savagery was usually reduced to a single, benign clause: 'Mr. Graham, who admitted to a string of robberies ...'"Suspicion did not fall on Mr. Graham because he missed church," Blow wrote. "He was arrested in connection with the rape of a 57-year-old woman. And then it was learned that he had pulled a series of brutal armed robberies. He confessed to 10 robberies in the week before Mr. Lambert was killed. Mr. Graham shot two of the people he robbed, and maybe two more." …….. Graham's record of murderous violence - the record covered up by the mainstream media - is anything but pleasant reading. It is a saga of unrestrained savagery, the tale of a man who went to his death claiming he had never hurt anybody. ......"

CNSNews.coom 6/29/00 John Nowacki "……I seem to recall President Clinton having called for an end to racial divisiveness at some point in the past six years. If I remember correctly, he has also suggested that he'd like political discourse to be a little more civil. If that could happen, it would be a wonderful thing. But as to whether he was actually in earnest . . . well, I'm feeling a bit skeptical………. Clinton and the members of his party have found race baiting to be a useful tactic in their efforts to cow Republicans into confirming some of his activist judicial nominees. After the one and only defeat of a Clinton judicial nominee in October, the Democrats went all out to paint the vote as being racially motivated……… The result? Some Republicans are even more frightened to oppose a nominee because of his judicial philosophy, when that nominee comes from a certain ethnic background. They got burned, badly, and they don't want to go through that again…….Of course, Clinton and the Democrats know this. Clinton favors judicial activists, and he has deliberately selected activist minority nominees whenever possible. ….." 6/30/00 Ann Coulter "……The claim that DNA evidence has proved hordes of prisoners "innocent" is just the latest gambit from a ferocious anti-death penalty lobby trying to bamboozle the American people into thinking the administration of capital sentences is a crapshoot. The arguments against the death penalty, puffed up with phony statistics and false facts, have been pouring forth for decades now. Some years ago anti-death penalty advocates pushed the insanity defense: Yes, the crazed murderers on death row had committed murder, but it wasn't their fault -- they're ill. When that defense failed to capture a large constituency of Americans, the death penalty fanatics turned to the old liberal standby: racism……… They claimed blacks were more likely to receive the death penalty than whites, which worked on a few judges for a little while. But then it turned out to be false. Compared to the percentage of murders committed by blacks and whites, more white murderers than black murderers are sentenced to death. (Also, by the way, white murderers are executed with greater alacrity than black murderers.) …….."

TBO.Com 6/28/00 C Bryson Hull "…… Nearly 3,000 people, including the Rev. Jesse Jackson, came to a memorial service Wednesday for executed killer Gary Graham, choosing to remember his life as a death row activist rather than his years as a violent Houston street punk. …….More than 20 speakers, including Jackson, praised Graham, who won a following among capital punishment abolitionists through his outspoken media presence. ….."We should start off where he left off," said Jackson, who had witnessed the execution. "He left this world with his eyes fixed on organizing a worldwide movement. He said: Organize the world to stop killing innocent people." …..Others took the opportunity to take a shot at Gov. George W. Bush. …….Legally, Bush was powerless to stop Graham's execution without a vote from the Board of Pardons and Paroles, which rejected Graham's clemency requests. A Texas governor may grant a one-time 30-day reprieve for an inmate, but Graham had won a reprieve in 1993 from then-Gov. Ann Richards. His following execution dates, until June 22, had been set off by appeals. ……"

Dallas Morning News 6/29/00 Bruce Nichols "……Joined by the Rev. Jesse Jackson, family, friends and supporters of Gary Graham had a raucous memorial service Wednesday for the man who had become an anti-death penalty icon by the time he was executed last week for a murder he always denied. The event was billed as a celebration of the life of "Shaka Sankofa," the name Mr. Graham took in prison, and featured words of comfort for his family, but was dominated by elements of a state funeral, a political rally, and a protest meeting. "In a corrupt system, the innocent die," Mr. Jackson told the crowd. "Since you are innocent, you are next, until the system changes. ... Change comes when the slave changes his mind." ….. "I find it disturbing that respected civil rights leaders would come to Houston to pay homage to Gary Graham, one of the worst human rights violators in Houston history," said Justice for All spokeswoman Dianne Clements. ……" 6/29/00 Leigh Chantay "…… First, for those of you who have never had the good fortune to spend time in the great outdoors, let me state here and now, if you see a turtle on a fence post, somebody put it there. Turtles aren't much on climbing, then there's Al Gore, a turtle with high aspirations. What, you may be asking, do turtles and Gore have in common. A turtle has more honor than Gore and Klinton put together, but is as exciting as Al Bore and his campaign. That is until now. While Gore is out there pointing his finger at Bush and the oil industry, he is making a personal killing in the stock market with his very healthy percentage of Occidental Oil… "

LA TIMES SYNDICATE 6/27/00 Cal Thomas "……. Like his boss, Gore claims no money changed hands at the coffees, but there was the expectation, emphasized during follow-up contacts with people attending the events, that a contribution was expected. The money quickly flowed more generously than the coffee did. We already know about the laundered temple money, which was returned when the gifts became public. …….The vice president abides by Clinton rules for responding to charges of ethical and legal violations: deny, delay, deceive and, if there are documents around (missing e-mails?), destroy. His staff will now overwhelm the public with information, hoping that eyes will glaze over and interest subside. Gore's people have already dumped a 150-page transcript of his interview, conducted under oath, with Conrad. ……" 7/7/00 Johnny Chung "…… Mr. Vice President, let me tell you an old Chinese saying: "If you tell the truth, you won't have to worry about a ghost knocking at your door in the middle of the night." In other words, if you tell the truth, you will sleep well. There's no ghost of guilt haunting you, threatening to expose your lies. ......This week, the Associated Press published the results of its poll regarding the voters' opinion on the trait that is most important in a presidential candidate. The answer? Honesty and integrity. ……. When Bill Clinton was running for president in 1992, voters placed honesty near the top of the list of most important characteristics along with leadership abilities and the candidate's stand on issues. But in the new poll, honesty, at 39 percent, was far in front -- 22 points ahead of the second most important category. ……" 7/7/00 Johnny Chung "…… There is no integrity. There is no honesty. They took my money with a smile, and when I turned my head, they laughed at me. Then they had the audacity to portray themselves to the judge as "victims" of Johnny Chung and asked the judge to throw the book at me. Anyone willing to come out and tell the truth about this administration should be prepared for the consequences. This White House, the DNC and Democrats in Congress trash and discredit truth-tellers. This administration does not embrace truth; it tries to eliminate truth. ……..But folks, there's no way you can eliminate the truth. The truth always survives, and does its best to make the truth known. ….." 7/6/00 "……. Al Gore's ties to giant Occidental Petroleum - his stake in the company is now worth at least $500,000 and as much as $1 million, thanks to the hike in crude oil prices - has him facing the prospect of bearing some of the responsibility for any blood shed by an Indian tribe fighting to save their ancestral lands from being taken by Occidental. And it emphasizes, Republican critics say, Gore's duplicity in trying to label Gov. George W. Bush a tool of big oil interests when his own ties to Occidental go back years. …….Moreover, they say that Gore, who advertises himself as an ardent environmentalist, has turned a deaf ear to pleas from members of the beleaguered U'wa tribe to help them in their fight to prevent Occidental from drilling that they say will drive them from their homeland. ……"

Reuters 7/9/00 "……A spokesman for Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush on Sunday ridiculed Democratic foe Al Gore for calling on the Texas governor to help get stalled legislation moving in the U.S. Congress. "We find this whole thing very amusing," Ari Fleischer said in a telephone interview. "It is an amazing admission of lack of leadership that Al Gore has to ask the governor of Texas to do in Congress what he is unable to do for himself -- demonstrate leadership to get things done." ……"

WASHINGTON TIMES 6/30/00 Kenneth Timmerman "….. In a 4-hour interview with the Justice Department in April, Al Gore went out of his way to deny any knowledge that his April 29, 1996, appearance at a Buddhist temple in California was a fund-raising event for the DNC……. In fact, Mr. Gore's ties to the temple went back at least seven years, when Venerable Master Hsing Yun helped finance a trip Mr. Gore made to Asia that included a visit to the temple's headquarters in Taiwan. In fact, so deep and so consistent are Mr. Gore's ties to the Fo Kuang Shan Buddhist order and to the convicted DNC fund-raiser who first introduced him to the monks, that his denials are nothing short of breathtaking……… For more than 12 years, Al Gore has maintained a lucrative relationship with an Asian-American fund-raiser the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee said it had learned has been an agent of the Chinese government. He went on a tour of Asia paid for in part by the Hsi Lai Temple, and took campaign contributions from monks and nuns of the order. Mr. Gore's attempt to falsely categorize this longstanding relationship as something haphazard or impromptu demonstrates once again his precarious relationship to the truth.

WASHINGTON TIMES 6/30/00 Kenneth Timmerman "…..In April 1988, Mrs. Hsia joined forces with James Riady and John Huang in Los Angeles to form the Pacific Leadership Conference (PLC) as a vehicle for advancing the interests of the Asian-American community and especially Mr. Riady's Lippo Group. Very early on, they turned to the Hsi Lai Temple and its presiding monk for funds…….. In July 1988, the group contacted the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, offering to host an Asian tour for key U.S. senators. By late November, the senators they had initially approached backed out. When Maria Hsia met Mr. Gore at a fund-raiser at the Georgetown home of Pamela Harriman, she lobbied him to join the group, and followed up with a letter promising financial and political support. …… .Mr. Gore was accompanied on that fateful Asia tour by Maria Hsia, James Riady, John Huang and other PLC members. In Indonesia, they met Mochtar Riady, the head of the Lippo Group. In Hong Kong, they met with Chinese government officials. And on Jan. 11, 1989, Mr. Gore and the group toured the Kiaoshung Monastery on Taiwan, as the guests of Hsi Lai Temple Venerable Master Hsing Yun. According to the Senate investigation of the temple fund-raiser, Hsing Yun helped foot the bill for the Taiwan leg of the trip.......After the Asia trip, the relationship between Mr. Gore, Maria Hsia and the Hsi Lai Temple deepened. On April 30, 1989, Mrs. Hsia set up two fund-raisers for Mr. Gore at the Sostanza restaurant in West Los Angeles. On May 21, 1989, Mr. Gore returned to LA, where Mrs. Hsia organized a $250 per plate dinner at the home of PLC founding member Tina Bow. The event was co-chaired by Eddy Yang, an adviser to Venerable Master Hsing Yun and raised $20,000 for Mr. Gore. Among the guests were several monks and nuns from the Hsi Lai Temple……. According to a 1997 account in the Los Angeles Times, Mr. Gore sent a thank-you note to one of the monastics after the fund-raiser, saying he deeply appreciates your support and the support of your congregation. Given the fact Mr. Gore was up for re-election to the U.S. Senate from Tennessee, where the monastics could not vote, the only support they could have given him was financial……."

USA Today 7/12/00 Steven Lubar is chairman of the History of Technology Division at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History "……The recently released movie, The Patriot, starring Mel Gibson is a Revolutionary War epic. It's also the first movie that can list in the credits, "Historical consultant: The Smithsonian Institution." Why is the Smithsonian, better known for its serious exhibitions, working with Mel Gibson? While it might be nice to insist that people come to the National Museum of American History for their history, the fact is that many Americans this summer will be getting their history lesson from The Patriot. If you want to teach, you've got to go where the people are. Better a crowded theater than an empty classroom. …….. So the Smithsonian signed on as historical consultant. Writers, set designers and costumers came to visit the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. They examined uniforms, guns, swords and powder horns, a medical kit carried by a doctor during the war, even lighting fixtures. E-mails flew between Hollywood and Washington: Would a boy play with lead soldiers in 1780? (Not likely, but not impossible.) Would candles or oil lamps be used? (Candles, and not too many.) ………. We also discussed more substantial questions. Rex Ellis, curator at the museum, suggested that the portrayal of African-Americans in the movie lacked depth. Slaves and free blacks, he said, were essential to the working of South Carolina society and economy and in the armies on both sides of the conflict. They needed a more significant role in the movie. ……..More than that, he suggested what that might be, convincing the writer to add a scene in a Gullah community, one of the isolated settlements in the South Carolina sea islands established by runaway slaves. Ellis even visited the set, suggesting ways to make the scene more accurate. ………"

Associated Press 7/3/00 Will Lester "……American voters are focusing ever more on honesty as the most important trait for a presidential candidate, according to an Associated Press poll. The voters are about evenly split on whether Al Gore or George W. Bush is more honest. …….Four in 10 voters now pick honesty ahead of such traits as caring about people like them, showing strong leadership, standing up for beliefs and having a vision. In a November AP poll, one-third picked honesty, which ranked first at that time as well. ….."

UPI 6/20/00 "……The Rev. Jesse Jackson says he will travel to Texas to urge Gov. George W. Bush to stay Thursday's scheduled execution of convicted killer Gary Graham, and if that effort fails he says he will be a witness when Graham receives the lethal injection…….. Jackson said he hoped his visit to Texas would get Bush's attention and that the Texas governor would stay the execution…….. Jack Zimmerman, one of Graham's attorneys, has found three jurors from Graham's 1981 trial who, according to him, now say they would have voted differently if they had know all they know now about the case, according to Tuesday's Houston Chronicle…….. The decision on Graham's case rests largely with the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, appointed by Bush. The board can recommend that the governor go ahead with the execution, commute the sentence, or stay the execution. The board will vote Wednesday……. In most cases Bush also has the authority to issue a one-time, 30-day stay to allow more courts hearings, but apparently not in Graham's case. Democrat Gov. Ann Richards gave Graham a 30-day stay seven years ago and that option is not available to Bush, his office said.......Cornyn said Graham has had at least 20 court appeals and his claims have been heard and rejected by at least 33 different judges......."

The Washington Post 7/30/00 Ben White "……But what most activists did not mention is that Halliburton Co., the giant oil and energy services company Cheney took over in 1995, has received two awards from the Environmental Protection Agency and one from Vice President Gore's own National Partnership for Reinventing Government. ….."

Washington Weekly 7/31/00 Rep. Traficant, House of Representatives, July 26, 2000 "…..Mr. Speaker, accidental deaths caused by doctors and hospitals in America reached 120,000 per year. Meanwhile, gun deaths have dropped 35 percent. In fact, accidental gun deaths dropped to 1,500 last year. Think about it. We have got hospitals slicing and dicing American people like Freddie Kruger, and Congress is passing more gun laws. Beam me up. There is something wrong in America when one is 80 times more likely to be killed by a doctor than Smith & Wesson. Think about it, 80 to 1. Maybe we need a gun in surgery. …."

AP via Yahoo! 7/28/00 Pete Yost "…….The key figure in the FBI files controversy admitted lying to Congress and to a federal grand jury, but a final report revealed Friday that he could not be prosecuted because he was granted immunity by Independent Counsel Ken Starr. ……. A special federal appeals court issued the final report on the activities of Anthony Marceca, an Army detailee who, as a temporary White House employee, collected hundreds of FBI background files in 1993-94 based on an outdated Secret Service list. Many of the files were those of ex-White House pass-holders from the presidencies of Ronald Reagan and George Bush. …….In his immunized testimony, Marceca admitted that in the midst of his gathering of FBI files, he realized that he was collecting data on some people who were no longer at the White House and didn't have passes anymore. Marceca admitted testifying falsely in 1996 by having told Congress and a grand jury the opposite - that it didn't occur to him that some people on the Secret Service list he was using were no longer pass-holders, according to Ray's final report. …….In his immunized testimony, Marceca also admitted that he lied by telling congressional investigators in 1996 that ``he didn't waste time'' reading some of the background reports. According to Ray's final report, Marceca admitted that he read the FBI files as soon as he received them, seeking information for ``previous arrests, ... that sort of stuff.'' ……"

Houston Chronicle 7/28/00 "……. Thanking former President Bush for his "wise counsel" and behind-the-scenes advice, it was a revealing statement uttered far from the rough and tumble of the presidential campaign trail: "It's hard to express to someone who hasn't experienced it, what it means in a moment of difficulty to be able to call someone who, first of all, knows exactly what you're up against and, secondly, will tell you the truth." No, it wasn't candidate George W. Bush who spoke those words. It was President Bill Clinton speaking at the November 1997 opening of the Bush Presidential Library in College Station. So, the question is: If it's OK for Bill Clinton gratefully to have taken advice from the elder Bush even years after Bush had left the White House, what's all the fuss about the possibility the president's own son, who is running for the presidency, is taking advice from the same source now and again? The answer, of course, is politics. ….."

CBSNEWS 7/28/00 "……Campaigning in the president's home state, George W. Bush on Friday praised the integrity of his GOP running mate as he took a jab at President Clinton's scandal-filled White House years. "This man is a good man. He's a solid man. He's a man who understands what the definition of 'is' is," Bush said of Dick Cheney, referring to Mr. Clinton's tortured explanation of his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. ..."

Reuters 7/28/00 Steve Holland "……President Clinton on Friday lobbed a stinkbomb into the Republican convention, calling George W. Bush (news - web sites) essentially a spoiled rich boy whose ``daddy was president'' and who is trying to blur the differences between the two parties. Violating his own advice to Democrats against negative name-calling, Clinton could not resist a sarcastic blast at Bush during a Democratic fund-raiser in Rhode Island. ……"

FOXNEWS 7/20/00 David Koeppel "…… A supporter of Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign in New York urged the first lady's backers to call two Jewish newspapers and tell them that Clinton would never make anti-Semitic remarks - and not to tell the reporters they had been asked to make the calls. has obtained a copy of the memo, which asks members of a "Jewish Advisory Group" to "call these people as concerned citizens." In parentheses, the memo continues, "(It is important that you do not say that you calling [sic] because the campaign asked you to, but because you are outraged with what was said about her)." ……." 7/20/00 Carl Limbacher "…………..The memo sent to Clinton's "Jewish Advisory Committee" by campaign aide Karen Adler also included talking points on how to trash Paul Fray, his wife Mary Lee and Neill McDonald -- the three witnesses who say they heard Hillary call Fray, a "f - - king Jew bastard" in 1974. ……….. "There were some talking points included with the memo -- basically stuff that was outlined from newspaper reports about Hillary's accsuers," Jewish Week reporter Adam Dickter, one of the journalists targeted in the memo, told WABC-NY radio host Steve Malzberg late Wednesday. …….The memo itself urged supporters to conceal the Clinton campaign's role in the effort: ……… Dickter told Malzberg, "I received seven or eight phone calls from people saying that they wanted to go on the record on this subject," adding that he found the rapid succession of the messages left on his answering machine Monday night "suspicious." ...... Of the Clinton strategy to deceive reporters Dickter said: "It probably wasn't a smart move.... The picture that comes out of it is that of being very, very concerned about the impression being left by the alleged slur, and frankly, the appearance of not having confidence that people would take (Hillary's denials) at face value." ……."

USA Today 7/20/00 Alcestis "Cooky" Oberg "……..As Bill Clinton flies to meetings and summits around the globe seeking some positive "legacy" in the waning months of his administration, his detractors point out that no photo opportunity on Earth will ever let people forget that he was the only U.S. president impeached in the 20th century. Will Clinton successfully put his "spin" on the history of his administration? Can he "demonize" his future detractors and do "quick responses" to the upcoming flood of books and articles tabulating his misdeeds? Can he, in other words, use all of those James Carville-inspired campaign tactics in his "campaign for history," as he did so successfully in two presidential elections and in eight years of governing? I don't think so………….. "

USA Today 7/20/00 Alcestis "Cooky" Oberg "…The ancient Egyptians were big on rewriting history, too, trying to obliterate pharaohs who weren't politically correct or who went against the prevalent religion. These fierce revisionists tried to rewrite their dynasties simply by scratching out the faces of troublesome pharaohs on public statues, and obliterating their names in official records. Take Akhenaton, the pharaoh who ruled Egypt from 1379 to 1362 B.C. He forced monotheism on his traditional multitheistic culture. But after he died, his temples were demolished, his successors restored the old religion, and historians referred to him as "the enemy." But his detractors didn't succeed in spinning history, either. Much as they tried to obliterate his detestable legacy, we - mostly monotheists ourselves - tend to look upon Akhenaton as "complex," "innovative" and "genuine," and consider tales of his physical and mental abnormalities "exaggerated."……"

New York Post 7/20/00 "……"Yesterday, Clinton campaign staffers committed to paper, and then faxed around town, a solicitation to dissemble on behalf of the first lady. In more formal circumstances, the memo might be termed subornation of perjury. …..The memo urged members of the campaign's "Jewish Advisory Group" to call reporters at Jewish newspapers and "let them know that you know Hillary and you know that she would never make these kinds of anti-Semitic or racist comments. "Attached are Talking Points on this issue" - presumably to guide those who don't "know Hillary" as well as they might let on. ……. "I would appreciate it if you would call these people as concerned citizens," wrote campaign aide Karen Adler. "It is important that you do not say that you [are] calling because the [Hillary] campaign asked you to, but because you are outraged with what was said about her." Spontaneity can seem so genuine, don't you know. …..The memo bore the fax stamp "HRC for Senate, Inc.," so it will be tough for the campaign to fib its way out of responsibility for it. So look for the blame to be assigned to overanxious, very junior staff members……."

New York Times 8/7/00 Paul Hobby "…..Politically, Texas is caught in crossfire because our governor, George W. Bush, is running for president. Every shortcoming, real or imagined, has been cited by his detractors as proof of government failure or a heartless culture. Despite Governor Bush's warning in his nomination speech on Thursday not to "mess with Texas," the broadsides will continue because of the way America elects presidents. A majority of Texans will be voting for Mr. Bush, and the Electoral College will issue no transferable credits to Al Gore. Even if I didn't understand the politics of it all, the Texan in me cares very little about whether others approve of us. If to be different is to be criticized, bring it on. My deepest concern is that someday we won't be different, that creeping suburbanization will dilute a spirit based on perseverance and personal integrity. I am no shill for the Bush campaign; Mr. Bush replaced me as chairman of a state agency after his first election and openly campaigned against me in 1998, when I ran for state comptroller and was the state's leading Democratic vote-getter. But I appreciate what is different about Texas, and it boils down to this: In our view freedom is so intertwined with individual risk that the two are almost indistinguishable at the core. ...... In my experience, many other places don't admire risk-taking, but only the successes it may bring. Here, we admire boldness and optimism even in failure, because real freedom has to include the freedom to fail. ……" 8/7/00 John Gizzi "…..Even though candidate George W. Bush had prominently stated his desire to keep the pro-life plank intact in the 2000 Republican National Platform, a small but vocal minority on the platform committee fought to remove or at least alter it. They were led by a Clinton-Gore contributor who slipped into the delegation and onto the platform committee, with the apparent backing of the California branch of the Bush campaign. …… The committee's most outspoken proponent of the "tolerance clause" that would have watered down the pro-life plank was Toni Casey, a public relations consultant from Los Altos, Calif. According to Federal Election Commission reports distributed to platform committee members by the conservative National Federation of Republican Assemblies, Casey made the maximum legal contribution of $1,000 to the 1996 Clinton-Gore Primary Committee. In 1988, she gave $500 to the Dukakis for President Committee. For the past seven years, she has been a regular donor to the EMILY's List political action committee, which promotes pro-choice women for office. She has also contributed to Democratic U.S. Reps. Zoe Lofgren and Anna Eshoo of California and to Sen. Chuck Robb, D-Va. -- all of whom opposed a ban on partial-birth abortion. ……In 1999, Casey made what was apparently her first donation -- $1,000 -- to a pro-life Republican: George W. Bush. ……"

Doctors for Sensible Gun Laws 8/5/00 Dr.William B. Rogers "…….The mission of Doctors for Sensible Gun Laws (DSGL) is to provide a healthy dose of common sense and honesty to the national debate over gun laws and the role of guns in society. DSGL is especially concerned with the way that medical organizations have allowed their names and professional publications to be used to promote the agenda of the anti-gun/anti-self-defense lobby. ……. Dr. Rogers states: "The anti-gun 'studies' that have been published under the false flag of medical research are conceived, executed, analyzed and broadcast in the media strictly to support the position of organizations, doctors and politicians who do not believe that citizens have the most basic human right of all, the right to self defense." ….."Such concepts as intellectual honesty, peer review and valid statistical analysis are conspicuously absent from this so-called research. And these junk science 'studies' are costing innocent people their very lives." ......" 8/7/00 Carl Limbacher "…..Official Washington is buzzing behind the scenes this week, not about the conventions in Philadelphia and Los Angeles but about the man who led the Clinton impeachment investigation and what he may reveal in his soon-to-be-released book, "Sellout: Why Bill Clinton's Impeachment Was Over Before It Began." ......... But before he planned to pen his impeachment tell-all, Schippers talked to It was just six weeks after the Senate had decided to acquit Bill Clinton, and Schippers was fuming over the fact that not a single U.S. Senator had reviewed the secret impeachment evidence against Clinton stored in D.C.'s Gerald Ford Building. ......... In the exclusive interview, Schippers described some of those secrets -- which had been kept from the nation during the trial of its president. Now, on the eve of the publication of his blockbuster book, revisits Schippers' revelations, as they first appeared in a report published on March 21, 1999: …… Schippers explained: "Let me tell you, if we had a chance to put on a case, I would have put live witnesses before the committee. But the House leadership, and I'm not talking about Henry Hyde, they just killed us as far as time was concerned. I begged them to let me take it into this year." ......... Schippers added, "Then I screamed for witnesses before the Senate. But there was nothing anybody could do to get those Senators to show any courage. They told us essentially, you're not going to get 67 votes so why are you wasting our time." …….The censored evidence was stored under seal in D.C.'s Gerald Ford Building and was crucial in persuading up to 40 House members to vote for impeachment. Much of the most compelling material had to do with women other than Lewinsky, like Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey. ……… The House Majority Counsel opened the files to Democrats and Republicans alike. "We had 8, 10, 12 people in the room at a time," said Schippers, who said that some House Democrats did access the secret files. But when asked if any Senators of either party took the trouble to examine the material, the veteran prosecutor said in disgust, "No, not a single one." .........

NY Post 8/2/00 Steve Dunleavy "……THOMAS A. Rodick, a federal statistician, is the kind of guy who if you asked him the time he would tell you how to make a Swiss watch. He admits his life is numbers and for that I respect him - and also feel a little sorrow. But this unheralded computer nerd is going to cause the biggest case of agita for Hillary Rodham Clinton since she forgot the address to Yankee Stadium. "It is an outrage to all New Yorkers," Gov. Pataki was telling me yesterday. …….. And what is the outrage? Simply, the Clintonistas try to bulldoze a 30-year veteran statistician into making Pataki's job-growth rate look bad in upstate New York and also put a faint torpedo into the booming Lazio juggernaut. Put simply, this looks like another attempted smear job by Hillary the Hit Woman. …….. * Last month, Pataki announced that the job-growth rate in upstate New York was 2.9 percent in the private sector - while the nation's was only 2.3 percent. ……. * Hillary, angry about that growth showing a Republican success, unleashes her dogs of war. This privileged girl from Illinois who went to live in a gorgeous mansion in Arkansas and a whiter house wants to tell us New Yorkers it's all baloney. ……. * Last Thursday, my boring computer nerd says, Dennis McSweeny, regional commissioner of the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, told him to take a hard look at the numbers because they have to be wrong. ……. * When Thomas A. Rodick asked why, he says that McSweeny told him "this is an election cycle, which offended me. I told him I was on a data cycle not an election cycle and he would get any revision on Sept. 16, the way it has been for 30 years." …….* Suddenly, the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics is starting an investigation into Pataki's good numbers. ….. * Rodick had this to say: "I find this investigation offensive and shocking ... I'm also offended at the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics through political maneuvering, is calling into question the integrity of my staff." ……" 7/31/00 H Josef Hebert AP "…..- A crash program to reduce the backlog of citizenship applications ''compromised the integrity'' of the process and gave citizenship to tens of thousands of people without adequate background checks, the Justice Department said Monday. But the review by the department's inspector general found no evidence that the 1995-1996 program, part of Vice President Gore's government reinvention effort, was designed to influence the 1996 presidential election. About 1.2 million people were given citizenship between October, 1995 and September 1996 under the program which eliminated a massive backlog of citizenship cases at the Immigration and Naturalization Service. At the time the waiting period for citizenship was as much as three years. ……."

National Post 7/22/00 David Frum "…… In the movies, it's always the crimes the gangsters don't commit that land them in prison. After a long and profitable career of bank robbery, they wake up one morning to discover the mayor's wife has been murdered and that all the evidence points to them. As they're hauled off to the hoosegow, they leave behind a long, vanishing wail: "But this time I'm innocent ..." Hillary Clinton is living that movie in real life. She stands accused of having hurled an anti-Semitic epithet in 1974 at Paul Fray, the manager of Bill Clinton's first (losing) congressional campaign. The story is very unlikely to be true, for the following reasons…….(1) Paul Fray has given dozens, if not hundreds, of interviews about his association with the Clintons…….(2) ….She is, however, almost fanatically politically correct. …..(3) Finally, there is this small matter that Paul Fray isn't Jewish. …..Why isn't Mrs. Clinton's sharply worded denial being accepted by New York voters? Well, in the first place, there is this small problem of all the lies she has told before. …"

National Review Online(Mark Levin) 7/25/00 Kthryn Lopez "…… Lopez: Why did the White House release the president's April fundraising testimony yesterday?
Levin: I guess they released it because Clinton is proud that he has absolutely no memory ever of any significant event, which is quite remarkable for a sitting president. The liberals talk about Dick Cheney's bypass surgery, which occurred twelve years ago. Bill Clinton won't release his medical records. But given his severe memory loss whenever he's under oath or whenever he's faced with prosecutors, I'd say now more than ever we need to know what this poor man's medical condition is. Clinton and Gore have this belief that if you release this information, that somehow it shows that they are forthcoming. But when you read the information that they actually released, it proves that they are crooks. ……..
We're told that 26 years ago, Hillary Clinton is alleged to have made a Jewish slur. Bill Clinton remembers every detail of that meeting, every detail, and he picks up the phone - not once, but twice - in the middle of the Mideast peace negotiations to tell the New York Daily News that he was there at that meeting, that he was an eyewitness, and Hillary Clinton never made that Jewish slur, and he knows because he was there and he remembers. That was 26 years ago. Now eight years ago, he happened to be taking a ride with his friend James Riady in which John Wong, another Clinton former friend, says that Riady offered to raise a million dollars for Clinton's campaign - and don't you know, he basically did that. But the man who benefits from all this - Bill Clinton - can't remember what was discussed on the ride, if anyone else was in the car, where they were driving to, what the scenery was. Suddenly, the poor guy blanks. But he does say that if a million dollars was raised, Gee, I think I would have remembered that. …..
This is the kind of rope-a-dope that this administration is famous for. And they think that by releasing these transcripts, that it gets them off the hook - because they are much more interested in manipulating the media, which are susceptible to manipulation, than to telling the truth. When you read this transcript, it becomes clear that Bill Clinton, just like Al Gore, is a pathological liar who will never tell the truth. …." 7/18/00 "….. "I really felt we were wasting $1 billion. . . I thought it was criminal." --Kalee Kreider, Justice Department Official Charged With Implementing the COPS Program (Jeff Glasser, "The Case of the Missing Cops," U.S. News & World Report, July 17, 2000) ……
Gore Misrepresents The Facts Again . . .
What Was Promised By Clinton/Gore: 100,000 New Cops On The Street
* The Clinton/Gore Administration's Plan: "By 2000, all 100,000 [officers] will be hired and serving on the streets of America." ("Management and Administration of the Community Oriented Policing Services Grant Program," citing the Attorney General's 1994 Annual Report, U.S. Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General, July 1999) …..
* 'Gore's Promise: "[W]e are under budget and ahead of schedule as we meet our goal of adding 100,000 police officers to the beat by the year 2000." (Al Gore, Crime Event, December 14, 1998) "We lived up to every promise to you and your loved ones: we're funding 100,000 new community police, and fighting for up to 50,000 more." (Al Gore, Fighting Crime for America's Families, July 12, 1999) ….

What America Got: 50,000 To 60,000 At The Most
* Clinton/Gore's COPS Office Could Only Count 60,000 New Cops. The past six years has demonstrated that the Clinton/Gore promise to put 100,000 new cops on the street is false. In addition to multiple problems with the COPS program, even the COPS office's own projections demonstrate that by the end of FY00 when funding for the program ends, only 59,765 additional officers will have been deployed to the streets. ("Management and Administration of the Community Oriented Policing Services Grant Program," U.S. Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General, July 1999)
* However, Clinton/Gore's Department of Justice Counted Only 50,139 New Cops-Over 30,000 Of Which Could Not Be Confirmed Or May Be Eliminated Soon. According to a report prepared by the Department of Justice (DOJ)/Office of Inspector General (OIG), COPS acknowledged that as of February 1999 only 50,139 additional officers had been hired and deployed to the streets. ("Police Hiring and Redeployment Grants," USDOJ/OIG Special Report, April 1999)
* 35,000 Of The 50,000 Cannot Be Confirmed. Of the 50,139 additional officers, 35,852 of those officers were attributed to the COPS MORE program, which provides $25,000 to grantees who re-deploy the equivalent of one full-time sworn officer to community policing. 52 out of 67 (78%) grantees receiving MORE grants, however, "either could not demonstrate that they redeployed officers or could not demonstrate that they had a system in place to track the redeployment of officers into community policing." ("Police Hiring and Redeployment Grants," USDOJ/OIG Special Report, April 1999) ……"

National Review Online 8/7/00 Jonah Goldberg "......On September 3, 1998, Lieberman said he had to speak out because his personal disappointment had evolved into a "graver sense of loss for our country, a reckoning of the damage that the president's conduct has done to the proud legacy of his presidency and, ultimately, an accounting of the impact of his actions on our democracy and its moral foundations." Lieberman spoke eloquently about how the president's "private" life was indeed public, and how Bill Clinton's behavior was "not just inappropriate. It is immoral." It was a powerful speech and it undermined the notion that the impeachment drive was a purely "partisan" assault on the president. (The defense was, to be sure, purely partisan.) ........ Good for Joe. But, forgive me, this is moral leadership? (This question sounds better if you ask it with a thick Yiddish accent.) Have we defined decency down to such a low level that simply criticizing a president for lying both to the American people and to a judge, abusing the power of his office, and doing the electric boogaloo with an intern is somehow the height of moral courage? Recall that Senator Lieberman didn't vote to impeach the president. He simply criticized him. Now, no dishonor should fall on Lieberman - at least he said it when saying it was hard - but a great deal of dishonor should fall upon a party and a press corps that consider this moral bravery on a par with Sir Thomas More. Criticizing the president for his actions seems the bare minimum for an honorable politician, let alone a moral crusader. ......"

Reuters 8/7/00 "......But even before he got the call, however, Lieberman was on the offensive. ``This Republican ticket will take us back to the failed policies of the past: large deficits, recession, millions more unemployed,'' Lieberman told a cheering crowd of union members at an AFL-CIO event in Hartford. Lieberman made it clear he was looking forward to being selected. He jokingly asked people at the event to interrupt his speech if the call came through. In his speech, Lieberman said voters faced a clear choice in the November election between a party that would defend working families and one that consistently protected the interests of the rich. ``This choice is an easy choice. This contest is no contest. The right choice is Al Gore and the Democratic party in the year 2000,'' he said. ......"

News Max 8/7/00 Phil Brennan "…..In a blistering column carried by, Accuracy in Media's Reed Irvine listed The Seventeen Lies of Al Gore:

(1) His use of marijuana was "rare and infrequent."

(2) He didn't know the Buddhist temple event was a fund raiser.

(3) He didn't know that fund raising calls from his office were illegal.

(4) He has always been pro-choice.

(5) He has never said anything in the campaign that he knew to be untrue.

(6) He was co-sponsor of the McCain/Feingold campaign finance reform bill in the Senate.

(7) He took the initiative in creating the Internet.

(8) He and Tipper were models for "Love Story."

(9) He uncovered the pollution at Love Canal.

(10) His reporting for the Nashville Tennessean "got a bunch of people indicted and sent to jail."

(11) His views on the Vietnam War were written into Hubert Humphrey's speech to the 1968 Democratic National Convention by a journalist who had interviewed him.

(12) His claim that, as an army reporter in Vietnam, "I pulled my turn on the perimeter at night and walked through the elephant grass and was fired upon."

(13) One reason he enlisted and went to Vietnam was to spare some other family the agony of sending a son.

(14) He had been a small businessman and a homebuilder, helping develop a subdivision on his father's land in 1969.

(15) He is responsible for the "one-click-away" tool that helps parents block, filter or monitor Internet content to protect their children.

(16) He was taught how to clean out hog waste, how to clear land with a double-bladed ax and how to plow steep hillsides with a team of mules.

(17) His claim at the Des Moines Register offices in January that he bought his own farm when he came back from Vietnam and that he has owned and operated it for 26 years. [This is the 80 acres Hammer sold to his father on which he has collected $20,000 a year in mining royalties since 1974.] ….."

Washington Times 8/8/00 Larry Witham "…..Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, the first Orthodox Jew on a presidential ticket, has years of kosher experience juggling lawmaking with Sabbath demands that he shun phone calls, work and car rides……. "His view has been that he will represent the concerns of the people of Connecticut to the greatest extent possible without violating Jewish law," said Rabbi Barry Freundel of Kesher Israel Congregation in Georgetown, where Mr. Lieberman worships on Saturdays…… Rabbis and Jewish leaders said yesterday that it will be difficult to balance Mr. Lieberman's Orthodoxy with his public policy. Mr. Lieberman, who has served in the Senate for 12 years, has solidly backed abortion rights, to include a November vote against a ban on partial-birth abortion and to support Mr. Clinton's veto. Orthodox rabbis have mandated abortion as moral to save the life of the mother, but do not warrant it for the "health" of the mother. In that sense, "I don't think we have a pro-life or a pro-choice position," Mr. Freundel said. "We are certainly not pro-choice." On moral issues such as abortion, homosexuality and women's rights, "To the extent that [Mr. Lieberman] does something that is against the rule of Jewish law, he will have to deal with that in his conscience," Mr. Freundel said. Orthodox Judaism does not ordain women or allow them to lead prayers, and in worship they sit separately with heads covered. Only a man may initiate a divorce, and unless the man gives the wife a "get," or bill of divorce, she may not remarry as Orthodox……."

Hackworth's News Letter 8/9/00 David H. Hackworth Colonel, U.S. Army Ret'd. "……Retired Army Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf says U.S. military readiness sucks. Louis Caldera, U.S. Army headman, says this ain't so -- Stormin' Norman's "flat-out wrong." Both men are alumni of West Point, an institution whose graduates I've always held in the highest regard, at least until their actions proved otherwise. And sadly there were a fair few of those. ……… It's rare when West Point graduates get into public squabbles. Luis -- that's how he spelled it when he graduated from West Point in 1978 -- Caldera says our military can go anywhere at anytime and do a number on the bad guys. Schwarzkopf strongly disagrees. So who's right? Is Luis singing the party line for his pal Bill? Or is Norman bashing the Pentagon to smooch up to Dubya and old boss Dick Cheney? ……… Let's look at their credentials:

Schwarzkopf, Class of '56, was a platoon leader in the 101st Airborne; a company commander in Berlin in those hot days when The Wall went up; a battalion CO in Vietnam; a brigade CO at Fort Lewis, Wash.; an assistant division commander in Germany; and a division and corps CG in the States. He commanded the Army force during the invasion of Grenada and then, of course, there was Desert Storm. He retired in '91 with 35 years' service and four combat tours under his pistol belt.

Caldera, Class of '78, was a stateside military-police officer for two years, an admin officer at West Point for one year and an MP officer at Fort Dix, N.J., for one year. He quit the Army as soon as he could, in 1983, to go to Harvard Law School, and the half-million-dollar, taxpayer-funded education designed to train him to defend America served him well -- first in law and then playing politics. Combat experience: zero.

My take is that Stormin' Norman is talking to many of the same folks I hear from daily who tell me our Army, Navy and Air Force -- not the Marine Corps -- can't fight their way into a retirement home. Remember, many of today's commanders were his subordinates somewhere down the line, and Norman, like most old soldiers, would keep an ear to the combat-readiness ground. Five will get you 10 that Norman's getting his skinny on the q.t. from skippers and old NCOs. Guys who wouldn't dare pull one on "The Bear," whose vast experience would help him sniff out the truth faster than he used to bark "Gimme 25."

I suspect that Caldera's getting his readiness info from the reports that slide across his Pentagon desk and talks with soldiers when in the field. But today's generals rarely say they're not ready to go, not if they want a career. The plethora of Perfumed Princes that manage -- not lead -- today's forces can't afford to and wouldn't let a truth-teller within rifle range of a visiting fireman from Washington such as Caldera. But if Caldera, who probably is talking primarily to yes men and women, really thinks our forces are good to go, he should see an eye doc for specs -- because the man from Los Angeles must be blinder than a rock.

Caldera reminds me of another high Pentagon know-nothing, Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson, who just before the Korean War exploded, assured President Harry Truman that our forces were second to none. He was fired, but not before thousands of untrained soldiers were shot down by a superior North Korean army. …… Hopefully in November -- no matter who's the new commander in chief -- Caldera and the rest of Clinton's Pentagon political appointments will be given their walking papers and our country's defense will be placed in more competent hands. ….."

Washington Times 8/10/00 Greg Pierce "…… Al Gore apparently misled Tom Brokaw on Monday when he told the NBC anchorman that he not only agreed with Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman's 1998 condemnation of President Clinton's behavior, but said so at the time. The Fox News Channel's Brit Hume reported Tuesday: "In his interview with Tom Brokaw, Al Gore was asked about Senator Lieberman's famous statement in September 1998 that President Clinton's conduct in the Lewinsky case had been 'immoral.' 'Did you agree with Joe Lieberman when he said that,' Gore was asked. 'I did and said so at the time,' Gore answered. "But a search of records reveals no such thing. Indeed, the first Gore statement critical of Clinton's behavior did not come until June of the following year."….."

The Washington Times 8/9/00 Donald Lambro "…..Joseph I. Lieberman is abandoning two of his most prominent conservative positions in order to conform to Al Gore's more liberal agenda for their presidential campaign. Mr. Lieberman has for several years been a strong supporter of school-choice vouchers to help inner-city students escape from failing public schools. He has also been an enthusiastic backer of letting workers divert some of their Social Security payroll taxes into their own private investment accounts to build a more comfortable retirement. Now, however, he is telling Democrats that he no longer supports either of these ideas. When a Lieberman adviser was asked yesterday if he still embraces these two conservative proposals, the adviser said, "Not anymore."……."

CNN 8/8/00 Jonathan Karl "……."We have stood together again and again for policies and principle to bring a new time of prosperity and progress," Gore said Tuesday, introducing the Connecticut senator as his running mate to a cheering crowd in Nashville, Tennessee. But Republicans sarcastically responded to the choice by calling for a Gore-Lieberman debate, pointing out that the Democratic vice presidential candidate and the GOP's nominee, Texas Gov. George W. Bush, have held similar views on school voucher programs, privatizing part of the Social Security program, and the need for a national missile defense system. ……."

Reuters 8/2/00 Alan Elsner "……. In the biggest speech of his political life, the usually mild-mannered Cheney headlined the third night of the convention with an uncharacteristically harsh and mocking speech that marked a break after three days of relentlessly feel-good rhetoric. ``When I look at the administration now in Washington, I am dismayed by opportunities squandered. Saddened by what might have been, but never was. These have been years of prosperity in our land, but little purpose in the White House,'' Cheney said in a gravelly monotone, rarely raising or lowering his voice. ``The wheel has turned. And it is time. It is time for them to go,'' he said of President Clinton and Gore. The hall erupted in chants of ``Time to go, time to go,'' as Cheney responded with a restrained half-smile. …….. Gore campaign spokesman Doug Hattaway said it was one of the most negative speeches at a Republican convention since that delivered by conservative Pat Buchanan (news - web sites) in 1992, where he vowed to fight a cultural war and take back the country street by street. …….. Whether consciously or not, Cheney was quoting the key line in Gore's speech at the 1992 Democratic convention, when he rallied the crowd with the repeated slogan, ``It's time for them to go'' -- a line directed at Bush's father who was then ending his first and only term in the White House. ……."

Chattanooga Free Press 7/27/00 "…… If someone offered you a million dollars, don't you think you'd remember it? President Bill Clinton said he didn't remember such an offer that reportedly came his way. It is illegal for foreigners to finance American politics. Mr. Clinton's Justice Department has looked into some illegalities. The White House this week released a transcript of Mr. Clinton's answers when he was asked, under oath, about a 1992 limousine ride during which Indonesian James Riady reportedly offered to raise $1 million for Mr. Clinton's campaign. Mr. Clinton said: "I don't have a specific recollection of what the conversation was, or this fact of the car ride." He said he did remember seeing Mr. Riady "sometime in '92 after I became the (presidential) nominee," and that Mr. Riady did pledge to help his campaign. But asked specifically if be recalled Mr. Riady's $1 million promise, Mr. Clinton said: 'I don't. I don't. And I don't know whether he ever gave that much money ... if he said a million, I'm surprised. I don't remember it."……"

Savannah Morning News 8/10/00 ".......But it appears those differences are quickly evaporating. Mr. Lieberman suddenly has abandoned his support for private Social Security accounts similar to those advocated by GOP nominee George W. Bush, as well as Democratic Senate colleagues Bob Kerrey of Nebraska and Pat Moynihan of New York.. ......The timing of Mr. Lieberman's change of heart -- or rather, the release of the article -- is awfully convenient. Mr. Gore plans to make Mr. Bush's Social Security plan a focus of his attacks this fall, something that would have been difficult to pull off with a running mate who was sympathetic to privatization. Mr. Lieberman also appears wobbly on his commitment to school-choice vouchers. He has spoken in favor of them numerous times and voted for a Republican-sponsored bill that would have established vouchers for impoverished students in the District of Columbia. Mr. Gore, on the other hand, has joined with the national teachers unions in stridently opposing them. .......But this week the senator's aides were saying that he has dropped the idea. Those developments do not bode well for Mr. Lieberman's long-standing squeamishness with racial preferences. In 1995 he said, "The current system of group preferences has to end." And: "They were only intended to be temporary, aimed at combating racism. But's it's actually fueling division between the races." And: "You can't defend policies that are based on group preference as opposed to individual opportunities." ....... Now, it's not unusual, nor is it necessarily cynical, for a politician to alter his views. ...... But Mr. Lieberman earned a reputation in the Senate for being principled, and for not being afraid to challenge the orthodoxy of the left or the right. His furious backpedaling this week on issues he has championed is disappointing, for it reflects the win-at-all-costs mentality of the Gore campaign he has joined. ......"

New York Post 8/10/00 Vincent Morris "..... CARTHAGE, Tenn. - Vice President Al Gore yesterday painted over his disagreement with running mate Joe Lieberman on the issue of school vouchers - even as he conceded the issue's appeal to desperate parents. .......Gore, speaking at a school gym in front of his mom, daughter Karenna and about 150 invited guests, said Lieberman's support for vouchers - which Gore opposes - strengthens the Democratic ticket....... "If I was the parent of a child who went to an inner city school that was failing ... I might be for vouchers, too," said Gore. ........ Gore also sought to minimize the separation between himself and Lieberman on Social Security and even on the dicey issue of parental notification for women seeking abortions. Gore seemed to move closer to Lieberman when he told reporters, "We need to consider them, look at them," referring to proposals that might require some form of notification. ........ Although both men promised to run positive campaigns, Gore likened his candidacy to the "new guard" and opened his remarks with an attack on the Republican "old guard." ....... At one point, Gore waxed nostalgic about a childhood education received inside the walls of Carthage Elementary School. Gore aides later clarified by saying the veep spent part of second grade at a Carthage public school, although his education was otherwise at an exclusive, all-boys private school in Washington, D.C. .........One pitfall for the Gore-Lieberman ticket was illustrated with a stern attack from a local doctor on the health-care industry and insurance companies. "We're practicing insurance, and it's very wrong," said Dr. R.L. Donaldson, who cared for Gore when the vice president was a child. "Insurance companies and HMO's are ruining health care." ........"

Denver Post 8/9/00 Chuck Green "……How far will Joe Lieberman move to the left to reconcile key differences between him and Al Gore? ……. One or both of them are going to have to modify their positions on several critical issues if their campaign is going to merge into a compatible agenda that clearly defines their intent to govern. Consider:
Lieberman has supported privateschool vouchers; Gore opposes them.
Lieberman advocates partial privatization of Social Security investments; Gore does not.
Lieberman has supported cuts in capital-gains taxes; Clinton-Gore has opposed them.
Lieberman has opposed deep cuts in the nation's military budgets proposed by the Clinton-Gore administration.
Lieberman has been critical of continuing affirmative-action programs; Gore has been a staunch supporter of such policies.
Lieberman has been a leading voice for campaign-finance reform, declaring that both parties "grossly violated" the spirit of campaign-funding laws in 1996.
Lieberman wants to limit awards in civil lawsuits, saying the system "has gone way off track;" civil-trial lawyers have been among the largest contributors to the Clinton-Gore campaigns. ….." 8/9/00 Susan Jones "…….In an interview on ABC's Good Morning America, Gore interrupted questions directed at his running mate three times. Two of those interruptions appeared designed to keep Lieberman on "script," if indeed there is a script - to remind Lieberman of an additional response he should have made. On NBC's Today show, the same thing happened, with Gore jumping in to the conversation - uninvited - three times, to amplify and/or clarify something his running mate had said……..In the ABC interview with anchorman Jack Ford, Gore interrupted questions aimed at Lieberman:
* to play up the "historic" angle of his decision to choose Lieberman as a running mate;
* to portray himself as a man of faith, just as Lieberman is;
* and to emphasize issues on which he and Lieberman agree with each other (affirmative action, allowing homosexuals to openly serve in the military.)

During the NBC interview, Gore interrupted for some of the same reasons:
* to say he's not afraid to choose a vice president "who sometimes disagrees with me"
* to say he agreed with Lieberman's speech in which Lieberman publicly chastised President Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky
* and to note that both he and Lieberman both defend "the separation of church and state."……"



Washington Times 8/11/00 Joseph Curl "…… Liberal advocacy groups Thursday conceded a double standard on religion in the presidential campaign, but argue that it's legitimate because Republicans preach an exclusionary faith and the doctrine of Democrats is "all-inclusive"………. Texas Gov. George W. Bush was lashed by several groups last year for naming Jesus Christ as the most important philosopher to him. Few have criticized Al Gore and running mate Joseph I. Lieberman, the first Jewish vice-presidential candidate, for the stream of passionate religious rhetoric that has enveloped their fledgling campaign. "American Jews would have a knee-jerk reaction to Republicans' expression of faith, but not to the other side," says David Harris, deputy executive director for the National Jewish Democratic Council. The Republican presidential candidate has crossed the line, Mr. Harris said, by giving the government imprimatur to his faith by his recent proclamation declaring June 10 as "Jesus Day" in Texas and his support for school prayer and the posting of the Old Testament's Ten Commandments, among other things……."Bush's declarations have an air of exclusivity," Mr. Harris said. "But Gore and Lieberman appear all inclusive on faith, that all must be made to feel welcome."…….Says Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State: "There's a bit of a double standard, but Republicans have a long history of seeking votes on a religious basis."……."

Washington Times 8/11/00 Joseph Curl "……Mark Pelavin, associate director for the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, says the double standard exists because Republicans also have a history of using religion for partisan and issue purposes. When Republicans speak about adherence to biblical tenets, that is code for supporting school prayer and opposing abortion and homosexual rights, he says……… "When Republicans talk about their faith, most know what that talk means," Mr. Pelavin says. "That's not as true for Democrats. The Christian right and the Christian Coalition have a policy agenda to change the Republican Party……. "Lieberman's comments were a legitimate expression of who he is that did not exclude others, as Bush's did. One is an individual speaking and the other is an act of government." Mr. Pelavin, as well as several others, say Mr. Bush's statement that Jesus Christ is the most influential political philosopher to him was followed by an egregious statement....... Asked to expand for viewers his answer in the September 1999 debate in Iowa that Jesus Christ "has changed my heart," Mr. Bush said, "Well, if they don't know, it's going to be hard to explain. When you turn your heart and your life over to Christ, when you accept Christ as a savior, it changes your heart and changes your life, and that's what happened to me."
Most point to that as evidence that his religious views are exclusionary, whereas Mr. Gore's and Mr. Lieberman's professions of faith are generic and inclusive......., "He ought to be able to explain why he picked Jesus," says Eliot Mincberg, vice president of People for the American Way. "We did not object to the fact that Bush mentioned Jesus, but the fact that that was the only person Bush referred to and he said he just couldn't explain it."……."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 8/14/00 Jerry Seper "……It's a familiar refrain and Vice President Al Gore has used it often on the campaign trial: "How many other Vietnam veterans are here? "Welcome home. I'm a Vietnam veteran." On some occasions, the rhetoric has been spiced with photographs of his Vietnam-era self in fatigues, carrying an M-16 slung over his shoulder. Other times, he showcases the American Legion hat he likes to wear at a jaunty angle…….. While there's no doubt that Mr. Gore went to Vietnam when others of his generation, like President Clinton, chose educational deferments, conscientious-objector status or fled to Canada or Sweden, there are questions about the nature of his Vietnam experience…….. After enlisting in the U.S. Army on Aug. 8, 1969, Spc. 5 Albert A. Gore Jr. arrived in Vietnam Jan. 2, 1971. "The country was at war. If I didn't go, someone else would have to go in my place," he said at the time……. Questions about his service have been raised over the past decade. There were questions whether he and his staff have always been forthcoming about the 141 days he spent in Vietnam, and what he did there. There were suggestions that he exaggerated his military exploits and whether he got a relatively safe field assignment in Vietnam when he had just eight months remaining on his two-year enlistment. There were suggestions that he got out early to return to Tennessee to help his father's re-election to the U.S. Senate………… After a battery of tests, the 21-year-old Harvard graduate was classified as a military journalist and sent to Fort Dix, N.J., for basic training. Mr. Gore told recruiters he worked as a "newspaper trainee" for the New York Times between his sophomore and junior years at Harvard. He was a "copy boy" and did no reporting. He went to Vietnam after serving in the public affairs office at Fort Rucker, Ala., where the Army trained helicopter crews. He wrote press releases and worked on the fort's newspaper. He left the Army on May 22, 1971, after receiving an early out to attend Vanderbilt University's divinity school. He quit school after a year, taking a job in Nashville as a reporter for the Tennessean....... A normal tour of duty in Vietnam was 12 months. Mr. Gore spent less than five months there. He received an early release from the Army - and a ticket out of Vietnam - on May 22, 1971, to go to divinity school......., Former Army Warrant Officer Paul A. Hoven, who flew helicopters in Vietnam as part of the 9th Infantry Division, said it was "unheard of" for the Army to post someone in Vietnam with less than 12 months remaining on his enlistment. Even more "puzzling," he said, was Mr. Gore's early release…….. Questions were first raised in 1987, not by Republicans but by his Democratic opponents in his first presidential race. A Gore campaign brochure showed him carrying an M-16 rifle in Vietnam, suggesting he had been an infantryman. Some Democrats tipped reporters that Mr. Gore had actually been a correspondent for the Army's 20th Engineers Brigade headquarters, a noncombat "information specialist" and not a rifleman. They said he served at the huge Bien Hoa military base near Saigon, and his only life-threatening experience -beyond the real threats to life everywhere in Vietnam - was to save a fellow soldier, Michael O'Hara, who got caught in a riptide while the two were bodysurfing at Vung Tau, a South China Sea resort………. Although a noncombat information officer, Mr. Gore often has said he carried a reporter's notepad and pencil in one hand and a fully loaded M-16 in the other: "You carry an M-16, a fully loaded M-16, for a reason. You hope to never have to use it."……. In March 1988, he also alluded to brushes with enemy fire, telling Vanity Fair magazine he "took my turn regularly on the perimeter in these little fire bases out in the boonies. Something would move, we'd fire first and ask questions later." At the same time, he told The Washington Post that he was "shot at" and "spent most of my time in the field." He told the Baltimore Sun that he "carried an M-16" and "pulled my turn on the perimeter at night and walked through the elephant grass and I was fired upon." In an interview with the Weekly Standard, he described flights aboard combat helicopters, saying: "I used to fly these things with the doors open, sitting on the ledge with our feet hanging down. If you flew low and fast, they wouldn't have as much time to shoot you."……… The helicopter flights were dangerous enough, but as a correspondent Mr. Gore did not pull guard duty in the field, only at his base near Saigon. ……. Several of those who served with him say Mr. Gore never saw any combat, never participated in a firefight and was kept out of harm's way to ensure that the son of a prominent U.S. politician was not injured or killed in the war. They say he was on a "watch list" of sensitive persons the Army believed needed to be protected……. "Initially, I didn't know the new guy's name, but I was told he was the son of a senator and that he was going to get preferential treatment." That preferential treatment, he said, included instructions that Mr. Gore was "not to be sent on any dangerous missions or into field areas where we couldn't get him out quickly. "My responsibility was to keep an eye on him," he said. "I wasn't anyone's bodyguard, although I have seen that term used, but I did make sure he wasn't going to get in trouble."……. "

RNC Email 8/11/00 Jim Nicholson "...... · Reforming welfare. Al Gore yesterday continued on his "Squandered Opportunities Tour," stopping in Atlanta on his way to the Los Angeles "Reinvention Convention." The tour will stop in Philadelphia on Saturday and Cleveland on Sunday. Gore is planning to reinvent himself yet again, promising one more time to "let people see the real Al Gore." He also is now trying to reinvent history, claiming that he and Bill Clinton deserve the credit for welfare reform. The truth is the Clinton/Gore Administration vetoed GOP welfare reform legislation twice before finally, reluctantly signing a GOP bill. And Clinton signed that bill only on the eve of an election and only after reading polls showing voters demanding real reform. Americans want an administration grounded in principles, not polls! ......... · Even the Washington Post editorial page knew. Throughout his political career, Al Gore has resisted supporting meaningful welfare reform proposals. In Congress, Gore voted against welfare measures reform that would have reduced the bureaucracy in Washington and given local governments more freedom to find ways to help people become independent wage earners. Gore's misguided approach - the Democrats' approach - has been to promise to make welfare recipients more comfortable in their poverty and dependence. Reviewing a welfare plan proposed by the Clinton/Gore Administration, even the Washington Post editorial page said in 1994 that it "would leave a vast number of welfare recipients in the old system for years to come." Gore and Clinton never intended to end welfare as America knew it! ....... "

Lew 8/12/00 Joseph Sobran "…….Al Gore and Joe Lieberman are quoting the Bible all over the place. They seem to want to assure this God-fearing country that they are guided by Holy Writ in all they do, even when supporting abortion, infanticide, and the lifestyles of Sodom and Gomorrah.......After complaining for years that Republicans were making abortion a "litmus test," the Democrats have done the same thing in reverse, except that they are much less tolerant of dissent than the Republicans. More than any other issue, abortion now defines the Democrats. And they have committed themselves to defending even the grisliest slaughter of the unborn. On this, Joe Lieberman hasn't broken ranks. How can anyone with an active conscience support late-term abortion? .....In a way, Lieberman is slicker than Clinton. He fools people who aren't fooled by Clinton. He doesn't strike you as slippery; he doesn't seem to rely on glib and facile charm. He creates the impression that he is marching to a different drummer. Part of his appeal is that he is an observant Orthodox Jew. ...... So why does Joe Lieberman always wind up, in the end, in such close harmony with a party that stands in nearly total opposition to the traditions of both the Old and New Testaments? You cannot serve God and Mammon - or Moses and Moloch. How can you be at once an Orthodox Jew and an orthodox Democrat?......:

The American Spectator 8/14/00 Wlady Pleszczynski "……..Their act clearly isn't together. Last week they spent a news cycle or two cracking down on Loretta Sanchez and her determination to host a fundraiser at the local Playboy mansion. Regardless how the issue was finally resolved, the damage was done, confirming Gore is now suffering from a chronic case of the jitters. He picked on the little gal because he's not strong enough to go after the big fish. And so team Clinton and Clinton came to town early, hogging all the fundraising and demanding all the spotlight. Monday night is going to be theirs, and it promises to be the biggest night of the entire week. The three next days devoted to Gore will seem like leftovers. hen, of course, there's flavor of the week Joe Lieberman, who continues to apologize for displaying religious exuberance when he should be swearing oaths to separation of church and state. His uncharacteristic high last week will doubtless find him in uncharacteristic depression before all this is over. As it is, since Wednesday he's probably done more double-talking and back-tracking than he had over his entire career. You have to wonder how good he's feeling about himself these days……" 8/14/00 Michael Savage "…….For decades, the atheistic, anti-God, anti-family, anti-mom & pop feathers of the Democratic Party's left wing have told us about the dangers of permitting God to enter the political arena. Hating the 'religious right' more than China's slave-labor camps, the crazed anti-church/state fanatics even swooped in to prevent Christian boys from conducting a quick prayer on the ballfield. ...... Enter a party hack who uses his religion as a weapon ... not a murmer about church and state. Why? Because 'Saint Lieberman' is out of the religious left. It was never about keeping religion out of politics. It was about keeping conservative religious tenets out of politics. How many times have you now heard the following: "Senator Lieberman is a very moral man. He's an orthodox Jew." Why don't we hear: "Reverend Falwell has been a moral force in America for decades. He is a devout Baptist." Political orientation is the key. Simply put, Lieberman is a left-wing party hack; Falwell is a conservative. ….."

The Houston Chronicle 8/13/00 R G Ratcliffe "……Gore's personal credibility also has been challenged by accusations that he exaggerates. Gore never said, as Republicans suggest, that he invented the Internet, but he did say, "I took the initiative in creating the Internet." In Congress, he had sponsored legislation that helped promote the Internet's expansion. …….. Gore once told reporters that he was the basis for the male character in Love Story, a tale that may have contained a grain of truth. But he also claimed to have "found" the Love Canal toxic waste site because he held the first congressional hearings two months after President Jimmy Carter declared Love Canal a disaster area. ……"

WASHINGTON TIMES 8/14/00 Donald Lambro "……Sen. Joe Lieberman's reputation for independence and principle was vastly diminished last week when he backed away from two of his most prominent conservative positions to avoid public disagreement with Al Gore. Moving quickly to revise his right-of-center policy positions to conform to Mr. Gore's more liberal agenda, the Connecticut Democrat now says he no longer supports Social Security investment retirement accounts and is abandoning school-choice vouchers. Mr. Lieberman has for several years been a strong supporter of school-choice vouchers to help inner-city students escape from failing public schools. He has also been an enthusiastic backer of letting workers put a tiny part of their Social Security payroll taxes into their own investment accounts to build a more comfortable retirement.......Now he is telling Democrats that he no longer actively supports either of these ideas that are an integral part of George W. Bush's reform agenda…….."

The Washington Post 8/14/00 Thomas B. Edsall and Hamil R. Harris "……Al Gore's presidential campaign today began an effort to counter emerging resistance to vice presidential nominee Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman among some African American Democrats, who have questioned his stands on affirmative action and education and suggested he may cost the party support in a key constituency. …….. The Gore campaign has asked black leaders to mute questions about Lieberman until the campaign can prepare a full-scale presentation on the vice presidential pick for the African American community. ……THE CAMPAIGN has assigned Labor Secretary Alexis M. Herman and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) to defuse black reaction to Lieberman's support in 1998 for California's Proposition 209, which banned state-funded affirmative action programs, and his endorsement of state-funded vouchers allowing parents to move children from public to private schools. ……" 8/15/00 Jeannine Aversa AP "……The Gore campaign on Tuesday sought to allay concern among some blacks about Joseph Lieberman's stand on affirmative action, saying he has a strong civil rights record. ''This is someone who was went down to the South and marched'' in the 1960s, Gore campaign spokesman Chris Lehane said as Lieberman prepared to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus. Shoring up support among blacks, a key Democratic constituency, was one of Lieberman's first orders of business after arriving in the city hosting the Democratic National Convention. ……In 1998, Lieberman supported California's Proposition 209, which banned state-funded affirmative action programs, and he has opposed what he describes as racial quotas. ….."

AP, Yahoo 8/15/00 Jeannine Aversa "…..Sen. Joseph Lieberman appeared to win over some wavering black delegates Tuesday when he told them he supports affirmative action, shoring up an important Democratic Party constituency. ``Let me talk about affirmative action because questions have been raised,'' the Democratic vice presidential candidate told a gathering of some 300 black delegates called by the Congressional Black Caucus and the Democratic National Committee's Black Caucus. ``I want to talk very specifically about it,'' said Lieberman, who made the meeting his first order of business on arriving in the city hosting the Democratic National Convention. ``I have supported affirmative action. I do support affirmative action. And I will support affirmative action,'' he said to applause. …… Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., who had expressed doubts about Lieberman's stances on some issues, told reporters after meeting privately with Lieberman that she now backs the Democratic ticket led by Al Gore (news - web sites). ……"

The American Spectator 8/17/00 Byron York "…..Last night Karenna Gore Schiff, in an obviously heartfelt tribute to her father, said, "One of his favorite sayings is, 'the truth shall set you free.'" It was a breathtaking statement, at least to anyone familiar with the modus operandi of the Clinton/Gore administration. But even more astonishing was what Schiff said next. "What it really means to him," she continued, "is that each human soul is precious -- and it is in striving to give everyone a chance that we liberate what is pure and honest in ourselves." So that is what Al Gore thinks "the truth shall set you free" means? Others, perhaps less politically sophisticated than the vice president, might think it means that lying is not only wrong but that it traps us in webs of deceit, and that telling the truth frees us from those traps. But for Al Gore, "the truth shall set you free" is just more Democratic party boilerplate, meaning, in rough translation, "let no child be left behind." ......"

Washington Post 8/15/00 Lori Montgomery "…..Virginia Gov. James S. Gilmore III (R) arrived in Los Angeles this weekend, ready for his close-up. His role: Republican attack dog for the Democratic National Convention. At the debut of his daily news conference, Gilmore today dubbed the Democratic gathering the "Reinvention Convention" and accused the Democrats of "trying to reinvent Al Gore once again." ……"

Larry King Live 8/15/00 "……KING: But George W. Bush has said he wants to be all-inclusive. The vice presidential candidate has a gay daughter, as you have a gay daughter.
CHER: Yes, except what they say and what they do are not the same thing. You know, what they say -- it's easy to say that they're mutual -- you know, that they want to include everybody, but their record -- I mean, if you look at the record of his state, nothing reflects -- his words do not reflect his actions in the past. You know, they are not -- it's not a party that really -- it's like every time the Republicans come into office, my business manager becomes elated because he always says, oh, Cher you're going to get so many great tax breaks because that's what the Republicans are about, giving rich people tax breaks……..
I'm rich enough. I don't mind working harder for my money because I can't be happy knowing that I'm making a lot of money if I know that other people are not having the benefits or they are -- or have the arena to make, you know, to make a living, to live comfortably, to live well. More people -- more women are starving in his state than any other state in the United States. More children are going to bed hungry. If you look in the Child Council, it says that it's the worst place to raise a child. Texas is the worst place to raise a child…….."

Drudge 815/00 "…..LIEBERMAN CAMPAIGNED DURING HOLY DAY; DID NOT ABSTAIN Questions were raised this week after it emerged that vice presidential hopeful Joseph Lieberman did not strictly observe a Jewish day of mourning that requires adherents to abstain from major activities, including eating and drinking. Lieberman campaigned aggressively in Atlanta and Philadelphia with running mate Al Gore on the fast day of Tisha B'Av, which was observed by Orthodox Jews last Wednesday sundown through Thursday sundown. While aboard Air Force II, Lieberman was seen drinking and chewing on an apparent snack, according to sources. ….."

WASHINGTON TIMES 8/18/00 R. Emmett Tyrrell "….. Once again, the Democrats at their quadrennial national convention sweat and heave to achieve the preposterous. And once again, they have achieved that weird goal. The United States, the world's economic marvel, is, according to them, on the hem of catastrophe. All that can save us is four more years of the Democrats. That suggests two questions. Have the Democrats not already had eight years to save us from our misery? And do they not simultaneously claim economic crisis and economic boom? As I say, the Democrats thrive on the preposterous. Since 1983 the country has been humming along on the longest and most widely distributed period of economic growth in world history. In early 1992, a brief and shallow slowdown gave way to renewed growth. In the first two years of the Clinton administration, it continued at the cyclically modest rate of 2.3 percent. Then the 1994 Republican Congress came in and markets bloomed, the economy took off and eventually Alan Greenspan went on the alert. President Clinton and Al Gore have been patting themselves on the back through it all, congratulating themselves for the Republican Congress' ability to stifle their spendthrift and high-tax impulses……."

Original Sources 8/18/00 Mary Mostert "…… He tried, in the first part of his speech, to continue Clinton's smooth effort to take the entire credit for the booming economy which revolves around exploding technology: " For almost eight years now, I've been the partner of a leader who moved us out of the valley of recession and into the longest period of prosperity in American history. I say to you tonight: millions of Americans will live better lives for a long time to come because of the job that's been done by President Bill Clinton." It was another Bill - Bill Gates - who is responsible for a lot of the technology that brought prosperity, Bill Clinton's bragging notwithstanding. …….. Gore made no mention of the role he and other members of Congress played in creating the current Medicare system which causes the kind of problem he now wants to solve. Prescription drugs in the USA cost more than the same drugs in Canada or Mexico - another phenomenon Gore deplores. Yet, it is the cost of litigation in the United States that causes that but since the trial lawyers who benefit by the present system are Clinton-Gore Campaign contributors, legislation passed by Congress to correct that problem in order to bring down medical costs was vetoed by Bill Clinton. Gore said last night: "It's just wrong to have life and death medical decisions made by bean-counters at HMO's who don't have a license to practice medicine, and don't have a right to play God. It's time to take the medical decisions away from the HMO's and insurance companies - and give them back to the doctors, the nurses, and the health care professionals." …….Of course, the HMOs HAVE the right to play God because Al Gore and other members of Congress voted to give them that right. Its the legislation he and others passed that causes the problem he is now complaining about. ……"

The American Spectator 8/15/00 James Bovard "......"Just the facts, Ma'am," Clinton promised in his speech to the Democratic National Convention last night. While the media marveled at Clinton's eloquence, the glaring misrepresentations and absurdities in his speech received scant attention. Clinton claimed: "Today, the typical American family is paying a lower share of its income in federal income taxes than at any point during the last 35 years." Yet, federal taxes as a percent of the gross national product are higher than they have been since World War II. But because Congress and Clinton effectively exempted tens of millions of people from paying federal taxes (extending a policy begun under Reagan), the "typical" family often pays no taxes and actually receives a federal handout from the IRS (the so-called Earned Income Tax Credit). And almost every "tax cut" that Clinton favored increases politicians' power over citizens by creating new levers to reward or punish specific behavior……."

The American Spectator 8/15/00 James Bovard "……Clinton claimed that his administration succeeded in its goal to "mend, not end" affirmative action. But there has been almost no change in the vast majority of federal quota dictates. Supreme Court decisions that profoundly undercut federal power to dictate racial hiring have been ignored………. No Clinton speech to a Democratic audience would be complete without his well-worn lie that "the Brady Law...kept guns out of the hands of a half million felons, fugitives and stalkers." The statistics merely measure how many people are denied permission to purchase a gun at a specific location. To claim that those people were thereby prevented from getting a gun makes as much sense as deducing the number of homeless by how many people have ever been turned down for a mortgage loan -- regardless of whether they subsequently got a loan or found other lodging. Federal agencies have not even bothered to prosecute the vast majority of alleged Brady Act violators -- proof that lower-level feds recognize that the law is a farce……"

AP 8/17/00 Laura Meckler "……Some of Al Gore's factual claims Thursday night fell short in giving voters a complete picture of his campaign proposals and those of his opponent. Gore alluded in his acceptance speech to a pair of tax fights in Congress: efforts to eliminate the estate tax and the ''marriage penalty,'' a quirk in the tax code whereby some married couples pay more in taxes than they would if they were single. Both tax cuts have been championed by Republicans. In his speech, Gore said he, too, favors these cuts. But the Democrats support much more narrow changes than the high-profile Republican proposals. ……….Gore said he wants to ''reform the estate tax, so people can pass on a small business or a family farm.'' But the estate tax already exempts almost all small businesses and family farms. At issue is whether to eliminate it for the top 2 percent of heirs. ……….. "

AP 8/17/00 Laura Meckler "……Gore pledged to end the influence of big money in politics and take on such monied interests as insurers and pharmaceutical companies, which he said control the Republican party and oppose efforts to add a Medicare prescription drug benefit. ''They give in to the big drug companies,'' he accused Republicans. He didn't mention that his running mate, Joseph Lieberman, is among Congress' biggest recipients of money from both insurers ($197,419 this election) and drug makers ($84,550). ……."

AP 8/17/00 Laura Meckler "……In attacking proposals of Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush, Gore again left out some details: --He said: ''Their plan tells seniors to beg the HMOs and insurance companies for prescription drug coverage.'' In fact, Bush proposes that the government give low-income elderly people prescription drug coverage under Medicare. Bush promises to give the rest the right to sign up for a plan that offers coverage but has offered no guarantee those plans would be affordable. ….."

AP 8/17/00 Laura Meckler "……-He characterized Bush's Social Security plan as one that would ''strip one out of every $6 from the Social Security Trust Fund.'' That would happen only if every worker took Bush up on his offer to put about one in $6 of their Social Security taxes into a private retirement account. And while that money would be lost to Social Security, that program would be paying out a smaller retirement benefit to people who also have the individual accounts. ……."

AP 8/17/00 Laura Meckler "……As usual, Gore boasted about the economy's strong growth over the past eight years. He noted that deficits are now surpluses and home ownership is at its highest level. He didn't mention that the recovery began before he and President Clinton took office. And while Democrats passed important legislation in 1993 increasing taxes and cutting spending, Republicans have pressed for a balanced budget for years. And while it's true that 22 million jobs have been created since Gore became vice president, the nation has seen similar job growth over similar periods. ……….Gore also said that inflation is the lowest in a generation. That's true when examining the core rate, which excludes the big jump in oil prices over the past year. ….."

GOP Website 8/19/00 Jim Nicholson "…….Al Gore gave a terrific performance in his acceptance speech to the Democrat Convention, and I fully expect that by the time the news coverage and water-cooler talk has had a chance to take effect - say, by the end of the weekend - we will more likely than not be in a statistical dead heat in the national polls. As I've been saying all along, this is going to be a close race, tightly contested, and we cannot afford to let a single day go by without moving the ball forward. ...... Gore has had two fundamental problems in connecting with voters: First, he has often been seen as too stiff and robotic, a man uncomfortable in his own skin, often seeking to reinvent himself with a new persona when he judges the old one a failure politically (and, by implication, a man with no core principles); second, he has (correctly) been seen as a man who has difficulty with the truth. ……. Gore certainly did nothing to help himself on the second front. Nothing he said Thursday night changed a single mind about the fundamental question of Gore's veracity. He remains a man who will say anything, do anything, and wear anything to get elected. …..In a remarkable turn, he mentioned the man most responsible for his emergence as a national political figure - to wit, Bill Clinton - just once by name. More importantly, he said the election is about the future, not the past, and on that we could not agree more; the problem for Gore is that in making that argument, he must first convince voters to overlook the record of squandered opportunities of the Clinton-Gore Administration. That will be a tough sell, indeed. ……"

Freeper YaYa123 8/16/00 "…… I wish everyone could have seen the exchange between Ben Stein, Mathews, Williams, and Lawrence O'Donnell. Ben Stein said, he was mystified at Lieberman's "Only In America" claim, then he listed off all the jewish premiers and prime ministers of England and France, and there was even one in Ireland. Stein called Lieberman's speech one of a political hack. He said O'Donnell can call his speech gentle, but it wasn't gentle to misquote Bush. Bush did not call it "a hollow military'. Ben Stein said, what's with all this talk about his dad driving a bakery truck. Stein said he lived in New Haven when Lieberman and he were students, and he distinctly remembered Lieberman's Liquor Co., a huge liquor distributorship. …… O'Donnell called lieberman's speech "gentle and inadequate", "less than meets the eye". ……..The actor from West Wing made some comment about clinton being able to wrap his arms around his enemies, and smother them with love. Ben Stein said, he remembered James Carville threatening to kill Clinton's enemies, that didn't seem like "smothering in love" to him. Brian Williams pretended he didn't understand what Stein meant. ……" 8/17/00 Arthur Sharp "….. Now that the euphoria has died down concerning the choice of Connecticut's U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman as Al Gore's running mate, let's take a look at his possible Achilles heel: his hypocritical failure to support the military in 1999. …….. Lieberman gave a speech Aug. 7 to the Connecticut AFL-CIO convention in which he chastised the Republicans for being slow to support a $1-an-hour (approximately 19 percent) increase in the minimum wage to $6.15. He also accused them of deploying working people as "just props" at their convention in Philadelphia. That was the same Joe Lieberman who voted against a 4.8 percent military pay raise in 1999. ……The Senate passed S. 4., The Soldiers', Sailors', Airmen's and Marines Bill of Rights Act of 1999, on Feb. 24, 1999, by a vote of 91-8. President Clinton signed it on May 21, 1999. …….The bill provided for a 4.8 percent military pay raise (which took effect Jan. 1, 2000), reform of the military pay tables and retirement system, and authorization for active-duty military personnel to participate in a Thrift Savings Plan - none of which Lieberman supported. Are military people "just props" in Lieberman's eyes? ….." 8/15/00 Carl Limbacher "…… Mounted police moved forcefully against demonstrators outside the Democratic National Convention Monday night, as President Bill Clinton touted eight years worth of peace and prosperity to party faithful inside. At approximately 7:00 pm Pacific Time, just as Clinton was taking the stage, officers on horseback pushed their way into the crowd swinging billy clubs and pummeling those who resisted. The violence erupted after authorities halted a concert by the political rock group Rage Against the Machine. An estimated 5,000 people were attracted by the music. ……"

The Times (London) 8/19/00 Michael Evans "....UNITED NATIONS forensic investigators searching for the bodies of ethnic Albanians murdered by Yugoslav Army and paramilitary forces in Kosovo last year now expect the final toll of confirmed killings to be between 4,000 and 5,000. ..... This is half the total estimated during Nato's 78-day bombing campaign. However, Graham Blewitt, deputy prosecutor at the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague, said yesterday that it was known that many of the bodies had been "incinerated" by the Serbs. "We will never know the full extent of the killings," he said. ......"

Heads Up #195 8/20/00 Doug Fiedor "….. Then, along came Al Gore. Apparently, they finally got Gore looking like they want him: sort of like a cross between Ronald Reagan and Howdy Doody. Gore gave his normal lackluster stump speech, laced with "feel good" social programs and a lot about his family. Actually, he could have phoned it in because all it boiled down to was: 'I love my family and friends and I will work to help certain American families -- by giving them stuff paid for by others -- so vote for me.' Not one thing Gore mentioned throughout the whole speech concerned a function authorized by the Constitution to the federal government. Not even one. . . . Such is the shame of today's government. Personified. ….."

EMAIL alert, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons 8/17/00 Jane Orient M.D. "…..Dr. Jane M. Orient, Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons issued this statement in response to Al Gore's plan to expand the Children's Health Insurance Plan by $42 billion, or $42,000 per child: ……. Al Gore apparently thinks that positioning himself as a modern Pied Piper of children's health care will help seal his presidential bid. ……..Two years ago, Gore kicked off a taxpayer-bankrolled, cross country caravan to search for uninsured children -- because parents weren't flocking to sign up. And that was for a program funded only at a cost of $4,800 per child, which even the administrator of the Health Care Financing Administration acknowledged most people would call "nuts." …….The caravan was an unqualified failure because parents refused to hand over their children's well-being to the federal government. Or because there never was a "crisis" of uninsured children in the first place. ……..There's a lot of profit to be made from children's health programs. They buy votes for Vice Presidents who want to President. They channel more profits to rich foundations, thinks tanks and companies. A representative of Deloitte and Touche, an accounting firm conducting the KidCare outreach program, admits "The beauty of it is, you can go back to the same student time and time again, and even if you never actually find a problem, [you] have a chance to be financially reimbursed simply because...personnel spend time engaged in the activity." …..Instead of siphoning millions to opportunists who never treat a single child, consider what can be done with $42,000 per child:
--Pay for 4 years of college
--Fully fund a Medical Savings Account for 35 years
--Invest at market rates to retire as a millionaire
--Pay private insurance premiums for a family of 14 for 5 years …….. There have been children's caravans before. In Hamelin, it was led by the Pied Piper who promised everything, telling a little boy that his lame foot would be cured. That little boy was the only one left behind as the healthy children trooped off, never to be seen by their parents again. …….. When children are lured from their homes, it is time for outrage --even if the piper wraps himself in the American flag to hide his Presidential ambitions. …….AAPS is an association of physicians in all specialties dedicated to the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship since 1943……."

Freeper longshadow 9/3/00 Gail Wynand "……. Is America really ready for Ensign Pulver1 as President? The official white house web site2 biography of Vice President Al Gore puts a gloss on Mr. Gore's seven years of non-political, post college, life to an extent that would get most people fired in the private sector, and many in government would face perjury charges if they signed employment applications as disingenuous as this biography:………. "...After graduation, he volunteered for enlistment in the U.S. Army and served in Viet Nam. Returning to civilian life, Vice President Gore became an investigative reporter with the Tennessean in Nashville. He attended Vanderbuilt University Divinity School and Vanderbuilt Law School."…….. Mr. Gore's official campaign website3, is equally delusive. It claims Gore, "enlisted" in the Army on August 25, 1969. That he was "assigned" to the Ft. Rucker (Alabama) USA Av school as an "information officer". That he went to Viet Nam in January of 1971, "assigned" to an engineer brigade, that he was honorably discharged "and return[ed] home from Vietnam."……… Then Gore claims he settled in Nashville and began working as reporter and attending Divinity School and later Law School. As a reporter, during this period the young Gore claims to have "broken" a story about local city council corruption. End of Story. Again, seven important, formative and revealing years glossed over in a few glib sentences……… "

Freeper longshadow 9/3/00 Gail Wynand "……. Gore graduated from Havard "cum laude" majoring in 'Goverment' in the troubled Spring of 1969, after having switched from an early major in English, in which field he had floundered. His remarkably unprofound senior thesis at Harvard was on the influence of television on natonal politics. As soon as he graduated his student draft deferment expired, and to the dismay of many at Harvard, graduate school deferments had been cancelled two years earlier. Thus, throughout the summer of 1969 the politically ambitious Gore was draft classification 1-A, he was in the parlance of the time, 'draft-bait.'........It is credibly reported and published that prior to embarking on military service, that a friend of his politically influential father, ultimately with Gore's knowledge and consent, intervened with no less a senior commander than Gen. William Westmoreland, himself, to ascertain the best "career path" for the young Gore…… This choice and remarkably safe job classification, during what was essentially wartime, also came, however, following Gore's falsification of his work experience on his military enlistment application. During college, Gore had worked one summer in the offices of the NY Times newspaper with the union classification of "office boy". ……. After completing basic training, Gore managed to skip the rigorous advanced military training virtually all regular recriuts undergo folloing basic, and was shipped off to a facility in Alabama where he joined a staff of military "reporters" whose duties were indisputably insignificant and barely, if at all, above the level of typist. Gore characterizes this assignment as serving as an "information officer". …….Gore late in his enlistment ultimately did go to Vietnam. No one disputes that he calculated and weighed carefully the impact on his future career prospects of being able to say he served in Viet Nam,. Gore after all was from the southern, conservative, "volunteer' State of Tennessee. …….Gore is reported to have arrived in Vietnam on January 8, 1971, he was assigned as a reporter/journalist/typist to an engineering batallion at a large military base near Saigon. No one who served with him reports or describes any meaningful exposure to the hazards of war in that largely uneventful, even tedious, assignment……….. In later political campaigns and statements and as recently as 1988 Gore, however, claimed to have been 'shot at' and seen others "cut in half by machine gun fire". These are lies. Gore never saw combat. During his four and one - half months of Vietnam service (which is often reported in the press as six-months, if the duration of his overseas service is mentioned at all) and not excluding the one week of R & R he somehow obtained in Hong Kong, Gore spent a total of one nervous night in a combat zone in a foxhole on an evening when nothing happened. His duties were insignificant, even trivial. He was informally assigned a bodyguard and chaperone to keep him out of danger, though no one can prove Gore was aware that these duties had been assigned to his "partner". Gore returned from Vietnam on May 22, 1971, after barely 18 weeks including the week in Hong Kong, and after applying for early release from the Army, which he obtained, getting out more than two months short of his full two year enlistment. On the whole, his tour in Vietnam was short and less dangerous than teaching school for a semester in, say, Cleveland. ……"

MRC 8/24/00"……. The Washington Post reported this morning that the Republican National Committee withdrew an ad featuring footage on an Al Gore interview on the November 6, 1994 Meet the Press. NBC reporter Lisa Myers questioned Gore on his campaign-trail comments that then-Senate candidate Oliver North was a "pathological liar" who was unfit for elected office. When Myers asked if he or Clinton had told lies since taking office, Gore replied "None that spring to mind." Let's refresh Gore's faulty memory with a few Clinton whoppers of that vintage: ......1. "Clinton began with what had become his rote reply - that the rumors [about Gennifer Flowers] were fictions made up by the Republican opposition in his last gubernatorial campaign." - Newsweek's book Quest for the Presidency 1992, page 45. ......2. "All I've been asked about by the press are a woman I didn't sleep with and a draft I didn't dodge." - February 12, 1992 Nightline. Clinton later admitted to a sexual relationship with Gennifer Flowers and that he received a draft notice in 1969 but returned to England......." 8/24/00 Tom Bevan "……. If we have learned one thing from the Clinton/Gore administration over the past eight years it is that everything depends on how something is "defined." Whether it's as simple as the meaning of the word "is" or an issue significantly more complex, no statement can be taken at face value. Rather, we are forced to play the definition game and parse every word and phrase. Questions for clarification elicit only more questions in response. Yesterday, Janet Reno played the definition game in her excuse to once again avoid appointing an independent counsel to investigate Al Gore's 1996 fundraising activities. ……… It has been well documented that the Director of the FBI and three respected career prosecutors have called for an independent counsel on the matter. Yet despite these recommendations, and the fact that evidence and testimony exist contradicting the Vice President's responses under oath, Janet Reno's decision not to appoint an independent counsel came down to a matter of definition. She stated yesterday that the entire investigation boiled down to "disagreements about labels" and to "fundamental ambiguities" in the questioning of the Vice President which made it "not likely to result in a prosecutable case under applicable criminal law and principles of federal prosecution." ……"

San Francisco Chronicle 8/25/00 Debra Saunders "…… THE UNDERREPORTED story of this election is how much extra money Al Gore wants the federal government to spend. Newspapers have devoted much ink to how George W. Bush's tax-cut plan might be a problem if there is an economic downturn. Stories frequently repeat Team Gore's warning that the Bush proposal to reduce income taxes by $1.3 trillion over 10 years is a ``risky tax scheme.'' Wrong, people. The truly risky scheme is Al Gore's dream budget. Tom E. McClusky of the conservative National Taxpayers Union added up Gore's program proposals and found that Gore wants to expand the federal budget by $2.3 trillion over the next 10 years -- that's $161 billion more than the estimated $2.1 trillion non- Social Security surplus. …."

The Tennessean 8/21/00 AP ".......The fight between Democrat Al Gore and Republican George W. Bush on tax cuts is getting entangled in common cents. "He totally made them up," chief Bush strategist Karl Rove said of Gore's figures on NBC's Meet the Press. "You know you can torture a number until it says anything. Nobody knows where he got those numbers, exactly." In fact Gore had a source for the information, but he misrepresented it in front of an estimated TV audience of 25 million. ......, The written text for his speech Thursday night to the Democratic National Convention, based on research used by his campaign, pegged the average savings from Bush's tax plan at 62 cents a day. But when he delivered the speech, he said "week" instead of "day." "It was a slip of the tongue," Gore spokesman Doug Hattaway said. ......"

AP 8/18/00 Cal Thomas "...... Vice President Al Gore confronted the ghost of Richard Nixon on Thursday night. Remember when Nixon repeatedly tried to transform himself into a "new Nixon"? He failed because the public couldn't forget (and the media wouldn't allow them forget) the old Nixon, which was, in fact, the real Nixon. Gore engaged in a similar effort. He issued a declaration of independence from Bill Clinton ("I am my own man," he said), though both he and Clinton have claimed that the vice president has been closely tied to every important decision for the last eight years. And Gore's mechanical speech failed on several levels. It failed because he offered nothing new. He employed the familiar and tired language of class warfare and the liberal nanny state. He associated the Clinton administration with economic prosperity and job creation. Question: Did that prosperity come from President Clinton's retroactive tax hike in 1993, or was it the result of the lowered marginal tax rates of the Reagan years, which Democrats disparage? If the former, Gore should be running on a pledge to increase taxes, so we can enjoy more prosperity. ......Gore called for the elimination of the marriage penalty and reform of estate taxes. The Republican Congress passed bills that would have accomplished these objectives. President Clinton vetoed them. ......... But wait. Weren't Gore and Clinton in charge these last eight years? If there are so many problems -- cultural depravity and "meanness" were two that Gore mentioned -- why did they not do something about them? Listening to Gore, one was left to conclude that this administration did nothing, or was unwilling or incapable of doing anything, to right the wrongs Gore now claims to see so clearly. ....."

Houston Chronicle 8/18/00 "....... As expected, the Democrats who hope to put a whuppin' on George W. Bush and his fellow Republicans in November went on the attack during their just concluded national convention in Los Angeles. It's part of what politics is about. We have no problems with that. We encourage it, in fact. ...... Bush and Texas may be a target-rich environment for such attack. Texas is a big state with no shortage of serious problems that no one has yet stepped up to solve. So thump away. But when you do, at least have the truth on your side. ....... The lack of truth is both unfair and harmful to Texas, and shame on the Democrats -- especially the Texas Democrats -- who want to whip Bush so badly that they fail to enlist the truth in their arsenal. That's not worthy of these bashers or the Democratic Party. Take the convention comments of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, for example....... "George Bush says don't mess with Texas," said Jackson. "That's fair. I just left Houston where I visited a children's hospital. In Texas 1.5 million children live in poverty. Five hundred thousand are eligible for the children's health insurance program but can't get it because of the bureaucracy." ........ Oh, really? The bipartisan Legislature, which shares the responsibility of presiding over this state with an admittedly high number of children in poverty, in its last session used tobacco settlement money to help fund the Children's Health Insurance Program for children whose parents earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to afford private insurance. The state has been aggressively trying to sign up needy children for the program, which incidentally was the target of a $2 billion nationwide funding cut proposal that passed through the U.S. Senate ....Appropriations Committee earlier this summer. So, if anything, Texas has been reasonably proactive in addressing this problem, even in the face of possible downsizing from Washington. ........And let us not forget, by the way, that it was President Clinton who repeatedly tried to skim off funds from the states' tobacco settlements. Had he been successful in that, it would have meant less money for the very program Jackson and other attack Democrats are so egregiously overlooking in their cooked-up criticism......."

New York Post 8/20/00 "......But Ray's new grand jury is apparently studying whether to charge Clinton with criminal perjury. Previously, Judge Susan Webber Wright, who oversaw the Paula Jones case, found Clinton in contempt of court for his false and misleading testimony and fined him $90,000. Clinton did not contest the fine. Any indictment would likely not come until after Clinton leaves office. While many people would just like these scandals to end once and for all, the grand jury investigation rests on the proposition that not even the president is above the law. ....... For our part, we'd like to see the president get no more than what he deserves. ......Maybe the leak was unintentional or maybe it wasn't, but the Democrats' rush to implicate Republicans - and score political points - while closing their eyes to their own leader's transgressions says enough. ......"

Washington Post 9/13/00 Michael Kelly "……. Meet Al Gore, the memory hole candidate. He is running for president as the man who wasn't there. You never saw him before today. He yam what he yam, not whatever he used to be. There is a breathtaking quality to the act. Gore spent most all of his life in Washington, born and raised in the upper reaches of the nation's ruling class. He spent most of his professional life as a Washington politician; most of his close advisers are creatures of political Washington. He has been Bill Clinton's vice president for 7 1/2 years, and for 7 1/2 years, the Gore office never stopped reminding us all that this wasn't the Clinton administration but the Clinton-Gore. …… Down the hole with that old Al. The new Al is, stranger than truth, an anti-Beltway populist, the new broom that sweeps clean. "Let others argue the case for the Old Guard," declared Gore in Los Angeles. "We're the New Guard." ……"

Washington Times 9/13/00 John McCaslin "…… Visitors to Al Gore's campaign Web site will find the vice president taking credit this time for an Indian housing bill: the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act of 1996. The text: "Gore Helped Provide Housing Assistance to Native Americans. In 1996, Al Gore and the Administration enacted the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act. The Act provided Indian Housing Block Grants to Indian tribes and Alaska Native villages or their Tribally Designated Housing Entities. This Act will provide communities with more flexibility than ever before to plan and develop programs that best meet local housing needs. This year, Gore and the Administration fought for and won $620 million - their full request - for tribes across America."…….. Tribal reaction? "The bill was drafted and passed by [New York congressman and Senate hopeful] Rick Lazio with no help at all from Al Gore or the rest of the administration," says Christopher D. Boesen, executive director of the National American Indian Housing Council, a nonprofit organization representing more than 400 tribes……… "In fact," says Mr. Boesen, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew M. Cuomo "has been one of the stumbling blocks to its implementation; he's been directing resources away from the program to support private initiatives."……"

St. Louis Post-dispatch/Knight Ridder Newspapers 9/13/00 Gwen Florio "…… Here's how powerful suggestion can be: Say ``subliminal advertising'' and people think, ``Oh, yeah. Popcorn and Coke at the movies.'' The story goes that when the words ``Drink Coca-Cola and ``Eat Popcorn'' were imperceptibly flashed onto a screen during a movie, concession sales jumped exponentially. One small detail: It never happened. …….. Which hasn't stopped the story from being repeated in psychology and advertising textbooks. It took years -- decades -- after James Vicary admitted he'd faked the 1957 experiment for the anecdote to lose credence in academia, said William Cook, senior vice president at the Advertising Research Foundation. ``And now this little episode is certainly going to put it back in the books,'' Cook said with a sigh Tuesday. The episode in question, of course, is the split-second flash of the word ``RATS during a George W. Bush campaign ad denigrating Vice President Gore. Immediately afterward, the entire message -- ``Bureaucrats Decide'' -- came up on the screen. ``Rats,'' so the explanation goes, was just a fragment of that phrase. …….. Leaving aside the question of whether the reference was intentional -- the Bush campaign says it wasn't, but yanked the ad Tuesday, anyway -- the incident shows the powerful hold that the phrase ``subliminal advertising'' has on the public consciousness. ……"

AOL Update email (AP) 9/13/00 Laura Meckler "……A pair of Democratic senators is complaining to the Federal Communications Commission about a Republican ad that subtly flashes the word ``RATS'' across the screen. The ad is already coming off the air, but Sens. Ron Wyden of Oregon and John Breaux of Louisiana are asking for an investigation. …….. In 1974, the FCC adopted a policy saying that subliminal advertising was contrary to the public interest. Officials at the FCC said Tuesday that they had not received a complaint about the GOP ad but would investigate if one were filed. ...... To sustain any sort of violation against a station, the FCC would have to show that the station knew that subliminal material was contained in the ad. Republicans maintain that there is nothing subliminal about the ad - the flashing words are just fleeting fragments meant to keep the ad visually interesting. And even if there is subliminal material contained, it's likely that a station would have never noticed it. ….."

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 9/12/00 "…… A certain amount of pandering during a presidential race is to be expected. But Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore has gone the extra mile in attempting to ingratiate himself with women and other voters who worry about the effects on children of much popular culture. …… Now Mr. Gore is shoring up his "family values" credentials by warning the entertainment industry to stop marketing violent films and video games to children - or else. ……… Yet Mr. Gore isn't content to shame the entertainment industry into being more scrupulous about exposing children to the marketing of unsuitable material. He also suggested that he would support legislation to give the FTC the power to punish "deceptive advertising" - but not, of course, if that meant violating the First Amendment…….. However subtly, he suggested that if producers of popular entertainment didn't clean up their act, he would invoke the power of government to make them play nice. Never mind that First Amendment experts doubt that the courts would uphold new legal restrictions. ...... Mr. Gore, clearly, is gambling that indignation on the part of parents will outweigh concerns about his less-than-veiled threat to free speech. ......... Given how financially beholden the Democratic Party is to Hollywood, the Gore strategy would seem an odd one - unless one credits speculation that the vice president is confident that the entertainment industry knows he is just posturing. If that is the case, he stands exposed not as a censor but as a cynical politician. ……"

New York Post 9/13/00 "…… Did you know that there are two Al Gores running for president? One is the public Al Gore, the vice president who threatens Hollywood with the full weight of the federal government if officials don't "clean up their act" within a "six-month deadline" should he become president. …… But then there's the private Al Gore - the fledgling White House candidate who, in closed-door meetings with Hollywood cash kings, made crystal clear his profound disapproval of the FTC investigation. ……. That's what the Los Angeles Times reported fully 13 months ago, when Gore was eagerly courting Hollywood donors - with stunning success. ......... According to reporter Marc Lacey, participants at numerous private meetings "said Gore made clear that the government study - disparaged by some in Hollywood as a witch hunt - was the president's idea, and was initiated without his input." ...... Those assurances, the paper reported, "appear to be relieving some in Hollywood." ……….."

RNC 9/10/00 "…….DEMOCRATIC POLLSTER PAT CADDELL ON GORE'S CONVENTION: "You might ask, where was the candidate who really believed that message? You had during this convention . . .you had tobacco companies, oil companies, including Occidental, by the way, Mr. Gore has an interest in . . . and pharmaceutical companies up the gazoo hosting him parties and giving him money at the Democratic convention, all while Gore is doing this . . . . One of Mr. Gore's advisers, Mr. Shrum, did the same thing with Dick Gephardt in 1988, l--lest we forget." (Pat Caddell On MSNBC's "Hard Ball," August 22, 2000) (emphasis added)

RNC 9/10/00 "…….NADER ON GORE AND HIS POPULIST REINVENTION: "In his acceptance speech, Gore challenged and criticized the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical companies, the HMOs and the oil companies. He said he's going to fight with the American people and take on these corporate giants. At the same time, however, these companies are pouring millions of dollars into the Democratic National Committee and into the personal coffers of Vice President Gore. Give the money back, Mr. Gore, or stand condemned of deceiving and misleading the American people." (Chris Matthews quoting Ralph Nader On MSNBC's "Hard Ball," August 22, 2000) (emphasis added)

RNC 9/10/00 "…….THE WASHINGTON POST ON LIEBERMAN'S TIES TO DRUG AND INSURANCE COMPANIES: "Big pharmaceutical companies and health insurers have been among the most generous donors to Connecticut Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman and the centrist Democratic political organization he co-founded four years ago . . . . In his nearly 12 years in the Senate, Lieberman has been one of the strongest advocates for the insurance and pharmaceutical industries . . . ." (Dan Morgan, "Lieberman Caught in Political Bind; Gore Targeting Running Mate's Major Hometown Donors," The Washington Post, August 26, 2000) (emphasis added)

RNC 9/10/00 "…….Doing The Bidding Of Pharmaceutical Companies. "Pharmaceutical companies and health insurers have been among the most generous donors to Connecticut Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman and the centrist Democratic political organization he co-founded four years ago . . . . In his nearly 12 years in the Senate, Lieberman has been one of the strongest advocates for the insurance and pharmaceutical industries, which employ thousands of people in his home state." (Dan Morgan, "Lieberman Caught in Political Bind; Gore Targeting Running Mate's Major Hometown Donors," The Washington Post, August 26, 2000)

RNC 9/10/00 "…….Gore's Running Mate, Sen. Joe Lieberman, Is In The Back Pocket Of Pharmaceutical Companies. "Mr. Lieberman is up for Senate re-election this year, and businesses have been friendly to him: The insurance industry has contributed $184,000 to his Senate run, while the pharmaceuticals industry has given $81,000, according to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics. The contributions largely reflect the prominence of the industries in Connecticut . . . . 'There's a natural connection between the industries and me,' Mr. Lieberman said." (Bob Davis, "Lieberman Says Democrats Are a Pro-Business Party," The Wall Street Journal, August 22, 2000)

The Associated Press 9/13/00 "……Al Gore's campaign on Wednesday defended his fund-raising help from movie mogul Harvey Weinstein who went around Disney in 1995 to release the controversial NC-17 rated "Kids." It's just the sort of film the Democratic presidential candidate has been criticizing. Gore and running mate Joseph Lieberman threatened new federal legislation or rules against the entertainment industry within six months if it doesn't stop marketing violent and sexual products to young people. …… Nonetheless, Gore is planning to attend a Thursday night fund-raiser at New York's Radio City Music Hall that Miramax co-chairman Weinstein helped organized, capping a week of fund-raising reaching $5 million. …… "Al Gore with one hand is making promises to voters about how he's going to clean up Hollywood and with the other hand taking money from Hollywood," said Terry Holt, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee. ……"

HoustonChronicle 9/6/00 Cal Thomas "……. The Republican National Committee is airing an ad questioning Al Gore's veracity. The point of the ad -- as former Democratic presidential candidate Bill Bradley once said to Gore -- is, "Why should we believe you will tell the truth as president if you don't tell the truth as a candidate?" Democrats immediately tagged the ad "negative." Their party's leaders Bill Clinton and Al Gore seem to believe telling the truth is negative. Is that because they see lying as a positive? ……. Gore has changed his positions almost as many times as he has changed his clothes. He's flipped on abortion, gun control and whether Elian Gonzalez -- now spouting Communist slogans in Cuba -- should have been allowed to grow up in freedom. He's also changed the location of his campaign headquarters, his campaign chairman and even where he grew up (in an expensive Washington hotel, attending a fancy private school; not, as he now says, on a Tennessee farm). …….."

Foxnews/AP wire 9/12/00 Laura Meckler "……The GOP ad decries bureaucrats but Democrats see something more subtle: rats. In a Republican National Committee ad that has aired in several key states, the word "rats'' appears on screen for a fleeting moment before the full word "bureaucrats'' appears. Aides to Vice President Al Gore, the Democratic presidential candidate, made the point clear by giving a copy of a slowed-down version of the 30-second ad to The New York Times, which reported on it in Tuesday editions of the newspaper. Gore aides told the Times that a Democrat in Seattle had spotted the ad's seemingly subliminal message and contacted county Democrats, who then alerted the Gore campaign. …… The ad touts Republican George W. Bush's plan for adding prescription drugs to Medicare, arguing that seniors will have more control over their health care under Bush's proposal. Under the Gore plan, the ad says, the program will be run by bureaucrats. Words flash on the screen to echo the announcer's message: "The Gore prescription plan: Bureaucrats decide.'' As the announcer says "Bureaucrats decide,'' the word "rats,'' in large capital letters, flashes on and off the screen just as the phrase "Bureaucrats decide,'' appears. Republicans say they were not trying to send any subliminal messages. "It's a silly charge to try and get an effective ad off the air,'' said Alex Castellanos, who made the ad for the RNC. He said he faded the word in so it would look more visually interesting, and that it was just a coincidence that the letters appearing first spell the name of a rodent. "It's a visual drum beat,'' he said. "People get bored watching TV. You're trying to get them interested and involved.'' Democrats are trying to make a case out of nothing, said Terry Holt, spokesman for Victory 2000, which represents the Bush campaign at the RNC. "The word bureaucrats ends with `rats' just like the word Democrat,'' he said. "It is a spot about health care. It's not a spot about rodents.'' The Bush campaign was equally dismissive. "It sounds like happy hour at the Gore campaign lasted a little too long,'' said Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer. And, referring decades-old buzz about a Beatles song, he added: "If you play the ad backwards, you hear the words `Paul is dead.''' ……."

Bush-Cheney 2000 9/12/00 [RATS allegation] "……. "It sounds like happy hour at the Gore campaign lasted a little too long tonight. This is a bizarre allegation that is ridiculous and not true. But, I have heard that if you play the ad backwards it says Paul is dead." ….." 9/11/00 "……The perception that George W. Bush's campaign is in some kind of trouble is the media focus of the week. It has been fueled by Al Gore's post-convention bounce in the polls, by Bush's stage whisper about a New York Times reporter, and by inflated gripings from some disgruntled souls at the RNC. …….. Conservatives, of course, are prone to fatalism and expectations of defeat. At no time, moreover, has the tropism been more pronounced than in an era in which a man they look on as a criminal reprobate has beaten them from pillar to post in the polls. It is a good rule of thumb, on the other hand, to be wary of quotable sound bites under any circumstances. It's true of course that Republicans are nervous. Poll reversals in swing states like Florida and Pennsylvania will ratchet up anxieties any time. …… As a result, I had reason to know that as far as the Bush team was concerned, the polls showing their candidate ahead were inflated and would shortly be brought back to earth. ……. The Bush "bump" would be modest, Rove explained, because conventions historically consolidate the party base. But Bush already had his base (the polls showed him with 92 percent of the Republican vote). Rove said that Gore, on the other hand, would get a large bump, and would come out of the Los Angeles convention up 6 percent or even more. The reason was that the pre-convention polls showed Gore with only 77 percent of registered Democrats in tow. Rove concluded by saying that the race, Rove said, would start in earnest after Labor Day when he expected that it would be a "dead heat." And then it would go down to the wire. ……… So there is one certain thing, at least, in a contest where nothing else can be taken for granted. The Bush team was planning two months ago for the race we actually have now. ……."

Washington Post 9/14/00 Terry M. Neal and Ceci Connolly "……Vice President Gore is soliciting millions from the entertainment industry and using its help to collect more contributions, even as he and running mate Joseph I. Lieberman bash the industry for marketing sex and violence to minors. ….. Meanwhile, the Gore campaign, as it has done in the past, took pains to privately reassure industry supporters. Gore's advisers said the vice president personally called some entertainment industry leaders over the weekend to give them a "heads up" that he planned to condemn the industry's marketing techniques. Yesterday Lieberman placed a call to Disney Chairman Michael Eisner to applaud the company's decision to voluntarily bar ads for R-rated movies from entertainment programming on its ABC network before 9 p.m……."

ABCNews Raw News 9/14/00 AP "……George W. Bush"s campaign said Thursday that a videotape mysteriously mailed to an Al Gore confident appeared to be an authentic copy of the Texas governor"s debate rehearsal. The FBI is investigating how the tape and other material may have reached the Washington office of former Rep. Tom Downey, who had been helping Gore prepare for debates. The Gore campaign immediately turned the mystery package over to the FBI after getting it Wednesday. "It appears that whoever obtained that tape did so in some sort of unethical way," Bush spokeswoman Karen Hughes told reporters. "The only people who would have had authorized access to that tape were the most senior members of our campaign." Hughes refused to speculate on whether the tape may have been stolen or how it may have been obtained. …….. Bush officials said there was no evidence of a break-in, although the FBI will investigate the possibility. ……. Hughes said she didn"t know whether the documents were authentic. "It"s less clear about that," she said. "They appear to be Xerox copies of legitimate documents from the campaign." Hughes said that those who had legitimate access to the tapes included herself, campaign manager Joe Allbaugh and top advisers Karl Rove and Mark McKinnon, Bush"s ad man. ……. None of these people would have sent the material to the Gore campaign, she said. Whoever obtained the tapes, she said, is "someone outside of our campaign." An attorney for Bush, Ben Ginsberg, reviewed the tape Thursday and concluded it was authentic, Hughes said. Asked if the campaign was compromised, Hughes said: "I certainly hope not. Mr. Downey appears to have handled it in an appropriate fashion." ….."

AOL News Update (AP) 9/14/00 Douglas Kiker "……The FBI is reviewing a package received by a confidant of Al Gore that contained documents and a videotape apparently related to rival George W. Bush's debate preparations. It was unclear whether the material was legitimate. …….. The mysterious parcel arrived a day before a meeting between the Gore and Bush campaigns Thursday with the Commission on Presidential Debates to try and work out details for fall debates. ……. Tom Downey, a former congressman who has been helping the vice president prepare for debates against Bush, received the unsolicited package Wednesday, and turned it over to his lawyer. The attorney gave the package to the FBI to determine whether the documents and tape were ``illegally obtained from the Bush campaign,'' said Gore spokesman Mark Fabiani. ......... The package came with a postmark from Austin, Texas, home of Bush's headquarters. The return address included a sender's name but Downey did not recognize it, his attorney said. ``Using these materials was never an option,'' said Downey, who had been playing Bush in Gore's debate preparations ``To do so would dishonor a great American tradition of open and honest debates.'' …. Gore chairman William Daley called Bush chairman Don Evans to notify him about the package. Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer said: ``We would like to review the material. Our attorneys have asked to review it.'' ……….. Bush communications director Karen Hughes said the campaign is not conducting an internal investigation because people who had ``legitimate access'' to the tapes were very few. ``So obviously we don't feel that ... they came from our staff,'' Hughes said. …….."

CNN Allpolitics 10/16/97 "……. Vice President Al Gore heaped praise on the Hollywood-based U.S. entertainment industry today in a speech that also called for campaign finance reform. Gore said movies and television produced in Hollywood have a positive impact on the U.S., referring specifically to the episode of "Ellen" in which the TV show's main character admitted she was gay. "When the character Ellen came out, millions of Americans were forced to look at the issue of sexual orientation in a more open way," Gore said. …….. "

AOL News Update (AP) 9/14/00 AP "……Al Gore's campaign is defending his raising of millions of dollars with the help of celebrities and movie moguls who put out just the kind of films he and running mate Joseph Lieberman have criticized. Republicans seized on his close association with movie mogul Harvey Weinstein who went around Disney in 1995 to release the controversial NC-17 rated ``Kids'' and whose company Miramax has released violent films like ``Reservoir Dogs'' and ``Pulp Fiction.'' ……. Gore and Lieberman threatened new federal legislation or rules against the entertainment industry within six months if it doesn't stop marketing violent and sexual products to young people. ……Nonetheless, Gore is planning to attend a Thursday night fund-raiser at New York's Radio City Music Hall that Miramax co-chairman Weinstein helped organize, capping a week of fund-raising reaching $5 million. ……"

Washington Post 9/14/00 Dan Balz "…… The FBI was asked yesterday to investigate the mysterious delivery of a package containing a videotape and a half-inch stack of documents relating to Texas Gov. George W. Bush's preparation for this fall's presidential debates to a close friend of and adviser to Vice President Gore…….. The package, carrying a postmark of Austin, Tex., arrived at 10:28 a.m. at the lobbying firm of former House member Tom Downey, who had been tapped by Gore to play the role of Bush in the vice president's debate training sessions. After briefly viewing the videotape and scanning the documents, Downey called his lawyer, Marc Miller, and asked him to turn them over to the FBI. The FBI took possession of the package yesterday afternoon………. Downey, who has helped Gore with previous debates, said it was quickly clear to him that he was dealing with internal Bush campaign information. "I know what debate books look like," he said. "I knew from looking at it that this was stuff I should not see. This was their most sensitive stuff."…….. Bush campaign officials reacted cautiously to the news. "We do not know what the Gore campaign claims to have in their possession," said spokesman Ari Fleischer. "We take this very seriously and our attorneys are looking into it so we can determine exactly what is on the tape they claim to have."…….. Fleischer said that until the Bush campaign learns more about what was in the package, "we're not going to jump to any conclusions or make accusations about it or anybody, including the Gore campaign."…….Downey said the package included a cover letter from an "Amy Smith," which he and his associates concluded was a pseudonym. "The cover letter said: Here's these materials, I'll be back in touch if you need more," Downey said, making clear he was paraphrasing the letter……..After turning the materials over to his lawyer, Downey decided to take no further role in Gore's debate preparation, as a sign of good faith to the Bush campaign. "Al's going to do well in this debate," he said. "There's no reason to sully it by someone sending me something I shouldn't have."……"


Rush Limbaugh's Show / E.I.B. Network 10/9/00 "……… Algore is a liar, folks. These aren't simple exaggerations or mistakes, as much as the liberals are trying to paint them as such. Just look at the latest claim unearthed by Matt Drudge, who reports then-Congressman Gore claiming he raised 10,000 chickens. "No one can find any evidence of Mr. Gore raising that many chickens," one Washington insider told Drudge on Monday. "When did he do this, when he was journalist? While he was away at school? Exactly when was he a farmer?" …… Maybe Algore did raise 10,000 chickens in the Washington hotel room where he grew up, just as Fidel Castro kept chickens in his hotel when he visited the U.S. Maybe Algore can really hypnotize chickens too, as he claimed to Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes. But that's not the point. The point is that, no matter what this man says, no one believes him any more. He has lost all credibility, and that may be the key to his losing this election. ……"

Bush - Cheney 2000! 10/10/00 "…….Gore Attack: "When the national minimum wage was raised to $5.15 an hour, Bush did nothing, and kept the Texas minimum wage at $3.35. Six times, the Legislature tried to raise the minimum wage, and Bush's inaction helped kill it." (DNC ad, 10/9/00) …….. The Facts: Texas journalist refutes Gore's attack. "There were bills introduced -- none of them ever came to the floor. To say that the Governor had anything to do with that, it, it's just bogus." (Paul Burka, Executive Editor of Texas Monthly magazine, 10/9/00, Fox News Channel's Special Report with Brit Hume) ….. More than 96% of all Texas workers are covered by the Federal Minimum Wage law. The minimum wage law in Texas has gone unchanged since 1987, including during the terms of Democrat Governor Ann Richards and Democrat-controlled legislatures. …….Under Governor Bush, 1.2 million jobs have been created in Texas, representing more than 10 percent of new jobs created nationwide and 48,000 new businesses. (Texas Workforce Commission; Bureau of Labor Statistics; Texas Department of Economic Development) ….Texas has the lowest unemployment rate in twenty years -- 4.7 percent. (Legislative Budget Board, Texas Fact Book, January 2000; Texas Comptroller, Texas Economic Indicators, 1980-2000; Texas Workforce Commission, "Texas Unemployment 1970- Present") ……Under Governor Bush, the poverty rate decreased 21.5 percent and the total number of Texans in poverty decreased 17 percent. (U.S. Census Bureau, March Current Population Survey: Years 1981 to 1999. U.S. Census Bureau, Historical Poverty Tables - People Table # 21, "Number of Poor and Poverty Rate, By State: 1980-1998") ….."

Washington Post 3/19/00 David Maraniss; Ellen Nakashima "…….In his sophomore year at Harvard, Gore's grades were lower than any semester recorded on Bush's transcript from Yale. That was the year Gore's classmates remember him spending a notable amount of time in the Dunster House basement lounge shooting pool, watching television, eating hamburgers and occasionally smoking marijuana. ......... From his lower school years at St. Albans to his incomplete effort at Vanderbilt law school, Gore was often an underachiever. Though his IQ numbers and aptitude test scores were well above average, his grades were uneven, never approaching the plateau of A's and B's that might be expected of one who possesses such a pedagogical demeanor. His generally middling college grades at Harvard in fact bear a close resemblance to the corresponding Yale marks of his presidential opponent, George W. Bush, whose studiousness and brainpower have been more open to question during this campaign. ……. Gore arrived at Harvard with an impressive 1355 SAT score, 625 verbal and 730 math, compared with Bush's 1206 total from 566 verbal and 640 math. In his sophomore year at Harvard, Gore's grades were lower than any semester recorded on Bush's transcript from Yale…….."

National Review 10/9/00 "……
Washington Post, Sept. 24
CLAIM: At Sept. 22 press conference, Gore says, "I've been a part of the discussions on the strategic reserve since the days when it was first established."
TRUTH: President Ford established the Strategic Petroleum Reserves when he signed the Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA) on December 22, 1975 - two years before Al Gore became a congressman.- by Kathryn Jean Lopez …..

July 16, 2000; NBC'S Meet the Press
CLAIM: "I've accepted for two or three months now your invitation to debate on this program," said Gore on NBC's Meet the Press. "How are you going to persuade [Bush] to say yes, Tim?"
Tim Russert: "Well, maybe you're helping today."
Gore: "Well, do you think so? But what kind of approach - can you get Jack Welch involved?"
TRUTH: On the Today show on September 4, Gore refused to make good on this pledge.
Matt Lauer: "I do want to remind you that back in July, you had already agreed to the Meet the Press debate with Tim Russert."
Gore: "Sure."
Lauer: "Why now reject it?"
Gore: "I still agree to it. But first, let's do the commissioned debates."
- by John J. Miller

March 15, 2000; CNN
CLAIM: "What I did yesterday was to call on the Democratic National Committee-and they'll comply with this-to not spend any of the so-called soft money on these issue ads unless and until the Republican Party does."
TRUTH: "The Democratic National Committee announced a $25 million summer ad campaign, paid for with soft money. The Republicans, so far, have not bought ads with soft money for Bush." ……


May 2, 2000; Washington Post
CLAIM: "You know [Bush] has never put together a budget. The governor of Texas is by far the weakest chief executive position in America and does not have the responsibility of forming or presenting a budget. He's never done that."
TRUTH: Texas law defines the governor as "the chief budget officer of the state" and orders him to distribute his budget to every member of the legislature. And Bush, in fact, has formed and presented budgets as governor.


May 2, 2000; Atlanta YWCA speech
CLAIM: "Under Bush, Texas' recidivism rate has increased by 25 percent."
TRUTH: Nobody knows what has happened to the recidivism rate under Bush because those figures haven't been published, due to extensive lag times in reporting. The most recent numbers are from 1994, according to the Texas Criminal Justice Policy Council.


April 25, 2000; Association for a Better New York speech
CLAIM: "He provides for no reduction in the debt - and no reduction in interest on the debt."
TRUTH: By promising to reserve excess revenues generated by Social Security payroll taxes for Social Security, Bush essentially promises to retire federal debt with this money.


May 2, 2000; Washington Post
CLAIM: Describing the Clinton administration plan outlined in the 1999 State of the Union address to have the federal government invest some of the budget surplus in the stock market: "We didn't really propose it. We talked about the idea."
TRUTH: Page 37 of the Clinton administration budget submitted to Congress in February: "The President also proposes to invest half of the transferred amounts in corporate equities." From last year's budget: "The administration proposes tapping the power of private financial markets to increase the resources to pay for future Social Security benefits." …..

March 1, 2000; San Jose Mercury News
CLAIM: "My family had grown tobacco. It was never actually grown on my farm, but it was on my father's farm."
TRUTH: Gore had already admitted growing tobacco on his own farm: "On my farm, we stopped growing tobacco some time after Nancy died" (Cox News Service, 4-26-99). Also, Gore received federal subsidies for growing tobacco on his farm (Wall Street Journal, 8-10-95). …..


February 4, 2000; New York Times
CLAIM: "We had a huge event with 3,000 people at Ohio State University."
TRUTH: "Officials at that rally said the room where it had taken place did not hold more than 1,200 people, and, given the area needed for the staging erected for the occasion, they estimated the crowd at 500," reported the Times.


February 2, 2000; Good Morning America
CLAIM: "We won in every single demographic category" in the New Hampshire primary.
TRUTH: Bill Bradley carried male voters and voters aged 18-29, according to exit polls.


January 8, 2000; Democratic debate in Iowa
CLAIM: "Why did you [Bill Bradley] vote against the disaster relief for Chris Peterson when he and thousands of other farmers here in Iowa needed it after those '93 floods?"
TRUTH: Bradley voted for $4.8 billion in flood aid and opposed an amendment, also opposed by the Clinton White House until the last minute, to add $900 million in disaster compensation.


December 27, 1999; Washington Post
CLAIM: Gore has suggested that he contributed important lines to Hubert Humphrey's acceptance speech at the 1968 Democratic convention. "Young Gore later often told the story . . . [A]s [he] sat in the convention hall and looked up at Humphrey in the spotlight, he thought he heard his own words coming back to him."
TRUTH: When Gore's supposed conduit to Humphrey denied the influence, Gore blamed his recollection on "Faulty memory. Faulty memory." …..


December 23, 1999;
CLAIM: "I live on a farm today. I have my heart in my own farm."
TRUTH: Gore lives in the vice-presidential mansion at the Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C. After making this farm claim, Gore said: "Yes, I live in Washington, D.C., when I'm working there"!


December 17, 1999; Democratic debate on Nightline
CLAIM: "I helped to negotiate an agreement with the Internet service providers to put a parent-protection page up and give parents the ability to click on all the websites that their children have visited lately. That'll put a lot of bargaining leverage in the hands of parents."
TRUTH: Bartlett Cleland of the Internet Education Foundation, seven months earlier: "There was no Gore involvement. They hijacked this issue. He makes it sound like he led the project. I can't imagine what he will invent tomorrow" (Washington Times, 5-6-99). …..

November 30, 1999; New England Business Council, Manchester, N.H.
CLAIM: "I was a home builder after I came back from Viet-nam. . . . I know a good bit about how to make money that way. . . . To build this country is a great thing."
TRUTH: A Gore family corporation, Tanglewood Home­ builders, built nine houses between 1969 and 1973 on property once owned by Gore's father. "I believe he [Al Gore Jr.] came by a time or two, but not too often," Jewell Dillehay, the contractor for the development, told the Orange County Register on February 20, 1988. ……


November 1, 1999; Time interview
CLAIM: "I was the author of that proposal [the Earned Income Tax Credit]. I wrote that, so I say [to Bill Bradley], Welcome aboard. That is something for which I have been the principal proponent for a long time."
TRUTH: The original EITC law was enacted in 1975. Gore entered Congress in 1977.


October 23, 1999; Associated Press
CLAIM: "I never got that stiff-and-wooden rap in the House and Senate. It has been as vice president."
TRUTH: Time, March 21, 1988: "A joke among the press corps is, How do you tell Al Gore from his Secret Service protection? Answer: He's the stiff one."


October 15, 1999; Los Angeles Times
CLAIM: "I carried an M-16. . . . I pulled my turn on the perimeter at night and walked through the elephant grass, and I was fired upon." In 1988, Gore told the Washington Post: "I was shot at. . . . I spent most of my time in the field."
TRUTH: Gore never faced direct enemy fire, although several times he may have arrived on the scene shortly after fighting was completed.


October 14, 1999; Gore ad
CLAIM: "I ask for your support, and your mandate if elected president, to send this treaty back to the Senate with your demand that they ratify it. I've worked on this for 20 years because, unless we get this one right, nothing else matters."
TRUTH: Gore indeed "worked on" this matter for many years, but often in opposition to a test ban. During his presidential campaign in 1988, he criticized his Democratic primary opponents for "the very idea of having a complete ban on all flight-testing of missiles when we rely on deterrence for the survival of our civilization" (Washington Post, 2-22-88). …….

July 16, 1998; NAACP annual convention
CLAIM: "The Republicans know theirs is the wrong agenda for African Americans. They don't even want to count you in the census!"
TRUTH: Most Republicans opposed the Clinton administration's plan to conduct the census by statistically sampling the population rather than actually trying to count everybody.


January 22, 1997; NARAL meeting
CLAIM: "I reached out to individuals who are leaders on the [pro-life] side of this issue" to "make common cause" on reducing unwanted pregnancies. He went on to imply that Catholic pro-lifers' opposition to birth control made it impossible for both sides join "together to make abortions rare."
TRUTH: Despite many queries, no pro-life leader has ever said Gore approached him on this subject.


February 16, 1992; C-SPAN's Booknotes
CLAIM: Gore said his sister was "the very first volunteer for the Peace Corps."
TRUTH: Nancy Gore Hunger was a paid employee at Peace Corps headquarters, 1961-64.


April 16, 1988; Democratic debate in New York
CLAIM: "I have written the law, along with one other principal author of the Superfund law, and amendments to the other major law in this area, which requires that companies improperly disposing of hazardous waste must bear the financial consequences of cleaning it up."
TRUTH: Rep. Jim Florio, Democrat of New Jersey, wrote the first Superfund law in 1980. Gore was not a coauthor but merely one of 42 cosponsors in the House. Eight years before claiming authorship and praising the Superfund law, Gore criticized it for being "far too small to make a reasonable start on correcting this enormous environmental problem" (Congressional Record, 5-16-80).


February 1988; two ads
CLAIM: "I'm Al Gore. I grew up on a farm," and "growing up in Carthage, Tennessee, I learned our bedrock values . . ."
TRUTH: Gore, the son of a senator, grew up primarily at the Fairfax Hotel in Washington, D.C., in a suite of rooms overlooking Embassy Row. He graduated from the ritzy St. Albans National Cathedral School, also in the capital.


1988 campaign video
CLAIM: Narrator calls him a "brilliant student."
TRUTH: "His grades were uneven, never approaching the plateau of A's and B's that might be expected of one who possesses such a pedagogical demeanor," reported the Washington Post (3-19-00).


November 3, 1987; Variety
CLAIM: "I was not in favor of the hearing" on music lyrics.
TRUTH: At the Senate Commerce Committee hearing on September 19, 1985, Gore said: "Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman. I would like to thank you and commend you for calling this hearing. Because my wife has been heavily involved in the evolution of this issue, I have gained quite a bit of familiarity with it, and I have really gained an education in what is involved." …….


August 22, 1987; Associated Press
CLAIM: Gore "said half his campaign staff were women, and he would make half of a Gore Cabinet women."
TRUTH: "But pressed by reporters later to name women on his staff, he fumbled and then mentioned one name, which later turned out to be incorrect."


1984 Senate ad
CLAIM: Narrator says Gore "wrote the bipartisan plan on arms control that U.S. negotiators will take to the Russians."
TRUTH: Ken Adelman, director of U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency: "He had nothing to do with what we proposed to the Soviets" (Boston Globe, 4-11-00).

ABCNEWS 10/10/00 Carter M Yang "…..Officials from Al Gore's presidential campaign have openly challenged George W. Bush's intellectual capcity, but the vice president said today his opponent is "plenty smart" after all. "Personally, I do not question his intelligence," Gore said today in an interview with ABCNEWS. ….."

Opinion Journal 10/10/00 William J Bennett "……. Albert Arnold Gore Jr. is a habitual liar. …… I realize that in the political culture in which we live, making such a charge--even if it is true--is considered to be mean-spirited, in bad form, indecorous. Nevertheless, as the Founders understood, almost nothing matters more in a chief executive than his public character and trustworthiness, his truthfulness and integrity. And on these grounds alone, Mr. Gore should be disqualified from being president. ……. The vice president lies reflexively, promiscuously, even pathologically. He lies on matters large and small, significant and trivial, when he "needs" to and when he doesn't, on matters public and private, about his opponents and his family. When asked to come up with an explanation for Mr. Gore's "misstatements," Art Torres, chairman of the California Democratic Party, said, "I have no idea. I'm not a psychiatrist." ........."

Opinion Journal 10/10/00 William J Bennett "……. First, by pointing out that persistent lies by a person in high public office are not merely "personal"; they have to do with the public interest. Public office is a public trust, and people who violate it ought to be held accountable--particularly if they deceive federal investigators. …….. Second, if the people can't trust your word, why should they trust your proposals? ……Third, if an individual is a habitual liar, it will manifest itself in all sorts of ways. As Mr. Clinton demonstrated, a person who has utter contempt for the truth is likely to have utter contempt for the law. ......Fourth, the American public's loss of trust in government is a vital national issue. We don't need another president to deepen further the people's cynicism. ……..Finally, whether you're talking about a police officer, a teacher, a doctor or a car mechanic, it matters greatly whether that person's word is good. If it matters for all these people, then it surely matters in choosing a president……."

Washington Times 10/11/00 Joseph Curl "……. Have you heard the one about Farmer Gore and his 10,000 chickens?…… While the story is old - from comments then-Rep. Al Gore made in 1979 to farmers during a House hearing on how chemical contamination killed thousands of their birds - the tale has gained new life as the presidential race winds down……. "I can certainly sympathize with the loss that these business people have suffered," Mr. Gore said at the time. "I have raised chickens myself - 10,000 at one time, 5,000 in each of two houses, and I know what it would be like to have to destroy that many chickens for a business."……….. a search of Mr. Gore's official Web site did indeed turn up a reference to 10,000 chickens in a eulogy for his father, Albert Gore Sr. "At the time of his death, he was still serving as the senior director on the board of Occidental Petroleum. But just as with farming, he had always been in business. He owned a feed mill. . . . He ran a commercial egg-production house with 10,000 chickens."……….. As for the 10,000 chickens, Mr. Gore said he "raised," Mr. Armistead said: "I don't know about the 10,000 number. There were 10,000 at another farm, up the road, not on the farm he grew up on. I don't remember how much of a role he had at the chicken house, but his father owned two, and each one, as I remember, holds about 4,000 or 5,000 chickens. "It was down the road a bit, so I don't know how much time he spent there," he said……"

Washington Times 10/11/00 Greg Pierce "…….Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore has been badly bruised by his tendency to embellish, so it was somewhat surprising to see the chairman of the Democratic National Committee do the same thing Monday. Joe Andrew, the DNC chief, introduced an ad that condemns Texas Gov. George W. Bush for not cleaning up air pollution in Houston, rated the worst in the nation…….. Houston is "the dirtiest city, you know, in the world," Mr. Andrew said in a briefing for reporters. This was too much for the assembled press corps, The Washington Post reports. One reporter shouted, "Mexico City?" Another yelled, "Calcutta?" Mr. Andrew, caught in the act of embellishing, was forced to back down. "In the United States," he said. "In the United States." ……"

Drudge 10/8/00 "....... New questions were being raised this week about Al Gore's claim that he once raised 10,000 chickens on a farm in Tennessee! FLASHBACK: ........ REP. AL GORE (D-TN): "I can certainly sympathize with the loss that these businesspeople have suffered. I have raised chickens myself; 10,000 at one time, 5,000 in each of two houses, and I know what it would be like to have to destroy that many chickens for a business." [Hearing Report, Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation, Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce House of Representatives, September 28, 1979] ..... "No once can find any evidence of Mr. Gore raising that many chickens," one Washington insider said on Monday. "Was he stretching the truth as far back as 1979? When did he do this, when he was journalist? While he was away at school? Exactly when was he a farmer?" ........ GORE'S 1988 CAMPAIGN STAFF WARNED HIM NOT TO EXAGGERATE ROLE AS A FARMER "Your staff has never exaggerated your role as a farmer. The campaign bio we distribute everywhere says only `He owns a small livestock farm near Carthage where he and his family reside when Congress is not in session," Gore's own campaign press secretary warned in a memo in 1988. ......... "No one except you can really establish how much you've worked as a farmer, or how much you can be described as a farmer in terms of income or time spent. You did say near the end of the Iowa race . . . something like `I'm the only farmer in this race.' . . . . [Y]our main pitfall is exaggeration. Be careful not to overstate your accomplishments . . . ." [Memo from Arlie Schardt, Gore's 1988 Campaign Press Secretary, to Sen. Al Gore, February 15, 1988] ....... A Gore 2000 campaign spokesman refused to comment on Gore's chicken claim. ........."

Bush - Cheney 2000! 10/8/00 "……On today's CNN's Late Edition, Governor Bush's chief strategist Karl Rove correctly asserted that Houston does not have the worst air quality in the nation. The Gore campaign today issued a press release trying to correct Mr. Rove's statement, but the Environmental Protection Agency confirms that Mr. Rove was right while the Gore campaign got their facts wrong. ……. EPA Finds that Los Angeles has Worse Air Pollution than Houston ……… * Houston does not have "dirtier air" than Los Angeles. According to the EPA's recently released "Air Quality Trends" report, of the six principal air pollutants, Houston failed to meet federal standards for just one in 1999 - ozone. By comparison, Los Angeles failed to meet federal standards for three of the six principal air pollutants in 1999 - ozone, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter. …… American Lung Association Report Ranks L.A. as Number One in Ozone Pollution ………… * In May 2000, the American Lung Association (ALA) released its "State of the Air 2000" report, which is based on a weighted average of ozone data from 1996 to 1998. According to the ALA, the top four worst metro areas for ozone pollution are all in California, with Los Angeles ranking #1. Houston ranks #5. ….."

New York Post 10/8/00 "…… If you believe Al Gore (though it's hard to think that anyone still does), George Bush would shower the surplus on America's "wealthiest 1 percent" and freeze out everyone else. ...,, "I don't think we should give nearly half of [the surplus] to the wealthiest 1 percent, because the other 99 percent have had an awful lot to do with building this surplus and our prosperity," Gore said, referring to Bush's tax cuts. ….. It's classic class warfare: Get 99 percent of voters to think you champion their cause and the other guy backs the remaining "unworthy" 1 percent. But that line might be one of Gore's biggest whoppers yet. The truth - which so often has eluded the vice president - is that Bush wants a tax cut for 100 percent of the people. Not 1 percent - 100 percent. ….."

U.S. News & World Report 10/8/00 "……..
GORE: "Almost half of all the tax cut benefits . . . under Governor Bush's plan, go to the wealthiest 1 percent."
BUSH: "After my plan is in place, the wealthy-wealthiest Americans will pay a higher percentage of taxes than they do today."
REALITYCHECK: The source of Gore's claim is Citizens for Tax Justice, a liberal research group that estimates that 42.6 percent of Bush's tax cuts would go to the top 1 percent of filers. The Bush campaign objects that this estimate includes the effect of repealing the estate tax. If income taxes alone are considered, says the Bush camp, 21 percent of benefits go to the top 1 percent of filers, which is considerably less than their current share of the total income tax bill.

U.S. News & World Report 10/6/00 Angie Cannon "……. A pattern. Hyperbole and sloppy staff work are common in political campaigns. But Gore observers see a potentially disturbing trait. His famous claims include taking credit for creating the Internet and saying he and Tipper were the models for Love Story. Gore biographer David Maraniss writes that the vice president "always had a need to live up to expectations, first those of his parents, then those of the larger world."………… Ronald Reagan was legendary for tall tales to make political points. But Gil Troy, a history professor at McGill University, says Reagan's mythic stories "came across as doddering. Gore comes across as a very smart man, and so his tendency to embroider tends to appear more nefarious than Reagan's." Voters cut Reagan some slack for his parables, and perhaps they would do the same for Gore, Troy believes, if it weren't for his self-aggrandizing. "With Gore, you see two kinds of untruths reinforcing each other," Troy says. "He has this whole string of padded things, and it builds into this bigger question." -……"

WSJ 10/9/00 Robert Bartley "……Given the "embellishment" of small things, it might be prudent to check out the plausibility quotient of the big things Mr. Gore has claimed. In fact, his campaign pretty much rests on the suspension of disbelief. ………. The basic pitch of the Gore campaign, indeed, is that if only you can keep taxes at the current 20.5% of GDP, the highest since 1945, the government will be able to meet all its Social Security and Medicare obligations, start new open-ended entitlement programs to buy drugs for everyone over 65, provide health care for the uninsured, increase Social Security benefits for widows and nonworking mothers, offer universal preschool and start a new tax credit for retirement refundable in cash for those who don't pay taxes. Also (hold your breath), provide a tax cut for the favored middle class, cancel the Third World debt, hire 50,000 more cops on the beat, connect every classroom to the Internet and start an "interactive town square," launch a plethora of smaller government initiatives, lower energy prices with electric cars, biomass and windmills while protecting the environment with the Kyoto Treaty and other pipe dreams, balance the budget every year and pay off the national debt by 2012. There is a metaphor for believing all this while worrying about Mr. Gore's "embellishments." It's called swallowing the elephant while choking on the gnat. ………"

New York Times 9/29/00"....... When Vice President Al Gore travels to his debate preparation camp in Sarasota, Fla., on Saturday, he will be accompanied by many of the usual campaign suspects: his chairman, his media consultant and his message guru. But he will also bring along some unusual - and unsuspecting - advisers he picked up on the campaign trail, like Erin K. Conner, a 14-year-old freshman at Belleville West High School in Belleville, Ill., and Joyce E. Martin, a 76-year- old retiree from Clearwater, Fla. At considerable expense that some Gore aides do not even want to think about, Mr. Gore has invited 13 "regular folks" - including Miss Conner's mother, who will chaperone her - to help him prepare for one of the pivotal moments in the 2000 campaign. ....... Gore aides say the purpose is for these people, all of whom Mr. Gore has met in campaign appearances, to help brief the vice president about the concerns of real Americans. ...... But clearly, another purpose, or at least a consequence, is to provide fodder for newspaper and television stories in the three days that Mr. Gore will be sequestered for mock debates and strategy meetings. .......Not coincidentally, almost all of those Mr. Gore has invited come from important swing states where newspapers and television stations are likely to compile reports about the new Gore advisers.... " 10/6/00 "……..Concerns about Vice President Al Gore's repeated misstatements and stretching of the truth date back to 1987, according to old campaign memoranda obtained Friday. During his 1988 presidential campaign, then-Senator Gore was warned, "your main pitfall is exaggeration. Be careful not to overstate your accomplishments," in a February 15, 1988 memo from Arlie Schardt, the press secretary for Gore's campaign at the time. An earlier memo from then-Deputy Press Secretary Mike Kopp warned Gore as early as September 9, 1987, "you have a growing reputation as a politician who 'stretches the truth to suit a political moment.'"….."

Reuters via Yahoo! 10/6/00 Carol Giacomo "……Republican nominee Dick Cheney and his surrogates on Friday quickly shed the civility of the vice presidential debate, sharply intensifying attacks against Democrat Al Gore for not telling the truth. …….. Appearing with Cheney at a rally at the Louisiana State University campus in Shreveport, former Republican Sen. Alan Simpson made the harshest accusations against Gore, the Democratic nominee for president. Simpson, who like Cheney is from Wyoming, asserted Gore had agreed to support the 1991 Gulf War after being promised by Senate Republican leaders that he could speak for 20 minutes in prime time during the Senate debate. ……. ``He had decided to support the side that gave him the most time in prime time'' to speaking during the Senate debate on a resolution supporting the war, the former senator said, reviving allegations that first surfaced during the 1992 presidential race. …. ``We called him prime-time Al,'' Simpson told a cheering crowd. Simpson said that Gore was the ``provocative prevaricator of our time ... Bush makes it work, Gore makes it up.'' ……."

CNN.COM 10/6/00 "…….According to Bush aides, Gore's tale of overcrowded classrooms at the public high school was just another whopper. They cite the story as evidence that Gore routinely stretches the facts on the campaign stump. Gore said he received a letter from Florida resident Randy Ellis about the learning conditions his 15-year-old daughter Kaylie faced at Sarasota High School. Ellis enclosed a photo of her crowded classroom and a local newspaper article detailing the situation. "Her science class was supposed to be for 24 students. She is the 36th student in that classroom. She sent me a picture of her in the classroom. They can't squeeze another desk in for her, so she has to stand during class," Gore said during the debate. ……… Gore's error was grammatical --- using the present tense to describe the student's predicament. "It did kind of make the assumption that I was still standing," Kaylie told CNN. …… Understandably, local school officials are upset with the Gore campaign. Wilma Hamilton, the superintendent of schools for Sarasota, said the district has enough desks for its students. Added Dan Kennedy, the school's principal: "It's a matter of not checking facts and verifying them." ……..Both officials said that Kaylie only had to stand for just one day -- and that Gore should have been careful. The Bush campaign agreed. "Under pressure the vice president simply makes things up. Now, the president of the United States cannot do that," Hughes argued. ……."

AP via 10/6/00 H Josef Hebert "……..Only about a third of the 30 million barrels of oil being released from the government's emergency reserve will result in additional oil going to refineries, an Energy Department report acknowledged Friday. ……. The rest will displace 20 million barrels of imported oil that refineries will not buy because of the availability of the government oil, said the winter fuels report issued by the department's Energy Information Administration. ……Mark Mazur, the statistical agency's acting administration, said the 10 million barrels in additional oil to refineries is still expected to produce 3 million to 5 million barrels of heating oil and diesel fuel, the number that administration officials have cited throughout. ……."

AP via 10/6/00 H Josef Hebert "……..The Energy Department announced Wednesday the 11 companies and brokers who will be given the oil under a ''swap'' arrangement for future oil. All deliveries are to be completed by the end of November. ……. Oil industry representatives, and some Republican members of Congress, have questioned whether refiners, who recently have been running at up to 96 percent capacity, will be able to absorb an additional 30 million barrels. ......Energy Department officials as well as some members of Congress expressed concern that refiners may be exporting heating oil to Europe, where the supply crunch is even more severe and prices are higher. ...... Mazur said analysts are puzzled why refineries are operating at top capacity but inventories of heating oil is remaining low, and he did not rule out that some heating oil may be being exported. ..."

The Associated Press 10/6/00 Susan Stocum "……Winifred Skinner is back from her Winnebago-powered trip into political fame and wondering how she can ever get the painting on her window trim done. ……. All she wanted to do, she said, was talk about how she collects old soft drink cans and turns them in for a nickel apiece for a little extra money. Gore singled out the 79-year-old great-grandmother as a struggling senior who collects cans by the side of the road to pay for her prescription drugs. …….. Republicans have criticized Gore for portraying Skinner as a ``poor, destitute person who had basically to collect cans to survive,'' as Bush spokesman Andrew Malcolm put it. ``It turns out it was a hobby and her son offered to support her and she didn't really want or need further support,'' he said. Skinner said she did not want to take money from her son, Earl King, who lives on an 80-acre ranch. ``When I can't support myself, I'm done,'' she said. ``You've got to have some pride.'' ……."

ABCNEWS 10/6/00 Carter Yang "…….."I accompanied [Federal Emergency Management Agency Director] James Lee Witt down to Texas when those fires broke out," Gore said in his response. The vice president was in Texas shortly after the fires had broken out, but he was there to address the state's Democratic Party at a June 26 fund-raiser, not to inspect fire damage, as his remark implied. Furthermore, Witt was never with him at any point during the trip. ……. An aide later claimed the vice president had conducted an aerial inspection of the affected area from Air Force Two. …… "

ABCNEWS 10/6/00 Carter Yang "……..When Lehrer asked the vice president to clarify what he means when he questions whether his opponent is experienced enough to be president, Gore insisted, "I have actually not questioned Governor Bush's experience. I have questioned his proposals." On March 12, however, as he criticized his opponent's tax relief proposal at a campaign rally in Irving, Texas, Gore said, "[This] raises a serious question: Does Governor Bush have the experience to be president." "No!" cried the partisan crowd. "Proposals like that make you wonder," Gore added. ….."

ABCNEWS 10/6/00 Carter Yang "……..His most infamous exaggeration occurred during an interview with CNN on March 9, 1999, when he boldly asserted, "I took the initiative in creating the Internet." Gore is widely credited with having been a leader in the area of information technology, having introduced key legislation such as the Supercomputer Network Study Act and the National High Performance Technology during his tenure in the House. But Gore's critics seized on what was admittedly an overstatement of his achievements. ……."

ABCNEWS 10/6/00 Carter Yang "……..Last December, Gore acknowledged accidentally misleading reporters aboard Air Force Two to believe he and Tipper were the inspiration for the 1970s romance novel Love Story. A spokeswoman said it was a simple "miscommunication." …."

ABCNEWS 10/6/00 Carter Yang "……..Five months earlier, it was the vice president's own mother, Pauline LaFon Gore, who was the subject of an embellishment. In a speech to the Nashville City Club in Tennessee, the vice president recounted how his mother was invited for lunch at the club in 1971, only to be kicked out of the main dining room due to the club's all-male policy. "The resulting outrage ... caused a revolution," said Gore. "And a few days later, this City Club was opened to women and the charter was changed." The club did start allowing women into its dining area, albeit after several weeks - not "a few days." But even after Mrs. Gore's protests, women could only enter if accompanied by male members. And they were not allowed to become members themselves until 14 years later……."

ABCNEWS 10/6/00 Carter Yang "……..Reporters were to blame for at least one inaccurate report of an embellishment that wasn't. In November 1999, Gore boasted to students, parents and teachers at a New Hampshire high school that he was the first to call for a congressional hearing into a toxic waste disaster in the 1970s. "I found a little place in upstate New York called Love Canal," he said. "I had the first hearing on that issue ... that was the one that started it all." Many news organizations incorrectly quoted the vice president as saying, "I was the one that started it all." "The press screwed up the Love Canal thing because he never said he discovered it," said Hattaway. ……."

ABCNEWS 10/6/00 Carter Yang "……..And Gore's Republican rivals and the media are not the only people questioning the veracity of certain statements made by the vice president. Robert Conrad Jr., the supervising attorney heading up the Justice Department's campaign finance probe, recommended to Attorney General Janet Reno in June that a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate whether Gore made false statements under oath. Conrad concluded that Gore was less than truthful in an April 18 interview on his role in allegedly improper campaign finance practices….." 10/6/00 David Ruppe "……..Al Gore claimed during Tuesday's presidential debate that the "Reinventing Government" initiative he spearheaded decreased the number of federal bureaucrats by 300,000 during the eight years he's served as vice president. But a look at federal workforce numbers prepared annually by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which supervises the administration of government agencies, tells a different story. The end of the Cold War, it turns out, and not Gore's initiative, has probably had more to do with the scale-back than anything he had done. …….. Almost all of the net federal workforce reduction from 1993 to 2000 occurred in the Defense Department, according to OMB and Pentagon figures - just as the U.S. military was massively scaling back its personnel from Cold War levels………From fiscal year 1993 to fiscal year 2000, the number of full-time, civilian federal employees dropped by approximately 282,000, from 2.14 million to 1.86 million, reports OMB. Of that, 271,000 were the results of a decrease in the military's civilian workforce…….The Pentagon cutbacks, which began under President Bush, accounted for about 96 percent of all the cuts in federal jobs under the Clinton administration. …..."

New York Times 10/7/00 Michael Cooper "…… Mr. Cheney, the Republican vice- presidential nominee, said that Mr. Gore's contention that his tax proposal helps working families is "hogwash," accused his campaign of "double talk" on the state of the military and said that Mr. Gore "seems to have a compulsion to embellish." ……. Mr. Cheney's wife, Lynne, was cheered when she told rallies here and in Shreveport, La., that she planned to send Mr. Gore an autographed copy of her book "Telling the Truth."…….. And former Senator Alan K. Simpson of Wyoming, who campaigned with Mr. Cheney today, charged that Mr. Gore's decision to break with his party and support the resolution in favor of the gulf war - which the vice president cites as an example of his independence of mind and principled approach to governing - was motivated not by patriotism but by a desire to get publicity. Mr. Simpson called Mr. Gore the "provocative prevaricator of our times." "That's a big word," Mr. Simpson said. "There's a better word for it. But I can't use it here."……"

Bush - Cheney 2000! 9/28/00 "…….At an Al Gore campaign event, Winnifred Skinner, a senior citizen, shared her story about how she spends hours a day collecting cans so she can afford both food and her prescription drugs. Although her story was shared at a Gore event, Ms. Skinner would actually benefit more - and more quickly - from the prescription drug plan offered by Governor Bush. ………. "Ms. Skinner's story is tragic, and there are millions of other seniors who are in similar predicaments. That is why Governor Bush has a plan that would give these low-income seniors immediate assistance with their prescription drugs," said Bush spokesman Dan Bartlett. "Unfortunately, Al Gore's plan would not give Ms. Skinner any help until 2002." ……… "Politics aside, who really has the better plan for Winni? Between Social Security and a small pension, she brings in $10,900 a year. $200 a month goes to prescription drugs; $111 for Medigap insurance to cover doctor bills. At her income level, Gore's plan would pick up all of her prescription costs by 2002, leaving her to pay just the Medigap. Bush would provide funding to immediately pay her prescriptions, and four years from now, eliminate the Medigap cost as well, saving her more than $300 a month."……"

Chicago Sun-Times 9/28/00 Robert Novak "....... The Democratic candidate emerged from the Los Angeles convention as a new, improved Gore: disciplined, focused and free from mean-spirited attacks that made him unlikable during the Democratic primary elections. But he now has returned to obsessive exaggeration and distortion of his personal experience. …… Whether or not that constitutes a serious defect for a president, the voters don't like it. His claim that he was present at the creation of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve when he wasn't is not good politics. Hard-headed politicians on both sides admit that is moving the poll numbers--especially among women--toward Bush. ……."

Washington Times 9/28/00 Donald Lambro "…… Like the boy who falsely cried wolf too many times, Al Gore has exaggerated, embellished or just plain made up too many stories in this presidential campaign……. Mr. Gore's latest whopper is that he was in on the ground floor when the government established the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and that he contributed to its development………. "I've been part of the discussion on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve since the days it was first established," Mr. Gore told a group of reporters at a Friday news conference. Really?……. In fact, the defense-related oil-reserve program was drafted, debated, authorized and signed into law in 1975 - two years before Mr. Gore got to Congress. Shortly after he was sworn in as a congressman from Tennessee in January 1977, the storage facilities were being filled with oil - with no input or assistance from Al Gore……." 10/6/00 "….. 7) CNN gave air time Thursday night to former Senator Alan Simpson to walk viewers through how Al Gore in 1991 based his decision, on whether to vote for against the Gulf War, on how much TV time he would get from each side. Simpson recalled at about 11pm ET: "The Gulf War vote was the most troubling thing I ever saw in my life. Al Gore came to our chambers and said, 'How much time will you give me in this debate?' We said, 'We'll give you seven minutes.' He said, 'They give me seven on the other side.' We said, 'We'll give you fifteen.' And he said, 'I'll be back.' And then he called the Secretary of the Senate, and he said, 'Damn it, if I don't get that kind of time, I'm going to vote the other way.' I was there. You can go ask Nunn and Mitchell and those of us who were involved who watched Al Gore on the toughest vote he ever cast shopping around to see which side would give him the most time in the debate. It galled me then. It galls me now." ……" 4/3/00 Mickey Kaus "…..Hoping to bash Parry and the Monthly for this oversight, I foolishly set off in search of all the supposed lies that Parry didn't discuss. What I found, to a certain extent, actually bolsters Parry's case. Gore isn't as big a liar as I thought! Still, there's more there than the "imprecise phrasing" and normal puffery Parry concedes. There really is a disturbing pattern of claims that Gore's most recent biographer, Bill Turque, calls "broadly exaggerated--and grandiose." True, there's always a core of truth to the lies Gore has told, but there's also a bit of delusion, egomania, and bullying. ………:

1. The Internet Boast: Gore, as Parry notes, never said he "invented" the Internet. He said, "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet." Gore was in fact a leading congressional supporter of funding for the nascent Net's computer infrastructure. ….

2. The Love Story Boast: In late 1997, Gore walked to the back of Air Force Two and had a long conversation with two reporters. During this talk, Gore let it drop that Erich Segal, author of the best-selling tearjerker Love Story, had once told reporters in Tennessee that Gore and his wife Tipper had served as models for the lead romantic characters in that novel. The truth: Segal says Gore was one of two models for the male lead (Oliver Barrett 4th) but Tipper wasn't the model for the female lead (Jenny). Even when it came to Barrett, it was Gore's roommate, Tommy Lee Jones, who supplied the character's romantic, macho side; Gore contributed mainly the familial angst of being pressured to follow in his father's footsteps. The case for Gore: He was only citing a Nashville newspaper article, which apparently did say that both Gores were models (an exculpatory angle emphasized by Bob Somerby's Daily Howler Web site). …..

3. The Abortion Evolution: In the current campaign, Gore has said he "always, always, always" supported Roe vs. Wade, and "always supported a woman's right to choose." Why that might not be true: In 1977 Gore voted for the Hyde Amendment, which contained language saying that abortion "takes the life of an unborn child who is a living human being" and that there is no right to abortion "secured by the Constitution." In 1984 Gore voted for the Siljander Amendment, which defined "person" to include "unborn children from the moment of conception." In the early '80s he got an 84 percent rating from the National Right to Life Committee, and he once said it "is wrong to spend federal dollars for what is arguably the taking of a human life." Gore's defense: First off, "arguably" means "arguably"; it's evidence of a fudge, not a lie. (Not to mention that abortion is arguably the taking of a human life.) In general, Gore says he distinguished between protecting abortions and spending federal money to subsidize them, which is certainly a line you can draw. The Hyde Amendment denied federal funding for abortions, but left Roe's protections intact. …..

4. The Scoop Boast: In 1987 Gore told the Des Moines Register that as an investigative reporter he had gotten "a bunch of people indicted and sent to jail." This was technically untrue: Only two city councilmen were indicted. One was acquitted (after playing the "race card"). One was given a suspended sentence, according to Turque's biography. ….. Even the Weekly Standard concedes that this belongs in the category of "fibs ... uttered in moments of spontaneity." But again, why embellish? …

5. The McCain-Feingold Flap: "I supported the McCain-Feingold bill in the Congress." Critics note that Feingold hadn't even been elected to the Senate when Gore left to become vice president. But before McCain-Feingold, the big campaign-reform vehicle was the Mitchell-Boren bill, which also banned so-called "soft money" contributions. Gore supported that bill. Verdict: A ticky-tack foul. ... Alas, Gore also said of McCain-Feingold that "unlike Sen. Bradley, I was a co-sponsor of it." This boast is very hard to square with reality--in what sense was Gore a "sponsor" of either bill in a way Bradley was not? …..

6. Hubert Horatio Gore: According to Turque, "For years, Gore described to friends how he'd helped add stirring rhetoric to Hubert Humphrey's acceptance speech at the 1968 Democratic convention." Gore had indeed talked to columnist Charles Bartlett, who he said was helping Humphrey. But Bartlett says he had nothing to do with Humphrey that year. Gore backed off the story when confronted by the Washington Post, claiming "faulty memory.". …

7. What He Did in the War: Gore once told the Washington Post he was "shot at" while serving five months in Vietnam as an army reporter. He told the Baltimore Sun he had "walked through the elephant grass and ... was fired upon." The Post's Ellen Nakashima and David Maraniss concluded that "those war stories seemed enhanced in the retelling. He did not face direct enemy fire." But he "did arrive at a few combat scenes after the action, and several times base sirens warned of possible mortar attacks and he and his comrades scrambled for cover." Gore must have known that any war stories he told would be sharply scrutinized, with the aid of Army records. And being shot at is presumably not something you forget. Gore also knew that most in his generation, having avoided Vietnam entirely, were in no position to call him on it. ….

8. The Love Canal Boast: Gore told students in Concord, N.H., that after a high-school student tipped him off to toxic-waste problems in Toone, Tenn., in the late 1970s, "I called for a congressional investigation and a hearing. I looked around the country for other sites like that. I found a little place in upstate New York called Love Canal. Had the first hearing on that issue, and Toone, Tennessee--that was the one that you didn't hear of. But that was the one that started it all." Parry notes Gore was misquoted in the New York Times and Washington Post as saying, "I was the one that started it all," when clearly he's saying that the Toone problem started his investigations and hearings. Parry (and Brill's Content) have great fun with the media pontifications based on the early misquotes. Still, even in the corrected version, there's something egomaniacal and condescending about Gore's attempt to inspire high-schoolers by painting himself as almost single-handedly saving the nation from toxic waste. Even if Gore meant only to describe his search for cases similar to Toone's to showcase at his hearings, saying he "found" Love Canal--where the evacuation of an entire town had been widely reported--is still a solipsistic distortion. It's as if he today said he'd "found" a case of a nuclear accident, involving "a little place called Chernobyl." And if Gore hadn't held hearings, some other ambitious pol would've. ….

9. The EITC Boast: In Time, Gore discussed Bill Bradley's proposed "expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit." He said: "I was the author of that proposal. I wrote that, so I say, welcome aboard. That is something for which I have been the principal proponent for a long time." Was this a lie? The issue is thoroughly explored by Jodie T. Allen and several "Fray" commentators here. Gore clearly didn't author the original Earned Income Tax Credit, which was Sen. Russell Long's baby, and which became law in 1975, the year before Gore entered Congress. Gore more likely is referring to either an expansion of the EITC he proposed in 1989, or to President Clinton's dramatic expansion in 1993, or to a proposed further expansion by the Clinton-Gore administration. Even so, his 1989 proposal was but one of many EITC expansion plans. It's true that congressmen routinely inflate their achievements (nobody even bothers to note that they don't actually write most of the legislation they claim to "write"). But Gore's phrase "the principal proponent" is unusually self-aggrandizing, to the point of deception. ….

10. The $150 "cap": During his primary campaign against Bill Bradley, Gore repeatedly said that Bradley's health-care proposal would eliminate Medicaid and replace it with "vouchers that are limited to $150 a month." At a debate in Iowa, Gore asked "a couple of friends" in the audience to stand, gesturing to two mothers. Both of their children get Medicaid. Both of them as parents would be eligible for health care under my plan. Neither they nor their children would get Medicaid under Senator Bradley's plan, and both of them would be given a $150-a-month voucher. ……. The problem is that for families like the ones Gore had pointed out, Bradley's subsidies weren't limited to $150 a month (which was the figure for individuals). The subsidy for families could go up to $417 a month. Maybe that wasn't enough, but it wasn't $150. Gore's aides noted this in the fine print of their fax-attacks, but Gore himself didn't bring it up in his initial talk of "vouchers in place of Medicaid capped at $150 a month." This distortion of Bradley's position was the most consequential deception of the Democratic primary campaign. ….. It's considered the other side's job to set the record straight. On the other hand, Gore's deception could have real consequences down the road, should any Democrat seek to replace our current employer-based system of health insurance with a universal, subsidized, competitive system. There will always be some group for whom the subsidy isn't as good as what they get in the current hodgepodge. And there will always be an Al Gore around to use this to knock the whole plan. In general, the impression Gore left is that any subsidy plan that is adequate will also be too expensive. ….

The Commercial Appeal 1/13/91 James Brosnan "……. Sen. Albert Gore Jr. (D-Tenn.) voted for war Saturday, the only one of the leading Democratic presidential hopefuls in Congress to do so. ....Gore, whose uncle Reggie Gore was gassed during World War I, recalled how he had called in vain for a UN Security Council session on Iraq when Hussein used poison gas on Kurdish rebels years ago. Unchecked, Hussein will acquire ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons, said Gore. ''We're agreed he has to be stopped and it is said that the sanctions could stop him. ''I wish that were so. It may be so. But it doesn't feel plausible to me,'' said Gore. ……" 10/5/00 Carl Limbacher "…….. "We were especially disturbed, Joe, at a recent fund-raiser you attended where there was a comedian who got up and criticized George Bush's religion," Cheney said. The point was so sharp that when he got his turn, Lieberman felt compelled to apologize for the incident, saying he found that kind of humor "unacceptable." But Cheney's attack clearly left Lieberman unbalanced. And after he apologized for the joke, and explained his position on violence in the media, the Connecticut senator tried to answer Shaw's orginal question about his "shift". That's when he painted himself into a corner. ……. "Al Gore and I agree on most everything. We disagree on some things and he said to me from the beginning, 'Be yourself. That's why I chose you. Don't change a single position you have.' And I have not changed a single position since Al Gore nominated me to be vice president." Lieberman's answer guarantees days worth media scrutiny over his affirmative action flip-flop, his reversal on school vouchers and other accomodations he's eagerly made since signing onto the presidential ticket. After all, why was Lieberman groveling at the feet of militant black Congresswoman Maxine Waters at the Democratic Convention -- if not because he wants to help Gore win the White House? …….. And what was America's first Orthodox Jew on a national ticket doing last week singing the praises of Nation of Islam Chief Louis Farrakhan, who has referred to Jews "bloodsuckers" and "wicked deceivers?" With the proclamation before millions of people that he hasn't changed "a single position" since joining the ticket, Lieberman proved himself a Gore clone who will say absolutuely anything to win……

Washington Times 10/6/00 Andrew Cain "....... While the two candidates pledged at the outset not to get into personal attacks, Mr. Cheney sternly criticized Mr. Lieberman's evolving view of Hollywood......... "I do have a couple of concerns where I liked the old Joe Lieberman better than I do the new Joe Lieberman. Joe established, I thought, an outstanding record in his work on this whole question of violence in the media and the kinds of materials that were being peddled to our children, and many of us on the Republican side admired him for that," said Mr. Cheney. "There is, I must say, the view now that, having joined with Al Gore on the ticket on the other side, that the depth of conviction that we had admired before isn't quite as strong as it was, perhaps, in the past."...... Mr. Cheney said he was "especially disturbed" when he heard about a Beverly Hills fund-raiser attended by Mr. Lieberman in which a comedian got up and criticized George Bush's religion.......... "Al and I have tremendous regard for this industry," said Mr. Lieberman. "We're both fans of the products that come out of the entertainment industry." Mr. Lieberman downplayed any role he and Mr. Gore might play in cleaning up Hollywood, saying they would merely serve as occasional "critics, or nudges," a Yiddish term for gentle naggers. Also at that event, Larry David, executive producer of "Seinfeld," said: "Like Bush, I too found Christ in my 40s. He came into my room one night, and I said: 'What, no call? You just pop in?' "....... Mr. Lieberman did not object to the joke, saying later he found it both offensive and funny. Last night, Mr. Lieberman said he found the joke "very distasteful," and unacceptable. "Any offense that was done, I apologize for it." Mr. Lieberman insisted: "I have not changed a single position" since Mr. Gore named him to be his running mate......."

Wall Street Journal and My Email 10/6/00 Daniel Kennedy, the principal of Sarasota High School in Sarasota, Fla. "……..In Tuesday's presidential debate, Al Gore and George W. Bush both called attention to the pressing need for increased resources and accountability for America's public schools. To emphasize the plight of schools today, Mr. Gore stated that Kailey Ellis, a student at Sarasota High School -- my high school -- had to stand during her science class because "they can't squeeze another desk in for her." Mr. Gore used this anecdote to illustrate his concern for the plight of public schools. …….. I'd like to set the record straight, if I may. Yes, Kailey stood in her science class, but that was for one period only. As soon as the school became aware of the need for an additional desk, one was added immediately to the classroom. We regret that Kailey had to stand at a time when she should have been seated, but the situation was entirely anomalous. The missing desk was not a metaphor for decay. …………. Here's why. Take another look at the science class referred to by Mr. Gore. As well as 36 student desks, and one teacher, state-allocated technology dollars provided some new equipment: two wall-mounted television monitors connected to a desktop computer at the teacher's station, 12 student computers at six lab stations near several pieces of lab equipment. State of the art? Sure. We would have nothing less for our students. …….."

CNN Freeper Kaisersrsic 10/5/00 "…… After the debate ended Judy Woodruff was interviewing Alan Simpson. Simpson agreed that Joe Lieberman worked in a bipartisan way in the Senate, but stated that Al Gore did not work in that way. Ms. Woodruff asked, what about his Desert Storm vote? After a few minutes of distraction by the other Democratic Senator from Connecticut, Alan Simpson laid the story out. Al Gore went back and forth between the folks voting for Desert Storm and against it --- bargaining for the most amount of time he could get on the floor of the senate. Only because Gore was offered more minutes by the pro-Desert Storm group did he vote in support. Judy Woodruff and the rest of CNN's panel dropped the issue……"

Bush-Cheney 2000! 10/5/00 "……..Flip-Flop on Taxes

Joe Lieberman as a candidate opposes tax cuts to protect against recession: "Senator Joseph I. Lieberman said yesterday that Gov. George W. Bush showed a flawed understanding of the national economy when he said this week that he would not retreat from a tax cut in the middle of a recession but would cut even more, even at the risk of creating a 'short- term deficit.' That approach might worsen a recession, Mr. Lieberman said at a campaign stop in Fresno, Calif. 'We can't afford that,' he declared. 'Deficits lead to higher interest rates, and what does that mean? Higher mortgage payments. Higher car payments. Higher student loan payments.'" --New York Times, 9/20/00

Joe Lieberman as a Senator supported tax cuts: "Warning that the U.S. economy is headed toward recession, Sens. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, and Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., today introduced a bill they said could prevent such an economic downturn. The measure is a capital gains tax cut that does not contain indexing, but otherwise is similar to a House-passed version. 'We're facing a modest recession in the next year or so. This will prevent that recession,' Hatch said at a news conference with Lieberman and Sen. Lauch Faircloth, R-N.C., the bill's first co-sponsor. Lieberman said 'some say we are already in recession,' and that cutting capital gains taxes is 'one of the most effective things Congress can do to give our economy a boost.'" --National Journal's "CongressDaily," 6/22/95,


Flip-Flop on Prescription Drugs

Lieberman recently thought Gore's prescription drug plan was a bad idea:

"And, look, I think the president was actually heading down the right road. We've got a program here, Medicare, that everybody agrees is going to be in financial trouble in the next decade when the baby boomers come into it. ......Now the way to solve that problem is not to load it up with another big costly benefit that nobody pays for even though everybody wants it. Namely prescription drug coverage. ……"Everybody has the memory of the so-called catastrophic health insurance debacle in their minds that occurred in 1988 and 1989. But, I mean, this is a case, yes, we ought to begin to cover prescription drugs. But you can't load on this benefit for every Medicare beneficiary -- incidentally, 25 million of whom, now have some sort of prescription drug coverage under various plans that they have -- and expect not to bankrupt the program. And I think we have got to be able to explain that to the American people. ….We've got to do it step-by-step."
--Joe Lieberman on FOX News Sunday, June 27, 1999


Flip-Flop on Social Security

Joe Lieberman, and the Democratic Leadership Council he chairs, once believed that the Bush-Cheney plan for Social Security was a good idea. He called the Gore approach "Old Democrat": "Something like 40 percent of the American people have investments in mutual funds. More than half are in some kind of stocks. So it doesn't make sense anymore not to do that with this enormous investment pool that we're supposed to have for Social Security. Same is true of this idea of privatizing. This is where I think if we can manage the transition, we have a chance to not only do something right, but to give people more confidence about what their retirement years will be like. "Of course, it also dramatically increases our savings rate, which has to be good for our economy overall. Not everybody supports this.

We're going to see again a kind of old Democratic Party/new Democratic Party kind of split on this. I think in the end that individual control of part of the retirement/Social Security funds has to happen."
--Joe Lieberman, Copley News Service, "Social Security: Where do we go from here?," May 04, 1998


Flip-Flop on Education

Joe Lieberman praised the Bush-Cheney education plan, but attacks it now:

"Making this a viable successor to the existing ESEA won't be easy. We are proposing some dramatic changes that will shake up the status quo and its defenders, and the partisan divide is not to be underestimated. But we are encouraged by the fact that Governor Bush of Texas has proposed a reform plan that is remarkably similar to our Three R's proposal, which suggests that maybe we are closer to breaking the education stalemate than some may think and to achieving a true consensus on how to revitalize our public schools."
--Joseph Lieberman, "Statement on the Release of the "Three R's" Education Reform Proposal," Press Release, November 16, 1999


Competitive Enterprise Institute 10/5/00 Chris Paynter "……The Competitive Enterprise Institute announced today that it has filed a lawsuit against President William J. Clinton. Joining CEI as co-plaintiffs are Representatives Joseph Knollenberg (R-MI) and Jo Ann Emerson (R-MO), Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), Consumer Alert, 60 Plus Association, and David Wojick. The parties seek the federal court in Washington, D.C., to declare a $14 million compilation of global warming scare stories as unlawfully produced in violation of three federal laws. ……. The document in question is the National Assessment Synthesis Report, or "National Assessment on Climate Change." Requested by Congress no later than 1994, the requested Assessment was required to detail the state of the science and the uncertainties surrounding the theory of man-made global warming. "In President Clinton's capacity as the chairman of the National Science and Technology Council, he is ultimately responsible for producing and maintaining the legal integrity of any documents or reports it releases," commented Christopher C. Horner, the attorney for CEI who filed the complaint. The lawsuit also names Neal Lane, as Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, as co-defendant. The lawsuit alleges and details the following violations:

Multiple Violations of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA); specifically, holding unlawfully closed meetings and conducting meetings in the absence of the required Designated Federal Officer.

Violations of the US Global Change Research Act (USGCRA); including a wrongful directive from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy that the Council unlawfully expand its work outside the scope of its applicable statutory authority, and delve into non-scientific, political areas.

Violation of Public Law 106-74. This law prohibited the expenditure of appropriated money in order to release or publish this report prior to completing the underlying science, making the Council's findings available to all parties and subjecting its work to peer review.

Despite repeated private and congressional requests to comply with these requirements, the Council has aggressively refused, due to a calculation that releasing the Assessment in October will have maximum political value. ……."

Bush-Cheney 2000 Network 10/5/00 Patrick Ruffini "……. Al Gore attacked George W. Bush for giving the one half of his $1.3 trillion tax cuts, or $665 billion, to the wealthiest 1% of Americans. Later, the Gore campaign admitted that it was wrong and revised its' estimate down to $380 billion. But in fact, Governor Bush's proposal to cut the top income tax rate (a category much broader than the upper 1% of households) would only cost $135 billion.

Bush-Cheney 2000 Network 10/5/00 Patrick Ruffini "……. Al Gore attacked George W. Bush for not giving relief to 95% of seniors for prescription drugs for 4 or 5 years. This is untrue. In fact, the Bush plan would give immediate relief on Day One to the 9 million seniors who most need the help -- that's at least 15% of seniors, not the 5% figure Al Gore made up -- with catastrophic drug coverage for 100% of seniors from Day One. Al Gore also made up the notion that it would take 4 or 5 years to implement the rest of Governor Bush's sweeping proposal. When Medicare modernization is implemented in the first year of the Bush Administration, the rest of Governor Bush's proposal will take effect in ONE YEAR, not the 4 or 5 Al Gore made up.

Bush-Cheney 2000 Network 10/5/00 Patrick Ruffini "……. Al Gore attacked George W. Bush for being fiscally reckless and irresponsible, while Gore claimed his own proposals would bring "small government" and balance the budget. In fact, a recent study shows that Al Gore would spend $2.3 trillion on new government programs over the next 10 years, that's nearly TWICE what Governor Bush spends on his responsible tax cut for working Americans. In total, Mr. Gore's expensive proposals would add at least $700 billion dollars to the National Debt, and cost at least $2.8 trillion.

Bush-Cheney 2000 Network 10/5/00 Patrick Ruffini "……. Number of Times Each Candidate Said Something Inaccurate or Untrue in the Debate, According to the Opposing Campaign….Al Gore 27 According to the Bush Campaign (Source: ……George W. Bush 6 According to the Gore Campaign (Source: ……"

National Review 10/5/00 John J. Miller & Ramesh Ponnuru "…… Al Gore trashed Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in the presidential debate on Tuesday night. What he didn't tell viewers is that he supported Scalia's nomination in 1986. ….. Here's what Gore said: "Governor Bush has declared to the anti-choice groups that he will appoint justices in the mold of Scalia and Clarence Thomas, who are known for being the most vigorous opponents of a woman's right to choose. .. And when the phrase that strict constructionist is used, and when the names of Scalia and Thomas are used as benchmarks for who would be appointed, those are code words and nobody should mistake this, for saying that the governor would appoint people who would overturn Roe v. Wade. I mean,just - it's very clear to me." …….. Next time, Bush should call him on this. One of the most embarassing moments for Bob Dole in the debates with President Clinton came when Dole criticized the judicial activism of Clinton's appointees, and Clinton replied by mentioning how Dole had voted to confirm so many of them. ......"

Washington Times 10/5/00 Bill Sammon "….Mr. Gore — who said he traveled to Texas with the Federal Emergency Management Agency Director James Lee Witt to inspect wildfire damage — acknowledged yesterday he did not. "I was there in Texas. I think James Lee went to the same fires. I've made so many trips with James to these disaster sites. I got that wrong," the vice president said on "Good Morning America."…….. During the debate, Mr. Bush responded to a question from moderator Jim Lehrer about how he handled the unexpected by recalling his actions during wildfires in Parker County, Texas, in 1996. "I have to pay the administration a compliment," said Mr. Bush. "FEMA has done a good job of working with governors during times of crisis."……… Mr. Gore, in a rebuttal, sought to do the governor one better.
"I want to compliment the governor on his response to those fires and floods in Texas," Mr. Gore said unasked. "I, I accompanied James Lee Witt down to Texas when those fires broke out."……A quizzical expression crossed Mr. Bush's face as the vice president spoke………"I thought for a moment I was going to call him on it," Mr. Bush told Fox News Channel yesterday. "I don't remember him being in Parker County. But I took the man at his word…….. "This is a man — he's got a record, you know, of sometimes exaggerating to make a point."……….. Mr. Gore acknowledged yesterday he had been in a Houston hotel — possibly for a fund-raiser — at the time and had not traveled to Texas with Mr. Witt to survey the fire damage. He said yesterday he had been briefed by FEMA officials………The Bush campaign said Mr. Gore visited Houston on June 25, 1998, not during the 1996 fires to which Mr. Bush was referring. They said Mr. Gore attended a hastily arranged airport briefing on the fires before he drove off to a political fund-raiser. Mr. Witt was not with Mr. Gore during the briefing……….. Gore spokesman Chris Lehane explained that the vice president had confused Mr. Witt with his underling, Buddy Young, a regional FEMA director who was actually the official who met with Mr. Gore on the occasion in question. "The vice president traveled down to Texas in June of '98, flew over the fires and then did an event with Buddy Young," Mr. Lehane told The Washington Times. "He was not with Witt. We've been with Witt in the past in other disaster areas and emergency zone. He was just mistaken…….."

Washington Times 10/5/00 Bill Sammon "….Mr. Gore's latest gaffes [Witt/Fires and Standing Student] follow the concocted story two weeks ago about how prescription drugs for his mother-in-law cost more than arthritis drugs for his dog. Aides later said the story was a "composite" using numbers from a congressional report……… That was followed by Mr. Gore's claim that he was involved with the Strategic Petroleum Reserve "since the days it was first established." In fact, he entered the House two years after the reserve was created in 1975………. Then he told a labor group that his mother had sung one of their union songs to him as a lullaby, but the song wasn't written until Mr. Gore was 27. He later said he had been kidding………… "

New York Post 10/5/00 Brian Blomquist Rita Definer "……Al Gore's tale of the little old lady who "has to go out seven days a week" to pick up cans to buy medicine unraveled yesterday, as she admitted she has repeatedly refused her well-to-do son's offer to care for her. ……. The story of Skinner, who has become the campaign's mascot for his Medicare prescription-drug program, was retold by Gore during the debate: "She came all the way from Iowa in a Winnebago with her poodle in order to attend here tonight," he said. …..In fact, the Winnebago was paid for by the Gore campaign, along with the gas. Five campaign workers accompanied Skinner, a longtime Democrat and former union organizer. ……. "

New York Post 10/5/00 Brian Blomquist Rita Definer "……Republicans said she doesn't need to collect cans, because her son, Earl King, who formerly owned his own business and now lives on an 80-acre ranch and describes his lifestyle as "comfortable," has offered repeatedly to help her make ends meet. ……. "This is a tale of a rather eccentric woman, not a tale of somebody who needs prescription drugs and can't afford them despite a life of hard work," said Republican National Committee spokesman Cliff May. …….. "I don't take charity," Mrs. Skinner told The Post yesterday as she traveled toward Youngstown, Ohio. "I don't take food stamps or nothing like that. I either earn it or do without. I know my son would willingly help me at any time. ……"I want them do something about prescription drugs. I'm not on this tour just for myself. There are a lot of senior citizens who are worse off than I am because they are not capable of walking and picking up cans." …….Her son said she's taken money from him only once despite repeated offers. He said he paid $360 toward a $720 property-tax bill. ……Mrs. Skinner said she gets a nickel a can and earns about $3 to $5 collecting cans each day. She said she uses the money to supplement the $250 to $350 she pays each month for pills for her heart condition and high blood pressure. She owns her house, gets $700 per month in Social Security and a $70 monthly pension. ….."

New York Post 10/5/00 Brian Blomquist Rita Definer "……Also during the debate, Gore appeared to take liberty with an old family story about his Uncle Reginald, a soldier hit by poison gas. Gore said, "Look, that's where World War I started. In the Balkans. My uncle was a victim of poison gas there." Several news accounts say that Reginald Gore was gassed in France. ……….Gore's truthfulness has come under question before - specifically his claims that he invented the Internet, that he and Tipper were the model couple for "Love Story," that his mother-in-law pays more than his dog for the same prescription drugs, and that he helped establish the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. ……"

Freeper Earl B. 10/5/00 "……. Okay. The number of documented, proven, admitted lies told by Al Gore during the first of his debates with G.W. Bush has grown the the point that we need to make a list to keep track of them all. Here is what I have so far, and I am looking for help on making this complete:

Proven Lies

1. LIE: That Gore has not previously questioned G.W. Bush's experience and qualifications for the Presidency.

2. LIE: That 15 year-old Kailey Ellis was forced to stand in science class at her Sarasota, Florida school because the classroom is so overcrowded there isn't even room for one more desk for Kailey.

3. LIE: That Gore accompanied FEMA Director James Lee Witt to view the fire damage in Texas.

4. LIE: Gore claimed that yet another overcrowded school in Florida started serving lunch to the kids at 9:30 a.m. in order to get everyone fed by the end of the school day.

Possible Lies (Yet to be conclusively established)

5. QUESTIONED STATEMENT: Gore talked about Winnebego Winnie driving all the way to Boston to see the debate. I haven't seen it definitively stated that the Gore campaign in fact paid for all Winnie's expenses (including the Winnebego).

6. QUESTIONED STATEMENT: Gore said he had an uncle who was gassed in Europe (the Balkans? In WWI?). Waiting word on what unlce he was talking about, and what the details of this tragedy are.

7. QUESTIONED STATEMENT: Gore said that ALL of his kids have attended both private and public schools. Waiting for substantiation that each of his kids has really attended public school……."

National Review Online 10/4/00 Jonah Goldberg "…….This morning Katie Couric asked Gore about the fact that he sighed constantly last night, each time Gov. Bush opened his mouth. Gore seemed shocked that it was an issue at all and said, "I guess the mike picked up my reactions." He promised to work harder on it next time. ……That's kind of funny, as this was a much-talked about tactic of the vice president's during the Democratic primary debates with former Sen. Bill Bradley. Literally dozens of newspapers reported about Gore's exasperated sighs during the Gore-Bradley Meet the Press debate: "Gore punctuated much of that program with grimaces and sighs when Bradley talked," reported the San Diego Tribune. USA Today said, "Gore emitted exasperated sighs and groans whenever Bradley spoke." The Washington Post reported that the Bradley campaign issued an "official deep-sigh count" of seven. During another debate Gore sighed 18 times. ……."

FoxNews 10/4/00 Freeper 1-Eagle "…..From early this AM until now the Fox News Channel has progressively increased coverage of Al Gore's 'embellishments.' ……. Early on there were a few comments here and there, a few softballs lobbed. Later, more mention and more questions. Just now, it has reached an all new level. Sheppard Smith arrived on the scene and called on Brit Hume for discussion on the matter. Brit used the phrase 'bordering on a whopper' in reference to Gore's claim that the tax cut for 1% of richest Americans was more than any of his spending on a long list of programs. (Yep, turns out that was a lie too.) ……… Afterwards, Shep hammered a Democrat Congressman to answer the question about the girl in Florida who it turns out actually only was without a desk for one day because she was a transfer student and so a desk had to be procured for her. ……. The Democrat (sorry didnt pick up the name) refused to acknowledge that Gores stretching the truth bothered him, and deflected. …….. Fox News is now labeling this on the screen as the "Debate Controversy." Mentioning Gore didn't arrive in Texas until 1998, two years later, rather than in 1996 just after a flood crisis, and was there in 1998 to attend a fund raiser……"

Seattle Radio Station KVI 10/4/00 Freeper report "……MR. GORE "First I want to compliment the governor on his response to those fires and floods in Texas. I accompanied James Lee Witt down to Texas when those fires broke out." I heard on KVI radio in Seattle this morning that Gore WASN'T with Witt during the fires. They quoted "Democratic Party spokesmen" as admitting that he was in Texas with Witt at some time, but not during the fires. ………."

CNS News 10/4/00 Scott Hogenson "……At one point during Tuesday's debate, Gore stated that LC Evans Elementary School in Miami, Florida, has to begin serving lunch to students "in shifts with the first shift starting at 9:30 in the morning." ……. But Gore's assertion did not square with the facts, according to LC Evans Assistant Principal Geraldine Tisdol. "The lunch period is scheduled to run between 10:00 and 12:00," Tisdol said in a telephone interview. She also said pre-kindergarten students, who get to school at 9:00, "have breakfast in the morning when they first get here, so therefore, they go [to lunch] about 11:30." ………. "The other children, they eat (breakfast) between 7:30 and 8:20," said Tisdol. Those students, Tisdol said, normally eat lunch between 10:00 and 10:30. "The children eat, two classes at a time and every five to 10 minutes, another class comes in," said Tisdol. She also said classes are rotated in and out of the lunchroom to comply with local fire regulations. "Between 10 and noon, all the kids are served," said Tisdol……."

CNS News 10/4/00 Scott Hogenson "……Similarly, Gore recalled during the debate a letter he received from Florida father Randy Elliss, whom Gore said wrote that his 15-year old daughter Kaylee "has to stand during class" because there isn't enough room in the Sarasota, Florida, high school's science classroom. But Sarasota High School Principal Daniel Kennedy said Gore was incorrect and that "unfortunately, I think he was provided with some information that was a little bit misleading." …….. According to Kennedy, the story about the girl standing in class was the result of science equipment that was stacked up in the classroom awaiting installation in the opening days of the school year. "It's that time of year when we're normally moving furniture, we're moving kids, said Kennedy. "If this young lady had to stand... it may have been largely her choice because there was lots of lab stools in that classroom." "It would have been good if the facts had been checked before he was encouraged to use that information on a national debate," said Kennedy. ……."

CNS News 10/4/00 Scott Hogenson "……Questions about Gore's involvement in reviewing the 1996 Parker County, Texas, fire damage were also raised. Gore said Tuesday that he "accompanied (FEMA director) James Witt down to Texas when those fires broke out," four years ago, after rival George W. Bush recounted his hugging and weeping with a family that was wiped out by the disaster. ……… However, Gore actually visited Texas two years after the Parker County blaze, during a spate of fires in Texas in 1998. During that visit, he did not visit the disaster scene but instead held an airport briefing in Houston before visiting a local school and attending a Democratic fundraising event for Rep. Jim Turner, according to various press reports at the time. …….. "

CNS News 10/4/00 Scott Hogenson "……Gore's misstatements weren't limited to domestic policy, according to House Policy Chairman Rep. Christopher Cox (R-CA), who called Gore's debate performance "a diplomatic disaster." In a discussion about the recent elections in Yugoslavia, Gore said Tuesday that Russia did not agree with the U.S. position that Slobodan Milosevic was defeated in Yugoslavia's elections last month. "By stating categorically that the Russians disagree with the U.S. position that (Milosevic) lost in the September 24 elections in Yugoslavia, Gore went beyond public statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin," said Cox, who warned the gaffe "potentially destroyed efforts by France, Germany, the UN and the United States to work with Russia for a peaceful victory for democracy in Yugoslavia." ……"

Associated Press 10/4/00 Laura Meckler "…….And on the first question, moderator Jim Lehrer asked what Gore meant when he questioned whether Bush has the experience to be president. ''I have actually not questioned Bush's experience. I have questioned his proposals,'' Gore said Tuesday night. But Gore and his aides have repeatedly questioned Bush's experience. …….In an April 13 interview with The New York Times, Gore said Bush's call for a large tax cut ''raises the question, 'Does he have the experience to be president?'' In a foreign policy speech, he criticized ''these gaps in Governor Bush's foreign policy views and experience.'' And Gore's spokesman has called Bush a ''lightweight.'' ……."

Associated Press 10/4/00 Laura Meckler "…….Republicans pounced on a Gore statement that he accompanied James Lee Witt, director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to inspect Texas floods and fires. They said he was never there. After the debate, Gore's campaign clarified that the vice president did go -- in June 1998 -- though not with Witt……"

Associated Press 10/4/00 Laura Meckler "…….Discussing the economy, Gore suggested that the nation had been through a ''triple-dip recession,'' which occurs when economic growth stalls twice or turns negative after experts thought that a recession had ended. In fact, while some feared a triple-dip recession in 1992, it never happened. ……."

Associated Press 10/4/00 Laura Meckler "…….On education, Gore accused Bush of supporting a plan that leaves children in failing schools for three years before giving parents vouchers to help pay for private schools. He didn't mention that the accountability provisions in his own plan don't kick in for three years. ….."

Arutz-7 Daily News 10/4/00 "…….The New York Times published a picture - supplied by the Associated Press - of an angry Israeli policeman and a badly-beaten and bloodied man, with the caption, "An Israeli policeman and a Palestinian on the Temple Mount." Dr. Aaron Grossman, of Chicago, Ill., sent the following letter to the Times: ………"Regarding your picture on page A5 (Sept. 30) of the Israeli soldier and the Palestinian on the Temple Mount - that Palestinian is actually my son, Tuvia Grossman, a Jewish student from Chicago. He, and two of his friends, were pulled from their taxicab while traveling in Jerusalem, by a mob of Palestinian Arabs and were severely beaten and stabbed. That picture could not have been taken on the Temple Mount because there are no gas stations on the Temple Mount and certainly none with Hebrew lettering, like the one clearly seen behind the Israeli soldier attempting to protect my son from the mob."

RNC Email to Radio Hosts 10/4/00 Jim Nicholson "…….. While there are numerous examples of Gore's fuzzy memory, here's the big ones: Spending: Al Gore failed to explain why he promises to spend three times more than Bill Clinton even proposed in 1992; and why his "targeted" tax plan denies relief to 50 million Americans while he and Bill Clinton vetoed bipartisan bills to eliminate the Marriage Penalty and the Death Tax. Education: Gore failed to explain why America is in an "education recession" despite nearly a decade of economic prosperity and why the achievement gap between disadvantaged students and their peers has widened in critical areas such as reading. Social Security: Gore failed to explain why he has blocked reform of Social Security and Medicare, both of which are headed for bankruptcy. Energy: While people are paying the highest prices at the gas pumps since Jimmy Carter, America is more dependent than ever on foreign oil. Gore failed to explain why he hasn't even attempted to implement a coherent national energy policy. Military: While our military's morale and recruitment levels sink, Gore failed to explain why he slashed the military budget 40 percent and increased the number of international deployments by 300 percent. Did Gore down some iced tea before the debate - and conveniently forget about his failed leadership? ........."

Freeper Shethink13 10/4/00 "……..This is just an attempt to clear up the confusion about Winifred Skinner and her Winnebago trip to the debate. The following is an excerpt from an article posted here on FR from the Toledo Blade on October 1: ……Ms. Skinner was passing through town on her way to Boston, where she will be the guest of Mr. Gore at Tuesday's first presidential debate between him and Republican George W. Bush. She dislikes flying and said she could make the trip only if ground transportation was arranged. The Gore campaign is paying for her trip in a motor home and has scheduled several appearances for her along the way. ……Besides, she said, she would not travel without Bridgette, her pet poodle, by her side. The two of them were asked to leave the market after a few minutes; market Manager Julie Champa said pet dogs don't mix well with food vendors there. …… During the debate Gore made it sound like Winnie drove across by herself in order to support him at the debates. The facts state otherwise. Another Gorism? …."

New York Post 10/2/00 Dov Hikind "…….People saw in Joe Lieberman a traditional, stand-up guy who always stood his ground. Then Joe is nominated for the vice-presidency and suddenly - flip-flop. …..On the Don Imus show, Joe responded to Imus's question on whether Judaism bans "interracial or interreligious marriage or dating or that sort of thing," saying, "No, there is no ban whatsoever. Certainly not on interracial. And not on interreligious." ......... This is shocking not just because intermarriage is the greatest threat to the future of all Jews, but because I know Joe Lieberman doesn't believe what he said. Judaism is open to everyone, but intermarriage is clearly not allowed. …….. In trying to be disingenuous, Joe Lieberman told a lie. In trying so hard to appeal to everyone, Joe resorted to patent dishonesty. For the first time. Joe! Say it isn't so. ……Lieberman has stated that he is amenable to meeting Louis Farrakhan, an infamous avowed anti-Semite, an equal-opportunity hater. Lieberman said, "I have respect for him. I'd be open to sitting and talking to Minister Farrakhan." ……How mild, mellow and appealing to all. Farrakhan, who has called Judaism a "gutter religion," has never apologized for his anti-Semitic pronouncements. Who's next? David Duke? Neo-Nazis? The hurt and disbelief go on, and the pride is eroding. It usually takes people a lot more time to betray their principles. I have gone from being excited about Joe Lieberman's candidacy to being totally turned off. ……"

Al Gore's Lips 10/4/00 Freeper tellw "…… AL GORE: There's a woman named Winifred Skinner here tonight from Iowa. I mentioned her earlier. She's 79 years old, she has Social Security. I'm not going to cut her benefits or support any proposal that would. She gets a small pension. But in order to pay for her prescription drug benefits, she has to go out seven days a week, several hours a day, picking up cans. She came all the way from Iowa in a Winnebago with her poodle in order to attend here tonight. …… " …. Gee Al, don't you think the imagery would have been better had she taken Greyhound? …."

Fox News 10/3/00 Ron Fournier "……Never mind the booming economy or Al Gore's edge in experience, George W. Bush told debate viewers, the times require "a different kind of leader.'' Read: Somebody you can trust. Leadership was at issue Tuesday night, but the candidates had different definitions of the word. …….. Gore argued that his experience would make him a better president. He reminded voters how much better off they are than eight years ago. He harped on traditionally Democratic issues, such as health care and education, and backed up his points with details and specifics, hoping to make Bush look shallow by contrast. The Texas governor accused the vice president of using "phony numbers,'' engaging in "old-style politics'' and, in the final rough-and-tumble moments of the debate, raised the specter of President Clinton's impeachment and the campaign fund-raising scandals to attack Gore's credibility. "It's time for a new look. It's time for a fresh start after a season of cynicism,'' Bush said. ……."

Newsmax 10/4/00 Carl Limbacher "…… Al Gore's claims that one of his guests was so poor she had to scrounge up cans to pay for prescription drugs doesn't measure up to the facts. Gore concluded his debate appearance describing his model case of the evils of prescription drug costs: "There's a woman named Winifred Skinner here tonight from Iowa. I mentioned her earlier. She's 79 years old, she has Social Security. I'm not going to cut her benefits or support any proposal that would. She gets a small pension. But in order to pay for her prescription drug benefits, she has to go out seven days a week, several hours a day, picking up cans. She came all the way from Iowa in a Winnebago with her poodle in order to attend here tonight." …… Touching. We learn from Iowa sources that, for starters, Winifred is not from Des Moines. … A small point. It gets worse. ……. As it turns out, we hear that Mrs. Skinner collects those cans Al Gore spoke of because she choosese to, not because she has to. …… Mrs. Skinenr's own son has been on local Iowa radio and has explained her situation. ……. Apparently, Mrs. Skinner has family and friends who have offered to help her and she refused because she wants to do things for herself. …… As one of our Iowa readers notes, "Al Gore wants to take the Winnifred Skinner's of the Country and exploit them as victims of a cruel system." ……'s Iowa reader points out that "Mrs. Skinner has a nice home in a nice neighborhood of a very comfortable Midwestern town, she owns a new car, and she rode out in that Winnebago because she does not like to fly."……"

APBNews 10/3/00 AP ".....More than 400 people were issued licenses to carry concealed guns in Texas despite having prior convictions under a law Gov. George W. Bush, the Republican presidential nominee, signed in 1995, saying it would make the state "a safer place." Those prior convictions include rape, armed robbery, and histories of violence, psychological disorders and drug or alcohol problems, the Los Angeles Times reported in today's editions. Some 215,000 Texans are licensed to carry concealed weapons. And more than 3,000 of them have been arrested for crimes that include double murder and drunken driving. ......... Texas authorities only have 60 days to conduct background checks, and they routinely issue licenses before the process is completed. So far, retroactive revocation actions have been launched against the more than 400 people before officials got the out-of-state crime records, the newspaper reported. ......He blamed some of the early problems on slow FBI response to a deluge of requests for out-of-state crime records in the early years of the program. He said state officials decided to issue licenses despite incomplete background checks to avoid causing delay "for the vast majority of good applicants" who were going to pass anyway. Gavin said his staff acted "in a quick and sure manner" to rescind permits when disqualifying information was discovered. ......."

UPI 10/3/00 Mark Kukis "......Aides to Texas Gov. George W. Bush, the GOP presidential nominee, challenged allegations of lax Texas state gun control policy reported in the L.A. Times Tuesday as the first round of presidential debates were set to open in the evening......... Chief Bush campaign spokesperson Karen Hughes called the Times story "inaccurate" and "misleading" in its claims that Texas had licensed more than 400 people to carry a canceled handgun, despite criminal records that should have disqualified them...... Hughes said only 71 disqualified applicants were awarded licensed to carry concealed handguns, and she blamed federal authorities for failing to expedite background checks for the slip. Under Texas law, applicants for concealed handgun license are allowed to obtain a weapon 60 days after applying, even if a mandatory background check is inconclusive.......... "In 71 cases, which represent three one-hundredths of 1 percent of all the instances where licenses were granted, Texas went ahead and provisionally granted a licenses while waiting for federal authorities to provide the necessary information," Hughes said. "All 71 of those licenses have now been revoked, and none of those 71 individuals committed a violent crime."...... Hughes stressed the dropping crime rate in Texas, saying the concealedhandgun law, which 31 other states also have, had contributed to the lowest murder rate in 30 years, a 20 percent drop in violent crime and all-time lows in juvenile crime........."

WorldNetDaily 10/3/00 Linda Bowles "....... When Bill Bradley grew tired of persistent misrepresentations in a primary debate, he asked Al Gore, "When you don't tell the truth as a candidate, how can people trust you to tell the truth when you are president?" This wasn't the first time a major Democrat figure leveled such a serious charge at Gore. In 1988, an exasperated Michael Dukakis told presidential candidate Gore: "If you want to be president of the United States, you better start by being accurate." ........ Now, George W. Bush has joined these two prominent Democrats in warning the people about Gore's losing battles with the truth. Bush described Gore this way: "His misrepresentations are serious business -- not the legitimate debate of political disagreements. They are a disturbing pattern of embellishments and sudden reversals." ....... In an interview last April, Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Dean of the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg School of Communications, commented upon the relationship between Gore's behavior and his fitness to serve as president: "You wonder if it's a failure to listen or an impulse to deceive. ... "

AP 10/3/00 Pete Yost "......A former White House lawyer has changed some of her testimony in the e-mail controversy after being brought before a grand jury and confronted with documents by prosecutors in Independent Counsel Robert Ray's office. The changes submitted by ex-White House lawyer Michelle Peterson in a civil court filing give a glimpse of Ray's investigation into whether the White House covered up the e-mail problem in 1998 at the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Presidential aides deny any cover-up. ......During grand jury testimony last month, Ray's prosecutors confronted Peterson with proof that contrary to earlier statements she had made, a stack of White House e-mails that she checked in June 1998 did not duplicate in its entirety e-mails that had been turned over to Kenneth Starr's office five months earlier. ....... A copy of one e-mail in a "test" batch from June 1998 was not turned over to Starr the previous January, although the text of the message was contained in a separate e-mail turned over to the prosecutors. The "test" e-mails also contained an e-mail with a "cc" list of people to whom the message was sent. The "cc" list, which was not given to Starr, would have been useful to prosecutors as they tried to determine precisely who might have information about Lewinsky's relationship with President Clinton. ......In addition to the differences in two e-mails, Peterson's declaration also suggests that Ray's office is investigating why the White House did not produce a computerized index of e-mails, which could have revealed that Starr's office was not getting all the computer messages it had subpoenaed in the Lewinsky investigation. ....... The log, which was printed out during the June 1998 test, "to my knowledge was not produced" to Starr's office, Peterson wrote. ......."

Source: Bush - Cheney 2000! 10/1/00 "……."Why should we believe you would tell the truth as president if you don't tell the truth as a candidate?"-Bill Bradley to Al Gore, Democratic Presidential Debate, January 26, 2000 ………….. Gore Attack: "Well, they're talking about pushing (people) out of Medicare traditional plans and into HMO's even when they don't want to go, because the effect of their plan will be to significantly raise premiums if you want to keep what you've got now under Medicare. And millions would be pushed into HMOs and the prescription drug benefit which is needed to improve Medicare would only go to 5 percent of the people, 95 percent wouldn't get it, and then in the second phase many years from now they would rely on insurance companies and HMOs with no control over the premiums, the co-payments, the terms or the prices at all." (NBC News interview with Chip Reid, Weekend Today, 9/30/00) Facts: …….. Governor Bush's plan gives seniors choices, and no one will be forced to join private plans or HMOs. Every senior will have the option to stay in the traditional Medicare program if they so choose. Seniors who opt to stay in the current Medicare program will be protected from higher premiums. This common-sense plan is patterned after the Federal Health Benefits Program, which serves all federal employees including Members of Congress. ……….. Governor Bush's "Immediate Helping Hand" addresses the emergency affecting our low-income seniors faster than the Gore plan. "Immediate Helping Hand" would be in place in 2001 and immediately provide prescription drugs to 9 million lower income seniors until Medicare modernization is implemented, compared to the Gore plan that slowly starts in 2002 and phases in through 2008. …… Governor Bush's plan fast tracks Medicare modernization so that every senior would have more options - including guaranteed access to prescription drugs, better coverage and extra help to low and moderate-income seniors. No senior would be left without the option of prescription drug coverage. ……."

Bush - Cheney 2000! 9/21/00 "……"Earlier this week Al Gore was caught making up facts about the cost of his own mother-in-law's arthritis medicine, now he's making up facts about Governor Bush's tax plan," said Bush spokesman Dan Bartlett. "When it comes to important issues like prescription drugs and taxes, the American people deserve the truth, not more of Al Gore's made-up facts." Gore Attack: "Citizens for Tax Justice has determined that for the average working American, the Bush tax cut means just 62 cents a day -- less than $220 a year." (Gore/Lieberman 2000 press release, 9/20/00) ….Facts: …… "But the head of the tax-research group that produced the analysis said Wednesday that the Democratic presidential candidate is not representing his organization's information correctly. "To say the average working family would only get 62 cents a day from Republican George W. Bush 'might be a stretch,' said Bob McIntyre, director of Citizens for Tax Justice. 'It's a stretch I wouldn't make.'" (Associated Press, 9/20/00) ……."

Bush - Cheney 2000! 9/21/00 "…… Gore Aide: $453 A Year Is "Spare Change" -- Ron Klain, Senior Gore Advisor, 9/20/00 ……. Statement from Bush spokesman Dan Bartlett regarding Ron Klain's comments: "To someone making $25,000 a year, who's working to make ends meet, $453 is about a week's worth of income. That may be 'spare change' for those who believe tax money belongs in Washington, but it's a lot for real people living outside the Washington beltway. In fact, it's equal to about two car payments. "And, of course, even the $453 figure grossly understates Governor Bush's plan." ……"

New York Times 9/23/00 Clifford Levy "……Negotiations over an agreement to ban soft money in the New York Senate race collapsed yesterday after Hillary Rodham Clinton offered a plan that was initially embraced by Representative Rick A. Lazio - until he learned that it contained more restrictions on him than on her. By last night, Mr. Lazio was denouncing Mrs. Clinton as the "queen of dirty money" and saying that she was clinging to legalistic excuses to avoid a deal……."

Dallas Morning News (JWR) 9/22/00 Tony Snow "……Al Gore, that old artificer, has decided once more to take a hatchet to his life's story. …. OOPS- It turns out:
1) His campaign says he doesn't know if his mother-in-law actually takes such a drug.
2) If she does, he doesn't know what she pays.
3) He doesn't know how much he pays for the dog's drug.
4) He didn't consult his checkbook to figure out the cost figures. He got those numbers from a spurious study conducted last year by Democrats on the House Committee on Government Reform.
5) The American Veterinary Medical Association told the same Democrats the study was a joke and that, "We believe (investigation of drug-company practices) will provide insufficient evidence to develop a compelling argument regarding human drug pricing."
6) The study misleadingly compared wholesale prices to retail. And,
7) He didn't compare actual dosages of the pharmaceutical.

AP 9/22/00 "….Who would sing a union song to a baby as a lullaby? Not Al Gore (news - web sites)'s mother, he said Friday. He'd just been joking, he said, when he told the Teamsters last week that she'd sung him to sleep that way. Gore had told the story Monday night in Las Vegas, in accepting the Teamsters' endorsement. ``I still remember the lullabies I heard as a child,'' Gore said, singing a bit to the delight of his audience. ……… ".

Reuters/Yahoo 9/21/00 "…..Exxon Mobil Corp. (NYSE:XOM - news), the No. 1 U.S. oil company, defended itself on Thursday against charges by Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore that oil companies were making exorbitant profits off American consumers. ``The use of the terms 'gougers' and 'profiteers' are not only totally untrue ... the terms are misleading in that they obscure the real issue facing the American public, which is the need for a coherent, economically and environmentally sound energy policy,'' the company said in a statement. …….. Gore's statement came the day after crude oil for delivery in November closed at a 10-year high in the futures markets. Oil prices fell $1.24 to $34 a barrel in Thursday trade. ……. Exxon Mobil, in its statement, said that it had increased production of heating oil by 10 to 15 percent from a year ago, adding that it ``fully expects to meet all our contractual demands this winter.'' The company also pointed out that it only made 5 cents for every gallon (3.8 liters) of gasoline it sold, while the federal and state governments took in an average of 40 cents in taxes for every gallon sold……."

Albert M. Gore, Jr. in his own published words 1992 Freeper James Otis "…. "In fact, almost every poll shows Americans decisively rejecting higher taxes on fossil fuels, even though that proposal is on of the logical first steps in changing our policies in a manner consistent with a more responsible approach to the environment."…."

NY POST 9/21/00 "…….* Monday: Gore says he heard the union song that begins, "Look for the union label," as a childhood lullaby. In fact, the song wasn't penned until 1975, when the veep was 27.
* March 1999: In an interview with CNN, Gore takes credit for inventing the Internet, saying, "During my years in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet. In fact, the Defense Department started the Internet to link up its computers. But Newt Gingrich agrees that Gore deserves credit promoting it.
* December 1997: Gore says he and his wife, Tipper, were models for the lead characters in the novel "Love Story." In fact, author Erich Segal says Gore and his Harvard roommate, actor Tommy Lee Jones, were models for the male lead, but Tipper Gore was not the model for the female lead.

Rush Limbaugh 9/21/00"…….. For the last two days, I have intensely explored Algore's compulsion to lie. Now, the media is picking up my lead. They're reporting that Algore told a group of Teamsters he remembered the "lullabies I heard as a child," then sang, "look for the union label." One problem. That jingle was written in 1975. So either Algore told the Teamsters a bold-faced lie, or he was sleeping in a crib when he was 27-years-old. ….. Walter Shapiro's USA TODAY column titled "Gore's exaggerations may haunt him" addresses the story. Exaggerations? This latest item isn't an exaggeration! It's an outright, totally untrue, 100% fake lie. …….. Some of you are asking, "Why's the media paying attention to this now, Rush? Why are they suddenly checking all Gore's facts?" The answer is this: the media ignores lies about Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, and Tom Delay, because these guys are so dangerous, so anti-Hollywood, so right-wing, that the press will go along with whatever a liberal has to say to defeat them. …… But if Gore does not lie as well as Clinton does, if he cannot make himself as likable, then the press see themselves vulnerable - and the media doesn't want to risk their credibility to help a loser. ….."

AOL Update News (Reuters) 9/20/00 Patricia Wilson "......Republican George W. Bush accused Democratic rival Al Gore of a tendency ``to make up facts to make his case'' on Wednesday, calling it evidence of the vice president's determination to win the presidential election at any cost. Gore told senior citizens in Florida last month that the arthritis drug his mother-in-law took cost three times as much as the animal version of the same medicine taken by his dog, Shiloh. But the Boston Globe reported on Monday that Gore actually relied on figures from a congressional report not on his family's actual drug bills. ``The vice president has a tendency to make up facts to make his case,'' Bush told Reuters in a brief interview. ``The idea that he would make up facts about a family member confirms what I have said in the past, that he'll say anything to be the president.'' ......"

New York Post Online 9/20/00 Richard Johnson "……. Focus, in its Sept. 18 issue, quoted her as replying: "I can imagine that Alex would follow through with this. And then, I guess, I might go with him." As negative reaction mounted, Baldwin frantically tried to back off his bombastic promise with a statement planted yesterday in Mitchell Fink's gullible column. "I never said I'd leave the country, and my wife never heard of Focus magazine and never talked to them," Baldwin was quoted. …….. In fact, Columbia Tristar set up the meeting between Basinger and Focus U.S. Correspondent Annette Schipprack on April 17 at an international junket promoting the movie "I Dreamed of Africa." And Schipprack has the entire interview on tape, in case Baldwin and Fink would like to hear Basinger's answer in her own voice. Schipprack says Baldwin can't change Basinger's quote after the fact: "You have to live with what you say." ……" 9/20/00 Walter Shapiro "…..Al Gore wanted to hit just the right note Monday as he received his long-awaited endorsement by the Teamsters. Stressing his born-to-be-a-union-man heritage at a Teamsters conference at a Las Vegas casino, Gore said, "I still remember the lullabies I heard as a child." Then, without missing a beat, the vice president sang in a bravely off-key voice, "Look for the union label." ......... It was an endearing scene, one that displayed Gore's spontaneous, human side. Even though the song was the anthem of the former International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU), the overwhelmingly male and burly Teamsters crowd cheered wildly. ……Now for the discordant detail: Gore's claim that he was lulled to sleep as a baby by the union-label melody must be labeled patently untrue. As Gus Tyler, who wrote a 1995 history of the trail-blazing needle-trades union, Look for the Union Label, put it in an interview, "If the vice president is saying he heard the song in his cradle, he's really remembering that he heard the song as a young person." The tune was written for an ILGWU radio and TV ad campaign that first aired in 1975, when the 27-year-old Gore was a reporter for the Nashville Tennessean. The music, which sounds more like a TV jingle than an old-time union ballad, was composed by Malcolm Dodds, who directed the ILGWU chorus, and the words were written by advertising executive Paula Green. ……." 9/20/00 Walter Shapiro "…..The vice president has been dogged this week by questions about his truthfulness. The Boston Globe challenged the veracity of the precise numbers that Gore recently used to make the dramatic point that it costs his mother-in-law far more to buy an arthritis drug, Lodine, than the vice president pays to provide the same medication for his dog, Shiloh. In response, the Gore campaign conceded that the cost comparison was based on a congressional study rather than personal experience. …….. "

Bush - Cheney 2000! 9/20/00 "…… Now he attacks Governor Bush for supporting just such a policy," said Bush spokesman Dan Bartlett. "Joe Lieberman should be in Sydney accepting a gold medal in hypocrisy." ……. Joe Lieberman Now: "Senator Joseph I. Lieberman said yesterday that Gov. George W. Bush showed a flawed understanding of the national economy when he said this week that he would not retreat from a tax cut in the middle of a recession but would cut even more, even at the risk of creating a 'short- term deficit.' That approach might worsen a recession, Mr. Lieberman said at a campaign stop in Fresno, Calif. 'We can't afford that,' he declared. 'Deficits lead to higher interest rates, and what does that mean? Higher mortgage payments. Higher car payments. Higher student loan payments.'" --New York Times, 9/20/00 ……. Joe Lieberman Then: "Warning that the U.S. economy is headed toward recession, Sens. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, and Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., today introduced a bill they said could prevent such an economic downturn. The measure is a capital gains tax cut that does not contain indexing, but otherwise is similar to a House-passed version. 'We're facing a modest recession in the next year or so. This will prevent that recession,' Hatch said at a news conference with Lieberman and Sen. Lauch Faircloth, R-N.C., the bill's first co-sponsor. Lieberman said 'some say we are already in recession,' and that cutting capital gains taxes is 'one of the most effective things Congress can do to give our economy a boost.'" --National Journal's "CongressDaily," 6/22/95……"

Rush Limbaugh Show 9/19/00 Freeper newsman "…… Yesterday, The Boston Globe reported that Algore told seniors that his mother-in-law pays nearly three times as much for the same medicine his dog Shiloh uses. Today, his own aides admit the story was totally fabricated. The goal? To terrify the elderly. Algore has a major screw loose. He makes things like this up in full knowledge that they can be proven false - witness the Internet, Love Story, the Buddhist Fundraiser, etc. These are huge whoppers that indicate a psychological problem. If you ask me, Gore should be running for the nearest psychiatrist's office instead of the White House. ………. Now, if your boss lies to you about a raise, if your auto mechanic tells you something will cost $800 more than they promised, or a plumber invents a problem so he can overcharge you, that makes you mad, right? You don't trust or tolerate liars in your personal life, so why aren't you suspicious of Algore's exaggerations and outright lies? ……At the very least, this is a major gaffe. Of course, there are two kinds of gaffes. There are Republican gaffes - played on the news and Leno all the time - and Democratic gaffes which are shelved. For instance, video of Dan Quayle's potato spelling, or Bush not being able to name some foreign leaders, still shows up. But what about Gore recently confusing mammograms with sonograms? ….. If you ask me, Gore should be running for the nearest psychiatrist's office instead of the White House. ……."

AOL Update 9/19/00 Reuters ".....Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush's campaign accused Democrat Al Gore on Tuesday of making up facts about his mother-in-law and his dog to sway the emotions and win the votes of senior citizens. ...... The accusation followed publication on Monday of an article in the Boston Globe alleging the vice president stretched the truth when he claimed in a recent campaign appearance in Florida that his mother-in-law paid nearly three times as much as his dog for the same arthritis medicine. ..... The newspaper said it appeared Gore took the figures from a study by Democrats in the House of Representatives rather than from family medical bills. ...... The Gore campaign said the figures were correct and that both the mother-in-law and the dog did take the drug. ........ Gore communications director Mark Fabiani said the campaign had verified the fact with both Aitcheson's doctor and pharmacist and with the family veterinarian. ....."

Bush - Cheney 2000! 9/19/00 ".....Three weeks after Al Gore himself divulged personal medical information about his mother-in-law to make a political point about prescription drug coverage, he now claims "medical privacy" in an attempt to avoid scrutiny aimed at determining whether he made up the information in the first place. ....... "...We do stand by the figures used by the Vice-President." [Gore spokesman Doug Hattaway, Reuters, 9/18/00] "We're not going to give out his mother's private medical information,'' [Gore spokesman Doug Hattaway, Associated Press, 9/18/00] ...... Unanswered Questions:

1. Is it a coincidence that the purported cost of his mother-in-law's Lodine is the same monthly price, $108, listed on talking points prepared by the Democratic Party?

2. Is it a coincidence that the cost of his dog's Lodine is the same monthly price, $37.80, listed on the same talking points?

3. Does he have receipts or records to back up his claim?

4. Does his mother-in-law, Margaret Ann Aitcheson, have health insurance? If so, is it possible she actually doesn't pay anything other than a small co-payment for her Lodine?

5. Is it possible she receives free prescription drugs courtesy of the United States government (the U.S. Navy) as a resident of the U.S. Naval Observatory?

6. Why is he now claiming medical privacy when he himself made his mother-in-law's prescription drug costs part of the debate? ......

Democrat Talking Points On Prescription Drugs: "In dollar terms, the price differential can be substantial. The drug with the largest price differential in dollar terms is Lodine, a popular arthritis medicine used by both humans and dogs. American Home Products charges $108.90 for a one-month supply of Lodine when the drug is to be used by humans, but only $37.80 when the drug is to be used by dogs. Another drug with a large price difference is Vasotec, a high blood pressure medication that was the 14th most frequently prescribed human drug in the United States in 1998. Merck charges $78.55 for a one-month supply when the drug is to be used by humans, but only $51.30 when the drug is to be used by dogs by an annual difference of over $325." ......... Gore Cites Exact Same Figures For His Own Family: "Gore also spoke from personal experience, talking about his mother-in-law, who lives with his family. To treat her arthritis, doctors prescribed a drug, lodine, that cost $108 a month, he said. The same drug was prescribed for the family's 14-year-old black Labrador at $38 a month." [Cox News Service, 9/28/00] ......" 9/19/00 Mary Mostert "...... Exactly seven weeks from today the American people are going to choose a new president and a new Congress. It probably is the most important election in America's history. It will decide whether or not we will continue the policies and basic style of Bill Clinton. According to an exuberant Al Gore the day Clinton escaped removal from office by a 50-50 vote in the Senate, Clinton is one of the greatest presidents in American history. ......Yet, even during the impeachment almost all Americans, on both sides of the aisle, agreed that Bill Clinton was an immoral liar and their "best president" analysis compared him favorably and almost equally to presidents like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, both of whom have a legacy of impeccable honesty. .......However, as recently as nineteen months ago, Bill Clinton barely escaped being removed from office for what Sen. Joseph Lieberman called behavior that "is not just inappropriate. It is immoral. And it is harmful, for it sends a message of what is acceptable behavior to the larger American family, particularly to our children, which is as influential as the negative messages communicated by the entertainment culture." ....... In less than two years this man, a devout man, has reconciled himself so totally to the behavior of an immoral, lying national leader that he is able to quickly adjust his moral outrage and align himself with Al Gore and the Clinton legacy of support for abortion on demand (needed because of the lifestyle choices of many) and accept money from the very entertainment industry that he once scolded. ...... Lieberman, like all the rest of the Democrats in the Senate and five Republicans, of course voted to keep a man that he himself had called "immoral" and a danger to civilized society. Yet the DEMOCRATS said, as I pointed out in an analysis the day of the impeachment, "that Bill Clinton 'violated the trust of the American people' and deserves the 'condemnation of the American people and the Congress' - but they still want him to remain president. ......... Two years ago, the American people showed, through their elected representatives in the Senate, that about half of them saw nothing that much wrong in Clinton's behavior - including his lying to a Grand Jury as the nation's chief executive. That undoubtedly is because a similar percentage of the American people are living a similar lifestyle to that of the Clintons. It reminded me of another sobering set of statistics that vividly illustrate the state of America's culture and morals. I wrote: "About 30% of all pregnancies in America end in an abortion and one third of the live births are to unwed mothers. The abortions and unwed birth total about 51% of all pregnancies. That's about the same percentage of senators who voted to acquit the president." ........... "In his first inaugural address George Washington said, 'The foundation of our national policy will be laid in the pure and immutable principles of private morality.' ....."Has America ceased to be good? If so, can we really expect America to continue to be great?" The answer is at hand, a mere 19 months after Clinton's acquittal. .....The issue this election day is simple: Have we become so immoral, or perhaps so skeptical, as a nation that we are no longer able to defend the freedom? ......"

RNC 9/19/00 Jim Nicholson ".......Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson, maintaining a steady focus on the perils of Al Gore's prescription drug proposal, today released a new issue advertisement that compares and contrasts the prescription drug proposals offered by Al Gore and George W. Bush. ....... "Al Gore's prescription drug proposal is a prescription for disaster," said Nicholson. "It requires seniors to pay a $600 government access fee every year - whether they end up using the drug benefits or not - and that's wrong. That's like a $600 tax increase every year for every senior who signs up for his plan. Governor Bush opposes that $600 fee, and we want to make sure America's seniors know that. ....... "That's not the only thing wrong with Al Gore's drug proposal. Under Gore's proposal, at age 64 seniors would have one and only one chance to join - and what they would be joining is a government-run HMO. ......... "Under Governor Bush's proposal, by contrast, seniors would choose their own plans with their own doctors, with their own schedule of benefits, to meet their own particular health care needs," Nicholson continued. "And the Bush proposal offers catastrophic coverage for all health care costs. That's another favorable contrast with the Gore proposal, which would offer no such coverage. ......."

AP Yahoo 9/19/00 Terence Hunt "......A week after threatening Hollywood with sanctions for marketing violence to kids, Vice President Al Gore (news - web sites) and Sen. Joseph Lieberman (news - web sites) softened their tone by telling leaders of the entertainment industry that, ``We will nudge you but we will never become censors.'' The assurance was delivered by Lieberman to applause at a star-studded Beverly Hills fund-raiser with Gore where they collected $4.2 million Monday night for the Democratic National Committee (news - web sites). .......Republicans have accused Gore and Lieberman of hypocrisy for criticizing the entertainment industry's conduct and then accepting campaign cash from Hollywood. Last week, Gore raised $6.5 million at a celebrity fund-raiser at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. ...... Dick Cheney (news - web sites), the Republican vice presidential nominee, said Tuesday that at that event, Gore ``raised millions of dollars from the same media moguls who are corrupting our children.'' Cheney added, ``He enjoys himself so much that he went to another entertainment industry fund-raiser just last night and pocketed millions more.''......."

Washington Times 9/19/00 Wes Pruden "....... The God talk of Joe Lieberman - or G-d talk as a good Orthodox Jew might put it in righteous fear of speaking the name of God - is a scandal in church and synagogue from sea to shining sea. The villain, of course, is Al Gore, the pious Southern Baptist who insists he goes about his own work wondering "what would Jesus do?" One thing we can be sure that Jesus would not do is to convert religious faith to partisan passion, but since we're almost to October it's time to brace for an "October surprise" of more noisy hymn-singing, loud praying and Scripture-quoting in the name of getting elected to office. ........ We're getting the stench of secular hypocrisy, too. Al and Joe are hiding behind the First Amendment, the holy writ of secular faith, as well as behind the Old and New Testaments. They're threatening to censor movies and music by government fiat, knowing that even if they tried to do that (and of course they never would) the courts would never allow it. Al and Joe are making this promise to the rubes in the boonies with a nudge and a wink, and Hollywood knows it. Indeed, some of their friends in Hollywood suggested this approach in the first place. ........What you do, as Lynne Cheney, the wife of Dick Cheney and the chairman of the Endowment for the Humanities in the Reagan administration, explained on the Sunday political-talk shows, is to "say a few tepid things about how awful it is to market violence and sexually explicit materials to our kids." Then you take an arm load of suitcases to a fund-raiser to collect as much swag from the pornographers as you can carry to the bank. ......"

Reuters 9/19/00 "......Less than a week after blasting Hollywood for peddling violent movies to children, Vice President Al Gore sought to mend fences at a record-breaking Los Angeles fund-raiser. A Federal Trade Commission report released last week found that movies rated inappropriate for children were being aggressively marketed to minors. Gore responded by saying that Hollywood violence had contributed to the Columbine High School tragedy last year, in which two heavily armed Colorado teen-agers killed 12 fellow students, a teacher and then themselves. ........ At a lavish $10,000-a-plate dinner at a palatial Beverly Hills residence on Monday, Gore made no apologies for having urged Hollywood to work to shield children from violence. ...... "It's wrong to market inappropriate materials to children. Joe (his running mate, Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman) and I believe in that very deeply, and if I am entrusted with the presidency, we are going to fight to change that, and I know a lot of you will be standing with us,'' Gore said. But then he appealed to those present to vote for him based on his broader agenda. ......... Hollywood typically supports Democrats, fearing that a more conservative Republican in the White House, like Texas Gov. George W. Bush, might push to censor its artistic output. Bush has called Gore a hypocrite on the violence issue, saying he slaps Hollywood's wrist one day and takes its money at fund-raisers the next. ......."It's true from time to time we will be critics, but I promise you this: We will never, never put the government in the position of telling you through laws what to make,'' Lieberman said. "We will nudge you, but we will never become censors. It's all about a dialogue and a discussion about what's good for our country.'' ......."

CNSNews 9/18/00 Christine Hall "......Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore is touting a prescription drug plan for Medicare as his vision of the program's future. But John Calfee, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, says in the real world, Gore's plan will not save senior citizens much money. Calfee's analysis, which he presented Monday at a speech in Washington, D.C., comes on the heels of a Boston Globe report that revealed Gore may have wildly exaggerated the cost of some prescription drugs in an August speech to Florida seniors.

At that time, Gore reportedly claimed that his mother-in-law and dog were taking the same arthritis medicine, but that his mother-in-law was paying three times more for her drug than it was costing to medicate the dog. ....... Much of the current health care debate revolves around the true cost of prescription drugs. A centerpiece of Gore's health care agenda is adding a prescription drug benefit to Medicare, based on his claim that seniors are paying too much for their medication. ....... But John Calfee warns that the Gore plan could produce little savings and possibly even price controls that stifle research and innovation in pharmaceuticals....... "The way that the plan is set up, seniors would not get much of a savings on the first several thousand dollars of drugs," said Calfee. Gore's plan would give seniors one chance at buying into a $25-a-month prescription drug plan that would give them a 50 percent discount on drugs, up to $2,000 annually. There would be no deductible. Low-income seniors (those with incomes below 135 percent of the poverty level) would have all of their costs and premiums covered by Uncle Sam. ........... "So, if a senior bought $2,000 of drugs, their total savings would only be $700, which isn't very much for an insurance plan," Calfee said. "And they wouldn't save anything on the next $2,000, so, out of the first $4,000, they only save $700." ........"

WorldNet Daily 9/21/00 Jon Dougherty "……. The Clinton administration is misleading voters on the issue of current U.S. military readiness, according to a non-partisan public policy organization that has researched news media reports throughout the year detailing poor military readiness in all branches of service. The Washington, D.C.-based Center for Military Readiness, in its September newsletter, published a compilation of military and "mainstream press reports indicating the Clinton-Gore administration's proclamations that U.S. military forces are currently in a high state of readiness may be false. …… Noting that "some situations may have changed" since the initial reports were written, CMR stated that "new ones are reported daily and, "taken as a whole, the headlines chronicle a worrisome trend of problems that must be addressed by the next commander in chief. …….Besides established press sources and newspapers, CMR said, some of the military's own publications have also detailed problems ranging from troops being outfitted with obsolete gear to poorly trained aviators unable to hit targets during NATO's 78-day bombing campaign against Yugoslavia last year. ……"

AP 9/20/00 Calvin Woodward "…….Rarely in this presidential campaign has a single piece of research received as much exposure as the one behind Al Gore's claim that average working Americans would save just 62 cents a day under his opponent's tax plan. But the head of the tax-research group that produced the analysis said Wednesday that the Democratic presidential candidate is not representing his organization's information correctly. …… To say the average working family would only get 62 cents a day from Republican George W. Bush ``might be a stretch,'' said Bob McIntyre, director of Citizens for Tax Justice. ``It's a stretch I wouldn't make.'' …….. ``Citizens for Tax Justice has determined that for the average working American, the Bush tax cut means just 62 cents a day - less than $220 a year,'' says the campaign's analysis, discussed by senior Gore adviser Ron Klain in a conference call with reporters. Apart from the math error - 62 cents a day yields $226.30 a year - the underlying assumption was in question. ……. McIntyre's labor-financed group is critical of both candidates' tax plans but especially Bush's, saying it is too large and gives too much to the wealthy. Even so, it calculates that average taxpayers - those in the middle 20 percent, making $24,400 to $39,300 - would save $453 a year from Bush's plan, seeing their federal income tax load drop by almost one-quarter. That works out to about $1.24 a day, twice the savings cited by Gore. …….. McIntyre's group calculates that the bottom 60 percent of taxpayers overall - those making an average of $19,500 - would save $227 a year from Bush, or a little over 62 cents a day. …… But that figure is used by the Gore campaign to represent the ``average working family'' or ``average working American'' - phrases that in other contexts Gore uses to refer to the middle class or everyone who is not wealthy. ……."

The Washington Times 9/19/00 Dave Boyer and Sean Scully "….. Vice President Al Gore's indignant tale of a prescription drug costing more for his mother-in-law than for his dog came back to bite him yesterday when aides said the story was made up. Mr. Gore, who told the anecdote in Florida to illustrate the need for his $253 billion drug plan for seniors, fabricated the cost of the drug itself, the comparative doses for his pet and for Tipper's mom, and his family's bills for them. In fact, Gore aides yesterday could not say whether the candidate's mother-in-law, Margaret Ann Aitcheson, pays for the arthritis medication Lodine out of her own pocket or if the cost is covered by insurance. ……..A spokesman for Republican presidential nominee George W. Bush said the episode was only the latest example of Mr. Gore's "troubling pattern of embellishing and exaggerating his plans and personal experiences." The vice president has exaggerated his role in the creation of Internet and claimed he and wife Tipper were the inspiration for the Erich Segal novel "Love Story." ......"This certainly underscores the fact that the vice president will say anything to get elected," said Bush spokesman Karen Hughes. ….."

CBSNEWS 9/19/00 AP "……Now Al Gore's dog is the center of a campaign flap in the race for the White House. Democrat Gore told seniors in Tallahassee, Fla., on Aug. 28 that his mother-in-law Margaret Ann Aitcheson pays $108 a month for the brand-name drug Lodine, while it only costs $37.80 a month to administer the same drug to his arthritic dog Shiloh. ……. The Boston Globe on Monday raised doubts about that claim. It reported that the vice president's figures actually were national averages taken from a House Democratic study. Also, the newspaper said the numbers cited by Gore referred to the price paid by wholesalers, not consumers. ……. "

AP 9/19/00 "…….Seemingly deputized to rough up Al Gore, Dick Cheney said Tuesday the vice president has a pattern of ``saying one thing and doing something else.'' While he's often referred to himself as a ``man of few words,'' George W. Bush's Republican running mate found many words to paint Gore as a hypocrite: …… On Gore and Hollywood, Cheney said the vice president criticized the marketing of violence to kids and then ``raised millions of dollars from the same movie moguls who are corrupting our children.'' …… On Gore's misrepresentation of costs paid by his family for an arthritis drug, he said: ``Clearly, Al Gore is going around the country making up stories about his family.'' …….. On tort reform, he said the Clinton-Gore administration claimed to support limits on lawsuit awards to win favor with Silicon Valley technology companies, but then vetoed that step ``after cutting a deal with trial lawyers.'' …….."

Gore/Lieberman Campaign Web Site 10/13/00 "…….Gore Led the Administration's Successful Brownfield Redevelopment Efforts. Since 1995, the Administration helped remove more than 30,000 sites from the Superfund database -- allowing them to access important resources to further the process of revitalization. In 1997, Al Gore announced the Administration's Brownfields National Partnership to streamline resources from 20 federal agencies to address Brownfield cleanup and redevelopment. The Administration has provided almost $70 million in seed grants to over 300 communities to leverage over $1.6 billion dollars in private funds for projects to revitalize brownfields. The Administration also has secured a tax incentive allowing businesses in targeted areas to deduct certain cleanup costs through 2001." ……..Problem is, according to Paul Harvey News, the EPA can only substantiate 131 brownfields cleaned up. ......"

10/15/00 Freeper WAGCGA "…… Sent: Friday, October 13, 2000 10:05 PM Subject: Al Gore, the Vietnam Vet Real Vietnam Vet on Al Gore My name is James Welborn. I served with the 25th Infantry Division in Viet Nam at about the same time Al Gore was supposedly there. I was stationed at Cu chi, somewhat to the north of Bein Hoa. I was sent a photo some time ago that was titled," Al Gore, gun safety advocate". While I laughed until tears were streaming down my face I did not at that time look very close at the photo until a few days later. This photo was on Al's own website, supposedly showing Al in Viet Nam. The photo is of Al. But it ain't Viet Nam. Why?... 1. The photo is supposedly Al, out in the, "field". If this is so, why is his weapon unloaded? And why does he have no ammo at all. If I, as a photog for 25th Infantry attempted to go outside the wire with a patrol, without ammo, two things would happen. First, the team I was going out with would refuse to bring me along. And secondly, I would probably be brought up on charges because such stupidity puts the rest of the patrol in danger. 2. Al has only one canteen. There was no time of year in that area of Viet Nam where you would not carry as much water as you could with you. Drinking fountains were thin on the ground in the bush. 3. Al has a rubberized jacket of some sort on, over his fatigues. Aside from the fact that you would keel over after about 5 minutes wearing such a thing in the heat and humidity of that country, no such thing was issued to troops incountry. Rain cover was provided by a poncho liner and poncho, (a tent half with a hood in the center of it.) Enlisted troops were not authorized to make up their own version of the field uniform. Nor were officers for that matter. 4. Notice in the photo that Al has what looks to be a winter sleeping bag on his "ruck." Try sleeping in one of these in Viet Nam and you would have a very hot and wet night inside the bag. 5. Wasn't Al supposed to be a journalist or something? But he has no camera, no cassette recorder. No film. And if he was acting a regular "grunt," then he would be carrying lots of ammo, both for himself and for the M-60, belt fed that goes out with any medium to large patrol. 6. No food. 7. No grenades. 8. Maybe in the special forces and seals, an enlisted man would be allowed to go to the field with a boonie hat on. Nowhere else. Troops were required to wear the steel pot and liner and you could be brought up on charges for not doing so. Sooooo, this is a photo of Al acting stupid in some basic training center in the US, where you would go to the field without ammo, water and food, and with clothes that were not authorized for use in Viet Nam. Al is lying again. He might have been in Viet Nam, but this photo was not taken there. James Welborn ……"

Republican National Committee e-mail 10/16/00 Jim Nicholson "…… Less than a year ago, Al Gore praised improvements made in the Texas colonias -- poor, unincorporated settlements near the US-Mexico border -- and Gore even sent an award for progress and improvement to Governor Bush's state agency charged with the task of improving colonia living conditions. But now, Al Gore has dispatched Joe Lieberman to the Texas border to criticize Governor George W. Bush for the very thing Al Gore has praised. What Lieberman should know is that Bush has made vast improvements for the colonias, while Al Gore's own administration created a roadblock to improvement. ……"

AP 10/17/00 Calvin Woodward "…….The vice president also made an attack on drug companies that conflicts with independent studies. Gore claimed that drug makers ``are now spending more money on advertising and promotion - you see all these ads - than they are on research and development.'' In fact, the industry spent between $5.8 billion and $8.3 billion on promotion and $21 billion on research and development in 1998, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation study in July. There has been a 20-fold increase in TV drug advertising over the past six years. ……. Bush's statement that prescription drug coverage should be ``an integral part of Medicare'' was an odd description of his plan, which is notable for encouraging private-sector choices that may be outside the Medicare system. ……"

AP 10/17/00 Calvin Woodward "…….Bush said the number of Americans without health insurance has been rising for seven years. In fact, the number declined in 1999 for the first time since the Census Bureau began collecting data in 1987, according to a federal report last month. ……. About 42.5 million people, or 15.5 percent of the population, lacked insurance in 1999, compared with 44.2 million, or 16.3 percent, in 1998, the Census Bureau reported. Gore claimed Texas ranked dead last in the country for the uninsured. In fact, New Mexico ranked last with 25.6 percent of its residents without health insurance. Texas, which previously was ranked 50th, improved one notch in 1999 with 23.3 percent of its residents without health insurance. That was down from 24.5 percent in 1998. ….."

Freeper JoeSChem’s count "…… I'll put this down as merely a misstatement. So that gives a final Score:
GORE: 41
Please note, in most cases here I made an objective distinction between lies and misstatements: When your number is off by more than a factor of two, or the polarity of your result is reversed . . . it's a lie. ……In contrast, Bush's misstatements are exactly that, no more than twenty percent off -- acceptable 'guestimates' for someone speaking off-the-cuff. …..And as can be seen here, Gore is way ahead in the Whopper Count. …."

Reuters 10/18/00 "…….CREDIBILITY
Gore: I am a person who keeps promises. And you know, we've heard a lot from the governor about not much being done in the last eight years, as if the promises that I made eight years ago have not been kept. I think the record shows otherwise. ….
Bush: ... You were promised that Medicare would be reformed, and that Social Security would be reformed. You were promised a middle class tax cut in 1992. It didn't happen. …."

Associated Press 10/19/00 "…….Al Gore warns that ``prosperity itself is on the ballot,'' urging voters to stay the economic course, while George W. Bush courts younger voters with economics of his own, refuting any attempt by Gore to take credit for the nation's prosperity....Bush, campaigning at Visioneering Inc. in Fraser, Mich., said the government can't take any credit for the nation's economic good times. ``Some politicians want to take credit for the new economy,'' Bush said. ``But I don't see government starting new companies, writing new software, inventing new technology, opening new factories. I've always thought those things were done by, well, the people who did them. Our new economy was not created in a Senate subcommittee or a vice presidential commission.'' ........."

MEDIA ALERT 10/19/00 Tim Russert interview Freeper dennisw "…… NBC's Today. Tim Russert interviewed Gore for the first time since a July 16 Meet the Press appearance in which Russert's first question was to ask Gore what he meant when he told a woman in Michigan that being Vice President was a lot like being "the woman behind the man." …….. This morning, he pressed Gore on his opposition to school vouchers, and Gore at one point accused Russert of bias. "I know you're in favor of vouchers," Gore defensively told Russert, prompting Russert to respond: "No, I have no view on it. I have no view on it. But I went to a private school, you went to a private school. Your children go to private school, mine goes to a private school....Why not, as you said [before], if I was the parent of a child that went to an inner city school that was failing, I might be for vouchers, too. Why not give it a shot?" ……… Gore said he preferred a program in which failing schools are shut down and re-opened by a team of "specialists." "Governor Jim Hunt of North Carolina has put a plan just like that into effect and it works great," Gore exuded…….. "We called his office tonight," Russert informed the Vice President. "He has not shut down any schools." …… "Well, he has turned around a bunch of schools that were failing schools," Gore insisted, "and he has sent specialists in. Whether the terminology used is 'shut down' or whether it's 'a take over,' you know, that's something that you ought to-" ……. Russert countered: "He says he hasn't had to do that yet." …… Gore argued: "Well, he turns around the failing schools by bringing in new personnel and turning them around dramatically and, you know, the terminology that you use is not important."……."

Washington Times 10/19/00 "……..Vice President Gore's credibility did not fare well in Tuesday's third and final presidential debate. Poll numbers after the debate confirmed that Americans may be impressed with Mr. Gore's eloquence, but they just don't believe a word of what he says. Nor should they……. In his zeal to pillory the pharmaceutical industry, Mr. Gore asserted that "the big drug companies" are "now spending more money on advertising and promotion . . . than they are on research and development." In fact, according to a July study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, drug companies spent $21 billion on R&D in 1998, compared to between $5.8 billion and $8.3 billion for advertising and promotion……… Mr. Gore also repeated Tuesday the claim that "our military is the strongest in the entire history of the world." This assertion is completely refuted by the Clinton-Gore administration's own 2001 budget, which reveals that inflation-adjusted U.S. defense spending in 2001 will be more than $100 billion less than it was in 1989……"

Washington Times 10/19/00 "……..In an attempt to deny Gov. George W. Bush's assertion that Mr. Gore favors bigger government, the vice president shamelessly repeated one of his most disingenuous statements. Since 1992, Mr. Gore said, "The federal government has been reduced in size by more than 300,000 people." What he failed to mention was the fact that more than 70 percent of federal civilian employment reduction has occurred in the Defense Department, hardly the appropriate strategy for creating a military that is the strongest in the history of the world……."

New York Times 10/19/00 Neil A Lewis "……In his final report about the firing of seven longtime employees of the White House travel office released today, Robert W. Ray, the independent counsel, asserted that Hillary Rodham Clinton had given "factually false" sworn testimony when she minimized her role in the incident....... For the first time, Mr. Ray disclosed parts of Mrs. Clinton's 1995 deposition he now says are demonstrably false. The report also discloses some of the grand jury testimony of others who spoke to Mrs. Clinton about the travel office…….. Mr. Ray said, as he had in June, that Mrs. Clinton had played a far greater role in the dismissals than she had admitted. The report cited evidence that she had repeatedly expressed concerns about the travel office to White House officials who eventually fired the employees as a result of what they had perceived to be pressure from her to do so…….. In the newly disclosed testimony by Mrs. Clinton in July 1995, she appeared to flatly deny that she had any role in the dismissals. The report also contains some of the grand jury testimony of David Watkins, the White House aide with whom Mrs. Clinton spoke by telephone about making changes in the office. Mr. Watkins was the official who actually dismissed the employees…….In his grand jury testimony on Feb. 8, 1995, Mr. Watkins expanded on observations he made in a 1993 memorandum that he wrote to Thomas F. McLarty III, the former White House chief of staff, in what he called an effort to cleanse his soul. In the memorandum, Mr. Watkins wrote that "there would be hell to pay" if "we failed to take swift and decisive action in conformity with the first lady's wishes." He also wrote that Mrs. Clinton had told him, "We need our people in there."…..In his grand jury testimony, Mr. Watkins said Mrs. Clinton told him "there are too many leftovers that can create and cause us problems."……" 10/18/00 Carl Limbacher "…… The evidence that Senate candidate Hillary Clinton gave "factually inaccurate" testimony to Travelgate investigators is overwhelming, independent counsel Robert Ray said in his final report on the 1993 scandal, which he released on Wednesday. But, says Ray, Mrs. Clinton may have actually believed her denials that she didn't order the firing of travel office chief Billy Dale and his six co-workers, undermining any possible prosecution. …….. The independent counsel's decision not to indict in the face of indisputable evidence of Mrs. Clinton's false testimony did not sit well with Billy Dale, who himself was indicted on embezzlement charges to justify his firing. In a statement released by Judicial Watch, the public interest lawfirm that now represents him, Dale said: "I am disappointed by Robert Ray's decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton and others in the Travelgate affair. Bill and Hillary Clinton tried to have me thrown in jail to cover up their corrupt efforts to give the Travel Office's business to their friends. Unsurprisingly, a jury found me innocent of all Hillary Clinton's charges in record time." "Everyone, especially Robert Ray, knows Hillary lied under oath," Dale added, before hinting that he may turn the tables on the Clintons. ……."Despite my 38 years of government service, Bill and Hillary Clinton tried to destroy my good name. They put my wife and me through pure hell. I, along with my lawyers at Judicial Watch, will continue to explore my legal options in holding them accountable."……"

AP 10/20/00 "…..After all the bad things Al Gore has been saying about the state of George W. Bush's Texas, it seems conditions there are on the mend after all. Says who? The Clinton-Gore administration. ………… The White House has a Web section listing ``Clinton-Gore administration accomplishments'' state by state. Some of the headlines for Texas sound like a campaign ad that could be run by Gov. Bush, the Republican presidential candidate, and not at all like the Texas that Gore is describing in his Democratic campaign. The White House says of the state:
-``More high-quality teachers with smaller classes for Texas' schools.''
-``Crime falls 15 percent in Texas.''
-''496,746 fewer people on welfare.''
-``Health care for nearly 50,900 uninsured Texas children.''
-``More toddlers are being immunized.''
-``Child support collections up 178 percent.''
-''2,005,800 new jobs.''
-``Homeownership has increased in Texas.''
-''11 toxic waste sites cleaned up.'' …….."

Bush - Cheney 2000! 10/19/00 "…..Al Gore and Joe Lieberman today attacked Richard Marquez's appointment to the Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission even though Clinton/Gore's EPA appointed him to their own Clean Air Act Advisory Committee. "The fact that Al Gore and Joe Lieberman would criticize Governor Bush's appointee to an environmental board even though Gore's own administration appointed the same individual to a clean air task force shows the hypocritical lengths they will go to attack Governor Bush," said Bush spokesman Dan Bartlett. "Governor Bush is proud that he appointed Richard Marquez to the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, where he has been a leader in developing Texas' clean air plan that will reduce industrial air pollution in Houston and Dallas-Ft. Worth by 90 percent." ……Bush's Appointment of Marquez to the TNRCC was Praised by the Sierra Club The Sierra Club applauded Governor Bush's appointment of Marquez to the TNRCC. The Houston Chronicle reported, "Ken Kramer, state director of the Sierra Club, expects some environmentalists to be bothered by Marquez's industrial background. But Kramer said he has worked with Marquez on a number of projects and found him to be informed and fair. 'Ralph has the ability to make balanced decisions based on what is best for the state,' Kramer said." (Houston Chronicle, 3/31/95) ……"

American Spectator 10/20/00 Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder "…… Now that the subject of low-lifes has come up, this brings us to Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton has had, until recently, a virtually unbroken and perhaps unsurpassed record of support for the Palestinian cause. Whether one listens to Dick Morris, former intimate and adviser of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, reporting of her anti-Semitic remarks, or looks back to her early support for Palestinian independence or remembers her kissing Mrs. Arafat, and the belated feeble explanation of her sudden passion toward the Palestinian first lady, her feelings about the Palestinian are clear. Even now she says she was opposed to the United States' shameful refusal to veto a U.N. Security Counsel resolution condemning Israel. Voters must undoubtedly ask themselves how persuasive her voice will be in the halls of Congress if she can't seem to persuade the man with whom she shares a bedroom as to an appropriate course of action where the Palestinians are involved. ….."

Bush - Cheney 2000! 10/18/00 "……..After promising to avoid the kind of exaggerations and embellishments in the wake of the first debate, Vice President Al Gore broke his own one-night exaggeration and embellishment record with a total of seven in last night's third debate. …..

Exaggeration #1-Pharmaceutical Companies Spend More on Ads Than on Research

Gore: "But they [the pharmaceutical industry] are now spending more money on advertising and promotion -- you see all these ads -- than they are on research and development. And they're trying to artificially extend the monopoly patent protection so they can keep charging these very high prices." Presidential debate, October 17, 2000 ……Reality ……According to the highly respected Kaiser Family Foundation, an oft-cited source by the Gore campaign, a July 2000 report found that in 1998 pharmaceutical companies spend $5.7 billion per year on "detailing" where a company representative makes personal selling visits to physicians and hospitals and $1.3 billion in 1998 on direct-to-consumer advertising. ……..Similarly, during that same year, the report found that the pharmaceutical industry spent $21 billion on research and development activities. --Prescription Drug Trends, The Kaiser Family Foundation, July 2000

Exaggeration #2-Governor Bush Spends "More" on Vouchers Than on Public Schools

Gore: "Now, I said there was a contrast. Governor Bush is for vouchers. And in his plan, he proposes to drain more money, more taxpayer money, out of the public schools for private school vouchers than all of the money that he proposes in his entire budget for public schools themselves. And only one in 20 students would be eligible for these vouchers, and they wouldn't even pay the full tuition to private school." Presidential debate, October 17, 2000 …….Reality: Governor Bush proposes to spend $280 billion on elementary and secondary public schools alone between 2001 and 2010. Al Gore's claim is therefore impossible to substantiate. ……According to Gore's assertion, more than 207 million students - 77 percent of the entire U.S. population -- would be stuck in failing schools and would choose to receive federal funding directly, rather than transfer to another public school. To expect that there will be more students stuck in failing schools than there are people in existence is an extreme example of what Governor Bush calls "the soft bigotry of low expectations" -- a lack of trust in America's public schools. A Gore release issued at 11:17 pm last night sought to correct and clarify what the Vice President meant. The release assumes several points: That 2.1 million Title I students are in failing schools That every single one of these children would opt for receiving federal funds directly (instead of transferring to a working public school), costing $3.1 billion per year. ………Only new spending would be counted toward the federal education funding. Gore estimates the annual amount in new K-12 education spending under the Bush plan is $2.5 billion.

However, there are many flaws with these assumptions. For example: ……… Gore cannot really tell how many schools are failing unless he requires testing of students in every grade, which, unlike Bush, he fails to do. Even if every one of the 2.1 million students were to opt for direct federal funding, the program would not be enacted at least until the third year of the budget cycle (schools would have to be failing three years in a row). Taking into account the total 10-year budget cycle, if 2.1 million students were eligible for the $3.1 billion after three years, the total bill would come to only $21.7 billion in ten years. Yet, under Gore's own assumptions, Bush would spend $25 billion over this same time period in new spending. But the reality is that, under the Bush plan, $280 billion in federal funds will be dedicated to elementary and secondary public schools over the next ten years.

Exaggeration #3-Gore is not a big spender

Lehrer: "Vice President Gore, is the governor right when he says that you're proposing the largest federal spending in years?" ………Gore: "Absolutely not, absolutely not. I'm so glad that I have a chance to knock that down." Presidential debate, October 17, 2000 Reality There is no shortage of analyses showing that Vice President Gore's budget would lead to an explosion in new spending: ……… The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget ($1.533 trillion increase in spending over 10 years). On September 22, 2000, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget estimated that the Gore plan would increase spending by $1.533 trillion over 10 years, representing the largest federal spending increase since Lyndon Baines Johnson and the "Great Society." ("Budget Issue Update, Campaign Budget and Economic Policies," 9/22/00). The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget is a bipartisan organization that supports a balanced federal budget. It is co-chaired by Bill Frenzel, a former Republican member of the House of Representatives, and Timothy Penny, a former Democratic member of the House of Representatives. Its Board of Directors includes Leon Panetta, Robert Reischauer, Rudolph Penner, and Paul Volcker. ……Senator Robert Kerrey (D-NE) ($1 trillion increase in spending from this year's appropriations actions over the next 10 years). "We are not getting much leadership down at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. And there is a spending orgy going on. We are going to have another vote to waive the Budget Act on appropriations. The cap, prior to the budget resolution, was $540 billion. The budget resolution raised it to $600 billion. We all sort of privately know it is going to be $640 or $645 billion. That is $100 billion over the previous cap. That is $1 trillion over 10 years." (Congressional Record, October 12, 2000).

Exageration #4--Gore's accountability plan is similar to Jim Hunt's in North Carolina.

Gore: "Under my plan, if a school is failing, we work with the states to give them the authority and the resources to close down that school and reopen it right away with a new principal, a new faculty, a turn-around team of specialists who know what they're doing. It's based on the plan of Governor Jim Hunt in North Carolina and it works great," Gore said. ………Reality: In fact, Hunt's ABC accountability program has never shut a school down. And it has never cleaned out a school's entire administrative structure and faculty and replaced it with new individuals. In the first year, the law gave the state the authority to remove a principal, though it never did so. And after the first year of the program, the law changed to have the local school superintendents determine whether to remove a principal. And Gore's plan would not turn failing schools around right away, but in two years. [Charlotte Observer (10/18/00)]

Exaggeration #5-Gore Supports Death Tax Reform.

Gore: "Yes. I'm for a massive reform of the estate tax or the death tax. And under the plan that I've proposed, 80 percent of all family farms will be completely exempt from the estate tax, and the vast majority of all family businesses would be completely exempt, and all of the others would have sharply reduced." Presidential debate, October 17, 2000. ……… Reality ……The Gore plan would raise the amount for the "qualified family-owned business" exemption (Code Section 2057). Currently, a family can exempt from taxation $2.6 million of their estate if they qualify for this exemption. Gore would raise the family exemption amount to $5 million. But only 1 percent of estates filing a return qualify for this exemption because the provision is so narrow and complicated. ….. In 1998, 97,868 estates filed a tax return. Only 902 filed for the "qualified family-owned business" exemption. (Source: IRS)

Exaggeration #6-Gore Gives a 34 Year-Old Single Woman a Spouse!

Question: "How will your tax proposals affect me as a middle class 34-year-old single person with no dependents?" …….. Gore: "If you make less than $60,000 a year and you decide to invest $1,000 in a savings account, you'll get a tax credit which means in essence that the federal government will match your $1,000 with another $1,000. If you make less than $30,000 a year and you put $500 in a savings account, the federal government will match it with $1,500." "If you make more than $60,000, up to a $100,000, you'll still get a match, but not as generous...." "If you are part of the bottom 20 percent or so of wage earners, then you will get an expanded Earned Income Tax Credit." Presidential debate, October 17, 2000 …..Reality The questioner who described herself as single is actually single………. Vice President Gore's tax credit eligibility thresholds for matched savings are for married couples - overstating the thresholds for the questioner by 100 percent. The questioner would receive a three-to-one match if her income is less than $15,000 (not $30,000), a one-to-one match for incomes less than $30,000 (not $60,000), and a one to three match up to $50,000 (not $100,000). ……….. Vice President Gore does nothing to expand the EITC for singles. His provisions expand the EITC for married couples or families with children - not singles. In addition, the questioner described herself as middle-class, which would make her ineligible for the EITC. In an October 17 press release, the Gore campaign admitted that "single, childless Americans are generally ignored" by the Gore tax plan. Maybe this is why the Vice President felt compelled to exaggerate his tax plan.

Exaggeration #7-Gore Says He Keeps His Promises

Gore:"I am a person who keeps promises. And you know, we've heard a lot from the governor about not much being done in the last eight years, as if the promises that I made eight years ago have not been kept. I think the record shows otherwise." Presidential debate, October 17, 2000 ……Reality ……Where to begin? Promise Made: Saving Medicare "And with the coming retirement of the baby-boom generation and the longer life spans added to that, it is especially important that we act today to ensure that Medicare provides the same high-quality care for future generations." (Al Gore; March 5, 1998) Promise Broken: Gore rejected bipartisan Medicare reform in 1999

Promise Made: Prescription Drug Coverage for Medicare "But he also took the occasion to suggest that the [Medicare] program needs to be expanded, citing a study released Wednesday by the American Association of Retired People. ……….. "'America's elderly spend up to 20 percent, one-fifth, of their income on medical care and prescription drugs,' Mr. Gore said. 'So the need remains very great, not only in terms of the number of people, but for those people who are covered.'" (Samuel Goldreich, "Clinton rebuffs Medicare panel," Washington Times, March 6, 1998) Promise Broken: Medicare still has no prescription drug coverage

Promise Made: Saving Social Security ……… "Our Administration will protect the integrity of the Social Security system and ensure that it remains solvent in years to come." (Bill Clinton and Al Gore, Putting People First, 1992, pg. 140) ………. "We must use these good economic times to tackle tough, long-term economic problems -- and that means saving Social Security and Medicare while we have both the means and the will to do it." (Al Gore; Remarks to the Economic Club of Detroit; May 8, 1998) Promise Broken: Gore still has no plan to save Social Security. In fact, the long-range deficit of Social Security increased by 60% under Clinton-Gore

Promise Made: Victims Rights Act ………… "President Bill Clinton announced strong support Tuesday for a victims' rights amendment to the Constitution, saying crime victims as well as defendants must have rights in court." "'There is a lack of balance,' Gore said. 'It is apparent to every fair-minded observer.'" (News Services, "President Backs Plan for Victims; Constitutional Amendment Would Define Court Rights," St. Louis Post Dispatch, June 26, 1996) Promise Broken: Bill Clinton and Al Gore fought against a victims' rights amendment.

Promise Made: Middle Class Tax Cut ……….. Gore Exaggerations & Embellishments Continue "Middle-class Tax Fairness. We will lower the tax burden on middle-class Americans by asking the very wealthy to pay their fair share. Middle-class taxpayers will have a choice between a children's tax credit or a significant reduction in their income tax rate. Virtually every industrialized nation recognizes the importance of strong families in its tax code; we should, too..........(Bill Clinton and Al Gore, Putting People First, 1992, pg. 15) Promise Broken: Clinton-Gore Passed No Middle Class Income Tax Cuts

Exaggeration #8-Gore Says His Plan Adds Years to the Life of Medicare

Gore: "Medicare, we - I cast the tie-breaking vote to add 26 years to the life of Medicare. It was due to go bankrupt in 1999." Presidential debate, October 17, 2000 …….Reality Vice President Gore is referring to the 1993 tax hike on Social Security benefits, which directed the revenue to the Medicare Part A trust fund. This vote did not extend the life of the Part A trust fund to 2025, which is the most recent estimate of the Trust Fund insolvency date. In fact, the following year's Trust Fund projections showed only a two year increase (to 2001) in the projected insolvency dates of the Part A Trust Fund. The most significant changes in the Medicare Trust Fund occurred because of increased revenues into the Part A Trust Fund from the increase in employment and perhaps more significantly, provisions from the 1997 Balanced Budget Act which: a) made changes to Medicare payment rates; and b) an accounting gimmick which shifted a substantial portion of home health costs (the fastest growing program in Medicare at the time) from the Part A Trust Fund to the general government-financed Part B. The Senate Budget Committee analysis of the Gore-Lieberman economic plan states that, "at least 25 percent of this 'trust fund solvency improvement' was achieved through accounting gimmicks proposed by the Clinton/Gore Administration in the 1997 Balanced Budget Act." The report goes on to further say, "as a result, the health of the Part A Trust Fund looked miraculously improved with no apparent pain."

RNC fax to radio hosts 10/18/00 Jim Nicholson "…..Al Gore has been watching his poll numbers steadily sinking and so he figured he needed to do something drastic at last night's debate. And he did: He claimed that pharmaceutical companies "are now spending more money on advertising and promotion you see in all these ads than they are on research and development." But that charge is absolutely disingenuous, untrue and false! The fact is, according to the independent, non-partisan Kaiser Family Foundation, in 1998 (the most recent year studied) the pharmaceutical industry spent between $5.8 billion and $8.3 billion on advertising and promoting their products -- but nearly 3 times as much - $21 billion on research and development. ……."

The Weekly Standard 10/18/00 Christopher Caldwell "……. In his relentless attack on businesses, industries - and the products, services and jobs they provide -- Gore also lashed out at the companies and people who make the prescription drugs that seniors need. Do you think he rails against these businesses to his close friend and advisor Tom Downey - who was a lobbyist for Merck? Do you think he's expressed his outrage to his personal friend and advisor Peter Knight -- a lobbyist for Schering-Plough who has lobbied Al's office 47 times since 1996 and who also was Secretary/General Counsel for Medicis Pharmaceutical? Do you think he's given an earful to his own chief Domestic Policy Adviser David Beier who was the senior lobbyist for Genentech? And what about Anthony Podesta, another Al buddy - who was one of PhARMA's top lobbyists? It's the same old Gore pattern - say anything and do anything, attack and demonize, divide and conquer... "

Opinion Journal(Wall Street Journal) 10/17/00 "……. The fifth session of the Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission, in June 1995, lasted three days. When it was over, the Russian Prime Minister and the American Vice President emerged to announce their accomplishments to the press--more than a dozen agreements. Among other things, Mr. Gore happily reported that Russia would cease its deliveries of conventional arms to Iran within a few years time. "This is significant, very significant," Mr. Gore declared. Those were encouraging words. ………… As we now know, Russia wasn't serious at all, nor was Al Gore. What Mr. Gore did not reveal at the press conference, nor subsequently to Congress, was that in exchange for Russia's agreement to cease weapons sales by 2000, Russia had been given a free pass to sell conventional weapons to Iran until then. We say "free" because the weapons allowed would likely have triggered sanctions under U.S. law, specifically the 1992 Iran-Iraq Arms Nonproliferation Act, co-sponsored by then Senator Al Gore and Arizona Republican John McCain. ……… The agreement did not appear on a list of Gore-Chernomyrdin accords the White House released. Congress was not informed or given access to the document or its annexes. Indeed, nothing further was heard about the secret agreement until its leak to the New York Times last week. ……….Mr. Gore's chief foreign policy adviser, Leon Fuerth, argued last week that the deliveries permitted under the agreement did not meet the 1992 act's definition of "advanced conventional weapons" or change the balance of power in the Persian Gulf. Laying aside any issues of corruption, just the sheer strategic implications of these actions are daunting enough and worth thinking seriously about. ……. Russia was in violation of the letter and spirit of the 1992 law before Mr. Gore's pact, and most certainly afterward as well. Cumulatively, it has shipped Iran three of the new generation of Kilo class submarine--the most advanced, quietest, diesel-electric submarines built in the world today. Then there are the wake-homing torpedoes, which are designed to destroy U.S. aircraft carriers. Add to the list other items delivered after the 1995 agreement: MiG-29 fighter jets, SU-24 fighter bombers, strategic bombers, jet trainers and anti-ballistic missile systems--hardly garage sale leftovers as the Gore camp's spinners have tried to describe the equipment. The Gore-Chernomyrdin pact was a coup of major proportions for Moscow. ……."

Wall Street Journal 10/25/00 "....... Then there's left-wing actor Ed Asner, who is taping scare calls to seniors, and deceptively invoking this newspaper along the way. "George W. Bush has a proposal that would undermine Social Security," the former union boss says, "even threatening current benefits." Mr. Bush "promises that won't mean a cut in current benefits, but the independent Wall Street Journal shows that the Bush plan drains money that is needed now to pay our current benefits," the call adds. For the record, we believe no such thing and no story we've published has asserted it. ......." Freeper comment "...So, it seems the Gore campaign has stooped to lying about Wall Street Journal comments. ...."

FoxNews 10/25/00 Reuters "......Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore gave himself a self-inflicted wound in his ''fuzzy math'' campaign battle with Republican rival George W. Bush, appearing to misstate the size of a trillion.

Criticizing Bush's Social Security privatization plan at a rally in Tennessee, Gore said, "He is proposing to privatize a big part of Social Security and he's proposing to take $1 trillion, a million billion dollars out of the Social Security trust fund and give it as a tax incentive to young workers.'' A trillion is one thousand billion, not a million billion. ....."

CNN/Inside Politics 10/24/00 Freeper Recovering_Democrat "….. HILARIOUS! This has to be one of the biggest lies of all...CNN just showed a speech by Gore that showed him saying he's been for limited government longer than it has been "fashionable". LOL!!!……"

World 10/24/00 Christopher Holton "……. We have our spinner in chief's word for it: "We are a more secure country . . . ." "We are more secure and we're more free because of our leadership in the world for peace, freedom and prosperity . . . bringing the Middle East closer than ever to a comprehensive peace." "We're working with Russia to destroy nuclear weapons and materials. We're fighting head-on the new threats and injustices of the global age: terrorism, narco-trafficking, biological and chemical warfare . . ." "Now, the American military is the best-trained, best-equipped, most effective fighting force in the world. I can tell you that their strength, their spirit, their courage and their commitment to freedom have never been greater." "And we have an even better chance this time than we did then, with . . . no great external threat." …………. Each of these six excerpts come from a single speech - a speech given not very long ago. A speech given in fact in mid-August at the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles. The speaker was none other than the leader of the free world - Bill Clinton. …….."

Capitol Hill Blue 10/23/00 Julia Malone ".....Why does George W. Bush get a pass for overstating his role on patients' rights in Texas, and Al Gore is dropping like a lead sinker in the credibility ratings? Probably because so many things in the vice president's 24 year public record don't square with what he does on the campaign trail. ......There's the kiss. At first it looked like the Convention smooch with Tipper had won the White House by wowing women with a show of passion for his wife and simultaneously separating Gore from the philandering president. On second blush, this uncharacteristic behavior didn't square with the well-documented stiffness of the vice president. So it becomes one more reason to wonder if he's a phony. .....Then there was the famous vice presidential announcement that the just-impeached Bill Clinton would go down in history as "one of our greatest presidents." .......Along comes the election campaign, and Gore not only reverses course to express his disapproval, but he picks as his running-mate the Democrat in the Senate whose claim to national fame was lambasting Clinton for the Monica Lewinsky affair. .......Something doesn't add up. And that's called a credibility problem."

The Cleveland Plain Dealer 10/22/00 "…… George W. Bush should be the next president of the United States. Why, it is fair to ask, given nearly nine years of unparalleled economic expansion during the two terms of Bill Clinton's presidency, does this newspaper support turning out the party in power? Why does it endorse for the nation's highest office a candidate whose political experience consists of six years as governor of Texas over one who has spent a quarter-century - including eight years as vice president - moving in the heart of that power? We do so because, among his many other skills, Bush possesses a quality his opponent, Al Gore, cannot claim: authenticity. ……"

International Herald Tribune 10/23/00 Brian Knowlton "…….Vice President Al Gore and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright over the weekend sharply denounced George W. Bush's proposal to end the role of U.S. ground-troops in the international peacekeeping mission in the Balkans, saying that his idea could lead to regional instability and even the dissolution of NATO. ''Governor Bush's proposal would be more than a major untested shift in America's foreign policy for the last half-century,'' Mr. Gore said in a speech Saturday to union members here. ''It would be one that could jeopardize fragile alliances. It would be a damaging blow to NATO.'' ……. The Texas governor's stance, Mr. Gore asserted, showed a ''lack of judgment and a complete misunderstanding of history.'' …. Spokesmen for the Bush campaign responded with surprise to the criticism, saying that the governor's policy had long been known and had not changed. ……. Indeed, the difference between the Gore and Bush positions appeared to be partly one of emphasis. Mr. Bush, his aides noted, has not called for a timetable to withdraw U.S. troops. ''That would be an abrogation of our agreement with NATO,'' the governor said in one debate with Mr. Gore. ….. Seeking to put to rest an issue of great concern to European allies, the spokesmen said that Mr. Bush, if elected, would consult with America's European partners before altering the U.S. deployment in the Balkans. …… The governor ''looks forward to working with our European allies so that our military men and women will no longer be overdeployed,'' said Dan Bartlett, a Bush spokesman. ……. Mr. Gore's comments, coupled with an unusual intervention by Mrs. Albright in the increasingly bruising race for the presidency, appeared calculated to raise questions about the governor's command of foreign policy issues. ….."

FoxNews 10/20/00 Steve Milloy "……..After nearly 40 years of hysteria, I'm still waiting for scientific evidence that any percentage of cancers are related to the environment. …….Boston University's Dr. Richard Clapp once again has sounded the alarm about cancers caused by the environment. Cancer is an "urgent environmental health issue" and 2 percent of cancer deaths are related to the environment, Clapp wrote in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (Oct. 17). ……… Certainly if notoriety constituted scientific evidence, Clapp's case might be more persuasive. Here's what the published science on these issues report:

* Cancer clusters: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention investigated and reported on 108 so-called "cancer clusters" between 1961 and 1990. CDC could not link any of the clusters with environmental causes. Because cancer clusters are usually unexplainable except that they occur by chance, state public health departments view cluster investigations as wild goose chases. …..

* Times Beach: A 1984 government study of the soil at Times Beach reported the soil was contaminated with dioxin - labeled by the Environmental Protection Agency as the most potent manmade cancer-causing substance. The federal government proceeded to evacuate the town's residents permanently. No study ever reported health problems among Times Beach residents, although there was a suicide by a man distraught over having to leave his home. A senior CDC official later admitted in congressional testimony, "Though [dioxin] is extremely toxic to guinea pigs, it may be without consequence even in very high exposure to humans... it looks as though the evacuation [of Times Beach] was unnecessary."

* Love Canal: Thirty-five residents of Love Canal were evacuated by New York state in 1978 after a discovery that homes were built over a former chemical dump and the chemicals began seeping to the surface. But a subsequent scientific study reported no increase in chromosomal aberrations, a potential indicator of cancer risk, among Love Canal residents. Another study reported, "Data from the New York Cancer Registry show no evidence for higher cancer rates associated with residence near the Love Canal toxic waste burial site in comparison with the entire state outside of New York City." No study reports an increased cancer rate among Love Canal residents.

* Seveso: A 1976 explosion of a chemical plant in Seveso exposed the surrounding population to very high levels of dioxin - by reputation, the most potent manmade cancer-causing substance. According to the most recent review of cancer mortality among Seveso residents, researchers reported " no increase for all-cancer mortality or major specific sites."

* Chernobyl: In the aftermath of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, a nuclear power critic estimated 1 million cancer cases, half of them fatal, would occur. A less hysterical estimate at the time was 5,000 to 10,000 Chernobyl-linked cancer deaths. Reality has been quite different, though. The United Nations' International Atomic Energy Agency recently reported that about 1,800 children developed treatable thyroid cancer and that "with this exception, there is no scientific evidence of increases in overall cancer incidence or mortality or in nonmalignant disorders that could be related to radiation exposure."

There simply is no meat to Clapp's claims. Even the American Cancer Society - not an organization known to shy away from alleging cancer risks - dismisses as "unproven" alleged cancer risks from pesticides, nonionizing radiation (e.g., from electric power lines and cell phones), toxic wastes and nuclear power plants. ............ Though the media depicts Clapp as an epidemiologist from Boston University, this description hardly does him justice. Clapp is a long-time environmental activist masquerading as a scientist. He recently participated in a report titled America's Choice: Children's Health or Corporate Profit; The American People's Dioxin Report. The report was published by the Center for Health, Environment and Justice, a dioxin activist group started by a former resident of Love Canal. …… Along with a veritable "Who's Who" of anti-chemical activists, Clapp is listed as an "environmental health research" contact by Environmental Media Services. EMS is an affiliate of the notorious Fenton Communications - the activist public relations firm behind numerous health scares including alar in apples, silicone breast implants, and so-called "endocrine disrupters." ……."


PRNewswire 10/26/00 ".....Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore is facing a growing backlash over his efforts to frighten senior citizens about Social Security in Iowa and across the nation. ...... ......Seniors in Iowa and across the nation are receiving unsolicited, recorded phone messages from Ed Asner -- whom The Record once dubbed "TV's most famous left-wing activist" for his bitter, hyperbolic attacks on President Ronald Reagan -- in an attempt to terrify seniors into supporting Gore's candidacy. ......Carole Gassaway of Des Moines received an Asner call Wednesday. "It is very disturbing and offensive that the Gore campaign is trying these scare tactics...waiting until right before an election and trying to scare everyone into voting for him," Gassaway said. "What it shows to me is that the Vice President's policies and agenda are not good enough to convince the voters on their own. " ....... "Many young Americans fear that Social Security won't be around when they retire, which is why Governor Bush has offered a plan that will strengthen the program, and ensure that seniors today get the benefits they have earned and deserved," Grassley said. ....Mrs. Gassaway said, "They are just wasting their time and money on this scare tactic project. Seniors won't fall for it." .....Yesterday's Wall Street Journal refuted the phone message noting "Then there's the left-wing actor Ed Asner, who is taping scare calls to seniors, and deceptively invoking this newspaper along the way. 'George W. Bush has a proposal that would undermine Social Security,' the former union boss says, 'even threatening current benefits.' Mr. Bush 'promises that won't mean a cut in current benefits, but the independent Wall Street Journal shows that the Bush plan drains money that is needed now to pay our current benefits,' the call adds. For the record, we believe no such thing and no story we've published has asserted it." ....."

Bush/Cheney 2000! 10/26/00 ".....The Los Angeles Times today reports that Robert D. Reischauer, the president of the Urban Institute, believes Al Gore's Social Security attack ad claiming Governor Bush promises the same $1 trillion for younger workers as he does current retirees is wrong. "The strain is showing not just between the two political camps but between each camp and some of its most durable allies. A recent Gore television ad accused Bush of promising to fund personal accounts with Social Security tax revenue 'needed to pay current benefits.' 'That's not correct,' said Robert D. Reischauer, president of the Urban Institute and usually a supporter of Gore's Social Security proposals." [LA Times, 10/26/00] ........ Mr. Gore's plan would end the tradition of Social Security being wholly self-financed through the payroll tax, and in the long run would require higher taxes, reduced spending or additional government borrowing. Critics say the change would undermine support for Social Security by making it more like welfare than a pension, a pawn in the unceasing battle over taxes and spending. [New York Times, 10/26/00] ....."

Nando Times 10/25/00 Cal Thomas ".......Gore's flip-flops continue to be exposed, contributing to his deteriorating condition. Gore told the Washington Times that Bush's suggestion he might withdraw U.S. troops from the Balkans could cause war in Europe. But President Clinton promised more than once he would bring the troops home, but he never did. During the 1996 campaign, Gore himself said U.S. forces should stay no longer than a year. ...."

Bush/Cheney 2000! 10/25/00 "......This morning on the Today Show, Stephen Klein, the lead author of an opinion piece on student test scores in Texas, failed to explain why he and his colleagues did not request a complete set of data for the statewide achievement test in Texas, throwing into doubt the accuracy of his findings. .....Ms. Margaret LaMontagne, Governor Bush's senior education advisor, challenged Mr. Klein to explain why he didn't request the complete testing data from the Texas Education Agency during the entire seven-month period of his study. According to Mr. Klein, he relied upon data posted on the agency website, which was not intended for major research.

In January, Mr. Klein challenged the gains in student test scores in testimony before the National Academy of Sciences. But during his Today Show appearance, Mr. Klein admitted he didn't start his research until April -- three months before his research began, raising questions about his impartiality. [American Prospect, January 3, 2000] ......"The fact that Mr. Klien did not seek or obtain a complete set of test data from the Texas Education Agency and criticized student achievement in Texas before his research began diminishes the validity and credibility of his opinion paper," said Bush spokesman Dan Bartlett. ......"


Bush/Cheney 2000! 10/25/00 "...... Gore Rhetoric: Education will be my top priority. Facts:

Al Gore has never made Education a priority at all.

Al Gore Sponsored only Four Pieces of Education Legislation in 16 Years

"But though Gore champions himself as a leader on education in Congress, only four of the 300 pieces of legislation he introduced in his 16 years in the House and Senate concerned education." (Bob Hohler and Ann Scales, "Bradley Offers School-Improvement Plan, Trades Barbs With Gore," The Boston Globe, February 10, 2000)

Fellow Democrats Say Education is Not a Priority for Al Gore

"I sit on the House Education Committee and I have witnessed the failure of this Administration and Al Gore to do enough to address our nation's education needs." (Congressman George Miller, D-CA, 1/10/00)

"During the past seven years, we've heard a lot of talk about education, but too often the rhetoric hasn't been backed up by action." (Bill Bradley, Houston Chronicle, 2/10/00)

Advisor Reveals that Gore Exaggerates his Commitment to Education

"Mr. Gore has long talked about improving education. But members of his staff acknowledged that the unusual emphasis Mr. Bush placed on the issue was probably what led the vice president to proclaim that it was now the nation's top priority." (New York Times, 8/30/00)

Gore Rhetoric:

RAND introduced a new study, a "comprehensive" study that shows the achievement gap has grown in Texas


Wrong. The Achievement Gap has Closed in Texas.

"Twenty percent of Black and Hispanic eighth graders met or exceeded NAEP's 'proficient' level on the [1998] writing test. For Hispanic students, that was twice the national average. For Black students, that was nearly three times the national average, and five points higher than the next highest states. (Education Trust Press Release, 10/25/00)

"If Black eighth graders everywhere wrote as well as their peers in Texas, the national achievement gap between white and black eighth graders would be cut in half." (Kati Haycock, Director of the Education Trust, Press Release, 10/25/00)

"The Texas education story is really one of the few success stories in the country. What you see in Texas is... all students' scores rising...the gap between minority kids and white kids closing, which demonstrates to us that all kids can achieve at high levels." (Amy Wilkins, Principal Partner at Education Trust, 7/6/00)

RAND's Multi-Year Study, Released in July, Finds Dramatic Improvement in Texas

RAND's July 25, 2000 comprehensive study conducted over three years, using a peer-reviewed, non-biased analysis confirmed that:

Math scores in Texas have improved at twice the rate of the national average.

Texas leads all states in a comparison of students from similar socioeconomic and family backgrounds.

Texas African-American and non-Hispanic white fourth graders ranked first on NAEP math tests in 1996. Texas Hispanic fourth graders ranked fifth. ........."

E-mail 10/31/00 Frank Baillie "….. Many thanks to Colonel Lockhart USAF for the following REPORT: Lt. George W. Bush's Instructor Pilot Speaks Out -- Sets the Record Straight Subject: A Personal Letter of Observation of Lt. George W. Bush by his former Instructor Pilot Colonel Thomas G. Lockhart, USAF (Ret) Fellow Veterans: ……… I have heard about all I can stand of the military careers of the two presidential candidates. It's like two combatants arguing about who's Purple Heart carries the most weight. I have seen e-mails "splitting hairs" and making unsubstantiated claims against both candidates. I will not engage in this type of childish name-calling. The official records indicate that both individuals completed their military service obligations and received honorable discharges. ……… I can, however, give you some personal observations upon which I base my opinion of Governor Bush. George W. Bush arrived at Moody AFB, Georgia, for undergraduate pilot training (UPT) in 1968 as a member of the Texas Air National Guard. I was assigned as one of his Instructor Pilots. The atmosphere at this training base was somber and dead serious, as the student pilots were all either going to Vietnam or subject to being called up for combat duty as members of a Guard or Reserve unit. ………..George W. Bush put himself totally into the task of becoming the best aviator in the class. His unit flew Century Series jet fighters, which required the best pilots. There was no room for error, as these airplanes were unforgiving, and the price for a mistake was often the pilot's life. George W. Bush appeared to have that "fighter pilot attitude" from our first meeting. This attitude can best be described as: "I can handle the situation--regardless of the odds." He was extremely competitive and eager to learn every thing about his machine and the enemy's tactics. He was quick to pick up the flying skills necessary to maneuver an aircraft into a position to shoot down an enemy aircraft. ……….Being a fighter pilot is truly like being a modern day gladiator. When two jet fighters meet in combat, there is usually only one survivor. It is the ultimate test of your skills, and you must hone these skills until you have complete confidence that you will be victorious--that in the air you are invincible. Cocky? You bet!!! That was the attitude that saved England during the Battle of Britain, when a small cadre of British fighter pilots turned back the German onslaught. "Never have so many owed so much to so few," were Winston Churchill's words describing the RAF victory. This standard is part of the heritage of every fighter pilot. ……. The traits which, I believe, made George W. Bush a good fighter pilot and would also make him a good president are: a.. Leadership -- a "take charge" attitude. b.. Stamina -- when the going gets tough, the tough get going. c.. Sincerity -- a love of country and care for your fellowman. d.. Integrity -- knowledge of and willingness to act upon honest principles. ……… My personal bottom line used to be, "Would you follow this person into combat?" Well, I'm a bit old now for combat, but I respect George W. Bush's leadership abilities, and I would follow him anywhere! ……..Respectfully submitted, Colonel Thomas G. Lockhart, USAF (Ret) ….."

AP 10/31/00 Walter Mears ".....In a campaign-closing attack on Al Gore's character, Gov. George W. Bush on Tuesday aired a new ad accusing the Democratic vice president of ``bending the truth'' about Social Security and prescription drugs. ........ The new Bush ad opens with an announcer saying, ``Remember when Al Gore said his mother-in-law's prescriptions cost more than his dog's? His own aides said the story was made up. Now Al Gore is bending the truth again.'' It accuses Gore of misrepresenting Bush's plans for Social Security, and ends with a video clip of the vice president debating Bill Bradley during the New Hampshire primary campaign. ...... ``There has never been a time when I said something untrue,'' Gore says, as the screen fades and leaves viewers with a one-word message: ``Really?'' ...... Gore's credibility is a centerpiece of Bush's campaign. The vice president has made inroads in key states such as Florida with his criticism of Bush's plan to privatize portions of Social Security. ...... A senior Bush adviser said the campaign will close with the new ad and a spot called ``Trust,'' a high-minded ad about Bush's philosophy of government that has been airing for some time. ....."

CNS News 10/30/00 "...... The campaign of George W. Bush is pointing out another Al Gore flip-flop - this one involving Gore's position on moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Before a group of Arab-American voters in Michigan Sunday, Gore said he opposes moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. But earlier this year, speaking before a Jewish group, Gore said he would support such a move. The Bush campaign calls it a "blatant display of pandering." Said Bush spokesman Dan Bartlett, "Al Gore is once again showing that he can't be counted on to take a principled stand." Republican George W. Bush supports moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem - an important symbol for Jewish groups that see an undivided Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Palestinians strongly oppose the idea. They want to make the eastern half of the city the capital of a future state. ......" 10/30/00 Carl Limbacher "….. Environmental Protection Agency statistics for the last year records are available show that Houston, Texas, does not have the worst air pollution of any major city in the country, despite Vice President Al Gore's claims to the contrary. In fact, according to the EPA a city in Gore's home state - Knoxville, Tenn. - actually had 15 percent more polluted air in 1999 than the largest city in Gov. George Bush's Texas, with 62 days where air quality rated "unhealthy." ...Houston had only 54 days of similarly bad air pollution. ......,, EPA air pollution statistics for Nashville, Tenn., were nearly as bad as Houston, with 45 days of unhealthy air in 1999. Averaged together, Knoxville and Nashville averaged 53.5 bad air days in 1999, just a half day less than the much-maligned Texas city. ...... In fact, none of those three cities came close to having the nation's most polluted air in 1999. According to the Clinton-Gore EPA, the Riverside-San Bernadino, Calif., area topped the list, with 97 days where air quality was rated unhealthy. ……"

Bush - Cheney 2000! 10/26/00 "……. "Ever since Al Gore smashed an ashtray on David Letterman's show a few years ago to dramatize what was wrong with the federal bureaucracy, the vice president's 'Reinventing Government' initiative has achieved some of its goals - from improving the customer service hotline to helping citizens file income taxes online. ……. "What it hasn't done, many analysts say, is what Gore continues to claim it has: cut 300,000 federal jobs. ….."Trying to shake the 'big spender' label his rival has tried to tag him with, Gore declared this week that, 'for eight years now, I've worked to reduce the size of government.' …….."'I have been in charge of the effort to reduce the size of government,' Gore boasted during a visit to Little Rock, Ark. 'And we have done exactly that: balancing the budget for the first time in 30 years and reducing the number of federal positions by more than 300,000.' ……"The problem is that Gore's vaunted effort to streamline and downsize the federal bureaucracy has had little to do with the sharp drop in federal employment over the past eight years, say analysts who have studied the Reinventing Government project. ……."Instead, most of those cuts came from the inevitable shrinking of the departments of Defense and Energy at the end of the Cold War and had little to do with Gore. …… "He would be so OK if he said, 'I participated in a 377,000 cut in the federal work force,'" said Paul C. Light, director of governmental studies at the Brookings Institution. 'Instead, he says he oversaw reinventing government, which resulted in the cut.' ......,: 10/30/00 Charles Thompson Tony Hays "…… 'I mistook your ambition for leadership. Your struggle with the truth is depressing' ……. A former FBI agent who specialized in Tennessee political corruption and wrote one of the earliest and most positive biographies of Vice President Al Gore has taken out ads in the Nashville Tennessean newspaper publicly withdrawing his support from Gore. Henderson "Hank" Hillin, a 26-year veteran of the FBI and a one-time sheriff of Davidson County, Tenn. (Nashville), took the extraordinary step because, as he said in his ads, "I no longer admire the VP, no longer trust his character or integrity. Al, I mistook your ambition for leadership. Your struggle with the truth is depressing." …… His 1988 biography, "Al Gore Jr.: Born to Lead," was a highly flattering account of Gore's life leading up to his aborted run for the presidency that year. ……" 1/4/01 Carl Limbacher "..... President-elect George W. Bush's pick for Labor Secretary, Linda Chavez, is a hero to conservatives for her opposition to affirmative action and bilingual education. ...,. ..... "Her opposition to affirmative action has caused her to be villified by civil rights groups and to be physically threatened when she has spoken on on college campuses," reports Thursday's New York Times. ......Worse still, her more militant opponents have even targeted her husband's religion to paint Chavez as somehow ethnically disloyal. "Her marriage to a Jew, Christopher Gersten, and the rearing of her three sons as Jews, have prompted some to term her a traitor to her people," adds the Times. ..... Apparently left-wing support for ethnic diversity isn't all it's cracked up to be. ....."

Hannity & Colmes 1/2/01 innocentbystander ".....If you didnt see it, you really missed something. It appears that our side is learning how to fight this WAR against the Liberals. Sean Hannity was reading quotes supposedly from Trent Lott and Tom Delay, regarding how Hillary was cashing in on her book deal. Ben Chao went ballistic, attacking them for spewing nonsense, called them hypocrites, attacking Dubya, the man just went nuts over these quotes. Then, Hannity admitted that he had LIED to Chao, that the quotes actually came from Democrats!!! It was CLASSIC! Chao was left speechless, for having attacked the comments from his own side! ..."

The Washington Post 1/3/01 Juliet Eilperin "..... Being truly in the minority for the first time in nearly half a century is liberating for the Democrats on some level: They are free to place all the blame on the GOP for any legislative failures. "They control everything. They've got to produce," said House Minority Whip David E. Bonior (D-Mich.). "We'll help them produce, but we're not going to give them a shell they can parade around as a bouquet."...."

Newsmax 12/29/00 Dan Frisa ".....In what can only be described as a blatant double-standard, the Left is straining to ignore their post-election gambit of "not trusting automated re-counts and demanding actual, physical, and individual counts of ballots" in favor of their convenient, new-found fancy for using automated methods, as opposed to the constitutionally required actual counts of people, for purposes of completing the census. ....."

New York Post 11/25/00 John Podhoretz "……But yesterday, for the first time, Lieberman crossed the line from being merely disappointing to being openly and utterly dishonest. …..He gave the most prominent public voice to the Democratic line that had been developing since Wednesday - the line about how the demonstration by Republican observers in Miami-Dade county was so threatening to the members of the canvassing board there that they were intimidated into abandoning the manual recount. It's a complete and total lie. …..Here's why. The evidence adduced to prove the charge comes entirely from the mouth of David Leahy, the county's supervisor of elections. In his statement yesterday, Lieberman quoted Leahy: "These demonstrations were clearly designed to intimidate . . . Shortly afterwards, one of the commissioners said, 'We would be up there counting' if it weren't for those objections." ……. That's a complete misrepresentation of Leahy's words. What he actually said, in full, was this: "If what I had envisioned worked out and there were no objections, we'd be up there now counting." …….The objections Leahy was referring to were legal objections to the proposal Leahy had made - that, instead of doing a full manual recount, Miami-Dade deal only with the 10,000-plus ballots that had registered no vote when they went through the counting machines in order to meet the new five-day deadline set by the Florida Supreme Court. ….That proposal was plainly illegal, as Republican lawyers were arguing. ….."

Washington Times 10/13/00 R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr "……. A quiet miracle has taken place in this election. The electorate has sensed in Al Gore a serious flaw that Official Washington did not find exceptional. Al lies. Washington has known Al lies. ……Official Washington has found the lies of Republicans alarming. Think back to the impending impeachment of Richard Nixon. One of the elements in the articles of impeachment arrayed against him was that he had lied - not under oath, as a famed successor recently did - but merely to the American people, as when Nixon said he knew nothing about Watergate cover-up. As a woebegone ex-president entered into exile in San Clemente, Official Washington told us that "the lesson of Watergate" is that one does not lie "to the American people." Yet Al has been lying to the American people for years. Few in Washington cared, and if Official Washington does not care, apparently America is not supposed to care. Americans care, however. …."

Washington Times 10/13/00 Bill Sammon "……Al Gore yesterday left the campaign trail to return to the White House for the first time in four months, delving into Mideast crises that will send U.S. sailors home in body bags in the waning weeks of the presidential campaign. …… Gore aides hoped his meeting with President Clinton in the Oval Office last night would make the candidate look presidential, although they acknowledged he had been planning to come home anyway for a family event……The vice president and his opponent, Texas Gov. George W. Bush, steered clear of trying to score political points in the midst of twin international crises. Just as fighting intensified between Israelis and Palestinians, a suspected terrorist attack killed at least six U.S. sailors on a Navy destroyer in Yemen……"

Bush - Cheney 2000! 10/11/00 "…… Gore Attack: Gore says he supported Hussein being removed when he joined the administration. Facts: With hindsight, Gore now says that Saddam Hussein should have been removed from power during the Persian Gulf War. At the time force in the Gulf was being contemplated, however, Gore said the opposite. He took to the floor of the Senate to warn against efforts to remove Saddam Hussein by force: "Doubtless, among the exiled Iraqis, one can find survivors who are people of virtue and wisdom, but it is hard to see how these individuals might come to power unless we were to install them, and that would require the conquest and occupation of Iraq, which is not in prospect and should not be in prospect." (Al Gore, Congressional Record, January 30, 1991) ……"

Bush - Cheney 2000! 10/11/00 "…… FACT In the case of the brutal killing of James Byrd Jr., Texas prosecutors sought the death penalty for all three perpetrators; the juries sentenced two of the three to death. The third received a life sentence. TEXAS HAS A HATE CRIMES LAW * In 1993, Texas passed a hate crimes statute that enhances punishment in cases in which the offender intentionally selected the victim primarily because of the offender's bias or prejudice against a group. * In 1997, Governor Bush and the Texas Legislature passed legislation strengthening the hate crimes law by increasing the minimum jail sentence for misdemeanor hate crimes. (House Bill 1333) ….."

Newsmax 11/6/00 "……. On Friday Vice President Al Gore told Tennessee's KCCI-TV that he'd never been arrested for drunk driving. "Absolutely not," Gore said. "I've had speeding tickets, but no. Absolutely not." Apparently the veep told the truth about not being arrested for DUI. But WREC AM Memphis talk show host Mike Fleming says there's more to the "speeding ticket" story than meets the eye. …….. According to a Tennessee government source who Fleming describes as "unimpeachable," Gore was not just ticketed for speeding, he was arrested. And then he was arrested a second time for reckless driving……… "It happened near his home in Carthage, Tennessee, in the late 1960s," Fleming told Monday. "Not only did they arrest him twice, Gore tried to get away from them once." Fleming's source says Gore was driving a Corvette at the time and he "took out about seventy feet of fence row" while on the run from the cops. ……Fleming went public with the info on his radio show Friday afternoon, going so far as to name the two Tennessee Highway Patrol arresting officers - Capt. Ralph Swift and Officer R.C. Overstreet. ……"

Rainforest Action Network via Common Dreams 11/1/00 Shannon Wright "……Halloween trickery by the Democratic National Committee backfired today when a lawyer who had claimed to represent the U'wa people, and who used that platform to endorse Al Gore, was forced to admit that indeed, he did not represent the Colombian tribe. The misleading personal opinion letter by Spencer Adler circulated yesterday with a false subject line by the Democratic National Committee was quickly amended by Mr. Adler with a second letter and sweetened with a $5000 check for the U'wa. The Vice President's continued refusal to take a stand to protect the U'wa people has generated more than thirty protests in the last month alone. "The Democratic National Committee, by widely circulating this false and misleading statement, has deliberately used the U'wa people for their own political gain" said Steve Kretzmann of Amazon Watch. …."

Trouv 3/31/97 Zuheir Mushin "…… It is only for political reasons that we carefully stress our Palestinian identity, for it is in the national interest of the Arabs to encourage separate Palestinian identity to counter Zionism. Yes, the existence of a separate Palestinian identity serves only tactical purposes. The founding of a Palestinian state is a new tool in the continuing battle against Israel...Jordan is a state with well-defined borders. After we have attained all our rights in the whole of Palestine, we must not postpone, even for a single moment, the reunification of Jordan and Palestine." Zuheir Mushin, head of the Military Operation Department of the PLO and member of its Executive Council in an interview with the Dutch daily Trouv on March 31, 1977.


New York Times 11/1/00 Peter Marks "…… There is an air of mischief in the Bush campaign advertisement that began running on Halloween night in highly contested states in the East, Midwest and Pacific Northwest. The 30-second spot replies to a recent attack advertisement by the Gore campaign by needling Vice President Al Gore on his reputation for exaggeration.....SCORECARD The spot is funny, devastating - and clearly intended to zing Mr. Gore more than to defend Mr. Bush. It only indirectly addresses the criticism in the Gore advertisements, one of which cites conclusions drawn by "eight Nobel laureates" that Mr. Bush's plan promises the same $1 trillion to young people and the elderly. But it cleverly changes the subject by suggesting that Mr. Gore's attacks are merely further evidence of a propensity for stretching the truth. The spot's payoff is the mocking clip in which Mr. Gore asserts that "there has never been a time" when he uttered an untruth, and the announcer's cynical comeback. The commercial deftly shifts the focus from whatever doubts voters may have about Mr. Bush's proposal to questions about Mr. Gore's character……"