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The Weekly Standard 3/15/99 David Frum "…Soon after President Bush nominated Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, Timothy Phelps of Newsday and Nina Totenberg of National Public Radio heard rumors that a law professor in Oklahoma had accused Thomas of making crude sexual remarks to her when they worked together almost a decade before. Phelps and Totenberg called Anita Hill, for that's who it was, who refused to confirm the story. Then, with barely days remaining before the Senate Judiciary Committee vote on the Thomas nomination, somebody leaked to the reporters the statement Hill had given to the FBI. On October 6, 1991, the story broke. At the time, Phelps and Totenberg had no witnesses who could confirm Hill's allegations, nothing except a complaint anonymously given to the police….In the eight years since then, however, journalistic standards seem to have become considerably more stingent. In 1999, Juanita Broaddrick stepped forward to accuse the president publicly of rape. There were five people willing to confirm that she had told them her story at the time it happened; one of them said she had seen Broaddrick's physical injuries. The strongest counter-evidence against her story - that she had earlier signed an affidavit denying the rape - actually tended to confirm it As we now know, Clinton's protectors have made a habit of collecting false affidavits from women linked to their man. But according to Rosentiel and Kovach, none of this was good enough to justify the Wall Street Journal's editorial page in publishing its interview with Juanita Broaddrick. It should have checked the story more laboriously, more thoroughly, rather than hurrying into print a mere four weeks after Broaddrick first publicly stepped forward…."

Washington Times 3/11/99 Greg Pierce "…James Lilley, the former U.S. ambassador to China, takes reports of Chinese spying very seriously and thinks everyone else should, too. "This is about 10 million times more important than Monica Lewinsky," Mr. Lilley said in an interview on the television network America's Voice, referring to accusations that China stole U.S. nuclear weapons technology from the Energy Department facility in Los Alamos, N.M. The sex-and-lies scandal was "a stupid, teen-age prank in the White House -- cheap, humiliating for all of us," Mr. Lilley said. "This is deadly serious. This is life and death." …"


American Spectator Online 3/12/99 R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. Freeper Cincinatus "…"Where's the outrage," as they say in these here parts. Chinese espionage agents and commercial espionage agents have been carrying off top-secret American technology for years, the New York Times now reports. The report has incited anger among both Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill. But will it become outrage? Will it last? And will it eventuate into any action at all? Finely-documented stories of Beijing's intrigue have appeared in print since at least 1995. Always the White House manages the scandal as suavely as if it were merely the most recent squawk of a begroped lady in distress or another tearful victim of the boss's sexual depravity…."


***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 3/12/99 (Vol. Four; No. 45) "…1) ABC skipped China for the third night in a row, but NBC aired its second story of the week, focusing on how no one thinks Wen Ho Lee is guilty. Zilch again on Today and Good Morning America. 2) "This is dead serious," NBC's Tim Russert declared of Chinese espionage, but NBC Nightly News has aired only two stories and Today hasn't mentioned it three out of four days this week…." 6) "I took the initiative in creating the Internet," Al Gore preposterously claimed…"

The Stuart News/Port St. Lucie News (Stuart,FL) 3/11/99 James Carroll Freeper Wallaby "…he following story has been front-page news in Canada. However, since it contains no sex, it has been largely ignored by the mainstream media in the U.S. I hope you agree that the American public needs to know about this. On Feb. 24, angry Canadians called for a criminal investigation by the U.S. Justice Department into the sale of infected blood to the Canadian government that was forcibly taken from prison inmates in Arkansas when Bill Clinton was governor. Dozens of hemophiliacs have already died from Hepatitis C and the HIV virus as a result of this tainted blood, and it's expected that hundreds, if not thousands of people will die over the next few years…."


[Note the timing of the survey (during Wye negotiations) v date of news report ] Associated Press 3/15/99 David Briscoe "…Americans rank President Clinton No. 1 among postwar U.S. presidents on foreign policy success, up from eighth place in the middle of his first term, according to a poll released today. The survey, conducted every four years by the Gallup Organization for the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, shows support for a strong defense and for efforts to fight terrorism and prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction…. Gallup, which has conducted the survey in a similar manner since the 1970s, interviewed 1,507 men and women in October and November. The margin of error was plus or minus 3 percentage points. Separately, the pollsters interviewed 379 policy leaders, including members of Congress, administration officials, international business figures and members of the news media….."

Village Voice 3/15/99 Jason Vest "…Despite all the bilge that's gushed through institutional Washington over the past year about the importance of "honesty" and "accountability" vis-à-vis the dishonorable, immoral Mr. Clinton- homilies to the importance of telling the truth, rebukes for lying under oath, anguished hand-wringing about how these tawdry lapses will warp a generation of children, etc.- one fundamental reality of Babel on the Potomac remains unacknowledged. Simply put: While the Domestic Lie will draw the wrath of Congress and the independent counsel and whip the Fourth Estate into a frenzy that flings all else aside, the National Security Lie- though more blatant and consequential- will be granted and allowed to fly off into the horizon of memory. Case in point: Last August's obliteration of the Al Shifa pharmaceutical plant in the Sudan….."

WorldNetDaily 2/16/99 Charlton Heston at Harvard "…. A few years back I heard about a rapper named Ice-T who was selling a CD called "Cop Killer" celebrating ambushing and murdering police officers. It was being marketed by none other than Time/Warner, the biggest entertainment conglomerate in the world. Police across the country were outraged. Rightfully so-at least one had been murdered. But Time/Warner was stonewalling because the CD was a cash cow for them, and the media were tiptoeing around it because the rapper was black. I heard Time/Warner had a stockholders meeting scheduled in Beverly Hills. I owned some shares at the time, so I decided to attend. What I did there was against the advice of my family and colleagues. I asked for the floor. To a hushed room of a thousand average American stockholders, I simply read the full lyrics of "Cop Killer" -- every vicious, vulgar, instructional word. "I GOT MY 12 GAUGE SAWED OFF I GOT MY HEADLIGHTS TURNED OFF
I'm ABOUT TO BUST SOME SHOTS OFF I'm ABOUT TO DUST SOME COPS OFF..." It got worse, a lot worse. I won't read the rest of it to you. But trust me, the room was a sea of shocked, frozen, blanched faces. The Time/Warner executives squirmed in their chairs and stared at their shoes. They hated me for that. Then I delivered another volley of sick lyric brimming with racist filth, where Ice-T fantasizes about sodomizing two 12-year old nieces of Al and Tipper Gore. "SHE PUSHED HER BUTT AGAINST MY ...." Well, I won't do to you here what I did to them. Let's just say I left the room in echoing silence. When I read the lyrics to the waiting press corps, one of them said "We can't print that." "I know," I replied, "but Time/Warner Ìs selling it." Two months later, Time/Warner terminated Ice-T's contract. I'll never be offered another film by Warners, or get a good review from Time magazine. But disobedience means you must be willing to act, not just talk…."

Chicago Tribune 3/22/99 Julia Keller Freeper Cincinatus "…Television network executives have been taken to task for a similar paradox. First, they insist violent TV shows and shows depicting drug use and irresponsible sexual behavior have absolutely no effect on behavior; viewers don't imitate what they see. So leave us alone, you critics of "Melrose Place" and "Martial Law." Then, quick as a wink (or perhaps a Tinky-Winky), the executives congratulate themselves, usually in the midst of some self-serving public service campaign, for the positive messages embedded in prime-time programs, such as storylines discouraging drunken driving, date rape or bulimia…." 3/24/99 Joseph Farah "…How does Bill Clinton explain his problems? Somebody upstairs just doesn't like him, he explained at his latest press conference. His explanation came in response to a question from Sarah McClendon, the biggest nut in the White House press corps. She asked, and I quote: "Sir, will you tell us why you think the people have been so mean to you? Is it a conspiracy? Is it a plan? They have treated you worse than they treated Abe Lincoln!" McClendon may have first-hand knowledge. It seems like she's been around the White House long enough to recall what kind of treatment old Honest Abe received. Here's how Clinton answered: "You know, one of my favorite jokes -- you know, that story about the guy that is walking along the Grand Canyon, and he falls off? And he is falling hundreds of feet to certain death and he reaches out. He sees a little twig on the side of the canyon and he ... grabs it. He takes a ... deep breath, and then all of a sudden he sees the roots of the twig start to come loose. And he looks up in the sky, and he said, 'Lord, why me? Why me? I pay my taxes, I got to work every day; why me? And this thunderous voice says: 'Son, there is just something about you I don't like.'" It was that question and that not-very-funny response that set the stage at last Friday's press conference for Sam Donaldson's grilling about Juanita Broaddrick's rape charge against the president…." 3/24/99 Joseph Farah "…[Sam Donaldson:] "Mr. President, when Juanita Broaddrick leveled her charges against you of rape in a nationally televised interview, your attorney, David Kendall, issued a statement denying them. But shouldn't you speak directly on this matter and reassure the public? And if they are not true, can you tell us what your relationship with Mrs. Broaddrick was, if any?" Clinton responded: "Well, five weeks ago today, five weeks ago today, I stood in the Rose Garden after the Senate voted, and I told you that I thought I owed it to the American people to give them 100 percent of my time and to focus on their business, and that I would leave it to others to decide whether they would follow that lead. And that is why I have decided, as soon as that vote was over, that I would allow all future questions to be answered by my attorneys. And I think the American people do understand it and support it, and I think it was the right decision." Donaldson: "Can you not simply deny it, sir?" Clinton: "There's been a statement made by my attorney. He speaks for me, and I think he spoke quite clearly." And that's how Clinton dealt with the only rape charge ever leveled against a sitting U.S. president….. So, the question remains, why won't Clinton address this important allegation? The answer is: Because the White House press corps and Congress won't force him to answer it. They have let him off the hook. Clinton beat the rap on perjury and obstruction of justice, so he won't be held accountable for rape


Savannah Morning News 3/21/99 "…THE INCESTUOUS nature of Washington's Radio and Television Correspondents' Association Dinner was never more sickeningly obvious than last Thursday night, when hundreds of members of the Beltway media laughed and applauded President Clinton for joking about breaches of national security…What is funny about China having the capability of launching nuclear missiles at the U.S. mainland?

By now no one should be surprised at Mr. Clinton's shamelessness. Perhaps we should feel fortunate that he didn't make any rape jokes. But what's really appalling is the response of the assembled media and celebrities. A group that routinely denounces politically incorrect remarks by radio shock jocks apparently finds nothing inappropriate about a president making light of what one intelligence officer has called the most serious breach of national security since the Rosenbergs. Alas, the audience saved its disapproval for an ABC News producer who, after winning an award for investigative work on Whitewater, publicly thanked the late Jim McDougal, the Clintons' former business partner in Arkansas who cooperated with Kenneth Starr's investigation. That elicited plenty of nervous tut-tutting from the fourth estate's glitterati. Bad form, you know, embarrassing the president like that…."

Wall Street Journal 3/25/99 "...One of the least publicized, least broadcast, least cared-about issues in our large cities is the government's suppression of economic opportunity for black citizens. The techniques that governments and the public sector employ to hold down upwardly mobile black entrepreneurs get little ink and no airtime. It is by and large simply a non-issue. So it comes as welcome news that a judge in New York has just struck a powerful blow for poor city residents who lack access to transportation and the men and women who want to provide it to them. .... In 1993, the New York City Council--a fortress of big-city liberalism--passed a law requiring van operators to prove that their service is convenient and necessary, and then win Council approval for a license. In effect, the pols were ensuring that their constituents--the public subway and bus systems--would get no real competition. Since 1993, pressure from transit unions has prevented all but 20 new vans from being added to New York's streets....Mr. Ricketts and other drivers joined with the Institute for Justice, a Washington-based law firm that fights for economic freedom for the poor, to fight the case as a civil-rights issue. "Work is the medicine for poverty," said van driver Lateef Ajala. Among the huge New York political establishment, the drivers found one major ally--Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Mr. Giuliani filed a lawsuit on their behalf, noting that the vans "promote competition and improve service.".... State Supreme Court Justice Louis York ruled that the City Council lacked the power to veto van licenses approved by the Taxi and Limousine Commission and could not automatically deny any application that hadn't been acted on for 180 days. Assuming that the City Council doesn't crack back and appeal the ruling, the number of licensed vans should now increase sharply..."

Associated Press 3/25/99 Pete Yost "…Prosecutors then started to show a videotape to the jury of Mrs. McDougal's interview several years ago with ABC in which she talked about Whitewater. In one out-take, Mrs. McDougal, who had been convicted and sentenced before the interview, is asked what is the one thing she wants to say after four years of silence in the Whitewater investigation. In a joking manner, Mrs. McDougal said ``that I hate'' the prosecutors ``and that I want them dead and their children dead.''…"

WorldNetDaily 3/26/99 Joseph Farah "…You've all heard of "The Clinton Chronicles." It's a videotape documentary exposing many of Bill Clinton's crimes and cover-ups -- even before he reached Washington. What's interesting about the video is that it has sold hundreds of thousands of copies over the years without so much as a wink or a nod from the establishment media. But don't think the big press hasn't noticed little details like the popularity of underground video documentaries and a growing anti-government counterculture that has helped to disseminate them. The Washington Post periodically runs a column by a reporter named David Segal, who is closely associated with Williams & Connolly, the law firm representing both the newspaper and President Clinton. In that column, Segal has developed a recurring feature called "The Klayman Chronicles," in which he does his best to cast aspersions on the chairman of Judicial Watch,a group which has filed about two dozen suits against the Clinton administration for various forms of corruption and cover-up. The administration has tried everything to silence Klayman and Judicial Watch -- even resorting to a $2 million bribe to drop its relentless pressure for more information about Chinagate and the Commerce Department scandals. The latest tactic of the White House smear machine is to use one of its agent provocateurs in the press -- Segal -- to carry on the attacks…."

AP 3/30/99 Deb Riechmann "…Flash! It's not just the public that thinks the news media lack credibility. In a survey, a rising number of journalists say so too. Turning the tables on the media, the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press interviewed 552 national and local journalists and news executives in print, television, radio and the Internet on how they view themselves. The results, released Tuesday, indicate that journalists think that reporting has become sloppier, that too many reporters use their articles and newscasts to speculate or state opinion and that financial pressures hamper the quality of news coverage…."

Mike Reagan's Hot Topics 1999 Buffalo Six "….SUMMARY: While we were all asleep listening to scintillating tales of gropings and trouser droppings by our fearless leader, our sharp as a cue-ball "National Media" failed to notice the mass resignation of two dozen General officers. The Japanese have a phrase for this sort of thing; roughly translated it means "Killing it with silence." ….I had a very interesting ride on a company (UAL) DC10 yesterday into Chicago. The F/E was a retired USAF BG - '61 USAFA (with his ring on), Vietnam Thuds (shot-down once) and one of the original Viper guys at Hill. He said that in 1997 twenty-four (24) Generals retired early (all on July 7th 1997) in mass protest over the conditions in the military (due to the administration's policies). They had fought in vain to correct PC, ops tempo, deployments everywhere, readiness and pay, so they ALL went to Sec Cohen's office and resigned. Cohen and the White House told them that they knew what they were up to and they would not let them get the publicity they desired. He said they were threatened with courts martial and their non-disclosure statement (the form we all sign saying we won't discuss classified stuff after we're out) was changed to include a requirement that they not discuss their resignations or face punishment and loss of retirement benefits…."

WorldNetDaiy 3/29/99 Geoff Metcalf "…From 1946 to 1991 the United States of America deployed military troops to eight foreign campaigns. From 1992 to the present (The Clinton reign), the United States of America has deployed military troops to 33 foreign places. The Internet tends to recycle significant data as the network of telling 10 people to tell 10 people to tell 10 people expands. Recently I received a gaggle of messages listing data I had reported in a September 1998 WorldNetDaily column. *709,000 regular (active duty) service personnel *293,000 reserve troops *Eight standing army divisions *20 air force and navy air wings with *2,000 combat aircraft *232 strategic bombers *13 strategic ballistic missile submarines with *3,114 nuclear warheads on 232 missiles *500 ICBMs with 1,950 warheads *Four aircraft carriers *121 surface combat ships and submarines, plus all the support bases, shipyards and logistical assets needed to sustain such a naval force. All of the above are GONE ... history ... they have been attrited by the Bill Clinton "Reduction in Force" from the military of the United States of America. A foreign enemy did not destroy those significant assets. They were not combat losses. Those military assets have been eliminated by civilian political policy wonks. I am also attempting to determine how many Tomahawk Cruise Missiles (at about one million dollars a copy) have been expended. ... AND how much of that ordnance has been (or will be) replaced? Have the mainstream media mandarins alerted you to our military atrophy? Have you seen it on ABC, NBC, CBS or the Clinton News Network (CNN)? The Clinton department of propaganda has succeeded (kinda) in suppressing a significant protest, which has gone virtually unreported. Some of us have been complaining about the "perfumed princes" (Colonel Hackworth's phrase) in the Pentagon. The complaint has been "... why don't you military types DO or SAY something about the serial absurdities of the administration's foreign policy?" Well, in fairness, we know the military can't itch and moan about their civilian leaders. However, they can, and have done something. According to what I consider reliable sources, in 1997 24 -- count 'em, twenty-four -- generals retired early. I am still in the processing of confirming names, dates and replacements (if any). On July 7, 1997, in what is being called a mass protest over the conditions in the military (primarily because of administration policy) 24 generals quit. They reportedly had fought a losing battle to correct, modify, or mitigate the politically correct, operational tempo, and repeated "hey you" deployments. They tried to address the problems with readiness (or lack of) and pay. They tried, and they failed to compel the administration to fix what is wrong. Then, in a final act of courage and commitment (two concepts alien to this administration), they ALL went to see Secretary of Defense Bill Cohen, and RESIGNED. Twenty-four general officers representing 600 years of combined military experience tendered their resignations. THAT is a big deal. ... So why haven't we heard about it? …"

Conservative News Service 3/30/99 Justin Torres "…A panel of press experts today discussed the coverage–or lack of coverage–of charges that then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton allegedly raped a nursing home operator in a Little Rock hotel in 1978…Hume responded that the press has not followed up on the story, or attempted to force a more detailed denial from President Clinton. "If the press wants an answer, they'll go after someone like the hounds of hell, and that will usually yield an answer after time. To say that this has not happened in this case is an understatement."….. "To say that there's no where to go and everybody believes it anyway, so you may else well drop the story, is tempting," continued Hume. "But there's more to be done. The problem is not that there's no where to go, it's that nobody's going there. That's alarming." Hume says that Fox News is attempting to continue to cover the story, but that the story is "difficult" to develop…."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 3/31/99 Patrick Howe Freeper HAL9000 "…In a panel discussion at the National Press Club on Tuesday, Wall Street Journal editorial-page writer Dorothy Rabinowitz said the story has become "the elephant in the living room" that the national press is ignoring. Fox News Channel's Brit Hume, who was on the panel, agreed..."

Wall Street Journal 4/2/99 "...Remember the old Hollywood films like "Ben-Hur" and "The Robe," which would always include a scene with a sneering Roman emperor or centurion spitting out the word "Christian" as though it were a slur? In those days the intended effect was irony, a reminder to audiences that there was a time when the Christian faith so publicly honored in American life was looked upon by authorities as low and unnatural. As Christians the world over Friday commemorate the passion and crucifixion of their Lord, it may be a good moment to reflect on the caricature that has come to dominate public treatment of America's predominant faith. Clearly, Americans continue to rank among the most religious peoples in the world. Year after year the Bible outsells all other books. More Americans go to church each Sunday than watch the Super Bowl. Yet our public squares are increasingly dominated by elites who look upon Christian expression in much the same way Hollywood's centurions did in the 1950s and 1960s. Just this February, for example, Ted Turner used a Washington forum to mock the Ten Commandments, particularly the injunction against adultery, a return performance from a man who has in the past dissed Christianity as "a religion for losers." He is not alone. In a speech at Harvard last April, Sidney Blumenthal denounced Hickman Ewing, then one of Kenneth Starr's deputies, as "a religious fanatic," evidently on the grounds that Mr. Ewing helped found a church where he worships and occasionally preaches. During her "20/20" interview with the independent counsel himself, Diane Sawyer wrinkled her nose in disbelief when she asked Mr. Starr to confirm reports that "you jog and sing hymns and pray" -- the last two evidently constituting pretty serious misdemeanors if not high crimes in the ABC canon. Later still, a "CBS Evening News" report on the selection of House impeachment managers noted ominously that "all 13 are white, all 13 males, all 13 Christians." As the CBS reporter understood, this wasn't just a description. It was an indictment. The distinguishing feature here is not the contempt but the license to express it in an American milieu otherwise disposed to hypersensitivity. When Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott made offensive remarks about blacks a few years ago, baseball suspended her for a year. But Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig, who spent this past weekend with Fidel Castro, confined baseball's disapproval of Mr. Turner, who owns the Atlanta Braves, to a $25,000 fine, not likely to be much felt by a man donating a billion dollars to the U.N. Ditto for Mr. Blumenthal. Though forced to apologize, the White House aide retained his post. As the syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer wrote, Mr. Blumenthal's crack "caused barely a ripple -- nothing like the uproar that routinely accompanies a personal insult regarding, say, race or gender or sexual orientation."..."

Freeper shoedog 4/1/99 "Click on the headling [Starr Probes cost 80 million] and it states accurately that ALL the independent Council's on Clinton have added up to 80 million..."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 4/13/99 Vol Four No 66 Freeper Brian Mosely "...1) ABC and NBC gave more time Monday night to the man rescued from a fire than to Clinton's contempt. "This is a legal tangle that simply will not die," lamented Tom Brokaw. On McDougal, CBS relayed how her lawyer charged "Starr used Hitler-style tactics." 2) McDougal's attorney thanked Geraldo Rivera for his help: "You were...early money in this case." Rivera celebrated "Susan's sweet victory" before denouncing Ken Starr as a "legal terrorist." 3) The Energy Dept. official who uncovered the Chinese espionage and identified a potential spy testified that his superiors "urged me to cover up and bury this case." Only CBS and FNC cared. 4) Investor's Business Daily revealed that "lab directors were actually prodded by former Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary and her senior staffers -- many of whom were anti-nuclear activists -- to open their doors to visitors from other nuclear states..." 5) On Fox News Sunday Tony Snow noted about some networks gave more time to Beavergate than Chinagate..."

The New York Observer 4/12/99 Philip Weiss "..."When they were setting up, I said, 'What's the process after this interview is finished? How will you go about getting it on the air?' "Lisa said she would have to speak to her higher-ups. I said, 'Wait a minute-what are the chances that this won't run?' My stepfather was standing there. And she said, 'None.' I said, 'O.K.'" Mr. Hickey paused. "And, you know, it ran. But how could she sit there and tell us that?" The accusation by a mature businesswoman that she had been raped by Bill Clinton in 1978, when he was Arkansas' Attorney General, aired on NBC on Feb. 24, opposite the Grammy Awards. The 35-day interval between tape and air is now one of the legends of the impeachment process. Why didn't the American public get to hear Mrs. Broaddrick before the Senate voted to acquit Mr. Clinton on Feb. 12? "This came out at a time when it had the absolute smallest impact it could have," said Steve Friedman, a lawyer friend (who favored censure) said to me at lunch. "The thing was finally over. Everybody was sick of it, and the Republicans looked like a bunch of scoundrels when they said, You have to understand what we're seeing and can't talk about. It was certainly relevant to the question, his fitness to be President." My friend's suspicion that NBC protected Mr. Clinton is widely shared..."

The New York Observer 4/12/99 Philip Weiss "..."Recently, the National Press Club held a panel on the Broaddrick story, "Too Hot for a 'Scandal-Weary' New Media to Handle?" where several speakers made that point. Conservative media watchdog Reed Irvine charged in the Washington Times that NBC delayed the story because executives are cozy with the President. And TV Guide has questioned why NBC's "apparent hesitation" to run the interview cost it a scoop-to the Wall Street Journal editorial page.....The mainstream press again ignored the story in the fall of 1998, when Mr. Starr's referral to Congress reported that Jane Doe No. 5 had told an F.B.I. agent that her earlier affidavit was indeed false. The press has never been comfortable with Mrs. Broaddrick's story. "It smells because it comes out of the sewers in Arkansas," one reporter said. Another said, "People hate rape stories." Its means of exposure had an air of Clinton-hatred, or the culture war, or sexual McCarthyism-whatever paradigm you choose to taint those who see Mr. Clinton's private life as having public relevance. And the story was associated with the venomous Clinton enemy Larry Nichols. Even while the press ignored it, the curious name Juanita Broaddrick became a shibboleth on the Internet, talk radio and supermarket tabloids. That is why Mrs. Broaddrick, who owns nursing homes, said she changed her mind about talking to Ms. Myers...One source outside NBC with knowledge of the process described it in this way: "They go down and do the interview. They come back. It sits there. You hear that [Jeff] Zucker, the Today czar, David Doss, the czar of Nightly News, and [Tom] Brokaw don't like this. It's not going to air on their program, nor did it. Within the first week, three problems developed that were being touted against the piece for reasons to be suspicious..."

The New York Observer 4/12/99 Philip Weiss "..."Some resistance gathered at the network around the feeling that they might be used in the impeachment context. Why was Mrs. Broaddrick going forward now? Some felt that the Jones lawyers had successfully manipulated Nightly News the previous March into going on air-off Mr. Brokaw's watch-with irresponsible charges. More importantly, the House impeachment managers had never named Juanita Broaddrick publicly, even while they were using the confidential F.B.I. report of her assault to push impeachment.....Mrs. Broaddrick was by then deeply angry at NBC. She told her son that the network's treatment felt in ways like being raped again. "I felt that way because they had been after me and after me for a year. And I finally give in and go through this, a day of baring my soul. A bunch of people are standing around in my house as I tell the most private things of my life. Then it was like what I told them wasn't really worthy," she said. How many rape victims go public? "It was very hard for me to say the word rape. It's a difficult word to say." When Lisa Myers named higher-ups, it struck Mrs. Broaddrick that almost all the NBC executives were men (the only woman's name among eight listed to me was Cheryl Gould)....."

The New York Observer 4/12/99 Philip Weiss "...NBC's wrenching interview has had a quiet impact. It disturbed several columnists who have tended to see Ken Starr as the problem, including Richard Cohen of The Washington Post, The Nation's Katha Pollitt, and San Francisco Examiner columnist Stephanie Salter. The National Organization for Women (finally) urged the President to end his "nuts and sluts" defense, and leading newspapers have called on Mr. Clinton to respond substantively to the charges.....When I asked Sam Donaldson whether there had been rancorous arguments at ABC over coverage of Mrs. Broaddrick, he stammered. "I am dodging your question," he said. "I can tell you that people in charge of our coverage, at managing editor status, have not seen this as a story they wanted to spend a lot of time on. But I have not seen a memo, nor have I been given any orders not to do this story, and when I have, there have been no problems from above." He went on: "The thing that astounded me from the get-go, and some day I may write about this, is that important aspects of the news business argued that we shouldn't follow the [Lewinsky] story. I don't mean just Mr. [Steve] Brill, Mr. [Anthony] Lewis, Mr. [Frank] Rich. But lots of people argued that it was unseemly." ..."

The New York Observer 4/12/99 Philip Weiss "..."Julia Malone, a national correspondent for the Cox newspapers, grew so upset by the neglect of Mrs. Broaddrick's story that she organized the March 30 panel at the National Press Club. "It's like we're in Lotus Land," she said. "It seems like everybody has been smoking something and the economy has been so good that this man has bamboozled the country. I mean, the irony of this man who's very likely a rapist talking about human rights!" Seventy-five people attended the panel. Ms. Myers declined to appear (as she declined to comment to me on the matter). Ms. Rabinowitz said that NBC had treated the story like a "dead fish." Fox News anchor Brit Hume argued that neglect of the story reflected a deep bias in the media against material that might hurt someone they had voted for. Ms. Malone echoed that point. "My impression of Tom Brokaw is that he was not a newsman on this decision, he's a Democrat." (I sent Mr. Brokaw a letter, and he left me a message. "I have just a little bit for you, not much, because we have felt strongly from the beginning that our decisions in the Juanita Broaddrick story or any news decisions we make have to be kept within these walls, otherwise we'll spend too much time explaining and too little time reporting." He told me to call him back, then didn't return my call.) Ms. Malone said she hopes that reporters will get together before Mr. Clinton's next press conference and try to force an answer about Mrs. Broaddrick. "But in this city that's considered some kind of conspiracy." Mr. Donaldson said he can remember occasions when reporters barraged a President, forcing a more forthright answer. "But that certainly wasn't the case in the Broaddrick matter." No, Mr. Donaldson was alone when he boldly asked the President about the rape allegation at the President's March 19 press conference. Mr. Clinton said he would have no more to say than his lawyer's statement, and that was that...." - original 4/8/99 Mary Mostert Freeper sunshine "...Media Manipulating of American Emotions to Start a War - an American Tradition ...... In the last two weeks we have seen almost a perfect example of the traditional use of pr opaganda to whip up the emotions of the public, get their minds off any of the other investigations, i.e. the Chinese military connection to the 1996 Clinton-Gore Campaign funds. The Cox report, which indicated a threat to our National Security, has not b een found on any front page for two weeks. We have seen hourly emotional reports about the plight of the Albania refugees who are streaming out of Kosovo by CNN's Christiane Amanpour and others...."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 4/9/99 Vol Four No 64 "...1) Neither CBS or NBC even mentioned Chinese donations Thursday night. ABC only touched on the subject broadly and none noted the Chung charges. CBS even ignored Chinese spying and a New York Times story on how it occurred in Clinton's first term. 2) FNC put it all together. Carl Cameron outlined how money flowed on a "circuitous" route from Chinese intelligence to a front company to Lippo to John Huang to the DNC. Plus, in 1993 Al Gore met with the "head of Beijing's alleged espionage front." 3) All three morning shows skipped a Washington Times report liking Huang and Trie to money from the Chinese military and gave only seconds to the NY Times story on Chinese spying in 1995. 4) ABC claimed Zhu Rongji is a "delightfully appealing" and "witty" guy. CNN was impressed that he can ad-lib and joke about Chinese spying...."

Freeper Kieri on FoxNews 4/11/99 "...In his "parting thoughts" segment, Tony Snow (Fox News Sunday) made an EXCELLENT point -- cherry tree munching beaver got more airtime on other networks than CHINAGATE did!!..."

The New Australian No. 115, 12-18 4/99 Peter Zhang "... As more Americans learn about China's successful intelligence operations in the US and the disgraceful role that Clinton and his financial backers played in selling sensitive technology to Beijing for use by its military the more they will become incensed, despite most media efforts to suppress the scandal. (I consider the phrase "transferring technology as a weasel-attempt by Clinton supporters to evade the enormity of their actions. Fund raising is one thing - treason is another.) .... Now technology is useless on its own, being mere knowledge. Never mind, though, Clinton also helped overcome that little difficulty by allowing the sale of advanced equipment and the use of US personnel to train Chinese technicians in its use..... The real puzzle is not the spying but why Americans are tolerating a president who sacrificed national security for a bucketful of campaign funds. Americans should know that their president will be having talks with Zhu Rongji, one of the men who OK'd bribes (sorry, I mean campaign contributions) for Clinton's election campaigns. Do not doubt for a moment that Chinese military intelligence would have given this politically sensitive action the green light without permission from Zhu, Zhang and several other high-ranking party officials. Make no mistake, this operation came from the very top. Now these men would only have agreed to an operation like this if they had good reason to believe it would not be uncovered. But such a belief suggests that the recipients of the bribes (sorry, contributions) and those like Johnny Chung who acted as conduits for the money honestly believed they were protected at the highest level of American government. And the White House is the highest level. This is not mere speculation on my part, though logic really allows of no other conclusion, but comes from Chinese sources whose comments led in only one direction.... The truth is so terrible and embarrassing I believe it will never be publicly told. How can a nation like the US allow it to be known that a president engaged in actions that most other countries classify as treasonable?.... We must not, however, allow things to get out of perspective. China is not going to launch an attack this year, next or in ten years. Her ultimate aim at the moment is domination of Asia and the Pacific, not war and occupation. ...Those who believe that China is planning for immediate war against the US overlook an important fact: modern war can only be fought by countries with modern economies, i.e., countries in an advanced state of economic development....Time is on the side of peace and peace is what the Chinese people want. Rapid economic growth plus the free flow of news and knowledge, courtesy of technology, combined with a growing popular desire to be rid of the nationalist fist could bring about the kind of political changes that would not make China a threat to world peace. The present oligarchy lacks the legitimacy that tradition bestowed on German and Japanese militarists. Sure, these generals tend to be nationalists in the worst possible way but they lack, at least for the moment, the kind of hereditary respect that would legitimise their actions and rule. So there is real hope...."

4/12/99 Freeper report "...For the second time in four months, CBS-TV's "60 Minutes'' has issued an on-air apology for an inaccurate report about drug smuggling, this time for citing a memo that turned out to be bogus. The apology, delivered Sunday night by correspondent Lesley Stahl, was part of a settlement reached with a customs official who had filed a lawsuit against the newsmagazine, spokesman Kevin Tedesco said today. In December, "60 Minutes'' founder Don Hewitt apologized for airing a June 1997 story based on a British documentary about smugglers swallowing heroin in latex gloves to get past authorities. An investigative panel later found the documentary producers had faked locations and paid actors to portray drug couriers...."

WorldNetDaily 4/12/99 Joseph Farah "...I have been watching the polls like everyone else since the start of the U.S. NATO aggression against Serbia and scratching my head wondering how it is possible that so many Americans support an illegal, immoral, incomprehensible, nonsensical war. Like many others, I assumed the polls must be rigged by the war-crazed establishment press that conducts them. So I decided last week we would conduct our own unbiased public opinion survey, with the help of the respected pollster John Zogby. The results were not encouraging for anyone hopeful Americans can hold on to the ideals that made their country free and independent. It seems Americans now believe they have a right -- perhaps even a duty -- to impose their will on a sovereign nation, even when the civil conflict has no direct bearing on the vital interests of our nation. Americans believe the president has the power to direct such military action unilaterally, without the approval of Congress and the assent of the people. Americans, by a slim majority, even believe President Clinton, despite all his many moral and ethical shortcomings, and his failure to serve the military when called, is capable of directing such action. Watching the effects of 30 years of the deliberate dumbing-down of a people is not a pretty sight. Americans are now certifiably insane. They are crazy. They are suffering a mass psychosis. They have lost their own ability to discern right from wrong. ...Zogby says the numbers are understandable in light of what most Americans have been seeing through media coverage of the war. "What they were seeing was Americans being taken hostage, tens of thousands of people being dislocated somewhere between 'no-man's land' and Macedonia, and a defiant Milosevic," Zogby said. "Within this context, I think that it's fairly easy to see why a majority would say, 'Go for it.'" I was more hopeful that Americans were smarter than that...."

WorldNet Daily 4/12/99 Geoff Metcalf "... To compound the sin of the Clinton administration, the "unintended consequences" were forewarned. The CIA and the Pentagon both provided advice and counsel that could and should have prevented what could turn into World War III. However, notwithstanding the lessons which SHOULD have been learned from failing to accept advice from experts, the arrogant, myopic bumblers again rejected the counsel of the professionals -- and now seem surprised. John Ruskin once said, "Without seeking, truth cannot be known at all. It can neither be declared from pulpits, nor set down in articles, nor in any wise prepared and sold in packages ready for use. Truth must be ground for every man by itself out of it such, with such help as he can get, indeed, but not without stern labor of his own." Truth has become the first casualty of this NATO aggression. Once again, we see petty myopia obfuscating reality and common (regrettably all too uncommon) sense. Seeking truth has become an almost impossible task. I saw a chilling headline recently that stated, "The Fourth Estate has become the Fifth Column." Mainstream media has become a co-conspirator with the administration to shape, mold, and spin information, which is designed to defend, rationalize and validate policy, and action which is bad, wrong, and probably criminal..... Conversely, in this modern age of instant communication, commanders have the added challenge of denying combat intelligence to the bad guys. Hell, Saddam Hussein was sitting in his bunker watching CNN for contemporaneous combat intelligence. The grinding out of truth is becoming increasingly difficult. OUR media underreports bad news. Daily, (through the Internet) we are exposed to Greek newspapers overstating casualties. All the time, the elusive truth languishes somewhere between the yin and yang. The tragedy of the Balkans is real. However, it has been, is, and will sadly continue. Regarding those who "don't want to be confused with facts which contradict their preconceived opinions," it should be noted that the Serbian/Ethnic Albanian conflict is in reality merely an extension of the Crusades. However, this time, the defensive NATO, has for the first time in its 50-year history, acted as the aggressor, AND has allied in a religious war against the Christians. Even Cecil Rhodes and Clinton's old Professor Carroll Quigley have to be rolling in their graves over this brain flatulence masquerading as policy....."

The Washington Post 4/12/99 Howard Kurtz "...Critics have long complained that the Clinton White House deals with scandal by parsing the truth, holding back critical information and engaging in selective leaking. Turns out they were right, according to a new book by former White House spinmeister Lanny Davis. He admits that administration officials often withheld damaging information from him so he wouldn't give it to the press. In "Truth to Tell," out next month, Davis argues for "good," factually based spin over "bad," deceptive spin -- but concedes that some of his spin was "so transparent that it is amazing that we thought we could get away with it." The "truth" in Davis's title was elusive. He recalls a previously undisclosed conversation he had with President Clinton on Jan. 21, 1998, the day the Monica Lewinsky story broke. Paraphrasing himself, Davis says he told Clinton: "Do what you do best. . . . Take your case to the American people, tell them everything, everything there is to tell." Davis added that Clinton was "presumed guilty" by the press. But the president just nodded and was noncommittal -- and the author never takes him to task. Davis coins the marvelously bureaucratic phrase "deep-background private placement" to describe negative stories about the White House that he leaked to put the least damaging version in play. Davis's favorite outlet was the Associated Press, not only because it is "notoriously fact-oriented and fair" but because once a story was on the wire, such newspapers as The Washington Post and New York Times "would not be inclined to give it front-page play." ...."

AP 4/15/99 "...Americans sharply criticized newspapers in a national survey released Thursday that accuses the media of chasing sensationalist stories in order to sell papers. The report, delivered at the American Society of Newspaper Editors' annual meeting, found that 78 percent of the public believes there is bias in the media. Another 42 percent thinks there is bias in TV news, 23 percent in newspapers and 17 percent in magazines. In addition, nearly 50 percent of the respondents believe editorial decisions are made by executives who want to sell more newspapers....

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 4/16/99 Vol Four No 68 Freeper Brian Mosely "...1) Energy officials conceded on Thursday that the agency withheld from Congress crucial spying information, but only FNC found it newsworthy...."

Washington Post 4/17/99 Daniel Williams "...NATO dropped a veil of silence today over airstrikes that hit civilians in Kosovo. Spokesmen provided no fresh information but reaffirmed an account of the bombing that the Pentagon had already discarded as outdated and incomplete. For the second day in a row, the officials who brief reporters at NATO headquarters here said only one airstrike was made on one refugee tractor during aerial assaults Wednesday. The Pentagon said Thursday evening that alliance jets also attacked two convoys, possibly killing civilians, on a road well southeast of the site described by NATO. The result was that while NATO and the Pentagon have expressed regret over the airstrikes that Yugoslavia said killed 75 ethnic Albanian civilians, it remains unclear exactly how they were killed. The lack of new details fits the evolving character of NATO's handling of public information. For several hundred international journalists who crowd an auditorium for daily briefings, upbeat assessments of the war routinely overwhelm the sparse facts provided. Today, in response to horrific television images and printed accounts of devastated refugee convoys, a flood of good news was released. "We had one of the best nights in our campaign," said NATO spokesman Jamie Shea. "It's clear that life is increasingly unpleasant for Serbs in Kosovo." ..."

The Orlando Sentinel Online 4/18/99 Charley Reese "... Americans, exposed to hours of color images of refugees, now feel great compassion for the Albanians who have fled or been driven out of Kosovo. Indeed you would have to have a lead sinker for a heart not to feel compassion and sadness. But we have to remember that our emotions are being manipulated. There are, at this moment, several millions of refugees around the world, many of whom have rotted in squalid camps for decades. Yet, they don't exist in our consciousness, because no corporation chooses to focus the cameras on them and regale us day after day with the stories of their horrors. So sleazy politicians are able to get away with the big lie: This war is necessary because of the humanitarian disaster; because, they say, the president of a small country of 10 million people is a fiend. Listen, China invaded Tibet and has destroyed virtually 80 percent of its population as well as its culture and historical artifacts. Why did not, why has not, the United States responded to that humanitarian catastrophe with an ultimatum and bombs on Beijing? Simple: China is a nation of more than a billion people, with nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them. The United States' leaders are both cynical and cowardly. They love to bully little countries. They are scared of crossing any country with the means to fight back. They have become that most disgusting of human beings -- the armchair warrior, the barstool blowhard ever eager for someone else to fight someone....."I support the troops," people now love to say. Oh, yeah? Did they support those troops when Congress reneged on its promises to them? Did they support those troops when the government began to degrade and demoralize them? Just what do they mean by support other than that they are willing to break wind with their mouths in the safety of their home or office. Bombing and attacking virtually de-fenseless, small countries (we've bombed four different sovereign states in the past 10 months) does nothing but earn Americans the enmity of most of the world's people. This reckless and illegal behavior by a group of corrupt and incompetent American politicians will come back and bite us one day...."

Email Yandaojie Middle School,Chengdu China 4/16/99 Freeper cyberaxe "...We have a popular saying here"IF you want to watch a bad news to entertain,go to watch CNN".We are behind you,but can we just do in our way to better our life.Why should we be like you and why should you want us be like you?? Look the CNN and BBC recently,they are eulogizing NATO and US aggression into a sovereign country,regardless of the homes for Serbs and Albanians being bombed.Did any bomb dropped in Yugoslavia helped a single fleeing ethnic Albanian????....We can wait 100 years for Britten to return HongKong back to us,why your president cannot wait for a few more weeks to find out better solutions to deal with the Kosovo crisis with peace? Yes,we know you have money and weapons to fight. Since Bill cannot wait to show off his high tech weapons,why he sing songs of world peace and freedom? You can fight to solve the Kosovo crisis,can we learn from you and fight to take back Taiwan back? We will not for we believe war only can worsen things and deepen hatred and widen the difference and increase confrantation. I hope you and other people who has prejudice upon China can use some of those money(waging wars)to come and see what we are doing here to better our life.Do not be fooled by those so-called Chinese dissidents who just want to please your government for a visa to US or a green card to stay in your country.I am a famouse dissident here and I am very critisizing my government,but I am doing so just to help my country not to please US government and other western anti-China organizations or governments..."

The New Australian No. 116, 19-25 4/99 Peter Zhang ".... In the meantime, a media, especially the networks, that was prepared to do everything possible to destroy the Nixon presidency, even publishing stolen classified information, is largely downplaying the scandal in order to save Clinton. But this really amounts to playing Beijing's game I must confess that I am at a complete loss to understand what has happened to the American media. America has a president who is guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice; a president guilty of sexual harassment and who stands accused of rape and who sold out his country for campaign funds. Yet, by and large, the media, especially the networks, still protects him. I can only conclude that it too, meaning the reporters, shares Clinton's values and contempt for the security and wellbeing of the mass of Americans. I do not believe for a moment the media would have been so obliging if Clinton had been a Republican...."

Yahoo! Reuters 4/12/99 "...The families of three students killed by a 14-year-old boy during a high school shooting rampage filed a $130 million damage suit against several entertainment companies Monday, saying they influenced his behavior. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Paducah, claims that Michael Carneal, who pleaded guilty but mentally ill to the shootings last October, was influenced by computer games, two Internet-related operations and a Leonardo DiCaprio film, ''The Basketball Diaries.'' The suit names 25 defendants including Time Warner Inc. (NYSE:TWX - news), Polygram Film Entertainment, Ninetedo of America Inc., Sega of America Inc, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., and Network Authentication Systems Inc. and Meow Media Inc. Jessica James, Kayce Steger and Nicole Hadley were killed and five other students wounded during a morning prayer meeting at Heath High School in the Dec. 1, 1997 shooting. The suit claims that Carneal was an avid user of the computer, playing computer games such as ``Doom,'' ``Quake'' and ''Mortal Kombat'', which it said are known for their graphic violence. He also logged onto Internet sites to view sexually violent material, it said...."

Omaha World-Herald 4/20/99 Editorial "...EXCERPTS "The bombing campaign in Yugoslavia does not seem to be affecting Slobodan Milosevic nearly as much as President Clinton and other NATO leaders promised when it began. But the campaign certainly has been drowning out Notra Trulock. Trulock is former director of intelligence for the U.S. Energy Department. He gave shocking testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee last week. He said he had been demoted because he made too much fuss about Chinese spying at government laboratories where nuclear-weapons research occurs. The allegation of Chinese spying is nothing new. A House investigative committee had earlier turned up evidence, its members said, of Chinese nuclear espionage success dating back to the Reagan administration. Trulock's testimony was alarming because of the cynical political attitude about it that he attributed to superiors in the Clinton administration. He said repeated warnings about faulty security were "ignored . . . minimized and occasionally even ridiculed."..."

The Orlando Sentinel Online 4/20/99 Charley Reese Freeper Penny "...In the fog of war propaganda, let us remember the facts. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is in the wrong. NATO is in violation of the United Nations Charter, which forbids military aggression against a sovereign state at peace with its neighbors. Yugoslavia was at peace with its neighbors. NATO is in violation of its own charter because it was supposed to be a defensive alliance only. No attack was launched against any NATO country. The United States, which has orchestrated this war against Yugoslavia, has no legitimate vital, strategic or even marginal interests in the Balkans...."


The Washington Times 4/21/99 "...It was Secretary of Defense William Cohen's moment of truth, three weeks too late: The United States had waged a war it was not in any way prepared for. Worse than that, though, it had waged a war it knew it wasn't prepared for -- without telling the American people. In the Senate Armed Services Committee meeting hearing last week, senators made plain their unhappiness. "If the public knew our state of readiness or our lack of readiness, there would be an outrage out there; the fact that we are roughly at one-half the force strength that we were in 1991," Sen. James Inhofe, Oklahoma Republican, told Mr. Cohen..... Sunday's Washington Post reported there are 7,000 more Yugoslav forces around Kosovo than before the bombing campaign; Yugoslav communications and radar systems have sustained only minor damages, and some downed communication lines only take 24 hours to repair; only five air defense targets have been destroyed; and thousands of shoulder-fired rockets are still intact. That's beside the blunders NATO has made jeopardizing human life such as it is: mistaking refugees for Serb aggressors and destroying a civilian train; our stunning lack of preparedness for caring for over half a million refugees. Or, perhaps even more frightening, is the detail that the administration has yet to define what its objectives are in this war, other than to: "persist until we prevail."..... "We must proceed with this campaign," he insisted. This, despite the fact that Mr. Cohen has known from the beginning that the bombings would increase the ethnic cleansing: "With respect to George Tenet testifying that the bombing could, in fact, accelerate Milosevic's plans, we also knew that," Mr. Cohen said. This also, while ignoring the fact that bombing might not ultimately stop Mr. Milosevic's murderous activity: "Another point on Wes Clark when he said he never thought we would stop the paramilitary activities of Milosevic. We all knew that," Mr. Cohen said. And yet the president sent the U.S. military into war with Mr. Cohen's blessing...."

DRUDGE REPORT XXXXX 4/22/99 "...In a move that stunned even veteran media watchers, ABC NEWS late on Thursday issued a press release bragging about its increased viewership after the Columbine High School massacre! "Last night, 20/20 WEDNESDAY featured a full hour of reporting on the tragic aftermath of the school shooting in Littleton, Colorado," Dahlia Roemer, ABC NEWS Media Relations, said in the press release. "With the exception of the Monica Lewinsky interview, the broadcast delivered its highest ratings since premiering on September 16, 1998," Roemer declared, "easily outrating both Wednesday newsmagazines on other networks." The press release, that moved with the headline: ABC NEWS 20/20 WEDNESDAY IS HIGHEST-RATED PROGRAM OF THE NIGHT ON ANY NETWORK, even broke down the advertiser-friendly adults 18-49 demos. "I can not believe that they would be so completely insensitive to the victims and their families," one executive for a rival network told the DRUDGE REPORT late Thursday. "Bragging about the ratings and issuing a press release like this during such a tragic moment in the country's history? Disgraceful. Sickening." ..."


WorldNetDaily 4/22/99 Charles Smith "...There is no such thing as a good war. The war in Kosovo is being portrayed as a "good" war. The Clinton and Blair propaganda machine is spinning the killing in Kosovo as if it were some crusade to save lives. The only real images from the war in Europe were of U.S. planes killing innocent civilians, including Kosovar refugees. The TV set was filled with bodies blown to pieces by American airpower. The Clinton spin is that such things always happen in war, and that even if they were innocent women and children it was a "good thing" because we are there to save them. Where was the "good thing" spin when American viewers were treated to a naked and burned Vietnamese child, running away from a napalmed village? I don't recall the term "ethnic cleansing" being applied to the hill people of Vietnam, staunch U.S. allies in combat, who were erased by the genocide of the North Vietnamese Army. I do recall the wife of Ted Turner playing games with a communist anti-aircraft gun and NVA soldiers for the cameras. CNN missed that photo in their review of the Vietnam War history. CNN is leading the hysteria brigade to put ground troops in Kosovo, so where are you now, Jane Fonda? Clinton has no plan for victory, no plan for the refugees, no plan for peace and no plan for war. There were several logical alternative solutions. Clinton chose to ignore them all. The ultimate "come as you are" combat with the impulsive child-like "just do it" leader...."

Statement by the President 4/21/99 "...The findings of the damage assessment underscore the need to implement fully the Presidential Decision Directive I issued in February 1998 to strengthen security and protections at the U.S. nuclear weapons laboratories.... I commend Secretary Richardson for his efforts in this regard and look forward to the review of lab security I requested by the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, chaired by Senator Warren Rudman...."

The Union Leader 4/23/99 Richard Lessner "...The link between the Clinton-Gore campaign and Red China's military intelligence chief, however, may only be the tip of the illegal contribution iceberg. Millions in Asian money flowed into the Clinton-Gore campaign and the Democratic Party from sources connected to Beijing. The money trail suggests that the Communists used various corporations and business figures as cut-outs to conceal the real source of the contributions. It is this fund-raising nexus between Red China and the Clinton-Gore campaign that elevates Beijing's nuclear spying above the level of a garden variety espionage affair. Was the Clinton administration's inattention to security, and failure to act when informed of Red China's spying at our top secret nuclear weapons labs, related to the campaign funds that were flowing in from Asia? Already one Energy Department official has testified under oath that, when he tried to blow the whistle on lax security at the Los Alamos lab, he was warned off by a Clinton appointee, who ordered the man to withhold from Congress what he knew about possible espionage. The man was told that those investigating possible espionage were interested only in damaging President Clinton and his policy toward China. It also is highly suspicious that the President personally waived export restrictions on the transfer of missile guidance technology to China for two U.S. aerospace firms - Loral and Hughes - whose executives were among the largest contributors to the Clinton-Gore campaign....No, it's not espionage that is troubling; the Clinton administration's lackadaisical attitude toward security is the concern. That and the possibility our secrets were compromised for political motives and campaign contributions. So far, however, this scandal has yet to spark much public outrage. One reason for this, we suspect, is that the affair has been almost totally neglected by the major TV networks. Contrast this with the Iran-Contra scandal, which led the network evening news shows night after night, the Chinagate affair has been conspicuous in its absence. And imagine for a moment the media firestorm had Ronald Reagan or George Bush taken an illegal campaign contribution from the military intelligence chief of a right-wing dictatorship that was simultaneously stealing our nuclear weapons secrets! ..."


WorldNetDaily 4/23/99 Alan Keyes Freeper laz "...This was a dark week in American life. The shooting in Colorado last Tuesday punctuates the truth about the era in which we live -- a culture of death and dark satanic forces is threatening the future of our nation. We are already hearing the usual suspects rising to speak about guns and other material objects as if they are causing our problem, but we know they are not. Our problem is that a spirit of death is stalking the land...."

New York Post 4/24/99 Page Six Gossip "...TOM Brokaw found himself having to silence a fellow Fourth Estater at the Overseas Press Club awards dinner Thursday after the journalist lobbed questions at guest speaker Richard Holbrooke..... Despite a pre-announced press club mandate that Holbrooke not be questioned by journalists, Pacifica Radio reporter Jeremy Scahill - who was one of the night's honorees - tried to interview him as he stepped from the podium. Holbrooke refused to answer. Scahill then asked NBC anchor Brokaw, the night's emcee, and ''60 Minutes'' reporter Lesley Stahl to back his right to question ''this key player in the current war.'' Instead, the angry Brokaw rose from his seat and ordered Scahill to ''sit down,'' drawing applause from the audience..... ''His refusal to answer, along with the acquiesence of the journalists present, makes a mockery of the concept of free speech,'' blasted Goodman....''By injecting themselves into the issue, instead of remaining unbiased, they broke a cardinal rule of journalism.'' ..."

New York Post 4/24/99 RICHARD JOHNSON, JeaneMacIntosh, Kate Coyne "...THE bombing in the Balkans has been great for the ratings at MSNBC, and the folks at the all-news cable channel can't help gloat. "This is why we exist," anchor Brian Williams gushed to the Washington Post. "...If MSNBC is cheerleading for the war effort, it's understandable. Ratings, which had been sagging, shot up 103 per cent once the missiles started exploding...."

The American Spectator 5/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "....After leaving the Hill in late 1993, I joined Time magazine. After a three- month investigation into Chinese procurement activities in the United States, I discovered the sale to a Chinese state-owned aerospace firm, CATIC, of virtually an entire defense plant owned by McDonnell Douglas in Columbus, Ohio, where the B-1 bomber had been made. The CATIC deal was part of an audacious, and until then unreported, Chinese effort to buy cutting-edge U.S. defense manufacturing gear at auctions, as more and more defense plants closed in response to the Pentagon's defense build-down. My story was pulled by Time the week O.J. Simpson burst onto the front pages--but not because of O.J. The Commerce Department had written a letter to Time's editors (which I subsequently obtained), calling my reporting "one-sided" and "unfair"--all this before my story was even printed! Time fired me within hours. The American Spectator published my article some six months later ("China Shops," March 1995), and has since published nearly a dozen of my feature- length investigations of China's creeping infiltration of U.S. society...."

Insight Magazine 5/17/99 Jamie Dettmer Vol 15 No 18 "...By contrast, in all the words that have been expended on Kosovo since the NATO strike on Yugoslavia, there has been an all but complete failure by commentators and politicians alike to go beyond the polemical talk of the cold-hearted evil of Slobodan Milosevic and to understand why he is behaving the way he is, brutally driving Albanians from Kosovo. Nor have the collective fanaticism or dark fantasies of the Serbs been grappled with psychologically or intellectually -- in fact, the administration just tries to ignore Serbian support for Milosevic and to kid itself that Serbs are unwilling accessories after the fact as opposed to accomplices in the confrontation between their government and NATO. ..."

The Hindu 4/25/99 Thomas Abraham Freeper Jai "...The NATO missile attack on the headquarters of Serb television in Belgrade yesterday, deliberately targeted journalists and other civilians, but it has received remarkably little condemnation from western newspapers and media organisations. . . ."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** Friday April 30, 1999 (Vol. Four; No. 74) Freeper Brian Mosely "...1) NBC News considers hurricanes more threatening than potential nuclear annihilation by China. Not a word on NBC Nightly News about the New York Times bombshell about nuclear data transfer. 2) Clinton falsely denied spying took place on his watch and the New York Times revealed Justice delayed the search of Wen Ho Lee's home, but the networks refused to implicate the Clinton team. 3) Scientists at one of the national labs, with their identities hidden, told CBS News about lax security since the early 1990s 4) Today agreed to a one-topic interview of Bill Clinton, so no China questions, but the show rejected an actress's terms. 5) The mother of a student who survived eight gunshot wounds told CBS how her daughter affirmed her belief in God. 6) In the midst of calls highlighted by the media for more gun control, the Conservative News Service "identified 18 current federal and state gun control laws that were violated by the perpetrators of the Colorado school rampage." ..."

Washington Times 4/28/99 Inside Cover "...Will President Clinton's new gun law legislation, offered in response to last week's massacre at Columbine High, apply to his foreign supporters doing business in America? Previously, certain well-heeled Chinese benefactors seemed to have gotten a pass under Clinton's own 1994 Assault Weapons Ban. Tuesday the president said teens have too much access to the kinds of artillery used by Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris to mow down 13 of their classmates. But three years ago Clinton was playing footsie with a Chinese arms executive who was busy trying to smuggle AK-47's into the hands of American teenagers. .... But there's an even more chilling aspect to the Wang-Clinton meeting; one which the national media has ignored ever since the news first broke. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette was one of the few newspapers to report the bombshell development, running the story on its March 14, 1997 front page under the headline, "Arms OK preceded U.S. visit": "Washington -- A massive shipment of Chinese guns and ammunition, which had been banned by order of President Clinton, was approved for delivery into the United States four days before the head of a major Chinese gun company met Clinton in the White House. On Feb. 2, 1996, the federal government issued importation permits for a multimillion dollar shipment of more than 100,000 semi-automatic weapons and millions of rounds of ammunition."...The report noted that the Chinese were granted the waivers at the same time other arms importers from around the world were begging for the same privilege. Only Wang Jun got the green light. Even lawyers lobbying for the Chinese deal were stunned by their good fortune. "Suddenly there was a breakthrough," said one. "I can't account for it." ...."

The Union Leader 5/3/99 Richard Lessner "...Worse, the Clinton administration's criminal negligence in the face of this nearly total failure of security verges on - dare we say it? - the treasonous. The scale of our loss has been almost incalculable. This is the most important news story of the year. Even so, the Los Alamos case continues to be overshadowed by the tragedy in Littleton, Colo., and the war in Yugoslavia. It also may be that the American people - having endured Monicagate, impeachment, campaign finance shenanigans, Whitewater - are suffering Clinton scandal fatigue. Yet as worn-out as we all are with this scandal-ridden Presidency, this security is too serious to be casually written off..... As bad as this is, it is not the worst of the scandal. Lee's computer transfers apparently came in 1994 and 1995. Shortly thereafter, the Taiwan-born scientist became the prime suspect in the transfer to Red China of data on the secret W-88 nuclear warhead, the most advanced in the U.S. inventory..... The FBI began to target Lee in the W-88 theft in 1996. Despite this, he was allowed to keep his top secret security clearance and was allowed to continue working at Los Alamos. Despite the criminal investigation, Attorney General Reno's Justice Department blocked an FBI request for court approval to gain surreptitious access to Lee's office and computer files. At that point the investigation inexplicably stalled. Incredibly, in April 1997, Lee was promoted! Despite being the prime suspect in an espionage investigation, Lee was put in charge of updating the so-called "legacy" codes....... And now the FBI is saying it may be prepared to arrest Lee sometime in the next week or so. Is this delay intended to allow the suspected spy the opportunity to flee the country, as so many other witnesses in the Clinton-Gore/Red China fund-raising scandal have done? As we have noted before, what is so disturbing about this espionage case is the Clinton-Gore/Red China fund-raising nexus. At the very time the FBI was being thwarted in its efforts to investigate the Los Alamos security breakdown, the Clinton-Gore campaign was accepting campaign contributions from foreign sources linked to Beijing and, in at least one instance, directly from the chief of Chinese military intelligence. Did Janet Reno's Justice Department drag its feet in order to conceal the Clinton-China connection? Was the inattention to national security driven by political considerations? Was the FBI investigation blocked in 1996 to prevent this espionage scandal from becoming public during the Presidential campaign? ....."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 5/3/99Vol. Four; No. 75 Freeper Brian Mosely "...2) The CBS, CNN and NBC evening shows all ignored another New York Times bombshell, this time about how the Clinton team was warned about espionage last November but waited months to take action. ABC's World News Tonight gave the revelation 40 seconds. 3) On Meet the Press Tim Russert showed how the Times story contradicts Clinton. On This Week, George Will pressed Eric Holder about why his office refused the FBI's request to wiretap Lee...."

New York Times Magazine 5/2/99 Max Frankel Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...Domino theories and subtle diplomatic strategies may have guided the White House, but they don't explain Americans' willingness to follow the President into this new war. The reason for that is obvious -- on every television screen. It's those pictures of almost unfathomable atrocity that once again drive our politics. .....A few critics clucked about our inconsistency -- our failure to get similarly aroused about even worse barbarities in Cambodia, East Timor, Liberia, Sudan, Algeria, Rwanda. Did Asian and African slaughters not qualify for American response? What those challenges fail to grasp is that our responses, or lack of responses, are not based on consistency of policy. They're based on the tube. Television drives the public temperature // and cameras were either barred or scared away from those other battlegrounds. Hence there were no bloodcurdling images, and words alone failed to move us...."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 5/6/99 Vol Four No 77 Freeper Brian Mosely "...1) A Senate committee heard Wednesday from nuclear lab directors and probed delays in warrants for Wen Ho Lee, but only ABC and FNC covered it on their evening shows. Zilch on CBS and NBC. FNC's Carl Cameron previewed findings from another Senate committee. 2) Tom Brokaw actually asked President Clinton if Chinese espionage isn't "a bigger risk really to the long term history of the United States than Kosovo?" But NBC ignored the topic Wednesday after refusing to report two major NY Times disclosures...."

New Australian 5/2/99 Editorial Freeper Prince Charles "...As tragic events in the Balkans unfold, a self-righteous and untrustworthy media explodes in selective indignation while it begins to dawn on Bill Clinton and his flower-children (or is it flower-pot?) advisers that they have badly miscalculated. Facing the Juanita and Chinese bribery scandals is now beginning to look better to Clinton everyday. What this lot found inconceivable is that a thug like Milosevic might also have courage and determination. Of course he has...."

Investor's Business Daily 5/10/99 Paul Sperry "...Communist China plays a central role in three of the most alarming scandals facing the Clinton administration: campaign finance fraud, satellite technology transfers and nuclear weapons espionage. Yet when Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji visited the White House early last month, TV newscasters by and large passed on the story, now known as Chinagate, focusing instead on issues like China's entry into the World Trade Organization. It's not as if they didn't have a new scandal hook. Earlier in the week the Los Angeles Times dropped a bombshell: ''The chief of China's military intelligence secretly directed funds from Beijing to help re-elect President Clinton in 1996.'' Network coverage of the scoop? Not a peep. The Big Three - ABC, CBS and NBC - all blacked out the story on both their morning and evening news shows. Surveys show Americans get most of their political information from these networks' evening newscasts, which reach a combined audience of nearly 30 million...... At the request of Investor's Business Daily, CMPA audited nightly newscasts dating back to March 6, when The New York Times first broke the story of Red spying at Los Alamos National Lab. It found that ABC, CBS and NBC together have aired an average of just half of one story a night on the Chinese espionage scandal, or 31 total segments. ''There's almost nothing on TV, certainly nothing that's caught my eye,'' Noyes said. Why would the major networks beg off such a big story? Politics, contends MRC chief analyst Tim Graham. ''This shows the (TV) media doesn't have a liberal bias; it has a Democratic Party bias,'' he said. ''It gives complete, almost Secret Service-level protection to the president.'' ...."

Augusta Chronicle 5/08/99 Editorial Freeper newsman "... The specifics of the peace plan will take days or possibly weeks to negotiate, but it looks like Milosevic will allow thousands of ``ethnically-cleansed'' refugees to return to Kosovo and accept some kind of international peace-keeping force there. This is already being hailed by White House and NATO spin machines as a huge victory ``for the West,'' and a defeat for Milosevic. If the American people buy that, even with the Big Media peddling the party line, then they really are being brain-washed...."

The New Australian No. 118, 5/10- 16/99 Peter Zhang "....The most frequent question is: "What was in it for China." Though I had raised the same question myself, it was only in a rhetorical sense as I thought, at least by now, that the answer was obvious. Clinton gave Beijing a free reign and a guarantee that its activities would not be interrupted during, what he quaintly calls, his "watch" so that China could clear out America's military and high-tech secrets. Simple..... His approach to power and people is truly medieval, minus the noblesse oblige. Given this fact, and his support in the media, it is not surprising that reports made out to Chinese intelligence suggested that Clinton would be favourably disposed to dealing with Chinese representatives - for a price. Intelligence assessments were supported by Clinton's action, shortly after entering (or is it soiling?) the Oval Office, in asking all US Attorneys to resign. This unprecedented and dictatorial move gave the Clinton administration control over the prosecutorial machinery of the federal government in every judicial district in the US. No need to tell you who was impressed by this breathtakingly brazen move. Why Clinton even tried to appoint Webster Hubbel to the post of Attorney General. Imagine where that would have led. But what struck a particular chord was the way the American media acquiesced to the Clintons' manoeuvres. Beijing does not underrate the power of the Western media, especially in America. That, with the exception of a few lone voices, it was prepared to collaborate with the Clintons gave further assurance to Beijing that Clinton was able to deliver. ..."

The New Australian No. 118, 5/10- 16/99 Peter Zhang "....But what of the CIA and the FBI, asked some readers? I have no wish to be patronising, but the naiveté of the American public is almost touching. It didn't even notice that William Sessions, FBI Director, a man noted for his integrity and opposition to political interference in the Bureau's affairs, was removed as quickly as Clinton moved into the Oval office. There is no doubt that Clinton deliberately acted to chain the CIA and the National Security Agency as well as the FBI. One method was to have Clinton supporters in sensitive positions so that they could delay, if not derail, any budding investigations into Clinton's China operations. With these bodies effectively neutered Chinese intelligence would have a field day. Now being ineffective does not mean uninformed. These agencies new very well what Chinese intelligence was up to but were largely powerless to do anything. After all, what could they do when the commander in chief, the president himself, had, by his actions, made it clear that investigations into China's spying activities were not to be implemented. Just to make sure that nothing embarrassing emerged, Clinton appointed Janet Reno to head the Justice Department with the intention of sabotaging any investigations into Chinese intelligence operations. I should point out at this stage that several Chinese officials let it drop that they believed Clinton was blackmailing Reno over certain activities concerning her personal life. Whatever the truth of the matter, Reno's role as the last of Clinton's gatekeepers, so to speak, has more than satisfied Beijing's expectations by thoroughly corrupting the Justice Department and blocking FBI requests...."


Investors Business Daily 5/10/99 Paul Sperry "...Communist China plays a central role in three of the most alarming scandals facing the Clinton administration: campaign finance fraud, satellite technology transfers and nuclear weapons espionage. Yet when Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji visited the White House early last month, TV newscasters by and large passed on the story, now known as Chinagate, focusing instead on issues like China's entry into the World Trade Organization. It's not as if they didn't have a new scandal hook. Earlier in the week the Los Angeles Times dropped a bombshell: ''The chief of China's military intelligence secretly directed funds from Beijing to help re-elect President Clinton in 1996.'' Network coverage of the scoop? Not a peep. The Big Three - ABC, CBS and NBC - all blacked out the story on both their morning and evening news shows....."

Investors Business Daily 5/10/99 Paul Sperry "...''There's almost nothing on TV, certainly nothing that's caught my eye,'' Noyes said. Why would the major networks beg off such a big story? Politics, contends MRC chief analyst Tim Graham. ''This shows the (TV) media doesn't have a liberal bias; it has a Democratic Party bias,'' he said. ''It gives complete, almost Secret Service-level protection to the president.'' Rendall argues that other big news, such as the Kosovo war and Colorado school shootings, have crowded out the China story. He says the heavier Kosovo coverage, at least, is justified. The Big Three networks combined have devoted an average of 20 stories a night (699 total) to Kosovo since NATO bombing started on March 24, CMPA says. By contrast, they aired an average of 24 stories a night (73 total) on the Colorado shootings in the three days after the tragedy. Graham argues China, not Kosovo, ''should be the most important news story of 1999,'' because it has more direct bearing on U.S. security. ''For 50 years we panicked over the threat of Soviet missiles targeted at us. This dramatic Chinese technological leap puts us back into that era of mutually assured destruction,'' he said. ''This could be the start of the next Cold War.'' Noyes agreed: ''It's a massive story...."

Investors Business Daily 5/10/99 Paul Sperry "...Does it matter then that TV news producers are yawning? Yes, media analysts say. Fully 70% of Americans say they get their political information from the evening news - not newspapers, a 1992 University of Michigan poll shows. ''When the TV news passes on a big story, as it has on this China story, it has little chance of breaking into the public's consciousness,'' Noyes said. The thin coverage contrasts starkly with that of past foreign policy scandals. Consider the nonstop play received by Iran-Contra, which revolved around allegations that the Reagan White House was secretly selling arms to Iran and using the profits to back Nicaraguan freedom fighters. Another goal was to try to free hostages held by Islamic terrorists in Beirut. The networks carried the 1987 congressional hearings live. In 1997, in contrast, they refused to provide live coverage of the GOP-led Senate hearings on illegal Chinese donations to the Clinton-Gore re-election effort. Only the Fox News Channel offered live coverage..... ''The more damaging the news is to Clinton,'' he said, ''the less play it gets.'' ....''The network news is constantly scaring us about fatty cheese fries and sport utility vehicles,'' Graham quipped, ''but not Chinese nuclear espionage.'' ..." 5/9/99 "....Now that it's clear America's nuclear security has gone up in smoke, it may be time to borrow a phrase from the Great Chicago Fire and ponder the role of former Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary and her onetime cash cow, Johnny Chung. Recent media reports have focused on the $300,000 Chung received from Chinese military intelligence and the $35,000 of that sum (at least) that found its way into Democratic National Committee coffers. But the press seems to be suffering a bout of collective amnesia regarding information on Chung it reported two years ago, which points to a much more direct financial connection to Mrs. O'Leary -- and even a member of the First Family. O'Leary was in charge of security policy at U.S. nuclear labs where Newsweek, for instance, has now described the Chinese penetration as "total". Here's what's been on the record about the Chung-O'Leary money trail for nearly two years: "No less startling was Mr. Chung's allegation that the Democratic Party was not the only player with a ravenous appetite for money. He also described how he was, in effect, shaken down for a $25,000 donation to Africare, a charitable organization supported by the Energy Secretary at the time, Hazel O'Leary." (New York Times -- Aug. 22, 1997) Here's how Chung himself put it, in an exchange with NBC's Tom Brokaw days before the Times report: BROKAW: Were you surprised when someone could get you in to see Hazel O'Leary if you would write a check to her favorite charity? CHUNG: I begin to understand a little bit, but I am still a little bit suprised. BROKAW: Yeah. Who picked up the check? CHUNG: There's one gentleman, present himself as the Energy Department official, and said I'm here to pick it up, the $25,000 check... BROKAW: To Africare? CHUNG: To Africare. BROKAW: A charity that the Energy Secretary supports, she sends over somebody from the Energy Department to pick it up, and you get a meeting with her with a very prominent Chinese petrochemical official? CHUNG: Yes. (Investor's Business Daily -- Aug. 26, 1997.....


Media Resource Center 5/11/99 Brent Baker Vol Four, No 80 "...1) ABC, CBS and NBC all noted how the NRA was not invited to the White House summit and that "Hollywood's prime movers who've shown up at Clinton fundraisers" didn't accept their invitations. 2) No broadcast network, not even NBC, picked up Monday morning or night on Richardson's concession on Meet the Press that Clinton's denial of espionage during his term was false. But even the liberal Boston Globe put it above the fold. 3) FNC's Carl Cameron previewed Johnny Chung's testimony, relaying he will "testify that the Chinese claimed they had funneled money to Clinton through...former White House aide Mark Middleton." 4) NBC's Tim Russert appeared on Imus in the Morning and condemned the Clinton team: "You don't spin your way out of national security breaches." He labeled Chinese fundraising "a damn problem." But Today and Nightly News refuse to report any of it...." 5/12/99 "...Breaking a 14 month media silence about the events surrounding her sexual assault by President Clinton, on Tuesday Kathleen Willey linked two friends of the president to separate episodes of witness intimidation. Appearing on CNBC's "Hardball" with Chris Matthews, Willey alleged that former Commerce Secretary and longtime Clinton operative Mickey Kantor had threatened her friend Julie Hiatt Steele to get her to change her story. Willey said that she was persuaded to go public with her own account in March 1998 only when producers for CBS's "60 Minutes" unearthed Kantor's involvement and shared the information with her: "They told me that my friend Julie Steele had been approached by a very high ranking member of the Clinton administration questioning her about the conditions of the adoption of her child.....I decided that no woman, no person, no mother should be threatened with her child. And that was the reason I did "60 Minutes". Willey said that "60 Minutes" producers specifically identified the administration official to her as Kantor. She told Matthews that "60 Minutes" had promised to expose the cover-up as part of the same episode where she described her assault by Clinton but instead CBS decided to withold the Kantor bombshell...."

CREATORS SYNDICATE, INC. 5/12/99 Dr. Paul Craig Roberts "....Adultery, sexual promiscuity and lying now bear the presidential seal of approval..... Clinton has established that perjury and obstruction of justice are not sufficient grounds for removing a president from office.....Clinton might be the first president to commit treason.... Clinton is using a totally politicized Justice Department to prevent an investigation and has bottled up Congress' own investigation by refusing to release the Cox report. Both Congress and the media have acquiesced to Clinton's refusal to be held accountable, further strengthening the precedent that the president is accountable only to polls. Clinton is the first to turn the White House into a campaign operation, not only selling the Lincoln bedroom, but also U.S. policy. Using an obscure law, Clinton made a national monument in Utah out of billions of dollars of non-polluting coal deposits. The direct benefactor was the Indonesian/Chinese Lippo Group -- another source of Clinton's illegal campaign contributions -- which owns the other major deposits of environmentally safe coal. Clinton has politicized the FBI. The bureau acquiesced in the Clinton administration's illegal demand for hundreds of files on Republicans. The FBI also helped Bill and Hillary Clinton cover up the purge and illegal prosecution of White House Travel Office personnel..... Clinton politicized the IRS and ordered audits of conservative think tanks and organizations. Clinton has politicized the NATO alliance, turning a defensive European alliance into an aggressor in behalf of a Muslim drug gang in Kosovo, a province of Serbia....The casualties are mainly civilians, making Clinton the first American president who is a war criminal under the charter of the International Criminal Court.... Clinton has established that the morality of the liberal elites is an issue-driven morality. For liberals, morality is determined by a person's position on homosexual rights, the radical feminist agenda, minority privileges and the Second Amendment, not by personal behavior. Clinton has established that the U.S. media has no integrity...... For example, infuriated Canadians have called for a criminal investigation by the Justice Department of the sale of infected blood from prison inmates in Arkansas while Clinton was governor of the state....The Canadian call has gone unheeded, both by the Justice Department and the U.S. media...Clinton is the first president to be held in contempt of court by a federal judge....."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 5/12/99 Vol Four No 81 Freeper Brian Mosely "...1) ABC, CNN, FNC and NBC covered Johnny Chung's House testimony Tuesday night, but not CBS or MSNBC's News with Brian Williams. ABC highlighted how Chung blamed the campaign finance system. 2) Of the three cable news channels only FNC carried Chung live for more than 20 minutes. MSNBC avoided live coverage but provided live updates on a crowd awaiting singer Ricky Martin. 3) Nothing about Chung Wednesday morning on Today or GMA. Tuesday morning only CBS's This Morning uttered his name...."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 5/13/99 Vol Four No 82 "..." 3) Only FNC cared that a top Democrat criticized Justice for turning down the FBI's warrant request for Wen Ho Lee. FNC's Carl Cameron exclusively revealed how the Clinton team ignored evidence about misuse of plutonium by North Korea. 4) No Chung on Wednesday's morning shows, but they had time for a story about a beach party for a furniture store's staff and a discussion about Star Wars toys. CNS picked up how Chung's sentencing judge said if the DNC didn't know then they were dumb. .... Cameron began his May 12 story over video of a nuclear plant in North Korea: "Classified intelligence data about this North Korean nuclear energy reactor, Fox News has learned, was ignored by the Clinton administration just last year. The administration pushed forward with funding for a new cleaner reactor for North Korea even though there was evidence that the North Koreans were using the old reactor's plutonium fuel rods for weapons development instead of sending the material to the new facility for energy production. Sources say there was a huge debate about withholding funds for the new project, but the White House insisted on going ahead anyway." Jumping to Chinese espionage, Cameron showed how at a Senate hearing ignored by the other networks Energy official Mary Ann Sullivan said her department followed proper procedure in deferring the espionage investigation to the FBI. Cameron picked up: "But the FBI says it was denied wiretaps and search warrants by Justice Department brass. That had Attorney General Janet Reno called on the congressional carpet and blasted by members of both parties." .....Cameron concluded with this intriguing development: "Senators were supposed to receive a top secret briefing from House lawmakers who conducted an in depth investigation of China's nuclear espionage, but at the last minute sources say Democratic Senators urged House Democrats not to show up to brief them and the meeting was canceled."...." 5/14/99 "....Host of MSNBC's "Internight" John Gibson resigned yesterday in a flap over the channel's extensive and continued coverage of the Columbine High School shooting. In recent weeks, Gibson's show became a pulpit for experts decrying America's "toxic culture." In a show aired only two days ago, the embittered Gibson argued with screenwriter Paul Chlosky over the extent to which Chlosky's morbid and oft-violent scripts affect the children. Gibson's sudden decision to resign from MSNBC was explained in a press release issued Wednesday morning: "The news media must take partial blame for incidents such as the Columbine shooting. ... The entertainment industry sells fantasy. We sell reality. By placing images of bloodied high school students on loop in an attempt to boost our ratings, we are telling potential killers that their criminal handiwork will help them achieve the attention and notoriety they seek. ... When we as reporters encourage grieving parents to abandon their families the day after losing their children to discuss how it makes them feel, we have lost our journalistic integrity. I no longer wish to be a part of this exploitation." ..."

The Indian Express 5/14/99 Stephen Abbott "...The recent announcement of Yugoslavia's leadership that they have begun a partial withdrawal from Kosovo was met with an immediate denounciation from NATO. Officials of the newly-aggressive military organization stated that it "wasn't enough", and even called into question whether it was "real", saying that it was simply a few busloads of soldiers being paraded back to Belgrade for the media's benefit. What isn't real, and is in fact surreal, is the ongoing, uncritical reaction of the western media to this and other Kosovo-related stories. With hardly any tough questioning from reporters, everything NATO spokesmen say seems to be given the status of scripture, and is rarely questioned....What isn't making the news is the Serbian side of the equation, and there is more to this side than simply some quaint 19th century romantic "mythical" attachment to Kosovo. The issue runs far deeper than that, and NATO's use of brute force against Yugoslavia has greater and more complicated consequences, for both NATO and the world community of nations, than the media are letting us know...."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 5/14/99 Vol Four no 83 Freeper Brian Mosely "...2) Another spy suspect, Peter Lee, passed on submarine tracking secrets in 1997. The New York Times called his case "significant" because it showed China obtained secrets during Clinton's second term. But only FNC and Fox News Sunday have explored his case. 3) In his book, The Century, Peter Jennings attacked Ronald Reagan from the left: "To the problems of homelessness, AIDS, the skyrocketing budget deficits and a frightening arms build-up could now be added a morally suspect foreign policy."..."

***Media Research Center Special Alert*** 5./16/99 "...MRC Ad in Today's New York Times. The Sunday, May 16 New York Times features a full-page ad, on the back of the Week in Review section, from the Media Research Center. That's page 18 of section 4. Across the top of the page the ad, put together by MRC Marketing Director Bonnie Goff, asks: "ABC, CBS, and NBC... Why are you not reporting THE IMPORTANT NEWS?" Below of photos of leading network news personalities, including Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer and Brian Williams, the ad showcases an "Open Letter to ABC, CBS, and NBC" from the MRC's Chairman: If the Fox News Channel and the nation's most prestigious newspapers -- the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, and the Washington Times -- can report story after story over the past year about important dates, facts, people, hearings, testimonies, documents, evidence, and events involved in the Chinese espionage case...Why can't you? Why are you ignoring what is one of the most serious and frightening news events this country has faced in decades? The Media Research Center has been monitoring and documenting your absolutely horrendous record for reporting the story to the American people in your evening and morning news shows. On mornings when newspapers delivered major espionage revelations, your networks dedicated more coverage to beavers chewing down trees at the Jefferson Memorial, the latest weight loss pill, and celebration tips for New Year's Eve 1999. On March 8, 1999, referring to the New York Times article first disclosing Chinese espionage, NBC's own Washington Bureau Chief Tim Russert told MSNBC's John Hockenberry: "I said, 'This is dead serious. Why aren't people reacting to it?' Front page of the New York Times on Saturday. I assumed by Sunday the country would be aghast by it and talking about it..." "Why?" he asks. It's because most Americans still don't even know about the espionage. More than half of them get their news from TELEVISION -- and ABC, CBS, and NBC aren't reporting it like they should -- like they would, were it any other Administration. Stop your bias. Report the real news! Sincerely, L. Brent Bozell III, Chairman Media Research Center...."

"Our job is to give people not what they want, but what WE decide they ought to have." -Former President of CBS news Richard Salant. Referance- 'Free American Newsmagazine', Feb. 1998, Pg. 53 (MRC 5/16/99)

"We in the press like to say we're honest brokers of information, and it's just not true. The press does have an agenda." -Bernard Goldberg, Commentator, CBS, '48 Hours' program. Reference-'The Media's Middle Name is Not Objectivity", TV Guide, June 13-19, 1992: and "The old argument that the news networks and other 'media elites' have a liberal bias is so blatantly true...It comes naturally to most reporters". -Goldburg in the 'Wall street Journal', op-ed piece (MRC 5/16/99)

"To hell with the news. I'm no longer interested in the news. I'm interested in causes. We don't print the truth. We don't pretend to print the truth." -Ben Bradlee, former executive editor of the Washington Post, at a symposium of the Smithsonian Institution. Reference- 'The News Manipulators', 1993, Pg. 179 (MRC 5/16/99)

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 5/17/99 Vol Four No 84 Freeper Brian Mosely "...1) A leak to the AP of the Cox Report generated a bit of coverage with CNN highlighting the spin that its findings are "inflated." On This Week Cox condemned the administration's leaks and spin. 2) "China is close to deploying a nuclear missile with a warhead whose design draws on stolen American secrets," the New York Times disclosed Friday. Today gave it 12 seconds, GMA just ten and all three broadcast networks ignored it Friday night..."

Roll Call 5/18/99 Stuart Rothenberg Freeper John Thacker "...Explaining floor votes as solely a function of NRA muscle also ignores the values and views of Members. Couldn't some Representatives and Senators actually oppose new gun laws because they've decided such laws don't work, violate the spirit of the Constitution or fail to address the major reasons for gun violence? Does every anti-gun control vote have to involve merely caving into the National Rifle Association?..."

Freeper Aloha Ronnie 5/18/99 observes "....... FoX News Channel's THE O'REILLY be repeated at 10:00PM PDT....asks why are ABC, NBC & CBS refusing to cover the China Espionage/POTUS Story for the American People? Why are they protecting POTUS? On April 4th the LA Times published a Front Page Johnny Chung Story that the Head of Red China's Military Intelligence give him $300,000 to give to POTUS....a story which ABC & NBC only covered after Chung's Congressional TV Testimony about this...and CBS NEVER covered. On defense Al Primo-Peter Arnett's new boss at"The Big 3 Networks do not have the time or the guys to investigate stories like POTUS lies!..."

The American Spectator Online 5/18/99 Online Prowler Freeper denydenydeny "... How seriously is the White House taking the ever-breaking revelations of Chinese espionage against U.S. nuclear programs? Clinton has personally installed former Monica spinmeister and White House counsel James Kennedy to lead the White House defense against its latest media blowout. Reporters covering the burgeoning spy scandal report receiving almost daily calls from Kennedy, nit-picking perceived or imagined factual errors and slights against the administration. "He's worse than Lanny Davis, and that's saying a lot," says one long-time national security reporter...."

Freeper truthkeeper 5/18/99 on Foxnews O'Reilly Factor "...O'Reilly: "There's a bias toward establishment power so they can keep access...they are licensed by the government...I don't think they want to "T" anybody off." Primo: "I think you hit the nail on the head, Bill." "I think the Internet is poised to take over the dissemination of news." "The networks don't have the resources to do investigative reporting."..."

The Times Of India 5/19/99 K SUBRAHMANYAM "....A new situation is developing with the international system becoming unipolar and serious imbalances developing in terms of weapon capabilities between NATO and the rest of the world. The US is now able to wage a war devastating the infrastructure of Yugoslavia without itself suffering any combat casualties....The type of war waged against Yugoslavia is specifically tailored to subdue countries which have reached a certain stage of industrialisation..... The war is against the whole of the Yugoslav nation to cripple its infrastructure, its power and water supply, its industries and to pollute extensively air, soil and water. This is a crime worse than that which Slobodan Milosevic is accused of....... Accompanying this high technology campaign is the shrill international propaganda war through the international media to project to the world that black is white. While the suffering of refugees is extensively portrayed, not much is shown on the effects of thousands of bombs rained on Yugoslavia..... George Orwell's doublespeak and Aldous Huxley's conditioning are today practised with a vengeance. Information is shaped and used to have maximum psychological impact to mislead both one's own and the adversary populations. Carefully doctored images portrayed on TV have a powerful effect on popular opinion. Having manipulated public opinion, the politico-strategic establishments cite that to justify their predetermined aggression..... The NATO document spells out that nuclear weapons are essential political instruments and their role is to create uncertainty in the minds of aggressors and demonstrate that aggression of any kind is not a rational option. If that is their purpose, what is wrong in India creating uncertainties in the minds of potential aggressors and persuading them that aggression of any kind is not a rational option. That kind of insurance has become all the more imperative in the light of the widening gap in the sophisticated conventional technology of war using accurate long-range missiles. The issue before India is whether it wants to preserve its sovereignty won after a long freedom struggle and should try to develop one sixth of mankind economically, socially, politically and technological according to the democratic wishes of the Indian people without the threat of foreign intervention of the type we see in Yugoslavia. There were a number of Indians who considered Gandhi as a violator of British law and order and they were content to enjoy the benefits of the British rule. That was not acceptable to the Indian population as a whole..... In the last one year, our relations with Pakistan have improved and the Chinese are coming round to appreciate the need for India, Russia and China taking a common stand against unipolarity and the wanton aggression against Yugoslavia. Those who talked about international trends towards disarmament should explain the thundering NATO document asserting the centrality of nuclear weapons and why an ecocidal war against Yugoslavia is being waged with hardly any protest from the peace movements. The international security environment has never been more threatening to the rule of law and autonomy of nations. The Indian credible minimum deterrent is the only insurance for our autonomous development in a hegemonistic unipolar world....." 5/18/99 Jack Cashill "....An alien monitoring our media from a different galaxy--even if he did have cable--would never guess that the most God-fearing country in the industrial world is none other than the good old USA. Here, some 60% of the citizenry attends church at least semi-regularly. In England, by contrast, that figure is down to about 3%. In surveys, more than 90% of Americans express belief in heaven and/or hell, devils and/or angels and close to 100% believe in God. Every weekend, from rural backwater to big city store front, millions of American burst out in effusive rituals of energy and enthusiasm that for many represent the most significant cultural expression in their lives. Our alien friend would never see this. Newspapers bury religious news as deeply as they can: The Star stashes it somewhere between entertainment and obituaries. TV avoids religious news altogether unless there is a whiff of scandal about it, say a minister who spends the Orphan's fund on hookers or an accusation of priestly child molestation, real or "recovered." In Hollywood, it's been at least 40 years since the likes of Audrey Hepburn or Ingrid Bergman played nuns or Bing Crosby and Humphrey Bogart played priests. And in schools, alas, religion in any form is about as welcome as head lice. (It could be worse I suppose. In the more "progressive" Canada, religious broadcasting has historically been illegal.)...What stemmed the hemmoraging of American Christianity was a cross-sect yearning to get back to the basics. Protestant churches, Southern Baptists most visibly, rebelled or reformed themselves as need be to avoid the disintegrating power of progressivism. In the process, they learned that the surest way to make news--maybe the only way--is to challenge the PC canon on hot topics like gender and orientation. This challenge has earned traditionalists the undisguised scorn of the media--Boycott Disneyland! Da noive!--but then again, the Magic Kingdom has never been the Kingdom these folks sought the keys to. ...Still, with or without the media, that old time religion will endure and occasionally revive itself. It had better. America can not exist without it...."

MSNBC 5/19/99 Norman Solomon From the perspective of a Cluster Bomb "...[Some legal scholars contend that the ongoing use of cluster bombs in the air war against Yugoslavia is a violation of protocols to the Geneva Conventions because those bombs are indiscriminate in their grisly impacts on civilians. The Pentagon acknowledges that U.S. cluster bombs are killing some civilians in Yugoslavia but claims that this does not violate international law because the intended targets are military.] A news article that I found in the May 8 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle reported that "the bombs struck next to the hospital complex and near the market, bringing death and destruction, peppering the streets of Serbia's third-largest city with shrapnel and littering the courtyards with yellow bomb casings." This was one of my few moments in the U.S. media limelight, so forgive me while I quote some more: "In a street leading from the market, dismembered bodies were strewn among carrots and other vegetables in pools of blood. A dead woman, her body covered with a sheet, was still clutching a shopping bag filled with carrots." I know, it's immodest to flaunt my press notices. But people don't get to see those sorts of news accounts very much in America! If the stories are reported at all, they're usually buried (ha ha) on back pages of newspapers and rarely even mentioned on the networks. ... BBC correspondent John Simpson has been reporting from Belgrade, and he did a rather brusque commentary that the Sunday Telegraph in London published a few days ago. "In Novi Sad and Nis, and several other places across Serbia and Kosovo where there are no foreign journalists, heavier bombing has brought more accidents," Simpson carped. He complained that cluster bombs "explode in the air and hurl shards of shrapnel over a wide radius." And he went on to say: "Used against human beings, cluster bombs are some of the most savage weapons of modern warfare." Cluster bombs like me could do without the overheated pejoratives, thank you. Fortunately, we hardly ever have to endure such indignities in the American press. But please don't forget the very real accomplishments that I can partially claim as my own. The next time you see a headline or hear a newscaster referring to the "air campaign," remember that my achievements are outrageously understated by such jargon. You see, I'm a 1,000-pound marvel, a cluster bomb with an ingenious design. When I go off, a couple of hundred "bomblets" shoot out in all directions, aided by little parachutes that look like inverted umbrellas. Those 'chutes slow down the descent of the bomblets and disperse them so they'll hit plenty of what my maker calls "soft targets." Before that happens, though, each bomblet breaks into about 300 pieces of jagged steel shrapnel. Sometimes, as a cluster bomb, I get a little jealous of the exaggerated notoriety that the news media confer on outfits like the National Rifle Association. They get credited with the proliferation of murder and mayhem. Well, they're rank amateurs! Piddling sidearms pushers! Compared to me, they're small-time retailers. I'm into wholesale. They don't know how to preserve, protect and defend the Grim Reaper as I do....."

edia Research Center Cyber-Alert 5/19/99 "...The Cox Report has been delayed some more by embarrassed Clinton operatives, Fox News Channel's Carl Cameron revealed Tuesday night. On Special Report with Brit Hume the host of the same name asked Cameron: "What about the fabled Cox report on Chinese influence and the spying scandal? What is the status of that?" Carl Cameron disclosed: "This is the report that says China both stole nuclear secrets and acquired through legal tech exports all kinds of U.S. secrets. It has been approved for release by the National Security Agency, the CIA and the FBI but the Commerce Department is now blocking its declassification and release. And there is some expectation that part of their objection to its release is their approval of exports of super computers to China. China has some 600 as result of Clinton administration policy and many of those computers have been used for nuclear testing."..."

Media Research Center/Washington Times 5/19/1999 Brent Baker "...While Washington Times readers woke up to the headline "Chung tells of China cash connections," the three morning shows did not utter a syllable about his troubling allegations -- though even the New York Times put its story above the fold along with a color picture of Chung that network producers could not have missed. Nonetheless, "Good Morning America" viewers were treated to features about the Gulf Coast as the show broadcast from Biloxi, Miss. The ABC program managed to squeeze in an item about how a Massachusetts chain of furniture stores flew all 1,300 of its employees to Bermuda for a one-day beach party. "Today" devoted most of the show to live segments with Matt Lauer on an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean Sea. Yet "Today," which ignored Mr. Chung, found time for Couric to talk with Latin singer Ricky Martin. "This Morning" allocated an interview segment in its prime 8am half hour to whether Star Wars movie toys are worth collecting. Last week ended with an ominous New York Times story on Friday about how "China is close to deploying a nuclear missile with a warhead whose design draws on stolen American secrets." Network reaction: "Today" gave it twelve seconds even though the show had Lauer live from the Great Wall in China. "Good Morning America" allocated a piddling ten seconds and "This Morning" skipped it altogether. Friday night: Not a word on ABC, CBS or NBC -- shows which had room for pieces on the baby rescued from the well in Kansas, record snowfall on a mountain in Washington state and people waiting in line to buy "Star Wars" movie tickets...."

Fox News 5/19/99 Matt Gross Freeper systs "...How is it that the news media is already suggesting that this Australian may get the death penalty while at the same time they are not even broadcasting or publishing anything about the Chinese spy who gave away our nuclear secrets?..."

National Review 5/8/99 Patricia Wen Boston Globe "...A 4-year-old Wellesley boy's loyal attachment to public TV's Barney ended up making him the surprised recipient this spring of a fund-raising pitch and ''agenda survey'' from the Democratic National Committee. Sam Black got this mail because his mother, Jody Black, included his name with hers last fall when she sent a donation to WGBH, the public TV station in Boston, never suspecting the station would then swap names with the committee...."


The Guardian (UK) via Drudge 5/21/99 Martin Kettle "....An angry Bill Clinton has told Tony Blair this week that he should 'get control' of people who could be encouraging press reports of splits between London and Washington on the Kosovo campaign. Reports of the unusually difficult 90-minute telephone call between the two allies surfaced yesterday in some US newspapers and have been confirmed by the Guardian...."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 5/21/99 Vol 4 No 88 Freeper Brian Mosely "...1) Soundbites advocating the Senate's gun control bill beat opponents by 3-to-1 on ABC, 2-to-1 on CBS and 3-to-2 on NBC, but unlike ABC at least CBS and NBC relayed how Republicans say the answer is "not more laws but enforcing current ones." NBC gave a Democrat time to say a Hillary Senate run would "make a difference ...on issues that she cares about -- children, families."....." 3) FNC's Carl Cameron interviewed Chris Cox and learned that "the threat to the United States is not years, but just months away." 4) The Tom Selleck-Rosie O'Donnell gun control spat: Guest actor hit with O'Donnell's vitriol. FNC raised how O'Donnell is a paid spokesperson for a huge gun dealer. Plus, we have video clips..."

Investor's Business Daily 5/25/99 "...Now that TV news producers and anchors have proof of one of the most explosive foreign-policy scandals ever, will they give Chinagate the round-the-clock coverage they gave Iran- Contra? Judging from their disinterest to date, don't bet on it. Big Three newscasters went into full feeding-frenzy mode when a Republican administration freed hostages in Beirut and armed anti-communist rebels in Nicaragua. White House correspondents teed off on President Reagan. In just one press conference, he was hit with: ''How has this damaged your presidency?'' ''How can you not know?'' ''Doesn't it look suspicious?'' ''Why don't you just come clean and be done with it?'' President Clinton was spared such a barrage at his March press conference. But Clinton could be asked all four questions just as easily...."

Investor's Business Daily 5/25/99 "...In 1987, whole newscasts were devoted to Iran-Contra. Not so with Chinagate. In fact, there's been a virtual TV blackout on the scandal, as IBD reported in the May 10 National Issue. The most recent example is Energy Secretary Bill Richardson's May 9 admission that lab secrets were indeed stolen on Clinton's watch. Evening news coverage? Not a word...."

Investor's Business Daily 5/25/99 "...The double standard shows up in White House interviews, too. Take the grilling that CBS News anchor Dan Rather gave then-Vice President George Bush in 1988. Referring to Iran-Contra, Rather complained: ''You've made us hypocrites in the face of the world. How could you sign on to such a policy?'' But when Rather interviewed Clinton on March 31 - just weeks after the Chinese spying story broke - he didn't touch the scandal. Not one question...."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 5/24/99 Vol Four No 89 Freeper Brian Mosely "...1) Fox's Carl Cameron related Sunday that documents "connect China's illegal campaign contributions to...Clinton with specific cases of Beijing's acquisition of U.S. military technology." 2) The Sunday interview shows focused on the Cox Report, but it only generated 58 seconds on the only broadcast show in the evening. Nothing on a Democrat calling for Reno's resignation. 3) Newsweek's Eleanor Clift complained about how the fuss over espionage reflected a plot to "distract from what was a terrific week" for Clinton and Gore on gun control. 4) NBC's Andrea Mitchell held Presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton equally culpable. Tom Brokaw asked Cox about connections between donations and espionage, but the question never aired. 5) Charlie Trie pled guilty Friday to fundraising charges, but CBS ignored it. ABC gave it 11 seconds, NBC 18. FNC revealed a relative of We Ho Lee is suspected of giving China stealth info...."

Washington Times 5/21/99 Greg Pierce / Inside Politics "...Brent Bozell, whose Media Research Center tracks liberal bias in the media, says ABC, CBS and NBC "are simply refusing to report" charges of Chinese nuclear espionage on their evening news broadcasts. "It's not that they don't have the story," Mr. Bozell told Fox News, which he said has reported the scandal well, as has CNN. But the "Big Three" broadcast networks are suppressing the story, Mr. Bozell said, while charges of Chinese theft of nuclear secrets from Los Alamos are "being investigated for the networks by the L.A. Times, the New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, all of whom are splattering this on the front pages on a daily basis." Mr. Bozell suggested news networks are reluctant to report on espionage by China's communist regime because of the media's "almost violent anti-conservatism." ..."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 5/25/99 Vol Four No 90 "...1) ABC and CBS, but not NBC, previewed the Cox Report Monday night but avoided the donation angle. Dan Rather complained: "With 20 years worth of blame for both Republicans and Democrats to go around, some in Congress are now singling out" Janet Reno. 2) FBI wiretaps, FNC's Carl Cameron disclosed, "indicate that President Clinton and China's President Jiang Zemin had agreed on how to spin the story if it got out." Blame "princelings." 3) Eleven weeks into the scandal ABC's Good Morning America finally aired its first interview about Chinese espionage...."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 5/26/99 Vol Four No 91 Freeper Brian Mosely "...1) Of the broadcast nets, only ABC led with the Cox Report and only FNC raised specific complaints about how Clinton policy made things worse. CBS relayed how China blames America's "right wing." 2) Pushing aside Cox NBC and CBS led with guns. NBC focused on the nation's post-Columbine mood swing against guns as represented by Rosie O'Donnell, Sharon Stone and a woman who called a Boston talk show, but NBC ignored many more pro-gun callers to WRKO. 3) In their newsier first hour on Tuesday ABC's GMA devoted nearly three times more time and NBC's Today twice as much time to a wrestler's death than to espionage. CBS aired its first espionage interview segment, but actor William Shatner got more time. 4) Investor's Business Daily illustrated the media double standard in Chinagate versus Iran-Contra...."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 5/27/99 Vol Four No 93 Freeper Brian Mosely "...1) Cox Report forgotten by CBS and NBC Wednesday night. Only ABC aired a related story. NBC focused on highway repair and hearing aide use. CBS watchers learned about a coin counting machine. 2) An ethics investigation will check allegations that a Defense Dept. staffer "faced reprisals...for offering key testimony to the Cox committee's investigation," FNC's Carl Cameron disclosed. 3) FNC's Eric Burns explored how "conservatives suggest that the story [Chinagate] is not being covered for reasons of politics... that there is a liberal bias at the big three networks." 4) Dan Rather slobbered all over Hillary Clinton on 60 Minutes II, urging her to run for President and gushing: "Once a political lightning rod, today she is political lightning." ..."

Media Reserch Center 5/27/99 L. Brent Bozell III "....Now that the Cox committee has produced a 700-page report, the verdict is in. The network "news" media are, overall, less than impressed. The Big Three each filed an obligatory story that night, but nothing more. More amazingly, only ABC led with it. CBS and NBC piled stories about gun control in front of it; teens packing heat beats the Chinese armed with multiple-warhead nukes. Actually, name a subject in the news, and the networks probably devoted more time to it.... It gets worse when you consider the dismissive tone of the stories, too. The night before the report, Dan Rather claimed: "With twenty years worth of blame for both Republicans and Democrats to go around, some in Congress are now singling out Attorney General Janet Reno for what they see as her failure to investigate the long-leaked nuclear secrets." Sorry, Dan, both parties did not open up the nuclear labs, and Republican administrations did not blithely ignore warnings of espionage for four years. The most atrocious attack came from Time's daily Web site update, where reporter Tony Karon flippantly began: "Where have you gone, Joe McCarthy, oh, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you....Yes folks, Republican efforts to warn Americans of the danger of fuzzy liberals in charge of the nation's political system - and its nuclear secrets - are about to go into overdrive." Karon added that "if the new 'Who lost China?' campaign is to have its own Alger Hiss, the prime candidate appears to be Attorney General Janet Reno."....The broadcast networks are beyond shame. But let's offer a couple of claps for the cable news networks, which actually gave several hours of air time to the Cox report, and the politicians of both parties who assembled it. Even so, the blue ribbon for Clinton-coddling spin goes to MSNBC's Brian Williams for this gem: "I heard someone ask rhetorically today that, 'Look. This is only gonna matter if God forbid, there is one dark day that sees the use, the all-out use of thermonuclear weapons on this planet, and so why worry?'" In the final analysis, Cox didn't fare much better than Burton on the boob tube. This only proves that Republicans can try nice, or try nasty. They can bleat about bipartisanship, or rain fire on the ramparts. Either way, the Democrats run the TV networks, and neither approach wins the day as long as they control the pictures...."

Washington Weekly 11/17/97 "...The most shocking and devastating revelation made by Bob Woodward's story Friday is that after Chairman Thompson announced two weeks ago that he was suspending his public hearings, the FBI obtained intelligence showing that the Ministry of State Security in Beijing -- the Chinese equivalent of the CIA -- boasted it had been successful in "thwarting" the congressional inquiry. How could Chinese agents be able to "thwart" an inquiry by the U.S. congress? The answer is not hard to find. One need only look at those who irrationally attacked Chairman Fred Thompson for his opening statement, where he revealed that there was a Chinese plot to influence the election. His statement was deliberately non-partisan, so there would be no partisan reasons to counterattack. But the interests of the Chinese intelligence agency would be served. Senator John Glenn said: "I think I have seen everything the chairman has seen, and I recall nothing to document allegations that China had done anything illegal." After the FBI offered to show the classified evidence to any Senator who wished to see it, Senator Glenn fell strangely silent. Even more shocking was Senator Glenn's offer to negotiate an immunity agreement on behalf of John Huang. How did John Glenn end up representing a Communist agent whom Senate staffers had been unable to locate? .....Chairman Thompson's landmark opening statement included a reference to the U.S. media. He referred to intelligence showing Chinese agents "attempting to communicate Beijing's views through media channels in the United States." It comes as no surprise, then, that network and cable news anchors took the position of Senator Glenn in ridiculing Thompson's allegation....... And there is at least one FBI counterintelligence agent who is so outraged by the cover-up of his superiors that he is now leaking to Bob Woodward....."

Email 5/28/99 from Carl Cameron FoxNews "...Thanks so much for the kind and supportive Email about our work on the China espionage scandal. Your feedback is very important and makes a huge difference. In the Spring of 1998 (long before the nuclear espionage story broke) FOX was aggressively reporting on Loral and Hughes and the impact of Clinton Administration export policy on China's ability to obtain U-S technology. It's tough sometimes to keep digging on a story that the rest of the media has already begun to back off on...."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 5/28/99 Vol Four No 94 Freeper Brian Mosely "...1) CNN and FNC noted how Carter condemned Clinton, but not ABC, CBS or NBC. No Chinagate on ABC or NBC. CBS made time for 20 anti- police protestors. An anti-gun control parent got a soundbite. 2) FNC: "The China nuclear spy scandal just keeps on getting more serious." Carl Cameron revealed an investigation of spying at two more labs under Clinton and an FBI official says to Reno: "Bull." 3) "Many of the [Cox] report's scary findings are open to question," insisted CBS News reporter Eric Engberg in a "Reality Check" he ended by scoffing at how China only has a few missiles. 4) MSNBC's Brian Williams relayed: "This is only gonna matter if God forbid, there is one very dark day that sees the use, the all out use of thermonuclear weapons on this planet and so why worry?" 5) Fred Barnes pointed out how Dan Rather was "slobbering all over Hillary Clinton" which demonstrates "liberal bias in the press.... what if it had been the wife of some Republican President?"..."

CNN Headline News 5/29/99 Freeper tsister "...About mid-way through the on-line audio version of Headline News, after the weather, there is a story about Saddam Hussein's eldest son. He (the son), is calling for the killing of American soldiers overseas. It sounded serious, even coming from CNN, but as you will see, it's deep into the broadcast. (I heard it on the television this morning, also.) ...."

5/28/99 Jay Severin MSNBC "...Do you know the biggest part of the China-has-stolen-our-secrets story? The fact that, incredibly, it was a one day story. This is odd, because Americans used to worry a lot about our enemies, and what they could do to us. And we'd get really upset if somebody allowed our top-secret stuff to fall into enemy hands. Just ask the Rosenbergs. BUT EARLIER THIS week we learned that the Chinese have purchased or stolen and shared with our other enemies a number of U.S. military secrets - giving them the ability to launch nuclear strikes against our cities - and we're like, "China? Secrets? Whatever." .....You might expect the most massive case of espionage in human history to create something of a stir. In this case, the monumental revelation followed "How to Score the Best National Park Campsites for Your Vacation" feature on the evening news. I guess since nobody's likely to nuke us before the weekend, why get upset? Since nobody seems to care much about our survival, they sure aren't going to care about the reasons why this is not a bigger story. Not to be boring - after all, the weather is so lovely - but here are two reasons why: We have no opposition party. We have no responsible news media. Generally speaking, in a democracy it is the job and the natural inclination of the opposing party to keep the other party honest, so to speak. Granted, in the case of Bill Clinton, such a goal would be virtually impossible.... As for the news media, the China story will mark the first moment at which establishment journalism (major newspapers and television networks) officially became house organs for the Democrat National Committee...."

Media Research Center CyberAlert ('Extra') 6/1/99 Brent Baker "...Now up on the MRC home page, thanks to Webmaster Sean Henry, a MRC MagazineWatch report by Tim Graham on the latest editions of Time, Newsweek and U.S. News titled, "News Magazines: Cox Report Close to 'Hysteria' and Fuels Extremists.'" Tim based his analysis on the editions of the magazines posted on their Web sites. The report begins: After months of scattered reports on Chinese espionage, the June 6 issues of the weekly news magazines weighed in on China, but not to fill in all the gaps for their readers. Instead, each emphasized how the Cox Report went too far and how our relationship with China is too important to be sidetracked. Time and U.S. News & World Report put China on the cover. None of the magazine included a word about the potential impact of the scandal on the Gore presidential campaign, but all three contained the same themes: 1) The Cox Report is overstated and inaccurate.... 2) Sino-U.S. relations are too important to be ruined by "extremists" in Washington and Beijing.... 3) Two of the magazines highlighted two other themes: Every recent administration is responsible for Chinese espionage, and Republicans are hunting for "scapegoats" to blame for Chinese espionage...."

American Spectator 5/28/99 "....But now comes the Cox Report and things are not so funny. Worse still, there is the fear that after losing nuclear technology to China the administration's Talleyrands, Albright and Berger, ably assisted by the President, will provoke a new Cold War. What makes the Cox Report a particularly melancholy occasion for me is that many of its revelations were earlier published in The American Spectator. Just as the Starr Report confirmed the Troopergate stories of Clinton's reckless libido, the Cox Report confirms accounts in the Spectator about this administration's illegal technology transfers to the Chinese and the Chinese's wide-spread espionage....Reading about the Cox Report's findings is frustrating business for me. News of Clinton's close relationship with the shadowy Indonesian banking family in control of the Lippo group was reported by Jim Adams in the Spectator years ago. Michael Ledeen began reporting on dangerous technology transfers in the early 1990's. Though it was not original reporting, Ken Timmerman reported one year ago that the Loral Corporation and Hughes Electronics had illegally given the Chinese sensitive intelligence on how to improve their missiles. In reporting that was original, Timmerman explained how the China Aerospace Technology Import-Export Company (CATIC) was throughout the 1990's gobbling up U.S. technology. In October 1998 he exposed 40 California companies involved in CATIC's commercial and spying network. Timmerman's reports began in March of 1995. In an astonishing account that should have caught many a government official's eye, Timmerman reported on how the Chinese bought an entire plant in Columbus, Ohio, where our B-1 bombers and C-17 heavy transport aircraft had been produced. He described how a Chinese procurement team was allowed to videotape assembly line equipment in the plant's secured area. In subsequent articles he has reported how the Chinese have, under Clinton's watch, repeatedly purchased U.S. defense production equipment at auction, often illegally. The administration has only prosecuted one case and even in that case it has not been able to recover the illegally exported equipment....."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 6/2/99 Vol Four No 96 Freeper Brian Mosely "...1) ABC, CBS and NBC stuck to airline prices and health news on Tuesday night, but FNC outlined how China obtained "better bombs through espionage, better missiles through illicit commerce" and though the Chinese arsenal is small, "it only takes one" missile. 2) CNN's Howard Kurtz used a magazine's "Red Scare" cover to illustrate how another media outlet agreed the threat from China had been exaggerated, but actually the magazine found: "The Cox Report is out, and it is frightening." 3) In contrast to CNN, FNC Fox Newswatch found that "on television Chinagate has not been covered very much." And a FNC panelist admitted her error in using false numbers to undercut the MRC. 4) "NBC News hosed me," Boston talk radio host Howie Carr asserted in recalling how 28 of 32 callers took a pro-gun view but NBC aired a clip of just one favoring gun control. "Juanita Broaddrick notwithstanding, NBC stands for Nothing But Clinton."...."

INSIGHT Magazine 6/21/99 Michael Rust "...Monica is gone and we don't even miss her. More than a year of media saturation of the sex and lies scandal involving President Clinton and former White House intern Monica Lewinsky ended with a whimper earlier this year with the Senate acquittal of the president.. . . . It's possible that carnage at home and abroad is harder to deal with than the pundit-ready questions posed by Oval Office hijinks. "Doing commentary on the war [in Kosovo] is much harder than commentary on Lewinsky," Larry Pryor, editor of Online Journalism Review at the University of Southern California, tells Insight. "It's very hard to be a trenchant commentator on something as complicated and nuanced as the war."..."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 6/4/99 Vol Four No 98 Freeper Brian Mosely "...1) NBC Nightly News never followed up on the Cox Report since its last story nine days ago, but Thursday night the show focused on the dying panda: "More than just another animal in a zoo, a national symbol of a Cold War that started to end with him." 2) Confirming the Cox Report's warning, FNC's Carl Cameron learned China is not only about to test a ground based missile but also a long range submarine missile very similar to the Trident II. 3) Investor's Business Daily revealed that Los Alamos has made conventional weapons technical data vulnerable by letting a private company put it all on CDs, but only FNC cared. IBD added: "During the Clinton administration, the number of Chinese nationals working at Los Alamos has catapulted 411%."..." 6/4/99 "...Reacting to Spike Lee's suggestion two weeks ago that NRA President Charlton Heston should be shot, Georgia Congressman Bob Barr has made a formal request that the movie maker be held officially accountable. Inside Cover has exclusively obtained a copy of a letter written by Barr regarding Lee's comment, which was sent to Navy Secretary Richard Danzig on Thursday. In it, the congressman asks the U.S. Navy to deep-six a seven figure deal it cut with the shoot-from-the-lip filmmaker earlier this year. Barr told Danzig: "According to press reports, the United States Navy has chosen to contract with filmmaker Spike Lee to direct the filming of a series of recruiting commercials. "It is bad enough that Spike Lee has a history of promoting racial division at every opportunity. However, his recent public comment that Charlton Heston should be shot for defending the Second Amendment is beyond the pale of any acceptable human conduct. "I request the Navy immediately cancel any contract with Spike Lee. Surely, in a nation with such a diverse array of talented directors and producers, the United States Navy can do better than choosing a divisive hate monger such as Spike Lee to direct its recruiting commercials." ... But Lee's "Shoot Heston" remark, along with his lucrative Navy deal, has drawn little media outrage to date. But for the efforts of New York talk radio host Steve Malzberg, who focused on Lee's remarks after the New York Post covered them deep inside their May 22 edition, the story would have likely disappeared. Malzberg's news judgement was vindicated when House Majority Leader Dick Armey took notice last week and sent out a press release denouncing Spike Lee's comments. Thus far Rep. Barr, a longtime defender of the Second Amendment and frequent ally of the National Rifle Association, is the only member of Congress to call on the Navy to remove the incendiary film maker from the taxpayers' payroll...."

WorldNetDaily 6/3/99 Tanya K. Metaksa "....Now when one Hollywood celebrity suggests that a Hollywood icon should be "shot" there are no editorials, no gnashing of teeth, just deafeningly cold silence. Has Spike Lee forgotten his civil rights history? As president of the Screen Actor's Guild, Charlton Heston led the Hollywood contingent of no more than 30 (including those that came from New York) to the now famous 1963 March on Washington. Remember most "parlor liberals" didn't participate in "the March." If Spike Lee knew anything about Charlton Heston he would have read his book, "In the Arena," and know it ends with an excerpt from Dr. King's famous speech. But America's civil rights history also has its birthplace in the struggle to own firearms..... But, there is the rest of the story. Because of this "racial incident" the Ku Klux Klan in 1927 lobbied for the passage of Michigan's first gun control law, which required citizens to acquire purchase permits after mandatory inspections prior to acquiring a gun. Guess who this law was aimed at? ....In self-defense the Monroe chapter of the NAACP decided to exercise their right to keep and bear arms. In 1957, 60 members of the Monroe chapter of the NAACP affiliated with the National Rifle Association of America. They received firearms training. And, when the Klan motored in for another night of tyranny, they came face to face with the Second Amendment. The terrorists failed that night because one right prevailed. You see, Spike Lee, the Second Amendment is colorblind. You may think it funny to suggest that someone who has been and remains in the forefront of our civil rights struggles should be shot. But I don't. I didn't think it was funny when Ice-T and Time Warner recorded a song called "Cop Killer," and neither did Charlton Heston. He stood before the Time Warner Board of Directors at their annual meeting and read to them the disgusting lyrics that advocated killing cops. You may not agree with Charlton Heston, but you know where he stands: fighting for freedom....."

Capitol Hill Blue 6/8/99 "...A weekend obscene temper tantrum by Cable News Network reporter Chris Black has members of the White House press corps shaking their heads. Black, rattled by an anti-Clinton protester during taping of a "stand up" on Sunday, turned to the protester and screamed "fuck you!" Witnesses to the event said Black's obscenity was clearly heard by a crowd of tourists and their children outside the White House fence. "It was disgusting," says Andrea Dobbins, a St. Louis area tourist who was visiting Washington with her husband and two preteen children. "I couldn't believe a member of news media would act so unprofessional in front of people, especially when children are present." Veteran members of the White House press corps say Black's outburst is a typical temper tantrum by the high-strung CNN Correspondent. "She's a hothead, there's no doubt about that," says one network correspondent. "If her talent was a big as her mouth, she'd be anchoring NBC Nightly News."...Black's outburst was triggered by an anti-Clinton protester who belongs to the Internet's Free Republican bulletin board. Accounts of the incident, along with a follow-up shouting match Black had with another protester on Monday, kept the popular bulletin board buzzing on Monday and Tuesday. "As Chris Black turned to walk away, I took a deep breath and yelled, 'Hey Chris Black, I thought you were a lady until I heard what you screamed at a protester and tourists yesterday,' " reported Free Republic poster Anglewood. "Boy, did I ever unleash a fury! She raised her left arm, must have changed her mind and turned around. She yelled and pointed at me and gestured for me to come meet her. For a minute, I thought I was being invited inside the compound, but she moved at warp speed still gesturing to me and yelled, "Come over here and let me tell you what that son-of-a-bitch did to me!" Anglewood said Black was obviously agitated and claimed the protester on Sunday had ruined her live shot. But news crews who cover the White House say veterans know how to ignore protesters and go on about their business...."

Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 6/8/99 Vol Four No 101 Freeper Brian Mosely "...1) A couple of hot days in New York City naturally prompted CBS to worry: "Researchers warn in the next century global warming could make these dog days a lot more common." The researcher: EDF. 2) CBS's Bob Schieffer and Dan Rather agreed that Chinese spying is serious and the Cox Report is important, but in explaining why it's not a bigger issue with the public neither acknowledged how little time and priority their shows have given it...."

Curt Weldon Website 6/8/99 "... Secondarily, Mr. Speaker, we have just learned that later on this year China will be testing the newest version of their long-range ICBM missile with a range of 13,000 kilometers that can be launched from a submarine that has the potential for a MIRV or a multiple reentry capability. This rocket, this long-range ICBM, the JL-2, is beyond anything they have had in the past, and it is almost a replica of the trident class ICBMs that we have used in this Nation. We did not think China would have this capability until several years down the road. We now have word they will test that missile, that ICBM, this year. Mr. Speaker, this is a very serious issue. The American people need to understand what is happening to their country. They need to understand the blame game cannot stop by firing lower level employees who are only following directions. The blame game cannot stop by saying it was industries' fault...."

Media Research Center CyberAlert 6/9/99 Brent Baker Freeper Normally a Lurker "...1) All but FNC skipped Chinagate developments Tuesday night. NBC's Robert Hager highlighted how "two environmental groups warned that global warming is heating the ocean, choking off marine life..." 2) Only FNC's Carl Cameron picked up on the charge that former Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary personally leaked secret nuclear weapons data to a magazine in 1995 and that Clinton plans to ease export controls on super-computers...."

World Net Daily 6/9/99 Joseph Farah "...The news hounds at CNN/Time sniffed at the blood trail leading from Arkansas state prisons to the hemophiliac AIDS killing fields of Canada and found no reason to inquire about the role of former Gov. Bill Clinton. Surprised? You shouldn't be. CNN is becoming known as the Clinton News Network. And this latest report -- full of errors of omission, rather than commission -- is a perfect illustration of why. The CNN report was not without some interesting details that help us sort out the jigsaw puzzle of corruption that permitted the contaminated prison blood to be sold on the open market in Canada and overseas. It reported, for instance, that the Arkansas state prison system was considered so bad through the 1970s that it was actually declared unconstitutional by federal courts..... What the Time-CNN report failed to mention even one time was the very thing that makes the Blood Trail story so volatile -- the governor of Arkansas at the time of this scandal was a man named Bill Clinton. Believe it or not, his name was never mentioned in the report. And Clinton's links with the blood scandal go deeper than just his role as chief executive of the state and overseer of the prison system...."

World Net Daily 6/9/99 Joseph Farah "...It was Bill Clinton's administration that awarded the contract to Health Management Associates to provide medical care to the state's prisoners. The president of the company was, naturally, a long-time friend and political ally of Clinton and was later appointed by him to the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission. Later, he was among the senior members of Clinton's 1990 gubernatorial re-election team. As part of the deal HMA struck with Arkansas, in addition to treating the prisoners, the company collected their blood and sold it. Because of the exploding AIDS crisis, U.S. regulations didn't permit the sale of prisoners' blood within the country. But HMA found a willing buyer in Montreal, which brokered a deal with Connaught, a Toronto blood-fractionator, which didn't know the source of the supplies. The Red Cross distributed the blood throughout Canada. Sales continued until 1983, when HMA revealed that some of the plasma might be contaminated with the AIDS virus and hepatitis. The blood was also peddled overseas. In fact, the Arkansas prison blood continued to be sold until 1994, according to the CNN report, more than a decade after it was discovered to be a dangerous -- often lethal -- practice. Arkansas, that bastion of progressive thinking that gave us Bill Clinton, was indeed the last state in the union to stop selling prison blood....."

World Net Daily 6/9/99 Joseph Farah "...Also missing from the CNN report was any mention of Michael Galster, the medical professional and author who blew the lid off this story with his novel, "Blood Trail." He charges HMA officials knew the blood was tainted as they sold it to Canada and a half-dozen other foreign countries. He also alleges that Clinton knew of the scheme and thinks he can prove the president benefited from it financially. Galster says Clinton organized a payoff plan to various officials, including a judge, to make sure the blood sales continued. He claims millions were made from the conspiracy because between 5,000 and 8,000 units of blood were shipped every week from one prison alone. He has eyewitness reports that inmates were even drawing blood from each other with dirty needles...."

Media Research Center CyberAlert 6/10/99 Brent Baker Freeper Normally a Lurker "...1) ABC and NBC picked up Clinton's charge that House Republicans are "taking orders from the gun lobby." ABC devoted a story to how the NRA ominously lobbied to put "loopholes" in the Senate bill. 2) Energy Secretary Richardson condemned new lab security rules and a top Democrat castigated a Richardson deputy for pushing Clinton spin, but only FNC's Carl Cameron took note. He revealed FBI agents accused Justice officials of "deliberate incompetence." 3) Countering the Clinton spin holding Reagan and Bush as equally culpable, Investor's Business Daily determined "the vast majority of the leaks over the past 20 years have sprung on Clinton's watch." And that's not counting recent cases kept suppressed...."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 6/11/99 Vol Four No 105 Freeper Brian Mosely "... 3) FNC's Carl Cameron revealed charges against several scientists could come soon and that FBI agents were "frustrated" by how Justice wouldn't let them stop Trie from destroying evidence. 4) Investor's Business Daily detailed how Clinton made it easier for China to get weapons technology. "Over the last five years, Justice requested a total of 3,657 wiretaps and/or search warrants to combat foreign spying. All of them were OK'd save one." ..."

Conservative News Service 6/11/99 L. Brent Bozell III, CNS Commentary "...Gun rights defenders often wonder how the media can be so hostile to the Second Amendment to the Constitution, while they so hallow the First Amendment. But do they really revere freedom of expression? Liberal media stars are starting to think it's time to "modernize" our classical understanding of free speech. Democracy, they say, can't function when wealthy corporations and individuals can buy more speech than the average American.....Former PBS omnipresence Bill Moyers has just returned to the taxpayer-funded airwaves for what must be his 100th special plugging "campaign finance reform," otherwise known as "How to Shut Up Conservatives with Money." Titled "Free Speech for Sale," Moyers began by lauding the First Amendment as "a great idea. It means government can't keep you from getting your two cents worth into the public debate. But what the Framers of our government didn't reckon with is that two cents doesn't buy much free speech these days. You can say anything you want today, but if you really want to be heard today, we're talking big money."

Notice that Moyers acknowledges each of us has the right to speak. But he's trying to create a new right: the right "to be heard." Now this sounds especially absurd coming from Moyers, whose own "private empire" has given us another 60-minute special without a word from conservatives who oppose his lobby-gagging lust. Moyers preaches the First Amendment means "government can't keep you from getting your two cents worth" in the public debate, but I guess it's okay if the government just takes your two cents to skip the debate and promote his personal agenda on more than 300 PBS stations across America....."

New York Post 6/13/99 Phil Mushnick "...But it doesn't much matter what Bob Costas thinks. Not anymore. Not since he has been identified, condemned and ridiculed as a sports ''traditionalist,'' a ''purist.'' ''How have we arrived at the point where a regard for common decency, humility and what we used to call class has come to be thought of as conservative and old-fashioned?'' he said. ''Why does that qualify someone as being hopelessly out of step?'' ...Odd how the Spurs are now identified as the NBA's best team. How can that possibly be? The team is woefully short on showoffs, taunters and those who would place their own sense of macho above the best interests of their team. They don't talk trash, yet ''trash talk is a crucial element of basketball.'' The Spurs are very difficult for media apologists and panderers to explain. Those who for years have winked at rotten behavior as displays of ''enthusiasm for the game'' are stuck. Could it be that the Spurs don't play with enthusiasm? Or is it that their enthusiasm for the game prevents any one player from demonstrating his enthusiasm for himself? Regardless, the Spurs will pay for this. Their lack of enthusiasm for the game renders them commercially unacceptable. They seem to be a team led and comprised of gentlemen. There's little chance that an advertising agency will be moved to attach any ''American dream'' images to the Spurs. After all, how can any American kid possibly be a Spur fan? What's there to root for? Good guys? What's there to sell? The grace and modesty of David Robinson? You're gonna sell that to the same kids who have made pro wrestling the top-rated show on cable TV? Forget it. Consider the desensitization process that has so terribly afflicted our sports, our sportsmen and our sports fans. ...."


***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 6/16/99 Vol Four No 108 "…1) The ABC and NBC evening shows ignored the report on the nuclear labs from the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board which contradicted Richardson's assurances and criticized Clinton team delays. It got 23 seconds on GMA and Today. 2) Dan Rather brooded about "prospects for passage of even limited gun control," but ABC's Linda Douglass pointed out how the "NRA's point man is...the senior Democrat, Michigan's John Dingell." 3) Despite the lack of network interest, a poll found 55 percent of the public "closely" followed the Chinese espionage story. 4) Dan Rather revealed on Larry King Live that while his show's first feed on Monday ran a Gore soundbite which made a false claim, CBS didn't tell viewers Gore was wrong. 5) Newsweek's Howard Fineman: George W. Bush is "a Republican running without anger, which we haven't seen in a long time." …."

The Washington Times 6/18/99 Mark Levin "…Deep Throat's stenographer, Bob Woodward, has written another book about scandals--laced with the usual purported statements from scores of unnamed sources. And The Washington Post ran excerpts on its front page for three days--which has generated considerable interest among political and media elites. I recall, however, that when Gary Aldrich's book, "Unlimited Access," hit the bookstores, the mainstream media all but ignored his shocking accounts of high-level misconduct. Instead, they questioned the unnamed sources of some of his information. Tremendous latitude was granted Mr. Woodward when he wrote a book in which he recounted wide-ranging discussions with former CIA Director William Casey. The problem was that Mr. Casey was apparently in a coma when the conversations supposedly occurred. Mrs. Casey disputes that Mr. Woodward had access to her husband when he was in the hospital--and the hospital apparently has no records of Mr. Woodward's visits. When Mr. Woodward's book was published, Mr. Casey had passed away, thereby leaving us with only Mr. Woodward's version of events. Moreover, Rush Limbaugh raised a key question of journalistic ethics the other day when he asked how Mr. Woodward could justify with-holding information about the Clinton scandals from the public in order to benefit financially from its later release in a book…..Perhaps the most telling insight we gain from all of this is that journalist Woodward--like Judge Wright with her contempt citation, and NBC with the Juanita Broaddrick rape allegation--withheld their information from the public until after it could affect the outcome of Mr. Clinton's impeachment trial. That, Mr. Woodward, is the rest of the story…."

Original Sources, 6/18/99 Mary Mostert "…"Many burial sites have been found," the fresh faced young spokesman with a British accent for one of the military groups said at the press conference. "But, bear in mind, there has been a war going on here." And, so we have people like Christiane Amanpour announcing what has taken place as an ethnic Albanian returns to the remains of his home, finding, he says, that 26 of his cousins have been killed and the home destroyed. Amanpour says the house was "torched." Perhaps my 29 years as a building contractor is showing, but the house was clearly a stone house that was stuccoed. I saw no evidence of wood. What I saw was a masonry building that appeared to have been bombed. Now, I don't know who did the bombing, but something more impressive than a match brought down that masonry building. We were shown grisly remains of humans - in fact the Albanian pointed to bits and pieces of hair and teeth and calmly announced that he could recognize his cousin from the teeth. Again, what I saw was broken bits of human parts which appeared to have been blown up. Was it the result of Serb mortars or NATO bombs?…"

Original Sources, 6/18/99 Mary Mostert "…One irate reader complained to Mike Reagan, "Is it really in doubt that literally thousands of Albanians are missing? Does one need to be a brain surgeon to deduce whose bodies are buried in those graves? I agree that the networks, especially CNN is happy to show disturbing pictures before they have all the facts but this story is so obviously transplanted Serb propaganda I can't understand how Mary presents it as factual. Why can't Mary understand that Albanians were slaughtered? Men, women and children shot, burned, and beaten. Unfortunately Mary's treatment of the Kosovo conflict reminds me not only of the apologists for Hitler prior to WWII, but also the modern idiots who claim the holocaust didn't occur. Today's story is just one more in Mary's continuing string of stories that attempt so hard to paint Clinton as the bad guy she has lost sight of the real crimes against humanity." Well, actually, as editor of the Michael Reagan Information Interchange, I simply posted a view, as I often do, from a source near Kosovo, this time in Slovakia - not Yugoslavia - entitled "The X-Files: Whose Mass Graves?" which pointed out that the "mass graves" are clearly marked with some kind of sign, perhaps names. Why does everyone assume that all the people in those graves are Albanians? NATO claims it has killed 10,000 Yugoslavian soldiers. Where are THEIR graves? The Yugoslav Army and the KLA have been blasting each other since shortly after the bombing started. How many of the "mass graves" are the result of those battles? We know of at least two instances when NATO killed scores of Albanian refugees. What mass grave are they buried in? …."

Original Sources, 6/18/99 Mary Mostert "…So, folks, you are going to be regaled with lots of stories in the next few weeks designed to convince you that Bill Clinton is a good guy who is telling you the truth about those evil Serbs. I don't pretend to know exactly who has been killing whom on the ground in Kosovo. All I know for sure is that Bill Clinton's policy has led America to try very hard to kill as many Serbs as possible because they wouldn't agree to turn their sovereignty over to NATO and hand mineral rich Kosovo over to the Albanians. And, as the War Crimes Tribunal investigator noted, "If you have a certain kind of policy, excesses take place…."

Etherzone 6/14/99 Normann Liebmann "…Bill Clinton has committed enough felonious acts to get a Corleane Olive Oil Company franchise, worked enough sexual depravity to make the walls in the Oval Office sweat like the Marquis De Sade's rumpus room, and has perpetrated more treason than Benedict Arnold could run off on a Xerox machine primed on methamphetamines. Clinton's crimes are epidemic, but the press knows there's no point in their dialing 911. They are 911. The media is America's lifeguard, scanning the horizon with its back to the ocean. The true extent and gravity of Clinton's villainies don't get around because the mediacrats feel, if they mention it, the first thing you know it will be all over the neighborhood. Thus they have allowed the nation to sicken because of their homage to one man's depravity. Every newspaper tossed in an American driveway is just another Don't Get Well card. In this war to defend American culture, just list them as Missing in Action. They are conspicuous - but not "present."…. The media allows adverse news about Bubba to emerge in a controlled trickle. Still, the reek from the White House is indistinguishable from an Arkansas lake. Clinton has discerned, with shameful ease, the media is a slow, effortlessly intimidated child, a judgment that serves him faithfully. The press that was the Sorcerer's Apprentice eagerly became the Sorcerer's Accomplice. To explain Clinton's smooth manipulation of them, the media characterizes him as a yokel "prince of foxes." That's bullshit. He is unscrupulous; they are cowardly and self-serving. It is fair to say journalists have allowed America to become what it is - dangerously uninformed, and existing in informational sub-twilight, the largesse of a zombie press. No day passes without the media "cutting some slack" for the sociopath President, who is "managed and manipulated" by a vicious much-manicured harridan frau. It is apparent, as Clinton degrades his office, he erodes the media's credibility….. The following items are obvious to everyone but the media: Women don't like being raped - even by presidents. High-tech and high treason is not the same thing…."

Washington Weekly 6/20/99 ROBERT STOWE ENGLAND "...Some observers are dismayed that the Cox Report revelations on Hughes and Loral have not sparked more media coverage and criticism. "Why is there no outcry?" asks Ledeen, who then answers his own question. "Because a large part of the media and the Democratic Party have resolved never to give any credence to any criticisms of the Clinton Administration. It's the most amazing thing I've ever seen," he says. Criticisms of Hughes and Loral, Ledeen explains, are seen by some as surrogate attacks on Clinton....."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 6/21/99 Vol Four No 110 "...1) CNN's Wolf Blitzer landed an exclusive interview with BillClinton, but avoided Chinagate. Instead, he wondered: "When didyou learn that the First Lady was a New York Yankees fan?" 2) Nightly News ignored it, but Tim Russert brought Warren Rudmanon Meet the Press to discuss his report on nuclear lab security..."

Washington Weekly 6/21/99 J Peter Mulhern "...If you read the New York Times you could easily get the idea the NATO won a great victory in Kosovo. The entire establishment is busy congratulating itself and Bill Clinton for facing up to Slobodan Milosevic and making the Balkans into a showplace of multicultural harmony. There are times, and this is one, when one wonders whether our governing elite can really be as juvenile and stupid as it appears. The war for Kosovo was lost before it started. Milosevic proved that he could defy the combined power of the entire Western World for the better part of three months during which he could perpetrate a humanitarian disaster and permanently change the status quo in Kosovo. Flaccid leadership made this not only possible but inevitable. Bill Clinton, by contrast, proved that by incompetently applying overwhelming power he could succeed in accelerating a humanitarian disaster and getting his country and its allies bogged down in a quagmire. Hooray for the home team....The cost/benefit analysis on Clinton's war is simple. The costs are substantial and continue to mount. We killed many people, greatly complicated our relations with Russia and China, acquired an open-ended military commitment that serves no geopolitical purpose and spent a great deal of money and materiel. The benefits are nonexistent. We achieved absolutely nothing of value. How can any sane person consider this a victory?..."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 6/23/99 Vol Four No 112 "...1) An "unprecedented" combined hearing of four Senate committees to hear from Rudman and Richardson, but only CNN offered any live coverage. ABC's World News Tonight ignored the hearing as it did the release of Rudman's report last week....2) "Bill Clinton heard himself cheered as a winner," noted Sam Donaldson from Aviano AFB. In the refugee camps CBS found he "got a hero's welcome." NBC relayed he was greeted "like a liberator." 3) FNC's Carl Cameron caught George W. Bush in a mistake: Bush confused Slovakia with Slovenia...." 6/23/99 Henry Lamb "...Two primary targets are now in the cross hairs of the global tax-mongers: carbon and currency exchange. Carbon taxes are being designed to modify social behavior while the tax on currency exchange is designed to increase U.N. revenue from about $11 billion per year to $1.5 trillion per year. A revenue stream, independent of the voluntary contributions of member states, is all that prevents the United Nations from imposing, and enforcing, its vision of global governance. Momentum is building for global taxation schemes to provide that independent revenue stream. More than two-thirds of the American people support the idea of a global tax on foreign currency exchange, and a whopping 79 percent want a global tax on carbon. These numbers were collected by the ATI Foundation, and reported by the Washington-based Commission to Fund the United Nations. The numbers likely reflect the pollster's skill at asking misleading questions, rather than a true reflection of the American attitude toward global taxation. Nevertheless, support for various forms of global taxation is growing, pushed by well-funded organizations such as the Commission to Fund the United Nations; the United Nations Association U.S.A., Friends of the Earth; and a host of other environmental organizations...." 6/24/99 Julia Malone "...With Vice President Al Gore's sudden epiphany that his boss's behavior with with Monica Lewinsky was "unforgivable" -- and his wife Tipper said to be outraged by Bill Clinton's symbolic semen stain on the Oval Office, now might be a good time for the Second Couple to remember that Sexgate has an even darker side. Bill Clinton's alleged rape of Juanita Broaddrick still haunts Washington like no other scandal in living memory. In fact, the prospect that America might have elected, then re-elected, a rapist to its highest office terrifies even the hardbitten newsies of the Washington press corps. Why? Because they failed to do their jobs in 1992, and dismissed the second hand accounts they'd heard about Broaddrick's is proud to present highlights of the panel discussion the mainstream media did not want you to see or hear, "The Juanita Broaddrick Charges: Too Hot for the Press to Handle?" We thank panel moderator, Cox News reporter Julia Malone for making this transcript available to The Juanita Broaddrick Charges: Too Hot for the Press to Handle? National Press Club Forum Washington, D.C., March 30, 1999 SUMMARY: A panel of journalists split on whether news media bias or "scandal fatigue" killed the coverage of the charge that Bill Clinton raped nursing home executive Juanita Broaddrick 21 years ago. Five weeks after NBC's Feb. 24 edition of "Dateline" aired its interview with Mrs. Broaddrick, the subject had disappeared from the news media. Four panelists at the National Press Club forum agreed that her charges were credible and that the issue was both serious and newsworthy. Half the panel faulted news organizations, the others concluded that the charges were too old to pursue...... ANN MCFEATTERS: I was listening to "Imus in the Morning" this morning, and he was desperately trying to gin up outrage on this very issue against Clinton. He was talking to his fabled brother out in the West...He was saying, "Fred, why aren't you infuriated about this? Why aren't you writing Senator Pete Domenici and why aren't you talking to everybody you can think of?" And Fred said, "I don't know what to do. What's the point? So here you have a situation where, as Bill Bennett says, there is a "death of outrage" on this president in regard to sex. There is a death of outrage because people don't know what to do. He's been impeached. It went to the Senate. The Senate said he could stay in office for two more years. He's a lame duck. We don't know at this point how to prove this charge....You could go down to Arkansas and re-interview the people, but what would it prove? Six out of 10 Americans already believe the charge is probably true. BILL EATON: A little history on this story: It first surfaced in 1992 as a rumor in the presidential campaign of that year. At least several reporters were informed about it. And since it came up in the last hours of that campaign, it was not pursued...."

Drudge 6/27/99 "...A stunned Conant quit last month when her exhaustive and detailed profile of Brill was pulled at the last minute from the July issue of VANITY FAIR. Back in April, when Conant handed in the manuscript of her profile, Graydon Carter sent a fax to the writer calling the Brill expose a "great piece." "Are we being too tough on him? Oh, hell, - no we're not," Carter wrote in the fax. But Carter would later change his mind -- and would order the Conant piece killed. "We can't do this to a competitor," Carter is said to have told an associate..... But to save face, and to avoid the appearance that he was not going out of his way to protect media friends like Barry Diller [an investor in Steve Brill's magazine], Carter would quickly announce that he had reassigned the profile to VANITY FAIR writer James Wolcott...... "

The Center For Security Policy 6/25/99 "...In today's Washington Post, Walter Pincus -- the Administration's preferred outlet for its heavily spun damage-control efforts on the China/nuclear scandal -- reports that: "The top Energy Department official in charge of the Nation's nuclear weapons complex, Victor H. Reis, may quit or be fired in a dispute with Energy Secretary Bill Richardson, sources said yesterday." One of Pincus' unidentified sources at DoE is quoted as saying: "It is no secret that Secretary Richardson has not been satisfied with the emphasis given counterintelligence and security at the labs, and Vic Reis has been the person in charge for the last six years." (Emphasis added.) In other words, as Wonderland's Duchess might have put it, "Off with his head." If this statement were not so pernicious, it would be hysterical. In fact, for at least the past two years, responsibility for "counterintelligence and security at the labs" -- and elsewhere in the nuclear weapons complex -- has actually been vested in somebody else, Rose Gottemoeller. Ms. Gottemoeller is a proponent of radical anti-nuclear proposals who, thanks to Secretary Richardson's machinations, was stealthily elevated earlier this year to the status of Assistant Secretary of Energy for Nonproliferation and National Security....."

The Center For Security Policy 6/25/99 "...It has been Ms. Gottemoeller, not Vic Reis, who has had responsibility for such scandals as: the declassification of Restricted Data and Formerly Restricted Data in violation of the Atomic Energy Act and job action against a senior DoE bureaucrat who had the temerity to alert Congress to this breach of security and the law the demotion of Notra Trulock ...the effective firing of Lieutenant Colonel Ed McCallum...."

The Center For Security Policy 6/25/99 "...Instead of holding accountable those actually responsible for the various aspects of this travesty, he [Richardson] appears determined to use the demands for "heads to roll" to purge those who have opposed past and present Clinton political appointees' efforts to destroy the nuclear weapons program and complex. .... Still, there is little doubt but that, had it not been for his [Vic Reis] efforts, the damage done to date by the Clinton-O'Leary policy of "denuclearization" would have been even worse than has actually transpired. ...Reports reaching the Center suggest that the nuclear lab directors and other senior professionals in the weapons complex are also unwilling to tow the Administration's line on DoE reorganization....Perhaps the Secretary will have to fire all of them as well in order to find toadies who will support his position, seemingly born of nothing more than personal egotism and the reflexive, if petty, turf-protectionism of any bureaucrat, i.e, that no further improvement to the Department of Energy is necessary....."

CNS 6/24/99 L. Brent Bozell III "....The rich irony is that while Woodward may be giving us a first draft of how the Clinton insiders are spinning for history, in his books and on the talk show circuit, Woodward has performed the same service for the Clintons. In a 1996 PBS special positing the ridiculous notion that the press was too tough on Clinton, Woodward noted Clinton "believes that the Washington press corps is so out of touch that it is absolutely inconceivable that reporters will understand the issues that people are really dealing with in their lives, and Clinton feels a profound alienation from the Washington culture here. And I happen to agree with him." ..... How times have changed since the Watergate era. After 20 years of throwing bombs at Republican presidents, the baby boomer liberals now have spotted the enemy in the mirror, and now it's acceptable for liberal Ron Zieglers to snow the public. The independent counsel law is dead. Investigative reporting is disreputable. Congressional oversight is dismissed as partisan witch-hunting. ..... It's another day, another double standard for the national media. The same anchormen and pundits who regularly beat their breasts over the anonymously-sourced snippets of Matt Drudge are once more rolling out the red carpet for a man with the same modus operandi in his reporting, but who comes from a decidedly different direction...."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 6/25/99 Vol Four No 113 " 1) A DOD analyst said he was forced to delete a warning about a transfer to China, but only FNC cared. CBS's Bob Schieffer didn't cite gun control in noting how "Congress has been busy with symbolic things." He named the Ten Commandments and flag burning. 2) On CNN's Crossfire Dan Rather claimed that conservatives see liberal bias in him only because he's "an independent reporter." The "on the right" co-host concluded that CBS News is not biased....."

The Digital Collegian (Penn State) 6/25/99 Martin Austermuhle "....In "1984," George Orwell wrote: "Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past." Many thought Orwell was referring to totalitarian political systems and their crude censorship and brainwashing machinery. In reality, he was addressing the highly decentralized and effective systems of media manipulation in the "free" Western nations. While totalitarian governments are well-known for their suppression of truth, Western democracies have perfected the art of hiding facts and reports that may lead to truth, creating an atmosphere in which their mistakes and misdirected policies go unnoticed. Dictatorships may be able to stop people from reading the truth, but our business-led democracies prevent us from realizing the truth is out there, presenting instead half-truths and buzzwords that aid in the development of an unaware, uninterested populace. This whole notion is rather hard to swallow, considering we have been raised to believe in freedom and objectivity in the media. The censorship and suppression in our media comes not from some arcane machinery that surgically removes the truth and replaces it with state propaganda, but rather a filtering process created by the economic and political elite working through the free market. Certain ideas are promoted, while others are simply ignored and thus thought to not exist....."

American Spectator (Web Site) 6/25/99 John Corry "...Betrayal: How the Clinton Administration Undermined American Security by Bill Gertz Regnery / 299 pages / $27.95 Distorting Defense: Network News and National Security by Stephen P. Aubin Praeger / 262 pages / $59.95 Reviewed by John Corry ....President Clinton's most important legacy will not be his serio-comic sex scandals, but his dead serious disarmament of the United States and his self-serving appeasement of powerful and determined enemies....The administration's policies have endangered not only the United States, but the peace and security of the entire world. And this grim prospect has come about, according to Gertz, primarily for two reasons. The administration, suspicious of the military to begin with, placed economic gains ahead of security needs. Meanwhile it put its faith in treaties, promises, and the supposed good intentions of others. Their words, not their deeds, were what counted, and realistic assessments of their potential military threats were ignored so as not to endanger "constructive engagements" and "strategic partnerships." Rather than penalizing China or Russia, say, for violating international agreements, the administration would amend the agreements. Rather than telling the public about the continuing arms buildups by China and Russia, it would pretend the buildups did not exist. Policy was tailored not for the real world, but for a world of the administration's own choosing. The White House demonstrated an unwillingness, or inability, to deal with difficult issues. Worse, it practiced outright deceit.....Distorting Defense: Network News and National Security, by Stephen P. Aubin, is a kind of companion book to Betrayal. Aubin, who holds a doctorate in national security affairs, analyzes television coverage of defense issues and finds it uninformed. One reason for this, he writes in his intelligent book, is that too often the White House, and not the Pentagon, provides the focus for coverage. Aubin also notes the ease with which the networks tend to label both persons and things as "conservative," "right-wing," or "hard-line," and their reluctance to call anyone "liberal" or "left wing." Aubin, though scrupulously nonpartisan, dryly notes that the "conservatives" are usually depicted as "bad guys." ...."

WorldNetDaily 6/28/99 Geoff Metcalf "...I participated in a conference over the weekend, which included Adm. Thomas Moorer, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Maj. Gen. Jack Singlaub, constitutional champion, John de la Brown, former member of Parliament, and a group of other distinguished experts. During one of the breaks, an audience member approached me with one of those questions to which there is no simple answer. It has been a re-occurring topic on my radio talk show: "Why doesn't the main stream media report important significant news?" I have asked that question myself ... often. .....Last week, Senator Inhofe noted, "On March 15, I began my speech by asking the American people to listen as I told them 'a story of espionage, conspiracy, deception, and cover-up -- a story with life and death implications for millions of Americans -- a story about national security and a President and an administration that deliberately chose to put national security at risk, while telling the people everything was fine.' In the three months since I made these statements, none has been refuted." So why isn't ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and the others all over this stuff like white on rice? Why has the same industry that was relentless in exploiting charges against Judge Clarence Thomas and Sen. Bob Packwood, failed to follow up on credible rape allegations against an elected official with a documented history of sexual impropriety and chronic lying....I really don't believe the failures of American reportage is organized, manipulated, and managed -- at least not directly...Management of the mainstream media are my contemporaries. We went to college in the '60s. A lot of the boomer news managers suffer from the same moral, philosophic, and ethical flaws of this administration that would gag a maggot. Although Bill Clinton may be the epitome of moral, ethical, and narcissistic excesses, in varying degrees those who decide what to report -- and not report -- share a kindred spirit. It has been widely reported that most of the beltway media types voted for Clinton. The personal support for the president arguably has tainted professional judgment. Support for the president and defense of the president kinda validates their own closely guarded sense of self worth. Maybe ... . Last week Senator Inhofe said, "I fully realize that the majority of Americans will not believe me. They have continued to believe our president even after he has demonstrated over and over that he has no regard for the truth." Why does he say that? Because the only critical voices are positioned as partisan. Gutless politicians who KNOW and are privately appalled by the conduct of their "leader" maintain the code of silence. They protect and give sustenance to the criminal for fear of being tainted by his crimes. In so doing, they are actually compounding their own crimes. ....Although the news nabobs have been AWOL, the Cox Report and, more recently, the Rudman Report have revealed a data dump of information on how the Clinton administration has eviscerated national security in order to follow its delinquent foreign policies and egocentric domestic political agendas. ...Inhofe notes that "on the one hand, there is the mind-boggling story of how the Clinton administration deliberately changed almost 50 years of bipartisan security policies -- relaxing export restrictions, signing waivers to allow technology transfers, ignoring China's violation of arms control agreements, and its theft of our nuclear secrets, opening up even more nuclear and high technology floodgates to China and others -- thus harming U.S. national security." That decision was Clinton's Rubicon. AND it should have been the red flag (or starting flag) for the media defenders of the indefensible. The deliberate and arrogant policy decision to remove oversight from both the Defense Department and State Department and transfer authority to his Commerce Department bagman SHOULD have fired up ANY alleged newsperson. Even a self-absorbed fraud like Jerry Rivers (a.k.a. Geraldo Rivera) could have smelled the stink of that decision. .....Why does the mainstream ignore prime grist for their mill? Because they can ... for now. However, unless or until the socialist darlings succeed in killing the Bill of Rights, there is a sea change happening. It may seem self-serving to some of you for me to say this, but I am repeating what is becoming a refrain. Talk radio and the Internet is making a difference. The significant, compelling (and damaging) news, which is being routinely and consistently ignored by the mainstream, is finding its way to the American people. The media monopoly is either going to have to fill the vacuum they created, or allow the Internet and talk radio to flourish unchallenged. Ultimately (to the media mavens), money talks and BS walks....Until the mainstream acknowledges their diminishing return is a direct function of lousy news judgment and an abandonment of objectivity, Talk radio, WorldNetDaily, and other online services offering what is ignored by the networks -- will continue to grow...."

Media Research Center CyberAlert 6/28/99 Brent Baker "....Summaries: 1) Clinton admitted at Friday's press conference that he misspoke in denying knowledge of espionage during his term, but only FNC and NBC cared. Not a syllable on ABC, CBS or CNN Friday night. 2) Clinton as victim. A reporter wondered if he's "ever reflected on why, as Mrs. Clinton I think has sometimes noted, throughout your career you've always seemed to generate such antagonism." 3) The New York Times revealed "White House officials were informed that China might have stolen American nuclear secrets nearly a year earlier" than they admitted. Zilch on Sunday night on CBS or ABC which speculated about a Bill Clinton Senate run....

Media Research Center CyberAlert 6/28/99 Brent Baker "....At Clinton's late afternoon press conference on June 25 FNC's Wendell Goler, who asked him back on March 19 about spying during his term, pressed: "Let me ask you once again do you still maintain that you were not told anything about these Chinese efforts to spy at the nation's nuclear labs during your administration?" Clinton answered by stressing how spying by China has been ongoing for twenty years, but then he got to commenting how his March 19 reply: "What I said was that I didn't suspect any actual breaches of security had occurred during my tenure. Since then we have learned of the off-loading of the computer by Mr. Lee, from the secured computers into his personal computer. That's something we know now that I didn't know then. But I think my choice of wording was poor. What I should have said was I did not know of any specific instance of espionage because I think we've been suspicious all along. And I have to acknowledge I think I used a poor word there. We have been suspicious all along generally. We did not have any specific instance as we now do of the off-loading of the computer..." Actually, on March 19 Clinton did not say "that I didn't suspect any actual breaches of national security." He answered: "Can I tell you there has been no espionage at the labs since I've been President? I can tell you that no one has reported to me that they suspect such a thing has occurred." And in response to another question he maintained: "To the best of my knowledge, no one has said anything to me about any espionage which occurred by the Chinese against the labs, during my presidency." ....Now to last Friday. Clinton's grudging admission that he misled the American people as "my choice of wording was poor." In fact, he was again misleading people by suggesting that the "off- loading of the computer" is the only specific instance during his watch. But as Paul Sperry pointed out in the June 9 Investor's Business Daily: "The declassified version of the House [Cox] report identifies 11 cases of Chinese espionage since the late 1970s. Eight took place during President Clinton's years in office....In other words, the vast majority of the leaks over the past 20 years have sprung on Clinton's watch....The House report doesn't disclose the full extent of Chinese espionage in the Clinton years. Citing 'national security' reasons, the White House censored roughly 375 pages, including several recent cases." So, the networks had plenty of angles to pursue Friday night, but they bunted: ABC's John Cochran, CBS's Scott Pelley and CNN's John King all ignored China. FNC's Wendell Goler included Clinton's answer in his Fox Report story and NBC's Claire Shipman gave it 24 seconds in a piece about how "Bill Clinton laid out a bold and ambitious agenda for just 18 months left in office today."

Matt Man Drudge 6/29/99 "...Publishing Row was rocked on Monday after this report webposted snips of a controversial VANITY FAIR expose on Steven Brill -- an expose that was spiked and determined to be too hot for VANITY FAIR readers...... "Mr. Drudge, it is urgent that you immediately return my call... regarding your unauthorized publication," a lawyer for VANITY FAIR demanded on Monday...."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 6/29/99 Vol Four No 115 "..." 1) All but FNC led Monday with the surplus announced by Clinton which Dan Rather credited to the "zooming, booming U.S. economy." Only FNC noted that the Starr/Hubbell plea deal could be bad news for Hillary Clinton since Hubbell admitted "covering up" for her. 2) ABC promoted a UN report: "As increasingly restrictive gun laws are enacted in major industrial countries, gun-makers around the globe are flocking to the biggest and least regulated gun market in the world -- the United States." 3) "China is making final preparations to test fire a new mobile intercontinental ballistic missile that the CIA believes will incorporate stolen U.S. missile and warhead secrets," The Washington Times revealed to network apathy.....Not a word on the Monday morning shows about Sunday's New York Times story on how "Senior White House officials were informed that China might have stolen American nuclear secrets nearly a year earlier than the Clinton administration originally disclosed." ....In Monday's Washington Times reporter Bill Gertz brought fresh warnings about how "China is making final preparations to test fire a new mobile intercontinental ballistic missile that the CIA believes will incorporate stolen U.S. missile and warhead secrets." But that didn't generate any network interest without a syllable about it Monday morning or night on ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC, nor on FNC which already covered the basic story weeks ago.... Contrast Gertz's revelation with how CBS News assured us there's nothing to worry about. Back on the May 27 CBS Evening News reporter Eric Engberg dismissed the Cox Report as full of exaggerated fears: "As the release of the Cox Report again demonstrated Washington's love of a good spy story, the consensus gelled: Chinese agents have stolen something. But after that many of the report's scary findings are open to question...Maybe when a missiles lands in Los Angeles the networks will decide this might be an important issue to explore instead of dismissing or ignoring. -- Brent Baker "

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 6/30/99 Vol Four No 116 "...1) ABC and NBC focused on Medicare beneficiaries, not taxpayers. ABC's John Cochran hit the Clinton plan from the left, arguing it doesn't transfer enough money to the recipients. 2) Katie Couric endorsed Clinton's plan: "It sounds like a no- brainer. Seniors spend billions of dollars on prescription drugs every year, often putting them in terrible financial situations." 3) FNC's Carl Cameron surprised the Energy Dept. counter- intelligence chief with information. Cameron also uniquely revealed a probe at Defense for abuse of a whistleblower....."

Washington Times 6/27/99 Jack Kemp "..."Milosevic's capitulation to NATO demands?" "NATO proved right?" My goodness, what delusions are emanating from inside the Washington Beltway; what fabrications are being perpetrated on the American people. The truth of this war is the exact opposite of the establishment's portrayal. It was an unnecessary, and in my opinion illegal and unconstitutional, war from the beginning. It failed on every score to achieve the goals articulated to justify it, exacerbated the very problems it sought to remedy and created new problems that will plague America and the Balkans for years to come. It was, in short, a debacle, an "international Waco," which no amount of "spinning" by NATO and the media can erase. We could have had the same, or perhaps even a better deal at Rambouillet if we had been willing to, in Winston Churchill's words, "jaw jaw instead of war war!" President Clinton, spurred on by U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in particular, led NATO to start an unprovoked and unjustified war out of pique because the Yugoslavian government, as would any other sovereign nation, refused to consent to two provisions of the Rambouillet proposal that were insisted on by the Atlantic Alliance: (1) that Belgrade allow a foreign military alliance (NATO) to occupy every square inch of its sovereign territory, billet its forces wherever it desired and receive immunity before the fact against "any claims of any sort" that might arise out of alliance activities (including criminal acts by NATO personnel); and (2) that Belgrade concede to a referendum after three years that would almost certainly have guaranteed independence for Kosovo and thus wrench it out of the Yugoslav Federation. Far from capitulating to these NATO demands, which constituted an unambiguous assault on Yugoslavian sovereignty, Belgrade withstood 79 days of brutal bombing, while the Milosevic government ruthlessly exploited the opportunity to engage in killing and brutality by pillaging and conducting wholesale displacement and deportation of Kosovar Albanians, only a fraction of whom are ever likely to return to their homes. Far from stopping a humanitarian disaster, the NATO bombing provoked one. The Yugoslavian Parliament finally agreed to withdraw most of its troops from Kosovo only after NATO agreed to a peace accord that explicitly reaffirms Yugoslavian sovereignty and conspicuously omits both of the two unacceptable demands from Rambouillet....." 6/28/99 "....There was something chillingly vindictive in President Clinton's commentary on the Serbs at last Friday's not-really-a-news-conference in Washington. You couldn't miss it, as he justified his decision to deny assistance to Serbia, whose civilian infrastructure lies shattered by Nato bombing (the Serb military, by contrast, seems to have come through the recent unpleasantness relatively unscathed). Those buckets of money we're shipping overseas even now are strictly off-limits to the people we bombed into compliance. Off-limits, that is, until they say they're sorry. "They are going to have to come to grips with what Milosevic ordered in Kosovo," Mr. Clinton sniped, with that peculiar schoolyard bully's smirk of his (there's something about him that seems to come to life only when he's got someone small and weak on the ropes). Evidently, he's managed to forget that before Nato's bombs began to rain down on Belgrade, most Serbs were growing increasingly hostile to Milosevic..... In one of his weirder flights of rhetoric, Mr. Clinton added that the Serbs are "going to have to decide whether they think it's OK that all those tens of thousands of people were killed, and all those hundreds of thousands of people were run out of their homes and all those little girls were raped and all those little boys were murdered." The head-waggling, glittery self-righteousness of the man was indescribable. It didn't seem to trouble the Beltway journalists gathered reverently at his feet, but it bothered the heck out of me...."

Yaya123 reports 6/29/99 on Rivera "...The biggest hoot of all! Rivera showing Larry Klayman video of Jane Sherbourne's Judicial Watch testimony. Does this mean Rivera respects Klayman? ....Rivera started out big and bold, his overall motive of course, to protect Hillary. His showing White House pal/lawyer Jane, is an obvious attempt to discredit Woodward's account of what Sherbourne told him, as she now wants to deny what she said, through her Klayman testimony. Woodward said he had 150 pages of handwritten notes and tapes to prove that his account of what Sherbourne told him was accurate, and her lawyers won't let him release it. He plainly said, Sherbourne is lying in her Klayman testimony and he can prove it. Rivera said, "I hang around with Bob Bennett, we go to boxing matches together, I know he's smart, too smart to breach lawyer client privilege. Then Rivera starts reading the famous quote, and represents it as a private conversation between the president and Bennett. Woodward immediately corrects him by saying, "this is another time when you aren't careful, read on further, you will see this is a conversation between Bennett and Kantor, not Bennett and Clinton. (The quote is when Bennett says, No one is going to believe this crap about it not being sex.) I swear to goodness, Rivera seems to shrink before the camera as time and time again Woodward catches him in intentional misrepresentations of the truth...."

Geraldo Live Jim Lakely 6/29/99 "...Geraldo told Woodward that he doubted that he could have gotten all that inside skinny without breaking the attorney client privledge between Clinton and Bob Bennett. Woodward assured him that he did not - that he was able to get that information by talking to people (like Mickey Cantor) who were privvy to that intimate information but were not serving as Clinton's lawyer. When Geraldo still voiced his doubts, this script followed Woodward: "[This book] is so carefully reported that you wouldn't recognize it." Geraldo: "I'm not sure I understand that [comment]." Lemme give you a hint, Geraldo. It has something to do with the fact that it is well known, especially around the fraternity of REAL reporters in Washington, that you wouldn't know good reporting if it dropped in front of your face and started to wiggle. Of course, Geraldo is too stupid (and egotistical) to have comprehended this subtle but stinging dig..."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 6/30/99 Vol Four No 116 "...Maybe the Energy Department should hire FNC's Carl Cameron. Tuesday night he showed how he knew about testimony from a counter-intelligence agent that the agent's boss, the Energy Department's counter-intelligence chief, wasn't even aware of. And Cameron added unique TV play for a story on the wires Tuesday and in the Washington Times Wednesday about how a Defense official was transferred pending the outcome of a probe about how the supervisor improperly tried to access the computer files of a whistleblower testifying at that moment on Capitol Hill. In a piece featured on both Special Report with Brit Hume and the Fox Report, Cameron revealed what went on behind the scenes at a House Government Reform Committee hearing last week: "Inadvertently on Capitol Hill last week several lawmakers at a closed door meeting found themselves hearing new allegations of security breaches at Energy Department nuclear labs. Democrats and Republicans say the secret testimony of Energy Department counter-intelligence agent Bob Hensen (sp?) caught them completely off-guard. Lawmakers are mum on the classified details which sources say involve weapons labs, like Los Alamos, over the last five years and may have been part of China's nuclear espionage. "The Energy Department's top spy catcher, who admits security cannot be guaranteed, said he was unaware of his agent's testimony until Fox News told him." Ed Curran: "I'm surprised at your comment. As director of counter-intelligence I think I have a responsibility to know what was said in closed hearings. I have not been informed of Mr. Hensen's comments to anybody concerning security breaches in the past. I would certainly be more than interested in finding out though." Cameron went on to explain that when House members realized what Hansen would disclose he was removed from a panel of officials testifying about reprisals for their efforts to expose security shortcomings and stop dangerous technology transfers. This was the June 24 hearing that all but FNC ignored...."

USA Today 7/2/99 Tony Mauro "...On the eve of the Fourth of July weekend, a new nationwide opinion poll shows a sharp erosion of public support for press freedom and an unchanged level of enthusiasm for outlawing desecration of the American flag. The poll, set for release Friday by the Freedom Forum, a pro-First Amendment foundation, indicates that 53% of respondents think the press has too much freedom in this country, up from 38% in 1997. Seventy-four percent of respondents think people should not be allowed to burn the American flag..."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 7/1/99 Vol Four No 177 "...The national media in Washington don't care, but an Alabama editorial writer is out in front on the fresh revelations of an Energy agent: "Whistleblower's Tale May Detail Another Spy Case."....In a column in Wednesday's (June 30) Mobile Register,"Whistleblower's Tale May Detail Another Spy Case," Hillyer outlined what happened in Washington, DC last week, which all the DC electronic media but FNC have skipped, and what it might mean: The more Bobby Henson talked, the more his interviewers blanched. Should we get ready for the next spy scandal? Bobby Henson is the twice-fired nuclear physicist who first alerted his boss, Notra Trulock, to possible espionage at the Los Alamos nuclear laboratory. Trulock, in turn, alerted the world. On June 18 The Wall Street Journal ran a 1,100 word story about how Henson had finally gotten his job back, courtesy of publicity about the spying he had so bravely identified. Five days later, members and staff of the House Committee on Government Reform were debriefing Henson about testimony he would give the next day. He was a scheduled witness in the committee's hearing about federal whistleblowers who had been punished, rather than praised, for their efforts. By the time he was finished, the whole scenario had changed. It seems he had more to talk about than mere mistreatment at his job. The next day, the hearing began as planned, with four other federal workers telling of being harassed or demoted for trying to wan about national security lapses. But when Henson's turn arrived, the hearing suddenly became classified. It was moved to a secure room where reporters were disallowed, as were any staff ithout the highest security clearance. What Henson had started to say the night before involved yet more security breaches, reportedly by the Chinese and the Russians. The committee followed up with another classified meeting on Monday. This could be big...." Interrupt Excerpt Indeed it could, but you'll probably have to order a subscription by mail to the Mobile Register or watch Fox NewsChannel to hear any more about it...."

Washington Post 7/1/99 William B Ruger Sr. "...When was the last time the media portrayed the responsible use of recreational firearms? You wouldn't know it from reading the newspaper or watching television, but according to the National Safety Council, the firearms accident rate has declined 20 percent during the past decade, plummeting to a 90-year low. In 1998, only one percent of accidental deaths were attributable to firearms accidents. There is a subconscious anti-gun bias on the part of major media. Certainly, our society has changed since I founded Sturm, Ruger & Co, but I can assure you that my reaction to a "gang-banger" on the news is precisely the same as that of every law-abiding American -- profound outrage. The antisocial elements of our society seem to hold the rest of us hostage. The media constantly portray carnage and gore, often in agonizingly slow motion, for no discernible reason. The same goes for incredibly violent video games that some young people play for hours on end. Such portrayals have their staunch defenders, but as a firearms manufacturer, I would implore them to stop using violence to make a killing. Let's not pretend it's anything else. The incessant desensitizing of our young people to mindless violence is beyond measure and beyond comprehension...."

NY Daily News Richard Huff 8/1/98 "The same month that CNN was forced to apologize for a controversial report that claimed the U.S. military used nerve gas on American defectors during the Vietnam War its audience tumbled 13 percent in prime time, according to Nielsen's cable figures for July. Indeed, CNN and its sister service Headline News were the only news networks on cable to decline in audience when compared to last July.While CNN remains the largest of the cable news networks, its declines stand in stark contrast to the increases posted by such channels as MSNBC, CNBC and Fox News Channel.In July, CNBC's prime-time audience grew 57 percent to 376,000 homes, MSNBC was up 144 percent to 134,000 homes and FNC was up 250 percent to 70,000 homes."


WorldNetDaily 7/7/99 Jon Dougherty "…after last Sunday's hit piece in the Los Angeles Times against GOP frontrunner and Texas Governor George W. Bush, I feel compelled to defend him against what I view as a quintessential example of just how frightened, hypocritical and biased the liberal media really is. The article openly questioned Mr. Bush's military service record during the Vietnam War, suggesting that because of who he was -- the son of former President George Bush, a Republican representative in Washington from Texas at the time -- he somehow received preferential treatment to become a Texas Air Guard fighter pilot….. First, the Times' treatment of the controversy surrounding President Clinton's shameful dodging of the draft at the time Bush was climbing the ranks bordered on insanity. The Times wrote, "In 1969, Arkansas Rhodes scholar Bill Clinton offered to join a Reserve Officers Training Corps program, even though he had received an induction notice that made him ineligible to do so. His draft maneuvers got him a deferral but brought him harsh criticism when they were revealed during his 1992 run for president." Oh, please. Not only is this obvious fluff but it is factually wrong. Clinton never completed his Rhodes scholarship, he repeatedly lied to his Draft Board to make sure he never had to serve one day in the military, let alone Vietnam, and he broke his promise to return for ROTC training (he just never showed up). In addition, he eventually wrote his board a scathing letter in which he whined about being eligible for the draft and spoke of his "loathing" of the military in general. In short, Clinton never intended to spend a day in a military uniform and, as has been his trademark throughout his political career, sought only to delay and thus defer his obligation -- which he did. While there is no evidence to suggest that either Bush or Clinton were going to be drafted at all, clearly there is a difference between a man who volunteers for any service during a war and a man who lies, cheats, and bashes in order to usurp his obligation. To me that contrast is stark and manifest…."

WorldNetDaily 7/7/99 Jon Dougherty "…What is ironic is that throughout the report the Times repeatedly said that no enlistment or promotion rules had been violated and no established procedures were broken in order to give the junior Bush his spot. That in and of itself should lead any rational person to ask, "Why is this worthy of the front page, and where's the story here?" The answer is there simply is no story. The mainstream liberal press is just scared to death of losing the White House in 2000 and, to be fair, after eight years of Bill and Hillary Clinton they ought to be worried. Even if Bush did receive special treatment to get in the Guard, it is obvious he worked hard to make his appointment worthwhile, that he sought to fly jets in combat over Vietnam, and that he served the nation's military with honor and distinction. Clinton, on the other hand, has never served any office he has held with honor and distinction. His denigration of the office of the presidency is the stuff legends are made of and, barring revisionism, will be remembered as the most corrupt administration in U.S. history…."

WorldNetDaily 7/7/99 Jon Dougherty "…The blatant irony and hypocrisy behind the Times' motive, however, didn't even register with the editorial staff. It was just a few years ago when they and most of the other establishment liberal press were admonishing Americans for making such a big deal out of Clinton's lack of military service. In fact back then, it wasn't supposed to matter even that Clinton lied repeatedly to avoid the draft and avoid military service altogether…" 7/6/99 Barry Grey "…In recent days scattered reports have emerged in the American media of the inflated and misleading character of claims by US officials of Serb atrocities against the Kosovan Albanians. On June 28 the Detroit Free Press carried an article by foreign correspondent Lori Montgomery, datelined Prizren, which bore the headline, "Rapes not a policy in Kosovo: Assaults were individual acts by Serbs, evidence indicates." ….That evening NBC Nightly News carried a segment by foreign correspondent Andrea Mitchell on the same theme. Mitchell characterized the war-time reports of Kosovan deaths as a "gross exaggeration" and said officials now estimate the civilian death toll in Kosovo since the onset of NATO bombing last March 24 to be between 3,000 and 6,000. These reports have been simply ignored by the "newspapers of record"—the New York Times and the Washington Post—which enthusiastically backed the bombing of Yugoslavia and retailed the government claims of mass murder, rape and genocide that were used to justify the war and manipulate public opinion….. Within days of the onset of NATO bombing, Clinton described the ensuing Serb attack as an attempt to wipe out the Kosovan Albanian population. In a radio address from the Oval Office on April 3 he said the "cold clear goal" of Milosovic was to "keep Kosovo's land while ridding it of its people." Twelve days later he told the American Society of Newspaper Editors that Milosovic was "determined to crush all resistance to his rule even if it means turning Kosovo into a lifeless wasteland." On May 5, in a speech at Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany, he added to the list of Serb crimes the setting up of concentration camps, something that never occurred. In a Memorial Day address on May 31 he compared Milosevic to Hitler, saying his government "like that of Nazi Germany rose to power in part by getting people to look down on people of a given race and ethnicity, and to believe they had... no right to live." On June 11, on the eve of the deployment of NATO troops into Kosovo, Clinton described the actions of the Serbs as "an attempt to erase the very presence of a people from their land, and to get rid of them dead or alive." Since the withdrawal of Serb forces, Clinton's rhetoric has become, if anything, more unrestrained. Even as NATO was quietly lowering its estimates of ethnic Albanian deaths, Clinton repeatedly said the evidence of death and destruction in Kosovo was "even worse than we imagined." In a June 20 interview on Russian television he said, "We were only trying to reverse ethnic cleansing and genocide." Two days later, in a speech to KFOR troops in Macedonia, he spoke of "young girls [being] raped en masse." …"

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 7/13/99 Vol Four No 122 "…3) PBS's NewsHour on Monday night assessed the three cable news networks and discovered bias at just one. You guessed it: the Fox News Channel, which CNN founding CEO Reese Schonfeld maintained, wants "to be the most furthest to the right." Fox's Washington Managing Editor Brit Hume did get a chance to suggest they only look conservative because the other networks are to the left, but Schonfeld assured viewers neither MSNBC or CNN display any ideological bias…..Hume: "We're probably noticeably in our coverage to the right of the other news organizations which puts us, I think, right smack dab in the center."….As noted in the July 6 CyberAlert, in the second quarter of this year CNN captured 812,000 prime time viewers, MSNBC 285,000 and FNC 254,000. But, as Terence Smith pointed out in his NewsHour piece cited in item #3 today above, CNN is 75 million households while MSNBC is available in 49 million and FNC in 41 million, or 17 percent fewer homes than MSNBC. Take 254,000 and add 17 percent and you get 298,000, or 13,000 more viewers than watch MSNBC and a more accurate estimate of how many would watch FNC if as many could as can choose MSNBC…."

The Washington Weekly 7/12/99 Jerome Zeifman "…"Shadow," the title of Bob Woodward's newest book, is reminiscent of a radio thriller of yesteryear that opened with "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The shadow knows!" ….Shadow also unveils secrets of such other high priced lawyers as Sam Dash, David Kendall, Charles Ruff, Kenneth Starr, John Podesta, Lanny Davis, and Bernie Nussbaum. Many leaks are apparently violations of existing laws that shield confidences and work products of attorneys. Assuming that Woodward didn't get these verbatim quotes from electronic flies on White House walls, we can believe Woodward's own explanation: The interviews in the Clinton sections were conducted on journalistic ground rules of "background" or "deep background," meaning the information could be used, but the sources of the information would not be identified….. In 1998, again on a government payroll, Dash also became a leaker. As an "ethics consultant" to Ken Starr he apparently betrayed his client's confidences. He told the New Yorker that Starr's private practice "smells." Presumably, he is also a primary source for Shadow….. After reading Shadow it seems to me that a tinge of evil may lurk in Woodward's heart -- and that he is really an apologist for Clinton. In short, Shadow's main point is "other presidents have done it too." Similarly, the Washington Post (which was opposed to impeachment) reminded its readers that Thomas Jefferson (a widower) enjoyed sex with a young slave woman, who also served as his daughter's nanny….. Woodward's new best seller reveals that (like Nixon) all five of our post-Watergate presidents have been less than truthful about their own scandals. Yet Shadow veils a naked truth: No prior president, not even Nixon, is known to have embraced the evil of perjury. In reflecting further on Woodward's apology for Clinton, it also seems to me that Congress and the courts should reaffirm the rule of law both for presidents and the media….."

The New Australian 7/5/99 James Henry "…Something like 2,000 combat aircraft plus more than 232 bombers which comprised 20 air force and navy air wings have been abolished. Also gone are 207 ships including more than 121 combat ships plus of submarines and 4 carrier groups . The loss of these ships also meant that their shipyard facilities and the trained personnel needed to maintain them have been disbanded. The damage (or is it sabotage?) to the army and the nation's nuclear inventory has been equally devastating. … The US is making the same mistake today, but for different reasons. These men of the '20s and '30s were misguided idealists who literally did not grasp the nature of the totalitarian threat that was gradually taking shape in Europe and Japan. They really thought their actions were contributing to world peace and avoid another "Great War". They did not loathe their countries or despise their military. Clinton and his crew, however, are the exact opposite. They do not care a fig about their country and they loath the military. Their basic concern is their own selfish ends. If that puts at risk the security of the United States, so be it. Living in clover is all that the likes of Clinton care about. To this crowd, better to be a pampered Quisling than a patriotic sap….. But what brought them to this anti-patriotic state? Nearly forty years of 'progressive'1 ideology that left in its wake the insidious belief that America is an unjust society that does not deserve to survive. A belief that pervades the media and the three main networks in particular. Remember: 89 per cent of Washington journalists voted for Clinton and everything he stands for, including the destruction of our military….."

Washington Weekly 7/12/99 Marvin Lee "...CNN and the television networks provided the popular justification for the war in Kosovo. Without the incessant repetition of images and reports of "ethnic cleansing" -- a carefully selected hot-button device -- the American people would have seen no reason to support such a war. The Clinton administration used the television images as justification for its intervention. And during the war, CNN and the networks uncritically broadcast the deceptive war propaganda written in government offices. After the war, CNN and the networks portrayed what had been a failure as a success. But there is now suspicion that CNN may have gone beyond its usual role of propaganda outlet for the Clinton administration. It may actually have been involved in a plot to assassinate a Serbian official. CNN was given advance notice of the NATO bombing of the Serb Television station it was using for transmissions. CNN removed its staff but did, of course, not alert its Serbian hosts, some of whom perished in the ensuing attack aimed at censoring the "biased" reporting of the Serbian TV. But CNN did more than stay silent. According to the British Independent newspaper, Serbian Information Minister Aleksander Vucic received a faxed invitation from the Larry King Live show. He was asked to appear at the Serb Television station an hour early for makeup. The bombs hit about an hour before the Larry King show aired, but fortunately, or unfortunately, Minister Vucic was late and escaped assassination. CNN has offered as an excuse that the entertainment division had no idea what the news division was doing...."

WorldNetDaily 7/9/99 Larry Klayman "…The Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce, a 331-page manifesto and brainchild of Associate White House Counsel Jane Sherburne and the DNC, was circulated to select reporters in a tortured effort to describe how the "right wing" conveyed "fringe" stories into mainstream American media. In essence, this document was an effort to "alert" friendly journalists that such a "conspiracy" was being promulgated by certain groups dissatisfied with the moral lapses of the Clinton White House. In short, it was an enemies list. …In December 1994, Associate White House Counsel Sherburne prepared a memorandum that outlined strategies to use against individuals and organizations perceived to be adversaries of the Clinton Administration. The memo also assigned staff members to carry out these strategies -- and specifically identified the Western Journalism Center for having investigated Foster's death. WJC was the only news organization targeted for action. ….Over the course of the investigation of WJC, nearly 20 conservative organizations -- including the Heritage Foundation, NRA and Citizens Against Government Waste -- felt the close, touch of the Clinton audit machine. Even more oddly, the media who knew of the Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce never saw any pattern developing that would signify an orchestrated White House effort -- much less actually troubled themselves to report it. Meanwhile, the WJC's offices were being broken into, with, mysteriously, nothing stolen. Their phone messages were apparently being monitored, and some of these developments happened to coincide with WJC breakthroughs in Clinton investigations. The scrutiny of the WJC by the IRS lasted nine months. WJC employees lost their jobs and livelihoods. Finally, in October 1996, Farah exposed these corrupt practices in a piece in The Wall Street Journal, and the tide began to turn. Margaret Milner-Richardson, IRS commissioner and close friend of first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, abruptly resigned. The New York Post attributed her departure to political audits of conservative organizations. Some began to probe these rampant abuses, and the audit of the Western Journalism Center was "concluded" -- a verdict of "no wrongdoing" rendered in May 1997. Under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights enacted by Congress, Farah requested his case file from the IRS so he could review its contents. In keeping with the Clinton Administration standard practice, these rights were trampled in a terse refusal to turn over the documents -- the IRS frivolously citing "government privilege" as a means of keeping Mr. Farah from seeing justification for what had nearly bankrupted his organization…."

Boston Globe 7/15/99 Anne Kornbluth "…WGBH-TV, Boston's publicly funded station, has been swapping names of contributors with the Democratic Party since 1994, a party official said yesterday, handing over a total of more than 32,000 names despite clear prohibitions against tax-exempt groups engaging in political acts …. Republican House members yesterday called for a criminal investigation of the station after learning of a single account of name-swapping between WGBH and Democrats this year. An official at WGBH initially downplayed the incident, saying it was a onetime mistake committed by new employees who did not understand the rules. But last night, Jenny Backus, spokeswoman for the Democratic National Committee, said the party has been sharing donor information with the public television station for years and to a much greater extent than WGBH officials had admitted….When the Democratic Party began compiling a mailing list last February, the official in charge of the procedure - known as the ''list broker'' - approached 123 organizations. Of those, 62 groups agreed to share lists. WGBH was among them - giving an additional 20,000 names in exchange for the names of 9,800 Democratic donors, plus the station received a financial payment for the equivalent of another 10,200 names. Backus did not know last night how much the DNC paid the station…."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 7/16/99 Barbara Saffir "…The Democratic National Committee has swapped donor lists with Washington's television station WETA and other tax-funded public broadcasting television stations for many years, The Washington Times has learned. "Our policy has been in effect for at least 20 years," said WETA spokesman Mary Stewart. "It has not been a problem for us." But it may be one now. Swapping the lists may be against the law, and one prominent Republican congressman, who has been a friend of the Public Broadcasting Service, says if it isn't against the law it may be soon…."

New York Post 7/16/99 Editorial "…

Earlier this week, it was disclosed that WGBH, Boston's affiliate in the Public Broadcasting System, had exchanged donor lists with the Democratic National Committee - a pretty clear violation of federal regulations, which prohibit tax-exempt groups from political activity, including giving support to a political party. Officials at the station tried to brush off the incident, claiming it was a one-time error committed by inexperienced employees who didn't understand the legal prohibition against political involvement. But it now turns out that this explanation was disingenuous at best - and at worst a blatant lie and attempt to cover up blatantly partisan activity…Moreover, it turns out that WGBH approached the Democrats and initiated the arrangement….."

Media Research Center 7/16/99 Brent Bozell "…PBS station executives aren't any more accurate in their statements than Bill Clinton, as the Boston Globe has discovered. Despite initial denials, it turns out that several top PBS stations have exchanged or rented Democratic Party donor lists in order to solicit funds. But that seemed to disappoint Globe reporter Anne Kornblut because it puts ever soaring PBS funding in

AP Melissa Robinson 7/16/99 "…More public television stations may have been sharing donor lists with political parties through list brokers, says a spokesman for a congressman who has called a hearing on the issue for next week. …. Johnson said documents indicate that public television stations KQED in San Francisco and KCET in Los Angeles and public radio station WNYC in New York have provided their donor lists to brokers who, in turn, may have provided them to the Democratic Party or other political organizations….Already, three other television stations, WGBH-TV in Boston, WNET in New York and WETA in Washington, D.C., are under scrutiny…."

Fort Worth Star-Telegram 7/17/99 Veronica Puente "…"We dont now and we won't in the future rent or exchange lists with a partisan or political campaign committees", said Sharon Philippart, vice president of corporate communications for PBS station KERA/Channel 13 in Dallas. Philippart said station officials adopted the new policy May 18 after WGBH-TV in Boston came under fire for swapping lists with the Democratic National Committee. "We determined at that time, from that day forward, we would not rent or exchange lists," she said. "However, in the past, we have exchanged and purchased lists with the Democratic National Committee."…"

LA Times 7/17/99 Alexis Chiu, AP "…The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has asked its inspector general to investigate whether WGBH-TV in Boston broke the law by swapping the names of donors with the Democratic Party. The CPB, which distributes federal funds for public broadcasting to stations and groups such as National Public Radio and PBS, also will begin asking stations it finances to certify that they are complying with IRS regulations, said Robert Coonrod, the corporation's president. Even though sharing membership lists is a legitimate business practice done on a daily basis by countless organizations, federal tax laws prohibit public stations from sharing their lists with political organizations or candidates unless they are "available to all other candidates."…"

Boston Globe 7/17/99 Henry P Becton, Jr. President of WGBH since 1984 "…For almost 50 years, WGBH has built a legacy of public trust with audiences here in New England and across the United States. Nothing is more important to us than that trust - and now, repairing the damage done to it by WGBH's own mistakes…. In 1994, WGBH put in place a donor list policy that prohibited us from sharing our donor names with political groups - a voluntary policy that exceeded industry standards. This spring, to our dismay, we learned that some names of our valued contributors had, in fact, been shared with the Democratic National Committee, in clear violation of our policy. As soon as we learned of this transgression, we checked our records of the last two years to be sure that it was a solitary action. We now know we did not check back far enough. And that led some press reports to assume we were being misleading, when in fact we were operating on incomplete information…."

Creators Syndicate 7/15/99 L. Brent Bozell III "..WGBH is not just Boston's PBS affiliate. It is a massive commercial enterprise, a flagship of the nation's public broadcasting system. Conservatives know them best for putting out "Frontline," a liberal-tilting documentary series. But they've always denied carrying water for liberal Democrats. So when reporters discovered that WGBH was swapping direct-mail fundraising lists with the Democratic National Committee, it shredded the veil of the station's nonpartisan stance….." 7/15/99 Carl Limbacher "…It suprises no one to learn that political sympathies at the taxpayer funded Corporation for Public Broadcasting lean heavily towards the Democrats. Fifteen minutes viewing PBS's "NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" makes that amply clear. But news that WGBH in Boston, one of PBS's flagship television outlets, has been sharing its donor lists with the Democratic party does more than confirm old stereotypes about journalism's liberal bias. In fact, this could be perhaps the biggest media scandal of all time. ….Think of it. We now know that at least some of those public TV beg-a-thons may have been little more than televised White House coffees…" 7/15/99 Carl Limbacher "…How did WGBH allow itself to become the Democrat's taxpayer funded boiler room operation? As Michael Dukakis, one of Boston's own, used to say--the fish stinks from the head down. In this case the fishhead in question may turn out to be Diane Blair. Diane Blair is a former political science professor at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. But the credential that won her a six year appointment to the board of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is a friendship with both Clintons that goes back to the '70s. Diane Blair worked as a senior campaign researcher for Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential bid and became a senior advisor for the 1996 re-election effort. In September 1997 Blair herself was elected unanimously by CPB's nine member governing board to serve a one year term as its president….. Jim Blair was counsel to Tyson Foods during Clinton's governorship and as such he was in a unique position to guide Arkansas' first lady through the treacherous world of commodity investing. Blair hooked Hillary up with suspect commodities broker Red Bone and within months the miracle of the cattle futures began to unfold. In December 1992 Blair "loaned" a destitute Jim McDougal $1,000 so McDougal could pretend to buy the Clintons out of their Whitewater investment. McDougal would later tell reporters that the Tyson attorney used threats to keep him quiet about Clinton misdeeds. It was also Jim Blair who in 1994 warned the Clintons that Webb Hubbell's criminality would soon become apparent and that they should distance themselves from their old buddy before the cash their Chinese friends had been shoveling Hubbell's way began to look too much like hush money…"

Toronto Sun 7/18/99 Lorri Goldstein "...One of the problems with selective outrage against immorality is that it is immoral in and of itself. Ever since NATO's victory in Yugoslavia, we have been witnessing one of the most sustained examples of selective moral outrage and demonization of a people ever recorded in the modern era. Day after day after day after day the media are filled with stories of Serbian atrocities that left an estimated 10,000 innocent Kosovar Albanians dead - down from allegations during the war by NATO officials and U.S. President Bill Clinton that more than 100,000 had in fact been killed..... - Refugees? World-wide there are, conservatively, an estimated 13.5 million people who fit the definition of someone in genuine need of protection and/or assistance, excluding those who have been permanently resettled elsewhere. Meanwhile, the hundreds of civilians killed by NATO bombs during the 78-day air war and an estimated 100,000 Serbian (and Gypsy) refugees fleeing Kosovo in fear of retaliation by returning ethnic Albanians, are treated as a footnote to this ongoing human disaster, barely worthy of mention. But given our record of indifference to human suffering, often on a far greater scale than what occurred in Kosovo, the true motives behind our "humanitarian" bombing of Yugoslavia require scrutiny.... Whatever the motives, could we at least tone down the self-righteous chest-pounding over Yugoslavia, given that the atrocities we said we wanted to stop only began in earnest after NATO began bombing in what up to then had been a civil war, where there were atrocities on both sides. As it is, our selective moral outrage is exposing our own hypocrisy...."

Associated Press Writer 7/19/99 Anne Pandolfi "...Television news was less critical of President Clinton during the Kosovo campaign than of predecessor George Bush during the Gulf War, according to a study. Six in 10 on-air comments on the Kosovo air campaign contained praise for Clinton's efforts, said the Center for Media and Public Affairs, a nonpartisan research organization that has analyzed television, print, and radio coverage for more than 10 years...."

Accuracy In Media 7/19/99 Joseph Goulden "...How much store should Americans put in the media's protestations that political bias has nothing to do with what comes out of newsrooms?. ....

Accuracy In Media 7/19/99 Joseph Goulden "...Richard Harwood, former assistant managing editor and ombudsman, The Washington Post, Op Ed column, 28 October 1990: "You are not 'entitled' to a letter to the editor,to an op-ed piece or even to a paid advertisement; if we don't like it, we don't print it. to ask for 'equal time' on the evening news or in the morning newspaper is, very often, to bay at the moon. You have no 'right' to fair treatment, no 'right' to be quoted accurately or in context or even quoted at all in news reports, broadcasts, or commentaries....If your reputation is soiled in a front-page story under a four-column hadline, it is most unlikely to be cleansed in the same spot (if it is cleansed at all)."

Accuracy In Media 7/19/99 Joseph Goulden "...Evan Thomas, Washington bureau chief, Newsweek Magazine, on Inside Washington, 11 May 1996: Commenting on Speaker Newt Gingrich's charge that the media are biased,, Thomas stated, "This is true. There is liberal bias. About 85 percent of the reporters who cover the White House vote Democratic. They have for a long time. Particularly at the networks, at the lower levels, among the editors and the so-called infrastructure, there is a liberal bias. There is a liberal bias at Newsweek, the magazine I work for." ..."

SF Chronicle 7/17/99 Jonathan Curiel "...KQED-TV found itself in the middle of a growing political storm yesterday when it revealed that its donor lists have been used by California Senator Barbara Boxer and the Democratic National Committee. The disclosure added to the anger of some Republican lawmakers who have been investigating the practice of ``list brokering'' by public television stations...."

7/20/99 Barbara J. Saffir THE WASHINGTON TIMES "...Public television and radio stations have swapped their membership lists with groups that support abortion, gun control and other politically charged causes.

Handgun Control Inc., Planned Parenthood and Zero Population Growth are among the many advocacy groups that traded lists with the stations, interviews with officials and documents obtained by The Washington Times show. Public broadcasting executives may be called upon to address the troubling topic today when they testify at an emergency meeting before a House Commerce subcommittee.... The records also indicate that several stations have traded donor lists with groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union, Southern Poverty Law Center, Legal Aid Society of San Mateo, the Sierra Club and the World Wildlife Fund...."

Reuters 7/20/99 "…"The idea of a public broadcasting stations cozying up to a political party — any political party — in America is outrageous,'' said subcommittee chairman Rep. Billy Tauzin, a Louisiana Republican. He said the scandal had undermined public faith in PBS, had tarnished the public broadcast system and was a "crime, a sin, a shame.'' "We're going to make this illegal before we are through,'' he added…."


THE WASHINGTON TIMES 7/21/99 Barbara Saffir "...The president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting acknowledged yesterday that as many as 30 of the nation's 75 largest public television stations traded donor lists with the Democratic National Committee but said none will be punished for doing it. Robert Coonrod also told members at an emergency hearing of the House Commerce Committee's telecommunications, trade and consumer protection subcommittee that stations swapped lists with seven little-known Republican groups, which one lifelong GOP member said she had never heard of before..... "If a station makes donor lists available to a political party, that is wrong -- however, it is not illegal," Mr. Coonrod said, although he acknowledged that he is "neither an attorney nor an expert in the IRS code."....The independently owned stations set their own policies, but Mr. Coonrod said he plans to withhold funding from those that fail to comply with Internal Revenue Service regulations. The IRS generally bans the tax-exempt nonprofit stations from political activity except in extremely limited circumstances. Lawmakers have threatened to cut federal funding for public broadcasting if the CPB does not find a way to halt the political trades. They do not plan to block list swaps with groups such as Planned Parenthood and Handgun Control Inc. About 15 percent of public broadcasting funds come from the federal government, which the CPB distributes to the stations via the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and National Public Radio (NPR). ..."

AP 7/21/99 Melissa Robinson "...Testifying at a politically charged congressional hearing, Robert Coonrod, the corporation's president, said a recent survey found that 53 of 75 television stations in large markets used third-party brokers to exchange membership lists with other nonprofit organizations. Of those, he said, fewer than 30 stations appear to have exchanged names with political organizations aligned with either the Democratic or Republican parties..... In addition to the stations that exchanged membership information, about 30 also received lists from political organizations.. ."

The Union Leader. Manchester, NH 7/22/99 Angela Baggetta "...A report in yesterday's Boston Globe stating that New Hampshire Public Television swapped donor lists with those held by Republican party organizations is inaacurate, national and local public television officials said yesterday. .... On a national level, the CPB's Inspector General is undertaking an examination of the list policies of every public broadcasting station in the country, CPN Vice President for Television Operations Coug Weiss said yesterday. Approximately 1,000 stations across the country will be involved in the study, and a report on the Inspector General's findings should be back with the House Commerce subcommittee in 30 days, he said. According to Weiss, "there isn't any list-swapping going on. Stations do not call up a political organization and say 'hey, wanna swap lists?'"..... "

WorldNet Daily 7/22/99 Jeff Jacoby "...PRESS REPORTS AND THE TONGUE-LASHINGS of assorted politicians notwithstanding, WGBH didn't do anything wrong. Neither did WNET, WETA, or KQED. The public-television giants in Boston, New York, Washington, and San Francisco have been catching all kinds of hell in the wake of reports that they swapped direct-mail fund-raising lists with political organizations. All four stations have traded names with the Democratic National Committee; at WETA the practice has been going on for at least twenty years. More than just these stations are involved. On Tuesday, the chief of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting estimated that 30 others have obtained names from political groups. No one has compiled a definitive list of the ideological organizations with which the stations have exchanged donor information, but it seems safe to assume that it's a long one. KQED has acknowledged swapping data with Handgun Control Inc. and Planned Parenthood. In 1997 it leased its lists to the campaign of California Senator Barbara Boxer, a Democrat. Other politicians and other stations have made similar deals. New Hampshire public television, for example, shared names with Bob Dole's 1996 presidential campaign.... What Republicans-and Democrats-ought to be talking about is not whether sharing lists of contributors is incompatible with the subsidy that PBS gets from the government, but whether any justification exists to preserve that subsidy. Once a welfare recipient gets a job and can support herself, she goes off the dole. Taxpayers spend $350 million a year on what amounts to welfare for public broadcasting. If, after all these years, public TV has developed the savvy to raise the money it needs from willing donors, customers, and underwriters, shouldn't it, too, go off the dole? ..."

World Net Daily 7/21/99 Jerome Zeifman "...There are some who look forward to economic superiority through the establishment of a world order led by NATO and the United Nations. They would do well to heed a warning given by Edmund Burke in the 18th century. Although supporting the ascendancy of a British empire on which the sun would never set, he argued that the people of Ireland, the American colonies, and India had God-given rights that neither King George nor Parliament could destroy. As the founder of modern conservatism, Burke warned English mercantilists that economic control of the colonies could not be maintained "by the might of armies, but by the majesty of the law."..... The grandeur of justice is being replaced by the glamour of the main stream media -- with moral judgments determined by public opinion polls...."

The New American 8/2/99 Admiral Thomas Moorer (USN Ret) 7/23/99 "...The United States appears to be sleep-walking on a course to sure destruction, and America's leaders, who have plotted this course, appear to be completely oblivious to the mortal danger they are leading us into. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the imminent giveaway of the U.S. Canal in Panama. In just a few months, unless the American people raise a terrific outcry, this strategic waterway, so vital to our economy and national security, will be turned over to Panama.... In reality, if we allow this suicidal course to continue, we will be transferring our strategic canal not to Panama, but to whichever power moves in to fill the vacuum. And there is no longer any cause to wonder which power that will be. Over the past several years, the People's Republic of China has made unmistakably clear its designs upon the Panama Canal. In fact, it has already moved in and begun to take control of this critically important is one of the great untold stories that have been completely ignored by our news media. If we proceed along our present course, by the end of this year, on December 31st, Communist China will become the de facto new owners and rulers of the Panama Canal...."

Washington Weekly 7/26/99 Marvin Lee "…Recent weeks have yielded unambiguous evidence of crime and abuse of power in the White House. Yet nobody seems to care. First, Judicial Watch unearthed a Treasury report that reveals that the White House orchestrated a politically motivated IRS audit of its client, the Western Journalism Center….. Second is the July 9 testimony by Johnny Chung that his $50,000 donation to Hillary Clinton at the White House was in return for a "wish list" and was directly solicited by aides of the First Lady to repay debts she had at the DNC. Among the items on the "wish list," or quid pro quo, was a visit to the White House Mess -- a wish that was immediately granted. When one of the requests of the wish list, a meeting with the President, was not immediately granted, Mr. Chung complained and he received the goods he had paid for. There cannot be any more obvious evidence of a quid pro quo than that. This is a clear violation of several statutes -- including prohibitions against taking bribes at the White House -- and a selling of tickets to the White House Mess, which is funded by taxpayers…."

Washington Weekly 7/26/99 Marvin Lee "…Most troubling of all are the at least four groups monitored by the FBI in their attempt to physically harm Johnny Chung or his family at the time he was a witness against the President and the DNC. Two of the groups where from China and it is reasonable to assume that they were sent by Chinese intelligence. But one incident involved an Italian-American. Now, if he wasn't sent by the Chinese, then who could have sent him? What U.S. interest could have wanted this witness silent? Perhaps the answer lies in Chung's testimony that the day after the FBI traced the license plate of the Italian-American, the Justice Department removed the FBI from the protection of Chung as a witness. And one of the Chinese agents relaying threats to Chung, Robert Luu, claimed that he was close to the "number three man" at the Justice Department….Johnny Chung in his testimony to Judicial Watch also relayed how he sensed that government investigators had no interest in the evidence of crime that he gave them. It is obvious that we would not have reached the current state of lawlessness had it not been for the active cooperation of the Department of Justice and the mainstream media…."

The Hindustan Times 7/26/99 Francois Gautier "…Bernard Imhasly in his piece Role of foreign correspondents, disagrees with me because I have written that most of the foreign correspondents´ interest in India is generally for "the macabre and the negative, the folklore, the superfluous, and the politically correct". I stand by that statement! And I am surprised that he says: "Although it is true that much of (foreign) reporting on India is negative, India is hardly alone in being singled out by journalists!" Because the truth is that when it comes to Europe or the US, Western journalists become singularly tolerant. Look at Kosovo for instance: the bias of the Western media for NATO was so blatant -- that at moments it became laughable! ….Unfortunately, journalists are playing one of the most dangerous roles at the end of the 20th century. We do not report on news, we make them. We even fabricate them when there is nothing to report about. We manipulate world opinion: When the West has a certain bias -- say against the Serbs -- powerful media like the BBC or CNN, are able to turn everybody against them. But when we do like someone, even if it is for the wrong reasons, then we turn a blind eye. …"

Drudge 7/26/99 "…The DRUDGE REPORT has learned that the NEW YORK TIMES is holding back a new blockbuster report that details how a New York City bank has been slow to cooperate with various federal investigations looking into money transfers from China to individuals suspected of passing cash to the Democratic National Committee…. One congressional committee investigating the cash transfers from China is now threatening to subpoena individuals from CITIBANK to explain the lack of cooperation. China's alleged money laundering scheme has been on Gerth's radar for months. "[Gerth] filed a solid story, that was very well sourced," one TIMES insider said of the Pulitzer Prize winner. "No one really knows why it hasn't run." Or if it will ever run? …"

WorldNet Daily 7/26/99 Joseph Farah "…An official Treasury Department report, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act after three years of such filings by the Western Journalism Center, parent company of, states unequivocally that the audit of the center in 1996 began with a letter forwarded to the Internal Revenue Service from the White House. This is known as the smoking gun that proves the Clinton administration was actively using the IRS as its own private political attack dog. This is the stuff of police states. This is worse than anything the Nixon administration did. This is raw-boned abuse of power…. WorldNetDaily has been hammering on this story for five consecutive business days. Only two other print sources have touched it -- the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times. Neither treated it as the serious, headline-making front-page news it is….Not only does the Treasury Department report make clear the audit initiated as a result of the letter from the White House, there has been a systematic cover-up of this fact for three years and it continues at the White House and IRS even today. Hello? Is anyone home out there? Do we now tacitly accept such authoritarian practices at the highest levels of government? Is this a case of once impeached, you're home free on any future charges? Or has the public and press become so overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of Clinton administration corruption that proof of crime no longer even matters? …"

Drudgereport 7/26/99 "…The Committee on Government Reform, investigating the cash transfers from China, is now threatening to subpoena individuals from CITIBANK to explain the lack of cooperation. The congressional committee has continually unearthed new leads in the case -- leads the Justice Department has not pursued. Early on in the investigation, it was discovered that CITIBANK was used for the original "Chung wire" of cash from China. Investigators now want the bank records of Liu Chao Ying, a Chinese aerospace executive and lieutenant colonel in the People's Liberation Army. China's alleged money laundering scheme has been on Gerth's radar for months….."

Houston Chronicle Interactive 7/26/99 Cal Thomas "...There may be no specific date on which the Roman Empire fell, but the final gasp of broadcast journalism occurred last week during the mawkish, obsequious and completely unprofessional coverage of the death of John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife and sister-in-law. Individuals once known as journalists morphed into alien life forms I'll call the Television People. The Television People gave us their version of Woodstock '99. It was a massive encounter group for these aging and made-up Baby Boomers who decided to work out their frustration over the mythical Camelot that never was and now, with the death of "the heir," can never be. Mislabeled "breaking news" revealed how broken the news has become. The Television People stopped the world, but they didn't want to get off..... A once-proud profession has become all tabloid, all the time. A profession mostly respected in the past, which once informed, now titillates. The most outrageous untruths and inaccuracies are tolerated, even promoted, so long as they ratify the favored myth, be it Camelot or liberalism....This handsome young man apparently didn't want to play their games. In what may have been the only realistic network portrayal of Kennedy, CNN's Jeanne Moos showed JFK Jr. as a real person full of self-deprecating humor and a true sense of self unrelated to how the Television People measure worth. Some said the music died when Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper went down in a small plane 40 years ago. For sure broadcast journalism died last week. It has been replaced by the Television People."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 7/27/99 Vol Four No 131 "...5) The Associated Press put words in Clinton's mouth last week so readers would have no idea Clinton made a false assertion about JFK Jr.'s visit to the White House. ....The broadcast evening shows never mentioned Clinton's false claimand while both GMA and This Morning pointed out the Nixon visit, neither castigated Clinton for his misinformation. On Today, Matt Lauer blamed the dead guy: "It could have been just that John Kennedy Jr. was being especially gracious to his host, President Clinton, and made him feel as if this was a special visit.") The August 2 Weekly Standard revealed some dissembling from the AP. An excerpt from the magazine's "Scrapbook" page: When did the White House start doing free spin for the WhiteHouse? Sonya Ross's initial AP stories duly repeated as fact Clinton's misty-eyed claim to be the first President to invite John Kennedy Jr. back to the White House. Once his prior visit tothe Nixon White House had been reported elsewhere, AP amended its dispatch -- not to report Clinton's whopper, however, but to help the White House press office obscure it. The new improved AP story read: "It was during Clinton's first term, in 1994, that Kennedy visited the White House for the first time as an adult, when Kennedy was serving on an advisory committee on schools, Clinton said." But Clinton said no such thing; this paraphrase was a lawyerly evasion, courtesy of AP.It got worse. Even this new version failed to account for JFKJr.'s visit, as an adult, to the Reagan White House in 1981. Thus, the final (unbylined) AP dispatch on the subject: "It was during Clinton's first term, in 1994, that Kennedy visited the White House inner sanctum for the first time as an adult, Clinton said. "No he didn't say it that way, either. Had Clinton phrased it as AP did for him, it would indeed have been true, in a Clintonian sort of way. Maybe AP should just start drafting the President's remarks for him...."

NRA 8/99 "...A LIST OF CELEBRITIES RECENTLY SIGNED A NATIONAL AD Imploring the NRA to care more about the safety of our nation's children. Apparently, nobody told Barry Manilow or Bruce Springsteen that the "13 children lost to gun violence every day" cited in their ad are in fact neither children nor accidents, but 85% are suicides or murders committed by gangbangers aged 15 to 19. Clearly, Meryl Streep and Moon Zappa are unaware that countless children's lives have been saved through the single most successful, most effective and widely used gun accident prevention program in America: the NRA's Eddie Eagle program. We've distributed it to 12 million kids in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada at a cost of almost $20 million.... The media hasn't reported how the Eddie Eagle(r) curriculum effectively teaches youngsters what to do if they encounter a firearm: STOP! Don't Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult. So Rosie O'Donnell and Tony Bennett probably don't know it's the only gun accident prevention program for kids used by 500 law enforcement agencies across the country. We doubt Madonna or Henry Winkler know that it won the National School Public Relations Association's Golden Achievement Award. Barbra Streisand and Fannie Flagg are likely unaware the National Safety Council gave the Eddie Eagle(r) program its Youth Activities Award of Merit. No one told Richard Gere or Rosemary Clooney that Eddie Eagle(r) has been officially recognized and honored by more than 35 governors and state legislatures. Jerry Seinfeld and Fred Rogers probably don't know that fatal firearm accidents among children have dropped 64% - falling 13% in Eddie's first year alone. We bet Spike Lee and Cathy Rigby are unaware that 3,500 ordinary Americans have volunteered to spread Eddie Eagle's(r) lifesaving message. It's probably news to Jack Nicholson and Brad Gooch that Eddie Eagle's(r) founder won the National Safety Council's Outstanding Community Service Award. Nobody informed Walter Cronkite and BOYS II MEN that theAmerican Legion awarded Eddie Eagle(r) its prestigious National Education Award. Nobody probably told Cher or Sting that only the Eddie Eagle(r) gun accident prevention program has won the endorsement of thousands of school systems nationwide. And probably, Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke don't know that today, fatal firearm accidents among children are the lowest in history. We won't stop until there are none. ...."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 7/28/99 Vol Four No 132 "...1) In the same paragraph the New York Times applied different ideological labeling standards to a liberal and a conservative. 2) The New York Times published Jeff Gerth's exclusive about how Citibank is impeding an investigation of money transfers from China, but didn't put it on page one. The networks ignored it. ..."


Chicago Tribune 7/29/99 Eric Reeves "...The ongoing catastrophe in Sudan stands as the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world today... A carefully assembled set of data for the U.S. Committee for Refugees makes evident that almost 2 million people have perished in the most recent phase of Sudan's ongoing civil war. As many as 5 million refugees have been created, making the refugee problem the greatest of its kind in the world. And at the height of last summer's famine, more than 2 million more people, mainly children, were at risk of starvation. And the catastrophe continues: famine, epidemic disease, human enslavement and scorched earth warfare remain defining features of the landscape in the south, where the civil war has been so devastatingly concentrated And yet Americans remain painfully unaware of the catastrophe. How can this be?.... it bears the curse of being in Africa, where any policy success is almost surely destined to be overshadowed by Clinton's abysmal moral failure in the Rwandan genocide. Africa can contribute nothing to the "Clinton legacy" that is being cobbled together, and so--despite its vast geographic, political and cultural variability--a continent has been relegated to the extreme periphery of White House attention....And the news media--television most egregiously, but newspapers as well--have made the marginalizing of Sudan almost effortless. Not one major American newspaper, for example, reported on a resolution passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on June 15 declaring the Khartoum regime's conduct of civil war in the south of Sudan to be "genocidal." Could this have been declared at any time during the past 50 years of any European or Western government without explosive news coverage? Why is Sudan's death struggle so entirely unworthy of national attention? ..."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES Ben Barber 7/30/99 "...White House spokesman David Leavy on Thursday adamantly denied a new International Public Information (IPI) system would be directed at American audiences. IPI is a secret Clinton administration program to control public information disseminated by the departments of State and Defense and intelligence agencies. It is meant to "influence foreign audiences in a way favorable to the achievement of U.S. foreign-policy objectives," according to a draft IPI charter obtained by The Washington Times. But critics claim that IPI will be used for domestic propaganda "That is totally inaccurate," Mr. Leavy said. "The IPI initiative is designed to better organize the government and the instruments we have to support our public diplomacy, military activities and economic engagement overseas. There is no impact on the domestic press."..... But a former deputy chief of the U.S. Information Agency (USIA) under three presidents said he fears the IPI plan would mean U.S. propaganda aimed at foreigners would be used to influence American elections Gene Kopp, who served under Presidents Nixon, Ford and Bush, said the elections of President Kennedy and President Carter were directly influenced by leaks of USIA foreign public-opinion polls showing a decline in U.S. prestige abroad...."

WorldNet Daily 8/2/99 Joseph Farah "... Well, I'm still mad. For three weeks my worst suspicions about the Clinton White House have been confirmed. WorldNetDaily broke a political scandal bigger than Watergate, and the American press establishment offered up a collective yawn. I've called some of the top reporters and editors in the country to explain what we have here. When I tell them who I am (a guy who has run major metropolitan daily newspapers for years) and what my story is (that we have documentation that the White House initiated an Internal Revenue Service audit against us for political reasons), they seem genuinely interested. Then they never call back. You tell me what I should think about this. All my professional life I have actively debunked the idea that there is a press conspiracy out there actively suppressing the truth. Instead, I explain as an insider, that the real problem with the press is that everyone just thinks alike -- which leads to a lot of bad decisions and poor news judgment. But this! I can't explain this kind of tunnel vision, this kind of self-censorship, this kind of news negligence with my usual rap about the sorry state of the newsroom culture...."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES Ben Barber 7/30/99 "...According to a former government official, who insisted on anonymity, the White House created a Strategic Planning Directorate, which used the State Department and USIA to pressure American reporters into favorable coverage of the U.S. troop deployment in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It came into being just prior to the 1996 presidential election. "I heard them talk about it in conference telephone calls --how they had to control the media out there, the bureau chiefs, because if the Republicans picked this up [the Clinton administration] would be exposed as having no foreign policy," said the former government official. Shortly after President Clinton won re-election in 1996, the administration announced that U.S. troops would not be home by Christmas, as promised. Today, nearly three years later, some 7,000 U.S. troops remain in Bosnia....The source said that USIA officials and National Security Adviser Samuel R. Berger tried to convince American editors not to publish accounts by their reporters who wrote that Bosnia was unsafe for Americans, that Muslim extremists were a threat, and that the warring sides would never be pacified. Ivo Daalder, who was a staffer on the National Security Council at the time, said discussions had no ulterior motives. .... "

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 7/30/99 Vol Four No 133 "..." 1) ABC's World News Tonight gave a piddling 22 seconds to the $90,000 sanction on Clinton but allocated over four minutes to adventure vacations. CBS and NBC ran full stories but the cable networks were too busy with the Atlanta shootings. 2) The networks distorted Alan Greenspan's opposition to tax cuts, ignoring how if the alternative is more spending, "then I very strongly support tax cuts." 3) CBS's Diana Olick insisted Greenspan's "clearly opposed" to tax cuts before she re-wrote history to match the liberal line, saying Reagan's tax cut "resulted in a decade and a half of deficits." ..."

Foxnews 7/30/99 "...Stung by a fund-raising scandal involving swapping donor names with partisan political groups, the public broadcasting system Friday announced new policies to stop such practices. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which helps fund National Public Radio and Public Broadcasting Service, said it informed member stations that in order to get grants next year, they cannot swap or rent donor lists to political groups, or candidates...."

AP 7/30/99 "...The chairman of a House telecommunications panel said Friday that several public broadcasting stations rented donor lists from the Clinton-Gore election campaign, violating a law that prohibits nonprofit groups from participating in political activities. Rep. Billy Tauzin, R-La., head of the House Commerce Committee's subcommittee on telecommunications, released a list he said he had obtained from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting of stations that responded to a survey on donor list-swapping...." 7/28/99 "...1) In the same paragraph the New York Times applied different ideological labeling standards to a liberal and a conservative. 2) The New York Times published Jeff Gerth's exclusive about how Citibank is impeding an investigation of money transfers from China, but didn't put it on page one. The networks ignored it. 3) FNC's Carl Cameron outlined how Justice failed to pursue leads in the Chung and Huang cases and "political pressure" is now suppressing pursuit of Trie's charge that top Democrats "knew he was receiving illegal foreign contributions." ..."

Washington Weekly 8/2/99 Edward Zehr "...Once more Bill Clinton, a freshly issued pass from the mainstream press clutched tightly in his hand, is trying to look presidential. It seems like only yesterday he was being hammered with allegations of sexual assault by Juanita Broaddrick, and some in the media -- Lisa Myers at NBC, for example -- were taking them quite seriously. Not that this deterred NBC from suppressing the story until after the impeachment vote was safely out of the way. Clinton managed to wriggle out of yet another tight spot by dropping bombs on civilians in Serbia -- I won't call it waging war, the other side was unable to shoot back. Not that I think it was purely a "Wag-the-Dog" scenario, a phony war ginned up to get our hollow hero off the hook for a bit of domestic nastiness. Clinton had an agenda all right -- it just wasn't the one he offered the public as a pretext for splattering 2,000 civilians in Serbia like so many bugs on a windshield. Perhaps Charming Billy was just trying to accommodate his pals in the oil industry who had been so nice to him when he hit them up for campaign contributions. The Mainstream Media were ever so accommodating as well, trumpeting NATO propaganda as though it were "news analysis" that they had only just thought of themselves, and showing plenty of grisly atrocity films to keep the public properly outraged at the Serbian Devils and prevent them thinking of awkward questions to ask about what we were really supposed to accomplish by blowing up a small Balkan country that had never done us any harm. When the news about the trans-Balkan pipeline to transport Caspian Sea oil from the Black Sea to the Adriatic via Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania became known, hardly anyone mentioned it except United Press International. (Oil companies do a lot of advertising in the mainstream media). Most other news organizations primly averted their gaze and pretended not to notice. It isn't quite nice to mention the "O" word in public these days...."

Washington Weekly 8/2/99 Marvin Lee "...You know you live in a banana republic when news of corruption in government is no longer treated as news but is yawned at, shrugged off, and considered redundant. Consider these revelations from just this past week: * The Associated Press reported that the high-profile Chinagate and Whitewater cases against Clinton friends Webster Hubbell and Charlie Trie were not assigned randomly to judges as is customary, but were assigned to judges appointed by President Clinton and affiliated with his defenders....* A Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) lawsuit was filed in amended form against the White House and Loral, Inc. by Loral shareholders alleging a conspiracy to sellout U.S. national security interests for political contributions....* Fox News reported that the Justice Department is ignoring evidence and testimony given by Charlie Trie and Johnny Chung that link Democratic Party officials to the Chinese military through political contributions....* Judicial Watch pointed out that the fine of $90,000 to be paid by President Clinton for lying in court will likely be picked up by the Chinese through their donations to his Legal Defense Fund, while the whistleblower who revealed the physical evidence of his lies faces 10 years in prison if a political trial of her proceeds. Yet none of this is news because it is what we have come to expect..... "

AP Wire 8/2/99 Lynn Elber "...PBS stations will halt all exchanges of donor lists with partisan groups within a week, but when the political fallout for public broadcasting might end is difficult to predict, PBS president Ervin S. Duggan said Sunday. ``By the end of this week, no station in America will be engaged in these practices,'' Duggan told a meeting of the Television Critics Association. ``It has delayed the (federal budget) authorization process and I don't know what the outcome will be,'' he said. ``I hope we can put it behind us.'' Of the 349 public television stations nationwide, PBS has admitted that as many as 30 appear to have engaged in list rentals or exchanges with political groups...."

Media Research Center 7/30/99 Brent Baker "...After outlining on Tuesday night how the Justice Department thwarted probes or failed to pursue leads involving Johnny Chung, John Huang and Charlie Trie, FNC's Carl Cameron returned Wednesday night with a look at how two others with names not uttered much recently will also escape charges. In a piece which led the July 28 Special Report with Brit Hume, but unlike the previous story did not also appear an hour later on the Fox Report, Cameron began: "Indonesian businessman Ted Sioeng funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal Chinese contributions to the Democratic Party in 1996. He dined with the President at one glitzy fundraiser and accompanied the Vice President to another at a Buddhist temple. And though FBI and congressional investigators say they have conclusive evidence that Sioeng worked for Chinese intelligence, Fox News has learned no charges of any kind will be brought against him. "Sioeng fled a year ago to the Central American nation of Belize, refusing to cooperate with U.S. investigators. Despite owning a Chinese-language newspaper and several import-export firms in California, investigators have no plans to freeze or leverage Sioeng's U.S. assets to bring him back."..."

Media Research Center 7/30/99 Brent Baker "...Cameron then moved to Sioeng's partner.... Hsia currently faces only minor tax and election fraud charges, although she was identified by Congress as a Chinese agent." Reporter in crowd outside courthouse: "Are you an agent for the Chinese government, Ms. Hsia?" Nancy Luque, Maria Hsia's attorney: "She's certainly not an agent of the Chinese government." Cameron countered: "But even before her lawyer's denials, the Justice Department had what sources tell Fox News was conclusive evidence that, indeed, Hsia was working for China. But like similar intelligence information in the Sioeng case, investigators mishandled it and both suspects are now about to slip through the net."..."

Media Research Center 7/30/99 Brent Baker "...But that's all part of a pattern, Cameron noted in again citing a report ignored by the other networks: "According to an inspector general's report, key facts in the Justice Department's China cash investigation and specific intelligence data on Maria Hsia and Ted Sioeng's China connections was, quote, 'supplied in a fashion that belied their significance' because it was, quote, 'serendipitously included in memoranda on other subjects, or buried amid documents.' That so downplayed the evidence that, quote, 'Some officials were unaware that they had received these pieces of information.' Cameron honed in on Reno and how the FBI was afraid to share information because they knew the White House would get it: "Some Justice Department investigators suspect their bosses deliberately dropped the ball to protect the President, though the inspector general concluded it was poor judgment and not intentional. But congressional critics think Attorney General Janet Reno and her closest advisers were playing pure politics. And according to the report, when Reno's top troops wanted to share evidence with the White House, the FBI protested, even boycotted meetings, to prevent the handing over of such information, saying it was, quote, 'akin to briefing the subject of an investigation about that investigation.' ..."

Media Research Center 7/30/99 Brent Baker "...Giving a clue about who is providing him with his information, Cameron observed: "Line-level investigators and prosecutors, disgruntled with the way Department of Justice management have handled, and some say botched, this entire case, almost daily now are disclosing more information. Last night Fox reported on how the initial investigation into the Buddhist temple fundraising event was thwarted by the attorney general's office. In fact, one specific individual, the head of the Office of Public Integrity, Lee Radick (sp?), has essentially been fingered as trying to close down that investigation. And as a result, Congress plans to subpoena Mr. Radick's documents to find out whether or not he tried in some way to close things down in order to protect the President." ..." 7/28/99 Carl Limbacher "...In an unusual move that puts the ugliest charge against President Clinton back on the front burner, Clinton's personal lawyer David Kendall has attacked Juanita Broaddrick's detailed charge that the President raped her as a "partisan rant." ....The Clinton lawyer's attempt to demean Broaddrick's rape charge suggests an abrupt change of course in White House strategy. Previously Kendall had issued only a brief, one-sentence statement on the President's behalf denying he raped Broaddrick, in the apparent belief that the less said about the matter, the better. But Kendall's decision to attack Broaddrick's charge as partisan in response to the Judicial Watch lawsuit could signal new White House fears that other women with similar charges may be ready to go public.....The mainstream press has been extraordinarily deferential to Clinton himself, asking him about Broaddrick's allegation only twice. Both times Clinton referred to Kendall's terse denial and refused to say more...."

The Tampa Tribune 7/28/99 Tribune Editorial "...The China spy scandal has caused the White House little political damage because the major TV networks, which supply most people most of their daily news, have given it scant attention. ``It was over and done with in two days,´´ says Brent Bozell, head of the Media Research Center. ``Either the print media are making up news, or something very bizarre is going on with the networks.´´ ...There were only five major network TV stories on the Cox Report about the China outrage, Bozell's research reveals. The three- volume spy report, released by a select committee of the U.S. House, listed a series of shocking security lapses. The public outcry was muted because about 70 percent of the public gets its news from a major TV network, and to the networks, the story was insignificant...."

Wordnetdaily 8/2/99 Geoff Metcalf "...Notwithstanding the consistent unrelenting flood of propaganda, "the U.S. public has refused to back President Clinton's foreign policy." Some of you might question, "What foreign policy?" The fact is the administration has its collective panties in a bunch in the wake of this apparent inability to sell the gospel according to Bill-Jeff... Well, the latest abuse of power under the color of authority is "using resources that are aimed at spinning the news." Thanks to the wizardry of presidential decision directives, the president can (and does) create new policies and the agencies to implement his will. Congress impotently sits in the shadows alternately clucking and quivering. Up jumps the International Public Information (IPI) system, created in April by Presidential Decision Directive 68. This potential disinformation tool isn't bad enough as a bureaucracy, so it is to be run by Morton Halperin, formerly "Senior Director for Democracy" at the National Security Council and now head of policy planning at the State Department -- an all around anti-constitutional wonk.

Wordnetdaily 8/2/99 Geoff Metcalf "...This IPI working group met for the first time last Wednesday. It is yet further evidence of the evil that unbridled ambition can wrought without sufficient checks and balances. The IPI charter, still classified top secret, reportedly synthesizes the functions of agencies like the old USIA and Radio Free Europe. Those agencies were supposed to be aimed overseas, to sell New Deal propaganda. The leaked text of the draft charter is written in typical bureaucratese-speak. However, if that fictional "reasonable person" reads between the lines of the form, the substance is clear. Under the purview of IPI overseas information (propaganda) will "be coordinated, integrated, de-conflicted and synchronized with the (IPI) to achieve a synergistic effect" at home. What the heck does that mean? Simply stated, we will have the dubious distinction of paying (with OUR tax dollars) for our own indoctrination. Cool ... and Machiavelli smiled....The Washington Times got their hands on a copy of a draft charter which states the purpose of this outfit is "to prevent and mitigate crises and to influence foreign audiences in ways favorable to the achievement of U.S. foreign policy objectives." Anonymous insiders report that honchos from defense, intelligence, diplomatic and other assorted alphabet soup groups gathered at the State department to review the draft charter...."

Wordnetdaily 8/2/99 Geoff Metcalf "... Presidential Decision Directive 68, which ordered the creation of the International Public Information was designed to make sure that all government agencies disseminating information abroad share a single message...... One former senior official dared complain that this charter "did not distinguish what would be done overseas and what would be done at home. ... It talks about a news war." BINGO! The devil is always in the details. The IPI charter does not distinguish between overseas information and domestic information because the intention is to slap a tighter bridle on domestic critics..... This administration has routinely and consistently proved to be corrupt, disingenuous, duplicitous, untruthful, mean-spirited, and manipulative. The same president was just fined for having lied to a judge under oath. Lying has been proven to be the one life-long axiomatic consistent of the man...."

Conservative News Service 8/3/99 L Brent Bozell III "...There's nothing quite so strange as the press corps announcing the removal of their own watchdog's teeth. On July 31, Washington Post reporter Charles Babington triumphantly reported the birth of a new Clinton era: "With the news media and Congress taking their cue from a public weary of questions about presidential scandal, President Clinton is free to devote his final 18 months in office to issues he sees as crucial to his legacy." Babington noted the way reporters have abandoned scandal questions in press conferences, and "have turned their focus to federal budget surpluses, Medicare expansions, and other topics the White House views as winners." Translation: we quit. To those accusing the media of giving a Clinton a free ride, it's official...."

Conservative News Service 8/3/99 L Brent Bozell III "...The free pass was underscored with the recent news that Clinton has established another shameful precedent: the first President to be fined by a judge for lying under oath, a $90,000 penalty. While CBS and NBC dutifully covered the story for a couple of minutes, ABC's "World News Tonight" gave it a whopping 22 seconds. The next morning, NBC's "Today" gave it 15 seconds, while ABC and CBS focused on more important matters, like the upcoming auction of Marilyn Monroe's collectibles. The news magazines were even less interested. U.S. News gave it a paragraph or two. Newsweek joked in its "Conventional Wisdom Watch" that he was "Hit with $90K fine. But polls show he's still Our Bill." Time spiked the story completely...."

Conservative News Service 8/3/99 L Brent Bozell III "...The increasing resistance to scandal news hit home when even the indictment of longtime media pinata Linda Tripp didn't draw much media interest. This time, ABC and CBS aired a story, while NBC gave it just a few seconds. Time and Newsweek ridiculed Tripp as a loser in their quippy up-front features, but only U.S. News ran a story. In the new Clinton-liberating era, even piling on Linda Tripp risks reminding people of Clinton's failings. The newsroom debate probably concludes with the question: Isn't Linda Tripp already ruined? When ABC's Web site runs a poll comparing you to Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milosevic, and Osama bin Laden, how could it get any worse? ..."

The O'Reilly Factor ~~ FOX NEWS 8/3/99 Bill O'Reilly "...One of the most frequent questions that viewers have is .... why is the Factor the only TV news program that is closely covering the China situation? My answer up to now has been .... 'I don't know.' But that's a lazy answer so I made some calls and did some thinking and I've come up with the reason. First off ... the network news chieftains believe the China story is not a big audience draw. Secondly, they believe it will anger the Clinton administration. So the calculation is ... why tee off the powers that be ... when there's no audience upside. Especially since GE, CBS, Disney, and Time-Warner ... all do business with the government. The News Corporation, which owns Fox, also does business with the U.S. government. Now I don't know about the others, but I've been encouraged to investigate any and all alleged wrongdoing. Now Talking Points believes that once President Clinton leaves office ... you will see an amazing amount of stories pop up about corruption in his administration ... Chinese related and otherwise. But for now ... the reporting is passive to say the least. But if the Republicans gain power in the year 2000 .... fasten your seat-belts. Of course this doesn't speak very well of the press .... but in today's media climate access to power is the number one priority for many news operations .... not investigative reporting. And that's the memo ..."

NRA 8/3/99 "...Immediately after last night's airing of CBS Evening News' blatantly biased "Reality Check" segment, which ignored recent scholarly research and falsely claimed that the Second Amendment is not an individual right, the National Rifle Association launched a campaign to provide CBS News with its own reality check.

** CBS FAILED to cite the 1990 Supreme Court reference to the Second Amendment in U.S. v. Verdugo-Urquidez that stated, "'the people' protected by the Fourth Amendment, and by the First and Second Amendments ... refers to a class of persons who are part of the national community." Each of these rights are individual.

** CBS FAILED to report this year's federal court ruling from the Northern District of Texas, U.S. v. Emerson, in which the federal judge overturned a federal gun law on Second Amendment grounds and argued, "The rights of the Second Amendment should be as zealously guarded as the other individual liberties enshrined in the bill of rights."

** CBS FAILED to report that, in the last decade, scholars from across the political spectrum have concluded that the Second Amendment, from any method of analysis, protects an individual right, and that this view is now commonly referred to as the "Standard Model" (Glenn Harlan Reynolds, 1995).

** CBS FAILED to note that the nation's leading constitutional scholars such as Lawrence Tribe (Harvard), Akil Reed Amar (Yale), William Van Alstyne (Duke), and Sanford Levinson (Texas) ascribe to the concept of the individual Second Amendment right as the "Standard Model."

** CBS FAILED to report the conclusion of Professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds, of the University of Tennessee, that scholars adhering to an individual rights interpretation, "... dominate the academic literature on the Second Amendment almost completely," and that this view is "... the mainstream scholarly interpretation."

WorldNet Daily 8/5/99 Jon Dougherty "...The mainstream press groupies are ignoring startling new evidence about the federal government's assault on the Branch Davidian community in Waco, Texas, in 1993. In case you haven't heard, the evidence I'm talking about was first chronicled in the Dallas Morning News over a week ago. It seems as though the chairman of the Texas Department of Public Safety -- the Texas Rangers -- has evidence that solidly refutes the federal government's version of events that took place against members of the Branch Davidian religious group. The evidence includes key interdepartmental federal law enforcement memos, thermal imaging reports, and an examination of video evidence by an analyst from the National Reconnaissance Office.... Specifically, the evidence: Establishes a belief among many within the government that if the Feds get away with what they did at Waco, the rule of law will suffer the most. Supports earlier claims made by independent reporters that FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) imagery examined by noted expert Dr. Edward F. Allard indeed shows federal agents firing automatic weapons at fleeing Davidians. Shows the FBI admitting in a report that federal automatic weapons fire during the final assault on the Davidian community originated from a position designated as "Sierra One." Shows the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms admitting in a memo that three ATF agents went on a friendly shooting trip with Davidian leader David Koresh just nine days before the initial ATF assault. Establishes that explosive canisters of a flammable nature were used repeatedly during the initial phases of the assault. There is also evidence that the initial federal judge in the case, district court Judge Walter Smith, has done everything in his power to accommodate the government's cover-up..... While all of this is going on -- the makings of a gargantuan scandal -- I have to ask where are the mainstream media crews? Where are the CNN cameras documenting every second of this ballooning scandal -- in the same manner they documented every second of the Waco showdown over six years ago? Why aren't Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw parked outside Judge Smith's courtroom, giving viewers a minute-by-minute live analysis of this enormous breaking story? Where's the "60 Minutes" crew or the "Nightline" documentary? Why are the major news web sites more interested in polling Americans about gun control and how they feel about the passing of JFK Jr. than reporting the obvious discrepancies in the federal government's version of events at Waco? It makes me sick to hear these people call themselves reporters. The major media players have been handed this story on a silver platter, but still they ignore it. Back when independent filmmakers and producers dug up all the evidence the Texas Rangers now claim to have, they were discounted as "kooks," "weirdos," "right-wing conspirators," and losers with an ax to grind against Clinton and Reno. That assessment was, of course, erroneous, but now it's beside the point. This time the vaunted Texas Rangers are making the same claims. How much more reputable can you get? ..."


Chicago SUN-TIMES 8/5/99 "...At 1:30 a.m. Tuesday, the remains of 29-year-old Capt. Jennifer J. Odom, U.S. Army, arrived at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. The television cameras, usually present at such events, were nowhere to be seen. Indeed, the news media were totally absent, and the event went unrecorded. Nor was President Clinton there to feel her family's pain. Odom, along with her co-pilot and three other crew members, died July 23 when the DeHavilland RC7 reconnaissance plane she was piloting crashed into a mountain in southern Colombia. The Pentagon says there is "no evidence" that narco-guerrillas shot down the plane, but adds that the investigation is continuing...... In addition to Odom, they include her co-pilot, Capt. Jose A. Santiago, as well as Chief Warrant Officer Thomas G. Moore, Specialist T. Bruce Cluff and Specialist Ray E. Krueger. Typically, when Republican Rep. Constance Morella took the House floor Tuesday morning to praise astronaut Collins, there was no mention of her fellow Marylander whose remains had arrived at Dover only hours before. ..."

Fox News O'Reilly Factor 8/5/99 Bill O'Reilly ".... The House Committee on Government Reform... chaired by our first guest Congressman Dan Burton ... has sent four subpoenas to Janet Reno concerning her campaign finance investigation..... Ms. Reno says she cannot comment while her investigation is on-going. But journalist Robert Novak reports that an internal memo at Justice ... says Reno is keeping dormant investigations open ... so she has an excuse not to say anything about campaign finance. Reno denies that but will not comment on why inactive investigations are being kept open. She also says the memo should not have gotten out to the public. Talking points has believed for months that something is very wrong in the Justice Department ... and obstruction of justice there is not out of the question. Points is also amazed that no major newspaper even mentioned that Ms. Reno had been subpoenaed. Could there be a cover-up of the cover-up? ..."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 8/6/99 Vol Four No 137 "...1) A bipartisan Senate committee report documented how the Clinton administration botched the Chinese espionage investigation, but ABC and NBC ignored it Thursday night.....1) Thursday night ABC's World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News skipped the bipartisan Senate Government Affairs Committee report issued by Republican Senator Fred Thompson and Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman documenting how the Clinton administration bungled the investigation of Chinese espionage. CNN's The World Today, FNC's Fox Report and the CBS Evening News all ran full stories..... On the CBS Evening News Bill Plante outlined the basic findings but avoided naming names, such as Janet Reno: "The bi-partisan report paints a scathing picture of incompetence in the FBI and Department of Energy, an investigation flawed from the outset by one blunder after another."...."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 8/6/99 Vol Four No 137 "...6) Not one word in this week's Time about the $90,000 fine on Clinton for lying. Newsweek buried it in its "Conventional Wisdom" box.... 6) Speaking of Time, not one syllable appeared in the latest edition about the $90,000 fine imposed upon Bill Clinton last Thursday by federal Judge Susan Webber Wright for dissembling in the Paula Jones case. The August 9 Newsweek ignored it except for an even arrow in the Conventional Wisdom box: "Clinton: Hit with $90K fine for Monica fibs. But polls show he's still Our Bill." Only U.S. News put it in an article, as the magazine devoted half of a six paragraph story about Linda Tripp to the judge's ruling. But as the MRC's MagazineWatch noted, while reporter Franklin Foer did note Clinton may face disbarment in Arkansas, he

concluded: "And while lawyers busied themselves preparing briefs, Judge Wright reflected the zeitgeist. She declared that '[t]he doubt like many others, grows weary of this matter.'"..."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 8/6/99 Vol Four No 137 "...7) Geraldo, CNN, Dan Rather and Time last year touted charges of how David Hale's Whitewater testimony was tainted by payments he

received from the American Spectator. Not true, a veteran Justice investigator found, but so far no media corrections....7) Geraldo Rivera, CNN, CBS's Dan Rather, Time and Newsweek last year all touted charges, to illustrate the right-wing conspiracy, of how David Hale's Whitewater testimony was tainted by payments he received from the American Spectator's "Arkansas Project." Well, last week newspapers reported that the Justice Department's veteran ethics watchdog investigated and found no basis for the theory. Yet, so far, no update or correction from the outlets which so eagerly promoted the anti-Ken Starr charge. ..."


Wall Street Journal 8/6/99 "...Vanessa Weaver had her hearing yesterday. As we noted editorially yesterday, she's the White House aide who made 23 calls to the mysterious fundraiser John Huang and who Bill Clinton just nominated to the Ex-Im Bank. She told the committee that when she called Mr. Huang in October 1996, she didn't know he was a fugitive. Meanwhile, former White House aide Mark Middleton took the fifth Amendment before Rep. Dan Burton's committee. The questioning had to do with weather Mr. Middleton was involved with raising money from the Chinese and other foreign interests for the Democratic National Committee. By coincidence the Ex-Im Bank to which Ms. Weaver aspires counts China among its biggest clients. Somehow these Clinton friends with memory-deficit disorder don't inspire confidence in the way a relatively normal Democratic administration would. Now for a bit of news that has not been reported in the media: Vanessa Weaver's appointment to the Ex-Im bank did not go through! ...."

Washington Times 7/29/99 Ben Barber "...White House spokesman David Leavy on Thursday adamantly denied a new International Public Information (IPI) system would be directed at American audiences. IPI is a secret Clinton administration program to control public information disseminated by the departments of State and Defense and intelligence agencies...."I am concerned this could happen again under the IPI plan," said Mr. Kopp, currently a Washington lawyer. "The administration is transferring all assets, except broadcasting, to State, where they will not be separated in any way. It will be very difficult to separate what is disseminated in the United States and overseas." He said that the opportunity for abusing the system will be great. "The temptation to spin this stuff in a partisan way will be very strong -- probably irresistible," he said. "The other ominous feature is that this includes the intelligence agencies. They are in the business of misinformation. God only knows where that goes." ..."

Associated Press 8/8/99 Anne Gearan "...The Clinton administration, dismayed by the success of anti-American propaganda worldwide, is striking back with an information offensive of its own: a State Department unit that will control the flow of government news overseas, especially during crises. The new International Public Information group, or IPI, will coordinate the dissemination of news from the State Department, Pentagon and other U.S. agencies.....In the recent Kosovo war, the Pentagon, State Department and White House poured out information each day but no single agency tried to assemble it so that the United States spoke with a coordinated message overseas. The group came about partly in response to the spread of unflattering or erroneous information about the United States received abroad via electronic mail, the Internet, cellular telephones and other communications advances. ...President Clinton signed a directive April 30, in the thick of the Kosovo war, that set out plans for IPI, although the White House did not formally announce the group's existence or role. An unclassified mission statement obtained by The Associated Press described IPI's role: ``Effective use of our nation's highly developed communications and information capabilities to address misinformation and incitement, mitigate inter-ethnic conflict, promote independent media organizations and the free flow of information, and support democratic participation will advance our interests and is a critical foreign policy objective,'' the document said...." 8/8/99 "...If an American President used the "N" word and it was captured on tape, undoubtedly the news media would be all over the story. But what about a presidential brother? A controversial videotape depicts first brother Roger Clinton repeatedly and enthusiastically using that most offensive of all racial epithets while he was under investigation for suspected drug dealing during the 1980's. Here's an excerpt of Roger's clearly audible comments in a June 27, 1984 police surveillance video, as he was using cocaine and discussing a recent encounter his dealer had with a local African American teenager: "Some junior high n - - - - r kicked Steve's ass while he was trying to help his brothers out; junior high or sophmore in high school. Whatever it was, Steve had the n - - - - r down. However it was, it was Steve's fault. He had the n - - - - r down, he let him up. The n - - - - r blindsided him." The clip appears in the blockbuster 1996 documentary, "The Mena Cover-Up: Drugs, Deception and the Making of a President", distributed by Citizens for Honest Government. Another Citizens for Honest Government video, "Obstruction of Justice: The Mena Connection," is currently the subject of a defamation trial in Little Rock, Arkansas....And how come Roger's tape recorded hate speech never found its way into the mainstream press? Is it because a story about slurs hurled by someone very close to the President isn't news? Tell it to Newt Gingrich's mom, who used the "B" word on videotape to describe the First Lady in a 1994 interview with Connie Chung. Her faux pas was recycled for days on end just as Gingrich was about to assume the Speakership. Would the media have given Nixon or Reagan such a break -- had a brother of theirs been caught using the "N" word on tape? Don't bet on it. ..."


The New Australian No 129 8/9-15/99 James Henry "...Sometime in the mid-fifties Kruschev presided over a secret meeting of Warsaw Pact officials. It was there that he revealed the intention of the Soviet Union to encourage the drug trade as part of its war of subversion against the US.... However, the Sino-Soviet split saw Beijing pursue an independent drugs campaign against the US.... There is no doubt that the main motive for Clinton's bombing of Serbia was to drive his scandals out of the media. However, the end of the campaign witnessed a curious turn of events which would have probably escaped a great deal of attention if they had remained in isolation. Let's take a look at a few facts that the Clinton networks have chosen to ignore. Germany's Federal Criminal Agency reports that Albania is the center of Europe's heroin trade and also acts as a conduit to the US. Of particular interest is that the trade is under the virtual control of the KLA leadership, formerly considered by the State Department to be a terrorist organisation, until Clinton decided otherwise. Not only does the leadership have strong links to Islamic terrorists it is also noted for (surprise, surprise) its anti-Western pro-Beijing views....Not only is Clinton's decision in danger of turning Kosovo into a drug lord's mandate it might also create a beachhead in Europe for Middle East terrorists. ....We now come to Colombia which produces 66 percent of the heroine and about 80 percent of the cocaine that enters the US. For 30 years Marxist-Leninist guerillas have been waging a vicious war to turn the country into a Marxist totalitarian state. These Guerrilla's have now formed an alliance with the drug lords, enabling them to use drug money while waging their own drug war against the capitalist US. Clinton's response to these drug-running terrorists was to unofficially send Peter Romero to meet with them and formulate a peace plan. The so-called peace plan involved handing half the country over to the communist guerrillas and allowing them to keep both their arms and the drugs trade. What kind of treaty would hand over half a country to a pack of Marxist totalitarians...What gives here? Is Clinton planning on doing to Colombia what a Democrat-controlled Congress did to South Vietnam? A few CIA and the State Department officials have already arrived at that conclusion. As for Romero, Clinton's nominee for Assistant Secretary of State, believe it or not, the best that can be said of him is that he has criminal-like lack of judgement....".


WorldNetDaily 8/9/99 Geoff Metcalf "...There have always been media wars mitigated and exacerbated by personal egos, cash flow, circulation et al. However, there was also diversity of opinion, pursuit of truth, and desire to expose the good, the bad, and the ugly. Times have changed. The focus has shifted from substance to form....The decidedly left-leaning prejudice is more a function of personal prejudice from senior news management types. The news bosses of today were the college students of the '60s. Many of these 40 and 50-something executives are loath to report facts, which so obviously and startlingly contradict not only their preconceived opinions, but also their own personal (albeit tainted), value system.... Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City, the TWA Flight 800 tragedy, the long "mysterious death list", the 29-Palms survey, Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, Chinagate, Wag the Dog, Executive Orders, Presidential Decision Directives, Bimbos and victims du jour, Danny Williams, Juanita Broaddrick, Jane Does 1 through 101, yada, yada, yada ... ... What have you seen, and not seen, from mainstream reportage on any of the above?... We have learned Janet Reno has been using the Department of Justice to cover up for the president. We have learned the FBI lies, and doesn't even do it well anymore. We have learned Gennifer Flowers was telling the sordid truth, and the president wasn't. Linda Tripp was telling the truth, and the president was lying. Even members of his own party acknowledge that this president is not only a liar, but he lies when he doesn't even have to ... it is such a refined talent he has cultivated that to him lies come instinctively. ...According to Fox News, Secretary of Energy Hazel O'Leary GAVE highly classified data (and a diagram) of the W-87 warhead the Chinese were vilified for "stealing." When her staff tried to protest and pointed out the document was classified, Hazel just crossed out the word "classified" and gave it to a U.S. News staff reporter. If anyone other than an S.O.B. (supporter of Bill) had committed such a gross breach they would have been severely punished. The gross mishandling of classified information by this administration is not uncommon; it is practically standing operating procedure. And still, the pretentious mainstream media apparently finds more newsworthiness in a relatively minor motor vehicle accident involving an ex-presidential mistress, than it does in a Cabinet officer compromising national security. They will go in nauseating detail about scurrilous detail of sexual depravity, but national security, treason, abuse of power under the color of authority??? ... nada! ...."

"The Morning Magazine" with Larry Merino (KIEV-Los Angeles) 8/99/99 Freeper Truthkeeper "…I heard a very revealing interview with Bill O'Reilly this morning on the above-named show that still has me reeling and I felt it was important enough to share it with the rest of you good folks at Free Republic. Bill covered so much ground, I hope I can recall everything he said. O'Reilly said there will be "some major, MAJOR developments" in these stories "this week and next week" and he'll be reporting them even though "his ratings suffer" whenever he does. He said "The American People" do not care about this stuff, but hey - so what - he'll STILL report on them "because they are the most important stories in American right now." (I had an intense urge to kiss this man!) He said he knows his ratings take a dive because they track this, and whenever he runs one of these stories, most people switch the channel. He is absolutely amazed and stupified that he is the ONLY reporter on television pursuing this stuff. (So are we, are we.) …"

"The Morning Magazine" with Larry Merino (KIEV-Los Angeles) 8/99/99 Freeper Truthkeeper "…O'Reilly said he has been getting literally HUNDREDS of e-mails and calls from D.O.J. insiders saying that Reno has not been doing her job in these matters (putting it mildly); when asked directly by a caller if he felt Reno & Clinton committed treason, O'Reilly said he did not have enough evidence of the Clinton connection - yet - to make that charge, but that he was really disturbed about Reno's actions in that regard. He said the listeners could draw their own conclusions, that he was simply "presenting the FACTS." He said the issue was "Is China our enemy?" because Reno was certainly giving "aid and comfort" to somebody by killing these investigations. He said he has evidence of at least six occasions where Reno DIRECTLY INTERVENED to stop investigations; three pertaining to the Buddhist nuns/temple story, and three in the Los Alamos case…."

"The Morning Magazine" with Larry Merino (KIEV-Los Angeles) 8/99/99 Freeper Truthkeeper "…When a caller asked what the deal was with Louis Freeh, O'Reilly said they get plenty of calls from the F.B.I. (them, too!) and that it's clear Freeh does not like Reno or Clinton, but that he's a political appointee and has to "look out for number one" unless he wants to end up like Charles LaBella. This was a fantastic interview with O'Reilly. I like him even more now than I did before. He didn't ask for our support, but we MUST give it to him and FoxNews or this stuff will just go away again. …." 8/13/99 Joseph Farah "...UPI Radio News died recently after a slow, agonizing death struggle. United Press International as a whole is hardly breathing. That leaves essentially one main source of news distribution for 99 percent of the U.S. establishment media -- the Associated Press. Thank goodness more and more people are not relying on the establishment press for their news. There is, indeed, a media revolution under way. You may not notice it if you are still getting the bulk of your information from Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw or Peter Jennings -- or even The New York Times. But millions are turning to the New Media. What is the New Media? It's hard to put your finger on it. But certainly the central component is the Internet...."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 8/11/99 Vol Four No 140 "..." 1)Today's two-part interview with Ken Starr began with the statement: "Your critics have portrayed you as a pious, sex-crazed out-of-control prosecutor who will do anything to get the president." Energy Secretary Richardson did two Tuesday morning TV interviews, but drew no espionage questions. 2)CNN'S Bob Franken and CNBC Geraldo sub David Gregory analyzed Starr's decision to wrap up before the 2000 election. Will the "vicious political vendetta" go away or will Hillary be "smeared"? ..."

World Net Daily 8/10/99 Jon E Dougherty "...Make no mistake about it: The mainstream media is this country's worst enemy on the issue of the Second Amendment. And after another recent spate of shootings -- perpetrated not by guns alone but by deranged, psychopathic losers using guns -- the spin machine has been ratcheted up to full steam. A piece in this week's Time magazine by author Roger Rosenblatt says it all: "Get rid of the damned things!" and superficially it looks like little more than another media attempt to convince Americans that our society has outgrown the U.S. Constitution. Rosenblatt uses some familiar socialist anti-gun themes, such as never assigning blame to the criminals and social misfits who commit heinous acts and offering only one solution, the total banning of guns..... Granted, Americans should be concerned about all this gun violence. But the media is turning the debate over guns into a matter of national conscience, not simply a matter of the rule of law -- probably because liberals have discovered they cannot satisfactorily refute the simple meaning of our right to keep and bear arms. Understand one thing: These people are helping Uncle Sam come after our guns. They don't understand that if we lose our ability to defend all constitutional rights, the next one to go will be freedom of speech. God help this country then, because we all know what will happen next...."

Investors Business Daily 5/19/99 "..."There's no good reason for a child to own an AK-47,'' President Clinton said last week while pushing his kiddie gun control bill. Just as there's no good reason for a U.S. president to entertain the head of a communist entity that sells AK-47s to kids, right? Don't expect an answer from Clinton. He did just that on Feb. 6, 1996. His fund-raising pal, Charlie Trie, had invited Beijing arms dealer Wang Jun to one of Clinton's famous fund- raising ''coffees'' in the White House Map Room. Wang is the son of China's former vice president. He also runs Polytechnologies, an arms dealership owned by Poly Group, which is owned directly by China's People's Liberation Army. In May 1996, agents of Wang's dealership and another Chinese arms company, Norinco, were arrested for trying to smuggle AK- 47s into the U.S. for sale to drug gangs...." 8/12/99 Carl Limbacher "...The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz has been fully briefed on what Gennifer Flowers had to say Friday about President Clinton and cocaine. Inside Cover contacted Kurtz Wednesday morning to share Flowers' recorded account of Clinton's cocaine use, after the Post writer ignored the issue in a lengthy screed about completely unsubstantiated rumors that George W. Bush had used the drug. On Wednesday the Post writer seemed to be trying to legitimize the unsourced Bush rumors with a report headlined, "Drug Use: A Campaign Issue in the Making." Despite Kurtz's inability to produce a single account from anyone saying that they'd either seen or heard of Bush using cocaine, Post editors felt Kurtz' story was newsworthy enough to warrant primetime exposure on page A02. ....Though the topic has been in play for lttle more than a month, the press has now queried Bush directly on the as yet unfounded charge more frequently than President Clinton has been challenged on the "R" question..... The Washington Post, along with the rest of the mainstream media, has assiduously avoided asking Clinton the "C" question, despite published accounts from four people who claim to have either seen him use cocaine or report circumstances where Clinton's use of the drug was plainly obvious. A fifth, former Little Rock drug dealer Sharline Wilson, gave her sworn eyewitness account of Clinton's cocaine use to a federal grand jury in 1990. Kurtz wrote, "An admission of having tried cocaine, the focus of major federal anti-drug initiatives and much inner-city violence, could be more problematic" than a confession about using marijuana. The President has admitted to illegal marijuana use in England after first telling reporters who asked about drugs, "I've never broken the laws of my country." After Clinton's classic marijuana obfuscation, mainstream reporters dropped further inquiries about Clinton's drug use. In a bit of unintended irony, the Post writer noted, "Questions about the personal lives of candidates.....are often triggered by specific allegations, such as when Gennifer Flowers charged in 1992 that she had a long-running affair with candidate Bill Clinton." What about Flowers' specific allegation, just delivered on Friday, regarding Clinton's cocaine use? Hasn't that news reached the Washington Post yet? Inside Cover played the following tape recorded exchange into Mr. Kurtz answering machine Wednesday morning: INSIDE COVER: Ms. Flowers, Sally Perdue says that Bill Clinton used drugs in her presence, specifically cocaine. Did you ever see Bill Clinton use drugs in your presence? FLOWERS: Yes. He smoked marijuana in my presence and offered me the opportunity to snort cocaine if I wanted to. I wasn't into that. Bill clearly let me know that he did cocaine. And I know people that knew he did cocaine. He did tell me that when he would use a substantial amount of cocaine that his head would itch so badly that he would become self conscious at parties where he was doing this. Because all he wanted to do while people were talking to him is stand around and scratch his head...."

Original Sources ( 8/16/99 Mary Mostert "...Reading yesterday's Los Angeles Times and Washington Post made me wonder where its headlines writers have been been during the last couple of months. "Anti-Serb Crime Patterns Point to 'Ethnic Cleansing'" the LA Times announced. "Kosovo Hostility Aimed at NATO," the Washington Post headline said. Two of the largest news sources in America are just NOW discovering that Ethnic Cleansing of Serbs has been going on in Kosovo, every since the Serb police and military withdrew? Where have they been.? The ethnic cleaning is almost complete, and they are just waking up to the story? For the past two month the supposedly "totally inaccurate" Serbian news sources have been chronicling DAILY the ethnic cleansing - giving names, dates, places, - of the Serbs being killed. Two months later the LA Times headline reads: "Kosovo: Slayings, property destruction suggest systematic purge by Albanians. 'Organized forces' are blamed" "Suggest?" Who does the LA Times THINK has been driving the entire non-Albanian population out of Kosovo? The Easter Bunny? ..."

Washington Weekley 8/14/99 Edward Zehr "...In an effort to wreak vengeance upon the woman who called attention to his felonious behavior, President Clinton has misused the power of his office to pressure the government of the corrupt state of Maryland into initiating a malicious prosecution of the whistle-blower, Linda Tripp. At least that is the interpretation any reasonable person would apply to the facts as they are known at present. Given the legal difficulties involved and the renewed scandalous publicity for Clinton that is likely to result should the case go to trial, it seems certain that the indictment is intended to harass and punish Tripp by causing her mental anguish and legal expense. The prospects for a successful prosecution of the case are nil. The indictment is itself a crime, being an egregious violation of a federal civil rights statute that prohibits interference with a federal witness. The reaction of the mainstream press to the indictment has been typical. Most news organizations have largely ignored it, a few editorials and op-ed pieces have thoughtfully considered the issues involved, and a number of die-hard Clinton supporters have made abject fools of themselves with their fawning adulation of their psychopathic hero and their compulsion to spit venom at anyone who takes offense at his scandalous, criminal behavior...."


Original 8/19/99 Mary Mostert "…"Do I think they are being planted? I KNOW they are being planted! They are ridiculous and they are absurd and the people of America are sick and tired of this kind of politics and I'm not participating!" Presidential Candidate George W. Bush was talking about a question about whether or not he had ever used cocaine. And who is the most interested in ASKING this question and discussing what George W.'s angry refusal to answer it means? Why no other than the liberals, like those on the Geraldo Rivera show who produced show after show making the point that Bill Clinton's "private life" which involved drugs (according to his biographers) and lots of illicit sex is "nobody's business." Even Hillary Clinton's biographers, Peter and Timothy Flaherty, authors of "The First Lady - A Comprehensive View of Hillary Rodham Clinton talked of a major cocaine connection: "Dan Lasater employed Clinton's brother, Roger, and claimed he once have him $8,000 to pay off drug debts. Lasater was more than the average S&L crook....He served ashtrays full of cocaine at parties in his mansion, stocked cocaine on his corporate jet (a plane used by the Clintons on more than one occasion) and later told the FBI that he had distributed cocaine on more than 180 occasions…. At the same time Clinton was lobbying the state legislature on Lasater's behalf, the police were investigating his drug activities….. Lasater was pardoned by Governor Clinton in 1991." That's a year before he was elected President…..Now the totally unsubstantiated rumor someone started, probably a political enemy, is being discussed on nationwide TV AS IF IT WAS A REAL STORY! A USA Today reporter on the Geraldo Rivera show yesterdy said: "Our poll at USA Today showed that there is a high acceptance of trying marijauna at one time for candidates. But acceptance among voters drops off as you go up the drug food chain into cocaine, heroin, and so on. There is a political problem if you have these drugs in your past with some voters. But how many voters we just don't know because this is the first year where a couple of candidates, Gore and Bradley admitted trying marijuana in their youth. But, cocaine and heroin would have more of an impact." …."

WorldNetDaily 8/18/99 "…Gertz told WorldNetDaily that without the New Media the facts about how President Clinton ravaged America's national security revealed in "Betrayal," "would never have gotten the exposure they did." Gertz credits the release of information from the book on the Internet prior to its publication as a major factor in making it an instant best-seller. "I was shut out from all the major newspapers. Not one, except for The Wall Street Journal, reviewed "Betrayal." Yet because of the Internet and talk radio, the book became a best-seller." Klayman, whose relentless filing of Chinagate lawsuits against the government also helped expose the national security scandal, notes that, "Increasingly today's political battles are being fought with tomorrow's technology. The Internet, electronic mail and other tools of cyberspace are taking on an ever-greater role and importance. That's why we need to not only keep up with the latest technology, but use it effectively." The conference will examine how the New Media can be used as a tool for spearheading journalistic, political, ethical and legal reform….."

: ***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 8/20/99 Vol Four No 145 "…" 1) The nets jumped on the Bush drug issue. NBC's Brian Williams called it "the question that will not go away," though it is reporters who are making it an issue. The ABC and NBC evening shows never ran stories on Juanita Broaddrick's rape charge. 2) All three morning shows looked at Bush and drugs. It led Today and GMA had George Stephanopoulos as its solo analyst as Charlie Gibson suggested Bush be asked if he ever committed a felony. 3) On FNC Gennifer Flowers demonstrated how Clinton scratched his head when he was high on cocaine…"

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 8/18/99 Vol Four No 144 "… 2) "In a stinging draft report," USA Today revealed Monday, the GAO disclosed that "the Defense Department has ‘created risks to national security' by failing to conduct thorough security background investigations." But only FNC found it worth a story. 3) A federal judge ordered the government to pay a $625,000 fine because the Clinton administration failed to comply with his order to produce documents, but ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC ignored him. 4) Not a syllable yet on network television about Clinton's decision last week to pardon 16 Puerto Rican terrorists…..

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 8/18/99 Vol Four No 144 "… 2) An upcoming General Accounting Office (GAO) report will document how Clinton administration indifference to security issues extends beyond the Energy Department to the Defense Department, USA Today disclosed on Monday, but the networks weren't interested. ABC's Good Morning America gave the revelation a few seconds in a Monday morning news brief and, MRC analyst Brad Wilmouth informed me, it got a full story from James Rosen on FNC's Fox Report Monday night. But not a word on the other evening or morning shows, not even CNN's Inside Politics…..Nine out of every 10 security investigations reviewed by the General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of Congress, were found to have been incomplete, according to government officials familiar with the preliminary report. The officials say the GAO reviewed 531 background investigations and found that 488, or 92%, did not fully meet federal investigative standards. In 59 cases, or 12%, the Defense Department failed to follow leads on potentially serious issues involving criminal histories, alcohol and drug use, and financial problems, the GAO reported……"

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 8/18/99 Vol Four No 144 "… 3) A federal judge last week ordered the U.S. government to pay a $625,000 fine because the Clinton administration's Interior Department failed to comply with his order to produce documents for an Indian group suing over mismanagement of trust funds. Judge Royce Lamberth, the August 11 Washington Post reported, "said he regretted that he could not hold the officials and lawyers personally responsible for the costs, adding, ‘The court is aware of the unfortunate consequences of today's ruling on American taxpayers.'" Network coverage? FNC's Special Report with Brit Hume delivered a full story by Julie Kirtz, but the MRC team of analysts saw nothing, not even a few seconds on a morning show, on any ABC, CBS, CNN or NBC news show... "

Original Sources 8/18/99 Mary Mostert "…. O'Reilly: We got a tremendous rating last night with the Johnny Chung interview. Plenty of people watched it and we got reaction from all over. But, many of the letters say, ‘Why is the Fox News Channel the only one that is reporting this? Why isn’t this breaking out? Do you have any theories on this?

Chairman Dan Burton:Yes, I do. And my theory is there is a real bias in the media. ABA, NBC, CBS, CNN - they’ve followed this for awhile and it’s old news to them. But, the fact is people are lying, they are covering up. The Justice Department is blocking for the President and I think Chuck LaBella and Louis Freeh made the case for an independent counsel and nobody is paying any attention to this, except you, and I think you are doing the Lord’s work. The American people ought to be glad you people are on.

O'Reilly:I see this as more of a government corruption situation than a campaign finance situation. When you have the party in power using that power to amass a tremendous amount of money, some of which came from overseas, you can do a lot to win an election than you could do legally! So the whole system of Democracy, if this is allowed to take place, crumbles! Because the people in power have a tremendous advantage.

Chairman Dan Burton: They talk about Campaign Finance Reform when in fact they broke numerous campaign finance laws that are already in existence. And, they have $1.8 million that was illegally obtained from foreign sources that they have not yet returned.

O'Reilly:Do you think that your Committee is every going to be able to get anything done on this?

Chairman Dan Burton:I am committed to getting to the bottom of it. As long as I’m Chairman we will pursue it. I know I will be chastised and castigated by those in the media who are saying, ‘Oh, you are wasting money, this is all over with. But, I’m going to tell you the American people have a right to know if their campaigns are being corrupted and if their campaigns are violating the law and if people are breaking the law in getting elected to the presidency or any other office.

O'Reilly:Alright, Congressman, we’ll keep you posted on our investigation, which is on-going. We thank you very much…."

The Washington Weekly 4/6/98 Michael Levine Laura Kavanau-Levine "…As an ex-DEA agent I found the complete lack of coverage by mainstream media of what I saw during last month's congressional hearings into CIA Drug Trafficking both depressing and frightening. I sat gape-mouthed as I heard the CIA Inspector General testify that there has existed a secret agreement between CIA and the Justice Department, wherein "during the years 1982 to 1995, CIA did not have to report the drug trafficking by its assets to the Justice Department." To a trained DEA agent this literally means that the CIA had been granted a license to obstruct justice in our so-called war on drugs; a license that lasted, so the CIA claims, from 1982 to 1995, a time during which Americans paid almost $150 billion in taxes to "fight" drugs….. This might also explain Janet Reno's recent and unprecedented move in blocking the release of a Justice Department investigation into CIA drug trafficking…..One of the most distressing things for me as a 25-year-veteran of this business to listen to was when Congresswoman Waters said that the hearings were not about CIA officers being indicted and going to jail. "That is not going to happen," she said. Almost in the same breath she spoke of a recent case in Miami wherein a Venezuelan National Guard general was caught by Customs agents smuggling more than a ton of cocaine into the US. Despite named CIA officers being involved in the plot, as Congresswoman Waters stated, the Justice Department will not tell her anything about the case because of "secrecy laws." No wonder chairman Goss was snickering. She could not have played more neatly into CIA hands than to surrender before the battle was engaged…"

Yahoo News 8/20/99 Eddie Evans Rueters "…Fresh from the Monica Lewinsky scandal, the media pack is back in full cry, pursuing George W. Bush over the question of cocaine use more than 25 years ago despite the apparent indifference of most voters. While the mainstream media insist that the public needs to know, critics charge that media standards have been worsening since Gary Hart left the presidential race over a decade ago because of evidence of an affair with model Donna Rice….. ``The coverage of Bush and cocaine matches the mood of the post-Monica media world. And this time the press can't blame the Internet or tabloids. It seems to be very much mainstream,'' Washington Post media columnist Howard Kurtz said. A poll by Time magazine and CNN found that 84 percent of respondents believed that if Bush used cocaine in his 20s, it did not disqualify him from being president Fifty-eight percent of Americans questioned said they thought reporters should drop the issue, against 36 percent who said they should pursue it…..``If there is a shred of evidence other than Bush's refusal to answer the questions, I certainly haven't seen it,'' Kurtz said. Larry Sabato, a professor at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, said some reporters had told him the cocaine rumors were planted by the campaigns of Republican hopefuls Steve Forbes and Gary Bauer….."

United Press International 8/20/99 "…The possibility that Gov. George W.Bush used cocaine in his younger days does not appear to be hurting his changes in the upcoming presidential race. A Time/CNN poll released today said 84 percent of 942 adults surveyed earlier this week felt that even if Bush did use cocaine when he was in his 20s - something Bush will neither confirm nor deny - it does not disquality him from serving as president. The pollsters said the percentage of people who feel Bush is qualified to be president regardless of his[possible]past drug experiences compares to just 60 percent who felt that way in a June 9-10 poll. The poll also concluded that if the election were held today,Bush would win with 54 percent of the vote compared to Vice President Al Gore's projected 37 percent….The poll said 36 percent of those surveyed thought the media should pursue the story,while 58 percent felt reporters should not.Fifty percent thought Bush was handling the story well,while 29 percent felt his performance was poor. …."


***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 8/27/99 Vol Four No 148 "… 1) The NYC police commissioner, as he stood along side officers injured by FALN bombs, denounced Clinton's decision to pardon members of the Puerto Rican terrorist group, but only FNC cared. 2) On CNN Michael Barone raised media hypocrisy in ignoring Juanita Broaddrick while pursuing George W. Bush about drugs, but Howard Kurtz falsely maintained that the media did press Clinton "several times" about Broaddrick's rape charge. 3) PBS's Bonnie Erbe urged the media to leave Bush alone in a column in which she recalled: "Prior to trying heroin I smoked a lot of different types of marijuana ..." 8/26/99 Carl Limbacher "…it just Inside Cover, or has anybody else noticed that reporters have suddenly cooled on their favorite pursuit: hounding George W. on the cocaine question? Maybe it's the recent surveys showing Americans don't care if Bush Jr. used the drug a generation ago? But more probably it's the fact that the press' own double standard has become so blatantly apparent that even they now worry about seeming unfair. Reporters have been slammed lately for not going after President Clinton on the same question -- and the entire U.S. media knows it risks a credibility crisis should the Bush bashing continue….. Thanks to Gennifer Flowers' Aug. 6 allegation -- first reported here -- where she claimed Clinton used a "substantial amount" of cocaine, news editors have been faced with a stark choice: Find an allegation against George W. as credible and damaging as Flowers' account -- or let the coke rumors about Bush die a natural death. ….Besides Flowers, those witnesses could include: SHARLINE WILSON, the former Little Rock drug dealer who told a federal grand jury in 1990 that she watched as Bill Clinton used cocaine in her presence….. SALLY PERDUE, the former Arkansas beauty queen who claims she had a four month affair with the President in 1983, has told reporters that Clinton used cocaine in her presence and that he seemed quite familiar with how the drug is used: "He had all the equipment laid out, like a real pro," said Perdue. ….L.D. BROWN, the former Clinton bodyguard and onetime head of the Arkansas Police Association, recounts his own suspicions about the President's cocaine use in his book: "Crossfire: Witness in the Clinton Investigation." ….JANE PARKS, Roger Clinton's onetime landlady, has said that during the mid-1980's Bill Clinton was a "frequent visitor" to his little brother's expensive Vantage Point apartment, which shared a wall with Parks' office. According to the account Parks has given reporters, the Clinton brothers enjoyed partying with girls who appeared to be high school age. "There was drug use at these gatherings....and (Parks) could clearly distinguish Bill's voice as he chatted with his brother about the quality of the marijuana they were smoking. She said she could also hear them talking about the cocaine as they passed it back and forth." ("Partners in Power" by Roger Morris) …ROGER CLINTON, the President's own half-brother, is said to have offered one of the most damning accounts of his sibling's cocaine use. A 1984 police surveillance videotape reportedly shows Roger telling one of his coke connections, "Got to get some for my brother. He's got a nose like a vacuum cleaner." ….TERRY DON CAMP, an Arkansas prisoner who testified on behalf of fellow inmate Perry Steve Risinger in Risinger's 1996 jail break trial, put Clinton in the company of Mena cocaine smuggler Barry Seal on at least one occasion. …DR. SUSAN SANTA CRUZ claims no direct knowledge of Clinton's involvement with cocaine. But in 1992, instead of releasing the then-candidate's medical records, Santa Cruz and other doctors who had treated Clinton were called upon to verbally detail Clinton's medical history for the press. "Her listing of Mr. Clinton's history included allergies, a strained ligament in his left knee from unspecified causes and rectal bleeding from hemorrhoids in 1984. His surgical history includes a procedure to open up his sinuses in 1979 and a tonsillectomy in 1952." (Washington Times -- March 12, 1996) Medical experts say that heavy cocaine usage often leads to sinus damage…..MONICA LEWINSKY, the sex crazed White House intern who nearly destroyed a presidency, told Linda Tripp that Clinton "sometimes seemed to 'zone out' on her." When Tripp asked for an explanation, Monica replied, "I think he's on drugs". (New York Post -- Oct. 3, 1998)

O'Reilly's Talking Points 8/18/99 "…"The reaction to our story on Chung ... is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. The Washington Times is reporting that democrats on the House Reform and Oversight Committee ... tried to delay and obstruct the campaign finance investigation .... The Times says documents back that up. This comes as no surprise to talking points .... as the evidence we have compiled on The Factor clearly shows that Attorney General Reno ... and at least a few democrats ... did everything possible to hide the truth from the American people. That is truly disturbing and possibly illegal .... and what is also disturbing is the lack of interest in this story on the part of some major media outlets. When we sent out transcripts of the Chung interview .... only a few in the media showed any interest at all. USA Today, the Reuters news-wire, The Washington Times, and a few others gave the story some attention. But once again .... most of the media ignored it ... and some even scorned our reporting. But why? There's no question that illegal campaign money from China and the selling of access to top Clinton officials ... including the President, Vice-President, and First Lady ... is important news. No question at all. There's also no question that Janet Reno refuses to investigate the matter ..... stonewalling both Congress and the American people. So why isn't the press pounding this story home? I have my suspicions but I can't be sure. But I will tell you this .... competition in the media is at an all time high ... there is fear and jealousy and agendas galore. News agencies are now run by giant companies .... and profits come first. By concentrating on China, the Factor suffered in the ratings at first ..... but now our investigations are beginning to pay off. I'd hate to think that some in the media are failing to cover important stories because of political agendas ... I resist believing that ... but it may be true. Talking points is angry that corruption in our government is allowed to go on ..... and we are making it our mission on The Factor to expose corruption where-ever we find it...."

Military Review 6/97 "…Peacekeeping operations, low intensity conflicts, and terrorism are challenges confronting armies and governmental agencies in many areas of the world. One of the most overlooked and amorphous manifestations of the international instability associated with these phenomena, enhanced by the information age, is the overt and covert manipulation of events and actions that instigate searchs to find out "who's who" or "who did what to whom." ….The innocent victims of manipulation activities can include responsible decision-makers around the world who are persuaded by media coverage of events influencing public opinion and motivating demands for prudent legislative action/assistance. All nations, it seems, become practioners of manipulation techniques as well. Everyone is involved in this old art to some degree. For the purposes of this article, manipulation is defined as the desired result of a process that utilizes specific devices (semantic, technical, psychological, behavioral, etc.) to deceive, misinform, influence, persuade, or control an object, either concrete (a person, state, or action) or abstract (thinking, perceptions, etc.), usually to gain one an advantage…. Manipulation, from this perspective, could be branded a "tool of warfare." …"

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 8/24/99 Vol Four No 147 "…1) "Bush talks, Clinton walks," an op-ed in the August 23 Washington Times by the MRC's Brent Baker contrasted network interest in Bush and drugs with how they ignored Broaddrick. …"

Washington Post 8/24/99 Greg Pierce "…Whatever it takes "If you're going to run for president as the anti-Clinton, you should know that Democrats and their media friends will do whatever it takes to make you look Clintonian," writes Wall Street Journal columnist Paul Gigot, referring to George W. Bush and the cocaine question. "This is the key to understanding the flap over Mr. Bush's refusal to admit or deny any past cocaine use. This newspaper has spent weeks pursuing the coke-sniffing rumors without finding an ounce of evidence, but the questions won't go away because Democrats are desperate to define Republican deviancy down to Clinton levels. The ugliness is just getting started," Mr. Gigot said….."

Augusta Chronicle 8/23/99 Editorial "….Several days ago Gennifer Flowers, who has showed the president up as a liar before, charged on a Fox News talk show that during her 12-year long sexual affair with Bill Clinton, while he was serving as Arkansas attorney general and later as governor, he snorted cocaine regularly. Here is a specific drug-use allegation made by a credible source concerning the man who holds the highest office in the land. Yet the charge is never followed up by the national press. Meanwhile, the Big Media obsesses over whether Texas GOP Gov. George W. Bush -- who is only a presidential candidate -- dabbled in cocaine when he was a teen or young adult -- it having been established that's the only time he could have gone near the stuff. Nonetheless, the obsessive questioning persists although not one person, credible or otherwise, has ever alleged that the governor took any drugs at any time in his life. In fact, unnamed Democrat operatives have told the press they planted the ``coke'' rumor just to see if they could damage the high-flying Bush….."

Capitol Hill Blue 8/23/99 Julia Malone "…With no more than the buzz of rumors and the prodding of Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle, reporters dogged George W. Bush with cocaine questions and dragged out at least a partial answer. That's what happens when the news media collectively decide that a question should be answered and then refuses to let up until it is….. Yet we reporters have not demanded a full accounting when it comes to very specific allegations about another politician, Bill Clinton. As a candidate for president, Clinton offered his "didn't inhale" answer on marijuana. What about cocaine? A check of Lexis-Nexis files of news coverage found no instance of a reporter putting that question to Clinton. In 1992 during his first race for president, campaign aide Betsey Wright volunteered to the Los Angeles Times that she asked Clinton if he had used cocaine and he told her "No." The newspaper had not even posed the question, but Wright said she had heard rumors that reporters were trying to place Clinton at parties where cocaine had been used. Since then, allegations from named individuals have surfaced, as published in Roger Morris's "Partners in Power" and a handful of other biographies. Morris quotes an FBI surveillance tape of Clinton's half-brother Roger Clinton, who later went to prison on drug charges, saying that Bill Clinton had "a nose like a vacuum cleaner." Former Arkansas beauty queen Sally Perdue told British journalist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard that Clinton had all the paraphenalia for cocaine and used it "like a pro" in her living room while he was governor. And this from Clinton's ex-girlfriend Gennifer Flowers in a Fox News interview on August 18: "He made it very clear that if I ever wanted to do cocaine that he could provide that ... And he also told me that there were times that he did so much cocaine at parties that his head would itch." This may not be the makings of a criminal prosecution, but it's a whole lot more tangible than rumors swirling around Bush. When asked about Clinton and cocaine, White House spokesman Barry Toiv on Friday repeated the Betsey Wright response. "The answer is no," Toiv said…..Beyond drug abuse, the president has also yet to answer a far more serious accusation from Arkansas nursing home executive Juanita Broaddrick that he brutally raped her when he was state attorney general and she a volunteer in his gubernatorial campaign 21 years ago. After NBC aired her detailed account, with corroborating witnesses, Clinton's lawyer released a cryptic denial that he had assaulted her. Since then, Clinton has been mum on the subject, has never accounted for his whereabouts on that day and has declined requests for scheduling records. Helen Thomas of UPI asked for an explanation once, and at a formal news confernce, ABC's Sam Donaldson asked again. No one followed up. The hounds of the media have fallen silent. If Clinton faced a barrage like the one aimed at George W., he would also be forced to respond. But when it comes to Clinton, reporters are taking no answer for an answer…."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 8/23/99 Vol Four No 146 "…1) On Bush, now Steve Roberts has decided "we in the press have an enormous obligation to help the voters understand the...morality" of presidential candidates. CNN's Chris Black insisted "the Republican Party helped create the climate for this." 2) To the consternation of Judy Woodruff, on CNN on Friday Bill Bennett suggested the media's interest in Bush/drugs but not Broaddrick "is pointing up the hypocrisy of a lot of the press." 3) Imus in the Morning's Bernard McGuirk demanded that NBC's David Bloom explain why reporters are not pushing Clinton about Broaddrick and drugs. Incredibly, Bloom scolded McGuirk for raising "completely unsubstantiated" drug charges about Clinton….. 2) As outlined in the August 20 CyberAlert, reporters will not raise the issue of their own hypocrisy in pursuing Bush on the drug issue, even though no one has made a charge, while ignoring an actual charge of rape against Bill Clinton more recent than the time of Bush's supposed drug use. But, Bill Bennett did on CNN Friday, much to Judy Woodruff's consternation. Bennett asserted on the August 20 Inside Politics: "This is pointing up the hypocrisy of a lot of the press. There are no allegations that he's used illegal drugs, no witness has come forward. In the case of Bill Clinton you had the situation with Juanita Broaddrick who accused Bill Clinton of rape twenty oneyears ago, which is more recent than these allegations of drug use by George Bush. You had five contemporaneous eyewitnesses and the press said it had scandal fatigue. That's a very serious charge, a much more serious charge, but the press decided to abandon that. Now George Bush, Republican blood is out there, so they're pursuing it...."

Freeper TheWriter corrects the Washington Post 8/24/99 "…Notra Trulock, the intelligence official who triggered the federal government's investigation into suspected Chinese espionage at Los Alamos National Laboratory, resigned yesterday amid growing controversy about his handling of the case. Correction: Robert Henson originally discovered the espionage from the labs. He was subsequently fired for his claims. Notra Trulock, after hearing his evidence, supported Henson's conclusions. It was not until 1995, when Trulock came into possession of direct physical evidence substantiating Henson's claims, did the panel give Henson his job back. Further, the only one "criticizing" Trulock is the White House. Trulock made repeated attempts to bring this to the Administration's attention, only to be blocked by Moler, Reis, Berger, and others…"

Freeper TheWriter corrects the Washington Post 8/24/99 "…Trulock said in an interview he quit because the Department of Energy's inspector general last week issued a report that failed to back him up and hold senior Clinton administration officials accountable for security failures at Los Alamos. He called the report "a whitewash" and said, "I think the time has come for me to move on. I've done all I could do here." Trulock has come under mounting pressure in recent weeks as two government reports and a growing number of intelligence and security officials sharply criticized him for singling out Wen Ho Lee, a Chinese American physicist at Los Alamos, as the government's prime espionage suspect. Correction: Wen Ho Lee was not "singled out" for anything; the evidence lead investigators, including the FBI, to believe that Lee was engaged in espionage. The White House, however, is forwarding this line of spin to make it appear that the exposition of any wrong doing is more evil than the original crime…."

Freeper TheWriter corrects the Washington Post 8/24/99 "…Three officials who participated in various stages of the investigation have said they believe Trulock and FBI agents focused on Lee largely because of his ethnicity. At least three other Energy Department employees have filed grievances against Trulock for alleged discrimination and retaliation on the job. Correction: The White House knew that an honorable patriot like Trulock posed a threat, so they started building a sham dossier in an attempt to justify dismissing him. This is no different from the tactics that they used against Billy Dale, Robert McCullum, Robert Henson, and others…."

Freeper TheWriter corrects the Washington Post 8/24/99 "…At least five high-level government reviews have concluded that China's intelligence service has targeted U.S. weapons laboratories and succeeded over the past two decades in obtaining some information about the design of nuclear weapons, including the W-88, the United States's most advanced warhead. The Central Intelligence Agency, the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board and two congressional inquiries also have concluded that security and counterintelligence at the nation's weapons labs have been lax. Correction: The laxness is a direct result of 93-6, the "Expansion and Enlargement Plan," Clinton's "Openness Initiative," O'Leary's ridiculous policy changes, the White House's willingness to ignore nuclear threats, etc! Those who attempted to buck these changes were marginalized or ignored…."

Freeper TheWriter corrects the Washington Post 8/24/99 "…But most of the experts who have looked into the suspected Chinese espionage have concluded that it is not clear exactly how much classified data China has obtained or where the information came from. There is also a continuing debate about the value of the information and whether China has used it to update its nuclear arsenal. Correction: China has already denotated its stolen neutron bomb! Does one need to land in the middle of New York for folks to recognize how serious the theft was? I guess so…."

NewsMax.Com 8/22/99 "…For most of American's mainstream press,reporting on Gennifer Flowers' charge that President Clinton once offered her cocaine is strictly verboten.But in Britain,reporters know a bombshell when they see one--and they're not afraid to inform their public about it. Inside Cover was the very first to pose the Clinton coke question to Flowers during her August 6 appearance on Sean Hannity's New York radio show.This past Wednesday Hannity put Flowers on TV,where she repeated the charge on Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes". While the American press continued to chase their tails over completely unsubstantiated rumors that George W.Bush may have used cocaine as a youth,the London Times noticed that a sitting U.S.President had been hit with a coke allegation from a witness whose credibility has been vindicated in spades. Headlining their report,"Former Lover Drags Clinton into Drug Row,"the Times reported on Saturday: "The Republican presidential contender George W.Bush was struggling to contain a fresh flood of questions over possible drug use in his youth yesterday as President Clinton was dragged into the dispute by allegations that he had taken cocaine.Gennifer Flowers,who had an affair with Mr.Clinton that he initially denied,said she saw him smoking marijuana when he was governor of Arkansas and that he had offered her to obtain cocaine for her." The London Times then quoted Flowers directly: "He made it very clear that,if I ever wanted to do cocaine,he could provide that,"Ms.Flowers told Fox News.'I clearly knew that Bill did cocaine,'she added." Speaking on condition of anonymity,one Fox on-air personality told Inside Cover,"It's scary the way Gennifer Flowers has been kept off the air." …"

The Michael Reagan Radio Program 8/20/99 "…Last Friday evening, Michael Reagan said on his radio show that The Washington Post,The Wall Street Journal and several other newspapers have interviewed over 140 people who knew Governor Bush throughout his life and said that they have never seen him use drugs. Michael also said that if his father, President Reagan were in politics today,(because of some things in his personal life)with the type of Republicans we have, he would not pass their litmus test! He said that President Reagan ,in today's Republican party would be a Moderate Republican. Some woman caller called in and mentioned about the abortion rumor, citing Drudge, Michael asked her was it suppose to have happened in his youth? The woman said yes. Michael said that "again,he should not be held accountable for something he did back in his youth[I'm sure Michael is implying that the Governor is sorry for whatever he may have done]. … "

David Horowitz responds to Time 8/25/99 "… In a column authored by Jack White in your Aug. 30 issue, your magazine has committed an outrage against me and my family, which I appeal to you to redress. As you know, the exercise of freedom of the press comes with a responsibility not to abuse its power and crush unequal individuals with statements that are defamatory and libelous. White's column, which features my image and describes me as "A Real, Live Bigot," is a hateful racial lie….All these facts are publicly known and were readily available to your reporter. In the course of the "interview" he conducted with me in preparation for his column, Jack White indicated that he had consulted my Web site,, where my Salon article appears in a version that restores three paragraphs the editors had cut. If White had the least interest in reporting the truth about me and my beliefs, he could have found out about Hollywood Concerned, the Larry Elder campaign and the Arizona and Colorado conferences, and he could have read the booklet I have written about the Republican Party, since all are available on the same Web site. But White did not care about the truth. Instead he caricatured me as a racial bigot, and wrote a column that disregards the facts in order to perform a character assassination dressed up as commentary. In the process he has made me and my family the target of racial resentment and anger from who-knows-what sources. You and your headline writers have abetted this destructive agenda. …." 8/26/99 Camille Paglia "…Editor's Note:This is a copy of a letter the writer sent to the editors of Time magazine. Aug. 26, 1999 | -- That the ever-platitudinous Jack E. White has called David Horowitz a "bigot" is, of course, stupid and unprofessional but hardly surprising to the weary Time readers who, like hikers confronted with a bog, must rapidly skirt White's flatulent prose whenever it appears. But that Time's editors allowed the sophomoric libel to pass raises questions about the magazine's process of internal review: Was this simply a late-summer slip-up (in which case Time will promptly admit it), or is there a double standard for PC propagandists like White? I respect the astute and rigorously unsentimental David Horowitz as one of America's most original and courageous political analysts. He has the true 1960s spirit -- audacious and irreverent, yet passionately engaged and committed to social change…."

LATimes 8/26/99 Norma Miller "…The mainstream media used to have a rule about rumors about politicians: Check them out. If an investigation uncovered newsworthy facts, print them. If not, don't. Pretty simple, and also honorable public service. But now, as demonstrated by the seemingly endless questions of whether George W. Bush has used cocaine, rumors rule the press. True or not, the candidate is besieged. Did he do it? How's he handling the insistent questions? Will it hurt him politically? How long will the siege last? (In other words, how long can we, the press, keep the story alive?) I covered national politics for 30 years, including eight presidential campaigns, and I find the assault on Bush by the press appalling. It is more than unfair. It is unethical to drag into the public arena questions about possible felony misconduct without a shred of evidence to support them. Yes, somewhere deep in the stories or as an aside on broadcasts, reporters note that there is no evidence that Bush actually used cocaine during his self-confessed wild times when he was younger. Then they blithely continue discussing the unsupported question, almost gleefully noting that under pressure Bush has angrily said he could pass a government security check because he didn't use cocaine during the past 25 years. Not good enough, the reporters immediately add, spinning and respinning the cluck-clucking comments from rival politicians…." 8/26/99 L. Brent Bozell "…In the midst of the media's obsession with the George W. Bush cocaine non-stories and Hillary's non-campaign campaign for New York Senate, one explosive story is going completely unreported by the liberal broadcast television media. Not only is it newsworthy, it also reveals much about President Bill Clinton and his calloused political maneuverings. And the media lid of silence speaks volumes about their treatment of his presidency. On August 11, the Associated Press reported on Clinton's decision to offer clemency to 11 members of a militant Puerto Rican independence group. Here is an excerpt from that story: "President Clinton offered on Wednesday to commute the sentences of 11 members of a Puerto Rican independence group if they sign agreements renouncing the use of violence. Their group staged some 130 bomb attacks on political and military targets in the United States from 1974 to 1983." The article quotes an administration official as saying that "the prisoners were not involved in any deaths." However, the article goes on to mention that the group FALN (Armed Forces of National Liberation) "killed six people and wounded dozens" during that ten year period. Network coverage on ABC, CBS, or NBC? Zero. Not even CNN, the 24-hour cable news network, saw fit to report this, even briefly. Only FOX News covered this news, proving once more that FOX is the only television network seriously covering news today. Why did Clinton do it? A Wall Street Journal editorial on August 13 attributed President Clinton's motive to his desire to help Hillary in her campaign for Senate in New York. Under any other circumstances, and with any other president, this would be a preposterous charge. But this is Clinton, and fits his M.O. like a glove. The Journal went further, countering the notion that these terrorists' sentences were too harsh for their crimes, as human rights advocates were maintaining, as well as denouncing the administration's position that their actions did not lead to any deaths. The editorial declared, "This is preposterous. No one died in the (1983 Hartford) Wells Fargo heist but innocent people lost their lives in the more than 100 attacks carried out by the same terrorist group on U.S. facilities.... they were part of a conspiracy that was to be extended by the funds stolen from the bank in Connecticut." And if this were not enough, the editorial gives a brief history of presidential pardons that shows how rare they are and thus, how extraordinary the nature of Clinton's offer of clemency to these terrorists is. "To understand how rare it is for a President to commute a sentence or offer remission of a fine…consider the numbers supplied by the Office of Pardon Attorney. From the time he took office in January 1993 until April 2, the date the Office prepared its last report, Mr. Clinton had received 3,042 petitions for clemency. Until Wednesday, he had granted a total of three." (emphasis mine) So now put it all together. One, Clinton unexpectedly offers clemency to 11 terrorists. Two, his administration (surprise!) lies about the nature of their crimes to soften the political fallout. Three, the action is virtually unheard of. And four, the only plausible explanation is calculated Slick Willie at his worst. And there's not a story here?? …"

Insight 9/2/99 Paul M Rodriguez "…Until recently, reporters avoided launching public smear attacks against one of their own. And certainly in my experience as a veteran newsman, journalists would never roll over and allow government bureaucrats to use them to slime their colleagues. Yet that precisely is what recently happened to an Insight reporter whom I asked to unravel a new mystery involving the doomed flight of TWA 800. Specifically, the reporter -- Kelly Patricia O'Meara -- was detailed to find out why recently unearthed radar tapes never seen before showed significant numbers of "hits" compared with previously released government radar tapes. And why were so many of the new blips passing beyond the crash site into a military no-fly/no-sail zone? Government investigators for the National Transportation Safety Board, or NTSB, the FBI and the military previously had said such data didn't exist or stated bluntly there was no such traffic. …..Armed with documents -- interestingly, at one point supplied by an NTSB employee -- O'Meara's assignment was simple: Ask the NTSB why the "new" radar data had not been previously released and determine what the data actually showed….."

Insight 9/2/99 Paul M Rodriguez "…Notwithstanding the dog-eat-dog mores now prevailing in Washington, it still came as some surprise to me how NTSB officials managed to convince a legitimate writer at a competing news organization -- the Washington Post -- to try through innuendo to intimidate the Insight reporter for leveling aggressive questions about the data at testy and flippant bureaucrats……"

Insight 9/2/99 Paul M Rodriguez "…NTSB Managing Director Peter Goelz decided not to complain to any of Insight's top editors -- including me -- about what he felt were "extraordinary antagonistic" questions from the magazine's reporter. Instead he went to Washington Post media writer Howard Kurtz….."Kelly O'Meara was questioning Goelz about secret government radar reports that she said show plenty of activity nearby on the day in 1996 that TWA Flight 800 crashed," Kurtz wrote in the Aug. 23 issue of his newspaper. "The government says it found no evidence to support theories that the plane was downed by a missile," Kurtz continued. And later he quoted Goelz as saying: "She really believes that the United States Navy shot this thing down and there was a fleet of warships." Kurtz wrote these words without interviewing O'Meara. And he wrote it after being told by me that the reporter hadn't yet returned from the Goelz interview, so there was no basis to judge the accuracy of the bureaucrat's rendition of events. Moreover, I recall telling Kurtz, missiles and such were not the issue for the magazine, but the issue was what may be on never-before-seen radar data. "If anyone has questions about [the reporter's] bias, wait 'til they see a printed product," I was quoted by Kurtz as saying. Otherwise, "it's just carping about an aggressive reporter."…"

Insight 9/2/99 Paul M Rodriguez "…An examination of the transcript of the reporter's interview, however, paints a different picture from the one Goelz portrays and Kurtz displays. It also puts into context the so-called rude reporter's tactics. It demonstrates, perhaps, how nervous, worried and reactive bureaucrats become when faced with tough questions and persistence. Challenged with straightforward questions, they evade or turn flippant. Curiously, O'Meara never brought up in her Aug. 20 interview the theory that the plane had been shot down. It was the NTSB officials themselves who raised it, as they did in subsequent interviews with me on Aug. 23 and Aug. 25. They were the ones who also brought up errant-missile theories -- only, admittedly, to mock them….."

The New York Press 9/7/99 "….If you thought comedy was dead, you obviously haven't heard of Strobe Talbott, the State Dept.'s factotum where Russian affairs are concerned. The Strobe used to be a Time hack, a man who took, and continues to take, himself extremely seriously. The reason I find him so funny is simple. There is no bigger mess than Russia right now, but the Strobe, who should have resigned in shame five years ago, remains unaffected by the intrusion of fact and continues to bang on endlessly. If the Strobe were a politician, I would understand. Politicians have no shame, no honor and are as likely to fall on their sword as Hillary and Bill Clinton are to tell the truth. But the Strobe is a hack, and he should know better. The great swindle that is Russia took place under his watch, and as William Pfaff wrote in The Los Angeles Times, "Ambition was involved... Strobe Talbott wanted the reputation of an important influence on reform in Russia, a country that always intrigued him." But let's not be too beastly with the Strobe. He is only a Clinton-Gore catamite, yet another bald-faced phony working for the most corrupt administration since Huey Long bit the bullet. The real criminals are the Draft Dodger and the Bore. Here's William Pfaff again: "Bill's friendship with Boris, and Al's with Victor Chernomyrdin, served to identify them in the eyes of voters as patrons of the new Russia and as men of state. They used American resources to keep friend Boris Yeltsin in power-itself an inducement to corruption." I don't think there has ever been a greater swindle in the history of the world. While visiting the Riviera last year I saw firsthand the scale of it. Sixty percent of all luxury yachts priced at more than $5 million belonged to Russians; 65 percent of luxury villas renting out at more than $100,000 per month were taken by guess who. Fifty percent of the clientele of the most expensive hotels in the area were Russkies. (Ironically, the house I used to rent on Cap d'Antibes, Les Cloches, included by F. Scott Fitzgerald in Tender is the Night, later on Irwin Shaw's favorite rental on the Riviera, is now owned by, according to some reports, Victor Chernomyrdin, as part of the Chateau de la Garoupe property that he reputedly paid for in cash to the tune of 70 million greenbacks!)

The New York Press 9/7/99 "…. Back home in Russia, needless to say, things ain't what they used to be. People are practically dying of hunger, and child mortality is on an African scale. Every penny the American taxpayer sent over has been stolen. Still the Draft Dodger refuses to accept blame. Let me give you a little example of Clinton's handling of your money. Since 1995 $5.1 trillion in aid has been provided for Bosnia. More than a billion has disappeared. Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic's son, Bakir, is allegedly one of the richest men of the region. Bakir shares in the extortion money extracted by Sarajevo gangsters from local businessmen and owns 15 percent of state-controlled Bosnia Air. These are the same people we shielded from the Serbs and into whose coffers have poured over $5 trillion. Does it surprise you, then, that the average Russian sees an American moral complicity in the greatest swindle ever? ….Make no mistake about it. This is the dark side of American politics. And of the American media. Back in 1992 we had a candidate who had dodged the draft, had absurdly lied about pot smoking and marital infidelity, and pretended to be all things to all people. Despite the transparency of his lies, and the obvious lack of character, the media gave him a pass. And the people chose him over a man who had a long record of public service, including distinguished service during the war (despite the lies put out by Sid the Scumbag Blumenthal) and was as honorable a man as has ever served as commander-in-chief. …."

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 9/5/99 "…The message came out loud and clear: don't do anything to offend Katharine Graham, the dowager dragon of the Washington Post, or her friends and their causes during August. August is a notoriously slow month for news, and the dowager Graham can devote rivers of printer ink into a campaign of calumny against an individual. This year, the vilification campaign was intense. It began Aug. 6 and continued throughout the month. The single target was Notra Trulock, the counterintelligence officer in the Department of Energy who initiated investigations into nuclear weapons espionage in the national laboratories by the People's Republic of China. The Post's campaign against Trulock began with a front-page story under the headline, "China Spy Probe Bungled, Panel Finds." The article, written by one of Katie's most prominent hatchet men, Walter Pincus, contained two major lies and was a deliberate attempt to change evidence about China's spying in America. Pincus, doubtless motivated by an urge to make the powerful dowager happy, said that the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs was not sure whether any secrets had been stolen to which he added the fiction that Wen Ho Lee was singled out because he and his wife were Chinese-Americans. It took the Post some three weeks to publish a letter correcting these lies from Sens. Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman, respectively chairman and ranking minority member of the Governmental Affairs Committee….."

FRONTPAGE MAGAZINE David Horowitz 9/1/99 "…IN AN ACT of premeditated character assassination (all too common in our present political climate), African American columnist Jack E. White has profiled me as A Real, Live Bigot in Time magazine's August 30th issue (p.47)…… Obviously, to be labeled a "bigot," particularly in the wake of Buford Furrow's rampage at a California Jewish Center, is a verbal sentence of death. Jack White's column is a calculated attempt to prevent anyone from ever again listening to what I have to say, particularly on matters of race. It is also an effort to intimidate anyone in the future from engaging in a frank dialogue on race. The fact that White's editors at Time would go along with a distortion of my record and life, as reckless as this, is an ominous sign not only for American journalism but for America's ethnic mosaic as well…... "

Original Sources ( 9/1/99 Mary Mostert "…Yesterday I received an e-mail entitled "Untold Stories of U.S./NATO's War and U.S. Media Complacency" by Peter Phillips, director of "Project Censored" at Sonoma State University in California, which said in part: "The mainstream media in the United States were aware that the Pentagon and NATO were releasing biased and false information regarding the war in Kosovo yet they continued to pass on the information to the American public as if it were gospel," the report began. …. "The deliberate destruction of public utilities left many Serbians without power, water and heating. Yet the Pentagon persisted in saying they were attacking only legitimate military targets. How could all of this massive civilian destruction just be collateral damage? Why was a public television station considered a legitimate military target? …..Phillips observed: "A review of the top 25 censored stories of last year suggests that foreign affairs and corporate misdeeds were the most consistent areas of neglect. In part, this may be explained by corporate takeovers of the three main television networks by outside industries beginning in the 1980s, with resultant newsroom layoffs, closing of foreign news bureaus and potential conflicts of interest." Actually, I have a different explanation. I think the problem is more basic. It appears to me that the majority of those reporting and writing "news" simply do not understand what news is and how to find it. As I pointed out during the bombing, some of the top "reporters" in the industry were assigned to NATO headquarters in Brussels to "report" the story of NATO bombing Yugoslavia by waiting for Jamie Shea's daily press conference and press releases. He was obviously simply pulling figures out the air at times and regurgitating propaganda from the KLA about what was supposedly happening to the Yugoslav army - destruction of its airforce, 10,000 killed, most of his tanks destroyed, etc. At one point he said to the gathered top reporters that Albanian women in refugee camps had "given birth to 100,000 babies" - obviously the fault of the indicted "war criminal" in Belgrade - Slobadan Milosevic. The figures was reported worldwide without question - and not a soul (except me) questioned how 200,000-300,000 women who fled Kosovo could have possibly given birth to 100,000 babies in a little more than 2 months…." 9/1/99 Paul Sperry "…Even before GOP front-runner George W. Bush announced his bid for the White House, the nation's biggest newspaper ran a Page 1 story amplifying rumors few Americans had heard at the time. Throughout the lead story, readers were reminded that the charges were just rumors. In fact, the words ''rumor,'' ''gossip,'' ''innuendo'' and ''dirt'' appeared at least 30 times to describe what the reporter, Ellen Joan Pollock, didn't even pretend to confirm - that Bush had somewhere, at some point in his life snorted cocaine. The 2,500-word Wall Street Journal story offered no proof. Not long after it ran on May 14, venerable news outlets like ABC News and The Washington Post advanced the story, spreading the rumors further. Asking Bush about the coke rumors quickly became a ''fair question'' for the old media….."''What's unfair is the media have been publishing stories that imply Bush did drugs in his youth (with) no evidence,'' Noyes said. ''No enemy has come forward and charged him. No former friend has come forward.'' That's a big switch from the 1992 campaign. The national media had plenty of evidence - including court testimony and police recordings - that Bill Clinton did coke. Yet they withheld it from the public. And they never pressed Clinton on the coke issue. ''Several Arkansans, credible or not, have accused Clinton of cocaine use,'' said Media Research Center analyst Tim Graham, citing what he calls a glaring double standard in coverage….."

The American Spectator 9/1/99 Chriistopher Caldwell "...Two months after the bombing ended, Kosovo is not news anymore. You wouldn't even call it history--it's more like paleontology, a fossil deposit buried under news-strata of Mark O. Barton's Atlanta rampage, JFK Jr.'s plane crash, and Brandi Chastain's bra. Even the firing of NATO Supreme Allied Commander-Europe Gen. Wesley Clark was relegated to the inside pages of most dailies. But given that hostilities were ended only through the credibility- eroding diplomatic legerdemain (agreeing to G-8 principles and enforcing them as NATO ones), given that the NATO alliance was held together at a heavy price in diplomatic concessions to Albania and other "allies," given that our "humanitarian" role in Kosovo consists of providing the firepower for an episode of ethnic cleansing that was approaching 200,000 Serbs and gypsies by early August, someone should be paying attention. But only one news outlet still does. The website continues to make a convincing case that Kosovo's fallout for the West is far from over. In so doing, it shows one key way the Internet might change news for the better. Founded at Louisiana State University in 1995, now based in Austin, Texas, Stratfor is an "open-source information" company. That is, it focuses on information retrieval and analysis, not reporting. It collects broadcast and print journalism, government press releases, private military and political analyses, and whatever comes to hand; boils them down into a kind of factual inventory; and then tries to make sense of them. With two dozen employees, several of them with military-intelligence backgrounds, Stratfor is a low-budget hybrid of the USIA's Foreign Broadcast Information Service and the non-covert side of the CIA. It has long posted "global intelligence updates" (GIUs) on its website to publicize its services for potential business clients. But now the site is running more ads, and these GIUs look like they may be money-makers themselves. When NATO began bombing Serbia in March, Stratfor launched a "Kosovo Crisis Center" that brought the site 10 million hits…."

The American Spectator 9/1/99 Chriistopher Caldwell "...Stratfor is now engaged in figuring out just what it did so right during the Kosovo war. It has broadened out from its still-reliable Kosovo coverage into a "Hotspots" home page that embraces not only the Balkans but also Taiwan, the Koreas, Iran, and Russian-Chinese relations. It plans a daily web update on the 2000 presidential elections. The domestic focus is a big departure but only a small surprise. Because if we're on the verge of a technology-driven revolution in news, it's not going to be a matter of newspapers simply dumping their articles onto websites, convenient though that may be…." 8/29/99 Sydney Schanberg "…It's no secret that journalism in America has become more slipshod and reckless, at times promiscuous--and as a result less credible. The public seems quite aware of the slippage and has shown occasional indignation. Every journalist surely also knows that the old-time standards--that news reporting and opinion must be kept separate and distinct, for example, and that a public official's private life is just that unless it affects his or her public performance--have been weakened if not discarded. Most of us in the business, however, stand by as mere observers while our editors, our corporate owners and some of our most prominent colleagues offer up the rationalization that the furious speed of the cyberworld and the round-the-clock nature of cable news are the competitive devils that make them do it. The new mantra of editors and media proprietors seems to be: "We have no choice but to cut corners if we are to survive." …."

Washington Post 8/30/99 David Ignatius "….But if you want an illustration of what the craft of journalism is really about, consider the case of Robert I. Friedman. He's a freelance reporter who, at great personal risk, did the groundbreaking reporting on the Russian mob that lies behind this month's headlines about an alleged $10 billion money-laundering scheme through the Bank of New York. ….But for years, Friedman was out there nearly alone -- risking his life to tell a story no one seemed to want to hear…..More than a year ago, Friedman painted a detailed portrait of Semyon Mogilevich, the alleged mobster some U.S. investigators believe is at the center of the Bank of New York money-laundering affair. Friedman's May 26, 1998, expose appeared in the Village Voice, under the headline "The Most Dangerous Mobster in the World." Drawing on FBI and Israeli intelligence reports and his own interviews, Friedman described Mogilevich's operation in Eastern Europe and the United States. Things began to get scary for Friedman in June 1998, after the Village Voice piece appeared. An FBI agent told Friedman the bureau had credible information that a major organized crime figure had taken out a contract on his life. The bureau didn't provide details, but the New York Times later reported that Mogilevich had made the assassination threat in a telephone conversation monitored by the CIA and that the contract was for $100,000. …"

New York Post 8/31/99 Editorial "…When the Clinton attack machine kicks into high gear, watch out. Just ask Notra Trulock, who resigned as Energy Department chief of intelligence last Monday after blowing the whistle on possible theft of nuclear secrets by the Chinese. He has been accused of overreaction, racism, a hunger for publicity and grandstanding. And surprise, surprise, the governmental body that has given weight to those attacks works for Bill Clinton. It's called the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, a long-standing White House sinecure under Republican and Democratic administrations whose supposed purpose is to "advise" the president on sensitive matters - but whose real purpose is to give supporters and has-beens in the foreign-policy biz a nice credential for their resumes and use them for cover in case there's a foreign-policy problem. Case in point: Former Sen. Warren B. Rudman, a Republican blowhard of immense proportions who served as a Democratic shill during the Iran-Contra mess and is now serving as a shill for the Clintons. Areport by the board pooh-poohed the impact of the spying, questioned the attention given to Wen Ho Lee and blasted Trulock. After Trulock complained about the PFIAB report, he received an astonishing letter from the board. That letter, and the report, were most assuredly drafted by the board's permanent staffers - who are also members of the White House staff. Guess whose tail they're trying to cover? The sliming continued in Sunday's Washington Post, where Vernon Loeb and Walter Pincus report that Trulock's detractors call him "a dangerous demagogue." They quote one senior Energy Department official as saying, "He's the great impostor ... He got ... his moment on the stage." This kind of not-for-attribution character assassination is beneath contempt. But then, The Washington Post only likes a whistleblower if he's blowing the whistle on a Republican…."

Washington Post 8/31/99 Geneva Overholser "…Widespread public distrust of the media already has had an economic impact -- reducing readership and audiences. The next question is even bigger: How long before public unhappiness translates into a serious legal threat to the media? Surveys over recent years show public confidence in, and approval of, American media decreasing steadily and substantially. We in the media wring our hands over this, but often seem curiously disinclined to connect it with any actions of our own. ….. As we in the media bumble along, anxious and defensive, growing public dissatisfaction seems to be moving beyond an economic response toward a legal one. Recently the Freedom Forum took a look at public views on the First Amendment guarantee of a free press. The news was chilling. More than half those surveyed said the press has "too much freedom." Nearly a third said the First Amendment "goes too far in the rights it guarantees." Both judgments have gained substantially since the last survey two years ago……"

Jewish World Review 8/31/99 Dr. Laura Schlessinger "…One particular point of truth is the issue of free speech. I have come to learn that those who identify themselves as liberals have an entirely different view of free speech for themselves than they afford those whom they identify as conservative commentators. It appears that when a liberal makes a statement, it is "good," the speaker is "good," and it is protected speech. When liberals hear a so-called conservative commentator take a stand, it is "bad," the speaker is "bad," and the speech is "hate." I'll give you two personal experiences. Among the numerous groups targeting me for radio extinction because my opinions oppose theirs are some members of the American Library Association and homosexual activist groups. The plan is typically to write and call the sponsors of my radio program in hopes that this harassment will push the sponsor into withdrawing support, thus forcing me off the air. To reiterate my position with respect to the American Library Association: It stands by its so-called Bill of Rights, which opposes limiting access to any and all material, based upon, among other things, age. This means that the ALA, along with the ACLU, fights against parental, community and governmental pressure to put filters on computers used by children to protect them from accessing the No. 1 Internet business -- pornography. The ALA claims that it is a child's right to access this information. The ALA Web site also recommends to teens a Columbia University-sponsored Web site that gives explicit, value-free information about sexuality, including bestiality, sado-masochism techniques and so forth…… Some of the homosexual activist groups have tried the same tactic. They contact sponsors and call me homophobic, hateful, dangerous, and a voice for promoting violence. Why? Because I believe that homosexual behavior is deviant; that when homosexuals adopt children, these children are intentionally robbed of a necessary mom and dad; and that marriage ought to stay defined as a covenant between a man and a woman and G-d. …."

The Washington Times Weekly Edition 8/30-9/5/99 Bruce Bartlett "…Anyone who reads the national press or watches network television knows that reporters and pundits are obsessed with campaign finance reform. Al Hunt of the Wall Street Journal, for example, seldom writes about anything else. But he is only the most extreme case. His view that money is poisoning politics is shared by virtually the entire national press corps. The question is why? There is certainly no doubt that money is important in politics, but its importance is grossly overstated. If money is all that matters to win, the Michael Huffington would be a U.S. Senator from California. He spent far more than his opponent, but lost. In every election cycle, there are candidates who lose to underfunded opponents. But these cases are seldom reported because they do not fit into the media's world view. I believe that the media obsess about money in politics either because they don't believe ideas matter or because they are afraid of the possibility. Either way, by ignoring the role of ideology, policies and issues in elections, they are able to maintain their own virtual monopoly in deciding what the national agenda should be. Also, the focus on money makes it easier for them to mathematically determine who is up and who is down….."

The New Australian 8/16-22/99 Peter Zhang "…There is no doubt in Asia that Clinton is solely responsible for the Taiwan crisis. That an American president could be so incredibly stupid in his dealings with Beijing leaves Asian leaders both stunned and filled with contempt for the Oval Office. I have tried to stress that the Clinton's administration is a foreign policy disaster. And its most disastrous failures have been in China. Instead of working to strengthen China's reformist trends it has acted to strengthen its militaristic tendencies by rewarding bad behaviour. The more Chinese militarists behaved badly the more the Clinton administration did everything within its power to minimise their threat to American security. The administration deliberately, and criminally, ignored Beijing's acquisition of weapons of mass destruction, its rapid attempts to try and modernise its armed services, the mischievous role it has played in nuclear proliferation, its application of US high-tech imports to military uses. As I said elsewhere, the effect of brushing aside China's reformists in favour of appeasing Chinese militarists is to strengthen them at the expense of US security. Rewarding bad behaviour guarantees more of the same. This is why China is now engaged in a fierce sabre rattling exercise over Taiwan…. As usual, most Western commentators have missed the vital point. China's aggressive noises are warnings to the rest of Asia and are signalling how much the regime holds the US in contempt….."

Investors Business Daily 9/1/99 Paul Sperry "…Even before GOP front-runner George W. Bush announced his bid for the White House, the nation's biggest newspaper ran a Page 1 story amplifying rumors few Americans had heard at the time. Throughout the lead story, readers were reminded that the charges were just rumors. In fact, the words ''rumor,'' ''gossip,'' ''innuendo'' and ''dirt'' appeared at least 30 times to describe what the reporter, Ellen Joan Pollock, didn't even pretend to confirm - that Bush had somewhere, at some point in his life snorted cocaine. The 2,500-word Wall Street Journal story offered no proof. Not long after it ran on May 14, venerable news outlets like ABC News and The Washington Post advanced the story, spreading the rumors further. Asking Bush about the coke rumors quickly became a ''fair question'' for the old media. ''It is a fair question,'' said Richard Noyes, analyst for the Center for Media and Public Affairs in Washington. ''It's completely fair to ask it, and it's completely fair to investigate (the rumors).''…..That's a big switch from the 1992 campaign. The national media had plenty of evidence - including court testimony and police recordings - that Bill Clinton did coke. Yet they withheld it from the public. And they never pressed Clinton on the coke issue.. ."

Investors Business Daily 9/1/99 Paul Sperry "…In just the last couple of weeks, the networks have aired nearly a dozen stories on Bush and the coke rumors, Noyes says. Allegations of Clinton using coke have never made it on the evening news. TV news even dismissed former White House FBI agent Gary Aldrich's charges that many Clinton staffers used hard drugs like coke, LSD, speed, even crack. Some admitted to recent drug use, he said, yet were still allowed access to the White House. There is also a new allegation that Clinton, who insists on keeping his medical records secret, snorted cocaine while in the White House - specifically in the East Wing theater, where he, staffers and friends are known to regularly watch movies. ''We have it on extremely reliable authority that according to the Secret Service, the president has used cocaine in the White House theater,'' said Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman. ''The impression is that it (Clinton's alleged coke use) continues to this day.'' He would not elaborate other than to say Clinton was observed allegedly snorting coke with others. Klayman's source is a new, walk- in client of Judicial Watch, a public-interest law firm suing the White House over several scandals. The White House counsel's office spokesman, Jim Kennedy, has denied that Clinton has ever used cocaine. …."

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 9/5/99 "…The message came out loud and clear: Don't do anything to offend Katharine Graham, the dowager dragon of The Washington Post, or her friends and their causes during August. August is a notoriously slow month for news, and the dowager Graham can devote rivers of printer ink into a campaign of calumny against an individual. This year, the vilification campaign was intense. It began Aug. 6 and continued throughout the month. The single target was Notra Trulock, the counterintelligence officer in the Department of Energy who initiated investigations into nuclear weapons espionage in the national laboratories by The People's Republic of China…… Pincus, doubtless motivated by an urge to make the powerful dowager happy, said that the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs was not sure whether any secrets had been stolen, to which he added the fiction that Wen Ho Lee was singled out because he and his wife were Chinese-Americans. It took the Post some three weeks to publish a letter correcting these lies from Sens. Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman, respectively chairman and ranking minority member of the Governmental Affairs Committee. Obviously, Trulock has struck many nerves in the Clinton administration to warrant such an attack. The Washington Post, rarely an organization to shirk publicity, does not say anything about its or his special interests….."

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 9/5/99 "…This panel, selected by Warren Rudman to do some heavy whitewashing, brings some thoughts to mind. Would PFIAB ever issue a report that would embarrass the president? Is it not unfortunate that panel members Rudman and Friedman have major personal business contacts that depend on the good will of China's government? Isn't it just as unfortunate that no one on the panel, indeed on PFIAB, has any experience in spy catching or in operations in Asia? Did Walter Pincus know these facts? Of course he did. He is a capable, experienced reporter. Concealing the facts is what he wanted to do. Last week, the rape of the Bank of New York by the Russian Mafia was discussed in this column. Headlines have followed throughout the week, with each one bringing more and more revelations, not so much of this respectable old bank being raped, but of enjoying a profitable spree. But, strangely, our newspapers were reticent about publishing the involvement of a Russian friend of Bill Clinton's, President Boris Yeltsin, and his family…." 9/2/99 Carl Limbacher "…Dennis Sculimbrene, at one time the most senior FBI agent assigned to the White House, has filed suit against the Justice Department, the FBI and the White House for a combined total of more than $10 million. You may have thought such a law suit, filed in U.S. Distirct Court for the District of Columbia on July 26, should have received major press attention. The story, in fact, was ignored. In some ways this former FBI agent's story is typical of so many Clinton era whistleblowers who found themselves hung out to dry by the very people and organizations that purport to serve the interests of justice, including the press. Despite the media black out, Sculimbrene's suit has some startling and important revelations. Sculimbrene is the one witness whose testimony is backed by unimpeachable documentary evidence, which irrefutably links First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton to the hiring of Filegate's central character, D. Craig Livingstone, once head of White House Security. Her Livingstone connection ties Mrs. Clinton to one of the worst abuses of presidential power in the history of the republic …..Sculimbrene knew something was amiss a full two months before the Dale and his co-workers were tossed out the door in the Travelgate purge. Top Clinton aides had already begun questioning the FBI agent about the backgrounds and political views of the Travel Office Staff. The agent told his superior that it looked to him like the Clinton administration wanted an excuse to fire Dale and the others. When the Travel Office axe finally fell in May 1993, Sculimbrene witnessed Clinton aides rifling Dale's office, which was left completely unsecured despite the fact that the White House had announced an FBI investigation was underway. Sculimbrene notified his bosses about what he'd seen. One of his superiors was actually supervising the criminal investigation which would eventually result in Dale's indictment. But despite Sculimbrene's crucial account of White House Travel Office evidence tampering, he would not be interviewed on the subject for another two years. …"

NOT for Publication 8/29/99 John L Perry "…There are actually those still living who can remember when reporters broke their necks to be the first to report a news story. It was called a "scoop." To be scooped was an unspeakable disgrace. "News" was defined as what still hadn't been widely reported. To be caught sitting on a news story was the height of dumb…… In News Medialand, what "is" is not necessarily what it appears, or doesn't appear as what is, because "news" is now what the news media decide what it is they will agree to cause to appear to be news, and thus becomes news if it is, or doesn't become so, if it isn't. Anything other than that, unless the news media say what isn't so is so, or is so if it isn't so, isn't news. (And you thought Bill Clinton was a sentence-parser.) …… Unless you've been exposed to it first-hand, it's impossible to grasp how clannish the Washington Beltway press elite "personalities" are. They perceive themselves to be superior to all, accountable to none. Transplant them to the job of a working journalist and they perish. They live to be confidants of the Caesars and Cleopatras of the political class. Rather than do the hard work needed to uncover a genuine news story, they prefer to hear it whispered from an anonymous leaker, sit on it and savor it smugly at power luncheons with sources who shamelessly use them…..The Founding Fathers would have no truck with political elitism in government. Nor is there room for journalistic elitism in the democratic process 223 years later — particularly when it sure as hell hasn't been earned…."

World Net Daily 9/15/99 Jon Dougherty "...The following excerpts are not "gunny's" words, but when I received them in an e-mail recently, it reminded me of his story. And, as ABC's Barbara Walters prepares to honor the traitorous Jane Fonda during Walters' "100 years of great women" program soon, I thought the American people needed to hear this story again. You see, Fonda isn't just exercise videos and the third wheel in "Nine to Five" (the movie)...... "There are few things I have strong visceral reactions to, but Jane Fonda's participation in what I believe to be blatant treason, is one of them. Part of my conviction comes from exposure to those who suffered her attentions. ...... "From 1983-85, Col. Larry Carrigan was 347FW/DO (F-4Es). He'd spent 6 [product] years in the Hilton -- the first three of which he was listed as MIA. His wife lived on faith that he was still alive. His group, too, got the cleaned/fed/clothed routine in preparation for a 'peace delegation' visit. "They, however, had time and devised a plan to get word to the world that they still survived. Each man secreted a tiny piece of paper, with his Social Security number on it, in the palm of his hand. When paraded before Ms. Fonda and a cameraman, she walked the line, shaking each man's hand and asking little encouraging snippets like, 'Aren't you sorry you bombed babies?' and, 'Are you grateful for the humane treatment from your benevolent captors?'" "Believing this HAD to be an act, they each palmed her their sliver of paper. She took them all without missing a beat. At the end of the line and once the camera stopped rolling, to the shocked disbelief of the POWs, she turned to the officer in charge ... and handed him the little pile of notes. "Three men died from the subsequent beatings. Col. Carrigan was almost number four....."

New York Post 9/15/99 Editorial "....Lost in all the furor over the First Couple's new upscale home in the tony town of Chappaqua is the fact that the Clintons are stonewalling over precisely how the $1.7-million house is being paid for. All that's known for certain is that the Clintons obtained a sweetheart deal on a mortgage - below market-rate - after their close friend and super-fund-raiser, Terry McAuliffe, agreed to cosign the loan. But what are the precise terms of this historically unprecedented deal? The Clintons, says the White House, "have no intention of revealing what was promised in their deal with McAuliffe." .... We'd expect to hear such self-styled government watchdogs as Common Cause and NYPIRG demanding a lot more specifics from the Clintons about the terms of this deal. So far, however, there's been nothing but silence from the knee-jerk good-government types. Compare that, for example, with the uproar over Ronald Reagan's acceptance of $2 million to deliver a speech to Japanese businessmen - which, in any event, took place after Reagan had left office. Or the clamor over the same president's first national-security adviser, Richard Allen, forced to step down amid accusations he'd accepted $1,000 and a watch from Japanese journalists in return for arranging an interview with Nancy Reagan. (Never mind the fact that Allen was completely exonerated of any improprieties.) ..... Look at it this way: When Bob Dole offered to loan Newt Gingrich the money to pay the $300,000 fine assessed by the House Ethics Committee, Rep. David Bonior (D-Mich.) angrily asked: "Is this a sweetheart deal ... or is this a deal any American could have?" ...."

National Post (Canada) 9/13/99 "....Yet, through it all, the U.S. media have been massively indifferent. It's hard to believe they'd have been so lethargic if the government had murdered members of an eco-commune or a gay group. But one of the most striking features of the American scene is the absence of principled left-wing indignation. During Bill Clinton's recent impeachment difficulties, you couldn't help noticing that the only left-wing journalists in the U.S. with any appetite for attacking the president were a couple of English public schoolboys -- Alexander Cockburn and Christopher Hitchens. During the impeachment trial, David Frum and I shared a latte with a liberal columnist and asked him where the left-wing opposition to Clinton was. He shrugged and said, "In the end, he's our guy." Apparently, this dispensation also extends to killing gun kooks and religious nuts: They're not our kind of people, so who cares? The commentator Carl Rowan summed up the establishment view when he said he now supports an inquiry because too many good people in the government are being hurt by these allegations. So that's what's important, not that too many crummy people -- social misfits, creeps, losers, nobodies -- have been hurt, fatally, by the government....."

Intellectual Capital [] 9/2/99 K Daniel Glover "...Such tongue-lashings may be justified at times. But simplistic labeling -- a la "the liberal media crucified Newt Gingrich" or "the right-wing press is out to get President Clinton" -- misses the point. Readily apparent media bias is not the problem; even casual readers recognize it and filter it as they see fit. The subtle partiality that lurks beneath the journalistic surface is far more dangerous....... University of Michigan graduate Brian A. Patrick made those dangers abundantly clear earlier this year in an intriguing, albeit dry, doctoral dissertation examining coverage of the National Rifle Association (NRA). The underlying point of Patrick's thesis, which examined NRA coverage in what he called "the elite press of the nation" -- The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor and the Los Angeles Times -- is that the NRA actually benefits from bias against it by gaining new members....."

CBN News 9/9/99 Dale Hurd "...Webb: Dale, why aren't journalists covering this story? Hurd: Well, as a matter of fact, CNN did do this story in an investigative piece - CNN and Time - on that program. And they managed to do it without a single mention of Bill Clinton, which I found interesting. Michael Galster tells me that Dateline NBC sent a week with him, filming, preparing a big piece on this. Galster says NBC told him they killed the story after they were paid a visit by a committee from the FDA. We decided to do this story in May, after the break-in and the arson fire, because at that point it was clear that there was something to this story - someone was trying to hide something. If there's nothing to this story, why did Michael Galster get death threats for weeks and months before his business was finally burned down? Webb: Important questions. Thank you, Dale, for this incredible story. As Dale mentioned, this is not a big story in terms of journalism here, Pat, but it is a huge story in Canada. ...."

DRUDGE REPORT 9/9/99 "....The BOSTON GLOBE is reporting on Friday that an inspector general's report looking into the Public Broadcasting System's donor list controversy has concluded that only one party benefitted from the list giveaway -- the Democratic Party. The report, released Thursday, concluded that out of 183 public TV and 408 public radio stations, 53 of them, or 9%, made their lists available to political groups. The report coincided with the resignation of PBS president Ervin S. Duggan, who will step down on October 31 -- most believe as a result of the scandal, however, PBS officials deny it. ...."

New York Post 9/10/99 Andy Geller "...The president of PBS resigned suddenly yesterday - just as a key report attacked public-television stations for sharing donor lists with political organizations. A congressional watchdog said the timing of Ervin Duggan's resignation suggested he was being made the scapegoat for the scandal. "Why was the resignation announced today? Why not wait a week?" said a spokesman for Rep. Billy Tauzin (R-La.), chairman of the House subcommittee that oversees funding for public broadcasting. "In our opinion, it's suspicious. It looks like he is being made the scapegoat." But PBS spokesman Tom Epstein said the timing was just an "unfortunate coincidence" and "there is no relationship whatsoever" between the resignation and the report's release. Epstein said Duggan wanted to move on after 5 years at the helm of the Public Broadcasting System, and it would be "a huge mistake to conclude" he quit because of the controversy. ....."

AP Wire 9/10/99 Melissa Robinson "....The practice of swapping member and donor lists with political organizations was more widespread at public television and radio stations than first thought, according to an investigative report. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting's inspector general, Kenneth Konz, said in a report released late Thursday that 53 stations -- double an earlier estimate -- engaged in list-swapping with political organizations. At a congressional hearing in July, public broadcasting executives said an initial survey had uncovered list-swapping at 26 stations.....The IG's report found that 29 public television and 24 public radio stations exchanged and/or rented the names of their members or contributors to political organizations, parties or candidates. The total number is about 9 percent of the 591 stations that receive funding from the corporation. About 85 of 177 public television stations acquired names from political groups, said the IG, citing a separate survey by the Association of America's Public Television Stations. The report did not find that any of the stations swapped or rented information with the intent of helping a political organization. When stations rented or exchanged names, they dealt mostly with Democratic groups, the report said. When they acquired names, Republicans were also involved, it said....."

AP 9/10/99 Melissa Robinson "....Democratic organizations sometimes aggressively pursued names of members and donors from public television and radio stations, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's inspector general said Friday. Kenneth Konz was expanding on a study he released Thursday that showed station lists were rented or exchanged exclusively with Democratic organizations. Stations received lists from Republican groups as well. And virtually all transactions went through third-party brokers. Why weren't Republicans also on the receiving end of the lists? Konz said they simply didn't go after the station names in the same way the Democrats did. "I can say I saw several organizations out there, Democratic organizations, apparently, that had approached brokers about obtaining lists from public television," Konz said in a telephone interview. He turned up no evidence of similar efforts by Republicans. At issue is whether stations, which get federal funding through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, violated tax law by providing their donor lists to political groups. Tax experts have said that such activities would not constitute violations so long as all parties or candidates received equal access to the lists...." 9/11/99 Ian Brodie "....THE president of America's Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) has resigned suddenly just as the debate intensifies over the issue of stations swapping lists of donors with political parties. Ervin Duggan stood down after five years at the helm of PBS as an audit revealed that the list exchanges were almost exclusively with Democratic organisations. The disclosure will reinforce the belief among many Republicans that PBS television and the National Public Radio stations display a left-wing bias in their news programmes and documentaries. Republicans controlling Congress are already planning legislation to bar the exchange of donor lists. Mr Duggan's supporters insisted that the timing of his resignation was an unfortunate coincidence and was not related to the donor issue. During Congressional testimony this summer he condemned the list swapping as "inappropriate, embarrassing and downright stupid". ...." 9/9/99 L Brent Bozell III "....With the Waco fiasco back in the headlines, one of two conclusions concerning this Attorney General of ours is inescapable. Either Janet Reno is the most corrupt A.G. in memory, or the most incompetent. It also says something about the political press that has slobbered all over Ms. Reno for years, most notably over her handling of the Waco disaster back in '93. Let's take a trip down Memory Lane, when Reno took responsibility for the disaster, even though her department's supposed number-three man, Webster Hubbell, was more involved than she was. Far from burying Reno in charges of incompetence, reporters fell in love with her. On May 7, 1993, CNN's Charles Bierbauer made "Inside Politics" sound more like "Entertainment Tonight" with this wet kiss: "One top White House official says Reno's become a rock star celebrity inside the administration...There are certainly other potential stars: Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala, Henry Cisneros at HUD, Robert Reich at Labor. But Bernie, when I posed the question 'Who's the star?', every single person I asked said Janet Reno first." The May 10 issue of Time contained an entire cover story lauding Reno by former Washington Bureau Chief Stanley Cloud. "In that instant [of taking responsibility], Reno, who had already pretty much captivated Washington with one gutsy performance after another, achieved full-fledged folk-hero status," he wrote..... Cox Broadcasting reporter Gloria Moraga took the hype the furthest that July: "Janet Reno could be the next President of the United States," gushed this impartial journalist. "She's doing such a fabulous job and even people who came out and were ready to be very critical of her, extremely critical of her, just love her." Six years later, we now learn that federal agents covered up evidence that government forces lobbed flammable tear-gas canisters at the Branch Davidian complex. If Reno wasn't complicit in that action, she was -- and is -- at best an incompetent administrator of our nation's top law enforcement agency......"

New York Post 9/13/99 "...Reports first surfaced in July that some CPB stations had shared mailing lists with political organizations. Back then, officials quickly branded it a "one-time bureaucratic mistake." Besides, they claimed, both Democrats and Republicans had benefited from the exchanges. "This is an entirely bipartisan affair," insisted Ervin Duggan, president of the Public Broadcasting System, at the time. Not quite: According to a report issued late last week by CPB Inspector General Kenneth Konz, "virtually all of the exchange or rental transactions of station membership/donor names were to apparently Democratic organizations." Back in July, CPB released to congressional Democrats the names of what it insisted were GOP donor lists - with names like "Conservative Republican Superfile," "Country Club Republicans" and "Golden Aged Republicans. " Problem is, most of those groups don't exist. And those that do, said Konz, may have "political-sounding names," but "were not in fact owned or compiled by political organizations." ....All told, the IG reports, 53 of the nation's public TV and radio stations - 9 percent of the total - made their donor lists avail-able to political organizations, "virtually all" of them Democratic. That's a far different story than the simple bureaucratic error that CPB alleged two months ago. Why is this important? Because conservatives for years have decried public broadcasting as a government-subsidized liberal mouthpiece, so blatantly partisan in its programming that it served as little more than a propaganda arm for like-minded viewers and listeners. So, by admitting to a financial relationship with Democratic Party groups, CPB has given those critics some powerful ammunition. Moreover, CPB is a non-profit group with an IRS tax exemption - which means that it is legally barred from involvement in the political fray, including campaigns. Selling or renting names of potential contributors to one political party is a blatant involvement in partisan politics.... Back in July, Rep. Billy Tauzin (R-La.), whose House committee oversees public-broadcasting funding, warned that there would be repercussions if it turned out that CPB officials had given false or misleading testimony. Now that it's clear they did just that, it's time for Congress to strike back...."

AP 9/10/99 Melissa Robinson "....Democratic organizations sometimes aggressively pursued names of members and donors from public television and radio stations, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's inspector general said Friday. Kenneth Konz was expanding on a study he released Thursday that showed station lists were rented or exchanged exclusively with Democratic organizations. Stations received lists from Republican groups as well. And virtually all transactions went through third-party brokers. Why weren't Republicans also on the receiving end of the lists? Konz said they simply didn't go after the station names in the same way the Democrats did. ``I can say I saw several organizations out there, Democratic organizations, apparently, that had approached brokers about obtaining lists from public television,'' Konz said in a telephone interview. He turned up no evidence of similar efforts by Republicans....."

Toronto Sun 9/14/99 Lorrie Goldstein "....If East Timor was Kosovo, we all know what would have happened by now. U.S. President Bill Clinton would have gone on national television to denounce Indonesian president B.J Habibie as a new Hitler and a threat to world peace. There would have been American-led cries (with a hearty, "Me too!" from Jean Chretien and Lloyd Axworthy) to indict Indonesia's army generals for war crimes. The media would be referring to what is now happening in East Timor as a "new Holocaust." The reason none of this is happening is obvious. The United States, the key player in both conflicts, regards Serbia as a pariah state and Indonesia as a valued trading partner. Say this much for the Americans. At least they address their blatant double standards and selective morality in the open. In Canada, our politicians simply ignore the huge discrepancies in approach, hoping no one will notice. Belgrade remember, was bombed for waging a campaign of murder, terror and ethnic cleansing against an independence movement in Kosovo in which 10,000 ethnic Albanians were killed over a few months. Indonesia, by contrast, is being consulted on UN peacekeepers, including 600 Canadians, after the latest outrage in its 24-year campaign of murder, terror and ethnic cleansing against East Timor's independence, in which some 275,000 people have died. (One-third of East Timor's entire population prior to its 1975 invasion by Indonesia.) And yet no one calls for bombing Indonesia or Dili in East Timor the way Belgrade and Kosovo were bombed. ....."

New York Post 9/17/99 Rod Dreher "....THE Fort Worth church murders were not a senseless act. They had an express purpose: to kill Christians. "It's all bull-- what you believe!" Larry Gene Ashbrook shouted as he fired, witnesses said. Ashbrook targeted Christians just as the Kentucky high-school student who fired on a prayer group in 1997 did. He targeted Christians just as Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris did in their Columbine High School rampage, which also marked athletes and a black student for death. This is called hate crime. It's a distinction the media had no trouble making when Buford Furrow opened fire on Jews at a Los Angeles Jewish center last month. It's a distinction the media had no trouble making when those racist monsters dragged black man James Byrd to his death, or when the anti-gay wretches tortured and killed Matthew Shepard.

Washington Times 9/17/99 John McCaslin Inside the Beltway "....The author of the best-selling book "Betrayal: How the Clinton Administration Undermined American Security," will be in Los Angeles this weekend to receive an award for outstanding investigative reporting. We're referring, or course, to Bill Gertz, defense and national security reporter for The Washington Times. Earlier voted as the nation's "favorite reporter" by more than 6,000 readers of the Drudge Report, one of the most widely read media sites on the Internet. "A reporter that James Bond would love, this Defense Department correspondent has been one of the biggest intrigues going in a city that can't figure out where he gets it all," commented Matt Drudge, author of the daily news summary filed from Los Angeles. "He has singlehandedly turned The Washington Post into the second read in the halls and stalls of power." If you don't believe Drudge, Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon once revealed that the Defense Department had drafted new procedures for handling classified documents so they're less likely to end up in the press. ...."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 9/17/99 Vol Four No 155 "..." 1) CBS and CNN were unable to see any motive for the Fort Worth shooting inside a church, but NBC reported he was "ranting anti- religious curses" and ABC's Peggy Wehmeyer relayed how "one witness said the gunman appeared to be taunting Christians." 2) Only the CNN and FNC political shows are following the battle between Congress and the White House over the pardons as FNC noted even Daschle is concerned. The MRC's fax report detailed the lack of broadcast network attention over past month to the controversy....."

CNN 9/18/99 Freeper jra "....CNN just showed a piece on a same-sex pair of birds that are supposed to be good far will they go? Griffin vultures in Israel...the story goes on...actually calls them 'gay birds' were given a fertilized egg, and they took turns incubating the egg...the reporter, Gerald Kessel...actually made light of the fact that this was happening in the 'Holy Land' This is a shameless attempt to numb the sheeple into thinking that ANYTHING is ok...immoral or otherwise Thank God I have Fox News where I live...I'll never watch CNN again...sheesh! "

The New Australian No 134 9/20-26/99 James Henry "….Two things need to [be] said about Larry Patterson's recent allegations about the Clintons: a) most of them are not new and (b) they reveal, albeit unintentionally, the staggering extent to which America's left-wing mainstream media has gone in protecting the Clintons. As a former bodyguard of long-standing to Clinton when he was governor, the retired Arkansas State Trooper has revealed much that exposes the callousness, immorality, hypocrisy, humbug, dishonesty, coarseness and, dare I say it, criminal behaviour of William Jefferson Clinton. Patterson's revelations make it abundantly clear that to know Clinton is to truly loath him — and to become politically or financially involved with him is bound to lead to one's own corruption, such is the man's appalling nature. Though I have no doubt that the Clintons' trained Rottweilers, especially in the media, will move to discredit Patterson, their task will be an impossible one — I'm glad to say. What makes Patterson's allegations particularly telling is that he would never have been in a position to make them if it were not for Clinton's own reckless behaviour and arrogant intellectual and moral disdain for the 'little people'. Moreover, others can confirm much of what Patterson says, particularly his colleague L. D. Brown…."

The New Australian No 134 9/20-26/99 James Henry "….Mena is the name of a tiny Arkansas town that conjures up in the minds of many (right and left) CIA conspiracies involving drug smuggling and gun running. That the CIA ran guns out of Mena to arm guerrillas fighting Central American Marxist-Leninist regimes is true. That it authorised drug-trafficking is not. (This is something I will return to in a later article). One Barry Seal was being used by the CIA to parachute arms to the Contras. It later came to light that Seal decided to do a little subcontracting of his own, using the CIA operation to smuggle drugs into the US. An easy task as the CIA made sure his plane received automatic customs clearance. This was to prevent unauthorized personnel gaining access to the plane's highly advanced electronic equipment. Obtaining the drugs was an easy matter for Seal who had already been involved in drug trafficking. Seal was shot down by three Colombians in February 1986. Fortunately, witnesses to his activities are still able to testify. L. D. Brown, Arkansas state trooper, Clinton bodyguard and close friend, was instructed by Clinton to accompany Seal on several of his flights. It was on one of these that Seal revealed his drug-trafficking activities. Horrified, Brown complained to Clinton. His response? "That's Lasater's deal. That's Lasater's deal." Clearly, Lasater, a close associate of Clinton, was the vital link between Mena and the US cocaine distribution network. Needless to say, Lasater had been extremely generous to Clinton's never-ending election campaigns and their relationship had blossomed into one of financial intimacy. No wonder there was an explosion of mob activity after Clinton became governor. The rise of the 'Arkansas Mafia' under Clinton's governorship saw drug trafficking operations and prostitution rackets rocket. What is particularly disturbing is that the left-wing mainstream media knew of these fact and yet decided to ignore them. It considered shipping guns to anti-Marxist guerrillas was the real crime, not importing cocaine with the cooperation of a Democratic governor who now occupied the Oval Office….."

Congressional Record, 9/22/99 Rep Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) "....It is most disturbing to me, Mr. Chairman, that after 2 years we still have press reports from the likes of Bob Scheerer of the Los Angeles Times. And why the Los Angeles Times feels that it has to always tout the far left line, I do not know. I do not understand that. I do not understand how a major newspaper in the United States can continually take the side of those left-wing regimes, and downplay any threat to the United States that these left-wing regimes around the world pose to the United States of America. But now, Mr. Scheerer in the L.A. Times and others in the media and this administration, through an orchestrated maneuvering, is trying to suggest that there was no validity to the Cox report and that the Chinese really have not, through underhanded means, obtained information that permits them to develop weapons of mass destruction that threaten millions of Americans. This I assert today is a truism. Over the last 7 years, the Communist Chinese have been able to obtain and start putting into their weapons systems technology that cost the American people, the American taxpayer, billions of dollars to develop. The Communist Chinese have been able to use American technology to leapfrog ahead by decades, farther ahead than what they would be if it was not for the fact that they had American technology at their disposal, which permits them to build weapons of mass destruction that threaten every American city, that threaten tens of millions of Americans with nuclear incineration. They have atomic weapons that are based on American technology, and they obtained them from the United States in some way....."

Congressional Record, 9/22/99 Rep Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) ".... But it is worse. Mr. Speaker, after my investigation into the original charges about the use of technology to upgrade and to perfect Communist Chinese rockets, the gentleman from California (Mr. Cox) and the gentleman from Washington (Mr. Dicks) were made the heads of a select committee; and they conducted their own investigation with people with much more expertise than I have. Specialists went in and confirmed this horrible, horrible transfer of technology to the Communist Chinese. And now the Clinton administration and the news media is trying to get the American people to relax, forget about it, pretend it does not exist. In fact, Robert Scheerer of the L.A. Times is trying to claim it never happened. Yes, the Communist Chinese just simply found the plans for the W-88 warhead, atomic warhead. They found those plans under their pillow one night because the tooth fairy must have left it there....... Also, some people do not know that during the post-war period after World War II, the English decided to prove to Josef Stalin that they were his friends and so the English shipped to Joe Stalin, this bloody dictator in Russia, they shipped to him a complete Rolls Royce jet engine which at that time was the utmost, that was the ultimate in all weapons technology, a jet engine for an airplane. Know what? That did not make Josef Stalin any more benevolent. It did not make Josef Stalin more inclined to trust the West and become more democratic and open. No. Josef Stalin used that jet engine, that Rolls Royce jet engine, not to build passenger planes that could help tie Russia with the rest of the world. Josef Stalin used that Rolls Royce engine, which was copied, every little bit of it, and mass produced in Russia. He used it in the MiG fighters that shot down American planes in Korea....."

Capitol Hill Blue 9/22/99 Doug Thompson "....Funny, ain't it. A media that is so obsessed with the possible drug use of Republican Presidential frontrunner George W. Bush suddenly loses interest when not only a Democratic contender admits illegal drug use, but one of their own thinks he might have used the stuff too.

Consider this extraordinary exchange on ABC's This Week this past Sunday:

SEN BILL BRADLEY I have used marijuana several times in my life, but never cocaine.

COKIE ROBERTS Senator, on guns and violence.

SAM DONALDSON Excuse me, Cokie. Recently in your life?


SAM DONALDSON When you were a kid?

SEN BILL BRADLEY Well, yes. Right. Have you?

SAM DONALDSON I think a couple of times I've tried it. And I inhaled.....

Let's see. Bill Bradley admitted he smoked grass. Not once, mind you. Not even a couple of times. Several times. Last time we checked, blowing pot was illegal. That means a man who wants to be President admits to being a repeat felon.

Sam Donaldson "thinks" he smoked weed. And he's sure he inhaled that stuff he "thinks" he smoked. Odd, most people remember things like that. But maybe he was stoned at the time. Donaldson thinks he was a felon. Interesting.....But what's more amazing about this is that only a couple of tabloids in London picked up on Bradley's admission or the fact that he turned the tables on reporters and asked them about their drug use. Suddenly, the American reporters who want to know everything about a politician's life lost interest. No follow up on the fact that the former Senator from New Jersey was a pothead in his youth. They may want to know intimate details of everything Bush did, but Bradley is suddenly off limits? Where we come from, that's called a double standard...."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 9/22/99 Vol Four No 157 "...1) ABC, CBS and NBC ignored the pardon hearing. FNC noted the FALN's victims were "insulted" by Clinton's letter defending his action while CNN just relayed his view. ABC plugged a hearing on pensions, warning that women "will have to work until they die."..."

Progressive Review 9/22/99 Sam Smith "....One reason America has been moving so effortlessly into a post-constitutional, post-democratic era has been the willingness of the mass media to terrorize the public with stories and images of a country out of control. ... Programs glorifying extreme police actions are daily fare, sending the subliminal message that control by cop is a normal form of government and anesthetizing viewers against violence much as is done with troops to ready them for battle. A particularly egregious recent example was a report on school anti-violence by CBS, reported by Dan Rather & Co. without a hint that anything deeply sick was taking place. Featured were police staging a mock raid on a school following a sniper assault -- complete with the snipers breaking into a classroom shooting blanks, kids lying on the floor and so forth. There was no moderating voice offered by the network opposing this exercise in virtual terrorism...."

The Asheville (NC) Tribune 9/20/99 William Fortschen "...Its time we faced up to it, killing those who believe in Christ is becoming something of a global sport. I'm writing this on a Thursday, the day after Floyd did his no show, our President flies home to be with his people during the big hurricane, and seven Christians, most of them kids, are murdered inside the sanctuary of their church. The dead kids seem to rank a distant third as far as most of the main stream media is concerned. The other local paper here in Asheville North Carolina ditched the dead Christians on page three. Floyd got the front of the sheet, with three stories. The other story on the front page was about a new chief for the local Cherokee Indians. Going down to the basement I prowled through copies of newspapers dating back several months. The shooting in the Jewish center in LA, an incident where there was a lone fatality at another location, pulled the front page and was still front page news several days later. Columbine was all over the front page for a week. The non-fatal shooting a couple weeks after Columbine at a school near Atlanta got the front page as well..... Seven Christians are murdered in a church. . .that's a no news item for most of the media. You see it just doesn't fit the profile of what they want. If it had been a white gunman mowing down a church filled with another ethnic group, or detonated a bomb while the children are at choir practice, thus demonstrating the so called inherent racism of America, that would be news for years to come. If he had burst into a gay bar, screaming homophobic taunts before opening fire, there'd be non stop live coverage and a protest march to stamp out hatred. If he had shot up an abortion clinic there'd be hell to pay and four hundred FBI agents hot on his trail. If he had done it with an assault rifle, rather than a legally purchased gun, that would have advanced the cause for gun control and then been front page news. If he had been part of a Serbian militia gunning down Moslems, rather than a Moslem militia murdering Catholics in East Timor our fearless President would be sending in the cruise missiles even as I write this. All of the scenarios I suggested above happened. All of them received screaming headlines, tearful reporting, Presidential declarations of outrage, and calls for more laws....."

World Magazine 9/24/99 Andree Seu "….It suddenly became more important than ever to read your Bible. On September 8th, to be exact, the day that CBS Corporation and Viacom, Inc. announced the largest media merger in history. Before you call me a fanatic here (and remember that all you WORLD subscribers are fanatics to the rest of the country), keep in mind the story your pastor shared with you about the foolish frog in the pot who didn't realize that the gently warming water was eventually going to cook him. When I was a kid and life was simple, a cookie company could reliably be expected to produce cookies. Later, in the 1970s, the same company might be found making cookies, lightbulbs, and airplanes. Confusing, perhaps, but not yet sinister. But increasingly we are seeing-note Walt Disney Co.'s 1996 purchase of ABC-a vertical integration of related enterprises for the purpose of leveraging one media to achieve dominance in another. In this latest movement across media boundaries to aggregate control, CBS kicks in the advertising outlets, TV and radio stations, cable; Viacom kicks in film companies, publishing houses, a chain of video stores, Internet business. Net result: an insidious drift toward a centralizing of information into fewer and fewer hands that approaches a de facto ministry of culture; the most trafficked websites owned by the familiar big conglomerates; news and entertainment bleeding into each other; media firms that comment on themselves in an incestuous conflict of interest; a bundling of news and advertising to steer the unwary to certain messages; cross-promotion that leaves the illusion of choice where in fact choice is increasingly narrowed; technically a plethora of selections but practically a drowning of the voices of dissidence by the din around it. …."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 9/24/99 Vol Four No 158 "…1) Peter Jennings and Dan Rather delivered nearly identically worded items on Clinton's veto of the tax cut. 2) In unprecedented testimony, FBI agents said the Justice Dept. thwarted their probe of Charlie Trie, but not a word about it on ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC or CNN. Only FNC's Special Report with Brit Hume cared. Skipped too by the Washington Post and New York Times. 3) The FBI vigorously opposed the FALN pardons and warned it would return "hardened terrorists" to society. MSNBC ran a story and GMA gave it 17 seconds, but not a syllable on ABC, CBS, CNN or NBC…."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 9/24/99 Vol Four No 158 "…Broadcast network, CNN and NBC viewers never learned what FNC's Carl Cameron relayed on the September 22 Special Report with Brit Hume. He began: "In rare public testimony, four career FBI agents told Congress that the Justice Department's brass repeatedly thwarted their campaign finance investigation of President Clinton's long-time friend and fundraiser Charlie Trie." Kevin Sheridan, FBI Special Agent: "I was kind of surprised at the time that we were experiencing some resistance." Cameron: "One agent said he was specifically told that Justice would not investigate illegal foreign contributions at the White House or in the President's presence." Daniel Wehr, FBI Special Agent: "The reason given to me was that that's the way the American political process works, and I was scandalized by that." Cameron: "Another agent complained to FBI Director Louis Freeh in writing that among Justice officials, quote, ‘The impression left is the emphasis is on how not to prosecute matters.' Republicans are furious." Senator Pete Domenici (R-NM): "It reeks with impropriety." Senator Fred Thompson (R-TN): "I do not eliminate the possibility of obstruction of justice within the Justice Department." …"

Freeper AuntB 9/23/99 FoxNews reports "…On O'rielly earlier tonight with a reporter from the Wash. Times, I believe, told about the senate hearing with Thompson today on Cspan 2 (don't get it!!!!). 4 FBI Agents testified they were told to stay away from any investigations with the White house and Chinese money. They had notes destroyed by the Justice Dept. as well as evidence ( YES, EVIDENCE) that Clinton was the endgame of the campaign money. As O'rielly pointed out, not one major media outlet has covered it and there were 17 members of this committee, eleven will not attend... 6 Repubs(Roth, etc.),5 democrats (Toricelli,etc.) O'rielly point blank asked, what is it, a conspiracy, WHAT IS GOING ON! WHAT IS THE MEDIA DOING???? I Think it was his best show….."

NewsMax 9/24/99 Brent Bozell "….But some media outlets deserve an F, not for lack of effort, but for lack of intellectual honesty. They announced they couldn't find anti-religious motivation anywhere. On CNN, Anne McDermott avoided the evidence by concluding: "They did not find any recent notes or a computer or any other clues that might be able to point to a motive, and neighbors are just as puzzled ... one law enforcement official here says we may never know why." …."

NewsMax 9/24/99 Brent Bozell "….CBS reporter Bob McNamara began his evening news story: "If 47-year-old Larry Ashbrook had a motive to his madness, it apparently died with him." …CBS' Richard Schlesinger echoed, "what happened is painfully clear. Why it happened will probably never be known." So were the eyewitnesses to Ashbrook's anti-religious hatred -- loony? Were the FBI and police statements unreadable? ……As a matter for the historical record, CBS loves to connect the dots between conservatives and hate. In 1996, Bob McNamara went looking for racists like David Duke to connect to Pat Buchanan's presidential quest. In 1995, CBS' Jim Stewart lovingly connected Timothy McVeigh to the NRA…..But find a man screaming anti-religious rants while he shoots up a church, and those guilt-by-association specialists find ... nothing. …."

NewsMax 9/24/99 Brent Bozell "….The worst report came from Time magazine writer David Van Biema. Oh, he recounted that witnesses said Ashbrook called their beliefs a barnyard expletive, but he didn't really believe them. "That's a version being offered by someone who was there, but it's unconfirmed," he stated. "Yet, even if it is a pious invention, it gives a glimpse of the way some evangelical Christians, children and adults alike, are thinking these days about the string of killings in the U.S. in which they have been victims." A "pious invention?!" Van Biema found no FBI or police evidence of anti-religious feeling: "What no one found was any connection to the Wedgwood church or its congregation." By that ridiculously narrow standard, Ashbrook could have cursed Jesus all he wanted, but that wouldn't constitute anti-religious bigotry, since he didn't mention this singular church. But oh, how the rules change when the situation is reversed! Predictably, Van Biema didn't wait for confirmed evidence when Buffalo abortionist Barrett Slepian was killed last year: "Police were searching for a boxy, white car with Ontario license plates. And they are expecting, most likely, to connect it with an anti-abortion fanatic." The left created the phrase "hate crimes," to elevate homosexuals, primarily, as a special category. Rape and murder a woman, it's a crime. Murder a gay man, it's a "hate crime," for he was murdered for his beliefs. So why, despite mounting evidence from Fort Worth, Paducah and Littleton before that, are Christians not now victims of "hate crimes?" Some media outlets -- such as CBS, CNN, and Time -- apparently believe, to paraphrase Orwell's "Animal Farm," that some "hate crimes" are more equal than others…."

NRA 9/23/99 Wayne LaPierre "….The monster began killing his two small children and his wife while they slept. Mark 0. Barton smashed their heads with a hammer, inflicting blunt trauma. But the massive skull and brain injuries were not enough. Barton carried his little son, little daughter and wife into the bathroom where he held their faces under water in the bathtub until he felt life flow from their bodies. The kids were named Mychelle and Matthew. She was 8. He was just 11. …… He went on to murder others-this time, using a handgun. A trader in high-risk stock ventures, a loser at gambling, Barton went on a shooting rampage at two brokerage houses, then killed himself. An Associated Press dispatch on Barton never mentioned the bludgeoning deaths. The murdered mother, the murdered children didn't fit the story. It was all about hardware- about which guns to ban. It was the same with The New York Times and with news outlets all over the country. You read all those stories and you can't even find the names of the kids. It's as if nobody in the media cares about them. The lives of two kids and an innocent mother were swept aside. Their existence, their suffering, the loss to their friends, schoolmates and family just didn't count with the national media and the politicians. Nobody called for hammer control……"

NRA 9/23/99 Wayne LaPierre "….They blamed NRA. They blamed all of us. They screamed about 200 million guns. It was the same old ghoul show. The deepest shame on them. No law would have stopped Barton, and they know that. Hammer control wouldn't have stopped him. Neither would any form of gun control ever dreamed of. Right after the Littleton school murders, there was another assassin of school children who took the life of little kids. It was brutal. Bill and Hillary Clinton didn't talk about it. There was no Rose Garden speech. No national outrage. No laying blame on hardware. The story got just a passing nod. Just like the Barton family killings, it served no larger cold-hearted political purpose. Ask just about anybody the name of the school or the name of the man who intentionally crashed his automobile through a playground fence killing a 3-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl, and maiming four other children ….. Nobody remembers, because they never heard about it in the first place. Those things are not on the lips of news anchors, nor will they likely be the next time a madman kills kids with anything but a gun. So that you know, the man charged in the May 4,1999, killings in Costa Mesa, California, was Steven Allen Abrams. The name of the school was South coast Early Childhood Learning Center. Abrams was charged with two counts of murder and four counts of assault with a deadly weapon. His weapon of choice-a Cadillac. Why did Abrams do it? Abrams reportedly told police, "I was going to execute these children because they were innocent." Nobody said all Cadillac owners should pay the price. Nobody said the car was the cause. Nobody demanded people stop driving. Nobody said every car owner was at fault. Nobody called for a ban on heavy, full-sized luxury automobiles. By the way, the car was registered and the driver licensed. Nobody said the Triple-A was at fault. No law envisioned by anyone could have stopped that act of madness…..And no one can stop the next act of madness-be the weapon of choice a Cadillac or a hammer or a gun. …."

Wall Street Journal 9/24/99 "….High at the top of media orthodoxy is the idea that opposition to gun control is a loser at the ballot box, especially in wake of high-profile killings like Columbine. But a special House election in California should help pop this liberal balloon. The race was between Marta Macias Brown and State Senator Joe Baca. Both sought the Democratic nomination for the seat held by Mrs. Brown's husband, liberal icon Rep. George Brown, until he died in July. Though Mr. Baca was well known, Ms. Brown had going for her the longest winning streak in American politics: 35 out of the last 36 widows who've run to succeed their husbands in office have won. She also brought her own qualifications to the job, having worked as a close aide to her late husband for a decade.It soon became clear, moreover, that the two candidates agreed on almost every issue except one: gun control. But Mrs. Brown's constant mailers attacking Mr. Baca as "the radical gun lobby's favorite Democrat" quickly transformed her into a media darling. According to her campaign manager, Bobi Johnson, the "No. 1" point in her platform was "reducing gun violence." Though Mr. Baca muted his staunch support for gun rights slightly, and sensibly voted to ban unaccompanied minors from gun shows, the National Rifle Association stood by him.

National reporters touted the race as a leading indicator of how the gun issue would affect the 2000 election…… As it turned out, the anti-gun frenzy was all for naught. Even though the Tuesday election came within a week of the senseless shooting of churchgoers in Fort Worth and a day after voters received a Brown brochure with photographs of assault rifles and a school crossing sign shot up with bullets, Mr. Baca prevailed. He will face Republican Elia Pirozzi in a November runoff. But you won't see many headlines about Mr. Baca's victory, because it goes against the liberal belief that gun control is a winning issue. And the media buys into the myth because polls consistently provide incomplete data……In 1994, for example, just before the stunning GOP takeover of Congress, polls found 89% of Americans backing the Brady Bill's five-day waiting period for gun sales. But a closer reading found that only 33% thought the Brady Bill would reduce gun-related crimes. The point is that gun owners are highly motivated voters, and when given the chance to make them, their arguments are often persuasive. They cite studies such as those which have found that states with concealed-carry laws show greater decreases in crime, which helps explain why 31 states have passed them in the teeth of liberal opposition……"

The New Austrailian 10/4/99 James Henry "....As I made clear in my last article, what is really under discussion here is not Clinton's character, a subject that has been dissected at length by many others, but the degree to which the revelations of Larry Patterson in particular, a former Arkansas state trooper of 32 years standing, incidentally reveal the degree to which the mainstream media still consciously acts to conceal Clinton's criminal behaviour. These ideologically motivated media lapdogs have moved from a state of denial to one of active collaboration, of aiding and abetting Clinton's wrongdoing........ There is certainly no doubt in the minds of a great many informed observers of our mainstream media that it has been deeply infected by those political and social pathologies that the Clintons introduced into the White House. A 1996 nation-wide poll by the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) showed that 89 percent of all journalists voted for Bill Clinton, despite being aware of his 'shortcomings'. This fact alone explains why Patterson's disclosures could be a watershed in the fight against the liberal media's self-imposed policy of censoring (suppressing is a more appropriate word, I think) news that would bring down Clintons while at the same time it beat up stories designed to cripple his critics. Larry Patterson and L. D. Brown's statements will provide media critics with the ammunition to personally embarrass pro-Clinton journalists. These journalists should be hounded into explaining why they refused to investigate drug-taking allegations against Clinton; why they tried to bury the Juanita Broaddrick rape case; why they tried to excuse Chinese-funding for the Democratic Party; why they ignored his serial abuse of women and threats of intimidation; why they ignored new findings regarding Foster's death; why they ignored the Clinton's Arkansas financial swindles and Bill Clinton's connection with drug smuggling through Mena; why they ignored allegations of fraud and dealings with organised crime, etc. The list is breathtakingly long and to ignore it is to commit journalistic treason...."

Jewish World Review 10/7/99 Michelle Malkin "....Behold the Beltway press corps: Star-struck sycophants on the White House lawn. Overrated stenographers in ossified newsrooms. Shameless plagiarists at snooty magazines. Bickering narcissists on cable TV. And that's just the backbenchers. Aaah, this is the life. Come to the Capitol, ingratiate yourself with reliable government sources, pound out spoon-fed stories, sidle up to the President a few times a year at lavish schmoozefests, and take home free doggie bags full of planted puff pieces to last a lifetime...." 10/5/99 William Donohue "...In the October 11 editions of The New Yorker and New York, contrasting perspectives on the Brooklyn Museum of Art controversy are offered. Peter Schjeldahl in The New Yorker sees the dung-stained and pornographic-studded "The Holy Virgin Mary" as "gorgeous, sweet, and respectful of its subject"; he is taken by its alleged artistic merit and does not believe that the artist, Chris Ofili, meant his work to be sacrilegious. But Mark Stevens in New York sees it differently: he chastises Ofili for not coming up "with something better than elephant dung for a desecration." Stevens suggests, "Wouldn't bat droppings or goat semen be preferable?" Catholic League president William Donohue made his thoughts known on the two commentaries today: "If I had been asked a month ago where to find someone who thought it a reverential tribute to throw feces on a religious painting and surround it with pictures of vaginas and anuses, I would have directed him to an asylum. Now I would offer him the option of visiting the offices of The New Yorker. "But if The New Yorker's take on 'The Holy Virgin Mary' is bizarre, the position of New York is certifiably bigoted. When it is said that Our Blessed Mother is 'every good boy's dream,' no one can understand that without calling it anti-Catholic. "The comment that 'bat droppings' and 'goat semen' would be 'preferable' to elephant dung on 'The Holy Virgin Mary' proves how deep-seated is New York's hatred of Catholicism. That New York admits that this painting constitutes 'desecration' shows that it is more in touch with reality than The New Yorker, but it also shows that New York has bigots on its payroll. "The New Yorker's capacity for self-deception cannot be underrated, but it is still preferable to New York's sponsorship of hate speech." ...." 10/4/99 Arnaud de Borchgrave "....Almost 20 years ago, this writer and Robert Moss co-authored a novel about Soviet disinformation operations in the Western media that was immediately dismissed by the mainstream media as loony lucubrations from the far right..... Top editors, both print and media, scoffed at the book's central premise by arguing that editorial gatekeepers were far too savvy to let something as crude as Soviet disinformation slip through their adroit and ever-vigilant blue pencils (before the computer "kill" button). Whenever a defector from the KGB or its proxy services in Eastern Europe and Cuba confirmed that the Soviet intelligence agency's Service A (for "Active Measures") was in charge of " dezinformatsiya " (disinformation) in the Western media, mainstream media adopted the ungainly posture of the proverbial ostrich. Now we have a new book, " The Sword and the Shield: The Mitrokhin Archive ," the most complete picture of the KGB and its operations in the United States and Europe, courtesy of Vasili Mit- rokhin, who toiled for three decades in the KGB's archives, and co-author Christopher Andrew, chair of the History Department at Cambridge University and a former visiting professor of national security at Harvard....... The scope of the KGB's disinformation operations in the West during the Cold War was breathtaking. Philip Agee, the CIA's first ideological defector who specialized in burning CIA operatives, rapidly became a liberal left icon in the U.S. and Western Europe. Now we have confirmation that Agee's book "Inside the Company: CIA Diary," published in 1975, that identified 250 Agency officers and agents, and claimed that "millions of people all over the world had been killed or had their lives destroyed by the CIA and the institutions it supports," was the work of the KGB and the DGI, the Cuban proxy of the KGB.......Among traitor Agee's character witnesses: Morton Halperin, a former Kissinger aide and now head of policy planning at the State Department; former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who has flacked for anti-American causes the world over; Melvin Wolf, a hard-left lawyer from the American Civil Liberties Union. In 1993, President Clinton nominated Mr. Halperin to the new position of assistant secretary of defense for democracy and peacekeeping. But Mr. Halperin withdrew at the last moment. His backers were fearful he would be grilled about his relationship with Agee....... In 1978, Agee, again with the covert assistance of the KGB and the DGI, began publishing the Covert Action Information Bulletin that was designed to promote "a worldwide campaign to destabilize the CIA through exposure of its operations and personnel." KGB files note that Agee's Bulletin was "the initiative of the KGB." The Soviet Agency thus gave Agee the names of 2,000 CIA agents to expose publicly....."

World Net Daily 10/4/99 Joseph Farah "...President Clinton's run-in with Investor's Business Daily reporter Paul Sperry gives us yet another insight into the twisted personality currently leading the executive branch of the federal government. It also illustrates the institutional flaws in the establishment press. To recap, Sperry was attending a White House gathering for much of the press corps. As Clinton walked by him, he casually asked when the president might be holding his next press conference. At first Clinton brushed off the question as he has brushed off the idea that there is any reason for him to hold press conferences or Cabinet meetings or perform any other traditional presidential function of accountability or management. But, unlike most members of the Beltway press, Sperry didn't just drop the matter...... "Who are you with?" he wondered. This was an unusual species, and Clinton was curious. Sperry answered him and repeated his simple, straightforward, reasonable and unthreatening question about the press conference. Clinton asked why he should hold a press conference, and Sperry answered that the American people had many questions about the growing China scandal involving his administration and an FBI investigation. Now Clinton was getting irritated. According to Sperry and other witnesses, he contorted his face, got testy and challenged the reporter....."

World Net Daily 10/4/99 Joseph Farah "...Clinton sputtered that the only reason the FBI was focusing attention on the China scandal was to divert attention from its role in the Waco scandal. Did you catch that? Clinton, the expert on using one scandal to divert attention from another, accused the FBI -- his FBI -- of doing precisely that. Clinton appointed the FBI director. He appointed the attorney general who supervises the FBI. Yet, here he was passing the buck, again, suggesting that his FBI was victimizing him. Well, I guess if I believed my mother victimized me, my grandmother victimized me and that I, as one of the most powerful people in the world, was still little more than a helpless victim of circumstances, then it would be natural for me to feel persecuted by anyone and everyone with whom I had disagreements. But this was clearly an enlightening exchange...."

World Net Daily 10/4/99 Joseph Farah "...As a result, Clinton's White House banned Sperry from the White House. Banned him. Which raises the question, again, of just whose house this president thinks he lives in and works in. It's not his. The people of the United States graciously provide the president this office space and these living quarters while he serves. It's not a compound. It's not his personal playground. It's not his bunker. It's not his dirty tricks headquarters. It's not an office from which it is legal or appropriate to conduct political campaigns. It's not a place in which it is legal or appropriate to spy on the American people, maintain dossiers and target enemies. But Clinton obviously thinks it is all of those things. People have often asked me during the last seven years if I actually believed Clinton was capable of terrible and dastardly behavior. Yes, I do. And this exchange and its aftermath should illustrate to everyone just how insecure this man is -- just how volatile he is, just how arrogant he is, just how truly sociopathic he is....."

World Net Daily 10/4/99 Joseph Farah "...Clinton lost it with Sperry -- over nothing, an innocent question, a good question, a legitimate question, a not-particularly-tough question........ One of the reasons the American people remain so shockingly ill-informed about the state of affairs of American government is because there have been too few tough questions asked. The U.S. press establishment has been more of a lapdog for government than watchdog. But all that's about to change. You know, one of the reasons people are talking about the Clinton-Sperry confrontation is because of the attention it got right here -- on the Internet. In fact, more people read Sperry's account of this incident through a link on WorldNetDaily last week than subscribe to Investor's Business Daily. The New Media are making a difference....." 10/6/99 "....Which news network is Bill Clinton's favorite? That would be CNN, according to Dick Morris -- the twenty year Clinton confidant who described the President's attitude towards several different reporters who covered him for Fox News Channel Tuesday night. "CNN, (Clinton) felt, was on his side. He felt (Wolf) Blitzer was annoying but he felt CNN was basically favorable." Morris ran down the short list of Clinton's picks and pans for Bill O'Reilly on Fox's "The O'Reilly Factor." "(NBC's) Lisa Myers, he thought was a real enemy," said Morris. It was Myers who convinced alleged Clinton rape victim Juanita Broaddrick to go public with her story in January. The President doesn't like the Fox News Channel but believes that the news anchors for the big three networks have no particular political axe to grind. "(CBS's Dan) Rather and (ABC's Peter) Jennings, I don't think he felt had a bias," said Morris. "I think he felt that they just played it straight but he felt that they all were attracted to scandal." Clinton views the prestige print press "very hostily," according to the former White House political guru, especially New York Times editorial page editor and son of the South, Howell Raines..... In fact, according to Morris, Clinton thinks the White House press corps is basically "stupid" and that distracting reporters from damaging stories is like "taking candy from a baby." ...."

Los Angeles Times 10/5/99 Jim Pinkerton "...At the exhibit, one of the first pieces I see is "The Holy Virgin Mary" by Chris Ofili. The elephant dung angle, it turns out, has been overplayed. Only one turd is actually on the portrait--although there are two more at the base, one labeled "Virgin" and the other "Mary." But it's clear that Ofili has a thing for excrement, without regard to race or religion; another of his works on display features the names of such black superstars as James Brown and Diana Ross, neatly scripted on turds of their own. But what is offensive about the Mary piece are the little cut-outs of women's behinds plastered all over the canvas.... But the real outrage is the work of Jake and Dinos Chapman. Their artistic oeuvre is naked girls. They have taken department-store mannequins of little girls, festooned them with penises, and then added vaginas and anuses--the kind you might expect to see on a blow-up sex doll--in random places over their faces and bodies.... The caption for "Tragic Anatomies" asks the following: "What would the world be like if we were freed of all sexual inhibition? Do we falsely deny the existence of sexuality in children?" Why haven't the media reported on that? Is it because they've been focused on the feces? Maybe, but I think there's another reason. The critics and commentators don't want the real raw truth about this exhibit to get out, because they know that even they can't publicly defend Hustler-type photos or kiddie porn...."

Associated Press 9/27/99 Ted Bridis "...Viewers who tuned in to ABC's novel Internet news broadcast Monday to chat electronically with anchor Sam Donaldson had more than their names and comments posted to the Web site for the world to see. In an unusual move, ABC also disclosed the unique four-digit Internet address for each person who wrote a comment, a decision that helps anyone trace a viewer's real-world identity. In one instance, "Mark from DC'' turned out to be an employee at the Justice Department who pressed the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission: "When will the telecommunications industries begin addressing the increasing gulf in the inaccessibility of the Web to (the) poor?'' ....The Justice Department referred questions about its employee's participation in Monday's broadcast to its 1997 Internet policy, which urges that employees "making personal use of Internet e-mail should make it clear, when appropriate, that his or her e-mail is not being used for official duties.'' ...."

Insight Magazine 10/14/99 Woody nest "....Welcome to the wonderful world of newsbiz, Fergie. The distaff discard of Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, has been hired as a "correspondent" by NBC's Today show. Her Grace now lustily joins the storied ranks of TV journalists. A belated welcome also to George Stephanopoulos, the Clinton White House apparatchik who got out while the getting was good and recently was christened a reporter and analyst for ABC News. The world is always going to hell in a handbasket, to be sure, though in our spiffy time the conveyance has antilock brakes, a/c and all-weather tires. It is hardly stunning that journalism is speeding along toward cultural perdition, too. Rather than defining even broadly a vocational niche, journalism now suggests little more than an eagerness to emote and an outlet thereto. That's all very democratic, and the shamans of the accelerating electronic Eden assure that the Internet and its high-tech spawn will make us healthy, wealthy and wise. ......But journalism has gone beyond Woodward and indeed beyond Drudge. For instance, George Stephanopoulos. He confesses in his book that while in the White House before his media baptism he purveyed to the public with only mild misgivings accounts from the president that he doubted were true. There's a rude word for that. ....."

ABC News 10/4/99 Josh Gerstein ".... It's one of the capital's dirty little secrets. The splash a political story makes in the national press has more to do with who publishes the report than what's in it. Such was the case last week when it was reported that President Clinton questioned the integrity of the FBI during a heated exchange with a reporter at a White House party. The story, which quoted Clinton accusing the FBI of using the campaign finance scandal to distract from the agency's own alleged misdeeds at Waco, made its debut in the Seattle Times on Sunday, Sept. 26. "The FBI wants you to write about that [campaign finance] rather than write about Waco," the report quoted Clinton saying. Two days later, the reporter who asked the question, Paul Sperry of Investor's Business Daily, published his own story on the encounter and included the same quote. The White House has not denied the remark and spokesman Jake Siewert said Clinton "doesn't regret saying what he said." But the rest of the press was slow to wake up to the story. A reporter for The Washington Times brought up the exchange at Wednesday's White House briefing. Press Secretary Joe Lockhart skillfully dismissed the story by noting that it had been prominently featured in the online gossip sheet the Drudge Report......" 10/5/99 "....While New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was taking a pounding this past weekend over bogus accusations of trying to gut the 1st Amendment because of an art exhibit that violates the taxpayer-financed Brooklyn Museum's lease with the city, a genuine and far more frightening assault on freedom of the press was launched in Atlanta. More than 700 homosexual activists gathered in that city to outline their plan to advance the homosexual agenda. Among their primary targets are reporters and the news media, which according to some, are just too hung up on getting all sides of the story. The Atlanta conference, sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, included a symposium on how to respond to people who oppose homosexuality based on millennia-old cultural and religious beliefs. One particular activist counseled attendees to "have those tough conversations with journalists," and disabuse them of their "misguided notions of balance," in reporting stories about the homosexual agenda. The goal, according to Cathy Renna, who works as the director of community relations for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, is to "convince (journalists) that there is no other side to these issues." ...."

Washington Post 10/15/99 Tom Shales ".... ""The Insider" is dynamite. It hasn't even gone off yet and already debris is falling and people are claiming to have been hurt. The fact-based film, which will have its gala Washington premiere Nov. 4 at the Uptown Theatre, has sparked a furious war of words between movie people in Hollywood and broadcast journalists in New York. Before it's over, this skirmish between celebrities may widen into a war between giant corporate mega-powers--Disney, which made the film, on one side and CBS Inc. on the other, with individuals caught in the crossfire. ...." 10/11/99 ".....The confidential Ron Brown crash file was relased two weeks ago exclusively to by Judicial Watch, the only legal entity still investigating Brown's role in the Clinton administration's fundraising scandal. Since our initial reports, no other media outlet has dared pursue this story. Judge for yourself whether these documents are as important as thinks they are. Here are just a few highlights:

Three separate Croatian sources report that Brown's plane crashed into the Adriatic Sea -- page 2.

U.S. and Croatian officials say wreckage had been located in the water and that Naval Search and Rescue Operations had commenced -- page 3.

"Other Agency AWACs" indicates that wreckage spotted in the sea may be from another "smaller" aircraft, though no further mention of another plane appears in the Commerce chronology -- or in hundreds of news reports that had Brown's plane crashing into the ocean in the first hours after it disappeared from radar -- page 3.

"There is a beacon from the Brown plane transmitting from a location in the water" -- page 4.

Commerce Department employees ordered "not to speak to outside inquiries" -- page 5.

The first report that Brown's had been located instead on land -- page 5.

A brief entry noting only that "previous coordinates (for the wreckage) were incorrect" -- page 6.

A Commerce Department official reports from Sarajevo that "two individuals have been recovered alive from the crash" -- page 6.

Deputy Secretary of State Stobe Talbott orders that cameras stop filming at the crash site -- page 7.

"The flight data recorder", with officially didn't exist on Brown's plane, "has been located" -- page 8.

Thursday, the day after the crash, rescue officials say it will take at least till Saturday evening to identify all the bodies. Two corpses are still missing, prompting "ongoing concern" -- page 10.

Washington pressures officials in Croatia to rush the indentification process so that all bodies can be shipped home by Saturday afternoon. "Washington adamant on 5pm arrival at Dover" -- page 15. ...."

Manchester Union-Leader 10/11/99 Joseph McQuaid ".....Here is what we can expect in the brave, new world of independent news reporting from some of the news media --entertainment units swallowed up by even bigger business conglomerates: "International news organizations should report the truth but avoid being 'unnecessarily offensive' to foreign governments, the head of the company poised to take over CBS said Tuesday." That is from a recent Associated Press dispatch. From Shanghai, China, it seems an appropriate dateline, for something appears to have been shanghaied here. The words were those of Sumner M. Redstone, chairman of the huge Viacom, Inc., that has recently announced its buyout of CBS, once a storied name in radio and television news. Redstone, along with other western business leaders, were in Communist China at the invitation of the Red dictatorship to celebrate its 50-year stranglehold on the mainland. ....."

BQ's View - With Radio America's Blanquita Cullum 10/13/99 "....This the sobering bottom line of the first report from the U.S. Commission on National Security for the 21st Century ... Co-chaired by Warren Rudman and Gary Hart ... ... This is not a group of alarmists, or flakes, or right-wing hacks ... I don't think either Rudman or Hart are known as staunch, stalwart Conservatives ... The commission included leaders from the military, academic and business sectors of our society ... It included Andrew Young, former Mayor of Atlanta ... If this commission predicts that, within the next 25 years, Americans will likely die on American soil, I'd take that very seriously ... Their report has been sent to Secretary of Defense William Cohen and the House Armed Services Committee ... ... It would help greatly if the daily media would take their thumbs out of their mouths long enough to inform the American Public ... Why is it that they're not reporting on this? ... Are they concerned about panic? ... I don't think we need to worry about panic as much as accountability, especially when President Clinton is trying to push a ban on our ability to protect ourselves ... A nuclear test ban ... And especially when we are not really making our country safe from terrorism ... ... The report evaluates our national security and projects what to expect in the next 25 years ... Have a seat ... It's not a pretty picture ... Weapons of mass nuclear, chemical and biological destruction will proliferate ... We should expect conflicts in which our adversaries, because of cultural affinities different from our own, will engage in acts of violence that are shocking to our sensibilities ... ... The report describes a world in which U.S. intelligence and diplomacy will be inadequate to protect our interests and security ... Advancing global technology will destabilize nations and cultures, resulting in "anti-technology backlashes" ... Those same forces will "batter the concept of national sovereignty" ... ... Doesn't it strike you as curious that the Deputy Secretary of State has been proclaiming how great this will be in the next 25 years, that we will have no sovereignty ... This is Strobe Talbot's world ... Strobe Talbott is looking at this report and talking about it in the most positive terms ... Saying that we will be one global community ... ... In other words, according to this balanced commission that represents the very heart of our political, business, military and foreign policy establishment, the world is going to become unhinged in the next 25 years ... They warn that we will not be able to manage the global chaos abroad or stop it from reaping its gruesome harvest here on our soil ... Right in our heartland ...... It's disgraceful that the mainstream press has not covered this ... It's disgraceful that President Clinton has not addressed it ... It's terrible that we are being bullied by the U.N. and misled by the likes of Strobe Talbott, who predicts that we're going to be one global community while ignoring dire threats to our national security ... "

BQ's view...With Radio America's Blanquita Cullum 10/7/99 ".....When Paul Sperry, Washington Bureau Chief for Investor's Business Daily, showed up on the South Lawn of the White House for a picnic for the Washington Press Corps, he no doubt expected to see a few hamburgers sitting on plates, but little did he expect to go nose-to-nose with President Clinton and get a close-up view of a complexion that resembled raw hamburger meat ... .. The picnic turned out to be an odd event for several reasons ... Clinton showed up in a black, tight-fitting Johnny Cash outfit, completely lost his cool over an innocuous question about his next press conference, and the press corps, itself, continued to show signs of having hamburger between its ears rather than brains ...,, Two reporters standing nearby, one from the Associated Press and the other from Cable News Network, said that Clinton's face turned the color of a beet ... Sperry said it looked more like the color of "hamburger meat when you first take it out of the package" ... ... Clinton pointed his finger in Sperry's face and demanded to know who he was ... Sperry gave him his business card ... Clinton "just really jumped down" his throat for the next 10 minutes, but Sperry kept following up ... ... Clinton conveniently failed to mention Johnny Chung, Charlie Trie, the many others who have fled the country to avoid testifying, the fundraisers at the White House and the money-laundering problems ... You have to admit that Clinton is pretty creative with the truth when he's pushed against the wall ... Or, more accurately, when he pushes Sperry against the wall ... He never lacks an answer, but with Sperry he did get off script ... ... And then there was the press, standing there ineffectually like a bunch of sheep ... Sperry was asking honest, relevant questions that they all should have been asking, but there were virtually no other reporters who stood with him and supported his questioning ... Sperry did mention one, James Grimaldi of the Seattle Times, who filed a story that Sunday ... "

BQ's view...With Radio America's Blanquita Cullum 10/7/99 "........ Another odd element to this story is the role played by Internet reporter Matt Drudge ... The media establishment criticizes Drudge for not being a credible journalist, but it was not until Drudge filed his report that Sperry received calls from The Washington Post, ABC News and CBS News Radio ... ... During our discussion, a radio listener applauded Sperry for his reporting but warned him to "watch his back," because he's dealing with "very dangerous people" ... Sperry said he understood the viewpoint and asked when in U.S. history have we been afraid of our own president? ... This is outrageous, he asserted ... Obviously, we are afraid of the President, because we have a White House press corps that is so lacking in backbone that it looks as if it's covering the president in a Third World country ... Sperry said he's been warned of an IRS audit and other ramifications ... How did we get to this point where we are afraid of our president? ... He's an elected official ... It's just a sad state of affairs ... There were many witnesses to the scene on the South Lawn, and they're all in the press, so Sperry feels the White House would have second thoughts about seeking vengeance ... "

BQ's view...With Radio America's Blanquita Cullum 10/7/99 "........ Clinton's response to questions about the FBI's Chinagate investigation was curious ... His violent reaction indicated that Sperry had opened up a crack there ... Sperry hopes, against hope, that the rest of the White House press corps will open it wider ... ... It also is odd that video tape of the FBI agents testifying in Congress was available but not shown by the major networks ... Sperry noted that the Big Three - NBC, ABC and CBS - had footage available but ran nothing on the FBI agents' testimony ... Very disturbing, since it's major news ... Nothing on CNN ... Only Fox ran something ... Not a word in the New York Times the next day ... Not a word in the Washington Post ... This is huge news ... It's the first direct evidence that there is a cover-up in the Chinagate investigation ... Why would this happen? ... Why are major news stories getting spiked? ... The Fourth Estate is supposed to be the guardian of the truth ... That is our responsibility as members of the press ... If people can not rely on the press to inform them, they don't have access to the White House or the President ... We are not doing our job then the people are not getting the information ... "

Los Angeles Times 10/14/99 James Pinkerton ".....Magicians call it misdirection: the art of getting audiences to look in the direction the magician wants them to, so they miss the trick. Today, politics itself is being misdirected. Some of the biggest controversies in the United States--debates over gun control, auto safety, health care policy and pharmaceutical development--are no longer being decided by the democratic process or by the rule of law as traditionally understood. Sure, the politicians continue to talk, but their words are increasingly just part of the illusion. The real tricks, and some very big bucks, are being generated by a small group of trial lawyers who are pulling the ultimate trick: They are making the substance of politics disappear. ....Why hasn't this angle been covered much? Two possible explanations. First, journalists mostly support this legal onslaught against industries and products they don't like. Second, to cover the story of how trial lawyers are preempting politics, elite newsies would have to travel to tort hot spots such as Hayneville, Ala. In 1996, for example, a jury there heard the case of one Alex Hardy, who apparently fell asleep at the wheel of his Chevy, leading to an accident that left him paralyzed. Yet plaintiff's lawyers claimed, against all reason, that the vehicle was defective. Hardy was awarded $150 million in a case that has set a low standard for auto liability cases since....."

Znet 10/14/99 Edward Herman "...The mainstream U.S. media have performed a semi-miracle in reporting on the East Timor crisis, providing us with a model case of apologetics in the service of state policy. Although the U.S. appeased and tacitly colluded with Indonesia as the latter attempted to disrupt the August 30 referendum and then followed this up with massive terrorization and destruction, and did this only months after having savagely attacked Yugoslavia on the alleged basis of principled opposition to ethnic cleansing, the media allowed the U.S. to get away with its two track policy morally unscathed. Even the U.S.'s prized ally Indonesia came off remarkably well, with no demonized leaders deserving of war crimes trials. How did the media do it? As usual, official explanations and rationales and opinion columns by pundit apologists for state policy were allowed to set the agenda, and serious critics were marginalized or excluded altogether......"

AP 10/14/99 ".....Improving credibility with readers and diversifying news staffs are key to the future success of newspapers, participants at the annual Associated Press Managing Editors conference were told Thursday. Recent surveys of readers have found fewer trust newspapers to report the new accurately and without bias. Getting feedback from readers about why they feel that way, coming up with ways to address their concerns and then implementing them will help, a panel of experts said. ``A newspaper cannot be credible unless it is seen as fair in the minds of readers,'' said Robert H. Giles, senior vice president of The Freedom Forum, an international foundation dedicated to press freedom and free speech. ...."

NRA 10/14/99 Charleston Heston "...In July, The Economist magazine reported that Michael Bellesiles, a professor at Emory University-who obviously had too much time on his hands-"trawled through more than 1,000 probate records [wills] between 1765 and 1850" and concluded that "at no time prior to 1850 did more than a tenth of the people own guns." The Economist uses that dubious jumping-off point to argue that in Colonial times, "Most militias were a joke, neither adept nor well-armed," and that it was the NRA, over just the past few decades, that "provided political support for the notion that individual gun ownership lies at the heart of American liberty." I've heard the NRA get the rap for a lot of things over the years, but that one's a stretcher. In other words, Western civilization's concept of arms ownership as a key to human freedom isn't the product of thousands of years of philosophical and political thinking-it's a modern-day "notion" invented by the NRA! Amazing. Never mind that the right to keep and bear arms was one of the fundamental rights in English Common Law and guaranteed under the English Bill of Rights long before the American Bill of Rights was even discussed. And never mind that 23 centuries ago-long before firearms existed-the Greek philosopher Aristotle considered popular arms ownership the single most reliable indicator of whether a society was free. No, these researchers just want a way to blame the NRA, even if it means falsifying centuries of history, because they know the national media will pick up their refrain. What's risky about lies in private life is what's dangerous about them in public life: You begin to believe them. Repeat them often enough and the truth is forgotten and history repeats itself. That's the danger we now face from much of the national anti-gun media. ..."

NRA 10/14/99 Charleston Heston "... What's so outrageous isn't that they accept the anti-gun lobby's lies unquestioningly-but that they parrot them relentlessly and hammer them into Americans' brains when they should be presenting a balanced view of what is, after all, a contentious and important debate. For example, on August 2, "The CBS Evening News" mixed opinion with conjecture and cleverly crafted, weasel-worded statements to deceive viewers that the right to keep and bear arms doesn't mean what it says, and that the "militia" in the Second Amendment refers to the National Guard. If they had bothered to do five minutes of homework-and if they were really informing, instead of indoctrinating the American people-they would have known that the National Guard didn't even exist until 116 years after the Second Amendment was adopted. They would have known that even today, all able-bodied males ages 17 to 45 are members of the militia under federal law (10 U.S.C. Section 311). But they don't want to know. They don't want you to know, either, and they'll hide the truth or deny it in any way they can. ..."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 10/15/99 Vol Four No 166 "...." 1) Just as predicted in CyberAlert, no reporter asked Clinton at Thursday's press conference about the charge by FBI agents that political appointees thwarted their probe of Chinese money. Instead, reporters worried about the CTBT loss. 2) CBS's Bill Plante asked Clinton about Judge Wright's fine, but the CBS Evening News ignored it as did ABC and CNN. ABC, CBS and NBC all gave twice the time to Clinton's attacks on the Senate as to Trent Lott's defense. 3) NBC Nightly News discovered "tough criticism" of the Clinton home loan, a controversy the show ignored back in September...."

10/15/99 Tim Graham "….Imagine a press conference where Ronald Reagan or George Bush didn't just criticize the Democrats, but accused them of "not knowing very much." (See box.) Would that be seen as the act of a "master politician"? No, but that's the compliment Bill Clinton earned yesterday. Right after the live broadcast on CNN, The Washington Post's David Broder declared: "There is no better politician in the country today than Bill Clinton. I thought it was a masterful performance." (He did note the Republicans don't trust him with the national interest.) Several other trends were obvious: While reporters let Clinton claim Republicans damaged nonproliferation efforts in answering seven questions on the test-ban treaty, no one asked about Chinese espionage on Clinton's watch and how China is a major proliferator to rogue nations like Iran and Libya. Perhaps responding to the White House ban on Investor's Business Daily Washington Bureau Chief Paul Sperry, no one asked about FBI agents' allegations that the Clinton Justice Department smothered the probe of Chinese influence in the 1996 elections. ….."

The Progressive Review/Undernews 10/18/99 Sam Smith ".....Major media, led by the NYT and Washington Post, continue to misreport the facts of the Michael Espy case in a way that smears the highly credible efforts of special prosecutor Dan Smaltz and his staff, including Robert Ray, who is taking over Kenneth Starr's job. .....-- While Espy, charged under a corrupt law that makes conviction, was acquitted, Tyson Foods copped a plea in the same case, paying $6 million in fines and serving four years' probation. The charge: that Tyson had illegally offered Espy $12,000 in airplane rides, football tickets and other payoffs. Espy got off because the law makes it easier to convict a briber than a bribee. As the Washington Times put it, "Intent by the companies who gave him the gifts did not matter in the decision." -- In the Espy investigation, Smaltz obtained 15 convictions and collected over $11 million in fines and civil penalties. Offenses for which convictions were obtained included false statements, concealing money from prohibited sources, illegal gratuities, illegal contributions, falsifying records, interstate transportation of stolen property, money laundering, and illegal receipt of USDA subsidies. .....In short, Espy received more than $20,000 in payoffs from a company that among other things, does so much business with the feds that its fine amounts to just 3% of its annual government contracts....."

The American Spectator 10/18/99 Wlady Pleszczynski "......As always, Clinton was projecting, as when he lamented that the Republicans have made it easier for the Chinese, Russians, Indians, and Pakistanis to resume their proliferating ways. Even Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson was ready for this one: "As for [Clinton's] suggestion that non-ratification will lead to nuclear tests in the Third World, the truth is that Russia did two nuclear tests in the Arctic just last month, and that both India and Pakistan conducted nuclear tests last year -- not because of the absence of any treaty, but because of this Administration's negligence in allowing the transfers of nuclear technology and in permitting espionage at the Department of Energy labs." Nicholson said this in a press release. He could have said much more. Whose fault was it that the remarks weren't picked up by the media? ......"

World Net Daily 10/19/99 Lisa Ronthal "....Something is fishy at Time magazine's "Phonies and Frauds of the Century" survey. NewsMax reports that votes for Geraldo Rivera -- who had been leading his nearest competitor by a 5-to-1 margin as of September 27 -- seem to have been mysteriously recounted, such that, as of this writing, approximately 30,000 of them are gone. Subtracted. Vanished. Not there any more. Geraldo's 53,000 vote-count has been reduced to 22,000, placing him at number 2 on the list. So who's winning now? J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, the fictional, putative God-figure of the Church of the SubGenius, which is less a cult than a sort of obscure, Monty-Python-esque parody of a cult, greatly favored by irony-drunken sophomores......"

NewsMax 10/19/99 Carl Limbacher "....The news sizzled across the internet Monday afternoon. A soon-to-be-released biography of George W. Bush will level the first specific cocaine charge against the GOP frontrunner, who told reporters in August he's been coke-free for at least 25 years. The book, "Fortunate Son: The Rise of George W. Bush and the Next Generation of American Politics," alleges that 27 years ago, the Texas Governor was arrested for cocaine possession, then had his arrest record expunged by a Texas judge who owed his father a favor. ..... But are the charges true? Hatfield's decision not to identify his sources for the Bush coke story renders them unavailable for cross examination. Journalistically, reporting such an explosive charge when no one is willing to attach his or her name to it is highly questionable. Inside Cover is aware of other equally ill-sourced accounts about Bush's alleged involvement with drugs. But because those sources are either anonymous or long dead, we haven't printed a word. The rules are even stricter when it comes to similar charges against President Clinton....."

The New Australian 10/18/99 Dr Aaron Oakley "....Public perception of environmental risk - and the way it is portrayed by green activists - is an interesting topic. As a case in point, nuclear energy is one of the cleanest and safest forms of electricity production, but environmentalists (with the help of a mass media hungry for sensation) have succeeded in portraying it as the dirtiest and unsafest endeavour in town. It requires only high-school mathematics to see that the amount of radioactivity for any radioisotope will decline very steeply at first, and then trail off. And this is the crux of the issue. The 250,000 year figure parroted by the anti-nuclear parakeets is the time taken for all the radioactivity of HLW to reach background levels. After only 40 years, the radioactivity of HLW is about one thousandth of the original level, and after 1,000 years, it is the same as the mineral from which the original ore used to produce nuclear fuel was mined. Yet this ore is not isolated from the biosphere by any stretch of the imagination....."

BQ's View With Radio America's Blanquita Cullum 10/20/99 "....... We're learning virtually nothing from the daily media about the key finding of the U.S. Commission on National Security for the 21st Century, co-chaired by Warren Rudman and Gary Hart, that Americans will likely die on American soil, possibly in large numbers ... The report has been sent to Secretary of Defense William Cohen and the House Armed Services Committee ... ... Other than one article in The Washington Times, headlined "Apocalypse Soon," there's been virtually nothing ... ... Weapons of nuclear, chemical and biological destruction are going to proliferate, and we're not going to be able to pull together a coalition to prevent this terrorism from occurring abroad or on our soil ... The commission expects casualties - possibly in large numbers - on U.S. soil ... ... Fowler says she's disturbed that our press is more interested in copying the style of Oprah Winfrey than letting people know what is really going on ... She said her committee had a very good hearing on the report, which is now available to the public ... It's the first of three and is only eight pages long ... "

The Washington Times Weekly Edition 10/18-24/99 "....Good news about global warming is no news -- at least so far as the "mainstream" media are concerned. The respected academic journal Science just published the findings of a team of scientists studying the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) -- and found that the much-decried melting occurring there has been going on since the Holecene and the end of the last ice age -- about 10,000 years ago. That's about 9,900 years before the Industrial Revolution began to hit its stride -- a disquieting little nugget of information that messes up the claims made by environemtalists that human activity is to blame for what appears to be a natural, cyclical process. ..."

Excite News - Reuters 10/14/99 Paul Kirby "..... Former President George Bush Sunday assailed as "a vicious lie" a withdrawn biography about his son George W. Bush that said he was arrested for cocaine possession in 1972.....The former president hinted of possible legal action. "I was so outraged, I did something I seldom do and I asked our attorney to talk to the man and they just brushed us off," Bush said. "We may not be finished with this yet, even though I'm a public figure. It's outrageous." ..... When asked Friday if the younger Bush was contemplating legal action against the publisher, a campaign spokesman replied: "Attorneys are looking into it." ...... The former president said the news media was using a standard that treats someone as if they are guilty until they are proven innocent. "We've been very close and I don't understand where all these rumors are coming from about his 'abnormal behavior,"' the elder Bush said of his son...... "

Washington Post 10/22/99 Howard Kurtz "....The revelation [Hatfield] is the latest bizarre twist in the media's handling of a charge, based on three anonymous sources, that lacks any independent corroboration...... Salon and the Drudge Report were the first to publicize Hatfield's allegations. In fact, Salon helped put the story in play. Hatfield writes that he began investigating after an August gossip column in Salon reported a widely circulated e-mail claiming that a Texas judge had ordered Bush to perform community service "in exchange for expunging his record showing illicit drug use.".... Asked about its story this week on the Hatfield book, David Weir, Salon's senior vice president, said: "Salon, and the Internet generally, aren't really interested in the corporate-gatekeeper mode of deciding about stories.....Stephen Hess, a presidential scholar at the Brookings Institution, criticized the handling of the story. "The problem is that mainstream, distinguished publishers aren't checking these things," he said. "They aren't in the business of fact-checking." As for newspapers, "you wind up publishing a story because someone denies it, which strikes me as a pretty shabby ethic." ...."

Freeper Registered 10/21/99:

From "About the Author ": J.H. Hatfield is a syndicated columnist, free-lance Texas journalist and frequent contributor to several Lone Star State newspapers and magazines. In addition, for over a decade he was an executive officer in a finance and investment Management company that on several occasions conducted business with George W. Bush and his associates.

From the Dallas Morning News Piece on Hatfield the Felon: Dallas court records show that in July 1988, Mr. Hatfield pleaded guilty to paying Charles Ray Crawford $5,000 to bomb the car of a manager at a financial firm for which he had recently quit working. The bomb exploded in the parking lot of the Cotton Exchange Building in Dallas in February 1987, but the two people in the car were not injured....

From the peguin/putnam books site: "Having returned to his native Arkansas from Dallas in 1994, where for many years he was the vice-president of a large real-estate management company, Hatfield now lives in the Ozark foothills with his wife Nancy

From the Dallas Morning News Piece on Hatfield the Felon: "By 1994, he was paroled to Benton County, Ark., where state officials oversaw his Texas parole under an interstate pact that requires them to annually report Mr. Hatfield's status to Texas."..."

New York Times 10/22/99 Frank Bruni "....Reporters for The New York Times, which received an advance copy of Hatfield's book last week, spent several days looking for evidence that might corroborate his account. But they did not find any, and the newspaper did not publish anything about the claim..... "Fortunate Son" was initially scheduled for publication early next year but was rushed into print to compete with "First Son: George W. Bush and the Bush Family Dynasty," a book by Bill Minutaglio, a reporter for The Dallas Morning News, that the Times Books division of Random House published this month. Minutaglio said in a telephone interview today that there had long been a rumor of Bush's being arrested in 1972 and that he had done reporting to try to confirm it, but that it appeared to be untrue....."

The New Australian 10/25/99 James Henry "….Isn't America's mainstream media a marvel to behold. It enthusiastically leaps on a rumor that presidential candidate George W. Bush is a cocaine user while at the same time suppressing information regarding Bill Clinton's drug-taking habit and cocaine connections. Unfortunately the right has also muddied the waters with its obsession about alleged CIA drug smuggling through Mena, even though the evidence points elsewhere. That elsewhere being Clinton and his crooked drug-taking friends. So what really happened at Mena? I've consulted several well-informed people on this matter, people who have always proved reliable and honest…."

The Dallas Morning News 10/22/99 Pete Slover Wayne Slater, Sam Attlesey, Cheryl Chapman "..."We can't trust this guy anymore," said David Kaye, general counsel for St. Martin's, which had earlier been aggressively marketing the book. Industry experts said they can't recall a similar action by a publisher. The real effect of the stoppage may be difficult to gauge, since bookstores are free to sell or return the copies they have..... In addition to the car bombing conviction, Mr. Hatfield was separately convicted of embezzlement. Federal court records reveal that Mr. Hatfield pleaded guilty in 1992 to embezzling thousands of dollars in federal housing money - a case in which his intended bombing victim was a witness. Mr. Kaye, the publisher's lawyer, said the company had dispatched investigators to Texas and Mr. Hatfield's home state of Arkansas...... "That's him. He used to wear a beard, so I recognized him," said Dallas lawyer Norman L. "Happy" Nelson Jr. Mr. Nelson said that when his client's car was blown up, she was a witness in the federal investigation of Mr. Hatfield. In that matter, he was charged in Dallas federal court with forging signatures to cash government checks worth $34,887. While in prison, he pleaded guilty to one count of making a false statement in federal paperwork and had five additional years tacked on to his state sentence. Authorities had investigated missing funds earmarked for a low-income housing project managed by the company where Mr. Hatfield worked....."

The Dallas Morning News 10/22/99 Pete Slover "... Mr. Nelson said that Mr. Hatfield's ambitions as an author were evident even when he was working at the property management firm before his arrest. Mr. Hatfield told fellow employees that he had won a contest to write the next James Bond book, to continue the series started by deceased author Ian Fleming. After Mr. Hatfield showed up with his book, printed and bound, co-workers called the publisher. They learned Mr. Hatfield had paid to have the work published himself, Mr. Nelson said....."

The Dallas Morning News 10/22/99 Pete Slover "..."The promotional material for Mr. Hatfield's Bush biography include a statement that he won the Isaac Asimov Foundation Literary Award for his biography of Mr. Stewart, the Star Trek star. St. Martin's publicists could not say who presents the award. The Asimov award is not among the hundreds of contests in the 49-page contest reference guide contained in Literary Marketplace, an authoritative publishing reference book....."

WorldNetDaily 10/22/99 John Doggett ".... Eight years ago, Anita Hill unleashed an unprincipled attack against the man who hired her just before she was fired from her first legal job. Anita's attack on Clarence Thomas offended most Americans. However, once Judge Thomas became Justice Thomas, most Americans moved onto other issues. That wasn't the case in Oklahoma. This is a story that the mainstream press has ignored. It is a story of how citizens can make a difference. It is a story about how telling the truth and honor are important outside Washington, D.C. ...... When word of an attempt to create a permanent memorial to Anita reached Oklahoma, many tried to get the University to reject the chair. They were partly successful. The University of Oklahoma Board of Regents said that its rules required it to accept the funds. They also said, however, that the donors couldn't tell them who to appoint. In 1995, Anita's supporters finally raised the $250,000 to endow the chair. The state matched this contribution, as required by state law, with $250,000 in state money. That is where things stood for the next four years. That is because those who believed that Anita's act of treachery should not be honored in Oklahoma kept up the fight. ..... The attacks against Professor Hill were vicious. State Representative Leonard Sullivan called Hill a "cancerous growth" on the law school. Sullivan stated publicly that establishing an Anita Hill Professorship for the Study of Sexual Harassment was akin to establishing a "Jeffrey Dahmer Chair in the School of Cooking."......... In October 1996 Professor Hill resigned from the faculty of the Oklahoma College of Law when it became apparent that she would never be appointed to the endowed chair. She now teaches law, social policy and women's studies at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts....... Four days after E. Z. Million made his threat, the university decided to scrap the Anita Hill chair. The $250,000 raised by Hill's supporters for the chair would be refunded to the donors. The university also lost the $250,000 in matching funds the state had contributed to the Hill chair. The University of Oklahoma has now rid itself of any connection to Anita Hill. ....."

: ***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 10/22/99 Vol Four No 170 ".....1) "A measure to ban a type of late-term abortions," Dan Rather remarked in refusing to accept the term "partial-birth." NBC's Robert Hager promoted dire global warming fears. 2) The author of a book fueling George W. Bush drug charges is a convicted felon who once arranged for a car bombing, the Dallas Morning News disclosed in a story picked up by Fox News Channel. 3) Janet Reno asserted that the FALN is "an ongoing threat" exacerbated by the release from prison of its members, but onlyFNC bothered to report her assessment......"

The Washington Times 10/22/99 Hugh Aynesworth "..... A New York publishing company said it has halted publication of a new book that claims Texas Gov. George W. Bush was arrested in 1972 on a cocaine charge because the author hid the fact that he served five years in a Texas prison for hiring a hit man. St. Martin's Press, which had rushed the book by James Howard Hatfield into print three months early because of the salacious charges against the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, said it no longer could trust the author.......Other details have emerged since news agencies began looking into Hatfield. For instance, Agence France-Presse reported there was a complicated media relationship between Salon and Hatfield, who was prompted to tack on the afterward after reading an Aug. 25 Salon column. The Salon story was based on a "tantalizing" e-mail titled, "News Tip: George Bush Drug Use," which was sent to the magazine's San Francisco office in the summer. After reading over the story, Hatfield then wrote his addendum based on three anonymous sources: a "high ranking advisor to Bush," "a longtime Bush friend" and a "former Yale classmate." The classmate, according to Hatfield, said the governor's arrest record was expunged in a "behind closed doors in the judge's chambers' kind of thing between the old man and one of his Texas cronies who owed him a favor." ....."

The American Spectator 10/22/99 R Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. ".... How does one explain Al Gore's swoon? In part it is because Bill Clinton's standing is much lower than Washington commentators have admitted. Sophisticates during these years of Clinton scandals may not think this has been an unsavory presidency, but the ordinary voters know. The ordinary voters also know that Mr. Gore is Clinton's designated successor. They have had enough of the scandals and the deceits that have accompanied the scandals....."

Washington Times 10/22/99 Barbara Saffir "....The taxpayer-funded Public Broadcasting Service, recently embarrassed after dozens of stations swapped donor lists with Democrats, now acknowledges it should have disclosed veteran correspondent Bill Moyers' conflict of interest on a recent program about campaign-finance reform. ......Neither Mr. Moyers nor PBS alerted viewers that the broadcaster is on the payroll of the Florence and John Schumann Foundation during documentaries pushing more limits on contributions to political campaigns....."

The New York Times 10/22/99 Doreen Carvajal "....St. Martin's Press, the publisher of a controversial biography of George W. Bush, took the unusual step of killing the disputed book Friday, issuing an alert to booksellers around the country to return thousands of copies for shredding or burning because company executives no longer trusted the author. ....."They're heat, furnace fodder," Sally Richardson, the president and publisher of St. Martin's trade division, said of the books. The publishing house this month had shipped more than 70,000 copies of Hatfield's "Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President." ..... Such recalls are rare, but this one comes in a season when other companies have been forced to pull books because of shattered trust -- from an author accused of making up a Holocaust identity to a biographer who simply plagiarized the words of other books. The incidents have raised questions about the industry's ability to screen authors. ...."

WorldNetDaily 10/22/99 Joseph Farah ".....But when Prairie Grove, Ark., police responded to a 911 emergency call at 5 a.m. Sept. 26, they found 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising on the floor, unconscious, near death, one of his wrists bound with duct tape. A half-hour later, he was pronounced dead at St. Mary's Hospital in Roger. A police investigation determined young Jesse was repeatedly raped over a period of hours, including with foreign objects. While enduring this ordeal, his ankles, knees and wrists were bound in duct tape and he was gagged and blindfolded. He was tied to a mattress. He may have been drugged, police say. A sedative called amitryptiline was found in the home of two men -- Joshua Brown, 22, and David Don Carpenter, 38 -- along with Jesse's body. There were other drugs, too -- and items commonly used in sexual bondage. .....It was big news in Northwest Arkansas, but the story of Jesse Dirkhising hasn't made a ripple in the national news. I wonder why? I wonder if it's because the victim is not a part of some politically protected sub-group, a special class deserving of extra government privileges? I wonder if it is because the suspects are, indeed, members of such a group. Remember how the nation stood riveted to the details of a hideous murder that took place in Wyoming when a homosexual was tortured to death? Never mind that the crime had little or nothing to do with the victim's sexual proclivities. Uh-uh. That didn't matter. This was a hate crime. New laws were needed. New brainwashing programs must be introduced into the schools. New sensitivity outreach projects were required by all media outlets. Bill Clinton sounded off. Janet Reno chimed in....."

Pittsburgh Tribune Review 10/23/99 "..... It took the late Philip Graham some 20 years to turn The Washington Post from a small-town daily newspaper into an international institution. It took his widow, Katharine, almost as long to turn his legacy into a paper that ignores news and invents stories. The Post now is the paper you can distrust! Katharine Graham's sense of non-news that permeates the Post is based on rewarding friends and attempting to pillory their, and her, enemies. How else can one explain the recent front-page headline, "His Term Fading, A Wistful Clinton Loosens Up." Read the story and get angrier! ........ The real flavor of this nonsense, designed to be a Clinton hagiography, is captured in a mid-story statement that "the anger he (Clinton) feels (is) toward political opponents he believes stoop to illegitimate means to thwart him." Poor Katharine Graham, to see the once great newspaper built by her father and her husband used to prettify a perjurer president. Yet the prose was better suited to a Victorian novel about a wicked squire. Just look at the words - "an air of sadness," "impertinently," "illegitimate" and "thwarted." Better yet if it had been written: "Squire Bill, twirling his moustache, to cool his hot flashes of grievance, yet with an air of sadness at the impertinence of the illegitimate claimant, said, `I must not be thwarted!'" ......"

Pittsburgh Tribune Review 10/23/99 "..... And once again Katharine's troubadours (journalists - they are not!) missed the story of the week. Bill Clinton's old friend, Ernie Green, who now works in Lehman Bros., Inc.'s Washington office, is being investigated for making illegal campaign donations to the Democratic National Committee and lying about it, while under oath, to Senate and House investigating committees.......How did all this happen to our now "wistful" president? From a little idea dreamed up between Ernie and Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie, who owned restaurants in Little Rock and Beijing! Could there be a suggestion, a mere suggestion, of the hand of China's military intelligence in any of this? .......Yet The Washington Post ignores the life and times of Ernie Green as a Washington wheeler and dealer, perhaps because the facts could make the "wistful one" have a hot flash of grievance......"

WHITE HOUSE 10/25/99 "…..Q Joe, since the President spoke out so commendably about the murder of adult homosexual Matt Shepard in Wyoming, I'm wondering what was his reaction to the repeated rape and murder of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising (phonetic) by two adult homosexual men in Arkansas?

MR. LOCKHART: I don't know that the President is aware of that circumstance.

Q It was page one of the Washington Times on Saturday. Don't you read that paper, Joe?

MR. LOCKHART: No, I don't normally do, nor do I think the President. But I think --

Q Could you possibly -- could you ask him?

MR. LOCKHART: I think as a matter of general principle, the President abhors any kind of violent act. And we have worked very hard over the last seven years in a very productive way to reduce crime in this country.

Q As his media advisor, were you surprised that while the murder of an adult, Shepard, received enormous coverage in the big media, this multiple rape and murder of a child went so widely unreported ?

MR. LOCKHART: I try to keep my media criticisms to myself. …"

World Net Daily 10/25/99 Joseph Farah "....Imagine how the national press corps would handle the following story: Two black men in their mid-30s ride their bicycles down a city street about a block and a half from one of their homes. Seemingly without provocation, a group of white men and teen-age boys surrounds the pair, knocks them from their bikes and begins stomping them. The angry crowd pummels the two men with their fists, feet, a pipe and a yellow trash can. The attack leaves one man in critical condition and in a coma. The other is treated at the hospital and released. Eight people, including four juveniles, are each charged with two counts of "second-degree lynching" in the mob beating. Three other suspects are still being sought and another 14-year-old boy is expected to be arraigned in family court. Just prior to the attack, according to a relative of one victim, shots were fired outside a school dance. When police arrested a white suspect, one of his friends was heard saying: "Yeah, we are going to get us a black boy." The attack on the two black bicyclists occurred a few blocks from the school....... Well, would you be surprised if I told you that precisely this happened just last Monday in Charleston, S.C., and not one national news outlet has picked up on it until now?...... So what gives? I'll tell you what gives. Every detail of this story is exactly as I related it to you in the beginning of this column with one exception -- the victims were white and the perpetrators were black. Oh, now you get it....."

New York Post 11/2/99 Dan Seligman ".....IF asked to name the article that suddenly caused a fellow to wonder whether the world's greatest liberal newspaper might be over-reporting stories about discrimination, I would hesitate......Times writers love stories about discrimination, and (as I learn from Nexis) the paper reliably averages around three stories a day mentioning the D-word. A few of the articles surface under the byline of wine critic Frank Prial, believed to be the only Timesian who favors discrimination, if only in palates and upper nasal cavities. But most of those three-a-day stories feature the reporter in the always-relished role of social critic, exposing and bemoaning intolerance, and going further and further afield in the quest for examples of same There did seem to be a bit of a reach in the Oct. 17 news story datelined Usti Nad Labem, Czech Republic, about discrimination against the local Gypsies. On the risible analysis of the news story and a related editorial a week later, the high crime rates, low employment and literacy levels, and broadly dysfunctional lives led by Gypsies - observable in Europe over many centuries - is traceable to, you guessed it, discrimination....."

Accuracy in Media 11/2/99 Reed Irvine Cliff Kincaid "....One of the major topics on the October 17th Sunday interview programs was a Clinton offer to spend U.S. taxpayer dollar to help the Russians build an anti-ballistic missile system if they would agree to changes in the ABM treaty. That treaty is supposed to prevent a national anti-missile defense. Both the New York Times and the Washington Post ran stories about this new development. But Russia said no, and it announced that it would work with China to seek support at the United Nations against America efforts to alter the accord. Senator Mitch McConnel indicated that he was prepared to spend that money if that meant that we could deploy our own ABM. It seems clear that Senator McConnell, his colleagues, and the major media have not grasped an essential fact: the Russians already have an ABM system. They already have an advantage over the United States. This explains why they are so opposed to changes in the treaty that would let the United States do the same. The U.S. position comes down to an offer to help the Russians improve their illegal ABM system if they would change the treaty and let us build one legally. If this sound incredible, then you are not familiar with the evidence assembled by William T. Lee, a former high-ranking DIA and CIA official who wrote the 1997 book, The ABM Treaty Charade: A Study in Elite Illusion and Delusion......"

Philadelphia Inquirer 11/1/99 Notoro Morgan "….Clueless. That's what most journalists are when it comes to predicting the future of newspapers. That was clear last week during a meeting of the annual convention of the nation's editors to discuss a theme to greet the new century. While most young people are using a variety of multimedia methods to communicate, editors are still worrying about a convention agenda focused on traditional journalism: improving suburban coverage, writing awards, hiring and writing for diversity, and making newspapers more lively. Give me a break. The suburban and diversity arguments are 30 years too late. No matter where people live or who they are, today's readers want it all, and they don't have the patience to wait for it. …… "Journalism can't survive in its current form," wrote Jon Katz, an ex-Inquirer reporter and TV producer turned media critic in an essay "Can Journalism Survive the Digital Age?" "Its audience is aging; its competitors grow by the hour; its revenue sources fragment into specialized, mostly electronic niche markets." …. Katz says that compared to the past, when traditional news outlets ruled, today's technology gives consumers more choices than ever. "Anybody with a computer, modem and a telephone can make his or her own media. And people are, by the millions. ... People no longer need to be dissatisfied with mass media; they can simply invent their own." Those are scary words for someone like me who believes that the public needs credible news gatherers and editors to sort it all out. Yet I think Katz is hitting on the essence of what many suggest is the real story behind why fewer and fewer people find newspapers useful…."


The Washington Inquirer 5/12/89 Arne Steinberg "….One example clearly demonstrating the lack of such expertise by U.S. reporters assigned to this area would be The Washington Post's coverage of the killing of Arafat's deputy, Abu Jihad, presumably by the Israeli Mossad, on April 16, 1988. In his coverage, Post writer Loren Jenkins described Jihad as "one of the more moderate and thoughtful" PLO leaders. Post reporter Glenn Frankel, who was to win a Pulitzer for his "sensitive and balanced" coverage of Israel and the Middle East that year, described Jihad as "the man whom the government and the Israeli media have portrayed as the PLO's top terrorist," apparently implying that only the Israelis considered Jihad to be a terrorist. Exactly how accurate and perceptive were the two Post reporters assessments of Jihad? Brian Jenkins, senior researcher at the Rand Corporation who is well-known for his work in the field of international terrorism, was asked to comment on Jihad. Jenkins said, "He was certainly one of the principals in the armed struggle waged by the Palestinian movement, and certainly had direct responsibility for a number of terrorist attacks." …… Also asked to comment on Abu Jihad was Dr. Ray Cline, former Deputy Director of Intelligence for the CIA, former Director of Intelligence and Research at the State Department, and author of two well-known books on terrorism. Cline said, "Many sources confirm that Abu Jihad was a senior advisor at the deputy level in the PLO and that his responsibility was to train terrorists and to plan and direct terrorist operations….."

INSIGHT Magazine 11/22/99 Stephen Goode "....When today's leftists say that 'whiteness' is an oppressive social construct that must be destroyed, David Horowitz calls them bigots opposed to black success. Recently, the onetime leftist and now conservative writer and activist David Horowitz received an e-mail from a friend that carried a quotation from the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Moscow, dated 1943. The order had been sent to communists abroad, including the Communist Party in America. . . . . "Members and front organizations must continually embarrass, discredit and degrade our critics," the 56-year-old directive began. "When obstructionists become too irritating, label them as fascist or Nazi or anti-Semitic." But above all, "constantly associate those who oppose us with those names that already have a bad smell." Why? Because "The association will, after enough repetition, become 'fact' in the public mind."..... . . Sontag's radical posturing has become a leftist commonplace today, Horowitz says, especially among white liberals at elite institutions. Lecturer Noel Ignatiev, a former sixties radical, for example, several years ago launched "Whiteness Studies" at the prestigious W.E.B. DuBois African-American Studies Institute at Harvard University. Among other things, Whiteness Studies argue that "whiteness" is a "social construct that is oppressive" and must be "abolished." The motto of Race Treason, the name of Whiteness Studies' academic journal, is "Treason to Whiteness is Loyalty to Humanity." ......"

Washington Weekly 11/1/99 Edward Zehr "....The way things have quieted down of late one might never suspect that the president had been impeached earlier this year. Indeed, this is scarcely considered worth mentioning by the mainstream press. Perhaps if the backlash against Republicans predicted with such eager anticipation by the newsies had actually materialized, they would find the topic more "newsworthy." Actually, there has been a backlash, but is seems to be working against the Democrats. A CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll taken in mid October showed George W. Bush leading Gore by 16 points and Bradley by 12 points, despite the fact that President Clinton was said to have a 56 percent approval rating. However, a recent Zogby poll indicated that Clinton's approval rating is about ten points lower than that, and even the Gallup poll showed that "almost two-thirds" do not approve of Clinton as a person....."

Washington Weekly 11/1/99 J Peter Mulhern ".....The biases of the elite media are too well documented to make good column fodder. Most journalists have a tribal attachment to the Democrat Party that transcends even ideology. This attachment permeates political reporting, reducing most of it to the sort of silly propaganda Tass and Pravda churned out before the Soviet Union crumbled.....The most recent Newsweek contains a story about the private papers of the late James Reston who wrote a column for a newspaper based in New York. Reston was the epitome of the establishment journalist. The bulk of Newsweek's story is devoted to arguing that Reston was too principled to act as an unthinking conduit for any information the great and powerful chose to drop on his plate. To buttress this argument Newsweek mentions that Reston refused to publish what he heard when "Lyndon Johnson summoned [him] to the Oval Office in 1964 and started dishing dirt about Barry Goldwater (right out of Goldwater's FBI file.)" Using information gathered by the FBI to discredit a political opponent is a felony. It was a felony in 1964..... Newsweek is only interested in Johnson's crime because it gave Reston an opportunity to show that he was above aiding and abetting. It never hints that Reston had a duty to let the nation know that the man in the Oval Office was a crook.

Washington Weekly 11/1/99 J Peter Mulhern ".....Nothing Richard Nixon was ever accused of in connection with Watergate posed as great a threat to the integrity of the American political process as the crime Lyndon Johnson committed in James Reston's presence. But Johnson was a Democrat......Johnson belonged to the tribe; when his sins are noticed at all he gets cheap absolution. Nixon did not belong to the tribe; he is consigned forever to the outer darkness. This is what passes for "objective" journalism...... By treating Johnson's abuse of the FBI lightly, Newsweek demonstrated its commitment to Democrat mythology. It shares this commitment with almost all of the major American news organizations. Republicans can only hope to shape our political debate by using paid media. The "free" media is inalterably hostile. This is one of the many facts that John McCain and the other Republicans devoted to achieving the Holy Grail of campaign finance reform don't seem to grasp. Every effort to restrict the amount of money spent on political campaigns is an effort to amplify the biased reporting of the media elite. The less candidates can spend, the more they must rely on free media to broadcast their message....."

Scripps Howard News Service 10/31/99 Tom Kisken ".....Editors and ethicists agree a newspaper's credibility -- perhaps its most valuable commodity -- washes away when news decisions are made because of money. Reacting to reports of an unseemly alliance at one of the nation's most respected newspapers, journalism ethics professor Don Ranly outlined a path that begins when a newspaper's advertising sales staff members benignly mention they could generate more ads if they knew what stories were being planned. Give in and editors will face suggestions that coverage of a particular topic would bring in even more revenue......"

The American Partisan 10/28/99 Linda Prussen-Razzano "…. After watching events unfold over the last two weeks, I am absolutely convinced that the media and the Liberal Left are losing their touch with reality. First, President Clinton take center stage... not to answer questions about our hemorrhaging national security, continued evidence directly linking the White House to illegal campaign contributions, and the abject failure of the Justice Department to pursue anything remotely resembling justice, but to lie about Republicans encouraging nuclear proliferation and to lie about China's and Russia's proliferation record. No parsing here; he flat-out lied. …. "

The American Partisan 10/28/99 Linda Prussen-Razzano "…. The most pitiful part of this whole debacle is the damage being done against individuals who are true victims of racism. I've seen racism in action; I've seen preferential treatment on the job towards whites, whereas hardworking African-Americans and minorities were overlooked because they don't fit the preconceived "picture of success." In my investigative work for insurance companies, I've used the stereotype of "the dumb blonde" to catch vendors and salesmen attempting to perpetrate fraud against insurance carriers. I would not be so successful with this ploy if the folks with whom I was conversing didn't hold their own dumb preconceptions. By overusing this damning label to justify their hysteria, the Liberal Left is damaging the credibility of reasonable and justified allegations of discrimination. They do a disservice to the genuine fight for equality, in all things, for all people. Moreover, I find it ironic that the Liberal Left, who love to use the word racism, fail to see the obvious bias being shown by the mainstream media against Dr. Alan Keyes, an African-American Conservative Christian Presidential candidate. Despite the fact that he has won several straw polls, is a declared candidate with a mobilized national grassroots organization behind him, and is a favorite among the Christian Right, his name continues to be omitted in press coverage. They were more than happy to replay the famous "dragging scene" from the Atlanta debates, but heaven forbid they mention that the Republican party has the first African-American presidential candidate in the 20th century with a predominantly white majority base….."

AP 10/28/99 David Bauder "….The amount of enterprise reporting on local TV news broadcasts appears sharply on the decline despite clear evidence that viewers will flock to stations that produce high-quality journalism, a study has found. Money pressures appear to be behind the "startling" drop in enterprise stories, according to the report by the Project for Excellence in Journalism issued Thursday. The study ranked newscasts at 59 stations in 19 cities over two weeks earlier this year. Its definition of enterprise included investigative stories and reports produced at a reporter's initiative, instead of just reactions to events. ….."

Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation 10/29/99 "….PRNewswire/ -- Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation today issued the following statement: Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation said today that a previously sealed FBI investigation uncovered by the news media ``has now exposed the truth behind the soon to be released film 'The Insider' and shows that the government's key witness lied to federal agents and fabricated death threats. ''The question now,`` said Brown & Williamson, ''is how can Disney continue to promote a film based on fabrications and lies?`` The FBI investigation also raises serious questions about the actions of CBS ``60 Minutes'' producer Lowell Bergman and the U.S. Justice Department's five-year investigation of the tobacco industry.

Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation 10/29/99 "….The FBI's conclusions are outlined in the affidavit of an FBI agent responsible for investigating the 1996 Jeffrey Wigand death threat. Wigand, a former Brown & Williamson employee, is being portrayed in the soon-to-be- released film as a hero and ``the key witness on the biggest public health reform issue in U.S. history.'' In the affidavit, the FBI concludes that Wigand faked death threats and placed a bullet in his own mailbox. The agent found probable cause that Wigand committed a crime and as a result was seeking a search warrant of Wigand's home. The FBI agent's sworn affidavit includes a forensic analysis of Wigand's home computer by the FBI's crime laboratory in Washington, D.C. The document states that ``subsequent examination revealed fragmentary portions of the threat message were stored on the hard drive of Wigand's Compaq Presario 150 personal computer.''

Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation 10/29/99 "….The FBI also reported that a CBS ``60 Minutes''-hired bodyguard apparently used Wigand's computer to type a copy of the threat letter and that it ``appeared to (the CBS-hired bodyguard) to be an exact match to a copy of the threat letter.'' The FBI's sworn affidavit concludes that Wigand's official statement to the FBI was ``untrue and misleading and in violation of'' federal law that makes it a crime to lie to a federal investigator. ``While Brown & Williamson has emphatically stated that we did not threaten Wigand or his family in any way, many media reports and Wigand himself have implied that Brown & Williamson was behind the threats. In fact, we think the Hollywood film, 'The Insider' accuses Brown & Williamson of this and has invented scenes in the movie to dramatize such threats,'' the company said. …."

: ***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 10/29/99 Vol Four No 173 "….1) Tom Brokaw called a one percent spending cut "sweeping" and griped that "in this booming economy companies have done little to expand health care coverage." CBS nullified good GDP news…… 3) John Huang tied Harold Ickes to illegal fundraising and asserted that James Riady told Clinton of his fundraising plans, but only FNC ran a full story. 26 seconds on CBS. Zilch on rest….. 5) Ten liberal Democratic women disrupted a hearing chaired by Senator Helms, but CBS failed to identify their party and faulted his attitude. Bob Schieffer claimed the women acted "proper as could be" and asked: "Do you think he has a problem with women?"….. 7) Only FNC picked up on James Woolsey's blast at Clinton's China policy as "appeasement....wrong-headed and dangerous……"

The Daily Republic 10/27/99 Dr Jonathan Wells "….Faced with national pressure to include Darwin's theory in its description of the very nature of science, the Board courageously resisted, stocking the shelves with more evolution but refusing to hand over the store. News commentators who ridicule Kansas for downplaying, eliminating, or even banning evolution from its schools not only misrepresent the truth, but they also miss the real story. Why do Darwinists go ballistic at the thought of high school students questioning their theory? Why do biology textbooks continue to cite evidence for evolution that was long ago discredited? How many qualified scientists have lost their teaching jobs or their research funding just because they dared to criticize Darwinism? How many millions of your tax dollars will be spent this year by Darwinists trying to find evidence for a theory they claim is already proven beyond a reasonable doubt? There's enough here to keep a team of investigative journalists busy for months….."

WASHINGTON POST 10/27/99 "….Rep. Christopher Cox, who supports fellow California delegation Republican Tom Campbell's quest to unseat Sen. Dianne Feinstein, is hopping mad at Capital Style magazine. The November issue claims that Cox told attendees of the recent state GOP convention that the two-term Democrat is "old, fat and lazy, and her husband doesn't want her in politics anymore." Yesterday Cox heatedly denied the quote. "I never said it. It happens to be categorically false," he told us. ..."

The Progressive Review 10/25/99 Sam Smith "…. Those with a serious interest in mitigating ethnic hatred understand that further name-calling solves nothing. Education, amelioration of the causes of alienation (such as joblessness), and mediation work much better. But not in the media. For example when 16 KKK members protested in NYC it made the front page of the NY Times' national edition despite the fact that, by its own stats, there were more anti-Klan protesters present than there are KKK members in the whole country (around 4,000). Meanwhile, the NYT buried in its religion section and the Washington Post sent to its Metro section news that a gay delegation led by Rev. Mel White had met with Rev. Jerry Falwell's congregation in a precedent-setting attempt at reconciliation….After all, it's so much more fun to cover hate, isn't it? …." 10/26/99 Carl Limbacher "….It's too bad for Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan that he isn't related to Bill Clinton. If he had been, his Republican opponents probably wouldn't have made an issue of a 39 year-old photo depicting the governor as part of blackfaced minstrel show cast. And even if the GOP had pressed the issue, a Carnahan-Clinton connection could have spared the governor from any embarrassing coverage….."I certainly regret my participation in this kind of theater," Carnahan began his mea culpa on Monday, saying he'd grown a lot since 1960. Haven't we all. Well, at least with the exception of Bill Clinton. The President has yet to apologize in the two years since a photo emerged showing him hamming it up in an Afro-wig with a musical group that called themselves "The Boogies". The incident happened at a tony Martha's Vineyard soiree during the First Family's 1997 summer vacation….."

The Reagan Information Interchange 10/25/99 Yoichi Shimatsu, Pacific News Service "….The first crack in the US government's version of the May 7 bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade came from an agency of the US government. Now, five months later, the official story has crumbled almost entirely -- but you'd never know it from the US media. Less than 10 days after the bombing, the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA ) -- the Pentagon agency that merges maps with satellite data to create "data maps" for high-altitude B-2 bombers -- posted an extraordinary press release on its web site. "Recent news reports of NIMA maps have been inaccurate or incomplete," it stated…… I phoned the mapping agency headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. "Were the NIMA maps up to date?" I asked. ….Now, five months later, two newspapers -- the Observerin London, Politikenin Copenhagen -- jointly reported October 17 that several NATO officials and military officers have admitted that U.S. bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade was deliberate. The reporters also quoted a NIMA source as saying that the "wrong map" story was "a damned lie."…… Observer reporters also quoted a NATO flight control officer in Naples who said the Chinese Embassy appeared on the NATO "no-strike" map at its correct address in New Belgrade, and not at its former address across the river -- as claimed by NATO and the Pentagon….."

Progressive Review 10/27/99 Sam Smith "…..The Clinton approach has been corrupt, illegal, reckless -- and largely ignored by the corporate media. Latest example: both the Washington Post and the New York Times, while finding space to chastise Pat Buchanan for alleged quisling-like analyses of World War 2, had no room for a former Clinton official making a far more potent and contemporary analogy to those days: *** ASSOCIATED PRESS: Former CIA Director R. James Woolsey today accused the Clinton administration of pursuing a policy of appeasement toward China and likened it to the way Britain and France dealt with Nazi Germany on Czechoslovakia before World War II……. Neither was coverage given to Johnny Chung's recent allegations….."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 10/25/99 Vol Four No 171 "…. 1) Sam Donaldson warned the House GOP's proposed 1.4 percent cut may mean the loss of "the penny that cures cancer." On the McLaughlin Group the Chicago Tribune's James Warren declared the defeat of campaign finance "reform" a victory for "corruption." 2) Contrasting headlines about NH debate: "At GOP Debate, a Unified Blast at Bush" versus "Clinton Foreign Policy Assailed." 3) It's not just Dan Rather. ABC and CNN anchors also refused to adopt the term "partial-birth abortion." 4) Again Sunday night a network anchor tied Christian Right "rhetoric" to the murder last year of gay college student ..." 10/22/99 Alan Caruba "….President Clinton's announcement that he intends to lock up 40 million acres of wilderness in 35 States is the implementation of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and Vice President Gore's "Ecosystem Management Policy." The US Senate has voted to withdraw from the UN Convention. Clinton's action is in direct violation of the Constitution and the will of Congress going back to 1778. The Homestead Act of 1866 reaffirmed, "The right-of-way for the construction of highways over public lands not reserved for public uses, is hereby granted." The Constitution directs Congress, not the Executive, to manage federal lands. Under the Clinton-Gore plan, no wilderness roads could be created and public access to this vast area would be further restricted. Regrettably, the editorial writer in the Oct 18th New York Times who lauded Clinton was unaware of this Constitutional responsibility, saying, "The tactical genius of the plan is that it can be done administratively, under the National Forest Management Act, circumventing a potentially hostile Congress." One wonders when liberal newspapers like the Times will ever wake up to the fact that Clinton is a pathological liar……"

Judicial Watch 11/3/99 Larry Klayment Letter to Patrick Oster The National Law Journal "….Re: Falsities In Harvey Berkman's Article About Judicial Watch And Larry Klayman of November 8, 1999….Since Judicial Watch's inception in July of 1994, journalists sympathetic with the Clinton Administration and insensitive to its corruption, have used the same theme over and over to try to belittle Judicial Watch's attempts to use the legal system to clean up government corruption…… Anyone who knows me realizes my deep ideological commitment and, if I have never been one thing, I certainly have never been "obscure," as Harvey Berkman regurgitates in his front-page hit piece entitled, "Clinton's Legal Nemesis" which appears in the November 8, 1999 edition of The National Law Journal. This article, while quite unoriginal, contains numerous factual errors, designed to defame Judicial Watch and hold me in a false light. In this regard, Judicial Watch does not bring frivolous cases, and has never been sanctioned for doing so……

Judicial Watch 11/3/99 Larry Klayment Letter to Patrick Oster The National Law Journal "….First, Mr. Berkman makes fun of the serious lawsuit brought by Dolly Kyle Browning by incorrectly stating, "That it is a civil suit alleging . . . Mr. Clinton damaged her ability to publish a fictional account of their supposed 30-year relationship by denying that it ever occurred." To the contrary, Ms. Browning's "RICO" lawsuit brought on behalf of herself and the others who were threatened by the President and his agents, stands up for the rights of women everywhere to be free from physical and other abuse……"

Judicial Watch 11/3/99 Larry Klayment Letter to Patrick Oster The National Law Journal "….Second, Judicial Watch is proud of the support it receives from Richard Scaife, an American patriot who will not be intimidated by leftist attempts to disparage him, and a philanthropist who not only supports major universities and the arts, but also a group seeking to fill the void of a corrupt Justice Department and a do-nothing Congress…."

Judicial Watch 11/3/99 Larry Klayment Letter to Patrick Oster The National Law Journal "….Third, Mr. Berkman writes that I represented the Bank of Credit and Commerce International in private practice, to undoubtedly suggest that my prior career involved representing criminals. This is blatantly false, as I represented the government liquidators of BCCI, who were seeking to protect the innocent depositors, who had nothing to do with the crimes of the bank, and whose monies had been seized unjustly…."

Judicial Watch 11/3/99 Larry Klayment Letter to Patrick Oster The National Law Journal "….Fourth, continuing the theme of frivolity, Mr. Berkman writes mockingly that Judicial Watch's derivative lawsuit against Loral stems from our representing a shareholder who is dead. Again, Mr. Berkman is wrong; Judicial Watch represents the estate of a deceased shareholder which controls the shares. This lawsuit, which seeks to protect Loral against the allegedly illegal actions of its officers who transferred high technology to the Chinese improperly, seeks to do what the Clinton Justice Department and Congress will not do; hold lawbreakers accountable….."

Judicial Watch 11/3/99 Larry Klayment Letter to Patrick Oster The National Law Journal "….Last but hardly least (since we don't have enough space to fully document Mr. Berkman's falsities and inaccuracies), most of the quotations from Joseph DiGenova and Professor Larry Sabato cited in the article were simply made up or cast in a way that creates a false impression. These two fine gentlemen have confirmed this…."

Judicial Watch 11/3/99 Larry Klayment Letter to Patrick Oster The National Law Journal "….And, as an aside, that I stood up for my dying grandmother when my stepfather took all of her money and she could not, therefore, afford health care, is not to be criticized, but respected. Like the unborn, the elderly are cast aside in our morally decaying society, and, sadly, I have experienced this breakdown of family values in my own life experience….."

Christianity Today 11/99 Wendy Zoba "…..The mainstream press unquestioningly accepted's flimsy "debunking" of the Columbine confession. ….. But the larger question is this: Why has Cullen's dubious assertion, based on incomplete reporting, so captured the imaginations of the media? …… In a Washington Post article (Oct. 14), Hanna Rosin took the controversy to new levels when she dismissed the encounter as a myth and then made the leap that "myth" alone is sufficient to animate the religious fervor of evangelicals, regardless of whether it is true. "It's the power of the story that counts," she wrote. "The truth is a trifle. . . . Should believers accept the literal truth, they'd be left with a hopeless equation." Mary Schmich and Eric Zorn echoed these thoughts in the Chicago Tribune (Oct. 20). "I suspect history will ultimately favor the Bernall myth over the Schnurr facts," Zorn wrote. "I'm not surprised," Schmich replied-conceding that Cassie's biography, She Said Yes, is "an interesting little book, even if the title is wrong." Leave aside, for the moment, the disparaging and demeaning implications behind these assumptions about believers-how are they different from Jesse Ventura saying "organized religion is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people"? Neither Rosin nor Zorn nor Schmich, let alone Cullen, has proven the debunking case. The writers settle for the Jefferson County Sheriff Office's opinions about something that the investigators themselves claim to have no stake in. In two separate interviews, information officer Steve Davis told me, "We are not in a position to say it didn't happen" and "We have no reason or desire to prove or disprove this story." …..But many people can't seem to grasp that truth is not a "trifle" to evangelicals-myths and legends are not what animate our confession. Truth is everything. What really happened in the library that terrible day may be beyond the scope of any investigation. But Cassie's "yes" carries sufficient testimony not to be dismissed out of hand. As for what her life means to the religious community, it takes tremendous courage to say yes to God in the face of death; it takes courage of another kind to keep saying yes to God while living every day in an incredulous and jaded culture……."

St Petersburg Times 11/3/99 "…. Journalists who work to expose conflicts of interest or other ethical lapses on the part of the subjects they cover have a responsibility to avoid conflicts of interest themselves. At the very least, they have an obligation to disclose any personal or professional conflicts to their audience. Otherwise, the credibility of their work is inherently compromised. Any decent journalist is aware of that basic rule, but some journalists consider themselves above the rules. For example, Bill Moyers, one of the country's most influential broadcast journalists, won widespread attention and acclaim for a series of recent reports he produced on the issue of campaign finance reform. Yet Moyers didn't disclose to his audience that he is the well-compensated president of a foundation that has spent millions of dollars attempting to change our campaign finance laws. Nor did he disclose that many of the sources featured in his reports are recipients of his foundation's grants……"

Capitol Hill Blue 11/3/99 Dan Thomasson "…. It has been a tough year for the media - image-wise, that is - and it doesn't seem to be getting much better. Polls show that public esteem for the nation's "messengers" not only is at an all-time low but also that it falls behind even Congress, the normal leader as the institution people most love to hate. We have only ourselves to blame…… The first of these was the utterly baffling decision by a respected first-line publishing house, St. Martin's Press, to throw out all the rules on ethics and fairness and release a book that included an anonymous, unsubstantiated allegation about Texas Gov. George W. Bush. Even to repeat the allegation would be to compound the wrong, under the theory that the more it is reported, the more it is out there. …… No matter how one feels about whether Rose, nicknamed "Charlie Hustle," should be banned from baseball for life and remain forever ineligible for the Hall of Fame, one thing is absolutely certain: What occurred in an interview with a "reporter" (and that word is used advisedly) during the presentation shouldn't have. NBC's sideline person turned Rose's moment of limited triumph into a textbook example of the ugly newsman, badgering him unmercifully to repent his gambling sins on nationwide television. This unprofessional and truly unfair display so enraged the New York Yankees that they refused as a team to talk to the reporter, one Jim Gray, the next evening, thereby negating his worth to the network…… "

New York Post 11/11/99 "....The American public remains largely ignorant of the name and treacherous actions of Theodore Hall, the onetime nuclear scientist who died in London last week at the age of 74. His death has occasioned a fresh round of efforts to rewrite history by depicting his wartime disloyalty as an act of courageous heroism. Nothing could be further from the truth. A Harvard graduate at age 18, Theodore Hall was recruited in 1944 to work as a physicist on the super-secret Manhattan Project - the U.S. program to build an atomic bomb. Almost immediately, Hall approached Soviet officials in New York and offered to turn over everything he knew to Moscow. ..... Theodore Hall was motivated by one thing alone, something that went totally unmentioned, not surprisingly, in his Times obituary: He was a dedicated and committed Communist who believed that Stalin alone provided the world with moral leadership.....Asked early on by his KGB contact why he wanted to "disclose U.S. [nuclear] secrets for the sake of the Soviet Union," Hall replied, according to a document recently unearthed in Moscow archives: "Because there is no country except for the Soviet Union which could be entrusted with such a terrible thing." ....."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 11/11/99 Vol Four No 178 "….3) On the 10th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, no mention of Reagan as ABC looked at those "nostalgic" for it……. 5) FNC showed the part of ABC's Clinton interview the network spiked in which Clinton claimed he was a victim of a "partisan onslaught" and that "people were persecuted because they wouldn't commit perjury against me."…."

The Wanderer 11/4/99 Paul Likoudis "….For many pro-lifers, the debate over so-called partial-birth abortion in the Senate is little more than an annual, somewhat monotonous, and more or less meaningless ritual that doesn't lead to anything but a presidential veto and doesn't prevent a single abortion…… More important, it enters into the official records of the United States Congress what one might call "the silent scream" of the (at least) 40 million Americans sacrificed on the altars of Career, Pleasure, and Convenience since the Supreme Court's 1973 ruling Roe v. Wade. In spite of this undeniable political reality, the posturing, the game-playing, the stockpiling of sound-bite weapons for political campaign hit-pieces by both sides, one must admire a few individual senators such as Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania and Bob Smith of New Hampshire who - obviously and sincerely - are citing these extreme examples of abortion barbarism to break through the rigid pro-abortion media barriers. That way, a few snippets of information on the abortion culture can reach their colleagues and the public….."

The Wanderer 11/4/99 Paul Likoudis "….After nearly a dozen more questions, Santorum finally forced Boxer to admit that she could not accept killing a baby whose toe or foot remained inside the mother; so he asked: "If the head is inside the mother, you can kill the baby." Boxer objected: "My friend is losing his temper." She never answered, but proceeded to complain that Santorum was trying to "bait" her, and that she has no interest engaging in a discussion "on when someone is born." In addition to Boxer and Feinstein, the most vocal defenders of partial-birth infanticide were the Senate's most prominent Catholics: Barbara Mikulski, Ted Kennedy, Thomas Harkin, Patty Murray. Of course, none of them could sustain this denial without the compliance and support of the media……"

The Wanderer 11/4/99 Paul Likoudis "….Later that day, Sen. Smith from New Hampshire - who first brought the issue of partial-birth infanticide before the Senate in 1990 - raised the issue of selling fetal body parts…..On day two of the debates, Smith returned to the subject with renewed passion and an amendment to regulate the marketing and sale of fetal tissue obtained from aborted babies. Smith's amendment, which would permit Health and Human Services to track the sale of body parts - which is illegal; only "donation" is permitted under the law - was necessary, he said, so the "sun could shine in on this industry." It failed by a vote of 46 in favor, to 51 opposed, after Barbara Boxer told her colleagues that abortion clinics involved in the process of selling body parts would have to disclose their addresses, which might lead to an increase in violence against abortion clinics. ….."

The Wanderer 11/4/99 Paul Likoudis "….By 51-47, senators passed a nonbinding resolution that affirms the constitutionality of the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion and expresses the sense of the Senate that Roe should not be overturned. The resolution was sponsored by Iowa Sen. Thomas Harkin, a Catholic, who nearly lost his last election because of his 100% pro-abortion voting record. Eight Republicans joined 43 of the Senate's 45 Democrats in support of it. They were Senators Ben Nighthorse Campbell of Colorado, Susan Collins of Maine, James Jeffords of Vermont, Olympia Snowe of Maine, Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, Ted Stevens of Alaska, John Warner of Virginia, and John Chafee. For Chafee, representing heavily Catholic Rhode Island and a consistent supporter of unrestricted abortion, it was his last vote. He died just a few days after casting the vote. Two Democrats voted against the amendment, Senators John Breaux of Louisiana and Harry Reid of Nevada….."

Boston Herald 11/10/99 Don Feder "…. Biased? Don't be paranoid. During the last presidential campaign, Timesman Russell Baker declared, ``The `liberal media' are a fiction created by political paranoids to discredit all journalism that annoys them.'' A decade earlier, Dan Rather observed, ``An image of reporters as people different and apart from the mainstream of the country has been created, and it ain't so.'' And all of those polls that show the average journalist leagues to the left of the mainstream? Must be the product of paranoids, right? Paranoids like the Roper Center for the Freedom Forum (supported by the Gannett news organization) and The Los Angeles Times? The center found that among the Washington press corps, 89 percent voted for Bill Clinton in 1992. When the survey was released, America's newspaper of record ignored it, presumably so as not to fuel paranoia….."

Boston Herald 11/10/99 Don Feder "…. In its 1985 survey of editors and reporters, the Los Angeles paper found 82 percent were pro-choice and 89 percent supported gay rights. Well, so what if the average newsroom resembles a Gore for President policy session (presided over by Naomi Wolf), that doesn't affect coverage - much. A 1990 series of investigative reports, also in The Los Angeles Times, concluded, ``The news media consistently use language and images that frame the entire abortion debate in terms that implicitly favor abortion-rights advocates.'' ….."

New York Post 11/10/99 Michael Kelly "….FELLOW hacks, scribblers, on-air talents, talking heads and pundits, may we speak about a delicate subject? To wit: Why does everyone loathe us so? Because, my little preciouses, we are so loathable. Last week, a Boston television interviewer named Andy Hiller surprised Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush with a pop quiz comprising, as Hiller put it, "four questions of four leaders in four hot spots."….Hiller's stunt does indeed resonate, but not in quite the way we would have it. It resonates because it demonstrates a range of the reasons why the public increasingly regards the media - us - with contempt….. "

New York Post 11/10/99 Michael Kelly "….1) We are so relentlessly mindless. Reporters like to picture themselves as independent thinkers. In truth, with the exception of 13-year-old girls, there is no social subspecies more slavish to fashion, more terrified of originality and more devoted to group-think.

New York Post 11/10/99 Michael Kelly "….2) We are so blatantly unfair. Almost everyone knows that they could not, out of the blue and with the cameras rolling, dredge up the answers to Hiller's questions. This includes most if not all of Bush's campaign rivals…."

New York Post 11/10/99 Michael Kelly "….3) We are such awful frauds. Among the very many people who could not have answered Andy Hiller's quiz is, you may be sure, Andy Hiller. Indeed, not one reporter in a hundred (not one local television reporter in 500) would have fared better than Bush……"

Jerusalem Post 11/7/99 David Bar-Illan "….An amusing phenomenon in the media business is CNN's claim to fairness in its coverage of Israel. There are certain things the network probably cannot help. It should not be held responsible, for instance, for the palpable hostility on its reporters' faces when they talk to Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria - those unspeakable "settlers." Nor can the network be blamed for the arrant ignorance displayed by its Israel bureau chief about the history of Jerusalem. One can attribute his contempt for facts to trendy relativism and multiculturalism, which have substituted political correctness for historic accuracy. After all, if National Geographic can publish childish nonsense about the Canaanite origins of the Palestinian Arabs, there is no reason why CNN should avoid insulting the intelligence of its viewers.

Jerusalem Post 11/7/99 David Bar-Illan "….But the network does have to take responsibility for acting like the propaganda arm of Israel's extreme left and the Palestinian Information ministry (the two are seldom distinguishable). Example: When Binyamin Netanyahu was prime minister, CNN would invite mostly leftist, anti-government guests to appear on its programs. The excuse was that the government view was amply represented by the prime minister and his spokesmen. But the same criteria do not apply now. In the past three months (beginning August 1 and ending October 27) not one spokesman of the opposition was invited to appear in a CNN telecast. Not one…According to CNN, Cairo-born Yasser Arafat devoted his teen years to "a study of Jewish life, associating with Jews and reading the works of Zionists such as Theodor Herzl." One can only wonder where in the Cairo of 1946 Arafat found Arabic translations of Zionist writings (he spoke no other language). Perhaps they were distributed by the Moslem Brotherhood as Samizdat. These writings must have had a positive impact on young Arafat, for in the mid 1950s he and others formed Fatah, "dedicated to reclaiming Palestine for the Palestinians." ….."

Jerusalem Post 11/7/99 David Bar-Illan "….CAMERA (Committee for Accurate Middle East Reporting in America), an activist media watch organization based in Boston, pointed out to CNN that Jerusalem is the seat of government, whose status as Israel's capital is recognized by an act of Congress. The network's reply was unequivocal: "CNN does not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel." When the choice is between the US Congress and "American Moslems for Jerusalem," CNN has no problem deciding….." 11/9/99 Scott Hogenson "..... The September murder of Jesse Dirkhising has created some discussion in a few quarters of America, but the story has, for the most part, been ignored by the media at large. Dirkhising is the 13-year-old Arkansas boy who died after being repeatedly raped. Two men are being held without bond, both charged with capital murder and six counts each of rape. I've heard a few explanations as to why this story has been ignored, but the rationale that appeared on Time magazine's Internet website this week was positively jaw dropping.'s Closer Look essay by Jonathan Gregg tells us that the media has spiked the Jesse Dirkhising story because "a red herring worth addressing at the outset is the failure to distinguish between homosexuality and pedophilia, which creates a false parallel." He goes on to explain that "the reason the Dirkhising story received so little play is because it offered no lessons." ....."

The Limbaugh Letter 11/99 Rush Limbaugh "..... The liberals have one objective where Reagan is concerned: to perpetually destroy the truth of the 1980s - economically, and in terms of foreign policy, that is, militarily. That is because the '80s worked. If the '80s is not rewritten historically, then liberalism is dead. If the 1980s are ever correctly and widely understood, then liberalism is for all intents and purposes over. That was why the publication of Edmund Morris's so-called biography of Ronald Reagan was so celebrated by the media. Word spread that Morris had called Reagan "an airhead," and their joy know no bounds....."

Houston Chronicle 11/7/99 Bruce Herschenshon "..... Unlike the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month or V-E Day or V-JDay, the end of the Cold War has no date. Even with all its witnesses, no one is sure exactly when it ended. For that matter, no one could say for certain the exact date it began. So the Cold War ended in the same fuzzy way in which it started. Maybe it was July 6, 1990, when NATO announced that the Soviet Union was no longer an adversary. Maybe it was one of those days in late August 1990, when one republic of the U.S.S.R. after another declared independence. Maybe it was March 31, 1991, when the Warsaw Pact military alliance disbanded. Maybe it was Dec.l8, 1991, when the Commonwealth of Independent States was inaugurated. Maybe it was Dec.26,1991, when the U.S.S.R. was formally dissolved. However, because of the drama in the destruction of the symbol of the Soviet empire, the date that has become recognized is Nov.9,1989, when the Berlin Wall Crumbled. Since that event 10 years ago, there has been an absence of public dialogue regarding the role of U.S. liberals and conservatives during the post-Khrushchev period. That absence of dialogue has left young people with the mistaken belief that the United States was united in its quest to end the expansion of the Soviet system. IT'S A LIE. It was the conservatives who wanted to build U.S.military forces to a position so strong that the Soviet Untion would go broke trying to keep up....."

Answers in Genesis 11/1/99 Storrs Olsen ".... Letter from National Museum of Natural History Smithsonian Institution Washington, D. C. 20560 to Dr. Peter Raven, Secretary ..... National Geographic Society Washington, DC 20036 ...... With the publication of "Feathers for T. rex?" by Christopher P. Sloan in its November issue, National Geographic has reached an all-time low for engaging in sensationalistic, unsubstantiated, tabloid journalism. But at the same time the magazine may now claim to have taken its place in formal taxonomic literature....... Because this Latinized binomial has apparently not been published previously and has now appeared with a full-spread photograph of the specimen "accompanied by a description or definition that states in words characters that are purported to differentiate the taxon," the name Archaeoraptor liaoningensis Sloan is now available for purposes of zoological nomenclature as of its appearance in National Geographic (International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, Article 13a, i). This is the worst nightmare of many zoologists---that their chance to name a new organism will be inadvertently scooped by some witless journalist. Clearly, National Geographic is not receiving competent consultation in certain scientific matters.......Sloan's article takes the prejudice to an entirely new level and consists in large part of unverifiable or undocumented information that "makes" the news rather than reporting it. His bald statement that "we can now say that birds are theropods just as confidently as we say that humans are mammals" is not even suggested as reflecting the views of a particular scientist or group of scientists, so that it figures as little more than editorial propagandizing. This melodramatic assertion had already been disproven by recent studies of embryology and comparative morphology, which, of course, are never mentioned. More importantly, however, none of the structures illustrated in Sloan's article that are claimed to be feathers have actually been proven to be feathers. Saying that they are is little more than wishful thinking that has been presented as fact...... Sincerely, Storrs L. Olson Curator of Birds National Museum of Natural History Smithsonian Institution Washington, DC 20560 ...." 11/99 ..... During the past three months, newspapers have been filled with revisionist reports on the events at the Branch Davidian compound near Waco between Feb. 28 and April 19, 1993...... Every time I read one of these stories, I think back to the heat of the summer of 1996, and to the day when I decided that I'd had enough. I went into the shed in my back yard, picked up a pair of gloves and threw them, along with a gimme cap, into my car. "What are you doing?," my wife asked me. "In the morning," I mumbled, "I'm going back to the labor hall."...... I had spent 18 months researching and writing a book about the David Koresh affair, `The Ashes of Waco,' published by Simon & Schuster in 1995. Unemployment, as nearly as I could tell, was my reward for having penned that book......" 11/99 ..... `Ashes' hadn't claimed that the FBI or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms intended to massacre anybody at Mount Carmel, but it didn't laud those agencies as dragon-slayers, either. What it mainly said was that government spokesmen hadn't been completely honest and that (as I wrote) "journalists found that the news environment was so tightly controlled that they could not fulfill their investigative role." After Mount Carmel burned to the ground, I'd been able to fulfill a part of that role -- and the result was that I wasn't a journalist anymore......" 11/99 ..... esides that, by late 1995 I was whipped, beaten, blue in the face. Speaking and appearing on behalf of the book hadn't been a pleasant experience because most talk-show hosts and most of their callers -- people who knew little or nothing about the episode -- seemed sure that I was apologizing for child molesters, mass murderers and Nazis. I hadn't done anything of the kind.... I had also tried, without success, to interest other journalists in 14,000 pages of telephone transcripts that, among other things, showed that whether or not helicopters `had' fired on Mount Carmel, its residents sure thought that they had. None of my journalistic peers were interested. ....." 11/99 ..... After `Ashes,' the word on the street was that I was a "groupie of the Davidians," and nobody seemed to notice that one can't really be a groupie to people who didn't smoke, drink or dance, and who slept with only David Koresh. I wrote letters, filled out job applications and interviewed for positions for which, prospective employers told me, I was "overqualified." As time went on, I began to think that "overqualified" usually meant "too old." I was 50 -- a lot of people my age are "overqualified." ...... Journalism has no such clear standard, because its business is truth, and truth is ordinarily measured by consensus, not numbers. One whose findings are not in accord with the prevailing wisdom -- even half-baked "wisdom" -- is presumably wrong, and if he insists on his points, he is wrongheaded to boot. I was "wrong" and also wrongheaded about Waco......"

Newsmax-Inside Cover 11/8/99 "…. Reporters Pouncing on Bush's Intellect Never Questioned Clinton's Thanks to a nosy group of Yale students who ferreted out his academic records, we now know that George W. Bush squeaked through his four years at the august institution with a C average. Last Thursday, after Bush was able to name only one of four foreign leaders in an interview with a Boston TV reporter, the Gore campaign wasted no time trying to capitalize on the gaffe, specifically citing the Texas Governor's lackluster Yale grades…..Since Al Gore's gang finds the subject of college grades of such interest, perhaps they could help shed some light on one of the more enduring mysteries of the Clinton era -- President Clinton's own academic record. To this day, America doesn't know whether Clinton got by during his own time at Yale Law with a gentleman's 'C' or better. And his reason for leaving Oxford University after only one full year remains completely shrouded in mystery. In fact, Clinton's college grade secrets have been as closely guarded as his never fully released medical records……" 11/8/99 Deb Weiss "….. As everybody on God's green earth knows by now, Hiller scored points by asking an obviously unprepared Bush to name the leaders of Chechnya, Taiwan, India and Pakistan. Not since the dear dead days of Joe McCarthy has a politician been pressed so publicly and urgently to name names. The questions would have snarled most politicians and reporters -- and many a scholar, to boot. They sure enough snarled poor GW, as Hiller knew they would. He was playing a cheap-shot variation on the old lawyers' gambit: "never ask a question in court unless you know the answer." The journalism version is equally neat: when the aim is to humiliate a candidate, "never ask a question unless you're sure the poor sap cannot possibly provide an answer." Not exactly cricket: but that's life. ….Oddly, this little ruckus reminds us of how flabby most mainstream political journalism has become. We're not used to the spectacle of politicians being asked hard questions……" 11/6/99 Carl Limbacher "…. on Friday Chung revealed that in March 1999 the U.S Attorney's office in Los Angeles overruled the FBI on the question of whether Chung's life was still in danger, even though FBI field agents had already deemed Chung's situation dire enough to put the witness and his family under armed guard…… Though Chung offered the startling account [below] of how his protection was withdrawn on a nationally syndicated radio broadcast hours before newspaper deadlines, not a single mainstream print outlet carried the news on Saturday….." 11/6/99 Carl Limbacher "….CHUNG: The third (assassination attempt) was on March 20, 1999, this year. An Italian-American man came to my office with a weapon in his back pocket. And I was lucky to have the FBI inside my office. And they got him. But I don't know what happened next......Some of the Chinese Mafia here in Los Angeles, they also come to harass me. And this is an ongoing investigation (so) I don't want to mention too much. Yes, indeed, I fear that.

GRANT: Larry, is Johnny aware of the infamous list of curious deaths that have occured to people that have had anything to do with then-Governor Bill Clinton and now President Bill Clinton?

KLAYMAN: I don't know that he is. But one of the things that's true; thank God that he's not on that list......When we were taking his deposition, and when Johnny relayed this latest incident where a person came to his office with a gun stuffed in his pants, Johnny said to me that he called the FBI over and they came over. And this guy, of course, left. I'll let Johnny explain it too. And when they left, he asked the FBI, he said, "I want some protection." And their response was, "Call 911."

GRANT: Are you serious!

KLAYMAN: I'm being serious. Johnny can confirm this.

GRANT: Oh, my God!

KLAYMAN: I then said to Johnny, "Johnny, would you like me to ask Judge Lamberth to get you some protection? Not only are we concerned about you as a human being but as a material witness in this entire case." The Reno Justice Department lawyer breaks in and says, "He doesn't need any protection." Unbelievable, isn't it?

GRANT: It certainly is.

CHUNG: Well Bob, I'd like to say that immediately after that Italian-American, the FBI take me to the hotel. And then they immediately went to my house and picked up my wife and children. And then, FBI was protecting me. But the next day, all of the FBI was retrieved from the hotel. And that was that. And then later on I called the U.S. Attorney's office in Los Angeles. They told me, "Mr. Chung, you're case is over. So if you are a normal citizen, what would you do? You just call 911." I said, "What!!!" (The U.S. Attorney repeated), "You just call 911." I told my sentencing Judge about this, and Judge (Manuel) Real. He also say, "What!!!"

Bob Grant's nationally syndicated radio show is broadcast Monday though Friday, 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM ET, on the WOR radio network. Grant's broadcasts are archived and can be heard on Real Audio. Johnny Chung was interviewed during the second hour of Grant's Nov. 5 broadcast….."

Chattanooga Free Press 11/6/99 "..... Russell Henderson and Aaron McKinney apparently singled out Mr. Shepard as a homosexual, lured him from a Laramie bar, robbed him of $20, then tied him to a fence and bashed him on the head with a pistol, leaving him in cold weather to die. It was an atrocious, disgusting, outrageous crime. The perpetrators rightly have been given lifetime prison sentences. But while that horrible case has received much attention, another case has not. Comparatively ignored was the atrocity in Arkansas last September in which Jesse Dirkhising, who was only 13, was seized, blindfolded, taped to a bed, gagged with his own underwear and was sodomized by one homosexual man while another homosexual man watched. The victimized boy choked to death on the gag his tormentors forced into his mouth....."

Electronic Telegraph (UK) 11/6/99 Philip Delves Broughton "….In his recent autobiography, Max Frankel, editor from 1986 to 1991, portrayed his predecessor, Abe Rosenthal, as vindictive, petty and Lear-like in his rages. Mr Rosenthal, 77, who was sacked from his post-retirement role as a contributor by the newspaper on Thursday after a 56-year career, has responded by saying that, after reading the book: "I feel as if I was walking in dog turd . . . as if it were splashing on me and I needed to take a shower." In an interview in the next issue of Vanity Fair he calls Mr Frankel, 69, a coward, "somewhat of a liar", "a nonentity who is ill" and "a bit of a fool". His departure is rumoured to be linked to his attack. ……. Both Jewish immigrants who joined the paper in their early twenties, their careers ran almost in tandem for decades. Both won Pulitzer prizes, Mr Rosenthal in 1959 for his reporting from Poland, and Mr Frankel in 1972 for coverage of President Richard Nixon's visit to China…..In 1976 Mr Rosenthal beat Mr Frankel for the top job of executive editor and Mr Frankel had to wait until 1986. Mr Rosenthal had a reputation as a choleric conservative who drove his reporters on fear. Mr Frankel was more liberal and more subtly manipulative….."

Fairness and Accuracy in Media 11/3/99 "…..Since FAIR released its October 22 action alert, "U.S. Media Overlook Exposé on Chinese Embassy Bombing," many readers have written to mainstream media outlets, asking them why they have devoted so little attention to the Chinese embassy story….. Andrew Rosenthal of the Times admitted that, "in a few articles," his paper erred in referring to last May's embassy attack as an "accidental bombing," since, as FAIR pointed out, the intent behind the attack remains disputed. Rosenthal described the Times' choice of words as "poorly phrased."….. "We have assigned reporters to follow up and when we have the facts, we will publish an article. That is the responsible journalistic course. We have been criticized by the organization FAIR, which accuses us of ignoring or, worse, covering up these articles. That is grossly unfair and simply not true, as FAIR might have found out if anyone from that organization had bothered calling someone at the Times." In a later message, Rosenthal added that "The Observer article was not terribly well-sourced, by our standards at least. I assure you that if we can show that the bombing was deliberate, you will read about it on the front page of our paper." ….AP, Reuters and Agence France Presse all chose to send out dispatches about the Observer's embassy bombing report (all 10/17/99). The editors of those news agencies clearly believed that the Observer's findings were important and credible enough for many of their clients around the world to be interested in publishing them……"

Fairness and Accuracy in Media 11/3/99 "…..Finally, Rosenthal wrote to one correspondent: "There is nothing in the distinguished history of the Times - where reporters have risked their lives, been threatened with jail and indeed gone to jail to protect the public's right to know things the government does not want to get out - to suggest that we would withhold such a story." Certainly, the history of the New York Times contains some very admirable and courageous moments--for example, publishing the Pentagon Papers in the face of government threats. But the Times also has a long record of silencing reporters and stories which might cause the government discomfort. The Times pulled a reporter out of Guatemala on the eve of the 1954 coup at the request of the CIA. In 1961, the Times sanitized and downplayed a story about the upcoming Bay of Pigs invasion at the request of President Kennedy. After the 1982 El Mozote massacre, the Times reassigned its El Salvador correspondent to New York under pressure from the Reagan administration. More recently at least one reporter for the Times withheld information about the CIA's use of U.N. weapons inspectors to spy on Iraq….."

The New York Times 11/5/99 A M Rosenthal "….On Jan. 6, 1987, when The New York Times printed my first column, the headline I had written was: "Please Read This Column!" It was not just one journalist's message of the day, but every writer's prayer -- come know me. Sometimes I wanted to use it again. But I was smitten by seizures of modesty and decided twice might be a bit showy. Now I have the personal and journalistic excuse to set it down one more time. This is the last column I will write for The Times and my last working day on the paper. I have no intention of stopping writing, journalistically or otherwise. And I am buoyed by the knowledge that I will be starting over……. When you finish a story, I would say, read it, substitute your name for the subject's. If you say, well, it would make me miserable, make my wife cry, but it has no innuendo, no unattributed pejorative remarks, no slap in the face for joy of slapping, it is news, not gutter gossip, and as a reporter I know the writer was fair, then give it to the copy desk. If not, try again -- we don't want to be your cop. Sometimes I have a nightmare that on a certain Wednesday -- why Wednesday I don't know -- The Times disappeared forever. I wake trembling; I know this paper could never be recreated. I will never tremble for the loss of any publication that has no enforced ethic of fairness……"

The Washington Post 11/5/99 Howard Kurtz "…. The Los Angeles Times was in turmoil yesterday after a member of its founding family, Otis Chandler, denounced the paper's decision to split profits with one of its news subjects as "unbelievably stupid and unprofessional." In a letter to the staff, Chandler, who served as publisher for two decades, said: "I consider what has happened to be the most serious single threat to the future survival and growth of this great newspaper during my more than 50 years of being associated with the Times." The newsroom applauded when the letter was read late Wednesday. "I've been here 31 years and I've never seen anything remotely approaching this level of anger on the part of the staff," said media critic David Shaw. "I've never seen the troops as disillusioned, angry, embarrassed and confrontational." …."

The Washington Post 11/5/99 Howard Kurtz "…. "We entered into a business relationship, including revenue-sharing, with an institution we were covering," Parks said yesterday. "That's a major problem. It suggests to a reader that we can be bought. We cannot be bought. But there's an appearance of an ethical breach." He added: "I fully share the concerns of my colleagues. I think we're taking the right steps to reassure our readers that our integrity is intact." ….. Chandler, whose family still controls a majority of Times Mirror stock, also said people were leaving the Times because it "was going nowhere." An assistant in Chandler's office said yesterday he has been flooded with letters and faxes of support……"

The New York Post 11/5/99 Allyson Lieberman "….A war of words has erupted at the Los Angeles Times, with staff members branding the publisher an "ageist" for her attempts at silencing a very public uproar. The day after the L.A. Times' former publisher, Otis Chandler, slammed the paper's senior managers for its "unbelievable stupid and unprofessional" profit-sharing agreement with the Staples Center, insiders say the current publisher is trying to downplay the saga by badmouthing her predecessor……. One staffer said Downing went even further, calling Chandler "old and bitter" behind closed doors. "That's ageism. And it shows a level of disrespect for the founding family of the paper," the employee told The Post…… "

AP 11/5/99 Jeff Wilson "…. A Pulitzer Prize-winning media reporter and a retired editor have been asked to investigate the Los Angeles Times' controversial advertising partnership with the city's new sports arena. The Times announced the investigation on Thursday, the day after its retired publisher, Otis Chandler, blasted the newspaper's top management for what he said were a series of missteps that damaged the newspaper's credibility and put its future in doubt. "……Journalists generally avoid sharing financial interests with the people and organizations they cover in order to preserve their credibility……On Thursday, Editor Michael Parks told Times employees the paper's media reporter, David Shaw, will investigate the controversy….."

AP 11/4/99 Otis Chandler "….Excerpts from the letter by former publisher Otis Chandler to Los Angeles Times staff members: This is a personal message addressed today to the employees of the Los Angeles Times, particularly of the editorial department because they have been so abused and misused…… ... Among the specific concerns I have today are such things as the shrinking of the physical size of the paper, the reduction of Times employees, the outsourcing of departments. …….... One cannot successfully run a great newspaper like the Los Angeles Times with executives in the top two positions, both of whom have no newspaper experience at any level. Successfully running a newspaper is not like any other business…… Some people, both inside and outside the Times, do not necessarily consider recent events with the same gravity that I do. These people point to a stable level of earnings, and spectacular growth of the value of Times Mirror shares since Mark Willes came aboard……. ... Respect and credibility for a newspaper is irreplaceable. Sometimes it can never be restored, no matter what steps might be taken after such an event in terms of apology by the publisher and the editor. ….."

Sacramento Bee 11/3/99 Peter King "…..Staff members may not enter into business, or financial relationships with their news sources. -- from a 1997 memorandum on ethics distributed to reporters of the Los Angeles Times ….. Through a series of revelations that began in an alternative weekly, progressed to the pages of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, and finally moved to the L.A. Times itself, it was disclosed that advertising revenues from the Oct. 10 Sunday magazine had been shared with its subject, Staples Arena, part of a quiet deal to pay for the newspaper's standing as an arena sponsor…… The disclosures rocked the Times newsroom. At an emotionally charged staff meeting, publisher Kathryn M. Downing, who came to the post in June with a minimal background in newspapers, took responsibility for what she termed a "major, major mistake." She said it was rooted in her "fundamental misunderstanding" of journalistic principles. Editor Michael Parks, a Pulitzer Prize-winning foreign correspondent, said he had not known about the arrangement until after the magazine was printed, but before it was distributed…..Now, many fine-sounding euphemisms have been draped around the new newspapering attitude, grand talk of "civic journalism," of creating newspapers that are "reader-friendly," that "partner with the community." In fact, the new idea is an old one: Boosterism. Get behind the big project. Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Rotarians and the Chamber. Root, root, root for the home team. Make nice. That the Times would devote an entire magazine to the celebration of a glorified gymnasium is, in a way, as much an illustration of this mind set as the deal to split profits itself….."

Christian Science Monitor 11/4/99 Steve Weinberg "….For seven years, reporters, editors, producers, news directors, and anchors around the nation have been divided by a new philosophy called public or civic journalism. At first hearing, it seems like an esoteric debate to non-journalists. But it is not. Why? Because every citizen who cares about current events locally, nationally, and internationally is heavily dependent on newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. So whether a particular newsroom does or does not practice public journalism matters to most members of that newsroom's audience, whether they know it or not. ……Rosen, a journalism professor at New York University, started worrying during the 1980s that the daily portrait presented by reporters and editors was harming rather than helping community togetherness. He, along with a few newsroom philosophers in places such as Wichita, Kan., and Charlotte, N.C., began asking questions: "What should journalism bring back from a public square that seems disordered, ill functioning, too empty at times, far from what citizens require? What should the press be making with its tell, and how can it help make democracy work?" ….. He opens with an admission that the journalism of conflict and destruction is not working. Readers and viewers feel hopeless rather than empowered to work for change. Many civic-minded audience members view journalists as insensitive, sensationalistic, and downright destructive….."

National Post 11/4/99 "….Young men are killed every day in the U.S., but 21-year-old Matthew Shepard's murder was different. When he was beaten to death last October in Wyoming, it was by two men who didn't like the fact that he was gay. In the year since his death, the big American TV networks have regularly carried stories about Matthew, his murder, and what it says about America. Court TV covered the trial, which yielded its final conviction yesterday. CNN and ABC news have run nearly 200 stories between them about it. President Bill Clinton immediately called for tough new laws against such hate-motivated crimes. A Matthew Shepard Foundation has been set up, and so have more than 14,000 memorial Web sites. Amidst all this national soul-searching, another American youngster has been killed, this time in the president's own state of Arkansas. Police say 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising was raped and tortured before he was murdered. And, as in Matthew's case, sexual orientation is alleged to be a factor. But no Web sites are dedicated to Jesse; as of last night, neither CNN nor ABC had reported on his murder. When the president's spokesman, Joe Lockhart, was asked about Jesse, he said the president had not heard of him. Strangely, Mr. Lockhart avoided the question and instead derided the Washington newspaper that had published Jesse's story……"

Original Sources 11/11/99 Mary Mostert "..... During the short one year span during which my website has been in existence my goal, as a journalist with decades of experience, has been to provide a news source which provides reports on what is ACTUALLY happening, not what I would LIKE to happen, or what I WISH would happen or how I FEEL about what's happening. The response of you readers has been phenomenal. While at the Conference, my website will reach a half million hits. This has been accomplished without my having spent a single penny on standard media advertising. It's been done because, as I believed, there really ARE people who want news, not entertainment, facts, not feelings, in their news reports. The response to my analysis this week convinced me that those who complain about the inaccuracies in the network news, and the reporting of politicians' lies as truth, are wasting their time. The large metropolitan papers, TV networks and billion dollar news associations are not going to change. They have too much money invested in stuff - buildings, printing presses and other equipment, and personnel - to make any revolutionary changes. Their bottom lines are so influenced by money they HAVE to keep doing what they are dong....."

New York Post 11/13/99 Maggie Gallagher "….USA Today put it on the front page, but as of press time, The New York Times, which greeted past study findings with headlines such as "Child Development Enhanced By Good Day Care," hadn't touched the story; nor had The Washington Post (past headline: "Better Behavior in Day Care, Federal Study Finds"), the Associated Press ("Researchers Find Daycare Doesn't Hurt Child Development") or the Los Angeles Times ("Cancel That Guilt Trip: Day Care's Good for Kids After All"). Newsweek ignored the study, and Time rather embarrassingly misreported its findings in a column that claimed mother-child bonding concerns were limited "mainly to the child's first year, and especially the first four months." What happens to mother-child relationships when babies and toddlers spend time away from Mom? The latest evidence: The longer babies and toddlers spend away from their mothers, the less affection babies show Mom and the less sensitivity Mom shows baby, even after controlling for the mother's education, family income and attitudes……"

The NY Daily News 11/13/99 John Leo "… Bias stories are now a staple of modern journalism. No big-city daily seems willing to go to press without two or three, whether valid or not. Recent entries include obituary bias (too many men dying, not enough women), pizza-delivery bias (Domino's asks customers in high-crime areas to meet the delivery man at the curb), anti-Muslim bias in New York City regulations on street vendors ("They want to put you out of business because you're Muslims, because you're Egyptians. ...") and bias in federal nutrition policy (milk shouldn't be recommended because some minorities are lactose-intolerant)…."

The NY Daily News 11/13/99 John Leo "… The long debate about racial disparities in mortgage approvals seems like an echo of the heart-care issue. Blacks are rejected about twice as often as whites, and most of us assumed bias was the explanation. But in September, the federal government's Freddie Mac released a report showing blacks are almost twice as likely as whites to have bad credit histories. As The Washington Post clearly and courageously reported on page one, whites making $25,000 a year or less had better credit ratings than blacks making $65,000 to $75,000. Very bad news, but the truth….."

WORLD Magazine 11/20/1999 Candi Cushman "….Despite local outrage, the national press was not so taken aback. For weeks, reporters ignored the Durkhising murder, prompting charges of bias. For at the same time that newspapers did not cover Jesse's case, they continued their year-long blitz on the Matthew Shepard case-a media fest that began last October when two heterosexual men beat to death the 21-year-old homosexual college student. ….. Following Mr. Shepard's murder, the Associated Press (AP) ran national news stories every day for a week with the words "openly gay student" prominently displayed in headlines. But Jesse's murder did not make the AP national wire, with the exception of one story appearing almost a month after the crime. "If this were an openly gay boy assaulted to death by two heterosexual men, I don't think there would be any doubt this would be a national news story," said Tim Graham, director of media analysis for the Virginia-based Media Research Center (MRC). MRC research revealed that most major newspapers, national television networks, and newsmagazines shunned the Dirkhising murder. Why the neglect? "This story has the potential to short-circuit the current appeal of gay politics-which is to focus on gays as victims of violence, not as perpetrators," Mr. Graham explained. ….."

WORLD Magazine 11/20/1999 Candi Cushman "….Homosexual advocacy groups like the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) remained silent about the Dirkhising killing. "It's a horrible, brutal crime and we feel for the family and everyone else affected, but we're not sure it would be our place to comment," HRC spokesman Wayne Besen told WORLD. "Their sexual orientation was irrelevant to that fact. It was two guys who did a horrible thing." But earlier this year, HRC was unwilling to attribute Mr. Shepard's murder simply to two guys doing a horrible thing. HRC spokeswoman Kim Hill blamed Mr. Shepard's murder on "a climate of intolerance ... fostered by religious political organizations such as the Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, and the Christian Coalition." The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation joined HRC in attacking Christians, calling a "Truth in Love" advertising campaign featuring testimonies from former homosexuals "meanspirited" and "deceptive." The Matthew Shepard case was an opportunity to be exploited; the Jesse Dirkhising case is a danger to be downplayed….."

Judicial Watch 11/12/99 Joe Giganti "….Harvey Berkman, a reporter for The National Law Journal, a tabloid newspaper loved by liberal trial lawyers and judges, was sued on Wednesday, and served with the complaint yesterday, for a maliciously factually false story he wrote about Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch in the November 8, 1999 edition. The complaint alleges that the libelous story was written with the assistance of agents for the Clintons. Recently, Bill Clinton threatened Larry Klayman at a press conference, emotionally exploding that Klayman is the instigator of the "Larry Klayman political press world" against him and Mrs.Clinton. The strategy of Clinton operatives for years has been to try to harm Klayman's reputation with the judges before whom cases are pending against the President and Mrs.Clinton. Along with David Segal's "Washington Hearsay" Column in The Washington Post's weekly Business Section, who was also sued this week, The National Law Journal is another conduit to try to carry out this tactic……"

The Times of London 11/11/99 Ben MacIntyre "….THE National Enquirer newspaper was originally bankrolled by a Mafia Godfather, according to the son of its founder, who ensured in return that the muck-raking tabloid did not rake too deeply into the activities of the New York mob. Generoso Pope Jr, who turned the Enquirer into a bestseller in the early 1950s, was partly financed by Frank Costello, the powerful Mafia boss known as the "prime minister of the underworld"...."

Media Research Center 11/15/99 L Brent Bozell III "….The national media made the grisly murder of Matthew Shepard a national issue. With the exception of The Washington Times, the New York Post, and Fox News Channel, they quietly exposed their overwhelming bias in favor of the gay-left agenda by refusing to cover the death of 13- year-old Jesse Dirkhising after he was bound, gagged, and sodomized by two gay men. Now one national media voice has broken the silence. Sadly, what he has to say is a shocking defense of an indefensible double standard. On the Web site, Christopher Gregg suggested the Dirkhising story "received relatively little coverage, while Shepard leaves a story that will probably endure for years to come as a symbol of intolerance and lowest-common-denominator conformity." Correction: it wasn't "little coverage." From ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, from Time, Newsweek and U.S. News, from the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and USA Today , it was zero coverage……. "

Media Research Center 11/15/99 L Brent Bozell III "…Gregg concluded: "The reason the Dirkhising story received so little play is because it offered no lessons.There is no lesson here, no moral of tolerance, no hope to be gleaned in the punishment of the perpetrators." Translation: The Shepard story deserved coverage not because of the murder, but because of what it could do for the gay left. The Dirkhising story was buried not because of the boy's death, but because it offered nothing but damage to the gay left. The media doesn't impartially serve the public. It just serves its political buddies. …."

NEW YORK POST 11/18/99 "…IRS politicization was one of the most glaring abuses of the Nixon White House. And, as the last six years have shown, the Clinton presidency is a veritable moral (or immoral) clone of Tricky Dick's. But, of course, Nixon used the IRS against Democrats and liberals, so the story was front-page news for a year. The Clintons go after conservatives, and the media are mostly silent. Like the Nixonites, the White House and Democrats will surely again downplay this outrage because "everybody does it": They will point out that the documents also show Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Archer requesting an IRS probe of the Buddhist temple where Al Gore had a fund-raiser. But there's a crucial difference. Religious groups are explicitly banned from carrying on political activities -- whether in a church, a synagogue or a mosque. A partisan fund-raiser is by definition political. The illegality was so blatant that the temple was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the case against Democratic fund-raiser Maria Hsia….."

Las Vegas Review-Journal 11/18/99 Michael Brown "….The FBI reports violent crime in the United States is at a 30-year low. Statistics from state governments show citizens who hold concealed weapons permits are among the most law-abiding in our society. States that issue permits exhibit a larger drop in crime than those that don't. Looking outside the United States, strict new gun confiscation laws in Britain and Australia have had no significant impact on crime and a national gun registration scheme in Canada is being criticized as an expensive failure. If not for a few high-profile shooting incidents covered excessively by the media and exploited by politicians and gun control organizations, the gun control debate would be fading away. Media participation in the campaign against guns cannot be blamed entirely on a liberal bias. The ratings-driven media must follow the dictum, "If it bleeds, it leads," so producers and reporters routinely emphasize gun crime coverage, using frightening terms like "assault weapon," "powerful," "deadly" and "automatic," which increase the public fear of guns. Armed criminals of any sort are called "gunmen," regardless of the nature of their crime. …." 11/17/99 Joseph Farah "…E.R. Shipp, where are you? Well, no word yet from the Washington Post's E.R. Shipp, who defamed me in a column last Sunday. Maybe it's because I offended her by assuming E.R. Shipp is a man in my column yesterday. So sorry, E.R. But given that the politically correct Washington Post refers to you as the "ombudsMAN," I thought for sure you were of the male sexual orientation. I hope this oversight doesn't come between a face-to-face debate over the journalistic standards and practices of the Big Media. I'm sure, given your lofty title and position at the Washington Post, you would have no problem commanding radio and television appearances for this important public policy dialogue between you and me. I would also like to use this opportunity to solicit a public apology from you for linking me -- someone you obviously know nothing about -- to Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. If such a public retraction is not forthcoming on a goodwill basis, I can assure you that you and your newspaper will be hearing from my attorney shortly….." 11/17/99 Joseph Farah "…In the Post's eyes, homosexuals are always victims or heroes. There is no other way to portray them without being "insensitive" and homophobic. But what does such a standard have to do with reporting truth? There's a huge push within the establishment press today for "diversity." Only if your editorial staff contains an appropriate number of blacks, homosexuals, women, etc., can your news organization properly cover the world, imply advocates of such standards. But such a standard pre-supposes that blacks, homosexuals and women all think alike -- or at least differently than white men. Nonsense. The only kind of diversity that is meaningful to balanced and thoughtful news coverage is diversity of philosophy, diversity of opinion, diversity in thought. That kind of diversity is obviously not present in the news department of the Washington Post. And, it seems, E.R. Shipp and company are hypersensitive and more than a little defensive about that shortcoming….."

Reuters 11/17/99 "…Internet columnist Matt Drudge on Wednesday appeared to be in danger of losing his television job after he refused to host his Fox News Channel show because the network would not let him show a picture of a fetus. Fox is demanding that Drudge apologize or face legal action for the incident. Drudge said he wouldn't apologize for having a "free mind.'' ….."

WorldNetDaily 11/17/99 Jon Dougherty "…..When it comes to news reporting, the readers of WorldNetDaily have "a friend in the business." That buddy is none other than our editor, Joseph Farah. Regarding his column on Tuesday, when Joe detailed the blatant hypocrisy of the establishment paper, the Washington Post, in covering the brutal, homosexual-induced murder of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising, readers of both WND and the Post should have been able to tell -- once and for all -- who is more concerned with an honest and fair portrayal of the events that take place in our country and the world. Which is to say, it sure isn't the Post. That E.R. Shipp, the paper's ombudsman and a person who is supposed to guide the ethics and professionalism of other staff writers, would even attempt to justify the paper's refusal to acknowledge the similarities in the cases of an openly gay Wyoming college student, Matthew Shepard, and Dirkhising -- killed by two openly gay men who repeatedly raped him to death -- is worse than abominable. In a journalistic sense anyway, it is a crime -- a crime committed against the Post's readers. Shipp ought to be ashamed, her pathetic excuses to virtually ignore the Dirkhising case notwithstanding. And that's just what they are -- excuses. ….."

MSNBC 11/17/99 "….NBC News and The Washington Post Company announced a content-sharing partnership Wednesday in which will become the online home for Newsweek magazine., the MSNBC cable television network and NBC News also will have access to reporters and content from The Washington Post newspaper and its Web site, Similarly, NBC News multimedia content will be available to and "THIS IS A great step for NBC News," NBC News President Andy Lack said in a statement. "As the only news organization already operating across broadcast, cable and the Internet, we are pleased to be teamed with The Washington Post and Newsweek in our effort to deliver news across all available media platforms." …."

The Village Voice 11/17/99 Nat Hentoff "….-The New York Times, October 28 "There are 3 billion people in Asia and 2 billion of them are in the MTV generation. That's who we're after." -Sumner Redstone of Viacom, owner of MTV and soon CBS, explaining why news organizations should not be unnecessarily offensive to foreign governments, in The New York Times, September 29 We rarely see America's corporate oligarchy gathered in public. Deals affecting us and the rest of the world are made behind closed boardroom doors or discussed in trade and industry publications most of us don't see. But in September, Time Warner's Global Forum-a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the ascension of China's Communist Party and a gathering of more than 300 of the world's foremost multinational capitalists-was held in Shanghai. The festivities continued in Beijing. …..Among the guests honoring one of the most repressive regimes on earth were America's lords of the press-a term coined by the greatest press critic in American history, the late George Seldes. ….."

WorldNetDaily 11/16/99 Joseph Farah "….Well, folks, I guess I hit a nerve in the establishment press. My coverage of the brutal homosexual rape and murder of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising prompted a nearly hysterical and completely vicious and gratuitous personal smear of me by the Washington Post's ombudsman in Sunday 's edition. In a column called "Reporting Two Killings," the Post's E.R. Shipp defends his colleagues' coverage of the Matthew Shepard murder in Wyoming as well as the non-coverage of the slaughter of young Jesse in Arkansas. ……. He continues: "I recount this because some readers, prodded by commentators who are hostile to homosexuals and to what they view as a 'liberal' press, have inquired why the Shepard case garnered so much attention while another case involving homosexuals -- as possible predators rather than as victims -- has been all but ignored. There is an explanation for the absence of coverage of the brutal rape and asphyxiation death of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising, but those who are inclined to believe the David Dukes, Joseph Farahs and Tim Grahams of the world -- who have asserted that the story has been suppressed so that homosexuals won't be portrayed negatively -- will not be satisfied." Now, I don't know who Tim Graham is, but I do know who David Duke is. And I don't like the implication that I have anything in common with a Ku Klux Klansman. It seems Shipp and his paper are getting a little testy. Interesting. I hadn't even criticized the Post's coverage of the two cases. I guess someone over there has a guilty conscience……"

The Washington Times 11/15/99 "…. In the latest installment of William Jefferson Clinton's relentless search for a legacy, the president has insisted that historians will conclude that his fight against impeachment in the House and conviction in the Senate "preserved the Constitution." Mr. Clinton recently told ABC News correspondent Carole Simpson, "I was right to stand and fight for my country, my Constitution and my principles." …… Inexplicably, ABC News failed to share with its viewers the revisionism that has clearly consumed the only elected president to be impeached in U.S. history. Surely, airing the president's delusional escape into victimhood would have been news. Instead, the network showcased a lengthy sweetheart report featuring Ms. Simpson posing one softball question after another to the president aboard Air Force One as they traveled from one anti-poverty-initiative photo-op to another. The entire segment could have easily been construed as a campaign commercial. Only this campaign is for his reputation….."

Associated Press 11/15/99 Beth Harpaz "….Matt Drudge refused to appear on his Fox News Channel program after the network said he could not show a picture of a fetus undergoing surgery. Fox executives did not want the Internet gossip columnist and broadcaster to use the photo Saturday to support his anti-abortion views. Drudge, reached by phone this morning in Los Angeles, disputed Fox's account and accused the network of censorship. "This notion that I was going to misrepresent this as an abortion is junk,'' Drudge said. The photograph, printed in the National Enquirer, shows a 21-week-old fetus with a tiny hand reaching out from the womb as it undergoes surgery for spina bifida, a spinal birth defect. ….. Drudge said he "was going to show it and bill it as an operation for spina bifida, and just say, 'What does it say about life? Look at this hand coming out.''' He added: "If I was going to show a picture of an ostrich egg with a foot popping out, it would be fine. It happens to be a picture of a human. People get upset about that.'' …."

Judicial Watch 11/15/99 "….A few weeks ago, Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily.Com wrote an article, "Larry Klayman, My Hero" (see website). Indeed, Joseph Farah and his wife, Elizabeth, are true heroes as well, having begun an Internet website, WorldNetDaily.Com, which supports the free and honest reporting begun by Matt Drudge on his website. In recent months, other candid websites have received praise, such as Christopher Ruddy's NewsMax.Com, which are, along with and, also a breath of fresh air……However, Matt Drudge - the pioneer of "free and honest reporting" - must receive special thanks for being the first to take on and win against the establishment media. We owe him a great debt of gratitude for never having compromised his principles….."

: ***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 11/15/99 Vol Four No 179 "…. " 1) ABC's This Week delivered the first ABC television showing of Clinton's remarks on impeachment that the network had spiked a week earlier. Sam Donaldson called his take "really remarkable." 2) The Washington Post's ombudsman took on the MRC: "Those who are inclined to believe the David Dukes, Joseph Farahs and Tim Grahams of the world," who say the Jesse Dirkhising murder "has been suppressed so that homosexuals won't be portrayed negatively." ..."

Capitol Hill Blue 11/15/99 Doug Thompson "…. Matt Drudge ran head on into the harsh realities of the television business Saturday night. Drudge wanted to show a photo of a 21-week-old fetus on his Saturday night Fox television gig to dramatize his opposition to abortion. But John Moody, Fox's vice president of News, said no. So Drudge walked off the show, leaving Fox to find a substitute host. On the Internet news groups, Drudge's ardent fans, unaware of what had happened behind the scenes, burned up the wires wondering why Drudge wasn't on the air. Drudge says he was censored. Fox says the photo was pulled because it had nothing to do with abortion (the photo was in fact from the National Enquirer feature about spinal bifida). "It was a picture of one surgical procedure and Drudge was talking about another, and we thought that was a misrepresentation," Fox spokesman Brian Lewis says. "It was an editorial decision."…."

Capitol Hill Blue 11/15/99 Doug Thompson "…. As a result, more and more people turned to the Internet for news because they no longer trust what they read in The Washington Post, see on NBC or hear on the radio. This is one of the reasons Fox hired someone like Drudge. They wanted to cash in on that interest. This is also why major news organizations are spending millions on 'Net news sites. And, in doing so, they bring the same blandness, the same business-over-news judgment and the same slant to the Internet. And their takeover is almost complete. The largest news sites on the Internet are not The Drudge Report, WorldNet Daily or even Capitol Hill Blue. They are MSNBC, CNN, Time and The Washington Post. Once again, the real loser will be the reader, who will find it harder and harder to find uncensored sources of news….."

Electronic Telegraph 11/15/99 George Tintor "….Given the dearth of evidence found by forensic teams in Kosovo, it is now clear that Nato's use of terms like "genocide" and "massacres" were mainly propaganda to justify the bombing of Serbia [War crime teams find 2,000 in Kosovo graves, 11 November 1999]. The bombing, in support of KLA separatists, caused nothing but misery, death and destruction, and further destabilised the Balkans. It was an outrage to humanity. ….Thanks to the bombing, the Albanians in Kosovo have won their freedom to hate. They are now murdering and expelling non-Albanians with impunity. Albanian extremists are closer than ever to their goal of tearing Kosovo from Serbia and creating an "ethnically-pure" Albania….."

Chicago Tribune via Drudge 11/14/99 Tim Jones "….. "The newspaper is a very simple business, I believe," said the president and chief executive officer of Thomson Newspapers Inc. You write things people want to read and they reward you by buying the paper, day after day, Garner said. If the writing doesn't bring them back, you've got trouble. Simple as that. …… Newspapers "frequently aren't compelling and aren't useful for people," he said in a recent interview at Thomson's harborfront headquarters in Stamford. Reporters take "ego trips" and often are more interested in writing for the person sitting next to them in the newsroom than for their readers. Too many reporters "want to save the world, whether the world wants to be saved or not." …."

Denver Post 11/14/99 Sue O’Brien "…. Although it's asked in the nastiest possible way, this unsigned e-mail raises a good question: Why haven't most major news outlets reported the murder of Jesse Dirkhising in Rogers, Ark.? Police say the 13-year-old was drugged and blindfolded, gagged with underwear, strapped to a mattress and then brutally and repeatedly sodomized by one of his killers while the other watched. Ultimately, the seventh-grader died of suffocation because of the position he was in……Has the appalling crime been underreported, which it has been, because it happened in rural Arkansas to a kid who lived in a trailer home? Or because it is fundamentally the story of a rape gone hideously bad? Perhaps, as talk-radio and e-mail commentary fervently insists, it's because the media refuse to publish anything that will make gay people look bad? Thus, the letters about Jesse Dirkhising aren't really about Jesse. They are about the media, and they're about Matthew Shepard. The perversion inherent in both Jesse's and Matthew's murders becomes even more perverted as a twisted competition between the two victims is created….."

Denver Post 11/14/99 Sue O’Brien "…. If the national AP doesn't recognize a story, odds are pretty good the story won't go anywhere. The wonder is that the Dirkhising story has gone as far as it has, pushed primarily by The Washington Times, Fox News Channel's "O'Reilly Factor," Internet chat rooms and news releases from an outfit called Americans for Truth about Homosexuality. The Associated Press distributed reports on the Dirkhising case only to its state and regional clients for a month after Jesse's death. The story's only appear ance on the national AP wire came Oct. 30 - three weeks after Carpenter and Brown had entered not-guilty pleas to capital-murder charges. The story's brevity (599 words) and soft-focus lead made it clear: The AP was trying to catch up with the Internet furor…… I, for one, wish the Oct. 30 AP story hadn't been crowded out of that day's Post by other stories that were either more immediate or more timely as editors made that day's sort. I'm persuaded, though, that there was no decision not to run it because it made gay people look bad. I'm equally persuaded that, if follow-up stories become available, we will carry them. But unfortunately, Jesse's story itself has become a hate-crime story. But it's the use that the story is being put to that's a hate crime, not the crime itself. It is being used to fan hatred, to excuse discrimination - to say it's OK to target people for abuse because they're gay…."

The Washington Post 11/13/99 E R Shipp "…. By the time Matthew Shepard died on Oct. 12, 1998 -- nearly a week after he was savagely beaten and left "tied to a fence like a dead coyote," as The Post reported on Oct. 10, 1998 -- his story had spread around the world, and he had become a symbol for those who urged Congress to adopt a stronger federal hate crimes law…… More "routine" crimes may be ignored or limited to news briefs culled from wire services. The story of the Sept. 26 death of Jesse Dirkhising in Rogers, Ark., and the arrest of two male suspects, wasn't transmitted on the Associated Press's national news wires until Oct. 29……. Indeed, the AP's deputy managing editor for national news, Mike Silverman, acknowledges that the AP blew it by failing to get the story on the national wires for more than a month. Silverman, who is based in New York, said he did not know about it until the Washington Times called last month for an Oct. 22 story: "Media tune out torture death of Arkansas boy." He then assigned his Little Rock staff to do a story for the national wires because this "wasn't a routinely awful crime; it was out of the ordinary." For a variety of reasons, some people insist upon depicting the Shepard and Dirkhising slayings as equivalent. Here at The Post, however, the two are seen as quite different……"

Washington Weekly 11/15/99 Edward Zehr "….Quick! Quick! Who is the president of Chechnya? Take your time, but remember, the clock is running. Tick, tock, tick...Bzzt! Oh I'm AWFULLY sorry. You lose. What's that -- you want to know the answer? How would I know who the president of Chechnya is? Who cares? What difference does it make? Yet this question was asked in all solemnity of George Dubya Bush by a Boston TV reporter. Poor Dubya was at a loss to identify more than one of the four foreign leaders he was asked to name, a fact that was gleefully picked up by the liberal Democrat propagandists who masquerade as a "free press" in this country and blabbed incessantly from sea to shining sea. Considering all the vital issues these newshawks "don't have time" to report, one can but wonder at the energy and resources they expend on such trivial pursuits. But of course, they have a hidden agenda, as always, which is to elect a Democrat to the presidency next year. Pursuant to this goal, the mainstream press have launched a massive propaganda campaign aimed at tearing down Bush's image, as well as his commanding lead in the polls. …..Why else did they dig out Bush's academic record as an undergraduate student at Yale and trumpet it in propaganda broadsides thinly disguised as legitimate news stories? …."

Washington Weekly 11/15/99 Edward Zehr "….The Seattle Times recently took the Boeing company to task for engaging in "a quiet pursuit of far-fetched theories" regarding the crash of TWA Flight 800 in 1996. It seems that the company incurred the stern disapproval of the newspaper which noted that "Boeing has actually refused to rule out a bomb or missile in the July 1996 TWA crash." How gauche of Boeing not to snap to attention, click heels and salute smartly when the government barks an order. Once more our vaunted "free" press show themselves to be the government's obedient, fawning bootlickers. (With a few honorable exceptions, such as the Riverside Press-Enterprise, which reported on the glaring discrepancies in the government's account of the crash early on)….."

Washington Weekly 11/15/99 Edward Zehr "….One more stop on our guided tour of mainstream media mendacity, dear friends -- one more. At the Fifth anniversary celebration of Judicial Watch in Pasadena, California, Johnny Chung, a one-time fund raiser for the Democratic Party, accused high-ranking members of the Clinton administration and officials of the Democratic National Committee of selling political access in return for cash donations. And that includes access by Chinese military and intelligence officials…..Judge Manuel Real, who sentenced Chung, seemed to have similar thoughts when he questioned Attorney General Janet Reno's failure to appoint an independent counsel to look into charges of campaign finance abuse. Noting that top DNC officials, Sullivan and Don Fowler, both claimed to be unaware of any wrongdoing, the judge commented sarcastically, "They must be two of the dumbest politicians I've ever seen." The implication is obvious: Reno had let the DNC officials off the hook in order to spare the corrupt Clinton administration further embarrassment. Referring to other recipients of Chung's largess, Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary and Hillary Clinton, Judge Real commented, "It's very strange that the giver pleads guilty and the givee gets off free." …."

Washington Weekly 11/15/99 Edward Zehr "….It almost goes without saying that not a single mainstream media news outlet reported Chung's allegation that he had been denied the protection promised him and his family if he cooperated with the government's investigation. Why would anyone expect them to? Are these not the same people who ignored the fact that James McDougal, a man known to have a serious heart condition, was left flopping around on the floor of his solitary confinement cell without his heart medicine, like a fish out of water, until it was too late to save him? McDougal was scheduled to testify against Clinton, you see, so that means those wonderful, warm, FEELing human beings who staff our major propaganda outlets don't have to care what happened to him. If members of the Clinton administration are personally corrupt, if they think and act as one would expect professional criminals to do, the mainstream press are their enablers….."

The American Spectator 11/99 ".... CNN president and Clinton golf partner Rick Kaplan got an earful from White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart after CNN was the only network to carry Bill Bradley's much publicized speech on his national health care plan live and in its entirety. "Lockhart tore through Kaplan for giving Bradley a forum Clinton and Gore never get anymore from CNN, unless it's on Larry King," says a CNN reporter in its Washington bureau. "The White House is so used to us shilling for them, that when we don't do their bidding, a guy like Lockhart thinks he has the right to complain about a perceived slight...."

Associated Press (via CNN) 11/12/99 "....A video photographer and a producer who rocked a news van to re-create the 7.0 earthquake that hit California last month were apparently done in by their own plan. Photographer Colby Knight and producer Derek Brown were fired November 1 by KVBC news director Mike George after it was revealed the two faked footage that the station aired after the October 16 earthquake....."

WorldNetDaily 11/22/99 "…. Larry Klayman, general counsel and chairman of Judicial Watch, has filed a formal demand for retraction of a published statement made by Washington Post ombudsman E.R. Shipp linking WorldNetDaily Editor Joseph Farah with Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. Demands for retraction must precede defamation claims……"

Original Sources 11/22/99 Mary Mostert "…Side-by-side two front page stories announce: "Crime falls to lowest level in 25 years, FBI Reports" and "Teens Increasingly Find Drugs 'Uncool.'" As we might expect, President Clinton and Janet Reno quickly took the credit for the lowered crime statistics….What seems to be carefully ignored in stories of this nature is the correlation of crime to certain age groups. In a word, senior citizens are much less apt, as a group, to commit violent crimes than the 18-25 age group. This is probably due to two factors: age and the possibility that younger criminals either die young or grow old in prison. So, naturally, the larger the 18-25 age group the higher the crime rate is apt to be. That being the case it perhaps is logical to compare today's crime rates to yesterday's birth rates. The FBI report shows a 13 percent decline in murder; Violent crime fell 8 percent; property crime was down 10 percent. Today's 18-25 year olds were born from 1974-1981. This was when America's birthrate hit rock bottom. As one young woman of that age pointed out, "One third of my generation were killed by their parents before they were born." …."

ExpressNews 11/21/99 Nichole Foy "… Looking back on the year he spent covering the Monica Lewinsky scandal at the White House, CNN's Wolf Blitzer doesn't mince words. "I can't help but have the sinking feeling that last year was a complete waste," Blitzer told a crowd of about 400 Sunday night at the Jewish Community Center of San Antonio. Blitzer described his frustration with the "tunnel vision" focused on the investigation of Clinton and his impeachment. The fevered pitch surrounding the scandal drowned out other important stories around the globe, he said. "I can't help but feel that if we had focused more broadly on Yugoslavia, the war might have been avoided," or at least anticipated, Blitzer said. …."

WorldNetDaily 12/2/99 "….First Matt Drudge got into a tussle with Fox News management. Then he quit his popular weekly TV show. Then, in a biting column on his website, he took on the network with which he is still affiliated, characterizing it, along with CNN, MSNBC and others, part of a globalist media complex. Yesterday, Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman, a frequent guest on the network, jumped into the fray -- accusing Fox News, which prides itself as "the fair and balanced" TV news alternative, of a pro-establishment bias against conservatives. Klayman was incensed by a report last night by Fox News host Bill O'Reilly, who cited an article by Harvey Berkman of the National Law Journal questioning Judicial Watch's fund-raising techniques. Klayman had agreed to go on the program to address questions raised by the article, but only on the condition that Fox not jump the gun and report on the allegations prior to his appearance. ….. In August, WorldNetDaily Editor Joseph Farah made similar criticisms of Fox News -- in particular, the judgment of O'Reilly's producer, who pledged never to allow Farah on the program or the network again. Farah, who had been a guest twice before on O'Reilly's program and several times on other Fox shows, has not been invited back on the network. "I will tell you this," Farah wrote. "Fox has a long way to go before it presents a real alternative to the propaganda of the other TV networks -- a long way to go." Farah added that he is not worried about the snub. "The day is coming, very soon, when the boys running Fox and CNN will be trying to get the attention of WorldNetDaily and the New Media rather than the other way around." ….."

Boston Globe 12/2/99 Jeanne Guillemin "….A recent exchange in The Washington Post had ABC's Ted Koppel defending the indefensible, a medical misstatement put forth in the November ''Frontline'' special on bioterrorism. His consultants had advised him that death from the dread bacteria anthrax occurs two to three days after exposure. That is just wrong. As is well known from the 1979 outbreak in Sverdlovsk in the former Soviet Union, the average time of death is about 12 days after inhaling the lethal aerosol, and some victims died weeks later. A small point, perhaps, but timing is everything in the spate of scary bioweapons scenarios in media circulation. The ''Frontline'' quick-death version precluded any significant numbers of victims being saved by antibiotics or other medical interventions, as they were in 1979. …." 12/1/99 Carl Limbacher "….The New York Times had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the story of Juanita Broaddrick's rape charge against President Clinton. The Old Gray Lady has never even mentioned allegations, backed by multiple on-the-record sources, that Clinton was a regular user of the "N" word. And as for the five people who claim to know something about Clinton's past cocaine use -- well, don't hold your breath. Still, apparently the the Times just can't get enough of the completely unsourced and by now thoroughly discredited charge that George W. Bush was once arrested on a cocaine rap. How else does one explain Tuesday's report on page A-18 of the Times' main news section: "Scuttled by its Wary Publisher, Bush Biography Finds New One." The biography is "Fortunate Son," which caused such a scandal for St. Martin's Press back in October that heads rolled and copies were pulled from the shelf. Why? Because its author J.H. Hatfield turns out to have been an ex-con who once tried to have his boss murdered. When Hatfield was positively ID'd, then lied anyway about his felonious past, St. Martin's decided that he'd simply made up the most newsworthy passage in his book; the part having to do with Bush's imaginary coke bust. Yet neither Mr. Hatfield's checkered past, nor the failure of even one of his alleged sources for the Bush coke anecdote to step forward, deterred the Times, which mainstream media types still describe with a straight face as "the paper of record." It seems the New York Times will stoop to anything to keep a good anti-Bush story alive, even if it means publicizing total trash. …." 12/1/99 Carl Limbacher "….Not to be outdone, the Washington Post -- which refused to cover Gennifer Flowers coke charge against Clinton despite having a tape of her making it played into their answering machine -- has gotten even more creative than the Times in its attempt to resuscitate the Bush coke story. It seems that somewhere out there in cyberspace, somebody has faked a picture of W. actually snorting a line or two of the white stuff. The Post, apparently believing they had stumbled onto stop-the-presses material, rushed the dummied up photo into its Monday edition -- on page two, no less….."

Washington Weekly 12/6/99 Edward Zehr "….On Nov. 16 Seymour Hersh, billed as the reporter who won a Pulitzer for digging out the story of the My Lai massacre in Vietnam, spoke to journalists at the Paul Miller Washington Reporting Fellowships program about "Covering and Uncovering Government Secrets." According to Hersh, the Clinton administration has demonstrated that it knows a thing or two about deception -- "the lying comes from the top level of government." So what do we say to that -- stop the presses? Most of us have noticed this for -- oh, the past seven years or so…."

Washington Weekly 12/6/99 Edward Zehr "….Nor do I recall any great rush by reporters to correct any of the disinformation put out by Clinton's spin-mongers. As a matter of fact, most of the more prominent newshounds were down on all fours licking the jackboots of the Clinton cadre. It is difficult to forget the unseemly glee with which the mainstreamers joined in the hate and smear campaign waged by the Clintonoids against independent counsel Ken Starr, and the alacrity with which all but one network "news" organization did not report allegations by Juanita Broaddrick that Clinton had raped her during his first run for governor of Arkansas……But pity the poor press. It has been a tough go, trying to work against "the Clinton wall of obfuscation," sighed Hersh. Yeah, I'll just bet. Any Republican president who tried to get away with a fraction of the things for which the mainstream press have given Clinton a pass would be tarred and feathered, keelhauled, flogged through the fleet, hung from the yardarm, and then would be invidiously "interviewed" by Bob Woodward as he lay unconscious in his hospital bed, and everybody in the press corps knows it.

Washington Weekly 12/6/99 Edward Zehr "….As Michael Kelly ruefully observed when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, the press had made a "Faustian bargain" and were stuck with it. Does anyone really believe at this late date that the Washington press corps are unaware that this guy has a profile of molesting women that dates back to his student days at Oxford? The President of the United States has a serious psychological problem of the sort that lands people who lack his political influence in the slammer and our intrepid mainstream newshawks are too yellow to report it. The only thing they can think of to fault him for is making it difficult for them to illegally obtain classified information. Why do they bother to complain at all? Well, for one thing the mainstream press are about as popular these days as the Black Death. They still attempt to convince us that Clinton is a well-liked president, but if that were so they wouldn't be running away from him. ….."

Washington Weekly 12/6/99 Edward Zehr "….But wait -- it isn't just the lying and the stonewalling that puts them off. It seems that our dauntless mainstream newsies are actually afraid to cover the Clinton administration scandals too critically because -- are you ready for this? -- because they might be sued. No, I'm not making this up. Hersh actually said that it is difficult for newspapers to cover administration scandals any more because of their fear of lawsuits….."

Augusta Chronicle 12/5/99 ".....Why doesn't ABC news just rename itself the Gore Broadcasting Network? Can you imagine the criticism that would rain down on Fox-TV news if one of its reporters hosted a dinner party for a leading Republican presidential candidate? And the network paid for it? Wouldn't that raise the issue of whether the reporter, or the network, for that matter, could cover the candidate objectively? Apparently that's no problem as far as ABC is concerned. The network not only approved a dinner party last Thursday for Vice President Al Gore and his spouse, Tipper, hosted by star correspondent John Cochran, but also agreed to pick up the tab. ....."

World Magazine 12/11/99 Marvin Olasky "….On May 26, for example, Mr. Rather himself gushed about Hillary Clinton's "political lightning" and how she is a "crowd-pleaser." (Which crowd?) As a judge each year, I've seen repeatedly how the most influential newspapers play favorites while pretending to be objective. Ted Kennedy, according to New York Times reporter Adam Clymer, "deserves recognition not just as the leading Senator of his time but also as one of the greats in the history of this singular institution." Janet Reno, according to Juan Williams of the Washington Post, is approaching "Abe Lincoln status. People just assume she's honest, honest Janet Reno." (Which people?) …..Newsweek's key players regularly identified their own preferred positions with those of "the people" or with wisdom generally. Eleanor Clift praised "Northeastern Republicans" who split off from their southern colleagues, showing "the aspect of the party that's still in touch with the people." (Which people?) …. Time's Margaret Carlson did Mr. Alter one better. She attacked tax cuts as not only "irresponsible" but stupid: "The only thing that could explain this love of tax cuts is a lowered IQ." (Talking about IQ, here is her explanation of why tax cuts are a waste: "If I get $100 back, I can't go fix a school or clean a river.") In general, those who deviated from liberalism were either stupid or evil. On foreign policy, journalists labeled critiques of the Clinton kiss-up-to-China policy "witch hunts" (Newsweek's Evan Thomas) or replays of McCarthyism (Time's Tony Karon). ….."

WorldNetDaily 12/3/99 William Bright Marine "….Wednesday's showing of MSNBC's "Playback" with John Gibson featured a confrontation on the Panama Canal giveback which had Robert Pastor, Jimmy Carter's National Security advisor on Latin America on one side, and Mark Braden from the Republican National Committee on the other. No mention was made of Pastor's Marxist background and Soviet connections as revealed after the "fall of the wall," but it was more balanced than recent writing about the situation in one of the leading "mainstream" papers, the Washington Post. I am a dual citizen of Panama and the U.S., born and raised in the Zone with a Panamanian mother and an American father. I have a Panamanian wife and children who are citizens of both countries. I have been tortured and exiled by the dictator Noriega for speaking out for both countries. It is of great concern to me that "establishment" media such as the Post cannot be balanced and tell the full truth, while "alternative" media such as cable shows and Internet publications can…….. What the Post didn't tell its readers was that Prof. Pastor was also high up in the Institute for Policy Studies, now documented, thanks to Ronald Reagan and the fall of the Berlin Wall, as the KGB's subsidized institutional mouthpiece in Washington, D.C. It's funny how the Post and similar organs just can't find it in themselves to look in those KGB documents, even though they could have read them, with excellent scholarly commentary, at the local library. MSNBC didn't tell its viewers this information either, but one would think that it would be important to anyone's getting a full picture of what is involved in the giveaway of the Canal…….."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 12/3/99 Vol Four No 183 "…..1) ABC reporter John Cochran's dinner date with Tipper and Al Gore stirred controversy but he insisted it was a "working dinner." ABC fired Bob Zelnick for writing a book about Gore. Cochran claimed he has a "fair and tough" record, but the MRC documented his history of liberal reporting. Al Gore called Cochran "a friend." 2) Scolding Bush from the left, Newsweek's Howard Fineman found two faults in Bush's Meet the Press answers: praising Antonin Scalia and ruling out a meeting with Log Cabin Republicans……4) CNN and MSNBC prime time viewership has plummeted from a year ago while the Fox News Channel's prime time is up. CBS's The Early Show is still being watched by fewer than tuned in This Morning….."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 12/3/99 Vol Four No 183 "…..4) Ratings rundown: CNN's prime time viewership has plummeted 44 percent from a year ago and MSNBC has also fallen while the Fox News Channel's prime time is attracting more viewers, thanks in part to gaining carriage by more cable systems, especially The O'Reilly Factor. Plus, for another week CBS's The Early Show underperformed compared to the audience attracted by the show it replaced. -- Washington Post television reporter Lisa de Moraes disclosed on December 2: CNN did not have plenty to be thankful for last month, having plunged 44 percent in prime time vs. November '98….."

Pittsburgh Tribune Review 11/19/99 "…. There was more than just a former high-ranking Teamsters union official on trial for alleged conspiracy in a federal courtroom in New York City these past few weeks. So too, we proffer, was the reluctance of this nation's mainstream media to cover it. We first told you about the case against William H. Hamilton Jr. in a Sept. 18 editorial. Mr. Hamilton is the former director of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters political arm. He was accused, in a five-count federal indictment, of a money-laundering scheme that implicated high-ranking officials of the Democratic National Committee. Among them, those quite close to the 1996 re-election of President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. Hamilton on Friday was convicted on all counts. So where was ``Big Media,'' print and broadcast, during this case? Out to repast, for the most part. With the exception of The Washington Times and The Wall Street Journal's editorial pages, there was little in the way of what could be regarded as ``regular coverage.'' The New York Times recapped three weeks worth of testimony deep inside its Thursday edition as the case headed to the jury. The Associated Press, the world's supposed wire service of ``record,'' did not provide day-to-day coverage. ….."

Bloomberg vai Drudge 11/19/99 Brian Moseley "….Walt Disney Co.'s ABC television network is being courted for a multimedia venture by the New York Times after the newspaper was spurned by its earlier partner in cable and Internet news, General Electric Co.'s NBC News, the New York Post said. The Times provided news and information to NBC and its cable channel MSNBC, which NBC jointly runs with Microsoft Corp., until MSNBC said yesterday that it would form a new alliance with the Washington Post Co.'s Washington Post newspaper and Newsweek magazine. A Times spokesperson said the paper and ABC have discussed ``a wide range of issues,'' including ``cooperation in television and Internet news,'' the paper reported….."

Judicial Watch 11/19/99 "….The left-leaning Washington establishment is celebrating today over the exit of Matt Drudge and his show, "The Drudge Report" on FOX News Network. The innovative Internet journalist has broken and reported many stories about government corruption over the last several years. It should thus come as no surprise that Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman was a frequent guest on Drudge's television show. Unlike some in the media establishment, Drudge is not afraid, for fear of retaliation, to be seen with anti-establishment leaders willing to fight the corrupt Clinton Administration and other law-breaking government officials…… "The 'Left' and establishment types in Washington are breaking out the champagne bottles over Drudge's departure, as they obviously feel more comfortable with Newt Gingrich, Geraldine Ferraro, Eleanor Clift, Dick Morris, Al D'Amato, and Ellen Ratner as political commentators on the FOX News Network. FOX has been innovative and Roger Ailes has been a genius; however, if they lose sight of their conservative, libertarian, anti-government corruption base, the network's raison d'etre will be lost. That is why the Washington Post and others are rejoicing today. Let us hope the celebration is short lived," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman. …."

Reuters/ 11/24/99 "….Anti-gay groups want to make the Arkansas case of two homosexual men charged with raping and murdering a 13-year-old boy a rallying point, the head of one the groups says. Angered at what they consider excessive media coverage of the trials of the two Wyoming men convicted of killing gay student Matthew Shepard, conservative campaigners are demanding the same level of national media attention for the gruesome death in September of Jesse Dirkhising. …… "The national media, following the lead of homosexual activists, made Matthew Shepard a household name for most Americans," said LaBarbera, head of a Washington, D.C., group called Americans for Truth about Homosexuality and a writer for the Family Research Council, also based in Washington. "When a homosexual is a victim, they've made that a major crime that everybody has to be educated on," LaBarbera told Reuters Tuesday. "What about when homosexuals are perpetrators?" "Either it's because there are a lot of gay reporters, or they are sympathetic to gay causes, but they paid tribute to all that the homosexual activists did," LaBarbera said of coverage of the trials of Shepard's killers, Russell Henderson and Aaron McKinney……."

Village Voice 11/24/99 Nat Hentoff "…Before Time Warner assembled a galaxy of American media owners and international robber barons (as muckrakers used to call plutocrats), human rights activists Robert Bernstein and Fang Lizhi wrote a long appeal in the September 23 'New York Review of Books.' It was addressed to the convenors of and participants in the celebration of the Chinese politburo's 50 years of strangling free speech. Bernstein and Lizhi urgently asked that human rights be placed on the agenda of this "global conference." But business ethics prevailed over common decency……"

The American Spectator 11/30/99 John Corry "…. Recall now that Ronald Reagan rebuilt America's military might, and with the help of Margaret Thatcher and Helmut Kohl strengthened NATO's resolve, and resisted a nuclear freeze. . Recall also that Reagan attacked the Soviet economy by denying it credits, reducing technology exports, opposing the Siberian gas pipeline, and enacting sanctions. Recall, too, among many other things, that after Solidarity, encouraged by Reagan, took control of the Polish government in the summer of 1989, road and rail routs between the Soviet Union and East Germany were severed. Moscow could move neither tanks nor troops to Berlin. But when a Times editorial commemorated the tenth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall a few weeks ago, it said that what happened was "largely a tribute to one leader" -- Mikhail Gorbachev. Reagan was never mentioned, and no, the Times has no use for ideological politics, and certainly it's not obsessive….."

Chuck Baldwin Live 11/30/99 "…… A recent AP report stated that a coalition of religious leaders in Chicago has asked Southern Baptists to not bring missionaries to their city next summer. The reason? They fear that the gospel message will spark violence against Jews, Hindus and Muslims. To the mind of a liberal, the gospel message, and the missionaries who deliver it, are the source of violence and hate. Are these not the same people who cry aloud for tolerance, diversity and pluralism? Can you imagine the outcry of the press had such a letter been sent from Southern Baptists to virtually any other religious group? …..Genuine Christianity recognizes no king but Jesus, however. No government, no potentate, no ruler can usurp His authority. That reality enrages liberals. Secondly, the gospel message is a frighteningly exclusive message. It says there is no other way to God except through Jesus Christ. This, too, inflames the modern day Caesar. To the liberal mind, man (and the government he creates) is his own god. Man accounts only to himself. Man is at once, creator, savior and sovereign. To suggest that man might actually have to answer to a holy, righteous, personal God is more than they can stand….."

USA Today 11/26/99 Al Newharth "….. Los Angeles Times. Once the pride of the West, it is being ripped apart internally. Former publisher and founding-family icon Otis Chandler called some recent actions of his successors "unbelievably stupid and unprofessional." He's right…."

Creators Syndicate 11/23/99 L Brent Bozell III "…. Our nation's most influential journalists claim to hate moralists who snoop in people's private lives with their narrow-minded little prejudices. But rarely will you find a news report on the tobacco industry that isn't filled with evangelical fervor about the objectionable private choices people make, and how they must be stopped in spite of themselves. In a one-year study of TV news before the 1996 campaign, Timothy Lamer found tobacco and smoking were the subject of 413 news stories. The stories were stacked against tobacco, featuring 270 soundbites favoring more regulation to just 116 opposed. Eighty-five of those stories focused on President Clinton and his party's heroic efforts against the "tobacco lobby."….."

Sacramento Bee 11/26/99 Robert McChesney "….. The Los Angeles Times published a special edition of its Sunday Magazine last month on the Staples Center, the spanking new downtown Los Angeles sports arena that is the new home for the NBA Lakers, the NBA Clippers and the NHL Kings…….Despite claims by Times management that this sort of commercial compromise of editorial integrity will not be permitted again, all evidence suggests that this is just one more example of a corporate attack on journalism that is leaving the traditional autonomy of the field in a shambles. What happened at the Times is just a drop in the ocean……Or, on television, inane but dramatically graphic visual sequences on crime, car crashes or natural disasters. Corporate bosses love this type of journalism: It is very cheap, generates a sufficient audience for advertisers, gives the illusion of conflict and drama, and almost never antagonizes anyone politically or economically powerful. On local TV news, it is unclear if anyone has done anything remotely close to quality journalism for years…… Much of what is called political journalism is actually stenography: reporting on what powerful people say about issues, usually of their choosing. It is very cheap and easy to do, and it makes both media bosses and politicians happy. And it is no conspiracy. It makes business sense….."

INSIGHT Magazine 12/20/99 Jennifer Hickey "….. The TV networks are going over the top in the amount of airtime devoted to the coverage of celebrity tragedy and death, while ignoring authentic news and pressing issues. It was a big day for the big top in Hugo, Okla., particularly for Doris Richard Miller, otherwise known as Mr. Circus, who died in September but had been put on ice by the Carson & Barnes five-ring circus until the show season concluded.. . . . "I think there is a trend since the success, if that is the right word, with Princess Diana. There is a fascination with celebrities who are dead and live coverage of the dead has become part of reporting on the cable networks," remarks Hall. "It has gone to wall-to-wall coverage of events. It is almost as if [networks] feel they have to follow up. The funeral is almost the natural child of this 24-hour live coverage.". . . .. . And, if you air it, they will come. The memorial services for former Arizona Republican senator Barry Goldwater, entertainer and California Republican Rep. Sonny Bono and country singer Tammy Wynette all were televised live. The funerals of both Bono and Wynette tripled CNN's ratings, with Wynette boosting the news network's numbers from 0.5 to 1.8, according to CNN.. . . . And then there are what Murray calls "tragedy funerals," such as those for the victims of the recent Texas A&M bonfire collapse, the Columbine High School massacre or the EgyptAir 990 plane crash. And they were no less successful in the ratings. NBC's Dateline ran a special on the Columbine killings, which racked up a season's-best 13.2 rating….."

Jewish World Review 11/23/99 Dr. Laura Schlessinger "….FOR A LONG WHILE I've been pointing out to my radio audience that the media in general, and so-called family or parenting magazines in particular, have been subtly and relentlessly orchestrating a "new and improved way" of looking at families and the role of parents in their children's lives. I don't believe this has been for the betterment of the lives of children or society. The techniques used in this world of child-free parenting vary. First, there is the canonization of those parents (usually mothers) who squeeze children in around their important and fulfilling careers. Next, there is a pretty consistent misrepresentation of seriously flawed socio-psychological research to support nonparental child care. Last, there is increasing coverage of all kinds of family groups other than the two-parent, heterosexual, married-couple-as-parents model, traditionally considered fundamental for the welfare of children……As this trend began, I received hundreds of letters from confused and frightened folks whose commonsense vision of real life was threatened by the so-called experts who "knew the truth." The tide is turning. The media consumer is becoming more astute to the game….."

Dallas Morning News 11/23/99 Scott Parks "….. The Arizona Republic, a daily newspaper in Phoenix, angered Texas A&M graduates and other readers with a cartoon pegged to the bonfire tragedy that claimed 12 lives and injured 27. The pen-and-ink cartoon, drawn by Pulitzer Prize-winner Steve Benson, appeared on the editorial page, which is reserved for the newspaper's opinions. It carried the headline, "Texas Bonfire Traditions," over three vertical panels. The first panel, labeled "Waco," depicted the Branch Davidian compound in flames. The second panel, labeled "Jasper," showed three hooded Klansmen watching a burning cross. The third, labeled "A&M," showed a jumbled stack of logs……. The Republic removed the cartoon from its Web site - - Monday afternoon. Editors left in its place a note that said they had withdrawn it "out of respect for the families and friends of students who died" in the bonfire accident. ….. Mr. Benson, 45, whose peers recently elected him president of the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists, did not return telephone calls Monday. But he explained his cartoon on Saturday in an e-mailed message to some irate readers……. The Republic said in its Web-site note Monday that the A&M cartoon had "inappropriately linked" the tragedy to Jasper and Waco. But Mr. Benson, in his note, said otherwise. ……Keven Ann Willey, editor of the editorial page and Mr. Benson's boss, said The Republic had received more than 2,000 e-mails and phone calls about the cartoon. Most came from Texas, she said….."

Ft.Worth Star-Telegram 11/25/99 Houston Chronicle "….Tandy Corp. pulled its advertising from the Arizona Republic newspaper in Phoenix, protesting a cartoon that appeared to link Texas A&M University's bonfire accident to the Branch Davidian fire near Waco and last year's race-related slaying in Jasper. Tandy confirmed that its Radio Shack unit discontinued advertising in the Republic, Arizona's largest newspaper. Tandy would not say when it might resume advertising……" 11/22/99 J Farah "…. Washington Post ombudswoman E. R. Shipp suggests I am "hostile to homosexuals." In the popular lexicon, that makes one a "homophobe." I'd like to explain why I am not a "homophobe." First of all, the Latin root "homo" simply means "man." "Phobe," or "phobia," has to do with fear. I certainly do not fear men. I also do not fear homosexuals -- though, as much as possible, I do avoid them, as Christians and Jews are cautioned to do in Leviticus 18. Why are we cautioned to avoid homosexuals in the Bible? Here's what it says in the relevant verses of Leviticus 18 (KJV):

22. Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

23. Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion.

24. Defile not ye yourselves in any of these things: for in all these the nations are defiled which I cast out before you:

25. And the land is defiled: therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants.

26. Ye shall therefore keep my statutes and my judgments, and shall not commit any of these abominations; neither any of your own nation, nor any stranger that sojourneth among you:

27. (For all these abominations have the men of the land done, which were before you, and the land is defiled;)

28. That the land spue not you out also, when ye defile it, as it spued out the nations that were before you.

29. For whosoever shall commit any of these abominations, even the souls that commit them shall be cut off from among their people.

30. Therefore shall ye keep mine ordinance, that ye commit not any one of these abominable customs, which were committed before you, and that ye defile not yourselves therein: I am the LORD your God.

You see, God, speaking through Moses, tells us that practices including homosexuality will cause those involved and those around them to be spewed out of the land -- to be rejected, outcast, vomited from the land. I don't want to be too close when that happens. In other words, it's not homosexuals I fear. It is God…."

Drudge Report 12/6/99 "…..FOX NEWS CHANNEL hit its highest ratings ever for a single telecast on Thursday, December 2nd with "The Republicans: A New Hampshire Forum". From 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM, FNC averaged a 2.6 rating with 1,155,000 households. FNC ratings peaked from 9:00 PM to 9:15 PM with a 3.0 rating in 1,329,000 households. FNC beat CNN for the first time in ratings and households in prime time -- the DRUDGE REPORT has learned….."

WorldNetDaily 12/7/99 Joseph Farah "….I've got a bad feeling about this Panama Canal deal. No, it's not just that the butchers of Beijing are on the verge of taking over the most strategic and valuable piece of real estate in the Western Hemisphere. That would be bad, of course. But what really worries me is that Americans remain asleep to the dangers this development portends for them. They are asleep because the media dare not awake them. Worse yet, though, it's not just poor news judgment, I fear, that keeps the press silent -- even in the face of President Clinton's admission last week that the Chinese will run the canal operations beginning next month. No, there's much more. There's lots of money at stake. …..I've made some recent discoveries about Hutchison Whampoa that, I suspect, can shed light on why the U.S. media establishment has been so quiet on this epic tragedy unfolding in Panama. It turns out Hutchison Whampoa is connected beyond Beijing as well. It has joint venture relationships with network mega-media buyers like Procter & Gamble. Subsidiary companies involved in telecommunications have been capitalized by partners such as Rupert Murdoch, who runs the Fox empire. So, if you were wondering why the "fair and balanced" Fox News Network wasn't jumping on the story, now you have a clue. But don't turn on MSNBC in hopes of seeing the scandal unraveled there. No, Microsoft, too, is in bed with Hutchison Whampoa. I'm afraid the whole sad story, for anyone interested enough in searching, is pretty well laid out in the company's annual reports and public communications over the last two years. Most of it is even posted on the company's official public website. ……"

Boston Globe 12/9/99 Jeff Jacoby "…..Provoked by Bozell's challenge and by messages from readers wanting to know why the Dirkhising murder was being ignored, writers at The Washington Post and the Time magazine Web site offered a defense. ''While Shepard's murderers were driven to kill by hate, the boy's rape and death was a sex crime,'' argued Jonathan Gregg, the senior editor at Shepard's killers ''were not satisfying some animalistic sexual impulse; they were bullies who gratuitously killed someone out of hate for being different than they were.'' The Post's ombudsman, E.R. Shipp, made the same claim. She acknowledged that her paper had run some 80 items referring to Shepard, but only a single news brief mentioning Dirkhising. ''Here at the Post, however, the two are seen as quite different,'' Shipp wrote. A hate crime homicide such as Shepard's ... is `a special kind of killing,' the Post has editorialized.... Arkansas authorities have not characterized the Dirkhising death as a hate crime.''

Boston Globe 12/9/99 Jeff Jacoby "…..Could anything make clearer the perniciousness of treating some kinds of violence as ''hate crimes?'' Here lies Matthew Shepard, beaten to death by a pair of savages. Here lies Jesse Dirkhising, tortured to death by a different pair of savages. Each was an innocent. Each died in agony. Each left behind grieving family and friends. Each was the victim of a crime so vicious as to shock the conscience. But because Shepard's savages detested homosexuals, his death matters. Because Dirkhising's savages were driven by lust, his death is a nullity….."

Philadelphia Inquirer 12/15/99 Linda Chavez ".... Is George W. Bush smart enough to be president? It's a question that has preoccupied the political pundits for weeks now, ever since the Texas governor failed a pop quiz administered by a Boston reporter, and it has intensified after each of the three televised debates in which Bush has participated. Most voters aren't paying enough attention to the race for the Republican presidential nomination right now to answer the question for themselves. But that hasn't stopped editorial writers and TV commentators from blathering incessantly about Bush's "lack of gravitas," all the better to impress their audience with their own intellectual gifts. True or not, the image of a dumb Bush fits nicely with most journalists' prejudices about Republicans in general...... Most Republican politicians don't share the media's views on such things as gun control, campaign finance reform or taxes. When was the last time you read an editorial in the New York Times or the Washington Post in favor of the right to bear arms or against limits on campaign contributions? Which of the TV-network news shows has done a special report on how overtaxed Americans are? It's just a fact of human nature: We tend to think people who agree with us are smart and that those who don't aren't....."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 12/14/99 Vol Four No 187 "…. 2) Co-hosting a debate in Iowa Monday night NBC's Tom Brokaw hit the Republicans from the left, advocating more Medicare spending and labeling as "graphic language" platform positions calling for the elimination of the minimum wage, EPA and women in combat. 3) Women support a Republican. An alien idea to the news media. "For the first time in a long while a Republican frontrunner appeals to women," marveled Tom Brokaw. Reporter David Bloom referred to "Bush's surprising support from women."….." 12/14/99 Catherine Seipp "…. Fox News Channel may have lost its most notorious character recently with the departure of Matt Drudge, but really, so what? The cable station's ratings are up 172% over last year, it's beating MSNBC (despite being in less homes) and its two-year-old The O'Reilly Factor is the fastest growing news program in the country. So no wonder Bill O'Reilly was feeling fine when he spoke to the Wednesday Morning Club, the Hollywood contrarian group, in Beverly Hills last week about the decline of avuncular, "Peter-Jennings Explains It All For You"-style establishment network news. "The Roone Arledges of the world and the Ben Bradlees of the world, their day is over," O'Reilly said. "And they know it. They know it." Sure, the decline in network news ratings has leveled off, he added, "but the audience is very old. Important newsmakers watch the Sunday morning shows and the cable shows, and the network guys know that." …." 12/14/99 Catherine Seipp "…. "Well, let's take the Los Angeles Times," responded O'Reilly, who noted he's neither Democrat nor Republican but a registered Independent. "I don't live in Los Angeles, but whenever I come here I am shocked at the presentation of that newspaper. You can complain about the bias of The New York Times, but at least they cover the news. If you live in Los Angeles, you do not know who Juanita Broaddrick [Clinton accuser] is if you read the L.A. Times. Now, that is a conscious decision there. But the people who own it probably don't make it." …."

WorldNetDaily 12/13/99 J R Nyquist "…. Russian President Boris Yeltsin, speaking in Beijing on Thursday, reminded President Bill Clinton that Russia has a large nuclear arsenal. This simple fact, of course, should never be mentioned publicly. Yeltsin's obvious breach of etiquette, therefore, sent shock waves through the West. Typical of the American reaction, the Dow Jones Newswires carried a column by Jim Murphy that began by quoting lines from the "Solipsist's Love Song." Murphy then admitted that he wanted to talk about "the sodden, perhaps evil, and increasingly demented president of Russia." But Murphy couldn't write about Yeltsin "because it's too depressing." Like most Americans, Murphy doesn't have a bomb shelter. President Clinton, on the other hand, reacted by saying that Yeltsin's statement should not be taken seriously. This made everything better, of course, because we can go on pretending that Russia isn't a threat. However, Clinton did take offense at being accused of a memory lapse. Therefore, regarding the existence of Russia's nuclear arsenal, Clinton said, "I haven't forgotten that." Clinton, of course, has a bomb shelter….."

New York Press 12/14/99 "…. Fifty years from now, when scholars examine the communications business of the late 1990s, the name Matt Drudge will be indexed heavily in books about the subject. As the most famous Internet pioneer, Drudge will be remembered, positively, for blowtorching a smug and lazy conventional media; his mistakes and successes will be totted up, and the ledger will be in the black. Nobody, save his family, will remember Frank Rich, a callow man who once reviewed theater for The New York Times and now writes naive and bitter op-ed pieces every other Saturday for the sickly daily….."

Progressive Review 12/13/99 Media Research Center "….. GREAT MOMENTS IN AMERICAN JOURNALISM, 1999(Gathered by the Media Research Center) JUANITA BROADDRICK RAPE STORY

DAN RATHER: "They are nervous about, number one, whether this information is accurate, whether it's really true or not. And then number two, even if it does it turns out to be true, it happened a long time ago and number three, they've gotta be figuring maybe, just maybe the American public has heard all they want to hear about this and are saying 'you know, next. Let's move on to the next thing.'"

JACK WHITE, TIME: "I don't believe it at all. Anybody who waits 21 years to surface a charge like this, and has no evidence to back it up, other than very circumstantial, what she may or may not have told some of her friends at the time, has sworn in the deposition that it never happened, and now all of a sudden comes forth with this story, the story doesn't deserved to be dignified by being broadcast and displayed. What I find fascinating about this case is that we've sunk so low now that a charge of this magnitude can be leveled against the President of the United States with next to no evidence at all. I think that's outrageous."

CLIFF MAY OF THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE: "We have right now a credible allegation by Juanita Broaddrick that while Attorney General, Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her and he won't answer." MSNBC HOST DAVID GREGORY: "Now hold on. You know what, Cliff? I'm not going to let you go there. We are not talking about this today. We're not going to turn that into this. I want to go around the horn a little bit. Cliff, wait a minute. Cliff, I'm going to stop you. I'm hosting the program. It is not a double standard. We have a clear focus today. I'm asking the questions."

ELEANOR CLIFT, NEWSWEEK: "These allegations go back more than 20 years. This woman made no charges at the time. It's my understanding that she couldn't even recall initially the year. Investigative reporters for major publications have looked at it since 1991. Ken Starr passed on it. You know, where is this going to go except among all the Clinton haters and the right-wing conspiratorialists? It's great fodder, but you know, you proved the guy's a cad, you're not going to prove he's a violent criminal." ….."

Newsmax 12/12/99 Carl Limbacher "…. A legal publication that has recently squared off against the Washington, DC based public interest lawfirm Judicial Watch was an early booster of First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, helping to craft her image as one of America's "most influential" lawyers. The widely reported citation by the National Law Journal came eight years ago as the Clintons laid the groundwork for their first White House bid. The First Lady has been cited in Judicial Watch court filings as the prime mover behind a myriad of White House scandals. The lawfirm seeks to depose her as part of its $90 million Filegate lawsuit. In two recent articles National Law Journal writer Harvey Berkman has attacked both Judicial Watch and its chairman Larry Klayman for the organization's fundraising practices. In his first report Berkman suggested, erroneously it turned out, that Klayman was making more money than Independent Counsel Ken Starr and, later, implied that Judicial Watch was shortchanging its financial supporters. …But according to Barbara Olsen, former Chief Investigative Counsel for the House Filegate and Travelgate probes, the National Law Journal was responsible for two well-timed but ultimately misleading reports touting Mrs. Clinton as one of the nation's top one hundred lawyers. ….."

Washington Weekly 12/13/99 Edward Zehr "…..The Founders, being cheerful and optimistic by nature, had assumed that if they provided freedom of the press, a free press would naturally spring up to provide the required service. For a while this seemed to work. Small newspapers representing every conceivable variety of opinion thrived in an atmosphere of freedom. Indeed, there has never been much inclination to regulate the press in this country; the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 represented one of the few serious attempts to do so, but did not remain in force for long, and nobody has made such a brazen attempt to restrain the freedom of opinion since then. Unfortunately, the Founders could not foresee a time when the press itself would become the major threat to freedom of opinion. Thanks to the moral cowardice, ideological bigotry and general duplicity of our institutions of higher "learning" (read indoctrination) the journalism schools are now turning out an endless stream of politically correct, cliche-prattling robots who are no more capable of independent thought than they are of programming a VCR. Indeed, there is reason to question whether they are capable of thinking at all, having been programmed in an environment where prating back the instructor's opinions is the recognized way of getting along in the world……"

Washington Weekly 12/13/99 Marvin Lee "…..The Department of Justice has asked Federal Judge Royce Lamberth to delay publication of a report that accuses Treasury Department officials of cover-up. Judge Lamberth last week denied the request and made the report public immediately. Given the low interest the mainstream media show in reporting government cover-ups, Judge Lamberth made the report available on the internet [1]. The report is authored by Alan L. Balaran, a special master appointed by Judge Lamberth to look into destruction of documents requested in his courtroom for a lawsuit brought by Indian representatives against the Treasury Department for mismanagement of their money. Five individuals who are discussed in the report -- Treasury Assistant General Counsel Roberta McInerney, Treasury Deputy Assistant General Counsel Eleni M. Constantine, and Treasury attorneys in the Office of the Chief Counsel, Financial Management Services, James Regan, Randall Lewis, and Daniel Mazella -- also filed a motion seeking to have the Special Master's Report filed under seal and giving them 45 days to review and comment on the report before it was made public. Introducing a novel concept in public service in Washington, Judge Lamberth wrote that "Continued delay is not in the public interest." …."

New York Press 12/13/99 Petra Dickerson "….. The White House, too, through its aide Bob Weiner, pressured Maryland officials into initiating criminal prosecution. The White House has hailed the indictment. Linda Tripp's "violations of privacy were an affront to the meaning of friendship," said Bob Weiner. The Clinton-friendly media have noted their approval. While they would never be so politically incorrect as to "judge" President Clinton's conduct, the media have not been reticent about Linda Tripp. She has been scorned for being a faceless bureaucrat, laughed at for not meeting the media's standard of physical beauty and, above all, judged a Judas who betrayed her friend. The truth is more complicated. A nonpolitical civil servant, in 1993 Linda Tripp was a special assistant to the counsel to the President, sitting outside the offices of White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum and deputy counsel Vincent Foster. It was she who served Vincent Foster his last meal before his suicide. She witnessed, and later testified to the Senate Whitewater Committee about, the removal of boxes from Foster's office by White House personnel following his death. Her evidence was in direct contradiction to the official White House position that no documents were removed from Vincent Foster's office after his suicide….."

Susan Estrich 12/13/99 "….. What troubled me initially in researching Matt Drudge was how the mainstream media portrayed him as if he bore no relation to them, when the reporting of rumors as news has passed as conventional journalism for at least a decade. What made this particularly ironic was that Drudge was "drudged" by his critics; with the exception of a piece by Todd Purdhum in the New York Times, virtually every other report would lead you to believe that Drudge had reported that Blumenthal beat his wife. What Drudge actually reported was that Republicans were spreading that rumor to retaliate for similar accusations against a top GOP consultant; Drudge also included in his initial report a total White House denial of the rumor, a point the responsible media almost uniformly neglected to mention in its coverage of Drudge……."

Salon Magazine 12/13/99 David Horowitz "….. Twenty-five years ago Monday, my friend Betty Van Patter disappeared from a tavern on University Avenue called the Berkeley Square and was never seen alive again. Six months earlier, I had recruited Betty to keep the books of the Educational Opportunities Corp., an entity I had created to run a school for the children of the Black Panther Party. By the time the police fished her battered body out of the San Francisco Bay in January 1975, I knew that her killers were the Panthers themselves. At the time, the Panthers were still being defended by writers like Murray Kempton and Garry Wills in the pages of the New York Times, and by then-Gov. Jerry Brown of California. The governor was even a confidant of Elaine Brown, who had hired Betty and whom Huey Newton had appointed to stand in for him as the Panther leader while he was in "exile" in Cuba…… In pursuit of answers to the mystery of Betty's death, I subsequently discovered that the Panthers had killed more than a dozen people in the course of conducting extortion, prostitution and drug rackets in the Oakland ghetto. While these criminal activities were taking place, the group enjoyed the support of the American left, the Democratic Party, Bay Area trade unions and even the Oakland business establishment. (The head of Clorox, Oakland's largest company, for example, sat on the board of the Education Opportunities Corp.) ….. Whatever the reasons, the fact remains that to this day not a single organization of the mainstream press has ever investigated the Panther murders, even though the story is one that touches the lives and political careers of the entire liberal establishment, including the first lady and the deputy attorney general in charge of civil rights for the Clinton administration. Both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Lann Lee began their political careers as law students at Yale by organizing demonstrations in 1970 to shut down the university and stop the trial of Panther leaders who had tortured and then executed a black youth named Alex Rackley. This silence is even more puzzling since, despite the blackout by the national media, the details of the story have managed to trickle out over the years. This has been the result of efforts by me and by my colleague Peter Collier, by radical journalist Kate Coleman, by Hugh Pearson, by the nonprofit Center for Investigative Reporting, New Times magazine and one or two others, including most particularly David Talbot and David Weir, now editors at Salon. ….."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 12/10/99 "….Just one topic today, a special once in a decade event: In a fun evening of joking and frivolity, on Thursday night, December 9, at the Monarch Hotel in Washington, D.C., the Media Research Center presented the "Dishonor Awards for the Decade's Most Outrageous Liberal Bias" culled from the MRC's archive of news video and print publications from the 1990s…….. 1) Surprise award acceptor: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas received the "I'm a Compassionate Liberal But I Wish You Were All Dead Award" on behalf of Julianne Malveaux who had wished Thomas "dies early like many black men do, of heart disease." ….."

St.Paul Pioneer Press 12/10/99 Joe Soucheray "…..The latest school shooter has been described in all the usual ways, meaning that he was thought to be an upstanding lad who would never pull out a gun and start firing at his classmates. This was the school shooting in Fort Gibson, Okla., the other day. The 13-year-old arrested for the attack fired at least 15 times and miraculously didn't seriously injure anybody. Just as miraculously, that meant CNN stayed in Fort Gibson for only about 10 minutes….."

WorldNetDaily 12/10/99 Larry Klayman "…..As Mrs. Clinton plans her move to New York State to run for the Senate, and the president now feels safely free of Monicagate and impeachment, the elite establishment liberal media has smugly turned its focus to settling some old scores with non-establishment conservatives. Nowhere was this more evident last week than in the venerable old newspaper of the left, The New York Times. In a hit piece of major proportions, Frank Rich, fresh from an honorable mention in my column "The Ethical Decline of Liberal Jewish Intelligentsia Under Clinton," attempts to dismember fellow Jewish, but conservative, Internet journalist Matt Drudge. In his Dec. 4 chef d'oeuvre entitled, "The Strange Legacy of Matt Drudge," ……. Not to be outdone in furthering the left's post-Monica inquisition of non-establishment conservatives, Maureen Dowd, another self-styled intellectual of the only journal which reports "all the news that's fit to print," lynched black Republican presidential candidate Alan Keyes, a day later. Fresh from kicking the behind of all other presidential candidates in a New Hampshire debate, Dowd had quite a few things to say about Keyes: * Have you ever noticed that Alan Keyes and Marvin the Martian sound alike? ... Mr. Keyes warns of a "howling moral void." Mr. Martian warns of a void. ….. Similarly, Mr. Rich's attacks on Matt Drudge unmask a hypocrisy at least one hundred miles deep -- since Rich, as much as any other liberal journalist, has spewed forth questionable columns concerning the Clintons for the last seven years since their coronation. And, contrary to Drudge, Rich has not broken one major story.

WorldNetDaily 12/8/99 Joseph Farah "..... Matt Drudge had it just about right last weekend in describing the case of premeditated journalcide committed against him by Frank Rich of the New York Times. The New Media star called the opinion hit piece, titled "The Strange Legacy of Matt Drudge," his "obituary." But I've got news for Rich. He isn't worthy of carrying Drudge's laptop. And, no matter what the New York Times thinks, the New Media aren't about to go away and permit the corporate establishment a monopoly on the dissemination of news any more. Rich gives himself away early in the piece: "... Mr. Drudge is the fedora-wearing grandstander whom many, I included, once feared as the Devil of journalism incarnate." Note that Rich "feared" Drudge. You bet he does. And so does his nearly fossilized old news institution. But imagine what a little wimp Rich must be -- afraid of Drudge! And he admits it! ....."

The Arizona Republic 12/8/99 Kathleen Ingley "….Texas A&M University has turned down a $10,000 contribution that The Arizona Republic sent in apology for a controversial editorial cartoon about a November Bonfire accident. In a letter dated Dec. 6, President Ray M. Bowen wrote that "it would do violence to our ethical standards" to accept money from the newspaper for the victim fund. He called the donation "a calculated effort to manage the public relations problem now confronting your newspaper."…."

WorldNetDaily 12/15/99 Jerry Falwell "…. In this era of invasive and often insidious media scrutiny, I am astounded that virtually no major media outlet has investigated the brutal murder of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising. I recently detailed the particulars of this murder in my weekly Falwell Confidential commentary. I was amazed by the response of my readers who indicated they had not even heard of this case. Of course, WorldNetDaily readers have had the opportunity to learn of this disturbing murder because Joseph Farah was one of the first to fearlessly document this case. However, Americans who don't regularly visit Joseph's excellent news service, have no idea that this terrible -- and I believe significant -- murder ever happened….This young man suffered a terrible, almost unimaginable, death. And his death was swept under the proverbial rug by the nation's media…."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 12/16/99 Vol Four No 188 "…. " 1) John Huang offered his first ever public comments before a House committee. ABC and NBC ignored him Wednesday night. CBS gave him 32 seconds and CNN 27 seconds. Only FNC provided a full story……"

White House,briefing by Joe Lookhart 12/16/99 John Newton C-Span viewer "…."In a briefing by WhiteHouse spoksman Joe Lookhart, he said that Southern Babtist were responsible for reviving ancient religious hatreds. What was notable about this statement, was the total lack of any alarm, or even interest by media of this attack on citizens by our Government. It appears that it is socialy exceptable to identify segments of American citizens as villains, if the word fundamentalist is preceding it..."

PRNewswire 12/16/99 "….Wednesday evening on CNN's ``Crossfire,'' host Bob Novak agreed with Republican Presidential Candidate Alan Keyes that the media has made a concerted effort to ignore his candidacy and his message because it does not fit the stereotype they have created of a ``black man.'' ``The more I think about it, I think he's got a point. He is terrifically articulate, he's excellent on conservative issues and I think it just offends the liberal media to have a black man taking those positions. They say that is not playing the game,'' stated Novak. …… "

Houston Chronicle 1/5/00 Cal Thomas "….When English jurist Sir Edward Coke (1552-1634) observed that "a man's house is his castle," he could not have foreseen the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The other day that unaccountable regulatory beast within the Department of Labor claimed briefly the authority to regulate the surroundings of the nearly 20 million people who have a home office and work at least part time at home. But threats of a political uprising prompted Labor Secretary Alexis Herman to say, "Never mind." Before withdrawing a federal interpretation that was made following a request from a Texas employer, OSHA asserted jurisdiction over home offices if employers allow employees to work at home. Employers might have been charged with making sure home offices had ergonomically correct furniture, "proper" lighting, ventilation, heating and air conditioning, safe staircases, working toilets and other things required of more traditional workplaces…..The media played this up as "helping" people. This is the view the media take of all government programs and regulations, even those that fail, because it isn't success that matters, only intent. One network interviewed an employer who had discovered a home office in which wooden beams were unevenly placed on file cabinets to serve as support for a computer. Extreme cases are always used by government to force change on the public, which then must succumb to whatever the government wants us to do. Once a precedent is established, it is difficult to stop further government intrusions. …"

***Media Research Center Study Alert*** 1/6/00 "…..At a press conference Wednesday morning at the National Press Club MRC Chairman L. Brent Bozell released a new MRC study of how network TV coverage of guns is slanted overwhelmingly in favor if pro gun control arguments. ……. Below is the Executive Summary of the special report researched and compiled by MRC Senior News Analyst Geoffrey Dickens: …..In a study of 653 morning and evening news stories on ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC from July 1, 1997 to June 30, 1999, MRC Senior Media Analyst Geoffrey Dickens documents how:

-- 1. TV News Has Chosen Sides. Stories advocating more gun control outnumbered stories opposing gun control by 357 to 36, or a ratio of almost 10 to 1. (Another 260 were neutral.)

-- 2. Evening News Shows Favored the Anti-Gun Position by 8 to 1. Almost 60 percent of stories (184) favored one side. While 89 percent of those (164) pushed the liberal, anti-gun position, only 11 percent (20) promoted the pro-gun position. ABC's World News Tonight (43 anti-gun stories to three pro-gun) and CNN's The World Today (50 to 7) were the most slanted evening shows.

-- 3. Morning News Shows Favored the Anti-Gun Position by 13 to 1. More than half of morning news gun policy segments (208) tilted away from balance. Of those segments, 93 percent (193) pushed the liberal, anti-gun position, while only six percent (15) promoted the pro-gun position. ABC's Good Morning America (92 to 1) was the most biased morning show.

-- 4. News Programs Are Twice as Likely to Use Anti-Gun Soundbites. Anti-gun soundbites were twice as frequent as pro-gun ones-412 to 209. (Another 471 were neutral.)

-- 5. News Programs Are Twice as Likely to Feature Anti-Gun Guests. In morning show interview segments, gun control advocates appeared as guests on 82 occasions, compared to just 37 for gun-rights activists and 58 neutral spokesmen.

-- 6. Pro-Gun Themes Were Barely Covered. Themes like the decline in federal gun prosecutions under the Clinton administration, the positive use of guns in self-defense, and successful pilot prosecution programs like Project Exile in Richmond, Virginia, drew tiny story counts in the single digits in the 653-story sample.

NewsMax 1/7/00 "….. Monday, launches a multi-part series based on a new book entitled Altered Evidence. …… July 17, 1996, TWA Flight 800 was downed by missile fire, according to eyewitnesses and the physical evidence. The Justice Department framed and indicted a journalist whose investigation of government lawlessness associated with this event placed senior members of the Clinton administration at risk. The journalist's wife was harassed by the Justice Department, intimidated and - when she refused to turn on her husband - indicted. Altered Evidence tells how the Justice Department vilified and prosecuted the journalist and his wife while major media obediently published government propaganda as news while misrepresenting or spiking the other side of the issue. Altered Evidence reveals how the Judicial system allowed the First Amendment to be excised from the courtroom - how the Justice Department stood before the Court, without smirking, demanding that government lawlessness not be part of the journalist's defense….."

NewsMax 1/7/00 "…..But when over one hundred witnesses see evidence indicating a missile shot down a commercial jetliner, it is a mystifying event to major media rather than compelling evidence. The standard of evidence required to put an American citizen to death is considered by major media to be far too low a standard to use when investigating wrongdoing at the highest levels of the federal government. Within our judicial system an inference can be drawn from circumstantial evidence. If senior members of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) leak false information to major media, an inference can be formed of a consciousness of guilt. But within major media, such events are mystifying……"

NewsMax 1/7/00 "….. Altered Evidence provides compelling evidence that: The FBI and NTSB altered radar data presented to the press in December 1997 in order to hide a major military presence in the immediate area of TWA Flight 800 when it was shot down; The NTSB and FBI altered the Flight 800 reconstruction at Calverton Hangar to hide evidence of damage caused by a missile, and have blocked the publication of photos revealing the Altered Evidence; The FBI and NTSB conspired to misrepresent the reddish-orange residue found on seats in rows 17, 18 and 19, claiming it was 3M 1357 HP Adhesive; The FBI and NTSB altered the debris field to create a "mechanical" facade; The Clinton administration, at the highest levels, including the Justice department, controlled the cover-up; and A journalist and his wife were maliciously vilified, harassed, persecuted and framed by the same FBI and Justice Department officials placed at risk by his investigation…."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 1/7/00 Vol Five No 3 "…. 1) As debate moderator, Tim Russert hit Republicans from the left, but his bias really came through in comparing the agenda of his post-debate questions to Democrats Wednesday versus Republicans Thursday. Brian Williams did not tag Democrats, but wondered if the GOP "is viewed as too far to the right?" 2) When Alan Keyes noted how the Declaration of Independence proclaims "all men are created equal," the reporter from New Hampshire Public Television shouted: "And women!" 3) Of the broadcast evening shows, only CBS noted Gore campaign manager Donna Brazile's racist attack on Colin Powell. ..."

St. Louis Post Dispatch 1/8/00 Harry Levins "….The consensus holds that "don't ask, don't tell" is fatally flawed - that patriotic homosexuals should be allowed to serve without hiding their orientation. It's a matter of fairness, we're told. What's open to question is whether fairness is the issue here. Consider that nobody has a right to serve in the armed forces. The armed forces discriminate regularly. They'll turn you away if you're too old, too young, too fat, too dumb. You're a felon who paid your debt to society? Sorry. You're a kid with a bum eye who's yearning to follow your father into the Marine Corps? Sorry. The courts have consistently deferred to the armed forces as the best judges of how to defend society. After all, at bottom, the armed forces are about life and death. Alone in our society, they have a warrant to kill people and break things. Given those grim realities, the courts have left decisions on eligibility to the armed forces - and to Congress, which sets the rules and regulations for people in uniform. In 1993, when Congress OK'd "don't ask, don't tell," it did so through a law that states flatly, "Homosexuality is incompatible with military service." …"

St. Louis Post Dispatch 1/8/00 Harry Levins "….Why do the armed forces feel that way? Two reasons, mainly. Military people call the first "small-unit cohesion." You and I call it "male bonding," of the nonsexual sort. To prevail in combat, soldiers must have trust and faith in one another. Sexual tension corrodes faith and trust, which is a big reason why women have been barred from infantry squads and tank crews - so far, anyway. The second reason is a simple respect for what little privacy soldiers enjoy. Soldiers do more than work together. They eat, sleep, shower and shave together. I sampled this togetherness in September in Kosovo, where I lived in a tent with a dozen Navy Seabees. We showered in a group in a big tent with no partitions. That shower tent drove home "don't ask, don't tell" to me…… But I suspect that few of the people writing the op-ed pieces or appearing on the cable TV talk shows have had that shower-tent experience, or any experience with the armed forces….."


NewsMax 1/8/00 Carl Limbacher "…The FBI has confirmed that its agents arrested an unidentified suspect in connection with an attempt to kill key Chinagate witness Johnny Chung last March, Fox News Channel reported late Friday. …..At the top of her interview with Chung, Zahn reported, "Chung believes that he's been marked for death by Beijing because he cooperated with the Justice Department's investigation into the (Chinagate) scandal." Turning to Chung, Zahn added, "The FBI confirmed that it had arrested a man in March allegedly trying to kill you." To date, America's establishment press has been oblivious to the ominous implications of the now-confirmed report that a Beijing operative apparently attempted to rub out a key US government witness…."

WorldNetDaily 12/27/99 Joseph Farah "…. It's official. Your choice for news basically comes down to an independent New Media outlet such as WorldNetDaily or the Monopoly News Network -- a corporate-establishment hybrid of highly filtered, slickly managed, tightly controlled information. Take your pick. It's that simple. Just take a look at the latest development. Last week, three supposedly "independent," "competing" networks announced their intention to form a single domestic "news cooperative." I'm not kidding. That's how they described it. That was the best spin the public relations departments of these multinational conglomerates could put on it. ... "

The Washington Times 1/7/99 Matt Chancey "…. A few months ago I, along with many other Americans, was subjected to another fund-raising fiasco hosted by America's great experiment in publicly funded propaganda, a.k.a. National Public Radio. I confess that, yet again, I did not call in and "pay my fair share," as one announcer put it. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty tired of being told by some second-rate disc jockey that his job depends on my contribution as if NPR was a charity of sorts. I am told repeatedly that my local NPR station exists on public contributions. This statement is, of course, correct. NPR does exist on public contributions much like the government exists on public contributions. We call them taxes, and if you choose not to contribute, or if the government believes your donation is a little lean, you could have all your assets frozen and spend some time in jail with other "volunteers."……" 12/16/99 Carl Limbacher "…..Kathrine Prudhomme says she was very nervous when she challenged the Vice President of the United States at a Derry, New Hampshire town meeting Tuesday night about his boss's alleged rape of Juanita Broaddrick. But in the end, America's citizen-reporter of the hour found the courage to ask the question that still sends shivers through the establishment press……Fast forward to Tuesday night, when Kathrine Prudhomme peppered the VP with follow-up questions as he stuttered and stammered his way though an embarassingly non-judgemental response. The self described "very ordinary woman" made Donaldson and his colleagues look like a bunch of frightened cub reporters by comparison. Even after the town hall meeting had ended, Prudhomme sought Gore out. "I went up to him afterwards," the New Hampshirite told Hannity, "and I said, 'Please remember that rape is a hate crime when you're pushing for legislation.'" Gore's response? "He just smiled at me. I don't think he was very happy." ….. Prudhomme was particularly irked by Gore's claim that Clinton's "personal mistakes" were balanced "in the minds of most Americans" by his presidential achievements. "I'm really getting tired of him and a lot of people on the other side of this issue telling us what most Americans believe," the New Hampshirite told Hannity. "They keep trying to tell us what they want us to think." Prudhomme added, "Al Gore's assuming that as long as everybody has their bread and circuses that they're not going to notice these things." …."

The American Spectator 12/16/99 Byron York "…..Television news viewers have a right to be confused about the congressional testimony of formerly fugitive fundraiser John Huang. On Wednesday, Huang spoke extensively about his role in nearly $1 million in illegal contributions to the 1992 elect-Clinton effort, but few news organizations took the trouble to explain it. Some, like ABC and NBC, ignored it altogether. Others barely mentioned it. Here's what the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather reported: In his first ever comments on the matter, Democratic fundraiser John Huang told Congress today he regrets his own illegal fundraising activities in the Clinton presidential campaigns. Huang testified that the President and Vice President were not in any way involved and that he was never, as some have claimed, a spy for communist China. Huang took a thinly veiled swipe at Republicans in Congress who compelled him to testify and others for what he called quote "demonizing me and other Asian-Americans" unquote. …..

Original Sources 1/7/00 Mary Mostert "…..It was only 306 words long, but it said volumes. It was first published by Agence France-Press, perhaps the world's oldest news organizations, with over a century and a half of experience - more than any other international press agency which prides itself on "a strong and proven commitment to accuracy, speed and reliability." The German daily Frankfurter Rundschau printed it and from there it was posted on and one of my readers, George Hodgson, e-mailed it to me - all within apparent hours of it being first published by Agence France-Press (AFP) …. Throughout Bill Clinton's impeachment we were deluged daily with "news" items which said things like: "All people lie" and "lying about sex is just nobody's business" and, earlier during the campaigns, "Character doesn't matter." So, it isn't news in the eyes of the networks and the dominant print media when those making the news lie through their teeth. Evidently, since they lie, they think everyone else in the world lies….Lying rulers can get their way only as long as the public believes what they are saying. Americans knew Clinton lied about sex, but they thought, for some reason, he would tell the truth about Kosovo. Of course he didn't. Now even Clinton supporters are at a loss to figure out how they can continue their highly successful political spin and propaganda when the public clearly no longer believes or even wants to hear what he, and other politicians, are saying…… "

Fort Worth Star Telegram 1/7/00 Jill ‘J.R.’ Labbe "…. In a story last week about the unexpected changes in Russia's political structure, `The New York Times' used the word `ukazes' without any accompanying explanation. The `Times" inflated opinion of the educational level of its readers being what it is, apparently no further explanation was warranted. I readily confess my ignorance, plus that of many of my colleagues, who are some of the most well-read people I know. A quick trip to the dictionary revealed that a ukase (although the `Times' spelled it with a "z") is an imperial proclamation or order having the force of law. It's the Russian equivalent of a U.S. presidential executive order. And though you'd never know it by looking at the number of orders issued by almost every American president since Abraham Lincoln (Rutherford Hayes and James Garfield resisted the urge), in this country it is a form of unconstitutional lawmaking that usurps legislative power. Congress historically has been none too bothered by this supplanting of its authority….. The trouble with executive orders is that not all of them rely on clearly delineated constitutional or statutory authority. Ambiguity being the best friend of power, presidents have used the wide divergence of opinion about the scope, application and legal authority of presidential directives to their advantage. But some members of the 106th Congress have had enough of this imperial presidency. Rep. Jack Metcalf of Washington has been joined by 83 bipartisan co-sponsors, including nine Texas congressmen, to introduce House Concurrent Resolution 30. The legislation will take the teeth out of any executive order that infringes on congressional powers and duties or requires the expenditure of federal funds not specifically appropriated by Congress for the purpose of the order. They would be little more than presidential wish lists and have no force or effect unless Congress enacted them as law….."

Associated Press 1/7/00 "….Viewers just tuning in to the presidential campaign could have come away from the latest Republican debate with the notion that Texas Gov. George W. Bush wants to devote the entire federal surplus in future years to tax cuts. ``No one is suggesting we pass the entire surplus back to the taxpayers,'' Bush insisted in the face of attacks from Arizona Sen. John McCain. ``But your plan does,'' McCain said. ``No, it doesn't,'' Bush said. ``Yes, it does,'' McCain insisted. No, it doesn't. In the debate, as in the Democratic debates, candidates were not careful to distinguish between the overall budget surplus projected in the years ahead and that part of the surplus coming from Social Security. No candidate in either party is proposing to plunder the Social Security portion - the issue is what to do with the non-Social Security surplus, also known as the ``available surplus.'' That's what McCain and Bush were arguing about. But viewers had no way of knowing that….."

Providence Journal-Bulletin 1/5/00 Philip Terzian "….IT IS NOW EVIDENT that reports of Serbian atrocities committed against Albanians in Kosovo were, to appropriate Mark Twain's famous phrase, greatly exaggerated. The notorious mine shaft where 700 murdered Kosovars were said to have been thrown has been thoroughly examined by a French forensic team sent in by NATO. They found no bodies, and no evidence that bodies ever were in the mine shaft. When NATO spokesman Jamie Shea would recite horrific statistics to justify the bombing campaign against Belgrade men and boys marched out of villages en masse to be shot, Kosovars massacred and mutilated by the thousands it turns out he was using figures and anecdotes supplied by the Internet site of the Kosovo Liberation Army, not the most reliable source for information. Few of these incidents have been confirmed by NATO inspectors, much less found to have resembled Shea's descriptions. Bill Clinton and his various spokesmen still talk about the tens of thousands of Kosovar Albanians killed by Serbs in a genocidal orgy. But the U.N.'s International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia puts the number at 2,108, and not all of those were necessarily casualties of war. When the Spanish pathologist Emilio Perez Pujol entered western Kosovo to examine the evidence, he was told by the United Nations to expect some 2,000 bodies. He found, instead, 187 corpses, and none showed evidence of reported mutilation….. It also illuminates a number of curious inconsistencies in American policy. The 1994 massacres in Rwanda really were genocide, by any definition: Men, women and children of the Tutsi tribe were killed precisely because they were Tutsis, not because they held certain political beliefs or had taken up arms against the Hutus. Yet it was not until the French sent a small expeditionary force that some Tutsis were able to escape into nearby Congo and Uganda; and even then, the killing continued for several months. I can think of several reasons why President Clinton would not consider the genocide in Rwanda worthy of American intervention, but the uncomfortable fact remains that, as in Cambodia during the late 1970s, more than a million people were massacred while the world watched from afar…."

Washington Weekly 12/20/1999 Edward Zehr "….The results of psycho-fission can be seen everywhere amidst the rubble of the American political scene. A typically horrible example of this was seen last week in the corrupt state of Maryland where a political appointee in judicial robes, Howard County Circuit Judge Diane Leasure, ruled that the state could persecute Linda Tripp for wire tapping, despite a letter from the office of former independent counsel Kenneth Starr promising Tripp immunity. The Catch-22 cited by Judge Di is that although the letter is dated Jan. 16, it isn't binding because it was not signed by the proper authority until after she had delivered the tape to Starr's office. In other words, Tripp is responsible for the official delay in completing the paperwork on her immunity deal. Anyone with so much as half a brain will recognize this for the arrant nonsense it is. A sort of magical theory of the law whereby rights materialize in phantasmagorical fashion upon the stroke of a judge's pen (after the requisite cabalistic incantations have been chanted, no doubt)…… Nevertheless, Clinton's conniving pals in the press have characterized Tripp's behavior as an "affront to the meaning of friendship." How's that for even-handedness? And now the one person among the White House staffers who refused to commit perjury for the benefit of Bill Clinton is being punished for her truthfulness through a corrupt, politically motivated prosecution conducted by Clinton's manipulated political crooks in the state of Maryland. And it's being done in plain view of the entire country. What kind of a picture does that paint of us? The way this thing has been finessed by the White House and the press is unbelievably shameful. Clinton was as guilty as sin from the outset, as the mainstream media know perfectly well. Clinton's White House thugs needed a way to divert attention from the president's guilt so they came up with -- you guessed it -- "The Menace." See, when Clinton cavorted in the Oval Office in such cavalier concupiscence with a young, but not so inexperienced, White House intern, why that was his "private" affair. Now, some of us are old and cynical enough to wonder if having sex at the office on the government's nickel is really all that "private" a matter. A few of us have seen execs plucked out of nice-paying jobs and bounced down the back stairs for doing approximately the same thing….."

Washington Times 1/21/2000 John McCaslin "…. The Washington Post's national staff reporter and columnist, Al Kamen, duly noted this week that first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's new White House spokesman is a former colleague at the newspaper. What he didn't mention, however, is the Post's current connection to Lissa Muscatine. She's married to Brad Graham, one of Mr. Kamen's fellow reporters on the Post's national staff. Mrs. Muscatine, a former speech writer for Mrs. Clinton, began work Tuesday, replacing Marsha Berry….". 1/20/2000 "….Ding Guangen, member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, met today with Peter Wolff, special adviser to the Chief Executive Officer of the US-based Time Warner Group. Ding, also a member of the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee and head of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, said that Time Warner is an old friend of China and both sides had good cooperation. ….."

World Net Daily 1/21/2000 Julie Foster "…. "Gay political tactics come down to simple intimidation on every level possible, whether it's Act-Up throwing stink bombs at prayer breakfasts or Americans losing their jobs because they happen to object to the lifestyle," says Michael Savage, one of the most popular radio talk show hosts in -- believe it or not -- San Francisco. This week, the popular KSFO media personality has gone national, having been launched on Talk Radio Network, the nation's third largest syndicator of talk radio. Network executives figure that if Savage, with his aggressive criticism of all things leftist, can come out on top in one of the nation's most liberal metropolitan markets, he can't lose anywhere else. "It's a scary thing to watch people being intimidated out of their American birthright -- the right to say what they really think about issues that affect them and their family," said Savage, who appears to be fearless on all topics, even the ones that logically would make him an outcast in San Francisco. Indeed, the long time Bay Area resident characterizes marchers in gay pride parades as the "brown shirts of the modern era." "In Hollywood, they don't call the gay network the "Velvet Mafia" for nothing," he added….."

AP 1/21/2000 "….The New York Times and ABC News are the latest media heavyweights to join forces. No, it's not a merger. The broadcaster and newspaper announced a news alliance on Thursday, saying they would collaborate on a daily Webcast and share other resources. Journalists from the Times will appear on ABC News broadcasts and help the network produce stories on technology and health for "20/20" and "Good Morning America." The agreement comes two months after a similar deal announced by NBC and The Washington Post. ABC, CBS and Fox last month also said they were sharing video footage of domestic news stories. The centerpiece of Thursday's deal is a 15-minute Webcast, "Political Points," that will appear at 1:30 p.m. EST Monday through Friday on both and It will debut Monday to coincide with the Iowa presidential caucuses…."

New York Daily News 1/21/2000 Charles Krauthammer "…. No one invokes the sanctity of the First Amendment more often than the media. When music companies are criticized for purveying the most repulsive misogynistic rap lyrics, they hoist the First Amendment flag. When newspaper reporters who've given confidentiality pledges refuse to testify about their sources, the flag is run up again. As it should be. For all its abuses, the First Amendment is perhaps the greatest of all bulwarks against the power of government. It turns out, however, that the TV networks are not quite the First Amendment purists they pretend to be. Dangle some cash in front of them, and they will let the White House drug czar vet their scripts. In return for being released from the obligation to show free anti-drug ads (and thus enabled to sell that ad time), the networks let the White House review prime-time programs to make sure they send the right anti-drug message. These networks are parts of some of the same media giants that make passionate protestations of their sovereign right to purvey syncopated CD incitement to rape and murder. They are quite willing, however, to accept government meddling in their prime-time shows if that makes them money…."

Newsday 1/21/2000 Paul Colford "…. Newsweek is protesting the way Michael Isikoff, its lead reporter on the Monica Lewinsky story, is portrayed by author Jeffrey Toobin in his new book about the scandal, "A Vast Conspiracy." In a letter to Ann Godoff, president and editor in chief of Random House, which published the book, Newsweek managing editor Ann McDaniel says that Toobin's treatment of Isikoff is "egregiously unfair" and "based on unsubstantiated reporting and illogical distortions of the events described" in Isikoff's own book on the Lewinsky matter, "Uncovering Clinton," published last year…"

Drudge 1/23/2000 "… Hillary Rodham Clinton's latest fundraising letter slams 'meanspirited books' currently littering the nation's shelves, but the first lady will now feel much more comfortable browsing the aisles of public libraries in Georgia. Libraries in Cobb County, Georgia have decided not to carry a recent NEW YORK TIMES best-seller critical of First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. HELL TO PAY by Barbara Olsen will not be carried in the County's Public Library System, a librarian in Marietta, Georgia told a patron last week. …."

Media Research Center 1/20/2000 L Brent Bozell III "…. Last week yielded episodes 5,471 and 5,472 - approximately - of the long-running, appalling, fascinating soap opera "Has Hollywood Lost Its Mind?" The first episode centered on Dr. Laura Schlessinger, whose social conservatism complements Rush Limbaugh's political conservatism for millions of radio listeners. Next fall Schlessinger launches a weekday syndicated television program, "Dr. Laura," which Paramount will distribute. This does not make some liberals very happy. Given that Schlessinger's traditionalist approach to morality in general and homosexuality in particular is highly unpopular in anything-goes Hollywood, it's not surprising that some at Paramount, according to Brian Lowry's column in the January 11 Los Angeles Times, "feel.a bit betrayed" by the company's involvement with "Dr. Laura," nor that "in the wake of such reaction, Paramount officials [will] meet. with representatives of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation," one of the most effective single-issue pressure groups in that industry. How extreme is GLAAD? Last fall, its spokeswoman Cathy Renna denounced journalists' "misguided notions of 'balance'" in their coverage of gay topics. Her organization, she said, would try to "convince them that there is no other side to these issues." GLAAD barely has to lobby Hollywood on this matter, of course, since almost everyone there already believes there's "no other side" regarding homosexuality….."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 1/21/2000 Vol Five No 12 "….1) CBS and NBC zoomed in on George Bush's, as Dan Rather juxtaposed it, "tougher line against abortion rights." CBS reported Bush was "squeezed by the right." NBC's David Bloom castigated Bush for negative campaigning. Tom Brokaw will miss Bob Kerrey. 2) Only after NBC's Claire Shipman gushed about Donna Brazile's "passion for justice," did NBC Nightly News, 13 days after ABC and CBS, come close to quoting her insult that the GOP would "rather take pictures with black children than feed them." 3) Peter Jennings was fascinated by Jesse Helms's visit to the UN and the night before Jennings had to be corrected by his reporter when he described a missile defense test as a "massive failure." 4) CBS's The Early Show devoted a whole story to media outrage over the Buffalo radio host's question to Hillary about Vince Foster. Jane Clayson stressed: "Veteran political reporters...say the latest questions hurled at Mrs. Clinton are below the belt."…." 1/21/2000 Carl Limbacher "…. Radio talkmeister Michael Savage, also a columnist, wasn't on the air with his new national program for a day before the thought-police began an effort to have him removed. Savage launched his Talk Radio Network ( program this past Monday and suggested that Martin Luther King's Birthday should not be a national holiday. For uttering such blasphemy Savage was the subject of a city council meeting this past Tuesday in Newark, Ohio. Reverend Rauch, also a city councilman, urged the city's elders to condemn local radio station WCLT and Savage. Savage, Rauch said, "really, exceeded, in my mind, the area of freedom of speech." So shocking was Savage, Rauch added, "I never thought I'd ever say that I prefer Rush Limbaugh to somebody." …." 1/21/2000 "….ABCNEWS and The New York Times today announced plans to form a limited editorial partnership for covering news over several technological platforms, including broadcast and the Internet. David Westin, the president of ABCNEWS, and Arthur Sulzberger Jr., the publisher of The New York Times newspaper and chairman of The New York Times Company, made the announcement today in New York...."

Washington Times 1/21/2000 Wesley Pruden "….The expression of religious faith by politicians, frightening as it may be in the nation's newsrooms, faculty lounges and salons of the beautiful people, doesn't scare most Americans at all. …..George W.'s celebrated answer - an answer to a question posed by a reporter - that Jesus Christ is the author of the guiding philosophy of his life continues to reverberate in the the presidential campaign.. ….. Still, the sneering coverage of George W.'s answer recalls the puzzled contempt that Jimmy Carter provoked when his faith, which is at the center of his life, was shamelessly manipulated and distorted in the news accounts of a generation ago. There was a willful misunderstanding of what Mr. Carter was talking about. George W.'s easy, open discussion of his faith, like Jimmy Carter's, illustrates the differences, often not understood, between cultural Christians, whom evangelical parsons call "the Easter Christians" for their rote obeisance to their inherited faith once a year, and the born-again Christians to whom faith is personal, consuming, often dramatic, and so exciting they have to talk to someone about it.

Washington Times 1/21/2000 Wesley Pruden "…. Hence the liberal limberneck. A columnist for The Washington Post, for example, was so upset by George W.'s Jesus answer that he demanded a theological explanation of why the governor couldn't coherently explain his faith. If George W. was a preacher or a poet, he might have explained his experience as Billy Graham described his own discovery of "the sweetness and the joy of Christ" at a tent revival many years ago: "If some newspaperman had asked me the next day what happened, I couldn't have told him. I didn't know, but I knew in my heart that I was somehow different and changed. That night absolutely changed the direction of my life." The reporters and columnists might not be so baffled if they would take the trouble to ask the questions about things that really matter to their readers and viewers, instead of asking questions about the things that matter to their colleagues on the back of the campaign bus….."

Washington Times 1/21/2000 Wesley Pruden "…. Once, many years ago, Martin Luther King granted me 20 minutes to talk about civil rights. His secretary made it clear that 20 minutes was all he could spare. At the 15-minute mark, I closed my notebook and asked: "Can we talk about Jesus Christ, and your theology?" A smile creased his somber face. "I thought nobody would ever ask," he said. He sent out for sandwiches, and two sons of Baptist preachers talked, about the things that never die, until the shadows surrendered to the night. I've never forgotten that haunting reply: "I thought nobody would ever ask."…."

Associated Press 1/22/2000 Robert Macy "…. Hillary Rodham Clinton's lawyer is dismissing accusations that the first lady ran a "war room" to attack her husband's opponents in the 1992 presidential race. The accusations were levied by Gennifer Flowers, the woman who claimed to have a 12-year affair with President Clinton. "It is a publicity stunt and wholly without merit," Mrs. Clinton's Washington, D.C., lawyer, David Kendall, said Friday. "We'll move to dismiss it at the appropriate time." Flowers on Thursday amended a libel and slander lawsuit she filed in U.S. District Court last November to include Mrs. Clinton along with previously named administration figures James Carville and George Stephanopoulos….. A Judicial Watch statement said Mrs. Clinton was the "mastermind in a scheme to destroy or, in Hillary Rodham Clinton's words, 'crucify' Gennifer Flowers." ….. The amended lawsuit contends the "war room" was organized by Mrs. Clinton, with Carville and Stephanopoulos among those carrying out her orders…." >>>

Freeper Nick Danger 1/22/2000 observes " Notice how a story about a new development, about which the reader presumably knows nothing, opens with a statement dismissing the charges. The very first thing we find out here is that Hillary Clinton's lawyers are dismissing allegations that... What allegations? They haven't even told us yet, and already they're giving the White House version top billing. Who did that? Was it the reporter, or did somebody re-write this story after it was filed? Here's a clue:

Gennifer Flowers says first lady ran 'war room' against opponents
By Robert Macy, Associated Press Writer
Gennifer Flowers, the woman who claimed to have a 12-year affair with President Clinton, says in a lawsuit that first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton ran a "war room" to attack her husband's opponents in the 1992 presidential race.
Flowers on Thursday amended a libel and slander lawsuit she filed in U.S. District Court last November to include Mrs. Clinton along with previously named administration figures James Carville and George Stephanopoulos……

This appears to be the original story as filed by Robert Macy. It at least tells us what the allegations are before giving us Kendall's response. You decide if it's been re-written since to favor the White House. But wait... it gets better. Try to find this story at all. It appears to have vanished from the AP wire. Check the AP politics coverage at Yahoo. Nada. Search the AP wire from Drudge's site. No such story. The Ministry of Truth never sleeps….."

New York Post 1/22/2000 Robert Hardt Jr. "…. Hillary Clinton insisted yesterday "inappropriate questions" about her personal life won't get her down -- but some supporters say they'll monitor reporters who probe politicians' private lives. ….. "It is terribly inappropriate to have cheap personal questions asked and written about, and we are here to say enough is enough. Let's stop that type of interviewing," said Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-Manhattan). "I find it personally disgusting." Maloney -- a close ally of Clinton-- said she was starting a weekly non-partisan "media privacy watch" that would monitor press coverage of various campaigns….."

Jerusalem Post 1/22/2000 David Bar-Illan "… To be sure, history is told from a Palestinian viewpoint, and it is highly selective. Referring to the assassination of King Abdallah in Jerusalem, for example, it is careful to omit the Palestinian identity of his assassin. But it does state that the Palestinians rejected the UN resolution recommending the establishment of Jewish and Arab states - a rare admission for Palestinian Arabs….. On December 3 this column cited the Time report on Suha Arafat's speech charging Israel with causing cancer in Palestinian women and children with poison gas. Time did not quite buy the cancer part, but asserted that tear gas was linked to miscarriages in Palestinian women. This was a particularly piquant libel because it was published even as American police were using tear gas against demonstrators in Seattle. The Boston-based media watch organization CAMERA protested, and Time published a correction in its January 17 issue, stating, "There are no scientific studies that show any link between tear gas and miscarriages." …."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 1/20/2000 Vol Five No 11 "….1) Peter Jennings trumpeted how Bill Clinton "wants more health care for more Americans" so that millions "have something less to worry about." Reporter Dean Reynolds deplored how George Bush "has done almost nothing to slow down or limit" executions in Texas. 2) An incensed Bob Schieffer condemned a Buffalo talk show host for daring to ask Hillary if she had an affair with Vince Foster. Dan Rather warned that Bush launched "a heavy-money television campaign to unload negatively on McCain." 3) An Un-Rather point. NBC's George Lewis: "Scientists say the temperature shift influencing the weather is a natural occurrence not caused by global warming."….."

San Fransisco Chronicle 1/20/2000 Dan Fost "…. scored a big scoop last week, landing the San Francisco Internet site on front pages everywhere, but it almost didn't happen. Salon broke the story that the major television networks were letting censors from the White House drug czar's office fiddle with their prime-time scripts. If a show helped promote an anti-drug message, the network would be relieved of having to air some public service announcements -- freeing up that airtime for advertising. The revelations have caused a national furor……. "

Newsmax 1/11/2000 Dr. James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D "….During the 1970s, when presidential scrutiny was taken seriously, historian Arthur Schlesinger penned the influential work entitled The Imperial Presidency. Time has hastened to fulfill the worst of expectations. Never before has concern over unbridled presidential power been more aptly needed than in reference to the current Washington palace….. Unfortunately, the president's propensity to exert dictums from the oval office has all too often been ignored. When reports do surface in some of our more dominant news outlets, unconstitutional executive activities are frequently depicted as inconsequential. But such presidential overreach is anything but trivial. When examined in depth, seemingly unrelated news stories surrounding various presidential manipulations take on a noxious form. A pattern is continuing to surface, which reveals the image of a bounty strung together with the baneful thread of indifference for the rule of law……."

The New Australian 1/25/00 James Henry No. 104 "…. The state of American education being what it is, the vast majority of people are totally incapable of recognising a fascist economic program, even when it is used to slap them in the face. This is because they have not been taught that fascism means state direction of the economy, cradle to grave 'social security', complete control of education, government intervention in every nook and cranny of the economy - and the belief that the individual belongs to the state. This was Clinton's State of the Union vision, which is why those chowder-heads that call themselves journalists loved it. People cannot grasp that fascism is socialism because they have not been taught to distinguish between form and substance. They do not realise that once the state controls everyone's property that property now belongs to the state because control is ownership, no matter who possesses the deeds. In this situation, might is right….. Just reflect for a moment on his proposal to save social security by investing taxpayers' money in the stock market. By controlling a company's shares the state would come to own the company. It would not even have to control a majority of the shares. It would then dictate where the company would invest, in what it would invest and where it would invest. This is precisely how Mussolini and Hitler ran their economies. The term for this is central planning. But America is different, or so the likes of Dan Rather and Gerald Rivero would claim. But does anyone imagine for a moment that the likes of Bill and Hillary would hesitate to use that power? …."

Orlando Sentinel 1/20/2000 Charley Reese "…. It's too bad American officials -- and American journalists, for that matter -- were never as concerned about the lives of Serb and Iraqi civilians as they apparently are about the lives of Chechens. I don't suppose it is necessary to point out that, after the United States rudely ignored Russia when it decided to bomb Russia's traditional ally, no Russian gives two flips or one hoot about American advice to go easy in Chechnya. Americans seem to think that as long as it is Americans who are killing people, including children, from 15,000 feet, it isn't an atrocity. But every other country must negotiate all its disputes. Russia has a long way to go to catch up with our bloody record. ….. As for the Russians having more difficulty than expected, I have to ask: expected by whom? Mainly, apparently, by American journalists who are conditioned to the few-casualty air wars that we periodically conduct against defenseless Third World countries. A ground war is always going to produce casualties, and any experienced soldier will tell you that the toughest of all ground wars is trying to root the enemy out of an urban area. The next worst is dealing with guerrillas in a heavily wooded, mountainous region….. At the risk of being repetitious, I should also point out that the war against Chechnya is simply none of our business. As it happens, there are 65 other conflicts going on in the world at this time, and the United States not only has no moral or legal authority to intervene in them, it lacks the competence and the capacity. You can be sure that American politicians, who love to swagger about, bullying little countries, will not attempt to bully Russia -- just as they have not attempted to bully China. After all, both of these countries have teeth. It is, of course, dishonorable and cowardly to bully the weak and to pander to the strong….." Excite News 1/11/2000 Steve James Reuters "…. Privacy advocates, consumers and academics raised concerns Tuesday that the merger of Internet giant America Online and media titan Time Warner raised the specter of an Orwellian society. But the companies dismissed the image of a "Big Brother" controlling every aspect of people's lives -- as George Orwell envisaged it in his novel "1984" -- insisting the $164 billion merger, including $17 billion in debt, was really aimed at making the world a better place by fighting social ills. …… But Internet services can already monitor what users watch or read or what they order online and many people see the latest business marriage as one more step towards Orwell's nightmare vision of a totalitarian world. They saw in Levin's altruism, the cynical "doublespeak" of Orwell's future. "If you look at it from the perspective of Orwell, it's scary," said Gary Klatsky, assistant professor of psychology at Oswego State University in New York. "But you can look at it from the other perspective that it will make life easier. For example, I can use the Internet to find a book to read. It's like having a friend giving you advice….."

NewsMax 1/11/2000 "….First in a exclusive series of installments based on James D. Sanders' book "Altered Evidence," exposing the government's tampering with evidence, cover-up and misleading the public in the crash of TWA Flight 800. It has it all: political villains, a lawless "Justice" Department and government shills masquerading as major media journalists…… The Clinton administration began its shameful march through the 1990s by framing Billy Dale, longtime head of the White House Travel Office.. .Simultaneously, the Justice Department engaged in a sordid affair now simply known as "Waco," and the cover-up of the death of Vince Foster soon followed. Bimbo eruptions saw White House harassment, intimidation and vilification of a multitude of women. Every step of the way, major media's first reaction has been to help the Clinton administration destroy the messenger. Reluctantly, grudgingly, major media have occasionally engaged in timid, superficial coverage of the immoral/unethical/criminal act of the moment. But never, ever have major media sallied forth when the end result could be the destruction of the Clinton administration….."

New York Post 1/11/2000 Rod Dreher "….THE inimitable Ted Turner says he consummated the marriage of AOL and Time Warner "with as much or more excitement and enthusiasm as I did on that night when I first made love some 40 years ago." Not a bad analogy for an arrangement that looks rushed, messy and fraught with unforeseen consequences……Which brings us to the question of independent reporting. Turner said yesterday that the merger would create "the most exciting and socially conscious company the world has ever seen." Boy, that's rich. Turner's idea of social consciousness includes using CNN to promote his left-wing, globalist point of view on issues like the environment, abortion, population control and the United Nations. More broadly, this merger brings the credibility of every Time Warner media property -- including Time, People, CNN, Fortune and Entertainment Weekly -- into question. How can these disparate news media report fairly on their own company, and on the competition? The public is going to be skeptical, and rightly so. It's not just a theoretical concern. When Disney bought ABC a few years ago, these same questions were raised. When Disney execs later ordered ABC News to spike a story highly critical of a Disney theme park, those fears were realized…."

WND 1/10/00 Jon Dougherty "....Surprisingly, the Associated Press ran a story last week based on a new study about gun control bias in the press authored by the Media Research Center. Surprising, I say, because the establishment media rarely faults itself for coverage that is obviously biased; however, readers of the article will conspicuously note that the AP neglected to include itself as a news agency that routinely toes the anti-gun line. To underscore MRC's point, most of the linked articles on the Yahoo! News site containing the article about the Center's research were pro-gun control. How's that for validation? But Paiss and others -- oblivious to reality and to their own "scare-posturing" about the "evils" of guns -- ignore the evidence. Well, they ignore it at their own risk. Make no mistake about it -- if this country ever becomes gun-free, Paiss and others like her will be infinitely more at risk to violence perpetrated by criminals than they are now. Only a moron with an agenda cannot see that -- especially for women -- guns are the great equalizer in a confrontation with a criminal, even when the confrontation doesn't turn out as well as one had hoped....."

Weekly Planet 1/00/00 Lynn Waddell "....We live in a time where democracy and capitalism collide, where media audiences are viewed as consumers more than as citizens. Although you may not have realized it because the mainstream media rarely tells you about it, the conglomeration of the mass media in the past 20 years is affecting your ability to get the things you want (entertainment) and need (news)..... Federal deregulation and relaxed enforcement of antitrust laws have acted like a funnel for American industry in general. In the media, the consolidation of mediums and an increase in cross-ownership of media give us fewer lenses through which we view the world. In 1983, about 50 media conglomerates controlled more than half the United States broadcast outlets, newspapers, magazines, video, radio, music, publishing and film. By 1997 that number had shrunk to nine, according to media scholar Ben Bagdikian's revised edition of The Media Monopoly. Time/Warner, Disney, News Corporation, Viacom, Sony, Seagram, AT&T/Liberty Media, Bertelsman and GE control the majority of what you see on television, what you hear on the radio and what you find in bookstores. And they are increasingly gaining control over information on the Internet. Another dozen or so smaller conglomerates control most of what the Big Nine don't....."

Salon 1/10/00 Scott Rosenberg "....It's official: There's now more than one Goliath online. After years of viewing Microsoft as the 800-pound gorilla in the Internet business, the world woke up Monday morning to news of America Online's purchase of Time Warner. Oh, it was formally called a "strategic merger of equals" in the press release -- in deference, no doubt, to the many egos atop the Time Warner hierarchy. And it's true that Time Warner's Gerald Levin gets to be CEO of the new company. But over on the site a headline reported, "AOL To Buy Time Warner for $166B" -- and that's the truth. The new company may be named AOL Time Warner, but in this equity-crazed age, what counts is the ticker symbol. And AOL's 55 percent share of the new company means that stockholders will type "AOL" into their browsers to see how the combined entity is faring in the market......" 1/10/0 ".... Brit Hume is the most trusted journalist in America, according to an online survey of readers of The national survey asked Internet users to vote for the journalist who they believe is "the most trusted journalist in America." A total of 96,217 users responded to the unscientific poll that was conducted between Dec. 26, 1999, and Jan. 7, 2000. Hume, managing editor and chief Washington correspondent for Fox News, received the most votes..... Hume is known for a crisp, matter-of-fact reporting style that offers the public a balanced presentation of the news. The American Journalism Review honored Hume by naming him "The Best in the Business." "He is the best. In Washington there is no better than Brit Hume," said Arnaud de Borchgrave, CEO of United Press International. De Borchgrave, a director of, added that Hume's reporting style resonates with Americans because "he comes off as a straight and honest reporter. He's not married to any side, conservative or liberal." .... " is proud to name such a remarkable and fair-minded journalist as Brit Hume as 'The Most Trusted Journalist in America,'" said Dana Allen, chairman of, a major news portal on the World Wide Web, was recently rated by users of as the No. 1 Internet news source. Prudential Securities' Washington Research Newsletter described as the "must read" news site on the World Wide Web...."

New York Post/Page Six 1/10/00 "....THE broadcast network news anchors -- Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, and Tom Brokaw -- all made it into the 21st century. But their days are numbered, and Rather will probably be the first to go. Ratings for the "CBS Evening News" are down 10 percent from last year, compared to declines of 1 percent at ABC and 3 percent at NBC. And Rather is the oldest of the three anchors. At 68, he's four years older than Walter Cronkite was in 1981, when CBS pushed out the most-trusted man in America to make room for Rather. "Dan has a guaranteed anchor chair until 2002. They cannot -- unless he dies -- replace him," an insider told PAGE SIX....." 1/17/2000 Lionel Waxman "….The White House has adopted a program to buy off the support of television producers and networks with your money and subvert them to produce programs that meet White House criteria. They have used 22-million of your dollars so far to propagandize you. Here's how it works. The officials at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy create story lines and plots for television programs. The TV guys build programs around the government "suggestions," and, if the White House likes the final product, they get paid. That's slightly simplified, but that's the effect of it. Cleverly, they are asking only that they present drug users as losers. It is a worthwhile message. But the broader implications are ominous. The government has no business shaping media content. They can buy commercial time or ask for public service announcements. But buying the right to influence media content that the viewers know nothing about opens a dangerous door….."

Media Research Center 1/13/2000 Tim Graham "….ABC's ongoing tilt to the left seems to be outdoing the Gore and Bradley campaigns. After firing reporter Bob Zelnick for writing a book on Al Gore and scrapping conservative pundit Bill Kristol's contract, their legal expert Jeffrey Toobin has authored a new book coming out today titled A Vast Conspiracy: The Real Story of a Sex Scandal That Nearly Brought Down a President. Toobin's liberal slant is no surprise. He is the child of two network news veterans, the late producer Jerry Toobin and anchorwoman Marlene Sanders…… Toobin's still crusading in what today's New York Times review called a "highly partisan" and "willfully subjective" book. It noted Toobin presents the President as "A victim of 'extremists of the political right who tried to use the legal system to undo elections -- in particular the two that put Bill Clinton in the White House.'" ……. The review added: "Toobin spends the better part of this book railing against Clinton's adversaries, who he says 'appeared literally consumed with hatred for him...They were willing to trample all standards of fairness -- not to mention the Constitution -- in their effort to drive him from office,' he says. 'They ranged from one-case-only zealots in the cause of sexual harassment to one-defendant-only federal prosecutors, and they shared only a willingness to misuse the law and the courts in their effort to destroy Bill Clinton." "Highly partisan" is an apt description of Toobin, who changes his views of who's "manipulating" the legal system based on who's in charge. But he's a perfect match for the accelerating liberalism at ABC….."

The Boston Globe 1/17/2000 Jeff Jacoby "….The labels ''lobby'' and ''special interest group'' are rarely used by journalists to describe lobbies or special interest groups like the American Association of Retired Persons, the American Civil Liberties Union, the NAACP, or Handgun Control Inc. But when they refer to the National Rifle Association, ''lobby'' is frequently the first word that springs to mind. That is one of many anomalies documented by Brian Patrick, a University of Michigan scholar who spent a year comparing the coverage of the NRA in several prestigious newspapers - The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and Christian Science Monitor - with the coverage of the four other groups. He dissected some 1,500 published articles, columns, editorials, and letters, and his findings are striking….."

The Boston Globe 1/17/2000 Jeff Jacoby "…. The NRA, Patrick shows, is less likely than the others to be identified by its proper name but much more likely to be tagged with some variant of ''lobby'' or ''special interest.'' The ACLU will typically be labeled a ''civil liberties group,'' ''abortion rights group,'' or ''leading liberal champion.'' Handgun Control Inc. is usually identified as a ''citizens' lobby,'' ''nonprofit organization,'' or ''public interest group.'' The NAACP is referred to as a ''national civil rights group,'' ''venerable civil rights organization,'' or ''the nation's oldest and largest civil rights organization.'' ….But when the NRA is in the news, the tone and terminology are often very different. ''Semi-automatic caucus.'' ''Lobbying juggernaut.'' ''Powerful gun lobby.'' ''Gun organization.'' ''Radical gun lobby.'' ''The classic Washington superlobby.'' ''Arrogant lobby.'' ''The gun lobby consisting of everything from neo-Nazis to nature-loving hunters.'' ''Most feared lobby.'' ''The Beltway's loudest lobby.'' ''A rich and paranoid organization.'' The use of negative or positive labels was only one of 16 different categories Patrick devised for measuring bias in newspaper coverage of the NRA. Many of his yardsticks are shrewd; all are revealing….."

The Boston Globe 1/17/2000 Jeff Jacoby "….More than 27 percent of stories about the liberal interest groups - the NAACP, AARP, ACLU, and Handgun Control - were accompanied by photographs of the groups' officials or events. Only 6 percent of the NRA stories were similarly dressed up…… When NRA officials were quoted, they were identified by their proper titles less than 20 percent of the time. For Handgun Control, by contrast, the proportion was 64 percent; for the NAACP, 73 percent. Thus Sarah Brady is the ''Handgun Control president,'' while Wayne LaPierre becomes merely an ''NRA lobbyist'' (he is the group's executive vice president). ….."

The Boston Globe 1/17/2000 Jeff Jacoby "….When information comes from the AARP, the papers use verbs like ''reported,'' ''indicated,'' ''concludes,'' ''documents.'' When the NAACP is quoted, the stories note that it ''spoke out,'' ''vowed,'' ''declared,'' ''announced.'' But when the NRA speaks, the papers often choose verbs that imply doubt: ''claims,'' ''asserts,'' ''likes to portray,'' ''contended,'' ''alleging.'' …… On no other issue is there a wider gulf between mainstream America and the media. There are more than 225 million civilian firearms in the United States. Some 45 percent of US households own at least one gun. To tens of millions of Americans, guns mean safety and peace of mind; they know intuitively what statistics prove: gun ownership reduces crime. Yet in the nation's eminent newsrooms, it is axiomatic that guns are nasty, that more guns mean more crime, and that those who defend the Second Amendment are ''gun nuts.'' …."

The Boston Globe 1/17/2000 Jeff Jacoby "….A detailed new study by the Media Research Center finds that in the 24 months ending June 1999, the morning and evening news shows on the major networks aired an astonishing 653 stories dealing with gun policy. Of those, 393 clearly went beyond straight reporting into advocacy - and nearly 91 percent pressed an anti-gun point of view. For instance, ABC's ''Good Morning America'' aired 93 segments on gun policy; 92 had a progun control slant. CNN's nightly show, ''The World Today,'' broadcast 98 soundbites urging more gun restrictions, but only 40 opposing them….. This bigotry against guns is irrational. It convinces millions of Americans that the media cannot be trusted. Someday the networks may figure out that in a land where almost one household in two owns a gun, demonizing gun owners makes no sense. But by then, who will be tuned in? ….."


Stephen Arche 1/25/2000 "….At a House Committee on Government Reform hearing here, the one-time colonel [Stanislav Lunev] in Soviet and then Russian Federation military intelligence, gave a chilling presentation of his country's Cold War plans to defeat the United States…… From behind a screen to shield him from the view of the audience, Lunev testified Soviet generals had designed a special plan for the future war against America and its allies in which special-operation forces commanders would come to the United States and other NATO countries a few days - maybe even a few hours - before actual war. Using weapons systems that had already been hidden at strategic points throughout the United States, he said, the Soviet generals would have demolished the country's political infrastructure by destroying strategic facilities and assassinating top military leaders such as the president and vice president just hours or minutes before a nuclear missile strike. Lunev said one of his espionage assignments had been to scout "drop sites" for weapons caches. He said he believes Russian military weapons are currently hidden in strategic points all across the United States and Europe for just such a purpose. Those hidden stockpiles of weapons would include portable nuclear devices, chemical and biological weapons, conventional weapons and incendiary devices, he said. Lunev told the panel the weapon caches could be used whenever the Russian commanders in charge are given the "go." …… "These military plans are still consistent with Russian generals, and these military plans in time of possible war would be fulfilled by special-operations forces commanders." ….. Burton said, "Some members of the media are indicating we might be trying to create paranoia and a new Cold War. That's untrue…… "Despite administration claims that our Russian policy is a success, many of us have watched and worried and warned for years that the Russian policy has careened toward failure," he [Pry, formerly CIA] said. "The administration's Russian policy has been more of a public-relations campaign to persuade the American people all is well rather than a hardheaded, bulleted program to really advance free enterprise and democracy in Russia and to protect U.S. vital national interests."…."

Stephen Arche 1/25/2000 "….Weldon said the Clinton administration has had a consistent pattern of not wanting anything to surface that might give the perception of a potential or real problem in the relationship between the United States and Russia, including the theft of International Monetary Fund dollars, abuse in insider trading in Russia and arms-control treaty violations. Although many questions regarding U.S. foreign policy with Russia are aimed at the Clinton administration, Weldon said, the hearing was not a "Republican witch-hunt." Burton observed that Rep. Henry Waxman, a Democratic member of the committee who represents a Los Angeles district and is a staunch defender of the Clinton administration, chose not come to the hearing. "I really regret the State Department isn't here today," Burton said. "They just jumped through hoops not to testify." ……. " 1/25/2000 Mona Charen "….He [visitor from Mars] underestimated the ability of gay-interest groups, with the help of an obliging press, to manipulate public opinion. In their hands, the scourge of AIDS became not a caution against homosexual acts (or even against promiscuity), but instead, evidence of the victim status of gay men. If you've seen one, you've doubtless seen a dozen touching stories on TV about faithful, monogamous gay couples, caring for one another for a lifetime, and fighting unjust and ignorant stereotypes. That there are such couples is clearly true. Whether they represent the typical homosexual is another matter. Research suggests that among male homosexuals, promiscuity of strenuous proportions is the norm - and most homosexuals like it that way. Even the most ardent and eloquent advocate for homosexual marriage, Andrew Sullivan, has recently written that he has always defended "the beauty and mystery and spirituality of sex, even anonymous sex." …" 1/25/2000 Mona Charen "…. Spirituality? Paging through pamphlets such as those written by the Gay Men's Health Crisis, pamphlets aimed at stemming the tide of HIV infection, it is difficult to see where Sullivan finds beauty, far less spirituality. Some of the practices named are so bizarre that they defy imagination. Others certainly defy the capacity of the human body to take abuse. Still, everywhere one turns these days, the movement to normalize homosexuality and place it on equal footing with heterosexuality is gaining ground. Vice President Al Gore announces that homosexuals will serve openly in the armed forces in his administration, and that this issue will be a litmus test for appointments to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (a position he later backed away from slightly)….. An alliance of education groups and psychological associations has now teamed up to distribute a booklet to all 14,700 public school districts in the nation. Titled the Just the Facts Coalition, the group, which includes the NEA, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Psychological Association, among others, urges that schools create a "safe and healthy environment in which all students" can learn. Well, no one is against that. But using anti-gay violence as the hook to gain sympathy, the pamphlet offers a highly biased set of "facts" about how the gay orientation develops, and about the supposed futility, even danger, of programs (usually run by Christian ministries) aimed at reversing homosexual inclinations…… "

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 1/25/2000 Vol Five No 14 "….1) To win in Iowa, NBC's stars contended Monday night, George Bush moved right, which will hurt with the wider electorate. "Bush had to run with Jesus Christ," remarked Brian Williams. Tim Russert expressed concern about how Forbes pushed Bush into a big tax cut. 2) Katie Couric griped about how "Forbes has forced George W. Bush to...turn right...on taxes and abortion." When Forbes said that his policies have "broad-based" appeal, Bryant Gumbel scoffed: "Do you really expect to win moderate votes in this country?" …..6) Talk magazine's Lucinda Franks claimed "the teenage culture caused the President's behavior" in accepting oral sex from Monica Lewinsky. "That is insane," exclaimed FNC's Bill O'Reilly….."

NewsMax 2/1/2000 "..... Breakfast with Bauerle", the popular morning drivetime program that had become a fixture for Buffalo, New York radio listeners, has been cancelled less than two weeks after host Tom Bauerle questioned First Lady Hillary Clinton about her marital fidelity. On Monday Bauerle's station, WGR-AM55, switched to an all sports-talk format, where the controversial radio-talker now hosts "Bauerle and the 'Bulldog'" in the same time slot....."

WorldNetDaily 2/1/2000 Joseph Farah "..... Walter Cronkite prides himself on being the consummate newsman. Yet, in his retirement years, he's become little more than a poster boy and PR man for a new global political order -- one that even he admits would deprive Americans of their sovereign rights and independence. In November, I told you about Cronkite's low-profile appearance at the United Nations. On Oct. 19, he accepted the Norman Cousins Global Governance Award from the World Federalists Association at the United Nations in New York. He told those assembled, including Hillary Rodham Clinton, that the first step toward achieving a one-world government -- his personal dream -- is to strengthen the United Nations. "It seems to many of us that if we are to avoid the eventual catastrophic world conflict we must strengthen the United Nations as a first step toward a world government patterned after our own government with a legislature, executive and judiciary, and police to enforce its international laws and keep the peace," he said. "To do that, of course, we Americans will have to yield up some of our sovereignty. That would be a bitter pill. It would take a lot of courage, a lot of faith in the new order." ....."

WorldNetDaily 2/1/2000 Joseph Farah ".....In a more recent interview with the BBC, Cronkite was not quite so delicate in his plea for world government. There was no call for an American-style tri-partite system. What Cronkite described sounded more like a militaristic world dictatorship. The BBC's Tim Sebastian asked Cronkite if the United Nations had lived up to his earlier dreams for a "Parliament of Nations." Here's what he said in response:

I wouldn't give up on the U.N. yet. I think we are realizing that we are going to have to have an international rule of law. We need not only an executive to make international law, but we need the military forces to enforce that law and the judicial system to bring the criminals to justice before they have the opportunity to build military forces that use these horrid weapons that rogue nations and movements can get hold of -- germs and atomic weapons.

Note that Cronkite advocates having "an executive" make international law. That's the way it works, I guess, in Cuba, Iraq, Libya and a few other totalitarian hellholes around the world. Is that what Cronkite has in mind? And this executive -- presumably unelected and unaccountable, except, perhaps, to a handful of Cronkite's elitist friends -- would be backed by a global military monopoly that would hunt down rebels even before they armed themselves or committed any "international crime." So now the "newsman" is advocating the creation of global thought police...."

Washington Times 1/31/2000 John Lott Jr "....The concern about violence in public schools has quickly turned into hysteria. Fanned by politicians, notably President Clinton, and the media, what may have begun as misguided but reasonable concerns over safety has ignited into an implacable and unreasoned hatred of guns, or indeed anything that looks like a weapon. Across the nation, those entrusted with the care of children have transformed firearms into a symbol of menace and evil, attempting to purge guns from the consciousness of kids, even when all admit doing so would in no way improve safety. I had a firsthand glimpse of the hysteria last fall, when I took my four boys to the Yale University Health Service for their annual medical checkups. Prominently displayed posters on the walls warned about having handguns in the home. Along with the normal questions about medical histories, the nurse practitioner asked us whether we owned guns and whether they were locked up or loaded. Her tone made it clear she disapproved of our answers, and she was unmoved by the fact that the Centers for Disease Control could only identify 21 children under age 15 dying from accidental handgun deaths in 1996. But the hospital had no signs warning parents about 5-gallon water buckets, in which 40 children under the age of 5 drown every year, or about bathtubs, which claim 80 lives. No questions were asked about whether we kept our buckets stored away or our bathroom doors locked. Yet the hysteria Americans may face when they walk into their pediatrician's offices pales when compared to what is going on in our schools. Under a "zero tolerance" policy, students face suspension or expulsion for even carrying around pictures of guns or other weapons. Students ranging from elementary school to college have even been expelled for even bringing water pistols to school, though no one believes brightly colored plastic water gun can be confused with a firearm. ....."

NRA-ILA 2/1/2000 Sturm Ruger "..... Sturm, Ruger does not sell its products directly to dealers or individuals; we only sell to a select group of independent wholesale firearms distributors. They, in turn, sell our products to independent licensed retail dealers, for resale to legally qualified individual purchasers. We have always formulated our sales policies to support stocking retail gun dealers, thousands of whom sell our products nationwide. Since 1985, our "Distributor Terms and Conditions" provide that distributors of Ruger firearms purchase them from us with the condition that they will resell Ruger products only to legitimate, licensed retail dealers with a storefront business, a resale tax number, and who comply with all federal, state and local laws. We feel that a true gun shop or sporting goods store is the best place for Ruger firearms to be promoted and sold, their operating features explained, and their safety features demonstrated. All this is very important, and our 15-year old policy has obviously been successful. Why did we do this in 1985? At that time, there was an increasing number of FFL holders who were not gun dealers. There was nothing intrinsically wrong with that, since all of them had to obey the thousands of firearms laws, and many law-abiding citizens had FFL's. ......Was our policy directed at gun shows? No! It was directed at certain distributors and storefront dealers who advertised and occasionally sold Ruger firearms to individual FFL holders via mail order through certain trade publications. ...... Please don't be misled by what ignorant or willfully biased anti-gun media may say. Gun shows were not mentioned in our sales policy. ......"

New York Post 2/1/00 Rod Dreher "....Loras Schulte, Bauer's Iowa campaign director, is now planning to file a criminal voter-fraud complaint against Savage. He is investigating lodging assault charges against the columnist, who bragged online that he tried to spread the flu by licking doorknobs and coffee cups. Schulte is also fighting the flu. A civil suit against, which published Savage's snot-smeared undercover account of working for Bauer, is also being discussed among the Iowa Bauerites who were the gay radical's targets. .... He says legal and financial penalties "are the only things these people respect." The man's got that right. And he also would appear to have a good case. Republicans unearthed Savage's voter-registration form, in which he certifies he is an Iowa resident. The address Seattle resident Savage gave on the form is for the Des Moines hotel in which he had been staying for a week. According to the Iowa attorney general's office, if Savage can't prove he signed that form honestly, intending to establish permanent residency in Iowa, he could face up to $7,500 in fines and five years in jail. The assault charge is a tad more complicated, Schulte believes. If merely spitting on someone in Iowa fits the legal definition of simple assault, how could spreading saliva intending to cause medical injury to others possibly be legit? And get this: If you assault someone in Iowa because of their religious or political affiliation (among other reasons), you violate the state's hate-crimes statute. Simple assault thus becomes serious assault, which is punishable by up to a year in jail. Danny Boy's smirky admission in print that he wanted to infect Bauer and his followers with the flu to get back at them for being members of the "religious right" looks pretty damning now. That's not journalism, boys, that's evidence....."

The Nation 2/14/2000 William Greider "…. Last summer, Clinton chose the University of Chicago, mother church of laissez-faire economics, as the place to deliver a cogent rebuttal to Milton Friedman's utopian claim that an unfettered marketplace governs best. The free market, Clinton argued, needs strong social institutions to thrive--"a legal framework of mutual responsibility and social safety." "All of us know that the problem with the new global economy is that it is both more rewarding and more destructive," Clinton told the graduates. "So the question is, how can we create a global economy with a human face--one that rewards work everywhere, one that gives all people a chance to improve their lot and still raise their families in dignity, and supports communities that are coming together, not being torn apart?" The media largely ignored his remarks, and why not? Clinton, as President, consigned the malfunctioning global economy to the reform energies of the Business Roundtable and Wall Street. His Administration led cheers for multinational commerce, opened fragile economies to the manic surges of global capital and created the World Trade Organization to judge whether new social standards are, in fact, barriers to trade and therefore forbidden……" 1/28/2000 Rod Dreher "….. Salon, ever a trailblazer, has just gone beyond character assassination against conservative politicians, and has begun going after them with germ warfare. This week in Salon, syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage wrote of his undercover stint with the Gary Bauer campaign in Iowa. While lying in a Des Moines hotel room suffering from the flu, Savage caught the candidate on TV speaking out against gay marriage. That did it. The openly gay Savage decided his mission was clear: "Get close enough to Bauer to give him the flu, which, if I am successful, will lay him flat just before the New Hampshire primary." Savage regales readers with tales of coughing on everything in the Bauer office, even licking doorknobs when nobody was looking. He sucked on a pen he later handed to the candidate. "My plan was a little malicious -- even a little mean-spirited," Savage wrote. "But those same words describe the tactics used by Bauer and the rest of the religious right against gays and lesbians." My, what tidy moral reasoning. Hate your opponent's rhetoric? Then do your dead-level best to put him and his staff in the hospital. Ugly times, after all, call for ugly tactics. Bauer's Iowa office was shell-shocked by the news. "We just kind of knew him as Dan," said Iowa campaign director Loras Schulte. "This is trash-can journalism at its worst. I have no idea what he may have tried to infect us with." Indeed, it's hard to think of a stunt that could better play into the hands of authentic homophobes. Think of it: a crusading gay avenger secretly tries to pass on a virus to Christian conservatives, and is rewarded for his efforts by a trendy media outlet. It's the kind of fevered propaganda you'd expect from the crazy "God hates fags" people….."

New York Post 1/28/2000 Rod Dreher "….DURING the Clinton impeachment battle, the online magazine Salon gratuitously revealed that leading House Republican Henry Hyde had an extramarital affair 30 years ago. Was that playing dirty? "Frankly, yes," the mag's editors conceded in an editorial. "But ugly times call for ugly tactics." Salon, ever a trailblazer, has just gone beyond character assassination against conservative politicians, and has begun going after them with germ warfare. This week in Salon, syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage wrote of his undercover stint with the Gary Bauer campaign in Iowa. While lying in a Des Moines hotel room suffering from the flu, Savage caught the candidate on TV speaking out against gay marriage. That did it. The openly gay Savage decided his mission was clear: "Get close enough to Bauer to give him the flu, which, if I am successful, will lay him flat just before the New Hampshire primary." Savage regales readers with tales of coughing on everything in the Bauer office, even licking doorknobs when nobody was looking. He sucked on a pen he later handed to the candidate. "My plan was a little malicious -- even a little mean-spirited," Savage wrote. "But those same words describe the tactics used by Bauer and the rest of the religious right against gays and lesbians." My, what tidy moral reasoning. Hate your opponent's rhetoric? Then do your dead-level best to put him and his staff in the hospital. Ugly times, after all, call for ugly tactics. Bauer's Iowa office was shell-shocked by the news. …."We just kind of knew him as Dan," said Iowa campaign director Loras Schulte. "This is trash-can journalism at its worst. I have no idea what he may have tried to infect us with." …."

Rising Tide Magazine – RNC 11/28/99 Michael Moroney "…..Sen. John McClellan called it "crime without punishment." Thirty years later, Reagan's Organized Crime Commission wanted Justice to use civil racketeering laws to clean up the national Teamsters unions. George Bush's Justice Department launched the case. But the Clinton administration sees anti-labor rackets laws as a political profit center, much like selling the nation's nuclear secrets. In 1978 wannabe Stephen Brill, Clinton's ultimate supporter, wrote a book that painted Teamster Ron Carey as a family man with an extremely modest income. Brill did not mention that Carey 's Queens local union was controlled by the mob. Boosted by Brill and a far-left reputed rank-and-file reform group, Carey emerged in 1992 as a national Teamsters reform leader. By 1993, Carey 's secret life had caught up with him. Stories in The New York Times, TIME magazine and Business Week began to unravel Carey's facade of reform. He tried to end court supervision over the union; appointed a mob associate to run a corrupt airfreight local in New York; the former boss of New York 's Lucchese crime family identified him as a mob figure; and in early 1994 a treasure trove of real estate Carey owned with his close friend and female business partner in the Florida Keys was revealed. With the press hounds on his heels, Carey arranged to meet union lawyer Harold Ickes, then Bill Clinton's New York campaign manager. Millions of Teamsters PAC money and support started flowing to Clinton. Carey 's new allies on the left and the Clinton Justice Department soon rallied to his defense. Expecting to get away with it, Carey 's minions then embezzled approximately $885,000 of union funds to get him re-elected, and as Carey was about to fall on corruption charges, he pulled off the famous UPS strike-the ultimate Wag the Dog trick. Now that he has been expelled from the union, and several of his campaign aides pled guilty, Carey 's friends in the AFL-CIO, AFSCME and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) who escaped accountability continue to funnel union money to the Democratic Party. ….."

World Net Daily/World 1/31/2000 "….The United States and Canada have become havens for Islamic terrorists from the Middle East, a congressional panel has been told. Despite counterterrorism legislation, the United States and Canada have become a haven for such terrorist groups as the Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the Lebanese Hizbullah, the Algerian Armed Islamic Group, the Egyptian Al Gamat Al Islamiya and the Al Qaida group, led by Saudi billionaire fugitive Osama Bin Laden. Counterterrorism expert Steven Emerson cited the liberal climate in the United States, the ability to hide under mainstream religious identification, loopholes in immigration procedures, ease of penetration of borders, compartmentalization of terrorist cells around loosely structured terrorist movements. Emerson said Islamic groups in the United States benefit from the exploitation of freedoms of religion and speech , absence of a vigilant media and lack of government scrutiny regarding fundraising……"The list of major international terrorists and militants allowed to enter the United States in recent years or actually granted green cards and citizenship is nothing less than staggering," Emerson told the House Judiciary Committee last week. ……" 1/28/2000 Carl Limbacher "….If Whitewater scamster Webb Hubbell is serious about filing a defamation lawsuit against editor Christopher Ruddy based on his coverage of the Vince Foster case, he may have a tough time convincing a jury. Only this week, a full 75 percent of Americans surveyed by reknowned pollster John Zogby rejected the official White House version of Foster's death, which Hubbell helped spin as a simple suicide in the park. Accuracy in Media commissioned the poll. In a Tuesday press release AIM revealed Zogby's results: "Former Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr has said in recent TV appearances that all questions about the death of Deputy White House Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr. were laid to rest by his investigation, but a nationwide Zogby poll in January found that 56 percent of 1,078 adults disagree with him. They believe there are unanswered questions that the media should press Starr to answer. Only 27 percent believe that the media should accept his claim that all questions have been answered. ….."

Orlin Grabbe 11/96 "…the Gutenberg revolution brought about a democratization in book ownership. Books were no longer the sole province of the rich. Reading was no longer a skill whose value was limited to those with access to the manuscript library of the Church or that of the local Prince….. A democratic revolution similar to Gutenberg's is taking place today in the transmission and presentation of news. The Internet, in general, and the published pages of the World-Wide Web, in particular, undermine the authority of the priestly caste of editors presiding over the New York Times. The Internet's information transmission mechanisms bypass and make a mockery of the highly selective news filters imposed at CNN. Original news, research, and opinion--both the good and the bad--often goes from producer to consumer unadulterated. On the Internet one can construct one's own daily newspaper by linking to a selection of web pages, subscribing to chosen mailing lists, and accessing preferred newsgroups. One can also compete with the established media on specialized topics by publishing ones own web page. ….Traditional media senses the competition, and would like to eliminate it if it could. But such is no longer possible…… So on the Internet you may have non-pilots and non-engineers discussing the downing of TWA 800. You have auto mechanics asking questions about the Federal Reserve, and housewives concerned with cryptology policy and other privacy issues. There are non-journalism majors writing their own newsletters, and non-forensic experts meticulously combing the evidence relating to the death of Vince Foster. So what? While there is no guarantee the truth will necessarily emerge in this process, there is a greater probability that some of the truth will emerge some of the time than when the editors of the New York Times, sure of their pipeline to heaven, present us with the sanctified Fiske report, and declare it a revelation of God, or good government, or whatever….." 1/26/2000 Andy Rooney "…. CBS' Andy Rooney notes that one of the things reporters do often is criticize their own business. "There is so much to be critical of," the 60 Minutes commentator told the Overseas Press Club this week. "It's like Winston Churchill once said of former prime minister Neville Chamberlain: 'He's a modest man - with a great deal to be modest about.' "The trouble with news now is money. Most of the decisions being made in television news are not about news, they're about money. Corporate America was late discovering there was profit to be made with news, and it's trying to make up for its slow start." Rooney lamented that networks have drastically cut back on their foreign bureaus not because there's no news abroad, but because of "money here in the United States." If a correspondent excels on the evening news, he or she is shifted to a newsmagazine "so the network can maximize its income from the correspondent's star quality." Rooney said that when he talks about these issues with his boss, Don Hewitt, the executive producer says that "those of us on the show making huge amounts of money are part of the problem." Rooney said that if he ever met any executive "dedicated to news instead of money, I'd work for a quarter of what I make now," and so would his colleagues……"

Media Research Center 1/28/2000 Rich Noyes "…. Two liberal public policy groups, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) and the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), got a lot of attention recently when they released a report alleging a sizeable and growing income gap between rich and poor workers. Their report received little critical media coverage, but perhaps none was as glowing as a pair of reports on CNN's Newsroom, a half-hour cable news program produced for use in classrooms all over the world……. Newsroom then showed students two reports that had aired the previous day on CNN -- one piece by Don Knapp on the study's findings, and a second report by Aram Rosten on "what it means on a human scale." Neither report, however, properly labeled the study's authors, nor did they include any quotes from experts who questioned the study's premise or methodology……. Knapp also relayed the CBPP's and EPI's liberal policy recommendations: "The study urges federal and state governments to avoid tax cuts that benefit the rich, increase minimum wages and come up with tax credits for the very poor."……"

Media Research Center 1/28/2000 Rich Noyes "…. Neither story provided students (or anyone else, for that matter) with information they could have used to think more critically about the study. For example, just as the Census Bureau does when it produces reports on income distrubution, the CBPP-EPI researchers split the U.S. population into five segments (quintiles), each containing an equal number of families. But, as the Heritage Foundation's Robert Rector and Rea Hedermen point out, since families contain different numbers of people, so does each quintile. The differences are huge: top "fifth" contains nearly a quarter of the U.S. population (24.3%), while the bottom "fifth" has only 14.8% of the population, a difference of 25 million people. "It is not surprising that quintiles with more people and more wage earners have a larger share of total income," Rector and Hederman wrote in a response to the CBPP-EPI study. "The discrepancy in population will strongly distort the apparent distribution of income." ……. Additionally, students should have been told that the study only examined pre-tax income, which ignores the fact that the current tax code is already designed to partially redistribute income from the rich to the poor…… Finally, the popular notion that undergirds the study (expressed by CNN's Haynes as "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer") is contravened by the fact that most workers' incomes fluctuate greatly over the course of their lives….."

World Net Daily 1/27/2000 "….An artist friend keeps reminding me that in today's world of computer graphics a picture is no longer considered a legal document. There are too many people who have learned to transform images on their PCs. Even the U.S. Army protects against such tampering by imprinting a seal on all official photographs. One of the most interesting examples of such manipulation is the jacket cover of "Shadow: Five Presidents and the Legacy of Watergate 1974-1999" by Bob Woodward. The riveting cover is a picture taken at the Nixon funeral of the five living United States presidents -- Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton standing next to each other. Most people are unaware that the original photograph included the presidents' wives between each man. Someone obviously decided the picture with the wives was not as dramatic as they wanted; all those women were removed electronically….."

World Net Daily 1/27/2000 "….Now comes the truth about what you see on television. According to the Jan. 22 Fresno Bee, CBS is "inserting fake, digitally manipulated ads in live broadcasts of the 'CBS Evening News.'" The most outrageous recent occurrence was during the New Year's Eve broadcast from Times Square. Behind the smiling face of Dan Rather looking out over Times Square, CBS digitally inserted a fake billboard touting CBS news, instead of showing the actual billboards, which were paid for by Budweiser and NBC. Of course, one could argue that the networks shouldn't be forced to display advertising for competitors and products for which they have not received compensation; but that argument misses the point…..What would Edward R. Murrow, or even Walter Cronkite, say about faking any content in live news broadcasts? CBS is the network that originally led the way in demanding news reporting of the highest caliber….."

World Net Daily 1/27/2000 "….Yet, what is truly more frightening are the implications of government propaganda being inserted into entertainment programming. Senior editorial writer at the Orange County Register and WorldNetDaily commentator, Alan Bock, discusses in detail the links between the War on Drugs and government regulation of the content of television programming. As he points out, the federal government got into the act of "TV program director" as a result of a 1997 Congressional authorization of $1 billion to generate anti-drug ads in the media. In order for the $1 billion not to become just a windfall for the networks and television stations, the law required that the network provide one free ad for each paid ad. That meant the federal government was essentially paying half-price for the ads. In 1997 the networks believed half-price ads were better than no ads. …."

The Media Research Center 1/26/2000 L Brent Bozell III "…. Two recent media controversies in the news -- the AOL-Time Warner merger and the discovery of White House-funded anti-drug message placement within prime time network sitcoms and dramas -- suggest that the liberals' greatest problem with the major media is with... the liberals who run it. The AOL-Time Warner merger caused great hue and cry from liberals claiming the impending media monopoly threatens to leave only the voices of the so-called media moguls. Left-wing critics always automatically assume that these powerful plutocrats are some sort of proto-capitalist Steve Forbes supporters. In this merger, the biggest financial player is Ted Turner, the billionaire United Nations backer/abortion supporter/self-styled "socialist." And the Internet's biggest player is Bill Gates, known in philanthropic circles as the wind beneath Planned Parenthood's wings…… Let's face it. Despite all their talk of declining democracy, liberals don't care about diversity of voices. Allegiance to that principle would dictate that they denounce the increasingly strident liberal structure of America's top media corporations and the threat that poses to conservative voices. But mum's the word on that, as it is with another sacred tenet of liberalism -- that the money's never too good to stand on principle. The liberal Web site Salon broke a story which should have the Hollywood left marching in the streets. To honor parts of a massive billion-dollar government ad buy of anti-drug commercials, the networks made a quiet deal with the White House to place anti-drug messages directly into the scripts of their sitcoms and dramas. If the networks had made this deal when Nancy Reagan was leading the War on Drugs, Hollywood would have exploded with fury. What about our artistic integrity! What about free speech! How dare you submit scripts and videotapes directly to the White House! It's cultural dictatorship!….."

Nando Times 1/26/2000 Cal Thomas "…..Back in what some called the golden age of broadcast journalism -- when the emphasis was on the journalism -- some viewers thought they detected bias in Chet Huntley's occasionally raised eyebrow or David Brinkley's wry smile on NBC's "Huntley-Brinkley Report." Today's broadcast journalists are more broadcast commentators who left fairness at their agent's door. The coverage of Monday's Iowa caucuses is just the latest example. Repeatedly, the overpaid hotshots of network TV concluded that Gov. George W. Bush had been pulled to the right by religious conservatives and, as NBC's Tim Russert opined, that "could hurt" him "with a mainstream electorate in the general election." Yet, as the Media Research Center noted, no one concluded that Al Gore had been pulled to the left by Bill Bradley when Gore proposed universal health coverage or when teachers unions took a hard line against school vouchers, once favored by Bradley. A lot of "analysts" and reporters are of one mind that Bush's openness about his faith will also hurt him. That's because most of them are closed to such things or, as a Washington Post ombudsman once explained: "You have to understand, we don't know many of these people." On taxes, the broadcasters (like the Democrats most of them are) never saw a tax cut they liked or a spending program they couldn't embrace. So, tax cuts are described as risky, irresponsible or extreme, echoing Democrat critics. ….. Brian Williams said on NBC that in order for Bush to have received 41 percent of the Iowa Caucus vote he "had to run with Jesus Christ." Williams offered a disclaimer that he meant "no disrespect." Sure. Some of your best friends are Christians, right? The fact that NBC's own exit poll showed that moral issues ranked first with voters (35 percent), followed by taxes (23 percent), apparently did not sway the perspective of NBC journalists….."

Media Studies Ctr 2/1/00 Sarah Rasmusson "….Neither local TV news coverage nor the newsrooms that generate it adequately represent the gay community, agreed New York-area broadcasting executives at Newseum/NY on Jan. 27. "Diversity is really the key," insisted Bart Feder, news director of WABC's "Eyewitness News" in New York. "If we don't open up the ideas, then we don't cover the stories." The discussion, "View from the Top: Local TV News," was co-hosted by Newseum/NY and the New York Chapter of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. Barbara Raab, producer for NBC's "Dateline" and a member of NLGJA, opened the discussion by asking panelists to grade their newsrooms on their coverage of gay and lesbian issues and the AIDS epidemic……"

Reagan Information Center 2/3/00 Mary Mostert "….. In yesterday's column I pointed out that, while the media was playing up the notion that the New Hampshire Primary was a massive blow to George W. Bush, and to the campaigns of other Repuclicans, there was quite a discrepancy in the number of Democrat voters from past New Hampshire elections. The figures were used by interviewers to put considerable pressure on Alan Keyes and Gary Bauer to "drop out of the race." At the same time Senator John McCain was practically declared the eventual winner. ……"

Chattanooga Free Press 2/7/00 "…..But the other day, for just a moment, Mr. Lamb let his impassive persona slip. He was hosting 'Washington Journal' (the call-in show in which a C-SPAN interviewer goes over the morning papers and newsmagazines with a guest from government, journalism, academia or activism), and he wrapped up the program by reading an item from the Jan. 17 U.S. News & World Report's "Washington Whispers" feature. Here it is: "How many ways does President Clinton love China? How about 297,832? In a rare accounting, the State Department reveals that it stuck taxpayers for that amount to pay the check of the 1997 state dinner for Chinese President Jiang Zemin -- Clinton's most elaborate. The bills reviewed by Whispers show that the fare for the chow line -- steak, lobster, and marzipan panda bears -- was chump change compared with the fairy tale post-dinner party on the South Lawn. Topping the list: $166,615 for a tent fitted with faux French windows. Nice touches: $5,281.62 for engraved invitations; $985 to rent a Steinway grand piano; $9,342.97 for flowers; and $1,440 to have little red trolley cars ferry guests to the party tent. Some other charges in the bills, obtained by Judicial Watch under the Freedom of Information Act: The park service spent $9,698 for 22 workers to replace $6,885 in trashed sod. And Ridgewell's, the fancy caterer, billed $7,676 for help and equipment -- after a $32 discount negotiated by Clinton's butler." Mr. Lamb had no comment to add to this pretty picture. He just signed off, gruffly and abruptly. And for those who've watched a lot of Brian Lamb, the edge in his voice was as startling as Bill Clinton's Beijing-smooching party tab had been disgusting. You could tell the man was furious……" 2/7/00 Carl Limbacher "….Is the Media Pulling a Clinton for McCain? Is the Washington press corps once again so enamored of a presidential candidate that they've decided not to investigate his past, despite a number of disturbing on-the-record accounts that are at great odds with his current media image? That's what happened in 1992, when reporters looked the other way on information about Bill Clinton's pathological womanizing and criminal attempts to cover it up - charges that would eventually lead to his impeachment. Back then, the press was so committed to the man from Hope that even when Clinton himself offered to come clean, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette managing editor John Robert Starr told him he didn't want to know. …… "

The Wall Street Journal 2/4/00 "…..A few days ago, the Associated Press's Pete Yost reported on one of the lingering ghosts of the Clinton scandals: "Addressing a growing controversy, federal judges in the nation's capital killed a rule that enabled the chief judge to send prosecutions against friends and supporters of President Clinton to his judicial appointees." In the normally well-cloaked world of judicial procedure, this is a very big deal. As far as we can make out from a large data-base search, the AP story was picked up by next to no major news outlets. …… The matters newly revealed last month include the assignment of the case of Mark Jimenez, a fugitive from the Justice Department's campaign-finance probe, to Judge Friedman (who, it should be noted, drove the internal review that had resulted in abolishing the discretionary assignment rule). And hearings regarding Miami businessman and Democratic fund-raiser Howard Glicken were assigned to Judge Henry Kennedy, a 1997 Clinton appointee…….. " 2/7/00 Bruce Sullivan "….. A Pew Research Center Poll shows that Americans are increasingly turning to sources other than network television for political news, including the Internet and cable television. Although only six percent of people say the Internet is their main source of election news, that is up from just two percent in 1996 - a gain of 200 percent - making the Internet the fastest growing news medium. Regular Internet users say they use it as their main news source 12 percent of the time. In the same period, the number of viewers who say that cable television is their main source of election news jumped from 23 percent to 31 percent. However, since 1996 the percentage of people who use network television for their main election news coverage fell from 39 percent to 24 percent - a 38 percent drop. …."

The Washington Times - Pruden on Politics 2/8/00 Wesley Pruden "…..Truth is always the first casualty in any war, foreign or domestic, but the Queen's English is taking a horrific beating on the hustings. The FBI should put out an all-points bulletin. …… Pundits and reporters are guilty of abuse and excess, too, squirting cliches, mangling metaphors and scattering hyperbole as if with manure spreaders. Only the most conscientious ones wedge an occasional bit of news between breathless reams of polling trivia, usually expressed in jargon bordering on gibberish. One hitherto unreported fact is that 43.6 percent of all polling data is made up on the spot (subject to a 3.1 percent margin of error). On the Sunday morning political talk shows, the made-up facts - or "factoids," in Norman Mailer's much-misused term - actually comprise 57.4 percent by volume (adjusted seasonally). Reporters can always (and always do) blame their lapses of judgment and taste on their editors, which is what editors are there for, and candidates can always blame their speech writers. But not always……"

REUTERS 2/9/00 "…..By some accounts, the national press corps is smitten with Sen. John McCain, the Arizona Republican trying to overtake Texas Gov. George W. Bush for his party's presidential nomination. The positive press McCain has gotten in his upstart presidential bid has conservative commentators apoplectic. Rush Limbaugh declared recently that the media's "orgasm" over McCain's New Hampshire primary victory was "frightening, absolutely frightening." Some liberal journalists, skimming over McCain's basic conservatism on economics, defense and abortion, have even questioned whether the self-styled maverick is in the right party. "This man is not a Republican," blared a headline in the New Republic last month. A Salon magazine writer called the Arizonan "basically just a cool dude." The author of a New York Times Magazine piece a few months back wrote at length about how the two had become pals. ….."

Media Research Center 2/8/00 L Brent Bozell III "….What's the quickest way for a candidate to make a national reporter squirm? Bring up religion. George W. Bush's decision in a December debate to name Jesus Christ as the philosopher with the most impact on him gave reporters the willies. NBC's Tim Russert is a devout Roman Catholic who has spoken publicly and profoundly about his faith. Yet when the Republican candidates met again in January, he felt it necessary to question repeatedly if Bush's faith in Jesus somehow translated into Christian theocracy: "I think people watching, some want to hear your God is Jesus Christ, they don't have a God, or they have Yahweh or they have Allah. They want to know it's okay." Russert went so far as to suggest that every Republican debate seems to mention Jesus, asking Gary Bauer, "Are you concerned that many people in the country are watching that exchange and saying, 'you know, that's a little more about religion that it is about politics and that concerns me?'" Russert's colleague Brian Williams added that the Republicans were "strident tonight: anti-gay, pro-Jesus, and anti-abortion and no gray matter in between." What message is the public supposed to take away from this? It's the quadrennial network message: Republican primaries are polluted with the Christian right, and their Bible-toting intolerance will cost them in the fall. They're stridently pro-Jesus, and are frightening average Americans by dragging too much religion into the public square……..

Media Research Center 2/8/00 L Brent Bozell III "….The other interesting liberal media trend is that, for all of their mockery of religious conservatives having a direct phone line to God, some liberal journalists have claimed a true Christian would implement liberal policies. On CNN's "Capital Gang," Wall Street Journal executive Al Hunt joked: "Now if Jesus is a political thinker, I assume he's for the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty -- 'blessed are the peacemakers.' I assume he's pro-earned income tax credit -- 'blessed are the poor.'" In Time magazine, columnist Jimmy Breslin pretended that Christ was on the campaign trail in Iowa, and he was angry at Republicans like Bush for invoking his name while supporting the death penalty: "'How can he say he carries me, Jesus Christ, in his heart,' candidate Christ asked, 'when at the same time he stands by while people are put to death?'" ….."

Media Research Center 2/8/00 L Brent Bozell III "….After the St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl, quarterback Kurt Warner was introduced as the Most Valuable Player. He told the crowd, "First, I want to thank my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ" -- and the fans roared back their approval of his testimonial. The media probably said: there go those poor, uneducated, and easy-to-command types again….."

Associated Press 2/12/00 Garrett Therolf "….Media executives at a National Press Club panel grappled Saturday with the difficulty of delivering accurate news to a skeptical public while at the same time coping with the competitive pressures of media outlets moving at ever-faster speeds. "News is everywhere," said Louis D. Boccardi, president and CEO of The Associated Press. "The public just can't get away from it." …."

WORLD Magazine 2/19/00 Tim Graham "…..John McCain's 18-point victory in the New Hampshire GOP primary put the media into high gear, with Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News & World Report all placing the Arizona senator on their cover. Newsweek's Jonathan Alter declared the obvious: Mr. McCain was drawing "the most positive press coverage of any Republican presidential contender since Dwight Eisenhower." A dramatic win can lead to dramatic coverage, but the media's recent pedal-to-the-metal promotion is just the latest swoon in a long-brewing love affair between Mr. McCain and reporters. Well before he won a primary, the three news weeklies put Mr. McCain on their cover, underlining that voters should take him seriously. ABC's Good Morning America offered the McCain campaign 10 interviews in the last five months of 1999, while other candidates didn't get one. When conservatives Steve Forbes and Alan Keyes came in a surprisingly strong second and third in the Iowa caucuses, Good Morning America responded by inviting Mr. McCain on again, even though he had decided to skip the caucuses……"

FAIR 2/9/00 "…… To dozens of activists who asked why the New York Times had not reported allegations that the U.S. deliberately targeted the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade during the Kosovo War, Times foreign editor Andrew Rosenthal responded that his paper was still investigating the charges. Of late he has indicated that the investigation is complete: Unable to verify the allegation, the Times will publish no story. The story the New York Times will not report emerged in October 1999, when the London Observer and the Danish paper Politiken jointly produced major investigative articles reporting that the U.S. military, acting without authorization from other NATO countries, deliberately attacked the embassy in May 1999 after learning it was transmitting military signals to Yugoslavian forces in Kosovo. The story was sourced to several well-placed NATO officials--unnamed, but identified by position--although NATO's official position was and continues to be that the strike was an accident………"

***Media Research Center CyberAlert: Special Edition*** 2/12/00 Vol Five No 25 "…..1) 60 Minutes to feature a piece Sunday about drug use allegations against George W. Bush lodged by discredited, at least until now resurrected by CBS, book author J.H. Hatfield who was convicted of hiring someone in 1987 to commit murder. He now says "things in the past should stay in the past," except for Bush's alleged drug use. CBS conceded his story could be "truth or lie." 2) While Hatfield now concedes he was convicted for solicitation of murder, when first confronted last October he denied that he was the same J.H. Hatfield who had been convicted and served time. …….. Now [Hatfield] he has a new publisher, an outfit called Soft Skull Press, and while major book publishers with names you've actually heard of dream of getting one of their book authors touted on 60 Minutes, the prestigious news magazine show has decided to promote Hatfield's second attempt to gain a national audience for his unproven charges against Bush……. Hatfield claims that in the early 1970s George W. Bush was arrested for cocaine possession and that his father improperly used his influence to arrange for the record to be expunged. CBS never lent such valuable promotion time and credibility to any one of the many books about Bill Clinton which leveled troubling charges about his days in Arkansas. ……"

Freeper donna "….60 Minutes wants to get the nomination for our next President just like they did in 1992 for Clinton. The New Clinton Chronicles ( Partial Transcript) DON HEWITT ( Executive Producer, " 60 Minutes"): And they came to us because they were in big trouble in New Hampshire. They were about to lose right there and they needed some first aid. They needed some bandaging. What they needed was a paramedic. So they came to us and we did it and that's what they wanted to do. When I told Tim Russert that I was persona-non-grata at the White House, he said, "Why?" I said, "The Gennifer Flowers interview." He said, "You got him the nomination." I said, "I know that." As far as I know from the conversations I've had, Bernie Nussbaum knew that, Gergen knows that, Lloyd Cutler certainly knows it 'cause Lloyd had a hand in his coming on that night. You know it was strong medicine the way I edited it but he was a very sick candidate. He needed very strong medicine, and I'm not in the business of doctoring candidates but he got up out of a sick bed that night and walked to the nomination and as I said to Mandy, "You know if I'd edited it your way, you know where you'd be today? You'd still be up in New Hampshire looking for the nomination." He became the candidate that night. ….."

Reuters Medical News 2/11/00 "……UK researchers contend in the February 12th issue of the British Medical Journal that the risk of lung cancer associated with passive smoking may be substantially lower than previously reported. Dr. J. B. Copas and colleagues of the University of Warwick, say that a previous analysis of 37 epidemiologic studies may have overestimated the excess risk of lung cancer at 24% because it did not allow for publication bias. Dr. Copas' team defines publication bias as "the possibility that published studies, particularly smaller ones, will be biased in favour of more positive results." …… If all possible studies of this type have been published, then an excess 24% risk of lung cancer due to passive smoking emerges, which agrees with the previous analysis. "However," Dr. Copas and co-authors say, "a significant correlation between study outcome and study size suggests the presence of publication bias." If it is assumed that only 60% of the studies have been published or included in the analysis, then "the estimate of excess risk falls from 24% to 15%," the researchers say. "A modest degree of publication bias leads to a substantial reduction in the relative risk," Dr. Copas and colleagues write. This suggests "that the published estimate of the increased risk of lung cancer associated with environmental tobacco smoke needs to be interpreted with caution." ……. Dr. Copas told Reuters Health that 15% still represents a substantial excess risk. "We are not questioning the view that inhaling smoke is bad for you," he said. He acknowledges that "in principle" the risk could increase if the "missing" studies resulted in a positive association. "But," Dr. Copas noted, "the evidence suggests the other way, that small studies have higher estimates, suggesting that it is the lower estimates that have been left out." ….."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 2/11/00 "…..1) ABC, CBS and NBC jumped on a charge from a woman about an anti-McCain "push polling" call her son got. Blaming Bush, Dan Rather grumbled that the campaign "just got a lot nastier." NBC's David Bloom stated the "race is getting uglier than anyone imagined." 2) ABC News, in alliance with Common Cause, countered Bush's charge that McCain is a hypocrite on fundraising. Barry Serafin argued that "a campaign watchdog group...says McCain is not ahypocrite" and his Web-raised donations are "the cleanest money." 3) More media admissions and explanations for the pro-McCain bias. Steven Brill relayed how reporters accept McCain since they don't think he really believes the conservative position he espouses. 4) Did Democrats support or oppose the effort to reduce the marriage penalty? Depends if you believe ABC or NBC….."

The Wall Street Journal. editorial page 2/4/00 "…. A few days ago, the Associated Press's Pete Yost reported on one of the lingering ghosts of the Clinton scandals: "Addressing a growing controversy, federal judges in the nation's capital killed a rule that enabled the chief judge to send prosecutions against friends and supporters of President Clinton to his judicial appointees." In the normally well-cloaked world of judicial procedure, this is a very big deal. As far as we can make out from a large data-base search, the AP story was picked up by next to no major news outlets……. This past summer, the Associated Press also disclosed that Judge Johnson had directed cases against Presidential pal Webster Hubbell and fund-raiser Charlie Trie to Clinton appointees. Judge James Robertson was assigned the Hubbell case in April 1998. Judge Paul Friedman was assigned the Trie case in January 1998. Later, Judge Friedman was assigned the cases of campaign finance figures Maria Hsia and Pauline Kanchanalak…..The matters newly revealed last month include the assignment of the case of Mark Jimenez, a fugitive from the Justice Department's campaign-finance probe, to Judge Friedman (who, it should be noted, drove the internal review that had resulted in abolishing the discretionary assignment rule). And hearings regarding Miami businessman and Democratic fund-raiser Howard Glicken were assigned to Judge Henry Kennedy, a 1997 Clinton appointee….."

Drudge Report link 2/3/00 L Brent Bozell III "….. Last August, the national media pounced on George W. Bush over swirling rumors that he used cocaine in his youth. Reporters echoed The Washington Post, which urgently suggested to Bush "We need to ask the cocaine question." Even though the Post and others searched far and wide for any hint of evidence, no witness, no accuser stepped forward. But when Newsweek magazine (the Post's corporate cousin) spiked an excerpt from its own reporter Bill Turque's biography of Gore dealing with Gore's use of marijuana, a witness did speak out. More damning still, John Warnecke was a friend of Gore's for many years. He alleged Gore and he regularly smoked marijuana together right up to Gore's initial run for Congress in 1976 (and even once during that campaign). For those keeping track, that would mean Gore was using drugs two years after Bush claimed he could deny using them. So if Bush's denial of drug use in the past 25 years was not a deterrent to further media investigation, does it not follow that an allegation of drug use within the last 25 years is even more reason for the media to investigate Gore? But where Bush stumbled with dates and would not issue a categorical denial to all the cocaine rumors, Gore denied his accuser's claims of regular use. "When I came back from Vietnam, yes, but not to that extent." Then he added his running mate's favorite tactic: "It's old news." And that was that for another stillborn Gore scandal. Tony Snow asked Sen. John Kerry about it on "Fox News Sunday." NBC's Katie Couric asked Gore about it directly on "Today," although without the tone she used when the subject was Bush ("Is the pot calling the kettle black?"). But ABC, CBS, CNN, and the three news magazines wouldn't touch it. The dirty double standard in "news" coverage of the campaign is out of control. Ted Koppel's "Nightline" devoted an entire show last August to the Bush rumors. Koppel lectured: "Why not accept his one-size-fits-all declaration that when I was young and irresponsible, I was young and irresponsible? Perhaps, we might say, because he has never accepted youth and irresponsibility as legitimate excuses for illegal behavior." Gore responded to the Warnecke allegations with a very similar-sounding dodge: "When I was young, I did things young people do; when I grew up I put away childish things." But Koppel put Bush on the hot seat. Gore walks. ….."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 2/4/00 "…..A Republican Revolution: McCain now leads Bush in South Carolina," proclaimed Dan Rather at the top of Thursday's CBS Evening News as both CBS and NBC trumpeted a John Zogby poll, a pollster the networks normally ignore, showing John McCain five points ahead of George Bush in South Carolina, though only NBC actually gave credit to the pollster, calling the finding a "bombshell." Rather asked: "Is Bush's Southern firewall against McCain burning in South Carolina or not?"…… While CBS led with the poll news and NBC devoted a story to it, ABC only made passing reference at the end of a story. Linda Douglass noted: "McCain is gleefully pointing to a local poll that now shows him leading George Bush in South Carolina." Douglass argued McCain is winning through straight talk, picking up on his attacks on tobacco companies: "It was the kind of blunt talk hiscampaign thrives on. Taking on the tobacco industry in a state where it is the number one crop. It might be a shrewd move. Farmers here are angry at cigarette companies for buying more tobacco abroad." …."

Worldnetdaily 2/4/00 Jon Dougherty "…..To hear Handgun Control, Inc. tell it, guns -- specifically handguns -- are the worst killers of both children and adults since the birth of the modern American nation-state. But the reality of the issue is this: Guns, in all applications and under all conditions and circumstances, routinely kill far fewer Americans annually than a number of other unrelated causes. In fact, as Florida State University criminologist Gary Kleck has regularly proven, guns actually save about 2.5 million lives a year. Yes, I know -- what can we expect? After all, this is Handgun Control, Inc. and they have no compunction against telling the truth as they want it to be, instead of using documented facts -- all of them -- to present their case to their constituents and the American people in general. The establishment media has a large hand in perpetuating these lies and distortions of truth.. ……."

Worldnetdaily 2/4/00 Jon Dougherty "…..According to the National Safety Council, in 1996 alone, 120,000 deaths resulted not from guns but from accidental medical errors. In 1998, around 41,200 people were killed in automobile accidents; falls claimed 16,600; poisonings killed 8,400; about 4,100 people drowned; and some 3,700 were killed in fires or from burns…….Rather than guns being the leading cause of death in the home -- accidental or otherwise -- falls have that dubious honor. In 1998, home accidents in general accounted for about 28,200 fatalities, and about 6.1 million debilitating injuries. Of that figure, falls numbered 10,700. Most people who fell -- more than 86 percent -- were aged 65 or older. Falls are followed by deadly solid and liquid poisonings, fires and burns, and suffocation by ingested object as the leading killers in the home. Of "Deaths and Injuries in the Community," the NSC said, "the five leading fatal causes are falls, drowning, water, air and railroad transportation." From 1994-96, there were 129,536 deaths from automobile accidents and approximately 350,000 accidental medical deaths. This compares with 47,115 shooting deaths in the same period of time. Obviously we need to outlaw cars, hospitals and doctors as well as guns, eh? ….."

Worldnetdaily 2/4/00 Jon Dougherty "…..As for kids -- the favorite "pull-on-their-heartstrings" line used by liberal anti-gunners -- firearms are a child's (or a parent's) least serious worry. In 1998, motor vehicle accident deaths claimed the lives of 2,600 children aged 0 to 14; 200 suffocated to death; 570 were killed by fire or burns; 850 drowned; 70 were poisoned, 160 died from falls; and 40 died from carbon monoxide inhalation. During the same period, guns "principally in recreational activities or on home premises" accidentally killed 110 kids aged 1 to 14 years. Other methods, including "medical and surgical complications and misadventures, machinery, air transport, water transport (except drowning), mechanical suffocation, and excessive cold," killed an additional 500 children. So, as you can see, guns are not our biggest health problem in this country……" 2/3/00 Gary Achtemeier PhD "…. Scientists, professionals, and academics appealed to the Board on behalf of modern science that removing an important concept like evolution from life sciences and biology would intellectually cripple students. Nothing in biology, it was claimed, makes sense except in light of evolution. On the other side were mostly parents who were concerned with what their children were being taught. As soon as the decision was cast, the propaganda war began. Darwinists have discovered that the best way to silence those who question evolution is to marginalize them through ridicule and character assassination. They characterized those who supported the new guidelines, including parents, as bible-thumping fundamentalists, dangerous pseudo-scientists, flat earthers, etc. Unfortunately, much of the stereotyping was done by journalists who did not stop for an instant to find out what the issues were, who the parties were or what they believed. The Chicago Tribune chanted, "intellectual chicanery." The Boston Globe saw "evolving creationist" fundamentalists. The Washington Post decried "literal belief in biblical creation stories." 2/3/00 Gary Achtemeier PhD "…. The issues discussed at Kansas, however, go beyond disagreements with church doctrines to concern for the safety of children. After the Littleton massacre, parents testifying before a congressional subcommittee on the matter claimed that removal from the classroom of prayer, the Ten Commandments, and other biblical teachings on human behavior created a climate favorable for murderous behavior. That may be true, but I believe it is not the whole story. The congressional testimony did not adequately explore the thought systems that have replaced the abolished biblical doctrines. Science, real science-the work that ferrets out empirical facts about the nature that surrounds us-has been co-opted by an ancient philosophical/religious doctrine the origins of which can be traced back to at least 400-700 years before Christ. Known today variously as scientism, evolutionism, metaphysical naturalism, and Darwinism, this doctrine has been so effectively interlaced with science that it is often difficult for the scientist, much less the layperson, to separate the two. 2/3/00 Gary Achtemeier PhD "…. Many religious leaders have bought the ruse. However, as is so often the case, those with the most the lose are usually the ones who take the effort to become the best informed. Conservative Christians have discovered that while science may be neutral on religious issues, Darwinism is not. The real conflict is between two equally religious belief systems. Darwinists, however, with assistance from misguided media, have been astonishingly successful at painting the issue as one of a small group of ignorant fundamentalists pitting their outdated biblical myths against the studied results of empirical science. Thus, by making it appear to be nonreligious, Darwinism can appear to be no threat to religion and by making it appear to most churchgoers that there exists no conflict between Christianity and evolution, Darwinists have effectively mollified the opposition and have been free to rob the store. ….." 2/3/00 Gary Achtemeier PhD "…. Though the date of the Kansas Board of Education's rather insignificant decision still rings loudly through the propaganda mills of the media, another date, June 25, 1999, will eventually ring louder, I believe. Writing an editorial in the magazine Science, the frontispiece of the prestigious National Association for the Advancement of Science, Stephen Jay Gould launched a direct attack on religion thereby exposing the true religious nature of Darwinism. After quoting Psalm 8 "Thou has made him a little lower than the angels...thou madest him to have dominion...thou has put all things under his feet." Gould went on to state, "Darwin removed this keystone of false comfort more than a century ago, but many people still believe that they cannot navigate this vale of tears without such a crutch." Ending the article, Gould admonished his readers, "Let us praise this evolutionary nexus, a far more stately mansion for the human soul than any pretty or parochial comfort ever conjured by our swollen neurology to obscure the source of our physical being, or to deny the natural substrate for our separate and complementary spiritual quest." Here Gould has gone much farther than the occasional witty jabs of fellow high priest, Richard Dawkins ("Evolution has made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist") or the late Carl Sagan, who, writing in the introduction of Stephen Hawkings book, A Brief History of Time, claimed naturalistic evolution leaves "nothing for a creator to do." Gould has proposed to substitute for Christianity and other religions, "a far more stately mansion for the human soul...." …." 2/3/00 Gary Achtemeier PhD "…. The question that confronts us and is the focus of the remainder of this essay is: Why did Professor Gould choose this hour to break with Darwinism's tenuous accommodation with religion? …….. One reason why Gould may have departed from the ruse of accommodation with religion is Darwinists' perceived loss of control of the scientific and educational world. Three events have come together lately to make this possible. First, deep from within the biological sciences there has arisen a group of scientists who are promoting intelligent design (ID), the concept that a intelligent agency was involved in some stages of life's origin and dispersal. Drawing from recent advances in molecular biology and information theory, the ID theorists have come to recognize that purely naturalistic evolution cannot possibly explain every step in the emergence of living organisms. The discovery of minimum irreducible complexity in bio-molecular structures utterly falsifies the foundational premise of Darwin's theory, namely that biological organisms arise through gradual accumulation of small mutational changes. Furthermore, there is no known source of information apart from intelligent design. Darwinists have been unable to imagine how the immense information content of the highly specified DNA genetic code might have arisen by chance, let alone design a scientific experiment and collect data to explain it……..So far, the ID scientists have resisted attempts by Darwinists to silence them. Vilification has not worked. Marginalization has not worked because many of the IDers are biological scientists who actually do the research. Attempts to stereotype them as fundamentalists seeking to promote biblical creation stories, which may play well with the media and others predisposed to Darwinism, have served to radicalize the ID scientists. ………….Second, with the breakup of the iron curtain and the parting of the bamboo curtain, the biological sciences are enjoying a global renaissance of sorts. Biological scientists in Asia, particularly China, do not hold blind allegiance to Darwin as do their colleagues in the West. They seem disposed to requiring the theory to fit the data rather than making the data fit the theory. Hostilities with American Darwinists during a recent biological conference held in China prompted one Chinese scientist to remark, "In China we can question Darwin but we can't question the government; in America, you can question the government but you can't question Darwin." ……….Third, though they nearly completely control educational institutions from kindergarten through graduate school and virtually monopolize all forms of the media, Darwinists have discovered through recent polls that fewer than ten percent of Americans believe in the totally random, unsupervised, impersonal, godless origin-of-life story promoted by the Darwinists. Many more Americans believe in some form of evolution directed by a supernatural agency. Fully half of Americans don't believe in macro-evolution at all. Seven of ten Americans think evolution should be taught along with the scientific evidence that does not support evolution. Obviously attempts to indoctrinate American school children into a Darwinistic view of life have not been as successful as was hoped. 2/3/00 Gary Achtemeier PhD "…. Another reason why professor Gould may have departed from the Darwinist ruse of accommodation with religion is a growing suspicion of the underlying source of violence in our schools and our society. The lure of Darwinism is in its promise of unfettered licentiousness but its curse is purposelessness. Darwinists claim there is no God (therefore there is no accountability for our actions) and we are an accidental coming together of molecules on an insignificant planet near a minor star in just another galaxy (life has no purpose). It doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognize the volatility of the mixture. Combining licentiousness with purposelessness for the disturbed mind is like touching an open flame to gasoline. In his Science editorial, Pastor Gould wrote, "Evolution liberates the human spirit." With no accountability for our actions, evolution liberates the totalitarian, the despot, the "dog-eat-dog" capitalist, the child molester, and others who find their liberties in exploiting the weak. …….. The perpetrators were troubled, yes, but bright-that is, bright enough to make the connect. If there is no purpose, if there is no accountability, if there is no way out of the pain and emptiness of life, then why not maximize the license and exit in a towering ball of flame. The Littleton killers committed suicide. A Gallop poll of teenagers who had considered or tried to commit suicide found that almost half (41 percent) cited depression or feeling worthless as the reason. ……. 2/3/00 Gary Achtemeier PhD "….Memories of Milwaukee serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who not only killed but ate his victims, are now fading. However, in a Dateline NBC program that aired in 1994, Dahmer's father had this to say. "If you don't-if a person doesn't think that there is a God to be accountable to, then-then what's-what's the point of-of trying to modify your behavior to keep it within acceptable ranges? That's how I thought anyway. I always believed the theory of evolution as truth, that we all just came from the slime. When we-when we died, you know, that was it, there is nothing....." Men hunt and kill animals for food. If the younger Dahmer had followed his father's footsteps and had convinced himself that man is just another animal then what's wrong with hunting and killing men for food? 2/3/00 Gary Achtemeier PhD "…. Stephen Gould claims Darwinism would "liberate the human spirit." Historically, the survival of the fittest message of Darwinism has provided rationale for some of the most outrageously uncivilized actions by "liberated believers." One notorious practitioner of Darwinism wrote, "He who would live must fight; he who does not wish to fight in this world where permanent struggle is the law of life, has not the right to exist." His book was Mein Kampf; his name was Adolf Hitler. Both Lenin and Stalin praised Darwin for liberating them from encumbering theology. Karl Marx wished to dedicate his book to Darwin. Darwinian philosophy has been foundational for moving abortion from crime to respectability. It is estimated that in this century somewhere between 100 million and 150 million human beings have met with untimely death at the hands of those who appealed to Darwin in some manner to justify their actions. Darwinists of the first half century openly taught that blacks were being selected out of the human race. In that view, the infamous Tuskegee Experiment made sense. Darwinists taught that women were inferior to men since men were competing with animals and each other while women were staying home with children. The killers and bigots of the first half century have been replaced by the killers and bigots of the last half century. The players are different but the script is the same. ….."

Washington Weekly 2/14/00 Edward Zehr "….. As reports filtered in from the precincts in Delaware on Tuesday night it quickly became apparent that George W. Bush had buried the mainstream media's candidate, John McCain, in a two-to-one landslide. The final count was Bush: 51 percent, McCain: 24 percent, Forbes: 21 percent and Keyes: 4 percent. (Don't bother looking for the results in your local newspaper or on network TV -- the mainstream media are treating them as "Most Secret," for their eyes only, not to be disseminated to the proles under any circumstances). Even McCain's 18-point margin in New Hampshire was dwarfed by Bush's massive 27-point win. Doesn't count, huffed the media. McCain didn't campaign in Delaware. Which of course leads in to the question that the media did not have to answer because they saw to it that it didn't get asked: why didn't McCain campaign in Delaware? The answer should be quite apparent to anyone who is familiar with such things. In Delaware the Republican primary is restricted to Republicans. Democrats masquerading as Republicans are not allowed to pick the GOP candidate as they are in states such as New Hampshire and South Carolina. ……. The last time they (partially) succeeded in this strategy was 1952, when Eisenhower, an outsider, beat Sen. Robert Taft (known at the time as "Mr. Republican") for the GOP nomination, with the help of a media propaganda blizzard. …….Those who cleared the American educational system prior to the Great Dumbing-Down will recall that Eisenhower cleaned the clock of Democratic candidate Adlai Stevenson that year, carrying with him both houses of Congress. However, there is reason to doubt that history will repeat itself with McCain in the starring role this time. For one thing, the only argument the media were able to raise against Ike is that he wasn't very smart (i.e. didn't agree with them). This is a hard sell against a man who had only a few years previously led a rather large American army to victory in Europe. The case against McCain will be a good deal easier to make, as I will demonstrate. …."

APB News 2/14/00 James Gordon Meek "…..Retired Maj. Gen. John Singlaub wants you to know he is not a war criminal. The former special forces commander said he did not use banned chemical weapons during the Vietnam War, nor did he carpet-bomb his own men, as alleged in reports by the Cable News Network (CNN) two years ago……."

National Review Online 2/14/00 Jonah Goldberg "…..First off, he's black. Did you know that? Well, it seems that this is news to a lot of journalists. Indeed, by all rights Alan Keyes should not exist. He is akin to a square circle, a well-read Alec Baldwin, a chaste Bill Clinton, a white Al Sharpton. Indeed, it is the refusal of the national media that has prompted me to write this column. That, and the endless haranguing from Keyes supporters. I don't much like being on the same page as US News and World Report. Last month in Iowa, Keyes won a sizable number of votes from the sort of people East and West Coast liberals think are physically incapable of seeing beyond race. Indeed, the people who get their daily programming from the New York Times op-ed page are incapable of imagining that there are conservative, pro-life, church-attending white folks who could be comfortable with a black doctor, policeman or school teacher, let alone a black commander-in-chief. And yet these are the people who voted for Alan Keyes…..…..It's worth remembering that in 1988 numerous "serious" commentators considered Jesse Jackson's failure to win the Democratic nomination a barometer of white racism. "A black man can't win" was the mantra at the time……"

The Daily Northwestern 2/25/00 Erin Murphy "….Charlton Heston blasts one-sided "fast-food journalism" "The media has become theater, and I will ask you to do what you can to bring down that curtain," the NRA-supporting actor told Northwestern University journalism students. "Leave the acting to guys like me. Drive out the actors and screenwriters who pose in your classrooms as journalists." …….. "There's so little respect for the written word and so much aversion to free thought that truth causes can't be championed," said Heston, who gave the keynote speech of Conservative Week, sponsored by the Northwestern Chronicle and Young Americans Foundation. ...... Heston accused journalists of presenting only one side of issues and molding stories to show political biases. He said that journalists should investigate and report stories on both sides of political issues……… Heston also blamed television for drumming political correctness into programming and playing to what people want to see. He also said television is increasing apathy among viewers, creating a society that is a "dumbed-down cult." "If 50 years ago you set out to destroy free speech, you would invent television," he said. ………. Despite saying that he was not there "to talk about guns," Heston said media coverage of gun use is an example of biased journalism. Heston said the press extensively covers crimes committed with guns while ignoring instances of people protecting themselves by owning guns. "The press pretends there are no positive social benefits to firearm ownerships," he said. ….."

Media Research Center 2/25/00 Brent Baker "……1) Dan Rather warned that McCain is "going to the right" as CBS's Eric Engberg blamed Bush's Michigan loss on a backlash against "far right organizations." Tom Brokaw led with how Bob Dole "has stepped in now to say, 'enough.'" 2) ABC on Bush: "Last year Governor Bush opposed a bill that would have banned the death penalty for the mentally handicapped and he vetoed a measure to improve the quality of public defenders." 3) Last Friday ABC's John Stossel argued "the media like [campaign finance] reform so much" because if interest groups are suppressed "it makes us more important." Thursday night colleague John Martin railed against interest group advocacy, calling it "poison." 4) Pressed by CNN's Jeff Greenfield about why the "liberal media" would like John McCain when he's "pro-life, against federal aid to the arts and pro-defense buildup," Bob Novak answered: "They don't believe he means it on those things." 5) In Gore-like fashion, NBC's Tom Brokaw claimed he was like Paul Revere, saying "The Internet is coming, the Internet is coming." 6) Help produce CyberAlerts: Job opening at the MRC for a News Media Analyst……"


St. Louis Post Dispatch 2/24/00 William Freivogel and Terry Ganey "….. Press advocates argue that opening the test could inspire public trust. But Danforth says the piecemeal release of information would undermine confidence in his investigation.. …….. Lucy Dalglish, executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, concedes that the courts have never recognized the right of the public or the press to be present during the "discovery" phase of a civil suit, when both sides gather evidence in advance of a trial. The re-enactment is part of that evidence-gathering in the Branch Davidians' wrongful death suit against the government. But from a policy point of view, Dalglish thinks Danforth's decision is a mistake. "By cloaking this whole thing in secrecy, the public gets suspicious about what they were not allowed to see. If they can see what is going on, there is going to be less of a Roswell flying-saucer element," she said. …….. . Dalglish says Danforth's attempt to close the test could have unintended consequences. "Sometimes investigators don't use their heads on this. If television and news reporters cannot view what happens by standing in a viewing area, they are going to have to rely on leaks. If they have visuals and can watch the test occur, that will probably be what they run." …… Danforth has most of the law on his side, the experts say. Peter Joy, a Washington University law professor, noted that Danforth's memo cited several previous court decisions upholding secrecy in similar matters, while the news organizations had little legal support. Over the past two decades, the U.S. Supreme Court has broadened the First Amendment right of the press and public to attend trials and pretrial proceedings. But in Seattle Times Co. vs. Rhinehart in 1982, the court said there was no First Amendment right to disseminate information obtained during pretrial discovery. …….. McNulty has long said the press must shoulder part of the blame for the 1993 Waco tragedy because it allowed the FBI to push it back away from the complex before the final assault, making press scrutiny impossible. …….. "

Media Research Center 2/22/00 Brent Baker "…. First?!?!" Bryant Gumbel reacted with disgust when a colleague guessed historians ranked Reagan as the best President…..
Co-host Jane Clayson deferred: "Hmmm. Good question."
Gumbel: "Of all the Presidents when they did first to worst. Oh c'mon, you would know."
Clayson: "Ronald Reagan."
Gumbel, appalled, exclaimed: "First?!?!"
Clayson: "Who was it?"
Gumbel chastised her: "No! Reagan wasn't even in the top ten. Abraham Lincoln. Maybe you've heard of him." At 8:30am Gumbel got to Smith, who explained that Clinton was rated fifth for "economic management" and placed very last, 41st, in "moral authority." Overall, Clinton ranked 21st. A displeased Gumbel argued: "Well, but in part that's a sign of the times. I'm mean because he's a sitting President he wound up 21st. I mean he would be judged harsher than past Presidents would be. Would you expect in years from now in this same survey he'd finish a lot better?"
Smith remained unpersuaded by Gumbel's argument. Reagan, for the record, finished in 11th place……"

World Net Daily 2/23/00 Joe Farah "…..I got hooked on daily newspapering like a lot of folks in my generation because of Watergate……. Jeremy Peter Flachbart "Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter," he said. That's always been my attitude. It certainly ought to be the attitude of real news people the world over. But there's a danger is having such an attitude today -- even in the media. If you do, many people will confuse what you do with some kind of political agenda. The truth is, we're just doing our jobs -- as real journalists. This is the way news people are supposed to act. We're supposed to be skeptical of government -- maybe even cynical. We are supposed to root out government fraud, waste, abuse and corruption at every turn. And that's what we do at That's our philosophy. That's our credo. That's our mission……But I'm here to tell you that one of the main reasons the federal government has been getting bigger and bigger is because of the propaganda dished out by the old media. Think about it. When you read the front page of the New York Times or listen to Tom Brokaw or one of the other celebrity talking heads, think about how they present the news. Usually the formula is something like this: They present a problem -- real or imagined. They hype it into a crisis. And then they offer an implied solution -- almost always a government solution -- higher taxes, more regulation, more freedom-restricting legislation. That's the formula for news in the old media today. And while it has been successful at helping the state grab power, it is turning people off in bigger numbers all the time. People are hungry for real alternatives because they sense they are being manipulated….."

WorldNetDaily 2/23/00 Jon Dougherty "…..But don't ever imagine you can challenge their right to say and think what they wish. They're on the side of "righteousness," don't you know -- as defined, of course, by all the leftists. At one point in our country's history, we used to use that line of reasoning to control slaves and other "enemies" of "conventional wisdom." At one point, Hitler used it to control his political opposition. …… For example consider the ridiculous nature of anti-tobacco advertising. It's "against the law" to advertise cigarettes in most venues today, but the same people who have championed this ban don't mind seeing Budweiser lizards or Jack Daniels plastered all over the same venues. ...All guns are bad -- taboo -- Americans are constantly told. Even a large banking conglomerate like Citibank refuses to do business with people who do business in weaponry. But it's OK to do business with other businesses that hype sex and violence -- as if neither of those two vices actually hurt people. ……If you're a Christian and you talk publicly about your faith, you're either branded as some sort of extremist or you're disregarded as unrealistic. Witness the numerous sportscasters who were uncomfortable talking to St. Louis Rams' winning quarterback Kurt Warner who unabashedly credits his skill and performance to the Almighty. …….If you're white -- and specifically a white guy -- then you're inherently racist. But if your skin is any other color in this country, you're somehow immune from being a racist, even though you may espouse anti-white rhetoric and blame "whites" for everything that has gone wrong in your life. Anything "liberal" or associated with the Democratic National Committee is good. Anything "conservative" or associated with the Republican Party, the Libertarian Party or anything right of left is worse than bad -- it's dangerous…….Only kids who are educated in public schools learn the "right" things, while kids schooled at home or in parochial/private settings are considered freakish and disadvantaged. And the list goes on. …." 2/29/99 "...It's the new power politics of the crybaby. When the temper tantrum doesn't work, dissolve into tears. …….. But, more recently, after the American people failed to cower in the familiar manner of White House staff sycophants, at a September 9 press conference with congressional Democrats who had just come from a breakfast meeting with the President, a new strategy of public deception had come to the fore. A reporter asked the question: "Did he cry?" Not, mind you, "Did he commit perjury, obstruct justice, or abuse power?" But, rather, "Did he cry?" …… Did you cry when the 36 boxes of the Starr Report were being unloaded on Capitol Hill? I sure hope so. You see, you are convincing no one with your sorry acting. If you are truly sorry, what are you still doing in the White House? ……. It was the Star, after all, that broke the Gennifer Flowers story. It was the Star that broke the story of your Machiavellian advisor Dick Morris and his enjoyment of a prostitute with attractive toes. The Star reported the news while the networks were reporting your lying spin. ……" 2/22/00 William Tonso "….... Having whipped up hyste ria about "assault weapons," journalists now point to the results of their alarmist reporting as evi dence that they were right all along. Although big journalism's misleading coverage of this issue can be partly explained by a combination of ignorance and arrogance, it seems clear that hostility toward the right to keep and bear arms has played an important role. From the beginning, stories about "assault weapons" blurred the distinction between semi -automatics and machine guns. Machine guns are automatics: They fire as long as the trigger is held back. The possession of such firearms has been strictly regulated by the federal government since 1934. They have long been banned in some states, and no new automatics have legally entered civilian circulation in the United States since 1986. But semi-automatics, regardless of how much some of them may look like machine guns, fire one shot per trigger pull. Civilians have commonly used them for recreation and self-defense since the turn of the century True assault rifles were developed by the Germans during World War II and adopted by the major post-war powers. Such rifles combine the spray-fire capabilities of the less-powerful submachine guns and the one-shot-per-trigger-pull, aimed-fire capabilities of more-powerful battle rifles. Assault rifles are less powerful than traditional military rifles, which fire cartridges long used for hunting and target shooting. The assault rifles' smaller cartridges are easier for soldiers to carry in large numbers, and they reduce recoil, so the guns can be controlled during automatic fire. Domestic and foreign manufacturers offer semi-automatic-only variations of assault rifles, submachine guns, and other automatic firearms for civilian sale in the United States. Although the label is quite elastic, it is for the most part these high-tech­looking guns that Sugarmann and other gun prohibitionists call "semi-automatic assault weapons." But the hallmark of an assault rifle is a switch that allows the gun to be fired automatically or semi-automatically. A gun that fires only semi-automatically is not an "assault" anything, no matter what people like Sugarmann claim......."

http:/ 2/19/00 "…….There are articles which to be accepted today must be written only by women or men who have not served in America's military. Unfortunately, being born a male, and having served decades ago as a navy frogman, I fit neither category. In spite of that horrendous drawback, the topic just seems too important to ignore simply because I lack the qualifications. I am speaking of commentary on the recommendations recently given by an eleven person panel that studied in-depth the integration of women into our armed forces. The panel, composed of six women and five men, conducted nearly two thousand interviews with active duty personnel at seventeen sites. Nancy Kassebaum Baker, a former senator and woman of uncompromising integrity, chaired it. The study arrived at several recommendations, of which perhaps the most controversial was the segregation of males and females through basic training, and housing them in separate barracks during that period. The panel's findings will be circulated to our senior military officers for their concurrence or opposition. If there is general agreement, they will be adopted and implemented. From what I have read of the panel's suggested changes, they all make sense, would improve the quality of basic training, and I believe they should be incorporated as standard procedure in our armed forces. Not surprisingly, some of the media have responded indignantly to the panel's conclusions. Titles of "About Face," and "Retrenchment," were applied to its findings. It seems to me the media are more concerned about their agenda of gender equalization in our armed forces than they are about insuring that America has a military capable of successfully defending the country….." 2/20/00 Bruce Sullivan "……In the wake of his distant third-place finish in the South Carolina primary, Republican presidential nomination candidate Alan Keyes said Sunday that "racists in the media" have conspired to give him as little television exposure as possible to keep fellow African Americans from hearing his conservative viewpoints. "The broadcast media is the media that is watched by most black folks in America. They don't get a lot of the cable channels. And as a result these racists don't want black people to know that the most capable candidate in this race has a black skin," said Keyes on CNN Late Edition……."

New Australian, The No. 145, 21-27 2/00 James Henry "……So bad is the situation that it was immediately assumed that the killers [of Jerry Parks] would never be arrested. They never were. How could they be, whispered critics, when one of the first acts of the Clintons was to replace all US Attorneys "with our people." An unprecedented and dictatorial act that gave the Clintons control over the prosecutorial machinery of the federal government in every judicial district in the country. To top this off, the Clintons even maneuvered to get Webster Hubbel installed as Attorney General - before he went to jail where he threatened to cooperate with Starr. However, $US700,000 plus in hush money, clumsily disguised as consultancy fees. To strengthen their control further they had William Sessions, Director of the FBI, removed. Sessions was noted for his integrity and opposition to political interference in the Bureau's affairs. (No wonder he had to go.) Clinton groupie Louis Freeh was made Director of the FBI. Rumour now has it that FBI agents have withheld sensitive information from Freeh in the belief, rightly or wrongly, that it would be passed on to the White House which is now considered, to put it mildly, a security risk……"

New Australian, The No. 145, 21-27 2/00 James Henry "……What is really shocking is how the media, with a few brave exceptions, literally covers for the Clintons, even enthusiastically assassinating the characters of his critics, impugning their motives and smearing their reputations. These media storm troopers subjected the likes of Tripp and Jones to the most appalling abuse and constantly vilified Starr while defending the Clintons' corrupt practises….."

APBnews 2/14/00 James Gordon Meek "…..If Maj. Gen. John Singlaub feels he was painted as a war criminal by two CNN documentaries on covert missions in the Vietnam War, former CNN producer April Oliver thinks that's nothing compared to what she has suffered because of him. "John Singlaub is still a war hero that's highly regarded by many people in his community," Oliver told "I'm not working anymore. I can't find a job. I've had to go back and get retrained in another field." A 1997 CNN report produced by Oliver called "Secret Warriors" prompted a multi-targeted lawsuit by Singlaub, who claimed the program depicted the former special operations commander as a war criminal who used banned chemical weapons and ordered air strikes to obliterate his own ground troops rather than risk their capture. Singlaub also was outraged when Oliver quoted him in the July 1998 premiere of Newsstand: CNN & Time as advocating the elimination of turncoats during the war. That documentary alleged the U.S. military used sarin nerve gas during Operation Tailwind in 1970 to kill scores of American defectors in neutral Laos. ……"

Media Research Center 2/15/00 L Brent Bozell III "…..One of the ways the media continue to devaluate their currency with the public is by constantly debasing society's pillars, of which a persistent favorite is the clergy. The Kansas City Star recently took a sledgehammer to the Catholic Church. "Hundreds of Roman Catholic priests across the United States have died of AIDS-related illnesses," thundered the investigative report, "and hundreds more are living with HIV, the virus that causes the disease." …….. Whoa. Notice the utter lack of numerical certainty in this supposed expose, which is nothing but guesses piled upon guesses piled upon guesses. One would suppose that no serious journalist would carry this wild speculation. But if so, one would suppose wrongly. Newspapers across the country picked up these nuggets of nothingness and presented a "crisis" of priests with AIDS. Readers in Chattanooga, Columbus, Denver, Indianapolis, New Orleans, New York, Omaha, Orlando, St. Petersburg, and Washington received this drivel through the Knight-Ridder news wire. CBS presented an "Evening News" report which suggested things were even worse: "Father Thomas Crangle conducted his own study a decade ago and found that nearly a quarter of the 398 priests he surveyed said they were HIV-positive or had full-blown AIDS. For him, the new findings were not surprising, but accurate numbers are difficult to come by." The nonsense wouldn't stand unchallenged for long. Statistical analysts David Murray and Robert Lichter quickly debunked the Star survey which accompanied the series as illustrating "the pitfalls awaiting news organizations that conduct surveys in order to create news." The Star survey was sent to 3,000 of America's 46,000 Catholic priests, and only 800 responded, for a 27 percent response rate. Murray and Lichter wrote that when three out of four recipients fail to respond, "follow-up surveys are conducted to increase the returns or at least to learn whether the minority who responded were representative....But we have no idea whether the minority who responded were unusually concerned about AIDS, differentially open to questions of personal sexuality, or even more likely to have a homosexual orientation than the 2,212 non- respondents." Murray and Lichter also note that when the Star guesses that "about 400 priests nationwide" either have AIDS or might have it but haven't been tested, only 0.5 percent said they had HIV, and only 0.4 percent said they might. "In absolute terms, this means seven individuals said they have or fear they might have AIDS. Any projection of seven individuals onto a nationwide stage is statistically dubious, particularly when we don't know how representative this group is." ……"


The New Australian 3/5/00 James Henry "…..Now that Hillary the Hun is running for New York it's once again time to reflect on the co-presidency that has done so much to humiliate and degrade the Republic. Let us recall what the mainstream media has tried to swill down its Orwellian memory hole and that is the Clintons insistence (Zipper never does anything political without Madam Guillotine's approval) on the transfer of sensitive technology to China . This technology greatly improved the accuracy of Beijing's ICBMs that are now targeting American cities, including New York City. Being the outrageous liar that he is, Clinton denied that our cities had been targeted despite conclusive proof to the contrary by the CIA. Whose cities did the Clintons think Beijing was going to target?…….Some might think that I'm drawing a long bow on this. Now way. When Johnny Chung didn't get what he wanted on PRC visitors to the White House, meetings Bill and Al, etc., who did he go to? You guessed it, Hillary. And did she give him what he wanted? You bet she did. Now why would she do that? For fear of appearing churlish there is also Hillary's long-standing ties with Charlie Trie that go right back to Littlerock. That Charlie was a money-peddling Chinese agent was just bad luck for her, wasn't it? And who had Johnny Huang, another Chinese agent, appointed to the Commerce Department? Right again. It was Hillary. Boy, this dame sure can pick 'em......."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 3/3/00 "….1) Democratic fundraiser and Al Gore friend Maria Hsia was found guilty of funneling money through straw donors, but NBC and MSNBC ignored the verdict; ABC and CBS gave it only a few seconds. 2) Fresh shootings are bringing "gun control roaring back as a big issue in this country," insisted NBC anchor Brian Williams. Andrea Mitchell pointed out: "Among the states with the most lenient gun laws...George Bush's Texas and John McCain's Arizona." CBS's Dan Rather held the "gun lobby" accountable for the latest deaths..."

CNS News 3/3/00 Wes Vernon "…..Write down February 26, 2000 as the day the liberal establishment's urge to censor conservative thought in the media was revealed in plain public view without the usual code words. No longer was there any pretense of hearing "all sides" in the interest of furthering "the marketplace of ideas", the mantra used by liberals in denouncing "blacklisting" (i.e. merely pointing out that a communist is, well, a communist) and "censorship" (suggesting, however meekly, that exposing young children to pornography on the library's internet may not be the brightest idea to come down the pike). Some of us have suspected for years that many on the left who claim to abhor censorship were being somewhat hypocritical. Alas, their respect for the First Amendment was not intended for those with whom they disagree. But now, a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination has come out and put it right on the line. Those who oppose the politically correct line on the homosexual activist political agenda should be shut up. On Saturday February 26, former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley said that radio talk-show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger should not be allowed to go ahead with her planned television program. The reason? She disapproves of the homosexual lifestyle and, more specifically, the efforts of the homosexual activists to impose their political agenda on others, even to the point of demanding not just tolerance, but approval. That this smacks of thought control seems to bother liberal politicians not in the least. ….."

Source: ***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 3/1/00 (Vol. Five; No. 36) "…..1) Bush won, but CBS still focused on his "difficult day on the stump" denying he's anti-Catholic. The exit poll found 42 percent of McCain voters plan to vote for Gore this fall, a finding CBS and NBC portrayed as a sign of Bush's weakness. 2) Today devoted an entire interview to quizzing Jeb Bush abouthis brother's visit to Bob Jones University and to McCain's charge that "he is being lured too far to the right to win." 3) "I love Granny D!" exclaimed Today's Matt Lauer of the woman who walked cross the nation in a gimmick to push campaign finance "reform." Katie Couric roared: "She's great!" Tuesday night Bob Dotson claimed she "has felt the nation hugging her shoulders." 4) ABC's Cokie Roberts let slip that McCain didn't face tough questions from reporters he invited aboard his bus. ….." 3/1/00 Lew Rockwell "……Today, the media are very glum. Down in the dumps. Don't even want to talk about the meltdown. NPR had to dig through its closet of news stories to find something besides Bush's victory to talk about. Here's something on donuts, and here's something on the Digital Divide. Anything, anything! Just don't talk about the fact that Bush won Virginia by 9 points, Washington State by 20 points, and North Dakota by 57 points. ….."

Capitol Hill Blue - The Rant 3/1/00 Doug Thompson "…..John McCain's lies and nastiness finally caught up with him Tuesday as he went down in flames in primaries in Virginia, North Dakota and Washington State. You may have missed it because the talking heads on the tube gave only passing mention to George W. Bush's trouncing of the troublesome Arizona Senator. A week ago, the TV networks devoted three times the coverage to McCain's wins in the Michigan and Arizona primaries. This time around, they couldn't wait to mention Bush's wins in passing and move on to the story of a six year old kid in Michigan blowing away a classmate. ……" 3/2/00 William Anderson "…..During a recent campaign swing in New York, Vice President Al Gore spoke at a Hasidic synagogue. As would be the case with any service conducted by this ultra-Orthodox Jewish group, the males filed into the seats, while their wives, daughters, and sisters took their places outside the assembly. Women did not take part in the service and were not even in the same room as the men. No journalist afterward questioned Gore's commitment to women's rights, and Gore's political opponents attacked neither the vice president nor the synagogue where the service was held. This hands-off stance by the press was as it should have been, as individuals should be free to practice voluntary religious beliefs without government interference. Unfortunately, George Bush, Jr., has not been a recipient of this same beneficence by the media. The recent attacks on Bush for having spoken to an assembly at Bob Jones University in South Carolina have not only damaged the Bush campaign, they also point to a more ominous trend in church/state relations. The politicians, in their frenzied zeal to win, and the media, ever in search of a controversy, have let an evil genie out of the bottle. It is not overstating the case to say that the current political climate is laying the groundwork for the end of religious freedom as we have known it since the founding of this republic. Even Bush's most recent primary victories in Virginia and Washington do not change that situation……."

ABC News 2/28/00 Peter Jennings Freeper Timmy "…..I couldn't believe it! I was watching ABC News with Peter Jennings. After reporting McCain's anti-Christian speech, Peter Jennings said (paraphrase), "We need to tell you that the Catholic Voter Alert phone calls that occurred in Michigan are reportedly also being made in Washington state." They then went to a commercial. He never told the viewers that Catholic Voter Alert is John McCain! I can't believe the blatant bias! This is too much. …..", Inc. 2/28/00 Jon Dougherty "…..Two men indicted in the torturous rape-murder of 14-year-old Jesse Dirkhising last fall have requested a change of venue from Benton County, Arkansas, because of the publicity the case has received locally. …… Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against both Brown and Carpenter. The case generated national attention after WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah first reported it nationally last October. Farah made the case that other national news media opted to neglect the story because it involved a politically incorrect theme -- a heinous crime involving the rape and murder of a teenage boy by two homosexuals…….. Farah's criticism eventually caught the eye of E. R. Shipp, ombudsman for the Washington Post. In a Nov. 14, 1999 editorial, Shipp defended the paper's lack of extended coverage of the Dirkhising murder because the Post's "policy is not to cover murders from out of the Washington area at all unless it's a case of mass murder or has caused a large local sensation or has raised a larger social issue." "The Shepard story was news," Shipp said, "because it prompted debate on hate crimes and the degree to which there is still intolerance of gay people in this country. It was much more than a murder story for us." ......... "

The New York Times 3/12/00 Jane Perlez "……Nine months after they declared victory in the war over Kosovo, Washington and its NATO allies are fighting among themselves over how to keep a deteriorating situation in the Serbian province from spinning out of their control. Since June, tens of thousands of alliance troops and a United Nations' administration have failed to prevent de facto partition of Kosovo or continued ethnic bloodshed. The threat of more violence is intensifying as both Serbs and Albanians try to foment unrest across the border with Serbia proper. The problems are provoking mounting criticism from Congress -- even envisaging possible American withdrawal -- as well as reluctance from NATO allies to keep troops in Kosovo and pleas for more money from an underfunded United Nations mission struggling to keep the peace. …….At the same time, administration officials acknowledge that an overriding priority is to avoid American casualties and keep Kosovo out of the news during an election year. One administration official, who served in Bosnia, said that the driving force behind the policy now is to keep it "off the front page." ……"

CounterPunch (Vol. 7 No. 5) 3/1-15/00 Alexander Cockburn "….CNN is up in arms about our report in the last issue of CounterPunch concerning the findings of a Dutch journalist, Abe de Vries about the presence of US Army personnel at CNN, owned by Time-Warner. We cited an article by de Vries which appeared on February 21 in the reputable Dutch daily newspaper Trouw. De Vries reported that a handful of military personnel from the Third Psychological Operations Battalion, part of the airmobile Fourth Psychological Operations Group based at Fort Bragg, in North Carolina, had worked in CNN's hq in Atlanta…..I duly received an angry phone call from Eason Jordan who identified himself as CNN's president of newsgathering and international networks. Jordan was full of indignation that I had somehow compromised the reputation of CNN. But in the course of our conversation it turned out that yes, CNN had hosted a total of five interns from US army psyops, two in television, two in radio and one in satellite operations. Jordan said the program had only recently terminated, I would guess at about the time CNN's higher management read Abe de Vries's stories……… "The facts are", de Vries told me, "that the US Army, US Special Operations Command and CNN personnel confirmed to me that military personnel have been involved in news production at CNN's newsdesks. I found it simply astonishing. Of course CNN says these psyops personnel didn't decide anything, write news reports, etcetera. What else can they say? Maybe it's true, maybe not. The point is that these kind of close ties with the army are, in my view, completely unacceptable for any serious news organization. Maybe even more astonishing is the complete silence about the story from the big media. To my knowledge, my story was not mentioned by leading American or British newspapers, nor by Reuters or AP." ......"

CounterPunch (Vol. 7 No. 5) 3/1-15/00 Alexander Cockburn "….It's impossible not to laugh when CNN execs like Eason Jordan start spouting high-toned stuff about CNN's principles of objectivity and refusal to spout government or Pentagon propaganda. The relationship is most vividly summed up by the fact that Christiane Amanpour, CNN's leading foreign correspondent, and a woman whose reports about the fate of Kosovar refugees did much to fan public appetite for NATO's war, has been in bed with the spokesman for the US State Department, and a leading propagandist for NATO during that war, her husband James Rubin. If CNN really wanted to maintain the appearance of objectivity, it would have taken Amanpour off the story, an option that obviously didn't cross their minds. Amanpour, by the way, is still an advocate for NATO's crusade, most recently on the Charlie Rose show on February 24……."

Associated Press 8/8/99 Anne Gearan "...The Clinton administration, dismayed by the success of anti-American propaganda worldwide, is striking back with an information offensive of its own: a State Department unit that will control the flow of government news overseas, especially during crises. The new International Public Information group, or IPI, will coordinate the dissemination of news from the State Department, Pentagon and other U.S. agencies.....In the recent Kosovo war, the Pentagon, State Department and White House poured out information each day but no single agency tried to assemble it so that the United States spoke with a coordinated message overseas. The group came about partly in response to the spread of unflattering or erroneous information about the United States received abroad via electronic mail, the Internet, cellular telephones and other communications advances. ...President Clinton signed a directive April 30, in the thick of the Kosovo war, that set out plans for IPI, although the White House did not formally announce the group's existence or role. An unclassified mission statement obtained by The Associated Press described IPI's role: ``Effective use of our nation's highly developed communications and information capabilities to address misinformation and incitement, mitigate inter-ethnic conflict, promote independent media organizations and the free flow of information, and support democratic participation will advance our interests and is a critical foreign policy objective,'' the document said...."

World Magazine 3/10/00 Dr Gene Veith "……Today, reporters still don't get it. They're all over Southern Baptists for their evangelism programs directed at Jews. And Bob Jones University is vilified for its founder's criticism of Roman Catholicism. Pronouncements of its former president, who died three years ago and had not been president for 29 years, are trotted out, then associated with a candidate who gave a speech on the campus. To say this signals agreement with that former college president is sheer guilt by association. (When Bill Bradley, a former senator from New Jersey, makes a speech at Princeton, does that mean he agrees with Jonathan Edwards?) The implication of all of the indignation over such "religious intolerance" is that a Baptist who wants to bring a Jew or a Catholic into his church is somehow an example of hatred. But if conservative Protestants try to convert Catholics, it is also true that conservative Catholics try to convert Protestants, as is evident every night on EWTN, Mother Angelica's television network. America is the most religiously diverse nation in the world, with all of the denominations and sects disagreeing with one another, doubting each other's salvation, and trying to convert each other. And yet, we all get along with each other amazingly well. This is what it means to be religiously diverse, a quality that liberals claim to prize but that they really want to eliminate in favor of a single, monolithic ideology called relativism. Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell are the dangerous ayatollahs of the Christian right, according to the conventional wisdom, cut from the same cloth. But a huge theological chasm separates Mr. Robertson's charismatic theology and Mr. Falwell's Baptist theology. Journalists would really get confused if they read the strong theological polemics each side writes about the other. ….."

World Net Daily 3/10/00 Joseph Farah "……The editors of the Washington Post must operate in some kind of doublespeak parallel universe -- where night is day, war is peace and right is wrong. That's the only thing I can figure after reading a remarkable piece by columnist Michelle Singletary in last Sunday's edition. Titled, "In Cuba, A Lesson in Contentment," Singletary argues, after visiting Fidel Castro's island police state on a junket with a group of black journalists, that 6-year-old refugee Elian Gonzalez should be returned to his father there because conditions aren't all that bad.. …….Hello? Earth to Washington Post: Is anyone reading this stuff? Have the high school interns taken over the editorial reins at Katherine Graham's shop? "The Florida relatives who have custody of the boy say Cuba is no place for a child," Simpletary, I mean Singletary, writes. "They want Elian, who was found clinging to an inner tube in the Atlantic last November, to stay in America, where he can enjoy the riches of freedom." Notice that last phrase: "The riches of freedom." There's your first hint that Singletary has completely missed the point of the debate over Elian Gonzalez and the conditions in Cuba. The only kind of freedom that means anything in America, apparently, is the freedom to be affluent. "What I see (in Cuba) are sweet-faced children -- and intangibles that transcend all foolish materialistic arguments about who's better off where," she continues. ….."

Fox News 3/10/00 Martin Schram "…….Only by reading them together could a concerned citizen begin to understand all that is so topsy-turvy with the way political campaigns are financed in America today. For the act that was legal (and quite constitutional) may well have done more to distort and corrupt the campaign process than the act that was blatantly criminal (and quite reprehensible). Consider both stories:

Longtime Gore Fund-Raiser Convicted of Felonies for Concealing Sources of $100,000 Including Buddhist Temple Donors…….Bottom Line: The identity of those who contributed more than $100,000 used to reelect Clinton-Gore in 1996 was deliberately concealed from the public - and that was a criminal act.

Mysterious Bush Backer Buys $2.5 Million in Ads Attacking McCain, But Conceals His Identity…….Bottom Line: The identity of someone who had spent $2.5 million on reportedly "flawed" ads to help Bush win the presidency was deliberately concealed from the public - and that was a constitutional act, one that could in fact be called a multimillion-dollar act of free speech. …….."

UPI 3/10/00 Michael Kirkland "……Justice Department investigators believe there is no new evidence that Vice President Al Gore committed a crime while raising funds for the 1996 election, and there appears to be "zero" chance of reopening a Gore investigation, sources told United Press International Friday. Former Democratic presidential rival Bill Bradley and Republicans had called for a fresh look at Gore's activities. "If the Independent Counsel Act were still around, there'd be no need to open a 30-day (preliminary) investigation" leading to the appointment of an independent counsel, one law enforcement official familiar with the investigation told UPI. Under the act, the Justice Department was compelled to begin such a probe if it became aware of "specific" and "credible" information that a top official had committed a crime. Congress allowed the act to expire last summer. ......LaBella, in fact, was isolated in the Justice Department, and soon resigned his position, after his recommendation was leaked to the news media by Capitol Hill Republicans. ……… In what could only be called a burn-the-bridges maneuver, Nicholson released the private business telephone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses of the major network anchors and news executives, urging the public to use the information to complain directly to the network bigwigs about the Hsia coverage. Nicholson followed up his announcement with a second e-mail to the news media headlined, "Activists Shut Down Network Honchos' E-Mails; (ABC's Peter) Jennings' Secretary Hangs Up on Callers Protesting Lack of Hsia Coverage." ……." 3/7/00 David Limbaugh "……When the Republican campaign began, everyone was complaining about the insurmountable power of the establishment and its efforts to coronate George Bush as the Republican nominee. The media was all too eager to pile on, alleging that the Republican nomination was wired for Bush and that campaign finance reform laws were needed. Since they couldn't enact those laws themselves, they did the next best thing. They began to engage in a de facto coronation of their own. Their golden boy was John McCain -- a champion of reform who promised to eradicate the systemic corruption of the iron triangle and the establishment's impenetrable lock over the nominating process. McCain-Feingold was the panacea that would purge the corruption and restore the government to the people. Ironically, in the very process of trying to make their case, the media disproved their own argument. McCain started out with so little money -- the fruit of the poisonous campaign finance tree -- that he was said to have no chance of competing with Bush for the nomination. Almost overnight, due to nonstop media glorification, McCain exploded in the polls and began to threaten Bush's inevitability. Suddenly, Bush's millions were impotent to compete with the power of a unified media fawning after his opponent. When pressed about this, media representatives rationalized that they had given McCain favorable treatment because he was more accessible to them. Nonsense. The truth is that they gravitated toward McCain because of his anti-Republican positions and because his reform proposal was a media twofer: It rankled Republicans while promising to give the media even more power. McCain's accessibility made the press' job easier, but they haven't written favorably about an accessible Alan Keyes now, have they?….."

The Wall Street Journal 3/9/00 Paul Gigot "……"I've concluded one thing," volunteered a star of the political press corps last month. "This guy is never going to be president." She was talking about George W. Bush, reflecting the near-unanimous media consensus that the Texas governor is a goner in November. Cut up by John McCain, in hock to conservatives, lighter than helium, Mr. Bush is the next ritual Christian sacrifice to Al Gore's lions -- or so goes the conventional wisdom. Even some McCain conservatives have begun to fulfill their prophecy that he's the Republican Dukakis. Well, maybe. But then these are the same wizards who only months ago said Mr. Bush would coast to the GOP nod, while some of us worried in print that he might be the Hindenburg. The same crowd that now sees Mr. Gore as a juggernaut also called him a hopeless stiff just last year. .........Despite the illusion of last summer's polls, this election was always going to be difficult for Republicans. Mr. Gore will have peace and prosperity and the media on his side. Democrats will be motivated to do whatever it takes, knowing the White House is their last hold on Washington power. Yet despite all that, and despite the pounding Mr. Bush has taken the last two months, Al Gore still trails him in the polls. That tells me Americans are looking for a reason to send the Clinton-Gore political circus back to the Ozarks….."

Source: ***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 3/7/00 Vol Five No 40 "….. 2) George Bush attacked Al Gore for the Buddhist temple event, but ABC and NBC ignored him. CBS picked up on it, but didn't mention Maria Hsia's name, the woman convicted for it last week. 3) The RNC urged its supporters to call and e-mail the networks to complain about the lack of Hsia coverage……"

Republican National Committee 3/6/00 "……The major television networks have disconnected their anchors' e-mail accounts -- and Peter Jennings' secretary is hanging up on callers -- after Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson this morning gave out their phone numbers and e-mail addresses to protest the networks' non-coverage of the conviction of Al Gore fundraiser Maria Hsia. "The callers who can actually get through to Peter Jennings' office are being hung up on - right after they mention Maria Hsia," Nicholson reported. "It's 'call ABC Audience Relations' and click - pretty rude behavior for the network where 'more Americans get their news than from any other source.'" Dan Rather's secretary, meanwhile, instantly routes Hsia callers to the CBS operator, without instructions or comment. "They've turned a blind eye to the Hsia story, and a deaf ear to callers," Nicholson responded. ……"

Media Research Center 3/7/0 L. Brent Bozell III "…..In a shocking victory for lackadaisical Justice Department prosecutors, Democratic fundraiser, Gore associate, and communist Chinese agent Maria Hsia was convicted on March 2 of illegally funneling $100,000 to Democratic candidates, including the Clinton-Gore campaign, in 1996. In a much less shocking development, the major so-called "news" networks and so-called "news" magazines promptly ran and hid under rocks. Okay, U.S. News mentioned it briefly, and ABC and CBS gave it a sentence or two before the throwing the story in the trash. But these acts of criminal wrongdoing are clearly much less exciting to the average reporter than groundbreaking political events, like, say, the quality of candidates' performances on late-night comedy shows. And apparently, they're far less newsworthy than who was nominated for what at the Oscars. Newsweek devoted a whole story to how the Republicans want to capitalize on the Buddhist temple event, and even reported that new Secret Service documents show the temple fundraiser was listed as a "fund-raising luncheon" -- yet somehow managed to leave out even a mention of Hsia!……."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 3/8/00 Vol Five No 41 "…..2) Interviewing Al Gore CBS's Dan Rather refused to say the name "Maria Hsia," but NBC's Tom Brokaw focused on her after hitting Laura Bush from the left on abortion, questioning if Bush "can continue to win the support of women." Brokaw contended that soft money TV ads for Bush negate attacks on Gore's temple fundraising. 3) The "right" controls the GOP but liberals don't control the Democratic Party; Bush must "repair" damage done in SC; obsessing over McCain calling Bush "Clintonesque"; and though seeing no need for Gore to moderate, insisting Bush must move "to the middle."4) Gore's strategists plan on "spinning Gore as the mainstream candidate and George Bush as extreme." Just like the news media. 5) Focusing on liberal marchers against Jeb Bush's efforts to eliminate Florida's racial quota system, CBS's Byron Pitts imbued them with the same moral authority as "the demonstrators in Selma 35 years ago who were beat back with night sticks and tear gas.". ……"

Jewish World Review 3/7/00 Ann Coulter "….. THE NEW YORK TIMES is in a lather about presidential candidate George W. Bush having spoken at Bob Jones University. It seems the beliefs of the fundamentalist Christians who run BJU are -- not to put too fine a point on it -- at odds with the editorial positions of the New York Times. If that's not enough to make your blood boil, well, then you are not a John McCain supporter. The private beliefs of the fundamentalists at Bob Jones University include an opposition to interracial dating. (They don't allow much dating of any sort, actually -- BJU dictates chaperoned dating, no pop music, no coed dorms and a rigid dress code.) ……….. Just incidentally, despite the ritualistic denunciations of this policy, it does not "discriminate" against blacks. There are plenty of minorities at BJU. It just happens that no one -- black, white or anything else -- is allowed to engage in interracial dating, on the basis of the founder's interpretation of the Tower of Babel story in the Book of Genesis. Now on the basis of my own Christian views, I don't have a problem with interracial dating. But it's a big country; there's room for all sorts of interpretations. Of course, if you read Ebony magazine or go to Spike Lee movies you know that hostility to interracial relationships is not really so idiosyncratic, after all. It evidently has adherents well beyond fundamentalist Christians at BJU. …..One Ebony magazine article on the topic -- chosen at random -- began: "In the midst of all of O.J. Simpson's legal and career problems, what seems to bother Black women the most is the fact that Nicole Brown Simpson was white." The article went on to boast cheerfully of the many prominent black men married to black women: "Bill Cosby, Denzel Washington, Michael Jordan, Spike Lee, David Justice, Eddie Murphy, Danny Glover, Gen. Colin Powell, Commerce Secretary Ronald Brown and members of the Congressional Black Caucus."……."

Washington Times 3/6/00 John McCaslin "…… Be glad you're not a secretary today to one of the three network news anchors - Peter Jennings, Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw. Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson over the weekend mailed to every GOP activist he knew the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of the anchors after they brushed off last week's five-felony-count conviction of Maria Hsia, stemming from her 1996 fund-raiser in the company of Vice President Al Gore at the Hsi Lai Buddhist temple. On ABC, Mr. Jennings spent 19 seconds on the story; Mr. Rather on CBS gave it 23 seconds; while on NBC, Mr. Brokaw didn't utter a single word about it……"

New York Post 3/8/00 Don Kaplan "….GOP officials yesterday vowed to continue targeting network news anchors Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings in a phone and e-mail protest. Republicans were enraged at how the three networks handled the conviction earlier this week of Maria Hsia, a former Al Gore fundraiser, and urged party loyalists late last week to write and call the three anchors to protest. "This is such an outrageous omission on their part," Republican National Commitee chairman Jim Nicholson told The Post yesterday. Via e-mail, Nicholson distributed to 10,000 GOP activists the office phone numbers and e-mail addresses for Brokaw, Jennings, Rather and other network officials and urged them to write and complain. "If something like this happened again, I would [distribute their phone numbers] again," he said. Reports varied widely about whether the GOP protest tied up phone lines and jammed up the anchormen's personal e-mail boxes. On the RNC website, Nicholson claims the "CBS Evening" News devoted 23 seconds to the story Thursday evening, and that ABC's "World News Tonight" gave the story 19 seconds. NBC's "Nightly News" did not mention the story at all. "I think the networks have an obligation to the American people to help keep them informed," Nicholson told The Post yesterday….."

Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting 2/24/00 Jeff Cohen "….. In the battle for the Republican presidential nomination, George W. Bush has deployed the traditional big guns of the party establishment and carpet-bombing TV ad campaigns. Yet he's been unable to subdue John McCain, whose mobile, guerrilla operation is bolstered by a merry band of fellow travelers in the press. Imagine that in a roomful of journalists, Bush or Al Gore had told a joke about the ugliness of the teenage daughter of a political rival. Or had used a racial slur. You'd expect loud, negative news coverage. But if the candidate is McCain and the room is his "Straight Talk Express" campaign bus, you get not a bang, but a whimper from reporters. When McCain referred to Vietnamese as "gooks" months ago, not one journalist objected and few reported it. (His campaign said last week he would discontinue using the term.) When he belittled the teenager, according to U.S. News and World Report, "one reporter just begged McCain to shut up and protect himself." Journalists on board sometimes seem more like campaign aides than reporters. ….."

AFP 2/29/00 "…..The German television news station N24 sacked Frank Hoefling, its correspondent in Russia, with immediate effect Tuesday because he was not present at the filming of a controversial scene of alleged atrocities in Chechnya, the station announced.He had earlier claimed he had been present at the filming of what was said to be a mass grave in Chechnya of victims of Russian atrocities.N24 said Hoefling had admitted buying the film in Moscow on Febuary 17 from Izvestia journalist Oleg Blotsky,..."

Washington Times 3/3/00 "…. "Feisty, accessible, funny, often generous and a war hero to boot, [John] McCain is the beneficiary of an overwhelmingly favorable press, but he also holds grudges when criticized," Morton Kondracke writes in Roll Call. "McCain and his staff are boycotting the Fox News Channel [where I'm a contributor] and Fox News Sunday, aides say, because they don't like questions asked by hosts Tony Snow and Brit Hume," Mr. Kondracke writes. ….." 3/12/00 Carl Limbacher "…..For anyone who wonders how the most corrupt White House in American history yet survives in office, the appearance of Newsweek editor Evan Thomas on C-Span Sunday morning was quite instructive. Thomas is one of the top media dogs running with the crowd that tried to keep the lid on the Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones bombshells. Now that the Chinagate scandal is back on the front pages courtesy of Charles LaBella and Maria Hsia, it looks like the usual suspects are up to their old tricks again. It wasn't long into Thomas' C-Span segment before a caller demanded to know why The Washington Post, Newsweek's sister publication, seemed to be downplaying the release of excerpts from LaBella's Justice Department memo on Clinton-Gore campaign finance abuses. "I think the reason why you're not seeing more about it right now is that, in a sense, it's not new," replied Thomas. "We've known for a long time that this report was written; that the recommendation was that there be a special prosecutor. What's new are a few details." Dropping the last figleaf of journalistic objectivity, the Newsweek honcho went into spin overdrive, unabashedly borrowing a page from Hillary Clinton's "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" theory: "And really I think that the significance of the report leaking out now is politics. That it was leaked, possibly by some Republican who had it, to bring attention to Al Gore's past and try to turn the heat up on him on the subject of campaign finance reform. That's the real significance of the report at this time. And I think that's why the Post didn't follow it up." ……."

Media research Center 3/17/00 Tim Graham "……Charles Gibson warned on Wednesday's World News Tonight: "The national debate over gun control became even more vicious today. The head of the National Rifle Association accused President Clinton of having quote, 'blood on his hands.'" Gibson referred to NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, who declared on ABC on Sunday that President Clinton is "willing to accept a certain level of killing to further his political agenda." As ABC's John Cochran explained, yesterday LaPierre used a specific example: in the death of former college basketball coach Ricky Birdsong, the killer illegally tried to obtain a gun at a gun store, but was not prosecuted, part of a pattern of lax gun law prosecution. Is it fair to blame Clinton? Should political players be blamed for crimes they did not commit? Probably not, but the same outlets insisting LaPierre has crossed a line of incivility have regularly crossed the line or held the door for line-crossers indicting conservatives.

Media research Center 3/17/00 Tim Graham "……Vicious Margaret. In the May 10, 1999 Time, columnist Margaret Carlson gave the mirror image of LaPierre's Sunday statement: "Republicans are betting that this too [Columbine] will pass, that as with Jonesboro and Paducah, Pearl and Springfield, once the white coffins are in the ground and the cameras gone, the outrage will subside. But maybe not this time. In town meetings and talk radio, the public has had its fill of politicians talking resignedly about our gun culture, as if there's nothing to be done about a subgroup that finds schoolyard massacres an acceptable cost for its right to be armed to the teeth."

Media Research Center 3/16/00 L Brent Bozell "……Here are two rules of civility in politics. One, conservatives are not allowed to question the motivations or crocodile-tear strategies of liberals. Two, because the true visionaries in the Manhattan media elite have a more heightened sense of society's needs, they can say anything they want about those distasteful people who stand in the way of enlightened progress. If you doubt me, I offer a perfect example: the media's coverage of the Clinton-NRA gunfight. You can hear the anger in those scandalized media voices: doesn't Wayne LaPierre know the rules?…. For years, the NRA has been trying to tell any reporter who would ask that the Clinton administration is two-faced. As the administration campaigns for ever more federal gun laws -- soliciting the soccer moms with feel-your-pain fakery -- the actual laws on the books, even the laws they campaigned to pass in their first term, go unenforced. "Of the drug dealers and the violent felons and the gangs roaming our streets, when they're caught illegally carrying guns, the President has prosecuted only two in Washington D.C., 14 in New Jersey, 20 in Atlanta," LaPierre explained to NBC on March 14……"

Media Research Center 3/16/00 L Brent Bozell "……If that's true, certainly it shows Clinton has failed to enforce the laws of the land, and that failure ought to be a pivotal component of any discussion on crime. But reporters and anchors on the four biggest networks have brought it up only eight times in two years. So now, LaPierre inflates his rhetoric just to get his point made, and still most TV news stars remain fixated on poor Bill while continuing to avoid the inconvenient facts of lax prosecution. Of course, it was Bill Clinton who regained momentum with liberals in the media after the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress by blaming the Oklahoma City bombing on "voices of hate and division" on talk radio stations, not to mention every conservative who's suspicious of government power. Network reporters gleefully noted Timothy McVeigh's (lapsed) membership in the NRA without reservation. This tactic isn't new, nor is it contained to gun-rights advocates. For years, the media have proclaimed that if you have been so impolite as to state publicly that abortion is murder, you are complicit in the shooting of abortionists. The press has endorsed the view that if you believe homosexuality is a sin, you encourage a climate of violence against homosexuals……"

Sierra Times 3/10/00 Larry Elder "……Ronald Taylor, a black man, allegedly guns down five whites, killing three. What followed became a textbook case on how contemporary American journalism deals with race. The suspect's motive could not have been more clear. A black neighbor quoted Taylor as saying, "I'm gonna kill all white people." A white maintenance man described Taylor as disruptive ever since he moved into the apartment building, "Whenever he saw me, he'd call me a racist pig, or white trash, or he'd make a point of walking past me and brushing up against me. He just didn't like me." Yet the media leaned over backward to avoid any appearance of racism. News anchors cautioned that we don't know whether Taylor's alleged hatred against whites was the "primary" or "sole" reason for the shootings. Pardon me. When did they add that requirement? ……… The Hate Crimes Sentencing Enhancement Act defines hate crime as: "Crime in which the defendant intentionally selects a victim, or in the case of a property crime, the property that is the object of the crime, because of the actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, or sexual orientation of any person." No mention of hatred as a "sole" or "primary" motive. ……In August 1999, white supremacist Buford Furrow gunned down several people at a Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles, and shot and killed a Filipino letter carrier. In the three days following the shooting, over 150 newspapers wrote nearly 200 articles about the slaughter. …… On November 11, 1999, in Kansas City, an Ethiopian man shot and killed two co-workers and wounded a third person. All the victims were white. The Ethiopian shooter, who also shot and killed himself, left a letter referring to "bloodsucker" whites. To date, how many newspapers carried a story about this apparent race-based shooting? Eleven…….In Michigan, a six-year-old girl is shot and killed by a six-year-old boy. In these cases, the media inform us much, much later that the bad guys are black. Were it the other way around, how long before Al Sharpton holds a press conference, with a somber Kweisi Mfume of the NAACP by his side? ...... Sooner or later, the mainstream media and the white-man-done-me-wrong black leadership must face the facts. Black/white interracial crime is almost entirely committed by blacks against whites. By ignoring this, and holding black criminals to a different standard, the media heighten tension and divisiveness. The President's traveling Advisory Board on Race urged Americans to be candid with one another on race. Somebody tell the media......."

Excite 3/13/00 Arthur Spiegelman Reuters "….. Hundreds of Los Angeles Times employees were shocked when they came to work to learn that their newspaper -- locally owned for 119 years -- was being bought by Tribune Co. of faraway and frosty Chicago in an $8 billion deal that could change the whole nature of the way they do business. The deal makes the so-called City of Angels the largest city in the country without a locally owned newspaper, raising fears that the paper will lose its identity as part of a giant media conglomerate. …….. Since 1881, the Los Angeles Times has been been owned by the descendants of Harrison Gray Otis and his son-in-law Harry Chandler, families that placed their mark on the city from the shape of its civic center to the nature of its politics. Few newspapers in the United States wield as much influence as the Times. ….."

The Associated Press 3/13/00 "…… A chronology of recent major mergers and acquisitions that have shaped the media industry: [5 before Clinton] [14 1993-1999]…
Jan. 10, 2000 -- America Online Inc. agrees to buy Time Warner Inc. in $135 billion merger agreement, the largest-ever combination in the media industry.
March 13, 2000 -- Chicago Tribune publisher Tribune Co. agrees to buy Times Mirror Co., publisher of the Los Angeles Times, for $6.5 billion. …."

WorldNetDaily 3/14/00 Paul Sperry "……CNN and ABC News have canceled plans to air interviews with a veteran White House computer manager who says that first lady Hillary Clinton's office was behind a scheme to hide more than a million e-mail messages from investigators, a source says. Sheryl Hall, a career federal worker who ran the White House's computer and phone systems from 1992 to 1999, taped interviews with both networks after making the explosive charges in court documents filed last month. After taping the segments about three weeks ago, "she still hasn't been on TV," said a source close to Hall. "She was assuming it would have aired by now and, when she got a follow-up phone call from someone (at one of the networks), she asked when it would be (aired)," said the source. "They said it (the story) was being quashed." Apparently both interviews are "being suppressed," said the source, who wished to remain anonymous. "Why have none of her interviews been aired?" The Hall confidant suspects White House pressure. ………..Before the last election, the White House leaned on ABC producers to cancel a scheduled interview with former White House FBI agent Gary Aldrich, who charged, among other things, that the White House was hiring drug users over his and another agents' vetoes. Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos reportedly later boasted of having had the story "killed." Stephanopoulos now works for ABC News as a political commentator and occasional correspondent. ……. Also, CNN news division chief Rick Kaplan is a close friend of the first lady and plays golf with the president. Kaplan worked for ABC at the time the Aldrich story was spiked. State Department spokesman Jamie Rubin, moreover, is married to CNN foreign correspondent Christianne Amanpour. ……..Attempts to reach the networks for comment were unsuccessful. Calls to the White House were not returned. …….."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 3/14/00 "……1) Four seconds on Maria Hsia and six seconds, sort of, on the LaBella memo in the middle of a NBC Nightly News story Monday on how Gore's team thinks campaign finance reform can be "a winning issue for them." 2) MRC's Tim Graham appeared on FNC's The O'Reilly Factor Monday night to discuss why the networks are avoiding the LaBella memo. 3) Dan Rather focused on how Bush is supposedly being hurt by "cozying up to the self-described religious right." Reporter Richard Schlessinger asked: "Did George Bush sell his soul to the wrong group?" 4) How to get your cause onto the CBS Evening News? If you're a liberal group, put out a press release. Last Thursday the show ran three stories prompted by liberal press releases on global warming, harassment of gays in the military and saving fish……." 3/24/00 Joseph Sobran "……. The "progressive" community-news media, politicians, and various moralists at large-is in a lather about "hate crimes," demanding federal legislation to combat them. The trouble is that nobody seems to know exactly what they are. There are of course notorious and stereotypical examples-racial lynchings, gang murders of homosexuals-about which there is no room for doubt. But when we move to other cases, we find ambiguity. If one man kills another in a rage over a homosexual advance, is that a "hate" crime? What if a father kills a pedophile who has tried to seduce his child? Would that be a "hate" crime? The very word "hate" has become tendentious. White murders of blacks may receive nationwide attention as hate crimes, but black murders of whites-which are far more numerous-are rarely treated as hate crimes; seldom do the media describe them as "racially motivated." When a six-year-old fatally shot a classmate in Flint, Michigan, recently, the media tried to conceal the fact that the killer was black and the victim white. And maybe race had nothing to do with it. But on the same day, a black man in Pittsburgh went on a violent spree, killing several whites at random after announcing his intention to shoot white people, and there was no media uproar about racial hatred, such as we have come to expect when whites commit "racially motivated" violence………….. In fact, progressive-minded folks consider it hateful to call attention to such obvious facts about interracial crime. They like to remind us that America is a particularly violent country, but they refuse to recognize the amazing disparity between blacks and other races. The least violent states-the Dakotas, for example-are those that are virtually all white; their crime rates are as low as those of Norway and Japan. I'm probably committing a hate crime by noticing this fact………"

MSNBC 3/23/00 "…….As crazy as it might seem, News Corp. has been working for months on a strategy by which it could make an unsolicited bid for General Motors, according to sources close to News Corp. THE BID would also include the participation of Liberty Media, (ALMG.A) which is the single-largest owner of News Corp. (NWS) stock and is run by former cable TV titan John Malone. News Corp. and Liberty do not want to own GM's automaking or finance operations, but a takeover of the entire company has been on the minds of News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch and Malone because it represents the cheapest way, if successful to gain control of GM's satellite assets, namely Direct TV. ……. News Corp. has enlisted bankers in its efforts, which began as the brainchild of Mudoch late last year and evolved from simple cocktail party chatter into a more serious effort as this year has worn on. ….."

Media Research Center 3/23/00 L Brent Bozell III "…… Every once in a while a movie becomes the toast of Hollywood, and such is the case with "American Beauty." Already it's won innumerable citations and awards, and enters this Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony with eight nominations, including Best Picture. Most critics just can't say enough about this film. From the New York Post: "'American Beauty' is a flat-out masterpiece. Surely the best movie of the year. Indeed, an all-time classic……… My wife went to see it not long ago. She walked out in disgust after twenty minutes……. As I wanted to do, except I had to file this report. The cast of characters in this sordid effort begins with Lester Burnham, a journalist who hates his work so much he manipulates his boss into firing him, blackmails the company into giving him a hefty severance package, and embarks on a change-of-life journey where he all but abandons his wife and teenage daughter while pursuing his desire for carnal relations with his teeny-bopper daughter's slutty teeny-bopper friend Angela. Lester's wife, Carolyn, and their daughter, Jane, are no victims, however. Carolyn is a hyper-materialistic nag who's having an affair with a real-estate tycoon, while Jane discusses (with Angela) all manner of sexual activity so coarsely as to make a hardened sailor blush……..Next door to the Burnhams lives another dysfunctional family. The father is a wacko military veteran who collects Nazi memorabilia and rages against homosexuals; his seemingly lobotomized wife simply stares; and their high-school-age son Ricky is suspected of being a Peeping Tom but, thank heavens, he isn't. He's only a drug pusher. Before long, Jane's sleeping with him. Oh, yes. We do meet two other neighbors: a gay couple, Jim and Jim, who are presented -- of course -- as the epitome of normality…….."

Dallas Morning News 3/23/00 Blackie Sherrod "…… Well, dang your hide, you rascals really showed us. Here we were, strutting our media stuff, brandishing our press badges, secure in our ivory towers, gazing with disdain on the unlettered populace below, issuing learned dissertations on how the cow ate the cabbage, informing the electorate how it should measure the presidential prelims -- and suddenly, we have pie on our scholarly faces. It is to blush. Our media buddy-buddy, John McCain, ran a modest second in the Republican scramble. After all of our attention to the senator, our fawning, our backslapping, our camaraderie and our voiced and written appreciation of his down-home openness -- after all that, Republican voting wasn't really that close. Independents and Democrat infiltrators made it seem closer. Can it be that we hotshot pundits are not as influential as we like to think? Not as knowledgeable? Can this possibly mean that George and Sam and Cokie and Chris and Maureen put on their pants one leg at a time like Joe down at the car wash? ……."

Media Research Center 3/13/00 Dan Gabriel "……The Los Angeles Times published a big scoop on Friday: pieces of an internal Justice Department memo by former special counsel Charles LaBella. LaBella charged Attorney General Janet Reno with employing an "intellectually dishonest" double standards to prevent investigation of 1996 campaign fundraising by Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as Al Gore and aide Harold Ickes. But the Big Three networks filled their Friday night newscasts with anything else: ABC's World News Tonight led with what anchor Charles Gibson warned was the "most dramatic evidence yet" of how humans alter the environment..... CBS Evening News opened with House passage of a $1 hike in the minimum wage combined with tax cuts for small business.....NBC Nightly News began with the FAA's plan to reduce flight delays followed by a look at rising gas prices. NBC's "In Depth" explored the minimum wage……. MSNBC's The News with Brian Williams echoed NBC's FAA and gas prices stories…….. CNN and FNC both led with multiple stories Friday on the LaBella memo on CNN's The World Today and FNC's Special Report with Brit Hume. (FNC's lighter 7 PM Fox Report carried one story on LaBella.) ABC and NBC each filed campaign stories Saturday night, but with no mention of the LaBella memo…..How can the networks claim McCain voters want campaign "reform" and cite polls showing Gore is "trusted" more on the issue, and then ignore every new story on Gore's 1996 fundraising? The Justice Department isn't the only group with intellectually dishonest double standards. -- Brent Baker and Tim Graham

New York Post 3/24/00 "…….. After his "Straight Talk Express" roared out of the station in the New Hampshire primary, John McCain was courted by the national press, eager for yet another juicy quote or television soundbite on campaign-finance reform. Tuesday, the Arizona Republican returned to the U.S. Senate for the first time since suspending his presidential campaign. He received an enthusiastic welcome from his colleagues -- and had some stinging words to offer about his favorite political subject. But this time the three major broadcast-network news programs had no interest whatsoever in what McCain said. Maybe that's because the target of his criticism wasn't GOP opponent George W. Bush -- but, rather, Al Gore. ..."

San Jose Mercury 3/23/00 Alexander Cockburn "…….. A handful of military personnel from the 4th Psychological Operations Group (i.e. PSYOPs) based at Fort Bragg in North Carolina have until recently been working in CNN's headquarters in Atlanta. An enterprising Dutch journalist named Abe De Vries came up with this important story in mid-February, and he remains properly astounded that no mainstream news medium in the United States has evinced any interest in the story. I came across translations of De Vries' stories on the matter, after they had appeared in late February in Trouw, the foremost quality newspaper in Holland. De Vries later told me he'd originally come upon the story via an article in the French Intelligence newsletter (available on a pay-per-story basis on the Internet) Feb. 17, which described a military symposium in Arlington, Va., held at the beginning of that same month, discussing use of the press in military operations. ……."

NewsMax 3/24/00 "…….Can Janet Reno's Justice Department really be trusted to conduct an honest criminal investigation of the White House's missing e-mail scandal, when it's civil division continues to represent the White House in a lawsuit over the same scandal? Friday's news reports don't make the massive conflict of interest particularly clear, but the New York Times did note 16 paragraphs into its front page story on the newly announced criminal probe: "The Justice Department review was disclosed today in legal documents filed by the department's civil division, which is defending the White House in the lawsuit over the e-mail." With a conflict this stark, smoke alarms should be going off in every newsroom across America. ……The Times also reported that Justice's civil division has asked presiding Judge Royce Lambeth to halt Judicial Watch's suit pending the outcome of the Justice Department's criminal probe. Not surprisingly, Independent Counsel Robert Ray, who announced the "see no evil" conclusions of his own Filegate probe only last week, concurrs with Justice's efforts to block Klayman & Co. ……"

neal Knox 3/24/00 "……Neal Knox Report -- No one was injured -- thank God -- so the media didn't make big noise about a sixth-grader taking his Lisbon, Ohio schoolroom hostage with a loaded 9mm pistol because he wanted to visit his biological mother in jail. Such things wouldn't happen, we are told by Clinton & Co. if Congress would enact his bill requiring trigger locks to be sold with each gun. What the press almost totally ignored is that the gun had had a trigger lock in place, but the boy found the key, according to his father and police. ……."

The American Spectator 3/24/00 Tom Bethell "…….Hype about AIDS in Africa has reached new heights. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Vice President Al Gore (at the U.N. Security Council) have declared it to be an international security threat. AIDS is now called the leading cause of death in Africa, with over two million deaths last year, and the epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa is spreading "nearly unabated." Seventy percent of all AIDS cases are said to be African. On Newsweek's cover we read of "10 Million Orphans."……..Skepticism about what governments say -- always scarce among journalists -- vanishes completely when it comes to "plagues" and epidemics. At the mention of AIDS, newspaper stories are virtually dictated by public health officials. The New York Times is the pre-eminent example, with other publications trotting behind uncritically……...The author of The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS, Fumento told me that he found the recent reports of HIV infection rates of 25 percent in some African countries to be not believable. The alarmist predictions about the progress of AIDS in this country have not been borne out, he said. African AIDS is an attempt to find the bad news elsewhere. Here, AIDS has not spread into the general population, and never will. It has remained confined to the major "risk groups," mainly intravenous drug users and fast-lane homosexuals. But in Africa, more women than men are said to be infected with the virus. Prof. Geshekter, too, sees African AIDS as a prolongation of the gravy train for public health experts. "AIDS is dwindling away in this country," he told me. "The numbers are down. What are the AIDS educators to do? Africa beckons." ……………

The American Spectator 3/24/00 Tom Bethell "…….Here is an "African AIDS" primer. Over the years AIDS American-style was redefined more and more expansively. In 1993, for example, the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta added cervical cancer to the list of AIDS-defining diseases, with the unacknowledged goal of increasing the numbers of women. The overwhelming preponderance of males was an embarrassment to infectious-disease epidemiology, given that the viral agent was supposed to be sexually transmitted. AIDS is a name for 30-odd diseases found in conjunction with a positive test for antibodies to the human immunodeficiency virus. Being "HIV positive," then, is the unifying requirement for an AIDS case. Here is the key point that the newspapers won't tell you. To diagnose AIDS in Africa, no HIV test is needed. The presence of the unifying agent that supposedly causes the immune deficiency, the ID of AIDS, does not have to be established…………. This was decided by public health officials at an AIDS conference in Bangui, a city in the Central African Republic, in October 1985. This meeting was engineered by an official from the CDC, Joseph McCormick. He wanted to establish a diagnostic definition of AIDS to be used in poor countries that lacked the equipment to do blood tests. He also succeeded in persuading representatives from the World Health Organization in Geneva to set up its own AIDS program. The appearance of sick people in Zaire hospitals had persuaded McCormick and others that AIDS now existed in Africa -- this before HIV tests had even been conducted. And here was something important to write home about: Slightly more women than men were affected. Back in America, as Laurie Garrett wrote in The Coming Plague (1994), McCormick told an assistant secretary of Health and Human Services that "there's a one to one sex ratio of AIDS cases in Zaire." Heterosexual transmission had been established. Now we were all at risk! AIDS budgets would soar…….."

The American Spectator 3/24/00 Tom Bethell "……..We needed a clinical case definition -- that is to say, a set of guidelines a clinician could follow in order to decide whether a certain person had AIDS or not. This was my major goal: if I could get everyone at the WHO meeting in Bangui to agree on a single, simple definition of what an AIDS case was in Africa, then, imperfect as the definition might be, we could actually start to count the cases, and we would all be counting roughly the same thing. His goal was achieved. The "Bangui definition," was reached "by consensus." It has proven useful, McCormick added, "in determining the extent of the AIDS pandemic in Africa, especially in areas where no testing is available." Here are the major components of the definition: "prolonged fevers (for a month or more), weight loss of 10 percent or greater, and prolonged diarrhea." No HIV test, of course. What this meant was that many traditional African diseases, pandemic in poverty-stricken areas with tropical climate, open latrines, and contaminated drinking water, could now be called something else: AIDS………The Bangui redefinition was published in CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, and in Science magazine (November 21, 1986), but you would be hard put to find it in our major newspapers……..The obvious problem was pointed out by Charles Gilks in the British Medical Journal in 1991. Persistent diarrhea with weight loss can be associated with "ordinary enteric parasites and bacteria," as well as with opportunistic infection, he wrote. "In countries where the incidence of tuberculosis is high," as it is in Africa, "substantial numbers of people reported as having AIDS may in fact not have AIDS." ….."

San Jose Mercury News 3/24/00 John Omicinski "……A few years ago during the Holy Week preceding Easter, New Yorker magazine ran a cover depicting the crucifixion of an Easter Bunny. The media snickered, but there was no outburst at the hatchet job. Indeed, an outrage like a crucified Easter Bunny passes for humor in a homogenized and humorless U.S. media culture, where anti-Catholicism has emerged as the last politically correct bias. While America heads down a moral and spiritual shoot-the-chute, with children killing other children with guns and knives, there are titters about a Brooklyn art show featuring elephant feces on a portrait of the mother of Jesus Christ. Somehow, the tasteless Brooklyn episode is seen as a civil rights issue and the school killings as largely a gun-control issue. Apparently Roman Catholics aren't seen as having similar rights to practice their religion in peace, without organized, government-subsidized insults. ……… Hollywood loves anti-Catholic themes in television and movies. They keep making them though none seems to make money, so we must conclude it's a matter of bias rather than business. …….."

Media Research Center 3/20/00 Brent Baker, Tim Graham "……. Equating Legal and Illegal Acts…."Yeah, everybody gets religion after they get their hands out of the cookie jar. And in his case you've got Connie, I mean Johnny Chung and Charlie Trie and Maria Hsia, who was convicted last week of five counts of felony violations of the federal campaign laws. So that could be an issue that will come up in the presidential campaigns when they begin to debate next fall if Al Gore raises his finger and begins to wag it at George Bush for the soft money. And especially the Bush friends that he has in Texas going around financing all those attack ads. So I think that, that may be a neutral issue, if you will, between George Bush and Al Gore." -- Tom Brokaw during MSNBC's Super Tuesday coverage, March 7….." 3/10/00 Larry Elder "……Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. Ronald Taylor, a black man, allegedly guns down five whites, killing three. What followed became a textbook case on how contemporary American journalism deals with race. The suspect's motive could not have been more clear. A black neighbor quoted Taylor as saying, "I'm gonna kill all white people." A white maintenance man described Taylor as disruptive ever since he moved into the apartment building, "Whenever he saw me, he'd call me a racist pig, or white trash, or he'd make a point of walking past me and brushing up against me. He just didn't like me." Yet the media leaned over backward to avoid any appearance of racism. News anchors cautioned that we don't know whether Taylor's alleged hatred against whites was the "primary" or "sole" reason for the shootings. Pardon me. When did they add that requirement? The Hate Crimes Sentencing Enhancement Act defines hate crime as: "Crime in which the defendant intentionally selects a victim, or in the case of a property crime, the property that is the object of the crime, because of the actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, or sexual orientation of any person." No mention of hatred as a "sole" or "primary" motive. Even the police issued mild, tentative statements about whether they considered Taylor's actions a hate crime. "There's a lot of hostility in this individual," said Wilkinsburg Police Chief Gerald Brewer, "so I think it's a little premature to simply define this as a racist event." A little premature? ……In August 1999, white supremacist Buford Furrow gunned down several people at a Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles, and shot and killed a Filipino letter carrier. In the three days following the shooting, over 150 newspapers wrote nearly 200 articles about the slaughter. ...... The killing of Wyoming gay student Matthew Shephard brought screaming headlines and around-the-clock coverage. So did the dragging and killing of black Texan James Byrd. ......"

EWTN 3/20/00 "……..News agencies around the world are reporting the supposed anti-Semitic comments of Fr. Peter Gumpel, relator of the cause for Pius XII's beatification. According to the reports, he told CBS television that "it is a fact that the Jews have killed Christ." As expected, the news has caused quite a stir, and was picked up by several press agencies in the United States. Before verifying the news, these sources accused Fr. Gumpel of anti-Semitism, to the extent that Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel said: "I am amazed. I'm shocked and outraged. After all, this countryman, this priest who speaks on behalf of the Vatican, is coming up with accusations that are old, and he forgets that we all now live in the 21st century." The network has done nothing more than distort Fr. Gumpel's words, quoting them out of context for the purpose of launching a campaign against the Catholic Church on the eve of the Pope's trip to Israel.............."We feel very strongly that quote was not taken out of context and we stand by our story," said CBS spokeswoman Sandy Genelius, who added that CBS News officials had read the full transcript. …………..In addition to publishing this press statement, Fr. Gumpel wrote a letter to the Editor-in-Chief of CBS in New York, with a copy to the Canadian editorial board, which prepared the service in question, in which he requests an immediate denial and consequent rectification. In statements to ZENIT, Fr. Gumpel said, "This accusation of anti-Semitism that they make not only is absurd, but gravely wounds my honor. Such an accusation is totally out of place, as my family was harshly persecuted by the Nazis and, as a result, I myself had to spend the years of my youth outside my country to avoid being killed." ….."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 3/21/00 Vol Five No 48 "…… 5) On Today Maria Shriver whined "we can't get anywhere" on gun control because "the NRA keeps stopping anything that would give us any progress." She blamed the NRA for preventing compromise, without which "people will continue to be killed." 6) Time's Jack White suggested the Pope's apology "could be a role model" for others to face their "historical crimes," such as the U.S. government for slavery. 7) FNC's newsletter cited the MRC's op-ed to show how FNC, unlike ABC, CBS and NBC, is staying on top of the LaBella memo. FNC's Brit Hume picked up on a McCain item noted in Friday's CyberAlert……"

Media Research Center 3/22/00 Tim Graham "……. Newsweek reported that a still-secret memo by FBI Director Louis Freeh argued Justice Department lawyers went soft on Al Gore. U.S. News & World Report arrived late with a report on former Justice investigator Charles LaBella, and was the only magazine to give a report on independent counsel Robert Ray's investigations of the White House. Newsweek reported that a still-secret memo by FBI Director Louis Freeh argued Justice Department lawyers went soft on Al Gore. An unbylined "Periscope" item related: "In the November 24, 1997, memo addressed to Attorney General Janet Reno, portions of which were read to Newsweek, Freeh criticized Justice Department lawyers for making 'factual assumptions' favorable to the Clinton White House 'without investigating whether those assumptions were accurate.' Among the issues Freeh argued needed to be investigated by an independent counsel: Gore's fund-raising calls from the White House, the use of a White House computer database for political purposes and whether Clinton and Gore illegally raised money on federal property during White House 'coffees.'" The report added: "Release of the memo could seal Freeh's fate if Gore wins in November. Although the director's term won't expire until 2003, a Gore ally says Freeh won't be welcome in a new Democratic administration."……" 3/21/00 Carl Limbacher "……. The press made a big stink about George W. Bush's alleged anti-Catholicism for having spoken at Bob Jones University. That was ok and good, because the press were pulling for McCain -- and so overnight many major media figures became, well, more Catholic than the Pope. Not so for Bryant Gumbel. He has been quite virulent against Catholics for some time. His animosity also extends to conservative Republicans. After NBC tossed him, he ended up at CBS and as ratings for his specials proved disastrous, they stuck him back in the basement program. Apparently Gumbel has yet to figure out why viewers don't like him. Yesterday's edition of the CBS program "The Early Show" featured another attack on Catholicism. ……"

Original Sources 3/21/00 Mary Mostert "……Last night on Fox News Hannity and Colmes show LaPierre was given the opportunity to explain his point more fully:

Sean Hannity: You know what really, really bothers me, Wayne, ...Tim Russert didn't hammar any Democrat or Sen. Frank Lautenberg when he said that the Gun Lobby has blood on its hands after the Jonesboro shooting. Or, what the President said, that precipitated some of your comments, when he talked about the child in Michigan would be alive today, he said, had that gun had had a trigger lock on it, then the six year old couldn't have fired the gun. The only problem is - that child and the gun came from a crack house where crack was being dealt. Isn't that just as outrageous?
Wayne LaPierre:I think if anyone ever doubted there is a double standard in this country all they would have to watch is what the Clinton spin machine aided by the national media tried to do to me this past week. The President on the Today show and started all this by saying that the NRA is responsible for all the gun deaths in the United States. And the national media just sat there. He then said the NRA has never done anything for safety. We spent $20 million on firearm safety in the last five years!

Sean Hannity:I'll put up some statistics in a couple of minutes but before I do I'll just put up a couple of others. Prior to Columbine - a year and a half prior - 6000 kids were caught bringing a gun to school - that's a federal crime - and the Clinton Administration and the Reno Justice Department only prosecuted 13! One hundred and seventy nine people were denied access to purchase a weapon. Wayne, you supported the instant background check. That's a federal crime. They could face ten years in jail. The Clinton Justice Department didn't prosecute one of them. According to the Senate Judiciary Committee, in 1998, possession or discharge of a firearm on school grounds - there were only 8 prosecutions of possession of handguns by a juvenile and Brady background check - that's all the prosecutions they had. Your point is right! What good is the 21,000th gun law if we don't enforce the laws on the books?
Wayne LaPierre:Well, I used some very strong words to try to center the debate on the complete lack of enforcement of the federal firearms laws on the books now against the people who are doing the killing. The violent felons with guns, the drug dealers with guns and the violent gang members with guns. The current federal gun laws are the metal detectors at the airport. If the President would only instruct Janet Reno to enforce those laws and pick those people up that are breaking federal laws. They could pick them ALL up right now, hold them without bail and send them to penitentiary for five years. ......"

Reason Magazine 4/00 Thomas Hazlett "…… By the time the president's obstruction-of-justice episode concluded last year in a mock-impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate--that made-for-TV drama in which "jurors" declared the man guilty of "high crimes and misdemeanors" but then voted to acquit--Bill Clinton had proven himself bulletproof. Even when the press asked him about the compelling, specific, and credible rape allegation lodged by Juanita Broaddrick, all he had to do to shut them up was bark like a Mafia don: Talk to my mouthpiece! I ain't got nuttin' to say to youse! ……. Counselor David Kendall's pro forma denial--"Any allegation that the president assaulted Broaddrick more than 20 years ago is absolutely false"--got the job done, even as it opened up multiple windows through which Clinton might easily wriggle, (Hey, I wasn't even president 20 years ago!). As The Washington Post, obviously exhausted by its minutes-long pondering of the issue of presidential rape, dejectedly concluded, "Mr. Clinton's word in this realm by now has no value." ........., Now a millennium has passed. The Broaddrick story has simply floated on downstream in the toxic runoff from this most ethical administration in history. Even as a lame duck, William Jefferson Clinton effortlessly assumes the swaggering stride of a mobster, brushing off questions any public servant is morally bound to answer. He runs the press like Capone ran Chicago. "No one will ever know the complete truth about Juanita Broaddrick's allegation," mumbled the Times. But of course Bill and Juanita do! That's why investigative journalism to uncover corroborating facts ought to be pursued. ……."

The Wall Street Journal 3/15/00 Brent H Baker "……. Friday morning's Los Angeles Times revealed much of the content of the long-secret memo prepared by Charles LaBella, the Justice Department's former campaign-finance investigator, whose wish for an independent counsel to probe White House fundraising was rejected by Attorney General Janet Reno. The report revealed Mr. LaBella's conclusion that Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and former Clinton aide Harold Ickes had all received special treatment from Justice. Not a word about the disclosure appeared on the ABC, CBS or NBC morning news shows Friday. And not a syllable about it aired Friday night on ABC's "World News Tonight," the "CBS Evening News" or the "NBC Nightly News," even though the networks had all day to produce a story. Nor did MSNBC's hour-long "The News with Brian Williams" touch it. The story did top CNN's "Inside Politics" and "The World Today" as well as Fox News Channel's "Special Report with Brit Hume." FNC's "Fox Report" ran a story a few minutes into the 7 p.m. ET show……."

World Net Daily 3/15/00 Paul Sperry "…… Build it and they will come. Four years ago the Washington Post Co. built a website version of its world-famous newspaper and people did come. By the hundreds of thousands each day, and the tens of millions each month. But as popular as its online newspaper is, the company hasn't found a way to make money with it. In fact, it has sunk at least $100 million into, as well as other online ventures, Post insiders say, and it's still not profitable. That means the parent company has lost an eye-popping one-tenth of a billion dollars so far in cyberspace. And the Internet site's losses are acting as a drag on the company's profitable newspaper, which enjoys a virtual monopoly in the Washington market……"

LA Times (under new ownership) 3/24/00 David Shaw "…… "No single family dominates any single region of the country as the Chandlers have dominated California," David Halberstam wrote in "The Powers That Be," his 1979 book on the media, and indeed, for more than a century, it was the Chandler family--more than any other force or institution--who shaped the development of Los Angeles and its sprawling environs…….. Now the Chandler family has surrendered both ownership of the paper and leadership in the community to a media company headquartered 1,750 miles away--and they have done so in negotiations conducted in such secrecy that Otis Chandler, the man most responsible for the transformation of The Times itself from journalistic mediocrity to excellence, said he didn't know about the deal until it was completed. …… Chandler, publisher of The Times from 1960 to 1980, said Monday that his first inkling that something big was about to happen to the newspaper that his family had controlled since 1884 came last Friday, when he began receiving phone calls asking what he knew about a wide range of corporate rumors suddenly sweeping Times Mirror Square, at least one of them involving a takeover of The Times' parent company, Times Mirror, by Tribune Co. of Chicago. But he said the rumors remained rumors to him until late Sunday night, when the Times Mirror board of directors approved the deal with Tribune Co. ……"

Drudge 3/15/00 "…… Former LAPD officer turned author Mark Fuhrman has been unhired by GOOD MORNING AMERICA after outraged ABC NEWS staffers let it be known that he was not wanted, PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER'S Gail Shister is reporting Thursday. Fuhrman was set to be a paid consultant for GMA for its coverage of the murder trial of Kennedy family member Michael Skakel, on whom Fuhrman wrote the book: 'Who Killed Martha Moxley?' Staffers are upset because Furman pleaded out his perjury charge relating to the O.J. Simpson case where he claimed to have never used racist language. ….."

New Australian, The No. 148, 3/20-26/00 Richard Snyder "…….We know, and we don't know, about drug-running out of Arkansas airports during the Clinton Governorship. We know and we don't know about the Lavrenti-Beria-like solicitings of young women, the fornications and druggery. We havenn't heard much about Chinese purchases of military secrets through the agency of Democatic Party funds. We don't know much about the giant lesbian Attorney General and her cover-ups of molestations in Florida, and her cover-up of the Waco ATF massacre. Just as titillating and deplorably repugnant to decent feeling is the story of the "First Lady". We know, but we don't know about the suicide-murder of Vince Foster, her counsel-maybe-lover. We know, but we don't know, about the Whitewater scandal, in which dozens of the Clintons' Arkansas acqaintances have been shoved into gaol. We have not even been told about her turning $1000 into a $100,000 profit on the Chicago cattle-futures market, a speculative investment about which contrary to what she said she did not personally direct. Furthermore, it was calculated by economists at Auburn and North Florida Universities that the probability of her having made the trades honestly were less than 1 in 250,000,000. And still our left-wing media refused to publish the story. Imagine how it would have reacted if Hillary had been the wife of a Republican president….. We have not got (or only half-got) these stories because the press is almost universally partisan, corrupt, ideological - and (I almost forgot) ignorant and incompetent. ...... There is also the "reticence factor"; many people do not want to know about these things, and regard it as poor taste to talk, even to know, about them. It's worth remebering that Al Capone's activities were only belatedly reported in the Chicago press. …"

Source: ***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 3/16/00 "….. 1) The NRA attacks Clinton into order to deflect from the "carnage" of gun violence, CBS's Jim Stewart argued in a one-sided "Reality Check" on the evils of the NRA. ABC's John Cochran undercut the NRA's point about the lack of federal prosecutions. 2) Tom Brokaw trumpeted: "For a Republican Governor, Pataki's proposals are 'revolutionary,' as one gun control advocate put it. Pataki prefers to call his plan 'common sense.'" 3) CBS quoted from Bush's reply to Gore's e-mail but failed to explain his reference to the LaBella memo and skipped Bush's last line: "Thank you for your e-mail. This Internet of yours is a wonderful invention."……4) Al Gore was pressed in general terms by Good Morning America and The Early Show about his fundraising history, but neither show uttered the names Maria Hsia or Charles LaBella. 5) Zilch in Time or U.S. News on the release of the Charles LaBella memo, two paragraphs in Newsweek……."

Washington Times 3/17/00 Bill Gertz Rowan Scarborough "…… Assistant Defense Secretary Kenneth Bacon is at it again. The Pentagon's public affairs chief is secretly cooperating with a Washington Post reporter. This time it's not one of his employees who is the target, but one of us. Mr. Bacon is helping the Post's David Ignatius to dish the dirt about leaks of classified information and their security impact. The spokesman has tasked a certain Pentagon intelligence agency to work with Mr. Ignatius in highlighting some recent disclosures of classified information, including many in this newspaper. The collaboration infuriates some defense officials who see it as an abuse of intelligence for political purposes. Look for the House and Senate Intelligence committees to jump on this story……….. " 3/17/00 Dorothea Cooke "…..Cable news giant CNN has decided against airing a taped interview with a former White House employee who said thousands of White House e-mails -- containing information on "Filegate," campaign finance abuses, "Chinagate," and Monica Lewinsky -- were never turned over to a federal grand jury or three congressional committees, despite pending subpoenas. CNN said Sheryl Hall's story "lacks independent, corroborating evidence," but the network said it will continue to follow the story as it develops. ….."After thoroughly investigating her allegations and not finding any other corroborating sources, we made an editorial decision not to broadcast the story," CNN President Tom Johnson told "We took the issue seriously enough to do the interview with Ms. Hall, in which she herself acknowledges that she did not have any direct information." 3/17/00 Dorothea Cooke "….Cable news giant CNN is denying published reports that it has spiked an interview with a former White House employee who allegedly has information about thousands of White House e-mails -- containing information on "Filegate," campaign finance abuses, "Chinagate," and Monica Lewinsky - which were never turned over to a federal grand jury or three congressional committees that had subpoenaed them. In an exclusive interview with, CNN Chairman Tom Johnson said it has not run its interview with former White House employee Sheryl Hall because her story "lacks independent, corroborating evidence." ……"


THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/29/00 Julia Duin "…..The nation's media are out of touch with the average American because they live in expensive neighborhoods or have atypical lifestyles, says a newspaper writer who has assembled a unique survey from the home addresses of 3,400 journalists. "It's a very clear picture of people who live lives differently than their customers," says Peter Brown, editor of the Sunday Insight section for the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel. "It doesn't make a difference if the guy who repairs your air conditioner lives the life you do. But journalists' view of the world determines not just how they cover a story, but what stories they cover." He first became aware of the disconnect between journalists and the subjects of their stories a decade ago when he was interviewing disenchanted suburbanites in the Detroit area. Not only did the mass media not understand those people, the antipathy was mutual, he said. "What struck me was how much people disliked the news media and felt it condescended to their views and lifestyles," he says. ….."

Media research Center 3/27/00 Brent Baker "……Peter Jennings retracted an ABC story about how much Clinton's sightseeing cost taxpayers: ;Mr. Clinton has spent the great bulk of his time trying to...reduce the danger in the region of nuclear war. And his efforts have been very well received.; Really? The White House called and ABC News jumped. On Friday's World News Tonight, which he anchored from Jerusalem, Peter Jennings made this unusual concession: "We need to clarify something that was said on the broadcast last night. As you know, we're mostly on the road this week, first in India and now in the Middle East. Last night we reported from Washington on the expense of the President's trip to India and the drain on Air Force assets. The White House takes issue with our characterization that the President has 'spent days of protected sightseeing' in India. Those were the words. The White House makes a good point. Mr. Clinton has spent the great bulk of his time trying to improve U.S.-India relations and reduce the danger in the region of nuclear war. And his efforts have been very well received." ….."

AP 3/27/00 "…..The Associated Press, the world's oldest and largest news service, announced today the formation of a new unit called AP Digital to concentrate on commercial sales for the Internet. The AP is expanding commercial sales of national, international and other non-local categories of news and information to tap the large and growing markets on the Internet, AP President and CEO Louis D. Boccardi said. He said revenue from sales would allow AP to produce more content for newspapers and broadcasters while keeping costs down for the cooperative's members. Thomas E. Slaughter, an AP vice president and director of strategic planning since 1993, has been named director of AP Digital. He will report to Patrick T. O'Brien, senior vice president for business and finance. ….."

FREE CONGRESS FOUNDATION 3/24/00 Paul Weyrich "…….Who's Nuts? In December 1997, Free Congress Foundation celebrated its 20th anniversary with a gala dinner. The guest speaker was Charleton Heston. He gave one of the finest speeches I have been privileged to hear, on the subject of the culture war (not guns). For those who just arrived from some other planet, a culture war has been raging in this country ever since the 1960's. Mr. Heston offered a thoughtful and at times passionate defense of our traditional, Western, Judeo-Christian culture, which is variously denounced as oppressive, insensitive, patriarchal, and just plain mean, mostly by the forces of Political Correctness, a.k.a. the Cultural Marxists. Frankly, I was somewhat surprised to see Richard Cohen abase himself so thoroughly before the PC pantheon as he did in his attack on Mr. Heston's speech in yesterday's Washington Post. Not only did he hit all the usual buttons - racism, homophobia (the word itself is a lie: moral disapproval is different from an irrational fear) - he even hit Political Correctness' equivalent of the nuclear button. Mr. Heston, he announced, is "nuts". ……. A brief history lesson is in order here. The ideology commonly known as political correctness has its origins in the work of the Frankfurt School, formally the Institute for Social Research, which was established at Frankfurt University in Germany in 1923 and relocated to New York City in 1934. From 1930 onward, its chief members, Horkheimer, Adorno, Fromm and Marcuse, labored to translate Marxism from economic into cultural terms, largely by crossing Marx with Freud. This resulted, first, in Critical Theory, the basis for all the oh-so-PC "studies" departments in modern American universities, and then in the Institute's "studies in prejudice." These studies, especially as embodied in Adorno's immensely influential book The Authoritarian Personality, argued that anyone who defended or adhered to traditional Western culture and morals had a psychological problem. They - we - were, as Mr. Cohen summarizes it, all "nuts." ……"

WorldNetDaily 3/28/00 Paul Sperry "…..CNN and ABC News interviewed her about the missing White House e-mail, only to later kill their stories, as WorldNetDaily first reported. Correspondent Bob Franken interviewed Hall for CNN. The news organizations, which later confirmed WND's report, claimed her story lacked "corroborating evidence." But in testimony before Congress last week, six computer contractors -- including the team leader -- all repeated Hall's charge that they were ordered by the White House to keep quiet about the missing e-mail. ......It's not known if CNN's news division, which is run by President Clinton's some-time golfing partner Rick Kaplan, or ABC News, which employs former top Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos, will now air their interviews with Hall….."

Media Research Center 3/28/00 Brent Baker ".....1) All three broadcast network evening shows relayed Al Gore's new campaign fundraising plan, but only CBS recalled his record. ..."

Washington Times 3/27/00 Mona Charen "......You would think after all these years, you'd get used to it - media bias, that is. But yet, last weekend, down with the flu, too dizzy to read, I propped up my head and watched all the Sunday morning talk shows. And it made me burn even more than the fever to see that all of them, every one, was in a tizzy over what Wayne La Pierre of the National Rifle Association had said about Bill Clinton. Like a spouse who is determined to have a fight, and will not let you change the subject, Tim Russert (normally a pretty balanced anchor), Bob Schieffer, and the rest stopped all traffic until they could get everyone on record as either denouncing what Mr. La Pierre had said or defending him...... Mr. La Pierre's remarks were over the top, there's no question. But equally outrageous things - in fact, far more outrageous things - are said about Republicans all the time, and it's never a story. When Republicans wanted to reduce the rate of increase in funding for school lunches, one Democrat took the floor of the House and accused them of behaving like Nazis. When Robert Bork was nominated to the Supreme Court, Sen. Ted Kennedy said Mr. Bork's America would be a place where people would "fear the midnight knock on the door," where women would seek back-alley abortions, and blacks would have to return to segregated lunch counters. Were their colleagues pressed to denounce or defend these remarks the following weekend? Hardly. ......This tendency of the press to be scandalized by what offends Democrats, and correspondingly insensitive to what offends Republicans is on display every single day. And it's no mystery. Ninety percent of the media are liberals. Everyone knows that. ....."

Judicial Watch 4/3/00 "……In a ridiculous editorial of today, The Washington Post sides with Democrats and the Clinton-Gore Administration in criticizing the Honorable Royce Lamberth for upholding the law which, ironically, liberal Democrats wrote in response to the Watergate era. The law, commonly known as the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. Section 552(a) et seq., states plainly on its face that it applies to the Executive Office of the President, among other government agencies. The Privacy Act simply provides that when the government keeps information on individuals in a record-keeping system, it must obtain the consent of these individuals before it can publicly release this information. The purpose behind this civil rights law, which is punishable with up to one year in prison, is to prevent the government from using its record-keeping system as a way to intimidate, threaten, coerce and/or blackmail its citizens. The editorial also effectively endorsed the Clinton-Gore White House's refusal to abide by the Privacy Act.......... Indeed, this is what the Clinton-Gore Administration, and most particularly Bill and Hillary Clinton, have been doing over the last seven years with FBI and other government files. The results of this "campaign of terror" were most clearly felt during the impeachment proceedings, where the House Managers were "outed" in an attempt to intimidate, threaten, coerce and blackmail them. This sent a coercive signal to Senators that similar treatment was in store for them if they convicted the President. Sure enough, the Senate "caved" and failed to convict………

Judicial Watch 4/3/00 "……In Judicial Watch's $90-million class-action Filegate lawsuit, the Court has correctly held that a pattern of violating the privacy rights of American citizens by the Clinton-Gore White House will raise evidentiary inferences that the FBI files were also misused. In this context, Judge Lamberth found that the President and his collaborators (who include Mrs. Clinton, by the Clinton-Gore White House's own admission - see criminally violated the privacy rights of Kathleen Willey. Previous rulings involved Linda Tripp, and the Clinton-Gore Department of Defense…….."The Washington Post, owned and operated by Katharine Graham (and the Graham family), who dined with the President shortly after it was revealed he had been procuring oral sex from a 23-year-old White House intern, and who has close ties with the Democratic Party, obviously unleashed her left-leaning editors to write the editorial of today criticizing Judge Lamberth for upholding the law. Coupled with threats against the Judge by Democrats, published by Paul Bedard in U.S. News and World Report (see other Judicial Watch press release of today), that any further appointment of Lamberth would be blocked, it is clear that Democrats are running scared because for once there may be one judge in this country who will uphold the rule of law against the most corrupt President, First Lady, and Administration in U.S. history," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman. ......"

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 4/3/00 Vol Five No 57 "…….It's apparently no April Fools joke, but it sure makes a joke out of ABC News and has disgusted former ABC News reporter Brit Hume. …… "ABC News" had actor Leonardo DiCaprio, star of Titanic, interview President Bill Clinton on Friday for an April 22 ABC News special on Earth Day, Howard Kurtz reported quite seriously in the April 1 Washington Post. Chris Cuomo, a 20/20 correspondent and brother of a Clinton cabinet member, HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo, will narrate the show. Contravening any journalistic standards of independence, DiCaprio got the assignment even though he's Chairman of the Earth Day 2000 celebration committee and will emcee the left-wing political event on Washington's Mall.......... An impassioned Hume lit into his former employer on Fox News Sunday, but only after Juan Williams got first crack during the show's roundtable segment. Williams showed it's not only conservatives who think ABC has gone too far: "It's unbelievable. At first I thought it might be an April Fools joke. I mean it seems so ridiculous that they would put him in the position to act as a journalist and that they would risk their journalistic credibility, not only with a Hollywood actor and one who's 25 years old, but that they would risk their credibility with someone who in fact is the head of the Earth Day celebration here in Washington, therefore has a sizable commitment to a particular perspective on this issue. I mean I don't understand, it seems to me that they're out of control."………… A flabbergasted Hume asserted: "I worked there for 23 years and when I read about this I didn't know whether to laugh or cry or just scream with outrage. This is a once great news division that has completely lost it's way and it is diminishing almost by the day before our eyes. And this whole fiasco this week in which they had Diane Sawyer interview the little boy and then kept off the air the most newsworthy thing that he said, and then when there was, because of some principle that they were observing, and then when they was a dust up about it immediately abandoned that quote 'principle' and put the thing on the air the next day. These are people who no longer-"......... Moderator Tony Snow: "And the thing was?" Hume: "It was the boy saying he'd like to stay here, something that you don't know how seriously to take it, but if he said it it's newsworthy, if you do an interview that's what your looking for -- news. It is a news division, believe it or not, Leonardo DiCaprio notwithstanding. I mean this is a group of people who don't know what they're doing. They have completely lost their way." ……"

Washington Weekly 4/17/00 Edward Zehr "……….Fifteen thousand Cuban-Americans demonstrated against the repatriation of Elian Gonzalez in Miami Monday night to a ho-hum notice from our pro-Castro mainstream media. The U.S. government was determined to return the boy, found floating on an inner tube off Florida last November, to the totalitarian homeland from which he had escaped. In the ideologically motivated squabble that followed hardly anyone thought to ask the boy whether he wanted to return to the custody of his father in Cuba. One exception was a shrink who recently interviewed young Elian. The boy informed her that he was afraid of his father, who used to beat him, and that he did not wish to go back to Cuba. The newsies seemed just as preoccupied with sporadic preliminary demonstrations by far-left groups against an IMF-World Bank meeting to be held later in Washington. After all, propaganda is what our "news" coverage is all about these days and the mainstreamers' heart belongs to the left, not to those hard- working, tax-paying, middle-class Cuban-Americans in Miami who fled their country rather than stay on to help the media's idol Castro build socialism. ……"

USA Today 4/16/00 Al Neuharth "………. Mayor Penelas all but invited street riots. His hotheaded remarks, which he later tried to temper a bit, actually encouraged Cuban-Americans to substitute anarchy here for the tyranny they left behind. Vice President Gore pathetically pandered politically to Cuban-Americans in support of Elian's relatives, hopelessly hoping to win Florida in November. On the flip side, Attorney General Reno, a native Miamian, personally went way beyond the call of duty to ensure that the law - not politics or emotion - governed the disposition of this case. The Miami Herald has covered all aspects of the locally divisive Elian case. Fully, but fairly, in its news columns. Firmly on opinion pages. When Elian's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, arrived in the USA last weekend, The Herald editorially called for a quick reunion of father and son, and, reluctantly, for their return to Cuba. That newspaper, the most improved in the USA in the past year, deserves a Pulitzer Prize for public service and/or a President's Medal for trying to cool the hotheads on the Elian case. ……"

Orlando Sentinel 4/16/00 Charley Reese "……. A Cuban friend of mine said he was saddened to discover during the Elian Gonzalez controversy how many Americans hated the Cuban exiles. I'm sad that he feels that way. Americans who really know the Cuban exile community don't hate its members. If you wanted to rate people on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the most patriotic, the most self-reliant, the most industrious, the most willing to volunteer and, if necessary, sacrifice themselves for their native and adopted countries, the Cuban exile community would be a 10-plus. The problem is that leftist twits, who infect the American communications media and academia like body lice, are forever slandering the Cubans, depicting them as anti-democratic right-wingers or old Batista supporters or outright fascists. They routinely have accused the Cuban community in Miami of exploiting the little boy. …….. Only two groups have exploited Elian Gonzalez. One is the news media who camped outside the Miami family's home, without permission or invitation, to photograph the little fellow every time he came out of the house. That is exploitation, not to mention an invasion of privacy. ……The other exploiter of Elian Gonzalez has been Fidel Castro, the dictator of Cuba, whose usual attitude toward Cuban children trying to flee the island is to have his goons drown them, shoot them or put them into prison. Anybody who thinks that Castro really gives a damn about Elian is a fool. His only purpose is to make the United States look bad. …….As a matter of fact, when the boy's body was laid on the deck of an American fishing boat, he had reached America and should have been granted asylum. Then his custody could have been settled in a calm way in a family court. Instead the Immigration and Naturalization Service has denied him asylum and decreed that no one could speak for him except his father in Cuba, effectively denying him his day in court. Other children who have living fathers have people appointed to speak for them in American courts fairly routinely......."

Washington Weekly 4/17/00 J. Peter Mulhern "…….. How could so many people have forgotten so much in such a short time? A public that is largely supportive when our government sacrifices a small boy to appease a communist dictator has to be suffering from amnesia. Castro announced his intention to have Elian Gonzalez reeducated to purge him of the taint from his sojourn in the United States. That announcement should have made every spine tingle with horror as we collectively recalled the Chinese Cultural Revolution and Soviet penal psychiatry. Instead it disappeared down the memory hole. Just a decade after winning the Cold War many of us have forgotten what that war was about. Many others can't forget because they never understood. ………." 4/16/00 Carl Limbacher "……. The controversial affidavit alleging that Juan Miguel Gonzalez physically abused the woman he divorced in 1991 and the boy she gave birth to two years later is corroborated by an unimpeachable source - but America's mainstream press refuses to report it. According to a statement issued Friday night by family spokesman Armando Guttierez, Orlanda Rodriguez swore on penalty of perjury that he saw Gonzalez beat Elisabeth Brotons so badly that it sent her to the hospital. Rodriguez also claimed, "Juan Miguel is of a violent nature, impulsive nature and out of control, all of which traits I saw him inflict on his own son Elian." (See: Rodriguez Affidavit) But after 36 hours of frenzied denial by those allied with Juan Miguel Gonzalez, no establishment press outlet has cited the account from Sister Jeanne O'Laughlin, the Barry University president who hosted a reunion between Elian and his grandmothers in January. ……"

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 4/17/00 "…….1) Dan Rather near tears. Referring to the video of Elian saying he does not want to go to Cuba, Rather demanded: "Did you weep?" After Elian's father replied that he's "run dry" of tears, a choked up Rather mumbled: "Ah, but a father never dries up." 2) After playing the tape repeatedly of Elian saying he does not want to go to Cuba, an MSNBC anchor asked a psychologist: "Do you think this young boy was brainwashed?" 3) ABC and NBC morning show stars treated Juan Miguel Gonzalez's statement as "very passionate words," but a week later were quick to question if Elian were "coached" and to impugn the Miami relatives by accusing them of "child abuse" over the video. 4) Bryant Gumbel rejected the idea that Cuban-American civil disobedience is analogous to the civil rights movement and noting how Cuban-Americans charge Castro with exploiting Elian, demanded if that's "any less reprehensible" than what they have done. 5) Gumbel also called the Elian video "the most disgusting thing I've ever seen," rued how a kid from Haiti would have been returned immediately and charged that the Miami relatives "don't care about" Elian. But few Early Show viewers heard the comments. 6) CBS's Randall Pinkston acknowledged that Cubans are not free to speak, but he insisted the Cuban "people appear untroubled by the lack of modern conveniences" and believe "that President Castro is responsible for all good things."……."

USA Today 4/10/00 Alcestis ''Cooky'' Oberg "…….. When Stephen King released his latest novel on the Internet last month, the publishing industry shuddered. When a Norwegian teenager unlocked the coding on a DVD movie and put it out on the Web in November, the multibillion-dollar movie industry quaked. When Napster, a software that lets people find and download music in cyberspace, made its debut, the music industry screamed. America is poised on the edge of a cultural revolution that threatens to leave Big Media in the dust in the next 20 years. In my view, it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people……… For decades, a handful of media companies have had a stranglehold on all American culture. To get a book published, authors had to go through agents, editors, executives, promotion departments and complex sales and distribution networks. In the end, they were lucky if they got any royalties out of it at all……..When the Founding Fathers spoke of the marketplace of ideas, I don't think they meant four music companies, seven publishers and five movie studios -- or the handful of people who make most cultural decisions for us. In fact, Thomas Jefferson's ''marketplace of ideas'' would be most purely embodied in the Internet, an arena in which every citizen -- regardless of money or connection -- could have a voice, a means of distributing his or her ideas and an avenue of contributing to the nation's culture……."

New York Daily News 4/15/00 John Leo "……. Why do so many Americans distrust what they read in their newspapers? The American Society of Newspaper Editors, which met last week in Washington, is trying to answer this painful question. The organization is deep into a long self-analysis known as the Journalism Credibility Project. Sad to say, this project has turned out to be mostly low-level dithering about factual errors and spelling and grammatical mistakes, combined with lots of puzzlement about what in the world those darned readers want. For a better focus, the society might want to listen to columnist Michael Kelly and Peter Brown, an editor at the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel. Kelly writes that "most journalists learn to see the world through a set of standard templates into which they plug each day's events." In other words, there is a conventional story line in the newsroom culture that provides a backbone and a ready-made narrative structure for otherwise confusing news. …….The values of accountants and plumbers don't matter much to customers, but those of reporters are crucial. They determine which stories are selected and omitted, and how important the stories will feel to readers. The brutal torture-murder of Mathew Shepard was a big story, and deserved to be. But shortly after, two homosexuals were charged with committing a crime just as horrendous - kidnapping, torturing and murdering a young Arkansas boy - with almost no national media coverage at all. Probable explanation: This was another "standard template" in action - in the newsroom culture, important and newsworthy violence is the kind conducted by the powerful (whites, straights, males, the West) against members of groups considered weak. Since the boy's murder didn't fit the template, it had no symbolic value and went unreported. ……… The same filter applies to good news. After racial preferences were ended at state universities in California and Texas, the numbers of blacks and Hispanics attending these colleges dipped briefly, then rebounded to the old levels. But this didn't fit the relevant newsroom story line - that racial justice absolutely requires preference programs - so the story was widely delayed, omitted or stuffed way back in the paper. These are the distortions to expect when the newsroom comes to look like a monoculture. It's time to try some diversity. ….."

The Associated Press 4/15/00 Matt Kelley "…..A three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer for The Washinton Post was among about 600 people arrested at a protest against international financial policies Saturday. Police arrested Carol Guzy after escorting her from a cordoned-off area where they had taken into custody demonstrators protesting policies of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Associated Press photographer Kamenko Pajic said officers took him and Guzy from the protest area, but police released him before arresting Guzy. She is among Post photographers who won this year's Pulitzer for feature photography for their pictures of Kosovo refugees. Pajic said it was unclear to him what prompted the arrest of Guzy, who was behind him as they were being led away. He turned and photographed her being handcuffed. ….."

World Net Daily 4/11/00 Joseph Farah "…… Is it possible for the press to follow two important national stories at the same time? I'm beginning to wonder. Last week, WorldNetDaily's Paul Sperry broke a story that should be having reverberations for the remainder of the Clinton administration and possibly for years to come after that. Yet, events largely orchestrated by the Clinton's own Justice Department involving six-year-old Elian Gonzalez have obscured virtually any serious interest in the latest cover-up in the White House. I'm talking about Sperry's revelations that some of the same White House officials who dragged their feet restoring missing West Wing e-mail are now working for a firm hired by the White House to "restore" the data for Congress. One was a special aide to President Clinton; another headed the White House technology office that was supposed to be finding ways to restore tapes of the unrecorded e-mail all along. But it gets worse. The next day Sperry reported that the entire e-mail search project is, according to the president of the "independent" company contracted for the job, actually being run by the White House. In other words, this is an "inside job." Once again, the White House is controlling the entire investigation of itself -- just as it has so many times throughout the series of scandals that have plagued the Clinton administration. ……"

TV Guide (The Robins Report ) 4/15/00 J Max Robins "…… Top executives at CNN and National Public Radio were more than a bit surprised when they learned that their organizations had used interns from a rather nontraditional source-the United States Army's Psychological Operations unit (PSYOP). "We have interns from all over the world, but they are accredited journalists or studying [the field]," says Eason Jordan, CNN president of news gathering and international networks. "But those interns had no business being here." Both internship programs were ended shortly after top management learned of their existence. A highly specialized unit of the military, PSYOP personnel are often trained in the production of videos as well as television and radio programming used to advance American policy abroad. "In Somalia, we broadcast on radio and shortwave," says Lt. Col. Paul J. Mullin. "We've helped countries in South America produce antidrug public-service announcements." According to CNN executives and military officials, the intern program began last June and ended in March. A total of five PSYOP sergeants were assigned to the network's Atlanta headquarters-two at the Southeast bureau, two at CNN Radio and one at the satellite department. At NPR's Washington, D.C., base, three PSYOP personnel worked for periods ranging from six weeks to four months from September 1998 through May 1999 on such programs as All Things Considered and Morning Edition. ……."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 4/13/00 "…..1) Would Elian be "better off" in Cuba or the U.S.? "There's not a simple answer," insisted ABC's Peter Jennings. Morton Dean touted the "free" medical care and lack of crime in Cuba, though he also noted the bread lines, but did not mention political repression. 2) "Geez," Morton Kondracke exclaimed after hearing FNC's Brit Hume read aloud from a Newsweek article on how Elian can expect "a nurturing life in Cuba." He conceded liberal bias and even NPR's Mara Liasson was perplexed by the pro-Castro reporting. 3) ABC, CBS and NBC all reported how Elian was taken to the home of Sister Jeanne O'Laughlin, but none reminded viewers how after seeing Elian with his grandmothers she had decided he should stay…….."

The Pittsburgh Tribune Review 4/13/00 "……. How Big Media can report on many of the things that it does, as it does, and keep a straight face that it has done so objectively continues to amaze us. It should appall you. Here's just one example from this week: The Associated Press reported that ``After harvesting a record apple crop, some growers are lobbying the Agriculture Department to buy millions of cases of applesauce, juice and slices for school lunches and other federal food programs." Translation: The growers, as did their pork, milk and sugar brethren before them this year, want a bailout. No, it's not because of hard times down on the farm but because of unparalleled good times in the orchards. It seems there's a pretty hefty surplus in America's core apple states, Pennsylvania included……."

Washington Post 4/14/00 Lisa de Moraes "……..The broadcast networks aren't about to let Attorney General Janet Reno send in the troops to retrieve Elian Gonzalez without a camera in place, so they've wired the house just in case. That will allow the networks to bring a pool camera in on a moment's notice to record any confrontation, explained ABC News spokeswoman Eileen Murphy. Meanwhile, Elian's father has lashed out at U.S. networks for once again putting his child on the air without his permission. This time it was a home video cut by Elian's Miami relatives in which the little boy addresses his dad and tells him he doesn't want to go home. ……"

The Progressive 4/12/00 Matthew Rothschild "……At least nine times in the last eight years, Turkish forces have invaded northern Iraq to attack Kurdish rebels. These attacks--carried out with F-16s and helicopters made in the U.S.A.--are in clear violation of international law. But the U.S. government supports them, and the U.S. press barely takes notice. The most recent invasion began in early April, with "more than 5,000 Turkish troops backed by air jets and helicopters" crossing into Iraq, according to a 274-word dispatch from UPI. AP weighed in with 325 words, which The New York Times helpfully trimmed back to fifty-nine. The only detailed story I saw on the invasion appeared in The Guardian of London on April 3. Reporter Chris Morris wrote, "Almost anywhere else in the world, thousands of heavily armed soldiers crossing an international border would be big news," Morris wrote. "But this latest Turkish incursion into Iraq will be greeted with barely a murmur in the West."…. Morris was right. The Clinton Administration endorsed Turkey's actions, and the U.S. media was all but mum. …."

AP 4/14/00 David Bauder "……CNN has settled a defamation lawsuit brought by a retired Army general named as a source in the network's ill-fated 1998 report that accused the military of using nerve gas on Vietnam War-era defectors. Terms weren't disclosed for the settlement, reached after a mediation effort between former Gen. John Singlaub and CNN representatives last week. Singlaub was a former commander of the Studies and Operations Group, an elite unit of the Army Special Forces accused of being involved in the nerve gas operations. He had been named by a former CNN producer as a source for the Operation Tailwind report. CNN retracted its June 7, 1998 report about a month after airing it because it could not verify its accuracy. The network fired two producers and a third resigned over the story. The lead reporter, Peter Arnett, was reprimanded and ultimately left the network……"

Life Dynamics 4/3/00 "…….After we first met with a producer from the ABC program 20/20, many in the pro-life movement warned us that you can't trust the media and that no major media outlet will ever do a story which is fair to our movement. Of course, we have been involved in the pro-life battle long enough to know that this is undeniably true. However, the 20/20 story is about as close as the pro-life movement is going to get to a story which condemns even one aspect of the abortion industry's daily atrocities. By focusing on and condemning those who profit from the sale of baby body parts, 20/20 turned a national spotlight on this barbaric practice. The story may not have been all that we wanted, and 20/20's focus on the money trail is like pointing out that smoke from the ovens at Auschwitz violated Germany's Clean Air Act. But the bottom line is that millions of Americans who could have never dreamed that there are people in this country who traffic in the bodies of children killed by abortion, were stunned and horrified by what they saw in their living rooms that night. At Life Dynamics, the effort to bring this issue to the public is only just beginning and we believe that this was a great starting point. Having said that, 20/20 was negligent in several aspects of this story which would have otherwise moved the American people from shock to outrage. For example: When the issue of baby parts was being discussed, the visual on the screen was a petri dish containing a pea-sized fragment of unidentifiable white tissue. We are sympathetic to the explanation offered by the ABC producer who told us after the show that the network could not broadcast footage of dismembered babies, baggies full of tiny human eyes or any other accurate footage of the "commodity" being sold by the baby parts merchants. But this should have been stated during the program or in the banter which follows each story. Showing scientists poking at slivers of flesh in a petri dish through a microscope was deceptive and it dehumanizes this debate. …….."

Life Dynamics 4/3/00 "…….Hearing Planned Parenthood President Gloria Feldt's pious condemnation of the baby parts traders was sickening. It was like hearing the president of Phillip Morris condemn smoking. 20/20 was completely irresponsible in not making the viewer aware that all of the wrongdoing described in this broadcast occurred at Planned Parenthood facilities, and that Planned Parenthood is responsible for the national network that supports the trafficking of baby body parts. Ms. Feldt was clearly wanting to disguise this in her interview and 20/20, by its silence, went right along with her. The result is that the viewer was left with the false impression that Planned Parenthood was outraged at these practices rather than a participant in them. …………. There was never any mention of the researchers, pharmaceutical companies and universities who buy baby parts. It was like a story about the evils of prostitution which concentrated solely on the women involved and never the customers. The reality is that if baby parts are being marketed, that means there are not only sellers, but buyers as well. For 20/20 to target one and ignore the other was unfair and deceptive. ……"

The Washington Post 4/4/00 Lisa de Moraes "…… ABC News President David Westin seems to be distancing himself from Leonardo DiCaprio's Friday sit-down with President Clinton. In fact, he says it wasn't meant to be an interview at all--a position disputed by White House officials. "We did not send him to interview the president," Westin told his staff in an e-mail over the weekend. "No one is that stupid." He said ABC sent the 25-year-old actor simply to do a "walk-through" of the White House--to look at its weatherstripping and other environmental efforts for a prime-time special--when "the president announced he wanted to sit down and do an interview with DiCaprio." In that circumstance, Westin told The Post's Howard Kurtz yesterday, "it's awfully hard to say, 'No, no, Mr. President.' " ….."

Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting 4/5/00 "…… On March 27, FAIR released an action alert urging readers to contact CNN and ask why the network allowed military propaganda specialists from an Army Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) unit to work in the news division of its Atlanta headquarters. That action alert can be found on FAIR's website: ( ). Since then, FAIR has been contacted by Eason Jordan, CNN's president for international networks and newsgathering, as well as executive vice president for public relations Sue Binford. On March 29, FAIR received CNN's official response, written by Binford: ***** As executive vice president of CNN Public Relations, I am responding officially on behalf of CNN to FAIR's action alert headlined "Why were Government Propaganda Experts Working on News at CNN?":
1. No government or military propaganda expert has ever worked on news at CNN.
2. Amongst the hundreds of interns from around the world who spent a few weeks at a time at CNN in the past year, were five personnel from a U.S. Army PSYOPS group.
3. Interns at CNN observe under the supervision of CNN staff and have no influence over what CNN reports or how CNN reports it.
4. CNN's intern program is administered by the Company's Human Resources Department, which is made up of hard-working, well-intentioned people who are not journalists and who thought they were doing the right thing when they agreed to a U.S. Army request to allow the military personnel to intern at CNN.
5. The intern program was terminated as soon as the leadership of CNN learned of it. CNN's position: it was inappropriate for PSYOPS personnel to be at CNN, they are not here now, and they never again will be at CNN.
6. CNN prides itself on its journalistic independence and impartiality and is committed to accurate, fair, responsible reporting. ….."

NY Press 4/4/00 Petra Dickenson "……..Two weeks before the first anniversary of the brutal killing of Matthew Shepard, in September of 1999, a 13-year-old boy was murdered in Rogers, AK. Jesse Dirkhising, his body covered with feces, died while being repeatedly raped and sodomized with various objects, including an enema filled with the urine of one of his tormentors. The murder, and the ongoing court proceedings against the alleged perpetrators, one of whom is scheduled to go on trial on April 10, has received virtually no media attention outside of the Ozarks. Vicious murders happen all the time. This could be said about the murder of Matthew Shepard. Yet his death unleashed not only a frenzy of coverage and was denounced at rallies, protests and candlelight vigils around the country, it even brought out demands from the Arkansan in the White House for "hate crime legislation" on the theory, presumably, that the death penalty the prosecutors were seeking was insufficient. It was The Washington Times that made the Jesse Dirkhising story more than just a local news item, and L. Brent Bozell III who subsequently pointed out that self-imposed political correctness on the part of the media was responsible for the different treatment of the two cases. With few exceptions, the nation's newspapers twisted themselves into bundles of contradiction trying to refute the charge that they could possibly be biased. But if their original silence was telling and might by some force of the imagination be deemed innocent, the reaction to Bozell's allegations could leave no doubt that he had been right. The media will indeed shape the news to accommodate any contemporary fashion. And what's more fashionable these days than gay and lesbian politics? Dirkhising was a boy murdered by two homosexuals, Shepard was a homosexual killed by two heterosexuals….."

Daily News 4/6/00 Richard Huff "…… BC News star Sam Donaldson was infuriated when the network tapped Leonardo DiCaprio, of all people, to interview President Clinton, top ABC sources said yesterday. Donaldson and other ABC staffers also were angry because they didn't learn about the sitdown until it was mentioned at a White House press briefing. ABC insiders said the fiery newsman and others fumed because the movie star had gotten face time with Clinton under news division auspices. Donaldson couldn't be reached for comment yesterday. The decision to use the "Titanic" star for an Earth Day special, to air April 22, also has sparked the ire of media critics. "It Hollywoodizes the most serious of subjects," said Bernard Kalb, host of CNN's "Reliable Sources." "If we start moving into this terrain, we're going to offer shallowness." The flap has put ABC News President David Westin in a dispute between the old and the new guard in the news division. ….."

Jewish World Review 4/6/00 cal Thomas "….. THE DEFINITION of propaganda describes ABC News' decision to enlist the services of actor and teenage heartthrob, Leonardo DiCaprio, to interview President Clinton about the environment: "the spreading of ideas, information or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause or a person.'' DiCaprio, who has about as much scientific credibility as those actors who testified before Congress in 1989 about the supposed dangers of the chemical Alar used to promote ripening of apples, is said by his spokesman (apparently DiCaprio has trouble speaking without a script) to have "been interested in the environment for a long time.'' I'm interested in the Broadway theater (what's left of it), but no one is offering me a role because I'm not an actor. DiCaprio will be in Washington for Earth Day, April 22, along with other scientific geniuses who act just so they can put high-priced bread on their expensive tables: Melanie Griffith, Chevy Chase, David (Sperm Bank) Crosby, Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen. At a time when the college transcripts of presidential candidates have been released, may we please at least know what grades this bunch got in school? ……"

WorldNetDaily 3/29/00 Walter Williams "…… Whenever there's a tragedy involving gun use, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, the gun-control lobby and the news media seize it as another opportunity to exploit the emotions of uninformed American people for political gain. Unfortunately, most Americans don't have the foggiest notion of why the Framers of the Constitution, through the Second Amendment, guaranteed our right to keep and bear arms. Our leftist establishment would like us to believe the Second Amendment was written to protect our duck- and deer-hunting rights. Don't take my word -- read what was actually said during the constitutional debates. Thomas Jefferson said, "No man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." Tench Coxe, assistant secretary of the treasury (1789), said, "The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people." Noah Webster said, "The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword, because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops." ………….. In Federalist Paper No. 46, James Madison said the Constitution "preserves the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation, the existence of subordinate governments, to which the people are attached ... forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition. ..."

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 3/31/00 Vol Five No 55 "…….1) Not a syllable Thursday night on ABC, CBS, MSNBC or NBC on White House counsel Beth Nolan's appearance before the House Government Reform Committee to respond to questions about e-mail. CNN and FNC ran full reports. 2) Nothing on e-mail, but ABC had time for the "conspiracy to retaliate" against Smith & Wesson and a helmet law in Italy. CBS looked at lights in the sky. NBC relayed how Elian is missing Cuba's "education system that is the envy of Latin America." NBC offered an admiring profile of a gun control advocate. 3) CBS's Early Show and NBC's Today refused to mention a judge's finding that Clinton was in "criminal violation" of the Privacy Act. GMA gave it 29 seconds. But even Geraldo found it newsworthy……." 3/31/00 Joe Flint "…… Cable News Network's ratings are down 31% from a year ago, as rivals CNBC and Fox News - and even CNN's own spinoff channels - are cutting into the audience for the Time Warner Inc. unit. In first-quarter ratings released earlier this week, CNN viewers fell to an average of 365,000 an hour over its programming day; in prime time, viewership was down 20% to an average of 755,000. IN THE KEY 25-to-54-year-old group, the one most sought by advertisers, CNN's prime-time audience was off 11% in the first quarter; its total-day average fell almost 12%. CNBC, riding the stock-market surge, is now getting a bigger audience than CNN during the day. Meanwhile, using an edgy mix of conservative talk shows and sometimes tabloid-style programs, Fox has also gained ground on CNN. A year ago, CNN was enjoying strong numbers from the Monica Lewinsky scandal and subsequent Clinton impeachment proceedings, making comparisons difficult for CNN in this year's first quarter. ......,, But while CNN's numbers fell without a scandal to boost interest, News Corp.'s Fox News Channel saw its first-quarter audience jump 11%, to 136,000 viewers, from a year earlier. In prime time, Fox News gained 2% to 289,000 viewers. Fox News is available in only 47.3 million homes, compared with almost 80 million for CNN. ….."

New York Post 4/1/00 Paul Tharp "…… CNN is abuzz with talk that its president Rick Kaplan will be booted for letting the once mighty news channel lose nearly a third of its viewers in a year. Rumors at CNN headquarters in Atlanta also held that Kaplan's own boss, CNN Chairman Tom Johnson, also was under the gun over the ratings slide. "Six months ago I would have thought Kaplan would go and that Tom would stay, but now I don't know," said one CNN source. …….. Kaplan was under pressure last year for being at the center of two of the network's worst debacles. The network prez admitted the full blame for a fiasco on "NewsStand, " a show he launched based on parent Time Warner's magazines. The debut segment said that U.S. commandos used nerve gas on other American troops in Vietnam, but had to be retracted. Lawsuits are pending over the story, entitled "Tailwind." ……. Kaplan was also blamed for causing a personality feud that drove away CNN "Moneyline" anchor Lou Dobbs, who had been the most watched man on cable TV. ……. CNN turns 20 in June, and invented cable TV news, but cable rivals are making big inroads into its audience, which is off 31 percent since last year to an average 365,000 viewers an hour over the full programming day. In daytime hours, business news channel CNBC has more viewers than CNN for the first time. CNN's prime-time ratings are also down 20 percent. CNBC, MSNBC and Fox, whose parent News Corporation also owns The Post, have been eating into CNN's marketshare. ……"

WorldNet Daily 4/3/00 Larry Klayman "……The left has always complemented itself on its concern for civil rights and privacy. Indeed, this is the rationale which their favorite Supreme Court Justice, the late Honorable Harry Blackmun, used to justify a woman's so-called "right to choose" in allowing for the murder of unborn children, commonly known as abortion. However, rather than praise Judge Lamberth's decision upholding real, not manufactured, privacy rights, when the law is applied to their own benefactor and princeling, Bill Clinton, the left goes into a tantrum, which was evident the other night when I appeared on CNN's "Crossfire" with Bill Press (a copy of the transcript can be found on CNN's website.) ......... A review of this transcript shows that Mr. Press, despite his efforts to try to embarrass me at the end of the show, was trounced by logic and reason. Not to be undone or for that matter humiliated by his own "non-showing," he wrote a column the next day entitled, "The Right-Wing Posse Rides Again," which also appears on CNN's website. ………. Notwithstanding various incorrect statements in this article (i.e., I have never alleged that Ron Brown was murdered by Clinton operatives, although it is clear that someone shot him in the head), Mr. Press' tirade in trying to trash Congressman Dan Burton, Judge Lamberth and me is not only childlike, it is not befitting for CNN to put on its website. ......... While I disagree with Bill Press' political philosophy, I had previously found him to be a gentleman, and I am disappointed that he would publish false information about Judicial Watch and me. Then again, when you strike a nerve and produce perhaps the biggest legal finding in American history - that the president of the United States has committed a crime - and that president just happens to be from the left, I guess you can expect that apologists like Press will squeal like stuck pigs……."

ETHERZONE 4/19/00 Phil Brennan "........If you managed to sit through 60 Minutes Sunday night and watch Dan Rather cuddle up to Juan Miguel Gonzalez, Elian's father, and not throw up you've got a pretty strong stomach. There was a point where I expected a teary-eyed Rather to suddenly thrown himself on the man and clasp him to his heaving bosom. Somehow he managed to restrain himself, but it must have been a struggle. In this episode of anchor man turned Castro propagandist, Rather tossed cotton ball questions at the well-coached Cuban communist party member, being ever careful not to say anything that might offend him or his bearded master down in Cuba...... As I sat there watching this spectacle I began to think about the obvious questions Rather, were he a real journalist, could have asked Gonzalez - you know, the kind he'd be quick to ask, say Charlton Heston, or Pat Buchanan, or Jerry Fallwell......." 4/19/00 Carl Limbacher ".......The media continues to swoon over Dr. Irwin Redlener's recommendation that Elian Gonzalez should be returned to his father forthtwith, even though Redlener's independence is thoroughly compromised by his ties to the Clinton White House. But two weeks ago, a truly independent psychologist hired by ABC News said that taking Elian away from his Miami family just months after losing his mother would put him through a "second death" trauma. Despite the startling prediction, no similar media frenzy ensued. ............ By Wednesday, after most of the alternative press had revealeled Redlener's advisory role in Hillary Clinton's 1993 Health Care Task Force, The New York Times was still reporting his claim that Elian needed to be "rescued" from his "abusive" Miami family, not as White House sponsored agit-prop, but as straightforward news. ....." 4/19/00 Carl Limbacher ".......On top of the doctor's obvious conflict of interest, the press managed to overlook the fact the Redlener is a pediatrician by training, not a psychologist or psychiatrist. Dr. Gunther Perdigo, on the other hand, was the psychologist recruited by ABC News for Diane Sawyer's blockbuster Elian Gonzalez interview last month. Unlike Redlener, he personally examined the boy. ........Perdigo confided to US News & World Report's Steve Roberts that at first he, like Redlener, believed Elian should be returned to his father and ultimately go back to Castro's Cuba. But that was before Perdigo actually talked to the boy. ........"

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 4/19/00 "........1) NBC marveled at how the house where Castro will put Elian is "a mansion by Cuban standards" while CNN marveled at how "even by American standards" it's "luxurious." Both portrayed the placement as benign. Only FNC raised the issue of communist re-education. 2) GMA and Today benignly played clips showing the Havana home, but both shows were more interested in focusing on the letter from a pediatrician claiming Elian is in "imminent danger" in Miami. Only FNC noted the doctor once served on a Hillary task force......."

The PlanetTimes 4/18/00 Dr. Michael S. Brown "......Responsible gun owners have complained for three decades that the media is biased against them. The media has either denied it or simply refused to address the issue. A report released in January, 2000, by the Media Research Center found network news stories about guns supported more gun control ten times as often as they questioned it. The study evaluated over 600 news segments on ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN over a two year period. The networks ignored the report. They no longer bother to refute thecharge that they are biased against gun rights. This bias has become institutionalized, especially in the major national news organizations. ........ Popular columnist Jill J. R. Labbe, of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram said: "Journalists are not different than other people - they have a tendency to fear what they don't understand. I look around the newsroom and I see predominantly young reporters, more women than men, most who grew up in urban areas, few who served in the military, absolutely no hunting tradition. They have had little or no exposure to firearms beyond their use as tools of crime. I also see men and women who have a naive faith in law enforcement, that the police will be around to help them in their time of need.".........."

St. Louis Post Dispatch 4/19/00 ".......With each new school violence flare-up -- from the Columbine killings last April 20, to the high school massacre plot thwarted by California police last week -- America's fear of school violence seems to grow exponentially. According to The Wall Street Journal and NBC News, seven out of 10 Americans think that a school shooting could happen in their community. Gallup polls for USA Today found Americans 49 percent more likely to be fearful of schools last year than they were in 1998. The high-profile school shootings and drumbeat of media coverage that follows them have convinced many Americans that schools -- and the students who spend their days there -- are deadlier than ever. The facts belie that fear. The historical peak for juvenile homicides came in 1993. In the next five years, those homicides fell by 56 percent, and overall juvenile crime dropped by 30 percent. As for school-associated violent deaths, the number is small and not rising. Last year, in fact, that number fell by 40 percent: Of 52 million students in America's schools, 26 of them died in school-associated deaths, down from 43 in 1998. A student in 1999 had a one in 2 million chance of being killed in school; and students ages 12 to 19 were 115 times more likely to be killed outside of school. .......Public fears of youth violence have escalated largely in response to media coverage of schoolyard slaughters in suburban America......."

Washington Times 3/17/00 Bill Gertz Rowan Scarborough "...... Assistant Defense Secretary Kenneth Bacon is at it again. The Pentagon's public affairs chief is secretly cooperating with a Washington Post reporter. This time it's not one of his employees who is the target, but one of us. Mr. Bacon is helping the Post's David Ignatius to dish the dirt about leaks of classified information and their security impact. The spokesman has tasked a certain Pentagon intelligence agency to work with Mr. Ignatius in highlighting some recent disclosures of classified information, including many in this newspaper. The collaboration infuriates some defense officials who see it as an abuse of intelligence for political purposes. Look for the House and Senate Intelligence committees to jump on this story.

Mr. Bacon got into hot water in 1998. That's when he disclosed confidential personal information on his subordinate, Linda Tripp, a public affairs official and Monica Lewinsky confidant whose secretly taped conversations led to the impeachment of the president......."


Conservative News Service 4/28/00 Justin Torres "……Free press groups, outraged by an alleged assault on two NBC cameraman during the federal raid on Lazaro Gonzalez's home in Miami last Saturday, are joining with the cable channel's executives in demanding an explanation from the Immigration and Naturalization Service for action taken by its agents. NBC's cameraman Tony Zumbado and sound man Gustavo Moeller were both prevented from filming the inside of the Little Havana home by INS agents, according to a statement from NBC Vice President Bill Wheatley. Moeller was dragged out of the house by an INS agent at gunpoint, according to NBC. Outside, he was told to lie on the ground and struck on the head by the barrel of an agent's gun, causing bleeding. …… Zumbado was in the house trying to disconnect his camera from Moeller equipment when he was knocked to the ground by an INS agent, kicked in the stomach and told he would be shot if he attempted to rise. Both men had pepper spray shot at them. Both Zumbado and Moeller were in the house at the invitation of the Miami relatives. ……"

Washington Times 3/17/00 Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough "…… Assistant Defense Secretary Kenneth Bacon is at it again. The Pentagon's public affairs chief is secretly cooperating with a Washington Post reporter. This time it's not one of his employees who is the target, but one of us. Mr. Bacon is helping the Post's David Ignatius to dish the dirt about leaks of classified information and their security impact. The spokesman has tasked a certain Pentagon intelligence agency to work with Mr. Ignatius in highlighting some recent disclosures of classified information, including many in this newspaper. The collaboration infuriates some defense officials who see it as an abuse of intelligence for political purposes. Look for the House and Senate Intelligence committees to jump on this story……."

Freeper harpo11 "….Saw this letter to the editor in our local Sunday newspaper which I thought was outstanding, the writer should be a Freeper, if he is not one already! "Re: "Unfocused Legacy", editorial, April 30: I think I'm gonna puke. Your sanctimonious editorial on Vietnam was a travesty. You, dammit, you, the Washington Post, New York Times and other like-minded lackeys lost that war. We got our butts shot off while you mealy-mouthed wimps lied to the American people, shamed me and my colleagues who had the guts to fight and promoted the Communist cause (does the name Jane Fonda ring a bell?). Have you changed your stripes. Hell no. You write drivel 25 years later about high-minded causes. My rear! The_______ was a socialist rag back then and is now. Liberalism has always been a gutless choice." ….."

Village Voice 5/10/00 James Ridgeway "……Growing numbers of people get their daily dose of news not from newspapers, radio, or television, but from breaking-news sites on the Web. These sites offer the appeal of your own personal wire service-all the news, up to the moment. …… But what about the political leanings of these increasingly popular news sites? Well, progressives can read them and weep. With few exceptions, the highest-rated and liveliest sites are run by conservatives. …..Here are a few of the zippiest right-wing rags on the Net. . … Chris Ruddy's hot site is up-to-date with a wide range of breaking news, from Chinese missile threats to Madeleine Albright's sloppy security system at the State Department…… Still the best bet for breaking news, and full of hype, this is a nonetheless remarkably accurate tip sheet on what's going down during the day…... For news junkies who don't live in Washington, this is the single best source of info on the right-wing congressional leadership, covering programs, dreams, internal bickering, and gossip…... The online version of Rupert Murdoch's tab is loaded with New York stories……. Home of great breaking news on the margins, this site once wrote that Governor Clinton rigged the phone system in Little Rock to hide the source of incoming calls, just as he blocked the White House phones……. This self-proclaimed "online gathering place for independent, grassroots conservativism" is a great place to test the whirlpools of conservative thinking…….The best feature is the posting of responses to breaking news stories, like one from the reader who heard Elián's impending return was brought on by a Santeria deal aimed at keeping Castro in power. ….."

The American Spectator 5/00 Mark Steyn "…… One typical March weekend in Brooklyn: Vandals smash the face and arms of a marble shrine to Our Lady of Fatima at St. Gregory's Rornan Catholic Church. The same night, a wooden image of Christ is torn down from the cross and broken into pieces at St. Francis of Assisi-St. Blaise Church. For parishioners at St. Francis, it was the second assault on their church in little more than two months: In January, the statues of both Francis and Our Lady of Fatima were decapitated. But so what? This kind of thing is becoming routine. A dozen Catholic churches have been desecrated in Brooklyn in the last six months - though, in a belated attempt at ecumenicalisrn, in the last week of March an Episcopal church was targeted, too. The media, happy to hop on Jesse Jackson's and Bill Clinton's bandwagon and be taken for a ride about an entirely mythical spate of black church burnings a couple of years back, are largely indifferent to the actual, real assaults on churches which occur every day. The Clinto-Jacksonian fictional church burnings (orchestrated by Newt and the Republican Congress, naturally) were about racial hatred, whereas these attacks demonstrate only anti-religious hatred, and who cares about that? Most of the recent Brooklyn church attacks were buried in the New York Times somewhere round page B6 in the Metro News Briefs. But eventually some Times editor noticed that Metro had been running the same church vandalization News Brief week in, week out for months on end and decided that maybe the series of religious desecrations merited a short 700 word piece on page B1, which duly ran on March 22. ….." 5/5/00 Carl Limbacher "…… Newspapers are doomed to die at the hands of the Internet. So says none other than zillionaire Warren Buffett. "Newspapers are very threatened by the Internet," said Buffett, the world's second richest man. "The industry factors will just overwhelm any specific strategy" to survive. "I love newspapers. I spend more hours a day with newspapers probably than anybody in this room," he told reporters after his recent annual meeting in Omaha, Neb. "But that isn't the way the world is going." …… Buffett is a director of the liberal Washington Post Co., and his Berkshire Hathaway holding company owns the Buffalo News and 18.3 percent of the Post company. ……" 5/6/00 Carl Limbacher "…… America's newspaper of record, The New York Times, wouldn't touch Gennifer Flowers' story when she first came forward to allege a twelve-year affair with then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton. ……… Seven years later, when Juanita Broaddrick charged on national TV that Clinton had raped her, the Times limited its coverage to a single report, which explored the story mainly from the standpoint of the media's ethical quandry in reporting such a dicey charge. …….. But when it comes to New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the Times' handwringers have gone into hiding. It took the Old Grey Lady just a day to jump on the tabloid bandwagon, picking up on reports that Giuliani has been seen squiring a 40-something busnesswoman around town. ….. And though neither Giuliani nor his ladyfriend, Judith Nathan, have publicly acknowledged any sexual aspect whatsoever to their friendship (unlike a dozen Clinton girlfriends the paper has ignored), the Times and its tabloid brethren, The New York Post and The New York Daily News, are ladeling out the inneundo by the bucketful……"

Heads Up #182 5/7/00 Doug Fiedor "…… It appears that the New York Times is a bit jealous of being scooped by our medium. Not by "Heads Up," of course. We're not in the "breaking news" business. It's Internet news pages in general the Times seems to resent. A case in point, in their Monday, March 8, 1999 issue was a piece by Felicity Barringer titled "Partisan Web Sites Gain Some Media Credibility." …… First, she went on a little about "Capitol Hill Blue" (, a fine news source that was operated by Doug Thompson -- who just happens to be a professional journalist. And, CHB happens to be on our daily reading list, right between The Washington Times and WorldNetDaily, so we found the piece in the New York Times especially interesting. …… It seems that a few desk bound journalists were not getting their normal feed of "news" from the White House and Democratic National Committee disinformation committees, so they called Doug Thompson to get his sources on the Clinton rape stories. …… I thought Mark Hosenball's comment that Free Republic is "more entertainment and a study in abnormal psychology than anything else" was especially telling. Newsweek, and their ilk, have gone way out of their way in the last few years to protect an obvious sociopathic wreck and his dysfunctional family in our White House. ......... Here here! In truth, the old media is dying a slow, agonizing death. Because, simply put, they are no longer believed by normal Americans. It's not just that their bias shows. It's also that they feel free to berate all others who do not have their far-left socialist leanings. ……."

WorldNetDaily 5/6/00 Jon Dougherty "……Consider this column an open letter to my colleagues in the press. I'm egregiously disappointed in most of you who attended that dinner along with my boss and his friends and associates. I was both appalled and disgusted at you, my fellow reporters, upon hearing about the kind of treatment Joe and Elizabeth Farah and Co. at his table endured at your hands. …… For readers who don't know what's going on here, I'll recount it briefly. …….. When Clinton was introduced to speak, every reporter, editor, journalist, Hollywood star and groupie of all of the above rose in thunderous applause -- everyone except my boss, his wife, Judicial Watch's Larry Klayman, Matt Drudge, Insight Editor Paul Rodriguez, and the others seated at that table. ………. For that "outrage," Joe told us, other reporters chided and harangued them, became indignant, and all but demanded they stand and "show respect" to, at least, the office of the presidency. Still, they refused to do so and, for that, I am distinctly proud. ………What I am not proud of -- but am happy to address in this column -- is the absolutely despicable behavior of the other reporters and journalists who thought it appropriate to criticize the only table in the room filled with people demonstrating guts, integrity, honor and decency. ……"

WorldNetDaily 5/6/00 Jon Dougherty "……Fellow newshounds, there is just nothing to respect about this man -- and most of you know that. Why you do anyway is your business but, by doing so, you bring the shame of his performance as president upon yourselves. You deserve it; most of you have refused -- for nearly eight years -- to fulfill your role as watchdog and report honestly and completely on every breach of office this man has either engaged in or instigated on his own selfish behalf. ……"

Washington Times 5/8/00 Nat Hentoff "…… Janet Reno says that "one of the beauties of television is that it shows what the facts are." In direct contrast to that facile statement, consider how much has been left out of television coverage of the taking of Elian Gonzalez - especially on Ted Koppel's widely respected "Nightline." ………. For instance, Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe - whose books on constitutional law have been quoted by the Supreme Court more than those of any other expert - said in the New York Times that Miss Reno's raid "strikes at the heart of constitutional government and shakes the safeguards of liberty." Mr. Tribe, it should be known, believed that the boy should be reunited with his father. …….. On April 27, Mr. Koppel's "Nightline" on ABC tried to bring light to this continuing constitutional controversy by presenting, for the first time, the man who led the raid: James Goldman, the Immigration and Naturalization Service's (INS) assistant director. Mr. Tribe's analysis of the raid was not mentioned……."

Washington Times 5/8/00 Nat Hentoff "……Unlike most "Nightline" shows - and I've watched them since the program started, when American hostages were taken in Iran - Mr. Koppel and reporters Chris Bury and Michel McQueen asked Mr. Goldman no searching questions. What they said on that program simply confirmed Mr. Goldman's story and the accompanying statements of Janet Reno and her deputy, Eric Holder. Clips of the other side's point of view were shown, but those who were in the house during the raid were not allowed on camera to ask questions of Mr. Goldman during his taped interview. Mr. Koppel told me the next day that his intent was to be fair, but the result made "Nightline" a public relations arm of the Justice Department during that crucial program....... For instance, Michel McQueen said flatly that the INS SWAT team had a warrant. Not a word about a point made by the internationally respected Washington Post columnist Jim Hoagland - and others -that Miss Reno engaged in "blatant magistrate shopping to find someone willing to authorize the grabbing of Elian on a search warrant rather than through a court order." Mr. Hoagland, too, wanted the boy reunited with his father. Moreover, there was no mention on "Nightline" of the charge by Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz and others that to be lawful, the raid would have had to have been preceded by a court order and an "adversarial hearing."……."

Judicial Watch 5/8/00 "……Proving that there really is a liberal media bias, while the lawsuit of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ("DCCC") against Representative Tom Delay has received widespread coverage over the last few days, Judicial Watch's case on behalf of the shareholders of Loral Corporation against Bernard Schwartz, the Clintons, Al Gore, the Democratic Party, and others, which the DCCC essentially copied as to form, received little attention…….. Judicial Watch brought this derivative action under the allegedly illegal scheme, conjured up by the Clintons, Al Gore, and the Democratic Party, to not only sell seats on Department of Commerce trade missions but also export licenses to transfer high technology to the Communist Chinese and others. By the accounts of the Pentagon and State Department, this harmed U.S. national security.......,Judicial Watch's lawsuit was filed in November of 1998, yet received scant attention from the liberal media. It continues in the courts and represents a potent cause of action to redress the sellout of U.S. national security interests for campaign contributions…….."

Washington Post 5/9/00 "…… A vast correction? New Yorker writer Jeffrey Toobin--whose book about the Monica Lewinsky scandal, "A Vast Conspiracy," was searingly critical of the journalist who uncovered it, Newsweek correspondent Michael Isikoff--will correct a host of mistakes in his paperback edition, due in October. Toobin agreed to make the changes after Isikoff's attorney, Thomas Earl Patton, sent his publisher, Random House, a saber-rattling 14-page letter enumerating "numerous serious factual errors and distortions that impugn" Isikoff's "integrity, ethics and professionalism." ….." 5/1/00 Diane Alden "…… Media mergers continue to be in the news. These mergers are a horror and have nothing to do with the free market at work. The fourth estate of governance, the press has been treading on thin ice in its responsibility toward the Constitution. First Amendment guarantees are jealously guarded, but the minions in the media are not so quick to defend the other guarantees in the Bill of Rights. Because of their irresponsibility we are witnessing a dangerous trend as we move from the regulatory state toward the corporate police state. The coverage of that fact in the mainstream is almost nil......." 5/1/00 Diane Alden "…… In a recent interview columnist and longtime Washington observer Robert Novak noted that it used to be only reporters who were leftists, now it exists from the top down. The mainstream press does everything short of murder to maintain privilege, power and legitimacy. Its efforts are defined by outright lying, manipulation of information, spreading misinformation and overlooking or under-reporting events and actions of the state and its operatives. This will change if the next occupant of the White House is conservative. At that moment they will rediscover their "objectivity." However, the damage the mainstream press has done the republic of the United States of America makes that so-called objectivity a day late and a dollar short. Additionally, as a nation we don't have time to wait until the schools of journalism and boards at the networks rethink the way they fix the news. ……" 5/1/00 Diane Alden "…… Ben Bagdikian explains in his book "The Media Monopoly" (1983) at that time 50 corporations dominated most of the mass media. That was in 1983. Now it is around 10, and more are coming, including the control of the so-called "new media" on the Internet.......Journalist Norman Solomon lists the media giants:
· CBS and Viacom.
· NBC and General Electric. GE has owned NBC since 1986.
· ABC. This network became the property of the Walt Disney Co. five years ago. Disney is now the country's second-largest media outfit.
· Fox. The Fox network is owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., No. 4 in the media oligarchy.
And among these giants there is of course cable television, with several networks devoted to news:
· CNN. The world's biggest media conglomerate, Time Warner, owns CNN.
· CNBC. General Electric owns this cable channel, ranked sixth.
· MSNBC. Spawned as a joint venture of GE and Microsoft, the MSNBC network would see activism against media monopoly as double trouble.

Original Sources 4/26/00 Mary Mostert "…… It's Black-on-Black Conflict, Not Black-on-White Conflict Causing Anarchy in Africa. …….. In the last year we have seen anarchy hit various areas - Indonesia, once a thriving nation who had people with the money and desire to pour into the Clinton 1996 Presidential Campaign, Kosovo, a province in the nation of Yugoslavia, the Horn of Africa and now Zimbabwe. ……… At the height of the Elilan controversy I posted a news story about the economic impact of the growing anarchy in Mugabe's Zimbabwe which seemed to irritate a reader who had never seen any mention of the problems in Zimbabwe in the dominant media. "Why don't you tell us what's going on there, Mary?" …….. The reader had a good point, but, frankly, I long ago came to the conclusion that the entire continent of Africa could drop into the sea and it wouldn't make the front pages of the Washington Post. For all the liberal left's talk about concern for the "Africans" or the "African Americans," the fact is, they really are not interested in what is going on in Africa, as was illustrated by Clinton's total disinterest in the death of hundreds of thousands of blacks by genocide but created a war because 1400 Albanians died in 1999 in Kosovo. He didn't mention the 600 Serbs who also died. ....... Americans particularly have a romantic notion that the problems of Africa are all caused by conflicts between whites and blacks. Actually, the worst problems are always between various black factions and tribes, not between whites and blacks and that is playing out now in Zimbabwe. ……"

Original Sources 4/26/00 Mary Mostert "……Robert Gabriel Mugabe was born on Feb. 21, 1924, in Kutama, Southern Rhodesia. He taught in Southern Rhodesia and then in Ghana where he came under the influence of Kwame Nkruma. In 1960 he returned to Southern Rhodesia. Finding the black nationalist movement of Joshua Nkomo too tame, he helped organize the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU). His group advocated deposing by force Rhodesia's white government. In 1964 he was arrested for speaking against the government and imprisoned for ten years. ……… Mugabe was released from prison in 1975 and, with Nkomo, helped organize guerrillas in the Patriotic Front (PF) to oppose Rhodesia's white-ruled government. The war ended in 1979 when whites agreed to a new constitution allowing black rule, and in 1980 Mugabe became prime minister. He formulated a Marxist-socialist government. He has been re-elected every since - a perfect example of the saying, among many blacks in South Africa and Zimbabwe - "One Man, One Vote, One Time." The guerrilla warfare in Africa that did away with the white man's rule has generally been only transferrance from one tyranny to another. ……."

Original Sources 4/26/00 Mary Mostert "…… Back in 1970 a constitution, dubbed an instrument for retaining white rule, was adopted which allowed for a republic with a president and prime minister; a Senate of 23 members and a House of Assembly elected by separate white and black voter rolls, eventually to have 50 representatives each. In order to vote, one had to have paid income tax, which most blacks, of course, did not then and still do not pay. The 1979 Constitution is the one that Mugabe attempted to change to approve the seizure of white farms. …….. Only, his new Marxist based provision to allow him to take the white man's land was not approved by the voters, much to his surprise. So, since then he has encouraged "squatters" to simply move in on white commercial farmers and take their land. About 800 of the 4500 white owned farms have been taken over in that manner. Many blacks, in a country where there is now, after 20 years of Mugabe's communist government, 50% unemployment realize that most of the jobs in the country revolve around the white commercial farms and other industries, mining and steel, which were built with the white man's know-how and investment. ......"

Original Sources 4/26/00 Mary Mostert "…… "Few blacks were among the mourners, but there were several farmers whose land has been targeted in the wave of illegal farm occupations. Some have had their crops burned, have seen workers beaten and have had homes attacked by arsonists. "'Things can't get much worse,' one friend and farming neighbour of Stevens said. "'It looks like we are going to become refugees, which is a bloody scandal,' he said. 'It is very dark at the moment,' he said. ……. "The farmer said he was unlikely to invest between Z$10-million and Z$12-million (about R1,7-million to R2,12-million) needed to plant next year's tobacco seedlings. The Zimbabwe dollar, which was worth $1.58 when Mugabe took control today is worth only .26. So much for the value of a Marxist economy. ……… "Mugabe has personally endorsed the occupation of more than 1 000 white-owned farms. He is demanding that Britain and other international donors fund a land distribution programme to give farms to hundreds of thousands of landless black people. ……."

CNN News 5/1/00 "……The ABC television network vanished from Time Warner Inc.'s cable systems in 11 U.S. cities Monday after the media company failed to reach a new transmission agreement with the network's parent, Walt Disney Co. Time Warner (TWX: Research, Estimates), the parent company of CNNfn, said the decision affects 3.5 million customers in such markets as New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Philadelphia. In New York Monday morning, viewers were greeted with a blue screen and a banner headline proclaiming "Disney has taken ABC away from you" when they tried to tune into the network's flagship station, WABC. The impasse comes after four months of fruitless discussions between the two companies and several deadline extensions to strike a new deal on transmission rights. Both sides blamed the other for the network being pulled……."

Salon Magazine 5/1/00 Jonathan Last "……Saturday's annual White House Correspondents Association dinner began with a video short featuring the cast of "The West Wing" and real White House press secretary Joe Lockhart. Later, the show got a plug during President Clinton's speech. And after dinner, the "Wing" cast was feted as guests of honor at the Vanity Fair memorial after party, now sponsored by Michael Bloomberg. In the course of one night, "The West Wing" cemented itself as the most-talked-about television program in the nation's capital. ……… In less than one season, the quasi-fictional NBC drama has eclipsed the popularity of "Meet the Press," "Crossfire" and even "Hardball With Chris Matthews" in this town. It has, as Brandon Tartikoff used to say, major heat. In bars people don't gossip about bumping into Sen. Trent Lott or presidential aide Sidney Blumenthal anymore. They exchange "West Wing" sightings……"

Associated Press 4/30/00 "……Four in 10 journalists say they have purposely avoided newsworthy stories or softened the tone of stories to benefit the interests of their own news organizations, according to a new poll on the media. The biggest cause for this is market pressure that causes news organizations to avoid stories considered too boring or too complicated, according to the poll by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, done with the Columbia Journalism Review. The poll of 206 reporters and 81 news executives, including 150 from local news outlets and 137 from national news organizations, was taken Feb. 8 through March 21 and had an error margin of plus or minus 7 percentage points for the entire sample, larger for subgroups. About a third said they avoided stories at least sometimes to avoid harming the financial interests of their own news organization or embarrassing an advertiser, though few said it was "commonplace." ……"

WASHINGTONIAN 5/00 Harry Jaffe "……. Reporters schmoozing in the Post cafeteria were surprised when Reliable Source columnist Lloyd Grove provided a running commentary on the value of his stock in MicroStrategy, a Virginia technology company, as it shot up in February and plunged in March. Two things struck his colleagues: Why is he talking about his stock holdings, and why does he own shares of a company whose chief, Michael Saylor, appears in his column regularly? Asked whether he owns stock in MicroStrategy, Grove said: "I'm not going to talk to you." Style editor Eugene Robinson, Grove's boss, said he had heard nothing about the matter. "It's a question for any journalistic enterprise," Robinson said. "What do we think about people owning stock?" ……"

Miami Herald 4/24/00 "…..Sex and politics apparently don't mix in Iowa, as prosecutors there will charge sex columnist Dan Savage with two counts of voter fraud that could land him behind bars for up to six years. Savage's attorney, Mark Weinhardt, said his client faces a felony charge and one misdemeanor count for using a temporary Des Moines address to vote in the Iowa caucuses in January. The felony charge carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison; the misdemeanor has a maximum penalty of a year in jail. Savage, who pens a syndicated sex advice strip and whose work has appeared in several national publications, was in the Hawkeye state representing the online magazine, for which he eventually wrote a five-part article, "Stalking Gary Bauer." The stories were about how Savage, a gay liberal, worked undercover inside the campaign headquarters of the old-school Christian conservative. In order to achieve this, the Seattle-based Savage had to register as a voter in Iowa. ….."

NewsMax 5/12/00 "…….A Pulitzer Prize-winning Associated Press story about a massacre of civilian refugees in the earliest day of the Korean War - which was picked up and spread by countless other media, provoking outrage here and in Korea - is not true, according to two hard-hitting investigative reports out today. ……"

WorldNetDaily 5/13/00 Jon Dougherty "……Within weeks of the end of NATO's 78-day bombing campaign against Yugoslavia last June, reports began to circulate questioning the authenticity of the U.S. and NATO "body count" of military hardware supposedly destroyed by high-tech fighters and bombers of the combined western air forces. To an American public used to being spoon-fed any manner of drivel from "official" government sources, including the Defense Department, it was clear who "won" in Kosovo just by the "after-action" report given to us by none other than those who embarked on this fiasco in the first place. …… However, military investigators ordered into Kosovo to examine the real damage done by NATO forces bore far less fruit: 14 tanks, not 120, were destroyed; 18 armored personnel carriers, not 220; 20 artillery pieces, not 450. Out of the 744 "confirmed" strikes by NATO pilots during the war, the Air Force investigators, who spent weeks combing Kosovo by helicopter and by foot, found evidence of just 58, Newsweek said. ….. It was nice of Newsweek to finally catch-up. About a year ago, in July -- just a month after the bombs stopped falling -- Col. David Hackworth wrote in the pages of WND that the numbers being presented by NATO and U.S. flaks and hacks were dismally over-inflated. ……."

Insight Magazine 5/10/00 "…….Now that the FBI has confirmed the outline of an Insight exclusive - that its famed Division 5 counterintelligence group was probing suspected eavesdropping by Israeli agents on top-level U.S. government telecommunications traffic - why hasn't the rest of the press followed? …… Especially since the FBI also has confirmed that this is still an open investigation - even though, according to an Associated Press story, insufficient details had been confirmed to support the allegation. So what has the FBI been probing for nearly 3 years? ……. "This should be front-page news," exclaimed a high-level U.S. government source familiar with the details of Insight's exclusive report ( "This is one of the most important intelligence stories to come along in years and nobody is paying any attention to it!"…... Variations of "I can't talk to you about" or "It's too sensitive" or "It's still an open investigation" ring hollow if, as the FBI has told other news outlets, it couldn't confirm the allegation (actually allegations) but still is suspicious. And consider why that is so:

* Few people in U.S. government even knew the counterintelligence operation existed.
* Fewer still knew any details.
* The story involves Israel, always a radioactive subject, especially on intelligence matters.
* The FBI artfully downplayed the story by denying that hard proof had yet been found to support an allegation (which one remains a mystery though and reminds one of Al Gore's infamous "no controlling legal authority").
* The FBI is embarrassed on two fronts: 1) its probe was exposed, and 2) its exposure also revealed that the hunted were, allegedly, capable of tracking the hunters………

…… "It's as if they wanted the story to come out so they could vent frustrations about not being able to break the case," suggested a senior government official. …….…."

Insight Magazine 5/10/00 "…….Top FBI officials declined to comment on the impending story, even to urge the magazine's editors to pull it for national-security reasons and/or to provide guidance on any aspect of it - such as to note, as has been claimed anonymously, that the probe found no hard facts and thus was moved to an inactive status pending further developments. …….News organizations respond on a case-by-case basis, but generally they work with government officials to help get facts straight and give. Insight and most other media do not allow censorship or government involvement in shaping a story but do consider arguments and counter-arguments prior to publication concerning matters that might be incorporated in investigative reports. Exculpation, so to speak. ……..But the FBI did not respond normally. In fact, while some of its own large and extended family in intelligence circles confirmed large portions of Insight's story in the weeks before publication, none in the Bureau's press office ever offered a public statement. Why? ...... Nor did the FBI's top brass bother to inform the top leadership of Congress prior to publication of the Insight story - knowing that questions would be asked, if only privately, after the story was released. ……."

Insight Magazine 5/10/00 "……."This is the first I've heard of it," NSC spokesman Dave Stockwell told Insight. "That doesn't mean it doesn't exist or that someone else doesn't know." ……..White House spokesman Joe Lockhart and his group also professed ignorance of the allegations reported by Insight, which further suggests that they, too, were not given a heads-up. Which brings us back to the FBI: Why would it fail to respond to Insight after so many calls and conversations unless it wanted the story released as is? And for what purpose? ……… While Insight prides itself on having sources and contacts others don't, this doesn't mean that other venerable institutions such as the New York Times and the Washington Post don't have good sources and contacts. In fact, several reporters at those papers, as well as ABC News and Fox News Network, have been pursuing the Insight exclusive and have been told much the same story that was published by this magazine. Yet apart from Fox News, these outlets have run not a word other than the initial wire or staff stories repeating bland comments by the FBI. ………

Insight Magazine 5/10/00 "…….Insight has been told that prior to publication of the main story, senior government officials only had been briefed on the serious allegations and FBI frustrations about not being able to nail down the specifics. "We were unaware as far as I know that the case had been moved to an inactive status," a senior U.S. government official familiar with such briefings told Insight. This raises interesting questions, such as: Since when is it not news that the FBI has an "open" counterintelligence investigation involving suspected Israeli spying at the White House and other secure government facilities? Since when is it not news that the FBI has confirmed it conducted just such an investigation, and that its agents were unable to prove or disprove allegations of such a serious nature that they prompted the probe in the first place? And what were the underlying issues that continued to feed a nearly three-year probe? Something must have been pretty solid for such a clandestine operation over so long a period….."

Insight Magazine 5/10/00 "…….Consider the Wen Ho Lee case: Never has so much reporting been done with so few facts and so much speculation. That's news - but an even larger counterintelligence operation by the FBI into suspected spying on the State Department and the White House isn't? ……..Maybe there's something the FBI wants the world to know without saying it directly. Congressional leaders now getting back to Capitol Hill and hearing about the Insight story are beginning to ask questions…… There are lots of stories lately about security at the State Department. Maybe there ought to be some inquiries about security at the FBI. ……… "

WorldNetDaily 5/12/00 William Steigerwald "…..It's the kind of trouble-making headline we should see more of from our important news magazines -- "The Kosovo Cover-Up." It's not Newsweek's cover story. That honor belongs to a fluffier, more digestible subject, a feature on the "groundbreaking" digital tricks used to make Disney's $200 million "Dinosaur" movie that will be unleashed upon us this summer. But Newsweek should get extra credit this week for sticking it to the Pentagon for fudging (i.e., lying about) the effectiveness of the U.S.-NATO air war in Kosovo. ………. Quoting from a suppressed Air Force report, Newsweek's John Barry and Evan Thomas show that the Air Force knew the high-altitude bombing was doing little damage but covered up reports that proved it. Why the lies and cover up? Because the military was under intense political pressure from its masters in Washington to produce positive bombing results so no U.S. ground troops would have to be sent to the Balkans. ……" 5/14/00 Lawrence Auster "…..The armed seizure of Elian Gonzalez was not only a lawless act of tyranny by the Clinton government, it was an announcement, for those with eyes to see, of the beginning of an age of tyranny in America. It is a tyranny that has been taking shape imperceptibly and informally over many years, but now is becoming so blatant and systematic that it virtually amounts to a new - if unofficial - form of government. …….. Under this regime, the executive, liberated from the Constitution and from any fear of genuine political opposition, does whatever it feels like doing, from character assassination campaigns against witnesses and prosecutors to missile attacks on foreign aspirin factories to the terror bombing of foreign civilian populations, while the major media, functioning in effect as a state organ, shapes an ignorant and malleable public into agreement with whatever the executive is doing. …… 5/14/00 Lawrence Auster "…..This is especially easy when the dissident is not a public figure but simply some poor slob whom fate has placed in the path of the left. Since the legions of the politically correct do not regard such a person as a human being like themselves, they don't have to observe even minimal decency toward him. …….. This may sound extreme, but experience is bearing it out. Just as property owners had no intrinsic value in the eyes of the Bolsheviks, and just as Jews had no intrinsic human value in the eyes of the Nazis, anyone who doesn't dance to the tune of America's dominant left has no intrinsic human value. …….. These are some of the thoughts triggered by The Washington Post's front-page hit job against Donato Dalrymple four days after machine-gun-toting INS agents grabbed Elian Gonzalez from his arms. ………I won't go into the details of this unbelievably filthy piece of "journalism," which has been adequately discussed elsewhere. What I want to emphasize here is what the article tells us about the liberals' devotion to the "little people." ……..But as soon as the little people are unfortunate enough to find themselves on the other side of an issue from the left, they become inconveniences to be swept aside. Their very insignificance - their relative lack of success in life, their lack of sophistication and media savvy, their quirks, their immaturities, even their very innocence - becomes the means the left uses to isolate and humiliate them. ……"

Yahoo 5/31/00 Reuters "…..Claiming a violation of its free speech rights, television station owner Fox Entertainment Group Inc. (NYSE:FOX - news) said it will sue the federal government to lift a rule barring a single company from owning television stations that reach more than 35 percent of U.S. homes. The rule infringes on the First Amendment rights of Fox, its TV stations and its viewers, Fox said in a statement issued on Tuesday. Fox Entertainment owns the Fox broadcast network and TV stations in local markets and is a unit of Rupert Murdoch's media conglomerate, News Corp. Ltd. (NCP.AX) …… ``The national TV ownership cap, which may have served a purpose in the days when only three TV networks competed in local markets, long ago outlived its rationale,´´ Fox Television chairman Chase Carey said in a statement issued on Tuesday. ……"

WorldNetDaily 5/31/00 Julie Foster "…, a popular conservative grassroots organization seeking "honesty, integrity and honor from those in government," released its 1999-2000 Media Accountability Awards, praising WorldNetDaily's Editor and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Farah and Washington Bureau Chief Paul Sperry. ……. For example, the award for the "Best Representation of a Softball Pitcher" goes to Larry King "for lobbing the most irrelevant and ridiculous questions at a political figure during a scandal." ……..The "Best Representation of the Politics of Personal Destruction" award was given to James Carville "for purposely trashing the reputation of innocent people to provide cover for the real criminal." Free Republic's project coordinator Joe Vitale told WND Carville "ran away" with the award, winning by a landslide. ……… Other winners were CNN, which was given the "Vast Left-Wing Cover-up" award, and former Clinton aide Lanny Davis, who does the "best representation of a rubber band for spinning and twisting the facts while attempting to defend the indefensible." ….. White House spokesman Joe Lockhart just barely beat out the Washington Post for the "Josef Goebbels Achievement Award." Named for Adolf Hitler's minister of propaganda, the Goebbels award is earned "for exhibiting the characteristics of a true master of the art of mass propaganda." ……. "For allowing politicians to pull the strings on the who, what, where, when and how of news stories," Dan Rather was named "Press Puppet of the Year," but only after a close run with Newsweek's Eleanor Clift and CNN correspondent Wolf Blitzer. …….Despite the group's criticism of what has been called the "establishment" press, three journalists were presented with the "Endangered Species Award" -- including WND's Farah and Sperry -- "for being true to the First Amendment by pursuing and reporting the facts." Fox News' Brit Hume was the third recipient of the Endangered Species award. ……" 5/31/00 Bruce Bartlett "……On May 28, one of America's most liberal newspapers unequivocally endorsed the flat tax, using arguments this same paper had previously ridiculed when offered by conservatives. For example, this liberal paper dismissed the argument that a flat tax would erode progressivity, saying, "in a society where few people pay anything close to their legally required taxes, and wealthy individuals often pay no tax, the idea of a progressive tax code is an illusion." Continuing, the paper said a flat tax will "encourage people to pay taxes and make it easier for the government to track down those who do not." …… The paper that made these remarkable comments was the New York Times, supporting the flat tax that has been put forward by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Yet just a few months ago, on Oct. 30, 1999, the Times was unrestrained in its criticism of the flat tax, when it was being debated among Republican presidential candidates. Said the Times on that occasion, "the idea that the flat tax is needed in order to simplify the tax code is disingenuous, when the basic result would ease the tax burden on the super-rich." ……."

Trouw (Dutch newspaper) 2/21/00 Abe de Vries "……For a short time last year, CNN employed military specialists in 'psychological operations' (psyops). This was confirmed to Trouw by a spokesman of the U.S. Army. The military could have influenced CNN's news reports about the crisis in Kosovo. "Psyops personnel, soldiers and officers, have been working in CNN's headquarters in Atlanta through our programme 'Training With Industry,'" said Major Thomas Collins of the U.S. Army Information Service in a telephone interview last Friday. "They worked as regular employees of CNN. Conceivably, they would have worked on stories during the Kosovo war. They helped in the production of news.'' ……"

World Net Daily 3/3/00 Geoff Metcalf "…….CNN employed active duty U.S. Army psychological operations personnel last year, WorldNetDaily has confirmed through several sources at Fort Bragg and elsewhere. Maj. Thomas Collins, U.S. Information Service has confirmed that "psyops" (psychological operations) personnel, soldiers and officers, have worked in the CNN headquarters in Atlanta. The lend/lease exercise was part of an Army program called "Training With Industry." According to Collins, the soldiers and officers, "... worked as regular employees of CNN. Conceivably, they would have worked on stories during the Kosovo war. They helped in the production of news."........."

World Net Daily 3/3/00 Geoff Metcalf "…….The CNN military personnel were members of the Airmobile Fourth Psychological Operations Group, stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. One of the main tasks of this group of almost 1200 soldiers and officers is to spread 'selected information.' Critics say that means dissemination of propaganda. ………. Several sources have confirmed the temporary outplacement of U.S. Army psyops personnel started two or three years ago, and they have been integrated into "various sectors of society." The assignment durations have been short-term up to one full year, depending on the mission. When asked, "What were the missions?" responses to WND varied from "No comment.", "... need to know," to smiles, and, in one case, an obscene recommendation......."

The (UK) Guardian 4/12/00 Julian Borger "…….Two leading US news channels have admitted that they allowed psychological operations officers from the military to work as placement interns at their headquarters during the Kosovo war. ……. Cable Network News (CNN) and National Public Radio, (NPR) denied that the "psy-ops" officers influenced news coverage and said the internships had been stopped as soon as senior managers found out . For its part, the army said the programme was only intended to give young army media specialists some experience of how the news industry functioned. …… The interns were restricted to mainly menial tasks such as answering phones, but the fact that military propaganda experts were even present in newsrooms as reports from the Kosovo conflict were being broadcast has triggered a storm of criticism and raised questions about the independence of these networks. ……" 5/31/00 Bill O’Reilly "……All along I have been reporting that Attorney General Janet Reno and her top Department of Justice chiefs have been compromised by the Clinton administration. I've taken a lot of heat for my words, but now comes a stunning piece of evidence that the mainstream media has ignored, but that congressional investigators cannot. …… In this memo, Freeh discusses comments allegedly made by Lee Radek, the head of Justice Department's Public Integrity Unit, to Esposito suggesting that someone was pressuring Reno and the Justice Department not to aggressively investigate charges of illegal fund-raising by the Democratic Party. The memo says that Radek feared Reno's job was at stake. Since Reno serves at the pleasure of the president, you can draw your own conclusions. …….Although the House and the Senate had demanded any and all materials relating to illegal fund-raising, Freeh's memo was not turned over for more than three years. ……..The story is huge because of Al Gore. " 5/31/00 Bill O’Reilly "……The Justice Department's top man on the Buddhist Temple case, Steve Mansfield, was gathering evidence against the vice president when he was told by Reno and Radek to shut down his operation. Sources say that when Mansfield questioned the decision because his investigation was zeroing in on what Gore knew and when he knew it, he was told that Reno and Radek were going to recommend that an independent counsel be appointed to look into the illegal Buddhist Temple donations. The logic was that Mansfield should not muck up the waters before the counsel got there. In