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James Madison The Federalist Papers (No. 47): "The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether on one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny."

Assault Weapons

Domestic (E.O. 12919)

Kyoto Greenhouse (executive order threatened, EPA squeezing)

American Heritage Rivers Initiative

American Heritage Rivers Initiative - Biodiversity Treaty

American Heritage Rivers Initiative - Council on Sustainable Development (Agenda 21/92 Rio Earth Summit)

Designation of 1.7 Million Acres in South Utah Off-limits to Development (Sweet Coal)

Funding for UN Rapidly Deployable Mission Headquarters (RDMHQ)

Around the time of the Chinese contribution to the Clinton-Gore Campaign, Clinton signed a retro-active Executive Order protecting Loral.

China Missile Related E.O. 12924 8/19/94, cont'd 8/15/95

China Missile Related E.O. 12981 12/6/95

China Missile Related E.O. 12981 10/15/96 amendment

China Missile Related E.O. (no num) 11/15/96 amends 12924

China Missile Related E.O. 13020 amends 12981

EO 12981 (Administration of Export Controls on Encryption Products) states in part that encryption software "...shall not be considered or tested as 'technology'..."

One example of bypass by Executive Order was the aircraft engines for the Lavi: powerful aircraft engines contain special technology that greatly enhances their thrust, and this technology has long been on the Munitions List of goods and services that would endanger American security if they were sold to hostile or potentially hostile countries. It is illegal to sell anything on that list to anyone, anywhere, without formal approval from the State Department, which almost always clears its decisions with the military. Congress passed laws forbidding the sale of anything on the Munitions list to China, unless the president felt it so important that he were willing to issue a formal waiver. Avoiding a formal waiver confrontation with Congress, Clinton took the engine technology off the Munitions List and shifted control from State to Commerce. Within days, Commerce issued licenses permitting U.S. engine producers to sell the technology to China.

Another example of a bypass by executive order by Clinton was on April 21, 1997 E.O. 13045 "Protection of Children from Environmental Health Risks and Safety Risks" which at end revoked Reagan's September 2 1987E.O. 12606 which had nothing to do with the environment but rather was aimed at blocking big-government.

Even though the Climate Change Treaty signed by Al Gore in Koyoto last year has not been submitted to the U.S. Senate for its Advice and Consent - Clinton has begun implementation.

The FCC (instigated by Al Gore) - proposes to tax everyone by regulation without authorization from Congress.

Executive Order June 22, 1995 "Termination of Suspension of Issuance of Licenses for Export of Munitions List Articles to People's Republic of China."

Clinton will issue an executive order to direct the Department of Health and Human Services to begin documenting which brands of tobacco enjoy favor among smokers age 12 through 17 as part "of the yearly National Household Survey on Drug Abuse.defiant gesture aimed at tobacco companies and their congressional allies."

Clinton tapped a special Treasury fund to bail out Mexico in 1995, over the objections of Congress

In March of 1995, Clinton issued an executive order to bar federal agencies from signing contracts with companies that permanently replace striking workers. The courts struck it down.

Clinton authorized the Food and Drug Administration to declare nicotine an addictive drug in the summer of 1995.

Teenage tobacco use market research that died with the anti-tobacco bill, was resurrected by Clinton in his order for a survey of the same information

Clinton orders for mew protections for Medicare beneficiaries go beyond the 1997 law adding many of the safeguards proposed by a presidential advisory commission.

Jeremy Taylor, director of natural resources studies at the Cato Institute: "This president distinguishes himself from past presidents by the aggressiveness with which he has expanded his authority without explicit congressional approval."

With regard to telecommunications legislation mandating the poor have access to the Internet, Congress left the details the FCC - who came back with a proposal to tax business to pay for it.

Louis Fisher, export on constitutional law at Congressional Research Service citing actions ordered by the president in Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia and Iraq, said that "Mr. Clinton's interpretation of presidential war power would have astonished the framers of the Constitution."

After the Senate blocked the nomination of Bill Lee to run the civil rights division of the Justice Department, Clinton named him acting assistance attorney general.

6/27/98 Joseph Farah ".With little fanfare and no media coverage, Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala announced earlier this month a plan to assign a national identification number to every health-care provider in the country. .What the Shalala plan would do is establish the government's ability to track not only every health-care provider but every health-care transaction between doctor and patient. The Kennedy-Kassebaum law explicitly includes a clause establishing the federal government's exclusive "right" to unfettered and unlimited access to every patient's medical records. Shalala has developed the mechanism -- an ID number every doctor, nurse and dentist must use to document every service provided to a patient. "

6/29/98 The Reagan Information Interchange, Mary Mostert On May 29, 1998 Clinton issed E.O. 11478 to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation. When considered in light of "Guidelines on Freedom of Religious Expression in the Federal Workplace on August 14, 1997" Mary Mostert observes: ".what has occurred in the space of one year is an extremely clever attack on the Freedom of Speech AND Freedom of Religion in Federal employment. If your religion leads you to believe that homosexuality is morally wrong, you would be charged with violating a homosexuals "rights." Or, if your observations lead you to observe that the homosexual lifestyle cuts short a person's life by approximately 40 years because of the increased suicides, murder rates and AIDS infections attributed to that life style, you jolly well would be in violation of the "civil rights" of a homosexual co-worker...using the power of the Presidency of the United States and a presidential order, we now find ourselves in a completely different kind of situation. Now, we are told, people like me who point out that adopting a homosexual lifestyle statistically shortens your life span by 40 years are suddenly violating their civil rights.

EO 13083 deals with federalism, the relationship of the states and the federal government - the distribution of power. It is a policy directive - guideline - to executive departments and agencies about jurisdiction, state sovereignty - the limits of federal powers. When EO 13083 goes into effect August 12 1998, it revokes EO 12612 issued by Reagan October 26, 1987 (limits the size and scope of federal government) and EO 12875 issued by Clinton October 26, 1993 (promised to end unfunded mandates.) EO 13083 empowers bureaucrats and federal agencies to determine for themselves if there is "constitutional and legal authority" for whatever they want to do.

(1) When the matter to be addressed by Federal action occurs interstate as opposed to being contained within one State's boundaries.
(2) When the source of the matter to be addressed occurs in a State different from the State (or States) where a significant amount of the harm occurs.
(3) When there is a need for uniform national standards.
(4) When decentralization increases the costs of government thus imposing additional burdens on the taxpayer.
(5) When States have not adequately protected individual rights and liberties.
(6) When States would be reluctant to impose necessary regulations because of fears that regulated business activity will relocate to other States.
(7) When placing regulatory authority at the State or local level would undermine regulatory goals because high costs or demands for specialized expertise will effectively place the regulatory matter beyond the resources of State authorities.
(8) When the matter relates to Federally owned or managed property or natural resources, trust obligations, or international obligations.
(9) When the matter to be regulated significantly or uniquely affects Indian tribal governments.


7/4/98 LA Times Elizabeth Shogren on executive orders ".President Clinton plans a blitz of executive orders during the next few weeks, part of a White House strategy to make progress on Clinton's domestic agenda with or without congressional help. His first unilateral strike will come today. According to a draft of Clinton's weekly radio address obtained by the Los Angeles Times, he plans to announce a new federal regulation requiring warning labels on fruit and vegetable juices that have not been pasteurized. . Following that initiative, Clinton will take executive actions later in the week that are intended to improve health care and cut juvenile crime, according to a senior White House official.after the Senate rejected sweeping anti-smoking legislation, Clinton announced a survey on what cigarette brands teen-agers smoke .eager to make health care fixes that Congress has not, he announced new coverage under the Medicare health insurance program for the elderly and charged federal agencies with signing up more poor children for Medicaid.Clinton forewarned the country about his zeal for exercising executive powers in his 1992 acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, saying: "President Bush: If you won't use your power to help people, step aside, I will." .Clinton has rewritten the manual on how to use executive powers, some professors and analysts argue. His formula includes pressing the limits of his regulatory authority, signing executive orders and using other unilateral means to obtain his policy priorities when Congress fails to embrace them. "

7/6/98 National Review David Mastio "Imagine a world where the Environmental Protection Agency can shut down a decades-old automobile plant because neighbors decide they don't like the way it looks. It's called "environmental justice" -- and thanks to an executive order signed by President Clinton in 1994, it's already a textbook instance of legislation without benefit of Congress, the EPA has leveraged the 1994 executive order into a massive expansion of its power. This February, the EPA issued an eight-page document called a "guidance" that outlined the way the agency intended to investigate "environmental justice" complaints filed under Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act."

From Insight, concerning the American Heritage Rivers Initiative, Idaho Republican Rep. Helen Chenoweth: "We have virtually created a form of dictatorship,"."It's purpose was ... a federal land grab, or a federal takeover of power that rightfully belonged to the states," Chenoweth tells Insight. "And they didn't do it through statutory authority. Instead, they created a new animal called an 'initiative.' I am so amazed

From Insight, concerning 11/96 when Clinton issued an executive order to seize 1.7 million acres in Utah, Utah Republican Rep. James Hansen "The manner in which the White House hid this decision from the people of Utah ... displays an alarming disregard for the Constitution."

From Insight, concerning use of executive orders to add controversial language inserting "sexual orientation" into affirmative-action provisions affecting federal hiring practices, and to change the rules concerning how federal agencies decide when and whether to intervene when issues of federalism arise, Adam Thierer, a fellow in economic policy at the Heritage Foundation, called the effort "a grotesque distortion of the Framers' language establishing the original federalist system."

7/7/98 AP Sonya Ross "President Clinton today stepped up pressure on health insurance companies to abide by a new law that bars them from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions when workers change jobs.The president signed an executive order directing the Office of Personnel Management to inform insurers covering federal employees that they must meet all the requirements of the 1996 Kennedy-Kassebaum health insurance law or lose their federal contracts."

Joseph Farah: ".President Clinton's glib announcement that he will issue a barrage of executive orders to further his legislative agenda while bypassing Congress is the ultimate fulfillment of those fears. More chilling yet is the timing of the ominous announcement. It comes less than two months after Clinton issued, while on foreign soil, Executive Order 13083,, which annihilates the principles of federalism that have guided the nation for the last 200 years."

7/10/98 Manchester Union Leader Richard Lessner ". If you think that you still live in a free country, a republic, then you have not been paying attention. Representative government is being slowly whittled away. Today we Americans are ruled by executive orders issued by the Clinton Commissariat. Just this week, Chairman Clinton issued the latest in a long line of executive orders. The Chairman has issued more of these decrees than any of his predecessors. This time around, Chairman Clinton decreed that government health care no longer will be awarded to the lowest bidder, but by the favor of the Commissar in Chief. Chairman Clinton ordered the "punishment" -- he actually used the word -- of insurance companies that bureaucrats at the Health Care Financing Administration deem insufficiently attentive to a 1996 law broadening heath insurance coverage. The penalty? Black-listed companies would be barred from bidding for coverage of government workers. Thus does Chairman Clinton make himself prosecutor, judge and jury -- all rolled into one.Executive Order 13083 revokes state's rights wherever they conflict with federal powers. The order's windy rhetoric states basically that federal regulations -- not laws, mind you, but rules promulgated by such federal agencies as the EPA, OSHA and such -- in almost every instance override competing or conflicting state laws. "

7/9/98 The Winds ".Perhaps inspired by the efficiencies of the Chinese political system, or merely driven by his own "vision" and unrelenting ambition, Clinton is planning a blitz of executive orders that will facilitate his political goals, with or without Congress. .."He's ready to work with Congress if they will work with him," spinned Rahm Emanuel, senior policy adviser to the president. "But if they choose partisanship, he will choose progress." . In other words, opposing the president's agenda is partisanship, while the president ruling by decree is "progress." "This president has a very strong sense of the powers of the presidency, and is willing to use all of them," warned Paul Begala, another senior adviser. ."

1998 Western Journalism Center Federalist Brief 7/10/98 ".An example of the arrogance of the EO 13038 (s/b 13083) is that while it protests (too much?) that the powers of the federal government are limited and that the power of the States is to be protected, it provides that ''Agencies may limit the policy making discretion of the States and local government.'' Mr. President, an ''agency'' does not possess the power to make that determination. That same section then provides that ''the federal government should grant States and local governments the maximum discretion possible.'' Mr. President, the Federal Government does not possess the power to make that determination. That same section next stipulates that the federal government is to determine ''matters of national or multi-state scope (which may justify federal action) and matters that are merely common to the States.'' Mr. President, the federal government does not possess the power to make that determination."

7/7/98 Joseph Farah "What if a U.S. administration announced it was violating the Constitution and no one cared? That seems to be what's happening today as President Clinton moves to amass what can only be described as "imperial powers" without as much as a whimper of protest heard in the land. In May, President Clinton issued Executive Order 13083, a frontal assault on 10th Amendment-protected powers of the states and individuals. No one noticed, or cared. Congress allowed it to become law by not lifting a finger. No governors or state legislatures protested. The media didn't even report on the federal power grab."

Paul Begala "Stroke of the pen. Law of the land. Kinda cool."

News Advisory from U.S. Rep Bob Barr (GA-7) Monday July 13, 1998 at 2:15 pm "At a news conference on the Georgia State Capitol steps monday, U.S. Representative Bob Barr (GA-7) will announce a legislative effort to block a national identification card. The card is being implemented by a proposed regulation which will require all states to begin using a uniform identification card. Barr will also announce an effort to block the implementation of a Clinton executive order allowing federal agencies vast new jurisdiction for superseding state authorities. Representatives from several civil liberties groups and local activists are also scheduled to attend.

Conservative News Service 7/16/98 Scott Hogensonm "Rep. Michael "Mac" Collins (R-GA) is preparing to launch a House initiative to counter President Clinton's May 14 executive order on federalism, saying the order would give the president "almost limitless authority" over state and local laws. A 'Dear Colleague' letter from Collins to fellow congressmen and obtained by CNS warns that Clinton's Executive Order 13083 could let the administration implement the terms of the United Nation's Kyoto Climate Treaty without Senate ratification, or nullify state statutes on criminal law and gun control.."

7/25/98 Richmond Times-Dispatch Editorial "Drawing analogies to the Nazi era is an odious practice; other than the Communist horror nothing even distantly approaches the monstrous evil of the Holocaust. But it is not odious to point out that certain arrangements weaken democracy -- and to suggest that eschewing those arrangements is sound policy. It is the difference between advising someone not to leave loaded guns around and calling all gun-owners murderers. One such arrangement was the decision by the Reichstag in 1933 permitting the German chancellor to rule by decree. Ruling by decree certainly weakens democracy."

Insight on the News 7/25/98 Joel Hefley a Colorado Republican who chairs the House National Security subcommittee on Military Installations ". In his 1992 acceptance speech to the Democratic National Convention, then-Gov. Bill Clinton pronounced, "President Bush, if you won't use your power to help people, step aside. I will." He's using it all right: by issuing executive orders to impose whatever he fails to get through Congress. . . The president appears to be under the impression that the United States is a monarchy -- one in which the president dictates by executive order. Unfortunately for emperor Clinton, this is not a country ruled by the stroke of a pen and a plea from a special-interest friend. . . . "

The Deseret News 7/28/98 Lee Davidson "Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt says the nation's governors are furious that President Clinton quietly signed an executive order to make it easier for the federal government to expand its power over the states. And he asked the House on Tuesday to pass a resolution calling for Clinton to withdraw it -- which the Senate already did last week. "Given the secrecy surrounding this order and the complete turnabout of its language and scope, one can only conclude the Clinton administration deliberately set upon a course to expand the role of the federal government. "Not exactly the end of the era of big government," Leavitt complained to the House Government Reform Subcommittee on National Economic Growth, Natural Resources and Regulatory Affairs. Leavitt -- representing the National Governors Association -- noted that the 10th Amendment to the Constitution says that all powers not specifically given to the federal government by the Constitution belong to the states."

Washington Post David Broder "The Clinton administration promised yesterday to start with "a clean slate" and negotiate a mutually acceptable executive order on federalism to replace one denounced by state and local government organizations that were not consulted when President Clinton signed it. "Everything is on the table. . . ".

WorldNetDaily Sarah Foster 7/28/98 "President Clinton -- with another stroke of his pen -- rewrote his own game plan for federalizing American rivers. By an executive order signed yesterday, the president increased the number of potential "heritage river" designees from 10 to 20. Then at a press conference, Vice President Al Gore announced the names of 14 rivers the president had selected -- four more than expected. Clinton can now add up to six more at whim.."

The New American 8/17/98 William Norman Grigg "In a candid summary of his view of executive powers, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein once declared, "Law consists of two lines above my signature." White House aide Paul Begala embraced a similar view of presidential power in his description of Bill Clinton's intention to rule through executive orders: "Stroke of the pen. Law of the land. Kinda cool." Begala's flippant soundbite announced the advent of an era, in which a President mired in corruption and politically stymied by Congress rules by decree."

Fox News Cable Beltway Boys 7/25/98 Speaker Newt Gingrich "(The Speaker) The President by a series of Executive Orders on a number of topics is trying to enforce by his own signature, what the Constitution requires the Congress to pass. And I think there is a legitimate Constitutional test coming about a whole series of Executive Orders about a wide range of topics whereas the President is clearly overreaching and violating our Constitutional system. (Mort Kondrake) What is the Constitutional tests here? (The Speaker) I think the Constitutional test has to be is he in fact reinterpreting law, by his signature or is he enforcing law. He can enforce law through Executive Orders. He can't create law by Executive Orders."

Conservative News Service 8/3/98 Scott Hogenson "The vice-chairman of the National Governors Association said President Clinton is scheduled to issue an executive order August 4 effectively repealing an earlier executive order on federalism. In an exclusive interview with CNS, Gov. Mike Leavitt (R-UT) said that White House officials have offered him and other state officials assurances that Clinton's Executive Order 13083, entitled Federalism, will be effectively withdrawn by the issuance of a new order suspending the previous one."

NY Times 8/5/98 "President Clinton, under heavy fire from governors and mayors for what they called a federal power grab, suspended an executive order on federalism Wednesday. The controversial measure, which Clinton quietly signed in May, was meant to replace an earlier Clinton directive as well as one signed by President Reagan on federal intervention in state and local matters. Critics, including Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., and the National Governors Association, faulted the new Clinton order for laying out multiple justifications for federal intervention and pre-emption, rather than stressing deference to state and local officials. The order was intended to guide federal regulators. The president's action Wednesday suspended the order indefinitely. Next step: ``We intend to consult very closely with representatives of state and local governments as the process of revising the executive goes forward,'' White House spokesman Barry Toiv said. For good measure, the House voted by voice Wednesday night to nullify the executive order. Thompson, whose successful ``sense of the Senate resolution'' last month urged Clinton to withdraw the order, called Wednesday's move good news. ``But I'm afraid this whole episode shows a tendency of the administration and some in Congress to try to centralize decision making in Washington. Power is a difficult thing to give up,'' he added. Also joining in the fight to undo Clinton's order were: The National Council of State Legislatures, Council of State Governments, National Association of Counties, The U.S. Conference of Mayors, National League of Cities, International City/County Management Association. "

NARA 8/13/98 "Executive Order 13095--Suspension of Executive Order 13083 By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America and in order to enable full and adequate consultation with State and local elected officials, their representative organizations, and other interested parties, it is hereby ordered that Executive Order 13083, entitled ``Federalism,'' is suspended. William J. Clinton The White House, August 5, 1998. .."

USA Journal James Hirsen " The founding fathers of this nation established a republic with a highly effective system of checks and balances precisely because they desired to avoid, at all costs, the consolidation of power in any single individual. Our young country had just broken away from an abusive despot, and the desire to prevent any future dictator from emerging remained strong. The Presidential Executive Order was, at one time, a genuine exercise of power, based upon law that was already in existence. Unfortunately, it has been distorted into a tool for the illegitimate creation of new law, which violates both the spirit and the letter of the Constitution. This wrongful practice has been tolerated by Congress and, occasionally, even concealed from the American people, in the name of expediency. When a president creates law by fiat, representative government is completely averted. Any notion of checks and balances or separation of powers is no longer involved in the legislative process."

Wall Street Journal 10/5/98 Editorial "If Bill Clinton is given a free pass for perjury, where will it stop? As a case history of the prevailing mind-set, one need go no further than the humble Vacancies Act. That's the federal law designed to prevent a President from circumventing the Senate's "advise and consent" authority on executive branch appointments. Mr. Clinton has stretched its meaning beyond previous bounds by appointing "acting" officials and never sending their names to the Senate for confirmation.."

U.S. Newswire 10/17/98 White House Press Office, 202-456-2100 ".STATEMENT BY THE PRESIDENT I have today signed H.R. 3616, the "Strom Thurmond National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1999." This Act authorizes Fiscal Year 1999 appropriations for military activities of the Department of Defense, military construction, and defense activities of the Department of Energy. Naming this Act in honor of Senator Thurmond is a well-deserved and appropriate tribute.. I am strongly opposed to a provision that, effective March 1999, will transfer the jurisdiction over satellite exports from the Department of Commerce to the Department of State. This change is not necessary to ensure effective control of U.S. exports of satellites and could hamper the U.S. satellite industry.In the meantime, I will take action to minimize the potential damage to U.S. interests that could arise from the Act's export control related requirements. I will direct the appropriate agencies to implement these provisions, subject to appropriate law and regulation, in a manner that supports legitimate commercial communications satellite exports while ensuring that the extensive safeguards needed to protect our national security remain in effect. I will also direct all concerned agencies, subject to appropriate law, regulation, and U.S. national security interests, to employ, to the extent appropriate, time-lines and transparent licensing practices for satellites and related items described in section 1513(a) of the Act in a manner consistent with current dual-use export license processing.. Further, I take note of the bill's legislative history with respect to the export of U.S.-made items in connection with emergency repair or replacement for commercial aircraft, and I will exercise the certification authority consistent with that view. I am disappointed that the Congress, in a well-meaning effort to further protect nuclear weapons information, has included an overly broad provision that impedes my Administration's work to declassify historically valuable records. I am committed to submitting the plan required under this Act within 90 days. In the meantime, I will interpret this provision in a manner that will assure the maximum continuity of agency efforts, as directed by my Executive Order 12958, to declassify historically valuable records."

World Net Daily 10/28/98 Joe Farah ".America continues to go about its business completely oblivious to the prospect of widespread social disruption posed by the Y2K millennium bug. Out of sight, out of mind. Whoever it was that accused the U.S. media of being sensationalist ought to have his head examined..I say this not as a doomsayer or alarmist -- just as an observer of some of the less-than- public activities of the U.S. government. The U.S. Senate Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem (how's that for "government shorthand"?) has been quietly conducting Y2K hearings in recent months. Some of the testimony deserves attention. On Oct. 2, Maj. General Edward Philbin, executive director of the National Guard Association, told the committee that he saw a vital military role in preserving order and managing emergencies beginning midnight, Dec. 31, 1999. "It is increasingly evident that an appreciable part of the nation's infrastructure could be adversely affected in some way by what is commonly referred to as the Y2K problem," he said. "Considering the possibilities of a large-scale disruption of governmental, commercial and other routine daily activities, it is certain that the National Guard will be among the first organizations activated to assist in the revitalization of the nation's computer dependent infrastructure.".. He also wants to know who's going to be in charge when the silicon chips hit the fan. "Equally important, we must determine how the National Guard will interact with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the DoD (Department of Defense) in response to Y2K-induced emergencies," he said. Well, general, the decision's already been made by President Clinton. FEMA, one of his favorite agencies -- run by some hand-picked Arkansas cop-cronies -- will be in charge. Yes, it's Fox Mulder's worst nightmare come true. FEMA will coordinate the whole show, telling not only the National Guard what to do, where to go and how long to stay, but even commanding the generals in the Pentagon. Philbin points out that the National Guard is an important component in the Pentagon's "Total Force" mission of national defense.."

USA Journal Online 10/28/98 Jon Dougherty ". A reader recently emailed me a copy of testimony given by Maj. Gen. Edward Philbin, USAF [Ret.], who is the Executive Director of the National Guard Association of the United States [NGAUS], to the Senate Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem, dated October 2nd, 1998. The email was titled, "Martial Law," apparently reflecting the sender's distrust of the good general's intentions for use of the country's organized militia if and when a Y2K crisis engulfs America - thus sending millions of dazed and disillusioned folk to the streets in protest. As I read through the testimony - I read every word that was sent, anyway - it looked to me as though Maj. Gen. Philbin was merely appealing to the Senate to provide the necessary funding to fix the country's National Guard and Air Guard computer systems. Gen. Philbin's intentions seemed clear-cut and responsible - if the Guard's computer systems also fail, how can they provide the necessary support and assistance to the various federal, state and local agencies tasked with managing the crisis and the ensuing civil disorder? After all, that's what the National Guard is for - to help stabilize domestic threats, no matter the source. However, there were passages in Philbin's testimony that are ominous to say the least, like this one: "It is increasingly evident that an appreciable part of the nation's infrastructure could be adversely affected in some way, by what is commonly referred to as the Y2K problem," the general said. He added statements like these as well: "In general, the National Guard has the capacity to provide Military Support to Civilian Authorities [MSCA] and can contribute a myriad of human and equipment resources to restore essential operations disrupted by Y2K generated incidents."..Did you notice that the government even has a formal acronym for military to civilian support? Curious. That's the gist of what has so many people worried about this."

LifeSite Daily News 10/29/98 ".John Holmes of the Association of Christian Schools International revealed that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is requiring all participants in federal school nutrition programs and other USDA programs -- including religious schools and other religious institutions -- to display a poster saying that discrimination is prohibited on the basis of "race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital or family status." Holmes noted that US law does not establish "sexual orientation" or "political beliefs" as a protected class. In a release by the National Center for Public Policy Research Holmes said that Congress should be informed that the USDA is forcing compliance with a statute the Congress has not approved.."

Army Times 10/27/98 "."Terrorism is escalating to the point that Americans soon may have to choose between civil liberties and more intrusive means of protection," says Defense Secretary William S. Cohen The nation's defense chief told the Army Times he once considered the chilling specter of armored vehicles surrounding civilian hotels or government buildings to block out terrorists as strictly an overseas phenomenon. But no longer. "It could happen here," Cohen said he concluded after 8 months of studying threats under the Pentagon microscope. Free-lance terrorists with access to deadly chemical and biological bombs are "going to change the way in which the American people view security in our own country," he predicted in a Sept 10 interview. Cohen is calling for the government to step up its efforts to penetrate wildcard terrorist organizations. "It's going to require greater intelligence on our part -- much greater emphasis on intelligence gathering capability - more human intelligence, and it's going to take more technical intelligence," he said. But using the U.S. military in a domestic law enforcement role would require revisions to laws in force for more than a century, cautions Shreveport attorney John Odom, Jr. "You can't do it from the Defense Department side unless Congress dramatically revises the Posse Comitatus laws." said Odom, a colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve and a reserve Judge Advocate. "The 1878 law specifically prohibits the use of the military in domestic law enforcement unless authorized by Congress or the Constitution and does not wllow for military intervention through action by the Secretary of Defense of even an Executive Order from the President," Odom said. We're trained from the first day of Judge Advocate school to think of Posse Comitatus !!! said Odom. "If Secretary Cohen is suggesting that the Department of Defense be involved, it may be part of a legislative package, but it will not happen unilaterally without a lot of folks thinking long and hard about it."."

Forbes Magazine 12/10 1998 Thomas Sowell ".Throughout their whole careers, both Clintons have treated rules and laws as not applying to them. When an official of Madison Guaranty warned Mrs. Clinton that what they were planning violated state regulations, his concerns were "summarily dismissed," he said. When a Certified Public Accountant warned Bill Clinton and Jim McDougal about the tax laws in one of their transactions, the governor told him "to back off and leave the issue alone."."

AP 11/07/98 ".President Clinton set in motion today a tightening of the Brady law aimed at stopping 5,000 gun shows around the nation from becoming "illegal arms bazaars" for criminals and gunrunners. Clinton ordered the Treasury and Justice departments to recommend executive actions within 60 days that will close a loophole in the Brady gun-control law. The requirement for five-day waiting periods and background checks does not currently apply to gun-show purchases.."

WorldNetDaily 11/11/98 David Bresnahan ".Despite rampant Internet rumors to the contrary, Executive Order 13083, a sweeping rewrite of the constitutional balance of powers between the states and federal government, is dead. Numerous calls to the White House, Congress, governors, state legislators, and mayors, all resulted in the same thing - it's not about to come back to life. While visiting England, President Clinton signed an executive order dealing with federalism on May 14 of this year. WorldNetDaily was the first to report the "Executive Order on Federalism", and calls to elected officials for their reaction brought it to their attention. Not one official called, either in Congress or in state or local government, knew of its existence until they were asked for comment by WorldNetDaily. Later, elected officials at all levels, and in both parties, demanded that it be withdrawn. President Clinton quietly suspended it on Aug. 5."

PR Newswire 11/12/98 Pacific Research Institute ".According to a statement released by Dana Joel Gattuso, Director of Research at the California-based Pacific Research Institute, President Clinton has turned his back on the American public by signing the Kyoto Climate Change Protocol. ``He is placing our economic security in great jeopardy and subjecting Americans to skyrocketing energy costs.'' Under the terms of the legally binding international treaty, the United States would have to severely limit the amount of greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels. In order to meet these restrictions, energy production or use would be greatly restricted. According to Ms. Gattuso,.By signing this agreement, the President is violating the resolution the U.S. Senate unanimously agreed to in a 95-0 vote in 1997. Earlier this week, Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) sent President Clinton a letter urging him not to sign the Protocol, reminding him that such action ``would be contrary to the...Senate Resolution'' since developing countries have not committed to emissions reductions, one of the Senate's key requirements for signature. Commitment by developing countries, particularly the largest of these countries that depend heavily on coal as their main source of energy, is an issue because collectively they are among the largest polluters in the world. China, for example, will be the largest emitter by 2015, yet it refuses to consider even voluntary action. Says Gattuso, ``Most developing countries have thrown cold water on proposals to discuss even voluntary controls. The President is placing our country at an enormous political and economic disadvantage by signing the Protocol. Without full commitment by the world's largest emitters, this Protocol means nothing but enormous pain and sacrifice for the American people.''."

U.S. Newswire 11/12/98 ".On November 14, 1994, by Executive Order 12938, I declared a national emergency with respect to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States posed by the proliferation of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons (''weapons of mass destruction'') and the means of delivering such weapons. Because the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and the means of delivering them continues to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States, the national emergency first declared on November 14, 1994, and extended on November 14, 1995, November 12, 1996, and November 13, 1997, must continue in effect beyond November 14, 1998. Therefore, in accordance with section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622(d)), I am continuing the national emergency declared in Executive Order 12938. This notice shall be published in the Federal Register and transmitted to the Congress. WILLIAM J. CLINTON THE WHITE HOUSE, November 12, 1998."

House of Representatives 11/7/97 Hon. James V Hansen ".Mr. HANSEN. Mr. Speaker, the majority staff of the House Committee on Resources will release a staff report today on the subpoenaed national monument documents received from the Clinton administration. The documents show that the designation of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument was politically motivated and probably illegal. It is very important that these documents are opened up for public scrutiny. They show the American people that the designation of the monument was politically motivated; that the administration engaged in a concerted effort to keep everything secret in order to avoid public scrutiny; and that the administration admitted that the lands in question weren't in danger and weren't among the lands in this country most in need of monument designation.On September 18, 1996, President Clinton established, by Presidential Proclamation No. 6920, the 1.7-million-acre Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (``Utah Monument'') in Utah pursaunt to Section 2 of the Act of June 8, 1906 (``Antiquities Act''). The Committee on Resources has jurisdiction over the Antiquities Act and the creation of the Monument, jurisdiction that is delegated under Rule 6(a) of the Rules For the Committee on Resources (``Committee Rules'') to the Subcommittee on National Parks and Public Lands.."

WorldNetDaily 11/26/98 David M. Bresnahan ".WorldNetDaily contacted all 50 governors to determine their position on President Clinton's failed effort to enact Executive Order 13083 on federalism, and to find out their stand on plans for a national ID to be tied to driver's licences. Most governors have ignored requests for comments, but of the eight who responded, six Republicans spoke out against the executive order while two Democrats said they were neutral. Only three commented on a law which establishes uniform standards for a driver's license national ID. The National Governors Association recently sent a document on key issues to all governors. The NGA took credit for getting Clinton to suspend the offending executive order, but then announced plans to work with the White House to craft a revised version. That document, along with a "Fact Sheet on Federalism" used by White House staff, were made available to WorldNetDaily, which first exposed both EO 13083 and the national ID plan. Both documents were provided by a staff member of the Republican Governors Association. Despite rampant rumors to the contrary, Executive Order 13083 has been suspended indefinitely. The only way to revive it is for Clinton to sign another executive order. The NGA expects to help him do that in 1999, with one obstacle to overcome. The NGA is concerned that Congress withheld funding for the executive order in the omnibus budget bill passed just before the election. The NGA document states that plans for implementation of a new version of the executive order in 1999 will be hampered by the funding ban.." 12/1/98 ".Presidential Determination No 99-6 . SUBJECT: Delegation of Authority Under Section 2(b)(2) of the Migration and Refugee Assistance Act of 1962, as Amended .By virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States of America, including section 301 of title 3 of the United States Code, I hereby delegate the functions and authorities conferred upon the President by section 2(b)(2) of the Migration and Refugee Assistance Act (MRAA) of 1962, as amended, 22 U.S.C. 2601(b)(2), to the Secretary of State, who is authorized to redelegate these functions and authorities consistent with applicable law. The Secretary of State, or his or her delegate, is directed to provide notice to the President of any use of the functions and authorities delegated by this determination..." 12/1/98 ".Presidential Determination No 99-7 . SUBJECT: Pakistan and India . Pursuant to the authority vested in me as President of the United States, including under section 902 of the India-Pakistan Relief Act of 1998 (Public Law 105-277), to the extent provided in that section, I hereby waive until October 21, 1999, the sanctions and prohi-bitions contained in section 101 and 102 of the Arms Export Control Act, section 620E(e) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, and section 2(b)(4) of the Export-Import Bank Act of 1945, insofar as such sanctions and prohibitions would other-wise apply to activities of the Export-Import Bank, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, and the Trade and Development Agency with respect to Pakistan and India; assistance to Pakistan and India under the "International Military Education and Training" program; the making of any loan or the providing of any credit to the Government of India or the government of Pakistan by any U.S. bank; and the extension of any loan or financial or technical assistance to Pakistan by any inter- national financial institution in support of the assistance program that Pakistan is negotiating with the International Monetary Fund.."

Freeper Helen reports 12/1/98 ".National Security Directives: Called "National Security Action Memorandums" under Kennedy, "National Security Directives" under Bush, "Presidential Decision and Review Directives" under Clinton. Senate Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1991, S.B. 2834, was passed by a small group of senators on August 4, 1990, at 3:30 a.m. effectively transferring most authority over the United States Government directly into the hands of the president. Scary, no?."

Daily Republican 12/4/98 William Heartstone ".President William Jefferson Clinton circumvented the U.S. Constitution when he entered into the North American Free Trade Agreement treaty which was not adopted with the concurrence of two thirds of the members of the United States Senate, as required by the U.S. Constitution. NAFTA was negotiated by Mr. Clinton, initialed by him on December 17, 1992, and submitted to Congress on November 4, 1993 for approval. A majority of the members of the House of Representatives voted to approve NAFTA on November 17, 1993. Three days later, on November 20, 1993, less than two-thirds of U.S. Senate members present voted to approve Mr. Clinton's NAFTA initiative...NAFTA has caused the loss of more than 400,000 American jobs due to NAFTA. More than seven thousand workers labor union workers at more than thirty locations have been certified by the Clinton administration's Department of Labor as having lost their jobs due to NAFTA operations, and the relocation of American operations to Mexico and Canada and from increases in imports from Mexico and Canada..As a direct result of the adoption and implementation of NAFTA, numerous employers have threatened to move operations to Mexico unless U.S. workers accept lower pay and benefits than they otherwise would receive. They are now faced with loss of jobs or with the threat of losing their jobs due to the Clinton administration acts which are clearly outside the scope of presidential authority under the U.S. Constitution. A Federal law suit filed in June is now pending in this matter. The United Steel Workers of America litigation is proceeding into court early in 1999 where the AFL/CIO will seek to obtain an Order declaring that NAFTA, having failed to be approved by two-thirds of the Senators then present, is null, void and of no effect, and directing Mr. Clinton to provide notice within 30 days to the governments of Mexico and Canada that the United States is invoking its power to terminate NAFTA.."

Washington Times 12/7/98 James Morrison ".House Republican leaders are complaining that President Clinton's pledge of new aid to the Palestinians was not cleared by Congress. They are demanding congressional review of the $400 million Mr. Clinton announced last week at the Palestinian donors' conference on top of the $500 million already announced. "Congress will support the peace process, but the Clinton administration must not arrogate to itself our legitimate role in foreign aid decisions," said Rep. Christopher Cox, California Republican and chairman of the Republican Policy Committee.."

Softwar Website 12/7/98 Charles Smith ".President Clinton personally engaged his pen to help Hughes, Loral and Motorola export advanced military technology to China. Motorola, Hughes and Loral engaged their pens to donate big bucks to Bill Clinton and the DNC. Clinton also used executive orders (fiat) to transfer oversight for military technology away from the State Department and Defense Department to his buddies at the Commerce Department. In 1998, Congress over-rode Clinton with a veto proof vote. Now Clinton plans to employ his crayon AGAIN to transfer communication satellite export authority back to the Commerce Department. This comes only weeks after he signed the 1998 Defense bill that returned satellite authority to the State Department and Defense Department.."

Washington Post 12/8/98 AP ".Starting next month, federal workers will see a 3.1 percent increase in their paychecks along with a separate adjustment based on their location. Under an executive order signed by President Clinton on Monday, federal white-collar workers nationwide will receive raises effective in January ranging up to 4.02 percent, with the highest raises going to workers in San Francisco, according to the Office of Personnel Management... "

Defense News 12/8/98 Barbara Opall-Rom ". White House and Commerce Department officials are crafting an end run around much of the government's national security bureaucracy with a plan to inject business interests into the arms export licensing process. Prepared in coordination with the U.S. aerospace industry, the plan is to be presented in an executive order by President Bill Clinton early next year. It would give Commerce officials the right to appeal State Department decisions governing export of satellites and other items appearing on the so-called Munitions List. The list is a category of sensitive technologies requiring the highest level of scrutiny by the U.S. government. State Department, Pentagon and congressional critics say the planned executive order will dilute the restrictive nature of Munitions List items administered through the Arms Export Control Act. Moreover, they say it violates the intent of the 1999 National Defense Authorization Act, which transferred authority for satellite and related exports from Commerce to State in response to congressional concerns of inappropriate technology transfers to China. "The intent of Congress with placing satellites back on the Munitions List was to inject more rigor into the export review process. Instead, the administration appears to be intent on dumbing down the State Department process," Marc Thiessen, a spokesman for Sen. Jesse Helms, R-N.C., chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told Defense News Dec. 4. Rep. Benjamin Gilman, R-N.Y., chairman of the House International Relations Committee, warned Dec. 4 that such exports "should be guided by those agencies which ... give an overriding priority to national security considerations."."

U.S. Newswire 12/10/98 ".EXECUTIVE ORDER.IMPLEMENTATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS TREATIES.By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and bearing in mind the obligations of the United States pursuant to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CAT), the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD), and other relevant treaties concerned with the protection and promotion of human rights to which the United States is now or may become a party in the future, it is hereby ordered as follows:."

SOFTWAR EMAIL NEWSLETTER 12/10/98 Charles Smith ".Expect a possible Christmas present for Loral, Hughes and Motorola from President Clinton. Commerce oversight for satellite exports was removed by a veto-proof margin in both the House and Senate in 1998. Santa Clinton is expected sign another Executive Order transferring satellite export authority back to the Commerce Department. Clinton should sign the order during the Christmas break so the exports can be authorized and sent overseas without Congressional opposition until the holiday recess is over in 1999.."

Houston Chronicle 12/15/97 George Wil ".'I have done my best to work with the United States Senate in an entirely constitutional way. But we had to get somebody into the Civil Rights Division.' -- President Clinton, Dec. 15, 1997 A year has passed since President Clinton accompanied his appointment of Bill Lann Lee as assistant attorney general for civil rights -- as "acting" assistant attorney general in perpetuity -- with that breezy acknowledgment: The appointment was not "entirely constitutional." This year the nation has become used to the mincing language by which Clinton describes his lawlessness. However, it is worth remembering that even last December there was nothing memorable about that day. There was no indignation about Clinton's offhand admission that he considers respect for the law, including the Constitution and his oath of office, as merely optional... The Senate's refusal to insist upon its rights regarding Lee is just one more reason for rank-and-file Republicans to wonder why they are Republicans, and why they should care deeply about keeping the Senate Republican. It also is a reason for all Americans to recognize the seamlessness of recent events. Dec. 15, 1997, was a busy day for Clinton, who, when not "entirely" respecting the Constitution, was receiving from Paula Jones' lawyers a request for documents "related to communications between the president and Monica Lewinsky." This was the first discovery request to mention Lewinsky's name. Sixteen days before this low, dishonest year dawned, Clinton, in the Lee case, cheekily announced his contempt for law. This was before his glandular life reduced him to exercising that contempt in defense of his endless adolescence. Those who say his sex-related perjuries are "private" matters should consider: His low crimes of the last year flow from the same character displayed in his public behavior regarding Lee. Will is a Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist, based in Washington, D.C.."

Wall Street Journal 12/14/98 Roger Clegg ".One year ago tomorrow, President Clinton made Bill Lann Lee "acting" head of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division when Mr. Lee's nomination failed to clear the Senate Judiciary Committee. Mr. Lee failed to make it through Judiciary because of concerns that he favors the use of classifications based on race, ethnicity and sex. [see original article for chronology of actions taken by Mr. Lee showing the concerns of the Senate were justified] ."

Idaho Mountain Express 12/16/98 Larry Craig Senior Senator for Idaho ".During this century our nation has developed into the strongest economic and military ever to exist on earth. Our democratic system of government, which ensures unparralleled freedom for its citizens, is the envy of the world. members of the Senate have a responsibility to protect and enhance that stature. Because I feel so strongly about that responsibility, I am compelled to comment on the President's recent siging of the Kyoto Protocol on Global Climate change. Despite grave bipartisan warnings from Congress since the conclusion of the United Nations Global Climate Summitt in Kyoto, Japan, the President insists on committing our country to an agreement that I believe threatens our way of life;indeed, it threatens the heart of our nation's power-the American economy. With evidence continuing to mount that compliance with the protocal will severely burden the budget of the average American household and crush many small and large businesses, I am extremely concerned about the Administration's disregaurd of American economic realities and it's blind pursit of the misguided and very political environmental agenda of Vice President Gore. Iam espically surprised at how the Administration has treated the efforts of my friend and senior colleague on the Appropriations Committee and the ranking Democrat on that committee, Senator Robert Byrd. Just prior to the President sigining the Protocol, Senator Byrd sent a letter to the President, requesting the Administration to defer siging the Protocal until it meets the conditions of the Blyrd/Hagel Resolution, which passed the Senate 95-0 in 1997. The Byrd/Hagel Resolution was a unanimous and firm directive to the Administration that clearly defined the minimum requirements necessary for Senate ratification of a global warming treaty- ALL countries must participate in addressing the concerns of global warming, and the requirements of the tready MUST NOT result in serious hardship of the American economy. Senator Byrds letter to the President simply reminded the President of these minimum requirements and emphasized the Senate should be provided with a detailed explanation of any legislation or regulatory actions that may be required to implement the Protocal. On November 12, 1998, the President chose to ignore Senator Byrd's plea and the unanimous Byrd/Hagel Senate Resolution by sigining the Kyoto Protocol.."

World Net Daily 12/23/98 Joseph Farah ".. Executive Order 13107 From where do our rights descend? The Bill of Rights? No. The Constitution? No. The Federal government? No. The United Nations? Certainly not. But, apparently, that's what Bill Clinton thinks. For earlier this month, Dec. 10 to be exact, he issued another one of his infamous executive orders -- this time on "the implementation of human rights treaties." In Executive Order 13107, Clinton sets up a new federal bureaucracy for the purpose of implementing U.N. treaties, whether ratified by the U.S. Senate or not. And that federal bureaucracy will implement the treaties on the U.N.'s terms. Sound like a deal? It gets worse. Though President Clinton said he issued the order to further his goal of promoting human rights around the world, it's important to understand exactly how the U.N. defines "human rights." That definition is offered in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which talks about the right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion, opinion, and expression. All good stuff, until you realize whom the ultimate authority is. Who is the sovereign that imparts such blessings upon the populace of the world? The answer to that question is stated unequivocally in article 29 of the U.N. document, which states: "These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations." ..The U.N. practices what it preaches, too. In Bosnia, the U.N. forces have seized control of radio and TV stations broadcasting pro-Serbian news and propaganda. In fact, U.S. troops participated in those raids. How does one justify such actions under the U.S. Constitution, which explicitly recognizes the rights of all people -- not just Americans -- to speak their minds and express themselves freely? Welcome to the Brave New World of U.N. doublespeak. And President Clinton is dragging the U.S. deeper into this quagmire than has any other president in history. Not only does Executive Order 13017 promote an unworthy and dangerous goal, but the road to that objective, namely the executive order itself the way Bill Clinton has employed it, is a corrupt and unconstitutional process. Executive orders are supposed to be a presidential tool for running the executive branch of government. Clinton has used them freely during his terms in office to make policy affecting other branches of government, the states, and individuals. Now, with 13017, he's attempting to implement international treaties!.."

The Washington Post 1/2/99 Nat Hentoff ".As the House voted the two articles of impeachment, the criers of coup d'etat and sexual McCarthyism failed to mention that William Jefferson Clinton is, in addition, a serial violator of the Bill of Rights, among other parts of the Constitution. These other attacks on the Constitution are not impeachable offenses because the Framers could not have imagined them. For example, the president has not been so distracted by the current scandal as to forgo a raid on the Fourth Amendment. On Oct. 20 this year, he signed the Intelligence Authorization Act for fiscal 1999. It includes a provision -- long desired by the president and FBI director Louis Freeh -- for roving wiretaps, despite the fact that neither the House- nor the Senate-passed versions of the bill did. The wiretap language was slipped into the conference report by Rep. Bill McCollum (R-Fla.) and has become a law of the land without hearings or public debate. So much for the people's democratic process -- a mantra intoned these days by the president's protectors..The president's attack on the Fourth Amendment is part of a long line of assaults on the Constitution. His 1996 Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act has so weakened the constitutional right of habeas corpus that innocent prisoners on death row -- convicted since 1996 -- will be executed because they now have only one year to get a federal court to review the fairness of the state trial that doomed them. Clinton (with a majority of Congress) also is responsible for that part of the 1996 act that authorizes the deportation of aliens, including long-term legal resident aliens, suspected of ties to terrorism -- without defendants or their lawyers being allowed to see the evidence against them.."

World Net Daily Joseph Farah ".From where do our rights descend? The Bill of Rights? No. The Constitution? No. The Federal government? No. The United Nations? Certainly not. But, apparently, that's what Bill Clinton thinks. For earlier this month, Dec. 10 to be exact, he issued another one of his infamous executive orders -- this time on "the implementation of human rights treaties." In Executive Order 13107, Clinton sets up a new federal bureaucracy for the purpose of implementing U.N. treaties, whether ratified by the U.S. Senate or not. And that federal bureaucracy will implement the treaties on the U.N.'s terms..Who is the sovereign that imparts such blessings upon the populace of the world? The answer to that question is stated unequivocally in article 29 of the U.N. document, which states: "These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations." That pretty much explains who the "massa" is and where the plantation boundaries end. What a stark contrast between the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights, and the founding documents of the United States of America. The Declaration of Independence and Constitution both make it clear that basic human rights are inalienable, meaning they descend from the ultimate Sovereign, the Creator, God. Therefore, no human authority, no government, no criminal, no individual can abrogate or abridge those rights. Remember, any right government can bestow upon a people, it can just as easily take away.."

Associated Press 1/8/99 C.G. Wallace, ".A 1 million-acre land deal - the country's largest since Alaska statehood in 1959 - was finalized Friday when Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt handed over a $50 million check to Gov. Mike Leavitt. Leavitt accepted the check on behalf of the state's school trust lands administration and its beneficiaries, Utah's public school students. The school trust also will receive about $13 million in future coal revenues and 153,000 federally owned acres rich in natural resources. In exchange, the federal government gets a checkerboard of 376,739 acres owned by the school trust, including the Jacob Hamblin Arch on Lake Powell, the Eye of the Whale Arch in Arches National Park and rock art in Dinosaur National Monument. Utah also agreed to give up mineral rights below the surface of another 454,000 acres and drop lawsuits challenging the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument created in 1996 without consulting state officials. "This is not a $50 million transaction,'' Leavitt said. "Over the next 20 years, this will be a billion-dollar transaction.'' .."

newsmax 1/11/99 Cliff Kincaid ". As he was headed toward impeachment by the House, President Clinton committed another outrage that should have been submitted as yet another example of his crimes against the Constitution. On December 10, he issued executive order (EO) 13107 on the "Implementation of Human Rights Treaties." In this extraordinary document, he claimed the power to implement U.N.-sponsored treaties "concerned with the protection and promotion of human rights to which the United States is now or may become a party in the future...". In other words, it appears that he wants to implement unratifed treaties..."

Wall Street Journal 1/12/99 ".For six years now the Senate, in matters large and small and with both Republican and Democratic majorities, has failed to hold this President to account. Beyond Mr. Clinton's personal lies, his Presidency has more generally operated with a brazen disregard for the rule of law and established procedures. We will spend a long time repairing the damage to our institutions. The Senate has a special Constitutional role in providing checks and balances for a reckless executive, but instead has served as Mr. Clinton's enabler. Senators should recall Justice Joseph Story's observation that "no serious abuse of power can take place without the cooperation of two coordinate branches of the government." The Senate's failure includes its most precious power, ratifying treaties. In this Presidency, treaties are no longer submitted to the Senate, but simply negotiated and implemented by executive order as the law of the land. Foreign Relations Chairman Jesse Helms at least has sounded an alarm on this issue, but his colleagues dismiss him as quaint rather than a protector of their collective prerogatives.."

Schlafly Report 1/20/99 Phyllis Schlafly ". Faced with a Republican Congress unwilling to grant him all the powers he wants, Bill Clinton has unleashed a blizzard of Executive Orders to grab new authority for the executive branch, make broad public policy changes, and even restructure our governmental system. Executive Orders have a proper place in federal rulemaking and in implementing the routine business of the executive departments. But Clinton has discovered that Presidential Executive Orders function in a Never Never Land of almost unlimited power, and he is pressing the envelope to move his agenda, both domestic and foreign. Clinton advanced three of his favorite goals when he issued Executive Order (EO) 13107 on December 10. He increased executive branch authority, he moved America closer into the "web" of treaties, which he promised in his address to the United Nations on September 22, 1997, and he rewarded the feminists who are standing by him in his impeachment trial.."

WorldNetDaily 1/26/99 David Bresnahan Freeper VRWCmember ".The president doesn't intend something like a Supreme Court Decision get in the way of his latest attack on the Constitution. Despite a Supreme Court ruling and the U.S. Constitution, President Bill Clinton will change the way America conducts the Census, shifting political power and federal funding. White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart confirmed that the president does not consider a ruling by the Supreme Court yesterday to be a defeat for his plans to alter the Census.."

JWR Phyllis Schlafly 1/20/99 ".Faced with a Republican Congress unwilling to grant him all the powers he wants, Bill Clinton has unleashed a blizzard of Executive Orders to grab new authority for the executive branch, make broad public policy changes, and even restructure our governmental system. Executive Orders have a proper place in federal rulemaking and in implementing the routine business of the executive departments. But Clinton has discovered that Presidential Executive Orders function in a Never Never Land of almost unlimited power, and he is pressing the envelope to move his agenda, both domestic and foreign. Clinton advanced three of his favorite goals when he issued Executive Order (EO) 13107 on December 10. He increased executive branch authority, he moved America closer into the "web" of treaties, which he promised in his address to the United Nations on September 22, 1997, and he rewarded the feminists who are standing by him in his impeachment trial.."

New York Post 1/30/99 Freeper Walkin Man ".In a private business, keeping two sets of books can get you tossed in jail. In Washington, D.C., it seems, the Clinton administration considers it smart politics. It was probably too much to expect that this crowd would pay heed when the Supreme Court put paid to the administration's idea of census "sampling," rather than actually counting heads, for purposes of apportioning congressional seats among the states. And indeed, the Clintonites have lived down to expectations. Clinton & Co. are now considering the possibility of conducting two censuses next year. One would be a traditional head count, used to apportion seats among the states in the House of Representatives. The other would be a head count supplemented by statistical "adjustments" to compensate for a supposed "undercount" in largely minority neighborhoods in major cities like New York. It would be used for the distribution of federal aid formulas and state and local redistricting... Republicans in Congress are up in arms and at least claim they will seek to stop this monstrosity by refusing to appropriate money to pay for it. We'll see. The GOP has a tendency to go weak in the knees when confronted with the wrath of the Big Creep.."

Nando Media/Agence France-Press 2/10/99 Philip Alfroy ".A Clinton administration decision to promote some human embryo research despite a law prohibiting it has delighted scientists but blurred the ethical boundaries of medical research, opponents say. Earlier this month the White House authorized public funding for scientific experiments on some human embryo cells. The decision, announced two weeks ago by National Health Institutes director Harold Warmus, inflamed an already heated debate on the ethics of meddling with human embryos. For most people, the issue of spending public money on such research died in 1995 when the Republican-led U.S. Congress banned it outright.."The Clinton administration now seeks to do indirectly what Congress has forbidden it to do directly: provide federal support for research in which human embryos are created and destroyed," said Richard Doerflinger, of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. ."

WorldNetDaily 2/11/99 Sarah Foster ".Undaunted by either his impeachment or trial by the U.S. Senate, President Clinton continues to govern through decrees and executive orders -- his latest being one which critics say is so broad in scope it threatens cattle grazing, farming and other food-producing industries. EO 13112, which Clinton quietly signed Feb. 3, deals with "Invasive Species." The title suggests a continuation of federal efforts in combating killer bees, fire ants, gypsy moths and similar pests. But the order in fact goes beyond such traditional government concerns as eradication of noxious plants and dangerous insects and animals -- for which there are already numerous laws on the books. It is being criticized as an order that could be used as a hammer for imposing federal controls over all land use, public and private. It could even be interpreted as outlawing ownership of domestic pets, according to some.."

AP 2/11/99 Barry Schweid ".The Clinton administration, risking a blowup on Capitol Hill, says it has the constitutional power to send American ground troops to Kosovo in a NATO peacekeeping force without congressional approval. Citing Bosnia as a precedent, Undersecretary of State Thomas Pickering told a skeptical House committee Wednesday, ``There is ample constitutional precedent for this type of action.'' But Rep. Tom Campbell, R-Calif., one of several International Relations Committee members who were cool to the idea, challenged the senior State Department official. ``Previous constitutional violations do not justify subsequent ones,'' he said. .."

America's Future 2/14/99 F.R. Duplantier ".Faced with a Republican Congress unwilling to grant him all the powers he wants, Bill Clinton has unleashed a blizzard of executive orders to grab new authority for the executive branch, and make broad public policy changes and even restructure our governmental system," declares Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum. "Executive orders have a proper place in federal rulemaking and in implementing the routine business of the executive departments," she concedes. "But Mr. Clinton . . . is pressing the envelope to move his agenda, both domestic and foreign." "Mr. Clinton advanced three of his favorite goals when he issued executive order 13107 on December 10, 1998," Mrs. Schlafly asserts. "He increased executive branch authority, he moved America closer into [what he himself called] the 'web' of treaties . . . and he rewarded the feminists who are standing by him in his impeachment trial.. One of the unratified treaties that could be implemented under executive order 13107 is the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, which, Mrs. Schlafly warns, "refuses to recognize one of the most fundamental American economic rights, the right to own property. . . . "

Augusta (Georgia) Chronicle 2/13/99 Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff ".Consider that of 320 presidential appointments which require Senate confirmation, a whopping 64 are held by temporary officials. Of those, 43 have served longer than the maximum 120 days allowed by law! The worst example is Bill Lann Lee. Incredibly, this ultraliberal has been the temporary head of the Justice Department's civil rights division a year after failing to win Senate confirmation. A decade ago, when the White House was in Republican hands and Congress in the Democrats', the Senate approved the Vacancies Act putting the 120- day limit on temporary appointees' service. Yet President Clinton only scoffs at this law! ."

AP 2/16/99 Sonya Ross ". The White House on Tuesday rejected calls that President Clinton nominate an alternative to Bill Lann Lee as the nation's top civil rights enforcer, saying Lee's critics have ``a demonstrable lack of knowledge'' of his performance in the job. Clinton appointed Lee, a former NAACP lawyer, as acting assistant attorney general for civil rights in December 1997, after it became clear the Senate Judiciary Committee would not send Lee's nomination forward. The move angered Senate Republicans who vowed to monitor Lee's work on affirmative action closely. Senate Judiciary Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, urged Clinton on Tuesday to nominate ``a confirmable candidate'' for the civil rights post, saying Lee has already been considered. ``During Lee's tenure, the Justice Department has advocated the same policies that initially led to his failure to be confirmed as assistant attorney general,'' Hatch said. He said he told deputy attorney general Eric Holder last week that Lee's temporary appointment has exceeded 14 months in violation of a law on federal vacancies that Clinton signed in October. ."

Newsday 2/16/99 James Pinkerton "..Clinton smothered a once-vigorous national debate about affirmative action and racial quotas when he seemed to agree, sort of, with critics of government-mandated racialism. In a 1995 speech, he acknowledged flaws in affirmative action as practiced. It should never be, Clinton said, the "preference of the unqualified over the qualified." It was Clinton at his most Clintonian: Whenever he said one thing, he next said the opposite. He pledged to "open the doors," but never to impose "numerical quotas." And he concluded with his rhyming catch-phrase, "Mend it, but don't end it." ..Roger Clegg, general counsel of the Center for Equal Opportunity, a conservative think tank in Washington, has studied the administration's affirmative action record. "They're not mending it," he says of skin-color- conscious affirmative actioneers. "They're defending it and extending it." The most egregious quota-monger is Lee, the acting Justice Department civil rights enforcer. In a report to be issued today, Clegg and co- author Clint Bolick of the Institute for Justice, another right-tilting nonprofit group, write that under Lee, the civil rights division has "continued to ignore or narrowly interpret Supreme Court precedents and to push for racial preferences in numerous areas that touch the lives of every American." They cite, for example, an employment discrimination complaint filed by the Justice Department against the city of Torrance, Calif.; federal judge Mariana Pfaelzer tossed the case out, ruling the government's argument to be "frivolous, unreasonable and without foundation." Moreover, Pfaelzer, a Jimmy Carter appointee, ordered Lee's office to reimburse the city $1.8 million for its legal costs. That expensive defeat notwithstanding, Lee's litigators continue to pursue similar investigations against the states of Delaware, Missouri and Tennessee. "He gets sanctioned and yet continues to pursue numbers-driven cases," Clegg complains. So where does Lee get his nerve? Start with the "acting" in his title. He was nominated for the civil rights post a year and a half ago, yet never was confirmed by the Senate. So Clinton simply named him "acting" and turned him loose. No wonder he doesn't take the law seriously."

Forbes Magazine 2/22/99 Pranay Gupte Bonner Cohen Freeper A Whitewater Researcher ".EXCERPTS: "The vice president is a powerful man because he controls environmental regulation, and environmental regulation pervades our today's technologically complicated and heavily regulated society...He can have a large and lasting impact on the way you lead your life and the way you run your business....Al Gore is obsessed with protecting the environment, and he has the means to put his beliefs into law. He has seeded such bodies as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Council on Environmental Quality and the Department of Energy with his friends, acolytes and ex- staffers; from those positions the Gore-ites hold sway over a large part of the federal regulatory apparatus. And in the environmental arena the regulatory apparatus cuts a wide swath. The EPA alone expects to issue 462 of the 4,560 planned rules that...find their way to the Code of Federal Regulations....In the environmental sector Congress has...ceded lawmaking power to the executive branch...."

NY TIMES 2/20/99 "...Seven Republican senators have written to Donna Shalala, secretary of Health and Human Services, to protest a ruling that permits federal financing of research into human embryonic stem cells, the primordial cells from which all the body's tissues are derived....The two letters refer to three-year-old law that forbids federal money to be used for any research in which an embryo is destroyed. Last year, researchers using private financing managed to culture human embyronic stem cells from frozen embryos created in fertility clinics and from aborted fetuses...Shalala's department ruled last month that federal grants could be awarded for research on the cells already obtained, though not for obtaining additional cells. A profusion of cells can be grown from the existing cultures....Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., who is chairman of the subcommittee that sets biomedical research financing, said that plans to award federal money for stem cell research should continue while the House letter to Shalala was under consideration...."

House of Representatives - Press Release 2/19/99 Rep. Ron Paul "...Describing as "reckless" the president's plan to bomb Serbia into peace and threatening Kosovo with invasion unless they submit to a leader they abhor, US Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), is calling on congressional leaders to "reign in President Clinton's war on common sense." Rep. Paul has introduced H.R. 647, legislation to stop the President from sending troops into Kosovo without an explicit Act of Congress. Already the legislation has garnered the support of two-dozen Members of Congress. "Only Congress has the power to declare war, and I know of no other description for bombing a foreign country than a declaration of war," said Rep. Paul. "When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, it was clearly understood that they were declaring war on our nation. To think the serbian people, or the Kosovars will not be similarly enraged by this action is a dangerous gamble, and one only Congress is authorized to make." Rep. Paul said the president is "endangering the lives of the very troops to whom he and his administration have shown consistent disregard." "It is difficult to decide which is worse: a refusal to acknowledge the Constitution's separation of powers, or a callous disregard for the life of our soldiers so as to be seen as an international king-maker." ..."

Reuters 2/24/99 "…The U.S. Census Bureau said Wednesday it plans to go ahead with a statistical sampling to determine the nation's population in 2000 as well as the traditional headcount. "Some may describe this as a 'two-number census,' but it in fact is a census that is progressively more complete, more accurate," said census director Kenneth Prewitt. At issue is the two types of census gathering: the door-to-door counting of heads that has been used for decades and a more modern use of statistics that takes a sample of the population and extrapolates those figures to cover the entire country. Democrats, in general, like the sampling method because it increases the count of minorities who are often missed in a door-to-door count. Republicans generally favor the strict headcount. Last month, the Supreme Court ruled the Census Bureau could not use sampling in determining the number of congressional seats allotted to each state -- the main constitutional reason the population survey is conducted every 10 years. But the court left open the possibility the bureau could use sampling for other purposes such as determining the makeup of congressional districts or distributing federal funds…."

AP 3/2/99 Cassandra Burrell "…A Texas congressman accused the Clinton administration of planning to grant amnesty to thousands of illegal immigrants without congressional approval. ``Stop before you break the law,'' Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, said Tuesday. ``Do not throw out 30 years of legal precedent for political gain.'' Smith expressed objections to a plan that would grant illegal immigrants from Central America eligibility for amnesty under a blanket ``presumption of hardship,'' instead of requiring each immigrant to prove hardship… But Smith said a blanket presumption would give as many as 240,000-plus illegal aliens a benefit that Congress declined to give them in 1997. He and 28 other House members signed a letter to President Clinton asking him to reject the idea. ``The White House is shamelessly bowing to special interests and thumbing its nose at Congress, the American people and every legal alien who played by the rules and waited his or her turn to come to America,'' Smith said. ``Obviously, when someone received an unexpected benefit, amnesty in this case, they feel indebted to those who provided the benefit. The White House is looking at long-term political support.'' …"

WorldnetDaily 3/2/99 Charles Smith "…The Chinese Army is converting the massive trade surplus with America into an ambitious arms build up to dominate the twenty first century. Our cash for goods is fueling the next arms race. In addition, the communist state has grown less tolerant of freedom. The Chinese Communist party is using advanced U.S. "law enforcement" technology to round up dissidents at a higher rate than during the Tiananmen Square massacre…In 1998, Chinese officials denied America the right to inspect U.S. built super-computers exported for a so-called "academic" venture at Xian University. The denial was an open violation of a 1983 U.S./Sino trade treaty. The Clinton administration responded to the violation by allowing the export of more ultra-fast computers without inspection, violating U.S. trade restriction laws passed by Congress. Xian University, of course, is a major PLA weapon testing and development site….There is worse news. According to the General Accounting Office (GAO), the Clinton Administration allowed super-computers to be exported directly to Russian and Chinese nuclear laboratories…."

Associated Press 3/4/99 H Josef Hebert "…President Clinton, celebrating the 150th birthday of the Interior Department, urged broad support Thursday for a $1 billion-a-year program to set aside treasured lands and open spaces…. The president used the celebration to call on the Republican-led Congress to stop "wasting precious time battling over senseless anti-environmental riders ... which I'm going to veto anyway'' and join in approving a permanent guarantee of annual funding for protecting open spaces and buying land for preservation…."

Wall Street Journal 3/4/99 Editorial "…Take the case of the position of general counsel at the National Labor Relations Board, currently held by recess appointee and Big Labor buddy Fred Feinstein. The office is more powerful than it sounds, because the general counsel acts as a gatekeeper to the NLRB. Every year it is up to the counsel alone to decide which few of the tens of thousands of appeals to the Board will actually be heard. Crucial too are the general counsel's decisions in what are known as Beck cases--cases that protest Big Labor's habit of forcibly extracting millions in dues from workers and illegally funneling those dues into politics, the politics of only one party. In the five-odd years he has occupied the general counsel's chair, first as a confirmed official, then as acting general counsel, and finally as a recess appointment, Mr. Feinstein has ensured that the cash continues to flow. He has done this by ordering regional NLRB directors to dismiss as many Beck complaints as possible, and to submit other cases to Washington, where bureaucrats sit on them…. Last year, when Mr. Feinstein's term ended, Republicans in the Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee moved to block a repeat of the farce. Even Committee Chairman Jim Jeffords (R., Vt.), normally not one to rock the Big Labor boat, complained about Mr. Feinstein's candidacy. And one year ago tomorrow Mr. Feinstein did indeed announce he would give up claim to the office.But not the office itself. For Mr. Clinton then proceeded to bypass lawmakers by making Mr. Feinstein one of his famous "temporary" recess appointments. And soon after, the Administration mounted a classic Clinton. It ensured that Mr. Feinstein would stay in his recess job by nominating even more problematic candidates for the supposedly nonpartisan general counsel position…."

U.S. House Policy Committee 3/8/99 Christopher Cox "…In 1995, a large, bipartisan majority of the House (315-103) supported H. Res. 247, which called on the President to obtain congressional authorization before deploying U.S. troops to Bosnia. Nevertheless,...Clinton proceeded with the large-scale, long-term deployment of tens of thousands of American troops there without congressional authorization or any substantial national debate. Since then, the President has expended $12 billion in Bosnia, but has yet to include Bosnia funds in his budget. As a result, defense resources are being drained from other critical areas....Unlike President Bush, who won explicit approval from Congress before sending troops to Operation Desert Storm,...Clinton has now failed again to seek funding authority from Congress for his plan to deploy thousands of U.S. ground troops to Kosovo for years to come...."

Newsmax 3/9/99 Christopher Ruddy "…While America has been preoccupied with Clinton’s sexual shenanigans and Wall Street’s gyrations, extremely ominous developments have been quietly taking place within Russia and Communist China. These ominous developments have occurred during a time when President Bill Clinton has systematically moved to disarm the United States. While it has gone largely unreported, President Clinton has overseen the destruction of nearly two-thirds of America’s nuclear weapons stockpile. He has ordered that America no longer have a "launch on warning" policy and has replaced it with one that says America will retaliate only after it has been attacked. This non-sensical Clinton policy means that American cities and American military targets must first be destroyed before America retaliates. He has proposed taking computer circuitry out of land-based missiles, so that they could not be launched in an emergency. Clinton has proposed making it much more difficult for our submarines to launch their weapons, and even has suggested welding closed the missile hatches on our submarines. Most Americans assume that the Cold War is long over, and that we have nothing to fear from our new "friends," Russia and China. Such a notion is completely contradicted by Russia’s and China’s expansion of their nuclear arsenals at breakneck speed, and deployment of dozens of new weapons systems. Target: America. (Now, I know you may be saying this can’t be true, Russia is in chaos and China is just too weak to take on the United States. Please read on and then form your own opinion.) ….An enormous military build-up, including expansion of their arsenal of strategic nuclear weapons, and introduction of new biological and nuclear weapons with first-strike capability. A huge expansion of their navies (while the US mothballs over half its ships). A new form of brinkmanship, in which Russia and China regularly probe America’s defenses. Huge new civil defense programs, including enormous fallout shelters in Russia (one new underground city is larger than Washington, DC). At the same time, under Clinton, the US military has been cut to the bone, leaving America more vulnerable to foreign attack than at any time since the Cold War…."

Tallhappy, various 3/09/99 Jolly "…The administration would like you to believe that Perry is just off on a brief side trip that has nothing to do with out China Policy…. This all means that Track 2 mode of negotiating on the China Taiwan issue is in full swing. An unofficial dialogue that lets the administration bypass congressional oversight, and the normal diplomatic channels. It also saves them the bother of trying to explain their policy to the public. This is the same policy that has led the administration to state that we will not recognize democratic Taiwan if it declared independence and would encourage other countries to do the same, and brought our two military forces closer by creating exchanges…"

Washington Times 3/7/99 Benjamin Works "…Egads! It's LBJ's creeping escalation of "Operation Rolling Thunder," all over again. The unrecognized war with Iraq has persisted since the mid-December "Operation Desert Fox" when U.S. and British Air Forces sought to degrade Saddam's organs of power and instruments of war, particularly the seven divisions of the Republican Guard. Saddam did not blink. Since Christmas, aircraft have attacked about 100 different air defense targets in just more than two months, without any sign of a halt. Only on Tuesday March 2 did The Washington Post explicitly recognize that the air skirmishes over Iraq constitute "a low-grade air war," kept small so as not to upset the Arab neighbors. On Dec. 26, less than a week after Desert Fox's terminus, Iraqi anti-airdefenses - radar-guided anti-aircraft artillery (AAA) and surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) began harassing aircraft on patrol in both the northern and southern no-fly zones, which Saddam declared to be an illegal infringement of "Iraq's sovereignty and dignity." On and off, day by day, these skirmishes have continued…."

Jewish World Review 3/12/99 Cal Thomas Freeper Marcellus "…HAVING FLOUTED MARITAL, civil and criminal laws, President Clinton apparently believes it is a much smaller deal to renominate a man to head the Justice Department's civil rights division who illegally has held the post for more than a year in violation of long-standing federal law limiting "acting'' officials to 120 days....During his tenure at the Justice Department, Lee has effectively ignored the law. Instead, he has ruled ex cathedra ... with little regard for the Constitution....Not only should Lee not receive a Senate hearing, there ought to be a challenge to his remaining on the job at all. Here is a case not even requiring courage that the Senate Republicans and Democrats who still believe in the law ought to address…."

WorldNetDaily 3/23/99 Sarah Foster "…Concerned about President Clinton's aggressive use of executive orders to shape policy and make end-runs around Congress, Rep. Jack Metcalf, R-Wash., has introduced legislation he hopes will check the White House's hand. "The president has in effect made himself a 'super-legislator' by issuing executive orders that require the appropriation of funds," says Metcalf, explaining the reason for his new bill. "We must reverse this trend and fulfill our constitutional duty. This vital legislation reasserts the role of Congress to enact legislation and appropriate federal dollars. [It] reminds us all that only Congress has the power to authorize the spending of federal dollars." If House Concurrent Resolution 30 passes, any executive order "which infringes on congressional powers and duties" or requires the expenditure of federal funds "not specifically appropriated for the purpose of the executive order" would be advisory only and have no force or effect unless Congress enacts it as law…. Of the 279 executive orders issued by Clinton, Metcalf regards E.O. 13061: Federal Support of Community Efforts along American Heritage Rivers -- issued Sept. 11, 1997 -- as one that's "particularly egregious," said Moore. "That's the one that really got us started. Clinton was promising federal money that had not been appropriated; he was reprogramming funds that were not authorized." Under this executive order, Clinton would select 10 rivers from a list of nominees -- deemed in need of "federal protection" and funds. Nominations were made by local governments and various environmental groups, with -- at first -- no provision for withdrawing a nominated river from the list. The list was later expanded, again by executive order, to 14…."

San Francisco Chronicle 3/30/99 Tom Campbell Freeper Stand Watch Listen "…EXCERPTS "The president did not wait for the U.S. Senate to vote on the resolution that was pending regarding the use of force over Kosovo. Nor did he supply the reports and findings required by the House of Representatives in its conditional resolution of support of two weeks ago. In so acting, President Clinton has defied the U.S. Constitution, which vests the sole right to declare war in the U.S. Congress. .......In Bosnia, the government invited us to keep the peace. In Somalia, there was no recognized government at all -- just bands of militias stealing food aid. In international law, war is the use of force by one government against another. Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic is horrible. Perhaps this war is the right thing for us to do, to try to stop what Milosevic would otherwise do in Kosovo. But if so, it is for Congress, not the president, to decide. No emergency prevented the president from making his case before Congress."…"

Washington Post 4/15/99 Juliet Eilperin Barbara Vobejda "...Key Republicans in Congress said yesterday they would not force a government shutdown this summer over the 2000 Census, making it increasingly likely the White House will prevail in the longstanding dispute over how to conduct the next national head count. ....Not only does the war over Kosovo make it difficult to contemplate a shutdown of the State Department, Republicans have become leery of being blamed for closing the government after they suffered from the political fallout of a similar move four years ago..... Miller and others made it clear that the Republicans are not abandoning their opposition to the use of the method known as statistical sampling, in which the nation's population figures would be adjusted based on the results of a sample survey of 300,000 households. Citing a January Supreme Court ruling that barred the use of sampling to apportion House seats among states, Miller said he is confident that a subsequent legal challenge would extend that ban to other uses of sampling, primarily redistricting...."

St. Petersburg Times 4/17/99 Katherine Pfleger Freeper Cincinatus re: IRS "...Among them, Clinton had until Jan. 22 to nominate six of the nine people who would sit on a board that would oversee the agency. But to date the White House has not submitted a single name to the Senate for approval, and some congressional leaders and consumer advocates are beginning to think that Clinton may be trying to stymie reform...."


Los Angeles Times 4/21/99 Jim Mann Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...EXCERPTS "One of the great half-truths about American foreign policy is that Congress interferes too much with the ability of the executive branch to do as it sees fit overseas. Listen to the complaints of the Clinton administration, or any of its recent predecessors, both Republican and Democratic, and you'll hear this refrain. Congress is exceeding its constitutional role by improperly usurping the president's authority in foreign policy, they say. Well, don't take the whining too seriously. For, as we're now seeing in Kosovo, when it comes to the single most momentous aspect of foreign policy, the decision to send American troops into combat, the reverse is true: The last few presidents have wielded power that goes far beyond what they were supposed to have under our political system. The Constitution clearly gives Congress, not the president, the authority to declare war."..."

INSIGHT Magazine 5/17/99 John Elvin "...Critics say the Clinton administration has rewritten the rules to more than double the opportunities to dole out federal funds under his presidential emergency powers.A barely noticed tug-of-war over disaster aid featuring two powerful senators opposing an ambitious Cabinet secretary provides a peephole for following one of the most underreported gambits of the Clinton era: the politics of funding federal disaster relief.. . . Bond is chairman of the Senate Appropriations subcommittee on VA-HUD and Independent Agencies, and Mikulski is the ranking Democrat. In question was more than $300 million in emergency disaster-relief funds that Cuomo had been free to dispense under HUD's Community Development Block Grant Program. The money was designated as aid to victims who live in places declared by the president to be disaster areas, but insiders told the Times that Bond and Mikulski feared Cuomo planned to pass the bucks around recklessly "in political favor-type projects."..."

2/16/99 Freeper GummyIII "…Notice that there are only 181 accounted for, including some amendments, but that there should be around 278 of them. For "National Security" reasons, we are not allowed to see them:

1.1999-02-10 Executive Order on Internet Research1992
1999-02-03 Executive Order on Invasive Species12776
1999-01-12 Executive Order 13111 on Federal Employee Training17830
1999-01-11 Executive Order 13110 on Nazi War Criminal Working Group2832
1998-12-17 Executive Order 13109 on Federal Government Closing1905
1998-12-11 Executive Order 13108 on Study of Capital Budgeting1243
1998-12-10 Executive Order 13107 on Human Rights Treaties8616
1998-12-07 Executive Order 13106 on Rates of Pay Adjustments3859
1998-11-02 Executive Order 13105 on Foreign Service-CIA Retirement2206
1998-12-17 Executive Order 13109 on Federal Government Closing1905
1998-12-11 Executive Order 13108 on Study of Capital Budgeting1243
1998-12-10 Executive Order 13107 on Human Rights Treaties8616
1998-12-07 Executive Order 13106 on Rates of Pay Adjustments3859
1998-12-07 Executive Order on Rates of Pay Adjustments3909
1998-11-02 Executive Order 13105 on Foreign Service-CIA Retirement2206
1998-10-19 Executive Order 13104 on Tribal Colleges and Universities1176
1998-09-25 Executive Order 13102 on Digital Television Broadcasters1129
1998-09-30 Executive Order 13103 on Computer Software Piracy7004
1998-09-14 Executive Order 13101 on Government Waste Prevention34228
1998-08-25 Executive Order 13100 on Food Safety5699
1998-08-20 Executive Order 13099 on Middle East Peace and Terrorists2464
1998-08-18 Executive Order 13098 on Blocking Property of UNITA7112
1998-08-07 Executive Order 13097 on Interparliamentary Union1409
1998-08-06 Executive Order 13096 on American Indian and Alaska Natives11194
1998-08-05 Executive Order 13095 on Suspension of EO 13083964
1998-07-28 Executive Order 13094 on Weapons of Mass Destruction6251
1998-07-27 Executive Orders 13093 on American Heritage Rivers1119
1998-07-24 Executive Order 13092 on Information Technology Advisory1643
1998-06-29 Executive Order 13090 on Women in American History4163
1998-06-29 Executive Order 13091 on Arms Export Controls3664
1998-06-11 Executive Order 13089 on Coral Reef Protection9752
1998-06-09 Executive Order 13088 on Kosovo Sanctions8378
1998-05-28 Executive Order 13087 on Equal Employment Opportunity1273
1998-05-14 Executive Order 13083 on Federalism10883
1998-05-14 Executive Order 13084 on Indian Tribal Governments7538
1998-05-08 Executive Order 13082 on Joint US-Mexican Defense Cooperation1503
1998-04-30 Executive Order 13081 Amendment to EO 130381111
1998-04-25 Photo Release of the President Signing an Executive Order701
1998-04-07 Executive Order 13080 on American Heritage Rivers Initiative6339
1998-04-07 Executive Order 13079 on Trade Act for Vietnam1169
1998-03-13 Executive Order 13078 on Adults with Disabilities11528
1998-02-24 Executive Order 13075 on Special Oversight Board for DoD4114
1998-02-24 Executive Order 13076 on Selective Reserve to Active Duty1481
1998-02-04 Executive Order 13073 on Year 2000 Conversion5794
1998-02-03 Executive Order 13072 on White House Millenium Council6456
1997-12-29 Executive Order 13071 on Rates of Pay3049
1997-12-16 Executive Order 13070 on Intelligence Oversight Board1683
1997-12-12 Executive Order 13069 on UNITA6253
1997-11-25 Executive Order 13068 on Government Closing1532
1997-11-03 Executive Order 13067 on Imposing Sanctions on Sudan6236
1997-10-29 Executive Order 13066 on Amendment to EO 130371055
1997-10-22 Executive Order 13065 on Amending Digital TV Advisory1241
1997-10-11 Executive Order 13064 on Infrastructure Protection3060
1997-09-29 Executive Order 13062 on Federal Advisory Committees5143
1997-09-11 Executive Order 13061 on American Heritage Rivers12076
1997-08-21 Executive Order 13060 to Establish Emergency Board2610
1997-08-19 Executive Order 13059 on Transactions with Iran10610
1997-08-09 Executive Order 13058 on Smoking in Federal Workplaces6018
1997-07-26 Executive Order 13057 on Lake Tahoe Region6232
1997-06-24 Executive Order 13051 on Creating IRS Management Board5358
1997-06-13 Executive Order 13050 for Advisory Board on Race3936
1997-06-10 Executive Order 13048 on Improving Government5989

63.1997-06-11 Executive Order 13049 on Prohibition of Chemical Weapons1506
1997-05-20 Executive Order 13047 on Economic Sanctions on Burma6481
1997-05-16 Executive Order 13046 on Bioethics Advisory Board1068
1997-04-21 Executive Order 13045 on Health Risks to Children12795
1997-04-18 Executive Order 13044 on Agricultural Trade Act1511
1997-04-16 Executive Order 13043 on Seat Belt Use in the US7216
1997-03-11 Executive Order 13039 on Naval Special Warfare Group1419
1997-03-11 Executive Order 13038 on Digital TV Broadcasters4174
1997-03-03 Executive Order 13037 on Study of Capital Budgeting4347
1997-02-11 Executive Order 13035 on Computing and Internet4410
1997-01-30 Executive Order 13034 on Gulf War Veterans Illness3347
1996-12-27 Executive Order 13033 on Adjusting Pay and Allowances3356
1996-12-26 Executive Order 13032 on Amending Executive Order 129641164
1996-12-13 Executive Order 13031 on Alternative Fueled Vehicles10300
1996-12-12 Executive Order 13030 on Foreign Aid and Arms Exports2306
1996-12-03 Executive Order 13028 on Enterprise for the Americas2757
1996-12-03 Executive Order 13029 on Conference on Security in Europe1730
1996-11-15 Executive Order 13027 on Establishing SEPTA Board3032
1996-11-15 Executive Order 13026 on Crypto Export Controls7276
1996-11-06 Executive Order 13023 on Council on Counter Narcotics3147
1996-11-07 Executive Order 13024 on Amending Work Study Program1611
1996-10-31 Executive Order 13022 on Jurisdiction over Midway Islands4270
1996-10-19 Executive Order 13021 on Tribal Colleges and Universities12164
1996-10-12 Executive Order 13020 on Commercial Satellites Export5623
1996-09-28 Executive Order 13019 on Child Support Collection9225
1996-09-16 Executive Order 13018 on Increasing Bioethics Advisory Board941
1996-09-05 Executive Order 13017 on Health Consumer Protection4439
1996-08-28 Executive Order 13016 on Great Lakes Pollution4450
1996-08-06 Executive Order 13013 on Armed Forces Reserve Medal3800
1996-07-18 Exec Order Emergency Dispute Board on SEPTA Dispute2769
1996-07-18 Executive Order 13012 on Emergency Board on SEPTA Dispute2680
1996-07-16 Executive Order 13011 on Federal Information Technology19805
1996-07-15 Executive Order 13010 on Critical Infrastructure Protection11949
1996-06-14 Executive Order 13009 on HIV AIDS Advisory Council1033
1996-06-03 Executive Order 13008 on Narcotics Control Policy Authority1157
1996-05-24 Executive Order 13007 on Protecting Indian Sacred Sites4649
1996-05-21 Executive Order 13006 on Locating Federal Facilities4918
1996-05-13 Executive Order 13002 on Terminating Vietnam as Combat Zone1033
1996-05-08 Executive Order 13001 on Emergency Board in RR Disputes5202
1996-04-24 Executive Order 13000 on Succession for Sec of Defense4361
1996-04-17 Executive Order 12999 on Computer Technology for Education8239
1996-04-01 Executive Order 12997 on Korean Energy Development Org1451
1996-03-25 Executive Order 12995 on Recycled Paper Content2229
1996-03-25 Executive Order 12996 on National Wildlife Refuge System6257
1996-03-22 Executive Order on Mental Retardation Committee9058
1996-03-21 Executive Order 12994 on Committee on Mental Retardation8613
1996-03-21 Executive Order 12993 on Allegations Against IGs9389
1996-03-15 Executive Order 12992 on Counter-Narcotics Council3844
1996-02-29 Executive Order 12990 on Pay Rates for Uniform Services1508
1996-02-13 Executive Order 12989 on Illegal Immigration and Contracts8520
1996-01-31 Executive Order 12987 on US-Pacific Trade Policy1157
1996-01-18 Executive Order 12986 on International Conservation Union2378
1996-01-11 Executive Order 12985 Establishing Armed Forces Medal2905
1995-12-28 Executive Order 12984 on Military Pay Raise3974
1995-12-21 Executive Order 12983 Amendment on Partnership Councils2437
1995-12-08 Executive Order 12982 on Ordering Reserve to Active Duty1754
1995-12-05 Executive Order 12981 on Administration of Export Controls17606
1995-11-17 Executive Order 12980 Amendment to EO 12852986
1995-10-25 Executive Order 12979 on Agency Procurement Protests3658
1995-10-05 Executive Order 12976 on Government Corps Compensation4231
1995-10-05 Executive Order 12976 on Government Corps Compensation4231
1995-10-03 Executive Order 12975 on Human Research Subjects Protection7821
1998-09-29 Executive Order 12974 on Federal Advisory Committees3975
1995-07-31 Executive Order 12967 on Board for Metro North Disputes3598
1998-05-12 Executive Order 12960 on Amending Manual for Courts Martial40829
1995-05-06 Executive Order 12959 on Iran Trade Ban8030
1995-03-15 Executive Order 12957 Barring Iranian Petroleum Development4382
1995-03-13 Executive Order 12956 on Israel US Industrial Foundation1589
1995-03-08 Executive Order 12954 on Contractors With Replacement Workers8362
1995-02-27 Executive Order 12953 on Child Support Payment11676
1995-02-22 Executive Order 12951 on Release of Space Based Imagery3847
1995-02-22 Executive Order 12950 Emergency Board on Metro North Dispute3381
1995-02-09 Executive Order 12949 on Foreign Intelligence Physical Search2397
1995-01-30 Executive Order 12948 on Amendment to Environmental Justice1176
1995-01-23 Executive Order 12947 on Transactions With Terrorists6510
1995-01-20 Executive Order 12946 on Arms Proliferation Policy Board4088
1994-12-28 Executive Order 12944 on Federal Pay and Allowances5644
1994-12-12 Executive Order 12942 Native American Administration1175
1994-12-13 Executive Order 12943 on Amending Government Purchases1623
1994-11-22 Executive Order 12939 on Gulf War Veterans Naturalization1511
1994-11-14 Executive Order 12938 on Mass Destruction Weapons12693
1994-11-10 Executive Order 12937 on Declassification of Documents1701
1994-10-28 Executive Order 12935 on Definition of Field Duty1488
1994-10-25 Executive Order 12934 for Sanctions on Bosnian Serb Areas5928
1994-09-16 Executive Order 12928 Government Purchase from Black Business5948
1994-09-15 Executive Order 12927 on Selective Service1748
1994-08-29 Executive Order 12925 on Soo Line RR Strike Emergency Board2746
1994-06-30 Executive Order 12923 on Export Control Regulations4559
1994-06-21 Executive Order 12922 Blocking Haitian Assets4097
1994-06-10 Executive Order 12920 on Haiti Sanctions5770
1994-06-03 Executive Order 12919 National Defense Industrial Resources36905
1994-06-03 Executive Order 12919 on National Defense Resources36905
1994-03-08 Executive Order 12902 on Energy and Water Conservation33699
1998-03-03 Executive Order 12901 Identification of Trade Expansion4785
1994-02-15 Executive Order 12899 Long Island Railroad Dispute Board2805
1994-01-17 Executive Order 12092 on Fair Housing16917
1993-12-27 Executive Order 12889 on NAFTA10719
1993-11-05 Executive Order 12878 on Entitlement Cuts4775
1993-11-01 Executive Order 12876 on Historic Colleges9792
1993-10-18 Executive Order 12872 on Haiti4437
1993-09-15 Executive Order 12864 on Information Infrastructure4968
1993-09-11 Executive Order 12861 on Elimination of Internal Regulations2311
1993-09-11 Executive Order 12862 on Government Customer Standards4569
1993-09-03 Executive Order 12860 on Foreign Investment1702
1993-08-16 Executive Order 12859 on Domestic Policy Council4372
1993-08-04 Executive Order 12857 on Entitlement Controls10301
1993-08-04 Executive Order 12858 on Deficit Reduction Trust Fund4040
1993-07-04 Executive Order 12854 on Cuban Democracy Act2737
1993-06-29 Executive Order 12852 on Sustainable Development4453
1993-06-11 Executive Order 12851 on Middle East Arms Notification10728
1993-05-28 Executive Order 12850 on China MFN3928
1993-05-19 Executive Order 12848 on Preventing Homelessness2986
1993-04-25 Executive Order 12846 on Serbian Sanctions6018
1993-04-21 Executive Order 12843 on Ozone Depletion9184
1993-03-09 Executive Order 12840 on Nuclear Cooperation1539
1993-02-01 Executive Order 12836 on Revocation of Executive Orders1425
1993-01-21 President Instructs Staff to Follow Strict Ethics Rules1547
1993-01-25 Death of Thurgood Marshall2449
1993-01-20 Executive Order 12834 on Ethics Commitments19713
1993-01-25 Executive Order 12835 on the National Economic Council4339


The American Spectator 5/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "...I have been investigating Chinese high-tech espionage activities in the United States since 1993, and discovered early on just how sensitive a subject this can be. As a congressional staffer working for California Democrat Tom Lantos, I requested licensing records of U.S. high-tech exports to China from the Department of Commerce. When Commerce finally delivered the several- thousand-page print-out to the Rayburn House Office building in late March 1993, I was prevented for three weeks from even looking it over, despite the fact that the information was not classified. ...They did not want the story to leak out of just how much dual- use technology U.S. companies had been allowed to sell to the Chinese military, for fear that would impede the U.S.-China high-tech pipeline. Unbeknownst to most people at the time was a plan devised by top Clinton administration appointees to lift export controls on a wide range of strategic technologies. The plan was first laid out in a 1992 National Academy of Sciences study authored by William Perry, Ashton Carter, and Mitchel Wallerstein, who all went on to top Pentagon jobs under Clinton. Calling export controls a "wasting asset," they argued that for U.S. high- tech firms to maintain a technological edge over their foreign competitors they needed to be allowed to export ever-more sophisticated equipment, so they could plow those profits into developing new technologies..... After the election, William Perry became deputy secretary of defense and went to work putting the plan into action within the bureaucracy. Ron Brown, as secretary of commerce, was tasked with selling the decontrols to corporate America and Congress as part of an administration-wide "Trade Promotion" package, aimed at creating jobs and "growing" U.S. exports. On September 30, 1993, Brown issued a landmark report, "Toward a National Export Strategy," which first made the argument--oft-repeated until the Loral-Hughes satellite scandals erupted last year--that each additional $1 billion in U.S. exports creates 20,000 jobs in the U.S..... In 1993 and 1994 the administration tried to rewrite the EAA to eliminate most controls, but Congress balked; so they simply made an end run around the law, and dismantled the controls through executive branch regulations. The administration's efforts reduced the voluminous licensing lists I had once received, and Defense Department officials now complain there are no more records of what has been shipped to the Chinese military--and thus no way to gauge the damage to U.S. national security. Like small-time hoods dreaming of the perfect crime, Clinton's "best and brightest" thought they had covered up all traces of their acts...."

WorldNetDaily 4/28/99 "...The very day of the mass murders in Littleton, President Clinton was already devising ways to spend other people's tax dollars on relief. He went so far as to say the federal government would provide any assistance needed in the aftermath of the crime. He didn't even bother to consult Congress -- the only branch of government authorized under the Constitution to allocate resources. No matter, in this case. It's a mere technicality. There aren't 10 souls in both houses of Congress who would have denied anything to the people of Littleton for fear of being labeled cold-hearted. That's really the heart of the problem. The American people and the leaders of both major parties have completely lost sight of the constitutionally limited powers and scope of the federal government. We may go beyond the point of no return. And the response to Littleton is a perfect example of how this insidious process works...."

4/28/99 Henry Lamb: Freeper Thanatos "...The NATO Summit brought together the chief executives of 19 nations who assumed the authority to ignore the NATO Charter and the U.N. Charter and inflict war upon a sovereign nation. Milosevic's inhumanity to the Kosovars is despicable; it is, however, far less threatening to the future of civilization than the unauthorized action taken by NATO. The American experience has demonstrated to the world that the first principle of self-governance should be that government power arises from, and is limited by, the consent of the people. Milosevic does not recognize this first principle; neither does NATO. The U.S. Congress, the voice of the people, did not declare war on Yugoslavia; NATO did. Mr. Clinton's election to be the chief executive officer did not empower him to become the voice of the American people. His election empowered him only to execute the laws enacted by the U.S. Congress. He has usurped congressional authority by committing American troops to the illegal war in Yugoslavia...."

Deseret News 5/10/99 Jack Anderson, and Jan Moller ".... Things came to a head in 1995, when UNESCO tried to wield its influence over the proposed New World Mine near Yellowstone. The mine was to be located on private property adjacent to the park, but environmentalists saw a dangerous precedent being set and wanted desperately to protect the park's buffer zone. UNESCO sided with the environmentalists, and so did the Clinton administration when it ponied up $65 million to buy the land from the mining company and preserve it for future generations. That was too much for some lawmakers to take. Rep. Helen Chenoweth, R-Idaho, and others quickly introduced the American Land Sovereignty Protection Act, which seeks to remove the United Nations' influence over domestic land-use decisions. Sources at the world body say the proposal is ludicrous. For one, they argue, preservation sites are only designated with the approval of affected property owners, plus local and national authorities. Sources in Chenoweth's office tell us that state and local governments are rarely consulted before a historic site is designated, and that such decisions are usually made by unelected federal bureaucrats at the Department of Interior or higher-up....."

Daily Republican 5/24/99 Howard Hobbs "...As of today, the Congress has considered several pieces of legislation. The Senate passed a resolution authorizing the President to conduct military air operations and missile strikes in cooperation with NATO against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia on March 23, 1999, but the the House also defeated a measure declaring a state of war between the United States and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and a measure directing the President to remove U.S. Armed Forces from present operations against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. On April 20, Senator John McCain and others introduced a joint resolution authorizing the President to use all necessary force in concert with United States allies to accomplish United States and NATO objectives in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Neither house of Congress has acted on that resolution. Despite the House of Representatives' decision to reject authorization of the war, the President continues to wage war against Yugoslavia. Our Constitution provides that a decision to initiate war be made by Congress. The framers were opposed to giving one person the power to initiate war. As Alexander Hamilton explained, certain interests were "so delicate and momentous" that entrusting them "to the sole disposal" of the President is unwise. The Federalist No. 75, at 506 (A. Hamilton) (J. Cooke ed. 1961) (discussing treaty power). As a Congressman, Abraham Lincoln argued that the Constitution's intent was "that no one man should hold the power of bringing this oppression (war) upon us." Qouted in a letter from Lincoln to W.H. Herndon, Feb. 15, 1848. [See A. Schlesinger, Jr., The Imperial Presidency 43 (1973).] ..."

5/27/99 Curt Weldon (R-PA) "...That the administration as early as 1994 systematically dismantled its system of monitoring the influx of Chinese and other foreign nationals visiting U.S. high technology companies, including our nuclear weapons labs. As a result, there are many tens of thousands of Chinese in the United States and we don't know where they are or what they are doing. In fact, it wasn't until this year just prior to public revelations of alleged Chinese espionage in our nation's nuclear weapons labs that the Energy Department decided to seek export licenses from the Commerce Department for foreign national visits. Yet, the requirement had always been law...."

Freeper Sigi on McLaughlin Report 5/29/99 "....Turn on PBS McLaughlin Report on Clinton vesting himself as a King and usurping Congressional Authority to Make War. Clinton is Violating War Powers Act! Congressmen Kucinich (Dem. Iowa) and Bartlett (Rep. MD) and professor of Constitutional Law Borasage from Americn University agree this war is illegal and un-Constitutional in violation of express Congressional votes...."

WorldNetDaily 6/1/99 Joseph Farah Freeper laz "...WorldNetDaily published an ominous report last month. It pointed out the disturbing truth that President Clinton doesn't need to sign an executive order to start a full-scale gun grab. He doesn't need to declare martial law if he wants to use the armed forces to deal with public unrest. He doesn't need a governor's request to use troops to enforce federal laws in rebellious states. As Sarah Foster reported, "He can do all these things on his own, without seeking advice or approval from Congress."..."

CNS 6/1/99 Phyllis Schafly "...Not only does President Clinton not feel any shame about his impeachment (as he told Dan Rather), Clinton now feels stronger than ever, able to override the U.S. Constitution and ignore Congress. He has been exercising extraordinary new powers - never asserted by any prior President - both through Executive Orders (EO) and abuse of his title of Commander in Chief. Rep. Jack Metcalf (R-WA) says that Clinton has "made himself a super-legislator by issuing executive orders that require the appropriation of funds." Clinton's good friend and defender of Oval Office misbehavior, Paul Begala, put it like this: "Stroke of the pen. Law of the land. Kinda cool." No, it isn't cool; it's hot with disdain for the constitutional rules that "all" legislative powers belong to Congress and that "all bills for raising revenues shall originate in the House." James Madison called the accumulation of executive and legislative powers in the same branch "the very definition of tyranny." Clinton will be President for another year and a half. By what the press has variously called a "blizzard" or a "blitz" of Executive Orders, Clinton has grabbed new powers for the executive branch, made broad public policy changes, spent non-appropriated taxpayers' money, and even tried to restructure our governmental system..... Other Clinton Executive Orders include his EO 12919 of June 3, 1994, entitled National Defense Industrial Resources Preparedness, which asserts plenary and dictatorial authority over citizens, food, transportation, energy, health, contracts, materials and resources to be exercised by the National Security Council and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)...."

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 6/2/99 Jack Torry "...President Clinton and Congress clash in a courtroom this week over a constitutional issue as old as the nation itself: Who has the authority to send U.S. troops to war? Tomorrow, a bipartisan group of Congress members will ask a federal judge to decide whether Clinton violated the Constitution's balance of powers by not seeking congressional approval to continue the air war over Kosovo. Clinton has been taken to court by Reps. Tom Campbell, R-Calif., Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio, and 23 other lawmakers who failed to stop the war with a House floor vote in April. They argue that only Congress has the power to send the military into combat. The lawsuit, whose authors include University of Pittsburgh law professor Jules Lobel, could lead to the first ruling on the constitutionality of the contested 1973 War Powers Resolution, passed over former President Richard Nixon's veto and opposed by every president since Nixon. Attorneys for the Clinton administration will reply with a request that U.S. District Judge Paul Friedman dismiss the case..... Clinton appointed Friedman to the federal bench in 1994...." 6/4/99 CNN "...President Bill Clinton Friday used his recess appointment privilege to name James Hormel as ambassador to Luxembourg. Clinton's move was in direct defiance of the Senate's GOP leadership who have refused to confirm Hormel because he is openly gay. The recess appointment is a constitutional device that becomes available to the president if an appointment is made while Congress is in recess. Both the House and the Senate return from their 10-day Memorial Day holiday on Monday. Under the recess appointment, Hormel, 66, will be able to serve until the end of 2000, when the 106th Congress adjourns. All of Clinton's ambassadorial appointments expire at the end of his term in January 2001....."

CNN 6/4/99 "....Saying "mental illness is not a character flaw it is a disability," President Bill Clinton issued Friday an executive order removing the federal government's strict hiring and promotion standards for the mentally disabled. Clinton directed "all federal agencies to provide applicants with mental illness the same opportunities as other applicants with disabilities."..."

Washington Times/Associated Press "... President Clinton's proposal to let states tap into their unemployment funds to offer paid leave for new parents faces significant obstacles, benefit analysts say, because states likely will be reluctant to draw on accounts reserved for out-of-work people.......The 1993 Family and Medical Leave Act has eased the strain on workers who must care for babies by guaranteeing up to 12 weeks' unpaid leave. But additional help is needed for those who cannot afford to take time off without pay, Mr. Clinton said in a speech two weeks ago. The president announced he has directed the Labor Department to write regulations letting states provide unemployment benefits to parents of newborn or newly adopted children who choose to take the leave guaranteed under the 1993 law...."

Net Daily 6/7/99 Sarah Foster "...Good to his word to go over the heads of Congress when necessary to achieve his legislative agenda, President Clinton has issued yet another executive order -- this one in place of Senate ratification of a global climate treaty. An unnumbered order directs all federal agencies to start implementing the Kyoto Protocol -- a global climate agreement negotiated in 1997 by over 160 countries meeting in Kyoto, Japan. Clinton has used this tactic before. For instance, in December, when -- as reported by WorldNetDaily -- he directed the federal agencies to implement any and all "human rights" conventions, whether ratified or not. The Kyoto Protocol mandates a worldwide reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by the years 2008 to 2012. Under the terms of the protocol the United States would be required to reduce emissions to 7 percent below 1990 levels. The targeted gases include carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. The Senate has refused to ratify the protocol because of the restrictions it would place on America's economy and industries and the American people. Developing nations are exempted from its requirements. Nonetheless, the president and his administration have frankly agreed to the terms and looked for ways to encourage implementation. In fact, they've been promoting them. On June 3 the president quietly signed the executive order "Greening the Government through Efficient Energy Management." The new executive order directs all federal agencies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their facilities by 30 percent by 2010 compared to 1990 levels, to reduce energy and water consumption and to reduce the use of petroleum....."

Augusta Chronicle 6/6/99 Editorial "...Bill Clinton is the first president to go beyond tolerating homosexuality to promoting it as an acceptable alternative lifestyle. He has ignored the constitutional veto of the Senate by naming, during the congressional recess, homosexual activist James Hormel as ambassador to Luxembourg. (This country, 97 percent Roman Catholic, was insulted when his name was first announced -- and this was after the Democratic donor was to be ambassador to Fiji, but couldn't serve because homosexuality is a crime there.) Hormel was a ``commentator'' for San Francisco's ``Gay Pride Parade,'' which mocks Christianity -- and Catholicism in particular. He also funds a library collection in that city featuring perverted documents from the ``North American Man/Boy Love Association.'' How low can Clinton go? ..."

New York Times 6/10/99 STEVEN A. HOLMES "...Declaring racial profiling "morally indefensible," President Clinton on Wednesday ordered federal law-enforcement agencies to compile data on the race and ethnicity of people they question, search or arrest to determine whether suspects are stopped because of the color of their skin. "Racial profiling is in fact the opposite of good police work where actions are based on hard facts, not stereotypes," the president said. "It is wrong, it is destructive and it must stop." Clinton said he was issuing a presidential directive requiring all federal law-enforcement agencies, like the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the National Park Service, the Customs Service and the Immigration and Naturalization Service, to gather detailed demographic data on their activities. "The Justice Department will then analyze this data to assess whether and where law enforcement engage in racial profiling, and what concrete steps we need to take at the national level to eliminate it anywhere it exists," he said. Clinton acknowledged that because the vast bulk of police work was carried out by state and local agencies, and not the federal government, his directive would have limited i-pact on the practice of racial profiling. But he challenged state and local police forces to follow his lead in determining the extent of the practice....The president Wednesday also threw his support behind a bill requiring the attorney general to analyze data from a sample of jurisdictions on stops for traffic violations by state and local law-enforcement agencies. The study would look at the race, ethnicity and sex of the driver, what prompted the stop, whether the vehicle was searched, and if so, what contraband was found and whether an arrest was made...."

6/12/99 AP Freeper Thanatos "... The White House is appealing to Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott not to block other nominees in an escalating dispute over the ambassadorial appointment of an openly gay businessman. But the Mississippi Republican wants a pledge from Clinton he won't circumvent the Senate by announcing controversial appointments during short congressional recesses in the future. ``It has to be stopped,'' said Lott spokesman John Czwartacki ..."

LA Times 6/12/99 AP Freeper Cincinatus "...In a speech at the elite, ivy-draped campus on Chicago's South Side, Clinton planned to announce an executive order. It directs federal agencies to list products suspected to have been made by forced child labor and requires federal contractors to certify they tried to determine whether child labor was used in making the goods. Any contractor who does not comply or violates the child labor ban would be barred from future dealings with the federal government. ..."

Washington Times 6/14/99 Audrey Hudson "...The Clinton administration is planning to ban most public use of 5 million acres of federal land in six states to placate environmental voters before the 2000 presidential election. Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt is using his regulatory authority to halt mining, grazing, logging and oil and gas exploration on public lands. In many cases all recreational uses would be banned except walking and meditating. "We have to be wary. They want to appease the extreme environmentalists who have this on their agenda and want this to happen," said Sen. Frank H. Murkowski, Alaska Republican and chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee...." 6/15/99 U.S. Senator James M. Inhofe "…Gary Hoitsma, press secretary to U.S. Sen. James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.), today responded to two wildly erroneous statements made today by White House spokesman Joe Lockhart concerning Inhofe's effort to prevent further abuses of the recess appointment power. First, Lockhart stated that the White House has "done an excellent job in notifying Congress" about recess appointments. "In making the unexpected appointment of Mr. Hormel on the last day of a brief five-day Senate recess, the White House did a lousy job of notifying Congress," Hoitsma said. "They notified the Majority Leader less than 24 hours before the appointment. "If that is their idea of 'excellent,' they should talk to Senator Byrd. In 1985, Byrd held up over 5000 Reagan nominees for two months to protest inadequate notification of recess appointments. Byrd's holds were lifted when Reagan agreed to notify Congress in advance of a recess for any future recess appointment. This is all we are asking of President Clinton for future recess appointments. He should agree, just as Reagan did in 1985." Second, Lockhart said "what Sen. Inhofe is engaged in here is akin to ideological extortion." >P> "No. What Sen. Inhofe is engaged in here is protecting the Senate from future abuses of power by this President," Hoitsma said. "It would be more accurate to say that the President's stealth-attack appointment was akin to ideological tyranny. The recess appointment power should not be used simply to avoid controversy or to circumvent the constitutional power and responsibility of the Senate." …."

Associated Press 6/16/99 Laurie Kellman "…With a promise from President Clinton to notify senior lawmakers before making recess appointments, a key Republican senator said today he will stop blocking approval of pending nominations. Sen. James Inhofe said in a statement the holds he placed on nominations were ``never designed to undo the appointment of'' Clinton's ambassadorial appointment of an openly gay businessman. The Oklahoma Republican said he acted ``to uphold the Senate's proper role in the 'advice and consent' process.'' Over the Memorial Day congressional recess, the president circumvented the Senate by appointing James Hormel of San Francisco ambassador to Luxembourg…."

6/18/99 Lee Davidson Deseret News "…The Clinton administration says that its 1996 creation of Utah's Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument wasn't really secretive. "This was not done in secret. For the last several weeks leading up to the proclamation, there was an actual vigorous debate involving the Utah delegation, the governor of Utah and many people," Interior Department solicitor John Leshy said Thursday at a congressional hearing. That flabbergasted Reps. Jim Hansen and Chris Cannon, R-Utah. Cannon retorted, "I congratulate you for keeping a straight face while you said that." The debate came over a bill sponsored by Hansen that would require more public hearings and studies before a president can create a monument. Hansen quoted White House documents, which he obtained by subpoena, that ordered secrecy. He also went through a chronology showing Utahns didn't hear rumors about the monument until a Washington Post story 11 days in advance - and the White House said for days thereafter that any monument was years away from creation. In fact, Hansen said the White House only finally confirmed solid plans to Utah officials for the monument "at 2 a.m. on the day that the monument was created." …."

CBN 6/23/99 Dale Hurd "...Interior Secretary Bruce Babbit is moving to stop mining, grazing, logging and oil and gas exploration on 5 million acres in 6 states. He may also use something called the Antiquities Act, created by Teddy Roosevelt, to declare some of the land a national monument. That would mean that in many cases, all recreational uses would also be banned, except for walking and meditating. The White House plan would affect 2.6 million acres in Utah, 1.5 million acres in Alaska, a half million acres in Arizona, almost a half million in Montana, as well as land in Colorado and Missouri. And this isn't a new issue: Members of the House Parks and Public Lands Subcommittee are still fuming over the creation of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument on 1.8 million acres in Utah three years ago, which stripped some rural communities of the ability to make a living off the land. They also blistered Interior Department Officer John Leshy for orchestrating the deal in secret. "You're talking about a great deal of land here," Representative John Duncan, R-Tenn., told Leshy, "I represent a big portion of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The entire Great Smoky Mountains National Park is 565 thousand acres. You're talking about three times that much, 1.8 million acres." ..."

WorldNetDaily 6/25/99 Sarah Foster "...President Clinton has devised another way to bypass Congress and the Constitution, say property rights activists. Rather than sign an executive order, he simply announces a program and directs the federal agencies and the state and local governments to treat it as though it were the law. That's what Clinton and Al Gore did to advance the Clean Water Action Plan, which the vice president unveiled Feb. 19, 1998, the 25th anniversary of the Clean Water Act. There was no ceremonial signing of an executive order. Gore simply announced the plan, and the president ordered the federal agencies, states, and local governments to begin implementing its 111 mandates, dubbed "key actions." ..."

Right Magazine 6/28/99 Linda A. Prussen-Razzano "... Even if only a fraction of the Y2K doomsday scenarios transpire, portions of the United States will be inconvenienced for several days. Is this a reason to assume, as one of my fellow writers so aptly termed it, a "bunker mentality"? Absolutely not. Americans have survived floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, and more. How preposterous to presume that a few days of inconvenience will ruffle our indomitable fellow citizens. Then why are so many people concerned? In part, the answer lies within the government's own records...."

Right Magazine 6/28/99 Linda A. Prussen-Razzano "...Under Presidential Decision Directive 62 (PPD 62) "Process for Coordinating Interagency WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) Preparedness Efforts," the " National Security Council (NSC) established three senior management groups: the Counter-terrorism Security group (CSG), the Critical Infrastructure Coordination group (CICG), and the Weapons of Mass Destruction Preparedness (WMDP) group. The NSC chairs all three of these groups; and each group has multiple subgroups." (House National Security Committee, Combined Statements, September 25, 1998). The purpose of these groups is to respond to an unconventional terrorist attack here in the United States. They will use the Reserves and National Guard as "first responders," and will be fully operational on January 1, 2000...."

Right Magazine 6/28/99 Linda A. Prussen-Razzano "...Next is The Defense Against Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Act of 1996 (Public Law 104-201), which "authorizes Federal agencies to provide resources, training and technical assistance to state and local emergency management personnel who would respond to a WMD terrorist incident" (House National Security Committee, Combined Statements, September 25, 1998). "In September 1998, the Attorney General and Deputy Secretary of Defense began discussions on transferring portions of the DPP from DOD (Department of Defense) to DOJ (Department of Justice). Personnel from DOD are currently meeting with representatives from DOJ to develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the transfer. The framework for this MOU is based on the following assumptions: * The President of the United States will designate the Attorney General as the lead official to assume responsibility for the DPP no later than October 1, 2000. * DOD will remain the lead federal agency for the DPP through the end of FY2000" (House National Security Committee, Combined Statements, September 25, 1998)...."

Right Magazine 6/28/99 Linda A. Prussen-Razzano "...The creation of these agencies can be viewed in at least two ways: 1) the American Government is responding to a very real national threat, and is preparing to limit civilian casualties and damage to property, or 2) using Y2K as it's cover, the American Government is preparing to subvert the Constitution by declaring a national emergency and will use these agencies to strip citizens of their rights. Presuming we can trust Janet Reno, Sandy Berger, and Bill Clinton, the first scenario is obviously the rational choice. To mobilize the power of these agencies, there must be a terrorist attack or a declared national emergency. Via Executive Order, the President declared "a national emergency" three times in the past (June 30, 1994, August 14, 1996, and October 12, 1999); yet, no soldiers took to the streets and martial law did not prevail. The three Executive Orders referenced did, however, change our export policy over license agreements and dual use technology, much to the benefit of the Communist Chinese...."

THE WHITE HOUSE - Office of the Press Secretary 7/1/99 "..Today, I am announcing reforms to the Administration's export controls on high-performance computers (HPC) and semiconductors. These policies will strengthen America's high-tech competitiveness, while maintaining controls that are needed to maintain our national security. These reforms are needed because of the extraordinarily rapid rate of technological change in the computer industry. The number-crunching ability of a supercomputer that once filled a room and cost millions of dollars is now available in an inexpensive desktop computer. Computers that are widely used by businesses and can be manufactured by European, Japanese and Asian companies will soon exceed the limits that I established on high-performance computers in 1996...."

President Clinton Memo 7/25/98 ".My Administration has made addressing the threat of global climate change one of our top environmental priorities.On March 9, 1994, I issued Executive Order 12902, Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation at Federal Facilities, which directed all executive agencies to reduce energy consumption 30 percent below 1985 levels by the year 2005. .Under ESPC authority, agencies can contract with private energy service companies to retrofit Federal buildings with no up-front payments by the Government. These companies recover their costs from a negotiated share of the energy cost savings, with the remaining savings being returned to the contracting agency and to taxpayers. I therefore direct all Federal agencies to maximize use of this authority by the year 2000, when the authority expires. I also direct the Department of Energy (DOE) to lead an interagency effort to develop a legislative proposal extending ESPC authority past the year 2000. As part of this effort, I direct all agencies to identify and propose areas for expansion of ESPC authority -- for instance, as appropriate, to some leased buildings, mobility, and other Federal assets. In addition, I direct agencies to propose ways to procure electricity produced using cost-effective renewable sources. .."

C.Q. Weekly Lori Nitschke 7/25/98 " The Kyoto Treaty on climate change took center stage when the House resume debate July 23 on the fiscal 1999 spending measure for science, space, housing and veterans programs The House left intact provisions in the bill (HR4194) that would prevent the Clinton administration from implementing the treaty through regulatory actions if the Senate does not ratify it -- and the Senate is not expected to do so. Environmentalists cut short their efforts to reverse those provisions ."


Fox News 7/21/99 "...President Clinton renewed appeals to the Senate Wednesday to confirm Bill Lann Lee as assistant attorney general for civil rights, a post Lee has held on an acting basis since his nomination was rejected in 1997. "Some of Mr. Lee's opponents have decided to use his nomination as a means of expressing their disagreement with the civil rights laws themselves. This is wrong,'' Clinton said in a statement..... Lee was sworn in as acting head of the Justice Department's civil rights division in December 1997, a month after the Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee rejected his nomination. ...."

Reagan Information Interchange 7/19/99 Jack Metcalf (R-WA) "...Mr. METCALF. Mr. Speaker, before coming to Congress, I taught history for 30 years in my home State of Washington. But it should not take a historian, a lawyer, or even a politician to realize that Congress has ceded a measure of fundamental constitutional authority to the executive. In fact, it is the hundreds of phone calls and letters from Americans in my district and around the country that brings me to the floor today. These citizens are concerned, and I am concerned, that Congress has subjected the people to laws it never made because we have allowed our legislative responsibilities to be usurped by the executive department. In the past, Presidents worked with Congress to pass legislation. Indeed, that is what the Founders intended. Nevertheless, Congress, over the years, has allowed Presidents, both Democratic and Republican, to issue executive orders and proclamations that push far beyond the prescribed executive authority. Presidents have used these administrative actions to enact their agenda without the consent of Congress..... In fact, this President has issued more than 297 executive orders since taking office. Some of these infringe on the powers and duties reserved exclusively for Congress as dictated by the U.S. Constitution. In fact, one was so egregious that it had to be rescinded last year. That was executive order 13803 on federalism, which imposed new guidelines and granted the President unlimited policy making authority. Furthermore, it expanded the burden of big government on American citizens. .... The American Heritage Rivers Initiative, Executive Order 13061, is another example of our current President's attempted usurpation of the legislative powers of Congress. The Rivers Initiative was born when the President decided, without studies or public hearings, that he could take governing authority away from States and local governments. The Constitution requires Congress to first approve all revenue spending. However, Clinton's executive order would require States to give up certain rivers to Federal control. It is a threat to citizens' private property rights. Even more disturbing, the Rivers Initiative also would have given the President the power to reprogram government funds and spend taxpayers' money for projects without a vote of Congress. The President's use of executive orders and proclamations is reckless. Some fear the President may try to use these presidential directives in the future to further his international agenda in U.N. treaties or to increase his authority under the so-called emergency powers to spend more taxpayer dollars. ...."

The Washington Times: National Weekly Edition 7/19-25/99 Audrey Hudson "…Federal agencies are all but ignoring an executive order first put forth by President Reagan requiring they prepare federalism assessments to determine if rules and regulations pre-empt state and local laws, according to the General Accounting Office. In a review of more than 11,000 rules and regulations issued from April 1996 to December 1998, the GAO found federal agencies had prepared only five federalism assessments. The worst offender was the Environmental Protection Agency, which completely ignored the order and whether its regulations impeded local authority in more than 1,900 rules it listed during this period. "Congress and the administration should not take lightly this preemption of state and local laws," said Chairman Fred Thompson of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee…."

Washington Times 7/29/99 Ben Barber "...Mr. Clinton in April issued Presidential Decision Directive 68, ordering the creation of the International Public Information (IPI) system, designed to make sure that all government agencies disseminating information abroad share a single message. A draft charter obtained by The Washington Times says the purpose of IPI is "to prevent and mitigate crises and to influence foreign audiences in ways favorable to the achievement of U.S. foreign policy objectives." Officials of U.S. defense, intelligence, diplomatic and other agencies met for the first time yesterday at the State Department to go over the draft charter, said a source who spoke on the condition of anonymity..... Future meetings of an IPI "core group" developing the new information system are to be chaired by Morton Halperin, head of policy planning at the State Department. The draft charter says information aimed at U.S. audiences should "be coordinated, integrated, deconflicted and synchronized with the [IPI] to achieve a synergistic effect." The former senior official complained that the charter "did not distinguish what would be done overseas and what would he done at home. . . .It talks about a news war."...." 7/27/99 U.S. Senator James M Inhofe "....U.S. Sen. James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.) said today President Clinton is employing word games and abusing the constitutional lawmaking process to cover-up his administration's ideologically-driven opposition to protecting the American people from ballistic missile attack. "Every American must understand that the Clinton-Gore administration strongly opposes the deployment of a national missile defense system," Inhofe said. "They must also understand the President's position has not changed in spite of signing a bill into law last week which calls for the deployment of such a system. "In the spirit of redefining what the meaning of 'is' is, the President has brazenly chosen to interpret this new missile defense law in a manner contrary to its intended and stated purpose. In so doing, he makes a mockery of the Constitutional lawmaking process and once again illustrates the threat posed by his incessant deception, manipulation and dishonesty." Inhofe was referring to President Clinton's actions Friday in which the President a) signed into law a bill calling for the deployment of a national missile defense system; and at the same time, b) issued a statement claiming the bill actually called for no such thing. ..." 7/27/99 U.S. Senator James M Inhofe "....The Missile Defense Act, which passed the House and Senate earlier this year, sought to clearly define U.S. policy on missile defense. The bill states in its entirety that "it is the policy of the United States to deploy as soon as technologically possible an effective national missile defense system capable of defending the territory of the United States against limited ballistic missile attack (whether accidental, unauthorized, or deliberate) with funding subject to annual authorizations of appropriations and the annual appropriation of funds for national missile defense. It is the policy of the United States to seek negotiated reductions in Russian nuclear forces." In his statement on signing the bill, Clinton claims that "by specifying that any national missile defense deployment must be subject to the authorization and appropriation process, the legislation makes clear that no decision on deployment has been made." Inhofe: "In fact, it makes no such thing clear. It is a ludicrous and preposterous interpretation to suggest that the language of the bill means 'no decision on deployment has been made.' The whole point of the bill is to make an affirmative national decision on deployment. The references to 'authorizations' and 'appropriations' are nothing more than policy-neutral statements of fact about the legislative process. For the President to argue differently is shameless." 7/27/99 U.S. Senator James M Inhofe "....Also in his statement, Clinton asserts with a straight face that the second sentence of the two-sentence bill "puts Congress on record...reaffirming my Administration's position that our missile defense policy must take into account our arms control and nuclear nonproliferation objectives." Inhofe: "In fact, it does nothing of the sort, for if it did, I and many others would not have supported the bill in the first place. The purpose of this bill is to state that our nation's missile defense policy is decided in favor of deployment 'as soon as technologically possible.' The policy does not need to 'take into account' anything else. The stated goal of seeking negotiated reductions in Russian nuclear forces is a wholly separate statement of policy, not a contingent one. ...."

5/28/99 Office of Press Secretary 64 FR 29201 E.O.13122 "...INTERAGENCY TASK FORCE ON THE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF THE SOUTHWEST BORDER By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order provide a more rapid and integrated Federal response to the economic development challenges of the Southwest Border region, it is hereby ordered as follows: Section 1. Establishment of an Interagency Task Force on the Economic Development of the Southwest Border. ...Force shall: ( 1) analyze the existing programs and policies of Task Force members that relate to the Southwest Border to determine what changes, modifications, and innovations should be considered; (2) consider statistical and data analysis, research, and policy studies related to the Southwest Border; (3) develop and recommend short-term and long-term options for promoting sustainable economic development; (4) consult and coordinate activities with State, tribal, and local governments, community leaders, Members of Congress, the private sector, and other interested parties, paying particular attention to maintaining existing authorities of the States, tribes, and local governments, and preserving their existing working relationships with other agencies, organizations, or individuals; (5) coordinate and collaborate on research and demonstration priorities of Task Force member agencies related to the Southwest Border; (6) integrate Administration initiatives and programs into the design of sustainable economic development actions for the Southwest Border;and (7) focus initial efforts on pilot communities for implementing a coordinated and expedited Federal response to local economic development and other needs. (d ) The Task Force shall issue an interim report to the Vice President by November 15, 1999. The Task Force shall issue its first annual report to the Vice President by April 15, 2000, with subsequent reports to follow yearly and a final report on April 15, 2002. The reports shall describe the actions taken by, and progress of, each member of the Task Force in carrying out this order. The Task Force shall terminate 30 days after submitting its final report unless a Task Force consensus recommends continuation of activities...."

Wordnetdaily 8/2/99 Geoff Metcalf "...Notwithstanding the consistent unrelenting flood of propaganda, "the U.S. public has refused to back President Clinton's foreign policy." Some of you might question, "What foreign policy?" The fact is the administration has its collective panties in a bunch in the wake of this apparent inability to sell the gospel according to Bill-Jeff... Well, the latest abuse of power under the color of authority is "using resources that are aimed at spinning the news." Thanks to the wizardry of presidential decision directives, the president can (and does) create new policies and the agencies to implement his will. Congress impotently sits in the shadows alternately clucking and quivering. Up jumps the International Public Information (IPI) system, created in April by Presidential Decision Directive 68. This potential disinformation tool isn't bad enough as a bureaucracy, so it is to be run by Morton Halperin, formerly "Senior Director for Democracy" at the National Security Council and now head of policy planning at the State Department -- an all around anti-constitutional wonk.

Wordnetdaily 8/2/99 Geoff Metcalf "...This IPI working group met for the first time last Wednesday. It is yet further evidence of the evil that unbridled ambition can wrought without sufficient checks and balances. The IPI charter, still classified top secret, reportedly synthesizes the functions of agencies like the old USIA and Radio Free Europe. Those agencies were supposed to be aimed overseas, to sell New Deal propaganda. The leaked text of the draft charter is written in typical bureaucratese-speak. However, if that fictional "reasonable person" reads between the lines of the form, the substance is clear. Under the purview of IPI overseas information (propaganda) will "be coordinated, integrated, de-conflicted and synchronized with the (IPI) to achieve a synergistic effect" at home. What the heck does that mean? Simply stated, we will have the dubious distinction of paying (with OUR tax dollars) for our own indoctrination. Cool ... and Machiavelli smiled....The Washington Times got their hands on a copy of a draft charter which states the purpose of this outfit is "to prevent and mitigate crises and to influence foreign audiences in ways favorable to the achievement of U.S. foreign policy objectives." Anonymous insiders report that honchos from defense, intelligence, diplomatic and other assorted alphabet soup groups gathered at the State department to review the draft charter...."

Wordnetdaily 8/2/99 Geoff Metcalf "... Presidential Decision Directive 68, which ordered the creation of the International Public Information was designed to make sure that all government agencies disseminating information abroad share a single message...... One former senior official dared complain that this charter "did not distinguish what would be done overseas and what would be done at home. ... It talks about a news war." BINGO! The devil is always in the details. The IPI charter does not distinguish between overseas information and domestic information because the intention is to slap a tighter bridle on domestic critics..... This administration has routinely and consistently proved to be corrupt, disingenuous, duplicitous, untruthful, mean-spirited, and manipulative. The same president was just fined for having lied to a judge under oath. Lying has been proven to be the one life-long axiomatic consistent of the man...."

Insight Magazine 7/30/99 Catherine Edward "...It was never intended that the president should rule by executive decree, usurping the legislative role of Congress. But a top Clinton aide has called this option 'kinda cool.' .... . . . The Constitution dictates that the laws shall originate in Congress and the executive branch shall see that they are "faithfully executed" (Article II, Section 3). In George Washington's day, executive orders were no more than administrative directives to federal employees. "They have grown," says Bill Olsen, a constitutional lawyer and former Reagan administration official, "to be a deliberate strategy to circumvent the Congress and the legislative function."...In 1974, a special Senate Committee on National Emergencies and Delegated Emergency Powers was alarmed to find that the United States had been governed under emergency authority since 1933....The 1974 National Emergencies Act sunsetted all existing emergencies at that time. Congress then passed legislation in 1976 and in 1985 allowing termination of any national emergency by joint resolution, though no such resolution has been offered.....Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center cites what he regards as severe abuses of executive orders by Clinton. He has plenty of company. Among current irritants are: -

Insight Magazine 7/30/99 Catherine Edward "...Invasive Species Executive Order 13112, issued in February, prevents the introduction of invasive species to public property. DeWeese cautions that because alien species is defined as any species, "including seeds, eggs spores or other biological material capable of propagating that species that is not native to that ecosystem," alien species could be defined to include a farmer's cattle or even the family dog...."

Insight Magazine 7/30/99 Catherine Edward "...Implementation of Human Rights Treaties Executive Order 13107 calls on the U.S. government to implement human-rights treaties to which the United States now is or may become party in the future... "

Insight Magazine 7/30/99 Catherine Edward "...American Heritage Rivers Initiative Executive Order 13061 has caused considerable consternation in Congress. The president designated 14 rivers as federal property -- part of America's heritage to be seized by the federal government regardless of whether they run through private property... "

Insight Magazine 7/30/99 Catherine Edward "...Federalism Executive Order 13083 established federal jurisdiction over states in matters not enumerated in the Constitution. The president suspended this order after a public outcry and much media attention that accused him of attempting to rewrite the Constitution...."

Insight Magazine 7/30/99 Catherine Edward "...Council on Sustainable Development Executive Order 12852 centers on the fact that federal and local programs are being set up to ensure that Americans sustain the environment. Suburban housing, air conditioning, high meat intake, frozen and convenience foods, fossil fuels and kitchen appliances are not listed as sustainable...."

Insight Magazine 7/30/99 Catherine Edward "...Revocation of Certain Executive Orders Concerning Federal Contracting 12833 overturned President Bush's endorsement by executive order of the Supreme Court ruling in the Communications Workers vs. Beck case that workers for companies under federal contract do not have to pay union dues as a condition of employment...."

Insight Magazine 7/30/99 Catherine Edward "...Meanwhile, Clinton has declared no less than 14 states of national emergency. This compares to five for Bush and six for Ronald Reagan..."


Washington Post 8/5/99 David Broder "...Fourteen months after the White House infuriated state and local officials by issuing a presidential directive on federalism issues without a word of consultation, a new draft--agreed to by everyone after extensive meetings--is finally ready for President Clinton's signature. The proposed executive order says federal regulations may preempt state and local laws and rules only when Congress expressly dictates they do so or gives the executive agency clear authority to supersede state and local government. It specifies that where state rules directly conflict with federal law, the latter shall be supreme. The order also would give the Office of Management and Budget authority to enforce it by rejecting major proposed regulations that lack a federalism "impact statement" or have been written without consultation with state and local officials. The executive order also would make it easier for state and local governments to get waivers from federal rules and requires federal officials to defer to states whenever possible as they weigh setting national standards. ..." 8/5/99 Executive Order Federalism 12612, 12875, 13083 13095 Revoked "...Sec. 4. Special Requirements for Preemption. Agencies, in taking action that preempts State law, shall act in strict accordance with governing law. (a) Agencies shall construe, in regulations and otherwise, a Federal statute to preempt State law only where the statute contains an express preemption provision or there is some other clear evidence that the Congress intended preemption of State law, or where the exercise of State authority conflicts with the exercise of Federal authority under the Federal statute. (b) Where a Federal statute does not preempt State law (as addressed in subsection (a) of this section), agencies shall construe any authorization in the statute for the issuance of regulations as authorizing preemption of State law by rulemaking only when the exercise of State authority directly conflicts with the exercise of Federal authority under the Federal statute or there is clear evidence to conclude that the Congress intended the agency to have the authority to preempt State law. (c) Any regulatory preemption of State law shall be restricted to the minimum level necessary to achieve the objectives of the statute pursuant to which the regulations are promulgated. (d) When an agency foresees the possibility of a conflict between State law and Federally protected interests within its area of regulatory responsibility, the agency shall consult, to the extent practicable, with appropriate State and local officials in an effort to avoid such a conflict. (e) When an agency proposes to act through adjudication or rulemaking to preempt State law, the agency shall provide all affected State and local officials notice and an opportunity for appropriate participation in the proceedings...."

Associated Press 8/8/99 Anne Gearan "...The Clinton administration, dismayed by the success of anti-American propaganda worldwide, is striking back with an information offensive of its own: a State Department unit that will control the flow of government news overseas, especially during crises. The new International Public Information group, or IPI, will coordinate the dissemination of news from the State Department, Pentagon and other U.S. agencies.....In the recent Kosovo war, the Pentagon, State Department and White House poured out information each day but no single agency tried to assemble it so that the United States spoke with a coordinated message overseas. The group came about partly in response to the spread of unflattering or erroneous information about the United States received abroad via electronic mail, the Internet, cellular telephones and other communications advances. ...President Clinton signed a directive April 30, in the thick of the Kosovo war, that set out plans for IPI, although the White House did not formally announce the group's existence or role. An unclassified mission statement obtained by The Associated Press described IPI's role: ``Effective use of our nation's highly developed communications and information capabilities to address misinformation and incitement, mitigate inter-ethnic conflict, promote independent media organizations and the free flow of information, and support democratic participation will advance our interests and is a critical foreign policy objective,'' the document said...." 8/9/99 Joseph Farah "....Well, it was a long time coming, but Bill Clinton has finally made his move on the Internet. Late last week, when reporters and members of Congress were going home for the weekend, he issued one of his now-famous executive orders -- this one on "Internet conduct." Like almost all such orders, it will sound quite innocuous on a quick first read. But these guys in the Clinton administration are clever. This action sets up a working group of top U.S. officials to study the whole concept of policing the Internet. No, Clinton doesn't use that word, but that's clearly the intent of this order -- the establishment of a national Internet police force..... Let me repeat that last purpose behind this working group and this executive order in the actual language used by Clinton: "The extent to which new technology tools, capabilities, or legal authorities may be required for effective investigation and prosecution of unlawful conduct that involves the use of the Internet." ...."

8/7/99 Text of Clinton Executive Order on Internet Conduct U.S. Newswire "...(a) There is hereby established a working group to address unlawful conduct that involves the use of the Internet ("Working Group"). The purpose of the Working Group shall be to prepare a report and recommendations concerning: (1) The extent to which existing Federal laws provide a sufficient basis for effective investigation and prosecution of unlawful conduct that involves the use of the Internet, such as the illegal sale of guns, explosives, controlled substances, and prescription drugs, as well as fraud and child pornography. (2) The extent to which new technology tools, capabilities, or legal authorities may be required for effective investigation and prosecution of unlawful conduct that involves the use of the Internet; and (3) The potential for new or existing tools and capabilities to educate and empower parents, teachers, and others to prevent or to minimize the risks from unlawful conduct that involves the use of the Internet. (b) The Working Group shall undertake this review in the context of current Administration Internet policy, which includes support for industry self-regulation where possible, technology-neutral laws and regulations, and an appreciation of the Internet as an important medium both domestically and internationally for commerce and free speech...."

The Washington Times 8/9/99 Zhengyuan Fu "...President Clinton has renominated Bill Lann Lee as head of the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department and pressured the Senate to confirm his nomination. In 1997, the Senate refused to confirm the appointment of Bill Lann Lee because of his support of racial preference policies. But Mr. Clinton installed Mr. Lee on an acting basis. Since then, Bill Lann Lee has been holding illegally the post for more than 18 months in blatant violation of federal law that limits the tenure of acting officials to 120 days. One of the purposes of Mr. Clinton's nomination of Bill Lann Lee is to portray his opponents as bigoted against racial minorities of Asian descent. Another purpose is to portray himself as a supporter of the Asian-American community. In reality, as the former director of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund's Western office, Bill Lann Lee is renowned for his support of the racial preference programs that openly discriminate against Asian-Americans and violate the fundamental principle of equal treatment under the Constitution. Under the pressure of Bill Lann Lee's former organization, the NAACP, the San Francisco Unified School District imposed different standards of admission based on race and outright racial quotas, which brazenly discriminated against Asians in general and Chinese in particular...."

Colorado Springs Gazette 8/9/99 "....One of the seldom publicized ways the power of the central government has grown in recent decades has been through the use of presidential executive orders. It didn't start with the Clinton administration, of course; Franklin D. Roosevelt issued 3,522 executive orders and Woodrow Wilson issued 1,803, to some 300 by Bill Clinton. But the current White House occupant, arguably, has refined to a high art the use of executive orders to put in place policies that Congress has not approved and probably never would. Rep. Ron Paul, a Texas Republican, and Washington state Republican Rep. Jack Metcalf, have introduced H.R. 2655, which would curb the power of this or any president to issue executive orders whose scope and subject matter are not specifically authorized by the constitution or by a law passed by Congress..... President Clinton has declared 14 states of national emergency (Bush declared five and Reagan six) including one in early July based on the putative terrorist threat from Afghanistan's government and an earlier one based on oppression in Burma. All these "national emergencies" give the government the power to bypass normal legislative procedures and all are still in effect. PAUL'S BILL RECOGNIZES that some executive orders might be necessary to "faithfully execute" the laws passed by Congress, but would limit their scope to that purpose. It would rescind all existing national emergencies and lay out new ground rules for future executive orders. Presidential orders to implement unratified treaties would be illegal. It would require executive orders to declare which provision of the Constitution or statutory law authorizes the order and make it clear that an executive order is not the same as a law, but that even a valid order is "limited in its application and effect to the executive branch." Perhaps most important, it would create standing for members of Congress, state officials and private citizens to challenge executive orders they believe go beyond constitutional bounds. ..."

Proceedings 8/99 Lieutenant Commander Carl L. Olson, U.S. Navy (Retired), Mark J. Seidenberg, and Commander Robert W. "…If a contest were held for the largest U.S. foreign-aid program in history, the winner by far would be the pending de facto abandonment of eight strategic Alaskan islands--and their vast resource-rich seabeds--to the Russians. This is being accomplished under the rubric of creating a "maritime boundary" in the ocean between Alaska and Siberia. The land area of the eight islands themselves is considerable, equaling more than Rhode Island and Delaware combined. Much more vast are the surrounding hundreds of thousands of square miles of seabeds with their billions of dollars in oil, gas, fishery, and other resources--all pending transfer to the Russian government. The militarily strategic location around Siberia has further crucial significance now that Congress and the President are getting serious again about the strategic defense initiative oriented toward China, Russia, and North Korea. The area also comprises vital patrol areas used both for Russian and U.S. under-ice operations for ballistic-missile and attack submarines. Under current law, the U.S. Department of State has been able to adopt this concessionary policy on its own initiative. No approval from or consultation with Congress was needed, much less input from the State of Alaska or the public in general…. The key problem now is that the State Department drew a line that places the Alaskan islands of Wrangell, Herald, Bennett, Jeannette, and Henrietta in the Arctic Ocean, and Copper Island, Sea Otter Rock, and Sea Lion Rock at the western end of the Aleutians, on the Russian side. By doing so, the United States abandons these islands, de facto, plus the hundreds of thousands of square miles of seabeds that bound them. The status of the maritime boundary agreement is still tentative. It is not a treaty, but an executive agreement. And it can be amended or abrogated by the State Department as easily as it was adopted. …." 8/25/99 Andrew and Berit Kjos "…President Clinton's latest Executive Order on Federalism tips the original balance between state and national governments in his favor. His clever wording and occasional confirmations of the old Constitutional views may silence critics for a moment. But don't be deceived. His veiled language hides misleading assertions that replace the wise caution of our founders with the seditious plans of our power-hungry president. Much of Executive Order 13132 is simply a clever rewrite of President Reagan's 1987 Executive Order 12612, also titled Federalism. It was revoked by President Clinton for an obvious reason: Reagan generally affirmed our founders' wise intentions. Clinton alters the basic principles of federalism and paves the way for a new kind of government. It's no secret that Clinton, like England's Prime Minister Tony Blair and other European leaders, envisions a Third Way …of governing people and land in the 21st Century. To finish what he has effectively begun, he cannot be encumbered by the traditional balance between state and national powers. So he rewrites the rules, paving the way to a global management system that would rule by - national-and-international standards federal regulations (based on UN guidelines for sustainable development) consultation or facilitated dialogue and an illusion of consensus No wonder the word "standards" is mentioned six times, "national standards" are mentioned three times, and "consult" or "consultation" occur 11 times. Like "partnerships" and "consensus," these words are vital to the new management system. When the "consultation" is driven by a federal agenda, the consensus process will surely be ruled by the stronger member of the new State-Nation partnership. When the latter partner also wields the purse-strings, the true meaning of American federalism quickly fades into the mist of forgotten history…."

Washington Times 8/23/99 Frank Murray "…President Clinton is literally writing his legacy with his own pen by signing one controversial executive order after another. Making good on a vow to pick up where Congress leaves off, Mr. Clinton has posted 301 formal executive orders and generated a storm from opponents who say the orders push the limits of presidential power. The president has used that extraordinary power to revamp civil service rules for workers with psychiatric disabilities, ban discrimination against homosexuals in civilian federal jobs, halt dealings with federal contractors who use products made by foreign child labor, declassify vast stacks of old files, change contracting practices to give Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders a bidding edge, revise food labeling, restrict smoking in government offices, revamp encryption export rules and intervene in a Philadelphia transit strike. "Stroke of the pen, law of the land. Kind of cool," says former Clinton adviser Paul Begala, dismissing objections of critics who despise the process as unconstitutional lawmaking, no matter which president uses it. "With a stroke of the pen, he may have done irreparable harm to individual rights and liberties," says House Majority Leader Dick Armey, Texas Republican, who accepts two premises many resist --that such orders do not require congressional approval, and that they have the force of law "President Clinton seems bent on using his powers until someone says stop," Mr. Armey said. "President Clinton is running roughshod over our Constitution." …."


New York Times 9/6/99 Stephen Labaton "….Hoping to shift political power back to the states, a broad bipartisan coalition in the Senate and House of Representatives is preparing legislation that would make it harder for Congress and the executive branch to adopt laws and rules that pre-empt the states on a wide range of issues, from drugs and the environment to health and worker safety. The legislation would provide local authorities with broad new power to go to court to challenge federal laws and regulations that fail to explicitly mention what state statutes and regulations are pre-empted. Lawmakers say the House and Senate measures follow the overall political philosophy embodied in three opinions handed down by the Supreme Court in June, on the last day of its term. The decisions imposed sharp new curbs on the ability of Congress to make federal law binding on the states….."

Washington Times 8/31/99 Balint Vazsonyi "…A review of executive orders currently in force cannot fail to alarm the most placid and trusting soul among us. "They include," writes Mr. Murray, "vast powers to seize property, commodities, fuel and minerals; organize and control the means of production, including compulsory job assignments for civilians; assign military forces abroad; institute martial law and force civilian relocation; seize and control all forms of transportation and restrict travel; seize communications and health facilities; regulate operation of private enterprise; require national registration through the postal service, or otherwise control citizens' lives." True - many of these were first issued by others and only confirmed, renewed and consolidated by Mr. Clinton. But the end result is that, for all practical intents and purposes, Mr. Clinton can declare himself dictator of America with yet another stroke of the pen. He can choose to do so at, say, 3:00 a.m. so that we wake up to a country of which we are no longer citizens, but prisoners. The reality, of course, is that no sane person would have thought past presidents - such as Carter, Reagan or Bush - capable of imposing their personal rule upon the United States of America. But it is also a reality that no sane person could think Mr. and Mrs. Clinton incapable of imposing their personal rule upon the United States of America. No one before presumed to say that the American people cannot be trusted to make proper use of the money they had earned. No one before has placed an ever-growing circle of fortifications between the People and the People's House. No one before has populated an entire administration with purely political appointees…… The result is a commissar mentality, making its way throughout society. We find it already in our schools, we find it in "human resource" departments, we find it at airline counters. Forty years ago, when I arrived in this country, no one had even heard of a driver's license with a photograph and persons in the service industry were, well, of service. Today, baggage handlers have been given federal authority to demand - government-issued - identification. "Security" personnel standing around metal detectors, scarcely able to speak three words in English, have the power to arrest you…… All of the above is happening because we are letting it happen. Congress lets it happen. The courts let it happen. The Founders knew better….."


Bob Barr 9/17/99 "....In May 1998 President Clinton, while in Britain visiting Prime Minister Tony Blair, signed Executive Order 13803. This Executive Order would have provided justification for any federal agency to supersede federal or state responsibilities with virtually no limitations. Later in 1998, we were successful in having this E.O. rescinded; however on August 5, 1999, President Clinton reissued the Federalism Executive Order, now numbered E.O. 13132. While making cosmetic changes to address some of the concerns of state and local governments, the basic power grab contained in the previous E.O. remains. In other words, E.O. 13132 is every bit as bad as E.O. 13083. We were able to get rid of E.O. 13083 only because of the overwhelming numbers of e-mails, letters and calls from concerned citizens and organizations. I am introducing legislation the week of September 7, 1999 to block E.O. 13132 legislatively, before it becomes effective November 1, 1999; however without constant and strong public involvement, we will not succeed....."

Associated Press; FOX 9/24/99 Matt Kelley "…Over White House objections, the House voted overwhelmingly Friday for a measure encouraging presidents to consult with local officials before creating new national monuments. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, is the latest congressional fallout from President Clinton's 1996 creation of the 1.7 million-acre Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in southern Utah. Hansen and other Utah officials were angered that Clinton did not consult them beforehand. The House voted 408-2 for the bill, which says the president should consult with local residents and notify the state's governor and congressional delegation 60 days before declaring a new national monument — a designation that puts restrictions on an area akin to those in a national park. That notice and consultation could be bypassed, however, if it was not "consistent with the protection'' of the proposed monument. …Many Western Republicans say they are nervous about proposals for several possible national monuments, saying they could hamper mining, grazing and logging and bring more tourists to remote areas. Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt has said he has a "no surprises'' policy about new national monuments, but also said he would recommend that Clinton create a monument if an area needed protection and Congress refused to act……"

Las Vegas Review-Journal 9/26/99 "…..It's no secret the federal government is trying to block public access to most of the desert West. It wasn't enough to create huge new national preserves which the cash-strapped Parks Service says are too large to manage. No, recent decades have also witnessed federal officials sinking posts or digging enormous tank traps to block access to roads where in decades past Boy Scouts could camp, folks could drive off-road vehicles, or citizens could engage in such now-demonized activities as hunting, rock collecting and target shooting. In the national forests, the Forest Service has even announced a program to eliminate "ghost roads" -- obliterating old trails, the better to declare vast parcels off limits. But never depend on federal regulators to be straightforward about such goals, or to attack only from the front. Instead, this time we must look to the threat of extortion by the Environmental Protection Agency, should Clark County fail to meet ever-stricter air quality standards by the year 2006. ….."

The Dave Bossie Investigative Report-Special Report 10/4/99 Freeper jedediah smith ".... Nobody in American history has treated the law as his own property the way Bill Clinton has. Many observers, going back to Arkansas, have noticed his dictatorial frame of mind. He simply ignores the law or gives orders. His issuance of Executive Orders to make his own rules is legendary; he has written thousands of them, each at least temporarily with the force of law. But under our system, Congress is supposed to make the laws and the President is charged merely to execute them, not write new ones....."

Washington Post 10/5/99 Stephen Barr John Harris "....President Clinton will soon urge the Cabinet to comply with an often-ignored executive order designed to increase union participation in federal workplace decisions, administration officials said yesterday. The White House plans to require federal agencies to file progress reports with the Office of Management and Budget on steps they are taking to improve their labor-management relations...."

WorldNetDaily 10/7/99 David Bresnahan "....President Bill Clinton has gone too far, according to one senator. He writes law whenever he wants, circumventing Congress in the process. In a personal interview with WorldNetDaily, Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, expressed his belief that the extensive number of executive orders issued by President Clinton are unconstitutional. Although he agreed that many presidents have issued a large number of executive orders, Sen. Hatch complained that the ones issued by President Clinton create law, while circumventing the legislative process. He said a legal challenge should be made to stop the practice and reverse some of the orders. "Well, a huge number of his executive orders are excessive and unwise," Sen. Hatch explained to WorldNetDaily. "Under the Constitution, the president has the right to issue executive orders, but they have to be tested in court if you want to prove that they are excessive or unwise. You know, Reagan issued a lot of executive orders too, but they were not like these. In other words, they didn't make laws all the time. I think many of his (Clinton's) could be found unconstitutional," said Hatch, himself a presidential candidate. "Stroke of the pen. Law of the land. Kind of cool," was the statement made by White House communications counsel Paul Begala in July 1998. He was talking about the ease with which President Clinton was able to create law virtually unchallenged using executive orders and presidential directives....."

10/7/99 AP "...President Clinton signed an executive order today increasing penalties for hate crimes and making other changes in the military justice code. The new rules ``make a number of desirable changes to modernize the rules of evidence that apply to court-martial proceedings and to take into account recent court decisions,'' Clinton said in a statement. The order allows a sentencing authority to hear evidence that a violent crime was based on hate, motivated by matters such as the victim's race, color or sexual orientation......"

AP via 10/12/99 H Josef Hebert "....Seeking to leave a lasting environmental legacy, President Clinton will designate as much as two-thirds of America's remaining road-free federal forests as permanently off-limits to logging, mining and other development. The plan, already under attack from Western Republican lawmakers, is expected to be crafted in a way to make it difficult for a future president to reverse, sources who have followed the issue said Tuesday. Clinton was to travel to the George Washington National Forest in Virginia on Wednesday to announce the executive order, which will direct development of a regulation to protect as much as 40 million acres of government-owned forest, most of it in the Western states. Currently only about 18 percent of the 192 million acres of federal forest is protected as wilderness. About 60 million acres are without roads, or sign of commercial or -- in many cases -- even recreational activity. Clinton's directive was expected to cover isolated forest areas of 5,000 acres or more. ....." 10/13/99 "....Today, in a visit to the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests in Virginia, President Clinton will launch a sweeping effort to preserve millions of pristine acres within America?s national forests. A new rule to be proposed by the U.S. Forest Service would prohibit road building in more than 40 million acres of "roadless" area, from the Appalachian Mountains to the Rockies to the Sierra Nevada. In addition, the President will call on Congress to fully fund his environmental budget priorities - including his Lands Legacy initiative, which would provide $1 billion to protect other precious lands - and to pass budget bills free of anti-environmental riders, or he will veto the bill......"

AP 10/13/99 Anne Gearan "....President Clinton hopes to preserve as many as 40 million acres of federally owned forest - an area the size of Virginia and West Virginia combined - as roadless areas protected from development. The president was traveling to the George Washington National Forest today to announce details of the preservation plan, which is already under attack from Western Republican lawmakers. The White House hopes the forest plan will afford Clinton a permanent environmental legacy. Earlier this year, Clinton proposed a $1 billion ``land legacy'' initiative to purchase open spaces, but that has been largely thwarted by Republicans in Congress, who refused to fund it. The forest protection plan would require no congressional action, relying on regulations to be issued by the U.S. Forest Service after a detailed environmental review and public comments, said government sources, speaking on condition of not being further identified. .....Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, accused Clinton of ``an agenda against public use'' contrary to Congress' intended policy of multiple use of federal lands. ``It's very extremist,'' said Henson Moore, president of the American Forest and Paper Association....."

Ft Worth Star-Telegram/AP 10/14/99 ".....With the Shenandoah Valley's first tinges of fall color for a backdrop, President Clinton said yesterday that his sweeping plan to place 45 million acres of federal forestland off-limits to development woould not harm the timber industry. The remote, largely pristine parcels of land Clinton wants to preserve represent a mere fraction of federally owned forest, he said. Vast reaches of other federal timberland are already available for logging and other development, he said. "It is very important to point out that we are not trying to turn our national forests into museums," Clinton said as he detailed a plan environmentalists call progressive and the timver industry has called reckless. His program would prevent or restrict road-building through the larger sections of currently roadless federal forest, most of it in the West and 98,894 acres in Texas......"


Las Vegas Sun/AP 10/17/99 ".....The United States will continue to honor a nuclear test ban treaty despite its rejection by the Republican-controlled Senate, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said Sunday. A leader of anti-treaty senators warned the administration that if President Clinton again tries to have the Senate ratify the treaty, "It will be defeated." ....... John Podesta, the White House chief of staff, said, "The treaty remains before the Senate." The administration, he said on ABC's "This Week," will "continue to press the Senate to consider it and to respond to the arguments that have been made." Two leaders of the treaty opponents, Sens. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., and James Inhofe, R-Okla., gave no indication such an appeal might succeed. ....." 10/18/99 J R Nyquist ".... The president further stated, "We will not abandon our commitment to the treaty." In other words, he will enforce the treaty whether the Senate likes it or not. It was an odd performance for a U.S. president to suggest that our nuclear arsenal is a serious threat to peace. Every U.S. president, from Harry S. Truman to George Bush has publicly stated that America should be second to none in nuclear power.....

Chicago Sun-Times 10/18/99 Robert Novak ".....Clinton's grand design for the federal government to compete with the private sector is flourishing. He has outmaneuvered Congress during five years of GOP control through executive orders and defiance of the law. No skirmish in this war gets less attention and deserves more scrutiny than the college loan fight. The direct loan program, a favorite Clinton expansion of government promised in his 1992 campaign, is less efficient than what private competitors offer. So Riley bombarded Congress in 1998 with calls to lower the government loan rate to 3 percent, one percentage point below private lenders. But when Congress would not agree, the Clinton administration lowered the rate anyway. The House Education and Workforce Committee sought expert, nonpartisan opinion and got it May 13 from Kimberly Jones of the Congressional Research Service. "Congress was clear and explicit" in setting the fee at 4 percent, she wrote, adding: "The `shall' is interpreted to be mandatory and not permissive. . . . The secretary has been given express and unambiguous direction from Congress." Thus, "shall" means "shall." On June 16, Education Department general counsel Judith A. Winston sent Riley a memo: "A decision to treat the word `shall' . . . as mandatory would frustrate the statutory purpose" of the direct loan program passed by the last Democratic Congress. Thus, "shall" does not mean "shall." That same day, the Education Department announced the new 3 percent rate, predicting that "more than 2 million students will be eligible to save an average of $631 on their student loans." ...."

Dallas Morning News 10/18/99 Richard Estrada ".....Maintaining, and in some cases regaining, control of the Mexican border is a never-ending proposition. But it's a sign of the Clinton administration's gelatinous posture on issues tied to American nationhood that it has now decided to address the situation by - what else? - moving the border northward. Not literally, of course. One can be reasonably confident that ceding a portion of U.S. territory back to Mexico without the consent of Congress would not pass the smell test even among White House advisers....... fears have apparently been insufficient to keep the administration from allowing the Immigration and Naturalization Service to decide on a course of action that may undermine territorial sovereignty, albeit subtly. That agency has now scheduled Dec. 1 as the starting date for a pilot project that is raising eyebrows among veteran observers of the U.S.-Mexico border: On that day, Mexicans without visas who cross the border with special temporary permits at Nogales, Ariz., will have the right to travel 65 miles into the interior, as opposed to the traditional limit of 25 miles..... At issue is a document known as the border crossing card. Colloquially known on both sides of the border as a "mica," the card is eagerly sought after by Mexicans, and worshipped by chambers of commerce in places like Brownsville, McAllen, Laredo, Eagle Pass, El Paso, Nogales and San Diego....."

Associated Press 10/18/99 Barry Schweid ".....Two stunning setbacks by Congress will not deter President Clinton from asserting U.S. leadership in the world with ambitious foreign policy goals in the last year of his term, Sandy Berger, his national security adviser, said Monday. Denouncing Congress as miserly for cutting nearly $2 billion from the foreign aid bill and for killing the global test ban treaty, Berger pledged: "We will not turn our backs on the world.'' In an interview with The Associated Press, Berger said the $12.6 billion in foreign aid voted by Congress in a bill Clinton vetoed Monday was "inadequate for the U.S. to lead the world.'' ...... "

The Limbaugh Letter 10/99 Rush Limbaugh ".....This President considers the Constitution to be an inconvenience: His oath of office, sworn to twice, consists of meaningless words. Political speech, protected under the First Amendment, is to be subjugated to "campaign finance reform" schemes. The right to bear arms, protected under the Second Amendment, is attacked daily as dangerous. Millions of acres of private property, protected under the Fifth Amendment, is confiscated without just compensation, in the name of parks, wilderness, environment, endangered species, and monuments. Finally, what the President cannot achieve legislatively, he attempts to achieve via fiat. By order. Executive order....."

Washington Post 10/20/99 "....Following reports of espionage at the department's nuclear labs, Congress imposed a reorganization of its institutions that will supposedly improve accountability. President Clinton disliked this reform, but this month he signed it into law because it came to him bundled together with popular military pay increases. Having accepted the reorganization, however, the president announced that he would obey its letter but not its spirit ...... By signing a law and simultaneously threatening to ignore its intent, Mr. Clinton has in effect awarded himself a line-item veto more far-reaching even than the one that the Supreme Court recently deemed unconstitutional......"

Conservative News Service 10/29/99 Ben Anderson "....Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt is under fire from a Member of the House Resources Committee for his refusal to provide information regarding the administration's plans to consider certain federal, state and private lands for national monument designation. .....During a meeting on Tuesday of the House Resources' subcommittee on National Parks and Public Lands, Shadegg asked Babbit for a list of sites the Clinton Administration is currently considering for designation as national monuments, a classification which gives special environmental protections to the property involved. "No," Babbit responded....... Shadegg said Babbitt's "arrogant refusal to communicate" is one of the reasons some Members are introducing legislation to keep "presidential powers in check." "He did not refuse. He said there is no list," Babbitt's spokesman Tim Ahern told Resources Committee spokesman Steve Hansen responded, "We're not asking for 'the list.' We're asking for 'a list.'".....One committee source said Members on both sides are becoming increasingly irritated by Babbitt's lack of cooperation on a number of fronts. In 1996, when Clinton designated the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah, the Administration did so without consulting the either the Utah congressional delegation or the U.S. Congress, according to Shadegg's office. "The president even denied his intention to declare the area as a national monument in a conversation the night before with the Governor of Utah," Shadegg's press release read....."

FOX/AP 10/20/99 Shannon McCaffrey "....President Clinton's clemency offer to 16 Puerto Rican nationalists helped heighten the threat of terrorism from militant groups seeking independence for the island, the Justice Department said in a report made public Wednesday. The report, presented at a hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee on the clemency offer, said Puerto Rican separatist groups pose an "ongoing threat'' to national security. "Factors which increase the present threat from these groups include renewed activity by a small minority advocating Puerto Rican statehood, the 100-year anniversary of the U.S. presence in Puerto Rico and the impending release from prisons of members of these groups jailed for prior violence,'' said the report....."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10/21/99 Deirdre Shesgreen "....Black lawmakers called on President Bill Clinton to use his recess appointment powers to bypass the Senate and put minority and women judicial candidates on the federal bench. Legislators unveiled the unusual strategy during a rally on Thursday, organized by Washington-area African-American lawyers and law students to protest the Senate's rejection of Ronnie White's nomination to the federal bench in St. Louis.....The president can appoint judges and other officials to posts when the Senate is in recess - although the power is not invoked often and was never intended to allow the president to bypass the Senate confirmation process....." 10/22/99 Ben Anderson ".....In the wake of President Bill Clinton's numerous executive orders, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) has introduced legislation to preserve the separation of powers between Congress and the presidency. The Separation of Powers Restoration Act would allow for lawsuits against the president and administration for orders believed to violate or harm individual rights. It also voids many of the "national emergencies" which have been on the books since the 1970s and re-delegates "national emergency" authorization powers solely to Congress. The legislation will get its first public hearing before the House Judiciary Committee next Thursday....." 10/22/99 Ben Anderson ".....In the wake of President Bill Clinton's numerous executive orders, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) has introduced legislation to preserve the separation of powers between Congress and the presidency. The Separation of Powers Restoration Act would allow for lawsuits against the president and administration for orders believed to violate or harm individual rights. It also voids many of the "national emergencies" which have been on the books since the 1970s and re-delegates "national emergency" authorization powers solely to Congress......"

Insight Magazine 10/22/99 Timothy Maier ".....Executive Order 13139 is requiring military personnel to receive experimental vaccines not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Courts-martial are pending. . . . . EO13139, titled "Improving Health Protection of Military Personnel Participating in Particular Military Operations," caught Congress off guard as it directed the Pentagon to disregard the authority of the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA. The order authorized use of experimental vaccines -- those not approved by the FDA and therefore illegal -- to be administered to members of the armed forces without informed consent.. . . . Some congressmen saw this as an attack by the president on the House Government Reform subcommittee on National Security, Veterans Affairs and International Relations, where testimony indicated the Pentagon had violated the FDA's procedures on how to administer the anthrax vaccine. Those hearings -- as well as others held by the full House Committee on Government Reform -- had put the FDA on the spot for letting the Pentagon disregard sensible FDA regulations...."

U.S. News And World Report 11/1/99 Paul Bedard "..... White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, frustrated with the balky Republican Congress, thinks it's time for President Clinton to show who's boss. How? Clinton plans a series of executive orders and changes to federal rules that he can sign into law without first getting the OK from GOP naysayers. Since it's Podesta's idea, aides have dubbed it "Project Podesta." The namesake told our Kenneth T. Walsh: "There's a pretty wide sweep of things we're looking to do, and we're going to be very aggressive in pursuing it." Up first: new rules to protect medical privacy and health-care records and providing paid leave to parents to take care of their newborns....." 10/22/99 Alan Caruba "….President Clinton's announcement that he intends to lock up 40 million acres of wilderness in 35 States is the implementation of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and Vice President Gore's "Ecosystem Management Policy." The US Senate has voted to withdraw from the UN Convention. Clinton's action is in direct violation of the Constitution and the will of Congress going back to 1778. The Homestead Act of 1866 reaffirmed, "The right-of-way for the construction of highways over public lands not reserved for public uses, is hereby granted." The Constitution directs Congress, not the Executive, to manage federal lands. Under the Clinton-Gore plan, no wilderness roads could be created and public access to this vast area would be further restricted. Regrettably, the editorial writer in the Oct 18th New York Times who lauded Clinton was unaware of this Constitutional responsibility, saying, "The tactical genius of the plan is that it can be done administratively, under the National Forest Management Act, circumventing a potentially hostile Congress." One wonders when liberal newspapers like the Times will ever wake up to the fact that Clinton is a pathological liar……"

Yahoo News 10/22/99 Bart Jansen "…..Congressional critics of U.S. participation in NATO military strikes against Yugoslavia asked a federal appeals court today to revive a lawsuit challenging President Clinton's authority to order the bombing. The 31 lawmakers participating in the case argued that Clinton violated the 1973 War Powers Act when he authorized U.S. involvement in NATO airstrikes…… But a judge threw out the case in June without addressing the merits of the case. U.S. District Court Judge Paul Friedman said the lawmakers lacked the standing to sue because they failed to show a genuine impasse between the president and Congress in the matter. Lawmakers led by Rep. Tom Campbell, R-Calif., asked a three-judge panel of the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to reverse Friedman's decision….."

BBC 10/25/99 Professor Philip Stott University of London ".....During the next few days, our media will suffer a collective bout of hypochondria over global warming and the future of the Earth. Why? A cynic might say it is all the aircraft fuel burnt to carry the hundreds of delegates and journalists to Bonn, Germany, for the Fifth Session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). But even this would be to accept the ecohype of the global warmers. Why are we so surprised that climate is changing? Climate always changes. It would be newsworthy if climate stopped changing....... During the last 18,000 years there have been both gradual and abrupt changes, some much larger than any we are currently experiencing. And what is the consensus about the present changes? A rise of between 0.3 and 0.6 degrees Centigrade during the last 150 years, although there has been cooling as well during this period. Some measures, such as those from corrected satellite readings, still indicate overall cooling. So why are we so desperate to criminalise human beings for this change? No single factor can account for climate variability.....The idea that climate change is brought about by just one or two factors, such as carbon dioxide emissions, is simply nonsense. We must grasp the fact that curbing human-induced greenhouse gases will not halt climate change. That is the biggest myth of them all. My advice is therefore to ignore the hype. It will only make you unnecessarily anxious. Let them play with their inadequate climate models and come up with scenarios, the worse the better....."

AP, St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10/25/99 Jennifer Loven ".....Slinging accusations of racism, the Congressional Black Caucus on Monday urged President Clinton to bypass Senate confirmation of former Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun as New Zealand ambassador and use a politically risky maneuver to install her in the post himself. The congressmen, joining other black leaders and Senate Democrats, are seeking to link Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jesse Helms' threat to block Moseley-Braun's nomination with what they view as unusual delays in the nominations of several minorities....."

Washington Times 11/2/99 Bill Gertz "...Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright has written foreign governments to say the United States is legally bound to observe the nuclear test-ban treaty, despite the Senate's rejection of the pact. In a letter to selected foreign officials, Mrs. Albright said the Clinton administration does not regard the Senate's refusal to approve the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty as the death of the pact, despite the convincing vote against ratification..... The secretary's letter was the administration's formal diplomatic notice that it will abide by the unratified test-ban treaty, a position made clear by President Clinton a day after the Senate's historic treaty vote. Mr. Clinton told reporters, "We will not abandon the commitment inherent in the treaty and resume testing ourselves." ...."Despite this setback, I want to assure you that the United States will continue to act in accordance with its obligations as a signatory under international law, and will seek reconsideration of the treaty at a later date when conditions are better suited for ratification," Mrs. Albright stated.....The administration believes it is still bound to legally abide by the test-ban treaty because it has not given up on ratification in the future, Mr. Rubin said in an interview. "We believe that so long as the president, in this case President Clinton, expresses his intention to seek advice and consent pending whatever time frame he chooses, customary international law applies," Mr. Rubin said......Asked about Mrs. Albright's reference in the letter to "international law," Mr. Rubin said, "other countries actually care about international law, even if some in the United States don't." ...."

Washington Times 11/2/99 Bill Gertz "...Several Republican Senate aides said they were upset by Mrs. Albright's refusal to accept that the test-ban treaty was defeated. "The president is not Louis XIV," said one aide. "He cannot declare that he is the state. The Senate has made clear by its vote that the United States intends not to be a party to the [test-ban] treaty." Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jesse Helms, North Carolina Republican, is expected to discuss the Albright letter during a hearing today. Mr. Helms was one of the Senate's most outspoken opponents of the test-ban accord...... Mr. Clinton and Mrs. Albright might have argued that the treaty could be continued under the president's executive powers under the Constitution, Mr. Bolton said. "What is striking is that they are not asserting that but the airy fairy notion of international law," Mr. Bolton said. "If I were in the Senate, I would be treating this as an affront." ...."

San Antonio Express-News 10/31/99 "….Since January 1998, while many Americans were preoccupied with President Clinton's soirée into adultery, he has ordered U.S. forces to attack sites in Sudan and Afghanistan, extended the stay of U.S. troops in Bosnia and led the U.S.-NATO offensive in Yugoslavia. While many wondered "did he or didn't he?", violation of the War Powers Act wasn't the object of the question. It should have been. A more worthy question: Did the president, without congressional approval, send U.S. troops into battle? Such approval is required by the War Powers Act, but such approval is not always easy and is never quick……"

Planet Goldberg 11/1/99 Lewis Goldberg "….On October 26, 1987 President Ronald Reagan issued Executive Order 12612, entitled "Federalism." As stated in the preable, its purpose was to "restore the division of governmental responsibilities between the national government and the States that was intended by the Framers of the Constitution and to insure the princilples of federalism established by the Framers guide the Executive departments and agencies in the formulation and implementation of policies..."…On May 14, 1998, Bill Clinton issued Executive Order 13083, also entitled "Federalism." When you start to read the Clinton revision, you get deja vu, because he borrowed the text of Pres. Reagan's EO and just changed the parts he didn't like. If 12612 was so perfect, then why did Clinton change it? The answer to that will be evident when we compare the two. In fact, the differences were so patently treasonous that public outcry forced Congress to take notice, and pressure Clinton to withdraw 13083. On August 5, 1999, Clinton released Executive Order 13132 to replace the controversial 13083. I think the latest version is still treasonous, but with sweeter language. Now, let's compare 12612 to 13083... "

House Judiciary Committee 10/27/99 Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell "…. Legislative hearing on H.R. 1924, the "Federal Agency Compliance Act" ….. Mr. Chairman: Thank you for conducting a hearing on this important issue and for inviting me to make a statement before this Committee. During the last Congress, I introduced the Federal Agency Compliance Act, S. 1166 which was a companion bill to the House version, H.R. 1544, introduced by Congressman Gekas. Unfortunately, we ran out of time in the 105th Congress so this bill didn't reach the Senate floor for a vote. In April of this year, I introduced another version, S. 932, the Federal Bureaucracy Accountability Act of 1999, because I believe this situation still requires our attention. That is why I am here today to speak on this issue.Mr. Chairman, our country is a country of laws, but it is also a system of checks and balances. And every single person, every business entity--everyone, including Congress, is required to obey those laws. We can challenge them in court if we disagree but otherwise, we must obey the law. So we all thought….."

House Judiciary Committee 10/27/99 Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell "…. However there is a little-known, but widely used exception to this rule. It's called federal agency "non-acquiescence." Through this policy, federal agencies don't have to follow the established law. In fact, they don't even have to follow their own regulations. They just simply have to "non-acquiesce" and they can do virtually whatever they want, whenever they want. In the past ten years alone, there have been thousands of cases where an agency has refused to follow the law, costing not only the individual claimants, but all American taxpayers, hundreds of millions of dollars. And, this non-aquiesence continues to occur nearly every day. This "legislation by regulation" not only ignores the law, it removes the average person's assumption and acceptance of the democratic process and forces claimants into an expensive, bureaucratic nightmare….."

WorldNetDaily 10/29/99 Jon Dougherty "…..A professor at Texas A&M University says sometimes there is "an ethical justification" for placing American troops under the command of supranational organizations such as the United Nations. In his study, published on the United States Air Force Academy website, Dr. Manuel Davenport said "two kinds of conditions are logically possible" in considering subjecting U.S. forces to supranational authority. "First, there could be conditions such that basic American values, including survival, could not be maintained unless American forces submitted to supranational control," Davenport wrote. "Secondly, there could be conditions such that basic human values could not be maintained unless Americans were willing to submit to supranational control even at the cost of sacrificing their own national interest." …..Because improvement in the quality of life for all humans is more important than serving our selfish, national interests," he concluded, "we should not hesitate when necessary to place our forces under supranational control, but we should realize also that doing so cannot be an inflexible policy and that it will not always succeed." His findings come at a time when President Bill Clinton's earlier directives and executive orders regarding command and control of U.S. troops are coming under fire. Some of the president's orders allegedly have already provided the impetus for placing U.S. troops under the control of foreign commanders, and some U.S. lawmakers are uncomfortable about it……"

NewsMax 10/29/99 Ollie North "…..Washington: When Bill and Hillary roared into Washington from the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas, they brought with them the generous support of the trial lawyers lobby. And since Clinton & Clinton took charge of the White House, they have shown their gratitude by launching a rash of federally-inspired lawsuits aimed at the heart of legitimate, lawful, albeit politically-incorrect, American businesses. First, it was Microsoft, then "Big Tobacco." Now, it's the firearms industry. If the Lawyer-in-chief can't get what he wants through regulation, he tries legislation. When legislation fails, he turns the matter over to his cronies at the bar for litigation. The result is a Constitutionally contorted form of legal mayhem in which the executive branch uses the judicial branch to alter laws that were never passed by the legislative Branch……"

Ron Paul 10/26/99 "….Do you want our military to be moved under the United Nations' command without congressional approval? Do you know that a change in policy now requires our military to absorb a nuclear first strike and only retaliate afterward? Representative Jack Metcalf served in the U.S. Army, and I was an Air Force flight surgeon, and as members of the U.S. House of Representatives we think these are terrible policies. Unfortunately, Presidential Decision Directive 25 (PDD 25) takes the matter of U.S. troops in U.N. operations completely out of the hands of Congress. And PDD 60 replaces the proven deterrence of our launch-on-warning policy with a new policy requiring the U.S. military to take a hit the Pentagon brass will probably know is coming, retaliating afterward. PDD 25 and PDD 60 are classified and the exact texts have not been made available even when requested by members of Congress, but from the "summary" of each PDD we have been allowed to see and sources familiar with the actual documents, that is what they appear to say…… Some of us have had enough. That's why Jack Metcalf and I recently introduced H.R. 2655 in the U.S. House of Representatives. We call the bill The Separation of Powers Restoration Act, and if it passes, it will stop this president and future presidents from trying to run our country as though they had been elected king….."

House Judiciary Committee 10/28/99 Jack Metcalf "….In the legislative veto decision in 1983 (INS v. Chadha), the Supreme Court insisted that congressional power be exercised "in accord with a single, finely wrought and exhaustively considered, procedure." The Court said that the records of the Philadelphia Convention and the state ratification debates provide "unmistakable expression of a determination that legislation by the national Congress be a step-by-step, deliberate and deliberative process." If Congress is required to follow this rigorous process, how absurd it is to argue that a president can accomplish the same result by unilaterally issuing an executive order or proclamation. When President Clinton issued his executive order on striker replacements, he attempted to do what had been denied him by the regular legislative process. Fortunately, that order was struck down by the federal courts. However, this is only the second example, in the history of country, of the courts practicing judicial activism and nullifying a presidential order. More often, the courts fail to address these issues….."

House Judiciary Committee 10/28/99 Jack Metcalf "….The American Heritage Rivers Initiative -- Executive Order 13061 -- is another example of our current President's attempted takeover of the legislative powers of the Congress. The river initiative was born when President Clinton decided that he could take governing authority away from states and localities. The President's executive order required states to give up certain rivers to federal control and it is a threat to citizens' private property rights. The river initiative also gave the President the power to reprogram government funds and spend taxpayer money for projects without Congressional approval. It is a fact that the Constitution requires Congress to first approve all revenue spending. Following an oversight hearing, the Committee on Resources issued a report which criticized Executive Order 13061 as a violation of the doctrine of separation of powers, "by completely bypassing the Congress." Failing to address this issue through the legislative process, Members of Congress turned again to the courts which dismissed the case, saying Members did not have standing to maintain their suit….."

House Judiciary Committee 10/28/99 Jack Metcalf "….In addition, when President Clinton issued his proclamation establishing a national monument in Utah, he again tried to do what he had been unable to achieve through Congress. That proclamation still stands. These types of executive orders and proclamations skirt the constitutional process, offend the values announced by the Court in the legislative veto case, and do serious damage to our commitment to representative government and the rule of law….."

House Judiciary Committee 10/38/99 Thomas B Griffith "….There is no concept more fundamental to the values protected by our constitutional system of government than the separation of powers. James Madison warned, in Federalist No. 47, that the "accumulation of all powers legislative, executive and judiciary in the same hands... may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny." Our system of "[s]eparation of powers was designed to implement a fundamental insight: concentration of power in the hands of a single branch is a threat to liberty." Clinton v. City of New York, 118 S. Ct. 2091, 2109 (1998) (Kennedy, J., concurring). For the Framers, the separation of powers provided the primary safeguard of liberty. The Framers "viewed the principle . . . as the absolutely central guarantee of a just Government." Morrison v. Olson, 487 U.S. 654, 697 (1988) (Scalia, J., dissenting)….."

10/28/99 Rep Barr "….Barr's legislation requires the President to provide Congress with copies of any executive order, and gives Congress a 30 day window within which to reject or modify the proposal. The measure includes specific exemptions for orders that deal with legitimate emergencies. "In recent decades, presidents have repeatedly used executive orders to create policy, and thereby circumvent the powers of Congress. For example, President Clinton has issued more than 275 separate executive orders since coming into office. Many of these orders clearly bypass the legislative branch of our government, and create policy for the United States. In doing so, they violate the principle of separation of powers, which was intended by the Founding Fathers to be America's first and best defense against tyranny," said Barr…."

Cato 10/27/99 "….TESTIMONY of William J. Olson ….. From the standpoint of my participation, the timing of your hearing is providential, in that many months ago I was asked to undertake a study of this very subject by Roger Pilon, director of the Cato Institute's Center for Constitutional Studies. …..On January 30, 1788, in Federalist 47, James Madison observed that Montesquieu's warning - "There can be no liberty where the legislative and executive powers are united in the same person, or body of magistrates" - did not apply to our constitution because "[t]he magistrate in whom the whole executive power resides cannot of himself make a law, though he can put a negative on every law...." Despite Madison's predictions, our government quickly strayed from its principles and our chief magistrate has, in fact, again and again, legislated by fiat. In fact, in our research on presidential directives (such as executive orders and proclamations), I learned that from its beginning, American political history has been marked by efforts of many presidents to define the extent of their power and authority in ways violative of the U.S. Constitution….."

Cato 10/27/99 "….TESTIMONY of William J. Olson ….. But the Constitution anticipated that the Congress and the Court would jealously guard their prerogatives, and, setting power against power, unconstitutional excursions by the executive would be met with fierce resistance. Sadly, neither the Congress nor the Court have acted boldly in defense of the Constitution, particularly in the recent past…… Unfortunately, these 1970s efforts to impose restraints on unconstitutional exercises of power by presidents have been ineffective - witness the inability of Representatives and Senators to obtain judicial review of President Clinton's war upon the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia pursuant to the terms of the War Powers Resolution. Likewise, notwithstanding the National Emergencies Act and the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, the number of presidentially-declared national emergencies has exploded. Since then, although individual members of Congress have spoken out, the Congress has failed to act….."

WorldNetDaily 10/27/99 Sarah Foster "….Suddenly everybody is talking about executive orders: Those arcane documents President Clinton has been signing where he uses his pen to set national policy and essentially rule by fiat -- bypassing Congress and, say critics, running roughshod over our constitutional rights and freedoms. The White House doesn't deny the charge. It's proud of the strategy of going over the heads of Congress. "Stroke of the pen, law of the land, kinda cool," said former Clinton supporter Paul Begala. But now, after several years of simply complaining or looking the other way, Congress is exerting itself. Two hearings are scheduled this week, both dealing with executive orders -- a topic that hasn't been studied by that body for 20 years……"

House Rules Committee 10/27/99 "…..PURPOSE OF THE HEARING The purpose of this hearing is to review the process, guidelines and legal authorities of executive orders and assess their impact on the legislative process. Given the size and scope of the federal government, their use has at times also had significant policy implications for all citizens, raising the specter of "executive lawmaking.". ..Because there is broad discretion for the President, because the ability to issue an executive order confers enormous, unilateral power to the President, and because the federal government has grown so dramatically in recent decades - Congress has a continuing obligation to remain vigilant and ensure that its institutional prerogatives and the legislative process are not diminished or ignored. In addition, Congress has a role in making sure that there is public awareness of (to ensure accountability for) policies implemented through executive orders. This is an important area of oversight for the committees of Congress….."

The Washington Times 10/26/99 Dave Boyer "....The Democratic Congressional Black Caucus yesterday urged President Clinton to use wholesale recess appointments for more than 250 pending nominees to bypass purported racism by Senate Republicans in five cases."Those in the Senate who seek to railroad this process with a litmus test for color and race are undermining the Constitution," said Rep. James E. Clyburn, South Carolina Democrat, and chairman of the black caucus.His proposal would ram through 221 nominees for civilian posts ranging from the judiciary to the board overseeing the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, plus dozens more military appointments without further Senate action...." 10/27/99 Thomas Jipping "....As his time in office draws to a close, President Clinton more and more acts like a dictator rather than the chief executive of a republic. America's founders separated and divided government power, knowing that its concentration undermines ordered liberty. Their design separated government power into three branches. Article I of the Constitution, for example, gives all legislative power to Congress. Their design also created ways for each branch to check the power given to the others. Article I also allows the president to veto legislation, and Congress to override that veto.....Common sense says that the veto, which is president's method for checking Congress' legislative power, should not be used to highjack that legislative power altogether. Remember that the whole point of separating powers among the branches and creating these checks for balancing those powers was to prevent concentrating too much power in any one place...... He wagers that the American people will blame Congress if legislation fails, since Congress, after all, is responsible for legislation. Yet he knows that he can make legislation fail by using the veto. Ordinarily, this is not a big deal. But appropriations legislation is not ordinary legislation for two reasons. First, practically everyone in America depends on or desires some kind of government largesse. Second, failing to enact spending legislation by the beginning of a fiscal year may mean the faucet is turned off and the feared "government shutdown" may result. ....... "

Washington Times Inside Politics section 10/25/99 "……White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, frustrated with the balking Republican Congress, thinks it's time for President Clinton to show who's boss," writes U.S. News & World Report's Paul Bedard. "How? Clinton plans a series of executive orders and changes to federal rules that he can sign into law without first getting the OK from GOP naysayers. Since it's Podesta's idea, aides have dubbed it 'Project Podesta.' ...' 10/25/99 Sarah Foster "…The White House is conducting a behind-the-scenes operation to force congressional approval of President Clinton's demand for a $1 billion per year land-acquisition trust fund, WorldNetDaily has learned. With support from allies on Capitol Hill, representatives from the administration over the past few days have been quietly visiting all Democratic and select Republican members of Congress in an all-out effort to get Clinton's Lands Legacy 2000 inserted in a new Omnibus Appropriations bill, according to Chuck Cushman, executive director of the American Land Rights Alliance in Battleground, Wash……."

From email "...For a full list of current EO's - EOs in numerical order ..."

Reuters 10/27/99 NY Times "….President Clinton will soon announce new federal rules to protect the privacy of billions of medical records and plans to assail Congress for failing to enact safeguards, the New York Times said Wednesday. The proposed regulations would be the first comprehensive federal standards specifically intended to protect the confidentiality of medical records, and come as medical providers are sharing more data and insurers are demanding more information to justify the payment of claims, the Times said. Congress has been trying to write such protections into law ..."

Washington Times/Drudge 11/3/99 Bill Gertz "….Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott yesterday rejected the Clinton administration's continued observance of the defeated nuclear test- ban treaty and said the failure to ratify the pact releases the United States from any international legal obligations under the treaty. The Senate leader also warned the White House that continued adherence to the treaty provisions will severely upset relations between the president and the Senate on international affairs. ``I am deeply disturbed by the administration's most recent interpretation of the status of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty,'' Mr. Lott said in response to a report in yesterday's editions of The Washington Times…… ``If the administration persists in maintaining that the United States is bound as a matter of international law to a treaty that has been rejected by the Senate, then there will be profound implications for the relationship between the president and the Senate on foreign policy matters,'' Mr. Lott said….."

Boston Globe 11/4/99 Jeff Jacoby "…..Nothing, President Clinton knew, could make up for the loss of their loved ones. But at least the families of Americans murdered in terrorist attacks should have the right to sue the nations that dispatched the killers. About that he was adamant. As he stood before the cameras on Feb. 26, 1996 - two days after the Cuban Air Force murdered four unarmed Americans who were flying a humanitarian mission over the Florida Straits - his sincerity seemed beyond question…… Within weeks Congress passed the law Clinton wanted - the Anti-Terrorism Act of 1996. The president signed it with much fanfare. It empowered American citizens for the first time to seek damages in federal court from foreign governments that sponsor terrorism and to collect the judgment out of those governments' frozen assets in the United States……. Among those invited to the signing ceremony was Stephen Flatow, whose daughter Alisa had been murdered a year earlier. A Brandeis University student spending a semester abroad, she was one of seven victims killed when a terrorist trained by Islamic Jihad blew up the bus they were riding…..''We didn't take on the responsibility of suing a foreign country lightly,'' Flatow told a Senate hearing last week. ''In fact, we might not have done it at all if not for the very clear signals from the Clinton administration that it would back us.'' Meanwhile, the families of the men shot down by Cuban missiles - Armando Alejandre, Carlos Costa, Pablo Morales, and Mario de la Pena - went to court as well. They, too, had been encouraged by the Clinton administration. In private meetings in Washington they were assured that the government would support their efforts to seek compensation from the Cuban government. Relying on that assurance, they filed suit. In December 1997, the Florida families were awarded $187 million in damages by the federal court in Miami. Three months later, Alisa Flatow's parents won a $247.5 million judgment against the government of Iran. Overnight, everything changed. Suddenly the administration was doing everything it could to prevent the families from collecting. The Treasury Department refused to release any Iranian or Cuban assets. Dismayed, Congress passed an amendment to the Anti-Terrorism Act that stripped Treasury of its power to thwart the families. Clinton signed the new bill - then turned around and signed a directive suspending it for reasons of ''national security.''……"

Washington Post 11/3/99 Al Kamen "…. The long, tortuous--and often torturous--journey for President Clinton's ambassadorial candidates is finally coming to an end. Democrats and Republicans alike say the ambassadorial confirmation window for this presidency will be all but closed when the Senate recesses, possibly next week. Career foreign service officers will continue to be processed in 2000, since their tours can easily carry over to the next administration. But political appointees, unless they are, as one senior White House official put it, "Trent Lott's brother," can forget it. A recess appointment is just about the only way they're going to get that car and driver……"

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 11/10/99 Deirdre Shesgreen "…..The Congressional Black Caucus asked President Bill Clinton Wednesday to use his recess power to appoint six African-American judicial nominees to the federal bench when Congress adjourns for the year. Missouri Supreme Court Judge Ronnie White's name was not on the list. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-District of Columbia, said Wednesday that the black caucus would like Clinton to renominate White but have heard that White doesn't want his name resubmitted…… Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, rejected the suggestion that race has ever played a role in the consideration of judicial nominees and has said that a large proportion of nominees confirmed this year have been women or minorities. Hatch also dismissed the idea of recess appointments. "That isn't the way it works," he said. "You just can't push the system that way. It takes time to process these judges. If we get one complaint, we have to go back and investigate."….. Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, said he wonders whether the call for such recess appointments is more in the interest of outside groups than in the interest of the nominees. "Why would someone want a one-year appointment to the bench?" Leahy asked……"

Oklahoman Online 11/9/99 ".... LEADERS in the Senate received notice last week from President Clinton that he intends to make at least three "recess" appointments when Congress adjourns, including a judicial nominee who already has been officially rejected by the full Senate. At least they got a heads-up this time. By recess appointment, Clinton installed Bill Lann Lee as head of the Justice Department's civil rights office after he was rejected by a Senate committee. Earlier this year Clinton used another recess appointment to make homosexual activist James Hormel ambassador to Luxembourg. The Hormel episode caused an uproar, calmed only when Clinton promised that in the future he would give Senate leaders advance notice when he plans to use his recess powers. That's his intent with liberal judicial nominees Marsha Berzon and Richard Paez, his choices for the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and Ronnie White of Missouri, nominated to fill a district judgeship......"

The Christian Science Monitor 11/9/99 Francine Kiefer ".... Is America's chief executive governing more like a king than a president? It's been a mark of the Clinton administration to rule by executive fiat, circumventing a hostile Congress by signing presidential orders that affect everything from patients' rights to land conservation to a war against Yugoslavia. With one year to go and a presidential legacy at stake, the White House plans to aggressively pursue this strategy, dubbing it "Project Podesta" after the chief of staff who's spearheading it. But this stroke-of-the-pen style of governing infuriates Republicans in Congress, who see it as part of a runaway presidency that has been gaining speed for decades. Concerned that the Constitution is being trampled and their power usurped, lawmakers are now considering ways to rein in what they see as overuse of presidential directives....... Particularly galling to lawmakers is the president's unilateral action on conservation. They point to a 1997 executive order protecting America's heritage rivers as an example of a Clinton takeover of state and congressional rights. It threatens citizens' property rights and redirects federal funds in ways not authorized by Congress, charges Rep. Jack Metcalf (R) of Washington. More recently, Mr. Clinton called for regulations to protect 40 million acres of national forest land, involving restrictions just short of designating the acreage as wilderness. "We allow the president to in effect legislate through executive orders and proclamations. I find this trend deeply disturbing," said Representative Metcalf in testimony last month....."

Planet Goldberg 11/8/99 Lewis Goldberg "…..Executive Order 12919, dated June 6, 1994, is not a completely unique document. Just as in 13083 and its replacement, Clinton borrowed the text of an existing EO. In this case it was Eisenhower's EO 10480, which was intended to fortify America against the percieved imminent threat of Soviet agression. Clinton, with no such looming presence on the horizon (save for the Chinese missiles he facilitated development of), should be regarded with suspicion of his intent, and suspicion of this administration is why I am here! …….. Through Clinton's own words, we are presumed to live in a different world now. We have a world that, by relative standards, is at peace, yet Clinton felt compelled to prepare for some imminent 'disaster.' I have not read every single Executive Order that Clinton has written, but, given the tenor of the ones I have read, perhaps I should. Why has Clinton spent so much time and effort to rewrite official documents that other more honorable presidents have spent so much time on already? ….."

The Washington Times 11/7/99 Dave Boyer "…. After the Senate rejected the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty last month, Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright sent a letter to foreign leaders assuring them that the United States would continue to abide by the spirit of the pact. When Congress created a new agency last month to oversee the government's nuclear weapons program as a response to reports of Chinese spying, Mr. Clinton signed the bill into law. But he added a directive putting Energy Secretary Bill Richardson in charge of what was supposed to be semiautonomous charter and prompted lawmakers to accuse Mr. Clinton of ignoring the law. In January, with the Pentagon budgeting $10 billion over six years for a national missile defense system, the administration nevertheless announced it was delaying deployment until at least 2005. Also last month, Mr. Clinton issued an executive order for the Forest Service to begin the process of eliminating 40 million acres of federal land from use and development in national forest areas that don't contain roads. The proposal, which does not include comment from Congress, affects 140 national forests in 37 states……" 11/5/99 Thomas Jipping, JD ".... The race-baiters have finally put their cards on the table. In urging President Clinton to use an anti-constitutional method for appointing judges, they demonstrate that racial politics matter more to them than even the Constitution itself. When the Senate rejected the nomination of Ronnie White to the U.S. District Court, the reaction of some seemed almost irrational. They could not, after all, argue that Senate Republicans, individually or collectively, indiscriminately oppose Clinton nominees. In fact, even after almost five years of GOP Senate control, Mr. Clinton was 323-0 before the vote on White...... Vacancies had dropped to the level that Mr. Clinton's own Justice Department says is "virtual full employment" for the federal bench. They could not argue that the nominee's record was free of controversy. On issues such as the death penalty, White is the most liberal member of the Missouri Supreme Court......White's record on crime was so liberal that that 77 of the 114 sheriffs in the entire state of Missouri - both Democrats and Republicans - warned about the nominee's record. Dozens of prosecutors, the Missouri Federation of Police Chiefs, and the National Sheriffs Association all strongly urged defeat of the nomination.......Though the defeat of a nominee whose record is so activist and whose law enforcement opposition is so strong is not surprising on the merits, the controversy here is not about the merits but about racial politics. The race-baiters' strategy is simple: claim that the Senate will not confirm certain nominees because of their race, and then demand that the president bypass the Senate and appoint these nominees anyway. Many Senators DID NOT KNOW Ronnie White's race until, minutes after the vote, Senator Pat Leahy proclaimed there is now a "color test" for nominees. He tagged in House members such as Rep. Maxine Waters and William Clay who upped the ante by calling Missouri Senators John Ashcroft and Christopher Bond racist. Mr. Clinton now appears poised to use the "recess appointment" procedure to achieve what the Senate has rightly denied him. He will attempt to appoint judicial nominees including Ronnie White (who has already been defeated) and radicals such as Marsha Berzon and Richard Paez WITHOUT Senate consent......" 11/5/99 Thomas Jipping, JD ".... While the Constitution requires Senate consent for judges to serve, it also allows the president to "fill up vacancies that may happen during the recess of the Senate." This temporary appointment expires at the end of the next session of Congress. This is the mechanism Mr. Clinton used to appoint homosexual activist James Hormel to be ambassador to Luxembourg without Senate approval. This move would have at least three devastating results. First, it would overturn the legitimate results of the Constitution's process for appointing judges. Article II of the Constitution provides for presidents to nominate and, subject to Senate approval, to appoint federal judges......In fact, no president has EVER, by recess appointment or ordinary re-nomination, tried to appoint a judicial nominee who had been formally defeated by the Senate.......Second, this move would create an illegitimate process for bypassing the Constitution's framework for governing the country. The Constitution allows a narrow, temporary exception to the Senate-consent rule only for filling vacancies that "happen during the recess" for an obvious reason...... The Constitution's focus is on when the vacancy occurs, not on when the appointment occurs...... Third, this move would signal that racial politics matter more than anything else. It would make a racial spoils system standard operating procedure. Never mind the record, never mind the merits, never mind the Constitution, never mind democracy, just base everything on race. Most Americans thought we had left that system behind......"

Pittsburgh Tribune Review 11/5/99 "....In a letter dated Oct. 18 and obtained by Bill Gertz, the intrepid defense reporter for The Washington Times, Mrs. Albright has the audacity to tell the leaders of foreign governments that the United States is legally bound to observe the rejected nuclear test-ban treaty. The treaty was not defeated, the Clinton administration flatly asserts; the test-ban is not dead: ``Despite this setback, I want to assure you that the United States will continue to act in accordance with its obligations as a signatory under international law and will seek reconsideration of the treaty at a later date when conditions are better suited for ratification,'' Albright writes in one part of her cable, a communique confirmed by Albright spokesman James Rubin...... Senate aides are treating the Albright letter as the serious affront it is to the constitutional process. ``The president is not Louis XIV,'' one aide told Mr. Gertz. ``He cannot declare that he is the `state.' The Senate has made clear by its vote that the United States intends not to be a party to the (test-ban) treaty.'' ......"

Washington Times 11/5/99 "….…It appears that the administration argues it is bound by a treaty which has been turned down by the U.S. Senate simply because it says it has not given up on future ratification of the document. How bizarre. Now, if Mr. Clinton wants to announce a zero-testing policy -- such as has actually been in effect throughout his presidency -- that is his prerogative. (A lot of people don't believe zero testing is advisable and may be dangerous for the reliability of the U.S. nuclear arsenal, a reason considered sufficiently persuasive by a number of the senators who voted against the CTBT.) But to say that a treaty is binding just because it may be resubmitted, is making a mockery of the U.S. Constitution and the ratification process itself. In that case, each and every treaty fancied by the White House would be binding, circumventing completely the responsibility of the Senate……"

WorldNetDaily 11/4/99 Jon Dougherty "….I wonder if Congress and the American people realize that this week Madeleine K. Albright, a loyal subject of "King" Clinton, officially declared this administration to be above the law of commoners. Specifically I'm talking about the Clinton administration's arrogant refusal to abide by the Senate's rejection of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty last month. On Monday Albright, echoing "King" Clinton's earlier proclamation, sent a letter to "select" foreign governments outlining the administration's plan to ignore the Senate's decision to refuse the treaty, saying they planned to abide by it anyway. So much for our republic; easy come, easy go, right? …..A Senate that permits this kind of arrogant disregard is complicit in this crime against the Constitution. In essence, the president is saying he is refusing to uphold, obey and protect the Constitution, which grants to the Senate -- and only the Senate -- the right and obligation to decide whether or not to accept a treaty. What is missing here is the fact that a treaty, under the Constitution, becomes the "law of the land," and though the people -- through their senators -- have rejected this new "law of the land," Clinton is saying it will become law anyway. Pure and simple, he cannot do that and should not be allowed to do it. To allow it is to invite further disregard of the Constitution not only from officials and future presidents, but from the "governed" populace as well. A nation of people who clearly see the government's own disregard for the laws of our land will surely have less respect for them as well. It's inevitable. ….."

Newsmax 11/12/99 James Hirsen JD PhD "….It is not possible for a constitutional republic to maintain itself. A great and noble system of government requires perpetual vigilance on the part of its citizenry if it is to survive. Sadly, within our own precious land, a subtle but virulent type of distortion has been taking place. The assault has been slow but persistent. It has occurred beyond the grasp and view of many Americans. Most alarming, though, is that we now find ourselves in a situation where the rudimentary mechanisms of our republic, the actual underpinnings of our representative structure, are in danger…..The instrument of destruction that hangs over us like the sword of Damocles goes by various titles, but most commonly it is referred to as the executive order…."

Newsmax 11/17/99 James Hirsen JD PhD "…. Executive orders are presently being used at the domestic level to promote a broad international agenda. The current administration has an unfortunate pattern of using executive orders to circumvent the Senate ratification process and enact individual provisions of treaties bit by bit. As an example, in 1993 President Clinton signed an executive order setting up the President's Council on Sustainable Development. Sustainable development is a notion that sprang forth from the United Nations Commission on Environment and Development. It reached a pinnacle of prominence in a document called Agenda 21, a consensus statement that came out of the Earth Summit of 1992. This document, along with the unratified Biodiversity and Global Warming Treaties, created an expansive, international legal platform that seeks to modify the fundamental habits, customs, and culture of American life. Agenda 21and an assortment of international documents are being used as templates to formulate local, state, and federal policy. The ultimate goal is to set up a lifestyle that is "sustainable within environmental strictures" in order to achieve conformance with extreme elements of the environmental movement….."

WorldNetDaily 11/23/99 Joseph Farah "….I'm talking about Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Rosenbergs of the '90s. The latest development in this ongoing saga was revealed by WorldNetDaily's Charles Smith last week: The Clinton administration has approved the shipment to Communist China of uranium U-235 - the nuclear isotope used in the atomic bomb exploded over Hiroshima in 1945. This is part of a long pattern of technology transfers approved by the White House, often over the heads of other oversight agencies, including the FBI, Justice Department and Pentagon….Now, Investor's Business Daily reporter Paul Sperry reveals the Clinton administration plans to move the Defense Department's export licensing offices to a U.S. Army base far from the Pentagon and other Washington agencies that seek technical military advice on exports. "Career licensing officials complain it's the latest in a series of steps that have weakened the Pentagon's role in blocking the transfer of military-related technology to China and other countries viewed as threats to U.S, security," Sperry writes….As usual with this administration, it hasn't notified Congress of the move, as required by law. 11/22/99 AP H Josef Hebert "….With Congress showing little willingness to act, the Clinton administration is weighing whether to designate a dozen scenic and historic sites in the West as federal monuments to assure their protection. Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt said Monday in an interview he will recommend a list of sites to President Clinton in the coming weeks, including some in Arizona, Colorado, California, Oregon and Montana. "There will be no surprises,'' said Babbitt. The sites, all on federal land, have been under discussion for increased protection for years, some for decades……. "We really haven't made much progress on the legislative front,'' he said. As a result, Babbitt said, he plans to ask the president to designate about a dozen sites as federal monuments under the 1906 Antiquities Act. The law gives the president authority to act by executive order to protect any land that has historic, scientific or archaeological significance……"

Deseret News 12/5/99 Jerry Spangler "….There is loathing by locals who see monument employees as arrogant bureaucrats determined to eradicate a ranching way of life more than a century old…… "They do not need to be fearful of the community that stands up for freedom," says Howard Hook, a local activist and critic of the monument. "They should fear the government they work for taking away their freedoms." But monument employees are fearful. They are frequent targets of verbal abuse in Kanab and Escalante, and threats have become less and less veiled. One junior high student in Kanab was expelled when he reportedly made threats against the life of a teenage daughter of one monument employee because she was "an environmentalist." ….. In response, employees who spoke to the Deseret News on condition of anonymity - say they feel safe patronizing only those restaurants outwardly friendly to the monument. They are careful to change out of their government uniforms before shopping at the local grocery stores and shops. When employees go into the monument itself, they are required to stay in constant radio contact with dispatchers or to go into the field in pairs. "It's a safety concern," the manager said, adding the fear is accentuated by the fact large numbers of deer hunters are traipsing through the monument with high-powered rifles. Local residents say the fears are unfounded, that their anger is directed more at President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore and Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt, all of whom they blame for creating - illegally, they say - a national monument that threatens their way of life. And they blame Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt as a conspirator after the fact….."

Republican National Committee 12/99 Jim Nicholson "….Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson today said the Clinton-Gore Administration is "about to break the law," and labeled "outrageous" efforts by Pentagon officials, clearly acting at the behest of the White House, to cut spending on the Navy's AEGIS missile defense system. "There are only two words to describe the Administration's efforts to slash spending on the Navy's AEGIS missile defense system," said Nicholson. "One is 'outrageous' -- and the other is 'unlawful.' "Cutting spending on the most forward-looking option for near-term deployment of a missile defense system is a dangerous, reckless mistake. Very soon, we will have the technology in hand to defend America from missile attack by rogue dictators or terrorists -- but the Pentagon is now considering cutting funding for the program, just to please their political superiors in the White House," said Nicholson….. "What's worse, this would once again make a mockery of the legislative process. The President just signed into law a defense authorization bill that mandates full funding for both the AEGIS system and the Army's THAAD system. For the Administration to cut funds for AEGIS would place it in contempt of Congress.*…." 12/3/99 Alan Keyes "….President Clinton this week signed a waiver lifting a restriction on U.S. funds for international family planning organizations that promote abortion. The waiver "allows us to pay our U.N. dues finally, and fund international family planning at 97 percent until the new fiscal year," one administration official said. The waiver is one of a series of moves negotiated with congressional Republicans that will make the United States a member in good standing of the clique of post-civilized First World nations taking responsibility to ensure that the rest of the world is as corrupt as Clinton's America…… But while the material waste and corruption that go on at the U.N. are reason enough to withhold our support, the Clinton green light for American funding of international abortionist activism epitomizes the real evil that the U.N. too often represents. I have called Bill Clinton a moral thermonuclear bomb, because of the profound damage he has done to the moral character of the American people, and particularly to our children, by the example he sets of moral degradation and self-disrespect. The return of America to the U.N. fold means that the Clinton bomb is going global……"

NY Times 11/21/99 Michael Janofsky "….As one of its last major public land initiatives, the Clinton administration is preparing to designate as national monuments up to a dozen open areas in the West that federal officials say need protection from future commercial development and recreational overuse. Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt, who came to Colorado for the weekend to build support for the action, said the administration had decided to act because, in many cases, Congress had failed to act on proposed legislation that would accomplish the same thing. Delays, he said, had prompted President Clinton to consider invoking the Antiquities Act of 1906, which gives the president the authority to act by executive order in the case of any lands that have scientific, historic or archaeological significance. …."

Associated Press 11/19/99 Tom Raum "…..President Clinton and Senate Republicans appeared late Friday to be headed for another clash over nominations as Clinton signaled he might give so-called ``recess appointments'' to 13 stalled nominees, including acting civil rights enforcement chief Bill Lann Lee. Conservatives immediately balked. Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., vowed to use parliamentary procedures to block ``every single judicial nominee'' for the rest of the president's term if Clinton carries through with the recess appointments. Under the Constitution, the president can temporarily bypass the Senate confirmation process by giving an individual an appointment during a congressional recess. In this case, the person could serve in the post until the end of next year -- when Clinton's term is close to expiring, anyway. Earlier this year, Clinton used the procedure to install an openly gay San Francisco businessman, James Hormel, as ambassador to Luxembourg after conservatives had blocked the nomination for two years. They reacted by blocking other Clinton nominations for a while. ….." 11/19/99 Baker Spring "….. What if President Kennedy had declared that America wanted to put the first man on the moon, but not until all the technical risks were eliminated America would very likely have lost that race. The spirit of determination and initiative that Kennedy and the country showed in that effort was clearly alive last year when Congress passed the National Missile Defense Act (P.L. 106-38) and declared that a national missile defense system would be deployed "as soon as is technologically possible." It did so despite a Defense Department panel's report alleging excessive "technical risk" in the missile defense program. This conclusion was overstated and rightly ignored by Congress. Congress and the President, who signed the Act into law on July 22, 1999, acknowledged that the ballistic threat to America is real and growing and, until such a system is deployed, Americans remain vulnerable to attack. Unfortunately, the Panel on Reducing Risk in Ballistic Missile Defense Flight Test Programs, chaired by former Air Force Chief of Staff Larry Welch, has issued a new report in which it essentially reaches the same conclusion. Although the report has yet to be released, the press reported that it recommends delaying the decision to deploy if the development program suffers setbacks. This is tantamount to recommending that the law enacted last year be ignored. The technical panel appears to have forgotten its mandate, which is to recommend how to achieve missile defense, as well as its responsibility to follow the law, not undermine it….."

Augusta Chronicle 11/28/99 "…. For example, what do the Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall and the Yellowstone National Park have in common? They are national treasures. Yet did you know that these sites are regulated by foreigners, rather than by our own elected representatives? Each of these treasures is designated a ``United Nations Heritage Site,'' with accompanying U.N. managerial control, due to an obscure 1972 treaty. Since that time, our government has also allowed huge tracts of land to become U.N.-designated ``Biosphere Reserves.'' These are areas set aside for conservation and scientific study -- and overseen by U.N. bureaucrats. The U.S. now has 20 heritage sites and 47 biosphere reserves encompassing an area the size of Colorado. What is aggravating, though, is that just the executive branch -- without required legislative branch approval -- has been approving these giveaways….."

US White House 11/30/99 Impeached President Bill Clinton "….MEMORANDUM FOR THE SECRETARY OF STATE SUBJECT: International Family Planning Waiver Pursuant to the authority vested in me by section 599D(c) of the Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2000, as enacted by section 1000(a)(2) of Division B of H.R. 3194, the Consolidated Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2000, I hereby waive the restrictions contained in subsection 599D(b) to the full extent authorized by sub-section 599D(c). This waiver shall take effect immediately and shall continue until the expiration of subsection 599D(b). You are hereby authorized and directed to transmit this waiver to the Committee on Appropriations and the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate and the Committee on Appropriations and the Committee on International Relations of the House of Representatives. You are authorized and directed to publish this memorandum in the Federal Register. WILLIAM J. CLINTON…."

WND 11/29/99 "…..Sen. James Inhofe, R.-Okla., who seems to be succeeding Sen. Jesse Helms, R.-N.C., as the conservative hero of the U.S. Senate, has informed President Clinton that if he goes ahead and makes any one of five proposed recess appointments over the Christmas recess, Inhofe will retaliate by putting a permanent hold on every single judicial appointment Clinton makes for the rest of his presidency. The conflict between Inhofe and Clinton stems from the appointment of James Hormel, a self-professed homosexual, as U.S. ambassador to Luxembourg. The Senate had stalled Hormel's confirmation when Clinton, last May, gave Hormel a recess appointment -- meaning he can serve as ambassador until the next Congress is seated in 2001….."

Washington Times 11/21/99 Audrey Hudson "….A House panel will subpoena government documents this week to get to the bottom of a dispute over a road in a Nevada national forest that has pitted locals against the federal government. Forest Service chief Michael P. Dombeck had promised the chairwoman of the Resources subcommittee full cooperation at a field hearing a week ago in Elko, Nev. However, local forest officials refused to answer questions, forcing the subpoena, a subcommittee spokesman said. The subpoena calls for all government maps or documents that might show whether the federal government or the county owns the road in question. "These agencies should be responsible to Congress, and I think it's a serious matter when an agency stonewalls a congressional hearing," said Chairwoman Helen Chenoweth-Hage, Idaho Republican. ….By eliminating the road - claiming a need to protect the habitat of a trout subspecies - the Forest Service has made it nearly impossible to enter the forest and wrongfully bypassed Congress and created a de facto wilderness area, the subcommittee spokesman said….." 12/14/99 Joseph Farah "…. President Clinton, already under fire for political abuse of FBI and Internal Revenue Service files, has quietly issued an executive order that could give him access to even more sensitive documents for the remainder of his administration. The new executive order, like others issued by the Clinton administration, seems, at first glance, innocuous. It is an amendment to Executive Order 12958 regarding classified security information and was signed by the president Nov. 19. It establishes a new bureaucracy, the Information Security Oversight Office, within the National Archives and Records Administration. But this doesn't appear to be just another jobs program for Clinton pals at your expense. Rather, this EO raises grave privacy issues….. Now, it turns out, Carlin [John W – national archivist – former governor of Kansas] and Sandy Berger will hold in their hands the ability, on behalf of the president, to get federal files -- even classified documents -- on just about anybody for any reason. That's right. That seems to be the essence of this new executive order. …."

Associated Press 12/14/99 Kevin Galvin "….Seeking to expand protections for senstive lands, President Clinton was considering recommendations today to add four sites to the list of national monuments in the American West. Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt presented the sites to Clinton, who was announcing the recommendations today but reserving any final decision on the controversial plan until next year. "This is an important decision. He will take some time to review this," said White House press secretary Joe Lockhart. "Certainly it gives time for people who have other views to weigh in." Additionally, Clinton was sending to Congress today a list of 18 natural and historic sites he would like to see protected under the administration's "Legacy Initiative," a $652 million program to protect farms, forests and urban parks….."

Washington Post 12/15/99 Charles Babington "…. The Clinton administration, convinced that Congress has badly underestimated the public appetite for new gun regulations, will convene a meeting of top aides today "to prepare an all-out offensive on guns in the coming year," a senior White House official said last night. The plan will include extra spending by the Justice and Treasury departments for various gun-control measures, the official said. It underscores a growing fervor for gun regulation in the administration, which last week announced it was joining forces with several cities that have sued or threatened to sue the gun manufacturing industry over safety and distribution issues….."

Houston Chronicle 12/10/99 H Sterling Burnett ".... TRIAL lawyers, anti-gun activists, mayors and the Clinton administration's Department of Housing and Urban Development have a "simple solution" to the complex problem of gun violence: sue gunmakers for the public costs of criminal, negligent and self-destructive gun misuses. In the words of H.L. Mencken: "For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat and wrong." The lawsuits threaten democracy because they would replace the will of the majority as expressed through the legislature with the determinations of an unelected judiciary. In our democratic republic, Congress, and Congress alone, is constitutionally empowered to regulate interstate commerce. But lawsuit proponents have given up on democracy. Unable to convince legislators that removing guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens will reduce crime, activists, trial lawyers, mayors and HUD are attempting to use the courts to impose their views on a skeptical public. Popular products cause harm, too. Thousands of people die or are injured yearly in automobile accidents and vehicular homicides, via faulty medical procedures and the misuse of prescription drugs, from eating fatty foods and as a result of alcohol abuse. If the civil law embraces the principle that companies like Anheuser-Busch, Bayer, Ford and McDonald's are responsible when people voluntarily use legal, nondefective products and bad results occur, then consumers will have fewer goods to choose from....."

NY Times 12/13/99 Michael Janofsky "….The Clinton administration is a step closer to designating three new national monuments in Arizona and California, a change in status that would add restrictions on access and use. A letter from Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt recommending the action is expected to reach the White House on Monday for President Clinton's approval, administration officials said Sunday. Babbitt, who has been leading the effort to turn more federal lands into monuments, is expected to recommend additional changes in the remaining months of the administration. While leading Republicans in Congress strongly object to monument declarations as an inappropriate use of the Antiquities Act of 1906 and an end run around Congress, the administration officials said Clinton would likely read the recommendations on Monday and act on them early in the new year. …."I know the president wants to exercise executive authority very carefully," said a senior White House official. "But I also know he has a very strong view that he has responsibility to future generations to provide protection for areas like these. This is a legacy issue for him that I'm sure he is looking at favorably." …."

Reuters 12/13/99 "….A federal food safety program was dealt a stunning setback Friday when a Texas judge ruled that the U.S. Agriculture Department could not punish a beef processing plant that flunked tests for illness-causing salmonella. The decision means that Supreme Beef Processing Inc, a privately-owned company, can keep its doors open and continue to make and sell ground beef. The government said it would appeal the ruling by U.S. Judge Joe Fish in Dallas. The lawsuit has been closely watched by consumer groups and the meat industry as an important test of whether the USDA can require a company to comply with tests for foodborne illness. It also marks the one of the first major court challenges of the Clinton Administration's food safety reforms. …..The company maintains that its products are safe, and the USDA salmonella tests are arbitrary and unfair……"

USA Today 12/13/99 Martin Kasindoraf Valerie Alvord "…..- Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt is making a holiday shopping list consisting entirely of ornaments - spectacular but threatened places that decorate the vast landscape of the American West. Before urban sprawl engulfs them, Babbitt wants to give these 2 million acres to future Americans for centuries of contemplation. Delivering an ultimatum to Congress, Babbitt has made it clear that, unless the lawmakers act first, he will sign off on a "preliminary" list this month of at least seven environmentally delicate Western sites. He'll then ask President Clinton to sign executive orders designating them as national monuments, bypassing a Congress that Babbitt says is dawdling. National monument status restricts industrial and some recreational access. It ensures that land can't be sold or subdivided into "ranchettes." But a monument typically has fewer use restrictions than a national park or wilderness. Roads, livestock grazing, hunting and fishing are allowed. As skeptical Republicans see it, Babbitt is merely trying to build monuments to the Clinton administration -- and to secure environmentalists' support for Vice President Gore's presidential campaign. "I think it's the height of arrogance to say, 'If you, Congress, don't act on this, we'll just do it ourselves,' " Rep. Jim Kolbe, R-Ariz., says. "There may be some saber-rattling to get Congress to do their will, but it's going to be counterproductive." …."

AP Sonya Ross 12/15/99 "....President Clinton will take action on gun safety next year, the White House said Wednesday, contending Congress has ``frustrated the American public'' by failing to tighten firearms restrictions in a year of mass shootings. Clinton's chief of staff, John Podesta, convened a brainstorming session of administration officials to come up with various actions Clinton could take, either through executive authority, federal regulations or new legislation beyond the bill now stuck in Congress. ``We're not going to rely on Congress. We're going to find other avenues,'' White House spokesman Joe Lockhart said. ``It's our overall sense that this is something the American public is demanding.'' ..... The group Podesta brought together included Bruce Reed, Clinton's domestic policy adviser; Stuart Eizenstat, the deputy treasury secretary; Eric Holder, the deputy attorney general; and Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo. ...." 1/5/00 Justin Torres "….More than 125 noncommercial television broadcasters may be forced to drop religious programming after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruled that broadcasts "primarily devoted to religious exhortation, proselytizing or statements of personally-held religious views or beliefs" are prohibited under the agency's educational programming licenses. The decision, released December 29, 1999, allows PBS station WQED in Pittsburgh, Penn., to swap one of its two stations for religious broadcaster Cornerstone TeleVision's WPCB in Greensburg, Penn., in anticipation of that station's sale to Paxson Communications. …..The new guidelines require broadcasters operating on noncommercial educational licenses to devote at least one-half of their programming hours to topics that serve the "educational, instructional or cultural needs of the community." To qualify, the Commission continued, that programming must not be "primarily devoted to religious exhortation, proselytizing, or statements of personally-held religious views and beliefs." ….."

Detroit News 1/6/00 Barrett Kalellis "….One of the oft-repeated mantras of the past year was that the impeachment process would "weaken the presidency." This seems illogical, because impeachment is a specific constitutional remedy for miscreants who would jeopardize the office. In fact, removing bad presidents would probably strengthen the institution. But one wonders, in the new century, whether weakening the presidency instead might be a very good idea….. Both the general public and the Congress have become used to the president setting these kinds of agendas. At this point in history, it is sad to note that a great many Americans have sacrificed their individual freedoms in favor of letting political elites regulate their lives by promising the chimera of security. Three generations of our citizens apparently have gotten used to it, and their "freely elected representatives" are manipulating them on a level most do not understand. Our educational system has poorly prepared our children to understand the nation's founding principles. Whereas our Founding Fathers valued economic freedom, self-reliance, sacrifice, morality, discipline, hard work and personal responsibility - the highest virtues of an independent self-governing people - many Americans today want something else.."

Houston Chronicle 1/5/00 Cal Thomas "….When English jurist Sir Edward Coke (1552-1634) observed that "a man's house is his castle," he could not have foreseen the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The other day that unaccountable regulatory beast within the Department of Labor claimed briefly the authority to regulate the surroundings of the nearly 20 million people who have a home office and work at least part time at home. But threats of a political uprising prompted Labor Secretary Alexis Herman to say, "Never mind." Before withdrawing a federal interpretation that was made following a request from a Texas employer, OSHA asserted jurisdiction over home offices if employers allow employees to work at home. Employers might have been charged with making sure home offices had ergonomically correct furniture, "proper" lighting, ventilation, heating and air conditioning, safe staircases, working toilets and other things required of more traditional workplaces…..The media played this up as "helping" people. This is the view the media take of all government programs and regulations, even those that fail, because it isn't success that matters, only intent. One network interviewed an employer who had discovered a home office in which wooden beams were unevenly placed on file cabinets to serve as support for a computer. Extreme cases are always used by government to force change on the public, which then must succumb to whatever the government wants us to do. Once a precedent is established, it is difficult to stop further government intrusions. …"

The Wall Street Journal 1/5/00 "….This is the last year of the Clinton Presidency. On the recent evidence, our advice to the private sector is: Board up your windows, lay in sandbags, and put your lawyer's phone number on the night stand. This final year is going to bring a paroxysm of regulatory intrusion--through agency actions or Mr. Clinton's continued abuse of executive orders. Yesterday the Labor Department withdrew OSHA's wacko plan to impose its rules on home workers--sending out Ghost Busters to monitor Dilbert's third-floor "work station." Even as she hoisted the white flag, Labor Secretary Alexis Herman said, "We need a national dialogue on this subject." Sorry, we're penciled in to watch a basketball game. …." 1/5/00 Tom DeWeese "….With attention focused on the primary elections, Americans remain unaware of legislation that is a direct attack on property rights, the keystone of the nation's economy. Millions of acres now enjoyed by sportsmen, owned by farmers, ranchers, and property owners of every description will be forcibly acquired and put off limits to Americans. The Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA-HR 701/S 25) creates a three billion dollar annual trust fund taken from royalties generated by offshore oil productions called outer continental shelf revenue. The fund was established to pay for damage caused to marine life, oceans and estuaries by oil exploration and extraction activities. Congress is lining up for an all-out raid on these funds. Now all 50 states are being offered an opportunity to access this money for purposes that have nothing whatever to do with the mitigation of environmental problems…. CARA threatens privately owned hunt clubs and other areas used by sports people of every description, from hunting and fishing, to camping, mountain climbing, skiing, snowmobiling, mountain biking, and other outdoor activities. Using the power of eminent domain, states will have funds that will permit them to take away land owned by farmers, ranchers, and others. 139,000 acres of timberland leased to hunters for more than a century was purchased by New York State last year. Hunting and snowmobiling were immediately prohibited……"

Enter Stage Right 12/27/99 Vin Suprynowicz "…..So this March, federal Secretary of Land Seizures Bruce Babbitt traveled to Arizona to attend a public meeting at which the federals discussed a new proposed sweep of Mr. Clinton's magic wand, this time to rule off limits to productive use another 300,000 to 600,000 acres on the north rim of the Grand Canyon -- to be referred to as the Shivwits Plateau National Monument, or the Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, or the Grand Canyon-Mount Charleston National Monument ... something like that. Sure enough, President Clinton announced Dec. 14 he plans to do it again -- but not for a mere piker's 600,000 acres. No, no, the new plan is to set aside by executive decree another million acres -- the north rim of the Grand Canyon right up to the Nevada border ... plus another 8,000 acres near San Francisco if his mapmakers can find the way to San Jose; 71,000 acres for a new "Agua Fria National Monument" in the black-rock barrens north of Phoenix, Ariz.; and ... what else, Bruce? ... heck, throw in a couple of islands off the California coast. At least, that's it for now. Tomorrow's another day….." 1/2000 Charles Smith "….An Indonesian government audit report accuses former President Suharto of accepting bribes from a consortium of companies that are linked to President Clinton's campaign finance scandals. A report obtained by Dow Jones Newswires on Jan. 5 alleges that PT Paiton Energy, a consortium led by Edison Mission Energy of the United States and Mitsui & Co of Japan, inflated its costs by up to $937 million in order to sell expensive electricity to Indonesia…… Federal Election Commission records show that Mission Energy CEO John Bryson donated money to the Clinton/Gore campaign and contributed money to Clinton's legal defense fund. Mission Energy is also a partner of Indonesia's Lippo group, a consortium partly owned by Indonesian billionaire Moctar Riady and the Chinese Army CITIC (China International Trust and Investment Corporation) bank. The Lippo Group and the Riady family are also accused of providing illegal contributions to the 1996 Clinton/Gore campaign….." 1/2000 Charles Smith "….Documents provided by the U.S Commerce Department indicate that Lippo business partner Edison Mission Energy received strong Clinton administration support for the multi-billion dollar Paiton project. One 1994 document notes that "with its state-of-the-art emissions-control technology and by using low-sulfur Indonesian coal, the project will be one of the cleanest, most efficient coal-fired facilities in the world." The Lippo conglomerate is currently the only global supplier of low-sulfur coal. In 1996, President Clinton created the 1.7 million-acre Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah, placing off-limits the world's largest deposit of low-sulfur coal, giving the Lippo group a monopoly in the only other clean-burning coal deposits -- located inside Indonesia….." 1/2000 Charles Smith "….The Indonesian auditor said its bribery allegation was based on the finding of $22.23 million of funds listed as "Project Development Costs" in Paiton Energy's 1994 financial report. The auditor said it couldn't find any explanation of the item, although the amount was more than 50 percent of the company's total assets. "We believe that the consortium or Paiton Energy Corp. covered information on expenditures related to speedy-money or bribery," the agency said…." 1/2000 Charles Smith "….According to a 1998 article published in the Wall Street Journal, "Wasted Energy" by Peter Waldman and Jay Solomon, the international team of advisors was "shut out" by senior Indonesian officials who ordered the consultants to "stop reviewing fuel costs." "We were slapped back so fast our heads were spinning," stated a Lazard Freres advisor. The Indonesian government auditor's report was the first to review the accusations against Paiton I and the other 25 power projects. The audit recommends that the Indonesian attorney general investigate everyone involved in negotiating the contract….."

The Wall Street Journal 12/22/99 "….After he was impeached, President Clinton vowed to remain effective "until the last hour of the last day of my term." In large part he has done that by ignoring all previous limits on the assertion of his power to make recess appointments and laws using executive orders. Last year, then White House counselor Paul Begala summed up the Administration's attitude on its unilateral actions: "Stroke of the pen. Law of the land. Kind of cool." If power indeed corrupts, unchecked power will surely grow until it is blocked. That explains Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe's decision to place holds on all of President Clinton's judicial nominees for the next 13 months because the Administration violated an agreement to limit its recess appointments. The White House may now learn it can no longer act as if the President were a prime minister or even a monarch…..Last Friday, Senator Inhofe claims the President violated the agreement by extending the term of Sara Fox, a member of the National Labor Relations Board, without having included her name on a list of 13 possible recess appointments. The White House claims Ms. Fox was on a separate, much longer laundry list of names sent to Majority Leader Trent Lott, but not shared with other Senators. The famously tenacious Senator Inhofe is serious about his hold on judges, and he has support from much of the GOP cloakroom. This month he and Senators Wayne Allard and Pat Roberts blocked President Clinton's nomination of Denver attorney James Lyons to a federal appeals court. Mr. Lyons authored an infamous 1992 report that concealed the nature of Mr. Clinton's involvement in the Whitewater land deal until after he was elected President. The Senators said the brazen Lyons appointment was the equivalent of Richard Nixon nominating one of his Watergate attorneys to the federal bench….."

World Net Daily 1/5/00 Julie Foster "….Fearing the federal government is trying to severely restrict the use of eight million of its acres, the State of Idaho has sued the U.S. Forest Service to stop the agency from ramming major policy changes down the state's throat without giving officials there time to provide input. After its Freedom of Information Act Request was ignored for nearly three weeks -- the maximum time allotted for such requests is 10 days -- Idaho filed suit demanding more information regarding the federal government's "roadless protection plan," which proposes to set aside 50 million acres of U.S. land to remain roadless, and about which states were given only 60 days to comment. "What we're asking of the federal government in this lawsuit is to open up the process to provide a meaningful dialogue between the states that would have to live with the effects of this proposal. Any significant relationship between the states and the federal government demands nothing less," said Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne. …."

AP 1/7/00 "….Environmentalists and Republican officials say they expect President Clinton to create three new national monuments, including one on more than 1,500 square miles of Arizona cliffs and canyons, when he visits the Grand Canyon on Tuesday. Already, some officials are expressing concerns about the expected announcement. Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt last month recommended that Clinton create the Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument north of the existing Grand Canyon National Park. Babbitt also recommended creating the Agua Fria monument on 71,000 acres dotted with American Indian ruins north of Phoenix and the California Coastal national monument, consisting of hundreds of rocks and small islands off the state's Pacific coast. Babbitt also suggested expanding the Pinnacles National Monument in California. …… Still, Hull, a Republican, and Arizona's seven GOP members of Congress have opposed creating the new monuments. While all of the land in question is already owned by the federal government, national monument status would prohibit mining and could include restrictions on other activities such as off-road vehicle use. …… Rep. Bob Stump, the Republican whose district includes the two proposed Arizona monuments, drafted a letter Thursday pleading with Clinton not to create the monuments, said chief of staff Lisa Atkins. Stump hopes to have Mrs. Hull and other Arizona lawmakers sign the letter and send it to Clinton today, Atkins said. The draft letter asks Clinton "to refrain from this unilateral action and instead work with us to develop a solution reflecting the wishes of the people of Arizona." ….."

Fort Worth Star Telegram 1/7/00 Jill ‘J.R.’ Labbe "…. In a story last week about the unexpected changes in Russia's political structure, `The New York Times' used the word `ukazes' without any accompanying explanation. The `Times" inflated opinion of the educational level of its readers being what it is, apparently no further explanation was warranted. I readily confess my ignorance, plus that of many of my colleagues, who are some of the most well-read people I know. A quick trip to the dictionary revealed that a ukase (although the `Times' spelled it with a "z") is an imperial proclamation or order having the force of law. It's the Russian equivalent of a U.S. presidential executive order. And though you'd never know it by looking at the number of orders issued by almost every American president since Abraham Lincoln (Rutherford Hayes and James Garfield resisted the urge), in this country it is a form of unconstitutional lawmaking that usurps legislative power. Congress historically has been none too bothered by this supplanting of its authority….. The trouble with executive orders is that not all of them rely on clearly delineated constitutional or statutory authority. Ambiguity being the best friend of power, presidents have used the wide divergence of opinion about the scope, application and legal authority of presidential directives to their advantage. But some members of the 106th Congress have had enough of this imperial presidency. Rep. Jack Metcalf of Washington has been joined by 83 bipartisan co-sponsors, including nine Texas congressmen, to introduce House Concurrent Resolution 30. The legislation will take the teeth out of any executive order that infringes on congressional powers and duties or requires the expenditure of federal funds not specifically appropriated by Congress for the purpose of the order. They would be little more than presidential wish lists and have no force or effect unless Congress enacted them as law….."

WorldNetDaily 1/8/00 Davie Bresnahan "…."President Clinton has shown contempt for the Congress and the Constitution. He has treated the Senate confirmation process as little more than a nuisance which he can circumvent whenever he wants to impose his will on the country," said Sen. James Inhofe, R - Okla. He has been fighting recess appointments throughout 1999. WorldNetDaily has previously reported on Clinton's extensive use of executive orders when congress does not do what he wants. Congress rarely reacts when the president takes executive action. Now he is testing his ability to appoint federal judges and other bureaucrats to office without senate confirmation as required by the Constitution. Some say Clinton is playing the role of bully on a school playground. He is taunting and daring the senate to come after him. He is confident they will not, but the Center for Law and Democracy has waged a campaign to force the senate into action. "This is not a Clinton vs. the senate battle. This is Clinton vs. the Constitution," said Tom Jipping, director of the Free Congress Foundation's Center for Law and Democracy……. "

WorldNetDaily 1/8/00 Davie Bresnahan "….A few hours before the senate adjourned for the holiday recess, Clinton submitted a list of 13 possible recess appointments. Very few senators remained in Washington and therefore were unaware of the notice. Despite the late notice, Inhofe was willing to accept it, but he made a very clear statement to the president. "We will put a hold on every single judicial nominee of this president for the remainder of his term in office," said Inhofe on the floor of the senate that last day of the session. Inhofe sent the president one more letter on Nov. 23 in an effort to be certain the president was clear about his intentions. He told the president that five of the people on the president's list have holds placed on them by the senate. The president was warned not to try to appoint those individuals. Any appointment of anyone not on the remaining list of names "would constitute a violation of the spirit of our agreement and trigger multiple holds on all judicial nominees," Inhofe told the president in the letter. On December 16, 1999 the term of Sara Fox on the National Labor Relations Board came to an end. The next day she was reappointed by Clinton as a recess appointment. Her name was not on the list of 13 Clinton submitted previously. The time between December 17 and the return of the senate in January did not present any urgency for the NLRB if Fox was not immediately reappointed. Instead of waiting a few weeks for the senate to come back into session, Clinton thumbed his nose at the senate and tossed a dare to Inhofe, according to Jipping. Inhofe and 16 other Republican senators say they will stand firm. Because Clinton made the Fox recess appointment without providing advance notice to the senate, "the president has broken his word yet again, and confirmed the deep and unfortunate breakdown in trust which exists between the Clinton-Gore Administration and the Congress," said Inhofe. He said he will not change and will now move to block Clinton judicial appointments. "I will place a hold on every judicial nominee which reaches the senate calendar for the remainder of the Clinton presidency. I will urge my colleagues to do the same, with the intention of preventing the confirmation of these lifetime appointments," said Inhofe. Jipping told WorldNetDaily that the action of Clinton was deliberate and intentional.

WorldNetDaily 1/8/00 Davie Bresnahan "…."The 17 senators who signed the Nov. 10 letter to the president are:
* James M. Inhofe, R- Okla.;
* Jesse Helms, R - N.C.;
* Wayne Allard, R - Colo.;
* Mike Crapo, R - Idaho;
* Mike Enzi, R - Wyo.;
* Bob Smith, R - N.H.
* George V. Voinovich, R - Ohio;
* Pete V. Domenici, R - N.M.;
* Phil Gramm, R - Texas;
* Larry E. Craig, R - Idaho;
* Mitch McConnell, R - Ky.;
* Craig Thomas, R - Wyo.;
* Rod Grams, R - Minn.;
* Tim Hutchinson, R - Ark.;
* Conrad Burns, R - Mont.;
* Charles E. Grassley, R - Iowa;
* Richard C. Shelby, R - Ala…."
AP 1/21/2000 H Josef Hebert "….About 1,000 documents containing nuclear weapons secrets were mistakenly declassified and made available to the public under an openness campaign begun five years ago, the Energy Department told Congress. While the documents were opened to researchers, only one of the files was actually examined by any outsiders before the mistakes were discovered, the department said in a report. That document involved nuclear weapons deployment to foreign countries in the 1950s. The documents were among millions of pages of papers declassified between 1995 and 1998 under an executive order from President Clinton directing federal agencies to lift the veil of secrecy from papers that contain historical material and are more than 25 years old……. A classified report sent recently by the Energy Department to Congress details the findings of a DOE audit of some 948,000 pages of nuclear weapons-related documents that had been part of the three-year declassification effort. During the review, auditors found that 14,890 pages containing secret weapons information had been mistakenly declassified and made available for public view at the National Archives, according to an unclassified summary of the report sent to the armed services committees of both the House and Senate. ….."

Investor's Business Daily 1/22/2000 Frank J Gaffney, Jr. "…. To the contrary, he appears determined to change as many "facts on the ground" as possible during his last year in office, a bequest to his successor and the American people, via executive orders, dubious diplomatic actions and difficult-to-reverse initiatives wherever possible. This in an especially alarming prospect in foreign affairs. Clinton seems determined to drop the nation's guard against virtually every one of its past, present or prospective adversaries. This administration is pursuing efforts to normalize relations with Angola, Vietnam, Libya, North Korea, Cuba and Iran. Clinton is also responsible for a steady erosion in containing Saddam Hussein's malevolence after Operation Desert Storm. Russia perceives no penalty for Vladimir Putin's violence against Chechnya. China may have reached the same conclusion concerning its designs on Taiwan. Also worrisome item [sic] is Clinton's effort to rescue Syria's dictator, Hafez Assad, from the brink of economic collapse and geostrategic irrelevance. ….. Despite Assad's violent record, this will mean strengthening Syria's military, as well as that of Israel. The net effect could well prove to be restoring a Syrian "war option" that has largely been absent since Assad lost his last major conflict with the Jewish state in 1973. Unfortunately, the prospect of a peace process that will produce war is not likely to be diminished by what may be one of Clinton's most troubling legacies, an open-ended commitment of American military forces as peacekeepers on the Golan Heights. The Pentagon has acknowledged that it is planning for such a deployment even now. Like so many of Clinton's expediency-driven initiatives, the long-term consequences of a U.S. deployment on the Golan appear certain to harm U.S. security and other interests. So 11 national security experts concluded in a 1994 Center for Security Policy study….."

The Washington Times 1/20/2000 Anne M Hayes "…. Before the U.S. Supreme Court this term is a particularly important case: Food and Drug Administration vs. Brown & Williamson Tobacco et al. The issue: whether the FDA has authority to regulate tobacco. The number of "friend of the court" briefs filed on behalf of tobacco foes can be measured in pounds, rather than pages, as various public groups righteously proclaim the evils of tobacco. But the case is important not because of the controversy surrounding tobacco. Rather, it is important because it is about the legitimacy of government action. And the outcome may reveal whether democratic principles are alive and well in this republic, or, like so many other noble ideas, they will be sacrificed or redefined in the service of a lesser ethic: an empty assurance that our paternalistic government only has our best interests at heart. The case does not ask whether the FDA ought to regulate tobacco. The case asks whether the FDA has the power to regulate it. And how the court answers that question will have implications reaching far beyond tobacco, because it applies to every government agency that develops a hankering for more regulatory power - in other words, all of them…."

The Washington Times 1/20/2000 Bill Sammon "…. Settlement talks between gun makers and municipalities that are suing them have broken off because the gun makers objected to White House intervention in negotiations that had been scheduled for tomorrow in Las Vegas. Gun manufacturers are blaming White House meddling for the cancellation of tomorrow's talks, saying President Clinton injected politics into the negotiations. But administration officials said the gun industry is playing politics and blamed the "hard-line" stance of some gun representatives for the breakdown……. The cancellation will not necessarily prompt the administration to press forward with a federal lawsuit against gun makers that it threatened last month, he said. "We still want to give responsible voices in the industry a chance to explore an agreement," Mr. Reed said. "But we've also said from the beginning that if we can't reach a good settlement, we're prepared to go to court." …."

Newsmax 1/11/2000 Dr. James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D "….During the 1970s, when presidential scrutiny was taken seriously, historian Arthur Schlesinger penned the influential work entitled The Imperial Presidency. Time has hastened to fulfill the worst of expectations. Never before has concern over unbridled presidential power been more aptly needed than in reference to the current Washington palace….. Unfortunately, the president's propensity to exert dictums from the oval office has all too often been ignored. When reports do surface in some of our more dominant news outlets, unconstitutional executive activities are frequently depicted as inconsequential. But such presidential overreach is anything but trivial. When examined in depth, seemingly unrelated news stories surrounding various presidential manipulations take on a noxious form. A pattern is continuing to surface, which reveals the image of a bounty strung together with the baneful thread of indifference for the rule of law……."

AP 1/11/2000 Sonya Ross "….Like every president since 1906 except three, Clinton used the Antiquities Act to protect the federally owned scenic areas from harm from activities such as mining or development. The largest area, the Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, covers a million acres filled with vegetation, minerals, and Paleozoic rock…… Only Presidents Nixon, Reagan and Bush declined to use it; President Carter used the law to preserve large sections of Alaskan wilderness in the 1970s….."

Associated Press 1/11/2000 Kevin Galvin "…..On the 92nd anniversary of the Grand Canyon's designation as a national monument, President Clinton is taking ``aggressive action'' to safeguard some of the nation's most picturesque open spaces. …….The lands already belong to the federal government. But the executive action was being carried out, in some cases, despite protests from local and state officials……. Clinton's decision already has met with resistance in Arizona. Gov. Jane Hull and her seven Republican colleagues who represent the state in Congress wrote last week to urge Clinton not to act in the Grand Canyon and Agua Fria areas. The Republicans want more public input into the decision….."

INSIGHT Magazine 1/14/2000 Sean Paige "….By proclamation President Clinton creates three new national monuments in the West, ignoring the concerns of local citizens and drawing charges of more political pandering. Is there an echo in this grand old canyon, or what? Doing exactly as he did nearly four years ago, in the throes of another political season, President Clinton journeyed to this greatest of national parks on Jan. 11 to tighten the federal grip on more than 1 million acres of Western range and wilderness by invoking the Antiquities Act of 1906 to establish three new national monuments in Arizona and California and to expand a fourth in the Golden State. ….. Clinton's last visit here came in 1996 - just two months before his reelection - when he used the Antiquities Act to create the 1.7 million-acre Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in southern Utah, which remains a subject of acid indigestion and pending lawsuits in the Beehive State…..But instead of a stealth flight to make the announcement from a politically safe haven, this time the president made a 12-hour, in-your-face visit to the state most affected. The welcoming committee for the president's grand entrance was spare, however, with no official above senior park superintendent in attendance as Air Force One, appearing like a star (then like a White Star liner with wings), came thundering into Grand Canyon Airport. Mousse-haired men in bulging trench coats and bomb-sniffing dogs far outnumbered the greeting party……. Newly added to the ever-growing list of national this and national that were: the Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, more than 1 million acres running from the North Rim of the canyon west to Nevada and north to Utah; the Agua Fria National Monument, a 71,000-acre expanse 40 miles north of Phoenix; and the California Coastal National Monument, encompassing thousands of islands and outcroppings along 840 miles of the state's shoreline. Clinton's action also adds nearly 8,000 acres to the Pinnacles National Monument, not far from San Jose, Calif…..But the lands in question long have been walled off from most forms of development, making the administration's rationale specious, say critics, and more than 32,000 acres of state and private lands effectively will be walled in by the new monuments, raising unanswered questions of how those areas can be used or developed while sitting in the midst of a federal wilderness….."


Reuters 2/1/2000 ".... President Clinton eased some U.S. computer export controls on Tuesday to relax what the White House called ``unnecessary regulatory burdens'' on the high-performance computer industry. ``This decision reflects my commitment to a control system that will enhance U.S. national security by implementing controls on computer exports that are effective and enforceable,'' Clinton said in a statement. Bowing to the wishes of manufacturers, the administration relaxed a series of export limits. Unless Congress takes action to block the changes, most will take effect within about six months. Clinton announced in an executive order that the United States would decontrol the export of all computers operating below 12,300 Millions of Theoretical Operations Per Second (MTOPS) to all countries except for so-called rogue nations. ...."

WorldNetDaily 2/1/2000 Henry Lamb ".....Gloria Flora resigned her job as supervisor of the largest national forest in the lower 48, because what she calls an "anti-government" sentiment had reached a "fevered pitch." Something had to give. "Rather than waiting for a bomb, or for someone to get hurt, I decided to step down." That fever pitch of "anti-government" sentiment is what others call defending their freedom from a government they believe has overstepped its constitutional authority. The immediate issue that led to Flora's resignation stems from a small stretch of South Canyon Road in Elko County, Nevada, which was washed away by floods. The county wanted to rebuild the road; Gloria's Forest Service said no........ "The road isn't even the issue," Gloria told a reporter. "The issue here is a serious anger toward the federal government in general." Gloria doesn't have a clue about why the people are angry. "While a bit of protest is a good thing in any democracy," she said, "you can have too much of a good thing. I'm coming (to Kalispell) to talk about civility in our public discussion." The absence of civility in public discussions is a major reason for the frustration Americans have with federal agencies. In America, discussions about public policy are supposed to be open and honest. If they are heated, so much the better. All opinions should be welcome. Differing opinions about public policy are supposed to be resolved, finally, by elected officials, in a public vote. .....To Gloria, civility in public discussion means that the public should listen to her agency's presentation, make suggestions -- if invited to do so -- about how to implement the object of the presentation, and be thankful for the opportunity to speak. Dissent from the object of an agency's presentation is considered to be anti-government, by Gloria and many of her colleagues. ....."

NewsMax 1/31/2000 James Hirsen "….. Most Americans would be shocked to find out that President Clinton, acting alone, has:
* Taken legislation that was voted down by our elected representatives and, acting as a one-man Congress, signed it into law;
* Resurrected a law that had previously been terminated by Congress, so as to alter policy relating to the export of sensitive technology;
* Created secret laws that are unable to be seen, even upon written request, by the people, press, Congress, or even select intelligence committees of Congress;
* Changed four decades of military policy, where previously a launch on warning was required if it were verified that an enemy missile was headed toward our mainland or our territories, to a launch on impact, where we are required to sustain a potentially devastating nuclear missile hit, with likely casualties, before we respond;
* Erased a crucial, foundational part of our Constitution, the Tenth Amendment;
* Implemented unratified international treaties, ignoring the constitutional requirement of the two-thirds approval vote by our duly elected representatives in the Senate;
* Secretly assigned our troops to the United Nations and placed them under foreign command;
* Enabled United Nations representatives in a given NGO to be immune from legal action for violations of law;
* Placed the country in a state of emergency that allows the president, or others in his administration, to suspend the Bill of Rights and the Constitution at will. ….."



Reuters 2/8/00 "…..President Clinton planned to sign an executive order on Tuesday prohibiting the federal government from using genetic information in any hiring or promotion decisions. The move brings to the forefront a 21st century problem -- whether employers should be allowed to use a person's genetic makeup in employment decisions. ``This historic action will prevent the critical health information from genetic tests used to help predict, prevent and treat diseases from being used against them by their employer,'' the White House said. Clinton was to sign the order at a midday event at the American Academy for the Advancement of Science in Washington. …."

Denver Post 2/12/00 David Olinger "…..Sixteen firearms dealers in Colorado have been targeted for thorough inspections under a new federal program that focuses regulatory attention on dealers that have sold the most guns traced from crime scenes. But only two will be getting a "demand letter" from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for records of their used-gun sales, an extra level of enforcement reserved for dealers whose guns have quickly ended up in the hands of criminals. The combination of frequent police traces and a short "time-tocrime," which ATF defines as less than three years from retail sale to police seizure, "provides two indicators that something's going wrong here," said Bill Kinsella, an ATF spokesman in Washington. ATF announced last week that 1 percent of the nation's firearms dealers sold 57 percent of the guns traced by police in 1998 - and promised to inspect them to find out why….."

LA Times 2/5/00 Richard Simon "…..With tougher gun control proposals languishing in Congress, President Clinton invoked his executive powers Friday to crack down on the small percentage of gun dealers who are the source of a majority of weapons used in crimes. Clinton ordered federal agents to target 1,020 gun dealers in what he termed the "most aggressive effort ever undertaken to ensure responsible behavior by gun dealers." The dealers make up only 1.2% of the nation's federal licensed gun dealers but accounted for 57.4% of nearly 200,000 guns traced to crimes in 1998, according to a new report by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Clinton ordered stepped-up inspections of the dealers cited in the report, including 132 that sold guns linked to 50 or more crimes. …."


Enter Stage Right 1/31/00 Lewis Goldberg "…. While we have been told that the 'era of big government is over,' we, nevertheless seem to have too much freedom on our hands, thus the new usurpations. On December 31, 1999 the documents of martial law were drafted and laid out on a table in the White House, ready for Clinton's signature. Y2K turned out to be the biggest dud-of-a-New-Year's-eve there ever was, and our dictator-in-waiting went to sleep, downtrodden and dejected. Even the spin-meisters of the regime could not make anything out of the non-disaster. Not one to be put down for long, Clinton went to work on his 'Plan B,' to take over a little bit at a time. President Clinton has oft-spoken about his mythical "bridge to the twenty-first century" and the building if it were his, and only his, to build. We come to find out in these first few weeks of 2000 that this bridge will be on 'off-limits' federal land, with BATF agents at the entrance to make sure no one takes a gun on it. Of the 17 new spending proposals introduced by Clinton since January 1, the declaration of 40 million acres of National Park as 'off-limits to everything' and the proposal for 500 new BATF agents are among the most heinous……"

Augusta Chronicle 2/7/00 "….. Oklahoma U.S. Sen. James Inhofe is leading a band of nearly 20 Republicans who are planning to block all of President Clinton's judicial nominations until his term is up. Naturally, the senator is drawing heavy fire from all the usual suspects. Yet it's understandable why Republicans would want to freeze this president's nominations, and not just judicial ones. When Clinton doesn't have his way, he ignores the Senate's constitutionally mandated advise-and-consent role by making ``permanent'' recess appointments even though they are only supposed to be temporary until Congress comes back in session. The leading example of this is Bill Lann Lee. After the Senate refused to confirm him as the Justice Department's No. 1 civil rights enforcer three years ago, Clinton appointed Lee when Congress adjourned. He's still there, even though his ultra-liberal enforcement record bears witness to the Senate's reasons for not approving him. …… Many constitutional scholars, including one of the Democrats' most prominent senators, Robert Byrd of West Virginia, notes Clinton is breaking the law by keeping his recess appointments on instead of seeking an up-or-down vote on their confirmation. This is reason enough for Inhofe to block Clinton's future nominees……"


Enter Stage Right 2/21/00 Christopher Summers Christopher Yablonski "…..On September 11, 1997 President Clinton issued Executive Order 13061 creating the American Heritage Rivers Initiative (AHRI). Without seeking congressional approval, the President gave environmental activists and their private foundation patrons something for which they had lobbied for years. AHRI is a program which bundles together hundreds of river-maintenance programs operated by 13 federal agencies into a single initiative for "natural resource and environmental protection, economic revitalization, and historic and cultural preservation." Under AHRI, communities adjacent to 14 designated "American Heritage Rivers" will obtain the services of a so-called "river navigator." This is a federal official who will coordinate community efforts to take advantage of many federal programs. Local governments may refuse to participate in AHRI. Similarly, members of Congress may remove areas along AHRI-designated rivers in their states or congressional districts from participation in the program. But supporters of the program are quickly building constituencies to defend and expand it. AHRI has empowered unelected foundation and nonprofit operatives, and they are shifting the political balance dramatically in favor of taxpayer land acquisition and land-use regulation……"

Associated Press 2/22/00 Calvin Woodward "….Bill Bradley and Al Gore offered minority voters a magic bullet against racial profiling Monday that does not exist within a president's authority. Bradley challenged the vice president in a debate for not persuading President Clinton to issue an executive order against racial profiling generally defined as when police stop motorists based on their race. And Gore vowed that if he becomes president, ''the first civil rights act of the 21st century will be a national law outlawing racial profiling.'' But the problem is not one that can be remotely solved by a presidential order, or indeed by a president at all, experts say. ….."

Las Vegas Review-Journal 2/20/00 "…..Desperate for a legacy that doesn't involve his zipper, Bill Clinton in recent months has busily worked to ingratiate himself with environmentalists by declaring thousands of acres in the West off limits to public use. Mr. Clinton claims the Antiquities Act of 1906 gives him the power to issue these declarations unilaterally without the consent of Congress or local officials in the areas so designated. For instance, in January the president created the million-acre Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument in Arizona. Previously he locked up thousands of acres in southern Utah. Both actions have been challenged in court. But the lawsuits haven't dimmed the president's enthusiasm for such sweeping executive power plays. On Friday, the administration signalled that it isn't done. Speaking in Denver last week, Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt said the president will continue to sidestep Congress and local politicians to "protect" federal land. It's the "seventh inning," Mr. Babbitt noted. "This team isn't going to just walk off the field." The secretary said that he will urge Mr. Clinton to invoke the Antiquities Act as many times as necessary to ban activity on "sensitive" lands across the West……."

ABCNEWS 2/11/0 Josh Gerstein "….. At an event last week, Clinton said his administration was "beginning the most aggressive effort ever undertaken to ensure responsible behavior by gun dealers." Aides who detailed the plan said focused, intensive inspections of gun dealers by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms would be one of the key elements of this crackdown. But Congress has put limits on ATF's ability to inspect gun dealers unless there's reason to believe that a specific dealer is breaking the law. Under current law, ATF can conduct routine inspections only once a year, meaning that some problem dealers might not get a full inspection until 2001. Why does Clinton's staff try so hard to make these half-measures sound so significant? They're under orders. Aides say that Chief of Staff John Podesta has sent down word that, whenever possible, the president's events are to include regulatory or executive actions designed to dispel the notion that he's a lame duck. In an e-mail response to questions from, Podesta acknowledged that he has told the staff to search high and low for unilateral actions that the president can take. "We need to operate in a context which recognizes our authority, sometimes broad ... sometimes more limited," Podesta wrote. …."

House Committee on Resources 2/15/00 "…..Committee on Resources Don Young, Chairman US House of Representatives……. Witnesses testified at a U.S. House Subcommittee hearing today that the Clinton-Gore "Roadless Initiative" and other environmental policies often lack popular support and are initiated by grants from wealthy, non-profit, tax-exempt foundations to environmental groups. "The grantees are accountable to the foundations that fund them - not their own members," said U.S. Rep. Helen Chenoweth (R-ID), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health. "Foundations have no voters, no customers, no investors. The people who run big foundations are part of an elite and insulated group. They are typically located hundreds or even thousands of miles from the communities affected by policies they advocate. They receive little or no feedback from those affected by their decisions, nor are they accountable to anyone for promoting policies which adversely affect the well-being of rural people and local economics."

…….Pew Charitable Trusts Behind Roadless Initiative
"There is evidence that The Pew Charitable Trusts planned an end-run around Congress and arranged the Clinton Administration's new policy to eliminate access to almost 60 million acres of federal land," said Ron Arnold, Vice-President of the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise. "They did it by an initiative they called the 'Heritage Forest Campaign'." Arnold testified that more than $3 million in Pew grants have gone to the National Audubon Society and that the Audubon Society then "funneled the money to 12 other environmental groups under its supervision." Arnold documented the power of foundations in his book, Undue Influence: Wealthy Foundations, Grant-Driven Environmental Groups, and Zealous Bureaucrats That Control Your Future. ……"

……Antonio DeVargas, President of La Compania Ocho, a for-profit, minority owned business engaged in logging and processing of timber located in small mountain villages in New Mexico, testified on the influence of environmental groups funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts on their operations. "The Pew Charitable Trusts has funneled money to the New Mexico Audubon Society under the auspices that the money would be used to benefit the villages of northern New Mexico," DeVargas said. "In fact, those monies were used to try and destroy our villages." DeVargas documented how environmental groups, often consisting of only one or two people, secure funding from foundations and then use the money to spread misinformation about forests being clear cut and the harvesting of timber exceeding the growth of forests in the Carson National Forest in New Mexico. ……… DeVargas also accused the environmental groups of falsely claiming they work with local and indigenous communities. "Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, on the few occasions that they have engaged local villagers from affected communities, what they say that they plan to do is exact opposite of their intentions, and the only reason these engagements even occur is so that they can document that they did meet with the community." ……."

AP 2/15/00 H Josef Hebert "…..President Clinton is considering setting aside as much as 400,000 acres of forests in California as a federal monument to permanently protect remaining groves of the state's giant sequoia trees, administration officials said Tuesday. Clinton asked Agriculture Secretary Daniel Glickman to explore whether the trees ought to be protected under the 1906 Antiquities Act, as he did a month ago to ensure permanent protection over a vast stretch of land adjacent to the Grand Canyon. ``I want to ensure that these majestic cathedral groves ... are protected for future generations to study and enjoy,'' Clinton wrote the agriculture secretary, whose department includes the U.S. Forest Service. He said he wanted a recommendation within 60 days. ….."

N Y TIMES website 2/14/00 C J Chivers "…..For the United States military, the 22-member team is part of a newly formed counterterrorism capability, a cadre of full-time specialists created to help local police departments and firefighters after a chemical, biological or radioactive attack. …..The Pentagon is forming 27 of these groups, called Weapons of Mass Destruction Civilian Support Teams, which fall under the command of the state National Guards and are assigned to zones established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Their missions are to assess the scope and severity of a terrorist attack by sampling suspected germs, chemicals or radioactive material, and then to advise civilian agencies on how to deal with it. The team training in Latham, stationed at Stratton Air National Guard Base in Scotia, N.Y., and assigned to cover New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands, begins its final Department of Defense evaluation exercises Tuesday at Fort Drum. It is expected to be on call by April, along with nine of the other teams around the nation. The remaining teams are scheduled to be on duty by the spring of 2001….."

AP - Via - Elko Daily Free Press 2/23/00 "……In one of their strongest assaults yet on President Clinton's forest protection effort, GOP senators said the initiative violates federal laws and was crafted secretly with the help of environmental special interests. "You have fatally tainted this rule-making," Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, told Clinton administration officials at a hearing yesterday of the subcommittee he chairs. He said the effort violates at least four laws, including the Freedom of Information Act and the National Environmental Policy Act. …. Sen. Pete Domenici, R-Ariz., said the administration should "declare this process is invalid and start over," and that the administration "did wrong" in favoring environmentalists in crafting the initiative. But U.S. Forest Service officials defended the yearlong process, which could result in permanent protections of up to 50 million acres of already roadless federal forest land. ......"

Christian Science Monitor 2/25/00 Jillian Lloyd "......Taking some of the boldest steps on conservation since the days of President Theodore Roosevelt and the creation of the National Park System, the federal government is today moving forward with a plan to keep vast expanses of public land free of development. The new system, tentatively called the National Landscape Monuments, represents a substantial - and controversial - shift in US policy. Historically, the brightest jewels of America's landscape have been governed by the Park Service, while other "leftovers" have been left open to mining, logging, and drilling. Now, many of the sweeping deserts and sandstone buttes not contained within national parks will be afforded a new level of protection. For Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt - perhaps the most unabashedly conservationist secretary in the agency's history - the plan represents a watermark achievement. And for President Clinton, entering an executive coda, it could become one of his longest-lasting legacies. "The fact is that the West is filling up," said Mr. Babbitt, announcing the program here last week. "The West is changing, and now there's a sense of urgency. We're saying, 'What is it we want to see 50 to 100 years from now?' " The National Landscape Monuments will operate within the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which administers some 264 million acres of federal lands, mostly in the West. Although the BLM will continue to manage lands for resource development, under the new system, the agency will also oversee "conservation areas," which allow recreation and some hunting and grazing - but prohibit mining, drilling, and logging......... But others criticize Babbitt's readiness to sidestep Congress, and rely on Mr. Clinton's executive authority to create monuments under the Antiquities Act. They point out that even Stewart Udall - the Interior Secretary under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson who helped enact the Wilderness Act - approached most land protection legislatively. Babbitt, meanwhile, is eyeing a dozen sites around the West that the administration might tab for monument status without congressional input.....In contrast with most national monuments - which Babbitt deems "postage-stamp sized" - the new landscape monuments will encompass entire ecosystems, he says......"

U.S. State Department Press Briefing 2/23/00 James Rubin Barry Schweid AP "…..QUESTION: About a month or so ago, after great effort, we managed to extract from this department the statement of opposition to World Bank loans to Iran. Does the election - could the election have any effect on this position?
MR. RUBIN: The World Bank itself is, of course, best placed to respond to questions about the World Bank. Let me just finish. Just hang in there. Our understanding is that the World Bank has not finalized any proposals for loans to Iran for Executive Board consideration and there are no such proposals on the agenda for the World Bank Board at this time. Congress has directed that the United States oppose multilateral lending to countries designated by the Secretary of State as state sponsors of terrorism. Iran has been so designated. Furthermore, the United States does not believe that conditions favor restarting World Bank lending to Iran at this time. Iran has yet to make progress in a number of fronts that should precede such action, including pursuing meaningful economic reform and abandoning support for terrorism. Our position on lending to Iran is well known to the Bank. The United States opposes World Bank lending to countries we have determined support international terrorism. We will not, therefore, support any loan to Iran that comes to the World Bank's Executive Board.
QUESTION: Does that legislation --
MR. RUBIN: I thought that was pretty clear.
QUESTION: That's very clear, yes. But --
MR. RUBIN: What do you mean? I did it right away.
QUESTION: No, it's very good. But does that legislation --
MR. RUBIN: You didn't have to drag it out of me, none of that.
QUESTION: -- contain any kind of national security waiver or national interest waiver or anything at all? Is it set in stone, when you say Congress has directed that we oppose --
MR. RUBIN: We don't believe that Congress can, in fact, as a constitutional matter, direct how we vote, and the Executive Branch considers such direction from Congress as beyond congressional authority. We've made this point to Congress; we're going to continue to disagree on that. But we have, as a matter of practice, followed congressional proscriptions. Beyond that, I would have to get the text of the law to answer your question about waivers.
QUESTION: Do you have the right to ignore congressional guidance on this point?
MR. RUBIN: I think we've made it clear to Congress for some time that we disagree with their authority to direct our --
QUESTION: Do you think maybe Iran may be a test case for this right --
MR. RUBIN: I wouldn't assume that at all. ……"

US Newswire 2/24/00 "……STATEMENT BY THE PRESIDENT I have just signed a Presidential Decision Directive (PDD) that will improve America's ability to strengthen police and judicial institutions in countries where peacekeeping forces are deployed. The PDD directs the Departments of State, Defense and Justice to undertake a series of critical enhancements in the areas of police-military coordination, as well as in police, penal and judicial training and development. In peacekeeping missions from the Balkans to East Timor, establishing basic law and order has been among the most important -- and formidable -- challenges. Developing effective local police forces, establishing credible court and penal systems, and reforming legal codes can make the crucial difference between building a just future and lapsing back into conflict. When fully implemented, this PDD will help overcome major obstacles that currently confront international peacekeeping operations. By enhancing cooperation between police and military peacekeepers, we will better ensure public security during these operations. By more effectively training and fielding international police monitors, we will better ensure that local police fairly and effectively prevent the breakdown of law and order in post-conflict societies. And by improving our ability to provide assistance to local judicial and penal institutions, we will better ensure accountability, as well as confidence among local populations often traumatized by the conflicts they have endured. We must do everything possible to improve our ability to help countries in transition to get the job done -- and to encourage other governments and the United Nations to be deeply engaged in these efforts. ….."

Elko Daily dot com 2/22/00 Adella Harding "…. Meanwhile, a House Committee on Resources subcommittee chaired by U.S. Rep. Helen Chenoweth-Hage, R-Idaho, has released an analytical review of documents it received from the Clinton administration on the roadless areas proposal that claims the administration may have broken the law. The committee states that its Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health found strong evidence the administration utilized a handful of environmental leaders to develop the initiative in "apparent violation of the Administrative Procedures Act and the Federal Advisory Committee Act." "The report is based solely on documents provided by the administration in response to the committee's requests for information on its new policy," Hage said. "The report speaks for itself." The report alleges that the administration rushed the rule-making process to avoid congressional and public input, leading forest service employees to express concern about the accuracy of the data they gathered. In addition, the subcommittee report states that the environmental groups in question provided the draft language, legal memos and survey research data to administration officials on the proposed roadless areas. ….." 3/7/00 Carl Limbacher "……It hasn't received much national media attention, but President Clinton's recent bid to federalize more than 400,000 acres in California is beginning to rub some local officials the wrong way. In a move reminiscent of Clinton's 1996 Utah land grab, where the White House surprised state officials by converting the coal rich Grand Staircase-Escalante region into a national monument, the president proposes to confiscate California's Sequoia National Forest. The land Clinton wants to take just happens to be the size of Rhode Island but, once again, if state officials don't like it, well -- that's tough. ….."

UPI Wire 3/6/00 Michael Kirkland "…..The Supreme Court rejected Monday a challenge to President Clinton's executive order designating "heritage rivers" throughout the United States. A small group of Republican House members had argued that the order is unconstitutional. The president first brought up the idea of "heritage rivers" in his State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress in January 1997. The program, Clinton said, would "help communities alongside (the rivers) revitalize their waterfronts and clean up pollution." A committee appointed by the president later recommended the details of the American Heritage Rivers Initiative, and Clinton issued an executive order implementing the initiative in September 1997. The executive order told all federal agencies that the president would begin identifying certain "American heritage rivers," and that federal officials should dedicate the resources of their agencies to protect and restore them. Clinton cited the National Evironmental Policy Act as authority for the executive order. …….. A federal judge in Washington dismissed the suit, and a federal appeals court affirmed, saying the members of Congress had failed to show how they had been personally injured by the president's order. Generally, only someone or a group that can show injury has the "standing" to file suit in the U.S. courts. The members of Congress then asked the Supreme Court for review, citing federal law and Article I of the Constitution, which says "all legislative power" belongs to Congress. ……But the Supreme Court rejected the case Monday without comment….."

The Nevada Appeal 3/7/00 Nancy Dallas "….."We truly are in a war and if we don't win this war we are going to lose our water, lose our land, lose our system of values and lose the ability to self-determination and the ability to control even our own children." A leader in the land rights movement, U.S. Rep. Helen Chenoweth-Hage, R-Idaho, on Sunday evening told a packed room of more than 200 Republicans that Americans must commit themselves to the battle for freedom. "This is such a wonderful land of opportunity, we have to stand and fight for what we have. There is no place else to go," she said. Quoting her husband, Sagebrush Rebellion leader Wayne Hage, she noted, "You either own property or you are property." Chenoweth-Hage was the keynote speaker at the Lyon County Republican Central Committee's annual Lincoln Day Dinner in Yerington. ….." 2/25/00 Alan Caruba "…..One of the biggest threats to the ability of Americans to actually hold on to privately owned lands and to have access to federally owned parks, forests, and other areas, remains the Clinton Administration effort to provide Congress with money to purchase even more land. Among the States the White House has announced will receive funds under its Lands Legacy initiative would be Idaho, a state where the federal government already owns two-thirds of the land. In fact, only 16 states have land the Clinton, Gore and Babbitt cabal doesn't covet. This administration is hell bent to reverse over two hundred years of private property ownership. ….. In a recent issue of Green Speak, a newsletter published by the National Hardwood Lumber Association, Rep. John Peterson (R-PA) addressed the administration's "National Forest System Roadless Area" proposal. The plan, notes Peterson, "would effectively make an additional 40-60 million acres of federal forest lands off limits to any usage whatsoever-whether it be for maintaining the health of the forest, for recreational use by the public, or for any other reason forestlands should be accessed." That's what lies as the heart of the White House program to lock up as much land as possible before it is forced out of office; making sure that Americans will not have the use of the abundant natural resources these lands represent and making sure they will not be able to use the lands for anything, including experiencing the joys of nature by doing something horrible like camping or hiking……"


News Max 3/23/00 Dr James Hirsen "……..Conservation. It has long been an exalted concept and a worthwhile cause. As Americans, we marvel at the glory of our landscape. Almost to an obsession, we take pride in the natural treasures that grace our great country, and most of us retain a vigilant appreciation for our nation's splendor. So it is with a blend of astonishment and ire that nature lovers of an independent mind are greeting President Clinton's latest attempt to embellish his stature, the Land Legacy Initiative. Yes, we are about to experience yet another stroke of the pen, another unwarranted law of the land, another jolt to our liberty. By signing documents termed presidential proclamations, Bill Clinton intends to designate roughly 40 to 60 million additional acres of land as wilderness. This will be accomplished by merely closing existing roads on federal lands. As he has done with a million acres in Arizona and California and two million acres in Utah, Clinton and his enviro-henchmen are set to pilfer more public land. But the impending heist comes with a not so hidden agenda. The so-called roadless plan targets the real enemy of the eco-extremist world, human beings. The wilderness plan is designed to prevent business operations such as timber production and mining from occurring on the lands, but the eventual goal is to stop people from camping, hunting, hiking or otherwise engaging in time-honored recreational activities. ….."

Nevada Appeal 3/25/00 Matt Kelley AP "……Western Republicans are pushing forward with a bill to set a 10-year deadline for Congress to act on wilderness proposals, despite protests from Democrats that it could lead to damage on millions of acres of pristine federal land. The proposal from Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, would allow areas set aside for possible wilderness designation to lose that protection if Congress does not make a formal wilderness designation within a decade. Under a 1964 law, only Congress can designate wilderness but agencies such as the Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management can treat remote areas as if they were wilderness until Congress acts. Supporters say the lack of any deadline for congressional action on wilderness proposals allows federal agencies to lock up land indefinitely. Activities such as logging, mining, building, bicycling and off-road vehicle use are banned in areas managed as wilderness. ''Congress never intended that these areas would be studied in perpetuity,'' said Rep. Rick Hill, R-Mont. ''Congress doesn't get to act because there's no urgency to act.'' But Democrats and environmentalists say Hansen's proposal would eviscerate federal wilderness protection. ……''It's clearly an attack on the wilderness system,'' said Larry Young of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. ….."

World Net Daily 3/24/00 David Limbaugh "…….Why do you suppose the framers were so insistent that only virtuous men serve as president? To set a moral example for the nation? Oh yes, but there's much more to it than that. Before you Clintonoids wrongly assume I am waxing nostalgic for impeachment and urge me "to move on," you should hear me out. Despite the brilliant scheme of checks and balances incorporated into the Constitution, the system is not foolproof against the devices of clever and deceitful men. ……… This week, President Clinton urged India to comply with the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, which the Senate soundly rejected last year, and the Kyoto (global warming) Treaty, which he hasn't even submitted to the Senate for ratification because he knows he doesn't have the votes. In utter disregard for the Senate's constitutional role in these matters, Clinton presses forward with the unabashed arrogance of a totalitarian dictator. ………. On to tobacco. In an excellent article in the American Spectator, Byron York chronicles the extensive efforts of the Clinton Justice Department to bring Big Tobacco to its knees.......In another audacious move, Clinton's FDA tried to regulate tobacco as a drug. Thankfully this week, the Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, slapped down the FDA's attempted usurpation of authority…… To top it all off, the administration this week bullied gun-maker Smith & Wesson into adopting gun safety measures that Congress had so far refused to legally mandate. In exchange, the company was released from liability in lawsuits brought by more than 15 cities, the Federal Housing Authority and other groups seeking to hold manufacturers legally responsible for violence caused by their weapons. The lawsuit was never about recovering money, but using the courts as a weapon to circumvent the democratic will of Congress. Adding insult to injury, HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo has promised to use the economic coercion of the federal government to force other recalcitrant gun manufacturers to get on board. ……"

Las Vegas Review-Journal 3/17/00 Scott Sonner AP "….Western senators, Republican governors, loggers and dune buggy drivers aren't the only ones upset with President Clinton's push to protect swaths of roadless areas in national forests. Senior officials within the U.S. Forest Service warn Chief Mike Dombeck about the pitfalls of the initiative that conservation leaders say would leave Clinton an environmental legacy unmatched since Teddy Roosevelt. A wide variety of active and retired Forest Service officials criticize the proposal on several fronts. Some say the plan is so poorly coordinated that staff and the public are befuddled. Others say the proposal is a drain on already-tight budgets and will preclude other pressing programs. One said the opposition to new restrictions on access to the lands is so vehement that it could turn violent. "…."

Associated Press Via CNN dot com 3/17/00 Jim Abrams "…..Landowners claiming violation of their constitutional rights in land disputes would have easier access to the federal courts under legislation approved by the House. Supporters of the bill, which passed 226-182 Thursday, argued that the current system, where property owners must often spend a decade battling with local and state authorities before getting a federal hearing, is unjust. But the bill faces an uncertain future in the Senate and the Clinton administration has promised a veto, saying it would "harm neighboring property owners, weaken local public health, safety and environmental protections and lower the quality of life" in communities by undercutting the authority of local officials. ……The bill, which passed the House in similar form in 1997, states that federal courts may not abstain from considering property takings cases that involve solely federal claims. It also allows landowners, once they have appealed their cases before local authorities, to go directly to federal courts, bypassing the state court system. ….."

WASHINGTON TIMES 4/19/00 Rowan Scarborough "……Senior Army political appointees privately ordered the Army Corps of Engineers to erase from a report its recommendation to leave in place four dams on the Northwest's Snake River, according to internal documents. Army Secretary Louis Caldera and his assistant secretary for civil works issued the orders last fall, according to documents obtained by The Washington Times. Two months later, the Corps issued its environmental study minus its conclusion that the dams should remain. Defense Department sources say the order was highly unusual. The Corps, they say, has a long history of issuing environmental impact statements and recommendations based on science, not political influence. A special Senate task force is investigating whether the Clinton administration is politicizing the Corps through orders such as the one on the Snake River……"

Washington Post 4/16/00 Charles Babington "….. Standing beneath the shade and occasional sheddings of a giant sequoia, President Clinton today created a new national monument that will further protect the majestic trees that soar to 300 feet and live up to 3,000 years. The president, who hopes to make land preservation a key part of his legacy, acknowledged that most giant sequoias already are off limits to loggers. But, he said, "the environment around them must also be protected for the great trees to grow and reproduce." Clinton designated 328,000 acres of the Sierra Nevada as the Giant Sequoia National Monument. The area includes about half of the 70 remaining groves of giant sequoias, which once were prevalent in the American West but now exist only on the Sierra Nevada's western slope…….The designation will bar new mining claims and quickly phase out any existing logging rights, but allow access for camping, hunting, fishing and other recreational uses. To create the monument's extra level of federal protection, Clinton used the 1906 Antiquities Act. It allows him to bypass the Republican-controlled Congress, which is leery of new barriers to development and businesses. Several other presidents have used the act for similar purposes……."

San Francisco Chronicle 4/13/00 Glen Martin "……. Debbie Voorheis is afraid President Clinton might make her live in her car. Voorheis, owner of a resort in a tiny mountain settlement called Pierpoint Springs, has put every dime she has into operating the resort, which consists of a grocery store, bar and restaurant. ``My total inheritance is in it,'' she said. ``If I go broke, that's it. I'll literally have no place to live but my car.'' Voorheis fears that her business will go south if, as expected, Clinton declares the creation of the Giant Sequoia National Monument on Saturday. The monument is expected to comprise 355,000 acres of Sequoia National Forest land, including thousands of acres around Pierpoint Springs and the adjacent hamlet of Camp Nelson. ….."

Statesboro Herald 4/4/00 Cheryl Chumley "……. Congressional plaintiffs are appealing a Feb. 18 dismissal of their case against President Clinton, pursuing allegations he violated Constitutional and War Powers Act laws during air strikes over Kosovo. Seeking clarification of the recent ruling in which three U.S. Court of Appeals judges wrote four separate opinions to dismiss, attorneys for the U.S. representatives hope more to prevent future lawsuits of similar nature rather than punish Clinton for any actions that might be deemed illegal by the judges. "We believe this is one of those subjects of such great importance to our nation, the power to declare war, and it is still unclear," Joel Starr, an attorney for the plaintiffs, said. The case, initiated about a year ago by 17 representatives, involved accusations that Clinton violated Article One, Section Eight, Clause 11 of the U.S. Constitution by initiating and continuing air strikes in the Balkans without the approval of Congress. After the attacks lasted more than 62 days, members of Congress also alleged Clinton broke War Powers Resolution mandates in that he made an autonomous decision to proceed with U.S. troop attacks. ……"

Washington Times 4/4/00 Wes Pruden "…… Bill Clinton wants the rule of law applied to whether Elian Gonzalez stays in America, where he can grow up as a free man, or is returned to Fidel Castro's Cuba, where he will grow up to be a cipher in the endless scheme of Marxist misery. The president, for once, is right. The rule of law should be supreme. That's what America is all about. To do that, though, Mr. Clinton must tell the Immigration and Naturalization Service to butt out. What the INS wants to do, with its usual Washington talent for bureaucratic bungling, is to apply not the rule of law, but the rule of regulation. The rule of law is meant to be applied by the courts, not the regulatory agencies, and as usual the feds have got it backwards. ….." 5/8/00 Stephan Archer "…… In recent years several U.S. islands have been ceded to Russia and other countries, without congressional approval or public debate. These islands, many uninhabited, are significant because they hold potential mineral, gas, oil and fishing rights - not to mention potential strategic military value. So where exactly are these disputed islands? ……. The Arctic islands, which lie west of Alaska and north of Siberia, include the islands of Wrangell, Herald, Bennett, Jeannette and Henrietta. ……The islands in the Bering Sea make up the westernmost point in Alaska's Aleutian chain and include Copper Island, Sea Otter Rock and Sea Lion Rock. These islands together have more square mileage than the states of Rhode Island and Delaware combined. ……. Though the United States had staked claim to these islands for more than a century, the State Department has been anxious to turn them back to Russia. The tranfer would have gone unnoticed were it not for State Department Watch, a Washington-based group that monitors State Department acitivities. ……"

8/21/98 NCPPR-Scoop * State Department to Transfer U.S. Property to Russia, & Without Compensating American Owners "……. Tim Hunter of State Department Watch spoke about the State Department¹s desire to give Wrangell Island to Russia under an unapproved agreement, giving away rights to fishing, petroleum, natural gas, and other resources on the island & surrounding seabed. Also at issue is a part of the agreement that would give away eight Alaskan islands without provisions to pay private landowners or Alaska for their losses. Although negotiations between the U.S. and the then- Soviet Union did reach an executive agreement ratified by the Senate in 1991 to transfer the property, the agreement was rejected by the Russian Duma in 1997. Since then, however, the State Department has continued to act as if the agreement was accepted. It is also ignoring a 1997 resolution passed by the Alaskan House charging that Alaska¹s exclusion from the agreement process is unconstitutional. ……"

Associated Press Online 5/9/00 John Hughes "……The Clinton administration on Tuesday will call for banning road construction in 43 million acres of roadless federal forests and propose allowing local foresters to decide whether to bar activities such as logging, mining and off-road-vehicle use. The plan defers a decision on whether to prohibit roads in 8.7 million acres of the nation's largest forest, the Tongass in Alaska, until 2004 when agency officials review a separate plan governing that forest. ……. About 60 million acres of the 192 million acres of federal forests are considered wild, or undeveloped. The rest of the acreage, governed by the Forest Service, is host to a wide range of activities, including logging, camping, skiing, mining and off-road-vehicle use. Environmentalists complain that roads cause runoff, disrupt plant and wildlife and make it easier for people to conduct harmful activities such as logging, mining and off-road-vehicle riding. …… The forest protection plan requires no congressional action, relying on regulations to be issued by the Forest Service after a detailed environmental review and public comments. ….." 4/24/00 AP Matt Kelley "…….Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt indicated Monday he is on the verge of recommending President Clinton declare new national monuments in Colorado and Oregon. A swath of canyons dotted with American Indian ruins in southwestern Colorado and the ecologically diverse Soda Mountain near the Oregon-California line are ''ripe for consideration'' to become the fifth and sixth monuments created by Clinton this year, Babbitt said. The areas are unique and should be protected from mining and overuse by off-road vehicles, he said. The 1906 Antiquities Act gives presidents broad power to create monuments and decide what uses should be restricted. Clinton has created two new monuments each in California and Arizona this year, prohibiting mining and logging in sequoia groves, the Grand Canyon watershed, an arid mountain valley and hundreds of small islands in the Pacific. ….."

WorldNetDaily 4/22/00 Sarah Foster "……. It's Earth Day 2000. And as President Clinton, assisted by key agency heads, finalizes plans to add more national monuments to his "Lands Legacy," ranchers, farmers, and residents of small towns throughout the West worry how long it will be before they find themselves driven from their land and their communities destroyed. Ever since Clinton announced his Lands Legacy Initiative in January of last year, Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt has been zigzagging the West looking for areas already administered by the Bureau of Land Management: which he deems in even greater need of special protection by the federal government as national monuments, critical habitat areas or other designation. This year, the president has designated four monuments -- the most recent being the 328,000-acre Great Sequoia National Monument, which he proclaimed last Saturday. ……."

Elko Daily Free Press 4/24/00 Scott Sonner "……. Dozens of university scientists across the country are urging Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt to follow the U.S. Forest Service's lead by protecting remaining roadless areas managed by the Bureau of Land Management. "We have far too little of these wild lands left on earth," said James Deacon, a biologist and desert fish specialist in the Department of Environmental Studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. "The whole Earth's ecosystem is stressed to the point that there is a real question as to whether it can maintain a sustainable society. That means we jolly well better do what we can to maintain the wilderness that we do have," he said. Deacon joined 65 scientists in petitioning Babbitt recently to produce an accurate inventory of roadless areas and provide them with "appropriate protection based on ecological values." ……"

Associated Press Writer 4/25/00 H Josef Hebert "……The National Park Service is moving to restrict -- and possibly ban entirely in many parks -- the use of snowmobiles, government and private sources said Tuesday. Snowmobiles currently are allowed in more than 40 parks, although conservationists have complained about their noise and air pollution, especially as their popularity has grown in recent years. An announcement on ''measures to halt recreational use of snowmobiles'' in national parks was to be made at a news conference Thursday, the Interior Department said. The latest actions are aimed at halting ''the escalating recreational use of snowmobiles'' within the national park system, according to the department advisory. No additional details about the decision could be learned Tuesday. ……..Environmental groups and the National Parks and Conservation Association, a private park advocacy group, have argued that the Park Service for years has failed to enforce existing regulations against recreational snowmobiling at many national parks. Under regulations dating back to the 1970s, the Park Service is required to monitor off-road vehicle use -- including snowmobiles -- and prohibit such uses if it is determined that they are causing environmental damage, said Kevin Collins of the National Parks and Conservation Association. ……"

AP Press 5/31/00 John Hughes "……Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt on Wednesday asked President Clinton to declare four new national monuments, including one at the Hanford nuclear reservation in Washington state that would protect 200,000 acres. The other three would protect nearly 351,000 acres of federal land in Oregon, Colorado and Arizona. If Clinton approves the request, as expected, he will have used the Antiquities Act to protect nearly 3.7 million acres -- the second most by a U.S. president. ….."

5/26/00 AP Anne Gearan "……Over the roar of ocean surf, President Clinton pledged Friday to place unique stretches of sea and beach beyond danger from fishing, drilling or other human activities. Clinton, in shirt sleeves and sunglasses, gestured to an expanse of wild and windblown beach as he outlined plans for a federal system of protected marine areas. He noted that oceans cover about 70 percent of the Earth's surface and support all manner of economy and jobs...."

New York Times 5/27/00 Sam Howe Verhovek "….Indeed, at 17 million acres, the Tongass is more than three times the size of any other national forest. But as the Clinton administration promotes its far-reaching plan to safeguard the forests by banning new road building throughout much of the system, the Tongass has a curious distinction: it is the one national forest specifically exempted from such a ban. There are already more than 4,000 miles of logging roads snaking through the rain forest here, built as part of the nation's most heavily subsidized logging program, one that costs taxpayers about $30 million a year but is fiercely defended by Alaska's tiny but powerful Congressional delegation. ……."

Denver Post 5/14/00 Ed Marston "….... Now the waiting is over, and Babbitt is once again shuttling between Washington, D.C., and the Western United States. But this time, he is no passive observer of someone else's process. This time he comes west bearing a big stick and a small carrot. The stick is the Antiquities Act of 1906, and a threat to use it in a dozen or more places in the West to create national monuments, as President Bill Clinton did at Grand Staircase-Escalante in Utah, and more recently in Arizona and California. The carrot is a promise not to create another national monument if local interests and their congressional representatives come up with and pass a bill to protect the land. …… To add insult to the multiple injuries that Babbitt is visiting on the West, Clinton - acting through Forest Service Chief Mike Dombeck, a Babbitt protege - has locked up an additional 90,000 square miles of roadless land while the Forest Service studies ways to keep it roadless. …….. How has the Interior West reacted to these massive affronts? Various cowboy-hatted Paul Reveres are riding about, raising the alarm. Shovels are being collected in significant numbers. And a national forest supervisor has been driven from office in Nevada. …..Otherwise, the war between extractive interests and the environmental movement for control of the Interior West's public lands is drawing to a close. The timber era, the cattle era, the big-dam era, the wise-use era all are ending. An immense landscape is going from one set of uses to another set of uses, from one way of life to another, in an astoundingly short time. ….."

AP 5/10/00 "…….President Clinton issued an executive order today making it easier for AIDS-ravaged Africa to obtain inexpensive drugs and medical technologies. The president took the action after nearly identical language in the order was taken out of an African trade bill that Congress is likely to pass and send to the White House this week.."

AP 5/10/00 John Hugs "…..The Forest Service lacks legal authority to implement a sweeping rule that would make forest health the top priority in managing woodlands, the agency's former top legal adviser said Wednesday………The agency last fall proposed an overhaul of planning regulations that govern all 192 million acres of federal forests. Local foresters use the regulations when deciding whether to allow logging, mining and other activities in forests. ………The proposal, one of a dozen or so major rules pending in the final year of President Clinton's term, is a departure from existing regulations because they place ''ecological sustainability'' -- the need to protect healthy ecosystems in forests -- above all other needs. Existing regulations, which have gone unrevised since 1982, place forest ecology on the same level as logging, recreation and other forest uses. …….Perry said ''ecological sustainability'' is a vague and subjective term that will result in widespread inconsistencies in forest management. He said the rule also runs up against federal laws that say forests should be open to many different uses......." 5/14/00 Lawrence Auster "…..The armed seizure of Elian Gonzalez was not only a lawless act of tyranny by the Clinton government, it was an announcement, for those with eyes to see, of the beginning of an age of tyranny in America. It is a tyranny that has been taking shape imperceptibly and informally over many years, but now is becoming so blatant and systematic that it virtually amounts to a new - if unofficial - form of government. …….. Under this regime, the executive, liberated from the Constitution and from any fear of genuine political opposition, does whatever it feels like doing, from character assassination campaigns against witnesses and prosecutors to missile attacks on foreign aspirin factories to the terror bombing of foreign civilian populations, while the major media, functioning in effect as a state organ, shapes an ignorant and malleable public into agreement with whatever the executive is doing. …… 5/14/00 Lawrence Auster "…..This is especially easy when the dissident is not a public figure but simply some poor slob whom fate has placed in the path of the left. Since the legions of the politically correct do not regard such a person as a human being like themselves, they don't have to observe even minimal decency toward him. …….. This may sound extreme, but experience is bearing it out. Just as property owners had no intrinsic value in the eyes of the Bolsheviks, and just as Jews had no intrinsic human value in the eyes of the Nazis, anyone who doesn't dance to the tune of America's dominant left has no intrinsic human value. …….. These are some of the thoughts triggered by The Washington Post's front-page hit job against Donato Dalrymple four days after machine-gun-toting INS agents grabbed Elian Gonzalez from his arms. ………I won't go into the details of this unbelievably filthy piece of "journalism," which has been adequately discussed elsewhere. What I want to emphasize here is what the article tells us about the liberals' devotion to the "little people." ……..But as soon as the little people are unfortunate enough to find themselves on the other side of an issue from the left, they become inconveniences to be swept aside. Their very insignificance - their relative lack of success in life, their lack of sophistication and media savvy, their quirks, their immaturities, even their very innocence - becomes the means the left uses to isolate and humiliate them. ……"

WorldnetDaily 7/28/99 Henry Lamb "…..It was already hot on June 17, when Bob Learzaf got up. He latched his screen door, put the chain-latch on the front door, and left it ajar while he went to take a bath, and get ready to go to work. He was alone in his Pittsburgh apartment. ......
He heard voices at his door, hushed, excited voices. Then came a rapid, loud knock on the door.
"Who's there?" Bob shouted. ……..
"Come to the door, now. Federal Marshals!"
"I'm taking a bath, let me get some clothes on."
"No, you must come to the door immediately!" …….
No one read him his rights. No one showed him a warrant. No one cared what he had to say. After sitting in jail for two hours, someone slipped a warrant under his cell door. He was charged with: "Maintaining any kind of road, trail, structure, or other improvement on National Forest system land without a special use authorization," a criminal offense subject to six months in jail and a fine of $5,000. ......
He had never received a notice to appear in court. The prosecutor could not produce a notice of service at the preliminary hearing. The judge released him on his own recognizance with a new court date set for July 8. ......
Bob's troubles began 20 years before he was born. His great-uncle Mel Sojanski bought Iron City Junction from the Iron City Lumber Company, on Oct. 16, 1923. Bob has the original bill of sale, which identifies "all the buildings and land comprising Iron City Junction of the Iron City Railroad." ......
When 1996 rolled around, Bob was the man in charge of the family's Iron City Hunting & Fishing Club. The Forest Service knocked on his door and said "you must vacate the property and burn your cabin."
"Why would I do a crazy thing like that?" Bob asked. "My family has owned this land since 1923."
The Forest Service issued a notice of violation on June 16, 1997. In the space labeled "court appearance," are the hand-written words "To be notified by court." ......
Bob went first to the District Ranger, and then to the Director of the Allegheny National Forest, John Palmer, with his bill of sale. "We've got a problem here I think we can solve. Here's the original bill of sale my Uncle Mel got when he bought the place in 1923."
"That's not worth a thing. You don't have a claim. You've got to remove the building and leave," was Palmer's reply.
Bob found an attorney. "Wow, I can't believe this," says the attorney. "They're charging you with a criminal violation. This is a civil matter. It's an ownership dispute." ...
The attorney arranged for two postponements, with the court supposed to notify Bob's attorney when a new date was set. Time passed. No word about a court date. Bob called his attorney who advised him to let a sleeping dog lie. He did, for more than a year. But on June 17, the sleeping dog awoke, broke in his front door, and hauled him off to jail. ......
UPDATE - May 2, 2000 ……
Bob Learzaf was fined $2000, and sentenced to one year's probation, by Judge Sean J. McLaughlin on April 26. Bob's crime: he refused to burn (or remove) a cabin from land he believes his family has owned since 1923. In 1928, the federal government bought the surrounding land which is now a part of the Allegheny National Forest. ……..
The feds believe that Bob's parcel was included in the 1928 sale to the federal government.
Bob has the original bill of sale which says otherwise.
Neither the Forest Service, nor the Judge, accept the original bill of sale as a valid conveyance of title. ……
Unless an appeal reverses Judge McLaughlin ruling, Bob may enter his cabin one more time - under the supervision of the federal government - to remove personal belongings. After that, the feds will do whatever they wish with the property that Bob's uncle Mel paid $150 in 1923. For 77 years, the property belonged to the Learzaf family. Now, it belongs to the federal government. No, the property was not condemned by elected officials. No, the property was not purchased at fair market value. No, Bob was not given a choice; he was given a fine and a sentence and a record - for having the audacity to want to protect his private property. ......
Bob Learzaf is the last of 195 private property owners who have been removed -- one way or another -- from the Allegheny National Forest. ……"

Las Vegas Sun 6/15/00 Scott Sonner AP "……The U.S. attorney for Nevada is warning Elko County organizers of a July 4 protest that the "Shovel Brigade" will break a series of federal laws if it goes through with plans to rebuild a national forest road near threatened trout. But Shovel Brigade President Demar Dahl insisted Thursday that he is moving ahead with plans to reclaim the road at the Independence Day rally expected to attract thousands to the tiny northeast Nevada town of Jarbidge. U.S. Attorney Kathryn Landreth said in a letter to Dahl and other organizers that she was aware of statements they made about their plan to "perform this construction without regard to the federal regulations that apply to this activity. ... "This letter serves to inform you that the Shovel Brigade must seek federal permits before attempting to perform any earth disturbing activity on or near the South Canyon Road," she said in the June 9 letter obtained by The Associated Press. ……"Failure to do so will expose the Shovel Brigade and its individual officers, directors and members to the risk of criminal and civil sanctions," she wrote. ……"

Craig Daily Press 6/14/00 Tyler J. Baskfield "……Rep. Scott McInnis, R-Colo., is hoping to use a letter to Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt to smoke out the truth about a proposed 400,000-acre expansion of the Dinosaur National Monument. McInnis sent the letter asking about the Clinton administration's plans for the proposed expansion of the monument or designation of a new Vermillion National Monument. While McInnis feels it is necessary to protect resources, he believes leaving the local community in the dark is the wrong way to go about it. "I certainly share the federation's desire to see that these resources remain protected, but this end-run around local input doesn't help their cause or their credibility," said McInnis. "You just don't cram a 400,000 acre proposal down a community's throat without at least sitting down and talking to the locals first." ……"

REUTERS 6/9/00 Steve Holland "……President Clinton signed proclamations Friday creating four new national monuments to protect 440,000 acres of sensitive federal lands in Arizona, Colorado, Oregon and Washington. The action, based on a recommendation from Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt, was the latest in a series of moves that has angered some Western lawmakers but brought praise from environmental groups...."

White House 6/9/00 Al Gore "…..Vice President Gore today announced the creation of two new national monuments -- the Hanford Reach National Monument in Washington, which will protect one of the last free-flowing stretches of the Columbia River, and the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument in Oregon, which includes Soda Mountain and surrounding lands rich with plant and animal life…….. The two new monuments, which strengthen protection for lands already managed by the federal government, were recommended last month by Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt……."

The Washington Times page A-17 7/7/00 Kimberly Schuld Anita Blair "….. An executive order is simply that: a unilateral decree dictated by the president, which is neither voted on by Congress nor even subjected to advance public notice and comment. Bill Clinton has issued more executive orders than any other American president, and as his last term in office winds down, his executive orders are increasing in both number and boldness. ………. One of his latest executive orders, announced at a California event at 7 p.m. Eastern time on a Friday, expands Title IX, the law barring sex discrimination in education, to all federally conducted education and training programs. Contrary to the express intent of Congress in enacting Title IX, the new executive order requires federal agencies and private contractors who deal with them to ensure that women are not "underrepresented" in educational or training programs. ……. Congress and the public would never have approved such an extreme and unwarranted result as 50/50 gender quotas, but then, that's exactly why the president chose to achieve it by executive order, as the history of this particular executive order clearly demonstrates. ……"

Elko Free Press 7/5/00 Gary Begin "…..Anti-road-closure supporters yesterday successfully removed a 10,000-pound boulder, dubbed the "Liberty Rock" by participants, and partially cleared a 900-foot section of the South Canyon Road here in defiance of several federal agencies that have combined to keep the road closed for the last five years. Standing on top of one of three boulders placed by the U.S. Forest Service to block vehicle access to the road, Elwood Mose, chairman of the Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone, told the crowd "You are the new Indians." Nevada Assemblyman John Carpenter, R-Elko, one of the three original "road rebels" from last year sued by the Justice Department and then forced into mediation, said today of the event, "It couldn't have been better." "It was a great event and a compliment to the people who would come that far and be so dedicated and courteous," he said. >p> Carpenter said the event was "patriotic." "This is a precedent-setting, grass-roots movement. The Feds have to start paying attention to the people," Carpenter said. He also said he was particularly moved when one lady, known as "Grandma C" was able to drive her wheelchair through the opening and onto the "fixed" road. "That was a really emotional moment," he said. "Access for the handicapped is a big reason for this whole thing," Carpenter said. ……."

Craig Daily Press 6/29/00 Tyler Baskfield "….. Maps in hand, members of the National Wildlife Federation, the Colorado Environmental Coalition and the Colorado Mountain Club met with the Craig Daily Press this morning in an effort to make their proposal for the 280,000 acre Vermillion National Monument public. The proposal titled "Citizen-Proposed Vermillion National Monument" was also sent to Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt and placed on his desk this morning. The Moffat County Board of Commissioners was supposed to get a copy of the proposal yesterday, but didn't have the opportunity to view it due to miscommunications. …….. Brad Bartlett, regional organizer for the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), said the group tried to contact the commissioners at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday and were unsuccessful. They did leave a copy of the proposal at the commissioners office. "We tried to call them at home," said Bartlett. "We wanted to give them a heads up before it went public." …….Whether it was a miscommunication or intentional, not receiving the proposal yesterday angered Moffat County Commissioner Marianna Raftopoulos. "This backs up our theory that the proper process is not being followed," said Raftopoulos. "I stayed here (the Moffat County Courthouse) all day expecting the proposal. This is twice now." ……"

Las Vegas Review-Journal 7/1/00 Michael Weissenstein "…… The government plans to protect thousands of acres, including 460 acres near Mount Charleston. The nation's top land manager wants to secure thousands of acres of Nevada wetlands, mountainsides and ranches with his first purchase under a unique law funding environmental protection with profits from urban sprawl, officials said. ...,, Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt will announce in Las Vegas next week that the federal government intends to buy as many as 7,800 acres of land statewide with about $23 million from ongoing auctions of vacant public land around the city, sources familiar with the plan said. ......The secretary's shopping list contains more than 665 acres in Clark County. It includes about 460 acres of rugged terrain near Mount Charleston and about $4 million worth of private holdings in the planned Clark County Wetlands Park, sources said. ......"

Forbes 7/3/00 Dan Seligman "…… IN THE EVENT YOU HAVE FAILED TO NOTICE THAT President Clinton is on an executive-order kick, check out the Web site of the National Archives & Records Administration. During the first 88 months of his Administration Bill established an executive order issuance rate averaging 3.6 per month. But in his 89th month--that would be May 2000--he published eight such orders. The science of statistics tells us that the odds against any such jump's occurring by chance are 36-to-1, while the science of Beltway Kremlinology makes it 1-to-10 that the May data reflect desperate efforts to counter perceptions of irrelevant lame duckery. .......... So how far can the President go in issuing executive orders? The Constitution nowhere supplies a crisp answer. But this much is clear: "When the President takes measures incompatible with the expressed or implied will of Congress, his power is at its lowest ebb." Those often-quoted words, written by Justice Robert Jackson, are from a 1952 Supreme Court decision resoundingly rejecting Harry Truman's takeover of the steel industry. Truman was using the takeover in an attempt to end a nationwide steel strike, said to constitute a national emergency. But, as the Court pointed out, Congress had considered and rejected labor legislation that would have legitimized national takeovers in times of emergency......" 6/21/00 Bob Melvin "…..Since January, President Clinton has designated eight parcels of land as national monuments, and critics fear he plans to do the same thing with Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - a move that would block efforts to find oil in the area. Senate Majority Whip Don Nickles (R-OK) reportedly has learned from administration sources that Clinton is considering making the monument designation sometime after Election Day. Republicans vow they'll fight any effort to set aside the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge under the 1906 Antiquities Act. "It's basically a land grab," Nickles is quoted as saying. He calls it "an egregious abuse of power."... "

White House 6/22/00 "……By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) (50 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.), the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.), and section 301 of title 3, United States Code……… I, WILLIAM J. CLINTON, President of the United States of America, in view of the policies underlying Executive Order 12938 of November 14, 1994, and Executive Order 13085 of May 26, 1998, find that the risk of nuclear proliferation created by the accumulation of a large volume of weapons-usable fissile material in the territory of the Russian Federation constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States, and hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat……… I hereby order:
Section 1. A major national security goal of the United States is to ensure that fissile material removed from Russian nuclear weapons pursuant to various arms control and disarmament agreements is dedicated to peaceful uses, subject to transparency measures, and protected from diversion to activities of proliferation concern. As reflected in Executive Order 13085, the full implementation of the Agreement Between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Russian Federation Concerning the Disposition of Highly Enriched Uranium Extracted from Nuclear Weapons, dated February 18, 1993, and related contracts and agreements (collectively, the "HEU Agreements") is essential to the attainment of this goal. The HEU Agreements provide for the conversion of approximately 500 metric tons of highly enriched uranium contained in Russian nuclear weapons into low-enriched uranium for use as fuel in commercial nuclear reactors. In furtherance of our national security goals, all heads of departments and agencies of the United States Government shall continue to take all appropriate measures within their authority to further the full implementation of the HEUAgreements……."

WorldNetDaily 7/12/00 Joseph Farah "…..President Clinton is guilty of many crimes of office, but none more blatant, more audacious nor egregious than one he openly brags about. There's no need for congressional hearings or an independent counsel or even an investigative news report to prove this one. The Clinton administration has consistently boasted that it has ignored the Constitution with regard to this abuse of power, does so today and will continue to do so right up until the day the president leaves office next year. ……… I'm talking about Clinton's brazen use of executive orders, memoranda, proclamations, regulations and other forms of legislating and policymaking and statements that these actions are a direct challenge to Congress, which, under the Constitution, has sole authority to legislate. Even more insulting to our system of government is Clinton's pattern of making such pronouncements right around Independence Day. …….The New York Times published a story last week quoting administration officials as saying the White House will continue drafting and carrying out initiatives with or without Congress right up until Clinton's last day in office. ……Among the action items on Clinton's agenda, according to the story, are: Placing more federal land off-limits to development, reorganizing government agencies, tightening pollution rules and "pushing other measures that would stand little chance of congressional passage." ……"

Houston Chronicle 7/10/00Edwin Feulner "…….You know how upset you get when the phone company bills you incorrectly? That's nothing compared with how angry the Federal Communications Commission must be at AT&T for listing on its new itemized bill the "Universal Connectivity Charge," a hidden tax the FCC forces phone companies to charge their customers every month. There's no explanation on the bill, but AT&T gives a 1-800 number to learn the story behind this seemingly innocuous charge. Since 1997, long-distance carriers have been forced to pay into a federal program called the "Universal Service Fund" that subsidizes phone service to low-income and rural customers. The fund also subsidizes discounted Internet access to schools and libraries around the country. You may be thinking: "What's wrong with helping people get phone service and Internet access?" …….Let me ask the question another way: "Why am I being slapped with a hidden tax by an unelected bureaucracy?" ……"

Associated Press 7/3/00 Sandra Chereb "……Shovel-wielding protesters from across the country streamed into a remote mountain hamlet for an Independence Day weekend rally to chip away at a pile of debris and the federal government's authority over a washed-out dirt road. The event is the latest fight in a battle between Washington officials and locals upset with federal land policy. ……. The atmosphere has been so charged that the Forest Service supervisor in charge of national forests in Nevada abruptly announced her resignation in November, citing ``hostility and distrust'' toward federal employees in the state. …….On Monday, organized work crews of about 40 at a time were bused into the narrow canyon in shifts to level a rock berm that the Forest Service constructed to block access on the road. The work could lead to jail or fines for protesters who have been threatened with prosecution if they violate clean water laws or disturb habitat of the threatened bull trout that lives in the nearby Jarbidge River………"

New York Times 7/5/00 Marc Lacey "……Congress appears intent on denying President Clinton major legislative victories in his final months of office, but White House officials say they will continue drafting and carrying out policies, Congress or no Congress, until Mr. Clinton's final day. Through executive orders, memorandums, proclamations, regulations and other flexing of presidential power, Mr. Clinton has already put in effect a host of measures concerning the environment, health care and civil rights. And with the presidential campaign in high gear, and the Republican-controlled Congress not inclined to give Democrats any boost, Mr. Clinton's aides intend to continue making policy by decree -- putting federal land off limits to development, reorganizing government agencies, tightening pollution control rules and pushing other measures that would otherwise stand little chance of congressional passage. …….."

Elko Daily Free Press 7/5/00 Gary Begin "….. JARBIDGE - Anti-road-closure supporters yesterday successfully removed a 10,000-pound boulder, dubbed the "Liberty Rock" by participants, and partially cleared a 900-foot section of the South Canyon Road here in defiance of several federal agencies that have combined to keep the road closed for the last five years. Standing on top of one of three boulders placed by the U.S. Forest Service to block vehicle access to the road, Elwood Mose, chairman of the Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone, told the crowd "You are the new Indians." Nevada Assemblyman John Carpenter, R-Elko, one of the three original "road rebels" from last year sued by the Justice Department and then forced into mediation, said today of the event, "It couldn't have been better." "It was a great event and a compliment to the people who would come that far and be so dedicated and courteous," he said. …..He also said he was particularly moved when one lady, known as "Grandma C" was able to drive her wheelchair through the opening and onto the "fixed" road. "That was a really emotional moment," he said. "Access for the handicapped is a big reason for this whole thing," Carpenter said. …."This is a victory for multiple land use," he said. ……"

Washington Times 7/6/00 Kenneth D. Smith "….. One hundred thirty-seven years to the day that Confederate Gen. George Edward Pickett led his fateful charge toward "hell's half acre" at Gettysburg, the U.S. government won another battle without firing a shot. It blew up an observation tower from which countless visitors to the Gettysburg battlefield viewed the site of the famed three-day battle in 1863. Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt cheered the destruction, saying the tower was an eyesore and a distraction to visitors. "This is sacred ground," he said. "Americans come here to learn of their past, to understand how it was in those days when we remade ourselves as a new nation." Once upon a time, private property was considered sacred too, but there doesn't seem to be much room for it in Mr. Babbitt's version of history……..The tower and the land on which it stood used to belong to Baltimore-based Overview Limited Partnership. It was erected on private property, not in Gettysburg National Military Park, and opened in 1974 to serve tourists visiting the area. Many of the 2 million annual visitors, reports the Associated Press, took advantage of the tower to get a panoramic view of the battlefield……."

Las Vegas Sun 7/4/00 "……Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt will announce Wednesday the first acquisitions of sensitive lands under the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act of 1998. Babbitt will unveil the proposed purchases at the Las Vegas Wash. He will be joined by Nevada's Democratic Sens. Richard Bryan and Harry Reid. The law requires 85 percent of the proceeds from the sale of federal lands in the Las Vegas Valley to be used to purchase environmentally sensitive areas in the Silver State, including wetlands and other areas which could improve the health of Lake Mead. "The Las Vegas Wash and Lake Mead are both the victims of Southern Nevada's rapid growth," Reid said Tuesday in a prepared statement. "Restoring wetlands in the area will help stop erosion and will act as a natural filter to stop harmful pollutants from entering the lake which supplies the valley's drinking water needs." ……"

Southeastern Legal Foundation (Mountain States) 6/19/00 "…… You know as well as I do that Bill Clinton has no respect for the Constitution and for the Rule of Law. Even so, you will be shocked at what Clinton is trying to get away with now. It has to do with Executive Orders. A specific Executive Order, actually -- Executive Order 13061. This outrageous Executive Order sets up a new federal bureaucracy, spends YOUR tax dollars, and places public and private land under federal government control. It's Bill Clinton and Al Gore's pet project -- the American Heritage Rivers Initiative (AHRI). And it was passed into "law" without the approval of Congress or the voters. …… That makes it UNCONSTITUTIONAL, my friend. Despite what he may think, Bill Clinton is NOT a one-man-dictator, accountable to no one. And according to the Constitution's "Separation of Powers" provisions, the President cannot spend money or set up a program like AHRI without Congressional approval. If Bill Clinton is not challenged on this crucial issue, it sets a terrible precedent. ……"


Denver Post 7/23/00 Rocky Barker "……Over the July 4th weekend, 500 angry rebels took up their shovels to repair a road leading to a wilderness area in the Jarbidge Mountains on the Nevada-Idaho border. This modern-day tea-party in protest of the federal government's refusal to rebuild the road along a spawning stream for endangered bull trout attracted scores of national reporters and television cameras. Usually such media attention brings in the politicians like wolves to a wounded elk. But what should have been the decisive battle in what Western Republicans have called for eight years "the War on the West" turned into a minor skirmish. The only Western politicians on hand for the Shovel Brigade's shining moment were minor local candidates and third-party hopefuls seeking relevancy. Republicans like Utah Rep. Jim Hansen and Idaho Congressman Helen Chenoweth-Hage still man the ramparts to defend ranchers, miners, loggers and private property rights. But increasingly, Western Republican leaders are sending signals to their natural resource industry supporters that the terms of the battle have changed. ……."

Chicago Tribune 7/30/00 "…….The Clinton administration says it will continue paying local governments to buy back guns from private owners despite orders from House budget appropriators to end the program. The $15 million program, Known as Buyback America, is intended to reduce gun violence in cities, particularly around public housing projects, by helping the police and housing authorities purchase firearms for about $50 each, with no questions asked. ……."

Elko Daily Free Press 6/24/00 "……. This Settlement Agreement ("Agreement") has been entered into by and among Defendants John Carpenter, O. Q. "Chris" Johnson, (the foregoing two persons being referred to as the "Individual Defendants"), County of Elko, Nevada, a political subdivision of the State of Nevada, acting by and through its Board of Commissioners ("Elko County"), and the State of Nevada, acting by and through its Division of Environmental Protection ("State"), and the United States of America, acting through the United States Forest Service ("USFS"), United States Fish & Wildlife Service ("USF&WS") and the Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA"), such agencies and the United States being collectively referred to as "United States." The foregoing are sometimes referred to collectively as the "Parties" and individually as a "Party." Elko County, the State and the United States are sometimes referred to as the "Governmental Parties." ……..The Parties are involved in a dispute regarding a road referred to as the Jarbidge South Canyon Road located in Elko County, Nevada. In 1995, a high water event in the adjacent Jarbidge River washed out a part of the road. Since that time, a series of disputes have intervened to preclude the restoration of the road. According to the United States, the issue of restoring the road before 1999 involved compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act ("NEPA"), 42 U.S.C. § 4321, et seq. In 1999, however, the Bull Trout -- which exists in the Jarbidge watershed -- was listed in five distinct population segments as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), 15 U.S.C. § 1531, et seq. Elko County, the State and the Individual Defendants dispute the factual and legal basis for the listing. But from the United States' perspective, any road restoration must comply not only with NEPA, but with the ESA as well. ……….Elko County desires to repair and reconstruct the road to provide access to the public lands, including access for initial fire attack and to minimize and control the build-up of fuel for fires. It contends that it has the authority to do so by virtue of its claimed ownership interest in the road under 14 Stat. 251, 253 (1866), codified at Rev. Stat. § 2477 (1873) ("R.S. 2477"). The United States, on the other hand, contends that the road runs on federal land managed by the USFS and that regardless of who owns the road, it may only be restored after compliance with federal laws and regulations, including NEPA, ESA and the Clean Water Act ("CWA"), 33 U.S.C.§ 1251, et seq. ……." 7/29/00 Gordon Prather "…… You may have noticed, even if Congress has not, that ever since the Senate failed to remove him from office, President Clinton has been "ruling by Decree." True, he usually decrees only what the overnight polls tell him it's safe to decree, but he is otherwise undeterred by the Constitution and Laws of the United States. ….. You can imagine political consultant/pollster Dick Morris asking the woman-on-the-street (Clinton doesn't care what men think; they never vote for him, anyway): "Do you believe the President ought to enforce the Kyoto Proto-cols negotiated by Vice President Gore even if the Senate rejects them? Yes, No, or No Opinion?" Well you can imagine how that poll came out, and you can imagine the presidential decree that followed……"

Mountain States Legal/Washington Times 7/21/00 Audrey Hudson "…… Senate Republicans yesterday failed to block President Clinton's efforts to create numerous national monuments throughout the West to establish his environmental legacy. The measure sought to restrict the president's unilateral power under the 1906 National Antiquities Act by refusing to fund new monuments without congressional approval. It was narrowly defeated in a 50-49 vote. Two more no votes for a simple majority were needed. Mr. Clinton has used the antiquated law 10 times since taking office to restrict public use and development on more than 3 million acres of federal property, angering many Western lawmakers. "We were that close," Sen. Larry E. Craig, Idaho Republican, said of the two votes needed to pass the amendment. "Clinton had better be looking over his shoulder, because we're coming." ……"

AP 7/18/00 Alan Fram "…….The Senate rejected an effort by Western Republicans on Tuesday to curb President Clinton's ability to create any new national monuments as part of his effort to preserve federal lands. But across the Capitol, GOP senators joined a fresh battle against the White House by pushing a bill through a committee that would make it harder for the Justice Department to pursue the multibillion-dollar federal lawsuit against the tobacco industry. The action came as lawmakers on both sides of the Capitol focused on spending bills for fiscal 2001, which begins Oct. 1. Just one of the 13 annual bills has so far been signed into law, and House and Senate leaders are trying to complete as many as possible before lawmakers take their August recess for the political conventions. ……."

CNS News 8/18/00 "…… The Clinton administration is announcing a flurry of new programs, funds, and executive orders with the goal of electing Al Gore president, reports Friday's Wall Street Journal. The newspaper says, "From issuing new regulations to dispensing federal grants to announcing executive orders bypassing Congress, the Clinton cabinet is working harder than any other administration in memory to ensure that the president's No. 2 becomes his successor." Some recent examples include an executive order directing federal agencies to make their programs more accessible to non-English speakers; a $35 million federal grant to improve public housing in New Jersey, announced by Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo; and two new national monuments designated by the Interior department in Idaho and Arizona. ….."

MSNBC 8/18/00 "…… FORTY-SIX PERCENT of the 506 registered voters surveyed said they favored Gore at this point in the race, compared with 43 percent backing Bush. Since the poll had a margin of error of 4.4 percent, that puts the two candidates essentially even. Pollster Peter Hart cautioned that the nature of the instant survey, conducted Thursday night for NBC News by himself and Robert Teeter, means it might overrepresent some groups, but said it nevertheless showed Gore receiving the same kind of convention bounce that Bush did in a similar NBC News poll conducted immediately after the Republican convention. ….."

National Review Online 8/17/00 Jonah Goldberg "…… Al Gore's speech last night was like a meal you expected to be awful that turned out to taste only bland. It exceeded expectations but its quality fades quickly in memory. Throughout the speech there were two hissing noises. The first was the unfortunate lisp the vice president has acquired with his new lower teeth. "Thiths election isth abouths the future..." The second seeping sound was the steady leak of his hopes for victory. ……. I do not know what the public reaction to Gore's speech will be, but if positive, I doubt it will be long-lasting. Gore did not prove himself to be all that different from the caricature he came in with. And, by proposing some 24 program initiatives without a single over-arching theme except that he will "fight" for the people not the powerful - in ways he presumably has been incapable of doing for the last eight years - the vice president has made it clear he is running on the Dukakis agenda. ……So, sure, Gore may get a bounce out of tonight's speech. But remember even dead parrots bounce. ......"

Cincinnati Enquirer 8/18/00 Patrick Crowley "……The Democrats are in trouble. They left their nominating convention and this southern California city enthused but not necessarily excited, cautiously optimistic but not incredibly confident. ……. A party can have the message and feel strong about its platform, but if it doesn't know how to package that and sell it to voters its candidates can forget about being elected. That's a sad commentary on our electoral process, but it's also a stark reality of today's political world. ......Looking back and comparing both conventions the Republicans seemed to have their act together far more so than the Democrats. …….."

National Review 8/18/00 Ramesh Ponnuru "…… The best that can be said about Gore's performance tonight is that nothing in it would make viewers actively dislike him. He did not come across as condescending or arrogant. This is progress of sorts. In every other respect, the speech was a failure. It contained not a single memorable line, not one good joke. And one still had that disconcerting feeling that Gore is running for president in order to prepare the way for an alien invasion. He explained that for 25 years he had "been listening to people - holding open meetings, in the places where they live and work. And you know what? I've learned a lot." I half-expected him to continue, "I have learned that you are drinkers of milk and eaters of meat. That you require oxygen to survive. . ."

Slate 8/18/00 Mickey Kaus "……. To say that before Gore's speech this year's Democratic convention had taken on the air of the Dukakis convention of 1988--as many of my colleagues were saying this morning--is to insult the Dukakis convention of 1988. After that one, people actually thought the Democratic nominee would win. (He didn't collapse until later.) This morning, Democrats had no such confidence…….."

Interior Dept 8/15/00 "……Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt today sent President Clinton recommendations that a new national monument should be created in Arizona, and another existing monument expanded in Idaho, under the Antiquities Act of 1906. He proposed creation of the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument in northern Arizona, near the Grand Canyon. In addition, the current Craters of the Moon National Monument in central Idaho would be expanded……."

The Anchorage Daily News 8/13/00 Paul Queary "……As Alaska's delegation assembles at the Democratic National Convention today, a handful of delegates plan to withhold their support for Vice President Al Gore until he listens to their concerns about a centerpiece of the party's environmental agenda -- the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The Alaska Democratic Party endorses responsible development of the vast oil reserves on the refuge's coastal plain. But the national platform set for ratification this week opposes any drilling. Because Alaska's three electoral votes already seem solidly in the Republican column, the faction sees a threat to deny Gore a unanimous nomination as the only way to get his attention. "It's the only way to have any voice in his policies," said Mano Frey, head of the Alaska AFL-CIO and leader of the faction. ……"

Las Vegas Review-Journal 8/11/00 AP "……The federal government has sued a citizens group for trespassing in its Independence Day rally on a washed-out dirt road along a stream that's home to the threatened bull trout. "It is a county road," Shovel Brigade leader Demar Dahl said Thursday in response. "I think they would have to prove that it's their road before they could make a trespass charge stick." The question of who controls South Canyon Road has been a point of contention -- and litigation -- for years between Elko County and the U.S. government. …… More recently, it has come to symbolize the friction between some rural Westerners and the federal government over the control of public lands, which prompted the peaceful July Fourth demonstration led by the Shovel Brigade citizens group. The group took its name after sympathizers donated hundreds of shovels for an earlier failed effort to reopen the road. ……."

EWTN 8/24/00 "……The Clinton administration on Wednesday announced it would use taxpayer dollars to fund research on human stem cells taken from embryonic unborn children, eliciting protests from pro-life groups. The National Institutes for Health (NIH) said it would employ strict guidelines to avoid violating a law banning the use of embryos in government-funded research. Under the rules, the unborn children, left over from in vitro fertilization procedures, would be killed by privately-funded researchers who would then pass on the cells to government scientists. Former Republican presidential candidate Gary Bauer called the plan an attempt to "side-step Congress' opposition to this procedure." He called on Congress to close this loophole before the final passage of budget bills in September. Other pro-life advocates criticized the new research guidelines as unnecessary. "These guidelines do not represent a step forward," said Judie Brown of American Life League. "They are an attack against the humanity of the individual human person. Millions of human lives will be destroyed by this false science." ……"

Whitehouse 8/11/00"….. EXECUTIVE ORDER 13166……. By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and to improve access to federally conducted and federally assisted programs and activities for persons who, as a result of national origin, are limited in their English proficiency (LEP), it is hereby ordered as follows:……… Each Federal agency shall also work to ensure that recipients of Federal financial assistance (recipients) provide meaningful access to their LEP applicants and beneficiaries. To assist the agencies with this endeavor, the Department of Justice has today issued a general guidance document (LEP Guidance), which sets forth the compliance standards that recipients must follow to ensure that the programs and activities they normally provide in English are accessible to LEP persons and thus do not discriminate on the basis of national origin in violation of title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, and its implementing regulations. As described in the LEP Guidance, recipients must take reasonable steps to ensure meaningful access totheir programs and activities by LEP persons......."

San Jose Mercury News 8/25/00 Mona Charen "….. WHEN President Bill Clinton announced that the federal government was issuing new rules permitting research on embryonic stem cells, he provided his personal assurance that the experimentation would meet ``rigorous ethical standards.'' That's a little like John Rocker promising to police ethnic slurs. It isn't just that Bill Clinton is no one's idea of an ethicist, nor just that the president has condoned, indeed celebrated, every form of abortion extant including partial-birth abortion, but also because the sort of research his Department of Health and Human Services is now countenancing is patently illegal. …….. Since 1996, Congress has inserted language into the appropriations bill for the Department of Health and Human Services specifying that federal funds not be used for ``research in which a human embryo or embryos are destroyed, discarded, or knowingly subjected to risk of injury or death.'' …… This language has infuriated advocates of embryonic stem cell research. And apparently they've decided to split legal hairs in an effort to end run the law. The new guidelines would permit the use of stem cells provided only that federally funded researchers did not extract the cells from living embryos themselves. In other words, researchers at the National Institutes of Health are free to purchase the cells from private companies -- usually fertility clinics. So, while Congress passed a law forbidding federally funded research on human embryos, such research will now go forward. It depends upon what your definition of ``human'' is. ......"

Reuters 8/27/00 "……Uncontrolled blazes roaring across the U.S. West converged to form even larger fires Sunday, causing what one senior U.S. official called "a perfect storm" of tinderbox conditions, high winds, and forests thick with fuel. "It is tragic what's happened out there," Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman told Fox News Sunday as fire officials reported a total of more than 1.6 million acres ablaze in 13 western states. ………. Montana Gov. Marc Racicot, who has already closed a total of 30 of the state's 56 counties to anyone without a special use permit, said his state was now paying the price for years of neglect by state and federal officials. "The fact is everybody was warned of this...we have not attached the right priority to these issues," the governor told Fox News Sunday. "We're beyond $100 million in fire fighting expenses, and that's just suppression costs. We have no idea yet what's going to happen to the people of Montana in terms of economic losses." ……"

Washington Post 8/25/00 Charles Babington Joby Warrick "….. Mindful that Republicans could occupy the White House in less than six months, the Clinton administration is working feverishly to issue a host of new regulations supported by environmentalists and other liberal-leaning groups but opposed by many business and industry organizations. …… The proposed rules would set tougher standards on a variety of topics from food labeling and diesel exhaust to the regulation of federal contractors. Taken as a group, they could account for a major chapter in Bill Clinton's presidency. ……. In some cases, the White House is battling Congress to overcome Republican opposition to initiatives that require legislative approval. In other cases, however, the administration is moving aggressively to take executive actions that could regulate a wide range of activities long after Clinton has left office. ……"

Houston Chronicle 8/28/00 LA Times "….. The governor of a state racked by the worst wildfires in half a century blamed the Clinton administration Sunday for failing to act on evidence that the Western states were increasingly prone to ravaging fires. "Everybody was warned of this ... and what I'm saying is we have not attached the right priority to these issues," Montana Gov. Marc Racicot, a Republican, said on "Fox News Sunday," as fire officials reported more than 1.6 million acres ablaze in 13 Western states. …… Racicot said Congress was first warned of the hazardous forest conditions in 1993, warnings echoed by Cabinet members in 1997 and by the General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of Congress, in 1998. ….. But Clinton administration officials defended their response to the blazes, saying 98 percent of the fires have been put out. They said the fires were the result of what Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman called "a perfect storm" of tinderbox conditions -- high winds and forests thick with fuel after more than a century of fire suppression. ……" 8/25/00 Jason Moore "…..THE DISPUTE IS OVER the most hotly contested ground in Alaska: the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The debate flared Wednesday when Carter returned to Alaska and made his announcement at a luncheon. "The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge should be declared without further delay a national monument," Carter said. ... Carter is urging President Clinton to use his executive authority in a move that could forever outlaw oil drilling on the refuge's coastal plain. Knowles fired back in a letter to Carter telling him he was wrong to say it and wrong to say it here....... "Without any meaningful dialogue with the people of Alaska, you used our state as a media prop and platform to project your message to President Clinton," Knowles wrote. The governor asked Carter how he would like it if a national figure did the same in his state. ….. The Governor's Office says it received Carter's letter, but says the governor stands by his statements that a national monument declaration would violate the public process and jeopardize Alaska's economic future....... President Clinton has made no statement regarding the ANWR debate, but Secretary of Interior Bruce Babbitt says he is committed to an open process and has no plans to make a recommendation to the president on declaring ANWR a national monument……" 8/26/00 Joseph Farah "…… An environmental activist plan to federalize more than one million acres of southwestern Oregon, endorsed by more than a dozen national organizations, is meeting significant grass-roots opposition from ordinary working people in this rugged, sparsely populated region. While Republican vice presidential nominee Dick Cheney campaigned last Thursday in nearby Central Point, promising to review President Clinton's decisions that put millions of acres in the West all but off-limits to mining, development, grazing, farming and recreation, some 500 Oregonians were holding one of their weekly strategy sessions opposing the newest monument plan. ………"

The New American 9/25/00 William Norman Grigg "…. With tragic irony, the "earth-friendly" environmental policies of the Clinton administration bear direct responsibility for the wildfires now raging across the Western United States……… The wildfires that have raged across 13 Western states burned away a large measure of Rex Wahl's environmental dogmatism as well. Wahl is executive director of Forest Guardians, a radical environmentalist group in New Mexico that has unconditionally opposed logging. This year's disastrous fire season has prompted Wahl to modify his opinions as millions of acres of forest have been converted into air pollution. In May, Wahl was a witness to the disastrous Cerro Grande wildfire, which began as a federal "controlled burn" and metastasized into an unmanageable inferno that decimated 48,000 acres and inflicted more than $1 billion in damage…….. Federal government mismanagement of our national forests has created the conditions for more frequent, hotter, and larger fires.
• The curtailment of logging, including the thinning of forests, has created a dangerous surplus of wood.
• The banning of insecticides and fungicides has allowed disease and bark bugs to kill once-healthy trees, making them more susceptible to forest fires.
• The cutbacks in the Bureau of Land Management's fire preparedness budget have dangerously weakened the agency's firefighting capacity.
• The simultaneous boost in the BLM's land acquisition budget means that the beleaguered agency must protect more lands with diminished firefighting resources.
• The creation of roadless areas eliminates pre-existing firebreaks and impedes getting fire trucks and other equipment to the fires.
• The increased use of controlled burns, the one politically correct way to remove excess combustible material from the forests, heightens the potential for some fires getting out of control - as has already occurred……." 9/12/00 Sarah Foster "…..In the wake of wildfires that raged through western states this summer, most of them on federally managed land, commissioners of a rural county in southern New Mexico have taken a bold step that could lead eventually to the wresting of control of national forests from the federal government. Citing "mismanagement practices and policies" by the U.S. Forest Service as having created an "imminent threat of catastrophic fire danger," Otero County commissioners -- at the close of a special public hearing Friday -- declared a county-wide state of emergency, including the 450,000 acres of the Lincoln National Forest within the county's boundaries. …….. In a tersely written resolution, the three-member board called upon Gov. Gary Johnson to acknowledge and ratify the state of emergency. That would involve ordering New Mexico state forest agencies to meet with the county commission, to decide what measures should be taken to remove the threat of fire and to notify the U.S. regional forester that if these actions are not taken, the state agencies will go in and do the necessary work. …….If the governor ignores the request and does not order state personnel to begin remedial measures, the county -- in accordance with the New Mexico State Civil Emergency Preparedness Act -- is prepared to undertake the necessary tasks itself, whatever those might be. Presumably these would be restoration of logging and continuation of cattle grazing to remove the excessive fuel buildup. ……"

Neal Knox 9/10/00 Neal Knox "……White House Chief of Staff John Podesta sent a clear message this morning that gunowners are going to have their hands full in the last month of Congress. A few days ago, the White House said their number one priority is passing a Federal "hate crimes" law. But this morning Podesta ticked off a list of things they wanted to do on the 11 unenacted government funding bills which must be passed by Oct. 1. The first item on Podesta's list was "Brady amendment." He didn't say what "Brady amendment" the White House has in mind. "Hate crimes" was mentioned a half-dozen issues later. ……… I doubt that it's a coincidence that "gun control" is so high on his list when the Justice Department funding bill -- the most likely "vehicle" for a new gun provision -- will probably be coming up this week. ….." 8/31/00 "……. LAST FRIDAY the Washington Post ran a story by Charles Babington and Joby Warrick on President's Clinton's use of Executive Orders (EO). The thrust of the article was how Clinton's more than 450 EO's are designed to change policies that Congress will not support and leave behind a "Clinton legacy" that will be hard to change even under a Bush presidency……….. Although the Post cited 67 environmental initiatives that are scheduled to be completed before the end of Clinton's term in office, they failed to mention the gun control measures that his administration is putting into place by regulation or Executive Order. It's understandable that the Post wouldn't mention the gun issue since they, like most of the major media, solidly support any initiatives to make it more difficult for gun owners to buy, sell, use, and enjoy their firearms legally. Thus they appear only to report news about guns when it serves their editorial purposes………. When Clinton was faced with the new Republican Congress that would not go along with his gun control plans, he turned to using the regulatory powers of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) to further his agenda. He even tried during 1995 to ignore the provision of the Crime Bill that specifically allowed for the sale of high-capacity magazines, which had been manufactured prior to September 13, 1994, by having BATF fail to grant import permits for those magazines. It wasn't until Representative John Dingell (D-MI) wrote several angry letters to the administration that the permits for those pre-ban magazines were granted to importers - many of whom waited over a year with magazines sitting in customs warehouses………. On November 17, 1997 Clinton wrote a letter instructing the BATF to review the department's policy regarding the "Importation of Modified Semiautomatic Assault-Type Rifles." When that happened, BATF put rifle import permits on a 120-day suspension. That meant that every firearms importer who had received a permit - the government's permission to import that product - for semi-automatic rifles waited for almost four months while their firearms sat in government warehouses. This action by the Clinton Administration cost importers untold millions of dollars in lost revenues. Even BATF admitted that they had suspended the permits for 1.6 million firearms……… On April 6, 1998 BATF rewrote the 1968 Gun Control Act. They effectively banned the importation of semi-automatic firearms that had been redesigned to conform to the 1994 Crime Bill criteria. BATF's newest definition of an imported "assault weapon" included those that had the capability of accepting a "high capacity" magazine. It didn't matter that Congress had written the standards; this administration stretched those standards into irrelevance……. Now two years later we see the same agency again ignoring the definitions written by the Congress and without writing regulations, just issuing a letter ruling to one firearms importer, a small business from the southwest area of this country, who was bringing in receivers and barrels in accordance with current law. Although BATF has not made the letter ruling public, we understand that they are drafting an agency ruling. It has been made public by Mark Barnes, counsel to the Firearms Importers Trade Group, FAIR……."

Washington Times 8/29/00 Sean Scully "……President Clinton has quietly installed three new ambassadors, all heavy contributors to the Democratic Party and the Gore campaign, without the consent of the Republican-controlled Senate. …… The three are Carl Spielvogel, an advertising executive from New York, as ambassador to Slovakia; James A. Daley, an investor in nursing-home companies and Boston hotels, as ambassador to Barbados; and Robin Chandler Duke, widow of a career diplomat and former president of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League, as ambassador to Norway. Collectively, the trio has given $550,900 to Democrats in the past three years, including $24,000 to Vice President Al Gore and $343,000 to the Democratic Party, according to research at the Federal Election Commission by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff. Mr. Spielvogel held a fund-raiser for Mr. Gore at his Long Island home just days after his appointment. "At the specific moment that Vice President Gore is trying to distance himself from the corruption of the Clinton administration, here we have President Clinton selling ambassadorships to fund the Gore campaign," said Marc Thiessen, spokesman for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee……"

New York Times 8/22/00 Douglas Jehl "…..In the aftermath of blazes that have scorched millions of acres of Western forests this summer, the Clinton administration will try to extend nationwide an experimental effort here to reduce fire dangers by thinning small trees from forests and leaving the largest, most fire-resistant behind. One draft, being circulated by the Forest Service as enormous fires in Montana and other states continue to burn, calls for thinning, over 15 years, most or all of the 40 million acres of national forest now deemed at high risk of catastrophic fire. The estimated cost of the plan envisioned by the draft is $825 million a year, one administration official said. The administration's reassessment of its approach to wildfires follows criticism from conservatives who say the government should have done more to combat the fire threat in the West, through emergency logging measures advocated by the timber industry. …… Administration officials have dismissed that accusation as politically motivated, but appear now to be moving toward broad adoption of a Flagstaff-style alternative in the hope that it will prove acceptable to both the industry and environmental groups. ……."


Drudge 10/9/00 "... The NEW YORK TIMES' is reporting Monday that Bill Clinton is preparing to do an end run around Congress on the languishing Patients Bill of Rights and will use an obscure law "to issue rules that establish many of the same protections for most Americans with private health insurance". TIMES' scribe Robert Pear cites Clinton administration officials who say the effort is being done by the Labor Department which claims it has the authority to issue the rules under a 1974 law, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, which regulates workers' health and pension benefits. ....... "

Competitive Enterprise Institute 10/5/00 Chris Paynter "……The Competitive Enterprise Institute announced today that it has filed a lawsuit against President William J. Clinton. Joining CEI as co-plaintiffs are Representatives Joseph Knollenberg (R-MI) and Jo Ann Emerson (R-MO), Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), Consumer Alert, 60 Plus Association, and David Wojick. The parties seek the federal court in Washington, D.C., to declare a $14 million compilation of global warming scare stories as unlawfully produced in violation of three federal laws. ……. The document in question is the National Assessment Synthesis Report, or "National Assessment on Climate Change." Requested by Congress no later than 1994, the requested Assessment was required to detail the state of the science and the uncertainties surrounding the theory of man-made global warming. "In President Clinton's capacity as the chairman of the National Science and Technology Council, he is ultimately responsible for producing and maintaining the legal integrity of any documents or reports it releases," commented Christopher C. Horner, the attorney for CEI who filed the complaint. The lawsuit also names Neal Lane, as Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, as co-defendant. The lawsuit alleges and details the following violations:

Multiple Violations of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA); specifically, holding unlawfully closed meetings and conducting meetings in the absence of the required Designated Federal Officer.

Violations of the US Global Change Research Act (USGCRA); including a wrongful directive from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy that the Council unlawfully expand its work outside the scope of its applicable statutory authority, and delve into non-scientific, political areas.

Violation of Public Law 106-74. This law prohibited the expenditure of appropriated money in order to release or publish this report prior to completing the underlying science, making the Council's findings available to all parties and subjecting its work to peer review.

Despite repeated private and congressional requests to comply with these requirements, the Council has aggressively refused, due to a calculation that releasing the Assessment in October will have maximum political value. ……."

Associated Press 9/21/00 Genaro C Armas "…… The Justice Department asked a federal court Thursday to dismiss a case involving a Virginia statute that requires an exact population count when the state redraws its political districts. The case is the first of what are expected to be numerous legal challenges revolving around the Census Bureau's scheduled release of a population count adjusted using a statistical method known as ``sampling.'' This is in addition to the traditional head count conducted every decade. The Virginia Legislature passed the law this year prohibiting the use of sampled data as a basis for redistricting. However, because of the state's history of racial discrimination, it is one of 16 states under the federal Voting Rights Act that must first gain Justice approval before enforcing changes in affected laws. In April, the state asked a three-judge panel of U.S. District Court to rule that the law prohibiting sampling is acceptable and should not be subject to Justice approval…….."

Deseret News 9/21/00 Lee Davidson "……..Like villagers carrying torches to burn down a tyrant's castle, upset Westerners vowed four years ago this week to make President Clinton pay dearly for his surprise creation of Utah's Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. But Westerners are the only ones who have been burned. Clinton easily outmaneuvered every attack for four years, rattling Westerners into worrying now that he may pull off even clearly illegal new monument creations before he leaves office. ……Of course, Clinton created the monument as he insisted to Utah officials that no such thing was imminent. He didn't provide them details until the day it was formed. That included then-Rep. Bill Orton, D-Utah, even though he is a Democrat like Clinton. ……When Grand Staircase-Escalante was formed on Sept. 18, 1996, Westerners vowed to try to overturn it in Congress. The trouble was, Clinton had correctly calculated that he had enough support to preserve it - mainly because Eastern Republicans worry that voting to erase a monument might make them look anti-environment. So no serious move to delete it materialized. …….."

White House 11/7/00 Bill Clinton ".....Sec. 3. Policymaking Criteria. In addition to adhering to the fundamental principles set forth in section 2, agencies shall adhere, to the extent permitted by law, to the following criteria when formulating and implementing policies that have tribal implications: (a) Agencies shall respect Indian tribal self-government and sovereignty, honor tribal treaty and other rights, and strive to meet the responsibilities that arise from the unique legal relationship between the Federal Government and Indian tribal governments. (b) With respect to Federal statutes and regulations administered by Indian tribal governments, the Federal Government shall grant Indian tribal governments the maximum administrative discretion possible. (c) When undertaking to formulate and implement policies that have tribal implications, agencies shall: (1) encourage Indian tribes to develop their own policies to achieve program objectives; (2) where possible, defer to Indian tribes to establish standards; and (3) in determining whether to establish Federal standards, consult with tribal officials as to the need for Federal standards and any alternatives that would limit the scope of Federal standards or otherwise preserve the prerogatives and authority of Indian tribes......... Sec. 4. Special Requirements for Legislative Proposals. Agencies shall not submit to the Congress legislation that would be inconsistent with the policymaking criteria in Section 3. ....."

AP 11/9/00 Matt Kelley ".... President Clinton on Thursday created a new national monument to protect a spectacular line of red-hued cliffs in northern Arizona and dramatically expanded an Idaho monument featuring an eerie, volcanic landscape. The 293,000-acre Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, near the Colorado River north of the Grand Canyon, is the 10th monument Clinton has created this year and the fourth in Arizona, over the objections of the state's governor and other Republican officials. ..."

NewsMax 11/6/00 Stephan Archer "…….Earlier this year, reported several U.S. islands had been ceded to Russia without congressional approval or public debate. Now, in a exclusive, it has been discovered that another nation - Cuba - has benefited as well from the unprecedented generosity of the United States. …….. Numerous islands and islets surrounding Cuba remain sovereign territory of the U.S. However, the U.S. State Department has given them away, without public debate or official treaty, charges retired U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. Carl Olson of State Department Watch. ………Included in the island groups are Cayo Coco, Cayo Romano, Cayo Guajaba, Cayo Sabinal, Cayo Largo, the Archipielago de Sabana and the Archipielago de los Jardines de la Reina. ……. It is not known how many people, if any, live on the islands, but Olson points out the monetary loss of this territory could be in the billions of dollars. He points out that by turning over these islands to Cuba, the U.S. loses a vast potential of mineral wealth as well as tens of thousands of square miles of fishing rights. ……"

Bloomberg 10/31/00 ".....The U.S. Supreme Court signaled skepticism about efforts by the Army Corps of Engineers to protect local ponds that serve as habitats for migratory birds. At the same time, several justices indicated in oral arguments today that they might issue a narrow ruling that would curb the Corps' power under the Clean Water Act, while stopping short of putting new limits on the authority of Congress. The justices are considering the Corps' bid to block an Illinois local agency's plan to fill in several dozen ponds for a garbage dump.......... Justice David H. Souter, often a vote for broad national government authority, said he was troubled by the prospect of federal interference in purely local water questions. He suggested the high court could narrow the Clean Water Act so as not to raise questions about Congress' constitutional power to regulate those bodies of water.......Justice Antonin Scalia said the Clean Water Act appears to give power to the federal government only over ``navigable waters'' -- such as bays, rivers and tributaries -- and lets state officials regulate other bodies. That would exclude the ponds on the Illinois dump site from federal control. ``It's a perfectly rational approach,'' Scalia said......"

Augusta Chronicle 10/24/00 "…… Many believe impeachment will be the biggest stain on Bill Clinton's legacy. Yet overriding the U.S. Constitution with extraordinary executive orders that require massive funding ought to be the biggest scandal of the Clinton presidency. The other day the latest in a seven-year blizzard of executive orders was issued. It directs federal agencies to increase the number of Hispanic employes - a blatant racial preference that flies in the face of the traditional doctrine of equal treatment for all Americans. .."

Washington Times 10/16/00 Audrey Hudson "…. Government agencies are working around Congress to enact dozens of federal regulations backed by President Clinton before his administration draws to a close Jan. 20…… From an ergonomics rule to prevent workplace injuries to a proposal eliminating road building through many national forests, federal agencies are able to put into rule what Congress refuses to write into law, using their power to regulate. These issues have been vigorously debated by both Democrats and Republicans during this two-year congressional session. And despite reports from Senate aides last week that an agreement has been reached to pass ergonomics legislation, federal officials are prepared to push through these and other rules with or without action from the Republican-led Congress……"

Washington Times 10/17/00 Michelle Malkin "….. Vice President Al Gore - Mr. Environmentalism, Mr. Encyclopedic Mind - went blank during the second presidential debate last week when challenged on one of the most alarming land issues facing the nation. Highlighting the difference in their approaches to environmental policy, Texas Gov. George W. Bush noted that the Clinton-Gore administration "took 40 million acres of land out of circulation without consulting local officials." They acted unilaterally out West, Mr. Bush said. Twice, he lodged the complaint. Twice, Mr. Gore blinked and grimaced and sat there speechless for a brief but telling moment. He had no sob stories to relate, no policy minutiae to spin, and no controlling legal authority to cite in defense of the White House's monumental federal land grab……Mr. Gore says he doesn't believe in command and control. Sigh. That is exactly the method of environmental preservation he and President Clinton have perpetrated over the past eight years. Westerners know that when pallid White House officials show up in creased khaki pants with photographers and press corps in tow, the out-of-towners aren't just there to take in the scenery. They're there to take it away. Through imperial proclamation, the Clinton-Gore team has created federally protected monuments spanning nearly 4 million acres……"

Cleaning Up A Grand Mess By Linda A. Prussen-Razzano "…….

On September 18, 1996, President Clinton, under the guise of the Antiquities Act (Act of June 8, 1906, Section 2) signed Presidential Proclamation 6920 which unilaterally changed 1.7 million acres of Utah land into the "Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument." Citing the potential dangers of mining to this wilderness, President Clinton lumped several undeveloped mines into the Monument. Waxing poetic in front of the Grand Canyon, Vice President Al Gore standing supportively at his side, President Clinton assured those assembled that this was done "for the children."……….He lied. ….. In 1995, the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) released a report which indicated that the greatest value derived from the land would be its energy producing abilities. By March 26, 1996, Kathleen McGinty, Chair of the CEQ (Council on Environmental Quality) had already determined that the land proposed was "not really endangered." The Monument's linchpin was the Kaiparowits Plateau, which contained some 62 billion tons of coal, worth approximately $1 trillion. Nestled onto the Plateau was the "Warm Springs Project," containing some 30 million tons of coal. ……… Back in 1990, Andalex Resources, Inc., the largest federal leaseholder with interest in the Kaiparowits Plateau, launched a 7 year, $8 million dollar EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) investigation to determine what effect, if any, the Warm Springs mining operation would have on both the people and the surrounding lands. The EIS was required under NEPA (National Environmental Protection Agency) guidelines. The organizations responsible for compiling the EIS were the BLM and OSMRE (Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement). ……When President Clinton swiped his pen across Proclamation 6920, he also swiped 7 years and $8 million dollars worth of Andalex's work down the drain. Further, Congressional reports allege that while Ms. McGinty was putting Andalex through the BLM/NEPA paces, she was also looking for loopholes in NEPA which would allow the President to create the Grand Staircase Monument…….."

MSNBC/Alaska 12/15/00 Jonathan White ".....THE NEWSPAPER HEADLINES sat on Cam Toohey's desk all morning Wednesday. "It's a lot better to see it as President Bush than President Gore, at least for Alaska and the ability to manage our resources," said Toohey, executive director of Arctic Power Co. And by Wednesday afternoon the news for Toohey got even better. His company, Arctic Power Co., lobbies politicians and the public to open the ANWR to oil development. Bush promises to help them do it. The word now is that President Clinton isn't likely to do much to stop it, either........... Clinton has been considering a new designation for ANWR. The president said he would declare ANWR a national monument, keeping oil rigs off the region's coastline forever. On Thursday Bruce Babbitt, U. S. Department of the Interior secretary, said he won't recommend that to the president. Babbitt said, "...a monument status won't offer much more protection."........ That's not great news across town at the Sierra Club's headquarters in Washington, D.C. Sarah Chapell from the Sierra Club spent the day sorting through a very different sentiment. "We hope the president will see the appeal from Americans and Alaskans to protect the national refuge," Chapell said. She's sending about 1,500 post cards to the White House where they'll join another 650,000 sent over already. Thousands of those post cards are from Alaskans, each of them reminding Clinton the clock is ticking......"

Bloomberg 12/19/00 "......The Clinton administration will issue tomorrow a new rule to make it harder for companies that have violated labor, tax or other federal laws to win government contracts, the Office of Management and Budget said. The regulation, dubbed the ``blacklisting'' rule by industry critics, will take effect Jan. 19, one day before President Bill Clinton's administration turns over the White House to Republican President-elect George W. Bush. Business groups fought the proposal, which will cover the $200-billion-a-year market for government contracts. The Employment Policy Foundation, a business-backed think tank, said 23 of the top 25 government contractors, among them Boeing Co., Raytheon Co., General Electric Co., and Halliburton Co., could lose federal work under the new rule. Business groups say it will be difficult for agencies to apply the law fairly......."

Christian Broadcasting Network 12/19/00 Melissa Charbonneau "..... According to The Washington Post, President Clinton will have issued a blizzard of orders and regulations that will add nearly 30,000 pages to the federal registry in his last three months...... There's not much President Clinton can get through Congress between now and January 20. But a lame duck president still has the power to make far-reaching policy, and without fear of political backlash....... Clinton will etch his legacy with the stroke of a pen, through executive orders and administrative regulation. He may go down in history as the "environmental president." To protect forests in Alaska, Clinton is considering a ban on road construction that could cripple the logging industry. Through executive order last month, the president declared an Alaskan wildlife refuge a national monument, putting millions of acres off limits to oil exploration.......... "Congress should tell him, if he has the gall to move ahead with executive orders that essentially remove natural resources from the market in the U.S., they will veto him with legislative action that President George W. Bush will sign," Jeffrey said......... "

Christian Broadcasting Network 12/19/00 Melissa Charbonneau "..... In Hawaii, Clinton designated 84 million acres an underwater preserve, making it off limits to oil and fishing industries. On the social front, the White House pushed for a $15 million increase in Title Ten family planning spending. "President Clinton wants a large increase in that money for these failed programs, giving out contraceptives and abortifacients to our school children," said Pat Truman with the American Family Association. ........ Using regulatory powers, Clinton's Labor Department is finalizing controversial ergonomic rules, designed to prevent injuries in the workplace. Big business says the guidelines could cost consumers billions.......... New water saving standards by Clinton's Energy Department could also cost consumers who would be forced to buy regulation-compliant washing machines....... There is even speculation that before leaving office Clinton could issue presidential pardons to Whitewater figures like Webb Hubbell, and Susan MacDougal, or even to people like convicted spy Jonathon Pollard and financier Michael Milken......"

Christian Broadcasting Network 12/19/00 Melissa Charbonneau "..... When Republican lawmakers met with Dick Cheney on Capitol Hill, some urged a Bush Administration to work aggressively to reverse Clinton's orders. But Bush's staff is making no promises. "Obviously, we're going to take a look at all executive orders as part of duties of any administration, and we will do so," said Bush spokesman Ari Fleisher. ...... The president-elect has limited authority to reverse his predecessor's orders. It is really up to Congress to pass legislation to undo what President Clinton has done......."

The White House - Office of the Press Secretary 12/12/00 ".....Determination to Authorize the Furnishing of Emergency Military Assistance to the United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone(UNAMSIL), Countries Participating in UNAMSIL, and Other Countries Involved in Peacekeeping Efforts or Affiliated Coalition Operations With Respect to Sierra Leone...."

FOX news 12/6/00 Sharon Kehnemui "…..President Clinton is in the process of putting nearly 30,000 pages of new federal regulations on the books before he leaves office Jan. 20, while Republican lawmakers scramble for ways to block the last-minute paper drop. ……. One regulation under consideration that has Republicans particularly miffed is a declaration of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) as a national monument. Such a move would prohibit oil drilling in the area. George W. Bush suggested drilling in the ANWR could help reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil during his campaign. …… But at least one Senate Republican admits it would be tough for the legislature to overturn an executive order. …. "We will not be able to undo it with an act of the Congress," said Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska. "But I do believe it would be overturned in the courts." ......Alaska Republican Gov. Tony Knowles is looking to the courts as a possible option. Knowles spokesman Bob King said the state government may go that route if, in fact, the president goes ahead with the order. …… King said Alaska is also considering options to protest a regulation that would prevent building roads in federal forests. The Tongass National Forest, the nation's largest national forest, spans most of the southern Alaska panhandle. ….."

AP 12/4/00 Jesse Holland "….Framed by pictures of colorful fish, leathery sea turtles and endangered Hawaiian monk seals, President Clinton on Monday created the largest U.S. nature preserve - 84 million acres underwater around the northwestern Hawaiian Islands - to help save the coral reefs and wildlife that inhabit the area. The Pacific Ocean reserve, at 99,500 square nautical miles as large as Florida and Georgia combined, contains nearly 70 percent of the United States' coral reefs, as well as pristine remote islands, atolls and submerged lagoons - ``a special place where the sea is a living rainbow,'' Clinton said. ...... Despite immediate criticism of the reserve from some in the Hawaiian fishing industry, Clinton said coral reefs support thousands of species of fish and sea life, generate millions in fishing and tourism, protect coastal communities from pounding waves and provide new hope for medical breakthroughs. ….."

Insight Magazine 12/11/00 Sean Paige "...... Hundreds of executive orders and federal regulations both costly and controversial have been held by the administration for implementation until this, its 11th hour, when the risk of political backlash is minimal and Congress is in no position to raise much of a fuss. This holiday season will seem like a "miracle on Pennsylvania Avenue" for Democratic Party constituencies to whom a pander or two are owed, as Bill Clinton, playing Santa Claus, empties the goody bag of going-away presents. ……… It began weeks ago, with the Food and Drug Administration's approval, in the midst of the election campaign, of RU-486, the so-called abortion pill. In a bow to animal-rights fanatics, the Department of Agriculture then made new rules granting civil rights to lab rats--much to the chagrin of medical researchers, who said the new rules would bog them down in whirlwinds of paperwork and possibly slow the march of science. The president, using his preferred method of governance, issued executive orders that would guarantee translation services for federal-program beneficiaries who don't speak English--creating a logistical nightmare for government field offices--and another that would boost Hispanic hiring by the federal government according to quotalike goals. ……….But that was only the beginning of the administration's grand finale. Once Congress was effectively sidelined and the public distracted by the vote-count carnival in Florida, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration moved to finalize new workplace ergonomic standards that many businesses and industries oppose, saying they will require monumental workplace overhauls and reduce worker productivity. In all, they will add nearly 1,700 new pages to the Federal Register and cost industry (and, indirectly, consumers) as much as $100 billion. ……"

WorldNetDaily 11/17/00 Sarah Foster "…..Using the authority granted him under the Antiquities Act of 1906, Clinton on Thursday followed the recommendations of Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt and signed proclamations designating Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, a 293,000-acre set-aside of land controlled by the Bureau of Land Management near the Arizona-Utah state line, and adding 661,287 acres of BLM land to the 53,440-acre Craters of the Moon National Monument in central Idaho, a region of cinder cones and lava flows managed by the National Park Service. …… Vermilion Cliffs National Monument will continue under the auspices of the BLM. The Park Service will manage the lava flows in the expanded area of Craters of the Moon, with the BLM in charge of the rest of the monument. Both are agencies of the Department of Interior. ……. By designating the two monuments, Clinton topped President Teddy Roosevelt's record for monument making. ……"

USA TODAY 11/16/00 John Omicinski "……Welcome to the DSA, the Divided States of America. Having walked across President Clinton's ''bridge to the 21st century,'' we find a country more fractured, angry, and in political chaos than it has been in more than a century. ……. Clinton taught the lesson that graciousness and character are for losers, money and good looks are for winners. A national rebound from that attitude will be difficult, if not impossible, with this distrustful public. ….. In the absence of trust, what was supposed to be a government of law has become a government of lawyers. Without trust, the vital center does not hold; things fall apart. ……… The Divided States of America closes the Clinton years split down the middle along racial, gender and cultural lines. Cities and rural areas are strangers to each other; big cities went for Gore 3-to-1 and rural areas for Bush 3-to-2. …..Having raised not a finger to bring political consensus, ruling instead by fiat in many cases, Clinton must take a heavy share of the blame. Like a monarch, he waved his scepter to declare swaths of the West federally protected. He ordered a useless $5 billion effort in Haiti and, with no support from Congress, sent U.S. troops into attacks on Bosnia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, and most notably, Kosovo, …..Indeed, in another symbol of division, the House tied when it voted on whether to pay for the 1999 Kosovo bombing campaign six weeks into it. ……"

The Associated Press 12/22/00 ".....New pollution controls on trucks and protection of coral reefs. Privacy safeguards for medical records and new rules to help victims of black lung disease. They're all part an avalanche of regulations, rule proposals and executive orders streaming from the White House and government agencies in the final weeks of the Clinton administration. Experts on government policy say it's not unusual for a flurry of activity in the final weeks before a president leaves office. But rarely have the last-ditch regulatory efforts involved as many issues with potentially far-reaching consequences. ......Administration officials acknowledge that the 11th hour blizzard of rules reflects in part a determination by Clinton to fashion a legacy of major initiatives in areas of public health, the environment and worker rights. ......But business groups already are preparing for a counterattack, hoping that the incoming Bush administration as well as Congress and the courts will soften some of the new regulations and roll back others. ......" 12/24/00 Christine Hall ".....The Clinton Administration trumpeted the release of comprehensive new health care privacy regulations Wednesday. The Administration says the regulations are designed to protect medical records and other personal health information maintained by health care providers, hospitals, health plans, health insurers, and health care clearinghouses. ...... However, some health policy and legal experts think the new rules will cost too much, create too much red tape and hurt a system they say "has worked pretty well."...... " 12/25/00 Robert Pear ".....Aides to President-elect George W. Bush have put the Clinton administration on notice that they will scrutinize the many regulations being issued by President Clinton on his way out of office, and they said they might alter rules with which they disagree. ..... At the same time, lawyers and lobbyists sympathetic to the Clinton administration say that Mr. Bush would have many tools available if, as expected, he wants to delay, modify or rescind some of the regulations after taking office on Jan. 20. ...... In the last few weeks, the Clinton administration has issued a blizzard of rules, dealing with everything from the privacy of medical records to the pollution spewed by diesel-powered trucks and buses to the prevention of repetitive-stress injuries in the workplace. ......"

New York Times 12/24/00 "......Just before they pack their bags, President Clinton's aides are taking one last shot at creating an America in their image - churning out new emission rules for cars and trucks, reviewing last-minute authorizations for national monuments, putting the final touches on Mr. Clinton's effort to make sure that development stops in roadless areas of national forests. ......All this has left the Bush folks fuming, because they know - or their lawyers are telling them - that the rules cannot be wiped out at the stroke of a pen. There must be hearings and committees. Mr. Clinton's chief of staff, John D. Podesta, whose passion is environmentalism, noted this fact a year ago when he stood atop a Virginia mountain with Mr. Clinton, who was announcing his plan to save millions of acres of federal land from the intrusion of new logging roads. "Reversing this kind of stuff," Mr. Podesta said at the time, "is politically difficult, and a bureaucratic nightmare." ........ President-elect George W. Bush is going out of his way not to pick a fight, telling everyone that as long as Mr. Clinton is president, he should do "what he's got to do," and when Mr. Bush moves in, he will worry about it then. ....."

White House Press Releases Recess Appointments 12/16/00 ".....

2000-12-22 Duval Named Member of the Inter-American Foundation

2000-12-22 Lausell Named Member of the OPIC

2000-12-22 Slavet Named Chairman of the Merit Systems Protection Board

2000-12-22 Telhami to Board of Directors of US Institute of Peace

2000-12-22 Ferguson Named as Chair of the Inter-American Foundation

2000-12-22 Darden Named Member of the Board of Directors of the OPIC....."

The Associated Press 12/27/00 Jesse Holland "…..President Clinton on Wednesday put the first black judge onto the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which serves several Southern states and covers more minorities than any other circuit. Clinton's nomination of Richmond, Va., lawyer Roger Gregory had been stalled in the Senate, but the president used a recess appointment to put him on the bench while Congress is out of session. He said he would nominate him again when Congress returns in January….."

Accuracy in Media 12/28/00 Reed Irvine and Cliff Kincaid "…… This is a dangerous time for America, not just because of the uncertainty over the presidential election, but because Clinton is taking advantage of his final weeks in office to act like a dictator. One of his latest executive orders has set aside 84 million acres around the Hawaiian Islands. With a stroke of the pen, Clinton established the largest protected area in the U.S. Yet the Constitution gives Congress power over federal land management…… Congress also has the power to declare war and regulate the armed forces. Yet Clinton, six years ago, issued a secret directive authoring U.S. military involvement in U.N. peacekeeping operations. Congress has still not been able to get a copy of the directive, although the Administration claims it provides rules under which the U.S. gets involved in those activities. The Administration, for example, is supposed to consider whether such an operation serves the national security interests of the U.S…….Congress's investigative arm, the General Accounting Office, the GAO, reports it has been unable to get basic information and documents about the policy from the State Department, Defense Department and National Security ….."

USA today 1/5/01 Traci Watson "…..For the past six years, a Republican Congress has scorned President Clinton's ideas on the environment. Yet in those six years, the White House has managed to get its way on a host of issues, from air pollution to wetlands preservation, by making end runs around legislators. Today, the president will announce a final step sure to infuriate many members of Congress: He is upping the level of protection for 58 million acres of relatively pristine national forest, according to senior administration officials. ......,, Clinton isn't making the land into official wilderness, a designation that bestows the strictest protection in U.S. law. Only Congress can create wilderness, where many signs of the modern world are forbidden. …… But the new rule decrees that most of the land won't be commercially logged and that roads can't be built through it. The land affected by the new rule, unlike much of the other land in national forests, is not cobwebbed with dirt and gravel logging roads. Those restrictions will likely prompt an outcry from GOP leaders and President-elect Bush, who say logging brings economic benefits and makes forests less prone to wildfires. …… The area of land affected by the new rule is larger than all the land in the national park system, which emphasizes preservation rather than the "multiple-use" approach of the national forests. …. Because the regulation is so large in scope, federal law allows Congress to stop it if a majority in both House and Senate votes to do so during the next 60 days when Congress is in session. But the GOP's narrow lead in both chambers makes that unlikely. So does history: Congress has never used that route to block a rule, according to the administration. ……."

AP 1/5/01 Karen Gullo "…..As President-elect Bush packs for Washington, a spokesman on Friday pledged a review once Bush takes office of ``each and every'' last-minute executive order by President Clinton. ``He's been a busy beaver,'' Bush transition spokesman Ari Fleischer said of Clinton's flurry of executive orders and proclamations. ……. Fleischer said that Bush respects Clinton's rights to act with the full powers of the presidency up to his final minutes in office. ….. ``It is the president's prerogative to do as he sees fit. We will not comment on some of these last-minute executive orders that he is pursuing,'' Fleischer said, speaking in a conference call with reporters from transition headquarters in Washington, D.C. ...... Still, he added, ``We will review each and every one of them. We are taking note of them.'' ……"

MSNBC News 1/6/01 "……Alaska Gov. Tony Knowles said on Friday the state will sue to prevent President Bill Clinton's newly announced roadless-area conservation policy from applying to the Tongass and Chugach National Forests……"

Reuters 1/6/01 "…..President Clinton, hailing gains in the number of children with health care coverage, unveiled steps on Saturday to bring even more uninsured children into a new government insurance program. Although the number of children covered by the three-year-old Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) grew 70 percent in the past year to 3.3 million, Clinton said he still was aiming for a goal of insuring 5 million children. ….."With the new rules I've announced today, we've now done all we can at the federal level to help meet that goal," the president said in his weekly radio address, one of his last before his term expires in two weeks. "It's now up to the states to do their part, and to the parents, too," he said. …."

UPI via VNY 1/3/1 Kathy Gambrell "....President Bill Clinton named a Michigan attorney [Dennis Devaney] to serve as a commissioner on the United States International Trade Commission in one of nine recess appointments announced late Wednesday ........ Clinton also named a former Connecticut assistant attorney general [John Lacey] to serve as chairman of the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission. ...... Clinton also appointed Jayne G. Fawcett as a board of trustee member for

the Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture and Arts Development, responsible for the development of education programs in cultural tradition....... Also named in recess appointments were: Hsin-Ming Fung, a California professor of environmental design to serve on the National Council on the Arts; Yolanda Townsend Wheat, of Kansas City, Missouri, as chairman of the National Credit Union Administration; Robert M. Lyford as member of the Overseas Private Investment Corp.; Gerald S. Segal as a member of the National Council on Disability; and Sheryl R. Marshall, of Boston, Massachusetts, and James H. Atkins of Arkansas, as a members of the Federal Retirement Thirst Investment Board....."

White House 12/29/00 "..... By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to keep the Federal Government-University research partnership strong, it is hereby ordered as follows: .........Section 1. Principles of the Government-University Partnership. The partnership in science and technology that has evolved between the Federal Government and American universities has yielded benefits that are vital to each. It continues to prove exceptionally productive, successfully promoting the discovery of knowledge, stimulating technological innovation, improving the quality of life, educating and training the next generation of scientists and engineers, and contributing to America?s economic prosperity and national security. In order to reaffirm and strengthen this partnership, this order sets forth the following guiding and operating principles that are fully described in the April 1999 National Science and Technology Council report, "Renewing the Government-University Partnership." These principles shall provide the framework for the development and analysis of all future Federal policies, rules, and regulations for the Federal Government-University research partnership. ......"

The Associated Press 12/29/00 Steven Paulson "....Gale Norton remembers growing up in Colorado, hiking with her dog, watching elk in a grove of aspen trees and contemplating the eternity gazing at jagged mountain peaks. ``If it were not for a call from the Bush transition team, my husband, John, and I would be skiing in those mountains today,'' she said Friday after the president-elect nominated her for Interior secretary. ....... Norton says when she looks at those resources now, she also sees an opportunity to make better use of the two-thirds of the nation's lands in federal hands - and that includes access for business. .....And that's what worries environmentalists. They fear that Norton - who once worked for James Watt, Ronald Reagan's controversial interior secretary - will rely too much on corporations to police themselves. They say she knows her stuff but worry about her priorities. ......"

Washington Times 1/2/01 Valerie Richardson ".....President Clinton has rushed to create an environmental legacy in his last year of office by designating millions of acres as national monuments, but it's a legacy that faces erosion at the hands of the next Congress and administration.......,Western Republicans, furious at what they see as Mr. Clinton's broad use of his executive authority to outflank Congress and circumvent the democratic process, are already discussing how to roll back the vast "land grab" as quickly into the new Bush administration as possible........ Such an effort could well spring from the House Resources Committee, where Rep. James V. Hansen, Utah Republican, has begun outlining a strategy to roll back the 4.6 million acres in national monuments designated by Mr. Clinton since 1996........ Mr. Hansen, who is the likely successor to committee Chairman Don Young, says he will invite legislation from lawmakers to trim the monument acreage, tinker with boundaries or eliminate designations altogether, based on the consensus within their communities......Mr. Clinton has invoked the Antiquities Act of 1906 to declare 11 monuments and expand two more - all but one in the West and all but one in his last year of office. Critics argue that he did so without consulting with the affected communities and went well beyond the scope of the act, which they contend is intended to protect Indian ruins and archeological sites.......... Other critics argue that the monuments should be reversed by executive order instead of legislation. "You can always undo what's been done, and it generally requires the same authority," said George Landrith, executive director of Frontiers of Freedom. "The question is, will the new administration have the will to take the criticism they're inevitably going to get on the front page of the New York Times?"....."

Reuters 1/4/01 ".....President Bill Clinton was expected on Friday to announce that nearly 60 million acres of U.S. forest land would be off limits to road construction and timber harvests to keep pristene areas for hiking, birdwatching, fishing and other recreation, environmentalists said on Thursday. .....Under the proposal, road construction and repairs and timber harvest would be banned in undeveloped areas, unless necessary for environmental reasons or to reduce the risk of wildfires. .....Evironmental groups have eagerly awaited the final announcement which protects 58.5 million acres, or nearly one-third of all national forests from New Hampshire to Washington state, from most forms of development...."

The New York Times 1/5/01 James Risen "….President Clinton has issued an order reorganizing the government's counterintelligence efforts, creating a new czar with a broad mandate to identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities, administration officials said today. The directive, signed in the waning days of Mr. Clinton's administration, creates a National Counterintelligence Executive charged with bringing a forward-looking, post-cold-war mentality to counterintelligence. Officials say the post is designed as the counterintelligence equivalent to the nation's drug czar. ….. The executive's central task will be to try to determine which secrets held by the government or the private sector are so valuable that they need to be protected from the nation's adversaries. The czar will also try to assess which secrets are of special interest to other nations, and then bring together the F.B.I., C.I.A. and other agencies to determine whether those countries are making efforts to obtain them. …..A spokesman for the Bush transition team referred all questions about the plan to the White House and declined to say whether transition officials had been consulted. Once in office, Mr. Bush could decide to change the plan without Congressional approval. …."

AP 1/4/01 "…..These are the 38 states with roadless areas in federal forests subject to President Clinton's forest protection plan, followed by the acreage involved, according to the U.S. Forest Service.
Alabama 13,000
Alaska 14,779,000
Arizona 1,174,000
Arkansas 95,000
California 4,416,000
Colorado 4,433,000
Florida 50,000
Georgia 63,000
Idaho 9,322,000
Illinois 11,000
Indiana 8,000
Kentucky 3,000
Louisiana 7,000
Maine 6,000
Michigan 16,000
Minnesota 62,000
Mississippi 3,000
Missouri 25,000
Montana 6,397,000
Nevada 3,186,000
New Hampshire 235,000
New Mexico 1,597,000
North Carolina 172,000
North Dakota 266,000
Oklahoma 13,000
Oregon 1,965,000
Pennsylvania 25,000
South Carolina 8,000
South Dakota 80,000
Tennessee 85,000
Texas 4,000
Utah 4,013,000
Vermont 25,000
Virginia 394,000
Washington 2,015,000
West Virginia 202,000
Wisconsin 69,000
Wyoming 3,257,000
Total: 58,518,000

AP 1/5/01 H. Joseph Hebert "…..Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt says declaring the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge a national monument to keep away oil developers would be a ''meaningless gesture'' and he has urged President Clinton against doing so. The protection of the arctic refuge in far northeastern Alaska has gained renewed urgency among environmentalists since President-elect Bush has targeted oil development in the refuge as a central part of his long-term energy plan….."