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Two months after signing the BRAC recommendations, Clinton said to workers at Kelly Air Force Base (San Antonio) "On July 1, you were dealt a serious blow when the independent Base Closing Commission said that we ought to shut Kelly down," said Clinton. "At my insistence, and my refusal to go along with that specific recommendation, the Air Force developed the Privatization-in-Place Plan that will keep thousands of jobs here at this depot."

Department of Defense has put out a new contract for maintaining three different types of aircraft engines made by three different companies. A stipulation of the contract is that interested parties must bid on all three jobs, or none at all. The engine manufacturers -- General Electric, Pratt & Whitney and Allison -- have joined forces to submit a bid and are agreeing to keep the work at Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Kelly and McClellan were targeted for closure by the 1995 Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC). The work being performed at those bases was to be transferred to Hill Air Force Base and other bases in Oklahoma and Georgia.

Washington Post 4/9/99 Al Kamen "...Acting Secretary F. Whitten Peters, the Air Force folks' favorite [for Air Force secretary], would have been considered the leading candidate but for a little memo he wrote last year, which leaked to Congress, in which he implied--falsely the White House insists--that politics somehow was being played on the issue of base closures. The memo infuriated White House Chief of Staff John D. Podesta and that appeared to doom any move up for Peters. The buzz now is that Podesta, feeling the spirit of the Easter season, is dropping his objection to Peters, which could lead to his nomination and likely prompt confirmation, shortly after the Senate comes back from recess. It probably won't hurt things that Peters yesterday was invited to accompany President Clinton to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana on Monday to show support for the troops, Barksdale being the home of the B-52s flying to the Yugoslavian theater...."





8/28/98 DAWN (Pakistan) Masood Haider "The brother of Osama bin Laden is a director of a US telecom giant, Irridium LLC, according to reports. Although the Clinton administration has made Osama the world's most wanted man, the rest of the family does millions of dollars in business with the US, reports say. Sheikh Hasan bin Laden, one of Osama's many brothers in a Saudi family of immense wealth and far- flung enterprises, is listed by the Securities and Exchange Commission as a director of Iridium LLC, the New York newspaper Daily News said. Irridium, which plans to put the first global network of cell phones and pagers into operation next month, has launched satellites four times aboard China's Long March rockets. The launches by Irridium, Hughes Electronics and Loral Space and Communications triggered a furore in Congress this summer amid allegations that China picked up missile targeting know-how from its arrangements with the US firms. Irridium confirmed that Hasan bin Laden is a director of the Irridium Middle East Corp subsidiary and that the Saudi bin Laden Group, the family's investment arm, has put money into the global phone link firm.."

Mr. Mondale, nephew of the former vice president, was the first employee of Iridium and is the Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning for Iridium LLC. Before joining Motorola, he was a Vice President at Fairchild Space and Defense Corporation where he was responsible for the international and commercial activities of Fairchild Space from 1989 to 1990. Prior to joining Fairchild, Mr. Mondale was Legal Counsel to the then Space Division of Matra, S.A. (now Matra-Marconi Space, N.V.), based in Paris, France, following several years of private legal practice in Washington, D.C. Mondale has guided the marketing, strategic planning, and government affairs disciplines within the company since its inception.

DR. EDWARD F. STAIANO Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Iridium LLC and Chairman, Iridium World Communications, Ltd. before joining Iridium LLC was a 23-year veteran of Motorola credited with growing Motorola's General Systems Sector to record levels. The sector is composed of cellular infrastructure, cellular equipment, computer, and network management businesses.

Iridium has ties to late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and the Democratic party. Leo Mondale and Motorola executive Edward Staino hired four of Brown's former employees with high level security clearances to help run Iridium's project on worldwide telecommunications. In May of 1995 a former assistant secretary of Commerce, Lauri Fitz-Pegado, a long-time friend of Brown and special adviser to the chairman of the DNC, became vice president of the Iridium division called Global Gateway Management. Her responsibilities at Iridium include coordinating meetings and trips with international investors. She was joined there by her former Commerce assistants Pilar Martinez, Charlotte Kea and Andrew Balfour, who was a director under the executive secretary for Commerce.

ROBERT W. KINZIE Chairman, Iridium LLC before joining Iridium was the Director of Strategic Planning for the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (INTELSAT) - the 121 member-country international organization, which owns and operates the global commercial communications satellite system. Mr. Kinzie also has over 20 years experience in the satellite communications industry with the Communications Satellite Corporation (COMSAT). From 1962 to 1965, Mr. Kinzie was an economist at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. He also held positions at the U.S. Bureau of the Census and was on the staff of a United States Congressman.

While at Commerce, Sockowitz, a 1992 Clinton/Gore fundraiser, held a top-secret clearance and kept classified files in a safe. After being transferred to the SBA (without a debriefing) he came back to Commerce and remove 136 files. After he left the SBA he was not debriefed. He now works for the Strategic Planning Group in Bethesda, Md., an international business consulting firm. Justice stopped looking into the security breach matter in December '96 without ever talking to Sockowitz, or his boss whom he followed to SBA, Ms. Lew. Nolanda Hill told Judge Lamberth in March of 1998 that Brown worried that Sockowitz might have ''funneled information to others.'' Documents include satellite encryptions from Hoyt Zia, chief counsel for Commerce's Bureau of Export Administration. Zia is a former Democratic National Committee fund-raiser and close friend of Huang. Also in the Sockowitz files were memos, notes, and file folders from Commerce and the National Security Council on encryption or decoding software, exports and policy options; Satellite-project information; "Space Launch;" "Uranium from Russia;" A CIA report on Russian economic development; and Biographies on foreign political leaders in Bosnia, Croatia, India, Turkey, and Russia.

Insight 9/1/97 Tim Maier concerning Sockowitz ". "He knew what he was doing," says one congressional investigator. "He had to. He held one of the highest level of clearance - top secret with code word." . "He is another Craig Livingstone," says one congressional investigator, referring to the bouncer and political operative who became White House security chief and resigned after supervising the illegal acquisition of 900 FBI files on Reagan and Bush appointees. Congressional investigators believe Sockowitz zeroed in on these files because they were a hot commodity in an explosive high-tech market. So hot were they that in November the CIA "blocked access" and prevented House investigators from viewing the documents taken by Sockowitz even though the investigators had all the proper clearances. "

Motorola took part in Brown trade-mission trips.

The Iridium system is backed by nineteen strategic investors from around the world. Seventeen of the investor partners also participate in the operation and maintenance of 12 ground station "gateways" that link the Iridium system to the public switched telephone networks:

Iridium Africa Corporation Iridium Africa is associated with Mawarid Overseas Company Limited.
Iridium Andes-Caribe is a consortium of private Venezuelan investors
Iridium Brasil is a diversified Brazilian corporation
Iridium Middle East Corporation is owned by Mawarid Overseas Company Limited (see Iridium Africa), and Triniford Investments S.A., which is affiliated with the Saudi Binladin Group. Binladin is among the largest industrial groups in Saudi Arabia.
Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center A leading aerospace engineering and manufacturing company in the Russian Federation
Lockheed Martin Corporation A world leader in defense and space systems technology
Iridium Canada, Inc. BCE Mobile Communications, Inc. and BCE Telecom International, Inc. - both of which are affiliated with BCE Inc., Canada's largest telecommunications company
Iridium China (Hong Kong) Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Aerospace, a major diversified industrial group in China and also the parent company of China Great Wall Industries Corporation.
Iridium India Telecom Limited is a consortium of Indian financial institutions that initially invested in Iridium LLC through infrastructure Leasing & Financing Services, Ltd..
Iridium italia S.P.A. is an affiliate of Telecom Italia,
Raytheon Company is one of the world's leading companies in the conception, development, manufacture, and sale of electronic systems, equipment, and components for government and commercial use.
SK Telecom Affiliated with Korea Telecommunications Corporation
South Pacific Iridium Holdings Limited is a subsidiary of PT Bakrie & Brothers, an Indonesia-based diversified holding company.
Sprint Iridium, Inc. is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Sprint Corporation, which is a diversified telecommunications company.
Thai Satellite Telecommunications Co., Ltd. is affiliated with United Communications Industry Co., Ltd., which is the second-largest cellular telecommunications provider in Thailand
Motorola, Inc. is one of the world's leading providers of wireless communications and electronic equipment, systems, components, and services.
Nippon Iridium (Bermuda) Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nippon Iridium Corporation, which is a consortium formed in Bermuda by DDI Corporation A subsidiary of VEBA AG and RWE AG, two of the largest corporations in Germany
Pacific Iridium Telecommunications Corporation (PITC) is a subsidiary of Pacific Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd., a diversified international corporation.


Repeat: Iridium Middle East Corporation is owned by Mawarid Overseas Company Limited (see Iridium Africa), and Triniford Investments S.A., which is affiliated with the Saudi Binladin Group. Binladin is among the largest industrial groups in Saudi Arabia

In 1993, Lockheed Martin (an investor) made one political contribution. In 1995-96, the company made 576 contributions - both to Republicans and Democrats, including $1.6 million in political action committee, or PAC, gifts. Sockowitz walked out with the classified information on the billion-dollar satellite deal that Lockheed entered into with the Khrunichev Space Center in Russia - which is part of the Iridium deal.

Russia's ministry of Atomics (an investor) was allowed to obtain supercomputers capable of designing nuclear weapons. A Russian organized crime figure, Clinton White House guest Grigor Loutchansky, is a player in Iridium's telecommunication plan. Loutchansky is suspected of trafficking in nuclear materials. Sockowitz had a folder called "Uranium from Russia," which may have contained details on US efforts to purchase left over weapons-grade uranium from Russia and revealed where 1,000 tons of such uranium may be stored.

Beijing (an investor) obtained special export waivers. In 1994, AT&T was allowed to send video-conferencing and sophisticated remote command and control systems to a Beijing based company HUA MEI, whose board of directors are members of the People's Liberation Army, or PLA. In 1996 RSA Data Security signed a distribution and development agreement with China's Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Graduate School Laboratory of Information Security, which trains Chinese intelligence agents. RSA had been courting a relationship with China ever since the company attended an encryption conference in Beijing in 1995. The company toyed with selling its encryption patent to the federal government but never did. Indeed, it obtained a special waiver for sales to Beijing at a time when competitors were being prosecuted for selling similar encryption technology overseas. Sockowitz had the files on RSA and its patented encryption technology. Iridium's Chinese partner, Iridium China (Hong Kong) Ltd., is managed by mainland-born Wang Mei Yue. Wang Mei Yue also happens to be head of China Aerospace International Holdings Ltd. (CASIL) in Hong Kong. CASIL is part of China's defense industrial complex, and is also where Liu Chaoying, the daughter of a top Chinese military official, was employed as a vice president; she is the figure who allegedly funneled money to the Democratic Party. According to the South China Morning Post of Hong Kong, three officials from CASIL sit on the board of Iridium China. China did not have MIRV capability before the Iridium launch.

9/1/97 Tim Maier Insight Nation "… Congressional investigators believe Sockowitz zeroed in on these files because they were a hot commodity in an explosive high-tech market. So hot were they that in November the CIA "blocked access" and prevented House investigators from viewing the documents taken by Sockowitz even though the investigators had all the proper clearances…..Upon first impression the inventory list appears to be a collection of intelligence documents with no apparent common thread connecting them. But there may be. Insight has discovered a trail that leads from Commerce to a Washington based multi-billion dollar satellite company called Iridium. The bulk of the Sockowitz files contain information that could be greatly beneficial to Iridium or its competitors - especially in terms of contracts, customers, and international assessment of foreign countries. Iridium is working with an international team of leading aerospace and electronic leaders in Russia and Red China to construct a worldwide telecommunications network…..Created by Motorola in 1987, Iridium has direct ties to late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and the Democratic party; Leo Mondale, a nephew of the former vice president, is vice president of strategic planning for Iridium. This year Mondale and Motorola executive Edward Staino hired four of Brown's former employees with high level security clearances to help run Iridium's project on worldwide telecommunications. Motorola also took part in Brown trade-mission trips. Lauri Fitz-Pegado, former assistant secretary of Commerce - and a long-time friend of Brown - and special adviser to the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, or DNC, now is vice president of the Iridium division called Global Gateway Management. She went on board May 5, 1997. Her responsibilities at Iridium include coordinating meetings and trips with international investors. She is joined there by her former Commerce assistants Pilar Martinez, Charlotte Kea and Andrew Balfour, who was a director under the executive secretary for Commerce…"

The American Spectator 8/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "...TAS has learned of a separate joint venture between the Riadys and China Aerospace International (CASIL), known as the Shanghai Commercial Investment Fund. Until now, U.S. government investigators were not able to tie the Riadys to CASIL, a key player in several satellite ventures involving U.S. companies. A CASIL vice president, Liu Chaoying, set up a joint venture with Johnny Chung in California known as Marswell Investment that was financed through a $300,000 wire transfer (some of which Chung donated to the DNC) from the head of Chinese military intelligence. TAS first revealed the Chung- Liu connection two years ago ("While America Sleeps," June 1997). Liu's Hong Kong company, Marswell Investment Ltd., was created in 1995 using subscriber shares from two PLA front companies, Chearfit and Timeway Ltd., which operate out of the same office as a third front company, Silver Faith Holdings, which U.S. government investigators have tied back to the Chinese Triads. Liu Chaoying controls numerous other Hong Kong front companies as well, including Cheung Tai Hong Holdings Ltd., Giant Enterprises, and CASIL Import & Export Company Ltd.

The American Spectator 8/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "...The Lippo-CASIL connection provides new insight into what the Chinese were hoping to get from the Clinton-Gore White House: waivers of U.S. sanctions to give them access to U.S. missile and satellite technology. In April 1993 Clinton waived the Tiananmen sanctions to allow Motorola to launch up to 12 satellites in China for its Iridium global wireless communications network. As part of that deal, the Chinese got help from U.S. companies in designing a "smart dispenser" that enabled them for the first time to launch multiple satellites from a single rocket. According to a December 1996 report from the Air Force National Air Intelligence Center, first revealed by Washington Times reporter Bill Gertz, the Iridium smart dispenser "could be developed into a credible PBV (post-boost vehicle) with a few relatively minor changes." Post-boost vehicles are used to deliver multiple nuclear warheads to separate orbits, so they can strike different targets independently. Multiple warhead technology was a key priority for the Commission of Science Technology and Industry for National Defense (COSTIND) collectors, and was a capability the Chinese had previously lacked.

The American Spectator 8/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "...In October 1997, CASIL acquired a 14.71-percent interest in Asia Pacific Telecommunications Satellite Holdings Ltd., a listed company in Hong Kong and New York. APT was founded in 1992, with investors from Hong Kong and Thailand, to own and operate a network of telecommunications satellites. The company now operates two Hughes HS 376 satellites (Apstar-1 and Apstar-1A), and one Space Systems Loral FS-1300 satellite (Apstar IIR), launched between 1994 and October 1997. "The powerful APT...has the largest synchronous satellite transponder capacity available in the Asia-Pacific region," according to a U. S. government cable from Hong Kong obtained by TAS.

The American Spectator 8/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "...But APT served another purpose, according to a recent Pentagon report first revealed in these pages ("Red Star Over Washington," May 1999). Following the failure of the People's Liberation Army's (PLA) own network of military communications satellites in 1996, "the Chinese were desperate to find a substitute for military communications. They had no choice but to resort to the use of previously purchased U.S. satellites for their encrypted communications," the report states. Those satellites were owned and operated by APT. "This decision was just a step in the continuing process to integrate Hughes equipment for its military--a decision which goes back to at least 1992. Various munitions license applications during 1995 and 1996 reveal an export pattern of Hughes satellite-related equipment through PLA front companies. They include SCL, CESEC (China Electronic Systems Engineering Company), and Huaying," the DOD memo states. "Ironically, many of these exports did not identify these front companies as being associated with the PLA. From what we now know, Hughes employees in China were knowledgeable that they were PLA-associated entities." None of the licenses were vetted for the PLA association, the memo went on, since a military end-user would have been grounds for denying exports. ...Hughes's failure to disclose the PLA involvement in APT, and in a related cell-phone venture known as APMT, may have violated U.S. export control laws. "In seeking approval of APMT," the Pentagon report states, "Hughes provided only the Singapore address of the APMT joint venture between China and Singapore. This had the deceptive effect of attempting to disassociate the APMT project from the Chinese military and make it look benign, even though the Chinese sought configurations on the APMT satellite that would allow for eavesdropping." The Pentagon discovered that many of the Chinese technicians being trained by Hughes in California were in fact members of the PLA...."

Infoworld / Network World 8/13/99 David Rohde "...Satellite telephony provider Iridium declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Friday, culminating its struggle to recover from marketing and distribution mistakes dating from last fall's service launch. The company is not ending operations, but rather seeking a court-approved workout plan. Chief investor Motorola said it thinks Iridium can come up with a bankruptcy restructuring plan within 30 days...."

8/13/99 Ilaina Jonas Reuters "…Stocks of two of the three leading satellite telephone companies plummeted Thursday under the weight of major financing woes that cloud their future. Shares of Iridium World Communications LLC dropped more than 28 percent, or 1-11/16, to bottom out at an all-time low of 4-1/4 on the day after the struggling operator of a $5 billion satellite network defaulted on $1.5 billion in loans. The plunge landed the stock -- which 15 months ago was trading at a lofty 72-3/8 -- as the No. 1 percentage loser on the Nasdaq market Thursday….. Late Wednesday Washington, D.C.-based Iridium said it had defaulted on a $800 million loan and another $750 million loan after it failed to meet customer and revenue growth targets required under the larger of the two loans. Iridium, London-based ICO and Globalstar Telecommunications Ltd (Nasdaq:GSTRF - news)., an international group led by Loral Space & Communications Ltd (NYSE:LOR - news)., are scrambling to launch hand-held satellite phone services to allow customers to stay in touch any time from anyplace on the globe. Shares of Globalstar closed down 1/4 to 28. Iridium, the only company to launch service so far, has repeatedly stumbled, and its principal backer, telecommunications equipment maker Motorola Inc. (NYSE:MOT - news), has raised the possibility that it may have to liquidate….``At this time, banks may feel that Iridium's future is significantly enhanced by a restructuring that includes a significant Motorola cash infusion,'' C.E. Unterberg analyst William Kidd wrote in a research report. But Kidd warned an Iridium bankruptcy ``may be awfully close.'' …."




Note from Alamo-Girl: There has been a strange coincidence between presidential crises and other crises. For instance, the Oklahoma City Bombing occurred at a low point in Clinton's popularity and the Iraq crisis became severe just as the Lewinsky scandal broke earlier this year. Now, with Lewinsky testifying and Starr's report imminent there has been a bombing of terrorist centers in Afghanistan and Sudan. Bombings of Iraq, Sudan and Afghanistan have been moved to their respective National Security categories.

US Newswire 8/5/98 Mike Collins "The reason President Clinton is threatening to shut down the federal government later this year, says Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Jim Nicholson, is that new polling data shows "President Clinton's personal approval ratings are sagging faster than an old barn in the wind." "Bill Clinton is looking to pick a fight with Congress to deflect attention from the scandals that are swirling around the White House," Nicholson charged. "He's got to create a crisis to stop the hemorrhaging, and a federal government shut down in the weeks before the Nov. 3 election is just what his spin doctors ordered. At a speech Monday in Prince George's County, Md., and at an appearance today before the House Democrat Caucus, Clinton and his aides repeatedly raised the spectre of repeating the budget showdowns of 1995 and 1996 that resulted in two partial shutdowns of the federal government."

AP 8/6/98 "The United States will send hundreds of Marines to Albania on a NATO military exercise later this month, in part to show Yugoslav leaders that allied forces can move very quickly into their region, Pentagon officials said Thursday.."

Drudge 8/6/98 "The NEW YORK TIMES reports on Friday that Janet Reno has ordered a formal 30-day review of what government officials described as "a previously unexamined campaign finance issue that could ultimately lead the attorney general to refer the tangle of political finance issues to an independent prosecutor. The paper does not disclose the nature of the accusations under review or the identity of the subject of the inquiry..."

8/10/98 AP Ron Fournier "A week before Bill Clinton's risky date to answer questions from prosecutor Kenneth Starr, some of the president's closest advisers are convinced he should try to avoid telling all.A second Clinton adviser said the bombing of U.S. embassies in Africa and the resurgence of trouble with Iraq could be grounds for the president to delay his testimony..

The Michael Reagan Information Interchange 8/11/98 Mary Mostert "[ Bill ] Clinton has been trying really hard to pick a fight with the Republicans over Social Security , we were told over the weekend . Apparently the president believes that the American people are going to rise up and fight Gingrich and the Republicans if the DARE try to reduce taxes on the much beleaguered middle - class families . Somehow , I am finding it hard to believe that . I cannot recall in world history one time when the populace rose in revolutionary fervor to protest someone suggesting a reduction in taxes."

The National Conservative Weekly, Human Events, 8/14/98 "In one of the most dramatic snippets of congressional testimony in recent decades, FBI Director Louis Freeh told the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee last week that his agency is actively investigating President Clinton and Vice President Gore for possibly committing criminal acts in the course of their 1996 re-election campaign. The testimony came after senior Democrats on the committee, led by ranking minority member Henry Waxman (Calif.), filibustered the proceedings for more than an hour in an apparent effort to push Freeh's testimony out of the prime morning news cycle into the lunch hour..During Freeh's testimony, Reno called a press conference at the Justice Department to repeat the substance of her confrontational letter to the committee."

Investor's Business Daily 8/27/98 Editorial "The Justice Department has agreed to reopen the probe of Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination. And it continues its jihad against Microsoft. But it somehow can't find the time to investigate the White House's role in raising illegal campaign cash. Doesn't this seem like the old razzle-dazzle? Is Justice saying, ''Let's pursue some cases that are sure to make headlines, so we don't have to pursue other ones? Ones that might involve the president and vice president?'' ."

Florida Time Union, 8/3/0/98 "The left wing, after defending President Clinton's actions for years, now is saying in growing chorus that he should resign. This is not some miraculous conversion. It is recognition that the liberal agenda can be advanced more swiftly if Al Gore could drop the ''vice'' from his title. That same thought has conservatives giving second thought to the virtues of presidential impeachment. ."

Washington Weekly 8/31/98 Marvin Lee "No sooner had the suggestion of a Clinton resignation and a Gore presidency been floated as a viable solution by liberal pundits, than Janet Reno in the most twisted maneuvering of her sorry career triggered a second 90-day investigation into Gore's fundraising calls. Reno ignores solid evidence, urgent calls from her top people, pressure from Congress and from establishment editorials to appoint an independent counsel to probe the Chinese penetration and purchase of the White House. Yet she twice triggers a review of Al Gore's violation of a federal law against making fundraising phone calls from an office phone. Even a blind man can see that something is seriously wrong here. So now there "is no alternative" to Bill Clinton, and he seems determined to take down the country with him.."

Reuters 9/2/98 Daniel Sternoff "U.S. President Bill Clinton, raising his profile in the stalled Middle East peace process, urged Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat on Wednesday to make a final jump towards a breakthrough. ``He telephoned me on his initiative,'' Prime Minister Netanyahu told Israel Television. ``He said that immediately upon his return from Russia, he intends to begin aiding the political process with the Palestinians...I welcome this willingness.'' Clinton, in Moscow after a two-day summit with Russian President Boris Yeltsin, also initiated a call to Arafat at a Non-Aligned Movement summit in South Africa. ``He wanted to express his willingness to continue to support the peace process,'' Nabil Shaath, Arafat's minister of international cooperation, told Reuters in Durban.."

Irv Kupcinet Chicago Sun-Times 9/6/98 "The talk in Washington: President Clinton and his allies are now focusing on how to keep Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan from joining forces with Sen. Joseph Lieberman in urging Clinton to resign. Lieberman's stirring speech criticizing the president, once a dear friend, sent shock waves through the Clinton camp. If Moynihan and Lieberman get together to urge the president's resignation, it would be a replay of how Republicans, led by the late Sen. Barry Goldwater, brought the bad news to President Richard Nixon that he had to go.... "

US Newswire press Release 9/8/98 Peter Cleary of Americans for Tax Reform ".I am writing to urge you to pass -- as quickly as possible -- a Continuing Resolution to ensure that the government does not shut down this fall. It has become obvious that Bill Clinton plans to shut the government down to diver the nation's attention from his legal problems. This domestic version of the "Wag the Dog" strategy is the largest abuse of power ever considered by an elected official in the history of our country.."

Capitol Hill blue 10-13-98 ".As everybody now knows, a homosexual college student in Wyoming was beaten, tortured and left for dead last week by a couple of local miscreants. The kid died Monday morning. Any murder is tragic. Fortunately, the two responsible were quickly arrested and, with luck, will be tried, convicted and then killed in the most grisly manner possible under Wyoming law. Unfortunately, the political opportunists who milk tragedy for all it's worth are lapping at the trough of public outrage. Leading this charge, of course, is the king of political opportunity -- William Jefferson Clinton -- who used the murder to call for new federal laws to deal with "hate crimes" against homosexuals. Leave it to Clinton to find yet another tragedy to try and reverse his sagging political fortunes. This is, after all, the same Bill Clinton who so adroitly used the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City to resurrect a Presidency that all said had become "irrelevant." For days afterwards, we were treating to repeated showings of Bill and Hillary with children, talking about the horrors of Oklahoma City. The rebound in his public popularity from that cynical play on American heartstrings has never faded, even with interns, cigars and semen-stained dresses.."

Freeper John Wurtz 10/15/98 reports " Central bankers around the world are in sheer terror of what is coming in the world economy. A third of the world is in depression. A third of the world is in recession. We are most of what's left and it looks grim for 1999 as Greenspan sees giant waves of US layoffs looming in the wake of cheap imports and foreigners unable to buy our exports. Forget inflation - we're headed for a serious deflationary recession or worse. Any stock rally may be a last chance to bail out before a massive downturn in the market."

NPR Freeper Report 11/2/98 ".The Wye Agreement between the Palestinians and Israel, timed to go into effect on election eve, has been delayed for at least 10 days by the Israelis Meanwhile, in contravention of the terms of the agreement the Israelis have started construction of 200 new homes on the West Bank, This will severely aggravate the Palestinians At the same time, Hamas is declaring Arafat an enemy of it's cause.."

Ottawa Sun 11/8/98 R Cort Kirkwood ".Just days before Tuesday's elections, the story surfaced that Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States, had fathered Easton Hemmings, the youngest son of Sally Hemmings, the slave with whom he was rumoured to have had a long-running affair. Sally Hemmings was the half-sister of Jefferson's wife, Martha, and the proof of her affair with the red- haired president was adduced by scientists who traced Easton's uncertain parentage back to Jefferson through the Y chromosome, which determines the sex of a child. New York Times columnist William Safire noted the suspicious political timing of the news with election day. He observed that President Bill Clinton's supporters would say that if Jefferson dallied with a woman to whom he was not married, why certainly we can't chastise Clinton for doing the same; president's have always committed sexual sins, so nothing is new or unique about Clinton's erotic transactions. Unfortunately for Clinton, that isn't such a good argument to make.."

Capitol Hill Blue 11/18/98 Doug Thompson ".When the Monica Lewinsky story first emerged on The Drudge Report last January, followed days later by The Washington Post, Newsweek and ABC News, most people at the White House worried about how to handle this latest scandal. Not Hillary Clinton. The First Lady saw the Lewinsky story as an opportunity to divert attention from more serious crimes within her husband's administration, crimes that not only could bring down Bill Clinton's presidency, but could send he and her to jail. Hillary huddled with Sidney J. Blumenthal, the former New Yorker pseudo-journalist who joined the White House staff at her insistence because of his pro-Clinton writing, and James Carville, the acerbic political consultant who -- like Mrs. Clinton -- would do anything to protect Bill. The three concocted a risky, but now it appears a successful, strategy to privately fuel the Monica Lewinsky story. The irony is that the plan was hatched under the belief that Clinton couldn't possibly have been stupid enough to mess around with the former White House intern. Their plan was to let Ken Starr and the press jump on the Monica story and later discredit it as untrue. They never dreamed the public would be so forgiving of Clinton if the allegations were true. "Most people didn't know what was going on here," one former White House staffer says. "We would have thought they were crazy if we had known." But several current and past White House staffers now confirm that Hillary Clinton was more worried about payoffs to Susan McDougal and Webb Hubbell to buy silence in the Whitewater case, the campaign finance scandal and the more serious issues involving technology transfer to Communist China. Although investigations of both by the House and Senate had stalled, Mrs. Clinton knew both could cause real trouble for Clinton is the press and Starr ever got close to the facts.."

WorldNetDaily 11/21/98 David Limbaugh ".If Dash's presence has added any credibility to Starr's investigation, you certainly wouldn't know it by any of the media's coverage during the past four years, especially the past 10 months. The media has piled on while the White House and congressional Democrats have mercilessly savaged Starr and his staff. Where has Sam Dash been while Starr has endured this incredible pilloring? Why didn't he speak up on Starr's behalf? Is it because he believed the attacks were warranted? Not according to his letter of resignation...Notice that the statute doesn't even require that there be a written referral. It just says, the IC "shall advise" the House. There is nothing improper, then, about Starr testifying to provide the statutorily mandated advice. So Dash cannot reasonably complain about Starr testifying. No, it is ostensibly Starr's "aggressive advocacy" that distresses Dash. But such "aggressive advocacy" in the written referral didn't seem to bother him as his letter plainly states," The referral you made to the House was proper under the statute." So much for that charge, Mr. Dash. How in the world could Starr state there are possible grounds that impeachable conduct may have been committed without trying to advocate the position that led him to that conclusion? Does the "independent" in "Independent Counsel" require that the IC must be independent about everything, even to the point of forming no opinions after having studied the evidence? That's patently absurd. An independent counsel doesn't have to be a cipher. "Independent" under the statute, 28 U.S.C. á 594(i), means separate from and independent of the Justice Department. It doesn't require him to remain independent from the facts when they point to guilt. Such a scenario would render him utterly useless to Congress, whose work he is to facilitate and clarify. But let's be clear. Neither in the referral nor in his testimony did Starr "advocate" that Congress impeach Clinton. He made it painstakingly clear that such was not his prerogative. If he advocated, it was solely to demonstrate how Clinton's conduct, as demonstrated by the evidence, may constitute impeachable conduct, not that the House should impeach... Wrong, Mr. Dash. It is you who have attempted to undermine the confidence in the office by publicly undermining the independent counsel the very day after the public was treated to his elucidating testimony and may have been prepared to view Starr more favorably for the first time in more than four years. What is behind the timing of this paragon of Watergate virtue? Two major news agencies have reported that the White House was tipped off about Dash's coming resignation several days ago. What else might they have been tipped off about during the course of this "leaky" investigation? ."

Freeper Rodger Schultz reports on FOX SUNDAY 11/22/98 Wayne Mann ".Tony Snow and Britt Hume just pointed out, and the OIC basiclly agreed, that ethics advisor Sam dash committed an ethics violation by Publically releasing his letter to Starr..While Americans have learned that the Clinton gang is capable of using the "Wag the Dog" approach to war and stories of war, sometimes including some deaths for "atmosphere", the public is now seeing that the same scenario is utilized with media assets as well The orchestrated Dash announcement allowed the public to clearly watch the Clinton gang execute a "pre- arranged" plan designed to take away the thunder that was created by the Starr testimony. This time the move was too smooth, and allowed Americans to watch the Dash announcement appear early in the morning, to divert attention from the excitement "expected" from the Starr presentation. Then the reporters on the payroll moved the story and the media assets of the Clinton gang, Keithy Olberman, Whoraldo etc., quickly, (unfortunately too quickly) presented complete 60 minute shows built around the "surprize" event, including talking heads, etc, all fluent in how "bad a blow" this was to the OIC. Unfortunately, all this moved to swiftly for it to be a response, and clearly demonstrated that the "team" merely moved a pre- arranged event designed to deflate the powerful impact of the unexpected standing ovation felt by all Americans at the end of the Starr presentation. It was clear that Starr could become a Hero after his presentation, and the Dash announcement was lying in wait for the Special Prosecuter.."

11/20/98 Rep Bob Barr ".U.S. Representative Bob Barr (GA-7) released the following statement in response to law professor Sam Dash's decision to publicly criticize Independent Counsel Ken Starr ,Dash also resigned from Starr's investigation, for which he had been serving as a consultant. "The fact that Sam Dash chose to engage in this political posturing the day after Judge Starr handled hours of testimony before the House Judiciary Committee remarkably well, provides clear proof that his motive is defending the President by attacking the prosecutor. Mr. Dash knew for weeks that Judge Starr would be testifying and chose to attack him today to achieve the greatest political impact by diverting attention away from Judge Starr's outstanding performance yesterday."

The Washington Times 11/27/98 Editorial ".Sam Dash should try to get his story straight. Until very recently the ethics advisor to independent counsel Kenneth Starr, Mr. Dash very publicly resigned his position, saying he had been forced to do so because Mr. Starr had abused his powers. Quitting the day after Mr. Starr's marathon Capitol Hill testimony, Mr. Dash cited the independent counsel's performance before the House Judiciary Committee -- and not any impropriety of the investigation itself -- as his reason for jumping ship...In other words, Mr. Dash did not think it was meet or proper for Mr. Starr to appear before Congress -- or at least that is how every news organization in town read the letter of resignation. But every news organization in town was wrong, Mr. Dash quickly protested... According to Mr. Dash, he recommended that Mr. Starr "run, not walk" to Capitol Hill. He said that, contrary to the misinformed reading of his letter, he was eager for Mr. Starr to testify -- but only so long as that testimony focused on defending the four-year inquiry. Making a case for impeachment was right out, as far as Mr. Dash was concerned. Thus he watched Mr. Starr testify, and when he saw the independent counsel become an "aggressive advocate" for impeachment, it was then that he knew he had to make his exit. At least that's what he said then. But the story keeps changing. The most recent alteration came in response to the coverage in The Washington Post, about which Mr. Dash took exception...But Mr. Dash was particularly unhappy that a Post editorial had called his resignation "peculiar," and doubly so that The Post "news stories suggested that my timing was planned to hurt Mr. Starr." It is in response to the timing issue that Mr. Dash's newly revises his story, and in the process reveals some major inconsistencies in his account of his actions. Mr. Dash protests that his resignation couldn't possibly have been timed to hurt Mr. Starr because it had actually been timed to help him. "Days before his testimony, I told Mr. Starr I was going to resign, but that I wanted to be fair to him and not announce it before he testified,". So let's get this straight: Days before Mr. Starr testified, Mr. Dash announced his intention to pack up his ethics shop. But if -- as Mr. Dash claimed -- his reason for quitting was the substance of Mr. Starr's testimony, as opposed to the mere fact that the independent counsel had agreed to testify, then Mr. Dash had no reason at that point to resign. Mr. Dash wanted Mr. Starr to testify, he said. It was when he heard Mr. Starr act as an aggressive advocate before the committee that he couldn't stick by him any longer -- or so went the old story. Mr. Dash decided to resign days before Mr. Starr testified. Then he said he decided to resign only after hearing Mr. Starr testify. Perhaps Mr. Dash should have hired his own ethics advisor to counsel him on how to get his story straight.."