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Charlie Trie
Cheryl Mills
Mark Fabiani
Anthony Bizakis
Gennifer Flowers
Jerry Luther Parks




* immunity granted
Susan McDougal Contempt of court
Susan Thomases Clinton Advisor, 108 non-answers
Webster Hubbell Former Associate Attorney General, 112 non-answers
Maggie Williams Hillary Clinton's Former Chief of Staff, 96 non-answers
Bruce Lindsey, Advisor, 70 non-answers
Neil Eggleston, Associate Counsel, 106 non-answers
Roger Altman, Deputy Treasury Secretary, 208 non-answers
Hillary Clinton, 60 non-answers
Bill Clinton, 37 non-answers
John Huang
Jane Huang
Man Ya Shih*
David Wang*
Keshi Zhan*
Gin F. J. Chen
Siuw Moi Lian*
Yi Chu*
Mark Middleton
Seow Fong Ooi
Joseph Landon*
Bin Yueh Jeng
Hsiu Chu Lin
Larry Wong
Duangnet Kronenberg
Jin Chin Hsueh
Na-chi "Nancy" Lee
Chi Rung Wang
Hueutsan Huang*
Jou Sheng
Yuefang Chu*
Yogesh Ghandi
Judy Hsu
Man Ho*
Steven Hwang
Jane Dewi Tahir
Manlin Foung
Gilbert Colon
Dia Maria Mapili
Yumei Yang
Irene Wu
Jie Su Hsiao
Arapaho/Cheyenne Indians
Mike Lin
Hsiu Luan Tseng
Hsin Chen Shih
Zie Pan Huang*
Mark Jimenez
Shu Jen Wu*
Michael Brown
Woody Hwang
Charles Intriago
Simon Chen
Sioeng Fei Man
Jessica Elinitiarta
Kent La
Craig Livingstone
Richard Trumka (threat)
Ridwan Dinarta
Yoahan Elnitiarta
Nora Lum
Gene Lum
Nolanda Hill
Terri Bradley
Maria Hsia
Lay Kweek Wie
Lai Bun Tsun
Richard Esparragoza
Manuel G. Garcia
Reynaldo B. Crespo
Raymund Dos Remedios
David Fried
Louis C. Leonardo
Juan L. Ruiz
Marcelino V. Brotonel
Enrique Sanchez
Ruth Ramirez
Charlie Trie
Carmen Lunetta
Len Keller
Jacob Delvalle
William Gearhardt


11/30/98 Freeper Michael Rivero reports ".FOX News just reported that Nathan Landow invoked the fifth amendment during his testimony before the Judiciary Committee looking into impeachment.."

Judicial Watch Press Release 2/22/99 "...During the deposition today, Mr. Stephanopoulos again gave testimony showing that he had not done an adequate second search, as ordered by the Court about one year ago. When Judicial Watch lawyers sought to probe him about specific aspects of the second search as ordered by the Court, he refused to answer questions and unilaterally walked out of the deposition...."

NewsMax 4/19/99 Wesley Phelan "...At the April 15 deposition Huang invoked his Fifth Amendment privilege a total of 419 times..... Among the allegations Huang refused to deny under oath were: seats on Commerce Department trade missions were sold for contributions to the DNC and the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign; then-DNC co-Chairman Senator Christopher Dodd told him to leave town in 1996, so he could not be served with the subpoena; he was in contact with White House officials during the period when he was avoiding subpoena; he was debriefed by DNC officials while avoiding subpoena; he requested reimbursement for travel expenses by the DNC while avoiding subpoena; President and Mrs. Clinton are his close friends and personally recommended him for appointment to the DNC; he passed money from PRC officials to the DNC; he passed classified U.S. government documents to the PRC while working at the Commerce Department; he received a security clearance to work at Commerce, even before he was physically employed there; he used the offices of Stephens, Inc., across from the Commerce Department, to communicate with Chinese intelligence; he asked for a parting bonus from the Lippo Group, his previous employer, in return for providing Lippo with classified Commerce Department documents; China Resources, a business partner of Lippo, is a front for Chinese intelligence; participants in the 1994 Commerce Department trade mission to the PRC passed classified documents to Chinese officials; U. S. government officials made arrangements for the transfer of satellite technology to the PRC during that trade mission; he had discussions with Ira Sockowitz about the removal of classified satellite documents from the Commerce Department; he shredded documents detailing his activities at the Commerce Department; he received assurances from Janet Reno's Justice Department that he would never be prosecuted for illegal activities carried out on behalf of the DNC and the Clinton administration; he discussed with administration officials retaliation against Larry Klayman, Chairman of Judicial Watch, for being subpoenaed to testify....."

AP 7/29/99 "...A former China-based U.S. diplomat and the State Department office that investigated him for possible visa fraud refused to discuss the case with a congressional committee Thursday. ....Jacquelyn L. Williams-Bridgers, the State Department's inspector general, also refused to talk about the case at the hearing. She said the Justice Department had advised her that discussing it could violate grand jury secrecy laws.....The inspector general's investigation of Parish was conducted jointly with the FBI as part of the Justice Department's probe of campaign contributions, for which a grand jury was impaneled. Democratic fund-raiser Johnny Chung told the same congressional committee in May that Parish helped him get visas for dozens of Chinese. Chung said he ended his relationship with Parish after the president of a Chinese beer company asked him to deliver ``a shopping bag of money'' to the then-consular officer....Committee Chairman Dan Burton, R-Ind., said he was appalled at Williams-Bridgers' refusal to discuss the investigation. ``This is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard,'' he said, saying it was typical of what he considered the Justice Department's stonewalling on campaign fund-raising issues under Attorney General Janet Reno. Burton said his staff found that foreigners are willing to pay up to $20,000 for a U.S. visa. He accused the State Department of bumbling its investigation of Parish, destroying documents before reviewing them and failing to interview witnesses or subpoena bank records. ``Everybody dropped the ball,'' Burton said...." AP 8/5/99 "...Asserting his Fifth Amendment rights, former White House aide Mark Middleton refused to answer questions Thursday for a House committee investigating Democratic fund raising. ...Burton, R-Ind., asked a series of questions on the subject and Middleton asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in each instance...."


Judicial Watch 10/28/99 "…..Judicial Watch, who initially deposed John Huang (and remains the only one to depose him) in October, 1996, sparking the Chinagate scandal, has asked the Court to recall him, subject to his grant of government immunity. During Huang's initial testimony, he lied to the Court - after he appeared following a manhunt by U.S. Marshals. A Court decision of December 22, 1998, discusses his testimony. See Huang has been alleged to be a Chinese agent by Bob Woodward and The Washington Post. When Judicial Watch asked him, under oath, if he passed classified information to the Chinese, he took the 5th Amendment…… Judicial Watch will pursue criminal proceedings against Huang for his past false testimony. Both the Reno Justice Department and Congress have failed to pursue serious law enforcement proceedings against him, and it is unlikely that they will do so given their immunity grants…."

A.P. 3/8/00 "……The Central Intelligence Agency's former general counsel has invoked his right not to incriminate himself in refusing to answer questions from the Senate Intelligence Committee about computer security lapses by former CIA Director John Deutch. Michael O'Neil, who left the agency in 1997, appeared briefly with his lawyer at a closed hearing of the committee on Yurdfsy. In a written statement, the lawyer, Roger Spaeder, said he had advised O'Neil not to testify while Attorney General Janet Reno reviews an earlier decision not to prosecute Deutch or others. ``At the conclusion of the attorney general's review, Mr. O'Neil expects to speak about this matter,'' the statement said. ``We emphatically deny that Mr. O'Neil, or anyone else, acted to delay the agency's investigation of the Deutch matter.'' ….."

Judicial Watch 3/29/00 "……Yesterday, the Reno Justice Department, despite having allowed Charlie Trie to testify before Congress, the Federal Election Commission, and itself through a grant of limited use immunity, refused to allow Mr. Trie to testify openly and candidly about what he knows concerning documentation related to the illegal sale of Clinton-Gore Commerce Department trade missions for campaign contributions, as well as a adjudicated effort to suppress testimony and hide evidence in Judicial Watch's underlying lawsuit. Apparently, the judicial system is not accorded the same respect as Congress and the Executive Branch, by the Reno Justice Department. ……. The person who made the decision not to allow Trie to testify with immunity was Robert Conrad, head of the Campaign Finance Task Force, the same person who was attempting to shut down the investigation by Judge Royce C. Lamberth of the burgeoning e-mail scandal…….."

Judicial Watch 3/29/00 "……Last Friday, Conrad told Judge Lamberth that his Campaign Finance Task Force wanted a stay of the Court's Filegate proceedings, because it intended to conduct a vigorous investigation of the e-mail issue in the context of Chinagate. "Obviously, Mr. Conrad speaks out of both sides of his mouth. If the Campaign Finance Task Force was serious about investigating Chinagate and getting all of the facts, then why would it not be interested in allowing unfettered testimony from Charlie Trie in Judge Lamberth's Chinagate proceeding. For this reason, the Court should not trust the Reno Justice Department or its representations," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel, Larry Klayman….."

Judicial Watch 3/28/00 ".....Today Judicial Watch began the deposition of "Charlie" Yah Lin Trie in the Chinagate lawsuit which yielded the first sworn testimony of John Huang four years ago, and which sparked the Campaign Finance and Chinagate investigations. At the outset of the deposition, which began at 8:00 a.m. this morning, Trie, when he was asked whether he had met Bill Clinton at his restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas, claimed the Fifth Amendment privilege....... During the discussion, it was learned that, while Trie had been granted "limited use immunity" by the Reno Justice Department, Congress, and the Federal Election Commission - which immunity hinged on the consent of the Reno Justice Department - the Court had not been given similar consideration or treatment by the Reno Justice Department. Obviously, if Trie is not granted limited use immunity by the Reno Justice Department, he will likely assert the Fifth Amendment (subject to Court challenge), preventing him from providing sworn testimony to Judicial Watch and Judge Royce C. Lamberth.......... The individual who must consider whether limited use immunity will be granted is Robert Conrad, chief of the Reno Justice Department's Campaign Finance Task Force. Failure to grant this limited use immunity will effectively, for the time being, throw a monkey wrench into Judge Lamberth's proceeding concerning Charlie Trie..........Recently, this same Robert Conrad asked Judge Lamberth to stay consideration of whether there is an obstruction of justice over e-mails in his civil Filegate lawsuit. Conrad and the Reno Justice Department have until 1:45 p.m. today to state to the Court whether they will allow Charlie Trie to testify today by granting Trie limited use immunity in Judicial Watch's Chinagate lawsuit. Even if immunity is not granted, Judicial Watch will challenge Trie's invocation....."



Ng Lap Seng
Stephen Riady
Roy Tirtadji
Ken Hsui
John Muncy
James Lin
Eugene Wu
Mochtar Riady
Stanley Ho
Suma Ching Hai
James Riady
Ambrose Hsuing
Lay Kweek Wie
Li Kwai Fai
Bruce Cheung
Wang Jun
Hogen Fukunaga
Yanti Ardi
Nanny Nitiarta
Daniel Wu


Elizabeth Ward Gracen
Pauline Kanchanalak
Ming Chen
Antonio Pan
John H.K. Lee
Agus Setiawan
Ted Sioeng
Dewi Tirto
Subandi Tanuwidjaja
Felix Ma
Susanto Tanuwidjaja
Suryanti Tanuwidjaja
Yopie Elnitiarta
Laureen Elnitiarta
Sandra Elnitiarta
Sundari Elnitiarta


Arief Wiriandinata
Soraya Wiriadinata


UPI via Newsmax 2/2/2000 "....A federal judge yesterday issued warrants for two Buddhist nuns who have apparently fled the country, Justice Department officials said Tuesday. The nuns were supposed to testify in the campaign finance abuse trial of a Democratic fund-raiser, Los Angeles immigration consultant Maria Hsia. The nuns have apparently fled to Indonesia. The trial has a tangential connection to Vice President Al Gore. Gore is not charged in the investigation, but he did unwittingly attend a fund-raiser organized by the Taiwan-born Hsia at a Buddhist temple near Los Angeles in 1996. ....."



Bill Kennedy 233+116
Harold Ickes 148+270(campaign finance)
Ricki Seidman 160
Bruce Lindsey 161
Bill Burton 191
Mark Gearan 221
Mack McLarty 233
Neil Eggleston 250 (Travelgate)
John Podesta 264
Jennifer O'Connor 343
Dwight Holton 348
Patsy Thomasson 420
Jeff Eller 697
Webster Hubbell
Beth Nolan 179
Cliff Sloan 173
Bernard Nussbaum 158+60
George Stephanopoulos 142+102 - ordered to pay attorney fees and costs for his claims of memory loss during deposition that "are simply not believable." (Judicial Watch case)
Roy Neel 135
Rahm Emanuel 102
Maggie Williams 82
David Tarbell 1
Clinton - Executive Privilege, uncle Raymond's pressure on the draft board, meeting Paula Jones, making fund raising calls from the White House, conversations about money with David Hale, FBI Investigation (FBI Files,) Susan/Jim McDougals use of his money, that Vince Foster was working on their Whitewater tax returns shortly before he died, help provided to Webb Hubbell, that his plane was holding up traffic in 93 while he got a haircut.

President Clinton - Grand Jury - 140+


Washington Times 8/13/98 "In the portions of President Clinton's Jan. 17 deposition that have been made public in the Paula Jones case, his memory failed him 267 times."

MSNBC AP 11/27/98 ".EXCERPTS: "...Clinton...said he could not remember specifics of several important conversations both with Lewinsky and with his secretary Betty Currie...Regarding a Dec. 17 telephone call with Lewinsky in which, accordin g to Lewinsky's testimony, he told her that her name appeared on a witness list in the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit, the president said he could not recall "particulars of such a call."...When Hyde asked him whether he admitted that he telephoned Lewinsky on Oct. 10, 1997 and offered to help her find a job in New York, Clinton said, "I do not recall that particular telephone call."...Regarding the question of whether, after his Jan. 17 deposition in the Paula Jones suit, he coached Currie about h is relationship with Lewinsky with statements such as "you were always there when she was there, right?" Clinton said "I believe I asked her certain questions, in an effort to get as much information as I could, and made certain statements, although I do not remember exactly what I said."... "

Judicial Watch 2/20/99 ".Today, George Stephanopoulos was redeposed in Judicial Watch's $90 million dollar class action lawsuit on behalf of the Reagan and Bush officials whose FBI files were improperly obtained and used by the Clinton White House.. Mr. Stephanopoulos was ordered by the Court to reapppear for deposition, because the Court found not only that he had not done an adequate search for documents before the last round of testimony, but that he also was not truthful about it. As a result, Mr. Stephanopoulos was ordered to conduct a "second search," as well as to pay attorneys fees and costs. During the deposition today, Mr. Stephanopoulos again gave testimony showing that he had not done an adequate second search, as ordered by the Court about one year ago. When Judicial Watch lawyers sought to probe him about specific aspects of the second search as ordered by the Court, he refused to answer questions and unilaterally walked out of the deposition.."

Associated Press 3/25/99 Pete Yost "…Repeatedly stating ``I don't recall'' and ``I don't remember,'' Susan McDougal testified Thursday that she had forgotten what little she knew in the 1980s about the fraudulent land deals at the heart of the Whitewater investigation. In her second day under cross-examination by one of Kenneth Starr's prosecutors, President Clinton's ex-Whitewater partner was confronted with information she provided to accountants in 1986 about the late James McDougal's failed savings and loan…. During two days of questioning by prosecutor Mark Barrett, Mrs. McDougal said more than 40 times that she did not recall various business deals. She said her former husband, who died in federal prison last year, handled most of the financial matters…."

Nation 6/12/99 Christopher Hitchens "....Huang has now been deposed by Judicial Watch in its landmark lawsuit against the Commerce Department and has been asked about his role as a Chinese agent, his role at the DNC and his role at Commerce. He has so far invoked the protection of the Fifth Amendment more than one thousand times, which is believed to be an indoor record (and invoked it in answer to such questions as "Do you recognize the late Ronald Brown in this photograph?")...."

Judicial Watch 3/2/00 "……Judicial Watch, Inc. filed a motion in federal court last week to hold Clinton fundraiser and suspected spy John Huang in criminal contempt of court. Judicial Watch, the public interest law firm that uncovers and prosecutes government corruption, first deposed Huang in October, 1996, uncovering the biggest scandal in American history -- Chinagate. Recently, Huang invoked the Fifth Amendment 1,927 times, in part in response to questions about whether he lied in his October, 1996 deposition. Huang was deposed as part of Judicial Watch's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit concerning the sale of Clinton Commerce Department trade mission seats in exchange for campaign contributions……"

JUDICIAL WATCH 3/2/00 Kyle Key "…..Judicial Watch, Inc. filed a motion in federal court last week to hold Clinton fundraiser and suspected spy John Huang in criminal contempt of court……. Recently, Huang invoked the Fifth Amendment 1,927 times, in part in response to questions about whether he lied in his October, 1996 deposition. Huang was deposed as part of Judicial Watch's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit concerning the sale of Clinton Commerce Department trade mission seats in exchange for campaign contributions……."

Drudge 5/5/00 "……. WHITE HOUSE RUFF: JUST TELL 'EM YOU DON'T REMEMBER... Former White House counsel Charles Ruff used variants of "I don't Know, I don't remember, I don't' recall or I have no specific recollection..." 12 times within the first 30 minutes of questioning before a congressional committee investigating missing White House e-mails. ….." 5/4/00 Bruce Sullivan "……Three key White House figures in the missing e-mail controversy performed a 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' skit before the House Government Reform Committee on Thursday. Each claimed repeatedly that they "did not recall," or "had no recollection," or "did not know of" numerous conversations they allegedly had with each other about the hundreds of thousands of missing electronic messages subpoenaed by Congress during the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal……. Former Chief Counsel Charles Ruff and former Associate Counsel Cheryl Mills of the White House Counsel's Office and current White House Administration Office Assistant to the President for Management and Administration Mark Lindsay said that, in June 1998, they all were aware that as many as 246,000 subpoenaed White House e-mail messages had not been archived because of a computer glitch. ……However, in their testimonies Thursday, the three seemed unclear about which office, legal or administrative, was spearheading the missing e-mail retrieval……." 5/4/00 Bruce Sullivan "……Ruff said that he "did not know" who was in charge of the search or who he asked to conduct the search. When Burton asked the trio if anyone knew who developed the e-mail search, his question was met with silence. Ruff told an astonished Burton that he did not recall whom he asked to conduct the search, or how the search was being conducted. "Mr Ruff, you're one of the brightest lawyers in this town. You know the gravity of the situation. You knew that there was a problem. You had to instruct somebody to conduct the search to make sure there was compliance with the subpoenas. You don't remember who you asked to do the search?" Burton asked. "Where does the buck stop?" he added……."

Associated Press 5/24/00 "…….A Justice Department prosecutor testified today that the investigation of 1996 Democratic fund raising was "a pressure cooker," but not because the attorney general's job might be at stake. Career prosecutor Lee Radek, called before a Senate subcommittee to explain remarks he made about the probe during a 1996 meeting, said he didn't remember the disputed conversation. But Radek said he never linked pressure he felt investigating the fund raising for President Clinton's re-election to questions about whether Clinton would retain Attorney General Janet Reno in his second term. ….. After Radek, the subcommittee was to hear a differing account from an FBI assistant director who was at the 1996 meeting and claimed to hear Radek's remarks. ….. Radek said he has "no recollection" of the conversation in question with the FBI's then-deputy director, William Esposito, and assistant director, Neil Gallagher, who also was testifying today before the Judiciary subcommittee on administrative oversight. …… "

WorldNetDaily 6/27/00 Paul Sperry "…..Vice President Al Gore lost his memory at least 85 times during recent FBI grilling over his role in various campaign-finance scandals, a computer-aided analysis of his four-hour testimony shows. The WorldNetDaily analysis reveals that the likely Democratic presidential nod blanked out once every three minutes under examination by prosecutors. ……. The April 18 transcripts, released late Friday, show that Gore answered:
* "I have no recollection" or "I have no independent recollection" at least 30 times.
* "I can't recall" or "I don't recall" at least 22.
* an't remember," "I don't remember" or "I'm not remembering" at least 23.
* east one of the following, 10 times: "I have no memory," "I have no independent memory," "I have no special memory," "I don't have a memory of it," or "I have a vague memory."
The search, which reviewed all answers in context, did not include the dozens of times Gore replied "not to my knowledge." ……"


Washington Times 7/25/00 Jerry Seper "…..President Clinton told Justice Department investigators he did not remember a 1992 limousine ride with Indonesian businessman James Riady, who promised to raise $1 million for Mr. Clinton's presidential campaign despite federal laws barring donations from foreign nationals. Mr. Clinton told the Justice Department's campaign finance task force, according to sworn testimony released yesterday by the White House, he had no "specific recollection" of conversations he had with Mr. Riady during the August 1992 ride - recalling only that Mr. Riady "sometime in '92 after I became the nominee" had promised to help his campaign....... The president's comments are documented in a 155-page transcript of a four-hour interview April 21 by task force investigators"I don't know whether he ever gave that much money," Mr. Clinton told investigators. "If he said a million, I'm surprised I don't remember it."……"

Washington Times 7/26/00 Jerry Seper "……President Clinton told federal investigators he never asked an Indonesian businessman to pay $100,000 to Arkansas pal Webster L. Hubbell to guarantee his silence in the Whitewater investigation. Mr. Clinton, under intense questioning by Robert J. Conrad Jr., the Justice Department's campaign finance task force chief, admitted going on vacation with Mr. Hubbell to Camp David a week after the businessman, James Riady, gave Mr. Hubbell the cash, but the president said they never discussed the matter…….. "So the question would be, at the same time that Mr. Riady is meeting with Mr. Hubbell twice, sandwiching the meeting with you, do you have any recollection about any conversation with Mr. Riady with respect to Webster Hubbell?" Mr. Conrad asked in the April 21 interview, which was released Monday by the White House. "No, sir, I don't," the president said. "I just don't remember it. If he did say anything, I simply don't remember it."……"

Washington Times 7/26/00 Jerry Seper "……"Do you have any memory of a conversation with Mr. Riady about paying Mr. Hubbell because of concerns that Mr. Hubbell might end up being a witness against you in some fashion?" asked Mr. Conrad……. "Absolutely not. I never talked to anybody about that," Mr. Clinton said. "Webb Hubbell was persistently persecuted by the independent counsel because he would not lie about me or Hillary. I never worried about what Webb Hubbell would say. If he wanted to say something bad about me, he'd have to make it up." "So you didn't have the conversation?" Mr. Conrad asked……"No. It never occurred to me that he would be asked to be a witness. He didn't know anything. There was nothing to Whitewater. He didn't know anything to testify against me for. It never happened," the president responded……"

HOUSTON CHRONICLE 7/26/00 "……President Clinton told investigators in April he made "a terrible mistake" in yielding to Justice Department pleas to storm the Branch Davidian compound at Waco seven years ago and feels personally responsible for the tragedy. "I gave in to the people at the Justice Department who were pleading to go in early, and I felt personally responsible for what happened and I still do," the president said. "I made a terrible mistake." ……..Clinton's comments are contained in a transcript of his interview by federal investigators probing campaign fund-raising controversies. It was made public this week. …….In the interview, Clinton explained that his memory of a visit to the White House on April 13, 1993, by Indonesian political supporter James Riady is blurred and incomplete because the events at Waco were unfolding at the same time. …."Once this Waco thing happened I was totally preoccupied with it, because I felt responsible for it," the president said. ……"

HOUSTON CHRONICLE 7/26/00 "……The jury acted only as an adviser to U.S. District Judge Walter Smith. In a two-page ruling issued Tuesday, Smith said he would not require a court-appointed expert to travel from England to testify on whether FBI agents shot at the Davidian compound as it burned. Smith said David Oxlee of Vector Data Systems would not have to make the trans-Atlantic trip because Michael Caddell of Houston, lead attorney for the surviving Davidians and family members, said he would not participate in the hearing. ……Oxlee concluded government agents did not fire on the compound. ….."

AP 8/28/00 David Ho "…..Former White House counsel Charles Ruff said Monday he never spoke with President Clinton or his senior aides about an e-mail foul-up that kept his staff from properly reviewing messages under subpoena. At a court hearing on the missing e-mails, Ruff said he couldn't recall discussing the e-mail problem outside of his own staff and a conversation with White House lawyer Mark Lindsay. Ruff presented similar testimony before a congressional committee in May. …. Ruff, a former Watergate prosecutor and U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, said he wasn't sure how he first learned of the e-mail problem in June 1998, but it was either from Lindsay or from a copy of a memo sent to John Podesta, President Clinton's chief of staff. "If I had known the full scope of it, I certainly would have discussed it with Mr. Podesta," Ruff said. ……….. Judicial Watch general counsel Larry Klayman said outside the courthouse that he wasn't satisfied with Ruff's testimony. "He came in and he had no memory," Klayman said. "He was not candid to this court." Judicial Watch also wants to question Podesta and attorney Virginia Apuzzo, the former assistant to the president for management and administration. ……"

Begala Gives Deposition in Filegate Case 3/3/98 Tom Fitton "…........Despite having no recollection of discussing Filegate, Begala found two documents in his files that directly and indirectly refer to Filegate. These documents were due under earlier Filegate subpoenas and might never have been found if Judicial Watch hadn't specifically directed Begala to produce them when he showed up to be deposed. One of these documents, which listed the numerous congressional investigations into the Clinton scandals, has on its last page a statement that says, "Authorized and Paid for by the Democratic National Committee." Begala said he didn't know who gave him that document, which mentions Judicial Watch twice. …… Another document lists the costs of "selected investigations of the Clinton Administration" and listen retired Congressman Bill Clanger's "FBI Files Investigation." Begala doesn't know where this document came from either. Fax notations on the document indicate that the two page document may have been at least a three page fax -- the first page, which may have indicated the document's origin, was not produced by Begala. ……"

The Washington Times 9/27/00 Jerry Seper "….. Rep. Dan Burton, chairman of the House Government Reform Committee, said newly obtained documents show that Earl Silbert, a Washington lawyer hired by Northrop Grumman Corp., which discovered the computer problem, talked with the White House counsel's office shortly after the glitch was found. ......... The calls were listed on billing records that the committee received last week from the law firm of Schwalb, Donnenfeld, Bray and Silbert. The records show Mr. Silbert called the White House on Sept. 28, 1998, and on Dec. 30, 1998. ……. The first call came after Northrup Grumman employees who worked at the White House reported to their supervisors that they had been threatened to keep the missing e-mail problem a secret. The second call came after Insight magazine referred to the problem in a brief news item. ……. Mr. Burton, Indiana Republican, said Mr. Silbert told House investigators he did not recall with whom he spoke during the two conversations or what was discussed. ……. White House spokesman Elliot Diringer said administration officials have not been able to "establish who Mr. Silbert may have spoken with." He also said former White House Counsel Charles F.C. Ruff, who headed the office at the time of the calls, does not remember talking with Mr. Silbert. ……."

St. Petersburg Times 9/19/00 Sara Fritz "..... Four years ago, according to federal investigators, Vice President Al Gore's staff took steps to speed up processing of immigrant applications for American citizenship in order to -- in the words of one aide -- "produce 1-million new citizens before Election Day" that November. ...... Gore admits he authorized the effort, but the Democratic presidential candidate denies allegations he did it because new citizens normally vote Democratic and he thought it would help the Clinton-Gore ticket in the November election. ...... Yet an 800-page report detailing the results of the Justice Department's inquiry is replete with evidence to the contrary -- evidence of what former House Judiciary Committee investigator David Schippers, a fellow Democrat, has described as the blatant politicization of the INS by the vice president and the White House. ........ The investigative record discloses how a few self-important members of Gore's staff set out to force officials of the Justice Department and INS to do things they felt were improper, and how they invoked the names of the president and vice president whenever they were stymied.. ...... At the center of this controversy is a one-year program launched by the administration in September 1995. "Citizenship USA" was designed to naturalize at least 1-million new citizens. When the program appeared to be lagging in early 1996, Gore says, he told members of his staff involved in his "reinventing government" project to see if the INS could process applications for naturalization more quickly. ....... Gore refused to be interviewed by employees of the Justice Department's Inspector General's Office who investigated the case, and instead responded in writing. He answered only 16 of the 49 questions put to him. He said 11 times he "does not recall" or "does not remember" meetings and documents related to the case; he said he "does not believe" he was aware of the fact in 10 other instances. .......The vice president told investigators that he authorized his staff to get involved in Citizenship USA after a meeting he had in Los Angeles on March 8, 1996, with about two dozen Hispanic leaders. .......The record shows the Hispanic leaders' interest in naturalizing more citizens was political. In a letter to Gore less than a month before the Los Angeles meeting, the Rev. Miguel Vega, a leader of the group, argued that by allowing the backlog of immigrants seeking citizenship to build, "the administration may be blowing a great chance to create a whole lot of pro-Clinton voters." ....... Vega told investigators that he also made this pitch during the March 8 meeting with Gore. ....."

Judicial Watch 10/30/00 ".......In Judicial Watch's lawsuit against the Clinton-Gore Commerce Department, which uncovered the sale of seats on trade missions in violation of U.S. law, discovery has been continuing to uncover the full extent of obstruction of justice and perjury that has taken place to date. In this regard, John Huang - the suspected Chinese agent who ran from U.S. Marshals trying to serve him with a subpoena in October, 1996, sparking the ever growing Chinagate scandal - had previously been deposed by Judicial Watch on two other occasions but had invoked the 5th Amendment nearly 2,000 times. When, for instance, Huang was asked if he passed classified information to the Chinese, he took the Fifth. This caused the liberal columnist Christopher Hitchens to declare a "new indoor record.".......... In the intervening years, Judicial Watch, pursuant to the Court's orders of December 22, 1998, has been attempting to determine who was responsible for document suppression and false testimony, as well as locate missing documents. Some of these documents, which were first seen in an ostrich-skin portfolio of the late Clinton-Gore Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, as testified to by Nolanda Hill, show that indeed trade mission seats were sold for campaign contributions. Ms. Hill, who was a close confidante of Brown, not only fingered the Clinton-Gore White House in this illegal scheme, but specific individuals, including but not limited to Hillary Rodham Clinton, Harold Ickes, Alexis Herman, John Huang, and the President and Vice President. Now that John Huang has received immunity, he may no longer invoke his 5th Amendment privilege and that is the reason he is being re-deposed at this time. Later testimony by a high-level Commerce Department official, Sonya Stewart, has confirmed a huge Clinton-Gore Administration cover-up. Huang's deposition was set for November 6, 2000 by Magistrate-Judge John M. Facciola....... "Mr. Huang continues to be at the center of the Chinagate scandal, and his testimony, truthful or not, will be most elucidating and important. If Mr. Huang lies at this deposition, he can still be prosecuted for perjury," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman. ......"

Wall Street Journal 10/24/00 "……Many of the undisclosed e-mails were to and from the Vice President's office, suggesting the possibility, should Mr. Gore win, that he could soon be famous as the Godfather of the Internet. Previous disclosures of e-mails from Vice President Gore's office have established that his aides indeed viewed the infamous Buddhist temple event as a fund-raiser, and that the Vice President himself knew that, despite his denials. The massive effort to deny these e-mails to investigators suggests similar evidence exists. ……….Last week's Travelgate report on Mrs. Clinton by Independent Counsel Robert Ray indicated how missing e-mails have thwarted such investigations. Mr. Ray lamented that the probe took seven years because in part so many "witnesses were uncooperative." For example, Jeff Eller, a deputy White House press secretary, claimed a lack of memory more than 200 times during less than two hours of grand jury testimony. But e-mails belatedly turned over to Mr. Ray in June showed that Mr. Eller and other White House aides knew of the Travel Office takeover a full week beforehand. ……"

Wall Street Journal 10/24/00 "……For his part, Judge Lamberth has grown impatient with the stalling tactics. He recently suggested that the White House and its outside computer contractor, Northrop Grumman, "let the facts come out" on precisely when they learned of the e-mail problem and the alleged threats White House aides made against Northrop's employees to intimidate them into silence. ...... Phone records show that Northrop Grumman's lawyer, Earl Silbert, called the White House counsel's office about the time Northrop was told of the threats in 1998. Mr. Silbert says he doesn't recall what he discussed with the White House. He and Northrop Grumman have invoked attorney-client privilege to avoid disclosure of his memos on the case, and yesterday told Judge Lamberth they will seek an emergency stay from another court if he moves to release any of the material. What's to hide? …….. Well, the Silbert memos would be important if they show he told the White House about the missing e-mails and the threats in 1998. The White House's claim that it didn't know the full extent of the e-mail problem until after the impeachment had passed would be shattered. …… When a Justice Department lawyer recently told Judge Lamberth that any suggestion the White House knew all about the e-mails in 1998 was "blown out of proportion," the judge chastised him: "I have some documents in camera, and you had better not get too far out on a limb." …….. Yesterday, Judge Lamberth allowed 14 top Northrop executives to be subpoenaed this week. He may order a special master to take control of the e-mails to ensure a thorough search is done. That, however, would not occur until after the election. ……."