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For sources and details, see postings by Freeper BubbaBasher and the following link by Freeper bets for Arkansas and Banking items:


Marsha Scott
Deputy Assistant to the President for Political Affairs
Grew up privileged in Little Rock, daughter of a beauty queen and a Philadelphia Eagles halfback
Cheerleader, tree-hugger and flower child from the 60's
Life long friend of Clinton
Dinner guest at White House every Tuesday night
Had an affair with Clinton
Clinton/Hubbell Messenger, visiting Hubbell in prison
Clinton/Hubbell Messenger, visiting Hubbell in Little Rock
Wanted Travel Office Space
In charge of the Filegate Computer Database
Testified against Dolly Kyle Browning's concerning the High School reunion incident, falsely per Ms. Browning
Designed plans for new White House database system, for political purposes
Schoolmate of Bruce Lindsey and Webb Hubbell
Met with Vince Foster for 2 hours behind closed doors the day before his death, couldn't remember what they talked about
Given the task to find a job for Monica Lewinsky in the White House after she was transferred to the Pentagon
President's trouble shooter, special assignment to keep the inner circle united
Liaison to the gay community
Assures that friends of the president who are being considered for appointment are "qualified, and the best qualified" for those jobs
Referred to Justice for ".unlawful conversion of government property to the use of the DNC and the campaign through the diversion of data and resources."

Patsy Thomasson
Director of White House Office of Administration
Former aide("top lieutenant") to convicted drug dealer Don Lasater (pardoned by Gov. Clinton)
Got her security clearance 13 months into her job
Participated in ransacking Vince Foster's office the night of his death
David Watkins memo on the first lady's involvement in Travel Gate, was found in her files - seven months after a House committee launched its investigation
Testified to the Grand Jury about the placement of Monica Lewinsky in the Pentagon
Testified to Congress that "there was no reason for concern that White House aides lacked permanent passes because they nonetheless had gotten `requisite security' approval
Referring to the "mole" who perpetrated the Kremlin's most successful penetration of the CIA discovered to date, she said "We don't think we have any Aldrich Ameses at the White House. But we certainly could."
When Aldrich asked the Office of Administration for a copy of the "secret" phone list, as director she responded "Screw the FBI! To hell with the FBI! They're not getting this list!"
Congress requested a Special Counsel to investigate her for two possible violations of 2 U.S.C. Section 192 and 18 U.S.C. Section 1001 - misrepresentations or false statements to Congress concerning Health Care Task Force
The SEC investigated her as the head of a group of Arkansas investors for insider trading on the Tyson 1992 purchase of Arctic Alaska
Was one of Gov. Clinton's top administrative aides
Was recommended to Lasater by Clinton when she was an Arkansas highway commissioner
Vice President of Lasater's bonding company
Hired Clinton's half brother, Roger, as a limo driver
When Lasater was convicted and was in jail, she took over as head of the firm with Lasater's power of attorney
While she was in charge, Gov Clinton continued to funnel all the state's bonds through the company, $664 million
Her name turned up on one Drug Enforcement Administration document detailing a passenger manifest of persons flying with Lasater from Latin America.
Reassigned to State Department, in charge of embassies, has diplomatic immunity
Handled the sale of the Clinton/Lasater connected Angel Fire (Phoenix) to Sangre de Cristo
President of Phoenix Group
When she appeared before Starr's Grand jury on the travel office firing, 6 FBI agents searched her apartment that night

Buddy Young
Former Arkansas Police Captain
Bill Clinton's head of security
Reported to have been Barry Seal's contact at the Governor's mansion.
On the day following Vincent Foster's murder, promoted to a senior position with FEMA and moved out of Washington D.C. to the Denton. Texas FEMA office.
Has now returned to Washington DC. as the number 2 man at FEMA.
In 1993 Clinton appointed him to a $92,000-a-year federal post
Two former Arkansas state troopers say Young warned them not to talk to reporters about Clinton's sex life
Smeared the reputation and questioned the credibility of Larry Patterson (re: Jones v Clinton lawsuit)
William Henry LaRoche Jr. says he talked to him during the Iran-Contra operation in 1984
State policeman told Jerry Park's widow that 5 men who moved in his social circle conspired the murder of her husband, they flipped coins
Reported that Webb said '"Let me tell you, Vince. This Celeni situation: if you don't shut your f**king mouth,' he said, 'Buddy Young will make sure you're horizontal.'"
Larry Nichols testified that he dug up dirt on Clinton's opponent and turned it over to him


Raymond Lloyd "Buddy" Young was appointed Director, Region VI by President Clinton in 1993. As Regional Director, he coordinated FEMA mitigation, preparedness and disaster response and recovery activities in: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. In 1997, he served as Acting Deputy Director for the agency. Mr. Young is a veteran of 26 years of service for the Arkansas State Police. He joined FEMA after serving as director of security for then-Governor Bill Clinton, a post he had held since 1983. During the 1992 presidential campaign, Mr. Young coordinated state security matters for the governor's office, working with federal law officers responsible for protecting presidential candidates. As Director of Security for the Office of the Governor, Mr. Young formed a close professional relationship with President Clinton and FEMA Director James Lee Witt, serving as a vital link to the Arkansas Office of Emergency Services and the state's emergency management community. Earlier in his career, Mr. Young served in the Highway Patrol and Criminal Investigation Division of the Arkansas State Police, where he was Commander of the Organized Crime Unit.

Nathan Landow
from RNC research:
Gore/Clinton/Democrat major donor
Chief force behind Gore's decision to run for president in 1988
Allegedly tried to keep Kathleen Willey from testifying
Michael Copperthite alleges he urged him to lie to federal investigators re: Cheyenne/Arapho land deal
Connected with Peter Knight in lobbying for indian tribe
Evidence suggests he offered to help Hubbell in financial difficulties
Involved in a proposed hotel/casino project with Joe Nesline, Edward Cellini and a Miami representative of the Gambino organized crime family Anthony Plate
Failed to land an ambassadorship in the Carter administration
Obtained a parcel of DC land for a fraction of its market value

The Weekly Standard 3/8/99 Matt Labash "…Last year, the man [Nathon Landow] who's raised over $600,000 for Clinton/Gore campaigns stood accused by Paula Jones's attorneys and others of trying to influence Kathleen Willey's testimony about her groping at the president's hands. Among non-administration types…. His name has surfaced on White House coffee lists, on Al Gore's fund-raising call sheets, and in an A1 Hunt column that alleged he attempted to orchestrate a sweetheart real estate deal for the administration's pet convict, Webster Hubbell….At January's end, ABC News and the Washington Post reported that Nate Landow's personal attorney had hired a private investigator to investigate Kathleen Willey--during the period when Willey was a witness in the Paula Jones case…. Reporters first took notice of Landow in February 1998. From the start, he seemed possessed of a Clintonian inability to keep his story straight. … While Stern declines to say whether anyone told him Landow knew of his hiring, sources with knowledge of his grand jury testimony say Stern has asserted that both his boss and Schwartzbach told him Landow knew about it. Likewise, a source with intimate knowledge of the case says that last spring both Miller and Schwartzbach "vigorously" instructed Stern to destroy any records linking Prudential Associates to Landow and Schwartzbach. In addition, says the source, Stern has told investigators that his late boss specified that Landow wanted the records destroyed. If proven, this could be problematic for Landow, who at the time was under subpoena to produce any evidence regarding Kathleen Willey…. The White House has taken care to distance itself from Landow, with aides anonymously portraying him as an A1 Gore lapdog more than a Clinton fixer….. Landow carted around the back-nine with the president during Clinton's 1995 vacation in Jackson Hole. He has been business partners with Vernon Jordan. Vince Foster tried to decompress at Landow's estate over the final weekend of his life. And Landow's son-in-law, Michael Cardozo, headed Clinton's first legal-defense fund…. While no evidence has emerged (other than the private investigator's representations) that Landow served as an agent of the White House in the attempt to silence Kathleen Willey, a source with intimate knowledge of the case notes the convergence of interests between Landow, himself under Starr's magnifying glass for his contacts with Willey, and the White House. …Maybe Landow should be dismissed as just another mercurial mogul. But he has also been linked to more sinister storylines. In 1978, Landow, a big Carter booster, saw his expected ambassadorial nomination torpedoed after the Washington Post ran a lengthy exposé of his business association with three suspected organized-crime figures…. Landow touted his White House connections and those of his friend Peter Knight, a Washington lobbyist and Clinton/Gore '96 campaign manager. Landow negotiated with the tribe [Oklahoma’s Cheyenne and Arapaho tribe with average income of $6000] for an upfront $100,000 payment to Knight's firm, to be followed by a $10,000 monthly retainer. Landow's cut was a hefty 10 percent of any settlement price for development of the land, plus 10 percent of the land's revenue from oil and gas extraction…. According to the Thompson report, both Copperthite and the tribe's attorney, Rick Grellnar, recounted "an abusive, profanity-strewn tirade from Landow, one Copperthite described as 'Teamsteresque.'" Grellnar says Landow went so far as to ridicule the way he was dressed. Grellnar summed up the experience as being "like Bugsy Siegel [putting] your head in a vice. Had there not been a table between us, we felt like we were gonna get hit or something." …."

Terry Lenzer

2/4/99 site Freeper sunshine ".Lenzner was approached by the Clinton administration regarding the Whitewater, Paula Jones and Charlie Trie cases. In the summer of 1994, IGI received a grant worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from the State Department. The money allowed the firm to send its president, former New York City police commissioner Raymond Kelly, to train Haitian police and supervise international police monitoring there after a military crisis. State Department officials said the grant was made to IGI because the company was Kelly's employer at the time and it was not put up for competitive bidding because of the importance of getting a top lawman to Haiti to supervise the transition of power to local police between September 1994 and March 1995. The Associated Press is reported to have Secret Service logs showing that Lenzner was cleared for White House access four times in one month in 1996... During the committee hearings, Newsweek magazine revealed a memo from Lenzner who testified at the hearings. His memo said his firm would investigate Oklahoma Republican Senator Don Nickles for an Indian tribe unhappy with the Senator's stance against returning tribal land. The proposal, marked "privileged and confidential," was a model of bluntness.. Joseph DiGenova, a former district attorney who has been vocal on cable talk shows in his criticism of the President during the recent scandals, said on 'Meet the Press' that he had been informed by reporters that private detectives from Investigative Group Inc., headed by Lenzner, were digging up dirt on him and his wife. In an MSNBC audio interview, Victoria Toensing, his wife and former Justice Department attorney, says that a lie was spread that she was a Starr informant. .Lenzner testified earlier this year to the Whitewater grand jury about the source of derogatory information regarding several prosecutors in independent counsel Kenneth Starr's office. In a brief interview, TIME says that Lenzner denied that he was probing Starr, but before TIME could ask if he was investigating Starr's lieutenants he said, "I'm not going to answer any more questions," and hung up.."

Conspiracy Nation 2/7/99 Brian Redman ".Terry Lenzner heads Investigative Group International (IGI), a team of about 100 private investigators whose members include former FBI, CIA, and DEA agents as well as "reporters and news producers from ABC, NBC and CBS." [1] IGI, founded in ==1984==, has headquarters in Washington, DC, and offices in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and London.. Lenzner and IGI have been called "the White House secret police" by former Clinton confidant Dick Morris. Ken Starr, the so-called "Independent" Counsel, also has his own team of detectives who dig for dirt on Bill Clinton and associates. Battling private and semi-private detectives lurk in the shadows of the ongoing Washington, DC Scandal- Mania..Among those employed by Lenzner and IGI is LARRY POTTS. Larry Potts "was the supervising FBI official in the siege of Randy Weaver's family." [3] Potts also handled the Waco Massacre which culminated on April 19, 1993. It was Potts, then an Assistant FBI Director, together with FBI siege commander Jeff Jamar, who authorized the "rules of engagement" at the Branch Davidian church and residence. [4]." "….Terry Lenzner is chairman of Washington-based Investigative Group International, a well known and controversial investigative firm. Lenzner first appeared in the national limelight in 1973 while assistant chief counsel for the Watergate Committee in its investigation of wrongdoing by President Richard Nixon….. Lenzner graduated from Harvard University in 1961 and received his Harvard law degree in '64. He worked from 1964 to 1967 for the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice in Mississippi and Alabama. After working one year with the Office of Economic Opportunity, as director of Legal Services. Lenzner was fired by President Nixon in 1970.

….An IGI division called "Campaign Facts Inc.," created two years ago, offers not only to dig for dirt on an adversary, but to find out what damaging information political enemies -- or nosy reporters -- might discover about clients and their associates.

….Lenzner was approached by the Clinton administration regarding the Whitewater, Paula Jones and Charlie Trie cases. In the summer of 1994, IGI received a grant worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from the State Department. The money allowed the firm to send its president, former New York City police commissioner Raymond Kelly, to train Haitian police and supervise international police monitoring there after a military crisis.

…….During the committee hearings, Newsweek magazine revealed a memo from Lenzner who testified at the hearings. His memo said his firm would investigate Oklahoma Republican Senator Don Nickles for an Indian tribe unhappy with the Senator's stance against returning tribal land. The proposal, marked "privileged and confidential," was a model of bluntness. Entitled "Background Research: Senator Don Nickles," the May 16, 1997, document, obtained by NEWSWEEK, outlined an extensive plan to scour the Oklahoma Republican's life for embarrassing or incriminating details: searching courthouses for "civil, criminal, divorce and bankruptcy litigation"; hunting for "fictitious name filings"; reviewing his and his wife's "personal business activities." The goal was to show that Nickles was "linked to the oil industry."

…… Joseph DiGenova, a former district attorney who has been vocal on cable talk shows in his criticism of the President during the recent scandals, said on 'Meet the Press' that he had been informed by reporters that private detectives from Investigative Group Inc., headed by Lenzner, were digging up dirt on him and his wife…. The administration has claimed that "no one hired any private investigator to look into the background of investigators, prosecutors or reporters." But the White House was forced to admit Tuesday that Lenzner does, in fact, work in some capacity for the Clinton legal team. ….."

WorldNetDaily 1999 Sarah Foster "….Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, whose controversial experiments with LSD and other drugs on behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency brought him into the congressional and public scrutiny in the 1970s, is dead at 80……Gottlieb, born August 3, 1918, was the CIA's real-life "Dr. Strangelove" -- a brilliant bio-chemist who designed and headed MK-ULTRA, the agency's most far-reaching drug and mind-control program at the height of the Cold War. Though the super-secret MK-ULTRA was ended in 1964, a streamlined version called MK-SEARCH was continued -- with Gottlieb in charge -- until 1972…….. WorldNetDaily reported on these programs, and Gottlieb's role in them, in November 1998 after discovering that Terry Lenzner -- Clinton's personal private eye -- revealed, in a deposition to Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch, that he had sued the Senate to keep Gottlieb's name from appearing in the Church Committee Report on Assassinations. Lenzner arranged for Gottlieb to testify under the name Joseph Scheider…."

WorldNetDaily 1998 Sarah Foster "….President Clinton relies so much on private investigators to dig up dirt on political enemies, it's said he has his own private CIA. But an offhand remark by Terry Lenzner -- the super-sleuth most often hired by Clinton's attorneys to do the dirt-digging -- reveals there's more than a little truth to that quip. In a sworn deposition, the former Senate Watergate Committee attorney turned gumshoe admitted at least one significant connection to the Central Intelligence Agency. Lenzner is apparently so well-connected to the CIA that, in an hour of need, the agency turned to him for help in shielding one of its most notorious employees from public scrutiny……"No," said Lenzner. "I think the only work I've ever done with the CIA was, I represented two or three former CIA employees during the Church Senate hearings (in 1975), including the former head of the Technical Services Division, Sidney Gottlieb. And, indeed, I sued the Senate committee to keep his name out of the assassination report on the grounds that it might endanger his life and his family's life." Sidney Gottlieb. There's a name from the past. The fact that Terry Lenzner represented him and actually sued a Senate committee on his behalf speaks volumes….."

WorldNetDaily 1998 Sarah Foster "…Lenzner had been a civil rights attorney for the Justice Department, then had a position as director of legal services with the Office of Economic Opportunity. He was fired by President Nixon in 1970 for, allegedly, funneling public monies to the Black Panthers and other militant groups. That year he joined the defense team of Father Philip Berrigan who -- with a group of nuns and priests -- was charged with planning to kidnap Henry Kissinger, blow up heating tunnels and destroy draft records. Ramsey Clark, former attorney general was the lead counsel. Berrigan and his associates were acquitted. ….."

CNNS, 2/7/99 "….. Terry Lenzner heads Investigative Group International (IGI), a team of about 100 private investigators whose members include former FBI, CIA, and DEA agents as well as "reporters and news producers from ABC, NBC and CBS." [1] IGI, founded in ==1984==, has headquarters in Washington, DC, and offices in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and London…… Lenzner and IGI have been called "the White House secret police" by former Clinton confidant Dick Morris. …… Among those employed by Lenzner and IGI is LARRY POTTS. Larry Potts "was the supervising FBI official in the siege of Randy Weaver's family." [3] Potts also handled the Waco Massacre which culminated on April 19, 1993. It was Potts, then an Assistant FBI Director, together with FBI siege commander Jeff Jamar, who authorized the "rules of engagement" at the Branch Davidian church and residence. [4] ….."


Betsy Pond

The Washington Times 2/11/99 Inside the Beltway - John McCaslin - excerpt Freeper Liberty ". Two months ago, Dr. James E. Marvel, an orthopedic surgeon in Stillwater, Okla., wrote a letter to Attorney General Janet Reno saying he was "shocked" that an independent counsel wasn't appointed to investigate the questionable fund-raising activities of Vice President Al Gore. .On January 15, Dr. Marvel got a reply, not from Miss Reno, but the criminal division of the Justice Department. "I appreciate your concern about these matters. Pleased be assured that the Department of Justice is pursuing vigorously every lead. ... Sincerely, Betsy L. Pond, Executive Office." Betsy Pond? The same Betsy Pond who rummaged through White House Deputy Counsel Vincent W. Foster's office -- ostensibly to straighten it up, thereby disturbing important evidence -- the morning after Mr. Foster's body was discovered at Fort Marcy Park? The same Betsy Pond who was personal secretary to White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum when he swore he had no idea who hired White House personnel chief D. Craig Livingstone, or how he illegally acquired 900 confidential FBI files of former White House employees? The same Betsy Pond called to testify before a federal grand jury investigating Whitewater? The same Betsy Pond called to testify before committees in both the House and Senate? .." "According to Klayman, White House Counsel Office secretary Betsy Pond confirmed to Tripp that the files she saw came from the FBI."



Dan Lasater


Laura Capps

Freeper zevonfan on Laura Capps "...Laura Capps is the daughter of the late Congressman Walter Capps and Rep. Lois Capps, who won the seat formerly held by husband. Walter Capps died suddenly of a heart attack approximately half way into his term. As a favor to Laura Capps (a former WH intern hired by the WH to work in the West Wing) Clinton came to Santa Barbara to stump for Walter Capps on the eve of the 1996 election. During that visit, the Santa Barbara News Press quoted Laura expressing the thrill of only having one desk(George Stephanopolous') between her desk and the oval office diningroom. Laura Capps is listed on the witness list of the Starr Report. Laura Capps name appears again, in the Filegate Lawsuit by Judicial Watch. Stephanopolous testified that Laura Capps boxed up the documents that he removed from his office when he left the WH. Stephanopolous also testified that Laura Capps was assisted by another WH employee, Emily Lenzner,daughter of Terry Lenzner. Congresswoman Capps office denies that Laura Capps had any was involved in any way with the scandalous behavior in the WH. Laura Capps cannot be reached for comment because she has left her WH job to further her education and is currently out of the country...."

Vic Kamber

The Providence Journal Company. 9/30/96 "…Coia has entrusted his reelection message to skilled professionals. Coia's longtime Washington consultant Vic Kamber uses PR techniques like those of Reagan's backstage genius, Michael Deaver. …" and The Journal-Bulletin on Croia's union: "Since the Laborers were founded in 1903, there had been exactly three general presidents, all from Chicago, all chosen in a secretive ritual overseen by the Chicago Syndicate Coia's union loaned $100,000 to the Clinton inaugural committee, and from Jan. 1 1993, to Dec. 31, 1994, gave $368,000 in "soft money" contributions to the Democratic Party, making the union the party's sixth-leading donor. Much of the soft-money donation was steered to a grass-roots campaign to support first lady Hillary… "If you're invited to the White House, and your calls are returned, and you're quoted in the papers and they print your op-ed pieces, the total of that is to say, 'You're important,' " says Vic Kamber, a Washington labor consultant. "Arthur has helped create that perception, and the perception has become reality." 'Whitewater is not important." By Dean Starkman, with reports from John Mulligan and Mike Stanton Journal-Bulletin staff writers…" and From the Kamber Groups webpage: "…THE KAMBER GROUP WAS RETAINED by the Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays in 1995 and 1996 to publicize and implement its "Project Open Mind," designed to confront head-on the human impact of anti-gay bigotry in six pilot cities across the country. PFLAG had produced a series of ads juxtaposing on-camera anti-gay quotes from Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and Jesse Helms against images of gay-bashings and one mother's story about how her son was brutally murdered, and wanted them to run in Tulsa, Houston, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. (for national presence only). A second series of ads was produced for Seattle, Minneapolis and St. Louis…. "


Lewis Merletti

Lewis C. Merletti, Director of the Secret Services, led the Treasury Department's investigation of the 1993 raid on the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. Currently, Merletti is vigorously resisting Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's attempts to have Secret Service agents testify before a Grand Jury.

A veteran uniformed Secret Service officer said of Lew Merletti, the director: "Merletti is perceived to be more political than past directors . He's putting us in a tough position. We don't serve a particular president, we serve the presidency. He thinks he works for the Clinton people and does their bidding. We want to do the right thing, but the message nowadays is clear: step out of line and your career is over."


Podesta brothers

Fox News Wire 1/11/99 Jonathan Salant AP ". The brothers of two top aides to President Clinton have combined forces in a lobbying firm likely to impress clients seeking an inside connection to the administration., formerly co-owned by White House chief of staff John Podesta, recently bought Ricchetti and Associates, owned by Podesta's new deputy, Steve Ricchetti. Ricchetti's return to the White House, after two years as a lobbyist, left his young firm without its main "rainmaker,'' or generator of business. The buyout allows Ricchetti's brother, Jeff, to join the Podesta firm as a principal, working alongside Podesta's brother, Anthony. The combined firms boast a list of high-tech and communications clients with multiple interests before Congress and federal regulators.."

World Net Daily through 4/13/99 through E-Mail Alert "...Starting in 1994, Russian and Chinese military units began to purchase U.S. made super-computers for nuclear weapons research....In 1995, Tony Podesta, a powerful D.C. based lobbyist and brother of John Podesta - the White House advisor, had a consortium of top U.S. computer CEOs attend secret meetings inside the White House. The meetings were on computer hardware and software exports to China and Russia. The meetings occurred just before Clinton changed super-computer policy. Within weeks, the Russian and Chinese were buying computer power that now surpasses the U.S. Defense Dept.

In 1995, the Computer Systems Policy Project (CSPP) - according to documents from the Commerce Dept. - was represented by Tony Podesta, brother of White House official John Podesta. The CSPP is a group of computer companies, that in 1995 included Apple, AT&T, Compaq, Cray, Data General, Digital Equipment, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Silicon Graphics, Stratus Computer, Sun Microsystems, Tandem and Unisys. Officials working for Apple, and Silicon Graphics are documented by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to be very large Clinton donors.

One 1995 secret meeting in the White House was attended by Podesta Associates employee, Ken Kay, the Director of the CSPP. The meeting with Tony Podesta's employee took place while John Podesta was also employed at the White House. John Podesta left the employ of the White House and went directly to work for his brother, Tony Podesta, in July 1995...."

World Net Daily through 4/13/99 through E-Mail Alert "...Former NSA (National Security Agency) Director Admiral McConnell stated that "John Podesta" was the Clinton advisor in charge of computer encryption policy. Various documents from the National Security Council (NSC) and the Commerce Dept. prove that John Podesta was charged with computer policy such as export restrictions. In fact, a December 1993 letter to Secretary Ron Brown from the United States Council for International Business was "cc'd" to John Podesta. White House advisors are prohibited from working on matters in which they have a direct financial interest. This law also prohibits them from lobbying on matters they worked on while in government and prohibits them from lobbying for a period of one year after they have left service. John Podesta and Tony Podesta were engaged in activities that may constitute conflict of interest under USC title 18, sections 203 through 208. John Podesta was employed at the White House and charged with the very same policy that his brother, Tony Podesta, was engaged in lobbying the Government...."

World Net Daily through 4/13/99 through E-Mail Alert "...In 1996, two of the Podesta companies, IBM and Silicon Graphics, sold super-computers directly to Russian nuclear weapons labs Arzamas-16 and Chelyabinsk-70 under so-called "commercial" contracts. IBM has since settled for a fine of $8 million on the $7.5 million dollar sale to Arzamas-16. Silicon Graphics, however, has not been charged. The 1996 CSPP computer exports took place under the guise of "commercial" sales. Those exports took place during the period of time when the both companies were represented by Tony Podesta. In 1996, John Podesta was also working for his brother Tony as a lobbyist for Podesta Assocates. Thus, John certainly had a large paycheck tied to his brother's success for IBM and Silicon Graphics.

World Net Daily through 4/13/99 through E-Mail Alert "...The 1996 sales to Russia were not the first exports to foreign military units during Tony Podesta's work for the CSPP. In 1994, CSPP member Tandem Corp. exported computers to China Great Wall Corp., a company owned by the Chinese Army, during a Ron Brown trade trip. A Commerce Dept. 1994 Presidential trade trip document on James Treybig states "Tandem and China Great Wall Industry will announce in August their joint venture". Another document found in the files of former Commerce Secretary Ron Brown states that Treybig "negotiated a $100 million dollar joint venture for Tandem Computers while in China". The Commerce Dept. does not have the authority to authorize export of super-computers to foreign military units such as Russian nuclear weapons labs and PLA owned Great Wall Industries. Transfers of any equipment for the development of nuclear weapons to military units constitutes a "defense service" as per the United States Munitions List (USML) and the International Trade in Arms Regulations ITAR 22 C.F.R. Part 120.9 and is strictly under the authority of the State Dept. and the Defense Dept. Yet, the CSPP and Tony Podesta sought out the Commerce Dept. for access to the White House...."

Gaffney's Web Site 4/99 "...Executive Order 12958, signed by President Clinton on April 17, 1995. E.O. 12958 calls for the automatic declassification by April 17, 2000 of all documents containing historical information that are 25 years or older. While the order allows a few exceptions in the name of protecting national security (notably, an injunction that "nothing in this order shall supersede the [classification requirements of] the Atomic Energy Act of 1954"), the practical effect of the order has been greatly to abbreviate the time and necessarily to diminish the care with which documents are scrutinized prior to their release to the public. What amounted to "pressure [to] release sensitive nuclear weapons information" (to coin a phrase) came not only from then-Secretary of Energy Hazel O'Leary but from declassification-devotées in the White House like then-NSC staffer Morton Halperin and the current Chief of Staff, John Podesta. Under such pressure, the Administration wound up engaging in the wholesale declassification of papers, including some containing Restricted Data (RD) or Formerly Restricted Data (FRD)....The Senators' [Kyl, Shelby, Smith] concerns prompted them to amend the FY1999 defense authorization act to tighten up procedures for reviewing this material and to require a presidential certification that it is "highly unlikely" RD or FRD material is being released pursuant to E.O. 12958. It is worth noting that Mr. Podesta and the Administration strenuously opposed this amendment and have generally tried to thwart its implementation as intended. Among the senior officials who are said to have contributed to this effort is Rose Gottemoeller, whose controversial nomination to become Assistant Secretary of Energy for Nonproliferation and National Security was recently sneaked through the Senate without any effort being made to examine her role in the unfolding China scandal and other DoE security problems. 5/25/99 Declan McCullagh "... A new congressional report claiming widespread technological espionage by China will thwart any changes to US encryption rules in the near future, a top White House official predicted Tuesday. The conclusions of the 872-page report will probably result in legislators tightening export controls instead of relaxing them, White House Chief of Staff John Podesta said....."

Drudge 6/7/99 "...The White House is preparing to loosen government controls on the sale of powerful super computers to more than 100 countries only two weeks after a congressional committee charged it with carelessly permitting sales to China, the LOS ANGELES TIMES is planning to report in Tuesday editions. ...The Commerce Department has proposed easing restrictions on sales of supercomputers to "most countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe, administration sources said Monday." Gosselin reports that "virtually all restrictions are likely to be lifted on sales to Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, which recently became NATO members." The White House's John Podesta, last seen drafting a new Medicare proposal that extends drug coverage to all beneficiaries, has taken charge of announcing the new supercomputer policy. According to Gosselin, first official word that the White House is prepared to ease export limits on the 100 countries could come during a meeting scheduled for Friday between Podesta and a group that includes "IBM Chairman and Chief Executive Louis Gerstner, Intel Corp. Chairman Andy Grove, Sun Microsystems Inc. CEO Scott D. McNealy and Hewlett-Packard Co. Chairman and President Lewis E.Platt." ..."

Koenig's International News 6/10/99 Charles Smith "...In 1994, Carter corresponded with "Ken" Kay who was then "Director" of the Computer Systems Policy Project (CSPP), a consortium of powerful U.S. computer makers. According to the CSPP, in March 1994, the CSPP Director "Kenneth R. Kay," was also "a partner in the law firm of Preston Gates Ellis & Rouvelas Meeds."..... In 1994, CSPP Director Ken Kay contacted Barry Carter and Ron Brown in an extensive effort to expand computer exports to China and Russia. Kay pressured Ron Brown by issuing an internal report to ease "export control policy" and seek "new thresholds for computers"......By April 1994, Ken Kay left the employ of Preston Gates and took a new position at Podesta Associates, the powerful lobby firm owned by Tony Podesta, brother of White House advisor John Podesta. Kay, of course, took his CSPP clients with him by retaining his executive directorship of the consortium. The shift to Podesta Associates was quickly felt by the CSPP members and the PLA. In August, 1994, CSPP members IBM, Cray and Tandem were invited to participate on a Brown trade trip to China. While on the trip, CSPP member Tandem sold over $100 million in computers to PLA owned Great Wall Industries, manufacturer of the Chinese Army nuclear tipped missiles...."

Julia Hughes Jones

Freeper Rodger Schultz 12/22/98 on Who is Julia Hughes Jones ".A DRUDGE BOMBSHELL: Hardball Guest Sabotaged charges "A mystery woman who was set to appear for the first time on television this week to reveal fresh stories about "Clinton corruption" has been hit with an intimidation campaign, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned! " .. Jeff Gerth February 5, 1992 NEW YORK TIMES: "The state auditor, Julia Hughes Jones, opposed two state pension fund investments that Stephens Inc., arranged in 1987 and 1988, noting that Stephens had represented both the bond issuers and the bond purchasers. In an interview, Mrs. Jones, who is an elected official, said she believed the Stephenses should have given the pension fund more information about what it was doing. She added that outside advisors should have been brought in. And she complained that the Stephenses' fees were excessive, though Mrs. Jones did support subsequent deals after Stephens lowered its fees. Warren Stephens defended the state pension investment deals, saying their "record has been outstanding." The trustees of the pension funds, most of them appointed by Mr. Clinton, did agree to the investments, and Mr. Clinton also gave approval."..The American Spectator 09/95 James Ring Adams ".Former state auditor Julia Hughes Jones -- in 1985 the only statewide elected Republican -- had been warning about the state's lax use of repos for years. But early that year, her staff began to suspect something strange was afoot: Worthen's share of the state repo business suddenly shot up. In 1984, one of the auditor's lawyers noted, Worthen ranked eighth in state repos, placing only $58 million worth. But from mid-January 1985 to the time of the BBS disaster, the bank handled $342 million worth -- more than anyone else in the state."

Arthur Coia

Washington Post 3/10/99 John Mintz "…A top labor union official who has been a leading Democratic campaign contributor was fined $100,000 yesterday for engaging in an improper business investment with a union vendor but was cleared of the more serious charges that he is under Mafia control and will be allowed to keep his job. The ruling, by a union hearing officer, came in the case of Arthur A. Coia, general president of the Laborers International Union of North America. It overturned the recommendation of the union's internal prosecutor, who had urged that Coia be removed, and angered some of President Clinton's conservative and Republican critics, who see it as further proof that the administration has given favorable treatment to a close White House ally. The charges against Coia are a test case of an innovative agreement that the Justice Department reached with the Laborers and Coia in 1995. Rather than take over the mob-tainted union, as the government had done in the case of the Teamsters union, Justice officials allowed the Laborers to try to root out corruption themselves. ….The finding that Coia is not a mob figure undermines a key accusation that Republicans have mounted frequently against one of Clinton's most avid labor supporters. It also conflicts with the stance of Clinton's own Justice Department, which said in 1994 that Coia has "associated with and been controlled by" mobsters. "The public shouldn't have any confidence in the integrity of this process," said Ken Boehm, chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center, a conservative group. "This is not the way to clean up a union." Boehm said the Clinton administration has shown undue deference to Coia, who oversaw $1.2 million in contributions to Democrats in 1997 and 1998 and has flown on Air Force One. He noted that first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton addressed a 1994 Laborers conference in Florida despite Justice Department recommendations that she not do so because of pending criminal investigations of the union…."

Wall Street Journal 10/24/97 Editorial "…If perceptions are important in Washington, the Clinton Administration looks pretty bad right now in its apparent past coddling of unions operating on the edge of the law. On top of the growing Teamster scandal, in which taxpayers paid $23 million for an invalid election, now comes word that a union monitor is about to file charges against Arthur Coia involving ties to organized crime. He is a longtime ally of President Clinton and current president of the Laborers Union, which represents 700,000 construction workers. This problem has been festering for years. In November 1994, the Justice Department filed a civil racketeering complaint against the Laborers, charging that Mr. Coia was "associated with and controlled and influenced by organized crime." The same year the FBI wrote the White House Counsel's Office warning that Mr. Coia was a "criminal associate" of known mobsters. Nonetheless, then deputy chief of staff Harold Ickes, who as a private attorney had represented the Laborers, allowed First Lady Hillary Clinton to address the union's February 1995 convention in Miami. He stipulated only that she should avoid private conversation with Mr. Coia. A week after Mrs. Clinton's speech, Justice and the Laborers reached an unprecedented agreement. A few officials left, but Mr. Coia was allowed to remain as president and was put in charge of the task of cleaning up the union…."

Wall Street Journal 7/24/96 "…Arthur A. Coia is president of LIUNA, the Laborers International Union of North America, which represents 700,000 construction workers, brick haulers and asbestos removers. He is also one of President Bill Clinton's most important political allies. His union lent President Clinton's inaugural committee $100,000, and contributed $1.1 million to Democrats in the 1994 elections. Mr. Coia has also served as vice chairman of numerous multimillion-dollar Democratic fund-raisers, including one in May of this year. He sits on the board of the "Back to Business" committee that takes out ads defending the Clintons on Whitewater, and in 1994 attended a White House dinner and an Oval Office meeting at which the President gave him a personal golf club that now adorns his wall. And Hillary Clinton addressed his union's conference in Florida…."

Providence Journal 4/28/99 KEN MINGIS [Arthur Coia] "...FBI agents this morning swept through several city offices, including two offices in City Hall, and arrested two city officials on suspicion of money-laundering, according to Thomas Connell, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's office. The two arrested were Joseph Pannone and David Ead, according to a source close to the investigation. Pannone is chairman of the five-member Board of Tax Assessment Review; Ead is vice chairman of the board. Both men were appointed to the board by Mayor Vincent A. Cianci Jr. who stayed at home this morning while federal agents searched the City Collector's office and the Tax Assessor's office in City Hall....."






Harry Thomason/Shearer

Email 3/22/99 Freeper SVTCobra "…[Harry Thomason] is a famous Hollywood TV producer and close friend of Bill….Harry Thomason admits that he discussed Kathleen Willey with HRC, before Willey's 60 Minutes Interview. They discussed the letters that were to be release days later to discredit Willey as part of a White House smear campaign. Hillary knew about the letters ahead of time. These same letters were subpenaed in the Jones case, but never turned over…This means that HRC was part of the Cheryl Mills, Sid Blumenthal, and White House Counsel's Office "nuts and sluts" hit squad…. Derek and Debra Shearer were friends of Harry Thomason from the 1992 Clinton Campaign. Debra may have been with Lindsner's IGI at the time. It is rumored that the Clinton '92 Campaign hired IGI to get dirt on women, like Gennifer Flowers. Cody Shearer is a kind of journalist. But, no one knows what paper he works for. He called Thomason and said his phones were bugged, even though they were not close friends. Remember the Larry Flynt press conference that included revelations about Republican's? Well Flynt admitted that he had a close friend in the Clinton Administration. She was Debra Shearer. Matt Drudge asked that question. BTW Terry Lindsner's daughter was a Clinton Administration White House Intern/Volunteer…. "


Li Ka-Shing

Hong Kong iMail Vanessa Gould, Joan Yip and Foster Wong "..... ``SUPERMAN'' Li Ka-shing and his sons Richard and Victor are among a number of tycoons who exercise ``undue and dominant influence'' in sections of Hong Kong's economy, according to a report due to be accepted by the European Parliament this week. ....The 23-page report drafted by a committee headed by Irish Euro-MP John Cushnahan calls for fair competition laws and a level playing field for European Union firms wishing to compete in Hong Kong. ...... Among the issues in the report, debated in Strasbourg yesterday, were concerns about Hong Kong's judicial independence, and the interference of mainland officials in press and trade freedom. ....At the same time Mr Li's vast empire was reportedly being squeezed from another direction, with news that Beijing was also concerned about the dominance of his port business, which handled a quarter of China's container trade last year. .....The Far Eastern Economic Review reports today that the Ministry of Communication, which controls shipping on the mainland, had instructed local authorities in several coastal cities to limit the role of Hutchison Port Holdings - an arm of Mr Li's Hutchison Whampoa group - in new and expanding container ports. ......"

Hong Kong iMail Vanessa Gould, Joan Yip and Foster Wong "..... The report of the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee said it had been``alleged'' that Mr Li's ``family's business operations account for somewhere between a quarter and a third of stock market capitalisation and include such sectors as telephones, mobile telephones, electricity, supermarkets and property''. The report, the result of Mr Cushnahan's four post-handover visits to Hong Kong, points to the widely-reported controversies surrounding the Li family's growing power with Richard Li Tzar-kai's Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW) takeover of Cable & Wireless HKT and the awarding of the Cyberport project ``to Richard Li without the matter being subjected to a public tendering process''. It also mentions concern about exemptions granted when, run by Victor Li Tzar-kuoi, was being floated on the Growth Equity Market (GEM). ..........."

WorldNetDaily 3/23/99 Charles Smith "…Li Ka-Shing owns the vast shipping enterprise, Hutchison Whampoa, Ltd. Li works closely with the official PRC shipping carrier, COSCO. Li and COSCO own both ends of the Panama Canal. Li and COSCO tried to buy the former Navy port at Long Beach. Li financed several satellite deals between Hughes and China Hong Kong Satellite (CHINASAT), a company half owned by the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA). Li Ka-Shing and the Chinese navy nearly obtained four huge roll-on/roll-off container ships, financed by loans backed by U.S. Treasury notes…… The bio of Li Ka-Shing was forced from the White House by this author during a lawsuit filed in federal court. The Commerce Department claimed the material was withheld for review by another "agency." In fact, the material was secretly sent by Commerce to the real authors, the White House, which is not an agency. The legal "Catch-22" situation was all too obvious to Commerce and White House lawyers who caved in rather than being made to look stupid in front of a Federal Judge…….The reason for the resistance becomes all too clear when Li Ka-Shing's bio is compared to the accompanying materials forced from the grips of the White House. Li was the only so-called "civilian." Li's bio was included by the White House along with the entire leadership of Communist China from Jiang Zemin to the mayor of Shanghai. The Long Beach affair demonstrated that Li Ka-Shing is an agent of Beijing. The White House material clearly shows that Mr. Li Ka-Shing is a member of the Communist government. The Long Beach deal led by Li Ka-Shing was clearly a national security threat. It was canceled after U.S. intelligence sources revealed that Li Ka-Shing's empire is used for PRC espionage. Li Ka-Shing provides fronts for Chinese military operations and "civilian" covers for PLA soldiers to enter the U.S. under "commercial" camouflage…." Freeper report "...The Sino-Swearingen plant in West Virginia is a joint project between Texas based Swearingen aircraft, the AFL-CIO, and Sino-Aerospace Investment Corporation. The joint interests of PRC billionaire Li Ka-Shing, a big U.S. union, and Sen. Rockefeller were teamed up to manufacture business jets in the remote mountains of rural West Virginia. The so-called SJ-30 "business" jet is state-of-the-art. The SJ-30 can travel 2,500 miles at nearly the speed of sound and is rated to cruise at 49,000 feet. The SJ-30 is considered to be the leading edge of U.S. commercial aerospace technology and includes all the latest in avionics such as GPS navigation. The immense speed, range and altitude capability of the SJ-30 can be attributed to the twin Rolls Royce/Williams FJ-44 turbofans that power it. The Williams FJ-44 is also used in the Swedish SK-60 military attack trainer and powers the USAF DarkStar stealth robot spy plane. Williams is best known for making the jet engines for U.S. Tomahawk and ALCM cruise missiles....."

The Center For Security Policy 7/2/99 "…On 23 June, Hutchison USA announced its investment of $957 million into the combined telecommunications company of Voicestream Wireless and Omnipoint. Hutchison is already the largest shareholder in Voicestream, owning 24% of the company and its latest investment will increase its ownership to 30% of the newly merged conglomerate….Hutchison USA is a division of the large Hong Kong business conglomerate, Hutchison Whampoa, whose business ventures include real estate, port ownership in Asia, Europe and Panama, retail and manufacturing, and telecommunications and energy projects. Owned largely by billionaire Li Ka-shing, the company has recently initiated an extensive overseas acquisition strategy. Among other companies, Li is also the principal owner of the Panama Ports Company and China Resources Enterprise which collectively control four major ports at the eastern and western entry points to the Panama Canal. In a recent hearing before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on U.S. interests in the Panama Canal, a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Thomas H. Moorer (USN, Ret.) raised an alarm over Hutchison's role -- and that of the Chinese government -- in Panama.

The Center For Security Policy 7/2/99 "…As Adm. Moorer put it: ...There's far more going on [in Panama] then meets the eye. A company called Panama Ports Company, S.A., affiliated with Hutchinson Whampoa, Ltd. through its owner, Mr. Li Ka-Shing, currently maintains control of four of the Panama Canal's major ports. Now, Panama Port Company is 10 percent owned by China Resources Enterprise, the commercial arm of China's Ministry of Trade and Economic Cooperation….. In their best-selling book, Year of the Rat, Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett III claimed that China Resources "had previously been identified as an associate of Chinese military intelligence." The authors also identified ties between Li Ka-shing and known arms-smuggler Wang Jun, head of Polytechnologies, an enterprise closely associated with the People's Liberation Army.,,,, The Senate [Government Reform] Committee...revealed that Hutchison Whampoa's subsidiary, HIT, has business ventures with the China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO), which is owned by the People's Liberation Army. COSCO has been criticized for shipping Chinese missiles, missile components, jet fighters and other weapons technologies to nations such as Libya, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan. In 1996, the U.S. Customs Service seized a shipment of 2,000 automatic weapons aboard a COSCO ship at the port of Oakland, California. The man identified as the arms dealer, Wang Jun, is the head of China's Polytechnologies Company, the international outlet for Chinese weapons sales. Jun also sits on the Board of the China International Trust and Investment Corporation (CITIC),(1) the chief investment arm of the Chinese central government. It is also the bank of the People's Liberation Army, providing financing for Chinese Army weapons sales and for the purchase of Western technology. Jun's fellow CITIC Board member is Mr. Li Ka-shing, chairman of Hutchison Whampoa Ltd…."

The Center For Security Policy 7/2/99 "…Li Ka-shing has profound ties to the Beijing regime. Li has invested more than a billion dollars in China and owns most of the dock space in Hong Kong. In an exclusive deal with the People's Republic of China's communist government, Li has the right of first-refusal over all PRC ports south of the Yangtze river, which involves a close working relationship with the Chinese military and businesses controlled by the People's Liberation Army. Li has served as a middle man for PLA business dealings with the West. For example, Li financed several satellite deals between the U.S. Hughes Corporation and China Hong Kong Satellite [CHINASAT], a company owned by the People's Liberation Army. In 1997, Li Ka-shing and the Chinese Navy nearly obtained four huge roll-on/roll-off container ships -- which can be used for transporting military cargo -- in a deal that would have been financed by U.S. taxpayers. A June 1997 Rand report, "Chinese Military Commerce and U.S. National Security," stated, "Hutchison Whampoa of Hong Kong, controlled by Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, is also negotiating for PLA wireless system contracts, which would build upon his equity interest in Poly-owned Yangpu Land Development Company, which is building infrastructure on China's Hainan Island." In 1998, Li Ka-shing attempted to issue $2 billion in bonds, through his Hutchison company, in the United States. According to the Dow Jones Newswire, Hutchison revealed that 50 percent of the bonds would be used through a subsidiary known as Chung Kiu Communications Ltd., which had signed agreements to provide cellular services and equipment to joint ventures between the People's Liberation Army and the Chinese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. (Emphasis added.) …"

Excerpts from China's Beachhead at Panama Canal by J. Michael Waller Insight Magazine 7/25/99 "...Hutchison Whampoa is more than a Hong Kong shipping giant. Company chairman Li Ka-shing is an important cog in the economic machinery of the Chinese Communist Party and the PLA. Li is a board member of the Chinese government's main investment arm, the China International Trust and Investment Corp., or CITIC, run by official PLA arms marketeer and smuggler Wang Jun. According to Santoli, Li "has invested more than a billion dollars in China and owns most of the dock space in Hong Kong." Additionally, "Li has served as a middle man for PLA business dealings with the West," financing some of the controversial Hughes Electronics Corp.-Loral Space & Communications deals found to have been conduits for weapons technology to Beijing. He also has been a powerful ally of the Mochtar Riady financial empire of Indonesia -- the Lippo Group family that according to sworn testimony paid off Clinton's friends and political allies on behalf of Chinese military intelligence...."

Excerpts from China's Beachhead at Panama Canal by J. Michael Waller Insight Magazine 7/25/99 "...Hutchison Whampoa's port subsidiary, Hutchison International Terminals, or HIT, which in turn runs the Panama Ports Co., does substantial business with the PLA-owned China Ocean Shipping Company, or COSCO, which has been seeking to take over former naval facilities in Southern California. Some of Hutchison's board members consult to COSCO. China Resources Enterprise, or CRE, the commercial arm of Beijing's Ministry of Trade and Economic Cooperation, owns 10 percent of the Panama Ports Co. The Senate Governmental Affairs Committee has identified CRE as a vehicle for "espionage -- economic, political and military -- for China."

U.S. officials have been slow to realize the importance of Hutchison Whampoa and its global maritime network in Beijing's strategic planning. "Hutchison is trying to build a commercial empire in the Americas," a senior U.S. official in Panama tells Insight. "If you asked me three years ago, I'd say Hutchison Whampoa was just a business concern. Logic would tell you that the PRC has more opportunity to influence Hutchison Whampoa than before." ...."

Hong Kong Standard 8/14/99 Charles Snyder, Karen Chan and Kevin Rafferty "...``Mr Li Ka-shing . . . is a well-known entrepreneur and has no connection whatsoever with the People's Liberation Army,'' a statement from Hutchison Whampoa said. It added that the Hutchison subsidiary that operates container terminals in Panama was responsible for handling commercial shipping and was not involved in controlling access to or in the operations of the Panama Canal, which links the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans....In the letter, Mr Lott attacked Mr Li Ka-shing as an agent of China and its military. He claimed that with ports on either side of the canal Hutchison's subsidiary, Hutchison Port Holdings, would have a ``choke-point'' and could both block US ships and ``control at least one third of world shipping''. Hutchison said the group, through its wholly-owned subsidiary in the area, operates container terminals in Balboa and Cristobal Ports in Panama under Panama Ports Company (PPC). There is no mainland interest in the company. ``PPC's terminal facilities are designed to only load and unload containers from ships, and does not have involvement in the operation of the canal. ``PPC does not operate or control the pilotage nor does PPC have any influence on vessels transiting the canal,'' the statement added. Mr Lott made his accusations public in the wake of the visit by Panama's Vice President-elect Arturo Vallarino to Beijing for an ``unofficial'' visit. ``US naval ships will be at the mercy of Chinese-controlled pilots, and could even be denied passage through the Panama Canal by Hutchison Whampoa, an arm of the PLA,'' Mr Lott wrote. ``We have given away the farm without a shot being fired,'' he said. Not so, said the White House. Spokesman David Leavy cited the Neutrality Treaty which protects the security of the canal and the Panamanian law that governs the Hutchison Whampoa contracts that allows open passage. He said he does not know whether Hutchison Whampoa has links to the PLA. Under the treaty transferring control over the canal from the US to Panama, either country has the right to use military force if needed to reopen the canal, Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon said...."

Hong Kong Standard 8/27/99 "…TYCOON Li Ka-shing yesterday gave a clear assurance he is not forsaking Hong Kong for sunnier investment climes. Cheung Kong (Holdings)'s chairman pledged he is committed to invest more and keep Hong Kong as the group's investment base, despite the pull of more attractive yields from investing his empire's money overseas. ``Our strategy is to try investing more in Hong Kong although it has a lower rate of return,'' the property tycoon said. Last year, the influential businessman said he postponed a $10 billion investment in Hong Kong and was not investing until the political and economic climate improved. ``This year, we have invested no less than $10 billion in Hong Kong.'' Mr Li said Cheung Kong definitely sees Hong Kong as its base since about 75 per cent of its capital is invested in the city. Only 15 per cent of the group's capital is invested in 25 foreign countries while the rest, or about 10 to 11 per cent, is invested on the mainland, according to Mr Li. …"

World Net daily 6/29/99 Charles Smith "…Li is so close to the Chinese government that the Clinton White House included his bio along with Chinese President Jiang Zemin to the CEO of Loral Aerospace, Bernard Schwartz, just prior to the 1994 Ron Brown trade trip to Beijing. According to documents provided by the Commerce Department, Brown and Schwartz were to meet both Li and Gen. Shen Rougjun of COSTIND. Serving as a middleman for PLA satellite purchases, Li has financed several satellite deals between the U.S. Hughes Corporation and China Hong Kong Satellite, a company owned by the PLA unit, COSTIND. Besides trying to buy satellites for the PLA, in 1997, Li and the Chinese navy nearly obtained four huge roll-on/roll-off container ships from America. These ships were intended to transport PLA military cargo. The ships were part of a multi-million dollar deal that would have been financed by U.S. taxpayers. A man with considerable clout, Li has invested more than a billion dollars in China and owns most of the dock space in Hong Kong. In an exclusive deal with the People's Republic of China's communist government, Li has the right of first refusal over all PRC ports south of the Yangtze River. Furthermore, Li currently owns both the Pacific and Atlantic ports on the Panama Canal. And it was Li who attempted to purchase the military port of Long Beach, Calif. for COSCO and the Chinese navy…."

World Net daily 6/29/99 Charles Smith "…In 1998, Li attempted to issue $2 billion in bonds in the U.S. through his Hutchison company. According to the Dow Jones Newswire, Hutchison revealed that 50 percent of the bonds would be used through a subsidiary known as Chung Kiu Communications Ltd., which had signed agreements to provide cellular services and equipment to joint ventures between the PLA and the Chinese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. In June 1999, Li and his PLA partners bought their way into the communications grid of northeast America, bringing PLA signals intelligence (SIGINT) operations inside the United States. Hutchison Telecom and the PLA are now major players in the American mobile-phone business with the recent investment of nearly $1 billion into VoiceStream Wireless. The $957 million deal, the PLA biggest investment yet in America, will allow funding of VoiceStream's merger with Omnipoint. Omnipoint provides a service to more than 100 million subscribers, predominantly in the northeastern cities of the U.S., including critical military, commercial and diplomatic sites in New York, Boston and Philadelphia. The opportunity for PLA profits and communications espionage now spans the massive East Coast of America. …."

Codel Report: Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Al Santoli ".... 1. Growing Role of Communist China: The People's Republic of China is making major political, economic and intelligence inroads in Latin America and the Caribbean. China has increased its activities in Cuba, including the creation of major electronic intelligence/jamming facilities directed at the United States, and increased Spanish language broadcasts of Radio Beijing. Panama, the strategic choke point between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and between North and South America, is becoming China's "hub" or "beach head" in our hemisphere. U.S. security officials and knowledgeable Panamanians see the Chinese using trade as their cover for intelligence and political operations. Beijing's goals are: 1) usurping U.S. political influence in the region; 2) dislodging the political recognition and economic influence of Taiwan; 3) a base for sabotage in the event of any future U.S.-China conflicts over Taiwan or the South China Sea. Canal security is very difficult and the presence of Chinese entities controlling ports at both ends of the Canal is a serious security risk. In addition, their control of the ports and stevedoring enhances the two-way flow of sensitive weapons-related technologies and the potential for sabotage....".

Codel Report: Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Al Santoli ".... 2. Hutchison Whampoa Control of Canal Ports: Businessmen involved in the bidding, as well as current and former-U.S. officials claim that the Chinese Hutchison Whampoa Company obtained the contract for 25 to 50 year lease for the Canal ports by using unfair under-the-table tactics. At least two consortiums, involving American companies may have offered better bids for these strategic port facilities. The smell of corruption is exceptionally strong. In addition, China has stationed a senior intelligence official, reportedly Mr. Yu Gi Ye, is reportedly Beijing's Commercial Attache and de facto ambassador. He operates with a staff of 14 out of the Global Bank Building in Panama City. It is especially troubling that the Clinton administration has publicly stated that they have no knowledge of a connection between Hutchison Whampoa and the Chinese government or military. See the attached documents that include or cite reports by U.S. intelligence agencies, the U.S. Bureau of Export Affairs [BXA], the U.S. Embassy in Beijing and the Rand Corporation identifying Li Ka-Shing and Hutchison Whampoa as financing or serving as a conduit for Communist China's People Liberation Army [and navy] to acquire sensitive technologies and other equipment. In addition, Li serves as a board member on CITIC, which is a state-owned funding and technology acquiring source for Communist China's military. Hutchison Whampoa's control over millions of cargo containers at entrance points at both ends of the Canal for the next 50 years is a more pressing security concern than the legal debate over who may appoint Canal pilots.

Codel Report: Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Al Santoli ".... 3. Corruption, Smuggling and Money Laundering: Panama - especially Colon - has become the "K Mart" of worldwide smuggling; the counterfeit and piracy of U.S. products; repackaging of Chinese textiles to beat U.S. quotas; and illicit money laundering. Chinese triad gangs from the mainland and Taiwan have been working together, in tandem with Russian mafia Mafia and Cuban entities. There are also Middle Eastern organizations present, as well as the pervasive activities of the Colombian drug cartels and narco-terrorist organizations. The entire 2,000 mile coast of Panama, from Costa Rica to the Colombian border has been as drop-off points for weapons being shipped into Colombia. There are also some 1,500 islands along the coast. Corruption in the Colombian government is rampant. Example: Panama's negotiator for a treaty with U.S. on stolen cars brought to Panama for transshipment, herself drove a stolen car.

Codel Report: Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Al Santoli ".... 4. Chinese Alien Smuggling: There is strong evidence of massive systematic smuggling of Chinese illegal aliens into Panama, which results in a steady flow of illegal Chinese from Panama to the United States, with the complicity of the highest levels of the Panama government. This is a major news story in Panama. All Panamanians the delegation spoke with, from senior government officials to ordinary citizens, expressed deep concern about the exceptionally large numbers of illegal mainland Chinese migrants that have been flooding into Panama during the past few years, far surpassing similar activity that occurred during the Noriega dictatorship. Panama's former Intelligence chief Samantha Smith, now in hiding in fear of retaliation, told us in detail the role of President Balladares and his closest aides in the Chinese alien smuggling.

Codel Report: Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Al Santoli ".... THE THREAT: If mainland Chinese and their Hong Kong-based front companies dominate the local and macro Canal-based economy, Beijing will become the dominant political influence in the country. In Panamanian newspapers, the designated new Canal Commissioner Ricardo Martinelli has been quoted as stating, 'The departure of the U.S. role in the Canal Zone will have no economic impact on Panama because of the influx of income from [mainland] China.' The media also report that China has promised to step up economic assistance and investment in Panama after the U.S. departs. China's $2 billion worth of annual commerce in the Canal Zone dwarfs the $500 million of commerce by Taiwan. And there are reports, in Hong Kong and Panama, that Taiwan's Evergreen shipping company is planning to sell its port on the Atlantic Coast of the Canal, with Hutchison Whampoa a potential buyer.

Codel Report: Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Al Santoli ".... 5. The Clinton-Balladares-China Connection: The ties between the President Balladares and communist China, as well as the ties between President Clinton's political entourage and Balladares and China is a matter of serious concern. In 1996, the Canal contract bidding occurred while China was making substantial contributions to the Clinton campaign. Li Ka-Shing is an investor in the Riady family's Hong Kong China Bank. Clinton crony and former White House Chief of Staff Mack McClarty is the President's Special Envoy to Latin America and has reportedly spent "a lot of time" in Panama. In 1997, James Carville ran the Balladares campaign to extend his presidency. Clinton lawyer Gregory Craig has represented at least one Balladares crony indicted on drug-smuggling charges in the U.S., and was publicly mentioned by Balladares as the lawyer to possibly represent his interests if the Chinese alien smuggling issue is brought to a U.S. court.

Codel Report: Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Al Santoli ".... 6. Maintenance of the Canal: Around 1/3 of the world's economy passes through the Canal, including more than 15% of all U.S. trade. In addition the U.S. Navy makes some 200 passages through the Canal annually. The Canal is especially fragile to maintain and operate, requiring a cadre of skilled technicians and engineers to maintain. The Canal Workers Union reports that by the end of 1999, some 30 percent of skilled Canal Workers are being laid off. They are reportedly being replaced by inexperienced personnel, whose qualifications are based on their membership to one political party or another. There are also reports that after the Canal is fully under Panamanian control that further lay-offs of skilled workers are expected. In addition, there are reports that pilots, engineers and other technicians are being hired in Communist China for the Canal, but will not arrive in Panama until after the year 2000.

Codel Report: Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Al Santoli ".... 7. Colombian Narco-Terrorist Forces: The U.S. military and other counter-drug forces will completely depart Panama by December 1999. Panama has no army, air force or navy, except for a small Coast Guard. The government relies upon largely untrained and poorly-armed police to patrol the border area with Colombia where the FARC narco-terrorist forces are increasingly active inside of Panamanian territory. Colombian FARC military/political units are increasingly active in the Darien region of Panama, including setting up schools, free clinics and other institutions. They are essentially waging a Maoist "people's war." The incoming President Mireya Moscoso and her advisors have spoken inconsistently on a U.S. role in bolstering Panama's security, counter-narcotics operations from Panamanian territory and the legality of the "DeConcini Reservation" to the Carter-Torrijos Treaty that would permit the U.S. to intervene to defend the Canal's security. The Clinton Administration speaks of a "two to three year cooling of period" before resuming bilateral talks on a Multinational Counternarcotics Center in Panama. Unfortunately, by that time the narco-terrorists could be in a much stronger position on both sides of the border.

The Province (Vancouver) 9/30/99 Fabian Dawson ".....A secret study by Canada's spy agency tracked a myriad of companies linked to Asian tycoons to determine if they were fronts for Chinese espionage activities. The study also looked at "hundreds of thousands of dollars" that were being pumped into political parties to see if Canada's lawmakers were being unduly influenced. ...... The Province has learned that among those probed were Macao casino king Stanley Ho, who has extensive interests in Canada, and Li Ka-shing, one of the world's wealthiest men, known in Vancouver for his purchase of the Expo lands. Other companies tracked were linked to tycoons Robert Kuok, Cheng Yu Tung and Henry Fok and firms with connections to CITIC -- the investment arm of the Chinese military....... Sources used by CSIS and the RCMP said the study of Chinese tycoons with close links to Beijing showed that together they owned in Canada: - More land, commercial properties and hotels than any other owner. - Major banks and brokerage houses. - All the Chinese language television and radio stations and major video outlets, plus control of the Chinese print media. - Shipping lines, including the giant COSCO which recently struck a deal with the Vancouver Port Corp. to make Vancouver its gateway to North America. - At least 16 data-processing and hi-tech companies servicing corporations including those doing classified work for federal and provincial agencies. - The operation of the databases used by university libraries. - Almost half the shares in three of Canada's major telephone and telecommunications companies. - About 25 major oil and gas companies. - Some immigrant-investor funds. - Large retail distribution companies. In addition, companies linked directly to Chinese state-owned enterprises and Beijing-friendly tycoons have bought a large tract of land at a Scarborough, Ont., industrial area and set up companies in Western Canada to make cell phones, manufacture TVs and export fax machines. Holly Porteous, an Ottawa-based security analyst and former Pentagon writer, said the companies in Canada that can be linked to Beijing is a national security concern....."

The Province (Vancouver) 9/30/99 Fabian Dawson "..... Among other things the U.S. Senate probe found many of the Beijing-linked front companies were specifically set up for "technology acquisitions" In one case, according to declassified American documents, a Chinese military-owned company tried to use a Canadian intermediary to hire former Pratt & Whitney engineers in the U.S. to help develop an indigenous Chinese jet engine. The initial approach was under the guise of a civilian project, and the U.S. engineers were initially not told they would be working on a military engine. The U.S. engineers pulled out when they learned what they would be doing....."

The Straits Times 10/3/99 AFP "...Hongkong billionaire Li Ka Shing and Macau casino magnate Stanley Ho were among a number of Asian tycoons who were investigated secretly by Canada's spy agency, a newspaper here said. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) probe, called Project Sidewinder, looked at a number of Hongkong and Macau companies to see if they were covers for Beijing-backed Chinese espionage into Canada, the Province newspaper reported. Project Sidewinder was started in 1994 and lasted for two years. No charges were laid and the probe was stopped after allegations of political influence were deemed to be unfounded. The probe also focused on alleged contributions from Chinese tycoons to political parties in Canada and any possible influence that might have had on lawmakers. But sources told the newspaper the project was halted abruptly because of "political influence".....Secret papers obtained by the newspaper showed that Chinese with strong links to Beijing collectively owned more land, commercial properties and hotels in Canada than Canadian-born businessmen....."

Wall Street Journal 10/15/99 Peter Wonacott "....U.S. congressional scrutiny of a well-known Hong Kong conglomerate's operations in Panama point to a new wariness toward this city in some quarters of Washington following its return to Chinese rule. In the next few weeks, the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee will discuss a Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. subsidiary's right to run two container ports at the Atlantic and Pacific entrances of the strategic Panama Canal. The hearing comes at the behest of Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, who warned of "security risks" posed by the Hong Kong company. In August, Mr. Lott wrote to U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen that "U.S. naval ships will be at the mercy of Chinese-controlled pilots and could even be denied passage through the canal by Hutchison, an arm of the People's Liberation Army.".... Hong Kong-listed Hutchison, one of the territory's oldest companies, has no known links to the PLA. And the city is home to hundreds of publicly listed companies with billions of dollars invested in China. Relationships between those companies' senior executives and Chinese officials are more the rule than the exception. Still, U.S. legislators have cited concerns that Hutchison's controlling shareholder, billionaire Li Ka-shing, has close ties to China's leadership...."

Wall Street Journal 10/15/99 Peter Wonacott "....The congressional concern is the latest manifestation of a China phobia sweeping conservative political circles in the U.S. Once beyond suspicion, Hong Kong is now lumped together with its mainland ruler in the eyes of many U.S. politicians. Those suspicions increased after recent allegations that Hong Kong companies may have helped China acquire sensitive U.S. technology, a charge Hong Kong officials vigorously deny. ..... For the sprawling conglomerate, with operations in China and around the world, dissecting the business empire for U.S. officials will not be easy. Aside from 19 port operations in six countries, Hutchison also has an international telecommunications business and an extensive property portfolio. Its stock, listed in both London and Hong Kong, is widely held by international investors. About half the shares are owned by Cheung Kong (Holdings) Ltd., a property and industrial conglomerate controlled by Mr. Li and his family. Hutchison executives say mainland Chinese interests hold no more than 1% ownership in either company......"

Hong Kong Standard 10/11/99 Clare Cheung Agencies "...HUTCHISON Whampoa's Israel-based associate mobile phone firm Partner Communications Company is raising about US$525 million (HK$4.07 billion) through the issuance of American Depositary Shares (ADS). The Li Ka-shing conglomerate indirectly owns 46.67 per cent of the company. Partner is proposing to offer 23 per cent of its ordinary shares to back up the ADS, which will be open for public subscription. .....The major shareholders are Hutchison's affiliate Advent Investments; Matbit Telecommunications Systems; Tapuz Cellular Systems Limited Partnership and Matav Investments. After the share offer is completed and the over-allotment option is fully exercised, about 34.3 per cent of Partner Communications will be held by Advent; 24.3 per cent by Matbit: 12 per cent by Tapuz and 3 per cent by Matav. The remaining 26.4 per cent will be in the hands of the public....."

South China Morning Post 10/13/99 Greg Torode "....Hutchison Whampoa is taking urgent steps to protect itself from intensifying political attack in Washington over its Panama Canal operations. The company is negotiating with several lobby firms in the capital to quell claims it is at the heart of a mainland bid to eventually control the strategic shipping route. "We are increasingly worried about the situation and we are taking steps to ensure our side of the story is firmly and effectively put across to stop all this," one official said. "It is not good for us or Hong Kong in the long term. It is all quite ridiculous and we are talking to people who know Washington a lot better than we do." ...... Senior Republican figures, such as Senate Majority leader Trent Lott and former defence secretary Caspar Weinberger, have named Hutchison as a major People's Liberation Army security threat once American forces pull out of the canal in December. Open hearings of the Armed Services Committee of the House of Representatives are expected to start by the end of the month. Committee members are understood to have met intelligence officials last week to discuss the situation. Further attention is expected this week with the arrival in Washington of new Panamanian President Mireya Moscoso, who has refused to allow any future stationing of United States troops. ....... He described the Hutchison deal as the "biggest threat" to the canal's continued security and raised the prospect of the firm using a "trumped-up reason" to shut it to US traffic. Hutchison has fiercely denied the reports, insisting it has no links to the PLA, no ability to control the canal and no interest in doing so. ...."

WorldNetDaily 10/26/99 Charles Smith "….Li Ka-Shing teamed with Robert Kwok and Henry Fok, according to a recent biography titled "Li Ka-Shing," to form the China International Trust Investment Company (CITIC), described in a 1997 Rand Corporation report as an "investment concern under China's governmental State Council." The guest list for the Pacific Princess included the Executive Director of CITIC, Robert Adams. The Fok family leader, Henry Fok, is reported to be a member of the 14K Triad. According to Timperlake and co-author Bill Triplett, "Henry Fok first made his name by running United Nations-embargoed goods to China during the Korean War. His son was later convicted for trying to bring Chinese machine guns into the United States." The Kwok family, reportedly led by Robert Kwok, allegedly is involved in the heroin smuggling business inside Burma. However, Peter Kwok served as a consultant to the China Overseas Shipping Company (COSCO), and COSCO Hong Kong Holdings, a company owned by Li Ka-Shing. In 1989, Kwok helped CITIC and Li Ka-Shing raise $120 million to buy a Hughes-built communications satellite for AsiaSat, a company part owned by the Chinese Army unit COSTIND (the Commission on Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense). Sen. Diane Feinstein, D-Ca., also knows the Kwok family well….." 10/26/99 Charles Smith "….In October 1999, the Clinton White House denied that Chinese billionaire Li Ka-Shing is working for the communists in Beijing. The White House press secretary labeled such accusations as "silly" and dismissed them as "the kind of thing you see around here from time to time." Yet, in August 1994, the Clinton White House did not think Li Ka-Shing's connection to the red Chinese leadership was silly. President Clinton thought so highly of Li Ka-Shing that he equated and included the communist financier with the red leaders of Beijing in a package of intelligence information supplied to a Democratic National Committee million-dollar donor. [Loral CEO Bernard Schwatz] …..Li Ka-Shing's bio and the bios of other leading communist party members were exposed here in an exclusive WorldNetDaily column…… According to Forbes, Li Ka-Shing is the sixth richest man in the world. Li claims to be neither a red Chinese government official nor a member of any military service. Yet, the Clinton White House bio states that Li is a "member of the board of directors of the China International Trust and Investment Corporation (CITIC)." According to a 1997 Rand Corporation report sponsored by the Clinton administration, CITIC is an "investment concern under China's governmental State Council." CITIC "became identified with the PLA as a result of the scandal surrounding Wang Jun and his visit to the White House on 6 February 1996." …..The Rand report concluded, "CITIC does enter into business partnerships with and provide logistical assistance to PLA and defense-industrial companies like Poly….." 10/26/99 Charles Smith "….According to the Rand report, "Hutchison Whampoa of Hong Kong, controlled by Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-Shing, is also negotiating for PLA wireless system contracts, which would build upon his equity interest in Poly-owned Yangpu Land Development Company, which is building infrastructure on China's Hainan Island." Clearly, Li Ka-Shing helps to fund the People's Liberation Army by providing financing for Chinese army weapons sales through Poly Technologies and for purchases of advanced western military technology. For example, CITIC also owns a controlling interest in the Hong Kong based Asia Satellite Telecom Co. Ltd., or AsiaSat. AsiaSat, a company founded in 1988, operates several communications satellites in the Far East bought from U.S. manufacturers such as Hughes. ….." 10/26/99 Charles Smith "….AsiaSat is also a front company for the People's Liberation Army. According to "Aviation Week and Space Technology," AsiaSat is also part-owned by the Chinese army unit COSTIND (the Commission on Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense). AsiaSat satellites regularly carry "military communications" traffic for PLA units and Chinese military-owned companies. It is no surprise that AsiaSat signed an exclusive deal with billionaire Li Ka-Shing to carry his STAR television service, 54 channels of premium cable/satellite television including MTV, re-runs of American sitcoms dubbed in various languages, and pay-per-view X-rated movies. Li Ka-Shing later sold all of his STAR TV holdings in two huge chunks to news magnate Rupert Murdoch for nearly a billion dollars…."

WSJ 11/16/99 "….Hong Kong conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. said it is forming a $1.2 billion telecommunications and Internet joint venture with Bermuda-based Global Crossing Ltd. The joint venture will combine Hutchison's fixed-line network in Hong Kong with an international fiber-optic network that Global Crossing is laying across the world's oceans…… To finance its stake in the venture, Global Crosing will give Hutchison $400 million in convertible preferred stock, or a stake of about 1.3% in the company, which has a market capitalization of about $30 billion. It also will provide assets valued at $350 million and $50 million in cash to the venture, said Global Crossing Chief Executive Jack Scanlon….."

Fox News/Reuters 12/1/99 "….Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing on Wednesday dismissed suggestions that his company Hutchison Whampoa Ltd would control the Panama Canal when it begins operating container ports at each end of the strategic waterway. Li was responding to remarks by President Clinton, who said on Tuesday he did not expect any adverse consequences from "the Chinese running the canal.'' "We cannot possibly control the canal,'' Li told reporters in Hong Kong. "We are only an operator of container ports there.'' Li has strong ties to China. U.S. lawmakers have expressed concerns that this could eventually give China effective control of the 51 mile long canal once the U.S. military pulls out. The Clinton administration has repeatedly assured them that China will not take it over. Li noted the container ports were for loading, unloading and storing cargo and had no role in operating the canal. Hutchison, with port operations around the world, won a 25-year lease to run the Panama cargo ports after the United States cedes control of the waterway on December 31. ….."

Hutchinson Whampoa 3/98 "…. Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL) is a Hong Kong-based conglomerate with its origins dating back to the 1800s. In terms of market capitalisation, HWL is one of the largest companies in Hong Kong. It operates five core businesses in 24 countries: ……. Hutchison Telecom operates a wide range of integrated telecommunications services worldwide and is one of the world's major providers of mobile communications. It has also expanded into the multimedia arena….."

The Independent 12/12/99 David Wastell "…. President Clinton and his Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, are to boycott the ceremonial handover of the Panama Canal on Tuesday amid American concern that the deal is handing influence over the strategic waterway to China. …… American unease at losing control of the Panama Canal, which has been under US protection since troops were dispatched to defend it in 1911, is reflected in the fact that Mr Clinton will not attend the celebrations on Tuesday, even though his diary leaves him free to do so. …… However, Al Santoli, a special security adviser to the Republican congressman Dana Rohrbacher, one of the White House's most vociferous critics on China, said last night: "No matter how many Brits there may be in the company, it is a Hong Kong company and Hong Kong is part of China. Li Ka-shing is trusted by the Chinese leadership. He is a board member of China's international trade and investment corporation, which is known by the US Congress as an important investment arm of the Chinese government and military. ….."

INSIGHT Magazine 12/27/99 Dana Rohrabacher "….. I am especially concerned about the corruption and the lack of transparency in the contract-bidding process that enabled Hutchison Whampoa and its chairman to obtain 25- to 50-year leases on ports at both the Atlantic and Pacific ends of the canal. Li Ka-shing and his Hong Kong-based company and subsidiaries are closely associated with the Beijing regime and have a history of acting as sources of funding or intermediaries in deals for the PLA. It is especially troubling that the Clinton administration, including defense and intelligence agencies, publicly has stated that members have no knowledge of a connection between Li, Hutchison Whampoa and the Communist Chinese government or military……"

INSIGHT Magazine 12/27/99 Dana Rohrabacher "….. However, I obtained unclassified documents by U.S. intelligence agencies, the U.S. Bureau of Export Affairs, the U.S. Embassy in Beijing and the RAND Corp. that identify Li and Hutchison Whampoa as financing or serving as a conduit for Communist China's military to acquire sensitive technologies and other equipment. And President Clinton actually acknowledged at a Nov. 30 press conference that the Chinese will be controlling the canal….."

INSIGHT Magazine 12/27/99 Dana Rohrabacher "….. A billionaire and international tycoon, Li is a founding board member of the China International Trust and Investment Corp., or CITIC, which is a technology-acquiring source for China's military. Other members of the CITIC board include prominent members of the Communist Chinese military-industrial complex. CITIC board members include Wang Jun, the chairman of the PolyTechnologies Corp., which was indicted by U.S. Customs for attempting to ship thousands of weapons into California for use by street gangs. The PLA created the Poly Group, with CITIC funding, for international arms trading. The Poly Group is known for selling advanced military systems to Third World countries. ….."

INSIGHT Magazine 12/27/99 Dana Rohrabacher "….. Li also is a business partner of the giant Communist Chinese shipping firm, the China Ocean Shipping Co., or COSCO, which, in addition to commercial transport, acts as the merchant marine for the Chinese military. COSCO has been involved in shipping Chinese missile technology and biological-warfare components to North Korea, Pakistan, Iraq and Iran. A November 1999 Hong Kong news report states that COSCO ships are being fitted by the PLA to conduct military operations, including mine-laying, antisubmarine warfare, missile launching and electronic surveillance. Li also has engaged in numerous business partnerships with the China Resources Co., a firm that has been identified by U.S. congressional investigators as a front for Beijing's intelligence agencies….."

The Economist via J. Orlin Grabbe 1/8-14/00 "….AN ODD thing happened last month, just before Christmas. A Hong Kong firm, only eight months old, run by the 33-year-old son of an old-style property tycoon and with a business plan that almost nobody fully understands, suddenly became one of the biggest Internet companies in the world, with a stockmarket value of $21 billion. Odder yet: it might even deserve it. The firm is Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW), a name still little known outside Hong Kong. That will soon change, thanks to the vaulting ambitions of its founder, Richard Li, and the billions of dollars he can marshal behind them. PCCW is assembling a satellite-based broadband Internet network, modelled on America's Excite@Home, with the aim of becoming the largest broadband Internet business in the world. It has also built a venture-capital arm, CyberWorks Ventures, that has already invested $500m in cash and equity in nearly 30 companies….."

WorldNetDaily 1/18/2000 Charles Smith "….According to the Commerce Department's "Event Scenario," the meeting in Hong Kong [1994] included Li Ka-Shing, Secretary Brown and Ginger Lew from the Commerce Department, Maria Haley from the Export Import Bank, John Bryson, president of SCE Corp. and Edwin Lupberger, chairman of Entergy Corp…… Throughout Brown's 1994 trade meeting with Li Ka-Shing, mysteriously, there is a curious reference to an unnamed "Minister." No "Minister" is listed as attending the meeting, and the only government officials in attendance were Brown and his official party. The "Minister," it now turns out, is Li Ka-Shing……In "An Introduction to the Chinese Defense Industry," U.S. Army Lt. Col. Dennis Blasko, the U.S. military attache to Beijing in 1994, also concludes that the Hong Kong billionaire is very likely an unofficial minister in the Chinese government. "These new corporations are now directly subordinate to the State Council -- they have attained a position equal to the status formerly granted to only a few corporations such as the China International Trust and Investment Corporation (CITIC)," explained Blasko. "This new position gives their general managers de facto ministerial rank, although they are not called 'minister' in public," he concluded….."

WorldNetDaily 1/18/2000 Charles Smith "….According to an October 1999 "Intelligence Assessment" prepared by the U.S. military's Southern Command, Li Ka-Shing is indeed a "threat" to the Panama Canal. "Hutchison Whampoa's owner, Hong Kong tycoon, Li Ka-Shing, has extensive business ties in Beijing and has compelling financial reasons to maintain a good relationship with China's leadership," states the 1999 assessment. "For example, Hutchison Whampoa could threaten to shift some business from Panama to its facilities in the Bahamas, thus giving the company additional leverage over the Panamanian government." Moreover, said the U.S. military intelligence report, "Hutchison's containerized shipping facilities in the Panama Canal, as well as the Bahamas, could provide a conduit for illegal shipments of technology or prohibited items from the west to the PRC, or facilitate the movement of arms and other prohibited items into the Americas." …."

WorldNetDaily 1/18/2000 Charles Smith "….Not only are both Entergy Corporation chairman Lupberger and SCE President Bryson listed as donors to President Clinton's political campaigns, but both Entergy and SCE -- now known as Edison Mission Energy Corporation -- also have direct business ties to Indonesian billionaire Moctar Riady, another key figure in the White House campaign finance scandals. And Mission Energy Corporation currently is engaged in a legal battle with the government of Indonesia over "corruption, collusion and nepotism" inside a U.S.-sponsored coal fired electric power plant located in East Java….."

WorldNetDaily 1/18/2000 Charles Smith "….According to the [intelligence] dossier, Li has "significant economic and political ties to China," including investments in a "power station, a highway construction project and a large contribution to Shantou University."……. According to the White House dossier, Li was "found guilty of insider trading after a widely publicized trial in 1984; he was not punished by the courts." The White House intelligence dossier states that Li is also a "member of the boards of directors of the China International Trust and Investment Corporation (CITIC)." A 1997 Rand Corporation report sponsored by the Clinton administration states that CITIC is an "investment concern under China's governmental State Council." …."

WorldNetDaily 1/18/2000 Charles Smith "….According to a recent biography titled "Li Ka-Shing," the billionaire teamed with two leading members of the Asian "Triad" organized crime families -- Robert Kwok and Henry Fok -- to form the China International Trust Investment Company. In addition, the newly released documents show that alleged organized crime "Triad" gangsters were included on the 1994 "Presidential Business Development" mission. According to official U.S. Commerce materials, after meeting with Li Ka-Shing, Secretary Ron Brown sailed on an evening paradise cruise from Hong Kong with the "who's who" of Triad business families. …The Fok family leader, Henry Fok, is reported to be a member of the 14K Triad. According to Ed Timperlake and Bill Triplett, co-authors of "Red Dragon Rising," ……Robert Kwok reportedly leads the Kwok family businesses and is allegedly involved in the heroin smuggling business inside Burma. Peter Kwok, a business partner of Sen. Dianne Feinstein's husband, Richard Blum, has also worked for Li Ka-Shing and the Chinese army. In 1989, Kwok helped CITIC and Li Ka-Shing raise $120 million to buy a Hughes-built communications satellite for AsiaSat, a company part owned by the Chinese army unit called the Commission on Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense….."

WorldNetDaily 1/18/2000 Charles Smith "…..The documents show that "COSTIND Vice Minister Shen Roujun" met with Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and Loral Aerospace chairman Bernard Schwartz in late August 1994 just prior to the Hong Kong meeting with Li Ka-Shing. According to the Cox report, COSTIND Gen. Shen actively sought help from the U.S. Commerce Department in obtaining employment for his son, Shen Jun, at Loral. The Cox report noted that Shen later succeeded in obtaining both a sensitive position for his son and sensitive nose cone technology for the Chinese army from the Hughes Corporation. Ironically, Li Ka-Shing has been compared to the reclusive American billionaire Howard Hughes. William Triplett, co-author of "Red Dragon Rising", noted that the Hong Kong billionaire often works closely with the Chinese army intelligence services and with the Triad gangs in order to serve Beijing. "Li Ka-Shing is to the Chinese army intelligence HQ what Howard Hughes was for the CIA," stated Mr. Triplett. …. "The leadership in Beijing openly states that there are 'good patriotic' Triads," stated Ed Timperlake, Asian law enforcement analyst and "Red Dragon" co-author. "The merging of the Triads, financiers like Li Ka-Shing, and the leadership in Beijing is a nasty law enforcement problem. It is almost state-sponsored gangsterism." …."

Washington Times 1/19/2000 Bill Gertz "….The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee is asking the Pentagon to explain why information contained in an intelligence assessment about Chinese activities in Panama was not provided to his panel. ``I am concerned that this Pentagon report was not mentioned during our hearing or subsequently shared with the committee,'' Sen. John W. Warner said in a letter sent Friday to Defense Secretary William S. Cohen. Mr. Warner, Virginia Republican chairman, said he would like to know why the report by the U.S. Southern Command's Joint Intelligence Center reportedly contradicts claims by the Clinton administration that the presence of a Chinese company near the canal is not a threat to U.S. security interests. The senator stated that he sent the letter after the intelligence report was mentioned in The Washington Times on Jan. 12. Mr. Warner also said he has ordered the committee's staff to obtain the complete, classified version of the report from the Pentagon……During the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, held four days before the intelligence report was produced, several administration officials testified that Chinese control of the two Panamanian ports was not a problem and said they were unaware that Beijing uses Chinese commercial entities for military purposes. Marine Corps Gen. Charles E. Wilhelm, commander in chief of the U.S. Southern Command, testified during the hearing he believes China does use businesses for military purposes. He said there was ``no evidence'' the canal was targeted by terrorists or foreign governments although it is a potential target……. The Panama Ports Co. is providing tugboat, ship repair and pilot services to ships using the ports of Balboa, on the Pacific, and Cristobal, on the Atlantic. The report concluded that it is unlikely the Chinese company's officials or employees ``would overtly sabotage or damage the canal on orders from Beijing, as it would be contrary to their own financial interests and would undoubtedly elicit an immediate response from the U.S. and the international community.'' But the intelligence document stated that Hutchison's owner, Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-Shing, ``has extensive business ties in Beijing and has compelling financial reasons to maintain a good relationship with China's leadership.'' The Chinese may be seeking economic inroads in Panama designed to counter Taiwan's influence in the region…."

South China Morning News 1/22/2000 Ben Kwok "…. A Hutchison Whampoa subsidiary is close to forging a partnership with a United States-based e-commerce company in what would be a big step forward in the group's global Internet strategy, according to sources. The unit - Hutchison E-Commerce Resources - could conclude an agreement with a listed US company next week, the sources said. Details of the arrangement were under discussion, the sources said. The alliance would strengthen Hutchison's integrated on-line services, with the deal covering everything from content and e-commerce to business solutions, they said. ….."Analysts said it was difficult to assign a value to all of Hutchison's Internet assets. "The size of Hutchison's Internet assets could be unbelievably high," an analyst said. The analysts estimated the value of Hutchison Global Crossing at more than $20 billion, while's valuation was put at between $10 billion and $30 billion and Hutchison E-Commerce Resources's valuation at $30 billion. Many blue-chip companies in Hong Kong were searching for exciting on-line projects, but none had made the kind of progress Hutchison had, the analyst said. "When it comes to technology, Hutchison is three or four years ahead of other blue-chip competitors, many of whom are still just talking about the business," the analyst said. Hutchison chairman Li Ka-shing said this week that the group's Internet business had been in operation for at least three years. "The work has been done for a long time," Mr Li said. "A lot of potential could be seen in the Internet world that could complement our business," Mr Li added. …." 1/19/2000 Christopher Ruddy and Stephan Archer "…..The same Chinese company that recently took operational control of the Panama Canal is currently completing construction of the largest container port in the world in Freeport, Bahamas - just 60 miles from Florida. Several U.S. military experts say that the activities of Hutchison Whampoa Limited, a Hong Kong-based conglomerate, in both Panama and the Bahamas, pose a significant risk to U.S. national security……. One port facility that has captured the interest of the Chinese government is Hutchison Whampoa's sprawling port facility in the tourist destination of Freeport on Grand Bahama Island. According to the company's Web site, the port is located at one of the most strategic spots in the world because "Freeport is the closest offshore port to the east coast of the United States, at the cross-roads of routes between Europe and the Americas and through the Panama Canal." ….. In 1995, Hutchison Whampoa entered into a 50-50 partnership with the Grand Bahama Development Company, a privately owned Bahamian company, to develop and expand the small Freeport facility that had catered to cruise ships. Since then, Hutchison has helped dredge and expand the port, making it capable of handling the largest container ships on the high seas….." 1/19/2000 Christopher Ruddy and Stephan Archer "…..The company has ambitious plans to create the largest air cargo facility on land adjacent to the port. Hutchison has a 50 percent stake in the Grand Bahama Airport Company, which owns one of the largest airport runways in the world - more than 11,000 feet long. According to Powers, the runway is capable of handling the world's largest cargo and military aircraft. On 800 acres of wooded land adjacent to the airport, Hutchison plans to create the Grand Bahama Sea-Air Business Center - a center that could potentially allow for 8 million square feet in warehouse space……. Hutchison Whampoa's chairman, Li Ka-Shing, is also a board member of CITIC - the China International Trust and Investment Corporation. U.S. intelligence sources have described the firm as a front for China's governmental State Council……" 1/19/2000 Christopher Ruddy and Stephan Archer "….. According to Powers, Hutchison employs about 500 Bahamians. Only five managers are not Bahamians, mostly British nationals. None are Chinese. Bahamian officials told they have noticed no increase in Chinese nationals at the port or on the island. Despite the strong claims made by Hutchison that China has no interest in their Bahamian port, evidence suggests otherwise. A review of the visitor's log by at the company's main office in Freeport shows that Chinese government officials have been frequent visitors to the port facility. According to the log, China's ambassador to the Bahamas, Ma Shuxue, has visited the port facility at least a half dozen times in the past few years. He has also accompanied groups of Chinese government officials… The visitor logbook indicates Chinese officials have visited the port more often than officials from any other country, including the United States. The logbook also shows that on June 2, 1999, the Cuban ambassador, Lazaro Cabeza, also paid a visit to the facility. Cuba is a strong ally of China's…." 2/1/00 Carl Limbacher "....., the internet name-your-price site that has been hawked by William Shatner, is going Chinese. Priceline has recently announced a partnership with Hutchison Whampoa, the Hong Kong-based conglomerate that runs ports at both ends of the Panama Canal. President Clinton has admitted the Chinese have de facto control over the canal. Hutchison is headed by one Li Ka-Shing, a man close to Red China's ruling circles. recently reported that Hutchison is completing the Western Hemisphere's largest container port at Freeport in the Bahamas......"

South China Morning Post 1/27/2000 "….Hutchison Whampoa has concluded the latest in a string of information-technology investments by forming an alliance with US-based on-line shopping firm The two companies said yesterday they would establish a joint venture to introduce's "name-your-own-price" concept to Asia. The venture will have an initial investment of US$20 million. Neither would say how this would be shared. The deal marks a further acceleration in Hutchison's drive to embrace the Internet, coming only three days after it formed a HK$3 billion e-commerce joint venture with parent Cheung Kong (Holdings) and banking giants HSBC and Hang Seng Bank. Hutchison has forged a series of technology-related deals in recent months, including setting up, an infotainment portal venture with Cheung Kong, and tie-ups with Japan's NTT and Global Crossing of the United States. ….."

South China Morning Post 1/26/2000 Ben Kwok "….Hutchison Whampoa has announced a 50-50 joint venture with, the fast growing US e-commerce company, to jointly develop on-line shopping in Asia. Hutchison Whampoa group managing director Canning Fok said the joint venture will list on either Nasdaq or Hong Kong. The initial investment for is US$20 million. Hutchison, which has already sealed telecom and internet deals with US, Japanese and European partners, already plans to list in the first half of the year with more projects coming up. ''Hutchison regards e-commerce as an area of particular importance, said Mr Fok. ''We are, in fact, the most active Hong Kong company in e-commerce.'' …." 2/24/00 Carl Limbacher "….Back in 1977, when Jimmy Carter was pushing for the United States Senate to adopt his Panama Canal Treaty, turning over the U.S. strategic waterway to the Panamanians, Admiral Thomas Moorer warned Congress that the Russians and other communist powers would fill the vacuum. Already we knew that Hong Kong-based Hutchison Whampoa, a company with close ties to the Chinese government, controls ports at both ends of the Canal. Now we learn that Admiral Moorer may have been quite prescient. As it turns out Russian and Chinese companies are reportedly bidding to take control of Howard Air Force Base, the former U.S. military outpost situated near the canal. Howard Phillips, head of the Conservative Caucus, a group that has spearheaded efforts to preserve U.S. interests in Panama, just returned from a fact finding tour of Panama with Judicial Watch chief Larry Klayman. Phillips says Panamanian officials told him that two Russian companies and two Chinese companies are bidding for control of Howard Air Force Base. The Panamanians are expecting to reap upwards of $3.5 billion from the sale……"

The New Australian No. 145, 21-27 2/00 Peter Zhang "…….Irrespective of what some have asserted, Hutchison Whampoa is an arm of the Chinese government. The company's chairman, Li Ka Shing, is an unofficial government minister. This fact is well known to US intelligence and President Clinton. And still Clinton insisted on the canal passing into Beijing's hands, even though he knew Hutchison Whampoa had corruptly obtained the lease……. To get a clearer picture of what Clinton has let the US in for let us turn to Chinese Defence Minister Chi Haotian who said that war with the United States is inevitable. As Chi well knows there is more than one way to wage war - and this is where the canal comes in. It provides Beijing with a base from which to create enormous mischief for the US while piously claiming that its presence is merely a commercial one. The word is out that acting through Castro's agents and Chinese crime lords, Beijing is already heavily involved in running drugs into the US. To Beijing drugs are merely another weapon in its unofficial war against the US. Two other weapons are terrorism and subversion…… Clearly the tactic is not one of establishing pro-Beijing regimes but of creating a massive running sore that will drain US political and military resources that will eventually help drive it out of the Pacific Asian region, leaving Hawaii as its only Pacific base. This is not a fantasy. Why else does Beijing provide missile know-how and nuclear weapons technology to the likes of North Korea, Pakistan, Iran and Libya? Because it generates tensions and fuels conflicts that tie up US resources. Knowing all of this, why did Clinton allow the canal to fall into Beijing's hands?…."

The Business Times/Singapore 2/14/00 Shoeb Kagda "….INDONESIA'S Lippo group is forging ahead after having formed a strategic alliance with Hongkong's Hutchison Whampoa group for its push to create the largest Internet empire in the country. It has secured an additional US$100 million (S$166 million) commitment from Taiwan's China Development and Investment Bank group (CDIB) for its drive, sources in Jakarta told BT…….. The deal was concluded by Lippo's founder and patriarch Mochtar Riady, who is also in negotiations with two other Taiwanese IT powerhouses -- the Hwashin Group and Acer. …… Separately, BT understands that US-based financial giant American Insurance Group (AIG) is looking to increase its 5 per cent stake in Lippo e-Net, formerly known as Lippo Life. …… Lippo e-Net will act as the umbrella company coordinating not only the investments and strategic alliances, but also the dovetailing of the group's existing businesses with its new empire. As part of its efforts to speed up the laying of the broad band cable infrastructure in the greater Jakarta area, for example, Lippo has tied up with Hutchison Whampoa and is in negotiations to sell as much as 20 per cent of Multipolar. The Hongkong-based telecommunications giant is also said to be helping the group develop its wireless calling card facility. The Riadys have also brought in American Jim Guy Tucker, a specialist in broadband cable TV, to spearhead the group's entry into this field. The former Arkansas governor, who used to own cable companies in the US, is a technical adviser in the group's subsidiary KableVision, which will offer Internet access through television sets. ….."

Taipei Times 3/5/00 "……Over the past two weeks, Hong Kong mega-tycoon Li Ka-shing (§õ1ŸÛ) has shown the immense power his family wields over the territory's economy. An estimated 400,000 Hong Kongers first scrambled to purchase stock in Li's Web portal TOM.COM as it listed on the second board of the Hong Kong Growth Enterprise Market last week. The listing only took place, however, because of the close relations between the company's management and the government. Li Ka-shing was able to have his way because of his relations with Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa (¸3«ØµØ) and the authorities in Beijing. Later, the successful purchase of Cable & Wireless HKT by Li's second son, Richard (§õ¿A·¢), kept ownership away from Singaporean capital, but only after loans extended to Richard Li by the Bank of China gave him the funds to take over the 100-year-old British telecom company for a staggering US$35.9 billion. Pacific Century CyberWorks Ltd (¬Õ¬ì°Ê€O) is now the third-largest company listed on the Hong Kong market, smaller only in scale than China Telecom and HSBC. The deal also made Richard Li the second-richest individual in Hong Kong at the tender age of 33, with a wealth only exceeded by his father, Li Ka-shing. Father and son now control stock in industries accounting for about 30 percent of the entire value of Hong Kong's stock market. This shows how powerful families in Hong Kong have expanded their influence over the economy. Pundits in local papers have started giving Hong Kong the title, "Li Land." In addition to a growing concentration of economic power in Hong Kong, the former colony is also swiftly developing into a proxy for China to demonstrate the feasibility of the "one country, two systems" concept for Taiwan. ……"

Hong Kong Standard 3/6/00 Tessi Cruz "…..TYCOON Li Ka-shing and his family came under heavy attack again yesterday over their growing influence in Hong Kong, this time from Democratic Party chief Martin Lee Chu-ming. Mr Lee expressed his concern that the rise to prominence of the Li family could send the wrong signal overseas _ that cronyism exists in the SAR. His remarks came as Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa again dismissed concerns about the family's dominance while talking to reporters in Beijing covering the National People's Congress session. The Li family also dismissed the attacks, saying they were probably inspired by envy. Early last week, local newspapers voiced concern over the influence of the Li family after Mr Li's son, Richard Li Tzar-kai, took control of Cable & Wireless HKT, the largest telecom operator in the territory. Speaking on RTHK's Letter to Hong Kong yesterday, Mr Lee said a number of other tycoons had voiced their concerns over the danger of what was once a level playing field ``beginning to tilt and tilt and tilt towards just one empire''. ……"

Freeper snopercod 2/29/00 "…..Huchison Wampoa is buying into more than the Panama canal. This from today's WSJ: VoiceStream Wireless fell 4 11/16 to 135 3/4 on Nasdaq in a session that featured some sharp losses by technology stocks. The Bellevue, Wash., wireless-telecommunications-service provider, as expected, said it completed its $7.2 billion acquisition of another wireless-service provider, Omnipoint. VoiceStream also said it completed agreements for a $957 million investment from Hong Kong telecommunications company Hutchison Wampoa and a $500 million investment from Finland's Sonera……"

Reuters 3/23/00 "…….Hong Kong Internet start-up Pacific Century CyberWorks on Thursday denied a magazine report that its takeover of local telecom giant Cable & Wireless HKT was driven by Beijing. "It was entirely a commercial decision for PCCW to merge with HK Telecom," said PCCW deputy chairman Francis Yuen. "Throughout the process, discussions with all parties concerned, including China Telecom and BOCI [Bank of China International], were conducted purely on a commercial basis." Yuen was responding to an article in the Far Eastern Economic Review that said people close to the deal revealed PCCW's successful takeover of C&W HKT was largely the result of the efforts of mainland Chinese officials. At the end of February, PCCW secured a $35.9 billion deal to merge with C&W HKT, which is 54 percent held by Britain's Cable & Wireless, beating rival bidder Singapore Telecommunications. …….. The Review said there is "compelling evidence" that Beijing worked behind the scenes to prevent C&W HKT falling into the hands of Singapore Telecommunications. It cited Yuen as saying the genesis of the PCCW bid came at a hastily convened lunch meeting in late January that included senior officials from BOCI and China Telecom (Hong Kong). ………The Review quoted Yuen as saying PCCW chairman Richard Li travelled to Beijing in early February to seek the Chinese government's formal blessing for the deal, which he received. Li has said the Beijing trip was not related to the takeover. "When Richard Li went to Beijing, it was for the purpose of assessing first-hand the prospect of Pacific Century Group's expansion into the China market," Yuen said. "He also wanted to assess the progress of the WTO [World Trade Organization] negotiations and their potential impact on the group's future activities. This was a normal business visit that any large corporation would undertake before embarking on a major investment." ….."

Freeper Woodman 3/20/00 "…… and Webhouse are part of the Walker Digital Group. Jay Walker himself owns about 47% of hte company, I also saw in Edgar that Paul Allen had aquired about 10% of the company. Lets see 47+10+(unknown employee holdings and options) adds up to far more than 50%. I would like to know where this Chicom nonsence is comming from. Priceline may be screwed up, but a simple search of schedule 13 info in edgar will show you that this claim is impossible. ….."

1/26/00 NORWALK, Conn. and HONG KONG--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- (Nasdaq: PCLN) and Hutchison Whampoa Limited ("Hutchison") today announced an alliance to introduce's unique buyer-driven e-commerce platform to 2.6 billion consumers in Asia's most populous countries, including China (and Hong Kong), India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam. The alliance does not apply to Japan. is the patented Name-Your-Own-Price(TM) Internet pricing system that currently offers services in the U.S. for leisure airline tickets, hotel rooms, new cars, rental cars, home refinancing and home equity loans. The Company also has announced that it will offer additional services this year for credit cards and long-distance calling. ……… Hutchison Whampoa is a conglomerate with a market capitalization of over $53 billion. Among its many businesses, it is one of Asia's largest owners and operators of Internet and telecommunications infrastructure offering a wide range of related services. These include fixed-line services, ISP (Hutchcity) and ICP ( services, Web hosting services, fiber optics broadband networks, mobile telephone data and internet services, paging, trunked mobile radio, VSAT and radio broadcasting services.

1/26/00 NORWALK, Conn. and HONG KONG--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Hutchison's Internet related operations have been growing rapidly. The Company recently teamed up with Global Crossing to further expand its global connectivity and to pursue fibre optic broadband network opportunities in the Greater China Region. Cooperation with NTT DoCoMo which owns 19% of Hutchison's mobile communications businesses in Hong Kong offers its customers advanced mobile Internet opportunities. ………. Hutchison is also a part of iBusiness, a joint venture with its parent company Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited, the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, and Hang Seng Bank to facilitate e-commerce on the Internet. ….."

1/26/00 NORWALK, Conn. and HONG KONG--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Hutchison Whampoa is a Hong Kong-based conglomerate with origins dating back to the 1800s. Hutchison is part of the Li Ka-shing group of companies, which together represent 16% of the total market capitalization of the Hong Kong stock market. In 1998, consolidated turnover was over $6.6 billion, and after-tax earnings were approximately $1.1 billion. With over 80,000 employees worldwide, Hutchison operates five core businesses in 26 countries: ports and related services; telecommunications and Internet; property development and holdings; retail, manufacturing and other services; and energy and infrastructure. The Group's telecommunications business and holdings span several continents, and include such diverse products as cellular telephone network services, fixed-line services, fiber optics services, paging, trunked mobile radio services, VSAT and radio broadcasting. Hutchison recently sold its UK mobile communications operations to Mannesmann for US$14.6 billion and is currently the largest shareholder in Mannesmann AG. As part of its retail services, the Group recently constructed the largest shopping center in Beijing and operates about 800 retail outlets in Asia. Under its property division, Hutchison also owns and manages hotels in China, Hong Kong and the Bahamas. ......"

ETHERZONE 3/22/00 Barbara Stanley "….. Hutchison Whampoa, Ltd. (HW, Ltd.) who is partnered with Priceline, is owned by Li Ka-shing, Hong Kong billionaire businessman with ties to the PRC (Peoples' Republic of China) /Communist Party effectively, their military and intelligence agencies. The Panama Ports Company in Panama is also a front company for HW, Ltd., and controlled by China Resources, via China's Trade Ministry. China Resources is yet another company, with the same ties, and called "an agent of espionage..... economic, military and political, for China" according to Sen. Fred Thompson after hearings held in the Senate. …………. Shen Jueren, head of China Resources, is partners with the above mentioned owner of HW, Ltd.., Li Ka-shing--and both are partners in Riady's Hong Kong Chinese Bank. China Resources bought into Lippo Bank of Hong Kong and Indonesia and placed its officers John Huang and James Riady in Arkansas at the Lippo owned Worthen Bank. John Huang was born in Mainland China, but had served in the Taiwanese air force. Ya Long Economic Trading of the Chinese Hainan province sought influence and legitimacy through the Hsi Lai temple of Taiwan, through its representative Maria Hsia, born in Taiwan……….. Li is also involved at the top levels with China Telecom and CITIC (China International Trust and Investment) and this mega-conglomerate worth $21 billion, is managed by frequent White House guest and arms dealer, Wang Jun........ "

ETHERZONE 3/22/00 Barbara Stanley "…..In a press release dated 26 January 2000, Hutchison Whampoa and announced their new partnership in the areas of airline tickets and hotel rooms, publishing the first quarter sales of 80,000 and 20,000 respectively. This is the camel's nose and head and neck under the tent. ISP (Hutchcity), ICP (, web hosting services, fiber optic broadband networks, mobile telephone data and internet services, paging, trunked mobile radio, VSAT and broadcasting services are all being produced by this new unholy alliance. …….."

New Australian 3/13/00 Peter Zhang "….. Li Ka-Shing (multi-billionaire, unofficial Beijing Government minister and PLA agent) has received a warm welcome in Australia. It appears that Li is looking to invest heavily in Australian infrastructure, particularly electricity generation and telecommunications…… Chinese military intelligence always follows Li. ......... Li Beijing's connections are hardly a state secret. He had been a close friend of Gen. Ji Shengde, former military intelligence director of the PLA, who was recently arrested for corruption, and is still close to Gen. Xiong Guangkai who had been Gen. Ji's superior. He is equally close to Jiang Zemin. Most telling of all, probably, is Li's corrupt real estate dealings with the brutal Chen Xitong who is infamous for the instrumental role he played in the Tiananmen Square massacre….."

New Australian 3/13/00 Peter Zhang "…... Li's eldest son, Victor, has launched Pacific Century CyberWorks. This is quite a coincidence because there was also an investment firm called Pacific Century Group which was supposed to use US money to finance electricity generating plants in mainland China. The company was revealed by intelligence to be a front whose principle owners were Li Ka-Shing and a Macau-based triad gangster called Ng Lapseng whose main source of income is drug-running, prostitution, including child prostitution. He is also involved in extortion, smuggling illegal immigrants, loansharking, money laundering, etc. Ng is also deeply implicated in the Clintons' fundraising scandals and had personal relations with the Clintons who invited him to the White House on a number of occasions……. This creep also has an interest in Ang-Du International which is known to participate in the abduction of young Asian females, even children, for sale to the region's brothels. Ang-Du was also used to channel funds into the Clintons' election campaign on behalf of Lapseng's associates…….."

New Australian 3/13/00 Peter Zhang "….. Lapseng is not the only gangster with whom the enterprising Mr Li has had dealings. Li joined with Henry Fok and Robert Kwok to form the CITIC (China International Trust Investment Company). The Hong Kong police and British and American intelligence have reported that the charming Henry is a prominent member of the 14K Triad and enjoys the patronage of the PLA while Robert, also a Triad member, is believed to be engaged in the Burmese heroin trade......."

ETHERZONE 3/21/00 Barbara Stanley "…….Everybody knows the good American wife will shop wisely for her family, taking advantage of coupons, sales etc. to stretch the family budget. And those in the know will use to shop for airline tickets and save a few bucks. But this shopping may not be so wise after all... So when the Communist Chinese, using the cutout company Hutchison Wampoa, bought up over 50% of, they knew they were on to something. And I began to wonder how many people knew about this. ……..It is also rumored that Mr. Feinstein (Senator Diane's husband) is in cahoots in this deal. The Red Chinese have a trade deficit with the US that approaches $60 Billion. The Red Chinese also have our technology, courtesy of the current administration, many of whom are making Billions on these deals, not to mention funding the theft of the '96 election. The Red Chinese, recent visitors, have threatened California with missiles. Missiles made accurate with space age technology courtesy of democRat major donor Bernie Schwartz via the DNC, to elect Clinton/Gore, and now Gore/Clinton(Hitlery)……."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 4/5/00 Bill Gertz "……. Chinese businessman Li Ka-shing was planning to take over operation of the Panama Canal before the pullout last year of the United States, according to a declassified Pentagon intelligence report. The Army intelligence report contradicts statements by President Clinton and Panamanian government officials that the Atlantic and Pacific port facilities leased in Panama by Mr. Li and his Hong Kong-based Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. will have no role in Panama Canal operations…………. The Army report, from April 22, 1998, contains an article with the headline, "Panama: China Awaits U.S. Departure" and is based on a Defense Intelligence Agency intelligence information report. "According to a DIA Intelligence Information Report, Li Ka-shing, the owner of Hutchison Whampoa Lt. (HW) and Cheung Kong International Holdings Ltd. (CK) is planning to take control of Panama Canal operations when the U.S. transfers it to Panama in December 99," the report from the office of the deputy chief of staff for intelligence states. "Li is directly connected to Beijing and is willing to use his business influence to further the aims of Chinese government," the report states. It is labeled "SECRET/ NOFORN" - the latter term meaning no access to the intelligence by foreign nationals…….." 4/21/00 Charles Smith "…..In addition, a 1996 State Department report contradicts Clinton administration claims that advanced communications exports to China were "civilian" projects. The report states that the Chinese army was keenly interested in obtaining Loral Globalstar satellite technology and the Loral purchase was possibly being financed by Chinese billionaire, Li Ka-Shing. The 1996 Department report was written by then-Ambassador to China James Sasser, a former U.S. Senator from Tennessee. The 1996 State Department report was obtained through the Freedom of Information Act……. The 1996 report written by Sasser alleges that the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) and Li Ka-Shing were both directly involved with the People's Liberation Army in financing the Loral export to China. "Already, foreign companies are interested in the new PLA-backed entity that is likely to emerge over the next year," states the report. "Recent press reports indicate that Hutchison Whampoa may be involved with the PLA about possible funding options." ……… Li Ka-Shing owns Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. and is reportedly the sixth richest man in the world. Hutchison Whampoa is the shipping company awarded the contract to control the ports at both ends of the Panama Canal. ….. Li Ka-Shing has been described by intelligence sources as a "Howard Hughes" for the Chinese Military Intelligence Department, or MID. U.S. Army Southern Command documents on the Panama transfer noted that Li Ka-Shing was an "indirect" threat to the United States. ……."

Insight on the News 4/17/00 J Michael Waller "…… Canadian police have identified Clinton donor and Macao gambling tycoon Stanley Ho as the leader of a triad gang of organized criminals with strong ties to Communist China. …….. President Clinton personally accepted $250,000 from a Macao gambling tycoon whom Canadian police identify as a "leader" of a Chinese triad, or organized-crime syndicate. Insight has obtained a copy of the Asian Organized Crime Roster of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or RCMP, listing Stanley Ho - who handed the check to Clinton at a 1997 White House reception to fund the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial - as a suspected "leader/member" of the notorious Kung Lok triad. This is the first concrete indication that a major Western law-enforcement agency considers Ho an organized-crime figure. Earlier reports characterized Ho as "associated" with the triads, but not a "leader" or "member." According to a separate Canadian Security Intelligence Service report, the triads are involved in "drug trafficking; money laundering; corruption; computer-software piracy; credit-card forgery and fraud; counterfeit currency and identification operations; and migrant smuggling. They will often provide direction to Chinese gangs in exchange for the 'muscle' needed in some triad operations." ……."

Insight on the News 4/17/00 J Michael Waller "……Insight's copy of the RCMP roster identifies Ho Hung Sun, alias Stanley Ho, as born in Hong Kong on Nov. 25, 1921, and provides addresses in Toronto and Macao. After classifying Ho as a "member/leader" of the Kung Lok triad organized-crime syndicate, it assigns him the "gang file number" 89-1170. A 1988 Justice Department list authored by then assistant attorney general William Weld identified Ho as "associated" with the triads, former congressional investigator Edward Timperlake tells Insight. Timperlake is coauthor of Year of the Rat, a book documenting ties between Clinton-Gore administration political fund-raising from Chinese interests and their effects on U.S. national-security decision-making. The book reported that "Ho's triad connections are really quite extensive" in his gambling partnerships. Has the Justice Department "cleared" Ho since Clinton and Gore were elected in 1992? A Justice Department spokeswoman would not comment, citing privacy concerns. Certainly, the Mounties have not cleared Ho: An RCMP Asian Organized Crime detective familiar with the roster labeling Ho as a triad figure told the Vancouver Province, "Nobody gets off it unless they die." ……."

Insight on the News 4/17/00 J Michael Waller "…… Ho and his business partners have been mired in international controversy in recent months. One of his partners is Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, whose Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. company has taken control of port facilities at both ends of the Panama Canal, prompting concerns that they may become a strategic beachhead for Beijing. The Clinton administration has gone out of its way to portray Li and Hutchison Whampoa as posing no security threat to U.S. interests, but not everyone is convinced. Peter Zhang writes in the New Australian, a weekly published in Melbourne, that Li is a "front man" for the Communist Chinese People's Liberation Army, or PLA. Commenting on Li's planned investments in Australian electric power and telecommunications infrastructures, Zhang warns, "Ordinarily I would advise any country to welcome a foreign investor. But Li is no ordinary investor. Just as British imperialism followed trade, Chinese military intelligence always follows Li." ….."

WorldNetDaily 6/17/00 Charles Smith "…..Newly released federal documents show that the Clinton administration was aware in 1996 that China was attempting to gain control of the Panama Canal. The U.S. Commerce Department recently released a July 1996 unclassified cable from the U.S. Embassy in Panama. The cable accuses Beijing of funneling money into Hutchison Whampoa, the company controlled by controversial Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-Shing. …… "Embassy Panama has received information to the effect that HIT (Hutchison International Terminals) is controlled by mainland Chinese, perhaps through a Macao front which allegedly recently invested $400 million in HIT," states the cable. "Such control would have security implications and might affect the Panamanian government's views on awarding the port concessions." ……. Reacting to the information, Rep. Bob Barr, R-Ga., a ranking member on both the House Judiciary and House Government Reform Committees, sharply criticized President Clinton for ignoring the warnings about Chinese control of the canal. "This message proves serious concerns about Chinese control of the canal raised by the U.S. Embassy in Panama in 1996 were and remain completely ignored by an administration that wants us to believe all is well in Panama," stated Barr in an interview from his office inside Capitol Hill. ….."This latest piece of evidence is part of a systematic pattern of deception about the dangers posed to American and Panamanian national security by our unilateral withdrawal from Panama," concluded Barr. …….."

WorldNetDaily 6/17/00 Charles Smith "…..The Commerce Department documents also show that law enforcement agencies were very concerned about Li Ka-Shing's connections to international smuggling. A 1995 cable from the American Embassy in Nassau noted that Li Ka-Shing had signed an agreement to build an $88 million container-ship terminal in the Grand Bahamas. The document shows that the embassy in Nassau copied the cable to several law enforcement agencies including the Customs Service and the Drug Enforcement Agency. "Reftel describes U.S. agencies' security concerns about possible smuggling attempts through the terminal," states the cable from the American Embassy. "Post will request via septel assistance in addressing these concerns while port development plans are still on the drawing board." ..."

WorldNetDaily 6/17/00 Charles Smith "…..The documents the Commerce Department provided show that the Clinton administration was aware in 1996 of the $400 million investment into Li Ka-Shing's company by the Chinese government. The Commerce documents describe China Resources Enterprises as "the investment arm of China's Foreign Trade ministry." ….. According to Sen. Thompson, China Resources Enterprises is linked to billionaire Moctar Riady and the Lippo Group. ……. Despite questions about illegal links to Beijing front companies and international smuggling, the newly released documents show that U.S. Commerce Secretary William Daley, the newly appointed campaign chairman for Vice President Al Gore's presidential bid, met with the Li Ka-Shing at a 1997 luncheon hosted by the powerful investment firm Goldman Sachs. …….. The Commerce documents note that an informal "talk" between Daley, Li and several "influential business people" was held on the Goldman Sachs' boat Monkey's Uncle during a 1997 Hong Kong trade trip. Included in the meeting was Beijing-owned business CITIC, a firm directly linked to arms smuggling. ……"

WorldNetDaily 6/17/00 Charles Smith "…..The Commerce documents also reveal Li Ka-Shing's business dealings with the Chinese military. One document titled "principal subsidiary and associated companies," states that Li owns 25 percent of "Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Company," a firm run by the Chinese air force. ...,, The documents show that Li owns one-third of Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holdings, or AsiaSat, a company owned in part by the Chinese army. In 1989, Peter Kwok, the business partner of Robert Blum, the husband of Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., helped CITIC and Li Ka-Shing raise $120 million to buy a Hughes-built communications satellite for AsiaSat. ……."

WorldNetDaily 6/17/00 Charles Smith "…..The documents also state that Li Ka-Shing is directly in business with the Chinese government through the China Ocean Shipping Company, or COSCO. In 1996, a COSCO ship was caught in an attempt to smuggle over 2,000 fully automatic machine guns into the United States. COSCO is better known for its unsuccessful attempt to purchase the former Long Beach Naval station in California. In January 1997, President Clinton authorized four container ships for export directly to China. The four container ships were to be constructed for COSCO and Li Ka-Shing's Hutchison Whampoa by the Alabama Shipyards of Mobile, Ala. …..The four ships were to be built using $138 million in private loans backed by the U.S. government. The loans had very favorable terms, including low interest rates and a 25-year repayment plan -- longer than the expected life of the ships. ……. Li Ka-Shing's ties to China have also attracted U.S. military attention. U.S. Defense Department documents discovered by Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch, a Washington-based public interest group, focused on Li Ka-Shing and his company Hutchison Whampoa. According to an October 1999 "Intelligence Assessment" prepared by the U.S. military Southern Command, the Hong Kong billionaire is a potential threat to America. ….."

WorldNetDaily 6/7/00 Charles Smith "….Li Ka-Shing is no ordinary billionaire. Mr. Li's company currently operates the two ports on the Panama Canal, the Pacific port of Balboa and the Atlantic port of Cristobal. According to recently declassified documents from the U.S. Commerce Department, Li Ka-Shing is a very special man in Beijing, Washington and Hong Kong. …….. "Li is reputed to have a close business relationship with key figures in Beijing," states an August 1999 from the American Embassy in Hong Kong. "And he has a number of real estate and infrastructure projects in the mainland. These close relationships were said to be key to his obtaining the prime site on Beijing's Wangfujing for his USD2 billion Oriental Plaza Project. Some have suggested that it was because of Li's mainland connections that the man behind the 1996 kidnapping of his son Victor was arrested last year in China and swiftly executed. Li is a leading member of Hong Kong's ethnic Chinese business elite, a tycoon who is no democrat. This fact is reflected in his recent claim that he canceled a HKD10 billion (USD1.3 billion) project because of the unfavorable business climate created by Hong Kong's politicized (more democratic) business climate." ………

WorldNetDaily 6/7/00 Charles Smith "….The Commerce Department documents also show that law enforcement agencies were very concerned about Li Ka-Shing's connections to the Triad gangs. ……One document on Li Ka-Shing, previously discovered by Larry Klayman and Judicial Watch, a Washington, D.C.-based legal watchdog group, came from the U.S. Defense Department. According to the October 1999 "Intelligence Assessment," prepared by the U.S. military Southern Command, the Hong Kong billionaire is a "threat" to the Panama Canal: "Hutchison Whampoa's owner, Hong Kong tycoon, Li Ka-Shing, has extensive business ties in Beijing and has compelling financial reasons to maintain a good relationship with China's leadership," states the 1999 assessment. "For example, Hutchison Whampoa could threaten to shift some business from Panama to its facilities in the Bahamas, thus giving the company additional leverage over the Panamanian government." The U.S. military intelligence report concluded: "Hutchison's containerized shipping facilities in the Panama Canal, as well as the Bahamas, could provide a conduit for illegal shipments of technology or prohibited items from the west to the PRC, or facilitate the movement of arms and other prohibited items into the Americas." ……."

WorldNetDaily 6/7/00 Charles Smith "….However, the newly released documents from the Commerce Department show that current Commerce Secretary Daley met with the Beijing tycoon at a 1997 luncheon hosted by the powerful investment firm Goldman Sachs. The Commerce documents note that an informal "talk" between Daley, Mr. Li and several "influential business people" was held on the Goldman Sachs' boat "Monkey's Uncle" during a 1997 Hong Kong trade trip. …….. The Commerce documents show that Daly and Li met on board the "Monkey's Uncle" with some of the leading Beijing owned businesses including two directly associated with the Chinese Army -- CITIC and, China Everbright. Some other "influential business people" were also included on the guest list for the lunch cruise. Among the leading figures are Raymond Kwok, Robert Kwok, and Canning Fok. …….. The newly released documents show that alleged organized crime "Triad" gangsters were included on the 1997 voyage of the "Monkey's Uncle." According to official U.S. Commerce materials, Secretary Daley sailed on a paradise cruise from Hong Kong with the "who's who" of Triad mob families. ……."

WorldNetDaily 7/14/00 Kenneth R. Timmerman and Charles Smith "…….House Speaker Dennis Hastert has named a lobbyist for Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing as his top national security and foreign policy adviser, a move that has made some top House Republicans angry and left others bewildered. A low-key lawmaker known for avoiding controversy, Hastert's appointment of Washington, D.C., lobbyist Nancy P. Dorn seemed out of character. "I can't believe he knew of this person's background," Maryland Republican Roscoe Bartlett told Bartlett is a leading member of the House National Security Committee. ……."

WorldNetDaily 7/14/00 Kenneth R. Timmerman and Charles Smith "…….Dorn, 41, briefly served in the Reagan administration, and won a Schedule C. political appointment under President George Bush as Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works), a position she held from 1991-1993. After leaving the administration, she worked as a lobbyist for Coastal Corporation, the Houston oil firm owned by the flamboyant and often controversial Oscar Wyatt. …….."Here is a person who will be the Speaker's representative to the Intelligence Committee," one irate Republican staffer told WND. "She will have access to operational matters, and can in effect task the intelligence community to do anything. And until yesterday, she has been Li Ka-shing's person in Washington." ……."

WASHINGTON TIMES 7/21/00 Bill Gertz "…..A former lobbyist for a Hong Kong company with close ties to the Chinese government will have access to the most sensitive U.S. intelligence secrets as the new national security aide to House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert. But despite growing concern in Republican ranks, Mr. Hastert is standing by his decision to name Nancy P. Dorn as his top national security assistant…….. Congressional aides involved in national security issues told The Washington Times they are worried that Mrs. Dorn will have access to U.S. intelligence that includes details of operations against China……..Mr. Hastert, Illinois Republican, is an ex-officio member of the House Intelligence Committee and one of the "gang of eight" congressional leaders who usually are briefed on the most sensitive intelligence and military matters. As the key adviser to the speaker, Mrs. Dorn would be the staffer privy to these highly classified briefings. Mrs. Dorn until recently was a lobbyist representing Hutchison Port Holdings, a company owned by Hong Kong billionaire Li Kashing. Mr. Li has been described in U.S. intelligence reports as having close ties to the Chinese government……..Mrs. Dorn said she did not delve into Hutchison's undercover activities and called her lobby "very minor work" that included introducing Hutchison officials to "people in Washington." "I don't see how that amounts to a treasonous act," she said. Because of the activities, "if anything I will be bending over backward in making sure I'm above reproach in China security matters," she said. Mrs. Dorn was appointed to the Interamerican Foundation, a quasi-official organization devoted to Latin America, and underwent a background check for the post. However, she said she did not know whether she was given a security clearance for that job……."

Washington Times 7/18/00 Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. "…….What on Earth was he thinking? This is the question prompted by House Speaker Dennis Hastert's selection, announced last week, of a new national security adviser: Nancy P. Dorn, a woman who had parlayed her stints as an official in the Reagan and Bush administrations into a lucrative business as a registered foreign agent. ……… Not just any foreign agent. One of her troubling clients was, in the words of Insight magazine, which broke the story, "a division of a Communist Chinese company linked to Beijing's military intelligence." …….Specifically, Mrs. Dorn lobbied for Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH), a subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. which is, in turn, owned by Li Ka-shing - a Hong Kong-based billionaire who reportedly enjoys an extemely close relationship to the leadership in Beijing and its security services. ……."

Washington Times 7/18/00 Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. "……..So who did Li Ka-shing turn to in order to head off GOP efforts to reopen the bidding on the Panamanian ports in question and to limit other political fall-out - especially efforts that might have interfered with the plans he and his friends in Beijing had to expand Hutchison/ China's presence in the Bahamas and elsewhere in the hemisphere? Lobbyist Nancy Dorn. …….. It turns out Mrs. Dorn was also the "go-to" woman for one of China's leading clients, the military junta that seized power in Pakistan last year. Presumably, her assignment was to keep Republicans from making too much of a ruckus about the Clinton-Gore administration's systematic failure to fulfill legal obligations to sanction both countries over their cooperation in the proliferation of nuclear weapons and long-range missile technology. Whether thanks to her or others, that objective was largely achieved. ……..Perhaps Mrs. Dorn deserves credit as well for the lack of protests from the Republican congressional leadership earlier this year when Pakistan was curiously left off the State Department's list of state sponsors of terrorism. …….In a way, an even more interesting question would be why Mrs. Dorn saw fit to take a significant pay cut to assume a position that may cease to be Mr. Hastert's to fill half a year from now? ….."


Wang Jun

Atlanta Constitution 8/15/99 Rebecca Carr "…Federal investigators say Wang, son of a former Chinese vice president, formed at least a half-dozen companies in the Atlanta area with just 20 em ployees. Still, investigators say some of these companies bought, sold and in at least one case smuggled sophisticated weapons, funneled money to suspicious offshore bank accounts, and bought up land across the country….. "There is little doubt that Wang Jun was in this country to acquire sensitive technology," said Rep. Christopher Cox (R-Calif.), who headed a Congressional investigation into Chinese espionage….a former Chinese naval intelligence officer who ran Wang's Atlanta operations from offices on East Paces Ferry Road was indicted in 1996 for his alleged role in smuggling 2,000 AK-47s into this country. …The Wang associate, Robert Ma, remains a fugitive and is believed to be in China. Federal investigators suspect he had been tipped off that the indictments were coming. Then there's the treasure chest of arms sale profits stemming from Wang's Atlanta operations that mysteriously ended up in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and the British West Indies, according to internal company records, court documents and interviews with former employees …."

Atlanta Constitution 8/15/99 Rebecca Carr "…. As the head of Poly, Wang reports directly to the so-called Staff Department of PLA, which oversees China's military intelligence. Wang also runs China International Trust & Investment Corp., a powerful company with interests in industry, finance and trade. Federal investigators believe both companies took part in a plan to station workers at companies throughout the United States to gather sensitive information that would be helpful to the military. Cox and other federal investigators estimate there are as many as 3,000 such "front" companies in the United States……F. Michael Maloof, chief of technology security operations at the Defense Department's U.S. Threat Reduction Agency, has been investigating Wang's activities for more than 18 months. He has no doubt about what Wang has been up to. "Wang Jun's operations are part of an overall Chinese system that is integrated to target and acquire militarily critical technologies," Maloof said….. Congressional committees have requested his appearance to answer campaign fund-raising and espionage allegations for the past two years. They have little hope he will appear. "This guy is bad news," said Rep. Bob Barr (R-Ga.), who sits on the House panel investigating campaign fund-raising misdeeds. "The fact that he has been able to operate with impunity is very disturbing. This fellow has ties that go directly to the Communist Party in Beijing. He is right there, smack in the middle of the campaign finance scandal and (involved with) U.S. corporations that are in the middle of the spy scandal. Apparently this comes as a surprise to our law enforcement officials, and that's a problem. It's outrageous." …"

Atlanta Constitution 8/15/99 Rebecca Carr "…Wang's enterprises eventually stretched across the United States, but they began in Atlanta in 1987 as PTK International Inc., a joint venture with a Smyrna company, Keng Firearms Specialty Inc. Two other companies controlled completely by Wang --- Dynasty Holding Co. and Poly USA Inc. --- soon followed. Four additional companies were incorporated in Atlanta, but never conducted any kind of business. Most of the companies listed the same officers and the same address on East Paces Ferry Road. Wang's companies in Atlanta devoted themselves mostly to importing guns from China and reselling them to dozens of American distributors. But Dynasty bought a lot of commercial property across the country. …. All of the companies were dissolved by the summer of 1996 soon after Ma's gun smuggling indictment, according to Collins, who remains on good terms with his former Chinese employer. ….After several years of discussions, Poly and Keng signed an agreement in Beijing in 1986. Poly would export from China AK-47 assault rifles and SKS semi-automatic rifles to Keng Firearms, which would sell the guns to PTK, the joint venture between Wang's Poly and Keng in Atlanta. PTK then would sell to American distributors. …."

Atlanta Constitution 8/15/99 Rebecca Carr "…In Atlanta federal court, the Kengs and Poly tangled over shipments and legal issues involving their partnership. The court fight soon turned nasty, involving two of the city's biggest law firms --- Long, Aldridge & Norman representing Poly and Alston & Bird representing the Keng family. Court records show a flurry of unusual legal actions….. After much haggling with Poly, Stephenson and his partner, Peter Bassett, went to Beijing in the spring of 1991 to depose Ma and a handful of others. On the third day of their visit, the lawyers said they were accosted by three men at the top of the escalator at the China World Hotel. They warned: "We know who you are, where you are and what you are doing. Watch your step. Beijing is a small place." Stephenson and Bassett were so rattled that they immediately returned to their hotel room and called the U.S. embassy. No answer. They left and walked to the lounge of the Shangri-La Hotel, where they sat in a stunned daze for hours, thinking about what to do next. The men who had accosted them knew too much --- their names and businesses --- to be mere street thugs…..Stephenson and Bassett say their suspicions about the incident were confirmed when a year later they learned from the American Embassy in Beijing that a high-ranking Chinese official had --- the day before their arrival in China --- sent a letter to the embassy, objecting to their taking depositions of potential witnesses…. A few days later, Stephenson told Atlanta federal Judge Charles Moye in court documents that "individuals have been threatened with punishment in the event (Poly) learns of their involvement." He said it would be impossible to call future witnesses, some of them employees of Wang, because he feared that the Chinese government might "subject individuals in China to the danger of retribution." …."

Atlanta Constitution 8/15/99 Rebecca Carr "…Stephenson said Poly abruptly dropped its suit after he started tracing millions of dollars of Dynasty's money to a "mail drop" in the Cayman Islands. Much of that money, Stephenson alleged, accumulated in offshore accounts through an illegal "dual billing" practice to hide gun sale profits from China's Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations. "They were shipping money from Dynasty to an insurance company in the Cayman Islands, ostensibly for insurance premiums," Stephenson said. "We are talking about a mail slot in a bank. . . . They were expensing these premiums for tax purposes, so they didn't show their full income on their business activities here." …. "

Atlanta Constitution 8/15/99 Rebecca Carr "… And evidence of espionage continues to grow….. In 1988, Poly asked PTK officials to place a shipment of high-tech computer equipment in brown paper and ship it in unmarked wooden crates to China. Company documents indicate that company officials were asked to draft documents that would conceal the equipment, making it appear that it was actually radio equipment. Memos turned over to investigators show that Poly officials in Beijing wrote memos to Poly employees in Atlanta instructing them in Chinese to ship $19 million worth of militarily sensitive high-tech radar equipment through a state-owned shipping line….. "

Atlanta Constitution 8/15/99 Rebecca Carr "…Wang first caught the eye of congressional investigators when he visited the White House on Feb. 6, 1996, with Charlie Trie, a former restaurateur and friend of the Clintons from Arkansas…. When news of Wang's trip to the White House first surfaced, President Clinton went out of his way to say that it was "clearly inappropriate" for a Chinese arms dealer to appear at the White House. At the time, Clinton aides said they had no prior knowledge of Wang's gun dealing background, nor did they know of his close ties to the Chinese army. But Collins said he gave top White House aides detailed information about Wang at a private White House luncheon in early May 1994. Collins was asked to speak to a small gathering of business leaders at the White House luncheon after escorting Deng Xiaoping's son, Deng Zhifang, to some of America's premier corporate centers. At the gathering, Collins said, were former White House Counsel Thomas "Mack" McLarty and former senior aide Mark Middleton, who later became a target of the campaign fund-raising probe…."

Atlanta Constitution 8/15/99 Rebecca Carr "…After the lunch, Collins said, Middleton called for more details about Wang. Collins said he told Middleton that Wang is the son of former Chinese Vice President Wang Zhen and that his companies were connected with the Chinese military. "He grilled me and grilled me. . . . It's hard to believe that they didn't know who he was," Collins said. If White House aides didn't know then who Wang was, they soon would learn. Wang's visit drew sharp criticism from lawmakers, including some Democrats, who said it was an example of the lengths the White House would go to raise a campaign dollar. If the White House had simply reviewed Poly's annual report, it would have found that the report lists its defense system sales….. However, Wang used Poly to arm Third World countries and funnel American military technology back to China, internal company records and interviews show. "Wang's Poly Group is Communist China's worst worldwide proliferator of deadly weapons, having brokered the sale of cruise missiles to Iran and nuclear weapons to Pakistan," Cox explained. Congressional investigators believe that Poly also sold M-9 nuclear-capable missile technology to Syria and arms to both sides of the Iraq-Iran war in the 1980s. Burma was another customer. …"

Norma Asnes

"….The following is a list of 831 political donors the president and first lady have been forced to admit were given sleeping privileges in the White House Lincoln Bedroom since 1995, in exchange for political donations to the Clinton-Gore Campaign. ….
Longtime Friends (155) ….
Linda Aaker, Robert Armstrong, Amy Ashby, Kit Ashby, Norma Asnes, Joseph Baczko, Kathleen Baczko, Dr. Nancy Bekavac, Kathie Berlin, Shannon Bettridge, Tommy Bettridge, William Bettridge, Robert Billingsley, Patsy Henderson Bowles, Jeff Braden, Paul Braden, Taylor Branch, Dr. Johanna Branson, Eli Broad, Vanessa Brown, Jane Bulnes-Fowles, Juan Bulnes-Fowles, Kathleen Burgess, Ciara Campbell, Jude Campbell, Thomas Campbell, Marvin Caplan, Thomas Caplan, Michael Conway, Dr. Yvonne Cormier, Bill Daley, Loretta Daley, Denise Dangremond, Robert Dangremond, Benjamin Eakeley, Douglas Eakeley, Priscilla Eakeley. …."

"….An answering machine recording that immediately precedes this conversation identifies the date as November 8 22 T16 at 60 In addition Ms Lewinsky tells Ms Tripp the First Lady is leaving the next day a T16 at 69 Mrs Clinton left for London on Sunday November 9 1997 There are two additional indications that this conversation occurred on a Saturday First Ms Lewinsky says that when she asked Ms Currie if she could see the President Wtomorrow V Ms Currie said the President would be attending church in the morning W T16 at 68 Second Ms Lewinsky says that she was told by Ms Currie that the President taped the Radio Address on the previous day sp f T16 at 65 Furthermore because Ms Lewinsky tells Ms Tripp how 45 246

246 Page 247 248
she asked Ms Currie for a Veterans Day meeting with the President the conversation must have occurred before November 11 m T16 at 69 These factors are consistent with a conversation on Monday November 8 1997

Conversation 21
Tuesday November 11 1997
Tape 16 side B ninth conversation on tape
Transcript pages 104 114
This Conversation Appears On A Tape That Exhibits Signs of Duplication
Ms Tripp says she has a message from Norma Asnes in which Ms Asnes invites Ms Tripp to a play at the Arena Theatre for the next night T16 at 104 That event was on November 12 1997 Also Ms Lewinsky describes a conversation with Ms Currie in which she asked about the President's schedule tonight then l'tomorrow n then Thursday and then Friday T16 at 107 08 This sequence places this conversation on a Tuesday November 11 1997 was a Tuesday These factors are consistent with a conversation on Tuesday November 11 1997

Conversation 22
Tuesday November 11 1997
Tape 26 side A first conversation Qn tape
Transcript pages 2 5
This Conversation Appears On A Tape That Exhibits Signs of Duplication
Ms Tripp asks Ms Lewinsky whether she would like to attend the play with Ms Tripp Ms Asnes and others As noted in the description of conversation 21 this production occurred on November 12 1997 Also in the next conversation which is clearly a continuation of this one Ms Tripp says it is the llth a T26 at 22 These factors are consistent with a conversation on Tuesday November 11 1997

Conversertion 23
Tuesday November 11 1997
Tape 26 side A second conversation on tape
Transcript pages 25 32
This Conversation Appears On A Tape Tbat Zxbibits Signs of Duplication
Ms Tripp says it is the llth m T26 at 22 This exchange is clearly a continuation of the conversation that immediately precedes it on the tape because the topic is the same and Ms Lewinsky hung up from the last conversation merely to get a telephone number from information Ms Lewinsky said she would call back immediately m T26 at 5 These factors are consistent with a conversation on Tuesday November 11 1997

Coxwersation 24
Tuesday November 11 1997
Tape 26 side A third conversation on tape
Transcript pages 32 55
This Conversation Appears On A Tape That Exhibits Signs of Duplication
Ms Lewinsky says she wants to see the President because it is Veterans Day and he is all alone m T26 at 35 Veterans Day is November 11 In addition this conversation is a continuation of the previous conversation also dated November 11 which was interrupted by call waiting Ms Tripp says she just got off the phone with Ms Asnes whom Ms Tripp was trying to reach….are consistent with a conversation on Tuesday
Page 115
MS LEWINSKY (Speaking of Norma Asnes, close friend of Hillary Clinton): Worst case scenario. You could-- if you come out smelling like roses, okay? You could go to Norma and say "Listen, you know, I"--and say to her-- you could say to her--
MS TRIPP: I cant say-- I can never say to anybody. You could never say-- if you did this, you could never say to anybody.
MS LEWINSKY: That what? That you lied under oath?
MS TRIPP: No. She'd-- that would give her information that could go to Hillary. Do you realize that?
MS LEWINSKY: But if its--but if he knows that I told her about what's-her-face--
MS TRIPP: But she is Hillary's friend.
MS. LEWINSKY: Right. Well, okay. What I'm trying to say-- what I-- the gist of what I'm getting at--
MS TRIPP: So just let me finish my thought.
MS TRIPP: If that were ever to happen and I went to Norma and said, "I lied under oath. You have to take care of me, or someone has to"--
MS TRIPP: --then they know what I was asked about. So, therefore-- do you see what I'm saying? It think it comes back full circle. I don't want-- I don't-- I think that's ridiculous.
MS LEWINSKY: Okay. All IM saying is that if you--
MS TRIPP: There's nobody. Who?
MS LEWINSKY: I think if you--no. I think Norma would help you.
MS TRIPP: (Sighing)
MS LEWINSKY: I think she would.

"…..The following is a small representation of the thousands of women across the country who have pledged their support to Al Gore for President of the United States. The complete list of women supporting Gore can be viewed online at Women who wish to pledge their support for Al Gore can join the growing list of Women for Gore by visiting the Gore 2000 website at ……New York women who have pledged their support for Al Gore: …..Norma Asnes ….."

"…..TDF Board Elects Three New Directors
Norma Ketay Asnes, a writer and producer who has written extensively about New York in newspapers and magazines, is former president of the American Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford, Connecticut. She is president of Ketay-Asnes Productions, a parent company for many diversified activities, and founder of Unit 17, which specializes in composing and performing new material for jazz audiences.Mrs. Asnes serves on the board of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, and is a member of the Visiting Committee of Bank Street College and of the Madison Council of the Library of Congress. In the 1960s she co-authored a biannual New York guidebook originally titled "New York on $5 a Day."A graduate of Barnard in the class of 1957, Mrs. Asnes is a widow and the mother of three sons….."

"…..The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies is a national, nonprofit institution that conducts research on public policy issues of special concern to black Americans and other minorities. Founded in 1970, the Joint Center provides independent analyses through research, publications, and outreach programs……..The Joint Center has undertaken projects in Africa since the 1980s, participating in projects in Benin, Botswana, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Senegal, South Africa and Uganda. We have been fully engaged in the African democratization process since 1993, beginning in South Africa, on the eve of that countrys first democratic elections, and then expanding our democracy work to include Benin in 1994. Presently, the Joint Center has a democracy and governance program and an economic policy support program in South Africa….."
The Global Diversity Foundation was created in the United Kingdom in 1999 with the support of professionals from various academic disciplines. Our goal is to promote agricultural, biological and cultural diversity around the world. We focus on the most critical issues facing global diversity, and seek practical solutions inspired by the work of colleagues from diverse countries and institutions………. From its trustees to its advisors, GDF is working with innovative people around the world. Their efforts provide insights into how to resolve threats to world diversity. The approach of some of these colleagues is portrayed here. For more information on their careers and contributions, consult the 'Profiles' section of this website…..

Norma Ketay Asnes (United States) is a graduate of Barnard College, the mother of three sons, a grandmother, and the widow of Marvin Asnes who was President of Becton Dickinson. She is a writer/producer whose books on New York City have been published for 35 years. Her articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines and in the USIA publication Amerika.

She became President of the American Shakespeare Theatre in 1982 after having been a member of its Board of Directors since 1978. She became President of the Theatre, Connecticut's second largest tourist attraction, when it fell into bankruptcy in 1981. By 1986 when she left because of her husband's illness, she had retired the debt by selling the Theatre property to the State of Connecticut with a dollar a year lease back to the Theatre's board and enlisting the support of the large Connecticut Fortune 500 community. In 1988 she founded Unit 17, a big band specializing in composing and performing new material for contemporary jazz audiences. In 1992 she moved to Little Rock, Arkansas to join the Clinton/Gore campaign. She wrote white papers on social welfare issues and at the end of the campaign produced a "get out the older vote" tour with older celebrities and the parents of Al Gore.

She serves on the Executive Committee of the Board of Governors of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, The Madison Council of the Library of Congress, The Theatre Development Fund, NYC; the Council of MIT/Harvard's Health Science and Technology. From 1991 to 1996, she was Chairman of The Bronx Greenup, a project of The New York Botanical Garden. She is a patron of The Audubon Society and Public Television and is an avid gardener. Mrs. Asnes is a recipient of the "Women of Challenge Award" given by the Girl Scouts of America. ….."


K.S. Wu and Senator Jay Rockefeller

WorldNetDaily 3/23/99 Charles Smith "…In 1994, "American" businessman K.S. Wu traveled with Ron Brown to Comunist China. Today, Mr. Wu is reported to be dead, and no one in the Democratic Party (Democratic National Committee) wants to talk about him….Wu actually worked for Chinese billionaire Li Ka-Shing. According to documents provided by the Commerce Department, Wu, Lupberger, Caperton and Brown met with PRC billionaire Li Ka-Shing in Beijing during the 1994 trip.K.S. Wu, CEO of a so-called "American" firm, traveled at the expense of the U.S. taxpayers, to meet his Chinese boss Li Ka-Shing….In 1995, Mr. K.S. Wu of Pacific Century -- a company owned by Li Ka-Shing, teamed with Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia to provide Red China with an airbase only 50 miles from downtown Washington, D.C. According to a January 1996 speech by Gov. Caperton on the Democrats' website, "Mr. Wu was a trusted adviser to Sen. Rockefeller and me. He was instrumental in helping Senator Rockefeller develop the Swearingen aircraft project. He was also extremely helpful in expanding our relationships with China and Japan. We extend to his family our deepest respect and sympathy. His death is a deep loss to West Virginia." Today, Sen. Rockefeller will not comment on either the departed Mr. Wu, or the Li Ka-Shing airbase at Martinsburg, West Virginia. The Jan. 1996 speech by Governor Caperton published on the Democrats' website was removed from the Internet immediately after I submitted a fax copy to Sen. Rockefeller's office in Washington, D.C. Yet, in 1996, Sen. Rockefeller led a delegation of Asian investors to Martinsburg, West Virginia. According to Gov. Caperton, K.S. Wu was instrumental in helping Rockefeller bring the Asian investors to West Virginia…...The Sino-Swearingen plant in West Virginia is a joint project between Texas based Swearingen aircraft, the AFL-CIO, and Sino-Aerospace Investment Corporation…. In 1996, Jay Rockefeller had very close ties to the real money behind the Sino-Swearingen aerospace deal, Li Ka-Shing. Li Ka-Shing is also a known PLA operative. Today, Asian "engineers" roam the hills of West Virginia with a "commercial" cover. The perfect location, complete with jets to test fly and a huge facility constructed to order was paid for by American and Chinese taxpayers…. Softwar has obtained an exclusive interview with former GRU Colonel Stanislav Lunev. Col. Lunev is the highest-ranking member of the former Soviet Union intelligence services to defect to America. He is, to this day, surrounded by FBI agents for his protection. In 1999, I presented the K.S. Wu information to Colonel Lunev for his evaluation. According to Col. Lunev, Russian and Chinese army operatives in the U.S. have created large stockpiles of arms for use in time of war. These communist weapon caches are reportedly hidden all over America. According to Lunev, the Chinese and Russian weapon stockpiles include explosives, nerve gas, anthrax and as many as 120 "suitcase" nuclear bombs! I have confirmed Colonel Lunev's story with several members of Congress. Red China and Russia have pre-positioned nuclear, chemical and biological weapons on American soil with the intent of destroying our nation. President Clinton and Congress are aware that China and Russia have smuggled nuclear bombs into the United States…."

General Wesley Clark


NATO Official Homepage 8/18/97 "…General Clark is a 1966 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, where he graduated first in his class. He holds a master's degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar (August 1966-August 1968). He is a graduate of the National War College, Command and General Staff College, Armor Officer Advanced and Basic Courses, and Ranger and Airborne schools. General Clark was a White House Fellow in 1975-1976 and served as a Special Assistant to the Director of the Office of Management and Budget. He has also served as an instructor and later Assistant Professor of Social Science at the United States Military Academy. Among his military decorations are the Defense Distinguished Service Medal (three awards), Distinguished Service Medal, Silver Star, Legion of Merit (four awards), Bronze Star Medal (two awards), Purple Heart, Meritorious Service Medal (two awards), and the Army Commendation Medal (two awards). General Clark was born on 23 December 1944 and grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas. He is married to the former Gertrude Kingston of Brooklyn, New York. He and his wife have one son, Wesley, who lives in California…."

NATO Official Homepage 8/18/97 "…General Wesley K. Clark became the Supreme Allied Commander Europe on 11 July 1997. He is also the Commander-in-Chief, United States European Command. General Clark's last assignment was as Commander-in-Chief, United States Southern Command, Panama, from June 1996 to July 1997, where he commanded all U.S. forces and was responsible for the direction of most U.S. military activities and interests in Latin America and the Caribbean. His previous assignment was as the Director, Strategic Plans and Policy, J5, the Joint Staff (April 1994-June 1996) where he was the staff officer responsible for world-wide politico-military affairs and U.S. military strategic planning. He also led the military negotiations for the Bosnian Peace Accords at Dayton…."


New York Times 5/3/99 Elizabeth Becker "...The American general who is leading NATO's military operation to stop Yugoslav troops from killing and expelling Albanians from Kosovo discovered as an adult that he is the grandson of a Russian Jew who fled his country to escape the pogroms there a century ago. Gen. Wesley Kanne Clark was raised as a Protestant in Little Rock, Ark., where he was brought up by his mother and stepfather, Victor Clark. He was ignorant of his ancestry, which disappeared from his life with the death of his father, Benjamin Jacob Kanne when Wesley was 5. He learned of his ethnic background when he was in his 20s and embraced the discovery, according to several family members....."

Chicago Sun-Times 5/6/99 Bob Novak "...Who is responsible for an air offensive that is building anti-American anger across Europe without breaking the Serbian regime's will? The blame rests heavily on Gen. Wesley Clark, the NATO supreme commander. After 40 days, U.S.-dominated NATO air strikes no longer even pretend to aim solely at military targets. Pentagon sources admit that the attacks on the city center of Belgrade are intended to so demoralize ordinary citizens that they force President Slobodan Milosevic to yield. That has not yet happened, but diplomats believe the grave damage done to American prestige in Central and Eastern Europe will outlive this vicious little war. "The problem is Wes Clark making--at least approving--the bombing decisions," said one such diplomat, who then asked rhetorically: "How could they let a man with such a lack of judgment be [supreme allied commander of Europe]?" Through dealings with Yugoslavia that date back to 1994, Clark's propensity for mistakes has kept him in trouble while he continued moving up the chain of command thanks to a patron in the Oval Office. In the last month's American newspaper clippings, Clark emerges as the only heroic figure of a non-heroic war. Indeed, his resume is stirring: first in his class at West Point, Rhodes scholar, frequently wounded and highly decorated Vietnam combat veteran, White House fellow. He became a full general about as fast as possible in peacetime....Clark is the perfect model of a 1990s political four-star general. Clark's rapid promotions after Dayton --winning his fourth star to head the Panama-based Southern Command and then the jewel of his European post --were both opposed by the Pentagon brass. But Clark's fellow Arkansan in the White House named him anyway. The president and the general are collaborators in a failed strategy whose consequences cast a long shadow even if soon terminated by negotiation..."

London Daily Telegraph 5/11/99 John Keegan Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...the word is that Gen Wesley Clark is not up to the job. He certainly gives no impression of leadership, as Gen Norman Schwarzkopf so strikingly did during the Gulf war. Meanwhile, President Milosevic's stature grows by the day. Given the way Nato has decided to run this war, that is not surprising. Unsuccessful air wars make the target country and its leader look good, while making whoever is launching the bombs look bumbling, if not bullying. That was certainly the effect of Germany's bombing campaign against Britain in 1940, with which analogies can increasingly be drawn. History does sometimes repeat itself, if the same factors apply. The factor of geographical inaccessibility was as important to Mr Churchill's survival in 1940 as it is to Milosevic's today...."

New York Times 5/16/99 MICHAEL R. GORDON ERIC SCHMITT "...In a behind-the-scenes struggle over military strategy and tactics, the Pentagon is blocking a plan by the NATO commander, Gen. Wesley K. Clark, to send Apache helicopters into combat against Serbian troops, Pentagon and NATO officials say. ...."The issue is that Clark is being aggressive, and there is some resistance to doing what he wants to do," a senior American official said. ....Since General Clark first requested them 48 hours after NATO's air strikes began on March 24, the Apaches have been a particularly sensitive matter for the Clinton Administration, which has been reluctant to use combat troops in Kosovo. It took weeks for Washington to agree to General Clark's request to deploy the Apaches. Then it took weeks more to lug the men and supplies for the helicopters and the Army units that accompanied them to Albania. Further, Washington only agreed to send the Apaches and rockets on the condition that they not be used in combat without the formal approval of President Clinton. That approval, which Apache commanders expected by early May, has yet to take place, largely because top Pentagon officials have refused to recommend such a step to the White House, fearing the possible domestic and international consequences if the missions fail. Nor are the Apaches allowed to conduct "live fire" exercises without the Clinton Administration's consent. Such exercises, in which the helicopters fire their guns and missiles, are an essential prerequisite for employing them in combat. ..... But General Clark wants to conduct the "live fire" test by shooting at targets in Kosovo, and he still has not received permission to do so. Two of the helicopters have already crashed during training missions, killing two pilots....."The Army's concern is that this is a very dangerous mission," a Pentagon official said. "The avenues into Kosovo are limited, and the opportunity for shoulder-held weapons is very real. We have to really have all our act together. No one thinks the mission can't be done, but in an age when the American people believe we're in a zero-defects war, there's real apprehension we're going to bring solders back in body bags." ....Another Pentagon objection pertains to barrages of rockets and artillery that would precede the Apache attacks. While the rockets would be aimed at air defenses, there are no NATO ground troops in Kosovo to direct the fire, raising the prospect of civilian casualties....."

International Herald Tribune 5/20/99 William Pfaff Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...America's military, and the U.S. Air Force in particular, are backing away from NATO's war in Yugoslavia. This is a predictable disavowal of failure, but it raises serious questions about future U.S. relations with NATO. ...At NATO itself, interestingly enough, criticism goes in another direction. Critics call General Wesley Clark, NATO's supreme commander in Europe and a friend of President Bill Clinton, a ''political general.''..."

5/24/99 AP Freeper Thanatos "...Gen. Wesley Clark insisted Monday that the NATO forces he commands have the option of using the U.S. Army's Apache attack helicopters in Kosovo, despite signs the plan has been shelved. In his fourth visit to this American base since it was established seven weeks ago, Clark shrugged off suggestions that remarks by President Clinton last week had squelched prospects for the low-flying tank-killers to see action against the Serbs...."

The Rockford Institute 5/24/99 Thomas Fleming "...When Janet Reno sent in the FBI to fry the women and children in the Branch Davidian home, I was in Italy covering the Lega Nord. Stunned by what I read in the Italian press, I told my friends that a turning-point in American history had been reached: if the American people did not rise up and throw the rascals out, if Janet Reno and her colleagues were not put on trial for murder, there would be no hope of restoring the republic. The Italians were not shocked by my remarks: they assumed the worst. Intelligent Europeans were already learning to fear the violence of the new American empire and many people who knew the truth of what the US did in Bosnia compared US air strikes with Waco. But Bosnia was nothing compared with Kosovo, where every day NATO airstrikes are taking out power plants, bombing schools and hospitals, and murdering civilians....During the Waco standoff, apparently, Governor Anne Richards asked Clark, who was then commander of Ft. Hood, for advice. The answer came through his subordinates: take out the leader. Cockburn and St. Clair comment: Certainly the Waco onslaught bears characteristics typical of Gen. Wesley Clark: the eagerness to take out the leader (viz., the Clark-ordered bombing of Milosevic's private residence); the utter disregard for the lives of innocent men, w omen, and children,; the arrogant miscalculations about the effects of force; disregard for law, whether of the Posse Comitatus Act governing military actions within the United States or, abroad, the purview of the Nuremberg laws on war crimes and attacks on civilians...."

WASHINGTON TIMES 6/4/99 BILL GERTZ "... Word inside the Pentagon from the Army operations center is that Gen. Wesley Clark, the NATO commander, would like to launch a ground offensive in Kosovo on Sept. 1, if yesterday's promising peace developments fall through. The Army, however, doesn't see any way that the troops and equipment needed for such an offensive could be prepared in time. "No one has told Clark that the emperor has no clothes," said one Pentagon official...."


American Spectator 6/99 John B. Roberts II "...On the morning of March 29, 1999, the sixth day of NATO's bombing campaign against the Serbs, American diplomats throughout the Office of the High Representative (OHR) in Bosnia-Herzegovina received an unusual message from their colleague in Tuzla. It was Foreign Service officer Thomas R. Hutson's last official e-mail to his associates. Hutson's message was a bombshell. He was openly attacking Clinton's Kosovo policy. "My personal reasons for retiring now have only been strengthened by the ill-conceived decision of NATO to bomb the Serbs," Hutson wrote. "This decision has unified the Serbs as no other event I have witnessed in my observation of the area for nearly three decades." "As for its impact on Bosnia and Herzegovina," he warned, "I fear that it has driven a stake into the heart of the Dayton accords." His e-mail closed with a quote from Abba Eban: "Diplomacy should be judged by what it prevents, not only by what it initiates and creates...Much of it is a holding action designed to avoid explosion until the unifying forces of history take humanity into their embrace."...Hutson tried first to shape policy from the inside. During a briefing on resettlement of Bosnian war refugees, Hutson alerted NATO Supreme Commander Wesley Clark to the difficulties of dealing with the Serbs. Using a Turkish word, inat, to describe the Serb temperament, Hutson told Clark the Serbs could not be bombed into submission. Inat, Hutson says, means irrational. The Serbs' attachment to Kosovo as a symbol of national independence is like a Texan's view of the Alamo. NATO would not easily force the Serbs to allow Kosovo to secede from Yugoslavia and join with Albania, the goal of the Kosovar liberation movement since the early nineties.....When he met with Albright, Holbrooke, and Fuerth in 1995 Hutson may have thought they were simply uninterested in his political solution to preserve the Yugoslav Federation and prevent war. He didn't realize the three were leading advocates of a new and radical use of military intervention around the globe. In the early nineties, when Clinton was still governor of Arkansas, they formed part of a small foreign policy elite convened by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to change U.S. foreign policy after the Cold War. Reports signed by all three recommended a dramatic escalation of the use of military force to settle other countries' domestic conflicts. Ironically, an institution dedicated to "International Peace" set the stage for Clinton's interventionist policies in Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, and Kosovo, triggering the most widespread deployment of U.S. troops since the Second World War...."

6/14/99 AFP "....In a press conference Clark said: "The bombing was simply a mistake. The target we were seeking was not the Chinese embassy. That building was misidentified. It was just unfortunately an accident."....Clark informed NATO Secretary General Javier Solana in a written report that the Chinese embassy was bombed in error because the Alliance was relying on inaccurate maps of the area, an anonymous NATO source told AFP at the end of May....."


AP 7/20/99 "…Standing by the comments of the Army general who oversaw the campaign in Yugoslavia, Cohen acknowledged that inability to get NATO nations to agree on courses of action and on various targets hampered efforts, at least in the early days of the 78-day air war. Clark, who is the supreme NATO commander, was quoted in Tuesday's editions of The Washington Post as venting frustration with the process, saying he was forced to sacrifice basic logic of warfare to maintain the political cohesion of the alliance…."


The Washington Post 7/28/99 Bradley Graha Dana Priest "...After months of tension with the Pentagon over the conduct of NATO's war against Yugoslavia, Army Gen. Wesley K. Clark was abruptly informed yesterday that his term as the alliance's top commander will end in April. Senior Pentagon officials, disclosing the move, portrayed it as a normal rotation. But the decision to end Clark's term a few months short of three years was unusual, and some military officials said it may be seen by his congressional supporters and among European allies as an affront to the general who led NATO to victory....."


Washington Post 7/29/99 Jim Hoagland "...Washington is a city of careers: Job changes both cause and reflect seismic political events. Such a shift is now underway at the Pentagon, where Gen. Wesley K. Clark, the NATO commander who recently got Slobodan Milosevic to say uncle in Kosovo, was told on Tuesday to look for a new job. Ingratitude, or history on the march? Some of both may be involved. Clark, not given to underestimating his place in history, can take solace in reflecting on the fates of Winston Churchill at the end of World War II or George Bush after Desert Storm. Their victories were also rewarded with eviction notices from electorates ready to move on to new subjects....Ignatieff quotes Clark acknowledging his frustration with "the only air campaign in history in which lovers strolled down riverbanks in the gathering twilight . . . to watch the fireworks" -- until May 24, when heavy munitions destroyed the transformer yards of the Yugoslav power grid and changed the course of the war. Clark, a member of the U.S. negotiating team at Dayton that produced the Bosnian peace accord, brought personal involvement and experience in the Balkans with him to the NATO job. He also brought along a willingness to stand up for his beliefs. That quality helped end a war and save lives. It may also have cost Clark a few months of his tour in one of the world's most important jobs. If so, it was a trade worth making....."

Washington Times 7/30/99 "...We have learned not to expect much by way of gratitude or graciousness from the Clinton White House.... Case in point this week is the dismissal of NATO Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Wesley Clark. Gen. Clark's three-year tour of duty was to have ended in July 2000 -- and could at that time have been extended. Indeed, given that NATO's political leaders all around declared their pride in NATO's air-war victory over Serbia, one might well have expected Gen. Clark to receive commendations and medals. Instead, the general got the pink slip.... It is not just that the Gen. Clark was dismissed prematurely, but also the way it was handled. When Gen. Clark received the call on Tuesday, in the late afternoon, Washington time, he was on business in Latvia. That would be about 10 p.m. Latvian time. Within the hour, reporters started calling for comment, which is evidently how long it took for the Pentagon to leak the story....."

New York Post 8/2/99 Deborah Orin "...U.S. Gen. Wesley Clark - just dumped as NATO's top commander - wanted to seize Kosovo's Pristina airport to bar Russian troops, but was blocked for fear he'd start "World War III," a new report claims. Russia's success in landing and grabbing control of the airport was a major embarrassment to NATO as it began enforcing the peace deal in Kosovo, which didn't plan for Russians at that key site. Clark ordered an airborne assault to beat the Russians to the punch, but NATO's ground commander, British Gen. Mike Jackson, defied the order and told Clark: "I'm not going to start World War III for you," Newsweek reports...."

New York Post 7/29/99 Editorial Board "...Clark committed the crime of honesty, and honesty just can't be tolerated in Clinton-land. As Michael Ignatieff details in this week's New Yorker, Clark was a man with a plan- a plan the administration and NATO were only willing to implement when it became clear they were on the verge of losing the war. From the first, Clark wanted to bomb the electrical grid and communications network that kept Slobodan Milosevic riding high. But it took from March to May for Clark to get the approval. When the strike was finally carried out, it spelled defeat for the Serbs. Clark won a war with his hands practically tied behind his back. He took the heat for the Clinton administration's dithering while arguing all the while for the right thing - a coordinated land and air attack...."

Stratfor 7/30/99 "...The first of the heads responsible for the Kosovo crisis rolled on July 27, when Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) General Wesley Clark was sacked. Clark was ordered to resign his post in April, three months before the end of his current term, to be replaced by Air Force General Joseph Ralston, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS). Officially, Clark's term was shortened because otherwise Ralston, whose term as JCS vice chairman expires in February, would have been forced to retire. Instead, it is Clark who is being pensioned off, though Defense Secretary William Cohen reportedly recommended Clark be offered an ambassadorship..... General Clark was one of four top Clinton advisors most responsible for pushing the U.S. and NATO into a military confrontation over Kosovo. According to a number of reports that emerged during and after the war, Secretary of State Madeline Albright in January 1999 presented the plan under which NATO should threaten air strikes. She was backed up by Clark and by envoys Richard Holbrooke and Robert Gelbard, who argued that Milosevic would buckle under a day or two of bombing, if not merely the threat of air strikes. They, in turn, were backed by a sea of anonymous analysts in the U.S. intelligence agencies who, until the bombing began, repeatedly argued that Milosevic would quickly submit under air attacks. Skeptics included Cohen, Shelton, presidential advisor Sandy Berger, and presumably Ralston...."

Pacific Stars And Stripes 8/13/99 "...A NATO ally apparently leaked secret targeting information to Yugoslav officials during the U.S.-led air war, said Gen. Wesley Clark, the American four-star Army general who heads NATO. Clark, who declined to speculate about who had tipped the Yugoslavs to NATO's targets, said the security breach was "as clear as the nose on your" face. He declined to say what evidence led him to this conclusion or to describe the steps taken to stop the leaks. "I can't go into it," Clark, the supreme allied commander for Europe, said in an interview this week. "I have to just say it apparently happened and we are concerned about this."...."

Reuters 8/13/99 "...General Wesley Clark, NATO's Supreme Allied Commander, said Friday he had no evidence the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) was behind attacks on Serbs that have occurred since a peace plan was signed in June. Clark, on a visit to the province, said KLA leaders had consistently backed calls for Serbs to remain in Kosovo. ``I'm not going to point fingers at the KLA. The KLA leadership has been very co-operative with us at the top level,'' the U.S. Army general told reporters at the headquarters of KFOR, the NATO-led international peacekeeping force. Several international officials have recently said they suspected the KLA, or rogue elements, must be behind some of the ethnic Albanian revenge attacks which have driven up to 170,000 Serbs from Kosovo in the past few months. But Clark said much of the violence seemed spontaneous or, particularly in southeastern Kosovo, was linked to organized crime...."

Washington Post 8/14/99 Peter Finn "...It hasn't taken long -- eight weeks -- for the bloom to come off liberation. With Kosovo purged of nearly 80 percent of its Serbian population and with many of the remaining Serbs, particularly those in urban areas, now viewing international peacekeepers as their last and only protection, the NATO-led peacekeeping operation is confronting an unexpected phenomenon: ethnic Albanian hostility. The peacekeepers' determination to maintain a multi-ethnic society here has led to violent confrontations with ethnic Albanians bent on revenge against the Serbs or the looting of their property. And the United Nations' insistence on the primacy of its authority has increased tension with the Kosovo Liberation Army, an ethnic Albanian militia that is attempting to establish its own parallel system of control in Kosovo, which formally remains a province of Serbia, Yugoslavia's dominant republic. ....The KLA's so-called Minister of the Interior, Rexhep Selimi, was detained by British troops after he waved a gun at them while driving a car with a flashing police light. A later raid on the offices of Selimi -- an uncle of the KLA's former military commander -- produced several weapons and identity cards giving the bearer the right to "to conduct illegal activities, including carrying and using weapons, entering and confiscating property without warning," British troops said....."

New York Times 8/15/99 Carlotta Gall "...The international peacekeeping force in Kosovo is clamping down hard on the Kosovo Liberation Army, seizing arms caches almost daily and confiscating documents and even cash from premises, in what some officials say is a determined effort to break the movement. NATO and United Nations officials maintain that the tougher action is routine, and part of an agreement signed almost seven weeks ago that aimed to dismantle the rebel operation completely within three months. Yet until now, the NATO-led peacekeeping force here has given the guerrillas a fairly wide berth. With the recent crackdown, the NATO force is demonstrating that it will no longer tolerate violations of the agreement and that it expects the rebels to turn over their weapons and come to heel behind NATO and United Nations authorities Members of the Kosovar army and the provisional government of Hashim Thaci, who is the political leader of the movement, are growing increasingly unhappy as many of their aspirations are brushed aside. Those include forming a kind of national guard and being incorporated within any police force for Kosovo, as well as gaining social respect that they feel they have earned...."

The Guardian 8/20/99 "…Nato's top general was fighting an internal battle against member states who tried to limit the alliance's air raids during the Kosovo conflict, it has emerged. General Wesley Clark, Nato's Allied Commander in Europe, effectively "sidelined" wavering states like Germany and Greece, according to a BBC Newsnight special. Appearing to back the claims, General Clark told the programme: "I didn't always defer to those who wanted targets withheld…"

The Observer (UK) 10/17/99 Nerma Jelacic "…..The son of General Wesley Clark, the Nato supreme commander who led allied forces in the air raids against Serbia and Kosovo, is caught up in an embarrassing financial row involving the Bosnian government's attempts to make an epic film of the siege of Sarajevo. Wesley Clark Junior and Mohammed Sacirbey, Bosnia's ambassador to the United Nations, are among a number of those involved in the production being asked to explain how Bosnian government money provided to fund the troubled film was spent….."

David H. Hackworth 11/3/99 "….Everyone on Sen. John Warner's (R-Va.) Armed Services Committee is worked up because British Lt. Gen. Mike Jackson didn't blindly follow the orders of NATO commander U.S. Gen. Wesley Clark. Last June, Clark ordered Jackson, then the NATO commander in Kosovo, to push the Russian troops out of Kosovo's main airport. Jackson told Clark, "No, I am not going to do that. It is not worth starting World War III." Remember, Russia still has thousands of nuclear-tipped ICBMs pointed at us, and it would make many a hard-liner's day if the launch order was given. Jackson -- who's since been promoted to full general, presumably, in part, for the wisdom of this decision -- wisely concluded that the gain of winning King of the Mountain against the Ruskies wasn't worth the possible pain….."

New York Times 11/11/99 Craig Whitney "….France drew up a list of lessons on Wednesday that it had learned from the allied bombing of Yugoslavia last spring. One of them was that some missions were not really allied at all, but 100 percent American. "The conclusion cannot be avoided that part of the military operations were conducted by the United States outside the strict framework of NATO and its procedures," said the Ministry of Defense in a 55-page report approved by France's highest civilian political authorities. The French statement added that the allied commander in charge of the bombing that ended with the withdrawal of Serbian military and police forces from Kosovo last June, Gen. Wesley K. Clark of the United States, was "responsible not only to the North Atlantic Council" of the alliance "but also to his national hierarchy, at the highest level." General Clark is both Supreme Allied Commander and the commander of all American forces in Europe. ….."

WorldNetDaily 1/6/00 Jon Dougherty "….Russia and Yugoslavia will pose new challenges to NATO's authority in Kosovo by mid-summer if the Western military alliance doesn't permit Yugoslav soldiers back into the enclave as mandated by U.N. terms that ended the conflict there last summer. At issue is whether NATO is prepared to honor Annex 2 of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1244, signed June 15, 1999, which states Yugoslavia was to be permitted to send a small, lightly armed contingent of soldiers to Kosovo to guard cultural sites, the country's territorial borders, and to help clear landmines by June 2000. However, U.S. Gen. Wesley Clark, supreme commander of NATO forces in Europe, says that the alliance is not prepared to honor the agreement. "The Yugoslav Army will not be authorized to return to Kosovo," Clark told the Montenegrin daily newspaper Monitor. "If by chance it tries, it will be prevented." …."

Chicago Tribune 3/1/00 John diamond "….Concern that U.S. military forces bear the heaviest burden in Kosovo underlies a high-level military rift that emerged Tuesday with lawmakers and top Pentagon officials on one side and the U.S. commander in Europe on the other. Gen. Wesley Clark, the U.S. Army general who is also NATO's military commander, defended his leadership of the 38,000-member Kosovo peacekeeping force and his decision in mid-February to include 350 U.S. troops in an emergency deployment responding to trouble in northern Kosovo. Members of the U.S. contingent were pelted with rocks and snowballs by ethnic Serbs in the troubled town of Kosovska Mitrovica, focus of the most serious tension in Kosovo since last year's NATO air campaign. Clark faced questioning by members of the Senate Armed Services Committee about a classified letter from the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army Gen. Henry Shelton, saying that U.S. troops should remain in their own sector of Kosovo unless an extraordinary emergency arises. …."

ABC Raw News 5/1/00 Reuters ".....NATO's outgoing top commander, General Wesley Clark, acknowledged Monday that peacekeepers had failed to protect everyone in Kosovo but predicted the security situation would improve. Clark, making a farewell visit to the province before he ends his term as Supreme Allied Commander Europe Wednesday, also urged local people to forget the province's bloody past and build a tolerant society. But Serbs and other minorities have been the targets of numerous violent attacks by Albanians since NATO and the United Nations moved into the province last June. "It's true that we haven't been able to protect every single piece of property and every individual. We wish we could do better," said Clark, greeted warmly by Albanians who hugged him and shook his hand on a walk through the capital city Pristina. ....."

Carolyn Huber 1/5/00 Carl Limbacher "…..On the surface, the two women reportedly helping First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton move into her new New York digs don't have much in common. But when the history of the Clinton administration is finally written, both former Rose Law clerk Carolyn Huber and onetime Little Rock interior designer Kaki Hockersmith will be remembered primarily for one thing: Their connections to Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster's 1993 death. Hockersmith, described in Wednesday's New York Daily News, for instance, as "Hillary's pal/decorator", saw to it that White House interiors reflected the Clintons' unique tastes. Some describe the Hockersmith-Clinton touch as "early Hot Springs" (back when Al Capone used to take it on the lam to the Arkansas party town). It was Hockersmith's work remodeling 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. that earned her the dubious distinction of a mention in Foster's so-called suicide note. In the midst of his lamentation about the then-burgeoning Travelgate scandal, the Clintons' soon-to-be-dead Whitewater lawyer detoured to defend Hockersmith's honor by blaming her cost overruns on a conspiracy of career White House workers: "The Ushers Office plotted to have excessive costs incurred, taking advantage of Kaki and HRC," Foster wrote in what investigators say was his own hand. A Vast Ushers Office Conspiracy. Sound familiar? Put that tidbit together with the findings of three leading handwriting experts who in 1995 declared Foster's note a "bad forgery," and one might even suspect......Well, never mind. 1/5/00 Carl Limbacher "…..Carolyn Huber is an even more interesting character. The media duly noted that the loyal Hillary aide was the very same person who in January 1996 unearthed Mrs. Clinton's long-subpoenaed Rose Law billing records in the White House Book Room. Those would be the very same documents that revealed notes scrawled in the margin by Foster himself, along with Mrs. Clinton's fingerprints right next to some of the more damaging entries. Were those billing records removed from Foster's office on the night he died? Journalists pretend this is still a mystery by conveniently ignoring the fact that Huber, along with Maggie Williams, Harry Thomason and Susan Thomases, was one of four people Mrs. Clinton called immediately after she learned of Foster's death……. And Huber? Consider her reaction when she stumbled across Mrs. Clinton's Rose Law records in 1996. According to Hillary biographer Gail Sheehy: "A jittery Huber called the Clintons' personal attorney, David Kendall, to report her find.....'Where were these?', (White House lawyer Jane) Sherburne demanded. Distresssed to the point of trembling, Huber stammered that she had earlier come across them on a table in the Book Room on the third floor of the residence. That set off more alarm bells for Sherburne. The Book Room was right next to a room Hillary sometimes used as an office." Sheehy continues, "After a brief huddle with other lawyers, Sherburne went back at Huber with more probing questions. How did these records get from the Book Room to her office? When? What was the sequence? Huber became very confused. She had brought them over from the residence three months ago, she said; no, maybe five months ago; no, ten months; maybe eight months." …..Huber's "confusion" becomes understandable in the context of something else Sheehy reports: "Carolyn Huber was handed the Clintons' personal files that were removed from Vince Foster's office in the days after his July 1993 suicide. Two days after Foster's death, Hillary had asked Huber to transfer the documents to a locked closet in the personal quarters of the White House. They were kept in the Book Room, next to a space that Hillary occasionally used as an office." ….."

Wall Street Journal 1/6/00 Barbara Olson "….Hillary Rodham Clinton's transformation from her husband's campaign manager and chief apologist to a politician in her own right moved closer to fruition this week. On Tuesday, two 26-foot moving vans lumbered onto Old House Lane in Chappaqua, N.Y., to disgorge Mrs. Clinton's possessions into her new home. The White House insisted that the Clintons had paid their own moving bills and delivered their own furniture. But it was hard not to doubt this assertion, given that White House secretary Carolyn Huber, a former assistant at the Rose Law Firm, was in charge of unpacking in Chappaqua. Ms. Huber, remember, had earned her 15 minutes of fame by "discovering" missing Whitewater billing records in a White House residence room Mrs. Clinton was using…… Mr. Starr apparently concluded that he had no legal authority to seek an indictment of a sitting president. But Mr. Clinton could yet face indictment after his term ends for lying and perhaps for helping to fleece a federally insured savings institution. And if anything, Mrs. Clinton--who has testified in the Whitewater inquiry six times--had a more direct and incriminating role in that scandal than her husband. The evidence is overwhelming that she worked more intensively on Whitewater matters than she ever admitted. The billing records onto which Ms. Huber stumbled had been subject to congressional and independent counsel subpoenas for months. They might have been among the documents in White House deputy counsel Vince Foster's office the night of his death. When those billing records were finally examined, they showed that Mrs. Clinton's involvement in the underlying savings-and-loan misconduct while she was a lawyer at the Rose firm in Arkansas was much greater than she had stated. Her possible role in hiding these records from the investigators is an important area of vulnerability as we saw in the indictment of Webster Hubbell, which identified Mrs. Clinton more than 30 times as the "1985-86 billing partner." Moreover, her conduct--and that of her chief of staff, Maggie Williams, and White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum--in collecting and concealing records from Foster's office has also never been satisfactorily explained, and could be part of a perjury and obstruction of justice indictment…"

Mary Louise Hagen

Associated Press 10/26/99 Michelle Mittelstadt "….. The Justice Department has brushed aside a challenge by lawyers for survivors of the 1993 Branch Davidian siege to participate in a demonstration that the lawyers contend would prove federal agents fired shots during the standoff's final hours…… That offer was rejected Monday by Justice Department attorney Marie Louise Hagen. ''You and your experts are free to conduct whatever test you desire, based on whatever information you choose to believe to be accurate,'' she wrote Houston lawyer Michael Caddell, who represents most of the surviving Davidians and relatives of the dead in the lawsuit. ''Although it does appear from your letter that several of your assumptions about the facts, the science and the experts are in error, and may render useless any conclusions reached, it is your choice to proceed.'' ….."

Freeper aristeides 10/26/99 "….. Isn't Marie Louise Hagen the attorney in Justice's torts office who tried to intimidate Assistant U.S. Attorney Johnston in Waco off the case just before he was removed from the case by the department, the attorney about whom Johnston complained in his letter to Janet Reno? ….."

Freeper aristeides 10/29/99 "…. Well, I picked up a new book today and skimmed through it, and guess whose name I found in it? That's right, Marie Louise Hagen. The book is "A Glimpse of Hell," by Charles C. Thompson II, about the explosion on the Iowa in 1989 (interestingly, the explosion occurred on Apr. 19, Patriots' Day, the date of Lexington and Concord, Waco, and OKC.) Marie Louise Hagen was one of the two lead Department of InJustice lawyers representing the government in a suit brought by Clayton Hartwig's family……."

Freeper Wallaby - A Naval Blockade of the Truth A Glimpse of Hell by Charles C. Thompson II (W. W. Norton & Co.; 430 pages; $27.95); (156 N.J.L.J. 772) Steve Weinberg New Jersey Law Journal; 5/31/99 "….The author is editor of The IRE Journal, the monthly magazine of Investigative Reporters & Editors, an international group based at the University of Missouri Journalism School……. Unsurprisingly, litigation followed the deaths and the Navy's cover-up. On June 30, 1992, attorney Kreig Brusnahan filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio accusing Naval personnel of intentionally inflicting emotional distress on Hartwig's family -- his mother, father, and two sisters. By claiming the Navy had deliberately hurt the family members, rather than the deceased sailor, Brusnahan dodged a legal obstacle known as the Feres doctrine. First articulated in the 1950 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Feres v. United States, the doctrine states that members of the military injured on active duty cannot sue for damages under the Tort Claims Act. The Justice Department, representing the Navy, moved to dismiss the lawsuit on sovereign immunity grounds, saying no citizen could sue the government without the government's permission. The district judge hearing the case, Paul Matia, ruled against the Justice Department on that issue. Justice Department lawyers Marie Hagen and Steven Snyder suffered another setback when Magistrate Judge David Perelman, assigned by the court to oversee discovery in the case, criticized the defense team for withholding documents covering the category "lessons learned" by the Navy….."


Freeper Wallaby - Excerpts from U.S. Attorney's letter to Janet Reno Austin American-Statesman News; Pg. A9 9/13/99 "…. A Texas Rangers report made public Sunday indicates that FBI tear gas grenades, such as this 40 mm shell impounded after the 1993 Branch Davidian siege, could have started the fire in the cult's compound. Excerpts from a five-page letter, dated Aug. 30, 1999, from Bill Johnston, the assistant U.S. attorney in Waco, to Attorney General Janet Reno, expressing Johnston's suspicions that, even now, some members of the Justice Department are not telling the full truth about the Branch Davidian incident: On a Saturday morning in June of 1999, I received a telephone call at my home from DOJ Torts Branch lawyer Marie Hagen. Ms. Hagen was extremely upset with me. She demanded to know whether or not I had allowed Mike McNulty to view the Davidian evidence . . . I responded . . . that the permission to do so had come from the Chief of Public Affairs and that I figured that he had checked with the necessary folks before allowing me to coordinate with McNulty. She ended the conversation unquenched in her anger. I think that I now know why. . . . I mentioned above that I think that I understand why Marie Hagen was so upset that I had worked with Mike McNulty in allowing him access to Davidian evidence. I believe that the three pages faxed to me last week hold the answer. At the top of the typewritten document, someone has written, "privileged." At the bottom, it appears that someone wrote, "DOJ witness do not discuss." It appears that someone was making decisions about whether the plaintiffs in the civil case, or others, should have access to these documents. It is my own hypothesis that the Torts Branch has had these documents for years and that they decided not to make them available to the plaintiffs. The Torts Branch or some other component also apparently decided not to let you know about these documents. Certainly, as attention focused in the past year on the fire issue, the full import of these documents must have been known to whomever possessed them. . . . "

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 11/27/99 William Freivogel Terry Ganey "… In the first, Johnston recommended the prosecution of ATF field commanders Phil Chojnacki and Chuck Sarabyn on charges of filing false statements about the raid. Johnston thought the two lied when they said they had not known before the raid that the element of surprise has been lost. An undercover agent said he had warned them. "About 40 agents heard Chuck Sarabyn say, 'Hurry up. We've got to go. They know we're coming,' Johnston said. The two were not prosecuted. The other investigation targeted two of Johnston's best friends, Deputy U.S. Marshals Parnell and Mike McNamara, as the sources of the leak. The McNamaras denied the allegation and passed lie detector tests. But the Justice Department never punished the marshals' employees who falsely accused them. "A number of things have made me less trustful," Johnston says. "Is this the way to treat government employees?" ….."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 11/27/99 William Freivogel Terry Ganey "… Johnston called Reno's attention to the three-page fax that had been sent him. He noted that it had "privileged" written on it, and "DOJ witness do not disclose." Johnston wrote: "It is my hypothesis that the torts branch has had these documents for years and that they decided not to make them available to the plaintiffs." Judge Smith called Reno after Johnston wrote the letter and asked her to make sure there was no retribution. She replied that Johnston would be treated fairly. Shortly after that, the department announced that Blagg, Johnston and all of the other Texas lawyers who had worked on Waco would be taken off the case. Hagen remains in charge of the government's defense. ….."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 11/27/99 William Freivogel Terry Ganey "… Hagen has been criticized for withholding information in another highly publicized case, a suit filed by relatives of sailors killed in an explosion on the battleship Iowa in 1989. Magistrate Judge David Perelman blamed Hagen and another lawyer for withholding Navy documents that outlined the lesson they had learned from the incident. Hagen declined to comment. …….." 11/29/99 Marvin Lee "……On a Saturday morning in June, the lead lawyer defending the Justice Department in the civil suit brought by surviving Branch Davidians, Marie Hagen, called Johnston at home and angrily demanded to know whether he had allowed McNulty to see the evidence. "She ended the conversation unquenched in her anger," Johnston later recounted in a letter to Reno. "Then within a day or so, I received a letter from Marie Hagen which directed that I account for my dealings with McNulty." ….."

Waco Tribune-Herald 12/1/99 Tommy Witherspoon "…..Although the government opposes a proposed re-creation of the final day of the 1993 Branch Davidian siege, Justice Department officials on Tuesday submitted the names of three experts in the field of infrared imaging as potential participants in the test…… In the motion filed Tuesday, government attorneys nominated as neutral experts John Cederquist, Stephen R. Stewart and Timothy J. Rogne, all employees of ERIM International of Ann Arbor, Mich. "The United States submits that the appointment of a team of neutral experts who have access to additional resources and personnel such as are available through ERIM would assure that the proposed protocol and testing are designed by top scientists who have considered all relevant issues," Justice Department attorney Marie Louise Hagen wrote in her motion. "This, in turn, should generate results in which the court, the parties and the special counsel can have confidence." Lead plaintiff attorney Mike Caddell of Houston scoffed at the nominations, saying, "I am shocked by the government's apparent belief that it could hoodwink the court this way." Caddell noted that the three are all former colleagues at ERIM of Irving William Ginsberg, who submitted an affidavit on the government's behalf last week claiming that there are "too many unknown variables" to accurately recreate the conditions of April 19, 1993. ….."These guys are supposed to be neutral?" Caddell asked. "They submit an affidavit from a hired expert, Ginsberg, who says the re-creation can't be done and then they propose three of his former cronies as so-called neutral experts? This is just more of the same from the government. These people are not interested in a legitimate test of what really happened on April 19, 1993. They are only interested in some rigged demonstration that will show what they want it to show."……"

St. Louis Post Dispatch 1/14/2000 William H. Freivogel And Terry Ganey "….. Branch Davidians and FBI agents agree on at least one thing about Waco: That the Justice Department has been too slow in releasing information about the 1993 assault. The difference is that the lawyers for the Branch Davidians see a cover-up and think the information will prove that government agents fired shots at the Branch Davidians. The FBI thinks the evidence will show no shots were fired. They're worried that the reluctance of the department's lead attorney, Marie L. Hagen, to release facts in the case is playing into the hands of members of the public who suspect the worst…… "

St. Louis Post Dispatch 1/14/2000 William H. Freivogel And Terry Ganey "….. On Tuesday, the Post-Dispatch published a previously undisclosed photograph that appears to show that there were no government agents standing at the spot where the Branch Davidians claim that the government opened fire on the complex. Hagen had apparently hoped to keep the photo under wraps to use in the upcoming trial of a wrongful death civil lawsuit filed against the government by survivors of the Branch Davidians who died at Waco… Wednesday, the government quietly announced that it was reorganizing its legal team to install a U.S. attorney from Texas, J. Michael Bradford, as co-lead counsel with Hagen, a move designed to add home-grown know-how to the defense, which has been made in Washington…."

St. Louis Post Dispatch 1/14/2000 William H. Freivogel And Terry Ganey "….. At the center of these disputes is Hagen, an intense, publicity-shy career lawyer in the Torts Branch of the Civil Division of the Justice Department. Any government lawyer handling the Waco case would be subject to strident criticism…. The House Government Reform Committee staff interviewed Hagen for two days in the fall. She brought along her own lawyers to represent her…….."

St. Louis Post Dispatch 1/14/2000 William H. Freivogel And Terry Ganey "….. Hagen, a graduate of Cornell Law School, has represented the government in cases ranging from the Tailhook sexual harassment scandal to a suit involving the death of 47 sailors on the U.S. battleship Iowa in 1989. She is a mid-career prosecutor in her mid-40s and is described by an adversary as at the "top of her game" as a lawyer. Her husband served in the Navy judge advocate general's office, and she headed up the Justice Department's day-care center……. Hagen's handling of the Iowa case prompted some criticism similar to that made about her handling of Waco….. Even after the Navy officially apologized for placing the blame on Hartwig, Hagen argued that the Justice Department still thought him responsible. "It baffled my mind that she would say this in court after the Navy had apologized on national television," Brusnahan said in an interview. Magistrate Judge David Perelman criticized Hagen for holding back documents on "lessons learned" by the Navy….."

St. Louis Post Dispatch 1/14/2000 William H. Freivogel And Terry Ganey "….. Hagen was among those at the Justice Department who supervised the disclosure of documents to Congress during hearings in 1995. One document was a 49-page report that mentioned the use of military-style tear gas on the last page. The mention of the tear gas was potentially significant because the report was issued four years before the Justice Department publicly admitted the use of tear gas that could potentially cause a fire. Copies of the report that Hagen turned over were missing that last page. The omission would be evidence of an illegal cover-up if it had been intentional. But Hagen says it was not…."

St. Louis Post Dispatch 1/14/2000 William H. Freivogel And Terry Ganey "….. In 1997, lawyers for the Branch Davidians filed statements in court claiming that a 40mm pyrotechnic device had been used at Waco and had caused the fire that consumed the complex. In a memo responding to that and many other allegations, Hagen said that the claims that the government could have caused the fire were "speculation and hearsay." This was not an inaccurate statement because even now the pyrotechnic tear gas is not thought to have started the fire that destroyed the complex. But Michael Caddell, the lead lawyer for the Branch Davidians, thinks that was not a forthright reply because Hagen did not admit the existence of the pyrotechnic tear gas. He says Hagen "has tried at almost every step to delay and obstruct. She has played a lot of games in terms of the evidence. There is no question but that she views her role as the defender of the government right or wrong. This is antithetical to the role of a public servant." …"

St. Louis Post Dispatch 1/14/2000 William H. Freivogel And Terry Ganey "….. One Saturday morning last June, an angry Marie Hagen called Johnston to complain. "Ms. Hagen was extremely upset with me," he later wrote. "She demanded to know whether or not I had allowed Mike McNulty to view the Davidian evidence. ... She ended the conversation unquenched in her anger." At the end of August, the Dallas Morning News reported the use of the pyrotechnic device. Hagen turned up three memos in department files showing that an FBI agent had told Johnston in a 1993 interview that a "military gas round" had been used. Those documents contain the notations "privileged" and "do not disclose," written, sources say, in Hagen's hand. The three documents were faxed to Johnston. Some at the Justice Department saw this as simply an attempt to inform him of documents that had been unearthed. Johnston interpreted the action as a shot across the bow, warning him that he stood to be blamed for not disclosing the use of pyrotechnics because he had conducted the 1993 interview….."

St. Louis Post Dispatch 1/14/2000 William H. Freivogel And Terry Ganey "….. At a mid-October status conference, the parties were discussing a proposal by Danforth to test whether flashes seen on an infrared tape of the Branch Davidian compound area are from guns. Tom Schweich, a top Danforth aide, was representing the special counsel's office. Hagen looked down the table at Schweich and demanded, "Is the OSC litigating now?" - suggesting that Danforth had shifted from investigating to pursuing action in court. Those present say Schweich raised his hands, as in self-defense, and said no…."

St. Louis Post Dispatch 1/14/2000 William H. Freivogel And Terry Ganey "….. Federal Judge Walter S. Smith Jr., who is presiding at the Waco trial, was also put off by Hagen's conduct at the status conference, participants say. Hagen suggested a schedule that would have put off the trial to 2001. She said one reason for the delay was that Johnston had been taken off the case. That angered Smith, who is close to Johnston. "That's your problem, not mine," Smith shot back. He scheduled the trial for May…."

Associated Press 1/18/2000 "….Government attorneys failed to meet a federal judge's Tuesday deadline to turn over all evidence sought by relatives suing for wrongful death in the Branch Davidian inferno. U.S. Attorney Michael Bradford said although the government sent 50 boxes of materials to plaintiffs' attorneys over the holiday weekend, an additional 2,500 pages of documents must be declassified before being sent. He said government attorneys also must reproduce and hand over items from 31 boxes of materials, including photographs and computer disks, which were surrendered to the Waco federal court last fall at the direction of U.S. District Judge Walter Smith. A private contractor the government hired had overlooked the materials and is making copies for delivery Wednesday, Bradford said. The Justice Department had sought a two-week delay, but Smith rejected their request last week…… Lead plaintiffs' attorney Michael Caddell said last week that he had "zero sympathy" for the government's argument that it cannot meet court-imposed deadlines because it has limited resources to cull through the requested information. "There are over 9,000 lawyers in the Justice Department," he said. "They can put as many lawyers on this project as they feel appropriate. If this were something that were important to the Justice Department, they would man up and get the job done." …… "

Associated Press 1/24/2000 "….Government attorneys say they acted in good faith in turning over documents in the Branch Davidian civil lawsuit and shouldn't be penalized for what attorneys for the Davidians call stalling tactics. In a filing Monday in federal court, Justice Department attorney Marie Louise Hagen said the government opposes a $50,000 sanction requested two weeks ago by lawyers for surviving Branch Davidians who have sued the government for wrongful death. She said plaintiffs' attorneys caused part of the delay in turning over evidence by insisting on taking 24 depositions in December, which took government employees away from document production….. The government sent some materials after the deadline. Ms. Hagen said thousands of pages of Department of Defense documents still must be declassified before being turned over……"

St. Louis Post Dispatch 2/13/00 William Freivogel Terry Ganey "…..At the Justice Department's request, the expert, Capt. John Perry, [in 1997[ used an infrared camera like the one used by the FBI at Waco, to see if it would record M-16 rifle fire as flashes. Sources said he concluded that he could not rule out the possibility that flashes on the tape were from gunfire without performing field tests. But the Justice Department did not ask him to go forward with those tests. ……. Lawyers for the Branch Davidians say that the Justice Department dropped Perry like a hot potato because it did not like his answers. The Justice Department denies it. …… The re-enactment will include knocking down a structure to see if flying debris could have produced the flashes on the tape. That is important because the flashes on the tape occur near to a spot where a converted government tank was bulldozing a wall. Both sides say that building material from a heated structure can show up as a bright spot on infrared tape.......The dispute about the flashes began about the time that the Justice Department asked Perry to perform his tests at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio, in 1997. Sources say Marie L. Hagen, the Justice Department lawyer defending against the wrongful death suit, contacted Perry to ask for the initial tests. Perry used a GEC Marconi infrared camera, like the one used by the FBI at Waco, to tape M-16 rifle fire. He found that groundfire might turn up as a flash on the tape. But that is where the matter ended. Perry, now at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico, would not comment Friday……. Michael Caddell, the Branch Davidians' lawyer, criticizes the Justice Department, saying it covered up information about the 1997 test. "What we think we will be faced with is frankly a cover-up of unprecedented proportions in our government," he said. …….

St. Louis Post Dispatch 2/13/00 William Freivogel Terry Ganey "…..Last week, congressional investigators also sought to discredit a 1997 analysis of the infrared tape by the Maryland Advanced Development Laboratory, a defense contractor. ...... The Maryland lab analyzed the 1993 infrared tape using its VIPER anti-sniper computer program. The program can pick out small arms fire in an infrared scene. The lab concluded that the flashes on the Waco tape were not gunfire, partly because they were too long in duration. Now congressional investigators say that the VIPER system is not that reliable and that the Maryland lab did not use the GEC Marconi camera in its test. Nor did the lab fire the short-barreled CAR-15 assault rifle that the FBI used at Waco. That is significant, they say, because the CAR-15 has a bigger, more visible plume of gas than the M-16 used by the lab. …… Norris J. Krone Jr., president of the lab, discounted the criticism and said that his firm had performed more recent tests that confirmed its earlier findings. "We have no ax to grind on this thing," Krone said. "We got into this voluntarily in 1997 when we saw a Washington Post story about the flashes. We had spent four years developing the VIPER specifically to determine what was gunfire in an infrared scene and what wasn't." Krone said the computer program was designed to pick out any kind of weapon that a sniper might use, including a CAR-15. ..."

San Antonio Express-News 2/23/00 Dick Reavis "…..For the first time, a Branch Davidian survivor of the Feb. 28, 1993, shootout at Mount Carmel has admitted that he fired at two of the four U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents who were killed during the battle. Livingstone Fagan, who was one of 11 Davidians tried in San Antonio six years ago, said in a deposition that he shot at ATF agents on the roof of Mount Carmel. Fagan gave the deposition in a wrongful death lawsuit Mount Carmel survivors and their families are bringing against the federal government. ……. Fagan is a party to the wrongful death suit because his mother, Doris, 60, and his wife, Evette, 30, died in the April 19, 1993, fire at Mount Carmel…..

San Antonio Express-News 2/23/00 Dick Reavis "…..During the Davidian trial, federal prosecutors claimed that late in the 45-minute battle, Fagan wounded ATF Agent Eric Evers, who took the stand to identify his assailant. "I know that man over there shot me," Evers testified, pointing at Fagan. "It's everything is etched in my brain until the day I die, because of that incident. There's no doubt in my mind that man shot me." But in his Feb. 1 deposition, Fagan says that on the morning of the ATF raid, he wasn't outdoors, as Evers testified. Instead, he was in Mount Carmel's cafeteria, firing on agents who were standing on a roof outside David Koresh's bedroom. Fagan told federal civil attorney Marie Hagen he acted in self-defense. "Your government murdered people who were very dear to me," he declared. Hagen both cajoled and pressed for details, even offering Fagan her coat to ward off a Pennsylvania morning chill….."

San Antonio Express-News 2/23/00 Dick Reavis "…..Two of the ATF agents on the roof, Todd McKeeham, 28, and Conway LeBleu, 34, both from the bureau's New Orleans team, were killed on the spot. A third man on the roof, Kenneth King, was wounded but survived…………..The plaintiff's team decided to make the deposition public, Lyons said, because Mike Caddell, the lead counsel, "believes that we have to get to the truth about what happened, that's all." ……During the trial, a notation made by a Texas Ranger during a pretrial session in which Evers picked Fagan from a photo lineup was introduced into evidence. The notation said, "unsure if ID'd from TV or shooting." Orchowski, in after-action interviews, said he could not identity the assailant who, in the courtroom, he picked out as Fagan. But Rosen's cross-examination of the two agents failed to impress U.S. District Judge Walter Smith Jr., who also will hear the wrongful death suit, which is set for trial in May. During the 1994 sentencing hearing, Smith said: "The evidence from this trial has not faded from my memory. Certain images are clear. I see Livingstone Fagan dressed in combat gear, coldly shooting down Eric Evers with a military rifle as he rounded the corner of the compound and came into view. As Evers tried to get up, Fagan shot him twice more." The man who shot at Evers, Fagan told Hagen, was a British male of African descent, who died in the April 19 fire. Fagan refused to provide the man's name. ......"

San Antonio Express-News 2/23/00 Dick Reavis "…..It is unclear what effect Fagan's remarks might have upon his status as a prisoner. Because of constitutional protections against double jeopardy, "it is unlikely that they will indict him for what he says in the deposition," Lyons said. But George Dix, a University of Texas professor of criminal law, is not so sure. …… Other Davidians who were imprisoned as a result of the 1994 proceedings are appealing their sentences, and the U.S. Supreme Court has set a hearing on their case for April. But Fagan refused to join the appeal, he says in a recent letter to the San Antonio Express-News, because "when Judge Smith did what he did, he took the matter out of the realm of the judicial"- a phrase that in the argot of the Davidians, means the Mount Carmel gunman has placed his future in God's hands. …."

3/31/2000 Dallas Morning News Lee Hancock "….. The federal wrongful-death case arising from the Branch Davidian siege will be delayed until mid-June to allow more time to study results from a field test aimed at determining whether government agents fired at the end of the 1993 incident, sources said Thursday. U.S. District Judge Walter S. Smith also indicated that he will hold a hearing in April to determine whether the government should be fined for what the sect's lawyers allege is a pattern of mishandling or withholding critical evidence from the incident, sources close to the case said. ………. "

3/31/2000 Dallas Morning News Lee Hancock "….. But both sides have said that they believe the firm [Vector] may be experiencing difficulties similar to those that their infrared experts have faced in analyzing digitally computerized copies of the test data………. Officials said they expected to obtain better, videotaped copies of the original test recordings within the next few days from the U.S. District Court in Waco, where they were transferred after the Fort Hood experiment. ……… But lawyers for the sect have argued that key evidence that the government has used to bolster their account of what happened in Waco can't be trusted. They have complained in a series of increasingly caustic motions that the government has consistently ignored court discovery deadlines and has then sent them copies of key photos and audio and video recordings that have been altered or tampered with……."

3/31/2000 Dallas Morning News Lee Hancock "….. The judge's decision to hold a hearing in April means that government officials involved in the siege will be called to answer those allegations as well as charges that key photographs and other evidence are missing. "It should be noted that the tapes and photographs at issue have been made [available] to various individuals and entities during the course of the . . . [1994 Davidian] criminal trial, congressional hearings and investigations in 1993, 1995, 1999 and the OSC [office of special counsel] investigation. It may be impossible, ultimately, to locate all originals or confirm whether the available tapes are in fact originals" Justice Department lawyer Marie Hagen wrote in a March 24 motion……….But Michael Caddell, lead lawyer for the sect, has said that the volume of missing or altered evidence from April 19 is too great to be coincidental. He has argued that what he and his investigators and experts have already identified as missing or altered from the final day of the standoff suggests a calculated effort to sanitize anything that might reflect badly on the government or the FBI…….."


Freeper aristeides 5/3/00 "…..On the Iowa, do please remember, A-G, Marie Louise Hagen's dubious role in the suit by Clayton Hartwig's family. She is married to a naval officer -- she really should know better. …."

Dallas Morning News 4/24/00 Lee Hancock "…. Federal court-hired experts believe that flashes on an infrared videotape made at the end of the Branch Davidian siege were not from gunfire, a federal judge told both sides in a wrongful death lawsuit Monday. ……… U.S. District Judge Walter Smith cautioned that the oral report he received last week from Vector Data Systems of Great Britain is not the final word on the gunfire issue. …….."Word from the court that independent analysis confirmed that the flashes are not gunfire is welcome news. Years of being accused of shooting at the compound placed a heavy burden on the FBI people that were there that day," said John Collingwood, the FBI's chief spokesman. "Hopefully this is the beginning of lifting that burden. . . . We are grateful to the court for this announcement today," Mr. Collingwood said. ……… "You get good news. You get bad news," said Michael Caddell of Houston. "It's still one of only five issues in our case, and the gunfire issue is still going to trial." The judge also issued an order Monday denying a bid by government lawyers to dismiss almost every other issue in the wrongful death case. The three-page order, setting the final size and scope of a trial set to begin in mid-June, also reinstated all but a few plaintiffs who had been dismissed from the lawsuit last year. …….. But the judge's order rejected the plaintiffs' request to reinstate as defendants the two FBI agents who led the federal government's efforts during the siege - former Agent Jeffrey Jamar and former hostage rescue team commander Richard Rodgers. That decision precludes the sect's bid to have its case heard by a jury. Federal law requires a bench trial for the sole remaining defendant - the U.S. government. ……"

Dallas Morning News 4/24/00 Lee Hancock "……..Much of the daylong hearing Monday involved plaintiffs' charges that the government has misplaced, mishandled or altered key evidence from the 1993 siege…….But Judge Smith said he was told last Monday by Vector's chief analyst, Nick Evans, that none of the 57 "thermal events" that the firm identified on the April 19 video came from government or Branch Davidian gunfire. ……Instead, Judge Smith said, the experts concluded that 43 of those flashes came from sunlight reflecting off ground debris, nine from human activity on the ground, and five from falling debris....... Judge Smith said the firm's final report, due May 8, will detail how each of those findings is "backed by corroborating evidence." In at least one instance, Judge Smith said, the firm tracked one "glint" previously alleged to be from Branch Davidian gunfire to broken window glass knocked onto a roof of the compound in a botched federal raid that began the 51-day standoff. "That's the extent to which they're trying or have tried to identify what appears on that 1993 tape," the judge said. Vector also reported that the first person visible on the April 19 video was a Branch Davidian who emerged on a rooftop as the compound burned. In its Fort Hood test infrared video, gunmen were always visible. ......"

Dallas Morning News 4/24/00 Lee Hancock "......"That is evidence from an expert," he told lawyers for both sides. "The expert's opinion may be controverted, and you have the right to do that." …….. One lawyer representing families of Branch Davidians said he and other government critics are trying to raise funds to mount their own, private field test to do just that. James Brannon of Houston said he was skeptical about the British experts even before Judge Smith announced their conclusions because they are owned by an American-based defense firm contracting extensively with the U.S. government. …….. Mr. Caddell accused the government of "a pattern of gamesmanship" in its failure to meet court deadlines for turning over requested documents and refusal to respond to some repeated requests for information. Noting that the nine lawyers for the government went to Monday's hearing, he said, "I think somebody could be delegated to respond." Marie Hagen, one of the government's lead lawyers in the case, told Judge Smith that she and other Justice Department attorneys had tried to fully comply with court orders and plaintiffs' request. In one instance, she told Judge Smith, handwritten notes from former FBI Director William Sessions that were not turned over until he was deposed late last month "were overlooked" even though they had been in the FBI's files. ......,:

Dallas Morning News 4/24/00 Lee Hancock "……… Mr. Caddell also called both an FBI pilot and his own recording expert to try to show that the infrared video recorded in the hour just before the compound fire had been tampered with. Mr. Caddell has argued that audio recordings on that videotape could prove crucial because it was made in the last 90 minutes before the compound burned. In that period, FBI tanks demolished a large area of the rear of the compound and drove deep into the front of the building. The pilot testified Monday that he had thought that videotape included an audio track recording cockpit conversations and ground radio traffic being monitored by the FBI's Nightstalker infrared aircraft. He acknowledged that he called the FBI special counsel's office last fall to suggest that the audio track might have been inadvertently erased when the videotapes were copied by the FBI laboratory. ...... An FBI infrared camera operator who happened to be in that office that day took the call and wrote a note to the bureau's lawyers that the pilot had "said the original [tapes] had had audio on them, but when copies were made . . . the audio portion was removed." ……….. Mr. Caddell's recording expert testified later that he had found "probable evidence" that the audio track on that infrared video recording was deliberately removed. A government expert, former FBI agent Bruce Koenig, disputed that. He said his study of both the infrared videos and key audio tapes recorded from FBI bugs inside the compound showed that every recording being challenged by the plaintiffs were originals. ……"

Elizabeth Mann

Arizona Republic 8/25/99 Jerry Kammer "…On one side is the well-connected and powerful Elizabeth Mann, head of the Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix and China's most important business connection in Arizona. On the other is Jianwei Ding, who worked for Mann when he was a rising executive star in the Phoenix operations of COFCO, the Chinese government-owned corporate giant that owns the Cultural Center. For the past three years, Mann, 47, and Ding, 33, have been locked in a series of legal skirmishes in Maricopa County Superior Court, accusing each other of fraud and self-dealing…. At stake for Ding is his bid for political asylum in the United States. Ding fears that if he returns to China, Mann could use her political connections to have him punished….. One of the most controversial items in the court files is a sworn affidavit from Beijing that accuses Ding of cheating the company. Ding says the affidavit is a forgery, and new information developed by The Arizona Republic may support his claim. Mann's name arose last month in a congressional investigation into allegations that a former visa officer at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing violated State Department rules by taking gifts from Chinese business people who sought visas for travel to the United States.,An interim report of the House Committee on Government Reform last month concluded that "Mann cultivated a relationship with Charles Parish as a way of ensuring that COFCO officials received visas from the embassy…."

The Arizona Republic 4/4/99 Jerry Kammer "...The head of the new Chinese Cultural Center wields wide financial influence, has powerful and controversial contacts Elizabeth Mann, Arizona's most important business connection to Beijing, has risen to prominence through mastery of what the Chinese call "guanxi," the cultivation of contacts with powerful people..... Two of Mann's contacts have been linked to major scandals. Another was convicted of bank fraud in Georgia before coming to work for Mann. She herself has been the subject of two criminal investigations. Mann, 46, was known as Ning Yu before she became a U.S. citizen in 1992. She is the top executive in Arizona for COFCO, a corporate giant owned by the Beijing government. It owns the COFCO Chinese Cultural Center on 44th and Van Buren streets in Phoenix.... her circle of financial influence has included: A Chinese vice president's son who became a central figure in the still-swirling allegations that President Clinton sold access to the White House. A former colonel in the People's Liberation Army who was indicted in the United States in 1996 on weapons smuggling charges. A business partner at COFCO's lending arm who came to Arizona after criminal violations at an Atlanta bank led federal authorities to ban him from banking. An officer at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing who repeatedly violated State Department rules by accepting favors from Mann while he provided visa assistance for her..... Their son, Henry, a senior at Horizon High School, has been nominated to the Naval Academy by U.S. Sen. John McCain and to the Air Force Academy by U.S. Rep. John Shadegg.....Two of the investors Mann brought to Ambanc would become central figures in scandals that strained relations between Washington and Beijing. The first was Wang Jun, the son of Wang Zhen, vice president of China from 1988 until his death in 1993. A New York Times obituary described Wang Zhen as "a general who rose through the Communist ranks to become one of China's most powerful leaders and among the hardest of the hard-liners." In 1996, Wang Jun became a controversial figure after he met with President Clinton at a White House reception for political fund-raisers. Wang's visit caused a furor, not only because of his political pedigree, but because it was arranged by Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie, a Little Rock businessman at the center of allegations that the Chinese tried to use campaign contributions to influence U.S. policy. Clinton's critics suggested that Wang had bought access to the White House, and Clinton later acknowledged that the visit had been "clearly inappropriate." Wang is the head of the Chinese International Trust and Investment Corp., or CITIC. It is China's most powerful financial and industrial conglomerate. Mann had no ties to the White House controversy. She had arranged for Ambanc President Jack McDonnell to meet Wang eight years earlier..... CITIC bought into Ambanc partnerships that purchased an office building at the Scottsdale Air Park, the Cedar Meadows Apartments in Peoria, 1,200 acres of undeveloped land in Sun Valley west of Phoenix and 143 acres at Goldfield Ranch east of Fountain Hills. Cedar Meadows has since been sold. CITIC was one of several Chinese corporations that Mann brought into Ambanc investments. Another, property records show, was Polytechnologies, a business arm of the People's Liberation Army. In 1992, a Polytechnologies subsidiary called Dynasty Holdings became Ambanc's limited partner on apartment complexes in Norwalk, Calif., and Seattle. Those investments, according to McDonnell, were guided by Robert Ma, a Dynasty executive and a former Chinese army colonel who was indicted in 1996 on federal charges of smuggling 2,000 AK-47 rifles into California. Ma fled the country before he could be arrested..... there were other prominent Chinese who were drawn to Arizona through Mann's contacts. One was Andong Zhong, son of the finance minister for China's "paramount leader," the late Deng Xiaoping. Andong directed the firm's entry into the Ambanc partnership that owned the Cedar Meadows apartments for several years. Another was Deng Zhifang, a son of Deng Xiaoping. He worked briefly at Ambanc's office on Tatum Boulevard in the early 1990s..... BNU stands for Beijing and the United States, she said. BNU manages the cultural center and Chinese-owned real estate in Phoenix and Las Vegas. It owns three shoe factories in China, and a subsidiary named COFCO Credit provides automobile loans in Arizona and other Western states. Records filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission show that Mann owns 24 percent of COFCO Credit. Mann said there is nothing unusual about a government corporation sharing ownership with its executives. "It's my incentive from COFCO," she said. "I built this company for them, and I think they are very appreciative of what I have done." ..... On the same day they bought undeveloped land near Sky Harbor International Airport, they sold it to a group of investors from the Chinese city of Zhenjiang at a $385,000 profit. But it was another real estate deal that drew the attention of the state grand jury. The transaction began in late 1994, when the Manns established Vista Capital Management to buy the cultural center site on 44th Street, just south of Loop 202. The Manns planned to buy the land for $3.6 million and sell it to BNU for $6 million, records show. But before the deal could close, a Mann subordinate named Jianwei Ding became suspicious and hired attorneys to look into it on behalf of BNU. On Feb. 15, 1996, five days before the double transaction was to close, one of the attorneys reported his suspicion that Elizabeth Mann had devised a "scheme for personal profit" and had "breached her fiduciary duty" to BNU.... Despite the controversies, Mann remains enthusiastic and determined. She has set a course for ambitious COFCO expansion. At the cultural center's grand opening, Mann said the center would be the model for similar developments across the country. She also interpreted for COFCO President Zhou Mingchen, who called for closer Sino-U.S. business and cultural ties. "If these two countries can really join hands together," Zhou said, "it will be a great force that will help the 21st century." ..."

Arizona Republic 7/29/99 Jeff Barker "...A House committee today will unveil evidence of new favors provided to a former visa official at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing by a Chinese government-owned conglomerate, including a free stay at a luxury Scottsdale suite. Charles M. Parish Jr., the embassy's former visa section chief, accepted a number of previously undisclosed gifts from Elizabeth Mann, operator of a Phoenix real estate company called BNU Corp., which is owned by the conglomerate, according to House Government Reform Committee investigators.

The committee is holding a hearing today with Parish expected to be the lead witness. The Arizona Republic reported in March that Parish, in violation of State Department rules, accepted free lodging at corporate apartments in Las Vegas and Norwalk, Calif., in 1995 and 1996 from China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Import and Export Corp. The committee says Parish, who has denied any quid pro quo relationship, was providing visa assistance at the request of Mann and others so that officials of the conglomerate, known as COFCO, could travel frequently to Phoenix and other U.S. destinations. State Department rules forbid embassy officials from accepting gifts from anyone seeking visas or other official action..... The Republic has learned that the new information includes: Mann gave Parish "a number of gifts," a former COFCO vice president, Jay Ding, has told the committee staff. Ding has told the panel's investigators that he saw Mann pass several wrapped boxes and an envelope to Parish while he was dining with COFCO and BNU officials in Beijing and Phoenix. Ding told the committee he didn't know what the gifts were. He said Mann mentioned a gold Rolex watch and $2,000 in casino chips in connection with Parish, but Ding is not sure she gave either to Parish. The committee said Parish stayed free of charge at a COFCO luxury suite in Scottsdale. The address could not be obtained from either the committee or Mann's office. Several e-mails in Parish's office suggest that Parish, at Mann's request, helped Fuli Lin, vice chairman of BNU, obtain a visa, according to the committee..... "The U.S. Embassy in Beijing is one of our most sensitive diplomatic posts in the world," Burton said in a prepared statement. "It is unfathomable that these kinds of activities could go on right under the noses of top embassy officials for a year and a half."..."

The Arizona Republic 8/12/99 Jerry Kammer "...The Arizona Republic reported in March that while Parish was the chief arbiter of visa applications in Beijing, he received blue-ribbon treatment as a guest of COFCO's Phoenix-based subsidiary, BNU Corp. COFCO is the China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Import & Export Corp. Fortune magazine last year ranked the Beijing-based corporation 309th on its list of the world's 500 largest companies. BNU operates the Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix, imports shoes from four company-owned factories in China, provides consumer credit and manages property. Parish stayed at BNU apartment complexes in Norwalk, Calif., and Las Vegas as a guest of BNU President Elizabeth Mann, The Republic reported. The committee report added that he also was a guest at an unidentified COFCO property in Scottsdale. Mann, a native of China, is now a U.S. citizen and directs the Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix. "Mann cultivated a relationship with Charles Parish as a way of ensuring that COFCO officials received visas from the embassy," according to the report. Mann and COFCO on Wednesday sharply denied impropriety. Although they are refusing to respond directly to questions from The Republic, their attorney responded with a written statement defending their acquisition of visas...."

The Arizona Republic 8/12/99 Jerry Kammer "..."Mr. Parish's malfeasance ranges from apparent bribery, to improper receipt of gifts and gratuities, to violation of embassy rules regarding fraternization with Chinese citizens," the report states. The bribery allegations stem from testimony in May by Johnny Chung, an American citizen who has figured prominently in allegations of illegal Chinese contributions to the Democratic Party. Chung testified that Parish received a bagful of cash from an executive of Haomen Beer, one of China's largest brewers, which was seeking to expand its business to the United States. The report also cites information from Phoenix resident and former COFCO executive Jianwei Ding, who once worked under Mann and who has been waging a series of bitter legal battles with her since 1996. The report says Ding "saw Mann pass an envelope and several wrapped boxes to Parish while Parish was dining with COFCO and BNU officials in both Beijing and Phoenix." The report provides no further details. In 1996, Ding blew the whistle on what he said was an insider deal by Mann to buy the Cultural Center site and sell it quickly to BNU at a $2.4 million profit...."

The Washington Times 8/17/99 Audrey Hudson "…A congressional committee is expanding its investigation of bribery and visa fraud at a U.S. embassy in China to include five additional embassies in Central and South America. A committee spokesman says their probe of Charles Parish Jr., former first consul and secretary to the Beijing embassy, has prompted whistleblowers to come forward with new information on illegal activities by other consular officials. "We are getting lots of calls about other State Department problems around the world," the spokesman said. "On more than two occasions Foreign Service officers have told us they have resigned in disgust of the graft and corruption they've seen," he said. "They are seeing what happened with Parish and saying they have the same problems in their embassy and no one is doing anything about it. (The State Department is) sweeping it under the rug because it's an embarrassment," the spokesman said…. The spokesman confirmed that the committee is also examining whether they can hold Mr. Parish in contempt of Congress for refusing to cooperate….. Embassy officials began complaining in 1995 that Mr. Parish was accepting gifts and issuing visas to unqualified individuals, but it wasn't until 1996 that the embassy began an official inquiry, House investigators say. Despite the accusations, he was given a sensitive assignment in Washington, given a merit pay increase and retired with full benefits, investigators said. Committee documents show Mr. Parish had been under suspicion for visa fraud while serving in Bangladesh and Nepal as early as 1990. Details of Mr. Parish's activities first surfaced when Johnny Chung testified before Mr. Burton's committee of his connection to Chinese officials and campaign contributions he made during the 1996 presidential election. Mr. Chung testified that Mr. Parish provided him with 25 to 30 visas for business associates, and in exchange he provided favors for Mr. Parish. Mr. Chung says he created invitation letters for Mr. Parish's girlfriends to visit the United States. Mr. Chung says he witnessed Mr. Parish accepting a bag full of money he estimated at $15,000 from a Chinese businessman, that included passports to be stamped with U.S. visas. Investigators say Mr. Chung also paid $3,000 for Mr. Parish, along with his girlfriend and sisiter, to attend a Democratic National Committee fund-raiser….."

Radio America's Blanquita Cullum 8/21/99 "…The President stonewalls us .... His underlings in the Administration stonewall us ... Janet Reno at the Justice Department stonewalls us ... This makes is very difficult to turn the wheels of justice in Congress ... ... Look first at the example of the State Department's Charles Parish ... According to Dan Burton (R-Ind.), the FBI's task force has evidently closed the file on Parish, a senior official at the U.S. consulate in Beijing who allegedly accepted sexual favors and shopping bags full of cash in exchange for providing visas to Chinese nationals ... The FBI said it had found nothing that was prosecutable ... Burton surmised that the reason Parish took the Fifth Amendment before the House Government Reform Committee was because he apparently thought there were some things that he could be prosecuted for ... Burton said he has information that the Justice and State departments did not have, and the question is, why didn't they have it? ... If the Government Reform Committee is able to get it with limited staff, why, with all the staff they have over there, didn't they get the job done? ... It's because they didn't want to pursue it as diligently ... Burton said he's concerned that Johnny Chung said he paid Parish money for visas ... This is the same Johnny Chung who was free to give campaign contributions to and meet with the President ... And if Johnny Chung was using Parish to get visas for people who may have been giving illegal campaign contributions, they may have been involved in other things as well ... ...And so the Clinton Administration may not want us to have access to the records of people who did get visas because it might lead us into its behind-the-scene operations ... "

Radio America's Blanquita Cullum 8/21/99 "…... Burton has provided very powerful testimony ... Some of the most powerful statements that have been made about this whole issue ... And Janet Reno ... How do you get past her? ... She's acting like a shill for the President ... They've basically said at the Justice Department that they don't have to respond to the Government Reform Committee ... They block the committee wherever they can by saying it's under investigation or it's grand jury material ... But Government Reform keeps sending the subpoenas, looking for an opportunity to get the information ... Of course, Reno is preventing the committee from getting it ... ... While investigating Parish on the visa-peddling scandal, Government Reform interviewed a man in New York before the Justice Department got to him ... He admitted he was a conduit for illegal contributions ... He called back a couple of days later and said somebody from the Justice Department had been there and said he did not have to cooperate with Congress ... Here's a guy the committee has already talked to being told he does not have to cooperate with Congress on illegal campaign contributions ... ... This is horrible ... It's obstruction of justice ... It's a violation of the law ... The President stonewalls us .... His administration stonewalls us ... Janet Reno stonewalls us ... It's very difficult ... Who's going to prosecute Janet Reno? ...


New York Times 10/7/99 William Safire "....The Chinese Embassy here sent two of its senior commercial ministers to Capitol Hill last week to impugn the testimony of a Chinese citizen now resident in Arizona. Jianwei Ding worked for a subsidiary of Cofco, the agricultural giant that also runs the big Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix. He came to the House Reform and Oversight Committee with a charge that his former boss, Ning Yu -- now named Elizabeth Mann -- had a gift-giving relationship with the man who gives out visas at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. Our State Department yanked out our visa-giver, but Ding's internal whistle-blowing did not sit well with his company's officers. They won a lawsuit against him and seek his deportation home, where his clues to kickbacks can be squelched. "The embassy officials kept insisting that 'this bad man is a small potato,' " reports James Wilson, chief counsel to Dan Burton's committee, "but then pointed out, almost as a threat, that the company imports 18 million tons of corn and barley from the U.S." China has registered not a peep of protest to Congress about inquiries into corrupt dealings in money and politics by Clinton friends Charlie Trie, Johnny Chung and John Huang. But curiously, Ding upsets them greatly, and the People's Republic is spending bundles on lawyer's fees to get our Immigration officials to reject asylum. (Over to you, Tony Lewis.) ...."

AP via Fox News 10/14/99 Matt Kelley ".....In a lobbying effort that backfired, two top Chinese Embassy officials recently visited Capitol Hill to urge a House committee to drop its investigation of a conglomerate owned by the Chinese government. Instead, committee staffers said the meeting injected more vigor into a probe that had been a smaller offshoot of an investigation of illegal campaign contributions. "I've worked on Capitol Hill for 15 years, and I've never heard of a diplomat coming in and trying to squelch a congressional investigation,'' said Kevin Binger, Republican staff director of the House Government Reform Committee. A report from the panel in July alleged that a Phoenix executive in the Chinese company called COFCO gave gifts and free luxury lodging to a former official at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing "as a way of ensuring that COFCO officials received visas from the embassy.'' That investigation is continuing, and the committee recently sent subpoenas to the company and the executive, Elizabeth Mann, seeking more documents. Mann has denied wrongdoing. .......Late last month, two Chinese Embassy officials asked to meet with committee Chairman Dan Burton, R-Ind., and were referred to two investigators. Binger said the officials - Shi Jianxin, head of the embassy's commercial affairs office, and Ci Bin, first secretary of the commercial office - told the investigators the probe risked harming relations with China and COFCO, a major grain importer. ....."They knew that going up there in this environment would not be easy,'' Gill said. "They must have made the decision that it was important enough to try anyway.'' ...."

AP via Fox News 10/14/99 Matt Kelley ".....Mann, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in China, heads a Phoenix-based subsidiary of COFCO - the China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Import and Export Corp. The subsidiary, called BNU, owns a $90 million Chinese cultural center in Phoenix, manages real estate in the West, makes automobile loans and imports shoes from factories in China. The committee began investigating Mann and BNU in connection with Charles Parish, who handled visa matters at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing from 1994 to 1996. Former Democratic fund-raiser Johnny Chung told the committee at a May 11 hearing that Parish helped get visas for Chung's associates, and an executive of a Chinese beer company asked Chung to give Parish "a shopping bag of money.'' The committee's July report said Jianwei "Jay'' Ding, a former BNU executive, told the panel that Mann gave Parish several gifts and allowed him to stay for free at company-owned condominiums in California and Nevada. Binger said the committee is continuing its investigation into Mann's contacts with Parish. ...... "Given the fact that we've had people from the embassy make a special trip up here just to talk about Jay Ding makes us concerned about his safety,'' Binger said. ..."

The Arizona Republic 10/25/99 "…..The Chinese government is expending enormous resources, including using its embassy officials to attempt to strong-arm a congressional investigation, to discredit a former Phoenix-based employee of one of its industrial subsidiaries and to get the man deported back to China. For the sake of one man's human rights, it is vitally important that the Chinese not get their hands on Jianwei Ding, who is seeking political asylum in this country. According to Chinese officials, Ding, 33, is a corrupt, minor-league hustler who needs to be sent back to the mother country. But the sheer velocity of the Chinese hardball effort to extract Ding from the United States suggests something else: A regime that routinely brutalizes its political opponents sees Ding as a dangerous whistle-blower, and it wants to shut him up…..According to committee staff, the two Chinese officials implied that millions of tons of U.S. grain exports to China could be jeopardized if the committee listened to Ding and continued its pursuit of COFCO and Mann. And they haven't stopped there. Hoping to influence deportation proceedings against Ding, Mann has been providing the INS with "documentation" that purports to prove Ding is a petty crook who cheated COFCO out of roughly $40,000. ….. The Chinese want Ding back to shut him up. Our immigration officials must not assist the Chinese in getting their way….."


Robert Suettinger

4/7/99 Freeper Jolly "…National Intelligence Council (NIC) East Asia officer Robert Suettinger, currently with the Brookings Institution. Previously served in the National Security Council as director of Asian affairs from 1994 to 1997. What happened on his watch:

1. Let Chung bring Chinese business men into the White House and get their pictures taken with Clinton. "I don't see any lasting damage to U.S. foreign policy from giving Johnny Chung the pictures. And to the degree it motivates him to continue contributing to the DNC, who am I to complain?" Chung visited the White House 49 times

2. Had problems with Gore's Hsi Lai Temple Fund Raising trip not because the questionable donations, but because he was worried it might offend the PRC.

3. 9/9/95 Hotung After donating $100,000, Eric Hotung privately meets with Robert Suettinger, at Don Fowler's request

4. Let several Tiananmen PLA generals come in and out of the White House while he was at the NSC.

5. During Taiwan Strait Crisis of 1996 Suettinger reviewed the history of "strategic ambiguity" in which successive administrations implied but never said they would defend the island.

6. China helped arm North Korea, Iran, and Pakistan with WMD during this period.

7. Trulock and his team were trying to get the administrations attention on Chinese Spying at Los Alamos. By the time Suettinger left nothing much had been done about the situation at the lab.

8. December 14, 1995 - John Huang is granted a top secret consulting clearance, by the Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office (DISCO) in connection with an unsuccessful effort to make Huang a consultant to the Department of Commerce while he worked for the DNC. Due to Huang's existing top secret clearance DISCO did not conduct a separate background investigation of Huang. Huang's DISCO clearance was not taken away until December 1996.

9. Bernard Schwartz, CEO of Loral, became the largest individual donor to Democrats. An Air Force intelligence analysis prepared by Maj. Gen. John Cosciano - concluded that the report given to Beijing by satellite builders, including Loral, provided rocket guidance improvements under the guise of questions. The questions spelled out directions on how to overcome guidance and control failures.

10. February 2, 1996 The Clinton administration granted Wang Jun's Poly Technologies import permits to flood America with over 100,000 semi-automatic weapons and millions of rounds of ammunition. The Clinton administration had been delaying other arms importers because the president was opposed. * White House documents released last week show that Clinton himself was concerned in April 1995 about the "circulating around" of pictures that showed him meeting with Chinese businessmen whom Chung had brought to the White House to watch the president give a radio address. In addition, Robert L. Suettinger, a China specialist on the staff of the National Security Council staff, cautioned a colleague in a memorandum that month that Chung "should be treated with a pinch of suspicion." "My impression," the memo went on, "is that he is a hustler, and appears to be involved in setting up some kind of consulting operation that will thrive by bringing Chinese entrepreneurs into town for exposure to high-level U.S. officials." Asian Links of a Donor Put Gifts to Democrats in Doubt, The New York Times, CHRISTOPHER DREW, 02/22/97 (China Scandal) But under questioning from Rep. Bob Barr, R-Ga., and other Republicans, he said he had no reason to believe then or now that Chung was acting as an agent of the Chinese government.Chung takes Fifth but talks to committee, THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, MARK SHERMAN, 11/15/97

* "I don't see any lasting damage to U.S. foreign policy from giving Johnny Chung the pictures. And to the degree it motivates him to continue contributing to the DNC, who am I to complain?"-- Robert Suettinger, Director of Asian Affairs for the National Security Council CAS mailing list 11/14/97

*One supporter, Johnny Chung, whose $366,000 in donations qualified him as a "managing trustee" of the Democratic National Committee, made 49 visits to the White House--access that kept the National Security Council's China expert, Robert Suettinger, working overtime. Suettinger warned that Chung was a "hustler" trying to cash in on his White House connections to build a consulting firm....Cash-And-Carry Diplomacy, CNN/AllPolitics/TIME, Nancy Gibbs, 02/24/94

* Another troubling document is an April 1996 E-mail message from NSC's Suettinger that warned Vice President Gore about attending a fund-raising lunch at a Buddhist temple near Los Angeles. Gore's attendance, he said, would appear to give U.S. policy a pro-Taiwan, anti-China tilt at a time of great tension between the two. "My reaction would be one of great, great caution." The State Department expressed similar concerns. The result? Gore went, but there were no Taiwanese flags flying to make for uncomfortable photo ops, and no Taiwanese politicians playing a visible role. The lunch netted the D.N.C. $140,000 and unlimited grief ever since because of multiple fund-raising irregularities. Cash-And-Carry Diplomacy, CNN/AllPolitics/TIME, Nancy Gibbs, 02/24/94

* (On : a letter from the chairman of the President's political party, Don Fowler, thanking Chung for "being a friend and great supporter of the D.N.C." and wishing him success on his China mission.) This time Suettinger made his alarm plain. He wrote to Lake that Chung's mission was "very troubling" because it interfered in a "diplomatically difficult and high-stakes issue." He added, "All we can do is hope the Chinese recognize Chung's credentials are thin and that his message should be treated with caution." Suettinger feared that Chung could "do damage" and recommended that "we be very careful about the kinds of favors he is granted." Cash-And-Carry Diplomacy, CNN/AllPolitics/TIME, Nancy Gibbs, 02/24/94

"In most cases, Chung is not in a position to make much of an impact on U.S.-China relations," wrote Suettinger, the national security aide. "In the Harry Wu case, however, he could conceivably do damage, depending on what he says and how much credibility he carries with Beijing. I recommend that we be very careful about the kinds of political favors he is granted." Clinton and Gore Received Warnings on Asian Donors, The New York Times, Stephen Labaton, 02/15/97 (Suettinger, Chung, Harry Wu)

Nancy Hernreich, Clinton's appointments and scheduling aide, told the committee on Thursday that Clinton "Clinton had expressed displeasure about the presence of the Chinese businessmen at the radio address." A month later the White House asked the National Security Council - according to Hernreich- whether Chung should receive photos from the visit showing Clinton with the businessmen. Suro reports in the article that "Former NSC aide Brooke Darby testified that, based on information from Robert L. Suettinger, then the NSC's China expert, she recommended against giving Chung the pictures." Suettinger told Darby that while giving the picture would cause no "lasting damage to U.S. foreign policy" but warned that Chung was a "hustler" who was trying to advance his business and would become "a royal pain" He [Suettinger] also told the panel that he was able to verify that five of the six Chinese present at the radio address were "legitimate Chinese enterprises." The fifth - James Y. Sun, was described by Chung as a "young entrepreneur and self-made millionaire." "There are relatively few self-made millionaires in the People's Republic of China," deadpanned Suettinger. -Democratic Donor Chung Invokes 5th Amendment, Washington Post, Edward Walsh, 11/15/97 (China Scandal)

* 9/9/95 - day of meeting. An October 1995 e-mail from an NSC staffer informed him that "a request has come in from [White House director of political affairs] Doug Sosnik's office for you to have a five-minute photo-op with Eric Hotung. Sosnik's office got the request from [DNC] Chairman [Don] Fowler. If you don't know Hotung, he's a fabulously wealthy Hong Kong businessman." As it happened, his American wife had promised the DNC a $100,000 donation. Within 10 days of the photo-op, the wife of the "fabulously wealthy" Mr. Hotung made good on her promise. Asked by Sen. Thompson at the campaign-finance hearings about NSC staffer Robert Suettinger's private meeting with Mr. Hotung at his lawyer's office, Mr. Berger seemed indignant at the mere hint of impropriety. "Mr. Suettinger is a career employee in the diplomatic area who's assigned to the NSC, not at all political," Mr. Berger retorted. - SANDY BERGER MUST GO, cont'd, The Washington Times, Editorial, 03/19/99 (Chinese Spies, Nukes, Berger)

National Security Adviser Samuel ''Sandy'' Berger defended the administration against charges that it had traded contacts at the National Security Council for cash in 1995. Questioned whether his office was misused for politics, Berger told senators there were no clear procedures during last year's election for handling Democratic donors seeking White House access. Senate Governmental Affairs Committee Republicans noted that Eric and Patricia Hotung, residents of Hong Kong, gave the Democratic National Committee $99,980 soon after Hotung met with NSC staffer Robert Suettinger and had a five-minute ''photo op'' with Berger, who was then deputy national security adviser. A DNC memorandum released at the hearing indicated that the contacts were set up by the DNC. Berger said he was unaware at the time that the Hotungs would be donating money. - White House's Berger Admits: No Process For Election Contacts, Investors Business Daily, 09/12/97 (China Scandal)

* The idea that officials of the People's Republic of China were major contributors to the Democratic National Committee did not strike two members of Clinton's national security staff as a problem. It is against the law for a foreign national to give money to an American political party. It is also against the law for a non-American representative of a foreign government to contribute to an American political party. And China, of course, is not just any foreign government. We are not talking Canada. We are talking the People's Republic of China, the last great communist power in the world, a totalitarian state where power is transferred not by elections but--as we saw this week--from the hands of one dead old communist to another live old communist; a state that in the not-distant past starved 30 million of its citizens to death; that fought America, by proxy and other means, for nearly half a century of cold and sometimes hot war; that jails, tortures and murders its political dissidents; that employs slave labor; that promotes nuclear proliferation; that forces abortion on women; that is committed to challenging the U.S. as the dominant military and economic power in the East. Can it be that, as Suettinger describes them, bona fide (present or former) officials of this regime were, as Darby describes them, major contributors to the DNC? - TRB: CITIC-VIP, The New Republic, Michael Kelly, 02/23/97 (China Scandal)

* The United States, of course, has been spying on China too. "Nations will do that to each other and have done so for centuries," Bob Suettinger, a recently retired CIA official, said last week. Commenting on the current furor over Chinese spying at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Suettinger quipped: "Someone with my background could hardly pretend to be shocked." - U.S. Acquiesced in China Spying, Record Shows, LA Times, Jim Mann, 03/14/99 (Suettinger, Chinese Spies, China-US Policy)

* "Business is less enthusiastic about the China market lately; it just hasn't been the benefit they'd hoped," said Robert Suettinger, a visiting scholar at the Brookings Institution, after serving as the national intelligence officer for East Asia. When coupled with security concerns, "nobody is prepared to give China anything at this point," he said. - ZHU LANDS AS TALKS STILL UP IN AIR, Chicago Tribune, Merrill Goozner, 04/06/99 (Suettinger, Chinese Economy, Trade)

* Friday, March 8, was a bitterly cold day in Washington, with nearly four inches of fresh snow and a wind chill below zero. That morning, Lake and Liu -- accompanied by National Security Council aide Robert Suettinger and State Department officials Winston Lord and Jeff Bader -- drove secretly to Middleburg, Va., and the country estate of Pamela Harriman, the ambassador to France...Preparing for dinner at the State Department that night with Liu, Lake asked Suettinger to research the strongest statements ever made to China about Taiwan. Suettinger reviewed the history of "strategic ambiguity" in which successive administrations implied but never said they would defend the island. Lake, Perry and Christopher decided -- and informed the president -- that they should go further. - Tension Over Taiwan Prompted Repair of Ties, Washington Post, Barton Gellman, 06/21/98 (Suettinger, ROC vs PRC)

* In March 1996, Trie sent a letter to Clinton questioning whether his deployment of two aircraft carrier battle groups to the Taiwan Strait at the time would provoke a war with China, an outcome that, Trie warned, could have a "negative outcome" for the President politically, "especially in this campaign year." Clinton responded with a boiler-plate reassurance that the only U.S. intent was to help the two sides peaceably resolve an ongoing dispute over China's military maneuvers in the strait. The letter may not have constituted a big foreign-policy concession, but it burnished a big donor's stature in China, where connections mean everything and where Trie was concentrating his business interests. - Cash-And-Carry Diplomacy, CNN/AllPolitics/TIME, Nancy Gibbs, 02/24/94

Liu Chao-ying

William Norman Grigg 7/6/99 "…Chung allegedly received $300,000 from Lieutenant Colonel Liu Chao-ying of the PLA. Ms. Liu is an official of the China Aerospace Corporation; through Chung, she enjoyed personal access to Mr. Clinton. According to the Times, "At one fundraiser to which Mr. Chung gained admission for her, she was photographed with President Clinton." This occurred, noted the Times, at a time when "President Clinton was making it easier for American civilian communications satellites to be launched by Chinese rockets, a key issue for the PLA and for Ms. Liu's company, which sells missiles for the military and also has a troubled space subsidiary."…Ms. Liu is a textbook example of Red China's "princeling" class - the wealthy offspring of the Communist Party's elite. Her father is General Liu Huaqing, who until his retirement in 1997 was vice chairman of Red China's Central Military Commission and a member of the Standing Committee of the Red Chinese politburo - the Party's apex decision-making body. A graduate of the Soviet Union's Voroshilov Naval Academy, General Liu is a Leninist of the old school, and doubtless is well aware of Lenin's prophecy that the West would sell the rope with which it would be hung. Johnny Chung's admissions, which were made to Justice Department investigators as part of his plea bargain agreement, have established a money trail running from the ruling body of Red China's Politburo directly into Bill Clinton's Oval Office….Michael Kelly of the Washington Post observes, "During the period of Schwartz and Liu Chao-ying's munificence, Clinton ... re-liberalized U.S. policy toward Chinese satellite launches." Kelly assembles the relevant facts into a devastating brief against Bill Clinton, built around "three related significant events": - "In 1995 Schwartz wrote Clinton urging him to shift licensing authority over Chinese satellite launches from the security-minded State Department to the Commerce Department, which promotes American business interests, not national safety. In October, Secretary of State Warren Christopher, backed by the Defense Department, the CIA, and the National Security Agency, ordered State to retain control over the launches. Commerce asked the President to overrule Christopher. In March 1996 Clinton did so, but he delayed implementation - and, importantly, publication - of his order until November 5, 1996, the day he was re-elected." - "On February 6, 1996, Clinton signed waivers for four new American satellite launches in China, despite evidence that China was still exporting nuclear and missile technology to Pakistan and Iran….." - "In February 1998, President Clinton approved a new waiver for Loral allowing the company to transfer more technological assistance to China. He did this although his Justice Department had warned the White House that granting Loral a new waiver to do essentially what it had done in 1996 would amount to ex post facto presidential dispensation of Loral's past actions, and would thereby greatly undercut Justice's case."…"

Washington Times 4/27/99 Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett II "...Hovering over next month's espionage hearings to be held by Chairman Dan Burton, Indiana Republican, will be the image Lt. Col. Liu Chaoying, a true Red princess, and Johnny Chung's case officer. A child of secret wealth and privilege in supposedly egalitarian China, she is the daughter of Gen. Liu Huaqing, a Long March veteran, and until 1997 the People's Liberation Army's highest-ranking uniformed officer. Now about 40 and with a taste for expensive clothes, Col. Liu graduated from the Electronics and Computer Department of China's National Defense Technology University in Changsha. Her advanced degree in political economy (Marxism-Leninism) was awarded by the Chinese People's University in Beijing, a major training center for future Communist Party officials. After university, she entered the Chinese intelligence apparatus, first with Chinese Navy intelligence and currently as an officer of the Er Bu, China's equivalent of the old Soviet military intelligence agency, the GRU. In the Chinese system, the Er Bu has at least the equivalent status of the civilian spy agency, the Ministry of State Security, China's KGB. Currently, Col. Liu is vice president of International Trading for China Aerospace Industrial Holdings (CASIL), a holding company for manufacturers of missiles and military electronics. Col. Liu counts for more than a modern high-tech spy; she also is a major arms broker. As a very high-ranking Red princess, she used her father's connections to become the assistant to the presidents of both Great Wall Industries and China Precision Machinery Import-Export Corp...."

Washington Times 4/27/99 Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett II "...For whatever reason, Lt. Col. Liu was a sloppy spy. She violated two of the cardinal rules of undercover operations: (1) She allowed someone below her in the network (Mr. Chung) to find out who was above her (Gen. Ji). (2) And she bragged about other operations. According to Mr. Chung's December grand jury testimony, she introduced him three times to Gen. Ji, who was working out of Hong Kong under an assumed name. That has allowed the FBI to reconstruct the money pipeline that ran from Gen. Xiong through Gen. Ji, Col. Liu and Mr. Chung right into the Clinton-Gore 1996 re-election effort. At least $300,000 was inserted at the top but due to Mr. Chung's habit of commingling funds, it may be hard to tell how much reached the bottom. It was at least enough for Col. Liu to be invited to two Clinton fund-raisers where she got her picture taken with the president. Reportedly, the Justice Department has the picture and won't release it...."

NY TIMES 5/12/99 TIM GOLDEN and JEFF GERTH "…On June 23, 1997, about six months into the inquiry, Stipano convened from the Justice Department and other law-enforcement agencies to describe its initial findings. "We were not oblivious to the fact that this could be money laundering, that it could be embezzlement, that it could be campaign-finance related," one official said. The inquiry was completed early the next spring. No charges were brought, and no regulatory actions taken. At the time of the June 1997 meeting, Justice Department and FBI officials were already searching for flows of Chinese money into American political coffers. And they were focusing closely on one of Ms. Xu's relatives by marriage, a Chinese military officer and aerospace executive named Liu Chao-ying….Ms. Xu said she was not questioned by federal investigators until almost a year later, and then only briefly. She said the officials asked about her role in setting up a checking account for Ms. Liu in 1991, but dropped the matter after she explained that Ms. Liu was the sister of her younger brother's wife, and that she had no other business involvement with her. They are not my favorite people," Ms. Xu said of her in-laws. "I live in a different world." Several American officials privately questioned that assertion, saying Ms. Liu traveled to China with Ms. Xu at least once, in 1991. Ms. Liu has also used Ms. Xu's identity as an alias on at least one occasion, officials said.

Opening Statement Chairman Dan Burton Committee on Government Reform 5/11/99 "...I think Mr. Chung and his family have probably paid a pretty high price for his mistakes. But he's going to do something today that the other 100 people haven't done. He's going to testify. He's cooperated with the Justice Department. He's cooperated with us. What he's doing today isn't going to be very easy -- he's going to sit in front of this committee, and all of these TV cameras and reporters, and admit that he broke the law. That takes courage....What has Mr. Chung told us? He's told us that General Ji Shengde, the head of Military Intelligence for the People's Liberation Army, gave him $300,000. General Ji would be the equivalent of the head of the CIA here. It was wired to him through Lt. Colonel Liu Chao-Ying of China Aerospace. Mr. Chung has told us that the General told him the following: "We really like your President." "We hope he will be re-elected." "I will give you 300,000 U.S. dollars." "You can give it to your President and the Democrat Party." Shortly after this, Mr. Chung gave $35,000 to the Democratic National Committee...."

Washington Times 5/12/99 Jerry Seper "...A defiant Johnny Chung told a House committee yesterday of cash gifts for President Clinton's re-election campaign, of threats by the Chinese to his family if he didn't keep his mouth shut, and of hush money to defend himself if he did. The exact language of the threats was imprecise and polite, he said, but he got the message loud and clear that he would cooperate with the FBI and the Justice Department only at great risk. "The message was as follows: If you keep your mouth shut, you and your family will be safe," the one-time Democratic fund-raiser said At one point, the FBI believed the threat was serious enough to hide Chung and his family in a California hotel for three weeks.....Chung, who admitted last year as part of a plea agreement to making illegal donations to the Democratic Party, told the committee the threat and the hush money offer for attorneys' fees came from Robert Luu, a Chinese-American he first met in Beijing and whom he later met in Los Angeles -- while the FBI listened on a body microphone he wore and watched on a hidden camera. He said Mr. Luu represented himself as being in touch with a Chinese general who had earlier given Chung $300,000 for President Clinton's re-election campaign. The threat, he said, was veiled. "The Chinese are more polite and indirect, so the words do not precisely translate. . . . Nevertheless, this was how I interpreted the meaning of the words. Essentially, the message that I believe I was given was that me and my family would be safe if I didn't talk, and if I did talk, I could not be *certain what would happen," Chung said. In describing the threat, Chung said Mr. Luu told him he was in contact with "some people from Beijing," that he had received money from Chinese officials "to take care of my legal expenses, and that the lawyer, David Brockway, "was connected and knew the No. 3 person" at the Justice Department. Chung said Mr. Luu also told him that he might be able to get himself a presidential pardon. Chung testified that Mr. Luu said he was connected to Liu Chao-ying, a Chinese aerospace executive and lieutenant colonel in the People's Liberation Army.... "

Hotline 5/25/99 Fox - Carl Cameron Special Report 5/24/99 "....Cameron continues: "Chung's network with Chinese intelligence was well known to Luu. Chung's contact was Lieutenant Colonel Liu Chao-Yang of the Chinese military, she answered to General Ji Shengde, China's military intelligent chief, who provided Chung with $300,000. Robert Luu told Chung never to tell investigators about two U.S. satellite firms, Loral Space and Hughes Electronics, or their relationship with Liu Chao-Yang, who had negotiated their Chinese contracts. Loral and Hughes launch U.S. made satellites on Chinese rockets. They are under federal investigation for illegally helping China improve its missile technology. Sources say China wanted to keep the companies out of the scandal, to protect its business arrangements and its ability to acquire U.S. technology." ..."

5/25/99 Bill Gertz Washington Times "...The report identified two Chinese officials, Wang Jun and Liu Chaoying, as being directly involved in illegal activities in the United States. Mr. Wang is the son of the late Chinese President Wang Zhen and is head of a Chinese company that tried to smuggle 2,000 AK-47 assault rifles into the United States. He also attended a White House "coffee" with Mr. Clinton in 1996 and is connected to more than $600,000 in illegal campaign contributions made by Charles Yah Lin Trie to the Democratic National Committee. Mr. Trie, who pleaded guilty last week to federal election law violations, had a handwritten note in Chinese mentioning Hughes, U.S. government export control licenses, bribery and a government official, according to the report. Liu Chaoying is a People's Liberation Army military officer and the daughter of former Communist Party Central Military Commission Vice Chairman Liu Huaqing, who has used numerous U.S. companies for sensitive technology acquisitions, the report said. Former Democratic Party fund-raiser Johnny Chung told federal investigators he received $300,000 from Col. Liu. The Cox committee determined that Col. Liu's payment to Johnny Chung was an attempt to better position her in the United States to acquire computer, missile and satellite technologies. The report noted that these well-connected Chinese officials present a unique technology transfer threat because their multiple connections enable them to move freely around the world and among the different bureaucracies in China...."

THE CAST - Newcombe

Freeper SIT-REP 4/15/99 "...When the arms deal was threatened by the Leatherneck sting operation, Downie claims it was sabotaged by Richard P. Siegal, the Special Agent-in-Charge of the Cleveland office. Siegal's office maintains the investigation is still ongoing (and will not discuss it). But Downie believes the rot extended upward to the highest reaches of Customs' parent agency -- the U.S. Treasury.... Customs management also refused to release minor funds needed to keep an informant in place in Vietnam and to purchase the West Point ring of an American POW/MIA, which was to be a bonafide to assure Downie of the authenticity of the Vietnamese government's support for the deal. [Thenceforth, Downie was actually instructed by his superiors to avoid any further intelligence concerning the POW/MIA's]. At this point the veteran operative believed that both he and Schwartz were in grave danger, but he attempted to press on with the sting. Three weeks after it was upgraded to the highest level of undercover operation -- Class I, Downie's controlling agent, Frank Caliendo, with whom he had worked closely since the seventies, was suddenly removed from the case with no explanation and against his vehement protests and given a forced transfer to California. But the coup de grace for Leatherneck came when, in the most senstivie phase of the operation, his superiors tried to get him to take the stand and blow his cover in court in a prosecution from a previous sting of a man he had witnessed selling a counterfeit Gucci handbag! As Downie wrote in January 1993 to the Treasury Inspector General's (IG) office: The fact that the individual in question did not meet U.S. Attorney guidelines for prosecution did not seem to matter to Customs management. I believe this was an overt attempt to destroy my twenty year cover and place myself and my family in extreme jeopardy. Unwilling to participate in this dangerous sham, Downie withdrew from the case, and Operation Leatherneck was shut down shortly thereafter...."

Freeper SIT-REP 4/15/99 "... Just who are the nameless, faceless individuals "at the highest levels" of the various corrupt agencies ceaselessly involved in sabotaging sting operations and tipping off the perpetrators? In the case of the Customs Service, the supervising agency is the U.S. Treasury. The office involved in the decision to close down the Leatherneck sting was the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), in Washington. A series of offenses committed by its director, Richard Newcombe, were exposed last year by John Solomon (the same Associated Press reporter who picked up the Cosco story). Apparently, Newcombe has a history of tipping off the targets of OFAC investigations, thus allowing them to evade prosecution. He alerted the Standard Charter bank in New York, which, according to Downie, was a key participant in the Leatherneck smuggling operation, by sending a notice to it demanding that is cease and desist from the very activities for which it was being investigated (both the bank and Newcombe refused comment to Solomon, despite repeated inquiries). According to a May 10th, 1996 AP story, the activities include "funneling money from major U.S. corporations to Vietnam in the late 1980's and 1990's" in violation of the Trading with the Enemy Act. This tip-off resulted in the collapse of the investigation, despite the fact that "a subsequent audit verified the transactions". It was not an isolated incident. Newcombe also attended private lunches with representatives of Texaco, even as it was being investigated by OFAC for possible trade embargo offenses in Haiti. He also refused to step aside from the case despite his friendship with a Texaco lawyer...."

Freeper SIT-REP 4/15/99 "...The same AP article revealed serious charges by Stephen Plitman, one of two OFAC agents resisting the shutdown of Leatherneck, who lost their jobs when their Treasury positions were abruptly discontinued. Plitman charged that his boss, Newcombe, met with several times and blatantly tipped off representatives of Mobil Oil, alerting them to the fact that the firm was under investigation for violating the Vietnam trade embargo. An inspector general's report showed that Newcombe even gave Mobil representatives a copy of a subpoena days before it was served to them. Solomon quoted Plitman from documents: "I was completely taken aback". He added that he considered Newcombe's actions to be "nothing less that a tipoff." The allegations of the improper meetings were supported by Secret Service logs and even the recollections of a Mobil representative, who admitted that Newcombe gave them a "passing heads up" on the OFAC probe during a limousine ride provided to Newcombe by the company.... Agent Plitman and is associate, Bob Sheridan's positions at OFAC were discontinued and they later ended up in Customs at lower pay grades. They are now the targets of an internal Treasury Department investigation into their charges against Newcombe -- an action which Mickey Downie descirbes as "Ongoing bureaucratic retaliation". The criminal element in the federal government have honed this method of crushing honest whistleblowers to an exact science. As Downie wryly notes, "When you've done something a few hundred times, you become very proficient at it".

Freeper SIT-REP 4/15/99 "...Furthermore, according to a June 6th, 1996 AP report, also by John Solomon, the Treasury's Newcombe was alleged by his subordinates to have illegally alerted companies being investigated by OFAC for assisting Libyan money-laundering efforts. The two companies were the Arab Banking Corp (ABC) of Bahrain and VISA International, the credit card firm. The ABC bank was allegedly clearing "Libyan funds in the form of VISA checks" through its New York branch in violation of the Libyan embargo placed in retaliation for its terrorist activities. Yet, Newcombe's office discussed in public at a London meeting filled with foreign officilas (some of who had ties to the parties being investigated) that they were investigating the ABC bank for possible Libyan money laundering -- thus tipping off the suspects. The Justice Department and the FBI agents on the case considered that "the integrity of the investigation was compromised" by Newcombe's statements and by other direct warnings given to Bahrainian officials...."

Center for Security Policy (Exerpts from) 9/29/98 Gaffney Web Site: Center for Security Policy "...Ms. Gottemoeller has long been associated with some of the most wooly-headed of denuclearization proposals. For example, Ms. Gottemoeller was one of the authors of a troubling June 1997 report issued by the Committee on International Security and Arms Control of the National Academy of Science (NAS). Entitled The Future of U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy, this study advocated a series of highly controversial actions with respect to the American nuclear deterrent -- steps that, taken together, could have the result effectively of unilaterally disarming the United States…."

Ms. Gottemoeller

Center for Security Policy (Exerpts from) 9/29/98 Gaffney Web Site: Center for Security Policy "... Consider the following: 1. 'De-alerting': Ms. Gottemoeller and Company urged that "the operational and technical readiness of nuclear weapons for use" be degraded as a means of "decreas[ing] the chance of erroneous launch of nuclear weapons or a launch in response to a spurious or incorrectly interpreted indication of impending attack." ...2. 'No-First-Use': Ms. Gottemoeller and her colleagues believe that "the United States should adopt no-first-use of nuclear weapons as its declaratory policy at an early date." Interestingly, the NAS study goes on to observe, almost as an afterthought, the real difficulty with such a recommendation: "Changing to a no-first-use policy will, of course, require consultation with allies to reassure them that the United States will meet, by non-nuclear means, its obligations to come to their aid in the event of a non-nuclear attack against them." ....3. No Missile Defense: Ms. Gottemoeller is an adherent to the theology of American vulnerability to missile attack from all quarters. As her NAS study put it: "The [1972] Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty must remain the 'cornerstone of strategic stability' as it was described by Presidents Clinton and Yeltsin at the conclusion of the Helsinki Summit. The ABM Treaty is by no means a relic of the Cold War thinking as some assert. On the contrary, it remains a logical adjunct of the continuing reality of offense dominance in conflicts involving nuclear weapons." A majority of Senators now recognize what has eluded Ms. Gottemoeller and her fellow arms control ideologues: The post-Cold War world is one in which the United States clearly cannot afford to remain vulnerable to ballistic missile attack, anymore than its allies and forward-deployed troops can. 4. No Nukes: Ms. Gottemoeller's commitment to American vulnerability is all the more astounding in light of her study's embrace of the proposition that there are circumstances under which the "prohibition" of nuclear weapons would, "on balance...enhance the security of the United States and the rest of the world." It is not self-evident that the "continuing reality of offense dominance" would apply should nuclear weapons ever be "prohibited." Interestingly, the contradiction inherent in Ms. Gottemoeller's muddled thinking in this area is even more evident in one of the few sensible passages from her National Academy of Sciences study: "It is not clear today how or when [comprehensive nuclear disarmament] could be achieved...."

Center for Security Policy (Exerpts from) 9/29/98 Gaffney Web Site: Center for Security Policy "...Even the most effective verification system that could be envisioned would not produce complete confidence that a small number of nuclear weapons had not been hidden or fabricated in secret. More fundamentally, the knowledge of how to build nuclear weapons cannot be erased from the human mind, and the capacity of states to build such weapons cannot be eliminated. Even if every nuclear warhead were destroyed, the current nuclear weapons states, and a growing number of other technologically advanced states would be able to build new weapons within a few months or a few years of a national decision to do so." .....Since Rose Gottemoeller (and her NAS co-authors) cannot explain how a total and effective nuclear ban could be achieved, it is dangerous and irresponsible to lend credibility to such a goal. Indeed, under present circumstances, the mere pursuit of that goal calls into question the judgment and realism of its proponents. And it would reflect very badly upon the judgment and realism of Senators were they to agree to place someone who advocates such a dangerous and irresponsible denuclearization agenda in charge of "national security" at the Department of Energy. This was not Ms. Gottemoeller's first run at a confirmable position. In fact, she was widely expected to be appointed last year to the long-vacant position of Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy -- the Pentagon's top official with responsibility for nuclear weapons policy....."


Robert Rubin

Wall Street Journal 5/12/99 JOHN J. FIALKA "... Treasury Department employees in January destroyed 162 boxes of old records that may have included files subject to a court order in a suit accusing the government of mishandling Indian trust funds. The Justice Department's lead lawyer in the case, Phillip A. Brooks, admitted the destruction in a letter to Judge Royce C. Lamberth of federal District Court here. The court had ordered the Clinton administration to produce trust-fund documents, and earlier this year Judge Lamberth held both Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt in civil contempt for repeatedly failing to locate and provide all the documents. The case, scheduled for trial in June, has been pending for more than two years.....The destruction was stopped, Mr. Brooks said, and a check of the remaining 245 boxes showed that at least two boxes were from the Interior Department. "We cannot at this time rule out the possibility" that some of the destroyed documents were subject to the court order, he stated in his letter. Dennis Gingold, a lawyer for the Indians, reacted angrily: "I think Mr. Rubin should go to jail for this. This is criminal contempt.".... Mr. Brooks said the boxes of destroyed records covered payments made by various federal agencies during the first half of this century. Another box from the collection "was apparently mislaid" during a transfer operation in 1996, he wrote. "We have opted to err on the side of caution and bring these matters to your attention immediately," Mr. Brooks said in his letter to Judge Lamberth. There was no immediate reaction from the judge, who has been critical of the government's handling of the case. In two separate rulings Tuesday, Alan L. Balaran, a special master appointed by the judge to enforce his orders for documents, ordered the government to provide e-mail as well as other documents that the Justice Department had argued should be withheld under attorney-client privilege.

USA TODAY FreeRepublic 5/12/99 analysis by A WHITEWATER RESEARCHER, REPORTER "....The forced resignation today of disgraced Clinton Treasury secretary Robert Rubin may have been a result of imminent further exposure of a vast array of corrupt activities, from Treasury's attempted coercion of United States Secret Service agents to lie during their Filegate testimony in 1996 and the agents' criminal prosecution as a result of that testimony, to today's New York Times story "CHINA SENT CASH TO U.S. BANK, WITH SUSPICIONS SLOW TO RISE" ....However, the final straw that broke Rubin's back could well have been a brilliant investigative journalism article by the USA TODAY's Tom Lowry on May 3, 1999, "TRUST SCANDAL HAUNTS GOLDMAN/SULLIED BISHOP ESTATE OWNS 10% OF BANK/HIGHLY PAID TRUSTEES FACING ACCUSATIONS, CHARGES", which was excerpted in a May 5, 1999 FreeRepublic article .... Mr. Lowry exhaustively details the utterly corrupt activities of Hawaii's giant Bishop Estate in general, and a highly suspect transaction between the Bishop Estate and the personal financial account of Robert Rubin in particular. Rubin is also a former chairman of Goldman Sachs and whose Treasury department regulates both the Bishop Estate and Goldman Sachs. Rubin apparently operated at Treasury, regulating both the Bishop Estate and Goldman Sachs, will full awareness of his massive conflicts of interest involving his personal investments, the Treasury department, the Internal Revenue Service, Goldman Sachs, and the Bishop Estate..... "...I am a professional stock market investor myself. ...... For those of you with the Black Scholes model, just set the price of Goldman Sachs at 100, set the expiration date at a year from now of a put option with a strike price of 100, and tell me what you get. I bet that put is worth at least 20, or twenty percent of the value of the underlying stock position. In the case of Rubin's Goldman stock holdings in 1993, the at the money, one year put warrant would be worth at least $20 million annually, not $100,000...... THIS WOULD SUGGEST AN "AT THE MONEY ONE YEAR PUT OPTION" ON RUBIN'S 1993 GOLDMAN SACHS HOLDINGS WAS WORTH WELL OVER $20 MILLION!!! With the value of Rubin's Goldman Sachs holdings appreciating in recent years, the value of the Bishop Estate put on $100 million of underlying Goldman value sold to Rubin would decline, but I think it is fair to say that Rubin, via this put maneuver with the Bishop Estate, a charity, may have received illegal gratuities, in 1993 alone, if he paid only approximately $100,000 for his one year, at the money Goldman put warrant which was in fact worth well over $20 million...."

Admiral Prueher

Freeper report 5/17/99 "...Clinton has chosen his new nominee for Ambassador to Red China. He has chosen Admiral Prueher, recently retired as commander of the pacific fleet. Prueher came on board in January 1996 and immediately became involved in the March 1996 "Missile Tests" where the ChiComs sent missiles over Taiwan because Taiwan was having their presidential election....Prueher saw the ChiComs as the good guys for that region keeping stability with us doing it in the rest of the world. What they envisioned back in 96 and tried to get going was a pax Sino-American with us as the two big super powers keeping the peace in the world....."

LA Times 3/10/98 Tom Plate "...Please meet Adm. Joseph Prueher, the commander in chief of all U.S. forces in the Pacific--in charge of all those ready-to-fight Marines, pilots, commanders and sailors. This military man has a non-stereotypical attitude about dealing with a potential foe. He believes that the most prudent policy toward those who might someday have the capability to harm us is to try to understand them now, though without kowtowing to them, to meet them halfway rather than tell them to stuff it, to make diplomatic love, as it were, rather than resort to the cruel finality of war. And, about the need to do this in the case of China, the Nashville-born Naval Academy graduate is passionate and is willing to put his reputation on the line. .....Sailors know that nothing beats being able to see with your own eyes, and this admiral also likes to see things for himself. Since he took command in January 1996, he has been to China four times, and what he has seen is an increasingly capable country quickly modernizing the People's Liberation Army. "PLA soldiers down to the army captain level are outstanding," Prueher says. "The senior leadership is smart, pragmatic and patriotic. And their strategic rocket forces are able and well- funded." The Chinese military returns the compliment by allowing him unique access. During one Chinese training exercise, Prueher viewed new equipment and installations heretofore off-limits. But despite increasing military-to-military contacts between the PLA and the Pacific Command, both here and in China, Prueher accepts that it's always possible that China--or for that matter America--could turn on the powerful nation it now eyes warily across the Pacific. "I try not to get too rosy a glow," he says. "I'm paid to be skeptical." Still, he pointedly disarms pessimists who view future conflict with China as inevitable by saying to them: "You could be right. Maybe they will try to nail us in 15 years. But if you stiff them at every turn between now and then, you guarantee that they may try to do that in 15 years." America, despite its differences with China, must offer true respect or it will get nowhere. "The U.S. is the world's youngest major power; China is the world's oldest major power," he said, diplomatically, in a Beijing speech. "Clearly, there is much we can learn from each other." ...."

LA Times 2/23/99 Tom Plate "...Just before he handed in his Navy retirement papers, and handed over this prestigious command to Adm. Dennis Blair last weekend, Prueher offered us some candid views about Asia. His chief concern remains the tensions in the South China Sea, where China butts egos with its neighbors over disputed islands. "We are trying to create a busy presence in the South China Sea," he says. ... His next worry is unpredictable North Korea: "The North Korean ability to sustain a conflict is not strong. But their ability to inflict pain quickly, over a short period, is great." The admiral is scarcely surprised by China's inability to control North Korea, which last summer unexpectedly launched a test missile over Japan's airspace. Prueher knows that China, with its shaky economy, growing unemployment and burgeoning military might, has its own problems. The admiral, more than most U.S. officials, offers a compelling, nuanced perspective on Beijing that's less condemnatory than carefully comprehending: "We must respect the true national interests of others, even when they are not our own. With China, we are in for a little more difficult time, more difficult than over the past few years." Prueher views China's latest crackdowns on dissidents as symptoms of weakness rather than strength: "Their economic problems are creating a lot of stress. When their leaders lose a bit of stability, or control over an issue, they worry a lot, and it bleeds over to the human rights issue, where we don't see eye to eye. Still, we must respect China's legitimate interests." ...."


J & A Securities

The American Spectator 8/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "...What Chung didn't know, however, was where General Ji got the $300,000. Documents obtained by the U.S. Department of Justice in late 1997, which were only turned over to Burton's committee the day that Chung testified in May, show that Chung received a transfer of HKD 2,318,850 ($300,000) from Liu Chaoying's Citibank account in Hong Kong on August 14, 1996. According to one of the U.S. government officials who helped Weldon compile his charts, that money and other contributions to the DNC sent by General Ji to other conduit donors were siphoned off from the Hong Kong accounts of J&A Securities (Hong Kong) Ltd., a subsidiary of the largest securities trading company in Communist China. J&A Securities, based in Shenzhen, was set up in 1992 by the PLA, corporate records examined by TAS show. Its original name, Jun An Securities, conflates the Mandarin characters for "Military" (Jun) and " Security" (An). If these investigators are right, then it is the PLA's secret money tree.

The American Spectator 8/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "...Justice Department investigators quizzed Chung on June 12, 1998, about his ties to General Ji and to J&A Securities, whose involvement in the money transfers Chung appears to have ignored. Unbeknownst to Chung, the Justice Department had been contacted by the Chinese government through Interpol, the international police liaison agency in France, in connection with the alleged embezzlement of COSTIND funds by J&A Securities Chairman Zhang Guoqing, a U.S. official said. Zhang was arrested in July 1998 in Hong Kong and taken to Beijing for questioning, according to press reports in Hong Kong and Singapore.

The American Spectator 8/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "...As part of his plea bargain with the Justice Department, Chung agreed to wear a body wire in meetings with an emissary sent by General Ji, who went by the name of Robert Luu. Chung first met Luu in China in 1996. Luu resurfaced two years later in California, and warned Chung not to tell U.S. prosecutors about the involvement of General Ji or China Aerospace in the campaign donation scheme.."

The American Spectator 8/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "...In a conversation with Luu on June 11, Chung tried to draw him out on the subject of Zhang Guoqing. "Who is Mr. Zhang--mysterious person Mr. Zhang! I never met Mr. Zhang. I don't know who he is. I was well aware of whom I had meals with"--a reference to General Ji. "I'm very clear about where the facts are. Ji Shengde is Mr. Zhang," Chung said ...In fact, what Chung meant is that Ji Shengde's money came from Zhang, the elusive head of J&A Securities in Hong Kong. The same Zhang had recently been arrested by Chinese authorities in Hong Kong, because he knew too much. He disappeared last summer and has not been seen since. Indeed, in one account in a Hong Kong daily, Zhang reportedly told the Ministry of State Security officers who had come to arrest him that they had better consult Beijing before mistreating him. "I have a laser disk in the United States, and the disk data will affect the national image," he reportedly said..."

The American Spectator 8/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "...J&A Securities grew from a single brokerage house in Shenzhen in 1992, to more than 3,000 branches throughout China by 1998. It began as a classic PLA operation, with nominees sent to Hong Kong to buy up a shell company with a listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange--Massique Limited--then infusing it with mainland Chinese assets to attract foreign investment. J&A Securities took off with the booming Pacific Rim economy, floating bonds in Chinese state companies and making instruments available for foreign investors to gain a foothold in Chinese state industries. But by July 1995 another, more unusual plan for J&A Securities began to emerge when the Shenzhen parent company, which owned the majority share, transferred its stock to a new front company set up in the tiny South Pacific Island nation of West Samoa. The new company was called J&A Holdings, Ltd. ...West Samoa, which borders the America Pacific territory of Samoa, is the closest non-Western state to the United States, lying some 2,400 miles south of Hawaii..'"

The American Spectator 8/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "...The money trail shows there were two driving forces behind the Chinese government's campaign contributions in the United States: the PLA's Military Intelligence Department (Er Bu), and COSTIND, the State Commission of Science Technology and Industry for National Defense. Er Bu reports directly to the General Staff Department, which is controlled by the Central Military Commission, chaired by Chinese President Jiang Zemin. COSTIND reports to the State Council, which is chaired by Prime Minister Zhu Rongji. COSTIND sets the technology requirements for the Chinese military; Er Bu collectors acquire those technologies from foreign sources. The two may be rivals in some ways, but they also work hand-in-hand.

The American Spectator 8/99 Kenneth R. Timmerman "...The key role played by Liu Chaoying shows how this works. Liu's father, General Liu Huaqing, was vice chairman of the Central Military Commission before his retirement in October 1997. This gave Ms. Liu the Er Bu connection she so forcefully demonstrated to Johnny Chung by introducing him to Er Bu Director General Ji. But Ms. Liu also worked for CASIL, which was a subsidiary of the China Aerospace Corporation, which is controlled by COSTIND. Another China Aerospace Corporation with which Ms. Liu was associated, China Great Wall Industries Group, manufactures China's liquid fuel strategic rockets and space-launch vehicles. They have also become the main partner for U.S. aerospace firms seeking to launch satellites in China.

Hogan & Hartson 6/12/99 Gretchen Glass "...Hogan & Hartson Hogan & Hartson is an international law firm lobbying for Russia and Communist China. This firm, the largest in Washington, D.C., is "tight" with the Clinton Administration, being involved in the Clinton/Gore campaigns and the Presidential Inaugural Committee. The firm represents the Democratic National Committee, a reported recipient of funds laundered by Johnny Chung, and is currently representing a friend of the Clintons and Gore - the notorious John Huang. Let's look at the Clinton / Hogan & Hartson connection...." 6/12/99 Gretchen Glass "...Sandy Berger - National Security Advisor and head of the National Security Council..... Mr. Berger was a paid lobbyist for the Chinese Communists while he was a partner at Hogan & Hartson, where he headed the firm's international trade group..... (Berger is still listed as a Partner with Hogan & Hartson.) ..." 6/12/99 Gretchen Glass "...Anthony S. Harrington - Chairman of the Intelligence Oversight Board (IOB). .... He is also Vice Chair of the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB) and a member of the Commission on the Roles and Capabilities of the United States Intelligence Community.... (Mr. Harrington is still listed as a senior partner at Hogan & Hartson.) 6/12/99 Gretchen Glass "...Mary Anne Sullivan - General Counsel for the U.S. Department of Energy..... Sullivan has been part of the Clinton Administration team since 1994 when she was named deputy general counsel for environment and civilian and defense nuclear programs... (She is a partner at Hogan & Hartson.) 6/12/99 Gretchen Glass "...Larry Irving - Assistant Secretary of Commerce. Larry Irving was appointed to his present position by President Clinton in the spring of 1993. In this capacity, Mr. Irving serves as a principal adviser to the President, Vice President and Secretary of Commerce on domestic and international communications issues, oversees the management of the Federal government's use of the radio spectrum, and supervises programs that award grants to extend the reach of advanced telecommunications technologies to under served areas... (Attorney at Hogan & Hartson.) 6/12/99 Gretchen Glass "...Cheryl D. Mills - Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Counsel to the President..... (Attorney at Hogan & Hartson.) 6/12/99 Gretchen Glass "...Christine Varney - Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) (1994-1997). Ms. Varney has had an "interesting" career. She started out as an attorney with Hogan & Hartson and Chief Counsel to the 1992 Clinton/Gore campaign, and General Counsel to the 1993 Presidential Inaugural Committee. She then moved to the Clinton Administration where she rapidly moved up the ladder: Secretary to the Cabinet; to Senior Advisor to the President; to Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission. Then, she returned to Hogan & Hartson as a partner... (Partner at Hogan & Hartson.) 6/12/99 Gretchen Glass "...Daniel Poneman - Commission to Assess the Organization of the Federal Government to Combat the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The commission is charged with studying the current organization of the U.S. government, including the intelligence community, to deal with the threat posed by the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and to make recommendations to Congress on steps to improve the effectiveness of the U.S. government in dealing with this threat. Prior to 12/17/97, Mr. Poneman served as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Nonproliferation and Export Controls at the National Security Council, and chaired the Interagency Working Group for Nonproliferation and Export Controls.... (Counsel at Hogan & Hartson.) 6/12/99 Gretchen Glass "...Mara Rudman - Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Legislative Affairs at the National Security Council.... (Attorney at Hogan & Hartson.) 6/12/99 Gretchen Glass "...Ty Cobb and Jack Keeney providing Presidential cover in the Huang case. Cobb and Keeney of Hogan & Hartson represent John Huang...The Washington Post reported: "Cobb was brought into the Huang representation by partner Jack Keeney, who met Huang while doing legal work for the Democratic National Committee." Cobb is one of Hogan & Hartson's leading partners and top litigator, "sitting on the five-member executive committee that runs the firm." ...One of Huang's lawyers is also related to the former head of the Criminal Division for Janet Reno's Justice Department.


Mark Middleton

Salon 6/21/99 David Horowitz "...The Riady relationship extended beyond the Clintons themselves to their friends and to Hillary's associates at Rose, including its head, Joe Giroir, and a White House aide named Mark Middleton, who later invoked the Fifth Amendment when he was called before a congressional committee. It was the Riadys who provided a $100,000 "job" for the indicted Web Hubbell, at the moment when he had indicated to the Starr prosecutors that he might be ready to talk. After the payment from Riady and others, Hubbell changed his mind and chose jail instead.

Opening Statement Chairman Dan Burton Committee on Government Reform 5/11/99 "...He [Chung] said that Liu Chao-Ying told him that Mark Middleton got half a million from a Singapore group. We checked Mark Middleton's bank records. They show that he received over $1.75 million from Asian businesses. One of the payments he received was a half-a-million payment from Indonesia. We don't know what money Liu Chao-Ying was referring to. If we could go to Hong Kong to interview Liu Chao-Ying, maybe we could find out. We have a copy of a letter from Mark Middleton to one of his associates in Singapore. It mentions someone named Liu. It says, and I quote, "Thank you for the update on Ms. Liu. I know that she must be concerned with nepotism but I'm not sure how that affects us." We don't know what Mark Middleton meant in this letter. He's taken the Fifth, so we can't ask him...."


Washington Times 8/5/99 Jerry Seper "...Mark Middleton, former confidant of Charles Yah Lin Trie, John Huang and Johnny Chung, all of whom confessed to making illegal donations during the 1996 presidential election, is the highest ranking administration official to refuse to cooperate in the campaign-finance probe. Mr. Middleton, a longtime Clinton confidant who raised more than $4 million during the 1992 election, was called to appear before the House Government Reform Committee, which will ask him about his ties to Trie, Huang and Chung and his financial connections with the Lippo Group, a $6 billion Indonesian real estate and banking conglomerate controlled by the Riady family -- also Clinton supporters...."

Washington Times 8/5/99 Jerry Seper "...Chung testified before the committee that Liu Chao-ying, a lieutenant colonel in the People's Liberation Army and a China Aerospace Co. executive with whom Chung had a business relationship, told him that Mr. Middleton received $50,000 in PLA funds to do "good things" for Mr. Clinton. Mr. Middleton has denied the accusation.

8/6/99 Susan Roth Arkansas Democrat-Gazette "...Middleton, 36, has been linked with former Little Rock restaurateur Charlie Trie, California businessman Johnny Chung and others indicted by the Justice Department for illegal fund-raising during the campaign. Middleton, who now lives in Little Rock but owns a Washington-based company that arranges international business deals, has acknowledged that he met with some of the major figures in the campaign-finance investigation in 1994 and 1995. He has also acknowledged that investigators could have legitimate questions about these contacts. But he maintains that he did nothing wrong. Chung told the committee in May that a Chinese military official had told him that Middleton had received $500,000 from a Singapore business group to "do good things for China or to benefit China." Middleton has said in a written statement that the allegation was "absolutely false" and that he never received any money directly or indirectly related to the Chinese government...."

8/6/99 Susan Roth Arkansas Democrat-Gazette "...According to committee documents, Middleton received at least $275,000 in retainer fees for unspecified work from July 1995 to April 1997. The money came from the Riady family of Indonesia, which runs the Lippo Group financial conglomerate, has business ties to Arkansas and President Clinton and has been implicated in campaign-finance irregularities. Middleton also met with Trie and Macau financier Ng Lap Seng at the White House many times, according to the committee. Ng has also been implicated in illegal contributions to the 1996 campaign...."

Wall Street Journal 8/6/99 "...Vanessa Weaver had her hearing yesterday. As we noted editorially yesterday, she's the White House aide who made 23 calls to the mysterious fundraiser John Huang and who Bill Clinton just nominated to the Ex-Im Bank. She told the committee that when she called Mr. Huang in October 1996, she didn't know he was a fugitive. Meanwhile, former White House aide Mark Middleton took the fifth Amendment before Rep. Dan Burton's committee. The questioning had to do with weather Mr. Middleton was involved with raising money from the Chinese and other foreign interests for the Democratic National Committee. By coincidence the Ex-Im Bank to which Ms. Weaver aspires counts China among its biggest clients. Somehow these Clinton friends with memory-deficit disorder don't inspire confidence in the way a relatively normal Democratic administration would. Now for a bit of news that has not been reported in the media: Vanessa Weaver's appointment to the Ex-Im bank did not go through! ...."

Washington Weekly 8/9/99 Marvin Lee "...Burton asked Middleton about a statement attributed to Liu Chao-Ying, an agent of the Chinese intelligence, that Mark Middleton got a half-million dollars through a group in Singapore to "do good things for China." "We've received testimony that you were doing something clandestine with agents of the Chinese military -- the daughter of the PLA's most senior general. It was very cryptic. But since you haven't spoken to us, it's all we have to go on," Burton said. What is known is that Middleton was instrumental in buying the silence of Whitewater witness Webster Hubbell with money from China. James Riady and John Huang met repeatedly with Middleton in the White House before wiring $100,000 from a Hong Kong bank partly owned by Chinese intelligence to Webster Hubbell. And when Chinese Triad Mobster Ng Lap-seng entered the U.S. with a suitcase containing $175,000 in cash, he went to see Mark Middleton at the White House. Ng Lap-seng is a friend of Clinton crony Charlie Trie and has been suspected of carrying cash between the Chinese government and the White House. The White House has never accounted for the source of or the spending of these suitcases full of cash, and neither Ng Lap-seng nor Middleton are willing to talk...."

Atlanta Constitution 8/15/99 Rebecca Carr "…Wang first caught the eye of congressional investigators when he visited the White House on Feb. 6, 1996, with Charlie Trie, a former restaurateur and friend of the Clintons from Arkansas…. When news of Wang's trip to the White House first surfaced, President Clinton went out of his way to say that it was "clearly inappropriate" for a Chinese arms dealer to appear at the White House. At the time, Clinton aides said they had no prior knowledge of Wang's gun dealing background, nor did they know of his close ties to the Chinese army. But Collins said he gave top White House aides detailed information about Wang at a private White House luncheon in early May 1994. Collins was asked to speak to a small gathering of business leaders at the White House luncheon after escorting Deng Xiaoping's son, Deng Zhifang, to some of America's premier corporate centers. At the gathering, Collins said, were former White House Counsel Thomas "Mack" McLarty and former senior aide Mark Middleton, who later became a target of the campaign fund-raising probe…."

Atlanta Constitution 8/15/99 Rebecca Carr "…After the lunch, Collins said, Middleton called for more details about Wang. Collins said he told Middleton that Wang is the son of former Chinese Vice President Wang Zhen and that his companies were connected with the Chinese military. "He grilled me and grilled me. . . . It's hard to believe that they didn't know who he was," Collins said. If White House aides didn't know then who Wang was, they soon would learn. Wang's visit drew sharp criticism from lawmakers, including some Democrats, who said it was an example of the lengths the White House would go to raise a campaign dollar. If the White House had simply reviewed Poly's annual report, it would have found that the report lists its defense system sales….. However, Wang used Poly to arm Third World countries and funnel American military technology back to China, internal company records and interviews show. "Wang's Poly Group is Communist China's worst worldwide proliferator of deadly weapons, having brokered the sale of cruise missiles to Iran and nuclear weapons to Pakistan," Cox explained. Congressional investigators believe that Poly also sold M-9 nuclear-capable missile technology to Syria and arms to both sides of the Iraq-Iran war in the 1980s. Burma was another customer. …"

The Washington Times: 8/20/99 "…A former White House official invoked his Fifth Amendment rights 28 times yesterday in refusing to testify during a rancorous House committee hearing on campaign finance abuses during the 1996 presidential election. Mark Middleton, an Arkansas lawyer and longtime confidant of President Clinton, steadfastly refused to answer questions by House Government Reform Committee Republicans on whether he conspired with government officials in China or elsewhere to illegally funnel contributions to the Democratic National Committee or the Clinton-Gore re-election campaign. …The committee's ranking Democrat, Rep. Henry A. Waxman of California, derided Mr. Burton and other Republicans for what he described as a "malicious and misleading hearing." He said Mr. Middleton was called as a witness by the GOP after he said he would refuse to cooperate only so that he could be "punished." …. Meanwhile, Attorney General Janet Reno yesterday denied that the Justice Department was stalling its campaign finance task force probe to block congressional Republicans from conducting their own inquiries. She said it was "certainly not true" that the department has marked some probes as "ongoing" to halt efforts by the GOP to investigate the accusations…."

The Washington Post Magazine's Inside the Loop: 8/20/99 "…When we last checked, Mark Middleton, a former assistant to former White House chief of staff Thomas F. "Mack" McLarty, was being criticized for entertaining his potential business clients from Asia in White House dining facilities long after he left the White House. And House investigators wanted to talk to the native Arkansan and business partner of Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie about Asian campaign contributions--but Middleton, who left the White House in early 1995, took the Fifth. Just a few weeks ago, Middleton, looking very blond and boyish, showed up in--where else ?--Beijing, where he was seen shepherding around officials of a Little Rock investment company called Talisman Capital, including managing director Geoffrey Tirman. We're told they are involved in a deal to invest several million dollars, along with the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post…"

Chang-Lin Tien

Martin Berlin Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering and Chancellor University of California Berkeley, CA 94720 Personal: Born July 24, 1935, China; Naturalized U.S. Citizen...BS, National Taiwan University, 1955 MME, University of Louisville, 1957 MA, Princeton University, 1959 PhD, Princeton University, 1959 ...President's Advisory Board, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (1991-); Board of Trustees, Chiang Industrial Charity Foundation, Ltd., Hong Kong (1991-); Board of Directors, Wells Fargo Bank (1991-)...Honorary Professor, twelve leading universities in China since 1981; Honorary Professor and Director, Xi'an Jiaotong University Engineering Thermophysics Research Institute (1987-); Honorary Research Professor, Chinese Academy of Science-Institute of Thermophysics [China] (1981-); Visiting Viola D. Hank Chair Professor, University of Notre Dame (1983); Senior U.S. Scientist Fellowship, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (1980); Senior U.S. Scientist Award, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation [West Germany] (1979); John Simon Guggenheim Fellow (1965)...." "...Clinton Names Chang-Lin Tien To Serve on Science Board...The President has announced his intent to nominate University of California-Berkeley Professor Chang-Lin Tien, to serve as a member of the National Science Board, along with fellow nominees Luis Sequeira, George Langford, Maxine Savitz, and Joseph Miller.....At age 26 (in 1962) Dr. Tien became the youngest professor to receive the prestigious U.C. Berkeley Distinguished Teaching Award. Dr. Tien has a master's degree from the University of Louisville, and a master's and a Ph.D. from Princeton. Earlier this year, Chancellor Tien had also been in the running for the position of Secretary of Energy, which finally went to U.N. Ambassador Bill Richardson. In that nomination, Tien had been widely supported by scientists and made it to the final round of considerations, inspiring many Asian Americans to hope for future Asian Pacific American appointments that might ensure "a Cabinet that reflected the face of America." At the time, Chancellor Tien had found Richardson a well-qualified choice, and said he stood ready and willing to serve the country in some other capacity should the opportunity arise...." "...Chang-Lin Tien Chancellor, 1990-1997...Chang-Lin Tien was born in Wuhan, China, and received his B.S. degree from National Taiwan University in 1955. He earned an MME degree at the University of Louisville in 1957, and MA and PhD degrees at Princeton in 1957 and 1959. He joined the faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Berkeley in 1959, and he served as the chair of the department from 1974 to 1981. He was appointed the seventh Chancellor of the Berkeley campus in 1990. Apart from service as Executive Vice Chancellor at Irvine from 1988 to 1990, his entire career has been spent at Berkeley..... Continuing necessity for fund-raising has been met with outstanding success: extramural research support increased by 35% even in the face of declining federal support, and the level of private gifts to a public university has soared to new records enabling research and academic excellence to remain consistently high..... Tien has been a champion of preserving the excellence of the Berkeley campus in other ways also. He spoke out against the effects of the University's early retirement programs on the makeup of the faculty, and more recently he became the spokesman for retaining affirmative action as a proper means of assuring higher education to all those who deserve it.... "

AsianWeek 4/30-5/6 1998 Sam Chu Lin "...Asian Pacific American leaders across the country are calling on the Clinton administration to name an Asian American to replace outgoing Secretary of Energy Federico Pena. Former UC Berkeley Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien, who made the White House finalist list the last time, is again being mentioned, and he says he'll accept--if given the chance..... Those developments haven't dampened the spirits of those who are trying to rally support for Tien. According to Jim Bonham, Matsui's press aide, a letter of endorsement for the former chancellor is now being circulated in the California congressional delegation, and Matsui has signed it.... The professor's supporters also point out Tien has valuable experience and prestige unmatched by other contenders. Henry Manayan, the mayor of the Bay Area city of Milpitas and an American of Chinese, Filipino and Spanish descent, noted that "when I make trade mission trips to the Peoples Republic of China, I have learned Chancellor Tien has tremendous name recognition as a public figure, someone who is very accomplished, and whom they attach a lot of weight."....San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown also knows this first hand. Tien helped to arrange a meeting between Brown and President Jiang Zemin during the mayor's trade mission to China last year. Thanks to Tien's contacts, Brown also became the first major U.S. official to speak at Beijing University since the Tianamen Square incident..... Shortly before the White House announced Pena's nomination to the Energy Department, the Washington Post newspaper reported that Tien had accepted a contribution from the Riadys, the Indonesian family embroiled in the controversy. Tien has said he met Riady only once, and that the contribution was made to the university....."

National Review On Line 8/5/99 "..."The suspect unfairly tried to use the race card," complained Bill Richardson on Tuesday, in response to Wen Ho Lee's charge on "60 Minutes" that he was fired from his job at Los Alamos because he was the only Asian-American scientist in his weapons-design group. Added Richardson: "He tried to portray himself as a victim after he massively violated our security system." ....Perhaps he's decided, since then, that race has no part in this discussion. If so, good for him. Now he should condemn President Clinton, who played his own race card last week in a truly bizarre forum: a press release issued from Air Force One expressing his "special gratitude" to Chang Lin Tien, former chancellor of UC-Berkeley, for starting work on the National Science Board. "It is intolerable that the patriotism of Asian-Pacific American scientists be questioned in the wake of recent allegations of espionage at one of our national laboratories," said Clinton. "Racism and stereotyping have no place in our One America in the 21st century." ...."

THE WHITE HOUSE: Statement by the Press Secretary, M2 PressWIRE, 7/30/99 "...The President wishes to express his special gratitude to Professor Chang Lin Tien, who begins his service today on the National Science Board. Professor Tien and other Board members help sustain American leadership across the frontiers of scientific knowledge. Professor Tien's rich background, as a world-class engineer and as the former Chancellor of the University of California at Berkeley, provides him with a unique understanding of the important links between science and technology, and education and society. "Asian Pacific American scientists and engineers have long made major contributions to our country, to our national security, and to our unmatched scientific enterprise," the President said. "That is why it is intolerable that the patriotism of Asian Pacific American scientists be questioned in the wake of recent allegations of espionage at one of our national laboratories. Security matters are of the highest priority in my Administration, but history has shown the damage to the lives of our citizens and to our society that results from the destructive grip of prejudice, suspicion and discrimination. Racism and stereotyping have no place in our One America in the 21st century." ...In answering the call to public service, Professor Tien carries on the principles and cherished traditions of Asian Pacific Americans who have helped build and strengthen our nation with diligence and determination...."

Freeper Jolly observes "...Okay we have Clinton making this weird preemptive statement above. We know he has conections with Jiang, and met with the Riady at least once. Now who was he involved with in HK none other then Hambrecht & Quist. This Silicon Harbor idea is somthing that H&Q is the lead investor in... Silicon Harbour `needs hordes' of skilled staff, Hong Kong Standard, 07/22/99 (Chinese Economy, Internet, HK) Excerpt: "He said he does not want to speculate the basis for the recent announcement by Prof Tien Chang-lin, chairman of the Commission on Innovation and Technology. Prof Tien said that several Taiwan companies are interested in investing in design and manufacture of advanced chips at Hong Kong's ``Silicon Harbour'' project. Prof Tien said on the eve of his departure to the US that one of a broad spectrum of high value-added activities that will be supported at Silicon Harbour is design of systems on a chip. His remark was received with reservation in informed circles...."

Another from Jolly "...Yue to head new trouble-shoot unit, Hong Kong Standard, 07/09/99 ....Asked who would succeed Professor Tien Chang-lin to head a standing advisory body to promote innovation and technology, Mr Chau said it was hard to find ``a person as brilliant''. ``Prof Tien is not only a well-known scientist but also has good interpersonal skills,'' Mr Chau said. ``You can see his achievements as principal of University of California at Berkeley for seven years.'' He complimented Prof Tien's contributions to Hong Kong's development of innovation and technology...... He had no comment on whether this person should be a Hong Kong native; or on the number of potential candidates at present being considered....."

Freeper Paul Cruse reports 8/9/99 "...When Tien was running UC-Berserkeley, the Admissions Dept. changed the 'race' of the Chinese applicants to 'white' .....Chinese enrollment at Berserkeley is over 40% now...."

Susan Rice

11/20/98 Executive Intelligence Review "…Susan Rice, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, is reported to have won her post at the U.S. State Department through strong pressure from Roger Winter, executive director of the U.S. Committee on Refugees, who pushed for her candidacy over the appointment of Howard Wolpe, now U.S. Special Envoy to the Great Lakes region, who was also a contender for the post. Her other known patron is Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who has been a life-long friend of Rice and her family, as Albright is quoted in the Washington Post of March 30. She also comes to the administration with the vetting of the neo-colonial apparatus in the British Commonwealth, which is the source of the policies Rice is carrying out. A Rhodes Scholar, she received her masters and doctorate degrees in International Relations at New College, Oxford University. In 1992, she was the recipient of the first annual award given by the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the British International Studies Association for the "most distinguished dissertation in the United Kingdom in the field of International Relations." Her topic was "The Commonwealth Initiative in Zimbabwe, 1979-80: Implications for International Peacekeeping." In 1990, she had also been awarded the Royal Commonwealth Society's Walter Frewen Lord Prize for "outstanding research in the field of Commonwealth History." Her first job was a management consultant in Toronto, for McKinsey and Company. Her next posting was at the U.S. National Security Council, as director for International Organizations and Peacekeeping in February 1993, and then as Special Assistant to the President and as Senior Director for African Affairs, from March 1995 until May 1997, when she was appointed by President Clinton as Assistant Secretary…."

11/20/98 Executive Intelligence Review "…The poverty of her knowledge of Africa itself has shocked the African diplomatic corps in Washington. Further, is the common complaint, she doesn't want to learn. "Many of my colleagues on Africa have a degree of understanding and expertise that I can't pretend to have," she told the Washington Post; and, says the Post, in its adulatory March 30 profile of her, "While the top brass are enchanted, she has not captured the hearts and minds of the grunts" in the State Department. She is known for not entertaining any views contradictory to the policy that has been set for her to carry out, and for blocking the flow of information that might show that policy's weakness or failure. She brooks no opposition, it is said, even from the U.S. President. When President Clinton, in South Africa, on March 27 had voiced his hopes for Gen. Sani Abacha's moving Nigeria toward democracy, the State Department was asked by a reporter if this did not contradict the policy stated by Rice on March 12, and which policy was correct. After first denying the President's statement, State Department spokesman James Foley stood by Rice's declaration, and stated that any other idea was "wildly hypothetical." "What Assistant Secretary Rice said stands," asserted Foley…." 8/29/99 Michael Moran "…THE PROBE was sparked by two stories earlier this month that detailed an offer by Sudan to turn over to the FBI two men taken off a plane from Nairobi the day after the twin embassy bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The Sudanese, who confirmed the offer in earlier interviews with MSNBC, held the men until Aug. 20, the day when the U.S. ordered a retaliatory Tomahawk missile strike on a Sudanese factory outside Khartoum. Sudan then deported the two men to Pakistan. Officials were unable, or unwilling, to describe their whereabouts today. The closed-door probe by investigators of the House and Senate Intelligence committees differ slightly in their scope. Several sources, including one who has answered questions before the two panels, said Congress wants to know why the Sudanese offer was not taken up, where the two men are today and whether inter-agency friction played any part in the missed opportunity….. Two top counterintelligence officials — Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Michael Sheehan and FBI counter-terrorism chief Michael Rolince — were among about a dozen people who have given evidence to investigators over the past two weeks, sources said. Without confirming his appearances, Rolince said Thursday that his working relationship with State Department and other counter-terrorism officials is "rock solid." "There may have been a couple of people who had disagreements with State," he said. "But I’ve been here through the whole ordeal, and we all understand each others’ strengths and weaknesses and we’re very much in synch" with the State Department’s efforts. …."

11/20/98 Executive Intelligence Review "…An EIR team probing the causes behind the genocidal wars that have been ravaging East and Central Africa over the last four years, has uncovered a covert arms and logistical supply network run out of the U.S. State Department, which mirrors precisely the notorious Iran-Contra arms supply operation of the 1980s….. The parallel to the Bush-North operations is precise: Incontrovertible evidence accumulated by EIR demonstrates that the same extra-governmental "assets" used by North in widespread illegal narcotics- and arms-trafficking, are channelling arms and military aid into Central Africa. In this new "Central African" supply operation, standing in for the drug-smuggling gangsters of the Nicaraguan Contra operation, are the African "rebels" fighting the governments of Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and any other Central African nation targetted by British intelligence's leading warlord in the region, Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni.

The two leading operatives who have been caught red-handed in such dirty operations toward Central Africa are U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Susan Rice, and Roger Winter, executive director of the U.S. Committee on Refugees. EIR has uncovered two, overlapping operations. First, is the covert supply of arms to the Sudanese People's Liberation Army (SPLA) of John Garang, which has waged a totally unsuccessful but nevertheless genocidal war against the Sudan government since 1983. The second involves covert military logistical aid to the so-called rebel forces arrayed against the government of Laurent Kabila in the Democratic Republic of Congo, an operation being run directly out of the U.S. State Department with the oversight of Rice….The evidence gathered by the EIR team, even if incomplete, tends to confirm the many rumors and allegations circulating throughout Central Africa and among those involved in Africa policy in Europe and elsewhere, that while the U.S. government's public policy to attempt to act as the "honest mediator" in the war around the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the United States is, in fact, supporting--with arms, supplies, training, and logistical support--those very forces under the control of Uganda and Rwanda, which violated international law to invade the Congo on Aug. 2, and now hold large chunks of its eastern and central territory. Thus, while Susan Rice was engaging in highly publicized shuttling among Central African capitals, to demand that Congo allies Angola and Zimbabwe withdraw their troops from the Congo, in order to prevent a "wider conflagration," back in Washington, EIR has uncovered, her underlings were in the process of vetting private contractors to give logistical support to the Ugandan- and Rwandan-backed rebels in the Congo….."

11/20/98 Executive Intelligence Review "… In this case, according to a confidential source, under Rice's direction, Ricardo Zuniga, operations officer for the State Department's East African Affairs section, is seeking aid from private contractors to supply and provide an airlift to Museveni's combatants in the Congo. Zuniga is reportedly a middle-level foreign service officer, with previous postings in Mexico and Portugal. Within the State Department, it is widely believed that Rice's closest adviser on Africa is Roger Winter, director of the U.S. Committee on Refugees, who has rammed through the policy of war in Central Africa as the policy of the State Department. In September 1997, Winter, along with John Prendergast of the U.S. National Security Council, declared Rice to be one of their "team" to lead the United States into support of a total war against the government of Sudan, to be waged on the ground by the Ugandan and allied armies. Rice's other key adviser is Philip Gourevitch, a journalist with The New Yorker, who has fashioned a career for himself in the last four years as an expert on the bloodletting in Rwanda in 1994. He is known to be personally close to Rwandan Defense Minister Kagame. Prior to joining The New Yorker, Gourevitch was the New York correspondent for the neo-conservative Jewish weekly, The Forward.[FIGURE 201]

11/20/98 Executive Intelligence Review "…EIR is in possession of more detailed information concerning the operations uncovered than we present in this report. The file is by no means closed, and EIR is continuing to dig deeper, to uncover the real causes behind the terrible slaughter and suffering that have ravaged Africa under the regional leadership of Museveni…."

11/20/98 Executive Intelligence Review "…Rice has used the clout associated with her post to ram through a policy of proxy war against Sudan by the United States through Uganda and Eritrea. She was reportedly a strong advocate of the Aug. 20 U.S. air attack on the Al-Shifa pharmaceutical plant in Khartoum, on the grounds that it was housing a chemical weapons capability--charges for which the administration has not been able to present sound evidence.

In general, Rice came into the office with a policy of attaching the United States to the "new breed" of African leaders first heralded in the Jan. 14, 1997 London Times. This breed centers around Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, and included Eritrean military dictator Isaias Afwerki, Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi, Congolese dictator Laurent Kabila, and Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame. One of this coalition's major aims was to bring down the Sudan government; however, the coalition has fallen to pieces, as war has broken out between Ethiopia and Eritrea, and between Kabila's Congo on one side and Ugandan and Rwanda on the other. Rice's "peace efforts" have come to naught in both cases…."

11/20/98 Executive Intelligence Review "…Rice's animosity toward Sudan is unyielding, as she has stated that "Sudan is the only state in sub-Saharan Africa that poses a direct threat to U.S. national security interests." In her current post, and before that, at the NSC Africa desk, she refused to meet with Sudanese Ambassador to the United States Mahdi Ibrahim Mohamed, despite the ongoing diplomatic relations between the two countries. She has been nearly as extreme in her targetting of Nigeria. In a speech at the Brookings Institution on March 12, Rice enunciated her policy toward Nigeria: "Let me state clearly and unequivocally to you today that an electoral victory by any military candidate in the forthcoming Presidential elections would be unacceptable"--the first time that such a policy had been so stated by Washington. Her father, Emmet Rice, was a former adviser to the Central Bank of Nigeria.To the extent that she has any expertise, it is in peacekeeping and military operations, and Rice has been involved in the details in formulating the African Crisis Response Initiative (ACRI), which calls for the formation of regional armies that would deploy at the behest of supranational organizations, such as the UN Security Council, or the Organization of African Unity.


9/21/98 NY Times "…In May 1996, at the request of the United States and Saudi Arabia, Sudan expelled bin Laden, who moved to Afghanistan. Sudanese officials also say that they sent 100 of his operatives and their dependents to Afghanistan as well. But U.S. officials were convinced that the Sudanese were insincere. "With the exception of the expulsion of Osama bin Laden, which was not followed by any steps to get rid of his financial network, they have not done anything serious," Ms. Rice said. ….In February 1997, Sudanese President Oman al-Bashir sent President Clinton a personal letter. It offered, among other things, to allow U.S. intelligence, law-enforcement and counterterrorism personnel to enter Sudan and to go anywhere and see anything, to help stamp out terrorism. The United States never replied to that letter; the isolaters derided it as a meaningless "charm offensive" by Sudan, in Ms. Rice's words. A senior Sudanese official made a similar offer directly to the F.B.I. six months ago -- send a counter-terrorism team to Sudan, and we will help in any way we can, it said. The F.B.I. wrote back more than four months later, in June, declining the opportunity…."

AP 5/30/00 Casimiro Siona "……The top United States' official for Africa expressed support on Saturday for Angola's military efforts to end a protracted civil war against the UNITA rebels. But Susan Rice, assistant U.S. secretary of state for African affairs, also said negotiations between the government and UNITA appeared unlikely at the moment. …… The fastest way to end the conflict, she said, would be for UNITA leader Jonas Savimbi to abide by a 1994 peace deal, end military actions and disarm. ``But, since he won't do that, the military response is a necessary part of the government's efforts for peace.'' ….. "

Wen-Ho and Sylvia Lee 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "... By mid-August 1997, the information compiled by the FBI in support of its FISA application and presented to OIPR included the following: DOE counterintelligence and weapons experts had concluded that there was a great probability that the W-88 information had been compromised between 1984 and 1988 at the nuclear weapons division of the Los Alamos laboratory. It was standard PRC intelligence tradecraft to focus particularly upon targeting and recruitment of ethnic Chinese living in foreign countries (e.g., Chinese-Americans). It is common in PRC intelligence tradecraft to use academic delegations -- rather than traditional intelligence officers -- to collect information on science-related topics. It was, in fact, standard PRC intelligence tradecraft to use scientific delegations to identify and target scientists working at restricted United States facilities such as LANL, since they "have better access than PRC intelligence personnel to scientists and other counterparts at the United States National Laboratories * * *." Sylvia Lee had extremely close contacts with visiting Chinese scientific delegations. Sylvia Lee, in fact, had volunteered to act as hostess for visiting Chinese scientific delegations at LANL when such visits first began in 1980, and had apparently had more extensive contacts and closer relationships with these delegations than anyone else at the laboratory. On one occasion, moreover, Wen-Ho Lee had himself aggressively sought involvement with a visiting Chinese scientific delegation, insisting upon acting as an interpreter for the group despite his inability to perform this function very effectively. 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...Sylvia Lee was involuntarily terminated at LANL during a reduction-in-force in 1995. Her personnel file indicated incidents of security violations and threats she allegedly made against coworkers. In 1986, Wen-Ho Lee and his wife traveled to China on LANL business to deliver a paper on nuclear weapons-related science to a symposium in Beijing. He visited the Chinese laboratory -- the Institute for Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics (IAPCM) -- that designs the PRC's nuclear weapons. The Lees visited the PRC -- and IAPCM -- on LANL business again in 1988. It was standard PRC intelligence tradecraft, when targeting ethnic Chinese living overseas, to encourage travel to the "homeland" -- particularly where visits to ancestral villages and/or old family members could be arranged -- as a way of trying to dilute loyalty to other countries and encouraging solidarity with the authorities in Beijing. 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...The Lees took vacation time to travel elsewhere in China during their two trips to China in 1986 and 1988. The FBI also learned of the Lees' purchase of unknown goods or services from a travel agent in Hong Kong while on a trip to that colony and to Taiwan in 1992. FBI agents speculated that this payment might have been for tickets for an unreported side trip across the border into the PRC. Though Wen-Ho Lee had visited IAPCM in both 1986 and 1988 and had filed "contact reports" claiming to recount all of the Chinese scientists he met there, he had failed to disclose certain information that the FBI deemed significant. 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...Wen-Ho Lee worked on specialized computer codes at Los Alamos -- so-called "legacy codes" related to nuclear testing data -- that were a particular target for Chinese intelligence. The FBI learned that during a visit to Los Alamos by scientists from IAPCM, Lee had discussed certain unclassified (but weapons-related) computer codes with the Chinese delegation. It was reported that Lee had helped the Chinese scientists with their codes by providing software and calculations relating to hydrodynamics. 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...In 1997, Lee had requested permission to hire a graduate student, a Chinese national, to help him with work on "Lagrangian codes" at LANL. When the FBI evaluated this request, investigators were told by laboratory officials that there was no such thing as an unclassified Lagrangian code, which describes certain hydrodynamic processes and are used to model some aspects of nuclear weapons testing. 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...In 1984, the FBI questioned Wen-Ho Lee about his 1982 contact with a U.S. scientist at another DOE nuclear weapons laboratory who was under investigation. When questioned about this contact, Lee gave deceptive answers. After offering further explanations, Lee took a polygraph, claiming that he had been concerned only with this other scientist's alleged passing of unclassified information to a foreign government against DOE and Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations -- something that Lee himself admitted doing. (The FBI closed this investigation of Lee in 1984.) 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...The FBI, as noted above, had begun another investigation into Lee in the early 1990s, before the W-88 compromise came to light. This investigation was based upon an FBI investigative lead that could reasonably be interpreted to indicate that Lee had provided significant assistance to the PRC. The FBI obtained a copy of a note on IAPCM letterhead dated 1987 listing three LANL reports by their laboratory publication number. On this note, in English, was a handwritten comment to "Linda" saying "[t]he Deputy Director of this Institute asked [for] these paper[s]. His name is Dr. Zheng Shaotang. Please check if they are unclassified and send to them. Thanks a lot. Sylvia Lee." 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "... On December 23, 1998, Wen-Ho Lee took a polygraph test administered by a private security contractor working for DOE, the Wackenhut Corporation. After FBI and DOE officials reviewed these results, LANL removed Lee's access to classified information. On February 10, 1999, Wen-Ho Lee was given another polygraph test, this time by the FBI. Specifically, among the questions in this second test were the following: "Have you ever given any of [a particular type of classified computer code related to nuclear weapons testing] to any unauthorized person?" and "Have you ever passed W-88 information to any unauthorized person?" Wen-Ho Lee failed this polygraph test. 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...On March 6, the New York Times ran its first story about Chinese nuclear espionage at the DOE laboratories. DOE had continued to employ Lee despite Director Freeh's 1997 warning that there was no longer any investigative need to keep him in position and despite the failed polygraph a month before. It was not until March 8, 1999 that the Department actually fired Lee. (Energy Secretary Richardson has said that it was "strictly a coincidence" that this occurred within 48 hours of the first press accounts.) The FBI still lacked FISA authority to mount surveillance upon the Lees, but in March 1999 it asked and obtained Lee's permission to search his office and his office computer. Upon conducting this search, the FBI discovered that Lee had undertaken certain suspicious activities on his office computer

Erskine Bowles

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....Erskine Bowles Administrator for the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) (March 1993-October 1994) White House Deputy Chief of Staff (October 1994-December 1995) White House Chief of Staff (January 1997-November 1998) ........ Bowles was the founder, chairman and CEO of Bowles Hollowell Conner & Co. from 1975-1993. Bowles is defined as an investment banker and his firm deals in mergers and acquisitions for mid-size companies. This could be a conflict of interest with his 1 1/2 year stint as head of the U.S. Small Business Administration dealing with small to mid-size companies. But with the Clinton associate's documented abuse of the SBA this is not unusual. .....From the Washington Post 4/2/97: "Bowles got to know Hubbell in late 1992, during a post-election economic summit in Little Rock attended by Kantor, members of the Lippo-controlling Riady family and others who later were involved in arranging payments to Hubbell." From the First Union Corporation's webside: "And in 1998, the firm[First Union] purchased M&A advisory boutique Bowles Hollowell Conner & Co. (which was co-founded by former White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles)." "When North Carolina-based M&A boutique Bowles Hollowell Connor announced it would be acquired by commercial bank First Union in the spring of 1998, much interest focused on one of the firm's name founders, former White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles. Was the firm's acquisition only interesting because of the White House connection? Far from it." "...And while BHC was indeed co-founded by Erskine Bowles in 1975, Bowles has sold his stake and is no longer affiliated with the company." Well, that certainly puts it all above board. Oops - what's this? The old reappearing act... Also from their webside - "Charlotte, N.C., March 12 [1999]/PRNewswire/ -- First Union Corporation (NYSE: FTU) today announced the nominations of Erskine B. Bowles and James E. S. Hynes to its board of directors. First Union shareholders will vote on the nominations at the annual shareholders meeting in April." Now that's more like it! ....."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....From the Reuters Business Report February 15, 1995, "First Union Corp, a North Carolina-based banking company, and Hong Kong's Lippo Ltd. said Wednesday they will combine marketing efforts in a trade finance network in Southeast Asia and the Pacific rim. The two banking companies also plan to expand joint operations in Los Angeles at Lippo Bank, Calif., to process letter of credit and related services as of April. The deal builds on an agreement in December between Lippo's Hong Kong Chinese Bank and First Union to form a joint deposit-taking company. That venture, First Union HKCB Asia Ltd., provides trade financing services in Hong Kong, China and the United States. First Union and Lippo Group also are launching a trade initiative that will provide international products and services through Lippo Group offices in Jakarta, Indonesia; Manila, Philippines; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Bangkok, Thailand; and Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in Vietnam. 'By linking this Asian network to our international products and services through Lippo Group offices in Charlotte and Miami, we are gaining a competitive advantage that will enable First Union and the Lippo Group to substantially increase the flow of trade transactions' First Union said in a statement." The New York Times 4/24/97: "In the United States, Lippo has a banking alliance with First Union Corp., a banking giant based in North Carolina."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....So, with First Union's connection with Lippo, the question is did Bowles Hollowell Connor have dealings with First Union before its acquisition? In a telephone conversation with BHC's Marketing Department they confirmed the following statement: "Bowles Hollowell Connor has been dealing with First Union over the past 25 years." And further added that they were right down the block from them. This just might explain how two Lippo connected appointees, McLarty and Bowles, managed to get a $100,000 'consulting fee' from Lippo to Hubbell. Currently First Union does not advertise the Lippo connection - for obvious reasons. However, The Lippo Group website proudly lists this anomaly as "Lippo + First Union Bank, USA - First Union HKCB Asia Ltd." ....."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....American Spectator in March 1997 stated: "As one congressional staffer who has been tracking China Resources points out, Lippo boss Mochtar Riady "has a symbiotic relationship with the Chinese government. They sit on the same boards together through the Hong Kong Chinese Bank. The Chinese could easily have gained access to Lippo bank computers, and through them to the entire U.S. banking system" because of Lippo's relationship to the Worthen Bank in Arkansas and to First Union, one of the largest banks in the American Southeast." ......From the Carousel website: "Charlotte, N.C., January 6, 1999 -- Carousel Capital today announced the return of firm co-founder and former White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles as a general partner." " Carousel Capital is one of the largest merchant banks in the Southeast, with over $160 million in equity commitments. The firm focuses on acquiring Southeast-based middle market companies." "Carousel investors include Bank of America [was NationsBank] and First Union...". [Emphasis added.] ....."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....So there you have Bowles, integrally entwined with NationsBank which loaned the DNC the bail out money for the corrupt campaign, the same bank that bought out the infamous Lippo-connected Worthen Bank of Little Rock. You have Bowles becoming acquainted with the Lippo-controlling Riady family in 1992. You also have him entwined with the Lippo-connected First Union through the dealings with his company Bowles Hollowell Conner. You now have him on the board of directors of First Union. You have both NationsBank [Bank of America] and First Union investing in Bowles' new company, Carousel. And, last but not least, you know that Bowles and McLarty obtained the work-free pay for Hubbell in the amount of $100,000 from Lippo. Convoluted? A bit - but a few more dots connected, nonetheless... "


Mack McLarty

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....Thomas F. "Mack" McLarty - White House Chief of Staff (January 1993 - July 1994) Counselor to the President (July 1994 - July 1998) With prior experience as the treasurer of Clinton's gubernatorial campaigns, his experience with the corrupt Arkansas Clinton administration and his personal relationship with the 'players', McLarty knew the rules - a natural pick for the White House Chief of Staff, who would lay the groundwork for the corruption that has engulfed the executive branch. The first hurdle - the old security clearance problem, so necessary to screen people with access to classified information and guard our national security. With all the corruption that Clinton was dragging along with him in the form of 'appointees/nominees' - there was definitely a problem. Aha - not with Mr. McLarty in place... According to the Washington Times, 3/23/94: McLarty was "the author of guidelines for presidential personnel." As could be expected, there was a large problem, as the law frowns on questionable activity such as the hard drug use. So it was the old foot-dragging in play - something at which this administration has become a master when confronted with a roadblock. And it worked. More than 100 staffers stayed in their positions, without the proper clearances for 14 months - in fact, the final copy of the 'report' authored by McLarty did not reach his own desk until 14 months later, on March 5, 1994.....

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass ".... The next task was to set the stage for illegal campaign fundraising, by abandoning the rules that were in place for the vetting process [normally done by the National Security Council] to weed out Communists, arms dealers and the likes of Charlie Trie, the Riadys, Huang, and a whole array of 'questionable' characters who were the Arkansas/Chinese connection. McLarty created the revolving door policy at the White House, which would go unchallenged through the 1996 elections. As CNN/AllPolitics/Time reported: National Security Council chief Lake told the Senate panel that "the White House had no formal process for vetting foreign nationals invited to the White House. It probably didn't help matters that White House chief of staff Mack McLarty knew in Little Rock, Arkansas, many of the people who kept insisting in letters and memos on their friendship with Clinton as they planned trips to the Orient and demanded talking points, letters of credential and other favors." "

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....By the time McLarty was eased out in 1994 and replaced by Leon Panetta, the die was cast. Panetta never stepped back in to fix the process", says a Lake intimate. [Emphasis added.]

At this point the stage was set - Arkansas style. The new Clinton administration would not be bogged down by the 'trivia' put in place to protect the office and the national security. Clinton's Arkansas cronies, and their cronies, now had free run of the White House, without the need for security checks. The rest is history... And exactly who is Thomas F. "Mack" McLarty? Well, for starters, McLarty was, and is currently, on the Board of Directors of Entergy Corp, a major contributor to the Democrat National Committee and Clinton. According to the Associated Press, 1/14/97: "Lippo, whose U.S.-based executives have been major contributors to President Clinton and the Democrats, has close business ties to the Chinese government. Lippo and a U.S. energy company, Entergy, are involved in a $1 billion joint venture to build a power plant in China. (Hillary's former law partner at the Rose Law Firm, C. Joseph Giroir, Jr., handled the 'deal' which later fell through.) According to Judicial Watch, this transaction was heavily promoted on the infamous 1994 trade mission trip to China (while McLarty was at the White House) that included almost all of the key actors in the Chinagate scandal, along with the Lippo Group, John Huang ['alleged' spy who made frequent calls to 's Bernie Schwartz and, of course, Entergy Corp...."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....Mr. McLarty was also chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Arkla, Inc. before going to the White House. Washington Weekly reports McLarty's probable involvement in the bribing scandal at Arkla, the Arkansas company that he headed prior to joining the White House. When indictments were handed down in June 1993, McLarty was already at work in the Clinton administration - and no executives were named. This scandal apparently involved Ron Brown and John Huang.

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....McLarty himself was involved in the Whitewater scandal and was also part of the strategy team in the White House, meeting sometimes twice daily in an attempt to stave off the investigation. McLarty was in on the planning and implementation of a $1.7 million taxpayer financed White House computer database that contained names and information about more than 355,000 friends and supporters of the president. An illegal operation for which McLarty asked for the "full support" of the senior White House staff. McLarty was also in charge when the FBI files were illegally obtained. McLarty's revolving door policy at the White House gave him the 'opportunity' to meet Roger Tamaraz and to recommend that the Clinton have a private meeting with him regarding a 'pipeline' deal....."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....McLarty worked with Brown and Panetta on getting waivers that enabled the transfer of sensitive technology to Communist China. McLarty continued to set up meetings for the President with the 'key players' such as Riady and acted as a go-between for Lippo and the White House.....McLarty authorized the Travel Office firings and was then put in charge of the White House Management Review established to investigate [whitewash] the matter. According to Softwar, Wide World Travel, the Arkansas booking agency was brought in to replace the fired Travel Office employees. And by coincidence, of course, Clinton's 1992 campaign travel was supplied ($1 million in deferred billing) compliments of World Wide Travel whose principal backer was Lippo Group's Worthen Bank...."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....McLarty helped 'search' for Hillary's missing Rose law firm billing records. McLarty was involved in concealing Vincent Foster's 'suicide note'. (The brother-in-law of McLarty's long time friend, the late Vincent Foster, is the chief Washington lobbyist for Entergy. Small world?)

McLarty, who found himself under Congressional and Department of Justice investigation, had a 'memory lapse' before the committee depositions over 200 times. ..."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....The apparent downfall of McLarty was his participation, with the future Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles, in the 'job' hunt for his long time friend and soon-to-be convicted felon, the former Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell. They were able to drum up more than $500,000 in payments for Hubbell, including $100,000 from the Lippo Group......This, coupled with the fact that no one could determine Hubbell's 'job' description, led to investigations and the obvious suspicion that McLarty had purchased Hubbell's silence in the other criminal investigations regarding the Clintons and their associates. The charges were of enough concern to prompt the President to assert Executive Privilege for McLarty (which he later withdrew)....."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass ".....As reported in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 1/25/98: "McLarty is Clinton's former chief of staff, a long-time ally who is considered the man closest to the president. After choosing his own successor, Leon Panetta, in 1994, McLarty remained at the White House, where he serves as Clinton's personal adviser as well as special envoy to the Americas." ....It should be noted, however, that while McLarty stepped down from the position of Chief of Staff, he did not give up his access to the President. McLarty remained a major 'player' right up until his exit from the White House in July 1998. As the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 1/25/98, reported: "McLarty and Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles know where the president is at all times. Black boxes in their offices digitally display his whereabouts, but they don't always know whom he's with." ...."


Associated Press 11/19/99 "….A Little Rock, Ark., accountant has agreed to pay nearly $150,000 to settle regulators' allegations he improperly used information from former presidential adviser Mack McLarty to trade in Mobil Corp. securities before its merger talks with Exxon Corp. became known. Stephen B. Humphries neither admitted nor denied wrongdoing in his settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which was announced Thursday. He was accused of making $70,000 in the alleged insider trading last November and December. McLarty, who now is a business associate of Humphries, was not accused of any wrongdoing. ….."


Terry McAuliffe

Washington Post 9/4/99 Ruth Marcus "…After President Clinton and fund-raiser extraordinaire Terry McAuliffe played a round of golf in upstate New York on Tuesday, the president made an unscheduled visit to St. Camillus Nursing Home to visit McAuliffe's ailing 79-year-old mother, Millie, who recently had hip replacement surgery. Later in the week, McAuliffe returned the favor -- and then some. When former White House chief of staff Erskine B. Bowles at the last minute balked at guaranteeing a $1.35 million mortgage for the Clintons' new house in Chappaqua, N.Y., McAuliffe rode to the president's rescue. In a move that enables the Clintons to buy the house -- and Hillary Rodham Clinton to have a base for her New York Senate run -- the 42-year-old real estate developer and dealmaker pledged to put up $1.35 million in cash to secure a mortgage for the Clintons. Otherwise, swamped by more than $5 million in legal debts, the Clintons might have had difficulty obtaining the loan for the five-bedroom, century-old house. Ethics law experts said yesterday that there is no legal difficulty with the Clintons' accepting McAuliffe's help, but some questioned the propriety of the president's accepting such a benefit from a private citizen. "It's just plain wrong. It's dangerous. It's inappropriate," said Fred Wertheimer of Democracy 21. "This is a financial favor worth over a million dollars to the president." McAuliffe is not actually giving any money to the Clintons. Rather, he will deposit $1.35 million in cash -- the full amount of their mortgage -- with Bankers Trust; the only risk to McAuliffe's money is in the unlikely event that the Clintons default…..Some mortgage bankers said McAuliffe's intervention either allowed the Clintons to obtain what might appear to be an otherwise risky loan or to secure a lower interest rate because the mortgage is fully backed by collateral….."It's hard to imagine how it isn't a gift," said one private lawyer who specializes in government ethics. "It's not that he wrote him a letter commending his character. He's put $1.3 million in cash out and doesn't have the use of that for the period of the balloon clause. . . . There's no way of seeing it as something not of value to the Clintons." ….."

12/22/97 Business Week "…At 40,the boyish-looking Terence R.McAuliffe is the reigning king of Democratic fund-raising. Says mentor Tony Coelho, a former Democratic lawmaker who gave McAuliffe his first big fund-raising job in 1982: "He's got the best Rolodex in America." No kidding. As finance chairman for the Clintont/Gore Reelection Committee, McAuliffe pulled in a staggering $43 million in eight months. That made him the front runner to head the Democratic National Committee-a job he turned down. Instead, McAuliffe has turned his attention to his home building, insurance, and marketing businesses. But McAuliffe is finding that it's not easy putting politics behind him. His name has been linked to the fund-raising scandal that resulted in the disqualification of Teamsters President Ronald Carey. The U. S. Attorney's Office in Washington is trying to learn more about how McAuliffe earned a lucrative fee in helping Prudential Insurance Co. of America lease a downtown Washington building to the government.Prudential just settled a civil case involving that lease for over $300,000 without admitting any liability…… And Labor Dept. probers are looking at possible conflicts of interest in at least two of McAuliffe's Florida real estate deals that were bankrolled by International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers pension money. Investigators want to know why McAuliffe got what look like very sweet deals…..Take his relationship with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. In 1991, McAuliffe formed a partnership with a pension fund jointly operated by the IBEW and the National Electrical Contractors Assn., a management trade group….. In the 1991 deal that McAuliffe packaged and brought to the fund, the fund put up $38.7 million in cash for five apartment complexes and a rundown shopping center near St. Petersburg. McAuliffe got a 50% equity stake, even though the fund put up all the money……The pension plan was acquiring the properties at $10 million below their appraised price….Why such a deal? Because the seller was the Resolution Trust Corp.,which had taken control of the properties from Orlando-based American Pioneer Savings Bank……. McAuliffe packages and promotes affinity credit cards and related products to labor unions and trade associations….. McAuliffe is president of American Heritage Homes, a Florida homebuilder acquired in 1996 with Carl Lindner of American Financial Group….. McAuliffe owns Jefferson Capital Holdings, a Florida-based title and casualty insurance company……McAuliffe is Washington representative of, and an investor in, Pacific Capital Group, a Los Angeles venture-capital firm owned by a former Drexel Burnham Lambert investment banker. …..McAuliffe and father-in-law Richard Swann formed American Capital Management to buy Florida properties that the RTC took over after putting Swann's S&L into receivership. Some of the properties were acquired using union pension money……The IBEW not only financed McAuliffe's ventures, but it also helped boost his stature as a Democratic fund-raiser by contributing $6 million to party candidates from 1991 to 1996…… In a letter signed on Mar. 18, 1993, Prudential agreed to pay McAuliffe $375,000 if the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. (PBGC) signed a 15-year, $187 million lease to occupy a downtown Washington office building owned by the insurer. The U. S. Attorney for the District of Columbia charged that Prudential falsely certified, after it won the lease, that it had not hired anyone to help influence the bidding process, which is illegal under the Competition in Contracting Act. ….As the Prudential matter drags on, McAuliffe isn't out of the woods yet on the Teamsters case, whose central figure, campaign consultant Martin Davis, is a friend of McAuliffe. Davis has pleaded guilty to masterminding an illegal scheme to raise $1 million for Teamsters President Carey's 1996 reelection. Davis told McAuliffe he could help raise $1 million for the DNC from the Teamsters, but McAuliffe denies he knew any details of how Davis intended to do this. Davis, in his guilty plea, says his plan was to launder Teamsters donations through the DNC in an effort to hide the source of Carey's money. ….."

IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA COMPLAINT Case No. W. L. MENG….S.S. JONES, JR…..As Co-Trustees Under the Last Will and Testament of Ralph Harvey Meng, Deceased, In their Capacity as Shareholders of Loral Space and Communications, Ltd., Plaintiffs, vs. BERNARD L. SCHWARTZ ….LORAL SPACE AND COMMUNICATIONS, LTD…..DNC SERVICES CORPORATION, d/b/a/ THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE…...TERENCE R. MCAULIFFE….45. Deputy White House Chief of Staff Harold Ickes, then-White House Director of Public Liaison Alexis Herman, OBL Director Moss, OBL Deputy Director Sally Painter, DNC Finance Chairman Marvin Rosen, and top DNC/Clinton-Gore fundraiser Terence R. McAuliffe, among others, played central roles in selecting trade mission participants…… 165. On information and belief, Defendant Schwartz, the DNC, the DSCC, the DCCC, President William Jefferson Clinton, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, Vice-President Albert Gore, Jr., White House Deputy Chief of Staff Harold Ickes, OBLDirector Melissa Moss, OBL Deputy Director Sally Painter, then-White House Director of Public Liaison Alexis Herman, DNC Finance Chairman Marvin Rosen, DNC/Clinton-Gore fundraiser Terence R. McAuliffe, Deputy Assistant Secretary JohnHuang and other currently unknown individuals agreed, tacitly or explicitly, to participate in a common scheme to unlawfully obtain or provide taxpayer-financed government services and/or favorable treatment for Defendant from the Clinton Administration, in exchange for campaign contributions, in breach of Defendant Schwartz' fiduciary and other duties to Defendant Loral and its shareholders.

166. On information and belief, Defendant Schwartz, the DNC, the DSCC, the DCCC, President William Jefferson Clinton, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, Vice-President Albert Gore, Jr., White House Deputy Chief of Staff Harold Ickes, OBL Director Melissa Moss, OBL Deputy Director Sally Painter, then-White House Director of Public Liaison Alexis Herman, DNC Finance Chairman Marvin Rosen, DNC/Clinton-Gore fundraiser Terence R. McAuliffe, Deputy Assistant Secretary John Huang, and others, performed one or more unlawful acts, or performed one or more lawful acts in an unlawful manner, in furtherance of this common scheme. …..176. Likewise, Defendant Schwartz, the DNC, the DSCC, the DCCC, President Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Vice-President Gore, White House Deputy Chief of Staff Harold Ickes, OBL Director Melissa Moss, OBL Deputy Director Sally Painter, then-White House Director of Public Liaison Alexis Herman, DNC Finance Chairman Marvin Rosen, DNC/Clinton-Gore fundraiser Terence R. McAuliffe, Deputy Assistant Secretary John Huang and other currently unknown

individuals conspired to manage the affairs of Defendant Loral through a pattern of racketeering activity in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1962(d)…."

The Washington Times 9/8/99 John McCaslin "...On the line was Don Alexander, commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service under Presidents Nixon, Ford and Carter. Terror shot through our body...... "I think there's a substantial tax issue involved," he begins, "with the 'little' help the Clintons got from McAuliffe." So it was President Clinton and first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, and their extraordinary $1.35 million home-loan guarantee from Clinton-Gore (and now Hillary) fund-raiser Terry McAuliffe, that Mr. Alexander was inquiring about. "The tax angle that people have been ignoring in this wonderful thing McAuliffe is doing for Mr. and Mrs. Clinton," he says, "is that McAuliffe faces a gift-tax issue, and a serious one." He explained in textbook-detail tax codes surrounding loan guarantees like Mr. McAuliffe's, painting a far different impression than the one unveiled at the White House last week. Pointing out it was under no obligation to discuss Mr. McAuliffe's role in the financial transaction, the White House saw fit anyway to explain that the 42-year-old Democratic fund-raiser, real estate developer and golfing buddy of Mr. Clinton wasn't actually giving any money to the first family. .....Finally, the White House was assured by the Office of Government Ethics that Mr. McAuliffe's loan guarantee was not a "gift," which the Clintons would need to report on annual financial-disclosure forms. Rather, the guarantee was merely a promise for the future with no current cash benefit. To the contrary, Mr. Alexander opines. "The guarantee certainly has a cash benefit," he says, adding that the White House is "applying a set of rules that is unrealistic [and] that have little, if any, bearing on how these transactions should be treated for tax purposes." Says Mr. Alexander: "The issue is, assuming Mr. McAuliffe is doing this [purely] for generosity, which perhaps is doubtful, that he's made a gift to the Clintons equal to the value of the cost of getting the equivalent secured guarantee from a third party, like a commercial surety. "And that would be pretty darn expensive," he says of the gift tax Mr. McAuliffe perhaps faces. "The rates start pretty high, 37 percent." ...."

Progressive Review 9/7/99 Sam Smith "….Terry McAuliffe, the wheeler-dealer who slapped down $1.35 million to let the Clintons buy their New York dream house, could be called as a witness in a Teamsters corruption trial next month. McAuliffe, a Washington lawyer and deal-fixer who owns a title-insurance company, is an unnamed player in the indictment of Teamsters political director Bill Hamilton .... Hamilton has been charged with conspiracy, embezzlement of union funds, mail fraud, wire fraud, making false statements to an election officer and perjury before the grand jury. Prosecutors say Hamilton illegally schemed with McAuliffe to swap union money for Democratic cash. At the time, McAuliffe - who hasn't been charged - was the top money man for the Democratic Party. ….."

New York Post 9/6/99 Brian Blomquist "…Terry McAuliffe, the wheeler-dealer who slapped down $1.35 million to let the Clintons buy their New York dream house, could be called as a witness in a Teamsters corruption trial next month. McAuliffe, a Washington lawyer and deal-fixer who owns a title-insurance company, is an unnamed player in the indictment of Teamsters political director Bill Hamilton, who is set to go on trial Oct. 12 in New York, in a case being prosecuted by U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White. Hamilton has been charged with conspiracy, embezzlement of union funds, mail fraud, wire fraud, making false statements to an election officer and perjury before the grand jury. Prosecutors say Hamilton illegally schemed with McAuliffe to swap union money for Democratic cash. At the time, McAuliffe - who hasn't been charged - was the top money man for the Democratic Party. …."If there was anything to it, charges would have been brought - and they weren't," Ben-Veniste said, although the investigation is continuing…."

Judicial Watch 9/3/99 Larry Klayman "…The government watchdog group Judicial Watch said today that the loan scheme being used to by Bill and Hillary Clinton to buy a house is illegal and improper. First, the $1.35 million loan "guarantee" by Chinagate fundraiser Terence McAuliffe is nothing less than an outright gratuity to the President personally, which is illegal under government ethics and bribery laws. Federal court testimony in Judicial Watch’s Chinagate case has already shown that McAuliffe was involved in illegal fundraising and influence-peddling -- this seems more of the same. Judicial Watch also questioned why The White House Counsel’s Office, which "approved" the loan scheme, is giving the Clintons’ personal legal advice at taxpayer expense. Second, there is no ethical or legal way for a bank such as Bankers Trust Co., which reports indicate is foreign-owned, to give a million dollar mortgage to a couple who professes to be $5 million in debt. And no bank can use an illegal "guarantee" from a Clinton fundraiser as collateral for any loan. "This loan scheme blatantly violates government ethics and banking laws. Bill and Hillary Clinton should be subject to the same standards for a mortgage as every other American couple," said Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman. Judicial Watch will immediately investigate and challenge the loan scheme and warned that any bank improperly making loans to the Clintons could be subject to severe criminal and/or civil liabilities. Judicial Watch notes there is an ethical way for the Clintons to buy a home -- liquidate their million dollar trust and use those proceeds to buy a modest house outright. They don’t need to buy one valued at $1.7 million. "Based on their history, laws against bank fraud and bribery seem of no importance to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Bill and Hillary Clinton continue to think they’re above the law. Judicial Watch is committed to reminding them they are not," stated Klayman…."

Washington Post Peter Baker and Susan Schmidt 2/26/97 "…In Ickes's files, the idea of using overnight stays in connection with campaign fund-raising first appeared in writing in the White House response to a Jan. 5, 1995, memo from Terence R. McAuliffe, then national finance chairman of the Democratic National Committee, who outlined several strategies to "energize" generous givers. Clinton welcomed the idea. "Ready to start overnights right away," he scrawled in response. McAuliffe included a list of "our ten top supporters" as possible beneficiaries of special access, but that wasn't enough for Clinton. "Get other names at 100,000 or more, 50,000 or more," he wrote…. Among the 10 on McAuliffe's initial list were Arthur Coia, president of the mob-influenced Laborers International Union of North America; Carl Lindner, a financier and banana company tycoon also known for large gifts to Republicans; and Ernest G. Green, a civil rights leader and businessman whose life story was made into a television movie…."

Big Brother and the MoneyTree Paul M Rodriguez "….Enter Terence R. McAuliffe, Clinton's reelection-committee finance chairman and former DNC finance guru when Huang worked there tapping into the vein of big-money Asians. McAuliffe long has been involved in fund-raising activities that targeted Asians, as have his associates over the years. A protege of Tony Coelho, the former California Democratic congressman who resigned under an ethics cloud in 1989 as House majority whip, McAuliffe once was finance chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, or DCCC. Coelho ran that organization while McAuliffe was there. He was well-known as a master fund-raiser and one of the first in Congress to recognize the benefits of reaching out to the Asian community, a matter readily confirmed by press accounts, and in Honest Graft, a book by former Wall Street Journal reporter Brooks Jackson (now with CNN).

Big Brother and the MoneyTree Paul M Rodriguez "….McAuliffe, a prodigious fund-raiser himself, was linked in the mid-eighties to Manatt, Phelps, Rothenberg, Tunney & Evans, a national legal/lobbying firm with offices in, among other places, Los Angeles and Washington. When Huang was sent by the Riady family to set up financial operations in Little Rock during the mid-eighties, the Lippo executive hired Manatt, Phelps (along with the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas) to assist in setting up several concerns - specifically, according to press accounts, the California headquarters of the new Lippo bank.

Big Brother and the MoneyTree Paul M Rodriguez ". . . Around the same time McAuliffe was working at the DCCC he also started his own Los Angeles law firm, McAuliffe, Kelly & Raffaelli, with a man named Peter Kelly, who worked at Manatt, Phelps' Los Angeles office when that firm was helping Huang set up Lippo. Also at Manatt, Phelps during that time was Michael "Mickey" Kantor, the Clinton administration's U.S. trade representative who succeeded Brown as commerce secretary. Shortly after teaming up with Kelly, McAuliffe set up a Washington office for his new legal/lobbying firm. He also helped open a federally chartered bank at about the same time, bringing in Charles Manatt, the former chairman of the DNC and one of the senior partners in Manatt Phelps, the firm that was hired to legally represent Federal City National Bank and assist, separately, Huang and Riady in work on the Lippo bank.

Big Brother and the MoneyTree Paul M Rodriguez "….. . . . By the mid-to-late eighties, Huang had become well-known within Democratic Party circles as a financial contributor with access to others in the Asian community who would also donate large sums of money. FEC records show that Huang and other Asians were giving substantial sums to Democrats, including House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt of Missouri who in 1987-88 made a bid for the White House. Gephardt's finance chief at that time was McAuliffe who, according to press reports, was instrumental in providing the congressman with loans from the Federal City National Bank. It is not known how many other political campaigns the McAuliffe bank was involved in but it appears to be part of a pattern. (Federal City since has been bought out by another bank.)

Big Brother and the MoneyTree Paul M Rodriguez "….."McAuliffe is not stupid, let me tell you, and he's one of the best in the fund-raising businessi The reason he's so good is that he knows where everybody is," like Huang, "and what they are doing." (McAuliffe has told reporters that he barely knows Huang and has only said hello to him on a couple of occasions.)

5/20/98 Geoff Dutton "…Marineland Ocean Resort Inc. bought the land in April 1996, planning to fix up the aging hotel, restaurant, marina and other facilities while managing the marine park for the park's nonprofit owner. In October 1997, MOR filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy…… International Resorts USA Inc., a Florida corporation formed last week to bid on the property, announced it had bought MOR's delinquent mortgages from two banks Friday. International Resorts attorney Jason B. Burnett said his client would postpone debt payments and foreclosure for a chance to bid on the property. That makes International Resorts USA the latest in a growing list of interested buyers coming forward in recent weeks - none providing too much in the way of details, however. Burnett, a Jacksonville attorney with the firm McGuire Woods Battle & Boothe, said International Resorts is an investment group made up of people with theme park experience, although he declined to name the investors. Department of State records show the corporation was formed last Wednesday by Ronald Benison of Flintridge, Calif.; Terence R. McAuliffe of McLean, Va.; and Ralph V. Hadley III and Richard R. Swann, who share a Winter Park office.

10/11/96 Ensec International Inc. (NASDAQ:ENSC) Friday announced that it has appointed two additional persons as outside directors to its board of directors, Raymond E. List, PE and Terence R. McAuliffe, Esq. The appointments of Messrs. List and McAuliffe increased the number of members of the board of directors of the company to five….. McAuliffe is the chairman of American Heritage Corp., a premier builder of single-family homes in Central Florida. He also serves as chairman and chief executive officer of Jefferson National Title Insurance Co. and as chairman of American Marketing Services Inc. McAuliffe serves on the board of directors of Beacon Energies, Made in the USA Shopping Network Inc., and The Center for National Policy. McAuliffe formerly served as vice chairman of Federal Capital Bank, N.A. and as chairman of Federal City National Bank. McAuliffe received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. and a Juris Doctor degree from Georgetown University, Washington, D.C…..Ensec International Inc. designs, sells and services security systems for large commercial or governmental facilities, ranging from single function installations to high-end integrated security systems. Since its inception, the company has installed over 400 security systems in the United States and Brazil. The company's principal executive offices are located at 751 Park of Commerce Drive, Suite 104, Boca Raton, Fla. 33487, and its sales office is located at One World Trade Center, Suite 3357, New York, N.Y. 10048.

The New York Times 2/13/88 Section 1; Page 8, Column 1; National Desk Richard Berke "…Representative Richard A. Gephardt's Presidential campaign and political action committee received unusual, unsecured loans totaling $200,000 in 1986 and 1987 from two banks whose top officers now hold key positions on Mr. Gephardt's campaign…… Gephardt campaign officials said the loans were perfectly legitimate and that most of the money had been paid off. They said it was common and perfectly legal for campaigns to borrow money from banks operated by political supporters. A $125,000 loan to the Gephardt campaign was made in August by the Federal City National Bank here, whose current chairman, Terence R. McAuliffe, was on the bank's board at the time of the loan and is the campaign's national finance chairman. Mr. McAulifee, who continues to be the chief fund-raiser for the Gephardt campaign, said today that he abstained from voting on the loan…..Mr. McAuliffe said his bank never granted unsecured loans to campaigns ''unless they are backed 100 percent by matching funds.'' Asked why the bank made such a loan to the Gephardt campaign, he said that another Washington had told the Federal City Bank that it would advance the money for the loan. He said his bank had a letter from the other bank ''that they had approved the loan,'' ….''From our bank's perspective, the loan was as good as secured,'' he said. …..Asked why his bank went to another bank for the money, he said: ''This goes on all the time in the banking business.'' Asked why another bank would grant an unsecured loan on behalf of his bank, he said, ''I thought they were crazy to do it in the first place.'' But Mr. McAuliffe said the other bank reneged on its pledge. He said the bank apparently had second thoughts on loaning money to a campaign that did not have adequate collateral. Neither Mr. McAuliffe nor John Duffy, Federal City's senior loan officer, would furnish the letter or disclose the name of the bank they said had initially pledged to make the loan….."
5/14/99 Wall Street Journal Paul Gigot "…Al Gore wants to run for president as the heir to Bill Clinton's ideas but not to his ethics. So why in the name of fresh starts would the vice president make his new campaign chairman Tony Coelho?…..Mr. Coelho's comrade-in-arms-twisting then was none other than Terence McAuliffe, the Clinton fund-raiser whose ethical innovations in 1996 included renting out the White House for "coffees." Now the pair will be reunited to exploit loopholes to raise cash for Mr. Gore. For a candidate whose 1996 Buddhist temple visits are a liability in 2000, a Coelho hire isn't exactly an act of remorse. Maybe there's still room on the team for John Huang. Just win, baby. Mr. Coelho's other specialty is hardball. During the 1994 campaign, according to the Washington Post, Mr. Coelho urged Mr. Clinton to use the "Contract With America" as an excuse "to charge that Republicans had a secret plan to gut Social Security."…."

AP 9/25/97 "…In his earliest known use of the White House for fund-raising, President Clinton hosted a series of private breakfasts with wealthy Democrats to help raise money in 1994 for the party's health care fund, documents show. "BC will have breakfast - to raise $," then-White House deputy chief of staff Harold Ickes wrote in notes of a May 9, 1994 meeting obtained by The Associated Press…..The events pre-date the coffees and telephone solicitations from the 1996 election that are at the heart of the current fund-raising investigations in Congress and the Justice Department. ….. Internal White House documents show, however, that presidential aides viewed the breakfasts as fund-raisers. For instance, Ickes addressed the issue to then-Chief of Staff Mack McLarty in a May 7, 1994 memo entitled "scheduling fund-raising events." ….. The fact that these were political events also weren't lost on donors - either DNC chairman David Wilhelm or the party's chief fund-raiser, Terence McAuliffe, are listed as attending most of the breakfasts…… "

Freeper Jolly reports "…UNION CORRUPTION UPDATE June 15, 1998 -- Vol. 1, Issue 1 Business Week [06/15/98] reported that top DNC/Clinton-Gore fundraiser Terrence McAuliffe's conversations with 2 Democratic party staffers about a possible swap scheme with the Teamsters during the 1996 election are now "the focus of a federal grand jury in Manhattan that is investigating whether Democratic fundraisers conspired to find donors for Carey's campaign in hopes of getting back hefty union contributions." Business Week also said sources "close to the investigation said the U.S. Attorney is interested in whether [an AFL-CIO] credit-card deal played a role in the swap schemes." McAuliffe and Carey campaign consultant Martin Davis, who plead guilty to charges of conspiracy, mail fraud, embezzlement and making false statements to the court-appointed Teamsters election officer, were both under contract to "lobby the AFL-CIO Executive Council to switch its union credit card program" to Household International bank.

Capitol Hill Blue 9/16/99 Ben Anderson ".....The Federal Elections Commission has agreed to investigate the $1.35 million house loan guarantee signed by Democrat fundraiser Terry McAuliffe on behalf of President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton on the verge of a full-fledged campaign for the US Senate. The FEC responded Wednesday to a complaint filed by the Conservative Campaign Fund alleging the loan guarantee between McAuliffe and Mrs. Clinton is illegal. The Clintons, through White House attorneys, have maintained the arrangement with McAuliffe is legal. CCF chairman Peter Flaherty said the FEC has "repeatedly and consistently held that personal loans and guarantees for personal loans to candidates are the same as campaign contributions, and therefore subject to the $1,000 limitation for personal contributions to candidates for federal office." In a letter to Flaherty on Wednesday, FEC attorney Andrew Turley informed Flaherty that his complaint had been received and instructed that any additional information regarding the complaint should be notarized and forwarded to the FEC. According to Turley, McAuliffe, the President and Mrs. Clinton will be formally notified of the complaint within five business days....."

New York Post 9/15/99 Editorial "....Lost in all the furor over the First Couple's new upscale home in the tony town of Chappaqua is the fact that the Clintons are stonewalling over precisely how the $1.7-million house is being paid for. All that's known for certain is that the Clintons obtained a sweetheart deal on a mortgage - below market-rate - after their close friend and super-fund-raiser, Terry McAuliffe, agreed to cosign the loan. But what are the precise terms of this historically unprecedented deal? The Clintons, says the White House, "have no intention of revealing what was promised in their deal with McAuliffe." .... We'd expect to hear such self-styled government watchdogs as Common Cause and NYPIRG demanding a lot more specifics from the Clintons about the terms of this deal. So far, however, there's been nothing but silence from the knee-jerk good-government types. Compare that, for example, with the uproar over Ronald Reagan's acceptance of $2 million to deliver a speech to Japanese businessmen - which, in any event, took place after Reagan had left office. Or the clamor over the same president's first national-security adviser, Richard Allen, forced to step down amid accusations he'd accepted $1,000 and a watch from Japanese journalists in return for arranging an interview with Nancy Reagan. (Never mind the fact that Allen was completely exonerated of any improprieties.) ..... Look at it this way: When Bob Dole offered to loan Newt Gingrich the money to pay the $300,000 fine assessed by the House Ethics Committee, Rep. David Bonior (D-Mich.) angrily asked: "Is this a sweetheart deal ... or is this a deal any American could have?" ...."

Wall St. Journal 9/10/99 Editorial "....We guess Terry McAuliffe doesn't have to bring anything to the Clintons' Chappaqua housewarming party. Oops, sorry, that $1.35 million that passed between them was a "loan," not a gift. "Gift" is a word that has a very special meaning in national politics. Before January 1993, the Beltway political culture was fairly crazed over this subject, lest someone accused of the "appearance of impropriety" end up on the town's front pages. During the Bush years, two Justice officials who came to our offices for a lunch of sandwiches and soda handed over $20 lest someone accuse them of taking a gift. As the saying goes, times change. Still, sure is interesting, isn't it, as a piece of Clintonesque political art? It's hard not to admire the way they've finessed the political gift rules. The Clintons never touched the money; it was deposited in an account, and the interest on that deposit flows to Mr. McAuliffe, not the Clintons. There's kind of an immaculate conception quality to the $1.35 million. It just dropped from the sky and lo, the Clintons got a jumbo loan with a $1,000-a-month break on the interest rate. If it were the Bible, they'd call it a miracle, like the loaves and the fishes. Also smelling like a gift to us is the Clintons' sudden creditworthiness, insofar as all agree they couldn't qualify on their own, owing to the massive legal indebtedness piled up because of one of the borrowers' transgressions against Paula Jones, etc. In any event, it's not hard to see the spirit of this transaction: The essence of a political gift is a benefit. If there was no benefit, what was Mr. McAuliffe doing in this to begin with?.....Recall also that while the Democratic Party paid back the Chinese contributions made to the Clinton campaign, it had use of the funds in the meantime, just as the Clintons will now have use of the McAuliffe money. Come to think of it, we wouldn't mind some reassurance that this money actually originates from him rather than the Chinese, Indonesian, or some such. One more thing about the McAuliffe whatchamacallit. What Terry McAuliffe did in essence is make a contribution to Hillary's campaign. Its whole purpose is to enable her to establish residence in New York, thus the money is absolutely essential to her campaign. Christie Todd Whitman just quit because she couldn't raise $12 million in $1,000 units, the individual limit for Senate campaigns. In the Hillary race, no McAuliffe "loan," no residency, no campaign. His contribution would seem to be more than $1,000. Even loans to a campaign need to be reported. Where is the campaign-finance reform chorus when we need it?...."

Wall Street Journal. 9/10/99 "....Michigan Rep. Pete Hoekstra, chairman of a House Oversight and Investigations subcommittee, speaking yesterday on the Teamsters campaign scandal: "The entire Teamsters investigation has fallen into a black hole. Nothing has happened. We had meetings with Justice about the Teamsters probe and the involvement of Richard Trumka, the treasurer of the AFL-CIO, Terry McAuliffe and other players. The compelling argument by both the Democrats on the committee and the Justice Department was you can't go there because it would jeopardize an ongoing investigation. What we find now is that none of these probes were aggressive in any area whether it be Teamsters, campaign fund-raising scandals, Waco or China. Those were never followed up on. Every time we wanted to bring in some of these witnesses we heard, 'We can't talk about this,' but don't call these witnesses because you will jeopardize an ongoing investigation. With the Reno Justice Department we would behave very differently in the future if they said there was an ongoing investigation, because there probably isn't one. But that was a painful lesson for us to learn. When the good guys are the bad guys it makes it tough to find the truth." ...."

The Washington Times 9/10/99 John McCaslin "....Well, before the Clinton-McAuliffe deal was struck, Mr. Campbell checked into loans as they pertain to exploratory committees. "Press reports . . . immediately raised the issue of a possible improper payment to a federal official, i.e. the President of the United States," he notes. "But as someone who is strongly considering a run for federal office for the first time, I was immediately interested in the implications of the deal on the other Clinton: Hillary." Who because she has an exploratory committee is subject to federal law governing campaign contributions. Mr. Campbell wrote to the Federal Election Commission to obtain a copy of the FEC "Campaign Guide for Congressional Candidates and Committees." In Chapter 5, the publication addresses federal law and regulations regarding bank loans obtained by a candidate. "Under the heading Guarantees or Endorsements, it states: 'An endorsement or guarantee of a bank loan is considered a contribution by the endorser or guarantor and is thus subject to the law's prohibitions and limits on contributions.' "Hmmm," he says. "I am certainly no expert on campaign finance law, and I only know about the Clintons house deal from what I have read in the press, but I think Mrs. Clinton and Mr. McAuliffe could be in some trouble here." Mr. McAuliffe guaranteed a huge bank loan for Mrs. Clinton, who reportedly is purchasing the house together with her husband, he says. "If that is the case, then for the purpose of accounting for any campaign contribution, Mrs. Clinton would be assigned one-half of the loan as her share, or $675,000," he says....."

Pensions & Investments 5/17/99 National Legal and Policy Center National Legal and Policy Center -- Organized Labor Accountability Project..... UNION CORRUPTION UPDATE May 24, 1999 -- Vol. 2, Issue 11

ELECTRICAL WORKERS (IBEW) DOL Sues Union Fund Tied to Clinton-Crony McAuliffe The U.S. Dep't of Labor filed suit May 5 against two trustees of the $8.3 billion Nat. Electrical Benefit Fund charging improper dealings between the fund and top Clinton-fundraiser Terence R. McAuliffe. According to DOL, NEBF trustee John Grau and ex-trustee Jack F. Moore imprudently lent over $6 million in pension assets. NEBF is operated jointly by the Int'l Bhd. of Electrical Workers, from which Moore retired as secretary in 1997, and the Nat. Electrical Contractors Ass'n, of which Grau is a vice president. The scam involved a $6 million loan in 1992 to Columbia Land & Development Corp. of Orlando to buy a subdivision called Country Run which was to be developed into 545 lots. McAuliffe and his wife, Dorothy S. McAuliffe, own Columbia. The loan was in default from Dec. 1992 to Oct. 1997. DOL says NEBF should have known the loan couldn't be repaid in full with interest. The suit seeks the trustees to reimburse the fund for losses, including interest. The McAuliffes also own Am. Capitol Management, a partner with NEBF in a separate investment called Am. Capitol Group I Assets LP, which guaranteed payment of the Columbia loan. In a separate 1991 investment, NEBF paid $38.7 million to buy five apartment complexes and a shopping center near St. Petersburg. The partnership bought the properties from the Resolution Trust Corp., which had taken control of them from a bank in receivership that had been owned by McAuliffe's father-in-law. DOL alleges NEBF imprudently purchased a $2.45 million interests in ACGIA, a move that reduced the value of the ACM guarantee on the Columbia loan. McAuliffe's holdings in ACM had been collateral for the loan. ...."

AP 9/10/99 Shannon McCaffrey"...A conservative group charged Friday that Hillary Rodham Clinton violated federal election law in having Democratic fund-raiser Terry McAuliffe co-sign for her $1.7 million New York home. The complaint, filed with the Federal Election Commission by the Conservative Campaign Fund, alleges that personal loans and guarantees for personal loans have always been treated the same as campaign contributions and are subject to the same $1,000 limit. Mrs. Clinton is eyeing the U.S. Senate seat in New York being vacated in 2000 by retiring Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan. ''It's clearly illegal,'' Peter Flaherty, chairman of the Conservative Campaign Fund, said. Mrs. Clinton's campaign spokesman, Howard Wolfson, called the loan guarantee ''perfectly legal and appropriate.'' ''It's not surprising that a right-wing special interest group would be attacking Hillary Clinton. We expect that will happen quite a bit,'' Wolfson said. ....."

Business Wire 9/10/99 Mary Ann Liebert "....Wait a minute, Mr. President-- Before you and Hillary accept Terry McAuliffe's offer to personally collateralize your mortgage on the house you've selected in Westchester County, I hope you will consider me for this remarkable privilege. I presented the idea to my husband at dinner. ``I would like to use some of our assets to collateralize a mortgage for the house the Clintons have chosen to buy in Chappaqua. It's not that far from where we live.'' ``Why?'' demanded my husband, a pediatric surgeon. ``Why on earth would you ever want to do that??'' He knew better than to think I might be joking. He pushed his dinner away. ``Let the Clintons get their mortgage on their own. The way we did and the way thousands of Americans do it all the time.'' ``This President and First Lady are not like other people,'' I said. ``They have their own set of rules. And,'' I reminded him, ``The President's credit is not so good at this time. All those legal bills.....'' ....... But this is not a crazy idea. Not at all. In fact, from a public relations point of view, it might make very good sense. My privately-held publishing company publishes 60 medical journals with esoteric titles such as Human Gene Therapy and Hybridoma. Providing the collateral for the First Couple's mortgage lets the world know of the company's success and is sure to open doors for new and exciting projects and collaborations. It will be good for business. Overnight, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., will become a household name. Perhaps for years to come. Picture this on Jeopardy: Answer - ``Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.'' Question - ``Who collateralized the Clintons' mortgage?'' I will have much more than 15 minutes of fame. And perhaps I can buy influence. Why not? It's the American way in our political system. Pay to play. I'll be the ultimate player....."

The News and Observer (Raleigh, NC) 9/11/99 James Rosen "....Before Terry McAuliffe, a major Democratic fund-raiser, agreed to guarantee the $ 1.35 million mortgage Bill and Hillary Clinton took out on their new home in New York, the president asked Erskine Bowles for the same favor. His former chief of staff turned him down. That, at least, is one account published in The Washington Post. Bowles, though, is refusing to comment on the report. Bowles said the information in the Post story didn't come from him. After it ran last Saturday, he said he received a number of calls from reporters asking him to talk about the report - but turned them all down. "I'm not going to make any comment about it whatsoever," Bowles said in an interview from his office at Carousel Capital, the Charlotte merchant bank he founded and returned to after leaving the White House last fall....."

Washington Times 9/13/99 Jerry Seper "...The Democratic fund-raiser who guaranteed President and Hillary Clinton's purchase of a $1.7 million house in New York is expected to be a key figure in the trial of a top Teamsters official accused of illegally funneling $1.1 million in union funds to the Democratic Party. ..... The plan ultimately resulted in the union donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrats during the 1996 election campaign. Mr. Hamilton, who pleaded not guilty in the case, was accused in an April 1998 indictment of conspiracy, embezzlement, mail fraud, wire fraud, making false statements and lying to the grand jury. His attorney, Robert Gage, has said his client is innocent and looks forward to "his day in court." If convicted, he faces up to 30 years in prison and $1.5 million in fines. Mr. McAuliffe has denied any wrongdoing, saying through his attorney, Richard Ben-Veniste, that he was not a target of any federal probe and was "cooperating fully" in the investigation. In sworn testimony before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, Mr. McAuliffe said he had no active role in discussions about the plan -- which triggered a 1996 grand jury investigation resulting in several indictments of union officials and Mr. Carey's eventual removal from office. Federal authorities said that while an August 1996 memo on the kickback scheme bore the name of DNC finance director Richard Sullivan, Mr. Sullivan told authorities it was authored by Laura Hartigan, a top fund-raising official in the Clinton-Gore campaign who worked directly for Mr. McAuliffe. ...."

Chicago Sun-Times 9/13/99 Robert Novak "....On May 5, the U.S. Labor Department filed a civil suit alleging that a union's pension fund had been fleeced in a scam proposed by Terence R. McAuliffe. Department officials are not eager to talk about the case that seems certain to remain dormant through this year. No wonder. Federal bureaucrats might well flinch at pursuing a complaint that deeply involves President Clinton's benefactor. This is the same Terry McAuliffe who is the foremost fund-raiser of the Democratic Party and who forked over $1.3 million of his own money to guarantee a mortgage with a German-owned bank for the Clintons' new home in Westchester County, N.Y. But oddly, the Labor Department suit is not McAuliffe's biggest potential embarrassment. He could be a witness in an impending federal trial of Democratic-Teamsters corruption in which he would be questioned about the illegal, mutually beneficial swap of the party's and the union's cash. McAuliffe, 42, became Clinton's intimate by raising millions for him and is playing a similar role for Vice President Al Gore's presidential campaign and Hillary Rodham Clinton's Senate effort. An imprudent Clinton considered McAuliffe as secretary of commerce and pleaded with him to become Democratic national chairman...."

Chicago Sun-Times 9/13/99 Robert Novak "... It was imprudent because of McAuliffe's mixing of government, politics, union affairs and personal business--as shown in the Labor Department complaint. He was close to Jack Moore, who in 1997 retired as general secretary and principal money manager for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. McAuliffe and Moore collaborated in politics and in business. Now, Moore is a defendant, and McAuliffe is prominently mentioned in the Labor Department suit...... This is embarrassing enough for McAuliffe, but the Teamsters corruption trial, scheduled to begin in New York on Oct. 12, is potentially far more menacing. Former Teamsters political director William Hamilton is the criminal defendant charged with orchestrating a money-laundering conspiracy. The union promised inflated contributions to the Democratic Party in return for rerouting Democratic funds to ensure the 1996 election of Teamsters President Ron Carey......"

newyorktimes 9/23/99 Don Van Natta Jr. "…..In the tense days and hours before and after they signed an agreement to buy a white house in Chappaqua, N.Y., for $1.7 million, President Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton sought financial assistance from former Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin and two former White House chiefs of staff, according to several people with knowledge of the arrangement. But Rubin, as well as the chiefs of staff, Thomas F. McLarty 3d and Erskine B. Bowles, declined to help the Clintons buy the first home they will own since 1983, several people with knowledge of the requests said today. They said that Bowles had originally committed to being the guarantor but declined on Sept. 1, just three days after the Clintons signed an agreement to buy the house under the condition their loan would be guaranteed. The couple then quickly put out feelers to Rubin and McLarty before finally asking Terry McAuliffe, the prolific Democratic fund-raiser, who agreed to guarantee the Clintons' mortgage by depositing $1.35 million in the bank as collateral….."

TIME Magazine 12/21/98 Ed Barnes ".... Washington never cared for his father, and JAMES P. HOFFA, the newly elected president of the Teamsters Union, knows Washington will not care for him--not when Democratic Party leaders find out what he plans to do: reopen the campaign-finance scandal, take on the D.N.C. and scrutinize its fund-raising apparatus. How does Hoffa propose to go where Congress wouldn't? Sources close to Hoffa say his first act as president-elect was to give the go-ahead for a multimillion-dollar civil-racketeering suit against, among others, the D.N.C. The suit would primarily target disgraced former Teamsters president RON CAREY and other Teamsters officials (Read Carey running mate John Morris) for allegedly embezzling nearly $1 million in cash from the union. But it would also cite top Democratic fund raisers, including TERRENCE MCAULIFFE, who was recently appointed chief fund raiser for Al Gore. ..... As part of their case, Hoffa's lawyers plan to detail the "work product" of CHARLES RUFF, now White House counsel, who briefly worked for the Teamsters under Carey. In 1993 Ruff allegedly paid JACK PALLADINO, a San Francisco private detective, more than $150,000 out of Teamsters funds for unspecified services. ...."

AP WIRE 10/14/99 "....President Clinton and his wife secured substitute financing for the home they are purchasing in Chappaqua, N.Y., the White House announced today. The new arrangement with PNC Mortage Corp. of America comes after Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton dropped a much-criticized plan to accept a loan guarantee from Terry McAuliffe, a friend and major Democratic fund-raiser. ....."

The Detroit News 10/17/99 Richard Ryan ".....The trial of former Teamsters Union political director William Hamilton, scheduled to begin in New York on Monday, has the potential to seriously rock organized labor and reach deep into the White House....... Among those implicated in the scheme are Terry McAuliffe, the chief fund-raiser for President Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign, and Richard Trumka, the secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO who played an instrumental role in last week's critical labor endorsement of Vice President Al Gore. McAuliffe, who earlier this year put up $1.7 million to help the Clinton's finance their New York home, is expected to testify in the trial in federal district court in New York. The Clintons, sharply criticized for their use of McAuliffe's money, subsequently obtained conventional financing. Hoffa has called the Hamilton trial -- and its potential for revealing just how far up the chain of command at the White House and AFL-CIO the illegal plot went -- the "Rosetta stone of the Teamsters." ....."

The New York Times 11/18/99 "…. A former Democratic official has testified that Terence McAuliffe, President Clinton's friend and chief fund-raiser, played a major role in promoting an illegal scheme in which Democratic donors were to contribute to the Teamster president's re-election campaign, and in exchange the Teamsters were to donate large sums to the Democrats. The official, Richard Sullivan, the Democratic National Committee's former finance director, testified in Manhattan at the trial of William Hamilton, the Teamsters former political director, that McAuliffe urged him and other fund-raisers to find a rich Democrat to donate at least $50,000 to the 1996 re-election campaign of Ron Carey, the former Teamsters president. During the three-week-long trial, Sullivan testified that McAuliffe had said that if a Democratic donor made a large contribution to the Carey campaign, then the Teamsters would contribute at least $500,000 to various Democratic Party committees….." 11/19/99 Ben Anderson "…..Former Teamster political director William Hamilton, Jr was convicted in federal court Friday on six counts of perjury, mail fraud, wire fraud, embezzlement and conspiracy. The jury deliberated less than two days before delivering the verdict in the trial which implicated one of Vice President Al Gore's campaign finance advisors and a close associate of President Bill Clinton…….During Hamilton's trial, a witness for federal prosecutors implicated one of Gore's top campaign finance officials, Terence McAuliffe, in a scheme to swap funds between donors, political groups and Teamsters President Ron Carey's re-election campaign. Former Democratic National Committee Finance Director Richard Sullivan testified during the trial that McAuliffe, then the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign finance chairman, urged DNC officials to find a wealthy donor to contribute to Carey's re-election campaign. In return, the Teamsters would donate half a million dollars to numerous Democratic Party organizations. McAuliffe is not charged in the case. His attorney Richard Ben-Veniste maintains that his client did nothing wrong and is cooperating with the federal prosecutors. Ben-Veniste, former chief of the Watergate task force, served as Special Counsel to the Senate Whitewater Committee Democrats from May 1995 to June 1996……"

The Wall Street Journal 11/22/99 Glenn Burkins "…. With the conviction of a former Teamsters political director on fraud and embezzlement charges, union officials want attention to turn to the roles played by others in efforts to raise money for former Teamsters President Ron Carey's re-election bid……With Mr. Hamilton's conviction, Teamsters President James P. Hoffa said the government must now turn its attention to prosecuting others allegedly linked to the scheme. Mr. Hoffa didn't mention Mr. Carey by name but said Mr. Hamilton's conviction was an "important step toward closing a dark chapter in Teamster history." Mr. Hoffa and his union have said that they want alleged participants in the scheme to be prosecuted and have suggested they might file civil lawsuits to recover funds……. The government's inquiry centered on grand jury testimony painting an intricate conspiracy that was said to reach all the way to the Democratic Party, touching President Clinton's chief fund-raiser, Terry McAuliffe. On Oct. 28, Richard Sullivan, a former finance director of the Democratic National Committee testified that Mr. McAuliffe concocted a scheme to swap funds between the Teamsters and the Democratic Party….."

New York Times 12/12/99 Jeff Gerth "…..On a sweltering June evening this year President Clinton headlined yet another Democratic Party fund-raiser, but this time the guest of honor was Terry McAuliffe, Mr. Clinton's closest and most loyal Washington friend as well as his tireless money man. Shedding his prepared remarks, the president said, "I love this guy." It is easy to understand why. The ebullient McAuliffe says he and his staff have raised about $275 million, an unprecedented sum, for Clinton's causes: election campaigns, the 1997 inaugural celebration, a legal defense trust, the millennium festivities, the presidential library and Hillary Rodham Clinton's Senate campaign. "Terry's more wired than your local electric plant," Mrs. Clinton said at the fund-raising dinner. …."

New York Times 12/12/99 Jeff Gerth "…..His closeness to the first couple and the expanding network of political contacts he has built in the Clinton years have also enhanced an enterprise that Mr. McAuliffe has built more quietly: a web of business deals, from telecommunications to real estate, that the fund-raiser keeps far from the public spotlight. His business confederation, a veritable McAuliffe Inc., has generated tens of millions of dollars, but McAuliffe keeps his affairs so private that he does not even have a business listing in the Washington telephone directory. His quietly acquired private fortune is illustrative of changes in the political culture here. Raising money for politicians was once a ticket to an ambassador's post or other influential job in the government. Other presidential money men have hung shingles as lobbyists, openly trading on their access, or peddled influence as lawyers. Charting a new course, McAuliffe has transformed the art of raising money for public figures into the art of raising money for himself, leveraging a personal fortune from his political fund-raising contacts. Although he is a lawyer and once headed a lobbying firm, he resigned from the firm in 1994 when he began raising big money for the Democratic Party….."

New York Times 12/12/99 Jeff Gerth "…..In 1995 the Justice Department began examining Washington real estate deals involving McAuliffe, court records show. The inquiry ended in 1997 when the Prudential Insurance Company of America paid $317,500 to settle a civil suit in which it had been accused of failing to disclose a $375,000 consulting arrangement in 1993 with McAuliffe in connection with Prudential's lease of office space to a federal agency. This year, McAuliffe's role in a questionable plan to swap contributions in 1996 between the Teamsters union and the Democratic Party surfaced during the federal trial in New York of the former political director of the union, who was convicted of fraud and conspiracy. McAuliffe, in an interview, acknowledged discussing a potential swap. "You help me, I'll help you. That's politics," he said….."

New York Times 12/12/99 Jeff Gerth "…..In late 1994 McAuliffe and Clinton had breakfast. McAuliffe said the president asked what he could do to help and McAuliffe replied that he should be more accessible to donors. A few days later McAuliffe sent his memorandum asking Clinton's secretary to arrange breakfast, lunch or coffee for top supporters so they could "discuss issues and exchange ideas with the president." Clinton wrote on the back of the memorandum -- words Mr. McAuliffe said he never saw -- that he was "ready to start overnight visits right away." ……" 1/20/2000 Carl Limbacher "….New York talk radio maverick Lynn Samuels has turned up an interesting development in the Clinton quid-pro-quo department. On Wednesday she reported on her website: "CASHING IN OR BUSINESS AS USUAL - On Tues. Jan.18, 2000 President Clinton proposed giving up to $3000 in tax credits to help the 2 million Americans who must provide LONG TERM CARE for elderly or disabled relatives. On Jan 19, 2000, Terry McAuliffe was appointed to the Board of Advisors of the Carlstadt, NJ company Infu-Tech. The press release announcing McAuliffe's appointment identifies Infu-Tech as "a leading provider of high quality, cost efficient specialty pharmaceutical and medical services to patients in their homes, ambulatory infusion sites and in LONG TERM CARE facilities……. "

Time Magazine Online 6/5/00 Michael Weisskopf "……Terry McAuliffe has reinvented the rules of fund raising and shattered all records, and he has become rich along the way. Is he the poster boy for reform?...... If anyone can upstage Bill Clinton, it is the man who pays the President's way. So when Terry McAuliffe got everyone hooting and hollering at a Democratic National Committee barbecue last week, Clinton was clapping the loudest. McAuliffe chaired what was supposed to be a tribute to the only Democrat twice elected President in 50 years. But many guests who paid $25,000 a table at Washington's MCI Center also came to salute that other guy on the dais: the fund raiser in chief…….."


Alexander Haig

Freeper wildandcrazyrussian "… Here's an excerpt from "The Coming Conflict with China" by Richard Bernstein and Ross Munro: "Since 1981, there have been only four years during which Haig did not make at least one trip to China, and on most of those trips he was receivd by China's top leaders, Li Peng and Jiang Zemin, as well as by CITIC chairman Rong Yiren. Haig was the only American who attended China's 1989 National Day celebrations commemorating the founding of the People's Republic, held only four months after the Tiananmen massacre. Haig appeared on the rostrum beside the top Chinese leaders and a couple of days later was received by Premier Li Peng, who gushed: 'The Chinese people will never forget the contributions made by Nixon, Kissinger, Haig, and other old friends to the growth of Sino-U.S. relations.'" ….."Meanwhile Haig has written op-ed pieces and made statements in which he has opposed attempts to confront China because of its human rights record and urged the United States to find ever greater means of cooperation. In the spring of 1996, one of the congrssmen trying to attach conditions to he renewal of MFN for China was Christopher Cox, a fast-rising California Republican. Earlier that year, Cox played a key role in shepherding a resolution through the House declaring that the United States was obliged to come to Taiwan's aid if China took military action against it. The introduction of the resolution on March 7, with eighty Democratic and Republican co-sponsors, was instrumental in President Clinton's decision to send a second carrier task force to the Taiwan area. The day before the MFN vote, Haig called Cox and berated him, accusing him of trying to destroy U.S.-China relations. 'Cox was irate', says his aide, Mark P. Legon. 'It was an absolutely unsolicited and inappropriate phone call. We wondered who he's paid by, but we couldn't find out.'" …."

Mother Jones 9/1/99 Ken Silverstein "…The early part of 1999 found retired general Alexander Haig in constant motion. In February, he was off to Seoul, South Korea, where he was a VIP at Blessing '99, a Unification Church event at which some 40,000 couples exchanged wedding vows at a sports stadium during a ceremony conducted by Sun Myung Moon himself. The following month, Haig returned to Palm Beach, Florida--where he owns a mansion worth more than $ 4 million--for a party to celebrate the 60th birthday of former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney. In April, Haig was in Washington, D.C., for yet another birthday party--NATO's 50th--as well as a dinner sponsored by business groups at the Willard Inter-Continental Hotel in honor of Chinese premier Zhu Rongji, who was on an official visit to the U.S. capital. Soon thereafter, Haig was named a "Strategic Board Advisor" to SDC International Inc., a Palm Beach-based firm that is in negotiations to acquire Tatra, a Czech truck manufacturer. The press release announcing his appointment said that Haig would "draw on his extensive contacts in government, business, and diplomatic circles" in helping SDC export its equipment…."

Mother Jones 9/1/99 Ken Silverstein "…He also serves as an unelected foreign-affairs mandarin, with interests that span the globe from Washington to Ankara to Beijing and a stature that permits him to pursue the same imperatives he did as Reagan's first secretary of state: putting commerce before human rights, peddling weapons abroad, and maintaining political and military ties with some of the world's most authoritarian regimes……. But many people, including prominent conservatives in and out of government, say Haig is a particularly cynical example of a public official who has cashed in on his credentials. Many of these sources--including some powerful Beltway players--demanded anonymity as a condition of speaking with Mother Jones. Not so retired Army colonel, author, and syndicated columnist David H. Hackworth. "Haig didn't become a multimillionaire based on his military record or his brains," he says with characteristic frankness. "In the military he was the ultimate perfumed prince who brownnosed his way to the top by always being a horse holder to a top guy.... He didn't invent the revolving door, but he became the ultimate master at making it spin."…."

Mother Jones 9/1/99 Ken Silverstein "… Following a tour of duty in Vietnam, Haig in 1969 was made an aide to Henry Kissinger, President Nixon's national security adviser. Like his boss, Haig was a hawk on Vietnam and, during his time in the Nixon White House, was intimately involved in U.S. plotting against Chile's elected president, Salvador Allende, overthrown in 1973 by Gen. Augusto Pinochet, with significant help from the CIA. By the time the Watergate crisis exploded, Haig had become Nixon's chief of staff…..After Nixon was forced to resign in 1974, President Ford put the loyal Haig in charge of NATO's military operations. He stepped down from that post in 1979, served a brief stint as president of defense manufacturer United Technologies Corporation, then signed on as secretary of state for the incoming Reagan administration…..So long as a regime, however repressive, allied itself with the United States' interests in the Cold War, Secretary of State Haig would embrace it--as so many of his predecessors had done. He supported the apartheid government in South Africa, pushed for military aid to the junta in Turkey, coddled the Suharto dictatorship in Indonesia, and was a staunch supporter of the Marcos kleptocracy in the Philippines. After right-wing government forces in El Salvador raped and murdered four American churchwomen, Haig responded by informing a House committee investigating the atrocity that the vehicles the nuns were riding in may have tried to run a roadblock. Never mind that the women were found with bullets in the backs of their heads, 20 miles away from the roadblock in question….."

Mother Jones 9/1/99 Ken Silverstein "…Not surprisingly, the general's client roster has included several defense firms: United Technologies, McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, and International Signal and Control Corporation, a company, according to the Wall Street Journal, that paid him to help market cluster bombs to Pakistan and weapons fuses to China. In addition, Haig has served on the boards of (among other companies) America Online, Interneuron Pharmaceuticals, MGM Grand, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Chase Manhattan, General Atomics, and Texas Instruments. All of these seemingly disparate enterprises share a common interest in international markets, a realm in which Haig's governmental experience and contacts are highly valuable…… In the case of United Technologies, certainly, Haig's ties to foreign leaders have proved golden. The Washington Post reported that in 1983, the year after he was pushed out as secretary of state, he flew to Manila and helped persuade then-dictator Ferdinand Marcos to cancel a preliminary sales agreement with Bell Helicopter. Marcos instead signed a $ 63 million contract for 17 civilian and two Black Hawk military helicopters made by UT subsidiary Sikorsky Aircraft--a switch opposed by his own Air Force. In December 1992, Haig traveled to Turkey and helped nail down a $ 1.1 billion helicopter deal for his employer. "He was highly regarded and extremely well received by senior officials in the [Turkish] military establishment," says Morton Abramowitz, U.S. ambassador to Turkey under George Bush. "They don't necessarily buy things for that reason alone, but it certainly helps you get a foot in the door and make your case."

Mother Jones 9/1/99 Ken Silverstein "…One example is the U.S.-China Policy Foundation, which Haig serves as an "Honorary Advisor." The organization covers airfare for congressional staffers' trips to China and otherwise seeks "the continued improvement of U.S.-China relations." Haig is also affiliated with the American-Turkish Council, which works to bolster business and military ties with Ankara, and the Hannibal Club, which performs similar activities on behalf of Tunisia………Haig also lends business a helping hand in Indonesia (though his marquee value has no doubt diminished since his ally Suharto was driven from office last year). In March 1997, he accompanied a group of congressional staffers and corporate executives--including officials from Federal Express, Mobil, Caterpillar, and United Technologies--on a tour there. The trip, which was sponsored by the U.S.-ASEAN Business Council, came after months of ethnic and religious riots during which hundreds had been killed. While in Indonesia, the tour group met with Suharto and several government ministers. Steven Clemons, then a staffer to Sen. Jeff Bingaman, was on the trip and says Haig's presence was one reason such high-level doors swung open. "He was a big deal over there," recalls Clemons, who is now at the New America Foundation, a centrist think tank. Haig spoke on several occasions during the trip and, Clemons says, "it was all warm and fuzzy stuff.... He never had a negative thing to say."

Mother Jones 9/1/99 Ken Silverstein "…But it is in China that Haig has carved out a special niche as a door opener for American companies. The general has been a steadfast advocate for China ever since he led the advance team for President Nixon's historic 1972 visit. Later, as secretary of state, he earned the respect of the Chinese leadership by holding fast against the powerful Taiwan lobby in Washington. (He saw China as a useful ally in the struggle against the Soviet Union.) Haig continues to speak out for Beijing in his present role. Perhaps the most striking example came when he turned up at Tiananmen Square on October 1, 1989--four months after the notorious crackdown--to mark the 40th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic. The only American to grace the proceedings that evening, Haig knew that the United States and all other Western ambassadors would be boycotting the event, but he shared the podium with Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, who congratulated him on his courage in appearing.

Mother Jones 9/1/99 Ken Silverstein "…When Deng's daughter, Deng Rong, visited the United States in 1995, Haig threw a party for her at Worldwide's Washington offices. "His remarks that day were extraordinary," says a person who attended. "He was dripping with contempt for human rights activists who try to influence China policy." Ironically, it is conservatives--those who share Haig's sensibilities on so many other issues--who are angriest with him on this score. "It's tragic that a man who has contributed so much to his country would now become an apologist for China," says Ed Timperlake, a former high-level Pentagon administrator under Ronald Reagan……Current and former Hill staffers tell Mother Jones that Haig has called members of Congress on China's behalf, be it to urge that Beijing be admitted to the World Trade Organization (WTO) or to suggest that China have its most-favored-nation trade status renewed. "He doesn't register as a foreign lobbyist, but he's effectively a voice for a foreign government," says Mark Lagon, a former foreign-affairs adviser to the Republican House leadership. A current Hill staffer who closely follows China says of Haig, "He's a guy we worry about because every time we try to put together a piece of legislation [critical of China], Haig gets on the phone to Republican members and we suddenly find that we've got less votes than we thought we did." ….."

Mother Jones 9/1/99 Ken Silverstein "…If Haig is valuable to Beijing, the reverse is also true. The general serves as an adviser to the China Ocean Shipping Company, the state-owned firm involved in a controversial bid to take over closed U.S. Navy facilities in Long Beach, California. Beyond that, when he travels to China, Haig routinely meets with top officials, a level of access that has allowed him to help clients sell Beijing everything from air conditioning equipment to military materiel. To Goldberg, none of this is inappro-priate. "General Haig has been out of office for 17 years," he emphasizes. "He's a private citizen. Former government officials also have the right to engage in business activities, particularly when those activities promote American interests." To his critics, though, Haig's relationship with Beijing is based on an unseemly quid pro quo. As one former GOP government official remarks, "It's very simple. If he were critical of China on human rights or any other issue, his access would dry up and the companies that use him would no longer do so." …."


Tony Coelho

Wash Post/AP 10/4/99 Larry Margasak "....Vice President Al Gore's campaign chairman, Tony Coelho, has not fully repaid a $300,000 personal loan that was cited in a stinging government report alleging U.S. mismanagement at a world's fair in Portugal, Coelho's lawyer acknowledged Monday. State Department investigators have said taxpayers may be liable for any unpaid balance on the personal loan Coelho took out while he was commissioner general for the U.S. pavilion at "Expo98" in Lisbon. Stanley Brand, Coelho's lawyer, said his client still owes about $100,000 but the debt is "in the process of being paid off." Brand did not say when the loan would be fully repaid. He reversed his comments of Saturday, when he contended the entire loan had been paid off......"

NEWSMAX,COM 10/5/99 Debra Saunders "....Veep Al Gore's latest headache is a State Department inspector general's report about Gore 2000 campaign chairman Tony Coelho's "questionable payments" as head of last year's U.S. pavilion at the World Exposition in Portugal. Coelho received no salary during the post, but it had its perks. He stayed in an $18,000-a-month apartment in Portugal, flew first class, and arranged to get free first-class tickets for his wife. Coelho's niece got a job, too. As an assistant, she earned $2,500 per month, $900 more than the office manager, according to the Washington Post. Coelho gave his niece's resume to his former chief of staff, who became an independent contractor for the Expo and hired Debra Coelho. Still, Coelho's attorney, Stan Brand, explained yesterday that some official told Coelho that his niece's employment wasn't illegal nepotism, "because he did not advance her for employment." But that's just the frosting. There is much more to this story than Coelho and friends living large. For one thing, the inspector general cited "the destruction of certain records" as an impediment to understanding exactly what happened in Portugal. Brand insisted Coelho didn't destroy any documents during any investigation. You'd think the folks in the State Department might want to look into who held a shredding party. The best part about the story, first broken by the Center for Public Integrity, is that it utterly deflates the image of Coelho as some hotshot D.C. fixer. (You can read Bill Hogan's report for the center at ....."

Washington Post 10/7/99 Charles Babcock ".....Tony Coelho, chairman of Vice President Gore's presidential campaign, reported last year that he had nearly $2 million in income in the previous 18 months and more than $55 million in assets--most of it in stock in a funeral home company--according to a financial statement he filed during his tenure as commissioner of the U.S. pavilion at the World Exposition in Lisbon. When he took over the Gore campaign last May, news reports described Coelho's business successes and failures in the decade since he resigned from Congress in 1989, based on interviews and documents from publicly traded companies. The filing he made in connection with the Lisbon Expo provides the first comprehensive account of his holdings at the time. The report was released by the Center for Public Integrity, a watchdog group that also made available last weekend a State Department inspector general's audit that criticized Coelho's management of the expo in Lisbon. Coelho's personal financial statement shows, for example, that he owned more than 1.2 million shares of Service Corporation International, a Houston-based funeral home firm on whose board he serves. At the time Coelho signed the disclosure statement, its stock was trading at $39 a share, making it worth nearly $49 million. It is not known whether he has sold the stock since. Yesterday it traded at less than $9 a share. ....."


Jane Mayer

Progressive Review 10/5/99 Sam Smith "...Media Monica Jane Mayer of the New Yorker quotes a friend of W.J. Clinton as saying that the president thinks Gore is running for the White House only to please his late father, concluding that "but for his father, [Gore] would have been a professor or something more solitary." The Mayer back-stab is the latest sign of a covert operation against the vice president, whose relationship with the Clinton has never been as warm as alleged....." 9/24/99 David Horowitz "....The September 27, 1999 issue of The New Yorker features a politically motivated caricature of myself (The Cold War Thrives in Sunny California) by Jane Mayer, co-author of the diatribe against Clarence Thomas (Strange Justice) that was recently made into a film for TV. When Mayer called to interview me for The New Yorker, I told her my low opinion of her "journalism" and suggested that in light of the Clinton-Lewinsky follies, an apology by her to Clarence Thomas was in order. She pretended not to understand what I said. I cooperated with her anyway. It was not because I had expectations that she would report fairly on what I said, but because I didn't want to give her the opportunity to print an extreme caricature of myself and punctuate it with the statement "Horowitz would not answer my calls." For the record, let me say that since, in my opinion, Jane Mayer was incapable of reporting a story accurately, and that she was only going to use the occasion to write a political smear, I was hardly surprised by the result. There is thus no reason to write this response at all, except that it affords me the opportunity to throw light on the techniques by which a great American jurist was tarred and feathered by a dishonest and mean-spirited partisan of the left, posing as a journalist....."

Judicial Watch 10/5/99 "....Judicial Watch forced the Clinton White House to admit, under oath, that Joe Lockhart, Bill Clinton's current spokesman, referred a reporter to the Pentagon for confidential information on Linda Tripp, information protected by a federal law known as the Privacy Act...... In written interrogatory responses filed in federal court, the Clinton White House admitted a direct connection to the Tripp Pentagon file release: "[Former Clinton Press Secretary Mike] McCurry recalls being informed by his deputy Joe Lockhart that Mr. Lockhart had received a telephone call about Linda Tripp from Jane Mayer of The New Yorker, and that Mr. Lockhart referred Ms. Mayer to the Department of Defense. Mr. McCurry does not recall specifically what was stated by Mr. Lockhart or himself." Mayer then spoke to Clinton political appointee and Pentagon official Kenneth Bacon who ordered that his underling, Clifford Bernath, release the information to Mayer. Judicial Watch uncovered Bacon's role, which was initially covered up by the Clinton Administration, in a deposition of Bernath. Linda Tripp has testified to Judicial Watch that Clinton confidante and White House lawyer Bruce Lindsey told her she would be "destroyed" if she came forward and exposed illegal activities she witnessed in the Clinton White House - including Filegate. In fact, Tripp's FBI file was obtained by the Clinton White House. So not only is Tripp a material witness in the Filegate matter, but a member of the putative plaintiff class of Filegate victims. Judicial Watch also uncovered Pentagon documents showing that Secretary of Defense William Cohen was likely involved in the release of the Tripp information. Other evidence shows Cohen countenanced the cover-up of the true circumstances of the Tripp information release. Judicial Watch is investigating the Tripp Pentagon file release because the Court ruled that any misuse of Tripp's file is evidence of a pattern of conduct by the Clinton White House in its misuse of Republican and other FBI files....."

Leon Panetta

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....Leon Panetta - Director of the Office of Management and Budget (January 1993 - July 1994) White House Chief of Staff (July 1994 - January 1997) ......As first reported in the New York Times 6/28/99, Mr. Panetta was told of the Chinese espionage in July 1995. Panetta claims that he did not tell the President - in fact, if you believe the White House spin, since Mr. Panetta left office before the White House claims the President was informed in July 1997, you must assume that Panetta never so much as mentioned it to the President. It was Mr. Panetta's job to inform the President. As a lawyer, Mr. Panetta should have been well aware of the implications of the illegal fundraising and the cover-up of the espionage. Let's see what the facts are and let's see if you believe Panetta kept the 'secret', or if you think he and Clinton decided to cover it up....."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass ".... From the Boston Globe in 1998: "The Oval Office door was slammed shut. No one, not Stephanopoulos, not even friends from Hope or Hollywood, could enter without Panetta's permission. Aides were told to refine their briefings for the president and were often ordered to practice them before Panetta first. It was a shock for most people in the White House, the president most likely included, and it was a success. The flow of the president's day changed dramatically." "Panetta had the doors tightly closed to anyone who fails to get his permission to enter." (Freely translated, the 'revolving door' to the Oval Office was controlled by Panetta - he personally approved of every lowlife who entered the Oval Office with illegal propositions and illegal campaign dollars.) And also from the Boston Globe: "Panetta often met him[Clinton] in his private residence shortly before 9 a.m., to brief him, as the president pulled on his pants, and from there they were off at a rapid clip." (During one of those intimate moments - Panetta surely could have called a time-out to say - "By the way, Mr. President, the Chinese are robbing us blind at the nuclear labs.") ....."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....And the Washington Times on 7/5/99 described the Clinton/Panetta relationship: "Mr. Panetta, the government official who probably spent more time with Mr. Clinton than anybody else at the time..." .......Part of the now infamous 1996 campaign were the regular weekly strategy meetings. Mr. Panetta was a regular participant - in fact, according to the exhibits from House Hearings, Panetta was third on the list (after the President and Vice President) to receive the critical campaign financial schedule. Panetta was, to say the least, a key player in the illegal fundraising. House Report 3/5/98: "In the frenzied drive to raise such large amounts of campaign money, the Democratic Party dismantled its own internal vetting procedures, no longer caring, in effect, where its money came from and who was supplying it. Worse, their campaign eviscerated federal fundraising laws and reduced the White House, key Administration offices, and the Presidency itself, to fundraising tools. ....."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....Coordinator for the illegal White House fundraising with the DNC, Harold Ickes, was a Deputy that Panetta inherited from McLarty. Ickes orchestrated all the campaign activities at the White House and kept in close contact with the illegal activities at the DNC. The first note of record is the December 2, 1994 memo from Ickes to Panetta regarding the DNC financial situation, spelling out the litany of problems and shortfalls - "In short, there are very serious money problems to deal with." The memos from Ickes to Panetta, including plans for the infamous White House fundraising coffees, continued through the 1996 election. Panetta attended the regular Wednesday night strategy meetings on fund-raising which included DNC officials. Panetta even attended the infamous White House Coffees hosted by the President - the earliest of record was May 3, 1995....."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....So, throughout the 1995-1996 period, Panetta was deeply involved with the Communist and criminal traffic going through that 'revolving door' which he controlled. He was well aware of the necessity to keep that door moving. So now we have Panetta in constant, close contact with the President and hip-deep in the fundraising. What else was Panetta juggling in July 1995 when he was hit with the espionage briefing? From Judicial Watch, Panetta and, Clinton's fourth White House Chief of Staff, John Podesta were involved in the planning and implementation of the illegal taxpayer financed foreign trade missions used for DNC fundraising. There is also strong evidence that in the spring of 1995, Panetta and then-Deputy White House Chief of Staff, John Podesta were involved in the obstruction of justice in regard to an investigation into then-Commerce Secretary Ron Brown's 'allegedly' illegal taxpayer financed trade missions. The Panetta/Podesta team's involvement with Brown in this matter would put them in close contact with Brown's lawyer, Reid Weingarten. Curiously, Mr. Weingarten is/was also the lawyer for the illegal fundraisers Charlie Trie and Pauline Kanchanalak - and other Clinton embarrassments. ...."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....Documents obtained by Softwar from the U.S. Commerce Department and from the Computer Systems Policy Project (CSPP, a consortium of U.S. computer companies) shows that on June 6, 1995 the CSPP had a secret meeting in the White House on super-computer and encryption export policy to Communist China and Russia. Investor's Business Daily, 6/9/99: "In June 1995, Clinton lifted the ban on exports of 'cryptographic items' to China. Such items could help China break U.S. military codes if they're used with high-speed computers." And that same month China transferred missile parts to Pakistan. To add to the 'confusion', in July 1995, Monica Lewinsky began working for Mr. Panetta. Clinton frequently visited Panetta's office where Lewinsky characterized these encounters as "continued flirtation." (Again, we ask: During one of those perverted exhibitions, Panetta surely could have called a time-out to say - "By the way, Mr. President, the Chinese are robbing us blind at the nuclear labs.") ....Then there are all the other things on the Communist Chinese agenda in which Panetta was involved. There was the takeover of the Long Beach Naval Station, the MFN (then Most Favored Nation) and Commerce Department waivers. And last, but not least, the release in July 1995 of the GAO report telling out that China was still behind with their military plans, because they lacked some of the technology that Panetta would soon find out they had stolen!...."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass ".... Okay, now the stage is set - Panetta is in over his head with the illegal fundraising, efficiently operating that 'revolving door' and shuffling 'alleged' spy and illegal fundraiser John Huang and others in and out of the Oval Office, helping Ron Brown cover his criminal activity, juggling Monica and the Prez and the rest of the balancing act mentioned above. You must admit, this was one busy person. The stakes were high - any adverse news regarding China would topple Clinton's house of cards, cut off the illegal Chinese fundraising and spell political suicide for the 1996 Clinton/Gore campaign. Enter then-Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary with the bad news - Chinese nuclear espionage had been discovered - the Chinese had stolen America's most advanced nuclear warhead. What to do, what to do? Panetta then called then-CIA Director John Deutch to get confirmation, which he did. This 'happy threesome' had control of the biggest spy story since the Rosenbergs. Let's review who they are. ..."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....We have the infamous Hazel O'Leary who informed Panetta. She had already proven her flagrant disregard for national security. She was in the process of haphazardly declassifying secret documents without review and had banned personnel badges that clearly indicated whether the bearer had a security clearance and, if so, how high. Her reasoning: Such badges were discriminatory. O'Leary also ended the practice of requiring reports to DOE headquarters about foreign nationals from "sensitive countries" who visited the unclassified areas of the Nation's nuclear weapons laboratories, and reportedly had leaked (or was in the process of leaking) the design of the W-87 warhead to U.S. News & World Report, which published a diagram of the weapon in their July 31, 1995 issue. This communist sympathizer, herself, is a lengthy sordid story. So it's a given - O'Leary would go along with any type of cover-up if the secrets she worked so hard to make public and get into the hands of our enemies, were finally being disseminated to the communists. OK, Hazel is in the bag. ......It was indeed a time of great risk to the corrupt election process and the furtherance of the President's communist driven "engagement" with China. We are to believe that Panetta never saw fit to inform the President of the espionage? Is any human capable of keeping a secret, the most important to be encountered in a hundred lifetimes, from the person with whom you are in closest contact, when you are duty bound to convey such a secret? What about the weekly intelligence briefing with the President? Did no one see fit to inform him about the Chinese espionage? Or were these briefings replaced by fundraising activities involving individuals with ties to the communist country jeopardizing our national security? ...."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....Investor's Business Daily, 6/10/99: "In a recent Atlantic Monthly article, Yale University professor Paul Bracken reported China's jaw- dropping reversal in two missile-targeting tests. The first round of six missiles fired in July 1995 yielded just a 50% hit rate. The second round - in March 1996 - saw 100% success. If, on the other hand, the president was warned in July of 1995, as he surely should have been, then the administration ignored the Chinese nuclear espionage for more than two years -- even as it was pursuing its strategic partnership with China's leaders, who, simultaneously, were engaged in a massive operation to finance Mr. Clinton's reelection." Thank you Mr. President and Mr. Panetta for your betrayal of America! .......Another major opportunity for Panetta to at least mention the espionage to the President came in September 1995. Clinton, who had been the primary lobbyist for the transfer of the Long Beach Navy base to the Communist China's state-owned shipping company, COSCO, met with Panetta to instruct him to push the transfer forward. Might it not occur to a person with an IQ above 30 that it just might be important, at this point, to mention something about the espionage? Why did Panetta participate in the illegal presidential campaign and cover up the espionage? A good bet would be to hang on to the 'prestigious' title - "White House Chief of Staff". It would certainly guarantee his highly lucrative future. ....."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....Now, let's see how Mr. Panetta struck it rich in the private sector after his stellar performance as an illegal fundraiser, doorman to the communist and criminal element, facilitator of ongoing Chinese espionage at the labs, and various and sundry other 'accomplishments' during his tenure in our government. From the AP 3/13/97 - Less than 2 months after leaving the White House, "former presidential chief of staff Leon Panetta has a new job in Monterey - a $900-a-day consulting position as a consultant tom California State University Chancellor Barry Munitz and as a Distinguished Scholar to conduct seminars at California State University at Monterey Bay. Panetta's wife, Sylvia, also has been hired to work for the chancellor. She will receive $500 per day to serve on an America Reads Higher Education Task Force. As a consultant, Leon Panetta will advise the university chancellor on national policy on higher education and ways to work with Washington, she said. He will not be a lobbyist." Oh, sure... Now let's see, that's around $350,000 per year for the Panetta family....."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....And the continuing Communist Chinese connection? "Washington, D.C. - Former White House chief of staff Leon Panetta, who also served in the Clinton administration as director of the office of management and budget, has joined the international advisory board of Fleishman-Hillard. He will work to identify and win new business for the firm and will provide counsel on a host of issues, according to chairman John Graham." And from the St Louis Business Journal: "Fleishman-Hillard buys stake in of course have offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Another reason why Panetta didn't want to rock the boat with China... From the Associated Press 3/9/97 "Panetta and his successor, Erskine Bowles, also mounted a defense of the Clinton administration's aggressive fund-raising activities before the 1996 election, saying they were forced to collect a lot of money to stop the Republican agenda from winning." Now that's a sound reason to sell out the country! ....."

Ether Zone Online 9/14/99 Gretchen Glass "....Regarding the espionage cover-up, the Washington Times on 7/5/99 said it all: "...Either these three senior White House officials [Berger, Lake and Panetta] are among the most incompetent aides ever to serve a U.S. president, a prospect that, admittedly, is difficult to believe in Mr. Panetta's case. Or they are lying..." ......Panetta wrote a very interesting article, which he published on 4/23/98 just 15 months after putting himself a country's width away from the White House, entitled "The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth But Big Money is Inheriting the Political Process"...... It appears obvious that Mr. Panetta knows exactly what he did wrong and is trying to write and talk up the justifications in his defense. Panetta had hundreds of opportunities to inform the President of the espionage at the regularly scheduled intelligence briefings - and hundreds, if not thousands, of other opportunities. Do you believe he didn't? ......"

Charles Ruff

Freeper Elle Bee Report 11/27/99 "….Ed Barnes of TIME also reports (December 21, 1998) on Ruff's felony violation of the LMRDA when in 1993 Ruff took about a quater of million dollars from Teamster President Ron Ca$h & Carey and passed more than $150,000.00 through to Clinton "bimbo supressor" Jack Palladino. He then moved to the White House as General Counsel. You can find that story linked on a Wall Street Journal. editorial posted yesterday, entitled Of Guns and Goons.

Freeper Elle Bee Report 11/27/99 TAS 1997 Byron York "….. On August 16, 1984, several attorneys gathered in a conference room at Covington & Burling, a blue-chip law firm with offices just blocks from the White House. They had come to take depositions in the case of Cipollone v. Liggett. A landmark in the history of tobacco litigation, the case was named for Rose Cipollone, a New Jersey woman who died from lung cancer in 1981 after a lifetime of smoking…… The Cipollone suit was widely reported in the press, but the high-powered Washington lawyer's involvement was seldom, if ever, mentioned. Now, however, that lawyer is in the news. His name is Charles Ruff, and he is the Clinton administration's new White House counsel. Of course there is nothing improper about an attorney representing the tobacco industry. But the appointment of Ruff is surprising, since the administration has declared war on tobacco and has repeatedly used tobacco connections in attempts to discredit its opponents..."

Freeper Elle Bee Report 11/27/99 TAS 1997 Byron York "….. Ruff, 57 years old, has long been a part of Washington's Democratic establishment. A graduate of Swarthmore College and Columbia University Law School, he traveled to Africa in the early 1960's to teach law at the University of Liberia. There he contracted a mysterious, polio-like disease that left him confined to a wheelchair. In 1967 he came to Washington as an attorney in the criminal division of the Justice Department. From there he moved back to academics, joining the faculty of Georgetown University in 1973. Later that year he got the job that helped make his reputation--a high-ranking position on the Watergate Special Prosecution Force. Ruff is often remembered as the last Watergate special prosecutor, the man who turned off the lights, packed up the papers, and closed the office in June 1977. But in fact he had been part of the investigation nearly from the start; he joined in July 1973, just two months after original special prosecutor Archibald Cox set up shop….."

Freeper Elle Bee Report 11/27/99 TAS 1997 Byron York "….. It was an insider's strategy, and Ruff displayed his mastery of the game in the case of Virginia Democratic Senator Charles Robb, a politician facing a scandal that seemed sure to wreck his career. In the late 1980's, rumors circulated around Washington that Robb had attended parties at which there had been extensive cocaine use…. For a while it seemed certain that Robb himself would be indicted in the affair. But that changed when Robb hired Charles Ruff, who immediately went to work on his Justice Department connections. It turned out an old friend, George Terwilliger, was overseeing the Robb case….. "

Freeper Elle Bee Report 11/27/99 TAS 1997 Byron York "….. a short time later he came to the rescue of the Clinton White House. This time he worked his legal magic for health care czar Ira Magaziner, who found himself caught in a jam that could have sent him to jail. When Magaziner and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton organized their health care task force and its working groups, they issued a strict edict: Everything having to do with the project had to be kept strictly secret….Lamberth offered Magaziner a choice. He could face a civil hearing--before Lamberth himself--on the issue of whether he had lied intentionally; if found guilty, he would likely be fined for his actions. Or he could take his chances on facing possible criminal charges. Magaziner called Charles Ruff……"

Freeper Elle Bee Report 11/27/99 TAS 1997 Byron York "….. Ruff holds a major IOU from Ohio Senator John Glenn, who is the ranking Democrat on the committee that will investigate the Clinton fundraising scandal. In late 1989, Glenn faced a scandal of his own, when he and four other senators were accused of doing favors for savings and loan crook Charles Keating in return for large campaign contributions…… Glenn again hired Ruff, who approached the Federal Election Commission (FEC) with a simple request: would they please make an exception to the $50,000 rule for Glenn? After all, Ruff argued, Glenn had tried to pay off the debt, but could not find enough donors willing to contribute today to a campaign that had failed in 1984. Furthermore, bending the rules for Glenn would not influence the election, which had been lost years before…."

Freeper Elle Bee Report 11/27/99 TAS 1997 Byron York "….. After missing out on a chance to work for Bill Clinton's first administration, Ruff surprised many observers when he left Covington & Burling in 1995 to work for District of Columbia Mayor Marion Barry as the city's corporation counsel. For one thing, he had to give up a large income from Covington & Burling (Ruff received $711,000 in termination payments from Covington, and financial disclosure records indicate he has investments worth between $2.1 million and $4.8 million)….. Then, in January of this year, Clinton tapped Ruff to be White House counsel.


Research by Freeper ohmlaw00 3/9/00 "…


QUESTION: There was a report in The New York Times a few days ago, which said that the U.S. attorneys office in New York had referred some information to public integrity about possible illegal Venezuelan money that went into the Democratic Party through the Castro family andthat the Justice Department just kind of sat on it, didn't do anything. Can you comment on that?

HOLDER: I'm not familiar with that. But let me just say this is about the public integrity section in general and about Lee Radek in particular.

There have been a lot of news reports about the section and about how they've not performed, and about Lee Radek and about his performance in connection with the campaign finance task force. I think those reports are simply erroneous and don't go to that section, which I was a member of for 12 years, and certainly don't deal in adequate way with Lee Radek's abilities.

He is a very tough, aggressive prosecutor. He's a person who has been charged with the responsibility of leading one of the more important parts of the department and has done so, I think, in a good manner for a substantial number of years.

I'm not sure exactly why people have taken out against him,against the section as well. But I think that the people in that sectionand Lee Radek do a really good job, have done a good job, and have theconfidence of the attorney general and me.

QUESTION: Isn't there a disagreement, though, between Mr. Radek and Mr. LaBella, as has been repeatedly reported, over the direction of the campaign finance investigation, and whether it's aggressive enough and whether it's looking at the issues broadly enough?

HOLDER: I think they actually work pretty well together. I mean, we have meetings concerning independent counsel matters. The public integrity section has the primary responsibility for handling that Chuck LaBella attends. We have meetings about the campaign finance task force that Chuck LaBella has primary responsibility for, and Lee comes to those meetings.

I think that there is a good relationship between the two investigatory bodies and between the two men as well.

QUESTION: Can you just explain how those two groups relate in the campaign finance investigation? I saw LaBella quoted the other day saying, you know, Radek is not a member of the task force. So how does public integrity actually work with the campaign finance task force in this investigation? Who does what? Who's in charge?

HOLDER: Public integrity has primary responsibility over independent counsel matters. The campaign finance task force has primary responsibility over campaign finance matters. Chuck heads up the taskforce; Lee heads up the public integrity section.

But there's a lot of overlap. And that's why it's necessary that they attend meetings of the other and that there is a constant flow of communication. And I think that, that flow of communication is actually a good one.

QUESTION: So public integrity would not get involved in decisions about indictments on people who are not covered by the independent counsel law, for example?

HOLDER: No, I wouldn't go that far. I'd say that as an institution, public integrity would not. On the other hand, people in the public integrity section in the meetings that we would have in the attorney general's office would certainly be asked their opinions and would share those opinions.

QUESTION: The Republicans, or some of them at least on the Hill, and the attorney general and -- testified last week were grabbing on repeatedly to the quote by Mr. Radek that he does not support the independent counsel statute and that he doesn't agree with the statute.

QUESTION: Is that -- is that a problem? Is that leading to some of the difficulties? Reported difficulties?

HOLDER: I mean, Lee Radek has administered the Ethics in Government Act for a number of years, both as a line attorney, a deputy chief in the public integrity section and now as the chief of that section. And I would dare anyone to find a specific instance where he has not followed the law as he was supposed to have done.


Evidence of Ted Sioeng's ties to Chinese intelligence, the report says, was mishandled. No charges. He's now in Belize living off his U.S. investments. Maria Hsia, another Chinese agent, according to U.S. intelligence data, coordinated a Buddhist temple fundraiser attended by the vice president. She goes on trial for minor violations next year, facing probation at worst.

The Buddhist temple event laundered illegal contributions. California Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Mansfield quickly launched the first investigation but was ordered to stop and told that an independent counsel should handle it by the head of the Justice Department's public integrity section, Lee Radek. But Radek at the same time was telling the Attorney General, Janet Reno, that an independent counsel was not needed. The investigation for a short time stalled and temple nuns destroyed evidence, later admitting it was to protect the vice president.

Finally, long time Clinton friend and fundraiser Charlie Trie. FBI surveillance caught documents being shredded at Trie's Little Rock home.

Additional agents with warrants were sent to stop it but were called back at the last minute because Reno felt they lacked probable cause.

Shredding continued. Tree has plea bargained to an expected probation sentence to be handed down in two weeks.

Tony Snow, FOX NEWS SUNDAY. , Fox News Sunday (Fox News Network), 08-01-1999.

It's hardly a coincidence that Justice Department Public Integrity Section chief Lee Radek, who unsuccessfully sought to block Mr. Smaltz' investigation (and ultimately successful) prosecution of Mr. Espy' s chief of staff, Ronald Blackley, is the same official who has incessantly lobbied Miss Reno not to name an independent counsel to investigate the campaign-finance scandal. For months, FBI agents assigned to the Justice Department's task force, which is headed by none other than Mr. Radek, bitterly complained about its slow pace, believing Mr. Radek, a turf-obsessed bureaucrat, was far more interested in controlling the investigation than in advancing it.

Ten months into the investigation, the utter incompetence of the task force became so glaring that even Miss Reno could no longer defend it. After being humiliated by developments uncovered by the media, Miss Reno was forced to replace the overwhelmed head of the task force with an experienced prosecutor, Charles La Bella. Miss Reno gave Mr. La Bella responsibility for investigating the Asian connection, an area where several indictments are said to be imminent. Mr. Radek, meanwhile, retained authority over the politically sensitive issues involving White House-based telephone fund-raising by the president and vice president. It was on the latter issue that Miss Reno had to rule early this month whether to seek an independent counsel. It didn't take Mr. La Bella long to realize that FBI Director Louis Freeh's longstanding recommendation for the appointment of an independent counsel was right on the money, so to speak. According to Time magazine, Mr. La Bella argued that Mr. Radek's reasoning in opposing an independent counsel amounted to "pablum."

Overruling Messrs. Freeh and La Bella, Miss Reno went with the pablum instead. Nobody was surprised - least of all, no doubt, the federal courts. Responding to Mr. Radek's efforts to block Mr. Smaltz from expanding his investigation, two different federal courts - the Special Division of the U.S.

Court of Appeals, which monitors the actions of independent counsels, and a U.S. District Court, where Blackley was convicted - ruled, for all practical purposes, that Mr. Radek's (and Miss Reno's) arguments in the Espy case were pablum.

Thus, two federal courts have confirmed that neither the attorney general nor her senior subordinate understands the independent-counsel statute they are required to implement.

Author not available, An insider's tale of the Reno Justice Department. , The Washington Times, 12-28-1997, pp 36.

Every time Attorney General Janet Reno tries to close the door on the case against Bill Clinton and Al Gore, something else slips out. Which is exactly what happened last week when a new piece of paper threatened at the last minute to upend Reno's conclusion that the President and the Vice President did nothing wrong when they dialed up donors for cash. This time the lead came not from news reports or Republicans but from Democrats. Just days before, Democratic National Committee lawyers turned over a document prepared for D.N.C. finance chairman Alan Solomont that named 30 fat cats who, in exchange for a telephone call from the White House, might be lured onto the party's finance board. The price of entry: a donation of $100,000 or a promise to raise $250,000. Next to each name was a tiny box indicating whether the call should be made by Clinton or Gore.

Reno's team immediately telephoned the donors themselves: Had they heard from Clinton or Gore? Was there a pitch for hard money or soft? The hurried checking continued right until Tuesday morning--just hours before Reno announced her decision. As it turned out, Solomont never sent the document to the White House. But the last-minute scramble over a belatedly discovered document was just another reason Reno's own FBI has clamored openly for an independent counsel to investigate the entire mess.

Reno refused to take that step last week, saying she did not yet see evidence that the President or the Vice President had broken any laws. Republicans immediately condemned Reno as a White House stooge, but the real damage to the Attorney General was internal. Her decision exposed a private fight with FBI Director Louis Freeh, who believes Reno has an inherent conflict of interest when it comes to probing her boss. And it may have emboldened some Justice officials into broadening the investigation to explore a simple but far-reaching premise: that the Democrats engaged in a widespread conspiracy to evade the nation's weak campaign-finance laws.

For more than a year Reno has viewed the scandal as a series of narrow, unrelated legal questions, not a massive plot. That's partly because Reno's a careful prosecutor and partly because the stories of Asian money, fake donors and trading favors for cash have often dribbled out in incomprehensible pieces. But Reno's reluctance to view these parts as belonging to a larger whole may also be the product of the curious way she has managed the department's internal probe. Three months ago, Reno brought in Assistant U.S. Attorney Charles LaBella from San Diego to shake things up, but there was a catch, officials told TIME. Reno put LaBella in charge of the Asian connection and many other suspected campaign-law violations but kept a department veteran, public-integrity chief Lee Radek, in charge of pursuing the most politically sensitive question: whether Clinton and Gore broke the law with their dialing for dollars.

This division of labor has bred a lot of resentment. Reno has created two competing teams of prosecutors. Add to that FBI agents who, like Freeh, believe that an independent counsel is the wisest course, and the result is a squabbling muddle. Lines of responsibility are blurred. LaBella has tried to maintain a "detente" with Radek, but as a Justice Department official puts it, "it's not warm and fuzzy between them." The disputes are left for Reno to settle, which she does, but only after free-for-all senior staff meetings.

The chaos spilled into the open as Reno prepared her decision on the White House phone calls. Arguing on one side was Radek, who advised against an outside counsel. On the other was LaBella, who said Radek's legal reasoning amounted to "pablum." Last Tuesday, before her announcement, Reno tried some shuttle diplomacy. She took a hard-to-miss walk across Pennsylvania Avenue to FBI headquarters, both to consult Freeh and to be seen consulting him. And Reno was careful to say a few hours later that the investigation proceeds. Just where it will lead has a lot to do with whether Labella pushes Radek aside--and whether Reno lets him.

Already, LaBella has let it be known that he is closing in on the Asian-money connection, eyeing transactions by Charlie Trie, Pauline Kanchanalak and Johnny Chung, all of whom may have raised funds for the Democrats from overseas sources. Those cases could help LaBella tighten the screws on fund raiser John Huang, who enjoyed the closest ties with White House officials, including Clinton and Gore.

But as long as Reno resists appointing an independent counsel, she may be doomed to second-guess her own decisions. Just last week her aides said they were reopening another aspect of the case Reno has already closed. Justice investigators want to probe whether "issue ads" prepared by the d.n.c. and the White House in 1995 were Clinton campaign ads in disguise. If so, such ads would violate campaign giving and spending rules. Reno rejected that idea in the past, but release of White House videotapes of fund-raising events--including footage of Clinton boasting about a legal end run--have prompted investigators to take another look. Reno's likely to be doing a lot more of that, each time her department--or anyone else--turns up another surprise.

--Reported by Viveca Novak, Elaine Shannon and Michael Weisskopf/Washington


New York Times columnist William Safire describes Justice Department official Lee Radek as "the chief of the cover-up" involving 1996 campaign finance violations by higher-ups in the Clinton administration.

Mr. Safire said he bumped into Mr. Radek the other day at Loeb's delicatessen on 15th and I streets and asked him why the trial of Maria Hsia, a former fund-raiser for Vice President Al Gore, was being held in Washington rather than in California near the Buddhist Temple where she is accused of illegally laundering campaign cash via Buddhist nuns.

" 'We thought it would be a better venue,' the chief of the cover-up replied. From his concealing standpoint, he's right - the nation's capital is far better for acquittal or most lenient sentencing of the defendant."

Mr. Safire also noted that by holding the trial here, Janet Reno's Justice Department "was certain it would get a Clinton-appointed judge," because the chief federal judge has been bypassing normal procedure in such cases.

Bill Miller Washington Post Staff Writer, Jury Acquits Clinton-Gore Donor of 42 Charges in Finance Probe. , The Washington Post, 07-02-1999, pp A02.

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/14/00 Jerry Seper "…… A top Justice Department official ordered federal prosecutors just before the 1996 presidential election to stop an investigation into suspected illegal fund raising by Vice President Al Gore at a California Buddhist temple. Lee J. Radek, head of the department's Office of Public Integrity, said in a secret Nov. 1, 1996, cease-and-desist order that the U.S. Attorney's Office in Los Angeles "should take no steps to investigate these matters at this time." Justice Department actions in the case, including the timing of the Radek letter, are now the focus of congressional investigators, The Washington Times has learned…….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/14/00 Jerry Seper "…… A House investigator, who also asked that he not be named, noted that the Radek letter went out 10 days after accusations first surfaced about questionable campaign donations by Asian-Americans to the Democratic National Committee, including hundreds of thousands of dollars from John Huang, who helped arrange the temple event. He said that had the Los Angeles probe leaked so close to election, the media "would have had a field day." Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen A. Mansfield immediately shut down the probe after the Radek letter and, according to federal authorities, turned over evidence in the case to officials at Justice in Washington. The letter said that since outside counsel might be named, the inquiry would have to stop. ….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/14/00 Jerry Seper "…… Mr. Gore later was cleared of any wrongdoing by Attorney General Janet Reno, who had been lobbied by Mr. Radek not to seek outside counsel because the facts did not support a successful prosecution. After the Los Angeles probe was terminated, several key figures involved in the temple fund-raising scheme fled the country. The existence of the Radek letter was first reported by the New York Times...."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/14/00 Jerry Seper "…… Last year, Mr. Radek was criticized by four FBI agents assigned to the campaign finance task force, who told the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee he sought to impede or delay the task force probe - even blocking efforts to obtain a search warrant to stop what they said was the destruction of evidence by Democratic fund-raiser Charles Yah Lin Trie. Agents Ivian C. Smith, Daniel Wehr, Roberta Parker and Kevin Sheridan told the panel they were stopped from executing the warrant at Trie's Little Rock, Ark., office after they discovered that financial, business and travel records were being destroyed.......,Mr. Smith, former agent in charge of the Little Rock office, later told FBI Director Louis J. Freeh in a letter that "the team at [the Justice Department] leading this investigation is, at best, simply not up to the task."......"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/14/00 Jerry Seper "…… Mr. Radek and Laura Ingersoll, a department lawyer named to direct the task force, argued against the warrant, saying the [Trie] checks were "not responsive" to an existing grand jury subpoena, only to one issued in March 1997 by the Senate committee. The warrant was approved in October 1997, four months after the agents first requested it. By then, Miss Ingersoll had been replaced by Charles G. LaBella……….. " 3/14/00 "……Just before the 1996 presidential election, a top Justice Department official ordered federal prosecutors to stop an investigation of Al Gore's possibly illegal fund-raising at a Buddhist temple. Tuesday's Washington Times reports that Lee Radek -- head of the Justice Department's Office of Public Integrity - wrote a secret cease-and-desist order on Nov. 1, 1996, telling federal prosecutors in Los Angeles that they "should take no steps to investigate these matters at this time." Congressional investigators are now looking into how the Justice Department handled the investigation, as well as the timing of Radek's letter. Attorney General Janet Reno later cleared Gore of any wrongdoing, after Radek urged her not to seek outside counsel because the facts, he said, did not support a successful prosecution......."





Cantor Fitzgerald, a major US Treasury bond issuer founded by Bernie Cantor who donated to Bill Clinton and partially owned by Iris Cantor a buddy of Hillary Clinton, is the company that brokers environmental pollution credits. Chelsea Clinton received advance issue Carbon Bonds.

Clinton and Livingstone met only twice, once was the day after Livingstone and his men began requesting FBI files 481 files - meeting on December 7, 1993. The White House Counsel's office has surrendered to the FBI over 400 files since June 6, 1996, the day after the FBI began its inquiry into the matter - about 2.5 years later.

Tom Schneider, whose wife is nominated for the post of ambassador to the Netherlands, was a partner to the chief lobbyist for a group of Minnesota Indian tribes opposing the development of a casino by a group of rival tribes in Wisconsin in 1994 and 1995. Local and regional officials with the Bureau of Indian Affairs approved plans for the new casino, but the application for the permit was denied by the Interior Department the day after the Schneider's July 13, 1995 fundraiser. An independent counsel has been appointed to investigate Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt regarding the matter

Al Checci, an associate of Bill Clinton, was scheduled to go on the ill-fated plane flight with Ron Brown but changed flight plans at the last minute.

Jane Sherburne is a former law partner of Lloyd Cutler, former Clinton White House counsel, and James Robertson, the federal judge who just dismissed all of the Webster Hubbell indictments

Jimmy Carter and Jackson Stephens were at Annapolis in the Navy together, according to the Senate BCCI report

From Freeper D14truth - Compare John Crudele remarks on market manipulations (stock future buying at key point in Lewinsky matter) to BCCI buying/selling futures on Chicago Board of Trade

From Freeper D14truth -BCCI Senate Report: Lawyers and Lobbyists--1988 Defending and Advocating for BCCI, including Lawrence Wechsler and Lawrence BARCELLA

From Freeper D14truth ---BCCI Senate Report: Ed Rogers and Kamal Adham. PLATO CACHERIS,criminal defense attorney for Sheik Kamal Adham (1991)

Inside the Clinton Attack Machine 8/4/97 Thomas DeFrank Thomas Galvin "..."Senior White House official Bruce Lindsey, the president's closest aide, worked the angles, calling old Arkansas hands to stand up for the president. ABC was interviewing Federal Emergency Management Administration regional director Buddy Young-who had been the troopers' boss and disputed their assertions- when Lindsey called to instruct him to be sure to tell CNN the same story." ..."

5/97 Freeper JohnGalt on American Spectator "…"Tamraz found an even more direct royal connection in Prince Abdullah bin Musaid bin Abdul Rahman, whose father had helped rescue the kingdom from bankruptcy in a late 1950's stint as finance minister. Another major shareholder was the wealthy (but non-royal) Sheikh Salem bin Ladin, a scion of the kingdom's largest construction contractor. (A renegade relative, Osama bin Ladin, was ostracized by the family after throwing in his lot with religious extremists. See "Terrorism in Our Face," TAS, April 1997.) But the shareholder destined for the most notoriety was a classmate from Harvard Business School named Ghaith Pharaon…."

World Net Daily 3/9/99 Charles Smith "…In 1994, William Hambrecht, a major donor to Bill Clinton, profited directly from advanced military technology sales to the Chinese army. Hambrecht is the financial backer of the Internet magazine Salon. Hambrecht, a very liberal investment banker, owns the firm Hambrecht and Quist (H&Q), based in San Francisco. In 1994, Hambrecht also employed Defense Secretary William Perry as an executive vice president of H&Q Incorporated. Perry joined William Hambrecht and founded H&Q Technology Partners, Inc. in 1985…... Perry was also close to the "matchmakers" of the Galaxy New Technology deal, Professor John Lewis from Stanford, and Hua Di, a Chinese defector, also working at Stanford. "Defector" Hua Di was born into a family of prominent Communist officials. Hua studied missiles in Russia and worked in China's missile program for 24 years. In 1989, Hua fled China after the Tiananmen Square crackdown on student democracy demonstrators. Hua went to work as a researcher at Stanford's Center for International Security and Arms Control. The center's co-directors are Perry and Lewis. Perry, Hua and Lewis shared more than an academic career at Stanford. In 1992, Chinese Commission of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense (COSTIND) Lt. General Huai Guomo contacted Hua Di to start a joint venture called Galaxy New Technology. "Lewis and I were matchmakers," recalled Hua about Galaxy New Technology in 1996. "(General) Huai is my good friend."…. John Lewis and "defector" Hua Di worked together in 1994 on the Hua Mei project using SCM/Brooks. Hua Di located a Madam Nie Li in China to run the project and be co-chair with an American director. Dr. Lewis located Adlai Stevenson III, the former Democratic senator from Ohio, to lead the American side. Of course, Galaxy New Technology head Madam Nie Lie was also the wife of Chinese army General Ding Henggao. Madam Nie is the daughter of Marshal Nie, a close associate of Mao. Madam Nie also has the rank of General in the Chinese army. In 1994, Madam Nie's husband, General Ding Henggao was director of COSTIND, the Chinese Commission on Science Technology and Industry for National Defense. General Ding Henggao was also the boss of Lt. General Huai Guomo, the PLA contact for Hua Di…. Other than Madam "General" Nie, the so-called "civilian" firm was heavily packed with Chinese army officers and experts. One member of Galaxy New Technology management, according to the Defense document, was Director and President "Mr. Deng Changru." Mr. Deng Changru was also Lt. Colonel Deng Changru of the People's Liberation Army, head of the PLA communications corps. Another Chinese army officer in the Galaxy New Technology staff is co-General Manager "Mr. Xie Zhichao." Xie was also Lt. Colonel Xie Zhichao, Director of the COSTIND Electronics Design Bureau….. John Lewis and Secretary Perry still work at Stanford. Hua Di, however, has chosen to return home. In late October 1998, it was announced that Hua Di had returned to China. He met with Chinese security officials in late 1997 and was assured that he would not be prosecuted. On Dec. 31, 1997 Hua returned to China. On Jan. 6, 1998, the "defector" Hua was arrested and charged with passing state secrets to U.S. officials. Stanford officials and Dr. John Lewis have written to the Chinese government appealing for Hua's release. Of course, Hua Di was no defector and he certainly will not return to America. Hua, like Perry and Lewis, was working for the PLA. Hua's arrest was faked. Hua Di was an agent of COSTIND, the espionage unit led by General Ding. Hua served the Communist Party and made a tidy profit in the process. Hua returned to a fat bank account from Hua Mei and a promotion in the Chinese army…."

Washington Weekly 4/5/99 Marvin Lee "...On November 8, 1995, at a presidential luncheon at the "Car Barn" in Georgetown, an unusual constellation of guests were in attendance: Charlie Trie, Ng Lap Seng and Eric Green met Richard Mays and Eric Wynn. Also attending was then-Commerce Secretary Ron Brown who addressed the assembled people as "The Trie Team," and said that "big business helps us everywhere." What is "The Trie Team"? We know from Timperlake & Triplett's book "Year of the Rat" that Trie and Lap Seng are members of the "Four Seasons" Triad gang of Chinese organized crime. We also know that Trie is a long-time friend of Bill Clinton. Another long-time friend of Clinton is Richard Mays, a Little Rock lawyer whose name has appeared in the Whitewater and tainted blood scandals as well as the investigation into the death of White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster. He is also a fundraiser for Clinton who has repeatedly solicited money from people reported by the Washington Post to be tied to U.S. organized crime: Eric Wynn and Richard Tienken. Mays has also successfully raised campaign contributions from Charlie Trie. The House Government Reform and Oversight Committee during its Campaign Finance investigation obtained a video tape of the Car Barn event in Georgetown. During a recently released deposition of Richard Mays, David A. Kass, Investigative Counsel for the Committee asked about the Car Barn event. Mays did not seem comfortable testifying about the event that was co-chaired by himself and Charlie Trie, and had no explanation for why participants apparently had tried to hide photos from the event showing President Clinton and several top DNC officials socializing with members of U.S. and Chinese organized crime. Mays admitted during the deposition to giving Eric Wynn "free legal advice." Mays left for Africa when the Committee later subpoenaed him to testify during Campaign Finance hearings....What is the link between U.S. and Chinese organized crime? The Car Barn event may be providing the answer. It was a fundraising event. Could it be that U.S. and Chinese organized crime serve as one of the funnels of cash between the Chinese military and the Clinton administration? The Chinese military - Lt. Colonel Liu Chaoying - Johnny Chung - White House channel could not possibly have paid for all the military technology obtained from the Clinton administration by the People's Liberation Army...."

DOE Press Release 4/9/97 Pena "... "I deeply regret Charlie Curtis' decision to submit his resignation ..... "Mr. Curtis has served as Deputy Secretary since August 1995, and as Under Secretary of Energy since February 1994. As Deputy Secretary, he served as chief operating officer of the Department and had direct responsibility for the management and administration of national security, energy, and science and technology programs. He has helped lead the Department's national security programs out of a Cold War environment into a reconfigured weapons complex focused on maintaining the weapons stockpile without testing and reducing the spread of nuclear materials worldwide. Under his leadership, our national laboratories have moved toward improved management while ensuring the nation remains the world leader in basic and applied science and engineering. Charlie Curtis has had a lasting impact on our nation's energy and national security policies...."

DOE Press Release 4/9/97 Pena "..."I am, however, very pleased with President Clinton's announcement today of his intention to nominate as Deputy Secretary Elizabeth Moler. Ms. Moler is presently Chair of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Prior to joining FERC in 1988, she served as senior counsel to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and worked for the late Senator Henry M. Jackson and for Senator J. Bennett Johnston...."

7/1998 DOE "...Elizabeth ("Betsy") Anne Moler became the Acting Secretary of Energy on July 1, 1998. She also serves as the Deputy Secretary. She was sworn in as Deputy Secretary, the Department's second ranking official, on June 16, 1997, and is also DOE's chief operating officer. Since coming to the Department, Moler has been the principal architect of the Administration's Comprehensive Electricity Competition Act, which was transmitted to the Congress in June 1998. ....She also shares management responsibility for Defense Programs, Nonproliferation and National Security and Fissile Materials Disposition. Moler represents the department at the interagency Nuclear Weapons Council and Security Policy Board meetings..... "

Washington Weekly 4/18/99 Marvin Lee "...One day before the 1984 presidential election, Arkansas State Trooper L. D. Brown drove then-Governor Bill Clinton to the home of Jack Stephens for a meeting with Senator John Glenn. Glenn was considering running for president and was exploring the possibility of having Clinton as his running mate. What was Jack Stephens role in the forging of the alliance between Glenn and Clinton? In his new book , "Crossfire: Witness in the Clinton Investigation," L. D. Brown writes that he left the room when matters turned to presidential election strategy. But the meeting has taken on significance in light of the role of the three men in the Chinagate scandal of the late 1990s. It was Jack Stephens who provided Chinese military intelligence a foothold in Arkansas by partnering with Lippo Group which brought John Huang to the U.S. and financed Clinton's presidential campaign. And it was a Stephens Inc. office that John Huang used in Washington when he conducted espionage for the Chinese military while employed in the Clinton administration. And it was Senator Glenn who attempted to obstruct those revelations at the Campaign Finance hearings of the Thompson Committee. Glenn also claimed to represent the interests of John Huang before the Committee...."

2/27/92 The Center for Public Integrity Statement of Charles Lewis, Chairman and Executive Director "...The Center publishes investigative studies which serve as vital reference material for journalists, academicians and policymakers alike. The purpose of the Center is to bring important, sometimes inaccessible information to the attention of the American people..... Governor Bill Clinton has eight advisers who individually or whose firms have worked for overseas corporations or governments. For example, Thomas Hoog has represented the People's Republic of China, and his firm, Hill and Knowlton, represents Hitachi, the Embassy of Japan, the Government of Brazil, the Republic of Turkey, Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co., and many other clients. Paul London has represented the Japanese Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers. Clinton also has two advisers who are not currently registered at the Justice Department but who have done work on behalf of overseas clients. Paula Stern, who once chaired the International Trade Commission, subsequently has testified before her old agency on behalf of the Japanese Display Industry. Former Carter Administration official Roger Altman is a partner with the New York-based Blackstone Group, which brokered the Sony purchase of CBS Records and Columbia Pictures. We found another interesting thing about Clinton. He is the governor of a state with just one percent of the nation's natural gas. But in this presidential campaign, Clinton has said, "We must rely less on imported oil, and more on cheap and abundant natural gas . . ." Adviser Paul London consults on behalf of the Natural Gas Supply Association; adviser Skip Rutherford in vice president of Arkla, Inc., a Little Rock-based natural gas company partly owned by Jack Stephens, who is a key fundraiser for Clinton. The Stephens family-as Jeff Garth of the New York Times has reported-also owns 38 percent of the Worthen National Bank, which last month approved a credit line that allows the Clinton campaign to borrow up to $2 million....."

Omaha World-Herald 4/20/99 Editorial "....Trulock said two senior Energy Department officials tried to block him in 1997 from briefing the new energy secretary, Federico Pena, about evidence that China had stolen the design of America's most advanced nuclear warhead from Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. Trulock said he was told that if his claims became public, the lobbying effort for funding Los Alamos and other national laboratories might be damaged. Critics of President Clinton's China policy, he was also told, might exploit such a revelation. Trulock said that in August of 1997, he informed Gary Samore, the National Security Council's senior director for nonproliferation, about lax security at Los Alamos. Samore said the Clinton administration intended to use Los Alamos and other laboratories as "a tool to further its engagement policy with China," Trulock told the Armed Services Committee. Samore said he was not going to allow concerns about Los Alamos to mar the October 1997 visit of Chinese President Jiang Zemin, Trulock testified. According to The New York Times, Samore has said that any comments along those lines were meant as a joke. Some joke...."

Omaha World-Herald 4/20/99 Editorial "...Trulock said that in the summer of 1998, Acting Energy Secretary Elizabeth Moler prevented him from answering a request for a briefing on Los Alamos by members of the House Intelligence Committee. According to Trulock, Moler dismissed the importance of the request by saying that representatives would just make trouble for the president over China policy. Moler, now a lawyer in private practice, told the Armed Services Committee she did not recall such a request. She was asked about a memo to her from Trulock dated July 21, 1998, outlining the request for the briefing. The memo was retrieved from Moler's office safe when she left the Energy Department. "I don't have any rational explanation for this incident," she said. That may have been the most truthful thing she said to the committee...."

4/21/99 Gretchen Glass - "...National Security Advisor: Samuel R. Berger, a paid lobbyist for the Chinese while he was a partner in the international law firm of Hogan and Hartson where he headed the firm's international trade group. Mr. Berger is still listed as an attorney with Hogan and Hartson, therefore, as a partner, he is still receiving benefits, directly or indirectly, from dealings with China and Russia...."

4/21/99 Gretchen Glass - "...Chairman of the IOB [Intelligence Oversight Board]: Anthony S. Harrington, is a senior partner of the international law firm of Hogan and Hartson (with Berger) and, as a senior partner, receives benefits, either directly or indirectly, from dealings with China and Russia. Mr. Harrington is still listed as an attorney with Hogan and Hartson...."

4/21/99 Gretchen Glass - "...Chairman of the PFIAB [President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board]: Warren B. Rudman, is a partner in the international law firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison with offices in Communist China and who, as a partner, receives benefits, either directly or indirectly, from dealings with Communist China...."

4/21/99 Gretchen Glass - "...Inspector General of the DOJ: Michael R. Bromwich who is/was a partner in the Washington D.C. office of Mayer, Brown & Platt. The firm has offices in Moscow and Beijing, with emphasis on Communist China. If he is still a partner, on leave of absence or not, he is benefiting from the firm's dealings with China and Russia..."

WorldNetDaily,sm 4/23/99 John Doggett in 1992 "...Strobe Talbot, who is now Clinton's No. 2 National Security Advisor, said the idea of a nation-state didn't make sense anymore..." 4/27/99 (Charles Smith) "...In 1994, Chinese General Ding Henggao announced a new project to modernize the People's Liberation Army. In 1994 General Ding Henggao was the head of COSTIND (Chinese Commission of Science Technology and Industry for National Defense). General Ding introduced the world to the red Army "16 Characters Slogan" or "military production first" project. The General's new project showcased a joint U.S./Chinese commission, co-chaired by Ding and U.S. Defense Secretary Dr. William Perry. According to an article published in Aviation Week and Space Technology, a Pentagon spokesman stated the Commission was "not going to be selling arms to China" (AW&ST page 62, March 21, 1994). ...According to documents forced from the Clinton administration in Federal Court, Perry had just returned from an October 1994 trip to Beijing. In October, 1994, Perry promised PLA General Ding a "Cray supercomputer to be used by the Chinese nuclear weapons establishment to help design newer and safer nukes." In addition, according to the Commerce Dept. documents, PLA Generals openly discussed with the Clinton officials a wide array of military technology including the main functions of the Army unit COSTIND, "1) Aerospace, 2) Aviation, 3) Electronics, 4) Ground Force Military Equipment, 5) Shipbuilding,[and] 6) Nuclear". .." 4/27/99 (Charles Smith) "...PLA General Ding Henggao led a delegation of Chinese Army officers to Washington, D.C. in November, 1994. The mission to Washington included a closed meeting at the U.S. Commerce Dept. with Defense Secretary William Perry. Ding, of course, was not alone on his visit to Washington, D.C. The meeting at Commerce included some of the highest ranking PLA officers to travel outside of China. General Ding brought his trusted aide, and second in Command at COSTIND, Lt. General Huai Guomo. In addition, Ding brought Maj. General Fu Jiaping, and Maj. General Chen Kaizeng. Ding even brought one of the top spies in the Chinese Army, Major General Hou Gang, Deputy Director of the Intelligence Department of the PLA General Staff Headquarters. Nor was Perry alone on the American side at the D.C. Commerce Dept. meeting. The official U.S. government delegation included several familiar Pentagon faces such as Ken Bacon, Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, and Major General David Mcilvoy from the office of the Joint-Chiefs of Staff. The meeting also included Commerce Deputy Undersecretary Barry Carter, Dr. Eden Wong from the office of the Secretary of Defense, and the Assistant for White House Affairs, Margaret Sullivan. In addition, Perry was also assisted by his trusted friend, Dr. John Lewis. Perry appointed Lewis to the Defense Policy Board. Lewis, however, is listed at the 1994 PLA meeting as "Stanford University, Civilian Consultant to SECDEF." According to the Commerce documents, Dr. Lewis was a paid consultant for the Dept. of Defense and a "consultant" to Dr. William Perry. Ironically, PLA General Ding, PLA General Huai, Secretary Perry and Dr. Lewis also shared a joint business deal. In fact, their "joint" business sold advanced, secure, communications equipment to the Chinese Army. 4/27/99 (Charles Smith) "...In 1994, Dr. Lewis, Dr. Perry and General Ding helped form a U.S./China joint venture called Galaxy New Technology that included the U.S. company SCM/Brooks Telecommunications. This venture led to the direct export of advanced, secure, fiber-optic communications systems to a Chinese Army unit. A 1996 report from the Department of Defense shows that Dr. Lewis was being paid three times for the same meeting in 1994. First, Lewis was paid by the Chinese Army as a member of the Galaxy New Technology project. Second, Lewis was paid by the Pentagon for serving on the U.S. Defense Policy Board. Finally, Lewis was paid by Secretary Perry as his personal defense contractor.....According to these documents, in 1994, Defense Secretary Perry personally pushed for the Galaxy New Technology deal and personally lobbyied against NSA objections. Perry hired one of the two key "matchmakers" of the Galaxy New Technology deal, Professor John Lewis from Stanford as his personal contractor. Perry brought Lewis to the meeting with General Ding and Lt. General Huai.

Washington Times 4/27/99 Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett II "...At the top of the pipeline sits Gen. Xiong Guangkai, the PLA's deputy chief of staff for intelligence, China's premier spy-master. Gen. Xiong attained notoriety in 1996 when his threat to incinerate Los Angeles made its way into the New York Times, but he has a history of bad behavior. In 1989, his agents ran provocation operations against the Chinese students in an effort justify the ensuing massacre at Tiananmen. Despite his record, Gen. Xiong has been a frequent honored visitor to Washington and perhaps the Oval Office. Under Gen. Xiong is Maj. Gen. Ji Shengde, commander of the Er Bu. Gen. Ji, like Lt. Col. Liu, is the child of a former high-ranking Communist Party official. He is generally thought of as something of a lightweight who attained his position on the basis of family connections, not ability. It would be interesting to know if the rumors of his secret visit to Washington this month are true...."

Cosco Home Page "...COSCO now owns over 70 wholly-owned companies, joint ventures and representative offices abroad with 2000 foreign staff members. COSCO has established its transnational operational network stretching to different directions, covering Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, America and Europe with Beijing as its home base. Now all major ports on the globe receive COSCO container transporting ships everyday. To review the path we traveled in the past and the achievements we have made, we owe all these to the Party and the government as well as friends of all circles at home and abroad, especially to the concern shown by President Jiang Zemin and Premier Li Peng. We also owe much thanks to our senior advisers: Ms. Chen Muhua, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Sir Edward Health, former British Prime Minister, General Alexander M. Haig, Jr., former U.S. Secretary of State, Sakuranchi Yoshio, former speaker of the House of Representative of the Diet of Japan, Mr. Bo Yibo, Gumu, Ka-Thing Li and C.H. Tung.,,," 4/29/99 Tony Snow "...What did the administration do when it learned of the worst security lapse since Pearl Harbor? It yawned. Notra Trulock, then the intelligence director at the Energy Department, has testified that he issued specific warnings to his then-superior at the department, Elizabeth Moler, CIA directors John Deutsch and George Tenant, FBI Director Louis Freeh, Defense Secretary William Cohen and National Security Adviser Sandy Berger. The president hasn't disciplined his security team. Just the opposite: Cohen reportedly wants to reward Moler, who first muzzled Trulock, with the job of secretary of the Air Force...."

Washington Times 4/27/99 Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett II "...In our research, we uncovered at least 10 conduits of money from the PLA or Chinese intelligence sources in 1996 into the Clinton-Gore system. The Chung connection is only one of them. Reportedly, when Mr. Chung, now a U.S. citizen, got queasy about betraying his new country, Col. Liu told him not to worry because they had other operations going of the same nature. From the hints she [Liu Chaoying] dropped, Mr. Chung took this to mean the John Huang and Ng Lapsing/Charlie Trie money conduits. Mr. Huang recently took the Fifth Amendment 419 times when asked by Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch about his espionage career at the Commerce Department and his fund raising for the Democratic National Committee. Mr. Ng runs a high-class brothel in Macao and has a separate company that acquires Thai women to work as prostitutes in other establishments. He also has extensive business dealings in China with PLA-associated companies and Chinese intelligence in Macao. Mr. Ng was the source of most of Mr. Trie's illegal campaign contributions. Ted Sioeng is another partner in Mr. Ng's prostitution ring and he, in turn, is the business associate of Cambodia's most prominent narcotics trafficker. Combining all their probable illegal contributions to the DNC in 1996, it would amount to something close to $2 million. All three of them had frequent Clinton-Gore contacts, including the usual grinning photographs with the president, vice president and first lady. Mr. Ng and Mr. Sioeng have fled the country and Mr. Trie is under indictment for minor offenses. We believe the emerging evidence indicates that Gen. Xiong was directing precisely what Sen. Fred Thompson, Tennessee Republican, described as a plan to increase China's influence over the U.S. political process. This plan was lubricated with millions of dollars, and the Chung conduit was only one avenue of many leading to a common purpose: The re-election of the Clinton-Gore team and the defeat of the Republican ticket. There was no real effort to hide the aim here; Gen. Ji told Mr. Chung explicitly that Beijing wanted Bill Clinton and Al Gore re-elected. Nor should there be any surprise at Beijing's choice. John Huang also took the Fifth Amendment when asked if he got his Commerce Department job through the personal intervention of the first lady and he took the Fifth again when asked if he had transferred American military secrets to China.

The Chinese connection to the Galaxy New Technology venture was a defector also working at Stanford. "Defector" Hua Di was born into a family of prominent Communist officials. Hua studied missile engineering in Russia and worked inside China's missile program for 24 years. In 1989, Hua fled China after the Tiananmen Square crackdown on student democracy demonstrators. In America, Hua went to work as a researcher at Stanford's Center for International Security and Arms Control. The Center's co-directors were William Perry and John Lewis. In 1992, Chinese Commission of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense (COSTIND) Lt. General Huai Guomo contacted Hua Di to start a joint venture called Galaxy New Technology. The very same Lt. General Huai who attended the November 1994 meeting with PLA General Ding, Defense Secretary Perry and Dr. Lewis. "Lewis and I were matchmakers," recalled Hua about Galaxy New Technology in 1996. "(General) Huai is my good friend." .....In late October 1998, it was announced that Hua Di had returned to China. Hua Di met with Chinese security officials in late 1997 and was assured that he would not be prosecuted. On December 31, 1997 Hua returned to China. On Jan. 6, 1998, Hua was arrested and charged with passing state secrets to U.S. officials. Stanford officials and Hua's business partner, John Lewis, have written to the Chinese government appealing for Hua's release. The Clinton administration, Dr. Perry and the mainstream press remain strangely silent about imprisoned defector Hua Di. Hua Di passed false missile information to the west, obtained secure communications for the Chinese Army and penetrated into the Clinton White House through the U.S. Secretary of Defense. Hua Di served his party, and comrade General Ding. In the end, Hua arranged for his two employers, General Ding and William Perry, to profit in a deal to harden and secure Chinese military communications. Hua Di returned home to a hero's welcome and a fat bank account made on profits from the Galaxy New Technology deal. Hua Di was no fool - nor was he a dissident. Hua Di was a spy. One of many in a network of spies run by Chinese mastermind General Ding. In a single stroke, Dr. Perry and the Clinton administration sold Ding far more than his spies could ever steal in a decade of espionage. In the process, the Marxist General Ding and his American partners, Perry and Lewis included, also made a tidy profit


Newsmax 4/29/99 Wesley Phelan "...On Tuesday, April 27, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) issued letters to Department of Energy employees Elizabeth Moler and Notra Trulock, asking them to make arrangements with his office to take polygraph tests relating to their April 12 testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Moler became Deputy Secretary of Energy in June of 1997, and served as Acting Secretary of Energy from July 1 to August 1, 1998. Trulock was in charge of counterintelligence for the department from 1994-98. In his sworn testimony before the committee, Trulock stated that Moler denied his repeated requests to brief Congress about Chinese espionage that his division began uncovering at Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1996. Prior to Moler's appointment the counterintelligence division briefed Congress on a regular basis about the emerging Chinese espionage scandal. After Moler's appointment the briefings were terminated. In 1998, Representative Porter Goss (R-FL), Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, requested a briefing from Trulock while his committee was considering DOE's counterintelligence budget request. A few days later, on July 21, Trulock sent a memo to Moler recommending that Goss be briefed. At a subsequent meeting Moler allegedly said, "You don't want to do that because Congress would only use what you say to undermine President Clinton's China policy." ...When asked what would happen if one of the witnesses was found to be willfully telling a lie, Hoitsma said, "that sort of thing could be referred to the Justice Department for a perjury prosecution. Or it could go to the Inspector General of the Energy Department since these are Energy Department employees." ..."


AP 4/28/99 David A. Lieb "....Four current or former Arkansas lawmakers, including the most powerful member of the Arkansas Senate, are accused of taking kickbacks and arranging government contracts for personal benefit. The federal racketeering indictment named state Sen. Nick Wilson and nine other people on charges of mail fraud, obstruction of justice and money laundering....Also indicted were state Sen. Mike Bearden, former state Sens. Mike Todd and Steve Bell - all Democrats like Wilson - two former directors of the state Education Department, three lawyers, and a Little Rock businessman. ...."

The Washington News Letter 5/3/99 Marvin Lee "...The London Sunday Times, in its May 2 edition, confirms allegations made by former Clinton employee L. D. Brown in his new book "Crossfire." The allegations, first reported in last week's Washington Weekly, reveal a covert operation to channel money to one side of the Northern Ireland conflict, the IRA. The Times spoke to a left-wing member of the British Parliament named by L. D. Brown as a consultant to the scheme. Ken Livingstone, Labour MP, "did corroborate key parts of Brown's story about the project," write Phelim AcAleer and Kevin Dowling. The Times also cites a written job offer from T. John McBrearty, who sought to involve L. D. Brown in the project and offered him $300,000 for his cooperation with the Clinton administration at a time where L. D. Brown was a witness in multiple investigations of the President. "What we are looking at here is jobs for the boys in exchange for a ceasefire, the peace process and a diplomatic triumph for the US," quotes the Times. "The Clinton White House had agreed to put up between $100m and $150m. The link with them was [Nancy] Soderberg. It was made clear there would be no problem getting money from the White House," Livingstone told the Times. Nancy Soderberg was identified to L. D. Brown as the White House contact person for the covert Northern Ireland operation. She was at the time Deputy Staff Director at the White House National Security Council and Clinton's main advisor on Ireland...."

The Center for Security Policy 4/26/99 No. 99-D 48 "...Lately, it seems that scarcely a day goes by without some new revelation about serious security problems at the Department of Energy (DOE) -- or the Clinton Administration's lack of seriousness about addressing them competently. Less obvious, but no less troubling, are the steps the Administration is taking to punish conscientious DOE employees who have been raising alarms about these problems. Much of the blame for the present mess appears to lie with President Clinton's first Secretary of Energy, Hazel O'Leary.(1) Mrs. O'Leary made no secret of her hostility to her Department's most important function -- maintaining the Nation's strategic deterrent and the thermonuclear weaponry that underpins it. While she has mercifully been gone from office for three years, the legacy of the gaggle of anti-nuclear activists O'Leary recruited to staff senior DOE positions and the "denuclearization" and "openness" policies that she and they promulgated together linger on. In fact, just last month, the current Secretary of Energy, Bill Richardson, succeeded in sneaking through the Senate the nomination of an advocate of the abolition of nuclear weapons to serve as Assistant Secretary for Nonproliferation and National Security. This dark-of-night operation is all the more outrageous in light of the mounting evidence that this appointee, Rose Gottemoeller,(2) is implicated in a number of the security scandals now coming to light -- and the personnel actions being taken against the whistle-blowers....Two further O'Leary "openness" initiatives contributed to the circumstances under which the penetration of U.S. nuclear facilities by Communist China, among others, has occurred during the present administration. ....First, Mrs. O'Leary banned personnel badges that clearly indicated whether the bearer had a security clearance and, if so, how high. Her reasoning: Such badges were discriminatory. And second, she ended the practice of requiring reports to DOE headquarters about foreign nationals from "sensitive countries" who visited the unclassified areas of the Nation's nuclear weapons laboratories....."

The Center for Security Policy 4/26/99 No. 99-D 48 "...On 17 April 1995, President Clinton lent his authority to an "openness" initiative championed by Mrs. O'Leary, the current White House Chief of Staff, John Podesta, and then-NSC staffer Morton Halperin(3) with his signature of Executive Order 12958. This order called for the automatic declassification by 17 April 2000 of all documents containing historical information that are 25 years or older......"

WorldNetDaily 5/4/99 David Bresnahan "...The Chinese have greater power and control in Washington than the Republicans with their majority in Congress. President Bill Clinton, with the help of the Chinese, has built his power base to a point where he has nearly taken complete control. The reality is that Clinton controls virtually everything and everyone. Every federal agency, every bureaucracy, and the military are under the total control of Clinton. The country is run by bureaucrats, not by Congress, and the bureaucrats are controlled by Clinton. The Republicans may feel some satisfaction that they have a majority in Congress, but in reality that does not make a single bit of difference in relation to how the country is actually run. Clinton now has almost total control of the government based on his word alone.....Janet Reno was appointed as Attorney General. Her unquestioning loyalty would bring complete control of the Department of Justice, a most critical requirement for complete success in the Clinton plan.... The FBI reports directly to the Department of Justice and the Intelligence Oversight Board, which in turn reports to the Department of Justice and the President. Executive Order 12863 was issued on September 17, 1993. It went virtually unnoticed, particularly by a Congress too caught up in political battles to pay attention to such things. EO 12863 revoked EO 12537 which established the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board and also revoked EO 12334 which formed the Intelligence Oversight Board. Clinton did not have sufficient control and needed to juggle things around. The new executive order reorganized the Intelligence Oversight Board as a committee of the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. The Intelligence Oversight Board is no longer a threat to the President, or anyone else unless they are a threat to Clinton. If the Intelligence Oversight Board discovers activities which may be against the law, or which violate an executive order or presidential directive, it can report the violation to Attorney General Reno, or not report anything at all based on their own agenda. They have total discretion to do as they wish. By controlling the Chairman of the Intelligence Oversight Board, along with the National Security Council Advisor, Clinton has total discretionary control over what issues come before the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. ...."

WorldNetDaily 5/4/99 David Bresnahan "...Who are some of these people now in charge of these critical intelligence organizations? National Security Advisor, Samuel R. Berger, was a paid lobbyist for the Chinese while he was a partner in the international law firm of Hogan and Hartson. He headed the firm's international trade group, and because he has not left his partnership in the firm, Berger is still receiving benefits, directly or indirectly, from dealings with China and Russia. Intelligence Oversight Board Chairman is Anthony S. Harrington. He's also a senior partner in the same law firm with Berger. He too is directly compensated from dealings with China and Russia. Chairman of the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, Warren B. Rudman, is a partner in a different international law firm, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton and Garrison. They not only represent Communist China, they maintain an office there. Rudman continues to receive financial benefit from dealings with China. Michael R. Bromwich was a partner with Mayer, Brown, and Platt before he was appointed as Inspector General of the Department of Justice. That law firm has offices in both Communist China and Russia. Even though he is listed as being on leave of absence from the firm, as a partner he still receives financial reward based on dealings with those countries. Another example is the appointment of William J. Perry, first as Deputy Secretary of Defense and then as Secretary of Defense. It was the presence of Perry which helped transfer control of high technology exports from the Pentagon to the Department of Commerce. Previous to his political appointment, Perry was a computer industry executive in Silicon Valley. He was a vocal supporter of the removal of export controls. John M. Deutch was known to have voiced similar views, and was soon appointed as Director of the CIA..... William S. Daley, Secretary of Commerce, apparently knows how that works. Based on press reports, it appears that Daley, Clinton's 1992 Illinois Campaign Manager, was involved in questionable activities in the Chicago area involving fraud, the IRS and the FBI. The legal action against Daley and his firm Daley and George, which dragged on from 1992 to 1997 was suddenly dropped just one month after he was sworn in as Secretary of Commerce on January 30, 1997. Nice deal. Not surprisingly, Daley was a partner in Mayer, Brown, and Platt with offices in Moscow and Beijing. Daley continues to benefit financially from those dealings.... " 5/6/99 William Westmiller Freeper laz "...Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has presided over one of the worst foreign policy disasters in United States history. Assuming the mantle from a distracted President, the Secretary has abandoned the principles of a critical international treaty, committed the United States to an offensive military adventure, and seriously jeopardized our moral standing with nations around the world...."

Augusta Chronicle 5/07/99 Editorial Freeper newsman "... It's bad enough the GOP-controlled Senate was asleep at the switch when DOE Secretary Bill Richardson recently snuck through the appointment of a notorious nuclear disarmament advocate, Rose Gottemoeller, to serve as his assistant secretary for Non-proliferation and National Security. What's worse is that this is the same left-wing she-wolf who demoted DOE chief of intelligence Notra Truluck...."


Time 5/17/99 Walter Isaacson "...She helped push the U.S. into Kosovo. It was part of the assertive, moralistic new world role she is urging for America. ... What's at stake here is the principle that aggression doesn't pay, that ethnic cleansing cannot be permitted." ....The Kosovo conflict is often referred to, by both her fans and foes, as Madeleine's War. In a literal sense, of course, that's not true these days. Now that it's become an armed conflict, she plays a supporting role to the President, National Security Adviser Sandy Berger, Defense Secretary Bill Cohen and the military brass. But more than anyone else, she embodies the foreign policy vision that pushed these men into this war. And she is the one most responsible for holding the allies--and the Administration--firm in pursuit of victory. To Albright, a stable Europe is central to our interests. Opposing ethnic cleansing is central to our values. And because of the world view bred into her bones and seared into her heart growing up, she believes that America's interests cannot be easily separated from its values. "We are reaffirming NATO's core purpose as a defender of democracy, stability and human decency on European soil," she says. Her critics argue that this has never been NATO's core purpose. For 50 years, it's been a defensive alliance, one that never before waged war against another European nation, no matter how lacking in democracy, stability or human decency. They see Madeleine's War as the latest example of an incoherent foreign policy driven by moral impulses and mushy sentiments, one that hectors and scolds other nations to obey our sanctimonious dictates and ineffectively bombs or sanctions them if they don't.....It was early in Clinton's first term, back when she was U.N. ambassador during the first showdown with Serbia over Bosnia, that Albright showed her stripes on foreign policy. At a 1993 meeting with Joint Chiefs Chairman Colin Powell--who gave his name to the doctrine that the military should be used only after a clear political goal has been set, and then only with decisive force--she challenged the general: "What's the point of having this superb military that you're always talking about if we can't use it?" As Powell later recalled, "I thought I would have an aneurysm." Thus arose the Albright Doctrine that has held sway since her ascension to Secretary of State: a tough-talking, semimuscular interventionism that believes in using force--including limited force such as calibrated air power, if nothing heartier is possible--to back up a mix of strategic and moral objectives. In an Administration that grew up gun-shy by reading and misreading the lessons of Vietnam, she's the one who grew up appeasement-shy by learning in painfully personal ways the lessons of Munich...."

NY TIMES 5/12/99 TIM GOLDEN and JEFF GERTH "…Ms. Xu told banking regulators that much of the money consisted of Chinese loans to small investment companies that she and Hwang had established in California, documents show. Yet a detailed report on the matter written last year by investigators for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency cast doubt on that explanation, concluding that the money was probably being hidden for Chinese officials…..Neither Hwang nor Ms. Xu were obvious partners for Peoples' Bank of China, as the country's central bank is called…..Henry Hwang helped start Far East National Bank in 1974 with $1.5 million in capital and a single branch office in the Chinatown section of Los Angeles…. The key to his success was Nan Nan Xu. Ms. Xu (pronounced "shoo"), 48, came to the United States in 1987 with a student visa and plans to learn some English…. Ms. Xu was made a senior vice president in 1993, a managing director in 1994 and, according to Hwang, was its highest-paid executive after himself at one point before she left the bank in 1997 a consulting firm. ….As Far East National's China business was starting to flourish, the bank was also quietly taking in huge deposits of Chinese government money….

NY TIMES 5/12/99 TIM GOLDEN and JEFF GERTH "…In late November of 1992, Far East National received the first $5 million in a series of wire transfers from the Peoples' Bank of China, from one of its apparent subsidiaries, and from another state bank. ….In January 1993, Ms. Xu incorporated her own California shell company, Four Earth Investment and Trading Corp., and over the next 32 months, it absorbed a flood of Chinese money. Another $40 million came from the central bank. The China Construction Bank wired $5 million. More than $42 million came from United Wide Investments, a Hong Kong concern that American regulators believe was controlled by the Chinese Government. Officials said one of Ms. Xu's accounts also received an early deposit of almost $50,000 from a Chinese military company that manufactures and markets advanced weaponry. ….Government documents show the regulators found many of her transactions suspicious…. As far as the investigators could determine, $10 million was never repaid to the Peoples' Bank of China. Some of the activity in Ms. Xu's accounts, like some of her business in China, points to an influential Chinese official whom she described to regulators as an old friend: Chen Yuan, a former deputy governor of the central bank and the son of a powerful Chinese official of the 1970's and '80's…."

Washington Times 5/12/99 May 12, 1999 "...A modest amount of pressure is building in the Senate to get on with the confirmation of Richard Holbrooke as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Despite the fact that it was a Justice Department investigation of Mr. Holbrooke's finances that put a brake on his nomination last summer, the onus is now being placed on Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jesse Helms to get hearings under way. President Clinton himself has called Mr. Helms, only to find to his dismay that the White House had failed to dispatch the proper paperwork to the committee. Someone apparently is eager to get the job filled, and in a hurry.. .....No wonder then that the State Department went ballistic over the front-page story in The Washington Times last Wednesday, which reported that Mr. Holbrooke had apparently left his post as chief negotiator in the Balkan crisis twice during critical periods last year to give two speeches for which he was paid $40,000. The story in The Times was based on a source one would think credible -- Mr. Holbrooke's own Public Financial Disclosure report, dated Jan. 26, 1999. According to his own statement, on June 27 last year Mr. Holbrooke received $15,963 for speaking to Forum De Crane Montana (since he left for Athens on June 26, The Times concluded that the speech took place in Athens) and $24,000 for a speech on Oct. 13 to Siemens AG in New York. At both times, negotiations with Albanians and Serbs in Pristina and Belgrade were at highly sensitive stages, and the notion that Mr. Holbrooke would leave the bargaining table would seriously call into question his judgment as a diplomat. As it is, Mr. Holbrooke's cozy relations with Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic during the Dayton negotiations has already earned him critics aplenty....."

Investor's Business Daily 5/19/99 John Berlau "...The road from Beijing to the White House appears to take many detours through Arkansas. It was there, as attorney general and governor, that Bill Clinton met Indonesian businessmen Mochtar and James Riady and restaurant owner Charlie Trie, key figures linked to the Chinagate scandals. But more recently, another possible connection has emerged - through the $7.5 billion Arkansas Teacher Retirement System. In the past few years, the ATRS has invested in companies linked to Chinese intelligence.... At least four companies the ATRS has invested in - the China Ocean Shipping Co. (Cosco), China North Industries (Norinco), China Resources Enterprises and China Travel - ''historically and currently have been used by Chinese military intelligence,'' Timperlake said..... A year earlier, a Cosco ship was caught smuggling 2,000 automatic weapons destined for Los Angeles gang members into the port of Oakland, Calif. Even so, according to the American Spectator, ATRS added $500,000 in Cosco shares after the ship's capture. The Washington Times has reported that Cosco also delivered nuclear weapons components to Pakistan and Iran..... Norinco. The ATRS has also invested at least $334,000 in Norinco, the company that made the automatic weapons that were seized in Oakland. One month after Norinco officials were arrested, one of Norinco's partners attended a coffee at the White House..... Pension fund documents obtained by Investor's Business Daily show that in 1997, the ATRS invested at least $748,000 in China Resources and held shares in China Travel. Both companies are used as cover for spying operations, China experts say. In his book ''Chinese Intelligence Operations'' (Newcomb Publishing, 1998), Defense Intelligence Agency analyst Nicholas Eftimiades wrote that at least one vice president of China Resources is typically a military officer who ''coordinates the collection activities of other intelligence personnel under (the company's) cover.'' Former Arkansas State Auditor Julia Hughes Jones recalls that in 1993, Charlie Trie gave her the card of a woman who headed China Travel in Beijing. Jones says she found it odd that Trie wanted her to use China Travel for official Arkansas business inside the U.S. Jones said she now believes Trie -whose trial started this week - was promoting China Travel because he was ''trying to get in good with the (Chinese) military.' Both companies are also partners of the Riadys in various China ventures...."

Insight Magazine Vol. 13, No. 17 5/12/97 By Timothy W. Maier ". . . . China analysts and national-security officials say the operating officer at the heart of Beijing's master plan to seize hegemony over Taiwan, Japan, Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Saipan, Guam and the Philippines is Wang Jun - Clinton's Feb. 6, 1996, coffee-klatsch guest who has taken advantage of corporate greed by persuading American investors to pour billions of dollars into joint-venture projects that allow Wang to tap into the U.S. bond market, borrowing millions from American mutual funds, pension funds and insurance companies to support the war chest. . . . . Wang chairs both PolyTechnologies, or Poly, the arms-trading company of the PLA, and China International Trust and Investment Corp., or CITIC, a $23 billion financial conglomerate that Wang says is run by China's government, or State Council. His dual control of CITIC and Poly (the PLA company caught last year allegedly smuggling 2,000 AK-47 assault rifles to U.S. street gangs) makes it difficult for American firms to know whose hand they are shaking. "He's a master of muddying the waters," says James Mulvenon, a China researcher at California-based Rand Corp. "American companies are playing a shell game.". . . . Not surprisingly, CITIC officially has controlled Poly. The relationship dates back to 1984 when the PLA created Poly for arms trading and structured it under the ownership of CITIC in part to conceal Poly's link to the PLA, according to Western analysts. Wang is the son of Red China's late vice president and Long March veteran Wang Zhen. The president of Poly is Maj. Gen. He Ping, son-in-law of the late Deng Xiaoping. A former defense expert for the Chinese Embassy in Washington, He Ping is director of PLA arms procurement and chairs CITIC-Shanghai. A second major subsidiary of CITIC is CITIC-Pacific in Hong Kong, chaired by Rong Yung, son of China's vice president, Rong Yiren, who founded CITIC. In short, this is a high-level operation of the Beijing government directly connected to the men in charge...."

Insight Magazine Vol. 13, No. 17 5/12/97 By Timothy W. Maier " . . With the help of CITIC-Beijing, He Ping engineered the billion-dollar sale of Chinese arms that included missiles to Saudi Arabia and short-range cruise missiles to Iran during the mid-1980s. That deal was assisted by the government-controlled China Northern Industrial Corp., or Norinco, which now is under investigation in the West for selling chemical-weapons materials to Iran for weapons of mass destruction, according to April testimony before a Senate Governmental subpanel. China's sale of nuclear and chemical weapons to the Middle East all are part of a strategic plan to spread out deployment of the U.S. Navy so the PLA can concentrate on the South China Sea, according to intelligence and diplomatic officials.....Wang's ability to mask Poly by showcasing CITIC has paid off handsomely for his other enterprises on behalf of Beijing's war plans. In particular, the U.S. bond market already has been an attractive target for CITIC to the tune of $800 million in borrowing. That, of course, begs the question: Why is the high-level Beijing operative Wang Jun allowed to borrow huge sums from Americans when President Clinton says it is "clearly inappropriate" even to meet with this PLA arms dealer?...... Yet, there is no national-security screening of foreign borrowers in U.S. securities markets from which huge sums are being allowed to float into China's war chest...."

Investor's Business Daily 5/20/99 Editorial "... Asked if Hillary was a client, Lenzner refused to answer in a May 1998 deposition by Judicial Watch, the conservative watchdog group suing the Clinton administration on several fronts, including campaign finance irregularities and FBI files on Republicans. He cited attorney-client privilege...."

Investor's Business Daily 5/20/99 Editorial "... Cody Shearer worked as a subcontractor for IGI on at least one case, Milton says. In 1992, he was charged with digging up dirt on President Bush and Vice President Dan Quayle. (Shearer is reportedly close to Vice President Al Gore's fund-raiser pal, Peter Knight.) On CNBC's ''Rivera Live'' last week, Lenzner denied Shearer ever worked for him. But under oath during his May 1998 Judicial Watch deposition, Lenzner admitted Shearer ''was a subcontractor on one job for us.'' ..."

Investor's Business Daily 5/20/99 Editorial "...Not long after the 1992 campaign, private investigator Terry Lenzner met with Clinton aide Harold Ickes in the White House. Lenzner runs Investigative Group International, a Washington-based detective agency. Soon after, IGI was doing work for the Clintons' legal defense fund. Later, Clinton's personal lawyer, David Kendall, hired Lenzner's group to dig up dirt on Paula Jones, prosecutors on Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's staff and GOP lawyers Victoria Toensing and Joseph diGenova, among others, says author Joyce Milton in her new book, ''The First Partner: Hillary Rodham Clinton.'' IGI agents didn't stop there, Milton says. They also reportedly snooped into the backgrounds of Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp and Willey...."

Investor's Business Daily 5/20/99 Editorial "... Estranged Clinton campaign guru Dick Morris fingers IGI as ''the White House secret police.'' That's not a stretch, Milton said, ''judging by the revolving door between IGI and the administration.'' Those who jumped from IGI to the administration include: Raymond Kelly, who became Clinton's Secret Service chief. Ricki Seidman, who joined the Justice Department. Brooke Shearer, who joined Hillary's staff and ran a White House intern program before moving to a job at the Interior Department. Even Lenzner's daughter. She became an intern to former Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos. Meantime, those who left the administration for IGI include: Former FBI General Counsel Howard Shapiro, who has signed on as Lenzner's lawyer. Shapiro was supposed to get to the bottom of the Filegate scandal. Instead, he did damage control for the White House, sneaking officials a peek at FBI agent Gary Aldrich's manuscript to ''Unlimited Access.'' Former FBI official Larry Potts (of Ruby Ridge fame), who's now an IGI executive...."

Investor's Business Daily 5/20/99 Editorial "...In 1992, Hillary's law partner, Vince Foster, was tasked with hiring private detective Jerry Parks to further probe Clinton's affairs, says British reporter Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in ''The Secret Life of Bill Clinton.'' (Parks was killed in 1993.) What's more, Hillary in 1992 helped enlist a private security agency to snuff a rumor that Clinton had sex with a black prostitute, Milton says. They weren't the only private dicks hired. The Clinton-Gore campaign had two more on retainer to smash ''bimbo eruptions.'' One was Anthony Pellicano of Los Angeles and the other was Jack Palladino of San Francisco. More than likely, bringing Lenzner into the White House fold was also Hillary's idea. She and Lenzner go way back. They worked on the Watergate hearings. They also served on the board of Legal Services Corp. and have a mutual friend in Mickey Kantor, another Legal Services veteran...."

Investor's Business Daily 5/20/99 Editorial "...But Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton points out that Lenzner had no problem naming other clients. What's more, Hillary's friend Brooke Shearer left IGI, where she worked as one of Lenzner's operatives, to join Hillary's staff. Shearer is married to Strobe Talbott, Clinton's old Oxford roommate, an ex-Time magazine writer and now the State Department's top official dealing with Russia...."

AP 5/20/99 H Josef Hebert "...Intelligence experts were worried three years ago about the possible theft of secrets about America's nuclear arsenal and believed the Los Alamos weapons lab was the most likely source, an Energy Department intelligence officer told a Senate panel Thursday.... "What was done, in short was nothing,'' Notra Trulock, acting deputy of the Energy Department's Office of Intelligence, said of the concerns expressed by intelligence experts in early 1996 about potential loss of the top-secret computer codes. Lawmakers have applauded Trulock for raising alarms as early as 1995 about the possible theft of nuclear secrets from weapons labs, including information in the 1980s about a sophisticated warhead known as the W-88......Trulock, appearing before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, described repeated attempts in early 1997 to bring his concerns about espionage and lax security at weapons labs to then-Energy Secretary Federico Pena. He said that he was repeatedly thwarted by senior DOE officials, including Pena's deputy, Elizabeth Moler, and that Pena knew nothing of the espionage concerns for about six months. Trulock in the past also has accused Moler of muzzling him when he tried to testify before Congress..... Trulock, who was director of the Office of Intelligence from 1994 into early 1998, said his concerns about espionage at the labs were viewed in 1997 with skepticism and "outright denial'' among senior DOE officials. They were dismissed as views of "Cold War warriors,'' said Trulock..... Sen. Frank Murkowski, R-Alaska, the committee chairman, derided the "cavalier attitude about security'' described by Trulock and suggested that senior administration officials should not be let off the hook..... Attorney General Janet Reno announced on Thursday that a veteran prosecutor, Randy Bellows, would head a Justice Department investigation into whether Justice or the FBI made any mistakes in the Wen Ho Lee investigation, dating to 1996...." 5/25/99 "...On February 6, 1996, Bill Clinton met in the White House with the CEO of a major gun manufacturing company. The same gun maker flooded the U.S. market with over four hundred thousand assault rifles in 1994. Only a few months after the meeting with Clinton in 1996, the same gun dealers tried to smuggle over 2,000 machine guns to U.S. drug gangs...... Bill Clinton's close relationship with POLY TECHNOLOGIES Corp. (Poly Tech), an arms company wholly owned by Chinese Generals, brought great profits to the People's Liberation Army (PLA) and large contributions into Democrat coffers. Poly Tech also exports the most popular gun in the world. Poly Tech manufactures and sells the infamous AK-47. The AK-47, and its familiar banana shaped magazine of bullets, has adorned the shoulders of terrorists who hijack planes, and graced the flags of radical nations. Many an American has died from the AK-47 7.62 x 39 bullet. According to documents forced from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce by a Federal lawsuit, Poly Tech made great profits in America thanks to Bill Clinton. "Poly Tech," states the 1997 report, "sold hundreds of millions of dollars of largely surplus arms around the world, exporting to customers in Thailand, Burma, Iran, Pakistan, and the United States... These sales peaked in 1987, when Poly sold more than US$500 million in weapons." Poly Tech's prime U.S. subsidiary, PTK International of Atlanta, Georgia, was run by Chinese princeling Baoping "Robert" Ma. Robert Ma's family business included "importation and distribution of semi-automatic rifles for the U.S. domestic market... Between 1987 and 1993 PTK sold more than US$200 million worth of these guns in the United States." ..." 5/25/99 "...According to the report, Poly Tech took advantage of Clinton's 1994 executive order banning assault weapons, including a ban on gun imports from the Chinese Army. "Loopholes allowed importers to bend the rules," states the report. "Specifically, Congress exempted weapons in transit post hoc. The U.S. Treasury initially estimated this exemption would cover 12,000 weapons, but importers actually brought in 440,000." In 1994, President Clinton and the Democrat controlled Congress gave the PLA their greatest gun sales spree in America with a "loophole." Poly Tech officials crammed Chinese flag carrier (COSCO) ships bound for America with every weapon they could scrape from their massive inventory, selling them at inflated prices brought by Clinton's ban. In a single stroke of Clinton's pen, the PLA made over $100 million in wind-fall profits...." 5/25/99 "...Poly Tech was founded in 1985 as a subsidiary of China's powerful central bank, CITIC (China International Trust and Investment Corporation). In 1996, the Chinese HQ of Poly Technologies was run by Wang Jun and his "princeling" friend, the powerful He Ping, son-in-law of Deng Xiaoping. Wang was not only Poly Tech CEO but also a Director of CITIC. Thus, the PLA "commercial" arms outlet Poly Tech also provided CITIC credit to customers. The curious mix of communism, capitalism and corruption ended in August, 1996, when Poly Tech's U.S. operations were closed by a U.S. Customs sting operation. Allegedly, Poly Tech's man in America, Robert Ma, conspired with China North Industries (NORINCO) representative, Richard Chen, to import 2,000 fully automatic AK-47s into the United States to Customs Agents posing as Miami drug smugglers...." 5/25/99 "...However, according to the 100 page Federal indictment from one of the key undercover agents, Chen and Ma had to call back to PLA Headquarters in Beijing to obtain the 2,000 machine guns. According to the Custom agent's deposition, Chen and Ma had difficulty in getting the "barrels" because they required "higher-level permission". Yet, Poly Technology Executive Director, Xie Datong, stated on the record that the machine gun transfer did not require permission from the Chinese General Staff. Xie Datong, also a corporate officer of Poly's American subsidiary PTK, claimed the weapons were transferred from stockpiles from the General Logistics Division of the PLA. Whether Chinese Generals attempted to smuggle machine guns into America may never be answered. Ma and company fled the country. Gun runner Robert Ma, and all of the Chinese executives that served Poly Tech, escaped the grasp of the inept Janet Reno and Louis Freeh. Ma was reportedly one step ahead of FBI agents who had a warrant for his arrest. Clearly, the Chinese Generals made a profit from illegal gun smuggling. President Jiang Zemin certainly has no incentive to return Robert Ma into the hands of U.S. justice, nor has Bill Clinton made any attempt to ask his "strategic" partners in Beijing...." 5/25/99 "...However, the Poly Tech story goes deeper than just a few Chinese Generals and a princeling or two. According to another document obtained from the Commerce Dept., the 2,000 machine guns were to be transferred to the Long Beach port in California onboard the COSCO ship, the Princess Bride. However, "a leak from the State Dept alerted the company, which then canceled the delivery." "COSCO," according to Defense Department intelligence officials "operates a fleet of ELINT (electronic intelligence) trawlers for the PRC government... When China delivers missiles or chemical agents to the Middle East, specially outfitted COSCO ships deliver them." 5/25/99 "...Feinstein's financial ties to the communist Chinese and COSCO include her husband, Richard Blum. Blum is reported to be heavily tied to the PRC through his far east investment firm, Newbridge Capitol Corp. Blum's partner at Newbridge, Peter Kwok, also served as a consultant to COSCO, and COSCO Hong Kong Holdings, a company owned by Chinese billionaire Li Ka-Shing. In 1989, Kwok helped CITIC and Li Ka-Shing raise $120 million to buy a HUGHES built communications satellite for a company also part owned by Chinese Generals. Senator Feinstein is far closer to red China than a few business ties to her husband. The Los Angles Times reported in 1997 that Blum and Feinstein have visited with communist Chinese officials three times. Blum reportedly accompanied the Senator at his own expense and met with President Jiang Zemin and other top communist party officials. In January 1996, Feinstein and Blum were honored as the first foreigners to stay at Mao Tse-tung's former residence. One Feinstein document that screams out for further investigation is a letter dated Nov. 1, 1994, from a million dollar Democratic donor to President Clinton. Investment banker and Democratic fund-raiser Sanford R. Robertson wrote a "thank you" note to Clinton for a Ron Brown trade mission to China. Robertson complimented Brown's "diplomatic skills" in a meeting with Chinese dictator Li Peng. Robertson wrote that Secretary Brown "deftly navigated the human-rights issues by obtaining an agreement on further talks and then moved directly into the economic issues at hand: helping Chrysler, Sprint and others with their 'joint ventures.'" The Robertson letter closes with a smoking-gun postscript: "(Treasury Secretary) Bob Rubin came to our home on Thursday for a Dianne Feinstein dinner, which raised over $100,000 for her campaign. Bob, of course, turned out the financial community and Silicon Valley." The honorable Senator Feinstein was never asked by her colleagues on the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee investigating the China connection about Robertson, her husband or the returned $12,000. There has never been any investigation of COSCO or Poly Tech. Bill Clinton has never answered detailed questions on Ron Brown, Wang Jun, Charlie Trie and John Huang. ..." 5/25/99 "... Three years ago reports emerged of a then-unidentified Chinese official who warned that Los Angeles would be nuked if the U.S. interfered with China's plans to "reunify" with Taiwan. Two months later China lobbed an unarmed nuclear capable M-9 missile over Taiwan's capital, Taipei. Almost three weeks ago bigtime Democrat donor Johnny Chung told congressional investigators that General Ji Shengde, head of Chinese military intelligence, had given him $300,000 to donate to President Clinton's re-election campaign. Gen. Ji told Chung, "We like your president." Now Jennifer Hickey, reporting in the June 7 issue of Insight Magazine, has noticed a startling connection between the two events after combing through Chung's testimony before the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee. The generous Gen. Ji, who likes our president, was the very same Chinese official who threatened L.A. with nuclear incineration in 1996...."

7/16/98 AP Tom Raum "President Clinton's nominee to be Air Force secretary lied to the Senate when he said he voluntarily stopped flying F-16 fighters, his former squadron commander testified Thursday. Actually, nominee Daryl Jones was grounded as an unsafe pilot, Col. Thomas A. Dyches told the Senate Armed Services Committee. ``I believe there are serious questions about Daryl Jones' personal integrity,'' Dyches testified."

New York Post 7/20/98 "Col. Thomas Dyches, U.S. Air Force, took his career in his hands on Thursday and told the Senate Armed Services Committee that Florida state Sen. Daryl Jones should not be secretary of the Air Force. Dyches' willingness to jeopardize his future means that the Senate ought to give his negative view of the man who would be his boss great weight. President Clinton nominated Jones to be the top civilian in the Air Force last year. At first, Jones must have seemed like an ideal candidate: Air Force Academy graduate, fighter pilot, lawyer, elected official and an African-American. Easy confirmation by the Senate was widely predicted. After a number of shaky flights, in which Jones nearly ran out of gas, flew in the wrong direction and damaged his plane twice in one day, Dyches says he stripped Jones of his flying privileges in 1991. Jones claims he voluntarily stopped flying. That isn't the only discrepancy in Jones' story. Republican senators cited instances in which he had exaggerated his number of flying hours, continued accepting flight pay for several years after he stopped flying, described himself on his resume as an F-16 pilot after he had been grounded, and wore "command pilot" wings to which he was not entitled. ..More bizarre still, several former squadron mates claim that Jones was openly selling Amway products on the base in violation of Air Force regulations.."

John T. Kotelly, and attorney with Dickstein Shapiro Morin & Oshinsky LLP was prevously lead prosecutor on ABSCAM. Recently he defended Jack Williams, a Tyson Foods lobbyist, who was convicted of lying to federal investigators about buying a $1,000 airline ticket for Espy's girlfriend so she could attend a Dallas Cowboys game Kotelly's wife, Colleen Kollar-Kotelly was nominated to a Federal Judgeship by Clinton on 7/7/97 and was confirmed 3/20/97. Kollar-Kotelly chaired the Task Force on Racial and Ethnic Bias and the Task Force on Gender Bias in the Courts. These task forces at the federal level have become so controversial because of their politically-driven agenda that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit voted to reject the findings of its task force and the Judicial Conference of the Untied States no longer supports them. The District of Columbia Court of Appeals has reversed Kollar-Kotelly numerous times and strongly criticized her rulings. These cases include where Kollar-Kotelly would have made it easier to sue police officers.

WorldNetDaily 6/1/99 Charles Smith "...The Cox report notes some very interesting parties helped John Huang stay in touch with his boss. According to the Cox report, "Huang maintained contact with representatives of the Lippo Group while he was at the Department of Commerce." "During the 18 months that he was at Commerce," states the report, "Huang called Lippo Bank 232 times, in addition to 29 calls or faxes to Lippo Headquarters in Indonesia. Huang also contacted Lippo consultant Maeley Tom on 61 occasions during the same period. Huang's records show 72 calls to Lippo joint venture partner C. Joseph Giroir." The one key fact missing from the Cox report is that "Maeley Tom" is also an employee of the powerful beltway lobbyist company, Cassidy Associates. In 1994, Cassidy Associates sent Democratic National Committee donor Maeley Tom to Indonesia on a Ron Brown trade mission. The same mission included DNC donors Charlie Trie, Pauline Kanchanalak and Nora Lum. Why no mention of the D.C. lobbyists? The answer may be that Cassidy Associates also made hundreds of thousands of dollars in political donations to both Republicans and Democrats. In fact, Cassidy Associates made a total of over 2,500 political contributions between 1991 and 1998, nearly one donation every two days...."

WorldNetDaily 6/1/99 Charles Smith The JL-2 explains why the Chinese were so interested in American space contractor, Hughes, upgrading PLA rockets with "nose-cone" or "shroud" technology. The Cox report details Chinese Lt. Gen. Shen Rougjun and his penetration of Hughes through his son, Shen Jun. In May 1994, Shen, was second in command at COSTIND -- the Chinese Commission for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense. Shen served underneath the PLA spy-master, Gen. Ding Henggao. In 1994, COSTIND Gen. Shen attended several business meetings with Hughes. During a 1994 visit, Shen's son, Shen Jun, attended a business lunch with his father and Frank Taormina of Hughes. Taormina later assisted Shen Jun in obtaining a job at Hughes. The Cox report details "son" Shen played a significant role in the interaction between his PLA general-father and the highest of Hughes executives, including CEO Michael Armstrong. In 1994, Hughes executives were scrambling to avoid a major expense. Hughes helped PLA engineers after the failure of a PLA Long March rocket carrying a Hughes-built satellite. Hughes, anxious not to see a hike in their satellite insurance rates, eagerly pinned the failure on the PLA nose-cone "shroud" design and not on their satellite. The help included Hughes proprietary software for nose-cone design and analysis derived from years of ballistic missile tests in America. Although, Shen Jun was hired at Hughes in August of 1994, according to the Cox report, "a division of Space Systems/Loral was also considering hiring Shen for a position that would have allowed him access to classified information." In August 1994, Lt. Gen. Shen also met and consummated a series of satellite deals with Bernard Schwartz, the CEO of Loral. The Beijing meeting was arranged by President Clinton and included Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. The technology obtained from Loral is also detailed by the Cox report, including rocket guidance and encrypted satellite telemetry systems...."

Center for Security Policy 6/1/99 No. 99-D 64 DECISION BRIEF "...Worse yet, one of the heads on the chopping block belongs to Ed McCallum -- an individual who has done more than practically anyone else at the Department of Energy to raise alarms about an environment that Richardson now acknowledges to be replete with "communications breakdowns...incompetent acts...[where] security was not considered important." Indeed, with Secretary Richardson's blessing, a senior official deeply implicated in the aforementioned insecurity practices -- Assistant Secretary of Energy for Nonproliferation and National Security Rose Gottemoeller(3) -- has already put McCallum, the Director of DOE's Office of Safeguards and Security, in bureaucratic limbo. On 19 April, she placed the retired Army lieutenant colonel on indefinite administrative leave (with pay) on the basis of what ten Members of Congress have described in a letter to Richardson as "trumped up and insupportable accusations that he has violated rules for handling classified information." On 26 May, these Congressmen -- among them, the Number 3 man in the House Republican leadership, Majority Whip Tom Delay -- correctly described Mr. McCallum as "one of the few high-ranking DOE employees who has vigorously striven to implement and enforce a safeguards policy for DOE and the National Laboratories." They declare that this conscientious public servant is being harshly "repaid for his unfashionable commitment and inconvenient effectiveness in doing his job" in exposing and counteracting "the systematic and flagrant disregard for security issues that has thrived in the highest levels of [DOE] for several years." Richardson's response to this letter was astoundingly contemptuous. According to the Chairman of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, Rep. Dan Burton, the Secretary of Energy declared in a meeting with McCallum that the letter "doesn't intimidate me, this isn't [expletive deleted]. These guys are my basketball buddies." In a letter to Richardson dated May 28, Congressman Burton said the Secretary seemed to be suggesting that "you had the ability to dissuade Members of Congress who might be inclined to pursue matters brought to our attention by Mr. McCallum." ...."

Center for Security Policy 6/1/99 No. 99-D 64 DECISION BRIEF "...In the absence of a comparable public platform, Lt. Col. McCallum is suffering one indignity after another. In addition to having to retain a lawyer at his own considerable expense to defend himself against Richardson-Gottemoeller's "trumped-up" charges, he has been given an ultimatum: Accept banishment to a DOE facility in Albuquerque, acknowledge a security infraction and agree to have an official reprimand placed in his personnel file -- to put it mildly, a career-blighting deal -- or face unspecified, but dire, consequences. Even more Kafkaesque, Assistant Secretary Gottemoeller reportedly last week held a meeting in which she indicated that McCallum's Office of Safeguards and Security may lose 10% of its budget....To his credit, Chairman Burton last week served notice on Secretary Richardson that he intends to have Mr. McCallum testify before his committee in the near future. This hearing should not only put a spotlight on the witness' years of heretofore unrecognized efforts to protect the Nation's nuclear secrets. It should also make clear that substantial responsibility for the egregious insecurity at DOE facilities and the national laboratories in recent years rests with senior policy-makers -- whose disdain for time-tested physical, information and personnel security practices appears to rival Mr. Richardson's apparent contempt for Congress

Freeper abwehr updates on 6/3/99 "...I am still trying to find out what happened to the Dragonfire prosecutions. Perhaps Ed and Bill could help. Hammond Ku, so far as I've been able to tell, has NEVER been sentenced. His sister Linda Huang had the charges against her dropped. A dozen others get indicted and the cases, along with the US Attorney who indicted them just vanish? This week I asked Reynolds Holding the San Francisco Chronicle reporter if he knew. He said he hasn't followed the story! Well why not. Peter Tran and Curtis Debord got prosecuted and big time for their role in this scheme. But they were bringing weapons in from Vietnam but they were small fry partners of Hammond Ku and Robert Ma. Dai Xaiomin ( a major Riady partner) shows up at a June dinner at Dianne Feinsteins house with the President, John Huang and that Filipina girl who was asked to donate her $50,000 to the TEAMSTERS boss Ron Carey's reelection. Dick Blum says he personally collected all the money except later remembers he didn't get the $50,000 from Dai. He said DNC Finance boss Richard Sullivan got that. Sullivan says no way. Where did it go? Then there are the cases of Chong Lo and George Chu. I followed these but like so much of this treason/DNC finance stuff it flares up then disappears into the maw of the PRC or Reno's DoJ. Maeley Tom gets hired by Cassidy Associates, travels with Ron Brown to Indonesia, gets appointed to the executive committee of the DNC where she writes Clinton for John Huang to be given his job at Commerce and another Lippo exec, Charles DeQueljoe to get a post at the NSA ( mercifully denied) yet Tom is never called before Congress, is ignored in the Cox report and only Charles Smith and I pay her any attention. Pretty discouraging...."

Freeper abwehr updates on 6/3/99 "...Michael Yamaguchi, the US Attorney who indicted the Dragonfire defendants and then was nominated for a federal judicial appointment by Feinstein, which for some very strange reasons he declined, negotiated a plea bargain with Ku, dropped all charges against his sister then resigned as US Attorney. He has since become, in the best Soviet tradition a non entity. Searching the Chronicle and Examiner the last reference to Michael Yamaguchi, who at one time was like Rudi Giuliani and other major metropolitan area US Attorneys, a news celebrity, was a reference to him as a real dud. It seems that he was such a dud, despite his many years as US Attorney in San Francisco that Barbara Boxer has recommended that the ACTING US Attorney, a guy named Mueller, be nominated by Clinton for the permanent position. What's bizarre about this? Muellar is a REPUBLICAN, big time. Now why would Boxer, the Clinton inlaw and noted practioner of bipartisan politics, give such a plum patronage post to a GOPer? She sure moved with alacrity to sabotage Charles LaBella's promised post as US Attorney for the Southern District of California....."

Severnside adds 6/3/99 "...[second hand story but all I have] Regarding Dragonfire, very good reporter told me that US Attorney in SF claims one of the stories [NYT or LAT] was word for word what he had briefed to the State Dept. What seems to have sent them over the edge and forced them to shut down is when David Sanger of the NYT arrived on the scene. If you check the Chinagate stories of fall 1996, you will see he is not on the side of the Cause. My working theory [based on not much knowledge] is that SOMEBODY didn't want that case going the distance. If you read the major documents, you'll see that the perps claim the PRC government was behind all of it. Recall we're talking about the spring of 1996 when a lot was going on...."

6/7/99 David Horowitz "....Just as the government prepared to release the Cox Report, which would reveal that the communist regime in Beijing had stolen design information for every advanced nuclear weapon in the U.S. arsenal, the Democratic National Committee announced the appointment of a longtime communist sympathizer, Carlottia Scott, as its new "political issues director." Scott is a former mistress of the Marxist dictator of Grenada, and was an ardent supporter of America's communist adversaries during the Cold War. The timing of the DNC's announcement was appropriately ironic, in that this appointment tells us volumes about the roots of the nation's growing security crisis: the dramatic erosion of America's military credibility in an ill-conceived war, and the theft of its nuclear arsenal by an adversary the administration claims is a "strategic partner." Carlottia Scott was for many years the chief aide to Rep. Ron Dellums, a Berkeley radical who, with the approval of the congressional Democratic leadership, was appointed first to the Armed Services Committee and then to the chair of its subcommittee on military installations, which oversees U.S. bases worldwide....Among the government documents retrieved when the Marxist government in Grenada was overthrown were the love letters of Dellums' chief aide, Carlottia Scott, to its anti-American dictator, Maurice Bishop. Scott wrote: "Ron has become truly committed to Grenada ... He's really hooked on you and Grenada and doesn't want anything to happen to building the Revolution and making it strong ... The only other person that I know of that he expresses such admiration for is Fidel."...."

6/7/99 David Horowitz "....Bishop and Fidel were not the only communists in the Americas favored by Dellums and his aide. About the time these letters were retrieved, Dellums was opening his congressional office to a Cuban intelligence agent who proceeded to organize support committees in the United States for the communist guerrilla movement in El Salvador. Yet, when Dellums' retired, the Clinton administration's secretary of defense, William S. Cohen, bestowed on him the highest civilian honor the Pentagon can award "for service to his country." ..."

6/7/99 David Horowitz "....After Dellums' retirement, Scott became the chief of staff to his successor, Berkeley leftist Barbara Lee. In the 1970s Lee was a confidential aide to Huey Newton, the "minister of defense" of the Black Panther Party, whose calling card was the "Red Book" of Chinese dictator Mao Zedong. Among the documents liberated from Grenada were minutes from a politburo meeting attended by Lee and the Marxist junta. The minutes state that "Barbara Lee is here presently and has brought with her a report on the international airport done by Ron Dellums. They have requested that we look at the document and suggest any changes we deem necessary. They will be willing to make the changes." The airport in question was being built by the Cuban military and, according to U.S. intelligence sources, was designed to accommodate Soviet warplanes. The Reagan administration regarded the airport project as part of a larger Soviet plan to establish a military base in this hemisphere, and administration officials invoked its construction as a national security justification for the invasion that followed....."

6/7/99 David Horowitz "....Despite this betrayal, and with the approval of her Democratic colleagues in the House, Lee is now a member of the House International Relations Committee, which deals with issues affecting the security of the United States. With equal disregard for national security, the DNC has now made Scott -- an abettor of these treacherous schemes -- its political issues director. When I asked a leading Democratic political strategist, who is not a leftist, how it was possible that the leaders of the Democratic Party could appoint someone like Scott to such a post at such a time, he replied: "You have to understand that in the 1960s these people (the party's leaders) were chanting, "Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh, the NLF Is Gonna Win!"...."

From the COX Report: Freeper Rhammm 6/7/99 "...The key organizations in the PRC's drive to acquire dual-use technology include: COSTIND, which acquires dual-use technology for PRC institutes and manufacturers by assuring foreign suppliers that the technology will be used for civil production. COSTIND uses overseas companies to target U.S. firms for acquisition of dual-use technology for the military. The Ministry of Electronics Industry...The Ministry of Post and Communications...PLA-operated import-export companies, which also import dual-use technologies for military modernization...Polytechnologies...The Aviation Industries Corporation of China (AVIC), and its subsidiary, China National Aero-Technology Import-Export Corporation (CATIC), which have sent visitors to U.S. firms to discuss manufacturing agreements for commercial systems that could be used to produce military aircraft for the PLA. AVIC is one of five PRC state-owned conglomerates that operate as "commercial businesses" under the direct control of the State Council and COSTIND. Several incidents highlight CATIC's direct role in the acquisition of controlled U.S. technology. One clear example was CATIC's role as the lead PRC representative in the 1994 purchase of advanced machine tools from McDonnell-Douglas, discussed more fully later in this Report. Another possible example of the PRC's exploitation of civilian end-use as a means of obtaining controlled technology was CATIC's 1983 purchase of two U.S.-origin CFM-56 jet engines on the pretext that they would be used to re-engine commercial aircraft. Although the CFM-56 is a commercial engine, its core section is the same as the core of the General Electric F-101 engine that is used in the U.S. B-1 bomber. Because of this, restrictions were placed on the export license. However, the PRC may have exploited the technology of the CFM-56. When the U.S. Government subsequently requested access to the engines, the PRC claimed they had been destroyed in a fire. CATIC has, on several occasions reviewed by the Select Committee, misrepresented the proposed uses of militarily useful U.S. technology. The Clinton administration has determined that the specific facts in these cases may not be publicly disclosed...."

Freeper enough is enough 6/11/99 reports "...John Dalton, SECNAV resigned on June 8, 1998. He was a Clinton appointee. Before serving as NAVSEC he was president and CEO of a failed S&L institution that cost taxpayers millions of dollars. He was fired as a result. Dalton, as NAVSEC prevented an investigation of Peter Lee, an nuclear laboratory employee indicted for Chinese espionage. Dalton said an investigation would jeopardize naval secrets. He prevailed despite the fact that previous cases were successfully investigated without disclosing secrets. Consequently, Lee was tried and convicted under a lesser charge and was recently released after serving one year in a half way house...."

Koenig's International News 6/10/99 Charles Smith "...According to Defense Secretary Perry, the U.S. contact for PLA General Ding was Barry Carter, Commerce Deputy Undersecretary of Export Administration. According to Federal Election Commission records, Barry Carter is a DNC donor and currently a Professor of Law at Georgetown University. In 1994, Carter worked at the Commerce Dept. under Ron Brown. Barry Carter exchanged correspondence with several major China-Gate players including PLA Lt. General Huai Guomo, PLA Major General Deng Yousheng, Ken Kay, a lobbyist for Sun Computers, and Eden Woon of the Washington State China Relations Council. The 1995 PLA list given to Carter is part of a series of letters between the Commerce Dept., various Chinese Army officers and anxious U.S. vendors. The 1995 list provided to Carter included "China YuanWang (Group)" and several other well know Chinese Army owned companies such as "NORINCO", "China National Nuclear", "China State Shipbuilding" and "China Aerospace." Carter also included his own personal touch to the list, by providing the phone, fax and address for his PLA contact in Beijing, "Lieutenant Colonel Wang Zhongchao", and his contact at the Chinese embassy in Washington, D.C., "Colonel Xu Cunyong." Carter provided the list of PLA companies and contacts to Eden Woon, donor to U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), Executive Director of the Washington State China Relations Council (WSCRC) and Director of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce..... In December 1995, Eden Woon and the WSCRC hosted a delegation of Chinese Army representatives from PLA owned companies. Woon took them on a tour of the Washington state companies anxious to do business with the Chinese Army. The 1995 delegation to Washington state included "Feng Hui, Staff officer" of the COSTIND "Foreign Affairs Dep't." Feng Hui is better known as Major Feng Hui of the Chinese Army. Major Feng was accompanied by other officers from the PLA unit COSTIND, and a host of engineering specialists from various PLA owned companies, including "Chengdu Aircraft plant", the "Jiangnan Shipyard" and "No. 614 Institute", a PLA institute staffed by weapons experts. There is a clear reason why Major Feng trusted Eden Woon to help the Chinese Army do business in Seattle and beyond. Woon's radical views of U.S./Sino relations do not include a free Taiwan. In 1997, Woon and the Washington State China Relations Council sponsored a conference that included U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA). On October 14, 1997, at the close of the conference, the participants issued a report that states, "The U.S. should ensure that Taiwan understands that if conflicts arise (especially if apparently provoked by Taiwan), it cannot necessarily count on the U.S. coming to the rescue." ..."

Salon 6/21/99 David Horowitz "...The book [Year of the Rat] begins with the authors' observation that the No. 1 funder of the Clinton-Gore 1992 campaign was an Arkansas resident and Chinese banker named James Riady, who has been a friend of Clinton's for 20 years. Riady is the scion of a multibillion-dollar financial empire that is a working economic and political partnership with China's military and intelligence establishment. The Riadys gave $450,000 to Clinton's presidential campaign and another $600,000 to the Democratic National Committee and state Democratic parties. But the importance of the Riadys to Clinton's ascent is far greater than even these contributions suggest, and not merely because the Chinese network, in which the Riadys are only one important factor, extends through thousands of companies and individuals whose contributions no one has as yet attempted to track. Without the Riadys, Clinton would not have won the Democratic nomination in the first place, and would not have been in a position to benefit from their later largesse. In the presidential primaries of 1992, in fact, the Riadys were the absolutely crucial factor that stood between Clinton and defeat. After losing the New Hampshire primary, the candidate faced a crucial test in New York. But he had also run out of money. At this critical juncture, James Riady stepped in to arrange a $3.5 million loan to the Clinton campaign. New York proved to be the last real competition that Clinton faced on his path to victory. When the Arkansas governor stepped onto the national scene, Clinton and Riady were not new acquaintances. They had met in 1978, when Clinton was attorney general, and had not yet become governor of the state. They were introduced by Clinton's chief political backer, Jackson Stephens, the head of Stephens Inc., one of the largest private investment firms outside of Wall Street. "Thus began a friendship," in the words of Timperlake and Triplett, "that has lasted 20 years, and has spread a web of intrigue, financial corruption and foreign influence into American government." Riady had begun his American banking career earlier in the '70s as an intern at Stephens. Later, they became partners in the Worthen Bank of Little Rock, the very same institution that subsequently experienced a mysterious fire that destroyed records being sought by Kenneth Starr and other Whitewater investigators in their inquiries into Hillary Rodham Clinton's Rose law firm activities. It was through the Worthen bank that Riady arranged the $3.5 million credit to Clinton's failing primary campaign...."

Salon 6/21/99 David Horowitz "...A central figure in the economic track of Chinese activities was the vice president and Far-East area manager for the Worthen Bank, a Chinese-born American named John Huang, who was a friend of Bill from Little Rock days. Triplett and Timperlake make a strong case that it was through the personal intervention of Hillary Clinton that in 1994 Huang was made a top official in the Commerce Department, where he had access to all the information an agent would need to strip America of the supercomputer technologies vital to the development of advanced weapons systems. Huang also inexplicably retained his top security clearance in the Commerce Department when he left the government. The decision to leave the government for a position at the Democratic National Committee was made for Huang at a meeting in the Oval Office attended by the president, Huang, Riady, Riady partner and former Rose law firm head Giroir and presidential aide Bruce Lindsey. This meeting took place three days after the president had decided on a strategy to rescue his failing political fortunes, which had reached a nadir following the Democrats' historic defeat in the congressional elections of 1994 and Newt Gingrich's ascension to the speakership of the House. It was the first Republican majority in the House in 48 years. Designed by the president's new political advisor, Dick Morris, the strategy involved a massive television dvertising campaign, directed against Gingrich and the Republican House. The campaign has been directly credited with turning the political tide and ensuring the reelection in 1996 of the Clinton team. The chief fund-raiser for this campaign was John Huang. It should be evident from these facts (and they could easily be amplified with many more) that the alliance Clinton has made with the Riadys and their China network is the pivot of his political career, and the absolute key to his survival. It has had consequences for American politics and security so vast that no brief summary can begin to describe them...."

Newsmax 6/17/99 Stanislav Lunev "... With thousands of years of tradition, Chinese intelligence has been operating in the U.S. for about four decades. Inheriting old China's intelligence experience, Red China modernized its spy machine with help from the well-known Soviet KGB and the little-known Soviet GRU in the 1940s and 1950s and developed its own operations against America since the formation of Communist China...."

Newsmax 6/17/99 Stanislav Lunev ".... There are two main Chinese intelligence services: political intelligence/foreign counterintelligence from the Ministry of State Security and military intelligence, directed from the Second Directorate of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) General Staff. The chief intelligence officer, General Ji Shengde, is well known in America because of his direct involvement in illegal money transactions during the last presidential election campaign in August of 1996. These services are under the tight control of the general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party(CCP), through his deputies in the ministries of national defense and state security. Thus the main policies, directions and targets for intelligence collection are established by secret decisions of the Politburo, which lays out primary strategy, keeps the intelligence community working in the necessary directions and concentrates efforts against the most important targets. Most practical issues are handled directly in the Central Military Commission (CMC) of the CCP, in charge of supervising the entire Chinese military machine, including military-industrial institutions and organizations. This commission collects, analyzes and summarizes the needs of Chinese industry for foreign technologies, foreign production and proprietary information. It receives requests from Chinese industry and directs the intelligence community to act upon those requests...."

Newsmax 6/17/99 Stanislav Lunev "... The CMC is supervised by General Liu Huaqing, father of Liu Chaoying, a Chinese aerospace executive and lieutenant colonel in the PLA, who was directly involved in the U.S. fund-raising scandal. The CMC provides each year a top-secret "tasking list," delivered to all intelligence units in the field on a regular basis. The list includes information about foreign leaders who might influence current affairs and state policy. This list also includes specifications for particular items, and quantities, needed for military production. This unified command enables Chinese leadership to organize effective cooperation among different intelligence services in order to fulfill strategic operations, the most important concerned with the development of mass-destruction weapons...."

Newsmax 6/17/99 Stanislav Lunev Dozens of these native Chinese specialists were delivered by Chinese intelligence agencies from the U.S. to the PRC in the 1950s and 1960s, and Chinese nuclear and missile programs were based on American technology and Soviet machinery and equipment. In the 1980s and 1990s the basis shifted fully toward the U.S. as China used American technology, machinery and equipment, received by China legally or illegally from the U.S. and other Western countries...."

WorldNetDaily 6/28/99 Charles Smith "...Wang Jun's fellow CITIC board member is Li Ka Shing, chairman of Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. Li is so close to the Chinese government that the Clinton White House included his bio along with Chinese President Jiang Zemin to the CEO of Loral Aerospace, Bernard Schwartz, just prior to the 1994 Ron Brown trade trip to Beijing. According to documents provided by the Commerce Department, Brown and Schwartz were to meet both Li and Gen. Shen Rougjun of COSTIND. Serving as a middleman for PLA satellite purchases, Li has financed several satellite deals between the U.S. Hughes Corporation and China Hong Kong Satellite, a company owned by the PLA unit, COSTIND. Besides trying to buy satellites for the PLA, in 1997, Li and the Chinese navy nearly obtained four huge roll-on/roll-off container ships from America. These ships were intended to transport PLA military cargo. The ships were part of a multi-million dollar deal that would have been financed by U.S. taxpayers. A man with considerable clout, Li has invested more than a billion dollars in China and owns most of the dock space in Hong Kong. In an exclusive deal with the People's Republic of China's communist government, Li has the right of first refusal over all PRC ports south of the Yangtze River. Furthermore, Li currently owns both the Pacific and Atlantic ports on the Panama Canal. And it was Li who attempted to purchase the military port of Long Beach, Calif. for COSCO and the Chinese navy...."

WorldNetDaily 6/28/99 Charles Smith "...A June 1997 Rand report ("Chinese Military Commerce and U.S. National Security") stated, "Hutchison Whampoa of Hong Kong, controlled by Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka Shing, is also negotiating for PLA wireless system contracts, which would build upon his equity interest in PLA arms company Poly Tech-owned Yangpu Land Development Company, which is building infrastructure on China's Hainan Island." In 1998, Li attempted to issue $2 billion in bonds in the U.S. through his Hutchison company. According to the Dow Jones Newswire, Hutchison revealed that 50 percent of the bonds would be used through a subsidiary known as Chung Kiu Communications Ltd., which had signed agreements to provide cellular services and equipment to joint ventures between the PLA and the Chinese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. In June 1999, Li and his PLA partners bought their way into the communications grid of northeast America, bringing PLA signals intelligence (SIGINT) operations inside the United States. Hutchison Telecom and the PLA are now major players in the American mobile-phone business with the recent investment of nearly $1 billion into VoiceStream Wireless.....The $957 million deal, the PLA biggest investment yet in America, will allow funding of VoiceStream's merger with Omnipoint. Omnipoint provides a service to more than 100 million subscribers, predominantly in the northeastern cities of the U.S., including critical military, commercial and diplomatic sites in New York, Boston and Philadelphia. The opportunity for PLA profits and communications espionage now spans the massive East Coast of America...." dailyglobe 7/2/99 Charles Sennot John Donnelly "...America's triumphant general in the Kosovo war received less than a hero's welcome yesterday from US senators, who criticized the lack of readiness for a ground invasion, poor intelligence estimates, and the now open-ended mission of American peacekeepers. In his first extensive public assessment of NATO's 11-week air war, General Wesley K. Clark, the alliance's supreme allied commander in Europe, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that his troops believed the war was a ''very just cause.'' He called the battle ''a testament to political unity and the will of NATO members to stand up to the humanitarian tragedy'' inflicted on ethnic Albanians by Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. But the four-star general said the future of the Balkans depends on whether Milosevic remains, and his assessment was the Yugoslav leader retained ''formidable power.' In his review of the lessons of the war, Clark underscored what he described as potential difficulties when politicians interfere with generals. In perhaps the most dramatic example, Clark disclosed that political leaders prevented NATO forces from intercepting about 200 Russian troops who seized control of the Pristina airport on June 11, causing a diplomatic and military impasse...."

American Lawyer News Service 5/12/97 Benjamin Wittes "…Lum, a Democratic activist who ran a clothing store in Hawaii, became close to Ron Brown during his tenure as chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Lum, along with her husband, Eugene, moved to California and raised money for the Democrats during the 1992 campaign. In early 1993, Brown became commerce secretary. A few months later, Lum and W. Stuart Price founded Dynamic Energy, an oil and gas company. From the beginning, Dynamic Energy enjoyed an unusually cozy web of relations with the upper echelons of the Commerce Department that worried some ethics watchdogs. Lum gave 5 percent of the stock in the company to Michael Brown, at the time a lobbyist in the Washington office of Miami's Greenberg Traurig Hoffman Lipoff and Quentel. In addition to having an ownership interest, Michael Brown also lobbied on behalf of Dynamic Energy. Brown served briefly as the company's acting president, though he lived in Washington, far from the company's Oklahoma base. In addition to the stock gifts, the company gave him a $60,000 golf club membership, a seat on Dynamic Energy's board of directors and $160,000 in consulting fees. Michael Brown wasn't the only one with a Commerce connection to work at the little gas company, Dynamic Energy hired Commerce official Gilbert Colon, who served as the head of the Minority Business Development Agency early in the Clinton administration. And Lum also gave stock to the mother of Melinda Yee, a former aide to Ron Brown both at Commerce and in his earlier capacity as chairman of the DNC. According to the Associated Press, Dynamic Energy even paid for travel by Yee, now an aide to San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. Meanwhile, Lum's daughter, Trisha Lum, went to work at the Commerce Department and accompanied Ron Brown on a trade mission to China. Nora Lum has also had extensive access to the White House, according to press reports. She has been present at exclusive Commerce trade meetings an has even attended a state dinner…. The center was also concerned about Dynamic Energy's support of Kennedy's 1994 re-election bid, although it did not name the Kennedy campaign as a respondent….. FEC records hint at just how extensive was Dynamic Energy's support for Kennedy. Lum herself gave $10,000 to the Kennedy/DSCC Victory Fund, a Kennedy fund aided by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. And all told, Dynamic Energy officials, their employees, and their families gave a total of at least $39,000 to Kennedy's campaign and the Victory Fund, according to FEC records…."

The Associated Press 6/17/99 Larry Margasak "…Richard Holbrooke, nominated as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, faces a battering from conservative Republicans as confirmation hearings begin with a session on his ethical conduct….Today's proceeding, the first of three days of committee sessions on Holbrooke, is focusing on the ethical issues that have hounded him for the past year - and delayed his formal nomination for eight months. Holbrooke agreed to pay $5,000 to settle Justice Department civil charges that he violated federal ethics laws when he contacted U.S. officials in 1996 on behalf of his private employer. On a separate issue, the State Department inspector general cleared him of allegations that he improperly accepted private speaking fees last fall while trying to broker a peace deal on Kosovo for the Clinton administration. Holbrooke admitted no wrongdoing when he settled the Justice Department case. He went to work for Credit Suisse First Boston Corp. after resigning from the State Department, contacting the federal officials just months after quitting his job as assistant secretary of state. Former government officials are not allowed to deal with their old colleagues on business matters for a year after leaving office. However, the Justice Department said there was no willful violation of the law. The contacts were clouded by Holbrooke's post-retirement role as a special government employee, advising U.S. diplomats…."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 6/18/99 Kimberly Gillespie "...A panel of three judges in the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis is considering, without oral arguments, former Prosecuting Attorney Dan Harmon's appeal of extortion, racketeering and drug convictions. Its decision in the case will be arrived at on the basis of briefs submitted by attorneys from both sides, according to U.S. Attorney Paula Casey. Four federal drug-related convictions against Harmon were affirmed by the 8th U.S. Circuit Court in January. The court was to hear arguments today in an appeal of earlier charges -- two counts of racketeering, one count of conspiring to commit extortion and one count of conspiring to distribute marijuana -- but set aside arguments about two weeks ago. Harmon was convicted in June on those five charges and was sentenced to eight years in prison. A federal judge also ordered him to pay $16,000 in restitution to victims of two extortion schemes and a $25,000 fine. Harmon's attorney, Lea Ellen Fowler, contended in briefs submitted in January that there was not enough evidence to convict Harmon of racketeering or extortion. She also argued that anyone who testified against Harmon in exchange for a plea bargain was in violation of the Arkansas Rules of Professional Conduct. The rules prohibit lawyers from offering or promising "anything of value for the testimony under oath." "The government's case against Dan Harmon was presented through it's conventional parade of convicted felons, drug offenders and career criminals," she wrote in a brief filed in December 1998. The racketeering charge related to his using his office as 7th Judicial District prosecuting attorney as an illegal crime organization to obtain money and drugs...."

Worldnetdaily 6/22/99 Charles Smith "...During the first four years of the Clinton administration, People's Liberation Army Gen. Ding Henggao, along with his top two PLA assistants, Lt. Gen. Huai Guomo and Lt. Gen. Shen Rougjun, raided U.S. technology on a scale never before imagined..... Some of these fantastic exploits against the Clinton administration are documented in the Cox report, dealing with the theft of nose cone technology from Hughes -- largely Shen's handiwork. Likewise, some of Huai's handiwork can be found in a 1996 General Accounting Office report on the transfer of an advanced AT&T fiber-optic network to a PLA-owned company called Galaxy New Technology. However, few details on the direct relationship between their commander, Gen. Ding and top Clinton officials are covered in the Western press. Some of these lesser-publicized facts include the fact that in 1994 Bill Clinton began a program to transfer American military technology directly to the PLA. One such documented transfer began in an August 1994 meeting between the PLA warlords and Clinton administration officials in Beijing. The Chinese army side of the August 1994 meeting included top PLA officers such as Ding and Huai, who were accompanied by Gen. Deng Yousheng and Maj. Gen. Hou Gang, the deputy director of the Intelligence Department, Headquarters of General Staff of the PLA. The August 1994 PLA meeting also included an exclusive club of U.S. academia, selected by the Clinton administration to join a "U.S./Chinese Defense Conversion Commission," then run by Defense Secretary Dr. William Perry and Gen. Ding. Some of the other U.S. invitees included Commerce Deputy Undersecretary Dr. Barry Carter, a former law professor from Georgetown University, Dr. Eden Woon, the Executive Secretary for DOD Secretary Perry, and Dr. John Lewis, listed as a "Stanford University Civilian Consultant to SecDef."

Worldnetdaily 6/22/99 Charles Smith "... Woon left America in May 1997 to become the Director of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, a position in which he currently represents over 2,000 businesses located in China and Hong Kong. Eden Woon is an American citizen, a former officer in the U.S. military, former advisor to Secretary of Defense Perry and former Chairman of Washington State China Relations Council...."

Worldnetdaily 6/22/99 Charles Smith "...According to Woon, "there was a lot of criticism back in the states about how this was helping the PLA. All the controversy started and some, frankly, dishonest reporting came up, which was not true, linking Dr. Lewis or Dr. Perry in ways that are, frankly, not correct." John Lewis, said Woon, "was invited to come because he was interested in defense conversion. He (Lewis) got Dr. Perry started on this. When we went to China to sign the first agreement for the first cooperation, Dr. Lewis was invited." Of course, by August 1994, Lewis had teamed with Ding's wife, Madam Nie Li in a very profitable joint "business" venture called "Hua Mei." (Interestingly, Madam Nie Li is, like her husband, also a PLA general.) Lewis ran the U.S.-China venture that led to the transfer of an advanced, encrypted, fiber-optic communications system being sold directly to a company owned by the PLA. Lewis was a paid consultant to the U.S. Defense Department, while also being executive director of the U.S. side of the "Hua Mei" joint venture. Thus, Lewis earned income from both the Chinese and U.S. Army -- at the same time. Yet, Dr. Woon also noted that there were several others in the U.S. delegation not listed on the official attendance. "Also invited on the same trip and same status was Chas Freeman," said Woon. "(Former) Assistant Secretary of Defense, one of the first or perhaps the first to revive the military relationship after Tiananmen. He left government before October 1994. He was also invited to come back as an observer." ...."

Worldnetdaily 6/22/99 Charles Smith "...Interestingly, according to a letter sent to Defense Intelligence Agency Lt. Col. Blasko, Carter noted that Woon had suggested the letter to Huai. Woon, according to Carter's fax to Blasko, reviewed the letter and approved its content....The 1994 letter to Blasko was copied to Eden Woon by Carter in a following fax transmission. Carter wrote to Woon on the copy attachment, "Eden -- FYI. Here is what I faxed to Lt. Col. Blasko last week. ... My Best, Barry." By June 1995, Dr. Woon would leave Dr. Perry and the Defense Dept. However, he remained in direct contact with PLA generals and Dr. Barry Carter. In June 1995, Carter would officially provide a list of PLA companies and contacts to Dr. Eden Woon, Executive Director of the Washington State China Relations Council (WSCRC) and Director of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce. WSCRC includes major corporate sponsors such as Northwest Airlines, Boeing, Microsoft and the law firm of Preston Gates Ellis & Rouvelas Meeds. By December 1995, Woon and the WSCRC would host a delegation of Chinese army representatives from PLA-owned companies. Woon took them on a tour of the Washington State companies anxious to do business with the Chinese army. ....The 1995 delegation to Washington State included "Feng Hui, Staff officer" of the COSTIND "Foreign Affairs Dep't." Feng Hui is better known as Maj. Feng Hui of the Chinese army. Feng was accompanied by other officers from the PLA unit COSTIND, and a host of engineering specialists from various PLA-owned companies, including "Chengdu Aircraft plant," the "Jiangnan Shipyard" and "No. 614 Institute," a PLA institute staffed by weapons experts..... In 1997, Woon and WSCRC sponsored a conference that included U.S. Senator Patty Murray, D-Wash. On October 14, 1997, at the close of the conference, the participants issued a report that states, "The U.S. should ensure that Taiwan understands that if conflicts arise (especially if apparently provoked by Taiwan), it cannot necessarily count on the U.S. coming to the rescue." ..."

The Center For Security Policy 6/25/99 "...In today's Washington Post, Walter Pincus -- the Administration's preferred outlet for its heavily spun damage-control efforts on the China/nuclear scandal -- reports that: "The top Energy Department official in charge of the Nation's nuclear weapons complex, Victor H. Reis, may quit or be fired in a dispute with Energy Secretary Bill Richardson, sources said yesterday." One of Pincus' unidentified sources at DoE is quoted as saying: "It is no secret that Secretary Richardson has not been satisfied with the emphasis given counterintelligence and security at the labs, and Vic Reis has been the person in charge for the last six years." (Emphasis added.) In other words, as Wonderland's Duchess might have put it, "Off with his head." If this statement were not so pernicious, it would be hysterical. In fact, for at least the past two years, responsibility for "counterintelligence and security at the labs" -- and elsewhere in the nuclear weapons complex -- has actually been vested in somebody else, Rose Gottemoeller. Ms. Gottemoeller is a proponent of radical anti-nuclear proposals who, thanks to Secretary Richardson's machinations, was stealthily elevated earlier this year to the status of Assistant Secretary of Energy for Nonproliferation and National Security....."

The Center For Security Policy 6/25/99 "...It has been Ms. Gottemoeller, not Vic Reis, who has had responsibility for such scandals as: the declassification of Restricted Data and Formerly Restricted Data in violation of the Atomic Energy Act and job action against a senior DoE bureaucrat who had the temerity to alert Congress to this breach of security and the law the demotion of Notra Trulock ...the effective firing of Lieutenant Colonel Ed McCallum...."

The Center For Security Policy 6/25/99 "...Instead of holding accountable those actually responsible for the various aspects of this travesty, he [Richardson] appears determined to use the demands for "heads to roll" to purge those who have opposed past and present Clinton political appointees' efforts to destroy the nuclear weapons program and complex. .... Still, there is little doubt but that, had it not been for his [Vic Reis] efforts, the damage done to date by the Clinton-O'Leary policy of "denuclearization" would have been even worse than has actually transpired. ...Reports reaching the Center suggest that the nuclear lab directors and other senior professionals in the weapons complex are also unwilling to tow the Administration's line on DoE reorganization....Perhaps the Secretary will have to fire all of them as well in order to find toadies who will support his position, seemingly born of nothing more than personal egotism and the reflexive, if petty, turf-protectionism of any bureaucrat, i.e, that no further improvement to the Department of Energy is necessary....."

Washington Weekly 7/5/99 L D Brown "...In Arkansas, Bill was forced by her highness [Hillary] to make the political appointments she wanted. Friend-of-Bill and freshly re-convicted felon Web Hubbell is a prime example. When the Chief Justice position on the Arkansas Supreme Court became vacant and subject to a gubernatorial appointment, Bill was as bewildered as I to hear Hillary rant and rave until Bill appointed Web, Hillary's close friend and law partner, to the post...She has demanded her place in the sun during the Clinton presidency as well. The health care debacle, the travel office firings -- all of Hillary's making..... "

The American Spectator, page 22 7/99 Kenneth Timmerman "... a recent review by the General Accounting Office (GAO) found that some of the money has helped the Russians develop better nuclear weapons, missiles, and biological weapons--and that many civilian projects financed with U.S. taxpayer money have direct military applications. Even worse: Some of the U.S.-funded scientists and institutes are developing weapons for Iran and Libya. Despite these warnings, the Clinton administration now proposes to spend an additional $600 million to launch a massive public works project in ten Russian "nuclear cities." Although these sites are ostensibly closed to outsiders, Iranian visitors have in the last five years been spotted at some of Russia's most sensitive weapons labs, including Vector and Obolensk, where scientists have genetically engineered human and animal viruses to produce the most deadly biological weapons known to mankind. The GAO concluded in February that the Nuclear Cities Initiative is "likely to be a subsidy program for Russia for many years rather than a stimulus for economic development," and recommended that it be scaled back. It also said the Department of Energy (DOE), which will oversee the program, should more vigilantly check the backgrounds of Russian scientists slated to benefit from U.S. taxpayer largesse, in order to ensure that weapons designers do not enter classified U.S. facilities and do not use U.S. funds to subsidize new weapons development. Heading the Nuclear Cities program at DOE is Assistant Secretary of Energy Rose Gottemoeller, the same official who fired the department's head of security programs because she suspected him of leaking information to Congress on the disastrous state of security at DOE nuclear storage plants and at the national labs ("Nuclear Security Meltdown," TAS, June 1999). In her academic writings, Ms. Gottemoeller has urged the U.S. to abandon its long-standing policy of strategic ambiguity by declaring publicly that the U.S. will not be the first to use nuclear weapons. But Rose Gottemoeller is not just any anti-nuclear academic: In 1993 she became National Security Council director for Russia and the other Soviet successor states. Since then, she has presided over policies that advanced the career of former KGB Director Yevgeni Primakov, turned a blind eye to Russia's nuclear and missile transfers to Iran, and supported President Boris Yeltsin at the expense of democratic reformers, plying him with political favors and cash that went directly into off-shore bank accounts. Although she has no hands-on managerial experience, Gottemoeller inherits a program crippled by poor management and lack of oversight, which seems destined to have precisely the opposite effect of its stated intention of helping wean Russia away from nuclear weapons...."

Drudge Report 7/3/99 "..." A former U.S. law enforcement official on Friday was chosen as the lead candidate to head Interpol, the global law enforcement organization. Ron Noble, former Treasury undersecretary for enforcement, was named during an executive session at Interpol headquarters in Lyon, France. Noble, 42, best known as the chief investigator of the failed Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms raid on the Branch Davidian compound outside Waco, Texas, is the only person the United States has ever nominated to head Interpol in the 75-year history of the organization. Attorney General Janet Reno personally picked Noble for the position. ..."

Investor’s Business Daily 7/8/99 "… Richardson pushed out the wrong assistant secretary. He should have fired Rose Gottemoeller, who heads Energy's Office of Nonproliferation and National Security. She suspended whistle-blower Ed McCallum, who was in charge of lab security. Since 1995, he has complained of security lapses and a surge in foreign visitors. McCallum was frozen out of the agency three days after he cooperated with the Rudman Commission, which found that U.S. nuclear secrets are still not safe. Gottemoeller was also involved in the demotion of another whistle-blower -Notra Trulock, who headed Energy's intelligence office. Who is Gottemoeller? An anti-nuclear activist who favors steep, unilateral cuts in the number of U.S. nuclear warheads. She also wants the U.S. to pledge ''no first use'' of nuclear arms. In the role of guardian of the nation's nuclear secrets, Gottemoeller has directed technical exchanges between U.S. and Chinese labs. It's one of ''our most important international activities,'' she gushed in a January budget paper. She also boasted of ''declassifying millions of DOE documents.'' This is who Richardson's left in charge of fixing leaks? …"

WorldNetDaily 7/13/99 Charles Smith "…The newly released information includes a detailed bio of COSTIND General Huai Guomo, a personal letter to COSTIND commander, General Ding Henggao, and a letter from U.S. defense contractor, Allied Signal Corporation, seeking help for a jet engine transfer to the Chinese "Harbin" aerospace company. According to materials sent to Commerce Secretary Ron Brown by Chinese Army General Ding, "HARBIN" is owned by the Chinese Army. Harbin currently manufactures fighters and bombers for the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) and for export to Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Iran. The detailed documents included two pages of information on Chinese General Huai Guomo in both English and Chinese. Huai Guomo, according to the Clinton administration, is "a career administrator in China's defense industrial complex" and the very model of a modern Chinese General. General Huai's credits include joining the Chinese communist party in 1953 and working in the PLA "nuclear industry". Huai reportedly "impressed" his U.S. Defense "counterparts" over the years as a "competent, professional as well as a cordial individual to work with."…"

American Spectator 7/99 Kenneth Timmerman "…Since 1994, the Clinton administration has been spending taxpayer dollars to employ Russian nuclear scientists and weapons designers in civilian projects, with the laudable goal of seeking to prevent them from selling their talents to rogue states such as Iran, Iraq, North Korea, and Libya. But a recent review by the General Accounting Office (GAO) found that some of the money has helped the Russians develop better nuclear weapons, missiles, and biological weapons--and that many civilian projects financed with U.S. taxpayer money have direct military applications. Even worse: Some of the U.S. -funded scientists and institutes are developing weapons for Iran and Libya. Despite these warnings, the Clinton administration now proposes to spend an additional $600 million to launch a massive public works project in ten Russian "nuclear cities." Although these sites are ostensibly closed to outsiders, Iranian visitors have in the last five years been spotted at some of Russia's most sensitive weapons labs, including Vector and Obolensk, where scientists have genetically engineered human and animal viruses to produce the most deadly biological weapons known to mankind…… Heading the Nuclear Cities program at DOE is Assistant Secretary of Energy Rose Gottemoeller, the same official who fired the department's head of security programs because she suspected him of leaking information to Congress on the disastrous state of security at DOE nuclear storage plants and at the national labs ("Nuclear Security Meltdown," TAS, June 1999). In her academic writings, Ms. Gottemoeller has urged the U.S. to abandon its long-standing policy of strategic ambiguity by declaring publicly that the U. S. will not be the first to use nuclear weapons. But Rose Gottemoeller is not just any anti-nuclear academic: In 1993 she became National Security Council director for Russia and the other Soviet successor states. Since then, she has presided over policies that advanced the career of former KGB Director Yevgeni Primakov, turned a blind eye to Russia's nuclear and missile transfers to Iran, and supported President Boris Yeltsin at the expense of democratic reformers, plying him with political favors and cash that went directly into offshore bank accounts. Although she has no hands-on managerial experience, Gottemoeller inherits a program crippled by poor management and lack of oversight, which seems destined to have precisely the opposite effect of its stated intention of helping wean Russia away from nuclear weapons…."

WorldNetDaily 7/9/99 Larry Klayman "…The Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce, a 331-page manifesto and brainchild of Associate White House Counsel Jane Sherburne and the DNC, was circulated to select reporters in a tortured effort to describe how the "right wing" conveyed "fringe" stories into mainstream American media. In essence, this document was an effort to "alert" friendly journalists that such a "conspiracy" was being promulgated by certain groups dissatisfied with the moral lapses of the Clinton White House. In short, it was an enemies list. …In December 1994, Associate White House Counsel Sherburne prepared a memorandum that outlined strategies to use against individuals and organizations perceived to be adversaries of the Clinton Administration. The memo also assigned staff members to carry out these strategies -- and specifically identified the Western Journalism Center for having investigated Foster's death. WJC was the only news organization targeted for action. ….Over the course of the investigation of WJC, nearly 20 conservative organizations -- including the Heritage Foundation, NRA and Citizens Against Government Waste -- felt the close, touch of the Clinton audit machine. Even more oddly, the media who knew of the Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce never saw any pattern developing that would signify an orchestrated White House effort -- much less actually troubled themselves to report it. Meanwhile, the WJC's offices were being broken into, with, mysteriously, nothing stolen. Their phone messages were apparently being monitored, and some of these developments happened to coincide with WJC breakthroughs in Clinton investigations. The scrutiny of the WJC by the IRS lasted nine months. WJC employees lost their jobs and livelihoods. Finally, in October 1996, Farah exposed these corrupt practices in a piece in The Wall Street Journal, and the tide began to turn. Margaret Milner-Richardson, IRS commissioner and close friend of first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, abruptly resigned. The New York Post attributed her departure to political audits of conservative organizations. Some began to probe these rampant abuses, and the audit of the Western Journalism Center was "concluded" -- a verdict of "no wrongdoing" rendered in May 1997. Under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights enacted by Congress, Farah requested his case file from the IRS so he could review its contents. In keeping with the Clinton Administration standard practice, these rights were trampled in a terse refusal to turn over the documents -- the IRS frivolously citing "government privilege" as a means of keeping Mr. Farah from seeing justification for what had nearly bankrupted his organization…." 7/15/99 Carl Limbacher "…How did WGBH allow itself to become the Democrat's taxpayer funded boiler room operation? As Michael Dukakis, one of Boston's own, used to say--the fish stinks from the head down. In this case the fishhead in question may turn out to be Diane Blair. Diane Blair is a former political science professor at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. But the credential that won her a six year appointment to the board of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is a friendship with both Clintons that goes back to the '70s. Diane Blair worked as a senior campaign researcher for Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential bid and became a senior advisor for the 1996 re-election effort. In September 1997 Blair herself was elected unanimously by CPB's nine member governing board to serve a one year term as its president….. Jim Blair was counsel to Tyson Foods during Clinton's governorship and as such he was in a unique position to guide Arkansas' first lady through the treacherous world of commodity investing. Blair hooked Hillary up with suspect commodities broker Red Bone and within months the miracle of the cattle futures began to unfold. In December 1992 Blair "loaned" a destitute Jim McDougal $1,000 so McDougal could pretend to buy the Clintons out of their Whitewater investment. McDougal would later tell reporters that the Tyson attorney used threats to keep him quiet about Clinton misdeeds. It was also Jim Blair who in 1994 warned the Clintons that Webb Hubbell's criminality would soon become apparent and that they should distance themselves from their old buddy before the cash their Chinese friends had been shoveling Hubbell's way began to look too much like hush money…"

Softwar 7/20/99 Charles Smith "…Zvezda, a Russian weapons maker known to sell missiles to Algeria and India, is also working with Boeing to obtain a U.S. Navy super-sonic target missile contract. The Zvezda Navy missile deal is reported to have a built in "28%" kickback for the Russian Generals. Typically, Zvezda is heavily involved with an arms dealer and a known Clinton backer. The Russian maker Zvezda-Strela is backed by Gore supporters, Cassidy Associates and IBP International. Cassidy Associates is a Washington D.C. based lobby firm that has made hundreds of thousands of dollars in political donations to the Clinton/Gore campaign. According to FEC records, Cassidy Associates made over 2,500 political contributions between 1991 and 1998. Cassidy Associates was also linked to the Ron Brown trade missions. Cassidy Associates sent Maely Tom, a radical-leftist and DNC donor, to the far east on a Ron Brown trade mission to Indonesia. The same mission included Charlie Trie, Pauline Kanchanalak and Nora Lum. Lum has already been convicted of illegal campaign contributions. The other Zvezda supporter is IBP International, a firm based in London and McClean Virginia run by Gore backer Judith De Paul…..According to Aviation Week, IBP International is reported to have already leased facilities to install the Zvezda K-36 ejection seat for the F-22 project. Western seat makers, such as Martin-Baker, are openly complaining they are being shut out by the "political" process even before the selection has been made.

Investor's Business Daily 8/4/99 Paul Sperry "...President Clinton's appointee to a critical seat on the board of the Export-Import Bank has close ties to a crooked fund-raiser linked to China. China is Ex-Im Bank's second-largest customer. During the Clinton years, the bank has given more than $5.5 billion in loans to China to help it buy U.S. technology and equipment for power plants and other projects. The loans were OK'd despite proof that China sold nuclear-related equipment to Pakistan and other countries that worry U.S. security experts. The White House hopes the Senate will quickly confirm D. Vanessa Weaver to fill one of three vacant seats on Ex-Im's five-member board. The lack of quorum is holding up $2.3 billion in loans. As a Clinton aide, Weaver often was in touch with Democratic Party fund- raiser Jian-Nan ''John'' Huang when he worked at the Commerce Department....Weaver and Huang exchanged at least 26 phone calls over a 17-month period in 1994 and 1995, records show. Weaver also reached out to Huang in October 1996 when he hid from U.S. marshals for a week to avoid testifying in a lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch Inc. The public-interest law firm claims that Huang was involved in an illegal scheme at Commerce to sell seats on trade trips for Democratic donations. ''She (Weaver) called my wife in California,'' Huang testified after authorities finally caught up with him. ''As a courtesy, I returned her call to her home.'' Huang explained that Weaver and he are just ''good friends.'' Asked about her again in another Judicial Watch deposition in April, Huang took the Fifth...."

Prophezine 7/2/99 Drudge "...A former U.S. law enforcement official on Friday was chosen as the lead candidate to head Interpol, the global law enforcement organization. Ron Noble, former Treasury undersecretary for enforcement, was named during an executive session at Interpol headquarters in Lyon, France. Noble, 42, best known as the chief investigator of the failed Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms raid on the Branch Davidian compound outside Waco, Texas, is the only person the United States has ever nominated to head Interpol in the 75-year history of the organization. Attorney General Janet Reno personally picked Noble for the position. The move marks a shift in U.S. policy, and comes as American's celebrate Independence Day....."

Wall St. Journal 8/5/99 "...One appointment in particular that should be setting off alarm bells right now is that of White House aide Vanessa Weaver, nominated by the White House for the five-member board of the Export-Import Bank. Ms. Weaver's rushed confirmation hearing takes place this afternoon before Senator Phil Gramm's Banking Committee. An article in yesterday's Investor's Business Daily noted that before Ms. Weaver replaced fellow Arkansan Patsy Thomasson as deputy personnel director at the White House in 1997, she was a senior adviser on personnel. The Thompson hearings on the 1996 campaign scandals established that in 1994 and 1995 she made at least 23 White House calls to John Huang while he worked at a sensitive Commerce Department job for 16 months. Incidentally, John Huang, long of the Lippo Group, qualifies as another typically weird appointment..... Mr. Huang has said he and Ms. Weaver are "good friends." That may stem in part from his friendship with her father Vernon, who for 15 years was head of the Washington office of the Arkansas-based Stephens Inc. financial empire. The two men were sufficiently close that Mr. Huang used a Stephens suite at the Willard Hotel as a "satellite office," even though it was only 150 yards from the Commerce Department. Mr. Huang would use the office to pick up overnight packages, make phone calls and fax materials, often shortly after receiving classified briefings. Mr. Weaver's secretary has testified before the Senate that her boss gave her orders to conceal the arrangement with Mr. Huang. Mr. Weaver made at least 27 calls to Mr. Huang during his stint at Commerce. An Arkansas native, Mr. Weaver was later appointed by President Clinton as ambassador to the European Union in Brussels. A congressman well versed in the details of the Huang case told us the timing and pace of the Weaver family's contacts with him were "highly suspicious" and may have involved campaign fundraising.. .

World Net Daily/AP/Billings Gazette 8/11/99 "...Former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders advocated legalized prostitution and frank sexual education at an appearance here Monday, the same type of talk that made her controversial during her brief tenure as the nation's chief health officer. Elders was in Butte as part of a series of events to promote the restoration of the Dumas Brothel. ....."

Freeper bets 8/16/99 "…Winthrop Rockefeller: Arkansas State Police Commission - Police Commission appointee - Republican appointee to State Police Commission. 1985 Police Commission voted to award bond underwriting contract Raney/Hutton/Lasater group, competitors to Stephens Inc. who was political oponent to Gov. Clinton. (Lasater was a fundraiser for Clinton in 1984 and contributed to Gov Clinton campaigns in '82,'84, and '86.)

Winrock Enterprises (Jay Dickey Contributor), Little Rock - Contrib 2/96 $1,000 2/96 $250. The first private activity bond issued by the new ADFA in 1985 provided $750,000 for Planters Lumber Co. of North Little Rock, a division of Winrock, the Rockefeller family holding company. Win Paul has also drawn heavily from the ATRS. He held a half interest in the Bale Chevrolet-Honda auto dealership, financed by a $6.3 million mortgage from the teachers.

Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation -Sponsor of Southern Development Bancorporation - Hillary Clinton on Bd of Dir.

Wintrop Paul Rockefeller: Carlisle Bancshares, Inc., Little Rock - Chm/CEO - Holding Co. for FirstBank of Arkansas, Brinkley (formerly Worthen Banking Corp.). 3 Member Banks: FirstBank/Brinkley, Citizens Bank & Trust/Carlisle, Hazen First State Bank/Hazen. Dan Horton is either Pres., Chm, Dir, CEO Scy of: First Community Bank of S.E. Ark, Caddo First Nat'l Bank, Carlisle Bancshares Inc., First Community Banking Corp, Citizens Bank & Trust, FirstBank of Ark, Hazen First State Bank, Dermott Bancshares Inc., First National Bank in Mena, The Bank of Montgomery County. Edwin Horton is Dir of Boatmen's Nat'l Bank of S.Ark (formerly Worthen Nat'l Bank of S.Ark).

Worthen Bank - William Cravens - former CEO - Worthen invested and owned Wide World Travel - selected on no bid basis to replace the fired Travel Office staff (Travelgate). Major contributors to Gov. and Pres Clinton political campaigns in excess of $250,000. 6/6/95 Jackson Stephens owned 4,159,814 shares of Worthen Bank at $34/share and 16,627,920 shares of Alltel at $24/share. Riady and Stephens owned Worthen Bank. Stephens started Systematics, now Alltel. Cravens is current CEO of Alltel.

Worthen Bank - Moctar Riady - former owner - Riady and Jackson Stephens owned Worthen Bank. Moctar Riady was a major contributor to Gov. and Pres. Clinton political campaigns (in excess of $250,000). 3/85 Juang named VP at Lippo and Hongkong Chinese Bank; becomes Worthen's VP for the Far East. 10/85 Bill and Hillary Clinton meet Huang during Ark/Asian trade mission. 3/93 writes Clinton asking to normalize trade relations w/Vietnam, extend most-favored-nation to China, and strengthen trade ties w/Indonesia.

Worthen National Bank of Arkansas, Little Rock - Jackson Stephens - formerly Worthen Bank & Trust Company, N.A. 3/91 - 1992 bank loaned the Clinton campaign several million dollars. Worthen invested and owned Wide World Travel - selected on no bid basis to replace the fired Travel Office staff (Travelgate). Major contributors to Gov. and Pres Clinton political campaigns in excess of $250,000. 6/6/95 Jackson Stephens owned 4,159,814 shares of Worthen Bank at $34/share and 16,627,920 shares of Alltel at $24/share. Riady and Stephens owned Worthen Bank. Stephens started Systematics, now Alltel.

Worthen National Bank of Hot Springs, Hot Springs - formerly First National Bank of Hot Springs 3/91 - Worthen Bank loaned the Clinton 1992 campaign several million dollars.

Worthen National Bank of South Arkansas, Camden - formerly Worthen National Bank of Camden 1/94

Worthen-Camden, Jay Dickey Contributor, Camden - Edwin Horton - Contrib 8/95 $250. Dan Horton is either Pres., Chm, Dir, CEO Scy of: First Community Bank of S.E. Ark, Caddo First Nat'l Bank, Carlisle Bancshares Inc., First Community Banking Corp, Citizens Bank & Trust, FirstBank of Ark, Hazen First State Bank, Dermott Bancshares Inc., First National Bank in Mena, The Bank of Montgomery County. Edwin Horton is Dir of Boatmen's Nat'l Bank of S.Ark (formerly Worth Nat'l Bank of S.Ark)…."

Los Angeles Times (reprinted in WP) 12/9/97 Glenn Bunting David Rosenzweig "...Carrying envelopes stuffed with bundles of $50 and $100 bills, a slightly built man with a stringy mustache left his hotel room in Monterey Park, Calif., on an unusual quest: He was looking for volunteers to accept $10,000 in cash. Antonio Pan's trip on Aug. 15, 1996, took him through several middle-income Asian American communities in the Los Angeles area, where he stopped at businesses and called on distant acquaintances. He found one taker at a scrap-metal export shop. He located another at a used-car lot. Within three days, Pan had dispensed most of his $80,000 in cash. In exchange, he allegedly collected a small packet of personal checks made out to the "DNC," or Democratic National Committee -- an entity that some of the check writers had never heard of....Pan is no stranger to the White House or Democratic Party. Records show that he visited the executive mansion at least eight times from August 1995 to October 1996 and was in frequent contact with DNC finance personnel. Pan was an associate of Trie and Democratic fund-raiser John Huang. Pan and Huang were former executives of the Indonesia-based Lippo Group, whose owners, the Riady family, were longtime supporters of Clinton. Pan also was executive director of Trie's America-Asia Trade Center Inc. ..."

The New American 8/3/99 William Norman Grigg "…On three occasions, Schwartz was on the short list of candidates for the position of Secretary of Defense. Given the extent of Loral’s intimate business dealings with Beijing, it is likely that Senate hearings into a Schwartz nomination would have been disastrous for the Administration. But Loral is burdened with other baggage as well. In a May 30th Boston Globe column, business analyst John Ellis of the Rasky/Baerlin Group reported that in December 1989 Loral Corporation pleaded guilty to charges of conspiring to defraud the U.S. government, filing a false statement regarding a contract with the Air Force to build radar equipment, and conversion of U.S. government property. As a result, Loral paid a $1.5 million fine and was put on a "watch list" for national security officials. However, Loral’s fortunes improved dramatically when Bill Clinton came to power in 1993. "In the early summer of 1994, Loral Chairman Bernard Schwartz made a ‘soft-money’ contribution to the Democratic National Committee in the amount of $100,000," continued Ellis. "Two months later, Schwartz jetted to China on a trade mission with the late Commerce Secretary Ronald Brown and 23 other executives." During that trade mission, Brown "publicly praised Loral’s Globalstar cellular telephone system before an audience of Chinese telecommunications officials. Shortly thereafter, Loral secured a $250 million cellular phone deal with the Ministry of Telecommunications...." It was during the same trade mission that Schwartz cut a deal with Shen Rong-jun, vice chairman of China’s Commission on Science Technology and Industry for National Defense (COSTIND). That deal involved the use of highly sensitive encryption technology, which can be used to control satellites. COSTIND "is one of China’s secondary intelligence organizations," noted a 1996 Congressional Research Service report. Its primary function is "acquiring advanced technology with military applications," and "members of CONSTIND have attempted to steal foreign, especially American, technology for military applications."…."


Gretchen Glass 8/21/99 "…Martin A. Kamarck - Ex-Im's former President, Vice President and Member of the Board Martin Kamarck was nominated to President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Export-Import Bank of the United States on December 21, 1995. Prior to that he served as Vice-Chairman of the bank and, before that, he was its director and consultant. Mr. Kamarck is/was a partner in Morrison & Foerster, Washington, D.C.. The firm, of course, has offices in Beijing and Hong Kong - a clear conflict of interest. In addition to the obvious conflict of interest generated by his links to Communist China, there appears to be evidence of other conflicts of interest arising from the Bank's rejection of China's Gorges Dam project. The project was turned down for Ex-Im Bank financing because of Gore's favorite topic - environmental concerns. Why? Here are the facts and opinion written by the large international law firm of Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin & Kahn: "Mr. Kamarck's wife, Elaine Kamarck is Gore's policy aide which raised questions about the required independence of the Export-Import Bank policy. With Kamarck's resignation, some of the hold on the bank by the White House may have been lost." (Nah, how could that be!) And, as could be expected from the scandal ridden Clinton administration, the Washington Post on 10/1/96 reported: "Congress, which warned president Clinton not to reappoint him and sent legislation yesterday to the White House ordering the elimination of Kamarck's salary next summer.... The lawmakers were punishing the Ex-Im chief for the allegedly improper payment of as much as $1 million in extra salary to about 200 of the agency's employees." Mr. Kamarck quietly 'retired' and disappeared from the scene when his term expired on January 20, 1997…."

Gretchen Glass 8/21/99 "… Vanessa Weaver - nominated July 1999 to the Board of Directors Ex-Im Bank(Much of the information in this section came from Investor's Business Daily articles.)…According to Investor's Business Daily 8/4/99, Weaver is a good friend of one of the Democrat Party's illegal fund-raiser, and 'alleged' spy, John Huang. While Huang was employed at the Commerce Department with his illegal top secret security clearance, he was briefed by the CIA at least 37 times and had access to hundreds of classified documents. "As often as three times a week, Huang would leave his Commerce office carrying a folder or briefcase and walk across the street to the Willard Hotel. There he'd visit the Washington office of Stephens Inc., an Arkansas-based brokerage." (The Lippo Group connection from the section on Maria Haley.) Since Huang made numerous secret contacts with the Communist Lippo Group via fax and mail from the Stephens office after his intelligence briefings, investigators are looking into the 'possibility' of espionage. Venessa Weaver's father, Vernon, one of Clinton's Arkansas cronies, runs the Stephens office. Vernon Weaver let Huang use an empty Stephens office to pick up overnight packages, make phone calls and fax documents. Vernon Weaver gave his secretary strict orders to hide the setup. Sixteen faxes sent during this period from the Stephens office went to Huang's old employer the Lippo Group, a partner with Beijing's communist regime. While Huang was drawing his exorbitant salary at the Commerce Department and shuffling through top secret documents, he received 27 calls from Vernon Weaver, while Venessa Weaver called him 23 times. Ms. Weaver and Huang exchanged 26 phone calls over the 17-month period in 1994 and 1995. She also reached out to Huang in October 1996 when he was being sought by U.S. marshals. According to Investor's Business Daily, the congressional investigator "suspects Vanessa Weaver was a White House 'go- between' for her father and Huang. Her White House office is just across 15th St. from the Willard Hotel [the Stephens office] and the Commerce building." When Huang decided, in mid-September 1995, to leave Commerce for his illegal fundraising at the Democrat National Committee, the calls from Vanessa Weaver's White House office picked up. This led to further investigation into her role in the illegal fund raising. Ms. Weaver is truly a well-rounded Clinton team player... "

Gretchen Glass 8/21/99 "…Charlene Barshefsky, U.S. Trade Representative, Ex Officio Board Member of Ex-Im Bank (March 1997-present) Ms. Barshefsky became a member of the board upon her appointment as the U.S. Trade Representative in March 1997. You will remember her from the Presidential Treason 103. Ms. Barshefsky was/is a partner in another one of 'those' law firms, Steptoe & Johnson, a Department of Justice-registered foreign agent with offices in Moscow. Another clear conflict of interest - but, oh well... Her proudest accomplishment should be noted: "With respect to market access and intellectual property rights with China, Ambassador [title comes with the job] Barshefsky was instrumental in achieving a comprehensive IPR enforcement agreement with China, and has been responsible for achieving the gradual, and steady opening of the Chinese market for priority U.S. exports. In addition, she has opened bilateral negotiations with China on services, including insurance and value-added telecommunications." …"

Gretchen Glass 8/21/99 "…Maria Haley, former Member of the Board of Directors of Ex-Im Bank (1994-1999) (The information in this section was obtained from the White House website and articles in Investor's Business Daily and the Wall Street Journal.) Maria Haley of Little Rock, a longtime associate of Clinton, was confirmed by the U.S. Senate in April 1994 to the Board of Directors of the Export-Import Bank of the United States where she was the Asia-Pacific director. She was nominated for a second term on May 18, 1995. She remained in that $118,400 per year job until July 1999. She's now back at her old job in the White House personnel office. (It should be noted that during the critical 'sell out America' phase of the Clinton administration, the Board of Directors of Ex-Im Bank was blessed with Kamarck, Haley and the infamous Ron Brown.) ….."In 1994, Huang, then at Commerce, paid a visit to Haley at the Ex-Im Bank. He brought along his old Lippo boss, James Riady. [Lippo Group is a partner with Beijing's communist regime.] While at the DNC, Huang called Haley at least five times. Between 1994 and 1996, Ex-Im Bank gave up to $900,000 in export insurance to Lippo." "Haley repaid the visit, joining Huang on a Commerce trade trip to China in August 1994. Huang and Haley go way back. They worked on deals when Haley was then- Gov. Clinton's trade contact at the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission."

From her White House biography: "Ms. Haley played an integral part in the selection and approval of political appointments in three Cabinet departments and twelve independent agencies." (A job well done!) " Ms. Haley had worked for the State of Arkansas in various international capacities. She was in charge of international development for the state, focusing on export development and foreign investments." That was the time when the Clinton/Chinese corruption was running rampant in Arkansas and Haley was obviously in the middle of it. Haley's White House bio further states that her community interests included "the Professional Women's Advisory Board of Worthen Bank and Trust." ….According to the Washington Post on 10/20/96: "In 1984, Lippo and Stephens [covered in the Weaver section] joined forces to buy a 30 percent stake in Worthen Bank Corp., Arkansas' largest financial institution with ambitions to develop international business." "Several players in that drama turn up in the new controversy surrounding Lippo. Tucker's former lawyer, John Haley, a co-defendant in the cable case, is divorced from Maria Haley. Haley's longtime law partner, Mark Grobmyer, is a golfing buddy of President Clinton's who attended an Oval Office meeting with Riady and passed out business cards presenting himself as "White House liaison" to Riady executives in Jakarta." And from the Wall Street Journal: "With the help of Little Rock attorney Mark Grobmyer [Clinton's golfing buddy] and Export-Import Bank director Maria Haley--both longtime Clinton associates--Thai lobbyist Pauline Kanchanalak pushed a $7 million deal at the Export-Import Bank for a Blockbuster video franchise in Bangkok, while channeling more than $500,000 to the Democratic Party. The deal fell apart and the Democrats have returned most of the money; Ms. Kanchanalak has decided to remain in Thailand for a while." With the highly questionable activity of Ms. Haley in dispensing the tax supported loans for over five years in promotion of her pro-Chinese Communist agenda, it is small wonder that the Senate objected to a third term by this typical Clinton appointee…."

Gretchen Glass 8/21/99 "… (William M. Daley, Sec. of Commerce, Ex Officio Board Member of Ex-Im Bank (January 1997 - present) Mr. Daley assumed his position on the board with his confirmation on January 30, 1997 as the Secretary of Commerce. (Which leads us to another interesting point that prior to his 'death' in April 1996, as Commerce Secretary, the infamous Ron Brown was a member of this board of directors. Guess we should be lucky he didn't give the rest of the store away. In fact they even thought so highly of the corrupted Communist sympathizer Brown that they now issue a special award: "In recognition of his leadership in helping small U.S. businesses to export overseas, Ex-Im Bank Chairman James Harmon received the 1999 Ronald H. Brown Enhancement Award from the Small Business Exporters Association at a ceremony held in Washington, D.C., on May 25." Oh, to be famous in Clinton's America!) "Mr. Daley was Clinton's 1992 Illinois Campaign Manager, who appears to have been involved in questionable activities in the Chicago area involving fraud, the IRS and the FBI. The lawsuit against Daley and his firm Daley and George, that dragged on for five years, (1992-1997) was suddenly dropped by the 'prosecutor' exactly one month after Daley was sworn in as Secretary of Commerce on 1/30/97. Also, he may have misrepresented himself in his Senate confirmation hearings. Mr. Daley is/was a partner in the international law firm of Mayer, Brown & Platt where he was "concentrating in the area of corporate and government relations matters" (paid lobbyist?). The firm is listed with the Department of Justice as a registered foreign agent for Russia and has offices in Moscow and Beijing, with emphasis on Communist China. If he is still a partner, on leave of absence or not, he is benefiting from the firm's dealings with China and Russia and hence has a conflict of interest (allegiances) which, by law, should deny him a security clearance and access to classified material."

Freeper Tallhappy 8/27/99 "…One of Cassidy's clients is the KuoMinTang party of Taiwan, Lee Teng Hui's party. (Taiwan Research Institute)…"

South Africa Business Day 5/13/98 Simon Barber "..... A special prosecutor is to probe allegations that US Labour Secretary Alexis Herman solicited campaign contributions and received a kickback to help an SA-backed satellite telephone venture win a licence from the Federal Communications Commission...... This inquiry will focus on efforts by Mobile Communications Holdings of Washington to obtain commission approval to launch its Ellipso satellite telephone system. Mobile told the commission that Vula Communications, an SA group, had made an "irrevocable commitment" of $350m to the $1,4bn project, now managed by Boeing, for African distribution rights.Vula shareholders include SA metal and communications trade unions, the SA National Civic Organisation and the National African Federated Chambers of Commerce....."

South Africa Business Day 5/13/98 Simon Barber "..... The commission, long reluctant to license Ellipso on the grounds that Mobile was undercapitalised, relented last year, waiving financial requirements. The probe was set in motion by a Cameroon-born business consultant, Laurent Yene. He allegedly gave Herman an envelope containing an undisclosed amount of cash while she was still head of the White House liaison office in payment for lobbying the commission on Mobile's behalf. Yene claimed Herman was involved in soliciting a $250,000 donation to the Democratic Party from Singapore executive Abdul Rahman, said to represent Mobile. Yene was a partner in a consulting firm, International Investments and Business Developments, with Vanessa Weaver, a close friend of Herman. Rahman retained the firm on behalf of Mobile. Yene said he, Weaver and Herman agreed that Herman get 10% of the firm's consulting fees for using her White House influence. Mobile denied Rahman had anything to do with its efforts to obtain a commission licence. Weaver's lawyers denied she was involved with the licensing issue. Reno said the justice department had no evidence clearly demonstrating Herman's involvement......"

Waste Not July 1997 Brian Lipset Ellen Connett "....Statement by Terri Swearingen in accepting the Goldman Prize for North America on April 14, 1997. Terri was awarded the prize for her work in fighting the building and operation of Von Roll's hazardous waste incinerator, known as WTI, in East Liverpool, Ohio...... Among the many distinctions afforded Arkansas billionaire tycoon Jackson Stephens is the fact that his firm, Stephens Inc. marshaled the WTI hazardous waste incinerator's march from conception to birth. In our opinion, it was the power of his financial empire that moved a poorly designed monstrosity on the Ohio River from the truly dumb idea that it was (and is) to its current manifestation as an ugly and dangerous reality. In an attempt to understand why the U.S. government, particularly U.S. EPA Region 5, committed so many illegalities and allowed this incinerator to be built, it helps to understand that Jackson Stephens always gets what he wants. In fact, no matter what you think about him, it is hard to deny that he seems to be everywhere, with his hands on everything. Stephens is the chairman of Stephens Inc., the nation's largest investment bank off Wall Street. Its home office is located in little ol' Little Rock, Arkansas. He and his brother, Witt, built the Stephens Inc. empire out of a bible, belt buckle and bond business. In 1994, Stephens Inc. was listed as one of the biggest institutional shareholders in 30 large multinationals including the Arkansas based firms Tyson Food (# 10), Wal-Mart (# 113) and Alltel (# 12). Interestingly, it was Stephens who staked Sam Walton when he started Wal-Mart in 1970, and financed Tyson's takeover of Holly Farms in 1988. (Stephens, Tyson and Walton (1917-1992), all billionaires from Arkansas.) Stephens sold a 275 phone exchange to Alltel when they broke into the phone market, and guaranteed in 1990 that Alltel would get Systematics by refusing to sell his 10% stake in Systematics to anyone but Alltel. In many ways Arkansas is the house that Jack built. Unfortunately, for the folks in East Liverpool, Ohio, and the Tri-State area (WV, PA, OH) who were saddled with Von Roll's hazardous waste incinerator, Arkansas was never big enough for Stephens......" 9/27/99 J R Nyquist "…. The Vietnam Moratorium was first conceived at a meeting in Stockholm in May 1969. The meeting was sponsored by the Soviet-controlled World Peace Council through the auspices of the National Committee to End the War in Vietnam, also known as the Student Mobilization Committee -- or MOBE. According to a secret FBI memo issued in October 1969, "Communists are playing dominant roles in ... the Student Mobilization Committee." Present at the Stockholm meeting was the Viet Cong leader Nguyen Thi Binh. Also present was a North Vietnamese Communist official, Nguyen Minh Vy. As it happens, the work of MOBE was praised by Leonid Brezhnev and Aleksei Kosygin. In July 1969 MOBE was reorganized by veteran Communist Party member Sidney Peck and a group of activists from the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), a Marxist think tank from which President Clinton has made several key appointments. IPS was founded by Richard Barnet and Marcus Raskin in 1963. Most of the money they used came from the Samuel Rubin Foundation. According to Dr. Rael Jean Isaac, Rubin was a Comintern member and a Communist agent. …… Should we be shocked to discover that President Clinton has appointed outright Marxist subversives from the IPS to key government jobs? An IPS leader and an outspoken Marxist, Derek Shearer, was appointed as one of Clinton's top economic advisors, and was later appointed U.S. Ambassador to Finland. IPS leader Morton Halperin, a supporter of the notorious KGB agent and CIA turncoat Philip Agee, is now a leading official in the State Department. Anthony Lake, Clinton's one-time National Security Advisor, was once an IPS instructor. Given these appointments, President Clinton's clemency for Puerto Rican Communist revolutionaries shouldn't surprise anyone. According to a recent article by J. Michael Waller in Insight magazine, the White House has been secretly pushing to get a U.S. entry visa for Castro's terrorism chief, Fernando Garcia Bielsa. Waller explains that Bielsa, a high ranking Cuban official, is charged with overseeing the terrorist activities of the FALN and the Macheteros. ….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 10/18/99 Jerry Seper ".... The Justice Department's campaign finance task force is investigating Washington investment counselor Ernest G. Green, a longtime friend of President Clinton, on charges of making illegal campaign donations to the Democratic Party and lying about it to Senate and House committees. At the center of the probe, according to lawyers and others familiar with the task force inquiry, is a $50,000 donation Mr. Green made in February 1996 to the Democratic National Committee --the same day he helped a Chinese arms dealer get an Oval Office visit with Mr. Clinton. Mr. Green, managing director at Lehman Bros. Inc. in Washington, also is under investigation for perjury in connection with his depositions before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee and the House Government Reform Committee. .... Task force officials have declined comment, but FBI Agent Jerome Campane testified in May during Trie's campaign finance trial that documents Trie and an assistant destroyed before a search warrant could be issued included letters and personal notes from Mr. Green. The agent said they would have been valuable to a congressional inquiry into 1996 campaign abuses. .....During his Senate deposition, Mr. Green denied receiving any money from Trie. Later, confronted by House investigators with bank records, he acknowledged getting $2,000 from Trie, but could not explain a series of large cash deposits to his personal account at a time he was making similar donations to the DNC.....State Department records show Mr. Wang was issued a visa Jan. 22, 1996, at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. His application did not say where he intended to go, although letters of support by Mr. Green and Trie said he was headed to Washington on business. He entered the country on Feb. 1, 1996, and, according to Immigration and Naturalization Service records, returned to China nine days later....."


Washington Times 10/19/99 Jerry Seper "...The Democratic National Committee invited a Chinese arms dealer to a White House coffee with President Clinton at the insistence of Washington investment counselor Ernest G. Green, a longtime presidential pal whom the Justice Department's campaign finance task force is now investigating. Richard Sullivan, a former DNC finance chairman, told the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee at a July 1997 deposition that an invitation to arms dealer Wang Jun for the February 1996 coffee was "obviously a mistake" but it had been issued as a favor to Mr. Green. Mr. Sullivan, who coordinated DNC efforts to target big-dollar donors, including Democratic fund-raiser Charles Yah Lin Trie, told committee lawyers that DNC officials advised him the Wang invitation was "important for Ernie and Charlie" -- a reference to Mr. Green and Trie. "It was a mistake, . . . obviously a mistake," Mr. Sullivan testified. "It was something, as I understood it, that was important that Ernie had this guy in town doing business. Ernie had been a longtime supporter, and it was purely as a favor to Ernie." ...."

Washington Post 10/28/99 Lorraine Adams David Vise "….During more than 23 days of interrogation earlier this year, Huang told FBI agents that after being solicited by Ickes, he contributed $1,000 to Jackson's campaign and raised several thousand dollars more, according to sources close to the investigation. Last week, the Justice Department provided reports of Huang's debriefing to the House Government Reform Committee, which is expected to vote today on granting Huang immunity for testimony he might give to the panel. Federal law bars government officials from requesting campaign donations from subordinates…. Justice officials said yesterday that bringing a case against Ickes would be problematic because of questions about whether Huang could be considered a subordinate of Ickes under the law……"

New York Post 11/2/99 "....It looks like Hillary Clinton's top political strategist, Harold Ickes, has once again moved from the frying pan into the fire. John Huang, the Democratic National Committee money-man who helped raise $2 million for the Clinton-Gore re-election efforts, is reportedly prepared to tell Congress of yet another Ickes financial outrage. Huang will testify that, in 1995, then-deputy White House chief of staff Ickes asked him to raise money for the re-election campaign of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.). The problem is that Huang was then an official at the Commerce Department - and the Hatch Act prohibits supervisors from asking subordinates to make political contributions or do partisan political work..... On top of that, The Post's Brian Blomquist and Gregg Birnbaum reported Sunday that Ickes has repeatedly flouted federal lobbyist-disclosure law requiring him to identify his clients and how much they're paying him. After being ignored for more than a year, officials have referred the matter to the U.S. Attorney in Washington...... Despite his role at the center of the now-notorious 1996 Clinton-Gore fund-raising apparatus, Ickes was spared a full-scale independent counsel investigation when Janet Reno, America's "hear no evil, see no evil" attorney general, declined to authorize a probe into charges that Ickes lied to Congress about his role in helping the Teamsters while the union was a potential hot source of campaign cash......"

New York Post 10/31/99 Brian Blomquist Gregg Birnbaum ".... Powerhouse lobbyist Harold Ickes - who's Hillary Clinton's top campaign adviser - has failed to report who his clients are, how much they are paying him, or what he's doing with the money, as required by law, The Post has learned. Ickes' repeated flouting of the federal financial-disclosure requirements for lobbyists comes as questions are being raised about the connections between his private influence-peddling business and the first lady's quest for the U.S. Senate in New York. Ickes has failed three straight times to file financial reports for his lobbying firm, which he opened in 1998 after losing his post as a top aide to President Clinton, officials said. ...... Ickes' case has been referred to the U.S. attorney in Washington, said Donna Downs, compliance registration clerk for the federal Legislative Resource Center, with which lobbyists register and file financial reports...... Last week Puerto Rican Gov. Pedro Rossello, an Ickes client who recently differed with the first lady on FALN clemency, suddenly announced he was endorsing her for Senate. ......."

Fox News/AP 10/28/99 Beth Harpaz "….Drug-resistant tuberculosis has been found in 104 countries and could spread to every nation unless $1 billion is devoted to controlling it, according to a study released Thursday. The report was commissioned by philanthropist George Soros and conducted by Harvard Medical School. Russian prisons are among the epicenters of the hard-to-treat and potentially fatal disease. About 100,000 inmates have active TB and about 40 percent have drug-resistant TB, said Gen. Vladimir Yalinin, the chief of prisons….."

The Washington Times 10/28/99 Bob Smith "…..Adm. Prueher's pro-China tilt while at CINCPAC reflects at best naivete and at worst a dangerous hubris that personal interactions can convert the Chinese from adversaries into friends. He has taken Chinese military officials to tour a U.S. nuclear submarine in Honolulu and to the Top Gun school in California. (These actions would now be prohibited by the amendment I attached to the Defense Authorization bill restricting military-to-military contacts between the U.S. Armed Forces and the PLA (Chinese Peoples Liberation Army). My restrictions were intended to prevent contacts that create a national security risk due to an inappropriate exposure. He allegedly has violated the six assurances that defined Taiwan policy under Presidents Reagan and Bush, and which remain in force under President Clinton, making unauthorized efforts last fall to persuade the Taiwanese military to start talks with the PLA. Apparently the details are in a classified cable that at least one congressional office is seeking to obtain. Adm. Prueher allegedly ordered deletion of the section of the classified U.S. plan for the defense of Taiwan dealing with strategic matters, which has upset STRATCOM (Strategic Command) and riled the Air Force, causing them to object to Adm. Prueher's actions. The details of this also are classified….."

USA Today 10/28/99 Kelly "…."The businessmen, who are worth more than $5 billion, are paying bin Laden "protection money" to stave off attacks on their businesses in Saudi Arabia, intelligence officials said. Bin Laden, whose family runs the largest Saudi construction firm, has called for the overthrow of the Saudi government. The money transfers were discovered in April after the royal family ordered an audit of NCB and its founder and former chairman, Khalid bin Mahfouz, U.S. officials say. Mahfouz is now under "house arrest" at a military hospital in the Saudi city of Taif, intelligence officials said. His successor, Mohammad Hussein Al-Amoudi, also heads the Capitol Trust Bank in New York and London, which U.S. and British officials are investigating for allegedly transferring money to bin Laden. Amoudi's Washington lawyer, Vernon Jordan, could not be reached for comment……"

AP 10/27/99 "…. Former Commerce Department official John Huang has told federal investigators that White House aide Harold Ickes called him at his government office in 1995 and asked him to "round up'' donations for the congressional campaign of Jesse Jackson Jr., legal sources say. Federal law prohibits government employees such as Ickes, who since has left the White House and now advises Hillary Rodham Clinton's prospective Senate campaign, from soliciting campaign donations from subordinates. It is a felony punishable by up to three years in prison. The Justice Department conducted an initial inquiry into Huang's allegations but concluded there was no need to seek an independent counsel to investigate Ickes, according to legal sources familiar with Huang's testimony. Huang told the investigators he donated $1,000 to Jackson and raised an additional $6,000 to satisfy Ickes' request, the sources told The Associated Press, speaking only on condition of anonymity…..Justice officials said the department would not consider Huang a "subordinate'' of Ickes under the law even though Huang was a presidential appointee. The officials said Huang's assertion that Ickes asked him to raise money rather than give his own money would not be regarded by prosecutors as a solicitation under the law. But a legal expert said Ickes' alleged conduct is "so close to the line that certainly it's not what officials should be doing.'' "If it doesn't violate the letter of the law, it certainly violates the spirit,'' Georgetown University law professor Paul Rothstein said….."

WorldNetDaily 10/26/99 Charles Smith "….One of Ng's operations includes DNC fundraiser Ted Sioeng in a firm called Ang-Du International. Ang-Du, according to the Wall Street Journal, abducts Thai women for Macau brothels. Sioeng, however, is best known for his photographic appearance with Vice President Al Gore at the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple. ….. "Last year in Thailand alone, trafficking 600,000 women and girls brought $5 billion into the country," Ragab wrote in the NOW Times back in 1992. "The women and girls, the commodity, are invisible. There are millions of them with no identity, no international laws to protect them, no one to reclaim them. Their passports are confiscated by the traffickers upon arriving in countries they may never have heard of. Sold or leased by catalogues, on videos, or 'sight unseen,' they are 'parked' in centers to allegedly work as maids, telephone operators, mothers' helpers. Eighty percent will be seriously physically abused." "This is a form of slave trade," Ragab said recently. "It is worse now because of the Clintons. It was typical for this administration" to meet with Ng Lapseng. "This is one of the reasons why we endorsed Republicans this year." ….." 10/26/99 Charles Smith "….. Despite White House denials, the Clinton administration has had major contacts with Asian organized crime syndicates such as the Triads, and has befriended kingpins of international prostitution operations……. Indeed, much of the money donated by Trie came directly following visits to the White House by others linked to the Triads, including Macau millionaire Ng Lapseng, whose main business is his Fortuna hotel and hostess service of brothels. "Ng LapSeng spent two days inside the residence at the White House with Bill Clinton," stated Ed Timperlake, co-author of "Year of the Rat," the runaway best-selling book on Bill Clinton's Chinese connections. "Ng came in to visit with huge wads of cash in his pockets," said Timperlake during an exclusive WorldNetDaily interview. "Not just an oval office coffee visit, but inside the presidential living quarters….. The brochure advertising Ng's Fortuna hotel boasts, "attractive and attentive hostesses from China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Burma together with erotic girls from Europe and Russia offer you an exciting and unforgettable evening with friends or business associates." …"

Judicial Watch 10/27/99 "….The speech was part of Judicial Watch's 5th Anniversary Celebration in Pasadena, California on October 23, 1999. Among the highlights of Chung's speech:

- Chung detailed how an employee of Hughes Aerospace admitted to him in China that the reason Hughes had turned over sensitive missile data to the Chinese communists after a Chinese rocket had failed was that that was the only way Hughes could get insurance money for its losses.

- Chung asked why banking records he had turned over to the Clinton Justice Department showing funds transfers from the Chinese military to his bank accounts were never turned over to Congress. Chung later sent some these funds to Clinton's political campaign operation at the DNC.

- Chung recounted how he, at the urging of and in the presence of DNC official Richard Sullivan [who is now reported to be working for Al Gore] and another Democratic fundraiser wrote checks totaling $25,000 for straw donors for President Clinton's 1996 campaign.

- Chung recounted how former DNC Chairman Don Fowler was perfectly aware that his associates were related to the Chinese military. Chung also implicated Terence McAuliffe in the Chinagate scandal…..

Chung praised Larry Klayman and Judicial Watch as being seekers of the truth and questioned why only "givers" in the campaign fundraising scandal have been prosecuted and not upper-level "givees" in the Clinton White House and DNC….." Freeper kroy 11/5/99 "….Wayne Dumond * Dumond, father of six, Vietnam veteran, churchgoer, was convicted in August 1985 of the rape. *He was sentenced to life plus 20 years. *While awaiting sentencing, it seems that two masked men, acting on orders of the corrupt county Sheriff Coolidge Conlee, burst into Wayne's home. They had guns and knives. They hog tied Wayne. They raped him. Then, as if that wasn't enough, with surgical scalpels, they castrated him. *A genetic expert stated unequivocally that sperm found on the girl's jeans could not "in a million years" belong to Dumond….." Freeper kroy 11/5/99 "….Sheriff Coolidge Conlee *Nabbed by the FBI for extortion and drug-dealing and sentenced to 160 years in jail, where he died on the operating table, during heart surgery. *Sheriff Conlee went to the Dumond family's bloodied home and retrieved the body parts so that he could display them in a jar on his desk with a caption that read: "That's what happens to people who fool around in my county." …." Freeper kroy 11/5/99 "….Ashley Stevens *The 17-year-old girl who says she was kidnapped and raped on Sept. 11, 1984, in Forrest City, Ark. *Ashley Stevens identified two other men as her rapist but they had ironclad alibis and were set free. *She failed to pick out Dumond as her rapist when presented with a lineup. *Ashley's father is a millionaire and one of Clinton's biggest contributors. *Ashley's mother worked as part of Clinton's inner circle when he was governor. *Ashley is Bill Clintion's second cousin…."

Dr. Moses Schanfield *Schanfield heads the Analytic Genetic Testing Center in Denver. He was one of the experts dispatched to Bosnia to examine and identify graves after the civil war there. He did an independent Allotyping test of sperm of the alleged victim's jeans, which supposedly came from Dumond. "No way, zip, nada. Didn't happen. No way Dumond was the donor of that sperm," Schanfield said. "The girl's scenario of the so-called crime couldn't have happened. I didn't believe anything she said." Freeper kroy 11/5/99 "….Fred Odam *Retired Arkansas State Police captain. "This was and still is a very bad day for justice. "Odam witnessed Sheriff Conlee retrieving Dumond's testicles and later investigated the sheriff for the FBI. "I have been working to get that boy Dumond free for a long time. In all my time this is the one case when I know a man is not guilty."…" Freeper kroy 11/5/99 "….Gene Wirges *The 67-year-old publisher of a local weekly. "Well, a Clinton kin had to be revenged. The sheriff was on a hot seat and young Wayne had been talking to a church group about how cars were suddenly disappearing. "It turned out to be true. The sheriff along with his drugs, and turning the sheriff's department into a casino was heading up a car-theft ring. "When this girl said she was raped, the sheriff wanted to help out the Clinton clan [so that they might look the other way with respect to his illegal doings]. He would do anything for the girl's father and mother. "The truth, the terrible truth is, that one of the guys she first identified as the rapist but who had an ironclad alibi had been going out with the girl. "But the new governor has indicated to me on several occasions that he was more than disturbed about Wayne's case and the way Clinton and his boys handled this terrible thing. "You know, this is Arkansas. Right up until now this has been Clinton territory. Maybe not anymore." …."

Judicial Watch 11/9/99 ".....Joel Klein, the Clinton Justice appointee and Assistant Attorney General prosecuting the Microsoft antitrust case was in The White House Counsel's Office around the time period that Republican FBI files were illegally gathered by the Clinton White House. Indeed, after the death of Vince Foster, Klein filled Foster's job and occupied his office. Linda Tripp, who worked with Klein, testified in the Judicial Watch Filegate lawsuit that she understood that these FBI files were being uploaded into a computer in the White House Counsel's Office. In the least, Mr. Klein was at "the scene of the crime" around the Filegate time period. Tripp testified that Klein kept files on others, including Ken Starr's office, for intimidation purposes..... "The past news that Joel Klein had breakfast at the home of Netscape's CEO just before the suit against Microsoft was filed raises significant questions about Mr. Klein's possible involvement in a political payback," stated Klayman.......Judicial Watch believes the involvement of the Clinton Justice Department's "tainted" political operatives such as Joel Klein has pushed the ongoing antitrust action against Microsoft. The group filed a request for documents under the Freedom of Information Act to see if politics and campaign contributions have influenced its actions against Microsoft. When the Clinton Justice Department failed to respond, Judicial Watch filed suit. The case remains pending and active....."

The Wall Street Journal 11/7/99 "…. Many newspapers Friday ran a little item noting that Attorney General Janet Reno has named the fourth chief in three years to head the Justice Department's ill-fated probe of the 1996 campaign-finance affair. But nowhere in the vast machine that is the national media have we found mention that an actual prosecution in the campaign-finance scandal is underway in New York City. We recommend a visit to Courtroom 26B in lower Manhattan, where U.S. District Judge Thomas Griesa presides over the corruption case of William Hamilton, former political director of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters……. Mr. Hamilton, a relatively small fish in this affair, of course is entitled to a presumption of innocence, and has yet to present his defense. But over the past few weeks Ms. White's team, led by Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Rice, has painstakingly detailed an encyclopedia of campaign-finance abuses, showing precisely how money was laundered through the system for political benefit. They have presented evidence suggesting a conspiracy much broader than charged in this one trial. The fund-transfer allegations involve players such as Terry McAuliffe, today a senior Democratic Party fundraiser and in 1996 head of the Clinton-Gore re-election effort; Mr. Carey, whose 1996 re-election to head the Teamsters was later voided due to the scandal; and AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard Trumka, who claimed Fifth Amendment privilege when questioned by Congressional investigators….."

The American Spectator 8/92 Daniel Wattenberg "….By the morning of June 5, four top Clinton campaign aides--David Wilhelm, George Stephanopolous, Eli Segal, and Stanley Greenberg--had had enough of Susan Thomases and Harold Ickes, two ultra-liberal campaign aides who had fastened themselves to Hillary. According to a Clinton insider, the four had concluded that "Susan Thomases is running this campaign with Harold Ickes through Hillary," and gave Bill Clinton this ultimatum: "Either [Thomases] goes, or we're all going and she can run the campaign." Ever the Conciliator-in-Chief, Clinton managed to avert a mass resignation by the top echelon of his campaign staff. "They papered all this over for the time being, but it won't last," says the insider. Thomases, a New York lawyer, is "the most doctrinaire liberal or old-line thinker around" the campaign, says a Clinton adviser. "Someone who just doesn't get any of the reform/New Covenant message." Ickes, son of Roosevelt's New Deal Interior Secretary Harold Ickes, is anathema to many centrist Democrats who rallied early to the Clinton candidacy. In 1988 he was Jesse Jackson's convention manager. In 1972, he was a key delegate selector for George McGovern, bending party rules to disestablish traditional Democratic constituencies--middle-class and socially conservative--in favor of student, feminist, and minority activists. A Clinton insider calls him "the most evil man on the face of earth," adding: "He has done more single-handedly to destroy the Democratic party than anyone else." …."

Reuters; FOX "……A Stanford University researcher who had been an official in China's missile program has been sentenced to 15 years in a Chinese prison after being convicted of leaking state secrets, Stanford officials said on Friday. Stanford President Gerhard Casper said the school learned this week that Hua Di, 63, a research associate at the school's Center for International Security and Cooperation, was convicted by a Chinese court of leaking state secrets and sentenced to 15 years in prison…."

Washington Post 11/28/99 Al Kamen "…... Melinda Yee. When last we left the former Commerce aide, a federal judge was chiding her for discarding documents involving her work for then-Commerce Secretary Ronald H. Brown's trade missions. Congressional investigators charged that the missions were used as rewards for corporate executives who contributed to the Democratic Party. She was also linked with some of the controversy surrounding the Democratic fund-raising scandal, through her association with Commerce colleague John Huang and Indonesian banker James Riady. ……..Franklin [her new last name], who was never charged with any crime in connection with the federal investigations of Commerce trade missions or Democratic fund-raising, said she was nominated for the fellowship by the Council on Foreign Relations, of which she is a member….."

Washington Times 11/29/99 Jerry Seper "….. The felony conviction of the Teamsters' former political director for diverting $885,000 in union campaign funds to the Democratic Party has spurred New York prosecutors to press for new indictments, including top Clinton re-election officials. Law enforcement authorities said prosecutors are urging U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White to seek a new round of indictments in the wake of William N. Hamilton's Nov. 19 conviction for embezzlement, fraud and perjury. Hamilton diverted campaign funds to Democrats in exchange for donations to Teamsters President Ron Carey's 1996 re-election campaign, prosecutors showed. Prosecutors now want indictments against, among others: * Mr. Carey, whose receipt of illegal campaign funds led to his ouster as Teamsters president. * Terry McAuliffe, President Clinton's chief campaign fund-raiser, who was identified in the Hamilton trial as encouraging the kickback scheme. * Richard Trumka, the No. 2 leader of the AFL-CIO, whom prosecutors believe diverted the labor coalition's funds to the Carey campaign. * Harold Ickes, former White House deputy chief of staff, who led fund raising in the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign….."

Rising Tide Magazine – RNC 11/28/99 Michael Moroney "….. In 1978 wannabe Stephen Brill, Clinton's ultimate supporter, wrote a book that painted Teamster Ron Carey as a family man with an extremely modest income. Brill did not mention that Carey 's Queens local union was controlled by the mob. Boosted by Brill and a far-left reputed rank-and-file reform group, Carey emerged in 1992 as a national Teamsters reform leader. By 1993, Carey 's secret life had caught up with him. Stories in The New York Times, TIME magazine and Business Week began to unravel Carey's facade of reform. He tried to end court supervision over the union; appointed a mob associate to run a corrupt airfreight local in New York; the former boss of New York 's Lucchese crime family identified him as a mob figure; and in early 1994 a treasure trove of real estate Carey owned with his close friend and female business partner in the Florida Keys was revealed. With the press hounds on his heels, Carey arranged to meet union lawyer Harold Ickes, then Bill Clinton's New York campaign manager. Millions of Teamsters PAC money and support started flowing to Clinton. Carey 's new allies on the left and the Clinton Justice Department soon rallied to his defense. Expecting to get away with it, Carey 's minions then embezzled approximately $885,000 of union funds to get him re-elected, and as Carey was about to fall on corruption charges, he pulled off the famous UPS strike-the ultimate Wag the Dog trick. ….."

Washington Times Weekly, Print Edition 11/22-28/99 Edward Timperlake & William Triplett II "…… For a whole host of reasons, Gen. Xiong's visit represents both a challenge and an opportunity to the Republicans in Congress. First, as the chief spymaster of China, Gen. Xiong inherited and then perfected the most successful espionage operation against America in our nation's history. He knows all the answers to questions raised in the Cox Report of earlier this year because they occurred at his direction. Gen. Xiong, age 60, has been in the PLA's intelligence service since he was a teen-ager. In the 1960s and 1970s, he honed his craft as a military spy operating out of the PRC Embassy in Bonn. Now at the pinnacle of his career, all the PLA intelligence operations targeted on the United States lead to him. Under the usual information-sharing arrangement, he also would know of the significant intelligence operations run by China's KGB, the Ministry of State Security. He would have a wide range of knowledge about the Loral-Hughes case, the theft of all of our nuclear weapons secrets from the National Labs, and the most recent McDonnell-Douglas case, just to name a few of his successes….."

Washington Times Weekly, Print Edition 11/22-28/99 Edward Timperlake & William Triplett II "…… Gen. Xiong also was responsible for the successful effort to funnel illegal campaign contributions to the Clinton-Gore re-election effort in 1996. PLA. Gen. Ji Shengde told Johnny Chung, "We like your President and we want him re-elected." Since Gen. Ji worked for Gen. Xiong, the "we" probably referred to him…… Earlier this year, Gen. Xiong turned up at an important meeting with the North Koreans. The relationship between the PRC and North Korea is like "lips and teeth," he declared. We know now the PRC and the North Koreans are in various joint ventures to sell weapons of mass destruction, and the missiles that deliver them, to terrorist nations in the Middle East…."

Washington Times Weekly, Print Edition 11/22-28/99 Edward Timperlake & William Triplett II "…… Gen. Xiong is most famous for his threat to incinerate Los Angeles with nuclear destruction if the United States should come to the aid of democratic Taiwan. That's of interest to the entire Congress, given the overwhelming support for the Taiwan security legislation now making its way through the House. It's only heightened by the dramatic demonstration of mobile ICBMs at the 50th anniversary of communism in China. With the DF-31 and DF-41 together capable of reaching any city in America, his threat no longer is false bravado. It is real and in a crisis can be deadly….."

Washington Times Weekly, Print Edition 11/22-28/99 Edward Timperlake & William Triplett II "…… What is less well known is Gen. Xiong's role at Tiananmen. In 1989, he was the head of the "Er Bu," the "Second Department," the PLA's military intelligence agency. This is the equivalent of the GRU from Soviet days. His agents ran a series of provocation operations against the students, mostly efforts to plant weapons on them in order to excuse the ensuing massacre. In 1996, Rep. Chris Smith, New Jersey Republican, held a hearing when one of the major Tiananmnen Square generals came to visit President Clinton….."

The Detroit News 11/23/99 "….A federal jury in New York has convicted a top-ranking Teamsters Union official of conspiracy and fraud for laundering contributions to Ron Carey's campaign . Just who else William H. Hamilton Jr. actually conspired with remains a matter of speculation, in large part because Atty. Gen. Janet Reno seems disinclined to investigate her Democratic friends. Michigan Rep. Peter Hoekstra ought to consider resuming the congressional inquiry he earlier led on the matter…. Mr. McAuliffe's alleged involvement would logically point to the Clinton/Gore campaign, as well as the Democratic National Committee. But Ms. Reno, with help from congressional Democrats, has avoided producing a full accounting of the scheme, despite a Justice Department investigation spanning three years. Rep. Hoekstra, R-Holland, earlier attempted to uncover how $20 million worth of federal oversight was so badly bungled. But under the guise of protecting the government's inquiry, Ms. Reno requested that the House refrain from questioning key witnesses and pursuing substantive leads. Yet there has been nothing from the Justice Department since. (Hamilton was indicted in New York and prosecuted there by U.S. Atty. Mary Jo White.) …"

WorldNetDaily 11/23/99 Joseph Farah "….It seems Hamre is filling the shoes of Ron Brown. He's the new go-to guy in the Clinton administration with respect to clearing all national-security hurdles to high-tech transfers to China. Last year, he folded the Defense Technology Security Administration and other related agencies into the newly created Defense Threat Reduction Agency. Under the reorganization, Sperry reports, DTRA's export-control office now comes under the Pentagon's undersecretary for acquisition, who deals mainly with defense contractors. It formerly reported to the undersecretary for policy, "whose office has traditionally been more concerned with security issues like stopping the spread of arms to unfriendly nations." Last month, Hamre ordered DTRA to come up with a plan by Dec. 16 to speed up the time it takes to OK export licenses, which are sent to the Pentagon by the State Department. His new plan gives the armed services just two days to submit a veto of such deals in the future…." 11/19/99 Diane Alden "….In a 1998 article in the outstanding western journal Range Magazine, Tim Findley relates how Babbitt took on his role as intercessor for the environment and other left wing an assignment from God…… Findley maintains, "Babbitt frequently places himself somewhere near a deity in his speeches, a distance apart from even his family's less romanticized relationship with nature." …….After graduating from law school, Babbitt decided that name recognition in Arizona would carry him further politically than service outside his state. As Bill Clinton had done in Arkansas, Babbitt got elected his state's attorney general and subsequently governor of Arizona, serving from 1978-87. During this time, he also worked as a natural resource lawyer, whereby he made a lifelong commitment to the environmental movement, soon becoming president of the League of Conservation Voters. Findley recounts in his Range article "Bah, Bah, Babbitt" that as president of the conservation league, which was closely associated with such extreme groups as Friends of the Earth, Babbitt melded politics and environmentalism……. "

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL 12/7/99 Glenn Burkins "..... Arthur A. Coia, president of the scandal-plagued Laborers union, will retire on Dec. 31, leaving one of his top lieutenants to run one of the nation's largest building trades unions. In a statement, Mr. Coia said he was "considering opportunities and finalizing options that I plan to announce in the near future." ......Mr. Coia has repeatedly denied allegations that the Laborers International Union of North America continues to foster ties to organized crime. To avoid federal racketeering charges, the union in 1995 signed an agreement with the Justice Department agreeing to clean up alleged corruption. Earlier this year, an in-house hearing officer cleared Mr. Coia of allegedly associating with mob figures, but fined him $100,000 for buying a $450,000 Ferrari with help from a union vendor. The Justice Department called that ruling flawed........ "

National Legal and Policy Center -- Organized Labor Accountability Project UNION CORRUPTION 11/8/99 Vol 2 Issue 23 "..... "In an administration rife with ethically challenged officials, Harold Ickes has consistently been at the top of the list. He initially lost out on an administration job over allegations linking him to mob-controlled labor unions. He was also connected to Arthur Coia, long-serving president of the Laborers' International Union of North America and heavy Democratic contributor. Earlier this month, [news leaked that] Coia, identified by the FBI as an organized-crime associate, [may plead guilty] on fraud charges -- conveniently avoiding a trial at which Ickes and other administration officials would likely have faced some embarrassing questions. ...."

Editorial, N.Y. Post 11/2/99 ".... Prosecutors called Laborers Union chief Arthur Coia a "mob puppet." But Coia spent millions of his union's money to buy Bill Clinton's friendship. New information suggests Bill repaid the favor by calling off the Feds......"

New York Times 12/15/99 AP "....After sifting through his garbage for four months, the FBI charged one of the nation's biggest political donors with shredding documents to obstruct a campaign financing investigation. The charges against David Chang stem from the investigation of an $11,000 check from one of his companies, Bright & Bright Corp. A lawyer who pleaded guilty to campaign finance charges in May said he helped Chang illegally funnel $11,000 to Sen. Robert Torricelli's 1996 campaign....."

Freeper First_Salute 12/13/99 "…. Interesting to note that Bloomberg Radio announced a week ago (or so), that Greenhill & Co., a New York financial services firm, might be hired by the Justice Department to help with the "breakup of Microsoft." Greenhill & Co. was one of the services assisting with the CBS/ViaCom "mergers and acquisitions" deal, along with another firm, Evercore Partners. And, one of the three original co-founders of Evercore Partners is Roger C. Altman, an acquaintance of the Clintons [look it up] and former Deputy Secretary Treasurer in "President" Clinton's first Administration. One of the other three original co-founders of Evercore Partners is Austin Beutner, who was [maybe still is] President and CEO of "The U.S.-Russian Investment Fund" (TUSRIF). David Pecker, who had been John F. Kennedy, Jr.'s advocate at Hachette-Filipacchi Magazines (France), left his post there as President and CEO, during the Winter and Spring months, this year, to join with Evercore Partners' acquisition and "remake" of American Media, Inc., owners of The National Enquirer,to name just of one the tabloids now under American Media's "roof," in Evercore Partners' "stable." (Prior to all that, Evercore Partners made a bid for Court TV,in 1996 I think it was; don't know the status on that deal.) ……"

The American Spectator [and various] 6/94 Evan Fitzmaurice "…..In a July 19, 1992 campaign speech in Weirton, West Virginia, Al Gore blasted Waste Technologies Industries (WTI), a hazardous waste incinerator project in nearby East Liverpool, Ohio….. The incinerator's location -- in a minority neighborhood, 100 yards from houses and 400 yards from an elementary school -- made it a particularly photogenic instance of the "environmental terrorism" Gore had derided in his book Earth in the Balance……The Yamada report on Sussman's conflict-of-interest mentioned Hillary's work for the Stephenses, and noted that it was Hillary who recommended the compromised Sussman for his EPA job overseeing WTI…… In December 1992, Vice President-elect Gore asked, "for the safety and health of local residents," that a General Accounting Office investigation of WTI be conducted before a crucial test burn permit was issued. Yet in March of last year, after months of reviews and audits, the Clinton EPA opted not to oppose plans to begin commercial operations at the site……. Stephens Inc. -- which raised over $100,000 for the Clinton campaign and whose Worthen Bank subsidiary extended it a crucial $3.5-million line of credit -- built and financed the $160-million incinerator, which will be the largest of its kind in North America, through a 1981 joint venture with the Swedish incinerator maker Von Roll and two other companies. Twenty acres of land from the Columbiana County Port Authority were to be used in connection with "river-related industry." The original Army Corps of Engineers permit provided for the construction of a transfer facility and warehousing area, but explicitly forbade the handling of hazardous waste…."

The American Spectator [and various] 6/94 Evan Fitzmaurice "…..A June 6, 1982 communiqu from the Chicago EPA office to Washington headquarters mentioned discussions of the waste prohibition. But somehow Stephens managed to skirt the Army requirements and obtain an EPA operating permit.. . Stephens sold its interest in WTI to Von Roll America in 1990…….. Under civil RICO statutes, if false claims about permits or ownership led Morgan and UBS to invest in WTI, they can sue Stephens for three times the amount of the investment. This means that if East Liverpool activists expose missteps in the regulatory history of WTI and succeed in forcing the government to revoke its permit, the Clintons' largest source of campaign funding could be left with a $400 million loss….."

The American Spectator [and various] 6/94 Evan Fitzmaurice "…..It was at this point that the Clintons put Robert Sussman on the project. Before the incinerator became a cause celebre for environmental and community activists in Ohio and West Virginia, WTI negotiated waste contracts with Sussman, then legal counsel for the Chemical Manufacturing Association (CMA).. .When the Clintons came to Washington, Sussman became deputy to EPA administrator Carol Browner. When Browner recused herself from dealings with WTI -- owing to her husband's legal work for the radical public interest group, Citizens United, which opposes the facility -- Sussman became the EPA's point-man on WTI permits and licensing….. Thus, under a supposedly green administration, WTI became the first incinerator in EPA regulatory history to fail a test burn and still be allowed to continue operation….."

The American Spectator [and various] 6/94 Evan Fitzmaurice "…..WTI has links, too, with the Rose Law Firm, where Hillary Clinton worked on many Stephens projects involving municipal and state bond work. Stephens made an effort to secure bond financing for WTI through the Ohio Water Development Authority in 1987.. .When Lafarge obtained a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers to dredge for sand and gravel in a section of the Ohio River directly facing WTI, the circle of conflicts-of-interest was finally closed. Since at least April 1991, while Hillary was a board member of the parent company, Standard Lafarge has been permitted to dredge the Ohio River for sand and gravel to make cement. While the dredging clearly benefits Lafarge's cement-making operation, the consequent deepening of the Ohio River will allow waterway access to the WTI incinerator. Since the original permit allowed for a port structure, and since WTI has run into opposition due to its use of roadways to haul hazardous waste, opening the Ohio River to WTI would solve a number of its problems…..".

The American Spectator [and various] 6/94 Evan Fitzmaurice "…..Hugh Kaufman of the EPA's Hazardous Site Control Division, the man who blew the whistle on Love Canal in 1978, sees the Clintons' involvement in WTI as the result of a conflict-of-interest -- not a blunder. The Clintons, he notes, have a dozen years of top-level dealings with companies that are responsible for burning over three-quarters of the hazardous waste in the United States. "These are not people," Kaufman says, "who would make policy mistakes from a lack of first-hand experience." ….."

Plain Dealer 8/7/93 T C Brown "…. A government official has asked U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno to open a criminal probe of two senior regulators' actions involving a hazardous-waste incinerator in East Liverpool. Kaufman alleges that those legal ties and Sussman's friendship with the Clintons motivated him to order the permit modification so the plant would remain operational. Stephens officials say they sold their interest in the plant in 1990. Reno has also been asked to meet this month with Ohio Valley residents who oppose the plant. Justice Department officials had no comment on either request. …… Kaufman alleges that ... legal ties [to Jackson Stephens] and Sussman's friendship with the Clintons motivated him to order the permit modification so the plant would remain operational. Hugh Kaufman, a veteran U.S. Environmental Protection Agency whistle-blower, has alleged that Robert M. Sussman, the EPA's deputy administrator, committed fraud by ordering modification of an "invalid federal permit" held by the Waste Technologies Industries plant. Sussman is a former Yale law school classmate of Bill and Hillary Clinton….."

Creators Syndicate 11/6/93 Jeff Cohen Norman Solomon "….Cohen/Solomon book "Adventures in Medialand," a compilation of columns by Jeff Cohen and Norman Soloman, has been published by Common Courage Press, PO Box 702, Monroe, ME, 04951, $ 11.95. The collection, with an introduction by Molly Ivins, includes commentaries on the print media, TV and radio. ….. Widely hailed as the greenest national candidate, Al Gore used the WTI issue to appeal for environmental votes last fall. But two months after he became vice president, Gore began to hedge - speaking of federal obligations to WTI's investors. The Clinton administration could have nullified WTI's test permit right after Inauguration Day. Instead, in mid-March, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that it would not bar the toxic burner's opening. WTI is now operating alongside the upper Ohio River, with grim implications for public health….. As journalist Liane Clorfene-Casten wrote in The Nation magazine: "Any release from the site, whether as a result of accident, explosion or misconduct, will likely wind up in the river - a source of drinking water for millions living in towns down-river." Even WTI's routine toxic emissions are endangering the food chain - especially cattle and milk in the area. The facility has already violated federal EPA regulations, including limits on mercury releases. After Clinton and Gore made so much noise opposing the WTI incinerator in 1992, why the turnaround? …. "

AFX News 12/5/94 "….. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Comission in July launched a probe into alleged links between Von Roll AG's U.S. steel unit New Jersey Steel Corp and U.S. organised crime figures, the Wall Street Journal Europe reported. The report said New Jersey Steel had ties with Thomas Petrizzo, a member of a New York crime family, whose company, A. J. Ross Logistics Inc, held a strong position in the New York construction business….."

The Columbus Dispatch 6/27/97 David Lore "….A hearing examiner's opinion has been denounced as being part of a broad whitewash of controversies swirling around the Waste Technologies Industries incinerator in East Liverpool, Ohio. Tri-State's Terri Swearingen of Chester, W.Va., said the governor needs to look into who really owns the incinerator as well as Von Roll's environmental record in Europe and charges that Waste Technologies Industries officials may have influenced air quality monitoring by the North Ohio Valley Air Authority. Citing news reports, Swearingen said there is ''a pattern of possible corruption'' that requires gubernatorial intervention. Mike Dawson, spokesman for the governor, said Tri-State's request is being turned over to Donald Schregardus, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency director….."

Kenneth R. Timmerman 11/1996 The American Spectator "…..As the 1992 presidential race reached its final days, Bill Clinton promised that, if elected, he would appoint an independent prosecutor to investigate allegations by congressional Democrats that the U.S. government had secretly been aiding the Iraqi weapons buildup -- and perhaps even its nuclear weapons effort -- and then engaging in a cover-up to hide its handiwork. Repeatedly challenging President Bush for the Republican "tilt" toward Iraq in the 1980's, Clinton vowed that no political considerations would cloud the investigation. The Clinton team took the issue so seriously that vice -presidential candidate Al Gore, in a landmark speech, called the Iraq scandal "worse than Watergate." ….. Gasior, however, believes the investigation was quashed because of Hillary Rodham Clinton's involvement with Lafarge, both as a member of the Board of Directors from 1990-1992 -- for which the soon-to-be-first lady earned $31,000 per year plus expenses -- and possibly earlier, when sources say she did legal work for the company through the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock. Evidence of her ties to Lafarge appears on the billing records from the Rose Law Firm that mysteriously "reappeared" two years after congressional investigators had subpoenaed them. They are now under scrutiny by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, sources told TAS. Starr's office wouldn't confirm or deny that it was investigating the First Lady's ties to Lafarge, and the White House has repeatedly refused to answer questions about this matter….. But Gasior claims John Hogan -- the Reno deputy who wrote the final Iraqgate report -- told her in August 1995 that the Kennametal case had been referred to Starr, "because anything involving the First Lady or Vincent Foster has to be referred to the Office of the Independent Counsel." …"

Kenneth R. Timmerman 11/1996 The American Spectator "…..Gasior claims that Senate investigator Jack Blum -- who represented her when she testified on Kennametal before Hogan's task force in 1993 and 1994 -- phoned then-White House Counsel Abner Mikva in August 1995, and then warned Gasior not to talk to Kenneth Starr or congressional Republicans, "or else I would get hurt." Gasior says that her car was broken into that weekend in Washington, D.C., and documents stolen, and that when she returned to her home in a small rural community after Mikva's warning she found an 18-wheel truck in her driveway discharging a stream of diesel fuel in what may have been an arson attempt. Asked about Gasior's allegations, Mikva told TAS, "I have no knowledge of any of this. I don't know any of these people. Gasior? Jack Blum? I'm not even sure I know him." But Blum says the two were in frequent contact, and acknowledges that he told Gasior to drop the case -- not for reasons of safety, but to "get on with her life." Asked about Kennametal and Lafarge, Mikva quipped: "I've heard of a Madame Lafarge, but that's about it." …."

The Wall Street Journal. editorial page 9/29/99 Micah Morison "…..On his 1998 tax returns under "supplemental income," Vice President Al Gore lists a $20,000 royalty payment from Union Zinc Inc. for the right to mine zinc from his 88-acre farm here in the verdant hills of the Cumberland River valley….. The man who provided Mr. Gore with that farm and mineral lease is of some note as the 2000 presidential race begins. Mr. Gore's father, former Sen. Albert Gore Sr., acquired the land and mineral rights on what appears to be highly favorable terms from Armand Hammer, the late chairman of Occidental Petroleum Corp. Mr. Hammer, an influence peddler of the highest magnitude, trafficked in politicians of all parties and stripes; he pleaded guilty in 1975 to making illegal contributions to Richard Nixon's campaign in the Watergate affair. But the closest and most sustained of Mr. Hammer's connections seem to have been with the elder Mr. Gore and his family…. The Hammer-staged zinc payments were first disclosed by Charles Babcock of the Washington Post in 1992, as then-Sen. Al Gore Jr. campaigned on the presidential ticket with an Arkansas upstart named Bill Clinton……Mr. Hammer was generous with the younger Mr. Gore as well, beyond the zinc lease. Occidental Petroleum was one of the largest contributors to Mr. Gore's successful 1990 bid for Senate re-election. The Hammer family and corporations made donations up to the legal maximum in all of Mr. Gore's campaigns, according to Mr. Hammer's former personal assistant, Neil Lyndon, writing in London's Daily Telegraph.

The Wall Street Journal. editorial page 9/29/99 Micah Morison "…..Mr. Hammer was Mr. Gore's guest at the 1981 inauguration of Ronald Reagan. In May 1987, Mr. Gore and Mr. Hammer were in Moscow for a convention of International Physicians Against Nuclear War, a group calling for the abolition of all nuclear weapons. Mr. Hammer received a humanitarian award from the group; Mr. Gore delivered a speech saying conventional arms should be cut along with nuclear weapons. A month later, Mr. Hammer hosted a luncheon for presidential candidate Gore in Los Angeles.

M The Wall Street Journal. editorial page 9/29/99 Micah Morison "…..r. Lyndon wrote that the younger Mr. Gore regularly dined with Mr. Hammer and Occidental lobbyists in Washington, and that he and his wife, Tipper, attended Mr. Hammer's lavish parties…..In his penetrating 1996 book, "Dossier: The Secret History of Armand Hammer," author Edward Jay Epstein demolished the elaborate biographical backdrops Mr. Hammer and his helpers erected. Drawing on FBI documentation and files from Moscow intelligence agencies, Mr. Epstein told the story of Mr. Hammer's extensive business dealings with the Soviet Union... He trafficked in Czarist art, real and forged. He laundered millions for the Soviet Union in sham transactions. Later, Mr. Epstein reports, Mr. Hammer leapt into the big time by acquiring Libyan oil rights for Occidental Petroleum through a combination of shrewd dealing and bribery…… In 1972, a Hammer operative gave $54,000 in laundered hundred-dollar bills to Nixon fund-raiser Maurice Stans for use in the Watergate coverup. Questioned by the FBI and a Senate committee, Mr. Hammer lied about the money. But his flunkies crumbled under questioning. In 1975, Mr. Hammer pleaded guilty to three counts of making illegal campaign contributions. He spent the rest of his life campaigning for a pardon, which President Bush granted in 1989….."

The Wall Street Journal. editorial page 9/29/99 Micah Morison "…..Mr. Hammer also had close ties to two lawyers who later would play important roles in the Clinton administration: Mickey Kantor, who served as commerce secretary, U.S. trade representative and White House damage-control specialist, and Gerald Stern, the Justice Department's special counsel for financial-institution fraud. Mr. Stern was on Occidental Petroleum's payroll as senior general counsel before coming to Washington. Mr. Kantor was a key player as outside counsel to Occidental when his law firm, Manatt, Phelps, Phillips & Kantor, waged a long and ultimately unsuccessful battle to open portions of the California coast to oil drilling. Mr. Kantor was the 1992 Clinton-Gore campaign chairman and head of the transition team; Mr. Stern, a boyhood friend of Mr. Kantor's, was staff coordinator of the transition team. At Justice, Mr. Stern managed the department's largely fruitless efforts to get to the bottom of the BCCI banking scandal. A decade earlier, before Mr. Stern worked for Occidental, Mr. Hammer had been deeply involved in his own maneuvering to gain control of Financial General Bankshares, a Washington, D.C., bank holding company. When his takeover attempt did not succeed, Mr. Hammer sold his interest in Financial General to BCCI front men in 1981. BCCI was shut down in 1991 amid charges of global bank fraud. …."

The Wall Street Journal. editorial page 9/29/99 Micah Morison "…..Craig Livingstone, the central player in the appearance of hundreds of FBI files at the White House, is a former Gore advance man. Nathan Landow, who entertained former White House volunteer Kathleen Willey while apparently trying to suppress her story about the president's sexual advances, was a Gore fund-raiser, and remains one today….. The six-volume report details the Gore connection with Ms. Hsia, as well as a lengthy relationship with campaign-finance figures James Riady and John Huang…… While offering few details, the Governmental Affairs Committee's final report stated that Ms. Hsia had been "an agent of the Chinese government, that she acted knowingly in support of it, and that she has attempted to conceal her relationship" with it. Ms. Hsia is currently under indictment in the Buddhist Temple scheme; her attorney has denounced the charges as "absolutely false."

The Wall Street Journal. editorial page 9/29/99 Micah Morison "…..Ms. Hsia also was no stranger to Peter Knight, the sometime Washington lobbyist who is Mr. Gore's current senior fund-raiser. In his book, Mr. Zelnick reports that Mr. Knight and Leon Fuerth--Mr. Gore's longtime national security assistant--urged Mr. Gore in 1988 to accept Ms. Hsia's invitation to Taiwan….."

The Wall Street Journal. editorial page 9/29/99 Micah Morison "…..Mr. Gore also raised eyebrows in May with the appointment of former Rep. Tony Coelho to run his presidential campaign. Among hardened political professionals, the move was taken as a sign that the Gore campaign will not overly trouble itself about the ethical quandaries of big-time money raising. In 1989, Mr. Coelho beat a hasty retreat from Congress as scandal clouds gathered around him. The immediate cause of his departure was an undisclosed financial relationship with financier Michael Milken. But Mr. Coelho by that time had become infamous as a pioneer of the hardball political shakedown, threatening business and political action committees for "donations" with the reminder that congressional Democrats were in a position to punish their enemies and reward their friends. It was politics as blood sport, and Rep. Coelho pursued it with a vengeance. One friend that reaped the reward was the savings-and-loan industry. Mr. Coelho raised millions for the Democratic Party from S&L owners, including hosting parties aboard a Potomac yacht named the "High Spirits," owned by Vernon Savings & Loan of Texas. He rewarded his S&L friends in 1987 by helping to gut a House reform package, prolonging a debacle that cost the taxpayers more than $200 billion. Vernon's owner eventually was convicted of looting the S&L, and Mr. Coelho was forced to reimburse the conservators for the use of the yacht….."

Roxanne Roberts 1/1/00 Washington Post "…..It was a once-in-a lifetime invitation--greeting the new century at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. . …… The much-hyped "American Creators" celebration was a private, exclusive evening, however. Reporters were allowed to speak briefly to dinner guests as they arrived, but barred from covering the rest of the events at the White House. No explanation was given, although the decision was made in the first lady's office……. The guest list for last night's dinner:

President Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton
Daniel Abraham, SlimFast Foods Co., and Ewa Abraham
David Al-Ameel, Atlan Group, and Martha Al-Ameel, Jefferson Dental Clinic
Edward Albee, playwright, and Jonathan Thomas, sculptor
Madeleine Albright, secretary of state, and Ricardo Dell'Orto, Barter Technologies Corp.
Muhammad Ali, boxer, and Yolanda Ali
Robert Altman, Zenimax Media Inc., and Lynda Carter, actress
Bruce Babbitt, secretary of the interior, and Harriet Babbitt, United States Agency for International Development
Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, senior adviser to the secretary of state, and Smith Bagley, Arca Foundation
Robert Barnett, Williams and Connolly, and Rita Braver, CBS News
Leonard and Lynne Barrack
Kathleen Battle, opera singer, and Dean Mitchell
Samuel Berger, assistant to the president for national security affairs, and Susan Berger
Sen. John Breaux (D-La.) and Lois Breaux
John Brophy, Lockheed Martin IMS, and Louise Brophy
Dave Brubeck, musician and composer, and Iola Brubeck
Sid Caesar, entertainer, and Florence Caesar
Benny Carter, composer and musician, and Hilma Carter, retired language educator
Vinton Cerf, MCI WorldCom, and Sigrid Cerf
Rashid Chaudary, Raani Corp., and Samia Chaudary
Vance Coffman, Lockheed Martin, and Arlene Coffman
Lodwrick Cook, Global Crossing, and Carole Cook
Andrew Cuomo, secretary of housing and urban development, and Kerry Kennedy Cuomo
William Daley, secretary of commerce
Sen. Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) and Linda Daschle, Baker, Donelson, Bearman and Caldwell
Robert De Niro, actor
Ruby Dee, actor and author, and Ossie Davis, actor and author
Thomas Demetrio, Corboy & Demetrio, and Eve Marie Reilly, Cook County state's attorney
Murli S. Deora, president, Bombay Congress, and Hema Deora, artist
Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.) and Deborah Dingell, General Motors Foundation
E. J. Dionne, The Washington Post, and Mary Boyle
Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.) and Jackie Clegg, Export-Import Bank
Rita Dove, University of Virginia, and Fred Viebahn
Ronald Dozoretz, ValueOptions, and Beth Dozoretz
Todd Eberle, Todd Eberle Photography, and Richard Pandiscio
Maria Echaveste, assistant to the president and deputy chief of staff, and Christopher Edley, Harvard Law School
Mark Ein, Venturehouse Group, and Marion Ein-Lewin, Institute of Medicine, National Academies of Science
Sahir Erozan, Overseas Partners
A. Huda Farouki, Financial Instrument and Investment Corp., and Samia Farouki
Renee Fleming, opera singer, and Rachelle Fleming
John Fogerty, musician, and Julie Fogerty
John Hope Franklin, Duke University
Mary Mel French, chief of protocol
Rep. Martin Frost (D-Tex.) and Kathryn Frost
John Gardner, AT&T, and Nancy J. Rawlings, International Monetary Fund
Murray Gell-Mann, physicist, and Talia Shire
Neil Gershenfeld, MIT Media Lab, and Laura Brewer
John Glenn, former senator (D-Ohio), and Annie Glenn
Daniel Glickman, secretary of agriculture, and Rhoda Glickman, deputy chief of staff of housing and urban development
Michael Graves, architect, and Lynn Min, Shibao International
Alan Greenspan, chairman, Federal Reserve Board, and Andrea Mitchell, NBC
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Patricia Lazak, financial assistant to Agnes Gund, and James Lazak, Pilgrim Psychiatric Center
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Jonathan Ledecky, Washington Capitals, and Marina McClelland, Marriott International
James Levin, JHL Enterprises, and Kristy Swanson
Carl Lewis, Olympian and actor, and Carol Lewis, television broadcaster
Ann Lewis, counselor to the president
Mike Sponder, special assistant to the director, Office ofNaval Research
Maya Lin, artist and architect, and Daniel Wolf, Warm Spirit Inc.
Mark Lindsay, director of WhiteHouse Management and Administration, and Carla Lindsay
Bruce Lindsey, deputy counsel to thepresident, and Cheryl Mills
Joseph Lockhart, White House presssecretary, and Mary Lockhart
Sophia Loren, actress, and Carlo Ponti, film producer
William Maloni, Fannie Mae,and Heidi Maloni
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Terence McAuliffe, American Heritage Homes, and Dorothy McAuliffe
Paul McCarthy, "America's Millennium," and Marsha Berry, deputy assistant to the president and director of communications for the first lady
Ellen McCulloch-Lovell, deputy assistant to the president and adviser to the first lady, and Christopher Lovell
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Togo D. West Jr., secretary of veterans affairs, and Gail West, Armstrong Worldwide
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Mayor Anthony Williams and Diane Simmons Williams
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James Wolfensohn, World Bank, and Elaine Wolfensohn
Avis Young, TommyHilfiger USA, and Leroy Young Jr., Garden State Lumber Products
Pinchas Zukerman, violinist and conductor, and Amanda Forsyth, cellist…"

The Finger Lakes Times 1/7/00 Brian Heffron "….First lady and U.S. Senate candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton will be coming to Hobart and William Smith Colleges on Tuesday afternoon. Clinton will be the first speaker in a new lecture series initiated by colleges President Mark Gearan called "The President's Forum." In a press release this morning, Gearan wrote that Clinton will meet with students who are involved in public service initiatives. They will discuss their service projects and exchange ideas about community service…… Gearan, a former director of the Peace Corps, also wrote that students "are rightfully proud of what they do and eager to learn more about how service integrates with their liberal arts education and their lives beyond college." ….."

Freeper fleebag remembers 1/7/00 "….Mark Gearan worked for the Clintons before he went to the Peace Corp. He was one of the "can't recall lying group" that appeared before the D'Amato Senate hearings on Whitewater. Mark Gearan was White House communications director in March 1994. In May of 1994 he was Bill Clintons press Sec. I assume this is the same as communications director. Not sure when he came to the WH or where he came from. I think it kinda odd that this article does not list his working for the President in such a powerful job before he was shipped off to the head of the Peace Corp…."

New York Times 12/29/99 Lowell Bergman "….An international arms dealer alternately an ally and a target of American intelligence and law-enforcement agencies has been arrested in the United States and, under a year-old indictment unsealed in Los Angeles Tuesday, charged with money laundering, tax evasion and bank fraud. The accused, Sarkis Soghanalian, a 70-year-old citizen of Lebanon, was taken into custody by agents of the Internal Revenue Service and the Customs Service last Wednesday as he arrived in Miami from Paris aboard an Air France flight... But a law-enforcement official said on Tuesday night that Soghanalian was also a focus of two other investigations, one involving large cash transfers in Miami, the other arms trafficking. The arms trafficking inquiry, the official said, involves Iraq and is being pursued by a federal grand jury in Washington that has a subpoena outstanding for Soghanalian's testimony. All three cases are likely to be complicated by Soghanalian's longstanding relationships with American intelligence and law enforcement…..Soghanalian's career as an arms dealer was once firmly rooted in the Cold War. In the mid-1970s, with the help of the Defense Intelligence Agency, he arranged for the sale of Soviet-bloc weaponry to Lebanon's Christian militias. Those weapons helped the militias survive their war with the Palestine Liberation Organization. Soghanalian has said, and American officials confirm, that the PLO put a price on his head. He moved to Miami soon afterward, in 1979. The next year he began to supply the Iraqi army, and that relationship made him one of the biggest arms dealers in the world. He has claimed that officials at the Defense Intelligence Agency approved the deals, which included vast arms shipments from Bulgaria and other Soviet-bloc countries to the Iraqis. …"

Washington Times 1/21/2000 John McCaslin "…. The Washington Post's national staff reporter and columnist, Al Kamen, duly noted this week that first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's new White House spokesman is a former colleague at the newspaper. What he didn't mention, however, is the Post's current connection to Lissa Muscatine. She's married to Brad Graham, one of Mr. Kamen's fellow reporters on the Post's national staff. Mrs. Muscatine, a former speech writer for Mrs. Clinton, began work Tuesday, replacing Marsha Berry….". 1/20/2000 "….Ding Guangen, member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, met today with Peter Wolff, special adviser to the Chief Executive Officer of the US-based Time Warner Group. Ding, also a member of the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee and head of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, said that Time Warner is an old friend of China and both sides had good cooperation. ….."

The Wall Street Journal 1/21/2000 Glenn Burkins "…..The Laborers union, once accused by the government of having ties to organized crime, signed a deal with the Justice Department vowing to continue cleanup efforts for another five years. In return, the government dropped a longstanding threat to take over the union. The agreement comes less than a month after the union's former president, Arthur A. Coia, retired. At the time, a law-enforcement official said Mr. Coia's resignation might lead to a deal with the Justice Department in which he would later plead guilty to a tax violation. But union officials denied that he had agreed to such a move. Justice officials refused to draw a connection between Mr. Coia's resignation and its deal with the Laborers International Union of North America. But they did say that all Liuna officials named in the government's original complaint against the union, including Mr. Coia, had either resigned or been removed. One Justice official called that fact a "significant consideration." …. Union officials Thursday said its record should put to rest any doubts about the union's commitment to reform. "This agreement is a clear acknowledgment by the government that our union's innovative internal reforms have been effective," said the union's interim president, Terence M. O'Sullivan. ….."

New York Times 1/28/2000 Steven Greenhouse "….Arthur Coia's love of Ferraris, including one that cost more than $1 million, proved his undoing. Until recently the president of the national laborers' union, representing workers at the bottom of the construction pecking order, Mr. Coia has agreed to plead guilty to fraud charges for failing to pay about $100,000 in taxes on the purchase of not just one Ferrari, but three. The United States attorney for Massachusetts, Donald K. Stern, said yesterday that Mr. Coia would plead guilty to several schemes to cheat his home state, Rhode Island, and the town of Barrington, R.I., out of sales taxes in the purchase of the Ferraris. Mr. Coia owns a large seaside house in Barrington. In one scheme admitted by Mr. Coia, he bought a 1972 Ferrari Daytona for $1.05 million in 1990 and fraudulently registered it in Middletown, Conn., which has lower taxes on car purchases than Barrington. In that way, prosecutors say, he defrauded Barrington out of $57,865.01 in taxes. …. In another scheme that Mr. Coia admitted, he bought a 1973 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 for $215,000 and obtained a fraudulent invoice from a dealer who leased cars to his union, indicating that the Ferrari cost only $2,160. In that way, he paid Rhode Island just $151.20 in taxes for the car, rather than the $15,050 he properly owed. …."

New York Post 1/28/2000 "….WEBSTER Hubbell, the disgraced former law partner of Hillary Clinton, is planning to sue the "vast right-wing conspiracy" he blames for forcing him out of the Justice Department, ruining his legal career, and leaving him broke. Fed up with the repeated investigations led by Whitewater prosecutor Ken Starr, Hubbell met with civil rights law firm and Bill Clinton fundraisers Leeds, Morelli & Brown at Le Cirque Wednesday night to discuss a possible lawsuit, and a potential job with the firm. "Webb Hubbell has the best civil rights lawsuit I've ever seen. I think he can get millions," said partner Leonard Leeds, who plans to name 28 defendants. Leeds wouldn't discuss specific names, but one likely target is Richard Mellon Scaife, the wealthy conservative who bankrolled Paula Jones' sexual harassment suit against Clinton. Another is reporter Christopher Ruddy, who extensively probed Vince Foster's curious death. Up to 25 causes of action can be filed, Leeds told PAGE SIX, including conspiracy to deprive Hubbell of his civil rights and defamation of character. There is a possibility the suit would also name Starr……"

Washington Weekly 1/31/2000 Marvin Lee "…. Federal Judge Royce Lamberth has ordered former Director of the Criminal Division of the FBI Larry Potts to submit to a deposition by Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch for his Filegate lawsuit against the White House and the FBI. Judge Lamberth ordered the deposition, which was opposed by President Clinton, after considering that Potts is now working for Investigative Group International (IGI), a private firm retained by President Clinton to investigate judges, reporters, and other potential enemies of his administration (according to a deposition of IGI director Terry Lenzner). Because of the relationship between IGI and the President, the President filed a motion to prevent the deposition of Larry Potts in order to protect attorney-client and work-product privileges. Judge Lamberth denied these privilege claims after careful analysis of their basis, pointing out that "Communications otherwise protected by privilege are not protected if they 'are made in furtherance of a crime, fraud, or other misconduct.'" ….."

Newsmax 1/26/2000 Carl Limbacher "….For the second time in a week, Democratic insiders have tipped reporters that former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Harold Ickes has suddenly turned up sporting two big shiners. Ickes, a street-wise scrapper who now plays political guru for Hillary Clinton's New York senate campaign, was spotted recently at a funeral for the mother of a well-known Democratic consultant. He was wearing shades the whole time, reports Deborah Mitchell for the New York Sunday Daily News. "At first, one mourner assumed that the battle-scarred pol was distraught at the sudden death of his friend's 94-year-old mother. But it turned out those shades were hiding two big black eyes. "'He said he hit his head,' reports one eyewitness. Ickes, perhaps wary of the metaphorical implications of it all, didn't return calls." …."

Wall Street Journal 1/26/200 David Cloud Jay Solomon "...Former Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker, who was pressured by Whitewater prosecutors into cooperating in their investigation of President Clinton, was hired last year by an Indonesian cable-television company controlled by a friend of Mr. Clinton. ....... Mr. Tucker's dealings with Mr. Riady began in 1996, the year after he was first indicted. Mr. Tucker's wife, Betty, invested $6.5 million in cable equipment that was turned over to a Riady-affiliated Indonesian cable company, said Joe Giroir, a Little Rock investor in the company and a former Hillary Clinton law partner. Mrs. Tucker received a guaranteed minimum 5% annual return. Mr. Tucker also did consulting for the company. Mr. Riady, whose family controls Lippo Group, of Jakarta, Indonesia, has since taken control of the business through a company called Tanjung Bangun Semesta. In March 1999, two months before Mr. Tucker was sentenced in the second Whitewater case, he was hired to help run TBS. In addition to hiring Mr. Tucker, who once owned a U.S. cable company, TBS bought Mrs. Tucker's cable equipment, paying her with a minority stake in TBS, Mr. Giroir said. <b>Mr. Giroir said he arranged for Mr. Tucker's hiring. "It was a strictly merit situation," Mr. Giroir said......"

Wall Street Journal 1/26/200 David Cloud Jay Solomon "...Messrs. Riady and Giroir are longtime business associates and have turned up in other Clinton controversies. Both were mentioned in a 1998 House committee report about the Hubbell payments for paying $12,000 for Mr. Hubbell's daughter's college tuition. The two men also played roles in the controversy surrounding fund-raising abuses during Mr. Clinton's 1996 re-election. They participated in a meeting with the president that resulted in the transfer of John Huang, a former Lippo executive, from the Commerce Department to the Democratic Party, where he oversaw aggressive Asian-American fund raising and helped spark the foreign-money scandal......The charges against Mr. Tucker related to his 1987 purchase and sale of interests in cable-TV systems. The indictment charged him and a partner with fraudulently obtaining loans to finance the deals from the Small Business Administration and with conspiring to avoid taxes. Mr. Tucker resigned as governor in July 1996, after a jury convicted him of some of the charges, for which he was sentenced to 18 months home detention. In 1998, he pleaded guilty to other charges and began cooperating with prosecutors who wanted to question him about Mr. Clinton's role in allegedly fraudulent transactions related to his Whitewater land investment....."

Freeper First_Salute 2/2/2000 "..... Where the money is going, reminded me again, of the connection between the Clintons, and the investment/banking firm of Evercore Partners (New York) which, along with Greenhill & Co., helped arrange the merger of CBS and ViaCom. You may recall that one of the "characters" at Evercore, is Austin Beutner, who also has had a direct hand in the whereabouts of whatever portion of our money has supposedly been going to Russia, etc? Remember that the Clinton's friend and former administration associate, Roger C. Altman, was one of the three original forming partners in Evercore Partners, along with Beutner? And these two gents had a hand in luring David Pecker away from his executive post at international magazine publisher Hachette-Filipacchi, where Pecker had been the principal supporter for JFK, Jr.'s magazine, George? And without whom, young JFK, Jr.'s life became tragically stressed last year? Well . . . here again, is what Beutner was doing at the U.S. agency with the long name; from the FY 1995 Annual Report on "U.S. Government Assistance to and Cooperative Activities with the New Independent States [NIS] of the Former Soviet Union,"published April 1996, is someexplanation what Mr. Beutner does, in particular, with U.S. taxpayers' money - - - "The U.S.-Russia Investment Fund (TUSRIF) was created in April 1995 ... to consolidate the two existing enterprise funds for Russia --- the Russian-American Enterprise Fund (RAEF) and the Fund for Large Enterprises in Russia (FLER)... At the time of the consolidation, the RAEF was off to a slow start... Meanwhile, the FLER had been more aggressive in pursuing transactions during its initial period of operation... W. Michael Blumenthal, the FLER's Chairman of the Board, was asked to assume the chairmanship of the TUSRIF Board, and Austin Beutner, the FLER's President and Chief Executive Officer, became TUSRIF's President and Chief Executive Officer. TUSRIF has offices in New York, Moscow, and Khabarovsk in the Russian Far East, each of which is accepting applications for investments and loans." ..... (P.S. Greenhill & Co. is that firm which has gotten the nod from the U.S. Justice Dept., to determine how to break up Microsoft Corp., if that should come to pass.) ...."

Freeper Thanatos on John Deutch 2/1/2000 "…..On January 26, 1998, Clinton appointed John Deutch as a Member of the President's Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology and Appointed him Chairman of the Commission is to Assess the Organization of the Federal Government to Combat the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction.
This Commission Gives Deutch FULL access to NSA, CIA, FBI, and other agencies of the United States Goverment national Secrets.. Especially those of the Nuclear, Biological, Chemical warfare. Basically, he has access, thru Presidential Appointment, to every single secret of the United States.

On August 5, 1996, It was talked at a White House Press Conference where Deutch was investigating the Mena Air Force Base in Arkansas and it's connections to Governor Bill Clinton.
After McCurry basically blew off the report as so much BS, You notice that is when it was discovered that Deutch had Classified Material at home. Clinton knew about Deutch's Security Risk in 1996 when he Appointed Anthony Lake as Acting Director of CIA when it was announced that Deutch wanted to leave the CIA. Clinton [knew or should have known] at that time Tenet was Heading up the Investigation of Deutch…..

This was hinted at the next day by Mike McCurry's Press Briefing on Dec 6, 1996
Press Briefing

"At the same time, all of us in a position to receive sensitive classified material know the obligations that go with that responsibility. And we know that there are standards that apply to how we handle that material and that we have to be scrupulous in doing so. The specific case involving Mr. Nuncio was handled by the Director upon recommendation of three-person experts panel that he had review it. I really can't comment on that deliberation because the Director has done so and he had the ability to do it. I can only say that we at the White House who know him, respect him, hope that after the one-year period in which he does not have access to this information, he will see his own career advance and certainly we hope that nothing about this incident prevents his career from advancing as it should given his considerable talent."

Clinton also Knew about the Security risk of Deutch when Anthony Lake was
not to be approved by the Senate because of a Justice Dept Investigation of Lake. (December 13, 1996(For Security leaks)) Tony Lake withdrew his name from Nomination as Director of CIA in March 1997... Clinton then immediatly appointed Tenet as Acting Director of CIA.REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT ON BUDGET MEETING AND TRIP OVERSEAS After all this, 9 months later (December 17, 1997)Clinton Appoints Deutch to Chair his COMMISSION TO ASSESS THE ORGANIZATION OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO COMBAT THE PROLIFERATION OF WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION

One month Later (1/26/1998), Clinton
Appoints Deutch to PCAST "President's Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology". PCAST was created to advise the President on matters involving science and technology, and to assist the National Science and Technology Council in securing private sector involvement in its activities. On July 14, 1999. Deutch and Arlan (Irish Law) Spector came out with their report of the Commission to Assess the Organization of the Federal Government to Combat the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (the Deutch-Specter Commission).
John Deutch, on October 6, 1999.. Co-Wrote an Op-ed that basically was against Clinton's Baby, the CBMT Treaty that Congress Rejected was Garbage.. Here is the
Lockhart Press Conference that goes against Deutch's comments….."


Dallas Morning News 2/6/00 "….. From the moment Congress approved his nomination as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations last summer, Richard Holbrooke has been thrust into a whirlpool of global issues, ranging from the resettlement of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo to keeping the peace in East Timor. He spent most of his first few months on the job successfully lobbying legislators on Capitol Hill to pass a bill that authorized the U.S. government to pay $926 million of $1.6 billion in back dues to the U.N. Mr. Holbrooke, 58, who chronicled his effort to forge peace in the former Yugoslavia in his best-selling book, To End A War, is taking on another bundle of tough issues: AIDS and ethnic conflict in Africa. He took advantage of his recent stint as acting president of the Security Council to convince dozens of officials and world leaders to come to U.N. headquarters in New York to discuss those issues. He was interviewed recently by the Chicago Tribune's Patrick Cole. Following are excerpts:

Q: I talked with a number of people about the U.N., and I asked them what they thought about the organization. The consesus: They aren't confident the U.N. is equipped to handle regional problems around the world as effectively as it should.
A: I agree with that. It's an absolutely accurate insight.
Q: Does it bother you to hear that remark coming from Americans?
A: No. How can it bother me to hear an accurate judgment of the flaws of the U.N.? I only hope that the assessment of what a bureaucratic mess the U.N. is comes within the context of the fact that it is an indispensable institution. Because anyone who looks at the U.N. and sees what a mess it is has two choices. You can say to hell with it or let's get rid of the mess or let's not support it. Or you can say it's indispensable, let's reform it……."

Reuters 2/4/00 "…..A Silicon Valley businessman who was beaten into a coma while on a business trip to China has died in California, hospital officials said on Friday.Steven Leung, 52, was airlifted back to Stanford University Medical Center Tuesday after he turned up badly beaten and in a coma at a Beijing hospital on Jan. 18.Stanford hospital officials said Leung was pronounced dead Thursday afternoon. ..."

Strategic Intelligence "…..Information provided this morning to Strategic Intelligence indicates that there may have been an unauthorized crew change aboard the Taxi Aereo Centroamericano LET 410 that crashed in San Jose, Costa Rica on January 15th with the former CIA Director Stansfield Turner on board. …..The operations supervisor advised the scheduled pilot (Juan Carlos) that the change was unscheduled but he was authorizing it, and that he would be given additional flight time to compensate the imposition. Minutes later, the plane crashed in a local subdivision, killing Karen Turner, the wife of Ex-CIA Director, Admiral Stansfield Turner. Within minutes following the crash, the CIA's Costa Rican Station Chief was observed combing through the aircraft wreckage, restricting access to rescue personnel. The mostly intact aircraft was stripped of all cargo to include carry on items. This was accomplished while passengers were being evacuated. On February 2nd, in a San Jose hospital, the substitute pilot died of injuries received during the crash……"

INSIGHT Magazine 2/25/00 Sean Paige "……Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt's ranching clan reaches every corner of Arizona. Supporters say he is in tune with the land; critics say he has lost his way…….. the Babbitt clan is less dominant than it once was …… controversial - some say ethically questionable - actions by Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt, a grandson of one of five industrious brothers who went West in 1886 to grow up with the country, leaving their brands on this land. Though Babbitt still is a name respected by many and the family is seen as a benevolent, civilizing force whose business and ranching empire is ruled with a light touch, others here say that grandson Bruce - whom some see as a city slicker and Washington insider who has lost touch with his roots - risks tarnishing the name in a hasty rush to leave his own mark on Arizona before his tenure as U.S. secretary of the Interior expires. ……"

INSIGHT Magazine 2/25/00 Sean Paige "……Two regional controversies - the January creation by President Clinton of two national monuments in the state and the likely approval of a major new commercial development at the gateway to the Grand Canyon - have prompted numerous allegations against Babbitt, ranging from blatant conflicts of interest to more commonplace hypocrisies. An attempt by Insight to sort though the allegations, sifting the credible from the crazy, at least proves one thing: Though Babbitt has recused himself from decisions as secretary that would benefit his family, when a family is as large and entrenched in the region as is his, it may be difficult to take any action on or around the Coconino Plateau that doesn't affect the prolific Babbitts……."

INSIGHT Magazine 2/25/00 Sean Paige "……Last summer, after years of wrangling, the U.S. Forest Service gave its go-ahead for creation of Canyon Forest Village, or CFV, a $330 million commercial development proposed as a gateway community to the Grand Canyon National Park…….Babbitt's former work as lobbyist for CFV's mastermind, Scottsdale developer Tom De Paolo, and his past appearance in a video promoting the project (Babbitt asked CFV to stop showing the video after becoming secretary; the company complied) raised questions about conflicts of interest and fueled perceptions that the process was rigged in the project's favor. Not helping such perceptions was the ardent and open support for De Paolo's plan shown by Paul Babbitt, the secretary's brother, who sits on the Coconino County Board of Supervisors…….The county's board of supervisors - minus Paul Babbitt - will be voting in March on CFV's zoning approval, but opponents are certain to force a countywide referendum on the issue this fall. Meanwhile, the land swap is the subject of a federal lawsuit brought by the Grand Canyon Improvement Association, representing area businesses whose officers believe their economic future is threatened by the big development……"

INSIGHT Magazine 2/25/00 Sean Paige "……Paul Babbitt and the Babbitt Ranches (of which Paul and another of Bruce's brothers, James Babbitt, are part owners) appear to many to have benefited from the CFV land swap, since De Paolo paid the company $1.7 million for 740 acres of their holdings. The developer also agreed to allow Babbitt stock to continue to graze on the land until the deal is complete and the Forest Service takes possession, which he believes is just the neighborly thing to do. ……. Babbitt's association with De Paolo dates to the early 1990s, when the developer, searching for introductions and perhaps a little pull in the right circles, hired the former Arizona governor, then in private practice, as a consultant. Babbitt had contacts with Indian tribes and understood the state's laws regarding groundwater -knowledge De Paolo put to good use. The developer won Indian endorsements for CFV by providing local tribes with commercial space to hawk their wares. Endorsements from seven major environmental groups also were secured - in a coup that decisively tipped the decision process in CFV's favor, according to a source familiar with their deliberations - after De Paolo promised that the community would use no groundwater, even if it meant hauling it in from the Colorado River by truck and train. ……."

INSIGHT Magazine 2/25/00 Sean Paige "……Babbitt worked for De Paolo for seven months in the early 1990s - there were a lot of introductions and just sitting and talking, the developer tells Insight - and appeared in the CFV video that later would cause controversy, resulting in a letter from Babbitt asking De Paolo to stop using it………. But it's misleading to suggest, as the secretary and his aides do, that CFV was solely and simply a Forest Service decision, beyond the influence of the national park next door. In fact, an Interdisciplinary Team - including at least one regular representative from Bruce Babbitt's National Park Service - specifically was set up to ensure that all interested parties were involved in the process……. "

INSIGHT Magazine 2/25/00 Sean Paige "……Adding to the brew of bad feelings percolating on the plateau, Babbitt in January brought President Clinton to the Grand Canyon to announce the establishment, through executive order, of two massive new national monuments in Arizona, encompassing nearly 1.1 million acres, over the strenuous objections of nearly every state official, including the governor. Some ranchers affected by the designations - who believe their objections were heard and then promptly ignored by Babbitt - say they fear being driven out of business as a result, or at least being put at a competitive disadvantage with the biggest cattle interest in the state: Babbitt Ranches, partially owned by Paul and James Babbitt, brothers of Bruce. The Babbitt outfit is unaffected by the new monuments. Although the secretary made a show of assuring Arizona ranchers that their grazing rights on federal land would be unaffected by the Jan. 12 monument designations - the Grand Canyon-Parashant in the Arizona strip (a swath of land extending from the north rim of the canyon to the Utah state line) and the Agua Fria National Monument north of Phoenix - they almost certainly will mean dramatic changes for the roughly 50 grazing-permit holders on those lands……"

INSIGHT Magazine 2/25/00 Sean Paige "……Though Babbitt solemnly pledged that the situation somehow will be different in Arizona and that the rancher's traditional way of life will be accommodated, a more honest, bottom-line assessment could be found courtesy of Roger Taylor, field manager for the Bureau of Land Management, or BLM, in the Arizona strip. Though he, too, wants to allay local apprehensions, Taylor left little doubt during an interview with Insight that when ranchers woke up Jan. 12, suddenly finding themselves living and working in a national monument, they slept through a paradigm shift that places their rights and interests second to those of the desert tortoise. "They're concerned that it is going to be more difficult, and they're probably right," Taylor says of the ranchers. "Business as usual, as it's always been done here, is a thing of the past. So it's probably a well-founded fear on their part."……. Bruce Babbitt's recent push to remake BLM, an agency that traditionally managed land for multiple uses, into a shadow National Park Service that will manage the new monuments he is proposing, has led to the rising influence of "ologists" such as biologists, hydrologists and archaeologists in the Arizona strip, area ranchers say - and a rising number of hassles…….."

INSIGHT Magazine 2/25/00 Sean Paige "……Meanwhile, just south of "the ditch" (what locals call the Grand Canyon), unencumbered by any uncertainties or restrictions, business is booming for the 750,000-acre Babbitt Ranches, probably the biggest single cattle interest in the state. And that hasn't gone unnoticed in certain circles. …… Though creation of the new monuments appears to have at least the potential to benefit Babbitt ranching interests, no one with whom Insight spoke in Northern Arizona suggests that anything as pedestrian as a profit motive lay behind Secretary Babbitt's actions……..Upon his mother's death in 1995, Babbitt also inherited an interest in something called the Spur Land and Cattle Co., which apparently leases or operates a gravel pit on a Navajo reservation inholding, splitting the profits with the Navajo Nation - which itself might appear to present a conflict of interest. Through monument designations, Babbitt wants to halt the mining and despoiling of sensitive lands, yet the Navajo Nation falls under the jurisdiction of his own Bureau of Indian Affairs. Sources tell Insight that the company leases out croplands and open range, information that could not be independently confirmed at press time. ……."

Freeper abwehr 2/16/00 "……Jim Guy Tucker sold his previous cable company to this guy: PRESS RELEASE 4/27/99 "…..Marc Nathanson, chairman of Falcon Cable TV, was sworn in on March 8, 1999 as Chairman of US International Broadcasting Agency by Vice President Al Gore in the Roosevelt Room at the White House, as his wife Jane looks on. The US International Broadcasting Agency, oversees Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Radio Free Asia and Radio/TV Marti. ….. Multipolar. that name rings a bell. Sukamto Sia I believe. Son in law of a major Indonesian business family. Involved in bribing the Hawaiian speaker of the House or Senate president a couple of years ago. Also was Tomy Winarta's partner in a company called Transmarco. Winarta came up last week in reference to the Clinton fundraising scandal. Believe it was his money that reimbursed Ching Hai ……There was a bit of a scandal as well over a satellite deal involving these players. Called Indostar it was supposed to provide TVRO signals to Indonesia. What was cute was a minority owned business (CTA)in the US got the contract to build it, though they had no satellite experience but the president of CTA made a large DNC donation. After getting the contract they of course sold it to Orbital I believe it was. ……..Sia has come upon hard times though. Last time I looked he had been arrested in Las Vegas after running up, and I kid you not, some $25 million plus in gaming debts at casinos there. Bounced a check for something like $6 million! ...,,:

New Australian, The No. 145, 21-27 2/00 James Henry "……This is the man [Clinton] who made Patsy Thomasson - chief lietenant of convicted cocaine dealer Dan Lasater - White House chief of personnel. This appointment did not surprise those who knew of the Clinton/Lasater drug connection that many believe existed before Clinton became governor. The connection might also explain the extraordinary expansion of mob activity that occurred after Clinton became governor. That the FBI was concerned about the rise of the 'Arkansas mafia' under Clinton and its drug running operations and prostitution rackets is no big secret. That Clinton 'was' a frequent cocaine user is a well known fact that the media chooses to ignore, even though his brother, Roger, a convicted dealer,was taped during an anti-drug operation saying: "Got to get some for my brother. He's got a nose like a vacuum cleaner". That Clinton was linked to cocaine smuggling in the 1980s is already part of sworn testimony. That his association with the drug-trafficking Lasater is connected with the gunning down in 1993 of Clinton's chief of security (the man who knew too much?) in Little Rock is assumed as given by many of that city's good citizens. 3/1/00 Carl Limbacher "….. Craig Livingstone was the most successful bar bouncer in the history of America. When Craig's talents caught the eye of Hillary and Bill Clinton during their 1992 presidential run, he was set for stardom. When the Clintons parked themselves into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Craig was installed as chief of White House Security -- one of the most sensitive posts in the White House -- if not the federal government. Remember the FBI filegate scandal -- when nearly 1000 secret FBI files of Republican officials were found conveniently near Craig's Xerox machine. Craig said it was nothing but a "bureaucratic snafu." Craig -- a Clinton fixer for everything from the Vince Foster cover-up to the travel office scandal -- was quickly put out to pasture by the Clintons to wait for the scandals to blew over. Craig had bragged about his relationship with the Clintons. After all he had the highest security pass in the government -- one that allowed him to have access anywhere in the White House, including unimpeded movement into the Oval Office. …..Remarkably no one at the White House took responsibility for hiring Craig for the most sensitive of jobs -- though former FBI agent Gary Aldrich says Hillary handpicked Craig. has learned that Judicial Watch has obtained numerous copies of photographs that show Hillary and Craig in very close contact. Under subpoeana the Clinton administration only released photocopies of the photos. has learned that federal District Court Judge Royce Lamberth has ordered the White House to turn over actual photographs of Craig and Hillary frolicking around the White House. ...,,: 2/29/00 Charles Smith "……Inside the dark underworld of international crime, Ng Lapseng earned a reputation of being tough, smart and connected. Connected? In 1994, the Macau millionaire and brothel owner visited the White House -- a visit captured in a personal photograph with President Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Ng Lapseng is also very well connected to Beijing. Reportedly a close friend of Wang Jun, international arms dealer and the chairman of China state weapons maker Polytechnologies, Inc., Ng also is reportedly a part of a deadly Chinese organized crime gang that specializes in the kidnapping of women for prostitution. ……" 2/29/00 Charles Smith "……"Trie, the mayor of Zhuhai, Ng and I were waiting to go to watch a speech by President Clinton," noted Chung. "We decided to chat a while during the wait. At one point, Trie asked to visit my office in Los Angeles. According to Trie, Ng Lapseng was interested in investing money into my fax service. Trie even mentioned that Ng was considering up to a 'million' dollars." "I agreed and later that month they came to L.A. for a visit," explained Chung. "I took Trie, Ng and the mayor of Zhuhai to visit the opening of a business center in Los Angeles and then later that night we went to dinner to discuss business. "Ng and Trie picked a very expensive Chinese restaurant," said Chung. "At the end of the evening, the bill for dinner was over $3,000. Ng presented his credit card, but curiously, it was returned as 'rejected.' Trie quietly asked me to pay the bill, but I was not willing to pay three thousand dollars for dinner. Trie had told me that Ng was a very rich millionaire and he had much power in Macau and China. Yet, here this 'millionaire' had his credit card rejected." "At this point, Ng Lapseng started to laugh and he pulled out a huge wad of money from his pocket, paying the restaurant bill, leaving several hundred dollars extra as a tip. Ng explained he knew his credit card would come up bad and that he just enjoyed embarrassing everyone." ….." 2/29/00 Charles Smith "……"During the dinner, the mayor explained that he loved Zhuhai," noted Chung. "He noted that Ng Lapseng was a Zhuhai 'hometown boy.' He also bragged that if he wanted to, he could be the vice minister of Guangdong province. However, he stated that 'I like Zhuhai better.'" "I then asked him why would he want to be a mayor and not a vice minister?" He said, 'I am very comfortable. I have control of a very important seaport. I have control of the customs officials. I have control of the PLA units attached here. I control everything that goes in and out of China from here. Everything.'" "It was then that the mayor relayed to me that he and Ng Lapseng controlled everything flowing between Macau and China," stated Chung. "I was somewhat stunned, but I tried to remain calm," stated Chung. "During the dinner, I noted that the mayor had a picture from America in his office. It was a signed picture of Mark Middleton, special assistant to President Clinton, sitting with the mayor on a couch. Middleton looked ridiculous, relaxing with his tie off, drinking with the mayor." ….." 2/29/00 Charles Smith "……Ng Lapseng, according to Asia expert Bill Triplett, is part owner of "Ang-Du International," reported to be one of several firms that acquire women for Ng to employ at his Macau brothels……. "Year of the Rat" by Bill Triplett and Ed Timperlake clearly notes that Ng Lapseng arrived in San Fransciso with $175,000 in cash -- the same June 1994 visit to America when Johnny Chung met the Macau brothel millionaire. "Within two days, Ng was dining at the White House mess with presidential aide and Democratic Party fund-raiser Mark Middleton. Later that evening, Ng and his associate Charlie Trie would make honored guest appearances at a DNC-sponsored presidential Gala," noted Triplett and Timperlake in their book…….. "Ling said female detainees were often subjected to violence if they did anything that the guards did not like," noted the China Rights interview. "One time during dinner, he saw a female detainee being slapped in the face and then beaten with a bamboo stick and belt. Ling said most of the female detainees were quite young. He said most were girls who had run away from their families in rural areas to find jobs in big cities like Shenzhen or Zhuhai." ……"I told the FBI about Ng," said Chung. "I told the Department of Justice about the mayor and Middleton. I told them everything and more. Yet, nothing has been done." …."

ABCNEWS.COM 3/17/00 Beverley Lumpkin "…….Q. From Sharon Hannon: My question refers to FBI Deputy Director Larry Potts. I am a former investigative reporter who covered the Oklahoma City Bombing. It seems Mr. Potts has had his hand in too many cookie jars, without questions asked. In 1992, Potts was agent in charge of the Ruby Ridge shootings he was mildly reprimanded and bumped up to deputy director behind Louis Freeh ... how's that for punishment? In 1993 he was agent in charge of the Waco siege as deputy director, and we all know how that turned out. Finally in 1995 he was the chief investigator for the OKC bombing ... I have asked everyone from my various congressman to members of the Waco hearing committee and no one can seem to find a link. As an American it makes me question the integrity of our federal law enforcement system and as a journalist it makes me think conspiracy. I hope you can answer why Potts involvement in each of the above scenarios.

A. Your premise is a little confused. Larry Potts has not been deputy director of the FBI since 1995. In fact, Freeh is on his fourth deputy SINCE then! (The current deputy, Tom Pickard, is Freeh's seventh.) You are certainly correct that questions have been raised about Potts' handling of Ruby Ridge. In fact, he was suspended in 1995 amid questions whether he may have lied about his role overseeing the disastrous Ruby Ridge operation, in which white separatist Randall Weaver's son and wife and a deputy U.S. marshal were killed. But Potts was cleared by an exhaustive Justice investigation, led by the U.S. attorney in Philadelphia, which found there was not enough evidence to prove he had lied. That investigation was completed in August 1997, and Potts retired, with pension, shortly afterward. At the time he was still widely liked and admired by most in the Bureau. ….."

Committee On Government Reform and Oversight 9/24/96 Deposition of Craig Livingstone "...
Mr. Burton. Okay. Well, I want to ask a question that is relevant to that. On page 183 of the House hearing transcript, Mr. Cole was questioned by Congressman Horn. In the transcript Mr. Cole stated that he wanted to have a conversation outside of your office because you didn't think it was safe to talk in your office.
Do you recall that conversation?
……Mr. Burton. Do you recall talking to Mr. Cole about wanting to go out in the hall because you thought your office might be bugged? Forgetting the transcript at the moment, do you recall that kind of conversation.
The Witness. I recall a conversation -- I believe is the last conversation I had with Agent Cole where we went out into the hallway and had a conversation.
Mr. Burton. Okay. Mr. Cole asked you if you thought your office was bugged and you didn't give him an answer. Do you think your office was bugged.
The Witness. No.
Mr. Burton. Then why did you want to go out in the hall.
The Witness. I don't know. I really don't. I think I was on my way out of the office to do something else and we talked in the hallway. I do recall saying I would like to talk to him in the hall and him making some sort of a casual comment like that and me responding let's "just talk here." I have no reason to believe my office was bugged.
Mr. Burton. I really need that transcript because according to Agent Cole, he says you didn't think it was safe to talk in your office, and it is in quotation marks. I think that is relevant.
Ms. Olson. It is on its way up.
Mr. Burton. I am just about finished here.
Numerous press accounts -- and of course this is secondhand information -- have stated that people off the record have stated that you told him that your mother and Mrs. Clinton are or were old friends at one time. I know you have heard this before. Did you at any point tell anyone that your mother and Mrs. Clinton were friends or knew each other?
……..Mr. Burton. Let's forget the previous statement and say did you at any point tell anyone that your mother and Mrs. Clinton were friends or knew each other.
The Witness. I don't recall having a conversation like that with anyone. I know for a fact that my mother does not know Mrs. Clinton.
Mr. Burton. So if someone else tells us that you said that they would be lying to us.
The Witness. I don't recall any conversation like that. I know people -- I can't account for what other people would say.
Mr. Burton. Of course Sculimbrene and Aldrich, both of the FBI agents at the White House, say that you did say this and even have notes to that effect.
Mr. Turk. Does Mr. Aldrich say that Mr. Livingstone said that?
Ms. Olson. Is this an objection, Mr. Turk?
Mr. Turk. You don't need to get argumentative with me, Ms. Olson.
Ms. Olson. I am not. There has just been a commentary going on. There seems to be a question --
Mr. Turk. This is not a typical examination; is it, Ms. Olson? What is happening is there is a reading into the record before each question is asked someone's characterization -- and I don't mean to suggest it is the Congressman's but I believe it was somebody who prepared it for the Congress which makes suggestions --
Mr. Burton. It wasn't the staff here and it was not done for any purpose other than to refresh Mr. Livingstone's memory.
Mr. Turk. That is the only purpose of my commentary is to also just balance things out, because I do not believe that there are any facts to support that Gary Aldrich ever said that Mr. Livingstone told him that. Now perhaps you have evidence of that. My understanding is that Sculimbrene is the only person who has ever made that suggestion --
Mr. Kanjorski. May I suggest if we have evidence of that, the intent of the deposition is to establish facts, not innuendos or suggestions.
Mr. Burton. I will provide that for the record.
Ms. Olson. We have a sworn deposition by Dennis Sculimbrene.
Mr. Kanjorski. Then that should be produced for Mr. Burton to refer to and it could be an addendum to the transcript so everyone who reads this transcript in the future can see the exact import of that sworn deposition, not a characterization.
Mr. Burton. When we do the report I will add in my comments the portions of the transcript that verifies what I just said that Sculimbrene and Aldrich both say that you did say this and that I guess even they have notes to that effect that that was said.
I am finishing up here now so you are about through with me. Who is paying your legal expenses for this?
Mr. Turk. For this deposition here today?
Mr. Burton. No, for this entire investigation.
Mr. Turk. Starting when?
Mr. Burton. I am asking Mr. Livingstone.
Mr. Turk. I know.
Mr. Burton. He knows who is paying his legal fees, doesn't he?
Mr. Turk. I know who is paying his legal fees as well.
Mr. Burton. Mr. Livingstone, who is paying your legal fees?
The Witness. I am not paying my legal fees.
Mr. Burton. I said who is.
The Witness. I am not. I am not trying to be disrespectfull --
Mr. Burton. Do you know who is paying your legal fees?
The Witness. I haven't. I haven't paid my bill.
Mr. Burton. Do you know who has made a commitment to pay your legal fees.
The Witness. I had a group of friends that set up a legal fund for me which I think paid a small amount towards my legal fees, but there hasn't been any activity, to my knowledge, in quite some time. ….."

ETHERZONE 3/25/00 Barbara Stanley "…….As Admiral Moorer warned recently, the Chinese Communist have been working towards global dominance for over forty years. And Bill and Hillary were choice plums, to be funneled money, nurtured and picked when ripe. The Chinese Communists would create a company, removed from the mainland China, then use that company to build telecommunications, construction of strategically located ports-for transfer of both people (spies as 'students') and material, to come to the US to learn all they could about our high tech developments. …….. The notion that a U.S. president and Congress could allow this Canal - built and defended by the U.S. at an incredible cost in treasure and blood - to fall under the control of our avowed enemies, the Red Chinese - without a shot being fired - is incredible. Yet we are just days away from that nightmare becoming reality.

ETHERZONE 3/25/00 Barbara Stanley "…….Let us not forget, Hutchison Whampoa is the company who wants to supply you with two tickets to paradise via their partnership with Priceline dot commie. In addition, this company has cleverly infiltrated themselves into the heart of American business. From retail and manufacturing, to telecommunications and media. Even our real estate is at risk with venture capital being to fed build such things as new shopping centers and office complexes. While the horror story of the Panama Canal unfolds, (Pearl Harbor South) Hutchison Whampoa already has a foot hold on U.S. soil. They are partners with the China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) which now has a long term lease on the Long Beach California Naval base. Beijing's insatiable desire to control the Panama Canal was second only to the successful acquisition of this Naval facility. The Long Beach base serves as an intelligence gathering operation for the PLA. Hiding under a corporate disguise, their base of operations is located near the Sea Launch project. Sea Launch will use the Long Beach base to launch dozens of satellites into space from equatorial ocean locations. RSC-Energia is a partner of Sea Launch along with Boeing. RSC-Energia is a disguised Corporation setup for Russian intelligence, just like COSCO is merely a front for Chinese intelligence. ……"

ETHERZONE 3/25/00 Barbara Stanley "…….COSCO ships have served as carriers for massive smuggling operations around the world - including the United States -- of weapons, drugs and illegal aliens. In addition, COSCO has been used by the Chinese government to ship missiles - and components of weapons of mass destruction to rogue nations such as Pakistan and Iran. Now, Panama's lease with Hutchison Whampoa, provides China's Communist Party with de facto control over the most strategic waterway in the West. Under Panama's agreement, Hutchison Whampoa will control port facilities at both ends of the Canal...they'll control who is allowed to pilot ships through the canal and can assign their own pilots...and they'll also be able to refuse access to the Canal by any ship for "business reasons."

ETHERZONE 3/25/00 Barbara Stanley "…….Worldwide, China appears to be progressively positioning itself commercially and militarily along the key naval choke points between the Indian Ocean [its bases in Burma]; the South China Sea [Hong Kong]; the Straits of Malacca [the Spratley Islands and a growing role in Cambodia]; the central Pacific [a major land satellite tracking station on Tarawa]; the coast of Hawaii [a major ocean mining tract]; the Caribbean [Cuba and the Bahamas]; and now the Panama Canal. Wherever in the Pacific the U.S. withdraws or is negligent militarily, politically or economically, the Chinese communists move in. In addition to a growing commercial prowess in Caribbean ports such as the Bahamas, China recently completed military/intelligence agreements with Cuba to build communications intelligence facilities adjacent to Russia's massive technical spy center at Lourdes, Cuba. The Lourdes facility monitors the U-S- Atlantic fleet and elements of U.S. Pacific fleet operations, as well as domestic commercial and military communications throughout the Americas. The growing anti-U.S./NATO "strategic partnership" of China and Russia poses an increasing threat. There is a well-documented history of both Russian and Chinese organized crime organizations working as tools of their governments. …." 3/26/00 "……Judicial Watch, a public interest law firm, has obtained, through court process in its $90 million Filegate lawsuit, exclusive photos of Craig Livingstone with Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Janet Reno and other top dignitaries. The photos of Livingstone with Mrs. Clinton prove, contrary to her denials, that she knew and worked closely with Livingstone………. When allegations erupted in 1996 that the White House was collecting secret FBI files on Republican opponents, the White House chalked up the controversy to a "bureaucratic snafu." Livingstone, who had custody of the files in the White House, was fingered as the key man in the scandal. As media scrutiny fell upon Livingstone, his questionable background raised new questions. Livingstone's most important job before serving at the White House was that of a local bar bouncer at a Washington, DC night club. Livingstone's White House Security position is considered among the nation's most sensitive. Livingstone had the highest security clearances in the U.S. government. With the FBI scandal erupting, the White House quickly distanced itself from Livingstone. Mrs. Clinton and other White House officials could offer no explanation as to why Livingstone had been hired, or who had hired him. Mrs. Clinton claimed she did not know Livingstone -- though Livingstone had bragged to associates he was very close to both the President and his wife, and that Mrs. Clinton had personally hired him for the Security job. …… Additionally, Judicial Watch reports that it has testimony from five different sources that Livingstone was hired by, and worked under, Mrs. Clinton. ……" 3/26/00 "……Judicial Watch alleges that Livingstone, along with Anthony Marceca and William Kennedy, wrongfully obtained and then rifled though the FBI files of plaintiffs in the Filegate lawsuit. The photos of Livingstone with Mr. Clinton and Ms. Reno prove that Livingstone was no "ordinary White House hired hand," Larry Klayman, chairman of Judicial Watch explained. ……."

3/26/00 John Huang Is A Chinese Agent from Who’s Who in America "…..In the 1970s Hazel O'Leary was a member of President Gerald Ford's Federal Energy Administration. On January 11, 1977, Ford, as one of the last acts of his administration, sent a letter to Congress calling for the creation of the Energy Department. The department was then created early in President Jimmy Carter's term of office. Carter appointed O'Leary to the department. America's nuclear weapons laboratories were placed under the new department's oversight. Prior to the Energy Department's creation, the weapons labs were under the oversight of the Pentagon. In 1993, President Clinton named O'Leary as his Energy Secretary. O'Leary first learned of the thefts of all of America's nuclear weapons design in july 1995. She claims she never informed the president -- ever.

3/26/00 John Huang Is A Chinese Agent from Who’s Who in America "…..John Deutch was an undesecretary in President Carter's Energy Department and a member of the Nuclear Safety Oversight Committee from 1979-1980. During his time there, Jamie Gorelick acted as his legal counsel. Deutch was named to President George Bush's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board in the early 1990s. He became President Clinton's Director of Central Intelligence in early 1995. While there, he named President Bush's best friend and former National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft to a new CIA leadership group. He also named President Bush's Ambassador to China, James Lilley, to the leadership group. Scowcroft was President Ford's Deputy National Security Advisor. President Bush was President Ford's Ambassador to China and Director of Central Intelligence (he replaced William Colby as CIA head). Jamie Gorelick became President Clinton's Deputy Attorney General and legal counsel to the Defense Department from 1993-1997. Allegedly, neither Deutch, Scowcroft, Lilley nor Gorelick informed President Clinton of China's theft of all of America's nuclear weapons designs -- ever.

3/26/00 John Huang Is A Chinese Agent from Who’s Who in America "…..Bill Richardson is President Clinton's current Energy Secretary. Richardson was a staff member under Henry Kissinger during President Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford's administrations. Brent Scowcroft was vice president of Kissinger Associates before joining the Bush administration

3/26/00 John Huang Is A Chinese Agent from Who’s Who in America "…..Gen. Colin Powell, both President Bush and President Clinton's Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, did a fellowship in President Nixon's administration.

3/26/00 John Huang Is A Chinese Agent from Who’s Who in America "…..Kissinger Associates hired David Rothkopf, President Clinton's Deputy Undersecretary for International trade, immediately after suspected spy John Huang left the Commerce Department to become a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee in January 1996. Rothkopf was one of John Huang's supervisors.

3/26/00 John Huang Is A Chinese Agent from Who’s Who in America "…..Kissinger Associates hired Thomas "Mack" McLarty, President Clinton's best friend, personal advisor and first chief of staff from 1993-1994, in late 1999.

3/26/00 John Huang Is A Chinese Agent from Who’s Who in America "…..President Clinton's chief of staff from 1994-1997, Leon Panetta, was a former Republican congressman and staff member during President Nixon's administration. Panetta first learned of China's theft of all of America's nuclear weapons designs in July 1995. Allegedly, he failed to inform the president -- ever.

3/26/00 John Huang Is A Chinese Agent from Who’s Who in America "…..President Clinton's first Ambassador to China, Stapleton Roy, from 1993-1995 was also President Bush's Ambassador to China.

3/26/00 John Huang Is A Chinese Agent from Who’s Who in America "…..President Clinton's Deputy Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Winston Lord, was Deputy National Security Advisor under Henry kissinger during President Nixon's administration. Nixon and Kissinger opened relations with China in 1973.

Judicial Watch 3/27/00 "…..Judicial Watch has obtained, through court process in its $90 million Filegate lawsuit, exclusive photos of Craig Livingstone with Hillary & Bill Clinton and Janet Reno together. The photos of Livingstone with Mrs. Clinton prove, contrary to her denials, that she knew and worked closely with him. Judicial Watch has testimony from five different sources that he was hired by and worked under Mrs. Clinton. Livingstone, along with Anthony Marceca and William Kennedy, wrongfully obtained and then rifled though the FBI files of plaintiffs in the Filegate lawsuit. The photos of Livingstone with Mr. Clinton and Ms. Reno prove that Livingstone was no "ordinary White House hired hand." ……. The Clinton-Gore White House fought to keep these photos secret, but the Court ordered them released late last week...."

APBnews 3/24/00 Sydney Schanberg "……One of the untold dramas that took place backstage in The Insider saga was the story of Raymond W. Kelly, who had been Police Commissioner of New York City and would soon be named Undersecretary of the Treasury for Enforcement, overseeing the U.S. Customs Service, the Secret Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. ……… How was that going to affect him in a White House-appointed job that would require him -- as steward of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms -- to see that the tobacco industry obeyed the laws and regulations governing its controversial product? Therein lies the rub known as the appearance of conflict of interest………. After being dismissed in 1994 as New York Police Commissioner by new Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Kelly took a high-paying position with a private investigative firm. His biggest project during this year-and-a-half stint would be the tobacco job -- supervising the dirt-gathering investigation on Jeffrey Wigand. Wigand was the scientist who had blown the whistle on the deceit and wrongdoing of the nation's third largest tobacco company, Brown & Williamson. Angered and under legal siege, Brown & Williamson had asked one of its outside law firms, Chadbourne & Parke of New York, to hire someone to get something on Wigand. The law firm hired a company it had used before, Investigative Group International (IGI). Founded and headed by Terry Lenzner, IGI was based in Washington, with an active New York office. Running that office was the recently recruited Kelly. His title was company president. The Wigand commission was given to him. ……"

APBnews 3/24/00 Sydney Schanberg "……Kelly kept out of sight while his IGI operatives dug into Wigand's past for nuggets that Brown & Williamson hoped would stain and discredit its former head of research. The 58-year-old Kelly was a man who had gone to great lengths in his career to cultivate an image of squeaky-cleanness. ………. On Feb. 1, 1996, Kelly lost his anonymity in the Wigand case. That was the day The Wall Street Journal published a long Page 1 story dissecting the 500-page dossier on Wigand put together by the Brown & Williamson defense team. ………

APBnews 3/24/00 Sydney Schanberg "……Brown & Williamson attorneys later said their reason for giving the dossier to the Journal was that the newspaper had done a damaging series of pieces based on uncovered documents, the tobacco company's records and Wigand's charges. The Brown & Williamson team hoped that the dossier would discredit Wigand by showing a pattern of untruths. Instead, it had the opposite effect. The Journal's lead reporter on the Brown & Williamson-tobacco industry coverage, Alix M. Freedman, won a Pulitzer Prize for her work. ………. Kelly, meanwhile, set about doing damage control, telling associates at IGI not to discuss his role with the press. He also told acquaintances that the Wigand project was "only a resume check" and "not a big deal." One acquaintance reported that Kelly had told him: "I didn't do the work. We had other people doing it." ...... These sources agreed to talk to only if granted anonymity. One said: "Ray was really pissed off. He said IGI didn't do the writing on the report, just the research, which he called routine work done from the office. He said the lawyers distorted the research and put out a lot of crap." Another person Kelly talked to quoted him as saying that the Brown & Williamson team had "tried to use him and IGI for credibility." ………. A few months after The Wall Street Journal story, Kelly left IGI. With the lobbying help of friends in law enforcement, he had been nominated by the White House and confirmed for the Treasury undersecretary post. The issue of his potential conflict of interest on the tobacco industry was never publicly raised. At his confirmation hearing before the Senate Finance Committee on June 13, 1996, he was asked only one question about conflict -- a ritual query that is asked of all nominees. It didn't mention Brown & Williamson or IGI or the Wigand dossier. ……" 3/00 "…….In September of 1995, as part of the pompously named National Performance Review-Al Gore's fatuous project to cut down government waste, fraud and mismanagement-the Vice President boldly declared that he was recommending the privatization of Elk Hills, a 47,000-acre oil-rich land in Southern California. Since 1912 it had been in the possession of the U.S. Navy as an emergency oil reserve. The oil companies salivated and made their bids. In October 1997 the Energy Dept. announced that the U.S. government would sell its stake in Elk Hills to Occidental Petroleum for $3.65 billion. Overnight, Occidental's U.S. oil reserves tripled. Occidental's stock surged and its stockholders glowed. One of them was the Vice President's father, Al Gore Sr. He owned more than $500,000 worth of Occidental stock. A clear conflict of interest? Not to the airheads in the media. Neither then nor any time since have they evinced the slightest curiosity about this deal. Or indeed about the Gore family's long and intimate connection with Occidental and, in particular, with its longtime chairman, the shady and sinister Armand Hammer. …." 3/00 "……. Hammer devoted his life to negotiating business deals with the former Soviet Union. Following the 1917 revolution Hammer set up a bank in New York to channel hard currency from Russian emigres into the hands of the Bolshevik government. He also received money from the Bolsheviks that he distributed to spies and underground agents here. In later years he ran a pencil factory in the Soviet Union, the only Western capitalist permitted to operate in Stalin's Russia. In the 1930s, as the Soviet regime's need for hard currency grew ever more desperate, he was assigned the task of selling off Russian art in the West and remitting the proceeds. A lot of this art had been stolen by the Bolsheviks from its "capitalist" owners. A lot of it was junk. And a lot of it was forged. In return for the money, the Soviets sent him oak staves from which he would build beer barrels…….."

INSIGHT Magazine 3/24/00 J Michael Waller "…… Canadian police have identified Clinton donor and Macao gambling tycoon Stanley Ho as the leader of a triad gang of organized criminals with strong ties to Communist China. President Clinton personally accepted $250,000 from a Macao gambling tycoon whom Canadian police identify as a "leader" of a Chinese triad, or organized-crime syndicate. Insight has obtained a copy of the Asian Organized Crime Roster of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or RCMP, listing Stanley Ho - who handed the check to Clinton at a 1997 White House reception to fund the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial - as a suspected "member/leader" of the notorious Kung Lok triad. (Click to read the document.) ...... "

INSIGHT Magazine 3/24/00 J Michael Waller "…… Insight's copy of the RCMP roster identifies Ho Hung Sun, alias Stanley Ho, as born in Hong Kong on Nov. 25, 1921, and provides addresses in Toronto and Macao. After classifying Ho as a "member/leader" of the Kung Lok triad organized-crime syndicate, it assigns him the "gang file number" 89-1170. A 1988 Justice Department list authored by then assistant attorney general William Weld identified Ho as "associated" with the triads, former congressional investigator Edward Timperlake tells Insight. Timperlake is coauthor of Year of the Rat, a book documenting ties between Clinton-Gore administration political fund-raising from Chinese interests and their effects on U.S. national-security decision-making. The book reported that "Ho's triad connections are really quite extensive" in his gambling partnerships. ......,,:

INSIGHT Magazine 3/24/00 J Michael Waller "……Ho and his business partners have been mired in international controversy in recent months. One of his partners is Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, whose Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. company has taken control of port facilities at both ends of the Panama Canal, prompting concerns that they may become a strategic beachhead for Beijing. The Clinton administration has gone out of its way to portray Li and Hutchison Whampoa as posing no security threat to U.S. interests, but not everyone is convinced. ......... Li's Beijing connections "are hardly a state secret," according to Zhang. "He had been a close friend of Gen. Ji Shengde, former military-intelligence director of the PLA, who recently was arrested for corruption, and still is close to Gen. Xiong Guangkai, who had been Gen. Ji's superior. He is equally close to [Chinese President] Jiang Zemin. Most telling of all, probably, is Li's corrupt real-estate dealings with the brutal Chen Xitong, who is infamous for the instrumental role he played in the Tiananmen Square massacre." Li Ka-shing strongly has denied nefarious connections with the PLA. No allegations have been raised associating Li directly with the triads…….."

INSIGHT Magazine 3/24/00 J Michael Waller "……Another Ho business partner is Ng Lapseng. Described as a Macao "criminal-syndicate figure" with hotel operations in the former Portuguese colony, Ng also reportedly is linked to prostitution rackets - and allegedly ran hundreds of thousands of dollars of illegal money into the Clinton-Gore campaigns. "At least $2 million, much of it illegal, made its way from Macao and other Asian crime centers to Clinton-Gore money projects," according to Timperlake and Year of the Rat coauthor William Triplett. Ng disappeared "back into the murky world of Macao as soon as congressional investigators started looking for him."……."

INSIGHT Magazine 3/24/00 J Michael Waller "……In the Philippines, President Joseph Estrada is embroiled in a Clinton-Gore-style fund-raising scandal that has the Manila stock exchange and Roman Catholic Church up in arms and made him the subject of a major investigation by the Philippines congress. According to Philippines news reports, Estrada crony Dante Tan helped persuade Ho to invest in the Philippines gambling industry and was a major stockholder in BW Resources, a holding company that Ho chairs and that is under investigation for stock-price manipulation and insider trading. Tan reportedly was a substantial donor to Estrada's 1998 presidential campaign. The Philippines Stock Exchange Commission found gangster connections and what it described as "prima-facie evidence" against Tan and other leaders of the Ho-chaired company……..".

INSIGHT Magazine 3/24/00 J Michael Waller "…… PNP Chief Panfilo Lacson, a longtime friend of Estrada, says he found "nothing" on Ho, whose investments include positions in the China Ocean Shipping Co., or COSCO - considered the merchant marine of the PLA - and in Norinco, a PLA-associated manufacturer of automatic weapons. The Philippines Star reported, "As far as the ... PNP is concerned, Macao gambling mogul Stanley Ho is 'Mr. Clean.'" The PNP Center for Transnational Crime told a Manila congressional panel that it has "nothing incriminating" on Ho. A local group called United People Against Crime claims that Hong Kong police told Lacson that Ho allegedly was head of a criminal syndicate operating in Hong Kong and Macao………… Estrada tried to defend Ho's respectability by saying that President Clinton personally had received him at the White House for making the large donation to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, but being received by Clinton cut little ice in Manila. .........,"

INSIGHT Magazine 3/24/00 J Michael Waller "……One of the most successful means of reaching decision-makers, apart from helping them succeed in their private businesses, is to donate to their political campaigns or their favorite charities. Ted Sioeng, a businessman and partner with Ng in a firm called Ang-Du International, is reportedly a Chinese agent with alleged triad ties. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Ang-Du International ran a prostitution operation acquiring women from Thailand for Macao brothels. Sioeng sat with Clinton at a Democratic Party fund-raiser and was photographed sitting next to Vice President Al Gore during the now-infamous 1996 Buddhist temple fund-raiser in California. Sioeng reportedly funneled at least $400,000 in illegal contributions to the Democratic National Committee. Like Ho, Sioeng refused to cooperate with congressional investigators. "He's a Communist Chinese spy, now in Beijing," Timperlake tells Insight. "He was identified as a PRC [People's Republic of China] agent and fled the country." ......"

INSIGHT Magazine 3/24/00 J Michael Waller "……The Communist government in Beijing has built operational relations with the triads and often acts as a silent partner in their activities, according to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. The 1997 report said that the late Chinese Communist leader Mao Tse-tung "wrote on the need to include triads in the united front" in Hong Kong. "In a May 1997 conference at Hong Kong's Baptist University, former deputy secretary general of Xinhua [the Chinese government-controlled 'news' agency] Wong Man-fong said that in the early 1980s he was instructed to ingratiate himself with Hong Kong's triad 'dragon heads' and offer them a deal. According to Wong, Beijing was prepared to turn a blind eye to the triads' illegal activities if they could promise a peaceful handover of the territory come 1 July [1997]. 'I told them that, if they did not disrupt Hong Kong's stability, we would not stop them from making money,' said Wong. If Wong is to be believed, the timing of the beginning of Beijing's outreach to the triads dovetails nicely with Deng Xiaoping's resurrection of united front work in 1978." Triad enterprises also partner with businesses owned or run by the Communist Party and PLA. Hence there is no line of distinction between a Chinese criminal syndicate and the Chinese military or government apparatus, creating a danger that Beijing could use the triads for intelligence purposes. ......"

Archived US Attorney Press releases 3/14/00 "…… "Lee J. Radek, head of the department's Office of Public Integrity, said in a secret Nov. 1, 1996,cease-and-desist order that the U.S. Attorney's Office in Los Angeles "should take no steps toinvestigate these matters at this time." Would you like to know what Lee J. Radek and his "Public Integrity Section of the DoJ thought more important to investigate than Chinese funding of the Clinton/Gore campaign or and the DNC back in October/November 1996?
1996-11-13 - Bey, Elaine A. - Indictment - News Release
Former president of Camden School Board indicted for obtaining more than $20,000 in food, lodging, beverages, automobile, and other personal expenses from the school board ……
Hochberg credited Special Agents of the FBI, under the direction of Bob C. Reutter, special agent-in-charge of the FBIþs Philadelphia Division; and Special Agents of the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigations Division ("CID"), under the direction of J.J. Jennings, district director, with developing the case against Bey. Hochberg also credited the Department of Justice's Public Integrity Section, under the direction of Lee Radek, in Washington for assisting with the case……..
Radek was also involved in the summer of 1996 in another very controversial investigation. It involved the US Attorney for the Southern District of California where Charles LaBella was then working. It too is revealing. Note that Valerie Lau, the former Inspector General of the Department of the Treasury, who was resigned in disgrace over her attempt to prosecute two Secret Services officers for their testimony in the Filegate matter was involved as well as Lee Radek....
August 21, 1996
One of the most intensive investigations worked on by the Task force has been an investigation into allegations of official corruption in the San Diego District Office of the United States Customs Service. In May 1995 the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of California, jointly with the Public Integrity Section of the Department of Justice, Criminal Division, in Washington, D.C., began this investigation. Former Customs District Director Allan J. Rappoport and Customs Branch Chief Arthur Gilbert were among those against whom public allegations or insinuations of corruption had been made...... The terms of the joint investigation were set forth in a Memorandum of Understanding entered into by my office, by Mr. Radek's office, by the Chief of the Public Corruption Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington, D.C., by George Weise, Commissioner of Customs, and by Valerie Lau, Inspector General of the Department of the Treasury. Pursuant to that Memorandum of Understanding, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was the lead investigating agency in this matter, working in full coordination with my office and with Mr. Radek's. Also pursuant to the Memorandum the United States Customs Service, Office of Internal Affairs, and the Department of the Treasury, Office of the Inspector General, agreed to cooperate fully in the investigation when and if called upon to do so……"



ETHERZONE 3/29/00 Phil Brennan "…….There's a photo that more or less defines the Clinton White House. It shows former security director Craig Livingstone in the Oval Office with a group of his ... er ... friends. You remember Craig Livingstone - he's the guy who miraculously appeared in the White House at the outset of the Clinton administration as the head of security. Nobody, it seems, ever hired him. He was just there, busy gathering FBI files on Republicans, former Bush administration officials and other obviously criminal types who just had to be kept under close surveillance by the vigilant gumshoes in the Executive Mansion. It is now customary to refer to Mr. Livingstone as a former bar bouncer - which, come to think of it - put him in a more refined atmosphere than that into which he was thrown when he was brought into the Clinton White House by, it appears, nobody. There was an episode of Seinfield in which Kramer finds himself working for a large firm even though he is not on the payroll and was never hired. He just wandered in, got mistaken for an employee, acccepted assignments and was just there, working every day, nine-to-five, just like a real salaried employee. Perhaps that's what happened in Livingstone's case. He just wandered in, uninvited, and found himself running the White House security operation. What the media never tells us is the fact that Craig Livingstone had another job after bouncing unruly types from the gin mill where he labored - he worked for the Clinton's inaugural and transition team. And he was hired by somebody to run the security operation. ….."

Tribune-Review 3/28/00 "......Photos showing Hillary Clinton in close proximity to ex-White House security chief Craig Livingstone are the latest byproduct of a $90 million "Filegate" lawsuit. Livingstone, a former bar bouncer from Beaver County, resigned in 1996 after it was revealed that his office had improperly obtained confidential FBI background files on a number of top Republicans. Ever since the controversy erupted, the White House has sought to distance the president and the first lady from it - and from Livingstone. ....... Judicial Watch, the public interest law firm that filed the lawsuit, has posted on its World Wide Web site - - a dozen photos of Livingstone obtained from the White House as part of the discovery process in the lawsuit. Six photos show him with or near Mrs. Clinton; three show him posing with or talking to the president; another shows him posing with Attorney General Janet Reno. "The photos of Livingstone with Mrs. Clinton prove, contrary to her denials, that she knew and worked closely with him," according to Judicial Watch. "The photos ... prove that Livingstone was no `ordinary White House hired hand.'" ......"

11/21/96 Scott Stanford JUNCTION "......The FBI background file on Anthony Marceca paints a sordid picture of the man critics have labeled the White House's fall guy in the FBI files controversy. Kirby Roberts, a Junction attorney representing Marceca in a civil lawsuit he filed against two Llano County women, released the file on his client Wednesday, calling it outrageous and false. In the December 1993 background file, the FBI details allegations that Marceca used drugs, suffered from psychological problems after being sexually abused by priests and nuns as a child, was arrested for official oppression while working for the Texas Attorney General's Office and was suspended from his job as a constable in Pennsylvania for allegedly filing a false travel claim. Marceca, a 54-year-old civilian investigator with the U.S. Army in Virginia, has been blamed for ordering and receiving hundreds of FBI background files on several prominent Republicans in early 1993 and late 1994 when he was assigned to a special detail at the White House Security Office. .........While working for Texas Attorney General Jim Maddox in 1983 as an investigator in the welfare fraud division, Marceca was charged with official oppression in Llano County for the way he attempted to gain access to medical records from an unidentified Llano woman. Marceca left the attorney general's office shortly after the woman made the complaint against him, and the charges were later dropped for lack of evidence. ...... Paul Bresson, a spokesman for the FBI, said he could not comment on Marceca's FBI file because it involves an ongoing criminal investigation as well as civil litigation. ``Our role is strictly fact-finding,'' Bresson said of FBI background checks on potential White House appointees. ``The information is furnished to the White House for their judgment without judgments or recommendations on our part.'' ......."

Reuters 4/17/00 "…….The pediatrician who has been advising U.S. officials on the bitter custody battle over Cuban shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez on Monday urged the boy be removed from the home of his Miami relatives because he was being ``horrendously exploited'' there. ``Elian Gonzalez is now in a state of imminent danger to his physical and emotional well-being in a home that I consider to be psychologically abusive,'' Dr. Irwin Redlener wrote in the letter, which was released by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). Redlener, president of community pediatrics at Children's Hospital at Montefiore in New York, told Attorney General Janet Reno and INS Commissioner Doris Meissner in the letter that the 6-year-old boy should be removed from the Miami home immediately and returned to his father's custody. At Meissner's invitation, Redlener helped the INS pick the team of mental health experts who last week met the boy's great-uncle Lazaro Gonzalez, who has looked after the boy since he was rescued off Florida. ……"

Freeper higgmeister "…….I sent this to Neal Boortz this morning and thought I'd share with FReepers that had also seen the story. What does Dr. Irwin Redlener have to do with Bruce Lindsey and Travelgate? The one of the first news stories that caught my eye this morning was "Doctor Urges INS to Remove Elian From Miami Home", in which Dr. Irwin Redlener of Children's Hospital at Montefiore in New York, wrote a letter released by the Dept. of Justice , urged Elian Gonzalez be removed from the home of his Miami relatives…….. …….. I decided to search for this doctor's e-mail address to send him my thoughts about his letter. Imagine my surprise when I found this doctor's name came up in the Deposition of Bruce Lindsey before Congressman Dan Burton's Committee on Government Reform and Oversight, in the matter of Travelgate. Specifically, the examiner Ms. Comstock asked Bruce Lindsey, "Do you know who Dr. Irwin Redlener is?" ……. ….."

Judicial Watch 4/17/00 "……..Deputy White House Chief of Staff John Podesta has been one of the principal players behind the Clinton scandals. For instance, in Judicial Watch's lawsuit concerning the illegal sale of seats on trade missions of the Clinton-Gore Commerce Department, Nolanda Hill, former Secretary Ron Brown's confidante, testified that it was Podesta, along with Leon Panetta, who instructed Ron Brown to disobey Court Orders of Judge Royce Lamberth. Podesta's name also has surfaced in the e-mail scandal, where documents show that he was fully apprised of the e-mail problem almost two years ago, but did nothing to put Lamberth's Court on notice that full document production was not forthcoming. Recently, a new White House whistleblower, Jane Weaver, has testified that John Podesta had decided to mislead a court in another important case involving The White House………….. Yesterday on NBC's "Meet the Press," Podesta threatened Lazaro Gonzales to relinquish Elian and added:
MR. RUSSERT: The family is saying: Please, don't [take Elian] do it tomorrow because it's the anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, some 39 years ago, and please don't do it this week because it's Easter week. Holy Thursday, Good Friday, a period of reconciliation. Would the administration hold off a week?
MR. PODESTA: Well, I don't think, frankly, that the family has much standing to make those kind of requests . . . I think the government is prepared to effectuate a return of Elian to the custody of his father, where he belongs . . .
Podesta's threat sounded like those made by organized crime figures. "The Clinton-Gore White House has been - as Judicial Watch has alleged in a number of lawsuits - a RICO-styled criminal enterprise, run by people like John Podesta," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman. ….."

WorldNetDaily 4/12/00 Larry Klayman "….."But in the end, I believe that they (Cuban-Americans) also understand that this is a nation of laws by which all must abide." -- Janet Reno, reported in the April 8 New York Times ……….. If only Ms. Reno and Mr. Clinton practiced what they preached to others. Indeed, there must be a reason behind the bizarre rush to return the child to Cuba, particularly since the father -- Juan Miguel Gonzalez -- originally phoned his Miami family to ask them to care for Elian before the 6-year-old boy set sail for the United States with his now sadly deceased mother, who drowned in the passage. Certainly, it is likely that Castro has both threatened and bribed Juan Miguel -- an effective technique used by all communist regimes. The former Soviet Union was filled with "problematic" apparatchiks who lived high on the hog, outside of the communist system. If they ever stepped out of line, and stopped enjoying their unique status, Siberia proved to be a nice vacation spot. Certainly, Castro is not above using the same "incentives" to keep Elian's father from carrying through with his original desire to have his son live in freedom…….. However, what remains unexplained is why Clinton and Reno would sanction former White House counsel Gregory Craig, now of Williams and Connolly (the Clintons' attorneys), to play such a conspicuously shameless role in assisting Castro's propaganda machine……… Nor can logic explain why Clinton and Reno -- both cynical politicians of the highest order -- would risk alienating not just Cuban-Americans, but a large segment of the Florida population, a state that Democrats must win in 2000 if they are to retain control of The White House and regain control of the House of Representatives…... Could it be that Castro, who has grown very close to the Communist Chinese leadership, has a file on our dear president? And, might this file contain incriminating information about Bill's true involvement with Clinton's Castro-connected Miami fundraisers and Chinese benefactors, not just during the campaign finance debacle of 1996, but also related to "under the table" deals worked out by Ron Brown's Commerce Department to transfer classified high technology to the "Butchers of Beijing"?…... To obtain answers to these and other questions, Judicial Watch had filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain documents attempting to uncover the real reasons for the Clinton Administration's alliance with Castro over the return of Elian. And, typically, when Reno stonewalled, we were forced to file suit against our so-called Justice Department's Immigration and Naturalization Service. …….."

Freeper tallhappy 4/11/00 "……. Greg Craig is a major player in Democrat foreign policy. The article below shows how he was the Clinton administration point man in the operation to get Aristide back in power in Haiti despite not being part of the administration. ….. He used his position as attorney for a Haitian family to act as negotiator between the administration and Haiti. …….. This is particularly important because that is exactly what has happened now with the Elian Gonzalez case. …… Craig then became the Clinton State Department's Chief of Policy Planning. …… Now in private practice they are surely implementing their plans by this back door. …….Note: Craig went to law school with the Clintons. He served for a long time on the International Human Rights Law Group with Sandy Berger……."

Practice Profiles Section
Williams & Connolly
725 Twelfth Street, N.W.
Washington, District Of Columbia 20005-5901
(D.C. County) …..
ASSOCIATIONS: American Bar Association
ADMITTED: 1973, District of Columbia; 1977, U.S. Supreme Court
LAW-SCHOOL: Yale University (J.D., 1972)
COLLEGE: Harvard University (B.A., magna cum laude, 1967); Cambridge University, Cambridge, England (Diploma in Historical Studies, 1968) ……
BORN: March 4, 1945, Norfolk, Virginia

Journal of Commerce 3/4/93 "…….A well-connected Washington attorney hired by one of Haiti's wealthiest families is quietly playing a major - and controversial - role in brokering a political solution to Haiti's simmering crisis. Gregory Craig is a former Yale classmate of the Clintons; his clients have ranged from Sen. Edward M. Kennedy to John Hinckley. For 15 months, Mr. Craig has used the resources of Haiti's Mevs family in trying to forge a political onsensus in that deeply divided country…………"

Journal of Commerce 3/4/93 "…….At the same time, Mr. Craig and Sven Holmes, one of his colleagues at the prestigious law firm of Williams & Connolly, have served as intermediaries between senior State Department officials and the Mevses, one of a handful of families who rose to great wealth during the dictatorship of Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier with a monopoly on the country's sugar industry. Many of those same families were believed to have backed the September 1991 coup that ousted Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Haiti's first democratically elected president. ……"

Journal of Commerce 3/4/93 "…….President Clinton's election added to Mr. Craig's clout. He knew both Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton at Yale. He is chairman of the board of the International Human Rights Law Group, which includes Samuel Berger, President Clinton's national security deputy. Within weeks, Mr. Craig and Mr. Holmes, a former chief of staff of the Senate Intelligence Committee, had submitted a "declaration of principles" endorsed by Mr. Mevs and several other Haitian businessmen. The document formed the basis of the first peace accord, signed in Washington by Mr. Aristide and Haitian lawmakers six weeks later. ……….. The accord quickly collapsed, but Mr. Craig tried again, this time in December. He flew Gregory Mevs to Washington with Lionel "Son Son" Elysee, a close friend and adviser to Gen. Raoul Cedras, chief of Haiti's 8,000-member military. As Gregory Mevs met with Mr. Aronson and Mr. Gelbard, Mr. Elysee called on Pentagon officials. ……… "

Yellow Rose of Texas "…..Time to give Greg Craig his own page in the DSL for Alamo-Girl. He has a background, he did not come from nowhere to be Juan Miguel's attorney, or should I say Castro's attorney. He was Clinton's attorney during Impeachment, but where did he come from and what did he do for Clinton before that? ……….Gregory Craig, Director of the State Department’s Policy Planning Council, and several member of his staff and other U.S. officials visited Greece April 2-3 for the first-ever policy planning talks between the U.S. and Greek ministries of foreign affairs. Craig was hosted by the MFA Secretary General (new Greek Ambassador to the U.S.) Alexandros Philon, who was seconded by several Assistant Secretary-level department heads and other MFA officials. The U.S. delegation also met Deputy Foreign Minister Kranidiotis. The two sides developed common views and positions – and shared some differences of opinion – in spirited, productive discussions regarding U.S.-Greek relations, Turkey, the Cyprus problem, NATO’s future, cooperation in the Balkans, Russia, and transnational issues such as energy and weapons of mass destruction. The successful talks encouraged both sides to aim for annual consultations……."

And here's a bit ..."Secretary of State Madeleine Albright recently named Greg Craig as a "special coordinator" of Tibetan affairs..." from (sorry no date given on this one) and World Tibet Network News

5/2/00 The Layman Online "….The Florida Conference Council on Ministries of the United Methodist Church has issued a statement saying that the denomination's General Board of Church and Society acted "in a presumptuous manner" by beginning a fundraising account to hire a lawyer to represent Elian Gonzalez's father……… Recently, the Methodist board, told that its involvement in the Gonzalez case did not meet the denomination's requirements for fundraising and political issues, turned over the legal account to the National Council of Churches. The lawyer for Elian's father is Gregory Craig, one of the attorneys who represented President Clinton during impeachment proceedings…….. "It is painful to see one's church appear to lend support to a government whose record on human rights is not acceptable by Christian standards or the principles of the United Methodist Church," the statement said…….."

TEXT: CRAIG TESTIMONY ON U.S. POLICY TOWARD TIBET Washington -- Although the United States does not conduct diplomatic relations with the Tibetan government-in-exile, the United States urges China to respect Tibet's traditions, according to Gregory Craig, Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues. ……….."Although we have broader concerns about the long-term promotion of human rights throughout China, specific issues related to preservation of Tibetan culture can and should be addressed now," Craig said in November 6 testimony before the House International Relations Committee. …….Craig said that China has taken steps to address the concerns of Tibetans within the Tibetan Autonomous Region and added that he will also be meeting with representatives from both sides. ………"I intend to meet with relevant Chinese government officials, and with representatives from the Tibetan community. I will, furthermore, seek to travel to the region, so that I can assess for myself the circumstances on the ground in Tibet and in the Tibetan exile communities in the area," he said. ………Craig noted that his appointment as Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues does not represent a change in U.S. policy. "The United States, along with every other nation, considers Tibet to be a part of China," he said. …….."

NOVEMBER 6, 1997

"…..Mr. Chairman, I welcome the opportunity to appear before you as the Secretary of State's newly designated special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues. It is an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to serve the United States in this important matter.

Preserving Tibet's unique religious, cultural, and linguistic heritage is an important U.S. policy goal -- one that is an integral part of our overall objective of promoting the protection of human rights in China. In my new position, I will coordinate U.S. government efforts on Tibetan issues to ensure that they are as effective as possible. I will devote special attention to promoting substantive dialogue between the Chinese government and the Dalai Lama or his representatives.

……Tibet is China's poorest region. Although the Chinese have devoted substantial resources to Tibet in recent years, its economy has grown considerably more slowly than that of most other parts of China. Moreover, not all Tibetans view Chinese efforts to stimulate the economy as a positive development. Drawn by economic opportunities in the region, hundreds of thousands of non-Tibetans (many of them Han Chinese) have come in recent years to work on development projects or in related service industries -- often in the higher-paying jobs. In Tibet's main city Lhasa, the so-called "floating population" of non-Tibetans has been estimated at over 200,000 -- roughly half the registered permanent population of 400,000. By contrast, until 1951 there were essentially no Han Chinese living in the region at all. These population inflows pose a serious challenge to the preservation of Tibet's special character. ……Tensions between Tibet and Beijing could also pose dangers for China. The Dalai Lama has consistently advocated policies of non-violence, and has attempted to reach a negotiated solution with the Chinese over Tobet's status and cultural and religious conditions. But despite the Dalai Lama's teachings, some young Tibetans today are contemplating the use of violence in their frustration. The United States disapproves of those tendencies. Examples of the great pain ethnic strife has wrought elsewhere in the world, however, demonstrate the consequences of failing to respect human rights. …..

U.S. policy is clear, and my appointment does not represent a change in our government's position. The United States, along with every other nation, considers Tibet to be a part of China. This policy appears to be consistent with that of the Dalai Lama, who has expressly disclaimed any intention to seek sovereignty or right of nationhood for Tibet, but rather wishes for greater autonomy within China. ………. Because we do not recognize Tibet as an independent state, the United States does not conduct diplomatic relations with the representatives of the Tibetan government-in-exile. We do maintain contact with a wide variety of representatives of different political groups inside and outside of China. This includes contacts with Tibetans in the United States, and individuals in Dharamsala (the location of the government-in-exile). Our contacts include meetings with the Dalai Lama -- in his capacity as an important world spiritual leader and a Nobel laureate. It is a signal of our country's respect that the President and the Vice President have met with him on several occasions, as -- recently -- has Secretary Albright. …….."


7/3/00 PRISONER OF CONSCIENCE - CHINA/TIBET "…….There has been quite a bit of news on our campaign to free prisoner of conscience, Ngawang Pekar. Before I get into this, here's a quick review of the main points of this case. Pekar is a Tibetan monk who was arrested in August 1989 in Lhasa and sentenced to 8 years in prison for his participation in a demonstration. Since he was arrested the peaceful exercise of his right to freedom of expression of conscience, we consider him a "prisoner of conscience" and demand nothing less that complete and unconditional release from prison. We are also concerned over reports that he has been denied access to medical care since his arrest. Recently, his sentence was increased by 6 years when he was caught with a list of prisoners in Drapchi prison. Here's some recent news on the case:……… On November 3rd the State Department named a special coordinator for Tibet affairs. Spokesman James Rubin said the coordinator, director of policy planning Gregory Craig, has a mandate to help preserve Tibet's distinct culture and promote dialogue between the Beijing government and the Dalai Lama. Quoting spokesman James Rubin, "He will seek to advance our overall human rights objectives with respect to Tibet. He will seek in particular to...preserve the unique religious, cultural and linguistic heritage of Tibetans. He will also promote substantive dialogue between the Chinese government and the Dalai Lama or his representatives." Gregory Craig will be the subject of our action this month - more on this later……."

Naftali Bendavid 4/27/00 "….."It appeared that attorney Greg Craig was very much involved [taking of Elian], and as perhaps he should be, but that he even had veto authority over the agreements or agreement that might be reached," Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.) said this week……… What is beyond dispute is Craig's status as a powerhouse Washington lawyer, a combination political-legal fixer of the sort that is a special creature of the capital. Craig, who is 55 and married with five children, attended Harvard University, where he was a leader of the anti-war movement, and Yale Law School, where he met the Clintons………Craig was hired by Williams & Connolly, one of Washington's premier law firms, known for no-holds-barred criminal defense. The firm's attorneys specialize in fighting their clients' battles in all venues--public and political as well as legal—and Craig is a master of that art……….."Greg has a superior talent at the crossroads of policy, politics, media and law," said Robert Barnett, a firm partner who used to be President Clinton's personal lawyer. "That allows him to perform admirably in these difficult, multifaceted cases."………… "

Naftali Bendavid 4/27/00 "….."An early example was the trial of John Hinckley Jr., who attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in 1981. Craig was on the team that formulated Hinckley's insanity defense, which surprised many and angered some by succeeding………At the same time, Craig has been active in Democratic foreign policy circles, periodically leaving his firm to take government jobs. In the mid-1980s he served as foreign policy adviser to Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), helping steer Kennedy through such controversies as the war in El Salvador……….. Craig has kept his foreign policy credentials burnished, serving on the boards of the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Three years ago, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright tapped him to be her director of policy planning, one of the top positions at the State Department……… In addition to helping focus attention on Africa and tending to the nation's sometimes raw relations with Japan, Craig coordinated policy on Tibet--a highly sensitive issue, especially because Clinton held two summits with Chinese leaders during Craig's tenure……….. "

Naftali Bendavid 4/27/00 "….."David Kendall, Clinton's personal lawyer and a Williams & Connolly partner, knew Craig from law school, where they met during a moot court exercise in which Kendall played a prosecutor and Craig a criminal……… Before the House Judiciary Committee, Craig asserted that Clinton may have done wrong but did not break the law. In a much-quoted statement, he said Clinton's testimony in the Paula Jones case was "evasive, incomplete, misleading, even maddening" but not perjury……… At the impeachment trial in the Senate, Craig's presentation was workmanlike though hardly dazzling. He focused relentlessly on the weakest charges and ridiculed them--for example, that Clinton said he had had sexual encounters with Lewinsky "on certain occasions" when it was actually 11, a distinction few could see……….. In the end, of course, the defense prevailed, and so to Leahy, Craig was a natural choice when it was time to locate an attorney for Juan Miguel Gonzalez……… To pay for his services, the Methodist Church has raised about $50,000 so far and aims to raise up to $100,000, with Craig accepting reduced rates, the church says…….."

Codel Report: Congressman Dana Rohrabacher "Panama: Canal Transition and National Security Interests" August 16-19, 1999 "…….5. The Clinton-Balladares-China Connection: The ties between the President Balladares and communist China, as well as the tics between President Clinton’s political entourage and Balladares and China is a matter of serious concern. In 1996, the Canal contract bidding occurred while China was making substantial contributions to the Clinton campaign. Li Ka-Shing is an investor in the Riady family’s Hong Kong China Bank. Clinton crony and former White House Chief of Staff Mack McClarty is the President’s Special Envoy to Latin America and has reportedly spent "a lot of time" in Panama. In 1997, James Carville ran the Balladares campaign to extend his presidency. Clinton lawyer Gregory Craig has represented at least one Balladares crony indicted on drug-smuggling charges in the U.S., and was publicly mentioned by Balladares as the lawyer to possibly represent his interests if the Chinese alien smuggling issue is brought to a U.S. court……."

CNS News 4/3/00 Jim Burns "…..Gregory Craig, the attorney representing Elian Gonzalez's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, tells that he is not being paid by the Cuban government in the ongoing custody battle between the United States and Cuba. "We're receiving private contributions from individuals," Craig told, "who wish to support our representation, and that's all there is to it. No organizations are formally involved. It's mostly individual contributions. " Meanwhile, in a statement released from its Washington headquarters, the General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church said Craig's legal services are being paid through contributions to a humanitarian fund that was established by the organization. "They are assisting in the gathering and solicitations of contributions, that's right," Craig told Officials of the General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church did not return phone calls to seeking comment. ….." 4/18/00 "……In Miami, Cuban-American pediatricians reacted angrily to the claims of Dr. Irwin Redlener, an advisor to Attorney General Janet Reno on transfer procedures. In a letter Redlener released to the media Monday, the doctor said the Cuban shipwreck survivor is in a "state of imminent danger to his physical and emotional well-being." ……… "his child continues to be horrendously exploited in this bizarre and destructive ambience," the letter addressed to Reno said. Redlener, who assembled the panel of mental health experts that met last week with Elian's great-uncle Lazaro Gonzalez, also said the family was making unfounded allegations against the boy's Cuban father. On Wednesday's 60 Minutes II, Redlener tells CBS News Anchor Dan Rather it was the family-released videotape of Elian saying he didn't want to go back to Cuba which upset him most. "The video represents hard-core evidence of the manipulation of this child,"said Redlenner. The Miami doctors say Redlener should keep quiet, since he never examined the boy himself. ……" 4/18/00 "…….As a federal appeals court considers whether the government may act immediately to reunite Elian with his father, a pediatrician advising the government says the child is being psychologically abused by his Miami relatives and should be removed from their home. It is the first time that someone on the government side of the custody debate has criticized how the boy is being treated. lian Gonzalez is now in a state of imminent danger to his physical and emotional well-being in a home that I consider to be psychologically abusive," Dr. Irwin Redlener wrote in a letter to Attorney General Janet Reno and Doris Meissner, the commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service....... The family angrily disputed Redlener's conclusions. "I don't know how one can reach decisions and express them in language as strong as this without seeing the boy," Jose Garcia-Pedrosa, an attorney for the Florida relatives, told ABC's Good Morning America today. "He hasn't been there," he said. "He hasn't spoken with anybody who lives there."..." 4/19/00 Carl Limbacher "…….After just about every establishment newspaper picked up Redlener's recommendation, he hit the morning chat show circuit, telling the likes of "Today Show" host Matt Lauer that it was time for Reno to return the boy to Cuba. The media big boys took Redlener's credentials at face value, treating him as if he was a wholly independent, thoroughly objective professional. But citizen investigators at the website Free Republic took a closer look and uncovered Dr. Redlener's extensive White House connections. They had the goods on the good doctor just hours after he made his big media splash. Turns out, Dr. Redlener was one of 47 medical consultants selected by Hillary Clinton for advice as she developed her Health Care Task Force, the first lady's mammoth plan to nationalize one seventh of the American economy in the name of health care reform. In fact, Redlener even got a public thank you from Hillary during a September 1993 East Room ceremeony. By 1994, the first lady's big plan had gone up in smoke. Sounds like Redlener's advice to Reno isn't a whole lot better than the help he gave to Mrs. Clinton. ….." 3/30/00 Katherine Pfeger AP "…… As the special counsel for President Clinton during his impeachment trial, Craig took the spotlight as one of the president's chief defenders and spokesman for his legal team. Since graduating from Yale law school in 1972, Craig has represented a variety of clients. He helped defend John Hinckley after his failed attempt to assassinate President Reagan and has lobbied Washington power brokers on behalf of a wealthy Haitian family who tried to ward off economic sanctions harmful to their business. About a month ago, Craig - an attorney with a top Washington law firm, Williams & Connolly - traveled to Cuba with two U.S. religious leaders for a meeting with Cuban officials and Gonzalez. He agreed to help Gonzalez try to regain custody of his son Elian, the 6-year-old Cuban refugee who was found floating at sea after a shipwreck more than four months ago. "Our trip to Cuba was really exploratory," said Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell, former general secretary of the National Council of Churches. She went on the Cuba trip and hosted Elian's grandmothers on their visit to the United States. ….."

New York Times 3/30/00 William Safire "……..Charles Ruff, President Clinton's defense counsel in the impeachment trial, was also the last special prosecutor of President Nixon in Watergate; he surely must remember the furor surrounding the unexplained "18 1/2-minute gap" on the tapes. Thanks to a lawsuit filed four years ago by Judicial Watch, we now discover that Ruff presided over the concealment of the Clinton administration's "100,000 e-mail gap." These were the messages sent to the White House between 1996 and 1998, all required by law to be archived, and all part of the "universe of information" required to be reviewed by the White House counsel to respond to subpoenas by prosecutors and Congress. Ruff blithely claims ignorance of technology. When informed of the "glitch" as the impeachment firestorm gathered in 1998, his associates say, Ruff assumed the problem was fixed and the search for subpoenaed evidence was under way. But it was not. And Ruff is neither negligent nor prone to easy assumptions. ….." 4/19/00 Carl Limbacher ".......The media continues to swoon over Dr. Irwin Redlener's recommendation that Elian Gonzalez should be returned to his father forthtwith, even though Redlener's independence is thoroughly compromised by his ties to the Clinton White House. But two weeks ago, a truly independent psychologist hired by ABC News said that taking Elian away from his Miami family just months after losing his mother would put him through a "second death" trauma. Despite the startling prediction, no similar media frenzy ensued. ............ By Wednesday, after most of the alternative press had revealeled Redlener's advisory role in Hillary Clinton's 1993 Health Care Task Force, The New York Times was still reporting his claim that Elian needed to be "rescued" from his "abusive" Miami family, not as White House sponsored agit-prop, but as straightforward news. ....." 4/19/00 Carl Limbacher ".......On top of the doctor's obvious conflict of interest, the press managed to overlook the fact the Redlener is a pediatrician by training, not a psychologist or psychiatrist. Dr. Gunther Perdigo, on the other hand, was the psychologist recruited by ABC News for Diane Sawyer's blockbuster Elian Gonzalez interview last month. Unlike Redlener, he personally examined the boy. ........Perdigo confided to US News & World Report's Steve Roberts that at first he, like Redlener, believed Elian should be returned to his father and ultimately go back to Castro's Cuba. But that was before Perdigo actually talked to the boy. ........"

Washington Times 4/16/98 Steven J. Milloy "........Dr. Redlener "Why are these activists pushing for more after-the-fact management of a disease that is incurable when they could focus on keeping kids from contracting the condition in the first place? Politics, that's why. On April 3, the president of The Children's Health Fund, Dr. Irwin Redlener, issued a press release spelling out the details of his group's "New York Childhood Asthma Initiative." As a battle plan for "Winning the War on Childhood Asthma," Dr. Redlener's proposal is long on expensive medical treatment and almost silent on inexpensive preventive measures." ......"

Reuters 4/17/00 "........Redlener, president of community pediatrics at Children's Hospital at Montefiore in New York, told Attorney General Janet Reno and INS Commissioner Doris Meissner in the letter that the 6-year-old boy should be removed from the Miami home immediately and returned to his father's custody........The prominent New York pediatrician, who also heads the Children's Health Fund, said the child would long have been removed from the care of Lazaro Gonzalez in a less politically charged environment. .......... He took particular issue with a home video that the relatives released to the media, in which the boy angrily tells his father he does not want to return to Cuba, and with recent allegations by the family of abuse by the father. ``There are continued, frantic legal maneuverings of the Miami family, a bevy of new, unfounded allegations of paternal abuse raised by the custodial family about the father's former relationship with Elian and the release of a videotape showing this 6-year-old boy expressing anger and other most unusual behaviors on what appeared to be a coached, homemade recording,'' Redlener wrote. He said the boy should be returned immediately to his father, writing, ``Our country has no reason and no right to continue this unconscionable refutation of a parent's moral right to be with his child.'' ......."

WorldNetDaily 4/19/00 Jon Dougherty ".......The pediatrician advising the U.S. government on how best to handle Elian Gonzalez -- who told the press the 6-year-old Cuban refugee is being "horrendously exploited" and should be "immediately" removed from Miami relatives' home -- was a member of the first lady Hillary Clinton's secretive health care task force. Dr. Irwin Redlener was vice president of the health Professional Review Group for the White House Task Force on National Health Care Reform in 1993, according to biographical information posted on the Children's Health Fund website, a child advocacy and health group of which he is president. The Childrens' Health Fund was founded by Redlener and pop singer Paul Simon to advocate for health care for homeless children. Although very influential, Redlener is seen by critics as a left-leaning physician-activist. On his website, he refers to himself as "Pediatrician/Child Advocate Irwin Redlener, M.D." Redlener made headlines earlier this week when the details of a letter he sent to the Justice Department and the Immigration and Naturalization Service were made public. In the letter, he recommended the government turn the boy over to his father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez -- a viewpoint shared by federal officials, Attorney General Janet Reno and the first lady. Mrs. Clinton said she was opposed to congressional legislation granting Elian permanent U.S. citizenship. ........ "

WorldNetDaily 4/19/00 Jon Dougherty ".......Redlener was asked by INS Commissioner Doris Meissner to provide "strategic guidance regarding management of the Elian Gonzalez case," and to assemble a team of mental health professionals to establish "guidelines to ensure an orderly and positive transfer of the child to the custody of his father," the letter said. However, Redlener has been criticized for his analysis, not only because of his past association with the first lady's health care reform movement, but also because his team based its decision on a videotape showing Elian wagging a finger and shouting that he didn't want to return to Cuba. Neither Redlener nor any team members actually met with the boy or any of his relatives who are currently sheltering him and seeking to keep him in the U.S.......... During his career, Redlener has also served as a physician special consultant to the White House, as well as Expert Consultant to Assistant Secretary for Health, Department of Health and Human Services. Currently he serves as president of the Children's Hospital, Director of the Child Health Network, and Director of Community Pediatrics at New York's Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx......."

Freeper tallhappy 4/18/00 ".......

American Medical Information Physician Directory

April 2000

Irwin E Redlener M.D.

317 E 64th ST

New York, NY 10021-6704

(212) 535-9400

New York County


MEDICAL-SCHOOL: University Of Miami School Of Medicine




PRI-BRD-SPEC: Pediatrics



COMPANY: Childrens Health Fund

HEALTH PROFESSIONALS TO REVIEW CLINTON PROPOSAL AS IT DEVELOPS White House April 22, 1993 ........ "The practical test for implementation of any health plan must be a critical review by health professionals and the patients they serve," said Ira Magaziner, the director of the Health Care Task Force. A list of the 47 health professionals on the group follows. They are legally considered special government employees, although they are not being paid for their work. HEALTH PROFESSIONALS REVIEW GROUP

Irwin Redlener, MD Vice Chair, Health Professionals Review Group Chief, Community Pediatrics, Montefiore Medical Center Pediatrician Bronx, New ......"



Q Okay. Just returning briefly to the phone message.

A Back to Redlener.

Q I'll make this Exhibit 13. It has a New York phone number, if that helps. It's 11:02, May 26th meeting with Jeff Eller. I guess Dr. Redlener was, it says, getting together with Jeff Eller and others.

[Lindsey Deposition Exhibit No. 13

was marked for identification.]


Q What do you think about his meeting with Jeff are you arranging of which he has a memo?

A If you want me to guess what I think this is; my gut is that some time when we were in New York that Mr. Redlener tried to engage a conversation with the President about maybe health care. I'm making this up.

Q Okay. Well, if you don't know, I'm not asking you to speculate.

A Oftentimes I become sort of a contact for people who see the President. Because the President says, why don't you talk to Bruce about that, then I end up talking to them and then they follow up and I try to put them with whoever the appropriate person is, you know, to deal with that.

So Jeff, around this time, I think was also -- was also doing health care, though it may have been later. My guess is that he had an issue that I -- that he wanted to talk to the President about, the President gave to me, that I said the right person you need to talk to is Mr. Eller. And then when I got back, I tried to arrange a meeting, or put the two people together for a meeting.

Pharmacotherapy News Network May 8, 1998

New York legislators are taking the lead on the effort to track asthma by making it a reportable disease, noted Irwin Redlener of The Children's Fund. "Having the capacity to track and locate asthma cases in children would be a major advance," Redlener maintained. "With asthma, we should have zero fatalities and zero tolerance.... Asthma isn't curable, but it's totally manageable and acute attacks are preventable."


Council for Secular Humanism An Appropriate Carl Sagan Memorial - In a Church

Other speakers included Irwin Redlener, a pediatrician-friend who called attention to Carl's passion, humor, and forgiveness.

The New York Times 1/16/00 Westchester Weekly Desk Dona Greene "......: FOR more than three decades, Dr. Irwin Redlener of New Rochelle, president of the Children's Hospital at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, has worked on behalf of children who, usually because of their economic circumstances, are underserved by the health care system. Frustrating? Yes, he admits, but he hopes that today's prosperity will result in policies that will help the 20 million or so American children who are without health insurance or otherwise have problems obtaining health care. ......... Dr. Redlener is president and co-founder of the Children's Health Fund, a philanthropic organization, which he and the singer Paul Simon established in 1987 to support health care programs for children. He is also professor of pediatrics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and a lecturer in pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. His wife, Karen, with whom he works on many of his projects, is director of the New York Children's Health Project.

Here are excepts from a recent conversation with Dr. Redlener:

Q. With a hospital being built at Montefiore and another at the Westchester Medical Center, will there not be too many children's units in this region?

A. We are so far behind when it comes to children's hospitals that we could actually probably use, besides the two you mentioned, one in southern Manhattan or Brooklyn. In terms of pure need, let me give you an idea of what it is: in Philadelphia, where there are about 200,000 children, there are three children's hospitals. In the Bronx alone there are almost 400,000 children, and with southern Westchester over 400,000 children, and there has never been a children's hospital in the Bronx even though it is the largest and most medically undeserved urban area in the United States.......

Q. Who is financing the New York Children's Health Project now?

A. My foundation, and by the way two-thirds of the money we raise, which is between $5 million and $6 million a year, is from corporate partnerships. ......"

The New York Times 7/10/99 Bob Herbert ".......If you want to see something shaky, take a look at the health of the homeless kids in New York. The homeless got a lot of air time in the 80's, but that's over. The mask of the triumphant suburbanite is the face of the 90's, and poverty is no longer discussed in polite company. .........Bill Clinton and Rudolph Giuliani dumped the slackers off the welfare rolls and a nation applauded. Forget about the effect on kids. We learned in Littleton, if we hadn't realized it before, that our concern with children depends largely on where and what color they are. ........There remain, however, in this dismal and cynical environment, some remarkable individuals who insist on donning unfashionable trunks and swimming upstream. Dr. Irwin Redlener, the president of the Children's Hospital at Montefiore Medical Center, is one of them. In addition to his position at the hospital, Dr. Redlener is president of the Children's Health Fund, a nonprofit group that provides desperately needed pediatric services to homeless children. ......... The most serious problem is the asthma that is rampant among homeless children. An astonishing 38 percent of the more than 8,000 kids in the city's shelter system have asthma. Dr. Redlener said that was "the highest prevalence of asthma in any child population that's ever been reported." He said, "This worries me a great deal, because asthma is, first of all, life-threatening for children. But besides that, even in its milder forms, it fits into the category of chronic conditions that adversely affect the ability of a child to function in school." ......."

The New York Times 12/27/88 "........''The Steinberg Case and Trends in Child Abuse: Sometimes the Law Is Helpless as a Child'' (Week in Review, Dec. 11) gives an unfortunate and incomplete view of the situation in child abuse. Douglas J. Besharov of the American Enterprise Institute and other critics are in the habit of pointing to the increasing number of ''unfounded'' child-abuse reports to highlight what they believe to be society's inappropriate intrusion into the privacy of the family. The intended inference of this view is that these reports are merely nuisance reports or otherwise unjustified. ........ It is also true, though misleading, that the majority of case reports involve neglect rather than the more dramatic abuse. This is also of little comfort. Neglect, as Mr. Besharov must know if he is familiar with recent fatality studies in New York, is responsible for roughly half the deaths involving children. Therefore, neglect is as dangerous as abuse. Indeed, the assertion you quote by Martin Guggenheim of the New York University Law School that ''most neglect is nothing more than poverty,'' ''nothing more than dirty homes and less than safe conditions,'' is both untrue and irresponsible. ....... Wat we really need is a fairer accounting of resources for children's needs, more services for children and families, and more resources for assessing child protection. This will require more money. However, there is abundant evidence that the cost of not dealing with these family problems preventively is already costing us dearly in the form of drugs, crime, delinquency and lost lives. When will we learn? DANIEL B. KESSLER IRWIN E. REDLENER, MARIA I. NEW New York, Dec. 14, 1988 ......"

Freeper mass55th "…..Over the past few days, we've been seeing and hearing an awful lot from the young Congressman from Tennessee, Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. According to his official website:

"Prior to his election to Congress, Ford worked under the leadership of the late U.S. Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown as a Special Assistant to the Economic Development Administration in 1993. He also served as a Special Assistant to the Justice/Civil Rights Cluster in the 1992 Clinton/Gore Transition Team and as an aide to the Senate Budget Committee under former U.S. Senator James Sasser. Congressman Ford coordinated the 1992 and 1994 re-election campaigns of his father. Congressman Ford received his law degree from the University of Michigan School of Law in 1996. He earned a bachelor's degree in American History from the University of Pennsylvania in 1992. Born in Memphis, Tennessee on May 11, 1970, Congressman Ford is the oldest son of former U.S. Representative Harold E. Ford and Dorothy Bowles Ford of Memphis. He has two brothers, Newton Jake and Sir Isaac Ford. "

Freeper mass55th "…..How interesting that the young Mr. Ford was a close assistant to the now dead Ron Brown. I'm sure he's counted his blessings numerous times for not having been on that flight with the good Commerce Secretary. Now for some interesting tid-bits about the Ford family. These are chonological excerpts from various news articles that have appeared in the Washington Times and The Lexington Herald-Leader starting from the most recent in 1999 and going back to 1990. After reading them, I'm sure you'll understand this young man's necessity to use the race card to defend the crooks in the White House. Afterall, his father was so good at it and if it worked for might just work for Junior!

Lexington Herald-Leader in April 1999: "Rep. Harold Ford Jr., D-Tenn., has written to Vice President Al Gore's office about a pardon for the Rev. Fred Sauer. Ford said Friday he was acting on behalf of General Sessions Judge Tim Dwyer and the Catholic Diocese of Memphis. On June 29, 1996, Sauer set fire to a curtain behind the altar in the Church of the Nativity, the parish he had served since 1990. No one was hurt, but the fire caused about $27,000 in damage. Sauer confessed a few days later. He blamed his actions on clinical depression, alcoholism and personal problems that included the death of his mother."

Washington Times- May 12, 1998: "Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson called for Democratic members of the Education and Workforce Committee who take Teamsters money to recuse themselves from the probe. Although the case is being handled by an investigations subcommittee, Democratic members of the full committee have taken an unusually active role in theproceedings. 'These Democratic members have serious conflicts of interest,' Mr. Nicholson said. 'It's sort of like Bonnie and Clyde investigating bank fraud. They cannot be impartial, and they should step aside.' Committee Democrats who take Teamsters money reacted in a variety of ways after Rep. Peter Hoekstra, chairman of the investigations subcommittee, announced in August that the panel would investigate the union. Rep. Harold E. Ford Jr. has no such qualms, according to his spokesman, Mark Schuermann. The Tennessee Democrat received $10,000 from the Teamsters and $12,500 from the other three unions since 1995, according to the Center for Responsive Politics."

Lexington Herald-Leader- August 1996: "Rep. Harold Ford is retiring after 22 years and successfully annoited his son, Harold Ford Jr., to carry on as Tennessee's only black member of Congress. With 72 percent of precincts reporting, the younger Ford was declared the winner with 62 percent, to state Sen. Steve Cohen's 33 percent. "

Washington Times- December 2, 1994: WEBSTER HUBBELL'S WOES: February 1993: "While serving a temporary 120-day appointment with no title at the Justice Department, Mr. Hubbell is accused of intervening in the retrial of Rep. Harold E. Ford, Tennessee Democrat, reversing the department's position on a jury-selection issue. "

Washington Times- November 13, 1994: "Rep. Harold E. Ford, who is headed for an 11th term in Congress, announced Election Night that he would not represent the wealthy whites who voted for his opponent. 'I know where those devils live,' the Tennessee Democrat said, referring to Rod DeBerry's white supporters, many of whom live in the affluent Memphis suburb of Germantown. 'There was a time when I didn't ask whether you voted for me,' Mr. Ford said at a victory rally. 'I'm going to serve notice for the district tonight that there is going to be a new policy.' Mr. Ford's vow not to represent the entire district enraged residents of east Memphis, and one man threatened to sue. "

Washington Times- March 4, 1993: "Attorney General-designate Janet Reno will be asked during Senate confirmation hearings next week for 'a full accounting' of Justice Department efforts to oust a predominantly white jury and move the fraud trial of Rep. Harold E. Ford to his hometown. "

Freeper mass55th "….. [My question: Why was it wrong for four white police officers asked for a change of venue, but it wasn't wrong for the Justice Dept. to ask for one on behalf of Rep. Ford?]

Lexington Herald-Leader- April 10, 1993: "MEMPHIS -- A federal court jury yesterday acquitted Rep. Harold Ford of charges he took political payoffs from two former bankers and political allies. The U.S. District court jury acquitted the Tennessee Democrat on 18 counts of conspiracy, bank and mail fraud. Ford, 47, has been on trial since March 1 on charges he took bogus loans from former Tennessee bankers Jake and C.H. Butcher Jr. Ford brought his left hand to his face and sat quietly in his chair while the jury returned the verdict. Supporters cheered before Judge Jerome Turner admonished them. The congressman's two co-defendants, former Butcher attorneys Douglas Beaty and Karl Schledwitz, also were acquitted. They were charged with conspiracy to commit bank fraud and mail fraud. According to the Washington Times article of April 14, 1993: "The Rev. Samuel Billy Kyles, pastor of Monumental Baptist Church in Memphis, had warned that a frustrated black community might riot if Mr. Ford were convicted. 'I just wanted people to understand that the tension was there and all that is needed is a triggering mechanism,' Mr. Kyles said yesterday. 'Civil disobedience has gotten us what we have,' said Mr. Kyles, who was standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel next to Dr. Martin Luther King when he was gunned down in 1968. 'We haven't forgotten how to use those tactics. I went to jail to sit on the front of the bus. The justice system has not been on our side and we may have to do more of this sort of thing.' Mr. Ford, Tennessee's first black congressman and a powerhouse in the Democratic Party here, was tried on 18 counts of bank and mail fraud. During his first trial in 1990, Mr. Ford called on the black community for solidarity, and the jury deadlocked along racial lines, with eight blacks voting to acquit and four whites voting to convict. On Friday, the jurors - 11 white, one black - acquitted Mr. Ford amid threats from the black community that they would riot if the jury did anything else."

Lexington Herald-Leader- March 15, 1992: "Listed as one of the worst bouncers of checks in the House. Name includes number of bounced checks and the number of months his negative balance exceeded his next paycheck: Rep. Harold E. Ford, D-Tenn., 388 and 31

Lexington Herald-Leader- August 5, 1991: "U.S. Rep. Harold Ford, D-Tenn., says he's not eager to repeat a four-hour stay in jail, but he thinks his talk with inmates turned out well. ''Next time I think I might sign the ticket,' said Ford, who was jailed Friday night in Memphis, Tenn., for refusing to sign a speeding ticket. Memphis police cited Ford for allegedly traveling 55 mph in a 40-mph zone near his home and for driving with a revoked registration. Ford was arrested when he refused to sign the ticket, even though his signature would not be an admission of guilt. A hearing is scheduled for today. 'I had never gotten a ticket before, and I didn't know that you had to sign a ticket,' Ford said Saturday. The stay wasn't a complete loss because his talk with inmates 'turned into one of the greatest town hall sessions a congressman could ever have.' ''

Lexington Herald-Leader- April 28, 1990: "MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A mistrial was declared yesterday in the bank fraud trial of U.S. Rep. Harold Ford after the jury said it was hopelessly deadlocked. The congressman was accused of taking $1 million in political favors in the form of loans that prosecutors said he was never expected to repay to Tennessee banking brothers Jake and C.H. Butcher Jr. Jury foreman H.O. Robinson reported the deadlock after U.S. District Judge Odell Horton removed one of the 12 panel members for failing to disclose a past felony conviction. That development did not figure in the mistrial. Ford, 44, a Democrat from Memphis, had been on trial since Feb. 12 on charges of conspiracy, bank and mail fraud. The congressman said he regarded the mistrial as a victory."

Freeper by Freep Mail "…..A Little Background Information on the Fords of Tennessee …….. Harold Ford, after the candidate he backed won the mayor's race in the early nineties, spoke at the victory celebration and called his the voters who voted for his opposition "white devils." …….. They are like the mafia of Memphis. That mayor's race I referred to was the election of Memphis' first black mayor, defeating incumbent Mayor Hackett, who was a fine man and great mayor. Hackett lost by a couple hundred votes---a tiny fraction of a percent. It was clear to everyone the election had been fixed by the Fords. They control the ballot boxes and the polls in half the city (the black parts.) Hackett---in the interest of civil peace---conceded without a recount, which would have been a routine, understandable request in a race that close even in spite of the fact that the Fords are notorious ballot-box stuffers. …….In South Memphis---the Ford's base---for thirty years, they famously vote the dead, whose votes appear from their graves in the Ford column; they send buses to all the housing projects and government old-folks homes on election day and bus them all to the polls, shuttling buses, and each person can vote for as long as they want, i.e., they vote, circle around, vote again, an on and on, until they're ready to go home. …….."

Freeper by Freep Mail "…..Most recently the Ford brothers are tapped into a program they created in the state capital by which the state subsidizes daycare centers. So the politicians create daycare centers everywhere, give the kids kool aid and saltines, and then charge the state 200 bucks per kid per day. A great racket. ……"

Freeper katze 5/5/00 "……Not only did Hubbell intervene in Ford Sr's trial, according to the WSJ, in Feb 12, 1998 Review & Outlook, managed to get a reversal of the DoJ position (follows): "March 1993: Installed as the Justice Department "liaison" to the White House, Webster Hubbell brokers a meeting with the congressional Black Caucus that leads to the reversal of the Justice Department position in the Memphis corruption trial of Rep. Harold Ford. The U.S. attorney and two assistants resign."….."

Freeper Redbob 5/5/00 "…..Note the father's long contempt for the laws of Tennessee, especially the traffic laws. Not mentioned in this article was the incident involving Ford Sr. driving down I-40 between Memphis and Nashville at high speeds, brandishing a pistol at any motorist that got in his way. ……"

Freeper Joe Montana "…..Sometime ago we were discussing Senator Bob Graham from Florida and his relationship to the owners of the Washington Post. You had asked me what the relationship was to the owners of the Post and I didn't know. Apparently his brother was one of the publishers. Bob Graham, the senior senator from Florida, was born November 9, 1936 in Dade County, Florida. Senator Graham is the son of Ernest "Cap" Graham, a Florida state senator, mining engineer, and dairy/cattleman, who died in 1964, and Hilda Simmons Graham, a schoolteacher, who died in 1973. He is the youngest of four children which include Philip Graham, former publisher of The Washington Post and Newsweek, who died in 1963; William Graham, chairman of The Graham Companies, Miami Lakes, Florida; and Mary Crow, who died in 1985. ….."

Time 12/21/98 Ed Barnes "…. ..........As part of their case, Hoffa's lawyers plan to detail the "work product" of CHARLES RUFF, now White House counsel, who briefly worked for the Teamsters under Carey. In 1993 Ruff allegedly paid Jack Palladino, a San Francisco private detective, more than $150,000 out of Teamsters funds for unspecified services. A House subcommittee that had tried to investigate the payment was stymied by legal objections from Ruff and Carey. There have been allegations that the money was for work Palladino did for Clinton in his 1992 campaign to keep stories of sexual misconduct from becoming public, or that the money was used to suppress Teamster dissidents. Ruff has denied the allegations as "false and nonsensical."... "

Laboring Against America summer/99 Michael Moroney: "……. In 1978 wannabe Stephen Brill, Clinton's ultimate supporter, wrote a book that painted Teamster Ron Carey as a family man with an extremely modest income. Brill did not mention that Carey 's Queens local union was controlled by the mob. Boosted by Brill and a far-left reputed rank-and-file reform group, Carey emerged in 1992 as a national Teamsters reform leader. By 1993, Carey 's secret life had caught up with him. Stories in The New York Times, TIME magazine and Business Week began to unravel Carey's facade of reform. He tried to end court supervision over the union; appointed a mob associate to run a corrupt airfreight local in New York; the former boss of New York 's Lucchese crime family identified him as a mob figure; and in early 1994 a treasure trove of real estate Carey owned with his close friend and female business partner in the Florida Keys was revealed. With the press hounds on his heels, Carey arranged to meet union lawyer Harold Ickes, then Bill Clinton's New York campaign manager. Millions of Teamsters PAC money and support started flowing to Clinton. Carey 's new allies on the left and the Clinton Justice Department soon rallied to his defense. Expecting to get away with it, Carey 's minions then embezzled approximately $885,000 of union funds to get him re-elected, and as Carey was about to fall on corruption charges, he pulled off the famous UPS strike-the ultimate Wag the Dog trick. …….. Now that he has been expelled from the union, and several of his campaign aides pled guilty, Carey 's friends in the AFL-CIO, AFSCME and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) who escaped accountability continue to funnel union money to the Democratic Party. ……"

excite news 5/6/00 AP "……NATO top commander in Europe, says he clashed with the Pentagon over the possibility of sending ground forces into Kosovo last year. In a Dutch newspaper interview published today, Clark said he realized shortly after the start of the air campaign against Yugoslavia that "a serious ground troop option ... had to be prepared" in case the air campaign was unsuccessful. Top U.S. defense officials made no move to exercise that option, though, and Clark said the two sides maintained different positions. Clark led the 78-day air war that forced Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to pull his troops out of Kosovo in June and make way for a NATO-led peacekeeping mission…… Clark said he was given authorization to draw up contingency plans if the air war failed. He presented the plans to the Pentagon in mid-May. "No one disputed them," he said. "But I never got approval from the Pentagon and other NATO countries to begin with real planning for ground forces. The decision was never taken because Milosevic gave in…..."

Freeper by Freep mail "….Ford was eyeball-deep in another Tennessee scandal in the 80's, called "the Butcher bank." Another Dem machine poltician and gov candidate, Jake Butcher, did time after bilking depositors out of big $ in an East Tennessee bank failure. …….. the city Ford represents, Memphis, has, according to FBI stats (which you can BET are VASTLY understated for several reasons incl political correctness, chamber-of-commerce stuff, etc.) there are 60,000 *career criminals* in this city of 700,000 residents. Gangs run free. Businesses can't exist in Memphis because there aren't enough people in the labor pool who have basic skills, much less function at the H.S. level. The average h.s. grad in the Fords' city reads at the 6th grade level.... Oh well, corruption in my hometown is one thing i know about……."

The Washington Post 8/24/80 "…….. WASHINGTON builder Nathan Landow -- who lost an expected ambassadorship early in the Carter Administration after publicity about his ties to major underworld figures -- is in line to become a U.S. representative to the United Nations General Assembly at this fall's 35th session. His nomination, coming at a time when Cngress is getting ready to go into a Labor Day weekend adjornment, could result in a "recess appointment" where he would serve without confirmation on an interim basis until the Senate Foreign Relations Committee gets around to studying the matter. However, one source on Capitol Hill said last week that the Landow nomination will be carefully scrutinized once Congress reconvenes. Senators are expected to ask Landow about his connections to three men: ….
……Washington gambling kingpin Joe Nesline, who acted as a "consultant" on a proposed hotel and casino project which Landow had intended at one point to build in Atlantic City. ….
…..Edward Cellini, an internationally known gambling figure who is the brother of former Meyer Lansky associate Dino Cellini. Landow was involved with Cellini on another proposed hotel-casino project that had been proposed, but never built, on the island of St. Maarten. ….
…….. Anthony Plate, the Gambino organized crime family's alleged representative in Miami who was indicted last year in New York on racketeering charges involving murder and loan sharking. A spokesman for the Justice Department's Organized Crime unit says that Plate is now missing and presumed dead. ….."

Information Bank Abstracts MIAMI HERALD 2/10/80 "…..ABSTRACT: First in two-part series on White House Chief-of-Staff Hamilton Jordan's friends focuses on Nathan Landow, Maryland finance director for Pres Carter's '80 election campaign. Notes Jordan met Landow through their mutual friend John Golden. Discusses Landow's ties to underworld figure Joseph Nesline. Landow has risen, in past 20 years, from liquor-store clerk with high school education to developer with net worth exceeding $10 million. ……"

The Washington Post 1/26/78 "……. Two prominent Washington investors with connections to the Carter administration were involved in a proposal to build a hotel and gambling casino in Atlantic City, with Washington gambling king pin Joe Nesline as a consultant. The investors are multimillionaire builder Nathan Landow and Smith Bagley, a Reynolds tobacco heir. Landow is under consideration for appointment as U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands. Bagley has in the past been rumored to be in line for several diplomatic posts, including U.S. chief of protocol and U.S. ambassador to Great Britain. Nesline's involvement with the casino venture became known Jan. 14, when federal and local police raided Nesline's Bethesda apartment as part of a federal investigation of gambling here……. However, Landow said he did not know Nesline to be an important illegal gambling figure. Nesline, who lives in the luxurious Promenade highrise apartment building owned by Landow at 5225 Pooks Hill Rd. in Bethesda, has been an internationally known gambling figure for 40 years.. ……."

The Washington Post 1/26/78 "…….With an arrest record spanning four decades. Nesline has been charged with bribery and bootlegging as well as gambling. He was convicted of carrying a deadly weapon in the fatal shooting of a man at point-blank range in an after-hours club in 1951. In more recent years, Nesline has been associated with a casino on Yugoslavia's Adriatic coast.. …."

The Washington Post 1/26/78 "……. The proposed Altlantic City hotel-casino project, which never reached fruition because of financial problems, was not the only gambling venture in which Nesline had been involved with Landow. Also found in the raid on Nesline's apartment was a large color photograph of an architectural rendering for another proposed hotel-casino deal on the Carribean island of St. Maarten's in which Nesline was acting as a middleman. …….. Involved in the St. Maarten's venture were Landow and Edward Celini, a brother of Dino Cellini, a former associate of organized crime figure Meyer Lansky. Edward Cellini formerly ran the Paradise Island casino operation in Nassau, the Bahamas for Resorts International, but he was let go. ……… Cellini brother Dino, according to Peloquin, had been operating a gambling club in Holland until recently, when he became ill with cancer. Edward Cellini was already operating one hotel casino. The Concord, on St. Maarten's when he and Landow were brought together by Nesline two years ago.. …….."

Freeper AppyPappy 5/3/00 "…… Scandal driver IT'S been a long way down for Craig Livingstone, who was the White House security chief before the Filegate scandal broke in 1996. Livingstone was fired after it was discovered he had improperly asked the FBI to turn over the secret background files on more than 400 Republican staffers. Now he's a limo driver. Jeffrey Podalsky, the arts and entertainment editor at George magazine, was heading to the D.C. airport on Sunday, exhausted from playing host to Kevin Spacey, Heidi Klum, Gary Busey and John Waters at the White House Correspondents after-party. "I looked at his profile and thought he looked familiar," Podalsky told us. "He said, 'I'm Craig Livingstone. I'm a victim of Filegate.' I'm thinking, 'That's Washington. Even the limo driver was involved in a Clinton scandal.' But he was an excellent driver."

Washington Post 4/28/00 Thomas Ricks "….. Lt. Gen. Claudia J. Kennedy, the highest-ranking woman in the Army, served on the boards of three Florida companies started by Democratic fundraiser Terence McAuliffe, a close friend of President Clinton, a Washington-based watchdog group said yesterday. The Center for Public Integrity said Kennedy sat on the boards of two holding companies and one insurance company that were started in 1997 and dissolved last year without making any profits……The center said Kennedy's service on the boards might violate Defense Department ethics rules. ….."

Reuters 1/20/99 "…….Julia Taft, an assistant secretary of state handling refugee and humanitarian affairs, was named U.S. special coordinator for Tibetan affairs on Wednesday. She succeeds Greg Craig, the former State Department planning director who is now one of the lawyers defending President Bill Clinton in his Senate impeachment trial. Like Craig, Taft will continue in her current position while taking on responsibilities for Tibet, one of the most sensitive issues in U.S.-Chinese relations, officials said. The appointment was made by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright……." 4/26/00 Rich Galen "…… * Juan Miguel Gonzalez had certain advantages in the negotiations with the Miami relatives because his attorney, Greg Craig, had certain advantages:
(1) Craig has a briefcase full of IOUs signed by the president of these United States, Bill Clinton;
(2) He had absolute veto power over any deal - this was not a negotiation between the Miami family, the INS, and the Justice Department. It was a negotiation with the INS and the Justice Department on behalf of Greg Craig;
(3) Craig knew he had the advantage of having people with guns to back up his decisions, so;
(4) He knew he really never had to negotiate at all……"

WorldNetDaily 4/27/00 Paul Sperry "…… The politics of personal (wealth) destruction As Joel I. Klein and his trustbusters guzzled champagne earlier this month, working Americans with hard-earned cash in the stock market reached for the Pepto-Bismol. And they're still reaching. …… When a politically pliant judge officially agreed on April 3, Microsoft's shares tanked, dragging the tech-heavy Nasdaq -- and college and retirement funds -- down with it. Meanwhile, Klein celebrated. The smaller-cap index stood at 4572.83 on March 31, the last trading day before Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson ruled that the government now has the right to possibly dismember one of the most successful companies in history. After yesterday's loss, the Nasdaq shrank back to 3630.09. The index has now lost 21 percent of its value since the Microsoft news. Of course, the case against Microsoft is nonsense on stilts. Only government can create a coercive monopoly by erecting barriers to entry. Bill Gates built his empire in a free market, on the shoulders of happy consumers. ……"

WorldNetDaily 4/27/00 Paul Sperry "…… Many Microsoft shareholders may be interested to know that Klein got his start sitting in Vincent Foster's old chair in the White House counsel's office. He took over the late Foster's office -- and many of his scandal-containment duties -- in late 1993. Klein's top job was controlling political damage from the Whitewater investigation. When he wasn't doing that, he allegedly was digging up dirt on enemies and perceived enemies of the Clintons. A busy man for sure. Linda Tripp worked with Klein in the White House counsel's office in 1993 and 1994. "Joel Klein was someone who scared me," she said in a Jan. 6, 1999, deposition with Judicial Watch Inc., the first couple's vexatious litigant. ...... Histrionics? Maybe. But consider these specifics she offered in another deposition taken Jan. 22, 1999. Recalling a private chat with Klein's assistant Julie Mixell, Tripp said, "She said that you don't want to cross Mr. Klein. She intimated to me that he kept information on people who crossed him." ……Not just random information, but an inventory of files -- full of dirt.
Q: Where are these files stored?
A: In Mr. Klein's office.
Q: In a file cabinet?
A: Yes, in (a) file credenza, as I remember. ……… Bear in mind that Tripp wasn't saying all this in a relaxed setting, egged on by "Clinton-haters." She said it in the presence of a federal court magistrate and a phalanx of Justice Department lawyers. You have to wonder if the files moved with Klein to his Justice digs (he took Mixell with him). Do they include FBI dossiers? Is there a file on Bill Gates? ……."

WorldNetDaily 4/27/00 Paul Sperry "…… In 1994, Klein made a comment that stuck in Tripp's mind. After a meeting in his office, Klein came back out into the foyer with a number of other White House lawyers and said: "We are all good lawyers. But in order to survive, we have to be good politicians, too." There you have it, the Clinton formula in a nutshell: Politics + legal manipulation = survival and more power. ….."

Wall St. Journal; Judicial Watch 4/28/00 Freeper jbb "……. The Washington Wire in the Wall St. Journal today is reporting that Judge Charles Wilson worked for Reno from 1994 - 1999. It said the Justice Dept was "stunned" by the ruling last week and "reassured" by the ruling yesterday. I also checked out Judicial Watch's list of FBI files and a Charles Michael Wilson is on the list - I'm not sure if they are one and the same - perhaps someone can find ….."

AFP 4/27/00 "….. In a country wary of any hint of US meddling, Mexico's two leading presidential hopefuls are seeking to play down the role of US political consultants in their campaigns for the July 2 elections. Officials of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) have only reluctantly conceded that James Carville worked as a consultant for Francisco Labastida's campaign, while the National Action Party (PAN) said Dick Morris had had only a few meetings with Vicente Fox. Controversy over the participation of US image makers in the Mexican campaign was fueled on Thursday as the Milenio daily claimed that Carville and Morris were in town earlier in the week to help prep the two leading candidates for a crucial candidate debate. ……" 4/27/00 "…… Judicial Watch will file a letter late today or tomorrow morning with the Treasury Department seeking an immediate investigation to find out who is paying Greg Craig, the lawyer representing Juan Miguel Gonzalez. Larry Klayman, chairman of Judicial Watch, informed that the Treasury Department's Office of Asset Controls strictly regulated and prohibited business transactions with Cuba. "You can't do business with communist Cuba," Klayman said, explaining the purpose of the letter. ……."

Reuters 1/20/99 "….Julia Taft, an assistant secretary of state handling refugee and humanitarian affairs, was named U.S. special coordinator for Tibetan affairs on Wednesday. She succeeds Greg Craig, the former State Department planning director who is now one of the lawyers defending President Bill Clinton in his Senate impeachment trial. Like Craig, Taft will continue in her current position while taking on responsibilities for Tibet, one of the most sensitive issues in U.S.-Chinese relations, officials said. The appointment was made by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright……."

Media Research Center 5/11/00 "……. Donna Dees-Thomases, the organizer of Sunday's so-called Million Mom March, is far from the apolitical housewife portrayed by the media, FNC's Brit Hume revealed Wednesday night. But she's actually even more connected to liberal and partisan politics than Hume disclosed. ……. On the May 10 Special Report with Brit Hume the anchor of the same name told FNC viewers: …….. "Donna Dees-Thomases, the New Jersey woman who's leading the so-called Million Mom March on Washington to promote gun control, has been characterized in nearly all media accounts as a housewife and mother who was moved to act by TV footage of a shooting at a day camp. It turns out, however, that she's also a professional public relations specialist who most recently worked for Dan Rather at CBS News. And she's the sister-in-law of Susan Thomases, Hillary's Clinton's long-time close friend and political adviser." …….She's also a former Capitol Hill staff member for two Democratic Senators and a contributor to Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign. ……"

Washington Times 5/29/00 "……Well, he said it. For all intents and purposes, Lee Radek, the head of the Justice Department's so-called public integrity section, has publicly called two senior FBI officials liars. To be sure, somebody is not telling the truth. But all the circumstantial evidence points to Mr. Radek and not to the FBI. Moreover, either Attorney General Janet Reno is lying as well; or her memory and mind are operating so poorly that they should disqualify her from holding a position of such responsibility……... In that memo, Mr. Freeh told Mr. Esposito that he had discussed Mr. Radek's remarks with Miss Reno and had strongly urged her to recuse both herself and Mr. Radek from the investigation of the Democrats 1996 fund-raising practices and to seek the appointment of an independent counsel. When the Associated Press learned of the memo last week, Mr. Radek issued a statement asserting that he had "no recollection of ever saying I was under pressure because the attorney general's job hung in the balance." The next day Miss Reno declared that she had no "recollection" of a meeting with Mr. Freeh in which the FBI director told her of Mr.Radek's comments about the pressure and about her job hanging in the balance. No recollection? At that very moment, Miss Reno's job did in fact hang in the balance. …." 1/2000 "…..``I am not torn by this decision at all,'' a calm but forceful Meissner told The Herald during the 45-minute interview. ``I feel more right about this than many other decisions I've made, because this is about a parent and a child, one of the most fundamental things.'' The commissioner said she ``cannot imagine what it would be like to lose one parent and then face the prospect of not having the other parent,'' although she has known personal loss. Her husband, Charles Meissner, an assistant commerce secretary, died with Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and others when their plane crashed in Croatia in 1996….."

Insight Magazine 6/19/00 J Michael Waller "…… Long-term intelligence operations can span generations, moving from father to son. That's how it was with Julius Hammer and his son Armand, who laundered money to establish the first Soviet espionage networks in the United States and who waged an espionage and agent-of-influence campaign for Moscow that began under Vladimir Lenin and outlived the Soviet Union, ending with the younger Hammer's death. Some U.S. intelligence professionals have viewed with deepening concern the two generations of relations between Armand Hammer and the family of Vice President Al Gore. ……… In a recent cover story on Gore's lifelong connection with Hammer, Insight's John Elvin quoted Center for Public Integrity Director Charles Lewis as saying, "Al Gore's relationship to the late Armand Hammer is important for many reasons" (see "Gore Family Ties," May 22). Among them: "There is no U.S. company that Gore is closer to, financially or socially, than Occidental [Petroleum Corp.], one of the most controversial in America." Elvin reported, "FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover had been observing Hammer's operations since the 1920s and was well-aware of his role as a Soviet agent, but Hoover also was aware of the political realities. ……. Later, Al Gore Sr. chaired the Senate committee overseeing FBI activities. Through Gore and other top Washington connections, Hammer continued to checkmate Hoover." …….Former Hammer personal assistant Neil Lyndon said that the Soviet agent liked to claim that he had the elder Gore "in my back pocket." Lyndon said that when he worked for Hammer the younger Gore, now vice president, often dined with Hammer and did political favors for him. Gore Jr. orchestrated VIP treatment for Hammer during President Reagan's 1981 inauguration and the 1989 inauguration of President Bush. Gore and Hammer appeared together in Moscow for a Soviet-orchestrated meeting in 1987 of Physicians Against Nuclear War. Lyndon. "He had little choice. He inherited from his father the mantle of being Hammer's principal boy in Washington. Gore's father effectively delivered his son into Armand Hammer's back pocket." ………..Even though Hammer has been dead for eight years, the vice president and would-be successor to Clinton still is in the pocket. He recently told reporters that he does not own any stock, except for a chunk of Occidental shares in his late father's trust that he administers for his mother and the rest of the family. …….."Are you unwilling to ask the public if they want a president who owes his personal family wealth to a known Soviet agent?" challenges a retired senior CIA official. "That's not in the past. That's the future. One of the first [Soviet] goals is to perpetuate the value of the operation. They fill up files with information the subject knows is there." Gore has stated that there was nothing improper about his relations with Hammer, but he is notoriously sensitive about the questions. ……."

Congressional Record-Senate S15694 10/31/91 Jesse Helms William Triplett 10/27/91 "……The nation's three leading figures--Deng Ziaoping himself, together with Chen Yun, who is chairman of the Standing Committee of the Party Central Advisory Commission, and Yang Shangkun, PRC President and First Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission--all attended a conference in 1935 when Mao was chosen leader of the Communist Party. This history has helped the inner leaders insure that their own families have prospered. …….Some of the clan linkage in the arms complex have surfaced. For example, by late 1988, Polytechnologies officials included Senior Col. He Ping (Deng Xiaoping's son-in-law), Wang Xiaochoa (Yang Shangkun's son-in-law, Wang Zihua (then-Communist Party general secretary Zhao Ziyang's son-in-law) and Wang Jun (PRC Vice President Wang Zhen's son). A source in Hong Kong said these officials held the same hierarchical relationship to each other as their relative/patrons held in the PRC political and miiltary hierarchy. One source told me that Senior Col. He Ping and his wife Deng Rong spent several years in the Chinese Embassy in Washington where they studiously cultivated senior U.S. government officials.

Congressional Record-Senate S15694 10/31/91 Jesse Helms William Triplett 10/27/91 "……There are other examples: COSTIND is dominated by Maj. Gen. (Tech) Nie Li, the daughter of China's only living marshal, Nie Rongzhen. She is deputy director of the Science and Technology Committee of COSTIND and her husband, Lt. General Ding Henggao, is COSTIND's chairman. President Yang Shangkun's eldest son is reputed to be an official of COSTIND, as is Zhang Pin, a son of former defense minister Zhang Aiping. Other great clans represented in COSTIND are two different Ye families--Ye Chumei, daughter of the late Marshal Ye Jianying, and Ye Zhengda, son of the late Gen. Ye of the PLA New Fourth Army. …….General He Pengfei, son of the late Marshal He Long, is the director of the PLA's Equipment (Armament) Department which, in turn, controls Polytechnologies. He is about to be replaced by Senior Col. He Ping and presumably will be rewarded with a suitable promotion. Both He Ping and He Pengfei are expected to be promoted to the Party General Committee at next year's 14th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party: ….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 5/24/00 Jerry Seper "…..A second FBI executive can confirm that a top Justice Department official said he was "under a lot of pressure not to go forward" with an investigation into 1996 campaign finance abuses, and that Attorney General Janet Reno's job "might hang in the balance." FBI general counsel Larry Parkinson told the House Judiciary Committee yesterday that Neil J. Gallagher, the bureau's assistant director for national security, was present at the meeting during which Lee Radek, head of the Justice Department's office of public integrity, made the comments. The testimony from Mr. Parkinson came during an unrelated oversight hearing about pending immigration matters after questions by Rep. James E. Rogan, California Republican………Mr. Parkinson, in response, said Mr. Gallagher also had attended the session and could confirm the conversation. "He essentially corroborates the account that is described in the director's memo to Mr. Esposito," Mr. Parkinson said…….."

Associated Press 5/24/00 "…….A Justice Department prosecutor testified today that the investigation of 1996 Democratic fund raising was "a pressure cooker," but not because the attorney general's job might be at stake. Career prosecutor Lee Radek, called before a Senate subcommittee to explain remarks he made about the probe during a 1996 meeting, said he didn't remember the disputed conversation. But Radek said he never linked pressure he felt investigating the fund raising for President Clinton's re-election to questions about whether Clinton would retain Attorney General Janet Reno in his second term. ….. After Radek, the subcommittee was to hear a differing account from an FBI assistant director who was at the 1996 meeting and claimed to hear Radek's remarks. ….. Radek said he has "no recollection" of the conversation in question with the FBI's then-deputy director, William Esposito, and assistant director, Neil Gallagher, who also was testifying today before the Judiciary subcommittee on administrative oversight. …… "

New York Post 5/24/00 Richard Johnson "….. THERE are certain benefits in kowtowing to the Clintons. Just ask Jane Mayer, who writes for The New Yorker. Mayer got to sit with Hillary Clinton at the state dinner for South African President Thabo Mbeki Monday night. …..some eyebrows were raised when Mayer was given a seat of honor next to Lenny Kravitz at Hillary's table the other night. Also at the table were: Morgan Freeman, Spike Lee, Rep. Charles Rangel, NBA commissioner David Stern, and State Comptroller (and possible gubernatorial candidate) Carl McCall. "That's her payback for dumping on Linda Tripp," scoffed Lucianne Goldberg, the literary agent who first suggested to Tripp that tapes might be needed someday to disprove Clinton's lies. "She [Mayer] is easily bought, if all it takes is a lamb chop," Goldberg said. Mayer had no comment. …."

WorldNetDaily 5/20/00 Paul Sperry "…….The House Government Reform Committee plans to call the top official steering the Justice Department's Chinagate probe to testify about an FBI memo quoting him as saying he was under political "pressure" to ice the investigation. ………The potentially explosive hearing is slated for Thursday, May 25. The Dec. 9, 1996, memo -- turned over to Senate investigators more than two years after they asked for such information -- reportedly recounts how Justice Department public integrity chief Lee Radek allegedly told the no. 2 FBI official that he was "under a lot of pressure not to go forward with the investigation" because Attorney General Janet Reno's job "might hang in the balance." President Clinton delayed reappointing Reno after he won reelection in 1996. …….. .".

WorldNetDaily 5/20/00 Paul Sperry "…….The FBI-Radek memo follows remarkable Senate testimony last fall from four FBI agents assigned to Justice's campaign-finance task force. They accused Radek of impeding or delaying the task force's probe of Clinton fund-raiser pal Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie. Also, the U.S. Attorney probing Vice President Al Gore's involvement in an illegal Buddhist temple fund-raiser in Los Angeles, said Radek yanked the probe away from him in November 1996. …….. Charles LaBella, the former lead prosecutor on the Chinagate case, in 1998 urged Reno to include Clinton in a probe to see if record-high DNC donations from Loral Space & Communications Ltd. Chief Executive Bernard Schwartz were tied to missile technology transfers to China. Clinton gave Loral export waivers. Radek called the idea "silly," LaBella said. Radek has also fended off arguments from LaBella and Freeh that Reno should seek the naming of an independent counsel to probe Chinagate. LaBella said he saw a "pattern of conduct" that signaled political involvement at the highest levels, which presents a clear conflict for Reno. ……Despite turning over several other Clinton administration scandals to outside prosecutors, Reno still stubbornly insists on keeping the Chinagate probe in-house. Next week's hearings, which will be the first time Radek has testified before Congress, may shed more light on why that is……" 5/19/00 "……Moreover, in the memo Freeh said he had urged both Reno and Lee Radek, head of the Department's Public Integrity Section to step aside from the Democratic fund raising investigation because of comments made by Radek to a top FBI official that he was being urged to stop the probe to help Reno keep her job. ……. Now in the hands of Senate investigators, the memo, whose contents were disclosed to the Associated Press, was written to Deputy FBI Director William J. Esposito on December 9, 1996. It recalls remarks allegedly made by Radek to Esposito implying that he was "under a lot of pressure not to go forward with the investigation" because Reno's job "might hang in the balance," the Associated Press reported. ……. This is not the first time Radek's name has been brought up in connection with efforts to impede the campaign fund raising probe. In a March 14 story NewsMax reported that he had told investigators probing alleged illegal fund raising by Al Gore to back off. In that story we reported that in a secret Nov. 1, 1996, cease-and-desist order Radek wrote that the U.S. Attorney's Office in Los Angeles "should take no steps to investigate these matters at this time," …….. Radek's name surfaced in reports in the Los Angeles Times and New York Times which revealed details of the so-called LaBella report that had been suppressed by Attorney General Janet Reno for two years. According to the papers, insiders at the Justice Department said that it was Radek who persuaded Reno to drop the investigation of Gore's role in the fund raising scandals ……."

World Net Daily 5/19/00 Paul Sperry "……On April 30, 1999, Clinton issued a secret Presidential Decision Directive -- PDD 68 -- ordering the creation of the International Public Information group. IPI is a new propaganda organ designed to "influence foreign audiences" and gain control over "international military information." Clinton put Halperin, who favors unilateral nuclear disarmament, in charge of setting up IPI.. …….. After earning a masters and Ph.D. from Yale University, he taught at Harvard throughout much of the '60s. From 1975 to 1992, he headed the Center for National Security Studies in Washington. CNSS is a spinoff of the Institute for Policy Studies, a pro-Marxist think tank that has supported Soviet and Cuban operations in Third World countries. IPS was founded in 1963 with seed money from the Samuel Rubin Foundation. Rubin was a member of the Communist Party. In 1977, Halperin flew to London to help defend CIA agent Philip Agee when he was being deported from Britain as a security risk for collaborating with Cuban and Soviet intelligence. Halperin, 61, was also director of the American Civil Liberties Union's Washington office from 1985 to 1992. From 1994 to 1996, he worked in the White House as Clinton's National Security Council adviser on "human rights." Halperin, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, became State's policy planner in 1998. ….."

Edwin Edwards

Background information: summarized as follows:

4/28/98 FBI Raid

9/24/98 DeBartolo Agrees to Cooperate

10/6/98 Edwin and Stephen Edwards Indicted…

1/10/00 Trial Begins

5/9/00 Jury Verdict

Edwin Edwards convicted of 17 counts of racketeering and fraud…. Acquitted of 9

The former four-term governor is accused of being the leader of a scheme to influence the awarding of some riverboat gaming licenses and to extort money from the applicants. Charges against him are Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) violations, conspiracy, extortion, interstate communication in aid of racketeering, mail and wire fraud, illegal wiretapping and counter surveillance and money laundering conspiracy. …

Stephen Edwards convicted of 18 counts …. Acquitted of 5

The older son of Edwin Edwards, Stephen is accused of being at the center of the scheme to manipulate riverboat casino licenses. Charges against him are RICO, extortion, mail fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering, interstate travel in aid of the racketeering enterprise and illegal wiretapping and counter surveillance

Cecil Brown convicted on all counts

A former personal assistant and close friend of Edwards, the 55-year-old businessman from Eunice was charged with crimes involving a casino license for Jazz Enterprises/Belle of Baton Rouge riverboat……. Brown, is charged with RICO, RICO conspiracy, conspiracy and extortion

Bobby Johnson convicted on all counts

A close friend of the former governor. The Baton Rouge contractor and concrete company owner, was indicted on charges arising from the licensing process surrounding the Jazz Enterprises/Belle of Baton Rouge. He's alleged to be a "front man" for the enterprise. Johnson, 54, faces counts of conspiracy, extortion, interstate communication in aid of racketeering, wire fraud and false statements.

Andrew Martin convicted on all counts

An assistant of the former governor during his final term in office, Martin was indicted on counts arising from the licensing of the Treasure Chest casino in Kenner. The State Police Gaming Division awarded Treasure Chest a license in 1994. Martin, 62, is charged with RICO, conspiracy, extortion, money laundering conspiracy.

From a series of articles at By Manuel Roig-Franzia

Capital bureau/The Times-Picayune Oct. 2, 1998

Court costs and other assessments will raise the penalty in a plea agreement between San Francisco 49ers owner Edward DeBartolo Jr. and prosecutors investigating former Gov. Edwin Edwards to nearly $1 million, a source familiar with the case said Thursday……DeBartolo testified Sept. 24 before the grand jury investigating Edwards and could be called as a witness for the prosecution if the case goes to trial.

To avoid prison, DeBartolo will plead guilty to a "minor offense," pay a $250,000 fine and forfeit a $400,000 payment he made to Edwards in March 1997, the source said. Court costs and other assessments will drive up the price tag of DeBartolo's agreement to just under $1 million, the source said. ……A partnership of DeBartolo Entertainment and Hollywood Casino won the state's last casino license in March 1997, one day after DeBartolo paid the $400,000 to Edwards.

DeBartolo dropped the license and the deal collapsed in June 1997 after DeBartolo invoked his Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incriminating testimony during an appearance before the grand jury. ……… Prosecutors also have sought information about the $95.5 million sale in 1996 of DeBartolo's interests in two Isle of Capri riverboat casinos. DeBartolo paid $1,000 for his shares in those casinos.


"…..Access to "The Man" brought other perks, too. Brown's son-in-law, Karl DeRouen, testified that Brown often got out of traffic tickets by flashing a state badge he carried. The St. Louis investors said they saw the power of Brown's association with Edwards when they were pulled over by a State Police trooper while speeding from Eunice to a Governor's Mansion meeting with Edwards. After being told that the men were on their way to meet with Brown and Edwards, the trooper went to his squad car and radioed someone, Bolm said. …… When the trooper returned, he not only let the men go without a ticket, Bolm said, the trooper escorted them part of the way to Baton Rouge. ......

…….Johnson also played off the allure of the mansion. He could be heard in wiretapped phone conversations telling Bradley that they could have breakfast there together anytime they wanted. ……. The Edwards-era Governor's Mansion was described by several witnesses as a seamy place, where cronies like Johnson and Brown had carte-blanche access. …… The mansion was the setting for Edwards' legendary Thursday night poker games where friends and their guests paid a $10,000-per-game ante to sit at the table. Jurors heard that the word on the street was that some of the players would lose on purpose as a way of paying off Edwards. …..

……..The testimony about mansion poker games drew a curious link between the scandals of the past and the present, creating a community of sorts that centered on men who had tested the bounds of the law. Prosecutors introduced copies of checks totaling $40,000 for poker winnings at the mansion games that Edwards got in 1996 from Gil Dozier, the former agriculture commissioner who was convicted in 1980 of racketeering, extortion and bribery related to contracts within his department. ……..

…….. It was at the mansion that another witness said he overheard Martin engaged in petty infighting that prosecutors emphasized during closing arguments as an example of the atmosphere of corruption that they said existed during the Edwards administration. John Brotherton, a former Players casino executive, said in 1993 he overheard Shetler squabbling in the mansion parking lot with Martin. Brotherton said the men appeared to be talking about the payoffs that Shetler said he was funneling to Edwin and Stephen Edwards. Martin "said, 'Look Rick, everyone's getting fat on this except me, and I'm tired of it,'" Brotherton testified. ….

……..Cash was everywhere in Edwards' world. The desire for it fueled the extortion schemes, prosecutors said, and its use kept the public in the dark. The corruption charges are awash in cash. The FBI tapes are replete with references to it. The sound of crisp new bills being counted by Edwards and his son, Stephen, poured out of courtroom speakers. "That's a hell of a job, counting those new bills," Edwin Edwards can be heard saying in the 1997 tape. ……

Edwards, during his testimony, tried to paint his cash spending with an air of legitimacy. He talked about inheriting cash spending and hoarding habits from his father, a Marksville sharecropper, who developed a distrust of banks during the Great Depression. ……In an April 1997 raid, FBI agents found more than $480,000 in cash inside the homes of Edwin and Stephen Edwards, as well as inside a bank safe deposit box. The box was registered to Sam Roby, the husband of Edwards' niece Wanda, but a bank entry log showed that Edwin Edwards was the only person who used it…..

…….. Shetler testified that he had no doubt the money would start flowing after Edwin Edwards' 1991 re-election in the campaign against former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. On the night of the inauguration ball in January 1992, Shetler said Stephen Edwards told him: "We're going to make a lot of money this term, this time around." …..

……But, like some of the casino licensing scams, the deals concocted for Edwards' offspring never happened because the state Board of Ethics ruled in 1993 that the children of a sitting governor could not sell items to casinos. …..Edwin Edwards' mastery of the Louisiana Way and his colorful style have drawn comparisons for years with the randy populists who dominated state politics in the 1930s and 40s, the brothers Huey and Earl Long. However, unlike Edwards, the Longs were investigated, but never indicted. ……..

………. "I'm sure this will be an important part of whatever history remembers of me -- whatever is written about me. But I hope also that everyone will realize there is much more to me than this," Edwards said on the steps of U.S. District Court. …."


Deposition ... held at the Law Office of David N. Zacks, Lewis Clay & Munday, P.C., 660 Woodward Avenue, Suite 1300, First National Building, Detroit, Michigan, commencing at 12:05 p.m. [Tuesday, November 4, 1997]

Ms. Amerling. You need to verbalize.
Ms. Safavian. You must give verbal, audible answers because the reporter cannot record what a nod of the head or other gesture means.
Do you understand you cannot answer with an uh-huh or unh-unh?
Q Okay. Ms. Ratliffe, could you please state your full name and spell it for the record?
A Gina, G-I-N-A, Devee, D-E-V-E-E, Ratliffe, R-A-T-L-I-F-F-E.
Q How long have you resided at [current] address?
A It has been my permanent address for 10 years, but I have lived in numerous places.
Q Do you presently live there with your family?
A Yes.
Q As far as your other numerous places that you have lived --
A I lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan, for 3 years when I went to school. I lived umpteen places when I was in D.C., all throughout D.C. I lived in Boston for 5 months. I did some campaign work, so housing was fairly sporadic.
Q Have you ever lived outside the United States?
A No.
Q Which college did you attend?
A Western Michigan University.

Q What was your degree?
A It was public law, political science, BA in '95.
Q Did you receive any other degrees?
A No.

WorldNetDaily 6/8/00 Julie Foster "…..The Clinton administration collaborated with Cuba in the Elian Gonzalez matter, according to government documents obtained by Judicial Watch. ……."These 'smoking gun' documents help prove what we've suspected -- that the Clinton-Gore administration was doing the bidding of Fidel Castro when they raided the Gonzalez home using 151 armed federal agents," said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. ………Additionally, Immigration and Naturalization Service Commissioner Doris Meissner expressly orchestrated the visit of Elian's grandmothers. Another message, dated Jan. 15, shows Meissner planned the January 2000 in consultation with Cuba, and that INS knew it could not seize Elian without a court order. Meissner also sought to hide the agency's role in the visit. "We spent a great deal of time discussing how the grandmothers' visit could be facilitated," the email reads. "The conclusion reached was that INS cannot assume the role of facilitator for this visit nor provide access to Elian. DM [Doris Meissner] was FIRM (sic) about not having any INS involvement in this initiative. If our conversations in Cuba can proceed with the understanding that INS would not be involved, then DM would be most interested in hearing more about this idea." ……."

WorldNetDaily 6/8/00 Julie Foster "…..But the INS memo clearly shows the agency was indeed involved in making the visit happen and that it even used the Catholic Church in the process. "Our contacts in Miami believe that the Catholic Church in Miami would respond to a direct (via Cardinal Ortego) request from the grandmothers for the church's assistance in scheduling a visit," wrote INS employee Janelle Jones in what she prescripts as a summary of a meeting with Meissner. "Miami's advice was to have the grandmothers use Cardinal Ortega's office to make contact with either Cardinal Law or Archbishop Favalora in Miami. Such a plea coming from the grandmothers would be very difficult for the church to ignore. Absent a direct request from the family, no one thinks the Miami church will get involved," Jones continued. ……"

The Houston Chronicle 6/7/00 Jim Kennett "…..Frontera Resources, a privately held Houston oil company, will receive $ 60 million in funding to develop onshore oil fields in the Caspian region, the company's top executive said Tuesday. Advisers include John Deutch, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and Lloyd Bentsen, former Treasury Secretary. Bentson's son Lan sits on the board of directors. ……. The politically savvy firm, founded by a former deputy energy secretary and advised by top former Clinton administration officials, won the loans from the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, which was established in 1991 to provide financing to aid former East Bloc countries with the transition to free markets. ……."

New York Times 6/9/00 Don Van Natta Jr. "…..After a personal appeal by Vice President Al Gore, Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic Party's most prodigious fund-raising official, has agreed to serve as chairman of the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, which has struggled to overcome fund-raising difficulties and bickering among its organizers.. ……… For months, senior party officials have worried privately that this summer's Democratic convention could turn out to be a dud, now that Mr. Gore has the nomination wrapped up. Several party activists had quietly lobbied for Mr. McAuliffe's appointment, saying they needed his enthusiasm to help energize the four-day nominating convention scheduled to begin on Aug. 14 at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles…….."

New York Times 6/9/00 Don Van Natta Jr. "…..Mr. McAuliffe is the most prolific fund-raiser in the history of American politics. He is also one of President Clinton's closest friends. Most recently, Mr. McAuliffe was chairman of the Democratic National Committee's gala at the MCI Sports Center here on May 23. The event, a tribute to Mr. Clinton, attracted a sell-out crowd of 13,625 people and raised a record $26.5 million for the Democratic Party. Most of that money will benefit Mr. Gore's presidential campaign. ….. But Mr. McAuliffe expects his convention duties, unlike those earlier assignments, to take up very little time for fund-raising activities. It is the hope of Democratic Party officials that Mr. McAuliffe can bring to the Staples Center the pep-rally ambience that existed at last month's gala here. "I'm happy to be joining a terrific convention team," Mr. McAuliffe said today. "And I'm looking forward to working with them to make this the greatest convention in the history of American politics." ……"

The Washington Times 6/2/00 Jerry Seper "…… A previously undisclosed memo contradicts Vice President Al Gore's sworn statements to the FBI denying his involvement in bailing out a failing $400 million Washington real estate project for a longtime Democratic fund-raiser. …… During the June 1998 Gore interview, the agents referred to the memo as the "Gore to Roger Johnson" document. During the interview, the agents focused on Mr. Gore's suspected role in the Portals project, asking him several times about his contacts with Mr. Haney, Mr. Johnson and others. ……. The memo, which surfaced in the FBI's probe of 1996 campaign finance abuses, said Mr. Gore sought to influence the development by calling the head of the General Services Administration to persuade the Federal Communications Commission to move into the building. The development, known as the Portals Project, is owned by Tennessee businessman Franklin Haney, a longtime Gore supporter. …….. The three-paragraph, unsigned and undated memo, obtained yesterday by The Washington Times, said Mr. Gore "has called or is ready to call" Roger Johnson, then-head of the GSA, and that an unidentified contact, listed only as "xxx," would "follow up that call." ..."

Associated Press Writer 6/1/00 Pete Yost "……Justice Department investigators have uncovered a memo describing a proposed strategy for Vice President Al Gore to help a longtime friend and Democratic fund-raiser obtain a $400 million federal contract. The document's origin is unknown, and Gore says he knows nothing about it. He also says he never intervened. ...... The undated three-paragraph memo - it is also unaddressed and unsigned - suggests that "Gore has called or is ready to call" then-General Services Administrator Roger Johnson in an attempt to help developer Franklin Haney and his partners lease a planned office building to the Federal Communications Commission. ……. Haney, a longtime Gore supporter who was acquitted last year of illegal fund-raising charges, eventually negotiated changes in the lease that were favorable to him and his partners. The FCC moved into the new 10-story Washington building, called the Portals, in November 1998. ……. In a June 1998 interview with prosecutors, Gore said he wasn't involved in the lease, never saw the memo, never discussed the matter with Johnson and never was asked to "assist, influence or intercede in any manner," an FBI summary shows. ….."

NY Times 6/15/00 Don Van Natta Jr. "……Tony Coelho, the chairman of Vice President Al Gore's Presidential campaign, has resigned his position for health reasons and will be replaced by Commerce Secretary William Daley, several campaign officials said today. The announcement that Mr. Daley will leave the Commerce Department and take over the helm of the Gore campaign will be made later today, said a campaign official who insisted on anonymity. …….. Mr. Daley has led the Clinton Administration's effort to pass a bill that would normalize American trade relations with China. ……Mr. Coelho served in Congress from 1978 to 1989, representing part of California's Central Valley and earning a reputation as a highly effective fund-raiser for Democratic candidates. …..Mr. Coelho, whose 58th birthday is today, was hospitalized earlier this week with an inflamed colon. His departure has nothing to do with a continuing criminal inquiry into his role as head of the American exhibit at the 1998 World Exhibition in Portugal, two campaign officials said today. ….."

AP 6/13/00 "……Attorney Marie-B. Miller, a partner with Gill, Elrod, Regon, has been named by the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct to handle its case seeking the disbarment of President Clinton. Miller, in this undated photo, is a lawyer who successfully presented the case against the first Arkansas judge removed from office for misconduct.

Freeper Registered "…* Marie-Bernarde Miller - Marie-B. Miller is a former Deputy Prsecuting Attorney for Pulaski and Perry Counties, and former Deputy Attorney General & Director of the Arkansas Medicaid Fraud Control Unit and Special Assistant United States Attorney for Health Care Issues. She is a trial lawyer, and is licensed to practice before the United States Courts of Appeal for the Fifth and Eighth Circuits, the United States Supreme Court. Ms. Miller is a member of the American Health Care Lawyers Association, and is a Hearing Officer for the Arkansas Department of Human Services' Medicaid Program. She currently concentrates her law practice in the areas of employment, health care and manufactured housing law issues……… Ms. Miller has represented industry and consumer clients, and is very familiar with Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards, as well as other industry-related issues, such as zoning issues. She retains the services of a manufactured home inspector who formerly inspected manufacturing plants under a HUD contract, and a legal consultant who has served on several national commissions related to manufactured housing. …..Representation of nursing homes and other health care providers.

Freeper Bonaparte "…. MARIE-BERNARDE MILLER Gill Elrod Ragon Owen Skinner & Sherman, P.A.
(Pulaski County) …..

PRACTICE-AREAS: Labor and Employment; Health Care; Manufactured Housing.
ADMITTED: 1984, Arkansas
LAW-SCHOOL: University of Kansas, Lawrence (J.D., 1983)
COLLEGE: Maryville College, St. Louis, Missouri, (B.A., 1975)
TEXT: Reginald Haber Smith Fellow, 1983-1984. Formerly with, Religious Sisters of Mercy, 1970-1986; John W. Walker, P.A., 1984-1986. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Pulaski & Perry Counties, 1988-1989. Assistant Attorney General, Arkansas, 1989-1990. Deputy Attorney General and Director of Arkansas Fraud Control Unit, 1991-1994. Special Assistant U.S. Attorney for Health Care Fraud Matters, 1991-1993. Special Prosecutor, Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission, 1999-2000. Member, Arkansas Medicaid Hearing Officer. Parliamentarian, Arkansas Bar Association, 1998- .
BORN: November 5, 1951, Little Rock, Arkansas …."

Time Magazine Online 6/5/00 Michael Weisskopf "…… If anyone can upstage Bill Clinton, it is the man who pays the President's way. So when Terry McAuliffe got everyone hooting and hollering at a Democratic National Committee barbecue last week, Clinton was clapping the loudest. McAuliffe chaired what was supposed to be a tribute to the only Democrat twice elected President in 50 years. But many guests who paid $25,000 a table at Washington's MCI Center also came to salute that other guy on the dais: the fund raiser in chief. Last month Republicans seemed on their way to overshadowing the king of campaign cash when they raised $21.3 million in one night for their presidential nominee, George W. Bush. It was the most ever netted in a campaign event, but that record lasted only as long as it took McAuliffe to announce his numbers to a standing ovation Wednesday night. He topped the G.O.P. by 25% and in one evening brought in a total that almost matched all the soft money raised by the party in the 1992 presidential contest. "I want to thank the greatest fund raiser in the history of the universe," said Vice President Al Gore, who hopes to boost his presidential race with TV ads paid for by the proceeds. Some guests were less sure of Gore's success than they were of McAuliffe's importance in getting him on his way. …."

Texas Monthly 9/99 Walter Mischer "…..At 77, he's still wheeling and dealing. You can bank on it. IN HIS HEYDAY WALTER MISCHER WAS CALLED the Kingmaker. The Houston real estate developer and banker helped fund the political campaigns of Barbara Jordan, John Connally, and Lloyd Bentsen. He became a national figure in 1980 when he raised more money for Ronald Reagan's presidential campaign -- $ 3.2 million -- than anyone in the country, helping to deliver traditionally Democratic Texas to the GOP. ……. Today, at age 77, Mischer ….. is no longer the man behind the throne, although he still gives to some candidates, mostly Republicans. He has jettisoned most of his business ventures, including his biggest, Hallmark Residential Group, a home-building company he sold last year for $ 50 million. He has also let go of most of his ranches, most recently the remaining 51,000 acres of his Black Mesa in West Texas. What's left of his development business is in a family trust controlled by his son, Walt, and his daughter, Paula. ..."

Wallaby "….Here are some passages from Pete Brewton's The Mafia, CIA & George Bush (New York: S.P.I., 1992). …….. I was first told about Mischer's connections to the New Orleans Mafia family by a former deputy sheriff who had worked for a Harris County commissioner in Mischer's hip pocket. He, in turn, referred me to a number of retired Houston police officers who had worked in the old Criminal Intelligence Division. This division followed Carlos Marcello, the New Orleans mafia don, and his relatives, when they came to Houston to look after their numerous business interests. ……The retired CID officers confirmed that Mischer and the Marcellos knew each other, met together and had mutual business interests. They also said that the Marcellos had contact with other powerful Houstonians, including noted developer Kenneth Schnitzer and prominent oilman John Mecom, Jr. ….. When Mary Flood and I interviewed Mischer in 1987 for an article in the Houston Post's Sunday magazine, I asked him about his relationship to Carlos Marcello, which a number of people had told us about. Surprisingly, he admitted he met Marcello when a Houston real estate man -- he couldn't remember who -- brought the Mafia don to his office. ......,Mischer said Marcello, whom he described as a "short, squatty Italian" (Marcello's nickname is "The Little Man"), wanted to buy two Houston hotels from him. …..However, it appears that Mischer sold the hotel to Marcello indirectly. In our interview, Mischer said he couldn't remember who bought the hotel. It turned out to be John Keneth Coil, a disbarred attorney and convicted pornographer who began offering X-rated movies in the rooms. A sergeant in the vice division of the Houston Police Department said Coil was an associate of the New Orleans Mafia family. In fact, Coil had a similar X-rated hotel, the San Antonio Inn, on the Airline Highway in Metarie, Louisiana, just a few miles down the road from the Town & Country Motel, Marcello's infamous headquarters. ...... After the 1987 interview with Mischer, I talked to two other people in a position to know, who further confirmed Mischer's relationship to the Marcello family. One, a former Mischer employee and close personal friend, said Mischer not only dealt with the Marcellos but also with mob associates from New York and Chicago. This person said he once saw Mischer together with some of the Marcello brothers at the Hofbrau steak house in Houston. The Hofbrau is owned by a man named Browne Rice, who was a partner in the Victoria House Hotel in Belize with Albert Bel Fay, George Bush's political "mentor." And yet another individual who confirmed Mischer's relationship to Carlos Marcello was a private investigator in Houston who has a great deal of contact with the FBI. This person said he knew of Mischer's relationship to Marcello primarily through Herman K. Beebe, Louisiana mob associate and so-called godfather of the crooked Texas S&Ls... "

Freeper Hamiltonian "….Frontera signs PSC with Georgia ......... June 26, 1997 Houston-based Frontera Resources Corporation has signed a production sharing contract with Georgian State Oil Company Saknavtobi for 1.4 million acres of land in the country's oil-prone Kura Basin. The contract also grants Frontera the exclusive right to construct a petroleum refinery near Tbilisi, Georgia's capital. With this transaction, Frontera becomes the first US oil and gas company to invest in oil and gas rights in Georgia. Frontera's production sharing contract covers Block 12 in eastern Georgia. The block is along the country's border with Azerbaijan, and on the route of the early oil pipeline that the Azerbaijan International Oil Company is building from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea. ….."


Freeper aristeides "….There's a piece in the new "Monde Diplomatique," for June, on a rapprochement between Greece and Turkey: "Prudente détente gréco-turque," by Niels Kadritzke, which makes me wonder whether the Burgas-Alexandroupolis is quite as dead a matter as these articles suggest. According to the article, one thing that the two countries have made particular efforts to settle is the status of the Muslim minority in Eastern Thrace (precisely where Alexandroupolis is.) The article says nothing, as far as I can see, about the pipeline, but I do wonder. "Le monde diplomatique" does make articles from past issues available at its site, Le monde diplomatique . However, since this article is in the current issue, you'll have to wait to get it on line. ..."

Newswire 6/7/00 "….Frontera Resources Receives EBRD Financing for Caucasus Development Projects Makes Frontera Largest Onshore Developer in Region --- The convertible loan to Frontera Resources Caucasus Corporation, a wholly owned affiliate of Frontera Resources Corporation, is expected to be followed this summer by a US$ 50 million borrowing-base loan linked to its Caucasus petroleum reserves. The convertible loan may be converted into an equity investment in Frontera Resources Corporation common stock. "With the finalization of this financing package, along with earlier financings led by Deutsche Bank, we will have achieved the largest financing of onshore field development work in the Caucasus," said Steve Goff, Frontera's Vice President of Structured Finance. "We believe this speaks highly of our programs and the confidence that the EBRD has in the countries of Azerbaijan and Georgia." Over the past four years, Frontera has assembled the largest onshore exploitation and development acreage position in the region's oil and gas sector, over 1.4 million acres. "We are delighted to be making this investment in Frontera Resources and therefore in the economies of Georgia and Azerbaijan," said Kevin Bortz, Director of the Natural Resources Team at the EBRD. "Frontera's business plan in these countries matches the objectives of the EBRD: to support financially sound projects in areas of eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union that show strong promise of continued, sustainable economic and political development. Coupled with Frontera's strong preference for employing local staff at its operating entities, these projects represent an important contribution to the local economies of each country." ….."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 6/17/00 Terry Ganey "….Bradford is the U.S. attorney from Beaumont in southeast Texas. A former state district judge, he was brought onto the government's team in January to provide homegrown flavor to the defense. ……Although only on the job for six months, Bradford has become the spokesman for the government's side. That's because co-counsel Marie L. Hagen, the senior trial counsel in the Torts Branch of the Justice Department's Civil Division, refuses to talk about the case. "I don't give interviews in pending litigation," Hagen said. ……. She has represented the government in cases ranging from the Navy's Tailhook sexual harassment scandal to a suit involving the deaths of 47 sailors on the U.S. battleship Iowa in 1989. A magistrate criticized Hagen for holding back documents in the Navy case. Lawyers for the Branch Davidians have made similar complaints about her regarding Waco. ……."

AP 6/16/00 Samuel Maull "……Abe Hirschfeld, the real estate developer and frequent political candidate, was convicted Friday in his second trial on charges of trying to hire a hitman to kill his business partner. Hirschfeld, 80, was found guilty of second-degree criminal solicitation for offering to pay $150,000 to have Stanley Stahl, his real estate partner of 40 years, killed in 1997 because of a business dispute. The judge allowed Hirschfeld, whose first trial ended in a deadlocked jury, to remain free on $1 million bail. He faces up to seven years in prison when he is sentenced Aug. 1. ……"

United Press International 6/16/00 "……The American financier accused of defrauding insurance companies of at least $200 million in one of the most bizarre financial scandals of the decade, has pleaded guilty in a German court to smuggling $5.35 million of diamonds. German ZDF television reports Friday that Martin Frankel -- grabbed by German police in a Hamburg Hotel in September after a four-month FBI manhunt across Europe -- was sought after he fled his multi-million dollar mansion in Connecticut in 1999. .... Five state insurance commissioners from Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri and Mississippi have already filed a joint federal lawsuit demanding Frankel pay their states more than $600 million in damages. Frankel disappeared from his mansion in Greenwich, Conn., on May 5, 1999, setting fire to cabinets full of documents before he went. ….."

The Washington Post A SECTION; Pg. A03 9/6/99 "……Authorities suspect that Frankel looted as much as $ 350 million from a group of struggling insurance companies, then spent the money on an obsessively finicky life in a heavily guarded Connecticut mansion, filled with young ladies he placed on his ever-expanding payroll. ….."

Sunday Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA.) BUSINESS; Pg. 1-I 7/18/99 "…..Frankel was a name-dropper, too, tossing around names of rich businessmen, celebrities, powerful lawyers, and even saints to attract people to a bogus Catholic charity - Lee Iacocca, Walter Cronkite, Robert Strauss, St. Francis of Assisi, to name a few. ……. In some cases, the mysterious money manager from Greenwich, Conn., really had managed to charm power brokers into supporting his purported charitable cause. In others, some say he simply lied about their involvement. ……Neither Jacobs, nor his lawyer, John Q. Kelly, returned telephone calls from The Associated Press seeking comment. Jacobs told the Greenwich Time that he and other priests had been completely fooled by Frankel. …….The foundation listed attorney Robert Strauss, the former U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union, as its legal counsel. ……… Strauss' law firm - Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld of Washington, D.C. - confirmed that it had done some legal work for the foundation and for Thunor Trust, which owned 11 insurance companies, on the prospective acquisition of two other insurance companies. The firm did not represent Frankel, or David Rosse, as he called himself. ……"

Washington Post 6/16/00 Ceci Connolly "…..Vice President Gore accepted the resignation of campaign chairman Tony Coelho today, summoning Commerce Secretary and long-time Democratic strategist William Daley to take over stewardship of his presidential campaign. Coelho, who suffers from epilepsy and was hospitalized this week with an inflamed colon, called Gore from his hospital bed late Wednesday night to say he had to step down for health reasons……... In tapping Daley, Gore chose a seasoned operative who first learned politics from his late father, Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley, and applied those skills to help elect his brother, Richard M. Daley, to the same job and Bill Clinton to the White House in 1992……… "

Drudgereport 6/1/00 Cheryl Mills "……Oxygen Media today launched ``Be Fearless With Your Vote,'' its Election 2000 programming across the Oxygen television and Internet networks, designed to inform and empower women, it was announced by Cheryl Mills, Oxygen's Senior Vice President for Corporate Policy and Public Programming. Key elements of Oxygen's "Be Fearless With Your Vote" initiative include: -- Oxygen Women's Forums. The June 12th Forum will feature Vice President Al Gore and 150 women in a live televised and online town hall meeting from Trenton, NJ. An invitation has been extended to Texas Governor George W. Bush to participate in a similar forum; -- The launch of an innovative new advocacy website,, on June 8th, 2000, which will offer content and community across the broad spectrum of political, social and legal issues of importance to women; ….."

WorldNetDaily 6/13/00 Paul Sperry "….The Justice Department prosecutor who FBI officials say was under "pressure" to throttle back on the Clinton-Gore-Chinese fund-raising investigation is a personal friend of a lawyer defending two prime targets of Justice's probe, WorldNetDaily has learned. The same Justice official, Lee J. Radek, serves on an American Bar Association subcommittee with another lawyer, also a friend, who is defending a third figure in Justice's special investigation. ……..What's more, Radek's family is tied to a Washington lobbyist who has pressed the Clinton-Gore White House on behalf of major Democratic National Committee donors. One of them is ethnic Chinese. ….."

WorldNetDaily 6/13/00 Paul Sperry "….But it turns out that Radek, whose office supervises the task force, may have his own political conflicts. And so may Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, who also has been overseeing the day-to-day operations of the unit. ……. Both officials are old friends of Reid Weingarten, the lawyer who's defended central figures in the so-called Chinagate scandal involving illegal foreign donations to the '96 Clinton-Gore reelection effort. Among Weingarten's clients are Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie and Pauline Kanchanalak. …….. In a Justice plea bargain panned as too generous, Trie got no jail time and a light fine. He was sentenced in November. FBI agents have complained that higher-ups at Justice stopped them from aggressively investigating Trie. …….Weingarten's other client, DNC fund-raiser Kanchanalak, also has ties to Beijing and was a White House guest in 1996. ……..Weingarten worked for Radek in 1978, when Radek headed Justice's newly formed Public Integrity Section under the Carter administration. Weingarten and Holder were rising stars in the high-profile unit. …….Alumni from those days say they've all remained close socially. In fact, Holder and Weingarten once regularly played basketball together. …… "

WorldNetDaily 6/13/00 Paul Sperry "….Since 1987, Weingarten has been with the Washington law firm of Steptoe & Johnson. Its client list reads like a who's who of Clinton administration scandal figures. ...... Besides Trie and Kanchanalak, Weingarten has also defended former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy, the late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and former Teamsters President Ron Carey. All five cases have come across Radek's desk. His office has exclusive jurisdiction over allegations of criminal misconduct by public officials. It also was charged with administering the Independent Counsel Act before it recently expired. ... Despite his relationship with Weingarten, Radek hasn't recused himself from the cases. ……"

WorldNetDaily 6/13/00 Paul Sperry "….Radek did recuse himself from the investigation of Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt, though. And with good reason. ...... Asked why Radek backed off the case, Justice spokesman John Russell said, "Someone involved with the Babbitt investigation is a friend of his wife's family." "It's a guy named Pat O'Connor," Russell told WorldNetDaily after more prodding. Patrick J. O'Connor, a heavy Democratic donor and long-time Washington power broker, is an old friend of Radek's in-laws -- the Devitts of Chicago, WorldNetDaily research reveals. ……. In 1995, O'Connor lobbied the White House to get the Interior Department to squelch an application by a Wisconsin tribe to build a casino that would have competed with one of his client's gaming interests in the area. …… A May 8, 1995, letter he wrote to Ickes at the White House sparked what became a probe into payoff allegations. ….. O'Connor also pressed '96 Clinton-Gore fund-raiser Terry McAuliffe for the favor. ……"

WorldNetDaily 6/13/00 Paul Sperry "….Eric Hotung, a Hong Kong businessman, paid $140,000 to O'Connor's firm in 1997 to lobby to strengthen trade ties between the U.S. and China-controlled Hong Kong. The DNC has listed Hotung as a managing trustee, even though he's not a U.S. citizen and can't donate money. What's more, the DNC helped him seek a meeting with top National Security Council officials. ……Hotung, a 30-year friend of O'Connor, recently acquired property in the Washington area. In 1997, he bought the McLean, Va., home of Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., for a sum curiously far above the asking price. ...... According to the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory, O'Connor's firm -- O'Connor & Hannan -- specializes in "export control" and "international trade," among other things. Its Washington office staffs 35 lawyers. …….. O'Connor is a major DNC donor and has given to the Clinton-Gore campaigns. He served as the DNC's treasurer from 1967 to 1971. …..In congressional testimony last week, Radek, 57, asserted he's a "non-political" career prosecutor. ….."

WorldNetDaily 6/13/00 Paul Sperry "….Nancy Luque, who serves with Radek on an American Bar Association panel on white-collar crime, also vouches for his integrity, saying he does the "right thing." ......... Luque happens to be the defense lawyer for Maria Hsia, a prime target of the Justice task force under Radek. ….."

WASHINGTON TIMES 7/6/00 Jerry Seper "….A top Justice Department official described as a Democratic Party loyalist twice recommended in 1998 that an independent counsel be named to investigate whether Vice President Al Gore lied about his campaign-finance activities. Robert S. Litt, who serves as the department's principal associate deputy attorney general, said in September and November 1998 memos that he was "not persuaded" that Mr. Gore had not lied to FBI agents in denying that he illegally solicited "hard money" donations for the Democratic National Committee……."One could infer that Gore knew what he claimed he did not know; that the [DNC's] media campaign was paid for, in part, with hard money," Mr. Litt said in a Nov. 22, 1998, memo. "Gore was unquestionably present at a meeting at which it appears the hard-money component to the media campaign was discussed. "In addition, he was sent a large number of memos which made reference to the same topic," he said…….Mr. Litt's memos came in the wake of similar calls for an outside counsel by former Justice Department campaign-finance task force chief Charles G. LaBella and FBI Director Louis J. Freeh, who said there was clear and convincing evidence an independent counsel investigation of Mr. Gore was warranted……..Known as a certified "friend of Bill" and former law partner of David E. Kendall, President Clinton's personal attorney, Mr. Litt has been at the Justice Department in Washington since 1994. Department officials said numerous analyses he has conducted on independent counsel matters have never been questioned as politically motivated……"

LITT, Robert S. Partner Arnold and Porter Washington Office
M.A., 1973, Yale University
J.D., 1976, Yale Law School
B.A., 1971, Harvard College
Robert Litt is a partner in the law firm of Arnold & Porter, in Washington, D.C. He graduated from Harvard College in 1971, and received a Master of Arts from Yale University in 1973 and a J.D. from Yale Law School in 1976. After graduation he clerked for the Hon. Edward Weinfeld in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York and the Hon. Potter Stewart on the United States Supreme Court. Mr. Litt served as an Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York from 1978 to 1984, prosecuting white collar, tax and racketeering cases, among others, and serving as Chief Appellate Attorney. He then joined the firm of Williams & Connolly in Washington D.C., where he was an associate and a partner handling a variety of civil and criminal litigation matters. In 1993, Mr. Litt became Special Advisor to the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Canadian Affairs. From 1994 to 1997 he was Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Division of the United States Department of Justice, and from 1997 to 1999 he was Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General, with responsibility for law enforcement, national security and technology-related matters. ……."

Donrey Media 6/30/00 Steve Tetreault "…..Newly retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark, the U.S. commander who led NATO forces during the 1999 war in Serbia and Kosovo, has accepted a position with Stephens Group Inc., the Little Rock-based investment firm. Clark will be a corporate consultant seeking opportunities for Stephens to develop emerging technology companies, the firm said. "I've talked to a number of companies," Clark said Thursday. "This seems to be a promising opportunity to apply my own set of skills to the private sector." Stephens Group is the parent company of the Donrey Media Group, which operates 20 newspapers in eight states including three dailies in Arkansas. It also operates Stephens Inc., one of the country's largest investment banks. …….."

Associated Press 6/30/00James Jefferson "…..The woman selected to argue that President Clinton isn't fit to be a lawyer is a former nun who this year had an Arkansas judge removed from office. The Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct selected Marie-Bernarde Miller of Little Rock to handle its case against Clinton. A lawsuit seeking Clinton's disbarment was filed Friday in state court. A judge has yet to be assigned to the case. Judge John Ward, whom Clinton appointed to a chancery court position in 1989, was given the case Friday but stepped aside immediately. The court closed before a new judge could be named. ……..Whoever presides will oversee the gathering of evidence and the trial. The judge alone will decide whether Clinton should be allowed to practice law. Either side can appeal the judge's decision to the state Supreme Court. With appeals, it is unlikely the case will be resolved before Clinton leaves office. ….."

Judicial Watch 7/3/00 "……Today The Washington Post ran a "fluff piece" on John Podesta's tenure in the Clinton-Gore White House. The profile, written by John Babington, ranks Mr. Podesta as perhaps the finest chief of staff during the Clinton-Gore tenure -- however, this depends on how you define "finest."…….First, for instance, according to Ms. Nolanda Hill (long-time confidante of former Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown), Mr. Podesta, along with Mr. Leon Panetta (former White House Chief of Staff) instructed Brown to obstruct and violate court orders to produce documents issued by Judge Royce C. Lamberth in the lawsuit which uncovered John Huang and sparked the Chinagate scandal…………Second, documents produced during the burgeoning e-mail scandal show that Mr. Podesta was advised of the "e-mail problem" over two years ago, but consistent with his behavior in Judicial Watch's Chinagate case, he likely obstructed justice yet again and kept the e-mail hidden from investigators………Third, according to testimony in Judicial Watch's $90-million class action Filegate lawsuit, and other sources, Mr. Podesta ran and participated in the scandal operations in the Clinton-Gore White House -- namely the use of taxpayer monies to coverup Clinton-Gore scandals……..Judicial Watch is pursuing justice for Mr. Podesta in a number of its lawsuits, and indeed, the story of his tenure will be different by the time the public interest law firm is finished. ….."

Newsmax 6/29/00 Carl Limbacher "… For any who still wonder how Bill Clinton has survived in office through eight years of wall-to-wall, non-stop scandals, Wednesday's Wall Street Journal report about the Lippo Group's payoffs to former Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker is a must read. ….. There was a time, before Monicagate proved that even smoking gun evidence against Clinton cut no mustard with Democrats, when such a story would have sent shockwaves through newsrooms across America. …..But now even the fourth estate seems resigned to the fact that the Whitewater fix was in almost from day one. ……When it emerged that Lippo paid Clinton insider and one-time de facto attorney general Webb Hubbell $100,000 in 1994 as Whitewater storm clouds gathered over his head, media smoke alarms went off everywhere. The next year, in a conversation with his wife taped by prison officials, Hubbell complained, "I guess I'll just have to roll over one more time." ……..Now comes the Journal report that fellow Whitewater convict Jim Guy Tucker was, and still is, on the Lippo payroll -- as part of a sweetheart deal that could make the former Arkansas governor the internet cable connection baron of Indonesia. ……"

Washington Post 6/29/00 James Grimaldi "….. Soon after graduating from law school, Bill Clinton headed back to his home state and taught law at the University of Arkansas. One textbook he assigned was written by antitrust authority Robert Pitofsky of Georgetown University. …….When Clinton won the presidency two decades later, Pitofsky was tapped to advise the transition team. His opinion, which he summarized in a subsequent law journal article, was that Clinton's recent predecessors had mounted "about as minimal an antitrust program as can be imagined." Pitofsky suggested that under Clinton "antitrust enforcement would be more vigorous. Close questions in all areas would more often lead to government challenges. Unjustified nonenforcement at the federal level would end."…… Pitofsky, who became Clinton's chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, and Joel I. Klein, who took over the antitrust division of the Justice Department, have aggressively targeted companies suspected of abusing market dominance at the expense of consumers, innovation and competition………. "

Associated Press (via Yahoo News) 6/23/00 Natalie Gott "…..Former Gov. Edwin Edwards said Friday he has hired renowned Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz to appeal his conviction on federal racketeering charges. Edwards said Dershowitz will handle constitutional issues associated with the case, including the federal judge's decision to remove a juror during the middle of the deliberations. Dershowitz was on O.J. Simpson's defense team and was depicted in the movie ``Reversal of Fortune'' for winning an appeal of Claus von Bulow's attempted murder conviction. When a reporter noted the lawyer's high profile, Edwards responded: ``I'm a high profile defendant.'' ……"


New York Post 7/3/00 "……Once again, officials at St. Elizabeth's, a Washington psychiatric facility, were prepared to recommend that Hinckley be freed for weekly unsupervised visits. ………And, for the third time in a dozen years, they were forced to reverse course after prosecutors presented vital information that had eluded those charged with protecting society from Hinckley's murderous rampages……….According to material presented in court last week, Hinckley - who was acquitted by reason of insanity - maintains "continual interest in violently themed books and music." His lawyer dismisses this disclosure, saying that "books are what people with lively minds spend their time on." ……But that's precisely what we're worried about: Hinckley's "lively mind." ………By now, you'd think the folks at St. Elizabeth's would be on to Hinckley……..Back in 1987, they first urged more freedom for Hinckley after he swore he was over his obsession with actress Jodie Foster, whom he said he hoped to impress by shooting the president. Then prosecutors discovered 47 photos of Foster hidden under his mattress. .........Hospital officials back then also apparently were oblivious to the fact that Hinckley had been corresponding with serial killer Ted Bundy, during which he expressed his admiration for Charles Manson; that he'd tried to obtain a nude drawing of Jodie Foster; and that he'd become obsessed with a female pharmacist at the hospital. ....…….Yet St. Elizabeth's remains determined to set Hinckley loose on the general population - for short periods now, and ultimately for good. No doubt the folks at St. Elizabeth's want to prove that they've successfully "cured" this dangerous assassin of his mental illness. …….. " Atlanta, GA - The Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) called on the White House today to remove Gregory Craig from the White House Impeachment group because Craig was an attorney for President Ronald Reagan's would-be assassin John Hinckley………"To have Greg Craig leading the Clinton effort to remain in office is an affront to all Americans and a slap to everyone who remembers the terrible events of that day in March 1981," said SLF President Matthew J. Glavin. "For Bill Clinton to have selected this particular lawyer shows that he either has no respect for the men that have preceded him or no understanding or knowledge of the deep respect that Ronald Reagan has with the American people……….."In the 80's, trial lawyer Greg Craig defended a man who sought to kill a President. Now, he is defending a regime bent on staying in power even if it means destroying the presidency that Ronald Reagan sought to protect and honor."……. Craig heads up the Administration's efforts to derail impeachment in the Congress and served previously in the Clinton State Department and as a policy advisor for Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Edward Kennedy during the mid-1980's. ……… "Craig's previous service shows that he is a committed liberal apologist and his appointment to a White House job shows that Bill Clinton might be engaged in the "vast left-wing conspiracy" with his wife, Ted Kennedy, and the lawyer who defended John Hinckley......."



RightOnTheLeftCoast 6/28/00 "….
o The Dep't of Justice brought suit against Microsoft on behalf of lead plaintiff, Netscape.
o At the time, Netscape's largest shareholder (a matter of public record, easily verified) was an investment firm called Amerindo. Think: Amer. Indo.
o Amerindo runs a smallish tech-oriented public mutual fund. Most of what you'll find about them on the web will regard that fund, and it's not what's interesting. Their main action has always been their private investment fund. Note:

"The name Amerindo came from the fund's first investors, a group of Indonesian Chinese who wanted [the founder, Cuban expatriate Alberto] Vilar to call the firm American Indonesian Singaporean Investment Co. but settled for an abbreviation." --Fortune, October 25, 1999

1) This Fabian administration's highest-profile assault on capitalism just happened to benefit Indonesian investors.
2) The administration's most unsavory political hatchet-man now turns up digging dirt to the same end.
Also recall the Newsmax article from June 8:

""Joel [Klein] was also a member of the so-called 'Secret Police.'"--Linda TrippRightOnTheLeftCoast 6/28/00 "……I knew of the "Indo" connection but could not find any public confirmation until that Fortune comment slipped through the smokescreen last Fall. Before that, I had momentarily gained the attention of one prominent Internet reporter, who tried to get confirmation of the Indonesian backing from Amerindo directly. No surprise: they denied it and said they 'forgot' how the company got its name. To my disappointment, he dropped the topic and turned his attention to Fornigate, which hit the fan about then. So this, along with so many other worthy scandals, never got the air it should've. ……..But now we have the Fortune quote, and Lenzner serves as a clear link to the Clinton political machine………..What next? Trouble is, financial matters give reporters migraines. Takes digging and analysis. And the Indo/Chinese money is part of Amerindo's private fund. It's well-cloaked, and the public mutual fund of the same name is a nice smokescreen too. ……" 6/22/00 Robert Novak "……. On Nov. 24, 1997, Freeh sent Reno a memo concluding that "the investigation presents the (Justice) Department with a political conflict of interest." More than a year later, on Dec. 8, 1998, FBI General Counsel Larry Parkinson wrote Freeh that "an irrevocable political conflict of interest" was terminating the inquiry into Clinton's and Gore's conduct. ……..That's what the Justice Department hierarchy found "harder" to dismiss. Although Reno needed only to cite conflict of interest to justify an independent counsel, she insisted there was no "specific and credible" information of criminal activity. Radek, head of Justice's Public Integrity Unit, simply declared without amplification that this was "not the sort of conflict of interest that could justify" an independent counsel. …….Radek's motivation is suggested in a Freeh memo written on Dec. 9, 1996. Freeh reveals that he had informed Reno of what Deputy FBI Director William Esposito had told him of a meeting with Radek. According to Esposito, Radek told of "pressure" on him because the "Attorney General's job might hang in the balance." Freeh said he told Reno "that those comments would be enough for me to take him and the Criminal Division off the case completely." ………That memo dominated the Burton committee's June 6 hearing on the document release. Radek, whose aides are disclosed by these papers asserting that "professed failure to recall" is not a cause for perjury, could not recall the meeting or the statement attributed to him. But Esposito and another FBI official present did. Radek said he was not approached on the subject by Reno, who has failed to recall her meeting with Freeh. ...... She should have, considering the recommendations by the FBI chief. In his 1996 memo, Freeh said he told Reno that investigators of the campaign scandal "should be 'junkyard dogs'" and that Radek's unit "was not capable of conducting the thorough, aggressive kind of investigation which was required." The advice was rejected. ......"

Freeper abwehr 6/21/00 "…..I thought it interesting because his office, along with Lee Radek was involved in the HIDRO GAS JUAREZ investigation mentioned above. I also thought you would like to keep as complete a record of high Clinton Administration officials who have been indicted as possible. This makes two from the Treasury Department in the last month! ….."

Freeper John Huang is a Chinese Spy 6/24/00 "……Miller grew up in Little Rock and graduated from Mount St. Mary Academy in 1969. She joined the Religious Sisters of Mercy in St. Louis and attended Maryville College there, graduating in 1975 with a degree in American government. After teaching a spell at Mount St. Mary, she went to law school at the University of Kansas at Lawrence, graduating in 1984. …… She spent a period as a brief writer for Little Rock attorney John Walker before striking out on her own from 1986-1988. She left the Religious Sisters of Mercy order in 1986. …….She then became a deputy prosecuting attorney under Chris Piazza before moving on to become assistant attorney general under Steve Clark and later deputy attorney general under Winston Bryant. It was there that she concentrated on Medicaid fraud cases, an area in which she's still involved. …….."

Chicago Tribune 6/19/00 John Kass "……This just in. ... Tony Coelho resigned from Vice President Al Gore's presidential campaign. ... He is to be replaced by U.S. Commerce Secretary William Daley. As any psychology grad student can attest, if you mix late-night cable TV talk shows with a couple of late-night Italian beefs, a grape Nehi and "cheeze" fries, here's what you get: …….. A nightmare. So there I was, sated and primed and in my favorite position: complete repose on the couch. The cable analysts relentlessly analyzed the impact Bill Daley would have on the Gore campaign. My eyes demanded closure. ……."

I, Sonya Stewart, hereby state, under oath, as follows: …….. 1. Since 1975, I have served solely as a career civil servant at the Commerce Department. ……. From approximately 1991 until March 2000, I was the Commerce Department's Director for Executive Budgeting and Assistance Management in the Office of the Secretary. Additionally, I served as Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Administration for Commerce in the Office of the Secretary from November 1998 to September 1999. ……2. I come forward to present my declaration to this Court with great trepidation and grave concern about retribution and retaliation which may be directed at me, both professionally and personally, as a result of this affidavit. …….
3. As the Commerce Department's Director for Executive Budgeting and Assistance Management in the Office of the Secretary, I had supervisory authority over all Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA") matters department-wide. .........4. However, my staff's efforts and the FOIA process were thwarted and obstructed by Commerce Department officials. Melissa Moss, former Director of the Office of Business Liaison ("OBL"), refused to cooperate in producing documents responsive to Judicial Watch's FOIA requests. Lesia Thornton's notes to file, attached as Exhibit 1, evidence such obstruction. (Ms. Thornton was formerly Office of the Secretary FOIA Officer.) The actions of the Commerce Office of General Counsel ("OGC") staff, including career civil servants Barbara Fredericks, Assistant General Counsel for Administration, and Judith Means of her staff, as well as political appointee Sue Esserman, former Acting Commerce General Counsel under former Commerce Secretary Mickey Kantor and currently Deputy U.S. Trade Representative, also contributed to obstructing the FOIA process. When documents properly responsive and releasable to Judicial Watch's FOIA requests were gathered by my FOIA staff, they were sent to the Office of General Counsel, where Ms. Fredericks is responsible for the legality of day-to-day administrative operations, including all legal issues related to FOIA..........
5. Ms. Fredericks and her OGC staff improperly assumed and exercised the final authority to approve or disapprove the release of documents responsive to FOIA requests submitted by Judicial Watch. ……7. I am aware of Commerce officials' contacts with Cheryl Mills, then Deputy Counsel to the President, concerning whether to release or withhold certain documents. I know that Ms. Mills, in her position as Deputy Counsel to the President, advised Commerce officials to withhold certain documents. In my many years working for the federal government on FOIA and other matters, and in my experience gathering and responding to FOIA and Congressional requests for information, I have never known or heard of a federal agency collaborating or discussing releasing or withholding documents with White House officials. The Commerce Department's collaboration with White House Deputy Counsel Mills on these matters was, in my experience, highly irregular and at variance with normal procedures. During the time period at issue, many of the same documents were being sought by several entities, including Judicial Watch, Inc., congressional committees, grand juries, and others. It is my belief and recollection based on my knowledge and experience that these interactions with Ms. Mills, as well as other practices, delayed and corrupted the Commerce Department's response to Judicial Watch's FOIA requests.........."



WorldNetDaily 12/12/98 Joseph Farah "….. Some people will no doubt object to this column. After all, you're not supposed to speak ill of the dead -- especially the recent dead. But with all the flowery tributes to Al Gore Sr. in the last few days, I figure somebody has to speak the truth about this man who, in his lifetime, collaborated with and profited handsomely from evil. ……… To appreciate what I'm about to tell you with regard to Al Gore Sr., you first must familiarize yourself with a man by the name of Armand Hammer -- worth more than a few columns himself. Hammer was a personal friend of V.I. Lenin. He was known as Lenin's "path" to America's financial resources -- in other words, the guy who would sell us the rope with which we would be hanged. Hammer was the first Western businessman to participate in KGB-controlled joint ventures in the Soviet Union. The son of Julius Hammer, a founder of the Socialist Labor Party and later the Communist Party USA who served time in Sing Sing for performing illegal abortions, Armand was called the "Capitalist Prince" by the KGB. Hammer dutifully served the Soviets for seven decades and became the first -- and only -- American capitalist to be awarded the Order of Lenin. …….. To the Soviet Union in his day, Hammer was a figure with much in common with the contemporary spy-cum-billionaire Mochtar Riady -- doing the bidding of socialist tyrants -- and making a bundle in the process. Hammer was part-time spy, part-time money-launderer, part-time industrialist -- but a full-time traitor to the United States of America. …"

WorldNetDaily 12/12/98 Joseph Farah "….. But I digress. The story for today is how Hammer's corrupt, evil career was aided in numerous ways by Vice President Al Gore's Daddy, who was a partner in various Hammer enterprises for more than four decades. As Epstein documents in "Dossier," the elder Gore helped Hammer make connections with a series of U.S. presidents and used his influence to help Hammer's Occidental Petroleum company gain access to foreign political leaders. But, most importantly, it was Gore who helped stop the FBI from pursuing an investigation of the industrialist as a Soviet agent of influence. It seems Al Gore Sr. knew something about "controlling legal authorities" and obstruction of justice himself. Like father, like son. ……… Conscience? Humble beginnings? When the elder Gore retired from the Senate, he received a $500,000-a-year job as head of Occidental's coal division. So, it would seem, the cleanest money in Al Gore's family tree came from tobacco. The really dirty, blood money came direct from Moscow for services rendered to Communist totalitarians and their pseudo-capitalist puppet, errand boys. Tell me about conscience, Al. After the younger Gore was elected to the Senate in 1980, he continued a tradition begun by his father by inviting Hammer into the "senators only" section during President Reagan's inauguration. ……….Al Jr. has emulated his Dad in other ways, too. Today he serves as co-chairman of an Russian-U.S. commission intended to help the next generation of Armand Hammer-style "Capitalist Princes" develop contacts with KGB-dominated businesses. ……In 1994, the vice president established U.S.-Russian Joint Commission on Economic and Technical Cooperation, better known as the Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission. The purpose of the commission is to help establish joint ventures in space exploration, science and technology, defense conversion, environmental initiatives, public health issues, agribusiness and economic development. The Russian side of this equation is littered with shadowy figures with one foot in the intelligence community and the other in mob-related activities. ….."

Freeper archy "…..But those of us in the newspaper biz who remember Schippers as a lawyer for serial killer Larry Eyler and his accomplices aren't nearly such big fans, and neither is the family of Danny Bridges, the Chicago kid butchered by Eyler and one of his helpers after Schippers helped him walk away from earlier charges……… Some websearch info or an excerpt from Gera-Lynn Kolarik's book *Freed to kill* is appropriate if you ever include any background on Schippers in the Downside Legacy accounts, but it's worth recalling that Schippers was a long-term Kennedy Democrat, and his Chicago roots offer too many previous examples of other cases in which the Big Fix was in before the verdict was returned……. If these seemed contradictory, at least one case did not. According to a book about Schippers's most infamous client, the serial killer Larry Eyler, Schippers broke down and cried when he learned that the man whom he had presumed innocent and helped set free murdered and mutilated a young boy several months later. "Christ," he thought, "did I become a lawyer for this?" ……" 8/4/00 Capitol Hill Blue "……They include current Rep. Corrine Brown (D-Fla), whose trail of bad debts, lies to Congress and misstatements to the Internal Revenue Service have spawned a number of investigations. Then there is Rep. James Moran (D-Va) whose wife has charged him with abuse, who has assaulted other members of Congress on the floor of the House and is a former stockbroker whose judgment in trades is so bad he is broke from poor investments. The list also includes Joe Waldholtz, a con man and husband of former Rep. Enid Greene Waldholtz (R-UT) who kited more than a million dollars in bad checks and ended up in prison. …… Others, like former Ohio Senator John Glenn, have driven creditors into bankruptcy because of unpaid debts left over from aborted Presidential campaigns. Even millionaire Senator Ted Kennedy has left a trail of unpaid debts from past campaigns. …….." 8/4/00 Capitol Hill Blue "……Part I: Rep. Corrine Brown - running on a record of fraud …….In just seven years in Congress, Rep. Corrine Brown has eluded creditors, filed false financial disclosure reports and lied to the Internal Revenue Service. "She cons people, pure and simple," says Sheryl Wilson, a former travel agency owner in Tallahassee who knew Brown. "I don't think she has an honest bone in her body." …… Rep. Brown has a poor memory when it comes to remembering her business dealings. The financial records that every member of Congress is required to file shows the Jacksonville, Florida Democrat failed to disclose the $40,000 sale of her Tallahassee travel agency and improperly reported the sale of her Gainesville agency. And she has omitted other required details from her reports. Brown has left a trail of unpaid bills from businesses she owned in Gainesville, Jacksonville and Tallahassee during the early 1990s. In 1994, a consortium of airlines sued Brown for $94,000 in because her company, Springfield Travel Agency Inc., falsified sales reports and did not pay its bills. Delta Air Lines revoked her authority to write tickets because of an unpaid $7,237 bill. She also owed $5,697 to the University of Florida and tried to pay part of the bill with a bad check. The IRS also went after Brown for $14,228 in unpaid taxes and the Whirlpool Corp. had to go to court to try and collect $10,227 in unpaid bills for appliances. …….. In addition, the House ethics committee is investigating Brown over her dealings with an African millionaire who was imprisoned on bribery charges. Two committee investigators went to Miami recently to interview witnesses for that case. …….. Brown not only avoids personal responsibility for her financial dealings, but also routinely violates congressional rules and the law. Members of Congress are required to file reports to reveal any potential conflicts of interest. As a member of the House aviation subcommittee, Brown oversees the very airlines that sued her for unpaid bills. ......"

Medium Rare articles 7/24/00 Jim Rarey "……. On September 11, 1999, shortly after former Senator Danforth had been named by Janet Reno to conduct an "independent" investigation into Waco, this writer published an article (reproduced below) warning not to expect any unbiased report from Danforth. ……Since then, the so-called investigation under the direction of Edward L. Dowd, Jr was conducted according to Danforth with a "bunch of attorneys and 18 postal inspectors. …….The key issue was whether or not government agents (FBI?) had fired on the compound during the fateful showdown on April 19th. Crucial to that issue was analysis of the FLIR tapes that purportedly showed gunfire directed at the compound from government positions. …..Danforth "selected" a firm in Britain that supposedly was independent. It turns out it is owned by another firm in Virginia and its business appears to be almost exclusively with the pentagon. Sounds like a government "proprietary", doesn't it? ….."

MEDIUM RARE 9/11/99 Jim Rarey "…….. DANFORTH'S BOOKENDS Shortly after Bill Clinton took office in 1993, an event unprecedented in the history of the United States took place. Newly appointed officials at the Justice Department "accepted the resignations" (fired) every U.S. Attorney in the country and appointed Clinton loyalists as replacements. Two of those replacements were; Eric Holder in the Washington, D.C. district and Edward L Dowd, Jr. in St. Louis. The actual ordering of the firing was issued by Webster Hubbell, longtime friend of the Clintons and a partner of Hillary Clinton in the Rose law firm. ……At the time, many (including this writer) suspected that the mass firing was a cover to obfuscate the fact that the U.S. Attorney in Little Rock was fired for cooperating with the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC). …..Former Senator Danforth may find it tough sledding to mount a thorough investigation of Waco. Since Janet Reno has recused herself from the investigation, Danforth will be supervised by Clinton loyalist Eric Holder, now Deputy Attorney General. …….Holder will also be the one who decides what subpoenas Danforth can issue and whether or not a grand jury will be used. ……This writer's guess is that the Danforth investigation will be conducted under grand jury secrecy and Justice and the White House will refuse to cooperate with congress on the grounds that it would interfere with the Danforth investigation. The best hope for the public to learn the truth about Waco may be the new documentary to be released in the middle of this month from the producer of the Oscar nominated film Waco: Rules of Engagement ……"

Washington Times 10/28/96 Jerry Seper "…… A former high-ranking Teamsters official says union leaders set up a secret multimillion-dollar slush fund during the 1992 presidential campaign in an effort to help elect Bill Clinton. F.C. "Duke" Zeller, who worked for 14 years as director of communications at Teamsters headquarters in Washington, said union officials - including President Ron Carey - played "fast and loose" with Teamsters funds, diverting "large sums of money" to the Clinton campaign during the 1992 election. …….Mr. Zeller, who describes his concerns on the suspected slush fund in a book called "Devil's Pact: Inside the World of the Teamsters Union," said in interviews with The Washington Times that information on such a fund came to him in 1993 from "well-placed" union officials, including persons who signed off on requests for funds. ……..He said the officials told him, under agreements of confidentiality for fear of their safety, that cash was used improperly for Clinton bus tours, campaign literature and other expenses, and that other funds were routed to campaign officials in New York City and Chicago. ……."

Kickback Convicts for Clinton 11/30/99 Washington Times "…… In 1996 the Teamsters Union did something a little unusual for an organization that was nearly bankrupt - it gave away more than $1 million. The money went not to the organization's dues-paying members but to liberal activist groups, the Democratic Party and, it turned out, the re-election campaign of former Teamsters President Ron Carey. In return for the contributions, you see, the lucky recipients were supposed to return the favor by making contributions to the Carey campaign. Several did. ……The idea was to circumvent federal labor laws that bar unions from spending funds on individual candidates in union elections. Earlier this month a federal district court jury in New York convicted the Teamsters' former political director, William Hamilton, of embezzlement and fraud for his part in the kickback scheme. The question now is how many others were involved in it. ……."

Nicholson: 'So Much for 'No Legal Violations' 1/8 PRNewswire "….. On the same day that Al Gore's toughest union lieutenants, Richard Trumka and Gerald McEntee, are organizing a mass rally following Gore's debate in Iowa with Bill Bradley, Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson announced today that he has put the entire 3,000-page transcript of the federal trial of ex-Teamsters Political Director William Hamilton on the "Gore Files" of the RNC's website, . …….
The testimony implicates both Trumka and McEntee -- as well as Gore fundraiser Terry McAuliffe -- as participants in an illegal campaign money-laundering scheme during the 1996 election cycle.
"With Al Gore claiming there were 'no legal violations' in the 1996 election cycle, Americans can now judge for themselves whether he's telling the truth -- or whether this is another case of the Vice President's imagination getting away with him," Nicholson said. …….
"This sworn testimony convicted Ron Carey's number-two man at the Teamsters of 6 counts of conspiracy, fraud, embezzlement and perjury, and it implicates Al Gore's principal fundraiser, Terry McAuliffe, and his toughest union lieutenants, Richard Trumka and Gerald McEntee."
Hamilton, who was Teamsters' Political Director under disgraced former-President Ron Carey, faces up to 30 years in prison, plus fines of $1 million. His sentencing is scheduled for February 29, 2000. …….."

11/30/99 AP "…..A union headed by one of Hillary Rodham Clinton's top backers made a hefty contribution to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee just before the committee began paying for a television ad boosting the first lady in upstate New York, records showed Tuesday. Local 1199's Political Action Fund contributed $500,000 to the DSCC on Oct. 19, according to Federal Election Commission records. ……… Local 1199's president is Dennis Rivera, one of the highest profile labor leaders in the state and a major backer of Mrs. Clinton's expected Senate run. She is expected to face New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani in the race. ….."



The Washington Weekly ( 5/4/98 "……. When young Bill Clinton in 1974 made his first run for political office, a crucial $10,000 loan was arranged for him by his uncle, Raymond Clinton. Uncle Raymond has been tied by Clinton biographer Roger Morris to the Hot Springs Mafia. …….. But it was not until 1984, when Clinton was elected for a second term as Governor of Arkansas, that Mob money really started pouring in. "That was the election when the Mob really came into Arkansas politics, the dog-track and racetrack boys, the payoff people who saw a good thing," a former U.S. Attorney told Roger Morris. "It wasn't just Bill Clinton and it went beyond our old Dixie Mafia, which was penny-ante by comparison. This was eastern and and West Coast crime money that noticed the possibilities just like the legitimate corporations did." Among the "legitimate corporations" that noticed the possibilities with the rapidly ascending governor thirsting for power and money were front corporations for the intelligence services of the People's Republic of China. The Lippo empire came to Arkansas that year. ……..By then, Bill Clinton's ties to organized crime had become well- known. His half-brother Roger Clinton was convicted of cocaine distribution in association with Mob figure and Clinton money man Dan Lasater. …….. In the years that followed, Arkansas became a major cocaine trans-shipment point for the Mafia, crossing paths with the famous CIA Contra resupply operation at Mena. ….."

The Washington Weekly ( 5/4/98 "……. So successful was this formula, that in 1992 Bill Clinton used it to reach the highest office, the office of the U.S. Presidency. In return for large campaign donations, the crime families would be represented in the Clinton administration. The New York Mob paid $56 million [1] and won the slot of Deputy Chief of Staff for its lawyer Harold Ickes. The Dixie Mafia paid an undisclosed amount and obtained slots for Patsy Thomasson and Buddy Young. The Chicago political machine sent Rahm Emanuel and David Wilhelm. Harold Ickes proved his value to the Mob when he held his hand over Mob puppets Arthur Coia and Ron Carey who were under separate RICO investigations by the Justice Department. Patsy Thomasson, in charge of White House drug testing policy, saw to it that criminal figures on the White House staff would not be bothered about past and current drug use. ……… Peripheral Mob figures Nathan Landow, Richard Ben-Veniste, and their associates Terry Lenzner and Paul Begala became part of the secret police that would keep Clinton in office despite multiple revelations of criminal offenses. Ironically, the only member of the Clinton enforcement team who has threatened the use of Mafia methods in public is James Carville. He said on television that Kenneth Starr was just one mistake away from not having any kneecaps. "Kneecapping" is a Mafia specialty. Yet the only link between Carville and the Mafia that we have been able to find so far is his partnership with Paul Begala, who admitted in a recent deposition for the Filegate trial that he was in close and frequent contact with his friend Richard Ben-Veniste, a Mob lawyer and friend of Mobster Alvin Malnik [2]. Richard Ben- Veniste has defended several drug traffickers and money launderers for the Mafia and for the DNC. Ben-Veniste also defended Bill Clinton on the Senate Whitewater panel in 1995. ........."

Washington Times 7/27/00 Frank Murray "….. White House physician Connie Mariano, daughter of a longtime Philippine Navy steward whose family had always entered admirals' homes through the back door and stayed in the kitchen, was promoted to admiral with starred shoulder boards presented by President Clinton at an emotional ceremony. ……. "I owe my life to military medicine," said the board-certified general internist, 45, who explained she was born in a Navy hospital and three days later airlifted by helicopter to a neonatal intensive care unit. She laughingly apologized for the intensive care unit being an Air Force facility. .........Her four-stripe shoulder boards as captain were removed by her sons, Jason and Andrew, and replaced by gold boards installed jointly by her father, retired Navy Master Chief Petty Officer Angel Mariano, who served 29 years in a steward corps comprised mostly of Filipinos; her mother, dentist Lourdes Mariano; and her husband, lawyer Richard Stevens. ...... …." 7/27/00 Larry Margasak "……The Justice Department searched a criminal database for a lawyer from Attorney General Janet Reno's former Miami firm and passed along the response in a deviation from normal practice, current and former officials report. The decision to access the database was made by then-Associate Attorney General John Schmidt, who overruled a subordinate when the case arose in 1995 and defended his judgment in an interview Wednesday. Reno had disqualified herself, telling aides in a memo not to contact her in the case because ''a close personal friend'' was involved. Rebekah Poston, an acquaintance of Reno, sought arrest records on a Japanese religious leader on behalf of a client. While Poston successfully worked around the normal practice, she didn't get the answer she wanted….. Poston apparently was not the friend referred to in Reno's recusal, although it may have been a lawyer in the same firm. House Government Reform Committee investigators, examining whether Poston received favored treatment, also questioned in an internal memo whether private investigators working for Poston broke the law by surreptitiously obtaining information from the database. ….. Justice Department chief spokesman Myron Marlin confirmed that Reno and Poston worked for the same Miami law firm, Steel Hector & Davis, but said they were employed there at different times. He also confirmed that Poston's sister, Roberta Forrest, worked on Reno's successful campaign as Florida state attorney for Dade County……." 7/18/00 Carl Limbacher "……""Last year, Wu persuaded Congress to fund a $900,000 plan to aid pro-democracy Chinese dissidents," reports the July 24 issue Business Week Magazine. "The money was to be administered by Greg Craig, head of the China Working Group of the RFK Memorial Foundation, a non-profit human rights group. "In a November 24 letter, Craig told Wu that if he headed the dissident project, it 'would inevitably limit' his ability to speak out on the China policy debate." Then Craig explained that Wu's politics are "incompatible" with the foundation. …….Wu's "incompatibility" continued right through his opposition this spring to Permanent Normal Trade Relation status for Red China. -- a top Clinton administration priority. ……In March, Craig ordered funding for The China Project cancelled altogether. "

Freeper Joe Montana 7/21/00 bernie_the_bandit 7/21/00 "……. SCHWARTZ, BERNARD L Another 100K of Lorals ever shrinking cash reserve went quietly to the DNC on 5-22-00. Says a whole lot about what really interests our CEO. From the
NEW YORK, NY 10016
08/14/1998 100000.00 98033551766
02/16/1999 50000.00 99020041430
05/22/2000 100000.00 20020171953 ……"


Freeper RightOnTheLeftCoast 7/18/00 "…… Okay, and notice the following from MS Espionage: Cash for Trash - Terry Lenzner at it again
o The Dep't of Justice brought suit against Microsoft on behalf of lead plaintiff, Netscape.
o At the time, Netscape's largest shareholder (a matter of public record, easily verified) was an investment firm called Amerindo. Think: Amer. Indo.
o Amerindo runs a smallish tech-oriented public mutual fund. Most of what you'll find about them on the web will regard that fund, and it's not what's interesting. Their main action has always been their private investment fund. Note:
"The name Amerindo came from the fund's first investors, a group of Indonesian Chinese who wanted [the founder, Cuban expatriate Alberto] Vilar to call the firm American Indonesian Singaporean Investment Co. but settled for an abbreviation." --Fortune, October 25, 1999
Think about it. Clinton's treasonous Indo/Chinese backing is well-known. And now it turns out that:
1) This Fabian administration's highest-profile assault on capitalism just happened to benefit Indonesian investors.
2) The administration's most unsavory political hatchet-man now turns up digging dirt to the same end.

Also recall the Newsmax article from June 8:
""Joel [Klein] was also a member of the so-called 'Secret Police.'"--Linda Tripp……"

Newsweek 8/17/00 Michael Isikoff Mark Hosenball ".....AFTER BEING ASKED about the relationship by reporters, the Democratic National Committee on Wednesday afternoon terminated its relationship with the company, The Share Group of Somerville, Mass. The DNC took the action after determining that the convicted businessman still maintains a role in the company's operation....... Until today, The Share Group, a telemarketing company, played a key role in raising campaign funds for the Democrats, despite the September, 1997, guilty plea of its former chief executive, Michael Ansara, to federal charges of participating in an illegal scheme to divert Teamster union funds to the re-election campaign of its former president, Ron Carey. As part of his guilty plea with the Justice Department, Ansara agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors in their ongoing investigation into the Teamster matter and has not yet been sentenced. Top labor union officials-including AFL-CIO Treasurer Richard Trumka-have been under scrutiny in connection with the probe. ......, Before pleading guilty to the conspiracy charge, Ansara transferred his 59 percent controlling interest in The Share Group to his wife, Barbara Arnold, according to court records. He also stepped down as CEO. Ansara remains a contract employee of the firm and retains offices there, a company official confirmed. ...... Campaign finance records reviewed by Newsweek show that since last year, the Gore 2000 Presidential campaign paid The Share Group at least $154,000 in campaign funds for "telemarketing services." Records show that in l999 and 2000, the Democratic National Committee also paid the company at least $512,000 in what were described in "consulting fees" and "legal consulting fees" and that as of June 30 of this year, the DNC still owed the company another $257,000. Dennis McCarthy, president of The Share Group, told Newsweek that two other Democratic Party groups, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, also paid The Share Group a total of at least $425,000 during the current campaign........"

Freeper aristeides 9/14/00"…… Karen Adler was the chief liaison to the Jews in New York on Hillary's campaign who sent out the e-mails telling people to lie to members of the Jewish press about the FJB remark. She was at least until recently (and I think still is) an executive (executive vice president) of LCOR, Inc., a real estate outfit in New York. From '94 to '96 she was regional director of GSA in New York, and she seems to be putting this government experience to good use in trying to get for LCOR business on Governor's Island as that formerly military island is privatized. In '92, she worked on the Clinton campaign. Before then, she worked for the Adler Group, Inc., a family real estate outfit based in Miami. She is originally from Miami. …….. I assume she is some relation of Michael Adler, the CEO of the Adler Group, who was also at this '93 get-together. This '93 business is not the only event that they attended together. They were both at the 1999 White House state dinner for Ehud Barak . …….. Michael Adler has been a prominent donor and fund-raiser for the current Gore campaign : Michael Adler, a Florida real estate maven, raised $50,000 for Clinton/Gore '96; in 1995 his company got a $750,000 loan from the Small Business Administration. Adler attended last December's Gore fundraiser at Nashville's Wildhorse Saloon, an event the Veep's staffers portrayed as a populist affair because they only charged $35 a head. Turns out that while the plebes swilled beer down below, big donors like Adler took part in an exclusive gathering upstairs. Adler won't reveal how much cash he's raised for Gore 2000, other than to say it's a "significant amount."

8/21/93 LA Times Ronald Ostrow Freeper note "….Doris Meissner the Commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service was nominated by President Clinton in June 1993.However she was not confirmed until October of that year. Why? Perhaps this brief article from the Aug.21,1993 LA Times should be read. ….. "……. Doris M. Meissner's nomination to head the beleaguered Immigration and Naturalization Service has been delayed while FBI agents check an allegation raised after President Clinton announced her selection two months ago, it was learned Friday. ……. The substance of the allegation or the threat it poses to her appointment could not be determined. …….. Clinton, in a White House ceremony on June 18, said that Meissner, 51, would bring "a unique combination of management and policy experience" to the INS. "Her nomination signals my efforts to ensure that we meet the immigration challenges facing our nation and the world," he said. Under most circumstances, Clinton would have followed up with a formal nomination more quickly--especially since the Administration has assigned a high priority to immigration--and her selection would have moved to the Senate Judiciary Committee for confirmation hearings. Atty. Gen. Janet Reno, who was a strong advocate of Meissner, and Associate Atty. Gen. Webster Hubbell, who oversees the INS, both have said that solving immigration problems is a top priority for the Justice Department and expressed confidence in Meissner's ability to chart new courses for the troubled agency. ……… Unfortunately I have not been able to learn what it was the FBI took two months to investigate but whatever it was it did not seem to phase either Bill Clinton or the Democrat Senate which confirmed her. …… No mention of Ms.Meissner would be complete without noting that her husband was Charles Meissner and that besides dying on the ill-fated Bosnian trade trip with Secretary Ron Brown he was also John Huang's superior at the International Trade Administration. …….. While Doris Meissner's confirmation as Commissioner may have been slow in coming she hit the ground running for a month after assuming her post the following was announced on Nov.26,1993: …….. The Clinton Administration will encourage some 10 million legal immigrants to become U.S. citizens in a bid to counter anti-immigrant sentiment, the New York Times reported in today's editions. ……."

Freeper report "……. While Doris Meissner as Commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service has come under a great deal of fire for allowing at least 180,000 immigrants to be granted citizenship without undergoing the mandatory FBI fingerprint checks between August 1995 and September 1996 this may just be the tip of a criminal invasion of the USA under her leadership.Though at least 11,000 convicted felons have subsequently been identified from this batch of "OPERATION CITIZENSHIP" how many more have gone undetected? ……… The following excerpt from the March 31st 1994 Department of Justice Inspectors General Report reveals that the INS failed to conduct proper scrutiny of immigrants and what is worse even those aliens who underwent FBI fingerprint checks may have had criminal records since applicants prints are not taken by any official agency rather they are submitted by the applicants themselves! ……...
--------Begin Excerpt---------
The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) paid the FBI $14.7 million for 866,313 applicant fingerprint checks during FY 1993. Our inspection reviewed the necessity and effectiveness of conducting fingerprint checks on applicants for naturalization, permanent residency, and other benefits.
INS does not provide fingerprinting services, and the applicants must obtain the service from private sources. We found that INS has not established effective controls to prevent individuals from submitting false prints.
We found INS examiners were approving applications without always checking whether applicants had arrest records. In one district office, 78 percent of the alien files reviewed lacked the FBI arrest reports, and there was no evidence that these reports were in the files at the time the applications were granted, denied, or withdrawn.
Overall, our review found arrest records identified from fingerprint checks have an effect on the final adjudication of an application for INS benefits. We concluded that these checks are a necessary step in the application process. ……."

Gretchen Glass 8/21/99 "...Martin A. Kamarck - Ex-Im's former President, Vice President and Member of the Board Martin Kamarck was nominated to President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Export-Import Bank of the United States on December 21, 1995. Prior to that he served as Vice-Chairman of the bank and, before that, he was its director and consultant. Mr. Kamarck is/was a partner in Morrison & Foerster, Washington, D.C.. The firm, of course, has offices in Beijing and Hong Kong - a clear conflict of interest. In addition to the obvious conflict of interest generated by his links to Communist China, there appears to be evidence of other conflicts of interest arising from the Bank's rejection of China's Gorges Dam project. The project was turned down for Ex-Im Bank financing because of Gore's favorite topic - environmental concerns. Why? Here are the facts and opinion written by the large international law firm of Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin & Kahn: "Mr. Kamarck's wife, Elaine Kamarck is Gore's policy aide which raised questions about the required independence of the Export-Import Bank policy. With Kamarck's resignation, some of the hold on the bank by the White House may have been lost." (Nah, how could that be!) And, as could be expected from the scandal ridden Clinton administration, the Washington Post on 10/1/96 reported: "Congress, which warned president Clinton not to reappoint him and sent legislation yesterday to the White House ordering the elimination of Kamarck's salary next summer.... The lawmakers were punishing the Ex-Im chief for the allegedly improper payment of as much as $1 million in extra salary to about 200 of the agency's employees." Mr. Kamarck quietly 'retired' and disappeared from the scene when his term expired on January 20, 1997...."

Heads Up #195 8/20/00 Doug Fiedor ".....According to New Democrats Online [] the platform of the Party of the Ass was "largely drafted by former Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) Senior Fellow Elaine Kamarck and former Blueprint Magazine editor Andrei Cheney" and is a New Democrat document. Which means, it is also a "Third Way" socialist document. ......" 8/8/00 Calvin Woodward AP "..... But in a candid moment more than a year ago, Gore policy adviser Elaine Kamarck told a newspaper, "The Democratic Party is going to take back God this time." <> And the new Democratic platform suggests belief in God is a universal attribute of the party, asserting "Democrats believe that God has given the people of our nation" a mission for racial and ethnic unity. ......"

Savannah Journal 9/11/00 Charles Thompason II Tony Hays "……On Friday, September 8, 2000, as an Accuracy in Media special report concerning a federal narcotics investigation involving Al Gore's uncle, former judge Whit LaFon was being distributed, the FBI leapt to the 82 year old LaFon's defense, but ended up skewered on its own sword. The AIM article, authored by former 60 Minutes producer Charles C. Thompson II and Tennessee journalist Tony Hays also detailed charges of racism, possible vehicular homicide, destruction of a Native American cultural site, against LaFon, brother of Pauline LaFon Gore, and a close advisor of Al Gore's. According to one senior national political correspondent, LaFon is "as close as you can get to Gore," and yet the national media is reluctant to pick up the story. The story offers evidence of LaFon's attempts to use his nephew's position for financial gain, as well as law enforcement's tracking of mysterious planes landing on the Tennessee River near LaFon's rustic cabin. ……. Mark Post, the Jackson FBI supervisor, had confirmed details of the investigation and LaFon's part in it to Thompson and Hays in late June and again in July. But when contacted by WBBJ-TV in Jackson, Post, who said he had been ordered to refute the AIM report by the number two man in the FBI, denied that federal agents had ever targeted LaFon and that other details of the story were complete falsehoods. The reporter, Misty Shay Cole, then interviewed Thompson and Hays, who paraded all their documentation including a number of witnesses who contradicted Post's version of events. This included maps of the area where LaFon's cabin is located. Post had earlier confirmed that the FBI flew in a surveillance plane over LaFon's property. He now denied that had ever happened……" 7/24/00 Kenneth R. Timmerman "……When a Congressional commission, led by California Republican Christopher Cox and Washington state Democrat Norman Dicks, uncovered evidence that China had gained access to U.S. nuclear secrets through espionage, the Washington Post assigned a journalist whose wife was a Clinton administration appointee to cover the story. Walter Pincus and his wife Ann were frequent guests of the first couple at Camp David. After several years at the U.S. Information Agency, Ann Pincus was transferred in the late 1990s to the Office of Research and Media Reaction at the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research (IN/R), the same office that "lost" a laptop computer loaded with highly classified intelligence documents in April 2000. In his reports for the Post, Walter Pincus consistently sought to debunk the China espionage allegations, insisting against all evidence that the Department of Energy's lead investigator was motivated by racism because he focused on a Taiwanese-born nuclear scientist.. ……"

The New American 3/31/97: William Norman Grigg "…….In early February, Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin and his entourage visited Washington, DC to attend the semiannual meetings of the U.S.-Russian Joint Commission on Economic and Technical Cooperation, better known as the Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission (GCC). ……Gusinsky, a 44-year-old banking and media mogul, is considered in some circles to be Russia's wealthiest man -- and one of the top contenders for the title of "godfather" of the KGB-created Russian mafia. Until January of this year, Gusinsky was director of the powerful Moscow-based Most Bank. As commentator Georgie Anne Geyer observes, Most "was on the CIA's recent list of banks with Russian mafia connections." According to the February 6th Washington Times, U.S. diplomatic sources believe that Prime Minister Chernomyrdin "allowed Mr. Gusinsky to be the driving force in orchestrating his visit." …… Gusinsky has a personal security force of more than 1,000 troops, many of them drawn from the KGB's Fifth Chief Directorate -- the branch of the secret police that carried out internal surveillance, political repression, and torture………. Another key player in this KGB-supervised pipeline is Usman Imayev, known in some circles as the "Chechen Pablo Escobar." A graduate of Moscow's Patrice Lumumba University -- an academy of terrorism for Third World Marxists -- Imayev was the head of the Chechen central bank and human rights society and lead negotiator for the Chechen "independence" movement in talks with the Russian Federation. Although Imayev was captured by Russian troops in October 1994 and delivered to Moscow, he was quickly released and allowed to return to Chechnya -- where he used his connections to benefit Bobkov's drug-smuggling network. …….. "In the West," Yasmann concludes, "the mafia operates at the margins of public life, but in Russia, organized crime includes a significant portion of the Russian political elite and of the very people who are supposed to be fighting the criminals." ……… "

The New American 3/31/97: William Norman Grigg "…….Vladimir Gusinsky, the Komsomol-educated front man for the KGB's international drug network, is the perfect ambassador for this business community. Furthermore, according to the Washington Times, "Mr. Gusinsky, with the blessing of Yeltsin chief of staff Anatoly Chubais, has ... become an intimate of the Yeltsin government." Gusinsky apparently has attempted to cultivate ties with Vice President Gore as well. The Times notes that "there have been reports that Mr. Gusinsky was organizing a Washington gala [during his visit] with Vice President Al Gore to be the main guest, but a spokesman for Mr. Gore's office would say only that 'there is no party on the public schedule.'" ............ Whether or not Gore met with Gusinsky, the commission Gore co-chairs with Prime Minister Chernomyrdin has become a major conduit through which taxpayer subsidies are directed to joint economic ventures. Following a GCC meeting in Moscow last July, Gore and Chernomyrdin announced the creation of a $400 million lending facility in Russia that would be operated by the Chase Manhattan Bank and backed by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) -- that is, by American taxpayers. ...... Durin