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Deputy Attorney General Holder was born on January 21, 1951, in New York City. He attended public schools there, graduating in 1969 from Stuyvesant High School where he earned a Regents Scholarship. He attended Columbia College, majored in American History, and was graduated in 1973. Mr. Holder then attended Columbia Law School from which he was graduated in 1976. While in Law School he clerked at the N.A.A.C.P. Legal Defense Fund and the Department of Justice's Criminal Division.

Upon graduating from Columbia Law School, Deputy Attorney General Holder moved to Washington and joined the Department of Justice as part of the Attorney General's Honors Program. He was assigned to the newly formed Public Integrity Section in 1976 and was tasked to investigate and prosecute official corruption on the local, state and federal levels. While at the Public Integrity Section, Mr. Holder participated in a number of prosecutions and appeals involving such defendants as the Treasurer of the state of Florida, the Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, a local judge in Philadelphia, an Assistant United States Attorney in New York City, agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and a "capo" in an organized crime family.

In 1988, Mr. Holder was nominated by the President to become an Associate Judge of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. His investiture occurred in October of that year. Over the next five years, Judge Holder presided over hundreds of criminal trials, many of which involved homicides and other crimes of violence.

In 1993, President Clinton nominated Mr. Holder to become the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia. Mr. Holder was confirmed in October of that year and served as the head of the largest U.S. Attorney's Office in the nation for nearly four years. As U.S. Attorney, Mr. Holder created a new Domestic Violence Unit to more effectively handle those types of tragic cases, implemented a community prosecution pilot project to work hand-in-hand with residents and local government agencies in order to make neighborhoods safer, supported a renewed enforcement emphasis on hate crimes so that criminal acts of intolerance will be severely punished, developed a comprehensive strategy to improve the manner in which agencies handle cases involving the abuse of children, launched a new community outreach program to reconnect the U.S. Attorney's Office with the citizens it serves, revitalized the Victim/Witness Assistance Program to better serve those individuals who are directly affected by crime, and developed "Operation Ceasefire," an initiative designed to reduce violent crime by getting guns out of the hands of criminals.

On April 14, 1997, President Clinton nominated Mr. Holder to be the Deputy Attorney General. He was confirmed by a Senate vote of 100 to 0 and was sworn in as Deputy Attorney General on July 18, 1997. The Honorable Eric H. Holder, Jr., was sworn in as the Deputy Attorney General of the United States on July 18, 1997, in a private ceremony. A public ceremony attended by Attorney General Janet Reno and other dignitaries was held on September 5, 1997. As Deputy Attorney General, Mr. Holder is responsible for the supervision of the day-to-day operation of the Department of Justice. He is now the highest ranking black person in law enforcement in the history of the United States.

Deputy Attorney General Holder has been active in the organization Concerned Black Men. This group seeks to help the youth of the District of Columbia with many of the problems they face, ranging from teenage pregnancy to sub-par academic achievement. Mr. Holder lives in Northwest Washington with his wife, Sharon Malone, who is a doctor in obstetrics and gynecology, and his children, Maya, Brooke and Eric.

Freeper M Kehoe quotes from Eric Holder:

"...the Second Amendment is not an individual right." -- ABC, This Week With Sam & Cokie (circa May 1999).

"criminal acts of intolerance will be severely punished, " - 1993"


Downside Legacy Excerpts/Timeline:

October 1993 Eric Holder confirmed as the United States Attorney for the District of Colombia.

The U.S. Attorney's office for three and a half years, under the leadership of Eric Holder, never found a single instance of high level corruption in the District of Columbia government that was worth bringing to indictment, much less to trial.

2/12/98 Wall Street Journal "....March 1994: In a motion for summary judgment, the presence of non-government employees in the working groups is revealed. ..."

3/28/94 USA Today pp 04 Dennis Cauchon; Adam Nagourney, New complaints of interference latest ripple // Stephanopoulos conversation with Treasury official at issue "...The White House is fighting new complaints of interference in the Whitewater probe, undercutting President Clinton's news conference and the release of his tax records. The new complaints center on a Feb. 25 conversation between senior Clinton adviser George Stephanopoulos and Treasury Department chief of staff Joshua Steiner. Stephanopoulos was angry that federal regulators had hired Republican former U.S. attorney Jay Stephens to conduct its civil investigation into Madison Savings & Loan. Clinton had fired Stephens from his job as chief federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C., in part of a nationwide removal of Republican appointees from their jobs. Stephens said at the time the firing may have been connected to an attempt to thwart a probe of Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, D-Ill...."

Rostenkowski plea bargain leaked.

5/21/94 NPR Weekend Edition Foreign Policy Topping Clinton's Agenda "...NEAL CONAN, Host: NPR and DANIEL SCHORR, Reporter:

CONAN: Well, speaking on the legal front for a moment, there are some interesting negotiations apparently underway between federal prosecutors and Dan Rostenkowski, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, that's normally the powerful chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee. They're trying to find, apparently, some action short of an indictment that would require his removal as chairman. And this is raising, I would think, very difficult decisions for the federal prosecutor.

SCHORR: Well you say `They're trying to find.' I think that, so far as I know, it is so far only Rostenkowski and his lawyers who are trying to find. The U.S. attorney in this case, Eric Holder, Clinton appointee now dealing with Rostenkowski's lawyer, Bob Bennett, who is always President Clinton's lawyer in the Paula Jones case - you following all that?


SCHORR: Well, Mr. Holder has an agonizing problem. It isn't only that going for a felony indictment, that would carry a potential sentence to prison of two years or more, would mean that under House Democratic caucus rules Rostenkowski would then automatically be removed, as when indicted, not when convicted. As chairman of Ways and Means, that will be a serious setback for the president's health insurance plans. It's also that Holder has to figure out how it would look here in the District of Columbia to be- he was- be locking up a lot of black drug offenders and letting this white big-shot off with a misdemeanor charge. I suspect that the leaking of the plea bargain negotiation came from somebody who wanted to torpedo those negotiations and that does not look good for a plea bargain for Cong. Rostenkowski...."

6/2/94 Newsday pp A05 Charles V. Zehren, Probe Pressure '91 tape claims threats in House P.O. investigation "... During the two years since the scandal broke, federal prosecutors have obtained nine indictments - including that of Rostenkowski, the only member of Congress indicted - and a number of convictions. The Democratic portion of the House administration report, meanwhile, concluded that elements of the affair should be reviewed by the ethics committee. House Democrats, however, still refuse to conduct an investigation, arguing that such an action would jeopardize Justice Department prosecutions. The minority portion of the report says that in the process of reviewing Post Office operations, congressional investigators discovered that no fewer than 13 current and former House members from both parties may have committed improper activities in violation of House rules and/or criminal codes. "There are a lot of others involved in the Post Office scandal," said Rep. John E. Boehner (R-Ohio), who also has called repeatedly for an ethics probe. "Employees, other members, and former members." U.S. Attorney Eric H. Holder, who is prosecuting Rostenkowski and other matters associated with the Post Office, wrote to ethics committee chairman Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) warning against a parallel House investigation. Such an action would "interfere directly with the federal grand jury's final consideration of possible criminal charges," Holder wrote...."

Eric Holder warns against a parallel House Investigation into Post Office operations because it would interfere with the federal grand jury…

6/24/94 USA Today pp 08 Charmagne Helton; Leslie Phillips; Richard Benedetto, Whitewater papers to be turned over. "...POSTAL INQUIRY: A House ethics committee wants to investigate the House post office but U.S. Attorney Eric Holder said it may interfere with another criminal investigation. Republicans have requested the investigation for months but were halted by Democrats honoring Holder's request. The 17-count indictment of Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, D-Ill., on charges including embezzlement through the post office, has prompted the call for action......"

12/29/94 The Wall Street Journal Page A10 Spent Force "...It's been two years since Hillary Clinton assembled 1,000 volunteers into a "task force" to brainstorm a total redesign of 14% of the nation's economy. The resulting proposal collapsed, of course, but the now-familiar subject of the Clinton folks' way of conducting public business … remains as a legal controversy. Last week, a federal judge called on the Justice Department to investigate whether health czar Ira Magaziner deliberately lied to the court in an effort to derail a lawsuit challenging the task force's right to meet secretly. The ruling by U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth doesn't mince words. After identifying a pattern of White House misconduct related to the task force, he asked Eric Holder, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, to establish if Mr. Magaziner "did commit the criminal offense of contempt of court - as well as possible perjury and/or making a false statement." Judge Lamberth concluded that Mr. Magaziner had indeed made false statements about the task force, but said prosecutors must decide if they were made knowingly. ..."

12/29/94 The Wall Street Journal Page A10 Spent Force "...The judge's ruling closes out a lawsuit filed 21 months ago by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and two other health care groups that successfully sought public disclosure of the task force's records. The 1972 Federal Advisory Committee Act requires that all meetings of advisory committees must be open to the public unless wholly made up of federal officers or employees. In response, Mr. Magaziner filed a sworn declaration to Judge Lamberth in March 1993 stating that everyone working for the task force was a government employee or consultant, and so the group could shield documents and meetings from the public. Judge Lamberth now says Mr. Magaziner's declaration led the court "to initially dismiss the claim for records." But he says it's now clear that Mr. Magaziner was "misleading, at best" in his statements, and Judge Lamberth intends to impose unspecified sanctions against the White House at a final hearing January 9...."

12/29/94 The Wall Street Journal Page A10 Spent Force "...Back when debate raged over the details of the proposal itself, the Clinton Administration resisted requests for the records for 18 months, finally releasing 500,000 documents last August. However, last month Judge Lamberth found that scores of documents had been removed from the records prior to their release on the grounds that they were dated after the task force disbanded in May 1993. But after Judge Lamberth ordered the missing files released, it was discovered that many were either dated before the task force shut down or indicated that its members continued to work on the health care plan. Dr. Jane Orient, the physician who led the suit over the task force, feels the government's record in the case is strewn with bad faith and duplicity. The Justice Department itself was involved with helping Mr. Magaziner prepare his disputed declaration and Clinton crony Webb Hubbell was actively involved in the government's defense of the task force while he was the No. 3 official at Justice…Having at last handed off the remains of the health care task force to Prosecutor Holder, Judge Lamberth is now free to read this latest set of explanations at his leisure. ..."

Eric Holder, US Attorney for District of Colombia decides NOT to prosecute Ira Magaziner

2/12/98 Wall Street Journal "....August 1995: Holder announces that Magaziner will not be prosecuted, although he acknowledges his statements were "strained" and left him "open to charges that portions were inaccurate." ..."

8/5/95 The Phoenix Gazette Prosecutor Saturday Pg A16, Takes Health Panel To Task "...Though he decided not to prosecute White House aide Ira Magaziner, a federal prosecutor has criticized government lawyers' handling of a legal battle over the White House health reform task force that Magaziner supervised. Eric Holder, U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, has concluded there is no evidence Magaziner should be prosecuted over allegations he lied under oath during the litigation by medical groups over the task force. Holder explained his decision in an 18-page letter to U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth, who released it Friday...."

8/9/95 Wall Street Journal Section A; Page 8, Column 1 IRA BEATS THE RAP Abstract "...Editorial comments on US Attorney Eric Holder's decision not to prosecute Ira Magaziner on perjury charges related to his claims about the Clinton health-care task force...."

USA Today 4/9/96 pp04A William M. Welch, Rostenkowski expected to make plea bargain Would be jailed 17 months, fined $100,000, under deal. "...At the same time Rostenkowski's lawyer, Dan Webb, was challenging the charges against Rostenkowski, he was also negotiating with U.S. Attorney Eric Holder toward a plea bargain. Rostenkowski rejected just such a deal when he was represented by President Clinton's lawyer, Robert Bennett. He got a new lawyer rather than take the deal Bennett had won for him -- pleading to a single count in exchange for a six-month sentence -- about one-third the jail time he is now facing -- and a $38,000 payment to the government....."

Then U.S. Attorney Eric Holder - now deputy attorney general - wrote an internal memo, indicating that any charges in the officers' case would have to originate from the Department of Justice.

April 14, 1997, President Clinton nominated Mr. Holder to be the Deputy Attorney General

2/12/98 Wall Street Journal "....April 1997: Newly named Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder elevates Litt to principal associate deputy attorney general, not subject to confirmation but arguably the third most important position in the department. The post of head of the criminal division, for which Litt's nomination was withdrawn, remains vacant. ...."

5/17/97 pp PG Washington Afro-American Investigation of tax fraud delays Holder's confirmation By Desiree Allen Graves Washington AFRO Staff "....U.S. Attorney Eric Holder Jr. was nominated as Deputy Attorney General (DAG) of the United States, the second highest position at the Justice Department, in March by President Clinton. However, the day before Mr. Holder's Senate confirmation hearing was to take place, the Federal Judiciary Committee announced that the hearing would be delayed due to an investigation of tax fraud. The Senate wants more information from Mr. Holder's office about its role in asking the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) not to audit the tax returns of D.C. police officers who were clients of a D.C. tax preparer, Mohinder Singh........According to prosecutor William Block, Mr. Singh is being charged with fabricating deductions so taxpayers could get larger refunds. This investigation is currently taking place in the U.S. District Court. According to the IRS and the U.S. Attorney's Office, the November 1995 "no-audit" request was initiated for D.C. police officers who were Mr. Singh's clients. The "no-audit" ban was lifted in May 1995 and many police officers have been audited since that time. Although Mr. Singh had approximately 500 D.C. police officers as clients, the investigation focused on about 70 officers at first, then 50 officers, and is now focused on approximately 20 police officers....."

Judge Lambert declared a mistrial in the tax-fraud case citing "prosecutorial misconduct" on the part of lawyers from Mr. Holder’s office.

6/12/97 Wall Street Journal Holder Hearing "... Most specifically, we remain very concerned whether Mr. Holder is going to recuse himself from investigations touching on the affairs of the late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. These will all be matters of judgment, and as such Mr. Holder's tenure as U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia is relevant. Mr. Holder's confirmation hearing was delayed last month to give him time to respond to concerns about a request from his office that the IRS not investigate the tax returns of 600 District police officers involved in a tax fraud case. Then last week, the controversy escalated when U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth declared a mistrial in the tax-fraud case citing "prosecutorial misconduct" on the part of lawyers from Mr. Holder's office. Judge Lamberth said that prosecutors had prepared a key witness contrary to his instructions. We trust that some or all of this will be aired during Friday's confirmation hearing. We're less certain that there will be much discussion of Mr. Holder's increasingly curious role in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit over Ron Brown's Commerce Department records, where lawyers from Mr. Holder's office have been repeatedly rebuked by Judge Lamberth. The FOIA lawsuit was filed in January 1995 by Larry Klayman, head of the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch. Mr. Klayman believes that seats on Commerce Department trade missions were offered in exchange for campaign contributions by the office of Secretary Brown. Mr. Klayman so far has received 27,000 pages of documents from Commerce, but he continues to turn up evidence that the most crucial documents have been kept from him. Last August, Judge Lamberth granted a motion for sanctions against Bruce Hegyi, a deputy to Mr. Holder who is representing Commerce in the Klayman lawsuit, "for discovery abuse" and for walking out of a deposition. In February, Judge Lamberth responded to Mr. Hegyi's arguments that Mr. Klayman's questions were too searching by saying: "Every time he turns up a rock, he finds something, so why are you telling me I can't let him turn up another rock?"

6/12/97 Wall Street Journal Holder Hearing "...Mr. Klayman has turned up some new rocks recently. For example, Graham Whatley, a Commerce deputy assistant secretary, revealed that Commerce kept a list of "minority donors" to the DNC, despite earlier denials such a list existed. The list of 139 names was broken into categories such as "DNC Friends" and "Chairman's Circle." Five of those on the list joined Mr. Brown on a single trade mission to South Africa in 1993 When Mr. Klayman demanded a copy of the DNC donor list, it was finally turned over to him over two years after a court order by Judge Lamberth ordering a full FOIA search of all Commerce files. A department spokesman explained that the list was considered a "personal document, not a Commerce document." The list's discovery energized Mr. Holder, who wrote Judge Lamberth that the Whatley "testimony was a surprise" and that he was referring the matter to the Inspector General of the Commerce Department "for an appropriate investigation." Mr. Klayman has asked Judge Lamberth to grant an immediate status conference on his case. Mr. Holder responded by writing Judge Lamberth that an early hearing would be "problematic" because several of his lawyers with "an interest in attending the hearing" are on vacation during June. Separately, Mr. Holder has noted that Commerce employee Beth Bergere, who was responsible for searching a key office for FOIA documents, is unavailable for a deposition due to "a unique vacation opportunity." Mr. Holder asked that her deposition be rescheduled. At a minimum, this temporizing sounds like a stretch. Or an attempt to push off any revelations from the status hearing to beyond Mr. Holder's confirmation hearing before the Hatch committee.

6/12/97 Wall Street Journal Holder Hearing "...Against this backdrop, we think it is very important for the committee to raise the Brown recusal matter with Mr. Holder. Ron Brown was Mr. Holder's friend and mentor, and his activities are currently bound up in the campaign funding controversies. The Hatch committee needs to hear Mr. Holder's direct views on what we could expect to be his relationship to these matters as deputy attorney general..."

Judicial Watch investigations, blocked by Holder for two years turn up the Huang spy scandal "...Equally shocking is it that the Huang spy scandal was not uncovered by the U.S. media. It was uncovered by the private watchdog group Judicial Watch during its investigation of the corrupt dealings of the late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. Those investigations were blocked in court for almost two years by the office of the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia. The leader of that office, Eric Holder, was recently nominated by Bill Clinton to Deputy Attorney General and sailed through a superficial confirmation hearing in the Senate last week. Both the mainstream media and the Senators on the Committee completely failed to point out Holder's involvement in the cover-up of the John Huang spy scandal..."

July 18, 1997 Eric Holder sworn in as Deputy Attorney General

Washington Weekly 7/20/97 ".It all started with the "D.A. Massacre" at the U.S. Justice Department. The Clinton administration in 1993 fired all U.S. Attorneys and replaced them with loyal cronies. That almost ended accountability for the Clinton administration, because indictment for crimes would have to be brought by U.S. Attorneys. An example is U.S. Attorney Eric Holder, conveniently placed at the District of Columbia-the actual crime scene for most of the misdeeds of the Clinton Administration. He has repeatedly refused prosecution of Clinton administration employees despite referrals with clear evidence of wrongdoing.. The Inspectors General of the different government agencies are the ethics and crime watchdogs. During the Clinton administration, they, as well as the respective general counsels, were replaced with loyal cronies answering no longer to the people of the United States but to the White House Counsel's office, the central intelligence office of the operation as we shall see later..Political intelligence gathered by Inspector Generals and other covert operatives of the White House Counsel's office has limited value if it cannot be turned into action. This is where political blackmail enters the picture. A truly corrupt administration can only survive if it can control public opinion, the judicial system, and the political system. Public opinion is controlled by the Clinton-friendly media. The judicial system has been taken care of as described above. That leaves the political system, which can still hold hearings and vote to impeach. The only effective way to deal with politicians is by blackmail. To blackmail a politician, you need dirt. To collect dirt, you need a private investigator or FBI agents. The White House has and uses both.. The replacement of the FBI director and the appointment of an Attorney General, both of whom are loyal cronies of the Clinton administration is an important part of the plan. Take as an example the current campaign financing scandal."

The U.S. Attorney's Office gave up on the botched tax- fraud case and dropped all charges against Mr. Singh, whose accounting business had prepared returns for hundreds of D.C. police officers

8/20/97 – [Chinese Espionage] DOJ and DOE officials met at the Justice Department to discuss security issues at DOE. Officials present included Attorney General Reno, Deputy Attorney General Holder, and DOE's intelligence chief, Notra Trulock. After this meeting, the head of FBI's National Security Division, John Lewis, mentioned to the Attorney General that the FBI had sought a FISA warrant in the Wen-Ho Lee case, but that "we've been turned down by OIPR.

12/10/97 Testimony before Congress Cox questioning Reno

"RENO: Don't say it's like finished with me. It sounds like you're giving me a hard time. I think you're -- you're -- I appreciate the chairman's thoughtfulness in terms of just pursuing it. But I hope you're not finished with me, because I hope that you will continue your oversight function.

COX: I mean to do so.

You told the chairman that you discussed your decision not to go forward with an independent counsel with political as well as career people at the Department of Justice. But you declined to answer his question when he asked you specifically whether you discussed this matter with Eric Holder or Mr. Hogan, your chief of staff.

And I'd like to ask you those questions once again. Did you -- I don't want to ask you what you discussed with them. And I think I can understand the basis of your...

RENO: I discussed my discussion with senior staff at the Department of Justice. I discussed it with Director Freeh. I discussed it with lawyers in the department.

COX: Does that include Eric Holder and Mr. Hogan?

RENO: Again, I don't think that I should talk about what people advised me when it is my decision.

COX: I think we may have a disagreement about whether you have to answer this question. Is it your view you do not have to answer this question?

RENO: My hope is that this committee would understand how important it is to have full and frank discussion, and that they would honor that.

COX: And for that reason, I do not wish to ask you anything about the content of your conversation with these people, but I do wish to know whether or not you discussed this question with them. Those two people. Either one of them. Did you discuss this matter with them?

RENO: Discuss what question with them?

COX: Your decision whether to proceed with an independent counsel in this matter.

RENO: I think if I tell you who I discussed it with, then your next question is going to be, what did you discuss, and I am trying my level best to answer...

COX: What is your basis for declining to answer the question?

RENO: ... the question.

COX: I mean, apart from discretion? Do you believe that we cannot properly as members of Congress know the answer to this question?

RENO: I just would hope that you'd realize that you made me responsible and that you'd ask me the questions about why I did something or why I didn't.

COX: Well, Mr. Chairman, it is my understanding that absent a claim of executive privilege, it is perfectly within the province of this committee to know the answer to the question that you earlier put and the question that I just put again. Since the witness is obviously uninterested in answering the question that we have fairly put to her, I would request of the attorney general and ask the chairman to, or to make the same request, that we get a valid claim of privilege in writing from the Department of Justice following the hearing.

RENO: Here's the answer. This is in my letter to Senator Hatch of April the 14th, 1997.

`Fourth, even this discretionary provision is not available unless I find a conflict of interest of the sort contemplated by the act. The Congress has made it very clear that this provision should be invoked only in certain narrow circumstances. \

``Under the act I must conclude that there is a potential for an actual conflict of interest, rather than merely an appearance of a conflict of interest. The Congress expressly adopted this higher standard to ensure that the provision would not be invoked unnecessarily. See 1/28, Congressional Record H.9507, Daily Edition December 13th, 1982, statement of Representative Hall.

``Moreover, I must find that there is the potential for such an actual conflict with respect to the investigation of a particular person, not with respect to the overall matter. Indeed, when the act was reauthorized in 1994, Congress considered a proposal for a more flexible standard for invoking the discretionary clause which would have permitted it to use its use to refer any matter to an independent counsel when the purposes of the act would be served. Congress rejected this suggestion, explaining that such a standard would substantially lower the threshold for use of the general discretionary provision. H.R. Conference Report number 511, 103rd Congress, 2nd Session, 9, 1994.''

COX: Mr. Chairman, I see that my time has expired. With all respect to the attorney general, I'm a lawyer. The statue trumps your memo. The statute says may. It's clearly potential. And with respect to...

RENO: I'd be happy to get any memorandum that you have and consider it.

COX: With respect to the questions that are still pending that attorney general has refused to answer, I would reiterate my request of the attorney general that she provide us with a written statement of her claim of privilege and her refusal to answer those questions.

BURTON: We will make that request and we'll pursue this further. Mr. Lantos...."

12/12/97 DC Watch DC WATCH...CITIZENS MUST HAVE A ROLE "...What did the City Council do about this testimony? Nothing, so long as Lieutenant Duckett, Commander Boggs, and Chief Soulsby remained on the force. But, on December 5, 1997, after these three officers had safely retired, Sergeants Hill and Sanders were called back again to testify before the Council. Councilmembers were shocked - shocked - to hear that there was gambling going on in the back room at Rick's - and expressed their dismay that Lieutenant Duckett, Commander Boggs, and Chief Soulsby couldn't be called to testify, since they had retired from the MPD. Avoidance of tough, hard-hitting, effective oversight is what citizens have come to expect from the Council, and we have no reason to expect anything different from it in the future.

12/12/97 DC Watch DC WATCH...CITIZENS MUST HAVE A ROLE "...The third separate proposal to investigate corruption that has been made in the past three days came from Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton. Delegate Norton has asked Acting U.S. Attorney Wilma Lewis to initiate and lead an investigation of corruption in the Metropolitan Police Department. This is the same U.S. Attorney's office that for three and a half years, under the leadership of Eric Holder, never found a single instance of high level corruption in the District of Columbia government that was worth bringing to indictment, much less to trial. .... "

12/19/97 Wall Street Journal Editorial, Officials "Run Amok" "... The following is the concluding section of an opinion issued yesterday by Federal District Judge Royce Lamberth in Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc, et al. v. Hillary Rodham Clinton, et al. The case concerned whether federal open meeting laws applied to the First Lady's Health Care task force, and a declaration by "Health Czar" Ira Magaziner that it was exempt because only federal employees were members of the task force. Judge Lamberth referred Mr. Magaziner for a perjury investigation; U.S. Attorney Eric Holder criticized the government but declined to prosecute. Mr. Holder is now Deputy Attorney General. We note that there is growing concern about the standing of the Justice Department in light of Attorney General Janet Reno's decision not to seek an independent counsel in the campaign finance investigation…..The court agrees with plaintiffs that these were not reckless and inept errors taken by bewildered counsel. The Executive Branch of the government, working in tandem, was dishonest with this court. . . .The Department of Justice has a long tradition of setting the highest standards of conduct for all lawyers, and it is a sad day when this court must conclude, as did the United States Attorney in his investigation, that the Department of Justice succumbed to pressure from White House attorneys and others to provide this court with "strained interpretations" that were "ultimately unconvincing." *** "

12/19/97 Wall Street Journal Editorial, Officials "Run Amok" "... This court goes further than the United States Attorney, however, because this court cannot agree that the Department of Justice never relied on the "all employee" exemption for the working group. Having been presented the "all-employee" facts in the Magaziner declaration, the Court of Appeals specifically found that the defendants had made that argument. Neither the briefs on appeal, nor any transcript of the oral argument on appeal, was before this court. Yet the Department of Justice sat back and never told this court that it was not making, and had not made, such an argument, and never corrected any of the factual inaccuracies in the Magaziner declaration. The United States Attorney reported that this was a conscious decision because attorneys in the White House refused to allow any supplemental information to be provided to the court. It seems that some government officials never learn that the coverup can be worse than the underlying conduct...."

12/19/97 Wall Street Journal Editorial, Officials "Run Amok" "... Most shocking to this court, and deeply disappointing, is that the Department of Justice would participate in such conduct. This was not an issue of good faith word games being played with the Court. The United States Attorney found that the most controversial sentence of the Magaziner declaration--"Only federal government employees serve as members of the interdepartmental working group"--could not be prosecuted under the perjury statute because the issue of "membership" within the working group was a fuzzy one, and no generally agreed upon "membership" criteria were ever written down. Therefore, the Magaziner declaration was actually false because of the implication of the declaration that "membership" was a meaningful concept and that one could determine who was and was not a "member" of the working group. This whole dishonest explanation was provided to this court in the Magaziner declaration on March 3, 1993, and this court holds that such dishonesty is sanctionable and was not good faith dealing with the court or plaintiff's counsel. It was not timely corrected or supplemented, and this type of conduct is reprehensible, and the government must be held accountable for it. ***... The court adheres to its view, expressed at the August 11, 1995, hearing, that "it is remarkable that any United States Attorney would make comments to a court that are so sharply critical, frankly, of the government conduct of this litigation . . . ." The court adds that it is beyond remarkable, it is commendable, and it demonstrates adherence to the traditional role of the Department of Justice that justice be done rather than that a case be won at any cost. The elevation of United States Attorney Holder to be Deputy Attorney General is an encouraging and hopeful sign that this case was a rare aberration--never to be repeated in this court...."

Judge Lamberth states "The United States Attorney found that the most controversial sentence of the Magaziner declaration--"Only federal government employees serve as members of the interdepartmental working group"--could not be prosecuted under the perjury statute because the issue of "membership" within the working group was a fuzzy one, and no generally agreed upon "membership" criteria were ever written down…"

12/19-25/97 Washington's City Paper D.C.'S GOVERNMENT OF THE ABSURD "........Harlan's foremost concerns seem to be territorial-he clearly doesn't want to deal with another entity that could compete against the board for control of MPD. During his swearing-in as the city's newly elected at-large member of the D.C. Council this past Monday, Republican David Catania said the control board now seems more interested "in the accumulation of power" than in fulfilling its original mission to reform District government…… Evans, chair of the council's judiciary committee, concurred with Harlan's decision. He blasted the U.S. Attorney's office for failing to pursue allegations of police corruption. Turning a blind eye to MPD's follies, however, certainly didn't hurt former U.S. Attorney Eric Holder, who got promoted to the No. 2 job at the Justice Department this year and is now on the U.S. Attorney General track...."

12/27/97 Judicial Watch CLINTON'S REFUSAL TO FIRE MAGAZINER CONFIRMS THAT LIES WERE GENERATED AT THE TOP "...President Clinton was ironically correct not to fire Ira Magaziner, for not only is this punishment insufficient, he and the First Lady must themselves accept the responsibility for the perjury which was committed. This conduct was part of a pattern of lies, deceit and criminality in The White House, for which Clinton must now be impeached and prosecuted criminally. The mere firing of Magaziner would send the wrong signal; that the buck no longer stops at the President's desk." Those, such as The Washington Post editorial page, which seek to diminish the importance of not lying, by claiming that Magaziner was 'let off the hook' by Eric Holder -- himself a political Clinton appointee who aspires to the Supreme Court and whose lawyers at the U.S. Attorney's Office were sanctioned in Judicial Watch's cases against the Clinton Administration -- are doing a grave disservice to the country. For unless there is ethics and honesty in The White House, a bad example will continue to be set for the rest of the country, including the nation's youth which, with each successive generation, slips more and more into moral decline...."

Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder said investigators have no credible evidence under the Independent Counsel Act against the Clinton administration in its decision to allow Loral to export a communications satellite to China.

The Washington Weekly 4/6/98 Editorial "…THE SILENT COUP It would seem that the Clinton administration has won a silent coup by short-circuiting the judicial system. It can no longer be prosecuted or removed. Only two people in positions of power have not been intimidated or corrupted: Lawyer Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch and Judge Royce Lamberth who sits on the federal bench. Together, these two have performed miracles in the Chinagate, Filegate, and HealthCareGate scandals. But their hands are tied. All they can do is to force testimony. Whenever criminal acts have been uncovered during Klayman's investigations or Lamberth's civil trials, those criminal acts have been referred to a U.S. Attorney. One of Clinton's first acts in office was to replace all U.S. Attorneys with loyal and corrupt cronies. Not only have all these U.S. Attorneys failed to initiate any criminal prosecution of Clinton administration employees on their own, they have also interfered with prosecutions by other jurisdictions (D.A. Robert Morgenthau of Manhattan and his money laundering investigation, for example) and they have failed to prosecute any of the referrals they have received from Judge Lamberth and from Congress. The crucial office of U.S. Attorney in the District of Columbia, where by their very nature most Clinton administration crimes have been committed, was given to the corrupt Ron Brown protege Eric Holder. Holder was last year rewarded for years of obstruction of justice with an appointment to Deputy Attorney General…."

4/15/98 Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Linda Friedlieb ".... Susan McDougal's attorney asked a federal judge Tuesday to rule that independent counsel Kenneth Starr has a conflict of interest that prevents him from pursuing an investigation into key witness David Hale. ......Geragos wrote that he chose Eisele because he is the only district judge in Little Rock willing to hear the complaint who had no part in either McDougal's or Hale's court cases. But Eisele is also the only judge to previously write an opinion indicating he believes Starr may have at least the appearance of a conflict of interest over ties to conservative Pennsylvania newspaper publisher Richard Mellon Scaife. Last week, the Justice Department referred the allegations of witness tampering to Starr and said they lay within his jurisdiction. But in the same letter, Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder suggested that Starr could give the matter back to the Justice Department. ...... In Tuesday's complaint, Geragos incorporates a letter written by Clinton attorney David Kendall to Starr on Friday. It asked the independent counsel to send the Hale investigation back to the Justice Department. ....."


4/18/98 CNN Capital Gang "....MARK SHIELDS, HOST: Welcome to CAPITAL GANG. I'm Mark Shields with Al Hunt, Robert Novak and Kate O'Beirne. Our guest is Paul Begala, counselor to President Clinton. Good to have you back, Paul. ...... SHIELDS: Starr wrote Attorney General Janet Reno saying that while he had at most an appearance of conflict, "The Department of Justice may have not only an appearance problem but multiple actual conflicts of interest in connection with an investigation of Mr. Hale." The Justice Department backed away.


ERIC HOLDER, ASSISTANT ATTORNEY GENERAL: We just pointed out the fact that if they made the determination that they were in a conflict situation there was a mechanism by which they could refer the matter back to the Justice Department. We did not mean to imply that such a conflict did exist.



5/27/98 FLORIDA TODAY Space Online China-Loral questions and answers (May 27, 1998) "...Justice has begun an investigation into the Clinton administration decision in February to allow Loral to export a communications satellite to China for launch on a Chinese-built rocket. The grand jury probe could encompass whether the decision to allow the export despite the pending criminal investigation of Loral was improperly influenced by the generous political contributions to the Democratic Party of Loral chief Bernard Schwartz, according to a Justice Department official who spoke on condition of anonymity. Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder said investigators have no credible evidence in this matter against President Clinton or any other top official covered by the Independent Counsel Act. Attorney General Janet Reno has rejected an early suggestion that the probe be turned over to an independent counsel, but Holder said that could change if new evidence arises. The White House says it approved this year's Loral satellite export strictly on substantive grounds after concluding that no sensitive technology would go to the Chinese. Schwartz says he is a lifelong Democratic contributor and sought no special favors from Clinton...."

Justice Department memo still showing as "ongoing" long-dormant cases that could embarrass Clinton. Eric Holder desperately trying to retrieve all copies of the memo…

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES 8/20/98 Robert Novak "...As it downsizes and gets ready to go out of business, the Justice Department's task force on campaign finance is acting strangely. It lists as "ongoing" long-dormant cases that could embarrass President Clinton. It has classified as "inactive" the probe of an inquiry into a major fixer of illegal Chinese campaign contributions. And it still lists as "active" an inquiry that appeared to surely be dead: targeting former Republican National Chairman Haley Barbour. This is the kind of information that closed-mouth Attorney General Janet Reno would not reveal to Congress, much less to the public, even under excruciating torture. The status of the task force's investigation is disclosed in a three-page memo dated June 4, which was not leaked by the zippered-up Justice Department but was inadvertently released. In the intervening two months, Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder has been desperately trying to retrieve all copies. No wonder. The cryptic document tends to confirm suspected politicization at Justice. That is the interpretation of Reno's most severe congressional critic: Rep. Dan Burton, chairman of the House Government Reform Committee. Shown a copy of the task force document, Burton told me: "The attorney general was blocking for the president, to keep us from holding hearings."

Judical Watch 9/27/98 Judicial Watch Interim Report on Crimes and Other Offenses Committed by President Bill Clinton Warranting His Impeachment and Removal from Elected Office "…

Between March 10, 1998 and March 13, 1998, Ms. Hill's legal counsel, Christopher Todd, who also represents President Clinton's private detective Terry Lenzner, and, apparently, Webster Hubbell's accountant, was reportedly told by Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder and Mary Spearing, Chief of the Fraud Section of the Criminal Division of the Clinton Justice Department, or others at "Main" Justice, that "[Holder] is not pleased by Ms. Hill's involvement with Judicial Watch, and her coming forward in this case."(261) According to Todd, Holder also told him that Ms. Hill is "persona non grata at the Justice Department."(262) On March 14, 1998, Ms. Hill was indicted on tax charges,(263) obviously in an attempt to retaliate against her and/or short-circuit her testimony at the upcoming March 23, 1998 evidentiary hearing by forcing her to invoke her Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination. Fortunately, however, the Court ordered Ms. Hill to testify in a manner which would not implicate her Fifth Amendment rights.

For example, in a February 24, 1997 article asking "How Honest Is Justice's Probe?" Investor's Business Daily noted that the Clinton Justice Department is defending some of the very same Clinton Commerce Department officials it is supposedly investigating for illegal fundraising.(303) Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, who admittedly owed his former position as U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia in part to Secretary Brown, who admittedly recommended him,(304) and who obviously owes his current position to President Clinton,(305) publicly announced on NBC's Meet the Press that he was "intimately involved" in the Chinagate probe.(306) In early 1997, however, Holder tried to shut down Judicial Watch's lawsuit. "[This lawsuit] is not about whether in fact Secretary Brown sold seats on trade missions to big contributors to the Democratic Party…," Holder wrote in filing a motion with the Court.(307) Holder's inherent conflict-of-interest only adds to the already substantial conflict-of- interest of the Clinton Justice Department.

The lies by Clinton Administration officials continued. During his June 13, 1997 Senate confirmation hearing for the post of Deputy Attorney General, U.S. Attorney Eric Holder testified that he had no involvement in this case and had not signed any pleadings or memoranda.(324) While a cursory review of the court file shows the contrary, taken at face value, Holder's testimony likely means that this case - which has paramount political and national security ramifications - is being run by "Main" Justice - and out of the Attorney General's office.

259. Chronology: A History of Clinton Administration Obstruction in the Continuing Suit which Uncovered John Huang, the Unauthorized Removal of Classified Satellite Encryptions and CIA Reports from the Commerce Department, and Caused the Chinagate Scandal at 23-24, Judicial Watch v. Commerce, May 26, 1998, attached as Appendix Exhibit 116

303. Paul Sperry, "How Honest is Justice's Probe? -- DOJ Lawyers Have Ties to Fund-Raiser Huang," Investor's Business Daily, February 24, 1997; see also Paul Sperry, "Is Fund-Raising Probe Tainted - Reno's Tactics Look Suspicious: Ex-Prosecutors," Investor's Business Daily, April 15, 1997; "Vacuum at Justice," The Wall Street Journal, April 30, 1997; and "The Holder Hearing," The Wall Street Journal, June 12, 1997, attached collectively as Appendix Exhibit 127.

304. Holder admitted that Secretary Brown recommended him for U.S. Attorney. "Vacuum at Justice," The Wall Street Journal, June 12, 1997, attached as part of collective Appendix Exhibit 127.

305. Holder reportedly also has been offered a federal judgeship, perhaps even the next Supreme Court appointment.

306. Transcript from NBC's "Meet the Press" Interview with Deputy Attorney General Holder at 4, May 24, 1998, attached as Appendix Exhibit 128.

307. Defendant's Reply to Plaintiff's Opposition to Defendant's Motion for Referral of Cause to a District Judge or Magistrate Judge for Mediation at 4, Judicial Watch v. Commerce, April 28, 1997, attached as Appendix Exhibit 129.

324. "Orrin Hatch's Matador D," The Wall Street Journal, June 18, 1997, attached as Appendix Exhibit 139. …"


Vol 6 page 2649 10/11/98 Kenneth Starr Freeper reports ".Dear Deputy Attorney General Holder: Rule 6(e) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure binds all attorneys for the government, including those employed by the Department of Justice who are privy to information regarding "matters occurring before the grand jury." And, as Chief Judge Johnson has recently written, Rule 6(e) protects against the disclosure not merely of the actual testimony of grand jury witnesses before the grand jury but also of the substance of their testimony as conveyed to government attorneys and agents in anticipation of their grand jury appearance. The enclosed article from Newsweek magazine recounts in detail what Officers Muskett and Byrne told "Secret Service and Justice Department lawyers." The article identifies its source as these "government lawyers" and makes out a potential & facie case that attorneys for the Department of Justice (and possibly Secret Service) involved in the litigation have violated Rule 6(e). Please advise me at your earliest convenience of the steps you are taking to identify the source of these disclosures and prevent future violations of Rule 6(e) so that 1. may take appropriate action.."

Rule6(e) leaks from "government lawyers" regarding Kenneth Starr’s investigation

10/21/98 Pete Yost AP "...Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr told a federal appeals court Wednesday there is evidence that Clinton friend Webster Hubbell engaged in obstruction of justice and that a tax evasion case against him should be reinstated. Suggesting that Starr may have exceeded his authority in bringing the tax charges, Judge David Tatel, a Clinton appointee, observed that there was no obstruction "charged at all'' in a dismissed indictment against Hubbell, his wife, accountant and tax lawyer. It details an alleged scheme to evade taxes on hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments to Hubbell arranged by friends of the president and first lady. ...Reno removed herself from considering Starr's request and Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder is reviewing the letter, Justice Department lawyer Douglas Wilson told the appeals court. Hubbell served as the third-highest ranking official at the Justice Department and Reno worked closely with him, said department spokesman Bert Brandenberg....The tax evasion case resulted, but it was thrown out July 1 because Starr didn't first get approval for it from Reno. The judge also dismissed it because Starr built the case from Hubbell's own financial records. The judge said Hubbell had been "turned into the primary informant against himself.'' ..."

Eric Holder reviewed letter from Starr that Hubbell engaged in obstruction of justice and a tax evasion case should be reinstated.

AMERICAN SPECTATOR 11/98 Byron York ". As La Bella wrote, the sources say, he regularly discussed the investigation with senior department officials. Some, like Reno and top deputy Eric Holder, did not signal what course they might ultimately take (although Reno had resisted all earlier calls for a counsel). Others, like Public Integrity chief Lee Radek, his assistant Jo Ann Farrington, and Deputy Attorney General Robert Litt, seemed dead set against a campaign finance independent counsel. The differences in opinion led to heated arguments that left the participants' nerves on edge. Prosecutors on La Bella's side believed Radek, Farrington, and Litt were simply set in stone on the issue; arguing with them, the sources say, was like arguing with a brick wall. La Bella even wrote a letter to Reno telling her the issue had become so overheated that rational debate was no longer possible. "It is clear to me that emotions run high whenever we begin a discussion of the Independent Counsel Act," he wrote. "I do not think we are capable of the type of collegial exchange which would be beneficial." By mid-July, La Bella finished his memo and gave it to the attorney general. He made just three copies: one for himself, one for Reno, and one for FBI Director Louis Freeh, who also favored the appointment of a counsel. Sources say La Bella apparently intended to keep the memo a closely held secret--vainly hoping to shield it not only from the press but from the in-house critics. Perhaps Reno would read it on her own a few times before giving it to the people who were going to rip it apart. But that's not what happened. Instead, once the report hit Reno's desk, several copies were made and distributed to the attorney general's circle of advisers. And it wasn't just insiders who got a look; within a few days, the New York Times published a front-page account of La Bella's central conclusion headlined "Reno Aide's Report Urges Counsel on Fund-Raising." Now everyone knew La Bella disagreed with his boss's stance against an independent counsel.."

Eric Holder involved in discussions of LaBella investigations. Holder played a "pivotal role" in advising Reno to reject the recommendation for an independent counsel

Insight Magazine 12/26/98 Jamie Dettmer and Paul M. Rodriguez ".It comes as no secret that Republicans and, truth be told, even some Democrats, are madder than hell about Attorney General Janet Reno's decision not to seek an independent counsel to probe allegations of fund-raising abuses by Vice President Al Gore. . . But many FBI agents and officials at Justice are equally upset with Reno's deputy, Eric Holder. The reason for their frustration with Reno is evident -- she has rejected the fruits of their investigative labor several times over. What's surprising, however, is the level of disillusionment with Holder, the former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia who on corruption charges successfully prosecuted onetime Democratic Rep. Dan Rostenkowski of Illinois. . . . According to Justice and bureau sources, Holder has not been idle, even though he has portrayed himself as the hapless deputy who has tried to support the Justice Department fund-raising task force against all odds. As news alert! disclosed once before, Holder has played a pivotal role in advising Reno to reject the Justice/FBI task-force recommendation for an independent counsel. And he's done this while holding out public olive branches to FBI Director Louis Freeh and former Justice task-force leader Charles LaBella, who resigned rather than continue beating his head against Reno's granite walls. "He's as political as she is," says one senior FBI official. "Holder tells us one thing and then whispers to Reno something else and then pretends it's all her wrongheaded doing," complains another law-enforcement official.."

The Progressive Review’s Politics Archives 1997-1998 "…Eric Holder gets good national press, but some of those who know something about his activities in DC know better. As a lackluster local US Attorney, he not only sat on information concerning police and water department corruption, his staff regularly signed off on excessive police overtime to keep cops friendly to the prosecutors. Holder was also instrumental in getting law changes that made jury trials more difficult for certain defendants…."

Judicial Watch 2/10/99 ".While Judicial Watch has two lawsuits against the Department of Justice for its failure to produce documents concerning Janet Reno's refusal to appoint an independent counsel in the Chinagate scandal, as well as its malfeasance concerning Waco, Ruby Ridge and the Olympic bombing fiascos, it intends to increase its efforts to "bring justice to the Clinton Justice Department." "A number of legal actions and ethics complaints are in progress or in the works to address the rampant politicization of the Justice Department under Janet Reno and Eric Holder, which has resulted in the widespread failure of the agency to do its job as the nation's top law enforcement agency. As a once proud alumnus, I am appalled and sickened by the misconduct of the Justice Department during the Clinton Administration," stated Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman. Among the illegal or unethical actions of Janet Reno, Eric Holder and their staff during their reign at the Clinton Justice Department, are: 1. The attempt to silence a key witness in the Chinagate scandal, Nolanda Hill, by various retaliatory and unethical actions. 2. The repeated failure to appoint an independent counsel in the Chinagate scandal. 3. The threatened use of criminal process to settle civil litigation in the Chinagate scandal. 4. Litigation misconduct by Reno's and Holders' hand-picked attorneys by coaching witnesses to not tell the full truth, as well as the use of speaking objections to tip them off when important questions are pending in civil litigation detrimental to the Clinton Administration. 5. The suppression of evidence in civil litigation detrimental to the Clinton Administration."

Additional misconduct alleged: attempt to silence a witness, threats to use criminal process to settle civil litigation, coaching and tipping off witnesses, suppression of evidence

CNN Pierre Thomas 2/11/99 ".Sen. Orrin Hatch is calling for an investigation into whether Justice Department officials leaked word to the press about a potential probe of Independent Counsel Ken Starr's office. Hatch, who has a meeting scheduled for Friday with Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, put the Justice Department's second-ranking official on notice to be prepared to discuss Starr. "Needless to say, I am very concerned," Hatch wrote Holder. "These press accounts once again call into question the Department's integrity and support the impression many people have that this is a partisan Justice Department." ."

Leak to the press about a potential probe of Ken Starr’s office.

AP 2/18/99 Michael Sniffen ".Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, who is supervising the Justice Department's review of the Independent Counsel Act, advocated some changes Thursday to fix problems with the Watergate-inspired law. ``It is a statute that has some problems and needs some work, I think at a minimum,'' Holder told a news conference. Because the law expires this summer, ``we have an opportunity ... at a minimum, to tinker with it,'' he added... Some Democrats in Congress, angered over the conduct of counsel Kenneth Starr's investigation of Clinton, have urged limiting or even killing the act. The American Bar Association, long a supporter of the law, voted recently to recommend its demise. The Justice Department has informed Starr that it intends to open an investigation of his dealings with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, officials have said..."

Reuters 3/11/99 "...A top U.S. Justice Department official Thursday dismissed accusations that his department turned up the heat on Kenneth Starr when Starr's investigation began to close in on President Clinton. "That's a bunch of crap - c-r-a-p,'' Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder said in responding to the accusations by Robert Bittman, one of the special prosecutor's former top deputies who was in charge of the investigation of Clinton and former White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Holder's unusually blunt comment escalated a war of words with Bittman as the Justice Department considers moving forward with an investigation into alleged misconduct by Starr's prosecutors - an investigation that could lead to Starr's dismissal...."

Washington Times 3/12/99 Bill Gertz "...The Pentagon said Thursday that disclosures about Chinese spying at a U.S. nuclear laboratory will not alter plans to bring a group of People's Liberation Army officers to a similar laboratory in New Mexico this year. "At this point, I know of no plan to cut back on our military-to-military contacts," said Pentagon spokesman Capt. Michael Doubleday. In Antigua, Guatemala, President Clinton Thursday denied charges by congressional Republicans that his administration ignored Chinese espionage at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where U.S. nuclear-warhead secrets leaked to Beijing's agents in the 1980s. "We did not ignore evidence," Mr. Clinton said during the last day of a visit to Central America. "Quite the contrary, we acted on it. I think the record is that we acted aggressively."..."I believe the record is clear that we did respond in an appropriate way," Mr. Clinton said. The president also rejected calls for Mr. Berger to resign....At the Justice Department, Deputy Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said Thursday the administration was not slow in responding to the spying accusations and that the inquiry was given the "highest priority." He also denied that political considerations delayed the probe....Mr. Rohrabacher first uncovered the Pentagon's program of expanded military contacts with China last month. He asked Mr. Cohen in a recent letter why the Pentagon has agreed to help Chinese military officials learn about U.S. military logistics and support and weapons-acquisition programs...."

4/14/99 Landmark Legal Foundation "....Landmark Legal Foundation today filed a comprehensive petition with the Office of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr asking Mr. Starr to open a criminal investigation to determine whether former Senator David Pryor (D-Ark), political appointees at the Justice Department, and Clinton surrogates attempted to obstruct justice in his Whitewater investigation and possibly intimidate a key cooperating witness, David Hale. In his petition to Mr. Starr, Mark R. Levin, Landmark's president, noted that ``On April 9, 1998, Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder sent you ... a remarkable letter which not only lacks critical facts, but is clearly intended to raise public concerns about the credibility of your investigation, ignite partisan attacks against you and your staff, and give the Justice Department's imprimatur to politically-motivated charges leveled against you and your staff by Clinton supporters and surrogates.'' Levin said today, ``United States Attorney P.K. Holmes III, a Clinton political appointee, dispatched FBI agents to investigate allegations of payments to Mr. Hale only after he was apparently contacted by Mr. Pryor -- a top Clinton confidant and head of the new Clinton legal defense fund. A few months ago, Mr. Pryor also met with Federal District Judge Susan Webber Wright, ex parte, where he pleaded for the release of convicted felon and former Clinton business partner Susan McDougal. Moreover, Mr. Holmes had no legal authority to look into this matter because a federal court gave jurisdiction over all investigative matters related to Whitewater to Mr. Starr. ...."


Houston Chronicle 4/29/99 William Safire "...Suspecting Lee at Los Alamos to be a spy for China, FBI agents in 1997 alerted the White House and went to the Department of Justice's Office of Intelligence Policy Review to request application to a special court for a wiretap under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. But Acting Director Gerald Schroeder and his aide Alan Kornblum decided the evidence was insufficient and refused to apply. The FBI then went over Schroeder's head to the office of Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, and was turned down again. The FBI never returned with new evidence to Schroeder. Did Freeh appeal to Janet Reno about "overlawyering" in a national security case, or was he too browbeaten to try? The bureau learned that when it comes to China, Reno's Justice Department assigns only its most incompetent operatives and penalizes prosecutors who target Asian financing of the 1996 election. Consider: Justice makes some 700 court applications a year for taps under that surveillance law. Maybe once or twice a year, says a Justice intelligence official, it finally refuses the FBI's request that it apply. This case, involving an embarrassment to China when Clinton was proclaiming "strategic partnership," was the one..."

Washington Times 4/30/99 Unsigned "...The latest Chinese nuclear-espionage bombshell has just exploded, sending shrapnel throughout Janet Reno's Justice Department. It involves the downloading of millions of lines of computer code detailing the history of U.S. nuclear-weapons development from highly classified computer systems to a widely accessible computer network. The downloading, most of which occurred during 1994 and 1995, was done by Energy Department scientist Wen Ho Lee. The FBI has uncovered evidence suggesting that someone accessed these supersecret files after Mr. Lee placed them in the unclassified network. For several years, the Justice Department obstructed the FBI's efforts to detect Mr. Lee's downloading activities.....Senior managers at the Los Alamos nuclear-weapons laboratory, which is run by the Energy Department, will soon be disciplined for their failure to monitor Mr. Lee's activities while he was under suspicion of espionage. But Attorney General Reno's Justice Department is far more culpable for this catastrophic national-security debacle. Time and again, the New York Times reports, the Justice Department declined to pursue FBI requests for wiretaps. Under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the Justice Department's Office of Intelligence Policy Review would have been required to petition a special court to obtain either a wiretap of Mr. Lee's phone or to gain surreptitious access to his office computer. Despite Mr. Lee's role as the principal espionage suspect, Miss Reno's Justice Department declined a 1997 FBI request for a wiretap and surreptitious access to Mr. Lee's office computer. Justice's Office of Intelligence Policy Review maintained there was insufficient evidence for it to seek the necessary court permission The FBI appealed that decision to Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, the second-highest Justice Department official. Mr. Holder also denied the request to pursue the wiretaps. It's worth recalling that in 1997, while President Clinton was pursuing his "strategic partnership" with China, not only was the FBI investigating Chinese nuclear espionage but congressional committees and an incompetent Justice Department task force were investigating Mr. Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign and the Democratic Party for receiving laundered money from the Chinese Communist government. Miss Reno repeatedly refused to seek an independent counsel, despite a 1997 recommendation to do so by FBI Director Louis Freeh. Meanwhile, her deputy and other Justice officials were refusing to act on FBI requests to obtain wiretaps that would have uncovered Mr. Lee's unauthorized downloading of the secrets of 50 years of U.S. nuclear-weapons development. Normally, the Justice Department favorably responds to FBI requests for such wiretaps in 99.9 percent of the 700 or so requests it receives each year. Why the issue of Chinese nuclear espionage was given a free pass by Justice wiretap gatekeepers is worth knowing...."

5/3/99 Washington Times Joyce Howard Price Clinton takes heat on spying by China; Reaction derided as slow and inept "...Mr. Holder, who appeared on ABC's "This Week," denied any responsibility. "Our office did not refuse . . . our office is generally not in the loop. The office that handles those things did turn it down. A request was made of the Deputy Attorney General's Office in an informal way, from what I understand, to one of the lawyers in my office. It's not even clear that I was the deputy attorney general at that time. We're in the process of trying to re-create all that happened there, " he said. "The determination that was made by the people who are professionals in this regard was that there was not probable cause at that point to proceed in the way in which the FBI wanted to,"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 5/3/99 Joyce Howard Price "... Mr. Shelby said he believes charges will be brought against the suspect. But he doesn't know when that will occur. But he did not have anything favorable to say about the government's investigation of Mr. Lee. "It looks to me like this is a botched investigation by the FBI, and there seems to be some culpability in the Justice Department," said Mr. Shelby. Asked whether he believes the administration's delayed response to warnings of Chinese spying might have been related to contributions the Chinese made to President Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign, Mr. Shelby said, "It makes us wonder. I hope not. I hope and pray there was never a connection between the two." But he noted that a request made to the office of Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder for a warrant to monitor the computer and phones of Mr. Lee was denied. "It was turned down during the historical context of all the investigation by Congress of the fund raising at the White House," Mr. Shelby said on Fox. Mr. Holder, who appeared on ABC's "This Week," denied any responsibility. "Our office did not refuse . . . our office is generally not in the loop. The office that handles those things did turn it down. A request was made of the Deputy Attorney General's Office in an informal way, from what I understand, to one of the lawyers in my office. It's not even clear that I was the deputy attorney general at that time. We're in the process of trying to re-create all that happened there," he said. "The determination that was made by the people who are professionals in this regard was that there was not probable cause at that point to proceed in the way in which the FBI wanted to," Mr. Holder said...."

The Washington Times 5/6/99 Bill Gertz and Jerry Seper "...The Justice Department is setting up a special task force to investigate the FBI's probe of a Los Alamos computer scientist suspected of passing nuclear weapons secrets to China. A senior Justice Department official told The Washington Times that Attorney General Janet Reno and Deputy Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. will soon appoint a panel headed by a federal prosecutor and supported by FBI agents...."

The State (Columbia, SC) 5/11/99 WILLIAM SAFIRE "...I called three friends in the departments of Energy, Defense and Justice and asked them to turn on their office computers and read to me the first banner that came on their screens. "Anyone using this system expressly consents to monitoring" is the message. Government employees using government equipment on government time thus waive privacy claims. Wen Ho Lee, the scientist who downloaded millions of lines of the nation's most secret codes to a computer easy to penetrate, also signed a waiver consenting to a search of his computer without his knowledge. And yet the Reno Justice Department denied the FBI's request for permission to search Lee's government computer. Eric Holder, Janet Reno's deputy, decided that a court search warrant was necessary -- but then refused to apply to the special foreign-surveillance court to get it. Of more than 700 such FBI requests a year, a surveillance official admits that a flat turndown is extremely rare. Why this one? Ms. Reno, who never met an investigation of Chinese penetration she didn't try to undermine, is suckering us with a claim that the denial of surveillance was to protect a criminal investigation. That is foo-foo dust. This was counterespionage, and the Criminal Division was kept in the dark...."

New York Post 5/11/99 Dick Morris "...THE Justice Department's efforts to block the FBI investigation of the worst episode of espionage in 50 years raises the most important issues of obstruction of justice by Attorney General Janet Reno and her deputy, Eric Holder. Incredibly, unbelievably, it now appears that Reno's department did more to protect atomic spy Won Ho Lee than was even suspected before. Not only did Justice deny the FBI access to Lee's computer; it denied it even though Lee had signed a waiver specifically allowing access to his computer files.... Well, how did Janet Reno come to stay on as attorney general in Clinton's second term? The president had planned to get rid of Reno once he won re-election. Having once complained to me that she was his ''worst mistake,'' he was determined to rid himself of this nuisance. He was sick and tired of her refusal to endorse tough administration initiatives on crime. In addition, as George Stephanopoulos has speculated, he might have been angry that she had intervened gratuitously and backed Kenneth Starr's assertion of criminal jurisdiction over Clinton ally and Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker. ....But then, shortly before the inauguration, Clinton met with Reno. He called me after their chat to report that he had told her that few attornies general had ever served for eight years and that he had indicated that he did not think it was a good idea for her to do so. He said she had ''pleaded to be allowed to stay on for one more year'' and that he had grudgingly agreed, with the understanding that she would then resign..... After winning that one-year reprieve, Janet Reno changed, suddenly metamorphosizing into a loyal administration advocate. She has stayed on the job ever since. Apparently, her service to the president in refraining from the appointment of independent counsels to investigate campaign fund-raising earned her a reprieve from her scheduled year-end departure. ...Her decision that the independent-counsel law did not mandate a special probe of campaign finance is a matter of interpretation and subject to reasonable disagreement. But Justice's refusal to let the FBI act on massive suspicion of espionage of the most vital sort is a breech of national security of the first magnitude. If politics entered into this decision, the issue becomes one of malfeasance in office..... Remember the political environment in early 1997. Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Tenn.) had just launched his heralded probe of campaign finances and predicted that he would find a deliberate plot by the Chinese government to influence the American election. What remained obscure was China's motive. The Democrats loudly derided Thompson for his suspicions of a Chinese plot. If Thompson had been aware of major and systematic Chinese spying and theft of our most vital secrets while he was conducting his hearings, there would have been hell to pay. Reno did a great political service to the president and disservice to America in not allowing the FBI to proceed. Between the time of her rejection of the FBI request for access and the actual inspection of Lee's computer last month, reports indicate that upwards of 300 files have been transferred and deleted...."

Washington Post 5/17/99 David Segal "...Georgetown University Law School will offer a semester-long course called "Clinton" starting in August....Among the many questions to be asked: Can a sitting president be sued in a civil lawsuit? Can a lame-duck Congress impeach the commander-in-chief? What is a high crime? ....The class was conceived and will be taught by 30-year-old Neal Katyal, who works for Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder in the Justice Department..."

New York Times 5/20/99 DAVID JOHNSTON "...Senators at a closed-door hearing of the Intelligence Committee Wednesday lashed out at Attorney General Janet Reno for what they said was her failure to aggressively manage the case of a suspected spy for China at the Los Alamos nuclear weapons, government officials said. "You are responsible," one senator angrily told Reno in what the officials described as a hearing punctuated with acidic exchanges with the witnesses, who included FBI Director Louis Freeh and Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder. Several senators repeated their conclusion that the Justice Department and the FBI botched the security inquiry into Wen Ho Lee, a nuclear scientist who worked for more than two decades at Los Alamos..... At the hearing, senators reviewed the Justice Department's decisions in 1997 to twice reject a request by FBI counterintelligence officials to seek a search warrant authorizing more aggressive investigative techniques from a special court established by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. ....At the Justice Department, officials said the FBI managers did not aggressively present the case for a warrant as a top counterintelligence priority and were unwilling to deploy the large number of agents that would have been required for full-time surveillance that might have produced evidence to justify a FISA warrant. But FBI officials said the Justice Department took the case casually and failed to understand the difficulties in obtaining concrete evidence in a case in which the suspected espionage may have begun years earlier, before any investigation started...."

Chicago Tribune 5/27/99 Robert Novak "... Something only hinted at in the 908 pages of the Cox committee report released Tuesday suggests that the strange, always shaky tenure of Janet Reno as attorney general could be coming to an end. Closed-door testimony to the Senate a week ago revealed that the Justice Department rejected two FBI requests in 1997 to wiretap suspected Chinese spy Wen Ho Lee, a scientist at the Los Alamos Nuclear Weapons Laboratory. Reno signed off on those refusals, renewing Republican demands for her resignation and evoking harsh words from a very important Democrat: Sen. Robert Torricelli of New Jersey..... Furthermore, in closed-door testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on May 19, Justice Department and FBI officials blamed each other for this 1997 course of events: FBI counterintelligence asked Justice, under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, for wiretaps and other listening devices to gather evidence on Lee. Justice said no, claiming no "probable cause." The FBI tried again, and the answer was still no...... But the more sophisticated appraisal in GOP circles was that while the president might seem to be a typically ungrateful politician, he would not sack the attorney general who for more than two years has protected him from an independent counsel on campaign-finance irregularities. Indeed, White House aides privately have said the decision against wiretaps was made not by Reno but by Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, with the attorney general merely signing off..... Indeed, her Republican critics on Capitol Hill say the issue is less a matter of the attorney general making a wrong decision than of Reno being out of the decision loop, which would be the greater evil. "I don't think we have had an attorney general for some time," said one GOP senator who has worked closely with Reno....."

Garrison Expose 6/1/99 reports Freeper madmomma "...Caller from reno pointing out how many people in Clinton administration DOJ are from New York - judging from his accent, I'd say he knows. Watched Burton hearings - Janet Reno demanded confidential info from FBI (Freeh) on Chinese connections. Freeh denied it, note proves it did happen. Reno brow beating FBI and Freeh denying. Eric Holder involved in wiretap, gave legally convicted chinese com murder repieve Paul Lie (when Holder was NYC City Attorney) WOW! Triplett - Justice a real interesting place. ..."

New York Times 6/12/99 Neil Lewis "...Kenneth W. Starr, the Whitewater prosecutor, will not seek indictments of President Clinton or Hillary Rodham Clinton but has tentatively decided to issue a final report about their behavior, several associates of Mr. Starr said this week. The report, which could land in the middle of Mrs. Clinton's Senate campaign, might be "blistering" in its descriptions of her actions, one Starr associate said. Mr. Starr, the associates said, decided that he would not seek criminal indictments after discussions in his office about that possibility. But as Mr. Starr winds down his operation, those associates said, he was leaning toward issuing a report that would discuss the Clintons' behavior in some detail.... In addition to issuing any report, Mr. Starr's office still has two trials to prosecute, both involving Webster L. Hubbell, the former Associate Attorney General and longtime friend of the Clintons. It would be difficult to turn over the Hubbell trials to the Justice Department for several reasons, said associates of Mr. Starr as well as department officials. The principal problem is that it would present too great a conflict of interest for the department to prosecute its former third-ranking official. Eric H. Holder Jr., the Deputy Attorney General, in an April letter to Representative George W. Gekas, Republican of Pennsylvania, suggested that the department could appoint a special counsel to handle cases like that of Mr. Hubbell. But another impediment to such a transfer is that Mr. Starr is said to believe that the department has little appetite for the prosecutions. In one case, in which Mr. Hubbell is charged with tax evasion, department officials had argued that the case should not have been brought. The second trial itself could prove a problem for Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Hubbell is charged with concealing information from the Federal authorities about the role he and Mrs. Clinton played as lawyers in a complicated Arkansas land transaction that helped lead to the collapse of a savings and loan institution....."

Starr says the [Justice] department has little appetite for prosecutions. . In one case, in which Mr. Hubbell is charged with tax evasion, department officials had argued that the case should not have been brought

Associated Press 7/1/99 Laurie Asseo "...The Justice Department announced new rules today that give Attorney General Janet Reno the authority to appoint special counsels to investigate the president and other top government officials. The rules in effect will replace the independent counsel law that expired Wednesday following years of controversy. Even Kenneth Starr, who has investigated President Clinton's administration for more than four years, has told Congress he favored its abolition. Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder said at a news conference the new rules were intended to "strike the proper balance between accountability and independence.'' ....The rules give Reno the sole authority to appoint a special counsel if she determines the Justice Department would have a conflict of interest in investigating allegations of wrongdoing, and if she decides that naming an outside prosecutor would be in the public interest....."

7/13/99 The Washington Times pp A1 Clarence Williams Time is running out on prosecution of cops; Hundreds linked to cheating on taxes. "...With the six-year statute of limitations ticking away, dozens of high- ranking D.C. police officers suspected in 1997 of cheating on their tax returns have not been charged with tax evasion. Two years ago, because prosecutors botched the case, a federal judge dismissed criminal charges against Mohinder I. Singh, 57, a Southeast accountant accused of doctoring tax returns for at least 600 officers. The officers have been treated just as gently so far. Even though the case began as a public-corruption matter, not one officer has gone to jail. The D.C. police said they disciplined some officers but would not say how many or what punishment was doled out. In response to questions by U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth, who presided over the jury trial, the IRS reported that it had audited 68 officers by the end of May 1997 and concluded they owed back taxes and penalties totaling $320,087....."

7/13/99 The Washington Times pp A1 Clarence Williams Time is running out on prosecution of cops; Hundreds linked to cheating on taxes. "...The trial of Mr. Singh ended abruptly with Judge Lamberth declaring a mistrial for "prosecutorial misconduct." The government improperly withheld documents from the defense and tried to elicit expert testimony from an IRS agent unqualified to offer his opinion, he said. When the charges against Mr. Singh were dropped, Thomas J. Motley, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office, promised tax-fraud cases related to the Singh investigation would be pursued "vigorously." No vigorous probe has begun, though. The U.S. Attorney's Office, the Department of Justice tax division and the Internal Revenue Service refuse to answer questions on the case, apart from saying it is not the job of their agency to prosecute the officers...."

7/13/99 The Washington Times pp A1 Clarence Williams Time is running out on prosecution of cops; Hundreds linked to cheating on taxes. "..."We cannot bring the tax prosecutions cases without [Justice's tax division's] involvement," said Channing Phillips spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office. "There have been no criminal charges and we don't comment on potential criminal or civil actions," said Department of Justice spokeswoman Obern Rainey, who would not elaborate about whether an investigation is ongoing. Mr. Phillips said the case has not been referred back to the U.S. Attorney's Office. In July 1997, the U.S. Attorney's Office gave up on the botched tax- fraud case and dropped all charges against Mr. Singh, whose accounting business had prepared returns for hundreds of D.C. police officers. In spring 1997 then U.S. Attorney Eric Holder - now deputy attorney general - wrote an internal memo, indicating that any charges in the officers' case would have to originate from the Department of Justice. Mr. Holder sent the case to the tax division of Justice to investigate. Officials at Justice said that tax investigation cases must be approved by the IRS, thus passing along a potentially volatile and embarrassing case. Mr. Holder and his aides did not return calls for comment. The IRS will neither confirm nor deny any formal inquiries, saying privacy laws prohibit commenting to maintain the "confidentiality of individuals," said IRS spokesman Dom LaPonzina. At the time, prosecutors said 35 officers with the rank of sergeant or higher still could face charges for filing false returns, but time is running out for the opportunity to prosecute. Mr. Phillips said there is a six-year statute of limitations to file criminal tax-fraud charges...."

Judicial Watch 7/16/99 "...Johnny Chung, a Clinton fundraiser who admitted to funneling money from the China's military to the Democratic National Committee to help Bill Clinton, testified to Judicial Watch last week that the Reno Justice Department didn't want to hear all the information and evidence he had on Clinton Administration illegal fundraising and that he was abandoned by the Reno Justice Department despite repeated threats to his life from Chinese operatives. The complete text of Chung's testimony is now available on the Judicial Watch Internet site at Mr. Chung also implicated an unnamed top official of the Justice Department, head of the Civil Division, in an effort to keep him quiet by fixing the case against him on campaign fundraising. In fact, Mr. Chung received no jail time. But Judicial Watch believes that the Eric Holder, the number two at the Justice Department, is the likely culprit here. Another star witness in this case, Nolanda Hill, implicated Holder in similar activity -- accusing him of wanting to keep her quiet about what she knows about the illegal fundraising of her former confidante Ron Brown, the Clintons, and Al Gore. Chung also implicated President Clinton directly in a scheme to keep Chung quiet. Chung testified that he was told by a Chinese operative that President Clinton had a deal with the Chinese that Chung would be pardoned as long as he kept quiet. Chung also gave testimony indicating that Clinton and the Chinese President had agreed together on a cover story to explain away the Chinagate scandal....Chung also testified about threats to his life from at least two squads of Chinese operatives sent to the United States to harm him and his family. Despite these and other threats, Chung was recently told by the U.S. Attorney (appointed by Reno) overseeing his case that he should "call 911" if any future threats occurred... His latest testimony puts him at significant personal risk and is an act of patriotism. The fact that Reno, with Chung's testimony and other evidence, hasn't indicted one high-level official is absolute proof of a massive cover-up, one that Judicial Watch is committed to unraveling..."

Eric Holder accused of efforts to keep Nolanda Hill and Johnnie Chung quiet. 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...It is also evident that after not hearing back from the FBI for some time, OIPR effectively also concluded that the matter was over, for when Ryan's file cabinet and the computer diskette upon which he had stored his draft Wen-Ho Lee FISA applications both became full, he destroyed these records in order to make space for new materials. (At the time, OIPR had no record-keeping policy regarding cases that were not sent to the FISA court for approval; the only documents that remain from this process were kept by the FBI.) That the FBI viewed OIPR's assessment as a refusal is also apparent from the Bureau's subsequent -- and unprecedented -- decision to appeal the matter to the Attorney General. On August 20, DOJ and DOE officials met at the Justice Department to discuss security issues at DOE. Officials present included Attorney General Reno, Deputy Attorney General Holder, and DOE's intelligence chief, Notra Trulock. After this meeting, the head of FBI's National Security Division, John Lewis, mentioned to the Attorney General that the FBI had sought a FISA warrant in the Wen-Ho Lee case, but that "we've been turned down by OIPR. (Attorney General Reno has said that she does not recall the conversation, but does not deny that it occurred.) 8/6/99 Senator Fred Thompson and Joseph Lieberman "...According to Lewis, she told Kornblum to "[r]evisit it, and I'm going to have either [Daniel] Seikaly [of DOJ's Executive Office for National Security (EONS) within the Deputy Attorney General's office] or the Deputy [Attorney General Eric Holder] review it" The FBI's Stephen Dillard, who also attended the August 20 meeting, thereupon discussed the FISA denial with OIPR Acting Counsel Schroeder and Deputy Counsel Allan Kornblum. At or after the August 20 meeting, Seikaly was asked to review the Wen-Ho Lee FISA matter. Seikaly told the Committee that he does not recall who asked him to do this, but when reviewing this Statement prior to its declassification, OIPR's Allan Kornblum "recalled that * * * Mr. Seikaly [told him] that the Attorney General had asked Mr. Seikaly to review the matter." Seikaly met with Kornblum to discuss the FBI's evidence of probable cause; they talked about this matter at least once

Inside the Beltway (Washington Times) 8/13/99 McCaslin "…Convened in Miss Reno's absence Wednesday by Deputy Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., it was noted that Mr. Gore's office asked the Justice Department, and perhaps other Cabinet agencies, to provide the vice president with regular reports on various department activities, says one Justice Department official. "So that the campaign would be able to respond to all these things," or so one might assume, the official fears. There was discussion "on whether or not to do this," the official says, and the point was made if such reports were prepared for Mr. Gore, they should similarly be made available to other presidential candidates….. "

Holder Delays Release Of Justice, CIA Reports On Crack Terry Frieden/CNN WASHINGTON (Dec. 18) -- Attorney General "…Janet Reno's deputy said Thursday that he had ordered a delay in this week's scheduled release of CIA and Justice Department reports on the racially sensitive subject of alleged CIA involvement in the introduction of crack cocaine into black neighborhoods of southern California. Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder told reporters he stopped the release of a report by the CIA, and another by Justice Inspector General Michael Bromwich because of "law enforcement concerns," but he refused to elaborate….. Waters and many African-American leaders in South-Central Los Angeles publicly accused the CIA of helping introduce crack cocaine into their community. They cited an investigation by The San Jose Mercury News which claimed CIA involvement. The report, however, was contradicted by several other news organizations…."


Medium Rare Newsletter Jim Rarey 9/11/99 "….Former Senator Danforth may find it tough sledding to mount a thorough investigation of Waco. Since Janet Reno has recused herself from the investigation, Danforth will be supervised by Clinton loyalist Eric Holder, now Deputy Attorney General. Danforth, a graduate of Princeton and Yale Law School (Skull and Bonesman?) has "chosen" the U.S. Attorney from St. Louis, Edward Dowd (another Clinton loyalist), who resigned his St. Louis post to head up the investigative part of Danforth’s effort. Is there a federal judgeship in Dowd’s future? …"

Medium Rare Newsletter Jim Rarey 9/11/99 "….A further complication for Danforth, as well as Congress, is the fact that Janet Reno had U.S. Marshals confiscate all documentation regarding Waco from the FBI and deliver it to the Justice Department. Will those documents be produced pursuant to subpoenas or have the paper shredders already done their work?

Medium Rare Newsletter Jim Rarey 9/11/99 "….Finally, the Justice Department has filed for an injunction to stop the release of any more evidence held by the Texas Department of Public Safety (Texas Rangers). When Janet Reno was asked at a press conference this week if Justice would now drop that legal action, she replied the decision was up to her deputy, Eric Holder. Holder will also be the one who decides what subpoenas Danforth can issue and whether or not a grand jury will be used. If the author were a betting man (which he is not) the odds would favor the use of a grand jury (under the supervision of a Clinton appointed Federal Judge). The Chief Judge of the Washington D.C. district has already been accused of bypassing the random selection procedure to assign cases involving the White House to friendly judges appointed by Clinton.

Michelle Mittelstadt, Associated Press 9/14/99 "…The federal prosecutor who raised questions about a possible Justice Department cover-up in the Waco standoff was abruptly removed from the case along with his boss, according to a court filing made public today. Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder recused U.S. Attorney James W. Blagg in San Antonio and assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Johnston in Waco from any further dealings in criminal or civil proceedings related to the siege. Holder appointed the U.S. attorney in a neighboring district as a "special attorney to the U.S. attorney general.'' …."

Michelle Mittelstadt, Associated Press 9/14/99 "…Johnston also has been at odds with Blagg, his superior, and other Justice officials over the investigation of the government's actions during the standoff with the Davidians at their compound outside Waco. It was Johnston who pressed Justice Department officials to allow independent filmmakers to review evidence sifted from the charred ruins of the Davidians' compound — evidence that led to the FBI's recent admission that potentially incendiary tear gas canisters were fired on April 19, 1993. …..The recusal notice provides no explanation for Holder's action….."

United States Court of Appeals FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CIRCUIT Argued April 30, 1999 Decided September 17, 1999 No. 98-3017 United States of America, Appellee v. Ion Cornel Popa, Appellant Appeal from the United States District Court for the District of Columbia (No. 97cr00306-01) Evelina J. Norwinski, Assistant Federal Public Defender, argued the cause for appellant. ……. A jury convicted Ion Cornel Popa of making anonymous phone calls with the "intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any person," in violation of 47 U.S.C. s 223(a)(1)(C). Popa appeals, arguing that the statute is unconstitutional both on its face and as applied to his conduct, which involved calls to the office of the United States Attorney. Because we agree that the statute, as applied to Popa's conduct, violates the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, we reverse his conviction on that ground and therefore need not resolve his claim that the statute is unconstitutionally overbroad. I. Background Popa is a political refugee from Romania. He has resided in the United States since 1986. Between April 10 and May 9, 1997 he made seven telephone calls from locations in Virginia to the office of the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Eric Holder. In the two calls that were recorded Popa refers to Mr. Holder as "a criminal, a negro," a "criminal with cold blood," and a "whore, born by a negro whore, [who] became chief prosecutor of Washington, D.C." He also claims that Holder "violated ... our rights." In the most nearly lucid passage on the tapes, Popa says: Eric Holder is a negro. Is a negro. Which is a criminal. He make a violent crime against me, violating the rights in court of the white people. [Inaudible] negro. He's negro. Eric Holder. Criminal. Popa was charged with violating 47 U.S.C. s 223(a)(1)(C), which makes it a crime, punishable by a fine and up to two years' imprisonment, to: make[ ] a telephone call or utilize[ ] a telecommunications device, whether or not conversation or communication ensues, without disclosing [one's] identity and with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any person at the called number or who receives the communications. Popa moved to dismiss the indictment on the ground that "this type of speech directed at a public official ... is entitled to First Amendment protection." …… Conclusion As applied to the conduct at issue in this case, 47 U.S.C. s 223(a)(1)(C) violates the First Amendment. The judgment of the district court is therefore Reversed. _ Randolph, Circuit Judge, concurring: I do not agree with the government that s 223(a)(1)(c) "is a generally-applicable regulation directed at conduct." Brief for Appellee at 18. A hang-up call could, I suppose, be characterized as conduct only. So too perhaps calls consisting only of a grunt or a moan. Nonetheless, in general, telephones are devices for communicating and this statute regulates how telephones may be used for that purpose. The acts of picking up the phone and dialing are conduct. The act of speaking on the phone is also a form of conduct but it still is "speech." Whether the caller is exercising his "freedom of speech" depends on what he says and why. A blackmail attempt, a bomb threat, a fraudulent promise, a kidnapper's demands--all are communications, but none are protected by the First Amendment. Partly this is because of history; partly it is because of the consequences of such communications. To characterize anonymous telephone calls intended to annoy or harass as "conduct" rather than speech is to confuse the analysis…."

The Dave Bossie Investigative Report 9/99 "...I have in my possession at my Capitol Hill office, an absolutely amazing and strictly confidential document. It is just a simple list of names. But these names are of individuals and organizations involved in illegal campaign contributions to Bill Clinton and the Democrat National Committee (DNC). Most of these names have been seen before, however this simple list of names comes directly from the Department of Justice (DOJ) Criminal Task Force. This confidential memo, dated Jun 4, 1999, was mistakenly faxed out of the Justice Department and Clinton crony, Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, has been frantically calling around to collect all of the copies. Obviously, he has not been successful. This type of information is not suppposed to be released to the public or even to congressional investigators. This vitally important confidential memo contains the names of all of the DOJ Task Forces' ongoing and close investigations. And there are some startling revelations that come from reading it because it clearly illustrates what my former boss, Chairman Dan Burton, and I have been saying for years. The Department of Justice and Janet Reno are stonewalling Congressional investigators by keeping cases which are harmful to Clinton open and out of the reach of Congress, and bogus partisan investigations against Republicans open to use as political leverage....."

The Dave Bossie Investigative Report 9/99 "...First, under the heading "Pending Inactive Investigations" is Liu Chaoying, the daughter of the powerful Chinese General Ji, the former head of Chinese Intelligence. Ms. Liu is a high level aerospace official, who was in charge of China's missile technology and responsible for bringing Johnny Chung into the intelligence circles in China. Ms. Liu funneled $300,000 from the Communist Chinese government to Johnny Chung for the purpose of infiltrating the Clinton Administration and receiving favors in return. This is cause for investigation. What is going on at the Department of Justice? How could this case be inactive? ...."

The Dave Bossie Investigative Report 9/99 "...Secondly, Loral aerospace is also on the list of "Pending Inactive Investigations." This company is lead by Bernie Schwartz, the single largest contributor to the DNC and the campaign to re-elect Clinton in 1996. His company allegedly passed classified information about our missile program to the Communist Chinese government. This is fairly new information and should require an extensive investigation--instead, it seems to have been closed down quickly. President Clinton also signed an executive order to allow Loral to pass information to the Chinese military, seemingly releasing them from legal problems. This case should be very interesting to federal law enforcement on several levels...."

The Dave Bossie Investigative Report 9/99 "...Thirdly, Dan Burton is on the list of "Investigations Not Yet Closed but Likely To Be Shortly." This political witch-hunt began on the first day Burton became Chairman of the Committee on Government Reform and Oversight. It began when a liberal Carter White House staffer and former Executive Director of the DNC, claimed Burton tried to shake him down for a campaign contribution from his Capital Hill office. Like me, Dan believes this investigation has been held over his head as political and legal leverage. It has not worked...."

The Dave Bossie Investigative Report 9/99 "...Other interesting names on this document include former Clinton White House staffer Mark Middleton, who is now back on the "Ongoing Investigations" list, because next to his name it says: "reinvigorated in light of Trie debriefing."..... Also on the list is Ernie Green, a longtime Clinton crony and a recipient of a Congressional criminal referral from my former Committee. Let's hope these politicized investigations will gain the attention and respect they deserve from federal law enforcement...."

10/20/99 Shannon Mccaffrey, Associated Press ".....Just a month after President Clinton offered clemency to 16 Puerto Rican separatists, a report from Attorney General Janet Reno said that the nationalist groups they had been aligned with posed an "ongoing threat'' to national security. "Factors which increase the present threat from these groups include ... the impending release from prisons of members of these groups jailed for prior violence,'' Reno's September 1999 report said. The report - the Justice Department's Five Year Interagency Counterterrorism and Technology Crime Plan - was made public at a U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today on the controversial grant of clemency Clinton made to Puerto Rican separatists, most of them associated with the terrorist group FALN......Republican senators at the hearing and the lone Democrat in attendance, ranking minority member Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, scolded the Justice Department for failing to contact victims of FALN violence, either to gather their input on the potential offer of clemency or to even inform them that the prisoners were being released...... "I think we could do a better job ... getting in touch with victims,'' Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder admitted. Holder said it was likely that Justice Department officials would "tinker'' with internal regulations to make it a requirement that direct input from victims be obtained as part of the clemency process. Lawmakers also said that before the prisoners were released, Justice Department officials should have attempted to obtain information from the jailed militants about violent fugitives from their groups still at large, some still on the FBI's Most Wanted list....."

The Washington Times 10/21/99 Jerry Seper "....President Clinton offered clemency to 16 Puerto Rican terrorists a month after Attorney General Janet Reno concluded in a report that their release from prison posed an ongoing threat to U.S. national security. But Deputy Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., citing Mr. Clinton's claim of executive privilege, refused yesterday to tell a Senate committee whether the Justice Department had recommended against the president's offer of clemency...... "In granting clemency to 16 convicted terrorists and members of the FALN and Los Macheteros, President Clinton set free individuals who had engaged in sedition and openly advocated war against the United States and its citizens," Mr. Hatch said. "The FALN and Los Macheteros -- including the clemency recipients -- have actively waged such a war by, among other acts, planting more than 130 bombs in public places including shopping malls and restaurants." ...."

World Net Daily 11/2/99 Scott Park ".....The greatest scandal of the Clinton presidency may be yet to come. It includes some of the same elements of the previous Clinton scandals, but also one crucial additional element. It is about national security -- but does not center on Communist China. It is about a Justice Department cover-up -- but revolves around successful prosecutions that were later unmade, rather than prosecutions that were never made. Yet, it involves neither sex nor campaign money -- as far as is known.....Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee released the unclassified version of a report from Attorney General Janet Reno, titled, "The five-year interagency counterterrorism and technology crime plan." The report concludes that many Cold War-era terrorist threats have diminished or disappeared. But Reno cited one notable exception: Increased threat "Puerto Rican terrorist groups...are an exception and represent an ongoing threat," said Reno's report. " They have previously used violence in an attempt to achieve independence for Puerto Rico. In an 11-year span, Puerto Rican terrorists were responsible for more than 100 bombings and arsons, in both Puerto Rico and on the U.S. mainland. Factors which increase the present threat from these groups include renewed activity by a small minority advocating Puerto Rican statehood, the 100-year anniversary of U.S. presence in Puerto Rico, and the impending release from prison of members of these groups jailed for prior violence." .....The obvious conclusion? The Justice Department believes that, when President Clinton released a group of Puerto Rican terrorists in August, he was using his power as president to "increase the present threat" of terrorism against the United States. Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee Oct. 20, Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, a Clinton political appointee, made a feeble attempt to argue that the report was not referring to the Puerto Rican terrorists Clinton released, but to some other Puerto Rican terrorists due to be released in the near future....."

World Net Daily 11/2/99 Scott Park ".....Clemency advocates knew terrorists weren't repentant Notes from a November 1997 meeting among Adams, Holder and Democratic reps. Jose Serrano of New York, Luis Gutierrez of Illinois and Nydia Velasquez of New York indicate that when Holder asked whether the terrorists had really repented, Serrano gave evasive answers. "Whether you are repentant or not goes to who we are as a human being," he said. "The fact that they have not applied reinforces the political nature of who they are." According to notes from an April 1998 meeting with clergymen who supported clemency, Holder asked the Rev. Paul Sherry, who claimed to have met with most of the FALN members, whether or not they had renounced violence. "Rev. Sherry said they would not change their beliefs. This probably meant they would not change their beliefs about Puerto Rican independence, although he gave a carefully phrased answer that did not make it entirely clear that they had renounced the use of violence."......Justice solicited a repentance statement The Justice Department repeatedly urged Gutierrez, who acted as a liaison with the FALN prisoners, to secure statements of remorse. He promised Holder they would be forthcoming, but they never materialized. FALN convicts never renounced violence A collective statement, signed by the FALN prisoners, not only does not renounce violence, it rationalizes it. "Invoking the right under international law to use all means available does not mean we used them with no respect for human life," the statement said....."

World Net Daily 11/2/99 Scott Park ".....U.S. attorneys and FBI opposed clemency Adams wrote talking points for Holder to use when he informed U.S. attorneys that Clinton would release the terrorists. The notes indicate that the prosecutors opposed clemency.....In an unsent letter to Rep.Henry Hyde, R.-Ill., FBI Director Louis Freeh said that "the FBI was unequivocally opposed to the release of these terrorists under any circumstances and had so advised DOJ." ....In a letter to Rep. Henry Waxman, D.-Calif., Clinton said, "Whatever the conduct of the other FALN members may have been, these petitioners, while convicted of serious crimes, were not convicted of crimes involving the killing or maiming of any individuals." ...."

World Net Daily 11/2/99 Scott Park ".....Current sentencing guidelines would have been just as severe Clinton and others have claimed that FALN members were given inordinately long sentences and that under current guidelines their penalties would be less severe. But in response to an inquiry from Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, R.-Utah, Tim McGrath, the staff director of the U.S. Sentencing Commission, wrote that under the new rules, FALN members not only would have been given sentences just as severe, but most likely would have been charged under the Treason guideline. "Because the object of the FALN conspiracy, and the conduct alleged as part of the conspiracy, amounted to an avowed intent by the members of the conspiracy to wage war against the United States, a court could appropriately find that the most analogous guideline is ... Treason." ....."

Associated Press 10/27/99 Pete Yost "….The allegations, which included the treatment of Monica Lewinsky, had been around for months, and the two sides even had discussed them before. But no action had been taken. Now four days before Starr's pivotal testimony, Reno had opted to review the allegations, but withhold a full-scale investigation…… He told Reno he had ``profound concern'' that if news about the review reached the public, it could be used as a political weapon to discredit his investigation. ``If this leaks, I'll be the second-maddest person in Washington, D.C.,'' Reno replied, seeking to assure the prosecutor. Unknown to Starr, Reno's plans already had leaked. While the independent counsel sat with Reno on Nov. 15, 1998, his office was frantically paging him, attempting to alert him to phone calls coming from reporters already inquiring about the Justice review……``The timing'' of the review ``raises more starkly than anything in our relationship to date -- the specter of politically motivated interference,'' Starr deputy Robert Bittman wrote the office of Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder on Dec. 2, 1998. ``You decline to apprise us of even the nature of the allegations against us.'' ``The Justice Department -- which could not investigate the president owing to the obvious conflict of interest -- proposes at this most delicate juncture to investigate the investigator,'' Bittman wrote, adding a complaint about the leak……"

Reuters via 11/10/99 "….The Clinton administration unveiled proposals Wednesday for toughening enforcement against money laundering, saying it did not want U.S. banks to become international criminals' choice for the illegal activity. The Treasury and Justice departments sent proposed legislation to Congress that would extend the United States' power at home and abroad to seek punishment for efforts to disguise, or launder, money from drug dealing or other illegal activities by moving it through the United States. "We do not want the United States to become the world's repository of criminal proceeds,'' Deputy Treasury Secretary Stuart Eizenstat said at a news conference. Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder said the goal was to ''make it increasingly difficult for those who attempt to launder money through financial institutions to derive profits from their illegal acts.'' …."

Washington Post 11/5/99 "…. Monica Lewinsky has expressed interest in studying law, but yesterday she got to teach it. The infamous former intern was guest speaker at Neal Katyal's "Clinton" class at Georgetown University Law Center. The semester-long course for second- and third-year students explores the myriad constitutional issues surrounding our president's numerous legal problems. Crossing and uncrossing her legs, she confided to her 65 "students" that she was "having a bad hat day," and then removed her Chateau Marmont chapeau, according to a witness..."

WORLD Magazine 11/20/99 Cal Thomas "….Rash of gun crimes shows that enforcing the current laws is better than enacting new unenforced laws The latest shootings by two maniacs with grudges in Honolulu and in Seattle produced the predictable cries for more gun laws from Attorney General Janet Reno, Vice President Al(pha) Gore, the big media, and the usual suspects in the anti-gun lobby who won't be satisfied until the only people with access to guns are criminals. As National Rifle Association President Charlton Heston testified earlier this month on Capitol Hill, there are currently 22,000 federal, state, and local gun laws on the books, most of which are never enforced. He properly asked why more gun laws are the answer when current laws are not being enforced and criminals pay no attention to them at all…..In Great Britain, where massive firearms-confiscation programs were enacted following a widely publicized shooting in Scotland, gun-related crimes have increased, including "hot" robberies, meaning those conducted while the victims are at home. Criminals apparently believe their odds have improved since many of the law-abiding have been disarmed. Even the liberal-leaning Democratic governor of Vermont, Howard Dean, said after last summer's synagogue shooting in Los Angeles: "Gun laws wouldn't have helped.... Better enforcement would have helped." That was Mr. Heston's point when he testified before a congressional committee. Only a fraction of laws on the books is enforced, so why pass more laws? Mr. Heston quoted Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, who told USA Today, "It's not the federal government's role to prosecute" gun cases. Then why pass the laws in the first place? ….."

ABC News 11/19/99 Beverly Lumpkin "….. Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder pointed out Thursday that the media has mis-reported the judge's ruling on the so-called re-enactment of the events at Waco, Texas, on April 19, 1993 - the judge did not actually order this. A careful re-reading of the order reveals that Judge Walter Smith in fact said he was "persuaded that one FLIR test should be conducted." He then "propose[d]" certain steps be followed, but did order that any suggestions or objections should be sent to him by Nov. 22. But as I noted last week, it is impossible to replicate the precise conditions that existed on April 19, 1993. Holder said, "To the extent that we are capable of doing it, we'll follow the directions of the court. And if we are ordered to re-create the situation, we'll do the best job that we can." ….."

The Dallas Morning News 11/27/99 Pete Yost AP "…..In a secret confrontation the Sunday before Kenneth Starr testified at President Clinton's impeachment hearing, Attorney General Janet Reno stunned the prosecutor with news that her Justice Department would review allegations of misconduct against his office…..Unknown to Mr. Starr, Ms. Reno's plans already had leaked. While the independent counsel sat with her on Nov. 15, 1998, his office was frantically paging him, attempting to alert him to phone calls coming from reporters already inquiring about the Justice Department review……Excerpts from letters provided to the AP show that the relationship between the Justice Department and Mr. Starr only grew worse behind closed doors as the impeachment drama played out in public last winter… The timing of the review "raises more starkly than anything in our relationship to date the specter of politically motivated interference," Starr deputy Robert Bittman wrote the office of Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder on Dec. 2, 1998. "You decline to apprise us of even the nature of the allegations against us….."

American Spectator 12/99 James Bovard "…. The Clinton administration is racing to defuse the latest Waco crisis. Janet Reno could have recused herself and allowed her deputy, Eric Holder, to appoint a special investigator. Instead, she personally chose former Senator John Danforth to head the re-investigation. It is peculiar that someone implicated in six years of perjury could be allowed to choose the person who investigates her and her department. Danforth's credibility suffered further when he promptly chose federal attorney Edward Dowd as his chief investigator. Last year Dowd used federal funds to oppose a Missouri state referendum on concealed firearms. As Yale Law School's John Lott, who favored the referendum, recalled, "Dowd used taxpayer money to set up a 1-800 line to answer people's questions about the initiative. He also used federal money to send out a letter to state law enforcement to try to get them to oppose the initiative." A Justice Department inspector general was investigating Dowd when Danforth picked him. The same day the Washington Times broke news of the investigation, the Justice Department cleared Dowd of all charges. When Sen. Kit Bond of Missouri asked to see the official report, the Justice Department refused to comply, citing the Privacy Act. …."


Associated Press 12/9/99 Michael Sniffen ".....Although a civil jury has concluded there was a conspiracy to kill the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., a 11/2-year-old Justice Department investigation is not likely to produce any criminal charges, Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder said today. Declining to release specific findings of the probe by the department's civil rights division, Holder told reporters: "I would not expect that there would be any criminal prosecution out of our report." Holder said the report on the new field investigation ordered by Attorney General Janet Reno in August 1998 is almost complete and could be released within weeks. ...... The Justice report "is not a very broad-based look at all the possibilities," Holder said. "I suspect that given the verdict yesterday, this will renew interest the King assassination, and I suspect plant in the minds of many people doubts about some of those conclusions that were reached earlier." ....."

The Union-Leader 12/14/99 Robert Novak "…. BILL CLINTON, NEARING THE END of a press conference, was not feeling the pain of Elian Gonzalez when asked about the fate of the 6-year-old Cuban. The normally voluble President was brusque and cryptic in saying, "there is a legal process for determining . . . what would be best for the child." But what legal process? The answer came coldly at Deputy Atty. Gen. Eric Holder's press conference. He made clear the case would go neither to federal court nor Florida State court. "I would expect that the final decision will be made within the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service)." The translation: Elian, say goodbye to the freedom of Florida and hello to the oppression of Cuba. ….Government lawyers claimed to have found a legal technicality to keep the Cuban boy's fate away from unpredictable judges. Because Elian, in dire physical condition, was taken straight to a hospital when he arrived in Miami, he was not formally paroled. That consigns him to the INS, which asks but two questions. Is Juan Miguel Gonzalez in Cuba really his father? Does he have a good relationship with Elian? The answer, of course, will be yes, and the boy is gone, lacking effective legal intervention…..Holder was fulfilling the President's wishes. Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart of Florida, the leading Cuban-American Republican politician, interpreted it this way: "Clinton has agreed to (Cuban President Fidel) Castro's demands that Janet Reno (in other words, Clinton himself in appeasement of Castro) make this decision."……"

The Wall Street Journal 12/13/99 Review & Outlook "…. Look who's discovered family values. Ever since six-year-old Elian Gonzalez washed up on the Florida coast on Thanksgiving Day, Fidel Castro has been leading mass demonstrations in Havana thumping for the boy's return on the grounds that a child should be with his father. Of course, Fidel knows firsthand the pain of family separation. His own daughter, Alina Fernandez, escaped from Cuba in 1983 and has been a thorn in her father's revolution ever since…..But effective. When little Elian was first fished out of the waters off Fort Lauderdale clinging to a rubber tube he'd held onto even after watching his mother and stepfather drown, the Immigration and Naturalization Service released him to uncles of his father in Miami. The family and their lawyer say the INS told them Elian would be paroled, which under U.S. law would make him eligible for permanent U.S. residence in a year. And an INS press release earlier this month agreed the case would be decided by a family court in Florida. But on Thursday, Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder held a press conference saying that the INS had made a "mistake." The Justice Department would decide Elian's fate. In our book these days, that's automatically a red flag. The boy's lawyers have responded by filing for political asylum. ….."

New York Post 12/15/99 Brian Blomquist "....Justice Department insiders say Attorney General Janet Reno has been out of the major decision-making loop and her deputy, Eric Holder, is running the show...... Holder, a Barbadian immigrant's son who grew up in Queens and received his law degree from Columbia, has played major roles in the probe of Democratic funny-money in the 1996 elections, the Sexgate scandal and the recommendation to President Clinton on whether to free FALN terrorists from jail. A list of FALN documents withheld from Congress shows that many memos on the FALN clemency decision went directly to Holder, while Reno's role was minimal. Officials close to Holder say he's "in the lead on the big issues and setting policy" because Reno gets distracted with "minutiae" and is "blind to the big picture." .....

New York Post 12/15/99 Brian Blomquist "....Reno's critics see her as a protector of the Clinton administration, but several lawyers who have dealt closely with Holder say he's a fierce partisan who also has strong loyalties to Clinton and the Democrats. Prosecutors from the office of independent counsel Kenneth Starr came to distrust Holder intensely after Clinton appointed him in March 1997. They believe he was behind leaks to the media that tarnished them at the height of the scandal...... Two of Starr's former prosecutors say that early in the Sexgate scandal, they received phone calls from a lawyer with strong White House and Justice Department ties, warning them to watch out for Holder. "Beware, the White House puppet in the Justice Department is Eric Holder. Janet Reno doesn't even know this," the tipster warned. Holder ridiculed the anonymous charge, saying, "Unnamed people, a prominent defense attorney? Yeah, right!" ...... "Eric Holder is a very polished political partisan. He was the one who spurred all the investigations of Ken Starr. He has his finger on everything," said Mark Levin, an ex-Justice official who heads the conservative Landmark Legal Foundation...."


AP Sonya Ross 12/15/99 "....President Clinton will take action on gun safety next year, the White House said Wednesday, contending Congress has ``frustrated the American public'' by failing to tighten firearms restrictions in a year of mass shootings. Clinton's chief of staff, John Podesta, convened a brainstorming session of administration officials to come up with various actions Clinton could take, either through executive authority, federal regulations or new legislation beyond the bill now stuck in Congress. ``We're not going to rely on Congress. We're going to find other avenues,'' White House spokesman Joe Lockhart said. ``It's our overall sense that this is something the American public is demanding.'' ..... The group Podesta brought together included Bruce Reed, Clinton's domestic policy adviser; Stuart Eizenstat, the deputy treasury secretary; Eric Holder, the deputy attorney general; and Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo. ...."

Washington Post 2/10/00 Bill Miller [Mahoney homicide] "…..Attorney General Janet Reno overruled U.S. Attorney Wilma A. Lewis by deciding to seek the death penalty against Carl Derek Cooper in the Starbucks slaying case, marking one of the relatively few times she has opted to push for capital punishment against the wishes of the local federal prosecutor's office……. Phillips and eight other senior attorneys joined Lewis on Jan. 20 for a formal review of the Starbucks case with Cooper's attorneys, Steven R. Kiersh and Francis D. Carter. Justice Department protocol called for Lewis then to make a recommendation to Reno. Four days after their meeting at the U.S. attorney's office, the defense lawyers met with a special Justice Department committee that screens potential death penalty cases for Reno. That panel also submitted a recommendation to Reno, which was not made public. She then decided prosecutors should seek execution. It is unclear what role Deputy Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. played in the deliberations. Holder, Lewis's predecessor as U.S. attorney in the District, did not return a call seeking comment. ….." "….In addition, the Baltimore Sun reported that Starr has opened a third front in his legal battle with Clinton, with the grand jury sitting in Alexandria, Va., issuing a subpoena for records of Washington lawyer Francis D. Carter, whom Jordan recruited to represent Lewinsky. Carter filled that role only briefly, but he was representing the former intern when she denied having had an affair with Clinton….."

Washington Post 2/11/00 Bill Miller "…..Deputy Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. confirmed yesterday that his office was involved in the Justice Department's decision to seek the death penalty against Carl Derek Cooper in the Starbucks slaying case. But he would not disclose the reasons U.S. Attorney Wilma A. Lewis's recommendation against seeking execution was overruled. "I will say that the deputy attorney general's office was involved, but I really wouldn't want to comment on what my role, if any, was in that matter," Holder told reporters during a weekly news briefing at the Justice Department yesterday. Sources familiar with the Cooper deliberations said Holder was among those supporting Attorney General Janet Reno's decision to seek the federal death penalty. Reno had the final say on the issue and acted Monday after receiving recommendations from Lewis and a Justice Department screening committee as well as input from Holder and other officials. ……"

Washington Post 2/11/00 Bill Miller "…..In 1995, Reno persuaded Holder to seek the federal death penalty against Donzell McCauley in the killing of a D.C. police officer. Holder ultimately accepted a plea bargain with McCauley that resulted in a life prison sentence with no chance of parole. At the time of the plea, Holder explained that a death penalty trial could divide the city and said that the District's long-standing opposition to the death penalty gave prosecutors reason to worry that a jury might not go along with a death sentence. …."


Washington Post 2/14/00 John Schwartz "….. As the White House prepares to bring technology and business leaders together with government officials tomorrow to discuss the Internet's vulnerabilities, last week's attacks against popular online sites have renewed calls to rein in the World Wide Web's freewheeling culture. On Wednesday, Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) will hear testimony from Attorney General Janet Reno and FBI Director Louis J. Freeh about whether law enforcement agencies are getting the funding needed to challenge of online crime. At news briefings last week about the attacks, which in each case slowed or blocked online traffic for a few hours, Justice Department officials reiterated their pleas for $37 million in additional funding to expand efforts to police the Internet. The funds would be part of more than $2 billion the Clinton administration has requested for fiscal 2001 to protect against hacking and online terrorism. "We are developing the personnel and technical expertise to investigate and prosecute cybercrime," Reno said Wednesday. The next day, Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder called for tougher criminal penalties for hacking offenses…….. "


Security Intelligence News Service 3/9/00 "…..Despite intensified U.S. counterintelligence efforts to identify Chinese spying activities in the U.S., a joint CIA/FBI report states that Chinese spies have escalated espionage operations against the United States. "Chinese attempts to obtain U.S. military and military-related technology ... have increased since the early 1990s," the Washington Times today reports the five-page unclassified counterintelligence report as saying. ……. The report states that since 1987 the FBI and Customs service have stopped "at least two MID/PLA clandestine collection operations in the United States." SOURCES first reported last May that there have been perhaps dozens of probes of Chinese spies conducted by the CIA and the FBI, some jointly, during the last ten years, none of which have resulted in any arrests, according to a variety of federal officials and sources who spoke on condition of anonymity. The sources said CIA and FBI counterintelligence (CI) agents have grown increasingly frustrated over decisions by higher-ups not to prosecute persons against whom they painstakingly developed espionage cases, including stings in which the spies reputedly were caught red-handed buying secrets from undercover U.S. CI agents. ……"

Security Intelligence News Service 3/9/00 "…..The FBI has not commented on the extent of or the subjects of its investigations, but SOURCES has learned that the stings and related investigations it has been told about have come under scrutiny by the Attorney General's office. The Chinese spies at the heart of these FBI probes, many working in the U.S., sought to acquire a "shopping list" of military weapons secrets including information on the SR-71 spy plane, AWACS aircraft, ballistic missile guidance systems, and nuclear attack submarines, according to sources. According to a CIA report turned over to U.S. lawmakers, China has, in fact, obtained information on a variety of U.S. weapon systems as a result of espionage operations here. It is not known if classified portions of the report acknowledge the CIA and the FBI's counterintelligence investigations. Regardless, mounting evidence indicates that Chinese espionage is pervasive, as the joint CIA/FBI report quoted by the Washington Times today asserts, and that the stings SOURCES has been told about are only the tip of the iceberg. ……."

The New York Times 3/7/00 Amy Waldman "…..The Justice Department's decision on whether to bring federal civil rights charges against the four officers acquitted of state murder charges in the death of Amadou Diallo should be made within weeks, department officials said today. The time frame was given in a meeting between Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder and representatives of police unions, including the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, which had sought a meeting with the department to argue against a federal prosecution. …."

Wired 3/1/00 Declan McCullagh "…..The U.S. government may need sweeping new powers to investigate and prosecute future denial-of-service attacks, top law enforcement officials said Tuesday. Anonymous remailers and free trial accounts allow hackers and online pornographers to cloak their identity, deputy attorney general Eric Holder told a joint congressional panel. "A criminal using tools and other information easily available over the Internet can operate in almost perfect anonymity," Holder told the panel. Holder said the Clinton administration is reviewing "whether we have adequate legal tools to locate, identify, and prosecute cyber criminals," but stopped short of endorsing a specific proposal...."

TESTIMONY OF ERIC HOLDER DEPUTY ATTORNEY GENERAL DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE "…..Computer crime investigators in a number of FBI field offices and investigators from other agencies are investigating these attacks. They are coordinating information with the National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) of the FBI. The agents are also working closely with our network of specially trained computer crime prosecutors who are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week to provide legal advice and obtain whatever court orders are necessary. Attorneys from the Criminal Division's Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) are coordinating with the Assistant United States Attorneys in the field. We are also obtaining information from victim companies and security experts, who, like many in the Internet community, condemn these recent attacks. We are also working closely with our counterparts in other nations. I am proud of the efforts being made in this case, including the assistance we are receiving from a number of federal agencies…… It is worth remembering that just ten years ago, the Internet was largely unknown and unavailable to the average person. There was no e-commerce, no e-Bay, no amazon-dot-com, very little dot-anything. At that time, the Internet was a collection of military, academic, and research networks serving a small community of trusted users. Many of us were just learning about pagers and cell phones, VCRs, and videocams. …."

Research by Freeper ohmlaw00 3/9/00 "…


QUESTION: There was a report in The New York Times a few days ago, which said that the U.S. attorneys office in New York had referred some information to public integrity about possible illegal Venezuelan money that went into the Democratic Party through the Castro family andthat the Justice Department just kind of sat on it, didn't do anything. Can you comment on that?

HOLDER: I'm not familiar with that. But let me just say this is about the public integrity section in general and about Lee Radek in particular.

There have been a lot of news reports about the section and about how they've not performed, and about Lee Radek and about his performance in connection with the campaign finance task force. I think those reports are simply erroneous and don't go to that section, which I was a member of for 12 years, and certainly don't deal in adequate way with Lee Radek's abilities.

He is a very tough, aggressive prosecutor. He's a person who has been charged with the responsibility of leading one of the more important parts of the department and has done so, I think, in a good manner for a substantial number of years.

I'm not sure exactly why people have taken out against him,against the section as well. But I think that the people in that sectionand Lee Radek do a really good job, have done a good job, and have theconfidence of the attorney general and me.

QUESTION: Isn't there a disagreement, though, between Mr. Radek and Mr. LaBella, as has been repeatedly reported, over the direction of the campaign finance investigation, and whether it's aggressive enough and whether it's looking at the issues broadly enough?

HOLDER: I think they actually work pretty well together. I mean, we have meetings concerning independent counsel matters. The public integrity section has the primary responsibility for handling that Chuck LaBella attends. We have meetings about the campaign finance task force that Chuck LaBella has primary responsibility for, and Lee comes to those meetings.

I think that there is a good relationship between the two investigatory bodies and between the two men as well.

QUESTION: Can you just explain how those two groups relate in the campaign finance investigation? I saw LaBella quoted the other day saying, you know, Radek is not a member of the task force. So how does public integrity actually work with the campaign finance task force in this investigation? Who does what? Who's in charge?

HOLDER: Public integrity has primary responsibility over independent counsel matters. The campaign finance task force has primary responsibility over campaign finance matters. Chuck heads up the taskforce; Lee heads up the public integrity section.

But there's a lot of overlap. And that's why it's necessary that they attend meetings of the other and that there is a constant flow of communication. And I think that, that flow of communication is actually a good one.

QUESTION: So public integrity would not get involved in decisions about indictments on people who are not covered by the independent counsel law, for example?

HOLDER: No, I wouldn't go that far. I'd say that as an institution, public integrity would not. On the other hand, people in the public integrity section in the meetings that we would have in the attorney general's office would certainly be asked their opinions and would share those opinions.

QUESTION: The Republicans, or some of them at least on the Hill, and the attorney general and -- testified last week were grabbing on repeatedly to the quote by Mr. Radek that he does not support the independent counsel statute and that he doesn't agree with the statute.

QUESTION: Is that -- is that a problem? Is that leading to some of the difficulties? Reported difficulties?

HOLDER: I mean, Lee Radek has administered the Ethics in Government Act for a number of years, both as a line attorney, a deputy chief in the public integrity section and now as the chief of that section. And I would dare anyone to find a specific instance where he has not followed the law as he was supposed to have done.



Washington Post 4/15/00 John Harris David Vise "….Inside the department, Reno has relied on Deputy Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and two senior staff members for guidance: James E. Castello, a 45-year-old associate deputy attorney general who is a former Supreme Court clerk, and Brad Glassman, a 33-year-old expert in immigration law who is counsel to the deputy attorney general. Glassman used to work at the INS. Reno also has consulted heavily with INS Commissioner Doris N. Meissner, as well as private-sector psychiatrists and psychologists, and a wide array of people she knows in Miami, where she worked as a prosecutor before becoming attorney general. Both Reno and Holder, who has solid relations at the White House, are firm in their conviction that the law must prevail, sources said, but that this happen in a way that minimizes the trauma for the child, creating an ugly confrontational scene on television. At the same time, Reno and other Justice Department officials have a plan that involves the use of federal marshals and immigration officers to seize control of the boy at an opportune time and and return him to the custody of his father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, people familiar with the matter said. Reno was not moved by the video of the child saying he did not want to be reunited with his father that was released on Thursday. Earlier, the attorney general said, "Based on our law, based on foundations of our society, parents speak for their children."........." 4/14/00 Paul Rodriguez "…….. Now Insight has discovered previously unknown DNC telephones inside the White House complex, billing records for which may shed additional light on fund-raising issues still under investigation. Installation of these phone lines could be a violation of federal laws that prohibit the mixing of political and government services on government property, say legal experts. 4/14/00 Paul Rodriguez "…….. Insight also has learned of the existence of more unknown backup "tapes" of virtually every White House employee's computer. In fact, there are nearly 900 archived external-storage devices containing these materials. And most never have been revealed to federal investigators and/or were not searched or inventoried by the White House as required under subpoena throughout the Clinton-Gore scandals. …….. These backup "tapes" include, for example, information copied by external drives and technicians from computers once used by Billy Dale (the former White House Travel Office di-rector), Leon Panetta (the former White House chief of staff), Craig Livingstone (the former White House security director) and Harold Ickes (the former White House deputy chief of staff). Some of the "tapes" are secreted within the White House complex, while others are stored at an off-site facility in Greenbelt, Md. 4/14/00 Paul Rodriguez "…….. As Insight reported April 12 on its Webwire (, a House Judiciary subcommittee chaired by Rep. Charles Canady, a Florida Republican, now also is looking to obtain previously unknown memos from Freeh and LaBella related to their ignored calls for an independent counsel. After an April 13 meeting of his subcommittee, Canady struck a bargain with the Justice Department to delay issuing subpoenas pending further talks with Reno's senior aides, including Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder. But the pot is boiling. 4/14/00 Paul Rodriguez "……..And in late 1998 Panetta's office confirmed to Insight not only the existence of the now-controversial e-mails but the long-distance telephone records as well. Now Insight has confirmed from one of its many interviews with federal investigators that Panetta also knew about one or two telephone lines installed at the White House for direct communications with the DNC. …….. Clinton has said that he did make calls on behalf of the DNC and, presumably, for his own reelection committee, but he claimed he didn't do it often and couldn't remember when or where. Gore has said that he, too, made such calls from the White House complex but that he used a telephone calling card provided by the DNC and therefore no laws were broken as there was "no controlling legal authority." Alas, no one could check these stories because the White House long maintained that there were no detailed telephone records. Then, two years ago, White House officials discovered that some calls placed by either Clinton or Gore improperly were billed to "White House" lines and reimbursement was sought for $24.20 from the DNC to offset taxpayer expense. Federal law-enforcement investigators began wondering how the White House could search telephone records it consistently has said it doesn't have, and about which it says there never were call-billing details. ……….. " 4/14/00 Paul Rodriguez "…….. As Insight followed up on all of this, it was told of at least two telephones installed at the White House in 1996 for use by the DNC and White House personnel, possibly the ones referred to by Panetta. Now Insight has found at least two previously unknown phone lines installed in 1997 at the Old Executive Office Building, or OEOB, for use by the DNC and White House staff. …….. The DNC phones installed in 1997 were put in by an official at the White House Office of Political Affairs. Charges for these telephones, located in offices on the first and second floors of the OEOB, were to be billed to the DNC according to memos and other sources secured by Insight. The phones not only were ordered by a White House official, they were installed by White House personnel on a rush basis. This had been done before, according to Insight sources, and that was confirmed by review of White House records. ……." 4/14/00 Paul Rodriguez "……..Insight just has discovered, for instance, that despite claims of the White House, and weeks of hearings concerning the WHODB by Indiana Rep. David McIntosh's House Government Reform subcommittee two years ago, there was a WHODB link set up for other outside offices not previously known, including the Treasury Department. Does that mean the IRS, or were these politicos watching ... who and what? This is interesting in a broader context because it was always McIntosh's opinion that WHODB was improperly used for political purposes, a charge the White House denied. Although a criminal referral was sent to the Justice Department, it still sits there without action more than a year after receipt from the subcommittee….."

ETHERZONE 4/26/00 Phil Brennan "……According to Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, he held a weeping, guilt-ridden Janet Reno in his arms in the wake of Reno's Raid on the house where Elian dwelt. Yeah! I have a picture of that, a tearful Attorney General seeking solace from the odious Eric Holder as she contemplated what she'd wrought Good Saturday morning in Little Havana. Aside from the fact that going to the duplicitous Holder for comfort would be something akin to seeking solace from a rattlesnake, I'm willing to bet that Fraulein Reno was anything short of overjoyed at the results of her blitzkreig on a bunch of defenseless Cuban exiles. ……"

NewsMax.Com Carl Limbacher 4/22/00 "……Legal Analysts Comment on Raid
Andrew Napolitano, legal analyst for Fox News and a constitutional scholar had this exchange today on Fox with Eric Holder, Reno's second in command at Justice:
Napolitano: Tell me, Mr. Holder, why did you not get a court order authorizing you to go in and get the boy?
Holder: Because we didn't need a court order. INS can do this on its own.
Napolitano: You know that a court order would have given you the cloak of respectability to have seized the boy.
Holder: We didn't need an order.
Napolitano: Then why did you ask the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals for such an order if you didn't need one?
Holder: [Silence]
Napolitano: The fact is, for the first time in history, you have taken a child from his residence at gunpoint to enforce your custody position, even though you did not have an order authorizing it.........."


The New York Law Journal 5/25/00 Andrea Foster "….. CORPORATE ATTORNEYS are putting their feet down. After years of caving in to pressure by federal prosecutors to hand over privileged material, attorneys now are accusing the government of betraying their confidences and of jeopardizing corporate efforts to uphold the law. On May 12, the American Corporate Counsel Association (ACCA) wrote a letter of protest to Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder criticizing guidelines enunciated in an internal memo he released in June 1999 that ACCA says encourages prosecutors to force corporate suspects to waive attorney-client privilege to cooperate with the government and to avoid prosecution. ……" 5/19/00 Bob Melvin "…….US Representative Dan Burton (R-IN), Chairman of the House Committee on Government Reform, announced on Friday he will call three key witnesses to testify about the Justice Department's decision not to investigate the Democratic campaign fundraising scandal four years ago………. Burton's Committee will issue a subpoena to require Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder to produce, in person, documents related to the Department of Justice's decision not to appoint an Independent Counsel in the case. The hearing is scheduled to begin May 25th. …….. Burton and his Government Reform Committee also will require Lee Radek and William Esposito to testify about an alleged conversation during which Mr. Radek indicated that he and the Public Integrity Section were under a lot of pressure in 1996……… "Now we have a piece of evidence from the Director of the FBI that makes it abundantly clear that we have been right all along. Janet Reno and Lee Radek have been blatantly protecting the President, the Vice President and their party from the outset of this scandal," Burton stated…….. "To this day, the Justice Department continues to stonewall our investigation by not turning over documents. This is not about national security or matters of executive privilege. This is about the Justice Department obstructing justice by withholding documents from our Committee - documents that have been under subpoena for two years," Burton declared……..."

Judicial Watch 6/14/00 "….Your help is needed now! The patriots that were harmed in the illegal raid to seize Elian Gonzalez over Easter weekend are in need of your help to defend their rights and hold corrupt government officials like Attorney General Janet Reno personally accountable…….. On April 22nd, over 150 armed government agents attacked and raided the home and persons of Elian Gonzalez' Miami family and neighbors. At the time, dozens of Americans showing their support and gratitude for Elian and his family were gathered outside of the home. These patriotic Americans, present under the shield of the Constitution and gathered in peace were, reminiscent of Nazi Germany, gassed, beaten and abused by armed government agents acting under illegal orders of Attorney General Janet Reno, Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, INS Commissioner Doris Meissner and others, working in collaboration with Communist dictator Fidel Castro. Thanks to our cases, we now have documents proving this Clinton-Gore Administration - Castro collaboration! See………..Judicial Watch has formed the Elian Justice Fund to fully support and assist those Americans harmed in this illegal raid through its court litigation against Janet Reno, Eric Holder, Doris Meissner and other corrupt officials in the Clinton-Gore Administration. They must be legally punished so this unconstitutional Nazi-like outrage never happens again in our great country!……"

WorldNetDaily 6/13/00 Paul Sperry "….But it turns out that Radek, whose office supervises the task force, may have his own political conflicts. And so may Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, who also has been overseeing the day-to-day operations of the unit. ……. Both officials are old friends of Reid Weingarten, the lawyer who's defended central figures in the so-called Chinagate scandal involving illegal foreign donations to the '96 Clinton-Gore reelection effort. Among Weingarten's clients are Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie and Pauline Kanchanalak. …….. In a Justice plea bargain panned as too generous, Trie got no jail time and a light fine. He was sentenced in November. FBI agents have complained that higher-ups at Justice stopped them from aggressively investigating Trie. …….Weingarten's other client, DNC fund-raiser Kanchanalak, also has ties to Beijing and was a White House guest in 1996. ……..Weingarten worked for Radek in 1978, when Radek headed Justice's newly formed Public Integrity Section under the Carter administration. Weingarten and Holder were rising stars in the high-profile unit. …….Alumni from those days say they've all remained close socially. In fact, Holder and Weingarten once regularly played basketball together. …… "

Washington Times 9/21/00 Jerry Seper "……A top Justice Department executive bypassed normal immigration procedures to win visas for two Russian women with whom he "socialized extensively" during taxpayer-paid trips to Moscow, and a House committee will ask his boss today to explain how he was able to circumvent the system. ……Robert K. Bratt, former head of the Criminal Division's international police training section, was accused in a report by the Justice Department's Office of Inspector General of improperly obtaining the visas after claiming through the U.S. Embassy in Moscow that visits by the women to this country were in the national interest……. The House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Rep. Henry J. Hyde, Illinois Republican, will ask Deputy Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., who oversees the Criminal Division, at a hearing today to clarify how Mr. Bratt was able to use his government position to procure the visas……. Mr. Hyde also will ask acting Inspector General Glenn A. Fine to document violations his office discovered during an investigation of the department's International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program, headed by Mr. Bratt……."

Washington Times 9/21/00 Jerry Seper "……Investigators said Mr. Bratt "put his own interests ahead of the interests of the government" and described him as "recklessly indifferent to the security interests of the government." Their report said Mr. Bratt and Mr. Lake bypassed the "standard" immigration process in obtaining visas for Yelena Koreneva, with whom Mr. Bratt had a "romantic relationship," and Ludmilla Bolgak, whom Mr. Bratt met during one of four trips he made to Moscow in 1996 and 1997……."