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Strobe Talbott/Shearer
The Washington Times 3/19/99 John Solomon AP "…Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott's brother-in-law received thousands of dollars from an associate of Radovan Karadzic around the time he tried to arrange the accused Bosnian war criminal's surrender in 1997, according to lawyers and government officials. The brother-in-law, Cody P. Shearer, has recently reported receiving mail threats from Bosnian figures who say he took the money in exchange for promises to win leniency for Mr. Karadzic on the war crimes charges. The mail threats demand that he pay Mr. Karadzic's family $1 million or risk "tragedy." Mr. Shearer's attorney denies his client ever promised to win leniency for Mr. Karadzic. He says the money he received was reimbursement for expenses he incurred while helping a Karadzic associate pursue peace in Bosnia. Even before Mr. Shearer reported the threats, the State Department inspector general and the FBI had begun investigating whether he had misrepresented his ties to the Clinton administration in his dealings with the Bosnian figures, several government officials told the Associated Press. The contacts were first disclosed last fall by former GOP congressional investigator David Bossie, who wrote about them in The Washington Times. U.S. officials said then that Mr. Shearer was not acting on behalf of the United States. A senior U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the State Department's current assessment is that Mr. Karadzic tried to use the Shearer connection to claim influence with Mr. Talbott and President Clinton and "sow seeds of discontent" among Bosnian Serbs….Mr. Shearer is the brother of Brooke Shearer, who is married to Mr. Talbott. Mr. Shearer's brother, Derek, was Mr. Clinton's ambassador to Finland…."

The New Yorker (via 4/5/99 Seymour Hersh "...Last December, after Saddam Hussein threatened to end seven years of United Nations arms-control inspections, President Clinton ordered American attacks on Iraq. Once again, the world watched, on television, as missiles fell on carefully picked targets. The purpose of the attacks, Clinton told reporters, was to "degrade" Iraq's capacity for waging war, and he added, "I gave the order because I believe we cannot allow Saddam Hussein to dismantle UNSCOM and resume the production of weapons of mass destruction with impunity." The President was mistaken. The United Nations Special Commission for Iraq, known as UNSCOM, had already been effectively dismantled, by the shortsighted policies of his own Administration. Then, a few hours after Clinton spoke, William Cohen, the Secretary of Defense, appeared on television. "One thing should be absolutely clear," he told reporters. "We are concentrating on military targets." That, too, was a misstatement, for two of the targets were sites where Saddam was known to entertain mistresses, and they were specifically struck in the hope of assassinating him. Saddam responded to the bombing--and the bungled assassination attempt--by formally ousting UNSCOM and turning anew to Russia, historically his most important trading partner. Today, eight years after the Gulf War, American policy has collapsed in Iraq, and a Cold War mentality has returned. Saddam is unchecked by U.N. inspectors as he pursues his goal of becoming a nuclear power, with the aid of Russian strategic materials. Saddam's ally in these efforts is Yevgeny Primakov, the Russian Prime Minister, a longtime friend who, according to highly classified communications intelligence, received at least one large payment from Iraq--by wire transfer--in November of 1997. The distrust of Primakov throughout the American intelligence community is acute. One former C.I.A. operative told me, "I don't know how many times we had to say this to Strobe"--Strobe Talbott, the Deputy Secretary of State--"but Primakov is just not a good guy." ..."


Insight on the News 2/22/99 John Elvin "...Despite denials, there do appear to be some curious links that could lead one to assume a certain validity to charges of a "vast left-wing conspiracy" to trash congressional Republicans. Sam Dealey of the American Spectator, writing in the New York Post, sees such a link in pornographer Larry Flynt's comment that he had not seen his friend, Deputy Defense Secretary Strobe Talbott - who also happens to be Bill Clinton's friend - "in years i but he is married to a sister of a very good friend of mine." Well, Talbott's brother-in-law is Cody Shearer, a White House-connected mystery man who was pegged in an extensive Vanity Fair profile of private eye Terry Lenzner as a close Lenzner associate. Lenzner's Washington firm has been dubbed "Clinton's secret police" by insiders. Shearer's primary White House chum is Sidney Blumenthal, often fingered as a conduit to the media for damaging dirt dug up by investigators working for Clinton. Blumenthal denies the role. Shearer's sister, Brooke, is a former Lenzner investigator legendary for her dumpster-diving skills and a longtime friend of first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. And then there's brother Derek Shearer, ambassador to Finland as a result of his longtime friendship with Clinton and campaign work on his behalf..... "

Newsweek 8/4/97 Michael Isikoff "...The goal was to show that Nickles was "linked to the oil industry." The memo's author: Terry Lenzner, a former Watergate counsel who now runs a private investigative firm with close ties to the White House. The Democratic National Committee is one of his top clients...How did Lenzner come to target Nickles? The answer goes back to an effort by Oklahoma's Cheyenne-Arapaho Indians to win return of their homelands, snatched by the government a century ago. During the '96 campaign, Democratic Party officials offered to help them -- in exchange for a $ 107,000 campaign contribution. Embarrassed when the incident came to light, the DNC returned the money. Then last spring, a business associate of the tribe's urged them to meet with Cody Shearer, described to them as a Washington "insider" and longtime friend of President Clinton....In May, Shearer advised the tribe the best way to advance their cause was to dig up dirt on Nickles. Like most Oklahoma legislators, Nickles opposes returning the land, which sits beneath a Department of Agriculture research station popular with local farmers and businessmen. Shearer said he knew just the man for the job: his old pal Lenzner, who asked for up to $ 17,000. But when Indian leaders saw Lenzner's memo, they balked, suspecting Lenzner had other political motives. Lenzner said he was just giving the Indians what he thought they wanted. "We're not a bunch of dummies," said James Pedro, a member of the tribe. "We know when we're being used." ...."


MSNBC 5/20/99 J Walls "...Famed investigative reporter Seymour Hersh is going after none other than Bill Clinton. Hersh has signed a $750,000 deal with publisher HarperCollins to write what one source describes as "an explosive exposé" of the Clinton administration. According to one book world insider, the book will focus on the president's foreign policy. One Washington insider who knows Hersh believes the reporter plans to use his friend Cody Shearer as a source for the book. ....."

Los Angeles Times 6/8/99 James Pinkerton "...Quick quiz: Who once sang, "Imagine there's no countries"? You're right if you answered John Lennon. Now how about this: "Nationhood as we know it will be obsolete." Was that the next line of "Imagine," the late Beatle's 1971 utopian anthem? No, those words were written by Strobe Talbott, deputy secretary of State for this particular nation, when he was still a columnist for Time magazine, on July 20, 1992. Yet, even if he can't carry a tune, attention should be paid to Talbott. He is more than a paper-pusher: He was the top U.S. negotiator in the Kosovo peace talks, spending some 50 hours negotiating last week with Russia's Balkans envoy Viktor S. Chernomyrdin and Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari to strike the accord, which as of this writing is still discordant...Talbott has left a plentiful paper trail: In addition to 20 years of work for Time, he has written, co-written or edited nine books about the Soviet Union and the Cold War. One theme runs through most of them: that Ronald Reagan, described in "Deadly Gambits" (1984) as a "befuddled character," deserves most of the blame for the nuclear arms race of the 1980s. Indeed, in 1990, as his magazine dubbed Mikhail Gorbachev "Man of the Decade," Talbott credited Gorbachev with revolutionizing not just the U.S.S.R. but the rest of the planet: "The Gorbachev phenomenon may have a transforming effect outside the communist world, on the perceptions and therefore the policies of the West." ....If nothing else, Talbott expressed himself plainly: "All countries are basically social arrangements, accommodations to changing circumstances . . . they are all artificial and temporary." He pointed to the then-emerging European Union as a "pioneer" of "supranational" regional cohesion that could "pave the way for globalism." ...."


NEWSWEEK 8/4/97 Michael Isikoff "… How did Lenzner come to target Nickles? The answer goes back to an effort by Oklahoma's Cheyenne-Arapaho Indians to win return of their homelands, snatched by the government a century ago. During the '96 campaign, Democratic Party officials offered to help them--in exchange for a $107,000 campaign contribution. Embarrassed when the incident came to light, the DNC returned the money. Then last spring, a business associate of the tribe's urged them to meet with Cody Shearer, described to them as a Washington "insider" and longtime friend of President Clinton. In May, Shearer advised the tribe the best way to advance their cause was to dig up dirt on Nickles. Like most Oklahoma legislators, Nickles opposes returning the land, which sits beneath a Department of Agriculture research station popular with local farmers and businessmen. Shearer said he knew just the man for the job: his old pal Lenzner, who asked for up to $17,000. But when Indian leaders saw Lenzner's memo, they balked, suspecting Lenzner had other political motives. Lenzner said he was just giving the Indians what he thought they wanted. "We're not a bunch of dummies," said James Pedro, a member of the tribe. "We know when we're being used."…."

Washington Post Susan Schmidt 8/1/97 "…Richard Grellner, an attorney for the Cheyenne-Arapaho tribes, told The Washington Post yesterday that Cody Shearer, a friend of Clinton's, called the tribes and brought them to Lenzner. Shearer told the tribes he would be seeing the president over the Memorial Day weekend and would lobby him personally about the return of the lands, Grellner said…..Grellner said that Shearer, a former IGI consultant, called him in May after news reports of the alleged shakedown attempt. Grellner and tribal leaders traveled to Washington to meet with Shearer at his home…..Grellner said that Shearer told the tribes that they "need to hire IGI," and that the company could "check out" Nickles. Grellner said Shearer told tribal leaders getting the administration to return the lands would be simple. "He said he would go to the White House and get it done," said Grellner. Shearer and IGI have close ties to the Clinton administration. Shearer's brother, Derek, is ambassador to Finland. His sister, Brooke Shearer, has held a number of political posts in the administration, and her husband is longtime Clinton friend Strobe Talbott, now the number two official at the State Department. Both Cody and Brooke Shearer have worked at IGI. Grellner said Shearer questioned him and tribal leaders about what evidence the FBI had developed against Landow and Knight. "Cody said Landow is a liability. `The guy is toast.'…"

News World Communications, Inc. 11/2/98 Washington Times Dave Bossie "…Cody Shearer, the brother-in-law of Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott and longtime Clinton friend, used his high-level connections and influence to engage in sensitive negotiations with representatives of indicted war criminal Radovan Karadzic - much to the consternation of the U.S. State Department. A State Department spokesperson says, "they had to spend weeks trying to fix the problems Cody Shearer created in Bosnia." …According to people familiar with the situation, Mr. Shearer thought he had the authority to negotiate because of his family ties and his Institute for International Mediation and Conflict Resolution, headquartered in Washington. (As Newsweek reported in March, the State Department demanded that Mr. Shearer remove a page off his Institute's web-site that stated he was involved in international back-channel operations for the president.) According to knowledgeable sources, Cody Shearer met with Dragan Hajdukovich, a Karadzic lieutenant, at the S.A.S. Radisson Hotel in Nice, France for secret meetings and negotiations. Mr. Shearer may also have met with representatives of Mr. Karadzic's family. Another secret meeting was held between Messrs. Shearer and Karadzic's representatives in Zabljak, a town in Montenegro, Yugoslavia…. According to a source knowledgeable about the situation, during one of these secret meetings, Cody Shearer faxed to his brother Derek Shearer, the former Clinton ambassador to Finland, two letters. One letter was handwritten on S.A.S. Radisson Hotel stationary in Nice, France, where the meeting was taking place. The cover letter stated that he was in negotiations with Mr. Karadzic's top people. Mr. Shearer asked that Derek show an attached letter from Mr. Karadzic to Gregg Craig, then State Department Director of Policy Planning, a position Mr. Craig held until recently. Mr. Craig says he never saw the letter. The letter, addressed to Cody Shearer, stated in specific terms how he, Mr. Karadzic, was "assisting in the peace process by not speaking out against the Dayton peace accord." Mr. Karadzic went on to indicate that his life was in danger because if he tried to turn himself in, his guards, who are loyal to President Slobodan Milosevic, would kill him….. State officials report that, "Talbott communicated to Shearer that he cease his operation immediately, that he was off track with the U.S. position and was being manipulated by Radovan Karadzic and his people." A State Department source stated, "Shearer got suckered by Karadzic and President Izetbegovic got suckered by the rumors." A Congressional aide went one step further, stating "Shearer embarrassed the United States and potentially endangered embassy personnel and members of our armed forces in Bosnia."…."

WorldNetDaily 7/22/99 J R Nyquist "… But it wasn't the first time I'd heard this idea of taking over the left wing of the Democratic Party and electing a stealth socialist president. I'd first heard that idea in 1981, when I was a senior at the University of California. The left wing activist, Derek Shearer, came to speak on the subject of "economic democracy." Two radical friends of mine dragged me to hear him, though I had my heart set on a game of chess that day. So I went to listen to Shearer's talk, and I sat there in the front row, concentrating on his theory of "economic democracy," thinking to myself: This is just like Marxism. After Shearer finished speaking I went up and asked him, point blank. "Mr. Shearer, what is the difference between Marxism and "economic democracy"? He looked at me a bit suspiciously for a second, then he said, "I probably shouldn't say this, but there is no difference." I had a long discussion with Shearer about why he wasn't a forthright Marxist. He said that Marxism was unpopular with the American people, who have a knee-jerk negative reaction to words like "socialism" and "communism," even though -- according to Shearer -- these are perfectly good words. Therefore, in order to win Americans over to socialist ways of thinking, you need to create a new, euphemistic language -- a kind of linguistic deception. Shearer also talked about taking over the Democratic Party through its left wing and electing a stealth socialist president. As it happens, Derek Shearer is a friend of Bill Clinton….."

The New York Press 9/7/99 "….If you thought comedy was dead, you obviously haven't heard of Strobe Talbott, the State Dept.'s factotum where Russian affairs are concerned. The Strobe used to be a Time hack, a man who took, and continues to take, himself extremely seriously. The reason I find him so funny is simple. There is no bigger mess than Russia right now, but the Strobe, who should have resigned in shame five years ago, remains unaffected by the intrusion of fact and continues to bang on endlessly. If the Strobe were a politician, I would understand. Politicians have no shame, no honor and are as likely to fall on their sword as Hillary and Bill Clinton are to tell the truth. But the Strobe is a hack, and he should know better. The great swindle that is Russia took place under his watch, and as William Pfaff wrote in The Los Angeles Times, "Ambition was involved... Strobe Talbott wanted the reputation of an important influence on reform in Russia, a country that always intrigued him." But let's not be too beastly with the Strobe. He is only a Clinton-Gore catamite, yet another bald-faced phony working for the most corrupt administration since Huey Long bit the bullet. The real criminals are the Draft Dodger and the Bore. Here's William Pfaff again: "Bill's friendship with Boris, and Al's with Victor Chernomyrdin, served to identify them in the eyes of voters as patrons of the new Russia and as men of state. They used American resources to keep friend Boris Yeltsin in power-itself an inducement to corruption." I don't think there has ever been a greater swindle in the history of the world. While visiting the Riviera last year I saw firsthand the scale of it. Sixty percent of all luxury yachts priced at more than $5 million belonged to Russians; 65 percent of luxury villas renting out at more than $100,000 per month were taken by guess who. Fifty percent of the clientele of the most expensive hotels in the area were Russkies. (Ironically, the house I used to rent on Cap d'Antibes, Les Cloches, included by F. Scott Fitzgerald in Tender is the Night, later on Irwin Shaw's favorite rental on the Riviera, is now owned by, according to some reports, Victor Chernomyrdin, as part of the Chateau de la Garoupe property that he reputedly paid for in cash to the tune of 70 million greenbacks!)

The New York Press 9/7/99 "…. Back home in Russia, needless to say, things ain't what they used to be. People are practically dying of hunger, and child mortality is on an African scale. Every penny the American taxpayer sent over has been stolen. Still the Draft Dodger refuses to accept blame. Let me give you a little example of Clinton's handling of your money. Since 1995 $5.1 trillion in aid has been provided for Bosnia. More than a billion has disappeared. Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic's son, Bakir, is allegedly one of the richest men of the region. Bakir shares in the extortion money extracted by Sarajevo gangsters from local businessmen and owns 15 percent of state-controlled Bosnia Air. These are the same people we shielded from the Serbs and into whose coffers have poured over $5 trillion. Does it surprise you, then, that the average Russian sees an American moral complicity in the greatest swindle ever? ….Make no mistake about it. This is the dark side of American politics. And of the American media. Back in 1992 we had a candidate who had dodged the draft, had absurdly lied about pot smoking and marital infidelity, and pretended to be all things to all people. Despite the transparency of his lies, and the obvious lack of character, the media gave him a pass. And the people chose him over a man who had a long record of public service, including distinguished service during the war (despite the lies put out by Sid the Scumbag Blumenthal) and was as honorable a man as has ever served as commander-in-chief. …."

Drudge Report 9/26/99 "…..Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott believes the United States may not exist in its current form in the 21st Century -- because nationhood throughout the world will become obsolete! Talbott, who is profiled in the NEW YORK TIMES on Monday [for the second time in six months], has defined, shaped and executed the Clinton administration's foreign policy. He has served at the State Department since the first day of the Clinton presidency. Just before joining the administration, Talbott wrote in TIME magazine -- in an essay titled "The Birth of the Global Nation" -- that he is looking forward to government run by "one global authority." "Here is one optimist's reason for believing unity will prevail ... within the next hundred years ... nationhood as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority," Talbott declared in the July 20, 1992 issue of TIME. "A phrase briefly fashionable in the mid-20th century -- 'citizen of the world' -- will have assumed real meaning by the end of the 21st." Talbott continued: "All countries are basically social arrangements, accommodations to changing circumstances. No matter how permanent and even sacred they may seem at any one time, in fact they are all artificial and temporary." ….."

The New York Times 9/27/99 John Broder "....At a time when his contemporaries were thinking more about dates and dances and Dairy Queens, Nelson Strobridge Talbott III was obsessed with the prospect of nuclear annihilation. It became his occupation and his preoccupation for the next 37 years, as a student of Russian language and history, then as a Time correspondent and author of a half dozen books on the dismal science of nuclear arms control. Since 1993, he has been the Clinton administration's chief policy maker on Russia, a country that is today more threatened by corruption and dissolution than by the prospect of nuclear holocaust. Talbott, because of his expertise on the Soviet Union and its newly independent fragments, has become the focus of the current who-lost-Russia debate in Washington and beyond. He has become the target of critics of President Clinton's policy of financial and political engagement with Russia as revelations pour forth of massive money-laundering schemes, the looting of industries formerly controlled by the state and organized corruption in and around the Kremlin...Talbott's critics -- and they span the political spectrum -- accuse him of a romanticized view of Russia born of his love of Russian literature and a misplaced faith in America's ability to shape events in a country that has never known true democracy or law-based capitalism. ...Talbott has served at the State Department since the first day of Clinton's presidency, first as special adviser on the former Soviet States and since 1994 as deputy secretary of state. He is -- what's the polite term? -- supremely self-assured in his role, partly because of his breeding, partly because of his record, partly because of his long relationship with the president. His wife, Brooke Shearer, is a senior official at the Interior Department and a longtime friend of the Clintons in her own right. ...... "

BQ's View - With Radio America's Blanquita Cullum 10/13/99 "....This the sobering bottom line of the first report from the U.S. Commission on National Security for the 21st Century ... Co-chaired by Warren Rudman and Gary Hart ... ... This is not a group of alarmists, or flakes, or right-wing hacks ... I don't think either Rudman or Hart are known as staunch, stalwart Conservatives ... The commission included leaders from the military, academic and business sectors of our society ... It included Andrew Young, former Mayor of Atlanta ... If this commission predicts that, within the next 25 years, Americans will likely die on American soil, I'd take that very seriously ... Their report has been sent to Secretary of Defense William Cohen and the House Armed Services Committee ... ... It would help greatly if the daily media would take their thumbs out of their mouths long enough to inform the American Public ... Why is it that they're not reporting on this? ... Are they concerned about panic? ... I don't think we need to worry about panic as much as accountability, especially when President Clinton is trying to push a ban on our ability to protect ourselves ... A nuclear test ban ... And especially when we are not really making our country safe from terrorism ... ... The report evaluates our national security and projects what to expect in the next 25 years ... Have a seat ... It's not a pretty picture ... Weapons of mass nuclear, chemical and biological destruction will proliferate ... We should expect conflicts in which our adversaries, because of cultural affinities different from our own, will engage in acts of violence that are shocking to our sensibilities ... ... The report describes a world in which U.S. intelligence and diplomacy will be inadequate to protect our interests and security ... Advancing global technology will destabilize nations and cultures, resulting in "anti-technology backlashes" ... Those same forces will "batter the concept of national sovereignty" ... ... Doesn't it strike you as curious that the Deputy Secretary of State has been proclaiming how great this will be in the next 25 years, that we will have no sovereignty ... This is Strobe Talbot's world ... Strobe Talbott is looking at this report and talking about it in the most positive terms ... Saying that we will be one global community ... ... In other words, according to this balanced commission that represents the very heart of our political, business, military and foreign policy establishment, the world is going to become unhinged in the next 25 years ... They warn that we will not be able to manage the global chaos abroad or stop it from reaping its gruesome harvest here on our soil ... Right in our heartland ...... It's disgraceful that the mainstream press has not covered this ... It's disgraceful that President Clinton has not addressed it ... It's terrible that we are being bullied by the U.N. and misled by the likes of Strobe Talbott, who predicts that we're going to be one global community while ignoring dire threats to our national security ... " 10/11/99 ".....The confidential Ron Brown crash file was relased two weeks ago exclusively to by Judicial Watch, the only legal entity still investigating Brown's role in the Clinton administration's fundraising scandal. Since our initial reports, no other media outlet has dared pursue this story. Judge for yourself whether these documents are as important as thinks they are. Here are just a few highlights:

Three separate Croatian sources report that Brown's plane crashed into the Adriatic Sea -- page 2.

U.S. and Croatian officials say wreckage had been located in the water and that Naval Search and Rescue Operations had commenced -- page 3.

"Other Agency AWACs" indicates that wreckage spotted in the sea may be from another "smaller" aircraft, though no further mention of another plane appears in the Commerce chronology -- or in hundreds of news reports that had Brown's plane crashing into the ocean in the first hours after it disappeared from radar -- page 3.

"There is a beacon from the Brown plane transmitting from a location in the water" -- page 4.

Commerce Department employees ordered "not to speak to outside inquiries" -- page 5.

The first report that Brown's had been located instead on land -- page 5.

A brief entry noting only that "previous coordinates (for the wreckage) were incorrect" -- page 6.

A Commerce Department official reports from Sarajevo that "two individuals have been recovered alive from the crash" -- page 6.

Deputy Secretary of State Stobe Talbott orders that cameras stop filming at the crash site -- page 7.

"The flight data recorder", with officially didn't exist on Brown's plane, "has been located" -- page 8.

Thursday, the day after the crash, rescue officials say it will take at least till Saturday evening to identify all the bodies. Two corpses are still missing, prompting "ongoing concern" -- page 10.

Washington pressures officials in Croatia to rush the indentification process so that all bodies can be shipped home by Saturday afternoon. "Washington adamant on 5pm arrival at Dover" -- page 15. ...."

Federal News Service -- HOUSE COMMITTEE ON INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 10/6/99 PREPARED TESTIMONY OF KENNETH R. TIMMERMAN "....As members of this committee know well, the architect of this administration's policy toward Russia, Strobe Talbott, was a journalist as I am Mr. Talbott jump-started his career after a brief stay in Moscow in the summer of 1969, where he had gone with his Oxford roommate Bill Clinton, and met up with a well-known KGB asset named Victor Louis. Victor Louis's job for the KGB was to serve as a talent scout and what we would call today a spin doctor. He planted stories in the Western press that were favorable to the Soviet leadership and to the KGB, and many reporters got to know him. In 1969, Soviet leader Leonid Breznev was intent on debunking Stalin and opening a new era of detente with the United States, to further the Soviet Union's strategic aims. Key to this was planting a carefully-edited version of his predecessor's diaries with a mainstream Western media organization. By all accounts, it would appear that Victor Louis leaked the Khruschev diaries deliberately to a young man whose sole journalist experience until then was working as a summer intern at the Time magazine bureau in Moscow, Strobe Talbott. It was a great way to start a career....."

Assuming that Mr. Talbott's lifelong association with Victor Louis was totally innocent, it illustrates how a journalist can be used unwittingly by a foreign intelligence service which is smart enough to give him real information for purposes that go beyond a journalist's ability to know. In preparing a profile of Mr. Talbott two years ago, which I would ask the Chair's permission to include in the record of this hearing, I examined Strobe Talbott's public positions toward the Soviet Union, Israel, and disarmament issues during the Cold War. Mr. Talbott was a great champion of detente, an enemy of President Reagan's initiative to deploy Pershing II and cruise missiles in Europe in the early 1980s, urged the U.S. to end its support for Israel, and wrote an entire book portending imminent doom because Mr. Reagan had walked out on a Soviet arms proposal in Geneva. It is my opinion that Strobe Talbott consistently misread America's interests during the Cold War, and he continues to do so today. And like so many others in this town, he continues to get rewarded for being consistently wrong. I dwell on Mr. Talbott's record because this administration's policy toward Russia, its unwavering and uncritical support for Boris Yeltsin in the face of mounting evidence of criminal corruption and anti- American policies, has been largely shaped and controlled on a day-to- day basis by Strobe Talbott. Strobe Talbott and the Shahab missile ...."

I have testified in various committees on Iran's Shahab and Kosar missile programs, which would not exist without direct assistance from the government of Russia. The Shahab-3 missile in particular, which is now deployed in southwestern Iran and is capable of targeting Israel with nuclear, chemical, or biological warheads, should in my view have Strobe Talbott's name written all over it. Mr. Talbott's consistent refusal to confront the Russians over their missile technology transfers to Iran illustrates once again a series of opportunities we missed to prevent post-Cold War Russia from going down the dark paths where we encounter her today. The warnings were visible early on, and they were ignored. Initial information on Russian assistance to the Shahab missile programs in Iran came from Israeli agents in Russia in 1995 and 1996. The Israelis felt confident enough of their information to present a detailed briefing to Mr. Talbott in Washington in September or October of 1996. According to one of the Israelis who took part in the briefing, whom I interviewed in Tel Aviv the following year, Mr. Talbott told them not to worry: he had the situation with Russia "under control." The Israelis expected something to happen; shipments from Russia to Iran to be blocked, or some other form of U.S. intercession with the Russian government. There was none of this. Mr. Talbott took the Israeli information, and promptly relegated it to his "inactive" file....."

Three months later, by January 1997, the Israelis were getting anxious. Their sources in Russia were detailing new contracts between Russian entities and Iranian missile development centers, and estimated that the missile would be deployed within two years if the Russian transfers and technical assistance was not stopped. So the Israelis dispatched the head of the Research Department of Military Intelligence, Brigadier General Amos Gilad, to meet with Leon Fuerth, Vice President Al Gore's national security advisor, in late January 1997. Mr. Fuerth was alarmed by the exceptional quality of the Israeli intelligence, and brought it to the attention of the Vice President, who was reportedly "stunned" by the information. He shouldn't have been. The U.S. intelligence community had been reporting for years on Russia's growing military ties with Iran, something which I was able to report on as a journalist as early as 1989, when I first interviewed official Soviet arms merchants who boasted of selling Iran more than 100 MiG-29 fighters at a Middle Eastern arms show. In fact, it was this burgeoning arms trade with Iran that initially prompted the administration to establish the Gore- Chernomyrdin Commission in 1994, to handle disputes over Russian arms sales to rogue states......"

Gore turned to the CIA and was informed that the U.S. was aware of Russia's assistance to the Iranian missile programs, but did not share Israel's concern over the urgency of the problem. (Indeed, acting CIA Director George Tenet testified to Congress on Feb. 6, 1997 - the same day Gore met with Chernomyrdin - that the Iranian effort to acquire long-range missiles would "probably" succeed "in less than 10 years" but not earlier). As for Chernomyrdin, he told the Vice President it was "impossible" that Russian state-owned firms were involved in Iran's missile projects, and demanded that Gore supply him with specific information so he could investigate the matter back in Moscow. Mr. Gore turned over to the Russians what the Israelis had given him through his advisor, Leon Fuerth. Soon thereafter, as several top Israeli officials told me when I was investigating the matter one year later, Israel's sources in Russia "began to dry up." In other words, the U.S. through its desire to bend over backwards to meet Russian demands actually helped the Russians identify human agents working for Israel on the ground. We don't know what actually happened to them, Mr. Chairman, except that Israel no longer received their information....."

Despite this, the Israelis continued to bring fresh information to Washington, where they met with Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott, who rebuffed them at every step of the way. "We understood the that the Americans had a larger agenda with Russia," the secretary general of Israel's Defense Ministry, General David Ivry told me in Tel Aviv. "Until NATO expansion was completed, they sought to put off all other issues." So with Russia, our policy was one crisis at a time, one issue at a time. Don't pressure Moscow over missile sales to Iran until the Russians bought on to NATO expansion - something I believe we should have done in 1993 as a unilateral gesture, when the Russians were in no position to pose obstacles to our setting a term to the Cold War. Instead, largely at Mr. Talbott's urging, we put off that part of our national security agenda until the Russians were in a better position to exact concessions from us.

By April 1997, when U.S. spy satellites detected the plume of the Iranian rocket booster test at Kuh-e Bagh-e Melli outside of Tehran, the U.S. intelligence community came around to the Israeli view. By May, the CIA had confirmed not only the general outlines of the Israeli thesis, but had identified other Russian entities that were cooperating with the Iranians to design and build the new missiles. They also identified Yuri Koptev, the head of the Russian Space Agency, as one of the officials who was directly involved in the Iranian projects. ....."

By early June, the U.S. intelligence was cut and dried, but U.S. diplomacy was unsuccessful in convincing the Russians to back off. In testimony before a Senate Governmental Affairs Subcommittee on June 5, deputy assistant secretary of state for nonproliferation Robert Einhorn displayed an unusual moment of pique. "We have pressed the Russian leadership at the highest levels and we have been told that it is not Russia's policy to assist Iran's long-range missile program," he said. "But the problem is this: There's a disconnect between those reassurances, which we welcome, and what we believe is actually occurring." ...."

Because of Talbott's concerns over NATO expansion and his desire not to anger the Russians, it was not until July that the White House decided to kick the issue into high gear, naming veteran diplomat Frank Wisner as special envoy to Moscow. Wisner was to conduct a joint investigation with the Russians into the U.S. and Israeli allegations. The man the Russians appointed to be his counterpart was none other than Yuri Koptev, the head of the Russian Space Agency - the same man the CIA had identified as being one of the driving forces behind the cooperation with Iran. "He was a good choice for the Russians," an Israeli official quipped, "since he knows where all the bodies are buried. He knows what secrets to really protect." Two months later, Wisner and Koptev presented a joint report to Gore and Chernomyrdin, who were holding their bi-annual meeting at a resort outside of Moscow. Speaking to reporters, Gore called the investigation "extremely thorough," and that "new information has been brought to light." But while the Russians and the Americans kept talking, Russian technicians continued to travel to Iran, the Iranians continued to work in Russian weapons labs, and shipments of vital missile components continued to reach Iran. By late summer 1997, the Israelis had concluded that it was a Russian government policy to assist Iran in these projects. It may also have been the intention of Strobe Talbott to see Iran armed with long-range missiles that would finally keep pesky Israel under control. I think you should ask Mr. Talbott that question....."

In late September 1997, the Israeli Foreign Ministry's top arms control official, Shimon Shtein, provided new information to Talbott during a visit to Washington on Russia's assistance to Iran. According to an Israeli press account of the meeting, Talbott warned Shtein that if Israel didn't stop feeding information to the U.S. Congress and the media about the missile programs, it would "seriously undermine" U.S.- Israeli relations. Using four letter expletives, Talbott said he would see to it that U.S. aid to Israel was reduced if the Israelis continued to go behind his back to Congress. I spoke with Shimon Shtein in Tel Aviv shortly after this encounter. He confirmed the meeting with Talbott, but would not comment on what had occurred. Talbott's angry and threatening words were read to me from a cable by a top advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "It's very simple," this official said, trying to minimize the import of Talbott's refusal to tackle the issue head on: "We are on the receiving end of these missiles, whereas Talbott views it in the broader context of U.S.-Russian relations." In my view, that was a very charitable way of putting it.

The crux of the matter is very simple: for nearly a year, despite having detailed intelligence on Russia's involvement with the Iranian missile programs, the U.S. government failed to press the Russians in any meaningful or effective way. And the official who played the greatest role in this disaster was Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott. If we had intervened with the Russians when the Israelis first came to us in late 1996, the Shahab missile would never have been tested successfully two years later, and would probably still be on the drawing board. Instead, not only have the Iranians deployed the Shahab-3, they have also begun work on a 4,500 kilometer-range missile known as "Kosar," which is being disguised as a satellite launch vehicle. As with the Shahab-3 and Shahab-4, Kosar will be powered by a Russian-designed booster rocket - again, thanks to Strobe Talbott and his steadfast refusal to pressure the Russians over these transfers or to put Russians non-proliferation behavior at the center of our relationship with Moscow. Getting back on track Ultimately, Russia has far more to gain by engaging the United States and winning commercial space launch contracts and development deals with U.S. defense contractors, than it does with Iran. But this administration's policy of turning a blind eye to Russian misdeeds, has allowed the Russian Space Agency and its hundreds of subsidiaries to believe it can have it both ways....."

INSIGHT J Michael Waller 10/16/99 "…..The Bank of New York money-laundering scandal is snowballing. More revelations by newly retired officials, criminal investigations from Moscow to Switzerland to London to Manhattan, a set of congressional hearings and a revisiting of old press reports show an emerging pattern: From its first days in office more than six years ago, the Clinton administration systematically tried to suppress the truth about the sorry progress of reform in Russia. ….. . . California Republican Rep. Tom Campbell, a longtime and earnest defender of the Clinton administration's Russia policy, sat bug-eyed at an Oct. 6 House International Relations Committee hearing on how the administration ignored warnings and dissent. He was one of the few members who listened to all the expert testimony.. . . . "It's a pattern I've witnessed since Clinton took over," says Rep. Curt Weldon, the Pennsylvania Republican who chairs the House Armed Services subcommittee on Military Research and Development, to which government whistle-blowers have gone with their stories.. . . . Weldon and some of his colleagues have found a pattern -- not only in economics, corruption and organized crime, as recent public events have emphasized, but across the board: human rights, weapons proliferation, strategic-weapons modernization, arms control and agriculture. The pattern shows that the administration ignored intelligence reports, disregarded cables from diplomats in the field, pressured diplomats and intelligence analysts into not reporting developments that conflicted with government policy, destroyed the careers of public servants who bucked political pressure by doing their job and misled Congress and the public. . . . ."

INSIGHT J Michael Waller 10/16/99 "…..Top Clinton officials knew the scope of government corruption in Russia from their earliest days in office. Clinton's first CIA director, R. James Woolsey, recently told the House Banking and Financial Services Committee that in 1993 "some very able CIA analysts came to me with an excellent briefing on some aspects of Russian organized crime. I moved promptly to ensure that very senior officials at the Justice Department, the FBI, the National Security Council and other relevant agencies received this briefing. In several of these cases -- I remember briefings at Justice and the NSC -- I personally attended in order to highlight the importance of the subject and to emphasize the excellence and the creativity of the CIA officers' work. I then commissioned a special National Intelligence Estimate on Russian Organized Crime.". . . . Woolsey added that he "put this issue on the agenda at some of the intelligence community's most sensitive meetings on intelligence matters with some of our closest allies and ensured that at a very senior level they were appropriately briefed as well." Through these efforts, he told lawmakers, "the U.S. intelligence community and the CIA in particular performed a valuable service in putting this issue squarely before those in the U.S. government and in allied governments who needed to know about it in order to take appropriate action.". . . . But no action came…."

INSIGHT J Michael Waller 10/16/99 "…..Talbott had his chance to answer the next day. Committee Chairman Jesse Helms of North Carolina asked questions concerning whether Talbott knew about intelligence reporting on corruption, but Talbott refused to answer. Helms dismissed him, barely concealing his disgust.

INSIGHT J Michael Waller 10/16/99 "….. In an Oct. 6-7 hearing on U.S. policy toward Russia at which this writer testified as an expert witness, House International Relations Committee Chairman Benjamin Gilman of New York devoted the first day to assess the Clinton administration's "treatment of criticisms, dissent or warnings." The first witness, David Swartz, who was the first U.S. ambassador to the former Soviet republic of Belarus, testified that he warned of dangers in Clinton's new Russia-centered approach to the region. "I repeatedly warned in cables and policy analyses from Minsk of the dangers of a Russocentrist approach," he said. "It was my view then and continues to be that fundamental U.S. interests lie in a permanent fragmentation of the former Soviet empire. I was ignored by Talbott." . . . . After a 26-year career as a foreign-service officer, Swartz resigned in protest in 1994. Today, Belarus is a dictatorship on the path to being reabsorbed by Russia….."

INSIGHT J Michael Waller 10/16/99 "…... . . "Russian Fission" was the name of a secret Energy Department intelligence program that monitored Russian civilian control of nuclear weapons and fissile material. John B. "Jay" Stewart, a highly decorated military-intelligence officer who directed an intelligence analysis of this program (see sidebar) in 1992, came to the conclusion that the Russian government was losing control over its nuclear arsenal. He briefed top Bush administration officials, as well as NATO Secretary-General Manfred Woerner. "Woerner was so impressed that he sent a cable to Washington, saying this was serious and he wanted all NATO countries briefed on this issue by Jay Stewart," Weldon tells Insight. "Woerner put together an entire intelligence-community workshop for two days in late 1992. Soon, when Clinton came into office, [Energy Secretary] Hazel O'Leary came in. Stewart briefed her personally. Initially, she was still very interested until she realized that exposing security problems was not in sync with administration policy," Weldon says. Soon, according to the congressman, Stewart no longer was allowed to do the briefings, and officials ordered a clerical worker to destroy Russian Fission documents and tapes in Stewart's file. . . . . A DOE political appointee warned Stewart not to discuss the Russian Fission program and, within a month, this intelligence effort was disbanded. "The entire program was set aside. Jay's career was ended. With his distinguished service, he nonetheless was shunted into a corner," says Weldon. "That was the end of the program. Jay, because of simply speaking out, was basically shoved aside." Stewart retired from government in 1994. He would not comment for this article.

INSIGHT J Michael Waller 10/16/99 "…... . . The chief of the CIA's nonproliferation center, Gordon Oehler, met a similar professional fate. His briefings on how Russia helped Iran build its Shahab-3 intercontinental ballistic missile meant the end of his career. Oehler won't talk about his sudden 1997 retirement but, when it happened, Joseph Cirincione of the liberal Henry Stimson Center told the New York Times, "Here's a man operating within the rules, sharing information with Congress and policy experts. And some of the news is uncomfortable and came at a delicate time. But he never pulled his punches because the news was uncomfortable, and apparently this administration didn't like it. I don't know how else to read it.". . . . Former Bush Pentagon official Henry Sokolski of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center agrees: "The significance of his retirement is great. This man, in an agency known for its bending of truths, was an honest broker. To find integrity in public service is a rare, cherished and precious thing. And when it goes, it brings down morale -- it's got to. Whether his retirement was forced or not I don't know ... but ... that a man of integrity should feel such stress in being shot at for his honesty is an indictment of what we claim to be doing in the name of nonproliferation."

INSIGHT J Michael Waller 10/16/99 "….. . . Others within the system have been silenced -- or would have been had it not been for persistent Pennsylvania congressman Weldon. Dale Darling, an analyst at the Lawrence Livermore nuclear-weapons lab, followed cutting-edge Russian military technologies in a program called "Silver Bullets." The program monitored how Moscow, despite a cutback in its military, was developing exotic next-generation weapons. Weldon, as chairman of the House Armed Services subcommittee on Military Research and Development, called Darling to ask for a briefing in July 1996. But Weldon didn't hear anything from him until, the following month, he received an anonymous letter that said, "I hope you will pursue the briefing with Dale Darling. Dale has been pressured to cancel the briefing."

The New Austrailian 10/17/99 James Henry "…..Once a nation's so-called elites begin to think alike, regardless of the content of their ideas, they will tend to direct the nation along a path that accords with their view of the world. Once we understand this fact, even the most incredibly stupid statements will make sense. Let take as an example Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott's publicly expressed view that the United States might not exist in its current form in the 21st Century because he believes that nationhood will have become obsolete. (A view not shared by the Russian, Polish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean governments, just to name a few). ….. Ordinarily, anyone with Talbott's views would not have found a position in a responsible and intellectually sound administration. But this is the sensitive '90s and Bill 'I-feel-your-pain' Clinton lounges about in the Oval Office…… The likes of Talbott and the Clintons have their intellectual roots in the left-wing ideas that swept through American universities in the '60s. The malevolent fruits of that intellectual plague captured the humanity faculties and after 30 years of relentless Leftist indoctrination succeeded in thoroughly polluting the nation's intellectual environment……

The New Austrailian 10/17/99 James Henry "…..The basis of this ideology is a pathological hatred of America. Understanding this fact makes us realise that Talbott, a former journalist and college roommate of Clinton, is not really calling for the a world government but the destruction of the USA, an oppressive, exploitative and racist society. These were the ideas they absorbed during their college days and they have never renounced them. This is the principle reason why Talbott and the rest of Clinton's "merry band of '60s dipsticks with their fairyfloss intellects" are so light on China1. It's really all America's fault, meaning "white America". This lot are so riddled with shame and guilt they are prepared to sacrifice America's interests in order to atone for her alleged sins while exculpating their own…."

The New Austrailian 10/17/99 James Henry "…..Talbott is an interesting example of the political decay and hypocrisy of America's self-anointed political elites. He shared the radicals' enthusiasm for the 'peace movement' and their doctrine of 'moral equivalence' that not only equated America's faults with the totalitarian Soviet Union's atrocities but which also accused Reagan of being provocative but never the Soviets. Talbott's ridiculous assertion in Time that the collapse of communism proved the peace movement had been all along served to demonstrate that this ideological moron is congenitally incapable of learning the lessons of history. The trillions of dollars the US had spent on holding Soviet barbarism at bay were, according to Talbott, a complete waste of resources. That Reagan's defence push finally precipitated the Soviet collapse does not even register with Talbott. No wonder State Department veterans treat Talbott and the rest of Clinton's Leftist trendoids with contempt….." 10/11/99 Norman Liebmann "….Whatever he is, Talbot has two major defects. He is unforgivably bald (which requires him to carry his dandruff around in his hand), and he thinks the Soviet Union won the Cold War…… In his global refurbishing, Talbot has taken the concept of "One World" and adapted it to "One World Too Many." It led to his odious augury that America is finished as a nation, and that henceforth, like all nations, it will answer to a single infallible authority, which he narrowed down to either Shirley MacLaine or Professor Irwin Corey (who may be dead, but not too dead to answer his telephone.) Talbot's prediction that the United States will cease to exist as an entity and become part of the cesspool of backward nations, is one of the most loathsome proposals to come down the descending colon of liberal thought and out of the pig's aperture of mainstream fatuity……. In his book in contemplation, The World According to Strobe, the world's disparate populations will be caramelized. Everyone will be the same, although some people will be more the same than others. Talbot projects, eventually, the charm of being one-of-a-kind will wear off. Any group of people who still look "various" will be considered a conspiracy and subject to arrest. Clinton, who has delivered race hatred to every home in America like pizzas, will back globalism until he realizes one world will result in only one race of people, and he can't inflame racism without races anymore than Itzhak Perlman can play a violin concerto without a violin…."

United Press International 10/19/99 "....A senior State Department official told a House panel Tuesday that, while there have been flaws in U.S. policy toward Russia over the past seven years, Congress could play a role in addressing the situation by fully funding President Clinton's foreign aid budget for fiscal 2000. The Clinton administration should have pushed harder for the Russian Duma to pass money laundering laws, Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott told the House International Relations Committee in the latest in a series of hearings related to Russian corruption and Washington's approach to Moscow. Talbott, Washington's senior point man on Russia, added, ``I think that with regard to our technical assistance to Russia, exchange programs working with grassroots organizations, helping them develop civil society institutions, helping them manage the transition both to democracy and to a market economy -- we should have done more.'' Overall, though, Talbott said the problem wasn't with the administration's goals -- such as promotion of democracy and limiting nuclear proliferation -- it was with some of the execution....."

Worldnetdaily 11/12/99 Bill Gertz Rowan Scarborough "….. Outrage is growing inside the Pentagon over the refusal of the Clinton administration and private peace groups to condemn ongoing Russian ballistic missile attacks against the Chechen capital of Grozny. We reported earlier [October 29] in this space how Pentagon satellites tracked two short-range missiles that hit a crowded market and a nearby maternity ward Oct. 21, killing 143 persons. Now comes word that the Pentagon has tracked 61 Russian short-range ballistic-missile attacks on Chechnya since Sept. 30 when Russian military forces began large-scale military attacks on Chechen rebels…..Strobe Talbott, the deputy secretary of state, has been briefed on the missile attacks but has done nothing and said nothing to the Russians to stop it. "Why isn't he saying anything to the Russians to stop this atrocious outrage?'' the official said.

The Drudge Report 11/19/99 "….. According to early runs of Saturday's NEW YORK TIMES, Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott is in Brussels fending complaints from NATO'S European members who believe that American plans to deploy a $20-billion national missile-defense system will put their countries at risk. Of gravest concern to these countries is the possibility that America may withdraw from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in order to implement the system. The allies also fear the possibility of an Alaskan-based system would leave Europe unprotected. TIMES reporter Elizabeth Becker quotes a European diplomat: "This was the first time the Americans really discussed with us their plans for a missile defense that could become a big divide between us. It is very late to wait to talk to your allies." ….." Dan Jacobson 1/1/99 "…… Immediately after the crash, the businesses that had executives representing them on the trip were informed that there were no survivors, and the White House implied the same by statements to the media. But through the legal actions of Judicial Watch, a previously undisclosed log from the Department of Commerce has recently been uncovered which shows that Ira Sokowitz, a Department of Commerce official, had notified the White House, some 40 minutes after the wreckage was discovered, that there were two survivors. One of those survivors is known to be Tech. Sgt. Shelly Kelly, who died from a broken neck in transit to a hospital in Dubrovnik. It is still not known who the other survivor was. Dan Jacobson 1/1/99 "…… This log also reveals that shortly after notification of the existence of two survivors, Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott relayed a "strong request" that a TV crew from a station in Dubrovnik "not film at the crash site." The request was granted. The State Department has apparently offered no explanation as to why this request was made. Another unusual official action after the crash was the departure from USAF policies which require an initial consideration that the causes of all plane crashes are undetermined until an investigation is concluded. The White House and the Pentagon both rushed to the judgment, long before an investigation was carried out, that the crash was an accident. Secretary of Defense William Perry informed the press a day after the crash that "it was a classic sort of accident." There was no evidence at that time for Secretary Perry to make such a claim.

INSIGHT Magazxine 12/1999 Jamie Dettmer "….U.S. counterintelligence officers secured Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's agreement last August to refrain from briefing her deputy, Strobe Talbott - a onetime Moscow correspondent for Time magazine - about their discovery of a sophisticated Russian eavesdropping device concealed in a seventh-floor State Department conference room. According to several U.S. intelligence and Justice Department sources, all of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity, Talbot was kept out of the loop of the security probe that led to the arrest outside the State Department on Dec. 8, 1999, of 54-year-old Russian intelligence officer Stanislav Borisovich Gusev. "Talbott didn't need to know; it is as simple as that," says a Justice Department source who declined to expound on the reasons why the Clinton administration's main Russia expert was shut out. A CIA source tells news alert!: "Talbott has long been widely seen at Langley as being too close to the Russians - a sort of trusted friend, you might say." According to that source, only Albright herself and Undersecretary of State Thomas Pickering were kept fully briefed on the progress of a bug hunt triggered when Gusev, the top technical intelligence officer in the Russian Embassy, was spotted last summer by an FBI surveillance team wearing headphones and loitering in his car and on foot on a weekly basis outside the department. The FBI team suspected immediately that Gusev was receiving transmissions from a bug. Talbot, they were afraid, inadvertently might let slip information about the security probe….."

Washington Times 1/7/00 "….At first, December promised to be a good month for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia at The Hague. British troops arrested a long-sought Bosnian Serb general accused of atrocities during the siege of Sarajevo. Goran Jelisic, a brutal Bosnian Serb detention-camp shift commander convicted of 31 counts of crimes against humanity, was sentenced to 40 years in prison, the harshest penalty meted out so far for war crimes in the former Yugoslavia. But then, Carla Del Ponte, the new chief prosecutor for the tribunal, said that, while weighing compilations of the dark deeds of Serbian death squads and Kosovo Liberation Army thugs, she was also considering an internal report exploring whether NATO commanders and pilots had committed war crimes during the allied air campaign over Serbia. In an interview published on Dec. 26 in the British newspaper, The Observer, she indicated that should she conclude that NATO had broken the Geneva Conventions, she would indict those responsible. "If I am not willing to do that, I am not in the right place; I must give up the mission," Mrs. Del Ponte said, launching a global hot potato…… While there may be virtually no chance that charges will be brought against American and allied pilots, an alarming precedent has been set: American troops have been subjected to the scrutiny of an international body, their conduct reviewed by a legal authority outside the American justice system. While this undoubtedly thrills such Clintonites as Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbot, who breathlessly awaits a time when all states will recognize "a single, global authority," such a plight is precisely what the Pentagon and conservatives in Congress had hoped to prevent by opposing the creation of a permanent international criminal tribunal. As a result of last spring's NATO campaign against Slobodan Milosevic, however, the international tribunal created in 1993 to prosecute atrocities committed by Balkan natives in the former Yugoslavia has expanded its purview to include American and allied troop actions. And neither the White House, nor the Pentagon, nor the State Department has protested this perilous erosion of sovereignty…."


South China Morning Post 2/12/00 "…..United States Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott will visit China next week for talks on global and regional political and military issues, the State Department said yesterday. Mr Talbott, accompanied by Under-Secretary of Defence Walter Slocombe, Joint Chiefs of Staff vice-chairman General Joseph Ralston and Deputy National Security Adviser James Steinberg, will begin the five-day tour on Monday, the department said. North Korea is also expected to be a focus of the US-China "strategic dialogue" on regional and world concerns, the department said. ….."


Inside China Today 2/18/00 AFP "…..US Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott expressed concern about China's missile build-up near Taiwan during two days of tough security talks in Beijing, US officials said Friday. China in turn was strongly critical of US plans for a National Missile Defence System and a Theatre Missile Defense System for East Asia that could protect Taiwan from Chinese missile attack, the officials said. They were speaking as Talbott headed for Beijing airport following talks with Chinese Vice Premier Qian Qichen, China's leading foreign affairs expert, and the vice chairman of the powerful Central Military Commission, Zhang Wannian. Earlier Friday morning Talbott characterized his talks Thursday afternoon with Vice Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi as "intense," confirming the issue of Taiwan was discussed. Talbott and Yang held another round of talks on Friday morning. ……."

Washington Post 2/23/00 Steven Mufson Helen Dewar "…..A top Pentagon official yesterday warned China that it would face "incalculable consequences" if it followed through on threats to use force against Taiwan. The stern warning came in response to a Chinese government "white paper" that broadened the reasons Beijing would consider sufficient for using force against the self-governing island. Walter B. Slocombe, an undersecretary of defense who returned this week from high-level talks in Beijing on strategic issues, said the Chinese policy statement, "if it says what it appears to say, is a new and troubling formula." Several members of Congress also reacted angrily to China's threat. "The white paper comments are unacceptable," said Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.), a member of the Foreign Relations Committee. "There is no other way to put it. And I think many of us are surprised by the bluntness and inappropriateness of this particular challenge." U.S. officials were particularly taken aback by the policy statement because China issued it Monday, only six or seven hours after Slocombe, Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott and other top U.S. officials had left Beijing. During wide-ranging talks, the Americans had urged China to show restraint in the weeks leading up to Taiwan's presidential elections in March. China gave the officials no hint that it was about to revise its Taiwan policy. ….."

From the U.S. State Dept. Press Briefing 2/22/2000 "….QUESTION: Jamie, do you have a response to China's White Paper that was issued yesterday warning Taiwan that, if it didn't reunify soon, it would use military force?
MR. RUBIN: Let me say that it's a very long and careful examination that needs to be done of a document this long and significant. We do note with concern China's statement in this document that an indefinite delay in cross-strait negotiations would be a reason to use force. The threat of the use of force to resolve the Taiwan question is contrary to the commitments contained in the communiqués that form the bedrock of our policy. In our view - in our very clear view - issues between the two sides should be resolved peacefully.
So we reject the use of force or the threat of the use of force as a way of resolving the Taiwan question. We believe the issue must be resolved peacefully. And as a result of this document, we have communicated to China, both in Beijing and will in Washington today, our view and the importance we attach to urging China as well as Taiwan to refrain from actions or statements that increase tensions, make dialogue more difficult to achieve and, instead, to take steps that would foster dialogue, reduce tensions and promote mutual understanding. Obviously, it is up to China and Taiwan to determine what is the basis for dialogue, but we certainly have an abiding interest in the peaceful resolution of differences between China and Taiwan. …..

QUESTION: Strobe Talbott was in China last week, wasn't he?
QUESTION: This subject came up?
MR. RUBIN: Yes, Strobe Talbott and Deputy Secretary Talbott's delegation discussed Taiwan in a number of different fora. The subject was discussed extensively. He reiterated the policy that I've laid out for you and made very clear our position that a resolution of this issue must be done peacefully. He urged restraint and encouraged efforts to move the cross-strait dialogue forward. So this issue was discussed with his interagency delegation in a number of different meetings.
QUESTION: Was he told of this White Paper?
MR. RUBIN: He was not. His delegation was not told of the White Paper in advance.
QUESTION: Doesn't this indicate then that he failed in his efforts to -
MR. RUBIN: I know there is nothing you like better than being able to put that in your lead, but the United States has had a different view from China on the question of Taiwan for a long, long time, and the fact that in a series of meetings Deputy Secretary Talbott was not able to overcome decades' worth of US-China differences on exactly how to proceed on Taiwan shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone….."

Associated Press 2/15/00 "…..- China will question the United States about weapons sales to Taiwan and plans to develop anti-missile shields when senior diplomats meet this week to review security concerns, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said Tuesday. U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott's three-day visit to Beijing, which starts Wednesday, comes as the countries appear headed for a confrontation over Taiwan. ……. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhu Bangzao, at a twice weekly media briefing, said U.S. arms sales to Taiwan and ballistic missile defenses are among the items to be discussed with Talbott. ……"


Wall Street Journal 2/29/00 George Melloan "….. China's age-old technique of putting foreign visitors off-balance through subtle affronts is alive and well, it seems……. These thoughts arise from a series of events that began on Feb. 17 when a high-level U.S. delegation arrived in Beijing to resume "military-to-military" talks with the Chinese. It was headed by Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott, Madeleine Albright's No. 2. Gen. Joseph B. Ralston, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was the ranking military man. In what we must assume was a deliberate snub, the Chinese top brass sent out a lower-ranking officer to parley with the American four-star. And instead of parleying, the Chinese side mainly lectured the visitors on the evils of U.S. support for Taiwan. To add insult to logorrhea, the Chinese gave no indication to the Americans that they were about to explode a diplomatic bombshell. Three days later, Beijing made international news by issuing a 11,000-word "white paper" setting out a new hard-line policy toward Taiwan. Its main point: China will use force, if necessary, to persuade the Taiwanese to begin serious talks leading to reunification. Or more bluntly: Submit to our demands, Taipei, or we shoot. ……That's hardly a friendly way to treat an administration that has gone out of its way to be nice to Beijing. Bill Clinton had capitulated to China's "three noes" policy -- proscribing any form of recognition of Taiwan as a state -- when he visited China in 1998. In November, his trade reps reached a bilateral agreement to clear the way for Chinese entry into the World Trade Organization. And his administration has been working overtime to try to block congressional passage of the Taiwan Security Enhancement Act, which would give Taiwan better means to defend itself against just the kind of attack China now is threatening….. True to form, Mr. Clinton seemed to be apologizing for the Chinese last week after they issued their Taiwan ukase……"

Times of India 3/3/00 "…..US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has said that she is looking into creating a new high-level anti-terrorism position in the State Department to counter new and emerging threats against US interests. Albright, testifying before a congressional sub-committee Wednesday, said the post being considered would be at under-secretary of state level, a rank just below her immediate subordinate, deputy secretary of state Strobe Talbott. ``As the threats against US interest change, we must ensure our ability to meet them,'' she told the panel, some of whose members were highly skeptical of the State Department's security efforts, particularly given the recent Russian spying incident in which a bug was found in the building. ..."

INSIGHT Magazine 2/29/00 Scott Stanley "…..Taking note of yesterday's announcement by Liberation Army Daily, the official newspaper of Red China's armed forces, former defense secretary Caspar Weinberger told a meeting on Capitol Hill Tuesday that, "It might not be wise for America to go to war with China, but it might be necessary." The threat by the People's Liberation Army to engage in long-range missile attacks on the U.S. mainland needs an "unequivocal, immediate, unambiguous, firm response," Weinberger said. The former defense secretary also cited an 11,000-word white paper released by Beijing as a high-level negotiating team led by Deputy Secretary of Defense Strobe Talbott left China to return to the United States. Weinberger noted that although Clinton's ambassador to China, Joseph Prueher, claimed the document contained only a sentence or two that was threatening, it was in fact so warlike as to contain "no nuances," Weinbeger said, adding: "Clinton should have picked a stronger U.S. ambassador. ......"


The Wanderers Magazine 5/4/00 Paul Likoudis along with an interview with Anne Williamson "….Note: In the half-year since The Wanderer (September 30, 1999) publicized journalist Anne Williamson's testimony to the House Banking Committee on how the Clinton regime and its friends in the banking community plundered the Russian economy and looted billions of taxpayers' dollars funneled through the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and other major U.S. banks, and the Harvard Institute for International Development, and mentioned her forthcoming book, Contagion: The Betrayal of Liberty- Russia and the United States in the 1990s, many Wanderer readers have been wondering when, if ever, the book would appear....... In an ordinary election year, Anne Williamson's Contagion would be political dynamite, a bombshell, a block-buster, a regime breaker....... If America were a free and democratic country, with a free press and independent publishing houses (and assuming, of course, that Americans were a literate people), Williamson's book would topple the Clinton regime, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the rest of the criminal cabal that inhabits the world of modern corporate statism faster than you could say "Jonathan Hay." ………. Hay, for those who need an introduction to the international financial buccaneers who control our lives, was the general director of the Harvard Institute of International Development (HIID) in Moscow (1992-1997), who facilitated the crippling of the Russian economy and the plundering of its industrial and manufacturing infrastructure with a strategy concocted by Larry Summers, Andre Schliefer (HIID's Cambridge-based manager), Jeffrey Sachs and his Swedish sidekick Anders Aslund, and a host of private players from banks and investment houses in Boston and New York - a plan approved and assisted by the U.S. Department of the Treasury……."

The Wanderers Magazine 5/4/00 Paul Likoudis "…… Williamson was an eyewitness who lived on and off in Russia for more than ten years, where she reported on all things Russian for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and a host of other equally reputable publications. She knew and interviewed just about everybody involved in this gargantuan plundering scheme: Russian politicians and businessmen, the new "gangster" capitalists and their American sponsors from the IMF, the World Bank, USAID, Credit Suisse First Boston, the CIA, the KGB - all in all, hundreds of sources who spoke candidly, often ruthlessly, of their parts in this terrible human drama. ...... Her account is filled with quotations from interviews with top aides of Yeltsin and Clinton, all down through the ranks of the two hierarchical societies to the proliferating mass of Russian destitute, pornographers, pimps, drug dealers, and prostitutes. Some of the principal characters, of course, refused to talk to Williamson, such as Bill Clinton's longtime friend from Oxford, Strobe Talbott, now a deputy secretary of state and, Williamson suspects, a onetime KGB operative whose claim to fame is a deceitful translation of the Khrushchev Memoirs. (A KGB colonel refused to confirm or deny to Williamson that Clinton and Talbott visited North Vietnam together in 1971 - though he did confirm their contacts with the KGB for their protests against the U.S. war in Vietnam in Moscow. See especially footnote 1, page 210.)......"

Center for Security Policy 6/5/00 "…..Call it the Talbott Communique. To be sure, President Clinton and Russian President Vladimir Putin issued what was entitled their "Joint Statement on Principles of Strategic Stability." But a DNA test would clearly demonstrate that paternity of the document issued Sunday capping the presidents' weekend summit in Moscow belongs to Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott. Talbott's preeminent role in the summit -- and, indeed, in shaping U.S.-Russian relations for most of the past eight years -- was underscored by his inclusion in the two leaders' intimate dinner Saturday night. …….. Talbott's fingerprints can be clearly seen in the language and content of the Joint Statement. The communique reeks of the Moscow-centric, bipolar Cold War mindset which he has exhibited throughout his career as a journalist, author and, most recently, as a senior U.S. policy-maker. This paradigm -- and the communique it has just spawned -- attach supreme importance to arms control, in general, and the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty, in particular. …….For example, the first principle of the Joint Statement stresses the need to "maintain strategic nuclear stability." This is Cold War code for the balance of power between the United States and the Soviet Union/Russia, as measured by the arcane (and substantially artificial) standard of treaty-accountable strategic warheads. ……. A second "principle" makes clear that the "capability for deterrence has been and remains a key aspect of stability and predictability in the international security environment." Translation: Russia is right in asserting that it needs to deter a threatening United States. It follows that Russia is entitled to the same number of nuclear weapons that the U.S. retains and that American anti-missile systems must not jeopardize the Kremlin's ability to launch a devastating attack on this country. ….."


Raymond Kent 6/29/00 "…..
TO: Strobe Talbott, Undersecretary of State, Department of State, Washington , D.C.
FROM: Raymond K. Kent Emeritus Professor of History, University of California,
Several news services have quoted your statement that the Greeks are a nation of "hysterics." This is a racist statement. It confuses the indignation of Greek People against war crime, crime against peace and humanity perpetrated through 78 days of bombing Yugoslvia by the U.S. dominated NATO. No amount of official and mediatic propaganda will be able to whitwash the crimes. You pretend to be beyond passion and apparently think that what we did in Yugoslavia is so astute and noble that, say, the Greeks had nothing but imaginary grounds for a misguided and misdirtected anger. Would you like to debate Kosovo with me? A widely televised public forum acceptable to both would be just the ticket. I am a historian by craft, fluent in Serbo-Croat, and have followed the details of Yugoslavia's deconstruction for the past decade. The record of Mr. Clinton's foreign policy team in Yugoslavia is so despicable that a mere open and undoctored debate on it would render huge service to the American People, so savagely manipulated by both our government and corporate media. I will even spell-out the Appendix B of the Rambouillet "Peace"Plan. I have a printed copy.

My second point is rather different. You were once Mr. Clinton's room-mate as a Rhodes Scholar. You have thus had an extended access to him over the years of his Presidency. More than that, you are one of those unelected officials who shape our foreign policy behind closed doors, never accountable to the American People. I am obviously not privy to the geo-political and strategic stupidities to which you are attached. Yet, I am aware that these often end-up hurting innocent civilians in far-away places. I think a time is coming when people like you will not be able to get their secret jollies and get away with egregious foreign-policy errors. Some forms of serious follow-ups can and should be worked out for each individual case. I thus ask you to aplogize to the Greek People in public for a really offensive remark Should you refuse to retract and apologize in some meaningful fashion I will get in- touch with Greek-American and Philhellenic organizations and suggest to them to demand that you be dismissed from service in our Federal Government. If Mr. Clinton does not respond by firing you I will lobby for all American Orthodox votes against Al Gore. They run into millions, especially in the electorally pivotal states. Why would I do all this and why am I contacting you? Well, I do not want my neighbors' growing children to be exposed to terrorist attacks with portable toxins or mini-atomic devices because you and other influential foreign-policy people cannot keep the arrogant mouths shut, to say nothing else. My first pre-lobbying step is to post this letter on several germane E-mail networks and it is only fair to let you know in advance.

You are also reputed to be a Russian expert (I do not know of any major work that you have penned) and the most influential government official in constructing our relations with Russia There was a moment in time when the American and Russian peoples could have really gotten together. Unfortunately, a lingering cold-war mentality and your inability to shed it and/or turn it around just "blew" that chance. Russia and China are back together. Our repeated slights and humiliations of Yeltsin's Russia have produced Putin. It is a whole new ball-game now. Western Europeans have perceived NATO for what it is -an American hegemon otherwise irrelevant in Europe outside (temporarily) the ex-Yugoslav space. A Russo-German alliance is in the wind. A recent OP-ED article in the New York times from a friendly German pen has warned us to cut out our arrogance abroad which your statement on the Greek people underlines for all to see.

You do not know or else refuse to accept just how much hate is escalating against us abroad, not at governmental levels (where hiding takes place) but underneath them, especially among the middle classes. Mr. Clinton has even assembled a group of our younger Turks to combat abroad opinions and feelings deemed "adverse" to the United States. I have personally spoken to hundreds of Arabs and Africans in Europe as well as many French people leading ordinary lives. There is an anti-American groundswell out there. What we did to the Serbs via NATO is the triggering mechanism of this phenomenon (and noumenon), to use Greek words. We did it by coming to believe our self-inflicted propaganda, slated to mislead the American People into supporting a war without body-bags, propaganda which is proving to have been either very much exaggerated or entirely false. Our obsession with a "disobedient" Milosevic has produced the insane policy of punishing and demonizing with sustained physical and cerebral brutality an entire and honorable people, our former allies who lost some twenty-five percent of its six milliion population in WWII alone. At that time, the Serbs saved and returned to duty some 500 USAF pilots who parachuted from planes damaged during the bombing raids on Roumanian oil fileds.

But, what honor can we expect from a President who plays with a cigar while toying at the same time with Monica and a Congressman on the phone, from a Secratery of State whose family was twice given warm hospitality by the Serbs and who did everything before and during Rambouillet to create a climate allowing her to bomb the Serbs, from a Secretary of Defense who tells the American People that the Serbs had killed a 100,000 Albanians in order to justify a gross violation of our most sacred document, the Constitution, from two American Generals who are throwing tantrums in public for not being allowed by NATO civilian authorities to kill a couiple of million Serbs and reduce" Serbia to ashes" (phrase uttered by Adolf Hitler when the Serbs defied him on 27th April 1941 and by Secretary Cohen during the so-called "air war"), from people in our foreign-policy establishment who worked themselves up into frenzy when Serb police at Kosovo caused some "collateral damage" in fightinon hand. With such company, Mr. Talbott, I can even come to feel sorry for you.
Raymond K. Kent, Emeritus ….."


Insight Mag 8/21/00 J Michael Waller "……...."The left understands the power of ideas and the importance of cadre-building in world affairs far better than the right does," the Center for Security Policy's Thor Ronay tells Insight. "They build cadres early. That's why they fund so many university degree programs, academic chairs and graduate students - to credentialize people. They create an idea - 'international legalism,' let's say - and then credentialize the idea, promote it in the media and policy circles and provide the cadres to lead the way. It's much like the model of founding a new religious sect." ………...The worldview of the PSFG "is evident even in its name; what is conspicuously absent is the conception of 'national security,'" according to the Center for Security Policy study. "The highest-ranking totem for this view is perhaps Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott who in 1992 told Time magazine that in the coming century, 'nationhood as we know it will become obsolete; all nations will recognize a single, global authority.'"......"

The Washington Weekly ( 5/4/98 "……. Lest gestures as these be interpreted as prudent engagement of a fledgling democracy, one should consider that it has rarely been the democratic forces in Russia, or the Russian people, that have been the beneficiaries of Clinton administration support:

(1) Clinton's point man on Russia policy is the former KGB's point man on propaganda in the U.S. His name is Strobe Talbott, a former editor at Time magazine who built his career on access to KGB officials and their Soviet propaganda [5].

(2) The Clinton administration has worked hand-in-hand with Russian Mobsters to illegally extradite whistleblowers who have revealed massive KGB-Mafia corruption in Russia [6].

(3) The FBI, through its new offices in Moscow, has become an adjunct of the corrupt KGB-Mafia bureaucracy that rules Russian society today. FBI Director Freeh has reversed himself in stating that the Russian Mafia does not pose a threat to U.S. domestic or national security [7]. Only a month earlier, Freeh had warned that 30 Russian Mafia syndicates were conducting the most sophisticated criminal operations ever seen in America based on their access to expertise in computer technology, encryption techniques and money laundering [8].

(4) Monetary aid to Russia has been diverted towards the modernization of its strategic nuclear arsenal, including a new generation of nuclear attack submarines. Other funds have been diverted to the Russian Mob

(5) The engineer of these scams is Strobe Talbott. ……."


The Wanderer 10/8/00 Paul Likoudis "…….The U.S. Justice Department has filed a $120 million civil suit against Harvard University and economics professor Andrei Shleifer and former legal expert Jonathan Hay and their wives for their roles in defrauding U.S. taxpayers in the course of managing and participating in Russia's so-called economic reforms in the post-Gorbachev era. …….. The lawsuit comes just days after a Republican congressional committee report blasted U.S. Vice President Al Gore, Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott, and Treasury Secretary Larry Summers for corrupting the multibillion-dollar U.S. assistance program, in which most of the $20 billion given the country through various lending agencies of the U.S. government ended in the hands of a kleptocracy created and sustained by U.S. policymakers. ……. These explosive developments were anticipated by journalist Anne Williamson, whose book-length expose of U.S. manipulation of the Russian economic reform program has been largely suppressed……… Her book, Contagion, previewed by The Wanderer in May, provided a detailed account of the financial buccaneering of the Harvard/USAID/IMF/World Bank whiz kids. …….."

The Wanderer 10/8/00 Paul Likoudis "…….The suit, filed by United States Attorney Donald K. Stern and Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division of the Department of Justice David W. Ogden, names Harvard University, Professor Andrei Shleifer, his wife Nancy Zimmerman, Harvard project manager Jonathan Hay, and his wife Elizabeth Hebert. The lawsuit alleges that in 1992 and 1995, USAID and Harvard entered into two cooperative agreements: one, that Harvard would provide "impartial and unbiased" economic and legal advice to USAID projects in Russia; and, two, that Harvard employees would not work on USAID projects nor make investments in Russia. Despite the clear terms of the agreements, Shleifer, a tenured professor, and Hay, the Moscow-based project director, used their positions, inside information, and influence, as well as USAID-funded resources, to advance their own personal business interests and investments and those of their wives and friends. …….." 11/13/00 Geoff Metcalf "…… Lt. Cmdr. Jack Daly, a victim of a 1997 laser assault from a Russian merchant ship -- the Kapitan Man -- has charged several government officials with responsibility for a cover-up of the attack and related espionage activity. Thursday, on the Geoff Metcalf radio show on TalkNetDaily, Daly for the first time went so far as to accuse the following officials of treason: Strobe Talbott, deputy secretary of State; James Collins, U.S. ambassador to Russia; Robert Bell, special adviser to the president for national security affairs; James Steinberg, executive director, National Security Council; and Jan Lodal, deputy undersecretary of Defense. ……. The Clinton administration subsequently tried to cover up the incident, as the State Department under Secretary of State Madeleine Albright delayed a U.S. military inspection of the Russian ship while tipping off the Russian Embassy. ….. "According to the U.S. Constitution, Article III, Section 4, this cover-up was treason," Daly said. "These men committed treason. The nation does not have to be at war for treason to be committed." ……… WorldNetDaily asked Daly why he had been reluctant to accuse them previously. "Because I did not have the proof, the so-called smoking gun to indicate that these [Russian] ships are, without a doubt, up to no good, that they are in fact committing espionage activities in our territorial waters." Daly said. "This is going on in our own ports for Pete's sake." …… According to Daly, this Russian espionage activity isn't going on 12 miles out to sea or 100 miles off the U.S. coast. "This is right in our own ports, in the Puget Sound specifically," said Daly. "This was a treasonous act," Daly charged. "They stuck with the Russians on this. They provided them aid and comfort. They gave them an alibi. They let them get away with a search. They gave them warning of the search, and they are allowing them to continue their spying activities, as indicated in Bill Gertz's Washington Times article Monday, with absolute, utter impunity." ……" 11/13/00 Geoff Metcalf "…… Gertz wrote, "Russian merchant ships are spying on U.S. nuclear submarines in the Pacific Northwest and reporting the information to Moscow's military intelligence service, according to classified U.S. intelligence reports. "The classified July 2000 CIA report obtained by The Washington Times states that recent intelligence 'provides the first solid evidence of long-suspected Russian merchant ship intelligence collection efforts against U.S. nuclear submarine bases.' "The confirmation challenges the official Pentagon response to the April 1997 incident involving the firing of a laser at a U.S. intelligence officer and Canadian helicopter pilot as they photographed the Russian merchant ship Kapitan Man as it spied on a nuclear missile submarine in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, north of Seattle." ......,:

CNS News 11/7/00 Patrick Goodenough "......President Clinton has privately "written off" Vice-President Al Gore's chances of succeeding him, Britain's biggest-selling daily, the Sun, reports "exclusively" Tuesday.

According to top sources in Washington, Clinton has told Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbot he expects Gov. George W. Bush to win by a 10 percent margin, says the Sun, a tabloid known for its racy headlines and racier "page three girl" pinups. ...... The sources attribute Clinton's prediction to his reported fury at having been sidelined by the Gore camp during the campaign. According to the Sun, Talbot denied Monday that he has spoken to the president about Gore's chances....."