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Webster Hubbell
Jim McDougal
Susan McDougal
Gov. Jim Guy Tucker
Stephen Smith
David Hale
Eugene Fitzhugh
Charles Matthews
Robert W. Palmer
Chris Wade
Neal T. Ainley
Larry Kuca
William J. Marks, Sr.
John Latham
John Haley
Michael Brown (Ron Brown's son)
Eugene Lum
Nora Lum
Johnny Chung
Tyson Foods
Sun Diamond Growers
Richard Douglas
James Lake
Ron Blackley
Smith Barney
Crop Growers Corporation
Brook Keith Mitchell Sr.
Five M Farming Enterprises
John J. Hemmingson
Alvarez T. Ferrouillet, Jr.
Municipal Healthcare Cooperative
Ferrouillet & Ferrouillet
Linda Jones
Patsy Jo Wooten
Allen Wooten
Roger Clinton
Dan Lasater
Bill McCuen
Dan Harmon
Roger Tamraz (Lebanon by default)
Peter Lee
Harold Worden
William McCord (head of Lasater & Co.)
Jack Williams, Tyson lobbyist
Archie Schaefer, Tyson spokesman
Mark Cambiano (plea bargain: drop drug money to DNC for guilty plea on bank crime)
The Robert Mondavi Corporation
Richard Douglas - additional count of lying to FBI
IBM East Europe/Asia Ltd. (export of computers to a top-secret Russian nuclear weapons lab)
Johnnie Chung


AP 12/18/98 Michael Sniffen ".A Miami computer company will pay a $1 million fine and one of its executives will plead guilty to federal charges stemming from contributions to President Clinton's re- election and to other Democratic campaigns, the Justice Department says. Future Tech International Inc. and its chief financial officer, Juan C. Ortiz, both signed agreements to plead guilty that were filed in U.S. District Court in Washington on Thursday."

CNN 1/4/99 Terry Frieden ".A Florida businessman involved in a scheme to funnel illegal contributions to the 1996 Clinton-Gore re-election campaign will plead guilty in federal court in Washington Tuesday. The plea by Juan Ortiz, chief financial officer of Future Tech International (FTI), comes three weeks after the Justice Department announced Ortiz had reached an agreement with federal prosecutors. Government officials say Ortiz will plead guilty before U.S. District Court Judge Paul Friedman to charges of serving as a conduit for illegal contributions and reimbursing eight others who provided similar contributions."

AP 3/25/99 Kelly Kissel Whitewater figure David Hale was found guilty Thursday of putting $150,000 into his insurance company's bank account to show it was financially stable – "


Robert S Lee
Howard Glicken
Yogesh Gandhi
Trisha Lum

Washington Post 4/13/99 Bill Miller Barbara Vobejda Freeper Rodger Schultz "...Nolanda S. Hill, a former business partner of the late commerce secretary Ronald H. Brown, was given a four-month jail sentence yesterday for failing to report roughly $140,000 in income on her federal tax returns...."

Sacramento Bee 4/26/99 "...A businessman has pleaded guilty to violating federal elections laws by giving the Democratic National Committee $150,000 drawn from a South Korean corporation. Robert Lee, 49, was the 16th person charged in a Justice Department investigation of campaign financing in the 1996 election. He had agreed to a plea agreement in early April, Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel J. O'Brien said...."

5/27/99 AP "....A former county GOP chairman pleaded guilty today to violating campaign finance law by illegally funneling $11,000 to Democratic U.S. Sen. Robert Torricelli. Berek Paul Don, 51, pleaded guilty to election law violation, mail fraud and tax evasion. He could get up to five years in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines when sentenced Aug. 19. Don, a lawyer, was Bergen County GOP chairman during the 1996 election. He said he cashed an $11,000 check from political donor David Chang, who had asked him to get the money into Torricelli's campaign fund, and solicited others to make donations with the understanding that they would be reimbursed...."

Kevin McNulty
Marc Nardone
Webster Hubbell
John Huang

Philadelphia Criminal Court 7/1/99 Physicist "...Brief report: Teamsters Kevin McNulty and Marc Nardone have plead GUILTY to all counts stemming from the beatings of anti-Clinton protestors Don and Teri Adams on October 2nd at City Hall in Philadelphia. Sentencing is to take place on August 13th, at which point we will learn how well justice has been served..."

New York Times 7/1/99 William Safire "...Two men who admitted corrupting our politics during the Clinton years have copped their guilty pleas and are cheerfully walking free -- without having to implicate any higher-ups. In Webster Hubbell's case, the crony and serial felon the Clintons appointed to run their Justice Department in 1993 triumphed over the Independent Counsel because Ken Starr was sure he could not get a jury to convict Hubbell, and he wants to close up shop as fast as he can.... Sherburne called [the President's personal attorney, David] Kendall. Could he ask the President whether he knew about any payment to Hubbell from Riady's Lippo Group? Did Clinton instruct anybody to help Hubbell? "Kendall said he would ask. . . . He got back in touch with Sherburne later. 'I've checked it out,' he said convincingly. 'It's not a problem.' " But then Clinton told a news conference, "I didn't personally know anything about it until I read about it in the press." "She called Kendall to remind him," writes Woodward, ". . . she had asked Kendall to check it out. Kendall said he recalled." She asks: " 'but how could that be true given the conversation we had?' Kendall reacted angrily, suggesting that there was some disconnect. . . . Sherburne thought that Kendall was one more person who didn't tell her the full story." And so, with no White House tapes and with Hubbell's zipped lip, Starr was unable to unearth the full story. But what could John Huang, the Riady employee placed in the Commerce Department and later as D.N.C. fund-raiser, tell us about the Clinton-Hubbell-Riady hush-money connection? ..."

New York Times 7/1/99 William Safire "...That's where the second walk comes in. Despite the strong protests of F.B.I. Director Louis Freeh and prosecutor Charles La Bella, Attorney General Janet Reno has kept tight political control over the carefully botched Chinagate investigation. This month, Reno Justice announced that John Huang, who raised millions in Asian money for Clinton that had to be returned, will plead guilty to raising just $7,500 illegally. His recommended sentence: a year's probation and a small fine. In return for this slap on the wrist, will he reveal what he knows about the Hubbell money; or what transpired in the Sept. 13, 1995, Oval Office meeting with Clinton and Riady, or why he got regular C.I.A. briefings and called former Lippo associates? Don't hold your breath. Justice's walk-don't-talk prosecutors have interviewed him extensively, they tell the court, but we will never see those transcripts...."


Office of Independent Council Donald C. Smaltz 7/21/98 "The Robert Mondavi Corporation, a Napa Valley, California producer, importer and distributor of premium table wines paid $100,000 to the United States in settlement of a civil tort and conflict of interest action brought today by the Office of Independent Counsel for giving six bottles of wine valued at $187 to or for the benefit of former Secretary of Agriculture Michael Espy in 1993 and dinner to and for the benefit of Espy and his girlfriend valued at $207 in 1994. Mondavi gave the gratuity while there were matters that company officials wished to discuss with or were within the jurisdiction of Secretary Espy. As part of its settlement, Mondavi agreed to spend at least $30,000 for a public education program to educate those in the wine industry and other California business leaders about corporate compliance programs and the bribery, gratuity and campaign finance laws. Mr. Smaltz stated: The management of Mondavi was quick to recognize the misdeeds of one of its senior officials and promptly accepted responsibility for his actions. From the inception of the investigation into the illegal gratuities, Mondavi has cooperated fully by making documents and witnesses available to this Office's investigators and lawyers.As part of the Settlement Agreement, the government agreed not to bring charges against any Mondavi employee who may have been involved in this matter.."

AP 7/7/99 "…A lawyer who helped make former Gov. Jim Guy Tucker a multimillionaire in a bankruptcy scam had his community service sentence cut in half Wednesday. John Haley, a former co-defendant with Tucker in a tax-avoidance case, had also requested that his travel restrictions be eased, but the judge reserved judgment on that issue. Haley pleaded guilty in February 1998 to a misdemeanor for his role as Tucker's lawyer in a $13 million cable television deal in the 1980s. Government prosecutors claimed Tucker, Haley and a third person set up a sham bankruptcy to avoid taxes…."

Associated Press 7/23/99 Janelle Carter "...A federal appeals court today reinstated the conviction of a Tyson Foods Inc. executive who had been found guilty of providing illegal gifts to former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy. The ruling sends the case of Archie Schaffer III back for sentencing. A lower court had overturned the jury's guilty verdict. "We find sufficient evidence in the record from which a reasonable juror could have concluded that Schaffer violated the Meat Inspection Act,'' the court wrote in the 26-page decision..... U.S. District Judge James Robertson in September overturned Schaffer's June 26, 1998, conviction....."

Inland Valley DAILY BULLETIN 7/22/99 Todd Richmond "...A statewide investigation of voter registration bounty hunters has netted a woman who turned in more than 60 bogus cards and uncovered evidence that a Democratic registration drive may have submitted as many as 9,000 faulty cards. Kathy Lemus of San Bernardino pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of registering a ficitious person and one count of perjury, both felonies.She was sentenced to three years in prison Wednesday....Lemus is the second voter registration bounty hunter to be prosecuted since the November 1998 election;Derrell Whitfield pleaded guilty to perjury earlier this year after he submitted 12 fake voter registration cards in Vallejo. Both worked for the California Voter Registration Project, which centers on drumming up Democratic votes, said Alfie Charles, spokesman for Secretary of State Bill Jones. CVRP has come under intense state scrutiny after only 4,500 names on the 13,000 cards its workers returned proved eligible to vote....."

AP 7/28/99 Laurie Asseo "...Fine print in presidential friend Webster Hubbell's agreement with prosecutor Kenneth Starr is giving Hubbell a shot at erasing his guilty plea to a misdemeanor tax charge. Starr is saddled with an appeals court ruling that makes his tax case against Hubbell hard to prove. Under the agreement with Hubbell, Starr needs to persuade the Supreme Court to overturn that ruling for the guilty plea to remain in place. This week, Starr asked the high court to hear his appeal and give him a chance to preserve Hubbell's guilty plea. If the court denies review or rules against Starr, he has agreed to seek dismissal of Hubbell's June 30 plea to the tax charge...."


CNN 9/7/99 "…Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Henry Cisneros agreed to plead guilty to one misdemeanor count after reaching a plea bargin with federal prosecutors Tuesday just as his trial on 18 counts of lying to federal investigators was scheduled to begin. Under the agreement, Cisneros will pay a $10,000 fine for the one misdemeanor count, but will not face prison, probation or any other penalty. U.S. District Judge Stanley Sporkin must still approve the plea agreement…."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 9/5/99 Jane Fullerton "…While Webb Hubbell's five-year legal battle with independent counsel Kenneth Starr is over, his protracted tax negotiations with the Internal Revenue Service may be just beginning. As part of the plea agreement Hubbell reached with the Office of the Independent Counsel, the longtime presidential friend and former Justice Department official must work with authorities to repay a debt that now likely tops $1 million in federal, Arkansas and District of Columbia taxes…."

McClatchy Newspapers - Scripps Howard News Service 9/3/99 Michael Doyle "…A federal judge on Friday concluded a painful chapter in the history of Sun-Diamond Growers of California, by ordering the farm cooperative to pay a $36,000 fine instead of the $1.5 million penalty he originally imposed. The drastic reduction marked a litigation victory for Sun-Diamond, which had successfully challenged its most serious criminal conviction all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. The modest fine imposed Friday covers remaining convictions for actions initiated by a now-departed Sun-Diamond official. …"

Reuters 9/15/99 "....A New Jersey businessman will plead guilty to illegally channeling $12,000 to the 1996 Clinton-Gore presidential campaign and $50,000 to Sen. Robert Torricelli's campaign, the government announced Wednesday. Lawrence Penna, 55, will plead guilty to a felony punishable by up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine, the government said. He is the 19th person charged by the Justice Department's Campaign Financing Task Force. The government said Penna got some managers and employees of Investor Associates -- a defunct firm he headed -- to issue personal checks to the two campaigns...."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 9/24/99 Susan Roth patrick Howe "….A federal appeals court this week rejected Tyson Foods Inc. executive Archie Schaffer III's request for a rehearing of his case involving illegal gifts to former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy. In July two members of a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia reinstated Schaffer's conviction on a charge that he tried to influence Espy to change agency policies by paying for Espy to attend a 1993 birthday party for Don Tyson in Russellville. A federal jury found Schaffer guilty on two counts related to illegal gifts in June 1998, but the judge later threw out the convictions. The government then appealed the decision. The appeals court reinstated one of the charges and denied Schaffer a new trial. This month Schaffer, Tyson's corporate spokesman, asked the panel of judges to hear his case again, and he also asked the entire appeals court to reconsider it. …."

NANDO/AP 10/4/99 Richard Carelli "....The Supreme Court on Monday let stand the lying conviction and prison sentence of Ronald H. Blackley, once chief of staff for former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy. The justices, without comment, rejected an appeal in which Blackley challenged Independent Counsel Donald Smaltz's authority to prosecute him. Blackley was convicted last year of failing to disclose $22,000 he received from Mississippi associates dealing with the Agriculture Department ...."

AP Breaking News 10/14/99 "....The Labor Department has fined Tyson Foods Inc. nearly $60,000 for child labor law violations after a teen-ager was killed at an Arkansas plant and a young worker was injured in Missouri. In the Arkansas case, investigators said 15-year-old Juan Alderete of San Felipe, Mexico, was electrocuted when he walked into a ventilating fan while chasing chickens in April. The Labor Department said he should not have been working so late or in a job that hazardous. ..." AP 10/14/99 "....Two officials of the Cabazon Band of Mission Indians pleaded guilty Thursday to illegally routing thousands of dollars in tribal money to the 1996 Clinton-Gore re-election campaign. Mark Nichols and Greg Cervantes, both non-Indians, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor federal charges of using tribal money to make illegal ``conduit'' campaign donations-- contributions made in the name of someone who is then reimbursed the money, said Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's office. Such a scheme hides the true source of the money and allows donors to get around campaign contribution limits. In this case, the true and unwitting donor was the Cabazon Band, Mrozek said. Nichols, chief executive officer of the Cabazon Band, pleaded guilty to three counts of causing the donations. Cervantes, director of special affairs for the tribe, pleaded to one. They admitted to a scheme involving donations to Clinton-Gore during 1994 and 1995, according to U.S. Attorney Alejandro Mayorkas' office...."

The Progressive Review/Undernews 10/18/99 Sam Smith ".....Major media, led by the NYT and Washington Post, continue to misreport the facts of the Michael Espy case in a way that smears the highly credible efforts of special prosecutor Dan Smaltz and his staff, including Robert Ray, who is taking over Kenneth Starr's job. .....-- While Espy, charged under a corrupt law that makes conviction, was acquitted, Tyson Foods copped a plea in the same case, paying $6 million in fines and serving four years' probation. The charge: that Tyson had illegally offered Espy $12,000 in airplane rides, football tickets and other payoffs. Espy got off because the law makes it easier to convict a briber than a bribee. As the Washington Times put it, "Intent by the companies who gave him the gifts did not matter in the decision." -- In the Espy investigation, Smaltz obtained 15 convictions and collected over $11 million in fines and civil penalties. Offenses for which convictions were obtained included false statements, concealing money from prohibited sources, illegal gratuities, illegal contributions, falsifying records, interstate transportation of stolen property, money laundering, and illegal receipt of USDA subsidies. .....In short, Espy received more than $20,000 in payoffs from a company that among other things, does so much business with the feds that its fine amounts to just 3% of its annual government contracts....."

Ken Starr 10/19/99 "....On Monday a superb career prosecutor took over as Whitewater independent counsel. The investigation has resulted in the convictions of 14 people, including a sitting governor of Arkansas, the business partners of the president and the first lady, and the former associate attorney general of the U.S. Yet more remains to be done. Why? Partly because of factors beyond our control: an inability to reach an agreement with the Justice Department and the institutional limitations of independent counsels....... Mr. Fiske, like any federal prosecutor, had the authority to take the investigation in whatever direction seemed promising. I soon found that I did not. The Ethics in Government Act tightly limits the jurisdiction of independent counsels, who must get the blessing of the Justice Department before advancing onto new terrain. Indeed, with Justice's approval, our mandate grew to cover matters related to the firing of White House Travel Office employees, the accumulating of FBI files in the White House, the congressional testimony of a former White House Counsel, and Monica Lewinsky....."

Ken Starr 10/19/99 ".... The investigation was slowed further by litigation over the authority of the independent counsel....... We were also slowed by the nature of what we were investigating: convoluted financial frauds, not simple whodunits. The evidence sometimes proved elusive. Important documents came to light long after we had sought them--in the White House book room, in a Little Rock attic, even in an abandoned car...... A crucial witness, Susan McDougal, served 18 months in jail to avoid testifying before a grand jury--and President Clinton, through his public statements, appeared to be encouraging her unlawful silence. Other witnesses suffered selective amnesia when we questioned them. Still other witnesses invoked dubious privileges--executive privilege to cover conversations with the first lady, for instance, and the never-before-imagined Secret Service privilege. We nearly always prevailed in these cases, but only after extensive litigation. And although for a time we enjoyed a productive and collaborative relationship with the Justice Department, just as Ms. Reno had promised me, our relations soured over the last 18 months of my tenure. At times, political appointees in the department actively interfered with our investigation. (I hasten to add that the department's excellent career lawyers never did.) ..... "

Ken Starr 10/19/99 "....The partisan attacks, which began early in my tenure, escalated a thousandfold last year. I once believed that this partisan assault was a purely personal hardship. I came to realize that the impact is larger. It has hindered the investigation. Consider: About 5% of all federal criminal trials end with a hung jury, when jurors cannot reach a unanimous verdict. In this investigation, 75% of trials have produced hung juries. In the first of these, in 1996, the jurors apparently had a good-faith dispute over the evidence. But in our two trials earlier this year, some people entered the jury room with agendas. Even judges sometimes appear to be swayed by politics. In such cases, we have almost always prevailed in a higher court. But the appeals consume time and resources. Regrettably, the independent counsel's work is not yet complete...... "

Ken Starr 10/19/99 "....We completed the Little Rock investigations, and we made a great deal of progress toward a final report. But there are still important decisions to be made. Because of the public's apparent distrust, these are decisions that I could not prudently make. That's why, after thorough consultation with my colleagues in the office, I decided to resign.....I did not seek this responsibility, but I have done my best to uphold the public interest in each and every decision. It has been my privilege to work with scores of diligent, highly skilled lawyers and investigators. When I think back on what we accomplished together--the facts we uncovered, the strategic decisions we made, the indictments we brought, the indictments we decided not to bring, the record we built--I am gratified....."

Associated Press 11/1/99 James Jefferson "…. Presidential friend Yah Lin "Charlie'' Trie was sentenced today to four months of home detention and three years of probation for violating campaign finance laws. Trie, 50, also was fined $5,000 and ordered to perform 200 hours of community service…..U.S. District Judge George Howard Jr. imposed a stiffer term than prosecutors had recommended for the former Little Rock restaurateur. Prosecutors had suggested probation because of Trie's support of a federal investigation of campaign fund-raising. Howard said he tacked on the additional sanctions because of concerns that Trie and others who violate federal campaign finance laws "compromise the integrity and the virtue of this great nation.'' ….."

AP 10/28/99 "….The U.S. Justice Department today recommended that presidential friend Yah Lin "Charlie'' Trie be sentenced to three years' probation, saying Trie has provided essential information in a federal campaign financing probe. Trie pleaded guilty in May to two counts involving federal campaign violations and is to be sentenced Monday. The felony and misdemeanor charges stemmed from indictments out of Washington and Little Rock. As part of Trie's plea, he agreed to cooperate with prosecutors. In return, prosecutors dropped other indictments. In its written recommendation filed today, the Justice Department said Trie has been interviewed by the department, the FBI, and the Agriculture Department on more than 15 occasions. …… "

Associated Press 11/10/99 John Hughes "….The FBI has stepped up a criminal investigation into the taping and distribution of a 1996 cellular telephone conversation involving GOP leaders, a spokesman for Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, said Wednesday. The episode already has resulted in a criminal conviction for the tapers and a civil suit by Boehner against fellow Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash., for allegedly leaking the tape's contents. FBI agents interviewed Boehner last month, aide Dave Schnittger said….."

ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE 11/4/99 Carrie Rengers "….Archie Schaffer III, perhaps the best-known person at Tyson Foods Inc. -- next to company founder Don Tyson -- has been on paid administrative leave from the Springdale poultry company since Oct. 21….."There's nothing that requires that [he take leave] at this time," says Carol Seymour, assistant deputy administrator for enforcement operations at the Food, Safety and Inspection Service in Washington, D.C. ….."

ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE 11/13/99 Jane Fullerton "….Taking the witness stand for the first time, former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy testified Friday that neither Archie Schaffer nor any other Tyson Foods Inc. official tried to influence policy decisions during a 1993 trip to Arkansas. Espy appeared during a federal court hearing on Schaffer's motion for a new trial in a case concerning illegal gifts to the one-time Cabinet member. That case grew out of independent counsel Donald Smaltz's long-running investigation of Espy….."

Capitol Hill Blue 11/27/99 Susan Jones "…..The Arkansas Supreme Court's Committee on Professional Conduct has filed a complaint asking the court to disbar former Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker, and the Washington Times reports the panel is also considering a similar move against President Clinton, who was found in civil contempt for lying under oath about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky…… Unlike Tucker, Clinton has not been convicted of any offense, and that may make Clinton's case different from Tucker's, some observers say. …."

WASHINGTON TIMES 11/25/99 Joyce Howard Price "….The Arkansas Supreme Court's Committee on Professional Conduct has filed a complaint asking the court to disbar Jim Guy Tucker, the former governor, for criminal conduct. The seven-member panel -- five of whom are lawyers -- is also considering similar charges against President Clinton, whom a federal judge found in contempt for lying under oath about his relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky in testimony taken in the Paula Jones sex harassment case. "Disbarment is the most serious punishment that can be imposed [by the committee]. . . . It's the equivalent of the death penalty for a lawyer," James Neal, the committee's executive director, said in a telephone interview yesterday….." 3/3/00 Jim Burns "…..Senator Fred Thompson (R-TN) predicted that Maria Hsia, who was convicted Thursday on charges she hid $109,000 in illegal campaign contributions during the 1996 Clinton-Gore re-election campaign, will receive probation instead of jail time and that she had most likely compromised American national security. During a question and answer session at the Heritage Foundation in Washington Friday Thompson, who is also the Chairman of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee which investigated the campaign finance scandal, said the Hsia conviction is but one example of how far down in stature the Justice Department has sunk during the Clinton Administration. "The greatest tragedy of the Clinton administration is the Department of Justice," Thompson said. He cited as the reasons, "no leadership, gross incompetence [and] not having an outside prosecutor look into the campaign fundraising case."…… When asked by if Hsia was connected to the communist Chinese government and if this may have compromised American security Thompson said yes. "We pointed out that there were a half a dozen individuals who were raising large sums of money for the Democratic National Committee who had very close ties with the Chinese government," Thompson said. "We also said in our report that Miss Hsia was an agent of the Chinese government. We did this after consultation with the FBI. With regard to the rest of your question, I'll just leave it there. I don't want to draw any broad conclusions until I at least have the chance to go back in and review our report," Thompson said. ….."

AP 3/4/00 Catherine Wilson "……An immigration official accused of spying for the Cuban government has been indicted for allegedly handing over U.S. secrets to a Cuban citizen and lying about contacts with government officials from the Communist island. Mariano Faget, a Cuban-born supervisor in the Miami office of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, has been jailed without bond since his high-profile arrest Feb. 17 and faces arraignment Monday. The case led to the expulsion from the United States of a top Cuban diplomat, Jose Imperatori. In a federal indictment, Faget was charged with communicating national defense secrets, converting classified information to his own use and three counts of making false statements. ......"

AP 3/2/00 Pete Yost "….A federal jury today found former Democratic fund-raiser Maria Hsia guilty of arranging more than $100,000 in illegal contributions during the 1996 presidential campaign. Prosecutors alleged that Hsia, a Los Angeles immigration consultant, tapped a Buddhist temple and some of her well-to-do business clients for money to reimburse straw donors or ``conduits'' who were listed as the contributors on federal election reports. ……"

USA Today 2/28/00 Edward Pound "….. A federal grand jury investigating whether Labor Secretary Alexis Herman was involved in a campaign fundraising scheme has accused a Singapore executive of making $150,000 in illegal donations to the Democratic Party. The businessman, Abdul Rahman, once a social acquaintance of Herman's, was accused of a felony and seven misdemeanors. The grand jury said Rahman, in making contributions in the names of two other people, had caused the Democratic National Committee to file a false campaign report with the Federal Election Commission. In addition, he was accused of violating an election law prohibiting donations by foreign citizens. The gifts were made to the DNC and four state party organizations during the 1996 campaign. …..Herman is not named in the indictment, but the inquiry is continuing. The Labor secretary's lawyer, Neil Eggleston, could not be reached for comment but has said his client had not acted improperly. ...... Reno said the Justice Department had developed no evidence clearly demonstrating that Herman had acted illegally, but the attorney general said her investigators had corroborated parts of the allegations against the Labor secretary. Those allegations were made by Laurent Yene, a native of Cameroon and former partner of a Washington consultant named Vanessa Weaver. She and Herman are close friends. Yene has alleged that Herman, while a top White House official, had encouraged Weaver to solicit campaign gifts from Rahman and that the funds were funneled to the Democratic Party through a company owned by Weaver. ….."

AP 2/28/00 Pete Yost "…..The independent counsel investigating Labor Secretary Alexis Herman has charged a Singapore businessman with making $200,000 in illegal contributions to the Democratic Party through two U.S. businesswomen with ties to the labor secretary. Herman is not mentioned in the Feb. 16 indictment against Abdul Rahman, but the two U.S. businesswomen, sisters Vanessa and Caryliss Weaver, are named 11 times as the contributors of record for donations which the indictment says actually came from Rahman. ……. Vanessa Weaver and Herman are close friends and Herman, who ran the White House Office of Public Liaison before becoming labor secretary, took Caryliss Weaver on a trade mission. Herman had been introduced to Rahman by Vanessa Weaver on one or two occasions. Rahman was introduced to President Clinton during the 1996 presidential campaign. ……"

CNN 3/25/00 Philip Brasher AP "…A Tyson Foods executive convicted of providing illegal gifts to former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy asked an appeals court Friday to give him a new trial so Espy can testify in his behalf. Espy, who didn't testify at Archie Schaffer's trial last June, was awaiting a trial of his own at the time on corruption charges. He was subsequently acquitted. Schaffer attorney Bill Jeffress told the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia that there was no way to get Espy to testify for Schaffer while his own case was pending. "There was never a point he was going to give us an affidavit any more than he was going to be interviewed," Jeffress said. U.S. District Judge James Robertson agreed in December to give Schaffer a new trial, saying Espy's testimony would likely result in Schaffer's acquittal, but Independent Counsel Donald Smaltz appealed the decision. The judge had earlier overturned Schaffer's conviction only to have it reinstated on appeal. ………".


Capital Research Center 6/2000 Phillip F Kelly Jr. "…….Hamilton was the Teamsters' political director. Since then, many have been waiting to see whom else U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White will indict. Testimony in the Hamilton trial implicated high-ranking labor officials, including AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard Trumpka, Gerald McEntee, president of the Association of Federal, State, County and Municiple Employees (AFSCME), Andrew Stern, John Sweeney's successor at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) as well as officials at the Democratic National Committee and Clinton fundraiser Terry McAuliffe. President Clinton's former deputy chief of staff Harold Ickies was also implicated in testimony. Not surprisingly, the Justice Department did not appoint an independent counsel to investigate White House involvement in the illegal scheme. ……… No indictments have been handed down against Carey, Trumpka, McEntee et al, while Arthur Coia of the Laborers' Union (LIUNA) and the late Edward Hanley of the Hotel and Restaurant Employees (HERE) ---both big Democratic contributors--- avoided takeovers of their unions in sweetheart deals with the Justice Department. …."

Capital Research Center 6/2000 Phillip F Kelly Jr. "…….. Since the 1980's Carey had purchased real estate in Florida and Arizona well beyond his modest means. Before the election, the reformer" Carey was widely reported to be making about $40,000 a year. Giacumbo offered Lacey documents exposing Carey's financial dealings. Lacey demurred, but soon after an article appeared in Time magazine which quoted Giacumbo and detailed Carey's extensive real estate holdings. Lacey subsequently spoke with Charles Ruff, White House counsel during the Clinton impeachment. Ruff was then working for Carey and the Teamsters, and he had briefed the review board on the allegations against Carey. In a letter to Thomas Puccio, a government trustee overseeing Teamsters Local 295, who had raised to Lacey and Ruff allegations linking Carey to organized crime, Lacey made plain his sympathy for Carey and reminded Puccio to consider "what would happen if you brought Carey down...... so that the clock would be turned back to what it was when first I came on the scene as independent administrator". Lacey, the lone Independent Administrator, has since morphed into an Independent Review Board (IRB) comprised of Lacey and two others: Judge William Webster, former FBI and CIA director and Grant Crandell, general counsel for Trumpka's ideological United Mine Workers. (Many believe Trumpka is the real power at the AFL-CIO.) …."

AP 6/16/00 Samuel Maull "……Abe Hirschfeld, the real estate developer and frequent political candidate, was convicted Friday in his second trial on charges of trying to hire a hitman to kill his business partner. Hirschfeld, 80, was found guilty of second-degree criminal solicitation for offering to pay $150,000 to have Stanley Stahl, his real estate partner of 40 years, killed in 1997 because of a business dispute. The judge allowed Hirschfeld, whose first trial ended in a deadlocked jury, to remain free on $1 million bail. He faces up to seven years in prison when he is sentenced Aug. 1. ……"

6/27/98 AP "……Attorney Mark Cambiano has been sentenced to probation on a money laundering-related charge. The 43-year-old Morrilton lawyer, who was initially accused of funneling drug money to President Clinton's inauguration fund and the Democratic National Committee, pleaded guilty in April to causing a bank to file a false transaction report. ……… U.S. District Judge George Howard Jr. sentenced Cambiano to three years' probation. Howard said he was persuaded that Cambiano deserved leniency and also waived a fine. ……… Initially, Cambiano faced 30 other counts in an April 1997 indictment. All those charges were dropped. …….. At the time of his guilty plea, Cambiano told Howard he deposited $62,000 in a Morrilton bank in June 1992, half of which was a loan from one of his former clients, Willard Burnett, who later pleaded guilty to drug charges and conspiracy to commit capital murder. Prosecutors said the other half of the money was given to Cambiano by Burnett. ……"

St Petersburg Times/AP 6/14/00 "…..Attorney Michael Lazaroff often thanked his clients with extravagant gifts, including tickets to Backstreet Boys concerts and trips to Las Vegas. They didn't know they were paying for every gift they received. The attorney admitted Tuesday he inflated the bills of about 50 clients between 1992 and 1999 to pay for more than $380,000 worth of entertainment and merchandise that the clients believed were gifts. Lazaroff falsified charges for telephone and fax costs, witness preparation and legal services. …….. U.S. District Judge Charles A. Shaw accepted Lazaroff's guilty plea to two counts of mail fraud and will sentence him Sept. 1. ……Lazaroff also pleaded guilty to one count of causing false reports to the Federal Election Commission. He admitted he reimbursed co-workers who wrote six $1,000 checks to Vice President Al Gore and two $1,000 checks to his Democratic presidential primary opponent, former Sen. Bill Bradley, concealing that he was the true source of the contributions. ….." 6/5/00 UPI "…..The Supreme Court ruled 8-1 Monday that the latest indictment against former Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell must be dismissed because it was based on documents Hubbell was compelled to produce under immunity. Hubbell had pleaded guilty to a reduced tax charge based on the indictment. The decision is a stinging defeat for former independent counsel Kenneth Starr, who prosecuted Hubbell, and for Starr's sucessor, Robert Ray. It is also a major defeat for the Justice Department, which had supported Starr on the ability of prosecutors to use a broad range of weapons when they pursue the target of a grand jury. ……"

AP 6/2/00 Jeffrey Gold "…..Two international businessmen agreed to illegally funnel donations to Sen. Robert Torricelli's 1996 campaign, hoping their businesses might prosper if he won, one of the executives said. Cha-Kuek Koo, an executive with a South Korean conglomerate, pleaded guilty Thursday to making campaign contributions in the name of another person, admitting he recruited eight "straw" donors at the behest of David Chang. ...... Torricelli is not accused of any wrongdoing. He has maintained he was unaware of the improper donations, which have since been donated to charity. ..." 6/5/00 Laurie Asseo "…..The Supreme Court today handed presidential friend Webster Hubbell a victory that wipes out his guilty plea to a misdemeanor tax charge. The justices' 8-1 ruling said prosecutors could not use financial documents against Hubbell that he was forced to produce under a limited grant of immunity. Using the documents would violate his protection against self-incrimination under the Constitution's Fifth Amendment, the justices said. Hubbell pleaded guilty to the tax charge last year on condition his plea would be dismissed if the Supreme Court ruled in his favor on whether the documents could be used. Today, the nation's highest court ordered the charge against him dismissed. ......" 8/16/00 AP ".....Former Gov. Jim Guy Tucker said Wednesday that his Whitewater-related conviction and sentence should be voided because prosecutors concealed information his lawyers had sought. Tucker has already served an 18-month sentence in home detention after being convicted of fraud and conspiracy in 1996 along with President Clinton's former business partners, James and Susan McDougal. Prosecutors have agreed not to retry him on the charges if the initial conviction is thrown out. ....."

6/12/00 Don Groves Lippo Group wires up Indonesia's cable biz. (Brief Article) "….. JAKARTA Indonesia's long-stalled cable industry is getting a massive boost from Kabelvision, which is controlled by one of the country's richest congloms, the Lippo Group. Kabelvision CEO Jim Guy Tucker is planning to accelerate its building program, create local channels and introduce a raft of services including pay-per-view and video-on-demand. A former Arkansas governor who had 17 years experience in the U.S. cable business, Tucker was recruited last year by Lippo chairman James Riady after Lippo bought a controlling share of Kabelvision from Datakom, which owns the sole direct-to-home operator Indovision. …… Tucker also has informed U.S. distribs, whom he met at the L.A. Screenings, that he intends to launch a DTH service and to buy a terrestrial network (presumably one of the existing five channels, which have all been looking for investors, or one of the five licensees that are due to go to air over the next 12 months)……"

Associated Press 9/14/00 David Lieb "……Attorneys for Tyson Foods executive Archie Schaffer III have submitted nearly 100 letters to a federal judge requesting leniency in Schaffer's sentence for trying to illegally influence the agriculture secretary. ...... The letters of support for Schaffer cross all political and social lines, coming from Arkansas' governor and past and present Congress members, judges, co-workers, university professors, a federal agent, a former professional baseball player, family members and other friends. ……. Among the letters on Schaffer's behalf is one from Bill Buford, the agent in charge of the Little Rock office of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. He trumpeted Schaffer's involvement in charitable causes. ......"

UPI 9/21/00 "……The district court in Belgrade Thursday sentenced President Clinton, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and 13 other top Western and NATO leaders to a maximum 20 years in prison for the use of weapons prohibited under international law and crimes against the civilian population during last year's NATO air campaign against Yugoslavia. Veroljub Raketic, the presiding judge, said the arrest warrants would be issued for the convicted leaders and their sentences would start as soon as they are arrested. ……."

ABCNEWS 9/24/00 Josh Gerstein "……Is a top executive in the Tyson chicken company getting a raw deal? That's what the members of Arkansas's congressional delegation think. All six of them, Republicans and Democrats, have signed a letter to President Clinton a letter urging him to pardon Tyson Foods official Archie Schaffer, who faces sentencing Monday in federal court in Washington on one count of providing an illegal gift to former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy…….." 9/21/00Carl Limbacher "...... A spokesman for the Office of Independent Counsel told Thursday that its statement closing out the Whitewater probe was "not meant to be comprehensive," but would not say whether questions about the activities of senior White House officials in the wake of deputy White House counsel Vincent Foster's death would be addressed in a final Whitewater report. ........ When asked why mention of the Foster office phase of the Whitewater probe was omitted from the OIC's summary, Ausbrook said, "There are alot of other things that we didn't mention. We didn't mention, for instance, that we convicted Larry Kuca in Arkansas." Kuca, a relatively minor figure in the Whitewater probe, pled guilty to a misdemeanor conspiracy charge and testified against the Clintons' Whitewater business partners Jim and Susan McDougal. ......... "

New York Times 9/19/00 David Kocieniewski Tim Golden "….In a Friday afternoon in December, F.B.I. agents arrested one of the Democratic Party's most generous contributors as he picked up his Mercedes from a garage in suburban New Jersey. ......The donor, David Chang, spent only that weekend in the Hudson County Correctional Center. But while he lay alone in his cell, he was visited by several men he had never seen before, he later told prosecutors. One of the men warned him not to cooperate with the authorities, he said. Another simply put a finger to his lips..........In recent weeks, three guards who were in the jail that weekend have been called before a federal grand jury, and F.B.I. agents have seized log books, personnel files, videotapes and other records. ......Prosecutors are also preparing to question the man who supervises the three guards, a senior prison official who is a longtime friend of Robert C. Janiszewski, the Hudson County executive. Mr. Janiszewski, in turn, is one of Mr. Torricelli's most steadfast supporters in the state…….. The senior prison official, Martin Budnick, did nothing improper, his lawyer, Peter R. Willis, said in an interview. But Mr. Budnick, who generally works Monday through Friday, has told associates that he came to the jail over the weekend of Dec. 11 at the behest of one of Mr. Janiszewski's top aides. Mr. Budnick insisted to the associates that he merely ordered that Mr. Chang be given an extra blanket and some food………"

New York Times 9/19/00 David Kocieniewski Tim Golden "….Until his arrest last year, Mr. Chang, 56, was one of the more prized donors in American politics. He visited with senators and congressmen and had a particularly close relationship with Mr. Torricelli, who had been his congressman before being elected to the Senate. Mr. Chang had met with President Clinton half a dozen times, at both casual get-togethers and White House galas. But on June 2, Mr. Chang pleaded guilty to organizing more than $53,000 in illegal donations to Mr. Torricelli's 1996 campaign. In return, the government dropped other, more serious charges, including conspiracy and obstruction of justice…… After his weekend in the jail, Mr. Chang appeared in court on Monday, Dec. 13, and his lawyer at the time, Michael Critchley, suggested that his client had no intention of cooperating with the authorities. Mr. Critchley said his client had no incriminating information about any of the politicians with whom he had dealt - not Mr. Torricelli, not President Clinton, nor anyone else. The next day, after being moved out of the Hudson jail to the Union County jail in Elizabeth, N.J., Mr. Chang hired a new lawyer, David Schertler, and began to distance himself from Mr. Critchley…….."

New York Times 9/19/00 David Kocieniewski Tim Golden "….According to people familiar with Mr. Chang's account of his time in the Hudson jail, the first of several visitors appeared at the door of his cell on Saturday night, Dec. 11. One man, whom Mr. Chang described as tall and burly with a tattoo on his arm, warned him not to cooperate with the authorities, telling him, "You know what you are supposed to do." Mr. Chang told investigators that he assured the man and another standing behind him that he would not "betray his friends," according to people familiar with his account. Later, Mr. Chang told investigators, he was awakened in his cell by another man who put a finger to his lips, motioning him to keep quiet. Mr. Chang reported at least one more visit, this one from a man who brought him a blanket and food. Lawyers for Mr. Chang have said that he complained of being cold and ill-fed during his stay in the jail…….."

Washington Times 12/11/00 Jerry Seper ".....Arthur A. Coia, former embattled president of the powerful laborers union and a longtime confidant of President Clinton and New York Sen.-elect Hillary Rodham Clinton, has lost his law license for two years because of his guilty plea to income tax fraud......The Rhode Island Supreme Court, in a November ruling made public last week, issued the suspension after refusing a request by Coia that he be given a lesser penalty of a public censure - meaning no loss of his license to practice law..........Coia, who raised millions of dollars for Mr. Clinton, Vice President Al Gore and the Democratic Party, pleaded guilty in federal court earlier this year to a felony charge of defrauding Rhode Island taxpayers of nearly $100,000 in taxes he owed on three Ferrari sports cars......"

Arkansas Democrat Gazette 10/27/00 Paul Barton "....Tyson Foods Inc. executive Archie Schaffer III, convicted of trying to illegally influence former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy, must surrender to federal prison officials after Jan. 1, a federal judge ordered Thursday. The ruling came as Schaffer's attorneys and members of the Arkansas congressional delegation continued to urge President Clinton to pardon him. Schaffer has formally requested a pardon, White House spokesman Jason Schechter said Thursday. But Schechter continued to say the White House will not comment on the possibility of Clinton granting one. ..."

ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE 10/27/00 Paul Barton ".....Tyson Foods Inc. executive Archie Schaffer III, convicted of trying to illegally influence former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy, must surrender to federal prison officials after Jan. 1, a federal judge ordered Thursday. The ruling came as Schaffer's attorneys and members of the Arkansas congressional delegation continued to urge President Clinton to pardon him. Schaffer has formally requested a pardon, White House spokesman Jason Schechter said Thursday. But Schechter continued to say the White House will not comment on the possibility of Clinton granting one. A pardon, if it occurs, is not expected until after the Nov. 7 election. ..."


Ron Brown (indictment was pending at time of death)
Herby Branscum
Robert Hill
Mike Espy (Acquitted)
Henry Cisneros
Charlie Trie
Nolanda Hill
Bruce Babbitt
Ron Carey
Monica Lewinsky
Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton
Roger Tamraz (France)
Alexis Herman
William W. Hamilton, Jr. (Teamsters)
Carmen Lunetta
Susan McDougal (new charges Whitewater)
Susan McDougal (Mehta) (Acquitted)
Mayor Richard M. Daley
John and Patti Garamendi
Calvin Grigsby
Neal Harrington
CATIC, the China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Company
Don Tyson
James Nicholson
Haley Barbour
Maria Hsia (already indicted for illegal campaign contributions, now also federal income tax charges.)
Howard Glicken - Indicted Campaign Contributions
Pauline Kanchanalak (24 counts foreign contributions to DNC, etc.)
Duangnet "Georgie" Kronenberg (with Kanchanalak)
Mark B. Jimenez (17 counts illegal contributions to Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign and other Democrats)
Franklin L. Haney - 44 counts illegal campaign donations (.also accused of conspiring to make illegal contributions to the campaign of former Tennessee Sen. James Sasser, who is now the Clinton administration's ambassador to China) - Acquitted
Webster Hubbell 15 felony counts, re: lying and fraud in federal banking regulator's investigations - Convicted


USA Today 11/30/98 Paul Leavitt ".A federal grand jury is about to indict Julie Hiatt Steele, who contradicted accusations that President Clinton groped White House volunteer Kathleen Willey in the Oval Office in 1993, Time reports. The magazine says independent counsel Ken Starr told Steele's lawyer of the pending indictment, which is expected to accuse Steele of perjury. Steele, who initially said Willey had told her of the incident when it happened, later testified that Willey hadn't told her but asked her to lie to a reporter by saying Willey had told her. Prosecutors reportedly are investigating whether White House officials conspired to discredit Willey.."

Abe Hirshfeld (offered Paula Jones $1 million to drop Clinton suit) - attempted murder, former business partner

AP 12/17/98 ".Hudson Foods Inc. and two employees were charged with lying to regulators about the quantity of meat that might have been tainted in what eventually became the nation's largest beef recall. The indictment, handed down in Omaha and released Wednesday, accuses the Arkansas-based company, its Columbus plant manager and a quality control official each with one count of conspiracy to provide false information to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.."

AP 1/8/99 John Solomon ".A grand jury investigating Kathleen Willey's allegation of an unwanted sexual advance by President Clinton indicted one of her friends Thursday on charges of obstructing justice and lying when she cast doubt on Mrs. Willey's story. Julie Hiatt Steele of Richmond, Va., was charged with three counts of obstruction of justice and one count of false statements in an indictment brought by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. Among other things, the indictment accused Ms. Steele of filing a false affidavit in the Paula Jones litigation. The president's lawyers had used Ms. Steele's testimony in an effort to cast doubt on the credibility of Mrs. Willey, a former White House volunteer who alleges Clinton made an unwanted sexual advance toward her in the Oval Office in 1993..But Starr alleged that the affidavit and Ms. Steele's subsequent testimony before two federal grand juries were false. Ms. Steele was told about the advance by Mrs. Willey and repeated the information to her friends, Starr charged. Prosecutors also contend that Ms. Steele lied to FBI agents working for Starr and ``attempted in the Eastern District of Virginia to influence the testimony of one or more witnesses in the grand jury investigation.'' ."

AP 1/12/99 Pete Yost ".Presidential friend Webster Hubbell is seeking dismissal of a new indictment by prosecutor Kenneth Starr, arguing that the case cannot be brought because of a 1994 deal prosecutors struck with him. The former associate attorney general is accused in a 15-count grand jury indictment of covering up his and Hillary Rodham Clinton's roles in a fraud-riddled Arkansas land development called Castle Grande. His lawyers said in court papers this week that six of the charges against him are invalid because of a four- year-old plea bargaining agreement in which Hubbell admitted defrauding his former law firm and its clients of at least $394,000.."

Reuters 1/26/99 ".A U.S. federal appeals court gave independent counsel Kenneth Starr a victory Tuesday, reinstating tax evasion charges against Webster Hubbell, a longtime friend of President Clinton and the first lady..."

MSNBC 1/29/99 Freeper Mancini ".Keith Watters (sp?) told John Siegenthaler that he knows for a fact there are sealed indictmentS to be handed down by Starr once this trial is over. He looked very somber.."

AP 2/5/99 Linda Deutsch ".Two former and one current member of Kenneth Starr's prosecutorial team insisted they did not leak the story of the independent counsel's plan to indict President Clinton after impeachment hearings. The group was silent when asked if there is a sealed indictment against the president.. Immergut, who served with Starr for four months in 1998, said when she arrived there was ``a siege mentality which emanated from the White House attitude toward Ken Starr. ... We were so concerned with leaks. We only had each other.''. As for the explicit sexual detail contained in Starr's report, Bienert said, ``For my taste, I would like to have seen less detail.'' But he blamed President Clinton for putting at issue the definition of what is sex. ``It forced the office to get into details,'' he said. Levenson's final question -- ``Is there a sealed indictment?'' -- elicited only silence from all members of the panel.."

AP 2/22/99 Philip Brasher "...U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth issued the contempt order, saying Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt failed to produce documents related to a class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of Indian trust funds. The secretaries and Assistant Interior Secretary Kevin Gover were ordered to pay legal fees and other expenses that resulted from their delay in complying with Lamberth's November 1996 order to produce documents...."

Daily Republican 2/22/99 Mike Rathco Freeper hope "...The Clinton administration is in federal court again, this week. This time, a federal judge has filed 'contempt' charges against two Clinton administration Cabinet secretaries who are accused of orchestrating a refusal to comply with a federal subpoena for government records pertaining to records of the disposition of as much as $2 billion in in unaccounted for Indian trust funds................ "The court is deeply disappointed that any litigant would fail to obey orders for production of documents, and then conceal and cover up that disobedience with outright false statements that the court then relied upon,'' the judge wrote. "But when that litigant is the federal government, the misconduct is even more troubling."..."

Antonio Pan

AP 4/16/99 "...A businessman indicted on 17 counts of making illegal contributions to the campaigns of President Clinton and others faces more charges in an indictment announced Friday. An indictment issued in Washington in September accused Mark B. Jimenez of illegally giving candidates nearly $40,000. Those charges were incorporated into Thursday's indictment, which also accuses him of conspiracy, tax evasion and mail fraud. Jimenez was Florida's largest donor to the national Democratic Party in 1996. Jimenez, a Philippine national, fled in December and is believed to be in that country. The Department of Justice said it would seek his extradition...."

Washington Post 7/2/99 Bill Miller "...Tennessee financier Franklin L. Haney, a longtime friend of Vice President Gore's family, was acquitted by a jury yesterday of 42 charges accusing him of violating campaign contribution laws.....Haney's defense lawyers suggested in court that Attorney General Janet Reno had tagged him to be the fall guy for the fund-raising excesses of the 1996 campaign....."


ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE 7/28/99 Linda Sattler "..."An investigation into whether a conservative group may have paid Whitewater witness David Hale to influence his testimony has ended in a decision that "no prosecution be initiated." That's what special counsel Michael E. Shaheen Jr. wrote in a letter faxed Tuesday to Hale's Little Rock attorney, David Bowden.... "

AP 8/24/99 "…The Philippine Supreme Court temporarily stopped the government Tuesday from extraditing a businessman accused of making illegal campaign contributions to President Clinton. The court asked the Department of Justice and other government agencies to stop Mark Jimenez's extradition until it has resolved a petition questioning the U.S. extradition request. In June, the U.S. Embassy asked the Philippine government to arrest and extradite Jimenez for tax evasion, wire fraud, conspiracy, giving false statements and campaign financing violations. He was indicted in Washington last September on 17 counts of illegally giving nearly $40,000 to Democratic Party candidates, including Clinton. An additional indictment in April charged him with conspiracy, tax evasion and mail fraud…."

Landmark Legal Foundation 8/25/99 Mark Levin "…Two EPA officials were indicted today by the United States Attorney in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on charges of obstruction of justice, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and perjury. The indictments are based on evidence of criminal wrongdoing first reported by the National Wilderness Institute ("NWI") and brought to prosecutors' attention in a complaint filed with the Criminal Division of the Justice Department by Landmark Legal Foundation. Marc M. Randell (who is an attorney) and Claudia Johnson, both EPA employees, were indicted on four felony counts arising from their creation and submission of backdated documents to a federal court to support the EPA's decision granting the Oneida Nation Indian Tribe regulatory authority over the waters in and around its reservation near Green Bay, Wisconsin. The State of Wisconsin had challenged the EPA's decision. If convicted on all counts, each faces a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison and a fine of up to one million dollars…."

Austin American-Statesman 9/22/99 Laylan Copelin "...Brian Russell Stearns came to Austin last year spreading money around. He bought a $2-million-plus mansion overlooking Lake Austin. He donated to charities, invested in a fleet of expensive aircraft and rubbed shoulders with politicians. He attended President Clinton's fund-raiser in Austin last May and sat at the head table with Hillary Clinton when she visited here in August to raise money for a possible U.S. Senate campaign in New York. He paid off Garry Mauro's $100,000 campaign debt from his unsuccessful run for governor. What no one knew at the time was that the FBI was investigating Stearns, 29, for securities fraud. On Monday, the FBI arrested Stearns at his Lake Austin home, charged him with securities fraud and then seized the house, two jets worth more than $10 million, a $2 million helicopter and $800,000 in vehicles, plus undisclosed amounts of money in bank accounts....."


AP Larry Neumeister 10/5/99 "...Federal prosecutors say $7 billion from Russia was illegally funneled through accounts at the Bank of New York in one of the largest money laundering cases in U.S. history, according to a criminal indictment unsealed Tuesday. Three individuals and three companies were charged with channelling the money - believed to have ties to the Russian mafia - in the first criminal charges to be brought in the case. The charges were contained in a three-count indictment filed under seal in U.S. District Court in Manhattan on Sept. 16. Peter Berlin, 44, Lucy Edwards, 41, - a former vice president at the Bank of New York - and Aleksey Volkov, 34, as well as Benex International Co. Inc., Becs International L.L.C. and Torfinex Corp. were named as defendants. The Bank of New York, the nation's 15th-largest bank, was not named in the indictments...... Lewis Schiliro, an FBI assistant director in charge of the New York office, said the FBI is primarily focused on determining the origin of the funds and tracing the path of transactions through accounts at the Bank of New York. ...."

Freeper NDCorup adds 10/6/99 "....In the Lufthansa theft at JFK airport Lou Shiliro was in charge of the investigation. It is reported that Shiliro is now in charge of the N.Y. FBI thanks to Clinton. There were No arrests, No money recovered, and the witnesses are all dead. Sal Reale was in charge of Security at JFK airport and was Gotti's bagman at Mena. Phillip Shiliro, (Lou Shiliro's son) works for Waxman. It's noted that Lou Shiliro controls the Flt. 800 evidence......"

Chicago Sun-Times 10/4/99 Robert Novak "....Next week brings an unwelcome conjunction of events for the AFL-CIO hierarchy in general and Secretary-Treasurer Rich Trumka in particular. At the labor federation's executive counsel meeting Oct. 11 in Los Angeles, Trumka will press hard for an immediate presidential endorsement of Vice President Al Gore. On the next day, when a labor-Democratic Party federal corruption trial begins in New York City District Court, Trumka will be praying just as hard that he is not involved. The offstage actor in both events is Teamsters President James P. Hoffa. The reason the AFL-CIO brass has to work so aggressively for the Gore endorsement is that the Teamsters support that would have gone to the vice president was withdrawn when Hoffa was elected president nearly a year ago. The New York trial charges a money-laundering conspiracy aimed at keeping Hoffa out of power. Hoffa and his friends threaten the cozy partnership between the Democratic Party and big labor. Indeed, they still are bitter about plotting between the White House and AFL-CIO that rigged the 1996 election to keep Hoffa out of power. The Teamsters don't figure they can block the Gore endorsement, but they want no part of it. While Hoffa wants to play both sides of the political street in the long run, he is intensely hostile to the Clinton-Gore team in the short run.....Just how far afield that trial goes is up to the defendant: William Hamilton, the Teamsters political director during the Carey regime. He is charged with orchestrating the money-laundering conspiracy intended to swap inflated contributions to the Democratic Party in return for funds to re-elect Carey. He has been under pressure to make a plea bargain by testifying against other conspirators. A government source says if Hamilton is to avoid the possibility of a prison term, his best bet would be to ``give up'' Trumka....."

The Washington Weekly 10/4/99 Marvin Lee ".....Chairman Dan Burton of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee in a letter to Janet Reno last week revealed what reason the Justice Department had given his staff for their decision not to prosecute, or even investigate, White House aide Cheryl Mills for perjury and obstruction of justice: partisanship. Public Integrity Section Chief Lee Radek told Committee staff that a factor in the decision not to prosecute Cheryl Mills -- after Congress had forwarded evidence of perjury and obstruction of justice in the WhoDB inquiry -- was "lack of consensus" within the Committee. Mr. Radek went on to say that since the Committee as a whole "did not feel victimized," the Justice Department's "enthusiasm [to prosecute or investigate] was dampened." Mr. Radek, of course was referring to Democrats on the Committee who did not "feel" lied to. Chairman Burton expressed his dismay at this novel concept of jurisprudence. "The notion that disagreement in a political body would influence the Justice Department's decision-making is problematic," he wrote the Attorney General. "The examination of the facts in this case -- or any case -- should not be viewed through the lens of politics." ....."

The Detroit News 10/17/99 Richard Ryan ".....The trial of former Teamsters Union political director William Hamilton, scheduled to begin in New York on Monday, has the potential to seriously rock organized labor and reach deep into the White House....... Among those implicated in the scheme are Terry McAuliffe, the chief fund-raiser for President Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign, and Richard Trumka, the secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO who played an instrumental role in last week's critical labor endorsement of Vice President Al Gore. McAuliffe, who earlier this year put up $1.7 million to help the Clinton's finance their New York home, is expected to testify in the trial in federal district court in New York. The Clintons, sharply criticized for their use of McAuliffe's money, subsequently obtained conventional financing. Hoffa has called the Hamilton trial -- and its potential for revealing just how far up the chain of command at the White House and AFL-CIO the illegal plot went -- the "Rosetta stone of the Teamsters." ....."

New York Times 10/18/99 William Safire ".....When anti-Communism became dominant in the U.S., a group on the left -- not Communist itself, but resentful of the ideological victors -- launched attacks on the anti-Communists. They called us unreconstructed cold warriors, triumphalist dupes unable to envision the convergence of the Soviet and American systems. Thus was anti-anti-Communism born. In the same way, we now see the emergence of anti-anti-corruption. It successfully vilified Ken Starr and continues its counterattack against those who dare investigate, prosecute, or voice a suspicion at the predations of the Clinton Administration....... Last week, Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt was notified that no charges would be brought against him.......Sometimes apparent wrongdoing leads to conviction, sometimes not. Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy, indicted for accepting gifts, was acquitted, while another jury's conviction of the giver was overturned on appeal. Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros copped a guilty plea, with no jail time, for misleading the F.B.I. about the amount of money he paid his mistress. That minor charge was unworthy of invoking the Act, but investigators wanted to know where the San Antonio Mayor got all the cash to pay her. The possibility of corruption could hardly be ignored; no other crime was found and he's a free man....."

New York Times 10/18/99 William Safire ".....Ken Starr is ready to return to private life. He produced one report that found no foul play in the death of Vincent Foster, and another about foul playing-around that led to the first impeachment of an elected President. But on Travelgate, Filegate and the Rose Law Firm missing papers -- matters extensively investigated involving Hillary Clinton, and of interest to those with long attention spans -- he leaves with much business unfinished. The anti-anti-corruption forces say: See? That means there was nothing to any of this..."

New York Times 12/11/99 Raymond Bonner "….Before deciding to go ahead with Friday's indictment of Wen Ho Lee, senior law enforcement and intelligence officials of the Clinton administration concluded that the necessity of a prosecution outweighed any damage to national security that might result from the release of classified information. That judgment will be seriously challenged, as the case unfolds over the coming weeks and months. According to the government, Lee had access to the most sensitive nuclear weapons data possessed by the United States, which if disclosed, could case serious damage to the national security. …."

MSNBC 12/10/99 "…..Sources tell NBC News that the U.S. attorney in Albuquerque, N.M., has asked a federal grand jury to indict Wen Ho Lee, who has been investigated in a probe into allegations of Chinese espionage at U.S. nuclear weapons laboratories. THE SAME sources tell NBC News that Lee will not be indicted for espionage, but for lesser charges like downloading highly classified information from a classified computer to a non-classified computer and copying classified material to tapes. Some of those tapes are reported missing. Earlier this week, newspaper reports said top U.S. security, law enforcement and energy officials met at the White House last Saturday and decided that should Attorney General Janet Reno decide to prosecute, the secrets that would probably be divulged at a criminal trial would not irreparably damage national security. ….."

AP via Tampa Bay Online 2/16/00 Larry Neumeister "….A former Bank of New York executive and her husband who played a central role in a money laundering scandal involving billions of dollars have surrendered to the FBI. A federal indictment alleges that Lucy Edwards, and her husband, Peter Berlin, illegally moved as much as $10 billion from Russia through accounts at the Bank of New York…... An alleged accomplice, Aleskey Volkov, remains a fugitive. Investigators believe most of the laundered money came from Russian importers trying to avoid paying taxes, though they are still looking into whether some of the money came from criminal activity and was transferred through the bank's accounts in order to mask its origin. Authorities have said that Edwards, as head of the bank's Eastern European operations in London, had access to accounts and could move the Russian money through a series of accounts until it appeared to be legitimate profits from legal businesses. ……"

New York Times 2/15/00 Raymond Bonner Timothy O’Brien "……Two major suspects in the federal investigation into the illegal transfer of billions of dollars from Russia through the Bank of New York have agreed to plead guilty to money laundering charges, people involved in the inquiry said yesterday. The suspects -- Lucy Edwards, who was a senior officer at the Bank of New York, and her husband, Peter Berlin, whose company, Benex International, controlled the accounts through which the money was moved -- were expected to arrive in New York from London today to surrender to the federal authorities, a law enforcement official said. ……"

New York Times 2/15/00 Raymond Bonner Timothy O’Brien "……A person close to the investigation said Ms. Edwards and Mr. Berlin had agreed to plead guilty to several criminal charges, including conspiracy to commit money laundering, visa fraud, wire fraud and bribery of a bank official. Details of the charges were not immediately known, including the identity of the official or the bank involved in the bribe. The person providing the information said Ms. Edwards and Mr. Berlin had also agreed to forfeit $8 million that had been seized in their personal accounts by the federal authorities last fall, when they were indicted in New York on relatively minor charges, including transferring money without a license……. The fact that Ms. Edwards and Mr. Berlin have decided to plead guilty to money laundering charges seriously complicates legal matters for the Bank of New York. Lawyers with expertise in banking law said that whenever a senior bank officer admits to such charges, questions arise about the bank's own culpability…….. "

New York Times 2/15/00 Raymond Bonner Timothy O’Brien "……A spokesman for Natasha Gurfinkel Kagalovsky, a former Bank of New York executive who oversaw the division in which Ms. Edwards worked and who has also been a focal point for the investigation, said she had never been approached to discuss a plea agreement of any sort. ……. Ms. Kagalovsky is married to Konstantin Kagalovsky, a senior executive with a large Russian oil company called Yukos who previously worked as a senior executive with a now defunct Russian bank, Menatep. Mr. Kagalovsky has not been charged with any wrongdoing. ……"

New York Times 2/15/00 Raymond Bonner Timothy O’Brien "……Last month, the federal authorities indicted a former Bank of New York employee, Svetlana Kudryavtsev, on charges of making false statements to investigators in connection with the money laundering inquiry. According to the indictment, Ms. Kudryavtsev received about $30,000 from Ms. Edwards and her husband between 1995 and 1999. The complaint said Ms. Kudryavtsev lied to investigators in August about having received money from the couple and also lied about having any knowledge of their business activities. ......"

Detroit News 3/17/00 Jon Pepper "…… It's lucky for the former political director of the Teamsters union that he led a life of liberal activism. If William Hamilton hadn't been disposed to march in demonstrations as a college student, lead the Washington office of Planned Parenthood, work for Democratic politicians, and toil as the chief of staff for the AFSCME, he might have to spend an extra 11/2 years in jail. As it happened, Hamilton was sentenced this week to three years in jail for embezzling money from the financially distressed union. That's less than the recommended 46 to 57 months that he would serve under sentencing guidelines. "He has indeed led an exemplary life," said Federal District Court Judge Thomas P. Griesa in New York. And what of the criminal behavior by the exemplary Mr. Hamilton that led him to be sentenced at all? He robbed the nearly broke union so that he could save it from corruption. …."

Washington Post 4/5/00 "……Two Buddhist nuns were indicted Wednesday for failing to appear as government witnesses at last month's trial in which Democratic party fund-raiser Maria Hsia was convicted for arranging more than $100,000 in illegal donations during the 1996 presidential campaign. Justice Department spokesman John Russell said the pair, Venerables Yi Chu and Man Ho, fled the country after being given immunity for their testimony and are believed to be in Taiwan. A federal grand jury here charged them with contempt of court for failing to appear. In January, a judge had refused their bid to quash the subpoenas, originally issued in May 1998. The indictments brought to 24 the number of people charged by the department's campaign finance task force. The two nuns were to testify about one of the most well-known elements of the Hsia case - an April 29, 1996, event at their temple in Hacienda Heights, Calif. ….."

Washington Post 4/5/00 Pete Yost "……Labor Secretary Alexis Herman was cleared today in a criminal investigation of whether she solicited $250,000 in illegal campaign contributions. In a one-sentence statement, Independent Counsel Ralph I. Lancaster announced that "he will not seek an indictment of Secretary Herman" and that he has completed his investigation of allegations concerning her……."

US Attorney Lynn Battaglia 5/25/00 "……Lynne A. Battaglia, United States Attorney for the District of Maryland announced today that the federal grand jury for the District of Maryland has returned a eight count felony indictment charging Jan P. Blanton, 49, of Florida, and the former head of the U.S. Department of Treasury Executive Office of Asset Forfeiture (EOAF), with soliciting bribes and illegally steering federal contracts related to EOAF work in 1997 and 1998. Also charged in the conspiracy were Clifford Quinn, 44, of Crofton, Maryland and a Senior Analyst at EOAF, and Christopher Beisler, 31, of Severna Park, Maryland. …… Specifically, the indictment charges that the three defendants conspired to defraud the United States and violate federal laws under Title 18 United States Code, Section 371 (Conspiracy), that they solicited bribes from two private companies in violation of Title 18 United States Code, Section 201 (Solicitation of Bribes by Public Officials), that they steered federal contracts to Beisler and his company in violation of Title 18 United States Code, Section 208 (Conflicts of Interest), and that they used the interstate wires to defraud the public in violation of Title 18 United States Code, Section 1343 (Wire fraud). ……..

US Attorney Lynn Battaglia 5/25/00 "……The indictment, sets forth a series of actions taken by Blanton and Quinn, while they were both at EOAF and were romantically involved with each other, to misuse the power of public office for their private purposes and personal benefit. It also alleges that they used and directed the use of government property, human resources, and proprietary information for private gain. Many of the acts in the indictment relate to the allegation that Quinn and Beisler had formed a private business together, known as Equus software company, to develop asset forfeiture related computer software. The indictment alleges that, during the time that Quinn and Beisler were in business together, Blanton and Quinn recommended and approved sole sourced contracts and payments to Beisler. The indictment further charges that money which was paid to Beisler under these sole sourced contracts was funneled back to Equus and to Quinn. …."

Freeper abwehr "……Interesting that while looking for background on Ms. Blanton I found two items. One was Alamo-Girls downside legacy which mentioned Ms.Blanton. The other was the fact that there is a John Blanton of Branford Florida with a wife named Jan who was a top Mason official until he was expelled from the order over his running of some charitable bingo operations! ……. USA TODAY 11/23/98 Edward Pound ".EXCERPTS: "...Government investigators are exploring whether a senior Treasury Department official who provides vital funds to law enforcement agencies across the USA used her position in an effort to enrich a close associate....investigators are examining...Jan Blanton, 47, the director of Treasury's Executive Office for Asset Forfeiture. She is one of the highest-ranking female law enforcement officials in the government....Her agency receives about $250 million each year from currency and property seized in government investigations...Investigators from the Justice and Treasury departments are exploring whether Blanton used her position to steer government business to a close friend, Clifford Quinn, a systems analyst in her agency who also is associated with a private software company...the inquiry focused on contract awards made by Treasury...Blanton and Quinn were placed on administrative leave, with pay...after agents from Treasury...served search warrants at their offices and homes....[end] ……I certainly hope that Ms. Blanton, who spoke eloquently before the Senate Judiciary Committee against any relaxation of Federal Asset Forfeiture standards or policies will now have the chance, herself, to enjoy the provisions she defended! …."

6/11/97 TREASURY EXECUTIVE OFFICE FOR ASSET FORFEITURE DIRECTOR JAN P. BLANTON, HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE "…….. Mr. Chairman, and to all the members of the Committee, good morning. My name is Jan Blanton and I am the Director of the Department of the Treasury's Executive Office for Asset Forfeiture. I am pleased to appear before you today to offer our views on H.R. 1835 and the changes it would bring about in federal forfeiture. …..When I was last privileged to appear before your committee almost a year ago to speak to the merits of a bill aimed at reforming civil asset forfeiture, I took as my theme the reasoned progress that the Congress and law enforcement together have made over the years in crafting and applying the forfeiture authorities we have today. That cooperative effort has put federal law enforcement in a position where it can go after the proceeds and instrumentalities of crime. ….It has empowered us to be able to strike at the very core of criminal organizations. It has become a pivotal element in our overall enforcement strategy. And it has even benefitted the too often forgotten victims of criminal activity. In FY 1996, our Treasury Forfeiture Fund alone oversaw the return of over $50 million to the victims of financial fraud. In the current fiscal year, we likewise expect to return over 30 million taxpayer dollars recovered from a Medicare fraud scheme. Financial fraud and health care fraud - just two of the areas in which federal forfeiture helps the victimized…….."

Yahoo via Drudge 10/6/00 Reuters "……Kenneth Starr's former spokesman in the Monica Lewinsky probe was found not guilty on Friday of criminal contempt of court for lying about his role in news leaks during President Clinton's impeachment trial. The Justice Department had asked a federal judge to find that Charles Bakaly, the former spokesman for independent counsel Starr, be held in contempt for lying in a sworn court declaration when he denied that he leaked secret information to the New York Times. ``The court concludes that the government has not proved its charges beyond a reasonable doubt and therefore the court finds that Mr. Bakaly is not guilty of criminal contempt,'' Chief U.S. District Judge Norma Holloway Johnson said in a written ruling. ……."

NLPC – BNA 3/13/00 "……. Ralph Lancaster, the independent counsel appointed to investigate Labor Secretary Alexis Herman, has obtained the first indictment in his nearly two-year investigation. A federal grand jury in Washington Feb. 16 indicted Abdul Rahman, a foreign national, for allegedly funneling illegal foreign contributions to the Democratic Party through two U.S. citizens, Vanessa Weaver, a close friend of Herman, and her sister Caryliss Weaver. ……. The indictment accuses Rahman of providing $150,000 in illegal contributions to the Democrats and causing false campaign finance reports to be filed with the Fed. Election Commission regarding an additional $50,000 in contributions. Court documents indicated that Venessa Weaver may also be indicted soon. …….."

CNN 9/24/00 "……Independent Counsel Robert Ray says a decision on prosecuting President Clinton for his conduct in the Monica Lewinsky scandal will come "very shortly" after Clinton leaves the White House in January. Speaking on Sunday, Ray said he sympathizes with the public's desire to close the book on the Lewinsky scandal, but he left open the possibility that Clinton could face charges on that matter after he leaves office……" 9/21/00 Carl Limbacher "….. Yesterday Ken Starr's successor, Independent Counsel Robert Ray, took the stand on PBS' Newshour with Jim Lehrer to explain his Whitewater report clearing the Clintons of all criminal charges relating to their 1970s Arkansas land deal. Still we have to note the obvious: with so many others having been punished, such as David Hale, former Gov. Tucker, the McDougals, and others, how come the Clintons got off? The point was not missed by Lehrer:
JIM LEHRER: When you say "crimes were committed," you mean by others?
ROBERT RAY: Correct.
JIM LEHRER: By Former Governor Tucker, Former Justice Department official Webster Hubbell and others, Susan McDougal, those folks, right?
ROBERT RAY: Correct.
JIM LEHRER: 12 people all together, charges were brought against them?
JIM LEHRER: All right. And so you concluded that even those people may have committed crimes, but the Clintons were also not guilty of any perjury or obstruction of justice or anything related to those people's crimes, correct?
ROBERT RAY: That's correct. There were two principal issues: one, did they know about it, were they participants in it; and when they were asked questions about it, did they tell the truth, and was there or was there not obstruction of justice? With regard to each of those matters, we examined them. We examined them from the standpoint of a prosecutor making a judgment about whether or not a criminal case should be brought, and only upon a judgment that there was sufficient evidence to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt would we exercise our judgment to bring such charges. That's the judgment that was made, nothing else, just that judgment. ……..
Ray would have us believe that none of the evidence and testimony given by people like David Hale -- that was successfully used to convict others -- could be applied to the e Clintons. He would also have us believe the Clintons didn't have any real knowledge of illegal transactions and that they were never misleading about the their involvement. Remember Vince Foster's files? Remember the missing billing records that turned up in the White House residence? Clearly Ray has given the Clintons an easy out, as he did so in his FBI files report. ……" 12/12/00 Carl Limbacher "..... John Dean, the former White House counsel who blew the whistle on Nixon's Watergate cover-up and defended President Clinton on TV during impeachment, believes that Clinton is a sure bet for indictment early next year. "Of course (Independent Counsel Robert) Ray knows he is going to indict, and he has been preparing for battle," writes Dean this week on the legal Web site .....The Watergate whistleblower notes also that the last thing the independent counsel wants to see is Clinton recover millions of dollars in legal fees, which, under the independent counsel law, he'd be entitled to unless charges are filed. Dean predicts that if Vice President Al Gore becomes president, the Clinton indictment will become "a horror show" for him. ...."

CBSNEWS 12/5/00 "….. Monica Lewinsky will "reluctantly appear" once again for questioning by prosecutors in the perjury and obstruction probe of President Clinton, a lawyer for the former White House intern said Tuesday. Plato Cacheris said Independent Counsel Robert Ray's office "called last week and said they want to interview her" and that "under the immunity agreement, she has to give" her full cooperation. ……. At Ray's request, a federal grand jury that was empaneled in July in Washington has been hearing evidence against Mr. Clinton in twice-a-week meetings. Lewinsky's upcoming interview will not be before the grand jury. Frequently, witnesses undergo interviews out of the presence of a grand jury and appear for grand jury testimony later. ……" 12/6/00 Carl Limbacher "….. The office of Independent Counsel Robert Ray has asked longtime Clinton paramour Gennifer Flowers for original copies of her famous taped phone calls with President Clinton, has learned exclusively. ….. "They didn't tell me what he wants them for," Flowers said, noting that while Independent Counsel Ken Starr was in charge of the president's prosecution, investigators never asked to talk to her and showed no interest in her Clinton recordings. …..Flowers tipped to Ray's request while she was attending a reception for Judicial Watch's Oct. 20 presidential debate in Washington. She asked at the time that the information remain confidential pending advice of counsel. ….."

Wall Street Journal 12/1/00 Albert Hunt "….. Independent Counsel Robert Ray is stepping up his investigation of President Clinton with new requests to interview witnesses, according to people involved with the case. …..The development could mean that Mr. Ray is moving closer to seeking an indictment of the president, these people said, most likely after he leaves office on Jan. 20. …..Among the witnesses that Mr. Ray may interview, according to these people, is Monica Lewinsky, the former White House intern with whom Mr. Clinton had a sexual relationship. ……"

Reuters 12/24/00 "......Former President George Bush said Sunday that President Clinton had been through a lot and expressed no desire to see his former adversary indicted after he leaves office. ..... In an interview on ABC's "This Week," Bush also defended his son's intellect in the face of criticism that President-elect George W. Bush is not smart enough to be chief executive, and said he would stay out of the way when the younger Bush takes office on Jan. 20. .....On Clinton, Bush said he holds no animosity toward the man who defeated him in 1992 and does not derive vengeful satisfaction that his son defeated the Democrat's vice president, Al Gore, to win the White House. ......"

The Washington Weekly 12/18/00 "..... A former chairman of the Rockland County (NY) Democratic Party was indicted yesterday on fraud, extortion and bribery charges. A federal grand jury filed 14 counts against Paul Adler, who was party chairman from 1996 until he was arrested in September. Adler was a fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton's U.S. Senate race and his name surfaced on a list of overnight guests at the White House. ......Adler, 42, of New City, is to be arraigned on Wednesday. The maximum sentence for extortion, the most serious count against him, is 20 years in prison. A call to his home was not immediately returned. ...."

12/13/94 AP Robert Greene "……Independent Counsel Donald C. Smaltz, investigating Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy and his connections with Tyson Foods Inc., has opened an office in Arkansas…… Smaltz was appointed Sept. 9 by a three-judge panel to investigate travel, lodging, sports tickets and other gifts Espy received from Arkansas poultry magnate Don Tyson, and gifts from others doing business with the department. Espy is resigning at the end of the month……."

Time Magazine 12/26/94 Richard Behar "…... ….. A far more provocative allegation comes from Joseph Henrickson, 43, a pilot who served until last year as the second-highest member of the company's aviation division. The former captain alleges that on six occasions, mostly in the 1980s, he carried sealed white envelopes from Tyson's headquarters in northwest Arkansas to Little Rock while making regular business flights. In each instance, he claims, he held the envelopes up to the light in order to examine the contents. Each envelope, he says, measured about a quarter-inch thick and appeared to be filled with $100 bills. In each case, Henrickson believed the envelopes were intended for delivery to Clinton, though there is no evidence he ever received them nor any allegation as to the purpose for which the money was intended. In confirming that he is looking into the accusation, Smaltz told TIME, "It's very high on my radar screen."…..Both Clinton and Tyson Foods vehemently deny the charges. "…... Last week he explained that in the case of Henrickson's allegations, he is investigating only the alleged "gratuity giver," Tyson Foods, but not the alleged "gratuity receiver."…….. Henrickson says the envelopes were typically given to him by Tyson employees at the company headquarters in Springdale. In one case, he says, a Tyson executive handed him an envelope of cash in the company's aircraft hangar in Fayetteville and said, "This is for Governor Clinton." Henrickson says he usually delivered the envelopes to receptionists working at Midcoast Aviation, formerly called the Little Rock Air Center, where Tyson lands its planes. In another instance, Henrickson says, he handed an envelope to a man who appeared to be a plainclothes state trooper who was waiting on the tarmac……… So far, no eyewitness has corroborated Henrickson's story to TIME. Receptionists at Midcoast Aviation cannot recall any cash drop-offs. …… When Henrickson took part in his first alleged cash delivery for Clinton in the early 1980s, the captain at the wheel of the Citation II aircraft was Haskell Blake, Henrickson says. "((Blake)) showed me the envelope outside the airplane," maintains Henrickson. "We held it up to the light." But Blake, now an Indianapolis-based pilot, recalls nothing of the sort; "I like Joe, but I don't know where he came up with that," says he…….. Last summer, despite the company's strong legal position, Brinton says she was invited for coffee by some current Tyson employees, whom she refuses to identify, who made "an implication" that if Henrickson didn't drop his lawsuit, they would step forward and testify that he transported drugs aboard Tyson airplanes. Nobody has followed through with the threat, which Henrickson reported to the FBI, even though Henrickson has appealed his case. Other Tyson pilots dismiss the drug-running charge against Henrickson as preposterous. Henrickson believes the threat was intended to scare him away from talking about the alleged deliveries to Clinton. He claims he's being blacklisted in the industry, a fate he says his former colleagues might suffer if they backed him up. "It's easy to control people who don't know where their next house payment is coming from," he says…….."

12/19/94 D R Stewart Arkansas Democrat-Gazette "……A former pilot for Tyson Foods Inc. has told Federal investigators that he flew envelopes of cash from Chairman Don Tyson to go-betweens for Gov. Bill Clinton several times in the 1980s….. Henrickson, speaking through his wife, said that after he was fired, he hired a Fayetteville lawyer, Marcia Brinton, to represent him in his lawsuit against Tyson. In July, he said, Brinton told Henrickson and his wife that she had met with four Tyson employees she would not identify. The Tyson employees told her Tyson officials would swear under oath that Henrickson transported drugs in Tyson's corporate jets if he did not drop his lawsuit. ……. Henrickson told the FBI that he flew to Little Rock with sealed white envelopes about six times on regular business trips in the 1980s. The envelopes were a quarter-inch thick, he said. When he held them to the light to examine the contents, he saw $100 bills. …… Henrickson told federal authorities he received no receipts for the envelopes nor does he know what became of them after he turned them over -- sometimes to receptionists, sometime to plainclothes state troopers -- at Midcoast Aviation, formerly the Little Rock Air Center……… Henrickson said that in one instance a Tyson executive at the Tyson corporate hangar in Fayetteville said, "This is for Governor Clinton," as he handed him one of the envelopes……"

Washington Post 12/19/00 Dana Milbank .....There will be no pardon! The last paragraph in a news story from the Washington Post: In answer to a reporter's question, a Bush spokesman said the president-elect wouldn't pardon Clinton over his ongoing legal troubles. Noting that Clinton has said he would neither seek nor accept a pardon, "President-elect Bush takes him at his word," the spokesman said.

AP 12/15/00 "......The former chairman of the Rockland County Democratic Party has been indicted on fraud, extortion and bribery charges stemming from his business dealings. Paul Adler, 42, was indicted Thursday on 14 counts by a federal grand jury. If convicted of the most serious count, extortion, he could be sentenced to 20 years in prison. ..... The charges involve three land transactions. In one, Adler allegedly tried to bribe a planning official.

Prosecutors said they have a tape recording on which Adler says: ''If you can't help your friends, then why get into some of these positions?'' ......Adler, a real estate broker, served as party chairman from 1996 until his arrest in September. He raised funds for Hillary Rodham Clinton's U.S. Senate race and his name surfaced on a list of overnight guests at the White House......"

PRESIDENT CLINTON'S INDICTMENT AND PARDON - COMING SOON 12/8/00 John Dean "..... All the clues suggest that William Jefferson Clinton is going to be indicted by Independent Counsel Robert Ray shortly after the president leaves office. This action, if it happens, will have major political consequences for the new president....... As for the soon-to-be former president, although he will never go to prison (with his Secret Service detail to protect him and the nation's national security), he may be seriously considering granting himself a pardon. Not merely for himself, but for his wife, his daughter, his party and his country....... As I see it, Independent Counsel Robert Ray has only one purpose in life: to indict Bill Clinton when he leaves office at noon on January 20, 2001. ...... In short, Robert Ray, an ambitious and able career prosecutor, did not take the independent counsel job merely to write the final report required by the law and close down the operation.......While Ray initially ducked the questions about indicting Clinton, as the months have passed, his plans have become clear. Last summer, just before the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, it was accidentally leaked to the media that Ray had empanelled a new grand jury. ...... Robert Ray has not been twiddling his thumbs for over a year in his job, not knowing what he plans to do with Bill Clinton. Rather, Ray is waiting for Clinton to leave office because it is doubtful whether a sitting president can be indicted. ...... Of course Ray knows he is going to indict, and he has been preparing for battle. How can he not indict? He has a formal finding of a federal judge that the record in a civil lawsuit against Clinton (the Paula Jones case) "demonstrates by clear and convincing evidence that the president responded ... by giving false, misleading and evasive answers that were designed to obstruct the judicial process." And Ray knows that about half the members of the 106th Congress of the United States found that the president not only committed perjury and obstruction of justice in a civil lawsuit, but also did the same before a federal grand jury and during impeachment proceedings......."

12/8/00 John Dean "..... No career prosecutor is going to ignore this evidence of the president's criminal conduct and give him a pass. Nor will he let Bill Clinton recover millions of dollars (in legal fees) from the government, which would happen under the independent counsel law if he is not indicted. The retiring president is about to leap from the proverbial frying pan into the fire. ....... On the other hand, if George W. Bush is in the Oval Office when Clinton is indicted, a pardon of Clinton will present a marvelous political opportunity for Bush. It would be chance to pacify partisan rancor, and offer an olive branch to the Democrats. ......Inherent in the power to pardon is the authority to forgive an offense before an indictment, as President Ford did with Richard Nixon. Thus, Bush can prevent the political embarrassment and distraction of the Clinton criminal trial with an act of grace - his presidential pardon. That pardon, of course, would send Independent Counsel Ray packing, for then his work, other than a final report, would be done......"

12/8/00 John Dean "..... Bill Clinton may have no interest at all in such a political ploy by Bush. Instead, he may want to prove his innocence, and he may believe that he can do so without hurting his wife politically or his daughter emotionally. "....But would Clinton go to court to have a Bush pardon invalidated? His statement during the presidential campaign of his Vice President that he did not want a pardon, however, does not mean that he might not welcome the relief. .....To pardon himself, Clinton would need only to take out a blank sheet of White House stationery, write out his pardon (he's signed 185 of them - so far the fewest of any of the modern president but enough to know what they say), and request that a couple of trusted White House aides witness his execution and delivery of his pardon deed. Is it really so simple? Yes; the courts have said there is no required form or procedure, nor need there be compliance with Justice Department clemency regulations. ...... While no president has ever pardoned himself, the law supports the president's authority to do so. ......"

Drudge 1/4/01 "..... President Clinton's final days in office promise to be his most anxious days as Independent Counsel Robert Ray orders his divided staff to settle the question whether Clinton should be indicted in events surrounding the Lewinsky grand jury investigation. ...... Now the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal that Independent Counsel Robert Ray has determined: Issues surrounding a Clinton indictment must be resolved no later then February 15. ......... MORE According to sources directly involved in the decision process, a timetable has been set and Ray is preparing to publicly announce whether he will prosecute Clinton within weeks, if not days, of the president leaving office. .....Senior staffers at the Office of the Independent Counsel have drawn up extensive arguments for and against a Clinton indictment, it has been learned. ......" 1/5/01 Carl Limbacher "….. The nation's most influential business daily became the first newspaper in the country on Friday to call for the indictment of the President of the United States, in a stinging editorial that argued he had given prosecutors no other choice. "(President Clinton) is manifestly guilty of perjury in his Paula Jones testimony, but even today clings to the 'what the meaning of the word is, is defense,'" said the Wall Street Journal about the president's effort to cover-up the scandal that ultimately led to his impeachment. …… Citing Clinton's claim in December's Esquire Magazine that his congressional impeachers owe both him and the nation an apology, the Journal outlined Independent Counsel Robert Ray's dilemma: …… "If (Ray) decides to give the president a pass in terms of a larger public interest, the president will surely claim his preposterous defense was vindicated, that he was the victim.... History's burden on Mr. Ray is that a decision not to indict serves the Clinton revisionism." …… The paper also revisits the pronouncements of several leading senate Democrats two years ago, who argued at the time that Clinton should not be removed from office because he could be prosecuted after his term expired. ….."His conduct should not be excused, nor will it. The President can be criminally prosecuted, especially once he leaves office," proclaimed Wisconsin's Herb Kohl. ……"As the Constitution clearly says, (Clinton) remains subject to the laws of the land, just like any other citizen of the United States," echoed California's Barbara Boxer. ……" 1/5/01 Carl Limbacher "….. If President-elect George Bush thinks Democrats will welcome a presidential pardon for Bill Clinton, he better think again. Not only won't the gesture be the bipartisan olive branch some Republicans are hoping for, a leading Democratic player in the impeachment drama two years ago says it will be "the political equivalent of nuclear war." …… Julian Epstein, Democratic counsel to the House Judiciary Committee during Clinton's impeachment, delivered the "nuclear war" threat last week on Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes." ……. While debating the pardon issue with former congressmen and columnists John LeBoutillier and Dan Frisa, Epstein explained why a Bush pardon would make Democrat blood boil. "I think it would be trying to be too cute by half if a President Bush were to do that, for the following reason. It gives the impression that President Bush is trying to be magnanimous, when in fact what he's trying to do is give and put yet another scarlet letter on the chest of President Clinton." ……Epstein then warned that a pardon would mean political nuclear war -- and even repeated the threat moments later. ….."

New York Press 12/30/00 "......George W. Bush's spokesman, Ari Fleischer, is in terrible trouble. "President Clinton said that he would neither seek nor accept a pardon, and President-Elect Bush takes him at his word," announced Ari just the other day, which in my not-so-humble opinion means either Fleischer is naive or George W. is a very accomplished practical joker. Taking Bill Clinton at his word is something only a fool would do, and George W. is no fool. When independent counsel Robert Ray makes his final decision about whether to press charges that include perjury and obstruction of justice, we will see the real Clinton. If Ray decides to prosecute, Clinton will go to his media lackeys first, then to his Hollywood pals and, finally, he will appeal to a "sense of justice and the decency of the President of the United States..." or words to that effect. ....." 12/31/00 Carl Limbacher "..... Tapes of telephone calls between President Clinton and his former lover Gennifer Flowers will play a key evidentiary role in Clinton's probable indictment, the Houston Chronicle reported on Sunday, citing sources both on and off the record. ...........A former prosecutor with Starr's office, speaking on condition of anonymity, said there was "strong sentiment" in 1998 to include the devastating audio tapes as part of the impeachment case against Clinton. ........"(Clinton) almost said word for word to Gennifer Flowers on those tapes what he said to Monica about covering up their affair," said the lawyer. "Mr. Starr decided it would be too explosive to use the Flowers tapes during the impeachment." ......"But if you were going to take Clinton to trial, it would be extremely potent evidence," the one-time Starr deputy added. ....." 12/31/00 Carl Limbacher ".....In an exclusive interview in October with, the key Clinton witness first revealed that the Office of Independent Counsel had contacted her and requested original recordings of coversations she had with Clinton in 1990 and 1991. Flowers, who did not speak to the Chronicle, told that neither Starr nor his investigators had ever contacted her, either for her tapes or any relevant testimony she might be able to supply. ....... She speculated that Ray's prosecutors wanted to test her original tapes for authenticity, since audio copies have been publicly available since 1993. Flowers herself had the recordings analyzed in 1992 by Truth Verification Labs, which certified that they had not been tampered with or doctored in any way. ..."

Accuracy In Media 3/20/92 Joe Goulden Audio Clip ".....Gennifer Flowers : "... have that happen because my mother would get very concerned and worrried, and so far, you know ..."

Bill Clinton : (inaudible)... "if they ever hit you with it, just say no, and go on. There's nothing they can do."

Bill Clinton : "Yeah, and if you get antsy, you know you call me anytime."

Gennifer Flowers : "Well, I don't, I don't want to bug you. I know you've got a lot on..."

Bill Clinton : "But when they... if somebody contacts you, I need to know. So I'm glad you told me that."

Gennifer Flowers : "Okay. Well, that's so far that's... you heard me say Dallas Morning News?"

Bill Clinton : "Yeah. But what did you say to them?"

Gennifer Flowers : "Uh, I uh, same thing. I say it's, no..."

Bill Clinton : (inaudible)

Gennifer Flowers : "That's not true. I want you to, you know, that I, I have nothing to say. Leave me alone."

Bill Clinton : "Good."

Gennifer Flowers : "I said, 'Don't waste your time."

Bill Clinton : "That's good."

Gennifer Flowers : "And I never heard another word from him."

Bill Clinton : "All you got to do is deny it."

Gennifer Flowers : "I think, you know, I think it they appreciate that. They don't want to waste their time either. But here's the thing, I think. My theory is, because I've been a news reporter, if it were me and I looked at that list, I would pick Gennifer Flowers out as being one of the most vulnerable, for, for a couple of reasons; one, is that I'm not married."......"



Jorge Cabrera
Dan Lasater (Pardon by Gov. Clinton)
Roger Clinton (half brother Pardon by Gov. Clinton)
Arthur Coia
Wang Jun
Gerry Adams
Yassar Arafat
Grigori Loutchansky, head of Russian/Austrian joint venture Nordex
Communist revolutionary fronts in Latin America, Africa, Middle East (1982+ Hillary Clinton, New World Foundation philanthropies)


WorldNetDaily Charles Smith 8/4/98 ".Another scandal revealed by the new documents from the files of Ron Brown shows that Roger Tamraz was inside the Clinton administration as early as 1994 -- two years before he met Bill Clinton in the White House. Tamraz, a Lebanese oil financier, was then wanted by Interpol for embezzling nearly $80 million dollars from a middle eastern bank. Tamraz would later give over $300,000 to the DNC via his links to the Clinton administration. In 1994 Tamraz was authorized by Bill Clinton to travel with Ron Brown on the Presidential Business development mission to Russia. Newly declassified documents show that administration officials arranged a series of meetings between Tamraz and Russian energy officials from the GAZPROM bureau. The document, a unclassified March 1994 telegram to U.S. Commerce representatives in Russia, orders them to arrange meetings between Tamraz and the Russian First Deputy Minister of Fuels and Energy..Another Brown document for the Russian trip, dated February 1994, lists Tamraz along with CEO's from Tenneco, Texaco, ARCO, Enron, Conoco, AT&T, Motorola, and Silicon Graphics. ."

Weekly Standard 8/31/98 Eugene Methyin "July 24, 1996, in the historic mahogany-paneled hearing room where grim-faced congressmen once considered the impeachment of President Nixon, chairman Bill McCollum of the House Crime Subcommittee gaveled for order. "There will be no photographs permitted of this witness," the Florida Republican instructed. A hood over his head, 50-year-old Ronald M. Fino was led to the witness chair, a screen protecting him from spectators' view. For 15 years, Fino was business manager of the Laborers' International Union of North America Local 210 in Buffalo, N.Y., and for eight years, one of the union's national officials. "During this time, I witnessed the gripping control of the union and its membership by La Cosa Nostra, and the defilement of its workers' dues and benefit funds," he testified. For all those years, Fino was also an undercover informant for the FBI. In more than 4,000 meetings with FBI agents, he detailed the mob's secret "shadow government" within the union, and how it reached into the Laborers' Washington headquarters just two blocks from the White House..The Laborers, under president Arthur A. Coia, had managed to snuggle up embarrassingly closely to the Clinton administration. Even before Bill Clinton took office, the Laborers made a $ 100,000 loan to his inaugural committee. Over the next four years, the union and its political action committee gave various Democratic groups and candidates $ 4.8 million. Harold Ickes, Clinton's first-term deputy chief of staff, was a New York labor lawyer whose clients included the Laborers, its "education trust fund," and its New York- New Jersey political action committee. Coia was a regular White House visitor. He was invited to a state dinner for the Japanese emperor, to join the president in greeting the pope in Denver, and to fly with Clinton on Air Force One to Rhode Island and Haiti. The House Crime Subcommittee documented more than 120 contacts in three years between Coia and the Clinton White House, including cash contributions, personal letters, and social-political invitations. The most important, for Coia, was a meeting in the Oval Office with President Clinton and Ickes on October 21, 1994. The White House had just asked the FBI for a "name check" preparatory to naming Coia to a prestigious presidential commission. The FBI's response was stark: "Coia is a criminal associate of the New England Patriarca organized crime family." Moreover, the Justice Department advised that its racket-busters were going to file a suit "within the next several weeks" that "will accuse Coia of being a puppet of the LCN [La Cosa Nostra]." Associate deputy attorney general David Margolis, an organized-crime specialist, repeatedly telephoned warnings to the White House about Coia. Nonetheless, in the Oval Office President Clinton presented Coia with a Callaway "Divine Nine" golf club and listened to Coia's complaints about the "low-level negative response" his union was getting to applications for federal job-training grants. The president assigned Ickes to look after Coia's concerns. Altogether, in the four fiscal years 1994-1997 after Clinton took office, the Laborers received $ 50.5 million in federal grants. The day after the Oval Office meeting, Coia wrote a check for $ 50,000 as a personal "soft money" contribution to the Democratic National Committee. He also gave Clinton a hand-crafted golf club bearing the presidential seal. .Arthur A. Coia today remains president of the Laborers' International Union of North America thanks to an unprecedented bargain he struck with the Justice Department. Two weeks after his 1994 Oval Office meeting with Clinton and Ickes, Justice Department racket-busters delivered to the union a draft racketeering complaint, relying heavily on Fino's testimony. Then strange things happened - - events that are the subject of a House Judiciary Committee investigation.. The union was allowed to undertake its own house-cleaning, under Justice Department oversight.. As Coia's hand-picked cleanup man, Luskin from the start seemed to drag his feet. More than a year elapsed before he prosecuted Fino's Local 210 in Buffalo, one of the country's most notorious mob-owned locals. He waited two-and-a-half years to seek a trusteeship over the equally corrupt Chicago district council, whose top officers -- all of them gangsters or mob associates -- oversaw 21 Laborers locals, 19,000 union members, and $ 1.5 billion in health and pension funds. Indeed, Luskin did not secure this trusteeship until February 9, 1998, two days before the original three-year term of the Justice Department's oversight agreement expired. Justice and the union agreed to a belated one-year extension. . Ron Fino and other critics complain that Coia has survived for nearly four years by adopting a shrewd damage-control strategy, playing the public role of reformer while moving chiefly against his rivals in the "shadow government" and ignoring the mob overlords in his Northeast home base. Indeed, federal informants report that the Genovese family is now in complete control of the union. Last November, when the three-year oversight agreement was about to expire and the Justice Department threatened to take over the union, Luskin moved finally to oust Coia. The charges: Coia "knowingly associated" with Mafia members and permitted them to influence the union, breaching his constitutional and fiduciary duties. Coia also "improperly accepted benefits" from a union service provider. .Meantime, the Justice Department's effort to cleanse the Laborers Union of the brutal shadow government Ron Fino so courageously exposed drags on. A recent issue of Hard Hat Construction Magazine paid him well-deserved tribute: "Unlike most mob informants, Fino volunteered. He was not trying to turn in mob associates in exchange for a lighter prison sentence, and he was not trying to get rich. He tried to do the right thing, and he has paid the price. He lost his good [union] job, he lost his family, and the Buffalo Cosa Nostra put a price on his head. He lives on the run, while many of the mobsters he incriminated are still leading the plush life." Clinton said in a statement released during his trip to Russia that Ickes "has been a trusted adviser and a dedicated public servant."."

60 Minutes 12/6/98 Freeper Fulbright reports ".If Time magazine called him "the most pernicious unindicted criminal in the world," and the U.S. State Department also believed he was "evil", how did Grigori Loutchansky get to speak to President Clinton at a DNC fund raiser? "60 Minutes" aired this remarkable piece tonight. Former CIA director Wollsey was interviewed and said for a President to have met with this individual showed very poor judgement. Loutchansksy was given a message to deliver to former Ukranian Prime Minister Leonid Kravchuck by Clinton concerning arms trading. Rep. Gerald Solomon was interviewed and said that for a person with Loutchansky's background to be given a diplomatic message to deliver is the most incredible thing he has heard of in his 31 years in Congress. .Ed Timperlake was on the 60 Minutes piece--said he feared for his life because of Loutchansky."

NY Post 12/12/98 Andy Geller ".Abu Abbas, cruel mastermind of the hijacking of the cruise ship Achille Lauro, has been invited to hear President Clinton address the Palestinian National Council on Monday. But an aide to the former Palestinian guerrila leader said he probably won't show. The United States had sought Abbas for years in the killing of New York tourist Leon Klinghoffer, who was murdered when the Italian liner was hijacked by members of Abbas' guerrilla band in 1985. The 69-year-old wheelchairbound Klinghoffer was shot dead and then dumped overboard. Abbas is a member of the council, the top Palestinian decision-making body. His aide said Abbas was in Iraq on business.." Freeper mass55th adds ".And they bitch because Bob Barr accepted an invitation from a fellow Congressman and addressed an ALLEGED white supremacy group? After drug dealers and arms traffickers visiting the first felon in the White House, and his being received in Tiananmen Square in Communist China, why would it surprise us that Bill Clinton may be rubbing elbows with a wanted terrorist?."

The Weekly Standard 8/31/98 Eugene Methvin ". For 15 years, Fino was business manager of the Laborers' International Union of North America Local 210 in Buffalo, N.Y., and for eight years, one of the union's national officials. "During this time, I witnessed the gripping control of the union and its membership by La Cosa Nostra, and the defilement of its workers' dues and benefit funds," he testified. For all those years, Fino was also an undercover informant for the FBI. In more than 4,000 meetings with FBI agents, he detailed the mob's secret "shadow government" within the union, and how it reached into the Laborers' Washington headquarters just two blocks from the White House. Fino's testimony struck at the heart of an illicit alliance in which a Mafia-dominated union provided multimillion-dollar campaign contributions and Justice Department racket-busters were shackled. The House subcommittee had confidential information that federal prosecutors had been thwarted in their plan to take over and clean up the union. But subcommittee Democrats blocked subpoenas to compel testimony from witnesses who might have revealed the fix. Instead they heaped ridicule on the witness. "Mr. Fino, do you believe space aliens are linked to the mob?" mocked New York's Charles Schumer.."

Ether Zone Online 11/1/98 Bob Mementeller ". In 1995 the White House host a major drug dealer at it's Christmas party, Mobster Jorge Cabrera. Cabrera gave $20,000 to the DNC. Besides being photographed in front of the White House Christmas tree with Hillary, Cabrera was photographed with Al Gore at a Miami fund-raiser. The Clinton administration initially attempted to conceal the photo by arguing that a publicity shot with the Vice President is covered by the Privacy Act. Cabrera was indicted in 1983 by a federal grand jury, on racketing and drug charges. In 1988, he was accused of managing a continuing narcotics operation. He pleaded guilty to lesser charges and served 54 months on prison. After his visit to the White House, Cabrera would be sentenced to 19 years in prison for transporting 6,000 pounds of cocaine into the US. The Secret Service says letting him come to the White House was okay because he posed no threat to the President, we can't imagine why? ."

Insight Magazine Jamie Dettmer and Timothy Maier ".Mari Carmen Aponte, who was handpicked by President Clinton to serve as U.S. ambassador to the Dominican Republic, has withdrawn her name from consideration after reports she was recruited to be a Cuban spy. According to a confidential intelligence memo delivered to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jesse Helms of North Carolina, first published by Insight several months ago, Aponte allegedly cohabited with an agent of the Cuban intelligence service, known as DGI. The man, who was not named in the memo, later was identified in followup press reports as Roberto Tamayo. In October, eight months after Insight's exclusive story concerning White House security lapses and Aponte's relationship with the suspected spy (see "Do You Want to Know a Secret?" March 23, 1998) the former member of Clinton's transition team quietly stepped aside. It was only earlier this month that news emerged about her withdrawal. .. Nonetheless, Aponte subsequently was provided a top-secret clearance at the State Department despite serious objections from career officials. Prominent in the minority legal community, Aponte has been a contributor to various Democratic Party campaigns and has given $21,400 to the Democrats, including $1,000 to Clinton's election coffers. The president has had nothing but praise for Aponte, a native of Puerto Rico, and may appoint her to a post at the Federal Housing Finance Board, a regulatory agency, according to the Washington Times. .."

Washington Weekly 2/15/99 Marvin Lee "."I am under a gag order not to speak to the press," says Matthew King of the San Francisco office of the U.S. Bureau of Customs. King was a participant in the "Dragon Fire" sting operation that netted Chinese gun smugglers in 1996. In 1997, before the gag order was issued, King managed to explain to reporters for Vanity Fair that the ultimate goal of the Dragon Fire operation was to arrest top Chinese Communist officials such as Wang Jun, who were engaged in massive weapons smuggling to the United States:.. But for some reason, the Dragon Fire sting operation was leaked to the press before Matthew King and his BATF colleague Dick Stoltz managed to get to the top of the military industrial complex of Communist China and nail Wang Jun and his lieutenants. What King and Stoltz did not know at the time, but was later revealed through the Chinagate investigation, is that Wang Jun visited the White House just one month before the press leak that aborted the Dragon Fire sting operation. The visit had been arranged by Chinese agent and Clinton friend Charlie Trie and Clinton friend Ernest Green. Trie has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Bill Clinton and his legal defense fund on behalf of the People's Republic of China, and Ernest Green's wife, on the day of Wang Jun's White House visit, donated $50,000 to the Democratic National Committee [1].."

WorldNet Daily 2/23/99 Charles Smith "...The direct link between Beijing espionage, millionaire drug lords and Bill Clinton is Webster Hubbell. In 1993, Webster Hubbell was personally charged by Janet Reno with a top-secret project to tap every phone in America. Hubbell's initial task was to tap every phone in the government, starting with the Drug Enforcement Administration. This month, the Department of Justice was forced by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to release the Hubbell files. According to Justice, many of the Hubbell documents are being withheld for "national security" reasons. In addition, 15 Hubbell documents remain in the hands of the FBI and National Security Agency to be reviewed prior to any release. According to the NSA, FBI and the National Security Council, the Hubbell files are so sensitive that to release them today could result in charges of treason and the death penalty. The newly released Hubbell files are so secret that even the code word classification level was blacked out for "national security" reasons. Furthermore, Justice was forced to admit that a 1993 letter from AT&T CEO Robert Allen to Hubbell was "destroyed pursuant to the records destruction schedules." This in itself is highly suspect because this author has obtained documents dating as far back as 1983 that were returned by the NSC -- over 10 years prior to the "destroyed" AT&T Hubbell letter. One document released by Justice is a March 1993 memo from Stephen Colgate, assistant attorney general for administration. Colgate's memo to Hubbell details the Clinton officials charged with bugging every phone in America. According to the Colgate memo, Vice President Al Gore was to chair a meeting with Hubbell, Reno, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and Leon Panetta. The meeting was on the "AT&T Telephone Security Device." In 1992, AT&T had developed secure telephones the U.S. government could not tap. The Clinton administration secretly contracted with AT&T to keep the phones off the American market. According to Colgate, the secure phones were simply too dangerous for American citizens.... Part of the secret project included re-fitting the purchased AT&T phones with a new chip called "Clipper" developed by the NSA at Fort Meade, Maryland. This chip contained a secret "exploitable" feature allowing the government to tap the phone conversation with a special back door key. ..."

WorldNetDaily 5/14/98 Joseph Farah "…Clinton administration this week announced a comprehensive plan to target the growing power of sophisticated international organized crime syndicates. It's called the International Crime Control Strategy, which identifies the major global threats to the United States as drug trafficking, acquisition or sale of weapons of mass destruction by criminal, the transfer of sensitive U.S. technology to rogue foreign states and trafficking in women and children. Drug trafficking? Transfer of sensitive technology? Trafficking in women? These are certainly areas in which the Clinton administration has expertise…."


WorldNetDaily 3/16/99 Charles Smith "… In August 1994, Mr. Wu accompanied Ron Brown to China and Hong Kong. Mr. Wu traveled with several major donors to the DNC, including Bernard Schwartz CEO of Loral, Sanford Robertson CEO of Robertson & Stephens and Edwin Lupenberger, CEO of Entergy Corp. Wu was invited to various special events, including a post Hong Kong dinner and Democratic fund-raiser. K.S. Wu, according to his official Commerce Dept. information sheet, was a very busy man. Wu, according to the Commerce profile, was a graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University and did graduate work at Yale. In 1994, Wu was chairman of Pacific Century Group, a member of the Board of Directors of the Singapore Fund, the Japan Equity Fund, the China Direct Fund and the Sinung Corporation. Wu was also a board member of the Georgetown University Asian Law Program and the Enprotech Corporation. Wu traveled to China in August of 1994 with a self-described "close" friend, West Virginia Governor Gaston Caperton. In 1996, Caperton described K.S. Wu as a "close friend" and a "trusted advisor to Senator Rockefeller". Today, none dare speak of Mr. Wu. Former Governor Caperton, Democrat Senator Rockefeller both refused to comment on the late K.S. Wu. All questions to the Senator's office on K.S. Wu have been greeted by with the same answer, a short and angry "no comment"…. Lupenberger and Wu were given White House information sheets on every major member of the communist Chinese leadership. The White House bios included data on the most important Chinese communist citizens from President Jiang Zemin to the Mayor of Shanghai. The only civilian included by the White House was Li Ka-Shing, Director of CITIC. Li Ka-Shing owns the vast shipping enterprise, Hutchison Whampoa, Ltd. Li works closely with the official PRC shipping carrier, COSCO. Li and COSCO own both ends of the Panama canal. Li and COSCO tried to buy the former Navy port at Long Beach. Li financed several satellite deals between Hughes and China Hong Kong Satellite (CHINASAT), a company half owned by the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA). Li Ka-Shing and the Chinese Navy nearly obtained four huge roll-on/roll-off container ships, financed by the American taxpayers…. Wu, according to the official Commerce Department information sheet, was chairman of Pacific Century Group, an investment firm working to finance electric power plants inside China with U.S. money…. Pacific Century, according to sources on Capitol Hill, is actually a front company part owned by Li Ka-Shing and Macau prostitution drug-lord Ng Lapseng. The U.S. based business run by Wu was actually then owned by Chinese billionaire Li Ka-Shing and a major organized crime boss. The Ng family dominance of far east heroin, and oriental female love slaves in California, Oregon and Washington is well known to law enforcement at both the state and Federal levels. In fact, the CEO of Pacific Century, K.S. "Wu" was related to Ng. Ng, also a major donor to the DNC, often introduced himself as "Mister Wu". K.S. Wu was a cousin of Ng Lapseng. Crimelord Ng actually entered the inner-Clinton circle by introducing large amounts of cash to the DNC. Proof of this can be seen in a wonderful photograph of Mr. Ng with Mr. and Mrs. Clinton at a DNC fundraising event….. The 1994 trade trip to China included a Lippo backed power project in China with an Arkansas-based company called Entergy Corp. Former DNC fund-raisers Ira Sockowitz and John Huang worked at the Commerce Department and were charged by Brown to "vet" or check out the Entergy project in China…. Lupenberger and Wu attended the trade mission to China on the personal authority of President Clinton. Lupenberger also personally donated over $80,000 to Democratic candidates prior to the flight. Wu brought investors eager to finance the operation, including money laundered from his family holdings in Macau. Commerce documents show Edwin Lupenberger, Maria Haley, then head of the Export Import Bank, K.S. Wu, and Li Ka-Shing all met Madam Wu Yi. Madam Wu was then the Minister of China's Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC). The investments made through Pacific Century were to back a joint Lippo/Chinese "soft coal" power plant. John Huang, Ron Brown, Edwin Lupenberger, Senator Rockefeller and K.S. Wu all helped to obtain the financing from U.S. citizens and taxpayers to build "soft" coal fired plants in the far east. Coal fired plants that cannot burn American coal. The sole source of U.S. soft coal is the state of Utah. Utah also happens to be the number one state competing with West Virginia on the coal export market. President Clinton declared most of Utah to be off-limits to coal mining without legislation, using a Presidential Executive order. With this single act, Clinton enhanced the standing of Democratic West Virginia and punished Republican dominated Utah…."


Washington Weekly 4/5/99 Marvin Lee "...On November 8, 1995, at a presidential luncheon at the "Car Barn" in Georgetown, an unusual constellation of guests were in attendance: Charlie Trie, Ng Lap Seng and Eric Green met Richard Mays and Eric Wynn. Also attending was then-Commerce Secretary Ron Brown who addressed the assembled people as "The Trie Team," and said that "big business helps us everywhere." What is "The Trie Team"? We know from Timperlake & Triplett's book "Year of the Rat" that Trie and Lap Seng are members of the "Four Seasons" Triad gang of Chinese organized crime. We also know that Trie is a long-time friend of Bill Clinton. Another long-time friend of Clinton is Richard Mays, a Little Rock lawyer whose name has appeared in the Whitewater and tainted blood scandals as well as the investigation into the death of White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster. He is also a fundraiser for Clinton who has repeatedly solicited money from people reported by the Washington Post to be tied to U.S. organized crime: Eric Wynn and Richard Tienken. Mays has also successfully raised campaign contributions from Charlie Trie. The House Government Reform and Oversight Committee during its Campaign Finance investigation obtained a video tape of the Car Barn event in Georgetown. During a recently released deposition of Richard Mays, David A. Kass, Investigative Counsel for the Committee asked about the Car Barn event. Mays did not seem comfortable testifying about the event that was co-chaired by himself and Charlie Trie, and had no explanation for why participants apparently had tried to hide photos from the event showing President Clinton and several top DNC officials socializing with members of U.S. and Chinese organized crime. Mays admitted during the deposition to giving Eric Wynn "free legal advice." Mays left for Africa when the Committee later subpoenaed him to testify during Campaign Finance hearings....What is the link between U.S. and Chinese organized crime? The Car Barn event may be providing the answer. It was a fundraising event. Could it be that U.S. and Chinese organized crime serve as one of the funnels of cash between the Chinese military and the Clinton administration? The Chinese military - Lt. Colonel Liu Chaoying - Johnny Chung - White House channel could not possibly have paid for all the military technology obtained from the Clinton administration by the People's Liberation Army...."


House of Representatives 4/15/97 Rep Cunningham "...Some of the donors invited to the White House who participated in events with the President include: Mr. Russ Barakat, a south Florida Democrat party official who, 5 days after attending a White House coffee session in April 1995, was indicted on criminal charges and ultimately convicted of tax evasion. A Florida newspaper was full of the stories about Mr. Barakat's problems with the law before the executive mansion get-together...."

House of Representatives 4/15/97 Rep Cunningham "...Mr. Wang Jun a Chinese businessman and the head of a military-owned arms company, while a part of the United States Government, was out investigating Wang Jun for allegedly smuggling in arms to this country, that is, 2,000 AK-47's. He was with Mr. Clinton at a White House coffee courtesy of Charlie Trie...."

House of Representatives 4/15/97 Rep Cunningham "...Chong Lo, convicted of tax evasion in 1980 under the name of Esther Chu, who was another visitor at the coffee of the White House Clintons, has since been arrested again on 14 charges of falsifying mortgage applications, to which she had pleaded not guilty at the time...."


American Spectator American Enterprise Institute 11/98 Michael Ledeen ".... The heart of the matter is the symbiotic relationship between major financial donors and elected officials, which is much like that between candidates and voters. .....The Teamsters returned to the Democratic fold in time for the 1992 elections, a rapprochement made possible by the election of Ron Carey as president in December of 1991....Carey's image as labor's Galahad--a classic bit of disinformation apparently first launched in Steven Brill's book on the Teamsters ( a book dedicated to Sandy Berger, now NSA Boss)--lasted a surprisingly long time, especially since the FBI had very reliable information--from Alphonse "Little Al" D'Arco, a former boss of the Lucchese family in New York who turned government informant and helped convict an impressive number of Mafiosi--that Carey had worked closely with the mob. Carey's relationship with Mafia gangsters was underlined when, less than six months after his election, he appointed William Genoese as a trustee of a New York City Teamsters local. Genoese's Mafia ties were so well known that the appointment was rejected by the Independent Review Board's trustee Judge Frederick Lacey, who, in a statement that set the pattern for his future actions, absolved Carey of any fault at the same time he noted it would have been easy to uncover Genoese's unsavory connections. If Carey had been serious about making life difficult for La Cosa Nostra inside the Teamsters, he would never have nominated the likes of Genoese to positions of power in the locals, which, in keeping with long tradition, maintained considerable autonomy from the national executive. And if Carey had had a sensitive political ear, he would have demonstrated a willingness to work with Lacey, who could easily have criticized Carey for the Genoese fiasco. Instead, Carey launched a campaign to abolish the Review Board. He declared Lacey's fees excessive, and attacked the government's reform program itself, even though that program was the key element in Carey's election victory. Finally, he appointed his campaign manager, Eddie Burke, to the Review Board and authorized Burke to resist the appointment of a third member. Carey lost on both fronts: a federal court rejected the appeal to end government supervision, and Judge William Webster, former FBI and CIA chief, was appointed to the Board. ...."

American Spectator American Enterprise Institute 11/98 Michael Ledeen "....The contact was arranged by Carey's friend and advisor Barry Feinstein, the head of Local 237, whose corrupt practices (such as compiling a substantial private art collection, courtesy of the union) led to his lifetime expulsion from the Teamsters a few years later. Feinstein had asked for the Genoese appointment in exchange for political assistance to Carey, and the match he made between Carey and Ickes was a beauty. Ickes had developed a successful practice representing New York unions, including some, like the New York Hotel and Restaurant Workers local, with notorious Mafia influence. This would delay Ickes's appointment as deputy chief of staff to Clinton for a full year, pending a governmental investigation of his role in union activities. During that year, Ickes was retained by several unions which were specific targets of the Organized Crime Commission, including, as luck would have it, Feinstein's Local 237. Ickes also represented another Teamsters local that Bobby Kennedy had exposed as an exclusive domain of Lucchese family boss Tony "Ducks" Corallo....."

American Spectator American Enterprise Institute 11/98 Michael Ledeen ".... The Ickes-Carey meeting lay the groundwork for years of intimate cooperation between the Teamsters and the Clinton administration. Once installed in the White House, Ickes wrote a memo spelling out Carey's great importance to the political ambitions of the Clintons, and urged the president to establish a personal relationship with the Teamsters leader. The alliance promised enormous benefits for both sides....... The Teamsters delivered millions of dollars to Clinton's 1992 campaign, and quickly gained easy access to the White House. The Clinton administration intervened in a long-running strike in California, instructing Mickey Kantor to urge management to settle the matter. Things improved with the overseers as well. One never knows people's real motivation, but for the next several years the Review Board treated Ron Carey quite generously, and Judge Lacey made it emphatically clear that he considered Carey the best available Teamsters president....... If ever circumstances dictated an alliance, this was the time; each would help the other on both political and financial fronts. Each side had the right people in the right positions: The Left was newly triumphant in the Teamsters and the AFL-CIO, and their man, Harold Ickes, was at the right hand of the president. The scheme was as simple as it was corrupt: the unions would pour more and more money into the 1996 campaigns (Clinton-Gore and both state and national DNC accounts), and in exchange the Democrats would fund union projects (such as Carey's own campaign) and the pet causes of their biggest donors. The money was laundered through "public interest" organizations, the most celebrated of which is Citizen Action, ostensibly devoted to "cleaning up" American politics and defending small consumers, and whose board features a stunning collection of the rich and infamous, from Barbra Streisand to Howard Metzenbaum. ....."

American Spectator American Enterprise Institute 11/98 Michael Ledeen ".... Thus, on November 1, 1996, the Teamsters sent $150,000 to the AFL-CIO's political action committee. The AFL-CIO then sent its own check for the same amount to the ubiquitous Citizen Action, which, in accordance with its publicly proclaimed high ethical standards, kept a third for itself and forwarded $100,000 to the November Group, a direct-mail operation owned by one of the fundraisers, which was the lucky recipient of funds collected by the Teamsters for a Corruption Free Union. The November Group sent out nearly 1.7 million pieces of direct-mail literature on behalf of Carey's re-election, an impressive number indeed for a union with a total of 1.4 million members. To round out the cast of characters in this cozy scheme, the November Group had earlier retained the services of Share Group, Inc., a Boston telemarketing operation run by Michael Ansara, another fundraiser and consultant to Carey and former head of Harvard's SDS chapter who briefly experienced the pleasures of capitalism with his first wife Amy Merrill of the Merrill Lynch empire. Ansara's family was loyal to a fault: His wife, Barbara Arnold, generously contributed $96,250 to the Carey campaign. It was still not enough, and Carey sent his fundraisers to individual union leaders for further assistance. Two of the fundraisers have testified that they raised $77,100 in cash and checks from Paul Booth, the National Organizing Director of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) and from Trumka at AFL-CIO headquarters. Trumka is alleged to have provided $50,000, but only rather late in the day, to Carey's expressed annoyance. (Carey felt that Trumka in essence owed his high position to Carey's political support and should not dawdle with a tight election only weeks away.) ...."

American Spectator American Enterprise Institute 11/98 Michael Ledeen "....It was still not enough, and the Democratic National Committee, by then under the de facto sway of Harold Ickes, Jr., was approached to see if the same scheme might work with them. The Teamsters promised large campaign contributions in exchange for DNC supporters' help for Carey. The fundraisers have testified that the scheme was agreed to by Terry McAuliffe, a top official of the Clinton-Gore '96 re-election committee who reported directly to Ickes. The DNC gave the fundraisers a list of targeted recipients for Teamster contributions (interestingly enough, mostly state and local Democratic organizations rather than the national group), and put the Teamsters in touch with a Filipino woman who owned a shell company in northern California and was primed to contribute. The deal was never consummated, but it was certainly approved. And it's instructive to note that the Teamsters were quite careful to hold on to their cash until the DNC had delivered, which saved them a considerable bath. Close proximity to the Clinton machine had not inspired confidence in the reliability of Clinton-Gore '96 promises. ...."

Pittsburgh Tribune Review 10/4/99 ".....The president of the 750,000-member Laborers International Union of North America is expected to resign this month and plead guilty to fraud charges. That's what The New York Times reported late last week (though a union spokesman denied it all). But what has been woefully under-reported is the intimate tie that Arthur A. Coia has had to President and Mrs. Clinton. Federal investigators long had alleged that Mr. Coia, 56, was associated with and controlled by organized crime, ``a front man for labor racketeers who were looting pensions and welfare funds,'' reporter Eugene H. Methvin documented three years ago. Additional documents showed that the Clintons maintained a fund-raising and social relationship even after the FBI told the White House counsel's office that Coia had links to organized crime. The information was enough to warrant Clinton to back off from his plan to appoint Coia to a presidential commission, but not much else. Among other Clinton-Coia tidbits, compiled by Methvin and others: Coia was a frequent dinner and traveling companion of the Clintons, even participating in official state functions, Mr. Methvin found. He worked ``furiously'' to gain access to the Clinton inner circle even before the president took office in 1993, Methvin added. Coia went on campaign trips with the Clintons and traded expensive golf clubs with the president. On Nov. 4, 1994, Bill Clinton penned Coia a congratulatory note for becoming a grandfather. It was the same day that the Justice Department hand-delivered to the union a draft of a civil racketeering suit it intended to file if Coia did not resign. It was less than one month after the White House was told by the FBI that Coia ``is a criminal associate of the New England Patriarca organized crime family'' and the subject of past criminal investigations and an ongoing civil racketeering probe. At the height of the Justice Department's attempt to oust Coia (in February 1995), Hillary Clinton addressed the union's top officials in Miami Beach. And not long after, the Justice Department capitulated, giving the union a chance to ``clean its own house,'' Methvin reported. It was an investigation that was effectively conducted by the union but overseen by the federal government. Coia was cleared on the organized crime allegations in March. ...."

Ark. Dem-Gaz. 10/16/99 Linda Satter "….Former Saline County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Harmon's 1997 convictions for racketeering, extortion and drug conspiracy were upheld in a ruling issued Friday by the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis. The federal appellate court also affirmed the related 1998 extortion conviction of Roger Walls, who directed the 7th Judicial District Drug Task Force under Harmon….."

The Washington Times 2/8/00 "…..It's official. Arthur A. Coia, the former president of a labor union who raised millions of dollars for Bill Clinton, Al Gore and the Democratic Party, is now a convicted felon and big-time tax cheat, too. Coia pleaded guilty in federal court last week to a felony charge that he defrauded taxpayers in Rhode Island of nearly $100,000 in taxes that were due on three Ferrari sports cars worth more than $1.7 million, including one for which Coia paid more than $1 million. Just as the Clinton Justice Department negotiated a sweetheart deal in 1995 for Coia himself to root out the mobsters controlling the Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA), which he served as general president, the Justice Department gave Coia another sweetheart deal to resolve his tax fraud. The feds could have put Coia in prison for five years and fined him $250,000. But they slapped his wrist. Instead of hard time, Coia got two years probation. Instead of the $250,000 fine, Coia will pay a puny $10,000. He also must pay $100,000 in restitution to Rhode Island, although he was assessed no interest or penalty charges. In other words, the taxpayers of Rhode Island have, in effect, given Coia, who earned $335,000 as LIUNA's president, an interest-free loan……." 2/9/00 Carl Limbacher "….On the same day that his name came up five different times during the federal criminal trial of his Buddhist Temple fundraiser, Maria Hsia, Vice President Al Gore spent the afternoon yesterday courting New York City's giant AFSCME District Council 37, identified just two weeks ago in an internal union report as one of America's most corrupt -- and the Chairman of the Republican National Committee is demanding to know why. "Al Gore wore a hardhat for his meeting at AFSCME District Council 37, and it's a good thing," said RNC Chairman Jim Nicholson. "At DC 37, you need a hardhat to dodge the falling Indictments and dropping dimes!" Nicholson noted that two dozen officials of District Council have been indicted, and that $2.2 million in members' dues is known to have been stolen in one single instance of fraud. "What was Al Gore doing at AFSCME DC 37 just two weeks after an internal report identified widespread corruption within AFSCME, and pointed to District Council 37 as the source of more than half of the fraud in the entire union nationwide?" Nicholson asked. …."

NATIONAL LEGAL AND POLICY CENTER 2/14/2000 Ken Boehm "…..The National Legal and Policy Center, a union corruption watchdog group, has requested that the AFL-CIO's Executive Council, which meets February 15-17 in New Orleans, "advocate" the ouster of AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard Trumka who has been deeply implicated in the Teamsters' money-laundering scandal and has pled the Fifth Amendment on at least two known occasions. In a nine-page letter sent February 11, 2000 to the 51 current Executive Council Members, NLPC made the case for Trumka's removal. In 1997, when Trumka was first alleged to have wrongfully routed $100,000 and $50,000 in two different schemes to ex-Teamsters President Ron Carey's 1996 campaign, AFL-CIO President John Sweeney narrowly interpreted the AFL-CIO's 1957 policy on removal of union officers who invoke the Fifth Amendment to conceal corruption. Sweeney's loopholes: 1) Trumka denied wrongdoing and 2) Sweeney's internal investigation did not find wrongdoing. "However, in light of United States v. Hamilton, these two convenient loopholes are no longer tenable," wrote NLPC Chairman Ken Boehm. "The facts that led a federal jury to convict [ex-Teamsters political director] William Hamilton on November 19, 1999 of six criminal counts of conspiracy, embezzlement, fraud and perjury call into question to truthfulness of Trumka's denial of wrongdoing as well as the credibility of Sweeney's internal investigation." ……"

Herb Caen--San Francisco Chronicle 7/26/96 "……."WHY SUCH a to-do in the media about Decca, you may well ask. I refer to Jessica (Decca) Mitford Treuhaft, who died Tuesday of cancer at 78 in her Oakland home, leaving an army-not too large a designation-of the bothered and bereaved……. "MUCKRAKER" was the term used most often in the obits to describe Decca, but like Upton Sinclair and Frank Norris before her, she was merely reporting the truth about abominations waiting to be exposed-most famously the excesses of the funeral industry. She did all this from her unlikely home base, an exceedingly modest bungalow in Oakland, where she lived with her relatively little-known husband, lawyer Robert Treuhaft. I've never seen a happier couple. After they were married and settled down, Decca got a phone call from her sister, the late novelist Nancy Mitford, an enthusiastic snob, who wailed "Oakland? Why Oakland?? …....Hillary Clinton may want to send condolences to the family. In 1971, she worked as a law clerk in Bob Treuhaft's Oakland office, upon the recommendation of two leftish Yale law profs. "That was the time we were representing the Black Panthers," recalls Bob, "and she worked on that case"...In London in '92 to plug her last book, The American Way of Birth, Decca received a phone call from a Sunday Times reporter who asked if she'd been at an anti-Vietnam War Demonstration outside the U.S. Embassy there on Oct. 16, 1969. "Quite possibly," replied Decca, "but to answer your next question, non, I have no idea if Bill Clinton was there." ….."

The Detroit News 3/24/00 Richard Ryan "…….Complaining of "foot dragging" by the Justice Department, the chairman of a congressional subcommittee is threatening to reopen hearings into the failed 1996 Teamsters union election in which top labor leaders and others have been accused of misdeeds. "For all intents and purposes it appears that their investigation is over," grumbled Rep. Peter Hoekstra, R-Holland. "As far as I'm concerned they have their work to do, which appears to be very little, and we have our work to do." The election, the Justice Department's investigation and continued government control over Teamsters' affairs are all certain to come up next Tuesday when Teamsters President James P. Hoffa testifies before Hoekstra's subcommittee of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce. …….. Six people already have pleaded guilty or been convicted in the 1996 election scandal. Most recently, William Hamilton, the union's former political director, was sentenced to three years in prison for his role in illegally using $885,000 in union funds to help Carey win election. Testimony in previous court cases has implicated Richard Trumka, secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO and heir apparent to President John Sweeney, in the illegal fund diversion scheme. Trumka has refused to testify before a grand jury investigating the scandal or earlier congressional hearings, invoking his right against self-incrimination. Terence McAuliffe, the former chief fund-raiser and finance officer for the 1996 Clinton-Gore presidential campaign, has also been linked to the scandal. Testimony in the Hamilton trial indicated he played a role in trying to arrange a contribution swap in which Teamsters would give money to the Democratic Party in exchange for the Democrats finding someone to contribute to Carey's campaign. There is no evidence the swap was ever carried out although, according to public records, an effort was made to do so. McAuliffe has denied any wrongdoing….."

The Detroit News 3/24/00 Richard Ryan "…….Hoekstra held hearings in 1998 and 1999 but did not go deeply into the money laundering scheme at the request of Justice Department officials who said they feared a congressional hearing might jeopardize their investigation. "We bowed to their requests," Hoekstra said this week. "We didn't pursue things in which we had a high degree of interest under the assumption the Justice Department would act vigorously. They didn't." Marvin Smilon, a spokesman for Mary Jo White, the U.S. Attorney in New York who has been conducting the Teamster probe, would not comment on Hoekstra's accusations but insisted "our investigation is continuing." ……."


Washington Times 5/12/00 Donald Lambro "…… Vice President Al Gore's campaign chairman, Tony Coelho, is the target of at least three federal investigations that are fueling Democratic concern about their impact on Mr. Gore's presidential campaign. At the same time, some Democrats are privately beginning to question Mr. Coelho's overall handling of the campaign in the past month. Mr. Gore's polls have declined in a half-dozen states, such as Washington, Oregon and West Virginia, that his party normally carries with ease. Morale on the campaign staff at the vice president's headquarters in Nashville, Tenn., is reportedly falling under Mr. Coelho's blunt, brash management style. And there is grumbling that the campaign has no compelling message and has been too negative…….."

Truth in the Media 8/15/00 ".....Hashim Thaci, the Kosovo Albanian terrorist-in-chief and (thus) Madeleine Albright's good pal, attended a gala luncheon on Monday (Aug. 14) at the Democratic Party convention in Los Angeles. A TiM source who was also there said that when Albright and Bill Clinton showed up, "before they spoke, Thaci went up to Albright, had a brief talk, and then they kissed twice on the cheeks." ....." 9/12/00 Carl Limbacher "…… Vice President Al Gore's maternal uncle Whit LaFon is under investigation by federal and state law enforcement for his alleged role in a cocaine money-laundering scheme linked to a narcotics operation that covers much of southwest Tennessee, according to a story set to run in Accuracy in Media's September "AIM Report." The investigation of LaFon is said to involve "the FBI, the Inspector General's Office at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Tennessee's 24th Judicial Task Force and the Tennessee Highway Patrol." "Federal law enforcement officials have confirmed both the investigation and its targets -- retired Judge Whit LaFon and a state chancery court judge," reports AIM, in a piece prepared by former "60 Minutes" producer Charles C. Thompson II and Tennessee journalist Tony Hays. ………. The 82-year-old LaFon, who, according to one senior political correspondent interviewed for the piece, is "as close to Al Gore as you can get," has been under surveillance by local authorities as a possible player in the cocaine ring for five years. The FBI joined the probe in January. ……"

Newsweek/NEWSWEEK WEB EXCLUSIVE 8/16/00 Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball "…..The Share Group's involvement in the Gore campaign was first reported by ABC News Tuesday night. As evidence surfaced that The Share Group's ties with the Democrats was considerably more extensive than was first reported, some Teamsters officials expressed outrage that the party would continue to deal with a company that was involved in what some union members see as a scheme to loot union funds. Just four months ago, the Teamsters filed a lawsuit against Ansara, The Share Group and others involved in the fundraising for Carey, accusing them of a civil racketeering conspiracy that cost the union over $3 million. In 1997, a federal court official ordered a new Teamster election and James Hoffa was elected president. ...... The payments to The Share Group are especially sensitive because Ansara remains a critical witness in a continuing federal investigation that could embarass the Democrats. Lawyers for the Teamsters were recently told by federal prosecutors that they would block their efforts to depose Ansara because he was still needed as a witness in their grand jury investigation. A Teamster official likened the Democrat's payments to Ansara to payments made by President Clinton's supporters to former associate attorney general Webster Hubbell after he pled guilty to defrauding his former law firm and came under pressure to cooperate with independent counsel Ken Starr. ......"

Vol. 13, No. 07 3/31/97 William Norman Grigg "…… On February 10th, Representative Gerald Solomon (R-NY), chairman of the House Rules Committee, sent a letter to the White House requesting information on the October 1993 meeting between President Clinton and Russian mobster Grigori Loutchansky. Loutchansky, head of a Vienna-based KGB front known as Nordex, is regarded by law enforcement and intelligence agencies around the world as a drug smuggler, money launderer, and arms dealer. However, according to the London Sunday Times, his conversation with President Clinton dealt with the possibility of making Loutchansky a diplomatic intermediary in nuclear disarmament talks between the U.S. and Ukraine. ........ Solomon's February 10th letter was his second request for information about Loutchansky, and so far the Administration has refused to cooperate. The congressman's next letter should expand his inquiry to include material about possible connections between Vice President Al Gore and Russian mobster Vladimir Gusinsky. ……."

Vol. 13, No. 07 3/31/97 William Norman Grigg "…… In early February, Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin and his entourage visited Washington, DC to attend the semiannual meetings of the U.S.-Russian Joint Commission on Economic and Technical Cooperation, better known as the Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission (GCC). ……..Gusinsky, a 44-year-old banking and media mogul, is considered in some circles to be Russia's wealthiest man -- and one of the top contenders for the title of "godfather" of the KGB-created Russian mafia. Until January of this year, Gusinsky was director of the powerful Moscow-based Most Bank. As commentator Georgie Anne Geyer observes, Most "was on the CIA's recent list of banks with Russian mafia connections." According to the February 6th Washington Times, U.S. diplomatic sources believe that Prime Minister Chernomyrdin "allowed Mr. Gusinsky to be the driving force in orchestrating his visit." ………"

Vol. 13, No. 07 3/31/97 William Norman Grigg "……Gusinsky has a personal security force of more than 1,000 troops, many of them drawn from the KGB's Fifth Chief Directorate -- the branch of the secret police that carried out internal surveillance, political repression, and torture. Furthermore, one of Gusinsky's closest advisers is former KGB Deputy Director Filipp Bobkov, a Stalin-era Chekist. KGB critic Yevgenia Albats notes that "Bobkov is an especially revered figure in the KGB. ….. Among Bobkov's special talents is a knack for fomenting ethnic and religious conflicts and staging acts of terrorism as pretexts for KGB crack-downs in the name of preserving "order." ……. Bobkov was supposedly cashiered from the KGB in 1991 after the Soviet attack on the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius. Shortly thereafter he was involved in the August 1991 "hardliners' coup" against Mikhail Gorbachev. But rather than going before a firing squad or being thrown into prison, Bobkov turned up as an "adviser" to Gusinsky at Most Bank. …….. "

Vol. 13, No. 07 3/31/97 William Norman Grigg "…… Another key player in this KGB-supervised pipeline is Usman Imayev, known in some circles as the "Chechen Pablo Escobar." A graduate of Moscow's Patrice Lumumba University -- an academy of terrorism for Third World Marxists -- Imayev was the head of the Chechen central bank and human rights society and lead negotiator for the Chechen "independence" movement in talks with the Russian Federation. Although Imayev was captured by Russian troops in October 1994 and delivered to Moscow, he was quickly released and allowed to return to Chechnya -- where he used his connections to benefit Bobkov's drug-smuggling network……….. It is through Bobkov's KGB network, and the Most Bank's financial clout, that the "Moscow Narco- Group" was able to become (in Yasmann's words) "a bridge between [the Soviet] regions and drug lords in Italy, Romania, Colombia, and Cuba. These former KGB officers thus took control of, and expanded, the drug route from Afghanistan via Chechnya and Russia to Western Europe and the United States." ……"

Vol. 13, No. 07 3/31/97 William Norman Grigg "…… Vladimir Gusinsky, the Komsomol-educated front man for the KGB's international drug network, is the perfect ambassador for this business community. Furthermore, according to the Washington Times, "Mr. Gusinsky, with the blessing of Yeltsin chief of staff Anatoly Chubais, has ... become an intimate of the Yeltsin government." Gusinsky apparently has attempted to cultivate ties with Vice President Gore as well. The Times notes that "there have been reports that Mr. Gusinsky was organizing a Washington gala [during his visit] with Vice President Al Gore to be the main guest, but a spokesman for Mr. Gore's office would say only that 'there is no party on the public schedule.'" ………. Whether or not Gore met with Gusinsky, the commission Gore co-chairs with Prime Minister Chernomyrdin has become a major conduit through which taxpayer subsidies are directed to joint economic ventures. Following a GCC meeting in Moscow last July, Gore and Chernomyrdin announced the creation of a $400 million lending facility in Russia that would be operated by the Chase Manhattan Bank and backed by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) -- that is, by American taxpayers. …….. "

Vol. 13, No. 07 3/31/97 William Norman Grigg "……But it is not "naïveté" that inspires American business and political elites to embark on taxpayer- supported joint ventures with Russian gangsters; it is opportunism. If Vladimir Gusinsky symbolizes the new Russian business elite, the patron saint of American businessmen plunging into taxpayer-backed joint ventures in Russia would be the late Armand Hammer, Lenin's "path" to America's financial resources. Hammer was the first Western businessman to participate in KGB-controlled joint ventures in the Soviet Union. Designated the "Capitalist Prince" by the KGB, Hammer dutifully served the Soviets for seven decades and became the first -- and only -- American capitalist to be awarded the Order of Lenin. ……. Hammer's spectacularly corrupt career was aided in numerous ways by Senator Albert Gore Sr. of Tennessee, who was a partner in various Hammer enterprises for more than four decades. …... After the younger Gore was elected to the Senate in 1980, he continued a tradition begun by his father by inviting Hammer into the "senators only" section during President Reagan's inauguration. ...... Accordingly, it is appropriate that Al Gore Jr., whose family fortune was built in substantial measure by his father's contacts with a Soviet money launderer, would be co-chairman of an international commission intended to help the next generation of Armand Hammer-style "Capitalist Princes" develop contacts with KGB-dominated businesses in Russia…….." 9/22/00 Justin Torres "……Among the names on a list of overnight guests at the White House and Camp David released by the Clinton administration today is Paul Adler, a New York Democrat county chair who was charged last month with corruption…….. Adler, chairman of the Rockland County Democratic Party, was indicted last month after allegedly enriching himself by nearly $375,000 through fraud, extortion and bribery. He donated $1,500 to the first lady's campaign and hosted a fundraiser for her Senate bid………"

UPI 12/15/00 "..... In the admittedly complicated and trapdoor-riddled politics of Northern Ireland, first lady Hillary Clinton has all the grace and skill of a rhinoceros trying to tap-dance. She accompanied her husband, President Clinton, in his dramatic appeal Tuesday for peace in the Irish republic town of Dundalk, a stronghold of the extremists of the Real IRA. And she gave a stirring speech Wednesday on the virtues of peace at Belfast's Grand Opera House. Both speeches were well received by the sympathetic audiences they were addressed to. But both of them looked certain to play into the hands of the most dangerous political foes of Bill and Hillary Clinton's latest push for a peace deal in Northern Ireland, the activist members of David Trimble's Ulster Unionist Party. ......"

UPI 12/15/00 ".....In Dundalk, she publicly kissed Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams in front of the rolling television cameras. People in Northern Ireland have television, too. And that includes Unionist activists and ruling council members. They almost unanimously regard Adams as being the embodiment of evil, or little better. And most of them share the conviction that Adams led, ordered and directed the horrific IRA terror bombing campaign that set Belfast ablaze in the early 1970s and that killed hundreds of civilians and wounded many more. Adams has always denied this and he was never publicly convicted of any of it, though he was held for years as a suspected IRA member in Northern Ireland's Maze prison. ......"

Reuters Wire 12/12/00 "......Handshakes and embraces. The body language said it all when the U.S. president and his wife -- the new senator from New York -- met the once banned leaders of Irish republicanism. For Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, it highlighted how far they have succeeded in moving their brand of politics to the height of respectability. As Bill and Hillary Clinton glided through a sea of admirers in one of Dublin"s hallowed places -- the Guinness headquarters -- necks craned and fervent admirers competed for a golden handshake. **But the most arresting moment was when the president and First Lady made eye-contact with Adams and McGuinness, the top men in Sinn Fein, the political ally of the Irish Republican Army, the western world"s oldest underground army. ....**The warmth of the meeting was remarkable. And it showed the extent to which Adams and McGuinness have come in from the cold. Bearded Adams and angular McGuinness beamed at the Clintons and the mutual greeting was that of old friends. ....."