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"My only enemy is right-wing religious fundamentalism." – Clinton per Marquez (Jerusalem Post 3/28/99)

Washington Post 7/95 Stephen Higgins (Director BATF – WACO) "…The day has long passed when we can afford to ignore the threat that is posed by individuals who believe they are subject only to the laws of their god and not those of our government…. …."

Clinton lifted the ban on fetal tissue research in 1/93.

Justice Department filed a brief with the Supreme Court advocating a lower standard of child pornography in 93

Freeper CitizenX reports ".I for one am sickened by the attacks on my faith. I have seen time and time again where when I speak out on a issue from a moral standpoint I am attacked for "forcing my faith down their throat". Even though I am choosing my words to speak from a scientific viewpoint. Example: If I do not mention my Faith in God, and state that abortion is wrong because the unborn child is not "a blob of tissue" but a living Human being, genetically unique from the mother. It meets all the criteria of life: cellular division, exchange of O2 and CO2, assimilation of nutrients, etc. If I point out that this life begins at the beginning, which is conception, and the willful destruction of a unique human life is murder, the woman who pays for this surgical procedure has in fact contracted for a murder, and the abortionist is guilty of not only murder but is in truth a serial murderer of children! If I say that I am told "Don't force YOUR religion down my throat!" ."

AP 10/11/98 "Aborted fetuses found dumped in a field have been given to antiabortion groups for Christian burials, a move critics say violates the separation of church and state. San Bernardino County Coroner Brian McCormick released the remains of the 54 fetuses Friday over objections from American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California officials, who said they may take legal action..The fetuses were found last year in cardboard boxes in a county field. Authorities traced the fetuses to a Los Angeles abortion clinic, which has since been closed. A truck driver for the clinic was jailed for 71 days for dumping the fetuses.."

Fox Online 10/28/98 Barbara Fischkin ".The Free Republic, a self-described conservative forum, is planning an anti-Clinton march on Washington on Oct. 31.. There are rumors that Tripp herself may speak. She has become something of a folk heroine, this marginally professional, deceitful woman. She is a folk heroine to some of the same people who believe abortion and homosexuality are always wrong."

The American Cause 10/30/98 Patrick J Buchanan ".A week ago, an assassin fired through the kitchen window of Barnett Slepian, an obstetrician who did abortions in Amherst, N.Y. And like the murder of Matthew Shepard, the slaying of Slepian was seized upon and exploited to initiate a new moral pogrom against the American right. In Shepard's case, social conservatives who condemn homosexual conduct as immoral were charged with giving aid and comfort to his murderers. And those who decry abortion as "the killing of the unborn" are now accused of giving moral sanction to the killing of Slepian. The "hot rhetoric" of "right-wing extremists," the charge runs, has created an environment in which men feel justified in murdering doctors and gays. That it is a vicious lie, however, does not make it ineffective, especially when the Big Media concur in and promote it.. Shepard and Slepian are now being beatified as martyrs to the causes of gay rights and abortion rights. This, too, is false. Shepard was not fighting for gay rights on the night of his death. He was killed while out cruising for gay sex by thugs out cruising for easy mugging victims. Dr. Slepian was almost surely murdered by someone who believed he had been doing to death unborn children, which is exactly what Dr. Slepian had been doing, though that did not give anyone the right to murder him. Because the killings of Slepian and Shepard were wrong does not make what they were doing heroic or right..What is the truth? America is a country where slurs about minorities have been rightly purged from public speech, but the left freely employs such hate terms as racist, bigot, Nazi, fascist and homophobe. It is a country where -- as one can divine from the identity of the speakers shouted down on campuses and the storm troopers doing the shouting -- the greatest intolerance is on the left. It is a nation where the principal victims of sex crimes are not gays but women, boys and girls, and pedophiles are among the principal victimizers of the latter. It is a land where 35 million defenseless unborn children have been done to death in 25 years, and, yes, two abortionists have been killed and a number of clinics bombed. It is a nation where people who pillage and burn cities like L.A. are more likely to belong to the Crips and the Bloods than the Michigan Militia. Social conservatives will be making a fateful mistake if they do not stand in battle against this wicked characterization of who they are.." 11/10/98 ".Two Catholic churches and a pro-life group received letters that threatened they contained anthrax bacteria on Monday, 10 days after abortion clinics in four Midwestern states received similar threats. St. Matthew's Church and School in Indianapolis, Queen of Martyrs' Church in Cheektowaga, New York, and the Chicago office of the Pro-Life Action League all received letters that said, "You have been exposed to anthrax." The note was identical to a threat sent 10 days ago to the abortion clinics. Those letters had a Cincinnati postmark while the most recent threats had Texas and Illinois postmarks. Six parish staff and 481 students and teachers were treated for possible exposure to anthrax at St. Michael's, although authorities did know if the threat was real. Nine people were decontaminated at Queen of Martyrs, which is located near Amherst, New York where abortionist Barnett Slepian was murdered last month. None of the seven workers at the Pro-Life Action League were evacuated or treated. That group lost a lawsuit earlier this year that had been brought by pro-abortion groups.."

The Oklahoman 11/11/98 Cal Thomas ".MOTHER Teresa used to warn anyone who would listen that the abortion culture cheapens human life and finds expression in violent streets, terrorism of all sorts and a debasing of the uniqueness of human beings. She might have argued, were she still with us, that the murder of Dr. Barnett Slepian, who performed abortions in Amherst, N.Y., proves her point. While his killing by a sniper is indefensible and the antithesis of what it means to be pro- life, it also demonstrates where our 25-year inattention to protecting the endowed and unalienable right to life has brought us.Three abortionists have been murdered in the past five years, as have three clinic employees and a clinic "escort." But in the same period, more than 6 million babies have been denied their right to live. In the 25 years since the Roe vs. Wade ruling a staggering 30 million babies have died. No Times editorialist weeps for them or for what they might have become. Abortion is an industry that makes millions of dollars by exploiting women. As abortion is tolerated, pressure builds to remove protections on human life at other stages. That abortion is still conducted in secret, shielding us from confronting this immoral act, does not diminish its significance. The industry is able to keep us from having a full-scale debate because it has elevated "choice" to a sacrament, even while denying women access to the latest technology and information (like adoption) that frequently results in many choosing life for their unborn.."

The Wanderer 12/3/98 Paul Likoudis ".Right in the middle of a coordinated media campaign to vilify America's pro-life citizens as bombers, arsonists, and murderers, a Miami businessman pleaded guilty Oct. 28th in federal court in Trenton, N.J., to committing insurance fraud and authorizing unsafe medical practices at an abortion facility he owned here. Alan I. Weisberg, who will be sentenced on Jan. 29th, could face up to one year in jail and fines equal to double the amount for which he bilked five insurance companies and health maintenance organizations. Weiselberg, who remains the prime suspect in the April 22nd, 1991 arson of his Woodbridge, N.J. clinic, which caused more than $500,000 worth of damage, was not charged with the arson because the statute of limitations on the blaze had expired. As local writer Rick Malwitz observed in a Nov. 8th newspaper column: "There was never any evidence that linked the fire to anyone in the pro-life movement, according to persons involved in the investigation."."

USA Today 2/22/99 "...In poll after poll throughout the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, majorities of 2-1 and 3-1 repeatedly voiced strong disapproval of Clinton's behavior. In a USATODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll just days ago, 64% said changes since the 1960s are bad because the country is more permissive; 58% said they are more concerned about moral problems than economic ones. On abortion, for example, an issue of particular concern to many social conservatives, the pendulum is swinging in their direction. Public support for an unrestricted right to abortion is clearly down; support for subtle ways of making abortions more difficult to obtain is up...."

Nando Media/Agence France-Press 2/10/99 Philip Alfroy ".A Clinton administration decision to promote some human embryo research despite a law prohibiting it has delighted scientists but blurred the ethical boundaries of medical research, opponents say. Earlier this month the White House authorized public funding for scientific experiments on some human embryo cells. The decision, announced two weeks ago by National Health Institutes director Harold Warmus, inflamed an already heated debate on the ethics of meddling with human embryos. For most people, the issue of spending public money on such research died in 1995 when the Republican-led U.S. Congress banned it outright.."The Clinton administration now seeks to do indirectly what Congress has forbidden it to do directly: provide federal support for research in which human embryos are created and destroyed," said Richard Doerflinger, of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. ."

Reuters 7/10/98 Anthony Goodman "Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Friday the United States could lose its U.N. General Assembly vote if it failed to pay its dues. .The U.S. Congress had approved legislation that would cover a large part of the arrears. But President Clinton has vowed to veto the measure because it includes a provision barring international family planning agencies that receive U.S. aid from lobbying foreign governments to change their abortion laws."

AP 9/18/98 AP "The 64-36 roll call by which the Senate failed to override President Clinton's veto of an abortion ban. A two-thirds majority, or 67, votes were needed. Voting ``yes'' were 13 Democrats and 51 Republicans. Voting ``no'' were 32 Democrats and 4 Republicans.."

Minneapolis Star Tribune 8/19/98 H J Cummins ".Scientists already have moved on -- backed up, really, to before birth -- to examine the brain-building work that goes on in a fetus. Their question: What does your fetus know, and when does he know it? Although the facts are clear -- evidence is mounting that fetuses are busily shaping their own development -- what that means is the basis of heated debate. One side says this credits fetuses with thoughts and feelings. The other calls that an absurd leap. "All the things a fetus can do are also seen in common insects," said Scott Robinson, co-editor of the book, "Behavior of the Fetus." "Now, what do you want to conclude from that?" Besides any implications for abortion or prenatal care, the research approaches the keystone of human nature. "This gets right to one of the last great mysteries," said Myron Hofer, psychiatry professor at Columbia University in New York. "That is, human consciousness." The research is important, scientists say, partly because it traces human traits to their absolute origin. And it has played a role in changing the medical view of newborns, long considered nothing more than a bundle of reflexes.Some discoveries: At about 10 weeks, a fetus will begin touching its face with its hands, sometimes even putting its fingers in its mouth. At about 2 months, a fetus will respond by moving if it's touched in the area around its mouth. At about 4« months, a fetus will quicken its swallowing of amniotic fluid when that fluid is sweetened, and slow it down when a bitter flavor is added. At about 6 months, a fetus has REM (rapid-eye-movement) sleep -- the kind associated with dreaming. Fetuses respond to various stimuli, including pain and familiar music. Within minutes after birth, a baby will suck a computer-connected nipple at the rate necessary to hear its mother's voice. It will prefer her voice as it sounds in the womb over her real-world voice -- indicating a preference developed in utero. Also, when a baby's mother regularly read Dr. Seuss' "The Cat in the Hat" throughout her pregnancy, it will suck the nipple that activates a recording of her voice reading that story.."

ACLU Ira Glasser 1/19/99 ".Dear Friend: You may be surprised that the Executive Director of the ACLU is writing to you on the subject of morality, rather than on law or the Constitution or some civil liberties emergency. Well, I've decided to reach out to you and others like you because a growing struggle between two competing visions of morality is now taking place in America. This struggle should command the attention and involvement of all of us who share deep beliefs and treasure the fundamental value of individual freedom. Individual freedom vs. government authoritarianism. That's what the struggle over competing visions of morality is all about. On the one hand, the New Puritans want to use the police power of the state to enter our bedrooms and control the most intimate details of our personal lives -- who people love, who they commit their lives to, whether or when they pray, whether they prefer marijuana to martinis, whether they use birth control or decide to have an abortion. The other vision is the one we represent - - a vision where the government is prevented from controlling and punishing such personal behavior, and where the moral purpose of government is to insure fairness in law and public policy. Right now those who would impose their pious standards of morality on private, personal behavior are dangerously close to winning the debate. By not responding and challenging their authoritarian vision of "morality," you and I concede far too much. And that is why I am writing, without apology for raising the subject of "morality," to seek support from you and others like you. Specifically, the American Civil Liberties Union has embarked on a special membership drive. Our goal is to enlist those Americans we believe will help make the difference between winning and losing the national debate over freedom vs. authoritarianism.."

Media Research Center - Press Release 1/29/99 Brent Bozell Freeper Aherald ".Media Research Center Chairman Brent Bozell is challenging the national establishment media to fully air and report the findings of a landmark national survey of American women. The findings reveal that a majority of American women - 53 percent - now support the Pro-Life position on abortion. Most notably, the survey was paid for by the Center for Gender Equality, headed by former Planned Parenthood Executive Director Faye Wattleton..."It's obvious why the Center for Gender Equality waited until now to make these findings public. According to the Associated Press, the poll was done last year and it's almost February. Ms. Wattleton told the Washington Times that her survey's findings were - quote - 'very disturbing.' She and her organization released these findings yesterday in hopes that the impeachment story will overshadow them.."

WashingtonTimes 2/6/99 Wes Pruden ".Everybody's trying to get at me. Nobody even tries to understand me. A man has to do what a man has to do . Well, let's see. What else? Ah, yes. Religious faith. They're even measuring the size of the Bible I take to church. That was a good stroke, though, finding that big-print Bible the last time I went home. Nobody can miss that on Page One. Ought to send Dick Morris out to take a poll. Is there still any percentage in exploiting what the preachers call the faith of our fathers? Maybe enough people still go for that stuff to make it worth my while. Some people will say I'm just trying to plunder religion, too, but nobody but the ACLU would criticize me for loud praying. Inviting Yasser Arafat to the prayer breakfast was a stroke of genius. Sometimes I surprise even myself. I owe those prayer breakfast guys a payback, anyway. Inviting Mother Teresa to give me hell over abortion. Why won't those abortion people shut up? I was against abortion back home. Didn't help much. The hicks in the legislature gave me a hard time, anyway. Hillary's friends were always railing at me for it. I thought that stuff would go away when I got up here. Some of those Planned Parenthood gals look like possibilities.."

ZENIT (Catholic News Agency) 12/23/98 ".The government of Alberto Fujimori implemented a systematic sterilization campaign in the most depressed areas of Peru. As a result, 250,000 women were sterilized without their knowledge and consent. This information was revealed in a report by the Latin American and Caribbean Committee for the Defense of the Rights of Woman (CLADEM), presented in Madrid.. "Deceptions, coercion and false promises were the currency of this campaign," which has been denounced in the Peruvian press for the past year. ..The author of the report, "Nothing Special," funded by CLADEM, is Giulia Tamayo, a 40 year old Peruvian, director of the Flora Tristan Center for the Peruvian Woman, one of the most active feminist organizations in the country. The first cases denounced to the Defender of the Peruvian People were in 1997 and, since then, evidence "has been accumulated over the systematic violations of human rights, due to the aggressive policy imposing sterilization on poor or extremely poor women," the report states. ." Freeper Vince Ferrer adds ".This program was funded by the US agency USAID.."


* The final preparatory committee meeting of the Cairo+5 conference ended last week without completing its main task which was to write a document for the UN General Assembly. There are many reasons for what has become an embarrassing circumstance for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the United States, the European Union and radical feminist NGOs. Essentially, this group overplayed their hand and slowed the debate by introducing new and highly controversial language into the document. In the process they angered the 133-member Group of 77 from the developing world.

* From the very beginning of this nearly ten day process, the G - 77 played by the rules, established by the UN General Assembly (GA), that no new language be introduced into the document. The GA wanted to prevent opening old ideological wounds from the contentious Cairo conference in 1994, particularly in the area of "reproductive rights." ....

* The developed world, led by the US, did not show the same restraint. For instance, they insisted upon wholly new language on "emergency contraception." Considered by many in the scientific and medical communities to be frequently abortifacient, "emergency contraception" was objected to by the G - 77 as a violation of the GA's order against new language. The US insisted, with the vocal support of the EU, and Canada, so "emergency contraception" had to be "square bracketed" and held for a later debate.

* The G - 77 was also angered by the US's attempt to get parental rights eliminated from the document. A big push at the conference has been in favor of adolescent sexual rights, again advanced by the industrialized west. The G - 77 insisted upon parental rights. The German delegate, representing the EU, remarked during the debate that "parents have too many rights already." Much of this language was also "square bracketed."

*The G - 77 showed particular discomfort toward the aggressive radical feminist NGOs. At one point, radical feminists formed an intimidating gauntlet outside the conference room through which delegates had to wade. Attempting to shame developing world diplomats, feminists waved leaflets saying "Group of 77 -7 = Consensus." The Libyan delegate waved the leaflet in the air and shouted to the conference, "this kind of demonstration has never been seen inside the United Nations." Another G - 77 diplomat complained bitterly that pro-life NGO voices were deliberately discriminated against by the Cairo+5 Secretariat and by UNFPA.

Reuters 2/10/99 Freeper yea whatever ".A liberal activist group Wednesday launched a $5 million campaign aimed at ousting in the 2000 election vulnerable Republican legislators who voted to impeach President Clinton. People for the American Way, a group which fights the religious conservative groups such as the Christian Coalition, provided a preliminary hit list of 68 Republican members of the House of Representatives who voted to impeach Clinton and who represent districts carried by the president in the 1996 election.It said it would try to link impeachment to other agenda items of conservative Christians including their opposition to abortion, support of prayer in public schools and opposition to homosexual rights. ``The impeachment fiasco presents us with a unique opportunity,'' Shields said..."

San Francisco Chronicle 2/12/99 Betsy Hart ".Results that many might find startling appear in a new national poll of American women. The report, just issued by the Center for Gender Equality, says women are generally conservative - and are moving more and more to the right. The poll found that a majority, 53 percent, could be generally classified as pro-life. Meaning they think abortion should not be allowed at all, or only in cases of rape, incest, or to save the mother's life. That number is up from 45 percent in 1996. Another 41 percent of women said that issues championed by the conservative Christian Coalition would improve the lives of women. That compares with only 18 percent who said the coalition's issues would make women's lives worse. A whopping 75 percent of women say religion is very important in their lives. That's up from 69 percent two years ago. Of women surveyed, 46 percent said that politicians should be guided by religious values, up from 32 percent six years ago... The large-sample poll of 1,000 women was conducted by the prestigious Princeton Research Associates. Faye Wattleton, who heads the Center for Gender Equality, is best known for her previous role as executive director of Planned Parenthood. She was dismayed. She told the Washington Post that the responses "were surprising and disturbing to everyone who cares about women's status and liberty in this country." Wattleton blamed the numbers on what she says has for years been the domination of religious conservatives in the public policy debate. You see, women just shouldn't think this way.."

Human Life International Reports at 2/2/99 ".The month of November witessed the election of Gray Davis, an ardent abortion supporter, as Governor of California. In an attempt to mask his abortion agenda Davis apologists developed the concept of an ecumenical religious program to disguise a reign of terror in California against babies in the womb. The banner was quickly picked up by a number of liberal religious including Rabbi Brad Bloom, a longtime Davis backer. Representing the "Sacramento Interfaith Service Bureau" Rabbi Bloom contacted religious leaders throughout the area inviting them to the rally to portray Davis as having the backing of the religious community.. Dear Rabbi Bloom: Your invitation of 24 December to attend an inaugural event on Sunday morning, 3 January 1999, for Governor-elect Gray Davis causes me profound distress and grave insult. Surely you must know that Gray Davis is an outspoken, militant champion of violence-the most cold-blooded violence of killing pre- born and partially born human beings. He incessantly and obsessively proclaimed his commitment to unrestricted and taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand in his TV campaign commercials, debates, campaign position statements and even on his Internet campaign site. He would force every California taxpayer, including all the Catholic bishops, priests and lay people, to be his fiscal accomplices in payments to abortionists for over 100,000 Medi-Cal abortions per year (out of about 300,000 to 400,000 abortions per year in California). .To presume that any true Catholic, and in particular, a Catholic priest and pastor, would violate the moral teachings of the Catholic Faith and the very moral foundation of human rights, and would betray and scandalize the faithful by attending a political function dedicated to a leader of the American Holocaust, is mind-boggling. Any Catholic priest and pastor who would publicly give honor and affirmation to Gray Davis would be subject to severe penalties and would rightfully expect the just denunciation and harsh censure of not only Catholics, but all who defend the right to life..Monsignor Edward J. Kavanaugh St. Rose Catholic Church Sacramento."

Catholic World News 3/5/99 "… A federal judge ruled on Thursday that a Louisiana law banning partial-birth abortions is unconstitutional because it was intended to create confusion. US District Judge Thomas Porteous said the law was too broadly worded. "This act's broad language seems to purposefully create confusion and ambiguity," Porteous wrote in the ruling. The law forbade any abortion performed once any part of the unborn child entered the birth canal…."

Original Sources 3/6/99 Mary Mostert "…In the syrupy adulation after the death of retired Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, the author of Roe vs. Wade, little has been said of his other decision which dramatically changed our culture. He not only wrote the decision which declared that the unborn, like black slaves in the Dred Scott Decision of 1857, were not human, he also changed the meaning of "due process" to make it not only legal, but mandatory, to make decisions based on race and gender…. That legacy may be best expressed in the words of a 20 something young woman who reminded C-span listeners that "The baby boomer generation killed one third of my generation - one third of my generation were killed by their parents before they were born." …Once America's doctors took a sacred oath before they began practicing medicine that said in part: "I will use my power to help the sick to the best of my ability and judgment; I will abstain from harming or wronging any man by it. I will not give a fatal draught to anyone if I am asked, nor will I suggest any such thing. Neither will I give a woman means to procure an abortion." In less than 30 years we have gone from that to a nation which has so downgraded its concern for its children that over 51% of all pregnancies end either in the death of the baby or in the birth of a live baby who has no legal father. How could that have happened? …"

Wall Street Journal 3/12/99 Lorena Rodrigues Bottum "…During her Barbara Walters interview, Monica Lewinsky casually mentioned that she'd had an abortion while dating a Pentagon official. Like the rest of her conduct, it was nothing she was ashamed of. Unfortunately in this regard, at least, she's no aberration--as I learned recently at a park in my well-to-do Washington, D.C., neighborhood…. We exchanged information about baby-sitters, complained about the local supermarket, and spoke about our doctors--at least, until the older woman explained: "The same week that Bob got his warning that we have to go overseas, I missed my period. And I thought to myself, 'Oh, no, not another abortion!' " "Oh, I know," said the other. "It's so expensive, and you feel sick for days afterwards."…Proponents of abortion rights typically insist that abortion is a traumatic decision for women and not undertaken lightly. But the fact is that my neighbors in the park are not moral monsters. Neither are they moral philosophers, of course. They're ordinary, middle-class, stay-at-home mothers, best described not so much in positive terms as in double negatives: not unfriendly, not unkind, not unintelligent, not uneasy. Somehow, modern America has allowed them to develop the ability to casually discuss their multiple casual abortions with a stranger. What's going on here?…"

Insight Magazine 4/5-12/99 J Michael Waller Freeper pfesser "…. In open defiance of the Clinton administration, lawmakers in El Salvador overwhelmingly have voted to amend their country's constitution to declare that life begins at conception. Ratification was timed to preempt President Clinton's March 9 visit. "We wanted El Salvador to be the first country in the world to roll back an abortion law," explains Ricardo Enrique Posada, one of the amendment organizers…."

LifeSite Daily News 3/31/99 "…Speaking with LifeSite News just moments after stepping off the plane from New York, veteran UN diplomat Gilles Grondin told LifeSite that the UN Cairo+5 prepcom which was scheduled to end yesterday continues today despite sessions that went till 1:30am. The reason for the delay, says Grondin is that the G-77 countries are rejecting efforts by the West, particularly the European Union, the US and Canada to have an anti-family agenda dictated to them. "At every turn," reports Mr. Grondin, "sexual and reproductive rights are pushed on the G-77 countries." He confirmed that by these terms the West was referring to 'rights' to homosexuality, abortion, contraception, sterilization and sex-education to be granted from the age of 10. According to Mr. Grondin, the G-77 nations are demanding that the UN articles be chapeaued, thus allowing them to exercise national sovereignty, but the US and Western delegates are fighting sovereignty proposals with the help of the UN Secretariat. Mr. Grondin recalled that at the conference the Vatican delegate noted that whenever world "health" was mentioned only "reproductive health" was discussed. Furthermore, it was made clear that there was no end of money from the West available for reproductive health but that there were definite limits on funding for other health concerns. Mr. Grondin, a pro-life lobbyist at the conference and himself a former Western UN diplomat involved in human rights in the Third World, said, "I was ashamed to be from the West."…"

LifeSite Daily News 3/26/99 "…A group calling itself "Catholics for a Free Choice" (CFFC) has proven to be the furthest from Catholic in attempting to strip the Vatican of its voting status at the UN this week. CFFC is a very low membership front group for a number of powerful anti-Catholic U.S. foundations that vehemently oppose the Catholic Church's international influence on population- related and moral issues. Through CFFC, the Rockefeller, Ford and Playboy Foundations and International Planned Parenthood, have been attempting to spread a great deal of confusion about the church's position on these issues and to undermine the credibility and authority of legitimate, faithful church leaders and institutions. Wednesday, CFFC held a meeting entitled "A Challenge to the Vatican's Status at the UN" thereby launching a postcard campaign calling on UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan to conduct an official review of the Holy See's status as a voting delegation at the UN. The pro-abortion CFFC was unsuccessful with a similar campaign in 1995…."

NewsMax (Inside cover) 4/6/99 "…Michael Eisner and his Disney Corp., parent company to Miramax Films, seems to have an obsession with defaming Jesus Christ. At least that's the way it looks by the advance word on the next Miramax movie release, "Dogma." …Disney and Miramax enjoy antagonizing Christians with blasphemy, having produced 1995's "Priest" and last year's TV sitcom "Nothing Sacred" on Disney-owned ABC. "Nothing Sacred" caused a fireball of protest from Catholic groups. Now comes "Dogma," the latest Miramax production, in which Disney's movie studio stepchild apparently outdoes itself. Monday's New York Post Page Six reports that "Among ['Dogma's'] elements are a trash-talking 13th apostle, the notion that Joseph and Mary had sex, a female descendant of Jesus who works in an abortion clinic, a Skee-ball-obsessed God and an updated Christ who no longer hangs from the cross but instead offers a thumbs-up salute." William Donohue, president of the New York-based Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, tells Inside Cover that he tried to contact Disney chief Eisner about "Dogma" last year but got no response. Now Donohue warns that if the movie is as bad as early reports indicate, he'll take on "Dogma" the way he did Disney's "Nothing Sacred." "We had a lot of problems with that show and worked successfully to kill it. We got 37 corporate advertisers to withdraw their sponsorship of the program," Donohue told Inside Cover…."

AP 4/13/99 Victor Simpson Freeper TheOtherOne "...Use of the ``morning after'' pill by rape victims is tantamount to abortion, a senior Vatican official said Tuesday, expressing church opposition to their distribution to Kosovo refugees by U.N. aid workers. He called the pill an ``abortion technique'' that should not be confused with contraceptives. The position stated by Monsignor Elio Sgreccia, vice president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, reflected the Vatican's firm opposition to abortion and its concern that rape victims would end their pregnancies. Sgreccia, writing in the Italian Roman Catholic daily newspaper Avvenire, was reacting to last week's announcement by the U.N. Population Fund that it was providing emergency reproductive health kits for about 350,000 people...."

LifeSite Daily News -- 4/8/99 "....On Monday the New York Post reported that Mirimax, a subsidiary of Disney, was preparing to distribute a film called "Dogma" - another gratuitous attack on Christianity. However, after the Catholic League threatened Disney with a major boycott, Mirimax announced yesterday that their co-chairmen, Bob and Harvey Weinstein, will personally buy thefilm rights for "Dogma" and will look for a new distributor for the film. As a result the Catholic league will focus its boycott and other actions on the Weinstein brothers and film writer/director Kevin Smith. William Donahue, president of the Catholic League publicized the substance of the movie after reading the script of "Dogma". "Smith says the movie is 'intended as a love letter to both faith and God almighty.' But in the movie, Joseph and Mary have sex and a descendant of theirs is a lapsed Catholic who works at an abortion clinic; it is said of Mary that 'Believing a wife never humped her husband - that's just gullibility'; God is played by (Alanis Morissette) a singer known for her nude videos and songs about oral sex; the 13th apostle resembles Howard Stern; the Mass is compared to lousy sex. This sounds more like hate mail than a love letter." ..."

Cincinnati Post 4/18/99 Andrew Conte "...The live birth of a 22-week-old fetus during a partial-birth abortion in Cincinnati earlier this month prompted abortion opponents to call today for new federal regulations banning the procedure. After undergoing the first part of a three-day abortion process at the Women's Med Center in Dayton on April 6, the unidentified mother experienced abdominal pains the next morning and was taken to a Cincinnati hospital where she gave birth, according to members of the Warren County Right to Life organization. The baby girl, dubbed Baby Hope by medical staff, apparently lived for about three hours as an emergency room technician rocked and sang to her. Physicians ruled that the baby's lungs were not developed enough to support life or to permit them to respirate her. 'It certainly underscores the need to pass partial-birth abortion laws immediately,' said Lori Viars, president of the group. 'The tragedy here is that no laws were broken.' ..."

Zenit News 4/19/99 Zenit News Freeper ex-snook "...In fact, because of the above policy, two NGOs -- Oxfam and Save the Children -- which are not even Catholic, decided to stop working with the U.N. on this matter, after they witnessed, for themselves, the disasters it provoked. Cascioli came to a harsh conclusion: "the true objective of the reproductive health services in the refugee camps is the coercive control of a population they do not want to see increase. There is a surreptitious racism in this logic, confirmed by the fact that the one which supports these U.N. programs, including in Kosovo, -- with money and personnel -- is the International Planned Parenthood Federation, the powerful organization which is the heir to the eugenic movement of the beginning of the century for which the 'selection of the race' continues to be a task of society."..."

LifeSite Daily News 4/19/99 "...The Canadian branch of the pro-abortion group "Catholics For a Free Choice" (CFFC) has joined ranks with its international counterpart in a campaign to strip the Vatican of its voting status at the UN. The organization's agenda, however, is being resisted by faithful Catholics, pro-life groups and non-Catholic Christian leaders..... CFFC is a very low membership front group for a number of powerful anti-Catholic U.S. foundations that vehemently oppose the Catholic Church's international influence on population-related and moral issues. Through CFFC, the Rockefeller, Ford and Playboy Foundations and International Planned Parenthood, have been attempting to spread confusion about the church's position on these issues and to undermine the credibility and authority of legitimate, faithful church leaders and institutions....", AP wire, regional 4/24/99 "... Raising further concerns about violence, a Rochester man was arrested Wednesday after pointing an imaginary rifle at a crowd of demonstrators. Police later found rifles, knives and ammunition in the back seat of 34-year-old James Krentel's car. Police said the Rochester man told them he thought abortion should be legal and was irked by the anti-abortion protesters who had traveled to Rochester. Krentel was arraigned Thursday on three misdemeanor counts of harassment...."

Orlando Sentinel 4/27/99 Charley Reese Freeper Cincinatus "...Today, killing is often presented in a flippant, emotionless manner as if the death of a human being was inconsequential. In many films, the so-called hero kills a man, cracks a joke; kills a man, cracks a joke; etc. Violent video games preach the same message: Killing is OK, even amusing. The federal government that legalizes abortion and prefers bombs to talks reinforces the message of the entertainment industry...."

EWTN News Brief 5/14/99 "...A House subcommittee on Thursday passed two amendments to the 2000 defense appropriations bill that would repeal the longstanding ban on abortion services at overseas military bases. The first amendment, sponsored by Rep. Steven Kuykendall, R-California, and passed by a vote of 11-7, introduces exceptions to the ban on public-funded abortion in cases of rape and incest. The second amendment was introduced by Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-California, and would repeal a ban on privately-funded abortions. In 1996, Sanchez won the Orange County, California, House seat held by noted pro-life Republican Bob Dornan....."

Outrider 5/19/99 Freeper Thanatos Garry Wills "...An important new poll taken by USA Today/CNN shows that there has been a shift in the balance between those who are pro-life and those who are pro-choice. Those defending a woman's choice have declined from 56 percent in 1996 to 48 percent now. This still leaves the pro-choice people six points higher than those who are pro-life (42 percent, up from 36 in 1996). The change is attributed to the opposition to late abortions that has been spurred by conservatives who call it a "partial-birth" procedure. In a sense this confirms the people who expected that procedure to make people change their minds on abortion itself. But it will be dangerous for conservatives to pin their electoral hopes on this shift...."

EWTN 5/24/99 Freeper marshmallow "...A Clinton administration bioethics advisory panel will call for Congress to end its four-year-old ban on the use of federal funds in research using embryonic unborn children...." 5/25/99 Justin Torres "... The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), alarmed that falling birth rates in Pakistan will mean smaller and smaller groups of young people to support a rapidly aging population, has issued a call for increased abortion and contraception services for the young in the Asian nation.

In Pakistan, for the first time, reports UNFPA, the age cohort of one to four years old is smaller than the cohort of five to nine year olds-both in absolute numbers and as a percentage of the population..... Judie Brown of the American Life League (ALL), noting UNFPA's consistent support of no-growth population policies, asked, "Why would it be surprising that the very countries, like Pakistan, that have been the target of UNFPA's consistent demand for fewer children, would now be the very ones facing projections of an aging population?" Austin Ruse, director of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, a conservative NGO, said that fear of a population boom and what he termed an "anti-natal attitude" is behind calls for increased reproductive services in Pakistan and worldwide. "The world is now seeing the largest cohort of adolescents in history-about a billion-and this has UNFPA up in arms," Ruse told CNS..."

EWTN 5/27/99 "... A report by two pro-family groups on Thursday said the United Nations' Population Fund (UNFPA) may be violating the human rights of Kosovar refugees and endangering their health through its campaign to provide them with abortion and birth control. The Population Research Institute (PRI) and Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute (CAFHRI) reported that shipments of UNFPA's "reproductive health kits" have bumped basic medical supplies and even food from supply convoys to refugee camps...."

ZENIT News Agency 6/4/99 "....Between 1994 and 1998, the number of children saved from abortion in Italy increased significantly. Those saved with the help of the 100 Italian Centers of Aid to Life rose from 1,539 to 2,862 -- an increase of 86%. The number of women helped in these Centers increased from 6,554 to 10,402, an increase of 59%. Expressed in other figures, the number of children increased by 47% for women who received assistance. The Life Centers give the mothers every possible assistance: diapers, clothes, powdered milk, payment of water, electric and rent bills, medical care, and help in finding a home or employment. The Life Centers' work often fills the voids left by other public organizations....."

Original Sources 6/4/99 "...Deborah Zimmerman spent the day her daughter was born drinking at a bar. By the end of the day, her blood-alcohol level had reached 3.0 percent, more than three times the DUI limit of .08 in Georgia. Later, at the hospital where she gave birth, Zimmerman allegedly told a nurse that "I'm going to kill this thing because I don't want it anyway." Miraculously, her baby daughter survived, but was born with a blood alcohol level of .199 percent, twice the legal limit in Wisconsin. As a former prosecutor, I have no difficulty recognizing Zimmerman's actions for what they are. If the facts have been reported accurately, Zimmerman is guilty of attempted murder. Apparently, the State of Wisconsin agrees, because it charged her with first-degree intentional homicide and first-degree reckless injury. Unfortunately, a State Appeals Court in Wisconsin didn't see things the same way. In a highly publicized ruling, the court held that "[t]he term 'human being' was not intended to refer to an unborn child, and Deborah's prenatal conduct does not constitute attempted first-degree intentional homicide and first-degree reckless injury."..."

UPI 6/10/99 "... The owner of a controversial anti-abortion Web site has filed a $251 million lawsuit in Georgia against an Internet provider for closing down his Christian Gallery Web site. Neal Horsely of Carrollton, Ga., is asking (Thursday) for $1 million for breach of contract and $250 million in punitive damages, claiming Mindspring Enterprises made a "fundamental legal error" when it shut down his anti-abortion site and destroyed his electronic mail...."

EWTN Feature Story: 6/11/99 "...(Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute.) A few weeks ago International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) called for the elimination of the Vatican from its seat as an Observer Mission to the United Nations. IPPF accused the Vatican of having a 'broader political agenda' in its criticism of "emergency contraceptive" supplies IPPF and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) have shipped to the Kosovar women living in Albanian and Macedonian refugee camps. IPPF accused the Vatican of lying in their assertion that the "morning after pill" was tantamount to abortion. * Considered an "apex NGO," IPPF is one of the most important and powerful NGOs in the UN system. IPPF both carries out UN programs on the ground, and also maintains a leading policy-making role at UN headquarters. IPPF is an umbrella organization that directly links "family planning associations" in more than 150 countries. IPPF promotes what many consider to be the most advanced notions of sexual and reproductive health, including abortion on demand for all age groups, including children. * A major goal of IPPF is to change national laws regarding abortion and other "reproductive health services." IPPF says they intend to "increase the right of access to safe, legal abortion" and to "campaign for policy and legislative change to remove restrictions against safe abortion." More than 100 nations have some restrictions on abortion, each of them presumably are targets of IPPF action. * Also potentially troubling to the more conservative diplomats from the developing world is IPPF's promotion of sexual practices for teens and children. IPPF runs a website for adolescents in which various kinds of sexual practices are encouraged, including 'mutual masturbation, oral and anal sex.' The website calls 'casual sex' 'exhilarating and entertaining.' ...."

The Wall Street Journal 6/22/1999 Leslie Lenkowsky "...Groups favoring abortion rights have petitioned the IRS to withdraw the Catholic Church's tax exemption because of its endorsement of antiabortion candidates. Black churches have reportedly been warned that opening their pulpits to candidates might jeopardize their exemptions. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee has also been the object of complaints, including a lawsuit brought by former U.S. government officials, that it devoted more of its resources to backing candidates than the IRS allowed. Environmental groups have been particularly active campaigners. The League of Conservation Voters widely advertises its "dirty dozen" list of congressmen whose voting records it deemed unacceptable. The league keeps a "scorecard" indicating which of them are defeated. Because the IRS's decisions are confidential, we don't know what led it to rule against the Christian Coalition. It's possible but unlikely that politics played a role. (The congressional Joint Committee on Taxation is completing a report on allegations of political bias in the IRS's auditing of conservative political groups, which should indicate whether there is a problem in the agency.) ...."

NBC Chicago Online 6/25/99 Charlie Wojciechowski "...Francis Cardinal George is expected to lead nearly 900 people in a prayerful protest outside a Humboldt Park abortion clinic on Saturday. Following the dedication of the newly-renovated St. Sylvester's Church, Cardinal George will lead a procession to a Fullerton Avenue clinic that performs abortions. There, he will lead a silent prayer vigil. "We believe prayer can help change people's lives, open up new opportunities and new ways of thinking about problems, and help people choose life," said Nora O'Callaghan, a spokeswoman for the Archdiocese of Chicago's Respect Life office...."

Fox Newswire 6/30/99 "...The House Wednesday easily passed a bill that would make it a crime for anyone other than a parent to take a teen-age girl across state lines for an abortion. The vote was 270-159. The House passed the bill by a slightly bigger 276-150 margin last year. A Senate panel approved it but the full Senate never took it up, despite Majority Leader Trent Lott's support. The Senate has not yet taken action this year...."

EWTN News 6/30/99 "...A special United Nations General Assembly meeting on population issues, including abortion, contraception, and teen sex, began on Wednesday, after UN officials reportedly tried to set up a split between Catholic and Muslim nations on the topic. The Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute said this week that senior UN sources told them that Dr. Nafis Sadik, director of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), pressured the heads of six Muslim delegations in a late-night meeting during the preparatory conference in March. Sadik was said to have charged the Muslim diplomats with working closely with the Vatican and Christian organizations, and the Muslim delegates apparently reacted with anger. At this week's special session that began Wednesday and ends Friday, the G-77 developing countries and the industrialized Western nations were set for a showdown on population issues. After pro-life groups at the March meeting were successful in defending parental authority and defeating abortion and contraceptive measures, Sadik encourage a number of pro-abortion groups to apply for participation in this week's meeting to offset them....."

Associated Press 7/20/99 David Briscoe "…In a rare rejection of anti-abortion tactics, the House agreed today to fund U.N. population programs and cleared the way for a $2.4 billion bill aimed primarily at fortifying U.S. embassies against terrorist attack….. Congress last year rejected any money for the U.N. agency, which supports family-planning programs around the world…."

AP 7/26/99 "...With a majority of lawmakers opposing abortion, several limits on abortion that have come up in the state legislature this year have plenty of support. Abortion opponents are proud of the success of their movement,while a national pro-choice group gives Michigan an F for the limits it has adopted. The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League ranks Michigan 42 out of the 50 states and the District of Columbia for abortion access..."

AP 7/30/99 David Briscoe "...Risking another clash with the Clinton administration over abortion and U.S. spending abroad, the House opened debate late Thursday on a $12.6 billion foreign aid bill. The legislation pushed by Republican appropriators had the tentative support of Democrats, despite their loud complaints about $1.9 billion in slashes from President Clinton's proposals. But major battles were expected to take place after House passage when the bill goes to a House-Senate conference committee. One would be over funding levels and another over an amendment, approved 228-200 Thursday, to prohibit U.S. aid to organizations that use privately raised funds to lobby in favor of liberalized abortion laws...."

HUMAN EVENTS 7/25/99 ANN COULTER "...Answer me this: If the right-to-life position on abortion is such a loser at the polls, why are liberals so terrified that the Court will overrule Roe v. Wade? All that happens when Roe is overruled is that abortion laws will be decided by popular election rather than judicial fiat. (And half the country can stop pretending to see something that doesn't exist, which has got to be a relief even to the most fanatical abortion supporter.) .... This is the sort of logical lunacy that emerges in any topic vaguely touching on abortion, or -- in the favored parlance of the lunatics -- "choice." The whole abortion dialogue -- especially on the make-believe constitutional right there to -- is like listening to Clinton explain his relationship with Monica...."

Christian Coalition 8/7/99 "...Here's a quote from Christian Coalition: If you actively support the protection of the unborn, take time to thank Wal-Mart for their courageous corporate stand against Planned Parenthood. A recent company policy from Wal-Mart says their pharmacists are not to stock , order or dispense PREVEN (the morning-after pill which can cause abortions ). This policy came out in fall, 98 & Planned Parenthood is applying pressure to get them to change their policy...." 8/4/99 Phyllis Schlafly "...NEA resolutions support public school sex education that is "sequential, pre-K through 12" (i.e., for 14 years) and "comprehensive" (i.e., covering all types of sex including "diversity of sexual orientation" and "universal precautions," i.e., demonstrations of devices and explicit descriptions of all sex practices that do not result in a live baby). This means teaching sex ed without regard for moral principles, children's natural modesty about sex, the child's latency period, or parental wishes. NEA resolutions endorse school-based clinics available to "every" child (i.e., without exception) on a "confidential" basis (i.e., without parental knowledge). The NEA wants these school clinics to provide "services" (i.e., diagnosis, "intervention," and treatment), "birth control" (with demonstrations), and "referrals" (i.e., to abortion clinics). The NEA resolutions strongly endorse an abundance of counseling and "psychological programs" in the public schools. School counseling means psychological testing and treatment by non-licensed psychologists, all "confidential" (i.e., without parental consent) NEA resolutions repeatedly affirm that some courses and concepts must be "integrated" into, or made "an integral part" of, classroom teaching. This integration doesn't have anything to do with race; it means concealing controversial counseling and teaching (such as instruction in "safe-sex" devices, AIDS education, and suicide education) within various courses so parents can't discover it, object to it, or remove their children from it. The terms "sexual orientation" and "diversity," which is a code word for the same thing, are used in more than a dozen resolutions. They make it clear that the NEA endorses teaching the gay/lesbian agenda in curricula, textbooks, activities, training programs, and classroom presentations of role models. ..."

Front Page 8/13/99 Chris Weinkopf "...Jesse Jackson's Rainbow-PUSH Coalition, which routinely attacks corporations for hiring too few minorities, seems similarly nonplused about the suggestion. A spokesman high-mindedly answered that he wants to "see the study," which has been summarized in the Chicago Tribune but is not yet published, before commenting on its conclusion-that aborting indigent and minority babies makes the world a safer place. Representatives at the Congressional Black Caucus and the American Civil Liberties Union have yet to utter a peep, or return this writer's phone calls. The report, "Legalized Abortion and Crime," by University of Chicago economist Steven Levitt and Stanford sociologist John Donohue III, notes that nationwide, the number of abortions skyrocketed after the passage of Roe v. Wade in 1973. Crime, on the other hand, began to taper off eighteen years later, in 1991, when the first aborted babies would have entered the most crime-prone age group. Where there were many abortions, police reported fewer robberies, rapes, and murders two decades later. From that correlation, the scholars infer causality. They reason that since an inordinate number of abortion-obtaining mothers are unwed, poor, or ethnic minorities, their children, if born, are more likely to become violent criminals. The logic is dubious; the implications are downright frightening....The study's authors, and those who have embraced its findings, insist that they do not endorse the idea of abortion as crime control, but their words speak louder than their denials. Cory Richards, vice president of the Alan Guttmacher Institute, tells the Tribune that the study "is not an argument for abortion per se. [It] is an argument for women not being forced to have children that they don't want to have." But were "choice" all that is at stake, there would be no need to talk about national crime statistics. Implicit in the study is the suggestion that the country is better off for having permitted some 34 million abortions of demographically undesirable people. As Richard Posner, chief judge of the Seventh U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago, claims, "unwanted children are quite likely not to turn out to be the best citizens." Or, as one of the study's authors puts it, "Abortion provides a way for the would-be mothers of those kids who are going to lead really rough lives to avoid bringing them into the world." That sounds a lot like an argument for abortion......There are too many other factors-the rise and fall of the welfare culture, the burgeoning prison population, stricter methods of law enforcement-to determine conclusively why crime went up in the 1970s and down in the 1990s. Abortion probably has removed some sinners from the nation's ranks; it has surely taken some saints, too. That's all a matter of speculation, because 34 million Americans were deemed "unwanted" well before their time. "This idea of culling before birth," a Planned Parenthood spokesperson candidly confessed, "seems a little creepy." It's strange to hear an abortion proponent admit as much, while activists who claim to fight for the civil rights of minorities remain silent. The "unwanted" designation says more about those who apply it than those who are so defined. That America has dealt with 34 million lives so brutally is itself a crime-one that Professors Levitt and Donohue neglected to include in their tally..."

Edmonton Sun 8/15/99 Ted Byfield "...The abortion debate is closed, declared the political experts back in 1991. Minds are made up, they said. There's no point debating it because nobody is going to change his position. Today, eight years later, minds apparently have changed and are still changing - in the United States, anyway. In 1995, Gallup found only 33% of Americans declaring themselves "pro-life." Last year Gallup found the pro-life figure running at 48%. This year a feminist group called the Centre for Gender Equity announced in some alarm that 53% of American women now favour banning abortions, either altogether or permitting them only in cases of incest, rape or where the mother's life is in danger, exceptions that'd still leave 95% of abortions outlawed. This concurred with national polls being conducted for pro-life groups, except one in Wisconsin this month which found that 66% would prohibit abortion except in such dire cases...."

AP 8/16/99 "…A couple is suing their daughter's school guidance counselor for advising the 17-year-old to get a secret abortion and telling her, "Someday you'll look back on this and laugh.'' The federal lawsuit, filed Monday, also accuses counselor William Hickey of cashing checks from the girl's boyfriend using school district bank accounts, lying to teachers so the girl could miss school and drawing her a map so she could drive to the clinic in New Jersey. …"

St. Louis Post 8/18/99 Chris Carroll "…A 15-year-old-student has sued Jefferson County's Northwest School District, alleging the district violated her constitutional rights when she was prevented from distributing religious literature before school hours. The student, Crystal Patterson, will be a freshman at Northwest High School when school starts next week. Her mother, Lisa Patterson, who helped buy the literature, joined her daughter in the suit, which was filed Aug. 12 in U.S. District Court in St. Louis. The suit alleges that Crystal and other students were prevented on several occasions in May from distributing "The Truth for Youth" at Northwest Valley School, the middle school Crystal attended at the time. The soft-cover book contains the 22 books of the New Testament as well as comic strips with religious messages. The comics preach against school violence, the dark side of the Internet, evolution and abortion. A comic with an anti-homosexuality message is entitled "Adam and Steve." …."

The Arizona Republic 8/27/99 Karina Bland Chris Moeser "…A Phoenix judge is reconsidering his order to let a 14-year-old girl have a late-term abortion after child welfare officials questioned her competency. The court is expected to decide today whether the girl can go out of state to terminate the pregnancy as planned, sources told The Arizona Republic. At a closed hearing Thursday, Judge William Sargeant of Maricopa County Superior Court was handed a new report suggesting the girl is not competent to decide for herself whether to have an abortion, sources said. …. "

Associated Press 8/25/99 "…A judge has ordered state child welfare officials to take a 14-year-old girl who is 23 weeks pregnant out of the state for an abortion banned in Arizona. The abortion order was issued this month by Judge William Sargeant of Maricopa County Superior Court, The Arizona Republic reported today. The newspaper said Sargeant couldn't be reached for comment. The abortion must be performed outside Arizona because a new state law has essentially eliminated abortions in most cases after 20 weeks of pregnancy. …" 8/23/99 Lawrence Morahan "…Abortion clinics deceive their patients into thinking abortion has no lasting harmful effects, and should be prosecuted by state attorneys general under the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act, a post-abortion research and education group told "No business, least of all a medical practice, is legally allowed to mislead customers. But this is exactly what the abortion industry is doing," said David Reardon, Ph.D., director of the Springfield, Ill.-based Elliot Institute, a non-profit organization that engages in post-abortion research and education, in an interview with Riordan is spearheading an effort to collect complaints against abortion clinics from women he claims were not given complete and accurate information about abortion's risks. Launching a program called Expose Deceptive Abortion Practices, Riordan is working with crisis pregnancy centers, post abortion counseling groups and pro-life groups to gather evidence that will compel attorneys general to prosecute abortion clinics under typical consumer trade practices. "Hopefully the attorney generals will start looking into the long string of malpractice complaints of women being hurt in these clinics, but even setting that aside, there's clearly lack of full disclosure and omission of material fact on the part of abortion clinics," Riordan said……Many factors indicate women are more likely to have physical or psychological problems because of past abortions, Riordan said. A family with a prior history of breast cancer is highly predictive of increased risk of breast cancer after an abortion. Feeling coerced into unwanted abortion or having moral beliefs against abortion is very predictive of psychological problems after an abortion, Riordan said. "And women are not being told these things," he said. …"

The Arizona Republic 8/26/99 Chris Moeser Karine Bland "…Gov. Jane Hull on Wednesday defended her decision to let a teenager who is 23 weeks pregnant be sent out of state for an abortion, saying it's in the child's best interests to resolve the matter quickly. Hull also disputed critics' claims that the abortion violates Arizona law and stressed that the 14-year-old herself chose the procedure after reviewing all her options. The decision created an uproar among abortion foes, who flooded radio talk shows and lawmakers' offices with outraged calls. House Speaker Jeff Groscost, R-Mesa, and other legislators continued to criticize Hull's decision Wednesday. But the governor refused demands to appeal the court order, issued Friday, requiring officials to take the girl to a state where abortions are performed after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Abortions are not currently performed in Arizona after 20 weeks…."

AccessArizona 8/29/99 AP "….The Arizona Supreme Court on Sunday opened the way for a 14-year-old foster girl to receive a late-term abortion. The high court voted 3-2 to overturn a state appeals judge's ruling Saturday that blocked the girl from heading to Kansas to abort her 24-week-old fetus, said John MacDonald, the supreme court's spokesman. No Arizona clinics currently provide abortions after 20 weeks. The court's chief justice and vice chief justice dissented, and would later explain their reasoning, MacDonald said…..Officials said the girl should be required to see a doctor to determine whether her fetus can survive outside the womb. They also questioned her competency…."

The Providence Journal 8/31/99 Karen Lee Ziner "…Capping a two-year struggle that ricocheted between the General Assembly and the U.S. District Court, a federal judge yesterday struck down the state's attempt to ban so-called partial-birth abortion as unconstitutional. In a 65-page decision that permanently enjoins the state from enforcing tha ban, Chief U.S. District Judge Ronald R. Lagueux sided with the plaintiffs -- the Rhode Island Medical Society, Drs. Pablo Rodriguez and Benjamin S. Vogel, and Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island, against the defendants, Atty. Gen. Sheldon Whitehouse and Governor Almond. "Put simply, the Legislature did not write into law what the defendants now claim that it intended," Lagueux wrote. "No reasonable reading of the Act matches what the defendants see there." …."

World Net Daily 9/1/99 Stephan Archer "…."Most levels of government, including the judicial branch, are heavily populated with people that are committed to abortion," says Attorney Tom Condit of Cincinnati. "Even a high percentage of people who claim to be pro-life in government actually do very little for the pro-life movement and do a lot to facilitate abortion." Condit spoke these words candidly to WorldNetDaily after the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a ruling made by Magistrate Karen Klein in the district court for the City of Fargo, N.D., late in July. Condit said this was the third favorable ruling towards pro-lifers by Klein that had been overturned by the Eighth Circuit. The case was initially brought before Judge Klein in 1993 following the arrest of Gilbert Copper and Adele Norberg on Aug. 20, 1991, for picketing in front of the home of Lynn Gifford, then a spokesperson for a Fargo abortion clinic….. "She's now three for three in getting reversed by the Eighth Circuit," said Condit of Klein's rulings. "What does that tell us? It's abortion jurisprudence. Justice Scalia on the (U.S.) Supreme Court had written in one of his opinions and Justice O'Connor -- back in the '80s -- had written in one of her opinions that there's no legal rules that appear to be safe when we take abortion cases. ... The First Amendment is violated every time we take a pro-life case." …."

New York Post 9/5/99 Rod Dreher "…IF the sickos in Arkansas accused of kicking Shawana Pace's pregnant belly until her 9-month-old unborn child died are convicted, they should spend the rest of their lives as part of a jailhouse harem. Pace begged her three attackers to let her baby live. But, according to Little Rock police, one of the masked killers said, "F--- you! Your baby is dying tonight." Pace lost the child at the hospital. Days later, police arrested three brothers, who have reportedly confessed to the deed, and said Shawana's boyfriend, Erik Bullock, paid them to do it. Cops then arrested Bullock. All four face capital-murder charges in the unborn child's death. This is thanks to the state's new law allowing prosecutors to charge assailants with murder if an unborn child 12 weeks or older is killed as a result of a violent crime. "The law came just in the nick of time," deputy prosecuting attorney Melody Piazza told reporters. "If we didn't have this statute at this time, we would be questioning whether or not the fetus is a person." But: if on that hateful day, Shawana had decided to end her pregnancy and had found a doctor willing to perform a late-term abortion, the baby would have died just as violently - and the law would have been silent…..The child's name, by the way, was Heaven…."

San Diego Union-Tribune 9/5/99 Louise Palmer "…The percentage of young women who believe abortion should be legal has dropped every year for nine years, setting off alarm bells in the graying leadership of the abortion rights movement. Support has softened in the very group that historically has powered the movement, from a high of 65.5 percent approval in 1989 to 49.5 percent in 1998, according to an annual study by UCLA of more than 350,000 students entering colleges nationwide. This statistical free fall has spurred a series of advertising, education, and recruiting campaigns across the nation aimed at young women who, abortion rights advocates say, have no sense of a world without access to legal abortion and birth control. The Pro-Choice Public Education Project, for instance, is running an edgy, in-your-face ad campaign using provocative images to get the "post-Roe generation" -- those born after the Supreme Court's Roe vs. Wade decision legalized abortion in 1973 -- thinking and talking…." 9/10/99 Mona Charen "….Everyone has heard by now of the study purporting to show that legalized abortion has been at least partly responsible for the drop in crime we have been experiencing nationwide. Initial reaction ranged from cautious (from those who believe it) to contemptuous (from those who don't). Could it be, many wondered, that Steve Levitt of the University of Chicago and John Donohue III of Stanford are recommending prenatal capital punishment? If we can take them at their word, they were simply searching for truth. The question is: Does the study illuminate the drop in crime, or simply play upon unspoken prejudices in the minds of most educated people? Steve Sailer makes an extremely persuasive case in the online magazine Slate (the liveliest site on the Internet) that the study is quite flawed. Levitt and Donohue began with a postulate: 1) that legalized abortion results, by definition, in fewer unwanted babies being born, and 2) that since unwanted children are more likely to grow up to be criminals than others -- an assumption bolstered by plenty of data -- then abortion should lead to lower crime rates. They tested this hypothesis by examining crime rates in the years after Roe vs. Wade became law. Eighteen years after Roe, they conclude, crime began to drop. Moreover, in the five states that legalized abortion in 1970, three years before Roe, crime rates began to fall three years earlier. Levitt and Donohue further found that those states that had high abortion rates in the mid-1970s experienced greater decreases in crime in the 1990s than states that had low abortion rates in the 1970s. Not so fast, says Sailer, businessman, gadfly and intellectual jack-of-all-trades. If Levitt and Donohue are correct, the kids who managed to get born despite legalized abortion should have been more law-abiding than previous generations. Instead, they launched the greatest youth crime spree in American history. According to FBI statistics, the murder rate for 1993's crop of 14- to 17-year-olds (who were born in the freely available abortion years of 1975 to 1979) was 3.6 times that of the children born between 1966 and 1970 (pre-Roe). If abortion reduces crime, Sailer continues, then the lower crime rates should have shown up first among the youngest (the wanted babies). But instead, the crime rate drop began among those ages 35 to 49. The 800-pound gorilla that Levitt and Donohue ignore, Sailer insists, is the crack epidemic that transformed urban neighborhoods in the 1980s. Looking at black males born between 1975 and 1979, Sailer notes that their youth murder rate grew 5.1 times. And although black women have abortions at three times the rate of white women, the black juvenile murder rate grew relative to the white rate, from five times worse in 1984 to 11 times worse in 1993. …."

AP 9/15/99 "….A violent attack that results in the injury or the death of a pregnant woman's fetus could mean an additional conviction and sentence for the attacker under legislation awaiting a vote in the House. Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee outvoted Democrats 14-11 to approve the bill despite warnings from Democrats that it eventually could weaken Roe vs. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion. Eleven states already have similar laws, and this would be the first such law at the federal level. Federal law should recognize ``that an unborn child is not a nothing,'' committee Chairman Henry Hyde, R-Ill., said during committee debate. He called the fetus a ``tiny, living member of the human family.'' ……Graham said the bill had nothing to do with abortion. The bill's language specifically prohibits its application to abortions, he said, and it would not permit a woman to be prosecuted for taking any action - legal or illegal - related to the unborn child, he said. It also would not apply in cases where a fetus is harmed in the course of medical treatment, he said. ``This is about holding criminals accountable for their actions,'' Graham said…."

WorldNetDaily 9/15/99 Stephan Archer "…. A group of black pastors in New Jersey yesterday announced plans to march from Newark, N.J., to Washington, D.C., on behalf of the 1,452 black children aborted each day in the United States. …..During the interdenominational march, people will be carrying signs with the title "Genocide Awareness Project." These signs, which Hunter described as "graphic," will show the connection between the evil that happened in the past -- such as the Holocaust and the lynching of blacks -- with abortion. ….."This march is a civil rights march," said Owens. "We're organizing this march to tell our black brothers and sisters we have been duped into destroying ourselves. Even though we make up 12 percent of the population, we supply 33 percent of the abortion industry's business. We have fallen prey to the Margaret Sangers of the world."

New York Times 9/14/99 AP "…An assailant convicted of attacking a pregnant woman could receive an additional conviction and sentence if the fetus is injured or killed under a bill the House Judiciary Committee approved Tuesday and sent to the full House for a vote. Federal law should recognize ``that an unborn child is not a nothing,'' said committee Chairman Henry Hyde, R-Ill. Republicans outvoted Democrats 14-11 to approve the bill. ``A pregnant woman is two special persons,'' Hyde said, calling the fetus a ``tiny, living member of the human family. ... It is not a vegetable; it is not an animal; it is not a mineral.'' ``Most Americans will support this because it puts people in jail who attack pregnant women and destroy or harm their child,'' said Rep. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., author of the bill…..``This is a very clever proposal on the part of the gentleman from South Carolina,'' said Michigan Rep. John Conyers, the committee's highest ranking Democrat. ``This bill is another transparent attempt to score points in the perennial abortion debate.'' …"

St. Louis Post Dispatch 9/16/99 Scott Charton "….Missouri senators outlawed infanticide on Thursday, completing a historic override of Gov. Mel Carnahan's veto of legislation targeting a late-term abortion procedure. The Senate's 27-7 vote came a day after the Missouri House voted 127-34 to bestow new life on House Bill 427, which Carnahan called unconstitutional and a bid to criminalize many now-legal abortions. Critics of the bill said federal courts would be asked, perhaps as early as Friday, to put the law on hold pending a legal challenge….."

The New York Times 9/17/99 Jim Yardley "…To a large degree, Ashbrook remains a puzzle to investigators. At least publicly, Acting Police Chief Ralph Mendoza of Fort Worth and other officials said they were not certain of his motives. ….. Chief Mendoza said Ashbrook screamed insults about "the Baptist religion" during the shooting, but investigators had not yet discerned his motives. Ashbrook did not leave a suicide note or any written evidence of his intentions, the chief said. Ashbrook lived several miles from Wedgwood Baptist, and members of the church had no idea why he chose them as a target. "He was saying, 'Your religion is nothing, it's not worth anything, it means nothing,' " said Mary Beth Talley, 17, who was wounded in the attack. ….."

New York Post 9/17/99 Rod Dreher "…. We shouldn't be surprised that Reno and other elites have trouble mustering up much outrage over the mounting body count resulting from anti-Christian hatred. The number of Christians killed this year alone by fanatic gunmen greatly exceeds the number of abortion providers or gays murdered by right-wing haters. But one waits in vain for the federal task force or blue-ribbon government panel looking into the root cause of these bloody pogroms. One grows old waiting for a "Nightline" town meeting about the way Christians are routinely demonized by the news and entertainment media. To so many media figures, Christians - specifically evangelicals, orthodox Catholics and others who believe in traditional Judeo-Christian moral teaching - are not victims, but victimizers. They are so used to casting Southern Baptists and fellow travelers as buffoons and bigots that they find it hard to imagine them as anything but……If Larry Gene Ashbrook, guns blazing, had walked into a synagogue, a gay bar, an abortion clinic or even a black church service, there is no doubt what the government, cultural and media elite's reaction would be…." 9/17/99 "…..The bloodbath at Wedgewood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, will no doubt prompt the usual media outpourings about the urgent need for gun control. But there's one observation you probably won't hear all that often: For the fourth time in less than two years, people of faith have been specifically targeted in murderous rampages. According to witnesses, Larry Gene Ashbrook walked into the church screaming anti-religious slurs. "I heard him shout, 'It's all bull---- what you believe'" while firing, said one of those inside the church. One of his seven victims reportedly died after walking up to the gunman during the attack and saying, "I know what you need - you need Jesus in your life." That story echoes the final moments of young Cassie Bernall's life at Columbine HS: She affirmed her faith in God to a fellow student who then shot her to death. Earlier, a gunman opened fire on students in a prayer circle at the local high school in West Paducah, Ky. And in Chicago just recently, six conspicuously Orthodox Jews were shot while walking home from Sabbath services. Had the victims in these cases been ethnic minorities or gays or abortion doctors, the airwaves would now be burning with denunciations of hate crimes, as well as attacks on the "vicious rhetoric" of political conservatives that must have inspired such extremists to murder. Where are the denunciations today of the unending drone of heated rhetoric from those who disparage and show disrespect to genuine believers in traditional religions - or of those who denounce the faithful for allegedly trying to "impose their values" on the American public? 9/17/99 "…..You may recall that when Dr. Barnett Slepian, who performed abortions, was gunned down in his upstate home, network journalists were quick to blame the entire anti-abortion movement. "Critics charge [that] rhetoric from the anti-abortion movement is helping to incite this kind of murderous violence," intoned CBS' Dan Rather….. The entire religious right was effectively put on trial by the media and gay activists for the vicious murder of Matthew Shepard, while all conservatives were held responsible for Timothy McVeigh's 1995 attack on the federal building in Oklahoma City. "The bombing at Oklahoma City has focused renewed attention on the rhetoric that's been coming from the right and those who cater to angry white men," said Bryant Gumbel on the "Today" show. …… Somehow, it's doubtful that these sonorous voices will be heard questioning whether the hostility to religion evinced by the American Civil Liberties Union and People for the American Way was responsible for the shootings in Fort Worth. But maybe, just maybe, they will pause to consider the garbage they spew the next time they wish to blame evil acts of death and destruction on people and ideas that make them uncomfortable….."

The Sunday Times (UK) 9/18/99 Tom Rhodes ".... THE Federal Bureau of Investigation is studying claims by a white supremacy expert that the gunman who murdered seven worshippers at a Baptist church in Texas last week belonged to one of America's most radical domestic terrorist groups. Larry Ashbrook, 47, is said to have been a long-time disciple of the Phineas Priesthood, the paramilitary arm of Christian Identity, a racist group that has declared war on Jews and black people. The "priests" proudly boast that they are America's IRA....... Only later did it emerge, from conversations with informants inside Christian Identity, that there may indeed have been method to his madness. The hate group was said to be furious with local Baptist leaders for trying to encourage Jews to join their congregation. The Baptist church in Fort Worth was praying for Jewish conversions during the holy days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. John Craig, a leading authority on radical groups in America, says he interviewed Ashbrook three years ago during research for his acclaimed book on extremists, Soldiers of God: White Supremacists and Their Holy War for America. Ashbrook, a former navy recruit, told him he had taken up the priesthood's cause...... Contacts within Christian Identity confirmed that Ashbrook was the culprit and that he had remained an active member of the movement, Craig said. According to Craig, Christian Identity leaders immediately issued a call to arms after the Texas Baptist convention advertised its intention to recruit Jews two weeks ago. A group that denounced Jews could not tolerate the notion that they would be accepted into the bosom of Christ, viewing the initiative as an act of apostasy, Craig said. "My concern now is there are other members out there, and they feed off one another's actions." ...... Eric Rudolph, an abortion clinic bomber who is also suspected of the 1996 Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta, is the poster child of the movement. It includes Buford Furrow, who shot children at a Jewish child-care centre in Los Angeles last month, Paul Hill, an anti-abortion activist convicted of killing a doctor in Florida, and Byron de la Beckwith, who assassinated Medger Evers, the 1960s civil rights activist.....Although no evidence had been found at his home to prove any connection to the Phineas Priesthood, police said that both the FBI and local enforcement officers were investigating Craig's evidence....."

The Observer 9/19/99 Denis Staunton ".... When Germany's Catholic bishops gather in the southern town of Fulda tomorrow for their autumn meeting, they face a choice over abortion and obedience that could split their church in two. Some are comparing the dispute to a battle over Papal infallibility in 1871 that caused hundreds of thousands of Germans to leave the Church of Rome and call themselves Old Catholics. The row has been sparked by an order last week from Pope John Paul II that pregnancy advice centres run by the church should stop issuing certificates that allow women to have abortions. Some bishops are threatening to defy the Pope. German women may only have abortions if they can prove they sought pregnancy counselling by producing a certificate issued by one of 1,600 pregnancy advice centres. The Catholic Church runs 270 of these centres and Catholic counsellors claim 25 per cent of the women they see decide to continue their pregnancy to full term....."

Ft. Worth Star- Telegram 9/17/99 "...- The jobless loner whose attack at a Fort Worth church killed seven people and led to his suicide was connected to a violent, anti-Semitic group as early as three years ago, according to the Houston Chronicle. Author John Craig told the newspaper in a copyright story for today's editions that shooter Larry Ashbrook boasted of membership in the Phineas Priests, an anti-Semitic group that advocates killing Jews and minorities. "When I heard about the shootings Wednesday night and I heard that the gunman was wearing black and killed himself, I knew it had to be a Phineas Priest," Craig told the newspaper. "I called some people I know in the white supremacist movement, and they told me it was Larry Ashbrook." Police on Thursday said they had not found a link between the 47-year-old Ashbrook and hate groups. But Craig, one of three authors of the book "Soldiers of God, White Supremacists and their Holy War for America", said the 1996 interview had left him convinced. ..... Experts said the group gets its name from an Old Testament Book of Numbers story involving a man named Phineas who kills a mixed-race couple to appease God. Witnesses to the shooting spree at the Wedgwood Baptist Church said Ashbrook spewed obscenities and ridiculed Baptists before opening fire on 150 teen-agers and adults attending a youth rally. He then sat down in a pew and turned the gun on himself. "It all fits too well," said Craig, a former undercover operative and private investigator who lives in Houston. Other Phineas Priest members linked to violence include Buford Furrow, who allegedly shot children in a Los Angeles Jewish day-care center and killed a Filipino-American mailman; fugitive Eric Rudolph, the alleged abortion center bomber also suspected in the 1996 Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta; and a man convicted for a series of Washington state pipe bombings and bank robberies in 1996. ...."

America's Real War 1999 Rabbi Daniel Lapin "....Little by little, year by year, those united behind a secular agenda have succeeded in imposing countless changes on Americans. Had the trend sometimes favored tradition and family and sometimes gone the other way, I doubt that a movement of Christian conservatives would be necessary today. But the trend has been overwhelmingly directed to only one end: It has inexorably shifted American society away from policies friendly to Judeo-Christian tradition. No sooner has one unfriendly change been successfully implemented than the next hostile policy initiative has been launched...... Madalyn Murray O'Hair's [1963 school prayer] victory marked one of these major changes...... In fact her son Bill Murray's autobiography [William J. Murray, My Life Without God (Nashville, Tenn.: Thomas Nelson, 1982] reveals that instead of a loving mother concerned for her son's rights or feelings, she was a violent and cruel woman who merely used her son to advance her goals..... After all, most Americans do not, while denying they are Communists, attempt to emigrate to the Soviet Union. After doing just that and being refused entrance by Russia, O'Hair returned home and began her crusade. As her son recalls, she was incensed upon hearing that he participated in school prayers: "You stupid fool," she said, slapping me hard across the face..... "The only way true freedom can be achieved is through the new socialist man-an entire race that lives for the state. Only when all men know the truth of their animal sameness will we have true freedom. Russia is close but not close enough, or they would have let us in. The CIA probably passed bad information on us. [emphasis added] "...Well, if they'll keep us from going to Russia where there is some freedom, we'll just have to change America. I'll make sure you never say another prayer in school!" On June 17, 1963, in an act of judicial fiat that went against the will of the majority of Americans, the Supreme Court, with only Justice Potter Stewart dissenting, awarded victory to O'Hair and defeat to millions of religious Americans. Perhaps is does not legally make a difference that O'Hair desired the destruction of this country and was a despicable individual. Or that the "hero" of another landmark decision of those years, Larry Flynt, was by his own admission "a scumbag." Or that Norma McCorvey, the true identity of Jane Roe in Roe v. Wade, now admits she was manipulated by others and profoundly regrets her part in the Court's landmark ruling on abortion....."

The Free Lance-Star (Fredericksburg, Va.) 9/20/99 Jim Lakely "….WHEN JAMES BYRD was dragged to his death behind a pickup truck last year in Texas, President Bill Clinton, Attorney General Janet Reno and most of the media denounced it as a terrible "hate crime." When, in that same year, University of Wyoming student Matthew Shepard was singled out and killed because he was a homosexual, that was also labeled by our national hand-wringers as a "hate crime." But last week, when a man walked into a Baptist church in Fort Worth, Texas, and calmly assassinated believers, the media—as well as Mr. Clinton and Ms. Reno—scratched their heads in search of a motivation. Strangely, the fact that 47-year-old Larry Gene Ashbrook shouted "What you believe is bull----" while carrying out his evil, bloody rampage didn’t seem to trigger the same wailing about "hate crimes." That is an enlightening revelation…..The justifiable outrage of long-quiet Christians is beginning to surge forth. To quote only New York Post columnist Rod Dreher: "One waits in vain for the federal task force or blue-ribbon government panel looking into the root cause of [this] bloody pogrom. One grows old waiting for a ‘Nightline’ town meeting about the way Christians are routinely demonized by the news and entertainment media." Those are astute observations, as is Mr. Dreher’s point that the number of Christians killed this year by fanatical gunmen far exceeds the number of abortion providers or homosexuals murdered by right-wing crazies. Yet it is only the murder of the latter groups that raises a clamor for more hate- crime legislation. So now our society has come to this: We have sunk to the point where otherwise reasonable people are compiling a list of whose narrow group has been murdered more often. This is the divisive box that opportunistic politicians have opened by tapping certain groups on the shoulder with the sword of justice—a sword that is supposed to protect us all without favor. …."

Fox News 9/22/99 Lori Hinnant "...More than 250 demonstrators protested the first day of classes of a Princeton University professor who says parents should have the right to euthanize newborns with severe handicaps. The protesters - including about 60 people in wheelchairs - surrounded the school's administration building. Fourteen people were arrested when they refused to stop blocking the entrances. Police who guarded the classroom where bioethics professor Peter Singer was teaching said they will continue to do so as long as they feel it was necessary. In his recent books, Singer has said children less than one month old have no human consciousness and do not have the same rights as others. "Killing a defective infant is not morally equivalent to killing a person,'' he has written. "Sometimes it is not wrong at all.'' Marie Tasy, of the anti-abortion group Right to Life, said Singer's views - and their extreme interpretations - prey on the vulnerable. "Human history has shown us where this type of thinking can lead,'' she said. "If Professor Singer's views do not go unchallenged, there is a possibility that they could be adopted by health insurance companies, who are always looking to save dollars.'' ...."

The Asheville (NC) Tribune 9/20/99 William Fortschen "...Its time we faced up to it, killing those who believe in Christ is becoming something of a global sport. I'm writing this on a Thursday, the day after Floyd did his no show, our President flies home to be with his people during the big hurricane, and seven Christians, most of them kids, are murdered inside the sanctuary of their church. The dead kids seem to rank a distant third as far as most of the main stream media is concerned. The other local paper here in Asheville North Carolina ditched the dead Christians on page three. Floyd got the front of the sheet, with three stories. The other story on the front page was about a new chief for the local Cherokee Indians. Going down to the basement I prowled through copies of newspapers dating back several months. The shooting in the Jewish center in LA, an incident where there was a lone fatality at another location, pulled the front page and was still front page news several days later. Columbine was all over the front page for a week. The non-fatal shooting a couple weeks after Columbine at a school near Atlanta got the front page as well..... Seven Christians are murdered in a church. . .that's a no news item for most of the media. You see it just doesn't fit the profile of what they want. If it had been a white gunman mowing down a church filled with another ethnic group, or detonated a bomb while the children are at choir practice, thus demonstrating the so called inherent racism of America, that would be news for years to come. If he had burst into a gay bar, screaming homophobic taunts before opening fire, there'd be non stop live coverage and a protest march to stamp out hatred. If he had shot up an abortion clinic there'd be hell to pay and four hundred FBI agents hot on his trail. If he had done it with an assault rifle, rather than a legally purchased gun, that would have advanced the cause for gun control and then been front page news. If he had been part of a Serbian militia gunning down Moslems, rather than a Moslem militia murdering Catholics in East Timor our fearless President would be sending in the cruise missiles even as I write this. All of the scenarios I suggested above happened. All of them received screaming headlines, tearful reporting, Presidential declarations of outrage, and calls for more laws....."

Texas Straight Talk Ron Paul 9/21/99 "....Leave it to a zealous Congress to sweep away time-honored criminal law in an attempt to make a political constituency happy while actively ignoring the real issue. The House Judiciary Committee voted last week to approve the "Violence to Unborn Children." At its surface, this legislation has some appeal, despite the fact it unconstitutionally creates yet another federal crime. It is important to recall that the Constitution only allows three federal crimes: treason, counterfeiting and piracy. Setting aside those constitutional questions -- which Congress should never do, but regularly does -- it would seem to finally offer some recognition, at the federal level, that the child in the womb is indeed a human being worthy of protection. Backers of the bill say that it will offer legal protection to the fetus from those who attack it; that is, unless the attacker happens to be an abortionist or the mother. That's the part of the bill being kept quiet. This legislation, which is expected to come to House floor for a vote in a matter of weeks, specifically excludes from its jurisdiction violence done to an unborn child by an abortionist. The legislation states that nothing it should be "construed to permit the prosecution ... of any person for conduct relating to an abortion."...."

Washington Post 9/23/99 William Claiborne "....Abortion rights advocates said today they fear that a new Missouri law criminalizing one type of late-term abortion by terming it "infanticide" will be the prototype for a nationwide effort to get around federal court injunctions against late-term abortion bans in other states. Their fears appeared at least partly founded when Missouri state Sen. Ted House (D) said that since last Thursday night, when the bill outlawing what abortion opponents call "partial-birth" abortions briefly went into effect, his office has heard from legislators in a half-dozen states where the procedure had been banned and the bans were blocked in court. House, one of the bill's sponsors, did not name the states, but said, "I've had numerous requests for the bill and there obviously is widespread interest." He said he assumed that the interest stemmed from Missouri's unique approach of not defining the procedure in terms of abortion, but instead prohibiting the killing of an infant by any overt act performed when it is born or partially born. Such an act constitutes the felony crime of infanticide under the new law. "It draws the line between infanticide and abortion. This approach has never been litigated," House said. ..... The law defines a partially born infant as one whose head is outside the mother in a cephalic separation or its navel is visible in a breech delivery. In a partial-birth abortion, a pregnant women's cervix is dilated and after the fetus has partially emerged it is killed by inserting a suction tube into its skull and removing the contents. Including Missouri, 30 states have passed partial-birth abortion bans, and in 21 of them the bans have faced legal challenges. In 18 states, federal courts have blocked them with either permanent injunctions or temporary restraining orders; in one an injunction was stayed pending an appeal, and in two others enforcement of the laws has been limited by federal court order or the state attorney general....."

NYT 9/25/99 "… The United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit rendered three crucial rulings on abortion yesterday, striking down as unconstitutional the so-called "partial birth" abortion statutes in Nebraska, Arkansas and Iowa. The language of the Nebraska and Iowa laws was nearly identical to definitions used in the Federal partial-birth abortion ban proposed in Congress. The court found that all three state laws placed an undue burden on abortion rights by outlawing even the procedures most commonly used prior to fetal viability. The rulings show that efforts to undermine abortion rights through the partial-birth ruse will not stand up to onstitutional review. Missouri, which was not a party in the three cases but is in the Eighth Circuit and will be governed by yesterday's rulings, recently enacted an extreme anti-choice law in the guise of a partial-birth abortion ban. Gov. Mel Carnahan showed political courage in vetoing the measure, but the Legislature overrode his veto. The Eighth Circuit decision has now shown that Governor Carnahan was right. …." 9/24/99 Jerry Miller "….Sarah Weddington, the Texas attorney, who successfully argued the Roe V Wade case before the U.S. Supreme Court, told Friday, she considers the upcoming quest for the White House as critical to the long-term future of the court edict, which legalized abortion. Weddington made her comments in an interview with, prior to a luncheon sponsored by Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. Weddington, who argued the case when she was 27 years old and is now a professor at the University of Texas, told the nearly 200 abortion advocates, the next president is likely to appoint at least two members to the high court, with the anticipated resignation of that many justices, following the presidential election. Weddington said she believes Chief Justice William Renhquist is most likely to retire, while Justice Paul Stevens, diagnosed with prostrate cancer, is probably second in line…..Asked to characterize the long and short-term future of Roe V. Wade, Weddington told the long-term future depends on the outcome of the presidential election and warned a Republican victory could see the historic verdict overturned……"

New York Times 9/26/99 Steven Holmes "….A federal appeals court ruling striking down bans of a particular late-term abortion procedure represents the first significant legal step that may compel the Supreme Court to determine the constitutionality of laws barring the procedure. A three-judge panel of the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down such laws in Arkansas, Iowa and Nebraska, declaring on Friday that the statutes were so broadly written that they also banned common abortion procedures that are used in the second trimester of pregnancy. As a result, the appellate panel said, the laws placed an "undue burden" on a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy. "This is the first circuit after trial to issue a final decision on the partial-birth abortion law," said Janet Benshoof, president of the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy in New York, which sued to overturn the Arkansas, Iowa and Nebraska laws. Laws banning the procedure, in which a fetus is partially extracted from the womb and then killed by the insertion of a tube into the skull and the extraction of the brain, have passed in 28 states and in Congress. President Clinton has vetoed the federal legislation and federal courts have either struck down or stayed implementation of 20 of the state laws……"

The Associated Press, via News Plus 9/23/99 "….The tax-cut veto was President Clinton's 26th. A sampling: …

--Nov. 13, 1995: Clinton vetoed a bill that would have temporarily extended the government's ability to borrow money beyond the debt limit. The veto led to a standoff with Congress over balancing the budget that resulted in a government shutdown…..

-- April 10, 1996: Clinton vetoed a ban on certain late-term abortions. In September, the House voted to override, but the Senate sustained the veto a week later.

-- Oct. 10, 1997: He vetoed another late-term abortion ban. In July 1998, the House voted to override, but the Senate sustained the veto in September.

-- June 20, 1998: Clinton vetoed the D.C. Student Opportunity Scholarship Act, which would have provided vouchers for poor children to attend private or religious schools. ``We must strengthen our public schools, not abandon them,'' the president said. The veto stood.

Oct. 21, 1998: Clinton vetoed legislation to pay $1 billion in delinquent payments to the United Nations because it contained an unrelated provision on abortion. The veto stood. …"

AP Wire 9/24/99 "….A federal appeals court panel today ruled that three states' laws banning late-term abortions are unconstitutional. A three-judge panel of the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld U.S. District Judge Richard Kopf's decision last year that said Nebraska's law is so vague that it potentially bans all abortions. The court issued similar rulings for cases out of Arkansas and Iowa. Appeals Court Clerk Michael Gans said the court dealt with all three cases at once because they were so similar. On the Nebraska case, Chief Judge Richard Arnold wrote: ``The difficulty is that the statute covers a great deal more. It would also prohibit, in many circumstances, the most common method of second-trimester abortion. ... Such a prohibition places an undue burden on the right of women to choose whether to have an abortion.'' …."

Reuters 9/24/99 "…. President Clinton and one of his top Republican opponents in Congress engaged in a rare political cease-fire Friday for an event to honor a national increase in adoptions and encourage more of the same. Seated in the front row at the Old Executive Office Building event was Rep. Tom DeLay, a Texas firebrand who was a driving force behind Clinton's impeachment by the House of Representatives last December. The reason for this public display of solidarity between two political enemies: DeLay and his wife Christine are raising two foster children, an 18-year-old daughter and a 17-year-old son who had been abused as youngsters. And the DeLays are active in issues involving children at risk. Mrs. DeLay works for a national organization that volunteers that represents court cases of foster children, Court Appointed Special Advocates……"

NewsMax 9/24/99 Brent Bozell "….The worst report came from Time magazine writer David Van Biema. Oh, he recounted that witnesses said Ashbrook called their beliefs a barnyard expletive, but he didn't really believe them. "That's a version being offered by someone who was there, but it's unconfirmed," he stated. "Yet, even if it is a pious invention, it gives a glimpse of the way some evangelical Christians, children and adults alike, are thinking these days about the string of killings in the U.S. in which they have been victims." A "pious invention?!" Van Biema found no FBI or police evidence of anti-religious feeling: "What no one found was any connection to the Wedgwood church or its congregation." By that ridiculously narrow standard, Ashbrook could have cursed Jesus all he wanted, but that wouldn't constitute anti-religious bigotry, since he didn't mention this singular church. But oh, how the rules change when the situation is reversed! Predictably, Van Biema didn't wait for confirmed evidence when Buffalo abortionist Barrett Slepian was killed last year: "Police were searching for a boxy, white car with Ontario license plates. And they are expecting, most likely, to connect it with an anti-abortion fanatic." The left created the phrase "hate crimes," to elevate homosexuals, primarily, as a special category. Rape and murder a woman, it's a crime. Murder a gay man, it's a "hate crime," for he was murdered for his beliefs. So why, despite mounting evidence from Fort Worth, Paducah and Littleton before that, are Christians not now victims of "hate crimes?" Some media outlets -- such as CBS, CNN, and Time -- apparently believe, to paraphrase Orwell's "Animal Farm," that some "hate crimes" are more equal than others…."

CBN News 10/5/99 David Snyder ".....The State of Illinois is investigating allegations of improper medical care provided to survivors of live birth abortions at a hospital in suburban Chicago. The live birth abortion method essentially causes premature birth, with the expectation that the baby will be born dead, or die soon thereafter. Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois has been charged with allowing some survivors of live birth abortions to die without administering adequate medical treatment. Labor/Delivery nurse Jill Stanek says live birth abortion infants are simply provided comfort care. "If a baby was born alive, a premature baby was born alive, an aborted baby was born alive, and we stuck it in a bucket of water to kill it, we would say that's murder. What is really the difference between that and just setting the baby on a counter or even holding the baby until it dies?" In a live birth abortion, doctors induce labor and the mother actually gives birth, sometimes to a living, breathing child. Since the procedure takes place in the second trimester, the baby cannot survive without medical assistance. Stanek alleges the "comfort care" does nothing to help the child survive. In one case, she says she held a little boy 45 minutes before he died. "He weighed about a half pound as I recall. [He had] all fingers, all toes. [He was] just skinny, not ready to be born, very weak, didn't cry. [He] just spent his 45 minutes just...gasping." When no nurse is available, Stanek says the infant is wrapped in a blanket and left in what is referred to as the "Soiled Utility Room." The Illinois Department of Public Health is investigating the charges. CBN News has learned the federal Health Care Financing Administration, which runs Medicare, is interested in the results......Pastor Tim Harlow of nearby Parkview Christian Church led an interdenominational prayer vigil outside the hospital Saturday morning. "This is nothing more than infanticide," he says. "This is clearly murder, as these babies are being born in a hospital that is charged with protecting them and caring for them and this baby is left to die there." Several hundred people gathered in a cold rain to sing hymns and pray for an end to the practice of live birth abortions. Some hospital personnel looked on from inside the hospital......"

FrontPage Magazine 9/29/99 Cleveland Free Times Laua Demarco "....Kopp is the executive director of the Ohio chapter of Feminists for Life of America, a self-described pro-woman, pro-life activist group that, due to their pro-life politics, was rejected from receiving booth space in the Lilith Fair Village, an area where assorted activists and vendors set up tables to inform/enlighten/sell products. In protest, Kopp and two other FFL members took a different approach this day: They bought tickets, put on gags and assumed their position in front of several pro-choice groups' booths. In spite of Lilith Fair's lofty goal of wanting to "raise consciousness about issues that affect women's lives," it's apparent not every viewpoint is permitted. The sight of a gagged woman standing in front of a National Organization for Women booth on a day meant to celebrate the female spirit couldn't make this point any clearer..... The barring of certain women from Lilith reflects issues affecting the whole movement. What does it mean to be a feminist in 1999? Can you censor other women and be a feminist? Is abortion the litmus test for feminism? Are minorities-racial or ideological-welcome? Are younger women welcome? Do they even want to join? Essentially, is there room for all women in the women's movement? ...... This one issue disqualified the group from the Lilith Village. But do FFL's views on abortion also disqualify them from feminism? It's a tough question. Whether or not pro-life and pro-woman are compatible inspires vehement debate in women's groups, nationally and locally. ...... It's hard to miss the hypocrisy of feminists censoring other women like this. Not only do such anti-woman actions buy into the idea that all women must think the same to belong to the girl's club. The logic behind them patronizingly assumes women aren't smart enough to hear all sides on an issue and decide for themselves. This view also fails to take into account recent studies, including one by former Planned Parenthood leader Faye Wattleton's Center for Gender Equity, that have found decreased support for abortion rights among women (Wattleton's group found the number of women supporting restrictions on abortions rose from 45 percent in 1997 to 53 percent in 1999). While this study has been dismissed by women's groups simply as evidence that devout and conservative women are becoming more politically vocal, the implication that the beliefs of these women don't matter as much as those of mainstream feminists doesn't diminish the findings. Obviously, not all women do think the same, nor should they have to. Younger women seem to grasp this idea more readily than their older peers....."

FrontPage Magazine 9/29/99 Cleveland Free Times Laua Demarco "....Clinton also hurt the women's movement in more straightforward ways. Women's groups enamored by his ardent pro-choice politics seem to have made a trade-off with the president, ignoring his actions (policy and personal) on other issues since he gave them this break. But overlooking the fact that the great protector is also a great womanizer-even when that womanizing included an intern putting out for the boss and getting a great job for her efforts-highlighted the hypocrisy in the established women's movement, giving fuel to its detractors and turning off many more thoughtful or moderate women...... And the brutal treatment Paula Jones received at the mouths of many in the women's movement only reinforced its image as elitist. Despite NOW President Patricia Ireland's assertion that their lack of support for Jones was based on her ties to right-wing groups, not her big hair, the message sent to poor women was loud and clear: "trailer trash" not welcome. ....."

Florida Times-Union 10/4/99 "....A state legislature does not have authority to repeal the Bill of Rights, as the U.S. Supreme Court hinted when it agreed to take up an appeal of a Colorado law restricting the speech of pro-life activists. In 1993, that state's Legislature made it illegal to counsel, distribute leaflets or display signs within 8 feet of others without their consent when they are within 100 feet of an abortion clinic. Colorado's courts upheld the law. But the Supreme Court sent the case back for reconsideration, admonishing the lower courts to heed its ruling against floating buffer zones imposed by a judge in a New York abortion clinic case. A state court upheld the law again, saying the Constitution gives legislatures more leeway to limit speech than judges. Not only did that stand the ''balance of powers'' doctrine on its head, it ignored logic. If the justices thought the precedent didn't apply to the Colorado case, they probably wouldn't have told the lower courts to study it. With the state courts defiant, the high court felt compelled to hear the case......"

Boston Herald 10/4/99 David Weber "...." Two bitterly opposed groups of abortion activists squared off at the edge of Boston Common yesterday, but it wasn't much of a fight because one faction largely ignored the other. Members and supporters of Massachusetts Citizens for Life (MCFL) ran a gauntlet formed by about 50 vociferous abortion rights supporters at the corner of Beacon and Charles streets. ``Keep your rosaries off my ovaries,'' the group, composed primarily of young women, shouted at the anti-abortion marchers as they filed by under the watchful eyes of a Boston police contingent....."

Insight 10/1/99 Kelly Patricia O'Meara "....The distribution of fetal body parts to scientists is a million-dollar industry. Researchers claim it's a necessary evil, but others fear that it may encourage some grim abuses. Scientists depend on human body parts for research they believe may yield breakthroughs in a number of diseases, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, that affect millions of people. But the public largely is unaware of the way the laundry list of body parts for scientific research is filled. Those who oppose using human flesh for research wonder if knowing the gruesome details would make a difference to those who support the practice...... Of more than 50 such requests, or "protocols," submitted by scientists and reviewed for this article, none involved a deceased person more than 24 weeks old -- three weeks older than a fetus who could survive outside the womb. The "whole intact leg" protocol described previously was requested by a scientist who needed four to six "specimens (leg and hip joints) per shipment" from aborted fetuses 22 to 24 weeks old. Because the request called for the dissection to occur within 10 minutes of death, it is not difficult to imagine the required precision and speed of the dissection procedure occurring in a side room of an abortion clinic. . . . The men and women who perform these tasks are called "technicians" and are employed by companies that retrieve body parts, also known as "harvesters," such as the Anatomic Gift Foundation of Laurel, Md., and Opening Lines, headquartered in West Frankfort, Ill. These companies act as middlemen of sorts between the abortion clinic and the scientist. . . . Because the sale of human tissue or body parts is prohibited by federal law, the traffickers have worked out an arrangement to expedite the process from which they all benefit and still remain within current interpretations of the law. For instance, the harvesters receive the fetal material as a "donation" from the abortion clinic. In return, the clinic is paid a "site fee" for rental of lab space where technicians, employed by the harvesters, perform as many dissections as necessary to fill researcher manifests. The harvesters then "donate" the body parts to the researchers and, rather than pay the harvesters for the actual body parts, "donate" the cost of the retrieval (a service) via a formal price list......"

Insight 10/1/99 Kelly Patricia O'Meara ".... Similar sentiments are voiced by Rep. Henry Hyde, an Illinois Republican who is a staunch pro-life advocate. Hyde tells Insight: "I deplore any medical procedure that treats human beings as chattel, as a subject fit for harvesting. The humanity of every fetus should be respected and treated with dignity and not like a laboratory animal." The fact remains, though, that it's legal, and 1.5 million abortions are performed every year in the United States. It's legal, and tens of thousands of body parts from aborted babies are used in scientific research. It's true, too, that our laws provide no human-being status to an unborn baby. But despite this, unborn babies are considered human for the purpose of scientific experimentation." ....."

Chuck Baldwin Live 10/6/99 Freeper SLB "...As American troops liberated those Nazi concentration camps it became obvious the kind of atrocities that had taken place. General George Patton was so nauseated by what his troops had discovered that he required thousands of German citizens to march through those death traps to see for themselves what their government had done. People cried and vomited as they were confronted with the reality of Hitler's madness. Could it be that the American government is carrying out a similar madness? According to a report in the current edition of Insight magazine our government has, in the name of research, authorized the cannibalization (my word, not theirs) of little human babies. The law allowing such a pernicious practice, became effective in 1993 when President Clinton signed the National Institutes of Health Revitalization Act, which lifted the ban on federally funded "research involving transplantation of human fetal tissue for therapeutic purposes." In short, researchers, pharmaceutical companies and universities send "fetal-tissue harvesters" to abortion clinics with a list of desired body parts. The abortion clinic, in turn, provides those body parts from the corpses of the aborted babies. Technically, it is against federal law to sell the body parts. That is no real obstacle, however. The body parts are "donated" by the clinics after receiving a "site fee." Companies that traffic in the body parts of these little babies openly advertise their services. One company boasts that it is their "goal to offer you and your staff the highest quality, most affordable and freshest tissue prepared to you specifications and delivered in the quantities you need when you need it." Their ads go on to say, "Our specimens vary widely in range including but not limited to those listed below: lungs and heart block, spinal column and many more with appropriate discounts that apply if specimen is significantly fragmented." A smorgasbord of human body parts is on the menu, and the customer need only order what he or she wants. Since "fragmented" body parts bring a drastically reduced price, partial-birth abortion is the method of choice for killing the little children. This procedure insures perfectly formed "specimens." The going price for livers, up to 8 weeks old, is $150 with a 30% discount if it is significantly "fragmented." Brains, up to 8 weeks old, are $999, again, with a 30% discount if it is significantly "fragmented." Gonads, $550. Spinal cord, $325. By the year 2002 the cannibalizing of babies is projected to become nearly a $1 billion industry. ...."

Arizona Republic 10/6/99 Victoria Harker "....A federal judge in Tucson has ruled that Arizona statutes prohibiting the use of fetal tissue for medical research are unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge William Browning ruled in favor of a group of plaintiffs, including four people with Parkinson's disease and two Arizona affiliates of Planned Parenthood Inc. Studies have suggested that some fetal-tissue transplantations can produce dopamine and effectively treat Parkinson's, a progressive neurological disorder stemming from a patient's inability to produce dopamine, a substance in the brain that controls voluntary movement. ...... "I'm very disappointed with the federal judge who has chosen to disregard the will of people in Arizona in striking down a constitutional statute," Jakubczyk said. "It is once again an example of how logic is turned on its head when the subject of abortion appears before the court. "The pro-abortion industry is more interested in selling body parts than they are in seeking to cure any disease." ...."

NEW YORK POST 10/5/99 Rod Dreher ".....As a devout Catholic, Baltimore resident Jos Palacio was upset when he heard about the dung-and-porno version of the Virgin Mary on display at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. But when he heard museum director Arnold Lehman was behind the exhibit, he wasn't a bit surprised. "I thought, 'There he goes again,'" said an angry Palacio. Again? Yes. In 1996, when Lehman was director of the Baltimore Museum of Art, he infuriated local Catholics by co-sponsoring, with Johns Hopkins University, a film series on "religious extremism." Lehman's idea of a "religious extremist" apparently includes Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The museum screened a scathing attack on her titled "Hell's Angel," written and narrated by the left-wing English journalist Christopher Hitchens. Calling Mother Teresa a "ghoul," among other niceties, the fili lambasted her as a "reactionary" for speaking out against abortion and birth control. "Hell's Angel" also blasted Mother Teresa for associating with dictators and hitting up other famous figures of dubious moral stature, who gave her money to open AIDS hospices and shelters. It depicted her as a whore for publicity. This scurrilous attack on the Nobel Prize-winning nun took place under the auspices of the taxpayer-supported Baltimore Museum of Art....... During his 17-year tenure in Baltimore, Lehman was accused of gimmickry in an attempt to publicize the city museum. Some complained that by scheduling exhibitions like one on jukeboxes and another highlighting Warner Bros. cartoons, Lehman was drawing public attention to the museum at the expense of its reputation for seriousness. Picasso or Porky Pig? Who cares? Step right up, folks! Well, you can move the Barnum from Baltimore to Brooklyn, and still not exorcise the huckster's spirit. Either Lehman is merely a vulgar showman, or, as Jose Palacio called correctly three years ago, he's also got a serious problem with religious sensitivity. ...."

Creators Syndicate 9/28/99 Linda Bowles "…. Federal Judge Scott Wright in Kansas City, Mo., quickly responded to a frantic appeal from Planned Parenthood, and issued an order preventing the implementation of a law designed to prevent partial-birth abortions. The law, titled the Infant Protection Act, was passed in mid-September, when both houses of the Democrat-controlled Missouri legislature voted to overturn a veto by Democrat Gov. Mel Carnahan. The law applied to abortions not performed in utero, meaning they are performed outside the womb. That's what happens in the heinous and unnecessary form of barbarism called a partial-birth abortion. When all of the baby is out of the birth canal except the head, the abortionist drives scissors into the base of the skull, inserts a suction device, and sucks out the brain. Those who have witnessed this procedure report seeing the baby's tiny hands clenching and unclenching and its tiny feet kicking. This is clearly infanticide. State Sen. Tom House, a Democrat, captured the sentiment of the state legislature with this comment during a television interview: "This kind of brutality should not be tolerated in a civilized society." It is a procedure that is indefensible. Former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop said the following when President Bill Clinton vetoed a similar bill: "Clinton was misled by his medical advisers on what is fact and what is fiction in reference to late-term abortions. Because in no way can I twist my mind to see that the late-term abortion as described -- you know, partial-birth, and then, destruction of the unborn child before the head is born -- is a medical necessity for the mother. It certainly can't be a necessity for the baby. So, I am opposed to ... partial-birth abortions."……"

American Center for Law and Justice 10/99 J A Sekulow "…..Two weeks later, she re-joined her family in Pennsylvania and enrolled in a local high school. She immediately began meeting with one of the school's guidance counselors, William Hickey, to set up her classes and discuss her adjustment to the new school. Lonely and having a hard time making friends, Stephanie asked if there were any Christian clubs on campus like "Fellowship of Christian Athletes" or "Priority One" --both of which she'd been involved with back in Tennessee. "No," he told her, "The school doesn't support religious things." He added that students at her new school really weren't interested in Christian groups or activities. Meanwhile, Hickey was communicating with Stephanie's parents by telephone, answering their questions about their daughter's academic and social adjustments to her new surroundings. Within weeks, Stephanie discovered her pregnancy. Knowing how devastating this news would be to her family, she went into a panic--and turned to Hickey for advice. Her boyfriend, she said, wanted her to abort the baby . . . but abortion went against her own religious convictions, as well as those of her parents. What Hickey did not do, according to Stephanie, was: . . . offer her other options. . . suggest she talk to her parents . . . direct her to counsel with her pastor . . . giver her the number of the local crisis pregnancy clinic . . . or even discuss with her the seriousness of her situation. Instead, Hickey urged her to get a secret abortion, according to the complaint……"

American Center for Law and Justice 10/99 J A Sekulow "….. The following facts are alleged in the Carter's lawsuit against Hickey: * Hickey explained to Stephanie that she could get around Pennsylvania law by having her baby aborted in New Jersey. * He told the frightened girl again and again that abortion was her only option--that having the child would ruin her life. * He allowed Stephanie to use his office phone and make the appointment with the abortionist and to call her boyfriend. * Hickey cashed the checks her boyfriend sent to pay for the abortion out of school funds. * He even offered to get a friend of his--a complete stranger to Stephanie--to drive her to the abortion clinic! ……At Hickey's storng, continuous urging, she finally went in for the abortion. Following his directions, she left the school without her parents' knowledge for a journey of an hour-and-a-half, across state lines, with a girl she hardly knew behind the wheel to experience a major surgical procedure under general anesthesia. The abortion itself left Stephanie in extreme physical pain, with heavy bleeding, nausea, and vomiting….. When the devastated parents went to school to share the story with the principal, he assured them he would investigate. But shortly after the "investigation," he met with the Carters to thell them that while he could understand their dismay, "the school fully supports what Mr. Hickey did." ….."

Electronic Telegraph (UK) 10/13/99 Tom Utley "…..UNTIL this week, I had always thought it very unfair of people to write and speak of "pro-abortion campaigners". I didn't - I couldn't - believe that anybody was actively in favour of abortion, in the sense of thinking that killing human embryos or foetuses could ever be a good or a desirable thing to do. All that these "pro-abortion campaigners" were arguing, it seemed to me, was that abortion should be an option available to pregnant women who, for one reason or another, did not wish to give birth. They were not "pro-abortion", these campaigners; they were pro-choice. I imagined that, like me, they all saw abortion as an evil, but that, unlike me, they thought there were many circumstances in which it might be the lesser of two evils (the other being the birth of an unwanted child). ……. What has raised my doubts is the furious reaction of the pro-abortionists (and now I think that this might be a fair description of them) to the news that a pregnant 12-year-old has been promised support for her baby by the trustees of a fund set up in 1997 by Cardinal Thomas Winning, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Glasgow. Here is a girl who wants to have her baby, and whose unemployed parents are reconciled to the idea. Yet here is Jane Roe, of the Abortion Reform Association, castigating the cardinal's fund for "encouraging a 12-year-old to consider that it is all right to have a child, that it is emotionally the best thing for her". The clear implication of what she is saying is that it is not all right for a 12-year-old to have a child. Ms Roe has abandoned the traditional pro-choice arguments. She is not telling the pregnant girl: "You should be allowed to choose whether or not to have your child." She is telling her: "You ought not to have your child." This is the first time that I can remember any campaigner putting pressure on a girl to have an abortion….."

Winnipeg Sun 10/13/99 Ross McLennan "….Why all the fuss? Pro-abortionists in Scotland are in a lather after discovering the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland is paying the bills of a poor, pregnant 12-year-old so she won't abort the child. If, as pro-abortionists say, a lack of money is reason enough to have an abortion, then what's wrong with providing enough money to prevent one? …… Never mind the semantic hocus-pocus of self-serving monikers such as "pro-choice." The instant polarization over the Scottish girl's dilemma proves one thing for certain. Any help we seek in conducting our own affairs and dealing with private tragedies and catastrophes still bears the same price tag it has down through history. They demand we swear alliance to one dogma or another. The fact some do it in the name of freedom only makes them bigger hypocrites….."

Chicago Tribune 6/28/99 John Kass "...It's an ugly twist on an old science fiction theme: Would you use the body parts of an innocent baby so that you could live a happier life? Would you support a system of incentives to kill other babies, and process them like meat at a packing plant, for the benefit of a frightened Baby Boom generation terrified of Alzheimer's disease and death? Of course not. The suggestion is monstrous and dehumanizing. By comparison, it makes what the Serbs and Albanians are doing to each other look like a gentle game. But the science fiction scenario doesn't generate the terrifying passions of old Balkan blood feuds. Instead, it's calculated, without anger, and practiced by reasonable men and women in white lab coats. It's about pure reason, efficiency and scientific rationalism. It's what a culture can do when it loses its soul. If you don't believe me, ask a Jew about the Nazi concentration camps. So get horrified. Because it's not science fiction. It's happening now, in our country. I read about it in Sunday's Tribune, in a fascinating story by science writer Ronald Kotulak under the headline "Stem cells opening path to brain repair." It began with an anecdote about a woman with Parkinson's disease. Her name is Dr. Jacqueline Winterkorn. The drugs she was taking to fight the disease weren't working anymore. "It's a very sad disease," Dr. Winterkorn was quoted as saying. "People are locked into bodies that don't move. Their brains are working, their minds are working, but they can't talk and they can't move." In other words, they're human beings immobilized through no fault of their own, trapped without speech. They have emotions, but they can't do anything about it. They're helpless....And it's being done in the name of cold scientific reason. The rhetorical pathway was cleared years ago, when the Germans built Buchenwald and Auschwitz and other places. Soon other folks with Parkinson's or other brain disorders such as Alzheimer's disease will seek such treatments. The Baby Boom generation that has never been denied will make its demands. It's human nature to use available resources to satisfy the most powerful human need: staying alive. So aborted human babies will become resources. They'll become products, subjected to the market. Because they'll have value, there will be an incentive to provide more. Their bodies will be served up for the benefit of adults. If we don't stop it now, if we accept this crime in the name of scientific reason, we'll lose ourselves. Ask a mother carrying a child inside her. Ask her if it's not human. Ask any father who puts his hand on his expectant wife's belly and feels a tiny foot....Someday, when they're old enough, they might ask you what fetal brain stem cell research is all about...."

Toronto Sun 10/7/99 Michael Corens "....Oh, brave new world, what wonders you contain. The Web site for the United States government's National Institutes of Health includes a notice offering aborted baby parts for research purposes. The ad, worth quoting at some length, states the following. "Human embryonic and fetal tissues are available from the Central Laboratory for Human Embryology at the University of Washington. The laboratory, which is supported by the National Institutes of Health, can supply tissue from normal or abnormal embryos and fetuses of desired gestational ages between 40 days and term. Specimens are obtained within minutes of passage and tissues are aseptically identified, staged, and immediately processed according to the requirements of individual investigators. "Presently, processing methods include immediate fixation, snap fixation, snap freezing in liquid nitrogen and placement in balanced salt solutions or media designated and/or supplied by investigators. Specimens are shipped by overnight express, arriving the day following procurement." The notice, dated 1994 but advertising an ongoing, non-profit service, is chilling in the inhuman way it speaks of human life. "Normal" embryos mean unborn children that are perfect, "abnormal" means babies with disabilities. When the ad refers to "term" it presumably signifies unborn children that could survive outside the womb, possibly as late as nine months gestation. But business being what it is, even the large babes are guaranteed to arrive far quicker than the mail. .....One of the most poignant, and sickening, ironies of all this is that much of the macabre body crop is used for research into HIV/AIDS. While everything human must be done to find a cure for this plague, it's hard to deny that the majority of sufferers in North America contracted the disease through perverse sex. However, 95% of the world's AIDS population is in the developing world and lacks even basic health care. Nobody cared very much about these men and women before AIDS was brought to North America and, frankly, nobody cares very much now. They're poor and they're black and don't know Elizabeth Taylor or Barbra Streisand. If experimentation must take place it should take place on animals. But I forgot. That would mean hurting little kittens and puppies and it just wouldn't be right. After all, we're human beings and cruelty is unacceptable. ....."

EWTN News Brief 6/2/99 "….VAN HALEN LEAD SINGER MAKES PRO-LIFE CALL TO COLLEAGUES WASHINGTON, DC ( - The lead singer of the rock band Van Halen has written an open letter to other rock musicians, challenging them to end their support of pro-abortion groups, according to the pro-life group Rock for Life on Wednesday. Gary Cherone of Van Halen addressed his open letter to Eddie Vedder, the lead singer of Pearl Jam, writing about women's rights and the beginning of life. "Can there be only one true line of demarcation? One finite, measurable point in time that differentiates life from non-life? Womanhood from non-womanhood? ..." 10/14/99 Nicholas Sanchez "....Well, since Mr. Mfume and the NAACP are in a suing mood, I have the perfect target for their next lawsuit. This is an industry that has made millions and millions of dollars a year by killing millions and millions of black children over the years. You may ask what this pernicious enterprise that exists and legally eradicates America's black youth is. It is not the gun industry. Nor is it the drug industry. It is not even the KKK, Inc. It is the abortion industry. Yep. The reports are in that show that, although black women make up 12% of the total number of females in the United States, they have 33% of all abortions. So, basically, even though Hispanics make up roughly ten percent of the population and whites make up the super-majority of U.S. citizens, for every three children aborted in the US, one of them is black. The nasty effects of abortion have not been limited to loss of young life in the black community. Howard University completed a study in 1993 that shows that black women over the age of 50 were 4.7 times more likely to get breast cancer compared to mothers that had not had abortions. Well, I'll be. This report clearly shows that feminists have been right all these years and that abortion is a "woman's issue." Although, Mr. Mfume has thus far failed to act on this major public policy issue, there have been other leaders in black community that have not been so hesitant to speak out against this attack on black babies and black mothers. And in the grand tradition of the old civil rights movement, the one that was born out of truly American ideals like life and liberty, this one comes not from a subsidiary of the Democratic National Committee, but from the cloth. A group of 12 black pastors recently led a march from Newark, New Jersey, to Washington, D.C. These pastors sought to rally 1,452 people to march with them to signify the 1,452 black children that are aborted daily. ...."

Freeper d14truth "God is Pro-Choice with a strong recommendation" - "...The Bible(NIV) - Deuteronomy 30:19-20 c. 1406 B.C. God, speaking through Moses "This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the Lord your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him. For the Lord is your life, and he will give you many years in the land he swore to give to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob."

EWTN News Brief 10/14/99 ".....A Florida judge this week ruled a law requiring parental consent for abortions for teens was unconstitutional. Circuit Judge Terry Lewis cited the Florida Constitution's privacy amendment -- which grants every person "the right to be let alone and free from government intrusion into his private life" -- in overturning the law. The state attorney general's office said it will appeal the ruling. In 1989, the Florida Supreme Court also ruled a law requiring parental consent before an underage girl's abortion was unconstitutional....."

EWTN News Brief 10/14/99 "....The Prince's Trust -- a charity founded and headed by Prince Charles -- has come under attack for giving money to the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). According to a report in The Catholic Times newspaper, the Trust has made at least one donation of $40,000 to IPPF, a UK-based consortium of family planning and abortion providers. The pro-life group Life on Thursday called on The Prince's Trust to disassociate itself from IPPF...."

World Magazine 10/15/99 Lynn Vincent "..... When "Kelly," a woman who claimed to have been an AGF "technician" like Ms. Ying, approached Life Dynamics in 1997, the pro-life group launched an undercover investigation. The probe unearthed grim, hard-copy evidence of the cross-country flow of baby body parts, including detailed dissection orders, a brochure touting "the freshest tissue available," and price lists for whole babies and parts. One 1999 price list from a company called Opening Lines reads like a cannibal's wish list: Skin $100. Limbs (at least 2) $150. Spinal cord $325. Brain $999 (30% discount if significantly fragmented). The evidence confirmed what pro-life bioethicists have long predicted: the nadir-bound plummet of respect for human life-and the ascendancy of death for profit. "It's the inevitable logical progression of a society that, like Darwin, believes we came from nothing," notes Gene Rudd, an obstetrician and member of the Christian Medical and Dental Society's Bioethics Commission. "When we fail to see life as sacred and ordained by God as unique, this is the reasonable conclusion ... taking whatever's available to gratify our own self-interests and taking the weakest of the species first ... like jackals. This is the inevitable slide down the slippery slope." In 1993, President Clinton freshly greased that slope. Following vigorous lobbying by patient advocacy groups, Mr. Clinton signed the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Revitalization Act, effectively lifting the ban on federally funded research involving the transplantation of fetal tissue...... But, this being the land of opportunity, fetal-tissue entrepreneurs soon emerged to nip at NIH's well-funded heels. Anatomic Gift Foundation, Opening Lines, and at least two other companies-competition AGF representatives say they know of, but decline to name-joined the pack. Each firm formed relationships with abortion clinics. Each also furnished abortionists with literature and consent forms for use by clinic counselors in making women aware of the option to donate their babies' bodies to medical science. According to AGF executive director Brent Bardsley, aborting mothers are not approached about tissue donation until after they've signed a consent to abort. Ironically, it is the babies themselves that are referred to as "donors," as though they had some say in the matter. Such semantic red flags-and a phalanx of others-have bioethicists hotly debating the issue of fetal-tissue research: Does the use of the bodies of aborted children for medical research amount to further exploitation of those who are already victims? Will the existence of fetal-tissue donation programs persuade more mothers that abortion is an acceptable, even altruistic, option? Since abortion is legal and the human bodies are destined to be discarded anyway, does it all shake out as a kind of ethical offset, mitigating the abortion holocaust with potential good? ...."

Chattanooga Free Press 10/18/99 "..... If it's legally OK to kill babies, why shouldn't we kill sick old folks, especially if they get talked into it, or are suffering depression, or are inconvenient to their caregivers? We haven't quite surrendered to the Kevorkian standard yet, but watch out. Now comes Professor Peter Singer, with yet another step in the wrong direction. Professor Singer is a noted figure recently given a tenured position at prestigious Princeton University. His view is that if parents find their newborn infants severely disabled, handicapped, deformed, etc., they should be allowed to "euthanize" them. Does killing a handicapped child become more palatable if we use the word "euthanize"? Remember, killing unborn babies has been verbally "sanitized" by calling it "choice," although the baby gets no choice. ....... About 250 shocked handicapped people showed up, many in wheelchairs, outside his building to protest his view -- and to say they have thought about it and prefer life. Of course, he wouldn't have been confronted by those protesters if their lives had just been snuffed out because of their handicaps. The "slippery slope" of killing innocents was horribly opened by the Supreme Court in Roe vs. Wade. It was greased by Dr. Kevorkian. And now Professor Singer is suggesting more human candidates for execution. ....."

Conservative News Service 10/18/99 Lawrence Morahan "....Abortion providers are making money on the sale of fetal tissue by charging "site fees" to wholesalers who harvest the material and market it to researchers, thus circumventing federal laws, a Texas-based pro-life group alleges. .....While it is against federal law to sell human tissue and body parts, clinics "donate" the material through wholesalers, who are charged "site fees" for the "processing" of intact organs, Life Dynamics said. ..... Women seeking abortions are told their permission to donate fetal tissue for research may result in the saving of lives of possibly thousands of people with diseases that might not otherwise be cured without this research. ........Steve Sanborn of the American Life League, the nation's largest pro-life educational organization, told the legalization of partial-birth abortion has fueled the trade in fetal tissue. "The partial-birth abortion method was introduced around the same time as fetal marketing was starting to pick up. Of course they go around telling everybody it's the safest, cleanest method and all that, but the ultimate reason is they need partial-birth abortion to be able to create this other industry," Sanborn said. Congressional measures to ban partial-birth abortion, a procedure that is performed during the fifth month of gestation or later, were vetoed twice by President Clinton. ...."

Houston Chronicle 10/18/99 Jim Henderson "....They were born into homes of neglect or abuse and many of them were damned to childhoods of shuttling from one set of foster parents to another. Then, inexplicably, they began to find permanent homes and legal parents in the Piney Woods of Shelby County. What began as a trickle of children into Deep East Texas quickly turned into a cascade sufficient to cause a blip on the census screen of this sparsely populated landscape. In the past 14 months, 39 children, mostly from Houston, have relocated here and middle-aged couples, many with empty nests after years of child-rearing, still wait in line to assemble new families -- and to reunite siblings scattered into separate foster homes. "It is phenomenal," says Judy Bowman, a supervisor with the Child Protective Services division of the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services. "We have never come across any single group that would adopt this many kids." That "single group" is the congregation of the Bennett Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, a small, stark white chapel that juts out of a clearing on the fringe of the Sabine National Forest, out beyond Shelbyville, half a mile past the "end of pavement" sign in a settlement known to prior generations as Possum Trot...."

Portland Press Herald 10/19/99 "....Two Maine television stations have refused to run a new commercial urging voters to support a proposed ban on so-called partial-birth abortion. They say it is misleading and inappropriate for young viewers. The decision by WCSH (Channel 6) in Portland and WLBZ (Channel 2) in Ban- gor comes two weeks before voters will decide whether to implement such a ban, which will be the first question on the Nov. 2 ballot....."

RNC Activist Alert 10/19/99 Jim Nicholson ".....Congress will Wednesday begin debate on S.1692, Senator Rick Santorum's bill outlawing partial-birth abortion. Two similar bills were previously passed in Congress and sent to the President's desk, but Bill Clinton vetoed both of them. What's at stake? Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan called partial-birth abortion "infanticide." The fetus is delivered, and, with the head still inside the mother, a vacuum tube is inserted into the base of the skull, the brain is removed, and the head is crushed....."

Village Voice 10/20/99 Frank Owen "..... Though his fellow Catholics didn't recognize him, New Jersey native Kevin Smith- director of the controversial new religious comedy Dogma they'd come to voice outrage against- had briefly walked among them. Smith, a lifetime adherent of the Church of Rome, has defended Dogma as "a love letter to both faith and God," albeit filtered through a sensibility combining National Lampoon's Animal House with Monty Python. Nonetheless, a couple of hours earlier, hundreds of angry but peaceful protesters- fired up by a description of a movie featuring a female descendant of Jesus who works in an abortion clinic and a jive-talking 13th apostle (played by Chris Rock) who claims Christ was black- besieged the glittery premiere of his new picture, singing hymns, chanting prayers, and giving speeches denouncing "the dominant culture of impiety and blasphemy." "Dogma is a blasphemous movie that mocks and scorns everything that is holy to Catholics," protest leader Raymond Drake, president of the Protestant-sounding American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property, told the Voice outside the cinema. "If (Kevin Smith) is a good Catholic, he wouldn't make a movie like this." ...Ask most ordinary Catholics, and they'll tell you anti-Catholicism as a significant factor in American life ended around the time John F. Kennedy got elected. But if you trust the assorted wisdom of Cardinal O'Connor, the New York Post, and the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, there's a resurgent wave of anti-Catholicism sweeping the nation- "the only fashionable bigotry left," according to Senator Bob Smith of New Hampshire....."

The Washington Post 10/20/99 Hanna Rosin ".... The U.S. Catholic bishops today will launch their most extensive campaign for political influence, distributing millions of election guides urging the nation's 61 million Catholics to get involved in the 2000 races. The guide, "Faithful Citizenship: Civic Responsibility for a New Millennium," which will be mailed to churches around the country in the next month, does not promote specific candidates. But it does urge Catholic voters to choose candidates who comply with the church's position on issues including abortion, the death penalty, concern for the poor and international debt relief. ....The message is that the electorate has been lulled by a robust economy into forgetting their moral responsibility. "We are at an age where it is possible not to think about values because for so many Americans things are going so well," said Archbishop Theodore McCarrick of Newark. "But we want them to know that as American Catholics, we want them to vote thoughtfully, with values in mind." ...."

San Jose Mercury News 10/20/99 Laura Kurtzman "....The head of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, in town to urge the formation of a grass-roots campaign to protect abortion rights during the 2000 elections, said she would like her organization's political action committee to begin making endorsements in presidential races. ``I think that we have a moral obligation to inform the American public about where the candidates stand,'' said Gloria Feldt..."

The Associated Press, via News Plus 10/20/99 "....The 61-38 roll call by which the Senate voted to reject an amendment to a late-term abortion ban bill that would have provided an exception for women whose health is endanged by the pregnancy. On this vote, a ``yes'' vote was a vote to reject the amendment and a ``no'' vote was a vote to continue debate. Voting ``yes'' were 50 Republicans and 10 Democrats. Voting ``no'' were 35 Democrats and 3 Republicans.....Republicans No Collins, Maine; Snowe, Maine; Specter, Pa....."

Washington Post 10/21/99 Juliet Eilperin "....The House of Representatives, a bastion of antiabortion sentiment since the Republican takeover in 1995, has quietly become more supportive of abortion rights this year, according to lawmakers and activists on both sides of the issue. The surprising shift results both from a modest increase in the number of lawmakers who favor abortion rights as well as a deliberate--if little-publicized--effort by GOP leaders to deemphasize the issue in the annual process of crafting spending bills......Some conservatives note that the House has passed two high-profile antiabortion bills this year. One would prohibit adults from circumventing a state's abortion laws by taking a teenager across state lines; the other would make it a separate federal crime to injure a fetus when attacking a pregnant woman. Clinton has vowed to veto both measures and neither has passed the Senate, which yesterday took up a bill to ban certain kinds of late-term abortions......."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10/20/99 ".....The minute she heard about the item in the Wall Street Journal, Loretto Wagner called Jim Komorek. "Oh no, Loretto," she recalls him saying. "I can assure you there's no truth in that whatsoever. I can assure you Dick is with us." But he wasn't, not anymore. It was May 1986, and Dick Gephardt, presidential candidate-to-be, had just crossed the abortion Rubicon. At the time, Wagner headed Missouri Citizens for Life, the state's main anti-abortion group. Komorek, a former city alderman, headed Gephardt's St. Louis office. What they discovered together was that Gephardt, after 13 years of rock-solid dependability, was dropping his support for a constitutional amendment to outlaw abortion. Gephardt was in distinguished Democratic company. Jimmy Carter had made the trek. Bill Clinton had, and so had Al Gore and Jesse Jackson........ On abortion, no one ever had occasion to doubt John Ashcroft. ...... As governor, Ashcroft helped craft the legislation that got the court to the point -- almost -- of striking down Roe vs. Wade, the ruling in 1973 that legalized abortion. In the Senate he has championed bills that would further restrict late-term abortions and federalize the requirement for parental notification for any minor seeking an abortion. And he has said many times that Roe vs. Wade was an egregious example of legislating from the bench -- something he believes the nation's founders never intended....."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10/20/99 ".....Justice Antonin Scalia, in his dissent to the 1992 Supreme Court case (Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania vs. Casey) that upheld Roe, contended that the issue should be returned to Congress and state legislatures. His reasoning captured what Ashcroft had been arguing for more than a decade. Scalia wrote that "by foreclosing all democratic outlet for the deep passions this issue arouses, by banishing the issue from the political forum that gives all participants, even the losers, the satisfaction of a fair hearing and an honest fight, by continuing the imposition of a rigid national rule instead of allowing for regional differences, the court merely prolongs and intensifies the anguish." A deeply divided court said it was too late to turn back. "Our obligation is to define the liberty of all not to mandate our own moral code," three of the justices wrote....."

CNN All Politics 10/21/99 Laurie Kellman AP "....The Senate is resuming an emotional debate over legislation that would ban some late-term abortions, opening the way for another presidential veto. ..... "We all know ... this is the third time the president will veto this bill," said its chief opponent, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-California). "Why go through this if not for politics?" ...... "This is about infanticide," the sponsor of the bill, Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pennsylvania) said from the Senate floor. "This is a baby who is all but born and then killed." ...."

Associated Press 10/21/99 Laurie Kellman ".....A narrow majority of the Senate voiced support today for the 1973 Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion. The vote was non-binding, but supporters said it would be used in the 2000 elections against senators who voted the other way......The vote was the latest development in the Senate's debate over a bill to ban some late-term abortions, the third time in four years the issue has come before Congress. It is headed for the same outcome: a presidential veto...... In a replay of previous debates over similar bills since 1995, two presidential vetoes and two failed override attempts, Wednesday's debate almost immediately degenerated into an argument over the definitions of viable life and when a fetus should be considered born....."

Washington Post 10/22/99 Helen Dewar ".... The Senate yesterday again approved legislation to ban what critics call "partial-birth" abortions but fell narrowly short of the two-thirds majority that would be required to override a promised veto by President Clinton. In what officials said was probably the Senate's first vote ever on 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortions, the Senate also voted 51 to 47 to go on record endorsing the Roe v. Wade decision as "an important constitutional right" that should not be overturned....."

World Magazine 10/22/99 Gene Veith "....Most political leaders still pay at least lip service to "organized religion," but many don't let it stand in their way. President Clinton, despite his sexual adventures, is a Southern Baptist. Vice President Gore has impeccable Bible Belt affiliations, but he buys into the worldview of environmentalist Gaia-worshipping extremists. Both men support abortion, as do a great many congressional members of pro-life churches. Many Catholic lawmakers are stalwart defenders of abortion, despite the strong opposition of their church. The same is true of certain members of Protestant evangelical churches, of both parties. The point is, American culture has come to the point where many of its political leaders are open about feeling no responsibility or accountability to a power higher than themselves....If the leader chooses his own beliefs (Mr. Bradley) or is so "strong" that he doesn't need religion (Mr. Ventura) or has a religion but doesn't let it influence his views (pro-abortion Catholics and evangelicals), he is making himself sovereign. Such leaders become the only source of the laws they make, with no transcendent moral limits to their power. They have a worldview that equips them to be tyrants.

Portland Press Herald, Maine 10/22/99 Paul Carrier ".....For the second time in less than a week, supporters of a proposed ban on so-called "partial-birth" abortions are being blocked in their efforts to run television commercials that urge voters to approve the upcoming referendum. The latest face-off involves a decision by WMTW (Channel 8) in Portland not to broadcast a commercial sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Portland, which supports the ban. WMTW is the only television station that has rejected the new ad, which features a young woman who says she supports abortion rights but opposes partial-birth abortion ..."

WORLD Magazine 10/30/99 Mindy Belz "....Sjedullah Hoxha is waiting for his washer and dryer. Impatiently waiting, truth be told, because it has been more than a month since he agreed to the terms of the transaction. Furthermore, his Pristina hospital is in desperate need of help with the laundry. Dr. Hoxha is a reluctant warrior in the population-control war. With an average of 30 babies born every day in his Kosovo maternity ward following the return of ethnic Albanians to the embattled area, he has little time to think about preventing pregnancies. Making do is job No. 1. Yet, the promise of appliances won him to the cause. Officials from the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) offered to donate a washer and dryer after they learned that Dr. Hoxha, head of obstetrics and gynecology at Kosovo's main hospital, was running a maternity ward with only one working washing machine to process daily linens......Dr. Hoxha tells it differently. He says the washing machine was offered as an "inducement" to accept UNFPA contraceptives, and that he was pressured to serve on an advisory committee called the "National Committee for Healthy Families." The committee is made up of medical personnel who are predominantly of Serb descent, and it will front the local work of UNFPA. Dr. Hoxha said that since he agreed to UNFPA's terms over a month ago, the washer and dryer have not arrived, nor have any other items promised by UNFPA. Asked whether the washer and dryer were part of a package deal conditioned on his participation in the contraceptive program, Dr. Hoxha replied, "Yes, of course."...." 10/25/99 Chris Weinkopf ".....SIMPLE QUESTIONS do not always yield simple answers, especially when asked on the floor of the United State Senate. Republican Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania spent several minutes Wednesday extracting a "yes" or "no" from his Democratic colleague, Barbara Boxer, to the question: "If [a] baby's foot was inside the mother, but the rest of the baby was outside, could that baby [legally] be killed?" It was a trap, and Sen. Boxer knew it. Throughout the Senate's latest debate on the partial-birth-abortion ban, Mrs. Boxer and other opponents of the legislation masterfully managed to discuss anything but partial-birth abortion. Until that moment. Rick Santorum had baited her, and she bit. It was a no-win situation. Answering yes would be to endorse infanticide, but answering no would expose the flawed logic of her position...... So Sen. Boxer did what politicians usually do when confronted with questions they would rather not answer-she ducked it. "The baby is born when the baby is born," she replied the first time around. Followed by, "You give birth to a baby. The baby is there," and "to me it is obvious when a baby is born." Credit Sen. Santorum for his persistence. After prolonged needling, she could stonewall no more.

Mr. SANTORUM. ...What you are suggesting is if the baby's foot is still inside of the mother, that baby can then still be killed.

Mrs. BOXER. I am not suggesting that.

Mr. SANTORUM. I am asking.

Mrs. BOXER. I am absolutely not suggesting that ...

Mr. SANTORUM. ... But, again, what you are suggesting is if the baby's toe is inside the mother, you can, in fact, kill that baby.

Mrs. BOXER. Absolutely not.

That might not sound like much, but it's actually an extraordinary concession. It's a rare, if not unique, admission that killing a baby on its way out of the womb-i.e., partial-birth abortion, which Mrs. Boxer defends-is wrong. When Sen. Santorum pointed out this inconsistency, Sen. Boxer immediately tried to rescind it. "Parliamentary inquiry," she interrupted, "Let the Record show that I did not say what the Senator from Pennsylvania said that I did." But the Congressional Record does not lie......"

Chattanooga Free Press 10/23/99 ".....As the U.S. Senate debated enacting a ban on partial-birth abortion, President Bill Clinton said he would veto any such bill. Vice President Al Gore Jr. vigorously agreed. ......Picture an operating room with Dr. Clinton and Dr. Gore clad in medical greens or blues. Imagine them as they delivered a fully developed baby -- except for about three inches of its head. Then watch the baby squirm and kick as Dr. Clinton and Dr. Gore take scissors and puncture the baby's skull. Then visualize Dr. Clinton and Dr. Gore using suction to vacuum out the baby's brain. That kills the baby, of course. And then watch Dr. Clinton and Dr. Gore discard the dead body. We don't think Mr. Clinton or Mr. Gore could perform such a killing before TV cameras with the whole world watching. But they say they will veto law designed to keep others from doing it....."

Associated Press 10/26/99 Mike Robinson "....In a victory for anti-abortion forces, a sharply divided federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld laws banning certain late-term abortions in Illinois and Wisconsin. ``We conclude that both laws can be applied in a constitutional manner,'' Judge Frank Easterbrook wrote in the majority opinion as the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals split 5-4 over the issue. The decision reversed a federal judge's ruling that the Illinois law was unconstitutional as well as a temporary order from an appeals panel that had blocked enforcement of the Wisconsin law. The court did say there was a possibility that bans on what critics describe as ``partial-birth abortions'' could unfairly be applied to prohibit other types of abortions but said lower courts should act to prevent that. The Center for Reproductive Law and Policy says 30 states have passed similar laws banning the procedure, and 20 have been barred by courts from enforcing them or at least sharply restricted....."

New York Times 10/27/99 Jo Thomas "....In a sharply divided vote, a federal appeals court in Chicago on Tuesday upheld the constitutionality of laws in Illinois and Wisconsin that criminalize a late-term abortion procedure its opponents call "partial birth." Neither law has yet been enforced......"It's a decision that cries out for the Supreme Court to fix it," said Simon Heller, who represented the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy, which opposed the laws, in the Wisconsin case, Christensen vs. Doyle. "We don't intend to sit idly by while these judges determine that women's health should be sacrificed." .....Douglas Johnson, legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee, which supported the Wisconsin law, said he also expected "that the Supreme Court will rule, perhaps next year, on whether Roe vs. Wade covers pulling most of a living baby feet-first outside of the womb, puncturing her skull, and removing her brain."....."

The Grand Rapids Press 10/26/99 Judy Burck "....A former New York abortion provider described how a personal tragedy took him from being morally neutral on the issue to an outspoken critic of the procedure. Anthony Levatino and his wife, Cecelia, were the featured speakers Monday night at the 12th annual Focus on Life fundraising dinner for Grand Rapids Right to Life at the Grand Center....... Anthony Levatino began the talk by describing in graphic detail the process of removing body parts piece by piece and piling them on a table as part of a second trimester abortion procedure. Unfazed by the task, he said he believed his job as a pro-choice obstetrician and gynecologist in the early 1970s was to provide for all of a woman's medical needs, including abortions. However, when he and his wife began trying to adopt a child, he said he began to feel uncomfortable about the work he was doing. "That was the only time I had any qualms at all and they were totally selfish," he said. Once the adoption went through, he said all of those feelings disappeared. Nearly six years later, their adopted daughter, Heather, died after being struck by a car. The doctor said he took two weeks off and then tried to go back to his normal routine. While performing a second trimester abortion, he said he became physically ill and was nearly unable to complete the operation. "I looked down at that table and for the first time in my life ... for the first time, that was somebody's son or daughter," he said. "Suddenly I was looking at that pile very differently." ...... "

Conservative News Service 10/26/99 Jim Burns "….A Republican Congressman from Pennsylvania believes Congress should investigate what he calls the nation's growing "body part" industry. In a House speech Tuesday, Rep. Joe Pitts (R-PA) said, "This industry trafficks in body parts, parts of babies' bodies, organs and tissues of aborted babies." "This business provides fees for services, schedule listing, the prices they charge for almost any body part you can think of," according to Pitts. The Pennsylvania Republican reminded his colleagues, "We're not talking about the People's Republic of China, we're talking about the United States of America. Now we know why the partial birth abortion procedure was developed -- to give this industry whole body parts." …."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 10/26/99 "….When one side of a debate is uneasy about just what it is defending, it tends to throw a lot of Latin over it. The abortion lobby sometimes claims it's not even pro-abortion but pro-choice, even though the only choice it's defending is the choice to have an abortion. Verbal engineering always precedes social engineering. Once the unborn child becomes a fetus, we have dehumanized the subject of this debate, and given ourselves permission to do with it as we will: keep or kill…..Whatever this latest procedure is called, it involves partially delivering the baby, feet-first, keeping its head in the birth canal, and suctioning out its brains before the entire, now dead baby--excuse us, fetus--is removed. Is this still abortion or is it infanticide? It's about half one, half the other--or maybe three-quarters one, one-quarter the other. These are the fine distinctions now regularly debated on the floor of the U.S. Senate. Subjects that once naturally inspired a shudder, and roused every maternal and paternal instinct, are now smothered in latinate verbiage and set out to cool. Welcome to technologically sophisticated, spiritually retarded America circa 1999. We have forgotten how to shudder…."

Chattanooga Free Press 10/24/99 "…..Can you change reality by changing its label? In public affairs, the temptation to try that is always present. Truth-evading euphemisms abound wherever something embarrassing, ugly or horrible needs camouflage. That's why the operation most aptly described as "partial-birth abortion" is known among "pro-choice" journalists as "a certain late-term abortion procedure" -- even though many if not most such brain-sucking "procedures" actually are done in the mid-term. It's why abortionists are known in the "pro-choice" press as "abortion doctors" -- as if anyone ever says "surgery doctor," "dentistry doctor" or "podiatry doctor." It's why "pro-choice" itself is the preferred self-designation of those who promote, protect and perform abortions -- never mind that if you give the unborn child a choice, the child lives. Euphemisms clutter other social issues, too. Homosexuals are called 'gay,' as if the rest of the human race were glum. Racial quotas and preferences are called "affirmative action," as if reverse discrimination did not have a negative impact on those passed over.. ."

Florida Times-Union 10/24/99 "….Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., was right on the mark when she said, following a vote on abortion, ''Now we see the extremists in the Senate.'' There are 34 of them, including Boxer herself. They are the ones who voted against a ban on partial-birth abortion…… Since a small portion of the infant is being prevented from leaving the mother, extremists say, it has no rights. This bill would give 90-percent-delivered babies the same rights as those 100 percent delivered. ….. Radical pro-abortionists oppose laws prohibiting pedophiles from taking little girls to abortion clinics in other states to destroy the evidence of sexual abuse. They are against making it a federal crime to injure a fetus when attacking a pregnant woman, even if she wants the child. They oppose restrictions on partial-birth abortions. With each extreme position they take, Boxer and her allies further isolate themselves from mainstream America….."

Newark (NJ) Star Ledger 11/2/99 Eleanor Barrett "…..Distressed parents flooded Bedminster police with complaints after their teenagers witnessed a videotaped abortion and a dramatization of a teen suicide at a church's haunted house over the Halloween weekend. The haunted tour at the Church of the Hills came with a disclaimer: "If You For Any Reason Feel That The Above Will Cause You Emotional, Psychological Or Any Other Distress--Do Not Enter The 'Hell House.' ''The Church of the Hills Is Not Liable For Any Emotional or Psychological Distress That May Be Caused By 'Hell House.'"..."

The Australian 11/3/99 Georgina Safe "....A BABY girl lived for 80 minutes after medical staff tried to abort her, Darwin Coroners Court heard yesterday. Baby J was alive when born at about five months after her mother underwent an induced procedure to cause a termination, but died after receiving no medical treatment, the court heard. Counsel assisting the coroner, Peter Barr, told the court Baby J showed clear signs of life when she was checked by a nurse after delivery at Darwin Private Hospital on July 14 last year. "She cried, she moved, she was breathing independently and she had an obvious heartbeat." ...."

Fox News/Reuters 11/1/99 "….Maine Tuesday will become the latest state to decide if a controversial late-term abortion procedure should be banned. A referendum on the ballot would outlaw the procedure opponents call "partial birth abortion,'' with at least six separate political action groups promoting the ban. Mary Jo Sharma, spokeswoman for Maine Women Stopping Partial Birth Abortion, said Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion, was based on the premise that aborted fetuses could not survive outside the womb...."

Life Lines, journal of Human Life International 9/99 HLI Staff "…. The Abortion Provider Federation of Australasia (APFA) will be holding an International Conference in November to "celebrate (their) achievements and focus on the future." (Does this seem perverse to anyone else? - Editor) The Conference, called "Abortion in Focus," will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Coolum, Queensland between 12th-15th November 1999. It is organised in conjunction with the International Society of Abortion Doctors (ISAD), and Planned Parenthood of Australia…..It will be interesting to see the perspective Tiller and the other speakers bring to the abortion debate. Abortionist Warren Hern cetainly has a unique idea of pregnancy. In his own words: "the reltionship betwen the gravid female and the fetoplacental unit (we assume this means baby!) can be best understood as one of host and parasite." …."

Greeley Tribune 10/30/99 Sharon Dunn "…. Sarah Vasquez appeared with her family in Weld County Court on Friday clutching a small stuffed animal with angel wings. The 18-year-old was there to learn what prosecutors decided to charge her with in the death of her newborn daughter. The charge: second-degree murder. Vasquez, a student at Aims Community College, gave birth Oct. 3 to a girl and told police she stabbed the baby because she was afraid of her parents' disappointment. She also said she thought she was too young to have a baby, and she didn't want it. The newborn was found dead in the toilet with 27 stab wounds from a pair of scissors. Her mother had to physically remove her from the toilet and screamed at what she saw, police said……" 10/27/99 Justin Torres "…..The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is facing a budget shortfall that could limit its ability to carry out reproductive health and contraception-based programs around the globe. UNFPA's income has dropped $71 million in the past two years to $248 million, a 14 percent decline. UNFPA spokesperson Corrie Shanahan told that the drop is attributable to worldwide cutbacks in overseas aid, especially in the United States. The U.S.'s $20 million contribution - which has held up in budget negotiations in Washington - accounts for 10 percent of the UNFPA operating budget. UNFPA is supported by voluntary contributions from world governments…..Sadik claimed that the funding gap will cause 1.4 million unwanted pregnancies around the world due to lack of contraception in developing nations, 3300 maternal deaths, more than 43,000 cases of serious post-labor illness, nearly 41,000 infant deaths and about 15,000 child deaths….."

National Review On-Line 10/18/99 Michael Potemra "….Margaret O'Brien Steinfels, the editor of Commonweal, has a fascinating reflection in the current issue of Dissent on the capture of the Democratic Party by a monolithic pro-choice orthodoxy. She points out, for example, that "no prolife candidate will get Party endorsement or campaign funds." She concludes: "I am loath to say it, and I say it with great reluctance, but I am coming to think of the Democratic Party not as the party of the people, or the party of the poor and vulnerable, but as the party of death....Roe v. Wade is here to stay: the right to abortion is constitutionally protected. That will not change. And because it will not change, perhaps it is time for the liberal-left to stop making it the lens through which candidates and issues must be scrutinized....Isn't it time for the Republicans to be deprived of their cynical use of abortion politics? Isn't it time for Democrats to stop being held hostage to prochoice politics?" …." Alicia Colon 10/25/99 "….Instead what I would like to address is the underlying hypocrisy that inevitably infiltrates the debate on both sides. Labels such as pro-choice or pro-life do not accurately describe the true feelings of the adherents of these positions. The reality is that these labels only literally describe the hard-liners on each side. The most militant pro-choicers are for abortion-on-demand, up to and including the ninth month, no questions asked. The most fervent pro-lifers do not distinguish between an embryo, a fetus or a baby. Rescuing a fetus from an abortion clinic is the same as saving a toddler from a burning building. But for that great middle ground in which most of us reside, there are variant emotions that play havoc with our reasoning. We tend to rationalize our decisions according to the situation at hand rather then sticking to solid principles….."

AP 10/28/99 Laurie Asseo "….State efforts to ban some late-term abortions could force the Supreme Court to confront divisive issues it has avoided since 1992 when it reaffirmed women's basic right to end their pregnancies. A federal appeals court Tuesday upheld Illinois and Wisconsin laws that ban a procedure labeled ``partial birth abortion'' by abortion opponents. ``We conclude that both laws can be enforced in a constitutional manner,'' the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said in its 5-4 ruling. A month earlier, another federal appeals court threw out similar laws in Nebraska, Arkansas and Iowa….."

U.S. Newswire 10/26/99 "….In a case of major constitutional significance, today the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit issued a 5-4 opinion upholding as constitutional "partial-birth abortion" laws in Illinois and Wisconsin. The Seventh Circuit decision conflicts with a decision issued last month by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, finding similar laws to be unconstitutional. This split between circuit courts invites review by the U.S. Supreme Court. The decision by the Seventh Circuit does not take effect for at least 20 days. In a sharply divided opinion, the majority asserts that "partial-birth abortion" laws are not vague, and that the meaning of the laws should be determined in the course of criminal prosecutions of doctors. Chief Judge Posner, who had blocked enforcement of the Wisconsin decision last year, was joined by three other judges in his dissent to the decision….." 10/27/99 Michael Savage "….In the future, Barbara Boxer may be remembered as the Frau Doktor Mengele of the US Senate. Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi war criminal who directed merciless human experiments, may have decided to come back, as a woman. Maybe he felt this would throw people off track with his new assault on the innocent, this time on partially born and unborn infants. US Senator Barbara Boxer (D) urges us, in a recent speech on abortion, not to "play doctor" with the health of women by outlawing partial-birth abortion. "Leave it to the real doctors," she exclaims, with honey dripping from her pursed lips. But she's playing doctor herself, a Josef Mengele in drag. I will say it openly to her face: Barbara, you're playing with ethical, moral fire by promoting partial-birth infanticide and, perhaps inadvertently, the sale of fetal (i.e., baby) body parts….."

Cleveland Right to Life Press Release 11/2/99 "….On October 19, 1999, a review of records furnished by the Ohio Department of Health confirmed that 17 of the 21 freestanding abortion clinics in Ohio were illegally operating without the proper licensing required by Ohio Revised Code section 3702.30 (d). A press release was immidiately issued by Cleveland Right to Life to every major media outlet in Ohio. Also, the Director of the Ohio Department of Health, Dr J. Nick Baird, and the Ohio's prolife Governor, Robert Taft, were both notified concerning this fact and asked to take immidiate action. To date, Ohio officials have taken no action on this complaint and the media has ignored this statewide scandal…."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 11/5/99 Jo Mannies "….Abortion opponents recently showed up unannounced at the bedside of a woman hospitalized at Barnes-Jewish Hospital for abortion complications, prompting the hospital to move the woman into secret quarters…..At the request of abortion opponents, the state Health Department said Friday it will investigate the circumstances surrounding the abortion, which was performed Oct. 23 at Planned Parenthood's clinic at 4251 Forest Park Boulevard……. The anti-abortion visitors acknowledge they were uninvited but insist that the patient did not object. One of the visitors, Mary Maschmeier of St. Charles, said the patient was courteous and took their literature. Maschmeier said she later talked by phone to the patient after she was discharged and visited her home, at the patient's request. Maschmeier says she has offered financial help if the woman needs it. "She's a single mother with no health insurance," Maschmeier said. "She doesn't know how she will pay this hospital bill." Maschmeier added that she expects the woman to sue the clinic and the physician who performed the abortion, Dr. Robert Crist. Crist is a lightning rod among abortion opponents because, by his own count, he has performed more than 100,000 abortions during his 30-year career. Three resulted in deaths, including the only two such deaths documented in St. Louis since abortion became legal in 1973. The most recent was in April 1997. At last count, Crist has been sued at least eight times; none has been successful….."

Dr. Laura 11/4/99 "….In 1993, one of the first actions taken by President Clinton was to sign into law the National Institutes of Health Revitalization Act of 1993, which lifted the moratorium on federal funding of fetal tissue transplantation research. While this legislation lifted the federal funding ban, it also purported to establish certain parameters for those involved, especially those involved in the transferring, or as it truly seems, "trafficking", of baby body parts. Under the 1993 law, baby body parts cannot be sold for "valuable consideration," but money can be exchanged for fees involving transportation, implantation, processing, preservation, quality control, or storage. Despite the presence of this law, evidence has recently come forward that private companies may in fact be profiting by trafficking in baby body parts. One company even goes so far as to list prices for body parts such as eyes, livers, brains, and even skin, and provides discounts under certain conditions. Unbelievably, these businesses claim that they are acting with impunity and point to the very law Congress passed to stop this kind of profiteering in the tragedy of abortion as justification for their activities……"

The Washington Post 11/5/99 Charles Krauthammer "….In Washington, the annals of hypocrisy are rich. But it doesn't get much richer than this: Democrats excoriating Republicans for disrespecting states' rights. This is the story. In 1994 Oregon approved a referendum legalizing doctor-assisted suicide for the terminally ill. A bill is now making its way through Congress, having passed the House on Oct. 27, that would essentially void that law. It provides jail sentences for doctors who use pain medication to cause death…… Democrats insist as a matter of high principle that the fiat permitting abortion should be absolute--and national. In every campaign they fiercely attack any opponent who would dare abolish Roe v. Wade and return the abortion decision to the individual states--the proper place, they insisted by 2 to 1 in the House, for deciding euthanasia. Yes, comes the reply, but abortion is a constitutional right, whereas euthanasia is not. But this is not just sophistry. It is tautology. A constitutional right is whatever the Supreme Court says is a constitutional right. For two centuries under the very same Constitution, abortion was not a right. And it will not be a constitutional right if the composition of the court changes ever so slightly. (In fact, it would no longer be a right had those two conservative New Hampshire geniuses, John Sununu and Warren B. Rudman, not given us David Souter as their gift to the Supreme Court.) ….."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 11/4/99 Tim O’Neil "….The national president of Feminists for Life, in a speech here Wednesday, attacked the "rhetoric of abortion" and said she wants to see a society that is more welcoming of motherhood. "I hope that one day abortion will be not so much something that is illegal as it is unthinkable," Serrin Foster told about 120 people in Graham Chapel at Washington University…… Foster said that contemporary feminists who now consider abortion a fundamental right have gone against the strong anti-abortion sentiments of many of this country's early champions of women's rights, including Susan B. Anthony. She said suffragettes pushed for the first state laws against abortion, a procedure that she said was relatively common during the 19th century. "How did we go from a vision in which everyone had rights, to this notion that everyone has rights but the unborn?" Foster asked. "That's the dirty little secret of our women's studies departments." ….."

The Wanderer 11/4/99 Paul Likoudis "….For many pro-lifers, the debate over so-called partial-birth abortion in the Senate is little more than an annual, somewhat monotonous, and more or less meaningless ritual that doesn't lead to anything but a presidential veto and doesn't prevent a single abortion…… More important, it enters into the official records of the United States Congress what one might call "the silent scream" of the (at least) 40 million Americans sacrificed on the altars of Career, Pleasure, and Convenience since the Supreme Court's 1973 ruling Roe v. Wade. In spite of this undeniable political reality, the posturing, the game-playing, the stockpiling of sound-bite weapons for political campaign hit-pieces by both sides, one must admire a few individual senators such as Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania and Bob Smith of New Hampshire who - obviously and sincerely - are citing these extreme examples of abortion barbarism to break through the rigid pro-abortion media barriers. That way, a few snippets of information on the abortion culture can reach their colleagues and the public….."

The Wanderer 11/4/99 Paul Likoudis "….After nearly a dozen more questions, Santorum finally forced Boxer to admit that she could not accept killing a baby whose toe or foot remained inside the mother; so he asked: "If the head is inside the mother, you can kill the baby." Boxer objected: "My friend is losing his temper." She never answered, but proceeded to complain that Santorum was trying to "bait" her, and that she has no interest engaging in a discussion "on when someone is born." In addition to Boxer and Feinstein, the most vocal defenders of partial-birth infanticide were the Senate's most prominent Catholics: Barbara Mikulski, Ted Kennedy, Thomas Harkin, Patty Murray. Of course, none of them could sustain this denial without the compliance and support of the media……"

The Wanderer 11/4/99 Paul Likoudis "….Later that day, Sen. Smith from New Hampshire - who first brought the issue of partial-birth infanticide before the Senate in 1990 - raised the issue of selling fetal body parts…..On day two of the debates, Smith returned to the subject with renewed passion and an amendment to regulate the marketing and sale of fetal tissue obtained from aborted babies. Smith's amendment, which would permit Health and Human Services to track the sale of body parts - which is illegal; only "donation" is permitted under the law - was necessary, he said, so the "sun could shine in on this industry." It failed by a vote of 46 in favor, to 51 opposed, after Barbara Boxer told her colleagues that abortion clinics involved in the process of selling body parts would have to disclose their addresses, which might lead to an increase in violence against abortion clinics. ….."

The Wanderer 11/4/99 Paul Likoudis "….By 51-47, senators passed a nonbinding resolution that affirms the constitutionality of the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion and expresses the sense of the Senate that Roe should not be overturned. The resolution was sponsored by Iowa Sen. Thomas Harkin, a Catholic, who nearly lost his last election because of his 100% pro-abortion voting record. Eight Republicans joined 43 of the Senate's 45 Democrats in support of it. They were Senators Ben Nighthorse Campbell of Colorado, Susan Collins of Maine, James Jeffords of Vermont, Olympia Snowe of Maine, Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, Ted Stevens of Alaska, John Warner of Virginia, and John Chafee. For Chafee, representing heavily Catholic Rhode Island and a consistent supporter of unrestricted abortion, it was his last vote. He died just a few days after casting the vote. Two Democrats voted against the amendment, Senators John Breaux of Louisiana and Harry Reid of Nevada….." 11/10/99 Jim Burns "…..A non-binding House resolution calling for congressional hearings to investigate the trafficking of baby body parts, which passed yesterday, has generated heated reaction from both pro-choice and pro-life groups. …… But Gloria Feldt, president of Planned Parenthood, called the House resolution "redundant and unnecessary." "Planned Parenthood deplores the ongoing attempts by extreme anti-choice politicians to curtail scientific research and medical advances for the sake of hyperbole and to demonize women who seek to control their own fertility. We support individuals rights to consent to organ, cadaver, or fetal tissue donations for the purpose of medical research in the pursuit of saving lives and treating and curing diseases," Feldt said……The American Life League criticized Planned Parenthood's statement as "yet another example of name calling to hide their bloodletting. But the American people are waking up from their deep sleep to realize the truth about the abortion industry and its one true reason for existence - money." Americans are beginning to see more clearly, according to the American Life League, the "bloodbath that Planned Parenthood profits from. Telling them that little boys and girls arms and legs, livers, hearts and lungs belong in their beautiful, little, living bodies and not on ice in the market place." ….."

The Weekly Standard 11/15/99 Hadley Arkes "….IT IS RARE THAT U.S. SENATORS fall apart on the floor of the Senate under questioning from one of their colleagues, but Senator Barbara Boxer did just that during the October 20 debate on partial-birth abortions, and there was nothing random in the spectacle…….. SANTORUM: I would like to ask you this question. You agree, once the child is born, separated from the mother, that that child is protected by the Constitution and cannot be killed. Do you agree with that? BOXER: I think when you bring your baby home, when your baby is born... the baby belongs to your family and has rights. Senator Boxer slipped into rare candor here, as she made explicit the premises behind abortion rights: namely, that human beings, as human beings, have no inherent rights; they are assigned those rights by their families if the families are willing to confer them. But even for the defenders of abortion rights, it is surely too jarring to say that a baby once born could be killed legitimately up to the time when the family took the baby home. If Boxer meant that, the right to abortion is in fact the right to infanticide. And so the Pennsylvania Republican persisted:…."

The Weekly Standard 11/15/99 Hadley Arkes "….SANTORUM: Obviously, you don't mean they have to take the baby out of the hospital for it to be protected by the Constitution. Once the baby is separated from the mother, you would agree-completely separated from the mother-you would agree that baby is entitled to constitutional protection? BOXER: I don't want to engage in this. You had the same conversation with a colleague of mine, and I never saw such a twisting of his remarks. Boxer treated it as a bit of insolence that Santorum should ask the most elementary question of all, which runs back to the core of the argument over abortion: What is the earliest moment at which the child can be protected by the law? If it is not when the child is separated from the mother, then when? Or is it that the right to an abortion-as some commentators have suggested-is the right to an "effective abortion" or a dead child? Just a year ago, Santorum was on the threshold of introducing what still stands as the most modest first step of all on abortion: a proposal simply to protect the child who survives an abortion. At that moment, the interests of the child are separated entirely from the interests of the mother. The only thing at issue then is this: Does the fight to an abortion entail the right to kill the child, even when that is not necessary to end the pregnancy? ….."

The Weekly Standard 11/15/99 Hadley Arkes "….Advocates of abortion do not want to face the question-clearly, it unnerved Boxer and inspired a frantic effort to get off the floor without addressing it. For as modest as that question sounds, a bill forcing the issue would establish these critical premises, which could unravel the whole apparatus built upon Roe v. Wade:

(1) The right of a child to receive the protections of the law cannot pivot on the question of whether anyone "wants" him. (2) If that is correct, then the child must constitute a real entity, in the eyes of the law, a being whose injuries "count," or have standing.

(3) If the Supreme Court can articulate new rights under the Constitution (such as the right to abortion), the legislative branch must have the authority to fill out those same rights, and in filling them out, to mark their limits. The one notion that should be plainly incompatible with the principle of the separation of powers is that the Court may articulate new rights-and then assign to itself a monopoly of the legislative power in defin-ing those rights.

If the courts-and the Democrats-deny those first two points, they are obliged to tell us just what the ground is on which the law claims to protect the newborn child. Or, if they would deny that the law can protect the child born alive, they would have to say now even more explicitly what the federal courts have been suggesting in the cases on partial-birth abortion: that it is no longer legitimate to bar infanticide if doing that would inhibit abortions. Over the past year there have been several cases of children who survived abortions, but the reactions of Barbara Boxer confirm yet again that the importance of the bill moves well beyond the number of cases….."

Jewish World Review 11/10/99 Mona Charen "…."KELLY" (a pseudonym) was a medical technician working for a firm that trafficked in baby body parts. This is not a bad joke. Nor is it the hysterical propaganda of an interest group. It was reported in The American Enterprise magazine -- the intelligent, thought-provoking and utterly trustworthy publication of the American Enterprise Institute. The firm Kelly worked for collected fetuses from clinics that performed late-term abortions. …….."What we did was to have a contract with an abortion clinic that would allow us to go there on certain days. We would get a generated list each day to tell us what tissue researchers, pharmaceutical companies and universities were looking for. Then we would examine the patient charts. We only wanted the most perfect specimens." That didn't turn out to be difficult. Of the hundreds of late-term fetuses Kelly saw on a weekly basis, only about 2 percent had abnormalities. About 30 to 40 babies per week were around 30 weeks old -- well past the point of viability….."

Denver Post 11/10/99 Bill McAllister "….Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., conceded it was a gruesome, even grotesque issue: the idea that some individuals were selling baby body parts, harvested from aborted fetuses. The Littleton lawmaker took to the House floor Tuesday to state that the practice was going on despite federal laws making it illegal……In the end, however, Tancredo won as the House by a voice vote approved his call for an investigation into what he called "trafficking in baby body parts for profit.'' Supporters of the investigation produced a price list from a West Frankfort, Ill., company they said offered livers from 8-week-old fetuses for $150 and spinal cords for $325. It was all part of a scheme by abortion providers to make even more money from their trade, Tancredo said. "Of course, this practice has been outlawed for years,'' he said in a statement after the vote. But he maintained that "private companies, acting as middlemen between abortion clinics and research facilities, have apparently found a way to profit in this trade.'' ……" 11/9/99 Jim Burns "….By a voice vote, the House passed a non-binding resolution calling for committee hearings on the commercial trafficking of baby body parts. Pushing the resolution was Representative Joseph Pitts (R-PA). The resolution was needed, according to Pitts, because "based on reliable reports, abortion clinics are selling dead, unborn babies. Or, I should say, parts of babies and the older, the better, to middlemen. These middlemen, in turn, sell them to researchers. This means, more money for the abortion clinic. Instead of the problem of disposing of dead bodies, now, abortion clinics have a lucrative means of getting out of the way 'unintended babies.'" …..Pitts believes it means money for the middlemen. He pointed to an article from what Pitts said is a business that actually traffics in unborn baby body parts that showed a liver going for $150, but from a younger baby it would go for $125. A spleen that goes for $75, a pancreas for $100 and a brain for $999. On the brain, Pitts said, "They even use marketing techniques in this gruesome business, selling it for one dollar less than a thousand dollars, to make it, I guess, a more attractive purchase." "Again, if [the baby body part is] fragmented . . . you can get a 30 percent discount," said Pitts. "Almost like, stand right up, ladies and gentlemen, do you want a baby's ear? Seventy-five dollars. 50 dollars if a baby is less than eight weeks old. How about eyes? A pair of eyes, 75 dollars, 40 dollars for one eye." ….." 11/5/99 Ben Anderson "….A burgeoning ballot initiative in California could effectively outlaw abortion if voters there approve of a plan to change the state constitution's definition of life to include "an unborn person," meaning that of "an unborn child from fertilization until live birth." The California life initiative relies on language used in the Declaration of Independence regarding "inalienable rights," applying those rights to unborn "created" human beings…."

Associated Press 11/15/99 Alan Fram "…. President Clinton's decision to yield to conservatives' demands for limits on some U.S.-subsidized abortion activities overseas won him the nearly $1 billion he sought for United Nations dues. But the tentative agreement between White House and congressional officials, brokered Sunday night, may also have angered some allies among his fellow Democrats and the abortion-rights community. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., an abortion-rights supporter, said the deal "is not a compromise. It is a capitulation.'' But in a statement, she stopped short of saying she would vote against it, saying of Republicans, "They gave the president no choice. We have to pay our dues to the U.N.'' …."

Boston Globe 11/14/99 Michael Crowley "…. Massachusetts currently is one of only 11 states that calls the killing of a fetus murder...... News of the slaying of 14-year-old Chauntae Renee Jones came with an awful twist: The killer stabbed the belly of the 7-months-pregnant girl, ensuring her fetus did not survive. Thus, to many of the Dorchester girl's horrified friends and family, the crime claimed not one, but two lives. Police and prosecutors see it the same way…. Massachusetts' unusual policy of defining a viable fetus as a person in homicide cases has long drawn opposition from abortion rights activists, who are deeply nervous about the threat ''fetal rights'' could pose for legal abortion…… "

Weekly Standard 11/22/99 David Tell "…. No one any longer contends, as Kate Michelman of NARAL did when initially confronted on the subject in the fall of 1995, that "there is no such thing as a partial birth"-in other words, that the hideous abortion procedure in question is an outright hoax perpetrated by the pro-life movement. At other times, during those earliest few months of the controversy, Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation (NAF) were prepared to argue that partial birth is an unusually humane means of terminating a pregnancy-because before the skull is punctured by surgical scissors and the brains suctioned out through the wound, the unwanted child is always already dead or insensible from a pain-free overdose of the anesthesia administered to its mother. This neat theory, too, has by now disappeared from public debate. In 1996 and 1997, President Clinton sealed his vetoes of congressional partial-birth bans by indignantly insisting that in cases of fetal hydrocephaly, "the only way" a mother can avoid being ripped "to shreds" during labor and thus "losing the ability to ever bear further children" is to have the fluid-swollen head of her baby (which "couldn't live" anyway) vacuumed down to size. But you don't much hear this defense of the procedure any more, either…..All of these claims were demonstrably untrue even at the time they were made….."

Washington Weekly 11/15/99 Edward Zehr "….Dr. Haskell told Judge Shabaz that he sometimes starts a partial-birth abortion, gets the baby's body out in the air, wiggling around, all except the head, but for some reason can't effect a brain suction. So instead he simply reaches through the mother's cervix with forceps and crushes the baby's skull-like a "folded piece of cardboard." Which is also, Haskell claimed, what doctors performing standard second-trimester D&E abortions invariably do. After a D&E dismemberment, "usually the last part to be removed is the skull itself and it's floating around free inside the uterine cavity. . . rather like a ping-pong ball." A D&E abortionist has to crush that ping-pong ball, Haskell said; there's no other way to get it past the woman's cervix. Planned Parenthood's logic, then: Partial-birth abortions must sometimes crush a fetus's head; nothing that happens in a D&E abortion may be constitutionally restricted by any state; D&Es must sometimes crush a fetus's head; so partial-birth procedures may not be constitutionally restricted by any state. Bucking the national trend, Judge Shabaz, to his credit, was unimpressed by nonsense like this. He was persuaded instead by the testimony of Wisconsin's expert witness-a distinguished (and otherwise pro-choice) perinatologist, Dr. Harlan Giles-that an infant's skull need never be collapsed to achieve its complication-free delivery, even in an abortion. Shabaz, in short, was persuaded that partial-birth is never a medically necessary or even preferable method to end a pregnancy, and that states may consequently ban it without imposing an unconstitutional "undue burden" on women's abortion rights. Other safe abortions will remain available in every circumstance, the judge determined; Planned Parenthood's fear that Wisconsin's law prohibits many different kinds of abortion is "a demon of their own creation." Earlier this year, Shabaz upheld that law. …."

World Net Daily 11/12/99 Frank York "…. Ever since President Clinton signed the National Institutes of Health Revitalization Act of 1993, "fetal-tissue research" has expanded into a federally subsidized multi-million dollar industry of selling human spare parts salvaged from abortions…… According to the international business consulting firm of Frost and Sullivan, "the worldwide market for cell lines and tissue cultures brought in nearly $428 million in corporate revenues in 1996." It is estimated this market will grow at an annual rate of 13.5 percent and by 2002 will be worth nearly $1 billion. Two organizations that profit from this growth industry are Opening Lines, a business formerly located in West Frankfort, Illinois, and Anatomic Gift Foundation, headquartered in Laurel, Maryland. Both companies serve as wholesalers for the marketing of baby body parts to researchers, drug companies, hospitals and universities. These groups harvest the parts from abortion clinics and ship them to their customers….."

The Guardian (UK) 11/12/99 Julian Borger "… The United Nations' ability to send peacekeeping troops to East Timor and other flashpoints around the world is being held hostage by militant anti-abortion campaigners in the United States who are blocking the release of more than $1.5bn in unpaid UN dues. Today the White House and Republican congressmen will embark on last-ditch negotiations which could determine whether abhorrence of abortion will override the US commitment to global peacekeeping and its desire for a voice at the UN……"

NYTimes 11/12/99 Eric Schmitt "….Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright has volunteered to be the lightning rod for criticism from abortion rights groups if President Clinton compromises with Congress on a deal to free nearly $1 billion the United States owes the United Nations, senior administration officials said today. As a cabinet member who supports abortion rights, Dr. Albright has urged the White House to cut a deal that administration officials fear could strike some Clinton supporters as a retreat from the president's pledge to defend abortion rights……"

United Press International 11/15/99 ".....The Clinton administration reportedly accepted Republican demands regarding international abortion advocacy, clearing the way for the United States to pay about $1 billion in back dues to the United Nations. The Washington Post reported Monday that the compromise came late Sunday during budget negotiations in the Capitol....."

The Courier-Mail 11/18/99 Gil Breitkreutz and Sean Parnell "…A PANEL of Queensland medical experts wants late- term abortion by cranial depression outlawed. The panel described the practice as "horrendously cruel and painful". They singled out Queensland doctor David Grundmann, Australia's only private late-term abortion practitioner, who they believed carried out as many as 12 cranial depression deliveries of dead foetuses a year. Leading specialist obstetrician and gynaecologist Clem Marrinan said Dr Grundmann used cranial depression to ensure the baby had no chance of survival. Dr Marrinan said late-term abortions involved unborn babies at the 20-week stage, with the foetus development enough to require a birth or death certificate. "Of course, in Dr Grundmann's case it's always a death certificate ... and it's a pretty horrendous way of doing it," Dr Marrinan said. ….."

Concerned Women for America 11/17/99 Karen Hayes Wendy Wright "…."Once, I held the aborted baby in a warm blanket for the 45 minutes it took for him to die...The only situation that could be worse was...[s]ince we have no place designated to keep these babies, one had to be left to die alone in the Soiled Utility Room." Nurse Jill Stanek Christ Hospital is the only hospital Jill Stanek applied to work for after graduating from nursing school. It had the best reputation in the Chicago suburbs, she believed. And she was certain that a hospital whose mission is "rooted in our fundamental understanding of human beings as created in the image of God," would not possibly do abortions. But clever names can cover a multitude of sins. Most people assume that a "therapeutic abortion" is a desperate procedure to save the life of a mother. To her dismay, Jill found out that "therapeutic" and "life of the mother" are malleable terms when abortion is involved. At Christ Hospital, "I have never observed a 'therapeutic' abortion in the true sense of the term," she stated in a letter to hospital directors. "The abortions I have observed have been elective abortions." That was not her only discovery. "I have personally witnessed two babies who have been aborted alive (and this is actually not an unusual occurrence)," she wrote….." 11/17/99 Elizabeth Farah "….The mom, Julie Armas, an obstetrics nurse herself, said she and her husband Alex "wept for days" when they saw the picture. "I was in total awe. The photo reminds us my pregnancy isn't about disability or illness, it's about a little person!" What kind of photo elicits a response as emotional as that? A picture of a baby whose life is being saved in a revolutionary operation performed while the baby is still within the mom's uterus. Samuel, age 21 weeks (pre-birth), is the youngest child ever to undergo this history-making procedure. The photo below shows Samuel's tiny hand reaching out from his mother's womb clasping the finger of his surgeon, Dr. Joseph Bruner. Matt Drudge of Fox News Network was forbidden by network management to display that very same photo to his program's viewers this past weekend. But what was Matt's purpose? I think we should let Mrs. Armas' words speak for Matt (with the substitution of a few key words), "The photo reminds us that 'abortion' isn't about 'choice' or 'need,' it's about a little person!" That simple truth is so threatening that even the "We report, you decide" folks refuse to air it. …."

AP 11/16/99 Paul Sloca "….A judge Tuesday upheld a law aimed at stopping state funding of family planning agencies affiliated with abortion providers, ruling that Planned Parenthood must give back money it has received this year and can't get any more. The Missouri Legislature acted legally when it imposed the budget restrictions, Cole County Circuit Judge Byron Kinder ruled. He agreed with the state's arguments that both Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Western Missouri did not qualify for family planning money because they make referrals for or provide abortions. ..."

Associated Press 11/14/99 Alan Fram "….Breaking a major budget logjam, White House and congressional officials tentatively agreed Sunday night that President Clinton would accept limits on some U.S.-subsidized abortion activities abroad in exchange for money to pay back dues to the United Nations, House Speaker Dennis Hastert said. Though final details were incomplete, the two sides were discussing a plan in which federally supported groups would no longer be able to lobby for liberalized abortion laws overseas….."

Associated Press 11/15/99 Beth Harpaz "….Matt Drudge refused to appear on his Fox News Channel program after the network said he could not show a picture of a fetus undergoing surgery. Fox executives did not want the Internet gossip columnist and broadcaster to use the photo Saturday to support his anti-abortion views. Drudge, reached by phone this morning in Los Angeles, disputed Fox's account and accused the network of censorship. "This notion that I was going to misrepresent this as an abortion is junk,'' Drudge said. The photograph, printed in the National Enquirer, shows a 21-week-old fetus with a tiny hand reaching out from the womb as it undergoes surgery for spina bifida, a spinal birth defect. ….. Drudge said he "was going to show it and bill it as an operation for spina bifida, and just say, 'What does it say about life? Look at this hand coming out.''' He added: "If I was going to show a picture of an ostrich egg with a foot popping out, it would be fine. It happens to be a picture of a human. People get upset about that.'' …."

AP 11/24/99 Barry Schweid "….Challenging ``a controlling minority'' in Congress, the Clinton administration intends to request $541.6 million for international family planning programs next year, the most since 1995, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said Wednesday. Giving notice months in advance that the administration would fight for a well-financed program, Albright also told reporters President Clinton would use his authority under current legislation to contribute $372.5 million to assist private family planning groups this year. ``These programs prevent abortions and save lives,'' Albright said. ``The United States is proud to lead in supporting them.'' ….."

AP 11/23/99 "….The National Organization for Women is seeking to block Florida's planned sales of "Choose Life'' license plates, arguing the plates unconstitutionally promote an anti-abortion slogan. Republican Gov. Jeb Bush and his Cabinet were scheduled to decide today on a minor color adjustment in the plate's design. If approval is given, the state's Department of Motor Vehicles and Highways could begin pressing about 15,000 tags, which have already received approval from state lawmakers. The plates, which would be sold to drivers for an extra $22 fee, also bear a crayon drawing of children. Proceeds would support organizations that serve pregnant women who plan to put their babies up for adoption….."

Orlando sentinel 11/25/99 Charley Reese "….The politicians in Washington ought to build a museum for the American holocaust -- the slaughter of 42 million American babies by abortionists since the Roe vs. Wade decision by the Supreme Court. If 42 million deaths isn't a holocaust or genocide, I guess I'm just not politically correct. Gee, I always thought I was. Now, of course, the filthy abortion business has developed a sideline of selling human parts in a scheme carefully worked out by Clinton-like lawyers to evade the poorly written law that forbids commercial traffic…… Within minutes of passage means as soon as the abortionist has killed the baby. Notice that you can get tissues between 40 days and term. Term means a fully developed baby. The middle men -- the body snatchers -- are outfits that set up inside abortion clinics. They pay rent for space and subsidize the abortionists' staff payroll. In exchange, they snatch the baby, slice it up and send out the parts. "Donations" or "service fees" evade the law against selling dismembered human beings. ….Thus you have two evils joining forces to create a new and evil industry. One evil, of course, is the dismemberment of the U.S. Constitution by political hacks appointed to the federal bench. No sane human being can find two syllables in the Constitution that would justify the Supreme Court forbidding the states to ban abortions……. The other evil is science, devoid of God and human compassion, which sees humanity as so many pieces of tissue….."

AP 11/24/99 "….In a case hinging on the legal definition of life, a judge ruled Wednesday that a drunk driver was innocent of the vehicular manslaughter of a baby who was delivered prematurely after a crash and declared dead after hours on life support. San Bernardino County Superior Court Judge Mary Fuller said Olivia Taylor Garcia did not meet the definition of a viable human being when she was delivered in the eighth month by emergency Caesarian section. Therefore, Fuller ruled, Antonio Ortiz was innocent of vehicular manslaughter. He was convicted of multiple counts of drunken driving resulting in injury and great bodily injury to the baby's mother….."

Drudge Report 11/17/99 "…. Take a good look at this picture. It's one of the most remarkable photographs ever taken. The tiny hand of a foetus reaches out from a mother's womb to clasp a surgeon's healing finger. It is, by the way, 21 weeks old, an age at which it could still be legally aborted. The tiny hand in the picture above belongs to a baby which is due to be born on December 28. It was taken during an operation in America recently. Paul Harris reports on a medical development in the control of the effects of spina bifida ... and on a picture which will reverberate through the on-going abortion debate here Your first instinct is to recoil in horror. It looks like a close-up of some terrible accident. And then you notice, in the centre of the photograph, the tiny hand clutching a surgeon's finger. The baby is literally hanging on for life. For this is one of the most remarkable photographs taken in medicine and a record of one of the world's most extraordinary operations….."

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 11/22/99 Kenneth Lamke "…. The Wisconsin law banning "partial-birth" abortions, enacted in 1998 but still not in effect, probably won't be carried out before March because of the latest legal delay in the case, the assistant state attorney general who is defending the law said Sunday. But Susan Ullman, the assistant attorney general, said the state does not oppose delaying the implementation while opponents decide whether to appeal the law's constitutionality to the U.S. Supreme Court. "We thought it would be more efficient to get it decided on the merits," rather than fight procedural motions, Ullman said….."

Freeper TC Rider 12/5/99 on CNN - Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer "….In a debate with Haley Barbour, Carville repeatedly tried to point out that GW was out of touch and an extremist because, "...he would propose a constitutional amendment to ban abortion". Why would Carville be so incenced about this? It is incredibly difficult to pass an amendment. It requires a 2/3 vote just to get out of the house. Then it must be ratified in every state. Jimmy Carter proposed the ever doomed Equal Rights Amendment for women, and it never came close to ratification in the states. My opinion is that Carville is afraid of a amendment to ban abortion because it would pass. Inside party polls are showing that Republicans will not only keep the House but make big gains based on potentially huge GWB coattails. One of the big lies from the media is not reporting that polls show that a big majority of the population do not support abortion……"

Palm Beach Post 12/2/99 John Pacenti "…..The state Tuesday halted plans to manufacture and distribute its "Choose Life" specialty license plate, pending the outcome of a lawsuit filed by the National Organization for Women. The organization, represented by Boca Raton attorney and former state Rep. Barry Silver, had been seeking a court hearing this week to argue for a temporary injunction against production of the plate. The group says the tag is a state-sponsored effort to infringe on a women's right to abortion….."

Religion Today 12/2/99 "….Florida is suspending production of "Choose Life" license plates. The state produces the plate to support adoption, but pro-choice advocates say it is a political statement against abortion, The Associated Press said. Money from the plate goes to organizations that help pregnant women put their babies up for adoption. The state has stopped production of the plates, which feature a drawing of two children and the slogan "Choose Life," because the National Organization of Women sought a legal injunction against them. "We're not doing anything at this point because of pending litigation," said John Whitney, general counsel for the Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles…" 12/3/99 Alan Keyes "….President Clinton this week signed a waiver lifting a restriction on U.S. funds for international family planning organizations that promote abortion. The waiver "allows us to pay our U.N. dues finally, and fund international family planning at 97 percent until the new fiscal year," one administration official said. The waiver is one of a series of moves negotiated with congressional Republicans that will make the United States a member in good standing of the clique of post-civilized First World nations taking responsibility to ensure that the rest of the world is as corrupt as Clinton's America…… But while the material waste and corruption that go on at the U.N. are reason enough to withhold our support, the Clinton green light for American funding of international abortionist activism epitomizes the real evil that the U.N. too often represents. I have called Bill Clinton a moral thermonuclear bomb, because of the profound damage he has done to the moral character of the American people, and particularly to our children, by the example he sets of moral degradation and self-disrespect. The return of America to the U.N. fold means that the Clinton bomb is going global……"

MSNBC.COM 12/2/99 AP "….. Despite strong opposition from anti-abortion groups, the National Institutes of Health is proposing federal funding of research using special human embryo cells that experts say may offer treatments and even cures for many serious illnesses. A number of groups, including 70 members of Congress, have objected to federal funding of stem cell research because the cells must originate from the death of a human embryo. NIH OFFICIALS THURSDAY published draft guidelines that would permit government-funded research of embryonic stem cells under tight controls that specifically forbid human cloning or mixing of the biological master cells with animal or human embryos. The guidelines would "help ensure that NIH-funded research in this area is conducted in an ethical and legal manner," the agency said. Groups opposed to abortion immediately objected to the plans. The National Right to Life Committee said the guidelines "would result in federal sponsorship and funding of experiments in which living human embryos are dissected and killed - a clear violation of federal law." …."

St. Louis Post Dispatch 11/20/99 "…. In a swift and highly unusual turnabout, a federal appeals court on Friday decided against allowing two Midwestern states to enforce their laws against a procedure that critics call "partial-birth" abortion. The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago acted just 24 hours after it had cleared the way for Illinois and Wisconsin to put into effect laws that ban this method of ending pregnancies. Saying it was acting on its own, the court said it would reconsider a plea by abortion rights groups that the two laws be put on hold until the Supreme Court can rule on their constitutionality….."

The Kansas City Star 11/20/99 Will Sentell "….Missouri's entire family planning program faces a monthlong shutdown because of a ruling this week that halted money for two Planned Parenthood offices, Maureen Dempsey, director of the Department of Health, said Friday. Closing the state program would temporarily end access to tests or screenings for pregnancy, cancer, sexually transmitted diseases and sexual abuse for 3,000 low-income women and men, Dempsey said. Dempsey's comments were included in a sworn affidavit attached to a motion filed Friday by the office of Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon, who is defending the health department in the lawsuit. Nixon's office asked that this week's court ruling be delayed while attorneys appeal it. It was unclear when the request will be decided….."

United Press International 11/19/99 Michael Kirkland "…..Women's clinics and doctors in Illinois and Wisconsin asked the Supreme Court on Friday to block lower-court rulings that uphold bans on "partial-birth" abortions in those states. The clinics and physicians said in emergency requests that the bans in the two states would threaten most, if not all, safe abortion procedures, even those permitted under Supreme Court precedent. Following 1973's Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court has consistently ruled that the states cannot place an "undue burden" on a woman's right to an abortion in the first two trimesters of pregnancy….."

Christianity Today News 10/25/99 "…. A pharmacist who says she was fired by Kmart for refusing to dispense a so-called morning-after pill has sued the retail company claiming she was wrongfully terminated. Karen Brauer of Indiana filed her suit in August, alleging the firing has caused her to lose earnings and professional standing. The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), a public interest law firm, filed the suit in U.S. District Court in Cincinnati on Brauer's behalf. "No employer should be permitted to hold an employee's religious beliefs hostage," says Francis J. Manion, senior midwestern counsel for the ACLJ. "Both federal and state law makes it illegal to fire a person because of their religion." Mary Lorencz, director of corporate media relations for Kmart, says the retailer could not respond specifically to the lawsuit. "We reasonably accommodate an associate's religious beliefs unless the accommodation would cause an undue hardship," she says. ….."

The Orlando Sentinel 11/24/99 Linda Kleindienst "…..The "Choose Life" license tag won the go-ahead from Gov. Jeb Bush and the Cabinet on Tuesday and should go on sale within 60 to 90 days. But the saga of the tag that has pitted abortion-rights and anti-abortion factions against each other is far from over. One federal lawsuit has already been filed to stop the plate from being distributed, and a separate state challenge is expected to be filed in Palm Beach Circuit Court today. The yellow plate with childlike crayon drawings of two children's faces was approved in a 5-2 vote. Attorney General Bob Butterworth and Insurance Commissioner Bill Nelson, both Democrats, voted against the plate, saying it carries an inappropriate political message. "I don't think we should have a political statement on a license plate," Butterworth said after the vote. "I think it's a horrible, horrible policy. I doubt very much this plate will survive the ultimate legal test." ….. Opponents contend the tag's message is blatantly anti-abortion and unconstitutional, and they promise to fight it in court. "This isn't about anything other than controlling women and women's lives," said Toni Van Pelt, head of Florida's chapter of the National Organization for Women. "We think the Legislature has been irresponsible." She said NOW is prepared to file a legal challenge with the help of Boca Raton attorney Barry Silver, a former state legislator who knocked down a 1997 law requiring doctors to provide women seeking abortions with a check list of options……"

Milwaukee Sentinel 11/30/99 Jesse Garza "…. For the second time in two weeks, a federal appeals court has denied a request by opponents of Wisconsin's "partial-birth" abortion ban to block the state law from taking effect, an attorney in the case said Monday. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago on Nov. 18 refused to stay its October decision upholding the Wisconsin and Illinois law while the matter is appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. One day later, the court reversed that decision, saying it would reconsider arguments made by opponents to the law……After that decision, abortion-rights advocates appealed to Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens and asked him to stop the law from taking effect until it can be heard by the full Supreme Court……."

Associated Press 11/30/99 Laurie Asseo "….A Supreme Court justice today temporarily barred Illinois and Wisconsin from enforcing laws that ban some late-term abortions. Justice John Paul Stevens' order will remain in effect while abortion providers seek Supreme Court review of a federal appeals court decision that upheld the laws last month. Both laws ban a procedure opponents call ``partial birth abortion.'' The Wisconsin law, enacted last year, provides for life in prison for anyone performing the procedure except to save the mother's life. The Illinois law, making the procedure a felony, was enacted in 1997. …."

US White House 11/30/99 Impeached President Bill Clinton "….MEMORANDUM FOR THE SECRETARY OF STATE SUBJECT: International Family Planning Waiver Pursuant to the authority vested in me by section 599D(c) of the Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2000, as enacted by section 1000(a)(2) of Division B of H.R. 3194, the Consolidated Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2000, I hereby waive the restrictions contained in subsection 599D(b) to the full extent authorized by sub-section 599D(c). This waiver shall take effect immediately and shall continue until the expiration of subsection 599D(b). You are hereby authorized and directed to transmit this waiver to the Committee on Appropriations and the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate and the Committee on Appropriations and the Committee on International Relations of the House of Representatives. You are authorized and directed to publish this memorandum in the Federal Register. WILLIAM J. CLINTON…."

Green Bay Press Gazette 11/26/99 AP "….The parents of a 3-year-old boy who has neurological disabilities say they were never consulted when he was born prematurely and have sued the doctors who kept him alive. Physicians "burdened these parents and they handed this child a miserable existence," attorney Timothy Aiken said. "The idea that it was the doctor or the hospital staff's choice is what this case is all about." Aiken represents Nancy Montalvo and Brian Vila, who suggested last May that the Wisconsin Legislature give parents more authority in making decisions on the care of premature infants. "Back when God played God, babies such as our son died quickly and mercifully at birth," Vila said at the time. "We think that neonatologists who bring these burdens into another life without permission should be held accountable for their actions."….."

The Times-Union 11/24/99 James Odato "…. An anti-abortion organization is examining ways to fight New York's newly minted clinic access law. "We are seriously considering it and hoping we may be able to finance it in conjunction with other pro-life organizations and maybe some free speech organizations,'' said Thomas Conway, a lawyer for the New York State Right To Life Committee……"

MS Bookshelf 2000 12/6/99 "…... abortion opponents love little babies as long as they are in somebody else's uterus. Joycelyn Elders (b. 1933), U.S. pediatrician and medical educator; first woman, and second African American, Surgeon General. As quoted in the New York Times, p. A14 (December 31, 1993). Elders said this c. 1990…."

MS Bookshelf 2000 12/6/99 "…... We really need to get over this love affair with the fetus and start worrying about children. Joycelyn Elders (b. 1933), U.S. pediatrician and educator; first woman (and second African American) Surgeon General of the United States. As quoted in the New York Times Magazine, p. 19 (January 30, 1994). Elders, who was U. S. Surgeon General at the time, was discussing the anti-abortion movement and the effects of teenagers' unwanted pregnancies on the teenagers themselves…."

AP 12/14/99 Rebecca Sinderbrand "….The number of U.S. pregnancies in 1996 fell half a million from its 1990 peak, dropping to the lowest rate in two decades, the government reported. There were a total of some 6,240,000 pregnancies -- with 62 percent ending in births, 22 percent in abortions and 16 percent in miscarriage. The number fell 9 percent from 1990 and reached its lowest level since 1976, according to the report by the National Center for Health Statistics. The pregnancy rate declined for all women under 30, with the sharpest drop coming among teen-agers. The teen pregnancy rate was down 15 percent from its 1991 record high. …."

ap newsire 12/10/99 "…..An expert on biological ethics with the Southern Baptist Convention has declared that proposed federal guidelines on human embryo research ``represent government-funded, biotech cannibalism.'' The guidelines would allow public funding of research on primitive stem cells taken from human embryos so long as the actual harvesting, which kills the embryos, is privately funded. Ben Mitchell, spokesman for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, America's largest Protestant body, said: ``Derivation of stem cells cannot be separated from the use of those cells. The decision to kill embryos taints whatever use the cells may have.'' ……" 12/8/99 Lawrence Morahan "....Saying it was wrongly censured for its pro-life views, the Maryland Conservative Society (MCS) last week severed its ties with the University of Maryland's Student Government Association (SGA), and opted to forfeit $2,000 in entitlements rather than be associated with a body it considers "discriminatory." "Apparently the SGA feels free speech only applies to groups agreeing with its liberal values," Aisha Jaleel, MCS president, told "MCS won't be associated with any person or group that discriminates against anyone for any reason," she said. The dispute between the two student-run groups arose when members of the MSC advertised an appearance by a pro-life speaker at locations that were being used by a feminist group to publicize an event on violence against women......"

The New York Times 12/7/99 Randal Archibold "….The early morning sun shone brightly on the tiny coffin coated in white velvet. It sat next to a heap of earth, ready for burial, among the brass plaques marking graves adorned with rubber ducks, pacifiers and toy Santas. The newborn girl, Mary Hope, had been found dead in a bag by workers sorting through recyclables and trash trucked to a Brooklyn plant. So for the 11th time in a year and a half, Timothy Jaccard, a Nassau County paramedic, stood graveside on Saturday with a clutch of fellow paramedics, police officers and strangers, grasping for the right thing to say about a baby found in the garbage. "She will rest in peace with her brothers and sisters," Jaccard said, his voice catching. Her "brothers and sisters" -- tossed away in the trash, suffocated in bags, smothered in shallow graves -- lay in a long row to her right, two to a grave on a triangular median at Holy Rood Cemetery in Westbury. There is Jonathan Hope, found in March 1998 in a bag tucked into some bushes in Albertson and buried on April 14 of that year. Matthew Hope, found that same month in a pile of garbage at a Bay Park sewage plant. Faith Hope, found in a shallow grave in Freeport by a curious dog. Holly Hope, wrapped in a blanket with a piece of holly, found in May 1998 decomposing in a shallow grave at, of all places, Holy Rood. Noel Hope, discovered by a passer-by in December last year, in a garbage can in the Bronx. Christina, Gabriella, Angel, Christine -- all abandoned, all dead.. ….."

CBS 12/9/99 Jacqueline Adams "…..In Bettendorf, Iowa, the ground war between Planned Parenthood and its Right to Life opponents has been fierce. Now, however, the dispute has moved to a street called - ironically -- Happy Joe Drive. CBS News Correspondent Jacqueline Adams reports. The five-year battle has not been violent, but metal detectors are on the way and Planned Parenthood officials say they have spent more for security than they used to spend to build a clinic like this. Although it took three federal injunctions to defeat the opposition, leaders are thrilled with Friday's grand opening. "The Quad cities of Iowa and Illinois were the largest metropolitan area in the United States without an abortion provider," said Jill June, the president of Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa. "We felt compelled to come here, and now our dreams are being realized." However, Right to Life forces have bought the property directly across the street and filled it with potent symbols. "The crosses represent the 4,000 children whose lives are lost every day in the United States of America," says Luana Stoltenberg. …."We've stalled them for five years," she says. "It's cost them a lot more money, and we're still here. We're here. If we save one child or help one women, we haven't lost - we've won." …."

New York Times 1/9/00 Marc Lacey "…..President Clinton said today that he would urge Congress to reverse course on a law that he reluctantly signed just months ago that bans United States money from going to international organizations that perform abortions or promote abortion rights. Congressional Republicans insisted on the abortion language as part of a spending package eagerly sought by the administration to free nearly $1 billion that the United States owed to the United Nations. The White House decision to compromise drew the wrath of abortion rights advocates……. The president said he would advocate the largest increase in domestic family planning services in more than two decades, a $35 million increase to boost spending to $274 million. The funds would be shared by 4,600 clinics and pay for contraceptives, teen-age pregnancy programs and health screenings, he said. Overseas, Mr. Clinton will propose a $169 million increase, to $541 million, in family planning services and related reproductive health services. Under the deal to secure United Nations financing, the administration accepted limits on the current allocation for overseas family planning. Foreign family planning groups that provide abortions or lobby for liberalized laws are now ineligible for American assistance. But Mr. Clinton has retained a waiver allowing him to allocate up to $15 million in American aid to groups that offer abortions or lobby for them……"

Newsmax 1/8/00 Mona Charen "….As the grim anniversary of Roe vs. Wade approaches, it seems a good time to ask where the "abortion rights" movement (as the press usually characterizes it) is today. The last decade of the 20th century was not kind to abortion-on-demand. The Supreme Court upheld limits on abortions in Planned Parenthood vs. Casey. The Congress changed hands, going from majority pro-choice to majority pro-life. And, but for two presidential vetoes, a ban on partial-birth abortions would have become the law of the land. Since Roe vs. Wade was decided in 1973, there have been more than 35 million abortions in the United States, though the rate declined 16 percent during the 1990s. The number of doctors willing to do abortions also declined during the 1990s by 14 percent. The response of the abortion movement to all this -- and to the existence of an articulate and committed pro-life movement -- has been close to hysterical. Though there is virtually no chance that the United States will return to the legal regime in place pre-Roe (few states would reinstate the strict limits then in place), you would never be able to tell that by listening to the abortion advocates. Shrill doesn't begin to capture it. Consider this fund-raising letter from Planned Parenthood. "For years Planned Parenthood has fought off constant attacks from the politically powerful Christian Coalition and the violently radical Operation Rescue. Now, we also battle newly formed groups with misleading names like the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family. All of these groups are politically astute, extremely well-funded and have a fanatical -- often militant -- approach to achieving their goals. ... To some of these groups, this might mean bombing a clinic ... blockading a door ... harassing a patient ... stalking a doctor." …. Notice the sly insertion of the words "some of" and "might mean." That's how they can wriggle out of a libel suit. But it's a libel just the same. The overall impression left by the repetition of the names Focus on the Family and Family Research Council alongside descriptions of violence leaves the clear impression that the named groups go in for that stuff….."

The Orlando Sentinel 1/4/00 Charley Reese "….In Florida, the Legislature authorized a specialty license tag that simply states, ````Choose Life." The abortion folks went into orbit, have filed suit and unloaded all of their politically correct venom. Nothing tells the truth about members of the abortion crowd more vividly than its malicious reaction to a license plate that states ````Choose Life." …. Of all the obnoxious people who support abortion, none is more obnoxious than those who, though not personally involved, fervently support abortion so there won't be a lot of what they obviously consider inferior people cluttering up the place and spoiling their ````quality of life." Talk about a Nazi mentality. The whole abortion-birth-control movement began as a racist movement by white, elitist racists who wanted to limit the numbers of people of color. Nowhere is there greater evidence of the price of ignorance than the fact that some civil-rights organizations honor Margaret Sanger, one of the abortion-birth-control movement founders, who was racist to the core. The second most obnoxious people on the abortion side are those politicians who say, ````I personally don't believe in abortion, but I think others should have the right to choose." That, of course, is the precise equivalent of a politician saying, ````I personally don't approve of homicide, but I think others have a right to choose it." You cannot say with any logic or sanity that it is wrong to kill people unless they are babies still in the womb. There is one, and only one, justification for taking a human life, and that is in defense of another human life. To kill people for the sake of convenience is the ultimate in human corruption, more vile even than killing people for money or for political reasons…… Who says human beings must be convenient before they can claim their God-given right to life? Well, the abortion crowd, of course. Now you may get the idea that I don't like the abortion crowd. I don't. I despise it. Its members are immoral supporters of a killing industry. In my view, they are totally lacking in any redeeming qualities. I cannot imagine a man or woman sinking any lower in moral slime than to be an apologist for the abortion business……"

First Things 12/1999 Fr Richard Neuhaus "….Clarke D. Forsythe, writing in Christianity Today, makes note of the seemingly bizarre "disconnect" at work in the mind of Middle America today: abortion is evil, but it is necessary. That most Americans consider abortion to be evil is amply supported by the evidence: the 1991 Gallup poll, which is the most complete poll on attitudes toward abortion to date, found that 77 percent of the people believe that abortion is the taking of human life (28 percent) or outright murder (49 percent), and if anything those numbers have increased in the intervening years. At the same time, these Americans, who will favor virtually any policy to dissuade women from abortions, say it is necessary for abortion, at least in some circumstances, to remain legal (60 percent). Forsythe contends that the "necessary" part is based on f our myths that have had great public currency since the 1960s. The first myth is that between one and two million abortions occurred annually before abortion was legalized. In fact, the number was in the tens of thousands at most; in 1968, the first year of legalization in California, only five thousand abortions were performed in that state. The second myth is that thousands of women died every year from botched abortions before legalization. According to the the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, in 1972 thirty-nine women died from illegal abortions, only twelve more than the twenty-seven who died from legal abortions. The third myth is that pre-Roe laws penalized women, when in fact they punished the doctors and considered women the second victims of the abortions. The fourth myth is that abortion has been good for women, but, in Forsythe's summation, "the general impact on health has had many negative consequences, including the physical and psychological toll that many women bear, the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases, the general coarsening of male-female relationships over the past thirty years, the threefold increase in the repeat-abortion rate, and the increase in hospitalizations from ectopic pregnancies." ….."

Red Star Tribune/AP 1.7/00 Dariene Pfister "….The number of abortions in the United States fell in 1997 to the lowest level in two decades, despite new drugs that make it easier to abort a fetus . The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Thursday that 20 of every 1,000 women of reproductive age (15 to 44) had abortions in 1997, the same rate as the previous two years and the lowest since 1975. The number of abortions for every 1,000 live births dropped from 314 in 1996 to 305 in 1997 -- also the lowest since 1975. The preliminary estimate of 1,184,758 legal abortions in 1997 was 3 percent less than the 1,221,585 abortions in 1996 and was the lowest number performed since 1978. The CDC cited several factors for the decline, including reduced access to abortion, an increased willingness to use contraception and possibly different attitudes about the moral implications of abortion. Abortion rates in Minnesota haven't dropped with the rest of the nation, but they were already low….."

Red Star Tribune/AP 1.7/00 Dariene Pfister "….In 1997, 16 states reported 2,988 abortions induced by drugs. The Alan Guttmacher Institute, an abortion-rights research organization, estimated there were 4,300 drug-induced abortions in the United States during the first half of 1997 alone……The CDC said that 52 percent of the women who received an abortion in 1997 were 24 or younger. Most of the women were white and unmarried. Fifty-five percent of the procedures were done in the first two months of pregnancy….."

Boston Globe 1/22/2000 Karen Hsu "…. Caroline Mitchell, who is 26 and a second-year medical student at Harvard Medical School, isn't quite sure if she wants to practice in a city or back home in rural Vermont, or if she will even go into an obstetrics-gynecology residency. But she does know that she wants her practice to include abortions. Mitchell is one of a group of medical students who are committed to doing something about reduced access to abortion, which was made legal by the Supreme Court 27 years ago today. Their concern comes at a time when there has been a downward trend in abortions, perhaps reflecting not just a decline in unwanted pregnancies but also a decline in the number of hospitals and clinics providing abortions. Also, many doctors have stopped performing abortions for reasons ranging from fear to moral opposition to retirement. The students, including Mitchell, have banded together to call for increased instruction in medical school and residency programs through a national organization, Medical Students for Choice, which has 4,000 members….."

Chattanooga Free Press 1/22/2000 "….. Everyone recoils with horror over the Nazi extermination camps that killed 6 million Jews and millions of others during the hideous reign of Adolf Hitler. Fewer people are aware that the Communist rule of Lenin and Stalin brought the deaths of perhaps 30 million people in Russia. And there was the horrible Communist conquest of China that eventually cost as much as 60 million lives. Because of the shocking pictures of piles of human skulls, we are aware of the more recent horror of Cambodia's "killing fields" (2 million dead). But America has its Holocaust, too -- and too many of our people simply ignore it. It has taken 35 million innocent babies' lives -- and the death toll is still rising! …… Most of the abominable problem began with sexual irresponsibility. All of it has resulted from a decision that the life of a baby is of less importance than the convenience of the mother who conceived the little one -- or, more commonly than most people know -- the convenience of the irresponsible father, who presses abortion on a woman he's used sexually without commitment or support. Proponents of killing babies through abortion have campaigned as favoring "choice" -- carefully avoiding explanation that the choice is between life or death of babies….."

AP 1/21/2000 "….Seven abortion protesters, including the director of Operation Rescue National, were ordered Friday by a federal court not to obstruct access to reproductive health care clinics in the Washington area. The ruling from U.S. District Court Judge Gladys Kessler came in response to lawsuit filed by the U.S. Justice Department in June 1998. The judge issued a permanent injunction against the seven defendants, prohibiting them from coming within 20 feet of all reproductive health facilities within the Capitol Beltway, a highway encircling the nation's capital that includes some suburban areas. ….."

The Washington Times 1/21/2000 Philip Gold "… As communicators, we too often love what we're saying more than we love those we're talking to. They know it. You can't connect with people you're angry at." The words belong to Jim Hanon, president of a small non-profit advertising and film production agency in Grand Rapids, Mich., a brilliant, pioneering, prophetic man who has crafted a new strategy for what he calls the art of communicating virtue. It works. …… The pro-life commercials are unique in several ways. First, they are based on serious communications and marketing research. This research determined that, although most women regard abortion as wrong, an unplanned pregnancy is often felt as a deadly assault upon a woman's very self. Being pregnant becomes the enemy; abortion, an act of self-affirmation and self-defense. …. The spots targeting women in crisis are superbly produced: soft, mellow, subdued, much in the Hal Riney style - Ronald Reagan's "Morning in America" campaign commercials come to mind. There's a number to call at the end, but the spots tell women to trust their own inner voices; to remember who and what they are; and that life's detours happen, but need not damage them….."

World Net Daily 1/20/2000 Joseph Farah "….Does it bother you that your tax dollars may soon be subsidizing gruesome research on human embryos? Nobody likes the idea of inflicting unnecessary suffering on innocent animals. But one of the alternatives to such tests currently being explored in private laboratories and by government-supported scientists is the idea of using "leftover" human embryos -- specifically those produced in fertility clinics. This bothers me. I hope it bothers some of you……. Now we learn that the National Institutes of Health has drafted new guidelines on "embryonic stem cell research" as an alternative to animal testing. This is supposed to be more "humane." The public has until Jan. 31 to make its voice heard on this brave new scientific frontier. But notice the low profile the government has given this public comment period. Yeah, I don't think this is one that would go over real big in an election year……" 1/19/2000 Steve Farrell "…."Privacy," said Justice Black in the 1965 landmark case Griswold v. Connecticut, "is a broad, abstract and ambiguous concept which can easily be shrunken in meaning but which can also, on the other hand, easily be interpreted as a constitutional ban against many things." Building on a sentiment of the Founding Fathers, he insisted that our "First Amendment freedoms, for example, have suffered from a failure of the courts to stick to the simple language of the First Amendment in construing it."…... Eight years after Griswold v. Connecticut, Roe v. Wade revealed that privacy was dangerous indeed, when this new found right translated into the right for a mother to slay her child, to usurp his or her right to life, to receive tax money to pay for abortion, to terminate the free speech and right to assembly of those who protest abortion and to set a legal precedent via RICO to infringe upon the religious liberty of hundreds of millions of Americans, supposedly because doctrinal opposition to killing millions of babies, "caused" the murder of a few abortionists….. Is gay advocacy guilty of this, or is it solely a campaign, as they often claim, to keep Big Brother out of private bedrooms? The definition of the word "advocacy" provides a clue. Advocacy means "active espousal," or "to recommend publicly." This is precisely what gay advocacy groups are doing. They are recommending to the public - no demanding - endorsement, protection, and privilege for homosexuals. Consider the goal of the ACLU's Lesbian and Gay Rights Project: "Equal treatment and equal dignity for lesbians, gay men and bisexuals. That means evenhanded treatment by the government, protection from discrimination in jobs, housing, hotels, restaurants and other public places, and fair and equal treatment for lesbian and gay couples and families." Does this objective limit itself to privacy in the bedroom? Clearly not. Frankly, its vision is so broad that it entails the creation of laws which have the potential to govern social, legal, and educational requirements: in public and in private places; in the classroom and in the work force; in the community and in the world economy. With attempts underway to insure 'equal dignity', for instance to curb the high youth suicide rate among homosexuals (six times higher), again churches run the risk of being blamed for suicides and murders under RICO laws for teaching that homosexuality is sin, and thus inspiring guilt in homosexuals. Gay Advocacy, then, as is the case with abortion, is not about keeping the government eye out of the bedroom, but rather about bringing gay sexuality out of the bedroom - and into the public's eye. It is about persuading Big Brother to get into the home, the work place, the free market, and as the Boy Scouts of America found out in New Jersey, it is about undermining the mission of private organizations which teach 'duty to God' and the value of being 'morally straight' and 'clean'. Which leads observers to conclude, that if this is the right to privacy, then privacy is not private, nor worthy of public praise….."

Manchester Union-Leader 1/11/2000 Bernadette Malone Connolly "…..If there's one thing most pro-life and pro-choice people can agree on, it is that abortions ought to become more rare. Both camps should be pleased to learn that the number of pregnancy terminations in this country has dramatically declined. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta reported Thursday that incidences of abortion have hit new lows, resembling the rarity of abortion in the mid-1970s. Considering how much more permissive the culture has become since then, this is very encouraging news…..Partial-birth abortion has also proved to be a useful teaching tool. Many people in the country did not realize that seventh-, eighth-, and ninth-month fetuses are aborted by such gory means, and considering medicine's growing ability to sustain sixth- and seventh-month premature babies, the procedure seems particularly murderous….." 1/10/00 Joseph Farah ".... Sacrificing humans to save animals? PETA gives grants to develop use of embryos, alternative to rat tests The latest issue of Animal Times, the quarterly publication of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, announces the group's grants to companies developing human embryo testing as one of the alternatives to the use of rats and other beasts in product safety tests. "PETA has given $250,000 to assist in the validation of non-animal test methods to replace existing animal tests," an article in the Winter 1999 edition of the journal says. "PETA awarded a $200,000 grant to the Institute for In Vitro Science (IIVS) in Maryland to support a replacement for the use of rats in lethal dose poisoning tests for chemicals, household products and pharmaceuticals." The group also announced a $50,000 grant to Dr. Bjorn Ekwall of the Cytotoxicology Laboratory in Upsala, Sweden. "Dr. Ekwall's work under the Multicenter Evaluation of In Vitro Cytotoxicity (MEIC) proved that the use of human cells can more accurately predict the toxic nature of a substance than can rodent tests," the article reported...."

EWTN 1/20/2000 "….Almost one year ago, a group of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) announced that they intend to get the Vatican kicked out of the United Nations. Through extensive international media coverage, a sophisticated web-site, and advertising in the New York Times, the campaign has grown to 400 organizations that are now calling for the UN to downgrade the status of the Vatican from Permanent Observer to NGO. * The leader of the campaign is Frances Kissling, President of Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC), an NGO dedicated to overturning official Catholic teaching on contraception and abortion….* Called "See Change", the campaign began with 70 organizations, including one of the most powerful UN NGOs, International Planned Parenthood Federation, the largest abortion provider in the world. The coalition has grown to include three major strands; pro-abortion groups, those in favor of population control, and groups hostile to religion…..* Participants include the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy, Equality Now, Marie Stopes International, the National Abortion Federation, the Feminist Majority, the Sierra Club, Population Concern, Center for Research on Population and Security, the American Humanist Association, and Atheists United. The list includes groups from more than a dozen countries…"

Denver Rocky Mountain News 1/20/2000 Michael Romano "….The U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday peppered both sides of the debate over Colorado's "bubble law" with tough questions and sharp criticism. The justices took up the 1993 law targeting abortion protesters to determine the Constitutional balance between free speech and patients' privacy. The "bubble law" creates an 8-foot space, or bubble, around patients entering or leaving abortion clinics or other medical facilities. When a patient comes within 100 feet of a clinic door, protesters cannot bar the patient's way or come within 8 feet of the person…… Justices also questioned whether the law would apply to other forms of protest, including labor picketers or other groups passing out pamphlets. Sekulow said it could apply to an individual passing out "pizza discount coupons" outside a hospital……. Sekulow, chief counsel for the Pat Robertson-founded American Center for Law and Justice, said McLachlan's admission that the statue might apply to an "18-story office building if you had one doctor in it" was a "fatal admission." "I think that shows the difficulty here," he said…… "

EWTN 1/21/2000 "….A member of Zambia's parliament said today that he plans to file a motion against churches that oppose the use of contraception. MP David Shimonde singled out the Catholic Church, saying the Church's teaching is "unfortunate and regressive." He said allowing people to have sex without condoms sentences them to a possible death from AIDS. "The Church is powerful and people believe what they say. We have to find a way of safeguarding lives," he said. "The churches must be in the forefront teaching people to use condoms...."

UPI 1/23/2000 "….President Bill Clinton said Roe v. Wade risks reversal if GOP frontrunner George W. Bush takes the White House and fills Supreme Court seats expected to open in the next administration. "There is absolutely no question in my mind that whether Roe v. Wade is preserved or scrapped depends on what happens in the next presidential race," Clinton said Saturday during remarks at a Los Angeles brunch hosted by the Women's Leadership Forum. "I appointed two members to the Supreme Court. In all probability, the next president will appoint more." ….."

Associated Press 1/21/2000 Glenn Johnson "….The Supreme Court ruling allowing abortion ``usurped the rights of the legislatures'' in America, Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush said today, as he sought a politically safe way to couch his anti-abortion views. Bush was asked in a brief exchange with reporters to clarify his statement Thursday that the Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973 ``was a stretch.'' ``I felt like it was a case where the court took the place of what the legislatures should do in America.'' Asked what he thought the state legislatures should do, he said, ``It should be up to each legislature.'' …"

St. Louis Post Dispatch 1/22/2000 Ellie Dillon "…. Abortion was supposed to reduce teen pregnancy. But the unmarried teen pregnancy rate has risen from 49.4 per thousand in 1972 to 99.2 per thousand in 1990. Abortion has encouraged irresponsible behavior and sex without any consequences. Our young daughters don't have a good reason to say no to sex as long as abortion is an option. And abortion is a great way for men to pursue their sexual pleasures. One study of 46,500 school-age mothers found that two-thirds of the girls were impregnated by adult fathers with a median age of 22. These are men who prey on young girls and then try to hide their crimes with abortion. Child abuse rates were to drop due to the elimination of unwanted children. But the figures show a 331 percent increase in child abuse in two decades. Sanctioning and even encouraging parents to kill their offspring has clearly devalued children born or unborn. We were told abortion would "empower" women and let them make their own choices. But research has shown that 80 percent of women are pressured by their husbands or boyfriends or by their parents to abort their baby. Is this empowerment? Abortion is not a true "choice" for a woman; it is an act of despair. The psychological impact of abortion is so profound because women are acting against their maternal instincts and consciences. They react with guilt, anger, depression, substance abuse and suicide. The only people who are empowered are men. They can have sex without any responsibility to their partner or their unborn children……",2220,500162504-500204852-500930329-0,00.html 2/2/2000 AP ".....The Senate on Wednesday approved a measure that would prevent people who have broken laws protecting abortion clinics from escaping civil fines by declaring bankruptcy. ...... "With this amendment, nobody will be able to politically demagogue this issue," Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said shortly before the vote. ..... Grassley's comments prompted Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., to say, "This issue is not about theater. It is about the very real issue of violence against women. ... We cannot allow violent extremists to use the bankruptcy code to carry out" their agenda. Schumer has cited the case of Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry, who filed for bankruptcy court protection in November 1998, blaming heavy debts owed to women's groups and abortion clinics that have sued him. ...... Sen. Bob Smith, R-N.H., denounced Schumer's proposal Tuesday as an attempt "to silence the free speech of abortion opponents." ....." 2/2/2000 Justin Torres ".....The Senate voted 83-14 today to approve a bankruptcy bill that included a controversial amendment that prohibits abortion protestors from filing for bankruptcy protection. The bill, S. 625 - sponsored by Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) and commonly known as the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1999 - has had a rough time in the Senate, as members introduced hundreds of amendments. The bill, which was pushed by banks, credit card companies and retail-business groups, limits the amount of bankruptcy protection debtors can apply for. Proponents say the bill is needed to stop capricious bankruptcy filings...... Schumer's amendment, which passed 81-17, prohibits protestors who damage abortion clinics or are found guilty of "actual or alleged violation of a court order or injunction that protects access to a health care facility or the provision of health services," including "reproductive health services," from filing for bankruptcy protection. The amendment is aimed at protestors prosecuted under the Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) or the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances act (FACE). Andrea Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition said in a release that the amendment would "punish innocent pro-life protesters who are falsely accused under the FACE and RICO laws. Pro-life protesters convicted under these laws are forced to pay heavy and burdensome fines that are not required of others filing bankruptcy."......"

AP 2/1/2000 "..... Sonya Hayes was just days away from giving birth to a 7-pound boy when she was gunned down in her car. The fetus, shot at close range, died too. Her boyfriend went on trial Monday in both deaths. Terrance Davis is charged with 3 counts of aggravated murder for shooting and killing Hayes and her fetus and for unlawfully terminating another person's pregnancy. A 1996 Ohio law lets prosecutors seek homicide charges if a defendant causes the termination of a viable pregnancy. Death penalty experts in Ohio think it's the 1st time someone in the state has faced the death penalty in the killing of a fetus, although others have been convicted under the law. A Cincinnati woman in May 1997 was the 1st convicted for causing a car accident that killed a woman and her unborn son. ....."

EWTN 2/1/00 "....The pregnant 12-year-old girl who was at the center of controversy last year when Scottish Catholics offered to support her is reported to have given birth to her child in the last few days. The family of the girl, whose identity cannot be revealed, appealed in October to the pro-life initiative set up by Cardinal Thomas Winning to help pregnant mothers who might feel coerced into having an abortion because of their financial circumstances. The girl received money for baby equipment from the fund which is said to have saved up to 180 babies in the last three years. Currently 40 more women are receiving help. But Cardinal Winning faced accusations by pro-abortion campaigners of placing religious principle before the welfare of women and "bribing" them into keeping the babies. A spokesman for the Church in Scotland said yesterday that the baby had been born in "a fairly unique set of circumstances" which called for a unique response....."

Washington Post 2/1/2000 E J Dionne, Jr. ".....Few issues in American politics are as difficult or morally troubling as abortion. The abortion question entails not only conflicting views of right and wrong but also a conflict of rights--the mother's right to choose whether to have a child, and the potential child's right to be born. It's no mystery why most voters shy away from the issue and prefer candidates to talk about almost anything else. Yet few issues invite more manipulation and demagoguery. When abortion comes up, candidates regularly twist themselves into pretzels in order to seem simultaneously principled and open to other views. "I mean this, but don't really mean this, so don't worry," they often seem to say. Purist candidates charge that anyone who has any doubts is either an enemy of all women or a representative of the darkest reaches of hell. ...... But in public opinion, there is a vast middle group larger than either of the activist sides. These Americans are uneasy with an outright government ban on abortion, but also uneasy with abortion itself. And the middle group is itself divided between those who broadly favor legal abortion but are for some restrictions, and those broadly opposed to abortion but favoring some exceptions. ......"

Slate 7/16/99 William Saletan "….. Abortion rights advocates have ducked the A-word for years. First they said they stood for "choice," then they changed their name to "pro-choice," and finally they obliterated the debate's physical substance by renaming it "the choice issue." For this, they were skewered by abortion opponents. But now the anti-abortion folks, too, are dropping the A-word. Abortion is becoming "the life issue." "Life issues" aren't new. The Catholic Church has long discussed abortion, euthanasia, and the death penalty under the rubric of "life issues," and a former president of the National Right-to-Life (i.e., anti-abortion) Committee, Dr. John Willke, has been running the Life Issues Institute for years. What's new is the conversion of the plural phrase "life issues," which sensibly connected topics relating to mortality, into the singular phrase "the life issue," whose only purpose is to replace the word "abortion.". ..Euphemisms reveal as much as they obscure. Abortion rights advocates adopted "the choice issue" because they concluded the public didn't like abortion. If abortion opponents adopt "the life issue," it will signify that they have concluded the public doesn't like attacks on abortion, either. …."

News Max.Com 1/31/2000 Michael Savage "….. Are you as outraged as I am that Bill Clinton would attend a seminar in Switzerland where Prof. Peter Singer, distinguished scholar at "Youthanasia" U. (Princeton University), was among the honored speakers? Singer is distinguished not so much for studies in euthanasia, the "mercy" killing of the elderly, but for his advocacy of "youthanasia," the killing of handicapped youth, in former times known as infanticide. Our present-day Pied Piper's learned topic was "Health Care: What Is the Value of a Life?" In a nutshell, the value of a life, it seems, is high for him and his liberal elite, but low, that is, nil, for the handicapped - the rest of us falling somewhere in between. He has also written a book, "Practical Ethics," on the blessings of eradicating handicapped children. None of this has gone unnoticed. In fact, Singer has armed guards when he conducts class to protect him from the rage of those who value life, even the lives, or especially the lives, of the helpless and suffering. …..For this, Princeton, that most enlightened of institutions, made Singer a tenured professor at the university's (get this!) Center for Human Values. ….."

Reuters 1/30/2000 Arshad Mohammed "…..Republican presidential candidate John McCain went into verbal contortions on abortion on Sunday as he sought to court moderates without alienating conservatives in Tuesday's New Hampshire primary. The Arizona senator embraced contradictory positions in a television interview, saying he supported a constitutional amendment to ban all abortions but also favored exceptions in cases of rape, incest and danger to the life of the mother. He also said he wanted the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized the procedure to be repealed, but then suggested that this would not make abortions illegal but simply return the issue to the states to decide. The verbal high-wire act appeared designed to appeal both to conservatives who oppose abortion and to the independent voters who are critical to his maverick campaign in New Hampshire, many of whom support abortion rights……"

Cincinnati Post 1/26/2000 Randy Ludlow "….A Springdale couple say they would have aborted their daughter, Alicia, had doctors told them she was likely to be born with spina bifida, and they want the Ohio Supreme Court to allow her to collect damages. Lawrence and Patricia Hester say the doctors knew the condition of the fetus and failed to inform them. They believe their daughter, now 6, should be entitled to collect damages from her mother's doctors to compensate for medical and educational expense and for pain and suffering she will endure throughout her life...."

National Post 1/27/2000 Ian Hunter "….In a recent issue of that splendid monthly journal, First Things, editor-in-chief Richard John Neuhaus wrote: "The abortion debate is not over private opinions about when human life begins. That is not a moral or political question, nor is it a matter of private opinion. The question of when human life begins is inevitably and very publicly settled by science. The question of which human lives belong to the community that is protected by law is inescapably a political question. If politics is about how we ought to order our lives together, then abortion is the unavoidable political question of who belongs to the 'we.' It is not a private question but the most public of questions, namely, whom do we include, and whom do we exclude, from the polis?" ……. In the early days the debate was about the humanity of the foetus; now, as Neuhaus correctly observes, that debate has been conclusively resolved, and the fundamental question remaining is what basic legal protections accrue to all members of the human family. Unfortunately for us, this question goes to the heart of what we are as a society. If we have not quite extirpated the legacy of 20 centuries of Christendom, we acknowledge a moral duty to protect the defenceless and the weakest of our species. But living up to moral duties is never easy. It is sometimes painful and often inconvenient. Yet the more insistently we try to repress morality, to ignore the twinges of conscience, the more insistently we hear a still small voice that says "Thou shalt not." ……. Here is the epicentre of the abortion struggle: not in legislatures or in courts, not even in the streets, but within ourselves. The conscious, mechanistic, selfish side of us says: "Go ahead: a baby exists only when it is born; if it interferes with your life or disrupts your plans, abort." But the unconscious, instinctive, moral part of us knows life is present from conception, that it is a gift in trust from a Creator, and that to tamper with it in order to suit our tiny egos is to place our soul in peril. This is why -- from the fourth century BC Oath of Hippocrates, to the Didache (the first century Christian codex), to Mother Teresa -- abortion has been condemned. ……"

The Washington Times 1/24/2000 Teresa Wagner "….With the United States Supreme Court now poised to hear its first abortion case in eight years, and with thousands of Americans descending on the Capitol tomorrow to protest Roe vs. Wade, it is clear abortion will be a high-profile issue in the coming months. Despite almost constant media attention, however, widespread and understandable confusion still exists about what American abortion law says, and what American abortion practice is…… First, abortion is legal for any reason during all nine months of pregnancy, including delivery in most states. Anyone with a public platform should be informing audiences of this, since most Americans don't know, much less support, our present abortion policy, among the most extreme in the Western world. While American law in the area of abortion is a combination of both state statutes and federal law, the legal status of abortion is based on United States Supreme Court decisions. The 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision is the most cited case, since Roe actually announced a federal constitutional "right" to abortion. But it was Roe's companion case, Doe vs. Bolton, that established the scope of this new right. Doe held that abortion must remain legally available to women at any stage in pregnancy for so-called "health" reasons. Health was broadly defined to encompass anything "relevant to the well-being of the patient . . . including all factors - physical, emotional, psychological, familial and the woman's age." Thus, health became the exception that swallows the rule. By this definition, pregnancy itself becomes a health justification for abortion. In addition, the one who performs and gets paid for the abortion determines whether the abortion is needed for health reasons, creating an obvious conflict of interest. ….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 1/24/2000 Barbara Curtis "….Twenty-seven years ago, nine black-robed men handed feminists a triumph that would try our souls, and - I have come to believe - find them wanting. On Jan. 22, 1973, when the "Sisterhood is Powerful" crowd rejoiced at the outcome of Roe vs. Wade, I was with them - a Washington radical feminist scholar/abortion rights advocate, much in demand as a spokeswoman by virtue of my motherhood. After all, who better to illustrate the righteous need for abortion than a young woman with a future, already encumbered by a 3-year-old in day care? Five years later in San Francisco, that same little girl clutched my hand as we struggled against the chilly Van Ness Avenue wind on our way to some euphemistically styled "women's health clinic." "Samantha," I explained, ever the politically vigilant parent, "Mommy is pregnant. But since Jasmine's only 2 and I'm not married anymore, this just isn't a good time to have a baby. We're lucky women have a choice." …... And on the morning of my own abortion, I was feeling a little extra righteous. After years of posturing and sloganeering, I finally had an opportunity to demonstrate my core beliefs - like a rite of passage. Or a sacrament. And in the 27 years since Roe vs. Wade, isn't that what it's now become? Consider the sacred ground around abortion temples, free speech suspended so as not to hinder partaking of the ritual within and abortion providers occupying pedestals for their noble efforts. Heretics dare not blaspheme by calling a fetus a baby or what happens to it murder. And as though in the grip of a state religion, the media use only sanctioned terms: pro-choice, reproductive rights, products of conception. …."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 1/24/2000 Barbara Curtis "….But who's extreme? For all the left's vaunted respect for multiculturalism, pro-abortion evangels - like missionaries of old - spend vast amounts of time, energy and taxpayer money crusading into the Third World to bring the "good news" of "family planning" to primitives whose backward belief systems stand in the way of their salvation. Like religious zealots arriving on your doorstep when what you really need is an ambulance, they rush to ravaged lands such as Kosovo with abortion kits aplenty for those in dire need of more life-sustaining commodities such as medicine, food and water. And what about here at home? In the United States, according to the very pro-abortion Alan Guttmacher Institute, 34 million abortions took place from 1973 to 1996. That's a million and a half per year. Who knows what genius men and women were whooshed away from our midst and with them what art, what music, what inventions, what cures. How about it, sisters? Especially those of you who rode the crest of the second wave with me: Did you ever dream that this was where we were headed? Did you ever dream we would call a politician a friend to women - no matter how flagrantly he exploited them - as long as he continued to back abortion on demand? Did you ever dream we would enter the realms of denial required to condone a procedure in which a perfectly viable infant is pulled feet first through the birth canal until all but her head is exposed, then stabbed in the skull to suck out her brains, delivered dead and sold to the highest bidder for body parts? …."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 1/24/2000 Barbara Curtis "….Perhaps it's time to wake up and slap some cold water on our faces. Time to stop the hypocrisy, to sever the ideals of feminism - dignity for women, equal status, equal opportunity, equal pay - from what has become a religious devotion to death. We should have listened to our mothers - the feminist ones, that is. Susan B. Anthony, now featured on our currency, wasn't thinking of political correctness when she referred to abortion as "child murder." ….. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, with her anti-slavery perspective, wrote, "When we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit." Mattie Brinkerhoff said: "When a man steals to satisfy hunger, we may safely conclude that there is something wrong in society - so when a woman destroys the life of her unborn child, it is an evidence that either by education or circumstances she has been greatly wronged." Think that one over next time you're standing in line at the grocery store - as I was recently - and overhear a teen-age girl nonchalantly discussing with a friend the abortion she's having tomorrow. Some legacy. ….."

The New York Times 1/26/2000 "….An obstetrician who carved his initials into a woman's abdomen at Beth Israel Medical Center after delivering her first baby in September worked for two months at a Queens abortion clinic after being dismissed from both the hospital and his former practice, the clinic's president said yesterday. The obstetrician, Dr. Allan Zarkin, was hired last November by the Choices Women's Medical Center in Long Island City, Queens, to perform abortions and general gynecological care, including prenatal exams, said Merle Hoffman, the clinic's president. At that time, the State Department of Health had already begun an inquiry into Dr. Zarkin's treatment of previous patients, including Dr. Liana Gedz, 31, the carving victim. ….."


Orlando Sentinel 2/1/00 Charley Reese "….In 1975, a German Federal Constitutional Court wrote, "The usual language, termination of pregnancy, cannot conceal the fact that abortion is a homicidal act." Too bad our judges are not as honest. In America, where language is used to manipulate people and to disguise reality, the homicidal act is called "choice." The nefarious scheme is to frame the debate -- a certain if dishonest way to win it -- into "Do you believe in choice or in denial of a woman's right to choose?" Thus, a question that is really about denying a child's right to live is framed as a question of a woman's freedom. Of course, in all cases, except a child's in the womb, we deny people's right to choose the death of another human being. We don't refer to murder as a "right to choose." We don't say to the robber who kills his victim, "Well, you were just exercising your right to choose." Pro-choice is a propaganda term. What it really means is pro-death or pro-homicide. Abortion is about killing human beings and nothing else. Like a hit man, the abortionist kills for money -- any baby somebody's willing to pay him to kill. For the U.S. Supreme Court to legalize this form of murder is an abomination and a stain on the very concept of law. …..I don't know which is the greater sin caused by this evil industry. The mass murder of human beings with the consequent brutalization of American culture or the mass insanity caused by the use of language to cut people loose from reality and set them adrift in the fog of fantasy. ….."

INSIGHT Magazine 2/4/00 J Michael Waller "….. Friends and allies of first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton have ratcheted up an international campaign against the Roman Catholic Church. An assortment of feminist, religious, atheist, environmentalist and Marxist groups, united in opposition to the church's leadership in the resistance against spreading abortion rights around the world, is trying to persuade U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan to de-recognize the church from its permanent-observer status in the world organization. Led by the International Planned Parenthood Federation and a U.S.-based group calling itself Catholics for a Free Choice, the campaign, named "See Change," has grown from 70 nongovernmental endorsers since last March to more than 400 today. It isn't exactly a mainstream campaign. Among a smattering of church groups, endorsers include Atheists United; the Bolivian Rebellion Collective; the Feminist Majority; the International Society of Abortion Doctors; the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League; the National Organization for Women; Planned Parenthood Federation of America; Republicans for Choice; the Sierra Club; the Women's Ordination Conference; the Quixote Center, which was famous in the 1980s for supporting Fidel Castro-backed revolutionary groups; and a group calling itself Dirty Dirt & the Dirts. ….."

Original Sources 2/7/00 Mary Mostert "….. The bill being debated in the Senate on February 2nd was a bill about bankruptcy, which ordinarily would not create much interest for most people. Most people don't declare bankruptcy. The amendment, presented by New York Senator Charles E. Schumer was intended, in his words, to prevent those convicted of violent acts towards abortion clinics, from evading heavy fines through bankruptcy………. In the Senate debate, Senator Orrin Hatch urged a No vote on the amendment, pointing out: "As I read this language, it goes far beyond the discrete issue of violence at abortion clinics. In fact, if you read this language in the actual amendment, it has some very strange language in it. It says, in paragraph (3)(C): an actual or potential action alleging the violation of any Federal, State, or local statutory or common law, including chapter 96 of title 18 and the Federal civil rights laws (including sections 1977 through 1980 of the Revised Statutes) that results from the debtor's actual, attempted, or alleged--(i) harassment of, intimidation of, interference with, obstruction of . . . "Then it gets into injury to, threat to, or violence against any person. Look at that language: harassment, intimidation, interference. My goodness. "I urge my colleagues to read the actual text of the amendment before they vote. If they believe they are voting on an amendment that strictly covers acts of violence at abortion clinics, they are mistaken. Who knows how this amendment is going to be applied otherwise? The bankruptcy law already takes care of violence, abortion clinic violence, if you will. It does not discharge that in bankruptcy. The cases so state. I do not think we should fail to recognize that the bankruptcy code already provides or allows for the nondischargeability of debts `for willful and malicious injury by the debtor.' …….The section of the Criminal Code mentioned in the Shumer Amendment, Chapter 96 of Title 18, is about Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations. The step to an attorney general declaring ANY pro-life organization a "corrupt organization" is a tiny one. This amendment is a clear and obvious effort on the part of Schumer to do just that. So, this crazy amendment that would target even thinking about opposition to an abortion clinic in your neighborhood, was presented to a Republican controlled Senate, and the powerful and knowledgeable Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee opposed it. What do you think happened next? No, it wasn't defeated. In fact, the amendment PASSED - and it wasn't even close - 80-17……"

Orlando Sentinel 2/8/00 AP "…..A judge has ruled that the state cannot distribute the controversial "Choose Life" license plate pending a ruling on whether officials are making a political statement against abortion rights. Monday's decision by Circuit Court Judge Lucy Chernow Brown delays the state's plan to begin issuing the $22 plates next month. Brown said the state can begin manufacturing the plates if it chooses. The National Organization for Women has filed suit against the state in an attempt to block distribution of the plates. The group says the plates are a state-sanctioned political statement against abortion rights. Barry Silver, NOW's attorney, applauded the judge's decision Tuesday. He said that if the plates were distributed it would be difficult to confiscate them if a judge later rules them illegal……"

EWTN 2/19/00 "……The U.S. Federal Drug Administration handed pro-abortion activists another setback Saturday when it again delayed the approval of RU-486, the "abortion pill." In a short statement, the FDA said that there were questions that "need to be resolved before final marketing approval can be granted." Almost four years ago, the agency ruled on the drug's safety and effectiveness, and pro-choice groups have been predicting imminent approval ever since. The whole process has been fraught with peril for the drug, thanks to the vehement opposition from pro-life forces. The French company that developed the drug refused to market it in the States for fear of boycotts of its whole line of products, and no American pharmaceutical company was willing to buy the rights. Finally the Population Council obtained the rights to produce the drug, which it liscenced to a new company, Danco Laboratories. ……"

Newark (NJ) Star Ledger 3/29/00 Edward Silverman Robert Schwaneberg "…. The RU-486 abortion pill, which has sparked controversy in this country for more than a decade, moved a significant step closer to becoming available when regulators granted conditional approval yesterday. However, the Food and Drug Administration withheld full-blown approval because "remaining questions need to be resolved." The agency didn't specify which issues must be addressed, but such concerns usually center on manufacturing or product labeling. The FDA's action disappointed family-planning groups, which have been fighting for a decade to make the pill available in the United States and expected final federal approval several weeks ago. ……."

Lifesite 2/17/00 "….. …… LifeSite has learned that the baby parts story exposed by Life Dynamics Inc. will be aired on ABC's 20/20 program on Friday, February 25, 10pm (EST). Life Dynamics was originally told by the show's producers that the segment would air Feb 9 but it was rescheduled. On the show, the pro-life "spy", Kelly, who once worked at abortuaries chopping up and shipping out baby parts to researchers, will reveal her identity. There is some concern that once Kelly is exposed she will be heavily targeted by the pro-abortion movement and perhaps even silenced through lawsuits, but Life Dynamics says that others within the abortion industry have come forward to corroborate the gruesome happenings behind the "clinic" doors……"

Columbus Dispatch 2/17/00 James Bradshaw "….Six state legislators, spurred by the Cleveland Right to Life organization, asked Ohio Health Director J. Nick Baird yesterday to go to court to close 18 abortion centers, including four in Columbus. The department has been reviewing license applications and holding hearings since inspecting the centers last fall. The Cleveland organization precipitated the inspections with complaints that many of the clinics are not complying with a 1997 law that requires all outpatient surgery facilities to be licensed. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-West Liberty, said he sees three relevant issues: The law requires licensing, some inspections showed unsafe conditions and the state attorney general says the department can seek injunctions to close unlicensed facilities. "These three facts warrant . . . that the unlicensed abortion clinics operating in Ohio should be shut down.'' ….."

The Associated Press 2/19/00 "…..A security guard injured in a 1994 abortion clinic shootings is suing two abortion rights groups, saying they should have rewarded him $100,000 for helping catch the shooter. Richard J. Seron contends Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation failed to reward him for helping catch John C. Salvi III, who was convicted of killing two women and wounding five people in shootings at two clinics in Brookline in 1994. Salvi died in prison in 1996, an apparent suicide….."

Constitution Party 2/17/00 Joseph Sobran "…..During the early nineteenth century, a slave trader named Theophilus Conneau kept a journal of his experiences in Africa. On one occasion he witnessed a cannibal orgy, in which one tribe performed acts of torture and mutilation, including castration and decapitation, on another tribe which they had subdued. Conneau was particularly struck by the ferocity of the women of the conquering tribe, who, their naked bodies decorated with chalk and red paint, gleefully led the gruesome festivities. The chief matron "bore an infant babe torn from its mother's womb ... which she tossed high in the air, receiving it on the point of her knife" before eating it. During the ritual this same woman was "adorned with a string of men's genital parts" while "collecting into a gourd the brains of the decapitated bodies." ……. Inflicting and observing torture for amusement is a distinctively human delight. In the case of the African cannibals, it would be a feeble excuse to say that the unborn child was a mere "fetus," and therefore somehow not "fully human," as we say now; the woman who killed it obviously regarded it as human, which was more or less the point of the orgy. Eating a fetus might strike even the National Abortion Rights Action League as a little unseemly; our enlightened society still retains a few irrational inhibitions, which may, however, eventually go the way of so many other taboos. Western man (including Western woman) has learned to justify abortion, if not yet to enjoy it. We still observe a certain nervous and clinical decorum about the subject. But we are making progress. It is already possible to purchase aborted children and their body parts from abortionists. New uses are constantly being found for them; in time we may learn to relax and see the potential for fun, humor, and even nourishment they can afford us. …In the anti-Nazi hysteria among the victors after World War II, it was reported that the Germans had made soap and lampshades from the body fat and skin of murdered Jews; such stories have now been exploded as myths. But we are becoming inured to similar practices, provided that the materials are taken before birth. It is worth noting that the infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, after his escape to South America, made his living as what would now be called an "abortion provider." ..."

Chattanooga Free Press 2/15/00 "….. It seems that Mr. Gore was trying to convince California voters that he is stronger for allowing the killing of unborn babies through abortion than Sen. Bradley is -- while Sen. Bradley was trying to convince the voters that he is stronger for allowing the killing of unborn babies through abortion than Mr. Gore is. That wasn't their only "issue." It seems that Mr. Gore was trying to tell organizations for homosexual men and lesbian women that he is more for their "rights" than Sen. Bradley is -- while Sen. Bradley was trying to tell organizations for homosexual men and lesbian women that he is more for their "rights" than Mr. Gore is……. Did you ever think you would see the leading Democratic presidential candidates running for the White House on killing babies and promoting homosexuality? …." 2/14/00 Justin Torres "…. Anti-population control activists are outraged by the Clinton Administration's budget proposal which they said "smacks of racism" because it focuses on the urban poor, a group that is disproportionally African-American. The budget proposal unveiled by Clinton includes a 16 percent increase for contraception and family planning measures aimed at "over 5 million low income women." The extra $35 million for fiscal year 2001 "will be used to prevent over a million unintended pregnancies [per] year by improving the delivery of comprehensive reproductive health services," and to "increase the accessibility of contraceptive counseling and services [and] provide effective contraceptives to those in need," according to the executive summary that accompanied the budget…….. For a 'family planning' program to draw in a disproportionate number of African Americans, either by accident or design, smacks of racism," said Steve Mosher, president of Population Research International. "This effect is particularly unconscionable given that African American birth rates, for the first time in history, have now fallen below replacement."..." 2/15/00 Laura Meckler AP "…... Al Gore was collecting an endorsement from the nation's top abortion-rights group. The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League abandoned its neutrality in the Democratic presidential contest in hopes of ending questions about Gore's mixed record on abortion. Kate Michelman, the group's president, was appearing with Gore this afternoon at a Washington hotel to deliver the endorsement. The backing will give Gore a boost on what's been one of his most vulnerable issues in the battle with former New Jersey Sen. Bradley. …..NARAL's endorsement came after a weekend of discussion, said spokeswoman Julie Piscitelli. "After two days of thoughtful discussion and deliberation by our board, they voted unanimously to endorse Gore,'' she said. In the past, Michelman has said both Gore and Bradley are reliable supporters of abortion rights. "American women can count on either one of them,'' she said last year. She also has expressed confidence in Gore's support for abortion rights now, even though he cast a series of anti-abortion votes when he was in Congress……Gore has said he's always believed abortion should be legal, saying he only had reservations in the past about government paying for abortions for poor women in Medicaid. But as details of his record emerged, he was forced to admit that his position has changed. In 1987, he said in a letter to a constituent that abortion was "arguably the taking of a human life.'' And in 1984, he voted to define the word "person'' under four existing civil rights laws to include "unborn children from the moment of conception.'' Bradley has tried to capitalize on the issue. He ran a TV ad in New Hampshire calling himself the only presidential candidate who "has been pro-choice for everyone all the time.'' Gore has responded with a slew of endorsements from feminist leaders and women in Congress……"

Fort Worth Star-Telegram 2/26/00 Karen Brooks "…..The state's highest court yesterday sent a 17-year-old seeking an abortion back to the judge who originally denied it to her and told her to ask for an abortion again when she is "sufficiently well-informed" of the risks involved. Either that, or she can tell one of her parents. In its first individual-case ruling on the state's parental- notification law, the Texas Supreme Court defined "sufficiently well-informed" as meaning that the girl is aware of the physical, emotional and psychological risks of an abortion as well as its alternatives. The decision angered an abortion-rights advocate who said the court's definition means that minors will have to "jump through more hoops" to get a legal medical procedure……….."

Dallas Morning News 2/26/00 "……In its first decision since a state law went into effect requiring that unmarried minor girls notify a parent about a planned abortion, the Texas Supreme Court on Friday upheld a lower court's ruling to deny a 17-year-girl an abortion because she did not tell a parent. The Supreme Court agreed with the lower court's decision that the unidentified girl was not "sufficiently well informed to make the decision to have an abortion performed without notification to either of her parents" based on a rule written by the Texas Legislature. ......In the opinion, Chief Justice Thomas R. Phillips said the lower court should reconsider the case using the following three standards: The girl must show:

That she obtained information from a health-care provider about the health risks associated with an abortion and understands those risks, including risks associated specifically with her particular stage of pregnancy.

That she understands the alternatives to abortion and their implications and has given thoughtful consideration to those alternatives, although she is not required to justify why she prefers abortion.

That she is aware of the emotional and psychological aspects of undergoing an abortion, not necessarily from licensed counselors but from reliable and informed sources and not from any particular provider. She should not be required to meet with or review materials provided by advocacy or religious groups.......In Texas, about 200 of the 5,523 minors that have abortions will refuse to tell their parents, the state Department of Health has estimated….."

The Arlington Journal 2/25/00 Daniel Seligson "……RICHMOND, Va. - Republican Fairfax Sen. Warren Barry crossed party lines and cast a deciding vote yesterday against a proposal to mandate ``informed consent" and a 24-hour waiting period for women seeking abortions. Barry broke a 7-7 tie in the Senate's Education and Health Committee by voting against bringing the controversial legislation to a full Senate vote, to the surprise of many who had believed the bill would finally become law in Virginia. The House of Delegates had overwhelmingly approved the proposal. ..."

ETHERZONE 2/25/00 Barbara Stanley "….. When the Fed got involved and began funding abortions, it gave the imprimatur to our youth that abortion is an acceptable 'choice'. How innocuous these words--acceptable and choice. You're all familiar with the peculiarity of repeating one word so many times until it loses it's meaning. Say the word 'chair' a dozen times and your mind begins to wonder what this 'sound' means. This same desensitization is being done to our school children, with disastrous results... …"

Village Voice 2/23/00 Nat Hentoff "….The 20th century was the most lethal in recorded history. Genocide has become pandemic. But in this new millennium there will be threats to the existence of anyone considered to have a life not worth living-whose 'quality' of life is so inferior that it will burden both relatives and the society as a whole, financially and emotionally. As Dr. Nancy Dickey of the American Medical Association notes, the concept of 'lives not worth living" can apply even to patients who are not terminally ill. "Just chronically ill. Maybe just expensively chronically ill." "Defective" infants and deeply depressed older people are already being euthanized in the Netherlands, and the doctors who kill them are not being punished. In Oregon, the first place in this country to legalize assisted suicide, euthanasia is not far behind. Many doctors around the nation agree that "compassionate" ending of "futile" lives by direct injection is beneficial to all concerned. Now Princeton University has appointed its first full-time, tenured professor of bioethics: Dr. Peter Singer, the intellectual leader of the arbiters of death who now are advancing upon us. He teaches-I kid you not-at the Center for Human Values. ......"


EWTN 2/29/00 "…..Thomas Jimenez, UN Population Fund (UNFPA) representative to Nicaragua, announced last Thursday that aid to the country would be halted since the nation's family planning programs contain "discrepancies." UNFPA was enraged over the decision of Nicaraguan Minister for Families Max Padilla and Education Minister Fernando Robleto to reject the UN's "reproductive health" programs. They did so because the UN's programs advocate abortion. Nicaragua is one of numerous Central and South American countries that have declared March 25, the Feast of the Annunciation, as the "National Day of the Unborn." The Nicaraguan decree for the day stated that "the right to life, inherent in each of the inhabitants of the nation and the world, is the principal axis of human rights and, therefore, merits the determined attention of the government." …."

The Union Leader 3/3/00 John and Aggie Dowd "…..THIS ISSUE isn't about abortion rights at all. In fact, it's not even about abortion. The simple fact of the matter is that the partial-birth abortion procedure is not abortion - it is infanticide, plain and simple infanticide. Consider this: In the partial-birth abortion procedure, a living baby - who is at least 20 weeks old - is forcibly manipulated into the breech position and is then pulled feet-first out of the womb and into the birth canal (vagina). The baby is almost completely delivered except for its head, which the abortionist purposely keeps lodged just inside the birth canal. The abortionist then punctures the base of the baby's skull with a surgical instrument, inserts a catheter (tube) into the wound and removes the baby's brain with a suction machine. After the baby's skull has collapsed, the abortionist completes the delivery of the now dead baby. We repeat, that is not abortion. It is the cruel and brutal killing of a living baby in the very process of delivery; moreover, the killing takes place at the development stage when there is no medical doubt that the baby feels pain……"

The Union Leader 3/3/00 John and Aggie Dowd "…..Let's look at who would like to stop the procedure. There's the American Medical Association (1995), the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate (both of which twice voted overwhelmingly to ban partial-birth abortion), the American people (even polls done by Planned Parenthood's own Guttmacher Institute show that over 71 percent of the American public want the procedure outlawed), 27 states that have passed legislation banning partial-birth abortion, former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop and hundreds of distinguished doctors, obstetricians and gynecologists, among them the Physicians' Ad Hoc Coalition for Truth (PHACT), a group of over 500 physician-specialists mostly in obstetrics, perinatology and related disciplines……."

EWTN 3/3/00 CWNews "….. A national pro-life association for Catholic priests today warned politicians that being pro-abortion in their policy stances is not an option for Catholics. Priests for Life said the US bishops had been clear on the issue in a November 1998 statement. "As Americans, as Catholics and as pastors of our people, we write therefore today to call our fellow citizens back to our country's founding principles, and most especially to renew our national respect for the rights of those who are unborn, weak, disabled, and terminally ill," the bishops wrote. The group said those who hold or seek elected office, proclaiming to be Catholic while holding "pro-choice" views are risking confusion and scandal for lay Catholics who live the Church's teachings. "No law says you have to be Catholic. But if you publicly declare that you are, don't be surprised if someone criticizes inconsistencies between your public positions and the teachings of the Church," the group warned. ...,,:

Chattanoog Times-Free Press 3/4/00 "……Trying to give troubled mothers an option to dumping babies in trash bins and bathroom stalls, the Georgia House voted 153-15 Friday to legalize the abandonment of newborns as long as they're left with the staff at a hospital. Sponsors of the bill, which would still have to pass the Senate and be signed by the governor before becoming law, said the change would save infants who would otherwise be left to die. One lawmaker denounced it as the moral equivalent of "abortion without death." ……"

CNSNews 3/1/00 Patrick Goodenough "…..Twenty per cent more women in Britain had abortions at clinics run by a leading agency in the first two months of 2000 than in previous years, an increase Marie Stopes International attributed on Wednesday to the lack of availability of the "morning-after pill" over the holidays. However, pro-life activists challenged the argument, saying they suspected the agency was simply trying to push its agenda of promoting even freer access to what it calls "emergency contraception."..."

ABC Raw News 2/28/00 Reuters "…. Five years of birth control or up to 10 years in jail are the choices a Louisiana judge gave a 29-year-old mother of eight, who was convicted of abusing three of her children. The unusual sentence choice, which included her agreement not to reunite with her children during her five years on probation, was handed down on Friday to Kathy Looney of Monroe, in north central Louisiana, by state District Court Judge Carl V. Sharpe...."

The Asheville Tribune 2/25/00 David Morgan Matthew Mittan "…… (Anyone wishing to read the [Roe] decision in full may do so by going to ……. Given that decision, multiple uses of elective-abortion fetuses became completely legal. This documentary was undertaken so as to learn the factual details surrounding the market for aborted fetuses and the debate which has taken place, for the most part, out of the general public's view……..……..Background - Following the decision of Griswold v. Connecticut in 1965 and with the subsequent decriminalization of abortion in 1973, researchers were offered a 'golden opportunity' to conduct research with aborted body parts and tissues. There was little controversy surrounding the research until the mid 1980's. At that point a few individuals, who were troubled by the practice, began to publish reports outlining their analysis and concerns regarding some of the medical research. Suzanne Rini, author of the book "Beyond Abortion: A chronicle of Fetal Experimentation" catalogued several research examples that were being conducted in the 1980's…… ……..In 1988, U. S. President George Bush banned all federal funding for fetal human-to-human transplants. However, President William Jefferson Clinton's first official act as President in 1993 was to strike down that ban. People such as Joan Samuelson, a lawyer in California who founded the Parkinson Action Network, had lobbied for an end to the moratorium. Some groups were demanding to be "treated with fetuses." From that point forward the market for aborted fetuses has grown rapidly here in the United States. The general public's knowledge of this practice has been very limited, until now. ……"

Associated Press 3/10/00 Connie Mabin "….The Texas Supreme Court on Friday reversed a lower court's decision that prevented a 17-year-old girl from having an abortion without telling her parents. Under state law, an unmarried girl 17 or younger must notify a parent that she intends to have an abortion or seek a court order allowing her to bypass the law. A bypass can be granted only if a local judge decides the girl is mature enough to make the decision on her own. In the case ruled on Friday, the 17-year-old girl's bypass request had been denied two weeks ago by a lower court, which said she was not ''sufficiently well informed to make the decision to have an abortion performed without notification to either of her parents.'' …."

New Republic 3/10/00 Gregg Easterbrook "……When Roe was decided in 1973, medical knowledge of the physiology and neurology of the fetus was surprisingly scant. Law and religion defined our understanding, because science had little to say. That is now changing, and it is time for the abortion debate to change in response. Quietly, without fanfare, researchers have been learning about the gestational phases of human life, and the new information fits neither the standard pro-choice position nor the standard pro-life position. As far as science can tell, what happens early in the womb looks increasingly like cold-hearted chemistry, with the natural termination of potential life far more common than previously assumed. But science also shows that by the third trimester the fetus has become much more human than once thought--exhibiting, in particular, full brain activity. In short, new fetal research argues for keeping abortion legal in the first two trimesters of pregnancy and prohibiting it in the third. This is a message neither side wants to hear. But, as the Supreme Court prepares to take up the abortion issue for the first time in nearly a decade, new fetal science may provide a rational, nonideological foundation on which to ground the abortion compromise that currently proves so elusive. And, curiously enough, by supporting abortion choice early in pregnancy while arguing against it later on, the science brings us full circle--to the forgotten original reasoning behind Roe. …. "The majority of cases in which there is a fertilized egg result in the non-realization of a person," says Dr. Machelle Seibel, a reproductive endocrinologist at the Boston University School of Medicine. What exists just after conception is called a zygote. Research now suggests that only about half of all zygotes implant in the uterine wall and become embryos; the others fail to continue dividing and expire. Of those embryos that do trigger pregnancy, only around 65 percent lead to live births, even with the best prenatal care. The rest are lost to natural miscarriage. All told, only about one-third of sperm-egg unions result in babies, even when abortion is not a factor.

Reuters 3/10/00 "…..The Federal Bureau of Investigation in Kansas City, Missouri, has launched a probe into the marketing of fetal tissue, an FBI spokesman said on Friday. ``We are investigating possible criminal violations in the marketing of fetal tissue to determine if there is a violation of federal criminal law,'' FBI spokesman Jeff Lanza told Reuters. He would not elaborate on the scope of the investigation or offer any further details. On Thursday, members of a House Commerce subcommittee called on Attorney General Janet Reno to open an investigation into the selling of fetal tissue after a Kansas City-area pathologist was featured in an ABC News undercover report about the alleged selling of fetal body parts for profit. The pathologist, Dr. Miles Jones, was recorded by a hidden camera discussing making thousands of dollars a week selling fetal parts. ……Jones was subpoenaed to testify before the committee but did not appear and was held in contempt of Congress. …..A spokesman for the House committee said further doctors may be putting women's health at risk by changing abortion procedures to obtain better tissue…."

EWTN 3/10/00 "…..Representative Chris Smith (NJ-4), Chairman of the Bi-partisan House Pro-Life Caucus, today expressed disgust at the horrific underground business of baby body parts trafficking which was further highlighted today at a Congressional Committee which oversees health and environment. Smith, who co-authored legislation passed by the House calling for this hearing, said that private companies provide price lists to universities, pharmaceutical companies and others for body parts from babies who are either killed by abortion or are born alive during an abortion and then killed or left to die. He said these companies make arrangements with abortion clinics whereby their representatives are provided an area to work and presented with dead children whom they can scavenge for the requested parts. The companies pay a site fee and possibly other forms of compensation to the abortion facility in return. "This is not new," said Smith. "Members of the pro-life community have pointed out these terrible atrocities for years, and yet until now, authorities have ignored this despicable exploitation of woman and unborn children as companies make profits off murdered babies. Not only is this practice grotesque, but it violates Federal law," added Smith. "It is routine for pregnant women who are planning to abort their babies to be told that their children are nothing more than collections of cells or blobs of tissue," said Smith. " The existence of price lists itemizing the price of each body part clearly give lie to that myth. Babies younger than 8 weeks have, as they point out on their price list, identifiable brains, livers, spleens, ears, and eyes, and they, as well as older babies, are being taken apart piece by piece, limb by limb, even skinned. Worst of all, there are profiteers waiting in the wings to make money from this tragedy by collecting and selling the pieces.," said Smith. "The abortion industry is profiting off violence against children," said Smith ……"

AP 3/9/00 Janelle Carter "…..House members are holding what is likely to be a highly-charged hearing on whether illegal profits are being made from fetal tissue for medical research after Democrats abandoned an effort to exclude the public and media. ``Democrats are trying to throw a cloak over these proceedings,'' Douglas Johnson, legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee complained Wednesday. A Democratic aide acknowledged that members of his party, along with some pro-abortion Republicans, wanted today's House Commerce subcommittee hearing held behind closed doors, partly because of concerns that militant abortion foes might retaliate against some of the parties involved. ….."

The Record 3/8/00 Charles Austin "……Nobody favors sin. But nobody agrees precisely on what it is. So as Christians begin the season of Lent today with Ash Wednesday and are called upon to repent, they might also wonder exactly what they should be sorry for. The basic "checklist" of sins -- the Ten Commandments -- still stands for most people, who generally agree that it's wrong to cheat, steal, lie, or murder. But although many conservative Christians include on their list of sins such things as premarital sex, abortion, homosexuality, and divorce, a growing number of Christians disagree with those views. In fact, recent Gallup research shows that 58 percent of American Catholics believe the church should relax its position on the sinfulness of abortion and 47 percent believe that homosexuals can be good Catholics. The Barna research organization of Ventura, Calif., reported this year that about one-fifth of the adult population believes "the whole idea of sin is outdated." ……… "It is a sign of the times that people want to feel good about themselves and not face their sins," said Roman Catholic Archbishop Theodore E. McCarrick of Newark, adding that the ethical revolution of the 1960s changed the concept of what is right and wrong for many people……"

American Family Asociation 3/9/00 "…..The AFA Center for Law & Policy (CLP) is developing a new approach to cases involving the controversial procedure known as "partial birth abortion."….. The CLP has argued in a number of cases that a so-called partial birth abortion is not an abortion at all it is nothing short of infanticide, and therefore falls outside the reach of previous court decisions on abortion. In establishing this point, AFA attorneys have argued that the growth of a human being takes place in two stages: the first stage is pregnancy, which begins at conception and ends when the living child begins to exit the uterus; the second stage, birth, or parturition, begins when the living fetus begins to exit the womb. "Birth is inevitable once the membranes of the amniotic sac are ruptured and the living child begins his emergence from the womb by breaking the plane of the cervical os (the point of the cervix that normally dilates, and separates the womb from the birth canal)," said Steve Crampton, General Counsel for the CLP. "Once this rupture has occurred and the plane has been broken, pregnancy has ceased." At this point, with pregnancy ended in a medical sense, Crampton said judicial rulings concerning abortion cease to apply. "While the courts may say there is a right to abortion in the womb, there is no right to take the life of a child in the process of being born," he said. "In fact, there are laws on the books that are called parturition statutes, that say you may not take the life of a child in the process of being born." This is a legal difference noted even by the Supreme Court. "From Roe v. Wade through Casey v. Planned Parenthood, the Supreme Court has affirmed and reaffirmed that a woman has a constitutional right to terminate her pregnancy...," said Crampton. "In no case has the United States Supreme Court ever contemplated, much less held, that the constitutional right to abortion extends to any other stage of child development, including the process of birth." Crampton said the very nature of partial birth abortions is closer than ever to infanticide. "Abortion is certainly abhorrent to all those who value innocent human life," he said. "But partial birth abortions nudge the nation one step closer to actual and literal infanticide outside the womb." …"

plannedparenthood 3/6/00 "…..On March 10th, hundreds of pro-choice medical students who are part of Medical Students for Choice (MSFC) will honor abortion providers in their local communities as part of the fourth annual National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers (NDAAP). This date was chosen to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Dr. David Gunn, the first physician to be murdered by anti-choice extremists. Initiated in 1996, the purpose of NDAAP is to create a positive climate for abortion providers and to thank all abortion providers for their dedication to women and their families….."

Reuter's 3/9/00 Lisa Richwine "……A congressional probe seeking to expose alleged profiteering on sales of fetal tissue for research got off to a rocky start on Thursday as Republicans were forced to distance themselves from a key witness. Lawrence Dean Alberty Jr., who said he had worked for two companies that obtained and sold tissue, delivered a statement alleging some samples were taken from live babies. After Democrats pointed to a number of inconsistencies between an affidavit Alberty signed in January and various other statements, Republicans disowned him. ``Your credibility, as far as this member is concerned, is shot,'' Rep. Richard Burr, a Republican from North Carolina, told Alberty, who was appearing at a hearing of a House Commerce subcommittee. ……. A group that opposes abortions, Life Dynamics Inc., paid Alberty to make charges about unscrupulous practices on a video, Alberty told the panel. Alberty, however, said he now stood by his January affidavit and could not say whether his former employers, companies called Opening Lines and the Anatomic Gift Foundation, had committed any crimes regarding fetal tissue sales. ``When I was under oath I told the truth ... Anything I said on a video when I'm not under oath, that is a different story,'' Alberty said. He later added he made allegations on the Life Dynamics video because he thought ``that's what they wanted to hear.'' ….."

Washington Post 3/8/00 "…… THE Following are excerpts from a discussion With Steve Wise, Who has practiced animal protection law for twenty years and teaches animal rights law at Harvard University. He is the former president of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, founder and president of the Center for the Expansion of Fundamental Rights, and has collaborated with leading scientists in the fields of primatology and animal intelligence and behavior. He lives in Needham, Massachusetts. In his new book, Rattling the Cage, Wise explains that although our perception of and respect for animals is changing rapidly, courts of law have not yet caught up. Humans lost in a permanently vegetative state have extensive legal rights, but a chimpanzee who can communicate with language, count, feel complex emotions, and make and use tools has no rights at all. Is this as it should be? ………You said you are pro-choice. So you see no problem with killing human babies but are on a crusade to protect the "rights" of animals?? Steven Wise: I advocate that such nonhuman animals as chimpanzees and bonobos should be given the common law rights to bodily integrity and bodily liberty. Human fetuses already have these rights. However, a mother's federal constitutional right to privacy has been held to trump the fetus' common law rights. That problem doe not exist for nonhuman animals. ……"

Reuters 3/7/00 "……A federal grand jury indicted two North Carolina men on Tuesday for allegedly firing an assault rifle in 1998 into the command post of a task force heading up the manhunt for alleged serial bomber Eric Robert Rudolph. The two men, Eddie Dewayne Carringer, 31, of Hayesville, and Wayne Henry Burchfield, 32, of Murphy, face attempted-murder, assault, conspiracy and weapons charges after one of the shots grazed the head of an FBI agent working inside the command post in Andrews in western North Carolina...."

Scripps Howard News Service 3/7/00 Joan Lowy "……Republican supporters of abortion rights kicked off their drive Tuesday to remove any abortion plank from the party platform, guaranteeing that it will once again be a divisive issue for the GOP in the presidential election. Since 1992, the platform has had a plank calling for the passage of a constitutional amendment outlawing abortion. The plank makes no exception for women whose lives might be at risk by carrying their pregnancy to term or for rape and incest victims. Arguing that the platform takes an extreme position with which even most opponents don't agree, abortion rights supporters said the GOP would be better off simply dropping the contentious issue from its platform. …."

ABC News Press Release via The Pro-Life Infonet 3/6/00 "…….A three-month "20/20" hidden-camera investigation has uncovered an industry in which tissue and organs from aborted unborn children, donated "to help medical research," are being marketed for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars. "20/20" has investigated one businessman whose company issued a price list charging what many call exorbitant prices for fetal tissue. In addition, ABC News "20/20" chief correspondent Chris Wallace has an exclusive interview with a whistle-blower who says two tissue retrieval companies he worked for went so far as to, on some occasions, encourage him to take fetal tissue obtained from women who had not consented to donate their unborn children to medical research. The report will air on "20/20 Wednesday," March 8 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network…….. "20/20's" investigation found some companies are charging high fees -- fees that critics say are not based on recovering costs; for example, the price list for one company, Opening Lines, includes listings of $325 for a spinal cord, $550 for a reproductive organ, $999 for a brain. ….."

Chicago Sun Times 3/7/00 Maureen O’Donnell "….The nation's largest association of abortion providers is reporting an exceptionally high number of abortions during the months of January and February. A leading family planning clinic attributed a similar trend reported in Britain to an increase in casual sex during millennium celebrations. The Washington, D.C.-based National Abortion Federation didn't want to point to any one cause in this country, but said it goes against a previous downward trend in abortions, given a declining number of women of childbearing age and the more widespread use of contraception and the morning-after pill...."

Associated Press / Pro-Life Infonet 3/3/00 "…..Three Providence College students have been fined $1,000 each and suspended for the semester for putting the Virgin Mary in a flier promoting abortion rights. The fliers, posted last month on the Catholic school's campus, featured a picture of a marble statute of Mary and asked, ''How's this for an immaculate concept: Keep Abortion Safe and Legal.'' The students were posting the notices on the front door of a campus building as a Dominican priest arrived to prepare for a lecture. He ordered them to immediately remove the fliers and reported the incident to administrators. In a Feb. 15 letter to the entire student body, the Rev. Philip Smith, the college president, urged people not to tolerate what he called the students' act of religious discrimination, The Providence Journal reported. ''The deliberate misuse of a venerated person and an important Catholic and Christian belief in support of a position that is opposed to Catholic moral doctrine is deplorable and offensive to many on campus,'' he wrote. …."

The New York Times 3/6/00 Barbara Whitaker "…..Simple white crosses and pinwheels spinning quietly in the breeze mark the graves of 38 abandoned babies buried in a cemetery here. Anonymous in death, the babies were given names and proper funerals by a stranger. The efforts of that stranger, Debi Faris, a mother of three from Yucaipa, 80 miles east of Los Angeles, began more than three years ago when she heard the story of an infant found dead in a duffel bag along a road in Los Angeles and wanted to give the baby a proper burial. After making certain Ms. Faris had no connection to the case, the county coroner gave permission, then asked if she would take two others, who would otherwise be cremated, put in a cardboard box and given a number. So began the Garden of Angels, a small burial area in a cemetery in the shadows of the San Bernardino Mountains. There, Ms. Faris started by buying 42 graves with $27,000 of her own money, burying first Michael, abandoned on the roadway; Nathan, strangled by his own umbilical cord and discovered in a trash bin, and Dora, 2, whose body washed up on a Malibu beach. ...,,Now Ms. Faris, who had worked as a school instructional aide, has become their advocate in another way: She is pushing for state legislation to offer legal protection to parents who abandon their babies in safe places….."

PR Newswire 3/5/00 "…..On March 10th, hundreds of pro-choice medical students who are part of Medical Students for Choice (MSFC) will honor abortion providers in their local communities as part of the fourth annual National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers (NDAAP). This date was chosen to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Dr. David Gunn, the first physician to be murdered by anti-choice extremists. Initiated in 1996, the purpose of NDAAP is to create a positive climate for abortion providers and to thank all abortion providers for their dedication ..."

Omaha World-Herald 3/5/00 Curren Webb "…….Roe vs. Wade is older than I am. Many might think that makes me young. The truth is that the decision is too old. Roe vs. Wade is 27 years old. This means that the first legally aborted child would have turned 27 in January. Twenty-seven. Think about that. Twenty-seven is the age of a young attorney still fresh out of law school, ready to defend the little guy. Twenty-seven is the age of a young mother striving to raise the next generation to believe in honesty and respect for women despite the president's Hollywood lifestyle. Twenty-seven is the age of a young doctor just out of medical school, ready to cure the world. Yet, for my generation, there will be 750,000 fewer 27-year-olds. Their lives were crushed in the womb. Worse yet, there will be 900,000 fewer 26-year-olds, 1 million fewer 25-year-olds and 1.2 million fewer 24-year-olds. They were all killed years ago. Four age groups; 3.8 million dead. …..(My source for this information is "Abortion Services in the United States, 1991 and 1992" by Stanley K. Henshaw et al., in Family Planning Perspectives, vol. 26, no. 3, May/June 1994, p. 101; as cited at If you take my entire generation into account, you find that one-fourth of us never made it out of the womb (source: U.S. Bureau of the Census, Statistical Abstract of the United States, 1997). That's almost 40 million. (Hitler killed 20 million, and Stalin 30 million.)….."

World Herald 2/29/00 Judith Nygren "….. Nebraska, which could shape abortion rights for the entire nation, filed legal briefs with the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday defending the constitutionality of its ban on a controversial abortion procedure. The Nebraska Attorney General's Office, in its case against Dr. LeRoy Carhart of Bellevue, argues that the state's ban should stand for two main reasons: The intent of the state statute is to ban only one procedure, known medically as dilation and extraction, or D&X. Attorney General Don Stenberg, who will present Nebraska's case to the high court, said he will argue that two lower courts wrongly interpreted the Nebraska statute to be much broader, encompassing the more commonly performed D&E procedure, or dilation and evacuation. By banning D&X abortions, the state does not impose an "undue burden" on a woman's right to an abortion prior to fetal viability. …."


Town Hall 3/14/00 R Emmett Tyrrell Jr. "……The First Amendment's freedom of speech clause has come to sanction such arty stuff as feces on canvas, but not public disagreement with various inflamed groups, for instance, with militant homosexuals. How very odd. Artists such as Chris Ofili are defended unto death for putting elephant manure on an otherwise pedestrian painting of the Virgin Mary. Viacom's Paramount Television Group is being importuned by militant homosexuals to drop Dr. Laura Schlessinger's television program from its fall offerings. Neither conservative writers nor liberals are heard to complain. The American Civil Liberties Union is degage. No one complains on behalf of the First Amendment…….. Obviously respect for free speech is in a state of confusion nowadays. That calls for silencing opposition come more frequently from the Left than from the Right is particularly alarming. After all the Left has historically been the defender of free speech, at least in this century. Now the Left silences dissent on campus. It organizes against the likes of Dr. Schlessinger, and resorts to the Owellian expedient of using such perfumed terms as "diversity" to eliminate disagreement. Examples abound. In Florida the National Organization for Women is trying to ban vanity plates on cars that carry the slogan "Choose Life." Why they do not reply with the liberty-loving response of buying their own vanity plates proclaiming "Freedom Of Choice" is a mystery….."

CNS News 3/13/00 "…… Monday's Catholic World News reports that more than twenty feminist and pro-abortion activists stormed into Mary Queen of the World Roman Catholic Cathedral in Montreal last Tuesday, burning homemade crosses, spray painting altars and walls, scattering used sanitary napkins, condoms and underwear, and attempting to overturn the tabernacle while protesting the Catholic church's opposition to abortion. Seven people were arrested and may be charged with illegal assembly, assaulting police officers and obstruction. Father Jean-Pierre Couturier, the vicar of the parish, told the National Post newspaper that the protestors were turning over flowerpots and sticking used sanitary napkins to pictures and walls. A witness told the paper that the attack was orchestrated by activists celebrating International Women's Day. …."

Media Research Center 3/16/00 L Brent Bozell "……Here are two rules of civility in politics. One, conservatives are not allowed to question the motivations or crocodile-tear strategies of liberals. Two, because the true visionaries in the Manhattan media elite have a more heightened sense of society's needs, they can say anything they want about those distasteful people who stand in the way of enlightened progress. If you doubt me, I offer a perfect example: the media's coverage of the Clinton-NRA gunfight. You can hear the anger in those scandalized media voices: doesn't Wayne LaPierre know the rules?…. For years, the NRA has been trying to tell any reporter who would ask that the Clinton administration is two-faced. As the administration campaigns for ever more federal gun laws -- soliciting the soccer moms with feel-your-pain fakery -- the actual laws on the books, even the laws they campaigned to pass in their first term, go unenforced. "Of the drug dealers and the violent felons and the gangs roaming our streets, when they're caught illegally carrying guns, the President has prosecuted only two in Washington D.C., 14 in New Jersey, 20 in Atlanta," LaPierre explained to NBC on March 14……"

Media Research Center 3/16/00 L Brent Bozell "……If that's true, certainly it shows Clinton has failed to enforce the laws of the land, and that failure ought to be a pivotal component of any discussion on crime. But reporters and anchors on the four biggest networks have brought it up only eight times in two years. So now, LaPierre inflates his rhetoric just to get his point made, and still most TV news stars remain fixated on poor Bill while continuing to avoid the inconvenient facts of lax prosecution. Of course, it was Bill Clinton who regained momentum with liberals in the media after the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress by blaming the Oklahoma City bombing on "voices of hate and division" on talk radio stations, not to mention every conservative who's suspicious of government power. Network reporters gleefully noted Timothy McVeigh's (lapsed) membership in the NRA without reservation. This tactic isn't new, nor is it contained to gun-rights advocates. For years, the media have proclaimed that if you have been so impolite as to state publicly that abortion is murder, you are complicit in the shooting of abortionists. The press has endorsed the view that if you believe homosexuality is a sin, you encourage a climate of violence against homosexuals……"

Tampa Bay Online 3/22/00 AP "……Abortion opponents have blocked an effort to place a bust in the state Capitol of Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, the Minnesota native who wrote the Roe vs. Wade decision. The House voted 69-58 on Monday to delete a paragraph tucked in a 317-page spending bill that would have required the Minnesota Historical Society to commission the bust. Blackmun served on the high court from 1970 to 1994 and died last March at age 90. He wrote the majority opinion in the 1973 ruling legalizing abortion. Rep. Steve Trimble had the provision inserted in the bill as a way to honor Blackmun, who grew up in his St. Paul district. ….."

EWTN 3/23/00 "…….Rebecca Davis, 40, has filed a lawsuit against the government of Ontario for $100 million for the physical and mental suffering she endured from an abortion she was forced to undergo in 1976 while a resident of the former Grandview School for Girls. In a statement of claim filed Monday, she said the abortion caused "sustained permanent injuries, including cuts, abrasions, contusions to various body parts, and severe mental and psychological anguish." Davis said she endured "sexual abuse, assault, sexual exploitation, violent physical abuse, and psychological abuse" in the Cambridge, Ontario, facility from 1973 to 1976. The Toronto Sun reported that Ontario shut the school down in 1976 after evidence surfaced of staff demanding sexual favors……"

Dallas Morning News 3/23/00 Christy Hope "…….Four times, state judges have denied teenagers' wishes to have an abortion without telling their parents, and for the fourth time on Wednesday, the Texas Supreme Court ordered those judges to think again. The latest decision underscored a sharp ideological division among the nine justices whose decision-making has been revealed through increasingly contentious opinions. It has also led abortion opponents to decry the all-Republican court...."

World Magazine 3/24/00 Tim Graham "……What happens when a coalition of aggressively pro-abortion groups tries to silence an international pro-life voice? Religious conservatives, who disagree with one another on points of theology, form a coalition to try to stop them. Evangelical groups have joined with Roman Catholic activists in fighting to preserve the Vatican's unique status at the United Nations. As a non-member state with permanent observer status, the Vatican enjoys many of the same rights and privileges as the 188 countries that are full-fledged UN members. While it has no vote, the Vatican can take active part in UN debates and conferences, and its contrarian pro-life presence clearly annoys the dominant ethos at these celebrations of feminism and radical environmentalism. The abortion advocacy group Catholics for a Free Choice is leading a campaign to prod the UN to review the permanent observer status of the Holy See, the Vatican's governing body. "In a time when religious fundamentalism threatens pluralism, tolerance, and women's human rights, the UN must maintain a clear separation between religious beliefs and international public policy," declares the CFC website. They complain the Holy See uses its influence "to limit access to family planning, safe abortion-even in countries where abortion is legal, and emergency contraception-even for women who have been raped as an act of war. Successfully challenging the Holy See's status will save women's lives." CFC leader Frances Kissling said her campaign, known as "See Change," had over 400 signatures from organizations that want to review the Vatican's sovereign-state claim. ……"

CNS News 3/15/00 Lawrence Morahan "…… Citing evidence gathered by a leading watchdog of abuses of women, GOP lawmakers Tuesday called on the US Agency for International Development to investigate allegations the Peruvian government is using US aid money to force poor Peruvian women to undergo sterilization. "The spirit if not the letter of the Tiahrt amendment has been violated," Todd Tiahrt (R-KS), said at a Capitol Hill news conference hosted by the Population Research Institute (PRI), which investigated the abuses. Tiahrt is the principal sponsor of the Tiahrt amendment, a measure signed into law in October 1998 that prohibits U.S. funds from going to non-voluntary foreign family planning programs. PRI's investigators said they found that the Peruvian Ministry of Health's Family Planning Program, of which USAID is the primary benefactor, overwhelming targets poor minority women. ….."

Zenit News Agency 3/16/00 "…..It has been a little over a week since a group of feminists came into Montreal's Mary Queen of the World Cathedral shouting anti-Catholic slogans and littering it with sanitary napkins, condoms, and women's underwear. Nonetheless, the media in Montreal has been oddly silent about the matter. On March 13, Mark Steyn wrote in Toronto's "National Post" about his quest to find the event in the local Montreal paper. The attack was, in fact, reported, but not on the front page, nor in section A at all. A small one-paragraph article was placed on page C9 among the classified ads, the adults-only classified ads, according to Steyn. Apparently the other English-language Montreal paper, "The Globe and Mail," didn't even print that much about it. Hate Crime? …."

WorldNetDaily 3/18/00 Mary Jo Anderson "…..Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson is demanding that Vice President Al Gore repudiate two "anti-Catholic" groups that are calling for the eviction of the Holy See from the United Nations. The National Abortion Rights Action League and the Women Leaders Online, both groups enthusiastically endorsing Gore for president, are supporting "See Change," a campaign to oust the Vatican from the United Nations. Since 1964, the Vatican has had "permanent observer" status at the U.N. -- enabling it to play an active role and vote with other countries at U.N. conferences, but not in the General Assembly. Representatives of various nations are gathered at the United Nations in preparation for June's "Beijing +5" Special Session of the General Assembly, entitled, "Women 2000: Gender Equality, Development and Peace for the Twenty-First Century." ….."

Associated Press 3/16/00 Michael Mello "……Three Providence College students who put the image of the Virgin Mary on an abortion-rights flier wanted to spark a debate on the Catholic campus. They did, but at a price: They have been suspended for the rest of the semester. On Thursday, students planned to protest the punishment in front of the administration building. "The posters weren't anti-Catholic," said sophomore Devan Chase, 20. "We definitely need to voice our opinion that this is unjust." The flier read: "How's this for an immaculate concept: Keep Abortion Safe and Legal." ……"

EWTN 3/16/00 "…… Republican congressmen on Tuesday called for an investigation into the US Agency for International Development and allegations the Peruvian government is using US aid to force poor women to have sterilizations. Rep. Todd Tiahrt, R-Kansas, was responding to a report by the Population Research Institute (PRI) which showed that poor women were coerced into sterilization, forced to receive injections of contraceptives during pregnancy, sterilized without their knowledge after caesarian delivery, and the subject of population control quotas by government officials. Although USAID told Congress last year that it had curbed the abuses in the Peruvian population control programs, PRI said its investigations found that abuses are rampant, with the Peruvian Ministry of Health setting quotas for sterilizations among poor minority women. ......"

The Washington Times 3/16/00 Stephen Dinan "…… School Board gets morality complaint; Mother calls library book urging abortion unsuitable for 8th grade The Fairfax County (Va.) School Board will decide tonight whether to keep in an elementary school library a book in which a teacher insists a student have a secret abortion and another girl kills her father. Kathy Stohr, the mother of an eighth-grade student, has complained about "Daughters of Eve," arguing it is not appropriate for the 12 middle schools and one elementary school that are among 26 school libraries that carry the book. "I just don't see how anyone could read this book and think it's OK for middle school," she said. But an ad hoc review committee Ð made up of parents, administrators and school librarians Ð voted 6-1 in December to keep the book in the libraries, and Superintendent Daniel A. Domenech agreed. Now the School Board will have the final say on what will be done with the book. ……"

Cincinnati Post 3/16/00 Randy Ludlow "…..The Ohio Senate today joined the House in approving a bill to largely ban partial-birth abortions by criminalizing the controversial procedure. The Republican-dominated Senate voted 24-9 to OK the measure, which allows physicians who use the procedure to be charged with partial-birth infanticide. Physicians convicted of the second-degree felony would face up to eight years in prison under the bill introduced by Rep. Jerry Luebbers, D-Delhi Township. The bill now returns to the House for expected approval of Senate changes and then will go to Republican Gov. Bob Taft, who has indicated he will sign it. The House previously approved the bill 73-15. Doctors could legally perform the rarely used late-term procedure to abort fetuses if they could show it was necessary to save the mother's life or prevent serious risk of irreversible long-term health damage. …."

American Life League 3/18/00 "…… At the United Nations' Beijing+5 negotiations this week, there has been an intense push by the European Union to include abortion language in the proposed outcome document. One section refers to ensuring "reproductive health services of the widest achievable range of scale." This range of scale would include abortion. Another section proposed by the European Union was drafted to "address unsafe abortion as a major cause of maternal death and injury." It states that "health systems should train and equip health service providers and should take other measures to ensure that abortion is safe and accessible." This section does not contain a conscience clause for those doctors who oppose abortion. If the language were included in the document, it could be an effective tool to force medical schools to teach the abortion procedure, and force doctors to perform them. …."

CBN Now 3/17/00 Wendy Griffith "……In Pennsylvania, it was a parent's worst nightmare. A 16-year-old girl had a secret abortion after following the advice of her high school guidance counselor. The American Center for Law and Justice sued the counselor and the school district for violating the parent's constitutional rights to parent. Thursday, the ACLJ and the school board reached an agreement in the case. William Hickey, a popular guidance counselor at Hatboro-Horsham High School, north of Philadelphia, was accused of facilitating an abortion for former student Stephanie Carter. Stephanie, then 16, went to Hickey for advice after discovering she was pregnant by her boyfriend. According to the complaint, when Stephanie told the guidance counselor about her deep concerns and conflicts over having an abortion, he told her not to worry about it, and offered such advice as "welcome to the adult world, time heals everything, and someday, you'll look back on this and laugh." "Not only is this unconstitutional, it's unconscionable," says ACLJ attorney John Stepanovich. Stepanovich says keeping the parents out of the decision violated their right to be the primary caretakers of their own child. ….."You need parental consent to go on a field trip to the zoo two miles down the road," says Stepanovich. "This is a life and death decision that they had no involvement in."

Columbus Dispatch 3/17/00 Lee Leonard "…..Legislation outlawing a type of late-term abortion in Ohio will soon be on its way to Gov. Bob Taft, but opponents promise a court challenge before the law ever takes effect. House Bill 351, making "partial-birth feticide'' a second-degree felony, cleared the state Senate yesterday, 24-9, after almost an hour of wide-ranging legal and philosophical debate over abortion. The House is expected next week to concur to Senate changes that refined language to suit the Ohio Right to Life Society. Gov. Bob Taft said through a spokesman he will sign the bill when it reaches his desk. Sen. Louis Blessing, R-Cincinnati, the chief Senate sponsor, said the measure is carefully drawn to correct flaws found by a federal court in declaring unconstitutional a similar 1995 Ohio law. …."

EWTN 3/13/00 "…..Wednesday's report on ABC Television's "20/20" newsmagazine on the marketing of fetal tissue obtained from abortions is creating movement in the United States to ban the practice. While many pro-life activists, including the American Life League, criticize the report, which was more concerned that the doctors were getting an illicit profit than with what they were actually selling, signs look good that the U.S. Congress will legislate to stop the practice. ……… After the program, the FBI announced that it was starting a probe into the marketing of fetal tissue. "We are investigating possible criminal violations in the marketing of fetal tissue to determine if there is a violation of federal criminal law," FBI spokesman Jeff Lanza told Reuters……… On Thursday, members of a House Commerce subcommittee called on Attorney General Janet Reno to open the investigation, due to the comments made by Dr. Miles Jones on 20/20. The Kansas pathologist was recorded by a hidden camera discussing making thousands of dollars a week selling fetal parts. Jones was subpoenaed to testify before the committee but did not appear and was held in contempt of Congress. ….."There is no excuse for this type of gross violation of the law and sickening disrespect for human life," said Rep. Fred Upton, a Michigan Republican who wrote the 1993 bill that outlawed selling tissue at a profit. "If these allegation are true, I have not ever witnessed a clearer case of money as the root of incredible evil," said Upton. ……"

Press Herald Online (Portland) 3/13/00 M D Harmon "…… Aborted babies, in whole and in part, are being collected by middleman entrepreneurs and sold for research. This has been going on for nearly a decade. Along with ABC's reporters, the American Enterprise Institute in Washington and other groups have independently verified the sources quoted by Life Dynamics. Selling fetal body parts is illegal (although research on them is not, thanks to an executive order signed by President Clinton in 1993). But the organizations that do this - such as the Anatomic Gift Foundation, with offices in four states, and Opening Lines, Inc., of Illinois - get around the law by saying they are "collecting shipping fees" instead of being paid for the parts. The fetal remains are obtained from abortion clinics, which charge a "site fee" for allowing the distributors' agents to collect their grisly specimens. Apparently no one has ever been prosecuted for this. …….." 3/13/00 Michael Savage "…..Every day we are reminded of human cruelty in foreign lands. We see specials on TV about the Nazi atrocities and the death camps. We shudder and vow that it will never happen here - while our babies are being killed by the millions every year right here in the U.S…….. Not only are babies, even at or near birth, being killed every day in America, this bastion of human rights, but their organs are also being harvested and sold on the black market. They are being dissected, sometimes while still alive, and sold piece by piece. Ears for $75 a pair; arms and legs, $150; a brain for $999, tax not included. That's right; it's called the "unholy harvest." The rotten, mean-faced, clipped-haired abortionists, our present-day fascist jackboots, are selling baby parts and making millions of dollars in their factories of death. ……. Companies such as Opening Lines of Kansas City, Missouri, are making even more millions. If you want an "unprocessed" baby, it's $70. Do you want the baby's bone marrow? $250. Do you want the baby's eyes? $75. A spinal column will run $850. If you want an intact embryonic cadaver, it will cost you $400. Their brochure reads, "Fresh Fetal Tissue Harvested and Shipped to Your Specifications...Where and When you need it!" ….."

WorldNetDaily 3/13/00 Dr Chuck Baldwin "……According to Wendy Griffith at CBN News, "Wholesalers, like the Anatomic Gift Foundation, headquartered in Laurel, Maryland, place workers or technicians inside abortion clinics to 'harvest' fetal tissue and organs for researchers such as universities and pharmaceutical companies. The wholesalers or middleman pays the abortion clinic for access to the aborted babies. They call it a 'site fee.' The researcher then pays the wholesaler for the parts, and since it's illegal to sell baby parts, they call it a 'fee for services,' technically skirting the law." A sampling of actual catalogs reveals advertised prices for various body parts, not excluding whole cadavers. Examples:
Livers (8 weeks), 30% discount if significantly fragmented (meaning severely mutilated during the abortion procedure): $150
Spleens (8 weeks): $75
Pancreas (8 weeks): $100
Kidney (8 weeks): $125
Brain: $999
Ears: $50
Eyes: $75
Skin (12 weeks): $100
Lungs and heart block: $150
Intact cadaver (8 weeks): $400
Spinal cord: $325

Adding insult to injury is the fact that you and I are paying for much of this with our tax dollars via the National Institutes of Health. The justification used for this Nazi-like practice is "medical research."….."

AP via The New York Times 3/26/00 "…… A Roman Catholic women's college has rescinded its invitation to Gloria Steinem to speak, saying she would not be able to avoid talking about the church's positions on homosexuality and abortion. The invitation for Ms. Steinem to speak at Trinity College in Burlington was withdrawn because "the local environment around Catholicism in Vermont currently was not going to allow the conversation to be about women, our future and our past," said Kathleen O'Dell-Thompson, a vice president at the college. A Vermont state representative who was a spokeswoman for Trinity quit the college in protest…….."

Boston Herald 3/27/00 Don Feder "…… As a House member in the early 1980s, he [Gore] was essentially pro-life. According to the National Right to Life Committee, in his eight years in the House, Gore voted against abortion 84 percent of the time. …… The veep's campaign would have us believe that, after an agonizing reappraisal, he changed his mind on public funding of abortion but is otherwise consistent. Thus, Gore claims he's always believed ``very strongly that a woman must have a right to choose.'' If so, he had an odd way of showing it. ……. In a 1983 letter, Gore assured a constituent that regarding abortion, he shared her ``belief that innocent human life must be protected, and I have an open mind on how to further this goal.'' …… The pro-choice champion voted for a 1984 amendment defining ``unborn children from the moment of conception'' as ``persons'' entitled to the full protection of federal law. In a 1986 interview, Gore referred to abortion as ``the taking of what is arguably human life.'' By then, he was making the transition from representing a socially conservative state to running for national office. In 1988, Gore sought the presidential nomination of a party ruled by those who believe in magic - when you want it, it's a child; when you don't, it's the result of conception. Conveniently, Gore then discovered that he had always been pro-choice, but his former opposition to federal funding had obscured that reality. ……. The vice president is far from the only politician to turn coat - or tail. As Arkansas governor in the mid-1980s, Clinton was signing pro-life declarations…….." 3/26/00 Jerry Miller "……The New Hampshire House of Representatives is expected to reconsider its vote of last week, which failed to ban partial birth or late term abortions, a measure which lost by only nine votes. The motion to reconsider is expected to be made by Manchester Democrat Peter Leonard and could come as soon as Wednesday, say multiple news sources. Leonard, who contends he is pro-life, insisted he had initially voted for the ban, but was soon misled by some colleagues into believing he had voted against it. As a result, Leonard said he changed his vote to reflect the pro-choice position, to kill the ban, which he does not support……….. In addition to Leonard's belief that he voted incorrectly, another Manchester Democratic Rep. Roland Turgeon, said he mistakenly voted the wrong way, causing optimism among supporters of the ban. Noting the more than three dozen House members who did not vote, Republican Rep. Fran Wendelboe said she is confident "we can turn it around."….."


Newark (NJ) Star Ledger 3/29/00 Kathy Barrett Carter "……In a case that highlights the gap between New Jersey law and advances in reproductive technology, a state appeals court yesterday began considering the fate of seven frozen embryos now at the center of a most unusual custody battle. A divorced South Jersey couple is fighting over what to do with the embryos, which now sit in a freezer at a Camden County clinic. The woman wants the embryos destroyed. The man, a devout Catholic, wants to preserve them, possibly to donate to an infertile couple or even to use with a future wife. The woman says implanting the embryos in another womb would force her to become a parent against her will, robbing her of her right to choose. …."

Philadelphia Inquirer 3/29/00 "……Anyone who watched the Oscars on Sunday knows that the operative self-congratulatory word for the night was "courage." John Irving, honored for adapting his 1985 novel "The Cider House Rules," thanked the academy for honoring a film dealing with abortion and Miramax "for having the courage to make this movie in the first place." The audience burst into thunderous applause when he ended by thanking "everyone at Planned Parenthood" and the National Abortion Rights Action League. In fact, the gratitude ought to run in the opposite direction. The film is great public relations for the pro-abortion movement; it's a flattering portrait of a gruff but kindly doctor who alternates between delivering babies and aborting them in a rural orphanage. The film's message is that moral maturity means understanding that life is complicated and that certain rules don't apply in all circumstances. Forgive me, but wouldn't a real display of courage be a film that portrayed pro-lifers in at least two dimensions? Not easy, I grant you. It would be very difficult for people in Hollywood to tell the story fairly - let alone sympathetically - of people who don't run in their circles and who, in their devotion to both mother and unborn child, fit no stereotypes. ......When it comes to depicting pro-lifers, is it possible that the film industry may some day come of age? Can the public eventually expect textured portraits of these people, many of whom have dedicated more than 20 years of their lives to helping women and their unborn children? Clearly, we have competing ideas of maturity. One side thinks courage is making a tough choice to end a child's life. The other side thinks courage means dealing in a life-affirming way with all the obstacles that we know a pregnant woman in a crisis faces. ……"

Denver Rocky Mountain News 3/29/00 "……Including the words Respect Life on special license plates for Coloradans who help young crime victims isn't sneaking in an anti-abortion message, a lawmaker said Tuesday. "The intent is just to be a reminder to our society of what has happened at Columbine and elsewhere," said Rep. Don Lee, R-Littleton, sponsor of a bill to provide the plates to people who give at least $50 to a special fund. "The thing that sticks out most in the whole Columbine massacre is the wholehearted disrespect for human life that those perpetrators had," Lee added. "We just felt that best depicted what went wrong -- there was no respect for life." ……. But some people who saw photos of the plate questioned whether the "Respect Life" slogan, which is also used by anti-abortion groups, might not have a hidden meaning. Lee, who opposes abortion, said a number of potential slogans were considered but the exact wording was designed to reflect the violence at Columbine and throughout the country. ......"

Rutherford Institute 3/20/00 John Whitehead "……Last year, Life Dynamics, a pro-life organization, began investigating rumors of a market for human fetal tissue. What they uncovered shocked and disgusted even the most hardened pro-abortion activists. Brains, livers, eyeballs and even prostate glands are being harvested from babies within minutes of abortions and sold to willing bidders.…….. Just a few years ago, the demand for fetal tissue was so low that clinics had to resort to more creative disposal techniques. In one Colorado facility, a doctor took buckets filled with 15- to 22-week-old children and ground them through a hand-cranked meat grinder until they resembled what appeared to be "pink toothpaste." The remains were then flushed down sink drains. ……. Rep. Thomas Bliley (R-Va.) chairs the House Commerce Committee that is investigating these reports. He told ABC that his concern was that companies like Opening Lines are getting more than their legitimate costs and appear to be "trafficking in tissue parts." ……. Congress acted immediately to shut down the illegal fetal tissue market. And hopefully the involvement of the FBI will present such a sufficient threat that other companies won't follow Opening Lines' example. But the problem runs much deeper than just a fetal tissue market. The truth is that Congress wasn't only concerned with the gruesome picture of fetal tissue harvest presented during the hearings. The committee's overriding concern seemed to be money, specifically whether or not companies are making any. Yet the simple fact that our nation's government funds fetal tissue research should chill each one of us to the bone. The potential abuse by avaricious entrepreneurs is simply too great, despite congressional oversight. And with money often comes coercion - mothers encouraged to have abortions, for the sole purpose of selling the tissue……. "

Union Leader 3/28/00 Bernadette Malone Connolly "…..Peter Leonard believes he was tricked into voting to keep partial birth abortion legal on Thursday. Most legislators have been misled at one time or another on a vote, but the fact is Leonard has a learning disability and is a pro-life Catholic. The vote to ban the gruesome procedure of partial-birth abortion in New Hampshire was remarkably close Thursday. If five members of the House had voted differently, the ban would have deservingly passed. If Leonard hadn't been urged to change his vote by those around him who opposed the ban, only four swing votes would have been needed. Leonard refuses to name the legislators who preyed on his innocence, but witnesses claim the meddlers told him to "go with the green" (meaning change his vote from "red," the anti-partial birth abortion position) and "do what the bishop wants done." ......"


London Daily Telegraph 4/3/00 Rachel Sylvester "…… THE cloning of human embryos for medical research, which could allow scientists to create spare parts for the body, is expected to be approved by the Government after an inquiry concluded that the potential benefits outweighed the ethical problems. A panel of experts led by Dr Liam Donaldson, the chief medical officer, has agreed to recommend changes to the law to allow the use of cloned embryos to create tissue to treat the sick. Whitehall sources say that ministers are almost certain to end the ban on the "therapeutic cloning" of embryos for research that could eventually cure kidney, liver or heart disease. Ministers want to launch a public debate to try to persuade people that cloning embryos for research is not the same as creating a carbon copy of a human being. They want to emphasise the difference between the cloning used to create Dolly the sheep and using embryos for tissue engineering. The move will infuriate pro-life campaigners and reignite debate on how far scientists should interfere with nature. ….."

Upi 4/3/00 "……In a highly unusual rejection, the Supreme Court told the Clinton administration Monday it could not participate in argument on the constitutionality of state bans against "partial-birth" abortions.... (No. 99-830, AG Sternberg vs. Carhart) ….."

Human Life International (via PRNewswire) 4/18/00 Vince Ferrer "…….``Sometimes, the most beautiful statements about Life and human dignity arise from the most horrible circumstances,'' stated Fr. Richard Welch, CSSR, JCD, President of Human Life International, the world's largest pro-life, pro-faith, pro-family apostolate. ``Ms. Joy Schepis has made a tremendous statement of faith and courage and deserves not only our praise but our support in her inspirational stand for Life.'' Joy Schepis, a pediatric nurse from New York, recently told the New York Post that she had made the decision to keep her baby, despite the danger of birth defects prompted by the recent abortion-fueled attack on her by the baby's father. Dr. Stephen Pack, a married father of two who had been romantically involved with Ms. Schepis, allegedly attacked Ms. Schepis outside the hospital where she worked, injecting her with a Methotrexate, an abortion inducing drug. Studies have shown that Methotrexate can cause serious birth defects. Dr. Pack -- who hails from the same upper-class community where the Clintons have recently purchased a home -- has been charged with assault, weapons possession, and second-degree abortion. In an interview with the New York Post, Ms. Schepis admitted her worry about the possible birth defects, but did not alter her decision to go through with the pregnancy. ``I don't know what the effects of the medication will be. But the only power to take life, the only authority to take life, is God's,'' she stated. ….."

The Daily Oklahoman 4/18/00 "……. W E like a resolution introduced last week by Rep. Tom Coburn, R-Muskogee, that would recognize the existence of human life when a heartbeat and brain waves are detectable. The nonbinding resolution exercises simple logic. If the accepted definition of death is the cessation of heartbeat and brain waves, then the presence of the same must be evidence of human life. The "Presence of Life" resolution doesn't try to define the moment when life begins, but its implication could be just as thorny for pro-abortion advocates. "We don't need to know when something began to know that it's here," says Coburn, a practicing obstetrician who has delivered more than 3,500 babies. "No one knows for certain when the world began, but no one denies its existence," he says. "In order to establish that a person has rights, all we need to know is whether that person is alive, not when their life began." ……"

St. Catherine's Review 7/99 Michael Rose "…….KETTERING, OHIO, a suburb of Dayton, located in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, is home to Dr. Martin Haskell's abortion facility, the Women's Med Center. Haskell is credited with perfecting the barbaric abortion procedure known as "partial-birth abortion"-a particularly cruel method of killing late-term, almost fully-delivered, pre-born babies. His facility, according to Dayton pro-life activists, is one of the largest partial-birth abortion mills in the country. "It is the epicenter of the culture of death," said Kettering resident George W. Riess. Haskell's presence in the Dayton-area, however, has set aglow several strong pro-life initiatives. Dr. Chris Kahlenborn, for instance, left his Pittsburgh medical practice in June of 1997 to take up residence in Kettering. He came to the Dayton area on sabbatical primarily to organize a "Life Prayer Vigil," an effort to have at least two people praying in front of Haskell's killing center every hour of the day and night until the abortuary is closed forever. "Although I could have organized this type of vigil in Pittsburgh, I came specifically to Dayton, Ohio," explained Kahlenborn. "Dayton is ground zero for partial-birth abortions." ……."

Washington Post Staff Writer 4/7/00 Hanna Rosin "…… When Kay Frasier talks about her past life, she lapses into the third person. "She was different, more wild-eyed," she says of the old Kay Frasier, circa 1997. "She was one of those people who stood on street corners with pictures of bloody fetuses. You know the type." Now, those pictures are stashed somewhere inside the cluttered garage. She still cares about those fetuses, but these days she cares at least as much about other things. Things closer to home, like how safe her kids' schools are, the state of the national parks they visit each summer, the family's health care coverage. "I guess you could say I've just mellowed," said the Southern California mother and former teacher. "Now that I think about it, they've all mellowed," she said of her circle of activist friends. In political terms, the transition is known as "maturing," and its telltale signs are showing up on the Christian right. Count up all the Kay Frasiers across suburban and rural America and a surprising picture emerges: The face of the religious right is beginning to change. ......"

American Partisan 4/14/00 Eileen M Ciesla "…….I was always told that the standard pro-choice defense was, "it's not a life, therefore, it is alright to have an abortion." But, science has not sustained this statement. What I am hearing today in the new pro-choice defense is "So what if it's a life, the mother has more rights. She can kill it if she wants." The mother's womb is portrayed as a hostile environment. Premature babies are the lucky ones. They escape the womb early and have constitutional rights granted to them. If the infant were not in that incubator being guarded by a staff of nurses, but was still in the womb being guarded by the whims of its carrier, it would still be sleeping, turning, sucking its thumb and evacuating its waste. However, it would not have these same rights, at the same moment in time in its life. So the mother's womb is a slightly less safe environment because it is one that might be invaded by a gloved hand and a pair of surgical scissors. The womb is legally, more hostile to the infant's survival than the incubator. …….."

American Partisan 4/14/00 Eileen M Ciesla "…….So the hard line defense has made a strange turn in rhetoric, which may have been inevitable. How can a doctor operate on a five month old fetus to repair its spinal bifida, and be operating on a 'blob of tissue', that also has eyes, a brain, a heartbeat and all the body parts it will have for the rest of its life? It is medically and biologically indefensible, to say a five-month old fetus is nothing but tissue. It is not merely morally indefensible. …….."

American Lawyer Media 4/17/00 Tony Mauro "……..It is a typical day at the Planned Parenthood clinic on South Street, in Lincoln, Nebraska. The anti-abortion protesters are praying silently next to the gated driveway into the clinic. A leaf blower stands ready to drown them out if they start shouting at patients. The rooftop sprinkler system is set to douse any incoming Molotov cocktails. And inside, shielded by bulletproof walls and windows, Dr. Weston Crabb, one of only three physicians who performs abortions in the state, is fulminating, as he often does, about the state's "partial birth" abortion law that will be scrutinized by the U.S. Supreme Court on April 25. If the law is upheld, says Crabb, "I don't see how we could do any abortion legally after six or seven weeks into a pregnancy without some crusading bastard like Don Stenberg coming after us." …….. Just as firmly as Benshoof, leading anti-abortion lawyer James Bopp Jr. insists laws such as Nebraska's are not a frontal assault on Roe. "We're talking about a procedure where the life of a child is taken after leaving the womb," says Bopp. "This isn't just a pro-life/pro-choice battle story." ……… But he is not shy about defending the procedure that Nebraska is outlawing. Rejecting the politically charged label of "partial-birth abortion," Crabb describes it instead as an intact dilation and extraction or "D & X," a variation on dilation and evacuation (D & E), the most common second-trimester abortion procedure in use today….."

Associated Press, New York Times 4/15/00 "…….An abortion practitioner authorities say was trying to force a woman to have an abortion with a bizarre syringe attack was arraigned Sunday on charges of assault, abortion and criminal possession of a weapon. Stephen Pack, 44, a resident of the posh Westchester County community of Chappaqua, New York reportedly had been romantically involved with the woman, a nurse. He was held on $100,000 bond after arraignment before Criminal Court Judge Robert Seewald on Sunday. The 31-year-old woman suffered five stab wounds to the leg and one to the buttocks in the attack outside Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx on Friday. She was admitted to the hospital in stable condition. According to a complaint filed by the Bronx district attorney's office, one witness, who did not give her name, said that Pack shouted ``I'm giving you an abortion!'' as he struggled with the woman and forced her to the ground near the hospital's parking garage He was arrested minutes later. ……."

Philadelphia Daily News 11/21/98 Ron Goldwyn "…….A tough new call by Catholic bishops to rein in public officials on the abortion issue will keep Gov. Ridge from speaking in his hometown parishes and heighten church involvement in the Philadelphia mayoral election. Cardinal Anthony J. Bevilacqua last night embraced a declaration by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops that it is unacceptable for Catholic elected officials to say that they personally oppose abortion but that they cannot force their views on their constituencies. "Catholics are called not to accept erroneous popular opinion. Rather they are called to shape public opinion in accordance with the 'Gospel of Life,' " Bevilacqua stated. The bishops' pastoral statement, approved 217-30 at their conference in Washington, D.C., Wednesday, led Bishop Donald Trautman of Erie to send shock waves through Pennsylvania politics yesterday. He declared that politicians such as Ridge -- a Catholic from Erie -- were unwelcome to speak at Catholic-sponsored events. …."Those who justify their actions on the grounds that abortion is the law of the land need to recognize that there is a higher law," Trautman told an Erie newspaper. ……"

World Net Daily 4/7/00 Johnny Chung "……. One day, my wife gave me a pro-life lapel pin. It was the shape of two tiny feet of a 10-week-old fetus. I put the pin on my suit as I was leaving for another White House meeting. I still did not know the party's stance on moral issues. People in the Democrat Party and at the White House knew me as a big-time donor, so when I arrived, I saw some shocked faces. Some of them said, "Johnny, I thought you were a die-hard Democrat. Why are you wearing that pin?" "I am a die-hard Democrat," I said, "but that doesn't mean I agree with abortion." "Besides," I said, "my wife is right about this one." Kathy may not have been able to persuade me to register Republican, but we agree that abortion is the taking of an innocent life. So I went walking around the White House with the tiny feet on my lapel. I'm sure it made people around me feel uncomfortable. ….."

The Age (Australia) 4/12/00 Victoria Button "…… Victorian experts were yesterday divided in their responses to a Darwin coronial recommendation that foetuses which survive abortion have the right to medical attention from a doctor. Baby J - who was not seen by a doctor - survived 80 minutes in a stainless steel dish after being aborted during a medically induced premature labor at between 21 and 22 weeks' gestation last year. The director of maternity services at Melbourne's Royal Women's Hospital, Lou Butterfield, said existing protocols ensured any live baby at the hospital would be dressed, put in a cot and seen by a doctor. …….. In the case of Baby J on Monday, coroner Greg Cavanaugh recommended hospital protocols to ensure "children who survive termination are, at the very least, assessed for gestational age and viability by a medical practitioner". He said unwanted premature babies should be given the same right to medical and palliative care as terminally ill elderly people. ……"

Associated Press 4/14/00 "……A man who killed eight of his wife's pets to punish her for having an abortion was sentenced to seven months in jail. Leonard J. Kritz, 22, stabbed or cut the heads off his wife's pets -- including birds, snakes and a chinchilla -- in April 1999, saying it was necessary to teach her a lesson about the importance of life. He pleaded no contest to reduced charges of three misdemeanor counts of cruelty to animals. Washington County Circuit Judge Leo Schlaefer said Thursday he was not sure the defendant's actions were in response to the abortion. ''Regardless of the philosophical or religious position one takes on abortion, there's absolutely no reason to be violent,'' Schlaefer said. …..At the sentencing hearing, Stacy Kritz, 20, said the killing of her pets was ''agreed upon, as part of a punishment'' by both of them……."

World Magizine 4/14/00 David Aikman "….. Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) last year raked in some serious cash. A February report released by the pro-abortion group shows that its profits nearly tripled during fiscal year 1998-1999. PPFA reported "income in excess of expenditures" (read: profit) of $42.3 million for the 1997-1998 fiscal year. But for the accounting period ending June 30, 1999, PPFA reported profits of $125.8 million on gross income of $660 million. A substantial portion of that profit may have come from a single donation: PPFA received $75 million from the estate of Donald and Mildred Othmer. But even after that gift is subtracted, PPFA's after-expenses earnings are up 17 percent. Of the PPFA's 1998-1999 income, $211 million came from clinic operations (the rest came from donations and government funding). Of the clinic operations earnings, $58.8 million-more than 1 of every 4 dollars earned-came from killing an unborn child……."

EWTN 4/14/00 "…….Britain's doctors have been accused of allowing elderly people to die by not reviving them should they fall unconscious as a result of serious illness in the hospital. The charity Age Concern says doctors are increasingly ignoring the wishes of patients when it comes to making resuscitation decisions and is calling for a full inquiry into the treatment of the elderly. The case was highlighted this week when Jill Baker, an elderly cancer patient, discovered that her medical notes had included the instruction "inappropriate for resuscitation." Nine months later, Baker, 67, is still alive and well. "When I read this I was absolutely horrified," said Baker. "They were going to let me die. My husband was sitting with me all the time I was in the ward and no one talked to us about this or asked our views. I never even met the doctor who wrote this and she hasn't met me. Before I was admitted people said the ward was called the death ward and after my experience I believe it." ….."

Life Dynamics 4/3/00 "…….After we first met with a producer from the ABC program 20/20, many in the pro-life movement warned us that you can't trust the media and that no major media outlet will ever do a story which is fair to our movement. Of course, we have been involved in the pro-life battle long enough to know that this is undeniably true. However, the 20/20 story is about as close as the pro-life movement is going to get to a story which condemns even one aspect of the abortion industry's daily atrocities. By focusing on and condemning those who profit from the sale of baby body parts, 20/20 turned a national spotlight on this barbaric practice. The story may not have been all that we wanted, and 20/20's focus on the money trail is like pointing out that smoke from the ovens at Auschwitz violated Germany's Clean Air Act. But the bottom line is that millions of Americans who could have never dreamed that there are people in this country who traffic in the bodies of children killed by abortion, were stunned and horrified by what they saw in their living rooms that night. At Life Dynamics, the effort to bring this issue to the public is only just beginning and we believe that this was a great starting point. Having said that, 20/20 was negligent in several aspects of this story which would have otherwise moved the American people from shock to outrage. For example: When the issue of baby parts was being discussed, the visual on the screen was a petri dish containing a pea-sized fragment of unidentifiable white tissue. We are sympathetic to the explanation offered by the ABC producer who told us after the show that the network could not broadcast footage of dismembered babies, baggies full of tiny human eyes or any other accurate footage of the "commodity" being sold by the baby parts merchants. But this should have been stated during the program or in the banter which follows each story. Showing scientists poking at slivers of flesh in a petri dish through a microscope was deceptive and it dehumanizes this debate. …….."

Life Dynamics 4/3/00 "…….Hearing Planned Parenthood President Gloria Feldt's pious condemnation of the baby parts traders was sickening. It was like hearing the president of Phillip Morris condemn smoking. 20/20 was completely irresponsible in not making the viewer aware that all of the wrongdoing described in this broadcast occurred at Planned Parenthood facilities, and that Planned Parenthood is responsible for the national network that supports the trafficking of baby body parts. Ms. Feldt was clearly wanting to disguise this in her interview and 20/20, by its silence, went right along with her. The result is that the viewer was left with the false impression that Planned Parenthood was outraged at these practices rather than a participant in them. …………. There was never any mention of the researchers, pharmaceutical companies and universities who buy baby parts. It was like a story about the evils of prostitution which concentrated solely on the women involved and never the customers. The reality is that if baby parts are being marketed, that means there are not only sellers, but buyers as well. For 20/20 to target one and ignore the other was unfair and deceptive. ……"

Life Dynamics 4/3/00 "…….The Congressional Hearing…..Weeks before the hearing took place, those of us at Life Dynamics were convinced it was a disaster waiting to happen. …….. The responsibility of organizing the hearing was given to three lawyers on the House Commerce Committee's Republican staff, Marc Wheat, Brent Delmonte, and Mark Paoletta. Almost from the start, we could see that the hearing was doomed, mainly because these three individuals embraced some utterly disastrous philosophies. First, due to their self-serving obsession with beating the Senate to hearings, speed, not quality, was their guiding principle……. If a cover-up was underway, we had no way of knowing whether the Committee staff was oblivious to it or involved in it. In either event, our attitude was that if someone was going to sabotage the hearing, they were going to have to do it without the help of Life Dynamics......., We provided them with orders for baby parts, price lists for baby parts, brochures and advertising materials for baby parts, internal abortion industry financial records related to the sale of baby parts, abortion clinic protocols for the harvesting of baby parts, and much more. Then we spent hours and hours going over each of these documents with them to make certain they understood their significance. .........

Life Dynamics 4/3/00 "…….Moreover, we repeatedly warned them that using our abortion industry infiltrator, Dean Alberty, as the centerpiece of the hearing was courting disaster. We were constantly trying to make them understand that the hearing must focus on the documentation and not Alberty. On several occasions, we pointed out that Alberty had two major things going against him. First, he remains pro-choice, and to embrace that position requires a certain level of intellectual dishonesty. Second, he's a spy and by their nature spies are disloyal. Our suggestion was that they relate to Alberty in the same way we always had. From day one, we simply considered him a kind of birddog. He might point us in a particular direction, but we didn't rely on anything he told us until, and unless, we had documentation or independent verification. For over two years, we never made public any of the things Alberty told us, and only did so after we acquired a substantial body of documentation to back it up. Again, our warning was that if they tried to make their case on what Alberty might do or say, rather than on the documentation, the hearing could blow up in their faces. Unfortunately, we sensed at the time and the hearing would later prove, that this warning was falling on deaf ears. They were so committed to this idea of making Alberty the focal point of the hearing, they blew-off issuing subpoenas for other witnesses who could support his testimony. These guys displayed a kind of underlying arrogance that apparently rendered them incapable of even considering the possibility that they were headed in the wrong direction. To our dismay and frustration, almost every discussion we had with them was a one-way conversation. It was always made crystal clear that our only role was to tell them about every detail of our investigation, then quietly fade into the background and not pester them with questions or advice………On the other side of the aisle, the Democrats totally dominated the hearing. They got Alberty to admit that he had embellished details of the story he told Life Dynamics, but never gave him an opportunity to say exactly what he had embellished. They skillfully directed the hearing away from questions about the illegal marketing of baby parts, and instead spent the entire hearing intimidating Alberty. Their plan was so well executed that pro-life Republicans on the Committee never mentioned witness tampering, never introduced one single document provided by Life Dynamics, and most bizarre of all, never discussed the marketing of baby parts. You heard right: a Congressional hearing that was specifically created to examine the marketing of baby parts, lasted all day and well into the night and never discussed the marketing of baby parts. ......... For those of us at Life Dynamics, these developments were especially frustrating. After almost three years of blood, sweat and tears, we had to sit through this sham hearing as the distortions, innuendos, and outright lies of the Democrats were left unchallenged by these befuddled Republicans and their confused staff. Worst of all, a pro-life opportunity of immense potential was squandered for no legitimate reason whatsoever. …….."

Life Dynamics 4/3/00 "…….1) Dean Alberty was paid $20,000 by Life Dynamics for the "Kelly" interview. FACT: At the hearing, Alberty testified under oath that he was actually paid only $400 to compensate him for the time he spent traveling to Texas, conducting the interview, and returning home. The $20,000 figure being deceptively thrown about by the abortion industry represents the entire amount paid to Alberty over a two-and-one-half-year period of time. (The actual amount was $21,426.04) Less than half of this money was compensation. From the beginning of this project until the end, Alberty's personal earnings from Life Dynamics averaged less than $310 per month. The majority of the money paid to him was reimbursement for actual expenses he incurred while attending abortion industry conferences and seminars on our behalf. This included, airline tickets, hotels, food, registration fees, association dues, tapes and books, etc.

Life Dynamics 4/3/00 "…….2) Alberty has now accused Life Dynamics of altering the "Kelly" interview. FACT: Alberty did no such thing. He had never seen the tape until being shown it by attorneys representing the Anatomic Gift Foundation almost a year after it was recorded. Alberty stated that since he did not remember the entire interview, he couldn't state for sure whether Life Dynamics altered it or not. The most he agreed to was that it was possible Life Dynamics may have altered some of his answers. In reality, Life Dynamics has released the raw unedited footage of the original interview showing that absolutely no such alterations occurred.

Life Dynamics 4/3/00 "…….3) Alberty has recanted his testimony in the "Kelly" interview. FACT: Again, Alberty did no such thing. He only admitted that he had no personal knowledge of, and could not prove that some of the things he told Life Dynamics were true. However, almost all the allegations he said he could no longer stand behind with certainty were actually proven by documentation provided by Life Dynamics. For example, on the "Kelly" tape Alberty claimed to know that his employer was profiting from the marketing of baby parts. When pressed by the pro-aborts at the hearing, he admitted that he had no personal knowledge or proof of this and had, therefore, lied to Life Dynamics. He did not "recant" as some have claimed and say that his employer was not profiting from the marketing of baby parts. Of course, Life Dynamics has provided written documentation showing that his employer was indeed profiting from the marketing of baby parts. Although Alberty's admission that he lied to Life Dynamics clearly undermines his credibility, the documentation we supplied to the Committee proves that his assertion was correct whether he had personal knowledge of it or not…….."

Life Dynamics 4/3/00 "…….4) The documents being used to support the claim that baby parts are being marketed were stolen by burglars working for Life Dynamics. FACT: Life Dynamics has never participated in, nor caused anyone else to participate in, a burglary or any other criminal activity. Every single document in question was provided to Life Dynamics by Alberty and other whistle-blowers employed in the abortion industry.

Life Dynamics 4/3/00 "…….5) Miles Jones, the baby parts broker featured in the 20/20 piece, is in reality an actor hired by Life Dynamics to appear in the 20/20 broadcast. FACT: This assertion is so outrageous it's difficult to respond to. To suggest that Life Dynamics would be stupid enough to try such a stunt, or that ABC News would be stupid enough to fall for it, or that the US Congress would be stupid enough to issue a subpoena for someone who didn't exist, or that the Federal Marshals Office would be stupid enough to report that they had served a subpoena to someone who didn't exist, is absolutely preposterous.

Life Dynamics 4/3/00 "…….6) House Commerce Committee staffers say that the hearing failed partially because Life Dynamics didn't turn over all the documents it promised to them. FACT: This is absolute nonsense. Considering the fact that Life Dynamics had been trying to get this hearing since the day this project began, what possible reason would we have for holding back information? The reality is that not only did we turn over every thing we had, but we spent dozens of hours going over these documents with Committee staffers. And since they never actually used any of our documents in the hearing, how credible is this bizarre self-serving claim they didn't have enough of them? This is obviously nothing more than a panic-driven attempt by these people to cover-up their own incompetence.

EWTN 4/4/00 "…….The cloning of human embryos for medical research could soon become legal in Britain after a government inquiry concluded that the potential benefits outweighed the ethical problems. The panel of experts led by Dr. Liam Donaldson, the chief medical officer, has agreed to recommend changes to the law to allow the use of cloned embryos to create tissue to treat the sick and for research that could eventually cure kidney, liver, or heart disease. ……. A spokesman for the Catholic Church in Britain told The Daily Telegraph that "harvesting an embryo" can never be acceptable……"

Covenant News 4/3/00 Jim Rudd "……. Remember the law that makes it a felony to purchase or sell aborted baby parts for profit? It's part of the National Institutes of Health Revitalization Act of 1993. You would think with all of the pro-life lobbying groups in Washington, D.C., we would be hearing a multitude of voices crying out from the rooftops demanding a nationwide investigation to bring these baby butchering profiteers to justice. So where is the public outcry, where is the righteous indignation demanding that justice be upheld? After a week of not hearing anything I began to ask around to find out what the problem is. Well, it seems that some party hacks and policy wonks on Capitol Hill are saying that this federal law has a "loophole" and "cannot be used to prosecute anyone." I was told that Christians need to support more bills that will regulate the baby butchering industry better. They said, "we must force the buyers and sellers" of aborted baby parts "to fill out forms and place more regulatory limits on how much people can charge" for human flesh. All this, I was told, "will make it easier for the FBI to do its investigation." ……"

The White House 4/4/00 Jake Siewert "…….. Q Jake, in his vetoing the previous bill to outlaw partial birth abortion, which the House is voting on again tomorrow morning, does the President believe that if the feet were left in the birth canal, it would be all right to use a scalpel to behead it, rather than cutting open the skull and suctioning out the brain?
MR. SIEWERT: I don't think the President's views of this legislation are any different than his views of the prior two versions of this bill, which he vetoed.
Q Mrs. Clinton and the President's friend Al Sharpton has filed a $30 million lawsuit against Republican chairman Nicholson, who Sharpton alleges has damaged his reputation. And I wondered, will the President file an amicus, or otherwise support this suit? Or does he realize that it is impossible to damage the Sharpton reputation, as surely indicated if you decline comment or otherwise evade this question? (Laughter.)
MR. SIEWERT: I'm just not at all familiar with the facts of that case. This is the first I've heard of it, so I don't have anything --
Q One follow-up. Could you explain to us how the White House could lose 100,000 e-mails and misplaced all those Rose Law Firm billing records, being so deadly efficient regarding retrieval of Mrs. Willey's letter to the President --
MR. SIEWERT: I think there's been a fair amount of testimony on that on the Hill and elsewhere, so I'll leave it at that. ......"

Yahoo! News 4/5/00 David Espo AP "……Courting a third presidential veto on the subject, the Republican-controlled House today approved politically-charged legislation banning ``partial birth'' abortions. The vote was 287-141. While the margin was big enough to overturn a threatened veto by President Clinton, the Senate vote on a companion bill last fall was not. The vote came after several hours of well-worn debate. Supporters claimed the measure would ban a barbaric and unnecessary procedure while opponents contended it was a vaguely worded stalking horse for an unconstitutional effort to ban all abortions. ``Everybody in this room knows this is wrong. It is not legally or morally defensible,'' said Rep. Rick Hill, R-Mont., graphically describing a procedure in which he said a fetus is partially delivered, then its ``brains are extracted with the suction device.'' ……."

CNS 4/5/00 patriack Goodenough "…… Pro-life activists in the Netherlands are facing an uphill struggle as they mobilize opposition to a government proposal to legalize euthanasia and "assisted suicide" - even for children as young as 12. Arrayed against them are the ruling coalition with its parliamentary majority, a powerful pro-euthanasia lobby, and even the Royal Dutch Medical Association, a leading pro-lifer told Wednesday. A bill that would make the Netherlands the first country in the world to legalize these practices may be passed as soon as this summer. ………. The bill's proposal that children as young as 12 should be eligible has been particularly shocking. Bert Dorenbos, head of the pro-life organization Cry for Life, explained Tuesday that the reasoning arose from previous legal decisions involving teenagers. An earlier law involving pornography and abuse had set a precedent that victims between 12 and 16 had to report cases of sexual abuse to the police in person, rather than via a parent or guardian. A 1995 bill allows girls of that age to have abortions without parental consent. …….. Because of the earlier laws, Dorenbos told, supporters of the euthanasia bill argue "that we have to apply the same principle with children who are terminally ill, that they should have the right to ask to kill themselves - even against the parents' wishes, or even the wishes of one parent." ……"

The Weekly Standard 4/3/00 Wesley Smith "…….. The case of James H. Armstrong, M.D. v. The State of Montana should have been merely a skirmish in the never-ending national struggle over abortion. Instead, relying on the reasoning of certain "experts" in the moral choices surrounding health care, the Montana Supreme Court issued in October 1999 a sweeping decision that could make huge changes in the way Montanans live-and the way they die. What happened in Montana is happening across the country, usually less dramatically but nonetheless steadily. The United States has a bad case of "expertitis," and for many years we have been ceding to experts control over our public decisions. Now the most important questions about health care have been added to the list. Decision making has been quietly co-opted by "bioethics," a genre of philosophical discourse practiced by an elite group of academics, philosophers, lawyers, and physicians, many of whom are openly hostile to the sanctity of life and the Hippocratic traditions that most people still take for granted. ……….. At issue in the Montana case was a state law requiring that doctors (as opposed to physician-assistants) perform all abortions. This the court unanimously overturned; but it didn't stop there. Writing for a 6-2 majority, Justice James C. Nelson went on to impose a radical philosophical imperative on the people of Montana, unwarranted by the facts of the case and unnecessary to its prudent adjudication. Indeed, Nelson's audacious opinion will be grist for litigation in Montana for many years to come. ………..Its essential holding is this: "The Montana Constitution broadly guarantees each individual the right to make medical judgments affecting her or his bodily integrity and health in partnership with a chosen health care provider free from government interference." As the two justices who objected to the scope of the ruling, Karla M. Gray and Chief Justice J.A. Turnage, warned, "the Court's opinion sweeps so broadly as to encompass and decide such issues as the right to physician-assisted suicide and other important health and medical-related issues which simply were not litigated in this case." ……."

US Newswire 4/5/00 "…….Following is a statement by Joan Malin, CEO of Planned Parenthood of New York City (PPNYC), on the House passage of the ``partial-birth abortion'' ban act: For the third time in five years, anti-choice extremists in the U.S. House of Representatives have attempted to erode a woman's constitutionally guaranteed right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. This act which bans abortions (H.R. 3660), sponsored by Rep. Canady (R-Fla.), contains language almost identical to previously proposed state bills that courts throughout the country have overturned and ruled unconstitutional. Despite these repeated court rulings, and despite the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on precisely this same issue later this month (with a decision probable this summer), anti-choice members of Congress insist on advancing legislation whose long-term goal is to deny women their fundamental right to abortion……."

New York Post 4/6/00 Rod Dreher "….. PARTIAL-BIRTH abortion -- banned by the House yesterday and to be considered by the Supreme Court later this month -- is not an abstraction to Brenda Shafer. In 1993, Shafer assisted Dr. Martin Haskell in aborting a 6-month-old Down syndrome fetus. She watched as Haskell delivered the baby feet-first, leaving only his head inside the birth canal. "The baby's little fingers were clasping and unclasping, and his feet were kicking," she told Congress in 1995. "Then the doctor stuck the scissors through the back of his head, and the baby's arms jerked out in a flinch, a startle reaction, like a baby does when he thinks he might fall. "The doctor opened up the scissors, stuck a high-powered suction tube into the opening and sucked the baby's brains out." This is what we mean when we talk about "choice." This is what even abortion-rights Democrats like Sen. Daniel P. Moynihan and House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt cannot stomach. This is what 60 percent of Americans, including many pro-choicers, want outlawed. This is what Bill Clinton defends. And Al Gore. And Hillary Rodham Clinton. And, it's painful to admit, Rudy Giuliani. …….."

EWTN 4/6/00 "…… Supporters of legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide are predicting that a new bill before parliament in the Netherlands will make the country the first in the world to legalize the practices. They also want to allow the practices for minor children without parental consent, using the same arguments as used for abortion. "I think during the course of this year, and even possibly before the summer, the second chamber (lower house) will address the issue and vote in favour," Jacob Kohnstamm, new chairman of the Dutch Voluntary Euthanasia Society (DVES), told foreign journalists on Monday. While the practice of euthanasia and assisted suicide have been tolerated in recent years, the proposed bill would remove any remaining causes of prosecution. …….Since the bill would also lower the legal age for the two practices to 12 years old without parental consent, critics have mobilized against it. Supporters of the provision claim that since a 1995 bill gives girls from 12 to 15 years old the right to abortion without parental consent, similar conditions should apply. ……"

NewsMax 4/6/00 Dr. James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D. "…… Current activities in Congress indicate that another duel with President Clinton over the procedure known as partial birth abortion is looming. Rep. Charles Canady (R-FL), the chief proponent of the measure to ban this practice, presented a third version of the bill, which passed in the House of Representatives on April 5. The final vote was 287 to 141, which reflects a margin large enough to overturn an inevitable veto by the president. But obstacles still persist within the Senate, where the number of votes needed to override a veto appear to be lacking. Because of the crudeness of details and the accompanying discomfort associated with discussion of this controversial method of abortion, debate has oftentimes been stifled or misdirected. But the very notion of a partial birth raises some important constitutional questions. If we desire to remain a nation where legal principles preserve individual rights, the questions that surround this critical issue must be explored. ………The language and reasoning of the Court seem to grant more consideration to the fetus as it comes closer in time to viability. The Court has never given women the right to end the life of the viable "developing child." In fact, the opinion in Planned Parenthood v. Casey stated that the viable "independent existence" of the child should be provided state protection that "overrides the rights of the woman." ………"

Inland Empire Online 4/6/00 Raymond Smith "….. An abortion doctor about to be tried on a murder charge instead pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter Wednesday and faces up to a year in jail and five years' probation. Bruce Steir, 69, entered the plea in Riverside County Superior Court as defense attorneys and a prosecutor prepared to pick a jury. The prosecutor said Steir's plea served the interests of justice. But some abortion-rights advocates worried about the implications for other abortion providers. "I'm incredibly sad. There was no case," said Carol Downer, one of Steir's supporters. "I'm sure this will give heart to people who want to attack (abortion) doctors." The second-degree murder charge was filed after Sharon Hamptlon, 27, of Barstow bled to death in December 1996 after Steir performed an abortion in a Moreno Valley clinic. Steir was on medical probation at the time but was still allowed to practice. He surrendered his medical license in 1997. ......"

AP 4/5/00 Janelle Carter "…….Echoing a political battle fought before, Republicans urged President Clinton to ``do the right thing'' and sign a bill banning so-called partial birth abortions. But their call is certain to go unheeded. Clinton has vetoed the bill twice before and the White House earlier released a statement saying he would do so again. The latest vote Wednesday, a bipartisan 287-141, was enough to override a veto, which the House has done each time. The Senate, however, has narrowly sustained Clinton's vetoes in the past. Supporters insisted they were wading into the politically charged debate again as a matter of conscience. ``Partial birth abortion is a barbaric procedure that has no place in a civilized society,'' said House Majority Leader Dick Armey of Texas. ``I hope the president will search his heart and do the right thing.'' ……."

The Guardian; The Telegraph, London 3/30/00 AP Richard Carelli "…..The Clinton administration is asking the Supreme Court to let it join a Nebraska doctor's fight against a restrictive state abortion law. Justice Department lawyers asked the nation's highest court this week to let them participate when the closely watched Nebraska case is argued before the justices April 27. They said the law violates some women's constitutional right to end their pregnancies. The court's decision in the case, expected by late June, may determine the fate of 30 states' bans on a surgical procedure opponents call "partial-birth abortion." President Clinton twice has vetoed a federal ban enacted by Congress. The court has not yet said whether it will let the administration participate in the argument, but in a friend-of-the-court brief made public Thursday government lawyers called the Nebraska law "unconstitutional for three reasons." ……"

Union Leader 3/31/00 Bernadette Malone Connolly "……. Clearly, it is not the victims of partial birth abortions who are something less than human. It is the legislators who prevented a vote Wednesday to reconsider a ban on a procedure tantamount to infanticide that are something less than fully human. What human being could vote against a chance to think some more about the ban? Had the bill been reconsidered, those opposed to a ban could have remain opposed, deluded by false arguments that it is necessary for the health of the mother or for the sanctity of the Constitution to sometimes stab a partially delivered second or third trimester baby in the back of the head with scissors and drain its brain to kill it. But instead, House members decided they didn't want to reconsider something that passed by only nine votes last week. It would be too time-consuming, some of them told The Union Leader. How could these 182 legislators decide they didn't have time to think some more about a life or death issue, when several of their colleagues - including a learning disabled Manchester Catholic - admitted to voting against the ban only because they were confused or misled? Where is their sense of decency and fairness? Perhaps the ban would have failed again, if the bill had been reconsidered. But at least the pro-partial birth abortion forces would have acted compassionately, and given the subject at hand due consideration. ……"

The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity 3/31/00 C Ben Mitchell "…… Government-sponsored human cloning may begin any day now. Already we've seen the cloning of sheep, monkeys, cows, and pigs--a veritable barnyard of clones. Ole McDonald, the mythical farmer, is next. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) in the United Kingdom is expected to recommend cloning a human being soon. "If you could use tissue from human embryos to save hundreds of lives, there must be a moral imperative to do it" declared Lord Winston of the Royal Postgraduate Medical School in London. According to the article in The Sunday Times, the HFEA recommendations will soon allow scientists to create an embryonic clone for the purposes of extracting the stem cells from that embryo, a procedure that will cause the immediate demise of the embryo. The stem cells may then be used for experimental treatments on another human being with a disease. Let's see, creating a human being for the purposes of killing that person for another human being's health, sounds an awfully lot like cannibalism, only worse. Sadly, Lord Winston is wrong on several counts. First of all, the procedure would not merely use tissue from human embryos, it would destroy them. That's like saying removing someone's heart is just using their tissue. Second, there is no moral imperative to use reproductive cloning technology. ….."

EWTN Website 3/31/00 Human Life International News "…… (HLI-News) FRONT ROYAL, VA--"It is a terrible shame when those who are in a position to teach and protect our youth continue to feed them the popular lies about risk-free sexual immorality," stated Fr. Richard Welch, President of Human Life International…….. Fr. Welch referred to a recent statement by James Wagoner, President of Advocates for Youth. The group claims that a new study by the Medical Institute for Sexual Health (MISH)-which finds that abstinence-only education is effective-is "false" and "misleading." Instead, Wagoner advocates the so-called "comprehensive sex education programs," which include both abstinence and contraception……….. "In the Culture of Death, we seem to have a need to find new victims for the abortion mills. We preach the gospel of risk-free premarital sex in our sex education programs, discussing abstinence while we show our disrespect for it by simultaneously handing out birth control. Then, we shrug our shoulders and point to the abortion clinics when this fails-as it inevitably does," declared Fr. Welch. He also responded to a recent Zogby America poll, which found that 56% of adult Americans support premarital sex. "If the results of this poll are accurate, then there is an increasing need to teach chastity to young people. It is the only way to change the tide of sexual promiscuity in America, along with its ensuing effects of abortion and all other forms of emotional and physical suffering."......"

EWTN 4/19/00 "......Two of the pro-life campaigners who heckled former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell during her "safe-sex" talk to a UN youth summit on Saturday claim they were assaulted as they were thrown out of the building. "They dragged us out of our seats and pulled us towards the door," Asha Sidhu, told The Times newspaper. Asha, and her sister, Citra, had interrupted Halliwell as she began speaking about the need for safer sex and the two protesters were unceremoniously ejected by the former Spice Girl's minders. The two women plan to lodge a formal complaint. ......"

The Associated Press 4/19/00 ".......Human body parts donated in Arizona will no longer be given to a for-profit company to use for cosmetic purposes, the state's organ and tissue donation agency announced. Donor Network of Arizona, the agency that coordinates all organ and tissue donations in the state, said Tuesday it hastened the decision in reaction to outrage over reports this week in The Orange County Register in California detailing profits made from donated body parts. Donor Network feared already scarce donations would drop in response to the articles. "If someone donates today, they can be 100 percent certain that all tissue will go toward a life-enhancing, legitimate medical use," said Scott Davis, chief operating officer of Donor Network. ......"

American Family Association 5/1/00 Rusty Pugh "...Many in the scientific community, and some lawmakers, believe that stem cells derived from human embryos have vast potential for curing diseases such as Parkinson's. The embryos must be destroyed to obtain the cells. The use of federal money to do that is now prohibited. The National Institutes of Health maintains that as long as private dollars pay for the killing of embryos, the government can pay for the research.......... Now, a bill introduced by Senators Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and Tom Harkin of Iowa would let taxpayer dollars be used for the killing itself. Called "The Stem Cell Research Act of 2000," the bill could see action on the Senate floor before the end of May......"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 4/25/00 Frank J Murray "…..The Supreme Court examined abortion for the first time in eight years yesterday with Justice Antonin Scalia dominating questioning on why a state should not ban "destruction of a live human creature outside the womb." "Why can't a state have an interest in not rendering a society callous to infanticide . . . and to the horror of seeing a live human creature outside the womb dismembered?" the court's most outspoken abortion opponent demanded. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, certain to be a key voter on the divisive issue, used "gruesome" to describe partial-birth abortion, as well as its alternative, dilation and evacuation (D&E) in which a fetus is dismembered within the uterus and the parts removed with surgical tools. "They're both rather gruesome procedures, yet one may be very similar to the other," said Justice O'Connor, whom a leader of the round-the-clock protest vigil outside the court called "the pivotal conscience" on abortion. If they are deemed similar, that could mean Nebraska's partial-birth abortion ban also banned the D&E despite state insistence that is not intended. That could be fatal to the law's chance of being upheld because it would pose an "undue burden" on access under Justice O'Connor's own 1992 decision in Planned Parenthood vs. Casey………. "[Partial-birth abortion] is a practice that is not used even by most abortionists in the United States," Mr. Stenberg said, charging that pro-choice groups that challenged the law seek a law that puts no burden on access to abortion, wiping out the "no undue burden" that allows 24-hour waiting periods, notification of one parent or other preliminary steps. "The state interest here is drawing a bright line between abortion and infanticide," Mr. Stenberg said. "The bright line between infanticide and abortion is viability," said Justice John Paul Stevens. Mr. Heller agreed, saying homicide laws protect a fetus once it is born. "What this case is about is shifting the location of the abortion procedure into the uterus at the expense of a woman's health," Mr. Heller argued. He said the objective in all abortions is to kill "living fetal tissue."……. He argued the Nebraska law puts more importance on the fetus than on its mother while it still is not out of her body. "It seeks to reverse the supremacy of a woman's health over fetal rights," Mr. Heller argued, charging that Nebraska's law, and similar statutes in 30 other states, is intended to curb all abortions……."

Nando Times 5/9/00 Richard Ostling "…… A panel voted Tuesday to ask the General Conference of the United Methodist Church, the nation's largest pro-choice religious body, to fight a late-term abortion procedure opponents call "partial-birth" abortion. Though the full conference could decide otherwise, it usually passes committee recommendations. A vote is expected by the end of the week. The proposal was approved by the committee 77-32. It opposes the late-term procedure except when the life of the mother is in danger and no other procedure is available, or in cases of severe fetal abnormalities. ….."

Project 21 New Visions Editorials (National Leadership Network of Conservative African-Americans) 1/2000? Mike Green "...... NBC's Today show recently brought tears to my eyes. In disbelief, I watched our nation's mainstream media honor Margaret Sanger, the woman who single-handedly gave birth to Planned Parenthood and the abortion movement. The movement that is responsible for literally millions of terminated souls, including more than 1,200 abortions of African-American children each day! ...... As Katie Couric heralded this bigoted, racist woman as a heroine for the millennium, my jaw hit the floor. Sanger was described as vivacious, warm, healing and powerfully driven. Ellen Chesler, a Sanger biographer, said Sanger wanted simply to liberate "women to experience their sexuality free of consequence." ........While noting Sanger wrote for a socialist weekly and published her own newsletter called The Women Rebel, No Gods, No Masters, NBC failed to mention that she proposed in some writings that Negroes like my parents and grandparents be given the choice of segregation or sterilization. NBC told of Sanger's battles with the Catholic Church, her arrests and self-imposed exile to escape further imprisonment. .......... It was further revealed that she abandoned her husband and three small children "for the cause." Sanger's grandson said she was so devoted to her "cause" that she was seldom home to care for her own children. One daughter died of pneumonia at the age of four.............Witness the misery and anguish massed in the communities we now call ghettos and government housing - where a Planned Parenthood office is readily accessible to encourage abortion and sexual freedom. Compare those communities to non-minority suburbs and tell me that Sanger's undermining of the minority family structure has not been achieved. Why was this not covered? ......."

5/9/00 Alan Keyes "...... If we don't have a right to act according to our religious belief by forming judgments according to those beliefs about human conduct and behavior, then, exactly what does the free exercise of religion mean? Can the free exercise of religion really mean simply that I have the right to believe that God has ordained certain things to be right or wrong but that I can't act accordingly? ........ Surely free exercise means the freedom to act according to belief. And, yet, if we are not allowed to act according to belief when it comes to fundamental moral precepts, then what will be the moral implications of religion? None at all. ......... But if we accept an understanding of religious liberty that doesn't permit us to discriminate the wheat from the chaff in our own actions and those of others, haven't we in fact permitted the government to dictate to us a uniform approach to religion? ....... And, isn't that dictation of uniformity in religion exactly what the First Amendment intended to forbid?"

AP 5/9/00 "……Reporters outnumbered protesters Tuesday at Wheeling Jesuit University, where a handful of anti-abortion activists challenged the school's decision to have Attorney General Janet Reno deliver a graduation address. Representatives of the Ohio County chapter of West Virginians for Life pledged to have as many as 100 protesters on campus Saturday morning. ……..Collegians Activated to Liberate Life, based in Washington, D.C., has asked the small Catholic school to "disinvite" Reno, declaring her personal politics an an affront to the teachings of the church. ….."

Newsmax 5/8/00 Carl Limbacher "…… President Clinton, his wife, and Vice President Gore and his wife, held St. Patrick's most coveted front row seats at today's funeral mass for John Cardinal O'Connor. But they were far from welcome and were caught in a very awkward situation during the service. The mass was celebrated by Cardinal Law of Boston, a close friend of O'Connor's. Law and another Cardinal both told the overflow crowd that they had been given very specific instructions by Cardinal O'Connor as to what to say at his funeral mass. O'Connor's wishes were reflected in a statement made by Law, who stated that the legacy of John O'Connor was an "unambigous" pro-life message to the world. Law's statement brought thunderous applause, followed by a standing ovation that lasted almost four minutes (the major media is reporting it lasted a minute -- not true.) ………. "

The Washington Times 5/9/00 Liz Trotta "……The high and the mighty from the worlds of religion and politics sat in the Gothic splendor of St. Patrick's Cathedral yesterday paying tribute to Cardinal John O'Connor, a man who time and again said he wanted to be remembered as a simple priest. …… Among the 3,500 people at the funeral Mass were President Clinton and his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, a candidate for the U.S. Senate from New York; Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper; former President George Bush and his son, Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush; and eight U.S. senators. Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, who is expected to oppose the first lady in the Senate race, sat in the second row, behind the Clintons…….. "

The Washington Times 5/9/00 Liz Trotta "……While mourners and eulogists sounded themes of praise and remembrance at the majestic service, it was the words of the deceased cardinal's best friend, Cardinal Bernard Law, archbishop of Boston, that caught the distinguished audience by surprise and inspired it to robust applause and then a standing ovation that lasted three minutes and nine seconds. ……. "He preached most powerfully by his example, the necessity of seeing in every human being -from the first moment of conception to the last moment of natural death, and every moment in between, particularly in the poor, in the sick, in the forgotten - the image of a God to be loved and to be served. What a great legacy he has left us in this constant reminder that the church must always be unambiguously pro-life," Cardinal Law said. ……… The president and Mrs. Clinton, who support abortion rights, began whispering to each other and refrained from applause, as did the Gores, who also support abortion rights. Mr. Giuliani, who supports abortion rights as well, began to applaud weakly toward the end of the demonstration……."

EWTN 5/9/00 "…..A pro-life group has revealed that the Planned Parenthood Federation and the National Abortion Federation have been compiling a list of planned Christian youth meetings and forwarding it to police around the country as part of a "Clinic Violence Report." The pro-life group Stop Planned Parenthood (STOPP) called the actions un-American and said: "It appears that Planned Parenthood wishes to turn America into a police state where any activity they do not expressly endorse must be monitored by the police." Among the gatherings included on the list were a series of Rock for Life concerts benefiting crisis pregnancy centers in Alabama and Maryland and several Promise Keeper events in Alabama. ……"

Associated Press 5/3/00 Jackie Hallifax "……The Florida House gave final legislative approval Wednesday to a ban on the late-term procedure that opponents call "partial-birth abortion," and Gov. Jeb Bush said he would sign the bill. The measure is expected to face legal challenges. Just last week, the Supreme Court heard arguments in a challenge to Nebraska's ban on the procedure - a law that is similar to Florida's bill and laws in 29 other states. The measure in Florida would make it a second-degree felony to perform the procedure, which is medically known as dilation and extraction. Doctors who perform such abortions would be subject to up to 15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. The mothers would not be subject to charges. Florida's first law banning the procedure was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge who said, among other things, that it was so vague, it could effectively ban other abortions. This legislation provides an exemption if a mother's life - but not her health - is at risk. Bush said he would have opposed the bill if it passed with the health exemption. ….."

WorldNetDaily 5/2/00 Anthony LoBaido "….It is perhaps the single greatest disinformation campaign in human history: The planet is grossly overpopulated, and unless something is done to limit human population growth, calamity will ensue. …… Hunger, famine and resource depletion are often mentioned as the major reasons to justify limiting human reproduction. Unfortunately, few can summon the facts to repudiate this erroneous, non-scientific assumption. …….. Paul Ehrlich, mentor of U.S. Vice President Al Gore, wrote a landmark book in 1968 called "The Population Bomb." He predicted, "We will breed ourselves into oblivion." Based on this assumption, American taxpayers are spending billions of dollars on population control programs around the world -- most of them in Third World countries populated by people with brown, yellow, red and black skin. ……… Going down? Yet, while the one-billionth citizen of India was born last year, Japan, if it continues its current abortion policies and fails to raise its average birth rate of 1.4 children per married couple, will have fewer than 500 people by the year 3000. This is not a prophecy of the mad Aum Shinrikyo cult, but rather a pronouncement of Japan's Ministry of Health and Welfare. ……..There are now 6 billion people on Earth. The planet's population will most likely continue to climb until 2050, when it will peak at 9 billion. Other predictions have the world's population peaking at 7.5 billion in 2040. In either case, it will then go into a sharp decline. The world may soon be facing an under-population crisis -- a prospect that has all but escaped media scrutiny. ……."

Washington Times 5/1/00 "…… When the Supreme Court heard arguments last week in defense of a Nebraska law banning partial-birth abortions, there was a glimmer of hope that this barbaric procedure would be left to states to outlaw. That optimism has faded, according to news reports citing the reaction of a majority of justices against the Nebraska law. Although it's not dispositive, the justices' line of questioning certainly suggested sympathy for the arguments of those who oppose a ban. Such a stance is hard to understand, especially since the justices learned just how little there is to distinguish partial-birth abortion from infanticide. …….. In medical terms, D and X sounds gruesome enough. In testimony included in Nebraska's brief to the high court, Brenda Pratt Shafer, a registered nurse who joined the National Pro-Life Council after viewing a D and X operation, described the procedure in chilling language: "Dr. [Martin] Haskell went in with the forceps and grabbed the baby's legs and pulled them down into the birth canal. Then he delivered the baby's body and the arms everything but the head. The doctor kept the head right inside the uterus . . . "The baby's little fingers were clasping and unclasping, and his little feet were kicking. Then the doctor stuck the scissors in the back of the head, and the baby's arms jerked out, like a startled reaction, like a flinch, like a baby does when he thinks he is going to fall. "The doctor opened up the scissors, stuck a high-powered suction tube into the opening, and sucked the baby's brains out. Now the baby went completely limp. Next, Dr. Haskell delivered the baby's head. He cut the umbilical cord and delivered the placenta. He threw the baby in a pan, along with the placenta and the instruments he had just used. I saw the baby move in the pan. I asked another nurse, and she said it was just reflexes." For all its faults, Roe v. Wade still protects those who are born. The D and X fetus, which may or may not be "viable,"still must leave the womb - and thus be born - for the procedure to work. Over the course of questioning, Justice Antonin Scalia provided the most compelling rhetoric for laws banning these infanticide abortions: ''To witness the destruction of a live creature outside the womb - is there no state interest in that at all?" ......"

American Family Association 5/1/00 Martha Kleder "……Twenty-two pro-life protesters were arrested in front of the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this week as the high court heard arguments in a case banning partial-birth abortion. But were they even aware they were breaking the law? Just after oral arguments concluded on the legality of Nebraska's partial-birth abortion ban, the pro-lifers were ordered to remove 4 feet by 4 feet signs depicting aborted fetuses or face arrest. Supreme Court officers said they were in violation of Regulation 6 -- a regulation signed that same morning...."

The Catholic Herald 4/27/00 Jose Carnevali "…… The number of abortions accounted for 48.1 percent of the mortality totals for all jurisdictions within the Diocese of Arlington during 1998, according to public records gathered by the diocesan Office for Family Life. As the average calculated for 19 Northern Virginia jurisdictions, this 48.1 percentage is well below that shown for specific cities such as Alexandria, Fairfax and Manassas, where the number of abortions that year accounted for 85, 88 and 89 percent. Falls Church City ranks number one on the list, with a 96.8 percent of abortions as part of the mortality totals. In other words, of 1,560 deaths in Falls Church City that year, 1,510 were induced terminations of pregnancies. The high rate of abortions in all jurisdictions served by the Arlington Diocese helps explain the overwhelming public response for help in the area. ……"

Family News in Focus 4/27/00 Stuart Shepherd "…… A report from the Illinois Department of Health is renewing concerns over a controversial practice at Christ Hospital in Chicago. According the department, on average, two babies a month are subjected to therapeutic abortions. That's the hospital's practice of forcing the premature delivery of babies with birth defects and then allowing them to die. The official statistics validate the claims of Jill Stanek, a nurse who first brought the practice into the media spotlight. "Just this year alone, two babies have been born that lived between two and three hours," she said. The hospital has claimed all along that it performs very few therapeutic abortions, and reportedly has disciplined Stanek for speaking out. Stanek said she won't back off, in spite of the opposition. "The difference is that we are right there on the abortion line where pro-life and pro-choice both are seeing these abortions done," Stanek said. "In that regard, it is very hard." ….."

AP 4/26/00 "…..Police searched Wednesday for the mother of twin fetuses found in a bathroom at a West Virginia University dormitory. A custodian found the fetuses, believed to be about three to six months developed, in Lyon Tower on the university's Evansdale campus about 7:45 a.m. The twins could have been stillborn or aborted, said university spokeswoman Becky Lofstead. The identity of the mother was unknown, but she is most likely a student, Lofstead said. "We're concerned about mother's health and well-being. She might need medical treatment," she said...."

International Herald Tribune (via WND) 4/20/00 Rick Weiss "……In a laboratory in Baltimore, tangles of healthy neurons are sprouting from the spinal cords of mice stricken with a rodent version of Lou Gehrig's disease, a nerve-withering ailment for which there is no cure. In Boston, mice that normally die in their first six months from the same disease are living a year and a half or longer. And in a nearby Boston lab, monkeys whose motor neurons have been experimentally destroyed are growing new ones. In all three cases, the animals were treated with embryonic stem cells, a class of cells found in human embryos and fetuses that can nourish ailing cells and grow into virtually every kind of tissue. The cells appear to have remarkable regenerative powers useful against a host of conditions, including Parkinson's disease, diabetes and perhaps even cancer. But equally remarkable is the speed with which privately funded researchers leading these and other studies are moving to test their stem cells in patients. Meanwhile, publicly funded scientists remain banned from the field because federal guidelines for the ethical conduct of stem cell research languish unfinished, the victim of political wrangling over abortion. ……."

Town Hall 4/20/00 "……..Republican Govs. Christine Todd Whitman and Tom Ridge are warning that the GOP ought to abandon its opposition to abortion or risk annihilation. Their broadsides, coming not long after John McCain's blasts at Pat Robertson and Rev. Jerry Falwell, raise the perennial question: Do religious conservatives have a place in contemporary politics. And if not, why not? Whitman and Ridge claim that strict pro-life arguments are politically dangerous and palpably extreme -- as opposed to, say, Whitman's support for partial-birth abortion. They produce no evidence for their charge because there is none. Pro-lifers oppose abortion because they consider it the destruction of a human life. It is hardly unreasonable for people to oppose murder. Nevertheless, the "extremist" label enjoys enormous prestige in Democratic and Republican circles because organized religion does something many baby boomers find unbecoming. It reminds them that moral standards aren't merely advisory or malleable, but generally rigorous, firm and hard to obey. This is not true merely of floppy-Bible Baptism, but also of Catholicism, Judaism and Islam. ….."

Washington Times 4/24/00 Frank Murray "……. The legal assertion that a person can be "partially born" - thus no longer a fetus subject to legal abortion - will be argued tomorrow when the Supreme Court takes up an issue that has inflamed emotions on all sides of the abortion wars. Despite battles over partial-birth abortion bans by the legislatures of 30 states, and the twice-vetoed acts of Congress, the phrase "partially born" is new to the high court, which has been asked by Nebraska to decide that partial-birth abortions occur so late in pregnancy that a child is being murdered instead of a fetus being aborted. ……. "If moral stances such as those asserted by the state could serve as legitimate bases for an abortion restriction, they would justify complete abortion bans," said New York lawyer Simon Heller of the Center for Reproductive Law & Policy, who said Nebraska officials contend they could justify banning "a broader range of abortions." He urged the Supreme Court to disregard Nebraska's stated goals of "concern for the life of the unborn and more specifically for the partially-born" and "preventing cruelty to partially born children." "[They are] simply moral stances that the state cannot enforce at the expense of women's constitutional rights," said Mr. Heller, who represents Dr. LeRoy H. Carhart of Bellevue, Neb., who says the law's vagueness threatens his prerogative to perform other types of abortions as well. ….."


Newsday 5/17/00 AP "…..An abortion-rights group defended itself against a denunciation by the U.S. bishops conference this week, saying it was being targeted for its effectiveness in presenting the views of dissenting Catholics. The Washington-based National Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a strongly worded statement Wednesday calling Catholics for a Free Choice an ''arm of the abortion lobby.'' It accused the U.S.-based group of trying to silence the Vatican's ''moral voice'' by campaigning to have the Holy See's permanent observer status at the United Nations lifted. ……. Catholics for a Free Choice in turn accused the bishops' conference of misrepresenting the group's views and trying to demonize its leaders, while bishops refuse to meet with the group's directors to talk issues. ……"

Yahoo! News 5/5/00 David Espo AP "……Courting a third presidential veto on the subject, the Republican-controlled House today approved politically-charged legislation banning ``partial birth'' abortions. The vote was 287-141. While the margin was big enough to overturn a threatened veto by President Clinton, the Senate vote on a companion bill last fall was not. …….. Passage of the bill was never in doubt, but opponents held out hope that support would be less than the two-thirds majority needed to override a threatened veto. The House has overridden two previous vetoes on the issue, but the Senate has sustained Clinton's rejection each time, and is expected to do so again. ……"

Oakland Press 5/17/00 Kathleen Gray "……Their hopes aren't high, but Republican abortion rights advocates will fight to remove the divisive issue from the party's national platform. Their numbers are small - only two Republican state representatives are strong rights advocates - but their determination is palpable. "We're not seeing pro-choice people running as Republicans. They don't run at all," said state Rep. Pan Godchaux, R-Birmingham. "Right to Life has tyrannized people. There are 15 percent on either side who live or die on the issue. That leaves a lot of people in the middle." ......" 5/18/00 Janet Prasad "…..An Elkhorn woman is facing life in prison after giving birth to a son in her toilet and leaving him to drown, authorities said today. Michelle Klewin, 30, initially told police she did not know she was pregnant and had given birth to a stillborn infant May 8 while sitting on the toilet. She later admitted she knew she was pregnant and had felt the baby kicking inside her, according to court records. ……..Investigators said Klewin told them she allowed the child to die because she "had her hands full" with her 2-year-old son and didn't know if she could handle another child, according to court records. Klewin also told police she was afraid to tell anyone she was pregnant because the father of the baby was not her boyfriend. ……."

AP 5/17/00 Kathy Barks Hoffman "……Republicans who support abortion rights warned GOP leaders Tuesday that the anti-abortion plank in the party's platform could become a giant pothole on the road to party unity. ``It's been a pro-life platform for 20 years. We're not going to take it anymore,'' said Lynn Grefe, national director of the Republican Pro-Choice Coalition ..."

The Arizona Republic 5/15/00 "……A Maricopa County Superior Court jury has found for the doctors in a medical malpractice suit against involving a woman who delivered a child she did not want. Ruth Ann Burns is suing her doctors for not detecting that she was pregnant in time for her to have an abortion. She is demanding the two provide her the money to rear her son until he turns 18. According to the news update on KFYI (910AM) the jury took only 20 minutes to rule in favor of the doctors! ……"

Arizona Republic 5/15/00 Doug Carroll "…..It has kept people outraged and astonished. It's a case people haven't been able to stop talking about. And today, the end is in sight for the medical malpractice trial in which a Phoenix woman is suing her doctors for failing to diagnose her pregnancy in time for her to get an abortion. Closing arguments are scheduled in Ruth Ann Burns' lawsuit, which claims that her 2-year-old son Nicholas resulted from an unwanted pregnancy. She is demanding compensation from her doctors until the child is 18. ……"

Arizona Republic 5/16/00 E. J. Montini "……They decided - some politicians and other folks - to gather on Wesley Bolin Plaza, where they could let the rest of us know exactly how they feel about Ruth Ann Burns. ………. The fact that Burns lost in court on Monday afternoon didn't stop them. The fact she'd been publicly humiliated by a jury of her peers didn't stop them. They planned a demonstration they knew would attract the local media, then used it to express their disdain for the lawsuit Burns had filed against her doctors…… They took to the streets to ask: "Is there anybody worse than a woman who sues her doctor for failing to diagnose her pregnancy in time for her to get an abortion?" And the answer is "yes." ...... It didn't even matter after the jury in Burns' case sided completely with the doctors. Even after she lost. The protest went on. Proving what will be the most important and lasting point made by the jury's verdict: A little boy was used. First by his mom, who should have known better. Then by a bunch of people who claimed they did. ……."

Detroit News 5/15/00 B G Gregg "…..- Michigan's anti-abortion community is enjoying some of its best days in the current Legislature as lawmakers continue to nibble away at abortion rights. "We have the largest majority, in terms of pro-life legislators, that we've ever had," said Ed Rivet, legislative director of Michigan Right to Life, who has served with the anti-abortion organization for more than a decade. …..
Among recent actions that angered abortion supporters:
* A law that outlaws late-term abortions. A judge has blocked the law from taking effect and the measure is tied up in court.
* A law that holds doctors' offices where abortions are performed to the same standards and regulations as surgical facilities. Clinics complain they can't afford the cost.
* A bill requiring women seeking abortions to receive information about the procedure in person or through certified mail at least 24 hours before the abortion…...
* A bill allowing health care providers to conscientiously object to performing medical procedures or dispensing medicine they feel contradicts their morals……. A reported 28,107 abortions were performed in Michigan in 1998, a number that has steadily declined from 49,000 in 1987. …."

The Arizona Republic 5/10/00 Senta Scarborough "…… Ruth Ann Burns very likely had time to abort her unwanted son after learning she was pregnant, according to the testimony today of a doctor who had performed three abortions on Burns. Dr. Joel B. Bettigole, who who has performed abortions in Phoenix for over 30 years, said "one way or another" he can usually help women obtain abortions. Speaking under subpoena on the sixth day of testimony in the medical malpractice trial, Bettigole said his Family Planning Associates Medical Group could have handled the procedure if Burns was less than 20 weeks along. ……If she was up to 23 weeks along, he could have referred her to a Los Angeles clinic, and even after that there is yet another clinic, which he did not identify, where he could have referred her. But Burns did not call him, he said. ……… Burns is suing her former family physician and obstetrician for failing to detect and date the pregnancy of her now 2-year-old son, Nicholas, in time to have an abortion. She is seeking damages to pay for the cost of caring for him until he's an adult. ……"

Reuters 5/11/00 Arshad Mohammed "……President Clinton said on Thursday he expects the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion to be overturned if Texas Gov. George W. Bush (news - web sites) wins the White House and names several justices to the Supreme Court. ……"

Human Events 5/5/00 John Gizzi "…… ...Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family whose radio show reaches five million Americans daily-told HUMAN EVENTS he will leave the GOP if the pro-life plank is tampered with. "My interest in candidates of the Republican Party is dependent on its continued support for the sanctity of life and the other moral issues of great concern." said Dobson. "If the pro-life plank is eliminated or amended, I'm gone." Dobson who said he was "speaking as an individual and not for Focus on the Family" also expressed irritation with Hastert's comments. "Hastert used the term 'big tent,'" said Dobson. "and we know what [the late GOP National Chairman] Lee Atwater meant by that when he coined the phrase, moving away from its historic position on life. ….."

EWTN 5/11/00 "…… Using exceptionally strong language, the Washington DC based National Conference of Catholic Bishops (NCCB) yesterday condemned the group calling itself "Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC)." "For a number of years, a group calling itself Catholics for a Free Choice has been publicly supporting abortion while claiming it speaks as an authentic Catholic voice. That claim is false. In fact, the group's activity is directed to rejection and distortion of Catholic teaching about the respect and protection due to defenseless unborn human life," said NCCB president Bishop Joseph Fiorenza of Galveston-Houston. ......The NCCB statement goes on to say that "CFFC is, practically speaking, an arm of the abortion lobby in the United States and throughout the world…. "

CONCERNED WOMEN FOR AMERICA 5/2/00 Hannah Vick "…… As the United States enters the new millennium, our technologically rich society takes with it extraordinary advances in human healing and health care, specifically in the area of organ and tissue transplantation and development. In their zeal to cure devastating diseases such as Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's Disease, some researchers have taken part in morally and ethically wrong research by destroying human embryos1 through "human embryonic stem cell research." This research is the source of much controversy inside and outside the medical community. Upon closer examination, though, it becomes clear that destroying embryos is unnecessary because of the remarkable alternatives that have been found. The exciting progress of tissue and organ development should not and need not be stopped, but the morally unacceptable practice of killing human embryos must end immediately. Appropriate research can yield cures for diseases and relief from suffering without compromising any moral standards. ……."

FindLaw Legal News 5/12/00 AP "…..A law requiring parents to be notified when their minor daughter seeks an abortion was overturned Friday by a judge who ruled the measure violates the daughter's right to privacy. The law hasn't been enforced since it took effect in July because Circuit Judge Terry Lewis granted a temporary order blocking enforcement after abortion rights advocates sued to overturn the measure. …… On Friday, Lewis made the ruling permanent. The state already had appealed the case to the 1st District Court of Appeal. ……."

Boston Herald 5/30/00 Margery Eagan "……This is how Clifford Tabin, a genetics professor at Harvard Medical School, spent his Friday night: He found a newborn baby lying on its side in a toilet in a ladies room at Logan Airport. ``Its head was in the water. It was breathing, but it was turning blue and gray and very cold,'' said Tabin, 46, who is expecting his own first child within weeks. ……. Tabin had been in the boarding area waiting for his brother Geoffrey's Virgin Atlantic flight to London. Geoffrey, an ophthalmologist, was calling home when both heard Evelyn Colon, a Logan bathroom attendant, screaming, `` `A baby! A baby!' in Spanish and English,'' he said, ``hysterical.'' ….. The brothers raced to the bathroom. Geoffrey, 44, lifted the 8-pound newborn from the toilet and tied its cord. Clifford whipped off his gray polo shirt to swaddle it. Then the pair, now joined by Eva Alaejem, a pediatric anesthesiologist, sprinted the baby toward the airplane in search of an oxygen mask while startled passengers tossed sweaters for the baby at them. ……Somehow, in the startling fashion that is common to tales like these, Kelly Angell had managed to hide a full-term pregnancy from her family. ……. Somehow, in the startling fashion also common to tales like these, she had labored not for five or 10 hours but delivered her son in minutes in a heavily traveled airport restroom - tiled floors, stainless-steel stalls, white sinks. She had given birth while other women came in and out of stalls within inches of her. They washed their hands and brushed their hair while Kelly Angell disattached an umbilical cord, then went to wait for her flight. ……." 5/26/00 Alex Veiga AP "MIAMI…..A federal judge refused to issue an emergency restraining order Friday to block a new state law that bans a certain type of late-term abortion. The Center for Reproductive Law and Policy filed a lawsuit challenging the Florida law, signed by Gov. Jeb Bush on Thursday, and asked for the restraining order to go into effect immediately. U.S. District Judge Joan Lenard said she wanted to hear from lawyers for both sides before taking any action. Margie Kelly, a spokeswoman for the organization, said the judge scheduled a hearing for Wednesday. ``The law will remain in effect at least through Wednesday,'' Kelly said. ….."

UPI 5/27/00 "…..A Maine woman faces charges stemming from the discovery of a newborn baby buried beneath a mountain of toilet paper in a restroom at Boston's Logan Airport. Kelly Angell, 20, South Portland, was charged with abandonment and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon -- the toilet and toilet paper -- after police spent Friday evening questioning her, according to broadcast reports. The baby boy, who has been dubbed Baby Logan, is in stable condition at Boston Medical Center and is in the custody of the Department of Social Services. …"

Omaha World-Herald 5/24/00 "…… A partnership including State Sen. Paul Hartnett has purchased the Bellevue building that houses Dr. LeRoy Carhart's abortion clinic and has given the doctor six months to move out. Hartnett said that he doesn't want the clinic in any location in his hometown but that he particularly objected to its current location within view of St. Mary Catholic School. "I think it's a poor location right across from a Catholic school," Hartnett said. The Bellevue senator is part of a three-person partnership, Bert Murphy LLC, that paid $325,000 for the clinic building at 1002 W. Mission Ave., the surrounding parking lots and an adjacent house. That is less than Sarpy County's assessed value of $356,000 for the properties. ……"

Post-Dispatch 5/24/00 Jo Manies "….. Dr. Robert D. Crist, Planned Parenthood's chief abortion doctor, says he has performed many abortions that appear to violate the Missouri anti-abortion law that its supporters call a ban against infanticide. In testimony Wednesday in St. Louis Circuit Court, Crist said that it is not uncommon for second-trimester fetuses to leave the womb feet-first, intact and with their hearts still beating. He sometimes crushes their skulls to get the fetuses out. Other times, he dismembers them. …… Crist described in detail several abortions - including one he performed two weeks ago - that technically are known as "intact dilation and evacuation." But they bore striking similarities to "intact dilation and extraction," the technical term for the procedure that the law's supporters say they're trying to ban. Under that procedure, which is not spelled out in the law, a fetus is delivered feet-first and its skull crushed. ...... Crist performs abortions for Planned Parenthood at its St. Louis clinic and also has worked at its clinics in Columbia, Mo., and in Overland Park, Kan. He has performed abortions for more than 30 years. He said most of the second-trimester abortions that he performs are on fetuses with severe abnormalities. ….."

Post-Dispatch 5/24/00 Jo Manies "…..The state's lawyers said the difference centers on a key point: the physician's intent. If the physician had intended to partially deliver the fetus intact and then kill it, it's infanticide. If it occurs unintentionally, it is not. ……… "

New York Post 5/31/00 Steve Dunleavy "……DAMNED if I know how the parents of a 13-year-girl didn't know she was pregnant. The tragedy, aside of a child born into the darkness of death and the feelings we have for a 13-year-old, cannot be ignored. Thirteen-year-old girls can see and they can hear. But they don't grasp what is going on around them. A heated, stupid moment. So many of us have been there. Some of us were smart, some were idiotic. Someone took advantage of her body and it allegedly was a 19-year-old. ……"

Denver Rocky Mountain News 5/31/00 Marlys Duran "…..Ten-year-old Patrick O'Loughlin stepped to the microphone Tuesday and pleaded for relief from the weekly abortion protests in front of his house. "I'm tired of hearing how my loving father is going to hell," said Patrick. He is the son of Dr. Edward O'Loughlin, who performs abortions two days a week at a Denver clinic. Patrick was one of nearly a dozen Huntington Estates residents who urged the Arapahoe County commissioners to limit how and when demonstrators could picket in residential neighborhoods. The five-member board gave unanimous preliminary approval to the ordinance and scheduled a public hearing at 9 a.m. June 27. ……"

National Review online 5/31/00 Kathryn Jean Lopez "……Amy Grossberg, the New Jersey teen who, along with her boyfriend, Brian Peterson, killed their newborn son in November 1996, was recently released from prison early for good behavior. (Peterson was released in January.) Education Week marked the occasion by proposing a way to prevent future baby killings: more explicit sex-ed for high schoolers. …….. In her piece, "A Better Sexuality Education Course Might Have Helped," Susan N. Wilson of Rutgers University argues that the poor kids simply didn't know what they were doing. If only they had had easier access to condoms (sometimes Grossberg and Peterson were embarrassed to buy them). . . . If only they had known how safe abortion was (despite Peterson's willingness and ability to pay, Grossberg feared infection, and chickened out at abortion clinics twice during her pregnancy). . . ..... "

Chicago Sun-Times 5/27/00 Thomas Roeser "…..A new book could well be a prelude to a new campaign by abortion proponents that ties false reasoning and misapplications of early church fathers Augustine and Aquinas to a rationale for abortion a full seven months after conception. The book by Daniel A. Dombrowski and Robert Deltete is published by University of Illinois Press and entitled A Brief, Liberal Catholic Defense of Abortion. Brief it is (158 pages), liberal it undeniably is, but Catholic it certainly is not. Its argument utilizes quaint, medieval philosophy of nature, the only knowledge known to Augustine and Aquinas at the time, to attempt to justify what certainly the two saints would not--abortion at seven months following conception. It argues that up to that point the unborn child is not a human, but just as "a pile of wires and switches is not an electrical circuit," a "collection of nerve cells is not a functioning brain." ….. 5/17/00 Dr. Bernard Nathanson "…… I am personally responsible for 75,000 abortions. This legitimizes my credentials to speak to you with some authority on the issue. I was one of the founders of the National Association for the Repeal of the Abortion Laws (NARAL) in the U.S. in 1968. A truthful poll of opinion then would have found that most Americans were against permissive abortion. Yet within five years we had convinced the U.S. Supreme Court to issue the decision which legalized abortion throughout America in 1973 and produced virtual abortion on demand up to birth. How did we do this? It is important to understand the tactics involved because these tactics have been used throughout the western world with one permutation or another, in order to change abortion law...." 5/17/00 Dr. Bernard Nathanson "…… We persuaded the media that the cause of permissive abortion was a liberal enlightened, sophisticated one. Knowing that if a true poll were taken, we would be soundly defeated, we simply fabricated the results of fictional polls. We announced to the media that we had taken polls and that 60% of Americans were in favour of permissive abortion. This is the tactic of the self-fulfilling lie. Few people care to be in the minority. ……" 5/17/00 Dr. Bernard Nathanson "……We aroused enough sympathy to sell our program of permissive abortion by fabricating the number of illegal abortions done annually in the U.S. The actual figure was approaching 100,000 but the figure we gave to the media repeatedly was 1,000,000. Repeating the big lie often enough convinces the public. The number of women dying from illegal abortions was around 200-250 annually. The figure we constantly fed to the media was 10,000. ….." 5/17/00 Dr. Bernard Nathanson "……We systematically vilified the Catholic Church and its "socially backward ideas" and picked on the Catholic hierarchy as the villain in opposing abortion. This theme was played endlessly. We fed the media such lies as "we all know that opposition to abortion comes from the hierarchy and not from most Catholics" and "Polls prove time and again that most Catholics want abortion law reform". And the media drum-fired all this into the American people, persuading them that anyone opposing permissive abortion must be under the influence of the Catholic hierarchy and that Catholics in favour of abortion are enlightened and forward-looking. An inference of this tactic was that there were no non-Catholic groups opposing abortion. …." 5/17/00 Dr. Bernard Nathanson "……I am often asked what made me change my mind. How did I change from prominent abortionist to pro-life advocate? In 1973, I became director of obstetrics of a large hospital in New York City and had to set up a prenatal research unit, just at the start of a great new technology which we now use every day to study the foetus in the womb. A favorite pro-abortion tactic is to insist that the definition of when life begins is impossible; that the question is a theological or moral or philosophical one, anything but a scientific one. Foetology makes it undeniably evident that life begins at conception and requires all the protection and safeguards that any of us enjoy. Why, you may well ask, do some American doctors who are privy to the findings of foetology, discredit themselves by carrying out abortions? Simple arithmetic at $300.00 a time 1.55 million abortions means an industry generating $500,000,000 annually, of which most goes into the pocket of the physician doing the abortion. It is clear that permissive abortion is purposeful destruction of what is undeniably human life. It is an impermissible act of deadly violence. ……"

Zenit News, EWTN 5/22/00 "……Cuban authorities have expelled a priest for opposing abortion. In statements to the magazine "Missionaries of the Third Millennium" of the Spanish Pontifical Missionary Works, Fr. Miguel Jorda stated that he was expelled from the country, "among other reasons, for defending unborn life. I distributed leaflets all over my parish with verses defending life and denouncing the present situation in Cuba, which, with 12 million inhabitants, registers 130,000 abortions a year recognized by the government. ……."According to Fr. Jorda, the high number of abortions is due to "the Cuban reality." And he explained: "Many people travel to Cuba for tourism and sexual commerce which, at present, is one of the principal sources of foreign exchange for the country. This causes an exorbitant number of abortions. The members of the National Health Service itself go to the schools and encourage pregnant girls to undergo abortions without further ado. Without telling them about the trauma it causes, without discussing the moral and ethical point of view. Presenting it as if it were the normal way. Especially, so that the cycle will repeat itself: another amorous escapade, another pregnancy, another abortion..."

The Detroit News 5/19/00 Kathy Barks Hoffman AP "…..Republicans who support abortion rights warned GOP leaders Tuesday that the anti-abortion plank in the party's platform could become a giant pothole on the road to party unity. "It's been a pro-life platform for 20 years. We're not going to take it anymore," said Lynn Grefe, national director of the Republican Pro-Choice Coalition. Grefe was in Lansing Tuesday to meet with those interested in forming a Michigan chapter of the coalition. State Reps. Pan Godchaux of Birmingham and Judith Scranton of Brighton, both Republicans who support abortion rights, called on the national party to drop or modify the anti-abortion plank before its national convention July 31-Aug. 3. ….." 5/20/00 Scott Charton "…..Four terminally ill newborns were kept on life support at a state-run hospital against their parents' wishes out of fears that doctors could be charged with murder under Missouri's new law banning a type of late-term abortion, the babies' attending physician said. "We are in legal straitjackets with our hands tied behind our backs," said Dr. John Pardalos, a specialist in neonatal intensive care at University Hospital and Clinics in Columbia. All four infants, born since the passage of the 1999 law, eventually died while on ventilators to assist their breathing, Pardalos said. Some died in just a few days, but one lived 2 1/2 weeks after the parents asked to withdraw life-sustaining treatment. Pardalos said the events turned parents' grief into "hatred of the political system." ……The new law, meant to ban what opponents call "partial-birth" abortion, makes doctors guilty of "infanticide" if they purposely cause a living infant's death "by an overt act performed when the infant is partially born or born." The crime is equivalent to second-degree murder. ……"

LA Times 5/18/00 Roger Mahony "……So often I hear candidates for political office proclaim their great support for "a woman's right to choose." But choose what? As the many political races begin to heat up across the country, I am becoming confused and frustrated by candidates who seem unable to finish a simple English sentence. "Choice" in American history and culture has become a precious heritage. But normally, when one speaks about choosing something, one finishes the sentence. For example, after viewing the menu in a restaurant, you don't say to the waiter, I think I will choose . . ." and not tell the waiter whether you want the fried chicken or the meatloaf. ……. Some sleuthing of my own leads me to believe that what politicians really mean is, "I support a woman's right to choose to terminate her pregnancy, that is, to get an abortion." Why can't they just say that? Why do the media allow political candidates to get away with this vague, meaningless "choice" language when they should be demanding that candidates finish the sentence? ……."


ETHERZONE 6/12/00 Chuck Morse "……The "Master Settlement Agreement", signed by big tobacco and the States, prohibits cigarette advertising that targets minors. In addition, a $1.45 billion "Public Education Fund" is carrying out a nation-wide advertising and education campaign to help reduce youth smoking. The rational for the lawsuit brought against the tobacco companies by the attorney generals, which led to this unprecedented settlement, was that smoking poses a serious health risk, particularly to minors. No argument there. Implied in the settlement as well, is the importance of protecting the morals of our youth from the seductive advertising associated with promoting the evil weed. For the same legal, public health, and moral reasons, our attorney generals should craft a similar agreement with the abortion industry. ….."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 6/5/00 George Archibald "…..As 10,000 women from 189 countries converge here for a United Nations special session on women's equality, delegates from the United States and other wealthy nations are battling representatives from poorer countries over homosexual rights, the status of the traditional family and the "sexual rights" of girls. The weeklong session, which opens today, was called to mark progress since the 1995 Beijing international women's conference and set a further U.N. agenda to bring about global equality between men and women over the next five years. The session begins with a welcome by Secretary-General Kofi Annan and a workshop address by U.S. first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton to the U.N. Development Fund for Women……. But behind the scenes, where the session's final report is being negotiated, delegates from the United States and other rich countries are at odds with representatives of poorer, undeveloped nations over issues that take up half the report: sexual behavior, pornography and prostitution. "The problem is the aggressive attempt by the liberal Western powers to rewrite the original Beijing document, something the General Assembly ordered them not to do," said Austin Ruse, president of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, a U.N.-monitoring organization based in New York. "The Western powers, led by the U.S. and the European Union, seem fixated on advancing notions that have been rejected by democratic procedures all over the world," Mr. Ruse said. "A whole set of ideas are being met with fierce opposition within the negotiating bloc of the developing world called the Group of 77, or G-77."……..Mary Ellen Glenn, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Mission to the United Nations, said she had not read the draft report and could not answer why so many areas were in dispute between the United States and the G-77 nations and the Holy See………. She said one of the family measures involved "parenting, motherhood and procreation not being used as a basis for discrimination." Another involved "mothers and fathers sharing equally in household responsibilities, the family as a stabilizing factor in conflict and post-conflict situations."……."

Newark (NJ) Star Ledger 6/2/00 Kitta MacPherson "…… It's positively relentless -- day in and day out, the body keeps on churning out new supplies of blood cells. But how? Outlining the beginning of an answer to one of the great mysteries of biology, a band of Princeton University biologists has deciphered the genetic driver at the base of it all -- about 2,000 genes. Together, these packets of chemicals in DNA control the workings of blood stem cells, the master component of bone marrow that gives rise to all cellular constituents of blood, from red and white cells to platelets, according to the researchers. ……. Scientists have long been interested in embryonic stem cells, the "blank slate" cells of fetuses capable of developing into all types of tissues in the body. The hope has been to use the cells to create new tissues for organ transplants and replacements for cells destroyed by diseases like diabetes. As ethical and legal controversy has swirled over the issue of using the fetal stem cells, clouding its future, scientists have turned to studying adult stem cells to discover whether they have the same open-ended potential. ……" 6/5/00 "…… To understand the abortion agenda today we need look no further than its most influential booster, one of the founders of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger (1883-1966). Sanger's philosophical Nazism and association with the German Nazi movement, along with an examination of her career, indicate that her focus on abortion and birth control, rather than motivated by "choice", was actually a reflection of her belief in eugenics and genocidal population control. The left and the emerging globalist establishment largely adopted her policies, albeit in a sanitized and re-marketed version, after WWII and the defeat of the Nazi experiment. ……… Given the fact that our tax dollars support International Planned Parenthood, with their "family planning program" of forced abortions, forced sterilization, infanticide, and advocacy of euthanasia in Communist China, it is reasonable that we look at the career of their primary founder. George Grant, author of "Killer Angel" presents a well-documented recantation of Sanger's career and philosophy. Grant quotes Sanger, in her own book "The Pivot of Civilization" as referring to "the elimination of human weeds"....... Sanger calls for the "cessation of charity" because it results in prolonging the lives of those she deems to be "unfit". Sanger advocated, in her own words, the segregation of "morons, misfits, and the maladjusted", and for the "sterilization of genetically inferior races"……. She contended that in order to "save the planet", the "unfit" should be discouraged from reproducing…….With this in mind, she spearheaded the opening of birth control clinics in, according to Grant,"the Brownsville section of New York, an area populated by newly immigrated Slavs, Latins, Italians, and Jews". ……Sanger, in the magazine "The Birth Control Review", supported the "infanticide program" of Nazi Germany, promoted Hitler's white supremacy in the 1930's, and hired Ernst Rudin, the Nazi head of the German Medical Experimentation Program as a consultant. In 1939, the year WWII broke out, she organized the "Negro Project" which was designed to eliminate members of an "inferior race"……."

Washington Post 6/16/00 Charles Trueheart "……In imitation of pirate radio stations, offshore casinos and itinerant preachers, a Dutch doctor is raising money to outfit a ship to bring abortion services to international waters just outside countries where they are illegal. Her plans have already stirred a furor in Malta, a Mediterranean island where abortion is a crime akin to murder. 'Such a move tries to defy the laws of the country and the values of the society being targeted.' - LAWRENCE GONZI Deputy prime minister of Malta THE AMSTERDAM PHYSICIAN, Rebecca Gomperts, 33, said the floating clinic could perform as many as 20 abortions a day. During the medical procedure, the 150-foot ship would be moored 12 miles from shore, just outside the jurisdiction of the country in question, she explained. …"

Cincinnati Post 6/15/00 Randy Ludlow "……A ''Choose Life'' state license plate to fund ''crisis pregnancy centers'' that counsel women against abortion is being championed by an Ohio lawmaker. Working with Ohio Right to Life, State Rep. Ron Young, R-Painesville, has delivered the signatures of 1,100 would-be buyers of ''Choose Life'' license plates to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Completing the first step needed to secure a special plate, Young said he now will introduce a bill ''that will allow Ohio drivers to send a positive message that life is a precious and wonderful choice.'' ...... No laws apparently forbid the issuance of a plate that would publicize or benefit such a cause, said a Bureau of Motor Vehicles spokeswoman. ''We have not had a controversial plate - until now.'' ……… Mark Lally, Ohio Right to Life legislative director, said the license plate would not represent a state endorsement of the group's pro-life stance, but allow individuals to express their opinion in the abortion debate. …….. National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League spokeswoman Julie Piscitelli said: ''It's not surprising coming out of the Ohio Legislature considering how completely anti-choice it is .... NARAL does not believe states should sanction one side of a political debate.'' ...... Senate President Richard Finan, R-Evendale, said Young's bill reinforces his belief that the state's special license plate program to benefit various causes is ''getting out of hand.'' ''What's next? KKK plates, Republican plates, Democrat plates?'' Finan asked. ……. "

Religion Today 6/15/00 "…….Southern Baptists are sticking to the straight and narrow. They picked a new leader who is a trustee of Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, revised their statement of faith to declare that women should no longer serve as pastors, and reiterated their condemnations of abortion and homosexuality. ……. "I will lift high the banner of truth found in God's inerrant word," James G. Merritt, 47, pastor of 11,000-member First Baptist Church in Snellville, Ga., declared to delegates, called "messengers," at the annual Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Orlando. He ran unopposed and was named president of the 15.9 million-member SBC, the nation's largest Protestant denomination. …….Merritt said he would make "soul winning" in the United States and abroad his top priority. He already has been successful at his home church, where 7,826 people have been baptized and Sunday school attendance has grown from 800 to 3,250 since he took over in 1985, Baptist Press reported. Merritt succeeds Paige Patterson, president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, N.C. ...... "We're one of the few denominations to stand strong in the sharp winds of political correctness and to call sin, sin," Merritt said, according to The Associated Press. ……."

Upi 6/15/00 "…..The American Medical Association House of Delegates voted Thursday to support action to assure hospital access to pregnancy prevention services -- tubal ligation and contraception. However, doctors also refuse to force Catholic and other faith-based hospitals to perform the services. The compromise measure, which sidestepped a call for cutting government funding for failure to provide the service, was approved by the policy-making body of the AMA by a 247-184 votes. The debate over the issue centered on changes in hospital coverage that has occurred in hospitals in California when Catholic Healthcare West acquired community hospitals where no other heath care facility existed. Dr. Michael Cohen of Walnut Creek, Calif., said that such a situation in Gilroy, Calif., resulted in the hospital denying a tubal ligation procedure to patients at the Catholic hospital in the community. ……."

AFR News 6/12/00 Bill Fancher "….. Pro-family delegates to the UN "Beijing+5" women's rights conference in New York are celebrating a victory today. Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America says lesbian feminists from America had attempted to commandeer the conference and get their pro-abortion agenda adopted by the delegates. But that effort failed. "The language was not included," Wright says. "It was voted down because...developing not want to have abortion-on-demand in their countries." The victory was sweet for pro-family advocates. "This was after six weeks of lobbying from pro-family activists who came from around the world to try to educate people what this language meant, what it would do to their countries, what it would do to the women of their countries," she says. "They were able to stand up against the powerful nations of the West who were trying to force this on them." ….."

Daily Telegraph 6/11/00 James Langton "…… THE horrific attack by a New York doctor who forcibly injected his pregnant girlfriend with an abortion-inducing drug has prompted a dramatic switch in public opinion towards the rights of the unborn child in one of America's most liberal strongholds. Tough legislation drafted by New York state legislators this month will make the killing of a foetus carry a murder charge. The law has been welcomed by anti-abortion groups, who have previously struggled to make their case in the region. …….. The actions of Dr Stephen Pack have caused widespread revulsion even in a city long inured to violent crime. Dr Pack, 44, ambushed his lover outside the Montefiore Hospital, where she worked as a nurse. He is alleged to have screamed "I'm going to give you an abortion" at Joy Schepis before plunging syringes filled with methotrexate into her legs and buttocks. Medical staff rushed Miss Schepis into intensive care and managed to save her baby, which was at 11 weeks when the attack occurred. But they have warned that the child may have severe and life-threatening injuries from the drug and could die at any time. Dr Pack, who is married with two children, faces assault charges. ……Attempts to protect the rights of unborn children in New York have previously been blocked by the state's powerful pro-abortion lobby. …..A key test case of foetal protection law is expected to be heard in Little Rock, Arkansas, later this year. Three brothers have been charged with murder along with the man who recruited them to kick his pregnant girlfriend until her baby was dead. The woman, 23-year-old Shawana Pace, was within days of giving birth and is said to have pleaded for the child's life as her attackers swore at her, saying: "Your child is dying tonight." The girl, weighing 7lb, died in the womb. A judge has ruled that the youngest brother, 17-year-old Derrick Witherspoon, can be prosecuted as an adult in the trial. All four could face the death penalty if found guilty. ……"

Family News in Focus 6/12/00 Martha Kleder "…… An article in the journal Science features a study of stem cells taken from adult mice that indicates a high degree of adaptability of adult stem cells. That finding could eliminate the need to kill embryos for the same purpose. Swedish scientists found that stem cells taken from the nervous systems of adult mice could adapt to form heart tissue and other cell types -- a finding that pleases Judie Brown, of the American Life League. ……."This is maybe the fifth study that has come out in recent months indicating that stem cells that are taken from adults, and/or born children are just as effective as the human embryonic stem cells that people like Sen. (Arlen) Specter seem to think we absolutely have to have," Brown said. ……"

The Times Online 5/13/00 "…….Doctors at the American Medical Association are being asked to back a proposal that would force Catholic hospitals to provide birth control and sterilization procedures, procedures the church forbids. But religious leaders at Ancilla Systems Inc. in Hobart say the rule is unlikely to become law in Indiana. On Monday, Cardinal Francis George warned AMA members gathered in Chicago for their national meeting that the resolution targeted not health but faith. "I urge the American Medical Association not to join this campaign against religious freedom," he told delegates. …… The archbishop of Chicago and other Roman Catholic leaders fear it would force Catholic hospitals to provide certain contraceptives and reproductive procedures and, ultimately, would force doctors in Catholic hospitals to perform abortions. ……"

Boston Herald 6/10/00 Irene Lagan "……. Somehow, quick and easy access to abortion is failing women. As the chilling stories of women who hide their pregnancies, give birth in private, and then abandon or kill their children continue to make headlines, we wonder what could possibly be going through the minds of women when they behave in ways that seem so repugnant and unnatural. Ironically, in each of the most recent ``dumpster'' baby cases, had the woman simply exercised her ``right to choose'' no one would ever have known of her child or questioned her motives. The Staten Island 13-year-old who gave birth and dumped her baby in the trash, the woman who gave birth at Logan Airport and left her child to die in a toilet and an unidentified woman who left her newborn in a hospital parking lot in Worcester, simply might have killed their unborn children legally and escaped all public notice. ………One need not search very far to penetrate the mystery of such seemingly callous behavior. Abortion carries with it the message that life is cheap, and children are only ``right'' under certain circumstances. Popular culture portrays sex as fundamentally necessary and inevitable. Yet, the consequences of sex are also entirely the woman's responsibility, since it is her right to choose abortion. ………. A recent conversation with a young woman, a few months pregnant, illustrates the terrible burden that ``choice'' has become for many women. Having had two children, this young woman told me she knew abortion was killing a child in her womb. Yet, she did not want ``it'' because ``it'' would interfere with a relationship that she hoped to salvage, her work, and the familial support she now had. ……..Carrying the child to term and giving her up for adoption seemed impossible, since she could not bear the thought of parting with the baby she would give birth to. The choice for her was clear: death of her hopes and dreams, death of a child she could not yet see, or, as she perceived it, death to herself in giving her baby up for adoption. She chose what she perceived as the least of three evils. …….."

Electronic Telegraph 6/8/00 Roger Highfield "…… GOVERNMENT plans to allow research on the cloning of embryos to make cells and tissues for transplants was thrown into turmoil last week by a study that suggests that it could soon be unnecessary. A Swedish team have evidence that a vast range of tissues to repair an ailing body can be created from "stem" cells taken from a living patient, rather than a dead cloned embryo. Earlier this year, The Telegraph reported that a panel led by Dr Liam Donaldson, the Government's Chief Medical Officer, agreed to recommend changes to the law to enable scientists to research the use of cloned embryos to make tissues to treat the sick. The proposal has been bitterly opposed by pro-life groups, which regard a cloned embryo consisting of around 200 undifferentiated cells as a person, and the prospect of dismantling it to grow tissue for a transplant as abhorrent. ……"

National Post 6/9/00 Luiza Chwialkowska "…..A federal funding agency has paid for a study aimed at helping feminist organizations strategize against "pro-life and pro-family" lobbyists at the Beijing +5 conference on women's equality under way this week at the United Nations. Among the transgressions of the targeted groups are not following proper procedures at a meeting, wearing buttons reading "Motherhood," lobbying governments and carrying Bibles. A 40-page paper entitled "Right-Wing Anti-Feminist Groups at the United Nations," produced by some academics at the Institute of Feminist Studies at the University of Quebec in Montreal, describes lobbying tactics of conservative groups and recommends to women's organizations "ways and means for responding." "This information should support a more adequate response to anti-feminist groups and their anti-democratic strategies during the upcoming United Nations meetings on women's rights," states the paper. ……."

American Partisan 6/8/00 Dave Munger "…… The argument that the fetus is not human is illogical (no other form of life is said not to be a full member of it's species until it reaches a certain status). In the end, the pro-choice argument must resort to the assertion that a fetus is not human because the state says so. Thus, no one is human without the state's approval, which empowers the state to do anything to anyone simply by not recognizing their humanity (as done with the slaves). Limits on government's power are overridden by it's ability to determine who is or is not human, even when free to do so without consulting scientists……."

American Partisan 6/8/00 Dave Munger "……Abortion is never necessary to save the life of the mother. The term 'abortion' refers to an intentional procedure, not a miscarriage. The notion that abortion is sometimes necessary to save the life of the mother is based upon the fact that some therapeutic techniques incidentally kill the fetus. Chemotherapy can also be fatal, but that does not make it euthanasia. ………… Abortion is not a matter of personal choice. It would be if it was the moral and legal equivalent of birth control, which would only happen if the fetus was found to be as non-human as sperm and ova are (haploid cells, without the full compliment of DNA that humans have).……."

American Partisan 6/8/00 Dave Munger "……The anti-abortion position is religious, the pro-choice position is secular. When one asserts that the fetus "becomes human" at some point after it's already known to be a member of the our species, they are in effect saying that what makes us human is something non-physical that inhabits our bodies. Opponents of this belief assume that we are subject to the biological laws evident elsewhere in the the natural world. We consider the fetus to be exactly what it seems to be until proven otherwise. We are skeptics....... But in "the abortion issue", we are talking about either a controversial method of birth control or the slaughter of large numbers of infants. In the former case, there is no reason to object at all. In the latter, the situation is about the same as the Holocaust. …."

Electronic Telegraph 6/11/00 James Langton in New York "….. THE horrific attack by a New York doctor who forcibly injected his pregnant girlfriend with an abortion-inducing drug has prompted a dramatic switch in public opinion towards the rights of the unborn child in one of America's most liberal strongholds. Tough legislation drafted by New York state legislators this month will make the killing of a foetus carry a murder charge. The law has been welcomed by anti-abortion groups, who have previously struggled to make their case in the region. ……… The actions of Dr Stephen Pack have caused widespread revulsion even in a city long inured to violent crime. Dr Pack, 44, ambushed his lover outside the Montefiore Hospital, where she worked as a nurse. He is alleged to have screamed "I'm going to give you an abortion" at Joy Schepis before plunging syringes filled with methotrexate into her legs and buttocks. …….. Lawmakers have drafted emergency legislation to protect unborn children who die as the result of criminal activity. It enables murder charges to be brought even if an attacker was unaware that his victim was pregnant. ……Attempts to protect the rights of unborn children in New York have previously been blocked by the state's powerful pro-abortion lobby. …"

New York Post 6/11/00 Rod Dreher "….."CONSERVATIVE Party head Mike Long is vowing to ask Gov. Pataki to step into a burgeoning scandal involving the MTA and a pro-life group denied the right to buy subway advertising. "I'm disgusted by what looks like a double standard for pro-choicers and pro-lifers," said Long, a staunch pro-life advocate and ally of the governor. "I'm going to reach out to the governor and ask him to see that this gets resolved." Last Sunday, The Post revealed that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and TDI, its advertising agency, denied the American Life League's (ALL) request for subway ad space - in apparent violation of the law. The proposed ad featured an 8-week-old fetus in its mother's womb, accompanied by the slogan, "Please don't do it. She's your baby." ……" 6/9/00 Trebor Worthen "……A pro-life group is accusing the New York City Metro Transit Authority and its advertising agency of violating the group's First Amendment rights by denying it ad space on New York subway trains and stations. The American Life League has released information that it says shows TDI Worldwide, Inc., the advertising agency for the New York Metro Transit Authority, improperly rejected its advertisement because of its content. The rejected ad, sponsored by ALL, depicts an 8-week old baby in her mother's womb, with the message: "Please don't do it. She's your baby." According to ALL, they were "orally advised" by TDI executive Jeff Feinstein that the TDI legal department would not approve the ad because of its content. ……. A spokesperson for TDI claimed that the ad was rejected due to disagreements in pricing. ……. ALL released correspondence between the two groups, however, that indicates they had "agreed upon the terms and conditions of the advertising." Both TDI and the MTA respond that they have never seen the ad and were unaware of its content. ……"

Drudge 6/10/00 "…..LAGUNA HILLS, Calif. (AP) -- A premature baby dubbed "the pocket baby" by doctors went home for the first time Saturday, with his parents calling him a miracle. Ethan Sechrest has grown from 14.3 ounces at birth to a current healthy 3 1/2 pounds. But he's still less than half the birth weight of the average newborn, said Saddleback Memorial Hospital spokeswoman Jennifer D'Andrea. "I called him the pocket baby, because he could fit in the front pocket of my scrubs," said obstetrician Daniel R. Sternfeld, who helped deliver Ethan. "His chances were so dismal." ……"

WorldNetDaily 6/1/00 Stephen Cauchi "….. Euthanasia advocate Dr Philip Nitschke is planning a "death ship" in international waters off the Australian coast, a proposal labelled "bizarre" by Right to Life Australia. The proposal, which Dr Nitschke said yesterday was still in the early stages of planning, would be the world's first ship-delivered euthanasia service. It would need to operate 320 kilometres from the coast for it to be in international waters. "It's premature to start talking about it, it's still in the very early stages," he said. "We're looking into the preliminaries." Dr Nitschke, speaking from London where he was due to hand over his "death machine" to the Science Museum, said his idea faced many legal obstacles. Chief among these was the Australian Crimes at Sea Act, which puts Australian law on board vessels that have a connection with Australia. Euthanasia is banned in Australia, although it was allowed in the Northern Territory in 1996 and 1997. The "death machine", consisting of a computer, a case, a syringe and tubes, was used by four people to end their lives before the Federal Government overrode the territory's laws. ….."

American Life League 6/7/00 "….. American Life League today launched a national campaign to convince WalMart - the world's largest retailer - to stop operating as a referral service for Planned Parenthood, the world's leading abortion provider. Although WalMart pharmacies do not fill prescriptions for "emergency contraception," they do refer women seeking the "morning after pill" to their local affiliate of Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is the world's most committed destroyer of human life in the womb, responsible for millions of dead babies each year. "Our intent is to inform the American public that the 'morning after pill' causes abortion, and to help WalMart customers learn about the deadly business their local WalMart is now conducting," Brown said. ….."

AFR Issues 6/7/00 Brian Fahling "…… It has been said that history judges societies according to how they treat those who are innocent and defenseless. Presently in the United States, we treat the innocent and defenseless this way: They are pulled feet first from the womb into the birth canal until their head, which is too large to be delivered, lodges in the internal cervical os. This momentary inconvenience is removed when a doctor presses a pair of scissors into the base of the skull, spreads them wide, and then inserts a tube through which their brains are suctioned out. Because their head is now compressed, they are easily removed from their mother's body. This is not your conventional delivery. This is partial-birth "abortion," and there are some who argue that the United States Constitution guarantees women the right to treat their offspring this way. You probably missed that part in your high school government class. We're all about to get a civics lesson, however, because very soon, the United States Supreme Court will tell us whether it has been able to divine from that venerable document a woman's right to have her child killed while he passes through her birth canal. History will render its judgment accordingly. ......"

Australian News Report, received via e-mail 6/7/00 Antonia Feitz "…. Some 10,000 women from 189 countries are meeting in New York this week for a special UN session to evaluate progress in women's affairs after the 1995 big (and expensive) gabfest in Beijing. As usual, this expensive gabfest has little to do with women's rights or equality and everything to do with furthering the feminist and homosexual agendas. The delegates have split into two camps. On one side is the Group of 77 representing a UN voting bloc of 138 developing nations in Latin America, Africa, China and the Middle East. Opposing them are the developed countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US, and the EU. And the reason for the split? ………. Far from even pretending to work towards advancing the status of and opportunities for women in the poorer countries, the rich countries are obsessed with gender politics. They're demanding that men and women share equally in household responsibilities, for Pete's sake. This is an area where no government, let alone the UN, should have any say. But worse, the decadent rich countries are demanding sexual 'rights' for minors including private and confidential sexual and reproductive information, counselling and services - ie contraception and abortion - through national policies and programmes. ……"

AFP 6/7/00 "…… The so-called 'abortion pill,' which could become available to US women through their doctors later this year, continued to stir controversy Wednesday, as pro-abortion groups said proposed restrictions on its use could make it inaccessible to many women. The RU-486 pill, known by the generic name mifepristone, works hormonally to induce an abortion, bypassing surgical interventions. ……. Distinct from the 'morning-after' pill, which is already available on prescription here, the abortion pill RU-486 has stirred emotive controversy with anti-abortion groups who oppose its use as an abortion option and say it carries health risks for women. Now pro-choice groups have told the media here that conditions which the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are considering attaching to its use would make it difficult to obtain. While the 'morning-after pill' has to be taken within 72 hours of having sex, and inhibits the implantation of any fertilized egg, RU-486 can be taken in the first seven weeks of pregnancy and is reportedly about 95 percent effective. The FDA in September 1996 classified RU-486 as an "approvable" drug, that is, one that had been judged safe and effective. It now has until September 30 to give the go-ahead for its prescription by doctors here, and to draft any restrictions on its use. ......"

National Review 6/5/00 Ramesh Ponnuru & John J. Miller "….. Richard Garnett, a professor at Notre Dame's law school, neatly summarizes the legal issues at stake in the partial-birth abortion case in the latest Weekly Standard. He does, however, commit one important error. He writes, "Abortion-rights advocates do concede - for now, at least - that babies enjoy full legal protection once these children are 'born.'" Sadly, this is not true. ……. The law as it stands does not mark the outer limits of the abortion right that the Supreme Court has established. From time to time one hears of cases involving babies who survive attempted abortions. It is an open question if the law mandates some level of care for them, or even some protection against being killed, or if the right to abortion entails the right to a successful abortion. At least one court has ruled that state law cannot protect such a "fetus," and the Supreme Court has never repudiated that ruling……"

World Net Daily 6/6/00 "……. A Toledo, Ohio, family is looking for answers after officials at the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library rejected their book donation for being "too political." Dean and Melanie Witt, regular library patrons, submitted the book in question, "Killer Angel," George Grant's critical biography of Planned Parenthood's founder, Margaret Sanger, after they discovered that none of the nearly two dozen books on Sanger held by the library mentioned her controversial views on race or her association with high-ranking Nazi eugenics officials. Melanie Witt told WorldNetDaily that she had donated the books (two copies) to help promote an academic balance to the library's weighted collection on the topic. "We purchased the books ourselves and didn't ask them to remove anything from the library. We just thought that they at least ought to be providing another perspective," she said. Witt noted that the Board of Directors of the Toledo library honored Sanger several years ago when it named one of the library's branches after her, something she says she was not aware of when she submitted the book donation. "Once I heard that, it all began making a lot of sense," she said. ……….. Officials at the library's Holland branch initially accepted Grant's biography, but central office staff intervened and rejected the book donation. Anthony Schafer, manager of the library's history, travel and biography travel section, said in a letter to the Witts that "the author's political and social agenda, which is strongly espoused throughout the book, is not appropriate." ….."I find it odd that when it comes down to my research or other biographies that fawn over Sanger and neglect her racist ideology, I'm the one painted as driving a political agenda," he told WorldNetDaily. ……"

New York Times 6/7/00 Robin Toner "…..The chairman of the Republican Party's platform committee has told party activists who support abortion rights that Republican leaders plan no change in the platform's strong anti-abortion language and no public hearings on the issue before the July convention in Philadelphia. Still, Susan Cullman, co-chairwoman of the Republican Pro-Choice Coalition, said she was encouraged by the friendly tone of a meeting on Monday in Madison, Wis., with Gov. Tommy G. Thompson of Wisconsin, the platform chairman, who promised them ample private opportunities to air their views. "This is the beginning of the process," Ms. Cullman added. ……" 6/7/00 Reuters "……The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has told the company due to manufacture the French abortion pill in the United States it will approve the controversial drug only with stringent conditions, The Washington Post reported on Wednesday. The paper quoted advocates for the drug describing the FDA's conditions and said they feared the restrictions would severely limit availability of the abortion pill, known as RU-486 in Europe. The drug, which induces an abortion when administered early in pregnancy with another drug, misoprostol, has been kept out the politically charged U.S. market for years, with abortion opponents lobbying hard to keep the FDA from approving it. Opponents of abortion argue that RU-486 is dangerous to a mother's health, in addition to causing abortions, while abortion rights supporters say allowing the drug's use would decrease the number of surgical abortions and give women more privacy in their decision. ……"

Newark (NJ) Star Ledger 6/8/00 Kathy Barrett Carter "….. Plans to destroy seven frozen embryos at the center of a dispute between a divorced couple were put on hold yesterday. The state Supreme Court issued a stay blocking a South Jersey woman from destroying the embryos, which were conceived when the now- divorced couple were undergoing fertility treatments. A three-judge panel of the Appellate Division of Superior Court ruled last Thursday that the wife had a right to destroy the embryos. The court said she could not be compelled to procreate. But lawyers for her former husband, who wants to keep the embryos or donate them to an infertile couple, said they plan to petition the state's highest court to hear the case -- the first of its kind in New Jersey -- by the June 21 deadline. ……" 6/8/00 Jerry Falwell "……Through the years, the Family Life Services - the adoption agency that is part of my Liberty Godparent Foundation - has maintained a massive "waiting list" of childless Christian couples who desperately wish to adopt a child through the help of the agency. Tragically, that list grows longer every year as the number of available babies continues to be smaller than the number of parents desiring adoption. With that troubling fact in mind, my Godparent team and I have designed a new program with the sole intent of dramatically- increasing the numbers of pregnant teens who choose life for their babies. Operation Adoption will utilize national Yellow Pages ads to seek out teenagers who are searching for a hand of friendship after finding themselves in a "crisis pregnancy." Those young girls who respond to the ads will be recruited to reside at crisis pregnancy facilities instead of opting for abortion. Following the birth of their babies, they will have the option of placing them for adoption with Christian couples. ……… While my Liberty Godparent Home here in Lynchburg can house only a designated number of girls during their pregnancies, a network of about 1,200 similar facilities exists nationwide. This association of crisis pregnancy homes offers a remarkable opportunity to save untold numbers of babies - but only if their young mothers can be reached before they make fateful, life-altering decisions. ……"

Boston Herald 6/7/00 Joe Fitzgerald "….. Robin Dix looks at Kelly Angell and recalls a panic she, too, experienced years ago when she was single and carrying an unexpected child. ``Initially, I considered an abortion,'' this 44-year-old Wakefield mother recalls. ``Then once I realized I could never live with that decision, I began praying for a miscarriage, asking God to take this baby back. But when I got past three months and knew that wasn't likely to happen, I started coming to terms with, `OK, there must be a reason this child is going to be born.' '' ... Today his name is Jonathan and he's almost 14, taller than his mother and, in her estimation, ``a very handsome kid. When I look at him now it's not with a sense of guilt for the things I felt back then, but rather a sense of, `What would my life be like if he wasn't a part of it today?' He's changed my life in ways that nothing and no one else ever could, and he knows it.'' ……"

EWTN 6/2/00 "……A German federal court has settled a battle of several months over whether pro-life demonstrators could use the term "Babycaust" to refer to abortion, according to an article in todays "Telegraph." The dispute arose when protesters handed out flyers in front of an abortionist's office refering to the "murder of children in their mothers' wombs." The slogan was "Holocaust then, Babycaust now." ... Hospital authorities sued to ban such language and won, but yesterday's ruling overturned this. The judgment was made on the basis of the protesters' right to free speech, because the leaflets "expressed the opinions of the authors that today's practice of abortion is a mass extermination of life." ……"

CNS 6/2/00 Patrick Goodneough "……Pregnant women in mostly Third World nations where abortions are illegal will be offered abortions onboard a ship sailing outside those countries' territorial waters, if a Dutch doctor has her way. Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, founder of a group called Women on Waves, has announced her intention to outfit and sail a 50-meter ship around the world to offer abortions to women otherwise denied them. Women will be picked up in ports, and taken to international waters where the abortions will be carried out in a floating clinic called Sea Change. While in harbor, the ship would also provide contraceptives and workshops, and train local doctors in giving abortions, according to information on the organization's website. ……."Of the 53 million abortions done annually worldwide, 20 million are illegal and unsafe, with the result that at least 70,000 women die each year unnecessarily." ......"

UPI 6/2/00 "…..A federal judge on Friday temporarily blocked a new Florida law banning late-term abortions, ruling that it was too broad and violated women's constitutional rights. U.S. District Court Judge Joan Lenard issued a temporary restraining order blocking a measure signed into law by Gov. Jeb Bush on May 25. "The Act's sweeping prohibition of at least five currently practiced abortion procedures places an undue burden and a substantial obstacle on a woman's right to choose to terminate her pregnancy," Judge Lenard wrote in a 28-page decision. The Florida legislature has passed three bills during the past four years banning late-term abortions. This year's bill made it a second-degree felony for a doctor to perform the procedure, described by physicians as a dilation and extraction. ......"


NY Law Journal 6/22/00 "……The Court of Appeals has refused to hear an appeal by David Benjamin, the only physician in New York ever convicted of murder for the negligent practice of medicine. Mr. Benjamin, of Queens, was convicted of depraved indifference homicide-second-degree murder in connection with a botched abortion in his office in 1993 and sentenced to 25 years to life.. …."

AP 7/12/00 "…….Police said Wednesday they were investigating whether the stabbing of a doctor who performs abortions was linked to an announcement that a controversial abortion pill was being used in clinical trials. Dr. Garson Romalis was hospitalized under guard after being stabbed once in the side Tuesday by a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt. …… It was the second time Romalis had been attacked. In 1994, he was hit by sniper fire at his home in the first of five shootings of abortion providers in North America, including a New York doctor who was killed two years ago. ……"

EWTN 7/12/00 "……..* The United States House of Representatives today voted to denounce the campaign of the pro-abortion lobby to oust the Catholic Church from the United Nations. In a lopsided and bi-partisan fashion the House also voted 416 to 1 to endorse the Permanent Observer status of the Catholic Church at the UN. Even the most vociferous abortion rights supporters voted to support the Catholic Church. …….* More than a year ago a small number of pro-abortion groups launched a campaign to remove the Holy See from its Permanent Observer seat at the UN. Like Switzerland, the Holy See may not vote in the UN General Assembly but may speak during UN debates. The Holy See has participated in a coalition of states that has stopped pro-abortion extremists from naming abortion a universally recognized human right. It is the desire of the pro-abortion groups that the Catholic Church be downgraded to the status of a non-governmental organization (a lobbying group). ……..* The strongly worded US Congressional resolution expressed "the sense of the Congress strongly object(s) to the any effort to expel the Holy See from the United Nations as a state participant by removing its status as Permanent Observer." The resolution goes on to note that the efforts to remove the Vatican from the UN are based on the Church's strong positions in favor of the "unborn child" and traditional notions of the family. ……."

WASHINGTON TIMES 7/13/00 Dorinda Bordlee "…... As an attorney who has been in the trenches of the partial-birth abortion legal battle from its inception, I must set the record straight for those well-intentioned state legislators who seek to draft new partial-birth abortion laws designed to survive Supreme Court scrutiny. Here it is: At least until the composition of the Court changes, any redrafted law would be futile and meaningless at best, distracting and destructive at worst. Like every one of the 30 partial-birth abortion bans nationwide, the Nebraska law had an exception for the woman's life. However, the court struck down the Nebraska law because it did not have an exception for the woman's "health." ……..These words seem like a reasonable invitation for the states to give it another try. In reality, this is an invitation for the states to enact a hollow partial-birth abortion ban in which the exception would swallow the rule. That's because "health" in the abortion context is simply a code word for abortion-on-demand through all nine months of pregnancy, and now even through the process of birth itself…….."

EWTN 7/8/00"…… As plans for the United Nations' new International Criminal Court (ICC) edged closer to completion, pro-life groups were "cautiously optimistic" that the court would not be used to advance or enforce access to abortion. The Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute (C-fam) said on Friday that organizers finished the most contentious part of the statutes to bring into existence the first permanent worldwide criminal court. As envisioned, the ICC will only prosecute individuals for what proponents describe as "the most serious crimes of concern to the international community," specifically war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. ......, Pro-life groups were initially concerned at plans by radical feminists to insert abortion into the court's purview, by extending the definition of the crime of "forced pregnancy" from repeated rape and confinement for the purposes of ethnic cleansing to include any woman who is denied an abortion, whatever the circumstances or local laws. "Pro-lifers feared that without a narrow definition the court would be used to change national laws on abortion and to prosecute well known pro-life advocates," C-fam said. In the end the term was agreed upon in the narrowest sense." ……."

Center for Bio-Ethical Reform 7/10/00 Mark Harrington "……Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a Nebraska law banning "Partial Birth Abortion" was unconstitutional. Imagine for a moment our founders writing into our governing document the right to kill a baby in the process of being born. Outrageous! In ruling this way, as bizarre as it may seem, the court actually did the pro-life movement a favor because many Americans are under the illusion that such a ban would stop some abortions. This belief is nothing more than a pipe dream. The truth is a ban on any type of abortion procedure, whether it be "Partial Birth" or "Dilation and Evacuation," will not save a single life. Why? Because abortionists will find other ways to kill. ………. The Nebraska law and similar laws in 29 other states would only ban a procedure that kills the fetus during a live birth. Abortionists know that and simply would use a different method to kill. ……For example, the notorious late term abortionist in Wichita, Kansas, Dr. George Tiller, has circumvented a similar Kansas law by simply killing the baby prior to delivery. In a procedure that would make Nazi doctor Joseph Mengele proud, Tiller, guided by ultrasound, locates the baby's heart and then uses a long hypodermic needle to inject the drug Digoxyn into his heart. This induces heart attack resulting in what Tiller calls "fetal demise." Tiller then proceeds to deliver a dead baby, hence, bypassing the ban. How creative! ….." 7/5/00 John Lofton "….. Proverbs 8:36 tells us that all those who hate God love death. If this is true -- and it is, because God says it -- then America is truly, in many areas, a God-hating nation, because in so many ways we love death. A recent Associated Press story tells us that the American Heart Association has agreed to support "stem cell research," the source of these cells being, often, "aborted fetuses or discarded human embryos." Says American Heart Association President Rose Marie Robertson of Vanderbilt University: "Ultimately, the board felt that this research has the opportunity to save millions of lives." ……In fact, in March of 1988, under President George Bush, the Department of Health and Human Services imposed a moratorium on the use of federal funds for research projects on so-called therapeutic human fetal tissue transplantation until a panel, appointed by Health and Human Services, could study the ethical issues involved. This moratorium remained until President Clinton ordered it lifted in January of 1993. …….. So, if Bill Clinton really believes each human life is unique and miraculous, and reaches beyond laboratory science, why, under his administration, and with his administration's support, is the federal government now funding research on aborted, unborn babies? ……"

Washington Post 7/4/00 Richard Cohen "…… I am pro-choice. I think the government has no right telling a woman she must have a child she does not want. Having said that, though, I found myself nodding in agreement while reading the dissents in the Supreme Court case that overturned Nebraska's ban on late-term abortions. If these procedures are not murder, they are sometimes just days short of it. ……"

New York Times 7/5/00 Thomas Lynch "…..I have a daughter and three sons. If there is better duty than being the dad, I have never found it. …… Life is not easy. Neither is choice. …….. My daughter may choose to have the baby with or without the consent, cooperation, or co-parenting of the fellow (shall we call him the father now?) who impregnated her. Or she may choose, in light of her life's circumstances, that a child would be terribly inconvenient and she may avail herself of what the courts have declared is her constitutionally guaranteed right to a safe and legal medical procedure that terminates her pregnancy. …….Whatever discomfort -- moral or personal or maternal -- she might feel, a pregnancy that resulted from bilateral consent is legally undone by unilateral choice. ……But if the choice as to when one is ready, willing and able to parent is a good thing, wouldn't it be good for my sons as well? And if that choice may be exercised by women after conception, then shouldn't men have the same option: to proclaim, legally and unilaterally, the end of their interest in the tissue or fetus or baby or whatever it is that sex between a man and a woman sometimes produces? As it stands now, paternity, once determined, means fiscal responsibility for 18 years -- not by choice, but by law. ……. If they impregnate and the woman chooses to have the child, she has a legal claim against the father's earnings. …….They may, of course, refuse to pay, refuse their paternity, in which case they are "deadbeat dads" or some other media-made word for no good. ………Why oughtn't my sons have an equivalent choice -- say, within the first two trimesters -- to declare their decision not to parent, to void their paternity? Isn't this precisely the same choice given to women by Roe v. Wade and laws elsewhere that uphold this "right"? ......"

NY POST 7/2/00 Rod Dreher "…….FOR nearly two years, Janet Reno's Justice Department pressured the FBI to collect information on and monitor the activities of peaceful pro-life organizations and individuals - including the Catholic bishops and the late John Cardinal O'Connor. That's what the watchdog organization Judicial Watch alleges, based on whistle-blower information and material it found in FBI documents recently acquired under the Freedom of Information Act. Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton says the group filed its FOIA request after receiving a tip from an angry source in the FBI's Washington office. …….. The tipster complained that agents were being goaded against their will by the Justice Department to look into pro-life groups with no known history of anti-abortion violence, or connection to clinic attackers. ……When asked if the allegations were true, an independent FBI source contacted by The Post said: "What do you think? This is a highly political, highly corrupt administration." ……The investigation, titled VAAPCON (for Violence Against Abortion Providers Conspiracy), was ordered after the 1994 passage of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act. ……."

Media Research Center 7/6/00 "…..NPR's Nina Totenberg defended the Supreme Court's decision to overturn, on a 5-4 vote, Nebraska's law banning something. Totenberg insisted "partial-birth abortion" is a deliberately misleading term and that the procedure does not occur late in pregnancy………MRC analyst Brad Wilmouth caught the debate between Totenberg and columnist Charles Krauthammer on the July 1 edition of Inside Washington shown by many PBS stations and produced by Washington, DC's Gannett-owned CBS affiliate, WUSA-TV....... Charles Krauthammer suggested: "I would guess that if this issue becomes important in the election, it will help the right more than the left. I think it will really energize the anti-abortion people because they are truly driven wild by this particular procedure, which is an awful and gruesome procedure, and I might add, I looked at the medical literature, totally unnecessary, there are other procedures-"
Totenberg interrupted: "That's not what the American College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians says, unfortunately for you."
Krauthammer: "There have been a lot of studies of this, and there is absolutely no need for this particular procedure-"
Totenberg: "I have, I, I've-"
Krauthammer: "Excuse me, Nina."
Moderator Gordon Peterson: "Let him finish."
Totenberg: "Okay."
Krauthammer: "On the issue of the politics of it, abortion in general plays for the, for Democrats because if people have a sense it'll be banned, clearly it works against Republicans. But partial birth abortion, if that is the particular issue, it works the other way because you get people, even like Senator Moynihan, who talk about it as being almost akin to infanticide."……"

Covenant News 7/5/00 Cathy Ramey "……. Diane Feinstein was captured in the news stating that even babies who survive an abortion attempt and free themselves of the execution chamber we call a womb and birth-canal ought to have their lives ended; practitioners having no obligation to provide heroics or even conventional medical treatment to ameliorate the trauma of an unjust, untimely birth, and thoroughly justified in pithing, strangulating, or otherwise assuring the woman of a completed abortion. ……"

Catholic World News 7/00 Tim Drake "……On March 28, 2000 the Women's Studies Club at Spokane's Gonzaga University invited a representative of Planned Parenthood to appear on campus and discuss reproductive freedom, the 2000 presidential election, and the organization's concerns about safety at abortion clinics. After learning of the invitation Gonzaga's President, Father Robert Spitzer, SJ made the decision to "disinvite" the Planned Parenthood speaker-a decision which he announced on April 12. The resulting controversy on the Gonzaga campus and in the surrounding community sparked debate about the meaning of academic freedom and the nature of a university's Catholic identity. That debate was especially pointed because the same general topics had recently been addressed by the Catholic bishops of the United States, in their latest discussion of the new guidelines for the implementation of Ex Corde Ecclesiae, the apostolic constitution on higher education. ……."

Reason 7/5/00 Jacob Sullum "…… Despite their recent setback at the Supreme Court, opponents of "partial-birth" abortion are not giving up. They plan to introduce legislation that will address the Court's objections to bans in Nebraska and other states. That may be tricky. While a clearer definition of the procedure presumably can be written, allowing an exception for the mother's "health," which the Court said is constitutionally required, could nullify the ban in practice……… Still, it's clear why anti-abortion activists want to stick with this strategy. By emphasizing a particularly disturbing method of abortion, in which the doctor sucks out a living fetus's brain before collapsing its skull and delivering a tiny corpse, they are winning in the court of public opinion even as they lose in courts of law…….."

AP & FOX 7/7/00 "……West Virginia's law that restricts certain late-term abortions is unconstitutional based on a recent Supreme Court ruling that struck down a similar law in Nebraska, a federal judge said Friday. U.S. District Judge Joseph R. Goodwin issued a permanent injunction that prohibits enforcement of West Virginia's law banning what opponents call "partial-birth'' abortion. Goodwin earlier had stopped the law from going into effect pending the court's ruling in the Nebraska case, which came June 29. ….."

Baptist Press 7/7/00 William Cutrer "……LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP)--As Jesus approached Jerusalem for that final time during his earthly walk, Scripture records that he wept -- not because the evil of unregenerate humans surprised him, but because he was deeply grieved by it. Such a time is now. We are not surprised, but this is indeed "a time to weep." ………I asked, "Doctor, has there ever been a time in all your practice when partial birth technique, including cranial decompression while the fetus was alive, was your only option?" Knowing him to be highly skilled and supremely confident, I knew what he would have to say. "Of course not." His answer affirmed not only his repertoire of surgical and abortion skills, but also the simple truth that partial birth abortion is not a "necessary" procedure. ……"

Detroit Free Press 7/8/00 "……A pair of public works employees discovered a fetus Friday at the Mesick Waste Water Treatment Plant. A doctor's examination showed the 18-week-old fetus was probably miscarried, according to the Wexford County Sheriff's Department. "It was not (born) alive," Deputy Jason Nehmer told the Cadillac News. The employees, who check the receiving tank and trap every Monday and Friday, discovered the fetus around 2 p.m. " ..."

New York Times 6/30/00 William Glaberson "…….A day after the Supreme Court effectively struck down bans on a medical procedure its opponents call partial-birth abortion, supporters of those bans said they were already planning a new generation of laws intended to withstand further legal challenges. ……. "One of our state senators has already contacted our office to get assistance to draft a new law that could withstand constitutional scrutiny," said L. Steven Grasz, the chief deputy attorney general of Nebraska. …… Nebraska's ban was the only one the Supreme Court considered in the case decided on Wednesday. But legal experts said that the court's decision was likely to invalidate similar laws around the country, and would spur efforts to pass new bans. "There will be a rush back to the drawing boards," said Laurence H. Tribe, an expert on constitutional law at Harvard Law School. Professor Tribe and other legal experts said that the court's ruling had left little maneuvering room for the proponents of the bans. ……. Roger Hunt, the speaker of South Dakota's House of Representatives, said yesterday that efforts were already underway to analyze that state's ban and "to see what, if anything, we may need to do to amend our statute so that we meet constitutional muster as far as the Supreme Court is concerned." …….In Indiana, State Senator Patricia Miller, who sponsored the ban there four years ago, said she would propose legislation if necessary to meet the new requirements laid out by the court. "I still very much believe that states have the right to restrict partial-birth abortion," she said. ……" 6/29/00 Tony Snow "…….The U.S. Supreme Court is determined to make abortion zealots of us all. Its latest foray into the issue, in the case of Stenberg vs. Carhart, treats abortion as a "right" of such majesty and force that no state can limit its use - no matter how barbaric the methods - once a doctor has cooed into a woman's ear, "This is what's best for you, dear." …….. Opinions drafted by Justices Stephen Breyer, John Paul Stevens, Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Sandra Day O'Connor exhibit traits familiar to students of the topic. They cited selected precedents but took care not to examine the Constitution itself. They sought refuge in euphemism. They embraced dubious medical opinion. And they showered contempt on the legislative process by telling 30 states to go fly a kite. ……… Justice Antonin Scalia noted piquantly that the opinion deserves a place in history beside the Korematsu decision, in which the court approved internment camps for Japanese-Americans, and the Dred Scott decision, which gave the court's imprimatur to Jim Crow. ……." 6/30/00 Nicholas Sanchez "…… "Steven Breyer's America is a land in which women would be free to deliver all but their child's head and then have its brains sucked out. His nation is one in which millions and millions of children would be sacrificed on a butcher's block to the gods of 'Choice.' Steven Breyer's America is one where the very young - the pre-born - the elderly, the sick, and the mentally retarded are all at risk of having their status as 'viable human beings' taken away from them, and therefore could become subject to government-sanctioned extermination. This is the America of Steven Breyer." ……… The preceding text was, of course, never delivered by anyone in the United States Senate. Certainly not by the gentlemanly Senator Orrin Hatch. (Although his pal Senator Ted Kennedy, who is not so shy, once famously delivered a similar speech, except his subject was Robert Bork.) ……."

Original Sources 6/30/00 Mary Mostert "……. It was less than five years ago that the American people first began to hear about a new type of abortion which was described on the floor of Congress by Sen. Conrad Burns, a rugged ex-Marine and farmer during the December 1995 floor debate on partial birth abortion in undisguised revulsion as follows:…….. Well, of course if it was being done to dogs or horses it would not only be banned, but those doing it would be condemned as heartless monsters to treat little puppies and colts that way. But, this is not about dogs and horses. This is about a woman's "right" to kill her children. In that 1995 debate Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Ca) and Rep. Patricia Schroeder (D-Co) said over and over that banning the procedure would interfere with the "right of women to control their own bodies" and told the men that they had "no business" even having an opinion on the subject. ……."

Chattanooga Free Press 6/30/00 "…… If someone forcibly thrust a sharp instrument through your skull, then sucked out your brain to cause your death, what would your survivors call it? "Murder!" would be the appropriate word. But that kind of savagery -- which humane society would not tolerate if done to an adult -- has been shockingly approved by the Supreme Court of the United States when the victim is a defenseless, innocent baby. …….. The Supreme Court's action in a case originating in Nebraska defies the laws enacted by at least 30 states -- Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama being among them. …..The Supreme Court has violated the Constitution of the United States and human decency to "legalize by decree" a kind of barbarism that no civilized society should accept. ……"

WORLD magazine 7/8/00 Bob Jones "…… "Illogical,"indefensible,"quite simply absurd": Those were some of the words expressed inside the Supreme Court by some of its own members after a thin 5-4 majority voted to expand abortion rights to include virtual infanticide. But as the high court last week closed out a controversial 2000 term with its most closely watched decisions (Miranda rights, hate crimes, Boy Scouts, school choice), rain fell outside-as did the tears of those who lost…….. Just two hours earlier, the Supreme Court handed down its final decisions for the year. In one of the most closely watched cases of the term, the justices ruled 5-4 that Nebraska's ban on partial-birth abortion was unconstitutional. Pro-lifers were stunned. Many who gathered for a rally across from the court were tearful. Five judges had just proclaimed that the most brutal and inhumane of all forms of abortion is now a constitutional right. Years of painstaking work to change public opinion and draft state laws seemed to unravel with the stroke of a pen. The question of everyone's mind was, When will the killing stop? …………Thanks to the decision in Stenberg vs. Carhart, the answer is, Not soon enough. Some 30 states have laws limiting partial birth abortion; all those restrictions are now suspect, and lower courts are much less likely to uphold them against legal challenges. ……."

WORLD magazine 7/8/00 Bob Jones "…… Not all the criticism came from outside the court. Writing for the minority, Clarence Thomas called the majority's arguments "illogical" and "indefensible." He accused the majority of hypocrisy for trumpeting the earlier Casey decision (which permitted some limits on abortion) while simultaneously seeking to return the nation to an "abortion-on-demand era in which the mere invocation of 'abortion rights' trumps any contrary societal interest." In conclusion, he said, "the court's abortion jurisprudence is a particularly virulent strain of constitutional exegesis." …….. In a separate dissenting opinion, Antonin Scalia was even more scathing. He blasted "the court's inclination to bend the rules when any effort to limit abortion, or even to speak in opposition to abortion, is at issue." He accused the majority (Justices Steven Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sandra Day O'Connor, David Souter, and John Paul Stevens) of practicing "policy-judgment-couched-as-law." Justice Scalia scoffed at the idea that "a 5-to-4 vote on a policy matter by unelected lawyers "should trump the will of 30 state legislatures. And then there was this: "The notion that the Constitution of the United States, designed, among other things, 'to establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, ... and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, "prohibits the states from simply banning this visibly brutal means of eliminating our half-born posterity is quite simply absurd." ………."

Washington Post 7/1/00 Thomas Edsall "….. Supporters of Texas Gov. George W. Bush have cut a deal with conservatives to preserve untouched the GOP's hard-line antiabortion plank in return for a platform that moves the Republican Party decisively toward the center on such issues as education, women's health, public transit and immigration. ….."

7/1/00 Alan Keyes "…The Supreme Court's decision striking down a state ban against partial-birth abortion has everyone in the pro-life movement reaching for new adjectives to describe the depravity of our so-called political elites. The decision makes clear, yet again, that the only real prospect for ending the abortion nightmare in America is for the people to assert their sovereign will. The highest court in the land has, in effect, prohibited the banning of infanticide. Such an uncivilized decision will no doubt tempt many of us anew, and not unreasonably, to conclude that American civilization is ending. ……. Our duty to be prudent and careful, however, does not pass away with the latest outrageous act of our government. Before we decide that the time for political action is over, and that we must turn to preparing our families for the dark age to come, we should pause to consider our duty. We are in a time when many things and people are being tried and weighed in the balance and we shall see whether they are adequate or to be found wanting. We can be sure that this time of trial will have real and grave consequences, even if we have but a murky view of the course that events will take. Whatever else is veiled to us, we must hold to the truth that we are called by God and country to act with all the dedication and wisdom we can muster to limit the damage and inspire a renewal. ……."

CBN NEWS 6/30/00 George Thomas "…….Pro-family activists across the country are drafting new laws to stop further legal challenges against the unborn. According to today's New York Times, Nebraska's chief deputy attorney general was quoted as saying, "One of our state senators has already contacted our office to get assistance to draft a new law that could withstand constitutional scrutiny."...... Experts believe that the Supreme Court's 5-4 decision allowing the medical procedure in Nebraska will eventually invalidate similar laws across the country. ……. Laurence Tribe, an expert on constitutional law at Harvard Law School, told the Times, "There will be a rush back to the drawing boards" by supporters of the ban to pass new laws…Laws banning partial-birth abortion exist in 30 states. ……"

EWTN 6/30/00 "…….. "Nebraska is a state with unique pro-life ingenuity and courage", commented Father Richard Welch, CSSR, JCD, President of Human Life International, the world's largest pro-life, pro-faith, pro-family apostolate. "Recently, a real estate company in the city of Bellevue purchased a building where an abortion clinic operated and informed the abortion practitioner that the lease would not be renewed and that he had six months to move out. The doctor of death in question? Dr. LeRoy Carhart." ………. Bert Murphy LLC, the real estate company, is owned by a partnership that includes State Senator Paul Hartnett, Bill Rotert, owner of defense technology business park, and Ken Wessling, owner of an auto-body shop. Hartnett, Rotert and Wessling are Roman Catholics. Dr LeRoy Carhart, who runs the abortion clinic, Bellevue Health and Emergency Clinic, was part of the recent case before the United States Supreme Court regarding the Nebraska ban on partial-birth abortion, which was decided in favor of Carhart. ……. Jerry Ryan, the Mayor of Bellevue, stated that he is opposed to abortion and supports the efforts made to close down Carhart's abortion practice. ………The real estate company bought the building and the adjacent parking lot, which is significant because pro-life demonstrators were not allowed on the parking lot, a site selected to reach out to the women arriving at the abortion clinic. The main parking lot is being closed down. Dr. Carhart had a monthly lease on the parking lot. Until Carhart leaves, the clinic may use some parking spaces on the other side of the building, which are much closer to the public sidewalk where pro-life demonstrators are allowed to stand. ……"

The Manchester Union-Leader 7/2/00 Cal Thomas "……THE SUPREME COURT has sealed its fate to be regarded by future generations on the level of Chief Justice Roger Taney's court, which ruled in Dred Scott that black people were not fully human, and, therefore, their lives did not warrant the full protection of law. By an excruciatingly close 5-4 majority, the court struck down a Nebraska law that sought to outlaw a procedure that isn't even an abortion. It consists of sucking out the brains of a nearly delivered baby, an operation the officially pro-choice American Medical Association has said is never medically necessary. The decision effectively voids the late Justice Harry Blackmun's invented "trimester" system in which he said the "fetus" could acquire protection the longer it remains in the womb. ….. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor - whose views Ronald Reagan promised would "not disappoint" pro-lifers - cast the deciding vote. O'Connor said the Nebraska law was unconstitutional because it failed to include a "health-of-the-mother" exception. That is a loophole large enough for any abortionist. Besides, how can a woman be a mother unless the child she has chosen to kill is a baby before it is born? …….Justice Clarence Thomas accused the court of applying a totally different set of standards to abortion than it applies to all other questions that come before it. ……"

New York Post 7/2/00 Rod Dreher "…..FOR nearly two years, Janet Reno's Justice Department pressured the FBI to collect information on and monitor the activities of peaceful pro-life organizations and individuals - including the Catholic bishops and the late John Cardinal O'Connor. That's what the watchdog organization Judicial Watch alleges, based on whistle-blower information and material it found in FBI documents recently acquired under the Freedom of Information Act. …….. The tipster complained that agents were being goaded against their will by the Justice Department to look into pro-life groups with no known history of anti-abortion violence, or connection to clinic attackers. …….. When asked if the allegations were true, an independent FBI source contacted by The Post said: "What do you think? This is a highly political, highly corrupt administration." …….The investigation, titled VAAPCON (for Violence Against Abortion Providers Conspiracy), was ordered after the 1994 passage of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act. …… The Justice Department wanted to snare pro-life extremists attacking abortion clinics and providers, and was hoping to prove a national criminal conspiracy. After several months monitoring pro-lifers' mail, phone calls and activities and failing to find a plot, the FBI wanted to drop it. But Justice Department officials insisted they keep going. VAAPCON dragged on another year, ending after 16 months with no conspiracy detected. ......According to sources and published reports, numerous FBI agents felt that abortion-rights supporters in the attorney general's office crossed an ethical line out of eagerness to damage the pro-life movement. "The [FBI] people who were running the abortion investigations were very solid and thoroughly disgusted by efforts to use the agency this way," The Post source said. ……."They wanted to go after pro-life groups as domestic terrorist organizations. The bureau resisted," said the source. "That's the way they look at the world: Anybody who opposes us is a potential domestic terrorist." ……"

U.S. News & World Report 7/10/00 John Leo "…… 'Champagne and shivers," abortion lobbyist Janet Benshoof said in reaction to the Supreme Court's 5-4 vote to strike down Nebraska's ban on "partial-birth" abortion. "Shivers" because the vote was close, "champagne" because the few rogue abortionists who perform this procedure can keep at it, no matter what 30 state legislatures and two thirds of the American people think. ……… Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan thinks partial-birth abortion is "too close to infanticide." I would say that when a bystander can see a baby flinching at the moment of intentional killing, there is no "too close" about it. It is infanticide. And with a lot of tortured mental gymnastics, it has just been protected by our highest court. ……… In the high court's 1992 Casey decision, the justices strongly acknowledged that the states have legitimate and important constitutional interests to assert on abortion. In effect, they shifted some decision-making power from the woman and her physician to the state. It now appears that Casey was a bait-and-switch effort. ……. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote a pained dissent implying that he has been double-crossed after signing on with the Casey majority. He also said clearly what many think of this court: It has gotten in the habit of replacing the decisions of voters and legislatures with its own personal opinions. Kennedy wrote: "The issue is not whether members of the judiciary can see a difference between [partial-birth and other procedures]. It is whether Nebraska can. The court's refusal to recognize Nebraska's right to declare a moral difference between the procedures is a dispiriting disclosure of the illogic and illegitimacy of the court's approach to the entire case." ……." 6/30/00 Tom Ambrose "……. As you are likely aware, the U.S. Supreme Court has now, once again, declared by a 5 to 4 decision that it is God. In this particular decision, the Court struck down the ban against partial-birth abortion in Nebraska. In essence, they have allowed the bloody slaughter of innocent, viable babies to continue……… The standard by which we define human death in our society is the absence of brain waves. Should we not, then, at least be logically consistent and define human beings as alive when brain waves are present? ……In the human species, this begins approximately 40 days / six weeks after conception. This is why, for example, there has been a recent surge of interest in playing classical music for babies to hear while they are in their mother's womb: they hear, they feel, they dream, they learn!…..By such a definition, any deliberate abortion that occurs more than 40 days after conception is, inescapably, murder. Fetal brain waves are detectable. Can we not look into each of our own hearts and support this logical, clear and easily determined position of when life begins? ……"

Boston Herald 7/2/00 Beverly Beckham "……. The front page of Thursday's New York Times is a lesson in contradictions that could serve as a poster for what is wrong with America today. ``COURT RULES THAT GOVERNMENTS CAN'T OUTLAW TYPE OF ABORTION'' were the top headlines, followed in smaller print by ``Cuban Boy Flies Home With His Father.'' Of course, there was an accompanying picture of Elian with his father, and under that story a big color photo of a group of adorable 4-year-olds all dressed up for their kindergarten graduation. ``It squishes your heart,'' was the caption under this shot. There's nothing that Americans like better than pictures and stories of sweet, vulnerable little children. But when it comes to protecting the most vulnerable, we don't. ……."

Boston Herald 7/2/00 Beverly Beckham "……. ``In the almost 30 years since Roe, this Court has never described the various methods of aborting a second or third trimester fetus,'' wrote Justice Clarence Thomas in his dissenting opinion. ``From reading the majority's sanitized description, one would think that this case involves state regulation of a widely accepted routine medical procedure. Nothing could be further from the truth. The most widely used method of abortion during this stage is so gruesome that its use can be traumatic even for the physicians and medical staff who perform it. And the particular procedure at issue in this case, `partial birth abortion' so closely borders on infanticide that 30 states have attempted to ban it.'' ………It doesn't just border on infanticide. It is infanticide. ......:

Boston Herald 7/2/00 Beverly Beckham "……. How is it that a girl who gives birth to a child in a public restroom and leaves that child, thinking he is dead, ends up in jail, her picture all over the news, her life inspected, her deed the subject of countless news stories and talk shows? How is this worse than the deliberate, premeditated murder of hundreds of thousands of other children the public never knows about? ….."

Washington Weekly 7/3/00 Peter Mulhern "…..I just can't get any worse. The United States Supreme Court says that infanticide is an ntegral part of the ordered liberty our Constitution guarantees…….e Scalia characterized this ruling as "absurd," which can only be described as the most stunning understatement in the history of American legal writing. He would come closer to the mark if he observed, on the evidence of the majority opinion in Stenberg v. Carhart, that five members of the Court are certifiably insane………… In Planned Parenthood v. Casey the Court announced that states could regulate abortion as long as they avoided imposing any "undue burden" on a woman's supposed "right to choose." In Stenberg we discovered that any burden at all is undue………. The Court could not describe any case in which a woman who wanted an abortion would be prevented from getting one by the Nebraska law. The mere theoretical possibility that some Nebraska abortionist might sometime conclude that the banned procedure would be marginally safer in a particular case than the alternatives was enough to make the law an undue burden on the right to choose…….Stenberg v. Carhart is hideous. It prevents states from maintaining the most minimal standards of civilized behavior. It is a manifesto of barbarism. Oddly enough, I believe it marks a turning point. Stenberg has clarified abortion doctrine which is the first step toward the inevitable repudiation of Roe v. Wade......."

UK Independent via Drudge 7/2/00 Duncan Campbell and Paul Lashmar "…..Stenberg should bring that issue back into focus. The Nebraska law that the Court struck down had no significant practical impact. It was a symbolic statement that the people of Nebraska find abortion disturbing. The procedure it prohibited differed from other abortions only esthetically. The moral revulsion that procedure inspires should logically apply to most abortions. The Supreme Court couldn't tolerate that moral revulsion, which is a direct challenge to the letter and spirit of Roe……….. In his famous Cooper Institute speech, Lincoln asked rhetorically what would satisfy the pro-slavery party in 1860. He provided this answer: "This and this only: cease to call slavery wrong and join them in calling it right." Replace slavery with abortion and you have a neat summary of what Stenberg demands from us. The Court will not tolerate any public act that takes issue with the moral squalor of Roe v. Wade. It will embrace even infanticide rather than acknowledge that squalor. This is an extreme and indefensible position. The abortion industry and its cheerleaders are fond of pointing to polling data that shows most Americans support "abortion rights." In fact, however, polls show that very few people are in favor of the unlimited abortion license the Supreme Court has created. A declining majority of Americans believes that at least some abortions should be legal, but the constituency for Roe v. Wade and its sweeping amoralism is vanishingly small…….."

UK Independent via Drudge 7/2/00 Duncan Campbell and Paul Lashmar "…..Like Dred Scott v. Sanford, Stenberg purports to put the most pressing moral issue of its time entirely outside the bounds of political action. This is no more likely to be successful now than it was then. Moral issues rise up no matter how hard they are thrust down. Great moral truths, as Jefferson observed, are self-evident. They are difficult to ignore. Stenberg is appalling but, as they always say in Chicago around this time of the summer, "wait 'til next year." ……"

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 7/2/00 Dennis Barbagello "…….Human life - when it actually begins, when and under what circumstances it should be terminated - has probably been the most volatile of political issues in America since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion with its Roe vs. Wade decision nearly three decades ago. Yet, it has been an issue plagued by a glaring inconsistency that neither political nor spiritual leaders have dared to even acknowledge. That is: How can any self-proclaimed "pro-life" politician adamantly oppose abortion, yet still favor the death penalty? Pennsylvanians will soon have that controversy stoked to a white-hot level by a series of broadcast advertisements to be aired across the commonwealth during the next six weeks. ……… A group of Roman Catholic clerics, "Priests for Life," is sponsoring that ad campaign, which they say is aimed at politicians of their faith who also claim to be "pro-choice" on the abortion issue. But the campaign is unlikely to mention capital punishment, which the Catholic Church also opposes. ……."

AP 7/2/00 "……The chairman of the committee that is drafting the Republican Party's statement of principles said Sunday there is no deal with anti-abortion conservatives to keep the party's strong anti-abortion plank in exchange for softer language on other issues. ''I wish there was a deal. It would be much easier if we had a deal, but there is no deal,'' Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson said on ABC's ''This Week.'' ……."

The Daily Oklahoman 7/3/00 "…… WE suggest a couple of ways to look at the U.S. Supreme Court's decision last week striking down a Nebraska law banning partial-birth abortion. ……. One views the 5-4 vote optimistically, hoping that the appointment of one or two conservative justices by the next president will tip the court balance in favor of protecting innocent unborn children. A member of the pro-abortion majority in the Nebraska case, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, went so far as to map out ways the law could be "fixed" to pass constitutional muster. A partial victory is that close. ...... The other view is darkly pessimistic and quite rational. When all was said and done, the high court chose to protect a procedure so gruesome that Sen. Daniel P. Moynihan, an "abortion rights" supporter, called it the equivalent of "infanticide." If partial-birth abortion can't be regulated or outlawed, what form of abortion or early infanticide can be? ……. The minority assailed the majority's arguments with unusual force. Justice Clarence Thomas, who rarely speaks in the court's public sessions, refuted claims the partial-birth ban could be applied to other methods. Thomas, perhaps the clearest thinker on the high court, called O'Connor's hopeful- sounding advice to pro-lifers "illusory" -- a "fig leaf barely covering (the court's) hostility to any abortion regulation." Justice Antonin Scalia was more blunt: "I am optimistic enough to believe that, one day, (the Nebraska case) will be assigned its rightful place in the history of this court's jurisprudence beside Korematsu, upholding dislocation and internment of Japanese Americans during World War II and Dred Scott (upholding slavery)."

The Daily Oklahoman 7/3/00 "…… Pro-life optimists point to polls, such as one earlier this month for the Los Angeles Times, showing that 65 percent of Americans disapprove of second-trimester abortions such as the partial-birth and dilation and extraction procedures. They also can be heartened by the possibility pro-abortion justices O'Connor (age 70) and Stevens (80) soon could retire, opening the door for pro-life replacements. …….Also problematical is the majority's insistence that any abortion restriction contain a health exception for the mother, defined to include mental well- being. "Demanding a 'health exception' ... is to give live-birth abortion free rein," Scalia wrote……..The law has been distended to the point that given the court's current makeup no abortion method may be declared wrong -- not even, perhaps, cases described by some nurses in which the baby's entire body was outside the mother. …….When there's no hope, what do the hopeful do? Defenders of life must pray. Pray for the unborn and that more members of the Supreme Court will be troubled by the barbaric realities of abortion, highlighted in the partial-birth method. ……."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 7/3/00 "……. Infanticide by any other name You can judge a society by how it treats its weakest members, so a wise man said. There is no one more vulnerable than the unborn child, and last week the U.S. Supreme Court made these lives more precarious when it struck down Nebraska's ban on partial-birth abortion. The ruling will affect bans on the abortion procedure currently existing in 30 states, and goes against the grain for a majority of Americans, even those who believe that abortion ought to be legal. It makes it legal to kill a human being who has been partially, but not fully, born, crushing its skull and sucking the brains out by vacuum. This is not a decision any civilized society can be proud of. Also in a defeat for abortion foes, the court ruled to uphold restrictions on protests outside abortion clinics. These are controversial decisions that will surely become a factor in the presidential election……"

California Medicine 9/1970 Freeper Ironwood "……. The following is the famous editorial which appeared in California Medicine, the official journal of the California Medical Association (Sept., 1970; Vol 113, No. 3), speaking about the linguistic strategy that would have to be used for abortion to gain acceptance….." ……"…. The traditional Western ethic has always placed great emphasis on the intrinsic worth and equal value of every human life regardless of its stage or condition. This ethic has had the blessing of the Judeo-Christian heritage and has been the basis for most of our laws and much of our social policy. The reverence for each and every human life has also been a keystone of Western medicine and is the ethic which has caused physicians to try to preserve, protect, repair, prolong, and enhance every human life which comes under their surveillance. This traditional ethic is still clearly dominant, but there is much to suggest that it is being eroded at its core and may eventually even be abandoned. This of course will produce profound changes in Western medicine and in Western society………..What is not yet so clearly perceived is that in order to bring this about hard choices will have to be made with respect to what is to be preserved and strengthened and what is not, and that this will of necessity violate and ultimately destroy the traditional Western ethic with all that this portends. It will become necessary and acceptable to place relative rather than absolute values on such things as human lives, the use of scarce resources and the various elements which are to make up the quality of life or of living which is to be sought. This is quite distinctly at variance with the Judeo-Christian ethic and carries serious philosophical, social, economic, and political implications for Western society and perhaps for world society.......... The process of eroding the old ethic and substituting the new has already begun. It may be seen most clearly in changing attitudes toward human abortion. In defiance of the long held Western ethic of intrinsic and equal value for every human life regardless of its stage, condition, or status, abortion is becoming accepted by society as moral, right, and even necessary. It is worth noting that this shift in public attitude has affected the churches, the laws, and public policy rather than the reverse. Since the old ethic has not yet been fully displaced it has been necessary to separate the idea of abortion from the idea of killing, which continues to be socially abhorrent. The result has been a curious avoidance of the scientific fact, which everyone really knows, that human life begins at conception and is continuous whether intra- or extra-uterine until death. The very considerable semantic gymnastics which are required to rationalize abortion as anything but taking a human life would be ludicrous if they were not often put forth under socially impeccable auspices. It is suggested that this schizophrenic sort of subterfuge is necessary because while a new ethic is being accepted the old one has not yet been rejected…………..."

News Letter 6/28/00 Honorable Mr. John Hostettler "…… The Supreme Court rejected logic and compassion today when it struck down Nebraska's partial birth abortion ban. The majority ruled that banning a medically unnecessary procedure where a mostly delivered living baby has her skull punctured and her brains sucked out somehow places an "undue burden" on a mother. It requires fairly twisted thinking to conclude that laws preventing infanticide place a burden on anyone. The majority of justices are so beholden to the flawed reasoning of Roe v Wade that they have lost sight of government's responsibility to protect its most vulnerable citizens. The travesty of this decision is magnified by the fact that the United States is about to celebrate the anniversary of the document that declared the unalienable human right to "life" upon which no government can infringe. ……"

Channel NewsAsia via Yahoo 6/29/00 "…… Taiwan's President Chen Shui-bian has said his new government is willing to embrace a "one-China" policy but made it clear that recognition of China is not tantamount to a recognition of the People's Republic government in Beijing. It is the first time Mr Chen has explicitly said he would embrace the "one-China" consensus, agreed to under the previous Nationalist government. ….."

National Review 6/28/00 Dan Mindus "…..The FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies have long engaged in a massive surveillance operation of pro-life groups, including the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Christian Coalition, and Concerned Women for America. When FBI officials objected to the use of "intrusive investigative activity" in the "Full Investigation" of these non-violent organizations, higher-ups in the Justice Department overruled them. The data-collection operation, in which four federal agencies participated, is called VAAPCON: Violence Against Abortion Providers Conspiracy. In effect, Reno directed her minions to spend their time writing the unauthorized biography of Cardinal John O'Connor and the Reverend Jerry Falwell - all in the hopes of defusing the violent conspiracy of which they are the masterminds. Judicial Watch, which obtained the VAAPCON files through the freedom of information act, is still waiting on tens of thousands of documents, yet to be released. ……."

TBO.Com 6/29/00 Jesse Holland AP "……Republicans in Congress soon may push forward with legislation that would ban so-called partial-birth abortions now that the Supreme Court has given guidance on how to make such a bill constitutionally valid. On Wednesday, the nation's highest court threw out Nebraska's ban, saying it violates women's constitutional rights by imposing an "undue burden" on their decisions to end their pregnancies. …….. GOP lawmakers, who have been waiting on this decision, now will take the ruling and rework their already-approved "partial-birth" ban in hopes of avoiding any constitutional questions. ...... One of the things that the court said made the Nebraska law unconstitutional - the lack of an exemption to protect the health of the mother - also is not in the GOP bills as they now stand in the House and Senate. But President Clinton likely will get a rewritten bill before this year's presidential election. He vetoed legislation on the matter in 1996 and 1997, stating that it did not provide adequate exceptions to protect the health of the mother. ……. The House both times voted to override the veto but the Senate failed to come up with the necessary two-thirds majority for an override. ……"

TBO.Com 6/29/00 Jesse Holland AP "……Vice President Al Gore, the Democratic presidential hopeful, opposes a ban on partial-birth abortion, while his likely opponent, the Republican governor of Texas, George W. Bush, supports it. ...... Partial-birth abortion is not a medical term. Doctors call the method dilation and extraction, or D&X, because it involves partially extracting a fetus, legs first, through the birth canal, cutting the skull and draining its contents. A more common procedure is dilation and evacuation, or D&E, in which an arm or leg of a live fetus may be pulled into the birth canal during the abortion operation. ...... The Supreme Court, in a 5-4 vote Wednesday, said the Nebraska law aimed at only at the D&X method could criminalize the D&E method as well. It also does not provide an exception for a partial-birth abortion to protect the health of the mother. ……."There was a deliberate decision to wait until the court ruled and use the decision to craft the bill in committee," said a House staffer who asked not to be identified. ……" 6/29/00 Steve Chapman "…Those anti-abortion zealots on the Supreme Court do get carried away. This week, when the court voted 5-4 to strike down a Nebraska law banning partial-birth abortion, two of them insisted that this type of abortion is really no different from other types. There is no "reason to believe," they wrote, "that the procedure Nebraska here claims it seeks to ban is more brutal, more gruesome, or less respectful of 'potential life' than the equally gruesome procedure Nebraska claims it still allows." Oops. My mistake. Those weren't justices who think abortion should be banned. Those were justices (John Paul Stevens and Ruth Bader Ginsburg) who think abortion should be allowed. ….. They agreed that the whole business, by whatever procedure, is brutal, gruesome and destructive of potential life. And they think it enjoys the full protection of the U.S. Constitution. Give them points for honesty. ….Their candor, exhibited in a concurring opinion, contrasts with the language used in the majority opinion. The latter reaches for any euphemism to avoid confronting the reality of what the court has chosen to permit….. "

Washington Post 6/29/00 Amy Goldstein "….. In striking down Nebraska's abortion statute, the Supreme Court yesterday knocked out an entire generation of laws adopted by 31 states, undermining the most successful inroads anti-abortion forces have made in recent years, according to legal experts on both sides of the issue. …….. At the same time, the court's decision almost certainly will intensify the volatile politics of abortion, injecting the issue with fresh force into this year's presidential race and galvanizing a new round of debate in state legislatures……. "They have left the door wide open for states to try again," said Gloria Feldt, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, which favors abortion rights. However, some anti-abortion activists in Virginia and elsewhere said they were uncertain the court had left them much latitude to create new bans that would be constitutional - and still be as strict as they would like……."I really don't see Virginia or any other state being able to craft a law that suits the ideological leanings of this Supreme Court," said Fiona Givens, a spokeswoman for the Virginia Society for Human Life…….."

Washington Post 6/29/00 Amy Goldstein "….. Even bans - such as Utah's - that allow a woman's health to be considered probably would be considered unconstitutional for another reason: the court said such laws cannot be so broad they might be construed to forbid another method used more commonly to perform second-trimester abortions. Outside legal opinion divided, however, as to whether the decision also would impede federal efforts to ban the procedure. President Clinton has vetoed such legislation twice, but the House passed a bill for a third time in April, and is waiting to start resolving differences with similar legislation the Senate approved last fall………"

Washington Times 6/28/00 August Gribbin "…..Many of those publicly reacting to the court's ruling pointed to the fact that the decision to strike down Nebraska's law turned on a single vote. Vice President Al Gore was among them. In the course of a campaign stop in Columbus, Ohio, Mr. Gore referred to the "razor-thin" majority. He noted that "the next president will nominate at least three and probably four . . . justices to the Supreme Court. One extra vote on the wrong side . . . would change the outcome and a woman's right to choose would be taken away." Mr. Gore indicated that, if elected, he would see to it that didn't happen. But he said that if Texas Gov. George W. Bush were elected, Mr. Bush would "change the court's opinion on a woman's right to choose." Mr. Bush agreed. While campaigning in Cleveland, Mr. Bush also remarked on the "narrow margin" by which Nebraska's law was overturned and promised "to come up with a law that meets the constitutional scrutiny, and, unlike Al Gore, I pledge to fight for a ban on partial-birth abortion."…… "

Washington Post 6/29/00 Sandra Sobieraj "……Al Gore said a "razor-thin" Supreme Court abortion decision Wednesday should sound an alarm to abortion-rights supporters not to elect George W. Bush as the president who will make the next high court appointments. "One extra vote on the wrong side ... would change the outcome and a woman's right to choose would be taken away," Gore said during a campaign stop outside Columbus……… The Democrat said of his Republican opponent: "It is obvious that he intends, if he ever gets the chance, to try to change the court's opinion on a woman's right to choose." Bush, confronted once more by an issue that threatens his courtship of moderate voters, said he was disappointed by the court's 5-4 vote striking down a Nebraska law banning so-called "partial-birth" abortions…… "States should have the right to enact reasonable laws and restrictions particularly to end the inhumane practice of ending a life that otherwise could live," Bush said……..He pledged to fight for a partial-birth abortion ban that would meet constitutional muster. Gore has said he supports banning that one, late-term abortion procedure except in cases where it is necessary to protect the life or health of the mother…….."

Washington Post 6/29/00 George Will "……Nowadays pro-abortion forces, speaking with the mincing language of people who lack the courage of their squeamishness, speak of abortion producing "fetal demise." Remarkable, that--the demise of something only potentially alive. But not long ago pro-abortion forces denied that what they call "fetal material," and Nebraska calls "a living unborn child," can feel pain. In fact, partial-birth abortion, which is generally used in the third trimester of gestation, is inflicted on beings that have reflexes and brain activity and other attributes of newborn infants.......Not long ago pro-abortion forces argued that abortion involves no cruelty or gruesomeness from which society should flinch. Now they defend partial-birth abortion in order to defend all late-term abortions, all of which involve the violent dismemberment of "fetal material" that looks exactly like a baby…….."

Washington Post 6/29/00 George Will "……America's subsequent slide into the culture of death was manifest Sept. 26, 1996, during a Senate debate on partial-birth abortion....... Pennsylvania Republican Rick Santorum asked Democrats Russ Feingold of Wisconsin and Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey this: Suppose during an attempted partial-birth abortion the infant, instead of being just almost delivered, with only a few inches of skull remaining in the birth canal, slips entirely out of the canal. Is killing the born baby still a "choice"? Feingold and Lautenberg said it was still a matter between a mother and her abortionist. (C-SPAN captured this exchange. The Congressional Record was subsequently falsified.) …….. Feingold and Lautenberg anticipated the court….."

Washington Post 6/29/00 George Will "…… In Roe v. Wade, which arose in Texas, the court left standing a Texas law prohibiting "the killing of an unborn child during parturition," meaning the killing of an infant "in the state of being born and before actual birth." On Wednesday, such killing--what Justice Scalia, dissenting, accurately calls "live-birth abortion"--became a fundamental constitutional right………..Wednesday's decision will, as Justice Scalia said in dissent, rank with the cases of Dred Scott (1857, saying blacks could not be citizens and so could not seek judicial protection of their rights) and Korematsu (1944, upholding the internment of American citizens of Japanese ancestry) as acts of judicial infamy……."

Ny Post 6/29/00 Rod Dreher "…… SO NOW, we know: Nothing can be allowed to hinder the abortion-rights tyranny. Not the Constitution, not the will of state legislatures, not expert medical opinion, not the viability of the unborn child outside the womb. Not reason, not fairness, not the gruesome specter of infanticide. Let there be no illusion in the pro-life ranks: with the Stenberg vs. Carhart ruling, the game is over - for now…….. "This ties up all the knots, and finishes what was begun with Roe vs. Wade. Nothing can be done," conceded Amherst College law Professor Hadley Arkes, an influential pro-life intellectual who was present in the courtroom for the decision. ……. And in a parallel ruling that should - but won't - provoke outrage from civil libertarians, the court found that there is no constitutional right to peaceful pro-life speech on sidewalks outside abortion clinics. …….The extremism of the court's decisions can hardly be overstated, and was explicitly noted in blistering dissents by Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. ….."

Insight Magazine 6/17/00 Paul Rodriguez "……how to explain newly obtained internal Justice Department documents that lay out justification for "intrusive investigative activity" by the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the U.S. Postal Inspection and U.S. Marshals services and other federal law-enforcement agencies to compile dossiers on groups as divergent as the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, the National Rifle Association and the Women's Coalition for Life?…..News alert! has obtained hundreds of pages on this secret project called VAAPCON, an acronym for Violence Against Abortion Providers Conspiracy, sometimes just shortened to VAAP. These never-before-seen records detail not just suspected criminal activities by some factions of the antiabortion or pro-life movements, but also the political activities, biographies and lobbying efforts by some of the most well-known - and law-abiding groups - in the country.

Insight Magazine 6/17/00 Paul Rodriguez "…..Consider this VAAPCON entry called "Profiles of Pro-Life Groups ... NOT PARTICIPATING IN DIRECT ACTION." It lists the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, Americans United for Life, Feminists for Life, Women's Coalition for Life, American Life League, the Christian Coalition and Concerned Women for America. In one of the documents dating back to 1994 or early 1995, an entry concerns the Catholic bishops' group: "Led by [the late] Cardinal John O'Connor, the Conference is considered by many to be the broadest, best organized and most powerful of the pro-life groups. ……. Then there's this entry on the Women's Coalition for Life: They "describe themselves as both pro-feminist and pro-life. It's an umbrella organization of approximately 1.8 million members, linking 15 existing grass-roots groups led by women opposed to abortion. …….Then there's this item from the secret database: "The Christian Coalition is an evangelical advocacy group founded by the Rev. Pat Robertson after his 1988 campaign for President. In the past, the Coalition focused on such issues as abortion, homosexuality and school prayer. They are presently trying to move more towards the mainstream. At their recent annual conference, it was decided to expand their agenda to include the economy and health-care reform. They engage almost exclusively in lobbying and grass-roots organizing."

Insight Magazine 6/17/00 Paul Rodriguez "…..Larry Klayman, general counsel of Judicial Watch, whose group obtained the documents under a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, asks: "What in the world are Janet Reno, Hillary, Bill and their VAAPCON task force doing using law-enforcement personnel to infiltrate, collect and assemble database information of this type? We were told by one source that some in the FBI objected to the monitoring of these groups on legal and ethical grounds but were overruled by upper levels at Justice." ......, What is curious to even two senior federal law-enforcement officials, one at the FBI and one at the Justice Department, is that the database is under the auspices of the Criminal Division and that virtually all entries are part of what's called an "FI" tag - that is, a "full-investigation" label. "This is wrong and it ought to be exposed for what it is, a political witch-hunt," said a concerned FBI agent. ……"

6/29/00 Ted Gausmann "…….Let's imagine that, during the procedure known as partial-birth abortion, a baby was "partially" delivered headfirst instead of feet-first. With feet and legs still in the birth canal, squinting eyes adjusting to the bright lights and lungs taking in air, would this hypothetical being be an "unborn fetus" or a "baby"? What if she only had one foot still in the birth canal? How about a baby who was fully born, but the abortionist quickly placed her tiny foot or hand back into the birth canal? Would the doctor then still have the legal right to puncture its skull and remove its brain? ……… While the gruesome partial-birth abortion procedure is an affront to any civilized society, are other types of late-term abortions really any different? A preemie is able to live independent of its mother and is entitled to the full legal protection afforded any citizen. That same baby inside its mother's womb has no rights and may be dismembered for any reason. Legal discussions centered on a mother's alleged right to "choose" and use of the euphemism "terminating a pregnancy" have hardened our culture and desensitized us to the brutality of abortion. …. "

The Weekly Standard On-line 7/3/00 Noemie Emery "…..Some time ago, I had a dream: that the pro-life wing of the Republican party would become just a little less rigid, and seek common ground with the pro-choice wing of the party. Now that seems to have happened, and I have a new dream: that GOP pro-choicers will reciprocate. In this dream, the Tom Ridges, the Jennifer Dunns, and the Kay Bailey Hutchisons of the party would, singly or together, begin to say things like this: (1) They still dissent in some ways from their pro-life colleagues-no point in lying; (2) but they think abortion is a "right" that is wrong, that alternatives to it should be strongly promoted, and that the state ought to speak up for life; (3) and, differ as they do with some in their own party, they dissent even more from the feminist Democrats. These Republicans would then draw sharp lines between themselves and the Democrats, call them out of touch with the country and with its moral traditions, and make them defend their more radical viewpoints. …." 6/27/00 "…… The FBI told a member of Congress the agency was not spying on innocent people and groups involved in the pro-life movement when it was hip deep in running a program tracking pro-lifers. In responding to a request from Rep. Charles Taylor, R-N.C., for information on reports that the feds were targeting pro-lifers, the FBI insisted that it only tracks individuals or organizations known to be or suspected of being involved in criminal activities, according to Insight magazine. …….. "The FBI initiates FACE [Freedom of Access to Clinics Entrance Act of 1994] investigations based upon the receipt of information indicating that a potential criminal violation has occurred which meets the ... threshold of the law which, essentially, prohibits any interference or threat or harm to people seeking abortions or those providing such services," Insight says the Bureau wrote Taylor. "For information, when an investigation is initiated by the FBI, an investigative file is opened and all information obtained throughout the investigative period is maintained therein. The FBI does not maintain non-investigative files on individuals or organizations involved in anti-abortion activities." ……….This flies in the face of official documents, obtained by Insight, that show there are "many files on non-violent groups such as the Conference of Bishops and other organizations - and prominent people like Cardinal O'Conner - in the forefront of the pro-life movement with no known ties to criminal actions." ……. As revealed by NewsMax yesterday, documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by the watchdog organization Judicial Watch and aired in an Insight exclusive report, the federal government has a hitherto secret program VAAPCON (Violence Against Abortion Providers Conspiracy), or VAAP, which targets a host of individuals and groups involved in the pro-life movement, including America's Catholic bishops, Concerned Women for America, the Rev. Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition, the National Right to Life Committee and other similar groups. ……The exposure of the secret spy operation drew an angry response from the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. ……"

Elliot Institute 6/28/00 Reardon, Makimaa and Sobie "…….A woman becomes pregnant during a rape. Elsewhere, a 12-year-old incest victim is six months pregnant. Is abortion in such cases necessary or even helpful? Not according to a new survey of 192 women who became pregnant through sexual assault and either had abortions or carried term. Instead, the consensus opinion of these women who have actually been in this situation is that abortion in their circumstances was injurious. Indeed, the results of this new study suggest that most women who become pregnant through sexual assault do not even want abortions…….. The results of this study are included in "Victims and Victors: Speaking Out About Their Pregnancies, Abortions, and Children Resulting from Sexual Assault," edited by Dr. David C. Reardon, Julie Makimaa and Amy Sobie. ……In addition to reporting on this survey of sexual assault victims, the new book also includes the powerful personal testimonies of twenty women and helpful background information on this complex issue……."Many of the women in our sample aborted only because they were pressured to do so, and most reported that the abortion only increased their experience of grief and trauma," said Reardon. "In contrast, none of the women who carried to term said they wished they had not given birth or that they had chosen abortion instead. Many of these women said that their children had bought peace and healing to their lives."……"

AP 6/28/00 "……The Supreme Court gave states greater leeway to restrict anti-abortion demonstrations outside health clinics, ruling Wednesday that Colorado's limits on ``sidewalk counseling'' legitimately protect abortion patients' right to avoid unwanted speech. ……. The justices, by a 6-3 vote, upheld a 1993 Colorado ``bubble'' law that bars people from counseling, distributing leaflets or displaying signs within eight feet of others without their consent whenever they are within 100 feet of a health clinic entrance. …..``This statute simply empowers private citizens entering a health care facility with the ability to prevent a speaker, who is within 8 feet and advancing, from communicating a message they do not wish to hear,'' Justice John Paul Stevens wrote for the court. ……"

Boston Globe 6/28/00 "……Tom DeLay (R-TX), the House Majority Whip, today criticized the U.S. Supreme Court for its decision sanctioning the brutal practice of partial birth abortion. ……. Congressman DeLay's statement concerning the Supreme Court's decision in Stenberg v. Carhart follows: "This flawed decision, upholding a manufactured right to kill a child as it literally is being born, demonstrates the extreme parameters of Roe v. Wade. The Court is interpreting Roe to protect a practice in which only six inches separates infanticide from a court-sanctioned medical procedure. ……"More than anything, this decision demonstrates the urgent need to put a President in the White House who will insist on appointing members of the Judiciary who do not view the Constitution as a launch pad for contrived legal theories. ……"

Drudge 6/28/00 "…..SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES No. 99-830 DON STENBERG, ATTORNEY GENERAL OF NEBRASKA, ET AL., PETITIONERS v. LEROY CARHART ON WRIT OF CERTIORARI TO THE UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE EIGHTH CIRCUIT……. Although much ink is spilled today describing the gruesome nature of late-term abortion procedures, that rhetoric does not provide me a reason to believe that the procedure Nebraska here claims it seeks to ban is more brutal, more gruesome, or less respectful of ``potential life'' than the equally gruesome procedure Nebraska claims it still allows. JUSTICE GINSBURG and Judge Posner have, I believe, correctly diagnosed the underlying reason for the enactment of this legislation a reason that also explains much of the Court's rhetoric directed at an objective that extends well beyond the narrow issue that this case presents. The rhetoric is almost, but not quite, loud enough to obscure the quiet fact that during the past 27 years, the central holding of Roe v. Wade, 410 U. S. 113 (1973), has been endorsed by all but 4 of the 17 Justices who have addressed the issue. That holding that the word ``liberty'' in the Fourteenth Amendment includes a woman's right to make this difficult and extremely personal decision makes it impossible for me to understand how a State has any legitimate interest in requiring a doctor to follow any procedure other than the one that he or she reasonably believes will best protect the woman in her exercise of this constitutional liberty. But one need not even approach this view today to conclude that Nebraska's law must fall. For the notion that either of these two equally gruesome procedures performed at this late stage of gestation is more akin to infanticide than the other, or that the State furthers any legitimate interest by banning one but not the other, is simply irrational. ….."

JUSTICE O'CONNOR, concurring. "……First, the Nebraska statute is inconsistent with Casey because it lacks an exception for those instances when the banned procedure is necessary to preserve the health of the mother. See id., at 879 (joint opinion of O'CONNOR, KENNEDY, and SOUTER, JJ.). Importantly, Nebraska's own statutory scheme underscores this constitutional infirmity. As we held in Casey, prior to viability ``the woman has a right to choose to terminate her pregnancy.'' Id., at 870. After the fetus has become viable, States may substantially regulate and even proscribe abortion, but any such regulation or proscription must contain an exception for instances `` 'where it is necessary, in appropriate medical judgment, for the preservation of the life or health of the mother.' `` Id., at 879 (quoting Roe v. Wade, 410 U. S. 113, 165 (1973)). Nebraska has recognized this constitutional limitation in its separate statute generally proscribing postviability abortions. See Neb. Rev. Stat. Ann. 28-329 (Supp. 1999). That statute provides that ``.125n)o abortion shall be performed after the time at which, in the sound medical judgment of the attending physician, the unborn child clearly appears to have reached viability, except when necessary to preserve the life or health of the mother.'' Ibid. (emphasis added). Because even a postviability proscription of abortion would be invalid absent a health exception, Nebraska's ban on previability partial-birth abortions, under the circumstances presented here, must include a health exception as well, since the State's interest in regulating abortions before viability is ``considerably weaker'' than after viability. Ante, at 11. The statute at issue here, however, only excepts those procedures ``necessary to save the life of the mother whose life is endangered by a physical disorder, physical illness, or physical injury.'' Neb. Rev. Stat. Ann. 28-328(1) (Supp. 1999). This lack of a health exception necessarily renders the statute unconstitutional……"

Reuters/Variety 6/28/00 SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES No. 99-830 DON STENBERG, ATTORNEY GENERAL OF NEBRASKA, ET AL., PETITIONERS v. LEROY CARHART ON WRIT OF CERTIORARI TO THE UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE EIGHTH CIRCUIT…….. I am optimistic enough to believe that, one day, Stenberg v. Carhart will be assigned its rightful place in the history of this Court's jurisprudence beside Korematsu and Dred Scott. The method of killing a human child one cannot even accurately say an entirely unborn human child proscribed by this statute is so horrible that the most clinical description of it evokes a shudder of revulsion. And the Court must know (as most state legislatures banning this procedure have concluded) that demanding a ``health exception'' which requires the abortionist to assure himself that, in his expert medical judgment, this method is, in the case at hand, marginally safer than others (how can one prove the contrary beyond a reasonable doubt?) is to give live-birth abortion free rein. The notion that the Constitution of the United States, designed, among other things, ``to establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, . . . and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,'' prohibits the States from simply banning this visibly brutal means of eliminating our half-born posterity is quite simply absurd.............…

The two lengthy dissents in this case have, appropriately enough, set out to establish that today's result does not follow from this Court's most recent pronouncement on the matter of abortion, Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pa. v. Casey, 505 U. S. 833 (1992). It would be unfortunate, however, if those who disagree with the result were induced to regard it as merely a regrettable misapplication of Casey. It is not that, but is Casey's logical and entirely predictable consequence. To be sure, the Court's construction of this statute so as to make it include procedures other than live-birth abortion involves not only a disregard of fair meaning, but an abandonment of the principle that even ambiguous statutes should be interpreted in such fashion as to render them valid rather than void. Casey does not permit that jurisprudential novelty which must be chalked up to the Court's inclination to bend the rules when any effort to limit abortion, or even to speak in opposition to abortion, is at issue. It is of a piece, in other words, with Hill v. Colorado, ante, p. ---, also decided today..........But the Court gives a second and independent reason for invalidating this humane (not to say anti-barbarian) law: That it fails to allow an exception for the situation in which the abortionist believes that this live-birth method of destroying the child might be safer for the woman. (As pointed out by JUSTICE THOMAS, and elaborated upon by JUSTICE KENNEDY, there is no good reason to believe this is ever the case, but who knows? it sometime might be.)

I have joined JUSTICE THOMAS's dissent because I agree that today's decision is an ``unprecedented expansio.125n)'' of our prior cases, post, at 35, ``is not mandated'' by Casey's ``undue burden'' test, post, at 33, and can even be called (though this pushes me to the limit of my belief) ``obviously irreconcilable with Casey's explication of what its undue-burden standard requires,'' post, at 4. But I never put much stock in Casey's explication of the inexplicable. In the last analysis, my judgment that Casey does not support today's tragic result can be traced to the fact that what I consider to be an ``undue burden'' is different from what the majority considers to be an ``undue burden'' a conclusion that can not be demonstrated true or false by factual inquiry or legal reasoning. It is a value judgment, dependent upon how much one respects (or believes society ought to respect) the life of a partially delivered fetus, and how much one respects (or believes society ought to respect) the freedom of the woman who gave it life to kill it. Evidently, the five Justices in today's majority value the former less, or the latter more, (or both), than the four of us in dissent. Case closed. There is no cause for anyone who believes in Casey to feel betrayed by this outcome. It has been arrived at by precisely the process Casey promised a democratic vote by nine lawyers, not on the question whether the text of the Constitution has anything to say about this subject (it obviously does not); nor even on the question (also appropriate for lawyers) whether the legal traditions of the American people would have sustained such a limitation upon abortion (they obviously would); but upon the pure policy question whether this limitation upon abortion is ``undue'' i.e., goes too far. In my dissent in Casey, I wrote that the ``undue burden'' test made law by the joint opinion created a standard that was ``as doubtful in application as it is unprincipled in origin,'' Casey, 505 U. S., at 985; ``hopelessly unworkable in practice,'' id., at 986; ``ultimately standardless,'' id., at 987. Today's decision is the proof. As long as we are debating this issue of necessity for a health-of-the-mother exception on the basis of Casey, it is really quite impossible for us dissenters to contend that the majority is wrong on the law any more than it could be said that one is wrong in law to support or oppose the death penalty, or to support or oppose mandatory minimum sentences. The most that we can honestly say is that we disagree with the majority on their policy-judgment-couched-as-law. And those who believe that a 5-to-4 vote on a policy matter by unelected lawyers should not overcome the judgment of 30 state legislatures have a problem, not with the application of Casey, but with its existence. Casey must be overruled……..

While I am in an I-told-you-so mood, I must recall my bemusement, in Casey, at the joint opinion's expressed belief that Roe v. Wade had ``call.125ed) the contending sides of a national controversy to end their national division by accepting a common mandate rooted in the Constitution,'' Casey, 505 U. S., at 867, and that the decision in Casey would ratify that happy truce. It seemed to me, quite to the contrary, that ``Roe fanned into life an issue that has inflamed our national politics in general, and has obscured with its smoke the selection of Justices to this Court in particular, ever since''; and that, ``by keeping us in the abortion-umpiring business, it is the perpetuation of that disruption, rather than of any Pax Roeana, that the Court's new majority decrees.'' Id., at 995-996. Today's decision, that the Constitution of the United States prevents the prohibition of a horrible mode of abortion, will be greeted by a firestorm of criticism as well it should……….

I cannot understand why those who acknowledge that, in the opening words of JUSTICE O'CONNOR's concurrence, ``.125t)he issue of abortion is one of the most contentious and controversial in contemporary American society,'' ante, at 1, persist in the belief that this Court, armed with neither constitutional text nor accepted tradition, can resolve that contention and controversy rather than be consumed by it. If only for the sake of its own preservation, the Court should return this matter to the people where the Constitution, by its silence on the subject, left it and let them decide, State by State, whether this practice should be allowed. Casey must be overruled……."

National Review 6/28/00 Ramesh Ponnuru "……Eight years ago, in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, the Supreme Court disappointed pro-lifers by reaffirming abortion as a constitutional right. The Court urged them to "struggle to accept" the decision. They would be "tested by following" Casey, the Court said, but "the Court implicitly undertakes to remain steadfast." Now, in Stenberg v. Carhart, it has put even partial-birth abortion beyond the reach of the law. It has remained steadfast even unto infanticide. The Court is testing us again. It is a test we dare not pass. The Court's putative justification for striking down Nebraska's ban on partial-birth abortion is that the law is too vague, and might restrict so many abortions as to place an "undue burden" on the alleged constitutional right to abortion. But that is not the Court's real concern. If it were, it would have waited to see whether the law really was being applied indiscriminately. The law, however, was never given a chance to work. It was immediately blocked by a federal judge……."

National Review 6/28/00 Ramesh Ponnuru "……The Court's real fear is that accepting any restriction on abortion will call all of its handiwork into question. It is putting its finger in the dike. The Court advances an argument similar to that of Judge Richard Posner, whose own opinion holding a partial-birth-abortion ban unconstitutional is cited by two of the justices. Posner points out that the technique used to perform an abortion has no moral importance, as the baby will have been deliberately killed whichever one it is. What difference does it make what percentage of the baby's body is outside the womb? Posner is right: It makes no difference. But this is not a legitimate reason to strike down a ban on partial-birth abortion. The Constitution does not require that all laws conform to a rigorous moral logic. A few years ago, there was widespread outrage about Florida's electric chair, "Old Sparky," which sometimes set criminals on fire during its operation. Nobody suggested that this ghoulish spectacle did not matter because the criminal was going to die anyway. ….."

Denver Rocky Mountain News 6/28/00 Marlys Duran "….Arapahoe County commissioners stepped into the abortion fray Tuesday, adopting restrictions to make it harder to picket the home of an abortion doctor. Loud applause greeted the board's 4-0 vote after an emotional hearing that drew a large contingent of area residents in support of the measure. Among them were homeowners from Huntington Estates, where a group of abortion protesters have been picketing the home of Dr. Edward O'Loughlin for seven years, including weekly demonstrations since last July. O'Loughlin, an obstetrician and gynecologist, performs abortions two days a week at a Denver clinic. ……… The restrictions are modeled after an Aurora measure but are believed to be the first adopted by county officials in Colorado. They require pickets in residential neighborhoods to keep moving within a defined area and limit their signs to three square feet. ……"

National Review 6/20/00 Ramesh Ponnuru and John J. Miller "…… All signs suggest pro-lifers won't like the Supreme Court's pending decision on partial-birth abortion, but over the weekend came more evidence that the right-to-life movement picked a winner when it chose the strategy of focusing on partial-birth abortion five years ago. A new Los Angeles Times poll shows support for the Roe v. Wade decision slipping sharply over the last nine years. In 1991, 56 percent said they supported Roe. That figure is now down to 43 percent. …… The partial-birth-abortion debate is not the only explanation for the drop. The prevalence of sonograms during pregnancy has probably also played a big role, along with changing generational attitudes and economic prosperity. But by zeroing in on a particular abortion procedure--one that Justice Sandra Day O'Connor labeled "gruesome" during oral arguments in April--pro-lifers forced a reluctant media to describe the skull-crushing, brain-sucking reality of what partial-birth abortion really is: infanticide. …… In this sense, the Court's anticipated pro-choice ruling may actually be a boon to George W. Bush, as it will make his soft-peddled pro-life line appear positively moderate. Democrats and liberals in the media have worked hard to make pro-lifers look like extremists; but now it's abortion-on-demand that seems extreme. …."

Chuck Baldwin Commentary (My Title) 6/21/00 "…… The Times poll surveyed 2,071 adults and found that only a minority (43 percent) supports legalized abortion. That number is down from 56 percent just nine years ago. This is due, in part, to advances in medical technology that prove the viability of the human fetus from almost the time of conception. That’s the good part……..The bad part is that fully two thirds of those responding to the survey said that even if they were personally opposed to abortion, and believed it to be murder, they thought the decision to kill the baby was a matter between the mother and her doctor. Imagine that. Two thirds of the American people know that abortion is an act of murder against an innocent, unborn baby, yet support a mother’s and doctor’s "right" to kill him or her. This is worse than the situation was in 1973. ......In 1973, pro-abortion forces argued that a fetus was not a living person. In fact, that presupposition was the entire foundation of the landmark case. If a fetus was not a human being, but simply a "product of conception," it could not be granted the constitutional protection of life. Americans were told, therefore, that abortion took no life, it violated no God-given right. …….. Since then, medical technology has blown that fallacy out of the water! It is now indisputable that a fetus is an unborn, and fully alive, child. Even the most radical pro-abortionist cannot deny it. In fact, many doctors have stopped performing abortions, because they are now convinced that the fetus is a human being in every respect of the definition. …….However, pro-abortion indoctrination has had ample time to take effect. Millions of Americans have been desensitized to this grizzly practice to the point that even when they know the procedure kills an innocent, unborn child, they still support the right of the mother and doctor to do it. This reveals a callused and cold heart that portends America’s destruction. ……"

Boston Globe 6/24/00 R T Neary "……. Any day now the US Supreme Court will issue a ruling in Stenberg v. Carhart, surely one of the most emotionally charged cases that was heard during this busy session. ……The issue, which was argued before the court on April 25, revolves around an abortion procedure know in medical circles as intact D&X (dilation and extraction). The attorney for the respondent in this case, Dr. Leroy Carhart, defined D&X as ''a form of D&E,'' (dilation and evacuation), used commonly since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. That's a simplification. ……. As an April 23 New York Times article explained: ''In a D&E the fetus is dismembered before being removed. By contrast, the intact D&X collapses the fetal skull, minimizing possible damage to the women's uterus and cervix.'' ……. In an interview, Carhart said, ''In the D&E, you're classically breaking up a fetus and taking out one piece at a time.... ''The D&X, however, is the safest procedure for a woman.'' ……. Right-to-lifers refer to the D&X procedure as partial-birth abortion because the developing life is first turned in the womb and then extracted feet first until only the head is located in utero beyond the mother's cervix. The back of the skull is then pierced and a high-powered suction catheter inserted to extract the brain matter, allowing the genetically unique new creation to be separated from the mother, lifeless. ….. However, several victims have lived for varying periods of time - up to 45 minutes. And one child, known as baby Phoenix, actually survived the procedure in an Arizona abortion clinic. She will forever bear the disfiguring facial scars caused by this horrific attempt on her life…… Dr. Martin Haskell, whose paper first revealed this heinous practice, in a tape-recorded interview to the American Medical News in 1993, stated that 80 percent of the more than 1,000 partial-birth abortions that he performed were elective, not for medical reasons. Another proponent of the practice, the late Dr. James McMahon, even admitted that nine such abortions of this type he performed were because of a cleft lip of the child in utero. Where are we as a society? …….. Revelations of such horrific treatment to animals would not survive a week. The media would ratchet up a level of opposition, which would resonate through the White House, as well as through every nook and cranny of Congress's hallowed halls. And opposition to ending it would, I dare say, be nonexistent. It would be halted with dispatch. ….."

The Post-Abortion Review (Elliot Institute) 4/00 David Reardon PhD "…..In contrast, abortion critics have long contended that the statistics relied upon for maternal mortality calculations have been distorted and that the broader claim that "abortion is many times safer than childbirth" completely ignores high rates of other physical and psychological complications associated with abortion. Now a recent, unimpeachable study of pregnancy-associated deaths in Finland has shown that the risk of dying within a year after an abortion is several times higher than the risk of dying after miscarriage or childbirth. ……… This well-designed record-based study is from STAKES, the statistical analysis unit of Finland's National Research and Development Center for Welfare and Health. In an effort to evaluate the accuracy of maternal death reports, STAKES researchers pulled the death certificate records for all the women of reproductive age (15-49) who died between 1987 and 1994--a total of 9,192 women. They then culled through the national health care data base to identify any pregnancy-related events for each of these women in the 12 months prior to their deaths. ………Since Finland has socialized medical care, these records are very accurate and complete. In this fashion, the STAKES researchers identified 281 women who had died within a year of their last pregnancy. The unadjusted mortality rate per 100,000 cases was 27 for women who had given birth, 48 for women who had miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies, and 101 for women who had abortions. ……"

"Mr. Chairman, I rise with great sorrow and a heavy heart. The eyes of the world are upon us and the yoke of justice lays heavy upon our shoulders. But today, Mr. Chairman, justice will not be served. On this day, June 22, 2000, another man will die in Texas. He will not pass by the mercy and the grace of God; he will be executed at the hand of the State. ... I rise to condemn the taking of life. To kill a man, any man, is not moral, it is not just, and it is not right. ... Human life is the gift of the Almighty. Who are we to take that gift away?" --Rep. John Lewis, Georgia (D-5th), Pro-Abortion (Congressional Record, June 22, 2000, H4994)

Detroit News 6/23/00 Tony Snow "….. In one of those election-year spasms of opportunism, a band of activists has started pummeling Texas Gov. George W. Bush over his state's liberal use of capital punishment. They argue that he possibly could be heartless because executioners someday might take the life of an innocent person. …….. This is thin gruel, and like most arguments against the death penalty, it relies on shabby analysis, deliberate falsehood and cheap appeals to sentiment…….Let's face it, the case for capital punishment is simpler and more easily supported than the case against. William F. Buckley Jr. was mostly right when he complained that opponents of the death penalty are willing to talk about everything but the moral claim that some thugs, having freely killed fellow human beings, deserve death themselves………. So let me take up his challenge, since I have come to the conclusion that capital punishment is wrong. There is only one consistent reason why: The punishment doesn't fit the crime……..America's founders talked of an inalienable right to life - a right granted by God and thus not revocable by man. (They did believe in the death penalty, however.) I believe life is sacred, and no man is entitled to put another to death. I make an exception for war, which features competing rights to life, and sometimes - as in the Second World War - a fight over the dignity of life itself. …….. Here's the key: Either you believe the right to life supersedes all others or you don't. You can't coherently claim that infants possess the right, but murderers don't - or vice versa. It doesn't matter that the baby is innocent and the homicidal maniac isn't. If innocence enhances one's claim to existence, then so must other endearing attributes, such as beauty, usefulness, intellect or kindness to animals. The right stands alone, and the moment you qualify it, you invite trouble. …….The logic that compels me to oppose abortion, eugenics and euthanasia leads me to oppose execution - even of an Adolf Hitler or Adolph Eichmann. But make no mistake: Cold-blooded killers have earned the harshest punishment short of death. They have no claim to dignity, comfort, liberty - and they're certainly not entitled to the hero status conferred by bored literati and dim Hollywood crusaders. ……"

EWTN 6/20/00 CWNews "…… US public opinion is slowly turning against unrestricted legal abortion, although Americans often hold contradictory attitudes on the subject, a Los Angeles Times poll has shown. ……. The results of the Times poll, made public June 18, show that 43 percent of all Americans favor the retention of the Roe v. Wade decision, with which the US Supreme Court overturned all state laws against abortion. In 1991, the Roe decision was favored by 56 percent of the public. ….. The poll also found that 57 percent of Americans consider abortion a form of murder. However, a majority of respondents also indicated their willingness to leave the abortion decision up to the pregnant women. ...... The poll results undermined two commonly held assumptions about the politics of the abortion issue. First, it suggested that a pro-life stance is a net benefit for a presidential contender; 27 percent of those polled said that they were more likely to vote for Republican candidate George W. Bush because he is pro-life, while only 18 percent said they would be more likely to vote for Democrat Al Gore because he favors legal abortion. Also, the poll belied the notion that women are more likely to favor legal abortion; in fact, while 58 percent of all male respondents favored a ban on late-term abortions, 72 percent of all women gave the same answer......."

EWTN 6/23/00 "…….The director of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) reportedly wept in anger before delivering a speech to the UN General Assembly at the end of the Beijing+5 review of a women's conference on June 9, according to the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute (C-fam). ...... A UN delegate told C-fam Sadik wept as she angrily edited her statement concerning the Beijing+5 review after pro-family groups, including the Vatican, Muslim and Catholic countries, prevented feminist groups from enshrining "reproductive and sexual rights" as UN policy. ……….Sadik also accused opponents of wanting "death, disease, and suffering" for women and girls by denying them access to legalized abortion. Sadik said she had wanted to include a provision that would have required medical personnel to learn how to perform abortions even if it violated their consciences. The proposal was defeated. ……"

The Atlantic 7/25/00 Stuart Taylor "…… "A democratic vote by nine lawyers." That was one of Justice Antonin Scalia's angry dissenting flourishes last month. He was talking about the Supreme Court's decision on "the pure policy question" of whether the procedure that opponents call "partial-birth" abortion should be banned -- as hundreds of elected officials in 31 states had tried to do until five Justices swept their laws aside. In another case, Scalia likened the Court to "some sort of nine-headed Caesar." ......The nagging question is why we have a superlegislature at all. Astute critics of moderate and liberal persuasions have lately joined conservatives in raising that question, as Justices across the ideological spectrum have imposed "constitutional" rules that become ever-harder to connect to anything in the Constitution. ......:

AP 8/7/00 [Lieberman] "…….Shares Gore's support for abortion rights, and voted against banning procedure known as partial-birth abortion by its opponents. Abortion rights advocates say he voted their preferred position every time in 1999. Abortion rights opponents said he never voted their way last year. …."

FrontPageMagazine.Com 8/7/00 Chris Weinkopf "......The Bush campaign has decided to pick its battles carefully, and abortion is seemingly one it has chosen to sit out. That's a pity-and a mistake. Contrary to popular mythology, women are more likely than men to oppose abortion. An ABC News/Washington Post poll finds that 56 percent of men favor legalized abortion, but only 50 percent of women do......." 8/7/00 John Gizzi "…..Even though candidate George W. Bush had prominently stated his desire to keep the pro-life plank intact in the 2000 Republican National Platform, a small but vocal minority on the platform committee fought to remove or at least alter it. They were led by a Clinton-Gore contributor who slipped into the delegation and onto the platform committee, with the apparent backing of the California branch of the Bush campaign. …… The committee's most outspoken proponent of the "tolerance clause" that would have watered down the pro-life plank was Toni Casey, a public relations consultant from Los Altos, Calif. According to Federal Election Commission reports distributed to platform committee members by the conservative National Federation of Republican Assemblies, Casey made the maximum legal contribution of $1,000 to the 1996 Clinton-Gore Primary Committee. In 1988, she gave $500 to the Dukakis for President Committee. For the past seven years, she has been a regular donor to the EMILY's List political action committee, which promotes pro-choice women for office. She has also contributed to Democratic U.S. Reps. Zoe Lofgren and Anna Eshoo of California and to Sen. Chuck Robb, D-Va. -- all of whom opposed a ban on partial-birth abortion. ……In 1999, Casey made what was apparently her first donation -- $1,000 -- to a pro-life Republican: George W. Bush. ……"

Drudge/AP Wire 7/25/00 "……Nine days after Al Gore stumbled over whether pregnant women on death row should be executed, the Republican-controlled House tweaked the vice president by pushing an "innocent child protection" bill to prohibit states from putting to death mothers-to-be. "This bill is to ensure that a convicted killer doesn't kill again, namely the unborn child in her womb," said Rep. Joseph Pitts, R-Pa. However, the bill - introduced two days after the vice president's hesitation - clearly had a presidential campaign slant as representatives criticized him personally: Gore's position is "breathtakingly insensitive," said Rep. Christopher Smith, R-N.J. The bill passed unanimously Tuesday. ……"

Reuters 7/28/00 "…….More Americans believe life begins at conception compared to those who believe life begins at birth, a new Zogby ``American Values'' survey reveals. In the survey of 1,008 Independent likely voters nationwide, 45% said life begins at conception while 17.8% said life starts at birth. At the same time 32.3% said life begins somewhere in between the both, while another 4.9% were undecided. Of the respondents 25-34 years old, 51.1% said life begins at conception, compared to 27.8% of those aged 18-24. But 32.2% of those 18-24 said life begins at birth compared to 10.8% of those 25-34. More than half the women respondents (52%) said life begins at conception compared to 38.9% of the men. ……"

Dallas Morning News 7/31/00 AP "……Invariably, these courthouse dramas play out in secret. An anxious teenager explains how her life has been turned upside down. A judge then rules on her request to have an abortion without her parents' knowledge.The request is granted routinely in some states. In others, the girls commonly are rebuffed. Almost always, say attorneys who have participated, the experience is wrenching.. ..."

Daily Catholic 7/00 Dr. Frank Joseph, MD "…….If there's anything that makes my skin crawl, it's a clergyman, who says he is pro-choice. Pro-abortion -- pro-choice, it's all the same. If you condone and accept the proposition that a mother should be able to kill her unborn baby if she so chooses, you are pro-abortion. So let's not be cute and hide behind sugar coated words, like pro-choice and when a man of the cloth says he is pro-choice, it's all the more disgusting. It must be nice to pick and choose certain parts of the Holy Bible to live by. And if you feel that ignoring certain Scriptures will advance your career, then so be it. ………. Rev. Jackson changed the subject. It was apparent that he was getting nowhere with Lungren and his nonsensical views on the abortion issue. To the credit of Lungren, who apparently couldn't stand hypocrisy, a few minutes later, turned the subject back to the abortion issue. Lungren said, "the abortion issue is about life and death and the death penalty is about life and death." ……He was trying to tell Rev. Jackson in a nice way, that he was a hypocrite. Caring about the death penalty, but not caring if unborn babies were killed. …… Jackson abruptly replied, "don't put me in a box on abortion -- while I support pro-life, but the women has the ultimate choice. I don't support late term abortions -- I think it's runs dangerously close to infanticide. Jackson, again changed the subject and went on to talk about the current executions, which he condemned, since he is against the death penalty. ...... "

Boston Globe 7/31/00 Mona Charen "…….When you are determined to toe the line no matter what, you can find yourself making very odd, almost brainless statements. And that's what happened next to Gore. Russert asked Gore whether he supported a federal statute that forbids executing a woman who is pregnant. ''Well,'' Gore replied, ''I don't know what the circumstances would be in that situation. I would - you know, it's an interesting fact situation. I'd want to think about it.'' …….. Gore wasn't expecting such a question and can perhaps be excused for hesitating. But the following day, having presumably thought it over, Gore supplied reporters with what can only be called an absurdity. ''I support the statute to spare that hypothetical person. It should be her right to choose.'' …….What in the world was Gore saying? That the condemned woman should be offered the choice of carrying the child to term or going to the gallows pregnant? That even a convicted murderer should, if she is a woman, get the opportunity to make one more life-and-death decision? What is the logic? There is no question here of the mother raising the child, so this isn't a matter of permitting women control over their lives. In point of fact, this hypothetical woman has lost complete control over her life - she is about to lose it. The only question is whether her innocent, unborn child must be forced to share the same fate. ......"

Columbus Dispatch 7/28/00 "……. State Auditor Jim Petro, the leading Republican candidate for attorney general in 2002 and governor in 2006, quietly has changed his public position on abortion and now says he supports the pro-life position. Petro, endorsed in 1998 by the pro-abortion National Abortion Rights Action League, acknowledged yesterday that after "much hand-wringing and a lot of thoughtful consideration,'' he now opposes abortion except in cases of rape, incest or when the life of the mother is threatened. ……. Petro denied there was any political calculation in his decision. ......Petro's change in position came to light when he returned a Dispatch survey of delegates to the Republican convention. In response to a question on how the 2000 Republican platform should treat the abortion issue, Petro checked this option: "Oppose abortion except in cases of rape, incest or life of the mother.'' Yesterday, Petro said the GOP should include a tolerance clause in its platform. Petro, a Methodist, said his wife and grown son and daughter -- all of whom are pro-life -- played a major role in his "limited evolution'' to oppose all abortions with three minor exceptions. Now, Petro said, he believes that "states can regulate it, they can basically take a view on behalf of their citizens that they wish to restrict access to (abortions) except in those exceptional cases.'' ….."

EWTN 7/27/00 "…..A recent report from "Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute" warned about the existence of the "United Religions Initiative (URI)", founded by an Episcopalian Bishop and reportedly linked to the United Nations Organization. The report claims that URI, which will hold a summit of religious leaders to take place this fall and is now active in 58 countries on all continents, aims to become a "spiritual partner of the United Nations" with a clear religious syncretism and a heavy emphasis and representation of "New Age" ideology, in an effort to create a new world religion. The report also stresses that URI positions are more than religious and delve into the more controversial political issues of the day, including support for population control and environmental extremism, including the signing of a declaration supporting homosexual unions, artificial contraception and abortion. ….."

New York Times 7/29/00 Robin Toner "…..Republicans fought passionately today over abortion, with the anti-abortion forces easily prevailing, as the platform committee made its way through a document intended to balance the party's core conservatism with Gov. George W. Bush's effort at a more centrist appeal. ……. Abortion rights supporters tried to remove the platform's abortion plank, which called for a ban on the procedure, and tried to insert a provision declaring that the party recognized differing views on the issue…... ......"

New York Times 7/29/00 Robin Toner "…..After an abortion rights supporter read a letter from 11 members of the House and Senate, asking for change in the platform, Meribelle Bolton of New Mexico declared: "You have to understand that many of us are under a higher authority than the Congress of the United States, the Supreme Court or any state. I am under the authority of the creator of the universe, and he is pro-life -- always has been, always will be." ……"

EWTN 7/27/00 "……A federal appeals court on Wednesday struck down a New Jersey law banning partial-birth abortions as unconstitutional.The 3rd US Circuit Court of Appeals said its decision was made before the US Supreme Court struck down a similar law in Nebraska on June 28. Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, writing for the court, said nothing in the high court's opinion was at odds with the appeals court's decision. ..."

CWA 7/00 Catherine Hurlburt "……. "My intent in every abortion I have ever done is to kill the fetus and terminate the pregnancy." -Leroy Carhart, Nebraska abortionist.1 ……… Leroy Carhart was the defendant in this year's controversial U.S. Supreme Court decision, Stenberg v. Carhart, regarding Nebraska's partial-birth abortion ban. Sadly, the Court narrowly decided in Carhart's favor. …….. Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992) used the notion of "viability," the point at which the child may survive outside the mother's womb, as the standard for legal protection. This causes confusion over whether a baby born alive but not considered "viable" deserves protection under the law. Of course, medical advancement has pushed back the point of viability even in the eight years since Casey. ……… With the Carhart decision, the Court further muddied the waters by putting its stamp of approval on the aborting of partially born, not just unborn, babies. …………. A live-birth abortion involves three basic steps. First, the physician opens the cervix-the neck of the uterus that usually remains tightly closed until the time of delivery-using either Cytotec or laminaria (little match-like sticks composed of seaweed). Cytotec is the usual choice. He inserts one 200-microgram pill or two 100-microgram pills in or near the cervix, irritating it and causing it to open. ……Second, after the cervix opens, the small baby-usually in its second trimester-literally drops out of the womb. Sometimes, the baby dies in the process. However, many are born alive-thus the name, "live-birth" abortion. In this case, the third step is letting the baby die. A nurse may hold the baby ("comfort care") or leave her to die alone. In some cases, hospital workers have suffocated, drowned or beaten the babies to death…….Babies may also be born alive in incomplete, or "botched," abortions. The confusing Casey decision implies that babies born alive are not legally protected persons if they are not viable. Interestingly, when so-called "wanted" babies are born prematurely, physicians make heroic efforts to save them and optimize their physical condition. However, if a born-alive child is marked for death-the target of abortion-her life has no value, by the Stenberg and Casey standards. In a modern civilization, this thinking is barbaric, to say the least, and unconstitutional, to be sure……"

EXCITE 7/18/00 Claude Marx AP "…..A national group of Roman Catholic priests, saying they want to expose Christian politicians who support abortion rights as false prophets, announced an advertising campaign Tuesday aimed at making opposition to abortion the top issue for voters. Priests for Life is beginning its effort with a full-page ad in Wednesday's editions of The New York Times. They will air television ads in selected markets next month. ……… "Voters are free to elect whom they choose. But to be free, one has to be informed of the implications of one's choice, including the moral and spiritual implications," said the Rev. Father Frank Pavone, the national director of the New York-based group. "It is our mission, as spiritual leaders, to instruct them on the moral principles that should inform their decisions." ………"

Washington Times 7/19/00 Greg Pierce "……. In case you missed it, Vice President Al Gore held a news conference Monday in which he clarified his position on whether the execution of a convicted pregnant woman should be delayed until after she has given birth. Mr. Gore, in an appearance Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press," had said he needed time to think about such a hypothetical. (Under a 1994 federal law, the woman would not be executed until after giving birth, although no such case has ever come up.) By the next day, he had reached a conclusion: It should be up to the woman to decide whether to put off her execution. "The principle of a woman's right to choose governs in that case," he said…….."

Etherzone 7/20/00 H Millard "......The arguments over abortion have devolved to the silly level of spats over whether the Earth is flat or round. Both sides are shrilly demanding that their "opinions" be considered. Opinions? Opinions have nothing to do with the shape of the Earth, nor with abortion. Either the Earth is flat or it isn't. Abortion is either the killing of a human being or it isn't. They're both matters of scientific proof. Period. .......Those who argue against abortions are losing the argument because they too often base their arguments on Bible thumping morality rather than on science, and they often present their cases with apple cheeks all aglow. And those in favor of abortion are winning precisely because most people in the country believe in individual freedom and don't want Bible thumpers telling them what to do. ....."

Washington Times 7/20/00 Kenneth Smith "......Sarian Bouma was six months pregnant and worried. An immigrant from Sierra Leone living in the District, she had no health insurance and no guarantee that she would be able to get the medical attention the child inside her needed. She considered the prospect of giving birth in her back yard or, in still darker moments, of committing suicide. That was 23 years ago. Today Ms. Bouma is a successful entrepreneur, one who is forever grateful to officials at Providence Hospital's Center for Life who took her in when she had no place else to go. They cared for her and the child to whom she gave birth, as they care for hundreds of low-income women every year, and gave her a chance to collect the fragments of her life and fashion it anew. The Center for Life is just one small part of a vast Roman Catholic safety net in the District that provides everything from education to medical care to housing to persons who might not otherwise receive it ........Such help may have been enough for Ms. Bouma but not, alas, for the District City Council. Last week, council members voted unanimously to require that in return for acting so charitably, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington must give away its doctrine too. Specifically, the council demands - in complete violation of the church's pro-life, anti-contraceptive teachings - that the diocese join other District employers in offering insurance to cover the cost of contraceptives for its employees. That goes for the Little Sisters of the Poor too......."

CNS News 8/9/00 Justin Torres "……A lawsuit against an abortion clinic in Fargo, South Dakota, might be an opening for a series of class action suits against the abortion industry for failing to disclose the dangers of the procedure. The suit, Mattson v. Red River Women's Clinic, was filed 14 months ago on behalf of a woman who says she was the victim of false advertising because she was not informed of the connection between breast cancer and abortion. The suit centers on a clinic brochure given to women seeking an abortion that reads, "Anti-abortion activists claim that having an abortion increases the risk of developing breast cancer and endangers future childbearing. None of these claims are supported by medical research or established medical organizations." The suit alleges that "[b]y publishing and distributing a brochure stating that medical research does not support the claim that having an abortion increases the risk of developing breast cancer," the clinic violated informed consent laws requiring patients to be told the immediate and long-term risks of any surgical procedure……."

EWTN 8/10/00 ".....On Monday, the government of Pakistan rejected a United Nations proposal to include lessons on the "benefits" of "small families" in the national education syllabus, but the decision will cost the government $250 million. Pakistan's Business Recorder reported that the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) met with Pakistani Health Minister Dr. Abdul Malik Kasi a few days ago and conditionally offered $250 million in assistance for reproductive health projects...."

AP 8/2/00 "..... LAKE CLARKE SHORES, Fla. (AP) - A woman was charged with forcing her pregnant 16-year-old daughter at gunpoint to go to an abortion clinic. No abortion was performed, police said. Brittany Dowis, who is in her first trimester of pregnancy, told police that her mother pointed the gun at her belly Tuesday at their Fort Pierce home, then drove her 67 miles to the Aware Woman Medical Clinic, just outside West Palm Beach. Alone with clinic workers, Brittany wrote on a form that her mother was forcing her to end the pregnancy, police said...."

EWTN 8/8/00 "…..TARANAKI, New Zealand ( - The mother of a 15-year-old New Zealand high school student only learned of her daughter's abortion when she received a hospital receipt in the mail, according to recent media reports. When the unidentified mother complained that the school had taken her daughter to an abortion clinic and had her grandchild aborted while the mother believed her child to be in school, legal experts revealed the country's law allows schools to participate in secret abortions for minors at any age. ……."

U.S. Newswire 7/27/92 ".......The Ad Hoc Committee in Defense of Life received the following press release from a Minnesota citizens' group on July 17 -- almost two weeks ago -- but to date has seen no coverage of this news event in the major media....... Three of the 10 delegates describe their harrowing experiences in attempting to exercise their right to free speech at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday evening, July 15, 1992, in the following statements: Statement of Assistant Professor Anne Maloney, Minnesota pro-life delegate: ....... I am confused and upset by what happened to me last night. Originally I was thrilled to be a delegate to the DNC. My whole family was excited for me. I knew that my anti-abortion position was an unpopular one within the hierarchy of my party, but I honestly believed that I would be allowed to have a voice. That is all I wanted -- a dialogue where I could say what I think. Instead, however, I was screamed at, shoved, pushed and verbally harassed, I was accused of being a bad mother by a Minnesota delegate who never met me before. I have 21 black and blue marks on my legs from the shoving. One large heavyset man attempted to rip my sign from my hands wrenching my shoulder in the process. There has to be room for dialogue and debate in the Democratic Party. As I was being harassed, the stirring speeches from the podium were reminding us all that everyone deserves a voice. That's all I asked for. I shouldn't be black and blue because of that. ......"

U.S. Newswire 7/27/92 ".......Statement of Angel Bennett, Minnesota pro-life delegate: I was standing behind them -- shocked -- as I watched the people whose only goal this week was to be a voice for the unborn, being shoved and pushed rudely out of spots they had occupied for over 7 hours to keep. This brutality was done by pro-abortionists whose only goal was to hide us from the public. Their own caucus members were not enough for them. More pro-abortion people, including security from other areas -- holding pro-abortion signs, tried to work their way down. I asked them to stop and let us be heard, but was loudly told to get out of the Democratic Party and go to the Republicans. ......"

Washington Times 8/8/00 Larry Witham "…..Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, the first Orthodox Jew on a presidential ticket, has years of kosher experience juggling lawmaking with Sabbath demands that he shun phone calls, work and car rides……. "His view has been that he will represent the concerns of the people of Connecticut to the greatest extent possible without violating Jewish law," said Rabbi Barry Freundel of Kesher Israel Congregation in Georgetown, where Mr. Lieberman worships on Saturdays…… Rabbis and Jewish leaders said yesterday that it will be difficult to balance Mr. Lieberman's Orthodoxy with his public policy. Mr. Lieberman, who has served in the Senate for 12 years, has solidly backed abortion rights, to include a November vote against a ban on partial-birth abortion and to support Mr. Clinton's veto. Orthodox rabbis have mandated abortion as moral to save the life of the mother, but do not warrant it for the "health" of the mother. In that sense, "I don't think we have a pro-life or a pro-choice position," Mr. Freundel said. "We are certainly not pro-choice." On moral issues such as abortion, homosexuality and women's rights, "To the extent that [Mr. Lieberman] does something that is against the rule of Jewish law, he will have to deal with that in his conscience," Mr. Freundel said. Orthodox Judaism does not ordain women or allow them to lead prayers, and in worship they sit separately with heads covered. Only a man may initiate a divorce, and unless the man gives the wife a "get," or bill of divorce, she may not remarry as Orthodox……."

Reuters 8/13/00 "……Cardinal Roger Mahony on Sunday urged Roman Catholic delegates to the Democratic National Convention to have compassion for society's most vulnerable, including immigrants, the poor, and children ``threatened both in the womb and in our neighborhoods.'' ``As Christians, our discipleship must be guided by virtues of compassion and forgiveness,'' Mahony said in his homily at a special Mass for convention delegates held at the Wilshire Grand Hotel. ``In doing so, we imitate Jesus Christ whose life embodied genuine compassion for the poor and most vulnerable members of society.'' …..The Democrats gathering in Los Angeles this week will nominate a presidential ticket that supports abortion rights. ……"

AP 8/11/00 "...... Los Angeles -- Cardinal Roger Mahony, who denounced the 1998 political campaigns as disturbingly ``anti-life'' but has since been courted by Al Gore, will deliver an invocation Monday during the opening of the Democratic National Convention. Mahony, 64, an increasingly influential member of the U.S. Roman Catholic leadership, accepted a surprise invitation this week from the vice president's office, said Tod Tamberg, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Tamberg said Thursday he had not spoken to Mahony about the prayer and whether it would include any reference to abortion . ......"

AFA 8/10/00 "……AFA Director for New Orleans, Kathleen Benfield, spearheaded a move last year to get a specialty pro-life license plate bearing the words "Choose Life" and depicting a pelican carrying a baby wrapped in a blanket issued by the state of Louisiana. The bill, which was sponsored by Rep. Shirley Bowler, received unanimous approval in both the Louisana House and Senate and was signed into law by Republican Governor Mike Foster. …… People who buy the license plates pay the $3.50 cost of the plate (a cost paid for all license plates) plus an additional $25 charge for the specialty design, money that is collected by the state treasury. An advisory council, also established under the Louisiana law, then recommends the awarding of grants to private adoption advocacy groups. The money must be targeted to help women who have a crisis pregnancy. ….."

Lew 8/12/00 Joseph Sobran "…….Al Gore and Joe Lieberman are quoting the Bible all over the place. They seem to want to assure this God-fearing country that they are guided by Holy Writ in all they do, even when supporting abortion, infanticide, and the lifestyles of Sodom and Gomorrah.......After complaining for years that Republicans were making abortion a "litmus test," the Democrats have done the same thing in reverse, except that they are much less tolerant of dissent than the Republicans. More than any other issue, abortion now defines the Democrats. And they have committed themselves to defending even the grisliest slaughter of the unborn. On this, Joe Lieberman hasn't broken ranks. How can anyone with an active conscience support late-term abortion? .....In a way, Lieberman is slicker than Clinton. He fools people who aren't fooled by Clinton. He doesn't strike you as slippery; he doesn't seem to rely on glib and facile charm. He creates the impression that he is marching to a different drummer. Part of his appeal is that he is an observant Orthodox Jew. ...... So why does Joe Lieberman always wind up, in the end, in such close harmony with a party that stands in nearly total opposition to the traditions of both the Old and New Testaments? You cannot serve God and Mammon - or Moses and Moloch. How can you be at once an Orthodox Jew and an orthodox Democrat?......:

[U.K] The Sun 8/14/00 Clodagh Hartley "……WOMEN who have abortions could be at greater risk of breast cancer, it was claimed yesterday. Scientists said the chance of developing the disease might be 30 per cent greater. The U.S. research has been studied by British experts. And the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists is to alert doctors and patients to the results. ...... The findings showed that 24,500 breast cancer cases were linked to terminations. ……." 8/14/00 Joseph D’Agostino "……Sen. Joseph Lieberman's pro-choice legislative record contrasts with the pro-life interpretation of Jewish law expressed by some prominent Orthodox rabbis. Lieberman has consistently voted in favor of abortion rights in his years in the Senate, even voting five times against a ban on partial-birth abortion. …….. Under traditional Jewish law, "a woman can have an abortion only if her physical existence is threatened, during all stages of development," says Orthodox Rabbi Daniel Lapin, president of Toward Tradition, a group of socially conservative Jews and Christians. "I can say that I am 100 percent convinced that Jewish tradition demands that Jews align themselves with the religious pro-life movement." However, said Lapin, "You will always find a rabbi who will back up the vice-presidential candidate." He explained that although abortion is generally proscribed, "the fetus is not a person" under Jewish law. Nor is there necessarily anything that would demand that Lieberman vote for the pro-life legislation that has come before him. ……… "I have no interest in being his policeman of piety," Lapin said. "I can say that his record appears to contradict Jewish values." …….Lapin also explained that the Jewish understanding is that the prohibition on abortion applies to all people, not just Jews. "The Noachite laws specifically cover them," he said. The seven laws God gave to Noah and his descendants apply to all people, whereas the other laws of the Torah apply only to Jews, he explained. ……"

EWTN 8/14/00"…….. A new compilation of documentation on pro-abortion violence in Canada, the US, and Puerto Rico by the pro-life group Human Life International (HLI) reveals thousands of cases where pro-abortionists have attacked persons with guns, cars, acid, hypodermic syringes, and baseball bats, while other pro-abortion advocates applauded and supported some of these actions. ……. HLI's researchers assembled the report Pro-Abortion Violence, which documents over 55 murders committed by pro-abortionists and more than 2,000 incidents of other violence. The report found that pro-abortion violence exceeds "pro-life" violence by a ratio of 314 to 6. ……A sampling of recent incidents of murder by pro-abortionists includes a 1993 attack in Huntsville, Alabama where pro-abortion activist Eileen Orstein Janezic murdered 51-year old pro-life activist minister and radio talk show host Jerry Simon. After shooting Simon through a window of his home, she held police at bay with a pistol for six hours while spouting quotes out of Anton LaVey's "Satanic Bible." ...... The report also smashes the myth painted in the media of the always heroic abortionist who is bent on service to women. It notes that Boston abortionist Kenneth Edelin aborted a living and viable baby boy, deliberately smothered him, was convicted of manslaughter but released on a technicality, and was later rewarded by being given the post of Chairman of the Board of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). ……"

US Newswire 8/18/00 "…..The following was released today (A Day After the DNC Convention) by the Beverly LaHaye Institute: ……. Gore's challenge last night, after so forcefully defending the indefensible, was to make complete his transformation into the "un-Bill" which he began with his choice of Lieberman. As in every other night of the Democratic Convention, the tension over regaining the women's vote was almost palpable. ……… The genuineness of the presentation was in sharp contrast to the slick Hollywood videos that characterized the Clinton conventions," said Janice Crouse, Senior Fellow of the Beverly LaHaye Institute. She continued, "In a move unprecedented in public political life, the passionate kiss with which Al greeted Tipper hung a sign above their marriage, 'No Trespassing, No Hunting Allowed!'" Still, here's how Gore will ultimately fail: ……… "In his rush to appeal to women, Vice President Gore is targeting pro-choice women. But, like the 'Old Lions' of the Democratic Party -- Jesse Jackson and Ted Kennedy -- whose liberal rhetoric is out-of-touch and out-of-step with the 'new' Democrats, Gore's alignment with the old guard and their stance on partial birth abortion is clearly out-of-step and out-of-touch with the cultural trends that reflect the horror most American's feel at the gory specter of partial birth abortion. ……….. "While Gore's articulate daughters invoke Generation X support for abortion rights, the Democrats continue blindly ignoring the growing moral discomfort of the Sonogram Generation -- having seen their own children alive in the womb, a growing number of Americans, young and old, men and women, cannot support the Democrats' extremist position of abortion-on-demand." ...... A recent Wirthlin Worldwide poll commissioned by The Beverly LaHaye Institute highlights Gore's dilemma. The poll revealed a significant voting bloc of women -- the "Bible Study Moms" -- who are married, with children, registered to vote -- and they are 81 percent pro-life. The Bible Study Moms, many of whom are still undecided in this election, live predominantly in the battleground states of the Midwest. ...... "These women are an important swing voting bloc for Vice President Gore and should be a target population," said Crouse, "they will be influential in this election -- they are women, they are pro-life, and they do vote."……."

Washington Post 8/20/00 George Wil "…..The Washington Post carried a full-page ad placed by Focus on the Family, a religious organization based in Colorado Springs. The ad's purpose was to arouse opposition to partial-birth abortion……. It featured a six-panel cartoon strip, with brief commentary below it……… Focus on the Family says it first tried to place the ad in USA Today, which refused to run it. A USA Today spokesman says the paper never discusses any particular ad, but the paper judges any ad by three standards: Is it fraudulent? Is it libelous? Is it in poor taste? USA Today must have considered the ad in poor taste. Focus on the Family says that the New York Times (which, like USA Today, editorially supports partial-birth abortion) refused the ad, calling it too graphic. The Los Angeles Times ran the ad Thursday……If that moving but mild ad is objectionable to USA Today and the Times, then they probably consider any criticism of partial-birth abortion unfit for public consumption. Such censorship--in the name of compassion protecting the public's tender sensibilities--represents a novel understanding of the duties of journalistic institutions. ….."

EWTN 8/18/00 "……A federal judge in Colorado has overturned a state law that would have required teenage girls to notify their parents before obtaining an abortion. Judge Walker Miller ruled that the Colorado law-- approved by a majority of voters in a 1998 referendum-- was a violation of the privacy of teenagers. He pointed out that the law did not make any provision for abortions that might be medically necessary. The judge did not provide evidence that abortion is ever a medical necessity. Nor did he explain why abortion should be the only surgical procedure for which parental consent is not needed….." 8/17/00 Roddie Burris "….. A fight to squelch new regulations for the state's abortion providers won't end with a U.S. appeals court ruling issued Tuesday. "We're going to appeal," said Bonnie Scott Jones, lead attorney for a group of physicians and abortion clinics in the state. They have 14 days to file a motion for a rehearing. A 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel Tuesday reinstated a complex set of state rules and regulations pertaining to abortions……"

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 8/15/00 "…..1) Front page story. Both Parties Too Conservative for MSNBC Liberals Probed About Concerns the Ticket Not Liberal Enough In prime time two Monday's ago, opening night of the Republican convention, MSNBC pounded Republicans with about 20 questions from the left about how their conservative positions would turn off voters, especially on abortion. Tom Brokaw argued there "ought to be more tolerance for abortion," and Claire Shipman asked a Congresswoman what she would say "to women who are worried that George W. Bush will appoint people to the Supreme Court who might try to take away that right?" ......... But last night, despite the Democratic Party's hard line pro-abortion position, no attendees were queried if their opposition to banning partial-birth abortion might turn off moderates. ......,, Instead, liberals were probed about whether they are happy with the ticket. David Bloom asked a delegate: "What do you think about this, whether or not the liberal wing of the party has lost influence, what with, for example Joe Lieberman, getting the vice presidential nomination?"......"

Reuters 8/15/00 "……Cardinal Roger Mahony of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles kicked off the Democratic National Convention Monday with a prayer calling for the protection of the unborn. Mahony said his invocation was not intended to be political. But his anti-abortion message to a party that overwhelmingly upholds abortion rights, was provocative. "In you, oh God, we trust ... that you will keep us ever committed to protect the life and well-being of all people but especially unborn children, the sick and the elderly, those on skid row and those on death row," Mahony said. ……"

Newark [NJ] Star Ledger 8/16/00 Robert Schwaneberg "……In a victory for abortion rights supporters, the New Jersey Supreme Court yesterday struck down a state law requiring that a parent be notified before girls under 18 can get an abortion. It was the court's first ruling on the volatile abortion issue since 1982, and it reaffirmed its role as a national leader in protecting the right of a woman, regardless of age, "to control her body and destiny." Going against the federal courts, the Legislature and Gov. Christie Whitman, the state Supreme Court declared the 1999 Parental Notification for Abortion Act violates teenage girls' constitutional rights to abortion. The 4-2 decision, written by Chief Justice Deborah Poritz, rejected the contention that the law was needed to protect parental rights. ……."

The Associated Press 8/15/00 "…..Scientists have been able to produce nerve cells in the lab by using stem cells drawn from bone marrow, a breakthrough that could help people with Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease or spinal-cord injuries. If the findings are borne out, they might one day enable doctors to take cells from a patient's bone marrow, turn them into nerve cells and then inject them into patients' brains and spinal cords, replacing injured cells.. ..."

Pennsylvania Pro-Life Online News 8/15/00 David Bunnell "……Sen. Joe Lieberman, who last week was named Democratic candidate for vice-president has a reputation for being a political "moderate," but it is important to note that his moderation does not apply to the abortion issue. Like Vice President Gore, Lieberman is staunchly pro-abortion and their records show complete agreement with each other on the issue. Sen. Lieberman has consistently voted against the ban on partial-birth abortions, and voted to uphold President Clinton's veto of the ban. ……. Sen. Lieberman also votes consistently in favor of taxpayer funding of abortion on demand. He has voted in favor of Medicaid funding of abortion, and in 1993 even supported a health care reform measure that would have forced every American to buy into a health insurance plan that covered abortion. Lieberman explicitly endorsed including abortion in the "standard benefits package" of the health reform plan he favored. ……." 8/15/00 AP "……A doctor who performs late-term abortions hopes a federal judge will block a new Ohio law that would ban those procedures and penalize physicians who perform them, the doctor's lawyer said Tuesday. Dr. Martin Haskell, owner of Women's Medical Professional Corp., which operates clinics in Dayton, Cincinnati and Akron, sued July 27 in U.S. District Court. Haskell's lawyer, Alphonse Gerhardstein of Cincinnati, said he expects Judge Walter Rice to issue a 10-day, temporary restraining order on Thursday to block the law, which would go into effect that day at the earliest. The judge has scheduled a Sept. 5 hearing on whether Haskell should be granted a longer-term order blocking the law's enforcement. ……"

San Jose Mercury News 8/25/00 Mona Charen "….. WHEN President Bill Clinton announced that the federal government was issuing new rules permitting research on embryonic stem cells, he provided his personal assurance that the experimentation would meet ``rigorous ethical standards.'' That's a little like John Rocker promising to police ethnic slurs. It isn't just that Bill Clinton is no one's idea of an ethicist, nor just that the president has condoned, indeed celebrated, every form of abortion extant including partial-birth abortion, but also because the sort of research his Department of Health and Human Services is now countenancing is patently illegal. …….. Since 1996, Congress has inserted language into the appropriations bill for the Department of Health and Human Services specifying that federal funds not be used for ``research in which a human embryo or embryos are destroyed, discarded, or knowingly subjected to risk of injury or death.'' …… This language has infuriated advocates of embryonic stem cell research. And apparently they've decided to split legal hairs in an effort to end run the law. The new guidelines would permit the use of stem cells provided only that federally funded researchers did not extract the cells from living embryos themselves. In other words, researchers at the National Institutes of Health are free to purchase the cells from private companies -- usually fertility clinics. So, while Congress passed a law forbidding federally funded research on human embryos, such research will now go forward. It depends upon what your definition of ``human'' is. ......"

Yahoo! News 8/24/00 Reuters/Zogby "…..Most ethnic minorities in the United States favor a ban on abortion, according to a recent Zogby Culture survey. A poll of nearly 4,000 respondents nationwide showed that 60.8% of Hispanic Americans and 53.5% of Arab Americans said they favored banning abortions except when a mother's life was at risk compared with 46.8% of Italian Americans, 44.2% of African Americans and 47% of Asian Americans. ……" 8/29/00 Brett Martel AP "…..A federal judge on Tuesday temporarily blocked Louisiana from issuing anti-abortion ''Choose Life'' license plates, saying lawmakers should not have approved auto tags that express only one side of a volatile policy debate. Free speech provisions of the Constitution require license plate designs to be neutral, said U.S. District Judge Stanwood Duval. ''The state has chosen license plates as a forum for speech. Once it makes this choice, it cannot discriminate against another viewpoint,'' Duval wrote...."

NandoTimes 8/29/00 "….. A judge refused to jail a pregnant member of a fundamentalist sect who is suspected of covering up the death of her last baby. The judge instead ordered a nurse to visit the woman daily in an effort to protect the unborn child. Judge Kenneth P. Nasif's decision came despite protests from both Rebecca Corneau, who is 8 1/2 months pregnant, and her husband, who has been in jail for refusing to cooperate in an investigation into the sect. "In no way at all will I accept any kind of medical assistance. It is against God,"..."

Journal of American Medical Assocaition 8/26/98 M. LeRoy Sprang, MD; Mark G. Neerhof, DO "…... Vol. 280, pp. 744-747, ". ……… Partial-Birth Abortion (Intact D&X) Intact D&X came to the forefront of public awareness in 1995 during a congressional debate on a bill banning the procedure. During this debate, opponents of the ban asserted that the procedure was rarely performed (approximately 450-500 per year) and only used in extreme cases when a woman's life was at risk or the fetus had a condition incompatible with life.[1,2] Following President Clinton's April 1996 veto of a congressionally approved ban, conflicting information surfaced. Ron Fitzsimmons, executive director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, had stated in November 1995 that "women had these abortions only in the most extreme circumstances of life endangerment or fetal anomaly."[3] However, he later admitted that his own contacts with many of the physicians performing intact D&X procedures found that the vast majority were done not in response to extreme medical conditions but on healthy mothers and healthy fetuses.[3] " ........." 8/26/00 Julie Foster "…..A false advertising case against an abortion clinic in Fargo, N.D., which was argued in state district court yesterday, could effectively render Roe v. Wade meaningless, according to legal experts. The case hinges on whether the following statement contained in a pamphlet from the Red River Women's Clinic is true: "Anti-abortion activists claim that having an abortion increases the risk of breast cancer and endangers future child-bearing. None of these claims are supported by medical research or established medical organizations." ………. The Red River Women's Health Clinic in Fargo, N.D. is being sued for "false advertisement" for claiming there is no scientific research establishing an abortion-breast cancer link. ......... Abortion protester and "sidewalk counselor" Amy Jo Mattson saw the pamphlet last year and sued the clinic for false advertising, saying scientific evidence does exist linking abortion and breast cancer. She is represented by attorney John Kindley, who wrote a widely-read 1998 Wisconsin Law Review article on the legal connection between informed consent laws and scientific evidence of a link between abortion and breast cancer. ........."

The State 9/12/00 B.S. Blanks and K. Lewis "…… An infant born Friday in Allendale County spent his first hours in the world buried headfirst in a hole, covered in fire ants, and defying conditions that should have ended his brief life, police said Monday. His mother has been charged with placing him in a foot-deep grave, filling it in and leaving him to die. Despite spending four hours buried in an earthen pit, he lived. And that, authorities are saying, is a miracle. "God made this possible. That's the only way it could have been," said an awe-struck Marvin Williams, Fairfax assistant police chief. …….. The baby's mother, 21-year-old Carolyn Jones, who went to a hospital after giving birth, directed police to the burial site Friday. She was charged Sunday with assault and battery with intent to kill. ……."

CNN 9/12/00 AP "……Anti-abortion activists are asking a federal appeals court to overturn a $109 million verdict by a jury that decided a Web site and posters listing the names of abortion doctors and clinics were threats that went beyond free speech. …… The case is widely seen as a test of a Supreme Court ruling that defined a threat as explicit language likely to cause "imminent lawless action" -- and a measure of how far anti-abortion activists can go in harrying doctors and clinics. …… Oral arguments in the appeal are scheduled Tuesday before a panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. At issue is a Web site called "The Nuremberg Files" that listed hundreds of abortion doctors accused of committing "crimes against humanity" and invited readers to send in doctors' addresses, license plate numbers and even the names of their children. …….Last year, the dozen anti-abortion activists argued the posters and Web site were free speech protected under the First Amendment. Critics called it a hit list. ……"

CNS News 8/31/00 Patrick Goodenough "……Pro-life organizations in Britain say leading medical specialists who believe pre-born babies may feel the pain of abortions and should thus be anaesthetized beforehand are missing the point. By anaesthetizing a baby in the womb, abortionists are acknowledging they are killing "a living, growing human being," they argue. An organization which carries out 50,000 abortions each year said in response to queries Friday it would not support the administration of anesthetic ahead of abortions, because it did not think it necessary. ……"

Arizona Daily Star 8/31/00 Stephanie Innes and Thomas Stauffer "….. An 18-year-old woman was indicted yesterday on charges of killing her newborn daughter who was found dead July 15 in a trash bin outside her North Side home. Jasmine Swain was indicted by a Pima County grand jury on one count of first-degree murder and one count of felony child abuse, said Sgt. Judy Altieri of the Tucson Police Department. Swain, of the 3500 block of East Presidio Road, was issued a summons and appeared at the Pima County Jail yesterday afternoon, where she was fingerprinted and photographed, said Kathleen Mayer, deputy county attorney. Swain, who has no prior criminal history, was not booked into jail, Mayer said. ….."We saw fit to find that there was sufficient evidence that the baby was born alive and that (Swain) committed child abuse by causing her death," Mayer said. ……"

Electronic Telegraph 8/29/00 Roger Highfield "….. THOUSANDS of abortions may cause pain to the unborn child, say doctors preparing to debate the contentious issue of "foetal awareness". Prof Vivette Glover, of London, is calling for all terminations between 17 and 24 weeks to be performed under anaesthetic. Although 90 per cent of terminations take place before 13 weeks, when most medical opinion agrees that a foetus cannot feel pain, concern has resurfaced about those carried out during the next 11 weeks. At present, some abortions during the period of 13 to 24 weeks are carried out without anaesthesia. ……. Prof Glover, of Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital, who is to chair a conference on the issue at the Royal Institution in November, said yesterday that many questions remained about when the foetus became sentient. She said: "It is incredibly unlikely that the foetus could feel anything before 13 weeks because there is no linking to the brain at all. After 26 weeks it is quite probable. "But between 17 and 26 it is increasingly possible that it starts to feel something and that abortions done in that period ought to use anaesthesia." Prof Glover acknowledged that by raising the matter she could be providing ammunition for anti-abortionists. She said: "I am pro-choice, but one should not muddle the two. One should think about how one is doing it in the most pain-free way." ……."

Pro-Life Infonet 8/22/00 Larry Hell "…… What impact will George W. Bush's selection of Dick Cheney as his running mate have for the pro-life movement? From personal experience, I can tell you that Dick Cheney will be for the pro- life movement what the mountains are for Wyoming: steadfast and reliable. Throughout Dick Cheney's years of service for Wyoming, in the state and as Wyoming's lone representative in the U.S. House, he proved to us that he was a man we could trust, a man who never dodged questions, a man who cared deeply and followed his convictions. Dick Cheney is truly pro-life. In recent interviews you have probably noticed that he is asked often about his "anti-abortion" voting record in the U.S. House. His response, without hesitation, is that he is pro-life and voted accordingly. His 100% voting record bears that out. ……"

EWTN 8/22/00 "……"It's amazing to realize there's a trend for rock musicians to champion causes like Free Tibet, Save the Planet, 'animal rights' and racial equality. Yet in fact these same artists support racist and genocidal attacks against minorities, both domestically and abroad," said Bryan Kemper of Rock For Life. "This is hypocrisy. Where's the outrage?" The Van's Warped Tour, along with Santana, No Doubt and the Dave Matthews Band, are working in collaboration with Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood. The combined effort extends Planned Parenthood's "educational" program-VOX-to millions of kids at rock concerts. VOX urges teen voters to support candidates who back federal spending for foreign and domestic population control. …….."Bands are preaching hate-promoting racism against poor people worldwide, genocide in the name of family planning and domestic baby killing-all under the mythical banner of 'choice,'" Kemper said. ……"

EWTN 8/24/00 "……The Clinton administration on Wednesday announced it would use taxpayer dollars to fund research on human stem cells taken from embryonic unborn children, eliciting protests from pro-life groups. The National Institutes for Health (NIH) said it would employ strict guidelines to avoid violating a law banning the use of embryos in government-funded research. Under the rules, the unborn children, left over from in vitro fertilization procedures, would be killed by privately-funded researchers who would then pass on the cells to government scientists. Former Republican presidential candidate Gary Bauer called the plan an attempt to "side-step Congress' opposition to this procedure." He called on Congress to close this loophole before the final passage of budget bills in September. Other pro-life advocates criticized the new research guidelines as unnecessary. "These guidelines do not represent a step forward," said Judie Brown of American Life League. "They are an attack against the humanity of the individual human person. Millions of human lives will be destroyed by this false science." ……"

The Star-Ledger 9/14/00 Kathy Carter "…..Infuriated that the state Supreme Court struck down a law that forced teens to notify a parent before getting an abortion, Assembly Speaker Jack Collins said yesterday he will seek a constitutional amendment to revive the law he wrote. Accompanied by a group of powerful Republican lawmakers at a Trenton news conference, Collins (R-Salem) said he will introduce a bill on Sept. 21 that would effectively strip the court of its power to weigh in on the issue of parental notice for medical treatment of minors. "Our amendment will make it clear that parental responsibilities and rights go beyond signing permission slips for field trips and participation in school athletics," said Collins. ….."

Accuracy In Media 9/11/00 Mandi Steele "….. The Washington Post recently ran an ad for Focus on the Family that condemned partial-birth abortion. Focus on the Family tried to run the ad in The New York Times and USA Today without success. The papers would not run the ad on the grounds that it was "too graphic." George Will of The Washington Post says that "the New York Times which, like USA Today, editorially supports partial-birth abortion." The papers' pro-choice stand on abortion was more than likely the cause of the refusal…….. The ad is in cartoon form depicting a baby inside the womb comfortably resting his head upon his hands. The six-frame cartoon strip reads as follows: "It was a big day for the little one! He was just minutes away from being America's newest citizen!" Next frame, the baby's eyes are now open: "The time had come! He heard new sounds! He felt movement!" In frame three the baby's head and shoulders have moved toward the bottom of the frame. "He was being pushed through a small place! A gloved hand grasped his tiny feet!" Frame four: "He felt air touch his body for the first time! His hands were free!" In frame five the baby's eyes are closed, it reads: "Then he felt a sharp pain at the base of his skull! He jerked violently! And was over!" Frame six shows the supreme court: "And the Supreme Court, in its wisdom, said... 'So, what's the problem?' " The ad then reads, "Here's the problem: Five more seconds and they'd go to the cradle, instead of the grave. Partial birth abortion. Does this seem right to anyone?" The ad was truthful, not graphic. The ad did not show real pictures of the gory, bloody process. The ad was a simple sketch of a baby's head, not even showing the doctor poking a hole in the skull and then sucking out the cranial contents. It didn't show the skull collapsing and then the baby being pulled out and disposed of. Since USA Today must have considered the ad "in poor taste" not to run it, it's hard to imagine why the actual act of partial-birth abortion is not considered "in poor taste." ……"

The Age (Australia) 9/12/00 "…..Babies learn to recognize their mother's voice in the womb and can distinguish a foreign language within days of being born new research has shown. Within four days of birth, they can distinguish between the language used by their mother and foreign tongues, according to psychology lecturer Todd Bailey. Experiments show that a baby sucks harder and faster while feeding when its attention is captivated, he told the British Association's annual festival of science in London. Dr Bailey, of Cardiff University, said: We think that the baby hears the sounds of the mother's voice in the womb, even though it is heavily filtered, and takes in the speech rhythms of the mother tongue, especially during the last five months of gestation." ……"

EWTN 9/6/00 "……The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority has relented in its decision not to allow the pro-life group American Life League (ALL) to buy advertising space on the subway, which ALL characterized on Monday as a victory for the First Amendment. The poster-sized advertisement depicts a pregnant woman with the caption, "Please don't do it. She's your baby." ALL said the MTA initially resisted the ad even though it accepts advertising from abortionists. "We are here to celebrate a First Amendment victory, I think, not only for the American Life League and pro-lifers, but for all Americans," said Judie Brown, the group's president. ……"

AP 9/7/00 "……. ATTLEBORO, Mass. (AP) -- A judge Thursday ordered a pregnant member of a fundamentalist sect held in state custody until her baby is born, saying he could sense what the fetus would say to him: ''I don't want to die like my brother.'' Rebecca Corneau, 32, was ordered placed in a secure institution for pregnant women last week because she refused to consent to a court-ordered medical examination. Her sect rejects conventional medicine as blasphemy. She is suspected of covering up the death of her last child in a case still under investigation...."

U.S. News & World Report 9/25/00 Angie Cannon "……Bristol County, Mass., prosecutors believe Rebecca Corneau is nearly nine months pregnant. But they're not sure: The 32-year-old, a member of a small fundamentalist Christian group that shuns modern medicine, has refused to see a doctor. It's her right, she says. But the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court last week dismissed a challenge to a court-ordered exam. And so Corneau remains in a prison hospital. ………The case has set off a fierce legal battle over whether the government should move to protect a fetus a woman has decided to carry to term. This fall, a closely watched U.S. Supreme Court case-over involuntary drug tests for pregnant women in Charleston, S.C., who were arrested if they tested positive-may help sort things out. "It's a bellwether," says Catherine Weiss of the American Civil Liberties Union's Reproductive Freedom Project. "From it, we will be able to tell how much the court thinks a state can intervene in the lives of pregnant women."……… In Bristol, prosecutors say the fundamentalist group's history made it imperative to take the rare step. Boston attorney Wendy Murphy, who teaches reproductive law at the New England School of Law, unsuccessfully appealed a state juvenile court judge's order for care. Supported by the ACLU and the National Organization for Women, Murphy argued that jailing a pregnant woman because she has refused medical treatment violates her right to privacy guaranteed in Roe v. Wade. If child protection laws apply to fetuses, says the ACLU's Weiss, "then what stops the state from monitoring all the potentially dangerous behavior of pregnant women? They could create a police state for pregnant women."......"


U.S. News & World Report 9/25/00 John Leo "……Any bill that protects against infanticide should be backed Defenders of abortion rights think the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act is just another tactical ploy in the abortion wars. In part, it is. Opponents of abortion want to see if the abortion lobby is really going to come out against a proposed law that simply says babies born alive are persons. Sure enough, it did, thus fulfilling the safe prediction that the abortion lobby will always adopt the most extreme position available. …….. The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL) put out a hot statement announcing that "this bill attempts to inject Congress into what should be personal and private decisions about medical treatment." Translation: Killing babies born accidentally as a result of botched abortions has to be legal because we want it to be. Antiabortion people simply said: We told you so. We predicted that court approval of those grisly "partial-birth" abortions would lead to demands that infanticide should be legal too……."

Zenit 9/5/00 "……Mothers undergo permanent changes during pregnancy, in which they "inherit" some characteristics of the child they carry and, through the child, also receive some characteristics of the father. This is but one of the surprising discoveries to be presented at the congress entitled "At the Dawn of Human Life," organized by the Institute of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Catholic University of Rome. The congress begins Sept. 6 in the Vatican, as part of the Jubilee of University Professors. The child inherits half of his genetic patrimony from the mother. He also "hears" the outside world while in the womb, through the mother's body, a fact which substantially conditions the unborn child's life. Now, research indicates that the mother also undergoes long-term changes caused by the "person" of the child and, indirectly, also from her husband……… Professor Salvatore Mancuso, head of the gynecology institute, said: "We have proofs that beginning in the fifth week of gestation, in other words, when a woman realizes she is pregnant, an infinite number of messages pass from the embryo to the mother, through chemical substances like hormones, neurotransmitters, etc. Such information serves to adapt the mother's organism to the presence of the new being……. "Moreover, it has also been discovered that the embryo sends stem cells that, thanks to the mother's immune system tolerance, colonize the maternal medulla, and adhere to it. What is more, lymphocytes are born from here and remain with the woman for the rest of her life."…… Mancuso continued: "From the fifth week there is clearly a passing of cells, but messages begin at conception. Even during the first phase of cellular subdivision, when the embryo is moving in the fallopian tubes, there are transmissions through contact with tissues touched by the moving embryo……. "Later, after implantation in the uterus, the dialogue is more intense through the blood and cells, and chemical substances enter the mother's bloodstream……… "Finally, the child's stem cells pass to the mother in great quantity, both at the moment of birth, whether spontaneous or Caesarean, as well as at the time of abortion, whether spontaneous or voluntary. These cells are implanted in the mother's medulla and produce lymphocytes, which have a common origin with the cells of the central nervous system; they have receptors for the neurotransmitters and can make messages pass that the maternal nervous system understands."……." 9/22/00 Bill Reel "……THOSE OF us who believe that life is the fundamental political issue feel ignored. No major candidate champions our cause. The Republican presidential nominee, George W. Bush, calls himself prolife, but he doesn't say it loudly or often, not wanting to offend anyone who might disagree. Bush's reticence greatly disappoints pro-lifers. We think he should be for life even more than he's for tax cuts. Not so bashful are abortion advocates. In remarks to Hollywood donors this week, Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore emphasized his zealous support for abortion...."

The Electronic Telegraph 9/20/00 Roger Highfield "…… THE cloning of embryos to enable a patient to grow his own cells and tissues for transplant may not be necessary, according to a study published yesterday. Cells from early embryos have the potential to develop into any type and so scientists want to study them for use in transplants. However new evidence shows that adult cells may be more versatile than thought and it will be seized on by the pro-life groups opposed to cloning. ……. When Parliamentary time allows, peers and MPs will be given a free vote on whether to relax the law to allow cloning of early embryos, consisting of around 100 cells, in line with the recommendations of an expert group headed by Prof Liam Donaldson, the Government's Chief Medical Officer. …..Ministers hope that research in the field will lead to the use of embryonic stem cells - which have the ability to develop into any desired type, from nerve to liver and muscle - as a universal source for transplants. ……"

EWTN 9/19/00 ".... ( - The Tennessee Supreme Court on Friday struck down parts of state laws restricting abortion, saying the provisions were too burdensome to women. The court struck down a two-day waiting period, mandatory counseling, a requirement that all second-trimester abortions take place in a hospital, and exceptions to the waiting period and counseling based on medical emergencies. The provisions fail to accomplish the state's goal of protecting women and their unborn children, the justices wrote in a 4-1 decision. ....."

EWTN 9/17/00 ".....The body of an unborn child decorated with beads is to be displayed in London's Hayward Gallery in an exhibition called Spectacular Bodies. The fetus of a still-born boy perfectly preserved in chemicals for 300 years has been loaned by a Dutch museum. It will be shown with a child's severed foot borrowed from the same museum and a pair of bull's testicles. ......."

UN 9/20/00 "……Despite the tremendous changes of the 20th century, discrimination and violence against women and girls remain firmly rooted in cultures around the world, according to a new report released today by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The report, "Lives Together, Worlds Apart -- State of World Population 2000," launched today in some 170 countries, distils a vast quantity of evidence and carries a very simple message that "The price of inequality is too high to pay," said UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Nafis Sadik. "It shows that in countries all over the world, gender inequality, discrimination and violence are holding back not only women but men: not only families but communities and whole nations," Dr. Sadik said at the report's launch in London. ……. "This is a massive global violation of human rights, but it also has many practical and malign consequences. One of them is continued unwanted high fertility and rapid population growth among some of the world's poorest people. Another one is the rapid spread of HIV infection," she said. ……"

New Scientist 9/19/00 Andy Goghlan "…… Stem cells from the brain can be turned into muscle, researchers in Italy have found. Such cells could provide an inexhaustible supply of material for treating muscle-wasting disorders such as muscular dystrophy. The researchers have also found clues to what triggers the cells to change. Angelo Vescovi and his colleagues at the National Neurological Institute in Milan, Italy, have shown that adult stem cells from mouse brains become muscle cells when implanted in muscles of live mice. And when human adult stem cells extracted from the brains of miscarried fetuses are implanted in mouse muscle, they too turn into muscle cells. The team had already demonstrated that mouse brain cells could turn into blood cells (New Scientist, 19 August, p 16)……." 9/18/00 "…… The people who have been gutting live fetuses for profit have really called out the big guns: Hollywood stars have converged on Congress to back the abortion industry. So now it's no matter a matter of whether gutting live fetuses is good or bad, right or wrong. It's a matter of whether gutting live fetuses is trendy or gauche. Mary Tyler Moore probably means well -- after all, she's lobbying on behalf of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Who could be against helping children with this miserable and sometimes deadly disease…… The efforts of Michael J. Fox are probably a little more self-interested. After all, he himself is a Parkinsons' patient………. Both Moore and Fox focus, of course, on the benefits that might accrue to patients with the ailments they fight. The attitude toward the fetuses is, "Well, if you're just going to throw it away..." And living as they do among the Hollywood elite, it probably never occurred to either of them to question whether or not there's anything wrong with abortion in the first place, much less anything wrong with picking through abortionists' garbage for fetus bits that they want to put to good use. …… It's popular in abortion advocacy circles to perpetuate the myth that all fetal tissue harvesters do is pull a few odds and ends out of the biohazard bag before it goes from the abortion clinic to the incinerator. But that's not how fetal tissue is harvested for research. The old tried-and-true abortion methods do not produce tissue usable for research or medical use. ……..First trimester abortions are most often done via suction. This does not produce nice neat fetus pieces to pick through. It produces a fetus puree with the occasional identifiable chunk. …… Early second trimester abortions are most often done by a combination of intrauterine dismemberment and suction, in which the bony parts are pulled out in pieces and the organs are suctioned out in a soupy mess. Second trimester fetal organs, being larger than first trimester fetal organs, are shredded by this process; they're not coming out in nice intact pieces suitable for harvesting. …… Abortions after the midpoint in pregnancy are either done in a more demanding version of the dismember-and-vacuum method described above, or with one of two other methods that produce fetal tissue unsuitable for harvesting. …….. The modified D&E involves killing the fetus the day before the abortion and letting it rot overnight so that it's easier to dismember. Medical research requires fresh tissue promptly refrigerated, not tissue that's been rotting in a warm, moist place overnight. Plus, the organs are suctioned out in little bits, as described above. ……….The other old-hat method of late abortion involves poisoning the baby, and then inducing labor after it's dead. In addition to the problem of rotting tissue, there is the added damage done to the organs by the chemicals used to kill the fetus. …….In order to get nice, fresh, intact organs, you have to get a nice, fresh, intact fetus. Which means you have to get the fetus out in one piece. Which means that you have to dilate the cervix excessively. And if you need a fresh fetus, you have to wait until you've got hold of it before you kill it. Which means you either need the skill to kill it as you extract it, or you just pull it out alive and gut it before it expires. ……."

Daily Telegraph 9/18/00 P J Bonthrone "…… THE Vatican has signalled that it is considering relaxing its opposition to the use of condoms. A senior aide has admitted that sheaths may be the "lesser of two evils" as the Roman Catholic Church acknowledges the extent of the Aids epidemic worldwide. …."

The Washington Times 10/5/00 George Archibald "…… The International Planned Parenthood Federation has repaid $700,000 in U.S. grants, on the eve of a congressional audit over the group's affiliates using the funds for abortions and abortion-advocacy efforts in India and Uganda. The London-based IPPF deposited the money in a U.S. Agency for International Development (AID) account after learning that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee had dispatched a General Accounting Office (GAO) team to audit the population-control group, which has affiliates in 134 countries. ……. In a report released yesterday, the GAO disclosed the repayment and told Sen. Jesse Helms, North Carolina Republican and committee chairman, that the IPPF and eight other foreign family-planning groups had refused to comply with a congressional mandate that AID grantees cease abortion activities as a condition of U.S. funding. "In early 2000, the federation discovered, through its own monitoring procedures, that it had inadvertently provided about $700,000 in USAID funds to two affiliates in India and Uganda that, among other family-planning services, engage in abortion-related activities," the GAO report said. ……."

Source: Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute 10/5/00 "……. A long expected war has erupted in Washington DC over US funding of groups that perform or promote abortion in foreign countries. International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) has admitted it violated US guidelines in using US taxpayer money to perform abortions in India and Uganda. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jesse Helms (R-North Carolina) sent a blistering letter to President Bill Clinton questioning his support of taxpayer funded foreign abortions. ……… The battle centers upon what is known as "Mexico City language," a vestige of the international abortion battles from the Reagan era. "Mexico City language," so called because it originated at a UN population conference in Mexico in 1984, prevents US money from going to any group that performs or promotes abortion overseas………. "

Conservative News Service 10/5/00 Cheryl K Chumley "…..Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman has been denounced by members of the Jewish community for his views on homosexuality and abortion just hours before he is due to debate his Republican counterpart in front of a national audience. ….. "We want the Christian community to know how Lieberman is viewed, and that's as a scandal and an embarrassment," said Rabbi Yehunda Levin with Jews for Morality, during a Thursday news conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. …….Levin's criticism also comes at a time when the Republican Jewish Coalition has expressed "disappointment" with Lieberman's stated "respect" for Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a man criticized by many for his alleged anti-semitism, but whom Lieberman has said he would like to meet……….. The RJC has asked that Lieberman reconsider his plans to meet with Farrakhan, because of the minister's past statements concerning Jews and Judaism, which he called a "dirty religion."………. "Orthodox Jews are waking up to his tremendous mountain of inconsistencies. Tens of thousands of Orthodox Jews ... are reacting in shock and disbelief," Levin said, adding that Lieberman was "now claiming [to be] an observant Jew. That means you basically observe what's good for you politically and you observe what's not good for you politically." ……."

debate transcript 10/4/00 Freeper xzins "…..GORE ....Now, this is, indeed, a very important issue. First of all, on the issue of partial-birth or so-called late-term abortion, I would sign a law banning that procedure, provided that doctors have the ability to save a women's life or to act if her health is severely at risk. And that's not the main issue........... "

The Daily Oklahoman 10/2/00 "….. BACKERS of RU-486, the abortion-inducing drug that gained Food and Drug Administration approval this week, say the pill won't increase the number of abortions in the United States. Can they say with equal certainty that access to the baby-killing drug won't make abortion decisions more casual, further damaging respect for life in this country? We don't think so and fear the drug's introduction will only serve to assuage consciences that should be deeply troubled over the fate of the unborn and make easier a decision that should be anguishing. U.S. Rep. J.C. Watts, R- Norman, called RU-486 the "do- it-yourself abortion." Rep. Tom Coburn, R-Muskogee and a practicing obstetrician, called the drug's approval unprecedented: "Never before has the FDA approved a drug intended to kill people." ……."

CBN News 10/2/00 Kristine Vick "…… Forty-four white doves. Forty-four white crosses. They represent the innocent lives of 44 abandoned babies. "When we acquired the land, we acquired 42 spaces," says Debi Faris. "We just prayed we would never see this in our lifetime. One, two, three children are too many." Faris created the "Garden of Angels" four years ago near Los Angeles for babies whose mothers threw them away like trash. The stories are horrific. "There's a little boy that was about a week old that was found by a homeless man searching for food. He reached into the trashcan and found the body of Jordan," relates Faris. "There's a little boy they estimated was about two weeks old and he was put in a trashcan in Los Angeles. He was wearing a diaper and that little baby tried so hard to get out of the trash that he crawled out of his diaper. There's a little boy named David who was found in a sewage treatment plant. Sara was found in a white sheet just laying on the road. Vidalia was found in a dumpster behind a supermarket by a man looking for bottles." Baby Shane was buried this summer after he was found wrapped in a garbage bag in the waters off Long Beach, Calif…….."

Newsmax 10/2/00 Dr. James Hirsen "……It seems as though a warped administration is readily willing to sacrifice the health and welfare of our female population if that is what it takes to stop the hemorrhaging of poll numbers within the Gore campaign. …….. Gone is the pretense of ensuring that abortions in the United States are "safe and rare." The choreographers of decline have succeeded in thrusting a drug-induced termination of life upon our nation. The sanctioning of this latest method will most likely lead to a rise in the number of abortions performed and an increase in the attendant risks, "comforts" of home notwithstanding. Female voters are currently the most sought after constituency in the presidential campaign. However, women must ask themselves the degree to which they are truly valued. …….. In clinical testing, one out of every 100 patients using the RU486 protocol ended up in the hospital. Two percent of women who used the method had such severe bleeding they required surgery. After years of study, the FDA only four months ago submitted restrictions which included the mandate that administration of the RU486 drugs take place within one hour of an emergency room, thus acknowledging some of the pitfalls of the drugs involved. …….What salient facts emerged four months later to compel the FDA to drop protections for women's health? Curiously, the answer is none. And so we are left to wonder whether this was a purely political maneuver. ……."

Reuters 10/3/00 "……A Colorado couple used genetic tests to create a test-tube baby that would have the exact type of cells desperately needed to save their 6-year-old daughter, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday. The newspaper said it was the first time a couple was known to have screened their embryos before implanting one in the mother's womb for the purpose of saving the life of a sibling. The baby, named Adam, was born in Denver on Aug. 29. Doctors collected cells from his umbilical cord, a painless procedure, and on Sept. 26 infused them into his sister Molly's circulatory system, according to the Post report. …… Molly suffered from an inherited bone marrow deficiency that is universally fatal without a transplant like the one she received from her newborn brother. She is recuperating in a Minneapolis hospital, and within about a week doctors should know whether the procedure was successful, the Post said. ………. "

AP 10/3/00 Newsday M R Kropko "......A pregnant woman was found dead Tuesday, her baby torn from her belly in a crude Caesarean section, and the woman suspected of stealing the child killed herself as police arrived to question her.

The 8-pound, 6-ounce baby was found asleep in a crib in the nursery of the suspect's home and was in good condition at a hospital. The body of Theresa Andrews, 23, who vanished a week before her due date, was found buried in the suspect's dirt-floor garage. It was unknown whether she was alive when her baby was taken, Coroner Roger Marcial said. The abdomen ''was cut horizontally and that's the only way to have gotten the baby out,'' Marcial said. An autopsy was planned. .........."

RNC Email to Radio Hosts 10/3/00 Jim Nicholson "...... Gore needs to explain why he and Bill Clinton have vetoed bipartisan legislation to ban the barbaric practice of partial birth abortion three times - even though the overwhelming majority of Americans want the ban. It's time to explain, Al - not distort, deny and attack! 10/3/00 ".....While watching news analyst and fellow WND columnist Bill O'Reilly, of Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor" last week discuss the Food and Drug Administration's approval of RU-486 -- the controversial abortion pill -- with a Newsweek columnist, the guest invoked a standardized argument used often by abortion supporters to justify the FDA's decision. He said, repeatedly, that "abortion is the law of the land; the Supreme Court has said so." ........ The guest, whose name I can't recall because I didn't bother to write it down, also admonished O'Reilly for questioning the FDA's approval of the drug based on another, more recent, Supreme Court ruling against permitting states to pass laws banning one of the most hideous of all abortion procedures -- partial birth abortion. ........ You may not like the procedure of abortion, the guest said, but there's no way to deny that it's legal -- and the Supreme Court has said so. What the guest failed to mention when he brought up the High Court's most recent refusal to back Nebraska's PBA law was that the justices felt that the state's law was overly broad -- broad enough to use to prohibit other forms of abortion as well. ......... Based on that assessment, the High Court refused to let Nebraska's law stand. Had the justices gotten a "cleaner" bill -- one specifically banning just the PBA procedures, then I've no doubt the High Court would have granted the state's right to keep the law. ....... Nevertheless, the leftists in America have attempted to use the Supreme Court as a fear tactic to divide voters and whip up opposition to GOP presidential nominee George W. Bush, over the as-yet unproven theory that Bush would mandate a "pro-life" litmus test for any new Supreme Court justices he may have to appoint as president. ......" 9/23/00 Churck Morse "……..Its been 27 years since Rowe v Wade legalized abortion in America and it should be pretty obvious by now that the lucrative abortion industry, with their vast network of pro abortion support groups, foundations, international establishments, billionaires, media echo chambers, and politicians, intend to keep it that way……… Most realize, at some level, how morally depraved and physically dangerous abortion is, except in the extremely rare case where a pregnancy endangers the life of the mother, yet most Americans, after decades of propaganda, want abortion legal…….. This hinders and side-tracks the conservative cause and hurts conservative candidates for elective office including George W. Bush and Richard Cheney, both of whom are pro life…….. Legal abortion is here to stay, the fight against it is a lost cause, and it's time to cut our losses and move on to other issues before we lose more battles and eventually the war. …….Lets recognize that abortion is legal, and then ask the liberal, "pro-choice" establishment to join us in a massive media, educational, and research campaign to discourage abortion. Marketing strategy could be borrowed from the anti-smoking campaign, Smokey the bear, or "this is you're brain on drugs"……. Lets let the public know the truth, at long last, about abortion. It won't take long before abortion will be, to quote Bill Clinton, "legal, safe, and rare"…….."

Augusta Chronicle 9/24/00 Trevor Johnson "….. I have heard much about the Democrats' vice presidential candidate's firm faith these past several days and I cannot help but see a glaring inconsistency. …… How true is this pious Jew to the words of the Torah, in Exodus 21:22,23, which reads, ``If man strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: He shall be severely punished according as the woman's husband will lay upon him ... if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life.'' The above minimum example of the case law contained in the Torah calls for the death penalty to be enacted when men fighting accidentally cause a woman to miscarry. This Torah, that Mr. Lieberman claims to follow as an Orthodox Jew, treats the unborn as fully human, with protected rights. If causing a woman to miscarry deserved the death penalty in the Torah, how much more awful abortion should be to this Orthodox Jew, who calls upon God at nearly every public spectacle. ……"

Catholic World News (via Religion Today) 10/11/00 "…… The International Planned Parenthood Federation spent $700,000 on abortions and abortion advocacy in India and Uganda, according to Catholic World News. ...U.S. government policy prevents groups that receive federal subsidies from paying for or advocating abortion overseas. The group repaid the money but said that abortion is a basic human right and blamed a government agency for "making us believe we were not in a position" to submit to the regulation….

Washington Post 10/11/00 AP "…..Birth control pills may raise the already heightened risk of breast cancer faced by women with a strong family history of the disease, a study suggests. …….Among sisters and daughters of women with breast cancer, users of the pill were three times as likely as nonusers to get the disease. And if at least five family members had breast or ovarian cancer, pill users faced an 11-fold risk, the researchers reported in today's Journal of the American Medical Association……."

Newsmax 10/9/00 "…….A prominent former abortionist warns that RU-486, the abortion drug recently approved by the federal government, has potentially harmful side effects for women who use it. In 1969, Dr. Bernard Nathanson was co-founder of National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, later renamed National Abortion Rights Action League. He was also the director of what was then the largest abortion facility in the world New York Citys Center for Reproductive and Sexual Health. Presiding over 60,000 abortions during his career and helping to make abortion legal in the United States, Nathanson later renounced his profession and became a pro-life advocate, a conversion that made headlines. During a recent interview, Nathanson revealed dangers that the FDA doesnt want to reveal to the American public about RU-486 and its companion drug, misoprostol, or cytotec. He commented that the approval of RU-486, or mifepristone, had less to do with public health and more to do with the politics of the Food and Drug Administration. ……. According to Nathanson, one potentially harmful side effect of RU-486 is the possibility that disorders could be passed down to surviving offspring of women who have taken the drug. ……"RU-486 is the drug which acts on the female reproductive system, and anything that does that we have to be keenly aware of what are called transgenerational effects," said Nathanson. ……."

Newsday 10/4/00 Errol Cockfield Jr. "…….. In another episode highlighting the oil-and-water relationship between religion and politics, a Catholic human services group has canceled three candidate forums because of orders from Bishop James McHugh prohibiting abortion-rights candidates from speaking in church facilities. The move by McHugh, who in 1998 took the helm of the Diocese of Rockville Centre and became the steward of 1.4 million Long Island Catholics, establishes the way his flock should mingle with political candidates in church-run facilities. ………. Before McHugh sent a letter spelling out the policy to parishes, schools, colleges and other Catholic agencies, Catholic Charities had organized three candidate forums at churches in Syosset, Bohemia and Wyandanch this month. In the letter McHugh said, "The policy...means that no pro-abortion public official or candidate is to be invited to address Catholic agencies or organizations, school or parish groups, even if he/she does not intend to express their pro-abortion views." McHugh said he had not been aware of the forums and Catholic Charities officials did not clear the events through his office. ……."

St. Louis Post Dispatch 10/8/00 Kevin Horrigan "…… I'VE been reading about the Food and Drug Administration's decision to approve mifepristone, the French abortion pill. I read this in Time magazine: "Women who undergo surgical abortions don't usually see the fetus. With mifepristone, a woman typically passes large blood clots in the toilet within hours after taking the second pill." ……. I read this, about women who are considering abortion, in Anna Quindlen's column in Newsweek: "You don't know what's in their hearts or their minds or their wombs. And finally, it's none of your business. The biggest mirage of all is that it is." …….. I read this on the bumper of a car in front of me: "Against abortion? Don't have one." …… I remember what someone, maybe it was Gloria Steinem, said about men who oppose abortion: "If men got pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament." …..So I'm conflicted, as the shrinks say. ……. WHAT can I possibly say that would make any difference, me being a man without any standing in this? ….."

St. Louis Post Dispatch 10/8/00 Kevin Horrigan "……The pamphleteer is a 13-year-old girl who was adopted when she was three weeks old. She goes on to explain, "My mother chose not to abort me. That is why I am here to tell you this today. If you let your child live, you will not regret it. I love my mother for her decision. I will always have a place in my heart for her. …….. "I love my adoptive mother for the love she has given me. The baby you are carrying is a gift from God, and He is honoring you by letting you carry a human being inside your own body. I think about how it all works, and it is something I just can't grasp as being possible. Yet it happens to women all over the world. "Please don't choose abortion for your child." The pamphleteer says she often thinks about being in her mother's womb. "I think if my mother aborted me, who would I have left to love me? What was the matter with me?" …….There is nothing at all the matter with her, other than that her room is usually a mess. She is my daughter. She is why this is my business, she and her two brothers, and the young women who were brave enough to give them life and braver still to give them up. ….."

New York Times 9/30/00 Robin Toner ".....The government's approval this week of RU-486, the French abortion pill, was a major victory by the abortion rights side and will almost certainly prompt another shift in tactics, advocates on both sides agree. But nobody was quite sure what it would be, in part because so much depends on the outcome of the November election, and whether the White House is occupied by Gov. George W. Bush, who opposes legalized abortion in most cases, or Vice President Al Gore, who supports abortion rights........ The public message from many anti-abortion leaders today was fairly consistent and reflected the more complicated nature of the abortion debate these days: RU-486 carries risks, they argued, and doctors and women should be educated about them. It is not a simple solution to an unwanted pregnancy. And, these leaders said, it will work against the Clinton-Gore promise to make abortion "safe, legal and rare."...... In a New York Times/CBS News poll taken in early September, 35 percent of those polled said they wanted abortion to be generally available. But a plurality, 42 percent, said that while they wanted abortion to be available, they wanted stricter limits governing it than it has today. Twenty-one percent said abortion should not be permitted at all......."

New York Times 9/30/00 Gina Kolata ".....Mr. Mitchell Creinin runs an abortion clinic in Pittsburgh and has become something of an expert on the abortion-inducing pill, mifepristone, which was approved for sale in the United States on Thursday. ....... But, he said, while hundreds of doctors - family practitioners and obstetricians - have attended his seminars thinking that they could begin providing mifepristone to patients seeking abortions, their eagerness to prescribe the pill often diminished as they heard him talk. ...... Dr. Creinin said he told doctors about the office visits a woman must make, the counseling a doctor must do, the backup medical services that must be provided and the state laws that must be followed.......One survey of gynecologists and family practice doctors, conducted by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, found that about a third said that they would at least consider prescribing mifepristone. But, said Tina Hoff, a spokeswoman for the foundation, doctors often had no idea of what it meant to offer the drug, and when they found out, many backed off........"

Los Angeles Times 9/29/00 Alissa Rubin "…….. Federal approval of the abortion pill Thursday presents anti-abortion activists with new obstacles, especially at the grass-roots level. The drug, which can be administered by almost any obstetrician/gynecologist or family practice doctor, is likely to make it more difficult for activists to determine which doctors are providing medical abortions and, as a result, harder for them to determine where to demonstrate. ….."

National Right to Life Committee 9/28/00 Dave Andrusko "……. One can accuse the ethically tone-deaf Clinton/Gore of many things but forgetting to reward their allies is not one of them. And no one has been there more faithfully-through thick and thin, scandal and disgrace-than the abortion lobby. Hours ago, the Food and Drug Administration {FDA} came through in the clutch. A mere four months after recognizing that the use of the abortifacient RU 486 is no walk in the park-it not only kills unborn babies, it poses health risks to the mother as well-the FDA both authorized marketing and dropped the meaningful protections it reportedly wanted before the agency would give the thumbs up. If that weren't enough, guess to whom the distributor-Danco Laboratories-reportedly will turn to produce RU 486? The People's Republic of China, a notorious violator of human rights known for forced abortion, forced sterilization, and infanticide. There are payoffs and there are payoffs. Usually, even the Clinton/Gore Administrator is a tad more subtle. ….."

Medical Journal: The Lancet (UK) 9/30/00 Cathelijne F van Heteren, P Focco Boekkooi, Henk W Jongsma, Jan G Nijhuis "…… Research letters Volume 356, Number 9236 30 September 2000 Fetal learning and memory Lancet 2000; 356: 1169 - 1170 .,….. We used fetal habituation to repeated vibroacoustic stimulation to assess fetal memory. After the initial stimulus, we assessed the fetuses 10 min later and again after 24 h. 16 of 19 fetuses habituated rapidly to the stimuli at 10 min (p=0·004) and 24 h (p=0·042) after the initial test. We conclude, therefore, that fetuses are able to learn: they have a short-term memory of at least 10 min, and a long-term memory of at least 24 h. …… Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University Medical Centre Nijmegen, Netherlands (C F van Heteren MD, P F Boekkooi MD, H W Jongsma PhD); and Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University Hospital, Maastricht (Prof J G Nijhuis MD) Correspondence to: Dr Cathelijne F van Heteren, University Medical Centre Nijmegen, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, PO Box 9101, 6500 HB Nijmegen, Netherlands (e-mail: ….."


PRNewswire 10/24/00 "……Ireland's worst enemies can sometimes come from within," stated Father Matthew Habiger, OSB, Ph.D., President of Human Life International, the world's largest pro-life, pro- faith, pro-family apostolate. "Once again, the people of Ireland are facing another nation-wide debate over abortion. The future of faith and family are at stake as the sanctity of life becomes Ireland's new battleground. …"

Newsletter/Press Release 10/24/00 John Hostettler "…….New details about the Food and Drug Administration's approval process for the abortion pill RU-486 reveals that the agency placed politics ahead of public health, U.S. Rep. John Hostettler (IN-8) said today. ……According to investigators for the House Commerce Committee, the People's Republic of China state-owned pharmaceutical company that produces RU-486 has been cited by federal regulators for bringing impure and mislabeled drugs into the United States. The company also produced herbal remedies that the California Department of Health Services found to be contaminated. ……. "It's ironic that the Chinese government, which enforces a one-child policy through forced abortion and sterilization, will produce this destructive drug," said Hostettler. "Neither the Chinese government nor this front company care anything about the health or welfare of American women and children. The FDA should cease the importation of RU-486 immediately." ……"

EWTN 10/23/00 "......Millions of children trick-or-treating this Halloween in the United States will be toting little donation boxes, asking for money for the U.N. Children's Fund to help poor children of the world. What they don't know is that they will be helping to fund abortion, contraception and sterilization programs in the Third World. So says the National Catholic Register in its Oct. 22-29 edition. It highlighted the lesser-known work of UNICEF, which is famous for providing food, water and basic medical care to children in the developed world. ...... Controversy simmering in El Salvador this month over a sex-education program sponsored by UNICEF is adding to what critics say is an anti-family, pro-abortion image of UNICEF foreign aid, the Register said. .....Archbishop Fernando Saenz Lacalle of San Salvador has from the pulpit denounced a 170-page sex-education booklet designed by UNICEF and El Salvador's Ministries of Health and Education for training adolescents on sexuality issues including contraception, homosexuality and abortion, the Register reporter. ....."

Chicago Sun Times 10/23/00 Robert Novak "...... The tone of the Democratic nominee's answer to the U.S. Catholic Conference's questionnaire, released last Wednesday, was stunning: "Al Gore opposes late-term abortions and the procedure of partial-birth abortions." Only two sentences later did he add that prohibitions of partial-birth abortions "should include protections for the life and health of the mother." ...... True champions of abortion rights don't even recognize the term "partial-birth abortion," and previously, the vice president had always been careful to put "so-called" in front of it. What has happened to the Al Gore who in June excoriated as "bitter and divisive" the dissenters in the 5-4 Supreme Court decision striking down Nebraska's ban on the procedure, who said that only his election would preserve its legal use? ......"

Associated Press 10/20/00 Alan Fram "……Bargainers seemed to be moving toward an agreement Friday over restricting U.S. aid to groups that perform overseas abortions, one of the most intractable of the remaining budget disputes. A deal would mean an end, for now, to a battle that has raged since 1984, when President Reagan used an executive order to bar family planning aid for groups that perform abortions overseas or lobby to liberalize other countries' abortion laws. President Clinton revoked the order upon taking office in 1993. …….."

AP 10/20/00 Alan Fram "……Bargainers seemed to be moving toward an agreement Friday over restricting U.S. aid to groups that perform overseas abortions, one of the most intractable of the remaining budget disputes. A deal would mean an end, for now, to a battle that has raged since 1984, when President Reagan used an executive order to bar family planning aid for groups that perform abortions overseas or lobby to liberalize other countries' abortion laws. President Clinton revoked the order upon taking office in 1993. ……. An agreement also would mean that one of the three spending bills for the new fiscal year that White House and congressional negotiators have yet to resolve could be ready for Congress to vote on early next week. …….The $14.9 billion foreign aid measure was all but certain to contain $435 million to help forgive debt owed by dozens of poor countries. That initiative has been supported by the Clinton administration, many congressional conservatives and others from Pope John Paul II to the rock star Bono……."

CDR Radio Impact News 10/20/00 "……. Dayton Right to Life is reporting the death of a young woman who got an abortion at the abortion clinic on North Main Street in Dayton. The Right to Life group says a 21-year-old woman was pronounced dead at Good Samaritan Hospital last week after she was sent home. Peggy Lehner, president of Dayton Right to Life told IMPACT NEWS the death was just hours after she left the clinic. Lehner says, "The final results of the autopsy are still pending. From early indications it appears she suffered some sort of blood clot or ambolism.?? or something like that. We won't know for sure until we get the results of that autopsy back. We do know she entered the clinic as an apparent perfectly healthy woman, pregnant, frightened, probably, and had made the choice to have this procedure done. As a result of that choice, she is now dead." Lehner says the death could've been prevented by the Ohio Department of Health, " "One of the real tragedies here was that this clinic just this past summer was granted a license as an ambulatory surgical facility by the Ohio Department of Health. And in order to obtain that license, the clinic asked for a waver for any kind of arrangement for special treatment of complications. The normal license requirement say that you have to have a hospital and a doctor identified who are going to follow up in case one of your patients runs into trouble. And that didn't happen. They weren't able to get that kind of arrangement. They asked for a waver and the Department of Health granted it. This woman very well may have been alive today if the Department of Health had done their work." ….."

The Washington Times 10/18/00 John Mallon "…… Catholics were amused by allegations against George W. Bush suggesting he is anti-Catholic because of his appearance at Bob Jones University. Space doesn't permit comment on the house theology and policies of that school, but suffice it to say that in today's social climate of hostility toward religion, if a believer - let alone a Christian - doesn't know that other believers are not the enemy, he is simply not awake. Most Catholics agreed the charge against Mr. Bush was nonsense, and laughed it off. ……What is offensively anti-Catholic is the sniveling and pandering by Al Gore to the genuine, sworn enemies of the Catholic Church like Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL). ….."

The Washington Times 10/18/00 John Mallon "…… During the final battle at the United Nations Cairo+5 Conference on Population and Development in June 1999, there was a heated confrontation between the U.S. delegation and the Holy See (the official title of the Vatican U.N. delegation). …….At issue was the Holy See's dogged insistence that some mention of parental rights be made in the final document. It was going late into the night when John Klink, lead negotiator for the Holy See, addressed the chair, saying, "Mr. Chairman, in a document which makes explicit reference to 'sexual and reproductive rights' in practically every paragraph I fail to see why it should be so difficult to have the phrase, 'respecting the rights, duties and responsibilities of parents' appear in even one paragraph of this document." In U.N. language "sexual and reproductive rights" includes access to all contraceptive chemicals and devices, as well as abortion, and applies to adolescents, defined by the United Nations to include children as young as 10. The Clinton-Gore delegation was fighting to prevent any language allowing for parental involvement in the lives of their adolescents regarding these "rights." ………. Finally, Mr. Klink played his trump card. Pro-family lobbyists had compiled several quotations precisely on the rights, duties and responsibilities of parents made by President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore in the aftermath of the Columbine tragedy. Mr. Klink read them out to the assembly, and only afterwards said they were statements by Mr. Clinton and Mr. Gore. The entire assembly erupted in laughter, except for Margaret Pollack who did a slow burn. Selective principles are something we've come to expect from the Clinton-Gore administration. There was unconfirmed speculation that the U.S. delegation was taking direct orders from Mr. Gore. True or not, it is certain that Mr. Gore is one of the key leaders of this anti-family and anti-life apparatus that has been the true face of the Clinton-Gore administration that few Americans ever get to see. ……"

The Associated Press 10/18/00 Amy Forliti "…… INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - A county judge ruled Wednesday that pregnant women who qualify for Medicaid can be reimbursed for abortions deemed medically necessary. Current state law allows Medicaid funds to be used for abortions when the woman's life is in danger or when the woman is a victim of rape or incest, but not in other circumstances. Marion County Superior Court Judge Susan Macey Thompson found the current state rules unconstitutional, saying that if the state chooses to provide Medicaid abortion funding in stipulated cases, it also must provide funding for medically necessary abortions. …….. "

PRNewswire 10/18/00 Judie Brown "……. This is a special message for moms whose kids work for personal injury law firms. Mom -- if your son or daughter wants to make the really, really big money -- here's some motherly advice you need to give them. Don't waste your time going after industries like Big Tobacco, Big Guns or even Big Breast Implants. No, the new crew to sue is something called Big Abortion! That's right -- the previously untouchable abortion industry is about to find out that even they aren't immune to our country's insatiable appetite for big-money lawsuits. …….For 30 years, abortionists have been protected by the reluctance of injured women to admit they've had an abortion. But all that's starting to change real fast. More and more post-abortive women are beginning to understand how they were manipulated and lied to by the entire abortion complex -- from the media, to the feminist movement, right down to the abortionist who destroyed the baby in their womb. ...... They're asking important questions, like, "Why didn't the abortionist let me see the sonogram of my baby?" Or, "Why wasn't I told that having an abortion could increase my chances for breast cancer?" …… In many cases, when they get the answers to their questions, the next thing they get is a lawyer. And then they sue for all their abortionists are worth. ……"

Massachusetts News 11/6/00 John Haskins "…….The reason that black voters are choosing pro-abortion Democrats is because they do not know about the racist agenda that was advocated by the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, according to a nationally renowned black physician, John R. Diggs, Jr., who addressed a cheering crowd of almost 1000 people at a fundraising banquet for A Woman's Concern last week in Waltham. …….. "Black voters have consistently supported Democrats and liberal politics because they have bought the lie that the 'right' to abort their children is in their best interest," said Dr. Diggs. He said that Sanger's agenda is succeeding in removing countless infants from the African-American community every year. …….. Sanger was motivated by the eugenicist goal of minimizing the population of blacks and other economically disadvantaged ethnic groups, whom she believed to be inferior, Diggs said. She intentionally targeted black ministers to encourage their communities to embrace abortion as a method of birth control. She specifically feared they would see the racist motivation behind her vision. Diggs told Massachusetts News: "Unfortunately, by and large, they never have," while noting some exceptions among black ministers. ……."

Drudge 11/4/00 AP "…….A new breed of tax-exempt groups has muscled its way into politics, pouring more than $130 million into influencing fall elections from the White House to the Florida statehouse, their first IRS disclosure reports show. Freed from spending restraints imposed on candidates and parties, actress Jane Fonda took advantage of the Internal Revenue Service rules to personally bankroll a $11.7 million campaign that is injecting the abortion issue into battleground states. …… Not to be outdone, conservative groups have crowded the airwaves with biting ads designed to help Republicans capture the Congress and White House. …… "

CNS Commentary from the Free Congress Foundation 11/1/00 Thomas Jipping "…..Number 1. Joe Lieberman is troubled by toxic entertainment entering the minds of children, "the most precious of God's creations," yet has no problem with scissors and suction tubes entering the skulls of those children during partial-birth abortions.

The Associated Press 10/31/00 ".....The Vatican on Tuesday condemned a "morning-after" pill that recently went on sale in Italy as a contraceptive, calling it a form of'abortion by chemical means. In a document released Tuesday by the Pontifical Academy for Life, an office for ethical questions, the Vatican accused those of distributing or prescribing the pill of being "morally responsible" for an abortion. The hormone-based pill must be taken within 72 hours of sexual relations. It impedes a possibly fertilized egg from imbedding in the uterus by altering the uterine wall...."

TASS 10/29/00 "…..The birthrate continues to decline in Russia: only 1,230 thousand babies are born a year, while, to maintain the normal reproduction of the population, the country needs 750 thousand babies over and above that every year. According to sources in the Institute of Gynaecology, Perinatology and Maternity, 2.3 million abortions are registered in Russia every year. Ten per cent of women are left infertile by abortion...."

Associated Press 10/30/00 Jonathan Salant "…..Groups on both sides of the abortion debate have pumped nearly $3.5 million into the presidential race, new Federal Election Commission reports show. The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League reported spending $2.4 million in support of Vice President Al Gore, the Democratic candidates, while the National Right to Life Committee spent $1 million on behalf of Texas Gov. George W. Bush, the Republican. Much of the money has gone into commercials in battleground states. ……"

WorldNetDaily.conm 10/27/00 Julie Foster "..... Anti-abortion demonstrators at a recent campaign rally for Vice President Al Gore were rounded up by Secret Service at the Gonzaga University event and confined to a pen similar to those used at fairgrounds for farm animals. The rally took place in the Martin Center at Gonzaga University, a Catholic educational institution in Spokane, Wash. The first protesters arrived around 3 p.m. for the afternoon rally and were held in the pen until about 5:30 p.m. ....."

Salt Lake Tribune 10/29/00 James R. Harrigan ".....One of candidate Bill Clinton's most famous utterances was his vow in 1992 to make abortion "safe, legal, and rare." Eight years later, President Clinton's Food and Drug Administration approves RU 486, the so-called "abortion pill," for use in the United States. Safe, perhaps. Legal, certainly. Rare? Hardly.. ......"

AP Top News 12/14/00 Victor Simpson ".....Pope John Paul II on Thursday urged other cultures to reject a Western lifestyle that he accused of worsening ''spiritual and moral impoverishment.'' In a message released Thursday, John Paul renewed his concerns over ''slavish conformity'' to Western culture, its power in communications technology and scientific advances that have led to cloning and the use of human embryos for research -- research opposed by the Roman Catholic Church. ...... ''Detached from their Christian origins, these models are often inspired by an approach to life marked by secularism and practical atheism, and by patterns of radical individualism,'' John Paul said. He called it a ''phenomenon of vast proportions, sustained by powerful media campaigns'' designed to propagate Western viewpoints that damage other cultures. ......"

Friends of Liberty, International 12/12/00 "..... "Clearly, 60 Minutes relishes every false statement made about Catholic moral teaching and Catholic medical ethics, but the facts do not change, even when Morley Safer distorts them for his viewers," said Judie Brown, president of American Life League. Brown was responding to a report on CBS's 60 Minutes, titled "God, Women and Medicine," which aired December 10, 2000. The report sought to defame Catholic teaching and medical practice regarding the Church's opposition to abortion, sterilization, abortion- inducing chemicals and so-called family planning. "The segment was loaded with nuanced hatred for Christ, the Truth and His Church," Brown said....... The report featured ex-Catholic, Francis Kissling, head of Catholic dissident group, Catholics for a Free Choice, parading as a practicing Catholic when in fact she is a heretic. ....."

UPI 12/7/00 "…..Women made up 71 percent of those who asked Dr. Jack Kevorkian to help end their lives and 75 percent of his clients were not terminally ill, according to an analysis of 69 assisted suicides in a leading medical journal……… The study, which appears in the New England Journal of Medicine, found most of Kevorkian's clients were single women who suffered from a chronic or degenerative but non-terminal condition that had caused a recent decline in their health……. From 1990 to 1998, Kevorkian, a retired Detroit-area pathologist, said he supervised about 130 assisted suicides. The article published Thursday examined 69 cases……… Oakland County Medical Examiner Dr. L.J. Dragovic said only 17 of the people assisted by Kevorkian had a terminal illness. ……. Seventy-one percent of the suicides were women, 66 percent were white, 23 percent married and 9 percent widowed. Twenty-three percent of the women were divorced and five percent had never married. Three percent of the male clients were divorced and 8 percent never married…… "The findings underscore the vulnerability of woman and groups of men" to physician-assisted suicide," Dragovic wrote……."

AP 12/5/00 "…..The American Medical Association approved a resolution Tuesday asking the government to consider making the "morning-after" contraceptive available over-the-counter. The AMA's policy-making House of Delegates passed the recommendation without discussion during a convention in Orlando. "This is a wonderful decision by the AMA. This is a terrific resolution," said Joan Coombs, senior vice president of Planned Parenthood. …."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 12/6/00 Tim Bryant "….. Missouri's law banning infanticide applies only to rarely performed so-called "partial-birth" abortions and protects doctors who do other types of abortions, a judge ruled Tuesday. The law, St. Louis Circuit Judge Robert H. Dierker Jr. also said, allows doctors to perform any type of abortion to preserve the health or life of the woman……. Dierker's 54-page ruling does not end legal battles over the statute, which became law last year when the Legislature overrode a veto by Gov. Mel Carnahan.......Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region is challenging the law in federal court in Jefferson City. It also may appeal Dierker's ruling to the Missouri Court of Appeals……"

AP 12/5/00 "……Employers would have to pay more to offer abortion coverage as part of their health benefits under legislation approved Tuesday by the state House. The bill, approved 63-35 with 11 members not voting, would change the situation currently facing employers who offer benefits. Now, employers must request that abortion coverage be removed from their basic health plans. Employers would have to pay more to offer supplemental abortion coverage for their employees because it would be on top of the cost of their health benefits...."

U.S. Newswire 12/4/00 "……Planned Parenthood of New York City (PPNYC) today announced that mifepristone (RU-486) is now available at its three health centers. Women will now have access to this option of very safe, early abortion without undergoing an invasive procedure. This past September, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved mifepristone for use in medical abortions. Danco Laboratories, the US manufacturer and distributor, began shipping mifepristone under the brand name Mifeprex last week. …"

BUSINESS WIRE 12/1/00 "….The American Center for Law and Justice, an international public interest law firm, today filed suit in U.S. District Court in Riverside, Calif., on behalf of a health care worker charging that she was fired from her job as a nurse for Riverside County, Calif., after she refused to dispense medication known as a "morning-after" pill designed to end pregnancies. …… "This case centers on the rights of our client to hold religious beliefs and have those beliefs accommodated by her employer," said Frank Manion, senior regional counsel of the ACLJ who is representing the nurse. "Our client did not want to dispense medication that she believes places her in a position to participate in an abortion. It is our position that her deeply held religious beliefs were ignored by her employer and it is our belief that she was wrongly fired because of those beliefs." ……The ACLJ filed suit today in U.S. District Court in Riverside on behalf of Michelle Diaz, who worked as a clinic health nurse at the Riverside Neighborhood Health Center. The complaint contends that in March 1999, Diaz and other health professionals expressed their concerns to management about dispensing the so-called "morning-after" pill -- medication designed to end pregnancies. The lawsuit states that Diaz told her supervisor that her deeply held religious beliefs prevented her from distributing the medication because she believed she would be participating in an abortion. ……" 11/20/00 Heidi Perlman "…..A 10-day-old Massachusetts law that restricted protesters from approaching women entering abortion clinics was declared unconstitutional Monday by a U.S. District Court judge. Judge Edward F. Harrington said the law infringed on the free-speech rights of abortion protesters by forcing them to stay at least 18 feet away from clinics where abortions are performed, and at least six feet away from women entering the clinic...." 1/4/01 Cheryl Chumley ".....The National Organization of Women is being accused of injecting its political views into a court case perceived by others as dealing solely with an alleged criminal extortionist.......Dr. James Pendergraft, an abortionist with five clinics in Florida, is currently on trial for lying under oath, conspiracy to commit extortion, and mail fraud...... NOW officials have rallied to his defense, labeling his plight "government-sponsored harassment."........ But Christian Communication Network Director Gary McCullough said NOW's only interest in the Pendergraft case stemmed from its attempts to further the abortion-rights cause......"

The Associated Press 1/4/01 Sandra Sobieraj ".....A spokesman for President-elect Bush refused on Thursday to address whether the new Republican administration would shut down budding government research on the stem cells of discarded human embryos. Press secretary Ari Fleischer, quoting his boss' statements during the campaign, said Bush ``would oppose federally funded research for experimentation on embryonic stem cells that require live human embryos to be discarded or destroyed.'' ....."

Drudge Link 1/6/01 UPI "…..Imagine if someone took a scraping of Michael Jordan's skin cells and cloned a whole team of basketball players who could win the NCAA championship every year…… Such a scenario has struck both imagination and fear into the debate on human cloning, sparked after Dolly the lamb was cloned from an adult sheep in 1997……. But reproductive experts and bioethicists now agree that it is unlikely that an army of clones will be created. It is more likely, some say, that cloning will be used by infertile couples wanting to create a genetically related child or those wishing to clone a lost loved one…… They say the technology already exists to clone a human, and somewhere in the world right now, someone probably is doing just that, if they haven't already done it…… That's the contention of an article in the February issue of Wired magazine, which will hit the newsstands on Jan. 11……"

sun-sentinel 1/6/01 Jeni Brock Steele "…..The mother accused of forcing her teenage daughter at gunpoint to go to a Palm Beach County abortion clinic will receive no prison time after pleading Friday to reduced charges. Fort Pierce resident Glenda D. Dowis had been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and child abuse, but prosecutor Kathryn Nelson said obtaining a conviction would be difficult because the daughter refused to cooperate….."

Associated Press (via Yahoo News) 12/29/00 Dean Visser ".....Doctors in Singapore said Friday they have achieved the world's first successful birth of a human being conceived from eggs and sperm that were both frozen. Actually, two births: The procedure produced a healthy set of twins, said Dr. Chia Choy May, who led the medical team conducting the procedure at Thomson Medical Center. Chia said it was the first birth of a baby conceived from frozen eggs and frozen sperm......"

The NY Times 12/30/00 Gina Kolata "..... Renee Chelian was worried about her business. With competitors charging lower prices, she needed something special to draw customers. So she created an almost a spa-like atmosphere at her offices, with low light in the rooms, aromatherapy, candles and relaxing music. Ms. Chelian runs three abortion clinics in the Detroit suburbs, where competition is so fierce that each clinic owner is looking for an edge. ...."

Miami Herald/Ap 12/30/00 "..... As one of Florida's best-known abortion providers, Dr. James Scott Pendergraft is no stranger to courtrooms. He once successfully sued the city of Orlando after he was blocked from opening a clinic. He sued Marion County and the city of Ocala two years ago claiming their respective law enforcement agencies weren't allowing off-duty officers to moonlight at his clinic there. He also filed a separate lawsuit demanding a buffer zone from anti-abortion protesters at the Ocala clinic. .......In an unusual twist, Pendergraft now finds himself on the other side of the law, defending himself against criminal charges of conspiracy to commit extortion, mail fraud and making false statements. Federal prosecutors accuse Pendergraft and a consultant of lying under oath in an effort to extort an excessive settlement from Marion County officials in exchange for dropping the lawsuit. ......"

Pro-Life Infonet (Mother Jones) 12/21/00 "..... - The pro-abortion magazine Mother Jones has obtained FDA figures listing 30 cases of uterine rupture associated with the use of the drug Cytotec to induce labor in expectant mothers, including 8 cases in which the fetus died in utero. Even so, the FDA recently approved the RU 486 chemical abortion regimin that includes misuse of Cytotec in the abortion process. ...... In spite of the fact that Cytotec is only FDA approved for treating peptic ulcers rather than for inducing labor, it is now "the predominant agent of choice" for inducing labor, according to Dr. Charles Lockwood, chairman of obstetrical practices for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). ......"

Milwaukee Journal 12/16/00 "......The first man prosecuted for killing an unborn child under the state's 2 1/2-year-old feticide law was sentenced Thursday to 30 years in prison for an attack in which he beat, raped and tortured his girlfriend then kept her captive for two days. David A. Enis, 34, will be 64 years old before he is released from prison under the truth-in-sentencing term, then must complete 30 more years of extended supervision in the community. ....."

Houston Chronicle 12/17/00 E Phillip Cannon "..... SINCE 1973, there have been about 34 million legal abortions in the United States. That is to say, since Roe vs. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion, the number of abortions approximates the number of people currently living in California. Such facts are often seen through the eyes of those who abhor or applaud abortion. Two respected scholars have reached a profound conclusion that may shock both groups: Legalized abortion has reduced crime significantly in America. .......... The study, scheduled for publication next spring, suggests that abortion has disproportionately reduced the population among those most likely to grow up to be criminals -- unwanted offspring of poor, teen-age women. John Donohue, a professor of law at Stanford University and Steven Levitt, an economist at the University of Chicago, have explored the significant drop in crime in the United States in the 1990s. Their conclusion is that as much as half of that reduction in crime can be attributed to legalized abortion. ......Homicides are down 40 percent. Violent crime and property crime are both down about 30 percent. ...... "

Reuters 12/19/00 ".....British MPs approved laws on Tuesday to allow research using stem cells from human embryos to develop new medical treatments, overruling opposition from campaigners who said it was a step on the road to human cloning. In a free vote, or vote of conscience, parliamentarians backed proposals by a majority of more than two to one to permit the research which scientists say could pave the way to cures for degenerative diseases like leukemia and heart disease. "In embryonic stem cells may lie the key to healing within the human body," junior health minister Yvette Cooper told MPs before Tuesday"s vote. Stem cells are master cells that can develop into different cell types such as blood, brain and bones. They offer the potential to treat diseases ranging from Parkinson"s, diabetes and cancers to leukemia, hepatitis and stroke. Prime Minister Tony Blair, who waded into the ethical minefield of stem cell research last month, strongly backs the technology which he said was key to maintaining Britain"s position as Europe"s leader in biotechnology. Tuesday"s vote -- passed by 366 to 174 -- will relax existing laws to allow scientists to take cells from embryos at a very early stage of development to work on new treatments. .....Right-to-life groups and religious leaders vehemently oppose the research. They warn it will lead to human cloning and say it is morally unacceptable. "For the first time we are saying to the scientific community that we shall create cloned human beings," one Conservative MP warned. ...."

Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute 12/15/00 Austin Ruse "....The UN Children's Fund has announced a plan that will severely restrict non-governmental (NGO) lobbyists at the upcoming ten-year review of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Pro-life lobbyists believe the clampdown is aimed specifically at them. UNICEF has announced that only two representatives of an NGO may participate at any one time in the governmental meeting. Given the small number of approved pro-life NGOs this limit would severely restrict the number of pro-lifers who can lobby the delegates. The relationship between UN agencies and pro-life lobbyists has always been uneasy. ....."

Fox News 12/15/00 AP ".....Health insurers who cover any preventative medical treatments, including vaccinations, drugs to control blood pressure, weight loss medication and surgical sterilizations, must also pay for birth control pills, diaphragms and drugs like Norplant, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said. The EEOC ruling directly affects only two women who complained to the agency. But it could affect millions of others whose health insurance plans exclude prescription contraceptives while covering other preventive treatments. ...."

U.S. Newswire 11/17/00 Planned Parenthood News Release "…..The following was released today by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America: In conjunction with, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) will guest-host a Teen Sexual Health Chat about oral sex, Tuesday, Nov. 21 at 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time/3 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. ……The 45-minute chat will be co-hosted by Planned Parenthood Federation of America Editor Shannon Criniti and Senior Sexual Health Writer Danielle Dimitrov. To join the chat, log on to Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) launched ( in February 1999 to provide uncensored, unbiased sexuality and sexual health information on the Internet 24 hours a day. Because of its careful construction, young people who access the site have no risk of exposure in chat rooms or of receiving e-mails from strangers. ….."

BBC News 11/17/00 "…… A severely disabled French boy has won a landmark case against medical authorities for allowing him to be born rather than aborted.Nicolas Perruche was born deaf, part-blind and with mental disabilities in 1983 after a doctor and a medical laboratory failed to realise that his mother had caught rubella, also called German measles, during her pregnancy.His parents, Josette and Christian Perruche, said the failure to diagnose the disease damaged their child in the womb and stopped them from opting for abortion.The courts had already decided doctors were at fault. ….."

EWTN 11/17/00 "….. MADRID, Spain, ( Four American women who survived abortion attempts by their mothers tell their stories in a new book, whose focus is on reconciliation, not resentment. "Yo Sobreviví a un Aborto" ("I Survived Abortion") is the title of the Spanish-language work published by Planeta-Testimonio. Written by Alejandro Bermúdez, journalist and director of the Catholic Information Agency for Latin America, or ACI Prensa, it records the testimony of the four who came out victorious from a battle against death in their mother's womb. …."

Jewishworldreview 11/17/00 Cal Thomas "…… TELEVISION has been rightly criticized for failing to address important subjects in a balanced way and when it does, it too often preaches a one-dimensional, mostly left-leaning perspective that reflects the bias of the writer, actors and/or producer. …… This Sunday night (Nov. 19), one TV series dares to offer something different. "Touched By An Angel'' (CBS 8 p.m. EST) presents a profound and powerful program about abortion. It's called, "The Empty Chair.'' Actually, the plot is more about a decision that led to an abortion and the delayed personal and professional consequences which followed……."

St. Paul Pioneer Press 11/15/00 Brian Bakst "……Consciously or not, voters secured a Minnesota House solidly opposed to abortion rights and apparently strengthened a likewise leaning Senate -- where abortion-restricting measures long had stalled. The abortion alignment at the Capitol was especially crucial last session, when a bill establishing a 24-hour waiting period squeaked through to Gov. Jesse Ventura's desk. After a suspense-filled week, Ventura vetoed the bill and there were not enough votes to override the veto. ……. His decision was greeted by equal parts relief and resentment. Both abortion-rights supporters and opponents urged voters to weigh in at the ballot box and elect lawmakers who fortified their respective views. …….."

EWTN 11/13/00 "……Did the doctor at Planned Parenthood place an oxygen tube in Linda McCowen's stomach instead of her lungs? This is the question the family of Linda McGowan wants answered. …..This fact came to light when Ed Szymkowiak, national director of STOPP International, spoke with McCowen's sister, Shannon Fisher. .........Fisher said the family speculates the oxygen tube, which was supposed to be placed in McCown's lung, was placed in her stomach instead. Linda McCown, 27, of Sedalia, Mo. remained comatose on Nov. 10 following a tubal ligation she had at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Overland Park, Kansas on Nov. 2. KMBC-TV News in Kansas City reported that during the surgery, McCown, a mother of four, had gone without oxygen for a period of time. ……"We urge people to keep Linda and her family in their prayers," Szymkowiak said. "This tragic incident should lead women to think twice before they go to Planned Parenthood for any type of health care."

Washington Post 11/9/00 Freeper PaForBush ".... Here's a great quote from this week's George Will column... "the remarkable Democratic Party...believes that a baby kicking in its mother's stomach should not be considered alive but that a dead Senate candidate should be considered alive..." 11/7/00 ".....One Baby Dies As British Doctors Separate Conjoined Twins British surgeons successfully separated conjoined twin girls Tuesday in a complex, 20-hour operation that resulted in the expected death of one of the 3-month-old twins. The procedure was expected to save the life of the stronger twin - known only as "Jodie" - and give the child a chance at a more normal life...."

The Associated Press Breaking News 10/12/00 "…..A Chinese company that has made the abortion pill RU-486 for at least nine years will manufacture the drug for the U.S. market, The Washington Post reported Thursday. U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the pill two weeks ago for U.S. consumption, but did not disclose the manufacturer's identity and location because of safety and security concerns. The drug distributor in the United States, Danco Laboratories, has also refused to identify the company. The Hua Lian Pharmaceutical Co. factory in Shanghai will make the pill, the Post reported, quoting Joachim Oehler, who heads the Concept Foundation, which assists companies in developing countries to make medical products, and has worked closely with the company. Oehler told the newspaper that FDA inspectors spent a week at the factory in July and agreed to allow the company to produce the pill in bulk amounts for export to the United States. ……"

NewsMax 11/6/00 Diane Alden "..... Election Day in America offers a choice, and the choice boils down to two imperfect men and their respective views on life, love, philosophy, and how politics and the United States should work. The choice of one over the other, however, is a choice regarding the soul of America. ...... In this election, however, there is an issue that trumps all others in my belief system. It is a divisive issue, and after I explain myself it will make some of you angry. In the small southern community where I live, my little Catholic parish of St. Joseph consists of half African-Americans, and some of them are actually college teachers from Africa, 10 percent Hispanic, and the rest of us are the white American-mutt mix. These fellow Catholics had it put to them yesterday by the good man I call friend and pastor, Father Paul of the Order of the Sacred Heart. ........ .... At the end of Mass, after I had calmed down a bit, a miracle happened. Father Paul, who spent most of his life as a pastor to the American Indian missions in the Dakotas, made my day. He told everyone to stay seated for a minute while he put it to us. .......To paraphrase a man who knows that most of his parishioners are dyed-in-the-wool Democrats, he said, "The election is on Tuesday and most of you, I am sure, will vote. However, you have a choice, and the choice is pretty clear. You have a choice to vote for a man who believes in the 'culture of death' or one who believes in choosing life. There is no other choice in America today but life or death. I am sorry, I know I am offending some of you, but that is too bad. President Clinton has vetoed the partial-birth abortion ban twice and his vice president went along with it. Al Gore and Joe Lieberman want to continue in the 'culture of death.' They will give us four more years of a practice that is tearing at the soul of America. This is the slavery issue of our day." ......Father said other things as well in that vein, but I had already gone into my own "thank you God mode." I had to hug his neck after Mass and thank him for his courage. I could see Sister Salad castigating him for bringing it up, and I can imagine the letter that will go to the bishop about Father's after-Mass statement. Sister Salad has already driven off one pro-life priest. PC is alive and well and a whole bunch of nuns, bishops and priests as well as lay people have the disease. ......I have heard Catholics and others insist that the abortion issue is only one of many in this election. Perhaps it is. They say it is a matter of personal choice. However, for a Catholic that is a lie and all of us know it. Many Catholics will have to choose between being a Democrat or being Catholic, and that is the reality. Being a Catholic is not like being part of a debating society. Being Catholic means that choosing life is a core issue of our beliefs and a matter that may place our soul in jeopardy with the Almighty. Bill Clinton voted against the partial-birth abortion ban twice. Al Gore and Joe Lieberman have voted on 32 abortion-related issues in Congress. They voted against life 30 times and that is on record. ....."