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"My only enemy is right-wing religious fundamentalism." – Clinton per Marquez (Jerusalem Post 3/28/99)

Washington Post 7/95 Stephen Higgins (Director BATF – WACO) "…The day has long passed when we can afford to ignore the threat that is posed by individuals who believe they are subject only to the laws of their god and not those of our government…. …."


6/29/98 The Reagan Information Interchange, Mary Mostert. An anonymous informant employee of Forest Service employee provided a copy of a letter from Clinton which said among other things "THE WHITE HOUSE Washington GAY AND LESBIAN PRIDE CELEBRATION, 1998 Warm greetings to everyone taking part in the 1998 Gay and Lesbian Pride Celebration .Best wishes for a wonderful celebration.. Bill Clinton" with a note from Rob Sadler adding the following "As a Federal employee, it is important to add your name to the growing ranks of employees who are willing to openly identify themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons in the workplace. This act of personal bravery and conviction does more to alter the workplace environment and change perceptions than any other single action. We hope you will consider adding your name to this Register before National Coming Out Day on October 11, 1998." TV coverage of the 29th Gay Pride parade blocked out dirty placards, insulting banners, anti- religious themes, a half dozen men stark naked except for green condoms, bare-breasted women, and the passing of the parade in front of the St. Patrick's Cathedral - instead - as an example WNBC said "They're celebrating with pride and parades, a rainbow of flags, floats and festivities ... They kicked off in high style ... and remained spectacular to its end."

7/9/98 AP A crackdown on sex in public restrooms at a commuter bus terminal has netted dozens of offenders -- and raised the concern of advocates who fear that the campaign targets gay men.Authorities say that they are not singling out gay men. Officers also patrol the women's bathrooms, though they have not witnessed any sex there..

AP 10/14/98 ". The church - not gays and lesbians - has sinned by promoting unhealthy attitudes about sex, a United Methodist reverend who performed a union ceremony for two women in September 1997 said Wednesday. The Rev. Jimmy Creech, a former Omaha pastor, set off a national controversy last year when he performed the ceremony at First United Methodist Church..While critics have condemned him for disobeying Christian teachings, Creech said the church has fostered an unhealthy discussion of sex by teaching that it is not something to be talked about in public."

Freeper report 10/16/98 "I received this email today from someone who believes either that Christians are not being persecuted, or that they are and that they deserve it. The email originated from the .gov domain. Date: Friday, October 16, 1998 7:05:25 AM Subj: Christians persecuted? To: I read your article with interest Why are you Christians (I don't think you're REAL Christians) surprised and insulted when people defend themselves against something YOU started? YOU'RE the ones who have branded gays as sinners--YOU'RE the ones that don't understand the biology of sexual orientation (or evolution!). YOU'RE the people who started this--and to wonder why you're being attacked is ludicrous. What would Jesus do? Jesus probably WAS a homosexual-he certainly deviated from marriage and family and all your so-called traditional values--what would you label him? He hung around with a bunch of guys and had prostitutes for friends--he had no job, and he loitered around temples and banks. There is not ONE of you that would find this acceptable behavior today---You know in your hearts that Jesus would accept people's gayness--that's the kind of person he was--to think otherwise, is to deny your religion. Lynn

Washington Times 10/16/98 Julia Duin ".Family groups say they are furious at being linked with the murder of Matthew Shepard by TV commentators, newspaper columnists and homosexual activists. NBC, the network that airs the "Today" show, got so many complaints about comments by anchor Katie Couric that it told Focus on the Family Thursday to desist. "NBC was getting flooded with calls, so much they've called us today, asking the calls to stop," said Focus spokeswoman Amy Tracy. "When Katie made that comment on TV, our constituents started calling here. People are outraged.".On Monday's broadcast, Miss Couric and NBC reporter Geoffrey Dickens linked several Christian groups with the type of intolerance that reportedly led to the murder of Mr. Shepard, the 21-year-old University of Wyoming homosexual student who was viciously beaten last week and died Monday While ending an interview on Monday with Wyoming Gov. Jim Geringer, Miss Couric asked: "Some gay-rights activists have said that some conservative Christian political organizations, like the Christian Coalition, the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family are contributing to this anti-homosexual atmosphere by having an ad campaign saying, 'If you're a homosexual, you can change your orientation.' That prompts people to say, 'If I meet someone who's homosexual, I'm going to take action and try to convince them or try to harm them.' Do you believe that such groups are contributing to this climate?" ."

San Jose Mercury 10/17/98 Richard Cohen ".IT IS expected of me, I know, that I would use the murder of Matthew Shepard, the 21-year-old University of Wyoming student, to lambaste political and religious conservatives for their homophobia. I will not disappoint. In fact, I will figuratively place the young man's body at the doorstep of Trent Lott, Richard Armey and countless other conservatives who maintain, somehow, that what President Clinton does in the privacy of the Oval Office has a baleful effect on national morals but their own public statements about homosexuality evanesce into the Washington night leaving, aside from a stink, no effect at all. They are wrong.."

San Francisco Gate 10/17/98 Debra J. Saunders "``WHAT MURDER isn't a hate crime?'' Jane Armstrong of Santa Cruz, asked yesterday. In 1986, Armstrong's 17-year-old brother Tod was shot four times in the course of a robbery, then left to die. Armstrong doesn't understand why Tod's robbery/murder isn't considered a hate crime, while the robbery/murder of Matthew Shepard, a homosexual college student living in Wyoming, is.."

Washington Weekly 10/19/98 J. Peter Mulhern (Peter the Lawyer) ".The anencephalic left pounced on Matthew Shepard's bloody shirt and promptly began waving it around. According to Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen, Wyoming police have arrested the wrong suspects in the Shepard case. The real culprit, he tells us, is Trent Lott. Senator Lott has an alibi, but this detail deters Richard Cohen hardly at all. Senator Lott and other Republican leaders are guilty of Matthew Shepard's murder because their rhetoric "robbed homosexuals of . . . humanity," thus "legitimizing hate," and promoting violence. The smoking gun proving Senator Lott's guilt is his own statement that homosexual acts are sinful. For thousands of years this moral insight has been conventional wisdom. Now, according to Richard Cohen, stating that insight is bigotry and incitement to violence. Nobody tries to explain or justify this about-face. Our moral opinions are supposed to change in the same mindless way that we exchange wide ties for narrow ones and vice versa. We don't need reasons; fashion reigns. Senator Lott's view of homosexuality grows out of the integrated moral philosophy that is woven into American society. The liberal view rests on the moral philosophy of the 1960's -- "if it feels good do it." But people like Richard Cohen have no respect for depth and no aversion to shallowness. The sillier a liberal idea gets, the more viciously liberals attack those who reject it.The only intelligible message one can derive from Richard Cohen's shameful attack on Trent Lott is that people who reject current liberal orthodoxy are bad. Disagreement is tantamount to murder; conformity is the duty of every decent person. iberals demand deference for their beliefs, but they proudly display contempt for the beliefs of others. When outraged Christians succeeded in raising some doubt about whether Corpus Christi would be produced, liberals cried foul, citing the First Amendment. Freedom of speech, they argued, demands that there be no social restraints on the presentation of controversial views. his is a truly radical suggestion. The Bill of Rights has traditionally dealt only with the limits of government action. The Christian protest of Corpus Christi never sought to have the government ban the offensive production. The protesters are asking that those responsible for the play cancel it voluntarily because it falls outside the bounds of good taste.."

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 10/19/98 Editorial ". Christians are responsible for the death of Matthew Shepard, the 21-year-old gay college student who was kidnapped, robbed and pistol-whipped, then left tied to a fence on a Wyoming ranch on Oct. 7. At least that's the slant NBC News felt compelled to include in a story it aired last Tuesday, the morning after Mr. Shepard died...From Mr. Gregory's Oct. 13 report on the ``Today'' show: ``Even as friends of Matthew Shepard held a candlelight vigil in his honor, gay civil rights groups rushed to condemn the killing, portraying Shepard as a casualty of a new cultural war against gays and lesbians, a war declared this summer by a coalition of religious right groups including the Christian Coalition, which funded advertisements in major newspapers and commercials on TV promoting a campaign to convert homosexuals to heterosexuality.'' .By the way, after leaving Shepard for dead, police say Henderson and McKinney returned to Laramie, picking a street fight with two Hispanics. In this current climate of political correctness, can there be any doubt that the chihuahua of Taco Bell commercial fame somehow won't be blamed?.."

WorldNetDaily 10/20/98 Jane Chastain "There is no scientific proof that one is born homosexual. It is a movement grounded in politics not science. In 1973, homosexuality was removed from the American Psychiatric Association's official list of disorders, not as a result of any scientific breakthrough, but by a campaign of intimidation and harassment. An independent poll of APA members conducted at the time showed that an overwhelming majority considered it to be a treatable disorder. Under continued pressure from homosexual activists, the APA subsequently voted to "normalize" sadomasochism and pedophilia.."

Jewish World Review 10/20/98 Thomas Sowell ".People who glibly talk about "hate crimes" ignore both the past and the implications for the future in what they are advocating. It took centuries of struggle and people putting their lives on the line to get rid of the idea that a crime against "A" should be treated differently than the same crime committed against "B." After much sacrifice and bloodshed, the principle finally prevailed that killing a peasant deserved the same punishment as killing a baron. Now the "hate crime" advocates want to undo all that and take us back to the days when punishment did not fit the crime, but varied with who the crime was committed against.."

The Nation 11/11/98 Tony Kushner ". Trent Lott endorses murder, of course; his party endorses murder, his party endorses discrimination against homosexuals and in doing so it endorses the ritual slaughter of homosexuals. Trent Lott endorses murder. He knows that discrimination kills. Pope John Paul II endorses murder.None of these kids will ever be allowed to marry the person she or he loves, not while the Pope and his church can prevent it; all of these kids are told, by the Holy Catholic Church, and by the Episcopalians and Lutherans and Baptists and Orthodox Jews: Your love is cursed by God. To speak out against murdering those who are discriminated against is to speak out against discrimination. To remain silent is to endorse murder.. If you are lesbian, gay, transgendered, bi, reading this, here's one good place to assign blame: The Human Rights Campaign's appalling, post-Shepard endorsement of Al D'Amato dedicates our resources to the perpetuation of a Republican majority in Congress. The HRC, ostensibly our voice in Washington, is in cahoots with fag-bashers and worse. If you are a heterosexual person, and you are reading this: Yeah yeah yeah, you've heard it all before, but if you have not called your Congressperson to demand passage of a hate crimes bill that includes sexual orientation, and e-mailed every Congressperson, if you have not gotten up out of your comfortable chair to campaign for homosexual and all civil rights--campaign, not just passively support--may you think about this crucified man, and may you mourn, and may you burn with a moral citizen's shame."

The Washington Times (Weekly) 10/19-25/98 Editorial ". On October 7 in Laramie, Wyoming police say , two men lured a college student our of a local bar to their truck, beat him, tiedhim to a fence post, pistol-whipped him with a .357 magnum, robbed him and left him for dead in near- freezing temperatures. Then they did something really, really heinous. They reportedly derided the victim for his homosexuality. ..But it wsn't swift and sure justice for the suspects that the critics were demanding. It was public consciiousness-raisingand attitude adjustment. "I was deeply grieved by the act of violence perpetrated against Matthew Shepard," said President Clinton. "There is nothing more important to the future of this country than our standing together against intolerance, prejudice and violent bigotry." How about standing together against violent crime? In a letter to the Laramie Daily Boomerang, two Unitarian Church ministers complained that the incident was atypical in its brutality but not in its "underlying motive" --And they weren't talking about robbery. Gays in Laramioe they said, "are frequently assaulted with derision, intolerance, insult and hostility--if not guns and ropes." The two apparently make no distinction between derision and hangings or shootings, but derision didn't kill Matthew Shepard. The deliberate blurring of thought, word and deed in this case is regrettable for a couple of reasons. Rather than turn hate into some kind of thought crime, it actually diminishes the horror of the murder itself. There is no such thing as a good motive for murder.."

LifeSite Daily News 10/29/98 ".John Holmes of the Association of Christian Schools International revealed that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is requiring all participants in federal school nutrition programs and other USDA programs -- including religious schools and other religious institutions -- to display a poster saying that discrimination is prohibited on the basis of "race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital or family status." Holmes noted that US law does not establish "sexual orientation" or "political beliefs" as a protected class. In a release by the National Center for Public Policy Research Holmes said that Congress should be informed that the USDA is forcing compliance with a statute the Congress has not approved.." 2/6/99 Gene Edward Veith (World Magazine) ".The way to keep the Internet safe for children, according to many Christians and cyber libertarians leery of government censorship, is for parents to employ filtering software, which promises to prevent children from signing on to sexually explicit or other harmful sites. The most commercially successful filtering software-outselling its competitors by as much as 10 to one and rated best of them all by a number of computer magazines-is CyberPatrol. Published by The Learning Company and automatically updated on-line, CyberPatrol blocks out sites that fall into 12 categories: Violence/Profanity, Partial Nudity, Full Nudity, Sexual Acts, Gross Depictions, Intolerance, Satanic/Cult, Drugs/Drug Culture, Militant/Extremist, Sex Education, Questionable/Illegal and Gambling, and Alcohol and Tobacco. Christians might be surprised to find themselves included in such company. The American Family Association, Donald Wildmon's media watchdog organization and a longtime advocate of filtering the Internet, is now being filtered by CyberPatrol. The AFA's Web site, itself devoted to fighting the media's "Gross Depictions," has been judged blockable on the grounds of "intolerance," a category previously reserved for Nazis and Klansmen. The AFA, like other Christian activist organizations, questions the gay-rights movement and teaches that homosexual acts are immoral. This is considered an example of discrimination based on sexual orientation, which is a clear violation of the criteria published in the CyberPatrol manual. Impressionable young minds thus need to be protected from the heinous, shocking ideas of moral conservatives. .."

The Wanderer 11/5/98 Paul Likoudis Freeper marshmallow ".How easy is it for a homosexual activist with 20 years of experience in "gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered ministry" to use a Catholic archbishop, "contaminate" Catholic schools, and frustrate the parents of Catholic school students? It's very easy, according to homosexual activist Bill Kummer, who publicly disclosed his step-by-step plan that transformed nine of the eleven Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis into "gay- friendly" schools. He has been so successful, as a matter of fact, that he can proudly boast that some Catholic high schools in his archdiocese have gay student clubs, survey students on their "homophobia," publish gay newspapers, have queer literature in their libraries, and even permit same-sex couples to dance at their high school proms. In just three years, Kummer claimed, under his direction, Catholic high schools have adjusted their curricula to include gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered ideology in most classes, including history, literature, science, religion, and even math.."

American Center for Law and Justice Fall 1998 "...Thanks to your support, the ACLJ has stopped an appalling attempt to make homosexuality part of a Connecticut high school's program for "minority students." Vince McCarthy, our ACLJ Northeastern regional counsel, appeared before the Brookfield High School board to denounce the Pink Triangle program, which encouraged "sexually confused" teens to discuss their feelings with designated faculty members. Following his presentation, the school board voted to ban the program. Pink triangle decals, posted on several classroom doors, would have designated "safe zones" for students who are homosexual, bisexual, or confused about their sexuality. That was the shocking message that a public schoolteacher delivered to her class of teenagers in announcing the program. The Connecticut school was literally going to provide sexually troubled kids with adult counseling that condoned and encouraged the homosexual lifestyle...."

American Family Association ( 3/2/99 "…The battle in this country between those holding to traditional morality and those espousing hedonism has reached a fever pitch, manifested in no clearer terms that the ideological conflict over homosexuality…. There may be no area of debate that causes blood pressures to escalate more rapidly than the question of whether public schools should teach children about homosexuality. Now the homosexual community has thrown down the gauntlet by unveiling a video entitled It’s Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues In School, and as its title implies, the video is aimed at the educational establishment. The video is produced by Helen Cohen and Debra Chasnoff, the latter an Academy Award-winning documentary producer. In 1992 Chasnoff became the first woman to openly declare her lesbianism at the Oscars. The producers went into six elementary and middle schools where teachers and principals are already force-feeding children with pro-gay grist. The narrator says the educators allowed the filming "in the hope of inspiring other educators and parents to take the next step in their own school communities to teach children respect for all." …When It’s Elementary is not pointing the finger at bigoted parents in general, it zeroes in on Christians in particular: the Christian view of homosexuality is highlighted as an example of outrageous bigotry. In one sequence of clips from TV talks shows, two apparent Christians present the view of their faith. One says, "God hates fags." The other: "The Bible that I read says homosexuals should be put to death." …"

Clinton spokesman Mike McMurry said that Senator Lott and those who agreed with him that homosexual conduct is a sin are "backward in their thinking" and "incorrect."

Washington Times 3/23/99 Julia Duin "…A study on pedophilia that claims child sexual abuse does not cause lasting psychological harm to its victims has set off a furor on the Internet and talk radio. The angry public reaction, fueled by Internet reports and conservative activists, comes nine months after the study was first released by the influential American Psychological Association. Sex between adults and willing minors should be described in more positive terms, the study suggests. "A willing encounter ... would be labeled simply 'adult-child sex,' a value-neutral term," the authors advised. "A willing encounter between an adolescent and an adult with positive reactions ... would be labeled scientifically as 'adult-adolescent sex.'" The report, titled "A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples," is a compilation of 59 studies on how college students cope with child sexual abuse. The article was written by Bruce Rind, a psychology professor at Temple University in Pennsylvania, Philip Tromovitch of the University of Pennsylvania graduate school of education and Robert Bauserman, a psychology professor at the University of Michigan. Mr. Bauserman was also a contributor to a special issue on sex between men and boys published in 1990 by the Journal of Homosexuality, a scholarly journal. His article on "Male Intergenerational Intimacy" in that journal questioned the "taboo" against "man-boy sexual relationships." Mr. Bauserman dismissed criticism of these relationships as "irrelevant or else biased."…"

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 4/7/99 Helen Louise Herndon "…To think that San Francisco is named for a Catholic saint is ironic in today's climate. On Easter Sunday the "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" partied and celebrated their 20th anniversary by ridiculing nuns. This is not only a mockery of the Roman Catholic Faith but a mockery of historical Christianity as well. Though I am not Roman Catholic and not a proponent of monastic life as exemplified by cloistered nuns, I recognize that such an attempted bashing of an institution held precious and sacred to another religious group is basically a slap in the face to all religions that hold dear their doctrines and practices. When the "Sisters" claim to be merely irreverent, they fail to recognize their act goes beyond irreverence. Their behavior and mockery of the religious is a manifestation of stark prejudice and bigotry against a particular group of people. The fact that they chose Easter, the holiest day on the Christian calendar, only bolsters its outrageous behavior as bigotry. Would the city officials of San Francisco permit a group such as the "Sisters" to dress up on the feast day of the Eid ul-Adha and make a mockery of the faith of Muslim pilgrims on their journey to Mecca? I hardly think so. In fact, they would run the risk of a violent retaliation because most Muslims hold sacred their doctrines and practices. ….Do gays really think Christianity alone prohibits homosexual acts? How would San Francisco's city officials react if a group planned to dress up as Orthodox rabbis or Orthodox Jewish men and women to make a mockery of the Orthodox Jewish faith on Yom Kippur or during Passover? There would be outrage across this nation that any group would show itself so bigoted. Most people, regardless of religious affiliation, would be offended that any group purported to make fun of this very religious group of people. The holy writings of Muslims and Orthodox Jews strongly condemn homosexuality. Yet these groups are spared the ridicule by gay activists that Christianity, and particularly the Roman Catholic faith, experiences…." 4/9/99 Stephan Archer "...Assembly Bill 222, a piece of legislation calling for the addition of "sexual orientation" to the existing non-discrimination laws of the California Education Code, may soon be challenged in the courts if state lawmakers vote to pass the bill.... The California Education Code currently recognizes the right of every student to educational opportunity without regard to "race, creed, color, national origin, sex, or economic status." The legislation, Kuehl said, would simply add "sexual orientation" to those sections of the Education Code that now protect students from other forms of discrimination..... In one of the controversial portions of the bill, Kuehl said that private schools controlled by religious organizations, such as churches, will be exempted from adopting policies contrary to any religious beliefs they might hold. Although appearing to be private school-friendly on the surface, Dacus explained that many private and religious schools are not directly affiliated with churches and thus will have to comply with the proposed law in the bill or face consequences for non-compliance. Another controversial aspect of the bill deals with interscholastic athletic participation. According to Kuehl, private schools that are currently participating in interscholastic athletics with public schools wouldn't be adversely affected by the bill. However, Dacus believes that the bill would effectively ban private schools from participating in public school athletic leagues unless they adhere to the sexual orientation measure in the bill..... Another concern that Dacus has concerning the bill has to do with the fact that the bill would make it impossible for students who want to attend most religious colleges to receive Cal Grants because according to the bill, Cal Grant funds cannot go to universities that don't have sexual orientation policies allowing professing homosexuals to teach. Speaking of possible ramifications of the bill, Dacus said, "It basically opens the door for justification of homosexual acceptance -- not just tolerance -- of homosexual policies and programs throughout public schools because it specifically states that all curriculum cannot 'reflect adversely' upon homosexuality. This would inherently include class instruction dealing with homosexuality and its association with HIV and AIDS." ..." 5/12/99 Justin Torres "...As hate crime legislation winds its way through the Congress, conservative and family activists have begun to accuse those pushing the bills of having a non-traditional family, pro-homosexual agenda that they wish to ensconce in public schools-using public money to pay for the effort. To date, the effort has yielded public school curricula and programs that teach grade school students about homosexuality and encourage high school students to lobby lawmakers on a variety of homosexual issues. The selectivity of the material also neglects thousands of years of religious conviction by every major denomination on Earth-and overlooks the statistics on hate crime, which account for a minute percentage of total crime in America-describing homosexuality as "normal."..." 5/13/99 Justin Torres "....Hate crime legislation presently before the U.S. Congress sets up funding structures for "hate prevention" programs and youth advocacy groups in American schools. These programs are designed and required by federal mandate to "support" homosexual students rather than advocate the normalization of homosexuality. They are hoped to ease an assortment of mental and psychological difficulties claimed to be caused by alleged discrimination and homophobia in schools. But there is a thin line between "support" and "advocacy," and many private programs have surfaced around the nation, such as Gay/Straight Alliances (GSAs) and other such groups that are products of coordinated efforts between government policy makers, teachers, and homosexual advocacy groups, including the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination (GLAAD); Parents, Friends, and Families of Gays and Lesbians (PFLAG); the Lambda Legal Defense Education Fund (LLDEF); and the Gay/Lesbian/Straight Education Network (GLSEN). These groups have used GSAs and other student organizations for lobbying in favor of a variety of homosexual causes. They're also often used as conduits for federal and state tax money, and as springboards for lawsuits against school districts and administrators accused of insensitivity to homosexual concerns, raising questions about whether such activity is advocacy or support...."

Conservative News 5/12/99 Lawrence Morahan "...The publication in a prestigious psychological bulletin of a sex study that medical experts say is a trial balloon for the normalization of pedophilia has prompted a group of conservative lawmakers to call on President Clinton to condemn the suggestion that sex between adults and children is harmless. "I'm outraged," Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ), a leading advocate of stiffer sentences for sexual predators, told a coalition of leading conservative lawmakers, victims of pedophilia and family groups at a forum on sex abuse hosted by the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. Wednesday. Salmon was referring to an article that appeared in the July 1998 volume of the Psychological Bulletin, a bi-monthly publication of the American Psychological Association (APA), in which the authors say it's all right for an adult to sodomize a child so long as the child doesn't develop psychological problems because of it. The article, "A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples," by Bruce Rind, Philip Tromovitch and Robert Bauserman, unleashed a firestorm for asserting, among other things, that there is scant evidence that little boys suffer from having been sodomized by adult males......"I don't want to understand them. I want to put them in prison," Salmon said of pedophiles..."

AP 5/7/99 Freeper Buffalo Bob "...A beer advertisement in a free magazine for gays and lesbians that shows two men holding hands has drawn so much response that Anheuser-Busch Inc. set up special hot lines to handle calls...."

The Indian Express 5/8/99 Reuters Freeper Jai "...San Franciscans held a party Friday ``to de-stigmatize and celebrate the under-recognized activity of self-love.'' The occasion being marked at a local sex shop was ``National Masturbation Day,'' and the San Francisco sex campaigners who organized the erotic festival and ``Masturbate-a-thon'' said it was part of a drive to liberate people's sexuality, reports Reuters. . . . "

New York Post 5/15/99 Uncredited Editorial "...Wesleyan is offering a course in porn. The final exam is quite simple, explains Professor Hope Weissman: "Just create your own work of pornography." ....One took photos of herself and her boyfriend engaging in oral sex. Another made a video of a fellow student's eyes as he pleasured himself..... The course catalogue describes Weissman's seminar as a serious examination of the "implication of pornography in so-called [sic] perverse practices such as voyeurism, bestiality, sadism and masochism." (Thesyllabus includes Hustler magazine and the Marquis de Sade.) ..."

EWTN 5/18/99 "...Pro-family advocates and reformed ex-homosexuals called on the American Psychiatric Association on Monday to revisit its policy on whether homosexuals can change their orientation, as the group opened its annual convention. The groups called on the APA to change its policy on homosexuality within its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual to reflect the ability of homosexuals to change and to stop condemning therapists who treat them. "Instead of condemning and interfering with treatment that has proven to be successful in the lives of hundreds of men and women who have benefited by it, the APA should be supporting the work of NARTH (National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality) members and referring individuals seeking help to them," Jan LaRue of the Family Research Council said. APA has changed its policies in recent years, revoking the designation of homosexuality as a mental illness or disease. Moreover, therapists and psychiatrists who treat the orientation as disease are often ostracized or penalized by their colleagues, according to the advocates...."

Augusta Chronicle 6/6/99 Editorial "...Bill Clinton is the first president to go beyond tolerating homosexuality to promoting it as an acceptable alternative lifestyle. He has ignored the constitutional veto of the Senate by naming, during the congressional recess, homosexual activist James Hormel as ambassador to Luxembourg. (This country, 97 percent Roman Catholic, was insulted when his name was first announced -- and this was after the Democratic donor was to be ambassador to Fiji, but couldn't serve because homosexuality is a crime there.) Hormel was a ``commentator'' for San Francisco's ``Gay Pride Parade,'' which mocks Christianity -- and Catholicism in particular. He also funds a library collection in that city featuring perverted documents from the ``North American Man/Boy Love Association.'' How low can Clinton go? ..."

Kansas City Star 6/6/99 "....Saturday night's prom at midtown's Metropolitan Community Church was the first gay prom in the Kansas City area, organizers said...The event was organized by Passages, a social and support group for gays, lesbians and other youths between the ages of 14 and 21. "We wanted an event where the atmosphere is very affirming, not that thin gruel of tolerance," said Bruce Hall, a Passages board member...."

Associated Press 6/17/99 Julia Lieblich "...Homosexuality dominated the final day of the Southern Baptist Convention's annual meeting, as members criticized the appointment of the nation's first openly gay ambassador and cheered football great Reggie White for again condemning the gay lifestyle. ``God said it not -- Reggie White,'' the player-turned-preacher told the audience Wednesday. ``Leviticus 18.22 says, `Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman.''' The applause at the Georgia Dome was thunderous. Last year, White declared homosexuality a sin when he addressed the Wisconsin Legislature. Earlier Wednesday, members of the nation's largest Protestant denomination voted overwhelmingly to urge President Clinton to rescind James Hormel's appointment as ambassador to Luxembourg. ....The convention also rebuked Clinton -- who is a Southern Baptist -- for proclaiming June as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month...." 6/8/99 Justin Torres Freeper buffalo bob "...Emily: "My mothers mean so, so, so, so, so much to me. I have two mothers. Two moms is pretty nice. Well, it's more than pretty nice, it's really nice. You can't imagine. Although having two mothers is a problem to others, I respect that that's the way they think, and I can't do anything about it. I still think that those people think stupidly. This once happened with a boy in my class who couldn't come to my house because my parents were lesbians. One night I called their house and their mother told me their version of the Bible. I stood up for my mothers and knew that many kids in my class were supporting me and calling me to see how I was. I am proud of my moms and enjoy marching in the gay pride march every single year with my moms." Teacher: "Wasn't that a nice essay? Shouldn't we give Emily a round of applause?" ...."

U.S. Newswire 6/11/99 Freeeper Brian Mosely "...Thirty years ago this month, at the Stonewall Inn in New York City, a courageous group of citizens resisted harassment and mistreatment, setting in motion a chain of events that would become known as the Stonewall Uprising and the birth of the modern gay and lesbian civil rights movement. Gays and lesbians, their families and friends, celebrate the anniversary of Stonewall every June in America as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month; and, earlier this month, the National Park Service added the Stonewall Inn, as well as the nearby park and neighborhood streets surrounding it, to the National Register of Historic Places...." 8/24/99 Susan Jones "…The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLADD), following the lead of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, says 28 gay, bisexual or transgender characters on the networks' new fall TV shows is not enough. The group is disappointed that most of the characters are white males, who are gay in name only and have only minor, recurring roles - usually as the butt of jokes, or to provide comic relief. The only gay lead on prime-time television is the character Will Truman of NBC's "Will & Grace." GLADD's media director, Scott Seomin, tells the New York Daily News, "If Will Truman doesn't have a date on "Will & Grace" this season, then the network has failed to realistically deliver that sitcom's premise of the life of a gay man." …"

The Associated Press 6/25/99 Katie Fairbank "...Presbyterian leaders Friday rejected a measure that could have opened the door to the ordination of non-celibate gays and lesbians. At the annual meeting of the 2.6-million-member Presbyterian Church (U.S.A), delegates decided 389 to 198 not to allow the church's regional governing bodies to vote on the issue. For now, the vote ends an attempt to strike the constitutional clause that requires clergy to maintain ``fidelity within the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman, or chastity in singleness.'' That prohibits single, non-celibate heterosexuals or homosexuals from being ministers...."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 6/24/99 Julia duin "...The Clinton administration quietly awarded a homosexual bar with a coveted place on the National Register of Historic Places in an emotional ceremony this week at a party in New York. On Monday, the Stonewall Inn, a Greenwich Village bar that was ground zero in a series of riots in June 1969, was honored with a National Register plaque by John Berry, an assistant secretary for the Department of the Interior. In a speech, he likened the riots to the Boston Tea Party, the Declaration of Independence and the Battle of Gettysburg...."

Fox News 7/13/99 Reuters "…The Vatican Tuesday punished an American nun and priest, both long-time gay activists, for propagating "erroneous and dangerous'' views and refusing to toe the Roman Catholic Church's line on homosexuality. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which controls the orthodoxy of Catholic teaching, said in a statement it had banned Sister Jeannine Gramick and Father Robert Nugent permanently from pastoral work involving homosexuals…."

Worldnetdaily 7/26/99 J R Nyquist "...This letter is important because it contains an error which needs to be corrected. The error is to think that conservatives use dictatorial methods. But the reality is, the whole conservative movement is committed to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This is its point of departure. It is therefore the worst possible misunderstanding to imagine that conservatives are engaged in some kind of sinister or criminal plot. This accusation is unfair. All that conservatives have done is use the ballot box -- the democratic process. Conservatives are merely campaigning and voting for what they believe in. Perhaps the left doesn't pay attention to what conservatives say and do. Perhaps they would understand us better if they did. American conservatives want to uphold freedom and republican institutions. That is what they are struggling for. Perhaps there are those on the left who would point to the "Christian right," and say that this is the group that is threatening to send the sex police on a rampage. But if you listen closely to what the "Christian right" is saying, there is no plan to police people's bedrooms. The fact that Christians uphold moral values does not mean they intend to send the police to effect moral changes in our society. Cultural conservatives and Christians are sophisticated enough to know that sheer police power cannot bring positive moral change. The person who wants a national police force, on the other hand, is Bill Clinton. That is something he's been advocating since 1992. But none of the cultural conservatives or Christians I know are advocating the use of police agencies to punish fornication, homosexuality, or adultery. Certainly the conservatives are worried about the decline in moral standards. Certainly the conservatives want to elect leaders who exemplify these standards. But there has been no call for chastity belt legislation. In this matter, left wing paranoia has created, out of whole cloth, an imaginary right wing monster. It is a mad, delusional notion that should have no place in rational political discussion..... Today, if Christians act to preserve the basis of Western civilization by voting to support their values, then they are usurpers and dictators. How odd, indeed, that the moral basis of a civilization should suddenly become a threat to that civilization. The logic of the secular left is not logic at all. It is blindness and irrationality. Christ taught us to love other people and to love God. He taught mercy and forgiveness. For this teaching he was crucified. In this context, I cannot imagine what the left could possibly be thinking when it likens Christianity to Marxism or Nazism -- which are doctrines of hate...."

Claremont Institute 8/5/99 Larry Arnn "...First, New Jersey's Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday in favor of James Dale. Dale, you may recall, is the Boy Scout leader who was dismissed from that position nine years ago because of his homosexuality. He sued the Scouts, a private organization, to get his place back. This is one of several such suits that have been filed against the Boy Scouts of America and local scouting organizations. But it is the first to succeed in any state Supreme Court. Now it will go to the United States Supreme Court. We will both work and pray that the highest court of all, the one over which "the Supreme Judge of the World" presides, will remember their duty to uphold the "laws of nature and of nature's God."...."

Florida Times-Union 8/10/99 "...New Jersey's Supreme Court was on dubious legal ground when it declared the Boy Scout ''gay ban'' unlawful under a state statute. The Scout organization teaches traditional family values and requires its young members to take an oath to be ''morally straight.'' It therefore would be hypocritical, Scout officials maintain, to allow homosexual leaders or members. .... The Scouts replied that, as a private and voluntary group, they could tailor membership and leadership criteria to fit their values. The court disagreed, however, saying the Scouts were a public accommodation subject to that law. Legal precedent suggests something entirely different. The homosexual ban has been upheld by the supreme courts of four other states - California, Oregon, Kansas and Connecticut...."

The Washington Times 8/10/99 Wes Pruden "...If you don't subscribe to the notion that gay is as good as it gets, you're a bigot. The New Jersey Supreme Court says so. The judges of the court, finding the Boy Scouts of America guilty of "illegal discrimination" because the Scouts won't countenance assigning little boys to the care of homosexual Scoutmasters, say anyone who disagrees with them is a bigot. The logical implications of the ruling, which applies only to New Jersey and is likely to be overturned by higher courts, are breathtaking. Deborah T. Poritz, the chief justice who wrote the opinion in the name of a unanimous court, says the Scouts' dismissal of James Dale, the homosexual assistant Scoutmaster, was "based on little more than prejudice," and "the sad truth is that excluded groups and individuals have been prevented from full participation in the social, economic and political life of our country. The human price of this bigotry has been enormous.".... In a concurring opinion, Justice Alan B. Handler says: "One particular stereotype that we renounce today is that homosexuals are inherently immoral. That myth is repudiated by decades of social science data that convincingly establish that being homosexual does not, in itself, derogate from one's ability to participate in and contribute responsibly and positively to society. In short, a lesbian and gay person, merely because he or she is a homosexual, is no more or less likely to be moral than a person who is heterosexual." Maybe, maybe not. The Jersey judges carefully avoid saying whether the practice of the love rites of the nether region is immoral, only that mooning about it isn't. But the teaching that homosexuals individually are immoral "is a myth." This careful straddle is meant to give them a little wiggle room, but the judges can't resist showing their contempt for the religious teachings of every major religious denomination in America -- Protestant, Catholic, Jewish....." 8/12/99 Nicholas Sanchez "...As the American culture increasingly retreats from its Judeo-Christian heritage, I think it is important for traditionalists to reflect upon the past of the Christian Church... For the first three hundred years following the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the great Church of Christ was known as the "Church of the Catacombs." It was termed as such because the adherents of the orthodox Christian Faith were forced to congregate in the catacombs, atop the bodies of Christian martyrs. Christianity was a persecuted and outlawed religion. Then a cataclysmic event occurred in the early life of the Church: the Roman Emperor, Constantine, a nonbeliever at the time, issued his "Edict of Milan." This decree legalized the Christian Church. Overnight, the Church of the Catacombs became the Church of the Empire....We religious, especially we Christians, have been so beaten down by the government's assaults of recent decades that we are very much in danger of once again becoming the Church of the Catacombs. Don't laugh or accuse me of being too melodramatic. Consider these latest cases: Just recently, the Wiccan rites were approved to be served on U.S. Army bases. At this same time, a married Catholic serving in the Air Force, Lt. Ryan Berry, was severely reprimanded for refusing to share a confined quarter with a female officer to avoid the appearance of sin. Imagine, the U.S. military, one of the oldest and most venerable institutions in this relatively young country has decided to side with pagans over Christians. The next thing you know school children will be forbidden from praying in school, the Ten Commandments will be taken from our public buildings, homosexuals will be allowed adoption rights, and tax laws will be made to favor unmarried couples instead of married ones. Oh, wait, sorry - my mistake. I forgot that we had already begun to slip down that path..... What I do want is a peaceful co-existence between the government and those who are professed Christians. This country has decided to place a wall between such a relationship, but only in the case of Christianity - New Agers are in the midst of their halcyon days...."

Washington Post 8/15/99 George Will "...New Jersey's Supreme Court has unanimously issued a ruling that deserves to be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court, which four years ago issued a unanimous ruling that may be incompatible with the New Jersey ruling that the Boy Scouts cannot discriminate against homosexuals. The controversy, with wide ramifications for American freedom, is not about whether the Scouts' policy is right but whether the Scouts have a right to it. The Scouts will take to the U.S. Supreme Court the argument that their constitutional (First Amendment) right of "expressive association" trumps New Jersey's statute...."

Chuck Baldwin Live 8/18/99 "…Without question, we live in the most hypersensitive generation in history. In this atmosphere of politically correct sensitivity a man was fired job for using the word "niggardly." The word has nothing to do with insulting a particular minority race, of course, but simply means, "miserly, stingy, covetous." No matter. The man was fired posthaste. Just this week Sen. Robert Bennett from Utah was told to apologize for quipping that unless Gov. G.W. Bush did something stupid, like have an affair with a black woman, he was certain to win the Republican nomination for president. He did. Americans are told that they had better not offend black people, Jewish people, homosexuals, Asians, Muslims, Indians, handicap people, short people, fat people, near-sighted people, ugly people or any other people. Any other people except Christian people, that is. Christians are routinely impugned, denigrated and held up to scorn from practically every quarter of society. In movies they are pictured as maniacal murderers, serial rapists and the like. They are favored targets of every late night TV comedian. Christians are routinely told that if they are offended by the content of television programs to "turn the channel". Christian chaplains in our military services are categorically instructed to not mention the name of Jesus. The leaders of public education tell Christian valedictorians the same thing. Christian schoolteachers are told to check their faith at the entrance to the school. Christians must listen to profanity, look at co-worker’s girlie magazines but are threatened with their jobs if they bring a Bible or gospel tract to work….."

Augusta Chronicle 8/20/99 Editorial "…I would like to make some comments about the young man who appeared Aug. 4 on ``Good Morning America.'' I could not believe this show would reduce itself to air this! The young man stated that he was removed from the Boy Scouts of America due to the fact that he is a homosexual. That fact is true! BSA teaches duty to Self, Family, Country and God. Homosexuality is a sin! God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. The majority of sponsoring organizations for BSA are churches. This man also stated that homosexuals being barred from Scouting is not stated anywhere in BSA literature but in the beginning of the BSA handbook for Scouts stipulates ``traditional American family values.'' That means a father (male) and mother (female) and this is taught from the very beginning of any Scouting career. I have been in Scouting since 1971 as a youth and adult leader. If this change is forced upon us, it will kill Scouting…. It is hard now to keep track of 25 young men on a camping trip without having to worry about if a leader is missing. If the homosexual community wants Scouting, then start your own, do not force your way of life on us and devalue the Eagle Scout Award…."

AP 8/20/99 "…Several Republican presidential candidates have pledged to oppose allowing gay or lesbian couples to adopt and to promote the rights of organizations such as the Boy Scouts to exclude homosexuals, a gay rights group said Friday. Human Rights Campaign said former Vice President Dan Quayle, radio host Alan Keyes, publisher Steve Forbes, conservative activist Gary Bauer, Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah and commentator Pat Buchanan signed the pledge before last week's Iowa straw poll…."

Joseph Sobran 8/20/99 "…The New Jersey court's opinions confirm that homosexual "rights" are injurious to our traditional rights. Orthodox Judaism and Christianity have always condemned homosexuality. But this ancient teaching, says the court, is nothing but "bigotry." Why? Because "social science data" have revealed that homosexuals may act "responsibly" and "positively." So religious and traditional teachings -- as well as the freedoms of religion, speech and association -- must be subordinated to "social science data." But no neutral social science presumes to pass judgment on moral and religious teachings. The whole method of social science is to suspend moral judgments in the study of phenomena. The court, however, has ruled that the Boy Scouts must subordinate their own moral judgments to the court's supposedly "scientific" finding that homosexuals are morally entitled to forced association with people who would freely choose to avoid their company…..Well, well. So that's "tolerance." Neither the New Jersey court nor the tolerant Times argues from the purely legal merits of the case. Both are on a moral mission to force the Boy Scouts, on any pretext, to conform to the liberal agenda. And their flimsy arguments could just as well be applied to churches and synagogues, the foundations of our civic culture. Yes, this case involves bigotry, but it isn't on the side of the Scouts….What, after all, are the characteristics of bigotry? A venomous rejection of any view contrary to one's own, a refusal even to entertain an opposing view with detachment, a denial of the legitimacy of disagreement, a total contempt for ancient tradition, and a militant eagerness to coerce those who disagree -- such attitudes are the very essence of bigotry, liberal-style…."

World Magazine 8/28/99 Gene Edward Veith "…The 2000 head count takes a "don't ask, don't tell" attitude toward marriage-and why that's tragic The new census, planned for the year 2000, will gather tons of information about Americans for the use of the federal government, policymakers, and social scientists. But a bit of information that the being counters do not much care about is whether you are married. The short form of the census process, which will be filled out by more than 80 percent of American households, will now omit any questions about marital status (although "Relationship to household" is included). Citizens will find no box to check to indicate whether they are married, single, widowed, or divorced. Nor will the census takers collect data on the living arrangements that are unprecedented in any culture: men and women living together without being married or homosexuals cohabiting with a "domestic partner." It isn't because the era of big government is over. The Census Bureau has not redesigned its short form simply to count the citizens, as the Constitution requires, to help divvy up the House of Representatives. The short form asks lots of questions about race, going into more detail than ever before. But when it comes to marriage, the federal government is adopting a policy of "don't ask, don't tell." …."

Washington Times 8/26/99 Andrea Billups "…A Minnesota teacher is calling on the state's Department of Human Rights to stop a male teacher at her school who dresses like a woman from using restrooms at the school designated for females. Computer instructor Carla Cruzan of Minneapolis filed a grievance last fall with state officials after she found Debra Davis, a "transgendered" librarian who is physically a man but wears women's clothing, using the women's faculty restroom…."

Houston Chronicle 9/1/99 Cal Thomas "…"Bigotry," like "racism," is one of those bazooka words used by the protected classes to silence people who disagree with them. The prospect of being called a bigot simply because one has a different opinion intimidates television network executives, military commanders, politicians and the medical profession, all of whom have tailored their beliefs and policies to avoid the brand of the scarlet or, in this case, the lavender B. But not radio talk-show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Because of her fervent belief that homosexual practice is wrong and that homosexuals, like fornicating heterosexuals, can change their behavior if they want to (and evidence of those who have successfully done so is available for anyone who is not a bigot), gay rights activists are targeting stations that carry her program and its sponsors for special intimidation in an effort to censor her…… Why are gay rights activists fearful of a single voice, especially her voice, in the face of such a huge media barrage? What happened to our cherished freedom to dissent from accepted orthodoxies? Homosexuals have demanded to be heard, and they are being heard. They have complained of efforts to silence them. Why do they now practice the same censorship they deplore in others? ….."

Jewish World Review 8/31/99 Dr. Laura Schlessinger "…One particular point of truth is the issue of free speech. I have come to learn that those who identify themselves as liberals have an entirely different view of free speech for themselves than they afford those whom they identify as conservative commentators. It appears that when a liberal makes a statement, it is "good," the speaker is "good," and it is protected speech. When liberals hear a so-called conservative commentator take a stand, it is "bad," the speaker is "bad," and the speech is "hate." I'll give you two personal experiences. Among the numerous groups targeting me for radio extinction because my opinions oppose theirs are some members of the American Library Association and homosexual activist groups. The plan is typically to write and call the sponsors of my radio program in hopes that this harassment will push the sponsor into withdrawing support, thus forcing me off the air. To reiterate my position with respect to the American Library Association: It stands by its so-called Bill of Rights, which opposes limiting access to any and all material, based upon, among other things, age. This means that the ALA, along with the ACLU, fights against parental, community and governmental pressure to put filters on computers used by children to protect them from accessing the No. 1 Internet business -- pornography. The ALA claims that it is a child's right to access this information. The ALA Web site also recommends to teens a Columbia University-sponsored Web site that gives explicit, value-free information about sexuality, including bestiality, sado-masochism techniques and so forth…… Some of the homosexual activist groups have tried the same tactic. They contact sponsors and call me homophobic, hateful, dangerous, and a voice for promoting violence. Why? Because I believe that homosexual behavior is deviant; that when homosexuals adopt children, these children are intentionally robbed of a necessary mom and dad; and that marriage ought to stay defined as a covenant between a man and a woman and G-d. …."

The Green Bay News-Chronicle 9/5/99 Cal Thomas "…."Bigotry," like "racism," is one of those bazooka words used by the protected classes to silence people who disagree with them. The prospect of being called a bigot simply because one has a different opinion intimidates television network executives, military commanders, politicians and the medical profession, all of whom have tailored their beliefs and policies to avoid the brand of the scarlet or, in this case, the lavender B. But not radio talk-show host Laura Schlessinger. Because of her fervent belief that homosexual practice is wrong and that homosexuals, like fornicating heterosexuals, can change theri behavior if they want to (and evidence of those who have successfully done so is available for anyone who is not a bigot), gay rights activists are targeting stations that carry her program and its sponsors for special intimidation in an effort to censor her. …." 9/8/99 "….President Clinton’s Church to Hold Homosexual ‘Celebration’ Sharing Our Rainbow of Light (SOROL), an interdenominational ministry affirming ‘gay,’ lesbian, bisexual, and "transgendered" persons, announced that its fourth biennial conference will be held November 11, 1999, at historic Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington, D.C. Foundry Methodist, which has hosted previous SOROL conferences, is the home church of President and Mrs. Clinton and the former church of Bob and Elizabeth Dole….."

Reuters 9/17/99 Washington Times Andrea Billups "…."I believe there is a growing climate of hostility that is directed against Christians .. . who find themselves as the targets of a great hostility in this culture," said William Merrell, a spokesman for the Southern BaptistConvention. A "disturbing double standard" is evident in the way attacks on Christians are viewed compared with crimes against other groups, a spokesman for the Family Research Council said. -- Continued from Front Page -- From the Matthew Shepard murder in Wyoming last year to the shootings last month at a Jewish community center in California, the media and many politicians moved swiftly to label those episodes of violence "hate crimes," said Robert Regnier, a cultural studies writer at the FRC. In the Texas church shootings, he said, "I just don't see any of that." …… " In recent years, politicians and others have frequently blamed "hatred" for headline-making crimes. After the April 1995 bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City, President Clinton named G. Gordon Liddy among the conservative talk-show hosts he called "purveyors of hatred and division," saying they were "encouraging violence." Concerned over arson attacks on black churches in 1996, civil rights leader Joseph Lowery accused the Christian Coalition of fostering an "extremist climate." Gay-rights advocate Joan M. Garry suggested last fall's murder of Mr. Shepard, a homosexual university student, was the result of a conservative anti-homosexuality campaign she said "fuels the fires of bigotry. " Anti-Christian bias as a crime motive is routinely ignored by the news media, said Brent Baker, vice president of research and publications for the Media Research Council. "The media were very quick in August to draw the conclusion that the shooter at the Los Angeles Jewish community center was motivated by anti-Semitism," Mr. Baker said, but with Wednesday's shootings at the Texas church, reporters are "being much more hesitant to assign a motive…."

Chuck Baldwin Live 9/17/99 "…. Conservative political activist, Paul Weyrich, recently asked the question, "Is America becoming a pagan nation?" The answer is a resounding, "Yes." Some would argue that America has already become a pagan nation. The Judeo/Christian value system that formed and guided our nation is no longer the dominant belief system of America’s mainstream culture. Granted, hundreds of thousands of churches dot America’s landscape. And, there are yet millions of people in this country that identify themselves as Christians. Yet, for all practical purposes, most of these churches have become relics and museums of a by gone era, and Christians now find themselves part of America’s sub-culture. Virtually every major body of cultural influence today is decidedly pagan. The entertainment industry routinely impugns and demonizes Christians and Christian values. The same is true for many public school classrooms. Military chaplains are instructed to not mention the name of Jesus. Some are even expected to perform pagan ceremonies…… Any pagan society is unsafe. In today’s pagan America babies are not safe in the wombs of their mothers, teens are not safe in their schools and people are not safe in their houses of worship. Another element of a pagan society is the intolerance demonstrated toward people of faith. In at least five of the last massacres to take place in this nation the victims were specifically targeted because they were Christians. Yet, in no instance did President Clinton or Attorney General Janet Reno identify these murders as "hate crimes." Can you imagine what their reaction would be if that instead of a Baptist church it would have been a homosexual congregation? Many newspapers didn't even bother to report the anti-Christian venom that the killer spewed out of his mouth as he slaughtered people in that Fort Worth church. Instead, the leaders of this new pagan America use the tragedy to argue for more gun control. Some are even calling for gun confiscation. …… "

Los Angeles Times Via Washington Post 9/19/99 "....From Jerry Falwell to Pat Robertson, James Dobson and D. James Kennedy, leaders of the Christian right uniformly decried last week what they called a double standard in treating Christian victims of violence. The recent shooting at a Granada Hills, Calif., Jewish community center and last year's murders of Matthew Shepard in Wyoming and James Byrd Jr. in Texas were rightly labeled as hate crimes against Jews, gays and blacks, respectively, the leaders said. But no such declaration has been made, they said, in the case of Wedgwood Baptist Church, where Larry Gene Ashbrook reportedly screamed anti-Christian expletives as he killed seven churchgoers. Nor, religious leaders say, were anti-Christian motives highlighted in the attacks on a high school prayer circle in West Paducah, Ky., in 1997 or this year at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., where the majority of victims were born-again Christians--including Cassie Bernall, who became a symbol of martyrdom when she was killed after reportedly affirming her faith in God. "There is a total absence of outrage over the killings at the Baptist church and in Colorado, as far as the religious aspect is concerned," televangelist Falwell said. "We have, whether intentional or not, built up a reservoir of hostility toward people of faith, particularly evangelical people." Evangelical leaders say Christians are suffering unparalleled persecution worldwide. Now, they argue, the attacks are taking place in America. "It would seem that killing Christians is on a far lower level of seriousness than anyone else being killed," said Kennedy. "Is that where we've come to as a Christian nation?" ...."

Ft. Worth Star Telegram 9/19/99 Bill Thompson ".....If Ashbrook gunned down churchgoers for no reason except that they were engaged in the practice of religion, then the shootings should qualify as a hate crime under any conceivable definition of the term. But let's face it: The hate-crime laws that are so popular nowadays are not being adopted for the benefit of Baptists. The laws have been prompted by violence against groups and individuals that have historically been targets of violent bigotry: racial minorities, Jews, homosexuals, women . . . Mainstream Christian religious organizations simply aren't thought of as victims of oppression in this country -- or they weren't before Wednesday. Larry Ashbrook may have changed all that....... One of the vicious bigots who dragged Texas resident James Byrd Jr. to his death in 1998 has already been convicted and sentenced to death. Would that killer's eventual lethal injection be any more deadly if he had been convicted under a hate-crime law? And if Ashbrook hadn't taken his own life after shooting 14 churchgoers, would Texas need a hate-crime law to prosecute him for a mass murder that may have been motivated by his apparent enmity for Christians? Of course not. Capital murder is capital murder, no matter what the motivation. .....Like so many laws passed by legislative bodies in this country, hate-crime laws are totally unnecessary....." 9/13/99 "….The American Center for Law and Justice, an international public interest law firm, today filed suit in U.S. District Court in Louisville challenging the City's ordinance that extends protected status in employment to the categories of "sexual orientation" and "gender identity." The ACLJ filed suit against the City of Louisville, the Mayor and other officials on behalf of J. Barrett Hyman, M.D., a medical practitioner, who contends that his Biblically-based Christian beliefs prevent him from complying with the City's ordinance. The lawsuit contends that because of his sincerely held religious beliefs, Hyman is compelled to deny employment and discharge from employment any person whom he learns is living a homosexual, bisexual, transgendered, or transsexual lifestyle. "By forcing employers who object to homosexuality and transgenderism to hire people who practice those lifestyles, the City of Louisville is attempting to legislate its own view of morality at the expense of the fundamental rights of its citizens," said Francis J. Manion, Senior Regional Counsel of the ACLJ-Midwest, who is representing Hyman in the suit. Manion said: "The City's so-called 'Fairness Ordinance' is not fair. It tramples on an employer's constitutional right to the free exercise of religion. It forces an employer to choose between following the dictates of his conscience and going out of business. The ordinance is not only wrong, it is unconstitutional." …." 9/22/99 Thomas Jipping "...Why has this cultural jihad occurred all of a sudden? According to the Associated Press, officials of the pageant organization, which is headquartered in New Jersey, are afraid of violating the state's anti-discrimination law. What judges did to the Boy Scouts they could do to Miss America.... If you think that judges' decisions don't matter, just read the papers and look around your neighborhood. Judges told the people they cannot protect preborn children. Judges told the people they must tolerate pornography flowing through their communities, across their television screens, and even sold on military bases. Judges told school children they could not even look at the Ten Commandments, could not participate in prayer even if they wanted to, could not hear a passage from the Bible, and could not have God's blessing when they graduated. Judges have now told school children they may not pray before football game and told their parents they may not pray before school board meetings. Judges told the people they may not encourage citizen legislatures with term limits and must use their tax dollars for welfare for illegal aliens. Judges told people who do not want to discriminate by race that they must do so. Judges told the people that the only explanation about human origins that may be taught is Darwinian evolution. Judges told the people that men and women are the same and that any other view is an impermissible stereotype. Judges told the people that any moral objection to homosexuality is nothing but hate. And judges are telling the people that the last vestiges of morality, propriety, and tradition are simply exercises in discrimination and have to go as well. Folks, the most damaging cultural, social, economic, and political developments of the last two generations have come not from the statehouse but from the courthouse. Judges are twiddling while our culture is burning. I hope it's not too late....."

The Claremont Institute 9/22/99 Larry Arnn No 192 "....One of the high rules of public controversy is never torepeat criticism of oneself. But we have been attacked in the pages of Penthouse Magazine, and we cannot let thehonor pass. Penthouse is, of course, a high moral authority, second perhaps only to Larry Flynt's Hustler. That priest of the New Order has even been celebrated in a movie produced by another high cleric, Oliver Stone...In this New Order, Penthouse and Hustler now take on moral authority from the feature that has long made them popular: They are full of pictures of naked women. This is brave. This is free. This is good. No longer is it necessary to apologize that one "only reads the articles." ..... In the New Order, family is slavery. Husbands and fathers are the slave masters. Wives are brood cattle, unless they do not have children, in which case through the wonders of cosmetic surgery they can be happy, or anyway widely admired. Sex is purely private, and because of this, its public performance is good--or at least necessary.....In a development that will please our own fathers and mothers, who labored to keep us away from Penthouse and its like, we have run afoul of this New Order. In a recent article, "Out of God's Sight," Penthouse purports to expose a conservative conspiracy to incite violence against homosexuals and defeat hate-crimes legislation. ....And so we invite Mr. Rosen and Penthouse's editors to read a little about the condition of children who lack the loveof parents; the condition of women so commonly abused by others, not their husbands, with whom they have sex; the spread of disease that is the natural concomitant of promiscuity; the sadness of a person used by many and loved by none. Finally, we invite them to compare the weak and self destructive pleasures of Penthouse, to those deeper, higher, and more enduring pleasures of marriage. In the 4th century B.C., the old fogey Aristotle knew that happiness means more pleasure, too. Regarding even pleasure, the avant garde Penthouse itself is a promise not kept....."

Voice of America, via News Plus 9/24/99 Michael Leland "….Last year, a series of advertisements in many large newspapers in the United States suggested homosexuals could become heterosexual through counseling and prayer. The ads were run on behalf of Exodus International, a Christian-based organization that provides such counseling. The organization's leadership credits those advertisements for the large turnout at this year's convention, held near Chicago. Gay and lesbian support organizations say the messages of the advertisements, and of Exodus International, are dangerous. ……"I thought that I was hopelessly gay. I thought that I would never change, that I would never be happy. Now I know the truth. I am learning the truth." Exodus International is headed by Bob Davies, who says he was homosexual, but is now married. He likens his organization to Alcoholics Anonymous, which uses counseling and support to help those with drinking problems. Davies: "We are here basically as an option for men and women who want our support. Just like AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) does not go into bars and drag people kicking and screaming into their meetings. They are simply there as a resource for people who want to stop drinking. Similarly, we exist as a support for people who want to change their sexual orientation." But Exodus International message is upsetting to gay and lesbian organizations. Rick Garcia directs the Chicago-based Illinois Federation for Human Rights, the state's largest gay-rights group. Garcia: "The suggestion that one can change their sexual orientation is not only inaccurate, it is also extremely offensive to gay and lesbian people and right-thinking people." …."

World Net Daily 10/4/99 David Bresnahan "....Despite heavy criticism and controversy, as well as an expensive lawsuit, one church refuses to back down from a controversial stand on homosexual marriage. There can be no compromise when it comes to defending truth and right, according to President Gordon B. Hinckley of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Hinckley is regarded as a modern prophet of God by more than 10 million members of the church worldwide...." (Conservative News Service) 10/4/99 Justin Torres "....At the recent Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network national conference, entitled attendees and organizers used strong rhetoric in describing the "Religious Right," or "wingers, as one presenter termed religious conservatives. Steven K. Green, general counsel for Americans United for Separation of Church and State, distributed a factsheet on "Leading Religious Right Organizations," including the American Family Association, the Christian Coalition, Concerned Women for America, the Family Research Council, and the Eagle Forum.....Green laid out his views on the priorities of the Religious Right, including "watering down" sex education, school vouchers, the defeat of anti-harassment policies, and parental rights amendments, which he called "extremely pernicious. . . . They allow parents to interject their religious feelings and philosophies into school curriculum." Added Green, "[The Religious Right] is not about to admit that they just want to bash gays if they can. . . . You have to remember, Sunday after Sunday millions of people come to church to hear the diatribes."....." 10/4/99 Justin Torres "....More than 700 teachers, administrators, high school and college students, and homosexual activists gathered in downtown Atlanta this weekend to strategize on how to make schools around the nation more homosexual-friendly. The third annual national conference of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) featured a keynote address by civil rights activist and Georgia Democrat Rep. John Lewis, comic relief by comedienne Margaret Cho, a "prom" for homosexual youth, and symposia on topics such as "Responding to the Religious Right" and "Addressing GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered) Issues in Middle School." ...... "The fear of the Religious Right is that the schools of today are the governments of tomorrow," said Deanna Duby of the National Education Association at a symposium. "And you know what, they're right." "If we do our jobs right," added James Anderson, director of communications for GLSEN, " we're going to raise a generation of kids who don't believe [the claims of] the Religious Right." ...." 10/5/99 "....While New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was taking a pounding this past weekend over bogus accusations of trying to gut the 1st Amendment because of an art exhibit that violates the taxpayer-financed Brooklyn Museum's lease with the city, a genuine and far more frightening assault on freedom of the press was launched in Atlanta. More than 700 homosexual activists gathered in that city to outline their plan to advance the homosexual agenda. Among their primary targets are reporters and the news media, which according to some, are just too hung up on getting all sides of the story. The Atlanta conference, sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, included a symposium on how to respond to people who oppose homosexuality based on millennia-old cultural and religious beliefs. One particular activist counseled attendees to "have those tough conversations with journalists," and disabuse them of their "misguided notions of balance," in reporting stories about the homosexual agenda. The goal, according to Cathy Renna, who works as the director of community relations for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, is to "convince (journalists) that there is no other side to these issues." ...."

AP wire 10/12/99 Jordan Lite "……Activists accused the Rev. Jerry Falwell of promoting violence such as the beating death of a gay Wyoming college student as he led conservative Christians in urging gays to renounce homosexuality. ``Christian bigots out of our city!'' cried Josh Trenter, who was hauled away by police after allegedly tossing a blueberry pie during Monday's ``Come Out of Homosexuality'' event. He and another member of a gay rights group were cited for battery and released. Declaring that ``God loves you and so do I,'' Falwell, who appeared via satellite, told the audience of about 60 that ``just as people can come out of the closet, so can people choose to come out against a sinful lifestyle.'' The presentation was designed ``to reach out to the homosexual community in a spirit of love,'' said Allen Wildmon, a spokesman for the American Family Association, a conservative Christian group that sponsored the event with Falwell, the former leader of the now-defunct Moral Majority. ….."

Freeper sinkspur 9/1/99 "…LOS ANGELES - A Los Angeles Roman Catholic bishop and a priest have resigned from a national gay and lesbian ministries association after disciplinary action by the Vatican against two East Coast Catholic ministers to gays. Auxiliary Bishop Gabino Zavala and the Rev. Peter Liuzzi, director of the Los Angeles archdiocese's gay and lesbian ministry, confirmed Monday that they had resigned from the National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian and Gay Ministries….."

The Weekly Standard 9/20/99 Pia Nordlinger "….THE CULTURAL LEFT IS TIRED of getting beat up for being anti-family. So, a small but influential number of academics, social critics, and policy types have come up with a new gambit: They are anti-marriage but pro-parenthood. They are pro-parenthood because they are unable any longer to deny that parents are important to the well-being of children. They are anti-marriage because they are deeply committed to denying any privileged status to the traditional family, with its two parents of opposite sexes who are married to each other. Parents, according to this new line of thought, can be single, divorced, married, "cohabiting," gay, lesbian, whatever. The result will be the same, provided that they are committed to the child; children need parents, but the existence and nature of any commitment to each other is beside the point. This argument recently attracted attention when American Psychologist published "Deconstructing the Essential Father," a study that attempted to prove that "a wide variety of family structures can support positive child outcomes." The authors, Louise B. Silverstein and Carl E. Auerbach, professors at Yeshiva University, were candid about their intentions: "We do not believe that the data support the conclusion that fathers are essential to child well-being and that heterosexual marriage is the social context in which responsible fathering is most likely to occur." Public policy that favors the traditional family, Silverstein and Auerbach argue, "discriminates against cohabiting couples, single mothers, and gay and lesbian parents." The authors are therefore "interested in encouraging public policy that supports the legitimacy of diverse family structures, rather than policy that privileges the two-parent heterosexual, married family. …."

San Francisco Chronicle 10/5/99 Carla Marinucci, Ed Epstein "....The battle over the state initiative defining marriage as a one-man, one-woman relationship flared in the presidential campaign yesterday when San Francisco supervisors called for an investigation of the Mormon Church's tax-exempt status -- an action Republican presidential hopeful Orrin Hatch called ``bigoted and prejudiced.'' Hatch, 65, a U.S. senator from Utah and a devout Mormon, spoke in San Francisco as supervisors unanimously passed a resolution calling on the Internal Revenue Service to investigate the tax-exempt status of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Some church leaders have urged members to financially support California's Knight Initiative. Hatch, in an interview with The Chronicle, said he strongly supports the initiative, a measure on the March 2000 ballot that would bar the state from recognizing gay or lesbian marriage. But the senator also said he believes that gays and lesbians deserve respect and may ``need some sort of recognition for a monogamous relationship.'' Still, the powerful chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee lambasted as idiotic the vote by the San Francisco board, which charges that the Mormon Church has been so outspoken on the Knight Initiative that it could be violating IRS rules forbidding churches to engage in ``substantial lobbying or political activity.'' ....."

Fox news 10/14/99 Reuters "….A state senator who is sponsoring a ballot measure that would ban gay marriages in California was criticized Thursday by his gay son, who called the measure "blind'' and "uncaring.'' David Knight, a cabinet maker in Baltimore, wrote an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times attacking Republican Pete Knight's initiative. "I believe, based on my experience, that his is a blind, uncaring, uninformed, knee-jerk reaction to a subject about which he knows nothing and wants to know nothing, but which serves his political career,'' he wrote. A spokesman for the senator said he was not immediately available for comment. The senator acknowledged publicly in 1996 that his son, who like him is a former fighter pilot, is gay and that the senator's brother died of AIDS. …"

NATIONAL GAY AND LESBIAN TASK FORCE 10/14/99 David Elliot "….A central part of this new emphasis will be the Body Politic Workout, a series of day-long seminars that will focus on individual and team leadership development, fundraising, media skills, grassroots organizing, lobbying, electoral strategies and organizational planning. The entire Body Politic Workout will take place during the Creating Change conference, and is free to conference registrants. "The Body Politic Workout reflects the core mission of Creating Change: to train and build the skills of the activists that staff the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender movement's many organizations and projects," said Sue Hyde, NGLTF field organizer and director of Creating Change. "Through increased training and organizing, we flex our collective political muscle. That is what the Body Politic Workout is all about."….. NGLTF thanks the 1999 Creating Change Corporate Sponsors: Pacific Bell, Wells Fargo Foundation,, PlanetOut, HERO Magazine, Harvey Milk Institute, BREATH-The California Smoke-Free Bar Program/A Statewide Project of the American Lung Association, the Advocate, and Olivia Cruises and Resorts. American Airlines is the official carrier for the Creating Change Conference…."

AP 10/14/99 "….Republicans would like to remove legislation that would expand federal civil rights law to cover homosexuals from a larger bill, but Democrats say they'll fight to keep it in. ``Hate crimes are modern-day lynchings,'' Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., said Wednesday. ``Congress has a responsibility to act this year.'' Senate Democrats succeeded in July in adding the measure to a spending bill for the Commerce, Justice and State departments. The House version of the bill does not include the gay rights measure…."

Chattanooga Free Press 10/14/99 "....Regular readers of Dr. Laura's Sunday column in this newspaper may remember reading about how the U.S. House of Representatives approved a resolution last summer condemning an article published by the American Psychological Association. It argued shockingly that sex between adults and "willing" children might not be so bad after all. The House resolution passed 355-0 with 13 abstentions, 11 of those being Democrats. There's hope for the Democrats yet, if only 11 of them are soft on child molestation. But what about the leader of their party, our Oval Office Lothario, President Bill Clinton? White House spokesman Joe Lockhart, when asked about the House resolution, responded: "Once we've had a chance to review it, I'm sure we'll take a position." One week later, Mr. Clinton's "position" on child molestation was still not forthcoming, so, naturally, the Republicans made something of it. Then, at the daily White House press briefing, a radio reporter named Les Kinsolving quoted from a Republican National Committee press release about Mr. Clinton's silence and asked Mr. Lockhart, "Does this motivate you into another evasion, or not?" Mr. Lockhart said, "It motivates me not to call on you anymore." The follow-up question: "Are you serious?" Mr. Lockhart: "Yes. And go ahead and tell your viewers, your listeners -- that will be fine. Call the RNC and fill them in -- I'm sure there's some more paper they can churn out tomorrow." ....." 10/11/99 Sara Douglas Hart ".....More than 1,800 lesbians, gay men and more than a few heterosexual supporters poured into the Sheraton New York Hotel to hear the first U.S. president ever to address a gay and lesbian group in New York state. Guests paid at least $350 for the privilege of hearing Clinton speak to them. The dinner and live auction took in a reported $1 million, the largest sum ever raised in a single event (not related to AIDS) by a lesbian and gay group in the United States. And they were richly rewarded with a speech that catered more to his audience than the one he gave at a better-publicized event honoring Clinton in Los Angeles last week. In his speech, Clinton rattled off a laundry list of laudable achievements his administration has made on behalf of the gay and lesbian community. During his two terms, Clinton has tapped more than 200 gays and lesbians for federally appointed positions -- including James Hormel, who became the country's first openly gay ambassador. He inked an executive order prohibiting discrimination in the federal work force and mandated that federal security clearances no longer be denied based on sexual orientation. The Clinton administration also increased AIDS drug assistance from $52 million to $461, and funding for Ryan White CARE programs has increased by 290 percent. He also addressed one of his biggest policy failures: "That awful battle that I waged and didn't win over the military service issue," which ultimately resulted in the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" military policy that has dramatically increased the number of gays and lesbians discharged from the military because of their sexual orientation. But there was nary a mention of Clinton's support for the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act prohibiting same-sex marriages....."


Des Moines Register 10/16/99 Perry Beeman David Yepsen "….Republican leaders in the Iowa Legislature blasted Gov. Tom Vilsack's gay civil-rights order Friday, and one asked the governor to scrap the special anti-discrimination effort in state government. "Iowa should be on the cutting edge of educating our children, not the cutting edge of extending civil rights to transsexuals," Senate Majority Leader Stewart Iverson, a Republican from Dows, said in a statement. In an interview, he added: "I have friends who are homosexual, but they do their job and that isn"t the issue. When you talk about gender identity and transsexuals, that is unbelievable. I believe every American should not be discriminated against, but how far do you go in setting up special classes of people?" Vilsack, a Democrat, defended the order on a WHO radio program and in an interview. The measure bans discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in state government jobs; protection he said was needed to make Iowa more attractive to a diverse work force….."

AP via 10/17/99 David Crary "....With a mother's love, Kathleen Crandell writes every week to two girls she cannot visit. Whether they get the letters, she doesn't know. Crandell helped raise the girls before splitting with her lesbian partner and considers them her daughters. Distraught when excluded from their lives, she sued for visitation rights -- and lost. Under California law, she has no greater right to access than a stranger....... ``The courts aren't used to looking at people without a biological relationship as being a child's parent,'' says Michael Adams, associate director of the American Civil Liberties Union's lesbian and gay rights project. ``We are forced to work within laws passed by legislatures that simply never considered these circumstances, and we can get some very unfortunate results.'' ....... Kauffman is frustrated by the tactics some lesbian mothers use to oppose visitation rights. ``We've been working so hard for so many decades to gain respect,'' she says. ``Then to have people within our own community use homophobic law against other gay and lesbian people -- that really troubles me. If we don't respect our own relationships, how can we expect other people to respect them?'' ...."

Boston Globe 10/19/99 Judith Gaines "....In 1969, when police raided the Stonewall Inn in New York's Greenwich Village, its gay patrons believed they were harassed because of their lifestyle and vowed not to let it happen again. It was a watershed event that helped to politicize gays and lesbians around the country. Some say Boston will soon be the site of another defining moment in gay and lesbian history: Stonewall Communities, a retirement community like no other. ''This project will give gays and lesbians one of the first visionary models for a community that draws on the best in retirement thinking done to this point, and tailors it to us,'' said Janet Stambolian, 51, director of a design and construction company in Burlington, Vt., and one of the organizers of the new community...... Plans for the development grew out of a survey done in conjunction with Gerontological Services, Inc., and sent to 3,600 gays and lesbians, age 40 and older, in the six New England states and upstate New York. Of the 328 who responded, 86 percent said they would like to live in a gay and lesbian environment as they age. Some had heard stories about harassment of homosexuals at places like Sun City, Ariz., and some senior housing facilities in the South...." 10/19/99 Kim Bonney "..... Sex in study hall? Sex on the school bus? Sound far-fetched. Not to a group of middle school parents in Northern, Virginia, who recently found out their middle schoolers were engaging in oral sex. Nationwide, educators says it's happening more than you think. Just ask your average middle schooler. "Definitely, I think that it's been done forever. I don't think that it's just now, oh my God, oral sex," says one girl. "A lot of people don't consider that having sex, so they still say they're a virgin but they will do that," adds another. Kids call it the "anything but intercourse" approach to sex. Oral sex is a growing trend among many of today's young people. Recently, officials at an Arlington, Virginia middle school found out a group of 13 and 14 year olds had been engaging in oral sex parties in parents' homes and local parks......"What we have lost and what is missing from virtually every sex education curriculum across the country is some notion that sexuality for everybody, for adults as well as kids, is not just a physical act. It is also a spiritual act and a moral act with enormous consequences," says cultural critic Michael Medved. Consequences like the highest rates of gonorrhea and chlamydia of any age group. Already, one out of four young people will acquire a sexually transmitted disease before the age of 20....... But this "anything goes" sex ed approach is nothing new -- and is even subsidized by taxpayer's money. Organizations like Planned Parenthood and SIECUS, the Sex Information and Education Council, in their literature encourage young people to experiment sexually. Planned Parenthood, which received $165-million federal tax dollars in 1998, recommends on its web site, Teenwire, "Outercourse with many partners can be safer than intercourse with only one." SIECUS, which was awarded a five-year grant from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control to develop guidelines for sex education, among other things, says, "Starting at age nine, children should be taught that there are many ways -- such as mutual masturbation and oral sex -- to give and receive sexual pleasure." "Who writes something like that to children? Only someone who chooses to exploit them, or someone who just hates innocence for it's own sake," says Reisman. ....."

Investors Business Daily 10/22/99 ".... In an uncommon display of rationality, Congress has dropped a proposal to expand federal hate crimes. It's a refreshing development, given Washington's penchant for federalizing everything in sight...... By the expanded definition, offenses against victims who are targeted because of their sexual preference, gender or disability would have been considered hate crimes. Federal hate crimes apply now only when the victim is chosen because of race, religion or national origin..... First, crime is a local responsibility. Federal jurisdiction over crime is confined by the Constitution to a limited number of offenses. Clearly, the states don't need federal intrusion.....Second, establishing higher punishment for similar offenses based on the victim is preferential treatment under the law. The 14th Amendment requires that laws be applied equally.....Robberies, kidnappings, rapes, murders - they're all depraved. Those who commit them should be severely punished. That doesn't mean the government should play favorites in prosecuting crime. The life, liberty and property of a gay minority female are no more valuable - or less valuable - than those of a straight white male. Similar crimes should carry similar punishment, regardless of who's the victim....."

The Washington Times 10/22/99 Joyce Howard Price "..... Most of the nation has not heard about two homosexual men who face the death penalty in Arkansas, charged with raping and torturing a 13-year-old boy to death last month. The brutal crime against Prairie Grove, Ark., seventh-grader Jesse Dirkhising -- who was raped repeatedly and suffocated with his own underwear in the pre-dawn hours of Sept. 26 -- was reported by news organizations in Arkansas and also covered by newspapers in Oklahoma and Tennessee. But the boy's death did not receive national media attention. Tim Graham, director of media analysis for the Media Research Center, said he is not surprised. "Nobody wants to say anything negative about homosexuals. Nobody wants to be seen on the wrong side of that issue," said Mr. Gra-ham, who sees "political correctness" at work....."

The Washington Post 10/22/99 Caryle Murphy ".... Sharone Belt last visited the Rev. Jerry Falwell's Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg 20 years ago, when her father's Riverdale Baptist Church sent its youth choir for a guest appearance. Then a teenager, Belt's conservative Christian upbringing had convinced her that being homosexual was "following the devil's path." Tomorrow, the Annandale resident will return to Falwell's church. But this time, the 33-year-old lesbian will be part of what organizers are calling a historic event: a meeting between Falwell and 200 other evangelical Christians and 200 gays and lesbians led by the Rev. Mel White, a gay rights advocate who was once Falwell's ghostwriter. Both Falwell and White are billing the 90-minute "Anti-Violence Forum," in which participants will discuss violence directed against both gays and Christians, as a breakthrough in the long-running hostility between evangelical Christians and gay rights advocates. ...."Through the years, evangelicals, Jerry Falwell included, have been too strident in their condemnations of the [homosexual] lifestyle to the point that we were not communicating adequate love to the gays and lesbians themselves," Falwell said....."

WorldNetDaily 10/22/99 Joseph Farah ".....But when Prairie Grove, Ark., police responded to a 911 emergency call at 5 a.m. Sept. 26, they found 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising on the floor, unconscious, near death, one of his wrists bound with duct tape. A half-hour later, he was pronounced dead at St. Mary's Hospital in Roger. A police investigation determined young Jesse was repeatedly raped over a period of hours, including with foreign objects. While enduring this ordeal, his ankles, knees and wrists were bound in duct tape and he was gagged and blindfolded. He was tied to a mattress. He may have been drugged, police say. A sedative called amitryptiline was found in the home of two men -- Joshua Brown, 22, and David Don Carpenter, 38 -- along with Jesse's body. There were other drugs, too -- and items commonly used in sexual bondage. .....It was big news in Northwest Arkansas, but the story of Jesse Dirkhising hasn't made a ripple in the national news. I wonder why? I wonder if it's because the victim is not a part of some politically protected sub-group, a special class deserving of extra government privileges? I wonder if it is because the suspects are, indeed, members of such a group. Remember how the nation stood riveted to the details of a hideous murder that took place in Wyoming when a homosexual was tortured to death? Never mind that the crime had little or nothing to do with the victim's sexual proclivities. Uh-uh. That didn't matter. This was a hate crime. New laws were needed. New brainwashing programs must be introduced into the schools. New sensitivity outreach projects were required by all media outlets. Bill Clinton sounded off. Janet Reno chimed in....." 10/27/99 Lawrence Morahan "….The rape and murder of a 13-year-old Arkansas boy allegedly at the hands of a homosexual couple was a "horrible death that could have been prevented," the boy's grandmother told Betty Yates, the grandmother of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising, said the boy's parents never should have allowed the child to stay overnight with the two men. "The parents put him in a situation he shouldn't have been in," Yates told "They knowingly let him spend weekends with the two guys knowing they were gay." Yates' comments concur with a statement by Joshua Macave Brown, 22, who told police he and the victim had been sexually involved for approximately two months, and the boy died during sex "games," according to a police affidavit released to….." 10/27/99 Lawrence Morahan "….According to the affidavit, Brown told police that on the morning of September 26, he sneaked up on the boy, tied his hands behind his back, placed a pair of undershorts in the teen's mouth and secured the briefs with a bandana and duct tape. He said he blindfolded the youth, bound him to a bed and repeatedly sodomized him while Carpenter watched. "Jesse was a typical 13-year-old good kid," Yates said. "You do not put a 13-year-old child into a situation like that. It had been going on for about two months and he had told them he did not want to go back." Yates, who told that relations between her and the boy's mother, Tina Yates, were strained even before she learned of her grandson's death, said that during a family visit some months previously, Tina Yates said she was excited that the gay couple had taken an interest in her son….."

Washington Post 10/27/99 Charles Babington "....President Clinton is using his 11th-hour budget battle with Congress to try to broaden the federal "hate crimes" law, primarily by adding homosexuals to its category of protected groups. The proposal, a goal of many gay rights groups, would authorize federal prosecution of persons accused of violent crimes motivated by the victim's sexual orientation, gender or disability. Currently, only a victim's race or religion can trigger a federal intervention. The proposed legislation would also broaden the circumstances under which federal prosecutors could get involved in cases classified as hate crimes, typically when local prosecutors either invite them in or, conversely, decline to prosecute an alleged crime themselves....."

WHITE HOUSE 10/25/99 "…..Q Joe, since the President spoke out so commendably about the murder of adult homosexual Matt Shepard in Wyoming, I'm wondering what was his reaction to the repeated rape and murder of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising (phonetic) by two adult homosexual men in Arkansas?

MR. LOCKHART: I don't know that the President is aware of that circumstance.

Q It was page one of the Washington Times on Saturday. Don't you read that paper, Joe?

MR. LOCKHART: No, I don't normally do, nor do I think the President. But I think --

Q Could you possibly -- could you ask him?

MR. LOCKHART: I think as a matter of general principle, the President abhors any kind of violent act. And we have worked very hard over the last seven years in a very productive way to reduce crime in this country.

Q As his media advisor, were you surprised that while the murder of an adult, Shepard, received enormous coverage in the big media, this multiple rape and murder of a child went so widely unreported ?

MR. LOCKHART: I try to keep my media criticisms to myself. …"

ABCNews 11/1/99 AP "…..The judge in the Matthew Shepard murder case barred the man on trial Monday from using a "gay panic" defense. Lawyers for Aaron McKinney rested their case several hours later. District Judge Barton Voigt ruled that the strategy adopted by McKinney's lawyers in the beating death of the gay college student is akin to temporary insanity or a diminished-capacity defense-both of which are prohibited under Wyoming law….. A "gay panic" or "homosexual panic" defense is built on the theory that a person with latent gay tendencies will have an uncontrollable, violent reaction when propositioned by a homosexual……Some gay rights leaders have condemned the "gay panic" defense as a blame-the-victim strategy. However, Bill Dobbs, a gay New York lawyer and civil rights advocate, said the defense should be allowed wide latitude in death penalty cases….."Gay panic exists and any gay man knows that just holding the gaze of a straight man on the street and giving him the idea that you might be sexually interested can create a dangerous situation," he said……" 11/1/99 Lawrence Morahan "….Commenting on the rape and murder of a 13-year-old Arkansas boy allegedly at the hands of a homosexual couple, gay groups told that in the interests of justice, investigators and the media should focus on the crime and not on the sexual orientation of the alleged perpetrators. "It's a tragedy when anyone dies in this way, and anyone who kills them should suffer the severest consequences of the law, no matter what 'side' they are," Mel White, a gay minister and author, told White said the media attention surrounding the killing of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising in Arkansas and that of homosexual student Matthew Shepard, 22, in Wyoming last year "mustn't be our indicator of how deeply people mourn the losses." …… The Shepard slaying received broad coverage in the media, and reinvigorated the national debate on the need for special legislation for hate crimes, which are defined as anything from murder to assault against a citizen because of his or her race, religion, gender, national origin or sexual orientation. By contrast, the Dirkhising murder received scant national coverage. The boy was found close to death at the apartment of two men, who police also described as homosexual lovers. …..Christopher D. Plumlee, deputy prosecuting attorney for Benton County, Ark., who investigated Jesse's death, told reporters he was a "little surprised" at the limited coverage this "horrible crime against a child" received. ….. "

The Associated Press 10/29/99 Donna De la Cruz "….Incidents of domestic violence involving gay couples in the New York City area increased nearly 25 percent in 1998 from the previous year, according to a report released Thursday by the New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project. Diane Soto, the program's domestic violence program coordinator, said there were 506 reported incidents in 1998, up from 421 in 1997….."

Associated Press 10/29/99 David Lieb "….Something so unspeakable is said to have taken place in Apartment 1207 that half the neighbors have moved out. It was in 1207 that police say a 13-year-old boy was sexually brutalized and murdered last month by the two men who lived there. According to police, Davis Carpenter Jr., 38, and Joshua Brown, 22, drugged and blindfolded Jesse Dirkhising, gagged him with underwear and strapped him to a mattress face-down with duct tape and belts. Then the boy was repeatedly raped and sodomized with various objects before he suffocated because of the position he was in, investigators said. At the apartment, police found handwritten instructions and a diagram of how to position the boy. Other notes described apparently unfulfilled fantasies of molesting other children……. The allegations are so shocking that half the tenants in the six-unit apartment building - situated across the street from a park with baseball fields and tennis courts - have moved out…..Jesse's mother, Tina Yates, said Carpenter had been friends with her husband - the boy's stepfather - for about seven years….."

Associated Press 10/30/99 Rachel Collins "….After serving nearly 10 years in a Texas prison for molesting an 11-year-old boy, Jon Savarino Schillaci wanted to start a new life. And a Deerfield family that had been writing to him since he was convicted wanted to help him. So when he was released two months ago, they let him move in with them. But police say Mr. Schillaci's past wasn't so easily left behind. On Monday the family's 5-year-old boy told his parents that he and Jon "have a secret," according to Deerfield police Sgt. Steve Turner. That secret resulted in Mr. Schillaci being charged with aggravated felonious sexual assault. But he disappeared before police could arrest him, and now authorities nationwide are searching for him…..Sgt. Turner said the couple apparently was aware of Mr. Schillaci's criminal record. He said authorities are not pursuing any charges - such as endangering a child - against the parents at this time….."

Associated Press 10/30/99 "….A man testified Friday that he was the object of a sexual advance by Matthew Shepard hours before the gay college student was pistol-whipped into a coma and left to die. "It was really offensive to me," Michael St. Clair told jurors as the defense opened its case in Aaron McKinney's murder trial. "It set off something inside. It made me angry." McKinney, 22, is charged with robbery, kidnapping, and murder, and could be sentenced to death if convicted….."

Worldnet Daily 8/28/99 S L Goldman ".....On a recent evening, Martha Hovie was sitting in a local nightclub waiting to see a band called Gender Bender. As Hovey looked over at the table next to her, she saw something strange going on. She looked again, making sure she was seeing right. At the table, a skinny guy was kneeling between the legs of a larger, leather-jacketed fellow, fellating him. Shocked, Hovie pointed this out to the couple sharing her table.... "What I didn't realize at the time was that almost the entire room was gay" Hovie said. It didn't take her long, however. People started yelling obscenities at her. Hovie yelled back. The fervor increased. A flying ashtray hit her in the forehead, opening a bloody gash. She ran to get a bouncer, who refused to help. Finally, Hovie was literally driven from the club (which is not known as a homosexual nightspot), people shouting cries of "kill the bitch!" at her back. As she made her way through the hostile crowd, the guy who'd been on the receiving end of the act of fellatio confronted her and spit in her face. "I'm normally not someone who'll take that stuff," said Hovie, "but frankly, I was scared for my life. I'd never experienced a bunch of militant gays, and lemme tell you -- it was really frightening. That place was like a war zone." Hovie's comments are right on target....."

Worldnet Daily 8/28/99 S L Goldman ".....I know that this issue may seem old hat. Today, homosexuality is -- except by a small minority -- largely accepted as an "alternative lifestyle." It is no longer thought of as what it actually is -- a spiritual disease and a total perversion of life. Because of this, I believe it is important that we look at this issue afresh. Because if we're not appalled at the behavior of homosexuals, we've been brainwashed. Homosexuals and their allies have a whole battery of verbal artillery which is implicitly designed to condone their behavior. In its mildest form, this gayspeak is a subtle, but highly effective method of conditioning. In its most blatant form, it is nothing less than brainwashing. The prime word, of course, is "homophobic." By classifying heterosexuals who don't approve of them as "phobic," homosexuals have effectively shifted the burden of proof, as it were, upon their critics. The implication is that homophobia is something to be overcome, rather than a normal reaction to behavior which, throughout history, has been considered by the populace at large to be deviant. Generally, one doesn't hear heterosexuals calling homosexuals "heterophobic," though -- in light of current societal standards -- this would be more correct...."

Worldnet Daily 8/28/99 S L Goldman ".....If you disapprove of homosexuals, you are called "prejudiced" or branded a "sexist." If you condemn their acts as unnatural you are the victim of "negative programming." If you openly state your anti-homosexual beliefs you are "bigoted." With enough repetition of these emotionally loaded terms, people ultimately become psychologically bullied into accepting behavior that they once considered abnormal. This is precisely the desired effect that the militant homosexuals hope for. Of course, homosexuals will attempt to use this same logic regarding people who classify their acts as unnatural. But heterosexuals have biological and scientific data as a foundation for their beliefs, whereas homosexual gayspeak has no basis in reality. Rather, it is specifically designed to play upon the emotions. Given the amount of sympathy in evidence for homosexuals today, it's quite evident that these propagandistic techniques have been highly effective

Worldnet Daily 8/28/99 S L Goldman ".....Yet the reason they are categorized homosexuals, is precisely because of their sexual proclivities. Terms like "gay pride," or "positive gay self-image," are specifically designed to obfuscate the central issue, which is sex. In gayspeak, "gay lifestyle," means a lifestyle in which two men perform sodomy and oral intercourse on one another. Similarly, "gay pride" literally means pride in sodomy, anilingus, fistf---ing, etc. ...... Homosexuality is described by their apologists as simply a "variant" of normal sexual behavior. However, upon closer inspection, this statement is meaningless. Using that same where-do-we-draw-the-line rhetoric, any behavior -- including incest, pedophilia and bestiality -- could be designated as a "variant" of normal human behavior....."

Worldnet Daily 8/28/99 S L Goldman ".....Consider this in light of the statement made by Dr. Harold Feinstein of the Centers For Disease Control: "From a purely biological perspective, sodomy is an intrinsically unsanitary and pathological act. Empirical medical evidence clearly demonstrates that the rectum is not designed for intromission by penises, fists, forearms, etc. Physiologically, the rectum is designed for the expulsion of feces. When sodomy is performed, the peculiar forced inward expansion of the anal canal results in a tearing of the lining as well as bleeding anal fissure. "The damage to the rectal wall facilitates access to the bloodstream of AIDS-infected sperm and other disease causing organisms." The result of engaging in sodomy -- as well as the other grossly unsanitary acts commonly practiced by homosexuals -- is that STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) are higher among homosexuals than in any other subculture. Many diseases are endemic to that group. The diseases commonly found (40 percent or higher) among homosexuals include: gonorrhea, nonspecific urethritis, syphilis, hepatitis, amebic dysentery, salmonella, intestinal parasites, shigellosis, venereal warts, incurable genital herpes, and the Big Daddy -- AIDS, which has clearly been linked to homosexual behavior...."

Worldnet Daily 8/28/99 S L Goldman ".....Incredibly, even with the evidence staring them in the face, the medical community -- and homosexual doctors in particular -- continue to employ doubletalk or to impart outright misinformation regarding the transmission of the AIDS virus. "We can't really say for certain that AIDS is transmitted sexually," said one homosexual physician. "It's just that it appears to be." What? Besides anal intercourse, other behavior commonly engaged in by homosexuals include various sadomasochistic acts, bondage and discipline (master and slave games), golden showers (urinating on one's partner or drinking urine), scat (eating human feces), sticking various items (everything from butter knives to Polish sausage to gerbils) up each other's rectums, fistf---ing (shoving the fist and sometimes the entire arm up the partner's rectum) and bestiality....."

Worldnet Daily 8/28/99 S L Goldman ".....One group that still continues to function within the homosexual community is the Fistf---ers Of America. Despite the fact that the death rate has been as high as 50 percent among men who practice it, proponents of this subhuman act of perversion continue to make a case for its pleasurable effects. "It's so relaxing," one homosexual told the Advocate. "We all carry a lot of tension in our anus, and to break that up is tremendous. To me, getting fistf---ed is like getting a heavy massage. The relaxation lasts all day long." When regarded in the cold, clinical light of reality, it is clear that none of these are acts of love. Rather, they are acts of degradation, pain and hate. They are anti-life. For people who engage in these acts to call themselves "lovers" is pure blasphemy....."

Worldnet Daily 8/28/99 S L Goldman ".....Another spurious notion currently in vogue is that education is the key to solving the AIDS crisis. This idea makes the false assumption that because people know the facts, they will change their behavior. On the contrary. A recent issue of The American Journal Of Public Health presented a study of sexual behavior taken from a cross section of homosexuals in San Francisco, Calif., which revealed a rather grim scenario: 92 percent of the men asserted they were still not taking the most basic prophylactic measures. 35 percent said they'd had sex with more than five partners the month prior to the sampling; 69 percent said, "It's hard to change my behavior because being gay means doing what I want sexually." ...... "Gays put pressure on the Board Of Health to forbid the (blood screening) test," said Dr. Helen Singer Kaplan, head of the Human Sexuality Program at the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center. "We could stop AIDS today if these stupid Typhoid Marys would stop spreading the disease. As a physician I'm appalled at their wildly having sex and spreading AIDS." ....."

Worldnet Daily 8/28/99 S L Goldman ".....The media has also played a large part in blunting the realities of the homosexual lifestyle. Programs such The AIDS Show -- aired on the liberal and homosexual backed KCET -- which plugged itself as a "frank representation" of the AIDS crisis never once dealt directly with any of the specifics of the disease. The show, which included maudlin skits about dying lovers as well as song and dance routines about AIDS -- played up the role of the homosexual-as-victim, while the issue of responsibility was totally avoided......Said TV producer James Comack, "Do you know the most powerful lobby in the entertainment business? Bigger than blacks or women's lib or any nationalist or racial group? It's the gays. If you don't have the approval of the Gay Media Task Force, you don't go on the air."

Augusta Chronicle 11/3/99 "….Hold on to your pocketbooks, Georgia taxpayers. State Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine, after losing every court round in his bid to stop Atlanta's government from providing ``domestic partner'' benefits to city employees, is throwing in the towel. We don't blame him. It was a lost cause. What it means, though, is that state and local governments, including Augusta, could come under increasing pressure to offer similar benefit packages to homosexual/lesbian partners. Politically, there's no public demand to make such offers to unnatural couples, but legally the door's wide….."

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 11/11/99 Suzanne Fields "…..We all know about ''Clinton fatigue.'' How about ''sex fatigue''? They're not unrelated. It used to be the intriguers of the ''right-wing conspiracy'' and the Grandma Grundies of the Moral Majority who had dirty minds who plotted to turn back the clock. But a craving for at least a little of the Victorian sensibility is becoming mainstream chic. The New York Observer, known for observing hip trends in the worlds of the trendy hip, ran this headline: ''Enough! The Overexposure of Sex Is Ruining the Mood for Everybody.'' The Culprit? The ''Big He'' himself. Talk about a legacy: ''One doesn't have to look too far in the past to discover who is partly to blame for the sick-of-sex feeling,'' writes Alexandra Jacobs in a front page story in the Observer. ''When America read the details of the Starr report, it was not just the fact that the president was indulging in a 21-year-old intern that sickened, it was the grossness of the sex, the stomach-churning ickiness of the whole affair, that lingered in one's mind. In a certain way, one could say, Bill Clinton ruined sex for America.'' ….."

The Wanderer 11/4/99 Paul Likoudis "….Bill Clinton as the first boomer president brought his sexual politics into the Oval Office and undercut his political leadership with immorality (and immaturity). The consensus of the citizenry was that he should get a pass on his sexual tackiness. The Senate ultimately chose to separate the personal from the political. He remained leader, such as he was, of the free world, but at considerable cost. Clinton's sexual excesses reflected and encouraged cultural excesses. But they also brought a new awareness that there was something better, both personally and publicly, even if it looked a lot like our parents' morality……" 11/9/99 Scott Hogenson "..... The September murder of Jesse Dirkhising has created some discussion in a few quarters of America, but the story has, for the most part, been ignored by the media at large. Dirkhising is the 13-year-old Arkansas boy who died after being repeatedly raped. Two men are being held without bond, both charged with capital murder and six counts each of rape. I've heard a few explanations as to why this story has been ignored, but the rationale that appeared on Time magazine's Internet website this week was positively jaw dropping.'s Closer Look essay by Jonathan Gregg tells us that the media has spiked the Jesse Dirkhising story because "a red herring worth addressing at the outset is the failure to distinguish between homosexuality and pedophilia, which creates a false parallel." He goes on to explain that "the reason the Dirkhising story received so little play is because it offered no lessons." ....." 11/4/99 Justin Torres "…..A new study from the World Congress of Families, meeting this month in Geneva, finds that across the globe people are concerned about the state of the family and support a traditional understanding of it. The study, conducted by Wirthlin Worldwide polling, found remarkable consistency across the globe in attitudes toward family life. For example, 84 percent of people polled agreed that marriage is defined as "one man and one woman," and 78 percent agreed that families were the "fundamental unit of society." "These findings clearly and emphatically reveal that, despite efforts to undermine the natural family in the United Nations . . . the people of the world [agree] . . . that the natural family is the fundamental social unit," said Allan Carlson, president of the Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society and general secretary of the World Congress of Families….."

Chattanooga Free Press 11/6/99 "..... Russell Henderson and Aaron McKinney apparently singled out Mr. Shepard as a homosexual, lured him from a Laramie bar, robbed him of $20, then tied him to a fence and bashed him on the head with a pistol, leaving him in cold weather to die. It was an atrocious, disgusting, outrageous crime. The perpetrators rightly have been given lifetime prison sentences. But while that horrible case has received much attention, another case has not. Comparatively ignored was the atrocity in Arkansas last September in which Jesse Dirkhising, who was only 13, was seized, blindfolded, taped to a bed, gagged with his own underwear and was sodomized by one homosexual man while another homosexual man watched. The victimized boy choked to death on the gag his tormentors forced into his mouth....."

FOX News 9/6/99 Hannah Wolfson AP "….The Salt Lake City School District did not violate high school students' First Amendment rights by preventing them from forming a homosexual club, a federal judge has ruled. U.S. District Judge Bruce Jenkins on Friday ruled that the district's current policy sufficiently safeguards students' rights to free expression. The policy barred a group of East High School students from forming a school-approved club, the judge said, not from expressing their point of view in one of the school's existing clubs..."

New York Times 11/6/99 Frank Rich "….By chance, the verdict in the Matthew Shepard murder trial was announced in Laramie, Wyo., on Wednesday just before my interview with the Rev. Jerry Falwell. He hadn't heard the news, so I told him of Aaron McKinney's conviction and asked his response. Mr. Falwell's reply was instantaneous. After saying that the "horrific crime" deserved "the severest of punishments allowed by law," he volunteered: "I could never accept 'gay panic' or any other excuse as grounds for what he did." ….. Two weekends ago his Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Va., was the setting for an anti-violence meeting between 200 of his flock and 200 gay civil rights advocates recruited nationwide by Soulforce, an ecumenical group based in Laguna Beach, Calif. The meeting came about thanks to one of those only-in-America stories that make this country eternally unpredictable. The founder of Soulforce, the Rev. Mel White, was the favorite ghostwriter of the religious right -- he wrote Mr. Falwell's autobiography as well as books for Pat Robertson and speeches for Oliver North -- until he declared his previously closeted homosexuality in 1991. Since then, Mr. White has become a campaigner for gay rights and has engaged in loud public battles with his former allies. But Mr. Falwell never entirely tuned his old friend out, and their continued contacts, however acrimonious at times, led to the conference in Lynchburg. To make it happen, the two men agreed to disagree about Mr. Falwell's rock-ribbed conviction that homosexuality is a sin akin to alcoholism or drug addiction that can be reversed with spiritual treatment….."

National Post 11/4/99 "….Young men are killed every day in the U.S., but 21-year-old Matthew Shepard's murder was different. When he was beaten to death last October in Wyoming, it was by two men who didn't like the fact that he was gay. In the year since his death, the big American TV networks have regularly carried stories about Matthew, his murder, and what it says about America. Court TV covered the trial, which yielded its final conviction yesterday. CNN and ABC news have run nearly 200 stories between them about it. President Bill Clinton immediately called for tough new laws against such hate-motivated crimes. A Matthew Shepard Foundation has been set up, and so have more than 14,000 memorial Web sites. Amidst all this national soul-searching, another American youngster has been killed, this time in the president's own state of Arkansas. Police say 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising was raped and tortured before he was murdered. And, as in Matthew's case, sexual orientation is alleged to be a factor. But no Web sites are dedicated to Jesse; as of last night, neither CNN nor ABC had reported on his murder. When the president's spokesman, Joe Lockhart, was asked about Jesse, he said the president had not heard of him. Strangely, Mr. Lockhart avoided the question and instead derided the Washington newspaper that had published Jesse's story……"

Focus On The Family 11/17/99 John Paulk "…."We can have honest differences, but we can't have honest differences about whether we share a common humanity." Who said those words and what do they mean? With those words to gay activists recently in Beverly Hills, President Bill Clinton set the tone for the fight in Congress over a federal hate-crimes statute. The administration is not only firmly in the pro-gay camp, the president equates the expression of any opposition to homosexuality with racism. Mr. President, that stinks. Yes, homosexuals, like all people are human; some likeable, and others not…… But, homosexuality - the behavior that homosexuals engage in - is, according to the Scriptures, an abomination. It's an evil thing, like treachery, and infidelity, and having sex with your neighbor's 8-year-old. It is fundamentally wrong, Mr. President. ….The problem with your idea is, giving special legal protection to homosexuals as individuals also gives special legal protection to a behavior that millions of Christians, Muslim, Hindu and agnostic people have held to be morally wrong and repugnant for thousands of years. If we do this, we look forward to a politically correct - possibly fascist - future, where no one is allowed to express the idea that "homosexuality - the behavior" - is immoral, because it would offend "homosexuals - the persons." And if that happens, who knows where we'll end up. ….."

WorldNetDaily 11/16/99 Joseph Farah "….Well, folks, I guess I hit a nerve in the establishment press. My coverage of the brutal homosexual rape and murder of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising prompted a nearly hysterical and completely vicious and gratuitous personal smear of me by the Washington Post's ombudsman in Sunday 's edition. In a column called "Reporting Two Killings," the Post's E.R. Shipp defends his colleagues' coverage of the Matthew Shepard murder in Wyoming as well as the non-coverage of the slaughter of young Jesse in Arkansas. ……. He continues: "I recount this because some readers, prodded by commentators who are hostile to homosexuals and to what they view as a 'liberal' press, have inquired why the Shepard case garnered so much attention while another case involving homosexuals -- as possible predators rather than as victims -- has been all but ignored. There is an explanation for the absence of coverage of the brutal rape and asphyxiation death of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising, but those who are inclined to believe the David Dukes, Joseph Farahs and Tim Grahams of the world -- who have asserted that the story has been suppressed so that homosexuals won't be portrayed negatively -- will not be satisfied." Now, I don't know who Tim Graham is, but I do know who David Duke is. And I don't like the implication that I have anything in common with a Ku Klux Klansman. It seems Shipp and his paper are getting a little testy. Interesting. I hadn't even criticized the Post's coverage of the two cases. I guess someone over there has a guilty conscience……"

Denver Post 11/14/99 Sue O’Brien "…. Although it's asked in the nastiest possible way, this unsigned e-mail raises a good question: Why haven't most major news outlets reported the murder of Jesse Dirkhising in Rogers, Ark.? Police say the 13-year-old was drugged and blindfolded, gagged with underwear, strapped to a mattress and then brutally and repeatedly sodomized by one of his killers while the other watched. Ultimately, the seventh-grader died of suffocation because of the position he was in……Has the appalling crime been underreported, which it has been, because it happened in rural Arkansas to a kid who lived in a trailer home? Or because it is fundamentally the story of a rape gone hideously bad? Perhaps, as talk-radio and e-mail commentary fervently insists, it's because the media refuse to publish anything that will make gay people look bad? Thus, the letters about Jesse Dirkhising aren't really about Jesse. They are about the media, and they're about Matthew Shepard. The perversion inherent in both Jesse's and Matthew's murders becomes even more perverted as a twisted competition between the two victims is created….."

Denver Post 11/14/99 Sue O’Brien "…. If the national AP doesn't recognize a story, odds are pretty good the story won't go anywhere. The wonder is that the Dirkhising story has gone as far as it has, pushed primarily by The Washington Times, Fox News Channel's "O'Reilly Factor," Internet chat rooms and news releases from an outfit called Americans for Truth about Homosexuality. The Associated Press distributed reports on the Dirkhising case only to its state and regional clients for a month after Jesse's death. The story's only appear ance on the national AP wire came Oct. 30 - three weeks after Carpenter and Brown had entered not-guilty pleas to capital-murder charges. The story's brevity (599 words) and soft-focus lead made it clear: The AP was trying to catch up with the Internet furor…… I, for one, wish the Oct. 30 AP story hadn't been crowded out of that day's Post by other stories that were either more immediate or more timely as editors made that day's sort. I'm persuaded, though, that there was no decision not to run it because it made gay people look bad. I'm equally persuaded that, if follow-up stories become available, we will carry them. But unfortunately, Jesse's story itself has become a hate-crime story. But it's the use that the story is being put to that's a hate crime, not the crime itself. It is being used to fan hatred, to excuse discrimination - to say it's OK to target people for abuse because they're gay…."

The Washington Post 11/13/99 E R Shipp "…. By the time Matthew Shepard died on Oct. 12, 1998 -- nearly a week after he was savagely beaten and left "tied to a fence like a dead coyote," as The Post reported on Oct. 10, 1998 -- his story had spread around the world, and he had become a symbol for those who urged Congress to adopt a stronger federal hate crimes law…… More "routine" crimes may be ignored or limited to news briefs culled from wire services. The story of the Sept. 26 death of Jesse Dirkhising in Rogers, Ark., and the arrest of two male suspects, wasn't transmitted on the Associated Press's national news wires until Oct. 29……. Indeed, the AP's deputy managing editor for national news, Mike Silverman, acknowledges that the AP blew it by failing to get the story on the national wires for more than a month. Silverman, who is based in New York, said he did not know about it until the Washington Times called last month for an Oct. 22 story: "Media tune out torture death of Arkansas boy." He then assigned his Little Rock staff to do a story for the national wires because this "wasn't a routinely awful crime; it was out of the ordinary." For a variety of reasons, some people insist upon depicting the Shepard and Dirkhising slayings as equivalent. Here at The Post, however, the two are seen as quite different……"

WORLD Magazine 11/20/1999 Candi Cushman "….The story began when Jesse accepted a weekend job from 38-year-old Davis Carpenter, an openly gay hair stylist at Regis Hair Salon who had just settled in Rogers after moving 26 times throughout the country. Jesse, who lived in a small trailer with two siblings, his mother, and her third husband, leapt at the chance to earn a few extra dollars and escape for 30-mile weekend trips to Rogers. While in Rogers, he lodged in an apartment shared by Mr. Carpenter and his 22-year-old homosexual lover, Joshua Brown. Jesse's mother, Tina Yates, said she had known Mr. Carpenter for seven years and had no qualms about letting Jesse stay with the homosexual couple. "I have a lot of gay friends," she said. "I never ever thought he [Carpenter] would hurt one of our own children." …… "

WORLD Magazine 11/20/1999 Candi Cushman "….Police responding to a pre-dawn 911 call on Sunday, Sept. 26, discovered a much more harrowing situation. As a frantic Davis Carpenter led them to Jesse's limp, naked body, police noticed drug paraphernalia and duct tape lying nearby. Hours later, Joshua Brown confessed that he sneaked behind Jesse, bound and gagged the boy, and then sodomized him repeatedly as Mr. Carpenter watched and gave instructions. After taking a break to eat a sandwich at about 5 a.m., Mr. Brown discovered Jesse had stopped breathing. The boy died at the hospital. Police found chilling notes and diagrams illustrating the rape, allegedly written from Mr. Carpenter to Mr. Brown. According to police reports, the notes referred to making "him" take "those pills" and telling "him" not to resist or he would continue to be sexually assaulted. "Even the police officers who have investigated homicide, shootings, and rape in the past were taken aback by what they saw," said Rogers Police Chief Tim Keck, calling the case one of "the most brutal" he has seen…….

WORLD Magazine 11/20/1999 Candi Cushman "….Despite local outrage, the national press was not so taken aback. For weeks, reporters ignored the Durkhising murder, prompting charges of bias. For at the same time that newspapers did not cover Jesse's case, they continued their year-long blitz on the Matthew Shepard case-a media fest that began last October when two heterosexual men beat to death the 21-year-old homosexual college student. ….. Following Mr. Shepard's murder, the Associated Press (AP) ran national news stories every day for a week with the words "openly gay student" prominently displayed in headlines. But Jesse's murder did not make the AP national wire, with the exception of one story appearing almost a month after the crime. "If this were an openly gay boy assaulted to death by two heterosexual men, I don't think there would be any doubt this would be a national news story," said Tim Graham, director of media analysis for the Virginia-based Media Research Center (MRC). MRC research revealed that most major newspapers, national television networks, and newsmagazines shunned the Dirkhising murder. Why the neglect? "This story has the potential to short-circuit the current appeal of gay politics-which is to focus on gays as victims of violence, not as perpetrators," Mr. Graham explained. ….."

WORLD Magazine 11/20/1999 Candi Cushman "….Homosexual advocacy groups like the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) remained silent about the Dirkhising killing. "It's a horrible, brutal crime and we feel for the family and everyone else affected, but we're not sure it would be our place to comment," HRC spokesman Wayne Besen told WORLD. "Their sexual orientation was irrelevant to that fact. It was two guys who did a horrible thing." But earlier this year, HRC was unwilling to attribute Mr. Shepard's murder simply to two guys doing a horrible thing. HRC spokeswoman Kim Hill blamed Mr. Shepard's murder on "a climate of intolerance ... fostered by religious political organizations such as the Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, and the Christian Coalition." The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation joined HRC in attacking Christians, calling a "Truth in Love" advertising campaign featuring testimonies from former homosexuals "meanspirited" and "deceptive." The Matthew Shepard case was an opportunity to be exploited; the Jesse Dirkhising case is a danger to be downplayed….."

The Times of London 11/11/99 Alexandra Frean "….. A LONDON Health Authority has been condemned for spending thousands of pounds on an Internet site that advises homosexual men on having sex in parks and public lavatories. The Internet guide to "cruising and cottaging", funded by the Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham Health Authority, contains sexually explicit information and images, as well as details about the etiquette of cruising and what to do if caught...." 11/17/99 Joseph Farah "…E.R. Shipp, where are you? Well, no word yet from the Washington Post's E.R. Shipp, who defamed me in a column last Sunday. Maybe it's because I offended her by assuming E.R. Shipp is a man in my column yesterday. So sorry, E.R. But given that the politically correct Washington Post refers to you as the "ombudsMAN," I thought for sure you were of the male sexual orientation. I hope this oversight doesn't come between a face-to-face debate over the journalistic standards and practices of the Big Media. I'm sure, given your lofty title and position at the Washington Post, you would have no problem commanding radio and television appearances for this important public policy dialogue between you and me. I would also like to use this opportunity to solicit a public apology from you for linking me -- someone you obviously know nothing about -- to Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. If such a public retraction is not forthcoming on a goodwill basis, I can assure you that you and your newspaper will be hearing from my attorney shortly….." 11/17/99 Joseph Farah "…In the Post's eyes, homosexuals are always victims or heroes. There is no other way to portray them without being "insensitive" and homophobic. But what does such a standard have to do with reporting truth? There's a huge push within the establishment press today for "diversity." Only if your editorial staff contains an appropriate number of blacks, homosexuals, women, etc., can your news organization properly cover the world, imply advocates of such standards. But such a standard pre-supposes that blacks, homosexuals and women all think alike -- or at least differently than white men. Nonsense. The only kind of diversity that is meaningful to balanced and thoughtful news coverage is diversity of philosophy, diversity of opinion, diversity in thought. That kind of diversity is obviously not present in the news department of the Washington Post. And, it seems, E.R. Shipp and company are hypersensitive and more than a little defensive about that shortcoming….."

Associated Press 11/17/99 "….A state policy of automatically opposing adoptions of foster children by gay and other unmarried couples was quietly dropped this week by the Davis administration. The move rescinded a 1995 order by then-Republican Gov. Pete Wilson. Gay activists applaud the change as a victory for families. Conservative religious leaders condemn it as ``a disaster for children.'' Even with the earlier policy, however, judges could overrule the state opposition if the would-be parents hired an attorney and appealed. …."

WorldNetDaily 11/17/99 Jon Dougherty "…..When it comes to news reporting, the readers of WorldNetDaily have "a friend in the business." That buddy is none other than our editor, Joseph Farah. Regarding his column on Tuesday, when Joe detailed the blatant hypocrisy of the establishment paper, the Washington Post, in covering the brutal, homosexual-induced murder of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising, readers of both WND and the Post should have been able to tell -- once and for all -- who is more concerned with an honest and fair portrayal of the events that take place in our country and the world. Which is to say, it sure isn't the Post. That E.R. Shipp, the paper's ombudsman and a person who is supposed to guide the ethics and professionalism of other staff writers, would even attempt to justify the paper's refusal to acknowledge the similarities in the cases of an openly gay Wyoming college student, Matthew Shepard, and Dirkhising -- killed by two openly gay men who repeatedly raped him to death -- is worse than abominable. In a journalistic sense anyway, it is a crime -- a crime committed against the Post's readers. Shipp ought to be ashamed, her pathetic excuses to virtually ignore the Dirkhising case notwithstanding. And that's just what they are -- excuses. ….." 11/22/99 J Farah "…. Washington Post ombudswoman E. R. Shipp suggests I am "hostile to homosexuals." In the popular lexicon, that makes one a "homophobe." I'd like to explain why I am not a "homophobe." First of all, the Latin root "homo" simply means "man." "Phobe," or "phobia," has to do with fear. I certainly do not fear men. I also do not fear homosexuals -- though, as much as possible, I do avoid them, as Christians and Jews are cautioned to do in Leviticus 18. Why are we cautioned to avoid homosexuals in the Bible? Here's what it says in the relevant verses of Leviticus 18 (KJV):

22. Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

23. Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion.

24. Defile not ye yourselves in any of these things: for in all these the nations are defiled which I cast out before you:

25. And the land is defiled: therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants.

26. Ye shall therefore keep my statutes and my judgments, and shall not commit any of these abominations; neither any of your own nation, nor any stranger that sojourneth among you:

27. (For all these abominations have the men of the land done, which were before you, and the land is defiled;)

28. That the land spue not you out also, when ye defile it, as it spued out the nations that were before you.

29. For whosoever shall commit any of these abominations, even the souls that commit them shall be cut off from among their people.

30. Therefore shall ye keep mine ordinance, that ye commit not any one of these abominable customs, which were committed before you, and that ye defile not yourselves therein: I am the LORD your God.

You see, God, speaking through Moses, tells us that practices including homosexuality will cause those involved and those around them to be spewed out of the land -- to be rejected, outcast, vomited from the land. I don't want to be too close when that happens. In other words, it's not homosexuals I fear. It is God…."

WorldNetDaily 11/22/99 Frank York "…. A growing political rebellion against "hate crimes" legislation contends such bills are not so much intended to discourage criminal acts as they are to suppress and criminalize people's thoughts, beliefs and speech regarding homosexuality. Proponents of the "Hate Crimes Prevention Act" were stunned and dismayed last Wednesday by the defeat of the legislation in the U.S. Senate. Had it been approved, the bill would have extended current federal "hate crimes" legislation to include sexual orientation. Homosexual activists are condemning the Senate's Republican leadership and pledging an even stronger push for passage when Congress reconvenes. "The GOP Senate leadership's antipathy towards gay and lesbian Americans apparently runs so deep that they were able to callously turn their back on hate crime victims and their families, even as statistics show that hate crimes are on the rise," said Elizabeth Birch, executive director of the Human Rights Campaign, a Washington, D.C.-based homosexual advocacy organization……"

BBC Entertainment 12/2/99 "….Gay rights organisation Stonewall has apologised to the Scout Association after Sir Elton John took part in a dance routine by male strippers dressed as cub scouts. The act, which saw Sir Elton singing on stage alongside the six dancers, took place at London's Royal Albert Hall on Sunday as part of a concert to celebrate Stonewall's 10th anniversary. But the Scout Association said that the performance had done themselves and gay rights cause "no favours" by making a link between homosexuality and paedophilia. Stonewall communications director Mark Watson said the group regretted causing any offence...."

Education Week On the Web 12/1/99 Kathleen Kennedy Manzo "….A coalition of education and mental-health organizations is mailing out a new booklet that it says will help teachers and administrators create a safer school environment for gay and lesbian students. The booklet takes direct aim at therapy- and religion-based programs that seek to change individuals' homosexual orientation. The 12-page booklet, "Just the Facts About Sexual Orientation and Youth: A Primer for Principals, Educators, and School Personnel," was mailed last week to superintendents in the nation's nearly 15,000 public school districts. It outlines the "factual and scientific information" on homosexuality endorsed by major health organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Psychological Association, and urges school administrators to deal openly with issues of homosexuality. …."

Washington Post 12/4/99 Tim Graham "….I applaud E. R. Shipp for piercing the media silence around the death of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising at the hands of two gay men [ombudsman, Nov. 14]. But I did not appreciate being lumped in a clause with David Duke without any context except we're both "hostile to homosexuals." Shipp's blanket description of my shared "hostility" with Duke underlines what's wrong with newsroom thinking about covering homosexuals. Is it considered "hostile" to straight people to cover them when they are perpetrators of crimes as well as when they are victims? David Smith of the Human Rights Campaign proclaimed: "This has nothing to do with gay people." By that standard, Matthew Shepard's death had nothing to do with straight people. Activist groups such as the Human Rights Campaign have used Shepard not simply as a "symbol" but as a spiked club. They claimed Shepard was killed not by his assailants but by a "climate" fostered by newspaper ads telling gay people they could repent their sins and come to Christ. ……."

Reuters/ 11/24/99 "….Anti-gay groups want to make the Arkansas case of two homosexual men charged with raping and murdering a 13-year-old boy a rallying point, the head of one the groups says. Angered at what they consider excessive media coverage of the trials of the two Wyoming men convicted of killing gay student Matthew Shepard, conservative campaigners are demanding the same level of national media attention for the gruesome death in September of Jesse Dirkhising. …… "The national media, following the lead of homosexual activists, made Matthew Shepard a household name for most Americans," said LaBarbera, head of a Washington, D.C., group called Americans for Truth about Homosexuality and a writer for the Family Research Council, also based in Washington. "When a homosexual is a victim, they've made that a major crime that everybody has to be educated on," LaBarbera told Reuters Tuesday. "What about when homosexuals are perpetrators?" "Either it's because there are a lot of gay reporters, or they are sympathetic to gay causes, but they paid tribute to all that the homosexual activists did," LaBarbera said of coverage of the trials of Shepard's killers, Russell Henderson and Aaron McKinney……."

Office of the Chief Counsel of the ACLJ 11/23/99 Jay Sekulow Esq "….Homosexual activists are on the verge of destroying the Boy Scouts of America -- and your church could be their next target! Homosexuals have defeated the Scouts in New Jersey's Supreme Court gaining a unanimous ruling that forces the Scouts to place homosexuals in leadership positions. But the ramifications go way beyond that state: **Every Scout Troop across America was immediately impacted (there are more than 100,000 troops nationwide)... **Tens of thousands of churches that sponsor Scout troops were suddenly confronted with the chilling prospect of court-mandated homosexual leaders in their churches... **And every religious school leader should have recognized that they will now likely become a target of homosexual activists! This is an extremely intense battle. I can tell you from my conversations with high-ranking scout leaders that the scouts are facing unbelievable pressure to cave in to the homosexuals……"

AP 11/23/99 "….The district attorney said Tuesday he will seek the death penalty for two brothers accused of murdering a gay couple. District Attorney McGregor Scott cited the "significant amount of planning that went into these murders.'' No trial date has been set for the defendants, Benjamin Matthew Williams, 31, and James Tyler Williams, 29. They are accused of robbing and shooting to death Gary Matson, 50, and Winfield Mowder, 40, on July 1 at the couple's Happy Valley home. ….."

NY TIMES 11/23/99 Erica Goode "…. In a move likely to fuel debate over how secondary schools should handle the issue of homosexuality, a coalition of medical, mental health, educational and religious organizations announced Monday that it would send the nation's school superintendents a booklet informing them that there is "no support among health and mental health professional organizations" for the idea that homosexuality is abnormal or mentally unhealthy. The Just the Facts Coalition, representing the American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Education Association, the American Psychological Association and seven other groups, said the 12-page booklet would be mailed today to the heads of all 14,700 public school districts in the United States. The coalition said the booklet "provides information that will help school administrators and educators to create safe and healthy environments in which all students can achieve to the best of their ability." ……"

The Sun-UK 11/30/99 Nicole Lampert "…. GAY superstar Sir Elton John was blasted last night over a raunchy dance routine with male strippers dressed as CUB SCOUTS. Outrageous Sir Elton, 52, sang and shared a stage with six teenage hunks as they peeled off woggles and uniforms to reveal tight undies. The singer had held hands with each dancer as he introduced them at a bash for homosexual rights group Stonewall. Then the six, sporting shorts and caps like those worn by cub scouts as young as eight, stripped to the tune of It's A Sin by gay icons the Pet Shop Boys……"

N.Y. Post 11/26/99 "….. A well-placed story this week in the Washington Post painted Starr-successor Robert Ray as a social troglodyte of the first order. The evidence? In 1993 and again in 1996, Ray ran for the board of Community School District 13, in Brooklyn's Park Slope, as a member of the Children's Slate -- whose principal plank was opposition to the infamous Rainbow Curriculum. Remember "Heather Has Two Mommies?" "Daddy's Roommate?" Condom instruction for third-graders -- and teaching approvingly about homosexuality as a matter of "tolerance" in the first grade? That was the Rainbow Curriculum. While the Washington Post characterized that preposterous gaggle of radical edu-junk as "a multicultural approach to teaching children about alternative lifestyles," it was -- in point of fact -- about much more than that. It was an outrageously age-inappropriate effort at social indoctrination, undertaken by then-Schools Chancellor Joseph Fernandez and a coalition of activists -- who, in the end, almost won. But they didn't, and soon Fernandez was sent packing……"

Enter Stage Right 11/22/99 C Dodd Harris IV "….Federal law already expands Federal jurisdiction to State crimes based on "race, color, religion or national origin" [18 USC 245(2)]. In the wake of the brutal beating death in October, 1998 of Matthew Shephard, gay activists and others renewed their calls to extend title 18 to include sex and sexual orientation….. Opponents of "hate crimes" legislation have long argued that these laws are severely flawed. First, they have an eerie resemblance to thought crimes. By adding extra penalties for motivation, we move very close to criminalizing the content of a person's head. Second, by adding penalties for a violent crime that applies only when the victim is a member of a specified minority, we create an impression that some people's lives are more valuable than others'... Third, prosecutions for "hate crimes" are inherently arbitrary….. Lastly, the Federalization of crimes is at odds with the principles of federalism and Constitutional government. Prosecution of crimes within its territory is the prerogative of the State and Federal criminal jurisdiction is supposed to be sharply circumscribed. Giving extra Federal jurisdiction to crimes traditionally left to the States undercuts the foundation of our federal system. Further, a defendant's right not to be subjected to 'double jeopardy' is endangered, as it was in the Rodney King case, by a possibility of a second - Federal - trial even if acquitted at the state level…."

London times 11/21/99 Michael Horsnell "…. A HOMOSEXUAL village shopkeeper murdered a 12-year-old boy because he feared a sexual relationship that had developed between them would be exposed, a jury was told yesterday. Kevan Roberts, 52, allegedly strangled Thomas Marshall with a bootlace-style necklace that the boy was wearing and with the collar of his T-shirt. He then disposed of the boy's mountain bike in undergrowth before driving 50 miles to a lay-by notorious as a homosexual pick-up point, where he dumped the body. It was not until a year later that detectives found a bead from the necklace lodged in the sink-trap of Mr Roberts's kitchen, for which he could offer no explanation. The Crown told the court it had fallen into the sink while Thomas was being asphyxiated……", via AP, via WND 11/19/99 "….Six high school teachers have accused the Portland School District of promoting homosexuality with a list of reading material for students and teachers aimed at better understanding gays and lesbians. "We are concerned that an entirely one-sided perspective on the issue of homosexuality is being disseminated to students by the school district through its sexual diversity committee," the teachers wrote in a Nov. 16 memo to Cleveland High School Principal Bruce Plato. "Its effort has been solely to condone, affirm and encourage homosexual practices among students and adults," the memo said. …."

Washington Post 11/22/99 David Vise "…. Jill Harris recalls being "shocked" when she learned last month that Robert W. Ray had been named to replace Kenneth W. Starr as independent counsel…. Harris, a lawyer who lives in Brooklyn, N.Y.…. she and a number of other residents in Brooklyn's Park Slope and Windsor Terrace neighborhoods remember Ray in another role--as an unsuccessful school board candidate who vehemently opposed an elementary school curriculum designed to teach children about families with two moms or two dads, an approach he characterized as an "assault on the moral authority of parents." ….."

St. Louis Post 12/13/99 Bill Smith "…. The owner of a St. Louis cab company said Friday he does not know what action, if any, he can take against a driver who refused to take a passenger to a gay bar. "I'm sorry this whole thing happened," said Jack Seibert, president and owner of Yellow Cab Co. "I deeply regret it. "Our drivers deal with all kinds of people on this earth and they have to take people where they want to go, they have to be as careful as possible and then they have to go on to the next fare." ….."

AP 12/10/99 Jean Christensen "….The Hawaii Supreme Court has effectively ended the drive to legalize gay marriage in a state once considered one of the most likely to accept same-sex unions. In a ruling Thursday, the court said the effort by homosexual couples was rendered moot by a 1998 amendment to the state constitution overwhelmingly approved by voters. The amendment gave lawmakers the authority to limit state-recognized marriages to opposite-sex couples. ``Thank you to the Hawaii Supreme Court for affirming what we've known all along -- that marriage, by God's definition, is between opposite-sex couples,'' said Mike Gabbard, chairman of the Alliance for Traditional Marriage. ….." 12/9/99 James Pritchard ".....An Army private was found guilty of premeditated murder Wednesday for bludgeoning to death a fellow soldier in a beating prosecutors said was motivated by his hatred of homosexuals. Pvt. Calvin N. Glover was convicted of using a baseball bat to crush Pfc. Barry Winchell's skull July 5 as he slept on a cot at their Fort Campbell barracks. Defense attorneys argued that another soldier, Spc. Justin R. Fisher, 25, who was charged as an accessory, goaded Glover into the attack. ..."


FRC Media Office 6/9/99 ".....Backing away from a controversial article that had said child molestation with "willing" children may not be harmful, and may, in some cases, even be beneficial, the American Psychological Association unveiled Wednesday a resolution condemning all "sexual relations between children and adults." "After much pressure, the APA has begun to undo the damage wrought by its publication of a badly conceived article that has been hailed by such groups as the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)," said FRC?s Chief Spokesperson Janet Parshall. "It?s a good first step, but now the APA needs to root out the pro-pedophilic academicians who are trying to normalize child abuse. And the APA should write to NAMBLA and strongly urge them not to use this article as justification for molesting young boys." In a June 9 letter to Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-Tex), APA Chief Executive Officer Raymond D. Fowler pledges to create legal briefs attacking misuse of the article in the courts, and he includes a board-approved resolution in which the APA "repudiates and disassociates itself from any organization or publication that advocates sexual interaction between children and adults." ....." 12/8/99 Susan Jones "....The vote was 7-0 Tuesday against a student's proposal to create a gay tolerance club at his Orange County, California high school. 15-year-old Anthony Colin announced his intention to form a Gay-Straight Alliance Club at El Modena High School back in September. He sued the Orange Unified School District last month, claiming it violated the federal Equal Access Act, which requires schools to give equal treatment to non-curricular groups, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. But at Tuesday's meeting, the school board said education is a curriculum issue that has nothing to do with equal-access law......"

Boston Globe 12/9/99 Jeff Jacoby "…..Provoked by Bozell's challenge and by messages from readers wanting to know why the Dirkhising murder was being ignored, writers at The Washington Post and the Time magazine Web site offered a defense. ''While Shepard's murderers were driven to kill by hate, the boy's rape and death was a sex crime,'' argued Jonathan Gregg, the senior editor at Shepard's killers ''were not satisfying some animalistic sexual impulse; they were bullies who gratuitously killed someone out of hate for being different than they were.'' The Post's ombudsman, E.R. Shipp, made the same claim. She acknowledged that her paper had run some 80 items referring to Shepard, but only a single news brief mentioning Dirkhising. ''Here at the Post, however, the two are seen as quite different,'' Shipp wrote. A hate crime homicide such as Shepard's ... is `a special kind of killing,' the Post has editorialized.... Arkansas authorities have not characterized the Dirkhising death as a hate crime.''

Boston Globe 12/9/99 Jeff Jacoby "…..Could anything make clearer the perniciousness of treating some kinds of violence as ''hate crimes?'' Here lies Matthew Shepard, beaten to death by a pair of savages. Here lies Jesse Dirkhising, tortured to death by a different pair of savages. Each was an innocent. Each died in agony. Each left behind grieving family and friends. Each was the victim of a crime so vicious as to shock the conscience. But because Shepard's savages detested homosexuals, his death matters. Because Dirkhising's savages were driven by lust, his death is a nullity….."

AP 1/6/00 "….Authorities are searching for a city councilman and former sex abuse investigator who has been charged with numerous counts of child molestation. Kevin Carney, a city councilman from Palmdale and a former sheriff's sergeant, had not been located as of early today. An arrest warrant for Carney was issued Wednesday after he was charged with 17 felony counts of child molestation and one misdemeanor charge of possessing child pornography. Voters in Palmdale, about 40 miles north of Los Angeles, elected Carney to a council seat in November shortly after he was arrested for investigation of lewd conduct with a 14-year-old girl. He was freed on bail and denied the charges, calling them part of a dirty smear campaign from his opponents….."

Manchester Union-Leader 1/6/00 Bernadette Malone Connolly "….Done right, Catholicism treats gays ethically, fairly and compassionately. So the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland had no need Tuesday to overcompensate for the fact that the Vatican objects to the act of homosexuality by endorsing a gay amendment to Maine's Human Rights Act. The amendment in question bars discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation - a praiseworthy goal. But it strips private individuals of the right to decide not to do business with persons prominently engaged in activities many folks - including some Catholics - believe to be immoral….."

The New York Times 12/17/99 Marc Lacey "….Addressing a sympathetic audience of gay and lesbian backers of the Democratic Party, President Clinton said today that the way the military was implementing the "don't ask, don't tell" policy toward homosexuals in uniform could turn soldier against soldier and that he intended to push for changes in how the services put the policy into effect. "He told us what he's been telling us privately for two years -- that he doesn't like the policy but that it was the best he could get politically," said Elizabeth Birch, executive director of the Human Rights Campaign, a gay political group. "The president called it institutionalized hypocrisy and said it creates an atmosphere of secrecy that turns soldier upon soldier." ……"

Firehat 1/1/00 Norman Liebmann "….Now that the liberal establishment has filleted some of the girders out of the national superstructure, one area has collapsed into a gelatinous mass of hormonal confusion and an agony of indecision about whether to leave the toilet seat in an up or down position. That area is called Vermont, and it is currently in a spasm of sexual upheaval, having abandoned democracy and undertaken to reorganize itself into a homo-ocracy. … Same sex marriage is an attack on Christian civilization, and it is no wonder Bill Clinton should lead that attack - inasmuch as no one ever accused him of being either Christian or civilized. Secularists rationalize the Clinton Administration is only Nature's Way of spreading AIDS politically and bringing to America the blessings of Woodstock and Gomorrah……. Vermont has sanctioned an arrangement called a domestic partnership, an ersatz homosexual Nutrasweet marital arrangement. Though legalized by the state, this sacrilege is embroidered with hypocrisy. It is frowned upon to marry out your faith, but not out of your gender; against the law to marry your sister but okay to marry your brother; and okay for a man to date your son - as long as his intentions are "honorable." ……"

Portland Press Herald 1/5/00 Paul Carrier "….The Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland on Tuesday threw its support behind a revised gay-rights bill that the Legislature will consider this year. The gesture gives backers a significant political boost because the Catholic Church sat out the last gay-rights fight in 1998...."

AP 1/5/00 "….Religious leaders from more than 70 California churches are asking The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to reconsider its support for an anti-gay marriage initiative. Proposition 22, titled the "Limit on Marriage" act, won't solve problems facing families, said the church leaders, who planned to release a copy of their letter to the LDS church today. The initiative, sponsored by state Sen. Pete Knight, R-Palmdale, would bar California from recognizing marriages of same-sex couples. Voters will consider it March 7. Religious leaders who oppose the ban, which include Catholics, Unitarians, Jews, Episcopalians and Methodists, want to hold a round-table discussion with LDS church officials to discuss their support for it. "If they are really concerned about supporting marriage and families, there are many other things that are a threat to marriage and families," said the Rev. Ed Hansen, pastor of the Hollywood United Methodist Church……The measure also has received support from most of the California dioceses of the Roman Catholic Church and the California Southern Baptist Convention. Robert Glazier, spokesman for the "Protection of Marriage" campaign, said he had not seen the letter, but doubted it would lessen Mormon support for Proposition 22….."

New York Daily News 1/7/00 Timothy Burger "……Key veterans' groups came out yesterday against a proposal by the two Democratic presidential contenders that Pentagon brass who would serve under them would have to endorse military service by openly gay soldiers. "We would obviously be opposed in a big way to any litmus test," said Steve Van Buskirk, spokesman for the 1.9 million-member Veterans of Foreign Wars. "If you're going to have any test at all, it's going to be to their ability to lead and to be a straight shooter on matters affecting readiness," said Steve Thomas of the American Legion, which is 2.8 million strong. …."

New York Times 1/7/00 Steven Lee Myers "….When Clinton administration officials interviewed Gen. Charles C. Krulak for the job of commandant of the Marine Corps in 1995, he recalled today, no one asked for his views on any social issue facing the military. And there were certainly many brewing at the time, including women in combat and the integration of the sexes in boot camp. And so General Krulak said he was dismayed with the way the two Democratic candidates for president, Vice President Al Gore and former Senator Bill Bradley, had so strongly endorsed allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military. Mr. Bradley said he would expect his appointees to the Joint Chiefs of Staff to carry out his policy. Mr. Gore went further to say it would be a "litmus test" for any appointee he selected. Presidents, General Krulak said, have historically selected nominees based on their experience and military expertise, not on their views on political issues -- particularly divisive social ones. To do otherwise, he said, "is in my opinion wrong." "It has nothing to do with the rightness or wrongness of gays in the military," said General Krulak, an opponent of allowing homosexuals to serve openly who retired as commandant last year. "It has everything to do with how a commander in chief goes about getting the best officers in the land." …."

Reuters 1/6/00 Deborah Charles "….President Clinton said on Thursday the next president will need Congress's consent to let homosexuals serve openly in the military, despite vows to overturn current policy by the Democrats seeking his job. ``I believe that the next president, if he wants to change the policy, will have to get the Congress to change the law,'' Clinton told reporters. Clinton spoke outside his new house in the New York City suburbs after he and first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton spent their first night there. During a Democratic presidential campaign debate on Wednesday night in New Hampshire, Vice President Al Gore (news - web sites) and former New Jersey Sen. Bill Bradley (news - web sites) both said they would seek to overturn the present ``don't-ask-don't-tell'' policy. Critics say the policy has led to an unintended increase in expulsions of gay and lesbian soldiers. Clinton in December acknowledged that the policy was not working as intended, after Mrs. Clinton, who is running for U.S. Senate seat from New York, called for its elimination….."

NYTimes 1/6/00 RL Berke "…. Vice President Al Gore and his Democratic opponent, Bill Bradley, said tonight that if they were elected president they would require their appointees to the Joint Chiefs of Staff to fully support allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military. Although both candidates had previously opposed the Clinton administration's "don't ask, don't tell" policy their comments in the fourth Democratic debate of the primary season, here at the University of New Hampshire, were a strikingly forceful embrace of gay rights and were bound to come under attack by the Republican candidates……. Of the two, Mr. Gore was the more expansive, saying he wanted to make the same sweeping changes toward allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military that President Harry S. Truman made toward racially integrating the armed forces….."

New York Times 1/9/00 "….Officials, health workers and nightclub owners have been arguing for months over developing a municipal policy to get the denizens of the freewheeling night life mecca here to obtain and use condoms. On Monday, the West Hollywood City Council approved a plan to give 320,000 free condoms this year to 33 gay bars, which would voluntarily supply the condoms to their clientele by placing condoms in jars. But, feeling the step insufficient, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which treats 5,000 patients throughout the Los Angeles area, has proposed a competing initiative that would ask West Hollywood voters to make the program apply to all bars in the city -- not just those with a predominantly gay clientele -- and would require participation, rather than allowing the program to be voluntary….."

NEWSMAX 1/8/00 Michael Savage "….Here is a prime example of stupidity that has become criminal. In the midst of the present critical blood shortage the moronic San Francisco Supervisor Mark Leno is protesting the Blood Centers of the Pacific's practice of turning away gay men who want to donate blood. Now you know that gay men have been asked not to donate blood since 1977 for very good reasons. But since Mark "Gayblood" Leno doesn't understand that there's a point where politics must be put aside, he continues to push the gay agenda even when it endangers public health. As far as I'm concerned, this man ought to be arrested as a threat to public health. This is unbelievable. Leno, to appeal to his gay voters, is trying to have the FDA revise its policy issued in the 1980s that tells men who have had sex with other men not to donate blood…... You have a high risk of getting AIDS, of contracting the HIV virus or other "silent" blood-bone diseases.. That's why gays have been told not to donate blood. Leno, of course, argues "one way to solve (the blood shortage) is to encourage HIV-negative gay men who are sexually safe to donate." …."

St. Louis Post Dispatch 1/8/00 Harry Levins "….The consensus holds that "don't ask, don't tell" is fatally flawed - that patriotic homosexuals should be allowed to serve without hiding their orientation. It's a matter of fairness, we're told. What's open to question is whether fairness is the issue here. Consider that nobody has a right to serve in the armed forces. The armed forces discriminate regularly. They'll turn you away if you're too old, too young, too fat, too dumb. You're a felon who paid your debt to society? Sorry. You're a kid with a bum eye who's yearning to follow your father into the Marine Corps? Sorry. The courts have consistently deferred to the armed forces as the best judges of how to defend society. After all, at bottom, the armed forces are about life and death. Alone in our society, they have a warrant to kill people and break things. Given those grim realities, the courts have left decisions on eligibility to the armed forces - and to Congress, which sets the rules and regulations for people in uniform. In 1993, when Congress OK'd "don't ask, don't tell," it did so through a law that states flatly, "Homosexuality is incompatible with military service." …"

St. Louis Post Dispatch 1/8/00 Harry Levins "….Why do the armed forces feel that way? Two reasons, mainly. Military people call the first "small-unit cohesion." You and I call it "male bonding," of the nonsexual sort. To prevail in combat, soldiers must have trust and faith in one another. Sexual tension corrodes faith and trust, which is a big reason why women have been barred from infantry squads and tank crews - so far, anyway. The second reason is a simple respect for what little privacy soldiers enjoy. Soldiers do more than work together. They eat, sleep, shower and shave together. I sampled this togetherness in September in Kosovo, where I lived in a tent with a dozen Navy Seabees. We showered in a group in a big tent with no partitions. That shower tent drove home "don't ask, don't tell" to me…… But I suspect that few of the people writing the op-ed pieces or appearing on the cable TV talk shows have had that shower-tent experience, or any experience with the armed forces….."

WORLD Magazine 1/22/2000 Candi Cushman "….."She" is 41-year-old June Evans, a 5'3" African-American woman with a pixie-like grin and deep, boisterous voice. A full-time lecturer for Aim for Success, one of the nation's largest abstinence programs, Mrs. Evans will speak more than 20 times this week in four different schools, encouraging teenagers to remain abstinent until marriage. Today's [Duncanville Texas] audience is typical-an ethnic mix from a lower middle-class neighborhood 15 miles southwest of Dallas. "All I'm out here to do today is to give you the truth," begins Mrs. Evans. "Is everyone comfortable with that? I am because I talk about sex all day every day." The room is suddenly silent as 50 students, ages 14 to 16, perch on the edges of their seats….. But not everybody is celebrating. ABC News this December accused schools of "shortchanging students" with abstinence-only programs. "Our children are being denied life-saving information that their parents want for them," Sexuality Information and Education Council (SIECUS) president Debra Haffner told ABC. Time magazine went further, citing "public health experts'" concerns that abstinence education could "undo a decade of progress in education about safe sex." That depends on the definition of progress. After more than two decades of safe-sex education, STDs have reached epidemic proportions. Thirty years ago doctors recognized only two STDs-syphilis and gonorrhea. Both are curable. Today there are over 25 STDS, generating more than 12 million new cases annually. Half are incurable. Also hidden from the public limelight is the fact that condoms do not protect against one of the most common and incurable STDs-Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). This February, the National Cancer Institute quietly told U.S. House members that "condoms are ineffective against HPV." The Institute also reported that HPV affects 24 million people annually and causes over 99 percent of cervical cancer cases, killing more than 5,000 women every year. Even so, a recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll showed that less than 1 percent of teenagers and adults know HPV is sexually transmitted…….."

WORLD Magazine 1/22/2000 Candi Cushman "…Despite local success, groups like MCCAP face stiff competition nationally. "There is at least $500 million going to fund contraceptive-based education through hundreds of different government and agency programs," says Mr. Brandt. In response, Oklahoma obstetrician-gynecologist Tom Coburn has taken his battle to the White House. Doubling as Congressman, Dr. Coburn proposed legislation requiring HPV-warning labels on condom packages as well as a registry for physicians to report new HPV cases. Predictably, the safe-sex lobby is vehemently opposed. "This effort is solely designed to advance an abstinence-only approach to sex," said Planned Parenthood's Gloria Felt. "This is part of the whole 'shaming of America' campaign promoted by people who want to impose their own personal religious and moral agenda on all people." ….. More tragic is the opposition of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which stated that it was "alarmed" by Dr. Coburn's public stance in favor of abstinence outside of marriage as the only fool-proof way to avoid HPV. Despite colleagues' attacks, Dr. Coburn refuses to water down his message. "What we are fighting in liberal America today is people who want to say there are no consequences for behavior that's immoral," he told WORLD….."

Associated Press 1/20/2000 "….Attorneys for one of two gay men charged with the rape and murder of a 13-year-old boy want to have tests performed on bodily fluids gathered as evidence. The attorneys for Davis Don Carpenter Jr. also said Wednesday that they want more time to prepare arguments against presenting evidence to a jury. Carpenter, 38, and Joshua Macave Brown, 22, are both charged with capital murder and six counts of rape in Jesse Dirkhising's death Sept. 26….."

AP Wire 1/23/2000 "…A married couple are receiving hormone treatments ahead of a planned sex change surgery that will allow them to switch genders. The man and the woman are now receiving regular hormone treatments to alter the balance of male and female hormones in their bodies, the daily Blikk reported Sunday. The operation is scheduled for August, said a doctor at Saint George's Hospital in Szekesfehervar, 50 miles southwest of Budapest...."

Reuters 1/23/2000 David Luhnow "….The leader of Scotland's Roman Catholics provoked an angry reaction from gay rights groups on Sunday by comparing the threat from the homosexual lobby in Europe to that of the Nazis during World War Two. During a speech in Malta on Saturday, Cardinal Thomas Winning drew parallels between the homosexual lobby's push for greater powers to bombing of the Mediterranean island by Germany and Italy during the war. His comments, published on Sunday in Scotland, looked sure to fuel a controversy over government efforts to lift a ban on promoting the idea in schools that homosexuality is acceptable. ``All over Europe, an active and militant homosexual lobby is pushing for greater power and the threat to the Christian family is very real,'' Winning said. ``Cast your minds back to the dark days of World War Two,'' he added. ``The parallels with today are striking. In place of the bombs of 50 years ago, you find yourselves bombarded with images, values and ideas which are utterly alien.'' …."

World Net Daily 1/21/2000 Julie Foster "…. "Gay political tactics come down to simple intimidation on every level possible, whether it's Act-Up throwing stink bombs at prayer breakfasts or Americans losing their jobs because they happen to object to the lifestyle," says Michael Savage, one of the most popular radio talk show hosts in -- believe it or not -- San Francisco. This week, the popular KSFO media personality has gone national, having been launched on Talk Radio Network, the nation's third largest syndicator of talk radio. Network executives figure that if Savage, with his aggressive criticism of all things leftist, can come out on top in one of the nation's most liberal metropolitan markets, he can't lose anywhere else. "It's a scary thing to watch people being intimidated out of their American birthright -- the right to say what they really think about issues that affect them and their family," said Savage, who appears to be fearless on all topics, even the ones that logically would make him an outcast in San Francisco. Indeed, the long time Bay Area resident characterizes marchers in gay pride parades as the "brown shirts of the modern era." "In Hollywood, they don't call the gay network the "Velvet Mafia" for nothing," he added….."

The Newark Star-Ledger 1/21/2000 Lawrence Hall "…..You've got to watch your mouth these days. The thought police are on the prowl. Police in Laguna Beach, Calif., have begun documenting verbal attacks on the theory that they may lead to hate crimes. Authorities acted after a man visited the police station to complain about an anti-gay slur hurled at him. The police did not take down the report, and the man complained in a letter to a local newspaper. Police reacted by instituting the new procedure. ''It will be what we call an incident report," says a police spokesman. "It goes nowhere but here. In the event that the recipient of that ugly speech becomes a victim . . . that (report) can be pulled from a particular group of reports." Police maintain they are not trying to squelch free speech, but they will maintain a file on all insults involving race, sexual preference or creed….."

Boston Herald 1/21/2000 Doug Hanchett "…. After allegedly raping a choir boy following a 1998 performance of the play ``Black Nativity,'' a veteran cast member told the boy not to tell anyone because ``I can't afford to go to jail,'' the victim testified yesterday. Speaking in hushed tones, the now 14-year-old boy described to a Suffolk Superior Court jury how Joseph Collins, a 49-year-old singer from Dorchester, pulled him into an empty bathroom, molested him and made him perform oral sex...."

Media Research Center 1/20/2000 L Brent Bozell III "…. Last week yielded episodes 5,471 and 5,472 - approximately - of the long-running, appalling, fascinating soap opera "Has Hollywood Lost Its Mind?" The first episode centered on Dr. Laura Schlessinger, whose social conservatism complements Rush Limbaugh's political conservatism for millions of radio listeners. Next fall Schlessinger launches a weekday syndicated television program, "Dr. Laura," which Paramount will distribute. This does not make some liberals very happy. Given that Schlessinger's traditionalist approach to morality in general and homosexuality in particular is highly unpopular in anything-goes Hollywood, it's not surprising that some at Paramount, according to Brian Lowry's column in the January 11 Los Angeles Times, "feel.a bit betrayed" by the company's involvement with "Dr. Laura," nor that "in the wake of such reaction, Paramount officials [will] meet. with representatives of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation," one of the most effective single-issue pressure groups in that industry. How extreme is GLAAD? Last fall, its spokeswoman Cathy Renna denounced journalists' "misguided notions of 'balance'" in their coverage of gay topics. Her organization, she said, would try to "convince them that there is no other side to these issues." GLAAD barely has to lobby Hollywood on this matter, of course, since almost everyone there already believes there's "no other side" regarding homosexuality….."

Boston Herald 1/2/2000 AP "…..A group of 17 Vermont religious leaders, including the state's Episcopal and Methodist bishops, believe marriage is the only way to give same-sex couples all the legal benefits given to traditional married couples. The institution of marriage ``can only be strengthened by extending our understanding of marriage to include the faithful committed relationships of same gender couples,'' the statement says. ….. The statement was released the day after a pastoral letter by Vermont's Roman Catholic bishop, urging Catholics and other people of faith who oppose same-sex marriage and domestic partnership to rally at the State House next week. ……" 1/21/2000 Lawrence Morahan "….A statement by the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, or SIECUS, that calls on faith communities to bless same-sex marriage and allow homosexual ministers is not representative of mainstream churches and should be rejected, public policy experts told "I find this very disturbing, but I don't find it as much of a surprise, Wanda Boyenga, director of the National Abstinence Clearinghouse, told "It's no secret that SIECUS has planned for some time to launch a major campaign to establish itself as a source of information regarding human sexuality for the faith-based communities of America," she said. The SIECUS statement calls for, among other things, "Full inclusion of women and sexual minorities in congregational life, including their ordination and the blessing of same sex unions." SIECUS also calls for "Lifelong, age appropriate sexuality education in schools, seminaries, and community settings." According to SIECUS guidelines, children ages 5 to 8 should be taught about masturbation; children ages 9 to 12 should be taught that there are many ways - including mutual masturbation and oral sex - to give and receive sexual pleasure, Boyenga said. SIECUS guidelines further state that children ages 12 to 15 should be told where they can buy contraceptives; and children 16 to 18 can be instructed to use erotic photographs, movies or literature to enhance their sexual fantasies, Boyenga said……"

Reuters 1/21/2000 "….If you are a man who has difficulty controlling your sexual responses in public, beware. The eyes of Mississippi are upon you. The Southern state, long considered one of the most conservative in the United States, is considering a public-sex-and-nudity law with a provision that would make it illegal for sexually aroused men to appear in public ..."

World Net Daily 1/22/2000 Julie Foster "…The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States was formed in 1964 by three professional educators, a lawyer, a physician, and one clergyman with the expressed goal of assuring that all people have "the right to affirm that sexuality is a natural and healthy part of their lives." ….. However, notable members of the coalition include the National Abortion Federation, the professional association of abortion providers; Zero Population Growth, an organization which "recommends that Congress ensure universal accessibility to family planning and abortion services in the United States," and "recommends that states remove the existing legal restrictions on contraceptive availability for teenagers," as well as the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Other members include the National Association of Counties and the U.S. Conference of Mayors……. "

World Net Daily 1/22/2000 Julie Foster "…SEICUS also advocates a "faith-based commitment to sexual and reproductive rights, including access to voluntary contraception, abortion, and HIV/STD prevention and treatment." While SEICUS boasts the morality statement supporting homosexuality "was developed by more than 20 theologians from diverse traditions" and signed by members of 25 denominations, nearly half the signatories are officials and clergy from the United Church, the Unitarian Universalist Association and Judaism's liberal Reform and Reconstructionist branches. Unitarian Universalism calls itself "a liberal religion born of the Jewish and Christian traditions" that believes "personal experience, conscience, and reason should be the final authorities in religion….." ….. "

World Net Daily 1/22/2000 Julie Foster "…Equating efforts that promote the homosexual agenda with worldwide racial civil rights movements and religious persecution, United Church of Christ's former president, Rev. Paul H. Sherry, has written …. "We have had to re-examine long-held assumptions about those few passages of Scripture that appear to speak about homosexuality in the light of transforming interpretations from widely respected Bible scholars and teachers, and we have begun to recognize how our fears of those who are different, and our society's deeply entrenched bias against homosexual persons has often distorted and nearly silenced the Bible's liberating and inclusive voice," said Sherry…."

World Net Daily 1/22/2000 Julie Foster "…The paper received slim backing from Roman Catholics -- two nuns, no priests and a handful of lay activists -- and no major Evangelical, black Protestant, Eastern Orthodox, Mormon, Buddhist, Hindu or Muslim organizations supported SEICUS' proclamation. There were, however, a few mainstream denomination members who came on board. Rev. Larry Greenfield, a former seminary president in the American Baptist Churches, said the paper carries this message on sex by unwed teens: "The most effective ethic is one that is not rule-based, but relationship-based.'' But Rev. William Merrell, a spokesman of the conservative Southern Baptist Convention, responded: "This is not new ground for liberal religious leaders. There has been a history of radical departure from the teachings of the Scriptures on these topics. I do not believe that the moral confusion and the moral incoherence that characterizes the time is relieved by such statements. Rather it is made worse,'' Merrell said….."

World Net Daily 1/22/2000 Julie Foster "…Seven seminary professors of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the larger and less conservative branch of the Presbyterianism, also supported the statement……. Pastor Greg Roth of Centerville Presbyterian Church in Fremont, Calif., is a leader in the denomination -- he has been nominated to attend the General Assembly this summer -- and self-proclaimed member of the conservative "resistance force" opposed to the ordination and union of homosexuals. The Bay Area minister explained, "I don't want to say 'you're not a Christian,'" to a homosexual, and he also acknowledges that other denominations have the right to ordain and bless the union of homosexuals. "Just not in my church," he said.. Eligibility for ordination in the Presbyterian Church, explained Roth, is automatic for seminary students. Church laws state that homosexuals may not be ordained, thereby excluding homosexuals from seminary positions since that confers automatic eligibility for ordination. The court ruled that eligibility for ordination is not technically a violation of church law, and so homosexuals should be allowed to attend and hold leadership positions in seminary. In the same way, the court ruled that blessing a homosexual "union" does not violate church law prohibiting same-sex marriages, since a "union" is not technically a "marriage."…."

World Net Daily 1/22/2000 Julie Foster "…"It's a matter of semantics," continued Giles. "We believe [homosexual unions] are not Biblical nor Biblically-based. The huge majority of Presbyterians would be opposed to these as very irregular and certainly not to be equated with Christian marriage." The Alabama-based ministry leader said that approximately 85 percent of Presbyterian members oppose the ordination of homosexuals, though a "very vocal minority" in the leadership of the church pushes for their inclusion….. The Episcopal Church and the United Methodist Church also have members who signed the declaration, most of them seminary professors. ….."

Denver Pest 1/19/2000 Virginia Culver "….Almost 900 religious leaders across the country, including 21 from Colorado, have signed a statement calling for ordination of gays and lesbians and the right of ministers to perform same-sex unions. The Coloradans include local ministers; professors at Iliff School of Theology, Colorado College, the University of Colorado and Metropolitan State College of Denver; and clergy from a variety of churches and synagogues. One of the signers is the former Denver area bishop of the United Methodist Church, Roy Sano, who governed Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Utah. The list - which will appear in a full-page ad in The New York Times later this month - includes two presidents of Christian denominations, 15 seminary presidents, teachers at 32 seminaries and 14 bishops from various churches….." 1/19/2000 Steve Farrell "…."Privacy," said Justice Black in the 1965 landmark case Griswold v. Connecticut, "is a broad, abstract and ambiguous concept which can easily be shrunken in meaning but which can also, on the other hand, easily be interpreted as a constitutional ban against many things." Building on a sentiment of the Founding Fathers, he insisted that our "First Amendment freedoms, for example, have suffered from a failure of the courts to stick to the simple language of the First Amendment in construing it."…... Eight years after Griswold v. Connecticut, Roe v. Wade revealed that privacy was dangerous indeed, when this new found right translated into the right for a mother to slay her child, to usurp his or her right to life, to receive tax money to pay for abortion, to terminate the free speech and right to assembly of those who protest abortion and to set a legal precedent via RICO to infringe upon the religious liberty of hundreds of millions of Americans, supposedly because doctrinal opposition to killing millions of babies, "caused" the murder of a few abortionists….. Is gay advocacy guilty of this, or is it solely a campaign, as they often claim, to keep Big Brother out of private bedrooms? The definition of the word "advocacy" provides a clue. Advocacy means "active espousal," or "to recommend publicly." This is precisely what gay advocacy groups are doing. They are recommending to the public - no demanding - endorsement, protection, and privilege for homosexuals. Consider the goal of the ACLU's Lesbian and Gay Rights Project: "Equal treatment and equal dignity for lesbians, gay men and bisexuals. That means evenhanded treatment by the government, protection from discrimination in jobs, housing, hotels, restaurants and other public places, and fair and equal treatment for lesbian and gay couples and families." Does this objective limit itself to privacy in the bedroom? Clearly not. Frankly, its vision is so broad that it entails the creation of laws which have the potential to govern social, legal, and educational requirements: in public and in private places; in the classroom and in the work force; in the community and in the world economy. With attempts underway to insure 'equal dignity', for instance to curb the high youth suicide rate among homosexuals (six times higher), again churches run the risk of being blamed for suicides and murders under RICO laws for teaching that homosexuality is sin, and thus inspiring guilt in homosexuals. Gay Advocacy, then, as is the case with abortion, is not about keeping the government eye out of the bedroom, but rather about bringing gay sexuality out of the bedroom - and into the public's eye. It is about persuading Big Brother to get into the home, the work place, the free market, and as the Boy Scouts of America found out in New Jersey, it is about undermining the mission of private organizations which teach 'duty to God' and the value of being 'morally straight' and 'clean'. Which leads observers to conclude, that if this is the right to privacy, then privacy is not private, nor worthy of public praise….."

EWTN News Brief 1/18/2000 "….Scotland's Cardinal Thomas Winning came under fire yesterday after he branded homosexuality a "perversion." Speaking in support of businessman Brian Souter who has offered millions of British pounds to help fight the repeal of Clause 28 -- the so-called anti-homosexual law -- the cardinal said: "I deplore homosexual acts." "I hesitate to use the word perversion but let's face up to the truth," he said. "What pains me is that the silent majority are so silent that the silence is deafening. I wish to God they would speak up. But when you do say something about it, you are accused of homophobia which is absolute rubbish." He added, "I have no objection to anybody. I'm supposed to love my neighbor and I try to do that as much as I can. But I will not stand for this kind of behavior which is now being regarded as wholesome and healthy." He continued: "Homosexuality is promoted every day. It's promoted by people who are on the streets, it's promoted by people who are attracted to others. We only need to look at some of the pamphlets available to see just exactly what is in place to put into schools. I am concerned that children might be converted by some of the literature. There's no doubt about it." ….."

Associated Press 1/24/2000 "….For Ed Flanagan, one of the most painful things about figuring out he was gay as a teen-ager was coming to the realization that he would never get married and have a family. Flanagan came from an Irish-Catholic family, one of five children, "four straight and one gay," he said…. Today, however, the 49-year-old state auditor of accounts sees a future in which getting married, perhaps even becoming a parent, may become options for him and other gays and lesbians. As the first and still only openly gay man in the country to hold a statewide elective office, Flanagan believes he might be in the right time and place to help bring that future about…… Lawmakers must decide whether to expand Vermont's marriage law to include same-sex couples, or set up a parallel system of officially recognized domestic partnerships with the same result, the court said…… When legislators ask Flanagan what he thinks of a system of domestic partnerships as an alternative to same-sex marriage, he tells them "it doesn't tap into all of the wonderful, romantic and emotional impacts" that marriage conveys…… "I would love to be a dad. I've always cherished the idea of being a dad and I think I would be a good dad." ,,,,,:

Boston Globe 1/24/2000 Jeff Jacoby "…. In its long opinion in Baker v. State, the same-sex marriage case, the Vermont Supreme Court tries very hard to stay on legal ground. Writing for the majority, Chief Justice Jeffrey Amestoy begins by insisting that ''the issue before the Court ... does not turn on the religious or moral debate over intimate same-sex relationships.''…... Or, as a much-quoted line in the opinion puts it: Stretching the Vermont Constitution so it gives gay couples ''legal protection and security for their avowed commitment to an intimate and lasting human relationship is simply, when all is said and done, a recognition of our common humanity.'' …… Among those quoting that passage is The New Republic, which in its Jan. 10 edition vigorously endorses the opinion in Baker - with none of the court's reluctance to cast the issue in explicitly moral terms. ''A ban on same-sex marriage ... violates civil equality itself,'' TNR's full-page editorial asserts. It is ''a moral anomaly that dehumanizes and excludes a significant portion of the human race.'' The ''ultimate moral ... answer'' is to legalize full marriage for homosexuals, so good people must ''keep marshaling the moral, religious, civic, and human reasons why it is an eminently important and noble thing to do.'' ……. If something is morally wrong, it is morally wrong always. That a society may tolerate - or embrace - an indecent practice does not make it less indecent. Chattel slavery was and is an abomination, no matter how many 19th-century Americans (or 20th-century Sudanese) thought otherwise. Suttee - the Hindu custom of cremating a deceased man together with his living widow - was evil, no matter how many Hindus believed it honorable. Apartheid was immoral, no matter how many South Africans approved of it. Similarly, if barring men from marrying men is an affront to ''our common humanity,'' as the Vermont justices write - if it is an ugly ''moral anomaly,'' as The New Republic says - than it has always been so……"

Boston Globe 1/24/2000 Jeff Jacoby "…. But where are the humanitarians and the great souls who said that limiting marriage to a man and a woman is wrong? Did Francis of Assisi plead for same-sex unions? Did the Buddha? Did Sojourner Truth? Did the Prophet Micah, who yearned for justice and kindness, yearn also for male-male and female-female weddings? Did Martin Luther King, who devoted his life to ''our common humanity?'' Did Raoul Wallenberg, who risked all to thwart evil? Is there anyone - any foe of intolerance, any living saint - who decried even once the laws that kept homosexuals from marrying each other? This is not an argument against same-sex marriage. (That's a different column). It is an argument against the pretense that same-sex marriage is required as a matter of decency. There is no valid moral claim absent moral authority, and there is no moral authority for the claim that restricting marriage to opposite-sex couples is unjust. …."

LA Times 1/24/2000 Larry Stammer "….In a dramatic challenge that underscored sharp divisions among churches over homosexuality, Southern California bishops from three major mainline Protestant denominations joined rabbis and other clergy on Sunday in denouncing the anti-gay marriage initiative on the March 7 California ballot. Speaking to an estimated 600 people who turned out for a teach-in that was part religious revival and part campaign rally, bishops from the Episcopal Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the United Methodist Church charged that Proposition 22--known as the Knight initiative--is the result of fear and the bearer of bigotry…….. The great divide within and between religious groups was underscored by the Rev. J. Edwin Bacon Jr., rector of All Saints Church. "My sisters and brothers, we are people of God. It is a tragedy that the good leaders of the Mormon Church and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese have allowed themselves to be hijacked by the forces of intolerance and bigotry that gave birth to this hate-filled initiative." Outside the church, half a dozen conservative Christians from Cornerstone Ministries in Los Angeles carried picket signs listing Bible verses decrying homosexuality and warning those at the meeting that "Judgment is coming by God." ….."

CNS News 1/25/2000 Lawrence Morhan "….Tim Buckley, an attorney for Davis Don Carpenter Jr., told the defense needs more time to prepare arguments against presenting evidence to a jury. Carpenter, 38, and Joshua Macave Brown, 22, are both charged with capital murder and six counts of rape in the death of Jesse Dirkhising on September 26, 1999. Carpenter and Brown are scheduled to go on trial in April and face the death penalty if convicted. Additionally, Buckley asked the court last week to have the state medical examiner's office to preserve bodily fluids gathered at the crime scene in case further independent tests need to be done. The 13-year-old allegedly was drugged, bound and gagged, and raped repeatedly at the men's apartment in Rogers. A coroner said the boy suffocated because of the position in which he was left. Buckley also said that pre-trial publicity - based on evidence he said was leaked by the state - has prejudiced the local population to a point where it is not possible to find an unbiased jury in Benton County……"

EWTN News Brief 1/24/2000 "….Scotland's Cardinal Thomas Winning last night apologized to homosexual activists following newspaper reports that he compared their lobbying to Nazi bombing. In a speech in Malta, Cardinal Winning said homosexual activists were "pushing for greater power" and added: "In place of the bombs of 50 years ago you find yourselves bombarded with images and ideas which are utterly alien." But this sentence was reported as an implied comparison between homosexuals and Nazis, which the Cardinal insists he did not make. In an official statement issued last night, Cardinal Winning said: "In presenting the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church on this issue I constantly return to the principle of loving the sinner while rejecting the sin. Unfortunately, this distinction is rarely reported, with certain sections of the press preferring lurid headlines." …. "I am therefore shocked and saddened by the way in which certain Sunday newspapers have deliberately misinterpreted and misrepresented me," he said. "The suggestion that I compared homosexual activists to Nazis is utterly false." …." 1/25/2000 Mona Charen "….He [visitor from Mars] underestimated the ability of gay-interest groups, with the help of an obliging press, to manipulate public opinion. In their hands, the scourge of AIDS became not a caution against homosexual acts (or even against promiscuity), but instead, evidence of the victim status of gay men. If you've seen one, you've doubtless seen a dozen touching stories on TV about faithful, monogamous gay couples, caring for one another for a lifetime, and fighting unjust and ignorant stereotypes. That there are such couples is clearly true. Whether they represent the typical homosexual is another matter. Research suggests that among male homosexuals, promiscuity of strenuous proportions is the norm - and most homosexuals like it that way. Even the most ardent and eloquent advocate for homosexual marriage, Andrew Sullivan, has recently written that he has always defended "the beauty and mystery and spirituality of sex, even anonymous sex." …" 1/25/2000 Mona Charen "…. Spirituality? Paging through pamphlets such as those written by the Gay Men's Health Crisis, pamphlets aimed at stemming the tide of HIV infection, it is difficult to see where Sullivan finds beauty, far less spirituality. Some of the practices named are so bizarre that they defy imagination. Others certainly defy the capacity of the human body to take abuse. Still, everywhere one turns these days, the movement to normalize homosexuality and place it on equal footing with heterosexuality is gaining ground. Vice President Al Gore announces that homosexuals will serve openly in the armed forces in his administration, and that this issue will be a litmus test for appointments to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (a position he later backed away from slightly)….. An alliance of education groups and psychological associations has now teamed up to distribute a booklet to all 14,700 public school districts in the nation. Titled the Just the Facts Coalition, the group, which includes the NEA, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Psychological Association, among others, urges that schools create a "safe and healthy environment in which all students" can learn. Well, no one is against that. But using anti-gay violence as the hook to gain sympathy, the pamphlet offers a highly biased set of "facts" about how the gay orientation develops, and about the supposed futility, even danger, of programs (usually run by Christian ministries) aimed at reversing homosexual inclinations…… "

Boston Herald 1/25/2000 Ed Hayward "….Boston's public high schools will form ``gay-straight alliances'' as required by state law with the help of $40,000 in funding from the Department of Education, Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino announced yesterday. Under the Safe Schools Project, the city's high schools will receive staff and financial support to ensure gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered students attend schools free of harassment. ``The No. 1 challenge we face as a city is to ensure a quality education so that no one - not one student - gets left behind,'' Menino said at an event at Boston High School. `…."

New York Daily News 1/24/2000 K C Baker ".....Two male transvestites were arrested last night after slashing a 16-year-old girl in the face and hand on a Queens subway platform, police said. Luz Rodriquez, 25, of 41st Ave. in Queens, was charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon. Jennifer Aquino, 32, who lives at the same address, was charged with assault. ....."

Reuters 2/2/2000 "....A significant number of gay men are becoming infected with the AIDS virus through oral sex -- an activity that was rumoured to be safe, researchers said on Tuesday. A study presented at a meeting of AIDS researchers found nearly 8 percent of recently infected men in the San Francisco area were infected through oral sex.Blah, Blah, Blah Dr. Beth Dillion of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and colleagues at the University of California San Francisco surveyed 102 gay and bisexual men recently infected with HIV and found oral sex was the only risky behaviour that eight of the men had engaged in."...... Of course scientists indicated that they thought it was a much smaller risk compared to anal or vaginal sex. In this study, the eight men who were infected, many of them indicated that they were not aware of the risk." ....."

Conservative News Service 2/3/2000 Susan Jones "..... The city of Boulder, Colorado, scene of the unsolved JonBenet Ramsey murder, this week voted to include transsexuals in its anti-discrimination ordinance. Effective March 1, it will be against the law in Boulder to discriminate against transsexuals in housing, employment, and public accommodation. Groups currently protected under the Boulder's Human Rights Ordinance include women, racial minorities, homosexuals, and bisexuals. The Boulder law defines transsexuals - or "gender-variants" - as people having "a persistent sense that a person's gender identity is incongruent with the person's biological sex." ...."

New York Times 2/2/2000 Elizabeth Becker "....Every member of the armed forces, from four-star generals to privates, will undergo training by the end of the year to prevent anti-gay harassment, the Pentagon announced today in a sweeping admission that its "don't ask, don't tell, don't harass" policy is poorly understood in the ranks. In the wake of the murder of a gay private in Kentucky last July, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen ordered each of the armed services to prepare training programs and asked the senior civilian and military leaders of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines to send letters to their commanders this month emphasizing that anti-gay threats and harassment will not be tolerated. .....The Pentagon said it had no immediate estimate of the cost of the additional training. P. J. Crowley, a Defense Department spokesman, said the expense would be measured in hours rather than dollars. ....."

ABC News via Reuters 2/1/2000 ".... A significant number of gay men are becoming infected with the AIDS virus through oral sex -- an activity that was rumoured to be safe, researchers said on Tuesday. A study presented at a meeting of AIDS researchers found nearly 8 percent of recently infected men in the San Francisco area were infected through oral sex. Dr. Beth Dillion of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and colleagues at the University of California San Francisco surveyed 102 gay and bisexual men recently infected with HIV and found oral sex was the only risky behaviour that eight of the men had engaged in. "It's certainly sobering news," Dr. Ronald Valdiserri, deputy director of the CDC's HIV prevention centre, said in a telephone interview. "We've known ... that there was a risk of HIV transmission through oral sex. Of course scientists indicated that they thought it was a much smaller risk compared to anal or vaginal sex. In this study, the eight men who were infected, many of them indicated that they were not aware of the risk." ....."

The Journal UK Newspaper of the year 2/1/2000 ".... An educational video that encourages children to experiment with gay sex will "help save lives", a health authority insisted yesterday. In the film - produced for the Bristol-based Avon Health Authority - a boy called Karl looks directly into the camera and tells pupils that to obtain sexual satisfaction, they should "try experimenting with both boys and girls to see who you feel most comfortable with". The health authority yesterday defended the video, Beyond a Phase: A Practical Guide to Challenging Homophobia in Schools, which it said aims to reduce suicides, sexually transmitted diseases and the transmission of HIV among young gay men. The video has been distributed to schools across Britain....."

The Springfield News (Oregon) 1/30/2000 ".... Parents upset with graphic sexual content in several scenes during recent student theatrical performances at Thurston High School say they want to know why the scenes were allowed in the first place and they want a promise that similar scenes will not be performed in the future. Principal Larry Bentz said there's no question mistakes were made and that some of the material was inappropriate, but he said he "will not guarantee that kids will not deal with adult level themes in their work in the future." The controversy stemmed from a Jan. 20 performance by students rehearsing for an upcoming regional acting competition. "I'm no prude," said Noelle Covington, mother of one of the students, "but it was gross, it was shocking and it was obscene." Several pieces, chosen by students from a selection of works provided by Thurston drama director Mike Fisher, contained scenes so graphic, Covington said, that they were "disgusting." For example, in one scene, a young girl described a penis in terms of "looking like a mushroom." In another, a girl describes losing her virginity in detail. Other issues, such as abortion, are also included in selections. "I could see some of this at the college level but this is high school," Covington said. "This is a public school." Bentz said the productions were not meant for a general audience but were a way for students in the higher level Acting Ensemble to fine tune their work before the regional competitions scheduled for Feb. 5. He said that while he and Fisher acknowledge some of the material was inappropriate and will be edited before a future performance, only three parents have complained. ....."

Providence Journal-Bulletin 1/28/2000 Mackubin Thomas Owens "….The issue of homosexuals serving openly in the military is shaping up to be one of the most contentious issues in this year's presidential campaign. The tone of the debate was set in December, when President Clinton asserted during a radio interview that the current policy of "don't ask, don't tell," which has been in effect since 1993, was not working as he had intended. …… For example, in his Boson Globe column of Jan. 11, James Carroll writes that "today's soldiers and sailors reluctant to serve shoulder to shoulder with homosexuals are the progeny of racist and sexist soldiers and sailors who were told to get over it or get out." Although it is popular to equate opposition to permitting homosexuals to serve openly in the military today with opposition to racial integration of the services five decades ago, the similarities between the two cases are superficial. Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Colin Powell, who no doubt knows something about racial discrimination, made the proper distinction in a reply to former Rep. Pat Schroeder, D-Colo., when she argued that point. "Skin color is a benign nonbehavioral characteristic. Sexual orientation is perhaps the most profound of human behavioral characteristics. Comparison of the two is a convenient but invalid argument." ….. For this reason, General Powell stated in testimony before Congress in 1992 that it "would be prejudicial to good order and discipline to try to integrate [open homosexuals] into the current military structure." Congress agreed and subsequently reaffirmed the longstanding exclusion of open homosexuals from military service. This is an important fact that the Democratic candidates either don't understand or are ignoring for partisan political purposes.. ….." 1/28/2000 Rod Dreher "….. Salon, ever a trailblazer, has just gone beyond character assassination against conservative politicians, and has begun going after them with germ warfare. This week in Salon, syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage wrote of his undercover stint with the Gary Bauer campaign in Iowa. While lying in a Des Moines hotel room suffering from the flu, Savage caught the candidate on TV speaking out against gay marriage. That did it. The openly gay Savage decided his mission was clear: "Get close enough to Bauer to give him the flu, which, if I am successful, will lay him flat just before the New Hampshire primary." Savage regales readers with tales of coughing on everything in the Bauer office, even licking doorknobs when nobody was looking. He sucked on a pen he later handed to the candidate. "My plan was a little malicious -- even a little mean-spirited," Savage wrote. "But those same words describe the tactics used by Bauer and the rest of the religious right against gays and lesbians." My, what tidy moral reasoning. Hate your opponent's rhetoric? Then do your dead-level best to put him and his staff in the hospital. Ugly times, after all, call for ugly tactics. Bauer's Iowa office was shell-shocked by the news. "We just kind of knew him as Dan," said Iowa campaign director Loras Schulte. "This is trash-can journalism at its worst. I have no idea what he may have tried to infect us with." Indeed, it's hard to think of a stunt that could better play into the hands of authentic homophobes. Think of it: a crusading gay avenger secretly tries to pass on a virus to Christian conservatives, and is rewarded for his efforts by a trendy media outlet. It's the kind of fevered propaganda you'd expect from the crazy "God hates fags" people….."

Albuquerque Journal 1/27/2000 Jeff Jones "….A rural Bernalillo County man is suspected of drugging four boys at different times, then molesting and performing sex acts on them while videotaping the crimes. The sheriff's department is concerned the suspect, 29-year-old Marcus Hahn, may have HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. And investigators haven't ruled out the possibility of other victims. Investigators "believe that Mr. Hahn is a predator and has no regard for the safety of children," according to a criminal complaint filed against him in Metropolitan Court. "It is possible that Mr. Hahn has the HIV virus and possibly spread it to his victims in the filmed videos." Three of the four boys Hahn is accused of sexually exploiting haven't yet been identified by investigators, said Lt. Dennis Nasci, head of the sheriff's narcotics and sex-crimes units. "We'd sure like to know who the victims are," Nasci said Wednesday. "There's others we suspect, but we don't know for sure. Until we're satisfied we have all of the victims, we'll continue to investigate it." ….."

Washington Times 1/28/2000 Rowan Scarborough "….The Army has ordered mandatory homosexual sensitivity training for all soldiers in the aftermath of the murder of a soldier at Fort Campbell, Ky. The Pentagon is also issuing written surveys to military personnel on how their commands view homosexuals. The survey, for example, asks if service members have heard jokes or negative remarks about homosexuals. The training order and written questionnaire are part of the military's drive to rid the ranks of anti-homosexual actions and statements. Pfc. Barry Winchell, the Fort Campbell soldier, was killed in July by a barracks mate who thought Pfc. Winchell was homosexual. Pvt. Calvin N. Glover was court-martialed for the killing and sentenced to life in prison. The actions also come after first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and President Clinton criticized his own policy on homosexuals -"don't ask, don't tell," which bars open homosexuality in the ranks. The survey and training is not sitting well with some armed forces members, who complain the Pentagon is promoting the homosexual agenda……"

Wallaby 1/24/2000 ".... In recent weeks, a few posts and bumps on the Free Republic have involved stories of the use of boy prostitutes and surveillance for the purpose of blackmail by the highest levels of government. In one instance, dignitaries from 17 countries attending a 1993 APEC conference were placed under surveillance while some were being compromised by a child sex ring. The boys are believed to have been 15 to 17 years old. As shocking as this may be, some say it's routine. A former Bush economic adviser observes, "The sex? That's done all the time. If a foreign diplomat wants a companion, the State Department provides it. It doesn't matter if it's a man or woman. They have a special fund set up for that."

(Snooping on Allies Embarrasses U.S., Timothy W. Maier, Insight Magazine October 15, 1998; reposted at King drops appeal of $1 million judgment)

A second case involving a child prostitute ring with connections to the highest levels of government occurred in Omaha, Nebraska. Less than two weeks ago, Lawrence E. King Jr. quietly dropped his appeal of a $1 million lawsuit judgment against him by Paul Bonacci, who alleged King and others forced him to take part in a child-prostitution ring. According to Bonacci and other witnesses, teenagers were sexually abuse at parties in Omaha, New York, Chicago and Washington. During this period, Lawrence E. King Jr. leased a Washington house located near Embassy Row. He fostered high-level political contacts, and was given the honor of singing the National Anthem at the 1984 Republican National Convention. The parties to which children were flown were divided into "good" parties and "bad" parties:

''The way she described it, some were good parties and some were bad parties,'' said this source, who went on to describe scenes of abuse, including one in which the victim, a teen-ager, was made to stand nude at a party while she was offered at auction to the highest bidder.

(Nebraska Inquiry Is Given File on Sex Abuse of Foster Children,WILLIAM ROBBINS, The New York Times, December 25, 1988)

In an editorial in the Omaha World-Herald, one witness is even quoted as claiming to have seen George Bush at a party: A portion of the editorial said: ''One child, who has been under psychiatric care, is said to believe that she saw George Bush at one of King's parties. This is the same person whose story of a severed head was looked into. Neither tale could be verified.''

Chambers, Lowe concerned with Franklin editorial, United Press International, July 25, 1989) The editorial was later corrected by Sen. Ernie Chambers

''What The World-Herald has done is lumped together statements and attribute them to one person and that is entirely erroneous. The statement they presented here is false,'' Chambers said.

He said no child under psychiatric care has said she saw Bush at a party.

(Chambers, Lowe concerned with Franklin editorial) Chambers' remarks imply that the person making the allegation about Bush was not the same person who made an allegation about a severed head and is also not a child under psychiatric care. This leaves open the question of the identity and reliability of this witness, and also whether the party in question was "good" or "bad".

Even setting to one side the provocative issue of any personal involvement of George Bush, there is the very ominous issue raised by these articles that child sex rings have been used by U.S. intelligence agencies for the purpose of blackmail.

The disturbing possibility that individuals involved in such sex rings were protected at the highest levels of the U.S. government was raised by another little story I recently discovered from West Virginia. In 1997, a strange appointment was made by State Medical Examiner Irwin Sopher. Sopher appointed Diane Shafer as the Medical Examiner for Mingo County, despite being aware of her having been previously convicted of bribery. Shafer's suspicious past also included her apparently being married to a former Mingo coroner, Henry Vinson pled guilty to charges of credit card fraud and conspiring to violate the RICO statute in connection to the operation of a prostitution ring in Washington D.C. One of Vinson's partners was Robert Chambers, a funeral director, who pled guilty to credit card fraud and money laundering in the operation of the ring.

Why would morticians, coroners, and funeral directors have an interest in child prostitution? Pushing on this story a bit further revealed once again that there were connections between the use of call boys and government espionage and blackmail. The key person in this story is Craig R. Spence, who brought at least one 15-year old prostitute on a 1 a.m. tour of the White House in 1988. While the investigation of Spence was ostensibly about credit card fraud, those questioned by the investigators said that the questions dealt primarily with Spence's interest in the Delta Force. Spence bragged about his connections to high government officials and of his ability to blackmail those who took advantage of his party "favors". The list of potential targets include military personnel, particularly those with knowledge of special forces "anti-terrorist" operations, foreign dignitaries, and foreign and domestic politicians. Spence even went so far as to imply that his White House tours were authorized by Donald Gregg, National Security adviser to Vice President Bush. Not long after Spence warned his friends not to take accounts of his death at face value, he was found dead of an apparent suicide in a Boston hotel room.

The only part of this story that has received much press attention has been the connection of one of the sex rings to Rep. Barney Frank. Yet, even here, the full story has been substantially underreported in most of the mainstream press. The male prostitute who operated in Frank's D.C. apartment also used a public school for his business activities. One of the clients of this prostitute was Craig Spence, who told him:

"Do you know what kind of power you can have over people if you've got something on them? . . . I need boys and girls for people in government and high-level businessmen for my parties, for individuals, for whatever comes up."

("Prostitutes corroborate Frank stories," Paul M. Rodriguez, The Washington Times, February 2, 1990.)

This long story points in a very disturbing direction: intelligence agencies have used teenagers as sexual bait to compromise individuals, both foreign and domestic, in politics, business, and the military. In the Clinton years such blackmail has been used to leverage campaign contributions from foreign contributors. In at least every other respect, the horror of this story stretches back at least two decades……"

EWTN News Brief 1/29/2000 "….Italian newspapers reported today the Vatican is expected to protest plans for a global homosexual pride festival in Rome this summer. World Gay Pride 2000 is scheduled between June 28 and July 9 and is expected to be attended by one million people, dropping the controversial event in the middle of the Catholic Church's Jubilee Year 2000. The festival, which is expected to include the usual expressions of antagonism toward the Catholic Church for its teachings on the immorality of homosexuality, has received 350 million lire ($178,000) from Rome's city government. The city of Rome and the Vatican City-State have a unique, symbiotic relationship due to the 2,000-year history of the Church in Rome and embodied in the 1929 Lateran Treaty. …."

National Post 1/31/2000 Susan Martinuk "….. A new sexual revolution is brewing among young lovers in France. Parents are mystified, sociologists are searching for explanations and sex educators are reaching for the panic button. Why? Because French teens are saying "no" to the liberal sexual attitudes that have long been a part of their culture. They have been raised by sexually liberated parents in a land notorious for carefree attitudes toward sex, but they are refusing to indulge in the sexual smorgasbord set before them. Suddenly, sexual conservatism is "in" and sexual promiscuity is "tacky."….. This shift in sexual behaviour is newsworthy in itself. But even more revealing is the response to this trend by sex educators and AIDS groups. Rather than applauding it, they are labelling it as evidence of gross ignorance about the "virtues" of safe sex. Sadly, they are determined to fix this ignorance and have convinced the government to launch a new nationwide sex education program, ostensibly so teens can get back to the "norm" of sexual promiscuity.....,,:

I National Post 1/31/2000 Susan Martinuk "….. In North America, we have already witnessed the results of this commitment to teaching ideology rather than sexual restraint. Our teens have more knowledge about sexuality and greater access to birth control than ever before. Yet teen pregnancies are still rising, STDs are reaching epidemic proportions and teens are increasingly having sex at a younger age……. We expect teens to adhere to rules in other areas of life, yet we hand them the keys to enter the adult world of sexuality without any expectations of responsibility other than to wear a condom. Apparently, discussions about rules don't fit well with the doctrine of sexual freedom and are all-too-easily dismissed as "judgmental" and rooted in traditional morality. But without a context of love, commitment and rules, the basic premise for sex education is that teens will have sex. Therefore, sex educators simply provide them with condoms and tell them how to express various kinds of sexuality. As a result, teens are bombarded with detailed instructions on how to masturbate, have oral sex and participate in homosexual acts such as "fisting" (inserting a fist into the anus). They are asked to place condoms on models of erect penises and to insert fingers into models of vaginas. They are given pamphlets detailing so-called "safe" sadomasochistic activities. Such information can be overwhelmingly enticing, especially when combined with the desensitizing impact of blatant sexual messages. Our society is saturated with sex through movies, TV, advertising and music videos. Through the media, most teens have witnessed hundreds of sexual acts where sex is separated from love and limited to biological function; where every moral restraint is removed; and where every kind of sex is legitimized and rationalized. The mystery of sex has been deadened. No wonder it has been reduced to a game with a scorecard.......:

Boston Herald 1/31/2000 Don Feder "..... In the name of ``justice, sexual morality and healing,'' a group of trendy clerics issued a statement endorsing fornication, licentiousness and sodomy. Given the moral drift of mainline Protestant churches, these impostors would probably bless the union of a man and a Brussels sprout, if the culture condoned it. The manifesto, signed by 900-plus members of the Church of What's Happening Now - which ran as a recent ad in The New York Times - calls for public approval of same-sex marriage, sex education for all grades, unrestricted access to abortion and population control. Half of the signers are from four of the nation's most liberal denominations. Except for one nun and a few lay leaders, backing from the Roman Catholic Church was nil. No Evangelicals, Orthodox rabbis or black pastors signed on. ....."

UK-sunday times 1/30/2000 Rosie Waterhouse and James Clark "….. A VIDEO that encourages schoolchildren as young as 14 to experiment with gay sex has caused outrage among MPs and family campaigners. The film, now available in 180 schools, also asks pupils aged 14-16 to discuss whether a fictional 15-year-old boy - Michael - should have unprotected gay sex with his boyfriend. The Department of Health faced furious calls last night to step in and block the teaching pack, which was paid for by Avon health authority using public money. The pack - called Beyond a Phase: A Practical Guide to Challenging Homophobia in Schools - is being cited by campaigners as a prime example of why Labour should abandon plans to scrap section 28, the law that forbids the promotion of homosexuality in schools. The 14-minute film would be a clear breach of the law if health authorities were not exempted from section 28. In it a young college student called Karl tells his audience of school pupils that to obtain sexual satisfaction they should "try experimenting with both boys and girls to see who you feel most comfortable with". Valerie Riches, of the Family and Youth Campaign pressure group, said: "This puts concepts and activities into the minds of youngsters they would not normally think about." ….."

Jewish World Review 1/31/2000 Don Feder "….LAST WEEK, in the name of "justice, sexual morality and healing," a group of trendy clerics issued a statement endorsing fornication, licentiousness and sodomy. Given the moral drift of the mainline Protestant churches, these impostors would probably bless the union of a man and a bowl of Brussels sprouts, if the culture condoned it. The manifesto, signed by 900-plus members of the Church of What's Happening Now, calls for public approval of same-sex marriage, sex education for all grades, unrestricted access to abortion and population control. ….. Except for one nun and a few lay leaders, backing from the Roman Catholic Church was nil. No Evangelicals, Orthodox rabbis, or black pastors signed on. ….."

Kansas City Star 1/29/2000 Judy Thomas "…..Hundreds of Roman Catholic priests across the United States have died of AIDS-related illnesses, and hundreds more are living with HIV, the virus that causes the disease. The actual number of AIDS deaths is difficult to determine. But it appears priests are dying of AIDS at a rate at least four times that of the general U.S. population, according to estimates from medical experts and priests and an analysis of health statistics by The Kansas City Star. In Missouri and Kansas alone, at least 16 priests and two religious-order brothers have died of AIDS since early 1987. The deaths are of such concern to the church that most dioceses and religious orders now require applicants for the priesthood to take an HIV-antibody test before their ordination. For the nation's 60 million Catholics, served by 46,000 priests, the AIDS issue goes straight to the heart of church doctrine -- a doctrine that teaches compassion and forgiveness but also considers homosexual relations a sin and opposes the modern practice of "safe sex." In a nationwide confidential survey of 3,000 priests by The Star, two-thirds of the more than 800 responding lauded the church for being caring and compassionate to priests with AIDS. Often, the church covers medical costs, gives them a place to live and cares for them until they die. Most priests, however, said the church failed to offer an early and effective sexual education that might have prevented infection in the first place. Two-thirds said sexuality either was not addressed at all or was not discussed adequately in the seminary. Three of four said the church needed to offer more education about sexual issues. ….."

ABC Raw News 1/30/2000 Reuters "…..News that powerful combinations of HIV drugs can help people with the AIDS virus live longer and remain healthy has caused some people to resume the high-risk behavior that can lead to infection, researchers said Sunday. They said they had the most disturbing evidence yet that gays, heterosexuals and drug users were all becoming less worried about HIV and taking fewer steps to protect themselves -- and others -- from the disease. For several years, doctors have found that combinations of HIV drugs, or drug cocktails, can keep many HIV-infected people alive and healthy, although the drugs have bad side effects. But some people seem to misinterpret what this means for the HIV epidemic, said Dr. Ronald Valdiserri, deputy director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for HIV, STD and TB Prevention in Atlanta…….. Stan Lehman and colleagues at the CDC studied 1,976 people who either did not have HIV or who had not been tested for the virus. They had all taken part in a seven-state survey on sexual behavior. They included 693 homosexual and bisexual men who patronized gay bars, 600 intravenous drug users, and 683 heterosexuals who visited sexually transmitted disease clinics. The survey found that 31 percent were "less concerned" about becoming infected and 17 percent were "less careful" about sexual or drug use practices because they had heard about the available treatments……"

Naples Daily News 2/8/00 Denise Zoldan "….About 900 people have signed form letters addressed to the Collier County School Board and the School Board's Diversity Task Force, "vigorously opposing the inclusion of 'sexual orientation' " in the district's anti-harassment/discrimination policy set to go before the task force tonight. Inclusion of "sexual orientation" would allow gays and lesbians to be singled out for protection, which has caused alarm among some Collier County parents. Homosexuals are not a constitutionally protected class of people. Adding "sexual orientation" to anti-discrimination policies at government agencies and private businesses is an issue that has come to the forefront nationwide recently. In March, the Palm Beach County School Board faced a similar decision on whether to add sex orientation to its anti-discrimination policy, but by a majority vote decided not to. Palm Beach County School Board members said at the time the current policy met federal and state law and did not condone harassment against anyone. ….."

New York Times 2/10/00 Barbara Whitaker "….Under the protection of a court but in defiance of a school board's wishes, a group of gay teenagers held their weekly lunch-hour meeting today in an empty classroom at El Modena High School here. But whether they will ever do so again remains uncertain. In a fight that has roiled this conservative suburban community and drawn attention from legal scholars across the country, the Orange Unified School District is seeking to ban the group, contending that it is inappropriate because it deals with issues of sexuality. Now, faced with a lawsuit and a judge's preliminary injunction, the district is considering a new approach: whether to vote on Thursday to ban all 38 noncurricular clubs, including the Black Student Union and the Gentlemen's Club, as a way of halting the gay group's meetings. Only one other school district, Salt Lake City, has taken such an approach, and a lawsuit against that district is still moving through the courts. ….."

EWTN News Brief 2/8/00 "….An auxiliary bishop of Detroit on Sunday rallied in the suburb of Ferndale for the passage of a new city ordinance that would ban discrimination against homosexuals and lesbians and would not exempt churches or church-run organizations, according to the Detroit News newspaper. Bishop Thomas Gumbleton spoke at a rally at St. James Catholic Church in Ferndale in support of the ordinance that will go before voters on February 22. "This will send a message that we do not tolerate any discrimination in this community," he said. "Every person has certain rights that extend beyond how they act or live." …… If passed violators, including churches that refuse to hire homosexuals for positions in charities, educational positions, day care centers, or even the clergy, would face $500 fines and civil lawsuits. ….."

American Family Association Journal 2/00 "…..First there was the highly controversial video It's Elementary, intended as a primer for teachers to help them persuade children that homosexuality is normal and natural. Now the sequel will be larger and more to the point: That's A Family! kicks off a three-video series that will be shown directly to children in classrooms across the country, shamelessly attempting to persuade kids that homosexuality should be accepted and affirmed. "If principals and teachers thought It's Elementary was a volatile issue, wait until they see and hear what this next video series stirs up," said AFA vice president Tim Wildmon. "It's bad enough to instruct teachers on how they can force-feed little children a pro-homosexual message. Now these activists want direct access to the hearts and minds of kids who are essentially a captive audience in their classrooms." In a letter to supporters, It's Elementary producers Debra Chasnoff and Helen Cohen bragged about the "stunning" success they had in marketing their first video to schools across the country, and in convincing 115 PBS stations to air it as well. That's A Family!, the letter said, is intended to be shown directly to children and is "the first anti-bias media curriculum available for elementary and middle school classrooms that integrates gay people into the full spectrum of diversity." …… Chasnoff and Cohen make no secret of the fact that they intend to change children's minds on the subject of homosexuality through these three videos. "The long-term impact of this project will be tremendous. Giving elementary school students the opportunity to...experience gay and lesbian families in the context of such an incredibly diverse group of other families, could have a positive effect on their attitudes for the rest of their lives," they said. ….."

Capitol Alert/Sacramento Bee 2/9/00 Aurelio Rojas Bee "….A month before the March 7 primary, a majority of voters continue to support a ballot initiative that would ban recognition of same-sex marriages in California, according to a poll released Tuesday by the Field Institute. The telephone survey conducted last week found that backing for Proposition 22 remains steady even as awareness of the measure has jumped: 52 percent said they plan to vote yes, 39 said no, and 9 percent were undecided. …."

Associated Press 2/9/00 Laurence Cruz "….Dan Savage, gay writer of an outrageous and comically explicit sex-advice column, is waging either germ warfare or a disinformation campaign against the religious right. He claimed recently that while posing as a volunteer for Gary Bauer's campaign in Iowa, he licked office doorknobs and coffee cups and handed the conservative Republican a slobbered-on pen to try to infect him with the flu. Bauer's people were furious, but Savage, 35, now says the part about the germs never happened and was just a joke - a metaphoric reply to Bauer's rhetoric against homosexuals and gay marriage. Either way, the episode was characteristic of a man who regularly pushes boundaries in his Seattle-based column "Savage Love," which appears in 28 alternative newspapers around the country, including the Village Voice in New York, and is read by an estimated 4 million people a week. …..Savage, who with his partner recently adopted a little boy, is the very incarnation of all that the Christian conservative movement despises. There is no sex act too perverse, no sex subject too outlandish for him to delve blithely into - often in blush-inducing detail. ……. "

PBS 'Front Line' 2/9/00 Freeper sigi "…..I just watched part of this PBS 'Front Line' report. It is about wild sex parties in a small afluent community. Young middle school girls having sex with dozens of boys who line up at a party. Real sex orgies right out of the porno movies they were watching. PBS actually interviewed some of the teenage kids involved. Many of these teens were infected with syphilis as a result of their sex, alcohol and drug parties.... I became so angry had to turn off the television……. EXCERPTS FROM AN INTERVIEW WITH A SCHOOL COUNSELOR ……….. How can it be that a guidance counselor knows more about a child's life than a parent? ….. ... We have counselors, kindergarten through twelfth grade, in this school system. ... By the time a child gets to middle school or even high school, they know what a counselor is for. They know the counselor is there as a guide for them. As a listener. ... Very many of the children are very frustrated. …… Like what? Be specific if you would. ……Adult questions-- such as whether or not to participate in parties where there is drinking. Parties where there is drug abuse. Parties where there may be persons where there may be children who are much older than them or semi-adults. For example a party where there would be a lot of 14 year olds but there would also be 18 year olds or maybe 20 year olds at the party. Whether or not they should be sneaking out of their house in the middle of the night to go do something without their parents' knowledge. Whether or not they should participate in what they know as illicit behavior. Driving, illegal behavior. Driving without a license. Those kinds of things that really should not, that they really that most adults don't think children should have to deal with until they're older. ...... "

PBS 'Front Line' 2/9/00 Freeper sigi "….. Let's talk about the culture in which these kids are growing up. Their own culture. The culture that surrounds them. Talk about the influence of television on these kids. What they're seeing. ...I think television, movies, computer games, the media if you will, had a lot of influence on children. They have access, even by their own computers to things around the entire world. If they're influenced by it, it's probably more in seeing things that they may not have seen otherwise from lots of information that they wouldn't have been able, that they may not know otherwise about relationships. They see sex.. ... "

PBS 'Front Line' 2/9/00 Freeper sigi "…..How young are kids having sex now? ….. Several years ago a counselor came to me and said that she was extremely surprised to find that she had a fifth grade student who was sexually active. And this is a young girl who was 10 years old. That's an isolated incident. It is even now unusual. But I think what was more common for the older adolescents 10 years ago is becoming, not common-- at least, it's known that it exists at much younger ages such as 12, 13, 14. ... …."

PBS 'Front Line' 2/9/00 Freeper sigi "…..What you're describing is in a sense--kids who are running their own lives. ……I think there are a lot of children who are running their own lives. Who really are testing limits or don't know what the limits are. One or the other. And they don't have the maturity. They don't have the experiences. They don't understand the consequences. They don't even understand time, the concept of time as well as a person who's an adult. And by adult, I mean probably 25 plus. And so they're like a balloon out there floating around in the sky with little direction and to run into a power line or to a tree and just burst is something that they're very unaware that could happen. They don't know what's down the road. So I think there are many young people now who are very anxious about their lives and where they're headed and which way they're going. ……"

Boston Globe 2/7/00 AP "….Some Vermont lawmakers are taking the debate over gay marriage to their constituents. There were two different forums in the Upper Connecticut River Valley over the weekend. Rep. Ann Seibert said not to expect a positive vote on gay marriage this year. In one breath, the Norwich Democrat said that she ''unequivocally'' supported same-sex marriage. In the next, before even one person could applaud, she delivered a dose of reality. ''It ain't going to be in Vermont this year because we don't have the votes,'' Seibert said. Only about 50 representatives in the 150-member House have said they would vote for gay marriage so far, said Seibert. ….."

Detroit Free Press 2/8/00 Ned McGrath "….THE SPATE OF recent coverage about Catholic priests with AIDS recalls the motto of a former employer of mine, a Chicago television station. Its call letters were an acronym, inherited from previous newspaper owners, "WMAQ: We Must Ask Questions." ….. Last month the Kansas City Star, a Knight Ridder-owned paper as is the Detroit Free Press, began a three-day, eight-part series: "AIDS in the Priesthood." Containing no small undercurrent of sexual innuendo, the lead story was scooped up by news services and broadcast outlets across the country……The chief finding, if we can call it that, of this special report was that priests' deaths from AIDS are at least four times that of the general populace. An eye-grabbing statistic, to be sure, although it's based in large part on the Star's own survey, which it conducted nationally by mail. Twenty-seven percent of randomly selected priests responded. The Star, and likewise the Detroit media, had no way of knowing -- and still don't -- if the 801 who responded were representative of the country's 47,000 priests or, for that matter, the 1,600 in Michigan……Priests' deaths from AIDS were compared with those in the general population, including women and children, and not exclusively with other unmarried males….."

National Post 2/12/00 "….Michael Ingham, the Anglican bishop of Vancouver, says the current crisis in the worldwide church over homosexual rights is the work of wealthy conservatives in the United States, who are using slick, American-style lobbying to turn church leaders from Africa and Asia into anti-gay activists. "This is a well-orchestrated, well-financed political lobby," says Bishop Ingham, one of Canada's most liberal Anglican leaders. "I don't think the issue would be getting much attention if not for the near hysteria that's been whipped up by a very small group from the United States." ….."

Associated Press 2/13/00 Julia Lieblich "….In a long-awaited report, an Episcopal Church commission declined to take a position on same-sex unions. If church leaders follow the report's recommendations, they would leave in place an unofficial policy that lets individual dioceses decide whether to bless gay marriages. The report, to be released Monday, does not back either a liberal or conservative position on gay marriage, which has become increasingly common in the Episcopal Church. ``We are not ready, theologically or scientifically, to say a defining word about the life of homosexuals in the church,'' said the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music, whose recommendations will be discussed at the church's national convention in July. ``In the context of reverence -- and humility -- it seems best not to take absolutist positions on a national level.'' ….."

WND 2/12/00 David M. Bresnahan "….Speaking to a group of trial lawyers at a $25,000-a-head Dallas, Texas fund-raising speech, President Clinton called Republican National Committee chairman Jim Nicholson a "gay basher" and criticized him for his views on trial lawyers, labor unions, and Hollywood. When WorldNetDaily sent a White House transcript of the president's remarks to Nicholson for comment, the RNC chairman -- who said he had been unaware of the president's verbal attacks on him -- said he would demand an apology from Clinton. "I'm drafting a letter demanding an apology for accusing us of gay bashing, something we would never do," he said. Clinton went to the Preston Hollow mansion of American Trial Lawyers Association vice president Frederick M. Baron, and partner Lisa Blue, on Wednesday to address 60 attorneys who paid $25,000 and more to rub elbows with the president. He spoke earlier in the day at two other private homes in border town McAllen. Estimates of the amounts raised range from $1.1 to $2 million. ……."

The Sacramento Bee / 2/12/00 Jan Ferris "…..The 67 Methodist pastors who blessed a gay union last year, in apparent violation of the sect's national stance, will not face a formal church trial, it was announced today. The decision, made by seven fellow pastors in the California-Nevada Methodist conference, came after unusual public hearings on the issue, at which speakers challenged the traditional interpretation of the Methodist Book of Rules. The California-Nevada conference is widely viewed as one of the most liberal in the nation, and the decision puts the conference at odds with others in the country that have defrocked ministers for officiating gay marriages. Nevertheless, under Methodist rules, the case stops here. Local pastors say the victory gives them momentum heading into the church's national conference in May; it also opens the door to more such ceremonies. …... "

Daily Republican 2/11/00 Sam Goldman "….Professors and administrators at most of our most prominent institutions bring their ideological baggage to class with them, hoping to use the educational process as a vehicle for social engineering. Williams students, for instance, were required to declare "Hello, my name is _______, and I'm Gay!" as a part of a Feel What It Is Like To Be Gay meeting. Such abuses of the trust placed in professionals by students and parents is even more disturbing than the Boalt student radicals' Orwellian outbursts….."

News & Observer 2/11/00 "…..A small group of gay men and women has lent some unexpected support to a proposed same-sex marriage ban on California's March ballot. The Proposition 22 campaign on Thursday announced formation of a coalition called "Gays for 22." The initiative states that the only valid marriages in California are those between men and women. California already withholds legal recognition from gay marriages performed in the state. The proposition is aimed at blocking the state from recognizing gay marriages performed elsewhere. Members of the new coalition said they back the initiative because they believe Californians should make their own decisions about what marriages are legally recognized. …. 2/11/00 Andy Jackson "…..We received the following report from one of our readers. We also confirmed this account with others who were present. Candidate John McCain visited North Augusta, South Carolina on February 8, 2000 at 8:00 am. A member of the audience interrupted McCain when he mentioned keeping homosexuals in the military. The man quoted the Bible and instructed McCain that homosexuality is a sin. McCain said, "I don't think homosexuality is a sin." At that point the audience booed McCain. The press has neglected to mention anything about this incident. A radio station talk show host did leak it to the public and commented, "You could feel the momentum leave the room" when McCain gave his answer. …."

World Net Daily 2/5/00 Dr Alan Keyes "….I believe we need to return to the ban on gays in the military. The present policy is unconscionable, and puts an intolerable burden on the military. It signals to people who are homosexual that they may enter the military with the full expectation that the practice of homosexuality will be winked at by military authorities. Under the current policy, it is quite reasonable to form the impression that homosexuality will not be looked upon as a violation. Meanwhile, the regulations that say it is a violation stay in place. So what are the people who have responsibility for enforcing those regulations supposed to do when they come across information that suggests violations are occurring? It is true even more in the military than in civic life that respect for the laws that define justice and right behavior is the most fundamental prerequisite for the well-being of the community. The "don't ask, don't tell" policy is a classic instance of the preferred Clinton assault against decency. He attacks by arranging things so that there will be a persistent, gnawing erosion of the well-built structures of human life. In this case, the real target is the never-ending struggle by military leaders to burnish in their charges the respect for military order that will ensure willing obedience under even the most daunting of circumstances. "Don't ask, don't tell" is Clinton's program of euthanasia for military discipline. For what is the inevitable result of such Clintonesque gray areas in a military chain of command? It gives rise to resentment, and to a corresponding lack of confidence on the part of military authorities in enforcing the regulations. And, of course, it gives rise to possibilities of abuse, where subjective judgments can be interposed in order to play favorites or pursue private vendettas.

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 2/7/00 Tom Knott "…… Not too long ago, New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani opposed a museum that showed a painting of the Virgin Mary at one with elephant dung. Predictably, the incredibly sophisticated wrapped themselves in the First Amendment and accused the mayor of being a small-minded Neanderthal. Obviously, you have to be a mentally gifted person to understand the connection between the Virgin Mary and elephant dung, and it eventually became clear that Mayor Giuliani and many others did not have the necessary brain power to grasp what the artist was trying to say……. The incredibly sophisticated who believe in the appropriateness of the Virgin Mary with elephant dung find nothing appropriate about John Rocker....... Rocker picked on "a kid with purple hair, a queer with AIDS, a dude out of jail for the fourth time and a 20-year-old mom with four kids." Many of America's leading thinkers, including Bud Selig, have, in effect, come out in defense of kids with purple hair, the behavior associated with AIDS, the criminal element and highly reproductive young women. Selig, who couldn't look sillier with purple hair, is hoping Rocker sees the light, or goes away, and has ordered a series of punishments to facilitate the process. Rocker is suspended from baseball until May 1, $20,000 lighter in the wallet and undergoing sensitivity training. Rocker, in his position as a role model, must be made to realize that his words hurt the good baseball fans of New York City in a profound way……" 2/4/00 Chris Sieroty "…..A federal judge on Friday ordered school officials to allow a homosexual tolerance club to meet at an Orange County, CA, high school pending resolution of a lawsuit. The judge said he felt that, otherwise, the homosexual group might suffer "irreparable harm." US District Court Judge David O Carter issued the preliminary injunction against the Orange Unified School District while a lawsuit filed by two homosexual El Modena High School students plays out in court. "Plaintiffs have been injured not only by the board's excessive delay but also by the inability to effectively address the hardships they encounter at school every day,'' Carter said in a written ruling. Even though Carter ruled temporarily in favor of the students, his ruling also urged the Orange Unified School District to appeal its case to the state Supreme Court. ….."

NewsWatch - Center for Media and Public Affairs 2/6/00 David Murray S Robert Lichter "…. On Jan. 29, an exclusive Kansas City Star story carried nationwide through the Knight-Ridder News Service proclaimed a scandal of silence in the Catholic Church involving priests and their sexuality. As the San Jose Mercury News headlined, the "Death Rate From AIDS is Higher for Priests." Based on the results of 801 responses to a mail survey the Star sent to 3,013 priests, the story begins, "Hundreds of Roman Catholic priests across the United States have died of AIDS-related illnesses, and hundreds more are living with HIV, the virus that causes the disease." Despite the heavy and uncritical news coverage, questions about the survey suggest caution in inferring a hidden AIDS epidemic among priests. Instead, they illustrate the pitfalls awaiting news organizations that conduct surveys in order to create news……. "

AP Wire 2/4/00 Meg Richards "….Elian Gonzalez's Miami relatives are outraged over his Cuban grandmother's account of how she playfully bit the 6-year-old boy's tongue and unzipped his pants during their long-awaited reunion. "The family is shocked and disturbed," Armando Gutierrez, spokesman for the Miami relatives, said Friday. "That is not a Cuban custom." Through Sen. Bob Smith, R-N.H., Elian's Florida relatives requested a meeting with Attorney General Janet Reno next week to discuss unspecified new information about the case, Justice spokesman Carole Florman said. ..."

Media Studies Ctr 2/1/00 Sarah Rasmusson "….Neither local TV news coverage nor the newsrooms that generate it adequately represent the gay community, agreed New York-area broadcasting executives at Newseum/NY on Jan. 27. "Diversity is really the key," insisted Bart Feder, news director of WABC's "Eyewitness News" in New York. "If we don't open up the ideas, then we don't cover the stories." The discussion, "View from the Top: Local TV News," was co-hosted by Newseum/NY and the New York Chapter of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. Barbara Raab, producer for NBC's "Dateline" and a member of NLGJA, opened the discussion by asking panelists to grade their newsrooms on their coverage of gay and lesbian issues and the AIDS epidemic……"

The New American 2/4/00 William Norman Grigg "….. The Cider House Rules, recently released by Disney subsidiary Miramax, portrays abortion as "the work of the Lord," in hope that pregnant women will seek out the "miracle" of death. The Cider House Rules, a film released by Disney subsidiary Miramax just in time for Christmas, is a Satanic inversion of the Christmas story. In the film, an avatar of the child-killer Herod, as represented by World War II-era abortionist Wilbur Larch (Michael Caine), offers salvation to women by "delivering" them from the supposed curse of pregnancy. "I give them what they want - either an orphan or an abortion," Larch explains. Women seek him out at his state-run orphanage in the fictional town of St. Cloud's, Maine, where - according to their preference - their children are either delivered at term and deposited in the orphanage, or slaughtered in the womb and their remains carted away to the incinerator. …."

World Net Daily 2/6/00 Julie Foster "…. A decision is months overdue on a complaint brought against a Saskatchewan newspaper and one of its advertisers by the province's Human Rights Commission for printing an ad, consisting of four Bible verses, which the commission says violates homosexuals' human rights. Though a decision is expected any day, defenders of the ad say the case will surely make its way to the Canadian Supreme Court. ….."

MSNBC 2/3/00 Howard Kurtz "….A Salon magazine writer who went undercover and tried to infect presidential candidate Gary Bauer with the flu has sniffled his way into a heap of trouble. DAN SAVAGE, WHO was stricken with fever, says he put a pen in his mouth, handed it to the candidate and asked for an autograph. A gay journalist who was working as a volunteer in Bauer's Iowa campaign, Savage also says he licked the doorknobs, telephones and coffee cups in the Des Moines office - all because he despises Bauer's fervent opposition to gay rights and gay marriage. "To do what he did - wanting to infect people with the flu, and God knows what other germs he was carrying - is just inexcusable behavior," Bauer's Iowa campaign manager, Loras Schulte, said yesterday. "It's reprehensible. Had he directed that just at me, I would have remembered my Christian admonition to turn the other cheek. But I had men, women and children working in the office in very close quarters." ......"

World Net Daily 2/7/00 Jane Chastain "….."Homophobe" is an epithet commonly used by gay activists to describe anyone who objects to the practice of homosexuality or the gay rights movement. On the other hand, the term is routinely dismissed by people who consider it to be part of the ranting of the small minority who engage in homosexuality and want to force society to accept homosexuality as normal…… According to Dr. Jeffrey Satinover, who has practiced psychoanalysis and psychiatry for more than 23 years, "It was coined to mean both a worry about being homosexual as well as to refer to an opinion that homosexuality is not good." Satinover, a former Fellow in Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry at Yale University, says that in recent years the word has appeared in some federally funded studies without being satisfactorily defined as a medical condition. "This use is a pure corruption of the medical process," said Satinover, "Opinions are not diseases except to dictators." Unfortunately, that is about to change…."

World Net Daily 2/7/00 Jane Chastain "…..The Centers for Disease Control, the official health arm of the federal government, used the word for the first time last month with an implied definition that would please the most radical members of the gay community. Dr. Paul Cameron, the psychologist who heads the Family Research Institute in Colorado Springs, stumbled upon this passage in the CDC's "Morbidity and Mortality Report" for the week of Jan. 14. On page 10 of this publication, under the heading "HIV/AIDS Among Racial/Minority Men Who Have Sex with Men," we have this revelation: Race/ethnicity itself is not a risk factor for HIV infection. However, among racial/ethic minority MSM (men who have sex with men) social and economic factors, such as homophobia, high rates of poverty and unemployment and lack of access to health care, are associated with high rates of HIV risk behavior. The definition of homophobia, as it is used here, came farther down in the passage: Within racial/ethnic minority communities, the stigma attached to acknowledging homosexual and bisexual activity may inhibit racial/ethic minority MSM from identifying themselves as homosexual or bisexual and they may be more likely to identify with their racial/ethnic minority community than with the MSM community. When you put these two paragraphs together, you have the complete picture the CDC is presenting here: Those with homophobia do not accept homosexuality. Homophobic people, therefore, present a health risk. This is not the first time this term as been used or implied by a federal agency. During the seven years of the Clinton administration, we have seen it pop up now and then, but this is the first time it has been used by the Centers for Disease Control, which has dictatorial powers on life and death matters. The implication for churches, religious broadcasters and faith-based groups like the Boy Scouts, which hold to traditional Judeo-Christian morality, are huge……What the CDC is trying to do is characterize anyone who has an objection to homosexuality as disturbed and a public health threat. This is a bullying tactic. The important thing to remember is that most bullies are cowards. These people back down when there is an appropriate amount of outrage….."

The Columbus Dispatch 2/7/00 "….. Flag trial begins today Charles Spingola is charged with ethnic intimidation for tearing down a gay-pride symbol. Monday, February 7, 2000 BY Kevin Mayhood Dispatch Staff Reporter File photo The rainbow flag was flown at the Ohio Statehouse for the first time on June 27, 1999, during Columbus' annual gay-pride march. Charles Spingola and his supporters say the fact that he faces trial for ripping down a gay- pride flag shows how far man's laws have moved away from God's word. But for gay-rights advocates, the trial in Franklin County Municipal Court shows just how far the law has come to protect their speech. Jury selection was to begin today in Spingola's trial on a charge that he violated the city's ordinance against ethnic intimidation…….."

CATHOLIC WORLD NEWS 2/3/00 David Murray and S. Robert Lichter "….On January 29, an exclusive Kansas City Star story carried nationwide through the Knight-Ridder News Service proclaimed a scandal of silence in the Catholic Church involving priests and their sexuality…….. Despite the heavy and uncritical news coverage, questions about the survey suggest caution in inferring a hidden AIDS epidemic among priests. Consider the following assertions about the survey from the Star article and the Knight-Ridder dispatch: "The response rate was very good" said the Rev. Rodney DeMartini, executive director of the National Catholic AIDS Network." In fact, few survey researchers would consider a 27 percent response rate to be "very good." It means that nearly three of four priests who were targeted failed to respond. Normally, when a response rate is this low, follow-up surveys are conducted to increase the returns or at least to learn whether the minority who responded were representative. "Given the sample size, the poll's margin of error is 3.5 percentage points, meaning that if the same poll were conducted 100 times, 95 percent of those times the results would be no more than 3.5 percentage points higher or lower than the results of this poll," the article said. This boilerplate description of sampling error would only be valid if we knew that the 801 respondents were representative of the nationwide population of approximately 46,000 priests. But we have no idea whether the minority who responded were unusually concerned about AIDS, differentially open to questions of personal sexuality, or even more likely to have a homosexual orientation (see below) than the 2,212 non-respondents. Without knowing such things, we cannot estimate how much other poll results might vary from this survey's findings. And this undermines the substantive claims that follow….."

The Boston Globe 2/2/00 Sandy Coleman "…..When the legendary, ivy-covered Phillips Academy in Andover approved a new policy allowing gay faculty members to live in student dormitories with their partners as house counselors, Bill Constantine applauded. But Constantine, a parent from New York, admits that the topic made him hesitate when it was first raised. Although at home he preaches tolerance and understanding of all kinds of people, with his daughter, Claire, an 11th-grader at Andover, the issue seemed more complex. ''Is a same-sex couple the right role model in the dormitory?'' Constantine said he wondered. ''Is this a role model you want? Does this encourage young kids to consider a same-sex relationship as a course they should follow? I don't know that it does or doesn't. The thought just went through my head.'' Constantine's contemplation was shared by officials at Andover, where the new policy takes effect in the fall, and at least three other New England boarding schools that have quietly made gay faculty counselors and their partners at home in the dorms. Andover had notified parents of the policy. …."

Denver Rocky Mountain News 2/16/00 Aurelio Rojas "…..Opponents of a ballot measure that would ban recognition of same-sex marriages in California began airing their first television ads Wednesday and charged that an ad by supporters featuring a teacher is misleading. Appearing at a news conference in Sacramento, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin and representatives of the two major teachers unions said most teachers in the state oppose Proposition 22. "We believe this is largely an anti-gay referendum," Eastin said. "The initiative process is being used in this case to single out a group of people for scorn. When adults play wedge politics it is most often our kids who get hurt." ….."

Denver Rocky Mountain News 2/16/00 Aurelio Rojas "….. Opponents of a ballot measure that would ban recognition of same-sex marriages in California began airing their first television ads Wednesday and charged that an ad by supporters featuring a teacher is misleading. Appearing at a news conference in Sacramento, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin and representatives of the two major teachers unions said most teachers in the state oppose Proposition 22. "We believe this is largely an anti-gay referendum," Eastin said. "The initiative process is being used in this case to single out a group of people for scorn. When adults play wedge politics it is most often our kids who get hurt." The No On 22 campaign's first two televisions ads, like the four ads released so far by opponents, encourages voters to do what is best for families. "You want the best for your children," the first ad declares, featuring a montage of pictures of children and families. "But what if your child, or the child of someone you know, turns out to be gay?" ….."

Denver Rocky Mountain News 2/15/00 Brian Weber "…..Public display of commitment welcomes debut of Denver's domestic partnership registry As a new couple in the early 1980s, John Miller and Robert Bixler hid their affection, not even holding hands in public because gay love lived mostly in the closet. On Monday, Miller and Bixler legalized their relationship on the first day of Denver's new Domestic Partnership Registry. The pair have led an open relationship for years, committed to each other as they raised three children. ….. The City Council approved the registry late last year in large part to give gay, lesbian and straight couples the chance to win insurance and other benefits enjoyed by married couples. Denver is the 36th city with a domestic partners registry. ….." 2/14/00 Lawrence Morahan "….. Dr. Laura Schlesinger, whose radio show reaches an estimated 20 million people through 500 stations in the United States and Canada, says she has received death threats for speaking out against gay marriage and describing homosexuality as a deviant sexual orientation. "Does my opposition to homosexual marriage and my advocacy of reparative therapy make me a bigot? No. But, because of my millions of radio listeners, my beliefs make me a threat to the radical goals of homosexual activists, who send me hate mail and death threats. "To my way of thinking, their well-organized campaign against my freedom of speech is rhetorical thuggery at best and religious persecution at worst," Schlesinger wrote in a recent column. Homosexual activist groups are mounting a campaign to get Schlesinger to change her tune, particularly her favorable comments on reparative therapy, a behavior modification program that challenges the thesis that homosexual behavior can't be changed. ….."

NY POST 2/15/00 Fredrick Dicker "….. WHEN Father Dennis Brennan, the longtime pastor of St. Margaret of Cortona Roman Catholic Church, goes on his weekly trip to the grocery store, he looks, well, unusual. The 5-foot 8-inch, balding, Irish-born priest wears a dark, full-length dress, an ill-fitting ladies' white wig, and a silver necklace. He also sports a lady's shoulder bag. Obviously, Brennan -- an Albany Diocese priest for 33 years, 16 of which had been spent as pastor of St. Margaret's -- isn't quite what he used to be. In fact, Brennan, 65, is in the process of making history as the first priest in America to undergo a sex-change operation. He's already listed as "Denise J. Brennan" on a newly issued New York State driver's license Parishioners in this tattered old railroad settlement five miles west of Schenectady are not exactly pleased -- nor is the bishop of Albany. That's putting it mildly. ……"

Chattanooga Free Press 2/15/00 "….. It seems that Mr. Gore was trying to convince California voters that he is stronger for allowing the killing of unborn babies through abortion than Sen. Bradley is -- while Sen. Bradley was trying to convince the voters that he is stronger for allowing the killing of unborn babies through abortion than Mr. Gore is. That wasn't their only "issue." It seems that Mr. Gore was trying to tell organizations for homosexual men and lesbian women that he is more for their "rights" than Sen. Bradley is -- while Sen. Bradley was trying to tell organizations for homosexual men and lesbian women that he is more for their "rights" than Mr. Gore is……. Did you ever think you would see the leading Democratic presidential candidates running for the White House on killing babies and promoting homosexuality? …."

World Net Daily 2/15/00 Julie Foster "….In a decision critics say will lead to a split within the Methodist church, the United Methodist Church decided not to bring charges against 67 Sacramento-area ministers for their participation in a ceremony blessing a "holy union" between two female church leaders……. The lead defendant was Rev. Don Fado of St. Mark's United Methodist Church in Sacramento, who performed the January 1999 ceremony uniting church members Ellie Charlton, 64, and Jeanne Barnett, 69. The other ministers were under investigation for attending and blessing the wedding. The ceremony was attended by 1,500 guests and a total of 92 Methodist ministers. Only 68 were named in a formal complaint because the rest were outside the jurisdiction of the California-Northern Nevada Conference…… Weeks after the ceremony, a complaint was filed in the church's judicial system alleging the 69 clergy in attendance, two of which have since died, violated the church's Book of Discipline which prohibits United Methodist clergy from marrying homosexuals. After an unprecedented three-day hearing process in which church pastors and scholars from both sides of the debate argued about homosexuality's place in the United Methodist Church and Christianity at large, church investigators decided the charges were not serious enough to merit a trial under United Methodist law. If the pastors had been convicted of breaking church law, they could have faced punishment as severe as dismissal. ….." via Associated Press 2/26/00 Louinn Lota "…..A group of weekly newspapers distributed free to 126,000 households and businesses has created an outcry with its refusal to publish news favorable to gay or pro-choice viewpoints. More than a dozen editorial employees of two of the papers have quit since the policy was enforced. The papers, which circulate in San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles and Atascadero, have received about 400 cancellation requests. And last week, about 100 people protested outside the San Luis Obispo County courthouse, some carrying signs that read "No Bigotry in My Town." At the same time, however, the papers have picked up 13 new advertisers because of their stand, says chief operating officer Todd Hansen. "We've received 400 e-mails this week that are just positive and supportive." ….."

Fox News 2/25/00 Jeannine Relly "….. Homophobia, sex tourism, infidelity and poverty are major factors causing a rapid spread of AIDS and increasingly infecting women in the Caribbean, international and regional health officials said Friday. Societal norms encourage homosexuals to have heterosexual relationships, and married men to have sex with other women, said experts and victims. Also, poverty is forcing men and women to prostitution, often with tourists, they said in a dramatic and uncharacteristically open discussion. They spoke at a conference organized by the U.S. National Institutes of Health that is being held simultaneously on five Caribbean islands in a high-profile effort to stir debate and awareness about the once-taboo issues of sexual promiscuity and AIDS. "It is definitely an epidemic, and in the Caribbean we have the second largest incidence in the world after Africa," said Peggy McEvoy, Team Leader for the Caribbean program for Geneva-based UNAIDS, which handles AIDS policy issues, education and research. ……"The islands with tourism are the ones that don't want to talk about it very much," McEvoy said. "There's a tremendous amount of sexual activity involved with tourism. There's a lot of fear that if tourists are aware they're not going to come." ......:"

The Washington Blade Online (Gay Magazine) 2/18/00 Rhonda Smith "…..A decision last Friday by United Methodist Church officials in California to take no punitive action against 68 ministers who gave their blessings to a same-sex marriage ceremony in early 1999 has triggered a backlash from those opposed to homosexuality. "We believe the witness and ministry of our church is being undermined by increasing disobedience to church doctrine and standards, neglect of due process, and unfair administration on the part of some bishops and district superintendents," wrote organizers of the Coalition for United Methodist Accountability. The coalition includes representatives from three evangelical Christian groups in the denomination: Good News in Wilmore, Ky., the Confessing Movement in Indianapolis, Ind., and the Institute on Religion and Democracy in Washington, D.C. . ……. The Reconciling Congregation Program is a national grassroots group of Methodist churches that publicly welcome all people, including Gays and their families. Alexander said it currently represents 164 reconciling congregations and 15,000 individual Methodists who identify as reconciling. This debate over homosexuality is expected to be one of the prevailing issues when United Methodist Church leaders from across the country gather May 2-12 in Cleveland for the 8.5 million-member denomination's General Conference. …."


EWTN 2/16/00 "…..Father Richard Welch of Human Life International, called to task talk show Host Oprah Winfrey for allowing herself to be used to promote condoms, the pill, abortion, and sex education this week. Jane Fonda and her now-separated husband Ted Turner, persuaded the superstar to speak at Fonda's 5th annual conference of G-CAPP, the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention. The "Lunch With Oprah," held Monday, 14 February, at the CNN Center, was sold out. Her mere presence, moreover, gave much clout to G-CAPP, which promotes nearly everything from explicit sex ed for kindergartners to homosexual families. "It's sad and disgraceful that one of America's most popular TV stars would, by her presence, lend credibility to the sexually libertine and sexually suicidal agenda of Jane Fonda and Ted Turner," said Fr. Richard Welch, president of Human Life International. "It is scandalous that her fame is used to advance practices and policies of sexual behavior, abortion and the destruction of the family that are a virtual program of genocide against African-Americans." …."

Detroit Free Press 2/23/00 Bill Laitner "….. By a slim margin, Ferndale voters rejected a hotly contested human rights ordinance that would have banned discrimination against gays and other residents. The vote was 2,406 to 2,289 in unofficial returns Tuesday night…….. The ordinance would have forbidden discrimination on the basis of race, religion, disability and other grounds, but it was the sexual-orientation category that raised the hackles of opponents. Yet, protecting gays and lesbians became a cause celebre for the ordinance's supporters, including Mayor Chuck Goedert and the entire City Council. "We're really, really disappointed," said Councilman Craig Covey, the city's first openly gay council member, elected last fall. "We had to deal with last-minute issues raised by outsiders. We'll probably take a breather and work on it again in a couple of years," Covey said. ….."

AP 2/21/00 "……About 30 political yard signs reading "Protect Marriage' were burned in a Mormon church parking lot in Pleasanton early Saturday morning, in apparent protest of Proposition 22, the March 7 measure that would ban gay marriage. Police said the signs were reported burning by neighbors at 1:45 a.m. at a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The signs were burned in a small bonfire along with other pieces of wood. The church was not damaged. Investigators have no suspects in the case and are soliciting information from neighbors and residents who may have seen anything. They suspect that the signs were stolen recently from yards in various subdivisions in Pleasanton. Police are investigating the sign burnings as an interference of civil rights, which is a felony……"

World Net Daily 2/18/00 Julie Foster "…..A Washington state appeals court reversed a decision that had allowed a man's homosexual partner to inherit virtually his entire $230,000 estate in a ruling homosexual rights activists call "ironic." After sharing Robert Schwerzler's house, business and financial assets for 28 years, Frank Vasquez must relinquish the estate to Schwerzler's four siblings, two of which formally opposed Vasquez after their brother's death in 1995 at the age of 78. The state's community property law applies only to heterosexuals, the Washington State Court of Appeals Division II ruled. "We find no precedent for applying the marital concepts, either rights or protections, to same-sex relationships," Appeals Court Judge C.J. Bridgewater wrote in the 3-0 decision issued last Friday. Extending marital inheritance laws to homosexuals "is for the Legislature to decide, not the courts," Bridgewater wrote. …..", Inc. 2/28/00 Jon Dougherty "…..Two men indicted in the torturous rape-murder of 14-year-old Jesse Dirkhising last fall have requested a change of venue from Benton County, Arkansas, because of the publicity the case has received locally. …… Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against both Brown and Carpenter. The case generated national attention after WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah first reported it nationally last October. Farah made the case that other national news media opted to neglect the story because it involved a politically incorrect theme -- a heinous crime involving the rape and murder of a teenage boy by two homosexuals…….. Farah's criticism eventually caught the eye of E. R. Shipp, ombudsman for the Washington Post. In a Nov. 14, 1999 editorial, Shipp defended the paper's lack of extended coverage of the Dirkhising murder because the Post's "policy is not to cover murders from out of the Washington area at all unless it's a case of mass murder or has caused a large local sensation or has raised a larger social issue." "The Shepard story was news," Shipp said, "because it prompted debate on hate crimes and the degree to which there is still intolerance of gay people in this country. It was much more than a murder story for us." ......... "

LA Times 2/29/00 Elaine Gail "….. It's not unusual in an election year to find campaign fliers tucked under windshield wipers after Sunday church services in Orange County--the sprawling parking lots are an easy target for organizers. But a controversial state initiative that would ban same-sex marriage has driven political campaigning at local churches to a new level. In pulpits and parking lots, Proposition 22 has activated and polarized Orange County churches like few other initiatives in recent years, religious leaders say. The March 7 ballot measure has "been a bigger deal than any of the other propositions this time around," said Pastor Dave Rolph of the Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, a congregation of 25,000. "People in the church feel very strongly about it." The initiative declares that only marriages between men and women are valid. This would prohibit the state from recognizing same-sex marriages granted by other states, though currently no state allows them. It drew early support from leaders of the Roman Catholic Church, evangelical Christians and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But three Southern California bishops--Episcopal, Lutheran and Methodist--issued a joint statement opposing the measure, which they said could lead to discrimination. ….."

San Fransisco Examiner 2/28/00 Carol Ness "….. Californians' support for Proposition 22 is unwavering, with just one week left before voters decide the controversial initiative to bar legal recognition of gay marriages, according to the latest Examiner/ KTVU poll. Of 650 likely voters surveyed last week, 55 percent favor the initiative, 38 percent oppose it and 7 percent are undecided. The results are consistent with every poll published since October. All have shown that the measure is supported by slightly more than half the state's voters...."

Electronic Telegraph 3/3/00 Philip Delves Broughton "… HILLARY CLINTON will accompany Irish gay men and lesbians in an alternative St Patrick's Day parade in New York on Sunday, outraging the city's conservative Irish who regard the event as an affront. The decision is a sign that Mrs Clinton's campaign to be elected New York Senator is loosening up. Before her announcement of her candidacy last month, and immediately afterwards, her campaign was stiff, even glacial. She will march in support of the Irish Gay and Lesbian Organisation, which is not allowed in the main parade on Fifth Avenue...." 3/1/00 Beth Harpaz AP "…..Hillary Rodham Clinton will march in an alternative St. Patrick's Day parade this weekend that will include gay organizations, her spokesman said Wednesday. The sponsor of the main March 17 St. Patrick's day parade up Fifth Avenue in Manhattan -- the Ancient Order of Hibernians -- has for years refused to allow the Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization, also known as ILGO, to march under its own banner. Clinton, who is running for the Senate from New York, will march in this weekend's parade in Queeens, said campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson. ..."

World Net Daily 3/3/00 Julie Foster "…..Several churches on California's central coast have been told by their county tax assessor's office they are breaking the law by displaying pro-Proposition 22 signs on church property, prompting a press conference yesterday during which attorneys pointed to tax laws specifically permitting the practice. To be voted on this Tuesday, Proposition 22, also known as the "Defense of Marriage Act" consists of 14 words: "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California." The initiative has received nationwide attention and has already been adopted in 31 states. ......"

AP 3/4/00 Sonya Ross "….President Clinton is urging voters in California to reject a ban on gay marriages, saying it is unnecessary because no state currently honors such unions. Addressing a Democratic fund-raiser in San Francisco on Friday night, the president said Proposition 22, which would bar California from recognizing same-sex marriages should they become legal in any other state, would have ``no practical effect whatever'' except to divert attention from other, more serious issues..."

THE FEDERALIST DIGEST 2/25/00 "….."True tolerance is not a total lack of judgment. It's knowing what should be tolerated -- and refusing to tolerate that which shouldn't." --Charles Colson The shifting paradigm of sexual morality is a source of much controversy. Homosexuals, though less than 3% of the population (USCDC), are at the center of this controversy. The conflict is posed as a contest between the civil rights of consenting adults and the Judeo-Christian foundation of the American family and society. The issue has even necessitated congressional legislation defining "marriage." Religious denominations are also debating the "normalization" of homosexual practices, same-sex marriage and the ordination of practicing homosexuals. To discuss this issue meaningfully, it is necessary to dispel a false dichotomy, which has infiltrated our dialogue. Homosexual advocacy groups often rebut dissenters by claiming they are pharisaical, intolerant and "homophobic." But disagreement with homosexual advocacy has no correlation with one's capacity to love or have compassion for others. Nor is dissent related to judgment, which is God's alone. Rather, it is about discernment between right and wrong, and obedience to objective truth rather than the cult of subjective relativism popularly justified under the contemporary aegis of "tolerance" and "diversity." ......"

L A Times 2/28/00 David Coolidge "…. Californians are playing out a drama whose outcome will be applauded and reviled from coast to coast. By the end of the day March 7, Proposition 22--which states that "only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California"--will be either law or history. If it wins, some people will claim this is the beginning of the end for gay rights. If it loses, other people will claim this is the beginning of the end for marriage. Could both sides be wrong? Proposition 22 is actually quite modest. It will not repeal any gay rights laws in California. All it does is allow voters to reaffirm the definition of marriage as the union of a man and a woman and try to prevent the meaning of marriage from being decided by the courts. ….."

The Washington Times 2/28/00 Robert Knight "…..Does this statement sound like tolerance to you? "We're going to go after the media outlets, the radio stations that run her, and get her off." So spoke Cathy Renna of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) of radio talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger, at a homosexual activist conference held last October. Dr. Laura had enraged homosexual activists by opposing their "born-that-way-and-can't-change" myth and their drive to radically redefine marriage. Unable to "get" Dr. Laura, whose listening audience is estimated at 18 million, GLAAD did the next best thing by hounding Paramount Television, which is planning to launch Dr. Laura's new TV show this fall. Last week, GLAAD cheerfully announced what it regards as a partial victory. While Dr. Laura will have her show, the format will ensure that she include viewpoints contrary to her traditional views of sexual morality. …… Fortunately, Dr. Laura can demolish the average liberal activist in about the time it takes to peel a banana. But when was the last time a successful talk show host was required to "open" a show to opposing viewpoints at the behest of a special interest group? Did Oprah Winfrey ever have to "balance" her left-leaning show? ….."

Family Research Council 2/25/00 "……By land, air, and the Internet, more than 200,000 race fans at Daytona International Speedway got the message during last Sunday's Daytona 500 that Budweiser promotes homosexuality. Thirty minutes before the race, when virtually all race fans were already present in the stands and infield, a plane towed a banner overhead that read "BUD: STOP BACKING THE GAY AGENDA - GAYBEER.COM." The brainchild of Joe Glover, a self-described former good ol' boy NASCAR fan who heads the Family Policy Network in Forest, Va., the Daytona Bud effort was the campaign's second stop on the NASCAR circuit. "At Daytona, the plane was crisscrossing with the Budweiser blimp," said Glover. ….."

The Washington Times 3/10/00 R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. "……The First Amendment's freedom-of-speech clause has come to sanction such arty stuff as feces on canvas, but not public disagreement with various inflamed groups - for instance, with militant homosexuals. How very odd. Artists such as Chris Ofili are defended unto death for putting elephant manure on an otherwise pedestrian painting of the Virgin Mary. Viacom's Paramount Television Group is being importuned by militant homosexuals to drop Dr. Laura Schlessinger's television program from its fall offerings. Neither conservative writers nor liberals are heard to complain. The American Civil Liberties Union is degage. No one complains on behalf of the First Amendment. Dr. Schlessinger's nationally syndicated radio program has 20 million people (40 million ears) freely listening every week. Paramount reports that it has sold her television program to more than 160 markets, covering 90 percent of the country, for broadcast this fall. All these listeners presumably find Dr. Schlessinger interesting - she is no far-out extremist. On her radio show and in four best-selling books purchased by more than 3 million readers, she dispenses her views on traditional morality. Among those is the idea that homosexuals are "as entitled to love and respect as all human beings," but their sex lives are out of synch with Scripture. She opposes state marriage licenses for "homosexual marriage." She thinks homosexual sex is as immoral as adultery and the playboy lifestyle. Some militant homosexual groups find those sentiments alarming. They would exempt Dr. Laura, and presumably Paramount, from the protections of the First Amendment. By associating her views with hate, they rationalize excluding her from television. Of course, the hateful and overwrought things that they say about her in public protests and on their Web sites do not strike them as expressions of hate. Hate apparently is a defect found in others, for instance people who disagree with them. One of the Web sites opposing Dr. Schlessinger calls itself a "Coalition Against Hate." Actually it is a Coalition Against Disagreement. Once again we see the politically motivated engaged in an Orwellian twist of plain language……"

World Magazine 3/10/00 Lynn Vincent "…..The night before Super Tuesday, whirling spotlights streaked the sky over a strip mall tucked in an obscure corner of Hillcrest, San Diego's gay district. About three dozen homosexuals had turned out to rally against Proposition 22, the California ballot initiative intended to prevent state recognition of homosexual marriage. Motorists honked obligingly for activists who stood on the sidewalk waving signs that read: "No on 22! Protect Families!" But oddly, no families were present. Instead, several grunge-garbed, college-age stumpers called out to passersby, a man in a blond wig and candy-apple red evening dress fiddled with his silver purse, and two young lesbians reveled in a public kiss. But they will not be reveling in legal marriage anytime soon. Golden State voters overwhelmingly approved Prop 22, a 14-word amendment to the state constitution that reads, "Only marriage between a man and a woman is recognized or valid in California." The initiative, which homosexual activists claimed would strip gays and lesbians of civil rights, passed 61 percent to 39 percent. "Pro-family voters of all races and political stripes have voted to tell homosexual activists to stop attacking the sacred institution of marriage," said Randy Thomasson, executive director of Sacramento-based Campaign for California Families, which supported the measure. ……"

AP 3/10/00 David Bauder "…..Radio talk show host Laura Schlessinger, under fire for referring to homosexuality as "deviant" behavior, said Friday that she's sorry her comments have hurt some people. In recent weeks, gay rights activists have started a campaign to try to stop television stations from broadcasting Schlessinger's "Dr. Laura" talk show, which is scheduled to debut in September. On her popular radio show where she dispenses relationship advice, Schlessinger has also referred to homosexuality as a "biological error." "Regrettably, some of the words I've used have hurt some people, and I am sorry for that," she said. "Words that I have used in a clinical context have been perceived as judgment. They were not meant to characterize homosexual individuals or encourage others to disparage homosexuals. "I regularly remind my listeners that we are all made in God's image and, therefore, we should treat one another with love and kindness, irrespective of one's faith," she said. ……"

American Family Association 3/10/00 "……This fall marked a change in the way already "gay"-friendly AT&T promotes the homosexual agenda. For the first time, the communications giant was directly targeting school children with the message that "gay is O.K." According to the company's website, AT&T Broadband & Internet Services (BIS) partnered with the National Middle School Association (NMSA), the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education, and liberal groups like the Anti-Defamation League to distribute a diversity program to middle schools nationwide. Entitled Opening the Door to Diversity: Voices from the Middle School, the combination video and discussion guide program was created by AT&T BIS, and is intended to instruct teachers how they can teach diversity in the classroom. AT&T's website said every middle school in the U.S. received five free copies of the lesson plans. In the wake of the murder of homosexual college student Matthew Shepard in Wyoming, AT&T decided that "it should respond to the bigotry that gave rise to Shepard's death," according to the company's website. ….."

Reagan Information Exchange 3/9/00 Susan Roylance "……The United States is leading an effort to convert the United Nations' Beijing Platform for Action - which is aimed at eliminating discrimination against women - into a document which champions homosexual rights. Specifically, the United States is attempting to insert language calling for an end to discrimination based on "sexual orientation" into the document which will be approved by the United Nations General Assembly as the product of the five-year review of Fourth World Conference on Women, held in Beijing in 1995 ….. The citizenry of the United States does not support the gay rights agenda. Congress has refused to make "sexual orientation" a protected category. State after state is overwhelmingly rejecting "gay marriage." Despite efforts by Western nations to make homosexuality a "human rights" issue, it is not. It is a matter of culture, religion, morality and domestic governance. The United States has absolutely no right, and certainly no popular mandate, to attempt to force the gay rights agenda on other nations. ......"

EWTN Website 3/7/00 "…..The Michigan chapter of the American Family Association said on Friday it had filed a complaint with Ferndale police alleging a violation of a hate-crimes law by a city councilor. The group said Councilman Craig Covey, a self-proclaimed homosexual, used hate speech to demonize Christian citizens and threatened to "drive another dagger into that vampire." Covey's comments were published in two recent issues of a Michigan newspaper for homosexuals, Between the Lines. The newspaper quoted him as saying: "This vote shows that the Christian Right is down but not out yet. We might have to drive another dagger into that vampire." ….."

American Family Association 3/9/00 "…..Two national pro-family organizations joined forces here to educate race fans about a race sponsor's ongoing promotion of homosexuality throughout North America. "Budweiser no doubt 'felt the heat' on their day in the sun as a national sponsor of the Daytona 500," said Joe Glover, President of Family Policy Network. Glover hired an airplane to fly a banner over 260,000 fans who gathered to watch the race. The banner behind the plane read, "BUD: STOP PROMOTING THE GAY AGENDA - GAYBEER.COM." Thousands of flyers documenting Anheuser-Busch's misguided campaign were distributed to fans, and signs which read, "BOYCOTT BUD - BUSCH - MICHELOB; THEY PROMOTE HOMOSEXUALITY. DO YOU?" were placed throughout the city. The web site referenced by the airplane banner is a creation of Family Policy Network. It contains details of Anheuser-Busch's pro-homosexual activities - including pictures from Bud-sponsored homosexual "pride" parades, Bud Light's homosexual magazine advertisements, and details of Budweiser's sponsorship of a sadomasochism festival in California. ….."

The Record 3/8/00 Charles Austin "……Nobody favors sin. But nobody agrees precisely on what it is. So as Christians begin the season of Lent today with Ash Wednesday and are called upon to repent, they might also wonder exactly what they should be sorry for. The basic "checklist" of sins -- the Ten Commandments -- still stands for most people, who generally agree that it's wrong to cheat, steal, lie, or murder. But although many conservative Christians include on their list of sins such things as premarital sex, abortion, homosexuality, and divorce, a growing number of Christians disagree with those views. In fact, recent Gallup research shows that 58 percent of American Catholics believe the church should relax its position on the sinfulness of abortion and 47 percent believe that homosexuals can be good Catholics. The Barna research organization of Ventura, Calif., reported this year that about one-fifth of the adult population believes "the whole idea of sin is outdated." ……… "It is a sign of the times that people want to feel good about themselves and not face their sins," said Roman Catholic Archbishop Theodore E. McCarrick of Newark, adding that the ethical revolution of the 1960s changed the concept of what is right and wrong for many people……"

USA Today 3/9/00 Andrea Stone "…..A small but growing number of military commanders are ignoring the Pentagon's "don't ask, don't tell" policy on homosexuals and quietly refusing to discharge openly gay troops, a report by the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network says. The advocacy group says it knows of 26 people who in the last two years admitted they were gay in order to escape harassment but were allowed to remain in the military, despite the 6-year-old policy that says those who "tell" must be discharged. In 1998, eight came out but were allowed, for often unclear reasons, to stay in. There were another 18 cases last year. Most were in the Navy. Ten of the people are still in uniform: five Army officers, one Navy officer and four enlisted sailors. As trends go, this one is barely perceptible - just 1% of the number of gay discharges in those two years. But it is significant. For at a time when the military is struggling to recruit and retain qualified people, it might indicate that some leaders will look the other way to retain an experienced person, even if he or she is gay. It also might indicate a growing tolerance in the military……"

The New York Times 3/9/00 Julian Barnes "……Two billboards on Staten Island that angered civic and gay leaders by using a Biblical verse to condemn homosexuality were covered up yesterday, just as the identity of the man responsible for the messages was revealed. The man, the Rev. Kristopher Okwedy of Keyword Ministries in Staten Island, said he had paid $1,800 to post the two signs for one month. The signs, in the St. George and Port Richmond neighborhoods, cited four translations of Leviticus 18:22. One read, "Thou shall not lie with mankind as with womankind: it is abomination." The messages disappeared a day after they were denounced by the Staten Island borough president, Guy V. Molinari, and local gay leaders. Yesterday, the signs were covered with images of McGruff the Crime Dog and Smokey Bear. ……. "This is the land of the free, home of the brave," he said. "You are supposed to protect the rights of free speech. I paid money and did not violate any city laws." ……"

AP 3/8/00 "……The city suspended all Gazette newspaper and San Luis Obispo Magazine advertising until the owners explain a news coverage prohibition against promotion of gay or pro-choice viewpoints. The City Council voted 4-1 on Tuesday to halt ads in publications owned by David and Mary Weyrich, and three council members -- Jan Howell Marx, John Ewan and Ken Schwartz -- said they would stop contributing articles. The vote was largely symbolic because the city isn't a major advertiser in the publications. But it underscores the deep community divisions created when the Weyrichs announced Feb. 24 that they would tailor some aspects of their news coverage around personal religious beliefs. ….."

Associated Press 3/9/00 David Briscoe "…..Anti-homosexual abuse in the armed services has more than doubled in the past year, despite the addition by the Pentagon of "don't harass" to its "don't ask, don't tell" policy, a lawyers group that defends gays in the military said today. The Servicemembers Legal Defense Network reported 968 incidents, including a murder, assaults and verbal gay-bashing. The group of lawyers, which annually has reported on military harassment against gays for six years, says the problem is worse than ever, with a record percentage of women discharged for being gay last year in what it called a spate of "lesbian baiting." A Pentagon spokesman said the services investigate all allegations of harassment and officials do not believe it has increased. While declining to comment specifically on a report officers have not yet seen, spokesman Bryan Whitman pointed out that discharges for homosexuality decreased last year by 10 percent after several years of increase. ……"We do not believe there is growing anti-gay harassment in the military," Whitman said. The military last year issued guidance to ensure that "everyone from the newest recruit to flag officers, understands the policy and the law," he said. …."

AP via Contra Costa Times 3/7/00 "…..Some gays and lesbians plan to protest the national census this month by writing in their own demographic category on survey forms. "We're talking about the ultimate undercount. You are not even on the list," said Gwen Baldwin, executive director of the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center. The national census, which is conducted every 10 years, employs 63 categories to provide a detailed picture of the country's racial and ethnic makeup. The planned protest will not offer any new details on the gay population, since unsolicited responses will not be recognized. …..Census experts said there is no legal justification to count gays and lesbians because their numbers are not tied to legal questions. The census, for example, provides racial information that is used to enforce the Federal Voting Rights Act. ….."

Enter Stage Right - A Journal of Modern Conservatism 3/6/00 Charles Morse "…… Marxist theoretician and African nationalist Frans Fannon, in the early 20th century, developed the idea that race conflict equals class conflict as a means of birthing world socialism. The left has subsequently developed "race consciousness" to further conflict between the races. The desired result is an empowered state which, acting as a white knight, steps in to save the citizenry from the planned anarchy. Race has been exploited with a measure of success in America by the left and this has poisoned the well of genuine civil rights in the process. Our Achilles heal is our race problems. The left exploits this by fanning the flames of racism. Setting one race against another proved so successful to the left that they have further defined categories in which to exploit conflict. These include ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and others. Their solution, although rarely articulated, is stronger and more invasive government i.e. socialism. Several ancillary goals are achieved as well on their road to utopia……… " 3/6/00 Charles Colson "…..At the University of Massachusetts last month, a coed told police that a man had grabbed her from behind, slashed her face with a knife, and then ran away. At Duke University, in North Carolina, a black doll was found hanging from a tree near a gathering place for the Black Student Alliance. At North Carolina's Guilford College, a white student said she'd been assaulted by men who scrawled a message on her chest -- one that suggested, to put it mildly, that she was too friendly with blacks. And at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, a lesbian coed told police that two men had punched her in the face while shouting anti-gay slurs. These stories are truly awful. But there's just one problem: They're all a pack of lies. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that every one of the students made up the supposed incidents, apparently for political reasons….."

EWTN 3/7/00 "……The Michigan chapter of the American Family Association said on Friday it had filed a complaint with Ferndale police alleging a violation of a hate-crimes law by a city councilor. The group said Councilman Craig Covey, a self-proclaimed homosexual, used hate speech to demonize Christian citizens and threatened to "drive another dagger into that vampire." Covey's comments were published in two recent issues of a Michigan newspaper for homosexuals, Between the Lines. The newspaper quoted him as saying: "This vote shows that the Christian Right is down but not out yet. We might have to drive another dagger into that vampire." …… The police complaint alleged Covey violated the state's Ethnic Intimidation Act which declares it a felony to "maliciously, and with specific intent to intimidate or harass a person because of that person's ... religion, ... to threaten, by word ... to cause physical contact with another person ... or ... damage, destroy, or deface any real or personal property of another person." ….."

Associated Press 3/8/00 Larry McShane "….Anti-gay billboards posted for five days were taken down Wednesday after they were condemned as hateful and divisive. The two billboards on Staten Island quoted a Biblical passage: "Thou shall not lie with mankind as with womankind: It is abomination." One billboard was replaced by a Smokey the Bear ad and the second was covered over in white. The billboards went up Friday in the city's smallest borough. Billboard company PNE Media of Union, N.J., said in a statement it removed the ads because they were "inadvertently posted." The company requires that its billboards contain the name of the advertiser; the anti-gay ads did not. The ads were placed by a group called Keyword Ministries, PNE Media said. There was no phone listing for the Keyword Ministries or its pastor, Kristopher Okwedy. PNE lawyer Donald Rosenthal said the message on the 8-foot-by-16-foot billboards did not represent the company's views. The borough president, Guy Molinari, and gay advocates objected to the billboards. "People may be expressing their religious beliefs, but they don't understand that these messages fan the fires of prejudice and hatred," Molinari said. "I'm terribly distressed." …."

EWTN 3/8/00 "…..An Italian homosexual activist group today called for the Vatican to include homosexuals among the groups which the Catholic Church will acknowledge have suffered by a failure of Christians to live up to their faith. While many observers have mistakenly characterized the new Vatican document, Memory and Reconciliation: The Church and the Faults of the Past, as an apology by the Church to others, Catholic leaders have pointed out that the document and a reconciliation service on March 12 will ask pardon from God for the failures of Christians which led to evil. ..."

AP 3/8/00 Bob Egelko "….. Californians rejected gay marriage Tuesday, approving a ballot measure that prohibits the state from recognizing same-sex marriages legally performed in any other state.With 41 percent of precincts reporting, 1,814,640 voters, or 63 percent, had supported Proposition 22, while 1,059,312 voters, or 37 percent, were opposed.Exit polls conducted by Voter News Service for The Associated Press and TV networks showed Proposition 22 got strong support from men and women and from voters of all races and income groups...."

San Francisco Chronicle 3/4/00 Elaine Herscher "…..A San Francisco group's protest against radio talk-show host Laura Schlessinger for her view of homosexuality as deviant has picked up national steam. Within two days of its inception on Wednesday, a Web site called Stop Dr. Laura had surpassed 1 million visits. The site encourages people to flood Paramount, producers of Schlessinger's planned television talk show, with complaints about giving her a wider forum...." 3/5/00 Beth Harpaz AP "…..Amid boos and cheers, Hillary Rodham Clinton marched in an early St. Patrick's Day parade in Queens on Sunday. With a green scarf tucked into her jacket, the first lady smiled, waved, and posed for pictures as she marched seven blocks along the parade route in Woodside. Asked if she was enjoying herself, she said: ''I sure am. How could you not? It's a glorious day with a lot of happy people.'' A group of hecklers followed her, but she ignored them and the occasional boos from others in the crowd of several thousand people scattered along the parade route. ''Go back to Arkansas, carpetbagger!'' called out Bernie Mulligan of Queens, who works for a cable TV company. ''She's too liberal. But I like everything about the mayor. I think he's a straight-shooter.'' ….."

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 3/5/00 Eloise Anderson Ben Boychuk "….The debate over same-sex marriage isn't about whether two people love each other. The real issue is the future and welfare of children. Recently, America has taken great strides toward recognizing the essential role of fathers and strong families in raising and educating the next generation. We cannot forget these hard-won lessons now. Marriage used to be a term reserved for a committed relationship between a man and woman. But for many Americans this definition is now outmoded, sectarian, patriarchal and bigoted. It hints at an all-too-narrow and cramped notion of American life - something like the subtle condemnation of family life in the film ``American Beauty.'' Marriage and family on this view is an ideal that limits and distorts personal freedom and individuality, rather than protecting hopes and dreams. Are the supporters of same-sex marriage right? Is the notion of a father and a mother just an irrelevant variable in the upbringing of kids? ……. ``If we were asked to design a system for making sure that children's basic needs were met, we would probably come up with something quite similar to the two-parent ideal,'' write Princeton sociologists Sara McLanahan and Gary Sandefur. ``Such a design, in theory, would not only ensure that children had access to the time and money of two adults, it also would provide a system of checks and balances that promoted quality parenting.'' Fathers help enforce self-control and discipline for boys. Loving fathers also help instill confidence in their daughters and impart a sense of how men should treat them. Mothers help socialize children and teach softer virtues such as compassion and respect. ……"

AP 3/5/00 Larry McShane "…..The Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization wanted to march up Fifth Avenue in the annual St. Patrick Day Parade - again. Parade organizers refused them a permit - again. The gay activists went to court and lost - again, the eighth straight year of failed efforts to infiltrate the nation's oldest and largest celebration of Irishness. Undaunted, the ILGO members have already vowed to try again next year - but only after protesting (again), by flooding Fifth Avenue with some 2,000 demonstrators March 17. There may be peace in Northern Ireland before this Manhattan battle is resolved……"


Newsweek 3/12/00 "……Even as tolerance seems to be on the increase, gays have learned they've got a new nemesis: the harsh-tongued talk-radio oracle Dr. Laura Schlessinger, 53, who's surpassed Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh as most-listened-to personality on the air. Her anti-gay remarks on air were well known in the gay community, but when she landed an upcoming TV show, protests ignited. She backed off a little last week, but nobody thinks the trouble's over. Several years ago Schlessinger had a reputation for being tolerant of homosexuality, but she's since embraced Orthodox Judaism and moved farther to the sociocultural right. She's trashed feminists ("They nauseate and sicken me") and mixed ("interfaithless") marriages. In a November broadcast, she savaged-by name-a Connecticut eighth grader for an award-winning essay in favor of free speech on the Internet: "If she was my daughter, I'd probably put her up for adoption... When she makes her marriage vows and her husband has sex with everybody else, let's see if she thinks that this philosophy works." She also suggested the girl be "sacrificed," Inca style. ...,:

NY Post 3/12/00 Rod Dreher "……DOES free speech have any place on Staten Island? Not if you believe in the Old Testament -- which is to say, the Hebrew Bible -- or adhere to Islam or any other religious faith that prohibits homosexuality. On Staten Island, they expect you to shut your trap, or else stand accused of being a hateful bigot. In fact, gay leaders, civic officials and businessmen will shut your trap for you, all in the name of tolerance. The same crowd that lectures you to be forbearing when a public art museum desecrates an image of the Virgin Mary will tell you you have no moral right to quote from your own holy scripture in public. So learned the Rev. Kristopher Okwedy last week, when he rented space on two Staten Island billboards to post a Bible verse, Leviticus 18:22, which reads, "Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind; it is abomination."……… A supporter suggested he contact the American Civil Liberties Union to fight the billboard company in court. Okwedy thinks that's futile. "I don't think the ACLU is for Christians," he sighed. Okwedy has obviously learned a lot in his 10 years in America. He has surely observed how quick gay activists are to employ the word "hate" to impugn the motives of those who disagree with them and to discredit their opponents' actions……."


Media Research Center 3/16/00 L Brent Bozell "……Here are two rules of civility in politics. One, conservatives are not allowed to question the motivations or crocodile-tear strategies of liberals. Two, because the true visionaries in the Manhattan media elite have a more heightened sense of society's needs, they can say anything they want about those distasteful people who stand in the way of enlightened progress. If you doubt me, I offer a perfect example: the media's coverage of the Clinton-NRA gunfight. You can hear the anger in those scandalized media voices: doesn't Wayne LaPierre know the rules?…. For years, the NRA has been trying to tell any reporter who would ask that the Clinton administration is two-faced. As the administration campaigns for ever more federal gun laws -- soliciting the soccer moms with feel-your-pain fakery -- the actual laws on the books, even the laws they campaigned to pass in their first term, go unenforced. "Of the drug dealers and the violent felons and the gangs roaming our streets, when they're caught illegally carrying guns, the President has prosecuted only two in Washington D.C., 14 in New Jersey, 20 in Atlanta," LaPierre explained to NBC on March 14……"

Media Research Center 3/16/00 L Brent Bozell "……If that's true, certainly it shows Clinton has failed to enforce the laws of the land, and that failure ought to be a pivotal component of any discussion on crime. But reporters and anchors on the four biggest networks have brought it up only eight times in two years. So now, LaPierre inflates his rhetoric just to get his point made, and still most TV news stars remain fixated on poor Bill while continuing to avoid the inconvenient facts of lax prosecution. Of course, it was Bill Clinton who regained momentum with liberals in the media after the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress by blaming the Oklahoma City bombing on "voices of hate and division" on talk radio stations, not to mention every conservative who's suspicious of government power. Network reporters gleefully noted Timothy McVeigh's (lapsed) membership in the NRA without reservation. This tactic isn't new, nor is it contained to gun-rights advocates. For years, the media have proclaimed that if you have been so impolite as to state publicly that abortion is murder, you are complicit in the shooting of abortionists. The press has endorsed the view that if you believe homosexuality is a sin, you encourage a climate of violence against homosexuals……"

Boston Herald 3/15/00 Don Feder "…… While Californians spoke out against same-sex marriage last week, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation continued its campaign to suppress the free-speech rights of Dr. Laura Schlessinger. By portraying homosexuals as a persecuted minority, the gay-rights movement has succeeded in manipulating elites - politicians, media and the judiciary. With ordinary (non-angst driven) individuals, the approach is a dismal failure. The movement's campaign against Proposition 22 - a constitutional amendment providing ``only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California'' - is the latest in a string of popular defeats stretching from Maine to Hawaii. California's entire establishment was arrayed against Prop. 22 - from Democratic Gov. Gray Davis to GOP Senate candidate Tom Campbell. (Vice President Al Gore called it ``mean-spirited.'') Newspaper editorials denounced it. In TV spots, sitcom stars inveighed against it. ……"

Associated Press 3/11/00 Jennifer Bundy "……The West Virginia Legislature voted Saturday to ban homosexual marriages and prohibit the state from recognizing such marriages performed in other states. On the last day of the 60-day legislative session, the House approved the measure 96-3 and sent it to the governor for his signature. The Senate previously passed it unanimously. Gov. Cecil Underwood introduced the ban, so his agreement is expected. "We were concerned we didn't have a statute. We could be forced into recognizing same-sex marriages from other states,'' Underwood said. ….."

The Firm Foundation & The Word is Out: Daily Reflections on the Bible for Lesbians and Gay Men 3/00 "……Chris Glaser's new book is The Word is Out: Daily Reflections on the Bible for Lesbians and Gay Men (Westminster/John Knox). In the daily Bible readings and accompanying reflections, the book does not hesitate to take on the tough ones…….. But the artfulness of the book is perhaps best caught in the meditation for August 22, which provides helpful insight into the approach of the gay Christian movement. Here it is in its entirety: For this reason God gave them up to degrading passions. Their women exchanged the natural intercourse for the unnatural, and in the same way also the men, giving up natural intercourse with women, were consumed with passion for one another (Romans 1:26-27) [NIV]….. Paul associated the phenomenon with idolatry. How then do we account for Christians who are lesbian, gay, or bisexual? Clearly, Paul is wrong. Reason and experience (and science their product) contradict his understanding. Ironically, Paul's own teaching contradicts his judgement. His letter to the Romans is devoted to the principle that we are not made holy by conformity, but by faith in Jesus Christ. We cannot be saved by behaving heterosexually, only by following Christ. Christ Jesus, give us the faith to follow you, rather than the idolatrous god of heterosexuality. ….."

Charisma News 3/15/00 "…….As campaigners against same-sex marriages in California celebrate a major victory, a pro-family leader in Michigan has accused a prominent gay activist of a hate crime against Christians. Strongly backed by church groups and Christian organizations, Proposition 22--ensuring that homosexual unions recognized outside California do not have to be accepted by the state--was approved yesterday by a 32 percent margin. The result of the ballot--singled out by Focus on the Family President James Dobson as having national significance--means that California joins 30 other states and the federal government with laws denying the recognition of same-sex marriages ……."

CBS Marketwatch 3/18/00 Martha Irvine "…… United Airlines, eager to mend a rift caused by a two-year boycott that ended last summer when it agreed to offer domestic partner benefits, is trying to become the "official airline" of gay men and lesbians. "Without a doubt, that's definitely the goal," said Mario Baldessari, co-director of United's marketing effort to reach gays. In doing so, United hopes to overtake American Airlines, which many consider the airline of choice among gays. …..The marketing effort, which includes an ad campaign launched in gay newspapers late last year, has as much to do with business as with public relations. ….."

The Associated Press 3/13/00 David Bauder "…..Enmeshed in a bitter battle with gay rights activists, radio talk show host Laura Schlessinger is about to find out whether the show biz adage about any publicity being good publicity is really true. The tough-talking "Dr. Laura," who dispenses relationship advice on her enormously popular radio show, is being criticized for calling homosexuality a "biological error" and "deviant." Gays and lesbians upset about her comments have targeted the "Dr. Laura" television show that begins this fall. The anti-Laura campaign is aimed at convincing her syndicators, Paramount, not to distribute the TV show and stations not to broadcast it. Some in the television business suspect the effort may backfire. "At this point, I don't think it has had any effect except to make the general public aware that she is doing a television talk show, which they might not have been ... if this hadn't been in the headlines," said Bill Carroll, an expert on TV syndication for the Katz Television Group. …."


U.S. News and World Report 3/20/00 John Leo "…..Watch what you say The left can no longer be counted on to defend free speech…... Take the homosexual campaign to cancel Dr. Laura Schlessinger's forthcoming TV show, due in the fall from Paramount. As an Orthodox Jew, Dr. Laura believes in the scriptural ban on homosexuality that Jews and Christians have held for centuries. Gays are "entitled to respect and kindness as fellow human beings," she says, but she thinks homosexual sex is deviant behavior, the result of a biological error that interferes with the normal instinct to be attracted to the opposite sex. She believes marriage is a sacred contract between a man and a woman, and she thinks children are entitled to one mother and one father, not two mothers or two fathers. ……… These views offend many homosexuals, but do they amount to dangerous hate speech, worthy of suppression? One gay Web site calls Dr. Laura "The Queen of Hate Radio."……. John Aravosis, an Internet consultant and gay activist, asked Paramount to kill Dr. Laura's TV show by adopting a "zero tolerance philosophy" toward all hateful expression. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) denies it is trying to censor Dr. Laura, but it too has endorsed "zero tolerance for defamation" and asked supporters to contact TV stations to "register your concern that they have bought the Dr. Laura program." …….. The other side. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors officially warned Schlessinger about "making inaccurate statements about gays and lesbians that incite violence and hate." One supervisor said of Schlessinger: "At what point do her words become the equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theater?" This is a clever verbal maneuver to justify suppression of an opposing viewpoint….. "

Town Hall 3/14/00 R Emmett Tyrrell Jr. "……The First Amendment's freedom of speech clause has come to sanction such arty stuff as feces on canvas, but not public disagreement with various inflamed groups, for instance, with militant homosexuals. How very odd. Artists such as Chris Ofili are defended unto death for putting elephant manure on an otherwise pedestrian painting of the Virgin Mary. Viacom's Paramount Television Group is being importuned by militant homosexuals to drop Dr. Laura Schlessinger's television program from its fall offerings. Neither conservative writers nor liberals are heard to complain. The American Civil Liberties Union is degage. No one complains on behalf of the First Amendment…….. Obviously respect for free speech is in a state of confusion nowadays. That calls for silencing opposition come more frequently from the Left than from the Right is particularly alarming. After all the Left has historically been the defender of free speech, at least in this century. Now the Left silences dissent on campus. It organizes against the likes of Dr. Schlessinger, and resorts to the Owellian expedient of using such perfumed terms as "diversity" to eliminate disagreement. Examples abound. In Florida the National Organization for Women is trying to ban vanity plates on cars that carry the slogan "Choose Life." Why they do not reply with the liberty-loving response of buying their own vanity plates proclaiming "Freedom Of Choice" is a mystery….."

AP 3/24/00 Robert Burns "……Anti-gay speech and harassment is widespread on U.S. military bases and many service members believe it is tolerated by their leaders, the Pentagon's inspector general reported today. ''Although the most frequent type of harassment identified was offensive speech, a small but significant percentage of respondents reported that more serious matters were involved,'' Defense Secretary William Cohen wrote in a memorandum sent today to the civilian and uniformed chiefs of each service. Frank Rush, the deputy undersecretary for planning, told a news conference that 80 percent of those surveyed on military bases and aboard U.S. Navy ships said they had heard offensive speech, derogatory names or offensive jokes aimed at homosexuals at least once over the past year. About 5 percent said they believed that such offensive behavior was tolerated by their unit comander or supervisor. The survey also found, Rush said, that 37 percent of those asked reported that they had witnessed, or been a target of, harassment for perceived homosexuality. Cohen spokesman Kenneth Bacon said there also was ''a disturbing amount'' of offensive graffiti, gestures and even violence directed at people perceived to be homosexual. ……"

MSNBC 3/22/00 Tony Breck "…… AUSTIN, MN-A movie educating Heartland youth about the gay lifestyle has some people in Austin upset. A group for sexual minorities wants Austin public schools and churches to teach students it's OK to be gay. On Monday night, they showed a video of other schools across the nation already doing that. The sexual minority advocacy committee showed the tape to a crowd of teachers, pastors and parents. It tries to show students to accept gays and lesbians as people. "We are trying to clarify that misconception of that it's a choice and that you can recruit people to be gay," said Virginia Larson. Virginia Larson of the advocacy group feels the same. She says the group is made up of parents and friends who lost a homosexual loved one, because the person couldn't handle living in Austin and being gay. "It just shows that prejudice is something learned and that these little kids have an inborn sense of fairness," stated Larson. "We hold a Biblical view that homosexuality is a sin," said Pastor Mike Juntunen. from the Open Bible Church. Pastor Mike and some other pastors share a different view from the advocacy group about adding homosexual acceptance into the classroom. "I am totally against that because that is a lie. It is not OK to be a homosexual. It's like saying it's OK to be a drug dealer," said Juntunen. ….."

Clarion Ledger 3/23/00 Emily Wagster "….. With no debate Wednesday, the House voted 107-8 to ban same-sex couples from adopting children. "It's certainly against God's law and it should be against the laws of the state of Mississippi and the United States of America," one of the bill's supporters, Rep. Eric Robinson, R-Quitman, said after the vote. Said Rep. Frances Fredericks, D-Gulfport, who voted against the measure: "As many children as we have in the system that nobody has adopted ... why are we going to say that this group of people cannot adopt children?" The ban is part of Senate Bill 3074, which could come up for more discussion this session. No one has presented evidence that any Mississippi chancery judge has allowed a gay or lesbian couple to adopt a child. ….." 3/24/00 Joseph Sobran "……. The "progressive" community-news media, politicians, and various moralists at large-is in a lather about "hate crimes," demanding federal legislation to combat them. The trouble is that nobody seems to know exactly what they are. There are of course notorious and stereotypical examples-racial lynchings, gang murders of homosexuals-about which there is no room for doubt. But when we move to other cases, we find ambiguity. If one man kills another in a rage over a homosexual advance, is that a "hate" crime? What if a father kills a pedophile who has tried to seduce his child? Would that be a "hate" crime? The very word "hate" has become tendentious. White murders of blacks may receive nationwide attention as hate crimes, but black murders of whites-which are far more numerous-are rarely treated as hate crimes; seldom do the media describe them as "racially motivated." When a six-year-old fatally shot a classmate in Flint, Michigan, recently, the media tried to conceal the fact that the killer was black and the victim white. And maybe race had nothing to do with it. But on the same day, a black man in Pittsburgh went on a violent spree, killing several whites at random after announcing his intention to shoot white people, and there was no media uproar about racial hatred, such as we have come to expect when whites commit "racially motivated" violence………….. In fact, progressive-minded folks consider it hateful to call attention to such obvious facts about interracial crime. They like to remind us that America is a particularly violent country, but they refuse to recognize the amazing disparity between blacks and other races. The least violent states-the Dakotas, for example-are those that are virtually all white; their crime rates are as low as those of Norway and Japan. I'm probably committing a hate crime by noticing this fact………"

The Boston Globe 3/24/00 AP Ross Sneyd "…..Gov. Howard Dean denounced as ''perfectly asinine'' an advertising campaign that suggested Dean was pursuing the ''homosexual agenda.'' Ads were placed in the Rutland Herald and The Burlington Free Press on Thursday by a group calling itself Who Would Have Thought Inc. ''What's Howard Dean's next item?'' the ad in the Herald headlined. It listed the status of the ''homosexual agenda,'' including legalizing ''all forms of sexual expression: sodomy; pedophilia/sex with children.'' It goes on to suggest that the gay agenda called for cutting the defense budget to pay for AIDS patients' care and sex change operations; taxpayer funding of artificial insemination for gays; and demanding that private organizations, such as the Boy Scouts, ''accept homosexual scoutmasters.'' At his weekly news conference, Dean said the ad was outrageous. ........."

Tamba Bay Online 3/24/00 AP "……. JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP) - Gay men have a constitutional right to donate blood, the South African Human Rights Commission has ruled. The commission said in a ruling issued Thursday that it was no longer gays who were most at risk for HIV infection in South Africa, but people in their early 20s. The commission demanded that a blood bank in Western Cape change its practice of not accepting blood from homosexual men. The director of the Western Cape Blood Transfusion Service, Arthur Bird, said Friday he disagreed with the decision and was seeking legal advice. The case came about after Andrew Barnes, a public relations manager, responded to an urgent plea for new donors in the midst of a severe blood shortage last year. ……." 3/25/00 Gary Robertson "……Reform Judaism is poised for a vote that could make it the most influential U.S. religious group to support clergy who perform same-sex unions. A resolution sanctioning commitment ceremonies is expected to come up at the Central Conference of American Rabbis convention starting Sunday in Greensboro. In an unusual step, discussions will be held privately, a sign of the issue's volatility. A similar vote at the group's 1998 convention was dropped to head off potentially divisive debate. The group's 1,800 members serve at least 1.5 million Reform Jews, the largest and most liberal of Judaism's three major branches in North America. ......... Opponents of the resolution believe it would disparage rabbis who believe same-sex relationships do not meet criteria for the Jewish concept of ''kiddushin,'' or a sanctified relationship between a Jewish husband and wife. Moreover, they warn it would alienate Reform Judaism from Israel, where it seeks stronger recognition, and create sharp divisions among rabbis. ……... "

AP via Sacramento Bee 3/26/00 "……A national campaign to include gays and lesbians in Census 2000 is urging same-sex couples to check off the box indicating they're unmarried partners. Using e-mail, ads in gay publications and word-of-mouth, the campaign is an unofficial way to get a partial indication of the nation's gay and lesbian population, the San Jose Mercury News reported Saturday. "We want to make the point that there is such a thing as a gay or lesbian family," said Paula Ettelbrick, family policy director for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. The federal government added the unmarried partners category to the census in 1990, to recognize heterosexual couples who live together without being married. That year, 150,000 same-sex households were identified. "It was a vast undercount," said Ann Northrop, board member for the Institute for Gay and Lesbian Strategic Studies. …."

The Nashville Tennessean 3/25/00 Beth Warren "…..Parents of young children abused at the hands of a Donelson child-care worker blamed the mother of an earlier victim yesterday for not telling police before their children were abused. Prosecutors share the parents' outrage and have charged the Davidson County woman with protecting her friend, Daniel Robert Towery, by not reporting his abuse of her 5-year-old daughter to police in 1996. To protect the children's identities, The Tennessean does not publish the names of parents whose children have been sexually abused. Towery, who cleared all background checks by Children's World Learning Center, pleaded guilty yesterday to sexually abusing six girls while working there between January and July 1999. He also admitted in court to raping his friend's 5-year-old daughter in the 1996 case. Towery, 31, was sentenced to 65 years in prison and will not be eligible for parole until he has served at least 55 years and three months. "He denied it at first," Metro police detective Ron Carter said after the hearing. "Then later, I convinced him to be truthful and he admitted to the things that he did to these children. ……"

CNS News 3/21/00 Lisa Dean "….Dr. Laura Schlessinger has said recently on her program, "when conservatives express their views, it's called 'hate speech.' When the Left expresses its view, it's called 'free speech.' When conservatives disagree with the liberal point of view, they belong to a conspiracy." Given the recent chain of events in the news regarding Dr. Laura's latest career move, no one could attest to the veracity of that statement better than she can. Last month, Paramount Television offered Dr. Laura her own nationally syndicated television program. When the announcement was made publicly, there was an outcry from the Left, specifically homosexual rights groups. How could you give that 'hateful' and 'homophobic' woman an even greater platform to spew her "pseudo-science," as they call it, toward homosexuals? they cried. After all, she says that our lifestyles are immoral. She tells us that our behavior is wrong. She's "judgmental," they whine. No, she's simply telling the truth. We live in an age where objective moral truth is fast becoming a foreign concept. After all, it only matters how you "feel" about something and how you make others feel that makes an act or belief right or wrong. And God help you if you dare ignore feeling and speak objectively and with conviction, as Dr. Laura does, about God's law on matters such as homosexuality, because if you do, you don't make people "feel good" and even hurt their self-esteem! That makes you undoubtedly 'hateful' and a card-carrying member of Hillary Clinton's imaginary "vast right wing conspiracy" and therefore, the First Amendment of the Constitution does not apply to you. ......"

National Review 3/17/00 "…… What follows is the verbatim description from the University of Michigan's Fall 2000 course catalog. U. Michigan was ranked as the 25th best University in the United States in the most recent ratings by US News and World Report.
Engl. 317. Literature and Culture. 001 - How to be Gay: Male Homosexuality and Initiation Instructor(s): David Halperin
Prerequisites & Distribution: (3). (HU). Laboratory fee ($35) required. May be repeated for credit with department permission.
Credits: (3; 2 in the half-term).
Lab Fee: Laboratory fee ($35) required.
Course Homepage: No Homepage Submitted.
Just because you happen to be a gay man doesn't mean that you don't have to learn how to become one. Gay men do some of that learning on their own, but often we learn how to be gay from others, either because we look to them for instruction or because they simply tell us what they think we need to know, whether we ask for their advice or not. This course will examine the general topic of the role that initiation plays in the formation of gay identity. We will approach it from three angles: (1) as a sub-cultural practice - subtle, complex, and difficult to theorize - which a small but significant body of work in queer studies has begun to explore; (2) as a theme in gay male writing; (3) as a class project, since the course itself will constitute an experiment in the very process of initiation that it hopes to understand. In particular, we'll examine a number of cultural artefacts and activities that seem to play a prominent role in learning how to be gay: Hollywood movies, grand opera, Broadway musicals, and other works of classical and popular music, as well as camp, diva-worship, drag, muscle culture, style, fashion, and interior design. …….One aim of exploring these questions is to approach gay identity from the perspective of social practices and cultural identifications rather than from the perspective of gay sexuality itself.
What can such an approach tell us about the sentimental, affective, or aesthetic dimensions of gay identity, including gay sexuality, that an exclusive focus on gay sexuality cannot? At the core of gay experience there is not only identification but disidentification. Almost as soon as I learn how to be gay, or perhaps even before, I also learn how not to be gay. I say to myself, "Well, I may be gay, but at least I'm not like THAT!" Rather than attempting to promote one version of gay identity at the expense of others, this course will investigate the stakes in gay identifications and disidentifications, seeking ultimately to create the basis for a wider acceptance of the plurality of ways in which people determine how to be gay. Work for the class will include short essays, projects, and a mandatory weekly three-hour screening (or other cultural workshop) on Thursday evenings. (Halperin) …."

Source: (The Recorder/Cal Law) 3/24/00 "…….An en banc panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals seemed ready Thursday to throw out the court's decision last year upholding the right of two Alaska residential landlords to refuse to rent to unmarried couples. Before a packed courtroom Thursday, several judges -- including conservatives on the 11-judge panel -- expressed concern not that the landlords' religious stand violated Alaska's antidiscrimination housing statutes, but whether their claim was ripe and properly before the court in the first place. The landlords, Kevin Thomas and Joyce Baker, have never been prosecuted or even contacted by the government for failing to comply with the Alaska antidiscrimination law. But they nevertheless filed suit to prevent enforcement of the 20-year-old statute, saying that as devout Christians, renting to unmarried couples would make them complicit in sin. Even Judge Diarmuid O'Scannlain, the author of the original three-judge panel's decision in favor of the landlords, seemed concerned about the standing issues. …….."

Toronto Star 3/25/00 "…..Police have received at least 20 telephone calls since the name of a Kitchener Scout leader facing 38 sex-related charges became public this week. Brian Durham, 41, of Kitchener, was arrested March 7, but a court order prevented the media from publishing his name. That ban was lifted Monday. Before the ban was lifted, 10 alleged victims had come forward and 38 charges were laid. The alleged victims range in age from 8 to 14. Police suspected more may come forward. Most of the people who called were seeking more information, but police plan to interview two of the callers, said Sergeant Bill Greer, the Waterloo regional police detective heading the investigation. A third man has already been interviewed and no charges will be laid, Greer said. Durham's bail hearing is slated for April 10. He was one of four Scout leaders who led a group of seven Scouts. He also assisted with the group's Cub pack of 16 boys. Durham was a leader from September 1990 until the charges were laid. ….."

Sydney Morning Herald 3/22/00 Ben Hills "…… The editor of Australia's national Jewish newspaper has been asked to appear before Judaism's highest ecclesiastical court over his coverage of the "Stars of David", the first Jewish float in Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Two other Sydney Jewish leaders have also been invited to front the five senior rabbis who form the Beth Din - literally the "house of judgment" - in a dispute over the acceptance of homosexuality which has split the community. On one side are conservative rabbis who believe homosexuality is a sin. On the other are a Who's Who of community leaders, including three judges and eight university professors, who have come out in public support of a more tolerant, inclusive policy. The views of Orthodox Jews, who form about 10 per cent of Australia's 120,000-strong Jewish community, were expressed in an article in last week's Australian Jewish News by Rabbi Benzion Milecki, the chief minister of South Head Synagogue. "Homosexuality is not only forbidden according to Jewish law, it has the dubious distinction of being one of the only things which the Torah [scriptures] refers to as toeva - an abomination, a word which is used to connote the idea of disgust," he wrote. ….."

News Max 3/21/00 Linda Bowles "….. Laura Schlessinger is one of the very few public figures in America who has the courage to speak out loudly and clearly about the dangers of the homosexual agenda. She is paying a heavy price for telling the truth about a group of people who desperately don't want to hear it - and don't want anybody else to hear it. The awesome truth she tells is that homosexuality is a "deviant lifestyle," that treatment is available, that thousands have changed their lives, and that same-sex marriage undermines traditional family values. It's no small thing to take on the homosexual lobbyists and activists. They have put together one of the most massive and effective propaganda machines ever assembled. They are to be congratulated for conducting a highly successful program of propaganda, idea suppression, intimidation and advocacy. ……A part of the strategy is the suppression of opposing views. Fear, not assent, accounts for the lack of criticism of homosexuality. Any challenge to homosexual propaganda is forbidden, particularly in government schools, on college campuses, in progressive churches, in the entertainment industry, in most of the news media including network television and major newspapers, in political forums, and in various other places where "correct thinking" is paramount, and the truth is irrelevant, if not noxious. Uncontested and unchallenged pro-homosexual propaganda is in your face and everywhere you look……"

UPI via Virtual New York 3/22/00 "…..A Superior Court judge was considering Wednesday a request for a preliminary injunction against a domestic partnership ordinance in Cambridge, Mass., one of the oldest in the nation. The Christian Coalition of Massachusetts said such policies are a "dangerous move toward same-sex marriage." The suit was filed Tuesday in Middlesex Superior Court for the Christian Coalition by the American Center for Law and Justice and the Catholic Action League. In a statement, Coalition executive director Evelyn Reilly said domestic partners' policies send a message that "natural marriage is no more important than transient, and even promiscuous, sexual relationships." She said families already struggling to pay for medical and dental care "should not have to subsidize the illegal sexual relationships of public employees." ..."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/23/00 Bill Gertz "…… Vice President Al Gore will work to overturn the ban on homosexuals serving openly in the military if elected president, a Gore aide said yesterday. Leon Fuerth, Mr. Gore's national security adviser and political adviser to the presumed Democratic presidential nominee, also repeated the vice president's January "correction" that he will not require the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to hold pro-homosexual views. Military leaders support the current ban. Mr. Gore "believes there is a case to be made for honest and loyal American men and women who want to serve their country in a volunteer force to be able to do so without fear," Mr. Fuerth said in a breakfast meeting with defense writers. "He believes that the leadership of the military and the rank and file understand the justice of that proposition, even though they may have problems with it."......"

Washington Times 3/23/00 Suzanne Fields "…… Call it the homosexualization of culture. Or the gaying of America. But masculinity ain't what it used to be. The Defense of Marriage Act, which enables the states to ban gay marriages, and Proposition 22 in California, which limits legal recognition of marital unions in that state to those of a man and a woman, have been big losers for the gay community. On the other hand, Vermont is about to enact the legal "equivalent" of gay marriage. But if homosexuals are finding it hard to persuade American society that they should marry like straights, they're finding only rearguard resistance to their influence in the culture. Homosexuals have marched out of the closet in fashions that determine what's chic, at least in some places. Trendy styles for women that de-emphasized curves and cleavage in favor of skinny bodies and flat chests are often attributed to homosexual designers. And now gays are achieving an astonishing influence in feminizing a lot of men…….The spring issue of "Men's Fashions of the [New York] Times," features models whose faces and figures make it difficult to tell the sexes apart. A glamorous Versace ad is so fetchingly fey that the male model looks more feminine than the female. Two men in a double-page spread for Gucci wear deep pink lipstick and shirts unbuttoned to the lower half of their chest. (Gone is the extra crispy chest hair; these male models wax their chests smooth.)……"

Washington Post 3/29/00 Estes Thompson "……Reform Jewish leaders on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a resolution giving rabbis the option of presiding at gay commitment ceremonies. With the vote, the Central Conference of American Rabbis became the most influential U.S. religious group to sanction same-sex unions.. …."

UPI Wire 3/29/00 "……The Supreme Court made it easier Wednesday for U.S. communities to ban nude dancing. In a case out of Erie, Pa., a majority of the justices said such bans are constitutional as long as they are "content neutral," banning all public nudity, regardless of message. Speaking for the court, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor said a ban such as Erie's is content-neutral because it "regulates conduct, not speech, and it bans all public nudity, regardless of speech" associated with such a public display. Content-neutral bans on behavior are reviewed by the courts with les severity than those targeting speech, which must leap a higher hurdle under the First Amendment. ….."

Associated Press 3/29/00 Jeff Donn "……A provocative study of finger lengths found that lesbians are more likely than other women to have a subtle masculine trait, while gay men may display that same characteristic more than heterosexuals. The research adds to an expanding body of evidence that sexual orientation is at least partly a matter of biology - and not simply a choice or a result of cultural or psychological influences. It also provides evidence for the theory that exposure to higher levels of male sex hormones in the womb can help make a person lesbian or gay, despite the stereotype of effeminate gay men, the researchers say. The researchers at the University of California at Berkeley built their study on an already known quirk of human anatomy: Men tend to have shorter index fingers than ring fingers. In women, those two fingers tend to be about the same length. …….The fingers of lesbians were closer to the typical male configuration - with the shorter index finger - than the fingers of other women. The finding points to higher levels of male sex hormones in early life for lesbians, the researchers said. ......"

PRN Newswire 3/28/00 Two national advertisers have canceled commercials during Laura Schlessinger's radio program, according to information obtained today by The companies' decisions come in the midst of a growing controversy over Paramount's plans to offer the "Dr. Laura" show on television this fall. learned of the companies' decisions in e-mails from company executives. An executive with, an online pharmacy, wrote to one concerned customer: "We do not want to have any association with Dr. Laura." The message was written by Alessia Johnson, customer contact specialist for, in direct response to a customer concerned about Schlessinger's anti-gay statements. "We certainly do not want to give our valued customers the wrong idea about," Johnson continued. "We do not support her views and we refuse to advertise with her again."….."

Office of the Chief Counsel of the ACLJ 3/29/00 Jay Sekulow Esq "……Homosexual activists are on the verge of destroying the Boy Scouts of America -- and your church could be their next target! This summer the US Supreme Court will decide if the government can force the Scouts to place homosexuals in leadership positions. If the Scouts lose this case before the Supreme Court, think of the ramifications: **Every Scout Troop across America was immediately impacted (there are more than 100,000 troops nationwide)... **Tens of thousands of churches that sponsor Scout troops were suddenly confronted with the chilling prospect of court-mandated homosexual leaders in their churches... **Religious schools across America will become the next logical targets of the homosexual activists! This is an extremely intense battle. I can tell you from my conversations with high-ranking scout leaders that the scouts are facing unbelievable pressure to cave in to the homosexuals. If they would just change their code, this whole thing would go away, they are told..."

The State News 3/28/00 Sara Luneberg "……A new English course being added to the University of Michigan's fall schedule is drawing fire from the Michigan branch of a nationwide conservative group. Gary Glenn, president of Michigan's American Family Association, said the organization has sent messages to government and U-M officials, calling for the removal of the course "How to be Gay: Male Homosexuality and Initiation." "I'm confident that when Michigan taxpayers learn that U of M wants to teach a class whose stated purpose is to initiate teenage students into the homosexual lifestyle, there will be strong public opposition," Glenn said. "We believe it's wrong for a public university to force taxpayers, many of whom think homosexuality is wrong, to pay for this class." But the professor who designed the class and will teach it this fall, doesn't understand where all the fuss is coming from. "I know that they haven't attempted to contact me for information on the course," David Halperin said. "I don't think they're interested in getting information. They just want to mobilize opposition. They have no idea what I'm teaching, because even I don't know quite what it will be yet." Halperin said he can't comment on exact course content until he has finished the syllabus this summer. But according to the course description, it will address topics including "diva-worship, drag, muscle culture, style, fashion and interior design." …….. "Obviously they haven't done much research. You can assume a lot of untrue things from the title," Matteson said. "The whole idea of being able to recruit (people to homosexuality) doesn't exist. It's just propaganda. You can't recruit someone to be gay anymore than you can to be a foreigner." ….."

Detriot Times 3/27/00 Deb Price "……America loves role models …… The cultural tug-of-war over the proper place of openly gay Americans centers not on whether we should be allowed to, say, sell shoes but on such role model jobs as soldier, teacher, cleric, lawmaker, police officer, parent and Boy Scout leader. While this culture war is not yet won, most of the nation already welcomes openly gay role models, as a close look at a major new Newsweek poll reveals. Increasingly large majorities of Americans want the most respected professions to include openly gay people, Newsweek's snapshot of national attitudes confirms. Instead of "Gay Today," the Newsweek cover story highlighting this poll and featuring a gay cop, a gay minister, a gay soldier, a gay teacher and a gay doctor on the cover ought to have been entitled, "Gay Role Models OK with America." By 57 percent to 35 percent, Americans want openly gay soldiers, for example, Newsweek found in its poll conducted March 9-10. Likewise, most Americans (86 percent) say gay men and lesbians "should be hired" as pro athletes, as doctors and dentists (75 percent, up from 70 percent in 1998), as members of the clergy (52 percent), as high school teachers (63 percent, up from 54 percent in 1992), as elementary school teachers (60 percent, up from 51 percent in 1992) and as "major political officeholders" (71 percent). Those levels of support are translating into major gains throughout the gay civil rights movement……."

Charisma News 3/27/00 "......A New York pastor whose giant billboard advertisements condemning homosexuality sparked a public outcry is planning to go to court to have them re-posted. Kristopher Okwedy's Bible-quoting messages were covered over just a few days into a monthlong campaign planned for Staten Island, N.Y. Now the American Family Association (AFA) is preparing a lawsuit for him against the advertising company and an elected official who pushed for the signs' removal. Protests started soon after the two billboards--each simply featuring four Bible translations of Leviticus 18:22, which forbids homosexual activity--went up last month. Local gay activists complained that the anonymous signs could provoke hate crimes, and borough president Guy Molinari joined the criticism. Around 100 people attended a prayer vigil last week to celebrate the signs' removal. ....." 4/3/00 Wendy McElroy "……In the award-winning radical feminist play by Eve Ensler entitled The Vagina Monologues, a 24-year-old woman plies a 13-year-old girl with alcohol, then sexually seduces her. By statute and by feminist definition, this "seduction" is rape. Yet, from the stage, the little girl declares, "Now people say it was a kind of rape ... Well, I say if it was rape, it was a good rape..." Apparently, the reference to "good rape" has been deleted from some performances but the surrounding language makes the rape's goodness clear. For example, the little girl eulogizes her orgasm: "She gently and slowly lays me out on the bed..." She gratefully concludes, "I'll never need to rely on a man."…… Elsewhere, Swope asked, "why is rape only wrong when a man commits it, but when it's by a woman committed against another woman, who just happens to be 13-years-old, it is celebrated and a university club sponsors it?"……"

Insight Magazine 3/30/00 Paul Rodriguez "……. There's an old maxim: If you put it on paper, one day it will come back and bite you.The same can be said in the nineties of storing information on a computer data-base. The Clinton snoops are about to be bitten. At the same time President Clinton issued his now famous "don't ask, don't tell" policy on homosexuals in the military, the White House secretly was issuing a different set of orders to its own political lieutenants: Segregate resumes pouring into the new administration by sexual preferences. "It was utterly outrageous," says one of nearly a dozen current and former Clinton, Bush and Reagan administration officials who spoke to Insight about operations at the White House and the growing scandal involving FBI background reports on hundreds of prominent Republicans. "We told them that it was unethical and possibly illegal to do this," says one source. "They didn't care," says another familiar with the matter. ………… But, despite protests, it did not stop there. Confidential internal documents obtained by Insight indicate that the White House moved to create an even more ambitious and comprehensive computer database within the Executive Office of the President -one designed to keep tabs on virtually anyone who did or might come into contact with presidential personnel. Known by the acronym WHODB, for White House Office Data Base, the super-secret computer system was nicknamed Big Brother - and for good reason. The "eyes only" database not only can track generic information about people and issues, it is designed to include such intimacies as personal biographies, military records, academic degrees, family details and addresses, political loyalties and how or whether individuals are "important" by region, state or city. ……..Conceived in late 1993 and developed throughout 1994 and 1995 under a protocol stamped "President and First Lady," the secret project was ordered by the White House through a double-blind contract under the aegis of a general-maintenance computer firm that subcontracts special projects. WHODB was, by all accounts, the most closely guarded of its secret jobs…….. The first lady was involved in and "was pleased" with initial phases of the project; so too was the president. The project was overseen by political appointees in the West Wing of the White House. It had an option designed to link it to the WAVES database system operated by the U.S. Secret Service's computer center. That center collects background information on people entering the White House and interacting with the president, first lady and senior staff anywhere in the world. ……."

Associated Press 3/31/00 Mike Glover "……Gov. Tom Vilsack and the mother of Matthew Shepard announced the establishment of a college scholarship program in Shepard's name for openly gay high school students. "These scholarships will add meaning to a life cut short," Vilsack said Thursday. Vilsack appeared at a news conference with Judy Shepard, whose son, a gay University of Wyoming student, was fatally beaten in Laramie, Wyo., in 1998. Since her son's death, she has traveled the country, campaigning against hate crimes involving gays. "We must change these attitudes and we must take a stand," Shepard said. She said the scholarships would help help win acceptance of gays. ….."

London Times, The 4/1/00 Grace Bradberry "……. STUDENT teachers at San Diego State University were told to visit homosexual bars and identify themselves as gay or lesbian even if they were not, as part of a multicultural education course. This and other so-called "cultural plunges" have now earned the university a Polly, an award handed out each year by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, for outrageous examples of political correctness on college campuses. The institute, a conservative think-tank based in Wilmington, Delaware, solicits nominations from students on campuses across America. The institute said that the Pollys were awarded on or near April Fool's Day to highlight "the zany, bizarre, and noxious tendencies of radical faculty and students on the nation's college campuses". ……"

World Net Daily 4/1/00 Dr. Jerry Falwell and Linda Harvey "……This week, I am relinquishing my column to Linda Harvey, president of the Columbus, Ohio-based Mission America. …….. By Linda P. Harvey Choice4Truth………. Let's say you're a high school principal in Anytown, USA, and some students have come to you asking to form a "gay" club. Since more than 600 such clubs have been formed in the past seven years in American high schools, it's certainly not revolutionary, they tell you. You start to think, yes, this might be a workable idea. After all, these are students who are more prone to being discriminated against, and this would raise their self-esteem. ... But wait. This administrator needs to slow way down, and think. We are talking here about homosexuality -- not the debate team. Most or all the students who want to form this group have homosexual desires and are willing to participate in the behaviors involved in homosexuality, behaviors commonly associated with serious diseases like AIDS. In fact, in the weirdest of ironies, there is a high probability that currently at Anytown High, there is money being spent to fund a health education program warning about the dangers of HIV -- and the associated behaviors. And now you may sponsor a club that will find those behaviors acceptable? Those at highest risk of HIV are males who engage in anal sex. It's a practice engaged in by roughly three-fourths of homosexual males…………."

World Net Daily 4/1/00 Dr. Jerry Falwell and Linda Harvey "……But the issue goes way beyond health. In today's climate, a school not only encourages risky, unhealthy behavior by allowing a homosexuality club, but also fosters a climate of tension and division. This is because of what gay clubs -- or "gay/straight alliances," as they are often called -- will spend their time exploring. Here's what goes on in such groups, and some of the ramifications:

* Misinformation about homosexuality will be learned. Uniformly supportive, it will reinforce the homosexual desires of vulnerable teens, without any authentic exploration of what has prompted these desires. Genetic origins will be firmly claimed without a scintilla of supporting scientific evidence (since there is none)….

* Their "rights" to "be who they are" -- i.e., to participate in homosexual behavior -- will be constantly reinforced. These "rights" will increasingly be defined as they want -- until adults put on the brakes…..

* The group will dwell on what they believe constitutes harassment or discrimination by other students or teachers. So, having sealed their decisions to "be who they are," and being immature adolescents anyway, this group's interpretation of harassment can range from extreme sensitivity about natural and commonplace disapproval by other teens, to rage when a "straight" teen swiftly and angrily rejects homosexual advances….

* Activist training will have a fertile field. Regional conferences will be attended by the club members and adult advisors. A slight can become a potential lawsuit, because these teens, and often their sympathetic parents, will know about the resources at their disposal through Lambda Legal Defense Fund, GLSEN, and other national, well-funded groups.....,,

* Traditional religions that disapprove of homosexuality will be regularly and soundly trashed. The intolerance coming out of the adult pro-homosexual lobby is implanted here, and a mindset of animosity is created. "Gay" clubs, by perpetuating myths, help to fuel division, not eliminate it….

* Gay clubs will embrace the idea that cross-dressing is a defensible activity. Transgendered rights are going to include -- get ready, school boards -- the right to define one's own gender; to use whichever bathroom or shower one wants; or attend whichever gym class or be on whatever sports team one wishes. To not see reality as these individuals see it will be, again, "discrimination." …….

* Social activities will be planned for homosexual teens -- and their adult advisers. So their defense will be that the prom is a dating activity for heterosexuals -- why not something for homosexuals? But homosexuality is high risk. Vastly higher percentages of kids die early from the practices associated with it. Fifty percent of all newly-reported HIV infections are found in people under 25……."

4/3/00 The State News Jason Van Dyke "…….I can see it now. By about 9:00 am today everybody is going to be talking about how some bigot at Michigan State University dared attack homosexual rights during MSU PRIDE 2000. I say "good".......,The "fun" began on Thursday, March 23 with a speaker named Mary Daly. Now, I am sure everybody has seen stickers and signs relating to "tolerance" and "diversity" spring up all over campus since this school year has started. Ironically enough, Daly is among the most intolerant people in the United States today. She is an advocate of segregation and openly promotes "women's only space". Daly even refuses to allow men to attend her feminist philosophy classes, and, when asked why she has responded with profanity that she does not want them to interfere….."

4/3/00 The State News Jason Van Dyke "……Another will be taking place today, and it will be a presentation from the Lambda Defense Fund. In a letter that was sent out regarding PRIDE 2000 as well as on the Lambda Defense Fund website, it is discussed how this fund is trying to get "recognition of the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, and people living with HIV/AIDS through impact legislation, education, and public policy work." I found it somewhat humorous (and somewhat sickening) that they mentioned HIV-related discrimination. This is because nowhere in this program is anything scheduled about HIV/AIDS prevention. They can't tell homosexuals that what they do in their bedrooms is dangerous, can spreads hepatitis and HIV and that it should be avoided - because that would be discrimination….."

4/3/00 The State News Jason Van Dyke "……Most ironic of all is the "Vigil Against Hate Crimes" which is scheduled to take place tomorrow. It asks students "to please attend to show support to those minority groups who have been oppressed, harassed, and even killed for only being individuals". I do not support crimes against anybody, whether they are a minority group or not, for any reason. However, I find it ironic that they would mention oppression and harassment when, in fact, oppression and harassment is one of the major activities of this entire movement. Every since the "gay pride movement" became politically correct, we have had everything having to do with hate crime, diversity, tolerance, and oppression (both real and imagined) shoved down our throats. We have seen shirts with sayings such as "Homophobia is a Social Disease" and everything relating to diversity ever slapped on a bumper sticker or a T-shirt….."

4/3/00 The State News Jason Van Dyke "……Tolerance and diversity have to do with promoting understanding of persons that look, act, and believe differently than you. Does the gay rights movement do this? Yeah right. As long as one agrees with their positions on the issues you are their best friend, but the minute one even starts questioning their agenda it is an entirely different story. When a person speaks out in opposition to their movement, whether is be for religious reasons or otherwise, they are instantly branded as bigots and hate-mongers. All of this is coming from a group that is supposed to be promoting diversity and free speech. Certainly, if the right to free speech exists it all it protects the rights of people to disagree with what society currently values as the politically correct thing to believe. It is purely hypocritical to condemn members of what they call the religious right as for referring to homosexuals as "faggots" when in the same breath they do the same kind of name-calling by referring to Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell as "bigots".. "

Jewish World Review 4/18/00 Betsy Hart "…… THE SHOCKING HEADLINE in the New York Times read "2 Boys Held in Rape of Girl, 9, at School" and it was pretty awful stuff. The boys who allegedly committed the April 10th attack were 12, and the rape reportedly happened during school hours in an exit vestibule of a public school in New York City. Yes, that's 9-years-old, 12-years-old, and a public school while classes were in session. According to reports it's the third sexual attack involving young students at the school this year. The details of the incident were bad enough. But I was also struck by the prescience of what proved to be a related New York Times story earlier this month, a report by Anne Jarrell on the dramatic increase of middle school children in New York City having sex. And, by inference, what this may mean for the rest of America. Jarrell interviewed a number of New York psychologists and other experts who generally agreed with Dr. Richard Gallagher, director of the Parenting Institute at New York University's Child Study Center when he said, "I see no reason not to believe that soon a substantial number of youths will be having intercourse in the middle-school years. . . it's already happening." Jarrell cites one report showing that nationally, 17 percent of seventh and eighth graders have already had sexual intercourse. And, she says, "other, smaller studies put the percentage even higher." ……"

Concerned Women for America 4/17/00 Tanya L. Green, J.D. "...... U.S. Supreme Court to review Scouts in homosexual lawsuit On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight [emphasis added]. Since its inception in 1910, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has maintained its identity as a clean-cut, conservative youth movement devoted to building character and teaching responsibility to boys and young men. However, a 1999 New Jersey Supreme Court decision struck down the Scouts' ban on homosexuality, threatening to force the organization to compromise its long-held oath. ..... The BSA dismissed James Dale, a former assistant scoutmaster, nearly 10 years ago because his homosexuality violated its oath. Dale filed a lawsuit against the Scouts, which went all the way to the state's highest court. The New Jersey Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the Scouts could not exclude homosexuals from leadership. The court based its decision on the state's Law Against Discrimination, which prohibits "places of public accommodation" from discriminating against homosexuals. The Scouts then appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. If the decision is allowed to stand, its impact could be far reaching. Churches and other private organizations could then be forced to allow homosexuals in positions of responsibility. ........"

The Associated Press 4/18/00 "……Secretary of the Navy Richard Danzig told an audience at the U.S. Naval Academy that the military should not be considered a testing ground for gay-rights issues. Responding to a question about gays in military service, Danzig said Monday night that American society "hasn't reached a consensus" on gay rights. "In the end, the military itself shouldn't be a driver of that, but a follower of the consensus of society," he said. "It is really much more an issue for society-at-large as it is for the military," he said. "The military isn't essentially a testing ground." ….."

New York Post 4/16/00 Carl Campanile "...... Schools are "ticking time bombs" for sex crimes because there aren't enough monitors, counselors and security guards to track troubled students, worried parents and educators charge. Their complaints take on new urgency after three reported sex attacks - allegedly by students ages seven to 12 - on classmates at CS 200 in Harlem since February. "The schools are ticking time bombs waiting to happen," said Leo Stevens, vice president of the United Parents Association. He said inadequate staffing - coupled with incompetent substitute teachers - leave gaping holes in student safety. Stevens also said he suspects sex crimes are being underreported by school officials. The Police Department - which took over school security in December 1998 -refused Friday to release school-by-school data on sex crimes. A spokesman said the figures required further analysis. ……."

Scout's Honour - News Review 4/15/00 Ben Hills "…….. The leader of Australia's 90,000-strong Scouting movement has apologised to the families of Scouts sexually abused by a serial pedophile over nearly 30 years. Roderick Corrie, 57, one of the most senior and highly decorated Scouts in NSW, preyed on dozens of boys in his care, while the Scouting leadership failed to adequately investigate complaints against him. Conceding that Corrie should have been detected, sacked and prosecuted years ago, the Chief Commissioner of Scouts Australia, Dr Bruce Munro, told the Herald: "I am appalled, and I apologise for anything I have done that has contributed to what has happened. I am almost speechless about the whole thing." Corrie was jailed for seven years in February after pleading guilty in the District Court to the eight most serious of 77 charges of sexual abuse, including rape and buggery. The offences spanned almost 30 years, from 1969 to 1995. ……."

CBN News 4/17/00 David Snyder "……Vermont is on the brink of becoming the first state in the union to sanction a form of same-sex marriage. This week, the Vermont Senate is expected to approve legally binding "civil unions" that parallel heterosexual marriages in their rights and responsibilities. But state legislators may not be prepared for the groundswell of opposition that is erupting around the state. The Green Mountain State: placid and idyllic under a late-season coat of snow. But scratch the surface and fault lines appear. "In this town, it's always been about hate, and it's always been about discrimination and it always will be!" shouts one man. ……"

World Net Daily 4/15/00 Julie Foster "……. The homosexual rights group "Oral Majority" will hold a rally at the Pentagon on April 29th to honor "gays and lesbians who gave life and limb to stop the Nazis" and to protest the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy regarding homosexual personnel. Bob Kunst, spokesman for Oral Majority, claims the government treats homosexuals as second-class citizens and dishonors homosexuals who served in the military. "The fact that the Pentagon is supporting the moral majority is like supporting the Nazis that deny people their human rights," he said. Kunst, who has been active in the homosexual rights movement for many years, was prevented by the Carter administration from laying a wreath adorned with a rainbow flag -- the homosexual community's self-proclaimed symbol -- at the tomb of the unknown soldier. …….."

Movement Teaches Tolerance Hypocritically Jason Van Dyke "…….I can see it now. By about 9:00 am today everybody is going to be talking about how some bigot at Michigan State University dared attack homosexual rights during MSU PRIDE 2000. I say "good". Everytime something like that happens my point will be proven again and again. The point is that these gay "rights" activists that claim to be teaching tolerance to everybody and ridding the world of "ignorance" are actually some of the most bigoted and intolerant people one can meet. ……… The "fun" began on Thursday, March 23 with a speaker named Mary Daly. Now, I am sure everybody has seen stickers and signs relating to "tolerance" and "diversity" spring up all over campus since this school year has started. Ironically enough, Daly is among the most intolerant people in the United States today. She is an advocate of segregation and openly promotes "women's only space". Daly even refuses to allow men to attend her feminist philosophy classes, and, when asked why she has responded with profanity that she does not want them to interfere. Perhaps the real reason is that she wants to be able to spew her venom in an environment where nobody will be around to ask her students to actually think about what they are hearing from the mouth of their professor. ……Before the gay rights movement goes on a march trying to teach tolerance, perhaps they should learn something about it themselves. Among the things they need to realize is that there are some people that are sickened by their lifestyle. This may be for a variety of reasons and they may include religious ones. We have never once heard, from any person preaching diversity, that it was okay to disagree with him. All we have heard is a message of ignorance - that to be against the homosexual lifestyle means that you must be a hateful and despicable person. Once they learn to respect the fact that there are people in this world who have serious moral objections to their lifestyle, maybe they will be able to preach their message and not look like hypocrites. ……"

NY Press 4/4/00 Petra Dickenson "……..Two weeks before the first anniversary of the brutal killing of Matthew Shepard, in September of 1999, a 13-year-old boy was murdered in Rogers, AK. Jesse Dirkhising, his body covered with feces, died while being repeatedly raped and sodomized with various objects, including an enema filled with the urine of one of his tormentors. The murder, and the ongoing court proceedings against the alleged perpetrators, one of whom is scheduled to go on trial on April 10, has received virtually no media attention outside of the Ozarks. Vicious murders happen all the time. This could be said about the murder of Matthew Shepard. Yet his death unleashed not only a frenzy of coverage and was denounced at rallies, protests and candlelight vigils around the country, it even brought out demands from the Arkansan in the White House for "hate crime legislation" on the theory, presumably, that the death penalty the prosecutors were seeking was insufficient. It was The Washington Times that made the Jesse Dirkhising story more than just a local news item, and L. Brent Bozell III who subsequently pointed out that self-imposed political correctness on the part of the media was responsible for the different treatment of the two cases. With few exceptions, the nation's newspapers twisted themselves into bundles of contradiction trying to refute the charge that they could possibly be biased. But if their original silence was telling and might by some force of the imagination be deemed innocent, the reaction to Bozell's allegations could leave no doubt that he had been right. The media will indeed shape the news to accommodate any contemporary fashion. And what's more fashionable these days than gay and lesbian politics? Dirkhising was a boy murdered by two homosexuals, Shepard was a homosexual killed by two heterosexuals….."

The Boston Globe 4/4/00 "……SABATTUS, Maine (AP) A Roman Catholic priest who was sent out of state after being identified by church officials as the creator of a sexually explicit Web site for gay clergy will not be coming back, according to his parishioners. Sister Lucille Fournier told churchgoers at Sunday services at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish that the Rev. John Harris would not return. The Diocese of Portland would not confirm the nun's report. Whether Harris will return is up to the bishop, who has not announced anything publicly, diocese spokesman Marc Mutty said. …….. "

AFA Journal 4/14/00 Fred Jackson and Bill Fancher "...... A husband and wife from Ft. Worth, TX, are among five people facing multiple indictments for allegedly peddling internet child pornography. U.S. Attorney Paul Coggins says Thomas and Janice Reedy did more than a million dollars of business a year offering customers access to child porn web sites. Authorities say an unusual part of this case is that the three other people indicted live in Indonesia and Russia. They say those individuals ran the web sites which contained pictures and videos of children as young as four years old. ......"

American Family Association 4/14/00 Fred Jackson "…….Texas Governor George W. Bush says he's a "better person" for having met with a group of homosexuals yesterday. The meeting between the likely Republican presidential candidate and the Republican homosexuals has been talked about for weeks. Analysts say Bush felt pressured to have the session as a way of proving he's not controlled by the conservative wing of the GOP. After the meeting, Bush told reporters that he welcomes gay Americans into his campaign, saying that sexual orientation is not a factor. And then he added that he wanted conservative Republicans to understand that he judges people based on their heart and soul, and that he believes "we're all God's children." ……"

Denver Post 4/13/00 Al Knight "……The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has embarked upon an ambitious public brain-washing project that will ultimately redefine the concept of free speech. The group's immediate goal is to force Paramount Pictures to cancel a new television program featuring radio talk-show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger even before its debut this fall. The organization's longer-term goal is to persuade the news media that when it comes to homosexuality, there is only one accepted viewpoint, the one endorsed by - you guessed it - GLAAD. GLAAD so far has been quite successful in its attack on Schlessinger, who ranks a close second in radio popularity to conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh. In recent weeks, the Paramount Television Group was sufficiently alarmed about the protest that it assured homosexual activists that Dr. Laura's new program, already syndicated to cover 85 percent of the nation's TV audience, would contain "many points of view on homosexuality and other issues." Paramount's proclamation, of course, did little to soften GLAAD's opposition. ……"

The Associated Press 4/3/00 "…….. Craig Peterson was going to be a father.............. He knew when he started the adoption process he would have to overcome the stigma of being single and gay............ Peterson, went through months of interviews and training and was finally allowed to have a little girl placed with him........... But then the little girls foster parents, Saundra and Earl "Butch" Kimmerling, learned about Peterson's sexual orientation. They protested, rallying state and local politicians to their side............... They were certain they were right- certain that a homosexual could not be a good parent, and that a heterosexual would be........ Within a week of learning that Peterson is gay, the Kimerlings filed to adopt Mary.............. "We have her and we're a family," Saundra Kimmerling said at the time................. Earl Kimmerling, who worked for the Indiana Department of Transportation, admitted molesting the child........ On January 13 of this year, with Peterson present, Kimmerling pleaded guilty to four counts of child molestation. Peterson wept as the charges were read........... The Kimmerlings separatted after the charges were filed, and Mary remains with Saundra Kimmerling, who has refused any comment ……."

WASHINGTON TIMES 4/3/00 Thomas Elias "……. OAKLAND, Calif. - You can't get much more explicit than the anti-AIDS advertising campaign Alameda County officials are mounting here on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay. One black man lies atop another, both naked, two empty glasses and a liquor bottle beside them. An unused condom lies on the floor nearby. That's the ad campaign that now adorns small billboards, postcards, business-size plastic cards, condom packages and matchbooks. "Been there. Done that. Get HIV tested. It could save your life," says the slogan on each of the advertising items. The signs are being posted in areas most likely to be frequented by gay black men.[racial profiling?] The smaller items are given away in nightclubs, adult video stores, bathhouses, bars and other known gay hangouts. The shock ads are the county health department's response to a state of emergency declared in 1998, when AIDS officially become the number one killer of African Americans ages 25 to 44 in Alameda County, bumping homicide out of that spot for the first time since the early 1960s. ……. The campaign is aimed primary at blacks because they are five times more likely to contract the deadly HIV virus than whites or blacks. Blacks make up just 18 percent of the county population, but account for 42 percent of its 5,400 active AIDS cases. ……"

American Family Association 4/5/00 "……… On Wednesday, April 5, the Center For Reclaiming America, an outreach of Coral Ridge Ministries, along with the Family Research Council, American Family Association, Concerned Women for America, Focus on the Family, and Exodus International, will be holding a press conference at the Courtyard Detroit Downtown, 333 East Jefferson (across from Renaissance Tower) Detroit, Michigan. The group will respond to the recent censorship of the "Truth In Love" TV ads by stations in the Detroit area. These ads offer homosexuals an alternative, and present hope for change to those struggling with homosexuality. "The ad, entitled 'Families', which features three families where both parents have successfully left the homosexual lifestyle behind, has been discriminated against," said Janet L. Folger, National Director the Center for Reclaiming America and Truth in Love Campaign coordinator. "What we have here are television stations telling religious group that their views are invalid - in any other country, that's called religious discrimination." ……."

Detroit News 4/6/00 Louise Knott "……Several conservative Christian groups are blasting Metro Detroit television stations for refusing to air an advertisement seeking to help gays become straight. Christian leaders who gathered Wednesday called the refusal religious discrimination and accused stations of bowing to local gay activists. One station, CBS affiliate WWJ-TV, has agreed to run it, but only between 12:30 a.m. and 5 a.m. The ad features two married couples -- one from Detroit -- who say they were able to escape, as they put it, "the homosexual lifestyle" after finding God. Local stations said it was too controversial to run, according to Janet Folger of the Center for Reclaiming America. "The way some news media -- in this case, local Detroit television -- handles the pressure and political agenda of local homosexual activists is not a pretty picture," said Gary Glenn, president of the Michigan chapter of the American Family Association. ….."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 4/5/00 Eric Stern "…….Supporters of a legislative effort to ban sex with animals say that forging ahead with a bestiality bill is worth the barbs from late-night talk show hosts. Having no law that prohibits bestiality "makes us look like some kind of backward hillbilly state," says the sponsor, Rep. Catherine Hanaway, R-Des Peres. Hanaway's bill was sparked by a story in the Riverfront Times, a free St. Louis weekly, last fall about a southwest Missouri man's sexual relationship with a horse. She said her constituents demanded that bestiality be outlawed. The House Criminal Law Committee held a hearing Wednesday on the bill, which would impose a maximum five-year prison sentence and $5,000 fine on people convicted of having sex with animals. Hanaway said she will try to add the proposal onto another bill during the legislative session. ......... Having sex with animals was banned in Missouri until 1977, when lawmakers rewrote the state's sodomy laws and accidentally left out bestiality. No one took notice until the late George Willard of Carl Junction, Mo., published a book in 1994 about his fetish. ……."

AP 3/29/00 "……A student-organized memorial lecture series intended to tackle controversial topics has led to protests from some parents and area residents upset that the subject chosen this year was ''Being Gay in America.'' More than 400 people signed two petitions protesting this year's lectures at Ithaca High School and on Monday and Tuesday small groups of protesters picketed the high school, Principal Susan Strauss said Wednesday. There were no protesters Wednesday as the lecture series continued with a debate on gays in the military and a critical discussion of Vermont's proposed law to allow ''civil unions'' between gay couples by Jamiel Terry, the son of Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry. It is the 16th year for the lecture series, which was started in 1984 as a memorial to David Nosanchuk, who was senior class president when he accidentally drowned. Strauss said Nosanchuk was known for his passion for wanting to explore different perspectives on debated issues. ........."

Front Page Magazine 3/30/00Thomas Sowell "……. THE ISSUE OF GAY MARRIAGE is one of many signs of the sloppy thinking of our times. Centuries of laws, policies, and traditions have grown up around marriage as a union of a man and a woman. Now the demand is that all those laws, policies, and traditions simply be transferred automatically and en masse to an entirely different union that chooses to use the same word. Homosexuals were on their strongest ground when they argued that what happens between consenting adults is nobody else's business. Now they want to make it everybody's business by requiring others to acquiesce in their unions and treat them as they would other unions, both in law and in social practice. Why is marriage a government concern in the first place? There are at least three reasons…….. First of all, a marriage between a man and a woman has the potential to produce additional people, who are neither consenting nor adults……… Second, men and women are inherently in very different positions within a marriage. The inescapable fact that only women become pregnant means that male and female situations are never going to be the same, no matter how much "gender neutral" language we use or how much fashionable talk there is about how "we" are going to have a baby………Third, time has very different effects on men and women. As the years pass and women lose their physical attraction, men are typically rising in income and occupational status. It is usually easier for a middle-aged man to abandon his wife and make a second marriage with a younger "trophy wife" than for a woman to remarry equally as advantageously. Since a woman has often invested years of her life in creating a home and family, the marriage contract is one way of trying to assure her that this investment will not be in vain. These and other differences between the sexes simply do not apply when the people in a domestic union are of the same sex. When they are simply "consenting adults," they can consent on whatever terms they choose to work out between themselves. It is nobody else's business and should not be the law's business……."


Tulsa World 4/27/00 Jann Clark "….. A Benton County Circuit judge denied defense attorneys' requests Wednesday to suppress evidence against their client, Davis Don Carpenter Jr., one of the two defendants charged with capital murder in the death and rape of a 13-year old Rogers boy. Judge David Clinger ruled in favor of the prosecution Wednesday afternoon, saying the search warrants used to seize 114 items from Carpenter's apartment on Sept. 6, the day Jesse Dirkhising died, were valid and can be used in the July 17 trial. Clinger also ruled that police used a legal method to gather evidence against Carpenter later that day, and the evidence will be admissible in court Carpenter and Joshua "Josh" Brown, 22 are each charged with one count of capital murder and six counts of rape in the case. …… "

Washington Post 4/22/00 R.H. Melton and Ann O'Hanlon "…… A unanimous Virginia Supreme Court struck down an Arlington County law yesterday that conferred health insurance benefits on the unmarried domestic partners of local government employees. The county said it plans no appeal. The state's high court ruled 7 to 0 that Arlington erred three years ago when it expanded its legal definition of eligible dependents to include domestic partners. The court said the General Assembly had never expressly granted such authority to local governments. Arlington, which has 7,000 government and school employees, devised a new benefits plan that was "not a reasonable method of implementing its implied authority," the court said. In Richmond, the lawyer representing three Arlington taxpayers who challenged the program hailed the ruling despite the court's decision not to address the broader question of a county legislating in the field of domestic relations. "We won the ballgame," said attorney Jordan W. Lorence, of Fairfax County. "Virginia keeps the units of local government on a very tight leash."……"

AP via FoxNews 4/25/00 Ross Sneyd "……Vermont lawmakers gave final approval Tuesday to a bill that would make the state the first in the nation to give gay and lesbian couples the benefits of marriage. Gov. Howard Dean has promised to sign the bill and may do so by the end of the week. The first civil unions ceremonies could take place after July 1. The final House vote on accepting Senate amendments was 79-68. "The granting of the equal protections of the law by providing the legal protections, benefits and responsibilities that flow from marriage will not diminish your humanity, your dignity, your freedom or independence," House Judiciary Committee Chairman Thomas Little said. "The continued denial of these legal protections, benefits and responsibilities to a small but vulnerable class of Vermont's citizens diminishes their humanity, dignity, freedom and independence," he said……."

Newark (NJ) Star Ledger 4/25/00 Robert Cohen "….A diverse coalition of religious groups -- Catholics, Orthodox Jews, Mormons, Southern Baptists -- are sending a clear message to the Supreme Court: Don't force the Boy Scouts of America to accept gays as Scoutmasters. When the justices convene tomorrow to review a New Jersey Supreme Court ruling that said the Boy Scouts cannot ban homosexuals from those leadership positions, the legal arguments will center on questions dealing with civil rights and freedom of speech and association. James Dale, a 29-year-old gay activist barred from a Boy Scouts troop in Matawan, will argue through attorneys that the Boy Scouts of America, with nearly 5.4 million members, is a public organization that may not discriminate based on sexual orientation. Attorneys for the Scouts will counter that the organization is private and entitled under the First Amendment to establish its own membership rules and code of behavior. ......"

Family Resource Council 4/25/00 Peter LaBarbera "……Of all the advances of the homosexual agenda, perhaps none is more disturbing than the penetration of the nation's schools with messages and programs designed to teach homosexuality as normative. In recent years, homosexual advocates have injected pro-homosexuality discussions into early grade classrooms - including kindergarten - in the name of "tolerance" and "diversity." In middle school and high school, youngsters are being encouraged to "come out" as "gay," "lesbian," "bisexual" or even "transgender" through pro-homosexuality school clubs. Meanwhile, activist teachers are incorporating homosexuality-affirming lessons in curricula and defending their "right" to be openly homosexual in the classroom - regardless of parental opposition. ......"

Family Resource Council 4/25/00 Peter LaBarbera "……Here are the top 10 strategies used by the burgeoning pro-homosexuality school movement to influence impressionable and often troubled students:
PROMOTE "COMING OUT" AND "GLBT PRIDE." Homosexual publications and researchers have reported on the phenomenon of young people "coming out" as homosexuals (and bisexuals and "transgenders") at younger and younger ages. According to several studies, the average "coming out" age for "gay/bisexual males" has plummeted from around 21 years old in 1979 to under 15 today, with young people identifying "gay" attractions at age 13.......
ADOPT HOMOSEXUALITY-AFFIRMING CURRICULA. Pro-homosexuality teachers are using their position to "mainstream" homosexuality in the classroom. In high schools and colleges, the main tactic has been to stress that famous historical figures were "gay," even if there is no definitive proof for the claim. For example, Vassar English Professor Paul Russell, a homosexual, listed St. Augustine in his book "The Gay 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Gay Men and Lesbians," published in 1995 with research funding provided by the federal National Endowment for the Arts. Russell admitted that he could not prove his claim, but states, "What I am claiming here is that Augustine appears to have indulged, in his early life, in pleasures of the flesh, both with males and with females."…….Similarly, a pro-homosexuality agency in the Los Angeles Unified School District suggested that Abraham Lincoln was "gay," relying on the discredited accusation of pro-pedophilia University of Massachusetts Professor Charles Shively....... Consider these recommendations in a pro-"gay" report urging "subject-appropriate applications of lesbian/gay issues" in math classes:
"The use of same-sex couples in word problems;
"The use of gay/lesbian specific situations in explaining mathematical procedures (example: if 10,000 people marched in the Gay Pride March in 1990 and 25,000 in 1992, what was the average increase?)."......
PRO-HOMOSEXUALITY COUNSELING FOR TROUBLED YOUTH. Sadly, many young men and women are encouraged to embrace a "gay" sexual identity by their school counselors. The American School Counselor Association now endorses the claim of a natural and "unalterable" homosexual identity for "sexual minority" youth.......... At Groves High School in Birmingham, Mich., the alma mater of this writer, homosexual activist Frank Colasonti, Jr., is the school guidance counselor. The local Detroit-area media has championed Colasonti, founder of GLSEN's Detroit chapter, as an advocate for "gay" youth without critically examining the conflict-of-interest issues surrounding his position as a school counselor……. Obviously, most parents would prefer not to send their son or daughter to be "counseled" by someone who celebrates homosexuality, especially if the child were troubled over sexual matters. Parents would be wise to inquire about their school counselor's position on issues of sexual identity and sexual morality at the start of the school year.
EQUATE OPPOSITION WITH HATE, BIGOTRY AND PREJUDICE. Pro-family parents committed to grounding their children in traditional moral beliefs, including the ancient Judeo-Christian view that homosexual behavior is wrong and unnatural, are usually not surprised to learn that "gay" education activists have no respect for their position and in fact seek to undermine it. Homosexual education activists such as Kevin Jennings of GLSEN claim to respect biblical beliefs but assert that all children must be taught to live in a diverse world in which "gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders" are part of the mix. It would seem to follow, then, that schools should take special time to teach children to live with a number of other social problems and errant behaviors that have existed since time immemorial. Why not an all-day workshop on prostitution? Or an in-school seminar on adultery? The fact is that Jennings and his allies regard opposition to homosexuality, be it motivated by religion or practical concerns, as prejudice on a moral par with racism. They do not believe that homosexuals can change because they consider homosexuality a natural "orientation," akin to being left-handed. The record of homosexual education activists is replete with quotations equating the sincerely held beliefs of their foes with "hate," "intolerance," "bigotry" and "prejudice." It is better to approach all school conflicts over the homosexuality issue with this understanding than to count on "gay" activists to be respectful and reasonable. ......" 5/4/00 "……The gay Arizona representative is determined to make the Army Reserve carry out its "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" proceeding against him. Arizona Representative Steve May (R-Phoenix) was hip-deep in the harried final days of the state legislative session and had just returned from training soldiers headed for Europe when he received a special delivery letter from the Army Reserve, asking him to resign his commission. The March 9 letter from Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel Colonel Harry B. Pearl notified May "that involuntary separation action has been initiated against you ... specifically because of homosexuality." As added encouragement the letter included a resignation letter ready for the gay lieutenant to sign -- all he would have to do to end the investigation that could lead to his discharge under the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. ……"There is no honor in resignation," May said. …."

5/9/00 Alan Keyes "...... If we don't have a right to act according to our religious belief by forming judgments according to those beliefs about human conduct and behavior, then, exactly what does the free exercise of religion mean? Can the free exercise of religion really mean simply that I have the right to believe that God has ordained certain things to be right or wrong but that I can't act accordingly? ........ Surely free exercise means the freedom to act according to belief. And, yet, if we are not allowed to act according to belief when it comes to fundamental moral precepts, then what will be the moral implications of religion? None at all. ......... But if we accept an understanding of religious liberty that doesn't permit us to discriminate the wheat from the chaff in our own actions and those of others, haven't we in fact permitted the government to dictate to us a uniform approach to religion? ....... And, isn't that dictation of uniformity in religion exactly what the First Amendment intended to forbid?"

CNS 5/4/00 Susan Jones "…..A conservative group accuses NBC of jumping at the chance to "slam people of faith" by mocking the struggles faced by formerly homosexual men and women. In a statement, the Colorado-based Focus on the Family takes offense at this week's episode of "Will & Grace," in which one of the main characters attends a meeting of former homosexuals and successfully seduces the group's leader, proving the meeting is a hypocritical sham. "Once again, NBC has chosen to ridicule people with deeply-held biblical convictions and those who believe that change is possible," said Mike Haley, a former homosexual who now works with Focus on the Family. "This is just more evidence of the ever-increasing censorship of the ex-gay point of view," he said. ...Focus on the Family, echoing an argument presented by other conservative groups, says, "The gay mantra - tolerance - is completely ignored when it come to those with another point of view." ……Focus on the Family insists that for those who want it, change is possible, and it says shows such as "Will & Grace" are blatant attempts to discredit the ex-gay movement. ….."

American Family Association 5/5/00 Fred Jackson "…… Another campus-based Christian group is facing a threat of discipline because of its stand against homosexuality. The latest school to take aim at a Christian group is Middlebury College in Vermont. According to Religion Today, the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is under fire for not allowing Ryan Palstrok, a homosexual, to hold a leadership position. A spokesman for the group, Kerra Struthers, says anyone can attend its meetings, but Palstrok cannot be a leader because he doesn't believe homosexuality is wrong. She says leadership within the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is restricted to people who hold to traditional interpretation of the Bible--that it is divinely inspired and entirely trustworthy. Officials at Middlebury College apparently don't like that. Religion News says they are considering changing the language in the school's handbook so that campus groups cannot prohibit people from running for leadership positions--even if those individuals disagree with the group's stated beliefs. ……"

CNS News 5/4/00 Lawrence Morahan "……The Boston chapter of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network has threatened to take legal action against a Massachusetts parent if he publishes a tape he made at a homosexual issues seminar in which state educators allegedly used graphic sexual language to describe homosexual sex to minors. Scott Whiteman, a parent and the executive director of the Parents Rights Coalition in Waltham, Massachusetts, secretly taped a seminar on "What They Didn't Tell You About Queer Sex and Sexuality in Health Class," a workshop for youth ages 14 - 21 at Tufts University on March 25. Whiteman told that during the event, which was funded by the state Department of Education, educators gave children as young as 14 explicit descriptions of homosexual acts, complete with demonstrations and diagrams. ...... As proof of the graphic "Teach Out" event - which was run by the Boston chapter of GLSEN - Whiteman, a law student, tape-recorded two sessions and promised to distribute the recordings to parents around the country. …….. Whiteman also transcribed the tape and used extracts from it in a sworn affidavit he sent to Massachusetts district attorney, Martha Coakley, detailing what he witnessed and asking that the public servants in question be investigated for their alleged corruption of children. Whiteman has not received a reply from Coakley and calls to Coakley's office by were not returned. ……."

The Associated Press 5/8/00 Richard Ostling "….. The chief policy-setting body of the United Methodist Church, America's third-largest religion, appears likely to reaffirm its traditional opposition to homosexuality and same-sex marriages. One committee has voted to maintain the policy that homosexual activity is "incompatible with Christian teaching." Committees have also voted to continue policies against ordaining active homosexuals and against union ceremonies for same-sex couples. Though the full body of 992 delegates could reject committee recommendations, activists on both sides said they expected current policies to be upheld. ……"

The Associated Press 5/8/00 "…… Professor Robert Nye likes to shake people up intellectually, and finds that nothing does it faster than sex. Nye, the Horning Professor of Humanities at Oregon State University, has to warn his students that his course is X-rated. He's an internationally recognized expert on the history of sexuality. He focuses his study on people and practices that, at various times, mainstream society has labeled deviant. Homosexuality. Fetishism. Pornography. ……… In graduate school at the University of Wisconsin, Nye specialized in French history. It was the 1960s, and his interest in politics and activism drew his attention to radical groups and ideas and how society defines the fringe. "I began to realize my interests lay not so much with what the mainstream politicians or thinkers were doing or saying, but in what was happening on the margins of society," he says. His interests ultimately led him to the study of masculinity and sexuality. ………"

The New York Daily News 5/9/00 John Leo "….. Tufts University in Medford, Mass., is punishing a campus evangelical group for refusing to allow practicing homosexuals into its leadership positions. A student tribunal, the Tufts Community Union Judiciary, voted to derecognize the Tufts Christian Fellowship. This means that the evangelicals won't be able to reserve rooms for meetings, publicize events in campus listings or even use bulletin boards. They are forbidden to use the Tufts name and will lose their share of student activity monies doled out to all student groups, some $5,700 a year. One administrator was quoted as telling the group, "I don't mean to get dramatic or anything, but essentially, on the Tufts campus, you do not exist." ………. At a late-night meeting that the evangelicals were not told about, the judiciary tribunal decided, without a hearing, that the fellowship was violating campus anti-discrimination policy by not allowing Julie Catalano, a bisexual member of the group, into a leadership position next year. The fellowship says it knew that Catalano had been "exploring her sexuality" when she joined the group three years ago, but she accepted the group's teaching on homosexuality and apparently had no trouble with it. ……"

WorldNetDaily 5/8/00 Frank York "…… Three HIV instructors in Massachusetts are at the center of a growing controversy after reportedly conducting sexually explicit workshops for teenagers and holding sessions to train teachers in the art of injecting positive homosexual themes into public school materials -- down to the elementary school level. ……… Two state employees in the HIV division of the Department of Education and an HIV consultant with the Department of Public Health led a March 25 "Teach Out" held at Tufts University. The event was sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, or GLSEN. ……. Teachers who attended the conference received state development credits for their participation. The Massachusetts Department of Education provides funding to GLSEN through its "Safe Schools Program." ….."

WorldNetDaily 5/8/00 Frank York "…… Scott Whiteman, with the Massachusetts-based Parents Rights Coalition, attended several of these workshops and secretly recorded them. GLSEN has since threatened him with legal action for doing so, claiming that all participants at the "Teach Out" had to agree to a policy of confidentiality. According to Brian Camenker, president of the Parents Rights Coalition, the idea of any confidentiality requirement is a fabrication. …….."There was nothing told either verbally or in print in any of the literature surrounding the event about not tape recording it. There was absolutely nothing about this -- and believe me, we've been through absolutely everything," Camenker stated. ……."

WorldNetDaily 5/8/00 Frank York "…… Whiteman says he was shocked to learn what state employees were teaching children. Two of the instructors, Margot Abels and Julie Netherland, are listed as HIV counselors, while Michael Gaucher is listed as an HIV consultant. These instructors travel to schools throughout Massachusetts conducting HIV workshops for teens. According to Whiteman, in one "Teach Out" workshop entitled, "What They Didn't Tell You About Queer Sex & Sexuality in Health Class: A Workshop For Youth Only, Ages 14-21," the three instructors encouraged teens to openly discuss various homosexual sex acts in the most explicit manner. …….. Abels and Gaucher, according to Whiteman, both discussed the practice of "fisting" -- putting one's hand inside the anus or vagina of a sexual partner. Gaucher taught the children how to make a fist. He also discussed the pros and cons of ingesting male body fluid during oral sex. Abels told the teens that "fisting" often gets a bad rap. He said that it was "an experience of letting somebody into your body that you want to be that close and intimate with." ……… According to Whiteman, the entire session ran 55 minutes before there was any mention of condoms or "safer sex." When condoms were discussed, the teachers pointed out that teens could make an "informed decision" not to use condoms. ….."

WorldNetDaily 5/8/00 Frank York "…… Whiteman says the conference also included workshops entitled:
* Ask the Transsexuals
* Early Childhood Educators: How to Decide Whether to Come Out or Not
* Lesbian Avengers: How to Promote Queer-Friendly Activism in Your Schools and in Your Lives
* Diesel Dykes and Lipstick Lesbians: Defining and Exploring Butch/Femme Identity
* The Religious Wrong: Dealing Effectively with Opposition in Your Community
* Starting a Gay/Straight Alliance in Your School …."

WorldNetDaily 5/8/00 Frank York "…… According to PRC's Camenker, "In the Boston press and elsewhere, GLSEN officials don't deny these things happened. They stand behind the conference. They're trying to say these kids were just asking questions and being told honest answers. This is a complete lie. The tapes prove that beyond a reasonable doubt." ……….. Camenker added, "If the rest of the country wants to know where the homosexual movement is going, all they have to do is look at Massachusetts. Homosexuals claim that Massachusetts is their model for the rest of the country. They're very proud of the fact that they've been able to make so much progress and use this thing about 'safety' [for homosexual teens] as their entree into schools. It's all bogus." …….."

WorldNetDaily 5/8/00 Frank York "…… In the PRC letter, Whiteman noted that the instructors at the "Teach Out" may have violated several state laws that criminalize the enticing of a person into prostitution or sexual intercourse; inducing a person under 18 to engage in sexual intercourse; and distributing materials harmful to minors. The PRC has not heard back from the district attorney, and Camenker tells WorldNetDaily that no one wants to talk about the "Teach Out" or to take any action against what was taught. ……"

WorldNetDaily 5/8/00 Frank York "…… Julie Netherland said she is forbidden by department policy from speaking directly to the press and referred WND to Darrell Pressley, the director of media relations in the Massachusetts Department of Education. According to Pressley, the department is investigating what was said or not said at the "Teach Out" by Netherland, Gaucher and Abels. The Department of Education did not fund or sponsor the event, he said, and the HIV teachers volunteered their time for the "Teach Out." …… Pressley agreed that it would be a violation of policy for HIV teachers to tell children about fisting, ingesting body fluids and anal intercourse. He also noted, however, that the Department of Education does have programs that discuss "safety" in schools for homosexuals and health issues for gays and lesbians. ..."

WorldNetDaily 5/8/00 Frank York "…… WorldNetDaily also interviewed Alan Safran, deputy commissioner of education with the Massachusetts Department of Education. According to Safran, the department had no involvement in the "Teach Out," other than two employees presenting workshops. ……. When asked if these presenters would be in violation of department policy for teaching about fisting or anal intercourse in a public school, Safran responded: "It wouldn't have happened in a public school setting. It's not what our people do in a public school setting. Sure, if this had been done by our people in a public school, it would have been outside of their parameters of what the job is." ……. Safran noted that "our people don't intend to have these workshops in the future." He said he wants to determine -- by listening to the tape -- what level of involvement his employees had in the conference. "Let's see what our people did and said and the context -- if they were asking the questions or if they were responding to questions." ……. According to PRC's Camenker, the homosexual activist agenda is being promoted in the public schools through the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth and the Safe Schools Program -- two programs originated under former Republican Governor William Weld's administration. Weld's successor, current Republican Gov. Paul Celluci, has increased funding for the gay and lesbian youth commission. ……."

Massachusetts News 5/3/00 "……. The Massachusetts Department of Education has finally been caught with proof that it is teaching graphic and explicit sex to teenagers. It's been an open secret for years that the state has been encouraging teenagers XXXX both heterosexual and homosexual XXXX to be sexually active, but they have always denied it. …….. However, the Department of Education has now been forced, according to a story in the Boston Globe, to investigate the role of its employees at a meeting on March 25 where instructions about homosexual sex were given at a large conference which was attended by teenagers, some as young as 14-years-old. The key sponsor of the event was the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network of Boston, known as GLSEN. All high school students were invited to attend the meeting which was held at Tufts University. Students were bussed in from around the state. The Department can't deny its involvement this time because there is a tape recording of what was said by its employees. These are the same employees who regularly speak to schools across the state. ……."

Massachusetts News 5/3/00 "……. The officials are trying everything they can think of to keep the information from reaching the citizens. GSLEN even told the Globe that it was "illegal" to have taped the public discussions. But if that group believes that such a veiled threat is going to keep the lid on what happened at that meeting of teenagers, they have no idea how strongly the citizens feel about this type of conduct. It's amusing that the Globe wrote that the employees of the Department "allegedly" taught graphic sex to the students. They have run out of "allegedlies." The proof is irrefutable. ….."

Ft Worth Star Telegram 5/3/00 Mark Davis "……. The U.S. Supreme Court has one key question to ponder: Do the Boy Scouts of America have a right to exclude homosexuals as Scout leaders?
It is not about whether gays are good or bad.
It is not about the gay political agenda.
It is not about the Bible.
But those doing most of the visible pontificating are beating those drums instead of the actual question before the high court. ………. Whatever the Boy Scouts' motivation may be, that is completely their business. The rest of us can debate ancillary issues until the cows come home, but it all comes down to one thing: Does a private organization have the right to set its own rules? This is called freedom of association, and the answer is "yes." …….. This is why a country club can be all-white. Or all-black, if it wishes. This is why a Jewish community center does not have to accept Buddhists as board members. These are private entities. ……Restaurants and stores are private businesses, but because they accommodate the public, they are obliged to welcome all. The Boy Scouts are no such thing. They have a right to set rules, policies and criteria for admission. ……"

AFA 5/3/00 "…… A report from Los Angeles says the British homosexual TV series, "Queer as Folk," is headed for American television sets. The Hollywood Reporter says Showtime, owned by Viacom and one of the major sponsors of this past weekend's homosexual march on Washington, has ordered 22 episodes, including a two-hour pilot, to premiere later this year. …… At least one of the male characters will be a teenager ….."

Massachusetts News 5/2/00 Brian Camenker and Scott Whiteman "…… Massachusetts Department of Education employees described the pleasures of homosexual sex to a group of high school students at a state-sponsored workshop on March 25 at Tufts. "Fisting [forcing one's entire hand into another person's rectum or vagina] often gets a bad rap....[It's] an experience of letting somebody into your body that you want to be that close and intimate with...[and] to put you into an exploratory mode." ….."

Massachusetts News 5/2/00 Brian Camenker and Scott Whiteman "…… Last year a mother from the western suburbs joined some other parents and went to the State House to appeal to the Governor's office. She was becoming frantic. Her son at the local high school had been told by his musician friends how "cool" it was at the school's Gay/Straight Alliance club meetings. She soon found out that the club had watched at least one R-rated video of two boys having a love affair. She discovered some provocative handouts in his room. He became detached, and she suspected that he was experimenting with homosexual relationships. The principal would not look into it, nor would any other officials. It was suggested that maybe she was homophobic. ………. No one from the Governor's office would speak to her or the other parents. A Department of Public Health official finally listened to them but afterwards would not return her calls. Later the Boston homosexual newspaper, Bay Windows, published a blistering article warning that bigoted, homophobic parents were trying to endanger the money for the state's gay school clubs. ….."

Massachusetts News 5/2/00 Brian Camenker and Scott Whiteman "…… On March 25, the Massachusetts Department of Education, the Governor's Commission, and GLSEN co-sponsored a statewide conference at Tufts University called "Teach-Out." Among the goals were to build more GSAs in Massachusetts and expand homosexual teaching into the lower grades. Scores of gay-friendly teachers and administrators attended. They received state "professional development credits." Teenagers and children as young as 12 were encouraged to come from around the state, and many were bussed in from their home districts. Homosexual activists from across the country were also there. ………. To say that the descriptions below, of workshops and presentations of this state-sponsored event for educators and children, are "every parent's nightmare" does not do them justice. It is beyond belief that this could be happening at all. One music teacher who attended out of curiosity said that she could not sleep for several nights afterwards and had nightmares about it……"

The Detroit News 5/3/00 Cathy Young "……. Everywhere you look, gay-related issues are in the news. Vermont legislators give a green light to "civil unions" for same-sex couples. The Supreme Court hears arguments on whether anti-discrimination laws can force the Boy Scouts to accept gay scoutmasters. Closer to home, there´s a strangely muted controversy over a University of Michigan course scheduled for Fall 2000, titled "How To Be Gay: Male Homosexuality and Initiation." While the syllabus for the course is still a work in progress, it will examine the "role of initiation in the formation of gay identity" by focusing on such topics as Broadway musicals, drag, writings by gay male authors, the "muscle culture" and interior design. The course description says the class "will constitute an experiment in the very process of initiation that it hopes to understand." ………. This has conservative groups such as the Midland-based American Family Association of Michigan crying foul. "How to Be Gay," they argue, is a blatant attempt to recruit young men into the gay lifestyle at taxpayer expense. The AFA unsuccessfully tried to get the university to cancel the course. …….."

World Tribune 5/3/00 "……. The Arab world, ruled by conservative mores, has the lowest rate of Aids in the world. A CIA report on AIDS said the Middle East and North Africa region has the lowest HIV infection rate. "Conservative social mores, climatic factors, and the high level of health spending in the oil-producing states tend to limit some globally prevalent diseases, such as HIV/AIDS and malaria," the report, released on Monday, said. But the CIA said another reason for the low rate of AIDS is "probably due in part to above-average underreporting because of the stigma associated with the disease in Muslim societies." The report, entitled "The Global Infections Disease Threat and Its Implications for the United States," was released as the National Security Council deemed AIDS as a national security issue for the United States. White House Spokesman Joe Lockhart cited what he termed the "staggering" and "destabilizing" numbers of deaths AIDS is causing in some African countries. "They have an impact on us," he said. "We have an interest in Africa, as far as our own national security, and we need to look at this problem -- as the NSC has done, very much so this year, but going back over the last couple of years as a national security issue." The CIA report, completed in January, said "new and reemerging infectious diseases will pose a rising global health threat and will complicate U.S. and global security over the next 20 years. ......The CIA report said that terrorist might seek to spread diseases such as AIDS and malaria in biological attacks……"

Massachusetts News 3/5/00 Ed Oliver "….. A Massachusetts mother who encouraged her homosexual son's lifestyle which resulted in his dying of AIDS is talking at schools around the state to encourage students and mothers to follow the same course. She appeared in March at a program for sophomore students at Assabet Valley Regional High School, Marlboro. "You have to feel sorry for this woman who lost her son so tragically," said one of the parents who attended the program, Susan Greenleaf, "but the sad thing is, she is giving a message that could harm instead of help more children." The woman, Inez Folsom, said her son hated himself for what he was doing. He wanted to change. ...,"

EWTN 5/2/00 "…….Officials of several major church groups have threatened to sever their ties with the Boy Scouts of America if the US Supreme Court forces the group to allow homosexuals in the ranks of volunteer scoutmasters, according to court briefs filed in the case last week. ……. In a friend-of-the-court brief, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormons, said it would "withdraw from Scouting if it were compelled to accept openly homosexual Scout leaders." The group was joined in the brief by the National Catholic Committee on Scouting, the General Commission on United Methodist Men of the United Methodist Church, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, and the National Council of Young Israel. The religious groups, as well as others voicing support for their position, represent the vast majority of Boy Scouts in the US. However, other religious groups have expressed their support for requiring acceptance of openly homosexual scoutmasters, including the Unitarian Universalist Association, the General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church, the United Church of Christ Board for Homeland Ministries, the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, and the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, New Jersey. ….."

Tampa Bay Online (AP) 5/2/00 Richard Ostling "….. The Rev. Gregory Dell and Patricia Miller are on opposite sides of the battle raging within the United Methodist Church over homosexuality. Dell belongs to a group seeking to eliminate anti-homosexual doctrines from the nation's third-largest religious body. Miller is among those resisting such a move. The two agree on one thing: The issue has caused a division so deep within the church that there is talk of a schism among its 9.6 million members worldwide. As 992 delegates gather in Cleveland today for the beginning of a crucial policy-setting conference, some think any decision on gays and lesbians may lead to defections. ``After this General Conference, someone will be leaving the denomination,'' said Dell of Chicago's In All Things Charity. ……"

Salt Lake Tribune 4/26/00 Mark Eddington "….. If the Boy Scouts of America is forced to accept gays as scoutmasters, the LDS Church will withdraw from the organization and take more than 400,000 Scouts with it. That's the contention of Salt Lake City attorney Von G. Keetch, who has filed a brief with the Supreme Court supporting the Boy Scouts' ban on homosexuals on behalf of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and four other religious organizations. ……The LDS Church is the single largest sponsor of Scouting units -- more than 30,000 -- in the nation. That amounts to 400,000-plus Scouts. The United Methodist Church, with more than 424,000 Scouts, has the most youths involved. The Catholic Church sponsors 355,000 Scouts. In the brief, Keetch said no final decisions have been made, but all the religious organizations could follow the Mormons' lead and bolt from Scouting if the ban on gays is struck down….. "

Miami Herald 4/24/00 "…..Sex and politics apparently don't mix in Iowa, as prosecutors there will charge sex columnist Dan Savage with two counts of voter fraud that could land him behind bars for up to six years. Savage's attorney, Mark Weinhardt, said his client faces a felony charge and one misdemeanor count for using a temporary Des Moines address to vote in the Iowa caucuses in January. The felony charge carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison; the misdemeanor has a maximum penalty of a year in jail. Savage, who pens a syndicated sex advice strip and whose work has appeared in several national publications, was in the Hawkeye state representing the online magazine, for which he eventually wrote a five-part article, "Stalking Gary Bauer." The stories were about how Savage, a gay liberal, worked undercover inside the campaign headquarters of the old-school Christian conservative. In order to achieve this, the Seattle-based Savage had to register as a voter in Iowa. ….."

New York Times 4/27/00 Linda Greenhouse "……The question before the Supreme Court today was whether the Boy Scouts have a constitutional right to exclude gay members, but the justices did not seem particularly interested in either Boy Scout policy or the future of gay rights. Rather, what clearly concerned the court were the implications of ruling for one side or the other. If the Boy Scouts cannot exclude gays, can they still exclude girls, the justices wanted to know. Would a Jewish social group be forced to accept non-Jewish members, or a gay organization to include heterosexuals? …….. More generally, the justices asked, if an organization deems a particular kind of exclusivity to be central to its identity, must courts take that assertion at face value? If not, by what standard are they to judge it? If so, might that not be the equivalent of giving a free pass from the anti-discrimination commands of civil rights law? ……."

Original Sources 4/28/00 Mary Mostert "……. Could a Homosexual be a Good Boy Scout Leader? The United States Supreme Court has before it a case which will decide whether or not the Boy Scouts of America have a "right" to bar homosexuals from serving as troop leaders, "role models in a organization that teaches its members to be morally straight." What is at state is the trust of parents in Scoutmaster and the survival of the Boy Scouts of America. …….. Justice Scalia asked, noting that the Scouts think homosexuality is immoral, "Why must the scouts accept as a leader someone who embodies a contradiction of their message?" Evan Wolfson, the lawyer for the former assistant scoutmaster who sued when ousted from the Scouts in 1990, responded that the "Scouts are not primarily an anti-gay organization" and therefore a homosexual scoutmaster did not "burden the group's message." …….. While that was going on, one of the leading sponsors of Boy Scout Troops, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints told the U.S. Supreme Court that it will withdraw from the Boy Scouts of America, which would take more than 30,000 units with 400,000 Scouts out with it, if Scouting is forced to accept homosexual scoutmasters. The brief was filed also in behalf of the Catholics, Methodists, The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and the National Council of Young Israel. Significantly, those groups also provide perhaps up to half of the scout leadership in America and represent over 20% of the Boy Scouts in America. ……. The Boy Scouts say that being forced to accept homosexual scout leaders violates its rights of free speech and free association under the first Amendment of the Constitution. ……"

APB news 5/11/00 Valerie Kalfrin "….. SAN DIEGO ( -- A San Diego County jury has convicted a man of molesting three sheep, two of them fatally, in an open-air pen last summer. James Donald Ray, 39, was found guilty Monday of felony animal cruelty and misdemeanor animal sexual assault after a weeklong trial, prosecutors said. The brown-haired, blue-eyed man broke down repeatedly while testifying about his predilection for animals, also known as zoophilism or bestiality. "It was always a deep, dark secret that he had," public defender Deborah Kirkwood told today. "He really wants help...."

National Post 5/11/00 Neil Seeman "…… Dr. Laura Schlessinger, the wildly popular American radio host and indefatigable champion of orthodox Jewish ethics, has been censured by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) for on-air remarks that the regulatory authority claimed could trigger violence against homosexuals. ……….. The CBSC, the national self-regulatory body that administers professional broadcast codes on behalf of Canada's private broadcasters, ruled yesterday that Dr. Schlessinger's consistent characterization of the sexual behaviour of homosexuals as "abnormal," "aberrant," "deviant," "disordered," "dysfunctional" and a "biological error" were in violation of the human rights provision of the voluntary Code of Ethics of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters. ……." 5/29/00 Bill Barnwell "……For years conservatives and devout religious individuals have been lectured and scorned by the media and cultural elite for their supposed intolerance and hatred. No group has been more vicious in the war against those who adhere to traditional values than the collective gay rights movement. According to this crowd, conservative Christians, Orthodox Jews, Muslims, and other mean and nasty groups are said to be the epitome of hatred and ignorance, because they refuse to renounce their religious beliefs regarding homosexuality. …….. The battle cry of these liberal groups is Celebrate Diversity! Anyone who has spent one week in a public university or politically correct corporation has had this phrase shoved down his throat a million times. What is quite interesting is that the only celebration is of liberal ideas and orthodoxy. Those heretics who do not accept our progressive societys beliefs on feminism, forced integration, abortion, and homosexuality are to be eternally driven out of the liberal Eden and subject to a lifetime of ridicule and disdain for their sins. ….."

Catholic Telecommunications 5/30/00 "……British government plans to lift the ban on men kissing in public have been opposed by a Catholic women's group. The proposal is part of the package of sex law reforms which was announced earlier this week. While the National Board of Catholic Women (NBCW) welcomed the "long overdue" changes which would protect men from rape, it remains opposed to proposals which would allow men to kiss in public -- currently considered an act of indecency. NBCW President, Freda Lambert, told The Universe newspaper: "We do not oppose homosexuality, but men kissing in public is a homosexual practice and we do oppose it. It would make us feel uncomfortable." ….."


Paul Sperry 5/11/00 "…….At the same time, the president had "a special box" installed on his and his top aides' phones so that their phone conversations and meetings could not be recorded using the same technology, says the technician who ran the White House phone operations for several years. ... Despite the high-level safeguards, the Secret Service objected to the phone eavesdropping devices, arguing they posed a serious national security risk. ......... The changes were made after Clinton, in a surprise move, hired AT&T to replace a five-year-old phone switch in the White House, along with the software and all the desk phone hardware, soon after he took office. ......All the changes, which included turning off software features that record the dialer of overseas calls, were completed by 1996. The switch was brought on line in 1994. ……"

Freeper Ed_in_NJ "…"The switch was brought on line in 1994."
Sharlott Donovan was "relieved of duty" 1/31/95.
She was found dead on 2/29/96. ......"




Associated Press 5/31/00 Kim Curtis "…… In exchange for a four-year commitment to the Air Force, Dr. John Hensala got top-flight medical training at Northwestern University and Yale, unburdened by the costs of tuition and books. Then, seven months before the psychiatrist was to report for full-time military duty, he announced to his superiors that he is gay. He was promptly discharged and billed $70,000 for the cost of his education. …….. The military has made similar demands of dozens of other gays who have been ousted. But Hensala is challenging the demand for reimbursement in court, in what could be the first such lawsuit against the Pentagon. …… The Air Force said Hensala deliberately timed his announcement to get out of his military obligation. But Hensala, 35, said he did not know he was gay when he signed up. ….." 5/31/00 Will Lester AP "…..Just over half of Americans say gay couples should not be allowed to marry, according to an Associated Press poll. But just as many say gay partners should have some legal rights of a married couple -- such as inheritance, Social Security benefits and health insurance. More women than men feel gay marriage is OK. So do more Democrats than Republicans, more young people than old, more people who feel gays are born with that sexual orientation. ……"

Sierra Times 5/30/00 Ray Thomas "…….It's billed as "a safe place for youths to get their questions about their sexuality answered." Sounds innocent, doesn't it? Just a place where kids can go to find out about sex, and you know parents don't want to talk about it, don't you?……. But that's not what it is. The workshop is called: "What They Didn't Tell You About Queer Sex and Sexuality in Health Class: Workshop for Youth Only, Ages 14-21". This program is presented by the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLESEN), who have received funds for seven years to run the "Safe Schools Program" to promote "tolerance" on high school campuses. That means it is sponsored by the Department of Education (DOE) with our tax money. Teaching children from ages as low as 12 (no matter what they say) about gay sex; that it is a "good thing," that it is not a perversion, just a "different way," and discussing graphically how to do it --- with tax money. ......"

Sierra Times 5/30/00 Ray Thomas "…….Gay sex is not okay. It is perverted, and if you engage in it, you are a pervert. It is not something that is "natural." But that's okay with me, you're free to be a pervert if you're not bothering anybody else with it. But when you try to teach this perversion to my children, and you do it with the help of government money, that makes me damned mad. Education Commissioner David P. Driscoll angrily said that he is investigating the role of two Department of Education staffers and a consultant who hosted a "prurient gay-sex discussion" with students as young as 14. He is quoted as saying: "The workshops were of a prurient nature, and not educational, and what we heard suggests that the discussion contributed absolutely nothing to the students' understanding of how to avoid AIDS and HIV." ….."

Sierra Times 5/30/00 Ray Thomas "…….GLESEN have appealed to the courts and Judge Allen van Gestel obligingly placed an illegal "national gag order" on any distribution of this tape on the grounds that the taping was illegal because it was done "in secret." His order even prevents the media from playing or even discussing this tape. He seems to be more worried about his children being taped than about them being taught gay sex in secret paid for with tax money." He recently made his temporary order permanent. …..I really shouldn't have to instruct a judge on the niceties of the law. First of all, he has no authority outside of Massachusetts based on a Massachusetts law against "secret taping" that applies to us, but not to police authorities. Furthermore, such an order is "prior restraint" according to the U. S. Constitution and patently violates the First Amendment. He might be able to stop individuals from discussing or circulating this tape based on a stretch of the law allowing judges to place gag orders on cases involving child abuse to "protect the child.," but there is no way he can stop the news media from writing or talking about this tape.. They tried in the "Pentagon Papers" case, and found out they could not do it. In any case, parts of this tape were broadcast on WTKK-FM (96.9) and created a "firestorm of controversy." Many stories about it have appeared in Massachusetts newspapers and, I presume, on radio and television. So "the genie is out of the bottle." The world knows and can discuss it, independent of the tape. ….."

Sierra Times 5/30/00 Ray Thomas "…….The workshop opened by the three public employees asking the children "how they knew, as gay people, whether or not they've had sex." Questions were thrown around the room about whether oral sex was "sex," to which the Department of Public Health employee stated, "If that's not sex, then the number of times I've had sex has dramatically decreased; from a mountain to a valley, baby." Eventually the answer presented itself, and it was determined that whenever an orifice was filled with genitalia, then sex had occurred. [The definition of "sex" promoted by the president of the United states notwithstanding] The Department of Public Health employee, Michael Gaucher, had the following exchange with one student, who appeared to be about 16 years old:
Michael Gaucher: "What orifices are we talking about?"
Student: (hesitation)
Michael Gaucher: "Don't be shy, honey; you can do it." [No indication of the sex of the student]
Student: "Your mouth."
Michael Gaucher: "Okay."
Student: "Your ass."
Michael Gaucher: "There you go."
Student: "Your pussy. That kind of place."
But since sex occurred "when an orifice was filled," the next question was how lesbians could "have sex." Margot Abels discussed whether a dildo had to be involved; when it was too big or too small; and what homosexual resources students could consult to get similar questions answered. ….."

Sierra Times 5/30/00 Ray Thomas "…….Then the children were asked to role-play. One student was to act the part of "a young lesbian who's really enraptured with another woman, and it's really coming down to the wire and you're thinking about having sex." The other student played the "hip GSA (gay, straight alliance) lesbian advisor, who you feel you can talk to." The "counseling" included discussions of lesbian sex, oral-vaginal contact, or "carpet munching," as one student put it. The student asked whether it would smell like fish. ... "

Sierra Times 5/30/00 Ray Thomas "…….At this point, a child of about 16 asked why someone would want to do that. He stated that if the hand were pulled out quickly, the whole thing didn't sound very appealing to him. Margot Abels was sure to point out that although fisting "often gets a really bad rap," it usually isn't about the pain, "not that we're putting that down." Margot Abels informed him and the class that "fisting" was "an experience of letting somebody into your body that you want to be that close and intimate with." When a child asked the question, "Why would someone do this?" Margot Abels provided a comfortable response to the children in order to "put them into an exploratory mode."

Sierra Times 5/30/00 Ray Thomas "……."Should you spit after you suck another boy (or a man)?" Michael Gaucher read the following from a card: "Cum and calories: Spit versus swallow and the health concerns." Gaucher informed the children that although he didn't know the calorie count of male ejaculation, he has "heard that it's sweeter if people eat celery." He then asked the boys, "Is it rude not to swallow?" Many of the high school boys mumbled "No," but one about the age of 16 said emphatically, "Oh no!" One boy, again about the age of 16, offered his advice on avoiding HIV/AIDS transmission while giving oral sex by not brushing your teeth or eating course food for four hours before you "go down on a guy," "because then you probably don't want to be swallowing cum."

Sierra Times 5/30/00 Ray Thomas "…….Another question asked was whether oral sex was better with tongue rings. A 16 year old student murmured, "Yes," to which all of the children laughed. Michael Gaucher said, "There you have it" and stated something to the effect that the debate has ended. ….."

Sierra Times 5/30/00 Ray Thomas "…….After reviewing a few of the campaigns, Margot Abels described the project she works on. The "Gay/Straight Alliance HIV Education Project" goes to five different schools each year conducting up to eight "HIV prevention sessions" in that school's gay club. These same presenters who just told a group of children how to properly position their hands for "fisting" were now telling a room full of educators that they would visit their schools and conduct their workshops for their students.

Sierra Times 5/30/00 Ray Thomas "…….The Sidney Borum Community Health Center table was giving out a cassette sized "pocket sex" kit, which included two condoms, two antiseptic "moist" towelettes, and six bandages, which were for "when the sex got really rough" according to the high school aged volunteer behind the desk. There was a countless supply of condoms supplied by both Sidney Borum and Planned Parenthood, all of which were for the taking by any child who wanted them. One could see children as young as 12 or 13 at the conference participating and receiving "information" and materials.

Sierra Times 5/30/00 Ray Thomas "……. Some of the other workshops at this taxpayer-funded conference for educators are more unusual. For instance:
Ask the Transsexuals
Early childhood educators: How to decide whether to come out or not
Getting Gay Issues Included in Elementary School Staff
Development, Curriculum Development, and the PTA
Lesbian Avengers: How to Promote Queer Friendly Activism in Your Schools and in Your Lives
Strategies and Curriculum Ideas for Addressing GLBT Issues in a High School English Curriculum
The Struggles and Triumphs of Including Homosexuality in a Middle School Curriculum
Teachers Coming Out
Youth Coming Out in High School
Diesel Dykes and Lipstick Lesbians: Defining and Exploring Butch/Femme Identity
The Religious Wrong: Dealing Effectively with Opposition in Your Community [A patent condemnation of religion]
A Strategy to Educate Faculty: Lexington HS's GSA Presentation to Faculty
From Lesbos to Stonewall: Incorporating Sexuality into a World History Curriculum
Starting a Gay/Straight Alliance in Your School ……."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 5/29/00 Rowan Scarborough "…..The San Francisco Unified School District bans military recruiters on campus as a protest against arms spending in general and the Pentagon's homosexual ban in particular. Up the coast, the Portland, Ore., school board takes the same stance. In fact, over 1,000 high schools nationwide bar Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps recruiters from visiting students in school. The off-limits comes at a bad time for the 1.4 million armed forces. It is having a historically tough time attracting the number, and the quality, of recruits it needs. Barring recruiters from its No. 1 hunting ground only makes matters worse……."

Proctor and Gamble Website & Gay Pride Parade Website 5/27/00 "….We've decided not to sponsor the Dr. Laura Schlessinger show and we'd like to explain why. P&G serves nearly 5 billion consumers worldwide and we respect the diversity of views they represent on a variety of subjects. We do not oppose or endorse Dr. Laura Schlessinger or her broad range of opinions. Likewise, our decision in no way is an endorsement or statement against any particular group's point of view. …… Dr. Laura's success on TV is not dependent on P&G. Our withdraw was not based on "votes" for or against her show. We're simply seeking a positive, non-controversial environment in which to advertise our brands. ……"

U.S. News & World Report 6/5/00 John Leo "….Jerry Kennedy, a gay resident assistant at the University of Georgia, reported he had been the target of nine hate crimes over a period of three years, including three acts of arson. But during questioning, Kennedy admitted that he had set the fires.......Caught in the act. Two weeks after the murder of Matthew Shepard, a lesbian student at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota said two men shouted antigay slurs at her and then slashed her face. Outraged students raised nearly $12,000 as a reward for information about her attackers. Then the student confessed she had made up the story and cut her own face. In a similar incident, a lesbian student at Eastern New Mexico University said she had been attacked after her name was included with the names of seven professors on an antigay "hit list" posted at a local laundromat. Police arrested her after a surveillance camera at the laundromat showed her posting the list……."

EWTN News Brief 5/26/00 "……British government plans to lift the ban on men kissing in public have been opposed by a Catholic women's group. The proposal is part of the package of sex law reforms which was announced earlier this week. While the National Board of Catholic Women (NBCW) welcomed the "long overdue" changes which would protect men from rape, it remains opposed to proposals which would allow men to kiss in public -- currently considered an act of indecency. ……NBCW President, Freda Lambert, told The Universe newspaper: "We do not oppose homosexuality, but men kissing in public is a homosexual practice and we do oppose it. It would make us feel uncomfortable." ….."

AP Breaking via 5/29/00 Frances D’Emilio "…..Rome's mayor said Monday he was yanking the city's sponsorship of July's Gay Pride events, which the Vatican doesn't want taking place during the Holy Year called by Pope John Paul II. The decision follows an appeal by a top Italian cardinal to move the event elsewhere. Premier Giuliano Amato has called the scheduling of Gay Pride week during Holy Year "inopportune" and added that "unfortunately" Italy's constitution doesn't allow the gathering to be banned. Leftist Mayor Francesco Rutelli, citing events like a gay fashion show to be held near a church, said the city was withdrawing official backing of the event although it would still "be the guarantor of the gays' freedom to demonstrate." Right-wing politicians, including the president of Lazio region, which encompasses Rome, have demanded the events, which range from sports activities to cultural appointments, be scrapped. ….."

AFA 5/30/00 Randy Sharp "……Books exploring father/daughter incest and sex with animals are not enough for The world's largest on-line bookseller now offers a book which promotes the repulsive act of men having sex with young boys. Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers attempts to portray men who prey on young boys as "sincere, concerned, loving human beings who simply have a sexual orientation that is neither understood nor accepted by most others." ……. "They can call themselves anything they want, but the truth of the matter is that they are child molesters, pure and simple," said AFA Vice-President Tim Wildmon. "Anyone who uses children to gratify themselves sexually is socially and spiritually perverted. For to sell a book justifying such actions is repulsive and irresponsible." ……"

BBC 5/30/00 "…….Gay rights leaders in Italy have criticised a decision by the Mayor of Rome, Francesco Rutelli, to cancel the city council's support of a World Gay Pride festival that was due to take place in July. Mr Rutelli was responding to moves by the Vatican and the Italian Prime Minister, Giuliano Amato, to have the event staged elsewhere. Mr Amato told parliament last week that Gay Pride celebrations in Rome were "inappropriate" during the Holy Year called by Pope John Paul II to celebrate 2000 years since the birth of Jesus Christ. ...... The Mario Mieli gay cultural group, one of the organisers, said the events would go ahead with or without authorisation. …….. One Italian gay rights leader, Franco Grillini, said Italy had to choose whether to be a free and democratic country or a Vatican serfdom. ……. Some opponents say they fear the Gay Pride celebrations will turn into a demonstration against the Pope, who has defended the Vatican's condemnation of homosexual acts. ......:

Yahoo 5/23/00 Steve Gorman "…..Gay and lesbian activists are stepping up their campaign against talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger, running full-page newspaper ads Wednesday urging advertisers to withhold support for her radio program and upcoming TV show. The ads, slated to run Wednesday in the Los Angeles Times and New York Times, feature several controversial quotes from Schlessinger's syndicated columns and broadcasts, including her references to homosexuality as ``deviant'' and single mothers as ''immoral.'' The headline for the spot reads: ``Ad time for 'Dr. Laura' is for sale. Here's what you're buying.'' The spots were purchased by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and are backed by several other groups, including the National Organization for Women (NOW), the National Mental Health Association and People For the American Way. ……."

Massachusetts News 5/25/00 "…….Judge Allan van Gestel continued his gag order against Brian Camenker and Scott Whiteman of the Parents Rights Coalition this morning but said that the press is not bound by the Order. He continued the Order against Camenker and Whiteman and "any persons in active concert or participation" with them. He apparently allows even them to talk about anything they remember from attending the Conference without referring to the tape recording. …… Attorney Chester Darling who is representing Camenker and Whiteman told Massachusetts News that the judge is trampling on the Constitution. The sweeping gag order was placed last week on the Parents Rights Coalition and countless others over the contents of a secretly recorded tape which revealed graphic sexual instruction given to teenagers by state employees at a Conference in March. ……… Judge Allan van Gestel heard arguments yesterday from three attorneys at the hearing in Boston. Chester Darling represented defendants Camenker and Whiteman. An attorney from GLAD representing the two plaintiffs, one of whom was a Department of Education employee who was fired because of the explicit sexual workshop and a teenager who participated in it. Another attorney represented FOX News which filed a "Motion to Intervene," claiming the gag order was "unconstitutional prior restraint." ……..

Massachusetts News 5/25/00 "…….Chester Darling argued forcefully yesterday for the judge to remove all restraints from his clients on First Amendment grounds. He said that, for the sake of argument, even if it were true that Whiteman did violate a wiretap law in recording the public conference, there is no provision in the law for issuing an injunction against speech, only for monetary damages. "Scott Whiteman heard and saw the entire workshop. He has an unfettered First Amendment right to describe, talk about, or write down what he personally heard and saw. He did not 'secretly hear' what was going on at the workshop. He was there; he paid an admission fee; he witnessed it. He read materials and matter which were distributed there, disseminated to minors and available to him...It burdens too much speech." ……..Darling reminded the judge that GLAD has "glossed over" the First Amendment before, specifically on a previous case which he finally won in the U.S. Supreme Court. He made the point that Whiteman was not believed by the Department of Education about what occurred at the workshop until he produced the taped evidence. …..The judge asked Darling if this case was not about violating the wiretapping statute through possible illegal taping by Whiteman. Darling answered it was about violating free speech. He said it was about embarrassment of the government and those who contract with the government. It was about no notice to parents. He said the Parents Rights Coalition stepped up to the plate and exposed what was happening. "We should clean out the barn, your honor." ……"

Massachusetts News 5/25/00 "…….The judge then returned to the secret taping. "I think it was disgusting behavior. I'm deeply offended by the taping." Darling shot back, "I'm deeply offended by what was told to those children. It was a crime, it has to be revealed. Children submitted written questions at the workshop, they weren't getting up asking questions." The judge answered by saying, "The ends rarely justify the means." "The position of the gay advocates is so outrageous and so blatantly fraudulent, that it is hard to see how this judge can possibly rule in their favor. They don't care about the kids. They are basically trying to cover up their own behavior toward children," said Brian Camenker to Massachusetts News at the Suffolk Superior Courthouse in Boston yesterday. ……."

Massachusetts News 5/25/00 "…….Later, after yesterday's hearing, Scott Whiteman told Massachusetts News, "We do know that there were criminal activities occurring at the hands of GLSEN. We suspected this has been occurring for years and we have been reporting to the Department of Education since December. Our reports have been laughed at. In fact, I received two letters from a member of the Board of Education trivializing my complaints, basically saying that since nothing ever goes wrong and parents have no right to intervene." ……… Asked what kinds of laws were violated at the workshops, he answered, "Lewd and lascivious corruption of youth, inducing a minor for sexual intercourse, enticing a minor to commit sexual intercourse. It's a nightmare, all the various statutes. There is a whole consortium of them." ……" 5/25/00 Emily Roach "…..Downtown Pensacola and Pensacola Beach will be bathed in rainbows this weekend to go with the sunshine and tanning lotion, as thousands of gays and lesbians hit town for the annual Memorial Day Weekend events. Visitors from throughout the country are drawn to special dance parties and the Gulf Coast's white beaches. Organizers and local scene watchers expect 30,000 to 70,000 gay and lesbian visitors...."

American Family Association 5/26/00 Fred Jackson "….School officials in New Milford, CT, faced an angry crowd of parents yesterday in the wake of an uproar over a school health survey. The survey, which included specific questions about sexual orientation and whether they had participated in group sex, was given to hundreds of children, some as young as 11 years old. The New York Times says that at a stormy meeting yesterday with parents, the assistant school superintendent offered an apology. But some parents say that is not enough and they want resignations. ……" 5/27/00 John Holland "……The former college professor who spent two decades preying on impoverished boys around the world stood up in court at his sentencing Friday and lectured a federal judge on integrity, conscience and values. Marvin Hersh, 60, complained about his unjust conviction, railed against the corrupt justice system and acknowledged he will die in prison. What he didn't mention was the string of little boys -- as young as 9 -- he had as sex partners, plying them with money and gifts that the children shared with their families in the poorest villages of Honduras. U.S. District Court Judge Alan S. Gold in Miami listened to Hersh's 20-minute speech, then sent the Boca Raton man to prison for 105 years, with no chance for parole. ……." 5/24/00 Julia Lieblich AP "….. The Presbyterian Church's highest court ruled Wednesday that local congregations have the right to conduct religious ceremonies celebrating gay unions that stop short of marriage. The decision by the 16-member court is binding unless the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) overrides it. The case, one of three on gay issues argued last week before the tribunal, stemmed from a same-sex ceremony performed in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. The Northeast regional church court ruled that ceremonies of ``holy union'' for same-sex couples may be conducted if it is made clear they are not marriages. ….." 5/22/00 "…… In the impassioned pursuit of "fairness," the national movement for gay rights is sacrificing the cause of privacy. Consider President Clinton's videotaped remarks to the huge crowd gathered recently in the nation's capital for the "Millennium March." To inspire the demonstrators, the president proudly announced that he had appointed more homosexuals to prominent positions than any of his predecessors, citing more than 150 "openly gay" officials in his administration. In other words, Clinton made a public issue of his appointees' private sexual behavior. No commentators seemed to note the delicious irony that this president, in so casually disregarding the principle that private sex lives of public officials should remain private, jettisoned the very assumption that facilitated his own political survival. Imagine how this administration would react if some conservative politician smugly announced that he had hired 150 "openly monogamous" heterosexuals. Liberals would loudly insist that private commitment to traditional marriage bears no relation to qualification for public service. ……"

New York Post 5/23/00 Rod Dreher "…….. McCARTHYISM is coming to Midtown, as a planned dot-com demonstration against Dr. Laura Schlessinger threatens the free-speech rights of us all. What an organizer is calling the nation's biggest anti-Dr. Laura protest yet will clog the heart of America's media capital June 5, as the gay-led boycott of the popular radio therapist gathers momentum. spokesman Alan Klein said the activist group, which has sponsored similar protests in other cities, hasn't set a Midtown location yet. But it's a good bet that demonstrators will converge outside the Times Square headquarters of Viacom, parent company of Paramount Television, which plans to syndicate Dr. Laura's TV program this fall. …….. What the StopDrLaura mob calls "hatred" and "bigotry" is Dr. Laura's criticism of homosexual practices. Schlessinger, an Orthodox Jew, has described homosexual behavior as "deviant." ……. She has also cautioned those who disapprove of gay sexual practices and viewpoints that they must treat gays decently. That has been overlooked by Dr. Laura's detractors, who portray her as the bouffanted equivalent of Matthew Shepard's murderers. ……"

Boston Globe 5/25/00 Jeff Jacoby "…… You can hear arguments for and against same-sex marriage. You can hear arguments for and against gays in the military. You can hear arguments for and against taking the Bible's condemnation of homosexuality literally. ……. Or can you? Increasingly, gay activists are insisting that you not be allowed to hear the arguments for and against. Instead of trying to refute opinions they don't share, the new strategy is to label them ''hateful'' or ''dangerous'' and to silence the people making them. The campaign to kill the ''Dr. Laura'' TV show before it debuts this fall is an alarming case in point. ….."

Long Beach Press Telegram 5/24/00 Helen Guthrie Smith "….. LONG BEACH A second Millikan High School ninth-grade boy, who allegedly exposed himself to a special education student at the northeast Long Beach campus, has been suspended. The 14-year-old was removed from school for five days and recommended for a disciplinary transfer, Dick Van Der Laan, Long Beach Unified School District spokesman, said Tuesday. In the same incident, a 15-year-old boy was suspended Monday for five days, also with a recommendation for expulsion. Each boy is to appear before a disciplinary hearing, probably during the suspension period. ……"

AFA 5/24/00 "…… The American Family Association of Michigan says administrators at one public school may have broken the law when they forced students to attend a seminar presented by homosexual activists. The "Diversity Day" program was presented at Grand Haven High School on May 1, and featured homosexuals who parents say told their children that homosexual behavior is natural. Gary Glenn, president of the AFA of Michigan, says school officials forced some students to attend the seminar against their will. The seminar was presented by a representative from the Triangle Foundation, a homosexual advocacy group based in Detroit. ….."

Wired News 5/24/00 Declan McCullagh "……These are trying times for an antiporn activist. A federal judge has barred the Justice Department from prosecuting most sex sites, the Communications Decency Act has been overturned, and this week the Supreme Court struck down a cable TV sex-scrambling law. But that didn't stop anti-porn advocates from descending on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, lurid printouts in hand, to demand that something be done about raunch and ribaldry on the Internet. "I'm here to make an appeal for you to do anything and everything that is possible to hinder this horrible industry," said Joseph Burgin …" 5/24/00 "……In two cases based on alleged homosexual advances, a third California jury considers the murder of a gay scientist and an Alaska man wins acquittal. …… A San Diego, California Superior Court jury began deliberations for the third time on May 22 in the trial of martial arts expert Paul Cain for the December 1995 murder of distinguished gay geophysicist Dr. Stanley Runcorn. In each trial, Cain's defense has argued that the then-24-year-old karate black belt and prize-winning kickboxer was triggered into an "explosion of violence" by sexual advances from the 73-year-old developer of the theory of continental drift. ……" 5/25/00 Philip Pullella Reuters "….. Pope John Paul II reaffirmed the Roman Catholic Church's teaching against gay marriages Thursday, saying that only a lifelong commitment between a man and a woman could form the basis of a family. ``Attempts to define the family as something other than a solemnized lifelong union of man and woman which looks to the birth and nurture of children are bound to prove destructive,'' the pope said. ….. The pope's comments came as a dispute raged in Italy over plans for a massive gay pride rally in Rome this summer. It has been opposed by Catholic and rightist groups. Prime Minister Giuliano Amato sparked unrest within his own center-left coalition Wednesday when he said the rally was ''inopportune'' because it coincided with the Catholic Church's 2000 Holy Year. ……. The Catholic Church teaches that homosexual tendencies are not sinful but that homosexual acts are. ……" 5/25/00 "….. World Pride 2000 was an issue May 24 both inside the Italian Parliament at question time and outside the building where gay and lesbian activists gathered in protest. Italian newspapers reported earlier that day that the July celebration in Rome has been moved out of the city's center in deference to Vatican and right-wing protests. Ostensibly for the sake of "public order," a rally planned for the national monument site in the Piazza Venezia will be relocated and the pride march -- already planned to avoid major religious sites -- will be rerouted so as not to cross the city center or major streets. The pro-Vatican Il Messaggero said this "compromise" was agreed on over the weekend between Italy's Prime Minister Giuliano Amato and Vatican representative Cardinal Angelo Sodano, although the Vatican would have preferred that World Pride be delayed until after its Jubilee Year if not prohibited altogether. ! E! ven the government's equal opportunities minister was quoted as saying gays and lesbians should march only "where they will not disturb anybody." ……"

AP Breaking News 5/24/00 "….. SINGAPORE (AP) - Authorities on Wednesday canceled a planned homosexual forum, saying it would legitimize practices considered unlawful in this conservative city-state. In a statement, police said they "cannot allow the holding of this public forum, which will advance and legitimize the cause of homosexuals in Singapore." Businessman Alex Au, who had requested government permission to hold Singapore's first forum on gays and lesbians on Sunday, said he was saddened by the ban. "It seems that civil society can only operate within the narrow confines of what the authorities deem to be the public interest," Au said. ……"

AFR News 5/22/00 Bill Fancher "……One homosexual activist admits just how important Hollywood is to his favorite cause. Homosexual activist Micah Mahjoubian says television is a crucial cog in the homosexual movement's efforts to be accepted as normal. ……. "Most people really aren't paying attention to what's going on in Congress or the Supreme Court," Mahjoubian says, "but they do turn on the TV and they see people who are funny and make them laugh, who seem absolutely normal to them and look just like them, and yet they're gay." ......"That, I think, is much more powerful than anything that goes on in Washington, D.C." …….Former homosexual and now a man who runs an ex-homosexual ministry, Anthony Falzarano, says Hollywood is solidly behind the homosexual movement. ..."The gays have control of Hollywood," Falzarano says. "They even have an editing office there." ......"

Long Beach Press Telegram 5/22/00 Kristopher Hanson "……Bikers in leather, church groups, classic car club members, a college fraternity and many others came together Sunday to march in the 17th annual Lesbian and Gay Pride Parade along Ocean Boulevard. With tens of thousands of parade watchers and marchers waving, hooting, dancing and hollering, the event resembled a mini-Mardi Gras. …… "

EWTN 5/19/00 "……Under the name World Pride Roma 2000, international homosexual associations are planning to gather in Rome, Italy for a World Gay Pride Meeting, scheduled to be held from Saturday, July 1st, to Sunday, July 9th, 2000. …... On Saturday, July 8th, there will be a World Pride March and Parade, which will pass in front of Vatican City. "This meeting is meant as a counter jubilee event, because these organizations rightly perceive the Catholic Church and the Holy Father as strong barriers to their worldwide plans to promote homosexuality as a valid alternative life style", said Father Richard Welch, CSSR, JCD, President of Human Life International. "It is appalling that the City of Rome has given permission for this parade of perversion around the city, despite the requests of The Holy See to not allow it. Given what takes place during these 'gay parades' in the United States, it makes one shudder that they plan to directly offend the primacy seat of Roman Catholic Church during their parade." ……."What is even more shocking is the open support given by United States Vice President Al Gore to this event. In a letter postdated for July 1, 2000, he states: '...I am pleased to send greetings to everyone participating in World Pride... Roma 2000....I regret that I am unable to join you...I want to offer my very best wishes for a successful event...I look forward to strengthening our working relationship throughout the 21st century...'. Al Gore knows very well that this event will be offensive to The Holy Father and to Catholics around the world…. "

The Associated Press 5/22/00 Richard Carelli "…..The Supreme Court today set aside a ruling that said any unwanted sexual touching is a "crime of violence" covered by federal law. The justices, who last week struck down as unconstitutional key provisions of the federal Violence Against Women Act, told a federal appeals court to reconsider a Utah dispute over the scope of related provisions. The appeals court presumably will dismiss the Utah case. ……. In its May 15 decision, the nation's highest court said Congress overstepped its authority when it gave rape victims the right to sue their attackers in federal court. The court, by a 5-4 vote, said states, not Congress, should provide such help for victims of violence. …… In the Utah case, the appeals court previously ruled that women could invoke the law when suing over unwanted sexual advances that violate a state's criminal sexual abuse law. ……" 5/19/00 Mona Charen "……..Dr. Laura's critics are jubilant, hailing these craven decisions as blows against "hate" and "violence" -- which suggests that words have lost their meaning in modern America. I've been listening to Dr. Laura for years and have never once heard her preach hatred toward any group (except perhaps, on a bad day, her callers, but that's another story). Dr. Laura is acerbic and occasionally harsh. But after years of Dr. Joyce Brothers, Dr. Ruth Westheimer and the other tribunes of the whatever-feels-good school, a little Cotton Mather was long overdue. Dr. Laura's muscular defense of traditional virtues like responsibility, honor, chastity and discipline make her a cultural treasure. Laura Schlessinger has two lodestars: traditional Judaism and tenderness toward children. Whatever conflicts with those two values can expect the back of her hand or worse…. "

The Associated Press 5/19/00 Bob Lewis "…….Virginia's governor says a photographer's sexually graphic slide show had no place in a state-owned art museum. Gov. Jim Gilmore objected to the presentation by Sally Mann in a letter this week to officials at the Virginia Museum of Arts. Toward the end of her 90-minute lecture May 10, Mann showed pictures that included depictions of oral sex, genitalia and young girls urinating, according to witness accounts. In his letter to Richard Woodward, the museum's interim director, Gilmore said he was "shocked and dismayed that this type of exhibit occurred on state owned property." ……."

Massachusetts News 5/19/00 "……We have another out-of-control judge in Massachusetts - this time trying to stop all First Amendment rights in the rally that will take place today at the State House by outraged parents. ……. A Restraining Order was faxed to Brian Camenker, the leader of the parents, last night after the Courthouse had closed. The typed Order was not on any official form with any sign of authentication. It came from some alleged, unknown lawyer and some alleged, unknown judge. Even the Boston Globe reports this morning that it could not decipher the scribble of the signature in order to determine what judge, if any, had signed the "Order." …… The parents are rallying today because of the explicit sex that was presented to teenage students at a conference on March 25 by employees of the Department of Education. ……… Camenker was not dismayed but was buoyed by the alleged Order. "They rally will go on as planned with even more vigor. If they think they're going to keep secret what they did to children at that conference, they're sadly mistaken. The mothers and fathers of this state are already in revolt. This attempt to muzzle us will only make them more angry." …….

Massachusetts News 5/19/00 "……The Order was typed on a plain piece of paper by the unknown lawyer and presented to an unknown judge. Was it really an Order from a judge or is it a hoax? There is absolutely no way to know. The timing of the Order was unbelievable. The people who talked dirty with teenagers back in March have had plenty of time to seek an Order against Camenker if they desired. But they waited until the eve of the rally after the Courthouse had closed. The timing was obviously done on purpose and if it was really signed by a judge, he or she was complicit. If the Order had been obtained a few days ago, Camenker and his lawyer could have challenged the proceeding. But it's pretty hard to challenge it when the Courthouse is closed. ...... The alleged Order restrained Camenker and any other person from talking about what occurred at the Conference where children were molested by employees of the Department of Education. …… It lists as plaintiffs Julie Netherland, who was one of the Department of Education employees who molested the children at the March conference, and Caitlin Farren of Watertown, who is not otherwise identified. ……"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 5/19/00 Larry Witham "…..The top Presbyterian Church court Friday hears testimony on three cases of homosexual ordinations and same-sex "unions" upheld by a lower Northeast Synod court but now on appeal on the eve of the church's General Assembly. Meeting in Baltimore, the Permanent Judicial Council for the 2.5 million-member church must decide whether presbyteries, or local associations, can decide policy on homosexual issues in opposition to national rules. The court's ruling will come in a week or two……."

Washington Times 5/19/00 Stephen Dinan "……A photographer's lecture and slide show that included sexually graphic images has the publicly funded Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in trouble with Gov. James S. Gilmore III. After learning of the show's content, which included photos of oral sex and pubescent girls urinating, the governor wrote a letter Thursday to the museum's interim director, Richard Woodward, demanding he create a policy to prevent such an exhibition in the future. Mr. Woodward said in a response Thursday afternoon that museum staffers will immediately clarify its guidelines……" 5/18/00 Jerry Miller "……A spokesman for the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), which received funds from the office of the Massachusetts Commissioner of Education, has admitted a school workshop sponsored in March for 30 students - some as young as 14 - crossed the line in terms of content…….Kevin Jennings, the group's executive director, said the state-funded workshop, conducted by two Department of Education AIDS/HIV education specialists and a taxpayer-funded consultant, went too far. …….. GLSEN has a state-funded contract to hold workshops for students, many of whom are homosexual, as well as educators, in an effort promote greater tolerance toward homosexual students. The workshops, part of the state's Safe Schools Program, have been conducted since 1993……..The video taping was secretly done by a member of the Parents Rights Coalition of Massachusetts. A copy of the proceedings has made its way to a Boston area FM radio station that has aired segments of the workshop……… " 5/18/00 Jerry Miller "……However, attorneys for one of the 30 students and one of the Department of Education staff members have since received a temporary injunction from a Suffolk County Superior Court judge barring the distribution of the tape and transcripts based on the recording. In Massachusetts, taping people without their permission violates state law. "This was illegally taped...there were 30 students present who were relying on the assurance of confidentiality of the workshop proceedings to ask the questions they needed to ask," said Mary Bonauto, an attorney for the group Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders......."

EWTN 5/20/00 "…..A group of Italian Catholic and Protestant leaders sent an open letter to US Vice President Al Gore on Wednesday asking him to revoke his support for the World Gay Pride festival planned for Rome this summer. "We think there can be no doubt about the highly controversial and confrontational nature of a World Gay Pride Day right in the Rome of the Jubilee," they said. ......Vatican officials have petitioned the Rome government to revoke permission for the event because other homosexual events throughout the world have included expressions of anti-Catholicism and mockery of Catholic symbols as well as public acts of erotic behavior. They also object to the timing of the event during the Jubilee Year 2000 when millions of Catholic pilgrims are expected to journey to the geographical center of the faith. ….."

The New York Times 5/19/00 Jim Rutenberg Stuart Elliott "…..For years, the Paramount Television studio has been left out of the riches of daytime talk television as shows starring Oprah Winfrey and Rosie O'Donnell became wildly popular. So, last spring, top Paramount executives jumped at a chance to produce a talk show starring Dr. Laura Schlessinger, the conservative advice-giver whose radio show is the second-highest-rated talk show in the nation. They scheduled it for September and sold it to stations covering 96 percent of the country. …….But now they are facing an increasingly vociferous protest by gay advocacy groups, who are angered by what they say is Dr. Schlessinger's anti-gay message. And the protests are getting results. …….The reactions to the protests reflect the growing political and economic clout of gays. It has been far more common for mainstream marketers to listen to groups on the right like the American Family Association, which assert that they represent millions of consumers, than to those representing gays, a smaller segment. …... "

Oregon Live 5/16/00 Scott Learn "……. Portland's City Council voted Wednesday to join a friend-of-the-court brief before the U.S. Supreme Court that will argue in favor of requiring the Boy Scouts of America to admit gay men. The council voted 5-0 to have the city sign on to the brief. The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments in Dale vs. Boy Scouts of America on April 27. New York and Chicago will also join in the brief, said deputy city attorney Madelyn Wessel. Atlanta, Denver, New Orleans, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C., may also join, Wessel said. ……"

Freeper vannrox 5/128/00 "….Update from Mike Barnicle on 96.9 FM.
$1.5 Million has been allociated towards the program
14-15 year old children are being taught HOW to have sex.
The children were told NOT to tell their parents. That what was sid inside stays inside.
DSS won't get involved.
The person with the tapes is a Tax Activist. ......"

UPI 5/18/00 "…….Parents rally at the Statehouse in Boston Thursday to demand the state stop funding homosexual student organizations in schools. The Parents Rights Coalition says it wants the "homosexual agenda" removed from public schools in Massachusetts, the Boston Globe reported Thursday. Spokesman Brian Camenker said the coalition is demanding that $1.5 million for homosexual programs be removed from the budget for 2001, and that the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth be disbanded. "Children are being victimized by these groups and their parents don't even know it," Camenker said. ……He said the group also wants state Education Commissioner David P. Driscoll removed from office for failing to fire two employees who "crossed the line" with sexually explicit language during a March forum at Tufts University run by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. Some 30 students as young as 14 attended the "Teach Out" seminar, titled: "What They Didn't Tell You About Queer Sex and Sexuality in Health Class." ……."

Freeper vannrox "….BIG NEWS IN BOSTON. This is a big hot potatoe. A Activist has secretly taped (recorded) a state paid for and sponsored How-To seminar. This seminar instructed 14 year old students how to be gay. It taught them a technique known as "fisting", and how to co-habitate with bisexuals and why it is bad to refuse their advances. The man discussed this with Louise Grace(?) at FM-TALK (Boston) 96.9FM (a FOX affiliate). ……….This was on all day, and when I got out of work I continued to listen to the discussion on "extreme games" with Jay Severn. The whistle blower has just been arrested, and is being charged with felony counts of hate crimes. He is also banned from playing the tape of the lecture. ……The Boston Globe carried this article in their afternoon edition. But look... IT WAS JUST SUDDENLY PULLED!!!!! Why the censureship? ….. What ever happened to the first amendment. I guess we lost it. ….."

Freeper vannrox "…..The State Secretary of Education was asked to step down...I don't know who did this...Gov??? Callers to the station are all upset. ….."

UPI 5/17/00 "……An Internet Service Provider Wednesday shut down a pedophile-oriented Web site in the wake of a federal lawsuit alleging its content provoked the sex-murder of a 10-year-old Massachusetts boy. The parents of the slain boy allege in their suit that the North American Man Boy Love Association's Internet site encourages sex between men and boys, and was responsible for inciting the man who killed their son. …… Barbara and Robert Curley also named in their suit Verio Inc., the Colorado-based ISP that hosted NAMBLA's Internet site until taking if off-line on Wednesday. …….. In their federal wrongful death and civil rights suit filed in Boston, the Curleys said materials posted on NAMBLA's Web site caused member Charles Jaynes to murder their son, Jeffrey Curley. The boy was abducted, tortured and suffocated with a gasoline-soaked rag after resisting sexual advances from Jaynes and his friend, Salvatore Sicari, prosecutors said. Jaynes and Sicari are now serving life prison terms for his murder. ……. The 32-page complaint filed in U.S. District Court said Jaynes had been a heterosexual until he joined NAMBLA, after which he "dumped his girlfriend and became obsessed with having sex with young boys," the attorney said. ……. The Boston Globe said the suit contends that NAMBLA, which has fewer than 1,000 members, "serves as a conduit for an underground network of pedophiles in the United States." A message on NAMBLA's telephone answering machine in New York claims the organization "speaks out against societal repression and celebrates the joys of men and boys in love." ......" 5/17/00 Jerry Miller "…….The Massachusetts Education Commissioner is investigating the possible role played by members of his staff and a consultant in what he characterized as a "prurient" homosexual discussion with students. Commissioner David Driscoll said some of the children involved in the 30-student discussion group were as young as 14. ……. The workshop and related conference, titled "What they Didn't Tell You About Queer Sex and Sexuality in Health Class: Workshop for Youths Only, Ages 14-21," was held at Tufts University in Medford, MA, on March 25th. …….. The event was sponsored by the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLESEN), a private, non-profit agency. GLESEN has, for the last seven years, been the recipient of state education money to conduct the Safe Schools Program, an initiative designed to promote "tolerance" in public schools. ……. Driscoll said members of his staff are in the process of reviewing tapes from the conference as part of an on-going investigation. The taping was done secretly by a member of the watchdog group, the Parents Rights Coalition of Massachusetts. Copies of the tape are scheduled for release on Wednesday……… Jim Anderson, a GLESEN spokesman, said the workshop was never intended to be as graphic as it became, but he insisted it represented a "safe place" for the students to have questions about their sexuality answered. …….While not officially sponsored by the education department, the state agency did offer teachers who attended the session an opportunity to receive "professional development points," or credit for in-service training. Driscoll also wrote a letter presented at the conference that support for the Safe Schools program, which is funded by the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, is a function of the Department of Education……..". 5/17/00 Steve Gorman "…….United Airlines has dropped advertisements for Dr. Laura Schlessinger's radio show from its in-flight magazine because of her controversial commentary about homosexuality, an airline spokesman said Wednesday. Schlessinger, who dispenses moral and ethical advice each weekday on a syndicated radio show that reaches an estimated 18 million listeners, has sparked an uproar from gay and lesbian groups for her on-air references to homosexuality as ``deviant'' and ``a biological error.'' A spokesman for United, which bills itself as the world's biggest airline, said ads for her program were pulled because her views run contrary to the airline's ``corporate commitment to respecting our employees as well as our customers.'' ``And we demonstrate that commitment in a number of ways, including by recognizing the diversity of our tens of millions of customers and tens of thousands of employees,'' the United spokesman, Matthew Triaca said from Chicago, where the airline and its parent UAL Corp. are headquartered. ……." 5/16/00 "…..The radio talkshow host calls the continuing demonstrations against her upcoming TV show "the McCarthyism of the 21st century." Saint Louis, Missouri saw the latest in a series of demonstrations protesting an upcoming syndicated television show for top-rated anti-gay radio talkshow host "Dr. Laura" Schlessinger, while Schlessinger is firing back at her critics in every available forum. The May 13 St. Louis protest, organized by Stop Dr. Laura/St. Louis and the local chapter of the National Organization for Women, drew about 125 participants, more than last week's San Francisco and Atlanta, Georgia demonstrations combined. Their target was FOX affiliate KTVI-TV Channel 2, which responded with a statement that management "deeply respects the rights of individuals to lawful assembly and free speech. Specific to Dr. Laura Schlessinger's television program, we have expressed our concerns regarding content and continue frequent communication with the program's producers, Paramount Television." …….."

Union Leader 5/18/00 Bernadette Malone Connolly "…… Today at 1 p.m., the students in grades 9-12 in Epping will assemble in the school gymnasium for an hour-long talk about homosexuality, an event of which parents were not informed. Principal Victor Petzy said notifying parents would have been too "cumbersome." ……… What a classic example of what's wrong with so many schools these days! First, what business does the school have putting on a program about homosexuality? Shouldn't high schoolers be doing math or writing when they are in school, not having teacher-encouraged rap sessions about their sexual urges? …….Secondly, the fact that the administration chose not to notify parents about this is appalling. ……School administrators might want to pretend that this topic is just another health issue, but the truth is it is politically oriented, religiously charged and ought to be addressed by parents, not "We Know Best" educators. ….." 5/16/00 AP "……Connecticut's commission charged with enforcing human rights laws says the state can't associate with the discriminating Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts of America can no longer receive contributions by means of payroll deductions from Connecticut state employees because of the Scouts' discriminatory policy against gays, the state's Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) ruled unanimously May 11. Under state law, "The state can't discriminate, businesses can't discriminate and further, the state can't associate with groups that do," Commissioner Andrew Norton told the Associated Press. The issue had been brought to the CHRO by the State Employees Campaign Committee for charitable giving. ……"

Upi 5/18/00 "…….. BOSTON, May 18 (UPI) -- Parents rally at the Statehouse in Boston Thursday to demand the state stop funding homosexual student organizations in schools…."

Village Voice 5/17/00 Nat Hentoff "…… Soon after he came to New York, a delegation from the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights asked to meet with O'Connor.... When O'Connor came into the room, he first shook everybody's hand. Nothing was said about Cardinal Cooke's secretary, but the gesture registered. The delegation did not change O'Connor's conviction that according to Catholic teaching active homosexuality is wrong. But Karen Doherty, a member of the Conference for Catholic Lesbians and a participant in that meeting, sent me a copy of a letter she had written the cardinal two weeks after the discussion: ……."You impressed me as being a very straightforward, sensitive, and capable man. What I particularly appreciated was the fact that I did not feel talked down to or held at a distance because I am a lesbian woman. . . . I wanted you to know that while we strongly disagree, I have a great deal of personal respect for you and the fact that you are willing to stand up for what you believe." ...... Some time after, Karen Doherty told me, "That letter of mine shocked a lot of my gay and lesbian friends, and some of the nuns and priests who support us. But I couldn't have said anything different. It would have been a lie. He is a very human person, and he has a lot of integrity. That's why he's a tremendous adversary. ……"

Portland (Maine) Press Herald 5/18/00 Dennis Hoey "…… The parents of a third-grade girl at the West Bath School said Wednesday that school officials have downplayed the severity of actions that led to the suspensions of five third-grade boys for sexual harassment. The parents, who spoke through a lawyer Wednesday to protect the girl's identity, claim male classmates twice ganged up on their daughter in a sexual way. They said the incidents occurred two days apart during recess and that their daughter reported both incidents to a playground supervisor. On May 2, two boys pulled the girl to the ground and "held her down" while a third boy climbed on top of the 9-year-old and simulated a sexual act. All of the children were fully clothed at the time. ......"

New York Post 5/18/00 "…….Dr. Laura Schlessinger, outspoken radio therapist, is under fire because of her opinions about homosexuality. Gay activists and their supporters are flooding her sponsors with complaints and threats of a boycott unless they quit sponsoring Schlessinger and her new TV show. This week, Procter & Gamble - the maker of household products including Tide laundry detergent and Ivory soap - caved. It withdrew its advertising from both Schlessinger's radio and TV shows, citing the ongoing "controversy." Score one for the new Hollywood blacklist. But don't expect to hear the civil-liberties crowd screaming "McCarthyism" this time around. …….. Once again, the left has displayed its true political stripes: Freedom of speech belongs only to those who voice liberal opinions. Anyone else is a hatemonger who deserves to be silenced. ……."

AP 5/18/00 "…..The American Psychiatric Association canceled a scheduled panel discussion of whether homosexuality can be altered through therapy, a move that has upset some self-described former gays. The debate over what is known as reorientation therapy was pulled from the APA's convention agenda on Wednesday after two psychiatrists who contend that the subject is too politically charged for scientific discussion withdrew from the panel. The cancellation led to a protest by Exodus International, a non-denominational Christian organization that seeks to help gays switch their sexual orientation. "I'm here as one representative for a virtually unseen but sizable population," said Exodus' national board chairman, John Paulk of Colorado Springs. "I once lived as a gay man, but now I'm heterosexual, something the American Psychiatric Association says does not exist." ……" 5/17/00 Bruce Sullivan "……. The Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling on Monday that Congress exceeded its power when it granted women the right to sue attackers in federal court is a good example of the misunderstanding many Americans have about their guaranteed rights, several experts told ……The controversy over our so-called "rights" also involves the claims made by homosexuals, certain groups of workers, animal activists and others…….. In Monday's ruling, the Supreme Court upheld a lower court decision that the interstate commerce clause in the Constitution, giving Congress the power to regulate trade between the 50 states, could not be interpreted to allow women to sue attackers and rapists in federal court. Congress had cited the harmful effects rape and domestic violence have on interstate commerce, when it passed the Violence Against Women Act in 1994. ……" 5/17/00 Bruce Sullivan "……."Lots of people think that if anything is good, it must be in the Constitution," said former Solicitor General, Judge Robert Bork. "I think that it's generally true that most Americans are woefully unversed in the details of the Bill of Rights," Center for Equal Opportunity President Linda Chavez told…………. Central to the case, the United States v. Morrison, was whether the Tenth Amendment, which is part of the Bill of Rights and deals with states' rights, could be overridden by Congressional laws…….. "The Bill of Rights basically protects people from the government, or a government," Carleson told "The Bill of Rights is a constraint on government."...... "It's a constraint on government. It is not a constraint on individuals, and people don't understand that," said Carleson. "They think that if an individual does something illegal, that it's a violation of their Constitutional rights. That's not true."…….. " 5/17/00 Bruce Sullivan "……. The ACRU, said Carleson, stands in contrast to its liberal counterpart - the American Civil Liberties Union. "[The ACLU] has gotten to the point where they're defining 'liberty' as 'libertine,'" said Carleson. A case in point, said Kerusso Ministries spokesman Michael Johnston, who works with ex-homosexuals, is the clamor for so-called "gay" rights. "Obviously the homosexual rights movement has been very effective in taking what heretofore in human history was a sexual perversion and turning it, somehow, into a human right," Johnston told …… " 5/17/00 Bruce Sullivan "……. The homosexual rights movement, says Johnston, represents the first time in American history that a particular behavior has been defined as a right. "The only other close exception would be the right to religious expression. But even that ultimately is not rooted in a behavior. It's rooted in a core belief." ……… "

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 5/17/00 Andrea Billups "……A Christian student group at Massachusetts' Tufts University that was banned from meeting on campus and stripped of its funding by the student judiciary for refusing to select a lesbian member for a leadership position has been reinstated. Members of the Tufts Committee on Student Life, a 12-member faculty/student panel voted unanimously to overturn a ruling by the Tufts Community Union Judiciary, which had revoked the status and funding of the 70-member Tufts Christian Fellowship as an officially recognized student group. "We are delighted and relieved that the TCF does not have to seek shelter in catacombs beneath the Tufts campus," said Thor Halvorssen, executive director of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a Philadelphia-based campus liberty organization that had organized a campaign to support the Christian students.........."

CNS News 5/17/00 "……The North American Man/Boy Love Association - which, by its own admission, "speaks out against societal repression and celebrates the joys of men and boys in love"-- faces a lawsuit stemming from the murder of a ten-year-old Massachusetts boy. In their $200 million wrongful-death lawsuit, filed in federal court, the boy's parents claim one of their son's killers "became obsessed with having sex with and raping young male children" after joining NAMBLA in 1996. The suit says NAMBLA "encourages its members to rape male children," and it accuses NAMBLA of serving "as a conduit for an underground network of pedophiles in the United States." The lawsuit also names an Internet provider, Verio Inc., of Englewood, Colorado, which hosts the NAMBLA Website - giving pedophiles an international communication system, the lawsuit says. …."

Virginia Apuzzo, the former Assistant to the President for Management and Administration (the first openly gay or lesbian Assistant to the President)

On October 1, 1997, Virginia Apuzzo was appointed as Assistant to the President for Management and Administration. The Office of Management and Administration directs the management and administrative functions of the entire White House complex and has oversight responsibilities for all of the agencies of the Executive Office of the President. As part of this responsibility, Management and Administration directly supervises many of the White House and Executive Office of the President operating units including the White House Military Office, Photography Office, Telephone Service, Travel Office, Intern Program, Conference Center, Visitors Office, White House administrative Office and the Office of Administration. In addition, the Office of Management and Administration serves as a liaison between the White House and other Federal Agencies (e.g., General Services Administration, National Park Service, United States Secret Service) that provide operational support to the White House complex.

On September 30, 1996, Ms. Apuzzo joined the Department of Labor as Associate Deputy Secretary….

In the Spring of 1994, Ms. Apuzzo was nominated by Governor Mario Cuomo and subsequently confirmed by the New York State Senate as President of the New York State civil Service commission and commissioner of the New York State Department of Civil Service. ...

In October, 1996, she received the Outstanding Public Service Award from the Civil Service Merit Council for her efforts in upholding the Civil Law and advancing the principles of the merit system.

From 1991 to 1994, Ms. Apuzzo served as Executive Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal. ….

From 1985 until her appointment at the Division of Housing, Ms. Apuzzo served as Deputy Executive Director of the New York State Consumer Protection Board, where she was in charge of running agency programs and operations. In that position, she confronted pharmaceutical companies with the twin issues of unsubstantiated claims for AIDS medications and the unconscionable pricing of AZT and pentamidine.

From 1986 to 1989, she concurrently served as the Governor's Liaison to the Lesbian and Gay community. In addition, Governor Cuomo in 1985, appointed her Vice-Chair of the New York State AIDS Advisory Council, a position she held until 1996.

Ms. Apuzzo's earlier government experience was with the City of New York which she served as Executive Director of the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearing, and as Assistant Commissioner for Operations for the Department of Health. She also spent 17 years as a tenured lecturer at Brooklyn College.

Outside of government, Ms. Apuzzo is best known for her term as Executive Director of the National Gay Task Force, the nation's oldest and largest gay and lesbian civil rights organization, from 1982 to 1986 (at the same time, she also served as Executive Director of the Fund for Human Dignity, NGTF's educational affiliate). As a pre-eminent civil rights advocate, she traveled extensively throughout the country, testifying at the very first Congressional hearing on AIDS, and subsequently at numerous other United States Senate and House committee hearings, on subjects ranging from increased funding for AIDS to the nominee to the U.S. civil Rights Commission. In addition, she helped to develop the concept of a project to combat anti gay violence, and was responsible for funding the initial anti violence projects in New York and San Francisco. She was also responsible for negotiating with the federal social Security Administration to secure disability benefits for people with AIDS--benefits which to the day are a principal means of support for large numbers of people living with AIDS.

In 1980, as an openly gay delegate to the Democratic National Convention, Ms. Apuzzo co-authored the first gay lesbian civil rights plank of a major political party, a plank she worked to strengthen as a delegate to the, 1984 Democratic National Convention. …

Karen Tramontano, Assistant to the President and Counselor to the Chief of Staff;

And in November 1998, the president named Karen Tramontano, the openly gay chief of staff to former D.C. Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly (D), as assistant to the president and counselor to the White House chief of staff

White House Chief of Staff John Podesta appointed openly lesbian Karen Tramontano Assistant to the President and Counselor to the Chief of Staff last week, making her one of the highest ranking policy officials in the White House. In her previous position of Deputy Assistant to the President and Counsel to the Office of the Chief of Staff, Tramontano was involved with such issues as the nomination of openly "gay" James Hormel as ambassador to Luxembourg, how the next census should be conducted, and immigration policies.

Sean Maloney, Assistant to the President and Staff Secretary

Fred Hochberg, Deputy Administrator of the Small Business Administration, the first openly gay person to be appointed Deputy in an U.S. cabinet-level agency;

Former Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Bruce Lehman, the first openly gay man to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate;

Nominated by President Clinton on April 23, 1993, and unanimously confirmed by the US Senate on August 5, Bruce A. Lehman serves in the US Department of Commerce as Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks. As the Adminstration's primary representative for intellectual property rights protection, he is a key player on these issues, both domestically and internationally. Because of his record of accomplishment, Lehman was named by the President on September 5, 1997, to concurrently serve on an interim basis as Acting Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, which fosters and recognizes the work of America's artistic and creative community.

Serving as the head of the US Delegation to the World Intellectual Property Organization's (WIPO) Diplomatic Conference on Certain Copyright and Neighboring Rights Questions, he successfully concluded negotiations which resulted in the adoption of two Treaties: the WIPO Copyright Treaty and the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty. ….

Mr. Lehman also chairs the Working Group on Intellectual Property Rights of the National Information Infrastructure Task Force. In September of 1995, the Working Group released Intellectual Property and the National Information Infrastructure, which examines the role of copyright law in cyberspace and makes recommendations to fortify copyright protection of intellectual property in the networked environment of the information superhighway.

Before coming to PTO, Mr. Lehman was a partner in the Washington, DC, law firm of Swidler & Berlin for ten years. ….

Prior to entering private practice, Mr. Lehman worked for nine years in the US house of Representatives as Counsel to the Committee on the Judiciary and Chief Counsel to the Subcommittee on Courts, Civil Liberties, and the Administration of Justice. Mr. Lehman was the Committee's principal legal advisor in the drafting of the 1976 Copyright Act, the 1980 Computer Software Amendments, and 1982 amendments to the Patent Laws.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Lehman served as legal counsel to the Wisconsin State Legislature, as an attorney with the US Department of Justice, and as an officer in the US Army….

Former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Roberta Achtenberg, the first open lesbian confirmed by the U.S. Senate, served in this position from 1993 to 1995;

For more than two decades, Roberta Achtenberg has used the law and the court of public opinion to challenge the forces of bigotry and discrimination.

As one of America's leading civil rights attorneys, as a progressive elected official, and as a reformer in the Clinton Administration --Achtenberg has fought and won countless battles to protect the basic rights of women, the disabled, minorities, gays and lesbians.

……Throughout her career, as a civil rights attorney, as a law school dean, as an elected San Francisco Supervisor, as an Assistant Secretary at HUD, and now, as a candidate for mayor of San Francisco, Roberta Achtenberg has successfully challenged the status quo. …..

As a civil rights attorney and a community leader, Roberta fought the fundamentalist Christian right when they led the charge to write discrimination into the state constitution. She took on the political machine when they told her, "You people aren't ready to represent yourselves." And she stood up to the U.S. Senate's leading bigot, Jesse Helms, in a bruising, historic Senate confirmation.

Selected by President Clinton, Achtenberg stood firmly on her professional merits and won confirmation to serve as the Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). As Assistant Secretary, Achtenberg was the chief enforcement officer of the federal Fair Housing Act and of the civil rights laws governing HUD programs.


Gail Shibley, the Director of External Communications for the Federal Highway Administration;

Vic Basile, the Director of Private Sector Cooperation and International Volunteerism for the Peace Corps;

Romulo Diaz, Assistant Administrator for Administration and Resources Management at the Environmental Protection Agency;

Mr. Chairman and Members of the Committee, it is a great honor and privilege to be here today as the nominee of President Clinton and Administrator Browner to be the Environmental Protection Agency's Assistant Administrator for Administration and Resources Management.

I am very proud to have been asked to serve in the Clinton Administration and with Administrator Carol Browner, who are working to enhance the level of public health and environmental protection for all Americans. I look forward to working closely with you, the Congress, to continue to improve management and performance at EPA.

….I come to you with over 25 years of experience in public service, both as an attorney and as a manager of domestic and international strategic programs for the Department of Energy (Department or DOE) and other Federal energy agencies. ….

In previous posts, I was responsible for DOE management and operations policies, was twice unanimously elected by the nations of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to chair an energy committee, successfully negotiated the international energy contingency response to the 1990-91 Gulf Crisis, represented the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on important energy legislation, and led that agency's efforts to create a nationwide system for the emergency implementation of deregulatory pricing regimes under the Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978. …

John Berry, Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management and Budget for the Department of Interior;

Berry, 38, will be one of only five assistant secretaries at the Department of the Interior. In his position, he will be responsible for guiding policy, developing budgets, and administrative management at the agency which oversees federal land and natural resources and includes the National Park Service. The position is "quite senior," noted Socarides. "As senior as Bruce [Lehman] is and as senior as Roberta [Achtenberg, former assistant secretary for the Department of Housing and Urban Development] was." Berry's position does require Senate confirmation, by the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. His confirmation hearing is scheduled for next Thursday, Oct. 9, and he said he does not anticipate any problems. Berry, from Rockville, Md., worked for 10 years as legislative assistant to U.S. Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.). He then worked as deputy assistant secretary for law enforcement at the Treasury Department, supervising such agencies as Customs, the Secret Service, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Fire Arms. He has been an active volunteer with D.C.'s Food & Friends group, which provides home-delivered meals to people with AIDS. Berry lost his partner to AIDS in June 1996. If confirmed, Berry will go to the Interior post from his current position as director of government relations and senior policy adviser at the Smithsonian Institution.

Robert Raben, nominee for Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs, Department of Justice;

Joe Montana and aristeides "….Extremely interesting that one of those listed as an open gay in this administration is: · Robert Raben, nominee for Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs, Department of Justice. …….This guy is the clueless guy from the Department of InJustice (at least he pretends to be clueless) who has been unable to answer any questions during the Burton committee's e-mail hearings. Interesting that he has been slated for a promotion. ….."

Harold Creel, Jr., Chairman, Federal Maritime Commission;

The chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission said he was disappointed that his agency did not take a harder line against ocean carriers involved in sudden, peak-season Pacific rate increases last year.

FMC Chairman Harold Creel Jr., in comments Monday, aligned himself with Commissioner Delmond Won, the author of a report released on Friday that said carrier competition in the Asia-to-U.S. trades "has been all but eliminated."

Todd Dickinson, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Deputy Commissioner, Patent and Trademark Office;

Todd Dickinson was appointed by President Clinton as Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office on March 29, 2000. Dickinson had served as Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks since November 10, 1999, as Acting Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Acting Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks since January 1, 1999, and as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Deputy Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks since June 18, 1998.

In addition to managing the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) operations, Dickinson serves as principal policy advisor to the Clinton Administration and Congress on all domestic and international intellectual property matters. He also serves as co-chair of the National Intellectual Property Law Enforcement Coordination Council, which coordinates domestic and international intellectual property enforcement issues.

…..Previously with the Philadelphia-based law firm of Dechert, Price and Rhoads and having served as Chief Counsel for Intellectual Property and Technology at Sun Company, Inc., Dickinson has more than twenty years of experience in the private sector representing a wide-range of clients, from individual inventors to major corporations, on intellectual property protection matters.

Elaine Kaplan, Special Counsel, Office of Special Counsel;

On May 8, 1998, Elaine Kaplan was sworn in to serve a 5 year term as Special Counsel of the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC), in a ceremony officiated by the Honorable Patricia M. Wald, Circuit Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Ms. Kaplan was nominated for the position of Special Counsel by President Clinton in November of 1997, and was unanimously confirmed by the Senate in April 1998.

Ms. Kaplan came to OSC with extensive experience litigating employment-related issues before federal courts and administrative tribunals. Prior to her appointment as Special Counsel, Ms. Kaplan served as Deputy General Counsel of the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU), where she represented the interests of 150,000 employees in the areas of civil liberties, administrative law, racial and sexual discrimination, and labor law. ….

Ms. Kaplan began her legal career in 1979 at the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of the Solicitor, where she worked as a staff attorney in the Division of Employee Benefits. In 1982, ….

Jesse White, Jr., Federal Co-Chairman, Appalachian Regional Commission;

Todd Summers, Deputy Director of the White House Office of National AIDS Policy;

(his name does not currently appear on the staff of the Office of National AIDS Policy)

Daniel C. Montoya, Executive Director of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS.

Mr. Montoya serves as the Executive Director of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (Council), established by Executive Order through the President. ….. He acts as liaison between the Advisory Council, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, the Director of the Office of National AIDS Policy, federal agencies, state agencies, and private and community-based organizations.

…… Mr. Montoya received his Masters in Public Affairs from the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin (pending), where he also received his Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance. He previously worked at the Texas General Land Office where he focused on environmental and energy policy at both the grassroots and federal levels. His main focus was clean air and clean water, especially as it affected minority, underserved and vulnerable populations in Texas.

….As a person living with HIV for over 12 years, Daniel is especially sensitive to the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Toronto Sun 5/15/00 Marianne Meed Ward "……There are plenty of scary things about Dr. Laura Schlessinger and her radio show, but I'm not sure her comments about gays and lesbians are among them. Intemperate, to be sure. Not to mention rude. And just plain wrong sometimes. I wouldn't want to hang out with someone who describes gays and lesbians as "abnormal," "aberrant," "deviant," "disordered" and "dysfunctional." Or who says pedophilia is related to being gay and is more common among gay people. Pedophilia has more to do with gender - most pedophiles are male - than orientation. Most are also heterosexual. Schlessinger acknowledges this, but says the percentage of pedophiles among homosexuals is higher than among heterosexuals. Ergo, homosexual equals pedophile. Oh. …….. She and I are probably on the same page on a lot of social issues, but her manners come from a different book altogether. Call it the pit bull book of decorum. She berates, interrupts, hectors and insults not only her critics, but also occasionally her callers - who have come to her for help. Kinder people might call her blunt. No kidding. ….."

Massachusetts News 5/15/00 "……An official with the state's Department of Education has apologized for the explicit teaching of homosexual sex to teenagers at a conference which was sponsored by a homosexual organization, GLSEN, at Tufts University on March 25. The apology was given on the Jeanine Graf talk show last Friday by Alan Safran, Deputy Commissioner of Education. He said that if the reports were true, it should not have happened. Since there are tape recordings of the conference, there is no question that the reports are true. …….. The Deputy Commissioner said, "This piece of graphic discussion is beyond the scope of what we're about....That won't happen again." ……"

Massachusetts News 5/15/00 "……"This is a very important event," said J. Edward Pawlick, Publisher of Massachusetts News, "because it has taken us over a year to explain to the people of the state exactly what is being taught in the schools, both to homosexual and heterosexual students. When we first started writing about this, the establishment tried to brand us as 'right-wing, homophobic kooks.' But if that's true, then 90% of the citizens are also of that persuasion." ……… It was not until Massachusetts News published a story in its May issue and included some of what was said at the event that the story began to get attention. The May issue appeared on the paper's Internet site and was mailed to 225,000 people. Even the Boston Globe was forced to recognize the story on May 2 although it could not bring itself to recognize Massachusetts News. It merely said that Whiteman "taped the seminar and put some of the frank exchanges on the Internet." ……"

Massachusetts News 5/15/00 "……The reaction from the homosexual group which sponsored the event, GLSEN, was to try and stop the news from getting out. It sent a letter to Whiteman on April 26 threatening him if he released the tapes. It didn't dispute that the event took place. …….. A copy of the letter was sent to Attorney General Thomas Reilly and District Attorney Martha Coakley. ……The homosexual organization told the Globe that it was illegal for Whiteman to tape the event and the organization stood behind the discussions. "The students were asking questions, they are assured would have been irresponsible not to answer them. The instructors allowed the students to talk about their issues and get good, accurate information." ……"

Massachusetts News 5/15/00 "……Pawlick said that the telephone poll taken for Massachusetts News last fall of 600 Massachusetts residents indicated that 92% of the respondents believed that teenagers should not be encouraged to be sexually active, whether heterosexual or homosexual. The only daily newspaper that printed the results of the poll was the Boston Herald, which did an excellent job, says Pawlick. "At that time, the state denied that it was encouraging sexual activity, but everyone knows better," he continued. "It is now abundantly clear that they are doing so. The results of the poll were remarkably similar for age, sex and every other factor. Even the 47% of the respondents who identified themselves as liberals agreed, with an astounding 91% of them voting against teenage sexual activity." ….."

AFA 5/12/00 Fred Jackson "……United Methodists have voted to continue the church's official stand against homosexuality, including a ban against Methodist pastors performing same-sex marriages. The vote came yesterday amid continuing protests from pro-homosexual forces within the church. In the end, the vote results were not a surprise. The feeling going into the Cleveland conference was that the majority of Methodists still agree with the Biblical teaching that homosexuality is a sin. ……."

Washington Post 3/16/00 Seth Hettena "…….A study of male children who were born without penises and raised as girls found that most of them considered themselves boys when they got older - suggesting that gender identity is determined in the womb. ……. Researchers tracked the development of 27 children who had been born without a penis, a rare defect known as a cloacal exstrophy. The infants were otherwise male with normal testicles, male genes and hormones. Twenty-five of the children were sex-reassigned - doctors castrated them at birth and their parents raised them as girls. ……. But over the years, all of the children, now ages 5 to 16, exhibited the rough-and-tumble play of boys. Fourteen declared themselves to be boys, in one case as early as age 5, said Dr. William G. Reiner, a child and adolescent psychiatrist and urologist at the Hopkins Children's Center. ……."

PR Newswire 5/15/00 "…… has learned that Procter & Gamble has abruptly reversed its decision to become the first major advertiser on the "Dr. Laura" show. (Full P&G statement follows). P&G's reversal is the latest in a string of controversies surrounding the show, syndicated by Paramount TV and slated for debut this September. "Procter & Gamble should be commended for this exercise in good corporate citizenship," said John Aravosis, cofounder of "They've listened to reasonable Americans, their own employees, and their customers. P&G realizes there is no value in intolerance, now it's Paramount's turn." Just one week ago today, P&G confirmed that the company was to become the first major advertiser on Paramount's upcoming "Dr. Laura" TV show. Today, an employee source within the company provided with a copy of a yet-to-be-released statement. In the statement, P&G directly linked controversy over Schlessinger's anti-gay statements to its decision not to advertise. "We've chosen not to be involved with a show that will require time and resources to deal with this kind of controversy," the statement read……"

CNS 5/15/00 Patrick Goodenough "…..As the countdown continues toward the first international homosexual celebration in Rome this summer - endorsed by Vice-President Al Gore - the Roman Catholic archbishop of San Francisco has voiced deep concerns to his Vatican colleagues about the kind of exhibition that can be expected. Bishop William Levada told a dinner with other senior clergy that he was incredulous when he learned the World Pride 2000 event was to be held in Rome during the Vatican's "Jubilee Year," reports Il Messaggero, the most widely read paper in Rome. "I can't believe it ... I am amazed that the government would permit it - obviously the Italian authorities have no idea what might happen," he is quoted as saying. "This type of demonstration is not controllable." ...... Bishop Levada recounted his experiences in the "capital of gay life" and especially during the annual homosexual celebration held in San Francisco every June. Levada said that he has taken leave of the city when the 500,000 homosexual people take to the city's streets, because the demonstrations focus, among other places, on his cathedral. Participants often dress as caricatures of priests, bishops, nuns or even the Pope. Many make obscene gestures in front of the church and some strip naked in the streets, he said. "We are used to it, but here [in Rome] maybe they don't understand that such undressing takes place on the main streets of the city, not in hidden away areas. The law authorities do nothing to prevent it," Levada said. ….."

New York Times 5/16/00 Jane Brody "……Sex is the hottest topic among adult users of the Internet, with studies showing that fully a third of all visits directed to sexually oriented Web sites, chat rooms and news groups. For most people these forays into cybersex are relatively harmless recreational pursuits, but experts in the field say that the affordability, accessibility and anonymity of the Internet are fueling a brand new psychological disorder -- cybersex addiction -- that appears to be spreading with astonishing rapidity and bringing turmoil to the lives of those affected. Researchers writing in the current issue of the journal Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity report that many of the men and women who now spend dozens of hours each week seeking sexual stimulation from their computers deny that they have a problem and refuse to seek help until their marriages and/or their jobs are in serious jeopardy. ……"

AFR News 5/16/00 Bill Fancher "……Homosexual leaders are voicing their concerns that the accomplishments they have made in their agenda could disappear soon. An example of the concern was expressed by Clinton Administration homosexual liaison Julian Potter, who said recently that a Republican president could easily wipe out all of the Executive Orders of Bill Clinton that pertain to homosexuals and lesbians. Former homosexual Anthony Falzarano says gays and lesbians will be fighting hard during this campaign to prevent that from happening, and he says the fight will be vicious. ….." 5/10/00 Valerie Kalfrin "…..A San Diego County jury has convicted a man of molesting three sheep, two of them fatally, in an open-air pen last summer. James Donald Ray, 39, was found guilty Monday of felony animal cruelty and misdemeanor animal sexual assault after a weeklong trial, prosecutors said. The brown-haired, blue-eyed man broke down repeatedly while testifying about his predilection for animals, also known as zoophilism or bestiality. "It was always a deep, dark secret that he had," public defender Deborah Kirkwood told today. "He really wants help. He's begging for help now that it's out in the open. He knows what he did was wrong." ….."

NY Post 6/4/00 Linda Massarella "….. A book that suggests the Catholic priesthood is becoming a gay profession has quietly become a bestseller among priests and Catholics. Copies of "The Changing Face of Priesthood," written by the Rev. Donald B. Cozzens, have sold out of many Catholic bookstores - and currently ranks 64th on's bestseller list. "It's doing pretty well. Not super-duper, but not badly at all," Sister Joshua, who works at the Catholic book store Pauline Books and Media on East 52nd Street, said yesterday. "We sold our copies and had to order it a couple of times." ...... The book is a hard look at the church written by a respected priest, the head of the St. Mary Seminary and Graduate School of Theology in Cleveland who previously penned a book on priestly spirituality. ……… Cozzens blames the Vatican's unwillingness to talk about the culture of celibacy imposed on priests and that "recent clerical scandals of sexual misconduct with young boys have severely tarnished their collective reputation." Cozzens, who did not conduct his own studies, says he gleaned the information first-hand and from published articles. "At issue at the beginning of the 21st century is the growing perception - one seldom contested by those who know the priesthood well - that the priesthood is or is becoming a gay profession." He also asserts that the number of gay seminarians who have "sexual contacts and romantic unions" is high enough to make some straight seminarians very uncomfortable. ......" 6/5/00 Don Feder "……What do Dr. Laura Schlessinger and Brian Camenker have in common? The nationally syndicated talk-show host and Massachusetts family activist both have been bludgeoned, bound and gagged by the gay thought police. Even opponents of gay censorship -- those who object on free-speech grounds -- miss the point. They never ask why activists are so desperate to stifle any discussion of an issue with momentous implications for the family and society. Why does the movement insist that its view of homosexuality is not just the only legitimate one, but that dissent is hateful and promotes violence? .........The gay thought police are working double shifts. When the subject is homosexuality, moral judgments are deemed to be discriminatory. In a pending Supreme Court case, activists are trying to force the Boy Scouts to give a merit badge for deviancy. Christian groups are being hounded off college campuses because of their refusal to edit Leviticus. It's more than just the left's penchant for screaming "evil" instead of engaging in a dialogue. Homosexual activists are terrified of being challenged on their dogma. They seem to know, at least subconsciously, that their arguments won't stand up to scrutiny. The movement's premises - that being a homosexual is comparable to being black or female, that gay marriage will promote social stability, that objecting to any of the foregoing incites violence -- have never been proven, because they can't be proven. ......... If sexual orientation is biological, what are we to make of the ex-gay movement, with an estimated 20,000 members? (Did they change their DNA?) Researchers have essentially abandoned the quest for the elusive gay gene. ......"

Federalist Digest 6/13/00 Timothy J. Dailey, Ph.D., and Crystal Roberts, J.D. "……In an ambitious attempt to pressure public schools into promoting homosexuality, a homosexual advocacy group has sent an authoritative-looking pamphlet replete with distortions and thinly veiled legal threats to every school district in the country. ……… "Just the Facts about Sexual Orientation & Youth" was produced by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Educational Network (GLSEN), which aggressively promotes instruction about the homosexual lifestyle in elementary schools. A speaker at a 1998 GLSEN-sponsored conference in Boston, for example, advocated indoctrinating children as young as kindergarten age to accept homosexuality.1 …….. If schools are cowed into implementing the recommendations of "Just the Facts," children will be encouraged to enter a lifestyle associated with disease and early death, one which has been condemned by every major religion and virtually all cultures from time immemorial. An evaluation of the assertions found in "Just the Facts" reveals that the booklet is more opinion than fact. ………."Just the Facts" claims, "Sexual orientation develops across a person's lifetime - different people realize at different points in their lives that they are heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or bisexual." …….. "

Federalist Digest 6/13/00 Timothy J. Dailey, Ph.D., and Crystal Roberts, J.D. "……Many people would find bizarre the suggestion that they are at different times alternately "heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or bisexual." The origin of this peculiar notion is the infamous zoologist-turned-sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, whose influential 1948 work Sexual Behavior in the Human Male theorized that all humans existed somewhere on a fluid continuum between exclusively heterosexual and exclusively homosexual.2 Kinsey's work, however, is riddled with errors and pseudo-science. His data on the sexuality of children, for example, relied upon the scientifically dubious criminal experiences of a child molester.3 Kinsey himself has been exposed as a homosexual masochist and sexual anarchist driven by his antipathy towards traditional religion.4 ......,Armed with bad science, GLSEN proposes that elementary schools assume children are sexually ambiguous, and would have teachers encourage their presumed innate tendency towards homosexuality. ......"

Bay Windows 6/15/00 Mubarak S. Dahir "…….First-grade teacher David Gaita never prepared a lesson plan for coming out to his students. But on May 17 when students in Mr. Gaita's class at Burr Elementary School in Newton, Mass., asked him about his personal life during a lesson on biographies, Mr. Gaita had to make an important decision. He could either lie to his students and pretend he was straight. Or he could answer them honestly and matter-of-factly in words and terms they would understand. ...... Aware of the sensitivity to his actions, Mr. Gaita penned a note to the parents of each of his pupils, and sent it home with them. The note explained how the issue arose in class, and exactly what Mr. Gaita's response had been. ...... There was not much commotion about Mr. Gaita's announcement from his room full of curious children. The same cannot be said for the parental response that followed. ......"

ABC News 6/15/00 Reuters "……A survey of young people in the United States infected with the AIDS virus found that 90 percent of them took steps to change their sexual behavior after being diagnosed, federal health experts said today. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the study is the latest to show the value of diagnosis and counseling after someone is found to be infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. …….. Sixty percent said they used condoms more often, 49 percent said they had sex less often and 36 percent said they stopped having sex after being diagnosed. ……"

Reuters 6/15/00 "…..A Georgia man has been arrested in Texas and charged with trying to buy two elementary school boys for sex after FBI agents monitoring the Internet identified him as a pedophile, the agency said Thursday. Jonathan Christopher Wood was arrested on June 3 after traveling to Houston from Perry, Georgia, with the intention of buying the boys and taking them back to Georgia for illegal sex, the FBI said in a statement. Wood, 53, was arrested after arriving at an agreed-upon meeting place with $12,000 in cash for the purchase, the FBI said. Brian Loader, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI's Houston field office, told Reuters the arrest came as a result of FBI monitoring of Internet chatrooms. …… Wood had recently moved to Georgia from Arizona, where he had owned a company that provided Internet access, and he had also previously lived in California, Loader said. Also Thursday, Texas Attorney General John Cornyn announced the arrest of five men charged with aggravated sexual assault for allegedly having sex with a 12-year-old girl they contacted through an Internet chatroom. ……"

AFA Center for Law & Policy 6/15/00 "…..Tupelo, MS -- In response to a lawsuit filed by the AFA Center for Law & Policy ("the Law Center") on behalf of a Christian employee group that had been denied official recognition, Sandia National Laboratories has agreed to amend its Equal Employment Opportunity ("EEO") policy and extend official recognition to the Christians. Michael Hall, William Morse, and Mary Tang, plaintiffs in the lawsuit, are employees at Sandia, the Albuquerque, NM, national security laboratory that designs all non-nuclear components for the nation's nuclear weapons. The Christians had complained in the suit that Sandia violated their constitutional rights by extending official recognition to a homosexual employee group, but denying the same privileges to Christians. The privileges accorded the homosexual group include special internal web site usage, input into managerial policies concerning diversity, and funding for certain projects. ......"

Washington Times 6/16/00 Ralph Sheffield "…..INCREDIBLY, one James Dale, after he was found to be homosexual, is suing the Boy Scouts of America to force them to retain him as an assistant scoutmaster. (huh?) Perhaps the dearth of intellect in his state's current supreme court has made him fantasize a Disneyland day at the Supreme Court of the United States. If he spent less time posturing and more pondering, he would grasp-he barred himself from Scouting by jettisoning its Oath, Law, Motto, and Slogan. Let us count (some of) the ways-trying not to retch on effrontery: "On my honor" Isn't honesty part of honor? "I will... obey" Not betray, not dissemble. "The Scout Law" Not whimsy, but a contractual standard agreed to by those receiving the benefits and honors of Scouting. "To keep myself...morally straight" Morality nurtures life-and sexual honor is most of morality. ….. . "

EWTN 6/16/00 "…..A group of 44 former pupils of Hare Krishna day-care centers in the United States are suing this movement for $400 million in damages. According to Windle Turley, the lawyer for the plaintiffs, the abuses suffered by his clients are "the most unthinkable maltreatment of children ever seen, including rape, sexual abuse, physical torture, and emotional terror against children of up to 3 years of age." The Hare Krishna movement began to develop in the United States in the 60s, at a time when there was great interest in Eastern religions and philosophy. The founder of the sect, Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, believed that children should attend the movement's schools to become devotees, and enable their parents to carry out their religious activities. As a result, more than 10 institutes were founded in the United States. ……."

MSNBC 6/16/00 "…..The effort to permanently ban same-sex marriages in Nevada appears to be gaining some momentum Thursday as the Coalition for the Protection of Marriage turned in 120,000 signatures from across the state. Members of the coalition delivered signatures of more than 18,000 Washoe County residents to the Registrar of Voters office, a scene that was repeated at offices across the state. Supporters of a measure that would recognize marriage only between a man and woman said they have nearly three times the number of signatures required in order to put the measure on the November ballot. …… Two states - Hawaii and Vermont - have legalized gay marriages but 33 other states have done what Hansen's group is doing now, petitioning to ban such marriages. ……"

compuserve newsroom [AP] 6/16/00 "…..Four Pakistanis and two Bangladeshis were beheaded Friday in Saudi Arabia for crimes including murder and drug smuggling, an Interior Ministry statement said. Three Pakistanis and the Bangladeshis were executed in the central province of Riyadh for abducting and murdering a young boy, the statement said. It said the men had "bad intentions'' when they abducted the boy, implying rape. When the boy, whose age was not given, started to scream, they stabbed him to death and buried him, said the statement read over national television. ......Punishment in Saudi Arabia follows a strict interpretation of Islamic law and mandates death sentences for murder, rape, drug trafficking and armed robbery. Executions are carried out with a sword in a public square. Human rights organizations have condemned the high rate of executions, saying Islam prescribes using the punishments sparingly. ......"

AFR Net 6/15/00 Allie Martin "…..A Wisconsin pastor says he will sue the Milwaukee Police Department after Christians were arrested this past weekend for sharing the Gospel during a homosexual event. This past weekend, thousands of homosexuals and lesbians turned out in Milwaukee for Pridefest, a gay pride event. Pastor Ralph Ovadal, President of Wisconsin Christians United, led a group of nearly 100 Christians who used the event as an opportunity to witness to those at the Pridefest. He says many of the Christians at the event were met with hostility by police. …….. "When you have police officers walk up to you and say 'Be careful, the boss is leaning on us to do something about you,' and then something like this happens...they seize cameras." "This is not Nazi Germany, it is the good old USA. They should not be coming in stealing private property, seizing cameras, seizing videotapes, manhandling people, and arresting people like this." Ovadal says police mistreated and violated the constitutional rights of many of the Christians who were at the event. ……."I got those two separated, and the policeman just walked away. Then suddenly, for no reason, the police swarmed all over and were trying to take our videocameras." Four Christians were arrested, but Ovadal says all the trouble was a small price to pay for sharing Christ's message. ……"

TRIBUNE-REVIEW (Pa) 6/14/00 William Young "…….For roughly 20 years, John Levendosky II led Boy Scout troops into the woods for camping excursions and chances to earn merit badges, but a camping trip he took three boys on last weekend has landed him in jail. Levendosky, 52, of East First Avenue in Derry, was charged with corruption of minors, simple assault, endangering the welfare of children and related charges and put in the Westmoreland County Prison in lieu of $25,000 bond. The Greater Westmoreland Fayette Council suspended Levendosky from his position as assistant Scoutmaster. State police said Levendosky used the camping trip in Fairfield Township as a way to get the three boys to strip naked, spank each other and cavort about in various stages of dress. ......" 6/15/00 Carl Limbacher "……President Clinton's "poor example to youth" is to blame for the sex attack melee that followed Sunday's Puerto Rican Day parade in New York City, say 42 percent of those responding Thursday to an ongoing survey conducted on the Web site of WABC-NY Talk Radio. Individual accounts of the rampant sexual violence committed in broad daylight, supplemented by videotape shot by onlookers, have rocked the city for three days and have New Yorkers worried that the bad old days of out-of-control street crime are on their way back. ……. New York City police, who have been roundly criticized in the press for failing to stop a mob of youths as they groped, stripped and fondled 28 women, were blamed by only 2 percent of those responding. Mayor Giuliani, who has also come in for a torrent of media criticism for his initially tepid reaction to the sex assaults, was blamed by just 1 percent. Not surprisingly, 55 percent of those who participated in the self-selecting survey blamed the perpetrators themselves for the attacks. …… But the poll's real shocker is that nearly half of respondents blame Clinton, illustrating the extent to which the president's image as America's most prominent sexual predator has permeated the national consciousness. …….Six different women, including Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Cristy Zercher and Juanita Broaddrick, have accused Clinton of everything from indecent exposure to unwanted groping to violent rape. Journalists have largely dismissed their accounts. …." 4/20/00 Slavoj Zizek "…..The first words in the opening credits of The Straight Story-"Walt Disney Presents...A David Lynch Film"-provide perhaps the best resume of the ethical paradox of our age: the overlapping of the transgressive and the normal. Disney, a brand unmistakably associated with conservative family values, takes under its umbrella Lynch, an artist who epitomizes transgression, bringing to light the underworld of perverted sex and violence lurking beneath the respectable surface of our lives. ……. Today the culture industry itself, in order to thrive under competitive market conditions, has not merely to tolerate but to directly incite more and more shocking effects in its products. Suffice it to recall recent trends in visual arts. Gone are the days when we had simple statues or enframed paintings; what we get now are expositions of frames themselves without paintings, expositions of dead cows and their excrement, videos of the insides of the human body (gastroscopy and colonoscopy), the inclusion of smell into the exposition, etc. This tendency often leads to comical confusions in which a work of art is mistaken for an everyday object or vice versa. Here, again, as in the domain of sexuality, perversion is no longer subversive; the shocking excesses are part of the system, which feeds on them in order to reproduce itself. ……"

The Associated Press 6/15/00 "……A prosecutor who was the first openly gay Republican to hold office in the South narrowly lost his re-election bid in a GOP primary. David Schwacke, who sought a third term as solicitor after acknowledging in 1997 that he was homosexual, lost to former federal prosecutor Ralph Hoisington Tuesday by 255 votes out of 29,915 cast. ……. The margin of less than 1 percent triggered an automatic recount. ….."Clearly the gay issue came into play for some voters," Schwacke said. ……"

Religion Today 6/15/00 "…….Southern Baptists are sticking to the straight and narrow. They picked a new leader who is a trustee of Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, revised their statement of faith to declare that women should no longer serve as pastors, and reiterated their condemnations of abortion and homosexuality. ……. "I will lift high the banner of truth found in God's inerrant word," James G. Merritt, 47, pastor of 11,000-member First Baptist Church in Snellville, Ga., declared to delegates, called "messengers," at the annual Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Orlando. He ran unopposed and was named president of the 15.9 million-member SBC, the nation's largest Protestant denomination. …….Merritt said he would make "soul winning" in the United States and abroad his top priority. He already has been successful at his home church, where 7,826 people have been baptized and Sunday school attendance has grown from 800 to 3,250 since he took over in 1985, Baptist Press reported. Merritt succeeds Paige Patterson, president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, N.C. ...... "We're one of the few denominations to stand strong in the sharp winds of political correctness and to call sin, sin," Merritt said, according to The Associated Press. ……."

Macon Telegraph 6/15/00 Linda S Morris "…..A 53-year-old man, who had lived in Perry for about a month, has been charged by the FBI with trying to buy two children in Houston, Texas, to exploit for sexual purposes. Jonathan Christopher Wood, who lived on Clifton Drive in Perry, was arrested June 3 by the Houston (Texas) Child Exploitation Task Force for allegedly crossing interstate lines with the intent of having prohibited sexual relations with a minor, according to the FBI. ……. "He was arrested when he showed up at the prearranged meeting place with $12,000 cash to purchase the children," according to an FBI statement. "He had traveled to Houston from Perry, Ga., with the intent of purchasing two elementary-school boys and transporting them back to Georgia for illegal sexual purposes." ……"

Washington Times 6/13/00 Ralph Seffield "…The wrong-headed effort to impose perversion into the sacred bonds of marriage and family (and Boy Scouts?) evinces gross civil degeneracy. FDR said new ideas can be bad just like old ones. This one is disastrous-exploiting citizens' desire for fairness by masquerading sexual fashions as civil rights. But people are not born homosexual any more than they are born thieves. Seduced by others, or self-corrupted by flirting with vice against conscience and divine command, they fall into a desolating world, imputing hatred and bigotry to those who disagree, falling prey to panderers-politicians, reporters, lawyers, preachers (Jeremiah was prescient: "The pastors are become brutish, and have not sought the Lord"), who, like unethical physicians, seek a fee (votes, praise, money, self-conceit) without serving the patient, proposing "a celebration of tumors" instead of life-saving surgery of repentance and self-mastery, which has set thousands free of this addiction, for "with God all things are possible" (Mark 10:27). ……….Constitutional mandate charges government to promote beneficial activities and proscribe those deleterious to society. Accordingly, drivers must obey traffic laws-driving the wrong direction in traffic is prohibited because of extreme danger. So, history shows that men and women being married creates enormous societal benefits. Thus, governments have recognized a duty to promote traditional family life. Conversely, statistics show sexual perversion not only forfeits these benefits but produces real- world harms-increased risk of disease, drug-dependency, depression, diminished life-expectancy, pedophilia and suicide-in addition to being anathema to enlightened world religions, inimical to the esprit of American heritage, and repulsive to the natural feelings of most people……"

AP 6/13/00 Joe Mandak "….An assistant scoutmaster who allegedly has an interest in sadomasochistic pornography was charged Tuesday with tying up and blindfolding three Boy Scouts during a camping trip he took alone with them last weekend. State police accused John T. Levendosky, 52, of hanging the boys from trees by their bound hands and carving the letter "T" into their chests with a knife, telling them it stood for "trust and training." ...... Police said Levendosky did not sexually assault the boys aged 11, 12, and 13 -- but made them play several sadomasochistic games during their private overnight trip near Derry, 50 miles east of Pittsburgh. ……. Police said they raided his home and found sadomasochistic pornography. Levendosky "admitted to having always been fascinated with bondage and servitude and stated that he just wanted to see how people react in these situations," the police report said. ……" 6/14/00 Michelle Malkin "……The nation's capital is a speech-free zone. This may be hard to believe, what with all the hot air produced here by political blowhards and blow-dried pundits, filibustering blusterers and professional mouth-flappers. But in the heart of the district and on the sidewalks outside the Supreme Court, the chilling message to people of faith is loud and clear: Sit down, shut up, and keep your views to yourself. Last week, city officials tore down a lawn sign in front of D.C.'s Lincoln Park United Methodist Church. With barely two hours' notice, a public-works crew descended on the church, and drove off with the 4-by-6 foot billboard. Pastor Harold Lewis told me his church "jumped through all the hoops" required to erect the sign, which carried scriptural citations and sermon topics. ……Neighbors complained the sign violated historic preservation standards, which the city neglected to review before granting the church a public-use permit. But the church's leading critics admit it was the religious content that really spurred them to action. On the day the sign was confiscated, it read: "Was it Adam and Eve or Adam and Steve? Genesis 2:18-25." The neighbors objected that the font size was too big, and the message too offensive to the gay community. ……."

NY Post 6/15/00 Rod Dreher "……THE story of a gay couple and their newborn triplets epitomizes the narcissism of contemporary culture, in which people feel restrained by nothing to fulfill their personal desires. What John and Larry do behind their bedroom door doesn't concern us. But we mustn't overlook the fact that they have chosen to bring children into this world who will never have a mother. And that stinks. There are many studies showing the ill effects of fatherlessness on children - particularly in emotional and behavioral development. There is scant research examining what growing up without a mom does to kids. ……. There is every reason to expect that such children will suffer from the lack of maternal nurturing. If kids who grow up without a father tend to be measurably worse off because of it, why should motherless children be any different? …….."

EWTN 6/12/00 "…..The US' three largest automakers announced on Thursday that it would extend health-care benefits to partners of homosexual employees in a bid to attract new workers. While homosexual advocacy groups hailed the move as a trend that they hoped would sweep corporate America, pro-family groups called the move an attack on marriage. "By offering marital health benefits to homosexual couples, General Motors, Ford, and DaimlerChrysler have joined the corporate cultural wrecking crew that seeks to destroy traditional morality," said Robert Knight of the Family Research Council. "This is a hit-and-run attack on marriage and the natural family, regardless of the corporations' stated motives." …….. While Ford admitted that only one percent of its workforce would apply for the benefits, Knight said the net effect would be a further erosion of morality and an acceptance that homosexuality is simply another lifestyle choice. …."

Toogood Reports 6/12/00 Charles A Morse "……. Philip Rieff, chief consultant to the leftist National Council of Churches, 1961-1964, and author of "The Triumph of the Therapeutic-Uses of Faith after Freud" comments (pp159) "Sex education becomes the main weapon in an ideological war against the family; its aim was to divest the parents of their moral authority". Reiff´s book, which also refers to the family as "the chief institutional instrument of repressive authority", illustrates, in no uncertain terms, the true agenda behind sex education. Sex education is meant to replace the moral authority of the family with that of the State, acting through its primary agent, the public school system. With that authority firmly in hand, the State has proceeded to subvert sexual morality………… Sex Education was launched internationally at the UNESCO sponsored "International Symposium on Health, Education, Sex Education and Education for Home and Family Living" held in Hamburg, Germany 1964. The philosophy of the UN agency UNESCO, the self-described world´s school board, can be summed up by its founder, Julian Huxley, brother of Aldous Huxley author of "Brave New World" in the book "UNESCO: Its Purpose and Philosophy" pp 46:……."It will be one of the major tasks of the the philosophy division of UNESCO to stimulate...the quest for a restatement of morality that shall be in harmony with modern knowledge and adapted to the fresh functions imposed on ethics by the world of today"……..An overriding theme of the conference was how to end sexual "repression" which is to say how to subvert traditional sexual mores. Contending that traditional sexual moral standards were "repressive" is essentially saying that those who maintain such standards are mentally ill and, therefore, must be in need of re-education. ….."

Toledo Blade 6/9/00 Rose Russell "….. Just when some local black churches begin responding to the need to sponsor programs on HIV and AIDS awareness, they are now being called on to address another, related concern. For decades some social problems weren't as much a priority as spiritual and civil rights issues in the black church. But it has expanded its role, doing such things as hosting health fairs where blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes checks are made. Now the church is being challenged on equally touchy matters as AIDS and HIV: Sex education. Indeed, parents who prefer to teach abstinence are in a Catch-22. They know that young people face peer pressure and are constantly bombarded with messages about sex. ……A Chapel Hill, N.C., public health practitioner wants the black church to teach youth sex education. In her research, she found that 76 per cent of the black clergy surveyed in North Carolina would agree to hold meetings on sexuality for youth between 11 and 14. But that figure is high because those clergy already know how important these issues are. They have had conferences on AIDS and drug and alcohol prevention. …..About 30 per cent of them wouldn't permit homosexuality to be the focus of such discussions, and only 6 per cent would agree to distribute condoms from the church. ….."

AP 6/9/00 "…..A Roman Catholic college that fired a gay dean was censured Friday by the American Association of University Professors. The organization accuses Albertus Magnus College of violating the academic freedom of Michael Hartwig, a former priest who had been an associate dean and religion professor. College spokesman Mike Serpe called the censure "predetermined" and "biased," saying the school took proper steps in not renewing Hartwig's employment for a different reason. Hartwig had publicly described himself as "a priest on leave" in a newspaper article, but college administrators said he had told them when hired in 1991 that he had left the priesthood. ……"

Liberty Voice 5/11/00 Jerry Falwell "….. Company officials then approached me in hopes that I would defend Procter & Gamble against these allegations. After discovering that the stars represent the original thirteen American colonies and the man-in- the-moon symbol was simply a continuation of a popular logo from the mid-1800's, I decided to go to bat for Procter & Gamble. …….. I used my National Liberty Journal newspaper, weekly Falwell Confidential e- mail and my Web site ( to help reject these rumors. ……In addition, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, The Southern Baptist Convention, and other denominations and church organizations have attempted to dispel these false tales. When Procter & Gamble needed leaders of the conservative religious community, we were there to defend them. …..Now Procter & Gamble has determined that they cannot be associated with another leading conservative spokesperson - Dr. Laura Schlessinger………"

Liberty Voice 5/11/00 Jerry Falwell "…..As I've learned through the years, defending godly precepts can be very costly. Dr. Laura can certainly attest to this. "There has been controversy surrounding Dr. Laura on a number of topics," read a statement released by Procter & Gamble earlier this week. "We've chosen n t to be involved with a show that will require time and resources to deal with this kind of controversy." You mean, like the time and resources that many conservative ministries gave to Procter & Gamble? I must say that I feel a sense of betrayal that Procter & Gamble - a company that once desperately appealed to conservative ministries for help - has so quickly turned its corporate back on a woman who has upheld the moral principles on which this nation was founded……"

Iowa Family Policy Center 6/13/00 Greg Happel "…..What Can We as Christians DO About the "Gay Pride Parade" this Sunday? The homosexual lifestyle is dangerous. The average life expectancy is under 50 years (Omega Journal of Death & Dying, 29:3 [1994]:249-272). This Sunday, the homosexual community of Des Moines is having their annual "Gay Pride Parade." The purpose of the parade is to promote this dangerous lifestyle. We have a chance to reach out and try to rescue those who are caught in the web of sexual deviance. We are looking for a group of caring people to meet on the Gay Pride parade route to give out pizza, pop, and a message of hope to the homosexuals in the parade this Sunday, June 18, 2000. ……."

EWTN 6/10/00 Alberto Carosa "…..A torchlit procession at 10 pm on July 1st in reparation of, and protest against, the World Gay Pride (July 1-8): this was the gist of a press conference on June 8th, 2000, by a number of Catholic-inspired organizations which are spearheading the growing opposition to the gay event. The itinerary chosen, in the words of the initiative co-ordinator, attorney Claudio Vitelli, "well symbolises the spirit of the initiative: St John Lateran, the official seat of the Roman Pontiff, will be the starting point of a pilgrimage due to reach in few hours' time, at dawn, the Marian sanctuary of Our Lady of Divino Amore (Divine Love), which is the most important sanctuary of the capital of Christendom". And in fact, attorney Vitelli recalled, the Roman faithful have always successfully resorted to Her intercession whenever Rome had been in danger, as was especially the case during World War II. ………. The initiative was fully backed by the senior MPs who took the floor during the press conference to manifest their opposition to the Gay Pride from their different angles, from the CCD deputy speaker Carlo Giovanardi to National Alliance's president of the party council for Ethical and Religious problems Gustavo Selva, from Forza Italia's president of the council for Ethical and Religious problems Maria Burani Procaccini to Northern League's president of Constitutional Affairs Commission Alessandro Cé, and National Alliance's Riccardo Pedrizzi, deputy president of his party caucus at the Senate. ……."

AP 6/9/00 "……Officials at an Episcopal church have cast out a member of the congregation who has spent years criticizing them for welcoming gay members. He's been banned until he apologizes. Lewis Green accused the Cathedral of All Souls in Biltmore of trampling on his First Amendment right to free speech. "I've been writing bad things about gays for some time, deleterious things, and that's what this is about," said Green, 68. "What I'm doing is exercising my First Amendment rights, and if it's about them, too bad. There's nothing they can do about it." Church leaders sent Green a letter May 30 notifying him that it was banning him from church property and denying him the sacrament of communion. The rare but reversible step of excommunication is so infrequently imposed that the Episcopal Church USA does not keep statistics. "In my experience - and I've been in this position in this church for 20 years - I've heard of this maybe three times," said Todd Duffy, director of archives for the Episcopal Church USA. ……..Green would be reinstated only after studying a Bible passage on how to treat fellow Christians and apologizing in writing for making an obscene gesture to the congregation at a Mass last December. ……."

Boston Globe 6/9/00 Doreen ludica Vigue "…… Newton Mayor David Cohen joined School Superintendent Jeff Young at a press conference yesterday to continue to defend a gay first-grade teacher who came out to his class last month. Cohen and Young appeared together in a show of support for Burr Elementary School teacher David Gaita, and said they believe Gaita acted appropriately when he told his class that he is gay. ''I support how he handled it and the reaction of the administration,'' said Cohen. ''I think Mr. Gaita answered the questions that were asked of him by his students with tact and discretion.'' As he discussed biographies and families during a May 17 class, Gaita's students wanted to know about his family. He told them that if he had a partner it would be a man. ……."

The Nation Magazine 3/30/98 Doug Ireland "……Of closets and Clinton; charges of leaks by White House media adviser Sidney Blumenthal about sexual preferences of some of Kenneth Starr's staff……… The first indication that the Clinton White House might be violating the Frank rule came in late February, when MSNBC reported that Clinton loyalists had been leaking derogatory rumors about members of independent counsel Kenneth Starr's staff, including matters of "sexual preference" (at MSNBC, which likes to portray itself as the hip news network, it has apparently escaped notice that same-sex attraction is not a matter of choice, and that the correct term is "sexual orientation"). As both a journalist and as someone who's gay, my interest was sparked, and I began making calls to determine whether the outing accusations were true. Three members of the media confirmed to me that Sidney Blumenthal, the White House media counselor, had indeed been spreading such stories: They'd heard him do it. These reputable members of the Beltway media agreed to tell me what they knew only if guaranteed complete anonymity; they were afraid of losing access to White House sources, and of possible reprisals. Two said that Blumenthal had told them directly of the same-sex orientation of a member of Starr's staff, and a third said he had been present for a conversation in which Blumenthal made such a comment to a third person. The claims about Blumenthal's activities go beyond Starr's office. On the February 25 Nightline, ABC's Chris Bury reported that Blumenthal "is not only suspected [of] leaking damaging material about Starr's staff, sources tell Nightline he has been disparaging aggressive reporters on the Lewinsky story to their colleagues in the media." Two of the members of the media I spoke to about the Starr allegations also said Blumenthal had described at least two other media figures to them as gay. One of those sources, as well as other people who know Blumenthal, described him as fascinated by sexual gossip that they said he recycles as part of his defense of the Clintons. ……"

ABC News Online 6/8/00 "….. Call for sex education to include gay component The Australian Research Centre for Sex, Health and Society has backed a call for homosexuality to be included in sex education classes. The call came from the Centre for Adolescent Health, which says the change could address the high suicide rate of gay and lesbian students. The centre told a student welfare conference that the view that heterosexuality was normal and homosexuality something 'other' was prevalent within the school environment. ……."

World Magazine 6/17/00 Bob Jones "…… In the world according to the United Nations, prostitution is a legitimate career choice. While the UN globocrats bully countries that disagree, the Clinton administration cheers them on-in the name of gender equality in New York - Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to be a prostitute? ……… The 3,000 women who served as delegates to last week's massive women's conference in New York City never debated that last question openly. Many of them, clad in traditional dress, were content to sit in the great horseshoe-shaped halls of the United Nations and listen through white plastic earmuffs as speaker after speaker promoted women's literacy and gender equality. The conference, designed to assess developments since the Beijing Conference on Women five years ago, was filled with self-congratulation. ………. A representative from the Philippines zeroed in on the denunciation of "forced prostitution" and moved to strike the word forced-in effect condemning all types of prostitution. The U.S. delegation objected to such a blanket critique and responded that if forced were removed, prostitution should be deleted from the list entirely. …… With a few computer keystrokes, prostitution disappeared from the text of the document projected onto a white screen behind the dais. More debate ensued. Again "forced prostitution" was added to the list, and the United States sat by without protest. Again the word forced was dropped, and immediately the U.S. delegation objected strongly for a second time. The rationale given: Other language in the paragraph concerned sex crimes, so adding prostitution to the list here would be redundant. ...... And yet twice the delegation had allowed "forced prostitution" to remain in the list unchallenged. No concerns about redundancy there. The message was clear: "Voluntary" prostitution should not be viewed as a crime. Several miles from the Statue of Liberty, with its invitation to "Give me your tired, your poor," the Clinton administration was now suggesting that all countries should open their arms to prostitutes. ……"

Dallas Morning News 6/11/00 Berta Delgado "…… The country's largest Protestant denomination is expected on Tuesday and Wednesday to make additions to its basic statement of faith, including a prohibition against women serving as pastors and a statement against homosexuality. Other proposed revisions to the Baptist Faith and Message would continue to pull conservative Baptists even further apart from more moderate Baptists. ……. The Southern Baptist Convention doesn't shy away from controversy, and the last few years are proof. The nation's largest Protestant denomination has been particularly vocal during its annual June conventions. …..But no matter what critics may say, Southern Baptist leaders say they are just doing what they are supposed to do as Christians. "I had someone tell me the other day, 'Don't you know that you're rubbing the cat's fur the wrong way?'" said Dr. Paige Patterson, outgoing president of the 15.9 million-member denomination. "And I said, 'Then turn the cat around.' "He was having trouble understanding why we didn't mind having the world against us. You get used to it, but you don't go out looking for it. But neither should any Christian be surprised, because Jesus said the world hated him and they would hate Christians. For us to be astonished would be to fail to hear what our master said." ……"

Boston Globe 6/11/00 David Abel "…… The born-again Christians came out for battle yesterday toting apocalyptic signs warning the thousands of gays and lesbians reveling in yesterday's annual Pride March of a future filled with fire and brimstone. But their ranks were thin. And wherever they went to preach, they were quickly overwhelmed. One of them, Jeffrey, who did not give his last name, wore a white robe with a flame-colored sign hanging from his neck bearing this unpopular message: ''America Will Burn.'' The 29-year-old from Chelsea passed out pamphlets titled, ''Doom Town: The story of Sodom.'' ''All I'm doing is trying to save people,'' he said as a chorus of boos and taunts howled from all around him. ''These people here have to repent. If they don't, they're going to hell.'' …….. Nik Swinden, 29, of Cranston, R.I., questioned Jeffrey on why he was using religion to ostracize other people. Then she took a different tack: ''I love the God squad,'' she said. ''Really, they're too funny. But how could God have a problem with all these people?'' ….. Leading the sometimes scantily clad group was the Moving Violation Motorcycle Club, featuring scores of lesbians thundering down the street. ......... "

Telegraph [UK] 6/10/00 Ben Fenton "…… THE CIA, which less than a decade ago refused security clearance to gay men and lesbians on the grounds that they were potential targets for blackmail, has held its first "gay pride" event. More than 100 lesbians and gay spies were joined by busloads of gay members of the ultra-secret National Security Agency earlier this week to celebrate the relaxation of regulations that has allowed them to admit their sexuality. The meeting, to mark Gay and Lesbian Pride Month at the CIA, was addressed by Barney Frank, the first openly gay member of Congress. ……"

Florida Times-Union 6/11/00 "….. The politically correct thought police are only increasing the stature of radio advice guru Dr. Laura Schlessinger with their well-orchestrated campaign to torpedo her upcoming television show. Dr. Laura upsets some people because she constantly extols the virtues of traditional marriage and family. She preaches honor, chastity and personal accountability. She recommends abstinence, rather than birth control, for the unwed. She sees virtue in organized religion and has even written a book on the Ten Commandments. Some 18 million people want to hear her views. Paramount, impressed by the size of her radio audiences, recently announced plans to put her on television, beginning Sept. 11, with a regular program about moral and ethical issues. …….The activists insist Dr. Laura engages in "hate speech" and is divisive, citing as proof the fact that she has called homosexuality a biological error. But if anything is divisive or hateful, it is the group's practice of emotionally attacking the messenger rather than addressing her message. ……. The activists say homosexuality is normal and perfectly acceptable behavior, a defensible position. Dr. Laura, however, believes homosexuality is an aberration of what God and nature intended for the propagation of the human race, also a defensible position. ….."

Washington Times 6/12/00 George Archibald "…..Conservative nations routed liberal and radical feminists at the finale of a U.N. special session on women's rights over the weekend, forcing Western powers to drop homosexual rights, sex rights for children and promotion of abortion from a new five-year U.N. agenda for women's advancement…………. But conservative forces, led by Poland, Nicaragua, Senegal and the Holy See, pushed back efforts to expand a Platform for Action adopted five years ago by women from 189 nations at the 1995 U.N. Fourth World Conference for Women in Beijing. "It was a rout, it was an utter defeat for the other side," said Austin Ruse, president of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute in New York, who helped coordinate conservative opposition to sexual rights provisions for homosexuals and children and tougher pro-abortion mandates………. But there was no agreement on the tougher issues. The turning point came in the wee hours of Thursday morning, the first of two all-night negotiating sessions, when Western nations continued insisting that expanded homosexual rights be listed among the document's accomplishments. The section noted measures taken "by a growing number of countries . . . to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation." "We cannot accept that language," said a delegate from Senegal. A Syrian delegate agreed: "There's no way we can accept a document tonight with the phrase 'sexual orientation.' " Delegates from Nicaragua and Kuwait said they could not accept "sexual orientation," an undefined term, as a human right. The term was not included in the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights nor the Beijing Platform for Action, the Kuwait delegate said……….. Then the blowup came. Western delegations are "holding the women of the world hostage to one term, 'sexual orientation,' " when their real needs are clean water and help in overcoming illiteracy, said the Pakistan delegate…….. "It was then a drum-roll rejecting sexual orientation," said Mr. Ruse. "It rolled across Africa, the Middle East, demanding ouster of 'sexual orientation' from the document. The room was electric. Our friends were galvanized. You had almost the whole world against 'sexual orientation' and the U.S. and EU isolated in favor."......From then on, paragraph after paragraph giving legitimacy to homosexual rights, sexual rights for children, and expanding abortion mandates were dropped from the document, Mr. Ruse said……."

The Boston Herald 6/7/00 "…… Robert Kosilek, serving a life sentence for killing his wife, has been granted a new trial, this time to see whether he gets to live the rest of his life as a woman. Kosilek, who calls himself Michelle, claims he has a serious medical condition called gender identity disorder, and the state Department of Corrections is violating his civil rights by depriving him of necessary treatment, including a sex change. A psychologist hired by the department at the court's request concluded that if Kosilek, 51, is not allowed to become a woman, he ``would be at great risk for self-harm, perhaps mutilation, if not suicide.'' ``She has been preoccupied with the desire to surgically remove all male genitalia, and has used female hormones in the past and desires them to correct what he believes to be an accident of nature,'' Dr. Marshal Forstein, who had a 75-minute interview with Kosilek in March, said in his report to the court. ......"

The Wall Street Journal 6/6/00 Harry Stein "……But the fact is that over the years, and more explicitly since her embrace of Orthodox Judaism, Dr. Laura has cast her message in traditional religious terms; routinely referring to the Ten Commandments or the Old Testament, even when driving home a point about office gossip or someone's mother-in-law. In that sense, to activists pressuring Paramount and would-be sponsors to drop her show, she has long been anathema, not just because they find particular remarks she's made bigoted or hateful but because she represents an entire world view they consider archaic. ……… In fact, for a time Dr. Laura was unaccustomedly ambivalent on the issue of homosexuality, her adherence to biblical teaching warring with her innate sympathy for decent people who saw their sexuality as part of who they were. Even today she points out her position is nothing more than that adhered to by traditionalists of many faiths: to condemn the sin but not the sinner. "Unless I have hallucinated," as the Web site quotes her, "I have never made an anti-gay commentary. I have made anti-gay-activist agenda commentaries." ……..Her position on the "deviancy" comments is that as alien as such terminology might ring to contemporary, secular ears, it is literally accurate: Homosexual behavior does deviate from the norm. Furthermore, according to scripture, it is proscribed. End of argument. Is that "hate speech"? If it is, then all traditional religious teaching on the subject is hate speech. ……"

The White House Office of Communications 6/2/00 Bill Clinton "….Gay and lesbian Americans have made important and lasting contributions to our Nation in every field of endeavor. Too often, however, gays and lesbians face prejudice and discrimination; too many have had to hide or deny their sexual orientation in order to keep their jobs or to live safely in their communities. …….. I am proud of the part that my Administration has played to achieve these goals. … NOW, THEREFORE, I, WILLIAM J. CLINTON, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 2000 as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. I encourage all Americans to observe this month with appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities that celebrate our diversity and recognize the gay and lesbian Americans whose many and varied contributions have enriched our national life. ......" 6/5/00 Reuters "……A sex and religious issues column written by an Episcopal bishop made its debut Monday on an Internet Web site that includes erotic art and a column by a former porn star. Bishop John Shelby Spong's column, ``The Religious Write,'' appeared on, and already was drawing e-mail messages to the editor that Spong is ``going to hell'' and ``is not a Christian.'' The 69-year-old bishop, who retired four months ago as head of the Newark, N.J., Episcopal Diocese to pursue writing and lecturing, has been attacked regularly for his liberal stands, including the approval of gay clerics. ……Spong's first contribution posits that the Ten Commandments are chauvinistic. ``When one looks at the Ten Commandments closely, the anti-female bias is clear,'' and, ``The church does guilt better than it does anything else,'' the bishop writes. The column appears with cover story, ``The 100 Most Important People in Sex'' (including Spong), an erotic art gallery and a sex newswire. Contributors include former porn star Candida Royalle as well as Nadine Strossen, president of the American Civil Liberties Union, writing on sexuality and the law. ......"

CNS 6/6/00 "…..There are no homosexuals - only homosexual behavior - and this behavior can be changed. That message, from a group of psychologists and clergy, was delivered to the parents and friends of people involved in the homosexual lifestyle, at a weekend conference in Alexandria, Virginia. "There's a tremendous amount of misunderstanding surrounding homosexuality. I call it the mythology about homosexuality," Richard Cohen, a psychotherapist and author who participated in the event, told "There is no scientific data that substantiates a genetic or biologic basis for same-sex attraction. Anybody can change," said Cohen, a former homosexual who has been married for 18 years and says he has "helped hundreds of men and women heal out of homosexuality" during his past 12 years as a psychotherapist. …… "There is a way," Griggs said. "Science has proven there is no gay gene. It's a family situation, a family issue we should all be working on." ……" 6/29/00 Joseph Fazier AP "….. PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Twenty-five men have accused a Roman Catholic priest of abusing them as children. At a news conference Monday, Doug Ray said that from the third or fourth grade until he was a freshman in high school, his parish priest subjected him to ``an incremental scale of sexual abuse as bad as one can imagine, and worse.'' Joe Elliott claims he had a similar experience with the same priest, the Rev. Maurice Grammond. ......The archdiocese issued a statement on Friday saying it confronted Grammond after an accusation in 1991 and that Grammond denied the claims. ......``The Archbishop sent him for professional assessment and suspended him of all priestly ministry,'' the statement said. Grammond has not been charged with any crime. …….Attorney David Slader said the statute of limitations prevents criminal prosecution of Grammond, who is 79, and living in the Alzheimer's unit of a retirement center in suburban Portland. ......But he said civil suits can be pursued for up to three years from the time a victim ``discovers...significant injury in his life'' resulting from molestation. ... The lawsuit, which seeks at least $4.6 million for each defendant, was filed against Grammond, the archbishop and the Archdiocese of Portland and others. ……"

AP Newswire 6/6/00 "…… Remains of five bodies have been found in barrels connected to a man who allegedly used the name ``slavemaster'' to develop online relationships with women, authorities said today. The first two bodies were found in barrels buried on John E. Robinson Sr.'s property Saturday in a field in La Cygne, Kan., about 50 miles south of Kansas City, Mo. Three other 55-gallon drums were discovered Monday at a rental storage locker about 30 miles away in Cass County, Mo., southeast of Kansas City. Authorities confirmed today that bodies were found inside. ...... "

Jewish World Review 6/6/00 Naomi Schaefer "……TEN YEARS AGO, Kristopher Okwedy fled Nigeria, hoping to escape the persecution imposed on Christians there. "The wonderful thing about this country," he explains about his new home in America, "is the freedom to express yourself." But this year, Mr. Okwedy found out that freedom was not as absolute as he had thought. Mr. Okwedy and his Keyword Ministry leased space on two billboards on New York's Staten Island. Each one cited four translations of Leviticus 18:22, which in the Living Torah translation by Rabbi Arye Kaplan reads: "Do not lie with a male as as you would with a woman, since this is a disgusting perversion." A few days after the billboards went up, the president of PNE Media, the company that owns the billboards, called. He told the pastor that the messages were going to be taken down because they were too offensive. ……"

Boston Globe 6/11/00 David Abel "…… The born-again Christians came out for battle yesterday toting apocalyptic signs warning the thousands of gays and lesbians reveling in yesterday's annual Pride March of a future filled with fire and brimstone. But their ranks were thin. And wherever they went to preach, they were quickly overwhelmed. One of them, Jeffrey, who did not give his last name, wore a white robe with a flame-colored sign hanging from his neck bearing this unpopular message: ''America Will Burn.'' The 29-year-old from Chelsea passed out pamphlets titled, ''Doom Town: The story of Sodom.'' ''All I'm doing is trying to save people,'' he said as a chorus of boos and taunts howled from all around him. ''These people here have to repent. If they don't, they're going to hell.'' …….. Nik Swinden, 29, of Cranston, R.I., questioned Jeffrey on why he was using religion to ostracize other people. Then she took a different tack: ''I love the God squad,'' she said. ''Really, they're too funny. But how could God have a problem with all these people?'' ….. Leading the sometimes scantily clad group was the Moving Violation Motorcycle Club, featuring scores of lesbians thundering down the street. ......... "

Telegraph [UK] 6/10/00 Ben Fenton "…… THE CIA, which less than a decade ago refused security clearance to gay men and lesbians on the grounds that they were potential targets for blackmail, has held its first "gay pride" event. More than 100 lesbians and gay spies were joined by busloads of gay members of the ultra-secret National Security Agency earlier this week to celebrate the relaxation of regulations that has allowed them to admit their sexuality. The meeting, to mark Gay and Lesbian Pride Month at the CIA, was addressed by Barney Frank, the first openly gay member of Congress. ……"

Florida Times-Union 6/11/00 "….. The politically correct thought police are only increasing the stature of radio advice guru Dr. Laura Schlessinger with their well-orchestrated campaign to torpedo her upcoming television show. Dr. Laura upsets some people because she constantly extols the virtues of traditional marriage and family. She preaches honor, chastity and personal accountability. She recommends abstinence, rather than birth control, for the unwed. She sees virtue in organized religion and has even written a book on the Ten Commandments. Some 18 million people want to hear her views. Paramount, impressed by the size of her radio audiences, recently announced plans to put her on television, beginning Sept. 11, with a regular program about moral and ethical issues. …….The activists insist Dr. Laura engages in "hate speech" and is divisive, citing as proof the fact that she has called homosexuality a biological error. But if anything is divisive or hateful, it is the group's practice of emotionally attacking the messenger rather than addressing her message. ……. The activists say homosexuality is normal and perfectly acceptable behavior, a defensible position. Dr. Laura, however, believes homosexuality is an aberration of what God and nature intended for the propagation of the human race, also a defensible position. ….."

Washington Times 6/12/00 George Archibald "…..Conservative nations routed liberal and radical feminists at the finale of a U.N. special session on women's rights over the weekend, forcing Western powers to drop homosexual rights, sex rights for children and promotion of abortion from a new five-year U.N. agenda for women's advancement…………. But conservative forces, led by Poland, Nicaragua, Senegal and the Holy See, pushed back efforts to expand a Platform for Action adopted five years ago by women from 189 nations at the 1995 U.N. Fourth World Conference for Women in Beijing. "It was a rout, it was an utter defeat for the other side," said Austin Ruse, president of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute in New York, who helped coordinate conservative opposition to sexual rights provisions for homosexuals and children and tougher pro-abortion mandates………. But there was no agreement on the tougher issues. The turning point came in the wee hours of Thursday morning, the first of two all-night negotiating sessions, when Western nations continued insisting that expanded homosexual rights be listed among the document's accomplishments. The section noted measures taken "by a growing number of countries . . . to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation." "We cannot accept that language," said a delegate from Senegal. A Syrian delegate agreed: "There's no way we can accept a document tonight with the phrase 'sexual orientation.' " Delegates from Nicaragua and Kuwait said they could not accept "sexual orientation," an undefined term, as a human right. The term was not included in the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights nor the Beijing Platform for Action, the Kuwait delegate said……….. Then the blowup came. Western delegations are "holding the women of the world hostage to one term, 'sexual orientation,' " when their real needs are clean water and help in overcoming illiteracy, said the Pakistan delegate…….. "It was then a drum-roll rejecting sexual orientation," said Mr. Ruse. "It rolled across Africa, the Middle East, demanding ouster of 'sexual orientation' from the document. The room was electric. Our friends were galvanized. You had almost the whole world against 'sexual orientation' and the U.S. and EU isolated in favor."......From then on, paragraph after paragraph giving legitimacy to homosexual rights, sexual rights for children, and expanding abortion mandates were dropped from the document, Mr. Ruse said……."

Reuters 6/6/00 Patrick Rizzo "…..Romance and marriage are out while casual sex and low-commitment relationships are in among young Americans, researchers said Tuesday. A study by Rutgers University's National Marriage Project found that young men and women in their twenties, unlike generations before them, aren't interested in finding marriage partners when they date. Instead, as the study's title suggests, they are more concerned with "Sex Without Strings, Relationships Without Rings." ….."Today's singles scene is not oriented toward marriage, nor is it dedicated to romantic love as it has been in the past," said David Popenoe, co-director of the National Marriage Project and a sociology professor at Rutgers in New Jersey. ….."

EWTN 6/6/00 "…..WASHINGTON, DC ( - Vice President Al Gore this week refused to answer calls to back down from his endorsement of a controversial homosexual activist event planned for Rome in July. The New York-based Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights asked the vice president, who is also the Democratic nominee for president, to reverse his endorsement of the event which he gave in a letter dated March 23. In that letter to organizers, Gore said he intended to "stand ready to ensure gay and lesbian Americans have the opportunity to participate fully in a nation and a world that is united in those goals of importance to us all." …….. The event, planned for July 1-8, has been criticized for taking place during the Church's Jubilee Year and during a week with several high-profile religious events. Similar "gay pride" events elsewhere have included homoerotic satire of the Church because of her teaching that homosexuality is immoral. ……"

Drudge Report 6/7/00 "….."Tina Brown is financing slanderous hate speech against alleged gays," charged a Washington insider who has met with the author of a book project commissioned by DISNEY's TALK/MIRAMAX. [NYSE:DIS] ……… Seven sources have now come forward to describe their conversations with author John Connolly -- conversations during which the author labeled members of the Office of the Independent Counsel as "fags", "faggots" and "queers."…… The DRUDGE REPORT has now traced similar accusations made of Starr's staff -- accusations reportedly spread by a senior White House aide! In its March 30, 1998 issue the liberal NATION magazine claimed White House aide Sidney Blumenthal was briefing members of the media about the sex lives of investigators. "Blumenthal had told them directly of the same-sex orientation of a member of Starr's staff," wrote NATION reporter Doug Ireland………Ireland continued: "Two of the members of the media I spoke to about the Starr allegations also said Blumenthal had described at least two other media figures to them as gay."….."

EWTN 3/6/00 "…….A long-running, heated dispute about an international homosexual and lesbian march to be held in Rome in July took a fresh twist this weekend, as organisers of the demonstration insisted that they be allowed to include the Colosseum in their march itinerary. The march will begin in Porta San Paolo, then wind its way past some of the city's most famous ancient monuments to end up at the famous Roman race track, the Circus Maximus, where a mega concert is to take place, including stars such as Grace Jones, Geri Haliwell and Gloria Gaynor. But the association which is organising the event, the Mario Mieli Circolo, has run into trouble with the police over its demands to be allowed to march past the Colosseum. The police are apparently not keen on permitting this detour, ostensibly because of the traffic disruption that it would cause. ….." 6/1/00 "…….Americans for Truth President Peter LaBarbera denounced the gay activist group GLAAD -- which accuses talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger of endangering children -- for participating in a radical "Female-to-Male" "Transgender" conference that gave lessons on sadistic sex and promoted breast removal "surgery" for girls wanting to become "boyz." Cathy Renna, spokesman for GLAAD -- which is leading the homosexual activist campaign against Schlessinger -- led two media-oriented workshops at the "True Spirit 2000 Conference" held in Alexandria, Virginia February 18-20.. ……. GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, and other homosexual groups have blasted Dr. Laura for calling homosexual behavior "deviant" and "destructive." GLAAD compares Christian pro-family groups to Nazi-like extremists and racists who are far from the mainstream. GLAAD publicized the "True Spirit" conference, which included two sessions on "Chest Surgery" for FTMs ("female to males") and a pornographic "Discussion about Sex and the Erotic for FTMs [Females-to-Males], Transmen, and Butches." There were three panels for youth, according to a conference program, which described the workshop "SM201: Advanced Training" as discussing: "... singletail whipping, sensory deprivation, immobilizing bondage, edge play, piercing, cutting (of human flesh, a sadistic practice), branding (human beings, like cattle), bloodsports (bloody SM acts), consensual-non- consensuality, and much more." ......"

Arizona Republic 6/6/00 Senta Scarborough "……. A dozen jurors must now decide whether a former elementary school counselor accused of molesting six boys is a saint or a sinner. Closing arguments in the trial of former Longview Elementary School counselor Ronald Ruelas ended Monday in Maricopa County Superior Court. …… Ruelas, 32, faces 20 counts of child molestation, indecent exposure, sexual abuse and providing harmful materials to minors. ……. Prosecutors called Ruelas a "wolf in sheep's clothing" who used his position to prey on his students. But defense attorney David Cunanan claimed Ruelas is a man who tried to be a "savior" to the kids, buying them clothes or food, advising about health and sex questions, telling them to stay off drugs and stay in school, and encouraging them to go to church. During the trial, all six of Ruelas' alleged victims claimed sexual abuse. Examples of the abuse include being fondled while half-asleep, given oral sex against their will, given "examinations" of their genitals and pornography by Ruelas over a six-year period when he was counselor. ……"

Ottawa Citizen Online 6/3/00 Tony Atherton "…….Last month on Dawson's Creek, the series' openly gay character, Jack, kissed another young man. Square on the mouth. In front of millions of viewers. The earth did not quake, the heavens did not split asunder, and -- more to the point -- advertisers did not bolt in panic. That's because Dawson's Creek is the beneficiary of an evolution that has, over about 15 years, dramatically increased TV's tolerance of homosexuality. This process has been agonizingly slow for militant gay organizations, and alarmingly fast for conservative Christians, but has undeniably changed the mindset of television, traditionally the most conservative of media. About 30 gay characters in lead or supporting roles in primetime U.S. television these days range from the wisecracking lawyer, Will, on Will & Grace, to John Irvin, the gay police squad receptionist on NYPD Blue. While this number is considered too small by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (about two per cent of major roles, while gays and lesbians are estimated to make up about 10 per cent of the U.S. population), you'd be hard pressed to find a hit show on the air that doesn't have homosexual characters or storylines. ……..They are especially visible in the recent glut of teen-oriented series. That '70s Show, Felicity, Party of Five, Popular and Dawson's Creek have all explored alternative lifestyles. ……"

Ottawa Citizen Online 6/3/00 Tony Atherton "…….Manji's support of the slow-but-sure method of influencing attitudes puts her at odds with Queer As Folk, the provocative British series making its North American premiere on Showcase, Monday at midnight. The 10-part drama is strongly written, superbly acted and anything but circumspect. It flaunts gay sex like red flag. Forget about the open-mouthed kissing and groping. The first hour-long episode features more than one scene of explicit, sweaty love-making between a 15-year-old boy and a suave sexual predator nearly twice his age. ……"

CNS News 6/6/00 "……"Was it Adam and Eve or Adam and Steve?" asked the sign posted on the lawn of the Lincoln Park United Methodist Church in Washington, DC - the same sign that city workers abruptly dismantled and carted away last week. The message advertised a May 30 sermon against homosexuality. Church leaders say the sign's message, not its size, is the real reason it was removed. The city defends its action on zoning grounds, saying the church didn't get the two permits it needed to erect the 4-1/2-by-6-foot sign earlier this year. ……..Church leaders say the removal of the $5,000 sign is an attempt to silence their religious message. "If the gay community can rally and have a movement to support their right to a cause, why can't we freely express our beliefs?" asked the Rev. Harold Lewis. According to the Post, at least one church neighbor agreed that the words on the sign were the last straw: "That sent us right over the top," Elizabeth Nelson is quoted as saying. …….."

AP Wire 6/7/00 John Milburn "…..A man who solicited sadomasochistic sex over the Internet using the name ``slavemaster'' is considered the prime suspect in the deaths of five women whose bodies were found stuffed in barrels in Kansas and Missouri, authorities said. Investigators also are looking into a disappearance dating back to 1985. Last week's arrest of John Edward Robinson Sr., 56, led police to two bodies Saturday on his property in La Cygne, Kan. Three more bodies in 55-gallon drums were discovered Monday at a storage locker rented by Robinson about 30 miles away, in Raymore. ……"

WorldNetDaily 6/7/00 Samuel Blumenfeld "…… It was inevitable that sex education would eventually become porn education, for sex education is not about education, it's about sex. Its main purpose is the destruction of innocence, the seduction of the vulnerable, the degrading of morals and the forwarding of an agenda. ……. On March 25, the Massachusetts Department of Education, the Governor's Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth, and the Gay and Lesbian and Straight Education Network co-sponsored a statewide conference at Tufts University called "Teach Out." …….The May 2000 Massachusetts News described what took place at the workshops as "every parent's nightmare." The participants discussed oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, oral-vaginal sex, clitoral sex and a homosexual practice called "fisting." ……"

WorldNetDaily 6/7/00 Samuel Blumenfeld "…… By now, everyone in Boston knows what fisting is. It's been discussed on radio talk shows, written about in the newspapers, and, needless to say, talked about in classrooms. The article in the Massachusetts News, which graphically described what was discussed in the workshops and presentations, was written by Brian Camenker and Scott Whiteman.. ………..Brian has been a leader in the parents' rights movement in Massachusetts. He's been a thorn in the side of the state legislature, which has as much interest in parents' rights as in the feeding habits of crocodiles. Meanwhile, Gay/Straight Alliance clubs have been set up in 180 Massachusetts schools with the help of taxpayer money. And on May 20, gay students held their annual pride rally outside the State House in support of the state's programs for gay and lesbian students. .......... Scott Whiteman, Brian's co-author, is a conservative activist who has tried to organize Howard Phillips's Constitution Party in Massachusetts. In other words, he is a right-winger. He was the one who actually taped the conference on March 25 and made its contents available to the establishment press. But they showed little interest. The point I am making is that the only people who care enough in this state to make a fuss over pornography in the schools are considered marginal far-righters. President Clinton set the standard for sexual behavior among liberals. He's the man who made oral sex a topic of discussion in classrooms all over America. ……."

AP Breaking via 6/8/00 Robert Burns "…….Thirty House members are urging Defense Secretary William Cohen to take action against the commanding general of Fort Campbell, Ky., where a gay private was bludgeoned to death by a fellow soldier last July. In a letter to Cohen on Wednesday, the lawmakers said that as base commander, Maj. Gen. Robert T. Clark "is responsible for tolerating anti-gay harassment on the post" prior to the murder of Pfc. Barry Winchell "and for doing little in the wake of the murder to stop this type of harassment." They did not specify what kind of action they believe should be taken against Clark, who also is commanding general of the 101st Airborne Division. ….." 6/3/00 Ron Goldwyn "…… The local United Methodists' sedate debate over homosexuality came out onto a city sidewalk last night. The Methodist Federation for Social Action held a candlelight prayer vigil outside Tindley Temple United Methodist Church, Broad and Fitzwater streets, in solidarity with gays and lesbians who are barred from ordination or holy unions. The social action group "supports the elimination of heterosexism in the United Methodist Church," said organizer the Rev. Jay Newlin, of Drexel Hill UMC. "We are standing in support of those who won't be ordained because of their sexual orientation." Afterward, some of the 100 or so demonstrators went inside for the Methodists' annual ordination service of 23 clergy members. It was designed to celebrate the denomination's diversity as part of the four-day Eastern Pennsylvania Conference that concludes tomorrow. ……"

Religion Today 6/8/00 "…… Thu. Jun. 8 -- A crew from the Washington, D.C., Department of Public Works arrived at Lincoln Park United Methodist Church June 1, disconnected the new $5,000 sign, loaded it onto a flatbed truck, and drove away, The Washington Post reported. On the sign were the words, "Was it Adam and Eve or Adam and Steve?" and a reference to Genesis 2:18-25, which describes God creating Eve for Adam. …… The church says it was not the sign, but what was on the sign that angered residents. "If the gay community can rally and have a movement to support their right to a cause, why can't we freely express our beliefs?" pastor Harold D. Lewis, Sr., said. ……"

AP 6/8/00 Juan A Lozano "…..A Texas appeals court declared the state's sodomy law unconstitutional Thursday, throwing out the case of two Houston men who were arrested inside a home in 1998 for having sex with each other. Texas has had a sodomy law since 1860 but dropped criminal penalties for partners of the opposite sex in 1974. In a 2-1 ruling, the 14th Court of Appeals said the law violates the Texas Constitution because it made it illegal for same-sex partners to engage in this activity while making it legal for opposite sex partners. "The simple fact is, the same behavior is criminal for some but not for others, based solely on the sex of the individuals who engage in the behavior," Justice John S. Anderson wrote. ….."

Ap 6/8/00"….. A two-time congressional candidate was convicted of raping a preteen girl after he told a 900-number chat service he had assaulted a young relative. David Giles, the Democratic candidate for Congress in the 8th District in 1986 and 1990, was jailed to await sentencing after being convicted Wednesday, the third day of jury deliberations. Deputy prosecutor Scott O'Toole said he might request a prison term exceeding the 11-year suggested maximum under state guidelines for first-degree child rape and first-degree child molestation. …..Prosecutors said Giles, a 50-year-old Harvard-educated lawyer, had sexual contact twice with the girl at his home in 1997……."

The Nation Magazine 3/30/98 Doug Ireland "…..The first indication that the Clinton White House might be violating the Frank rule came in late February, when MSNBC reported that Clinton loyalists had been leaking derogatory rumors about members of independent counsel Kenneth Starr's staff, including matters of "sexual preference" …….. As both a journalist and as someone who's gay, my interest was sparked, and I began making calls to determine whether the outing accusations were true. Three members of the media confirmed to me that Sidney Blumenthal, the White House media counselor, had indeed been spreading such stories: They'd heard him do it. These reputable members of the Beltway media agreed to tell me what they knew only if guaranteed complete anonymity; they were afraid of losing access to White House sources, and of possible reprisals. Two said that Blumenthal had told them directly of the same-sex orientation of a member of Starr's staff, and a third said he had been present for a conversation in which Blumenthal made such a comment to a third person……..The claims about Blumenthal's activities go beyond Starr's office. On the February 25 Nightline, ABC's Chris Bury reported that Blumenthal "is not only suspected [of] leaking damaging material about Starr's staff, sources tell Nightline he has been disparaging aggressive reporters on the Lewinsky story to their colleagues in the media." Two of the members of the media I spoke to about the Starr allegations also said Blumenthal had described at least two other media figures to them as gay. One of those sources, as well as other people who know Blumenthal, described him as fascinated by sexual gossip that they said he recycles as part of his defense of the Clintons. ……"

AFA Journal 6/2/00 Jeff Syrios "…… Everyone knows what the oldest known profession is. But when you really think back, it was actually zoology, not prostitution. The point is well taken though. Sexual immorality has always been around. The ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah represent the historical trophy of sexual sin. But it has never been like this. Before the dawn of technology and the print media, man had to go to sexual sin. Prior to the second half of this century, illicit sex was comprised mostly of two things: the red light districts of streetwalking whoredom, and the affairs of adultery. It took great effort to act on sexual fantasies. ….. But it is different now. Never before has there existed the opportunity to feed and cultivate a secret addiction like now. With the birth and maturity of the Internet, what once took effort and discretion now takes the left click of a button. Cybersex offers everything from real-time sex chats with worldwide partners to 20 inch color pornographic photos and videos. The result is unrestrained consumption without accountability. ...... "

AP 5/2/00 Mike Schneider "……Gay Days used to make Walt Disney World officials nervous. One year, Disney posted signs at the entrance warning guests that there was a gathering of homosexuals in the Magic Kingdom. In other years, passes to other Disney parks were offered to guests who might be offended by large numbers of gays. This weekend, as Gay Days enters its 10th year, Disney is no longer in the closet about the annual celebration. The event has expanded to the company's three other parks, as well as non-Disney ones such as Universal Orlando and SeaWorld Orlando. And for the past few years, popular Disney World attractions such as the Typhoon Lagoon water park and the Pleasure Island nightclub have held related parties and performances. ...... "During the first couple of years, their greatest fear was what other guests would think," said Tom Dyer, editor and publisher of Watermark, a gay newspaper in Orlando. "Their view has shifted to caring about how their gay and lesbian guests are treated." ……"

ap 6/4/00 "……Dozens of people marched through downtown San Juan, Puerto Rico Sunday to demand that lawmakers legalize homosexuality in the U.S. territory. Waving flags emblazoned with the gay-rights rainbow symbol, the protesters walked through the Condado tourist district to a rally in Luis Munoz Rivera Park. There, speakers decried the law that makes sex between people of the same gender a crime punishable by 10 years in prison. No one has ever been charged under the law, and prosecutors recently refused to arrest a lesbian pastor who offered herself as a test case. ..."

Pitt University Times 6/8/00 Bruce Steele Peter Hart "…… Previous resolutions by faculty and student governance groups have not persuaded Pitt's administration to offer health benefits to employees' same-sex partners. But Faculty Assembly is giving it one more try by asking Chancellor Mark Nordenberg and the Board of Trustees to create "a joint committee of concerned persons" to study the same-sex benefits issue....’

AP 6/16/00 Rebecca Mahoney "…..Without a sympathetic adult to turn to, Phillips Exeter Academy college adviser Cary Einhaus felt isolated when he was in high school and figuring out he was gay. Now he will get a chance to be the kind of role model he once sought. Late last month, trustees at Exeter, one of the nation's oldest and most prestigious prep schools, voted to allow gay and lesbian faculty and staff to serve as dormitory parents. "It would have helped me when I was a teen-ager if I had someone I could identify with," Einhaus said. "For kids who may be questioning their sexuality or know they're gay, to not have anyone to talk to or relate to is overwhelming." ……. The new policy also will help break down stereotypes about gays and lesbians among heterosexual students, said Einhaus, who lives alone in a boys' dormitory. ……. The move puts Exeter in line with its sibling and rival, Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass., which voted last October to allow gay faculty couples in the dorms starting this fall. Concord Academy in Concord, Mass., adopted a similar measure in 1997. ….."


The Globe and Mail 6/19/00 Wallace Immen "…… With the donning of rainbow neckerchiefs, the world's first gay and lesbian scout troop became official last night. Two women and four men dressed in khaki shirts adorned with a Canadian flag proudly formed Rover Troop 129 of Scouts Canada. Rovers are the senior level in scouting, for ages 18 to 26. "History is being made here tonight," said Rev. Mary Joseph, of Christos Metropolitan Community Church, who presided over the ceremony. ……. Controversy has swirled around the troop since it was announced last December. Openly gay people are still officially banned in U.S. scouting. "All you have to do is say I'm a member of the 129th and all those buzzers go off," Ms. Joseph said. "All I have to say to Scouts Canada is it's okay; it's okay." "Officially we're the first in the world. We know there are many that are unofficial," troop leader Bonte Minnema said. "If Scouts Canada was surprised when we suggested it, it didn't show. Everyone has been very supportive," Mr. Minnema said. ... Toronto's troop has stirred controversy in the United States, where scouts and leaders in several states have been thrown out of troops because they are gay. ……."

EWTN 6/18/00 Alberto Carosa "…..Rome. If what happened last Saturday evening, June 10th, in one of the most central squares in historic Rome, piazza del Pantheon, can be regarded as a foretaste or a dress rehearsal of the upcoming World Gay festival, then the most pessimistic fears of those who had previously cautioned about its highly controversial nature, cannot but be corroborated. In fact last Saturday evening a hundred homosexuals gathered to protest what they view as the unjust exclusion of the Colosseum from their July 1-8 itinerary, vowing to proceed with their plans irrespective of the authorities orders to use a different route. Whether by coincidence or design, their somewhat vociferous protest was taking place before a Catholic Church, while inside the solemn vespers for Pentecost were being celebrated by Msgr Virgilio Levi. ……… Now, if hundred thousand homosexuals are expected to converge from around the world to Rome in early July, who can guarantee that many other churches will not be likewise besieged? ……"

EWTN 6/18/00 Alberto Carosa "….." And in a subsequent tirade in Milan-based Il Giornale (June 5, 2000) the extreme left "guru" and post-communit MEP Gianni Vattimo, who is also an avowed homosexual, proclaimed: "The gay parade is against the Catholic Church and rightly so". This increasingly hardline attitude is plunging gays into a growing moral isolation, as is evidenced by the increasing number of left wing politicians who have been backtracking on their initial, wholehearted support of the Gay Pride. There are commentators who explain these turnarounds, which infuriated the powerful gay lobbies, with the fact that various campaigns by Catholic NGOs are starting to bite. ……… "

EWTN 6/18/00 Alberto Carosa "…..In a full page interview in the major Rome's conservative daily Il Tempo (June 9,2000), prof. Roberto de Mattei, president of another organization in the forefront of the opposition against the Gay Pride, claimed that the event to be staged in Rome in early July has to be seen against the background of an overall strategy pursued by a gigantic international lobby to destabilise the principles of traditional society. "The homosexual lobby do not simply call for certain freedoms to be acknowledged, freedoms that it in fact already has", he argued. "Its ultimate aim is the homosexualization of society and discrimination against traditional-minded people. In other words, hatred against homosexual persons as such is incompatible with the spirit of the Gospel, hatred against the homosexual practice and, most of all, homosexual ideology is a duty for all Christians". ......,:

American Family Association 6/20/00 Rusty Pugh "……The Senate is expected to vote this afternoon on a so-called "hate crimes" bill. A pro-family attorney believes this could lead to ministers being arrested for preaching the Gospel. …….. The Senate should vote today on the Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Pat Trueman, Director of Governmental Affairs for the American Family Association, says if this bill passes, it will inhibit the free speech of spiritually based people in this country. Trueman says the measure would make it illegal for anyone with a Biblical view to speak out against homosexuality. …… "For example, if a minister lectures his parish or church on homosexuality and intimates that it is wrong," Trueman says, "then someone in the church may go out and do something to offend a homosexual, and the pastor will be considered to have committed a crime in inciting an act against a homosexual." …….. Trueman also says a double standard exists in enforcement of so-called hate crimes. He says there is no evidence to indicate that crimes committed by homosexuals or minorities are ever been treated as hate crimes. ….." news 6/20/00 Kerry Lauerman "…… O n Tuesday, the titans of the religious right will meet in Washington for an annual summit of sorts to discuss how entertainment programming is harming American families. But this time, topping the agenda of the Christian Coalition, Focus on the Family, Concerned Women for America, the Family Research Council and the American Family Association will be the free speech rights of an orthodox Jew: Dr. Laura Schlessinger……Conservative Christians are lining up behind the controversial talk-show host, calling her the latest victim of an "anti-family" crusade. ……… Defending the wildly popular radio conservative who has more than 14 million listeners immediately became a cause for the religious right. "The television airwaves are rapidly embracing indoctrination, as honest debate is apparently no longer important," the Rev. Jerry Falwell said as he jumped to Dr. Laura's defense. ……" news 6/20/00 Kerry Lauerman "……Of course there's irony in members of the Christian right defending someone they think is going to hell. ("Yes, anyone needs to accept Jesus Christ to be saved," says Focus on the Family spokesman Tom Minnery. "Even Dr. Laura.") But that hasn't stopped them from taking up her cause, and doing it mighty effectively. On May 22, Focus on the Family's leader James Dobson jumped to her defense, telling his radio-show listeners (which Focus estimates at 3 million a week), "There must be pluralism in this country." He admitted that Dr. Laura "does not claim to be a Christian -- she's Jewish -- but she's taken a strong stand for moral principles: the 10 Commandments and traditional parenthood and so on." ......"

electronictelegraph (UK) 6/20/00 Sean O’Neill "….. A BISHOP gave his blessing yesterday to a vicar who is to have a sex change operation before resuming his ministry as a woman. The Rev Peter Stone, 46, who will be known as Carol, is the first serving priest in the Church to have "gender redesignation" treatment. The Bishop of Bristol, Rt Rev Barry Rogerson, said there were "no ethical or ecclesiastical legal reasons why the Rev Carol Stone should not continue in ministry in the Church of England". He said he had researched the issue of transsexualism and consulted Lambeth Palace before approving Mr Stone's continued ministry. ……"

Mass News 7/11/00 "……. The new editor of the Editorial Page at the Boston Globe is in trouble and it's only her first week on the job. She used to be Political Editor at the Boston Phoenix and she's already displaying the morality of her former employer. She, Renee Loth, published a childish editorial last Saturday about the Department of Education scandal and the meeting held at Tufts University on March 25 where graphic homosexual sex was to taught to students. …….. She denied that the session could lure children into homosexual sexual activity. But in the next sentence, she said, "To judge from the questions, most were already sexually active." But if "most" had already been corrupted by previous sessions, that means there must have been some who had not. ……And, in fact, some students were obviously not yet into this behavior because they asked why anyone would want to do some of those foolish things. How many students were hearing this dangerous instruction for the first time? It could have been one, three or ten students. We don't know and she doesn't either. But she agrees there were some. ……But she really gave away her background when she said, "They [the teenagers] were asking the sorts of things teenagers ask every day..." …….These questions are asked by students every day!? ……Where did she grow up? Who did she ask about "fisting" as a child? Or "do lesbians rub their clits together," "should you spit after you suck another boy or man," "whether oral sex was better with tongue rings," etc. ……..Regardless of where she has lived in the past and whom she has associated with, she is happy that the children get accurate information instead of "inaccurate or dangerous answers from their peers." This information that was presented by Department of Education was about as dangerous as it can get. ……"

The Observer (via WorldNetDaily) 7/2/00 Anthony Browne "…… The long-feared new wave of HIV infection has arrived in San Francisco, the city that first alerted the world to the epidemic 20 years ago. News that the city now has the same infection levels as sub-Saharan Africa has sparked fears across America and Europe that years of safe-sex education are being undermined by complacency. It is the first reported rise in infection rate in any US city since the HIV epidemic started being brought under control. …….. San Francisco public health officials estimate that the number of new HIV infections - which can lead to Aids - has doubled in the past year to 900. 'This is a harbinger of what is going to happen all over the country. What happens in the HIV epidemic usually happens here first,' warned Tom Coates, director of the University of California at San Francisco Aids Research Institute. …….. Anonymous testing at clinics across San Francisco - where high-risk groups serve as an early warning system - show the proportion of HIV positive cases has nearly tripled in three years, from 1.3 per cent in 1997 to 3.7 per cent in 1999…..The rise in infections in San Francisco was preceded by similar signs of less than safe sex in high-risk groups. ……"

CNS News 7/5/00 Bob Melvin "……. With "World Pride 2000," an international gathering of homosexuals in Rome, underway this week, Vice President and presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Al Gore, a supporter of the celebration in Italy, has told the Catholic League that he urges 'tolerance' of homosexuals. On June 1, Catholic League president William Donohue, in a letter to Gore, asked him to support the Vatican's request that the World Pride 2000 march in Rome, scheduled for this Saturday, either be postponed or moved to another location so as not to interfere with the Roman Catholic Church's "Jubilee 2000" celebration. ………Donohue told Gore in the letter that leaders of the World Pride 2000 event said they chose Rome as the venue for their homosexual celebration so they could offend the Vatican. Gore responded to Donohue's letter on July 3 by saying that he respected the Catholic League for its work against intolerance and "all organizations that are committed to ridding our society of bias and prejudice. "This is one issue where I will be unable to help," Gore stated. He went on to say, "I believe that the larger issue is one of tolerance. Just as I will stand by you whenever you are working to fight intolerance on religious grounds, I also believe we need to be tolerant when it comes to sexual orientation as well." ……In response to Gore's fax received on Monday, Donohue said, "My letter to the vice president was occasioned by the expressed intolerance of Roman Catholicism by the leaders of the World Gay Pride march, and he writes back saying 'the larger issue here is one of tolerance' for sexual orientation! ……." 7/6/00 Redv Louis Sheldon "…..Early in June, United States District Judge Saundra Brown Armstrong handed homosexuals in San Francisco another legal victory. Christians and ex-homosexuals are, as usual, the latest victims in this ongoing Culture War. The Oakland, California, judge has granted the San Francisco Board of Supervisors the right to condemn and censor certain religious beliefs it thinks are politically incorrect. The case involves the "Truth in Love" TV ad campaign sponsored by several Christian groups, including Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, Coral Ridge Ministries, and Kerusso Ministries--headed by Michael Johnston, an ex-homosexual who is HIV positive... "

New York Post 7/11/00 Andrea Peyser "……AS SHE sent her 5-year-old son to kindergarten in tony Riverdale, Shoshana gave him a gentle warning. "Never let an adult touch you there." The little boy heeded his mom's advice. But her words didn't go far enough. ......Slowly, the stories trickled out of PS 24 in The Bronx. Alarming stuff. The boy talked about games in the schoolyard. Naked games. ……. Games also were played in the school bathroom - involving acts more commonly associated with the president of the United States than with 5-year-old tots. ……..With alarm, Shoshana realized that the males who posed a threat to her son were not adults. Her precious boy was being sexually molested by other 5-year-olds. …."

The Associated Press 7/12/00 "…….To the puzzlement of educators, gay rights opponents are pushing an initiative that would prohibit Oregon schools from "encouraging, promoting or sanctioning" homosexuality. The initiative would take away state funding from a school that violates the law. ……. If it qualifies for the November ballot it will be the first time that a state votes on the issue, said Peter LaBarbera, spokesman for the conservative Family Research Council in Washington, D.C., and president of the anti-gay activism group Americans for Truth. "The gay school issue is hot everywhere," LaBarbera said. "If it's successful, it'll energize people who believe things have gotten out of control." ……. Lou Beres of the Oregon Christian Coalition says the gay-rights movement has gone too far in persuading schools to present a one-sided view of homosexuality. "Even liberals ... don't want their children to be taught that this is a normal lifestyle," Beres said. "It's not a conservative-liberal issue, it's a moral issue in the political arena." ......"

WallStreetJournalEUrope 7/12/00 George Weigel "…..Failing to win his blessing, the world pride protestors sought to embarass the Pope into silence or consent. ...Some may find the Pope's theology of sex impossibly high minded. Yet when we ponder the vast human suffering caused by modern society's inability to temper the constant human temptation to use another human being as an object for transient gratification, then perhaps we may begin to understand that the Pope's critique of libertinism and sexual utilitarianism is in fact deeply humanistic. …….... But this is what precisely the leasders of World Pride cannot accept. In their narrow view, unless one accepts the gay agenda in all its ramifications, one is, by definition, a 'homophobe' and a bigot. ...

Boston Herald 7/12/00 Jose Martinez "…….Authorities uncovered a sex party of sadomasochistic dimensions in the unlikeliest of places over the weekend - just across the street from the Attleboro police department. On the fourth floor of a renovated factory building on Union Street, police allegedly discovered dozens of men and women - some nude, some clad in leather and latex - at an S & M party that cost $25 a head to enter. ``This building is directly across the street from the police station,'' one source at Attleboro District Court said yesterday. …….. Officials suspect the sexual hijinks may have been going on since February. …….Officers estimated 50 or 60 people, ages 29 to 60, attended the party. ......"

Jewish World Review 7/12/00 John Leo "…….[We reprint for our readers a column that first appeared in US News & World Report on November 17, 1997. Was Jeff, as the Globe claims, punished for journalistic misconduct? You decide.] ………… BY 1994, editors at the Boston Globe were tired of hearing readers complain that the paper's editorials and op-ed columns were all saying the same thing, so they took a daring step: they hired Jeff Jacoby, a young lawyer, "to provide a conservative balance to the Globe's notoriously left-leaning stable of columnists," as the newspaper's ombudsman wrote last week. ……….Alas, the ombudsman, Jack Thomas, had some other things to say about Jacoby, some of them startling, most of them expressing the simmering newsroom resentments against the token outsider. He wrote that two of Jacoby's old 1994 columns had been "homophobic" and one recent one on gays was so toxic that publishing it was "a high price to pay for freedom of the press." ……….. Jacoby thought that disagreeing with gay activists is not the same as expressing hate. He wrote: "Dare to suggest that homosexuality may not be something to celebrate and you instantly are a Nazi....Offer to share your teachings of Christianity or Judaism with students "struggling with homosexuality" and you become as vile as a Ku Kluxer...." Jacoby quoted one of the self-described ex-gays who spoke at the "Coming Out of Homsexuality" panel discussion, noting that the man hadn't attacked or demeaned gays. He wrote that the man "knows that many gays are content with their lives. He also knows that many are not." Jacoby said it is "poisonously intolerant" to depict someone like this as a hate peddlar. …………..This was a column so awful that printing it was a high price to pay for freedom of the press? Please, Mr. Ombuds, try to get a grip. A conclusion like this about a mainstream and essentially harmless column says less about Jacoby than about the hothouse orthodoxy of the Globe newsroom. ………As it happens, Jacoby's two copy editors at the Globe --Robert Hardman and Peter Accardi--are both gay activists and members of the informal gay caucus. Hardman is also the chairman and principal investor of the gay magazine, Out. Hardman told me he has a cordial and "truly friendly" relationship with Jacoby. "I am not working as a PC cop," he said. "I think Jeff absolutely belongs here at the Globe." …….."

The Dallas Morning News 7/5/00Frank Trejo "…… Eric Tomlinson has little fear of further loss in his life. "I've already lost what's most important to me, three and a half years ago," the 34-year-old Dallas resident said. …….. What Mr. Tomlinson lost was his ability to live with the one he loves. That's why he's willing to go public with the struggle he and other gay Americans face against U.S. immigration law. …..Immigration officials say they are following the law as written by Congress. U.S. citizens can automatically sponsor their spouses for immigration into the country. But same-sex marriages are not recognized by Congress, and gays and lesbians in long-term relationships cannot sponsor their partners. Lesbian and gay immigrant-rights groups say the policy is unfair. …….."

EWTN 7/5/00 Zenit "……Over one thousand people participated in a torchlight procession organized in a spirit of reparation and protest against "Gay Pride" by the Catholic group Centro Culturale Lepanto (Lepanto Cultural Center). The participants formed a procession which left the of St. John Lateran's Square and processed to Piazzale Numa Pompilio where professor Roberto de Mattei, president of Lepanto, briefly addressed the participants explaining the purpose of the demonstration. At midnight the procession continued to the sanctuary of Our Lady of the Divine Love, 10 miles outside the city, where they arrived at dawn. …….. Among the participants of the procession, which had at its head a large banner reading "In defense of the natural and Christian order," were male and female religious, priests, and people from all walks of life, including several politicians. ……..Many other Italian and foreign personalities, unable to attend, sent in their formal support. Among them were Maronite Patriarch Harb Chucrallah and Archbishop Custodio Alvim Pereira, who on July 1st, the same evening, celebrated a solemn Mass in one of the main squares in Lisbon for the participants' intentions. Numerous monasteries and abbeys in Italy and abroad joined in prayer and adoration at the same time, in particular the Benedictine abbeys of Notre Dame de Triors and Notre Dame de Fontgombault. ……" 7/7/00 Julie Foster "……Teachers at a Massachusetts high school are being encouraged to "work on [their] own biases" against homosexuality in order to create a "safe zone" for students struggling with sexuality issues. ……… A handout distributed to all faculty of the Springfield High School of Science and Technology lists 11 suggestions "to protect the most maligned victims in today's society -- the gay, lesbian and bisexual students." …….. Some of the guidelines include general suggestions, such as, "Make it clear that harassment of and discrimination against gay, lesbian and bisexual students will not be tolerated in your classrooms, in the hallway, or anywhere else at your place of employment." …….Others, however, were more specific, pertaining to curriculum and personal beliefs, including:
* Make your curriculum inclusive of gay, lesbian and bisexual people by including GLB [gay, lesbian and bisexual] components in a variety of ways in a variety of courses;
* Inform yourself about the needs of and resources for gay, lesbian and bisexual students. Learn about and refer to community organizations. ….
* Have something gay-related visible in your office. A poster, a flyer, a brochure, a book, a button, a bumper sticker. ...
* Normalize and validate students' feelings about their sexuality. Let them know that you support and believe them. If you cannot be supportive, please refer to someone who can be. Then work on your own biases by reading, learning and talking to people comfortable with this issue. ……..
Teachers are also encouraged to use "inclusive language that implicitly allows for gay, lesbian and bisexual possibilities by using 'parent' rather than 'mother' or 'father,' 'spouse' or 'partner' rather than 'wife' or 'husband,' etc." Critics of the guidelines say "safe schools" efforts are being used as fronts for promotion of the homosexual lifestyle. ……"

Associated Press 7/7/00 "……Louisiana's Supreme Court has upheld the state's 195-year-old sodomy law, under which consenting adults could receive up to five years in prison for engaging in oral or anal sex. ``Simply put, commission of what the Legislature determines as an immoral act, even if consensual and private, is an injury against society itself,'' Justice Chet Traylor wrote in Thursday's 5-2 decision. In their dissent, Chief Justice Pascal Calogero Jr. and Justice Harry Lemmon said the law represents an intrusion of government into citizens' homes. ……." 7/9/00 Frank York "…..King County, Wash., prosecutors are charging a homosexual Methodist pastor for perjury in a 1997 court case. In addition, the county sheriff's department named pastor Dan Sailer and his male lover, Kevin (Mooney) Sailer, as "persons of interest" in an arson case involving a woman whose home was set on fire in mid-May. Currently, there is no direct evidence they were involved in setting the fire. "Mr. Sailer used his position as a pastor to bolster his credibility in the testimony he offered in the trial," said King County prosecutor Susan Mahoney. The prosecutor maintains that Sailer perjured himself while under oath. The charges of perjury against Sailer stem from his testimony in a court case in 1997. The case involved assault charges filed against Kevin Mooney for pushing Katie Frazier to the ground in a Target parking lot on Dec. 9, 1996. ……."

Burlington Free Press 7/8/00 Nancy Remsen "…… Out-of-staters make up 60% of those seeking civil unions. Governor Dean refuses job as assistant to town clerk. Most of the 130 or so civil union licenses granted in VT since the first of July have gone to out-of-state homosexuals. Some people think this is a planned effort that will result in law suits in their home states claiming discrimination. …… One real twist.......the town clerk in one very small VT town decided to take advantage of an element in the new law that allows town clerks to appoint an assistant if they do not wish to perform civil union ceremonies. ……She appointed Governor Howard Dean( who pushed hard for the bill then went 'into the closet' to sign it behind closed doors with no media present). ……." 7/7/00 Cheryl Chumley "……Legal defenders of HIV/AIDS patients are not going so far as to call a US Food and Drug Administration policy an act of bigotry, but they are asking that it be changed to allow men who have had sex with other men the chance to donate blood. The FDA oversees the American Red Cross in terms of blood supplies, and in 1985 issued a decree to "all registered blood establishments," updating recommendations to preserve the safety of supplies………"Any male who has had sex with another male since 1977, (including) even those individuals who have had only a single homosexual experience and may not regard themselves as homosexual or bisexual" are to be considered high risk blood and plasma donors, and therefore excluded……."

Family Research Council 7/7/00 "……. An audio recording of a "Queer Sex and Sexuality" session at Boston's Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) Conference last March has shed light on the homosexual agenda for schools. Brian Camenker and Scott Whiteman of the Parent's Rights Coalition used the recording as evidence of homosexual activism in Massachusetts Public Schools………. The taped conference session, which included explicit explanation to an audience of educators and teenage students on how to perform certain dangerous homosexual acts, infuriated homosexual groups when it was aired on a local radio talk show. GLSEN accused Camenker and Whiteman of violating Massachusetts' wiretap laws and state Superior Court judge Allan van Gestel prohibited the two men from distributing or discussing the tape recordings. Camenker and Whiteman now face an expensive lawsuit from the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) with the possibility of jail time………"Nobody listened to us beforehand," Whiteman told The Weekly Standard. "Everybody thought we were making it up. The fact that they're trying to cover up proves that they have something to cover up. We've caught them red-handed."……"

Dallas Morning News 7/9/00 AP "…..A Dallas delegate to the Episcopal national convention resigned after he scattered salt - believed by some to be a method of battling the devil - under the tables of openly gay and lesbian delegates and their supporters. ….. Church officials said Saturday that the Rev. Nelson W. Koscheski resigned as a delegate from the Diocese of Dallas after the "salting" brought the church's House of Deputies to a halt Friday. ……. Episcopalians are wrestling with whether to bless same-sex unions and ordain gays and lesbians. The church legislature is expected to vote next week on the issues. ……"

AP 7/9/00 Candice Hughes "…..Pope John Paul II bitterly denounced the gay pride festival in Rome as offensive to Christians and said Sunday that homosexual acts are ``contrary to natural law.'' The pontiff spoke from his balcony overlooking St. Peter's Square the day after tens of thousands of people took part in an international gay pride parade in Rome. The parade capped a weeklong festival the Vatican had tried to get canceled. …….. John Paul expressed what he called ``bitterness for the insult'' of having the festival ``during the grand Jubilee of the year 2000 and for the offense to Christian values in a city that is so dear to the heart of Catholics all over the world.'' …… The Roman Catholic church is celebrating a Holy Year that has attracted millions of pilgrims to Rome. ……One of Italy's leading gay activists, Franco Grillini, was swift to respond to the pope's words, which state TV called a ``sentence without appeal.'' ``The true offense is homophobia and anti-gay prejudice fed by the Vatican hierarchy,'' Grillini said in a statement. …..World Pride organizers said they chose Rome for the festival in hopes of opening a dialogue with the church. Instead it highlighted tensions between the two - and between Italy's secular and Catholic establishments. ………. "

London Times 7/9/00 John Harlowe "….. IT PAYS to love women in Hollywood. Gay and bisexual actresses are earning substantially more than their heterosexual counterparts, according to a new study of earning power in the United States. The research conducted by the University of Maryland took nearly four years to complete and reflects diverse trends in the pattern of American pay. The findings suggest that Hollywood women who love women - such as Drew Barrymore, Angelina Jolie and Anne Heche - are rising higher and faster to the top of the entertainment business because they are better qualified for career advancement and are more determined to succeed in their careers than many "straight" men and women preoccupied with children. ……"

US Newswire 6/30/00 "……Nearly two-thirds of teens who have had sexual intercourse wish they had waited, according to a poll released today by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. And when it comes to their decisions about sex, teens say parents matter more than they might think. Although teens in the nationally representative poll said that parents have the most influence regarding their sexual decision-making, more teens say they have gotten information or advice about sex in the past month from the media than any other source…….The results of the poll were released today in Washington by members of the National Campaign's Youth Leadership Team, a diverse group of 29 teenagers from across the country. Among the poll's findings:-- Regret. Sixty-three percent of teens surveyed who have had sexual intercourse wish they had waited longer. More than one-half of teen boys (55 percent) and the overwhelming majority of teen girls surveyed (72 percent) said they wish they had waited longer to havesex…….."

From the Chuck Wagon: Food for Thought 6/30/00 "….. Several Christian organizations in the San Francisco area recently ran an ad campaign designed to reach homosexuals. Television ads proclaimed, "The dream that I thought could never happen - having a wife and kids - has finally come true. If you're hurting, lonely or confused, Jesus can set you free." Reaction to the ad by city government was anything but enthusiastic……..The city's Board of Supervisors claimed the ads were partially responsible for hostility toward homosexuals. They even charged the ads with being complicit in the death of Matthew Shephard. The city of San Francisco concluded the ads contributed to "horrible crimes committed against gays and lesbians," and requested local TV stations not to run them…….. Pro-family groups like the American Family Association and the Family Research Council filed a lawsuit to stop the city from issuing similar resolutions in the future. A federal judge recently ruled, however, the city was merely doing its "duty" to address concerns for "public safety." The implications of this ruling are enormous…….Far from being neutral toward religious beliefs, federal courts and city governments are becoming more and more hostile toward religious beliefs, especially Christian beliefs. The message is clear: proclaiming the Christian Gospel is "hate" speech and will not be tolerated………Add to these twisted city ordinances and court rulings the part the propaganda press is playing in de-Christianizing America. Just recently, ABC devoted two hours of prime time programming impugning the Christian faith. Throughout our nation, public education, from grammar schools to college and university classrooms, inundates our youth with blatant attacks upon the Christian religion. Night after night, prime time television does the same thing……."

Reuters 6/30/00 Andrew Quinn "…..San Francisco health authorities are reporting a sharp jump in new HIV infections, marking the start of what many doctors fear is a dangerous new stage in America's AIDS epidemic. City health officials estimate that, after years of relative stability thanks to aggressive prevention programs, safer-sex publicity and new drug treatments, new HIV infections in San Francisco doubled to 900 in the past year. ``We see in San Francisco what is going to happen next in the epidemic. We saw the first AIDS infection, and now we're seeing the first rise in new infections,'' Dr. Thomas Coates, director of the AIDS Research Institute at the University of California-San Francisco, said Friday. ``This should sound a warning bell for the rest of the country.'' Health officials blame the rise in part on the success of earlier AIDS prevention and treatment efforts, which have combined to make the disease seem less threatening for many gay men. ….."

Reuters 6/29/00 "…..Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children, the state's largest private provider of foster care services, has decided to stop accepting wards of the state in a dispute over its firing of a homosexual worker. The decision means that 340 abused and neglected children now in the Baptist Homes system as state wards will have to be transferred into other homes or agencies, state officials said. ……. Bill Smithwick, president of Baptist Homes, said Wednesday that his organization would not renew its two-year contract with the state when it expires this weekend and would have to lay off more than 200 workers. ……. The controversy dates back to 1998 when Baptist Homes fired a lesbian social worker, saying her lifestyle conflicted with the organization's values. She later filed a federal lawsuit against both the Baptist group and the state, challenging her dismissal. ……."

Family Research Counsel & American Family Association 6/30/00 Kristin Hanson Buddy Smith "…… "Three media incidents in one day illustrate the growing intolerance of the pro-homosexual side of this issue," said FRC's Chief Spokeswoman Janet Parshall. "The 'gay' thought police are undermining our tradition of freedom of speech and open debate."…….. On June 29, Robert H. Knight, FRC's Senior Director of Cultural Studies, was asked to appear on three network programs to discuss the Supreme Court's decision in the Boy Scout case. Here's what happened.
* CBS's Early Show (7:10 a.m.) Bryant Gumbel interviewed Mr. Knight after giving a supportive Q&A of softball questions to Planned Parenthood's Gloria Feldt regarding what Gumbel called "so-called partial birth abortion." He abruptly changed attitudes when interviewing Mr. Knight about the Boy Scouts case. Mr. Gumbel grew visibly agitated at Mr. Knight's answers, interrupting him and making faces. After the segment, the camera went to the weatherman, but veered back for a moment to Mr. Gumbel, who rose from his chair and called Mr. Knight an epithet using the "f-word."
* Sam Donaldson at (10:30 a.m.) Mr. Knight was booked to debate the Boy Scouts issue on Sam Donaldson's program, which is posted on at 12:30 p.m. At 10:30 a.m., the network's car arrived at FRC to pick up Mr. Knight. But the producer of the program called FRC to cancel Mr. Knight's appearance. She explained to FRC Media Director Kristin Hansen that "gay" attorney Evan Wolfson refused to debate Mr. Knight. Instead, Wolfson went on with James Dale, whom Wolfson represented in the Boy Scout case. Thus, ABC allowed the homosexual activist to censor FRC's point of view. Donaldson reportedly said on the program that they were unable to get a spokesman from the Boy Scouts to participate.
* Hot Button, Fox NewsChannel. (1:15 pm.) Mr. Knight was debating David Smith of the Human Rights Campaign. When Mr. Knight brought up the Scouts' concern over "who gets to tent out with boys in pup tents," Mr. Smith refused to allow Mr. Knight to continue, talking continually. Mr. Knight asked Mr. Smith, "David, can you let me speak?" Smith replied, "Not when you're gonna be using mean-spirited analogies like pup tents." He continued to talk over Mr. Knight, who finally was asked another question by the interviewer……….
"These incidents show that homosexual activists and their allies are no longer content with securing biased coverage, but are now vilifying or silencing opponents," Parshall said. …."

Sacramento Bee 7/2/00 Claire Cooper "…..A state parole board panel on Friday again recommended release of a Calabasas killer, setting up a tough new test of Gov. Gray Davis' vow never to let a murderer leave prison. Acting under orders from a Superior Court judge, the parole board last year reluctantly granted a parole date to the same second-degree murderer, Robert Rosenkrantz. But Davis canceled it. This time a state appellate court has ruled that Rosenkrantz is entitled to parole, and it has threatened contempt-of-court proceedings. ……. A model prisoner with no other crimes in his past and three job offers, Rosenkrantz has been the most visible of the 16 murderers and kidnappers whose paroles were canceled by Davis in 1999. ...... Rowan Klein, Rosenkrantz's lawyer, said he is prepared to sue Davis if he again overrides parole for his client. ……. Now 33, Rosenkrantz was 18 when he killed 17-year-old Steven Redman in 1985. It was a week after Redman crashed Rosenkrantz's beach-house graduation party, broke his nose and clubbed him with a flashlight because Rosenkrantz is gay. Redman disclosed Rosenkrantz's homosexuality to his father, and Rosenkrantz was thrown out of his family's home. He learned how to fire an Uzi, bought one and pumped 10 shots into Redman, including six into his head. Friday Rosenkrantz assured the commissioners, "I'm no longer the terrified 18-year-old kid who acted like a complete idiot that day." ….. If someone confronted him in the future the way Redman did, he would not fight but would call the police, he said. He said his mother and father both are reconciled now to his sexual orientation. "They're 100 percent supportive parents," he said. He plans to live with them and work for a computer software firm. ……"

The Massachusetts News 6/30/00 Nev Moore "…… If your child decides he might be homosexual and you take him to a psychiatrist for help, you could lose that child to the DSS. ……..We've witnessed cases where DSS became involved with families because there was conflict between the parents and adolescents who wanted to be free to become active in the gay lifestyle at the ages of thirteen and fourteen. There were no beatings or physical assaults, but the fact that the parents didn't accept their children's wishes and "support" them provided grounds for DSS to remove the children and place them in gay foster homes. ……DSS also transported at least one child we know of to gay rallies, dances and other social events at the age of fourteen. They instructed this particular boy that he did not have to have any contact with his Christian mother if she would not support his gay activism. They would prepare him for independent living. ……"

Denver Post 7/2/00 Al Knight "…..It never occurred to either one of us that the Boy Scouts were anything other than a voluntary private organization. The very idea that troop meetings would one day be seen by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a place of "public accommo dation" would have seemed silly. ……Yet that is what the New Jersey court eventually found and in so do ing held that the Boy Scouts could not exclude homo sexuals either as members or lead ers. Thankfully that decision has now been reversed by the Supreme Court, but sadly the victory was by just one vote. …….The decision is another reminder, as if one were needed, of how important the Supreme Court has become. Every one of the justices on the prevailing side was ap pointed by a Republican president. ……Because this decision is part of a larger cultural and political struggle, this nar row decision is far from the last word on the topic. Already, the opposition is plan ning the next rounds. The American Civil Liberties Union claims that the court's decision does no more than bar homosex uals from scout leadership positions. ……To say the least, this is a selective reading of the majority decision by Chief Justice William Rehnquist. ……."

Denver Post 7/2/00 Al Knight "…..The ACLU defies logic (not for the first time) when it suggests that the court intends to force the organization to accept homosexuals as members but later would allow such members to be denied leadership roles. The misreading of the case by the ACLU may be the least of the problems for the Boy Scouts. ……..More menacing is Ruth Harlow of the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, one of the plaintiff's attorneys. She said that now that the Boy Scouts have been clearly labeled as an anti-gay group, New Jersey schools must consider severing their relationships with specific scout troops. "Public institutions and public schools cannot associate with a discriminatory program," she proclaimed. ……… The basis for her assertion wasn't included. The U.S. Supreme Court has just said that the scouts are operating appropriately as a private organization, that they are not a public accommodation and that their views are protected by the First Amendment. Is it now Lambda's goal to diminish the value of that decision by threatening public schools with new rounds of lawsuits so that they will with draw facilities from the Boy Scouts? ……"

AP 7/2/00 "…….A United Methodist Church pastor who was suspended for a year for conducting a same-sex marriage returned to the pulpit Sunday. The sign outside Broadway United Methodist Church, where about one-third of the members are gay or lesbian, read, "He's Baaaack." The Rev. Gregory Dell said the congregation was very supportive. "It was exciting. I felt it to be challenging. This congregation has some real energy and commitment," the 54-year-old Dell said. ……"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE 7/3/00 Gunther Kern "……The Catholic Church yesterday began a fierce attack against global gay-pride celebrations in Rome, ordering a bishop not to attend a homosexual forum on religion and condemning what a senior theologian dubbed "gay ideology." French Bishop Jacques Gaillot said Pope John Paul II had ordered him to drop plans to address the meeting, scheduled for today at a Rome hotel as part of a series of July 1-9 homosexual-pride events. "Gaillot is very angry but will respect what the pope said," said Deborah Oakley-Melvin, a spokeswoman for World Gay Pride 2000……… Bishop Gaillot said at a press conference the Church "must be where it is needed; homosexuals have suffered countless discriminations." "If the Church does not free people from oppression, what good is it for?" he asked……. The papal ban was the latest move by the Vatican in its campaign to scuttle the weeklong homosexual-pride festival - which coincides with the Vatican's Jubilee 2000 celebration - the first of its kind in the Italian capital……… Pope John Paul II yesterday welcomed motorbikers, Polish pilgrims and athletes to Rome in his traditional Sunday prayer but did not mention the homosexual-pride event, for which organizers expect more than 200,000 people to converge on the city…….Vatican theologian Georges Cottier, a close aide to the pope, meanwhile reaffirmed the Catholic Church's condemnation of homosexuality in an interview with the daily newspaper Avvenire…….He said it was the Church's duty to reject homosexual acts without offending the individual……."

CNSNews 7/3/00 David Thibault "……The Massachusetts Department of Education calls it the "Safe Schools Program," but a Springfield high school teacher claims the program is really aimed at forcing teachers to advance the homosexual agenda in their classrooms and explicitly excludes parents and other family members from the process. …….. The teacher, who insisted on anonymity out of fear he would be fired from his job at the Springfield High School of Science and Technology, provided with a list of suggestions he says was placed in teacher mailboxes twice, last September and again in March of this year. The list, containing 11 items, was titled: "What teachers can do to make schools safe for lesbians, gays and bisexuals." ………The unidentified teacher also provided a copy of a letter, dated March 27, 2000, that he said was also given to teachers. It refers to the list and is signed by advisers to the school-approved Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA). ……. Among the 11 items on the list were: "Make your curriculum inclusive of gay, lesbian and bisexual people" and "Have something gay-related visible in your office. A poster, a flyer, a brochure, a book, a button, a bumper sticker ..." ………. When contacted Friday, Theresa Regina, superintendent of Springfield public schools, and Lydia Blazquez, principal of the Springfield High School, denied ever seeing the list. …….. This is not the first time the Massachusetts "Safe Schools Program" has created a stir. In March, the state Department of Education sponsored a workshop for people between the ages of 14 and 21, titled "What They Didn't Tell You About Queer Sex and Sexuality in Health Class." ……."Right now, we have an extremely oppressive environment in the state of Massachusetts ... oppressive in the sense that they are really forcing this agenda down the throats [of the teachers]," the Springfield Science and Technology teacher said. "On top of that, I would surmise that a lot of parents would be absolutely incensed that they had gotten a copy of these documents that were thrust upon teachers." ....…..The 11-item list, which urges teachers to "inform yourself about the needs of and resources for gay, lesbian and bisexual students," also warns teachers: "Do not advise youth to come out to parents, family and friends. They need to do that at their own safe pace." ……"

The Times (UK) 6/30/00 Ruth Gledhill "…… CHURCH leaders have been urged to fight a government-backed European directive that will force Christian charities and schools to employ non-believers and practising homosexuals. Religious groups say that the directive, aimed at promoting equality, will expose faith-based organisations to infiltration by hostile campaigners. It will also mean that churches could face legal action for employing Christian staff. ……. Colin Hart, director of the Christian Institute, said: "The Labour Party employs only Labour Party members. But this new government-backed Euro-directive will make it illegal for churches to employ only Christians, or for Jewish organisations to hire only Jews." ……Under the proposals, all schools run by religious organisations, whether Christian, Muslim or any other faith, will have to be willing to employ atheists and homosexuals on their teaching staffs. ……."

Massachusetts News 7/3/00 Nev Moore "…… If your child decides he might be homosexual and you take him to a psychiatrist for help, you could lose that child to the DSS. ……. We've witnessed cases where DSS became involved with families because there was conflict between the parents and adolescents who wanted to be free to become active in the gay lifestyle at the ages of thirteen and fourteen. There were no beatings or physical assaults, but the fact that the parents didn't accept their children's wishes and "support" them provided grounds for DSS to remove the children and place them in gay foster homes. …….DSS also transported at least one child we know of to gay rallies, dances and other social events at the age of fourteen. They instructed this particular boy that he did not have to have any contact with his Christian mother if she would not support his gay activism. They would prepare him for independent living. ……The DSS Policy and Procedure Manual states that parents must be receptive and supportive if their children disclose that they are gay or bi-sexual. In their assessment questions, DSS policy reads: "If the adolescent has identified a sexual orientation of gay, lesbian, or bi-sexual, has he/she disclosed this information to a parental figure or trusting adult? If so, has the adolescent received an appropriate, receptive and supportive response?" ......... It is not the place of any government agency to determine if our responses to our children on sexual disclosures are "appropriate." If gays demand the right to have their homosexuality accepted, the other side of that equality is that other individuals must have the equal right to not accept homosexuality in their personal belief system. How a parent responds to their children's sexual disclosures, of any nature, is a private and individual choice that the government has no business being involved with. ……."

Massachusetts News 7/3/00 Nev Moore "…… Parents are accused of sexual abuse based on the most innocent, ludicrous allegations, yet they are considered unfit if they do not support and accept homosexual activity by their children. According to DSS, parents must accept and encourage the free expression and experimentation of homosexuality in their children but could be accused of sexual abuse if they take photos of their kids playing in the bathtub. ......At the same time, DSS is actively recruiting for gay foster homes and has special gay fosterparent training programs. The gay fosterhomes are not just for gay kids; they are open for all kids. I am not saying that these gay people may not be kind, caring caretakers. I am saying that parents have the right to not have their children exposed to the gay lifestyle or to a same sex partnership if that is not part of their family's belief system. No child should have forced exposure to any sexual influences - homosexuality, bestiality, whatever - by a government agency. It is not DSS's place to influence a child's sexuality in any way. ......"

Washington Times 6/29/00 Frank J Murray "….. The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that the Boy Scouts of America can bar homosexuals as scoutmasters solely on moral grounds, upholding what the court called the organization's "right of expressive association."…… The high-court decision left the 3.4-million-member organization, with two-thirds of its troops sponsored by churches, free to choose its leaders……. "The Boy Scouts asserts that homosexual conduct is inconsistent with the values it seeks to instill," Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist wrote for the court. "The forced inclusion of an unwanted person in a group infringes the group's freedom of expressive association" if it harms the group's ability to advocate its viewpoint. "Indeed, it appears that homosexuality has gained greater societal acceptance, but this is scarcely an argument for denying First Amendment protection to those who refuse to accept these views. "The presence [of a homosexual scoutmaster] in the Boy Scouts would, at the very least, force the organization to send a message, both to the youth members and the world, that the Boy Scouts accepts homosexual conduct as a legitimate form of behavior."…… The 5-4 decision reversed a New Jersey state Supreme Court decision that deemed scouting a "public accommodation" open to almost anyone, as if it were a restaurant or motel…….The chief justice was joined by Justices Sandra Day O'Connor, Antonin Scalia, Anthony M. Kennedy and Clarence Thomas…….. Justice Stevens, joined in the dissent by David H. Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen G. Breyer, wrote that the minority was disturbed "that such prejudices are still prevalent" and said they cause serious harm to their targets. They said New Jersey's human rights law, the source of the litigation, does not force the Boy Scouts "to communicate any message that it does not wish to endorse."…….."

Sacramento Bee 6/28/00 AP AUDREY COOPER "……Gay groups blasted the U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing the Boy Scouts of America to bar homosexuals and vowed to fight taxpayer funding of the organization. ……. "The Boy Scouts have basically become the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) of youth organizations by saying they will not allow some people in because they are different," said Pete King, president of East Bay Pride in the San Francisco Bay area. "They can be sure that we will be out in the cities and in the counties making sure they get no public assistance ever again," he said. ……The ruling means the Boy Scouts could lose public assistance in states and cities with anti-discrimination clauses, said Jerry Roth, an attorney who filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the case on behalf of 11 gay organizations and the San Francisco Bar Association. ……. "Good citizenship and a more peaceful world would require understanding and tolerance, not rejection, of human differences," she said. "We renew our call on the BSA to model 'moral straightness' by ending its shameful exclusion of youth and adults who are different." Scott Cozza, a co-founder of a pro-gay scouting group in Petaluma, Calif., also protested the court decision Wednesday, proudly clad in his Scout uniform. Cozza and his Eagle Scout son, Steven, were denied a scouting troop late last year after founding the organization. ……."This is a sad, sad day for human rights in this country. Parents aren't going to let their kids join such an openly bigoted organization," he said. …."Would we allow blacks to be excluded? No way. When people are more educated they will realize what a terrible thing this is." ……" 6/26/00 Trudy Chun "…. Born or Bred? The Debate Over the Cause Of Homosexuality …… The debate over homosexual "rights" often spirals into a discussion over whether homosexuality is a learned behavior or a genetic trait. Many homosexual activists insist that they cannot help their sexual behavior. They have argued that scientists have "proven" homosexuality is biological through studies that link sexual orientation to everything from differences in portions of the brain,1,2 to genes,3 finger length4 and inner ear differences.5 .........With all this scrambling for scientific evidence, one would think the issue has been settled. But if we take an intellectually honest look at the research, we may find more questions raised than answered......." 6/26/00 Trudy Chun "….The first frenzy of this trend erupted in 1991 when Simon LeVay published a study in Science. His study noted a difference in a brain structure called the hypothalamus when evaluating homosexual and heterosexual men. LeVay found that in the specimens he studied, the hypothalamus was generally larger in heterosexual men than in homosexual men. Therefore he concluded that these findings "suggest that sexual orientation has a biologic substrate."6 While LeVay's study hit the media with a splash that rippled from coast to coast, it was anything but conclusive........., Since LeVay released his study, other researchers have found that brain structures can change as a result of life experiences. In 1997, University of California at Berkeley psychologist Marc Breedlove released a study that showed that sexual activities of rats actually structurally changed aspects of the brain at the base of the spinal chord. "These findings give us proof for what we theoretically know to be the case-that sexual experience can alter the structure of the brain, just as genes can alter it," Breedlove "You can't assume that because you find a structural difference in the brain, that it was caused by genes. You don't know how it got there."10 Breedlove is not an activist out to prove homosexuality is not biological. In fact, he does believe a genetic component exists somewhere, but he, unlike LeVay, seems willing to take a more honest approach to research. 6/26/00 Trudy Chun "….In 1993 a group of medical researchers at the National Cancer Institute, led by Dr. Dean H. Hamer, released a study that linked homosexuality to the X chromosome. While the study won a great deal of media attention, it also offered little proof of a biological link to homosexuality. ...Hamer's results are often misunderstood. Many believe that the study found an identical sequence (Xq28) on the X chromosome of all homosexual brothers. In reality, what it found was matching sequences in each set of brothers who were both homosexual. Dr. Byne argues that in order to prove anything by this study, Hamer would have had to examine the Xq28 sequence of gay men's heterosexual brothers. Hamer insisted that such an inclusion would have confounded his study. Byne responded, "In other words, inclusion of heterosexual brothers might have revealed that something other than genes is responsible for sexual orientation."11.........Hamer's motives are also questionable. Although his research is sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, his work has had little to do with cancer. This study alone took $419,000 of the institute's taxpayer-backed funds, according to The Washington Times.12…….Their conclusion: "We were not able to confirm evidence for an Xq28-linked locus underlying male homosexuality." Moreover, they added that when another group of researchers (Sanders, et al.) tried to replicate Hamer's study, they too failed to find the genetic connection to homosexuality..." 6/26/00 Trudy Chun "….Another study that has advanced the theory that homosexuality is a biological phenomenon is the famed "Twin Study" by J. Michael Bailey and Richard C. Pillard. ….. Fifty-two percent of the identical twins shared the same homosexual sexual orientation, while only 22 percent of fraternal twins fell into the same category. This finding appears to support the argument for biology, since identical twins share the same genes. However, the rate of non-twin conformity should mirror that of fraternal twins. In the Bailey and Pillard study, the rate was only 9.2 percent. And the rate in adopted-which, if the biological hypothesis were true, should have been even lower than non-twin brothers-was actually higher (11 percent).15 …… Dr. Byne's arguments might lead some activists to label him a "homophobe." He is, in reality, quite the contrary. Byne readily advocates societal acceptance of homosexuality, but nevertheless concludes, "Most of the links in the chain of reasoning from biology to social policy [regarding homosexuality], do not hold up under scrutiny."18......" 6/26/00 Trudy Chun "….In 1998, researchers Dennis McFadden and Edward G. Pasanen published a study that evaluated the auditory systems of heterosexuals and homosexuals. Specifically the study considered differences in echo-like waveforms emitted from an inner ear structure of people with normal hearing. ……The McFadden study found the level of these waveforms in the ears of self-acknowledged lesbian women ranged between those of men and those of heterosexual women. The researchers concluded that this evidence suggests that female homosexuality could be a result of increased exposure to the male hormone androgen in the womb (homosexual men did not show the same variation).21……. The media eagerly jumped on this bandwagon, touting the evidence that homosexuality is indeed biological. But even the researchers themselves are not too quick to draw definitive conclusions. They caution that the results are only tentative. In the published study, they point out that exposure to "intense sounds, certain drugs, and other manipulations" can lower the level of these auditory waveforms. "Thus, it may be that something in the lifestyles of homosexual and bisexual females leads them to be exposed to one or more agents that have reduced the [waveforms], either temporarily or permanently."22 …." 6/26/00 Trudy Chun "….In March 2000, yet another study on a biological link to homosexuality hit the media with fanfare. This time researchers weren't looking at ears, but fingers. Scientists believe finger length indicates how much exposure a person had to androgen while in the womb. ......Typically, people's index finger is slightly shorter than the ring finger-a difference that is seen more clearly on the right hand due to exposure to higher levels of androgen while the human is developing in the womb. In females, the ring finger and index finger are almost the same size, but in men the ring finger is generally shorter…….In this study, Berkeley's Dr. Breedlove, who had in 1997 shown how sexual activity can change brain structure, found that homosexual women's finger length had a tendency to follow the male pattern. But again, the media was more eager than the researcher to draw definitive conclusions as to what this means. In fact, Breedlove told CNN, "There is no gene that forces a person to be straight or gay. ... I believe there are many social and psychological, as well as biological, factors that make up sexual preference."23..."

AP 6/29/00 Ross Sney "…….Susan Fortunati has no intention of complying with a new state law that requires all 247 town clerks across Vermont to issue civil union licenses to same-sex couples. Fortunati, the clerk in this rural community of about 1,300 people 30 miles southeast of Montpelier, pulls no punches on the issue. ……''I feel the law is an encouragement of perversion and immorality and it's going to lead to the demise of our youth and the more rapid destruction of our families and the ultimate downfall of this country,'' Fortunati said. She's not alone. Other clerks say they, too, will not grant the licenses because of their opposition to homosexuality. ……"

Massachusetts News 6/29/00 "…… The graphic instruction in homosexual sex that has erupted into a national scandal was approved at the highest levels of state government, including the Governor's office. This charge has been made by one of the teachers who was fired as a result and by the parent who alerted the public. …… "This is absolutely sanctioned by the department [of education]," according to one of the teachers, Margot E. Abels, who was terminated as a result of the scandal. In an interview with the Boston Globe, she said: "It's standard. There's nothing we did that was a secret. The department has always given us its full support ­ until now." …….. The parent who alerted the parents to the scandal, Brian Camenker, agreed. "I believe her, absolutely. She is being used as a scapegoat, there's no question about it. For them to claim this was an isolated incident is completely disingenuous. Why would a person have said those things if they didn't think it was policy? No one would do that unless it was part of a program." Camenker points out that no officials in the state, including the Governor's office, ever listened when he and the other members of the Parents Rights Coalition told them about events like this. Therefore, they made a tape recording of a conference on March 25 which was held at Tufts University where credit was given to public school teachers and children were bussed in from around the state. But the parents were curtly dismissed by the Board of Education at its monthly meeting last April even though thirty parents traveled all the way to Pittsfield just to inform them about the conference. ......... "It was only then that we decided we had to go public with these tapes," Camenker told Massachusetts News. "We don't want to distribute this vile stuff, but we have no other way to let the mothers and fathers know what is being taught to their children." ……"

FoxNews 6/29/00 "…… DENVER - The Roman Catholic Church gave up voting privileges in an interfaith church group after it admitted a predominantly gay church. ……. The Catholic Church last month voted against admitting the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches to the Colorado Council of Churches. The Metropolitan group is a Christian denomination founded by homosexuals who felt left out of established churches. ……. Protestant council members supported the gay church because they believe "Christian unity is about inclusion," the Rev. James Ryan, council executive, said Thursday. ……. The Catholic Church announced Wednesday that it had given up its vote on the council. Denver Archdiocese officer Bill Beckman said the council's decision to admit Metropolitan might have misled Catholics about the church's stance on marriage, family and human sexuality. The church teaches that homosexual activity is a sin. ………"

Newark (NJ) Star Ledger 6/29/00 "…… A Pennsylvania preacher who allegedly used the Internet to arrange a sexual encounter with a New Jersey teen was arrested yesterday in Middlesex County [New Jersey], where he had agreed to meet the boy, authorities said. William Cabell Jr., pastor of Faith United Church of Christ in State College, Pa., was snared in a sting operation in which law enforcement agents go online posing as teenage boys in an effort to trap sex offenders, federal officials said. Cabell, 53, was charged with interstate travel for the purpose of engaging a minor in a sex act after he showed up at a fast-food restaurant for what he thought was a rendezvous with a 14-year-old boy, said Special Agent Joseph Lewis of the FBI's New Jersey office. If convicted, Cabell faces up to 15 years in prison or a $250,000 fine, but under federal guidelines, the sentence would typically range from 18 to 24 months. ….."

New York Resident newspaper 6/13/00 Marc-Yves Tumin "……. In his June 7-13 New York Press open letter to Schools Chancellor Harold Levy, Doug Ireland spells out his program to proselytize for sodomy in the guise of HIV/AIDS education. Ireland objects to parents having a say in condom demonstrations in the city schools: "They're available only in private at the request of students - but since kids are rarely told of this option, they almost never ask, especially since they're afraid of the embarrassment (and there's a parental opt-out)." …….. What a catastrophe - they're ashamed! One of the goals of militant homosexuals is to deracinate any sense of shame through graphic imagery and frank discussions that break down the barriers of modesty. Ireland appeals to the morally bereft: "Waiting until high school to teach kids how to protect themselves just isn't working...." …….. And Ireland wants to urge children in grammar school to sexualize prophylactics: "Unless the importance of condom use is impressed upon these kids before they start having sex, it doesn't take. Indeed, eroticizing the condom as part of sexual play from the beginning is a sine qua non of effective safe-sex education." …….. Describing Harvey Milk High School, dedicated to homosexual propaganda, Ireland ululates that "hundreds of kids [are] desperate to escape from the reign of terror they experience in the other schools." The real reign of terror is organized by politically correct totalitarians who crush any dissent. ……Ireland touts openly gay State Senator Tom Duane, who is promoting the "Dignity For All Students Act," one goal of which is to "create programs to foster harassment-free school environments" - in other words, to brainwash impressionable children. ……. A pernicious aspect of the gay influence is the overwhelming proportion of blacks and Latinos in the public schools, whereas the gay propaganda is fostered by a small white homosexual elite. That the gay-rights movement is disproportionately white and privileged gives the lie to claims of victim-status equivalency to African-Americans who were brought here as slaves. ……"

AP News 6/27/00 "……A police officer was suspended for allegedly failing to take any action when a 17-year-old told her he had been molested after Sunday's Gay Pride Parade. The allegation comes as police continue their investigation into whether officers failed to help women who were sexually abused in Central Park two weeks ago, following the Puerto Rican Day Parade. The 17-year-old told police a man groped him outside a Greenwich Village bar during festivities after the parade. He said he told Officer Donna Gaudino what happened and she did nothing. He then approached two other officers, who took his report and searched for the man. No suspect was found. ……"

CNS News 6/28/00 Jerry Miller "……Barring last-minute court appeals, the first "civil union" ceremonies will take place in Vermont this holiday weekend, despite the fact that a number of Vermont town clerks have resigned, rather than issue the requisite licenses to homosexual couples. "As a practical matter, the law is going to go into effect on Saturday," said Vermont's chief Assistant Attorney General William Griffin. …… Topsham Town Clerk Juanita Claflin said her "moral fiber" does not allow her to support civil unions. "I feel it's a very harmful's a form of government-endorsed perversion," she said. "My beliefs tell me I would be hurting the people of the state if I issued the licenses and I will not hurt the people of Vermont." …… Two weeks ago, Claflin sent a letter to every home in her community, informing voters that she would not issue the licenses and asking fellow residents if they thought she should resign, defy the law, or appoint an assistant to issue the civil union licenses, something the law permits. …….Claflin says of the 200 letters sent, 100 people have responded. "An overwhelming number want me to refuse to issue the licenses and see what happens," she said. A dozen respondents told Clafin she should resign, while 11 said she should appoint an assistant to issue the licenses to avoid involving the town in an expensive legal battle. …… At her swearing-in ceremony, Claflin added the phrase "except to sell civil union licenses," to the traditional oath. At the time the oath was administered, Claflin said she did not believe the proposed civil union bill would become law. "I was wrong," she now admits. "The unthinkable did become law." "I am unwavering in my commitment to refuse to be a party to this endorsed perversion, and I base my decision on both my personal beliefs and my constitutional rights," she added. ….."

Ap 6/28/00 Laurence Arnold "…..James Dale, a troop leader expelled by the Boy Scouts for being gay, said Wednesday that the scouting organization will ultimately suffer for its exclusionary policy. "Dinosaurs became extinct because they didn't evolve," Dale said hours after the Supreme Court ruled against him. "The Boy Scouts are making themselves extinct, and that's a very sad thing." ……. Dale, 29, said other youth groups have an opportunity to fill a void created by the Boy Scouts' anti-gay declaration. "Gay kids need resources," he said. "Gay kids are coming out at younger and younger ages." ….."

Danbury News-Times 6/28/00 Joseph Spector "…..NEW MILFORD An international conservative group will bring suit against the school board on behalf of parents incensed over an explicit survey that asked students if they have oral sex, use drugs or contemplate suicide. The Rutherford Institute, a Virginia-based civil liberties organization, announced yesterday it plans to file a federal class action against the Board of Education……… The group claims the anonymous survey given to sixth- and eighth-graders and high school students last month violated students' privacy and circumvented parents' rights. The lawsuit will seek an undisclosed amount of money, said Ron Rissler, legal coordinator for the institute, which assisted Paula Jones in her sexual harassment case against President Clinton……Parents have the right still in the country, I hope, to determine the educational upbringing of their children, and we believe this survey flies in the face of that," said Rissler, adding the suit will be filed in the next few weeks……In the 95-question survey, students were asked if they have been sexually assaulted, bring weapons to school, smoke cigarettes, freebase cocaine, have sex with several partners and have AIDS. They were asked if they have had oral sex and were given a definition of what it is……"

AP 6/28/00 Laurence Arnold "…..James Dale proved resourceful and diligent as he worked his way through the ranks of the Boy Scouts of America. He showed the same qualities when he turned his energies against the organization. An Eagle Scout expelled for being gay, Dale waged a 10-year fight against the organization's policy that considers homosexuality contrary to the oath requiring scouts to be "morally straight." The fight landed at the U.S. Supreme Court and culminated Wednesday with the high court's 5-4 decision that the Scouts can bar homosexuals from serving as troop leaders - a loss for Dale. Now 29, Dale lives in New York City and is advertising director for POZ magazine, which addresses the needs of people who are HIV-positive. ……"

NJ Star ledger 6/28/00 AP "…..An HIV-infected man accused of sexually assaulting a child has become the first person in New Jersey charged under a law that made it a crime to have intercourse while knowingly infected with the virus that causes AIDS. Authorities on Tuesday announced the arrest of Ora Dwayne Battles, 40, of Newton, saying the Sussex County Community College student sexually assaulted the child several times between April 1 and June 17. The Sussex County Prosecutors Office declined to release details of the alleged incidents, but said the child was younger than 13 and not related to Battles. Authorities said the victim's mother became aware of the abuse and notified police after seeking medical advice. ……"

Family in Focus 6/27/00 Stuart Shepard "…..The ads proclaimed hope for homosexuals, but a federal judge said San Francisco had a "duty" to call them hate speech. The city's Board of Supervisors even claimed the ads were partially responsible for the death of Matthew Shepard and hostility toward gays. "Truth in Love" was an ad campaign, sponsored by several Christian organizations, that proclaimed homosexuals can change. ……"The dream that I thought could never happen -- having a wife and kids -- has finally come true," said one of the ads. "If you're hurting, lonely or confused, Jesus can set you free." ……The city of San Francisco concluded the ads contributed to "horrible crimes committed against gays and lesbians," and city officials asked local TV stations not to run them. ……In response, pro-family groups -- the American Family Association, the Family Research Council and Kerusso Ministries -- filed a lawsuit in October 1999 to stop the Board of Supervisors from issuing similar resolutions in the future. Earlier this month, however, a federal judge ruled the city was only doing its "duty" to address concerns for "public safety." ……"Nothing like this has ever happened in this country," said Brian Fahling, with the American Family Association's Center for Law and Policy. "This, really, is extraordinary and should give everybody great pause, because now we have a court decision -- a federal court decision -- that says governments can take official action condemning religious beliefs." ……." 'Religious Wrong' Exposed at Fistgate Tom Duggan "…..A workshop about "The Religious Wrong" was conducted by gay activist Leif Mitchell at "Fistgate," where state teachers taught graphic sex to teenagers and teachers from across Massachusetts. ……Mitchell is the Community Educator/Trainer for Planned Parenthood of Connecticut and he is on the National board of GLSEN. He trains teachers and children about sex education in the classroom and how to integrate homosexuality into the curriculum of public schools. ……… Mitchell told the audience he follows the Religious Wrong "religiously" and has been infiltrating religious groups for many years. ……The program guide stated: "This workshop will explore ways to counteract the messages used by the Wrong. Participants will learn exactly what the Wrong is saying about 'us' (and who that includes) as well as develop strategies to tackle opposition..." 'Religious Wrong' Exposed at Fistgate Tom Duggan "…..After his brief introduction, Mitchell showed a video to the audience containing hate speech against Christians and other people of faith. "The video was very disturbing," one teacher told Massachusetts News. "They showed various images and quotes from Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson to give the impression that their views were shared by all religious adversaries. It was an attack on all people of faith. Anyone who disagreed with Mr. Mitchell was labeled a homophobe and compared to Robertson and Falwell. Mr. Mitchell concluded after the video 'This is who we are fighting! This is the religious right!'" ……..The teacher said she thought the conference was supposed to be about safe schools and stopping discrimination. "To think that David Driscoll and the Department of Education would be preaching religious hatred to students and teachers under the pretense of safe schools was frightening. And they were using our tax dollars to endorse it. This was nothing more than a government -sponsored attack on religion and anyone who disagrees with the gay political agenda on the far left," she said. ……." 'Religious Wrong' Exposed at Fistgate Tom Duggan "…..At one point in the video they said 'Studies show that lesbians are the best mothers in America. Are you interested in the truth Pat (Robertson)?' The teacher says she was shocked. "I have been teaching for over 25 years and I've been studying these issues for over a decade. I have never seen a study that lesbians make better mothers. I was traumatized by what I was seeing. ……… Mitchell then asked the audience to break up into small discussion groups. The teacher recounts: "We were told to discuss our experiences and strategies on how to deal with religious opposition to gay activists in our communities. It didn't sound like tolerance to me. …" 'Religious Wrong' Exposed at Fistgate Tom Duggan "…..Mitchell then talked about a website which compares religious people to Hitler and the Nazis. The website contains headlines such as: ………."Nazi Anti-Jewish Speech vs. Religious Right Anti-Gay Speech: Are They Similar?" The site shows a side-by-side comparison of Nazi propaganda against Jews during WWII with the "Christian anti-gay movement" of today saying: "...are fundamentalist Christians using anti-gay arguments that echo back to the Nazi era?" This page compares quotes from The Eternal Jew with Christian conservatives' modern-day quotes about gay Americans. ……..Mitchell spoke of religious people, hatred, homophobia, religion and the religious wrong as though each word were synonymous, interchanging religion and the Religious Wrong with Hitler, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and even the murder of Matthew Sheppard. ……." 'Religious Wrong' Exposed at Fistgate Tom Duggan "…..Mitchell outlined his strategies on combating the Religious Wrong "in your community."
1) Focus on Violence Prevention. Always go back to the issues of safety to explain why Gay/Straight Alliances need to be formed. "Violence helps us!" he said …..
2) Focus on Legal Perspectives, He used the 1996 lawsuit which was settled for $900,000. The suit was about Jamie Dboznia who was not protected from gay bashing by his school…
3) Put a Face on Homophobia. "Matthew Sheppard is a good example," Mitchell said…..
4) Use Statistics Effectively. "Just the Facts was sent to all Superintendents in the country," Mitchell said. "Now the opposition has a response, 'Just the Facts on Just the Facts,' but they have no credible organizations or data to support them in this, unlike the original which came from the Center for Disease Control and the Youth Risk Survey."
5) Build Coalitions Proactively with Like-minded Groups. "Be prepared and come together," he said. "Use the Coalition for Democracy, use the NAACP, The Anti-Defamation League and Planned Parenthood." 'Religious Wrong' Exposed at Fistgate Tom Duggan "….."Remember," Mitchell told the audience, "It is very important to tie the Religious Right to hatred." ……..The keynote speaker, Kevin Jennings, co-founder of GLSEN, also attacked religion and even used the Gospel to do so. He used the story of the widow's mite to motivate children in the audience to give all they can give to the gay and lesbian community. ……. "This is ridiculous," exclaimed one teacher in utter disbelief. "I know that Bible passage and it is a direct reference to giving all you can to God. How ironic that GLSEN is preaching hatred towards religious people, attacking religion as 'wrong' and at the same time they are quoting Jesus and twisting the scripture. ……..Another publication which was handed out included an article entitled: "Teaching Outside the Curriculum: Guerrilla Sex Education and the Public Schools" from the Radical Teacher, which listed its sponsor as "The Coalition for Positive Sexuality," which promotes the idea, "Just Say Yes." The article stated emphatically : "We hope that students do get ideas from our booklet - ideas about how to talk about sex as well as how to do it, how to get pleasure with their bodies as well as how to take care of them." ……"

CBN News 6/20/00 Gailon Totheroh "…..The "how-tos of homosexual sex and sadomasochism." The promotion of "pedophilia and risky intimacy that could lead to HIV infection." That's just part of what parents and teens learned during a state-sponsored education conference held in March. The conservative monthly Massachusetts News broke the story in May. ...... "A lot of people saw the story," says the paper's publisher Ed Pawlick. "We mail about a quarter-of-a-million copies around the state every month, so a lot of people saw the story and couldn't believe it, and from there, it just got legs of its own."...... Law student Scott Whiteman, who represents the Parents Rights Coalition, taped parts of the 50 sessions at the March conference called "Teach Out," which was held at Tufts University. …… Another conference presenter spoke positively of sadomasochism:
Student: Spanking.
Educator: Spanking.
Student: Bondage.
Educator: Bondage.
Student: Hot wax.
Educator: Hot wax -- right, it's something that needs to be explored.
One seventh-grade teacher had her 12-year-old student on tape speaking of the history of homosexuality: "Greek people encouraged homosexuality -- in fact, it was considered normal for an adolescent boy to have an older and wiser man as his lover." This "normality" is, in fact, pedophilia, a form of child molesting, which is against the law across the country…….. CBN News contacted the major sponsor of the conference, GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network for a response. GLSEN did not respond to a fax and numerous phone calls…….. However, a GLSEN spokesman editorialized on a gay Web site saying, "The real obscenity here... is that so many adults can't seem to get over their own discomfort with saving kids' lives." …… Homosexual groups contend that AIDS awareness, diversity training and sex education keep gay kids from verbal and physical abuse as well as suicide. ……."

NY Times 6/25/00 Michael Evans "…… In 1970, the first gay pride parade was a daring and hasty political protest by about 200 marchers. By 1998, the parade was a six-hour party that drew hundreds of thousands of spectators. On a bright and sunny Sunday morning 30 years ago this week, a flock of perhaps 200 men and women -- nervous and unsure of precisely what they were doing -- gathered at Sheridan Square and then stepped onto the Avenue of the Americas to create a moment in history. For 60 minutes, they marched hastily up to Central Park, observing the first anniversary of an uprising at a gay bar in Greenwich Village, the Stonewall Inn. ……….It was a gay pride parade, the city's first, and it was as much a curiosity to the sometimes hostile onlookers as it was to the gay men and lesbians who dared to join it. …… It will count among its sponsors United Airlines and Budweiser beer. And if recent history is any guide, it will be a six-hour party -- at points both randy and rowdy, albeit with political overtones -- drawing hundreds of thousands of people from across the Eastern Seaboard. There will be gays and lesbians, to be sure, but also their heterosexual friends, parents and even children, and enough elected politicians to fill a quorum in most city halls. ……." 6/20/00 Tom Raum AP "…..After a furious last-minute lobbying blitz by the Clinton adminstration, the Senate voted 57 to 42 on Tuesday to approve legislation that would make it easier for federal prosecutors to try hate crimes. Vice President Al Gore interrupted presidential campaigning in Kentucky to fly to Washington to be ready to cast a deciding vote should there be a tie in the Republican-controlled chamber. …..Although he presided over the Senate, his vote wasn't needed. ……Despite the victory for the administration, the bill faced an uncertain future. ……The vote attached it as an amendment to a massive defense bill on which more than 100 other amendments were still pending. ……"

Denver Post 6/21/00 Marsha Austin "…… The Small Business Administration is launching a lending program for gay and lesbian business owners, marking the first time the federal government has formally recognized homosexuals as a minority group. SBA deputy administrator Fred Hochberg signed an agreement with Denver gay and lesbian community leaders last Friday to kick off the nationwide program. The initiative gives gay and lesbian business owners access to federal small-business loans, government subcontracting opportunities, seminars led by business leaders, and other technical support services. …..Hochberg's visit to the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Community Services Center of Colorado highlighted the prominent role Denver gay and lesbian business leaders had in creating the SBA's national agreement, which includes partnerships with 106 gay and lesbian community centers in 36 states. ……."

AFR Issues 6/21/00 Rusty Pugh Fred Jackson "……. Pro-family groups are expressing shock and alarm that the U.S. Senate yesterday passed an amendment extending the federal prosecution for so-called "hate crimes." By a vote of 57 to 42, the Senate passed the amendment by Senator Kennedy of Massachusetts that extends the federal government's prosecution of hate crimes to include gender, disability, and sexual orientation. The Traditional Values Coalition calls it "a defeat for families and a victory for homosexual activists" who wanted this amendment because it gives them a special status. "Every crime is a hate crime," TVC spokesman Andrea Lafferty says. "No special interest group should be singled out for extra legal protections." ……. "The ultimate goal of homosexuals is to criminalize any criticism of their behavior," she says. Lafferty believes this amendment moves them one step closer to that goal. ……. "

Ether Zone 6/21/00 Shelley McKinney "……I have to admit that I just didn't get it, until I read this press release from Reuters. The dateline for this story is Atlanta, October 1999. "President Clinton tried to build support [in a speech on] Friday for proposed hate-crime legislation that would broaden federal prosecution of violent crimes to those motivated by the fact that the victim is gay. [This would] give federal prosecutors the power to prosecute certain hate crimes committed because of a victim's sexual orientation, gender, or disability." ………. I found this very confusing, because haven't people always been punished for these crimes? It's never been okay to kill anybody here in the United States, homo- or heterosexual, able bodied or disabled, male or female. I thought that was supposed to be the point of the laws regulating people's murderous impulses, and I might add that capital offenses like murder used to be dealt with much more harshly in times past. ……….So I had a real light-bulb-over-the-head moment when I realized what President Clinton and certain Senators and a certain powerful lobby are really trying to put across. Maybe Clinton views this as his legacy: that it is a naughty, ill-tempered thing to kill anybody, but if you kill a gay person, you're just evil, that's all. And you will be punished to the maximum extent of the law for killing a member of the group whose civil liberties transcend those of all us crummy, regular ol' citizen types out here. I find this frightening, to see our culture launching itself with such merry insouciance right smack down into the middle of George Orwell's Animal Farm, where "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." ……."

Ether Zone 6/21/00 Shelley McKinney "…… It's not unreasonable to think that sometime in the future it will be considered a "hate crime" for the Boy Scouts of America to not wish to have homosexual Scoutmasters. Consider the recent news out of Connecticut about the Boy Scouts: they are no longer a charity eligible for state payroll deductions because of their stance on homosexuals. That's a beginning, isn't it? Or perhaps certain churches and ministers will be hauled into court for refusing to sanction homosexual "marriages," or for not wanting to employ a homosexual youth director. The United Methodist Church is already coming under fire for the position on homosexuality it took earlier in May at the General Conference. ……..Oh, and this can lead into all kinds of scary stuff, like: "Could I get in trouble for saying that, as an evangelical Christian, I believe homosexuality to be immoral?" Not yet, but there are ominous signs that that day is coming. According to an article on hate crimes I accessed via the Concerned Women for America website called "Hate Crimes Laws: Making Thoughts a Crime" the un-named author of the article commented that, where hate crimes laws already exist, the homosexual lobby -- a huge and powerful political force -- is pushing to have "sexual orientation" added to these laws, which is what the President was referring to in his Atlanta speech. The article stated that this could change the entire face of our American civil rights, because civil rights have traditionally been based upon things which are immutable, or un-changeable, such as skin color, gender, and disability. To add "sexual orientation" to this list of immutables means that homosexuality is also immutable -- and yet no genetic scientist has ever been able to prove that this is so. …….."

Ether Zone 6/21/00 Shelley McKinney "…… The problem I have with the homosexual lobby is not with their homosexuality, which I view as just another sin in the long list of sins that every single one of us has committed: it's their arrogance that raises my hackles. The essence of the hate crimes legislation is to force an acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle on a largely unwilling American populace. I know a lot of evangelical Christians, and I don't know a single one who thinks that homosexuals should be persecuted, hated, or murdered. I don't know a single person who wasn't horrified by those disgusting "Christian" people who were holding up signs at Sheppard's funeral that read "God Hates Fags." But even that isn't good enough for the homosexual lobby. They will bear no dissent, and anyone who suggests that homosexuality is morally wrong had better be ready for his own personal onslaught of hate. I've been aware for a long time, as have you, no doubt, that there are certain kinds of bigotry which are acceptable and very politically correct, and it is very PC to vilify anyone who doesn't embrace homosexuality with joy. Our very opinions stand the risk of being monitored and judged by the PC crowd, and even right now, reasonable debate simply won't be tolerated. ......"

Christain Broadcasting Network 6/20/00 Gailon Totheroh "……The "how-tos of homosexual sex and sadomasochism." The promotion of "pedophilia and risky intimacy that could lead to HIV infection." That's just part of what parents and teens learned during a state-sponsored education conference held in March. The conservative monthly Massachusetts News broke the story in May. ……. "A lot of people saw the story," says the paper's publisher Ed Pawlick. "We mail about a quarter-of-a-million copies around the state every month, so a lot of people saw the story and couldn't believe it, and from there, it just got legs of its own." ……. Law student Scott Whiteman, who represents the Parents Rights Coalition, taped parts of the 50 sessions at the March conference called "Teach Out," which was held at Tufts University. …… What follows are selections from the secret recordings at the conference. First we hear a discussion between the group leader and a teen-age girl:
Health official: "What orifices are we talking about? Don't be shy, honey; you can do it."
Student: "Mouth ... like your a--."
Health official: "There you go!"
Student: "Your p--sy" ……..
A sex educator gave instruction on what to do during a homosexual date: "There could be full blown out, on the couch, in the car, sex. I mean we're not ruling that out either. " ……. And there was teaching on tribadism, women sexually exciting one another: "You can do it with your clothes off, with your clothes on -- it absolutely is a sexual experience; you can orgasm from it," said an educator. ……
Another conference presenter spoke positively of sadomasochism:
Student: Spanking.
Educator: Spanking.
Student: Bondage.
Educator: Bondage.
Student: Hot wax.
Educator: Hot wax -- right, it's something that needs to be explored. ……
One seventh-grade teacher had her 12-year-old student on tape speaking of the history of homosexuality: "Greek people encouraged homosexuality -- in fact, it was considered normal for an adolescent boy to have an older and wiser man as his lover." ......... This "normality" is, in fact, pedophilia, a form of child molesting, which is against the law across the country. ………CBN News contacted the major sponsor of the conference, GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network for a response. GLSEN did not respond to a fax and numerous phone calls. ……… For taping the conference, Whiteman now faces legal action for invasion of privacy from GLAD, Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, a homosexual rights legal group in Boston. GLAD told CBN News that this story has received "way too much attention" because of Whiteman's "criminal activity." They did not accept our offer to present their side of the story in this report……"

Seattle Weekly 6/22/00 Knute Berger "…… RAY CARTER GAZES thoughtfully at the rifle he's holding--a powerful weapon that looks like one of those Winchesters Chuck Conners brandished on the old TV series The Rifleman. Only this gun looks bigger, like it would have the kick of an enraged kangaroo. At least, that's what I thought as I stood there with a pair of hot-pink "ears," those deafening headset contraptions like ground crews wear at the airport in order to dampen the cacophony. I was considering whether or not to try Big Bertha out. "I guess you have to be genetically predisposed to like things that go bang," Carter says. ……….."We" meaning this Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender-friendly shooting group, brought together by an organization called Cease Fear. After brunch at the Rosebud Café on Capitol Hill, the group found its way across the big bad lake for one of its periodic target shoots--a low-key affair for mostly novice shooters. The difference, of course, is that this is turf where the NRA meets Gay Pride. Oh yes, and some people wear hot-pink headsets. …….. CEASE FEAR BEGAN, appropriately enough in the Silicon Forest, as an online idea. Gun owner discussion groups became a great way for some of the newer and younger of the "gun community" to meet each other. Some, like Ray Carter, a former cochair of Pride's Freedom Day Committee, were longtime gun enthusiasts who happened to be gay. ……The idea behind Cease Fear is to move guns out of the redneck realm and make safety and self-defense training available to various "minority" communities, including gays and lesbians. Last fall, with event cosponsors that included the Microsoft Gun Club, the Jewish Defense League, and the state Libertarian Party, Cease Fear held classes at Home Alive. One of these, "Refuse to be a Victim," was developed by the National Rifle Association and is aimed at women. As much as anything, it teaches people how to see trouble coming and avoid it. They also offered a home firearm safety course that teaches the rules of the road to anyone thinking of picking up a gun, even if it's only to get rid of it. ……"

Jewish World Review 6/22/00 Jeff Jacoby "…….TEXAS HAD NO HATE CRIMES LAW on the books when James Byrd Jr. was dragged to his death behind a pickup truck. Nor did Wyoming when Matthew Shepard was tied to a fence and beaten to death. And that, Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy and others claim, is why a federal hate crimes law must be enacted. ……..Perhaps Clinton and Kennedy believe that an applicable hate crimes law might have prevented the Byrd and Shepard murders. How then do they explain Buford Furrow? California, like 41 other states, already has a hate crimes law, but that didn't stop Furrow from opening fire last August on a group of Jewish children in a Los Angeles community center, then killing a Filipino-American letter carrier. Illinois's hate crime law didn't deter Benjamin Smith from a shooting spree that left nine people wounded and two dead -- all Jewish, black, or Asian. ……..Perhaps Clinton and Kennedy keep invoking Byrd and Shepard because they believe that a hate crimes law would have ensured that the murderers in those cases were vigorously prosecuted. …..But that can't be it, either. Of the three men who so savagely killed Byrd, two have been sentenced to death and one is to spend the rest of his life behind bars. Both of Shepard's killers have also been sentenced to life. One of them, Aaron McKinney, was facing a death sentence when Shepard's parents proposed a deal -- two life sentences in exchange for a permanent gag order that prevents McKinney or his lawyers from ever appealing the verdict or discussing the case in public. In the Buford Furrow case, meanwhile, federal prosecutors in California are seeking the death penalty. …….."

Jewish World Review 6/22/00 Jeff Jacoby "…….There is no way around it: A law that cracks down harder on criminals who harm members of certain groups by definition goes easier on those who target victims from other groups. If a gang of skinheads decides to crack some black or Jewish skulls, Kennedy's bill would empower federal prosecutors to go after them. If they decide to simply crack skulls at random -- or to go after illegal immigrants or fat people or dwarfs or businessmen -- Kennedy's bill leaves them alone. ......"Equal protection of the laws must apply to all Americans," Kennedy said during the Senate debate. "That's what this is all about." ……..No, what this is all about is precisely the opposite. Equal protection means telling all would-be criminals that they will be punished fully, regardless of the identity of their victims. The bad bill passed by the Senate declares that some victims are more deserving than others. That is not a message that should be allowed to stand. ........."

Washington Times Weekly Edition 6/19/00 Reed Irvine "…..Richard Berke, the national political correspondent for the New York Times, recently spoke at a reception celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. He reminisced about the bad old days at the Times, when homosexual reporters were discriminated against. How things have changed. "Now," he said, "there are times when you look at the front-page meeting and...literally three quarters of the people deciding what's on the front page are not-so-closeted homosexuals." ……."

Washington Times Weekly Edition 6/19/00 Reed Irvine "…..Has this made any difference in how the Times reports the news? Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr., the publisher of the Times, was recently asked if he recognized the name Jesse Dirkhising. It was no surprise that he didn't, because not a word about Jesse Dirkhising's death ever appeared in the New York Times. He was a 12-year-old boy who was brutally tortured by two adult homosexuals who used him as a sex toy for their own gratification. They went too far and young Jesse died. The Associated Press did stories about it but they were distributed only in Arkansas, not on the national wire. It was not until a reporter for the Washington Times bought this to the attention of AP headquarters in New York that the news service distributed a Dirkhising story on its national wire……Was this because it wasn't newsworthy? ………

Washington Times Weekly Edition 6/19/00 Reed Irvine "…..We have recently seen a good example of this in Massachussets, where a group called the Parents Rights Coalition (PRC) caught a national homosexual organization called the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) lying about a state-funded program it runs that ostensibly tries to make public schools safe for gays. …….Most of the media in Massachussets showed little interest in using the tape to expose wrongdoing by state employees and GLSEN. Reporters had been provided with transcripts of the tape. They did nothing. It was left to a radio talk show hostess to break the story by playing the tape on her program. That excited the television news people, and nearly all the TV stations played portions of the tape. The AP provided its member papers in Massachussets with a good story about the tape on May 16. It was the first to report Education Commissioner David Driscoll's denunciation of the workshops as "of a prurient nature," not educational" and contributing absolutely nothing to the students' understanding of how to avoid AIDS. The sad part of the story is that not a single daily paper in the state ran this AP story. That included the largest paper in the state, the Boston Globe, which is owned by the New York Times, and has a large and influential contingent in its newsroom. They apparently exercised news nullification in dealing with this story. ……"

AFP 6/25/00 "…… At least half a million people paraded through the streets of Paris and Berlin Saturday as a mark of gay pride and to assert the rights of homosexuals. Gay Pride 2000 kicked off in Paris with tens of thousands of gays, lesbians and sympathisers with the gay cause parading to the sounds of techno and accordion music. ……. Organisers said 250,000 people attended, although police put the figure at 100,000, with as many as a further 130,000 spectators. Most political parties also sent representatives to the parade……… The 55 associations organising the event called for non-discriminatory policies and hailed a decision announced by the government Friday to ban homophobia in the workplace. Under an amendment to a social modernisation bill currently going through parliament, discrimination on the grounds of "sexual orientation" will become for the first time an explicit offence. Other groups demanded the right for gays and lesbians to adopt children and to have access to medically-assisted procreation. "It is love which makes a family, not genes," one banner read. ……… Some participants sought to remind people of the continuing threat of AIDS, which has already killed some 25,000 homosexuals in France. But despite these serious issues the march was dominated by a party atmosphere as the Gay Bikers' Club kicked off the parade, which included 60 decorated floats……"

AFA Journal 6/23/00 Allie Martin "…….The American Family Association says the federal government has now given homosexuals special recognition as a minority group. AFA is asking the Small Business Administration to overturn a program that offers loans to homosexuals. The program gives homosexual and lesbian business owners access to federal small business loans, government and subcontracting opportunities, seminars led by business leaders, and other technical support services. Allen Wildmon, Public Relations Director for AFA, says he cannot understand why conservative members of Congress have not acted to stop such programs. ……"

National Review Online 6/22/00 John Derbyshire "……Anyone seeking evidence that the country has gone mad need look no further than the current passion for "hate crime" legislation. On June 20th the U.S. Senate passed the Kennedy-Smith bill making "hate crimes" against homosexuals a federal crime; on the 21st, the New York State Senate will almost certainly pass a "hate crime" bill, joining 41 other states that already have such legislation in place. Of the New York bill, Matthew Forman said: "It's really a great victory over hate and prejudice." Forman is executive director of the Empire State Pride Agenda, a gay-rights organization. Legislation against greed, envy, pride, sloth, and gluttony will no doubt soon follow. …….. It remains to be explained, to me at any rate, why whacking someone over the head with a tire iron while yelling, "Take that, faggot!" is more heinous than performing the same act while murmuring, "If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well it were done quickly." Indeed, it is hard to see why the first instance, equally with the second, is not merely the conjunction of a class A felony with an exercise of First Amendment rights. The lawyers are going to have fun with this. Perhaps that's the main point; legislators, after all, are mainly lawyers, and legislation of this sort is really just drumming up business. You don't even need to ask which side of this the Trial Lawyers' Association is on. ……"

National Review Online 6/22/00 John Derbyshire "……In Northern Ireland the police have a cute little expression they use when compiling statistics: "ODC." This stands for "ordinary decent criminals," as opposed to terrorists. A terrorist blows the arms and legs off old ladies at bus stops to make a political point (a sort of First Amendment exercise, really); an ODC just wishes to help himself to someone else's property. Presumably our own national and local police forces will now have to adopt a version of this terminology, distinguishing between ODCs and those possessed by the demon "hate." ……"

Denver Rocky Mountain News 6/19/00 Peggy Lowe "…… Meghan Waterman was bursting to tell her fifth-grade class her big news. Her dad, Mike, was gay, she proclaimed, proud as punch. And, he was moving in with his partner, this nice guy named Paul. "I had no reason to think it was a bad thing," Waterman said. "I loved them both and to me, there was no issue." But her friends' parents had an issue. Her friends were told they couldn't hang out with Meghan or her twin sister, Jennifer, because their dad was gay. …… "That's when Jennifer and I flew into the closet," Waterman said. ….. But Waterman, now 25, has since flown out of the closet - as have many children of gay and lesbian parents and the parents themselves. Statistics are hard to come by, but gay-rights groups estimate there are as many as 10 million children of gay, lesbian and bisexual parents in the United States. ……"

Denver Rocky Mountain News 6/19/00 Peggy Lowe "…… Now, Waterman said she's "out of the closet" about who she is, thanks to her friends later telling her it was OK if her dad was gay. Even as she acknowledges the difficulty of being the child of a gay dad, Waterman will tell anyone who wants to hear the truth about her father and Paul. "They're in love, and that's how I see it," she said. …….. Part of Waterman's coming-out included speaking to different groups about her experience, and she rolls her eyes when she recalls the stupid questions she's been thrown. ("No, I'm not a lesbian. It's my dad who's gay. Duh," she told one heckler in a college crowd.) …….. "

London Times 6/19/00 Laura Peek "…. ONE in six girls reaches puberty by the age of eight compared with one in 100 girls a generation ago, according to new research. The study also found that one in 14 eight-year-old boys has pubic hair, an early indicator of puberty, compared with one in 150 boys of their fathers' generation. Bristol University's Institute of Child Health tracked the development of 1,150 children from birth and found that children are starting their adolescence earlier and staying in it longer. ...... Professor Golding does not yet know why children are experiencing earlier onset of puberty but she thinks it could be linked to higher oestrogen levels in mothers or to other factors such as diet, lifestyle and pollution. ….."

U.S. News & World Report 7/24/00 John Leo "….Act I, 1994: The Boston Globe, one of the furthest left newspapers in America, hires a token conservative columnist, Jeff Jacoby. He is very talented, but staffers grumble. ……. Act II, 1997: No, he won't. The other seminarians are after him. Robert Hardman, one of the two gay copy editors who handle Jacoby's column, is furious about a Jacoby column criticizing gay militants at Harvard for not letting others speak. Hardman tries to get the column killed. This is not part of a copy editor's duties, even at the Globe......."

UPI 7/14/00 "……The age-old question of nature or nurture is once again leaning toward nature. New research released Friday from the University of Texas says that there is new evidence that the brain structures of homosexual individuals - both male and female - are somehow altered during development and respond differently to auditory stimuli than do the brains of heterosexuals. According to the study, when certain sounds are presented to the ear, a distinctive series of brain waves is produced and the research shows that certain waves differ in their size or timing in homosexuals and heterosexuals. ……..The researchers gauged their subjects using five separate measures of the auditory brain waves and found them all to be different in the two groups. Contrary to public opinion that homosexual men are less masculine, the study said that homosexual males actually appear to be more masculine, not to mention better endowed physically -- than their heterosexual counterparts most likely due to increased male hormones circulating in their brains during development. …….."

Charleston-Gazette 7/14/00 AP "…..A gay black man was beaten to death because he wanted to reveal a sexual relationship he claimed to have had with the teen-agers accused of his murder, sources told The Associated Press on Thursday. David Allen Parker of Grant Town and Jared Wilson of Fairview, both 17, are charged with first-degree murder. They are accused of beating Arthur "J.R.'' Warren to death last week, then running over his body in a staged hit-and-run. …. "

Massachusetts News 8/10/00 J Edward Pawlick "..... The Superintendent of Schools in Acushnet, Harold Devine, was startled yesterday when 50 concerned parents showed up at a special meeting to challenge Devine's investigation of an article in our August edition, which revealed that the "gay agenda" was being promoted in his school system. ........When he started the meeting, Devine was pompous and acted like a professor talking to a group of children. But very shortly thereafter, he softened his stance and began to say many times, "I don't know," in answer to questions. Shortly after the questions started, he volunteered that the principal of the middle school had already decided to remove the subject of homosexuality from the prejudice unit, which was the subject of the article in our newspaper. Because Devine had not announced that earlier when he was talking from a long, written speech, it is unclear whether he suddenly made that decision to go along with the principal because of the heat he was taking from parents. ........ It became obvious very quickly that he had not expected such a large turnout at 4:30 in the afternoon and he didn't have answers to their questions. ....."

Denver Post 8/9/00 Virginia Culver "…….Catholic priests in religious orders have been warned by Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput not to say Mass or officiate at same-sex ceremonies for the local gay Catholic organization Dignity. The warning went out to provincials of mens' religious orders that have members in the Denver Archdiocese because, according to Chaput, Dignity "publicly dissents from Catholic teaching." Dignity has a Mass each Sunday at 5 p.m. at Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church, 1100 Fillmore St. About 18 priests - both those in religious orders and those attached to the diocese, who are called diocesan priests - say Mass for the group on a rotating basis, said Sheryl Green, chairwoman of the Denver Dignity board. Chaput wrote that he has received "a number of concerned letters" about the Mass "and some inquiries" about a samesex commitment ceremony which may have taken place during or before one of the Masses. He said he regards both of these matters as "serious." …….."

San Fransisco Examiner 8/7/00 Carol Ness "……Chuck Kredensor was simply unprepared for the wave of emotion that swept over him as he stood, hand in hand with Fred Saunders, before a justice of the peace in Vermont. "I went into it thinking this is not a real marriage, it's more for business matters, signing some papers and that's it," Kredensor said. "Well, when the justice of the peace began to read the vows - 'I Charles take you Frederic' - I began to cry. There's this 63-year-old man standing there crying. We've been together 34 years. It wasn't like we needed this to cement our relationship," said the San Carlos resident and semi-retired UCSF administrator. "But . . . I never thought we'd be able to say those words." …… Kredensor and Saunders are one of the first gay and lesbian couples from California who have "gone to Vermont," which used to signify a ski trip to the Green Mountains but since July 1 has taken on a whole new meaning. ……"

Agape Press 8/8/00 Allie Martin "……Members of national ex-homosexual organizations confronted psychologists attending the American Psychological Association meeting in Washington. Yvette Schneider, a former lesbian activist who now works for the Family Research Council, joined other former homosexuals Monday afternoon as they demonstrated outside the Washington, DC Convention Center, site of the annual APA meeting. Schneider says the APA continues to ignore evidence that people can leave the homosexual lifestyle and enjoy normal, productive lives. ……"

Los Angeles Times 8/4/00 Bart Jansen AP "…… PHILADELPHIA--Brian Bennett, a conservative Catholic who also is gay, hopes George W. Bush is the leader who will move the Republican Party away from the past on the issue of gay rights. Bennett, one of about a dozen gay Republicans who met with Bush in April, said the candidate seemed interested in issues facing homosexuals. "I came out of the meeting feeling like we should be part of this party," said Bennett, a convention delegate from California. ……"

Washington Post 8/6/00 Anne Hulle "……In pink sweater and blond ponytail, Mary Cheney fit in easily among the Republican operatives on the Bush campaign train that whistled through the Midwest yesterday. The 31-year-old daughter of vice presidential nominee Richard B. Cheney was formalizing her plans to start serving as her father's official travel aide Mary Cheney has the all-American credentials that would make any Republican dad proud: strength, brains, poise, even sports trophies. In high school, she blocked a last- minute stroke for her team, which clinched the Virginia AAA girls field hockey championship. …… There's just one liability: Mary Cheney is openly gay ……… For the past six years, she has worked as the highly visible corporate liaison between Coors Brewing Co. and the gay community, while living in the foothills of Denver with a woman she has described as her "life partner."…….. Her parents have reportedly known for several years that she is gay. But the topic went underground the minute her father was selected by George W. Bush as his running mate, and an awkward public dance has ensued ever since. The campaign wants the issue to disappear. "Mary is traveling with her family, and her role in the campaign is that of a loving daughter," said Dirk Vande Beek, candidate Cheney's spokesman………"This is enormous, this is fantastic," David Smith, senior strategist with the Human Rights Campaign, remembers thinking. "Regardless of politics, the message this will send is gay people are part of the American family."…….."

EWTN News Brief 8/4/00 "…..Pro-family groups have condemned the process by which a lesbian is to have a baby later this month, which will be reared by four "parents." Health worker Jayne Mugglestone, 35, was artificially inseminated with the sperm of a homosexual friend. Now she and her partner plan to share the parental duties with the child's gay biological father, Keith, and his boyfriend. The arrangement is believed to be the first of its kind. "Keith will be the co-parent and share responsibility," Mugglestone told the Times newspaper. "He and his partner will be involved in bringing up this child, just like other parents are." She continued: "I know this may seem an unusual relationship to some people but our child will be brought up in a very loving environment, with two parents and a caring extended family." ......"

Charisma News 8/2/00 "……A Christian family organization is beefing up security for its staff after a speaker needed a police escort to leave a university campus when gay activists reacted angrily to her testimony of having left a homosexual lifestyle. Family Research Council (FRC) worker Yvette Schneider was spat on and heckled at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, where the Christian student group president who hosted the meeting was warned by police to stay away from her dorm room because the situation was too dangerous. ……. Two lesbians jumped onto the stage and began kissing in front of Schneider as she prepared to talk, FRC executive vice president Chuck Donovan told supporters in a letter. Schneider managed to share her testimony despite interruptions. After being led to safety, she spent the night at a secret location to protect her from further protests. ......The "terrifying" encounter was indicative of the gay lobby's intolerance toward Christians who proclaim homosexuals can change, Donovan said. ….."

Family News in Focus 7/31/00 Janet Parshall "……. Connecticut employees may once again give to the Scouts. If I were to say to you, "the Boy Scouts," what comes to mind? A young man helping a senior citizen across the street or learning a valuable outdoor skill as they camp? So, who in the world could find fault with the Boy Scouts? A state agency in Connecticut, that's who. …… This agency determined last May that the Scouts were in violation of the state's discrimination laws, and as a result, they were dropped from a list of charities that state workers can support through their payroll deduction plan. The Scouts claim that it's because of their opposition to homosexuality. ……Well, Supreme Court decisions often create ripple effects, and this one did. Recently, a federal judge in Connecticut, citing the Supreme Court's decision, determined that the Scouts should be put back on the list of charitable organizations that state workers can support. And that's a great decision -- Scout's honor. ……"

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel 7/31/00 Lauria Lynch-German "…..Washington County sheriff's deputies made their third arrest Monday as a sting operation continued to stop a rash of lewd behavior at Lizard Mound County Park. The county park is listed on three Internet sites as a good place for gay men to meet other men. ….."

BBC World Service 7/31/00 "…..The European Court of Human Rights has ruled against Britain on the issue of group sex between men. The case was brought following the conviction of a British man for gross indecency after police found video recordings of him and up to four other men having sex at his home. The court ruled that British laws banning group sex between men amounted to a breach of privacy because there had been no real likelihood of the film becoming public. The man at the centre of the case was awarded some thirty thousand dollars in compensation. ……"

The Japan Times 8/1/00 HIROSHI MATSUBARA and TAKUYA ASAKURA "……As is always the case at weekends during summer vacation, Tokyo Disneyland was packed by tens of thousands of visitors Sunday….But conspicuous among the families and young couples were numerous same-sex couples, expressing affection for each other just like heterosexual pairs. ……Sunday marked the first Lesbian & Gay Day at Tokyo Disneyland, in which around 3,000 gays and lesbians -- many wearing special red T-shirts for the day, printed with "July Pride 2000" and others in their own outfits -- celebrated their sexuality under the bright summer sun. ……."

Washington Times 7/24/00 Cheryl Wetzstein "…..Based on other child-rape cases being gathered, "it is anticipated that a class-action lawsuit will eventually be added to this litigation on behalf of the thousands of children who are raped each year by NAMBLA members," said Lawrence W. Frisoli, an attorney for the family of Jeffrey Curley of East Cambridge, Mass…….. NAMBLA refers to the North American Man-Boy Love Association. The secretive group, which has addresses in New York and San Francisco, says it "speaks out against societal repression and celebrates the joys of men and boys in love."……. Anti-pornography experts said the legal efforts against NAMBLA are unprecedented and will be closely watched. The civil lawsuit was filed by the family of 10-year-old Jeffrey Curley, whose body was found in October 1997 floating in a tub of cement in a river. The fifth-grader had vanished a few days earlier…….. Two college-age neighbors, Salvatore Sicari and Charles Jaynes, were later convicted of kidnapping and murdering the boy. Sicari confessed that he and Jaynes had lured Jeffrey into their car by promising to buy him a bike. When Jeffrey resisted Jaynes' sexual advances, Jaynes suffocated him with a gasoline-soaked rag and sexually abused him. The men put Jeffrey's body in a tub with concrete and threw it in a river……….. In the Curley case, "Charles Jaynes maintained a diary," said Mr. Frisoli. "And in his own handwriting, he says that reading the NAMBLA Bulletin and his exposure to NAMBLA helped him come to terms, psychologically and emotionally, with his urge to rape children."…….Mr. Frisoli said he is collecting similar evidence in other cases for a potential class-action suit……"

Washington Post 7/24/00 Pamela Ferdinand "….Flanagan, 49, is considered by state legislators here as the man who woke up a long-dormant public watchdog office. ….Now Flanagan is trying to shatter a kind of glass ceiling and become the first openly gay U.S. senator in the nation's history. While he stands a good chance of defeating state Sen. Jan Backus in the Democratic primary this September, Flanagan faces long odds in November against Republican Sen. James M. Jeffords, 66, the popular liberal Republican who chairs the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee…….But political observers and gay activists say even a decent showing by Flanagan would confirm a shift in public opinion toward acceptance of gays in public service and add to the community's growing political momentum - a phenomenon that barely existed a quarter century ago……."

Reuters 7/23/00 Kevin Kelley "…..Some Republicans may have signed their political death warrant when they voted earlier this year in support of Vermont's first-in-the-nation law recognizing ''civil unions'' between same-sex partners. More than half the 15 Republicans in the state's House of Representatives who voted for the controversial measure are being challenged in their party's Sept. 12 primary. Their support was decisive in the civil union bill's passage by a 76-69 margin in the Vermont House in April. Three of the Republicans facing opponents within their own ranks are members of the chamber's Judiciary Committee, which wrote the legislation extending marriage-like rights and benefits to same-sex couples. ….."

AgapePress 7/25/00 Allie Martin "….. Pressure from pro-family organizations has caused telecommunications giant AT&T to put on hold a business relationship with a pay-per-view porn network. AT&T has confirmed that it will wait 60 days before deciding whether to carry The Hot Network on its cable TV services. Earlier this year, AT&T announced that it would carry the porn network on its cable TV service. That announcement prompted outrage and protests from pro-family organizations. ….." 7/24/00 "…..WorldNetDaily's Jon Dougherty's piece about the Providence Rhode Island United Way's disingenuous, PC-inspired blackmail really has me angry. "The Providence, R.I., chapter of the United Way has decided to cut off funding to local Boy Scouts, saying the popular 90-year-old organization discriminates against homosexuals, even as a group of congressional Democrats plans to introduce legislation to strip BSA of its honorary charter." …….. By the way, if some manager or United Way sycophant threatens you or harasses you for failing to participate, you can sue, and win. Then you would have more money to give to the charities of your choice. …….The new New England chapter policy is very careful not to "specifically" single out the Boy Scouts. That would require courage the PC cabal lacks. Instead it states funding would be denied any group that "discriminate for any reason, including sexual orientation," according to the Providence Journal-Bulletin newspaper. The Supreme Court has affirmed a private group can discriminate. United Way says they cannot. Actually the United Way is discriminating against those who discriminate in a manner considered inappropriate by the United Way. ........."

Massachusetts News 7/25/00 Ed Oliver "…… The homosexual agenda is being promoted at the Ford Middle School in Acushnet, which adjoins New Bedford, it was revealed at a workshop at the "Fistgate" conference. The session was titled, "The Struggles and Triumphs of Including Homosexuality in a Middle School Curriculum." ……… It focused on the experiences of Christine L. Hoyle, a special education teacher who said she is a lesbian, who told how she expanded a holocaust class into an "anti-prejudice unit" in order to include homosexuality. Hoyle's session was included at Fistgate to offer advice on how to "get around roadblocks" to including homosexuality in a middle school curriculum. …….……… Hoyle said parents were informed in a letter that a person from the state-approved organization "Speak-Out" would speak to the children. They were told they could have their children opt out of the presentation under state law. Despite the law, kids "develop a network of passing the information along to those who didn't attend," Hoyle said. The principal received one objecting letter (from "a Sunday school teacher"). ……….. A child asked the speaker if he could be arrested for being gay. The speaker proceeded to answer the question by graphically describing the homosexual acts for which a person could be arrested. There was a complaint made about this to the principal, even from students in their evaluations. Students said they wanted to hear from homosexuals, but not about what they do. ……. The homosexual man from SpeakOut who was barred from returning to the school attended Hoyle's workshop. He defended himself by saying SpeakOut will honestly answer any question put to them by students. He said they would have to adjust their answers, however, to be more age-appropriate because they are used to speaking to high school students. …. He also said children should be discussing oral and anal sex with SpeakOut presenters because they cannot discuss it with parents, teachers or people at church…….

Massachusetts News 7/25/00 Ed Oliver "…… A student on the video said ancient Greek poets encouraged homosexuality and considered it normal for an adolescent boy to have an older, wiser man as his lover. The students posed questions and answers about homosexuality, such as:
Q. What percentage of the population are homosexual?
A. Ten percent, but probably more, because not everyone admits it. [Editor's note: Most experts today agree that less than 3% of the population is homosexual]
Q. How many men and women are gay?
A. More men than women.
Q. What's wrong with being gay?
A. Nothing. (Said with defiant tone).
Q. Is homosexuality a sickness?
A. People used to believe it was, but it is just one way to express sexual love.
Q. Can homosexuals choose not to be gay?
A. They can decide not to have sex with members of their own sex.
Q. What does the Bible say about homosexuality?
A. Sex is in the Bible, but it is used only for procreation. But, there are many Bible passages that say, "Love one another." The Bible is used against gays. ………"

Massachusetts News 7/25/00 Ed Oliver "…… A teacher who attended the workshop commented to Massachusetts News, "From this middle school workshop, I learned that educators who initially do resist this gay political movement, like Hoyle's principal, are too easily compromised. Remember, seven years ago when their holocaust study was expanded, they were told that under no circumstances could anyone come to speak on homosexuality. Now you have seventh grade girls presenting so-called research that affirms pederasty in ancient Greece. This is clearly desensitization to morality and the law. How come no one ever teaches students or teachers about statutory rape? Now that's something you'd never hear at a GLSEN conference. How about the tremendous health hazards of this lifestyle?" "What if the 250 boys that were molested in Middleton had been in this holocaust class? Wouldn't they have concluded that it was okay to engage in sex with grown men? After all, if pedophilia was openly accepted in the ancient Greek civilization, then why not here in America today? Isn't this the land of the free?" ……."

CNS News 7/25/00 Patrick Goodenough "……Britain's upper House of Lords Monday night dealt what many family campaigners hope is a death blow to "politically correct" government plans to throw out a law banning the promotion of homosexuality in schools. Prime Minister Tony Blair's government conceded Tuesday that it would not seek to push the matter further ahead of parliament's summer recess, which begins later this week. ……..For the second time, peers defeated the government motion to pass an amended Local Government Bill that would remove the controversial section 28, which prohibits schools and councils from promoting "the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship." Following the earlier defeat last February, Blair appointed 30 Labor and Liberal Democrat lawmakers to the Lords. ……"

Masachusetts News 7/25/00 "….. A parent who was named in a lawsuit last month has charged that the instruction about homosexual sex at Fistgate was not about AIDS or HIV "prevention" as claimed by the lesbian plaintiffs. He says that the purpose of the Conference was to "incite and indoctrinate minors into experimenting with, and practicing homosexual and sadomasochistic sex, and promoting a radical gay agenda for grammar schools, middle schools and high schools." These accusations were made in documents filed in Suffolk County Superior Court by Atty. Chester Darling of "Citizens for the Preservation of Constitutional Rights" for the parent who did the taping of the Conference, Scott Whiteman. The court documents say that the Conference was "a public event, open to the public and conducted in a public forum." ……..The charges were contained in Whiteman's "Answer" to the suit filed by lawyers at Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, which represents one of the lesbian teachers who was fired by the state as a result of the Conference and a lesbian student who attended. They claim that Whiteman violated the state wiretap laws. ......"

Massachusetts News 7/26/00 Ed Oliver "….. Alan Keyes brought the voice of moral authority to the halls of the Statehouse yesterday. The former ambassador to the UN expressed outrage about the homosexual activism in the schools that was also felt by the hundreds of parents who made a special effort to attend the rally. "I am not standing in this place today because I hate anyone or anything. Hatred has nothing to do with it. I am standing here today because of what may be in many respects the most fundamental kind of love that a society depends upon, and that is the love of parents for their children," Keyes began. …… After energizing the crowd with his passionate defense of traditional American family values, the former UN Ambassador led a dramatic procession to Governor Cellucci's office to deliver a proclamation. ……. Flanked by Brian Camenker of the Parents Rights Coalition and the throng singing "God Bless America," the pair were icily received by staff member Barbara Burke, who said the Governor "was not available" to meet with them. …….. Talk Host Jeanine Graf of 96.9 FM gave a brief chronology of Fistgate, recalling her first reaction to the "triple X-rated tape" of the GLSEN Conference. "The state is sponsoring this? This is what we call a safe school program? This is supposed to be all about teaching our children not to commit suicide? Where are the doctors? The psychiatrists?" ……."

Massachusetts News 7/26/00 Ed Oliver "….. Keyes began by pointing out that a fundamental requirement of Christian faith demands that people "walk the walk," not just "talk the talk." He said, to applause, that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution "enjoins the state from interfering with the free exercise of religion." He admonished the media for often getting it wrong on this point. "The First Amendment has to do not with what we believe, but with our right to translate that belief into action." Keyes said Christianity is not a religion of ritual but is "an ethical religion" that requires our faith to "overflow from our heart" into our actions in the world. He said the upbringing of our children is one of the "clearest and most explicit elements of our obligations as parents according to our faith," as well as one of our "clearest expressions of love." ……In a dramatic moment, Keyes shouted, "I ask you, as you watch young children perish, as you watch more and more people infected with such a plague, is it love to turn your back on the moral truth?" The audience shouted back, "No!" "To say that this is love, to say that this is compassion, is an evil and a life destroying lie," his voice boomed off the walls. ......"

Freeper gcul report ABC News/ This Week Without David Brinkley 7/30/00 "…..Cokie probe Lynne Cheney about her lesbian daughter. Cokie was fishing for trouble, trying to point out inconsistancies in her family and Republican policy. Lynne Cheney said, "I have two accomplished daughters whom I live very much... I have been surprised at the media attention that my daughter has gotten for her private life... And I am surprised at you, Cokie, for bringing it up..."

Washington Times 7/31/00 Valerie Richardson "……The Episcopal Church's new policy on supporting and affirming committed relationships outside marriage comes a little late for Lee Ann Bryce. Miss Bryce has filed state and federal lawsuits against the church's Colorado diocese for civil rights violations after she was fired last year from her part-time job as youth minister at St. Aidan's Episcopal Church here. Her dismissal came after she participated in a service of commitment with her partner, the Rev. Sara Smith…….The irony is that Miss Bryce, 40, isn't even an Episcopalian: She belongs to the United Church of Christ, which allows such unions. Even so, her case, believed to be the only one of its kind, exposes the tension in the Episcopal Church's tenuous compromise on homosexual "marriage" while raising questions on whether the courts can breach church autonomy in the name of civil rights………Church officials argue that the issue has less to do with homosexuality than with the church's constitutional right to freedom of religion. Just as some denominations refuse to ordain women, the Episcopal Church has the right to reject non-celibate singles, whether heterosexual or homosexual, from the ministry……."

Fox News 7/27/00 Ross Sneyd "……A town clerk who has led the opposition to Vermont's landmark civil unions law by refusing to issue licenses has appointed an assistant willing to do the job. Corinth Clerk Susan Fortunati gave the job to a former town clerk, Jack Learmonth. However, Fortunati and 18 others - including members of the Vermont Legislature - are continuing to press their lawsuit filed in May to overturn the statute that grants marriage benefits to same-sex couples. Fortunati, who didn't return phone calls, has said it would violate her religious and moral convictions to issue licenses to gay couples and has contemplated resigning. ……."

Denver Post 7/27/00 Susan Greene Mike Soraghan Bill McALlister "……Republican vice presidential pick Dick Cheney couldn't accept gays in the military. Now the nation's gay activists wonder whether Cheney's daughter will influence his policies in that area if he is elected. Mary Cheney, who once handled Golden-based Coors Brewing Co.'s gay and lesbian marketing, was in attendance Wednesday as Cheney spent his first day campaigning with GOP presidential nominee George W. Bush in Casper. Reports by news organizations and in political circles say Mary Cheney is gay. ...... Gay activists view both Bush and Cheney as hostile to their cause. So the activists are intrigued by the implications of Cheney's daughter's sexual orientation. "There's clearly a dichotomy here that will raise questions, and it will be interesting to see how the Bush campaign handles those questions," said David Smith, spokesman for the Washington, D.C.based Human Rights Campaign. Richard Tafel, executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans, a national gay Republican organization, said it was encouraging that the Bush campaign felt Mary Cheney's sexual orientation isn't an issue. ......" 7/21/00 Gayle Tzemach "…… Rep. Jim Kolbe of Arizona is set to make history next Tuesday when he will become the first openly gay member of Congress to address a Republican convention. The Arizona congressman will have a prime-time speaking slot, addressing the GOP on trade issues for three minutes between 8 and 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday. Kolbe, first elected in 1984, is the most senior openly gay member of Congress and is the only openly gay Republican in the House. …….. Having Kolbe speak at the convention was an idea first raised by Washington city councilman David Catania in April, when the Log Cabin Republicans, the most prominent gay GOP organization, met with presidential candidate George W. Bush. …….." 7/27/00 Ben DiPietro AP "….For 77 years, the rainbow has been the symbol and nickname for the University of Hawaii football team, spurred on by the rallying cry, ``Go 'Bows!'' More recently, the rainbow has become a symbol for gay and lesbian pride, which the school's athletics director said was a factor in a decision to drop the rainbow from school logos and the football team's name. ……" 7/28/00 Carl Limbacher "…… Irvine was back to the shareholder's meeting in full armor. Irvine is not happy with the way the paper has developed under Pinch. In a recent letter to AIM supporters, Irvine reports that the Times' coverage on many issues remains either inaccurate or outrageously slanted left. Irvine is also worried that the large number of gays at the Times is distorting any objective coverage of issues relating to gays. ……. Irvine reports that Richard Berke, a national political correspondent of the Times, spoke to a recent gathering of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. ….. Irvine says that Berke reassured the gathering that the Times would remain very sympthateitc to the gay agenda because "three-fourths of those who regularly attend the daily meetings that determine what will be on the front page of the Times the next morning are 'not-so-closeted' homosexuals." ……" 7/22/00 "….. Earlier this week a Rhode Island chapter of the United Way issued a statement aimed at the Boy Scouts of America chapters in that state threatening the youth groups with a loss of funding by Jan. 1, 2001, if the BSA did not change its policy forbidding gay scoutmasters from serving in those posts. The decision to issue such a strong statement which, according to one United Way official was aimed specifically at the Boy Scouts, followed last month's Supreme Court ruling, striking down a lawsuit by former scoutmaster and avowed homosexual James Dale. The high court, righteously, ruled that the Boy Scouts can admit -- and reject -- anyone they please, since they are a private organization and are protected in such actions by the U.S. Constitution. ……… What the justices did not mention -- because it should be obvious -- was that not everyone had to agree with their ruling or the Constitution on which they based that ruling. But it was correct under our system of government nonetheless, and that's the bottom line, like it or not. …….But the liberal left, so dominant of the establishment press and government ruling elite, has decided it won't tolerate such "intolerance," and, expectedly, has decided to strike back -- by being intolerant themselves. Typical. ……."

CNS: Global Time: 7/22/00 Patrick Goodenough "…….The British government's campaign to scrap a law that bans the promotion of homosexuality in schools has met a new snag. A local authority in southeast England has voted its own ban into place, ensuring that pupils at the 600 schools under its authority will be protected from offensive material -- even if the law is repealed by parliament. Members of the Kent county council, which has a Conservative Party majority, voted by 40 to 36 to prevent the authority from buying, publishing or distributing "material with the intention of promoting homosexuality." ……"

Washington Post 7/22/00 Thomas Ricks "…..The Pentagon yesterday issued an eagerly awaited report criticizing the military's implementation of its policy on gays and vowed to roll out a massive training program aimed at reducing the level of anti-gay harassment in the armed services. As part of the new effort, military leaders will be instructed explicitly that they should never ask about a person's sexual orientation, no matter what the circumstance. "The question, 'Are you homosexual?' is never in order. ..."

EWTN 7/20/00 "……A Democratic congressman on Tuesday proposed that Congress revoked the 84-year-old federal charter granted to the Boy Scouts of America because the organization refuses to allow homosexual scoutmasters. Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D-California, said the organization has proved to be exclusionary, as evidenced by a recent US Supreme Court decision that upheld the scoutmaster policy. "We're not saying they're bad," Woolsey said. "We're saying intolerance is bad, and I don't see any reason why the federal government should be supporting it." ……"

Toogood Reports 7/22/00 "……The Department of Defense announced a 13-point action plan designed to eliminate all forms of harassment, including that based on sexual orientation, during a Pentagon briefing July 21. The plan was developed by a working group comprising senior civilian and military officials from each service, established at the direction of Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen and chaired by Undersecretary of the Air Force Carol DiBattiste. "Treatment of all individuals with dignity and respect is essential to good order and discipline," Ms. DiBattiste said. "Mistreatment, harassment, and inappropriate comments or gestures undermine this principle and have no place in our armed forces. …..The 13-points included in the action plan are:
1. The DOD should adopt an overarching principle regarding harassment, including that is based on sexual orientation.
2. The DOD should issue a single department-wide directive on harassment.
3. The services shall ensure feedback or reporting mechanisms are in place to measure homosexual conduct policy training and anti-harassment training effectiveness in the following three areas: knowledge, behavior, and climate.
4. The services shall review all homosexual conduct policy training and anti-harassment training programs to ensure they address the elements and intent of the DOD overarching principle and implementing directive.
5. The services shall review homosexual conduct policy training and anti-harassment training programs annually to ensure they contain all information required by law and policy, including the DOD overarching principle and implementing directive, and are tailored to the grade and responsibility levels of their audiences.
6. The services shall review all avenues for reporting mistreatment, harassment, and inappropriate comments or gestures to ensure they facilitate effective leadership response.
7. The services shall ensure homosexual conduct policy training and anti-harassment training programs address all avenues to report mistreatment, harassment, and inappropriate comments or gestures and ensure persons receiving reports of mistreatment, harassment, and inappropriate comments or gestures know how to handle these reports.
8. The services shall ensure that directives, guidance, and training clearly explain the application of the "don't ask, don't tell," policy in the context of receiving and reporting complaints of mistreatment, harassment, and inappropriate comments or gestures.
9. The services shall ensure that commanders and leaders take appropriate action against anyone who engages in mistreatment, harassment, and inappropriate comments or gestures.
10. The services shall ensure that commanders and leaders take appropriate action against anyone who condones or ignores mistreatment, harassment, and inappropriate comments or gestures.
11. The services shall examine homosexual conduct policy training and anti-harassment training programs to ensure they provide tailored training on enforcement mechanisms.
12. The services shall ensure inspection programs assess adherence to the DOD overarching principle and implementing directive through measurement of knowledge, behavior, and climate.
13. The services shall determine the extent to which homosexual conduct policy training and anti-harassment training programs, and the implementation of this action plan, are effective in addressing mistreatment, harassment, and inappropriate comments or gestures. ……"

Washington Post 7/21/00 William Claiborne "…..A sexual abstinence advocacy group with ties to the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church has been barred from Chicago public schools after administrators found the group had presented a controversial curriculum in sex education classrooms without proper approval. The Pure Love Alliance (PLA) launched a nationwide promotional tour of 300 avowed celibate teenagers here Wednesday with a goal of introducing its curriculum in all 50 states by next year. The organization says it has presented its abstinence program in 61 Chicago schools in the last school year with the consent of local teachers and made presentations in high schools in Miami, Los Angeles and Alabama……… Several organizations, including the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, have criticized the program as being based on an unsound curriculum and targeting black communities with a message of "fear and shame." Other critics have claimed the involvement of Unification Church members violates the separation of church and state……."

JWR 7/20/00 Kathleen Parker "….."WHO are we to judge?'' The question leaps off the page each time I see it, and I seem to see it everywhere these days. My most recent sighting was on the editorial pages of a boarding-school newspaper in a commentary praising the decision of several prep schools to permit gay and lesbian couples to serve as dorm parents. Andover hopes to have one or two homosexual couples ensconced in the coming school year. Exeter is moving toward the same, as are others. …….Historically, most boarding schools haven't allowed unmarried couples to serve as dorm parents because, at least in the past, schools wanted to provide positive role models for students. The fact that unmarrieds were denied cohabitation privileges in dorms necessarily precluded homosexual couples sharing campus quarters. ……Unmarried is unmarried. Of course, the move to permit gays to serve in loco parentis surely eliminates any rule against unmarried heterosexuals cohabiting among teens trying to figure out how to live their lives. But, hey, who are we to judge? ……."

Newark [NJ] Star Ledger 7/16/00 David Gibson "…….Barring an act of God or cold feet on the part of one of the brides, Catherine and Hannah will walk up the aisle of Morristown's Episcopal Church of the Redeemer this fall to have their relationship blessed in a service that will be a Christian wedding in everything but name -- and even that isn't out of bounds. ''I call it a sacramental marriage," said the Rev. Phillip Wilson, Redeemer's pastor and a cleric who goes the extra step of recording same-sex unions in the church register along with traditional rites of passage such as baptisms, confirmations and plain old heterosexual marriages. ''Obviously it's not a legal marriage and I won't pretend it is," Wilson said. "But if you come at it from the premise that blessing same-sex unions is the same as blessing any other union, why would you treat it any differently?" ………In fact, leaders of Wilson's Episcopal Church and two of the nation's other mainline churches, the Methodists and Presbyterians, made it clear in recent weeks that they do view homosexuals differently. ……"

AP Wire 7/20/00 "……..Civil-rights and gay-rights leaders and the family of a murdered gay black man urged the No. 2 official at the Justice Department on Thursday to bring the federal government into the case in which two 17-year-olds are charged. If tried as juveniles by local authorities in West Virginia, white cousins David Parker and Jared Wilson "could walk out of prison in three years" in a killing that was fueled by racism and sparked by hatred for the fact that victim Arthur "J.R." Warren, 26, was gay, said David Smith of the Human Rights Campaign. ……… "

WorldNetDaily 7/20/00 Jon Dougherty "…..The Providence, R.I., chapter of the United Way has decided to cut off funding to local Boy Scouts, saying the popular 90-year-old organization discriminates against homosexuals, even as a group of congressional Democrats plans to introduce legislation to strip BSA of its honorary charter. …….. Yesterday, the Providence chapter of the United Way of Southeastern New England gave the state's Boy Scout chapters five months to reverse bans on homosexual scoutmasters or risk losing funding from the charitable organization. ……"

Reuters 7/18/00 "……Thai children as young as four will receive sex education in a bid to halt underage pregnancies and the spread of HIV and AIDS, the state-owned Thai News Agency reported on Tuesday. It quoted the Thai public health ministry as saying a formal program of sex education was needed from the nursery schools upwards because class teachers had been too embarrassed in the past to explain the facts of life to pupils. ..."

Reuters 7/18/00 "…. Swaziland will ban mini-skirts in schools to try to halt the spread of AIDS, a government official said on Tuesday. The aim is to put a stop to sexual relationships between teachers and their female pupils in a country where at least one quarter of the population is infected with HIV. Schoolgirls are widely blamed for enticing teachers with their short skirts. ..."

UPI 7/20/00 "…..PROVIDENCE, R.I. - In a new policy clearly aimed at the Boy Scouts, a United Way board in Rhode Island announced it would no longer fund organizations that discriminate for any reason, including sexual orientation. The policy, to take effect in January, could deprive the state's Narragansett Council of Boy Scouts of $200,000, according to Wednesday's Providence Journal. The money has funded Scout Reach, a program bringing 6,900 inner-city youths into scouting. ..."


Reuters, via Excite 7/18/00 "…….Dutch authorities will not prosecute Pope John Paul for discrimination after he slammed a gay rights march as an "offence to Christian values," an Amsterdam court said on Tuesday. It said the public prosecutor had decided not to press charges because of the Pope's status as head of the Roman Catholic church, head of the Vatican state and highest representative of the Holy See. This position gave him global immunity from jurisdiction, the court said in a statement. ……"

Massachusetts News 7/19/00 "…….The liberal Boston Globe is troubled about a 28-year-old man in Middleton who has "molested" over 250 boys. But are they really concerned? Their liberal friend, WGBH, is telling the story of a "romance" between a 29-year-old man and a 15-year-old boy. So we must wonder: Did the man in Middleton "molest" the boys or did he "help" them? What do these liberals really think? ...... Is there a difference between the 29-year-old on the television show and the 28-year-old in Middleton? And if so, what is it? ......... We know that the Globe is not concerned about what happened at "Fistgate," even though "romances" will undoubtedly result where children from 14- to 21-years-of-age receive graphic sexual instruction together. …….But more important, this type of conduct goes on all the time with the help of the schools of Massachusetts. As just one example, we revealed last November that young school boys were being offered $25 and a free "Weekend Retreat" if they would go and discuss sex in groups with other students up to 25-years-of-age. This offer was from the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Youth, which receives money from the state and advises Gay/Straight Alliances in the high schools across the state. The invitation was delivered to the high schools in the name of "education" and "health." ……….However, the Boston Globe and the rest of the establishment, including the Governor and everyone in the legislature, were not interested in that information ­ because they all know it is happening and they don't appear to care. …….."

AP 7/20/00 Jennifer Coleman "....Dana Rivers isn't just a member of a minority group. She's more like a minority within a minority The former teacher who underwent a sex change operation to become a woman said she and those in the transgendered community are often ignored -- even in the gay world. ''We're feeling a little marginalized,'' she said. ''The movement is struggling to find a place.'' ........Hoping to move beyond the stereotype of the drag queen, a growing number of transgendered people like Rivers are trying to make others -- including gay activists -- feel more at ease. ....."

American Family Association 7/20/00 Rusty Pugh ".....The California State Board of Education has voted in favor of pushing homosexuality on children and teachers in public and private schools. Randy Thomasson, Director of Campaign for California Families, says the state board has voted in favor of new so-called "educational equity" regulations--regulations, he says, that could result in a teacher or volunteer at a Christian school suffering state persecution for saying that homosexual behavior is unhealthy or immoral. .......... "The liberal governor [of California], Gray Davis, is advancing the Democratic Party agenda of homosexuality," Thomasson says. "His appointees to the State Board of Education are now not only pushing homosexuality on the public school children, but they're more than willing to push the homosexual agenda upon private Christian schools." ........ Thomasson says that pushing the homosexual agenda on private schools is "absolutely horrible," and that free speech and religious freedom will be trampled by these board regulations, which include a prohibition on so-called "unwelcome comments or slurs." ......."These regulations are so bad," he says, "that they will actually allow a student at a Christian school to be punished, or a teacher to be disciplined, or even a volunteer parent to be persecuted with some type of state pressures if they even said that homosexuality was unhealthy or immoral." ......."

Family News in Focus 7/19/00 Lara McGovern ".......The Springfield, Mass., school has distributed a list of suggestions for what teachers can do to make schools safe for gays and lesbians, according to one teacher at the school. But the teacher, who requested anonymity, said the suggestions are more like mandates. ....... "It's under the guise of promoting a safe school," the teacher said. "Well, a safe school really is supposed to be no violence, no weapons, no nothing; not saying, 'OK, regardless of what you think or feel, homosexuality is totally acceptable and must be allowed to be considered totally acceptable.' " The teacher read one of the guidelines: " 'Do not assume that all students and their parents are heterosexual.' " .......The teacher added: "We're to use inclusive language, so we can't even say 'mother', 'father', 'wife', or 'husband.' We're supposed to use the generic term, 'parent' or 'partner.' " ...... In addition, the teacher said that other teachers at the school display the gay logo on their doors, inviting students who may think they are homosexual to talk to them about it. ......"

WASHINGTON TIMES 8/16/00 Tony Blankley ".....The Democrats are putting on a wonderful party. It is not a party likely to win in November, but it is great fun in August. At The Mondrian - one of the trendy West Hollywood hotels where the best after-hours Democratic parties are being held in the hotel's Skybar - the management optimistically passes out intimacy kits consisting of: two Durex lubricated, spermicide (Nonoxynol-9) prophylactics, two obstetrical towelettes - and one package lubricating jelly. In my hotel in Philadelphia I got a sewing kit and a shower cap. While the Democrats are not technically responsible for the kit's distribution, there is something symmetrical about discovering this fact after watching Bill Clinton give his long-awaited farewell speech to his party faithful......."

AFA Journal 8/18/00 Ed Vitagliano "…… When presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan warned the 1992 Republican National Convention about an ongoing "culture war," he was fairly spat upon by liberals who viewed the speech as hateful agitation. More than eight years later, however, nearly everyone across the political spectrum admits that there is, in fact, an unremitting ideological war underway. And nowhere is that conflict more evident than in the bitter, hand-to-hand, combat now going on between those who view homosexuality as unnatural, immoral and unhealthy, and those who seek to overthrow that view…….. The most sought-after trophies of the homosexual movement are not found in corporate boardrooms, state legislatures, or even Hollywood. The ultimate prizes are the hearts and minds of children. In school and in public libraries, on television and at the movies, from San Francisco to Washington, D.C., children in this country are being exposed to a constant, concerted propaganda effort that aims to instill a homosexual worldview…….."

US News 8/21/00 John Leo "…..Another harasser brought to justice. In Canton, Ohio, a 6-year-old boy who jumped from his bathtub and ran to a window to stop a school bus was suspended by his school for sexual harassment. The boy's mother said she put him in the tub so he wouldn't see the bus go by; he had a doctor's appointment and couldn't attend school that morning. But when his sister told him she saw the bus coming, the tyke ran to the window and shouted for the driver to wait. Since he was nude at the time, the school ruled that he had harassed youngsters on the bus. The school forced him to sign a paper admitting that he knew the nature of the charges against him. …….. "

US News 8/21/00 John Leo "…..Busted! Seth Shaw, a counselor at a public elementary school in Fort Worth, Texas, said, "Hello, good-looking," to a new female employee. Big mistake. She turned out to be the no-nonsense instructor of the school's sexual harassment workshops. Shaw's breezy impoliteness was treated as a serious offense. Shaw was suspended without pay for 20 days. ……."

Boston Herald 8/17/00 J.M. Lawrence, Jessica Heslam and Dave Wedge "……Barbara Asher, the kinky Quincy dominatrix who confessed to cutting up and dumping a dead client's body, advertised herself as an expert in a controversial sex practice that has killed at least one other dominatrix's client, sources said. Asher, who has not been charged in the death of Michael Lord, offered ``deprivation'' - a sadomasochistic practice that involves asphyxiation, according to local S & M participants. ……. ``These people are creepy,'' Lord's grieving mother said yesterday from her home in Texas. ``It's a very sad thing for us.'' …… On a Web site that suddenly disappeared from the Internet yesterday, Asher, who works as ``Lauren M,'' sold the scary sex practice that sometimes involves hoods, gas masks, plastic bags or choke collars used to cut off a client's oxygen and heighten sexual arousal. ……."

Lew 8/16/00 William Anderson "......After having had the most superficial sexual relations with thousands of women over the last 50 years, poor Hugh Hefner must finally know how it feels to have been used. The free sex magnate, after having given the Democratic Party thousands of dollars of his own money, not to mention the numerous Democratic fundraisers he has hosted at his Playboy Mansion, suddenly has found himself to be a real stink in the nostrils of party leaders......... The Democrats, it has turned out, have unexpectedly become friends of the middle class again, the party of Family Values. Joe Lieberman, the "conscience" of the U.S. Senate, is on the ticket with Al Gore, and suddenly the sexual degeneration of the Clinton Administration is passe? . If only that were true. The party, unfortunately, has not turned over a new leaf. That new bit of clothing that you see is just a fig leaf that is meant to obscure the true intentions of the organization. ......."

ACLU 8/15/00 "……In what has become the national focal point of the debate over whether personal religious beliefs trump local civil rights laws, the American Civil Liberties Union today asked a state court to dismiss a challenge to Louisville's Fairness Ordinance - and for the first time in history, the U.S. Department of Justice stepped forward to lend its support to a law barring discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Representing a broad coalition of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people - as well as their families and allies - the ACLU today told a state court that there is no merit to a lawsuit filed by Dr. J. Barrett Hyman, a Louisville gynecologist who claims his religious beliefs compel him to engage in job discrimination. Hyman's lawsuit seeks to overturn the nondiscrimination law. ……."

WorldNetDaily 8/11/00 Paul Sperry "....... If any White House official, "from the chief of staff on down," has downloaded pornography on government computers, they "ought to be fired," the head of White House personnel told WorldNetDaily in response to Wednesday's exclusive story about widespread Web-porn use in the White House. ...... As first reported Wednesday in WorldNetDaily, a Y2K contractor early last year discovered that White House staffers were downloading hard-core pornographic video files from the Internet. The videos -- featuring gay, teen and bestial sex acts -- made up the majority of traffic coming into the Internet firewall that protects the White House computer network. ......... White House security was called in and an ensuing investigation traced the illicit activities back to "dozens" of staffers and some officials in the White House Office and the Office of Administration, sources who worked on the investigation told WorldNetDaily. ....... Lockhart claimed that he "was told" West Wing personnel were not involved in the cyber-porn scandal. But several habitual porn downloaders, including a senior West Wing aide and one senior OA manager who confessed to being a porn "addict," were allowed to stay in their jobs, say the White House sources, who wished to go unnamed. "The contractors took the hit, not the government employees," said one White House worker. ......,, "Anyone who does something like that ought to be fired," said Bob Nash, assistant to the president and director of the personnel office, in an interview with WorldNetDaily. ......"

The Standard Times 8/11/00 Aaron Nicodemus "…….The leader of a SouthCoast gay and lesbian group is condemning Acushnet School Superintendent Harold Devine for dropping a unit on tolerance toward gays from the Ford Middle School curriculum. In a letter received yesterday by The Standard-Times, Robin Richard, president of the New Bedford-based Alliance of Gays, Lesbians and Supporters, called Dr. Devine's decision a "cowardly and reprehensible action," and charged he "caved in to the smug demands of right-wing extremists without so much as a whimper, never mind a fight." ......... Mr. Richard claims Dr. Devine's response to the controversy is "akin to telling an African-American student, 'We don't like blacks in Acushnet, so we will eliminate all references to black culture and history in our curriculum.'" "Unfortunately, the gay community sometimes becomes the invisible community," he said in an interview last night. "If something like this had been done to blacks or Jews or other minorities, there would have been a public outcry." ……."

San Francisco Chronicle 8/11/00 Debra Saunders "......MY HOME phone rang at 6:30 a.m. yesterday. Dr. Laura Schlessinger was on the line. ........ For two days, I had been trying to reach the Hebrew Academy of San Francisco because her staff had told me that gay activists, offended by Schlessinger's take on homosexuality, had prompted Rabbi Pinchas Lipner to disinvite her from speaking at its annual International Conference on Jewish Medical Ethics in February. For two days, no one at the academy would return my calls. Schlessinger wanted to make sure that I stayed with the column. ..........``Being Jewish, he doesn't want to upset anybody in the community. We're in San Francisco. He's got a lot of people to think about,'' she explained. Yet sources with whom I spoke verified that pressure was applied to the academy. What I couldn't nail down was who was behind the pressure and how bad it got. What terrible things has Schlessinger done to deserve such persecution? A doctor in physiology, she has said that homosexuality is a ``biological error'' and ``deviant.'' I strongly disagree and wish Schlessinger were more gay-friendly, as she used to be. Still, the radio talk-show host doesn't advocate violence against gays. She urges parents to accept their gay children. She's not the hate-monger in this story. ......"

Sun-Journal, Lewiston ME 3/16/00 "…… The Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland is investigating a local pastor who it says created a sexually explicit Web site that served as a photo gallery and e-mail directory for gay priests. A second local priest also was involved, a diocesan spokesman said. The Rev. John Harris, 45, pastor at Our Lady of the Rosary, was ordered by Bishop Joseph Gerry to shut down the site two weeks ago after its existence was exposed by a conservative Catholic watchdog group, said Marc Mutty, spokesman for the diocese. …….. Harris created the Web site, called St. Sebastian's Angels, last summer, Mutty said. His site was the outgrowth of another Web site where about 55 gay priests and other Catholic clergy from around the world posted e-mail messages and photos, he said. ...... The pages of the site pictured photos of more than a dozen priests and their e-mail addresses. The site also included a video loop of masturbation. ……… Mutty said Harris admitted his role to Gerry only after the Illinois group had threatened to expose him. A second priest, the retired Rev. Antonin Caron of Lewiston, had a Web site similar to that of Harris, which Gerry also ordered shut down, Mutty said. In addition, Caron was pictured on Harris' site along with his e-mail address. ……" 8/27/00 Charley Reese "…… What is the connection between rudeness and immorality and World War II? World War II taught, among its many lessons, that when the thin veneer of civilization slips away, there is no limit to humankind's capacity for cruelty and savagery. The ratio of civilian to military deaths in that war was about 20 to 1. …….. That, alone, should make us all want to have a stake in maintaining civilization. Well, rudeness and immorality chip away at civilization and weaken it. It should not surprise anyone that, as standards of decency and civility have fallen, the incidents of crime and violence have risen…….. It was shocking to me that delegates to the Democratic Convention, presumably adults, booed the Boy Scouts who had come to participate in the opening ceremonies. They booed these young boys because the Scouts will not knowingly allow sodomites to become Scout leaders. So far as I know, no Democrat apologized for this boorish behavior……….We have come far indeed when a major political party is more interested in promoting sodomy than in promoting civil behavior toward young Americans volunteering their time at a political convention. Apparently the sodomite lobby is orchestrating a nationwide campaign to discredit the Scouts, and the Democratic Party has jumped aboard……."

Yahoo News 8/21/00 Grant McCool "…… Boy Scouts joined gay-rights activists on Monday in a nationwide protest aimed at cutting public and private funding for the Boy Scouts of America over its ban on homosexual scoutmasters and gay youths as members. On a hot sidewalk outside New York's Empire State Building, a young father standing with his baby asleep in a stroller and a middle-aged man holding a placard declaring ``I am Gay and Morally Straight'' were among those who said the policy was discriminatory. ``If the Boy Scouts of America are true to their word and want to develop strong, brave young men, they can't have this policy of discrimination,'' said former scout Michael Calderone, 32, who stood with his infant daughter and a sign stating ``Straight But Not Narrow.'' In response to the demonstrations planned in 21 states from Washington state in the northwest to New York and Connecticut in the east, the Boy Scouts of America defended its right as a private organization to set its own standards for membership. …….."

San Diego Union-Tribune 8/23/00 Greg Moran Gregory Alan Gross "….. A 33-year-old former staff administrator at a Scout camp has been arrested and charged with sexually molesting several teen-age Scouts with whom he worked over the past three years. Glenn Jordan of El Cajon was arrested at a Santee home Monday night. He was being held in county jail in lieu of $1 million bail and is scheduled to be arraigned today on 33 counts of child molesting. Authorities said the investigation is continuing and they expect more charges to be filed. Prosecutor Sophia Roach said the allegations involve seven boys who were Scouts and worked as staff members at the Mataguay Scout Reservation. The camp is about 50 miles east of San Diego, on state Route 79 northeast of Santa Ysabel, and is operated by the Desert Pacific Council of the Boy Scouts of America. ……."

The Federalist 8/23/00 "…….. We live in what could be appropriately labeled as "The Age of Tolerance." Behind this innocuous-sounding designation lurks a monster few can even comprehend. This beast has many forms, but at its most dangerous, it rears its head as the modern doctrine of relativism. This idea, which holds that no particular philosophy or viewpoint has any more claim to truth than any other, has captured the imagination of our culture in a way that few ideas have previously done. In fact, despite our nation's constitutional guarantees of free speech and free expression, it is becoming increasingly dangerous to challenge popular wisdom as it pertains to relativism. Those who argue for absolutes -- in any area of social interaction -- are increasingly singled out for societally sanctioned persecution. …….. This was mild, compared with what befell FRC employee Yvette Schneider, as she delivered a speech at Dartmouth University. Schneider, a former practicing lesbian, was speaking at the invitation of the campus Christian student organization, which wanted to hear her powerful testimony about how her life had been transformed from homosexuality to Evangelical Christianity. Schneider was rudely and obscenely interrupted by enraged homosexual activists, who publicly accused her of Nazi tendencies. The highlight of the evening came when the crowd grew dangerously hostile, forcing Schneider to flee the building under police escort. ….."

Union Leader 8/27/00 Bernadette Malone Connolly "……. Let's face it: The United Way supports other worthy organizations which discriminate, so why should it stop supporting the Boy Scouts just because homosexuals are not permitted to be scoutmasters? The United Way of Greater Manchester says it has received calls from people with strong feelings (on both sides) about the Boy Scouts' policy. It will decide whether to continue funding the young lads when its board meets September 13. ......... What donors to United Way and the members of its board need to keep in mind is that private groups, such as the Boy Scouts, sometimes serve society better by having policies that are arguably discriminatory. For example, United Way recently made an "in-kind" contribution to Families in Transition, a wonderful private program in Manchester that helps women with children who are from fragmented families get back on their feet. But if a father and his children showed up looking for help, they would be turned down. Families in Transition has made a decision that it wants to work with mothers and their children, not fathers and their children. Isn't that discrimination on the basis of gender? ……"

Miami Herald 8/26/00 Daniel de Vise "……. Broward County education leaders are reconsidering their longtime partnership with the South Florida Boy Scouts because the group excludes gays. The review could sever relations between dozens of troops and their neighborhood schools. School district leaders in Miami-Dade County soon may follow suit. ……. The Boy Scouts meet in school auditoriums, sponsor character education lessons and recruit members at campuses across the region, a tradition that goes back decades. But Broward school district leaders now question whether those dealings violate their nondiscrimination rules. ……."

Ed Vitagliano News Editor, AFA Journal 8/9/00 "…… If there is one area of the debate over homosexuality that seems to make pro-family groups squeamish and homosexuals indignant, it is the issue of molestation. Do homosexuals pose a direct danger to children?...... Are children safe in the presence of homosexuals, or are they in danger of sexual abuse that may, in fact, lead them into the homosexual lifestyle?………. It should be said from the outset that a homosexual orientation does not automatically lead to pedophilia, and most homosexuals do not abuse children. Moreover, most homosexual activist groups publicly denounce pedophilia. But that is not the end of the story. Psychiatrist Jeffrey Satinover says in his book Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth that there is a "substantial, influential, and growing segment of the homosexual community that neither hides nor condemns pedophilia." …….. One reason for this may be that the homosexual movement is based on the rather simple ethic of individual sexual freedom. In the activist magazine Gayme, writer Bill Andriette said, "The only standard for moral that it be freely and equally consented to by the persons involved."……. From that sexual ethic to one which includes intergenerational sex is but a short leap. Andriette said, "There is no question that blacks, whites, women, men, children, and adolescents can consent to sex .... If we want really to respect the authenticity of individuals we have to let people take risks, explore different values, and recognize that we will be challenged and threatened by what they discover." ……… This homosexual perspective was in full view nearly three decades ago, with the release of the 1972 Gay Rights Platform. Activists in Chicago, representing the fledgling homosexual movement, demanded the "[r]epeal of all state laws prohibiting private sexual acts involving consenting persons," and the "[r]epeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent."……… "

Ed Vitagliano News Editor, AFA Journal 8/9/00 "……Homosexuals additionally charge that most molestation cases involve heterosexuals. One frequently-cited study, Jenny Roesler and Poyer, 1994, published in Pediatrics, supposedly demonstrated that 98% of men who abused children self-identified as heterosexual. But in a review of the Jenny study, Dr. Paul Cameron of Family Research Institute said the researchers merely examined hospital charts: "[N]either the victims, perpetrators, nor even those who prepared the charts were interviewed" to discover their sexual orientation. ……. In fact, said Cameron, in the only study (Erickson, Walbek, and Seely, 1988) in which perpetrators were asked to declare their sexual orientation, almost the opposite was found to be true: 86% of child molesters identified themselves as homosexual or bisexual. …….. If heterosexuals make up the preponderance of child molesters in raw numbers, it is not surprising. Heterosexuals, after all, make up more than 97% of the population. A more accurate assessment, however, would compare ratios of population size to incidences of involvement in pedophilia. In this regard, according to the National Association on Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), in proportion to their numbers, homosexual men are more likely to engage in sex with a minor……….. Citing a study (Freund and Watson, 1992) which was reported in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, NARTH found that homosexual males were "three times more likely than straight men to engage in adult-child sexual relations." …….. Cameron's own research shows even higher rates of homosexual molestation. In the Nebraska Medical Journal Cameron said that when data from both genders are combined, homosexuals are at least 8-12 times more likely to molest children than are heterosexuals………. In the face of such overwhelming evidence, homosexual activists resort to a circular argument: since true homosexuals only desire sex with another adult, then pedophiles cannot be homosexual. In effect, activists have simply defined homosexual molestation of children out of existence…….."

Massachusetts News 8/28/00 Ed Oliver "….. Approximately one hundred people gathered in Acushnet's Elementary School on Thursday, August 24, to watch School Superintendent Howard Devine, Principal John Tavares and the school committee circle the wagons and field tough questions about the teaching of homosexuality in the middle school. …… The meeting resulted from an article in Massachusetts News about a workshop at the controversial Fistgate conference that was conducted by a teacher from Acushnet. The article has resulted in two special, school committee meetings and the removal of homosexuality from the curriculum. The teacher, Christine Hoyle, was not present at the meetings to face parents. …… The principal of Ford Middle School, John Tavares, announced in a written statement that he had decided to remove the homosexual topic from the curriculum on July 25, after he was contacted by this paper about the matter and he had conducted his own investigation. He added that his decision was conveyed to the superintendent on that date.. ......... Acushnet residents left the meeting with a conflicting message that the topic of homosexuality will be removed from the curriculum and will not return, yet the Massachusetts News article was without merit. Case closed. People were also told that the pro-homosexual videotape made by students, which Hoyle played for her workshop, could not be shown to them for legal reasons. …….

Massachusetts News 8/28/00 Ed Oliver "….. A copy of a permission-slip letter sent by Hoyle on March 15 to parents of children who made the video was made available for inspection with names redacted. The slip confirms school administrators from across the state viewed the video at a joint conference in 1998. Hoyle made clear in the letter that her intention was to show the video to students and teachers at Fistgate as an example of what a "diversity unit" like the one at Ford Middle School can produce.......... In that video, according to a public school teacher who viewed it, student narrators mentioned that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality and it is just one way to express sexual love. The children also say that ancient Greek poets encouraged homosexuality and considered it normal for an adolescent boy to have an older wiser man as his lover. While Ford Middle School seventh graders were researching the subject, Ms. Hoyle, a self-described lesbian according to the source, apparently did not instruct the children to research the dangers of homosexual sex and laws against statutory rape and pedophilia……."

Daily Oklahoman 8/26/00 Ed Godfrey "….. A former Boy Scout leader admitted Friday to having sex with five boys, including one from his troop, and was sentenced to 200 years in prison. Robert Malcomb Jr., 35, of Warr Acres pleaded guilty Friday in Oklahoma County District Court to 61 of the 107 charges against him. Malcomb was a Boy Scout leader in 1997 for a dozen-member troop that met at Putnam City Central Middle School. He had been a troop leader only a few months prior to his arrest in 1997, but had been an assistant leader since 1992. Malcomb's trial was scheduled to start Monday. ……"

Baptist Press 8/21/00 "...... The U.S. Department of Justice filed a friend-of-the-court brief Aug. 15 on behalf of a local Kentucky gay-rights employment ordinance, pitting the federal government squarely against a Southern Baptist doctor who claims that the ordinance -- which went into effect last year -- is unconstitutional because it violates his First Amendment right to freedom of religion. ...... The Justice Department's brief was filed on behalf of the City of Louisville, which is being sued by J. Barrett Hyman. A gynecologist, Hyman claims that the gay-rights ordinance -- which went into effect last year -- is unconstitutional because it violates his First Amendment right to freedom of religion. Hyman is also a trustee of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky. ........ In its brief, the Justice Department contends that if Hyman wins, "...other employees could claim that being required to employ individuals of a particular race, sex, national origin or religion violates their First Amendment rights to free exercise of religion or free association." Manion said the department's concern is unfounded. ...... "The Department of Justice knows that can't happen," he said. "It can't happen because, as they know, the courts have held that those other categories -- race, religion, national origin and gender -- are entitled to special protection under our laws. But no such ruling has ever been made on the issue of sexual orientation. ....."

AP 8/20/00 ".......A discrimination lawsuit filed by a man who claimed he was not allowed to adopt a 9-year-old girl because he is gay has been dropped by the Indiana Civil Liberties Union. Craig Peterson had alleged in a federal lawsuit filed in January that Bruce Stansberry, director of Madison County's Division of Family and Children, stopped Peterson from adopting the girl because of a public outcry against adoption by homosexuals. ...... But Sean Lemieux, an ICLU attorney, said that interviews with child welfare officials convinced him that they had followed appropriate procedures when Peterson sought to adopt the girl in 1998. ........ During pretrial interviews, the lawyers found that the girl had been evaluated by two psychologists who determined she would be harmed if forced to live with a gay man, Lemieux said. The child also appeared to be influenced by her foster parents, who have said homosexuality is sinful, he said. Welfare officials said they were pleased that the lawsuit was dropped. ......"

Denver Post 8/20/00 Kevin Simpson "...... John sits at his dining room table, rubs at the grease ground onto his fingertips from tinkering with an old Ford, and - for the moment - laments an intimate relationship gone horribly wrong. "I was always the stronger one," he says. ......But John, a burly man who is 42 and gay, also says he's the one who got smacked around his Denver-area house, who had everything from telephone answering machines to hot candle wax thrown at him, who found himself pinned to the floor, a metal bar pressed against his neck, until he thought he might die. ........Not so long ago, conflict with his male partner might have been treated as routine assault and battery. But when John finally mustered the nerve to call 911, the cops gave it another name. Domestic violence. ......National statistics on domestic violence in the gay and lesbian community are scarce, experts say, because homophobia drives a chronically underreported problem further underground. But several informal surveys, including studies in Denver and Boston, reveal that at least one in four gays or lesbians has experienced domestic violence....."

Manchester Union-Leader 8/20/00 Joseph McQuaid ".......For its own good, as much as for that of the Boy Scouts, the Greater Manchester United Way needs to make it perfectly clear that it will continue to fund the Daniel Webster Council. Other United Ways around New Hampshire ought to do the same. ......... The notion that the Boy Scouts should be fiscally punished for the organization's position against openly homosexual leaders is preposterous. But that is what a few United Way chapters around the country are trying to do, having either been browbeaten into it by militant gay "rights" activists or having decided on their own to force this sort of radical social change. ...... That strategy is likely to backfire badly on the United Way. ........ To say that an organization such as the Scouts, which does so much good for youth in our society, should have to change a part of its core philosophy to suit an intolerant minority is to turn logic on its head. It is one thing to ask for tolerance of what a great many Americans still consider an aberrant and immoral behavior or lifestyle. It is quite something else again to expect these people to have their own beliefs ridden roughshod over to make way for a minority's in-your-face agenda. ......."

Boston Herald 9/12/00 AP "…… Superior Court Judge Maria Lopez -- under fire for her lenient sentence of an accused child molester -- stepped down from a criminal drug case today. She took the action after an attorney for a man charged with cocaine possession asked for a hearing that would be closed to the public. ``Given the scrutiny on her right now, she didn't think it would be prudent to conduct a closed hearing,'' said Joan Kenney, a spokeswoman for the state courts…… The case, in Middlesex Superior Court in Cambridge, was referred to another judge. …….. Last week, Lopez sentenced Charles Horton, 22, of Boston's Dorchester neighborhood, to one year of home detention instead of the prison sentence requested by prosecutors. Horton, a transsexual, admitted to luring the 12-year-old boy into his car Nov. 20 while dressed as a woman. Horton had asked the 12-year-old to help find ``her'' son, and then held a screwdriver to the boy's neck while forcing him to simulate sex acts, prosecutors said. ......" 9/12/00 Lawrence Morahan "…….The emotional debate about homosexuality is basically a substitute for a deeper debate on religious and political freedom, a leading psychiatrist told members of a prominent conservative public policy group on Monday. The premise that homosexuals cannot change is "an obvious lie," Dr Jeffrey Satinover told members of Toward Tradition, a conservative Judeo-Christian public policy group at their annual convention in Washington, DC. "Gossip is a far more serious problem from a moral standpoint," Satinover said…….. Misinformation about homosexuality is spread by homosexual activists and their allies in the psychiatric profession through what Satinover calls "HIV", Historical Information-Deconstruction Virus, a blight that affects gays and straights, conservatives and liberals and blacks and whites……."

AP Washington 9/13/00 D Ian Hopper "…..A sexual harassment lawsuit brought by the White House's assistant pastry chef against her boss, the pastry chef, accuses President Clinton of failing to make sure such complaints can be reported. Franette McColloch asserts that Roland Mesnier has subjected her to ''severe sexual harassment'' since 1991, culminating in stress-related medical conditions and retaliation for reporting the alleged harassment. ……… Clinton is named in the suit because, as president and head of the White House, McColloch's attorneys say, he ultimately is responsible for making sure that there is an avenue for reporting alleged sexual harassment and other civil rights violations…….."

Las Vegas Sun 9/12/00 "…. CARSON CITY (AP) - The Nevada Supreme Court has ordered a new trial for a former Nye County substitute teacher sentenced to life in prison for his sexual involvement with a 16-year-old boy. While a three-justice panel of the court overturned Brian Lepley's sexual assault conviction, the most serious charge, the justices let stand other convictions, including one count of open and gross lewdness. …….. The Supreme Court found that Lepley's failure to disclose he was HIV positive didn't mean that his victim couldn't consent to the sexual act. Justices said the victim consented to a sexual encounter but the trial judge erroneously let prosecutors argue that "you can't give total consent without total disclosure." ……" 9/12/00 Ross Sneyd AP "…..At least two Republican state lawmakers who voted for Vermont's law creating civil unions for gay couples were ousted in Tuesday's primaries, and two others were trailing badly. At least three GOP legislators who backed the first-in-the-nation law appeared headed for victory. Reflecting the deep split in Vermont over the law, a Democrat who voted against the bill lost to a challenger who supported it. ..."

Latest News from Republicans in Congress 9/12/00 Rep J.C. Watts, Jr. (R-OK) 9/13/00 "…..The Boy Scouts of America came under attack by the Democrat Party today. In an embarrassing evening, House Democrats supported a bill sponsored by Rep. Lynn Woolsey that would repeal the federal charter for the Boy Scouts. The bill, of course, died. ...... "At first, I thought this was a joke. Democrats are so out of touch with mainstream U.S.A. that they actually made a concerted effort to sever any ties the Boy Scouts has with the country," Watts said. "To the Democrats who supported this bill, I say, put an article on it in your newsletter. Tout the issue of repealing the federal charter for the Boy Scouts at your next town hall meeting," Watts said. "Election year pandering on an issue so radical and anti-American is an insult to families, Scouts and the country," Watts said. ……"

WORLD NET DAILY 9/13/00 David Bresnahan "….Using parliamentary procedures to their advantage, members of the Congressional Scouting Caucus last night essentially defeated a bill aimed at punishing the Boy Scouts of America for the organization's ban on homosexual leaders. The caucus, made up of about 80 Republicans and Democrats and led by Rep. Dana Rohrbacher, R-Calif., was able to bring a bill to the House floor for a vote even though it had never had a hearing in committee. Though the bill was defeated by voice vote, a roll-call vote will be taken today anyway. ……. H.R. 4892, The Scouting for All Act, sponsored by Rep. Lynn C. Woolsey, D-Calif., would revoke the congressional charter the Boy Scouts of America has held since 1916. The charter was issued to BSA for its efforts to promote "patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and kindred virtues" for young boys, according to language in the document itself. ……. Rep. Asa Hutchinson, R-Ark., said he was forced to bring the bill out for a vote because of recent actions by President Bill Clinton. WorldNetDaily recently reported that Clinton signed an executive order that was used to try to evict the Boy Scouts from federal lands and facilities. Attorney General Janet Reno quickly responded and denied that any attempt was being made to stop the 90-year-old scouting organization from using the lands. "Under this circumstance, when the administration has suggested that the Boy Scouts of America should not use federal lands under current executive orders, they need a statement that their charter is in good standing," said Hutchinson. ……. Congress, he said, must send a message that "we stand with the Boy Scouts of America. That we believe their charter should not be revoked. And that would put an end to the matter -- I would hope," said the Arkansas Republican. ……."

Burlington (Vermont) Free Press 9/13/00 Nancy Remsen "……The ballots Vermonters cast in Tuesday's primary election confirmed what many had suspected: The state is deeply divided over legalized unions for same-sex couples. In Chittenden County and in Stowe, voters showed greater acceptance of the law that granted gay and lesbian couples the same benefits as heterosexual married couples by endorsing legislative incumbents who voted for the law -- including its lead author, Rep. Thomas Little of Shelburne. The exception: Sen. Peter Brownell failed to win a seat on the Republican slate for the state senate. ……"

Agape Press 9/13/00 Jim Duke and Chad Groening "……. Yesterday Vermont held its first statewide vote since the State created the legal equivalent of marriage for homosexual couples. According to Associated Press, five Republicans who voted for the State's civil-union law were defeated in their attempt to stay in the legislature. Meanwhile, one Republican representative says members of the Vermont Supreme Court could face impeachment next year if the people of Vermont elect a Republican legislature in November……. Last year the Vermont Supreme Court mandated that the state legislature pass a law granting homosexuals the right to marriage or an equivalence. So the legislature and Governor Howard Dean approved the civil-unions law, which took effect in July. Now homosexuals have descended on the Green Mountain State to take advantage of the law……."

Agape Press 9/13/00 Jim Duke and Jim Brown "……. A three-judge panel of the Virginia Court of Appeals heard arguments from attorneys on behalf of ten men who were arrested for violating the state law against sodomy. According to the Family Policy Network, the ten plaintiffs each attempted to solicit sex from undercover police officers in a Roanoke local park……… On Tuesday Sam Garrison, an attorney for the ten homosexuals, said the Virginia sodomy statute presumes "to tell adults what they can and cannot do in their bedrooms." Joe Glover, President of the Family Policy Network, said, "Apparently Mr. Garrison cannot discern the difference between a public park and a private bedroom."…….. Glover says, "These homosexuals are demanding the acceptance of sex with strangers in public parks." Meanwhile, diseases like AIDS, HIV, and hepatitis are all spreading as a result of such activities. In fact, an Oxford University study this year found that persons engaging in sodomy by age 20 have just over a 50% chance of reaching age 65......."

Accor Economy Lodging 9/6/00 Suzanne Cottraux "…..Responding to rumor that its Motel 6 and Red Roof Inns lodging brands had withdrawn support from the Boy Scouts of America, Accor Economy Lodging today issued a statement calling these rumors erroneous and insubstantial. "While we believe that the Boy Scouts of America is an important and worthwhile organization, neither Motel 6 nor Red Roofs Inns have historically provided this group with financial support or sponsorship at the corporate level. Therefore, reports that we've withdrawn support are erroneous. …….. "As part of our general corporate philosophy, we are opposed to discrimination of any kind, not only in our employment and guest services practices, but in our corporate sponsorships as well. We are proud to say that this philosophy informs our charitable contributions efforts, but we will not be painted as 'pro-this' and 'anti-that' as the result of false rumors circulating about our supposed withdrawal from an organization that we have not supported." ……" 9/7/00 AP "…..An HIV-positive man charged Thursday with sexually assaulting a 4-year-old boy faces several counts, including one based on his HIV status. Gabriel Pugsley, 22, was charged with kidnapping, two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, one count of first-degree assault and one count of attempted first-degree assault -- which typically is defined as trying to inflict great bodily harm. In this case, Pugsley is accused of doing so by attempting to knowingly transfer a communicable disease. He was being held pending a hearing Friday. According to a criminal complaint, the boy's mother was outside her apartment building talking to a friend while her son was inside. She then noticed some of his clothes were off and asked him where they were. ……"

Traditional Values Coalition 9/7/00 Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, "….. The prestigious New York Times, a liberal-left newspaper that considers itself the premiere news source in the United States, has egg on its face. Last week it ran an article titled "Scouts' Successful Ban on Gays Is Followed by Loss of Support." This article was picked up by numerous media outlets throughout the country. …….. This week, the Times in an unusual move, issued a correction. It noted that this article contained several errors. In fact, the article contained at least five significant errors in fact about the Boy Scouts and the support they are receiving from major corporations. National Review, WorldNetDaily, Traditional Values Coalition and other conservative news sources exposed the misinformation published in the Times article. These groups apparently forced the Times to issue its unusual correction. While acknowledging several mistakes, the Times still neglected to admit misinformation it had published about Chase Manhattan Bank's and Textron's support for the Boy Scouts. The Times' partial admission of error is rather like Bill Clinton's admissions of infidelity--the admissions come in stages--and only after public pressure has risen to uncomfortable levels. …… The author of the article, Kate Zernike, had apparently relied uncritically on press releases sent out by homosexual groups like the Lambda Legal Defense Fund. Lambda has a web site filled with inaccurate information on corporations allegedly pulling funds from the Scouts……."

Miami Herald 9/10/00 Paul Brinkley-Rogers "……. Twenty-five protesters from the religious and political right gathered at Wilton Manors City Hall on Saturday to protest a proposed ordinance directed at scouting's ban on gays. They were met by a counter protest of 100 gays and supporters. There were almost no harsh words in public from either side, although individual critics of the ordinance and of the gay lifestyle were privately vituperative. There were a few humorous catcalls from both sides, and a great deal of laughter. …… The right-wingers stood on one side of Northeast 21st Court and waved signs calling homosexuality a sin. Gay men and women, many of whom live in Wilton Manors, stood on the other side and also carried signs including ``Freedom From Religion'' and ``Hate Is Not A Family Value.'' …….."

Los Angeles Daily News/ Sun-Sentinel, South Florida 9/11/00 "……From the early days of the AIDS era, gay men have been forbidden from donating blood if they had sex with a male--even once--since 1977. But with the development of improved AIDS tests and a recent rise in HIV cases among heterosexuals, federal officials are about to reconsider the ban on gay blood. An advisory committee to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will take up the difficult and emotional issue Friday, and some officials say this could be the year for change. The FDA imposed the ban in 1985. ……."

excite news 9/10/00 Sarah Tippit "……As she awaits the debut of her nationally syndicated television show Monday, controversial radio advice giver Dr. Laura Schlessinger has softened her words but not changed her stance against homosexuality. As a result, gay activists have called for a showdown and vow to shut her down by pressuring corporate sponsors not to advertise and by staging widespread protests...."

National Review Online 9/6/00 Melissa Seckora "……. The New York Times issued an extraordinary correction today that seemed to take back most of a front-page story printed August 29, "Scouts' Successful Ban on Gays is Followed by Loss in Support," and a follow-up editorial which was printed on Sunday. The correction confirmed my story Friday on NRO that the Times report was filled with erroneous information. ……. The Times had reported that Chicago, San Francisco, and San Jose told the Scouts that they would no longer have access to parks, schools, and municipal sites. Timeswoman Kate Zernike reported that "in the two months since the United States Supreme Court ruled that the Boy Scouts of America have a constitutional right to exclude gays, corporate and governmental support for the organization has slipped markedly." ……. The Times's long mea culpa this morning makes no mention of NR Online, but admits the mistakes I pointed out Friday. I wrote that the Scouts have not been barred from using parks, schools, and municipal sites, and that "the Scouts continue to enjoy a tremendous amount of support" locally and nationally in polls, even in the two months since the Supreme Court's decision in Boy Scouts of America v. Dale. ……."

CNS News 9/6/00 Cheryl Chumley "……. It's about promoting tolerance, the video producer says, in answer to why a film released in June called "It's Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in School" is being offered to parents, teachers, and administrators nationwide. "We felt there was a severe problem in this country with the consequences of anti-gay prejudice," said Debra Chasnoff, the film's director and a senior producer with the Women's Educational Media organization. "We felt we had to do a lot more to prevent prejudice before it starts." Thus, the organization created a video to aid parents and education officials with raising the "awareness of gay communities," she said. The film is reportedly the second such type released by the agency in the past three years………. Critics, however, have called the video "more of the same" type of "propaganda" presented two-and-one-half years ago when the Women's Educational Media organization created its first film of such content. ……. Then, Traditional Values Coalition members appealed to Capitol Hill legislators to help halt the influx of any homosexual educational video into schools. With the release of the second video, the Coalition has redoubled its efforts…….. "Parents need to know what their kids are being taught," said Andrea Sheldon Lafferty, executive director of the Coalition. "They need to be aware this curriculum is not just taught in sex ed class."……."

Seattle Times 9/9/00 Marsha King "…… The United Way of King County has decided it will not fund Boy Scout programs that discriminate against homosexuals. But the human-services agency will still look for a way to give money for Scouting programs that don't discriminate. "We would like to continue a funding relationship and provide services to kids in this community, but those services have to be provided in accordance with our nondiscrimination policy," said Rick Rafael, United Way spokesperson. The United Way board of directors took the action yesterday after reaffirming its own nondiscrimination policy and in preparation for final contract negotiations with the Chief Seattle Council of the Boy Scouts. The agency believes that previously the Scouts had been adhering to its nondiscrimination policy because the Chief Seattle Council had signed a nondiscrimination contract with United Way. ……"

Chattanooga Free Press 9/7/00 "…… The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) says it is going to the defense of the Man/Boy Love Association because it has the First Amendment right to advocate sexual relations between men and boys. In this age of legally imposed "tolerance," with two Hollywood celebrities promoting acceptance of lesbianism before their recently publicized breakup, with quilts being made to honor AIDS victims while there is soft-pedaling of criticism of the homosexual promiscuity that helps spread the deadly disease (no quilts for cancer or heart attack victims), and now with "man/boy love" being defended, what's next? How far will "tolerance" that demands "acceptance," or even "approval," go? …..Are sadism, masochism, bestiality and more on the list for "nondiscrimination"? ……"

Enter Stage Right - A Journal of Modern Conservatism 9/4/00 John Guthmiller "….. The homosexual lobby is turning up the pressure on the Boy Scouts of America to admit gays as troop leaders. The Scouts maintain that doing so violates their credo of moral straightness, and that they can't permit such behavior while remaining true to their charter. I salute the Scouts for standing their ground, even in the face of such base vilification. No society needs to earn its egalitarian merit badge by tolerating every behavior. A culture is defined as much by what it proscribes as by what it advocates. …….. We're supposed to believe that this conflict is about inclusion, tolerance, diversity. But it's not. It's about government usurping the most personal of individual rights: the right of free association. If I am to be denied the right to choose my own companions, to walk life's road with those fellow travellers of my own choosing, then what right can't I be denied? A government so overbearing it presumes to pick my friends for me is a government out of control, whose citizens are its slaves…….."

Houston Chronicle 8/31/00 Polly Ross Hughes "…… A lesbian couple from Houston plans to legally marry in Texas next month, a prospect that has stymied the Texas Christian Coalition and its social conservative allies. Next Wednesday, Robin Wicks and Jessica Wicks plan to travel to San Antonio, said their attorney, where the county clerk promises to grant the two women a marriage license. It would be the state's first legal recognition of a lesbian marriage, and it is made legal because one of the women used to be a man. Robin Wicks was born a female, Robin Manhart. Jessica Wicks was born a male, Grady Roland Wicks, and had a sex-change operation. Robin legally changed her name to Wicks because of their love for each other and their desire to wed. ……"

World Net Daily 9/7/00 David Bresnahan "……Although recent media reports, spearheaded by a story in the New York Times, have uncritically trumpeted as fact claims of homosexual activists that major corporations are withdrawing donations from the Boy Scouts of America, WorldNetDaily has found the claims to be largely untrue. In fact, membership and funding for the Boy Scouts of America are now at record levels. "All across the country, Scouting is prospering and growing," said Robert M. Gates, president of the National Eagle Scout Association in a recent letter to members. "Virtually every council has had healthy growth in both youth members and adult volunteers." …… "Every council is enjoying improved financial support, to the extent that many are making capital improvements in their camps and council service centers for the first time in years. Many councils are now able to begin building endowments or add to existing ones that will enhance programs for years to come," explained Gates. Enrollment in scouting is higher than at any time since the 1970s, according to BSA national spokesman Greg Shields. Over 47,000 boys earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 1999, a new record. …….. Many newspapers and television network news programs have repeated claims made in a New York Times article by reporter Kate Zernike that the BSA has suffered a significant financial loss -- but none of those news organizations verified the claims. ……"

AgapePress 9/1/00 Robin Burchfield "…..The Southern Baptist Convention has written a letter of appreciation to Dr. Laura Schlessinger for her courageous stand and opposition to homosexuality. According to Baptist Press, messengers to the SBC's summer meeting overwhelmingly approved a motion to commend "Dr. Laura." One passage of the letter, penned by SBC President James Merritt, read: "The Southern Baptist Convention joins you in standing for what is right and against what is wrong. I send this letter with a prayer that God would protect you and your family during these days, and that He would continue to use all of us to speak out for the truth of the Word of God." ……"

The Sidney Herald 9/13/00 Rick Sneider "….. Some time back I reported on a shocking scandal involving the teaching of homosexuality to middle school and high school students in Massachusetts. I received a lot of positive feedback on this column, so following is an update on the case by Reed Irvine, chairman of Accuracy in Media: A parent, concerned about the explicit training of homosexual techniques given to his son in public middle school, is being sued by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, one of the sponsors of the pro-homosexual program. …….. The story was broken by the Massachusetts News, a conservative monthly that reported the training session in gay sex held at Tufts University last March. The training session was held for middle and high school students. The instructors were Department of Education employees. They showed the boys and girls precisely what homosexuals do to each other, including the dangerous practice called "fisting." …….. Whiteman charges that the suit by the homosexual organization is really an effort to stop distribution of his tape. He believes that the plaintiffs don't want it known that "their minor children are being exposed to illegal instruction in sadomasochistic homosexual practices that can put their children at risk of sexually transmitted diseases that are life-threatening." ……John Leo of U.S. News & World Report is as offended as I am at all the "politically correct" hogwash that permeates our society. Leo wrote the following about the "cultural craziness" we face every day: "In Canton, Ohio, a 6-year-old boy who jumped from his bathtub and ran to a window to stop a school bus was suspended by his school for sexual harassment. The boy's mother said she put him in the tub so he wouldn't see the bus go by; he had a doctor's appointment and couldn't attend school that morning. But when his sister told him she saw the bus coming, the tyke ran to the window and shouted for the driver to wait. Since he was nude at the time, the school ruled that he had harassed youngsters on the bus. The school forced him to sign a paper admitting that he knew the nature of the charges against him." ……."

Manchester Union Leader 9/5/00 Bernadette Malone Connolly "…… At one time, the American Civil Liberties Union could be counted on to be consistent. However radical its positions, it was a defender of the First Amendment, first and foremost. These days, the ACLU is one big fat joke, and that joke is becoming dangerous to young boys in particular. Men who like to have sex with young boys set up an organization called NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association). NAMBLA is being sued by the parents of a 10- year-old boy who was murdered, then molested in a Manchester apartment in 1997 by two men sexually obsessed with him. The boy's parents fault NAMBLA because their son's assailants read the organization's publications, both in print and on the Internet. The ACLU has rushed to NAMBLA's defense, arguing that an advocacy organization is not responsible for the actions of people who hear its message and then go out and commit crimes. The Massachusetts chapter of the ACLU is arguing NAMBLA is protected by the Constitutional provisions of freedom of speech and freedom of association. …….That may be an unpopular argument, but it is logical. Why, then, doesn't that same logic apply to another group under persecution: the Boy Scouts? Last week the ACLU sued the City of San Diego for allowing the Boy Scouts to use the public parks. The ACLU charges San Diego with showing favoritism towards heterosexuals over homosexuals by doing business with the Boy Scouts, who don't permit avowed homosexuals to be scoutmasters. ……Apparently the ACLU is only in favor of free speech and free association when it benefits homosexuals and pedophiles. ....,"

American Partisan 9/5/00 Timothy Rollins "…… In what is indeed a reversal of fortune, the White House and more specifically the Clinton Administration has done a 180 as it pertains to its ongoing war with the Boy Scouts. In all likelihood, this is due to what can only be described as a phenomenal backlash from both Congress and the American people at large. Knowing that this issue could cause a huge rift between Clinton and Gore and be a major issue in the presidential campaign, the Justice Department announced they were no longer 'going after' the Boy Scouts in their push to see if they were violating Clinton's unconstitutional Executive Order 13160……… Now, all of a sudden, we have Al Gore saying that the Scouts are welcome at the White House should they choose to pay him a visit. We may even possibly hear of an apology from the Democratic National Committee for the booing of the Scouts at the DNC convention in Los Angeles last month, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Such an action cannot happen soon enough and would be long overdue………"

Traditional Values Coalition 9/5/00 Rev Louis Sheldon "…… Washington, D.C. - It is a tiresome task, but there is a constant need for honest reporters to debunk the flurry of lies generated by homosexual activist groups. Earlier this week, for example, Washington Times reporter Joyce Price exposed the disinformation propaganda spread by the Lambda Legal Defense Fund about the Boy Scouts. …… Lambda Legal is involved in a concerted effort to punish the Boy Scouts for its refusal to allow homosexuals as Scout leaders or as members. As part of this effort, this homosexual group is calling upon corporations to pull funding from the Boy Scouts. …….. We saw this same tendency for homosexual activists to lie and deceive several years ago when they spread the "10% myth." This was the bald-faced lie that 10% of our population is homosexual. The figure is more like 1-2%. This lie was repeatedly exposed by conservative and Christian organizations until homosexuals had to drop it. Such deliberate falsehoods cannot go unchallenged. ……"

Original Sources 9/5/00 Mary Mostert "….. "The Boy Scouts can still hold their Jamborees on federal lands even though they bar gays from being scouts of leaders, Attorney General Janet Reno says," the Associated Press article began. The next sentence said it all: "Friday night, Reno moved swiftly to quash an issue that had rapidly begun to enter the presidential campaign. She was responding to a request last month from the Interior Department for guidance on how President Clinton's executive order June 23 barring discrimination against homosexuals would affect the Interior's relations with the Boy Scouts." …….."

CNN Allpolitics 10/16/97 "……. Vice President Al Gore heaped praise on the Hollywood-based U.S. entertainment industry today in a speech that also called for campaign finance reform. Gore said movies and television produced in Hollywood have a positive impact on the U.S., referring specifically to the episode of "Ellen" in which the TV show's main character admitted she was gay. "When the character Ellen came out, millions of Americans were forced to look at the issue of sexual orientation in a more open way," Gore said. …….. "

AOL News Update (AP) 9/14/00 AP "……Al Gore's campaign is defending his raising of millions of dollars with the help of celebrities and movie moguls who put out just the kind of films he and running mate Joseph Lieberman have criticized. Republicans seized on his close association with movie mogul Harvey Weinstein who went around Disney in 1995 to release the controversial NC-17 rated ``Kids'' and whose company Miramax has released violent films like ``Reservoir Dogs'' and ``Pulp Fiction.'' ……. Gore and Lieberman threatened new federal legislation or rules against the entertainment industry within six months if it doesn't stop marketing violent and sexual products to young people. ……Nonetheless, Gore is planning to attend a Thursday night fund-raiser at New York's Radio City Music Hall that Miramax co-chairman Weinstein helped organize, capping a week of fund-raising reaching $5 million. ……" 9/14/00 Lauran Neergaard "….. (AP) -- Government scientists narrowly rejected a proposal to ease the ban on gay male blood donors Thursday, citing concern that there wasn't enough evidence about how the move might affect the AIDS risk to the nation's blood supply. All men who seek to donate blood are asked if they have had sex, even once, with another man since 1977. Those who say they have are permanently banned from donating blood. The Food and Drug Administration asked its scientific advisers Thursday whether it should change the blood-donation rule to ban only men who had sex with another man within the last five years. …….. But the advisers voted 7-6 that there was not enough evidence that it was safe to make that change. The FDA is not bound by its advisers' decisions but typically follows them. ….."

Seattle Times 9/13/00 Marsha King "….. A KVI radio call-in fund-raiser has raised more than $130,000 to help the Boy Scouts make up for a possible funding gap from the United Way. "We certainly saw what we thought was an important need," said Paul Duckworth, KVI program manager. "While United Way had not made a final decision about withdrawing funding, we thought if that was a possibility . . . now was a great time to partner up with an organization like the Scouts that we believe in..."

Boston Herald 9/14/00 Tom Mashberg Jose Martinez "….. Charles ``Ebony'' Horton admits he ``did something very wrong'' in sexually assaulting a 12-year-old boy, but yesterday insisted he is ``not the awful, evil person some say I am.'' In a statement to the Herald, Horton, 22, a South Boston resident who is male but has dressed and acted as a female since childhood, said he ``made a terrible mistake'' when he lured the boy into a sexual encounter in his car last Nov. 20. ``I regret it very, very much,'' Horton said. ``I am being punished for what I did. ``I have been struggling with being transgendered all my life,'' the 5-foot, 6-inch, 135-pound Horton said. ``I know I need to work with counselors and therapists, and I will do that. My sincere desire is to become a productive member of society and to make sure that this will never happen again.'' …….Last week, Horton was sentenced to one year's house arrest in his South Boston housing project and five years' probation by Superior Court Judge Maria I. Lopez, a decision that has ignited a firestorm of political criticism. …….Horton pleaded guilty to crimes that included kidnapping the boy, threatening him with a screwdriver, sexual assault and attempted rape. Since then, Horton's supporters have insisted that although language in the plea bargain implies that Horton is a vicious predator, he is not violent but rather deeply misguided and in need of psychological help. ……."

The Ithaca Journal 9/14/00 Missy Globerman "…..The United Way of Tompkins County is the first county branch in New York state to cease funding its local council of the Boy Scouts of America, and only the third branch in the nation to do so since the Supreme Court's June 28 decision that allowed the Scouts to retain membership and leadership criteria that exclude avowed homosexuals. The Binghamton-based Baden-Powell Boy Scout Council serves more than 12,000 Scouts in Tompkins, Chenango, Tioga and Broome counties in New York, and also Susquehanna County in Pennsylvania. Next year, the organization will be without its typical annual gift of almost $40,000 unless the national Scouts policies and practices are changed. In total, all 1,400 branches of the United Way give $83.7 million to the Boy Scouts annually. ……"

Boston Herald 9/9/00 Cosmo Macero Jr. amd Marie Szaniszlo "……Superior Court Judge Maria Lopez, under withering fire for freeing a transsexual after he admitted molesting a 12-year-old boy, yesterday scrambled behind the scenes to defuse a drive to remove her from the bench. ``She's fighting back,'' one source said of Lopez. ``She called (one) detective today and asked the detective to come forward.'' …… Lopez, in a statement released Thursday, alluded to unspecified mitigating circumstances she said justified Horton's sentence of one year home detention and five years' probation. Horton pleaded guilty to kidnapping, attempted rape of a child, indecent assault and assault with a dangerous weapon. ``If she's suggesting there's mitigating circumstances in this case, why did she allow the defendant to plea to all the charges?'' Martin said yesterday. …….. Said Martin's spokesman, James Borghesani: ``There's been no information, ever, that suggested this crime was anything less than what's been described in court by the prosecution. This is nothing but damage control, pure and simple.'' …….. ``I am outraged,'' Menino said. ``Judge Lopez's decision has left the young people of one of our largest public housing communities in jeopardy.'' ……..

Abcnews 9/8/00 AP "……Lawyers are rallying around a judge who sentenced a man to one year of home detention after he pleaded guilty to kidnapping and trying to rape a 12-year-old boy. Superior Court Judge Maria Lopez on Wednesday sentenced Charles Horton, 32, to wear an electronic ankle bracelet, with permission to attend school and counseling. The decision stirred the ire of Gov. Paul Cellucci, who will examine Lopez"s record for a pattern of leniency. Meanwhile, other community leaders demand a hearing which could force Lopez to step down from the bench. …….. "This is a disturbing decision," Cellucci said Thursday. "It is every parent"s worst nightmare: Your young child gets snatched up by a stranger, lured away, and assaulted. ... Instead of protecting the defendant from the prosecutors, the judge should be protecting the public from the defendant." Prosecutors had sought a sentence of eight to 10 years in jail, plus 10 years of probation. An advocate for transgendered people, Penni Matz, said Horton was being singled out. "It was a `We have to stop these freaks from doing this" sort of thing, and I think (the judge) responded appropriately to it," Matz said. Lopez defended her decision in a statement. "There were certain facts before me known by both the prosecutors and the district attorney that were part of the plea conference and cannot be revealed by me, but would undoubtedly change the characterization of the case as currently reported by some media outlets," Lopez said. …… Those facts include a social worker"s report that Horton acknowledged guilt, was remorseful and not a predator, according to Bill Leahy, chief counsel at the public defenders office. "This was not a total stranger event," Leahy said. "This is a little different from a stranger coming down the street and snatching your kid." Horton admitted to luring the boy into his car Nov. 20 while dressed as a woman by asking him to help him find "her" son, and holding a screwdriver to the boy"s neck while forcing him to simulate sex acts. ……"

Mpls (red)Star Tribune 9/8/00 Jim Adams "…..A Minneapolis man who has HIV was charged Thursday with raping a 4-year-old boy Tuesday in the basement of a south Minneapolis apartment building. Gabriel L. Pugsley, 22, was charged with kidnapping, two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, first-degree assault and attempted first-degree assault while attempting to inflict great bodily harm by trying to transfer an infectious agent by sexual penetration. "It is a brutal crime," said Lt. Bernie Martinson, head of the sex crimes unit. He said the rape was one of the five worst he's seen in 12 years as a sex crimes investigator. The charges say Pugsley was visiting someone in the boy's apartment building near Stevens Square Park and met the boy in a hall about 7:40 p.m. His mother was outside talking to a friend. When she returned, she found her son in shock and only wearing jeans. ……. She asked where his other clothes were, and he led her to a room where she saw his underwear, shirt and sandals. Vomit and feces were on the floor. The boy told her that a man covered his mouth and forced him to his hands and knees and hurt him. ……"

NY Law Journal 9/8/00 Michael Riccardi "……NEW YORK ATTORNEY General Eliot Spitzer (D) this week asked the state's highest court to review an appellate ruling upholding Yeshiva University's policy denying gay and lesbian partners housing in apartments which are available to married students. The Attorney General's Office said in its brief that the Appellate Division, First Department's reading of the New York City Human Rights Law was so narrow that, if allowed to stand, it could endanger enforcement of antidiscrimination laws not only in the case of gay and lesbians, but for all other protected classes. Mr. Spitzer weighed in on the side of plaintiffs in Levin v. Yeshiva University, one of the first suits in the United States to challenge a university policy barring same-sex couples from student family housing. The Attorney General has requested recognition as amicus curiae from the New York Court of Appeals, which is considering whether to hear the appeal. ……"

Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel 9/8/00 Megan O’Matz "……A panel charged with preventing discrimination in Broward County public schools is preparing to recommend that the district dissolve its partnership with the Boy Scouts of America because the group excludes gays. In its regular monthly meeting Thursday night, the 25-member Diversity Committee signaled it is uncomfortable with the Scouts' use of schools to recruit youngsters and hold meetings, given the district's sweeping anti-discrimination policy. "Our mandate is to urge the School Board not to allow anything to go on within our school district that violates diversity and inclusion," committee member John Ruffin said during a debate on the topic. "Any organization that is in violation of our mandate should not be allowed to participate in our schools." Committee Chairman Charles Traskell said the panel, which is advisory in nature, is likely to adopt a resolution at its Oct. 5 meeting urging the School Board to withdraw its permission for the Scouts to operate in schools unless the Scouts alter their exclusionary practices. ……."

EWTN 9/8/00 "……..News reports that corporate sponsors had begun to pull financial support from the Boy Scouts of America after the US Supreme Court upheld the group's right to exclude homosexuals were greatly exaggerated, according to on Thursday. The news site said the reports, most originating with a New York Times article, have incorrect or misleading lists of corporations that have withdrawn their donations. The list of former donors had included Levi Strauss, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, First Interstate, Chase Manhattan, Textron, AMICA, and First Union. …….. According to WorldNetDaily, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, First Interstate, Chase Manhattan, AMICA, and First Union had considered dropping funding in the past, but have not done so. Textron had only made a one-time $3,000 donation to a local council in 1998, while Levi dropped funding of the Scouts in 1992 over the homosexual policy. ……." 9/9/00 Kenji Yoshino "……Now that the Scouts have admitted their anti-gay "message" in the legal sphere, we should ensure that the consequences of that admission are visited upon the organization in the political sphere. The Boy Scouts Association has taken a long time to make its anti-gay "message" explicit. We should not take so long to express our condemnation of that "message." ……."

AP 9/31/00 "…..The American Civil Liberties Union will represent a group that advocates sex between men and boys in a lawsuit brought by the family of a slain 10-year-old boy. The family of Jeffrey Curley of Cambridge said the North American Man/Boy Love Association and its Web site - which is now offline - incited the murder of the boy Oct. 1, 1997. One of two men convicted in the killing, Charles Jaynes, 25, of Brockton, reportedly viewed the group's Web site shortly before the killing, and also had in his possession some of NAMBLA's publications. Also convicted in the killing was Salvatore Sicari, 24, of Cambridge. ACLU said the case, filed in federal court in mid-May, involves issues of freedom of speech and association. …… "For us, it is a fundamental First Amendment case," John Roberts, executive director of the Massachusetts branch of the ACLU, told today's editions of The Boston Globe. "It has to do with communications on a Web site, and material that does not promote any kind of criminal behavior whatsoever." ….."

Latest News from Republicans in Congress 8/31/00 Cong J.C. Watts (R-OK) "….. "The Boy Scouts are not a hate group. For the Interior and Justice Departments of the Clinton-Gore Administration to be investigating the Boy Scouts because they teach our children to have high moral ideals is an absolute insult to families and scouts. This is election year pandering by Clinton-Gore. "As we all know, the Boy Scouts' motto is 'be prepared.' Hopefully they are prepared for election year pandering. The Boy Scouts ought to be commended for their remarkable service, not put under federal investigation." ……"

Original Sources 8/30/00 Mary Mostert "….. Efforts to close down the Boy Scouts of America by opponents of the Supreme Court Decision upholding the Scouts' First Amendment rights are carbon copies of the efforts made in Arkansas by segregationists in the 1950s to close down the public schools by opponents of the Supreme Court Decision to uphold blacks Fourteenth Amendment rights. The history of those opposing both decisions suggests that the initial success of the anti-First Amendment crowd may not be the final answer. …….. In the Spring of 1957, the Little Rock Schools, in a voluntary, not court ordered, decision selected 17 black students to attend the previously All-White Little Rock Central High School. On September 2, 1957, almost exactly 43 years ago, Gov. Governor Orval Faubus called out the Arkansas National Guard to surround Little Rock Central High School to preserve the peace and avert violence that may be caused by extremists who came to Little Rock "in caravans." ….. On September 3, 1957 Federal District Judge Ronald Davies ordered desegregation to start the next day. ……. On September 4, nine black students attempt to enter Central High but are turned away by the National Guard……."

Fox News 8/31/00 Ursula Owre Masterson "…… Corporations and schools across the country are debating whether to stop giving the Boy Scouts of America money and meeting space because of a policy they say is discriminatory. The state of Connecticut won't let its employees donate money to the Boy Scouts with direct deductions from their paychecks any more. The Boy Scouts are challenging that decision in court. "Private people can do whatever they want," says C. Joan Parker, a lawyer for the state's Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. "But they can't use the state as a vehicle to channel those funds." Until the issue is resolved, all of the donations meant for the Scouts will remain in escrow. Boy Scout representatives say they are being unfairly attacked. "By and large, most Americans support the Boy Scouts," says Gregg Shields, the organization's national spokesman. "The Boy Scouts of America has been singled out due to the political desires of a few. We don't think that's right and we're going to stand up for our rights as a part of the community." ……"

CNS News 8/31/00 "….. Police charged a 34-year-old California man with sexually molesting seven teen-age Boy Scouts with whom he came in contact over the past three years as a staff administrator at a Scout camp. In Oklahoma, a former Scout leader has been sentenced to 200 years in prison after he admitted having sex with five boys. "Obviously the Scouts have a problem with homosexual pedophiles," said Peter LaBarbera, director of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. "My question is, why isn't the media interested in that story? They're all interested in promoting the attacks on the Boy Scouts as a 'discriminatory organization,' but they show no interest in this ongoing problem of pedophilia and deviant behavior by homosexual Scout leaders. …… "The media war on the Boy Scouts has gone way too far," LaBarbera added, "and people are starting to resent the media for this. I don't detect a groundswell of concern from parents who really wish they could have a homosexual in their troop." ….."

Deseret News 9/1/00 "…… The many corporations, United Way chapters and state and local governments that have decided in recent weeks to withdraw their support from the Boy Scouts of America should clarify their reasoning. The Scouting organization has not changed its moral position on homosexuality since it was founded in 1910. Nor has it changed the way it teaches young men character, honesty and fidelity, as it does to many fatherless and needy boys in some of the nation's worst inner-city neighborhoods. The only thing that seems to have triggered this sudden challenge to a long-standing support of Scouting is that the U.S. Supreme Court has validated Scouting's right to continue the moral code it always has held. Yet, all at once, the organization is being castigated as a collection of bigots and tossed onto the same trash heap as the Ku Klux Klan and other hideous organizations. …….. Anybody who has affiliated with Scouting, as a child, a parent or a leader, knows how unfair this is. The mounting hostility toward Scouting - including the reprehensible booing Scouts received at the hands of some delegates to the Democratic National Convention recently - is a mindless reaction that puts political correctness ahead of the welfare of young boys…….."

UPI/Drudge 9/1/00 "……The White House defended its probe of the Boy Scouts' use of federal facilities, while Texas Gov. George W. Bush urged President Clinton not to sever "the federal government's long-standing relationship" with the Scouts, The Washington Times reported Friday. White House Deputy Press Secretary Jake Siewert said the review is an effort to determine whether federal agencies are complying with President Clinton's recent executive order banning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. The private youth group does not allow homosexuals to serve as Scout leaders -- a position the Supreme Court upheld last month. "The bottom line is there's been no final determination yet on the federal government's involvement with the Boy Scouts - whether it violates the order," Siewert said. "The Justice Department's developing guidelines, and they are still working on them." ….."

Washington Times 9/1/00 "…..The Clinton administration has just opened a new front in the assault on the Boy Scouts. The Department of the Interior is now hunting through its files to see whether the agency might be treating the Scouts as though the group were a respectable, even laudable, organization. Regardless of whether Boy Scouts help elderly women across the street or simply cultivate virtue among their peers, they may no longer qualify for such treatment………. The problem is that the once-venerable Scouts believe that homosexual practices do not comport with the Scout Oath and Law, which include pledges to revere God and to be "morally straight." Earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court held that the Scouts were free to associate with those who shared their understanding of the phrase and were willing to abide by it. The high court held also that they were free not to associate with those who disagreed and therefore that the Scouts did not have to admit homosexuals to the organization's ranks……..But five days before the court ruled, President Clinton issued an executive order prohibiting discrimination on the basis of "race, sex, color, national origin, disability, religion, age, sexual orientation and status as a parent in federally conducted education and training programs." On the basis of the language about "sexual orientation," Interior's Bureau of Reclamation is now seeking information about any dealings it may have with the Boy Scouts. In particular the agency wants to find out about the Boy Scout Jamboree to be held at Fort A.P. Hill, an army post in Bowling Green, Va......."

Washington Times 9/1/00 R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. "….. America's progressives, liberals, humanitarians and other self-satisfied poseurs have found a new group to outlaw, the Boy Scouts. We should have seen it coming. On the Tuesday night of the Democratic National Convention a troop of Scouts was booed when it appeared. The rancorous scene reminded me of that police color guard whom progressive Democrats booed a few weeks earlier at their New York state convention. This is serious. As can be seen from the presidential campaign, the Democrats' presidential and vice presidential candidates favor law and order and morally upright youths. It is just the agents of law and order and organizations of morally upright youths that make them uncomfortable. Scholars call this incoherence. To others, it is hypocrisy……."

New York Times 9/2/00 "….. (AP) -- Attorney General Janet Reno ruled tonight that a presidential order barring discrimination against gays does not prohibit the Boy Scouts from holding their Jamborees on federal land or general federal assistance to the gatherings. On Thursday, the Interior Department disclosed that it had sought the Justice Department's guidance on how President Clinton's order might affect its dealings with the Boy Scouts of America. Ms. Reno said Mr. Clinton's executive order No. 13160 prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in federal education and training programs. But she determined that "Boy Scout Jamborees are not federally conducted education or training programs," the Justice Department statement said. ……"

WorldNetDaily 9/4/00 Michelle Hillman "….. School Superintendent Mark Smith, reacting to the Boy Scouts' ban on gays, says he will no longer allow the organization's local chapter to hand out information or recruit members on school grounds. The chapter, called the Knox Trail Council, will still be able to hold meetings in Framingham school buildings, providing they don't send children home with any information about the Boy Scouts. Smith said his decision was prompted by the local council's support of the Boy Scouts of America's policy of excluding both gay scout leaders and homosexual scouts. …… "

WASHINGTON TIMES 9/4/00 Joyce Howard Price "….. Activists for homosexuals have battled publicly with the Boy Scouts of America for nearly two decades over the Scouts' ban on homosexual leaders, and membership in the Scouts has climbed as the conflict has intensified. …… "During the last three years, we've grown by 7 percent," said Gregg Shields, spokesman for the Boy Scouts, which finished last year with 6.2 million members - 5 million youths and 1.2 million adults. "The net result is that we're approaching record-high membership. . . . We're doing very well, thank you," Mr. Shields said in a recent telephone interview from his office in Dallas…….."

Journal Sentinel 8/30/00 Linda Spice "…… A former Waukesha man active in Boy Scouts and Mormon youth groups, being held in lieu of $1 million bail in New Jersey on sexual assault charges, is also under investigation for similar incidents spanning more than a decade in Wisconsin and other states. Waukesha County sheriff's officials confirmed Thursday that they will likely seek charges next week against the man, William S. Hanson, 38, of New Brunswick, N.J. Hanson has been charged in New Jersey and Utah with sex-related offenses involving boys ages 9 to 14………"

New York Times 8/29/00 Kate Zernike "…… In the two months since the United States Supreme Court ruled that the Boy Scouts of America have a constitutional right to exclude gays, corporate and governmental support for the organization has slipped markedly. Chicago, San Francisco and San Jose, Calif., have told local Scout troops that they can no longer use parks, schools and other municipal sites. Companies like Chase Manhattan Bank and Textron Inc., have withdrawn hundreds of thousands of dollars in support to local and national scouting groups nationwide. Dozens of United Ways from Massachusetts to San Francisco have cut off money amounting to millions of dollars each year. …… And Connecticut, in what may become a test case, has banned contributions to the Scouts by state employees through a state-run charity. The state is also considering whether to block the Scouts from using public campgrounds or buildings. ……" 8/22/00 UPI "…… SAN ANTONIO, Texas - Testimony began Monday in a federal lawsuit that could have a far-reaching effect on the rocky relationship between governments and arts organizations that use taxpayer money to support unpopular or radical causes. The so-called Esperanza Peace and Justice Center, founded in 1988 to support illegal aliens and homosexuals, established an arts program in 1990. It is suing the city because it claims the city council's decision in 1997 to eliminate taxpayer funding for its arts program was "political." Esperanza and its sister organization, the Gay and Lesbian Media Project, has often sponsored exhibitions, including "performance art," which city officials and others have found objectionable. ……… "

Washington Times 8/22/00 John Drake "…..Homosexual rights groups kicked off a national campaign against the Boy Scouts of America yesterday to force the private organization to rescind its policy barring homosexuals from acting as troop leaders. The groups plan to use laws enacted by state and local governments that ban discrimination against homosexuals to limit Boy Scout troops' access to public funding and use of public facilities. Rallies against the Boy Scouts took place in at least 36 cities and 21 states as part of the nationwide protest. A small group of activists - some dressed in Boy Scout uniforms - was turned away from the organization's national headquarters in Irving, Texas, yesterday after presenting a 55,000-signature petition protesting the policy……….."

Capitol Hill Blue 9/16/00 Carol Ness "…..Justice James Lambden, who sits on the 1st District Court of Appeal in San Francisco, resigned his position as assistant scoutmaster with Boy Scout Troop 6 in Alameda in a letter Sept. 8. He was the first California judge to take such a stance, and joins the Bar Association of San Francisco in seeking changes in the California Code of Judicial Ethics to end the Boy Scouts' exemption from rules prohibiting "invidious discrimination." In a letter to Boy Scouts chief executive Roy Williams, Lambden said staying in scouting had become "personally unacceptable to me and ethically questionable for judges everywhere" because of the Boy Scouts of America's testimony before the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year. ……" 9/14/00 Rod Dreher "….CAN WNBC-TV news be counted on to play it straight with viewers when reporting on gay issues? I don't know, not after news director Paula Madison's remarks last weekend at a national convention of gay journalists. As a guest of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association, Madison sat on a panel of top news executives who took up the question of whether seeking opposing viewpoints in reporting on gay-rights issues is justified. ……… The Web site WorldNetDaily quoted the managing editor of Seattle Gay News asking, "We have a tendency to always seek an opposing point of view for gay and lesbian civil rights issues ... How does the mainstream press justify that?" "I agree with him," Madison replied. "I don't see why we would seek out ... the absurd, inane point of view just to get another point of view." "The absurd, inane point of view"? Like whose? As if anybody needed to ask. Well, I did ask. Twice yesterday I requested the WNBC news executive, who confirmed the quote, to give an example of someone with whose opinions about gays she considers "absurd" and "inane," and therefore not worthy of coverage. ………. Twice she declined. News Channel 4 viewers are left to wonder if when it comes to gay-rights coverage in New York City, the station sees no need to talk to Archbishop Edward Egan and other moral and religious traditionalists despised by gay activists. ……. These activists make a habit of denouncing as bigoted anyone who opposes, however subtly and for whatever reason, their political agenda. Clergy, conservative leaders and media figures like Dr. Laura Schlessinger are routinely portrayed as the second coming of Adolf Hitler. …… The strategy is clear: If the media and the public they instruct can be convinced that opposing gay marriage, gay adoption, gay Boy Scout leaders and so forth, is no different from racism or anti-Semitism, those who hold such beliefs can safely be ignored. ……"

Freeper Bryan 9/17/00 "……I tried debating him before and I confronted him with the medical facts about the risks of sodomy compared to normal, heterosexual sex. I exhaustively provided statistics and cited published source materials indicating, for example, that in 1984 the average homosexual AIDS patient admitted having 1,100 sexual partners in his lifetime, and that a homosexual teacher is 106 times more likely to molest your children. ……. You see, the scientific facts about the homosexual lifestyle, its self-destructive promiscuity, its frequent indulgence in sadistic sexual acts, and the prevalence of domestic violence (in both lesbian and male homosexual relationships) would disrupt Mabry's cozy little pink world. He wants to talk about feelings, about the personal freedom to be homosexual, about stable long-term homosexual relationships (which are the exception, not the rule), and about homosexual couples adopting children. ……"

Boston Herald 9/17/00 Jose Martinez and Tom Mashberg "…….Depending on whom you ask, Charles ``Ebony'' Horton is either a wily manipulator who gains mileage and sympathy from his contradictory sexual status, or a troubled would-be woman who was ``scared straight'' after his encounter with the law. The ``transgendered person'' at the center of a judicial and political firestorm lives as confused and complex a life as can be imagined for any 22-year-old. He is a 5-foot-6-inch tall, 135-pound black man with breasts and lipstick who dresses in halter tops and lives in subsidized housing in ``the projects'' of South Boston. …… He attended the Muriel Snowden International School on Newbury Street, known for its focus on foreign languages and theater arts, and worked at the Liberty Book II store on Washington Street, known for its pornographic wares and peep shows. …… Neither Horton nor his family, including his mother, sister and aunt, would comment on his life. Others who know him say he arrived in Dorchester as an infant, grew up in a broken home, lost his father when he was 12 to drug addiction and illness, and has dealt with depression, ridicule and sexual confusion since childhood. …….. One former classmate, who now lives not far from Horton's apartment inside the Mary Ellen McCormack Housing Development in South Boston, recalled noticing how ``pretty'' Horton was at the Taft Middle School in Brighton - long before he began taking female hormone shots. ……..Before Horton dropped out of Snowden, which is near Copley Square, in 1998, some say the senior had become an infrequent but disruptive student who regularly used his transgendered identity as a trump card against authority. English teacher Michael O'Neil, now retired, recalled how Horton once reported him to the headmaster because he refused to call him ``Ebony'' or ``Chocolate.'' Several other teachers also found themselves the target of Horton's complaints to administrators. ``I told everyone I would call him Charles or Mr. Horton, but not until I had an official document saying he had changed his name would I call him Ebony or Chocolate,'' O'Neil said. …….``What a dreadful pain in the (expletive),'' O'Neil said. ``He was the most unbelievably manipulative person you ever met. He had the administration eating out of his hand.'' ……… Horton later qualified for subsidized housing and disability income because of his transgender status, and thus obtained an apartment at the McCormack and a federal stipend. To bolster it, Horton's jobs included telemarketing and working at Liberty Book as an exotic dancer…….." 9/17/00 Mary Mostert "…….On August 21st, I wrote an article about a group of people booing the Eagle Scouts at the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles. I had waited several days to see if there was going to be a high level apology for that outrageous behavior from either Al Gore or Joseph Leiberman. No apology was offered those Scouts for the treatment they were given, as they presented the U.S. Flag. In the last three weeks a number of people have wondered just where Al Gore, who reportedly was once a boy scout, stands on this growing controversy. I think I just found found the answer. A letter from Al Gore to Steve Cozza, who founded "Scouting for All", tells us clearly where Gore stands. ......... Scouting for All, organized in Rep. Lynn Woolsey's district, inspired the bill she sponsored which, if passed, would have rescinded the Boy Scout's Federal Charter. ….. In a letter posted September 12, 2000 on the Scouting for All website, Al Gore praises Cozza for his "efforts against discrimination." He wrote: ……..
November 8, 1999
Mr. Steven Cozza ……
Thank you for writing to me. I am especially encouraged when I read letters from young Americans, like you, who have an interest in solving problems associated with such issues as gay and lesbian rights. ……
Like other members of society, gay and lesbian citizens work, pay taxes, contribute to their communities, and obey the law. Like other members of our society, they merit equal protection and freedom from discrimination. I am personally and publicly committed to the principles of equality for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation. I believe that people should be judged by their conduct and by their contributions to society, not by their sexual status. In the years to come, I hope you will continue to have an interest in the challenges facing the United States. Your education is very important not only to yourself, but also to your community and our country.
Once again, thank you for writing and for all of your efforts against discrimination. I wish you every success in the future. …..
Al Gore …….." 9/17/00 Mary Mostert "…….What will happen after the fall election if Al Gore is elected and Clinton's June 28, 2000 Executive Order making "sexual orientation" a "protected right" stands? If America chooses the notion that it's OK for young people to "fall into the clutches of predatory and deviant Scoutmasters" as the writer of the letter puts it, exactly how would any organization for children be allowed to choose leaders that won't guide them into, for example, a homosexual lifestyle that is almost guaranteed to shorten their life-span by as much as 30 years? (The average life-span of an American homosexual is 41 years.) If age is a "protected right" under anti-discrimination laws, as defined by Cozza and others, on what basis can laws against sex with young children be declared enforceable? Don't all laws against pedophilia assume that it is OK to have a different kind of sexual law for children than for adults? Isn't that discrimination based on age, as being newly defined by homosexual groups such as Lambda and their allies in such groups as those who hope to establish the International Criminal Court under United Nations jurisdiction? ...... Folks, the day appears to have come that the prophet Isaiah warned us about when there would be those "that call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness" who would "justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him." (Isaiah 5:20-23) .........,, If America allows a group demanding that the Boy Scouts of America open its doors to homosexuals and atheists to get away with it, and chooses a leader who believes that such a policy is a commitment "to the principles of equality for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation" as Al Gore has said, we will have rewarded the wickedness of homosexuals and taken away the righteousness of the Boy Scouts of America. ......"

Washington Times 9/15/00 Wesley Pruden "…….An advisory committee to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration actually considered whether to change federal regulations to allow homosexual and bisexual men to donate blood to blood banks, even though homosexual and bisexual men make up the majority of Americans infected with HIV, the virus which causes AIDS. Italics definitely mine. Sanity prevailed on the committee, but only by a single vote. There's no medical reason to make such a radical and medically risky change, since there's no shortage of blood acute enough to justify the increased risk of spreading AIDS. But election-year politics is at stake, and the FDA, an agency presided over by Welfare Secretary Donna Shalala, still must make a final decision.......... Gay-pride activists argue that to continue the current practice of shunning blood suspected of HIV-contamination "discriminates" against homosexual and bisexual men. The American Red Cross, which collects more blood than any other organization, thinks such a change would be looney, though Red Cross spokesmen naturally wouldn't say it quite that way…….."

Boston Globe 9/16/00 Ric Kahn "……He is 12 years old, and he smokes like a chimney, swears like a sailor. Yet, if the boy in the middle of the Charles ''Ebony'' Horton attempted rape case is as wired into the underground world as those defending Horton's light sentence contend, it's news to the friends who hang out with the boy near the second-floor apartment he shares with his mother and siblings in a bustling three-decker in the Four Corners section of Dorchester. …….. If he is as hooked into the street life as Horton's defenders suggest, police have no record of it. The boy has never been arrested for anything, records show. In fact, those who know him describe a city boyhood like many others: Hanging out with friends, sticking up for a younger brother, bragging about girlfriends, and tagging along with older street toughs. ……..The other day, the boy acted like any other 12-year-old, laughing and popping wheelies on a bicycle before scooting away from a reporter who wanted to interview him about his encounter with the man with breasts alternately known as Charles ''Ebony'' Horton and Ebony ''Charles'' Horton. ……" 9/21/00 Phyllis Schlaffy "….. The 1996 Welfare Reform Act included a small appropriation known as "Title V" to fund some abstinence education programs. The law requires that any program funded under Title V have "abstaining from sexual activity" as "its exclusive purpose." ……. The law goes on to prescribe that these programs must teach (1) that abstinence from sexual activity outside marriage is "the expected standard for all school-age children," (2) that abstinence is "the only certain way to avoid" pregnancy and disease, (3) that "a mutually faithful monogamous relationship in the context of marriage is the expected standard," (4) that extramarital sex is "likely to have harmful psychological and physical effects" and (5) that bearing children out-of-wedlock is likely to have harmful consequences for the child. ………. Rather than attack the popular abstinence education head-on, its opponents are trying to divert a significant portion of Title V funding to worthless "evaluations." An outfit called Mathematica Policy Research Inc. recently finagled a $4 million to $6 million federal contract from other federal funds to evaluate a mere half-dozen abstinence programs involving about 500 to 1,500 students each. One of the problems with Mathematica's evaluation is that it plans to use its "Teen Activities and Attitudes Study," a nosy questionnaire that interrogates students about the number of sexual partners they have had, whether or not and how often they use contraceptives and whether or not they have ever been pregnant. Parents who have seen the questionnaire believe it is not age appropriate, will grossly violate the privacy of students and appears to be designed to undermine the wholesome abstinence message. …….."

Massachusetts News 9/21/00 Ed Oliver "…… It was billed as, "A Response to Acushnet's Middle School Controversy." Two hundred letters were sent out by gay activists to surrounding schools, inviting administrators and teachers to attend. The Standard-Times newspaper gave it a big build-up. …… However, the meeting held last night by the Unitarian Church at their church in Fairhaven, which is next to Acushnet, amounted to about 50 disgruntled gay activists and Unitarian supporters. ……. The only controversy of the evening erupted after this reporter announced he was from Massachusetts News and asked for a show of hands from any parents whose children attend Acushnet's middle school. ….. Only three hands shot up. A group of people sitting together began shouting, "Leave here!" "Get out!" "Hater!" An audience member stood to challenge the shouters, reminding them that they were preaching tolerance and respect only moments before. One of the shouters then rose from his seat and stormed out of the building grumbling about "hate." The moderator quickly retrieved the microphone from this reporter and said the question was not appropriate. …….."

Nando 9/20/00 "……A federal judge on Tuesday struck down a local law that let signers of a petition yank "objectionable" books from the public library. U.S. District Judge Jerry Buchmeyer on Tuesday said the resolution was unconstitutional. It allowed the removal of books if 300 library-card holders signed a petition. City Council members took the action after protests over what to do about the placement of "Heather Has Two Mommies" and "Daddy's Roommate" on the library's shelves. …… One of the books portrays a lesbian couple who raise a daughter. The other describes a man who leaves his wife and son for a boyfriend. ….In his decision, Buchmeyer labeled the issue an "unfortunate story of the censorship of two children's books." ..."

Bloomington Herald-Times 9/20/00 Jason Nickey "…… In what could mean defunding or decertification for the local chapter of the Boy Scouts of America, the Monroe County United Way Board Tuesday unanimously approved a nondiscrimination policy that applies to all of its member agencies. The policy covers discrimination based on race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. Previously, the United Way had a nondiscrimination policy that governed its internal operations, but Tuesday's decision made the county's United Way the first in the state to adopt a policy that extended to member agencies. Sparked by the controversy surrounding the Supreme Court's ruling in June to uphold the Boy Scouts of America's policy excluding homosexuals from membership, United Way Board President Barry Lessow said the time was right to adopt a clear general policy on discrimination that could be applied to all member agencies. ……"

BBC 9/19/00 Philippa Thomas "…… A six-year-old American boy is at the heart of a battle over gender politics. "She's too emotionally fragile to live as a boy. She's female" Sherri Lipscomb The parents of Zachary Lipscomb say he is decided that he is female, and they have agreed to send him to school as a girl called Aurora. Now the authorities in their hometown of Westerville, Ohio have taken custody of the child, and a legal tug-of-war has begun. The story of Zachary Lipscomb has created outrage on both sides...."

Fox News/Associated Press 9/13/00 Adrienne Mand "……Supporters of the Boy Scouts are rallying to stop local governments and other longtime allies from turning their backs on the group over its ban on gays. The Boy Scouts have 'always had a stance about moral issues,' says John Paulk. Usually, the battles are local. Dozens of governments in communities across the country are debating whether to keep providing money and meeting space to local scout troops. But in South Florida, the fight is drawing national attention as protesters eye a way to concentrate the power of scout allies across the country; a national tourism boycott. …….."

AP 9/18/00 "…….An Arizona state lawmaker is fighting his ouster from the Army Reserves for violating the "don't ask, don't tell" policy when he announced during a legislative debate he is gay. A panel of three colonels recommended Sunday that Lt. Steve May be honorably discharged. The discharge recommendation still must reviewed by a general and then be sent to the Department of Defense for approval. In the meantime, May will continue to serve two days a month in the reserves. May said he will appeal. "I'll continue to serve until the appeals process is exhausted," he said Sunday. ……"

Claremont Institute via e-mail 9/28/00 Ben Boychuk "……. Law, in the eyes of American Civil Liberties Union, is a weapon. It is the means by which the power of government is molded and the freedom of the people is shaped for the ACLU's purposes. This is the only explanation for the ACLU's continuing war against that free association of young Americans known as the Boy Scouts. Last June, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the Scouts' First Amendment right to set the moral parameters for membership in their organization. …."

New York Post 10/6/00 Rod Dreher "……. AS Nixon went to China, George W. Bush is going to Fire Island. The Republicans finally came out of the closet last night, when its vice-presidential nominee said, in effect, that the Bush-Cheney administration would not stand in the way of gay civil unions if states choose to adopt them. "I think states are likely to come to different conclusions, and that's appropriate," said Cheney, who has an openly gay daughter. "I don't think there should necessarily be a federal policy in that area. "I think we ought to do everything we can to tolerate and accommodate whatever kind of relationships people want to enter into." Tolerate, yes. But accommodate? Coming from a Republican vice-presidential nominee, that's a bombshell. Goodbye, Defense of Marriage Act. Can the ban on gays in the military be far behind? This explains the GOP's relative silence on the Boy Scouts issue. …….The Log Cabin Republicans must be thrilled. The Christian Coalition must be plotzing. ……"

Massachusetts Live 10/5/00 AP "…..A judge is deciding whether an eighth-grade boy who once wore a dress to a semiformal dance should be allowed to wear girls' clothing to school. Lawyers for the student, identified in court papers as "Pat Doe," argued Wednesday at Plymouth County Superior Court for a preliminary injunction that would allow Doe to dress as he likes. School officials have forbidden Doe from attending classes on school property if he wears girls' clothes, saying it's disruptive. ..."

NewsMax 10/4/00 "...... THETFORD, Vt. (USA Today) - Approaching the ramshackle house with his brochures, state Sen. Mark MacDonald is waved off by a voter. ''Don't even bother,'' says the man in a less-than-friendly tone. A few stops down the road, a woman, her head wrapped in a wet towel, has the same response. ''Whatever you got, I don't want,'' she shouts, slamming the door. MacDonald, a two-term Democrat, is having a lot of doors slammed in his face. Since voting this spring for Vermont's Civil Union Law, which granted homosexuals the civil equivalent of marriage, MacDonald and other state lawmakers have seen the political climate turn chilly. ....... ''Before this year, this was a place where you could disagree in a friendly way,'' says MacDonald, a high school history teacher. ''Now that's changed.'' ......"

Washington Times 10/6/00 "...... The Boy Scouts are under attack again - this time here in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, where a local mother of an eight-year-old boy is refusing to allow her son to be involved with an organization she believes teaches hateful values. .... She even had her son accost the audience at a subsequent Anne Arundel County Board of Education meeting, where he demanded to know why the school district was permitting the Scouts to use school facilities, given their odious pattern of "discriminatory" conduct.......Followers of this issue are aware that the Boy Scouts have been targeted by homosexual groups since the Supreme Court affirmed the youth organization's right to establish criteria for members and leaders that precludes participation by open, avowed homosexuals. The object now is to pressure businesses and schools to quit providing financial support or allowing the use of facilities by Scout troops. Several large companies - such as Chase Manhattan Bank, Levi Strauss and Texron, Inc. - have caved to the pressure of gay activists and cut funding to the Scouts. Sadly, several school districts around the country - in California, Florida, Massachusetts, Minnesota and New York - have likewise bowed to the pressure of these extremist groups and their heavy-handed deployment of the dread cry, "discrimination!".......Consider the topsy-turvy nature of this "civil rights" struggle: Instead of a disenfranchised group seeking to enjoy the same political, legal and social rights as the dominant ethnic group, we have a small group of people participating in an elective "lifestyle choice." Rather than being content to be left in peace, they are now demanding that the wider society embrace their lifestyle - that they must acknowledge it as equivalent and equally good. Children must be taught that this is so. Anything less is - you guessed it - discrimination........."

Massachusetts News 10/00 J Edward Pawlick "……. The sexual molestation of more than 200 young boys is being revealed in the Salem Courthouse and everyone is revolted by the abuse ... or, at least, they say they are. No one appears to have noticed, however, that the molestation of boys was carefully being "normalized" by the liberal intellectuals in the state until the crimes of Christopher Reardon suddenly became big news in June.. …….

May 1999. City of Newton holds an official rally to campaign against the "hate" from Massachusetts News, which had informed the City that pedophiles would become more active because the American Psychological Association had published a study which said that sexual molestation can have a positive effect on children. The mayor and every important official was present at the rally.

November 1999. A gay organization offers $25, plus free dinner and subway tokens, to boys who will come to their headquarters in Boston and discuss homosexual sex and other issues. The boys are also invited to a free, three-day, lakeside, weekend retreat in New Hampshire with other "boys" up to 25-years-old who are "attracted to or have sex with other men." None of the politicians or media is interested in this story - even though the organization receives money from the state and works closely with the public schools.

March-April 2000. Channel 2 airs a program about a "romance" between a 29-year-old man and a 15-year-old boy which showed in graphic detail all of the nude scenes between them. It stated that the romance thrilled all of England and caused everyone to realize the "benefits" of sex between men and boys.

March 2000. The Fistgate conference gives graphic instruction to teenagers on the practice of homosexual sex. This was done in sessions which mingled youth from 12-years-old to 21-years-old. It was sponsored by the homosexual organization, GLSEN, and the Department of Education. Complaints were made to Gov. Cellucci and his staff, but they ignored it until some parents went to Massachusetts News which printed the story in May and shocked the state. ……

July 6, 2000. The "At Home" section of the Boston Globe publishes an article which advised mothers to teach their children "the mechanics of sex," including homosexual sex, when their children are in fifth or sixth grade. They were told to expect 10- and 11-year-olds to ask, "What do gay men/lesbians do?" The parents were advised by the Globe to respond, "There are different ways people give each other pleasure, sometimes genital to genital, sometimes hand or mouth to genital."

……The intensity of feelings surrounding the Reardon case has caused the advocates of man/boy sex to be more discreet - at least for the moment. ...... Even the Globe wrote the following about Reardon in one of its stories. "One by one, he brought those boys into his sordid world, court papers allege, gaining their trust while warning them not to share the secret of how he abused them. He left them with the bitterness of betrayal." ...... This is not the message that taxpayer-supported Channel 2 gave in its program which praised the activities of pedophiles. It did not say that this was a "sordid" world. It did not use words like "abused" or "betrayal." It portrayed sex with an older man as beneficial to the boy. ……."

AP via 10/8/00 "…….Another United Way chapter in New Jersey has pulled funding to a local Boy Scouts council because of the national organization's policy to exclude homosexuals. The United Way's Essex/West Hudson chapter has stopped funding the Essex County Council of the Boy Scouts because of its anti-gay policy, The Record of Hackensack reported in editions for Sunday...."

AP via 10/6/00 Nicole Ziegler Dizon "…… CHICAGO (AP) -- A gay-rights advocacy group plans to lobby school districts across the country to stop sponsoring Boy Scout troops unless the organization reverses its ban on gays. The initiative is a centerpiece of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network's annual conference, which began Friday in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights. M.K. Cullen, the group's public policy director, said the goal is to end the ''unique and special access'' the Boy Scouts get to schools. ……."

NY1 local cable news 10/6/00 Freeper NativeNewYorker "…… Two boys are arrested on charges they sexually assaulted a 7-year-old boy on a school bus in Brooklyn. Police say the boys are ages 8 and 9 and attacked the victim on the return home from P.S. 231 in Canarsie Thursday. Other students were on the bus, although police say the bus driver was unaware of what happened. The mother of the boy told police of the alleged assault. The suspects are charged as juveniles with sodomy. The Child Abuse Squad is looking into the case. ……."

San Jose Mercury News 10/6/00 Nora Villagran "……. Kudos to Kate Hudson for taking up the cause of diversity. Hudson is accusing the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders of being homophobic. The actor says the pep team refused to let her wear the Cowboys' official uniform in ``Dr. T and the Women'' -- after it learned she was playing a lesbian. ``It was unbelievable -- the first time I ever was so offended,'' Hudson tells Out magazine. She says a Cowboys' seamstress was fitting her for her costume, when Hudson mentioned that, though her character was getting married, her maid of honor (played by Liv Tyler) was also her lover in the film. …….. ``When they found out, they wouldn't let me wear it. And they're supposed to represent America? ……." 10/11/00 "…….Rabbi Steven Foster of Temple Emanuel in Denver says he's returning the Boy Scout awards he earned as a youth to protest the national group's ban on homosexuals in leadership positions. "I DON'T FEEL good about this," he said Tuesday as he prepared to mail in his four badges, including one for Eagle Scout. "I have always respected the Scouts, but they have made a terrible mistake." Foster, 57, said he made the announcement during his Yom Kippur sermon because he wanted to generate as much publicity as possible. ………." 10/11/00 Allyson Smith "…..Members of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, GLSEN, discussed plans to campaign against the Boy Scouts and to introduce positive discussions about homosexuality into elementary school classrooms -- including kindergarten -- during their annual conference Oct. 6-8 in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights. …….. This year's conference theme, "Ending the Hate Beginning in School," highlights GLSEN's contention that teaching pro-homosexual lessons to young schoolchildren is an appropriate way to combat "homophobia" and "hatred" directed at homosexuals. But critics like Peter LaBarbera of the Americans for Truth Project, who led a pro-family coalition protesting the conference, said GLSEN's elementary school agenda "manipulates the minds of impressionable children." …….. At the anti-GLSEN rally Friday, LaBarbera said: "If you asked parents whose agenda -- GLSEN's or the Boy Scouts -- presents the real threat to schoolchildren, I think most would say that GLSEN does more harm than the Boy Scouts ever could." …….. At a workshop at the GLSEN conference titled "Appreciating a Broader Canvas: How Teachers Understand Gay and Lesbian Content Integration in Elementary Social Studies," participants were instructed on ways to incorporate pro-gay content into family studies for grades K-3 and into U.S. immigration history for grades 4-6. ……" 10/11/00 Allyson Smith "…..The K-3 lesson plan advised educators to help students "recognize diverse family constellations" by encouraging discussion of individual family differences and similarities and by showing photographs from a book entitled "Celebrating Families," which includes "lesbian mothers/adopted daughters." ……. The lesson plan for grades 4-6 told teachers to integrate homosexual-affirming curricula into U.S. immigration studies by interspersing stories of homosexual migration from small towns to large cities amongst traditional immigration studies of other groups who came to America to escape persecution, such as the Pilgrims and Chinese and Hispanic immigrants. ……."

Washington Times 10/10/00 "…….Al Gore's MTV appearance generated little comment, but it actually made big news - or should have - as the vice president came out in favor of the closest thing to "gay marriage" that exists in this country: Vermont's 6-month-old "civil union" legislation extending to homosexuals the legal rights and protections of traditional wedlock……… As the Media Research Center's Tim Graham pointed out, however, practically all television and newspaper coverage of the event overlooked or failed to grasp the significance of Mr. Gore's statement, which staked out new, previously untrodden political turf on the extreme left for the presidential candidate. "I favor legally recognized civic [sic] unions that have the legal protections of the kind that marriage confers," said Mr. Gore. "The most literate statement I've seen on this is by the Vermont Supreme Court, that said it is unfair to discriminate against gays and lesbians in this whole area of the law, and it ordered the legislature to come out with some approach to equalize the legal protections, and that's my position." ……..The candidate has spoken. But not only has Mr. Gore endorsed civil union - a position he failed to take during primary season, and one which his own party platform avoided - he has at the same time demonstrated a markedly carefree attitude toward the type of high-handed judicial activism that led to Vermont's civil union legislation in the first place. As it happened, the Vermont court's obvious disdain for the democratic process turned out to be catching. The state legislature went on to rubber-stamp the court ruling, despite overwhelming opposition to it expressed in town meetings across the state. ………"

CNS 10/10/00 Christine Hall "…..Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore says that as president, he would extend to homosexual couples the same priority immigration status granted heterosexual married couples. In other words, if an American entered into a homosexual union in a foreign country, U.S. immigration policy should prioritize immigration for the foreign spouse, according to Gore. "I think that the rights of an American who gets married to someone from another country should be afforded under a legally protected civil union in the same way," Gore said during a September 26 interview at an MTV town hall forum for young adults. ..."

CBS 2 News 10/10/00 Malaika Costello-Dougherty "…..A 10-year-old boy's grandparents allegedly abducted him because they did not want him to be raised by a gay couple. …..Miguel Washington ….. was raised since infancy by a gay couple -- his uncle, Paul Washington, and his uncle's partner, Timothy Forrester. ......Miguel's mother has been a ward of the state since the age of 8 and was impregnated in a group home, according to her brother Paul Washington. …….On Friday, Miguel's grandparents came to take the boy on a three-day fishing trip. Hours later, a letter arrived informing the parents that the grandparents had permanently taken the boy because they did not want him growing up in a "gay" household or attending "gay art" and ballet classes, reported CBS 2 News. …….Washington and Forrester never legally adopted Miguel……… "

EWTN 10/10/00 "……..A group of Maine Catholics protested in the chancery offices of the Diocese of Portland last Thursday over the diocese's support of a gay rights referendum going before voters on November 7. …… The group calling itself the Grass Roots Coalition knelt in the chancery office and chanted: "We're here. We're Catholic. We are faithful. Get used to it." They then presented a petition requesting a reconsideration of the diocese's support for the gay rights legislation, which they said was the first step toward same-sex marriage laws such as the one recently passed in Vermont. ……. The petition was accepted by diocesan officials and received a blessing from a priest in the chancery. Several speakers were outraged that the diocese dropped its previous opposition to gay rights legislation after "secret negotiations" developed a compromise bill that exempted the Church from its provisions. ……."

USA Today (printed version) 10/10/00 Martin Kasindorf "…… A gay rights group that has endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore sprang to the defense of the Republican vice presidential nominee, Dick Cheney, on Monday as social conservatives criticized Cheney. The Human Rights Campaign applauded Cheney for sounding at least as tolerant as Gore's running mate, Joe Lieberman, during the vice-presidential debate Thursday on whether gay and lesbian couples should have the same legal rights as married heterosexuals. 10/5/00 Jesse Holland AP "……Republicans have thwarted Democratic attempts to expand federal hate crimes protection for homosexuals through a defense bill, greatly reducing its chances of passing Congress this year. The defense authorization bill probably won't be finished until Friday or early next week, officials said. But a Senate conference committee working on the bill voted 11-9 Thursday to drop the hate crime language, said Sen. John Warner, R-Va., chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. ………President Clinton has pushed the bill and accused Republicans of deliberately ducking it because they are worried that its provisions covering gays and lesbians might anger the GOP's conservative core. ……The Senate originally put the language in the defense bill, but Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, R-Miss., and House Republicans have been adamant that the provisions would be not part of the final version of the legislation. ……"

fox news 10/5/00 "……. Tempe, Ariz., officials are scrapping plans to prevent city workers from donating to the Scouts. "I'm disappointed and angry with myself for the poor process and communication that has ensued," said Mayor Neil Giuliano. …….. The Tempe controversy started when city officials said they would cut off the area's United Way charity group if it didn't stop funneling money to the Scouts. Local United Way officials told the city it couldn't decide what organizations were worthy of receiving United Way money, and local Scout leaders said they would stick up for values they believed in. ……. And while about a dozen of the United Way's 1,400 chapters have decided to withhold funding from the Scouts, some chapters are seeking funding alternatives. The Seattle-area United Way will transfer its funds to the Boy Scouts' public school program "Learning for Life," which has open enrollment. …….. "There are a few places that defunded the Boy Scouts," said Jon Fine of the United Way of King County. "There are plenty of United Ways that let the Boy Scouts alone. And there are a handful like us, who are asking the Boy Scouts to move in a more non-discriminatory fashion and finding ways to help encourage them to do that." ……."

Conservative News Service 10/5/00 Cheryl K Chumley "…..Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman has been denounced by members of the Jewish community for his views on homosexuality and abortion just hours before he is due to debate his Republican counterpart in front of a national audience. ….. "We want the Christian community to know how Lieberman is viewed, and that's as a scandal and an embarrassment," said Rabbi Yehunda Levin with Jews for Morality, during a Thursday news conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. …….Levin's criticism also comes at a time when the Republican Jewish Coalition has expressed "disappointment" with Lieberman's stated "respect" for Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a man criticized by many for his alleged anti-semitism, but whom Lieberman has said he would like to meet……….. The RJC has asked that Lieberman reconsider his plans to meet with Farrakhan, because of the minister's past statements concerning Jews and Judaism, which he called a "dirty religion."………. "Orthodox Jews are waking up to his tremendous mountain of inconsistencies. Tens of thousands of Orthodox Jews ... are reacting in shock and disbelief," Levin said, adding that Lieberman was "now claiming [to be] an observant Jew. That means you basically observe what's good for you politically and you observe what's not good for you politically." ……."

EWTN 10/5/00 "……A Vatican official has proposed that the international community declare the abuse of children, especially pedophilia, a crime against humanity. Cardinal Alfonso López Trujillo, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, revealed the proposal Tuesday during a press conference over the Oct. 14-15 Jubilee of Families. A pedophile network was recently uncovered in Italy, and elsewhere pedophiles are known to do trade over the Internet. "In 1992 we held an international congress in Bangkok on 'The Abuse of Children in Prostitution and Pornography,'" Cardinal López Trujillo recalled. "On that occasion we requested that pederasty be declared a 'crime against humanity,' and that it be prosecuted legally as such." …………"

Breakpoint 10/5/00 Chuck Colson "…. Before Congress adjourns in early October, a House- Senate conference committee will be considering expanding federal hate-crimes legislation. Many commentators have properly criticized this bill as being unnecessary. But it's much more than that -- it's a frontal attack on the free exercise of religion. ……Federal hate-crimes legislation authorizes federal prosecutions in cases where bias towards the victim is considered to have led to the attack. Present federal law only covers bias towards a person's race, color or creed. The pending legislation would add the categories of gender, disability, and sexual orientation. …….. This legislation is unnecessary. Does anyone seriously believe that we need the FBI and the Department of Justice to make sure homosexual victims of violence receive justice? Think back to high- profile cases like the murder of Matthew Shepard in October 1998. The killers, prosecuted by the state, are now serving life sentences without parole. What more could a federal prosecutor do? Federal involvement is just posturing and window dressing………So if the legislation is unnecessary, why are its proponents pushing so hard? It's obviously because this new law is part of a much grander strategy to change the way Americans think about homosexual behavior. Stated simply, the goal is to get Americans to think about the subject in anything but moral terms. We're supposed to think homosexual behavior is another lifestyle choice -- or, biologically determined. What we're not supposed to do is think about homosexual acts in terms of right and wrong. ………… But no matter how hard the proponents of this legislation try, some people -- those who believe in the Bible -- will persist in doing just that. So, these people's beliefs must be rendered beyond the limits of civilized discourse. They must be seen as equivalent to racism. And that's what's going on here. Expanding hate- crimes laws to include "sexual orientation" sends the message that having moral reservations about homosexual behavior is like harboring prejudice toward African-Americans or the disabled. With the stroke of a pen, a belief held by millions of honest Americans will be transformed into an irrational prejudice that must be eradicated. ……. Mind you, Bible-believing Christians aren't talking about having homosexual acts outlawed. We're simply saying, "don't outlaw our right to disapprove, and don't punish us for our beliefs." If religious liberty means anything, it means that government shouldn't be able to outlaw well-established moral views based on religious beliefs. …….." 10/5/00 David Bresnahan "…….You shouldn't have done it. It ruined our lives," cried one of several boys from the back row of a Medina, Ohio, courtroom last week. Michael Maggy, 35, a former Boy Scout leader, had just pleaded guilty to rape and sexual battery, and the poignant comments from his victims were brought home by a sentence of life in prison issued by Medina County Common Pleas Judge Christopher J. Collier. ………. Many homosexuals are attracted to young boys, they fantasize about young boys, they frequent websites about young boys, they cruise the streets for young boys, and they volunteer as Boy Scout leaders in an attempt to have sex with young boys, according to a world-renowned researcher and author. ………. Dr. Judith Reisman, formerly a research professor at American University, veteran pornography researcher and expert witness before the attorney general's commission on pornography, is the author of "Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences." Having extensively researched the homosexual lifestyle, Reisman and other experts have reached some disturbing conclusions. Contrary to the popular view that there is little crossover between homosexuality and pedophilia, she says homosexuals are anxious to recruit young boys -- a practice that is becoming easier thanks to sex education and "diversity programs" in schools that teach children to consider homosexuality as both acceptable and normal......." 10/5/00 David Bresnahan "…….But Reisman says what 90 years of police blotter statistics prove -- that young boys are in real danger of sexual molestation, and that the BSA has sound reasons to ban homosexuals. Reisman conducted two recent scientific studies that challenge the popular mantra of homosexual activists who insist that: 1) they are "born that way," 2) homosexuals make up 10 percent of the population, and 3) youths should be able to have sex at an early age……….. "Crafting 'Gay' Children: An Inquiry into the Abuse of Vulnerable Youth Via Establishment Media and the School Room" and "Partner Solicitation Language as a Reflection of Male Sexual Orientation," are continuations of the work Reisman began with her study, "Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences." ………….. " 10/5/00 David Bresnahan "…….Although homosexual activists claim they are no more likely to sexually molest children than heterosexuals are, Reisman says research proves the opposite. "They're claiming that homosexuals are not looking to have sex with boys, yet you have this massive number of boys out there prostituting themselves. And how do you have all these Internet sites if they're not looking for boys? This is not heterosexual. By definition, when you're having sex with someone of your own sex, that's homosexual," Reisman said………. " 10/5/00 David Bresnahan "…….Based on data from a study of non-incarcerated child sex offenders, Gene G. Abel, M.D., has found that homosexuals "sexually molest young boys with an incidence that is occurring five times greater than the molestation of girls." ……. A professor of psychiatry who has taught at several medical schools, including Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, Abel is currently affiliated with Emory University School of Medicine and Morehouse School of Medicine. He has been a research scientist in the field of sexual violence for 25 years, and the National Institute of Mental Health has awarded him funding for six long-term studies to investigate sexual violence and to design new ways to stop it. ………..Specifically, Abel's report provides data to show that, on average, 150.2 boys are molested per homosexual pedophile offender, whereas only 19.8 girls are molested per heterosexual pedophile offender. Incredibly, homosexual offenders admitted between 23.4 and 281.7 acts of molesting boys. ……." 10/5/00 David Bresnahan "…….Based on the government's own statistics -- the "Statistical Abstract of the United States, 1992, Data on Boys and Girls," published by the U.S. Commerce Department -- Reisman cited the following for that year:
* Of 86 - 88 million heterosexual men, 9 percent of them victimized 8 million girls under age 18, which constitutes 25 percent of all girls.
* An uncertain percentage of the estimated 2 million homosexual men victimized 6-8 million boys, under age 18, amounting to 17 - 24 percent of all boys.
* Therefore, considered in the aggregate, 3 to 4 boys are sexually molested per homosexual adult male.
* Only .09 girls are sexually molested per heterosexual adult male, which is to say that, on average, 1 in 11 heterosexual males victimizes a girl under 18. ……"

Duluth News-Tribune 10/4/00 "……In the first public fallout from the Duluth United Way's decision to stop funding the Boy Scouts, the head of one of Duluth's largest employers has resigned from the United Way's board of directors. Edwin L. Russell, president and chief executive officer of Allete, formerly Minnesota Power, made the decision Sept. 29. He announced his resignation in a company newsletter Tuesday. ``As an Eagle Scout and a former Scout leader, I believe the United Way of Greater Duluth has made a serious error in judgment,'' he wrote. ..."

The Washington Times 10/2/00 Gina Augustini Best (Fort-Worth Star Telegram) "…… EULESS, Texas - Euless Junior High School has punished two girls for hugging each other in the hallway - something the students say should be allowed and that lots of girls do. Principal David Robbins says such physical contact is inappropriate in school because it could lead to other things. Mr. Robbins said he stands by his rule that no students should hug in school. "Really, in junior high, they just don't need to put their hands on each other because they can get into trouble," he said. At the heart of the disagreement appears to be the intent of the girls' hugs. Mr. Robbins, while not naming the students, described one of the hugs as a "sexual encounter" because the girls "were fronted up, body to body." ……"

Reuters Health 10/3/00 Emma Patten-Hitt "……The HIV/AIDS (news - web sites) epidemic continues to have a disproportionate and devastating impact on communities of color, according to the Surgeon General and Assistant Secretary of Health, Dr. David Satcher, speaking at the United States Conference on AIDS here. ``When the AIDS epidemic started in this country in 1981, it was viewed as an epidemic predominantly of white, gay men. That was partially true for a while...but there's been a dramatic change,'' Satcher said. Satcher talked about the latest HIV/AIDS statistics, collected from July 1999 to June 2000. The figures show that the African American and Latino communities are disproportionately overrepresented in the number of new HIV infections. Black and Latino women are especially hard hit, making up 78% of newly reported HIV cases among women, he noted. ……According to the data, African Americans, while making up only 12% of the population, account for over 50% of the estimated 40,000 new HIV infections and almost half of the total cases reported. Latinos make up 11% of the population, yet account for an estimated 19% of new HIV infections and 19% of total AIDS cases reported. ……"

Albuquerque Jounal 10/3/00 AP ".....Some employees at Los Alamos National Laboratory are urging the northern New Mexico United Way agency to stop funding the Boy Scouts because of the group's ban on gay troop leaders. The workers say as long as the Boy Scouts are on the list, solicitation of pledges from Los Alamos lab violates the lab's policy against discrimination. ......"

Massachusetts News 10/00 Ed Oliver "........ At a Fistgate workshop named "Teachers Coming Out," a Cambridge teacher in a middle school told how she used a holocaust class to set the stage for an announcement to her 12- to 14-year-old students that she was a lesbian. But she has upset at least one Jewish person with her announcement. Brian Camenker, who is president of the Parents Rights Coalition, tells Massachusetts News: "As a Jew who had extensive family in Eastern Europe before WWII, I find the use of the Holocaust to promote homosexuality themes to children to be extremely offensive and outrageous. ........... "Moreover, the teacher's use of sophisticated propaganda techniques on middle school children is offensive to all parents. She is using fear and emotion to turn their minds against the values they are taught at home. Unfortunately, it has become routine that parents are not told of this. These horrible tactics of deceit are used by schools to promote homosexuality across Massachusetts." ...... The teacher, Susan McCray from Somerville, teaches a humanities class at Graham and Parks School in Cambridge. Shocking the Students In a 14-page handout given to workshop participants titled, "Looking Inside the Desks: One Teacher's Coming Out Story," McCray demonstrated that she put a lot of thought into preparing for her big "coming out" day. She detailed the methodical steps she used to steer discussion of the horror of the holocaust into a discussion of her personal sexual proclivities. ........"

Washington Times Inside the Beltway 10/3/00 "..... Nationally known AIDS activist Michael Petrelis couldn't believe his eyes when the calendar of events for the University of California at San Francisco's AIDS Health Project (AHP) listed an "HIV bowling night" and series workshop on "flirting." ...... "Start by learning the basics of flirting and how to have fun while sending the right message to the right guy . . . regardless of HIV status," the calendar notes........ Mr. Petrelis immediately fired off a letter to Dr. Joseph F. O'Neill, associate administrator of the HIV/AIDS Bureau of the Department of Health & Human Services in Washington, demanding to know how much of the $977,701 in Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act funds allocated to AHP were "spent for bowling and flirting."......."

Washington Times 9/28/00 Joyce Howard Price "….. A Manhattan school district has barred its schools from sponsoring Boy Scout troops to protest the Scouts' exclusion of homosexuals, and has asked the chancellor of New York City public schools to impose this action systemwide. Chancellor Harold O. Levy announced yesterday he has instructed the school system's chief counsel to evaluate the relationship the New York Board of Education has with the Boy Scouts. "We want to make sure it complies with our anti-discrimination policy," which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, said school board spokeswoman Margie Feinberg. ……"

Tampa Bay Online 9/27/00 Kia Shant'e Breaux, AP "…..When Ronald Edward Gay was growing up in Canada, "gay" meant happy. But when he entered the U.S. Marine Corps during the Vietnam era, his comrades taunted him about his last name and suggested he was homosexual. And when he would hear "gay" used to refer to homosexuals, he would bristle. It was that teasing - coupled, apparently, with a series of personal crises, including a recent divorce and a fire at his home - that prompted Gay to open fire in a gay bar Friday night, police and relatives say. A gay man was killed ..."

Massachusetts News 9/21/00 Ed Oliver "…… Two hundred letters were sent out by gay activists to surrounding schools, inviting administrators and teachers to attend. The Standard-Times newspaper gave it a big build-up. …….. However, the meeting held last night by the Unitarian Church at their church in Fairhaven, which is next to Acushnet, amounted to about 50 disgruntled gay activists and Unitarian supporters. The only controversy of the evening erupted after this reporter announced he was from Massachusetts News and asked for a show of hands from any parents whose children attend Acushnet's middle school. ……. Only three hands shot up. A group of people sitting together began shouting, "Leave here!" "Get out!" "Hater!" An audience member stood to challenge the shouters, reminding them that they were preaching tolerance and respect only moments before. One of the shouters then rose from his seat and stormed out of the building grumbling about "hate." The moderator quickly retrieved the microphone from this reporter and said the question was not appropriate. ……." 9/21/00 Phyllis Schlafly "…… Abstinence education is spreading rapidly in public schools all over the country, but the pressures are great for schools to continue teaching the "comprehensive," explicit, condom/contraceptive curricula that have been used for the last 20 years with such unhappy results. The 1996 Welfare Reform Act included a small appropriation known as "Title V" to fund some abstinence education programs. The law requires that any program funded under Title V have "abstaining from sexual activity" as "its exclusive purpose." …….. The law goes on to prescribe that these programs must teach (1) that abstinence from sexual activity outside marriage is "the expected standard for all school-age children," (2) that abstinence is "the only certain way to avoid" pregnancy and disease, (3) that "a mutually faithful monogamous relationship in the context of marriage is the expected standard," (4) that extramarital sex is "likely to have harmful psychological and physical effects" and (5) that bearing children out-of-wedlock is likely to have harmful consequences for the child. ………. Rather than attack the popular abstinence education head-on, its opponents are trying to divert a significant portion of Title V funding to worthless "evaluations." An outfit called Mathematica Policy Research Inc. recently finagled a $4 million to $6 million federal contract from other federal funds to evaluate a mere half-dozen abstinence programs involving about 500 to 1,500 students each. …….. One of the problems with Mathematica's evaluation is that it plans to use its "Teen Activities and Attitudes Study," a nosy questionnaire that interrogates students about the number of sexual partners they have had, whether or not and how often they use contraceptives and whether or not they have ever been pregnant. …….."

Indianapolis Star 9/21/00 Rob Schneider "......The United Way of Monroe County has joined a handful of sister organizations across the nation that will cut off funds to groups that refuse to sign a nondiscrimination policy. By Nov. 1, member agencies must sign a statement agreeing not to discriminate against an employee, member, volunteer or participant on the basis of factors such as race, color, religion, gender, age, disability or sexual orientation...."

ORIGINAL SOURCES 9/18/00 Mary Mostert "…..It would appear, from the news over the week-end, that the Gore campaign needs all the help it can muster from a supportive media, to beat George W. Bush in November.. …… And, the backlash against those who have vowed to punish or destroy the Boy Scouts of America for daring to stand up for the Scout Oath and Law, in spite of lawsuits and media pressure to give in to feminists, atheists and homosexuals, clearly has the radical left in temporary (until after the election) retreat. …….. A mere two weeks ago the media were reporting what appeared to be victory after victory for the anti-Scout forces. For example, the Miami Herald, only nine days ago, reported what certainly appeared to be a resounding victory for those seeking to drive the Boy Scouts out of schools and the very public parks that Scouts have long helped clean up with their service projects. ….."

USA Today 9/22/00 "……New Hampshire Friday, September 22 Manchester - A judge has ruled that a Massachusetts man who promoted his fringe presidential campaign in January by walking through Manchester in a penis costume did not break the law. Joshua Dostis, a professional clown, had been charged with lewd conduct. Dostis said the charge violated his right to freedom of speech. In a ruling released this week, a judge said the costume was worn as a parody of the political system, not to gain sexual gratification. ….."

Associated Press (via San Jose Mercury News) 9/23/00 "……Tired of years of taunts and disruptions, local AIDS professionals and activists announced they've decided to fight back against the activities of a radical AIDS group by boycotting its $1.6 million-a-year pot club. The San Francisco chapter of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) is known for its confrontational behavior and its claims that HIV does not cause AIDS, that those who think so are out to demonize gay sex and that AIDS drugs are poison. ……. The city's director of public health and the AIDS group Project Inform also are pursuing criminal charges against ACT UP/SF members for allegedly raucous behavior. ……."

Yahoo News 9/23/00 Reuters "……Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore got an unusual -- and probably unwelcome -- endorsement at a trade gathering for the Internet adult entertainment industry when a key speaker declared the Democrats a stronger advocate of free-speech rights than the Republicans. Predicting a more supportive climate for free speech under a Gore administration, Attorney Paul Cambria, who specializes in First Amendment issues, called on operators of X-rated Web sites to use their sites to promote Gore's candidacy. …….. Citing a more tolerant attitude to the adult entertainment industry under President Clinton than during the Republican administrations of George Bush and Ronald Reagan, Cambria said the industry can reasonably expect more of the same under Gore. ``The big message from the Gore camp has been that there should be no control over the content of speech, but control over access to the speech by individuals who are underage,'' Cambria said Friday. ……"

Boston Herald 9/22/00 AP "……A confessed child molester at the center of a controversy over his recent court sentence was ordered evicted today from an apartment in a public housing complex. Boston Housing Court Chief Justice E. George Daher on Friday ordered the eviction of Charles ``Ebony'' Horton from a Boston Housing Authority apartment in South Boston. The housing authority sought Horton's eviction after he admitted attempting to sexually assault a 12-year-old boy. A firestorm erupted recently when Horton was sentenced to home detention and probation rather than jail time. BHA Administrator Sandra B. Henriquez said in a written statement that she was ``very pleased'' with Daher's decision. ``I thank Judge Daher for doing what Judge Lopez should have done in the first place,'' Henrique said. …….Horton, a 22-year-old transsexual, confessed to luring the boy into his car, holding a screwdriver to his neck and asking for oral sex. ……Prosecutors had asked for an 8- to 10-year prison sentence, but Judge Maria I. Lopez instead gave him one year of home detention and four additional years' probation. ……"

Richardson (TX) News 9/24/00 Bill Ames "…. This week, I visited the Barnes & Noble bookstore at the Richardson Square Mall. ……. At the mall side entrance there is a large display which promotes their new "Close the Book on Hate" program.......recommended books for parents and children to read and discuss. ……… However, a look at the Barnes & Noble website reveals that at least five of the thirteen recommended "children's" books on the program's list openly promote homosexuality:
1. "Daddy's Roommate" (ages 4-7)
2. "Heather Has Two Mommies" (ages 5-8)
3. "Losing Uncle Tim" (ages 7-11)
4. "Love Makes a Family" (no age listed)
5. "My Two Uncles" (ages 6-9)
There are no Christian or other religious books to balance the homosexual content of this program. ……."Close the Book on Hate" is a national program covering 500 B & N stores, and is jointly sponsored by B & N and the Anti-Defamation League. The program's national chairman is Bill Bradley. The list of 24 "National Allies" of the program include no less than four gay/lesbian advocacy groups: The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation; The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network; The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force; and the Parents, Family, and Friends of Lesbians & Gays. There are no Christian or other religious-based organizations on the list. ……"

Yahoo News 9/23/00 Reuters "……Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore got an unusual -- and probably unwelcome -- endorsement at a trade gathering for the Internet adult entertainment industry when a key speaker declared the Democrats a stronger advocate of free-speech rights than the Republicans. Predicting a more supportive climate for free speech under a Gore administration, Attorney Paul Cambria, who specializes in First Amendment issues, called on operators of X-rated Web sites to use their sites to promote Gore's candidacy. …… Citing a more tolerant attitude to the adult entertainment industry under President Clinton than during the Republican administrations of George Bush and Ronald Reagan, Cambria said the industry can reasonably expect more of the same under Gore. ……"

New York Post 9/24/00 "……Activists with a suspect case and a judge with an agenda is always a dangerous combination. Last week, U.S. District Court Judge Sterling Johnson Jr. ordered that New York City's Division of AIDS Services and Income Support be overseen by a federal magistrate. …… Johnson determined that DAS had "chronically and systematically" delayed or terminated benefits such as emergency housing, rent assistance, food stamps, Medicaid and other services. This bizarre ruling comes out of a class-action lawsuit filed under the Americans With Disabilities Act more than five years ago by that perennial gadfly, Housing Works. Housing Works is an outgrowth of the gay group ACT-UP, whose members were best known for their self-centered, reckless obnoxiousness. ......These handful of cases - out of the 27,000 before the agency - became the foundation for Johnson's ruling. Think of it as litigation by anecdote. ……"

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 9/22/00 Tom Gibb "……A few hours before sunup July 26, as he lay sleeping in his Blairsville home, 12-year-old Shayne Stein was stabbed in the side of the head in an attack so violent the 4 1/2-inch blade of a steak knife broke off in his skull. Yesterday, state police said Stein's father did it. After a late night of downloading pornography from the Internet, police said, 43-year-old Shane Stein went into his son's bedroom in the family's modest, two-story duplex and stabbed the youngster while trying to force the boy to perform oral sex...." 9/22/00 S A Reid "…..Atlanta Housing Authority sued over rapes of two girls S.A. Reid - Staff Friday, September 22, 2000 Four months after the rape of two young girls in Harris Homes, the Atlanta Housing Authority and the private security firm it hired to patrol the public housing community are being sued for negligence...."

AP via 9/21/00 Amy Westfeldt "…… NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - A lesbian who wanted to hyphenate her name to include that of her longtime partner is appealing the decision of a judge who said a name change would create the impression the two women were married. The American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey on Thursday appealed Superior Court Judge Anthony J. Iuliani's decision to deny Jill Bacharach's application to change her name. At a hearing in August, Iuliani denied the Cedar Grove woman's petition, saying he feared it would create the appearance that she and her female partner were married, said ACLU staff attorney ..."

Boston Herald 9/21/00 Jose Martinez "…… The continued presence of convicted child molester Charles ``Ebony'' Horton in a South Boston housing project poses such a threat to other residents and their children he should be evicted immediately, the Boston Housing Authority contends in court papers made public yesterday.. …….. The BHA has asked Housing Court Judge E. George Daher to grant a preliminary injunction booting the 22-year-old transsexual out of the Mary Ellen McCormack Development, where he is currently confined under house arrest. A hearing is scheduled for tomorrow. ……. Under the standard BHA lease, tenants are forbidden from engaging in ``violent or drug related activity on or off BHA property, or any activity resulting in a felony conviction.'' …….. The BHA also contends the terms of the house arrest are too loose, confining Horton to his apartment via an electronic anklet generally reserved for nonviolent offenders and heavily relying on the ``honor system.'' ``As such, there are no safeguards that would ensure that the defendant will remain confined or that would ensure the health and safety of other BHA residents,'' the complaint states. ……"

AP via 9/21/00 "….. HANOVER, N.H. (AP) - The Boy Scouts have kicked out an assistant scoutmaster who wrote a newspaper commentary acknowledging he is gay and accusing the Scouts of discrimination. Mark Noel, 30, of Hanover, received a letter from New Hampshire's Daniel Webster Council in July telling him his membership had been revoked. The letter came nine days after the Valley News of Lebanon published an essay in which Noel urged the Scouts to ''bite the bullet'' and stop discriminating against homosexuals. ..."

Jewish World Review 9/20/00 Betsy Hart "…… Gay righters no longer seek just tolerance but endorsement …….. CONTROVERSIAL radio talk-show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger has launched her new television show to much furor and fanfare --- but gay activists and their allies in the fashionable elite are hoping it's a short-lived debut. They are aggressively working to force her off the air by pressuring advertisers to drop her show because of comments she's made about homosexuals, including calling homosexuality a "biological error" and saying that gay behavior is "deviant" because it deviates from the heterosexual norm. ……… But there is really no way in which Dr. Laura could have discussed her beliefs on homosexuality that would have caused the activists to behave any differently. They simply won't tolerate a person of her stature offering a notion of anything less than a full moral endorsement of gay behavior. For no longer is the homosexual movement about tolerance, about being treated fairly, with respect and equality under the law, something all decent Americans should and do embrace. It is about forcing all of us to morally affirm the gay lifestyle - even when our own deeply held religious or moral beliefs teach otherwise. ……. Consider the most "in-your-face" strategy possible: public, practicing gays forcing themselves into the ranks of the Boy Scouts of America, a private service organization that has admirably trained and encouraged young men for a century, and which doesn't admit open homosexuals. The Scouts had never made a public display of their moral stance, but the activists did - they sued……………. JWR columnist Mona Charen quotes Kevin Jennings, executive director of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, as saying of the book that "gays need to receive support from their schools. They need to receive affirmation." Bingo. It's not tolerance the movement seeks any longer. It's full moral endorsement even at the cost of riding roughshod over deeply held religious beliefs and freedom of association and expression. ……."

marillonet 12/7/99 George Rush "…… Elton John can forget about winning any merit badges from the Boy Scouts. The Scout Association in England has blasted the Rocket Man for camping it up at concert with some crotch-grabbing male strippers dressed as Cub Scouts. …… Singing the Pet Shop Boys' hit "It's a Sin," Sir Elton watched as the troupe of teen-age go-go boys stripped down to their skivvies in a routine that would shock most den mothers. ……. The occasion was last week's 10th-anniversary Royal Albert Hall celebration of the gay-rights group Stonewall. Scout rep John Fogg called the number "deplorable . . . in terms of denigrating our uniform and what it stands for. I think what Stonewall has done is to link again homosexuality with pedophilia." A spokesman for Stonewall, which was celebrating Britain's legal age of consent for gay sex dropping from 18 to 16, said: "We do apologize to the Scout Association if (the show) has caused them any offense." ……."

Boston Herald 9/19/00 Tom Mashberg ".....The Boston Housing Authority plans to serve convicted sex abuser Charles ``Ebony'' Horton with eviction papers as early as today, and several private parties are trying to find new housing for the transgendered 22-year-old, according to his lawyer. ...... Horton, sentenced to five years' probation - one of them under house arrest - for sexually assaulting a then-12-year-old Dorchester boy Nov. 20, is keenly aware his neighbors want him out of the Mary Ellen McCormack Housing Development in South Boston and is eager to move, said his housing attorney, Earl Howard of Cambridge. Horton ``wants to leave as soon as is feasible,'' said Howard, working on the case pro bono. ``It's clear the longer she stays on in this atmosphere, the more danger she is in.'' ...... At a BHA meeting at the project last week, a packed room of residents expressed outrage that Horton was allowed to stay at the complex where so many children live. ......Several gay-rights groups, including Men of Color Against AIDS (MOCAA) in Roxbury, are offering to help find housing for Horton, who must wear an ankle bracelet and stay away from children as a sentencing condition. ......:

The Journal Star 9/18/00 "......Most Nebraskans favor a proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriages, according to a copyright Omaha World-Herald poll published Sunday. In the survey of 986 registered voters conducted last week, 59 percent said they will vote for the so-called Defense of Marriage Act and 34 percent said they will vote against it. The proposed amendment would define marriage in the Nebraska Constitution as a relationship between a man and a woman. It reads: "The uniting of two persons of the same sex in a civil union, domestic partnership or other similar same-sex relationship shall not be valid or recognized in Nebraska." ....."

WRAL TV, Raleigh, NC 10/16/00 "..... A man has been charged with kidnapping and taking indecent liberties with a minor at the State Fair. The fairgrounds police say 31-year-old Joseph Rehrig, a vendor at the fair, was caught with a 13-year-old boy in a bathroom stall at the Red Cross lounge at 11 p.m. Sunday night. He worked at a jewelry booth next to the Red Cross lounge. ....... Fairgrounds police say they caught Rehrig after another fair worker saw him molest the 13-year-old boy. Authorities say the bathroom patrols will be stepped up. ...... "This is an isolated situation, to my knowledge it has never happened before," says fairgrounds police chief Matt Cleary. ......."

Suspect in fair incident found dead in jail cell RALEIGH, 10/19/00 "...... A North Carolina State Fair booth worker jailed on charges of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy in a fair restroom has been found dead in his jail cell. Wake County Sheriff John Baker says department workers making their rounds this morning discovered Joseph Scott Rehrig had hanged himself. ..... Baker says Rehrig apparently tied his bed sheet into little knots and hung it over the air vent. ......The sheriff says Rehrig was being held in a cell isolated from other inmates for his own protection. He was not under a suicide watch because authorities had no reason to believe he would harm himself. ......",4273,4070446,00.html Jason Burke in London, Amelia Gentleman in Moscow, Philip Willan in Rome 10/1/00 "……. Britain is a key link in the biggest ever international investigation into the production and supply of paedophile 'snuff' movies - in which children are murdered on film - an Observer investigation can reveal. ……. The key suspect in the inquiry, a Russian who was arrested last week in Moscow for distribution of thousands of sadistic child porn videos and pictures, was traced following the seizure of his products from British paedophiles. Dmitri Vladimirovich Kuznetsov, a 30-year-old former car mechanic in Moscow, was identified after British Customs and police traced the origin of violent child porn videos found in the UK back to Russia. Last week Italian police seized 3,000 of Kuznetsov's videos on their way to clients in Italy, sparking an international hunt for paedophiles who have bought his products. The Italian investigators say the material includes footage of children dying during abuse. Prosecutors in Naples are considering charging those who have bought the videos with complicity in murder. They say some may have specifically requested films of killings. …….. When officers from the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department raided Kuznetsov's flat they found two boys in a makeshift studio. They seized a huge quantity of films and other pornographic material as well as lists of clients in Italy, Germany, America and Britain. ……. Last week Italian detectives moved in, following months of inquiries, and arrested eight people. The police searched more than 600 homes and say they now have evidence against about 500 people. Among the suspects were businessmen, public employees and a university student. Several of them were married, with children of their own. Hundreds of people are also under investigation in Germany. …… Covert film of young children naked or undressing was known as a 'SNIPE' video. The most appalling category was code-named 'Necros Pedo' in which children were raped and tortured until they died. Police in Russia and the UK believe that Kuznetsov and his associates have been in business for more than two years in which time they are believed to have recruited around 100 boys - aged between nine and 15 - to be filmed. 'Most of the children were rounded up from railway stations. A lot of them came from the suburbs, or surrounding regions and were from deprived, problem families,' said Kiril Mazurin, a police spokesman. 'Usually when children like this arrive in the capital, they've got no idea where to go and hang around in the station. It's very easy to entice this kind of teenager - with a promise of a warm bed or a trip to the cinema.' Many were lured away from orphanages. 'Children are not locked in,' said Mazurin. 'Anyone can come along and promise them a meal at McDonalds. It doesn't take any more than that." ……."

THE REAGAN INFORMATION INTERCHANGE 10/17/00 Rev Louis Sheldon "…….Hundreds of homosexual teachers and school officials gathered in Chicago not long ago to attend the annual Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) conference. ……. The keynote speaker at this event was Robert Chase, head of the National Education Association, the nation's most powerful teacher's union. Chase told his audience that the NEA supports homosexual teachers. He observed, "I am here today precisely out of concern for the children our members teach. The NEA does not have what the right wing has branded a quote 'radical pro-homosexual agenda.' Rather, we have a radical civil rights agenda ... A pro-human agenda." ...... Chase is engaging in Orwellian Newspeak, designed to shield parents from the truth: The NEA has an aggressive pro-homosexual agenda and has promoted the normalization of homosexuality for years. ……. The NEA support for homosexual activism should be cause for great alarm to parents who are concerned about their children being taught deviant sexual practices in the public schools. Last March, GLSEN held a workshop at Tufts University where homosexual HIV instructors taught teenagers how to "fist" their sexual partners. Fisting is a medically unsafe practice involving thrusting the fist and arm up the anus of one's sexual partner. ……. GLSEN's Chicago office was the primary sponsor of this most recent conference. One of their leaders, David Thomas, was recently arrested for trying to solicit sex with an underage boy. …… The conference attendees--including teenagers--received a visitor's packet that advertised Chicago's homosexual S&M leather bars and a homosexual bathhouse called Steamworks. This kind of material hardly seems appropriate for children. ……"

THE REAGAN INFORMATION INTERCHANGE 10/17/00 Rev Louis Sheldon "…….GLSEN's conference featured workshops designed to help activist teachers introduce pro-homosexual themes into kindergarten social studies curricula. ….. GLSEN is urging transgender teens to begin lobbying for unisex bathrooms on their campuses. ......GLSEN also encouraged homosexual teachers to threaten their schools with lawsuits if school officials refuse to allow GLSEN to start Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Clubs on campuses. Not only does GLSEN want a GSA on every campus, they want to violate the rights of parents to keep their children out of such clubs. In one workshop, homosexuals were told that GLSEN is looking for a legal case involving a teen who wants to attend a GSA, but is prevented by his parents from attending. GLSEN will then file a suit against the parents to prevent them from protecting their child from homosexual recruitment. ......What occurred at the GLSEN conference should be a wake-up call to all parents who are concerned about the moral and physical well-being of their children on public school campuses. If GLSEN has its way, parental rights will be a thing of the past. Once free from parental oversight, radical homosexual teachers will indoctrinate a generation of children to embrace a deviant and dangerous sexual lifestyle. ….."

Family News in Focus 9/17/00 Dave Clark "…… A Baptist church in California is ground zero in the battle among Christians over homosexuality. The battle for control of Immanuel Baptist Church in Long Beach, Calif., angers the Rev. Jerry Falwell. "The fact that any gays and lesbians are in leadership in a Bible-believing church is unthinkable," he said. ….. Falwell is livid that, since January, the faithful of Immanuel Baptist Church have had no place to call home. Church secretary Jeff Griffith said a faction of homosexual activists has taken over. "Basically, they snuck their way into the church and locked us out," Griffith said. ……. The lockout came, he said, after a majority of the church voted to affirm orthodox requirements for membership, which effectively disqualified practicing homosexuals. The homosexual leadership, which owns the title to the church and its property, then took action. "We didn't know how this could happen," Griffith said. ……Richard Rossi, pastor of the now-scattered church, expressed similar frustration. "There were people that got in power that didn't know the Lord and should never have been in power with a gay agenda," Rossi said. ……"

Drudge 10/15/00 "….. Presidential hopeful Al Gore once declared that homosexuality is an abnormal lifestyle and vowed not to accept campaign funds from gay groups, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal…… In 1981, Gore decried homosexuality during a town meeting, according to eyewitnesses and press accounts of the session. …….. When one participant asked Gore about homosexuality -- which the man described as a "sin" -- Gore responded that homosexuality is an abnormality which should be discouraged. "I think it is wrong," Gore explained to the audience. "It is not just another normal optional lifestyle." …..During his senate race three years later, Gore said he would not accept campaign funds from homosexual groups, the TENNESSEAN reported on October 28, 1984. "I do not believe it is simply an acceptable alternative that society should affirm," Gore explained to a reporter. ……… The comments sharply conflict with Gore's current statements on homosexuality. ….."

Tennessean 10/17/00 BONNA M. de la CRUZ "….. In 1984, while campaigning for the U.S. Senate, then U.S. Rep. Al Gore said he opposed outlawing discrimination based on sexual orientation and described the gay and lesbian lifestyle as unacceptable. Last week, during his second debate with Republican George W. Bush, Gore said he supports legislation that bans firing gays and lesbians based on sexual orientation, that he opposes gay marriages but thinks the country should find some way to allow "civic unions." It's a philosophical shift that his supporters dismiss as "nothing new" but that Republicans call another one of Gore's "flip-flops" since his days as a congressman ..."

The Daily Oklahoman 10/17/00 K.S. McNutt "…… Now hear this: United Way of Metro Oklahoma City supports the Boy Scouts of America. Period. In fact, United Way is the largest single supporter of the Last Frontier Council of Boy Scouts. Its contribution this year is $409,000, a 3.14 percent increase over last year, local United Way President Tom Brown said. Yet, rumors persist that United Way is not funding the organization. "There has been a lot of misinformation regarding United Way of Metro OKC and local Boy Scouts and we want to set the record straight," Brown said...."

CNS News 10/16/00 Scott Hogenson "…… Vice President Al Gore has actively sought and received the support of homosexual advocacy groups in his race for the White House this year, and his quest for votes and financial contributions from that constituency has been matched by his support for new hate crimes legislation covering homosexuality, special immigration status for homosexual partners and a variation on gay marriage. But 12 years ago, Gore was no less vocal in his opposition to homosexuality and no less strident in seeking the support of others who shared that opposition, including the man who created and operates the 'God Hates Fags' Internet web site…….. "The people of this church were powerfully persuaded that, because of him talking to us - I'm talking about eyeball to eyeball - that he was opposed to the homosexual, so-called gay rights agenda," said Fred W. Phelps, pastor of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, where he runs the anti-homosexuality web site as part of the church's ministry. ……"

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 11/3/00 Sally Kalson "......An anonymous donor, citing reports of a backlash against the Boy Scouts of America over its ban on gay troop leaders, has given $1.5 million to Boy Scout operations here. Even though local scouting councils say they have not suffered any loss of financial support over the organization's controversial policy, they welcomed the donation as a sign of support for their mission and ideals. Members of the local gay community, on the other hand, called it a sad vindication of bigotry....."

Opinion Journal 11/5/00 "…… A political civil war is being waged in Vermont, a bucolic rural state of 590,000 people. The battle lines are largely between the Woodchucks and the Flatlanders. Those terms don't describe family names, but rather the origin of the state's two largest voting blocs. …. Woodchucks are native Vermonters, still about 60% of the population. They are fiercely independent and reserved, and revere old Vermont traditions. One is that people "take care of themselves," exemplified by the state's rejection of federal aid in 1929 after extensive floods. They are largely tolerant but in the sense that they think people should "mind their own business." ……. Flatlanders are newcomers to Vermont, people who have largely left big Eastern cities for a more rural, relaxed lifestyle. ...... All three major candidates for governor as well as the state's socialist member of Congress, Bernie Sanders, are Flatlanders. ……. The Woodchucks have put up thousands of signs all over the state that proclaim it's time to "Take Back Vermont." A series of moves they view as social engineering has energized them to assert themselves in politics, which many native Vermonters haven't paid much attention to recently. ……The flashpoint for the current contretemps is the decision of Gov. Howard Dean, a Democrat, and the Legislature, controlled by his party, to respond to an activist state Supreme Court decision establishing same-sex "civil unions." ......"

The Associated Press 11/1/00 Matt Kelley "…..President Clinton asked a gathering of gay and lesbian leaders Wednesday night to remember on Election Day that his administration was their friend, and that Al Gore agreed fully with his policies. ``The vice president supported everything I did for this community,'' Clinton told about 50 gay and lesbian leaders. ``I hope, for what it's worth, 100 percent of your community will know that on Election Day.''..."

Drudge report 11/1/00 "…..**Exclusive** Campaign 2000 took an aggressive turn this week after Gore campaign operatives began questioning Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader's sex life, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. "Look, he's never been married." one Gore operative whispered to stunned reporters earlier this week. "Who is going to be sleeping in his bed at the White House if he's elected president? I'm interested. Aren't you?" …… The whispering campaign comes as Nader, 66, appears to be taking support away from Democratic hopeful Al Gore in key states…… "This is the last act of a desperate campaign!" a Nader insider said late Wednesday. "If this does not open the eyes of the American people, nothing will. These people will do anything to keep power."….. A senior Gore official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, blasted the whispering campaign. "If anyone is caught doing this, they will be fired immediately!" the official told the DRUDGE REPORT from Tennessee. "Who's every doing this should knock it off -- and knock it off now!"….."

Los Angeles Daily News 11/1/00 Rick Orlov "…… Questioning the role of the Boy Scouts of America in city programs, a Los Angeles City Council panel moved closer on Tuesday to recommending that the city sever all ties with the organization. Councilwoman Jackie Goldberg said she does not believe the city should be in the position of helping the group because of its policies on religion and sexual orientation, which have been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. "This is an organization that fought all the way to the United States Supreme Court for its right to discriminate," said Goldberg, who is a lesbian. "They thought there would be no consequences. Well, there has to be. ………Goldberg, who chairs the City Council's Personnel Committee, urged that the city's Recreation and Parks Department no longer provide free meeting rooms for Scout troops. ……Beyond that, however, she recommended that the Los Angeles Police Department sever its ties with a subsidiary of the Boy Scouts and develop its own program for its estimated 200 Explorers. …."

Tampa Bay OnLine 10/31/00 Ross Sneyd AP "……In a bipartisan display, four veteran politicians called Tuesday for an end to divisive politics that have engulfed the state over its landmark law allowing civil unions for homosexual partners. Sens. Patrick Leahy and James Jeffords, Rep. Bernie Sanders and retired Sen. Robert Stafford said the debate has turned ugly and they called for civility. Jeffords, a Republican, said the four were concerned about "a new and offensive tone of intolerance and hate, especially when it involves ... love and a willingness and desire of people to express love, even though it might not be in ways we would prefer to see." ……"

Mass News 10/31/00 Nev Moore "…… Steven Albrizio, who was featured in Massachusetts News when DSS(Dept. of Social Services) was finding adoptive parents for the three children that he had tortured, was found guilty last week of assault and battery against the children and sentenced to seven-and-one-half years in prison. The crimes took place in 1996, but DSS never notified the police about the torture. It was only after the mother discovered the abuse in DSS files and reported it to the District Attorney that the matter was investigated by the state police and charges were brought. ……. DSS has been criminally negligent again this year because Albrizio has been living with another family for over a year with young children with the approval of DSS once again. Since that family is under DSS supervision, it had to approve of the arrangement. …… At sentencing, Judge Joan Lynch told the defendant, Steven Albrizio, "You are cruel and callous. You have tormented the children in an environment they were unable to leave. It will take the children a long time, if ever, to heal. The defendant doesn't deserve leniency." ….."

AP National 11/2/00 Ross Sneyd "…..Vermont's race for governor may be decided not by the voters on Tuesday but by the Legislature in January. Democratic Gov. Howard Dean is locked in a bitter three-way race, facing fierce criticism for signing the state's landmark law allowing gay couples to form marriage-like civil unions. …….Under the Vermont Constitution, if no candidate gets at least 50 percent of the vote, the new Legislature selects the governor. And the new Legislature is likely to have a decidedly unfriendly cast because of the backlash against civil unions. …."

Omaha World-Herald Company 11/8/00 Steve Buttry Leslie Reed ".......Nebraskans voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to amend the State Constitution by adding the nation's strongest rejection of same-sex unions. Initiative 416, also called the Defense of Marriage Amendment, led by a ratio of nearly 2-to-1. The measure says same-sex marriages, civil unions and domestic partnerships are not valid in Nebraska. Supporters cheered Tuesday's vote, saying the amendment will protect Nebraska from being forced to accept gay marriage or marriagelike unions that another state might approve. "Nebraskans have spoken their minds," said Bill Ramsey, co-chairman of the Nebraska Coalition for the Protection of Marriage. "..."

UPI 10/12/00 "…..The former head of a conservative legal group that urged the disbarment of President Clinton pleaded guilty Thursday to a misdemeanor charge of public indecency. Matthew Glavin, formerly of the Southeastern Legal Foundation, was arrested in May at the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area in suburban Atlanta, where an undercover federal agent said Glavin masturbated, then fondled the officer's groin. Glavin entered his guilty plea before a federal magistrate. No sentencing date was set. …."

NewsMax 11/7/00 David Bresnahan "...... Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore said he plans to use legislation to encourage the Boy Scouts of America to accept gay leaders if he is elected. His opponent disagrees. Gore had not responded to questions about the Boy Scouts until recently when he appeared on "Good Morning America." He was asked by reporter Charles Gibson if he agreed with the decision by the Supreme Court to let the BSA ban gay leaders. Said Gore: ........ "On the grounds that were used for the decision, the right of free association, yes. But I oppose discrimination. And the court did not reach the underlying question that others have raised there. I ... I want to see a day, Charlie, where we don't have this ... this kind of discrimination by groups public or private. And I think that we're moving into a future where that discrimination can be brought to an end. The principal piece of legislation on that, incidentally, is the Employment Nondiscrimination Act, which I support and which Governor Bush does not support. And I think we need to move to a day when we don't have discrimination." The Rev. Jerry Falwell said in a phone interview that Gore was using "his usual doublespeak" to try to please all sides of the issue. ....... "He says he agrees with the Supreme Court decision, but then he said he thinks the Boy Scouts discriminate against [gays] and he plans to bring it to an end," said Falwell. He also pointed out that during the recent presidential debates, Gore said he does not believe gays should marry, but he then said they should be able to have some sort of "civic union." ....." The teenagers, 17-year-old Taurean Maurice Green and 18-year-old Charles Grant, joked around during the hearing. They faced a judge on statutory rape and aggravated child molestation charges, along with suspect 17-year-old Jamon Aiken. The three teens are among 11 males arrested so far for the attack on a 13-year-old mentally challenged girl. The girl was raped over a 14 to 15-hour time period October 13 in the Forest Creek apartment complex. Six of those in custody are adults. Five are juveniles. Police believe two other suspects have fled the state….."

The Washington Post 10/24/00 "…… Carol Johnson, the superintendent of the Minneapolis schools, had long been an admirer of the Boy Scouts of America. Her two sons were active in the organization, and she had served on the board of the local Scouting council. And as the leader of the 49,000-student school system since 1997, Ms. Johnson supported the district's policy of sponsoring troops at some two dozen city schools that had lacked them. But Ms. Johnson was troubled by the BSA's national policy prohibiting the participation of homosexuals as leaders or members. ….."

The Oregonian 11/4/00 Scott Learn "….. Mayor Vera Katz, who counts progress on gay civil rights among her top accomplishments, returns from vacation Monday to deal with disclosure of her police chief's taped anti-gay comments. Police Chief Mark Kroeker's remarks, taped a decade ago and revealed last week by the Portland Alliance newspaper, have put him on shaky ground at City Hall -- including the mayor's office. Katz's office has cleared her Monday schedule for an extraordinary series of meetings with ethicists, diversity experts, gay and lesbian leaders, police officers, church officials and others. ….."

AP and The Massachusetts News 11/2/00 Greg Sukiennik "…..A Massachusetts Superior Court judge on Thursday struck down the city of Cambridge ordinance that gave gay workers and their partners the same health insurance and benefits as straight counterparts. Middlesex Superior Court Judge James F. McHugh on Thursday ordered the city to stop paying for those benefits as of Jan. 31, 2001, saying that the ordinance went beyond what is allowed under state law. Cambridge was the first city in the state -- and the 19th in the country -- to adopt a so-called domestic partnership ordinance. Vincent McCarthy, senior northeast counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, which went to court on behalf of 12 Cambridge residents to protest the ordinance, called judge's decision "an important victory for the marriage and family." ….."

Last Vegas Sun 10/30/00 Stacy J. Willis "……. Behind closed doors at Canyon Ridge Christian Church, a group of men and women try to reconcile their same-sex attraction with their religious convictions. "They don't identify themselves as homosexuals. They identify themselves as Christians," said Don Miller, licensed therapist and the administrator of the nondenominational church's Homosexual and Lesbian Outreach (HALO) program. ……. By studying the Bible and talking about their feelings, Miller said, dozens of Las Vegans who had struggled with homosexuality have learned that they can "suppress those desires and move on and have a healthy, productive life. ….."Some people have had a substantial change in their orientation, are dating the opposite sex, and enjoying the opposite sex. ... And some are maintaining celibacy, and they are satisfied with that," Miller said. ……But many argue that Canyon Ridge's program, like others affiliated with the national Exodus "gay recovery" organization, are psychologically harmful and -- to some -- un-Christian. ……Christians, as well as members of other faiths, are vastly divided on the issue of homosexuality -- divided over whether homosexuality is a sinful choice or a God-given trait, whether homosexuals are worthy of being ordained, and whether gay and lesbian relationships should get the blessing of the church. ……" 11/2/00 Lawrence Morahan "…..Learning from the experience of other states grappling with the issue of legal recognition of homosexual unions, family groups in Nebraska have crafted a proposed amendment to the state Constitution that seeks not only to ban homosexual marriage but declares same-sex domestic partnerships invalid as well. According to a variety of polls, voters are expected to support the measure by a comfortable majority on Election Day. "Nebraska will be the first, and we will not be the last" to pass such legislation, predicted Guyla Mills, chairperson for the Defense of Marriage Amendment Committee..."

AP 11/2/00 Barnimi Chakraborty "…..MARIETTA, Ga. (AP) - As many as 25 men and boys raped and molested a 13-year-old mentally disabled girl over 12 hours after luring her off of her bicycle and into an apartment building, police said. The assailants ranged in age from 12 to 27, authorities said. ``I am not familiar with anything this barbaric,'' said Brody Staud, a police spokesman in this Atlanta suburb. Five suspects were arrested and authorities were searching for seven others identified so far in the attack, which occurred Oct. 13-14. ..."

U.S.. Newswire 10/31/00 "....... Press Conference to Expose 'Homosexual Harassment' in Vermont Classrooms To: City and Assignment desks Contact: Standing Together And Reclaiming the States,

802-766-5437 or 802-343-4918 (mobile) .......2 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 31, at the Vermont State Capitol

Details: To expose homosexual harassment in the classroom (Montpelier) Standing Together And Reclaiming the States (STARS), led by Vermont State Rep. Nancy Sheltra, will hold a press conference on Tuesday, Oct. 31, at the Vermont State Capitol, room ........At the press conference Representative Sheltra will be joined by a group of Vermont parents, including the parents of a Vermont student they say has been subjected to harassment by a teacher over opinions on the cause of homosexuality. ....... In a classroom study of genealogy the teacher stated her opinion that being gay was inherited. When the student questioned the teacher on this the student was asked if he was homophobic and if he was unsure of his own sexuality. This teacher is a Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network facilitator. Since the passing of the Civil Unions bill, the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network and Outright Vermont have become more aggressive in Vermont as they promote the homosexual agenda to minors in the public school system. .........."

San Francisco Chronicle 10/30/00 Carolyn Lochhead ".......Step off a plane in Vermont, and the visceral backlash against the state's groundbreaking civil union law granting gays and lesbians the legal rights of marriage is already palpable. ``Coward Dean'' reads the lighted sign atop a taxi waiting outside the Burlington airport, a reference to Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, the Democrat who signed the civil union measure into law last spring. ``We're on the verge of losing the governor, the Senate and the House,'' conceded Lisa Turner, political director of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, the party's arm that oversees statehouse races. ``We're in the fight of our lives up here for civil rights for all Vermonters,'' agreed Peter Shumlin, Democratic president pro tem of the Vermont Senate and one of the chief backers of the civil union law. .......Polls in this tiny rural state of church-steepled hamlets are scarce and unreliable, and no one can safely predict what will happen on election day. ......``It got rammed down our throats, and people don't like the way it was done,'' he said. ``When you poll 60 towns in the state of Vermont and 60 towns vote it down, what does that say?'' referring to town meetings that were held before the law was approved. ......"

Minneapolis star 10/31/00 Maria Elena Baca "……. Children will be hurt by the Boy Scouts' national policy barring gay men from leadership positions, members of the Twin Cities' gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community said Monday night in a community forum sponsored by the advocacy group OutFront Minnesota. …….. The Boy Scouts were represented by John Andrews, executive director of the Indianhead Council, which represents St. Paul, several suburban counties and parts of western Wisconsin. The Boy Scouts' Viking Council, which represents Minneapolis and its suburbs, was not invited to the meeting and did not ask to be included, said John Kuehn, the council's director of finance. ……"

e-mail 10/31/00 "……..If elected, George W. Bush stated that he'd abolish the position of White House Liaison to the Gay/lesbian and LGBT community And since the final debate, Bush is still leading in the polls--and could become our next President. ………
- in 5 years as Governor of Texas, Bush never once publicly addressed the AIDS epidemic. He never even uttered the word.
- despite 40 brutal murders of Gays and Lesbians since Matthew Shepard, Bush opposes all Hate Crime laws.
- Bush pledged his allegiance to the Texas Christian right by vowing to support laws criminalizing sodomy in their state.
- in 38 states you can be fired for being Gay, and Bush opposes employment protection of Gays and Lesbians
- Bush publicly stated that being openly Gay would not be compatible with serving in his administration.
- Bush is adamantly against same-sex partnership rights
- Bush opposes sex education promoting safer-sex
- Gov. Bush's Texas Republican Party refused to give space to Gay Log Cabin Republicans at the GOP state convention (3 times)
- As Governor, Bush refused to adopt an administration non-discrimination policy that included sexual orientation.
- Bush has gone on record saying "Gays would be inappropriate parents"-- and openly opposed a measure to let Gay & Lesbian couples be foster parents.
- As Governor, Bush publicly opposed adding "sexual orientation" to Texas' Hate Crime law.
- Bush is dedicated to overturning a woman's right to choose and creating a future that's right out of our scary past--full of racism, sexism, homophobia and back-alley abortions ……."

EWTN 10/29/00 "…..Last Monday John Paul II spoke out against the legalization of homosexual unions during his speech welcoming the new Dutch ambassador to the Vatican. The Pope's comments were prompted by the recent parliamentary vote in the Netherlands in favor of formal legal recognition of the partnerships between people of the same sex. John Paul II reiterated the Church's teaching that the union between a man and a woman should not be placed on the same level as same-sex relationships. …."

CNS News 10/31/00 Lawrence Morahan "……When Maine voters go to the polls next week, they will be asked to vote on "Question 6," an anti-discrimination measure that family groups say will open the door to granting special rights to the state's homosexual community. According to commentators, the lack of opposition by the local Roman Catholic diocese of Portland means that the measure is likely to pass. …."

Traditional Values Coalition 10/26/00 Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, "…..Missouri Congressman Dick Gephardt seems to have a problem. He has promised the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) that he will aggressively support their radical agenda in Congress. On the other hand, he is trying to hide this fact from the voters in Missouri. If he is proud of his support for the homosexual movement, why is he worried that voters will learn this fact? ……… Just recently, his congressional opponent, Bill Federer, aired a political ad, which included portions of a speech Gephardt gave at a NGLTF dinner in October, 1999. C-SPAN carried Gephardt's remarks. During his speech, Gephardt told his homosexual audience: "If the majority changes in the year 2000 and I have anything to say about it, I can assure you that these measures, that make good sense and represent the right values for America, will be on the agenda and will be passed." …….Gephardt has sent letters to St. Louis stations demanding that they stop running Federer's ad. C-SPAN also demanded that Federer stop running the ad. Gephardt's goal is to censor his own remarks from the voters………. What is Gephardt hiding? Is he afraid that the voters in his district might learn of his cozy relationship with a radical homosexual group in Washington? What is the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force after? And how will Gephardt help them fulfill their objectives? …… "

NY Times 10/27/00 ".....The campaign of Gov. George W. Bush stirred up unhappiness yesterday on an unusual front: The Boy Scouts of America want the campaign to excise a 3 1/2-second image of scouts raising a flag from a new commercial, which talks about education and never mentions the scouts directly. Gregg Shields, national spokesman for the scouts, said their lawyer had told Bush campaign that "it would be inappropriate to imply any endorsement by the Boy Scouts of America." ....."

Macon Telegraph 10/27/00 Debbie Rhyne "......The American Civil Liberties Union wants Georgia's teachers and administrators to participate in a training program that will alert them to any bullying of gay and lesbian students. Georgia, along with Kentucky and Indiana, were chosen by the ACLU to participate in the pilot "Making Schools Safe" program. Eric Ferrero, a spokesman for the ACLU's Lesbian and Gay Project, said the selection of these three states doesn't mean they are recording more bullying incidents against lesbian and gay students...." 10/26/00 Jim Burns ".....Republican Bill Federer, who is challenging House Democratic Leader Richard Gephardt in Missouri's Third District, has begun running television ads in the St Louis market showing Gephardt addressing last year's annual dinner of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force in Washington. Gephardt's campaign has filed a protest with the television stations, accusing Federer's campaign of possibly violating copyright laws.In the ad, Gephardt is seen addressing items on the homosexual group's agenda, including the legalizing of same sex marriages and allowing homosexuals to serve as Boy Scout leaders. "......" 10/28/00 Carl Limbacher "...... Senate candidate Hillary Clinton has yet to react to a perverted joke about child molestation told in her presence at a recent fund raiser - and aides to her opponent Rick Lazio say it's an outrage. National Review reported on its Web site Friday: "According to the Washington Post Thursday, at a recent sold-out Empire State Pride Agenda dinner, gender-bending 'auctionatrix' Sybil Bruncheon was auctioning off 'a lovely matching set of Biarritz leather chairs.' There's a big one and a little one, she helpfully points out, 'perfect for those of you in the Man-Boy Love Association!' " ....." 10/30/00"……. The day before Minnesota passed H.F. 585 in 1993, I was asked to assist parents' rights activists there who were trying to stop this "sexual orientation" bill introduced by a small clique of Democratic legislators. Too late. But not too late to kill the pedophile privileges which would take effect in the Democrats' "sexual orientation" bill. The Minnesota's statute spelled out special rights for "sexual or affectional orientation" and "age," jettisoning the God-given rights of parents for the state-given rights of pedophiles. While pedophiles are stealthily included under any new "sexual orientation" law (see the American Psychiatric Association listing of myriad sexual orientations) "affectional" is well known as a term for pedophiles (child molesters) within the sexuality field. …….. In The Journal of Paedophilia, Dr. John Money, of Johns Hopkins University, a pedophile advocate and pediatric professor emeritus, defined "affectional" for his upper-air child molester readers. Says John: ...... affectional paedophilia in layman's terms ... (is) the straight forward affectional attraction to children ... a paedophilic attraction to children ... an overflowing of parental pairbonding into erotic pair bonding. ... (T)he affectional relationship, in male paedophilia at least, is ...erotic or lover-lover pairbonding ... a combination of affectionate love as well as the lust factor. ... ……. To their credit, once so informed about the true definition, Minnesota legislators immediately excised all "affectional" references in the legislation. …..Unfortunately, as we slosh about in our post-Kinsey revolutionary sexual sewer, all professions and political parties host their share of closeted sexual psychopaths. Hastings Wyman reports that "The Democratic Party has embraced gay and lesbian America as a major constituency in its coalition of key voter groups. The Republican Party has mostly abandoned its past homophobia and has exhibited -- albeit cautiously -- a friendly face to gay people" (Capital Letters, Oct. 19, 2000). ……"

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10/28/00 Tim Bryant "….. Republican congressional candidate Bill Federer must stop using C-Span television footage in campaign ads as the result of a federal judge's order Friday evening. The ruling by U.S. District Judge Charles A. Shaw was at the request of C-Span lawyers, who said Federer's use of the material was unauthorized. In its 22 years, C-Span has never allowed political use of its material, said its lawyer, Mark Sablemen...."

Jon E. Dougherty 10/29/00 "….. An activist group has charged House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt, D-Mo. with pressuring local television stations into removing ads aired by his Republican opponent showing Gephardt's commitments to "radical homosexuals." ……. The charges, made by Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, Chairman of the Traditional Values Coalition, were leveled in a statement issued by his group on Thursday. Sheldon called upon Gephardt to come clean on what he calls the congressman's intent to facilitate passage of the radical homosexual agenda in Congress if he becomes Speaker of the House after the Nov. 7 elections -- a position to which he will likely be appointed if Democrats win control of the House from Republicans. ……. " Gephardt has been trying to hide his relationship with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, but he should be honest with the voters in his district," Sheldon said. "I am disappointed that the television stations were so easily intimidated by Gephardt and his radical homosexual allies." ….. Sheldon said Gephardt contacted St. Louis TV stations and was successful in getting political ads pulled that were aired by the Federer campaign. In the ads, portions of a speech Gephardt gave at a NGLTF dinner last October were shown. ……."

Washington Times NATIONAL WEEKLY EDITION 10/23/00 John Leo "..... Reports in the New York Times referred to the Boy Scouts as "almost un-American" and "something akin to a hate group" for refusing to allow homosexuals to become scoutmasters. Both slurs were attributed to vague, unnamed sources...... "Almost un-American"? This must be a large category, since a Newsweek poll found the public supports the Supreme Court's decision 56 percent to 36 percent. Also in this nearly unAmerican class would be several state Supreme Courts (4 out of 5 said the Scouts are entitled to determine their own membership without government interference) and virtually the entire US. House of Representatives, which voted 362 to 12 to sustain the Scouts' federal charter....... "Akin to a hate group"? Only if traditional morality is now officially a form of hate. Boy Scouts are explicitly taught to respect all their fellow citizens. The Scouts issue no anti-homosexual vitriol and have joined no political alliance to oppose homosexuals. The Scouts' brief to the Supreme Court said simply: "We can respect the plea of many homosexual Americans not to have the majority's morality imposed on them. By the same token, we ask that a contrary morality not be forced upon private associations like the Boy Scouts."....."

NewsMax 10/26/00 Dr Lynn Ponton ".....A leading expert on adolescent sexuality says teens are having sex sooner than ever before and blames President Clinton for popularizing oral sex among the young. In an interview with Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly Wednesday night, Dr. Lynn Ponton, author of "The Sex Lives of Teenagers," said that Clinton's attempts to cover up his relationship with Monica Lewinsky by redefining the meaning of the word sex had a "tremendous" influence on teen sex habits. "..."

Traditional Values Coalition 10/25/00 Rev. Louis P. Sheldon ".... On college campuses all over America, Christians and conservative students are finding themselves the targets of homosexual intolerance and even violence. ......... This ominous trend is evidence of a growing anti-Christian bigotry and an effort to stifle freedom of speech and freedom of association. Homosexuals are already attempting to destroy the Boy Scouts for its effort to protect young boys from possible sexual exploitation from individuals with same-sex attractions. ..... This same intolerance of private organizations to set their own membership standards is now being extended to religious groups on college campuses. ......... Regrettably, not only is religious freedom being violated by universities and homosexuals, but violence against Christians is also becoming a reality. Homosexual-inspired anti-Christian bigotry is alive and well at Michigan State University. Jason Van Dyke, a Southern Baptist, was kicked off the student paper for writing an article critical of homosexual activism. He then started an alternative newspaper on campus called the "Spartan Spectator" and an Internet paper called "The Potatoe." Van Dyke has received death threats and his dorm room was recently trashed by vandals who urinated on his bed and wrote "die" on the wall. Clearly, the Christians at Tufts and vocal students like Van Dyke are being targeted by pro-homosexual and anti-Christian bigots who want to punish and silence any opposing viewpoints. ...... Universities were once viewed as places where students were exposed to alternative viewpoints in a civil environment. No more. Today's Politically Correct Homosexual Brown Shirts use violence and intimidation to silence any criticism of their behavior. ......"

CNS Commentary from BreakPoint 10/24/00 Charles Colson "...... Eight-year-old Martin Thompson couldn't wait to join the Boy Scouts. From the flyers passed out at school, he'd read about all the fun Scouts have. But when Martin's parents discovered his interest, they told him absolutely not. Their reaction shows just how successful the gay lobby has been convincing people that homosexuality has no moral component.......The Boy Scouts don't accept members or leaders who engage in homosexual conduct -- and that's why Martin's parents objected. "Our family does not agree with discrimination against . . . homosexuals," Martin's mother told him. The family then went to a meeting of the Anne Arundel County, Maryland, school district and tried to get the Scouts thrown off school property........... Martin's father read a statement Martin had written, which said, "I don't want the Boy Scouts to come to my school because my school allows everyone to come. .. . . But . . . not everyone is allowed in the Boy Scouts." Of course, Martin's school does not allow everyone to attend. It discriminates against people who are too old or too young, and against anyone who lives outside the school district. Evidently, this type of discrimination doesn't bother Martin's parents. They probably view it as appropriate, because it violates no moral laws. But they're evidently teaching their son that homosexual conduct violates no moral laws either -- but that objecting to it does. They equate the upholding of biblical principles as code language for gay-bashing.......... "

AP via 10/24/00 Marc Humbert "……Senate candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday told a gay male college student who wants to someday start a family that she is supports Vermont-style civil unions as a way to help make that possible. ''I don't support gay marriages, but I do support extending benefits to couples, domestic partner benefits ... and the kind of civil union that Vermont adopted seems to be the way to create that opportunity for people,'' she told an audience of about 75 people gathered for a campaign event at Onondaga Community College...."

Family News in Focus 10/23/00 Dave Clark ".....Catholic faithful in Maine are hopping mad over diocesan support of homosexual marriage. About 50 parishioners recently protested in front of the diocesan offices of the bishop of Portland, Maine, over his support of homosexual marriage. A spokesman for the bishop said homosexual rights should be protected. "He wasn't speaking for me nor for many other Catholics here in Maine," said Pat Truman, a Catholic protestor. Truman feels betrayed by the affirmation her Catholic leaders want to give to homosexual marriage in an upcoming referendum. ..."

Denver Post 10/23/00 Virginia Culver ".....Almost 3,000 Catholics have signed a New York Times advertisement proclaiming that contraceptives should be easily available and gays and lesbians should have full civil rights. At least 35 Colorado Catholics are among the signers of the ad, which says signers disagree with the church that abortion is a sin. The ad, expected to run before Saturday, says signers don't agree with everything their bishops say and that abortion isn't the only issue Catholics care about....."

Washington Times 10/16/00 Joseph Sobran "........nothing is more surprising than the ease with which a tiny minority of organized homosexuals has been overpowering such a mainstream organization as the Boy Scouts of America.......The Scouts won a victory this year when the US. Supreme Court ruled that they can't be forced to accept homosexuals as members and scoutmasters; but they have been losing other battles, as school districts from Massachusetts to San Diego have denied them access to school facilities because of their "discrimination" against homosexuals.......... Federal courts are also using the 1964 Civil Rights Act to ban workplace "discrimination" against homosexuals. The use of such creative interpretation of the laws and the U.S. Constitution - investing them with meanings that never occurred to those who drafted them in order to achieve social revolution is one of the basic devices by which the Few rule the Many...... A semantic note. "Discrimination" is liberalese for free association liberals disapprove of, just as "civil rights" means forced association. The more "civil rights" the state enacts, the less freedom of association we have......... The liberal agenda is a profoundly unpredictable affair. Who knows what causes liberals - the dominant Few - may adopt in the years ahead? Who knows what they will insist that the Many be forced to accept as specious legal and constitutional imperatives?........ The Few not only hate the traditions of the Many; they have conducted a relentless propaganda campaign against those traditions, variously called "education, eradicating prejudice," and "consciousness-raising." They coin new-fangled words like "homophobia" to stigmatize deepseated popular attitudes; they publicize and memorialize minor local incidents, like vicious murders of homosexuals, making them symbols of the moral attitudes they want to condemn.......The desire of the Few to control and change even the inner lives of the Many is of course a totalitarian ambition. Liberals denounce "sexual McCarthyism" as they practice what might be called sexual Stalinism. As Stalin aspired to create the "New Soviet Man," liberals want to produce new, sexually, "liberated" children, with homosexual propaganda as one of their tools......."

American Family Association of Michigan 10/22/00 Gary Glenn "……With the ready compliance of negligently pandering, enabling politicians and bureaucrats -- particularly in public schools -- homosexual activists are dead set on teaching our children "it's O.K. to be gay." The N.E. Journal of Medicine reports that men who smoke risk cutting 7.3 years off their lives. By comparison, Oxford University's International Journal of Epidemiology reports: "Life expectancy at age 20 years for gay and bisexual men is 8 to 20 years less than for all men. If the same pattern of mortality continues, we estimate that nearly half of gay and bisexual men currently aged 20 will not reach their 65th birthday." Judging by the number of years at risk, homosexual activity is up to three times deadlier than smoking. Society irrationally nonetheless condemns and restricts the lesser threat, while contemplating laws to protect and force acceptance of the greater. The Boy Scouts are viciously attacked for daring to stand firm to protect youngsters from exposure to such deadly behavior. Paid homosexual activists are invited into our classrooms -- as young as first grade, one Detroit activist boasts - to offer our kids an early death by teaching them "How to be Gay." Between the Lines, Michigan's statewide "gay" newspaper, reports the risk of anal cancer "soars" by nearly 4,000% for men who have sex with men. "The rate doubles again for those who are HIV positive." BTL admits there's no such thing as "safe sex" to prevent this "soaring" cancer risk: "A condom offers only limited protection." ….."

The Herald Palladium, St. Joseph, Michigan 10/21/00 Carol Knapp "…… A member of a group vowing to fight the "homosexual agenda" is making up the money a Boy Scout council lost when it was taken off the United Way of Allegan County's partner list. Anthony Robinson, a member of the Michigan chapter of the American Family Association, awarded $4,000 on the association's behalf Friday to the Gerald R. Ford Council of Boy Scouts, which is based in Grand Rapids. He said the amount was intended to make up for the Allegan County United Way's cancellation of its annual $3,500 donation to the council because of the Boy Scouts' policy prohibiting adults who engage in homosexual behavior from serving as troop leaders. ….."

The Michigan Daily, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 10/20/00 Jen Fish "……Although it was a short agenda, there were some surprises at yesterday's meeting of the University Board of Regents at the University's Flint campus, with more criticism for the English course "How to Be Gay: Male Homosexuality and Initiation." The course, taught by English Prof. David Halperin, has become an issue in this year's regents election. Regent Dan Horning (R-Grand Haven) has spoken out against the class, but administrators have said they have no plans to cancel it. While criticism of the class has lingered since its initial listing in the fall course guide, there was a new twist to conservatives' condemnation of the class at yesterday's meeting. Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan, delivered a petition to the regents signed by about 15,000 Michiganders urging "Gov. Engler, the Legislature, and the U-M Board of Regents to do everything possible to stop U-M officials from using my tax dollars to recruit teenage students into a class whose stated intention is to 'experiment' in the 'initiation' of students into a high-risk lifestyle of homosexual behavior that is immoral, illegal and a serious threat to personal and public health." …."

New York Times 10/21/00 Pam Belluck ".....Nebraskans will vote this Election Day on the country's most sweeping effort to bar gay unions, a proposed amendment to the state Constitution that not only bans gay marriages but also declares same-sex civil unions and domestic partnerships invalid. Polls show that the measure has a good chance of passing. Supporters of the proposed amendment have been helped by a coalition of national Roman Catholic, Mormon and evangelical groups and out-of- state contributors. ....." 10/18/00 Rusty Pugh Jim Brown "…… A Christian lawyer says a Massachusetts public school violated the Constitution by teaming with a church to present a pro-homosexual program. Public schools in Lexington, Massachusetts, joined with the Unitarian Church this past weekend to present "Respecting Differences," a program aimed at teaching small children that homosexuality is acceptable. AFA Center for Law & Policy attorney Steve Crampton says the school supported the event, which included speakers like Congressman Barney Frank. The law center, representing five Lexington residents, attempted to have a federal judge stop the event...."

Miami Herald 10/20/00 Steve Rothaus Andrea Elliott "…… A recent $8.35 million gift from America Online CEO Steve Case and his wife, Jean, to her high school alma mater in Fort Lauderdale has raised the hackles of gay activists across the nation. The reason: Jean Case's alma mater is Westminster Academy--the Christian school founded by "ex-gay movement' leader D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries. …… It turned my stomach when I heard that," said Dean Trantalis, president of the gay-oriented Dolphin Democratic Club in Broward County. "It says to me that people need to consider the impact of their gifts when it involves an organizaiton that is on the forefront of hate and discrimination." ...... " -- This controversy [BSA] highlights the brutish tactics the gay community employs in its battles. They make ten mistakes in dealing with their fellow citizens. Perhaps this list can set the record straight, as it were.
#1. The vast majority of Americans don't deserve to be portrayed as Matthew Shepard killers……
#2. Sexual orientation and sexual activity are private issues. ….
#3. It is silly nagging to say that being gay means so much more than one's sex life. Such an assertion smacks of obsession. Sexuality is but one part of who we are. To argue it is the focus of life belies human superiority to beasts.
#4. The vast majority of Americans don't care whether someone is gay. …..
#5. Homosexuals are often victims of their own conduct, not prejudice. I worked with a woman who let us know every day in every way that she was a lesbian. She drove us crazy not because of sexual orientation but because she was a miserable human being. There was no task she didn't whine about, no unpleasantry she didn't utter and no day she smiled. ......
#6. Americans favor equal treatment of gays and lesbians, but oppose special treatment. We resent anyone being fired for reasons other than poor job performance. An indomitable spirit of justice is ever present and vigilant in matters of earning a living and homosexual workers have this indignation as an ally. Opposition to homosexuality as a protected class like race does not squelch equality. Race is a physical trait. Homosexuality is not. And see rules #2, 3 and 4.
#7. Inconsistent arguments test our patience. A former student of mine who felt compelled to disclose his sexual orientation once asked, "Do you honestly think anyone would choose the miserable life I have?" Then why condemn the Family Research Council for its work in converting gays? If tolerance is important, why attack the BSA?
#8. Opposition to gay marriage is not homophobic. Marriage is more than insurance and pension benefits. It has been, in this era and all that came before, a union between man and woman for purposes of procreation and protection of progeny. ....
#9. Maligning heterosexual marriage does little to advance discussion. ……
#10. There is a difference between tolerance and acceptance. Tolerance is live and let live. Acceptance mandates that the straights surrender religious beliefs. While some religions appear ready to jump ship when it comes to scriptures, there are many that condemn homosexuality, not homosexuals. Those same religions condemn cohabitation, regardless of gender. Faithful members will hire homosexuals, work with them in the community and help them as neighbors. But, they protect their children from the "gay lifestyle." Just as they would not permit a male PE teacher in the girl's locker room, they decline gay troop leaders for Scout camping trip. It's not bigotry or homophobia; it's common sense, applied equally across sexual orientation lines. ......"

ABC webisite AP wire 11/30/00 "…..After three defeats in the House of Lords, Britain's Labor government resorted to rarely used powers Thursday to pass legislation lowering the age of consent for homosexuals from 18 to 16. House of Commons speaker Michael Martin said he was invoking the Parliament Act to force through a Sexual Offenses Bill that makes the age of consent the same for both homosexuals and heterosexuals. It became law after being given Royal Assent by Queen Elizabeth II. ….."

Cornell University News 11/29/00 "…… Is abstinence-only sex education unconstitutional? Yes, say a Cornell Law School professor and a Washington, D.C., attorney, because it has the purpose and effect of endorsing a religious agenda. ……. The question is of great importance to our nation's public schools, the legal experts say. A full 35 percent of all U.S. school districts with a districtwide policy to teach sex education require their schools to offer abstinence-only-until-marriage courses, according to a survey published in 1999. Such courses teach that abstinence until marriage is the only reasonable choice for unmarried teens. They only briefly discuss subjects such as condom use, abortion and homosexuality, and present them in the most negative terms. …….. Proponents of comprehensive sex education have vigorously lobbied legislatures and school boards to reject the abstinence-only approach. They acknowledge that sex education courses should discuss the benefits of avoiding early sexual activity, but they argue that schools must recognize that some students will choose to do otherwise. In their view, sex education courses need to provide students with detailed information about contraceptives and address seriously the full range of teens' sexual concerns. ……."

Washington Post 11/30/00 Elmer Spencer Jr "….. diagnosed by a Maryland state psychologist as a pedophile 18 years ago and now charged in the murder and apparent sexual assault of a 9-year-old boy in Frederick--should not have been on the loose. ...... His record goes back 26 years, most of it spent incarcerated for assaults on women and children. ….. The sentence: 25 years--with all but 10 suspended. Total time served: 3 1/4 years. Total time from release to the day the boy was murdered: six days. ……"

Press Democrat 11/29/00 Clark Mason "….. Santa Rosa twins Nick and Rick Batres thought they had a shot at making some good money after a photographer saw their high school yearbook photos and asked if they were interested in modeling. …. The 16-year-olds agreed to pose for some photo sessions, believing it might help launch a career in fashion photos, maybe department store ads. …..But the brothers, now 24, say they were appalled when their photographs showed up several years later in a slick magazine aimed at gay youth. ...An issue of XY Magazine included prominent pictures of the two hugging over a headline reading "Young and Gay." ……The brothers filed a lawsuit in Sonoma County Superior Court claiming misappropriation of their likeness, libel and infliction of emotional distress. ….."

AP 11/22/00 "…..A former midshipman who resigned from the U.S. Naval Academy amid accusations of homosexuality won't have to repay the government for his education, the Navy has ruled. The decision released Tuesday means that Tommie Watkins, 25, will not have to reimburse the Navy the $86,000 that covered his training and tuition, plus interest. Watkins, president of his class and an aspiring Navy pilot, said he was pressured to resign and did so because he feared homophobia would prevent him from receiving a fair trial. After leaving, he acknowledged being gay. ..."

USA Today (printed version, page 6A) 11/24/00 Paul Leavitt "….. Rep. Jim Kolbe, R-Ariz., who volunteered a few hours serving Thanksgiving dinner at a Tucson homeless shelter last year, was told to stay away this year because he is gay. "This mission is founded on biblical principles, and we cannot give a public forum to a public official who is blatantly flaunting those principles," Gospel Rescue Mission board member told Kolbe in a letter……"

Americans for Truth 11/10/00 Peter LaBarbera "…..The 2000 election was a referendum of sorts on homosexual activism and "gay rights" lost, said Peter LaBarbera, Director of the Americans for Truth Project. LaBarbera issued the following statement: "This election came close to being a 'clean sweep' against the homosexual political agenda: ….
* Maine. In a stunning upset, voters turned back a pro-homosexual "nondiscrimination" measure despite its being endorsed by the Catholic Diocese in Portland. ….
* Vermont. Democrats lost control of the state house due to a "Take Back Vermont" campaign inspired by citizen outrage at a new homosexual "civil unions" law granting marriage-type benefits to "gay" couples. ….
* Nebraska and Nevada. Voters in both states rejected "gay marriage" by a 70-30 margin. ….
* Oregon. An initiative that would have banned the promotion of homosexuality in schools lost narrowly, but only because conservatives in the state did not unify behind this common sense proposal. …."

Denver Post 11/18/00 Virginia Culver "…..United Methodist youth in the Rocky Mountains have urged their church to include gays and lesbians at all levels of the church. About 700 youth and their sponsors, meeting in Estes Park, voted overwhelmingly for a statement titled "We Will Not Be Silent." They say the church should also work for full inclusion of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered persons. "…."

Detroit News 11/17/00 Pete Waldmeir "…..Got a problem picking just the right gift for the Boy Scout in the family this holiday season? I have a suggestion. Don't buy him one of those pocket knives he can eat with or a canteen to use when he's camping. Get him a helmet and a full metal jacket. …… Talk about getting caught in what passes for an adult cross-fire. Next thing you know, the diversity wonks will charge Boy Scouts with age discrimination when they try to help an elderly person across the street. ……Last month, United Way officials in Allegan County on the west side of the state did just that -- refusing to give an allotted $3,500 to Boy Scout troops in that area. …….And in a bizarre development, the Canton-Plymouth Community School District in western Wayne County this week considered a September resolution from its teachers union, demanding that all of the district's 44 Boy Scout troops be barred from recruiting or meeting on school property. ….."

Miami Herald 11/15/00 Susan Ferrechio "…..The Broward County School Board voted unanimously late Tuesday night, without comment, to ban the Boy Scouts of America from using schools and centers for meetings after deciding the scouts violated a board policy prohibiting discrimination against gays. In a sometimes raucous meeting, the board agreed to give the scouts 30 days notice to find another place to meet. ..."

USA Today 11/15/00 "….. Increasing numbers of the country's youngest teens - some still in middle school - are having oral sex. Most have never had sexual intercourse and consider themselves to be virgins. In a stunning reversal from what their parents believe, they and their teenage peers simply do not count oral sex as "having sex." They believe in abstinence, but the question, experts say, is abstinence from what? Kids have convinced themselves that "this is not really sex," says Sara Seims, president of the Alan Guttmacher Institute. Most believe "sex is vaginal intercourse."..."

Associated Press 11/15/00 "…..A group of female impersonators and transgendered people are in a spat with a local Denny's restaurant that has banned them from using the ladies' room. Employees and patrons of the Differences nightclub are boycotting the restaurant and are considering a civil rights complaint after Denny's requested that the men dressed as women, or in the process of becoming women, not use the ladies' room. ….. The trouble started last month when a group from the club gathered at the Denny's for a meal. Aleisha King, who is undergoing a sex change to become a woman, used the ladies' room to freshen up. ….."

Weekly Standard 1/8/01 Mary Eberstadt "…… Until very, very recently, public questioning of the social prohibition against pedophilia-to say nothing of positive celebration of child molestation-was practically non-existent in American life. The reasons why are not opaque. To most people, the very word "pedophilia" summons forth a preternatural degree of horror and revulsion; and the criminal law that reflects those reactions has consistently treated the sexual molestation of minors as a serious and eminently punishable offense. So it is small wonder that, historically speaking, the taboo against using legal minors for sex was no more publicly controversial in the United States than the prohibitions against, say, cannibalism or bestiality. ……… This social consensus against the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, however-unlike those against, say, animal sex or incest-is apparently eroding, and this regardless of the fact that the vast majority of citizens do overwhelmingly abominate the thing. For elsewhere in the public square, the defense of adult-child sex-more accurately, man-boy sex-is now out in the open. Moreover, it is on parade in a number of places-therapeutic, literary, and academic circles; mainstream publishing houses and journals and magazines and bookstores-where the mere appearance of such ideas would until recently have been not only unthinkable, but in many cases, subject to prosecution……"

Midland Daily News 12/17/00 Erika Hirschman "..... Midland County's United Way will continue to fund the Boy Scout program in 2001. The local United Way organization has received calls from donors about the Boy Scout policy banning gays from serving as troop leaders, but is not reviewing its support as a result, according to Executive Director John Zimmerman. Zimmerman said most donors have supported the Boy Scouts and have maintained funding......" 12/19/00 Jon Dougherty ".....A homosexual advocacy group has asked officials with the Seattle, Wash., School District to curb the Boy Scouts of America's access to students and the use of public-school buildings because of the Scouts' policy of banning homosexual scoutmasters. It was unclear when the Safe Schools Coalition of Washington made its request, according to the Seattle Union-Record yesterday. However, group officials said they approached Seattle first because it is the largest school district in the state and many other districts often follow Seattle's lead in such matters...."

upi 12/12/00 "......The American Civil Liberties Union filed a motion seeking the dismissal of a $200 million wrongful death lawsuit against a group that advocates sex between men and boys. The Boston Globe reported Tuesday that the ACLU, in papers filed in federal court in Boston, claimed literature produced by the North American Man/Boy Love Association was constitutionally protected free speech and was in no way linked to the killing of a 10-year-old boy. Robert and Barbara Curley of Cambridge, Mass., filed the federal suit against NAMBLA following the kidnap and death of their son, Jeffrey ..." 12/10/00 Jon E. Dougherty "….. Boy Scouts of America has filed suit against the Broward County, Fla., School Board after it voted to evict 57 Boy Scout and Cub Scout packs from school grounds by Dec. 17. …… The suit was filed in U.S. District Court in Miami on Monday. The BSA contends the school discriminated against it by limiting the groups' freedom of speech and right to assembly under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. ….. Also, the lawsuit alleges the anti-discrimination policy does not apply to other groups using school grounds, such as the Brownies and church groups. ….."

DesMoines Register 12/8/00 Jonathan Roos "…..Gov. Tom Vilsack suffered a major setback Thursday in his battle with Republican lawmakers over his gay civil-rights order. Polk County District Judge Glenn Pille ruled that Vilsack, a Democrat, exceeded his authority when he issued an executive order forbidding discrimination against gays, lesbians and transsexuals in state government employment. Pille declared the order invalid. "By adding the additional classifications contained in his executive order . . . this court concludes that he has infringed upon the legislative authority by creating law," the judge said in a 14-page decision. ….."

UPI 12/7/00 "……Like most states in the United States, North Carolina does not give legal status to same-sex partnerships…… But since Wednesday, one of its most popular wedding sites may be used for the blessing of homosexual unions……. This is the Duke University Chapel, a huge structure that looks like a Gothic cathedral. "I was against this," the Rev. William Willimon, dean of the chapel, told United Press International. He said he has had to agree to these ceremonies after a committee of students, faculty, staff and university trustees had recommended it……. "

Florida Sun Sentinel 12/2/00 Vanessa Bauza "…… Determined to repeal countywide protections for gays, a coalition of conservative civic and religious organizations has gathered enough signatures to take the issue to the voters during the next general election, the group said Friday.... The move is strikingly reminiscent of events in 1977. Then, Miami-Dade County became ground zero for gay rights when county commissioners approved protections only to see them repealed by voters at the polls after a bitter, emotional campaign. ….."It's very disheartening," said Merri Mann, a United Teachers of Dade official who serves as liaison to the union's Gay, Lesbian and Straight Caucus. "The last thing this community needs is another divisive battle. This battle has already been fought." ……."

Times of London 12/3/00 "….. The Vatican stepped yesterday into the controversy over the Charter of Fundamental Rights to be adopted at the European Union summit in Nice next week, saying that it was a "godless" document. It emphasised that among other concerns the charter would cause "moral and social harm" by sanctioning homosexual unions and making it easier for homosexual couples to adopt children. ….. "We find ourselves faced with the destruction of the image which man has always had of himself." He added it was regrettable that "God and our responsibility before God" had not been "anchored in the European constitution". ….."

AgapePress 12/1/00 Rusty Pugh "……A Michigan public school may be facing a lawsuit for allowing a student homosexual organization to meet. A Lansing attorney says the Jackson Public Schools may be violating the state constitution by allowing students to form a homosexual organization. Attorney David Kallman says the state constitution requires school districts to protect the health and welfare of their students, and he says a homosexual organization could be in conflict with that directive……"

UPI 12/1/00 "…..A Massachusetts Appeals Court judge has ruled a transgender male student can wear female clothing to class in Brockton, Mass……. The ruling by Judge George Jacobs upholds a lower court's preliminary injunction in favor of the 15-year-old student, known in court papers as "Pat Doe," the Brockton Enterprise reported Friday……… The Brockton School Department had appealed a lower Superior Court decision in October that permitted the youth, diagnosed with gender identity disorder, to wear dresses, a wig and other female clothing accessories while attending Brockton South Junior High School……"

AP 12/31/00 "......A New Hampshire legislator wants to shelve a survey that details risky behavior by teen-agers.

Rep. Russell Albert, R-Rochester, is drafting legislation to forbid the Teen Assessment Program survey from being administered to middle and high school students. .......The comprehensive survey was conducted recently among 7th through 12th graders in Dover and Exeter. The survey asked students 160 questions about sex, drugs and a variety of social issues. .......Supporters tout the survey as a way to identify problems in schools that need immediate attention. The University of New Hampshire's Cooperative Extension has conducted the survey in more than 20 school districts since 1993, said Charlotte Cross, the program's director. .......But Albert says the survey is intrusive. He said questions about sex, particularly those addressing homosexuality, prompted him to file the bill. ..."

Chicago Sun Times 1/3/01 Annie Sweeney "..... A Maywood woman and her female partner are being held on $2 million bonds on charges they severely abused the woman's 11-month-old daughter. The baby was in critical condition at Loyola University Medical Center, Maywood police said. ..... Mozelle Brown, 36, the baby's mother, and Terry Stockley, 38, were arrested Dec. 20 after they called police to their home on the 800 block of South 21st because the baby was not breathing, Maywood police Det. Corey Cooper said. ......Doctors at Loyola University Medical Center who examined the child determined she had been abused and called Maywood police, Cooper said. ....."

CNS News 1/4/01 ".....To prevent cries of discrimination at this year's prom, the Mechanicville, New York Board of Education Thursday is expected to change the rules for the upcoming junior-senior prom so same-sex couples may attend. Some people were offended by the exclusion of same-sex couples at the prom last May. School officials said they didn't intend to discriminate against anyone. They blame the problem on a poorly worded policy outlining who may attend the prom....."

Herald Sun (Australia) 1/4/01 Jen Kelly ".....GAY male couples could soon create their own babies without women's eggs, scientists say. Japanese cloning researchers believe they are close to reprogramming male cells so they can produce eggs, London's Sunday Times reported. It would mean two men could produce the egg and sperm, with a woman needed only for nine months to carry the child. One man's sperm could be combined with his male partner's artificially created egg in the laboratory, and the embryo inserted into a host mother. ....."

WND 12/30/00 Dr Alan Keyes "..... As liberals understand the Constitution, the Boy Scouts of America do not have the right to act on their religious views. In other words, the free exercise of religion does not mean that citizens actually get to exercise religion. It means, rather, that we get to think about it. But when we want to exercise our religious beliefs in a way that goes against the politically correct requirements of those in power, we shall face the coercive force of law. It will come down on our churches and our Christian youth associations to dictate to us what shall be the moral content of our religious conscience. ......We simply cannot accept the coercive use of the law to force Americans to accept as moral that which their religious faith and conscience tell them is immoral. We can't accept a specious civil rights argument to remove from legitimate moral judgment human sexual behavior -- which must be subject to moral judgment if it is to remain in the realm of human accountability and responsibility. And that is why we must reject the whole radical homosexual agenda. To accept it is to accept in principle that Americans may not shape their dealings with one another according to the expectation of moral decency. ......"

American Family Association of Michigan 12/21/00 "......A Michigan pro-family group Tuesday urged General Motors Corporation to divest its ownership of a satellite video company that markets $200 million annually in pornographic videos, following a published report Saturday from Rome that GM subsidiary DirecTV sells more graphic sex films each year than the pornography empire of Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt. ....."

American Family Association of Michigan 12/21/00 "..... TRAVERSE CITY, Mi. -- City officials in this north Michigan resort community Tuesday pushed their open promotion of the homosexual political agenda "over the edge," a Michigan pro-family group said, when officials adopted a new city logo featuring the officially recognized "gay and lesbian pride" Rainbow Flag and ordered it displayed on all city vehicles including police cars, fire trucks, and snow plows. City officials also spent $2,500 to print 10,000 bumperstickers featuring the logo, which they will distribute free and urge citizens to display, according to a report Tuesday by Traverse City's Record-Eagle newspaper which included a color photo of the new logo. ...... Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan, said Traverse City's City Commission "has turned into an advertising agency for homosexual political activists, and residents may decide it's time to take back T.C. from a handful of city officials intent on force-feeding the homosexual agenda down their throats." ...."

The Patriot Ledger (Quincy, MA) 12/21/00 "..... A former Boy Scout leader was sentenced yesterday to a suspended 21/2-year jail term and 10 years' probation after pleading guilty to raping a 14-year-old boy in his Marshfield troop. Jonathan Ralton, 21, a former senior patrol leader of Marshfield Troop 101, pleaded guilty Nov. 29 to two counts of child rape. He faces similar charges involving the same boy in Rhode Island. Ralton had received a suspended jail sentence Nov. 30 after pleading guilty to a previous charge of raping the boy...."

NY Post 12/24/00 "..... * Tonya Flynt-Vega got a Christmas card from her father, porn king Larry Flynt, when she was 12, showing Santa Claus on a bed making love with a nude model. "Dad used pornography to break down my inhibitions as a child," she explained. "I cried so much." In lieu of a gift, he'd stuffed hundreds of dollars in