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"My only enemy is right-wing religious fundamentalism." – Clinton per Marquez (Jerusalem Post 3/28/99)

Washington Post 7/95 Stephen Higgins (Director BATF – WACO) "…The day has long passed when we can afford to ignore the threat that is posed by individuals who believe they are subject only to the laws of their god and not those of our government…. …."

9/26/98 Freeper reports ".. MSNBC quotes a White House source saying that not even "a delegation made up of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost" could persuade the president to step down.."

New York Post Deborah Orin "PRESIDENT Clinton would go ballistic if anyone slurred a White House aide's religion - but he's winking at aide Sid Blumenthal's attack on Ken Starr's top deputy as a "fanatic" evangelical Christian..In a speech at Harvard, Blumenthal said Starr deputy Hickman Ewing is a "religious fanatic" - apparently because he's an evangelical who prays daily. He also branded Starr a "zealot on a mission divined from a higher authority." And he painted Starr's probe as a "perverse episode" that will come to be seen as a "reign of witches" - a phrase borrowed from Thomas Jefferson..You'd think Clinton, a regular Sunday churchgoer and passionate critic of divisive rhetoric, might be a tad embarrassed by Blumenthal's cracks. But when the president was asked, he just dodged: "I don't have any comment about that."."

IRS AUDIT: Christian Film and Television Commission

TAX EXEMPT STATUS CHALLENGED: Christian Coalition, Three chapters of American Family Association, Life Legal Defense Foundation, Pierce Creek Church (Vestal, NY), Second Baptist Church (Lake Jackson, Texas)

The Winds Website 8/1998 "The only church in history to have its federal tax-exempt status revoked is a small country church in Vestal, New York called The Church at Pierce Creek. Their crime that resulted in that revocation was simply mentioning the name of then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton in an advertisement the church placed in USA Today and The Washington Times.. "As a result of the Times editorial the IRS included pejorative language in their reports, such as 'militant right' or 'radical Christian right' to describe the church--terms that were never used in the actual New York Times editorial."To us this revealed that the government really had an ill motive in picking on this church.".Ironically, the IRS tax code Section 508(c)(1)(A) entitled, "Special rules with respect to section 501(c)(3) organizations" specifically exempts churches from the restrictions enumerated under 501(c)(3). "Since only in 501(c)(3) do you have the restrictions about political activity," May elaborated, "churches are exempt organizations, and don't even have to abide by the restrictions of 501(c)(3)."

Freeper followup note on the above: "Pastor John Hagee in Texas, who has 13,000 members of his church is also being defended by the ACLJ. Pastor Hagee calls them the way he sees them, and he has Billie a sinner many times from the pulpit. He wrote a book called Day of Deception He tells about how our government is deceiving us and the darkness around us. In Matthew 24 it states that the cardinal indicator of the terminal generation would be deception. The first 5 chapters are about deception in government. They are about Hillary and Bill--The death of Vince Foster, The village wants your children, etc. This for some reason did not set well with our dictators. So he sent the post office after him. They won't let him mail his monthly magazine under the non-profit status. They claim that taking people on a trip to the Holy Land has nothing to do with religion, nor did a lecture on Matthew, or something similar I can get the exact issue if desired, have anything to do with the church. So he must mail first class postage."

The Village Voice Nat Hentoff 8/18/98 "When the president and his spiritual adviser, Jesse Jackson, were in Africa earlier this year, a group of fifth-graders in Denver intently followed the coverage of the journey on television. They desperately hoped Clinton and Jackson would say something about the thousands upon thousands of black Christians and animists who have been enslaved in the Sudan with the encouragement and support of the totalitarian fundamentalist National Islamic Front--the government based in the North. These fifth-graders have become very knowledgeable about the horrifying chattel slavery in the Sudan. And when Clinton acted as if it didn't exist, they were furious, and one of the students wrote him, ''Why aren't you doing anything about this?'' There was, of course, no answer. As for Jesse Jackson's continued silence, he knows about the slavery in the Sudan. I have left him several messages, as have others. It may be that he doesn't have the courage to speak out because he doesn't want to offend Minister Farrakhan, who has been honored in Khartoum, the capital of the Sudan. Jackson has been careful in the past not to directly antagonize the commander in chief of the Nation of Islam.."

Underground Roman Catholic Bishop Su Zhimin spent 15 years in prison before his release in 1993; he was tortured throughout and then re-arrested shortly before President Jiang Zhemin's state visit to the United States in October, 1997 and remains in detention In 1997, Protestant leaders reported that about 40% of the inmates in labor camps in Henan Province are there for belonging to the Christian underground. In Henan Number One Labor Camp, for example, approximately 50 out of 126 inmates are imprisoned for underground church activities. On March 16, 1997, Peter Xu Yongze, Protestant leader with millions of followers, was arrested and jailed with seven others in Henan. Ambassador Sasser did not know what a house church is.

CNS Bruce Sullivan 8/12/98 "A Christian pastor and four men were handing out religious leaflets last week in a section of Las Vegas frequented by drug dealers and street walkers, when they were arrested, jailed, and strip-searched by the police. They were charged with blocking the sidewalk, then handcuffed, and thrown into a paddy wagon as denizens of "Crack Alley," which is what that part of Fremont Street is nicknamed, watched.." 'Sing your Christian hymns now,'" Robinson says one of the police officers said. "They compared us to the folks in Waco," Robinson told CNS referring to the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. ."

The Federal Election Commission sued the Christian Coalition, claiming its political support for specific candidates violated campaign finance rules.

The London Telegraph Ambrose Evans-Pritchard ".What if he puts on one of his magnificent, lip-biting, teary acts of contrition in the Oval Office, with the whole nation watching bewitched on television, and ends with an admission of the Lewinsky affair and a plea for forgiveness? . It would be utterly nauseating, yet it might very well work in the mushy, sentimental, post-Christian morality of fin de siŠcle America. He may skate yet, as they say in Arkansas."

Daily Press Briefing 9/23/98 Mike McCurry ".Q: Your use of the phrase of the "jihad caucus" -- do you think some people up there think they are engaged in a holy war against the President? MR. MCCURRY: I don't know. You'd have to ask them. Q: But it was your phrase. (Laughter.) Q: We have to ask you. MR. MCCURRY: I don't think it's necessarily inappropriate."

Freeper observation by The Oregon Homeboy "Frankly, I don't think the problem is with the Clinton Administration. While I detest Clinton and everything he stands for, he uses -- co-opts -- religion in a manner that does not directly attack it. For example, his work with the two pastors on "healing his soul" -- an example of using religion for the effect it has upon the religion's adherents. The deeper problem is in the mainstream media, many of which are not religious and thus contemptuous of the notion that a person can have a personal relationship with God."

AP Sonya Ross 4/7/98 "The White House said Monday that President Clinton has no regrets about taking Communion from a Catholic priest during his visit to South Africa, a move that was criticized by some American Catholics. .In a Palm Sunday homily, Cardinal John O'Connor said it was wrong for the officiating priest to give Clinton the sacrament, "however well-intentioned" his actions were. "Cardinal O'Connor may not be familiar with the doctrinal attitude towards the Holy Eucharist that the Conference of Bishops in South Africa brings to that question," McCurry said in response..."

9/26/98 Jewish World Review Binyamin Jolkovsky ".But now, as we've been banging on foundations' doors, our main rival -- an outfit called JCN18 -- and a former employee of that company who now writes for a commie weekly -- no hyperbole! -- are launching an attack on JWR because -- get this! -- Republican and Christian sites link to us. Because I don't want contributions from individuals who write pieces exclusively for us on the Jewish Sabbath (thus desecrating it), and because of of our positions on morality.."

Provencial Proverbs 3/4/98 ACE ".And today the pundits of popular culture tell us that good and evil are not absolute, but open to personal interpretation. The modern liberal believes it, and the classical liberal is adamant about it. We are encouraged to take it onto ourselves to determine what is right, and what is wrong. And on the surface, there's no denying it seems a philosophy that has logical and reasonable potential. Even the fundamental principles of the universe itself seem mathematically relative. There's just one problem. If I take it onto myself to determine what's right for me, how do you actually defend yourself if it isn't right for you? What if I decide it's right for me to deceive you in order to take advantage of you? I mean, it is relative, isn't it? And what if you don't find out until it's too late for you? Of course therein lies the rub.."

Freeper CitizenX reports ".I for one am sickened by the attacks on my faith. I have seen time and time again where when I speak out on a issue from a moral standpoint I am attacked for "forcing my faith down their throat". Even though I am choosing my words to speak from a scientific viewpoint. Example: If I do not mention my Faith in God, and state that abortion is wrong because the unborn child is not "a blob of tissue" but a living Human being, genetically unique from the mother. It meets all the criteria of life: cellular division, exchange of O2 and CO2, assimilation of nutrients, etc. If I point out that this life begins at the beginning, which is conception, and the willful destruction of a unique human life is murder, the woman who pays for this surgical procedure has in fact contracted for a murder, and the abortionist is guilty of not only murder but is in truth a serial murderer of children! If I say that I am told "Don't force YOUR religion down my throat!" ."


Reagan Information Interchange 9/28/98 Mary Mostert "Apparently word went out last week to the Clinton troops to try to defend Clinton by announcing a "Christian coup" that plans to "take over the government." Obviously they hope to convince America that lying under oath about sex is not an impeachable offense. The very idea, according to Alan Dershowitz on the Geraldo Rivera show, as he attacked the Rev. Jerry Falwell, is proof of a "Christian coup" that plans "to take over the U.S. Government by impeaching Clinton or forcing him to resign "merely for lying." According to Dershowitz, the sinister "Christian coup" is based on what he considers the perfectly outrageous notion that "lying about sex" an "impeachable offense." The message here is that any of you out there who are asking for resignation or impeachment of Bill Clinton, are part of "Christian coup" that is trying to "take over" America. Makes one wonder if Bill Clinton was part of some "Christian coup" back in 1974 when he was saying that lying - not under oath - just lying to the media was definitely an impeachable offense.It must be noted that Richard Nixon was not lying under oath. He was lying basically to the media before an election, covering up what he considered to be a national security operation gone awry as a group of younger aides tried to carry out his directive to find out how national security information was being leaked to the media.."

WorldNetDaily 10/16/98 Alan Keyes ".The hate crimes legislation movement is bogus, but the existence of hateful attitudes toward the Christian conscience is undeniable. This is a very dangerous world that we are moving into. And sadly speaking, it is clear that opponents of the Christian conscience will use every opportunity, and will even make use of terrible and tragic events, in order to promote their political agenda. And that is what is happening in the Wyoming case. We face the promotion of a political ideology that aims at arming the liberal left with coercive force of law as its advocates come after those who disagree with their immorality.."

The Washington Times 10/19/98 Robert Stacy McCain ".David Horowitz spent the 1960s as a radical leftist, urging the overthrow of the U.S. government. Nowadays, he's a conservative who would be content with the overthrow of the Clinton administration..As the son of Communist Party members - a so-called "red diaper baby" - Mr. Horowitz studied the works of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky from an early age. Despite the collapse of the Soviet Union, he said, "those ideas are alive and well today in America." ..But such movements - which Mr. Horowitz described as "kitsch Marxism" - have proven powerful in the 1990s. "The reason for the tenacity of the Marxist world view is because it's really a religion," he said, "a movement of people who think that government can create the kingdom of heaven on earth." This religion is most powerful, Mr. Horowitz said, in American universities. "There are more Marxists in our universities today than ever before," he said. "The university now defines itself as an agent of social change. . . . Everything is about power." Conservatives, he said, should not underestimate the left. "These are very smart people. They are very ruthless. . . . They're not going to tell you what their agenda is."."

Roll Call 10/19/98 Morton M. Kondracke "The Monica Lewinsky scandal has hit the high culture. Distinguished writers regard it not as a tale of tawdry sex and perjury, but of American freedom menaced by ayatollahs, Tourquemadas, McCarthyites and Salem witch hunters. The menace is Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, who is pictured as the leading agent in a right-wing Puritan conspiracy to remove that most precious of all American liberties. It's not freedom of belief or expression, according to the authors ventilating in The New Yorker, The New York Review of Books and The New York Times, but the right to engage in sex anywhere, anytime, including in the Oval Office during working hours.The archetypes being drawn by authors such as Toni Morrison, Arthur Miller, E.L. Doctorow and Ethan Canin are of Clinton as a flawed but humanistic leader entrapped, victimized and, possibly, martyred by forces of antediluvian religiosity.."

Provincial Proverbs 3/4/98 ACE c 1998 from Freeper Coyote ".On June 17, 1963, the U.S. Supreme Court forbade Bible reading and prayer in the public schools. One of the nation's most popular magazines later echoed the spirit of this sentiment by running a cover article, entitled "Is God Dead?" It was then followed in the early 1990's by another cover entitled "The Cultural Elite," virtually exhorting the success of the Gramscian thesis. Few knew enough to even take notice. Christian bashing became the norm in popular intellectual circles. New age values became the catch morality. And since that 1963 ruling, the number of U.S. violent crime offenses exploded upward by 700%. The U.S. now has the highest per-capita rate of felony incarceration of all the industrialized First World nations. Premarital sex among 18 year olds jumped from 30% of the population, to 70%. Tax rates for a family of four skyrocket 500% to consume a fourth of their income. Divorce rates quadrupled. Illegitimate births among the black population soared from about 23% to more than 68%, leaving mothers contained by the state and fatherless children to roam the streets in search of trouble. Illegitimacy as a whole has jumped from 5% to nearly 30% nationwide for a total rise of 600%! On July 17, 1994, the New York Times even quoted liberal Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan saying that overall American illegitimacy could rise to 50% by the year 2000! Cases of sexually transmitted disease rose 150%. Virtually lethal sexually transmitted plagues like AIDS and Hepatitis C swept through the nation, even tainting the blood supply. Teen age illegitimate pregnancies are up by several thousand percent, and teen age suicides have increased by 200%. Even the president himself is accused of sexual harassment, and having orax sex with a 21 year old intern in the Oval Office of the White House. Between 1950 and 1979, serious crime committed by children under 15 increased 11,000%! That's eleven thousand percent! Say it again: ELEVEN THOUSAND PERCENT!."

Click here for the complete Original Sin article

National Review On-line 10/26/98 Jonah Goldberg ".In today's New York Times, Bill Safire rightly scolds President Clinton for telling a group of black ministers that reaching peace in the Middle East was part of his "personal journey of atonement." Safire calls Clinton "smarmy and solipsistic" for making the peace agreement a self-centered achievement. But this is Bill Clinton's way. There's a larger point to be made here, too. Clinton's spinners consistently and constantly say that the President has not been distracted by the scandal. But now the President says he's going for peace in the Middle East to make amends for Monica. You can't have it both ways.."

Freeper black cloud 10/31/98 reports ".It is not that religion is under attack; it is the Christian Religion under attack. All the other religions including Secular Humanism are free to do whatever they wish including attacks on Christians.The prize is the return of slavery and Feudalism to the whole world. It is Christianity alone that brought about the connection of man as being part of God with a human, personal family relationship with Jesus, the Son of God. Whether this is fact or fiction is a matter of faith. However, the result of the belief is that Kings and other dictators lost control of the masses when man started giving his allegiance to a Heavenly Father instead of the ruling elite..People who accept that their nearest relative is a chimpanzee and their fartherest relatives were simple amoebas, can only expect the rights relegated to chimps and amoebas. This is the legacy of the sixties counter culture and this is the legacy of their hero in the White House.."

New York Times 11/8/98 Maureen Dowd ".There's a new spirit wafting through the land. Hey, baby, we're talking about love power. The voters have chosen the lovers over the haters. The meanies with the jangly names -- Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey, Lauch Faircloth, Fob James, "B-1" Bob Dornan -- are toast. So are the guys like Al D'Amato, who sneered and jeered and used ethnic and anatomical epithets. So are the Christian zealots. And obsessive special prosecutors. The Democratic lover boys, like Bill Clinton, and the Republican preachers of compassion, like the Bush boys, are being embraced.."

Freeper robnoel 11/8/98 reports ".Just when I thought I have heard everything....on CNN Roberts.. of US News and World Report...said the Republicans need to get rid of the Hamas -Wing of the Republican Party....add that to Comrade Reno putting a FBI Police force to got after "pro- life"orgainizations (Bob Barr exposed this FBI expansion hidden in the budget bills).....Christians attacked in America...whats wrong with this picture....."

Reuters 11/9/98 ".California Congresswoman Mary Bono has long had ties with the Church of Scientology and is still linked with the organization, according to several sources. Bono has taken at least six courses in the religion, according to Celebrity, a Scientology publication that chronicles activities of prominent members. One course, which she took in 1990, was on family counseling...The church has been at the center of several controversies recently; critics accuse it of cultlike tactics and attempts to influence government. Defenders and members of the church, which not long ago received tax-exempt status as a religion from the IRS, say it is the victim of harassment and violation of constitutional rights to religious freedom.."

Larry Margasak 11/10/98 AP ".Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., said Republicans "haven't read the election results'' and referred to Starr's perjury and obstruction-of-justice investigation as a "jihad'' - the Arabic word for a holy war.."

The Dallas Morning News 11/11/98 ".A word of sympathy, brethren, for the "religious right." And before I proceed, one innocent question: Anybody remember the last time our all-knowing media dissected something called the "secular left"? Just asking." 11/27/98 Pat Buchanan ".Buried in the editorial page of the Nov. 16 Wall Street Journal was a remarkable essay, which exposes the true, and hidden, story of who is really "underrepresented" in our elite schools, and who are the real victims of ethnic bigotry in America. The author is Ron Unz, a Harvardian 20 years ago, now a California political activist and entrepreneur, who led the successful state initiative to abolish bilingual education. According to Unz, today at Harvard College, Hispanic and black enrollment has reached 7 percent and 8 percent, respectively, slightly less than the 10 percent and 12 percent of the U.S. population that is Hispanic and black. This has been a cause of protests at Harvard, as Hispanics and African-Americans insist on more proportional representation. But Unz does not stop there. He goes on to report that nearly 20 percent of the Harvard College student body is Asian- American, and 25 percent to 33 percent is Jewish, though Asian-Americans make up only 3 percent of the U.S. population and Jewish-Americans even less than 3 percent. Thus, 50 percent of Harvard's student body is drawn from about 5 percent of the U.S. population! When one adds foreign students, students from our tiny WASP elite and children of graduates, what emerges is a Harvard student body where non-Jewish whites -- 75 percent of the U.S. population -- get just 25 percent of the slots. Talk about underrepresentation! Now we know who really gets the shaft at Harvard -- white Christians. The same situation, says Unz, exists at other elite schools like Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Berkeley and Stanford, where Chelsea Clinton goes. As Hispanics, Asians, African-American and Jewish-Americans also vote overwhelming Democratic, the picture that emerges is not a pretty one. A liberal elite is salving its social conscience by robbing America's white middle class of its birthright, and handing it over to minorities, who just happen to vote Democratic."

Wall Street Journal 11/30/98 ".The following statement--"Declaration Concerning Religion, Ethics, and the Crisis in the Clinton [the known liar] Presidency"--was signed by 95 religion scholars including Paul J. Achtemeier (Union Theological Seminary), Karl Paul Donfried (Smith College), Jean Bethke Elshtain (University of Chicago), Stanley M. Hauerwas (Duke University), Robert Peter Imbelli (Boston College), Max L. Stackhouse (Princeton Theological Seminary), and Harry Yeide (George Washington University): As scholars interested in religion and public life, we protest the manipulation of religion and the debasing of moral language in the discussion about presidential responsibility. We believe that serious misunderstandings of repentance and forgiveness are being exploited for political advantage. The resulting moral confusion is a threat to the integrity of American religion and to the foundations of a civil society. In the conviction that politics and morality cannot be separated, we consider the current crisis to be a critical moment in the life of our country and, therefore, offer the following points for consideration: 1. Many of us worry about the political misuse of religion and religious symbols even as we endorse the public mission of our churches, synagogues, and mosques... 2. We challenge the widespread assumption that forgiveness relieves a person of further responsibility and serious consequences...3. We are aware that certain moral qualities are central to the survival of our political system, among which are truthfulness, integrity, respect for the law, respect for the dignity of others, adherence to the constitutional process, and a willingness to avoid the abuse of power...4. We are concerned about the impact of this crisis on our children and on our students.. 5. We urge the society as a whole to take account of the ethical commitments necessary for a civil society and to seek the integrity of both public and private morality..6. While some of us think that a presidential resignation or impeachment would be appropriate and others envision less drastic consequences, we are all convinced that extended discussion about constitutional, ethical, and religious issues will be required to clarify the situation and to enable a wise decision to be made. We hope to provide an arena in which such discussion can occur in an atmosphere of scholarly integrity and civility without partisan bias.."

USA Journal 12/4/98 Jon E. Dougherty ".Here now, at the close of the paganistic Twentieth Century, you can be a pillar of your community - and be granted the amenities that distinction affords - so long as you never mention God, never assert your right to be a Christian, and never openly display any tangible Christian insignia. Arlington, Texas Patrol Sergeant George Daniels, a former recipient of the "Rookie of the Year" and "Officer of the Year" awards, is the latest victim of this pagan mentality. Though his Rutheford Institute attorney Jennifer Schans fully expected the city to reject his latest appeal effort to win his job back after being fired this summer for wearing a small cross on his uniform lapel, she also vowed to take the case to federal court when all the appropriate local appeals through the department have been exhausted. Sgt. Daniels had served his community with honor and distinction for some 13 years, and had been working diligently to obtain the rank of lieutenant - the next step on his career ladder. His fellow officers had described his persona and his job performance as `exemplary'. His superiors had consistently rated his work as excellent. And then Sgt. Daniels went and did it. He decided to pin a small cross on his lapel - right next to the DARE pins, the department rank insignia, his first aid training patches, and, ironically, the American flag. For that, his police chief, David Kunkle, sacrificed one of his best patrol sergeants at the altar of paganistic political correctness. Sgt. Daniels seems to be a very wise man; he had to know that the action he took might have cost him his career - at least in Arlington, Texas. After all, this is the end of the Twentieth Century, when Christ no longer dwells in the halls of officialdom, protected by the Constitution. But because he is a Christian - one of God's children and a believer in Jesus Christ - he did what his heart and his faith directed him to do and put his whole life on the line, this time in a different way..What about the employee at work who can be assured a sex joke won't be tolerated but a joke about his or her religion will be? Where are Christians at work supposed to turn for solace? Hat's off to the Rutheford Institute for taking up Sgt. Daniels' case and for their vision to know ahead of time that his legal action will end up in federal court. When it came to matters of strict constitutionality - such as this one - Americans used to be fairly confidant that the federal courts would uphold a citizen's right to utilize a constitutional right. But in all honesty, when it comes to matters of Christian religion, the federal courts are no help anymore. The real travesty here is that Sgt. Daniels has to take his issue to court in the first place.."

Agence France Presse 12/4/98 ".The Dalai Lama .came under attack from an official Chinese newspaper Friday which dubbed the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader a "terrorist" for supporting India's nuclear tests in May. "The Dalai Lama's words only remind people of a terrorist who greatly admires violence and shows no respect for the well-known world rules," the Tibet Daily said in an editorial, excerpts of which were published in the English-language China Daily. The Dalai Lama had called for "full understanding" of the tests conducted by India in the face of global condemnation, it said. "Peace is just a cloak for him to cheat the world," the article said. "Granting Dalai the (Nobel Peace) prize shed discredit on the prize." "Dalai's 'smart' comments on the nuclear tests tore off his mask and showed the nature of a faked pacifist," it said. "Black turns into white and threats are called peace in his mouth." London-based pressure group the Tibet Information Network (TIN) said last month that China had intensified a campaign against the Dalai Lama's followers in Lhasa, searching their homes and cracking down on Tibetan children studying in India..."

UPI 12/6/98 ".The nation's top health officer says Americans have ``to get real'' about educating their children about sex. At the interim meeting of the American Medical Associations House of Delegates in Honolulu (Sunday), Surgeon General David Satcher urged sex education to teach children responsible sexual behavior that includes ``abstinence where appropriate.'' Satcher says in an education vacuum children are learning about sex in all the wrong places: from people on the street, from movies and television shows and from the Internet.."

Washington Times 12/7/98 John McCaslin ".We've intercepted a U.S. Navy internal memo about "Christmas," advising that "new guidelines on expression of religious beliefs in the workplace has [sic] been issued by President Clinton. "As such, religious displays in working areas or offices that are accessible to the public, or where it would appear that the government has endorsed a particular religious point of view, is [sic] not permitted." If that's not enough to put a damper on celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, ."

Chicago Sun-Times 12/11/98 Lynn Sweet Ernest Tucker ".A Wheaton congregation is among a group of eight churches nationwide whose tax-exempt status is being challenged by a group that claims they broke election laws. Americans United for the Separation of Church and State filed formal complaints Thursday with the Internal Revenue Service, seeking to strip the exemptions because they say the churches distributed Christian Coalition material two days before last November's election. ``These houses of worship are breaking federal tax law and penalties must be imposed,'' said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of the Americans United group. A spokesman for the Wheaton Evangelical Free Church, 520 Roosevelt Rd., called the charges ``baseless.'' William Miller, a former associate pastor of the church and spokesman, said, ``we are familiar with the IRS regulations and we have abided by those.'' Miller said he had been unaware of the group's charges. Joseph Conn said his group filed the complaints because the material from the Christian Coalition ``was clearly to endorse Republican candidates.'' He said his group had done an extensive education campaign for churches before the Nov. 3 election to ``educate'' clergy on the boundaries for participating.``We chose eight that we knew of, but obviously there were more,'' he said. ``We just didn't have information on all.''."

Freeper oddither 12/14/98 recalls watching FoxNews ".Yesterday, I commented to a friend, if he took communion from a Priest, the only thing left, is to wear the Jewish religious garb and pray to mecca while he is in the middle east. Sho-nuff there he was dressed like a jew and soon was whisked off so he could be seen as a muslim. Has this man no shame? strike that I know the answer. .."

Irish news 12/14/98 Freeper Big Dog summary ".The Irish News is reporting tonight that the IRA are ready to resume a violent campaign of Bombing and shooting as we approach Christmas. The move comes in spite of North south Elected governments, a withdrawel of British troops, 400 terrorists released, and a United Ireland in it's embyonic stage. The IRA has had all of it's demands met and now it is time to see what happens when a president and a Prime Minister decide to grant terrorists all of their wishes. According to the Good Friday agreement, in exchange for all of the above concessions, the IRA would give up their weapons of Mass destruction. I visited N.Irealnd less than a month ago and I witnessed the most unbelievable turn of events. The Orange order, an organization founded on Christianity requiring it's members to be Christians was not allowed to March home from Church. ."

USA Journal 12/21/98Jon E. Dougherty by Freeper Peggy ".Christians and conservatives would do well to refute what is dishonestly said about them. Unless and until they do, the bogus claims made about how "intolerant" we are will be overshadowed by the intolerance of the Left.."

Washington Times 12/24/98 Joyce Howard Price and Bill Sammon ".A new media report by a liberal on-line magazine about the sex life of a Republican congressman has fueled the debate over the role of private morality in public life, even as President Clinton condemns what he called the "politics of personal destruction." "The left routinely accuses religious conservatives of sexual McCarthyism, but it's the left that is outing gays and exposing the private lives of others. It's not Gary Bauer. It's not the Christian Coalition. It's not the Weekly Standard," said William Kristol, editor of the conservative Weekly Standard. "The politics of personal destruction is the politics of Bill Clinton," he said. Salon, the liberal on-line magazine, and Larry Flynt's Hustler magazine have been responsible for most of the recent character assassinations. Victims have included three top House Republicans -- former Speaker-elect Robert L. Livingston of Louisiana; Rep. Henry J. Hyde of Illinois, chairman of the Judiciary Committee; and Rep. Dan Burton of Indiana, chairman of the Government Reform and Oversight Committee. Some Republicans have charged that the White House fed Salon and Hustler the information. The White House and the two publications deny that... Conservative pundit Cal Thomas contrasted Mr. Clinton's current talk about the need for "reconciliation" and "healing" with the attacks his political adviser James Carville has leveled against independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr and House Republicans who voted to impeach Mr. Clinton. "While his minions slime his enemies, [Mr. Clinton] pleaded for the sliming to end," Mr. Thomas wrote in a column that appeared yesterday in The Washington Times. The New York Post's Dick Morris assailed Mr. Carville's "crazed strategy," which he says has hurt the president. Mr. Carville yesterday blamed Republicans for initiating destructive politics by refusing to back off their investigations of Mr. Clinton. "There are doors in life which are best left shut, and they insisted on opening them," he told The Washington Times. "At every point, people begged these people to stop it, and at every point they ignored them." Mr. Carville bemoaned the fact that Hustler's publisher, Mr. Flynt, a staunch Clinton defender, offered $1 million to women who came forward with proof of extramarital affairs with congressional Republicans. In a new development, Salon ran a story Tuesday that accused Mr. Burton of groping a female lobbyist for a family planning organization in the mid-1990s.. The story by Russ Baker, a free-lance writer who penned an earlier Salon article that discussed an extramarital fling Mr. Hyde had with a beautician in the late 1960s and early 1970s, also raised questions about Mr. Burton's ties with a former model, Claudia Keller...A separate report in Tuesday's issue of Salon blamed liberals for "hypocrisy" in "backing a president who lied under oath in a sexual harassment lawsuit." "Before the rest of us get too misty-eyed about ending the politics of character assassination, we might want to take a closer look at our own record in this area," Andrew Ross, a Salon founder and vice president, wrote in an article titled "What if it were President Packwood?" ..Mr. Ross also cited liberal opposition to the nomination of the late Texas Sen. John Tower as defense secretary. His "crime," Mr. Ross said, was that "he enjoyed a drink or two." Others targeted for destruction by liberals, the Salon writer said, included failed Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork, "whose video rental receipts were paraded in front of the world," and Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who was hit with a "sex harassment smear" during confirmation hearings. Paul McMasters, ombudsman for the Freedom Forum, says: "The bar hasn't just been lowered. It's been done away with." .."

AP Larry Margasak 12/24/98 ".With the nation's second presidential impeachment trial looming next month, key senators acknowledged Wednesday that bipartisan talks were under way on how to decide the president's fate..Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., a Clinton ally and former boss to presidential Chief of Staff John Podesta, was among the senators Wednesday who said they wanted no White House interference. Leahy said he agreed with the Senate's senior Democrat, Robert Byrd of West Virginia, that only senators should craft a deal. .``I do believe there will come a time when people of good will in Senate will want to resolve this,'' Hatch said. Hatch, who has advocated censure if it appears certain that Clinton can't be convicted, said, ``It's up to the Democrats to show there's no way there will be 67 votes for conviction. Once that is shown to the satisfaction of most Republicans, then people have to see what has to be done in a way that punishes him, but still resolves it.'' ."

NY Times 12/25/98 A. M. Rosenthal "."Millions of American Christians pray in their churches each week, oblivious to the fact that Christians in many parts of the world suffer brutal torture, arrest, imprisonment and even death . . . for no other reason than that they are Christians. . . . They have been persecuted and martyred before an unknowing, indifferent world and a largely silent Christian community. "Eleven countries where Christians are currently enduring religious persecution are China, the Sudan, Pakistan, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Egypt, Nigeria, Cuba, Laos and Uzbekistan. They evidence a worldwide trend of anti-Christian persecution based on two political ideologies -- Communism and militant Islam." I quoted that in my first column on religious persecution, in 1997 -- from "In the Lion's Den," by Nina Shea, a human rights army in herself, now director of the Center for Religious Freedom of Freedom House. Unknowing, indifferent -- only a few months ago at a dinner, one of America's richest and pleasantest men and the headmaster of a noted private school, a minister, both said they knew nothing about the persecution of their fellow Christians. Governments know. They are silent for 30 billion pieces of trade silver. In 1994 Bill Clinton, breaking his pre-election promises, sold to China the American commitment to human rights for Chinese and Tibetans. What he got in return was the permission to continue business with China, a kindness that costs America $50 billion annually in export-import loss, strengthens China with American missile technique and escorts Beijing into U.S. politics. And it frees China from Administration action or denunciation for the arrests of more Christians who refuse to worship in government-regulated churches, and more long prison sentences to Chinese who believed the Communists might allow another political party. For the price America paid, read "Year of the Rat" by Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett 2d (Regnery) and learn as much as your stomach can bear. Tibet got something in return for the Clintonian assurances of Chinese reasonableness. It got a Chinese stonewall to the Dalai Lama's eagerness for talks, and more repression. But millions of American Christians backed by many Jews and Buddhists rebelled against the persecution. In China, in the Sudan, where Christians are slaughtered by government armies -- everywhere..."

James Gerstenzang 12/25/98 San Francisco Chronicle ".The battle over President Clinton's impeachment, nasty during the House debate, threatened yesterday to grow nastier as the president's trial looms in the Senate. The White House and its Democratic allies cried foul over unpublished and uncorroborated evidence collected by investigators about Clinton's private life. House Majority Whip Tom DeLay, R-Texas, said senators should consider the material, in addition to the formal record compiled as part of the House debate that led to the president's impeachment. Senator Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, responded by calling DeLay ``a frustrated moral ayatollah.' .``He wants to impose his twisted morals on everyone else,'' Harkin said, adding that out of frustration of failing to gain popular support for his position, ``DeLay must be approaching an apoplectic state.'' ``We know what the evidence is'' against Clinton, said Harkin. ``What the Republicans are afraid of is (that) Clinton will win big.'' ."

The Hindu 12/28/98 "..Led by the Congress(I), the entire political spectrum has spoken with one voice against the unabated violence against the Christians in Gujarat. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the Bajrang Dal have been severely criticized by almost all political parties and various citizens forums for the sangh parivar's current violent campaign against Christian organizations and educational institutions in Gujarat, especially in the Surat and Dangs districts. Even the BJP has found itself constrained to disapprove the attacks...The CPI(M) politburo in a statement said it was shocking that Christian missionary schools and churches in the BJP-ruled Gujarat continued to be targeted despite ``assurances to the contrary'' by Union Ministers. ``The inability to rein in the culprits smacks of a connivance of both the State and the Union Government in permitting, if not encouraging, such attacks'', it alleged. The politburo pointed out that after the ``earlier round'' of violence, the Union Home Minister, Mr. L. K. Advani had claimed that there was no law and order problem in Gujarat. He should now take note of what was happening and order ``necessary action'', it said squarely blaming the ``saffron brigade'' for the violence. It appealed to the people not to get provoked by attempts to fuel social tension.."

NY Times Elaine Sciolino 4/28/98 ".President Clinton on Monday criticized laws that automatically impose sanctions on countries for behavior that Americans find unacceptable. He said such legislation put pressure on the executive branch to "fudge," or overlook, violations so that it would not have to carry out the sanctions. Clinton made his unusually frank remarks during an appearance before a group of about 60 evangelical Christian leaders at the White House. They were meeting with Sandy Berger, the national security adviser, in the Roosevelt Room. Specifically, Clinton asked the group to withdraw its support for pending legislation that aims to reduce religious persecution overseas by imposing trade and aid sanctions on repressive regimes. Last week the House International Relations Committee approved, by 31 to 5, a bill that would impose export and aid sanctions on countries that endorse or permit violent attacks on religious believers. Among other provisions, the sanctions would ban imports from such countries, prohibit loans by multilateral institutions and make it easier for victims of religious persecution overseas to qualify for asylum or refugee status.."

Arab News 12/26/98 Fahmi Howaidi, Cairo ".How stupid was the American explanation for rushing to attack Iraq! It was that the U.S., out of respect for the feelings of Muslims, did not want to attack a Muslim country in Ramadan. Does this mean that America considers Ramadan a time in which the shedding of Muslim blood is not allowed? This seemed to be the explanation given by...Clinton in his statement attempting to justify the attack. His explanation was picked up and repeated by most of the commentators and so-called experts invited by Western television networks to comment on the situation. This American explanation implies that killing Muslims is forbidden only in Ramadan but allowed in other months. I cannot imagine which of the so-called experts convinced the Americans of this but it unfortunately reveals the shallow thinking and shameful ignorance of some decision makers regarding the Muslim world. ."

Underground Roman Catholic Bishop Su Zhimin spent 15 years in prison before his release in 1993; he was tortured throughout and then re-arrested shortly before President Jiang Zhemin's state visit to the United States in October, 1997 and remains in detention In 1997, Protestant leaders reported that about 40% of the inmates in labor camps in Henan Province are there for belonging to the Christian underground. In Henan Number One Labor Camp, for example, approximately 50 out of 126 inmates are imprisoned for underground church activities. On March 16, 1997, Peter Xu Yongze, Protestant leader with millions of followers, was arrested and jailed with seven others in Henan. Ambassador Sasser did not know what a house church is. 2/27/99 Lisa Holewa "...After a case that started with an arson fire in a waterfront mansion, the head of one of the nation's most influential black denominations was convicted Saturday on charges of swindling millions of dollars from companies seeking to do business with his followers. The Rev. Henry Lyons, president of the National Baptist Convention USA, also was found guilty of grand theft in the disappearance of almost $250,000 from the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, money intended to rebuild burned black churches in the South.... "

Reuters 3/3/99 Freeper Brian Mosely "…An Arkansas minister was charged Wednesday with setting his church on fire more than two years ago in a case authorities at first thought was connected to a rash of blazes at African-American churches…."

Seattle Times 12/31/98 John Hanchette Gannett News Service ".More than 150 theology professors and ethics scholars have published a withering protest of President Clinton's "manipulation of religion and debasing of moral language" during the national discussion about his impeachment. .The controversial declaration was published just before Christmas in a book titled "Judgment Day at the White House" (edited by Gabriel Fackre; Eerdmans Publishing, Grand Rapids, Mich.). The three-page declaration opens the book, which includes supporting essays from about a dozen of the 157 signers of the declaration, plus a half dozen rebuttals from opponents of the presidential criticism..Authors of the declaration - including seven signers from the liberal Princeton Theological Seminary, among them President Thomas Gillespie - were very direct in their accusations: "We believe that serious misunderstandings of repentance and forgiveness are being exploited for political advantage." .."We fear," wrote declaration signers, "that the religious community is in danger of being called upon to provide authentication for a politically motivated and incomplete repentance that seeks to avert serious consequences for wrongful acts." .. -- "The moral character of a people is more important than the tenure of a particular politician or the protection of a particular political agenda." ..Elshtain attacked White House spin that the impeachment case is based on something private: "This was no `discreet affair,' with the two principals doing their utmost to try to protect the feelings, moral concerns, and sensitivities of all involved. A small army of staffers was enlisted by the president to facilitate these assignations and an even larger number to cover matters up once things turned sour. Surely this has crossed the boundary into the public domain on every possible scale - ethical, legal, and political." Stackhouse went after counselors of ministerial silence: "I disagree with those who have refused to offer public criticism of his behavior because they think it may further disrupt the programs that they want him (Clinton) to advance or may give comfort to his political enemies. . . ."."

Imus In The Morning 1/7/99 Radio Show by Freeper paul in cape2 ".At approx. 8:15 AM e.s.t. Sen. John Kerry insulted the majority Party in the House of Representatives by equating them to the Ayatollah."

Centre Daily Times 1/3/99 Vincent Velotta ".In short, their goal is to promote a theory pointing out that American immorality has run amok. But to suggest that 250 million people are immoral is pushing the lever a bit too far. Our president, however, has provided them with the excuse they were seeking. Yet, the decent and moderate members of the Republican party have added to the problem by their unwillingness to confront these radicals and by allowing them to go unchallenged in their quest for control of the leadership. Whether it be the Taliban that now controls Afghanistan, or the religious zealots in Iran, or perhaps the inquisitors of old Spain, and now the American Taliban, they are all alike. These new American fanatics are no different. They are all from the same cloth. They all belong to the same club. Scorch the earth. Give no quarter. Never, never compromise. "We are the moral giants, we are the soldiers of God and in order to gain our ends, we will, with malicious intent, do our best to damage the relationship between the American people and what we consider to be their corrupt representatives in the Congress." .Moderate conservative Republicans, as well as all decent and fair-minded Americans, should wake up to the fact that there is indeed a group of ideological extremists, and they are bent on forcing their brand of radical politics down the throats of the American people. We Americans cannot allow these ideological extremists to enlarge their base by lulling us with such terms as "constitutional obligation" and "duty to God and country." We must look with skepticism upon their moralistic rhetoric of fairness and forgiveness and look at what they do and how they do it. We, as free Americans, must always be alert to those who would attempt to subvert or distort our political system. It may not always be to our liking, but it is all we have. Hitler did it in Germany over 60 years ago. Don't let it happen here, and don't you think it can't..."

Chicago Sun-Times 1/31/99 Dennis Byrne ".There he goes again: this pope guy instructing Americans about morality. Who does he think he is? ``Pope John Paul II--9th Century Thinker,'' proclaimed one sign held by a protester. ``Not everyone favors the political agenda that this man has for America,'' said Ellen Johnson, who was picketing the pope in St. Louis. But wait. With all this preaching about morality going on, now comes the Clinton administration talking about morality. Secretary of Defense William Cohen told a Downstate Springfield audience on Thursday that Americans have a moral obligation to treat its military better. Amen to that.."

Politically Incorrect 2/1/99 Freeper bobf reports ".Then, as James kept standing his ground, especially about the morality issues at work in Clinton's impeachment process, Mahr gave his worst, most reprehensible line... "Christians are PARASITES on the Republican party, and like PARASITES, they will KILL it!!" Our man James would not let that slide: "Christians have a right to gather, express their opinions, and VOTE, just like anyone else..."...evoking applause from the apparently liberal-tilted crowd..."

Newsmax 2/2/99 Freeper FISHHOG ".IMUS: Does a taped interview exist between Lisa Myers and this woman? RUSSERT: ah, er, ah, I'm not going to get into where we are. It's a work in progress about a whole lot of things. IMUS: In other words, the answer is yes. Thank you. RUSSERT: Well, ah, er, alright Mr. Falwell. IMUS: (laughing) No, I just wondered. RUSSERT: I mean, you know - there's a videotape available if you want that says President Clinton murdered people. I mean, put it on the screen.After Russert left, Imus said he doubted NBC would be a party to any Rapegate cover-up, then tossed this barb at his erstwhile friend: "It would be as if they set a truck on fire, or accused somebody of planting a bomb." The references were to past NBC News debacles involving a staged car explosion passed off as spontaneous and a false report fingering Richard Jewel as the Olympic Park bomber. ."

World Magazine Marvin Olasky 2/6/99 Freeper Stand Watch Listen ".Second, the disdainers clearly have no fear of the Lord, but they fear conservative Christians. That no member of the Clinton Administration has resigned in protest, and that congressional Democrats almost unanimously shamed themselves, can partly be explained by the moral bankruptcy of a once-great party, along with knowledge of how Clinton partisans harass those who cross them. But there's more: A lot of folks on the left truly fear that if Bill Clinton falls to those who believe in biblical right and wrong, they will be next. Hence their furious defense of the indefensible.."

Insight Magazine 2/22/99 James Lucier ".Progressive Democrats have a strategy of labeling GOP conservatives as extremists, but the ideology of the House Progressive Caucus may be the most extreme in Congress. Immediately after the impeachment of Bill Clinton last December the president called together a private gathering of supporters at the White House. Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York, a denizen of the House Judiciary Committee and a member of the House's Progressive Caucus, emerged to tell the New York Post that Clinton himself told the meeting that "the Constitution was being trashed by Republican ex- tremists." And California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters, another fiery-tongued Judiciary member who also is on the Progressive Caucus, said, "Bill and Hillary are the real targets, and the Republicans are the vehicles being used by the right-wing Christian Coalition extremists to direct and control our culture.".."

FoxNews Reuters 2/4/99 Freeper holly ".Calling the remark "pure nonsense,'' a Roman Catholic group Thursday asked President Clinton to apologize for saying Nazi German dictator Adolf Hitler preached a "perverted form of Christianity.'' During a speech Thursday at the annual prayer breakfast hosted by members of Congress, Clinton observed that ''throughout history people have prayed to God to aid them in war. People have claimed repeatedly that it was God's will that they prevail in conflict.'' "I do believe that even though Adolf Hitler preached a perverted form of Christianity, God did not want him to prevail,'' Clinton said. William Donohue, president of the Catholic League, asked Clinton to apologize for what he called "a remarkably ignorant comment about Hitler and Christianity.'' "Anyone who has studied Hitler knows that this is pure nonsense,'' Donohue said in a statement issued from his New York office. "Hitler was a neo-pagan terrorist whose conscience was not informed by Christianity, but by pseudo-scientific racist philosophies,'' he said.."

National Post 2/5/99 Mark Steyn Freeper praise ".In other breakfast news, Mr. Clinton yesterday attended the annual National Prayer Breakfast, one of those opportunities to flaunt his faith he can never resist. The president's religion is an undemanding one. In one of the most striking examples of his ability to "compartmentalize," he strolled out of his church after the Easter service, waved his trusty Bible to the crowds, and then went back to the Oval Office to observe the resurrection with Monica in a more personal sense.."

Washington Times 2/5/99 Letters to the Editor June 7 - Arlington, VA ". During the past several months in the American press, the Democrats have frequently denounced the Republicans as Nazis due to their attempts to control runaway federal spending. How very ironic. I remember the Nazis. Let me share a little about them and recall some of their exploits. First of all, 'Nazi' was gutter slang for the verb 'to nationalize'. The Bider-Mienhoff gang gave themselves this moniker during their early struggles. The official title of the Nazi Party was 'The National Socialist Workers Party of Germany'. Hitler and the Brownshirts advocated the nationalization of education, health care, transportation, national resources, manufacturing, distribution and law enforcement. Hitler came to power by turning the working class, unemployed, and academic elite against the conservative republic... Being a Nazi was 'politically correct'. They called themselves 'The Children of the New Age of World Order' and looked down their noses at everyone else. As Hitler acquired more power, he referred to his critics as 'The Dark Forces of Anarchy and Hatred'.. The Nazi reign of terror began with false news reports on the Jews, Bohemians and Gypses who were said to be arming themselves to overthrow the 'New World Order'. Hitler demanded that all good people register their guns so that they wouldn't fall into the hands of 'terrorists and madmen'.Right-wing fanatics of the 'Old Order' who protested firearms registration were arrested by the S.S. and put in jail for 'fomenting hatred against the Government of the German people'. Then the Reichstag (government building) was blown up and Hitler ram-rodded an 'Emergency Anti-Terrorist Act' through Parliament that gave the Gestapo extraordinary powers. The leader then declared that for the well-being of the German people, all private firearms were to be confiscated by the Gestapo and the Wermotten (federal law enforcement and military.Public schools rewrote history and Hitler youth groups taught the children to report their parents to their teachers for anti-Nazi remarks. Such parents disappeared. Pagan animism became the state religion of the Third Reich and Christians were widely condemned as 'right wing fanatics'.. Evil was declared as being good, and good was condemned as being evil. World Order was coming and the German people were going to be the 'peacekeepers'. Yes, indeed, I remember the Nazis and they weren't Republicans, or 'right wing', or 'patriots' or 'militias'. They were Socialist monsters.."

Fox newswire / AP 2/6/99 ".An appeals court has overturned a rapist's 51-year prison sentence because a judge turned to the Bible while deciding his punishment. The Ohio 1st District Court of Appeals ruled Friday that James Arnett can return to court and seek a lesser sentence. Arnett, 33, pleaded guilty to raping and molesting the 8-year-old daughter of his fiancee. In handing down the 51-year sentence in January 1998, Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Melba Marsh Marsh referred to a Bible verse that says anyone who offends a child would be better off if "a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.''.."

Grassroot Republicans Website 2/7/99 Ken Carroll ".At least two groups composed of people vocally opposed to Clinton have been hit this week. Clinton is already trying to make life tougher on gun owners, bringing the National Rifle Association into a conflict, but it is his remarks regarding Christianity which are truly distressing. At an annual prayer breakfast hosted by congressional members, Clinton proclaimed that "Adolf Hitler preached a perverted form of Christianity." Not only is Clinton's statement historically inaccurate, but the context of his speech shows it aimed at Christian conservatives. Clinton said, " . . . throughout history people have prayed to God to aid them in war. People have claimed repeatedly that it was God's will that they prevail in conflict. I do believe that even though Adolf Hitler preached a perverted form of Christianity, God did not want him to prevail." Claiming what Hitler did, by any stretch of the imagination, could be referred to as "Christianity" whether it was "perverted" or not is extremely insulting to followers of Christ. The insinuation is that Christianity is not that far from Nazi beliefs. If you think those are innocent words, replace "Christian" with any other religion and see if it jogs your conscience a little. Would you openly tell a believer of any faith that Hitler preached a perverted form of their religion? Would you say it to a Moslem or a Jewish person? Clinton supporters may say it was a slip of the tongue, but that boat won't float. This is a man so careful in his phrasing and parsing of public words that he claims he misled and deceived people and still did not lie. Bill Clinton knew exactly what the ramifications of his words were and how this message would be taken. ."

The American Spectator 2/5/99 R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. ".It is interesting that the twentieth anniversary of the Rev. Jim Jones' Jonestown holocaust has come and gone, unremarked by such liberal thought leaders as Professor Alan Dershowitz and the Hon. Barney Frank. Located in the steamy jungles of Guyana, Jonestown was the site of the People's Temple, "an interracial sharing community" that originated in San Francisco. Over 900 of the Rev. Jones' followers died there late in 1978. At his orders they drank poison or had it imposed on them... Letters found in the vast killing field that had been the People's Temple, "dedicated against the evils of racism, hunger, and injustice," maundered on about his followers' dread of "the capitalist U.S." and their affection for "the beauty of Communism." None of the thousands of letters found among their paltry possessions betrayed any interest in Christianity or any other organized religion but in "Communism." Yet when their corpses were found I cannot recall any major news report calling them "Communists." As I say, the notion spread that they were some sort of Christian believers run amok..Midst the corpses other laudatory letters were found, from California's Governor Jerry Brown, Congresswoman Bella Abzug, Senator Mike Gravel, and from Mrs. Jimmy Carter, who wrote from the White House that "your comments about Cuba are helpful." ."

Florida Times-Union 2/9/99 Freeper newsman ".Though the Senate will likely acquit President Clinton this week, he'll be relegated to the status now held by O.J. Simpson, said the Rev. Jerry Falwell, founder of the Moral Majority. Falwell, in Jacksonville to speak at a pastors conference at First Baptist Church, spared little in assessing Clinton's impact on the nation's character. "He's lowered the moral bar in this country more than Hollywood, the television industry and the drug industry combined," he said. "Can future leaders lift the bar?"."

Time Daily 2/9/99 Frank Pellegrini ". Senate Democrats know the verdict they want: Not guilty, with an explanation. But when to do the explaining? The deliberations set to span the next two days will be held behind closed doors - proponents of an open session admitted Tuesday that they were six votes (and one majority leader) short of the 67 needed... For Democrats, censure remains the mother of all political flak jackets. Though they've already successfully cast Republicans as the repressive party of the Ayatollah, they're not particularly eager to be the party of Oval Office sex, either. .."

New York Post 2/10/99 Jack Newfield ".IT IS now clear that a few right-wing Republican senators are trying to block a tough censure of President Clinton. This is moral absolutism and irrational partisanship run amok. It doesn't make sense politically, constitutionally or morally. It is the kind of warped reasoning that characterizes the fundamentalist, Hezbollah faction of the GOP.."

Catholic World News 2/11/99 ".The Ohio American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit in federal court this week seeking a court order to have four public schools remove outdoor monuments that include the Ten Commandments..."

Salon Magazine 2/2/1999 GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ Freeper imdoug ".but Carlos Fuentes took it further by asking the president who he thought of as his enemies. His reply was immediate and abrupt: "My only enemy is right-wing religious fundamentalism.".."

People for the American Way 2/11/99 Freeper Bob J ".People For the American Way Foundation President Carole Shields issued the following statement today in response to the Rev. Jerry Falwell's assertion that the popular cartoon character, Tinky Winky the Teletubby, is gay: "Jerry Falwell is no longer taken seriously in the political arena, so now he has to go after cartoon characters. If Tinky Winky the Teletubby cannot measure up to Mr. Falwell's standards of morality, than who among us can?.." and ".People For the American Way and its affiliated PAC, People For the American Way Voters Alliance, today launched national voter education and mobilization campaigns aimed at ending the Religious Right's occupation of Congress. Relying on a mix of TV, grassroots organizing and education, the $5 million campaigns will give voice to the millions of Americans alarmed by the Republican impeachment trial and other radical, Religious-Right-driven initiatives in Congress over the past four years. The Voters Alliance unveiled its first TV ad in the campaign today. "Impeachment was the catalyst that shocked and angered voters," said PFAW President Carole Shields. "But the Religious Right's agenda on so many other issues also is of paramount concern. The same Religious Right that drove the impeachment train is trying to force Congress to adopt vouchers, pass a captive audience school prayer amendment and roll back civil rights for women and minorities.".."

US Newswire 2/17/99 Freeper Brian Mosely ".``The kind of raw anti-Catholic bigotry contained in Ted Turner's remarks is something we had all hoped was a relic of the last century. ``To begin to repair the damage, Ted Turner must only retract his remarks but also issue a full and complete apology to the Holy Father and all American Catholics. This is the worst form of religious bigotry,'' said Bauer. Bauer also charged that Turner insulted all American Christians and Jews when he belittled the Ten Commandments, saying the commandments are ``a little out of date. If you're only going to have 10 rules, I don't know if (prohibiting) adultery should be one of them.'' ."

Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights Press Release 2/17/99 ".TV-mogul Ted Turner received an award yesterday at the 27th annual meeting of the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association. According to a report in the Washington Times, he drew laughter and applause with remarks about sex, the Ten Commandments and Pope John Paul II. Turner, who has five children, commented that everyone should promise to have no more than two children. He said he came to this conclusion years ago after talking to doomsayer Paul Ehrlich; this was after Turner contributed to the "population explosion." He also dubbed the Ten Commandments "a little out of date," adding that "If you're only going to have 10 rules, I don't know if prohibiting adultery should be one of them." Of the pope, Turner showed his idea of ethnic humor: "Ever seen a Polish mine detector?" He then said the pope should "get with it. Welcome to the 20th century." Catholic League president William Donohue took note: "Ted Turner embarrassed himself yesterday with his silly remarks, though it is doubtful he even recognizes what he did. Any man who thinks that the pope needs to `get with it' while quoting Paul Ehrlich is a true embarrassment. Thirty years ago Ehrlich predicted that pesticide-induced cancers would soon cause life expectancy in the U.S. to plummet to 42 years. `If I were a gambler,' he said back then, `I would take even money that England will not exist in the year 2000.' If that wasn't bad enough, in 1980 Ehrlich wagered a $1,000 bet with economist Julian Simon over the availability of scarce commodities in the year 1990; Simon collected the money in 1991. But no matter, Ehrlich is the same guy that Turner continues to quote as a reliable source. "."

CNS 2/1/99 Charles Colson Freeper hope ".At the National Prayer Breakfast this month, President Clinton described how hard his administration had worked to pass the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998--a law designed to fight the torture and murder of people of faith around the world. A few days later, the president's budget was unveiled. How much money did the president earmark to enforce the Religious Freedom Act? Not one plug nickel.."

Insight Magazine 3/15/99 Aimee Howd Freeper Stand Watch Listen "...But the American people went ballistic when President Clinton took this idea to its logical conclusion and proudly displayed a sample national health-care I.D. card during the nationally televised summary of his health-care plan in 1993. Few consumers could stomach the thought of allowing even the most altruistic federal bureaucrat to assign them a "unique health identifier" -- a computerized code that could be used not only to track the medical records of every citizen from birth, but potentially could link those records to financial data, tax information, employment history, educational databases and anything else of interest to a would-be Big Brother...."

newsmax 3/4/99 Schlafly "…I'm fed up with the liberals telling me that I can't be judgmental about crimes and sins, even when committed by the President. We have every right to be judgmental, and the liberals have their nerve trying to dictate a "Thou shalt not be judgmental" commandment. I'm fed up with the liberals telling me I must be nonpartisan. Do we have political freedom in America or don't we? … I'm fed up with the liberals imposing their values on us about perjury, along with their absurd caveat that "everybody lies about sex." If it's just "he says, she says" and everybody lies, we should toss out all the sexual harassment cases, enjoy sex in the workplace, and then lie about it…I'm fed up with the liberals blaming the Republicans for Clinton's impeachment and trial…. I'm fed up with the liberals dictating their new moral imperative that we must "move on" and "become moderate," or else they will label us "extremist." Who gave them the right to enforce a new law of moderation and extremism and to brand people with their judgments? ….I'm fed up with the liberals telling us we have a moral obligation to spend American blood and money in ethnic conflicts all around the world. Where did the interventionist liberals get any authority to impose their foreign-policy morality on us? ….I'm fed up with the liberals saying it is OUR moral duty to spend OUR money for THEIR pet projects (it's called taxes) in order to provide benefits to special constituencies that are expected to vote liberal…. I'm fed up with the liberals and the teachers unions imposing their Whole Language, School-to-Work, "comprehensive" sex education, and diversity curricula on other people's children. The educrats won't even allow parents a choice for phonics, abstinence classes, or traditional academic basics. I'm fed up with the liberals telling me I have to respect their gods: the Presidency and his "wag the dog" foreign policy, the Imperial Judiciary and its activist decisions, and the public schools with their failed methods. Who gave the liberals the authority to substitute those gods for God and His Ten Commandments? …"

Rep. Traficant, Democrat 6/19/98: "Mr. Speaker, Mildred Rosario, a sixth grade teacher in the Bronx, was fired. Mildred was fired for attempting to comfort her students over the drowning loss of a fellow classmate by simply saying he was in heaven. Mildred was fired for saying, I quote, he was in heaven. Unbelievable. In America teachers can pass out condoms in school. Teachers can pass out needles. Teachers can even have forums and discussions on devil worship. But in America teachers cannot even mention God. Beam me up. "

CNS Bruce Sullivan 8/12/98 "A Christian pastor and four men were handing out religious leaflets last week in a section of Las Vegas frequented by drug dealers and street walkers, when they were arrested, jailed, and strip-searched by the police. They were charged with blocking the sidewalk, then handcuffed, and thrown into a paddy wagon as denizens of "Crack Alley," which is what that part of Fremont Street is nicknamed, watched.." 'Sing your Christian hymns now,'" Robinson says one of the police officers said. "They compared us to the folks in Waco," Robinson told CNS referring to the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. ."

Global Intelligence Update 11/9/98 ".The past week has demonstrated that Bill Clinton is the most extraordinary politician of our time. He took a draw in the 1998 by-elections in which the Republicans retained control of both houses of Congress, and managed to define it as an overwhelming defeat for the Republicans and a major personal victory for himself. The generally accepted consensus was that the elections ended any chance of an impeachment of the President. As pure icing on the cake, the elections destroyed his archenemy, Newt Gingrich and with it, redefined the Republican Party. The President achieved his tremendous victory by defining the basic issue as whether having sex with Monica Lewinsky was or was not an impeachable offense..There are two domestic political results here. The Christian Right sees itself as engaged in a struggle for the cultural soul of the United States. They have just been handed an overwhelming defeat.. The second political result is the effective collapse of feminism as a political force.. The feminists have now created the Clinton Test for sexual harassment. Unwanted sexual advances, actual exposure of private parts, and taking advantage of a powerful office to seduce young women, do not constitute sexual harassment if you support the feminist agenda.. Thus we will make an extreme but we think defensible statement: the cultural wars that have defined much of the nation's politics since about 1980 are over. Both sides have lost and have lost decisively. .It is interesting to note that issues like the power of the IMF are increasingly motivating the Christian Right as much as cultural issues. There is a deep and growing distrust on the part of the Christian Right of the trend toward multilateral solutions, like NAFTA, IMF, UN, WTO and so on, that the Democrats are so fond of."

New York Times 11/8/98 Maureen Dowd ".There's a new spirit wafting through the land. Hey, baby, we're talking about love power. The voters have chosen the lovers over the haters. The meanies with the jangly names -- Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey, Lauch Faircloth, Fob James, "B-1" Bob Dornan -- are toast. So are the guys like Al D'Amato, who sneered and jeered and used ethnic and anatomical epithets. So are the Christian zealots. And obsessive special prosecutors. The Democratic lover boys, like Bill Clinton, and the Republican preachers of compassion, like the Bush boys, are being embraced.."


Jewish Task Force 3/10/99 "…We were all taught to believe that major corporations are run by conservative Republicans. This myth has been refuted on numerous occasions on this web site. The multinational corporations, who have no loyalty whatsoever to the United States, use bogus tax-free foundations to fund socialist groups that are working to destroy this country. For instance, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is one of the most evil anti-American, anti-white, anti-Semitic and anti-Israel groups in existence. The ACLU is dominated by people like attorney Alan Dershowitz, who recently boasted that he would have represented Adolf Hitler and gotten him off. ere are some of the ACLU's surprising benefactors: the Carnegie Corporation - $1,000,000; the Clark Foundation - $975,000; the Ford Foundation - $2,265,000; the MacArthur Foundation - $300,000; the Mertz-Gilmore Foundation - $140,000; and the Rockefeller Foundation - $110,000. These are only partial contributions from these foundations from 1993 to 1995. The total figures are much larger….Immediately after the ACLU announced that they would represent neo-Nazi scum who wanted to march in Skokie, Illinois as a provocation to that town's several thousand concentration camp survivors, Lear responded by making a $250,000 contribution to the ACLU which he averred was in direct response to the ACLU's pro-Nazi stance. Lear himself formed a Bolshevik group called People for the "American" Way. Of course, there is nothing "American" about this hideous Marxist organization. Its main focus is attacking all attempts to inspire religious faith and spirituality in the lives of Americans. Any time someone suggests placing a Christian or Jewish symbol on public property or even private corporate property, Lear's group has a fit. They proclaim such symbols to be "un-American" because of the so-called separation of church and state. Lear's despicable People for the "American" Way has received the following curious support: the Carnegie Corporation - $200,000; the Clark Foundation - $150,000; the Joyce Foundation - $50,000; the MacArthur Foundation - $25,000; the Mertz-Gilmore Foundation - $35,000; and the Rockefeller Foundation - $75,000. Why do these multinational corporate giants back left-wing groups that are undermining America's moral and spiritual values? Because an America devoid of values is easier to control when you are a small clique of mega-billionaires who want no competition, massive profits and total power. People with values, especially religious ones, will educate their children and raise strong families who will ultimately become competitors in the free-market arena…."


Christian Citizen 3/99Robert Holland - Richmond Times Dispatch Freeper Stand Watch Listen "…Armed with backing from private foundations and the federal government, advocates of Hillary Clinton’s It-Takes-a-Village ideology are beginning to implement a plan for cradle-to-grave tracking of the newborns of first-time parents. Part of the scheme entails sending agents into private homes to "train" parents for up to 50 visits annually per family. Expectant parents are enlisted by being asked to sign permission forms at the hospital, where amid all the excitement of a first birth, they may not be aware of the implications for their privacy and parental rights......Information that the agents collect from families will be put in a nationwide computerized system called the Program Information Management System (PIMS), which will contain medical and psychological entries and observations on family relationships.....Eventually the information in a comprehensive, permanent record could be shared with employers when an individual applies for a job…"


Drudge 3/14/99 "…AID is funding programs that endorse or legitimize what amounts to witchcraft The paper is reporting that Helms, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said in a Feb. 8 letter to Secretary of State Albright that the committee had spent a lot of time recently reviewing U.S. aid programs to Haiti and it has found that US taxpayers are "funding programs that endorse or legitimize what amounts to witchcraft." Helms cited as the basis for his concern a recent exchange between U.S. AID and the Foreign Relations Committee, in which AID was asked if it provided "any assistance to any group, like IPPF's affiliate PROFAMIL, which, according to IPPF's 1995 Annual Report, undertook 'a campaign to reach voodoo followers with sexual and reproductive health information... by performing short song-prayers about STDs sexually transmitted diseases and the benefits of family planning during voodoo ceremonies.'" AID acknowledged providing $295,000 from April 1998 to March 1999 to PROFAMIL. The agency said many AID "partners and implementing organizations use this important social network voodoo ceremonies as the medium for disseminating health sector messages and information."…"

American Family Association Center for Law & Policy 3/15/99 "… Today, four members of the Adams County Ministerial Alliance filed papers in federal court seeking to intervene in the lawsuit challenging the placement of monuments displaying the Ten Commandments at four high schools in Adams County, Ohio. The ministers, Kenneth W. Johnson, Thomas D. Claibourne, Ronald D. Stephens, and Douglas W. Ferguson, say that the Ministerial Alliance was responsible for erecting the monuments and continues to maintain them. …The lawsuit was filed by the ACLU on February 9, 1999, on behalf of a disgruntled citizen, Berry Baker, who was denied permission to erect his own display, two six foot tall phallic symbols with a plaque explaining that they represent an ancient religion. Mr. Baker had previously praised the School Board for its "leadership role in an apparent spiritual and cultural revival." "Mr. Baker is apparently upset, not that Adams County is displaying a religious symbol, but that it is not displaying his religious symbol," commented Mr. Crampton. …."


Catholic World News 3/17/99 Freeper marshmallow "… Six people have been killed in fighting in the southern Philippines this week between Catholic and Muslim villagers, a provincial governor said on Wednesday…." NEW DELHI Over 200 Christian houses were torched Tuesday night in Gajapati district of eastern Orissa state that has seen several cases of anti-Christian violence including the arson death of an Australian missionary and his two sons in January…." AKARTA A group of hundreds of Muslims attacked a police station and burned vehicles in a province of Indonesia on Wednesday after a group of foreigners tried to distribute Bibles and then sought refuge in the station…."

Reuters 3/17/99 "…The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco has had it with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The ``order'' of drag performance artists who, clad in nun's habits and vibrant face-paint, have shocked and amused the city for 20 years is being damned by Catholic leaders for planning to stage a public celebration of their troupe's anniversary on Easter Sunday. Archdiocese spokesman Maurice Healy said Wednesday allowing a group which ``mocks the Catholic Church'' to close a public street on the holiest day of the Christian year was just as reprehensible as ``allowing a group of neo-Nazis to close a city street for the celebration on the Jewish Feast of Passover.'' ``In terms of offensiveness, it's very similar,'' he told Reuters…."

Conservative News Service 3/18/99 William Lind "…Once again, the U.S. government is siding with Moslems against Christians. The place is again the Balkans, where we are supporting the Islamic Albanians' grab for Kosovo, the historic heartland of the Christian Serbs. We did the same thing in nearby Bosnia, where we again supported Moslems against the Serbs, including by bombing Serbian forces. I wonder how many American Christians have thought about the fact that their defense dollars now go to attacking other Christians on behalf of Islam? Over and over again, the U.S. government has showed a bias against Christianity and in favor of Islam. In Africa, where thousands of Christians have been martyred at the hands of Islamics, our government has maintained a careful silence. The same is true in Indonesia, where much of the recent rioting has been directed against Christians. Perhaps the most grotesque example is Saudi Arabia, a country we fought to defend against Iraq in the Gulf War and also a country where anyone who converts to Christianity is beheaded. (In contrast, Iraq's current foreign minister is a Christian). The U.S. State Department is so anxious to kiss the Saudis' robes that it banned Christian religious services at the U.S. consulate in Jeddah. Those services had given American citizens in Saudi Arabia a place to worship. All Christian services are illegal in Saudi Arabia, but the consulate is legally American soil, so the Saudis could not stop them. The consulate offered weekly Protestant and Mormon services as well as Catholic Mass…."

The Oklahoman 3/25/99 "...BILL Clinton didn't want to bomb Iraqis "during the holy month of Ramadan" -- but he's raining bombs during the Great and Holy Lent, a sacred time for the Orthodox who comprise much of the Serbian population. That note came yesterday from a clergyman in Texas. His point hits both U.S. policy and Clinton's lack of discernable principles...."

Hellenic Orthodox Traditionalist Church of America 3/23/99 Metropolitan Archbishop PAVLOS to Clinton "...Again I write to you as a Christian and as an American. Sir, we are poised on the brink of disaster, a disaster that is manifold in its dimensions and character. As I expressed to you in my previous letter this imminent and unprovoked attack against Yugoslavia is immoral. Even the trepidation alone that we have instilled in the people of Yugoslavia is a horror. The fact that this is exactly one of our intentions is offensive. Legally speaking our country is heading toward the perpetration of a crime of international proportions. We are acting without a UN mandate. We are violating the very charter of the NATO Pact. NATO is acting without a UN mandate. We are violating every international law governing respect for the sovereignty of nations. We are acting without the mandate of the American people. Do the American people truly believe our national interests are at stake? A recent CBS Radio broadcast quoted a poll that said 50% of Americans cannot find Kosovo on a map! Is this the well-informed constituency that gives us a mandate to attack Yugoslavia? I ask again by what authority do we act? Is it the authority of the law of God, the law of our country, or international law? ..."

Washington Post 3/31/99 Peter Slevin "…The Internal Revenue Service properly stripped tax breaks from a New York church that opposed candidate Bill Clinton in full-page newspaper advertisements during the 1992 campaign, a federal judge here ruled yesterday. U.S. District Judge Paul L. Friedman decided that the IRS acted lawfully when it took away tax-exempt status from The Church at Pierce Creek in Vestal, N.Y. He dismissed the church's claims that the IRS violated religious freedoms and engaged in selective prosecution. Churches that claim exemption from taxation cannot take sides in an election campaign, the federal tax code states. The IRS concluded after a two-year investigation that the nondenominational Christian church had done just that and no longer was entitled to the exemption. The case centered on a full-page advertisement that appeared in USA Today and the Washington Times four days before the 1992 general election. The advertisement said, "Bill Clinton is promoting policies that are in rebellion to God's laws."…" 8/7/98 Freeper DonMorgan "…Meanwhile, Sudanese Christians in Africa are suffering from the twin afflictions of persecution and famine, and that's not all. They still face the problem of slavery. Stan Jeter brings us this brief update. Stan Jeter, reporter Human life is cheap in the Sudan. First, a bitter civil war and now a spreading famine that's put over 2 1/2 million people at risk of starvation. Christian Freedom International recently sponsored a relief flight to one of the areas overlooked by the United Nations' aid efforts. But then they found another tragedy. In this slave market are many Christian women and children kidnapped from their villages in the south by Muslim raiders from the north. Some are branded so they can't escape their masters. Village leaders keep records of their kidnap victims. There are thousands still missing. On this visit, CFI's Jim Jacobson brought enough cash to redeem 12 slaves and reunite them with their families. The price: about $100 each….."

The Jerusalem Post 3/28/99 Thomas O’Dwyer Freeper bessellieu "…At the end of the ceremony the Clintons plunged in among the guests, spreading that famous empathy with unforced glee. When he met Clinton, Marquez had the nerve to ask him directly who he thought his enemies were. The writer reported that Clinton's reply was immediate and abrupt: "My only enemy is right-wing religious fundamentalism."…"

Reuters 3/29/99 "…A national Catholic organization Monday called for a boycott of San Francisco, saying the city was promoting intolerance by allowing a group of drag queen ''nuns'' to hold a street party on Easter Sunday. ``Many people think that San Francisco is the city of tolerance. But it is a lie -- an outrageous lie,'' William Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, said in a half-page advertisement taken in the San Francisco Chronicle. The league, which has 350,000 members and fights what it sees as anti-Catholic prejudice, said San Francisco's plan to allow the ``Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence'' to close a public street on April 4 for a party to celebrate their 20th anniversary was tantamount to an attack on Catholic faith ``Our objection to the 'Sisters' does not center on men dressing as nuns: it centers on their obscene assaults on the Eucharist, the very nucleus of Catholicism. That is why we are outraged,'' the league advertisement said…. The group says it is not anti-Catholic but simply irreverent, and that it exists primarily as a fund-raiser for nonprofit organizations which serve the community…."

Washington Post 4/1/99 Press Conference "...From a news briefing yesterday by White House spokesman Joe Lockhart: Q: The president's fellow Democrat, Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco, has just requested a group of actors who mock nuns and the Catholic sacraments to cancel their plans to do this on Easter. Does the president agree? And will he ask Mr. [James C.] Hormel, his nominee to be ambassador to Luxembourg, to join Mayor Brown in asking these people, who Hormel saluted, not to do this on Easter? Mr. Lockhart: I -- it would take 10 minutes for me to unravel all of the deception that's in that question. So we'll do it another time. [Cross talk.] Q: Do you think it's appropriate, Joe? You don't want to speak to this? A: This is -- you know, that sort of ad hominem attack on Mr. Hormel has been -- Q: Ad hominem? A: -- has come from various sources over the last year. It has no basis in fact -- Q: No, he saluted these people -- A: It has no basis in fact -- Q: It does, Joe! A: Well, having -- Q: We've been reporting on it. A: Well, having spoken to Mr. Hormel directly on this subject, it has no basis in fact...."

Conservative News Org 4/1/99 Scott Hogenson "...The American Psychological Association is trying to correct what it called misrepresentations of the organization's positions on child sexual abuse and the findings of a report on the topic published by the organization. But the association appears to be selective in who it publicly criticizes for their use of the report. The APA found itself at the center of a burgeoning controversy after publishing the report A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples, which concluded that child sexual abuse "does not cause intense harm on a pervasive basis," among victims.....Rhea Farberman, Director of Communications for the American Psychological Association, told CNS that the organization's publication of the report in the APA's Psychological Bulletin, does not constitute an endorsement or validation of its findings. The APA states that "sexual abuse of children is wrong and harmful to its victims," and the 155,000 member association published a clarification of its official position on child sexual abuse following Schlessinger's broadcast, noting that the findings of the report "are being misreported by some in the media."...While Schlessinger is being criticized for real or perceived misinterpretations of scientific fact and conclusion, the APA is taking no public action regarding the use of its published documents by one particular group which promotes an agenda of sex between adults and children.... The North American Man Boy Love Association cites the APA-published study and other research documents as justification for sex between children and adults, saying that sexual encounters between men and boys "are often quite positive and beneficial for the participants, regardless of their ages," according to the group's Internet web site. ..."

Associated Press 3-31-99 Karen Testa "...Boca Raton can tear down crosses, stars of David and other monuments on grave sites in the city's municipal cemetery because the decorations are not essential for religious practice, a federal judge ruled Wednesday. The ruling was believed to be the first of its kind in the nation, and the first under Florida's Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1998, which says governments cannot impose a ``substantial burden'' on people's freedom of religious expression. Judge Kenneth Ryskamp said that families who decorated the final resting places of their loved ones with religious symbols, plants, stones and other items will not have their religious rights trampled if they cannot keep the decorations...."

WorldNetDaily 4/2/99 Kaye Corvett Freeper Mercuria "...When a pipe bomb package blew up at a U.S. Postal Service center in Dallas last Sunday, to many it signified the growing persecution of Christians both home and abroad. The target of the blast was one of the world's most controversial televangelists, John Hagee, pastor of San Antonio's 17,000-member Cornerstone Church and seen by millions on TV around the globe each week...."


Wall Street Journal 4/2/99 "...Remember the old Hollywood films like "Ben-Hur" and "The Robe," which would always include a scene with a sneering Roman emperor or centurion spitting out the word "Christian" as though it were a slur? In those days the intended effect was irony, a reminder to audiences that there was a time when the Christian faith so publicly honored in American life was looked upon by authorities as low and unnatural. As Christians the world over Friday commemorate the passion and crucifixion of their Lord, it may be a good moment to reflect on the caricature that has come to dominate public treatment of America's predominant faith. Clearly, Americans continue to rank among the most religious peoples in the world. Year after year the Bible outsells all other books. More Americans go to church each Sunday than watch the Super Bowl. Yet our public squares are increasingly dominated by elites who look upon Christian expression in much the same way Hollywood's centurions did in the 1950s and 1960s. Just this February, for example, Ted Turner used a Washington forum to mock the Ten Commandments, particularly the injunction against adultery, a return performance from a man who has in the past dissed Christianity as "a religion for losers." He is not alone. In a speech at Harvard last April, Sidney Blumenthal denounced Hickman Ewing, then one of Kenneth Starr's deputies, as "a religious fanatic," evidently on the grounds that Mr. Ewing helped found a church where he worships and occasionally preaches. During her "20/20" interview with the independent counsel himself, Diane Sawyer wrinkled her nose in disbelief when she asked Mr. Starr to confirm reports that "you jog and sing hymns and pray" -- the last two evidently constituting pretty serious misdemeanors if not high crimes in the ABC canon. Later still, a "CBS Evening News" report on the selection of House impeachment managers noted ominously that "all 13 are white, all 13 males, all 13 Christians." As the CBS reporter understood, this wasn't just a description. It was an indictment. The distinguishing feature here is not the contempt but the license to express it in an American milieu otherwise disposed to hypersensitivity. When Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott made offensive remarks about blacks a few years ago, baseball suspended her for a year. But Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig, who spent this past weekend with Fidel Castro, confined baseball's disapproval of Mr. Turner, who owns the Atlanta Braves, to a $25,000 fine, not likely to be much felt by a man donating a billion dollars to the U.N. Ditto for Mr. Blumenthal. Though forced to apologize, the White House aide retained his post. As the syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer wrote, Mr. Blumenthal's crack "caused barely a ripple -- nothing like the uproar that routinely accompanies a personal insult regarding, say, race or gender or sexual orientation."..."

The Charlotte Observer 4/5/99 Michelle Locke "...Fishnet was big, heels were high and emotions ran deep as the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence -- drag queens dressed as nuns -- threw a 20th anniversary bash here Sunday despite criticism from Roman Catholics that their rituals smacked of heresy. The typically irreverent street party -- which featured bands, Easter bonnets and a ``Hunky Jesus'' beauty contest -- infuriated church officials, who said holding the parody on Easter Sunday was like neo-Nazis partying on Passover..... ``City government has gone out of its way to associate itself with this ridicule and blasphemy,'' Archbishop William Levada wrote Friday in Catholic San Francisco, a church newspaper. Some officials, including Mayor Willie Brown, then tried to rescind the permit. It didn't work, but Ammiano is expected to meet with Levada in a peace talk of sorts...."

AP 4/6/99 "…A federal judge who has been overruled twice has again thrown out a lawsuit by an atheist who wants the Ten Commandments removed from a courtroom. Richard Suhre sued over marble tablets displayed on a wall at the Haywood County courthouse four years ago, claiming they violate his constitutional right to freedom of religion. U.S. District Judge Lacy Thornburg dismissed the lawsuit on Friday…."

The Times of India 4/8/99 Freeper Jai "…It is regrettable that the US-led bombing campaign of Yugoslavia is continuing despite Belgrade's unilateral cessation of hostilities against militants of the Kosovo Liberation Army. Sunday is Easter for Orthodox Christians and several countries, including Greece and the Vatican, had called on NATO to halt its airstrikes in deference to the religious holiday. The US, however, has no intention of stopping the bombing . . ."

4/10/99 Voice of Russia Freeper Thanatos "…We are addressing the servicemen by the NATO policy-makers to action against Yugoslavia/ It is a shame that you’ve been ordered to continue bombing Yugoslavia on Easter. You are committing a serious sin. Your bombs and missiles are killing people just as they are getting ready to celebrate Easter either this week or in a week. Why should this be? Just because NATO leaders and US President Clinton have refused to meet calls by Pope John Paul II and Russian Patriarch Alexiy for suspension of attacks during Easter. Neither the NATO leaders nor President Clinton are likely to be worried if this Easter happens to be the last in your lives. They don’t care if your missiles and bombs turn Easter into a nightmare and spell death for men, women and children of Yugoslavia. Use your brains…"

The Nando Times - AP 4/17/99 Amir Shah "...The Taliban religious militia on Saturday warned President Clinton that criticizing Afghanistan's human rights record damages the countries' relations. "This criticism will only be bad for relations between Afghanistan and the United States," said a Foreign Ministry statement. Clinton has been a strong critic of the Taliban's treatment of women and last month said the United States wouldn't recognize the Taliban while the repression against women continued. "Any criticism regarding Afghanistan's Muslims and women's rights should come from a Muslim," the statement said. "This Clinton is not a Muslim and does not know anything about Islam and Muslims."..."

Houston Chronicle 4/15/99 Eric Berger ".... U.S. House Majority Whip Tom DeLay said Thursday that two leading mental health associations' writings could make pedophilia more acceptable. Two publications, one printed in 1994 and the other in 1998, have stirred controversy for months, but the associations' representatives have consistently said pedophilia is harmful and wrong. However, DeLay, R-Sugar Land, said the fourth edition of the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, considered a primary tool of physicians, suggests that a pedophile could be diagnosed as "psychologically normal." "Their new definition dumbs it down to where someone who molests a child may not be considered a pedophile," said Emily Miller, DeLay's press secretary. DeLay also took issue with an article in the June 1998 issue of the American Psychological Association's highly regarded Psychological Bulletin. He contends that the authors suggest that pedophilia might not always constitute sexual abuse. Talk-show radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger, and many of her listeners, have also been critical of the article. Other commentators have labeled it as "pedophilia propaganda," saying there is no way children can have consensual sex with adults...."


WorldNetDaily 4/21/99 Joseph Farah "...We'll be sorting out the details of the massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado for days and weeks to come. Much of the reationary spin will be familliar. We've got to get rid of guns, they'll say. As if the dead-eyed, cold-blooded teen killers in this case had somehow legally obtained and carried their weapons to school. Then there will be those who blame society -- the culture. Ceretainly there's something here. America has become desensitized to violence. Certainly the entertainment media bear some responsibility. Certainly the video games, the hideous rap music, the TV and the movies have some effect..... But this is still America. There is no place in America for confiscating guns from law-abiding people, and there is no place for government-imposed censorship. It doesn't work. It's un-American. And it doesn't address the real root problems -- the kind that trigger Columbine High massacres. The real problem is that in America we have forgotten the concepts of personal responsibility, individual rights and the sanctity of life. In fact, it's not a matter of forgetting. There has been a wholesale effort to obliterate these values from the soul of our nation. We forbid kids from praying at school. We teach them that they evolved spontaneously from a singe-cell organisms in the swamp. We immerse them in a grossly polluted moral ecosystem. We break up their families. We telll them there are no absolutes, no right and wrong, ultimate truth. It's just amazing with that recipe that there aren't more Columbine Highs. And, tragically, I think there will be, unless America wakes up and recognizes how we have betrayed our children -- cheated them, deceived them, broken their hearts...."

Total Request Live (MTV) 4/21/99 Freeper incognito "…Here (paraphrasing) is what he next told MTV's interviewer Chris Connelly: You were eventually able to escape. What about your friend? Student (didn't get his name): He ... killed her. He walked up to her and asked her if she believed in God. She said yes and then he blew her head off. …"

Christian Science Monitor 4/22/99 Ron Scherer Freeper Cincinatus "…Parents with children in voucher programs generally are happy with the results. One of the main reasons: There are rarely incidences of violence in the parochial schools. "When we looked at the Catholic schools in and around Los Angeles and compared them to the public school system, we found the main reason the Catholic schools had virtually no violence is because they treat the smallest incident as a big thing," says Mr. Seder…"

Pat Buchanan 4/21/99 "…"At Littleton, yesterday, America got a glimpse of the last stop on that train to hell she boarded decades ago when we declared that God is dead, and that each of us is his or her own god who can make up the rules as we go along. I pray for the families of those who lost loved ones."…"

Larry King Live 4/21/99 Freeper murron reports "…Here is a fact that is getting very little media play. According to this girl's account, these killers were looking for Christians. When her friend stated that she was, in fact, a Christian, she wa promptly shot and killed…."

Freeper Steve_Seattle 4/21/99 on Larry Kind Live "…Larry didn't follow up on the "killed because she was a Christian" angle, but later vigorously pursued the "killed because he was black" angle with another student. The media just doesn't get it - there is a lot of hate directed at traditional Christians in this country, and the media can't see it even when it's right in front of their face, possibly because they are among the worst offenders…."

CNN / TRANSCRIPTS 4/22/99 Freeper AmericanInTokyo "...LARRY KING: Where was she, Mickie? MICKIE CAIN: She was in the -- in a classroom, I believe, and she ended up standing up for the greatest thing ever. She had the courage to turn her life around, and she went straight up after she started trusting Christ. And when I came to Columbine the year after she left, she lent a hand to me when I was kind of going crooked, and she completely, completely stood up for God when the killers asked her if there was anyone who had faith in Christ. She spoke up and they shot her for it. And that is the most brave thing anyone could ever do, and I -- I want that memory to live on and her example for that. And she was so fun loving and amazingly open hearted, and -- you could come to her with anything, and she accepted your darkest secret with open arms...."

Eye on Conservatism 4/22/99 Robert Yoho "...Now that the last bodies have been moved from Columbine High School, I find myself wondering if these senseless tragedies could altogether be avoided if God was freely welcomed into the schools on a daily basis. Why does it take a tragedy to acknowledge our reliance on God and the need for Him in our lives? Why does it take the introduction of bodybags for us to turn to God? Why does it take gunfire before our school children can bow their heads and pray? Nobody at the memorial services worries about the abominable crime of invoking the name of God in public. Nobody worries about the "separation of church and state." Nobody worries about the irreparable damage that might be done to these school children by the intrusion of heretofore-ridiculed Judeo-Christian values. I am sure that there were many tears shed. No doubt many of the mourners took the time to bow their heads for a moment of silence, a generic term that still means "prayer" to most of us--or to all of us who are still not fearful of using the actual word..... Although God had already been expelled from many of our bigger city schools, I attended an elementary school that started each day with prayer and the pledge of allegiance. I can even remember seeing the "Ten Commandments" posted on the blackboards of some of the classrooms. Despite all of these unsavory influences, I somehow managed not to turn to a life of crime and delinquency. The point is simply this: nobody has ever been hurt by bringing prayer and Judeo-Christian standards of morality into the classroom. If our children were exposed to the Ten Commandments at school, they would come under the dangerous influence of concepts such as "Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not steal." And God forbid! What if the children started to believe and practice them? What could be the worst thing that might happen...they might not kill their teachers and fellow students...they might not steal?..."

FOX News 4/22/99 Amanda Onion Freeper Steven W. "...Chism described how one of the assailants had confronted Valerie Schnurr in the library of the school and asked her if she believed in God. "Val said she knew she could say yes, no or nothing, and she said yes, knowing she would pay a price," Chism said. The assailant then shot Schnurr in the chest. She sustained nine shrapnel and bullet wounds to the chest, abdomen and left arm. She's now in stable condition at Swedish medical Center. "Val told me today she doesn't regret her choice," said Chism...."

Christian Broadcasting Network Website 4/22/99 "...April 22, 1999 Dear Friends, I'm very tired, having just returned from a memorial service this evening. It's been a very long day, but I wanted to give you an update before retiring. As of this morning Rachel Scott's family still hadn't received official word of their daughter Rachel's death. The waiting was agonizing, but after 1:00 p.m. this afternoon, I received a call from the Coroner confirming that Rachel had been positively identified and was indeed deceased. It was very difficult delivering that news, and we spent several hours praying and weeping with the family members who had assembled in their home. Pictures of Rachel adorned the living room. She was such a beautiful 17-year-old! We spent time praying together, and seeking our Father's merciful comfort. We heard from eyewitness accounts of other surviving students that when Rachel was confronted by one of the gunmen, she gave a bold testimony of her faith. The killer asked her, "Do you believe in God?!!" She boldly answered, "Yes I do!" She was instantly gunned down. This has made a major impact on the other students who knew of Rachel's Christian testimony. I'm certain that in this moment, the angels of God surrounded her and instantly ushered her into Christ's eternal kingdom. The spirit of the martyrs still lives! This evening we joined another church in holding a memorial service for Rachel and the other students killed or wounded. Over 1,500 people attended. We heard stories of several students who survived while their classmates were slaughtered while begging for their lives. I had the honor of addressing this assembly for 20 minutes, and urged that we all receive the grace of Jesus to heal our wounds and resurrect our community out of this morass of pain and confusion. One of the ways we must find healing is in forgiving those who have hurt us. There seemed to be a special presence of the Lord this evening upon us all. This Saturday we will hold a Funeral Service for Rachel at 1:30 p.m. We will again be sharing the facilities of another area church just blocks from the site of Columbine High School. We expect the Lord to bring many young people to Himself through this service. Never before have we seen such an open hunger for God in the young people of this community! Thank you for all your prayers and thoughtful notes. Please continue. The process of healing the scars of this tragedy will take time and lots of prayer. Love in Jesus, Bruce Porter Pastor Cellebration Christian Church Littleton, Co"..."

Denver Post 4/23/99 Claire Martin and Janet Bingham "...Cassie Bernall's Christian faith saved her once when her life was in turmoil, and her unwavering trust made her a martyr the instant after she was taunted by the gunmen in Columbine High School's library on Tuesday. "Do you believe in God?'' one of them asked. "Yes, I do believe in God,'' Bernall said. Then he pulled the trigger. Bernall's young friends at the West Bowles Community Church youth group cling to that story like a lifeline. With her last breaths, she affirmed the faith she embraced and it made the shy, quiet Bernall a hero in their eyes. Seth Huoy and Crystal Woodman, who belong to the Bernall's church youth group, were in the library, too. They survived, and one way they make sense of the massacre is to tell about the girl who died because she believed in God. They prayed for invisibility, and in at least one sense, their prayer was answered: Death passed them by.... "

WorldNetDaily 4/23/99 Alan Keyes Freeper laz "...This was a dark week in American life. The shooting in Colorado last Tuesday punctuates the truth about the era in which we live -- a culture of death and dark satanic forces is threatening the future of our nation. We are already hearing the usual suspects rising to speak about guns and other material objects as if they are causing our problem, but we know they are not. Our problem is that a spirit of death is stalking the land...."

Washington Post 4/23/99 Amy Goldstein, Rene Sanchez and Michael A. Fletcher Freeper laz "...While investigators here continued today to sift through the aftermath of the rampage for clues to the shooters' motive, relatives and friends of several of the slain students said that they believe some victims were targeted because they represented all that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold disdained. There is no evidence that the murderous pair moved through the corridors with a hit list of names. But it was widely known among Columbine students that the tiny subculture to which Harris and Klebold belonged had little tolerance for devout Christians, or for athletes who favored caps, or for the handful of minority students who attended the school...."

WALL STREET JOURNAL 4/22/99 Peggy Noonan Freeper Roscoe Karns "...A man called into Christian radio this morning and said a true thing. He said, and I am paraphrasing: Those kids were sick and sad, and if a teacher had talked to one of them and said, "Listen, there's a way out, there really is love out there that will never stop loving you, there's a real God and I want to be able to talk to you about him"--if that teacher had intervened that way, he would have been hauled into court....."

Reuters 4/24/99 Michael Ellis "...A diary recovered from the home of one of two teens responsible for the Columbine High School massacre showed they planned the bloody rampage for a year and that the attack was timed to coincide with Adolf Hitler's birthday..... He said the diary contained detailed plans. It also showed that they had been stockpiling bombs for a considerable period of time..... He declined to say whether the diary came from the home of Eric Harris, 18, or Dylan Klebold, 17, the two seniors who shot and killed 12 fellow students and a popular teacher Tuesday before taking their own lives. Stone described that weapon parts, and other materials were clearly visible in one of the suspect's bedrooms. He did not say which suspect he was referring to...."

CNN 4/24/99 "....The diary of a Columbine High School student discloses that he and another student gunman planned their bloody massacre at the school for more than a year, police said Saturday.... They were monitoring the lunchroom," the sheriff said. "It was very intentional, the timing of this." Stone, who declined to say which of the gunmen kept the diary, placed some of the blame for the massacre on the parents of the shooters, Dylan Klebold, 17, and Eric Harris, 18. He noted that along with the diary, police found a shotgun barrel on a dresser of one of the boy's homes, as well as bomb-making materials. "A lot of this stuff was clearly visible and the parents should have known," Stone said. "I think parents should be accountable for their kids' actions." ..."

Capitol Hill Blue 4/26/99 Doug Thompson "...I killed my first man at 18, a little more than 33 years ago. He looked even younger than me, caught wide-eyed in the blast of a left-to-right sweep of my Stoner machine gun, dancing like a puppet on a string before dropping to the ground. I walked over, looked at his lifeless face and then puked my guts out.... Even when you kill for your country, a little bit of you dies each time you do it..... This wasn't war against a sworn enemy. This was war in a high school, fought by two crazies with a grudge against their classmates. It should be the worst horror that any society can ever imagine. And for many, it was. Most of the students who survived expressed genuine shock and horror at the carnage they both witnessed and were lucky enough to escape. A disturbing number of others, however, seemed unbelievably unaffected by it all. One teenager discussed seeing a fellow student's face blown off with little or no emotion. It wasn't shock. It was a complete lack of revulsion or horror over what he saw. Another youngster described, in graphic detail, what he had seen in such a matter of fact way that you half expected him to say "cool" and walk away. No shock. No revulsion. No anger. Just another video game..... But too many others seem unfazed by what happened. Their dispassion may be the biggest tragedy of all. ..."

Jewish World Review 4/26/99 Cal Thomas Freeper starlu "...WHILE AMERICAN FORCES BOMB YUGOSLAVIA with the announced intention of stopping one form of slaughter, gunfire comes to yet another public school in which more than a dozen have been slaughtered and others, critically wounded, remain in peril...We await the psychiatrists' explanation, but don't we secretly know what it is? When you mix the ingredients for a cake, you get a cake. When you mix the volatile ingredients of corrupted culture, vulgar entertainment and broken, loveless families, you get child killers...."

New York Post 4/26/99 Jonathan R.Cohen "....ACCORDING to Daniel Patrick Moynihan, America has "defined deviancy down." The Columbine High School killings also indicate that America has simultaneously "defined rebellion up." Anti-social teens are nothing new, but as deviancy has been made normal, we have made it increasingly difficult for teen-agers to rebel. Adults no longer seem to be even slightly outraged by far more offensive cultural imagery. As a result it has become harder for teens to shock their elders, try though they do these days by piercing their eyelids, tattooing their bellies and dressing like vampires. We have raised the threshold of rebellion so high that it is practically beyond reach. To be recognized, to get attention, to stir anyone in authority to lift a finger, whether it is a parent, a teacher, a principal, or a sheriff, a rebel has to go to very great lengths these days. One must send letter bombs, blow up office buildings or gun down children...."

WorldNetDaily 4/26/99 Joseph Farah "...'Do you believe in God?' When I first heard the story of 17-year-old Cassie Bernall from dozens of e-mailers, I assumed it was another one of those Internet urban legends. I hear from hundreds of well-intentioned people a week spreading rumors and disinformation they overhear or pick up on the WorldWideWeb somewhere. This story was just too unbelievable to be true -- just too perfect. It turns out the story was perfectly true. Cassie went to the Columbine High School library to study during lunch on Tuesday. Shortly afterward, a member of the Trenchcoat Mafia pointed his gun at her and asked: "Do you believe in God?" "Yes, I believe in God," she said. "Why?" the gunman asked. But he did not wait for an answer. He shot Cassie Bernall dead. Joshua Lapp, 16, was an eyewitness to this execution of the innocent -- a walking, talking, real-world illustration of what I have written about so often in this column: that we all live in the midst of a universal spiritual war zone. Lapp was crouched nearby, hiding from the gunman. What he saw and heard made a powerful impact on him, as it would on anyone..... Now the whole world is hearing it. It shows how temporal our world is. One moment we're going about our routine business. The next moment, we're gone -- at least from this mortal realm.... Those 70,000 -- and, I would guess, millions around the world watching on TV -- were not only brought to tears by recollections of this tragedy, they were empowered to fight back in this spiritual war consuming the earth. It's rare that Americans are shocked out of their sense of complacency, comfort, and security, and forced to address these ultimate issues as a country. All of us have trials and tribulations in our personal and family lives that make us confront them, but collectively, as a nation, we seldom come together to say: "Yeah, there are opposing forces in this universe of ours -- the force of good and evil..... Columbine was a wakeup call. Was it loud enough? Will Americans hear it? Will they heed the message? Or will they fall back into their semi-blissful sleep. There is only one solution. It's a person. His name is Jesus Christ. He came to earth about 2,000 years ago to offer Himself as a sacrifice for the sins of the world. His coming was foretold by the prophets for 4,000 years before He came in human form. And He's coming again -- and, by all indications, very, very soon. Cassie Bernall was ready for Him. The question Columbine should raise in the minds, hearts, and souls of every American and every human being on planet earth is: "Are you ready?" If some evildoer put a gun to your head today and asked you whether you knew Jesus and accepted Him as your personal savior, what would your answer be? ..."

The Washington Times 4/30/99 Valerie Richardson "....Some liberal Christian, black and Jewish leaders are outraged over the strongly evangelical Christian tone of last Sunday's memorial service for those massacred at Columbine High School. "The entire community was invited to come and mourn, and then it turned into an evangelical prayer service," said the Rabbi Stephen Foster of Temple Emanuel in remarks before the Denver Interfaith Clergy Alliance. "I've had many complaints from people saying, 'Where were the Jews?' but that's not the issue," he said. "The issue was one of insensitivity to the kind of statements being made that were exclusively directed to not just Christians, but fundamental Christians." Another rabbi called the service reflective of an "ignorant, narrow-minded" streak of Christianity. None of the parents expressed objections about the memorial or its speakers, which included a rabbi. Several of the slain students were known for their born-again Christian faith, and the testimony of one of them, Cassie Bernall, in the face of death seized the attention of millions of readers and viewers across the nation. One of the gunmen, who seemed to be seeking out believers, asked her whether she believed in God. She looked him in the eye and said, "Yes, I believe in God." He shot her dead. ..."

NewsMax 4/29/99 Richard Poe "...The pundits have spoken. The massacre at Columbine High School, they say, was caused by video games, splatter films, Internet surfing and easy access to guns. But was it really? Not likely. Consider the fact that young people in Switzerland surf the same Internet and watch the same movies as did the Littleton shooters. Consider also that every able-bodied Swiss male between the ages of 20 and 42 serves in the militia. Swiss law requires its citizen soldiers to store their gear at home, ready for action. Every man keeps an assault rifle with ammunition in his closet. By the pundits' reasoning, Switzerland should long ago have drowned in an ocean of blood. So why hasn't it? Maybe because the pundits are wrong. Maybe because guns and video games do not really have the power to transform high school nerds into murderous psychopaths. So what does? One answer is cult brainwashing. Evidence is mounting that the Littleton shooters did not act alone. And some of their conduct suggests a cult mindset. "Do you believe in God?" one of the gunmen asked 17-year-old Cassie Bernall. When she said yes, he killed her. News reports have painted the Littleton massacre as a vendetta against bullies. But Cassie Bernall's death suggests darker motives. The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey was reportedly a favorite text of Columbine's Trench Coat Mafia....If Berkowitz is telling the truth, then the masterminds behind the Son of Sam murders have been running loose for more than 20 years. We can only hope and pray that investigators of the Columbine massacre will approach their work with more diligence than did their predecessors on the Berkowitz probe...."

New York Post 4/29/99 DAVID GELERNTER Freeper laz "...You might imagine that, in the aftermath of Columbine, our cultural leaders have been caught on camera in the act of hypocrisy. They have told us for years that we should not be ''judgmental,'' but surely everyone everywhere acknowledges his obligation to be ''judgmental'' where these killers are concerned. It appears that what the anti-judgmentalists really meant is: Morality should be kept locked up except in emergencies, in which case you are allowed to Break Glass and (carefully) remove it from its case - keeping in mind that it is a dangerous instrument, only to be used in a crisis...."

Chattanooga Free Press 4/29/99 Pastor James E. Gibson Freeper newsman "...We have taken this issue of pluralism and compared it to moral absolutes and determined that we are going to go with pluralism because we don't like what moral absolutes mean. But, Mr. President, we cannot ignore the fact that moral absolutes still exist. Absolute truth is still in place. And there are three stipulations for absolute truth. One is that truth must come from a source bigger than ourselves. Number two, those truths must be timeless in their relevance. And number three, they must be universal in their application. And I submit to you, Mr. President, that the Bible is the only source that meets all these requirements. . . . "

LifeSite Daily News 4/30/99 '....The findings of the first detailed physiological study of a cloned animal from birth were reported yesterday. Dr Jean-Paul Renard of the Institute National de la Recherche Agronomique found that a baby cow, cloned from an ear cell of a healthy adult cow, had major genetic defects. According to BBC news, "six weeks after the calf was born, there was a sudden, dramatic fall in its red blood cell counts." The calf died a week later and an autopsy reveled that the spleen, thymus and lymph nodes had not developed normally. Dr Harry Griffin, involved in the original cloning of Dolly the sheep said this study reinforces the point that "no-one should be contemplating the cloning of a human being" at this time...."

Florida Times-Union 5/01/99 Jim Saunders Freeper newsman "... ''It's dramatic in many ways,'' said Bush, who made the plan his top priority of the session. ''It's precedent setting.'' But the vouchers battle, which has raged in the Legislature for months, isn't over: A coalition of groups vowed yesterday to go to court to block the plan, arguing it would illegally send tax dollars to religious schools...."

MSNBC 4/30/99 Jay Severin "....As the national debate invariably polarized along two equally simple-minded schools of thought -more God vs. more government - the president predictably signed on to the latter argument. IT DID NOT seem to interfere with his thinking that existing gun control laws cannot prevent tragedies like the Colorado school shootings. Or that such laws unavoidably require sacrificing both money and freedoms. But, hey, this is politics, and you do what the overnight polls tell you will be popular.... Many truths are uncomfortable and inconvenient for liberals like Clinton. One is that while new gun laws won't solve this sort of behavior, other new laws might. If kids unsupervised in the afternoon, after school hours are a key to the problem - and many parents believe that is so - then how about one parent actually at home with them? Well, take it up with the village that is currently raising America's young people, because Mom and Dad are both working to pay the highest taxes in American history, and cannot be home to keep an eye on junior....."

USA Journal 5/3/99 Jon. E. Dougherty "....Foster complained, "The issue was one of insensitivity to the kind of statements being made that were exclusively directed to not just Christians, but fundamental Christians" - meaning, if you're a fervent believer in God's word, you're a dangerous threat to society and, quite probably, as dangerous as the student lunatics who did the shootings in the first place. Another 'good rabbi' went on to call the services "reflective of an 'ignorant, narrow-minded' streak of Christianity." Who's 'ignorant' and 'narrow-minded' here - these few complaining rabbis, or the 70,000-plus mourners, consisting of members of most religious faiths in and around Littleton? Guess what, rabbi - this service wasn't about you, it was about the 15 children who were gunned down by a couple of loose screws. This incident goes beyond the proverbial 'dung in the punchbowl' kind of gaffe. And it's more than just a little inappropriate. This kind of rhetoric is pure hate - no more, no less. Regardless of which faith you believe - Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Jew, Presbyterian, Mormon, or some other belief - doesn't God always teach the same thing: Unity, compassion, discretion, and understanding Yeah, I thought so. This incredibly bad taste demonstrates the antithesis of God's word and His intentions for the kind of life He wants all of us to live. It ain't representative of it. And these morons are supposed messengers of the Word? Can you just imagine how the families of the dead children must feel when they hear this kind of BS - especially at this particular time?...."

WorldNetDaily 5/7/99 S.L. Goldman Freeper laz "...Though I can neither define nor prove evil, I can say without hesitation that -- in terms of the Littleton Massacre -- it was, without a doubt, the prime motivating force behind the deeds of the two murderers. Evil, and its various manifestations, are so thick, so numerous, in the world today, that I am prepared to say that anybody who dares question the existence of evil is either a fool, or have themselves been "taken over" by evil. Now let me get even more specific. I don't believe that the killers targeted -- as is being touted in the media -- jocks and minorities. But I do think they had a target? Absolutely. Who, you ask? The answer is -- "Believers."..."

London Telegraph 5/14/99 Ben Fenton "...THE United States army has recognised white witchcraft as a religion and has appointed chaplains to oversee pagan ceremonies on at least five bases. A Pentagon spokesman said yesterday that there were believed to be at least 100 witches attending covens at Fort Hood, Texas, the army's largest base with more than 42,000 troops. So respectful has the army become of the pagan rites that security was increased at Fort Hood's Boy Scout camp, where covens are held. The move is to deter members of Christian groups from intimidating the group. The pagans, called Wiccans, are accorded the same privileges as practitioners of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. They are encouraged to have their religious preference stamped on the metal dog-tags each soldier wears...."

WorldNetDaily 5/17/99 Samuel L. Blumenfeld "...One of the reasons why the educrats have focused on guns as the chief cause of the Littleton massacre is because Columbine High School was supposed to be the kind of progressive school where such things could never happen.... Carol Belt, a former school board member in Englewood, Colo., was chairman of a Strategic Planning committee in charge of drawing up "vision statements" about the future. She writes: "As background material to help with the process I received materials on globalism and books by 'futurists.' One of those books was 'The Aquarian Conspiracy,' authored by Marilyn Ferguson. I was told that it was the 'best reference' to the 'new curriculum' that was coming into our school district. I read the book and decided if the 'future' that Marilyn Ferguson was predicting was in fact going to become a reality, I wanted no part of it. I discovered that this was the 'foundational book' of the 'New Age' movement." To help the teachers in Littleton become effective change agents, they were required to attend training sessions given by the Strategic Options Initiative. The trainees were requested to read the second, third, and ninth chapters of "The Aquarian Conspiracy." Marilyn Ferguson writes in Chapter Nine, "You can only have a new society, the visionaries have said, if you change the education of the younger generation. Yet the new society itself is the necessary force for change in education. ... Of the Aquarian conspirators surveyed, more were involved in education than in any other single category of work. ... Tens of thousands of classroom teachers, educational consultants and psychologists, counselors, administrators, researchers, and faculty members engaged in colleges of education have been among the millions engaged in personal transformation." In other words, American schools like Columbine High have been completely paganized by educators who have adopted the occult philosophy of the Aquarian Conspiracy. It is a philosophy in conflict with Judeo-Christian teachings, and it is a philosophy that opens the door to satanism. It is impossible for a member of the Aquarian Conspiracy to be indifferent to Christianity. He or she must oppose it, for Christianity is based on absolute biblical principles that condemn pagans. And that is why the public educrats are so adamantly opposed to any acknowledgment of the biblical God in the schools. ..... "

AP 5/16/99 "...Teaching honesty, fairness and other essential values is crucial for students and public servants alike, FBI Director Louis J. Freeh told graduates of Marymount University on Sunday. Freeh said his interest in ethics was renewed by a recent trip to Normandy, France, where he saw the D-Day beaches. He contrasted the 19- and 20-year-olds who fought in World War II to today's generation, in which a majority of high school students say their biggest challenges are ethical ones.....Education provides an important role in teaching ethics, Freeh said. He praised Marymount University, a Catholic school in Arlington, Va., for its Center for Ethical Concerns and said core values should be a stronger part of FBI training...."

Newsmax 5/13/99 Arianna Huffington Freeper Fulbright "...America -- the nation that Alexis de Tocqueville described as ``great because it is good'' -- is losing the moral high ground across the globe. It is easy to dismiss the anti-American demonstrations in Beijing as choreographed by opportunistic dictators to divert attention from their own domestic problems. But it is much harder to shrug off the burning of American flags and the chanting of anti-American slogans in cities from Moscow to Melbourne, from Tokyo to Rome...."

Chattanooga Free Press 5/17/99 Editorial Freeper newsman "...Nor is the problem simply a reflection of a "gun culture" or the absence of gun control. If you go back to the 1950s, you find that there was less gun control then than there is now. And cap pistols, BB-guns and deer rifles were standard equipment for many if not most growing boys. And yet violent crime in America then was but a small fraction of what it has since become..."

Freeper tracey12 5/18 Dan Patrick KPRC 950 AM Houston Texas "...In Houston Texas today, KPRC 950 AM radio with host, Dan Patrick began discussing the orders handed down by Federal Judge, Sam Kent. By the time this two hour discussion was over, people in Houston and the surrounding counties were mad as Hell at this judge because of what he has done to a High School in a near by community. Judge Kent issued a restraining order which states that a student may say a prayer at the graduation ceremony for Santa Fe High School on May 28th, but any prayer that contains the words "God, or Jesus" or any diety will result in the student being arrested by Federal Marshals on the spot, and that student will spend SIX MONTHS in jail for violating the judeges orders. He went on to say a number of very mean statements including "You will wish you had died as a child." This is the most profound case of documented abuse by a Federal Judge that I have ever seen! Here in Houston, we are hoping that 20/20, or some news magazine will quickly come here and make a story out of this for all of the country to see how an appointed judge can abuse the rights of many Americans. The graduating class of Santa Fe High is over 400 this year! That judge is violating the Free Speech rights and the Freedom of Religion rights of these Americans. Dan Patrick, owner of KPRC 950 AM in Houston, talked with both Rush Limbaugh, and Mike Reagan about mentioning this story on their programs. Listen on Wednesday to see if anything is said about this incredible Judge, Sam Kent in Galveston Texas. Judge Kent says he is calling in the Federal Marshals to stand by the stage, and if anyone says "God or Jesus, or the name of any other diety, those marshals will take that student to jail on the spot!..."

Conservative News Service 5/18/99 Scott Hogenson "...The American Library Association has decided to continue linking from its Internet web site to a teen sex site that counsels teenagers on safe sex with animals, maintenance of violent sex toys, sado-masochism and other exotic aspects of sexuality. The ALA decision was made at an impromptu meeting of the group's division heads in Chicago Sunday, when top officials from the organization decided to continue linking from the ALA web site to another site called Go Ask Alice, according to ALA spokeswoman Linda Wallace. "Nobody raised any concerns," about the Go Ask Alice site, said Wallace. "They're basically saying 'fine,' but they didn't say it formally," Wallace told CNS....." 5/18/99 Jack Cashill "....An alien monitoring our media from a different galaxy--even if he did have cable--would never guess that the most God-fearing country in the industrial world is none other than the good old USA. Here, some 60% of the citizenry attends church at least semi-regularly. In England, by contrast, that figure is down to about 3%. In surveys, more than 90% of Americans express belief in heaven and/or hell, devils and/or angels and close to 100% believe in God. Every weekend, from rural backwater to big city store front, millions of American burst out in effusive rituals of energy and enthusiasm that for many represent the most significant cultural expression in their lives. Our alien friend would never see this. Newspapers bury religious news as deeply as they can: The Star stashes it somewhere between entertainment and obituaries. TV avoids religious news altogether unless there is a whiff of scandal about it, say a minister who spends the Orphan's fund on hookers or an accusation of priestly child molestation, real or "recovered." In Hollywood, it's been at least 40 years since the likes of Audrey Hepburn or Ingrid Bergman played nuns or Bing Crosby and Humphrey Bogart played priests. And in schools, alas, religion in any form is about as welcome as head lice. (It could be worse I suppose. In the more "progressive" Canada, religious broadcasting has historically been illegal.)...What stemmed the hemmoraging of American Christianity was a cross-sect yearning to get back to the basics. Protestant churches, Southern Baptists most visibly, rebelled or reformed themselves as need be to avoid the disintegrating power of progressivism. In the process, they learned that the surest way to make news--maybe the only way--is to challenge the PC canon on hot topics like gender and orientation. This challenge has earned traditionalists the undisguised scorn of the media--Boycott Disneyland! Da noive!--but then again, the Magic Kingdom has never been the Kingdom these folks sought the keys to. ...Still, with or without the media, that old time religion will endure and occasionally revive itself. It had better. America can not exist without it...."

The Wanderer, page 5 5/20/99 Samuel Francis Freeper Marianne "...A culture hasn't collapsed just because more Klebolds and Harrises have appeared; a culture has collapsed when ordinary people, like the gentleman quoted above, are no longer able to distinguish between the robes of a priest and the trench coats of madmen, when no one is able or willing to set apart good and evil, normal and abnormal, healthy and unhealthy, or the people who embody them. When that happens, we no longer have a culture at all, and the Klebolds and Harrises will walk among us unnoticed and unrestrained until, one night, they wake up and slaughter us all for no apparent reason...."

WorldNetDaily 5/20/99 Craige McMillan "...As it is with men and their leaders, so it is with nations: "Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death" (James 1:15).....For a pittance in campaign contributions China bought our nuclear secrets from the Democratic National Committee, acting as banker for the Clinton-Gore White House. For its treason, Clinton-Gore gained four more years to lie about the economy. Treat it like a poll: find out what the nation's economists think is necessary, then deliver those numbers at the end of the month. Why risk the unpleasant surprises that real numbers could generate? Men and women who supported a liar for president -- and begged their senators for his reprieve -- have no claim to anything better. Let the good times roll and pass the stock options!...."

Freeper reports on C-Span/House of Representatives 5/20/99 Rep. James Traficant/D-Ohio "...I saw Rep. Traficant on C-Span this morning talking about the shootings at Heritage High School in Atlanta. He said "Congress needs to look into the mirror....our students learn about devil worship and Hitler, but they can't have God." "And a nation that bans a nation that opens the door to the devil." He ended his little one-minute speech by saying "It's time to get God back into our schools...and God back into our nation." ..."

Washington Post 5/29/99 "...THE AUDIENCE at a Calvert County high school graduation was wrong to have interjected religious worship into the county's secular educational life. That is what happened this week when thousands in the audience, faced with a lawful school ban on prayer and with advice from the state attorney general's office to drop a formal prayer from the ceremony, ignored the restrictions and recited the Lord's Prayer. It was a defiant act, an incursion on the freedom of conscience of others and a prescription for the kind of community divisiveness that the Supreme Court's school prayer decision aimed to avoid. That there was discord was evident from the treatment of Nick Becker, the student who had successfully opposed the inclusion of formal prayer as part of the graduation ceremony. Mr. Becker walked out of the hall in protest once the mass spontaneous prayer began. When he tried to return to the ceremony to collect his diploma, he was detained in a squad car and threatened with arrest by state police...."

Washington Times, Weekly Edition 5/24/99 B.K. Eakman "...Paul Weyrich, Cal Thomas, and Ed Dobson recently announced that the culture wars are lost, that most people don't defend, or even necessarily believe in, the values that characterized the Moral Majority and the Reagan revolution. They say social conservatives have failed politically since none of their agenda items have seen the light of day in seven years...... How did we lose? We lost by basing our strategy on wishful thinking instead of the realities of war, by allowing turf battles to split our alliances, by treating our allies like competition instead of welcoming them as friends. If we are to save our way of life in the coming century, individuals of principle will have to don the mentality of the resistance fighter. We no longer have the luxury of time for righteous indignation...."

Associated Press 5/24/99 Sandra Sobieraj "...Treading on traditional Republican territory, Vice President Al Gore said Monday that churches and other faith-based organizations - where "the client is not a number, but a child of God'' - should receive government funds to help cure social ills. His proposal for "a new partnership'' between church and state, outlined in a presidential campaign speech at a downtown Salvation Army, centered around the notion that "politics and morality are deeply interrelated.'' Lest there be any doubt, the Democratic presidential candidate said three times that he believes in the separation of church and state. And his language suggested a skittishness at opening a war with civil libertarians....."It's taken too long for candidate Gore to join Republicans in recognizing the rightful role of churches and religious organizations in solving society's most challenging and pressing problems,'' Jim Nicholson, chairman of the Republican National Committee said. At the same time, he welcomed Gore's "change of heart.'' ...." 5/28/99 James Pinkerton "...The so- called "charitable choice" proposal now has the support of both Vice President Al Gore and Sen. John Ashcroft (R-Mo.).....The Right has always known that belief was the key to personal virtue. But the Left has tended to dismiss religion as the "opiate of the masses." Progressives have wanted to transform society and government; only after such social engineering was accomplished would bureaucrats get around to dealing with people and their "unmet needs." On Monday, Gore distanced himself from that discredited liberal line. "For too long," he said in a speech to the Salvation Army in Atlanta, the Left maintained that "religious values should play no role in addressing public needs." But the "hollow secularism" that resulted, Gore continued, was not sufficient to spark the "personal transformation" needed to save people from the traps of "addiction, delinquency or dependency." And so Gore endorsed legislation, first proposed by Ashcroft, one of the most conservative Republicans in the Senate, that would allow "faith-based" organizations to compete for government social service contracts and to deliver those services as part of a faith-based transformational package. "For too long, faith-based organizations have wrought miracles on a shoestring," said the vice president. "With the steps I'm proposing today, they will no longer need to depend on faith alone." No doubt Gore is secretly pleased that liberal groups, such as Americans United for Separation of Church and State, have attacked him, imparting on him an aura of Clinton-like triangulatory centrism. For his part, Ashcroft welcomed Gore's support....."

ETWN 5/31/99 ZENIT News Agency "...Some U.N. agencies condition their aid to victims of hurricane 'Mitch' by imposing birth-control plans. This determined policy of U.N. agencies was made official during the meeting, which concludes today in Stockholm, of the Consultative Group for the Reconstruction of Central America, led by the Inter-American Development Bank, and including the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. According to the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, the Reconstruction Group was created last December to launch an international fund-raising campaign for humanitarian aid to the peoples of Central America affected by last October's hurricane 'Mitch.' The donor countries have guaranteed the Stockholm meeting $6.2 billion but, in exchange, request from the interested governments certain commitments, salient among which are programs for birth control...."

Scripps Howard News Service/Knoxville News-Sentinel 6/1/99 Joan Lowy, Freeper Brian Mosely "... Civil libertarians suffered a major setback last week when Vice President Al Gore embraced a legal concept called "charitable choice" which permits government to aid religious groups that perform social services while allowing them to retain an overtly religious flavor. Groups concerned about maintaining a separation between church and state -- from the American Civil Liberties Union to the Joint Baptist Committee to the Religious Action Center of Reform Judiasm -- have been fighting charitable choice since it was included in sweeping welfare reform legislation enacted in 1996...."

Washington Times 6/1/99 Balint Vazsonyi "....Astonishing but true: The academic year just completed has elicited few howls of anguish about the rising level of incompetence threatening to engulf this land, whereas near-hysterical attacks on prayer and guns have become our daily bread. Is it rational to be against both prayer and guns?Perhaps it is. ..."

email: From: 'Chris W. Stark' 5/27/99 Darrell Scott "...TESTIMONY OF DARRELL SCOTT FATHER OF TWO VICTIMS OF COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL SHOOTING LITTLETON, COLORADO BEFORE THE SUBCOMMITTEE ON CRIME HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES THURSDAY, MAY 27,1999 2:00 P.M. 2141 RAYBURN HOUSE OFFICE BUILDING Since the dawn of creation there has been both good and evil in the heart of men and of women. We all contain the seeds of kindness or the seeds of violence. The death of my wonderful daughter Rachel Joy Scott, and the deaths of that heroic teacher and the other children who died must not be in vain. Their blood cries out for answers.... In the days that followed the Columbine tragedy, I was amazed at how quickly fingers began to be pointed at groups such as the NRA. I am not a member of the NRA. I am not a hunter. I do not even own a gun. I am not here to represent or defend the NRA - because I don't believe that they are responsible for my daughters death. Therefore I do not believe that they need to be defended. If I believed they had anything to do with Rachel's murder I would be their strongest opponent. I am here today to declare that Columbine was not just a tragedy - it was a spiritual event that should be forcing us to look at where the real blame lies!...." 6/4/99 CNN "...President Bill Clinton Friday used his recess appointment privilege to name James Hormel as ambassador to Luxembourg. Clinton's move was in direct defiance of the Senate's GOP leadership who have refused to confirm Hormel because he is openly gay. The recess appointment is a constitutional device that becomes available to the president if an appointment is made while Congress is in recess. Both the House and the Senate return from their 10-day Memorial Day holiday on Monday. Under the recess appointment, Hormel, 66, will be able to serve until the end of 2000, when the 106th Congress adjourns. All of Clinton's ambassadorial appointments expire at the end of his term in January 2001....."

WorldNetDaily 6/7/99 Paul Chesser "....While national media figures and government officials pine for more gun control and limiting Internet access, many parents are quietly taking actions on their own. It is too soon after recent school shooting incidents in Littleton, Colo., and Conyers, Ga., to measure statistically whether parents are adopting alternative methods to educate their children, but evidence indicates that many parents are at least considering teaching their children at home next year. Phone call inquiries to various state home school associations throughout the country have jumped since the Columbine High School shootings April 20, with some parents panic-stricken in their search to find other educational options for their children...."

(JWR) ---- ( 6/03/1999 Cal Thomas "...SOMETHING QUITE REMARKABLE happened last week at a high school graduation in Calvert County, Maryland. It wasn't that the American Civil Liberties Union had intervened on behalf of a lone student who said he would be offended if a fellow graduate went ahead with her plans to deliver an invocation at commencement. The religious version of "ethnic cleansing'' happens all the time, from the courthouse to the schoolhouse. Seventeen-year-old Julie Schenk, who wanted to deliver the invocation, compromised and announced that she would instead call for a "time for reflection'' that did not mention God. That seemed fine with everybody, including the ACLU. But when Schenk asked for 30 seconds of silence and the crowd of 4,000 rose, a single loud male voice began reciting the Lord's Prayer, which begins, "Our Father, who art in heaven.'' The prayer was quickly picked up by others in the audience until it rolled like thunder across the room....What amazes about this incident is that the audience reaction seems to have been spontaneous. Indeed, an ACLU spokesperson appeared frustrated when she noted the corporate prayer wasn't initiated by graduates or school officials. Nor did the prayer specifically mention "God,'' only "Our Father,'' so technically it might be said to have been in compliance.... For decades we have been told that the price we all must pay for a healthy First Amendment is the toleration of the most disgusting filth oozing through every pore of our society and culture. Creeps, louts, pornographers, blasphemers, alternative lifestylers, fornicators, adulterers, liars, slanderers and other forms of human rubbish enjoy the full protection of the law, but those who believe in God and order their lives accordingly, and who wish to participate in the pluralism and diversity which they hear so much about (but which never seems to apply to them) are increasingly losing their rights to be heard in the same public places occupied by those dedicated to tearing down, not building up, society. What these Maryland parents and friends of graduates discovered was a power they had forgotten they had. Frustrated by the aimlessness of Washington and its inability to do anything except focus on the self-preservation and survival of the politically unfit, the audience at the Calvert County graduation decided to practice what "We the people'' actually means. As their forebears did with immoral and tyrannical British rule, they stood up and spoke out for, and to, an Authority higher than the state. When those Marylanders were told they had no right to speak of God publicly, they chose to speak to God. When Rosa Parks decided she would not obey an immoral law that required her to sit at the back of the bus because her skin color was not white, she inspired a civil rights movement that is ongoing. Maybe those prayer protesters are the Rosa Parks of the secularist '90s. When the people speak, there's nothing the ACLU or anyone else can do about it...."

Eagle Forum 6/2/99 Phyllis Schlaffy "...In the interest of the public's right to know, Senator Jim Jeffords' Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions conducted an oversight hearing last week on the controversies surrounding "Channel One." That's the 12-minute-a -day news and advertising program beamed into the classrooms of 40% of all 11 to 18 year olds. Channel One is able to offer its advertisers what every advertiser dreams of: a guaranteed captive audience. Children attend school because of compulsory attendance laws, and children are forced to watch Channel One because their school board signed a contract agreeing to compel them..... A Channel One marketing flier promises: "Channel One delivers the hardest to reach teen viewers. Channel One even penetrates the lightest viewers among teens". Of course, that's because schoolchildren are forced to watch the Channel One ads. Prayer and Bible reading have been banned from the schools because they interfere with the right of athiest children not to have to sit in a classroom where prayers are recited. What about the rights of children whose parents don't want them listening to satanic shock rocker Marilyn Manson (whose song was played as intro music to a Channel One program)? What about parents who don't want their children to see clips from Stephen King's horror film "The Shining"? Or don't want them to be pressured to see the sex-saturated TV-14 show "Dawson's Creek," or the grusome killings in the movie "The Mummy"? The most objectionable commercials are the many hard-sell ads for movies and television shows that contain vulgarities, obscenities, blasphemies, sexual innuendoes, or violence. The ads induce students to see the movie over the weekend so they can answer a question the following week and win fabulous prizes....."

AP 6/10/99 "...Pope John Paul II stressed loyalty to the church today and cautioned young people against falling victim to "travesties of religion, or to manipulations of the truth.'' ....[ re: Russian martyrs] John Paul said. "'How sweet it is to die for the faith.' These were their last words.'' Such devotion was needed today, he said, citing "problems and violent changes'' facing humanity. "In such a world, many people, especially the young, feel lost and wounded,'' the pontiff said. "Some fall victim to sects and travesties of religion, or to manipulations of the truth. Others succumb to different forms of slavery. Attitudes of selfishness, injustice and insensitivity to the needs of others become more widespread.''..."

Nando Times 6/10/99 J. DeFAO and M. Jones "...Thursday night, Jason Niemeyer will don a black cap and gown and join 190 classmates as they slowly process to strains of "Pomp and Circumstance" on the football field of Oroville's Harrison Stadium. But the time-honored traditions will end there because Oroville High's valedictorian - with four years of straight A's behind him and a grade-point average above 4.0 - will not give his prepared address. Niemeyer and his family are locked in a legal battle over whether student graduation speakers can make references to God. If it sounds familiar, it is because Niemeyer's older brother, Chris, was in the same place last year. School officials barred Chris Niemeyer's valedictory address on the grounds that it was sectarian, with such lines as: "We must yield to God our lives." They also rejected the prayer of another student. Just hours before the graduation, a federal judge declined to intervene. The Niemeyer family sued, claiming the school was violating Chris' First Amendment right to free speech. U.S. District Judge Lawrence K. Karlton of Sacramento has yet to issue his ruling, though one is expected soon..... school officials told the family's attorney, "Tell Jason he doesn't need to plan on writing a speech, because he probably won't be giving it." The family believes it was retaliation for their lawsuit, to which Jason had been added as a plaintiff...... In a hearing on the suit two weeks ago, Karlton asked the parties to "see what can be done to permit Jason to speak within the confines of the administration's comfort zone." Jason Niemeyer then submitted two speeches, both with the same typical high school recollections of homecoming and friendships and being "puny little freshmen being picked on." One version named Jesus Christ directly, and the second deleted the name but referred to "a friend who has personally helped me to achieve my goals, and I give Him the praise and glory for that." Jason learned Monday night that both had been rejected by school officials. Keiner said both versions "ask the audience to accept Jesus Christ as their friend and we believe that is unconstitutional at the podium." ...."

Washington Post 6/11/99 Caryle Murphy "...A Senate Republican aide came under fire this week for what members of the Muslim community called his bigoted remarks on Islam. But Idaho Sen. Larry E. Craig, the number three ranking Republican in the Senate, rejected calls to fire the aide, citing his right to free speech. James George Jatras, a foreign policy staff analyst on the Senate Republican Policy Committee, said Islam has a "fraudulent self-depiction as a pacific creed," arises from "the darkness of heathen Araby" and rivals communism as one of the "gigantic Christian-killing machines." In an apparent reference to historic Islamic descriptions of heaven, Jatras added that "it is beyond me what spiritual values any Christian has in common with someone whose idea of beatific bliss is boinking an endless parade of the well-rounded houris said to inhabit the Muslim paradise."..... "I absolutely condemn any sort of bigotry or intolerance," Craig said in his reply to CAIR a day later. But "the exchange of opinions and ideas . . . that some might find disagreeable is an important part of the workings of free society." For him to dismiss Jatras, Craig added, "would not constitute the censuring of bigotry, but its practice." ..."

Washington Times 6/14-20/99 Andrea Billups "...A federal appeals court in Philadelphia has agreed to decide if a first-grader's free-speech rights were violated when his teacher forbade him from reading a Bible story to his class. Eight months ago, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit agreed with a lower-court ruling that teacher Grace Oliva did not violate Zachary Hood's rights when she kept the Catholic student from reading the Old Testament story of Jacob and Esau in front of his classmates. The boy's presentation, taken from his favorite book of Bible stories, did not mention God or the Bible and was cleared by his mother as appropriate material for an assignment designed to highlight his reading proficiency. The teacher, who called the story "a prayer," did allow Zachary to read it to her alone...."

AP Wire 6/15/99 "...Mark Friestad said it, the audience believed it, and that settled it. The 26-year-old high school social studies teacher from Valley City, N.D., won the Great American Think-Off on Saturday with a convincing spiel that science is more dangerous than religion.... The seventh annual event featured debate between four finalists selected from about 500 argumentative essays submitted from around the world. The Think-Off audience then selected a winner, who receives $500 and a contract from an educational book publisher. Friestad cited the early 1900s eugenics movement, which hypothesized the human gene pool could be improved if weak links were removed. ``That led to public policy like sterilizing handicapped people,'' he said. ``We accepted that because scientists told us it was so. And anytime you have to rely on someone else to do your thinking for you, that's dangerous.''..."

UPI Focus 6/14/99 Michael Kirkland "...The Supreme Court has let stand a lower- court ruling in favor of Maryland officials who refused to provide funds to a religious college, drawing a sharp dissent from Justice Clarence Thomas. At issue was whether officials - when deciding whether to grant funding to an institution - should focus on the religious nature of the institution or the secular purpose of the activity that the funds would support. In the case rejected by the justices today, Maryland refused funding to a college affiliated with Seventh-day Adventists, saying it was "pervasively sectarian," while providing funds to three other religiously affiliated schools. In a rare three-and-a-half page dissent to the denial of review, Thomas acknowledged that the "pervasively sectarian" concept was established in a 1976 Supreme Court decision, Roemer vs. Board of Public Works of Md. "We invented the 'pervasively sectarian' test as a way to distinguish between schools that carefully segregate religious and secular matters," Thomas said, "and schools that consider their religious and education missions indivisible and therefore require religion to permeate all activities." Thomas, one of the Supreme Court's most conservative members and a devout Roman Catholic, said a number of more recent decisions in the 1980s and 1990s have said that public assistance may be made available in many cases to religious schools or students when it is "based upon neutral, secular criteria." "We should take this opportunity to scrap the 'pervasively sectarian' test and re-affirm that the Constitution requires, at a minimum, neutrality not hostility toward religion," Thomas argued...."

Original Sources ( 6/16/99 Mary Mostert "…"The KLA has set its check points and controls the town. KLA groups have besieged the Bishop's Court with bishop Artemije, monks and priests inside. In the church yard, monuments of emperor Dushan and Russian consul Yastrebov are destroyed. The German contingent cannot guarantee safety and security neither for the Serbs, nor for the priests and the monks, and officers advised the Bishop, the priest and monks to leave Prizren tomorrow with the remaining Serbs." And thus the destruction begins - a destruction reminiscent of the Barbarian Assault on Rome, in the 5th Century, A.D.: "THE HOLY ARCHANGEL MONASTERY (XIV century - 2 km from Prizren) This morning KLA has kidnapped one monk and some Serbs from Prizren. Their fate is uncertain. "THE HOLY TRINITY MONASTERY- MUSUTISTE ( XV century) Today the monastery church has been burnt down, few days ago the monastery residence was burnt down. The nuns have escaped to the Gracanica monastery. "THE SAINTS KUZMA AND DAMIAN MONASTERY -ZOCISTE (XIV century) The monks have been evacuated to Prizren. The fate of the monastery is unknown. VELIKA HOCA and surrounding villages are deserted. Line of 400 people are on the way to Pristina, although no safe evacuation has been guaranteed. "THE VISOKI DECANI MONASTERY (XIV century) During Yugoslav Army pullout, 150 Albanians from Decani had found safety in the monastery and spent 2 days there, together with a group of 17 Serbs that had escaped earlier. The Italian troops are stationed near the monastery, and their officers are cooperative, and guarantee safety and security Serbs and Albanians alike. "PEC - THE PATRIARCHATE OF PEC (XIII century) The Italian forces are in the town, relations are good. There are no more than 50 Serbs left in the town. The nuns at the Partriarchate are well. "THE DEVIC MONASTERY (XV century) There is no information. The arrival of the French contingent is expected tomorrow. "THE GORIOC MONASTERY (XIV century) No presence of KLA is registd. The arrival of the French contingent is expected." And so we watch as NATO helps IMPLEMENT the ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Kosovo, just as we watched the ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Croatia in 1995 with the help of US bombers, while the media, who MUST know it is lying, talks about "Serbian War Crimes."…"

AP 6/17/99 Laurie Kellman "…The House voted today to allow the Ten Commandments to be posted in schools and other government buildings. By 248-180, lawmakers approved Rep. Robert Aderholt's amendment to a juvenile crime bill that would allow states to decide whether to permit such displays on government property. The amendment, Aderholt said, was a ``first step'' for government in reinstilling the value of human life in children influenced by violent culture…."

Reuters 6/18/99 Evelyn Leopold "…A Swiss-based Christian charity group which campaigns against slavery in Sudan said on Friday a decision by a U.N. panel to withdraw its U.N. accreditation was a ``vote of shame.'' The United States was alone late on Thursday in voting against the withdrawal of credentials from Christian Solidarity International (CSI). In January the group bought the freedom of 1,050 slaves, mainly children, for $50 per person. The U.N. panel's decision has to be reviewed by the 54-nation U.N. Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), which meets in Geneva in June. Christian Solidarity is one of hundreds of voluntary groups with expertise in various fields which are allowed to take part in the work of ECOSOC, the main U.N. body dealing with social and economic affairs….``This is a technical complaint. We did not politicize the issue,'' Sudan's ambassador Elfatih Mohamed Ahmed Erwa said. The panel has made several controversial decisions recently, particularly when human rights groups are involved…."

The New York Post 6/19/99 Editorial "…Jerrold Nadler, the New York City congressman, is doubtless a man of many talents, but biblical scholarship is not one of them. "Whose Ten Commandants?" he thundered on the floor of the House during Thursday's vote on amendments to the gun control measure that passed later that night. "Which version? The Catholic version? The Protestant version or the Jewish version?" Umm ... they're all pretty much the same, congressman. You know - thou shalt not kill, honor thy mother and father, that sort of thing. Sure, there are slight differences in translation (some versions don't use the words "thou" and "thy," for example), but we're not talking anything major…."

The Associated Press 6/18/99 Steve Geissinger "…Three of the area's five synagogues were hit almost simultaneously by arsonists Friday, and a leaflet blaming the ``International Jew World Order'' for the war in Kosovo was left behind. The fires caused moderate damage to two synagogues and gutted a third temple's library, destroying a collection of videos on Jewish history. Investigators questioned four youths who fled from police near Congregation B'nai Israel, the most heavily damaged, and determined they had nothing to do with the fires. There were no suspects Friday evening. ``Hate is hate. You can't predict when it will happen,'' said Lou Anapolsky, president of B'nai Israel…."

New York Post 6/19/99 Angela Allen "…Thou shalt not put the Ten Commandments in the classroom. That was the reaction of educators in the nation's largest school system, who turned thumbs down on the controversial congressional proposal. Conservative Rep. Robert Aderhold (R-Ala.) is pushing to let states decide if they want to display the biblical rules in public schools. The measure was passed by the House Thursday and now goes before the Senate. Yesterday, dozens of educators and administrators from all five boroughs declined to speak out on the thorny issue, but the few who did voiced little support for the plan…"

Washington Post (Page C1) 6/22/99 Lyndsey Layton "... Life has changed in the neat gray house on the loping country lane. There are sleepless nights and tense conversations, and the telephone now has an unlisted number. Because you can't be too cautious in the days after you've been labeled the Young Atheist of Calvert County. In his sneakers and thrift store bowling shirt with "Cathy" embroidered on the chest, Nick Becker doesn't look like a threat to society. But ever since he defied the adults in his rural community 35 miles south of the District, he's been tagged by everyone from local politicians to a national columnist as the embodiment of all that is wrong with America. He had the U.S. Constitution and the Maryland state attorney general on his side. And when he questioned local authorities, they threatened to arrest him and banned him from a post-graduation party. The community reacted even more harshly, labeling Becker with one of the worst pejoratives in a conservative, churchgoing place: atheist... .But the prayerful folks in Calvert County insist they also are standing up for something admirable. They say they exercised their constitutional right to religious expression and are fighting a society that has squeezed God out of public life and thrown itself out of kilter as a result. "This is an average American community which chose to exercise our rights to pray," says Linda L. Kelley, president of the county commissioners and one of several community leaders who ignored a ban on prayer and recited the Lord's Prayer during the graduation ceremony. "No one in Annapolis or Washington, D.C., is going to tell us when and where we can pray." .....Becker tried to get another video--a fright movie parody about a family that got chopped up and put in the bathtub--aired on local cable-access television; it was rejected. ....A problem Becker wrote for the Web page displays his sensibility: He's smart--and a smart aleck. "A 20-lb bag full of severed thumbs is dropped from the second highest floor of the Sears Tower, 1542 feet above the ground. The top floor was rented out for a Narcoleptic Rabbi Association (NRA) convention . . . (a) Find the position and velocity functions for dem thumbs . . . (b) How long does it take for dem thumbs to smash into the pavement below in a disgusting, bloody mess?" .....Cal Thomas, a syndicated columnist, checked out Becker's Web site and compared him to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the teenage gunmen in the Columbine High School shootings. "Why is God the only idea banned from government schools, while the demons that produce the beliefs of a Harris, a Klebold and a Becker are tolerated, protected, even promoted?" Thomas wrote...... Anyone looking to reinforce a dark image of an angry young man can find plenty of material on Becker's Web page. "My Dad Can Go To Hell (In C# Major)" rails against a father's attempt at control.....One November day in the 11th grade, Becker refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. "I don't think there's any point in making us stand up while someone recites rhetoric," Becker says..... he sent an e-mail to the American Civil Liberties Union, which sent a fax to the school the next day, informing administrators that they could not require Becker to stand for the pledge. Principal George Miller apologized. Becker wasn't delicate in victory. He posted a story about the episode on his Web site in which he called the flag "the cloth on a stick." .....But when it came time at the graduation for a "moment of reflection" that had replaced the prayer, some in the audience--including the county's highest elected officials--defiantly recited the Lord's Prayer. Becker walked out and was threatened with arrest by state police when he tried to re-enter to claim his diploma. Then he was barred from the post-graduation boat cruise, for which he had already bought a ticket...."People who have been silent on the question of prayer are now taking a stand," Linda Kelley says. "There's not a function that I've attended since this whole thing started--Eagle Scout swearing-in, picnic--where people aren't talking about it. If government is about 'We the People,' well, we the people have made a statement here."..."

Conservative News Source 6/21/99 Lawrence Morahan "...Nicholas Lassonde, an A student whose graduation speech at Amador Valley High School was censored by school authorities because he sought to urge his classmates to follow God, is considering suing the school on the grounds his right to free speech was violated. The school district in Pleasanton, California, required Lassonde to remove religious references from his speech on Friday because they felt it would be a violation of the separation of church and state to allow him to talk about God. Lassonde wanted to tell his classmates not to put their trust "in princes and mortal men who cannot even save themselves," but the school thought he was going too far..... Each time he came to a portion of his speech his principals found objectionable, he told his audience that the school didn't feel that the passage was appropriate and invited them to get copies of the uncensored version that were handed out at the gate. If stifling the message was the aim of the school, it didn't succeed. The incident has gained much attention in local and national media, and given the graduate more play than he would have received if he'd been allowed to give the speech....."His speech didn't require anyone to bow their head or close their eyes. It didn't even require anyone to say or do anything. They could agree or disagree in the sanctity of their own minds. But that wasn't enough for the school district," Aden said...." 6/22/99 Heather Maher "...The news is not good, according to Michael Novak, a theologian and someone who thinks about these matters much harder than most people. Novak won the Templeton Prize in religion in 1994 and is the George Frederick Jewett Chair in Religion and Public Policy at the American Enterprise Institute. Novak is a Thinker with a capital T. "In our cultural system, there's something very rotten, everyone feels that," the Thinker says. Apparently, America is in the grips of "moral entropy;" our republic is on a veritable downward slide. "There's practically a universal sense that something has gone wrong, but when we go to name it, we disagree."....The Thinker patiently explains: our freewheeling, liberated ways have given us a "dizzying" freedom that is actually putting a big strain on us, because it creates so many choices and distractions. And that makes it "harder to concentrate one's moral energies," Novak says, "and they become diffused." By "moral energies," he means all things good and noble - telling the truth, holding a door, helping a neighbor, making ethical choices, practicing self-sacrifice, taking responsibility, etc., etc. The feeling you get after talking a while with this deep thinker (besides intellectual inferiority) is that we are largely a diffused (and confused) country, turning to the media and movies as our main source of inspiration, and preoccupied with the pursuit of more choices, more flavors, more channels. A nation adept at gunning the engine of social progress, preening its feathers for being so ambitious and successful, but that rarely gets around to developing individual character traits like manners, or to practicing things like reflection and contemplation. And most damning, a nation so caught up in getting to the mall before it closes, it forgets to have dinner as a family or have meaningful chats with its kids about politics, religion, the arts - topics that fall in the Jeopardy category: "Things That Aren't Mundane."...."

Washington Times 6/24/99 Barbara Reynolds "...The Army's decision to allow witches as an official religion may come back to not only devil that institution, but also the rest of us. Recently the Army has sanctioned witches. They can wear their pentagram rings, moon tattoos under their uniforms. And at Fort Hood, Texas, the nation's largest base, the Army has given them a campsite so they can dance around the campfire chanting and working magic. In light of this, other equally weirdo pseudo-religions, such as the Church of Satan, Black Judaism and Scientology, are also petitioning the Army to allow them to do their thing, all of which worries me...."

Associated Press Will Lester 6/24/99 "...While Americans rallied behind President Clinton during the impeachment process, a bipartisan poll released today suggests the public has a growing concern about moral leadership that may help Republicans. The GOP has almost a 20 percentage-point edge over Democrats when asked which party best represents the values of faith in God, personal responsibility, ethics and honesty and knowing right from wrong, according to the latest Battleground Poll. Democrats and Republicans are tied at 39 percent apiece when voters were asked which party they would vote for if the election for Congress were held today..... But when registered voters were asked which one issue they think is the most important, a fourth said restoring moral values, followed by a fifth of the total who thought improving education was the top issue....."

Reagan Information Exchange 6/24/99 Mary Mostert "...Associated Press reported yesterday that the House voted to "allow the Ten Commandments to be posted in schools and other government buildings. By 248-180, lawmakers approved Rep. Robert Aderholt's amendment to a juvenile crime bill that would allow states to decide whether to permit such displays on government property..... Let's take a deep breath and go back to basics.... The ignorance of those who claim the posting the Ten Commandments in public school is "forcing Christian doctrine on non-Christians" is simply abysmal. There is nothing that potentially could unite the people of America - of ALL religions than posting the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments were designed to move the children of Israel away from the law of the jungle to a minimal law. Jesus Christ brought to the world a Higher Law. Mosaic law was "Thou shalt not commit adultery," for example. Jesus Christ's law is "Whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart." The Mosaic law is "Thou shalt not kill. ." Jesus Christ's law is, "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you." If America has sunk to such a low cultural level that the Ten Commandments, upon which the law of this land was based, has become too controversial to post in public places, we are surely teetering on the edge of the same kind of destruction experienced by the Roman Empire...."

INSIGHT Magazine 7/19/99 Kelly Patricia O'Meara "...Public schools and local libraries increasingly have been choosing to make available to children graphic and sexually explicit books that barely can be described in this magazine. Picture your adolescent browsing through the school library. Other than home, it's the one place parents may feel sure their children are likely to be protected from pornography, obscenity, perversion and other vulgarity. But are they? ..... Innocently scanning the school-library shelves a child chooses It's Perfectly Normal, a book about sex and reproduction by Robie Harris. Flipping through the pages, young readers might immediately be attracted to the drawings of adolescents like themselves, touching their private parts. Naturally, their curiosity aroused, they begin to read soothing words normalizing things younger readers may never have heard of or even understand. For example, "Masturbation is touching or rubbing any of your body's sex organs for pleasure -- because it feels good. One everyday term for masturbating is 'playing with yourself.' A girl often rubs her clitoris; a boy often rubs his penis."..... It's Perfectly Normal now is considered by national library authorities to be appropriate for children in elementary school. Of a total of 89 pages, 30 present drawings with explicit genital detail; one illustrates kids masturbating while another shows a boy in a classroom with an erection under his clothes. Because of such graphic and explicit material, a growing number of parents are challenging the appropriateness of books such as this for the age group at which they are directed....."

World Net Daily 6/25/99 David Limbaugh "...During the last three-plus decades, extremists in this country hostile to America's Judeo-Christian tradition have succeeded in erecting an almost absolute barrier between church and state. These anti-biblical zealots claim to have been acting in deference to constitutional principles. In fact, they have acted in willful disregard of those principles -- revealing their contempt, not their allegiance, to our constitutional heritage. The framers of the Constitution never intended to erect a wall of separation between church and state, merely to prevent the government from establishing a state religion. Even liberal Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas acknowledged that the framers didn't forbid all church and state interaction. In Zorach vs. Clausen (1952), he stated, "The First Amendment ... does not say that in every and all respects there shall be a separation of Church and State...." Last week, Congress showed uncharacteristic courage by enacting politically incorrect legislation permitting the Ten Commandments to be displayed in schools and other government buildings. This represents a radical liberation from our cultural bondage to liberal historical revisionism. Last week, Joe Farah made the excellent point that "the Ten Commandments form the very basis of Western law." We should be aware that other Biblical laws were also foundational to our system of jurisprudence. In the Book of Exodus following the Ten Commandments are further laws, sometimes collectively referred to as the Book of the Covenant. As a lawyer, I was fascinated to discover just how much of our law -- torts, contracts, property and criminal law -- is obviously traceable to this section of Scripture...... Don't be fooled by the secular elite into believing that our Founding Fathers feared any intrusion of biblical precepts into our governmental system. Those who teach that the framers prescribed total separation of church and state are pitifully divorced from objective truth and from undoctored American history....."

Associated Press 6/25/99 Linda Deutsch "....A panel of appeals court judges expressed open skepticism Thursday about a private citizen's right to force a public school to post the Ten Commandments on a ballfield fence where advertising space was sold. Justice Michael Mott of the California 2nd District Court of Appeal noted that with a $400 contribution to the Downey High School baseball program, Edward DiLoreto has trapped the school district into a cycle of litigation that "could cost them a fortune." "It could go to the Supreme Court and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars over a $400 sign," Mott said. He said that DiLoreto could have posted his Ten Commandments sign on a billboard on any freeway in California and "would have saved the school district the cost of litigating this." The school refused to post the Ten Commandments on the outfield fence, fearing that it would engender protests over mixing religion with public education...."

New York Post 6/29/99 Rod Dreher "..." HOW serious are the country's theater owners in their new vigilance against letting underage kids into R-rated films? We shall see when "South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut" opens tomorrow. Though the risque Comedy Central series has built a large following among the under-17 crowd, the "South Park" movie is not for kids. Actually, that's an understatement. In terms of language alone, the Paramount-Warner Bros. co-production is undoubtedly one of the filthiest mainstream films ever released. We can't get into the specifics here, of course, but the sheer volume and creativity of the children's swearing would embarrass a longshoreman. ..."

Washington Post 6/30/99 David Broder "...As we approach another Independence Day national birthday, Americans are worried that their country is backsliding. Despite the best economy in most people's memory, a spate of public opinion polling affirms that most voters are deeply concerned about the moral climate and are searching for ways to restore what they see as lost values. Presidential candidates of all stripes are picking up the same signals and trying to respond as best they can. In almost identical phrases, they lament the weakening of family ties and the erosion of community bonds. They fret particularly about the fear that youngsters, who need clear standards and strong role models, instead are dealing with absentee or overburdened parents and see examples of hypocrisy and misbehavior in high places. Deprived of discipline and, equally, of supportive love, too many of these young people are turning into alienated and sometimes aggressive outcasts -- damaging themselves with drugs and random sex and even turning guns on classmates and teachers...."

Reuters 6/30/99 "...Salvadoran radio stations, responding to a government request, Tuesday banned songs by two controversial rap groups because their lyrics were said to be an assault on public decency.... Stations aimed at youth audiences were asked to pull from their playlists the Mecate hit ``El Directo,'' a song telling the story of an infamous Salvadoran gang member and his life on the country's mean streets and in its jails...."

New York Post 6/30/99 Editorial "...When Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) first introduced legislation last fall to set up a national commission on terrorism, Arab-American groups complained that the proposed membership - including such renowned scholars as Fouad Ajami - contained "Muslim-bashers" and others who would "infringe upon our civil rights." To that crowd, a commission whose mandate is to "review counter-terrorism policies regarding the prevention and punishment of international acts of terrorism directed at the United States" is biased if it focuses on fundamentalist Islamic groups - which are the primary source of international anti-American acts of terrorism. Apparently, however, those protests have born fruit: House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt (D-Mo.) has appointed to the commission an official who can easily be described as an Israel-basher with disturbing sympathies for Islamic terrorists. He is Salam al-Marayati, director of the Los Angeles-based Muslim Public Affairs Council. Although he has publicly condemned individual acts of terrorism, al-Marayati has attacked efforts to investigate U.S. fund-raising links to such terrorist groups as Hamas and Hezbollah According to a list of public statements compiled by terrorism expert Steven Emerson, al-Marayati has compared American Revolutionary soldiers to Hamas and Hezbollah, and said: "When Patrick Henry said, 'Give me liberty or give me death,' that statement epitomized jihad [holy war]." ...."

Orlando Sentinel 6/23/99 Kathleen Parker "...Just when you thought "strange" has been fully exploited, someone raises the bar. In one week, here's what crossed my desk: *In Chicago, a group of third-grade boys were reprimanded for praying together on the playground. *In Fort Myers, Florida, a teacher scheduled a cross-dressing day for his middle-school students. *In Middletown, Connecticut, college students at Wesleyan University created pornographic movies for a film class. Hello? Who's in charge here? I feel like the entire country is guzzling LSD punch while I'm sipping Irish Breakfast Tea. ...And what did you learn today, kids? Well, let's see, Prayer is bad; cross-dressing is rad; pornography is a legitimate career choice. I realize I'm going to have to find a new country soon, but before I go, I'd like to make a couple of observations. 1. Adults are obsessed with sex and can't seem to leave children out of it. 2. Public education has become the enemy of parents who, owing to their own confusion in the midst of moral chaos, have become part of the problem. ...."

WashPost 7/2/99 "..."Americans are less likely to marry than ever before, according to a new study, and fewer people who do marry report being "very happy" in their marriages. The report, released yesterday by Rutgers University's National Marriage Project and touted as a benchmark compilation of statistics and surveys, found that the nation's marriage rate has dipped by 43 percent in the past four decades, leaving it at its lowest point in recorded history. This historically low marriage rate, coupled with a soaring divorce rate, has dramatically altered attitudes toward one of society's most fundamental institutions...."

The FederalistDigest 6/29/1999 "...."Though the House hung a copy of the Ten Commandments around Mr. Clinton's neck last week when it approved a measure to give local and state governments the right to display the document, the residents of Brooksville, Alabama, population about 200, aren't waiting for Mr. Clinton to veto the measure. They are incorporating their community and have petitioned an Alabama court for permission to use the King James Bible as their town charter. The town's only ordinances will be the Ten Commandments. "

Washington Times 7/1/99 "...Health enthusiasts may be tempted to put away their running shoes and granola and search for the family Bible. A new study in Demography magazine suggests that if you go to church, you may live up to 14 years longer. The research follows a growing consensus that religious belief and church attendance are key indicators of health, social behavior, political leanings, lifestyles and morality. "There is still a sense in much of the scientific community that religious effects are minor at best or are even irrelevant," says a group of researchers on health and population issues. "Our findings help to dispel such a notion."...."

The Orlando Sentinel 7/1/99 Charlie Reese "...There may be a revolt brewing in America. It seems to be happening in that part of America so mysterious to the political and news-media elite -- the areas that surround, like interstellar space, the elitist strongholds in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles. There was a hint in Utah a year or so ago when audience members at a school event defiantly sang a song that some federal judge had commanded that they could not sing. More recently, on the East Coast, a group of parents and students decided to pray in defiance of a court order. The American majority may be fed up with special-interest-group lawyers, using some sorehead as a token plaintiff, persuading political appointees in black robes to jerk Americans around. Somehow, an idea has arisen that a minority may dictate to the majority. That's a perversion of custom. The majority respects the right of minorities to dissent, but minorities must also respect the rights of the majority..."

8/10/98 Reuters "America's leading porn stars were hailed as champions of human rights by the president of the country's largest civil liberties group. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) President Nadine Strossen told porn stars and adult film makers at a conference Friday that their work defended the most fundamental of all human rights -- freedom of speech. "I want to underscore how extremely essential your efforts are. I want to thank and applaud you for your fight and contribution for First Amendment freedom and to galvanize you to 'keep it up,' so to speak," she added."


Electronic Telegraph-UK News 5/13/99 Oliver Poole "...THE Pope was recognised as the overall authority in the Christian world by an Anglican and Roman Catholic commission yesterday which described him as a "gift to be received by all the Churches". Disagreement about the extent of the Pope's authority was one of the main causes of the English Reformation in the 16th century, and has been a constant stumbling block to the two Churches reuniting. However, yesterday's statement, released at Lambeth Palace - which is not binding - accepted that if a new united Christian Church was created it would be the 'Bishop of Rome who would exercise a universal primacy...."

WORLD Magazine 7/16/99 Mindy Belz "… The general secretary of the ruling Vietnamese Communist Party, Le Kha Phieu, made his first trip to Cuba this month, a sign of strengthening ties between the two communist holdouts….. The discovery of a classified Vietnamese government document, which goes into great detail about how to suppress Christianity, surprised even stalwart church experts on persecution. The government is increasing pressure to eradicate Christianity, according to a report from World Evangelical Fellowship, in the face of large numbers of Christian conversions, especially among the tribal Hmong people. Church workers say that as many as 300,000 Hmong are now Christians. Fearing that evangelistic upheaval will undermine communist rule as it did in Eastern Europe 10 years ago, Vietnamese authorities have increased pressure to wipe out Christianity among Hmong…."

Source: 7/13/99 Thomas Legislative Service "…The House of Representatives has voted 355-0 in favor of a resolution rejecting the conclusions of an article published by the American Psychological Association that suggests sexual relationships between adults and children did not cause pervasive harm. Voting 'Present' on Child Sexual Abuse Resolution
"A concurrent resolution expressing the sense of Congress rejecting the conclusions of a recent article published by the American Psychological Association that suggests that sexual relationships between adults and children might be positive for children." 355 voted in favor of the resolution and there were no votes against it. 13 members voted present, including:
Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D-HI)
Rep. Thomas Allen (D-ME)
Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA)
Rep. John Conyers (D-MI)
Rep. William Delahunt (-MA)
Rep. Bob Filner (D-CA)
Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA)
Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL)
Rep. E.B Johnson (D-TX)
Rep. Patsy Mink (D-HI)
Rep. James Moran (D-VA)
Rep. Fortney Stark (D-CA)
Rep. Ted Strickland (D-OH)…"

United Press International 7/14/99 "… Officials in this southwest Missouri community are considering an appeal (Wednesday) now that a federal judge has ordered the removal of a Christian fish symbol, called an ichthus (IHK'-thuhs), from the official city seal. Ruling in a case filed by a witchcraft practitioner, the judge decided the logo stamped on Republic's city trucks, flags and letterheads violates the First Amendment separation of church and state…."

AP Wire 7/14/99 "…President Clinton's top ethics advisers are close to recommending a change in federal law to allow the government to finance a certain type of human embryo research -- but the White House instead said Wednesday it will support a more conservative approach. The issue is over experiments with ``master cells,'' the building blocks for other tissues in the body that scientists can cull from human embryos…."

New York Times News Service via. Chicago Tribune 7/15/99 "…Public-school prayer is more than an abstract issue of civil liberties in Alabama. For many students it is the stuff of everyday life, a part of football huddles and weekly assemblies, and the question of its legality has driven political campaigns and prompted mass demonstrations. So when a federal appellate court issued a ruling on Tuesday that permitted students to engage in personal, voluntary prayer in school, it was front-page news across the state. Suddenly, students were given a green light by the court to pray all they wanted in school and to lead other students in prayer, as long as school officials are not involved…. "Permitting students to speak religiously signifies neither state approval nor disapproval of that speech," the judges said in their decision. "The speech is not the state's--either by attribution or by adoption. The permission signifies no more than that the state acknowledges its constitutional duty to tolerate religious expression. Only in this way is true neutrality achieved." On Wednesday, Pryor called the decision a victory for free speech and religious freedom. "Public school students do not give up their 1st Amendment rights when they go to school," he said, adding that it was unfair that students could be permitted to read from secular inspirational books at assemblies but not from the Bible or other religious works….." 7/16/99 Barret Kalellis "…The moment it was learned that white supremacist murderer Ben Smith's motives derived from an organization calling itself the "World Church of the Creator," (WCOTC) the mainstream press immediately labeled it a "far right hate group." That hate is its stock in trade there can be no doubt. But the "far right" label doesn't seem to be entirely satisfactory. In fact, many of the inspirations for such groups come from leftist ideology, while the reactionary tenets that are most distasteful are aggravated by liberal policy in this country….. at makes Klassen's thoughts particularly odious is his underlying racist view of the world. An almost clinical paranoia infects his writings…. In Klassen's comical view, Christianity itself was a Jewish conspiracy to undermine the Roman Empire: Jews somehow understood that the Christian principles of asceticism and salvation in the next world would destabilize the Roman spirit from within, leaving the way open for Jewish masters to rise again…."

AP Will Lester "...Accompanying the hum of computers and the roar of the economy at the end of the 20th century is a nagging feeling among many Americans that something has been lost. They describe it in various ways: an absence of morality, a loss of innocence, a lack of trust in others. Almost two-thirds of the people in a new poll say their families' lives have improved since the 1950s. But fewer than half say the country as a whole is better off now and nearly one-third say it is worse. ``There's more money, but less human caring,'' said Wayne Dubrawsky, a government worker from Orchard Park, N.Y...... " 7/8/99 Jon E Dougherty "…In another victory for parents of school-aged children, a federal judge in New York has ruled that the Bedford Central School District can no longer force children to participate in Earth Day "worship services," "North American Indian animism," or be forced to construct "worry dolls" and other "tangibles" that "have supernatural powers." At Bedford, students were required to create paper images of a Hindu god, make toothpick and yarn "worry dolls" to defend against anxiety, and to participate in "Earth Day" worship services -- all advocated by liberal district administrators and teachers who personally took part in the services. The judge in his ruling had the insight to call these celebrations "truly bizarre," and added that the events "took on many of the attributes of the ceremonies of worship by organized religions" -- something liberals have consistently prevented Christians from doing since 1962….."

LineOne News (UK) 7/13/99 "…"Heresy trials are to be reintroduced by the Church of England for clerics who deny the existence of God. For the first time in 150 years, sceptic clergy who defy doctrine in the pulpit may be tried by a tribunal. The General Synod has agreed to the proposal by bishops to include offences against "doctrine, ritual and ceremonial" matters in a new streamlined procedure for disciplining priests. The last heresy trial was of the Rev A Gorham in 1847, when the Bishop of Exeter accused him of being unsound on the doctrine of "baptismal regeneration"…."

Christian Science Monitor 7/12/99 Joe Loconte "…Critics - mostly conservative - are ready to dismiss Vice President Al Gore's recent talk about faith and values as empty presidential sloganeering. But to do so is to neglect a profound cultural moment: a repudiation by Democratic leaders of the antireligious mood that has darkened liberal thought for at least a generation. Just as Bill Clinton once declared the era of big government over, Mr. Gore now admits that the "hollow secularism" of liberal government has run its course. As Gore opened his presidential bid June 17 in Tennessee, he praised the work of religious groups in treating social ills. In an interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer, he claimed that "faith and family are at the center of my life." And in a major speech on religion in May, he called for a "new partnership" between church and state, pledging to "put the solutions that faith-based organizations are pioneering at the very heart" of his administration….."

D. James Kennedy 7/6/99 "…A thousand Christians were "manacled to doors, then beaten and tortured with electric shocks to their genitals," according to a recent report issued by prison Fellowship founder Charles W. Colson. "Babies were not spared. Mothers were forced to lay their infants on the floor and watch helplessly while police struck them with sticks." Who would perpetrate such an atrocity? The government of Egypt, according to Colson's report. It happened in late October, as the nation's mostly Islamic leadership executed a "crackdown" on the Christian community. Yet Egypt, one of the "largest recipients" of American foreign aid, still receives billions in non-humanitarian financial support from the U.S. government - $2.5 billion in American taxpayer money in one year alone. All of which happens in defiance of federal law, that requires the President and Congress to cut off non-humanitarian financial aid to countries where individuals are persecuted for their religious faith! …"

D. James Kennedy 7/6/99 "…Michael Horowitz, senior fellow at the Hoover Institute, warns Christians that they are close to becoming "the Jews of the 21st century. You have become the scapegoats of choice for the thug regimes around the world," says Horowitz, who is Jewish, "as my people were for much of European history. And the suffering is met with indifference." Most American Christians are largely unaware of the escalation of religious persecution around the world - not only because of the silence of our media, but, also because of the federal government's keen interest in keeping international trading partners happy. It is also unattractive for a politician to run the risk of tangling with a foreign government when he may have major political donors with ties to that country. Consequently, few in Washington have much incentive for making waves! …."

WP 7/12/99 Sally Quinn "…As the political climate heats up for Campaign 2000, Americans are hearing more and more about religion from the candidates. This is not surprising, since polls show that more than 90 percent of Americans say they believe in God, and the Christian evangelical movement makes up some 35 percent of the population. Texas Gov. George W. Bush volunteers that he has "recommitted his life to Christ," Elizabeth Dole talks about how she "humbled herself before God," Vice President Gore told reporters that "the purpose of my life is to glorify God." On the floor of the House, Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) states, "The focus must be returned to God." …..So ingrained is the culture of avoidance of religion, conservative syndicated columnist Cal Thomas thinks that it has kept him off Washington's roster of sought-after guests. "One reason I'm not on anyone's A-list," says the religious author and columnist, formerly of the Moral Majority, "is that they're afraid I'll talk about God. . . . In this town you pay a social price for being upfront about your faith. People don't invite you to parties….. "

Conservative News Service 7/13/99 Justin Torres "…An article in a leading psychology journal reports that the presence of fathers in families raising children is "not essential," and that fathers "may be detrimental to the child and the mother." The report in the current issue of The American Psychologist, a journal of the American Psychological Association (APA) - recently in hot water over an earlier report that concluded that child sexual abuse did not cause pervasive harm - takes aim at the notion that fathers and two-parent heterosexual marriages are necessary for the psychological health of children. "[W]e do not believe that the data support the conclusion that fathers are essential to child well-being and that heterosexual marriage is the social context in which responsible fathering is most likely to occur," wrote Drs. Louise B. Silverstein and Carl F. Auerbach, both from Yeshiva University, in an article called "Deconstructing the Essential Father." The report appears in the June 1999 issue of the journal…."

EWTN 7/16/99 NEW YORK ( 7/19/99 "... A UN committee focusing on women's rights has pressured governments to stop promoting motherhood and called on religions to change the interpretation of their sacred texts as part of a campaign to promote radical feminism, according to a Catholic pro-family group on Friday. The Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute said the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women has used the 1979 Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) to put pressure on the 163 countries that have ratified it to implement their vision of feminism. The committee recently directed the government of Libya to reinterpret the Koran, the sacred text of Islam, "in light of the provisions of the Convention." ....The Committee criticized Croatia for allowing "church-related organizations to adversely influence" women's rights. It told the Dominican Republic that an "intermingling of the secular and religious spheres" is a "serious impediment to implementing the Convention." .....The group also admonished Armenia to "use the educational system and electronic media to combat the traditional stereotype of women 'in the noble role of mother,'" and the Czech Republic was criticized for "over-protective measures for pregnancy and motherhood." ..."

AP 7/19/99 Douglas Kiker "...Three Republican senators have asked Attorney General Janet Reno to investigate whether a group that promotes the separation between church and state is intimidating churchgoers and interfering with their right to vote. The July 2 letter from Sens. Jesse Helms of North Carolina, Jeff Sessions of Alabama and Paul Coverdell of Georgia, contends that Americans United for Separation of Church and State violates citizens' right to vote by ``intimidating people of faith into not participating in the political process.'' The senators cited a federal law prohibiting restriction of citizens' right to vote. Violation of the statute is punishable by fines and jail time...... Americans United is a nonprofit group that sends information and newsletters to church leaders across the country warning them of the possible legal and ethical implications of becoming involved in the political process. The group has long criticized what it says are the Christian Coalition's partisan political activities, particularly the so-called ``voter guides'' distributed at churches throughout the nation. In 1998, 72 million voter guides were distributed...."

FREDERICKSBURG STANDARD-RADIO POST 7/21/99 Cathie Collier "...The long-standing tradition of prayer at the beginning of a football game will be a thing of the past at Fredericksburg High School Stadium this fall-at least until a further court ruling is made clarifying the issue for the state's public schools. Fredericksburg Independent School District officials were advised by school attorney Cristol Schoessow last week that a Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in February this year makes the practice of allowing student-led prayers at high school football games against federal law. "I'm very unhappy with the decision," Superintendent Marc Williamson said, "but it's pretty clear. Anything that can be construed as a prayer, even a moment of silence, is a prayer and is against the law, according to this ruling." ...."Under other circumstances, we might have decided just to do it until someone complained," Dr. Williamson said, "but the recent ruling says that school districts should know better and makes the district and individual board members liable for punitive damages." ..."

Free Press News Services 7/24/99 "…Religion is coming back into style and will be an important factor to consider in marketing products in the 21st Century, according to the Brand Futures Group of the Young & Rubicam advertising agency. Brand Futures, in a survey released in Milan, Italy, reported that a poll of 15,580 people in the United States, Italy, Britain, France, Germany and Netherlands indicated a growing number of people consider religious faith an important aspect of their lives. The trend was particularly strong in the United States and Italy, it said. Central to the poll were attitudes of trendsetters, a group defined as the 10 percent of the population that Brand Futures considers to be oriented to the future, curious, motivated and in tune with the people around them…."

Etherzone 7/23/99 Rick Reeder "…I am not a pessimist, just more reluctantly optimistic. The reality for all of us is sinking in that after 30 plus years of being, to some degree, an "officially" godless, Bible-less commandment-less nation. We are not only "slouching toward Gomorrah" as Bork has said, we are feeling and acting "slouchy" toward decay. Our art is no longer that which displays that which is best in us, but the vile. Our music is not that of an overcoming people, but that of a self-indulgent, flesh-loving people. Our focus is not on more noble deeds done, but we are preoccupied with the horrible actions of those, which commit despicable atrocities among us. Our greatest thinkers waste their ingenuity on more toys for a playful army of spoiled toddlers than tools for a productive army of world-changers…."

WORLD Magazine 7/24/999 Janie Cheaney "... Doubt and anxiety have jolted the nation into a revival mode, or so it might seem. Why else would Al Gore suddenly begin speaking out on the value of religion to society and its importance in his personal life? Why is one of his staffers vowing to "take God back from the Republican Party in the year 2000?" ….Rep James Traficant (D-OHIO) urges his fellow congressmen to "allow God back into the classroom." Newsweek reports on God as the "hottest idea in crime fighting." Conservative columnist Don Feder proposes religion as "God for what ails you." Nobody has to know much about the rules or develop any particular skills, and sincerity is nice but optional….. But it's still just a game. Any effects on society will be skin-deep and short-term, unless the Sovereign Lord Himself decrees otherwise….. Most Christians influence their own homes, offices, and neighborhoods; others are called to serve in public office and affect public policy in godly ways. Wherever they are, Christians are the salt of the earth, the light of the world. That is precisely why they should be very careful how they speak and think about God. It's an insult, if not blasphemy, to talk of "allowing" God back into the classroom, as though He had been waiting anxiously outside the door. Or, of "taking Him back" from the Republican Party, which has no hammerlock on the Lord of the universe. It's equally misleading to speak of God as a quantity we need more of (for how much is enough?) or the ideal remedy for society's ills --do we put Him away when we are cured? …."

New York Post 7/26/99 Editorial Board "…THE modern U.S. Air Force is willing to sanction Wiccans - dagger-wielding witches who pose as an alternative to religion. Accomodating Catholic doctrine, on the other hand, is a problem. Just ask 1st Lt. Ryan Berry, who may be forced out of his Air Force post on account of his religious beliefs. Berry's duties as a missileer include spending uninterrupted shifts - ranging from 24 hours to several days - in a small underground capsule from which 150 Minuteman III missiles can be activated. The launch center's two-person crew is expected to share the capsule's one bathroom and one bed. Trouble is, Berry has a religious objection to fulfilling this duty with female officers. Catholics, according to established doctrine, should not put themselves in the way of temptation and sin. Berry, a 25-year-old married man, says spending long hours in a confined space with a woman who is not his wife is a violation of this teaching. …."

National Liberty Journal Vol 28 No. 8 "Were Founding Fathers Wrong in Establishing Days of Prayer and Fasting? Rep. Helen Chenoweth (R-Idaho), reacting to escalating school violence in the nation's public schools, led an attempt last month to pass a resolution calling on the nation to pray and fast for "healing and spiritual renewal." However, days after approving a measure allowing public schools and government buildings to erect the Ten Commandments, the House declined to pass the non-binding resolution that would have encouraged people of all faiths to prayerfully beseech God in national healing. Through a procedural vote, the House failed to gain the two-thirds of members ..."

Indianapolis Star/News 7/28/99 Susan Schramm "...Jay Scott Ballinger traveled across the country with his girlfriend, setting fire to 29 churches in eight states, according to a federal grand jury indictment returned Tuesday. From January 1994 until February of this year, the Yorktown man crisscrossed the nation, burning churches as he went, federal court documents say. Although his home state was the preferred burning ground -- 14 church fires in Indiana were attributed to him -- he also is accused of arsons in California, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, South Carolina and Tennessee..... Ballinger also is charged in Georgia with 10 federal counts involving five church fires, including one that killed a volunteer firefighter. Court documents filed previously said Ballinger confessed to as many as 50 church arsons.....Investigators have not disclosed a motive for the church burnings. But at least one church was desecrated with satanic markings. Interviews with people who knew Ballinger revealed that he tried to lure young people in Delaware County in the early 1990s into joining his fledgling satanic church...." 7/29/99 Justin Torres "...A group of five students from Miami-Dade Community College in Miami, Florida, are suing the school for policies that they claim are an infringement on their right to free religious speech. According to Matthew Staver, an attorney for the public interest law firm Liberty Counsel, which is representing the students, a group of five students attempting to hand out business cards bearing the message "It's the call you'll never forget" and the number to a local ministry were stopped by campus security guards and informed that they must seek the permission of the Student Life Director..."

AP 7/28/99 Carl Hartman "...The chairman of a Senate committee that oversees the Smithsonian Institution said Wednesday he was disturbed by ``political correctness'' at the National Museum of American History. Sen. Mitch McConnell, during a hearing on the Smithsonian's budget, said he objected particularly to references to capitalism, immigration and Christianity in New Mexico. ``I want to express again my concern is about the drift to political correctness,'' said McConnell, chairman of the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration. ``I know it's going on in every campus and it's not surprising to find remnants of it at the museum ... I do think it's a disturbing trend.'' The term ``political correctness'' began as a description by Communists of conformity to the party line..... In a New Mexico pueblo exhibit, McConnell, R-Ky., objected to a reference to ``invasive forms of Christianity.'' ``The characterization seems more apt for ... a plague rather than as a means of describing the evolution of Christianity in this country,'' McConnell said. The label in the exhibit reads: ``Both pueblos and Hispanics have been subject to invasive forms of Christianity. Pueblo peoples faced Spanish attempts to suppress their native religions ... In turn Hispanic Catholics experienced Anglo-American attempts to convert them to Protestantism.'' ..."

Washington Post 7/31/99 Donald Baker "...A Richmond judge ruled today that Regent University does not qualify for tax-exempt construction bonds because it is a "pervasively sectarian" institution "whose primary purpose is religious training." The school, founded by religious broadcaster Pat Robertson, wanted to use the $55 million in bond proceeds to pay for construction on its Virginia Beach main campus and to develop a satellite campus in Alexandria.... "This means that Pat Robertson cannot have Virginia's taxpayers support his ministry," said Ayesha Kahn, who argued against the proposal on behalf of Americans United for Separation of Church and State...."

AP 8/4/99 "...A Denver couple filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday to challenge a city order barring them from holding more than one prayer meeting at their home each month. The lawsuit, filed by attorneys for the American Center for Law and Justice on behalf of David and Diane Reiter, claims the cease-and-desist order issued by the city zoning office is unconstitutional. It also contended the Reiters are the victims of religious hostility. ``The city has trampled on the First Amendment rights of our clients and has enacted an order that is not only unconstitutional but absurd,'' said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for the center based in Virginia Beach, Va....."

Associated Press 8/3/99 Jonathan Salant "...The Christian Coalition is moving ahead with plans to distribute 75 million voter guides in the next election following a federal court ruling that the activity did not illegally help Republican candidates. The beleaguered group - trying to rebound from a restructuring, staff defections and an IRS decision denying it tax-exempt status - plans to use churches and the Internet to distribute its scorecards for the 2000 campaign.

The Christian Coalition hopes to raise $21 million to fund its 2000 political activities, seeking 50,000 donors to give $20 a month. ``The stakes are so high,'' said Randy Tate, the coalition's senior vice president for government relations. ``Not since 1980 has there been a chance to shift the national debate.'' Those efforts received a boost from Monday's decision by U.S. District Judge Joyce Green, who rejected assertions in a 1996 Federal Election Commission lawsuit that the coalition's voter guides and get-out-the-vote operations were partisan activities designed to aid Republican candidates and should be treated as contributions under federal law...."

Washington Times 8/11/99 "...U.S. military officials can be mighty accommodating when they want to be. Weeks after news broke that the nation's largest military base in Fort Hood, Texas, had opened its gates to a group of self-styled witches, Army officials continue to stand up for the organization's right to practice the religion of its choice. The witches recently treated a reporter from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram to a worship service, which he duly reported: " 'We are a circle within a circle with no beginning and never ending,' intoned 60 men, women and children encircling the blaze. 'Horned one, lover son, leaper ..."

WorldNet Daily 8/12/99 "..."... believe them not, though they speak fair words unto thee." --Jeremiah 12:6 We live in a world built upon deceit. Ours is an age that cannot know truth, for its professional wise men -- those who inhabit our halls of learning -- deny that truth exists. Our fate as individuals under their tutelage is to stumble from one passionate, lying embrace to the next, fueling our pain and alienating our souls, engaged in a blind search for that which we have been warned we cannot have..... These colorful balloon-beasts they send forth to slay the demons of our collective guilt, selfishness and ambition, so that we may all together appear wise, just, and righteous in our own eyes. It is now an accepted fact that the perks of high political office in the United States include sex with campaign contributors' children; that there is no accountability -- not from the courts, the people, or the Congress -- for lies so voluminous that they can no longer be properly counted and catalogued; that treason in the form of leaving our nation naked and defenseless before its enemies is an acceptable means of campaign fundraising -- provided that it helps you to win the next election; and that God is an absentee landlord, doesn't bother to vote, and neither sees nor hears our multitudinous affronts to His character, perhaps because He is too busy blessing us with His patience and grace.

WorldNet Daily 8/12/99 "..."... Our society has accepted the notion that "guns kill people," while excusing the murderous madmen who wield them.... The "evil influences" of Jesus Christ and the Bible, which gave us the foundations upon which our freedoms, our government and our unimaginable prosperity were built -- must, at all costs -- be kept out of our schools. Let us instead worship evil under the guise of tolerance -- and invite in the demonic "spirit guides" of the "new age" to teach our children how to listen to these lying voices and follow them "wherever they lead."....Science, once the proud god of this age, has been profaned by her own worshipers: in her very temple researchers fabricate evidence to get the politically-correct answer that yields their next fix of government money....The destruction of colleagues' lives is of no concern if it enhances their imagined "infallibility." Our children have accepted these lies as their own, and are busy building their lives upon them...."

Associated Press 8/11/99 Kimberly Hefling "...With essentially no community opposition, volunteers placed the Ten Commandments in every classroom in a rural eastern Kentucky school district before classes began on Wednesday. The Jackson County school board and superintendent made the decision as part of ``an effort to start having good morals in school ... because of all the violent issues that have been showing up,'' said Betty Bond, principal of Jackson County High School. Timothy Crawford, the district's attorney, said he's concerned about lawsuits, but believes the Ten Commandment plaques in the district's five schools are allowed by law because they were paid for and posted by local volunteers. Robert Lakes, a business teacher at Jackson County High School, said the Ten Commandments were posted in the classroom when he was growing up. ``It's like the flag,'' Lakes said. ``We've been tearing down symbols that have been in this country'' for a long time....."

The New Australian 8/99 Phyllis Schlafly Report "... A federal district judge in White Plains, NY, ruled last month that the Bedford Central School District must stop requiring schoolchildren to create paper images of a Hindu god, to make toothpick and yarn "worry dolls" to ward off anxiety, and to take part in Earth Day worship services. Third graders had been required to make clay and construction paper cutouts of the elephant-headed Hindu god, Ganesha.

Judge Charles Brieant ordered the school district to (1) "prevent school sponsorship of worship of the Earth" and North American Indian animism or nature worship, (2) "remove the worry dolls from the school system" and "refrain from suggesting that (such) tangibles have supernatural powers," (3) prohibit "any direction to a student to make a likeness or graven image of a god or religious symbol," and (4) "direct the adoption of a published policy containing clear instructions (about religion) to teachers and others." The school was engaging in what the judge called "truly bizarre" Earth Day celebrations. He said that these events "take on (many) of the attributes of the ceremonies of worship by organized religions." According to the parents who filed the lawsuit, "student and senior citizens, who have also become part of earth worship services, sit in concentric circles around a giant inflated globe placed atop a bamboo tripod. The elderly people form the inside circle, symbolizing that they are closer to the earth and will return to it to nourish it." A chorus of tom-tom drums plays throughout the ceremony, while teachers and school officials read speeches. The ceremony pretends that the earth is deified, and students are urged to "do something to make Mother Earth smile." Evidence submitted in this case included an audiotape (Exhibit 62) entitled "Listening to Nature," which intersperses prayers and invocations sonorously uttered along with background sounds of forest and ocean. The plaintiff parents particularly objected to the fact that the tape, which they characterized as "nature worship and guided imagery," was played in science classes. The accompanying book contains this creed: "This is what we believe. The Mother of us all is the Earth. The Father is the Sun. The Grandfather is the Creator who bathed us with his mind and gave life to all things. The Brother is the beasts and trees. The Sister is that with wings."..."

The New Australian 8/99 Phyllis Schlafly Report "...The school district is expected to appeal the decision in this case, Altman et al. v. Bedford Central School District. If it does, the parents should appeal the failure of the court to throw out the offensive classroom activities involved in the use of the card game called "Magic: The Gathering." It was this card game that alerted the plaintiffs to contest the peculiar classroom activities. They objected to the "Magic" card game because it is steeped in satanic imagery, signs, and rituals such as human sacrifice and the casting of spells. The object of the game is to accumulate "mana," which is "power that comes from the earth." The plaintiffs contend that the card game "initiates children into satanism using perversion of actual Bible verses." One card, depicting a man about to be sacrificed with a knife about to plunge into his heart, carries this strange message: "Sacrifice one of your creatures to add to your mana pool a number of black mana equal to that creature's casting cost." Another card shows a terrified woman with a hand holding her head down and a huge knife at her throat. The parents charged that the card game is part of a New Age curriculum that includes yoga lessons, cult worship, and religious activities. "The cards represent a billion dollar industry," attorney Mary Ann DiBari said, "and our children are paying the price with indoctrination in the occult."...."

Education Week 8/12/99 "...Volunteer effort in rural district is unopposed With essentially no community opposition, volunteers placed the Ten Commandments in every classroom in a rural eastern Kentucky school district before classes began on Wednesday. The Jackson County school board and superintendent made the decision as part of ``an effort to start having good morals in school because of all the violent issues that have been showing up,'' said Betty Bond, principal of Jackson County High School...."

Education Week 8/12/99 "...With essentially no community opposition, volunteers placed the Ten Commandments in every classroom in a rural eastern Kentucky school district before classes began on Wednesday. The Jackson County school board and superintendent made the decision as part of ``an effort to start having good morals in school because of all the violent issues that have been showing up,'' said Betty Bond, principal of Jackson County High School.

Timothy Crawford, the district's attorney, said he's concerned about lawsuits, but believes the Ten Commandment plaques in the district's five schools are allowed by law because they were paid for and posted by local volunteers. Robert Lakes, a business teacher at Jackson County High School, said the Ten Commandments were posted in the classroom when he was growing up. ``It's like the flag,'' Lakes said. ``We've been tearing down symbols that have been in this country'' for a long time. Jackson County isn't the only school district in Kentucky or the country where the Ten Commandments are on display in schools. Tonya Adams, principal of Union Chapel Elementary School in Russell County, which has had the Ten Commandments posted for years, said she's never received any complaints about it..." 8/10/99 Lawrence Morahan "...The ages-old legal right of Catholic priests to keep to themselves what they hear in the confessional is under attack by a preparatory commission of the International Criminal Court (ICC), a United Nations' body established last year to investigate genocide and crimes against humanity. In ongoing meetings this week to determine rules of evidence and procedure, the commission is considering revoking the so-called priest-penitent privilege, a sacred authority bestowed on ordained priests to hear the confessions of Catholics and grant them absolution for sins...."

The Boston Globe 8/13/99 Yvonne Abraham Joanna Massey "...Every morning, the teenage camp counselors joined the children's tiny hands together, bowed their heads, and asked God to come into the Mason Cathedral Church in Dorchester and bless their day. It is a scene repeated all over America every summer, but this seemingly simple practice has spawned a constitutional furor. On July 27, seven counselors at the camp, members of the city's summer jobs program, were transferred to other assignments. The city said the church had broken its contract: Since the counselors were paid with federal funds, the church was not allowed to ask them to perform religious duties of any kind. The removal highlights a growing tension between the legal principle of separation between church and state and the increasing acceptance of religion in many facets of American public life...."

WORLD Magazine 8/14/99 Cal Thomas "...Only a couple that has been emboldened by their escape from impeachable offenses would try to spin God. But Hillary Rodham Clinton---veteran of cattle future profiteering, a failed attempt to nationalize health care, champion of children raised by the government village and not parents---has done just that and more in an interview with TALK agazine....But it's when she dabbles in theology that Hillary Clinton outrageously misrepresents the doctrines of sin and grace. She says, "There are sins of weakness and sins of malice, and this was a sin of weakness." While it is true that a murderer is worse than a person whose parking meter expires, both are lawbreakers. In a thoelogical sense, our reference point is to a Holy God, not theologians or personal opinion. So, when a real saint, Paul, writes that "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God," he does not engage in a theory of moral relativity. He diagnoses a human condition that is true for all, regardless of how individual sinners categorize their sins. None of us, including a first lady, gets to make the rules or render judgment...."

Ark.Dem-Gaz. 8/17/99 Ray Pierce "…Frequent visitors to the Capitol Gift Shop in the state Capitol might notice something missing from the selection of greeting cards: References to God. Five varieties of greeting cards, mostly those expressing sympathy, were removed last week from the gift shop's card displays after a visitor to Secretary of State Sharon Priest's office pointed them out. Jean Fulwider, Priest's chief deputy, said a woman whom Fulwider refused to identify, came into her office last month to talk about the cards that had a religious tone. Fulwider said the woman wasn't complaining but wanted to point out that the cards seemed mostly directed toward the Christian faith. Fulwider said she followed that visit with a conversation a week later with Vickie Hart of Little Rock, owner of Gifts of Arkansas, which leases space in the Capitol for the gift shop. Fulwider said she told Hart about the visit and about religious diversity. "We just want to make sure we don't discriminate," Fulwider said….. Priest said there was a difference between God and Jesus in that the name "God" is more universally recognized as a deity than Jesus. "More faiths refer to God as God," she said. "The Jewish faith doesn't recognize Jesus" as God, as most Christians do. Hart said the main goal of the Capitol Gift Shop is to showcase Arkansas, not religion. The gift shop is not the only place where God is referred to. Above the House and Senate chamber doors, on the inside of the chambers are cast metal plaques that read: "In God We Trust."…"

The Times 8/17/99 James Bone Ruth Gledhill "…ROMAN CATHOLIC priests are to be given immunity from testifying to the proposed International Criminal Court about atrocities they have been told about in the confessional. The provision in the draft rules of evidence and procedure for the new world court was negotiated, over objections from secularist France, during a session at UN headquarters last week after the Vatican mobilised its ambassadors around the world to plead its case. The draft gives cast-iron protection to priests and penitents saying: "The court shall recognise as privileged the communications made in the context of a sacred confession when it is an integral part of the practice of that religion." It also says that the new court will be able to grant privilege to communications between doctors and patients and lawyers and their clients, but it has yet to be resolved whether Red Cross officials with special access to war zones should be required to testify about what they learn. The privilege will certainly not extend to priests who are themselves accused of war crimes or of trying to help war crimes suspects to escape. "It is something that is meant to benefit the penitent, not the priest," Richard Dicker, a legal expert at Human Rights Watch, said….."

Cnn 8/18/99 "….The American Civil Liberties Union has promised to sue a school district that banned a Jewish student from displaying a Star of David necklace because administrators feared it could be mistaken for a gang symbol. High school officials had told Ryan Green he could wear the necklace, but not where it could be seen...."

Boston Globe 8/19/99 Jeff Jacoby "…The City of Boston is shocked - shocked! - to find praying going on at the Keys of Life Bible School. And not only praying, but Bible reading. And as if those weren't bad enough, there are religious emblems in plain view - crosses and spiritual posters right out in the open where anyone might see them. This is intolerable, the city says, and Keys of Life must be punished. Keys of Life is a summer day camp run by the Mason Cathedral Church in Dorchester…..Indeed, the camp has repeatedly been praised by Action for Boston Community Development, the agency that administers the jobs program. ''For five years they've been saying I do good work,'' says the Rev. Thomas Cross, Kenya's father and the pastor of Mason Cathedral. ''This year, everything changed.'' On July 15, ABCD sent a letter to Mason Cathedral, warning the church not to involve the counselors in ''religious activities.'' ''These include but are not limited to the following: praying, reading Bible stories, drawing Bible pictures, and cleaning in the areas of the church where there are religious symbols.... All religious activities must cease immediately.'' To Rev. Cross and his daughter, this was preposterous. Ban prayer at a church-run summer camp? But the city was adamant. Larry Smith, the official who supervises ABCD's operation of the summer program, came to the church to insist that the Crosses toe the line. ''He sat right here in my office,'' Cross says in amazement, ''and told me, `My job is to make sure those kids don't pray.''' According to Cross, Smith also told him to remove any religious symbols visible to the children - including the crucifix on the pastor's door….." 8/19/99 William Donohue "…On August 17, a branch of the international bookstore, Rizzoli, placed in its storefront window a picture of blasphemous art that was offensive to Christians. The branch at 31 West 57th Street in New York had on window display a picture of the Last Supper that showed a bare-breasted woman standing in the middle of the table with her arms outstretched; men and women were seated on both sides of her conversing. The picture was taken from a book entitled Visionaire 28, published by Visionaire. Catholic League president William Donohue spoke to the store’s manager, John Deen, to say that he thought it an impropriety for a prestigious bookstore in mid-town Manhattan to give such high profile to a display that many Catholics might find offensive. When Deen said he did not think the picture was offensive, Donohue asked him whether he might think it offensive to picture Martin Luther King with a swastika on his forehead surrounded by a bare-breasted woman. Deen said that he would…."

Conservative News Service 8/20/99 Bruce Sullivan "…New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said that Mildred Rosario's firing from a Bronx middle school earlier this month for discussing heaven, death and God with her students "astounded" him. In a statement released to CNS, the mayor allowed that he had not seen all the documentation on the incident, but added, "She (Rosario) seems to have received very little representation, so I was astounded by the procedure." Giuliani said that New York City schools have had teachers accused of theft, sex crimes and even pedophilia who "remained hanging around for two, three or four years with very vigorous representation." Rosario, 43, was fired from her teaching job at IS-74 on June 12 for discussing God and heaven with her sixth graders and praying with them as the children attempted to come to grips with the death of a classmate, who died earlier this month in an accidental drowning….. "

Judicial Watch 8/20/99 Judicial Watch, Inc., the Washington, D.C.-based public interest law firm that fights government corruption, today announced that it will seek to participate in a lawsuit to be filed against the Harrison County School District in Mississippi. Monday, the school board unanimously prohibited Ryan Green, a 15 year old Jewish student, from wearing a Star of David pin given him by his grandmother. The school board feared that the Star of David was a gang symbol. "This is a case of the government’s hostility to religious expression, and the school board’s decision must not stand," stated Judicial Watch General Counsel Larry Klayman. "Our public schools are going down the tubes, they are graduating illiterates, and they spend their time and energy picking on an innocent boy who wishes to express his faith. And then they wonder why more and more parents are pulling their children out of government-run schools. Clearly, we need more God in school, not less," Klayman continued. Judicial Watch joins the American Civil Liberties Union and the Christian Coalition in support of the case. With the court’s permission, Judicial Watch, Inc. will seek to file an amicus curiae or similar legal brief on behalf of Ryan and his fundamental right to free exercise of religion and freedom of expression. …"


Associated Press 8/27/99 "…Hoping to avoid a fight over a proposal to post the Ten Commandments in schools, a committee proposed on Friday that officials create an elective in comparative religion and allow student Ten Commandment Clubs instead. ``I'm confident that what we have before you today is something that can withstand any challenge,'' said the school district's attorney, David Andrews. A Baptist pastor had suggested posting the Ten Commandments in every school in the district as a counterbalance to the use of metal detectors and guards in the 9,400-student district that spends about $300,000 a year on security…."

Washington Times 8/27/99 "…"Is there no limit to the mind-numbing hostility toward religion displayed by America's courts? Apparently not," the Wall Street Journal says. "On the very day before school was set to start, U.S. District Court Judge Solomon Oliver Jr., a Clinton appointee, thought nothing of throwing the lives of 3,800 Cleveland children into disarray by blocking the city's landmark voucher program. Whatever the ultimate resolution of the issue, the timing appears calculated to unnerve parents and hang a heavy cloud of uncertainty over the fledgling program," the newspaper said in an editorial. "To Judge Oliver and his friends at the teachers unions, apparently anything is better than the thought that public money might end up reaching a parochial school." …"

Plain Dealer (Cleveland) 8/26/99 Mark Vosburgh "…Even with Ohio's tuition-voucher program remaining in legal limbo, Cleveland's private and public schools resumed classes yesterday without disruption. Faced with the possible loss of their vouchers, just two of 4,000 voucher students left their private schools for city schools. Thousands of others returned to private schools despite uncertainty as to who will pay their tuition. "Business as usual," said Carol Sperry, principal of Westside Baptist Christian School, where one of 46 voucher students withdrew. "It's not going to be a problem. We are looking for this to pass." Voucher supporters had predicted a chaotic opening for the city's public and private schools after a federal judge Tuesday ordered an immediate halt to the tuition-assistance program because of constitutional challenges…."

Chattanooga Free Press 8/27/99 Editorial "…Some of the schools in Cleveland, Ohio, many agree, are really bad. Parents with schoolchildren and the means to do so may flee the public schools and pay tuition to private schools. But poor children had been denied escape and thus had been doomed to a denial of good educational opportunity. Then a commendable plan was devised to offer help for those children to get a foot up on the ladder to success in life. Four thousand students -- from families with a median income of only $7,000 -- were given tuition "vouchers" to let them attend better schools of their choice! In many cases, these were church schools that have good records for student achievement. But after the youngsters had registered, gotten their school uniforms and supplies and were just 18 hours from beginning what had every prospect of being a happy opportunity, U.S. District Judge Solomon Oliver Jr. said an emphatic "No." Responding to complaints from such 'liberal" organizations as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the so-called People for the American Way, the Ohio Education Association and Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Judge Oliver blocked the voucher program for later determination as to whether he thinks it violates the Constitution's First Amendment -- an amendment that says simply: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ..." …" 8/27/99 "…A radio talk show host who's unhappy about the recent court decision to suspend a school voucher program in Cleveland is putting up his own money to send a child to the school of their choice. Talk show host Michael Reagan is also challenging other people and organizations who support school voucher programs to pay the estimated $2,200 per student cost to let as many Cleveland children as possible attend the school they were planning to attend before the voucher program was suddenly placed in limbo by an August 24 court ruling..."

Associated Press 8/27/99 "…A federal judge who created turmoil by holding up a state-funded voucher program just as the school year began reversed himself Friday, allowing some students to attend private schools with vouchers this year. U.S. District Judge Solomon Oliver Jr. ruled that students who participated in the program for elementary school students in Cleveland last year may receive tuition vouchers again this year. But those children who are new to the program this year will not be allowed to get the tuition grants. About 4,000 students from kindergarten through sixth grade were to receive up to $2,500 in tuition vouchers so they can attend private or religious schools at taxpayer expense…."

Wall Street Journal 8/26/99 "…Al Gore is for it. George W. Bush has made it a campaign centerpiece. We're talking about government backing for faith-based programs. But if houses of worship are to succeed where 10,000 public welfare offices have failed, the civil-rights busybodies who man government posts need to leave the churches alone. Just ask the Rev. Thomas Cross of Mason Cathedral Church of God in Christ, in Boston's Dorchester section. For seven years now, the church has run a summer day camp called Keys of Life, staffed by teenage counselors whose wages are paid by a federal jobs program. But after witnessing "religious activities" during a routine inspection -- including the horror of teen counselors joining in prayers! -- city official Steven Godfrey fired off a letter to the church: The "expectation," he wrote, is that all "enrollees working in religious-based agencies will not participate in 'religious activities.' These include, but are not limited to the following: praying, reading Bible stories, drawing Bible pictures, and cleaning in the area of the church where there are religious symbols." The city pulled the employees from the program, leaving Keys of Life short-handed. …."

Original Sources 8/25/99 Mary Mostert "…On my website there is a petition, The Call to Preserve the Natural Family. It will be presented in November at the World Congress of Families II in Geneva, Switzerland. While many people are beginning to realize that the disintegration of the family is a major cause of many of the serious social ills, crime and misery afflicting all parts of the world, including the scourge of AIDs, few understand that there is a well organized effort going on internationally to stop the creation of families altogether. One of the few people who have seen the rapid growth of the anti-family movement is Susan Roylance. I met Susan soon after she got back from attending the UN Beijing Women's Conference in 1995. She has been at UN conferences at key points in the past four years, representing the traditional family and the importance of the mother in the traditional family. I received the following e-mail from her yesterday, explaining the extraordinary, and rapid growth, of a movement intended to reduce population by trying to convince women that they do not want to be mothers and encouraging "other forms" of sexual gratification besides normal heterosexual relations within the bonds of matrimony. This has led to the determined effort on the part of some to teach acceptance of bizarre new definitions of, and acceptance of abnormal sex that does not produce offspring as not only "normal" but superior to heterosexual relations which produce babies……"

Chattanooga Free Press 8/22/99 Editorial "…Mrs. Diane Reiter lives in Denver. She invites friends into her home for weekly Bible studies. But she got one response she hadn't expected. It came from the Denver zoning authorities. They sent a cease-and-desist order, saying if "Prayer meetings are held more often than once a month in a single-family dwelling," that would be in violation of the zoning code. But what if a gang of guys dropped in once a week to watch "Monday Night Football"? There was no suggestion that weekly football viewing would violate zoning. Or what about dinner parties, bridge parties or other social groups? They are OK. The zoning people reportedly told Mrs. Reiter that if she had a meeting of a weekly book club instead of a "prayer meeting," that would be OK. But the trouble apparently arose because "the book" in this case is the Bible. Mrs. Reiter and her husband, David, responded by filing a federal lawsuit for their right to 'peaceably assemble" to study the Bible. The First Amendment is on their side. They shouldn't have to fight in court to prove their point…."

The Times of India, New York Times Service 8/26/99 Nancy Beth Jackson "…Attending religious services regularly may be as big a factor in increasing longevity as refraining from smoking cigarettes, a psychiatrist at Duke University has concluded after studying 4,000 North Carolina residents ages 64 and older over a six-year period. People who went to services each week, the researcher found, were 46 percent less likely to have died during the study period. And even when factors like health practices, physical condition and demographics were taken into account, those who regularly attended services were still 28 percent less likely to have died, a benefit equal to that achieved by nonsmokers…."

Reuters [OL] 8/27/99 Alan Elsner "… Texas Gov. George W. Bush's chief domestic policy adviser says most social services for the poor currently provided by the government should be opened to competitive bidding from churches and charities. Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith, chief domestic policy coordinator to the Bush presidential campaign, told Reuters in an interview this week he believed that private charities and religious groups could do a much better job of delivering social services than government bureaucracies. ``Child welfare services, child care services and the range of other support services you would find in a troubled urban area -- all of those should be available to faith-based neighborhood groups who wish to bid on delivering the services,'' Goldsmith said in the interview Wednesday. He sees churches bidding to take responsibility for the delivery of services like meals on wheels or running homeless shelters in their own neighborhoods. ``I do believe faith-based groups bring something special that other groups can't, which is an ability to transform an individual through religion or belief in God,'' Goldsmith said…."

Human Events 8/27/99 Joseph A D’Agostino "…Delgates working in New York to hammer out the last details of a treaty designed to create a new International Criminal Court (ICC) have made two radical proposals recently. The first would give the court the power to declare "keeping a woman pregnant" a violation of international law. The second would strip priests, pastors, rabbis and other religious counselors of the attorney-client type privilege they now enjoy in most civilized nations regarding the content of conversations they have while counseling members of their congregations. The forced pregnancy language-an Orwellian inversion of the inalienable right to life mentioned in the U.S. Declaration of Independence-would apply only in time of war (it is place under the heading of "war crime"), but observers of the ICC deliberations say it would set an ominous precedent that could be extended. …"

AP 8/24/99 "…A Jewish student told to hide his Star of David necklace at school may wear it freely, the school board said in reversing its ruling that the pendant could be viewed as a gang symbol. "When we made the decision last week, it was based on information from the security officers only,'' Harrison County School Board president Randy Williams said after Monday's vote. "But we realized that it infringed on freedom of religious expression, and that freedom supersedes the safety issue.'' …."

8/24/99 San Francisco Chronicle "…An unusual coalition of religious groups representing Protestants, Roman Catholics, Jews, Mormons and Muslims is trying to forge a major public voice in support of gay rights to counter the efforts of religious conservatives. Leaders of the groups -- some of them caucuses working within denominations, others not recognized by officials in their faiths -- gathered yesterday morning for the first of two days of strategy sessions in a downtown hotel, to discuss how and when their coalition, the National Religious Leadership Roundtable, should speak out. Organizers deliberately chose to hold the meeting in a region that is home to many conservative Christian organizations. ``So much of the battle against us is religiously based,'' said Robert Miailovich, president of Dignity USA, an organization that supports gay Catholics. Miailovich, one of about three dozen participants at the meeting, added that there is ``a great deal of religious response to the religious attacks; you don't have to be an atheist to respond to the religious right.'' …."

Detroit News 8/22/99 Deb Price "…The Religious Liberty Protection Act. As passed by the U.S. House, that deceptively wholesome-sounding legislation imperils state and local civil rights laws nationwide. While all sorts of civil rights protections would be jeopardized, the bill’s enactment potentially would be most devastating on gay Americans because federal law does not shield us from discrimination. The RLPA, as now drafted, threatens to undermine 25 years of hard-won gay civil rights advances….. The noble intent of the act is to enhance freedom of religion. State and local governments would be forbidden to interfere with anyone’s religious practices unless doing so is justified by a "compelling" government interest. That’s the highest burden of proof that can be placed on a government. The most serious problem with this federal power grab is simply this: Suddenly, the excuse "It’s against my religion!" would become a strong federal defense against charges of illegal discrimination under state and local laws…."

AP 8/26/99 "…A Texas teen-ager has decided not to lead her classmates in prayer before high school football games, fearing her role in a constitutional battle could get her expelled. Stephanie Vega had been elected by other students to deliver short messages ``solemnizing'' each of the Santa Fe Indians' home games. But the 16-year-old junior on Wednesday changed her mind. The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this year that student-led prayers were allowable at solemn events like graduations…."

Washington Post 7/95 Stephen Higgins "… It probably was inevitable that the tragic bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City would get linked to the disastrous fire at the Branch Davidian compound. Those events, as most people know by now, occurred exactly two years apart, and the principal suspect in the Oklahoma bombing not only visited Waco but is known to have been greatly angered by what he saw there….The day has long passed when we can afford to ignore the threat that is posed by individuals who believe they are subject only to the laws of their god and not those of our government…. In my view the Davidians reacted in a criminal and violent manner. Unfortunately, there is a small but perhaps growing number of groups that feel much the same way as the Davidians, though they may not cloak their beliefs in religion. By contending they are not subject to the laws that bind this country, we allow these groups to pose a serious threat far beyond their relative numbers….We can't change what happened at Waco, but we have a responsibility not to ignore simple fairness and compassion in our search for the truth. Since there is to be yet another hearing on Waco, let's hope it's for the purpose of examining the facts and learning from that tragedy, not merely to please one more special-interest group with an anti-government agenda…."


WorldNetDaily 9/3/99 Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr. "…One hundred years ago, during its war on Spain, the U.S. invaded the Philippines, sprayed bullets far and wide, and put the entire country under martial law. The result was costly for the U.S. -- it created a habit of imperialist aggression that is still with us today. And it was also costly for the Philippines: an entire generation suffered from the violence associated with a brutal occupation, or the resulting disease and political turmoil. Now to the church. In Balangiga, the U.S. Army made slaves of the residents and turned the place into a work camp. With indefatigable spirit, the local residents decided not to take it anymore. Church bells of the local Catholic parish began to ring, signaling a revolt, and 45 U.S. soldiers died. In response, the American commander gave orders to murder "everyone in sight," which they promptly did. The result: as many as 50,000 dead Filipinos, among whom were women and children. ….A bit on the disproportionate side perhaps? Indeed, but like the FBI at Waco, the U.S. military in the Philippines had only one end in mind: total victory. Adding insult to massacre, the U.S. Army then stole the church bells and took them to Warren Air Force base in Cheyenne, Wyo., where they hang today. But now the parish in the Philippines wants them back, as a symbol that all this is just ancient history. They even rebuilt the belfry at the parish in anticipation of the bells' return…..The U.S. can't give back the lives of the people of the Philippines that it took in 1898, but it can darn sure give back the church bells that it stole. And it can darn sure do what it can to make it up to the surviving Branch Davidians, who suffered under the hands of the same regime 100 years later….."

Chattanooga Free Press 9/7/99 Editorial "….With another little school girl having been threatened by her school superintendent that if she gave voluntary prayer before a football game she would be disciplined as though she had cursed, it is no wonder that 17-year-old Marian Lynn Ward's lips quivered a little when she asked God to bless a football game last Friday night in Santa Fe, Texas, outside Houston. She was able to pray without fear of being punished as though she had cursed only because a federal judge had intervened quite sensibly and justly. Hours before the kickoff, U.S. District Judge Sim Lake of Houston issued a temporary injunction barring the school district from punishing Miss Ward if she led the crowd in prayer. Judge Lake said the school guidelines that sought to restrict her "clearly prefer atheism over any religious faith." … After Judge Lake's ruling, Miss Ward prayed: "God, thank you for this evening. Thank you for all of the prayers that were lifted up this week for me." Her father, the Rev. Bob Ward of the Santa Fe Baptist Church, said, "I feel very proud of her. I'm pleased with her prayer and her conviction." The crowd stood and cheered. What an inspiring contrast this was to the incidents of tragic student misconduct that are relatively few but tend to overshadow the propriety and decency that are characteristic of the vast majority of our school youngsters….." 9/1/99 William Donohue "…Tamara Collins, a research analyst at the Catholic League, has previewed the MGM movie "Stigmata." She describes the film, which opens September 10, as an attempt to use a supernatural thriller as a vehicle for making a political attack on the Catholic Church. ….William Donohue, president of the Catholic League, viewed the trailer of "Stigmata," and issued his own take on the movie today: "MGM risks attenuating its prestige by backing such an outlandishly gory and insidious film as 'Stigmata.' The idea that salvation can best be achieved by rejecting the Catholic Church is an old and very tired idea. The good news is that there exists a small audience for such an exploitative film, and all the hype and technical effects in the world can do nothing to redeem this bomb of a movie." …"

Associated Press 9/1/99 Jay Reeves "…A judge who displays the Ten Commandments in his courtroom was cleared Wednesday of allegations he personally profited from funds raised to support his legal fight over the plaque. A two-month investigation found Circuit Judge Roy Moore had no direct ties to the defense fund and was not in violation of state ethics law, said St. Clair County District Attorney Van Davis. ….During a news conference in his courtroom, under the Ten Commandments plaque, Moore quoted Scripture and thanked God for Davis' decision. Moore said the ethics case ``was an effort to stop the message'' that God belongs in public places….."

The Goldberg File 8/31/99 Jonah Goldberg "…So a judge in Ohio says that giving vouchers (read scholarships) to parents is unconstitutional because the parents have tried to get the most value for their money. You see, for the money these poor, mostly black, people received, parochial schools are by far the best bet. So the voucher system, Judge Oliver ruled, "advanced religion," and was therefore unconstitutional (for more, see today's Six Questions with Heritage Analyst Nina Shokraii). The judge's decision was great, except for the fact that it was stupid - on historical, political, and moral grounds. …. The current myth - one most Americans seem to believe - is that the Founding Fathers did not want American public institutions to be stained in anyway by the muck of religion. Some clever liberals will even quote some bit of Jeffersonian twaddle as if it represented the thinking of all the founders - when in reality it probably only represented what Jefferson was thinking between breakfast and lunch on a hot Tuesday in July. A Know-Nothing candidate for Congress once commented that Jefferson's statements can be employed "every which-a-way; he writ so much." ….The Founding Fathers did not consider religion alien from good government. In fact they considered it to be essential to it…. But what the Founders were afraid of was that the Federal government might establish a State Church along the lines of the Church of England. A State Church would have certain powers and privileges that other religious institutions would not. Indeed Madison's original amendment dealing with this issue read : "The civil rights of none shall be abridged on account of religious belief, nor shall any national religion be established...." The key word there is "national." Madison et. al. wanted to protect smaller churches from being crowded out by big national ones. Nobody was talking about sanitizing the public square of all religion….."

AP 9/1/99 "…The world has a chance to turn over a new leaf in the new millennium by adopting a planetary approach to curing society's ills, according to a manifesto endorsed by philosophers and scientists around the world. "Humanist Manifesto 2000" was conceived and drafted by University at Buffalo Professor Paul Kurtz, president of the International Academy of Humanism and editor-in-chief of "Free Inquiry" magazine. Built around basic humanist principles of nontheistic, rationalist thought, the manifesto being released today stresses the need for people to rise above "narrow tribalism" to find common ground. "Ethnicities are the result of past social and geographical isolations that are no longer relevant in an open global society where interaction and intermarriage among different ethnicities are not only possible, but are to be encouraged," the manifesto says. Although commitments to country and race will continue, "our commitment to humanity as a whole becomes our overriding obligation," said Kurtz, who worked on the manifesto for more than a year. Rather than accept gloom and doom visions of the future, he said, he wanted to advance his belief that a better world is possible. "For the first time in human history we possess the means - provided by science and technology - to ameliorate the human condition, advance happiness and freedom, and enhance human life for all people on the planet," Kurtz writes. The manifesto urges people to embrace science and technology to solve social problems like pollution and overpopulation. It urges an end to spiritual and theological world views in favor of new moral principles based on reason and science, which it says are more appropriate for the post-industrial, information age The document is endorsed by more than 100 people from 26 countries, in the fall issue of "Free Inquiry."…."

The Oregonian 9/2/99 Romel Hernandez "…A day after losing in court, Nancy Powell says she'll argue discrimination in a new case against school recruiting An atheist mom vowed Wednesday to continue her struggle to block the Boy Scouts of America from recruiting in Portland public schools, saying she intends to start over with a new argument over religious discrimination. Nancy Powell, who lost her case Tuesday in Multnomah County Circuit Court, said she plans to appeal the decision and also to return with a new case to the Portland School Board. …."

FoxNews AP 9/3/99 Chris Fletcher "…A 17-year-old girl walked to a microphone to thunderous applause and offered a prayer before her high school's season-opening football game Friday night, hours after winning a court order allowing her to do so. The crowd cheered Marian Lynn Ward as she was accompanied by the Santa Fe High School principal to the announcer's booth, then stood and cheered for a minute and a half after she asked for God's blessings. Santa Fe Independent School District Superintendent Richard Ownby had warned any student who violated an appeals court ruling banning pre-game prayer would be disciplined. But hours before the game, U.S. District Judge Sim Lake of Houston issued a temporary restraining order barring the school district southeast of Houston from punishing Miss Ward if she led the prayer. Lake's ruling said the school guidelines "clearly prefer atheism over any religious faith.'' Elected by her classmates to deliver inspirational remarks, the Baptist minister's daughter made references to deity and other things that school officials had said could not be done. "Since a very good judge that was using a lot of wisdom this afternoon ruled that I have freedom of speech tonight, I'm going to take it,'' she began, to renewed applause. She asked God to keep the players safe and prayed that players and fans alike would show good sportsmanship and that God would bless the evening. Her voice cracked and she seemed on the verge of crying as she said: "God thank you for this evening. Thank you for all the prayers that were lifted up this week for me. I pray that you'll bless each and every person here tonight.'' …"

U.S. Newswire 9/8/99 "…The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today expressed outrage at the Southern Baptist Convention's efforts to encourage prayers for the conversion of Jews during the High Holy Days, calling the initiative "offensive and disrespectful." "We are shocked and deeply offended by the call for members of the Southern Baptist Convention to pray that Jews will convert to Christianity during the High Holy Days," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL national director….."

The London times 9/10/99 Richard Owen "….THE Pope, who this year said that God was not "an old man with a white beard", went a step further yesterday and referred to "God the Mother". THE Pope, regarded as dogmatically conservative and patriarchal, has surprised critics this year with uncharacteristically open-minded revisions of doctrine as part of his preparations for a Christian mission in the new millennium. He is keen to broaden the appeal of Christianity, his advisers say, and to ensure that no sections of society feel "left out of its all-embracing message".

The Pope has clashed with feminists and remains opposed to the ordination of women. But he praised the "vital role" of women in the Roman Catholic Church, and talks with reverence of his own mother, Emilia, who died when he was nine in Poland. The Pope is also a devotee of the cult of the Virgin Mary, although she is referred to as the Mother of God, and not as a God Mother, since she does not share the divinity of God and Christ. The Lord's Prayer opens with the words "Our Father, which art in heaven", and in the Gospel of St Matthew, Jesus says: "Everything is entrusted to me by my Father; and no one knows the Son but the Father, and no one knows the Father but the Son" (Matthew xi, 27). But, speaking to pilgrims in St Peter's Square, the Pope said God had both a male and female nature….."

South China Morning Post 9/10/99 "….Anti-independence militiamen fired shots at a UN evacuation convoy as it headed through the ravaged streets of Dili to the airport today, witnesses said. The militiamen, possibly fuelled by alcohol looted from a warehouse, were unapposed by Indonesian troops and also stopped a party of Roman Catholic nuns who tried to make it to the airport on their own to catch one of the half-dozen flights to Darwin, Australia.

Their driver was beaten up, but the nuns managed to reach the airport, which was under the control of Australian troops. The incidents happaned as the UN decided to retain a skeleton staff in East Timor. …..The UN compound, besieged for days by Indonesian troops and their militia allies who have turned Dili into a burned-out ghost town, was evacuating about 350 staff, including 160 local workers, aboard a half-dozen flights. Staying behind was a skeleton staff of about 80 to do what they can to shepherd East Timor toward independence, chosen by 78.5 per cent of voters in a UN-organised referendum August 30. Among those fleeing Friday was UN mission head Ian Martin, wearing a light blue flak jacket……Most Indonesians are Muslim….."

Washington Times 9/10/99 Wesley Pruden "….Some [Chinese] will pay with their lives for the "privilege" of praising God in song, prayer, and, in the case of a certain Buddhist sect, taking deep breaths while thinking about things. "There [are] credible reports of incidents of abuse or torture of Buddhist monks and nuns," the State Department says, and Protestants and Roman Catholics who do not belong to official churches are subject to the sting of the whip, too. ….Congress got copies of the report, the first of what will be annual assessments of the status of religious worship in the world. Given the timidity with which Official Washington treats the Chinese -- the White House is afraid China will quit stealing our weapons if we're not polite to them --we can be sure this to be the end of it. …... Fifty men and women are in Vietnamese prisons for religious beliefs. Cuba "monitors" religious institutions. Nepal bans evangelism. Mexico's Pentecostal churches are given a hard time……Saudi Arabia, like Afghanistan and Iraq, suppresses Shi'ite Muslims with enthusiasm. Christians are not usually beaten about the head and shoulders by Saudis with big sticks, except sometimes, but they are required to worship privately and if anyone attempts to convert a Muslim to another faith he will be dealt with harshly….. The Sudanese government persecutes Christians with punishments ranging from jail, intimidation, torture, death and even forced "conversion" to Islam……. Burma and Iran are afraid of Baha'is, and kill them if they can't intimidate them. France and Belgium keep "sect lists," as if it is any business of the government. The Germans, who you might think were taught a lesson or two, harass Jehovah's Witnesses. Kosovo is a stronghold of heartfelt religion, if you judge by how "Christians" practice it on Muslims. Catholics and Protestants bash each other in Northern Ireland with religious abandon, but nobody imagines that any of the bashers are actually followers of the Prince of Peace. …….Confronting religious persecution wherever it is found is not popular among the elites in our own country, who generally regard church as merely a convenient place for weddings and funerals and are embarrassed when others insist on actual belief….."

Associated Press/World Net Daily 9/10/99 George Gedda "…A State Department report Thursday pointed to evidence of widespread religious persecution in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, all under varying degrees of authoritarian rule, and to discrimination in some democratic countries as well, including Israel and India. The report, covering 194 countries and territories, is the first of what will become an annual assessment of the state of religious freedom around the world. The most serious violators could eventually face economic sanctions. The study stressed that religious persecution is not confined to a particular faith. ``Throughout the world, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims and other believers continue to suffer for their faith,'' it said. While the report did not rank the countries based on the degree to which they limit freedom, the excesses attributed to the Iraqi government stood out. Iraqi leader ``Saddam Hussein has for decades conducted a brutal campaign of murder, summary execution and protracted arbitrary detention against the religious leaders and adherents of the Shiite Muslim population,'' the report said. ….. "


The Dallas Morning News 9/5/99 Geneva Overholser "….What is wrong with godlessness? That is the question I got the other day in response to a column I wrote about all the good news in America lately. I had noted that, despite charges of ungodliness, we are, as always, an ardently churchgoing nation. A reader wrote, "As an agnostic married 23 years to an atheist, I just have to ask, what is so unhealthy about godlessness?" ……If the Clinton example proves anything, it is that churchgoing is no guarantee of rectitude. Religion is no antidote to misbehavior. Godliness, in other words, doesn't equal morality. If it did, we would be endlessly moral, for we are the most religious of industrialized nations. A University of Michigan study released in December 1997 found that 44 percent of Americans go to church once a week, compared with 27 percent of the British, 21 percent of the French and 4 percent of Swedes. Yet we are 10 times as murderous as all those unchurched folks. According to the United Nations, homicide rates in all those countries hover around 1 murder per 100,000 people a year. And our rate? Ten per 100,000……. Far be it from me to denigrate churchgoing. As a preacher's kid, I have a passionate and abiding belief in the power of religious faith (and I am not even seeking office). But we shouldn't be snookered into thinking that those who strut their religion will necessarily be ethical leaders. ……."

Houston Chronicle from New York Times 9/11/99 "…The American Cancer Society is caught between a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and a Nobel laureate over the society's position on human embryonic stem cell research. In July, the society, which receives $500 million a year in public donations, withdrew from Patients' Cure, a consortium of advocacy groups formed to lobby Congress not to ban federally financed research on human embryonic stem cells. Biologists hope the cells will help repair damaged tissues. The opposite position is taken by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, which objects to the fact that the stem cells are derived from the embryos from fertility clinics. The American Cancer Society withdrew from Patients' Cure after Cardinal William Keeler of Baltimore wrote the society, urging it to reconsider its position. The society's action drew a rebuke from Dr. Paul Berg, who won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1980. He wrote of his unhappiness to Dr. John Seffrin, chief executive officer of the cancer society. …."

The Detroit News 9/11/99 John Flesher AP "….Michael and Christine Stitt looked a bit like Noah and his wife leaving the ark when they arrived on this remote Lake Huron island three years ago with an ox, goats, pigs and a few emus in tow. They planned to earn a living as small farmers and raise their children on a wooded 36-acre spread, a refuge from what they considered the danger and moral rot of modern society. Now their land is for sale and their dream is in tatters because of a battle with the township board. Officially, it involves the Stitts' alleged violations of zoning and building codes by keeping livestock in a residential area and refusing to obtain construction permits for their outbuildings. But the fight has become deeply personal, dividing neighbors and even families on Bois Blanc, where about 3,000 people spend summers but only about 50 -- mostly retirees -- live all year. "It's torn the whole island apart," said Penny Rickwalt, who has been here eight years. Even the Stitts' announcement in court Friday that they planned to move away didn't quell the bitterness. After the hearing, a woman and her uncle on opposing sides in the feud yelled at each other as friends tried to calm them. The Stitts contend they are being persecuted for their fundamentalist religious beliefs and for speaking out against what they consider immoral behavior on the island. …."

The Deccan Herald, via News Plus 9/12/99 "….India today rejected as "intrusive" reports of a US official coming to India to discuss religious freedom. Instead, Nayee Dillee has asked the US to look elsewhere across the world, "where religious minorities are discriminated against by law and religious freedoms progressively curtailed." The Ministry of External Affairs spokesman said the Government was aware of press reports about the intention of a US official to visit India in the context of the release of an internal report by the US State Department on religious freedoms in different countries. "The Government of India has no plans or intention to invite such an official to India or to engage in discussion with any foreign Government or agency on these matters" asserted the spokesman in response to reports to Washington intending to send US Ambassador-at-large for International Religious Freedom, Robert Sieple, for parleys with Indian officials….." 9/14/99 Jeff Jacoby "….IF ANY BAPTISTS are praying for me this week, I should like to express my heartfelt thanks. On the Jewish calendar, these are the Days of Awe, the most solemn 10 days of the Jewish year. They began last Friday night with Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, and they will end next Monday with Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. So strong is the pull of these Days of Awe and their intense focus on repentance and forgiveness, that they draw even lapsed or secular Jews to the synagogue. Last week, a few days before Rosh Hashana, the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptists issued a prayer guide urging church members to pray for the conversion of the Jews. ''Pray for the Messiah to reveal Himself in miraculous ways to the `lost sheep of the house of Israel,''' it urges. ''Pray each day for Jewish individuals you know by name.... Build authentic friendships with Jewish people. Love them as you would an unsaved relative.'' …"

The Christian Science Monitor 9/15/99 Yvonne Zipp "…. The Rev. Donald Cobble believes in parenting according to his reading of the Bible. When his son does something wrong, the Woburn, Mass., dad gives him a couple of smacks on the behind with a belt. "The rod is a necessary part - not the whole - of training a child," says the pastor at the Christian Teaching and Worship Center, quoting Proverbs. " 'The rod and reproof bring wisdom.' There are some things rebuke won't take care of." But what he calls necessary discipline, the Massachusetts Department of Social Services called child abuse. While the spankings weren't against the law, the DSS says, they put Mr. Cobble's son at risk of future injury - a finding a Superior Court judge upheld. Cobble appealed that ruling to the state's high court this week, saying the decision infringes on his right to discipline his son according to his religious convictions. The case comes at a time when many Americans are pondering what constitutes appropriate discipline for a child - and questioning who should make that call, the parent or the state. While government has enlarged its oversight of families in recent decades, some parents are now challenging that role…."


Associated Press 9/16/99 Christine Hanley "....Following pressure from the ACLU, a public elementary school has decided not to use Christian textbooks that describe other religions as cults and say God helped Columbus discover America. Belridge Elementary Principal Steven Wentland, who also serves as superintendent of the 60-student, one-school district, said Wednesday that "every last flashcard" would be delivered back to A Beka Books Inc., a Pensacola, Fla.-based Christian publishing company. "We'll pull them out. It's OK," he said, adding that he doesn't want to get into a courtroom battle or generate negative publicity. "We don't hold any grudges." The legal dispute began last month in this community in the oil fields northwest of Bakersfield, where the few housing tracts are virtually invisible among the hundreds of oil pumps. Wentland approved the use of the A Beka curriculum after holding public meetings about the contents over the summer. The school board also approved them, and all of the parents signed consent forms after they were shown samples and reassured that some material would be edited to avoid problems. An anonymous donor offered to pay for the books, so approval by state education officials was not mandatory. A Beka describes itself as "unashamedly Christian and traditional in its approach" and weaves fundamental Christian ideologies into daily exercises. ...."

AP 9/16/99 Michelle Mittelstadt "....Lamenting the latest mass shooting in the United States, Attorney General Janet Reno said today Americans must look hard at the issue of "how we handle guns, of how we deal with mental illness, of how we deal with hate." Reno, discussing the killing rampage Wednesday night at a Baptist church in Fort Worth, Texas, said, ``The thought of gunfire in a place of worship should be inconceivable. But for families, for others last night, the inconceivable became a reality.'' ...... "I would hope that people would look, not just at what handguns have done to America this year, not in the context of this case, but what handguns have done to America over the last many years,'' Reno said, ``and that this nation would listen to its people who again and again cry out for ... asking government to make sure that we take reasonable steps to ensure that guns are not placed in the hands of people who are not lawfully entitled to have them.'' ..."

Ft. Worth Star-Telegram 9/16/99 Ernie Makovy "....A long- haired, mustachioed man dressed in black, who witnesses said was spouting obscenities and demeaning Baptists for their religious beliefs, invaded a church service last night and opened fire randomly, killing at least seven people, wounding 12 and then killing himself..... Many of the victims were teen-agers attending a concert by Forty Days Forty Days, a Christian rock group from Dallas, as part of the annual See You at the Pole event..... Lauren Tabor, 8, said she was in a class called Girls in Action when she heard gunshots and screams. She said she and her classmates ran to another room, where they pushed a table against the door "so nobody could get in. We were all down in a little corner. "The teacher said, `Let's pray.' " ..... Dax Hughes, the church's college minister, said at least 150 young people were in the sanctuary. "He hits the door real hard to make his presence known and he just immediately started firing," Hughes said. When the gunfire was over, Hughes said, the man "sat in the back pew and put a gun [to his head] and shot himself and fell over." ....."

Associated Press 9/16/99 Ron Fournier ".... Saying there was a ``wave of evil'' sweeping America, Republican presidential candidate Texas Gov. George W. Bush cut short a campaign trip today to rush home to Texas where a gunman killed eight people, including himself, at a church. Repeatedly, Bush said the surge in violence in America is a result of problems deeper than stricter gun laws can solve. ``There seems to be a wave of evil passing through America. And we as a society can pass laws and hold people accountable for the decisions they make, but our hopes and prayers have got to be that there is more love in our society,'' he said. With his eyes red and moist, Bush announced that he was returning to Texas to ``add some comfort'' to the people of Texas. ``It's hard to explain how somebody would have enough hatred in their heart to walk into a church where people are seeking God's guidance and shoot them,'' he said. Bush, the GOP front-runner, said the tragedy did not make him any more receptive to stronger gun control measures. ``I don't know a governmental law that will put love in people's hearts,'' Bush said at a news conference at a local elementary school before leaving for Texas. Bush canceled two fundraisers Thursday and put his schedule in Michigan for the next two days on hold until he determines how long he will be needed in Texas....."

Texas Dept Of Public Safety 9/17/99 "Handguns and other weapons can not be carried at schools or on school buses, at polling places, in courts and court offices, at racetracks and at secured airport areas. The law also specifically prohibits handguns from businesses where alcohol is sold if more than half of their revenue is from the sale of alcohol for on-premises consumption, and from locations where high school, college or professional sporting events are taking place. You may not carry handguns in hospitals or nursing homes, amusement parks, places of worship or at government meetings if signs are posted prohibiting them. Businesses also may post signs prohibiting handguns on their premises based on criminal trespass laws." "If you want to prohibit license holders from carrying concealed handguns on your property, state law requires you to post a sign that says: "Pursuant to Section 30.06, Penal Code (trespass by holder of license to carry a concealed handgun), a person licensed under Article 4413(29ee), Revised Statutes (concealed handgun law), may not enter this property with a concealed handgun." The sign must be written in both English and Spanish in contrasting block letters at least one inch in height, and must be displayed in a conspicuous manner clearly visible to the public."

New York Post 9/17/99 Rod Dreher "….THE Fort Worth church murders were not a senseless act. They had an express purpose: to kill Christians. "It's all bull-- what you believe!" Larry Gene Ashbrook shouted as he fired, witnesses said. Ashbrook targeted Christians just as the Kentucky high-school student who fired on a prayer group in 1997 did. He targeted Christians just as Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris did in their Columbine High School rampage, which also marked athletes and a black student for death. This is called hate crime. It's a distinction the media had no trouble making when Buford Furrow opened fire on Jews at a Los Angeles Jewish center last month. It's a distinction the media had no trouble making when those racist monsters dragged black man James Byrd to his death, or when the anti-gay wretches tortured and killed Matthew Shepard. On those occasions, the national soul-searching commenced - as it should have. There was grief at the savagery and hand-wringing over what should be done to instruct our children in the virtues of tolerance, nonviolence and love of neighbor ….. And before the police even knew the identity of the killer in the L.A. shootings, Attorney General Janet Reno vigorously denounced them as a hate crime. And now, when the victims are Southern Baptists? Reno issued a mealy-mouthed, tepid statement blaming guns, and saying we've got to think about "how we deal with hate." Typical…."

Reuters 9/17/99 Washington Times Andrea Billups "…" When 14-year-old Michael Carneal killed three students praying at a Paducah high school, religious bias "was never a theme raised on TV networks, that this guy was anti-Christian," Mr. Baker said. Instead, reporters focused on Carneal's parents and the influence of violent entertainment, he said, although "it became quite clear later on that [anti-religious sentiment] was the motivation." "When it is a particular minority group that's attacked, the media assume that's the reason for the attack," Mr. Baker said. "When it happens to Christians, the media don't assume that at all." Mr. Merrell of the Southern Baptist Convention agreed that crimes committed against Christians often are treated differently. "It does not pass our notice that there are many who appeal to the populace for hate crimes legislation when certain groups are targeted, but remain curiously silent when other groups are," he said, adding that the "virile and fertile culture" of hostility to Christians is "growing rapidly." …."

WORLD Magazine 9/17/99 Gene Veith "....The ex-communist convert to conservatism David Horowitz has said that conservatives-and this would apply to Christians in particular-have a disadvantage in the culture wars. They still believe in concepts such as truth, fair play, and the worth of other human beings. Many of their opponents-for whom truth and morality are relative-operate under no such restrictions. That may be an overgeneralization about both parties, but Christians who become involved in politics and cultural issues need to realize that their opponents will play hardball. For those who believe truth is only a matter of interpretation, any inconvenient facts only need to be given the right "spin" until they can appear to mean anything they choose. For those who believe that moral beliefs are only the imposition of power, it is perfectly legitimate to use power to squelch their opposition, even if this means destroying their opponent's reputation by any means possible. Those whose backs are against the wall can be expected to fight dirty. One particularly threatening idea to today's educational establishment, the fountainhead of relativism, is the prospect of school-choice programs, in which state funding would go to private, usually Christian, schools in a last-ditch effort to educate the poor children who are the prime casualties of contemporary educational theory. Cleveland's school-voucher program was struck down by a federal judge, but a practically identical program, the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, was upheld by the Supreme Court, which refused to hear a lawsuit against it. Now 40 states-not to mention presidential candidates-are considering or advocating school choice. The stakes are high in this controversy, not only because school choice threatens business-as-usual teachers' unions but because the nation's educational crisis demonstrates the failure of today's secularist ideologies, which have given us the relativism that minimizes educational content and that undermines classroom discipline. Secularists used to associate themselves with education, portraying Christians as backward and closed-minded. But now Christian schools are, in general, providing a better foundation for education than the alternatives....."

FRONTLINE Newsletter 9/17/99 John Culberson "...They represented what is good about America, they held the hopes of the future within them and they were the victims of hate and violence. When Larry Gene Ashbrook, 47, burst into the Wedgewood Baptist Church on Wednesday night he carried within him hate and contempt for everything that is good. 150 youth were there to finish off the day that had started with an annual event called "See you at the Pole." .....This was a hate crime pure and simple, it does not need legislation to define it because all violent crimes are hate crimes. Ashbrook decided to kill and injure because he hated what these young people stood for. He determined within his heart that others did not deserve to live, that their lives were unimportant. He ultimately made the same decision that Timothy McVeigh, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold made. It is the same philosophy that others embrace and that ultimately someone else will use as justification to perpetuate another act of violence. Evil does exist, we have seen it played out here in our own country and we are seeing it played out abroad. The recent bombings in Russia show a clear organized and well funded pattern of evil and disregard for life. There are people and organizations in this country and abroad that have the same designs on America. To present an example of how well organized the Russian campaign of terror is, police in Moscow discovered one apartment building with over 9,600 Kg of High Explosive ready to bring down the building. That is over 21,000 pounds and would have produced an explosion well over 8 times the force of Timothy McVeigh's crudely constructed truck bomb. .....The danger of this trend is that the perpetrators ultimately get others involved as did Harris and Klebold, in fact there are others involved in the planning that have yet to be apprehended as was demonstrated by the evidence analyzed in the Special Report. Harris and Klebold consulted many in preparing for the attack they mounted at Columbine High School. The attack was not one of simple revenge but rather a more sophisticated conspiracy of several persons to cause death, injury and mayhem. Timothy McVeigh recruited others for his scheme, some of whom are still walking the streets of America. This is the way anarchy and death works, it is not a "far right" problem or even a "far left problem." it is one of desiring to produce anarchy and death. It is a desire to devalue others as undesirable while maintaining that you and your group are the only true persons worthy of humanity......."


Kristi Beckel, 14
Shawn C. Brown, 23
Sydney R. Browning, 36
Joseph D. Ennis, 14
Cassandra Griffin, 14
Susan Kimberly Jones, 23
Justin M. Ray, 17

Larry Ashbrook, 47


ATLANTA J&C 9/18/99 Julia Lieblich AP ".....A prominent Southern Baptist called the killings in a Fort Worth, Texas, sanctuary a harsh reminder of the need for prayer. Other religious leaders said: Preach the Gospel, but get guns off the streets. ..... The Rev. William Merrell of the Southern Baptist Convention's executive committee in Nashville endorsed prayer, not gun control, as a response. Violence, he said, is an expression of the heart's inner alienation. The solution to that alienation, he added, ''is the transforming power of Jesus Christ.'' The Rev. Joan Brown Campbell, general secretary of the National Council of Churches in Christ USA, favors gun control. Bishop Joseph A. Fiorenza, head of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, agreed......

Ft. Worth Star Telegram 9/18/99 Kathy Sanders "....Two videotapes taken in the sanctuary of Wedgwood Baptist Church show Larry Gene Ashbrook methodically picking and shooting his victims, one of them a high school senior who filmed the gunman who was about to kill him, police and friends said yesterday. In a related development, the Star-Telegram learned that a man matching Ashbrook's description acted suspiciously last month when he visited a nondenominational Flower Mound church to ask about a long-lost friend and to inquire whether the church performed exorcisms. Justin Ray, 17, a senior at Cassata Learning Center, and a woman were separately videotaping a youth rally inside the sanctuary Wednesday night when they turned their cameras to record a man firing shots in the back of the church, police said. Ray, who was fatally shot, kept taping as Ashbrook fired at him because he thought the shooting was part of a skit, according to friends of the teen- ager. Ray's uncle Larry Dockery, speaking for the family, said Ray was panning the sanctuary with the camera and did not realize how close he was to Ashbrook or that he was about to be shot...... Detectives said they plan to investigate the Flower Mound incident, reported by two women who said they were startled when they saw a newspaper photograph of Ashbrook. Melody Kolbensvik, 40, said the picture bore a striking resemblance to a bizarre-acting man who visited Shiloh Church early last month, complaining that people were preventing him from finding a friend. "He said he was looking for a person who'd been a member at the church in 1984," said Kolbensvik, a volunteer at the church. "So the church secretary was trying to look it up for him. He said there were a lot of people, really evil, bad people, who didn't want him to find him." He later asked if the church performs exorcisms, and when the women looked at him in silence for a minute, he quickly said it wasn't for him, Kolbensvik said....."

The New York Times 9/18/99 Gustav Niebuhr "..."The Inferno," Dante tells of his imagined journey into hell, his entry into a "kingdom of eternal night" where he hears the voices of the damned rise "in a bestial moan" and sees sinners stung by wasps, burnt by falling fire and frozen in a sheet of ice. For 700 years the poem has provided vivid inspiration to painters and preachers, who have kept alive a popular vision of perdition as a physical place of fire and brimstone, extraordinary torments and monsters. Many artists added their own ideas, such as Hieronymus Bosch, who in the 15th century painted a highly original vision of hell, a tableau of violence and excruciating tortures. But now the Catholic authorities in Rome have presented a strikingly different (and seemingly modern) picture of eternal damnation. By their account, hell is best understood as the condition of total alienation from all that is good, hopeful and loving in the world. What's more, this condition is chosen by the damned themselves, the ultimate exercise of free will, not a punishment engineered by God....."

Houston Chronicle 9/17/99 Jim Henderson Jim Cobb ".... From 5 feet away, Neitz said, "Sir, you don't have to be doing this." "Shut the hell up, you (expletive) Christian," Ashbrook snapped. "Your religion sucks." Though there may be obvious comparisons to Cassie Bernall, the 17-year-old Columbine High School student who stood up for her faith and was killed during a shooting rampage in April, Nietz said he was motivated more by anger that his friends were being shot than by courage or faith. He continued to talk to the gunman, who responded with more gunshots and obscenities. Hammond, who had attended the rally with some youths from his church, was on the floor beside a pew, tugging on Neitz's pants leg, telling him to sit down and get out of danger. He could see the gunman's feet as he paced back and forth. Ashbrook emptied his guns into the crowd and loaded fresh clips. "This religion is bull----," he shouted. "You need religion in your life," Neitz told him, flinching as the gunman squeezed off more rounds. The banter was brief, but, Neitz said, seemed an eternity. Then, with blood spattered on the pews and soaking the carpet and the odor of a spent pipe bomb hanging in the sanctuary, the two stood face to face for one last time. Neitz described the killer's expression as pure rage. He still does not know why Ashbrook didn't shoot him. "His jacket was bulging with clips," Nietz said, "He could have killed a lot more people." Instead, Ashbrook slumped onto a pew, as though weary from the carnage. He raised an arm and pointed a gun at Neitz. "Shoot me if you want to," the teen-ager said. "I know where I'm going when I die. What about you?" Ashbrook, a troubled loner described by neighbors as hostile and paranoid, spat out one last obscenity and slowly turned the gun toward his own head and pulled the trigger. ...."

CNN 9/18/99 Freeper jra "....CNN just showed a piece on a same-sex pair of birds that are supposed to be good far will they go? Griffin vultures in Israel...the story goes on...actually calls them 'gay birds' were given a fertilized egg, and they took turns incubating the egg...the reporter, Gerald Kessel...actually made light of the fact that this was happening in the 'Holy Land' This is a shameless attempt to numb the sheeple into thinking that ANYTHING is ok...immoral or otherwise Thank God I have Fox News where I live...I'll never watch CNN again...sheesh! "

New York Times 9/19/99 Linda Greenhouse "....With struggles over student-led prayer at high school football games and legal brinkmanship over taxpayer-paid vouchers for parochial school tuition, the line separating church and state appears as ragged and contested as it has been in years. While the Supreme Court, the ultimate arbiter of constitutional boundaries, has stood by as a largely silent witness to these escalating debates, that could change in the Court's new term that begins two weeks from Monday. New appeals reaching the Justices' desks since the last term ended in June give the Court the opportunity to direct, or redirect, the debate, either by reaffirming precedents or by shifting course across this contested landscape. Whether the Justices will take that opportunity will become clear in a matter of weeks, as the Court issues successive lists of cases that have been accepted for argument or denied further review. ...... "

New York Times News Service via St. Louis Post-Dispatch 9/19/99 "..... No one blamed guns. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that the shooter, Larry Gene Ashbrook, bought his two weapons - a .380-caliber semiautomatic pistol and a Ruger 9 mm semiautomatic pistol - from separate vendors at a flea market more than seven years ago. "I don't remember going into too many houses when I was a kid where there weren't guns. We respected them, we knew what they were for, not like now," said Kay Persinger, 43, the homemaker, who lives a few blocks from the Baptist church where the shootings occurred....... The region is an overwhelmingly Christian corner of the country, home to one of the largest Protestant seminaries in the world, where the house next door could easily be a house of worship. Some say they see the massacre at Wedgwood Baptist Church as the making of martyrs and a fulfillment of biblical prophecy. They point to the reports that the shooter shouted antireligious obscenities as he attacked. Like many other Christians, Karla Turner, who is enrolled at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, linked the shootings in the church to the shootings at a prayer group in a school in West Paducah, Ky., and to the shooting of Cassie Bernall at Columbine in Colorado. Bernall is now spoken of by many evangelicals as a modern-day Christian martyr, because she was asked by one of the gunmen whether she believed in God, to which she defiantly answered, "Yes, I do," and was instantly shot. Her story is being passed among many churches and youth groups, her parents have written a book that was just published, and there is a campaign to have students wear T-shirts to school saying, "Yes, I believe in God." Turner said that like Cassie Bernall, those shot at Wedgwood Baptist were killed for their faith. "It is the enemy, conducting spiritual warfare," Turner said. "It's an attack on Christianity in general, on Christians, and it's Satan trying to stop God's work in the Earth. He'll use whoever he wants, whoever he can. The guy who did this was obviously angry. Satan uses anger ...."Why don't they just kill themselves and be done with it, like people used to do. Why do they have to take a whole bunch of people with them? Because then nobody would know their names." ..."

Weekly World News 9/28/99 Ed Anger ".... I'm madder than a hungry lion gnawing on a skinny Christian over the way the idiot liberals are bitching and moaning about the latest survey of America's religious beliefs. A recent USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll stunned the nation by showing that an incredible 90 percent of Americans believe in Heaven, 79 percent believe in miracles - and a whopping 72 percent are certain that angels exist, by gum. Not only that, 27 percent believe in reincarnation and 28 percent of all Americans believe you can contact the dead. And guess who's crying bloody murder over these electrifying findings? The stupid bleeding-heart liberals, that's who. "This is just another ploy by Republicans and the dumb Americans who vote for them to force prayer back into our public schools," sniffed a lesbian atheist spokeswoman for the National Organization of Woman. But the real icing on the cake, by jiminy, was a blockbuster U.S. News and World Report survey showing that 61 percent, or 200 million Americans, believe Jesus Christ will return to Earth. Forty-four percent believe there will be a final battle of Armageddon sometime soon and half of all Americans believe there is an anti-Christ. ...."

National Post (Toronto) 9/18/99 "....Last month, a crazed bigot in Los Angeles fired gunshots into a Jewish daycare, wounding several children. Bill Clinton, the U.S. president, and Janet Reno, the attorney-general, promptly called it a hate crime. On Wednesday, a crazed bigot in Fort Worth fired gunshots into a Baptist church, killing seven youths. Al Gore, the vice-president, blamed violent Hollywood and poor parenting. Was this crime a hate crime too? No official confirmation as yet. But why? In both cases, the gunman chose his targets carefully. These were not randomly selected victims -- they were picked precisely because of their religion. The alleged L.A. gunman has confessed to his anti-Semitism. And survivors say the Fort Worth gunman shouted anti-religious obscenities as he killed the Christian children. After the L.A. shooting, Ms. Reno flew in to address a community rally at the Jewish daycare, and in her speech she denounced not only the hateful gunman, but the Republican party as well. Since Republican congressmen opposed her gun control plans, she implied, they were in league with the shooter. (To the credit of the assembled Los Angelenos, Ms. Reno's speech was cut short by boos and heckles.) In the days since this latest massacre, there have been several Christian prayer gatherings in Fort Worth. Ms. Reno has attended none of them. And asked if this was a hate crime, she answered, "we should not jump to conclusions." ...... Why is a wounding attack by a crazed anti-Semite more despicable than a deadly attack by a crazed anti-Christian? Why are right-wing Republicans who belong to the National Rifle Association guilty by association of the L.A. shooting, but left-wing Democrats who support the American Civil Liberties Union not implicated in the Fort Worth shooting? ...."

Reuters 9/19/99 "….Worshippers Sunday returned to the scene of deranged gunman's rampage at a Baptist church as Fort Worth prepared to host a city-wide memorial service for the victims of shooting. …. Wedgwood's pastor Rev. Al Meredith, in a sermon entitled ''Where is God in all this?'', told his faithful the victims were in heaven and that God would help the survivors get their lives back in order……. The main church hall or sanctuary, where the shooting took place, was packed to near its 1,000-person capacity. Meredith said there had been an outpouring of support and prayer, evidenced by more than 5,000 e-mails from people around the world and the fact that the church Web site had received over 30,000 hits. ``People are praying, they're praying, praying, praying, and you've been praying, and that's why we have a victory,'' Meredith said. After regular morning church services, religious leaders were due to gather at a local sports stadium for a city-wide memorial expected to draw thousands of people. Texas Gov. George W. Bush was due to attend the memorial service at the stadium at Texas Christian University in Forth Worth, which can hold up to 48,000 people…."

Conservative News Service 9/20/99 Bruce Sullivan "….Christian leaders from Jerry Falwell to D. James Kennedy say there is a double standard applied to so-called hate crimes, such as last week's shooting spree in a Texas Baptist church by a man shouting anti-Christian expletives -- an attack that left seven Christians dead and seven more wounded. "There is a total absence of outrage over the killings at the Baptist church and in Colorado, as far as the religious aspect is concerned," said Falwell, referring not only to last weeks' rampage at Fort Worth's Wedgwood Baptist, but also to the massacre earlier this year at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado where many of the victims were also Christians. "We have, whether intentional or not, built up a reservoir of hostility toward people of faith, particularly evangelical people," Falwell told the Los Angeles Times….. "It would seem that killing Christians is on a far lower level of seriousness than anyone else being killed," said Kennedy. "Is that where we've come as a Christian nation?" …."

Chicago Sun-Times 9/21/99 John O’Sullivan "…Since last week's massacre of children in the Wedgwood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, several commentators have pointed to an apparent bias in both political reactions and news reporting. When an anti-Semitic bigot shot children in a Jewish day care center, U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno had immediately labelled it a "hate crime"; when asked if the Fort Worth shooting also was a hate crime, she replied cautiously that "we should not jump to conclusions." And according to Brent Baker of the Media Research Council, editors too were "much more hesitant to assign a motive" in the later case. Earlier similar comparisons--plus an apparent rash of attacks on Christians, at Columbine High among other cases--have led people to ask if there is a political and media bias against Christians. It seems to me that there is. But the more interesting question is: why? What would make the media less sympathetic to Christians than other victims of violent attacks in a country which is 88 percent Christian? Let me suggest three reasons.

The first is an understandable one: namely, that the history of this century has made us uniquely sensitive to even mild instances of anti-Semitism……. The second cause is less forgivable: It is the assumption that because Christians are the great majority of U.S. citizens, they are too powerful to be really under threat…..That brings us to the third reason: The prevailing opinion of both political and media establishments is that most Americans are fundamentally racist, sexist and homophobic and have to be continually restrained from their bigoted impulses. Hence the trends in media coverage and political rhetoric noted above: crimes against minorities must be highlighted to shame America out of its bigotry while crimes against majority groups--in this case, Christians--must be treated with caution, lest they encourage America in its bigotry….. All murders are hate crimes; all deserve equally to be condemned and punished; and if we assign a higher priority to the murders of some children over others, then we do not really care about the children at all…."

The Kansas City Star 9/21/99 John Dvorak "….Out in Manhattan, Kan., this time of year, the debate should be about low farm prices or the football fortunes of the Kansas State Wildcats. Instead, it's about a five-foot-tall piece of granite.

On the monument, which was erected on city property in 1958 and was removed last April, are the Ten Commandments. Given sensitivity over the mixing of religion and government, the sequence of events isn't hard to imagine. First came legal threats. Then an outpouring of citizen displeasure. Then a lawsuit. Now the Manhattan City Commission has inflamed passions further by agreeing to settle the lawsuit, promising to never again place the Ten Commandments on public property, and paying $12,000 in legal costs for two out-of-town activist organizations.

A petition has been circulated, and a special election to recall a commission member who voted to remove the commandments may be the next big step…… "This was not an attack on the Ten Commandments," Baker said. "The problem was the placement of the Ten Commandments at the seat of government." Those who supported the display disagree. "It represents not the separation of church and state but the removal of God from public life," said Don Rose, a leader of a petition drive to recall one of the commission members who voted to remove the commandments. "I do stand up for God." …."

Denver Rocky Mountain News 9/16/99 Jean Tokelson "….A student prayer rally called "See You at the Pole" turned into "See you in court" for a woman displaying the Ten Commandments at Columbine High School. Corine Miller, 49, was cited Wednesday for criminal trespassing and is scheduled to appear in Jefferson County court Nov. 11.

"This is all in a day's work. I will not back down," Miller said she told school officials. They called the sheriff's department after she refused to leave school property with her placards in the shape of stone tablets. Miller, a housecleaner, had joined in at the fringe of a group of about 100 students as they prayed before class Wednesday.

Students across the nation and at a number of metro-area campuses were meeting at their schools' flagpoles to pray for their schools, faculty and classmates. The Texas-based movement began in 1990 with a small group of evangelical Christian students and now claims 3 million participants at the once-a-year event, according to its Web site. Miller would have been within her rights to show the Ten Commandments from the public sidewalk nearby, said Rick Kaufman, spokesman for the Jefferson County School District. The issue was her display of a religious artifact on school grounds, Kaufman said. He added that since the April shootings Columbine also restricts access to outsiders. Even so, "she would have been more than welcome to stay" if she had done so quietly and without the signs…."

The Daily Oklahomon 9/21/99 Cal Thomas "…A president flouts the moral law and is seen getting away with it. He's so cavalier that he pardons members of a Puerto Rican terrorist group, but calls for more gun laws while his administration refuses to enforce most of those now on the books. Anyone who believes an entire generation has not received the message also believes that television commercials don't affect behavior. Texas Gov. George W. Bush told the truth when he said in response to the church shootings, "There seems to be a wave of evil passing through America now." That's because the moral dam that once held most of it back has been opened, and we are drowning in the flash flood. Bush noted that laws can only go so far. People must be held accountable for the decisions they make, he said. But in our victimized culture, we are told that no one is accountable, because no one is responsible. Bill Clinton is a sexual predator and serial liar because his mother and grandmother argued over him….. Postmodern, aimless man says there is no evil, because there is no God. If there is no God, we may do as we please…."

Center for Reform 9/20/99 John Culbertson "…Over the weekend the people of Wedgewood Baptist Church buried their loved ones and held two memorial services, six families said so long but not good by. The members of Wedgewood Baptist Church presented an example and a testimony to their faith that all Americans should be proud of and should learn from. There were no cries for hate crime laws or gun bans. There was no attempt to become victims for political gain. There was no condemnation or cries for grief counseling. Instead these individuals who had so much to be grieved about counseled us. They demonstrated the commitment of their faith in spite of the adversity to which they had been unfairly and with much evil placed in. They did not rant about the gunman, they forgave him. They did not moan about their psychological problems associated with the gunman's attack, they tore out the blood soaked carpets and pews, set up folding chairs and conducted a church service. They did not act like nothing happened, far from it. They did find a deeper part of their faith and they shared it in a meaningful way with the rest of the world. They showed us what strength is about and they showed us what honor is about. They demonstrated a higher morality than this nation has seen in quite a long time and they should be listened to and emulated….."

Center for Reform 9/20/99 John Culbertson "…Noticeably absent from this latest shooting memorial was a member of the administration. Neither the President nor the Vice President attended. They did scoff at the notion that evil played a part in the shooting and saw fit to attack the NRA and blame it for this tragedy. Certainly the President or the Vice President would have been welcome but I think they lacked the courage to attend. They lacked the courage because the people of Wedgewood live the faith that they only claim to possess……" 9/23/99 Jon Dougherty "...A high school student body president at a Texas public school told lawyers for a freedom of religion advocacy group that the school principal threatened to strip her of her powers if she didn't conform to his instructions regarding prayer on school property. The Texas Justice Foundation (TJF) told WorldNetDaily that the student, Beth Long, who attends Mission High School in Mission, Texas, contacted the organization in early September and reported the threat. According to TJF, the student was also told to "pledge allegiance" to the principal and the school district, adding that the principal's rules prohibiting school prayer exceeded those set forth by the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court in a February ruling on school prayer......"

Koenig's International News 9/13/99 THE WHITE HOUSE .... STATEMENT BY THE PRESIDENT "...Today, my National Bioethics Advisory Commission (NBAC) delivered its report "Ethical Issues in Human Stem Cell Research." Because of the enormous medical potential of such research, I asked the NBAC in November, 1998, to look at the ethical and medical issues surrounding human stem cell research. The scientific results that have emerged in just the past few months already strengthen the basis for my hope that one day, stem cells will be used to replace cardiac muscle cells for people with heart disease, nerve cells for hundreds of thousands of Parkinson's patients, or insulin-producing cells for children who suffer from diabetes. The issues addressed by the NBAC's recommendations are complex and difficult. The Commissioners are to be commended for the thoroughness with which they engaged in this discussion and the national dialogue that they facilitated, seeking the views and opinions of virtually every segment of our society, including scientists, patients, scholars from most of the major religions in the United States, lawyers, philosophers, ethicists and the public. I want to thank Dr. Harold Shapiro, Chairman of the NBAC, and other Commissioners for a thoughtful report that will contribute significantly to the efforts of my Administration as we establish the highest ethical standards for the conduct of human stem cell research...."

Fort Worth Star Telegram 9/21/99 Bob Ray Sanders ".... After hearing the news of a Fort Worth church shooting, in which seven people were killed, Gov. George W. Bush canceled his campaigning and two fund- raisers in Michigan to come back to Texas and to Fort Worth. It would be easy to be cynical and suggest that Bush only did what was expected, that he was merely playing the role of a concerned leader and that any move by a politician, no matter how sincere, is just a political maneuver. That would be terribly unfair. I've often been critical of Bush, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, but there is no fault to be found with his appearance in Fort Worth. His actions, and motivation, were earnest and admirable. .... All of those meetings were private, without the glare of local or national TV cameras. Bush had insisted that his visit not become a media event. .... At the pastor's house, the governor cried, Barr said. Unlike accusations leveled against President Clinton -- that he can cry on cue -- no one thinks that Bush is that great an actor. The tears were real because the feelings were real. Sunday afternoon, the governor and his wife attended the community memorial service in TCU's Amon Carter Stadium, but he made no speech. He didn't even sit on the stage, choosing instead to be seated in the bleachers of the stadium with more than 15,000 people who had come to show their love for the victims and their families, and to begin the healing process for our city. Bush had told Wedgwood's pastor Thursday that he thought it would be inappropriate for him to make any kind of address at the service. I asked him why he was not speaking. "Because," he said, "I thought this was a religious ceremony, not a political event." ....Praise also goes to those ministers and victims' family members who offered prayers for the shooter as well as those he killed and wounded. When asked whether she could forgive killer Larry Gene Ashbrook, one family member quickly said: "It's already done. Already done." In all of these tragedies, the family of the person responsible also is suffering. Ashbrook's family is in pain....In their only statement released Friday, family members said: "As a God-loving family, we grieve for the families affected by this tragedy, and for the people whose lives will be forever changed by the actions of our brother, Larry Gene Ashbrook. "... We know that there can never be a satisfactory explanation for this action. We only know that we are heartsick along with everyone in Fort Worth and the nation." ...."

NYP 9/20/99 Megan Turner "....AN exhibition with a blood-filled head, oversized sex organs, a religious portrait caked in elephant dung and real animals in formaldehyde has plunged the Brooklyn Museum of Art into controversy. The Catholic League is urging all New Yorkers to boycott the exhibition, which is scheduled to open in two weeks, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has condemned it. Meanwhile, prominent art critics have branded the show "aesthetically bankrupt" and "morally repugnant."..." 9/17/99 AP "...A new policy allowing high school students to use the school intercom to urge fellow students to join in prayer got its first use this week when a senior asked fellow students to join her in silent prayer. The school board approved the use of the intercom for prayer earlier this week in a move that could bring a legal challenge from the American Civil Liberties Union, among others. The policy appears to violate the First Amendment because it forces those who may not wish to pray to participate, says Dick Kurtenbach, executive director of the Kansas and Western Missouri ACLU. Amanda Garcia, 17, spoke through the intercom as classes began and asked the student body to join her in silent prayer. "I don't understand what people are afraid of," Garcia said. "In my mind, it may not be legal, but it's right." School Board attorney Ervin Grant said he advised board members that the policy was legal, as long as the board or the administration did not dictate what students say. "The Supreme Court never really intended to squelch the idea of students being able to pray," Grant said. Kurtenbach disagreed....."

Wichita Eagle 9/21/99 Nicole Hughes "....The school board Monday revoked a week-old policy allowing high school students to pray over the intercom, and asked its lawyer to develop a legally defensible policy allowing school prayer in some fashion. Twice last week, students used the intercom to ask classmates to say a silent prayer before the schoolday began. Civil liberties lawyers called the practice and the policy that allowed it unconstitutional. The vote to rescind the policy was 4-3. The board will consider the new policy Oct. 11. Roughly 100 students, parents and Augusta residents -- almost all of them pleading for school prayer -- crowded the high school library for the special meeting, offering "amens" and holding neon-colored signs reading "So sue me" and "We will pray in school." Kim Ivy, youth group leader at an Augusta church, silently raised a sign above her head, telling school board members to "get a spine." "I'm tired of legislative bodies telling me or anybody else that they can't pray to God anywhere," she said. "When the law of men goes against the law of God -- it's not the law anymore." Donna Sandifer echoed Ivy's thoughts. "The Christian kids -- it's time for them to stand," she said. "I can guarantee the kids of Columbine are standing. Why wait for the atrocity to happen?" ..." 9/22/99 "....A woman who was forced to leave a public bus in Washington State for talking about religion with another passenger is suing for violation of her civil rights. On April 2, Michelle Shocks was forced off a Community Transit (CT) bus in Bothell, Washington. Shocks paid her fare to travel from work to her children's day care center. A man who boarded the bus expressed his joy at being out of the rain by saying, "Praise the Lord." Shocks and the man then began to discuss their Christian faith. The driver called Shocks to the front of the bus and told her that she could not talk about religion because other passengers might find the discussion offensive. Shocks then moved next to the man so they could speak more quietly, but the driver again called Shocks to the front of the bus and told her she had to get off at the next stop because she refused to stop talking about religion. Asked if there was some law that prevented bus passengers from talking about Jesus, the bus driver ordered both Sparks and the other man to leave the bus at the next drop....."

New York Post 9/23/99 Tom Topousis Neil Graves "... Mayor Giuliani vowed to block city funding to the Brooklyn Museum yesterday because of a shocking new exhibit - including a Virgin Mary covered in elephant dung - he branded "sick stuff." After reading news reports about the upcoming exhibit, "Sensation," Giuliani went on the warpath, threatening to pull $7.2 million that the museum gets from the city - about one-third of its budget. The mayor singled out British artist Chris Ofili's "The Holy Virgin Mary," an abstract painting of the Virgin Mary that's been splattered with real elephant dung. "It offends me," fumed Giuliani..." 9/26/99 Gerald Hibbs "….Does anyone else happen to remember what the Democrats said was the cause of the 1994 bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City? Wasn't conservative talk radio (thus conservatives in general) blamed for creating a "culture of hate?" Conservatives, it was suggested were the cause of the bombing, the militias, hate groups, and - the existence of hate itself. That's a lot of blame for simply opposing the Democrats' liberal agenda.

Given this history of finger-pointing, it was interesting to observe the reaction to Larry Ashbrook walking into the Wedgwood Baptist Church youth prayer rally and opening fire. Janet Reno declared that his motives were "unknown." When a similar incident involving a Jewish youth center occurred, there was no questioning what motivated the killer. Obvious to all was his hatred of Jews. The facts that were gathered thereafter simply supported the obvious. Where is the outrage over this murderer's hatred of Christians? Where is the seeking of who to blame for those who have cultivated this "culture of hatred" toward Christians? Who are the hatemongers who have sown the hatred of Christians? Ah, there is the rub. The perpetrators of "Christian hating" are the very liberals who take it as their life purpose to find others to blame. Christianity is the very antithesis of liberalism. Thus the popular appellations, Christian Right or Extreme Christian Right, Jesus Freaks, and Moral Majority (not in itself derogatory but made so by liberals who make sure to sneer when they say it). ….."

Tampa Bay Online 9/26/99 AP "….Cardinal John O'Connor on Sunday asked Catholics to join him in condemning a painting of the Virgin Mary embellished with a clump of elephant dung, while civil rights activists defended the Brooklyn Museum of Art's right to show the piece. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, meanwhile, reiterated his pledge to cut all $7 million of city funding to the museum - one-third of its budget - unless the painting is pulled from an exhibit scheduled to open Friday. ``I'm saddened by what appears to be an attack not only on our blessed mother ... but one must ask if it is not an attack on religion itself and in a special way on the Catholic Church,'' said O'Connor in his weekly sermon at St. Patrick's Cathedral….."

New York Post 9/24/99 John Podhoretz "….

THE Brooklyn Museum's importation of a deliberately shocking British exhibition became a major story this week when Rudy Giuliani denounced the "sick art" featured in it - in particular, an excremental desecration of the Virgin Mary - and said he would work to withhold a whopping $7 million in city funding for the museum unless it pulls the exhibit. Giuliani's complaint is aesthetically valid. After all, the whole purpose of splattering an image of the Virgin Mary with elephant dung is to sicken and cause outrage - and implicitly to congratulate all those who enjoy it when religious or conservative sensibilities are offended. Whatever this disgusting pile of crap is, it's not art - that is, if you accept the classical definition of art as creative work that causes you to see the world anew through the eyes of the artist. If anything, it's a form of emotional pornography, and pornography is the opposite of art. ….."

Washington Post 9/24/99 William Raspberry "….We felt the way a lot of Jews felt the other week when the Southern Baptist International Mission Board urged members of its 40,000 churches to pray for the conversion of Jews -- especially during this month's Jewish holy days. "Pray each day for Jewish individuals you know by name," a pocket-size guide instructed. "Build authentic friendships with Jewish People. Love them as you would an unsaved relative." Some Jewish leaders were -- well, annoyed. "We'd like a little less love and a little more respect," Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations said. "There's a kind of theological arrogance that pervades all of this, a certain willingness to play God, and an absence of awareness that these sorts of statements throughout history are associated with coercion, hatred and violence." …… The Southern Baptist leaders who mounted the Jewish conversion campaign (two years ago, they launched a similar campaign to convert Muslims during Ramadan and Hindus during Divali) must have felt the same duty to warn. Indeed, the surprise is that more Christians are not doing the same thing. Unlike other religions that acknowledge the possibility of multiple paths to Truth, Christians tend to think of Christianity as the only -- or at any rate the only reliable -- path. They are duty-bound to preach to -- and pray for -- the heathen. Didn't the Old Testament prophets do the same thing, warning people to repentance before it was too late? And weren't they Jews? Was the Southern Baptist prayer guide any more offensive or arrogant than, say, Jeremiah? ….."

World Magazine 9/24/99 Lynn Vincent "…. Witnesses offer varying versions of what happened next. Two eyewitnesses, Caleb and Mr. Herweck, saw the same thing: an older youth with a goatee seated in a pew toward the rear of the sanctuary, near the center. The youth, with eyes closed and head bowed, appeared to be praying. This may have been Jeremiah Neitz, 19, of South Wayside Baptist Church. Other press accounts have Mr. Neitz entering the church after the shooting began, and verbally confronting Ashbrook. But both Caleb and Mr. Herweck say they saw the youth, who matches Mr. Neitz's description, seated in the church before the confrontation began. What is clear is that Mr. Neitz, the last person to speak with Ashbrook, told the murderer he needed Jesus. From his seat in the rear pew, Ashbrook began yelling at Mr. Neitz: "You believe in all this stuff? You believe in this religious bull___?" According to Mr. Hughes and others, Mr. Neitz stood facing Ashbrook and testified to the value of faith. Mr. Neitz's youth pastor Adam Hammond, who was lying on the floor near Mr. Neitz, reportedly tugged on Mr. Neitz's pants leg and told him to get down and out of danger. But Mr. Neitz would not relent. Mr. Herweck believed "he was fearless." Ashbrook did not fire on Mr. Neitz. Instead, defeated or exhausted, he slumped down on a pew against the rear wall of the sanctuary. Witnesses say the sanctuary was dead silent. The gunman just "sat there for a second, almost in disbelief," says Mr. Herweck. "Then he yelled out 'This religion is bull___!'" They were Ashbrook's last words. He put the gun to his own head and a final shot rang out. Blood appeared on Ashbrook's right temple and a bullet hole appeared in the wall to the left of his head. In the seconds that followed, someone yelled, "The shooter's down! Everybody get out!" The sanctuary door burst open and Chip Gillette, the off-duty police officer who lives across the street from Wedgwood, rushed into a stream of fleeing teens. As he reached the shooter, Mr. Gillette said Ashbrook was just beginning "a death roll," slumping sideways in the pew, falling right to left. …" 9/23/99 William Donohue "…. The decision of New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to oppose funding of the Brooklyn Museum of Art—unless it cancels its offensive "Sensation" exhibit—was greeted with applause today by many Catholics. Catholic League president William Donohue outlined the league’s new strategy: "The Brooklyn Museum of Art has offended Catholics by rationalizing its decision to host ‘Sensation,’ an exhibit that features a painting of the Virgin Mary laced with elephant dung and surrounded by pictures of vaginas and anuses. Along with the dismembered animals that the exhibit displays, the only term that can be used to describe this monstrosity is ‘snuff art.’ "Catholics salute Mayor Giuliani for his courage and decency in opposing funding of the Brooklyn Museum of Art for its obstinacy on this issue. Now Catholics need to know the position of Hillary Clinton, and to that end, we have asked her to state her position on this issue. We have noted for her that the museum is accessible by the number 2 and 3 subway lines. ….."

Enter Stage Right 9/20/99 Lawrence Henry "…..Why do so many people so desperately want to control mortality-related (as they see it) behavior in so many other people? I think the answer is obvious. The baby boom generation has now reached that critical age, their late forties and early fifties. They have finally realized that they're going to die…..Baby boomers are famous for their infatuated self-regard. But they're famous, as well, for one other conspicuous thing: Their trashing of traditional consolations and supports, especially religion. Some - hippies, political radicals, deconstructionalists, feminists, identity-politics activists - have destroyed tradition quite explicitly and deliberately. Others have gone along, adopting the "tolerance" and "multiculturalism" group-think so characteristic of their generation……. All true religious communities consist of three populations: the living, the dead, and the yet-to-be-born. All true religion connects us intimately with eternity: through an afterlife, through fate, through predestination, through the commands of God, through the examples of ancients whom we still love as our brothers and sisters today: Abraham, Sarah, Ruth, Isaiah, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Paul, and so on. Believers know this. We do not believe it, we know it. When we feel bad, we turn to God, and to the stored wisdom of our faith. We do not run off with Amber the cocktail waitress (in Lewis Grizzard's memorable phrase) or buy a new Lamborghini. Or, heaven help us, we do not start up web sites like the Massachusetts-based to try to stamp out smoking - projecting our despair, in other words, onto others, then trying to fix what's wrong with them. I've been on both sides of this issue. In my younger life, I was in a lot of trouble - life-threatening trouble. Occasionally, in despair, I would look up the sky and start to utter a prayer for help. I would always stop myself. "Larry," I'd say, "you're too smart for that. You know there's nothing up there." Then one day I let my prayer continue: "Oh, God, please help me." And I found myself suffused with a heavenly light. Many years later, a black man in sunglasses and a tractor cap called on me to declare my life for Jesus Christ, and I knew the time had come. I had fought against those consolations and those traditions as doggedly as any member of my generation. I had known that, if I gave myself over to God, my personality would crumble. And so it did. Then it was restored to me, gloriously, in new life…."

The Tennessean (Nashville) 9/26/99 Charles Haynes "…. Censoring religious speech by students may be legal, but is it the right thing to do? ……. But I would argue that censoring student presentations only makes sense when they are clearly inappropriate for a public school. No administrator should allow obscene, hateful or defamatory speech. The religious reference at issue in this case is none of the above. …..Why do some administrators get out the red pencil when they spot God-talk in a student speech? Primarily for two reasons: First, some administrators are under the impression that permitting students to speak religiously at school-sponsored events violates the Establishment clause of the First Amendment because it imposes religion on a captive audience. But student speech isn't government speech……. And second, some administrators -- including the principal in Florida -- are concerned that religious references to one faith may offend people of other faiths (or of no faith). Sadly, that may be true. In these hypersensitive times, many Americans are offended all too easily. And often their first recourse is to call a lawyer. But isn't the whole point of education -- and of the First Amendment -- to encourage freedom of expression in the marketplace of ideas? …."

AP 9/24/99 Beth Gardiner "….Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has frozen $7 million in city funding for one of the city's largest art museums over an exhibit that includes a dung-splattered painting of the Virgin Mary and pig halves in formaldehyde. Giuliani described as ``sick'' the show scheduled to open Oct. 2 at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and said work that offends religious sensibilities doesn't deserve public money. The city money amounts to nearly one-third of the museum's budget. He also objected Thursday to the museum's plan to require children under 17 to be accompanied to the show by an adult, and one of his deputies suggested the museum buy its city-leased building if it doesn't like his position……"

Wedgwood Baptist Church 9/23/99 "….

Thank you so much for your prayers and concerns as my family and my church family moves through the pain and hurt which started Wednesday night at Wedgwood Baptist Church. Here is an update on our experiences, praises, and prayer requests: We had glorious services today. Jesus was praised throughout. The city-wide memorial was also tremendous. Our pastor and others lifted up Jesus at every opportunity. The press were kind and caring to us. In fact, we are giving them tracts, talking with them, and praying for them. Many have been drawn into the suffering, too, crying with us when they turn off the cameras. Some have even come to Christ. We sang praise songs, great hymns and anthems. Bro. Al preached on
Romans 8:28. I've heard this sermon before, but it was full of new meaning and insight this time……. Christian kids from Columbine High School have come to minister to our kids and they are doing a wonderful job. My son and I were in attendance at a special session with them at our high school. It meant a great deal to David and to me. He has taken some good steps toward venting and expressing his feelings. At the city-wide service today, Steven Curtis Chapman, came and sang. Both of us lost it during "My Redeemer is Faithful and True."….. Bro. Al preached on "If my people . . ." He asked who was responsible for this act. He said the church, God's people, were responsible because of our prayerlessness. He called on believers to pray, and in particular, to fast, beginning tonight on Yom Kippur, as our Jewish friends afflict their souls to search out sin and to repent. It is through prayer that we will protect our children. Would you all join us in this call to repentance and fasting? …."

NewsMax 9/24/99 Brent Bozell "….But some media outlets deserve an F, not for lack of effort, but for lack of intellectual honesty. They announced they couldn't find anti-religious motivation anywhere. On CNN, Anne McDermott avoided the evidence by concluding: "They did not find any recent notes or a computer or any other clues that might be able to point to a motive, and neighbors are just as puzzled ... one law enforcement official here says we may never know why." …."

NewsMax 9/24/99 Brent Bozell "….CBS reporter Bob McNamara began his evening news story: "If 47-year-old Larry Ashbrook had a motive to his madness, it apparently died with him." …CBS' Richard Schlesinger echoed, "what happened is painfully clear. Why it happened will probably never be known." So were the eyewitnesses to Ashbrook's anti-religious hatred -- loony? Were the FBI and police statements unreadable? ……As a matter for the historical record, CBS loves to connect the dots between conservatives and hate. In 1996, Bob McNamara went looking for racists like David Duke to connect to Pat Buchanan's presidential quest. In 1995, CBS' Jim Stewart lovingly connected Timothy McVeigh to the NRA…..But find a man screaming anti-religious rants while he shoots up a church, and those guilt-by-association specialists find ... nothing. …."

NewsMax 9/21/99 Bill Murchison "….On the assumption that Satan, enlisting the help of Larry Gene Ashbrook, set out last week to intimidate Christians ... well, did this unholy pair pick the wrong church! Liberal Protestants of hazy theological outlook -- that might have been one thing. But Southern Baptists! No one in his right mind would put forward the Baptists as subject matter for spiritual intimidation. Confronted, menaced, jeopardized, Baptists reach for a familiar object -- the Holy Bible. They open it, they brandish it, they thrust it right in the Devil's face. Just how heart-warming it was to see them do so on a sun-splashed Sunday afternoon, in Texas Christian University's football stadium, I beg here and now to report. The Baptists, to every appearance, have it right: Spiritual warfare rages in our midst.

NewsMax 9/21/99 Bill Murchison "….The Baptists know all this [secularism] Their most engaging trait is that they don't care. They set forth the Truth as they have received it, that Jesus Christ died for your sins. Case in point: the Fort Worth commemoration. The occasion is ostensibly civic. The mayor is a speaker; Gov. George W. Bush and other office-holders have come as non-speakers just to reinforce the sense of public outrage and grief. A rabbi prays. I spot Moslems in the crowd. ….Yet the occasion is saturated with Christian joy. There's an odd word -- "joy.'' What's joyous about the desecration of a house of worship and the slaughter of teenage worshippers and counselors? Nothing is "joyful'' about evil. Joy, as the Baptists of Fort Worth would make known, comes with God's response to evil. Does He leave it to fester? Hardly. He points to the victory already won, and in the end to be lastingly consummated, through His son's death and resurrection. It's right there in those Bibles waved under Satan's snoot. Nor does it stop even there, you dumb lunk with the pitchfork! Christians inside and outside the Southern Baptist Convention would affirm this reality…."

NewsMax 9/21/99 Bill Murchison "….Affirm? A mild word for what goes on at the stadium. What about the father of one of the victims, leading the audience/congregation in the singing of a song his murdered daughter had loved? What about the pastor of the desecrated church, the Rev. Al Meredith, whomping up a classic Baptist revival on the spot -- a call to fasting and repentance and prayer? "Raise your hand if you want the killing to stop -- if you want to see the spirit of the living God sweeping over our land like wildfire.'' Up in the air -- a forest of affirming arms, one of them attached to an Episcopalian journalist. Bad news for Satan. He's stirred up the Baptists -- folk who take him with the deep seriousness his malice deserves. The culture wars may have taken a decisive turn…."

Associated Press 9/27/99 Beth Harpaz "….Speaking outside a Harlem school this morning, Hillary Rodham Clinton said she doesn't like the idea of a portrait of the Virgin Mary embellished with elephant dung, part of an upcoming exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, but she believes the museum has a right to show it. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who, like Mrs. Clinton, is considering running for U.S. Senate, is pledging to cut $7 million in city funds if the museum goes ahead with the show, "Sensation: Young British Artists From the Saatchi Collection,'' set to open Saturday….. On Sunday, Cardinal John O'Connor sided with the Republican mayor, while civil rights activists said that pulling the museum's funding would violate the First Amendment. "I'm saddened by what appears to be an attack not only on our blessed mother ... but one must ask if it is not an attack on religion itself and in a special way on the Catholic Church,'' O'Connor said Sunday in his weekly sermon at St. Patrick's Cathedral. …." 10/5/99 William Donohue "...In the October 11 editions of The New Yorker and New York, contrasting perspectives on the Brooklyn Museum of Art controversy are offered. Peter Schjeldahl in The New Yorker sees the dung-stained and pornographic-studded "The Holy Virgin Mary" as "gorgeous, sweet, and respectful of its subject"; he is taken by its alleged artistic merit and does not believe that the artist, Chris Ofili, meant his work to be sacrilegious. But Mark Stevens in New York sees it differently: he chastises Ofili for not coming up "with something better than elephant dung for a desecration." Stevens suggests, "Wouldn't bat droppings or goat semen be preferable?" Catholic League president William Donohue made his thoughts known on the two commentaries today: "If I had been asked a month ago where to find someone who thought it a reverential tribute to throw feces on a religious painting and surround it with pictures of vaginas and anuses, I would have directed him to an asylum. Now I would offer him the option of visiting the offices of The New Yorker. "But if The New Yorker's take on 'The Holy Virgin Mary' is bizarre, the position of New York is certifiably bigoted. When it is said that Our Blessed Mother is 'every good boy's dream,' no one can understand that without calling it anti-Catholic. "The comment that 'bat droppings' and 'goat semen' would be 'preferable' to elephant dung on 'The Holy Virgin Mary' proves how deep-seated is New York's hatred of Catholicism. That New York admits that this painting constitutes 'desecration' shows that it is more in touch with reality than The New Yorker, but it also shows that New York has bigots on its payroll. "The New Yorker's capacity for self-deception cannot be underrated, but it is still preferable to New York's sponsorship of hate speech." ...."

Family Research Council 10/5/99 "....Family Research Council Chief Spokesperson Janet Parshall said Tuesday a "wave of activity emphasizing the Ten Commandments" is emerging nationwide. Along with the distribution of nearly a half million Ten Commandments book covers, FRC reported numerous events where parents, teens, school boards, or state legislatures have advocated or allowed the public posting of the Ten Commandments. "The country has experienced one too many horrible shootings," Parshall said. "There is a growing demand to 'hang Ten.' Seventy-four percent of Americans believe that posting the Ten Commandments in schools is a good idea (Pew Research Center, Spring 1999). People are recognizing that it is not the mere presence of the Ten Commandments, but the discussion and application of the principles they contain that might help discourage such tragedies in the future." ...... In Congress, the conference on the Juvenile Justice bill will soon meet to finalize the package that contains a provision allowing states and local governments to authorize the display of the Ten Commandments on state property. The legislation also preserves the rights of individual citizens in state institutions and other public forums to freely express their religious faith...."

BBC 10/5/99 ".....The Pope wanted to spare Lloyd's victims further distress A south Wales Catholic priest imprisoned for child sex offences has been sacked by the Pope in a move almost unprecedented in the recent history of the Church. It is thought to be the first time a priest has been removed from the Church by papal decree in Britain in recent centuries. John Lloyd, who was once the press officer for the archdiocese of Cardiff, was sentenced to eight years in jail last year for a string of sex offences involving children....." 10/4/99 Phyllis Schlafly ".....Are the American people willing to allow government agents to come into their homes to "advise" them how to care for their babies? What if the announced purpose of these home visits is to look for child abuse under the assumption that all parents are suspects? The plan to send "home visitors" into the homes of all first-time parents is one more example of the pervasive liberal push to monitor law-abiding citizens under the pretext of catching criminals. The model for universal home visitation is Healthy Families America (HFA), a program developed by the National Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse (NCPCA), now known as Prevent Child Abuse America. The HFA program calls for 50+ in-home visits annually per family for those considered most "at risk." The home visitors are paraprofessionals and volunteers who are called "trained," but may have only a high school education. These recruits are supposed to educate parents on "proper parenting practices" and to monitor child development. NCPCA materials make it clear that parents should never spank their children, and state that "no child needs a spanking, spanking can be dangerous." .....Last October, Rep. Henry Hyde (R-IL) wrote a Dear Colleague letter to other House Members warning that HFA "sets a dangerous precedent" and represents "the village mentality run wild." He described the program as "Big Brother intervention as we have never seen it before," noting that "Americans have never experienced such intrusion in their family lives." Rep. Hyde's letter notes that all HFA program data will be kept in a nationwide computerized tracking system called the Program Information Management System (PIMS), and could eventually be combined with preschool and public school tracking systems when children enter the education system. Sending government "visitors" into private homes to monitor child rearing and enter family information on a government database is part and parcel of the Clinton Administration's drive for totalitarian control over our daily lives. It's time for a total repudiation of all the totalitarian impulses of the Clinton Administration. ...." 10/4/99 Mona Charen ".....Wrapping themselves in the First Amendment, they ingenuously claim that this rubbish is art and condemn those who are shocked, even as they giggle behind their hands at our red faces. Truly, this exhibit - aspects of which would offend nearly everyone, but particularly Catholics - is an assault. There is a decomposing animal's head being eaten by real flies, a shark in a tank of formaldehyde and, most disgusting, a picture of the Virgin Mary with elephant dung and pornographic images all over it. The Christians need an anti-defamation league. It is wearying to say this over and over again, but here goes: The Brooklyn Museum would never, ever exhibit a picture of any liberal icon - not Justice Harry Blackmun, not Anita Hill, not even Jesse Jackson - covered in elephant dung. Nor would they ostentatiously offend homosexuals, Native Americans ... well, you know the list. Chris Ofili's picture of ''The Holy Virgin Mary'' is a calculated stick in the eye to American Christians, who have not only had their sacred symbols profaned in the most vile fashion but have had to pay for it through their tax dollars. To its credit, the Union of Orthodox Rabbis has denounced the Brooklyn Museum. We've been down this road before. There was ''Piss Christ,'' also a recipient of government funding, the Mapplethorpe excrescence, and the lady who smeared herself in chocolate. Your government is funding, as art, things you wouldn't even permit your children to say. ....."

Associated Press 10/4/99 "....Friends and relatives of victims in the Columbine High School massacre sued the school district Monday for refusing to display hallway tiles they made with religious symbols. The Rutherford Institute, a conservative legal group, filed a federal lawsuit against the district on behalf of several people who want a court order forcing the school to display the tiles. ``The premise is that this is a violation of our clients' First Amendment free speech rights,'' said Jim Rouse, an attorney with the Virginia-based institute - which also represented Paula Jones in her sexual harassment case against President Clinton....." 10/6/99 L Brent Bozell III "....Odd as it may sound, there is a small silver lining to be found in the dark cloud of each high-profile cultural attack on religion, from "The Last Temptation of Christ" to the fecally defaced Virgin Mary portrait currently, and shamefully, on display at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. When the media cover these outrages, they usually allow those disgusted by them to speak out. In the case of the Brooklyn Virgin Mary, New York mayor Rudy Giuliani and the Catholic League's William Donohue have been frequent television talking heads. Such spokesmen alert the public to the true nature of these phenomena, some of which, superficially, may not seem especially offensive. Without news reports regarding the anti-Catholic ax the short-lived ABC program "Nothing Sacred" was grinding two years ago, plenty of the faithful might have tuned in to what they vaguely thought was a "Catholic" show, only to see their most cherished beliefs pilloried...... "The West Wing," a new show about a fictional Democratic administration from liberal writer Aaron Sorkin ("A Few Good Men," "The American President"), took its shot on September 22, in its very first episode. After a presidential aide, Josh, makes an ill-considered televised quip about God "being indicted for tax fraud," a delegation of Christian-right leaders visits the White House to express its displeasure about the wisecrack and what it sees as the administration's overall hostility toward its concerns. But the Christians are summarily forced to retreat from the moral high ground, of course. First, a member of the delegation, Mary Marsh, comments unsubtly on Josh's "New York sense of humor." Possibly trying to divert attention from Marsh's anti-Semitic barb, another Christian, John Van Dyke, wonders why the administration is so much more devoted to the First Amendment than to the First Commandment, which, he claims, reads "Honor thy father." Another presidential aide quickly points out Van Dyke's Scriptural error. There you have it. Christians are anti-Semitic bigots - and idiots, too. Finally, the president himself joins the gathering and asks the third Christian leader, Al Caldwell, why he hasn't denounced an outfit called the Lambs of God. The president explains: After his twelve-year-old granddaughter expressed pro-choice sentiments in an interview with a teen magazine, the group sent her "a Raggedy Ann doll with a knife stuck through its throat. You'll denounce these people, Al, you'll do it publicly, and until you do, you can all get your fat asses out of my White House."....."

Los Angeles Times 10/5/99 Jim Pinkerton "...At the exhibit, one of the first pieces I see is "The Holy Virgin Mary" by Chris Ofili. The elephant dung angle, it turns out, has been overplayed. Only one turd is actually on the portrait--although there are two more at the base, one labeled "Virgin" and the other "Mary." But it's clear that Ofili has a thing for excrement, without regard to race or religion; another of his works on display features the names of such black superstars as James Brown and Diana Ross, neatly scripted on turds of their own. But what is offensive about the Mary piece are the little cut-outs of women's behinds plastered all over the canvas.... But the real outrage is the work of Jake and Dinos Chapman. Their artistic oeuvre is naked girls. They have taken department-store mannequins of little girls, festooned them with penises, and then added vaginas and anuses--the kind you might expect to see on a blow-up sex doll--in random places over their faces and bodies.... The caption for "Tragic Anatomies" asks the following: "What would the world be like if we were freed of all sexual inhibition? Do we falsely deny the existence of sexuality in children?" Why haven't the media reported on that? Is it because they've been focused on the feces? Maybe, but I think there's another reason. The critics and commentators don't want the real raw truth about this exhibit to get out, because they know that even they can't publicly defend Hustler-type photos or kiddie porn...."

The NY Post Robert Hardt Jr. Fredric Dicker 10/6/99 ".... Mayor Giuliani directed his latest salvo in the war with the Brooklyn Museum of Art at its director, who he said showed "possibly anti-religious attitudes." But Giuliani avoided saying the city would be more stringent in reviewing publicly financed exhibits in light of the controversy over a dung-doppled Virgin Mary. "We haven't had this problem elsewhere, so this may be some kind of individual problem coming from the executive director of this museum," Giuliani said of the museum's Arnold Lehman. "This may be a thing he likes to do." Giuliani cited a Rod Dreher column in yesterday's Post recalling Lehman's controversial past as director of the Baltimore Museum of Art. "That is something that we'll look into," Giuliani said. "If you have a penchant for attacking religion and wanting to use taxpayer dollars, I don't know. That's something that really has to be looked into." ...... "

Boston Herald 10/6/99 Don Feder "....Construction was begun on the Smithsonian's Indian museum on the Mall in Washington, D.C. The $110 million project (two-thirds paid by the taxpayer) is expected to attract 6 million visitors a year. The New York Times noted that the museum ``will not only celebrate and display continuing tribal cultures but work to set the record straight.'' The museum's director, Richard West, said the institution would be dedicated to ``presenting the Indian perspective.'' By ``Indian perspective,'' West means the fulminations of activists who think Columbus was the father of genocide and the 7th Cavalry was the Nazi S.S. on horseback. To emphasize the point, those attending the ceremony sang the anthem of the American Indian Movement, a militant gang best known for its terrorist action at the Pine Ridge Reservation in 1975, which left two FBI agents dead. The Smithsonian has passionately embraced the multiculturalist agenda. It sees all of history in the reflected light of the PC trinity - race, gender and class.....This dogmatism was most conspicuous in a 1995 exhibit on the end of World War II in the Pacific and the Hiroshima bombing. The original script (revised after protests by veterans) described the conflict as ``a war of revenge against the Japanese,'' who were ``fighting to preserve their culture against imperialism.'' It was as if the rape of Nanking, Pearl Harbor, the Bataan Death March, ``comfort women'' and other atrocities by the Imperial Army had never happened....... The Smithsonian's latest editing of history is its book ``Timelines of the Ancient World - A Visual Chronology From the Origins of Life to A.D. 1500.'' While major events in the development of Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam are meticulously detailed, the book moves from B.C. to A.D. without acknowledging the birth of Jesus. The spiritual revolution wrought by the Jewish people is similarly ignored. The Smithsonian was established in 1846 for the ``increase and diffusion of knowledge among men.'' Today, it exists to exhort. History becomes a self-criticism session, where the sins of the West, evils of capitalism and the toxicity of the Judeo-Christian tradition are confessed and atoned....."

Darrell Scott 10/3/99 Brent High Darrell Scott "....Friday morning I was reading the paper and noticed Darrell Scott (father of Rachel Scott, a student who was killed at Columbine High School) was coming to speak Sunday afternoon at Two Rivers Baptist Church in Nashville...... The service was unbelievable. Just five short months after the April 20 tragedy, Mr. Scott shared the 'untold' stories from Columbine, the stories the liberal media may never tell, the stories he has dedicated every waking moment of the rest of his life to sharing. He talked at length about the 12 students, including his daughter Rachel, who left this world on April 20. Of the 12 students who died, eight professed to be Christians. As Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris (the two gunmen)came down the hill behind the school to begin their assault, their first target was Mark Taylor. At the very moment bullets pierced Mark's body, he was witnessing to two of his friends about his relationship with Jesus Christ. They next turned their guns on Rachel. Three weeks earlier Rachel had witnessed to Dylan and Eric and warned them about the violent video games to which they seemed to be addicted. Their first shot hit Rachel in the leg. A second plowed through her back pack into her midsection knocking her to the ground. One of the gunmen walked over to where Rachel lay face down, still alive. He pulled her up by the hair of her head and asked, "Do you still believe in God?" "You know that I do," Rachel managed to reply. Immediately after her reply a bullet entered her temple. Mr. Scott shared the story of John Tomlin, another victim. John had been on mission trips to Mexico and was hungry to do more. During each school day he decided to do something small in hopes it might cause someone to think about spiritual things. He left his Bible open in the dash of his truck. At 4 A.M. one morning after the tragedy, Mr. Scott looked around as he was beginning an interview with NBC's Maria Shriver and noticed a circle of people around John's truck talking about the Bible in the dash . Mr. Scott spoke of his son, Craig, who escaped death after looking down the barrel of a gun. He escaped because his friend crouched next to him in the library. Isaiah Shoels, was black and a more desirable target for the two gunmen who hurled numerous racial slurs and put-downs in his direction before killing him execution-style. Cassie Bernall's story has received more national attention. She too answered the gunmen's question of "Do you believe in God?" in the affirmative, taking a bullet after her response. A national "She said yes" campaign has resulted from the statement she and Rachel made looking down the barrel of a gun. Rachel's funeral was broadcast in its entirety on CNN. Millions of viewers tuned in, making it the highest-rated broadcast in the network history. Bruce Porter brought the message, asking "Who will take the torch?" refering to the torch Rachel, Cassie, John, Mark and others had dropped. At that very moment a young man in Texas had a gun to his head, ready to take his own life. As he listened to Porter's plea and thoughts that followed, he lowered his gun from his head began to cry and pray for forgiveness. Not long ago he ran 1,000 miles from Little Rock, Arkansas to Washington, D.C. with a torch in his hand...... "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends if you do what I command. I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master's business. Instead I have called you friends, for everything from my Father I have made know to you. You did not choose me, but I have chosen you and appointed you to go and to bear fruit - fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name. This is my command: love each other." - John 15:13-17 In Him, Brent High, Youth Minister White House Church of Christ..." 10/5/99 Linda Bowles "....We are in a cultural war, and at the center of it is a major offensive against Christianity. Anyone who does not believe this is in denial. It is in-your-face obvious to those who read the paper, listen to the radio, watch television, or go to the movies -- and think about what messages are being delivered. The latest evidence of Christian bashing is the wise-off comment by Minnesota Gov. Jesse "The Mouth" Ventura in the current issue of Playboy. Flexing his monstrous ego, Ventura blurted out this bit of bigotry: "Organized religion is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people. ... It tells them to go out and stick their nose in other people's business." He expressed an intolerant, divisive view that has become the prevailing view of America's self-professed intellectual elite and the left-wing radicals who control the Democrat Party -- as well as a strong majority of the mainstream liberal media. ......This is not an academic argument. It has to do with the survival of any government "of the people." It has to do with the relationship between religion-based morality and self-government. Thomas Jefferson asked the question, "Can the liberties of a nation be sure when we remove their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are the gift of God?" John Adams put it this way: "We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." In Volume 1 of Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville observed that "... liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith." ...... " 10/5/99 Linda Bowles "....Two basic reasons underlie the attempt to separate America from its spiritual roots. First, the liberal goal of state socialism is incompatible with a citizenry who look to themselves and to God, rather than the state, for the satisfaction of their needs. Socialism requires that citizens do obeisance to the state as the Source from which all blessings flow. The supreme State can have no other God before it. The second reason for outlawing religion derives from the lobbying of those who wish their sins declared virtues. They seek the validation of the law, in the futile belief that the legal right to be wrong makes wrong right. The rationale of the anti-religious bigots in our society is that moral values such as are practiced by most mainstream religions, for example, Southern Baptists and Catholics, are, if you can believe it, un-Christian. This ill-begotten idea that Jesus wants us to forego distinctions between good and evil and right and wrong is so ludicrous as to be laughable. ..." 10/5/99 Linda Bowles "....While heathens are selling the idea that Christian love means stupidity, legal charlatans are using the First Amendment to protect public obscenity, pornography and flag-burning. They have no problem with anti-Christian hate speech framed as art and hung in the taxpayer-funded Brooklyn Museum, but are appalled at the idea of religious speech and expression, particularly in government schools, where children might be listening. They are advocates of a separation of state and religion and a marriage of state and anti-religious smut. The people are told by arrogant judges that moral discernment is equivalent to bigotry. They are advised that the Constitution does not grant people the right to establish the rules of civility and set the standards of decency by which they wish to live. The Constitution no longer protects us. It has become, in the hands of unaccountable, power-corrupted judges, an instrument of our oppression. It is time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country...." 10/6/99 Reuters "....The State Department has designated China, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar and Sudan as countries of particular concern for violations of religious freedom, making them liable for U.S. diplomatic and economic sanctions, spokesman James Rubin said Wednesday. The designations are the first under a procedure mandated by Congress in last year's Religious Freedom Act. The test is whether a government has "engaged in or tolerated particularly severe violations of religious freedom during the preceding 12 months.''...."

Frontpagemag 10/12/99 Michael Savage "……You know that I am talking about the disgraceful depiction of the Virgin Mary on display in the Brooklyn Museum of Art. But let me tell you, I'm not going to bow to this school of art that I have declared Dungism nor to its twisting of the Constitution. They will not rub our faces in their filth and get away with it; I guarantee you that. There will be a verbal holy war. A new verbal crusade. And, sooner or later, it's coming to a neighborhood near you. Be sure of it. The left and the decadent are very clever at twisting words to their own advantage. We know that. They are debasing the Catholic religion and calling it freedom of speech. If they get away with it now, they will move on to the Protestants, Jews and Muslims. Even the Muslim Koran respects the Virgin Mary. Maybe we should turn the Taliban loose on the museum directors to settle this matter. What are Christians waiting for? This is a very emotional topic with me. I'm going to march with the Catholics even though I'm not a Catholic. And I'm wearing a Catholic Rosary to show my opposition to this abomination in the museum. Museums are supposed to preserve the objective history of our nation and the world but might become tools of propaganda to move us toward a totalitarian, one-world order. Next they might show a Torah Scroll wrapped around dildos or the Muslim Koran covered with manure. It's all part of the scheme to debase and destroy religious faith and replace it with the idol of global totalitarianism. "When they came for the Catholics," were you silent because you were not Catholic? …."

AP via 10/12/99 Richard Carelli "…..The Supreme Court turned its back on three church-state disputes Tuesday, a triple dose of bad news for those who favor more government help for religious schools and enterprises. Far from settling anything, the rejected appeals are likely to fan the national debate over tuition vouchers and other financial help. One immediate result: Maine can continue subsidizing children who attend some private schools while denying such vouchers for those who go to religious schools. The justices also refused to let Pennsylvania exempt religious publications from sales taxes and rejected New York's effort to revive a public school district in a community of Hasidic Jews. The court's actions set no legal precedent, but drew immediate reaction from partisans. ``It certainly appears the justices are in no mood to use the current term to move the boundary markers on church-state separation,'' said the Rev. Barry Lynn of Americans United for Separation of Church and State……"

Business Wire [] 10/12/99 "…..The American Center for Law and Justice, an international public interest law firm, today filed suit in U.S. District Court in Birmingham against an Alabama school district on behalf of a student who has been told that she cannot openly display a cross necklace at school -- and could face severe disciplinary action if she continues to do so. "The school district's policy clearly violates the free speech and free exercise rights of our client by denying her the ability to express her faith through the visible wearing of the necklace," said Stuart J. Roth, ACLJ Southeast Regional Counsel, whose office is in Mobile. "The actions of the school district demonstrate a hostility toward religion. The policy is not only unlawful and unconstitutional -- it is absurd."

The ACLJ represents 11-year-old Kandice Smith, a 6th grade student at Curry Middle School in Walker County, Alabama. Kandice began wearing a cross necklace, a gift from her parents, to school this year as an outward sign of her Christian faith. The suit contends that Kandice, who lives in the city of Jasper, has been repeatedly told by school officials to hide the cross necklace inside her clothing because it violates a newly adopted mandatory dress code that includes a provision that states: "Neck jewelry should be restricted to around the neck and not hang outside of required shirt." ……The suit contends the school's policy is unconstitutional and violates the rights of freedom of speech, free exercise of religion, and her right to due process of law guaranteed by the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. Further, the suit contends the policy violates the Alabama Religious Freedom Amendment to the Constitution of the State of Alabama. ….."

Manchester Union Leader 10/12/99 BETSY HART "…..Imagine that a city used taxpayer dollars to fund an overtly religious exhibit on city-owned property, which certain folks found offensive. Say a creche at Christmas time. What would happen? Well of course we know from experience. The American Civil Liberties Union would quickly mount a legal fight to have it removed, maintaining it violated the so-called "wall of separation between church and state" guaranteed by the Constitution. That phrase appears nowhere in America’s founding documents, but no matter. The ACLU and its sister organizations have consistently used those grounds to wage and win battles to remove even the most benign and ecumenical religious symbols from public property. And they have opposed even the most indirect public funding of activities related to religious organizations, as in their fight against allowing tax-funded education vouchers to be used at religious schools. Now zero in on New York City. There the ACLU and its New York affiliate, the New York Civil Liberties Union, are in the middle of an imbroglio involving taxpayer dollars, a government-owned building and an important religious symbol. These groups and their allies are outraged. They’ve sponsored protests and candlelight vigils. They’ve claimed that the mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, is "trashing" the Constitution. Only in this case there is more than a little irony. In fact, there is outright hypocrisy. For here the Left’s indignation is aroused not because of a violation of their cherished separation-of-church-and-state doctrine. The Left is upset because New York City is yanking taxpayer funding of a so-called art exhibit that sits on city-owned property and that features a revered religious figure portrayed in a manner many find deeply offensive……"

YAHOO-NEWSWORLD-HEADLINES. 10/13/99 Philip Pullella "….. A bishop at a Vatican synod launched a broadside against Islam Wednesday, bluntly accusing Muslims of plotting to dominate Europe and de-Christianize the continent. Giuseppe Bernardini, a 72-year-old Italian who is archbishop of Izmir, Turkey, made his comments in a written address submitted to the Synod of European Bishops. Bernardini, who has lived in predominantly Muslim Turkey for 42 years, called on Pope John Paul to convoke a special Vatican meeting to deal with what he called ``the problem of Muslims in Christian countries.´´ Bernardini's words were among the harshest delivered against Islam inside the Vatican in recent memory and clashed openly with the Pope's policy of promoting Christian-Muslim dialogue. In his Italian address released by the Vatican press office, Bernardini said a Muslim leader once told him: ``Thanks to your democratic laws, we will invade you. Thanks to our religious laws, we will dominate you.´´ Bernardini continued in his own words: ``One can believe it because the domination has already begun.´´….."

The Washington Times 10/13/99 Stephen Dinan "…. The Hagerstown (Md.) Suns can continue to offer a $2 per ticket discount to churchgoing families that bring a church bulletin to special promotion games, a judge ruled yesterday in a discrimination lawsuit filed by an atheist. Attorneys for the plaintiff, Carl Silverman of nearby Waynesboro, Pa., and the minor-league baseball club both claimed a victory from the decision by Administrative Law Judge Georgia Brady. The Suns were pleased Judge Brady found the team hadn't discriminated in this case because the ticket taker for the Suns had offered Mr. Silverman the discount. "I'm elated that we did not give in to this bogus charge," said Suns General Manager David Blenckstone in a statement. He said the church promotions will continue. "Lawsuits like these are too common these days, and I hope this decision will make others feel more comfortable about defending themselves against ludicrous charges like this," he said. The Maryland chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union also claimed a victory, saying Judge Brady's ruling means the team cannot deny the discount to someone who doesn't have a bulletin, though they may advertise such a discount……"

WORLD Magazine 10/9/99 Lynn Vincent "….. More than a hundred gunshots had already ripped through the Wedgwood Baptist Church sanctuary when Jeremiah Neitz faced off with Larry Gene Ashbrook. Ashbrook pointed his hot Ruger 9-mm semiautomatic at Jeremiah. The 19-year-old pointed Ashbrook toward Jesus Christ. Standing a pew-length away from the man who had just murdered seven people because they were Christians, Jeremiah told Ashbrook: "What you need is Jesus Christ in your life." Ashbrook, a twisted loner, refused God's 11th-hour gospel offer and shot himself in the head. But that night, Jeremiah joined the Christians at Columbine in standing up for God while staring down the barrelof a gun…… Indeed, Jeremiah's prayerful posture irritated Ashbrook. By the time he spotted the youth, the shooter had already riddled the sanctuary with bullets and killed five more people. But witnesses say he appeared frustrated that most of his hostages did not cower before him in fear. Many, who could not see the dead and injured sprawled beneath the pews, believed Ashbrook was part of a scheduled skit (see WORLD, Oct. 2). Kids popped up from behind pews chanting, "Shoot me! Shoot me!" Muffled laughter rippled up from the floor of the auditorium. Standing in the back, Ashbrook lashed out at the praying Christian: "You believe in all this religious bull___? Your religion [expletive] sucks." "No, sir, it doesn't," replied Jeremiah, turning in his seat to face the gunman. "Yes, it does!" spat Ashbrook, becoming more agitated. "No, sir, it doesn't," repeated Jeremiah: "What you need is Jesus Christ in your life." Gunfire rang out as Ashbrook fired several more shots. But he did not fire at Jeremiah. Witnesses say Jeremiah's words seemed to shock and confuse Ashbrook. The gunman slumped down into a pew on the rear wall of the sanctuary, a look of disbelief on his face. When Ashbrook sat down, Jeremiah stood up. …… Then Ashbrook leveled his gun at Jeremiah's head. "Sir, you can shoot me if you want," Jeremiah said: "I know where I'm going-I'm going to heaven." …..When the next gunshot rang out, Mr. Hammond expected to see Jeremiah fall to the floor dead. Instead, Ashbrook had put his Ruger to his own head and fired a siege-ending bullet. …..Later, outside, as survivors sobbed and emergency lights spun over the post-shooting scene now so sickeningly familiar in America, Jeremiah collapsed in the grass. Youth pastor Hammond "was telling me I said that stuff. I just freaked out and fell out in the grass and laid there for like a minute or so. It just hit me what I had done." ….. In fact, Jeremiah's analysis of the face-off is somewhat like that of an extra who suddenly finds himself center-stage in a big-budget action sequence: ….. Why did he get down on the floor, but then get back up in the pew and sit down? "I don't know." What made him turn around and confront Ashbrook? "I don't know." Why didn't Ashbrook shoot you dead? "I don't know." These things, Jeremiah says, all just ... happened. As far as he's concerned, God stopped the gunman and used Jeremiah to tell Ashbrook about Jesus one last time. …."

Lynn Vincent "….In God's providential economy, maybe there's no such thing as a hero. Perhaps people who make sacrificial decisions in moments of crisis are more properly called "His instruments." If that's true, then God had many instruments on the night of Sept. 15 at Wedgwood Baptist Church in Fort Worth. Mary Beth Talley was willing to risk her life for a friend. The strawberry blond 17-year-old was passing out youth rally fliers, she says, when "all of a sudden this strange guy walks through the [foyer] doors and just starts shooting. I knew it was not the skit, because I was a part of the skit. I just shot through the sanctuary door." Mary Beth says she ran into the sanctuary instead of out of the church because her body "just shut off and I was on auto-pilot. I was just, like, 'Do this, do that.'" Mary Beth spotted Laura MacDonald and her daughter Heather inside the sanctuary. "I said, 'Laura there is a guy with a gun, we need to get down.' I just stayed down until it was over." Mary Beth "just stayed down," but she also may have saved Heather MacDonald's life. Heather, 18, has Down syndrome and even during Ashbrook's murderous rampage in the sanctuary, didn't understand she was in danger….."

WORLD Magazine 10/9/99 Senator Rick Santorum (PA) "….Ever since Alexis de Tocqueville, foreign observers have consistently noted that the United States is one of the most religious countries on the face of the planet. Year after year, Gallup polls reveal that nearly 90 percent of all Americans consider religion either "very important" or "fairly important." Yet at the same time we are increasingly reluctant to make critical moral distinctions. Whether things are true or false, right or wrong, good or evil doesn't seem to concern us very much any more-so long as we are all pleasant to each other and do nothing to call into question our collective self-esteem. How is it possible to believe in the existence of God yet refuse to express outrage when His moral code is flouted? To have faith in God, but to reject moral absolutes? To be a theist and a relativist, a traditionalist and a postmodernist-all at the same time? How is it possible to maintain liberty while banishing from the public square any reference to a transcendent moral code? It simply is not possible. In the view of our country's Founding Fathers and our greatest moral teachers, religion-and the truths to which religion points us-is essential to the success of the American experiment. If we are to resolve the problems that currently threaten to overwhelm us, we first must recover this traditional understanding of religion as the way in which we determine commonly agreed-on moral precepts….."

WORLD Magazine 10/9/99 Senator Rick Santorum (PA) "….The Founders hoped that the majority would never become so misled as to reject the existence of the "laws of nature and of nature's God." They constantly stressed the centrality of a divinely based moral code in instilling Americans with a sense of virtue. They regarded the newly created United States as an "experiment in ordered liberty." For the American experiment not to fail, it was necessary for the power of government to remain limited. Yet how could government power remain limited if people regularly lied and stole, cheated and killed? As Edmund Burke put it, "Society cannot exist unless a controlling power is put somewhere on will and appetite, and the less of it there is within, the more of it there must be without." ….."

WORLD Magazine 10/9/99 Senator Rick Santorum (PA) "….The Founders' understanding of the relationship between faith and freedom is embodied in the First Amendment to the Constitution. This was something new in the history of the world: a great country formally renouncing the very possibility of an official, state-sponsored and -supported church. But in no way did the Founders view this as hostility to religion. On the contrary, they understood that the surest way to corrupt a religion, to turn its spokesmen into cynical and self-seeking apologists for the status quo, is to involve it too closely in the affairs of state. If you want to know why America is such a religious country, why the disdain that we periodically feel for our elected officials does not rub off onto our religious institutions, why anti-clericalism is so potent in Europe but so insignificant here, look to the First Amendment….."


The Birmingham News 10/13/99 Val Walton ".... Attorneys for an 11-year-old girl filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against the Walker County school board, claiming the board's dress code violates the girl's right to wear her cross necklace as a sign of her Christian faith. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Birmingham, said that Kandice Smith, a sixth-grader at Curry Middle School, repeatedly has been told by school officials to hide her cross necklace inside her clothing because it violates the new dress code. Kandice faces discipline if she continues to wear her cross outside her clothes. The board adopted the dress code in August to lessen the effects of peer pressure and to keep students from wearing gang symbols. But the rule also keeps Kandice from spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, the suit contends. ....."

WORLD Magazine 10/16/99 Marvin Olasky "..... The perpetrators change-in 1990 it was Mapplethorpe in Cincinnati, now it's Ofili in Brooklyn-but throughout this decade, when religious protesters have attacked profane movies, plays, or art exhibitions, they have walked right into a media trap. The typical ploy is to put forth a "work of art" calculated particularly to outrage traditional Catholics (and sometimes evangelicals), who will respond on cue by demanding that the outrage be removed. At the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Oct. 2 opening of an exhibition featuring a dung-and-pornography-bedecked painting of "The Holy Virgin Mary" provoked a demonstration by 200 Catholic League supporters who passed out complimentary vomit bags. ..... The demonstrators played right into the choice vs. repression story. They would have been more effective by emphasizing that $7 million given to a perverse clique means that less money is available for art education in schools, or for more diverse exhibits elsewhere. They could have pointed out that government funding means less choice, not more, because it enables a small group of museum directors and their allies to decide what others will be able to see. Also, now that this exhibit is underway, Christians should propose that the museum next year have an exhibit of contemporary art that shows reverence for the Bible. I know a few Christian artists, including Tim High, a University of Texas art professor, who would be able to lend a hand. In the book of Esther, Mordecai realized that what the king of Persia had proclaimed was irreversible, so he looked for a counterweight. We should do the same in our pro-choice culture today. ..."

Strange Authors

Freeper TMH 10/12/99 "....I would like to broaden your items to include brief synopses of so-called bestsellers which, in reality, are thinly disguised propaganda for the worst sort of liberalism. I happen to have dipped into one of these horrors . . . and I regret it. The book is a 1998 spy novel by Daniel Silva--a New York Times bestseller--called THE MARK OF THE ASSASSIN. I've only gotten to page 100, but it is clear who's the hero and who's the villain. The hero is a woman lawyer, Elizabeth Cannon-Osbourne. She is the daughter of a Democratic senator named Cannon, and the employer of an HIV-positive clerk. Her big problem at the moment is that she can't have a baby (so, you see, she's a victim, too). The villain is a rich, somewhat short Caucasian entrepreneur who makes missile guidance systems. He is also a Christian who prays to God when alone. But when he's not praying to God, he is manipulating a weak Republican president. What this Christian villain is trying to do is make gobs of money by building a Star Wars protective umbrella over the United States. He seems to be well on his way to that goal thanks to his association with international terrorists, cocaine dealers, and other greedy, criminal industrialists. The book is basically a liberal's nightmare of what the world would be like if it weren't for the ACLU, the Democratic Party, and other liberal organizations . . . and, good Lord, it seems to be highly praised by innumerable newspapers: The San Francisco Examiner, the Los Angeles Daily News, the Chicago Tribune, the New York Post, the Kirkus Reviews, the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Chattanooga Times, the Naples Daily News, the Independent (Kansas City), and the Home News Tribune. Based on the first 100 pages, however, one has to wonder about all these so-called reviewers, because Silva is actually an agenda-driven liberal, knee deep in the cultural wars, hoping, no doubt, to spread his poison in some not too distant Hollywood movie. He appears to be, in fact, not unlike the Christian villain of his novel...."

Washington Times 10/19/99 Hugh Aynesworth ".....Texas Stacie and Todd Bagley, both in their mid-20s, were known around the Texas towns adjacent to this big Army base [Fort Hood Texas] as a deeply religious, selfless couple who often went out of their way to help those in difficulty, particularly teen-agers..... One unidentified suspect said he didn't know which made Mr. Vialva more angry: the shouting, the kicking or the preaching. But he said, "I think it unnerved Chris, all that stuff about God and all." FBI Agent Daniel Chadwick said Mr. Vialva and three others poured lighter fluid over the car and set it afire as Mr. Vialva opened the trunk and shot the Bagleys at point-blank range. ...... "

The Asheville Tribune 10/15-22/99 Vol 3 No 40 "....As 40 sixth-graders from Carolina Day School sat in observation of local government in action, Asheville Mayor Leni Sitnick announced a proclamation for what she called "Earth Religion Awareness Week." The Chamber was well attended by members of the Wicca community (commonly referred to as witches), and their children, who were called to the front of the Chamber as the Mayor came down from the bench to meet them at the speaking podium. The group of mostly young children were then led in a spiritual song by their head priestess, who was dressed in a long black one piece robe tied off with a rope, and had a pentigram necklace draping her front...."

T The Asheville Tribune 10/15-22/99 Vol 3 No 40 "....The song offered praise toward "the goddess" as other City Council members sat stern faced. The Mayor's proclamation read as follows:: WHEREAS, Earth Religions are among the oldest spiritual systems on the planed; and ...... HEREAS, Asheville prides itself on being a center of religious tolerance and diversity; and WHEREAS, October holds one of the most significant holy days for several earth -based religions as well as the New Year for many; and WHEREAS, Let the end of October reflect the positive contributions of Earth Religions to our community. NOW, THEREFORE, I, Leni Sitnick, Mayor of the City of Asheville do hereby proclaim week of October 25, 1999 through November 1, 1999, as "Earth Religion Awareness Week." The Mayor, apparently with the support of the entire City Council, made the decision in recognition of the growing population of Wickens and other pagan practitioners....." 10/19/99 Lawrence Morahan "....A Denver couple has filed a federal lawsuit that challenges a city order barring them from holding more than one prayer meeting a month at their home. The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), an international public interest law firm, filed suit in U.S. District Court in Denver on behalf of David and Diane Reiter, who were ordered to limit the number of prayer meetings they hold at their private residence to one a month. The lawsuit claims a cease-and-desist order issued by the city zoning office was unconstitutional. It also contends the Reiters were the victims of religious hostility...... "

Enter Stage Right 10/18/99 Joe Roessler "....The liberal war on religion in America is evident in daily life. In public schools, Christmas holidays are no longer referred to as Christmas vacation but to pagan terms such as Winter Break. Christmas concerts or the politically correct term "Winter Program," in public schools cannot make any references to Jesus or Christmas. In the name of multiculturalism Hanukkah and Kwanza are mentioned regularly and as well as it's songs being sung. Gone from the program lists are Silent Night, Oh Holy Night, We Three Kings and any Christmas songs that refer to Jesus or Christmas with religious intonation. The Pledge of Allegiance is no longer recited in many public schools because it contains the words "One Nation under God." Patriotic songs such as Irving Berlin's "God Bless America" are banned because of the song's reference to who? God. Today's children do not know what inspired Irving Berlin to write that song or know who Irving Berlin is. Nativity scenes are banned from public parks. In places where crosses have stood for years, atheists and the ACLU have joined forces and sued to have them removed...."

Enter Stage Right 10/18/99 Joe Roessler "....State invoked atheism has taken a foothold in America where legislation must occur to do something innocent as to post the Ten Commandments in schools and public buildings. Students have to resort to suing in courts to be able to say a prayer at football games or commencement ceremonies. The paranoia of religion is so pathetic that a memorial tile to the slain students at Columbine could not contain any reference to religion due to a fear of lawsuits. The ACLU and the courts will force school districts to accept gay clubs and turn right around and forbid a song with religious overtone to be sung at a graduation ceremony. Atheists sue school districts to forbid student religious clubs to hold meetings after hours in public school buildings. Liberals are going after municipalities that allow Boy Scouts to hold meetings in city owned facilities because of Boy Scouts affirmation in belief of God. Not only do they want to banish the Boy Scouts from using public facilities but also recent New Jersey State Supreme Court ruling is forcing the Boy Scouts to accept gay scoutmasters. The liberals do not bother to hear opinions and reasons from parents of boys who may be affected by these rulings. Instead they label those parents as "homophobic bigots."....."

Enter Stage Right 10/18/99 Joe Roessler "....During the Cold War, a Defense Department training film showed how Marxists taught children atheism and dependency on the state. By today's standard it would be laughable as propaganda but the substance of the film is rather frightening. It showed a young boy sitting at a school desk and a teacher tells him to pray to God for an apple. The young boy looks upward, folds his hands in prayer, closes his eyes and starts to pray. After he is done praying he opens his eyes and looks at his desk and sees there is no apple. The teacher tells him to pray again and see if God will listen this time. After the young boy is done praying still there is no apple sitting on the desk despite praying to God twice. Then the teacher tells the young boy to pray to the state for an apple. The young boy closes his eyes and prays to the state. While he is praying to the state, the teacher puts an apple on the desk and when the boy opens his eyes after completing his prayer, ALAS! The state had delivered what he had prayed for. Not only has the Nanny State replaced parents, but its replaced God! The techniques shown from this Cold War film is all too familiar......"

Enter Stage Right 10/18/99 Joe Roessler "....Why is discrimination against religion tolerable? A liberal counterpart in debate years ago told this writer that there was nothing wrong with prejudice against religious people. As far as he was concerned this type of discrimination should be legal and never be outlawed. To him religion is a matter of choice and anything associated with choice was subject to discrimination. He rehashed all the persecution done by religious groups (all Catholic or Christian) throughout history. To him and many of his counterparts in our discussion panel, if you are a liberal, two wrongs do make a right when it comes to discrimination against religions and religious individuals. Multiculturalism is sanctioned as long as it omitted any reference to religion....."

Oklahoman Online 10/16/99 John Mallon ".....THE headline of a press release from the Catholic League for Religious Rights put it starkly: "Columbine Religious Art Nixed Due to Lack of Dung." At issue is what has become a double standard in our "culture" (if indeed it can still be called that). Two families of the Columbine High School massacre victims are forced to sue the school over the school's objection to a ceramic tile bearing the simple image of a flower and a cross. At least one Columbine victim qualifies as a genuine Christian martyr, shot to death after confessing her belief in God to an inquiring gunman. The school fears the simple religious symbol of that for which she died might "offend" someone. Offend who? I can't think of any member of an authentic world religion -- Moslem, Jew, Buddhist, whatever -- who would be offended by honoring the deaths of Christian students (through their families, no less) with a Christian symbol in the public building in which they were murdered. How sad that officials failed to grasp the meaning of the students' deaths. .....Who would be offended? The radical ideologues attempting to control public discourse in this country. Those who exalt publicly sponsored blasphemy, like a dung smeared, pornography laced portrayal of the Virgin Mary as "art" -- and who invoke "free speech" if anyone objects. But it's a violation of separation of church and state to honor slain students with a cross on a small ceramic tile....."

Oklahoman Online 10/16/99 John Mallon ".....Another double standard: Oct. 11 was declared "National Coming Out Day" by the "Human Rights Campaign." .....Everything coincided with the first anniversary, Oct. 12, of the fatal beating of Matthew Shepard; a tragedy exploited to promote laws prosecuting accused criminals for their presumed motives rather than their heinous actions. Interesting. Why have no liberal voices called the Columbine and Fort Worth shootings, which especially targeted Christians, "hate crimes" -- instead exploiting them for more gun control legislation? Why are civic officials intimidated by liberal voices that "might" be offended over Christian symbols to honor Christian victims? Or is it the tragic Matthew Shepard who is now the true martyr of new politically correct ideologies which elevate themselves to quasi-religious status? ....."

Ottawa Sun 10/17/99 R Cort Kirkwood ".....They're calling it art, and they're saying it's a debate of artistic expression. At least that's what they would have you believe from reading the news stories about the painting of the Virgin Mary at a museum in New York. But it isn't a simple matter of art and free speech. It's a matter of right and wrong, of the war between the Good and Evil...... Yet Giuliani, however right he was, isn't the first to confront this kind of unclad blasphemy. A few years ago, taxpayers learned they were subsidizing another artist who dreamed up a piece of trash called Piss Christ, a crucifix suspended in a jar of the artist's urine. Then there are the anti-Christian, or more specifically, anti-Catholic, movies and plays, which may feature anything from a simple anti-Catholic insult to images of Jesus Christ having sex with his apostles....... A Disney program about a Catholic priest had its cleric declaring a "moratorium on sexual sins, meaning he was one priest who had enough of the Church's teaching on matters of sexual morality." Most recently, a "Catholic" character on Saturday Night Live has been parlayed into a movie in which nuns are made to look like idiots....."

Ottawa Sun 10/17/99 R Cort Kirkwood "..... The liberals want us to believe such "art" is simple and amusing "irreverence," their favourite word for anything profoundly offensive to Christians. That raises the question, of course, of what the liberals would think if a white man painted a portrait of Martin Luther King, adorned the image with horse manure, and festooned it with images of male genitalia. They wouldn't be talking irreverence then. They would be talking racism. The double standard aside, even those who abhor what travels under the name of art don't understand what is at stake. One conservative writer says these artists are expressing their "anger" at Mother Church. Anger? Hardly. This is out and out hatred, and the purpose isn't to express a legitimate grievance, but to register naked contempt for the Church because of her teachings, and to undermine those teachings among the faithful as anachronistic, unfair, sexist, homophobic and an embarrassment...."

Ottawa Sun 10/17/99 R Cort Kirkwood ".....Today, Christians in general and Catholics in particular are in the midst of a war to protect their Church, and sadly enough, some of them don't know it. If what appears in entertainment isn't proof of that war, perhaps an ugly act of sacrilege a few years ago is: Homosexual zealots showed up at the communion rail at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York, and after receiving the Body of Christ, threw Him to the floor to step on Him. Again, that wasn't anger; that was unadulterated evil...... when called upon to defend themselves as Catholics or Christians to defend the Faith, they know not what to say or do..."

WorldNetDaily 10/18/99 Father Vincent Fitzpatrick ".... I can remember the exact date, March 17, 1993, because while I was vesting for early-morning weekday Mass, I asked the 8-year-old altar boy about the saint of the day. "How about a quiz? Do you know who Saint Patrick was?" "No," he said, which didn't surprise me. After all, he was only eight, and German. "Well, if it weren't for Saint Patrick, I probably wouldn't be Catholic. He was a bishop and a missionary, and he brought the Catholic Faith to Ireland." The little boy's eyes grew, as they say, as big as saucers. "How could he be a saint?" he asked, with real amazement. "What do you mean? Why couldn't he?" "You said he was a missionary!" "Yeah, he was a missionary," I said, totally baffled. "I thought missionaries were bad." A couple of questions more, and I knew that this little Catholic child, whose own mother was an exemplary, active Catholic, a CCD teacher, had learned in public school that missionaries were violent, oppressive characters who fanned out from Europe for many centuries, in order to destroy people and cultures around the world. Public school. In a small, very small, North Dakota town, where the public school is probably as "accountable" to parents as a public school can be. The kind of "locally controlled" public school that parents would be the last to suspect is teaching their children that the Christian religion and its missionaries are just one among many evils spread around the world by an imperialistic, racist European culture....."

WorldNetDaily 10/18/99 Father Vincent Fitzpatrick "....How many Catholic parents would allow a newspaper published by the government into their homes, if it taught their children that God is not to be mentioned outside of home or church, if it contained pictures and articles describing natural and unnatural sex acts, if it taught them that Marilyn Monroe deserves 16 pages in a history of the United States, while George Washington deserves one? And if it told them that Christian "missionaries are bad"? Yet Catholic parents, who would throw such a government-owned newspaper in the trash, send their children to government-owned buildings for six or more hours a day, twelve years of their lives, to read government-prescribed books and be taught government-prescribed lessons......"

Jews for Morality 9/22/99 David Ben-Ammi "....What's wrong with secular Jews? Have you ever had an uncle who was a hopeless alcoholic, who constantly embarrassed you in public? That's how I feel about my secular relatives in the American Jewish community. Every time I hear about America's "culture war", guess who is on the side of the devil - my secular Jewish relatives: the American Jewish Congress, Hadassah, the ADL, and all the rest. Abortion, "gay rights", pornography - they're all for it. On the other hand, they vigorously oppose any moral, religiously-based initiative in public life: the Ten Commandments, school prayer, creation as an alternative to evolution - they're all against it. As an Orthodox Jew, I was taught that our mission was to be a "Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation.... A light unto the Nations." Are these lost Jews truly the descendents of that great people who entered into a solemn covenant with G-D in the desert of Sinai? How could we have sunk so low that we now are an example of utter moral depravity before the nations of the world. "American Jews, alert to Christian anti-Semitism, are in danger of forgetting that it was the pagans - the Babylonians and the Romans - who destroyed the temples and twice imposed exile on the Jewish people." -Irving Kristol, ibidem ....."

Jews for Morality 9/22/99 David Ben-Ammi "....The suspension of the Bible's moral barriers made possible all the atrocities of Hitler and Stalin. Both the Third Reich and the Soviet State identified the Bible and its teachers as primary enemies. If G-D is really "dead", by what authority do we say that any particular practice is prohibited or permitted? The greatest threat to the Jewish community today is not anti-Semitism but intermarriage at a rate that exceeds 50%. No community can survive if it is persuaded - or even if it suspects - that its members are leading meaningless lives in a meaningless universe. "I reluctantly conclude, atheists cannot be good citizens." Richard John Neuhaus, Can Atheists be Good Citizens? ..."

United Press International 10/19/99 ".....The 11th U.S. District Court of Appeal in Atlanta heard oral arguments Tuesday on whether students can give messages of their own composition, that could include a prayer, during graduation ceremonies at Jacksonville, Fla., schools. Attorneys for the plaintiffs argued the procedure violates a 1993 U. S. Supreme Court ruling outlawing school prayer. They maintain that since the graduation exercises are held in facilities provided and paid for by the school board, including any religious content is covered by the constitution requirement for the separation of church and state. The hearing lasted about one hour. The court will rule on the matter later. It is anticipated that regardless of the decision, the case will be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court......"

The Washington Post 10/20/99 Hanna Rosin ".... The U.S. Catholic bishops today will launch their most extensive campaign for political influence, distributing millions of election guides urging the nation's 61 million Catholics to get involved in the 2000 races. The guide, "Faithful Citizenship: Civic Responsibility for a New Millennium," which will be mailed to churches around the country in the next month, does not promote specific candidates. But it does urge Catholic voters to choose candidates who comply with the church's position on issues including abortion, the death penalty, concern for the poor and international debt relief. ....The message is that the electorate has been lulled by a robust economy into forgetting their moral responsibility. "We are at an age where it is possible not to think about values because for so many Americans things are going so well," said Archbishop Theodore McCarrick of Newark. "But we want them to know that as American Catholics, we want them to vote thoughtfully, with values in mind." ...."

Washington Weekly 10/6/99 James Traficant "...Mr. Speaker, a football team in Texas was overheard saying a prayer. My colleagues guessed it, now there is a lawsuit to ban football players in high school from praying. Unbelievable. Mr. Speaker, even though the First Amendment states Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion, children cannot pray in school. School functions cannot mention God. Now football teams cannot pray. What is next? Are they going to ban the Hail Mary pass in football? Beam me up. A Nation that outlaws God, so help me God, is inviting the Devil. I yield back the trampled rights of the majority of the American people....."

Washington Weekly 10/4/99 James Traficant "...Mr. Speaker, it is not just about the Virgin Mary splattered with cow manure; it is about common decency. The Brooklyn Museum of Art is displaying a portrait of a pedophile that features the handprints of the children he murdered. Think about it: on display in New York City, the handprints of America's murdered children. Beam me up, Mr. Speaker. This is not freedom of expression; this is stone cold promotion of garbage. Congress should be supporting Mayor Giuliani's attempt to stop public funding of this type of trash. I yield back the handprints of America's murdered children on display in the great City of New York...."

The Washington Times (1995) TC Ruthford "..... I remember the Nazis. Let me share a little about them and recall some of their exploits. First of all, "Nazi" was gutter slang for the verb "to nationalize". The Baader-Meinhoff gang gave themselves this moniker during their early struggles. The official title of the Nazi Party was "The National Socialist Workers Party of Germany". Hitler and the Brownshirts advocated the nationalization of education, health care, transportation, national resources, manufacturing, distribution, and law enforcement........ Being a Nazi was politically correct. They called themselves "The Children of the New Age of World Order" and looked down their noses at everyone else. As Hitler accrued more power, he referred to his critics as "The Dark Forces of Anarchy and Hatred". Anyone who questioned Nazi high-handedness in the German press was branded a "Conservative Reactionary". ........"

The Washington Times (1995) T C Ruthford "..... The Nazi reign of terror began with false news reports on the Jews, Bohemians and Gypsies who were said to be arming themselves to overthrow the "New World Order" and Hitler demanded that all good people register their guns so that they wouldn't fall into the hands of "terrorists and madmen". ....Then the Reichstag (government building) was blown up and Hitler ram-rodded an "Emergency Anti-Terrorist Act" through Parliament that gave the Gestapo extraordinary powers. The leader then declared that for the well-being of the German people, all private firearms were to be confiscated by the Gestapo and the Wermotten (federal law enforcement and military). German citizens who refused to surrender their guns when the "jack-boots" (Gestapo) came calling, were murdered in their homes...... When the Policia Bewakken, or local police, refused to take away guns from townsfolk, they themselves were disarmed and dragged out into the street and shot to death by the S.A. and the S.S...... "

The Washington Times (1995) TC Ruthford "..... The Gestapo began to confiscate and seize the homes, businesses, bank accounts, and personal belongings of wealthy conservative citizens who had prospered in the old Republic.......Public schools rewrote history and Hitler youth groups taught the children to report their parents to their teachers for anti-Nazi remarks. Such parents disappeared. Pagan animism became the state religion of the Third Reich and Christians were widely condemned as "right wing fanatics"......Evil was declared as being good, and good was condemned as being evil. World Order was coming and the German people were going to be the "peacekeepers". Yes, indeed, I remember the Nazis and they weren't Republicans, or "right wing", or "patriots" or "militias". They were Socialist monsters....."

Village Voice 10/20/99 Frank Owen "..... Though his fellow Catholics didn't recognize him, New Jersey native Kevin Smith- director of the controversial new religious comedy Dogma they'd come to voice outrage against- had briefly walked among them. Smith, a lifetime adherent of the Church of Rome, has defended Dogma as "a love letter to both faith and God," albeit filtered through a sensibility combining National Lampoon's Animal House with Monty Python. Nonetheless, a couple of hours earlier, hundreds of angry but peaceful protesters- fired up by a description of a movie featuring a female descendant of Jesus who works in an abortion clinic and a jive-talking 13th apostle (played by Chris Rock) who claims Christ was black- besieged the glittery premiere of his new picture, singing hymns, chanting prayers, and giving speeches denouncing "the dominant culture of impiety and blasphemy." "Dogma is a blasphemous movie that mocks and scorns everything that is holy to Catholics," protest leader Raymond Drake, president of the Protestant-sounding American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property, told the Voice outside the cinema. "If (Kevin Smith) is a good Catholic, he wouldn't make a movie like this." ...Ask most ordinary Catholics, and they'll tell you anti-Catholicism as a significant factor in American life ended around the time John F. Kennedy got elected. But if you trust the assorted wisdom of Cardinal O'Connor, the New York Post, and the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, there's a resurgent wave of anti-Catholicism sweeping the nation- "the only fashionable bigotry left," according to Senator Bob Smith of New Hampshire....."

Joseph Sobran 5/99 ".... In our time the Jews are defined less by ancestry than by "anti-Semitism," which is cited for many purposes, including the legitimation of the state of Israel. Most Zionists no longer claim that God gave the Holy Land to the Jews; instead they contend that the Jewish state is necessary as a haven for world Jewry. According to this modern myth, the Jews are in no way responsible for their own unpopularity from ancient times. What, then, is the source of such persistent hostility to this fundamentally innocent people? Why, the Catholic Church, of course! ...... The smear of Pius XII - and of the Church - persists, and will no doubt continue indefinitely, in the endless campaign to make Christianity and anti-Semitism synonymous. Wistrich barely acknowledges that the diplomatic Pius may have feared that a more explicit condemnation of Nazism would have backfired not only against the Church, but against the Jews themselves. Besides, if papal condemnations of Communism had failed to deter the persecution of Christians, how could Pius expect papal animadversions against Nazism to be any more efficacious? Even American Jewish groups refrained from denouncing the Shoah during the war, for fear that speaking publicly about it might do more harm than good. This policy of silence has resulted in bitter recriminations between American and European Jews, but it has discouraged few Jews on either continent from blaming Pius for saying too little....... "

Conservative News Service 10/19/99 Jim Burns "....Congressman Henry Bonilla (R-TX) along with Congressman Charles Stenholm (D-TX) have introduced a "sense of the Congress" resolution expressing the belief that prayers and invocations at public school sporting events are indeed constitutional. A federal court last April ruled that the "establishment clause of the First Amendment prohibits the Santa Fe (Texas) independent school district from conducting a school sponsored invocation before football games." The decision affects school districts in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Bonilla told a Capitol Hill news conference Tuesday, "High school football is a family tradition in many communities and especially in Texas. It's also a tradition to start the games with a prayer." Bonilla also said that the legislation "notes that prayer contributes to the moral foundation of America and is part of our heritage. Prayer contributes to the development of character and instilling sportsmanship." Bonilla then pulled a quarter out of his pocket and said, " If I can pull a quarter out of my pocket and read 'In God We Trust,' how the courts stop our children from asking God to watch over them as they play a little football on Friday night." ...." 10/20/99 Dennis Peacocke ".....The recent controversies in New York City over "Mary-bashing," and "Gospel-bashing," using stool-laden art and semi-obscene movies to do it, raises a number of very interesting questions. One of them is: Do Christians have any human rights? In modern America, the answer increasingly appears to be "No." A friend of mine was nearly fired recently for describing an Asian man, whom he was trying to identify for someone who inquired about him, as an "oriental." But the Virgin Mary can swim in elephant dung in a publicly paid for art museum with no consequences to anyone. You can't use slang words publicly at work about homosexuals, but movies can portray Jesus or His followers as adulterers, fornicators, pedophiles, or "gay." No foul here because that speech is First Amendment art and therefore not personal but generic. "Hate crime speech" is spoken against everywhere, but "hate crime" ridicule against Christians is subtly encouraged throughout the culture...." 10/20/99 Dennis Peacocke ".....Why don't the plantation owners ridicule the Black Muslims in speech, film, and art? Why don't the plantation owners ridicule and submerge Buddha or Gandhi in urine or dung and call their followers sexual predators? Why don't the plantation owners depict the pedophiles luring away helpless children or the "gay" urinating on each other as is commonly discussed in some of their literature? Why don't the plantation owners start mocking Allah or make ludicrous films about the Shiite Muslims? And let's hear it for more side-slapping ridicule of the straight white husband routinely portrayed on TV as a wussy-fool led by his wife and constantly outwitted by his kids. We all know why the plantation owners of America don't do these things (except the last one)! It's because those groups would rise up and kick their tails regardless of what the Supreme Court did or didn't do! ...."

Nando Times 10/20/99 Claire Cooper ".....Withdrawing a decision that allowed religious landlords to refuse to rent to unwed couples, a federal appeals court Tuesday sent the case to an enlarged panel of judges for reconsideration.......In January, a panel of three 9th Circuit judges broke new legal ground by ruling in an Alaska case that freedom of religion trumps state and local laws against housing discrimination based on marital status or sexual orientation. For the first time the ruling created a "hybrid" constitutional right by combining freedom of speech and property rights to give new legal protection to religiously grounded housing discrimination. Such discrimination may be wrong, the court said, but, unlike race discrimination or sex discrimination, it violates no "firm national policy" that would warrant government interference with a religious practice......"

MSN.COM and 10/22/99 Susan McCarthy "..... Why must presidential candidates drone on about their values and their faith when they should know how annoying it is? It's no excuse that everyone thinks everyone else should have better values. Most Americans tell pollsters that the nation's moral problems are worse than its economic problems, so politicians imagine that if we see them coming out of church or hear them ranting about values, we'll think they can fix the situation. In truth, the public isn't that easy to fool.....Experts agree that religion is only a useful selling point if it's some variety of Protestant Christianity, so Catholics, Jews, Muslims and members of other faiths might as well shut up. To say nothing of atheists. Atheism is my family tradition - third generation on my father's side..."

World Magazine 10/22/99 Gene Veith "....Most political leaders still pay at least lip service to "organized religion," but many don't let it stand in their way. President Clinton, despite his sexual adventures, is a Southern Baptist. Vice President Gore has impeccable Bible Belt affiliations, but he buys into the worldview of environmentalist Gaia-worshipping extremists. Both men support abortion, as do a great many congressional members of pro-life churches. Many Catholic lawmakers are stalwart defenders of abortion, despite the strong opposition of their church. The same is true of certain members of Protestant evangelical churches, of both parties. The point is, American culture has come to the point where many of its political leaders are open about feeling no responsibility or accountability to a power higher than themselves....If the leader chooses his own beliefs (Mr. Bradley) or is so "strong" that he doesn't need religion (Mr. Ventura) or has a religion but doesn't let it influence his views (pro-abortion Catholics and evangelicals), he is making himself sovereign. Such leaders become the only source of the laws they make, with no transcendent moral limits to their power. They have a worldview that equips them to be tyrants.

The Nando Times 10/22/99 Lance Gay ".....If artists can display pictures of a dung-encrusted Virgin Mary in a Brooklyn art gallery, 41 members of Congress say they can't understand why anyone could take offense if they spearhead a campaign to post the Ten Commandments in capitals and courthouses across the country. So these 41 lawmakers on Thursday joined in New York's raging culture wars by taking the pledge to install framed copies of the Ten Commandments in their Capitol offices. They plan to work with the conservative Family Research Council to install the documents in any schools, courtrooms or statehouses that want them....... Rep. Mark Souder, R-Ind., said he doesn't understand the objections. "We're not asking taxpayer funding for this," he said. "I don't understand what they feel the threat is." Souder, who has marble scrolls of the Ten Commandments on his office desk, also accused civil liberties activists of having "an incredible double-standard." He noted that they support the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York, which has on display a portrait of the Virgin Mary marked with elephant dung, while they oppose those who want to put the Ten Commandments on their walls....."We're doing this without blush or embarrassment," Parshall said. "This is a reminder for our nation that the Ten Commandments belong in the public square." ....Rep. Mike McIntyre, D-N.C., said the campaign is supported by conservative Democrats as well. He noted that the words "In God We Trust" are engraved on the speaker's podium in the House chamber, and Moses is the only plaster relief on the House wall of historic lawgivers who is shown full-face and not in profile. "The Ten Commandments," he said, "is already the fundamental legal code for the laws of the United States." ..."

Dayton Daily News 10/22/99 Dave Lance "....Unsatisfied with an out-of-court settlement, London High School football coach Dave Daubenmire is out for blood. The American Civil Liberties Union's blood. "I'm not sure that as an American citizen I'm going to let this lie," Daubenmire said. "I'm going to take a hard look at litigation "I think the ACLU has violated my rights." What has Daubenmire so upset is the lawsuit the ACLU filed last June on behalf of parents of London players. They complained that Daubenmire was leading his players in prayer, thus violating the law that separates church and state. Daubenmire has admitted his guilt, but said he stopped the prayer sessions last year once he found out it was against the law. The settlement agreed upon Monday prohibits Daubenmire from leading prayer sessions or other religious activities while coaching or teaching....."

WORLD Magazine 10/30/99 Anne McCain Susan Oasky "....Placing 1, 2, and 3 on the bestseller charts, children's literature sensation Harry Potter increasingly descends into darkness, raising concerns of parents and school boards around the country. Moral ambiguity and alienation of youth are strong themes in the series, which are wrongly marketed as modern successors to The Chronicles of Narnia. Unlike biblical stories, in Potter's world bad things seem to happen for no reason.......The big debate in literary circles last month was whether children's books should be eligible for the prestigious Times list; a win, place, and show by one author brings out the envy in many. The newly emerging question, though, is whether Harry's world is a good one for the intended 8- to 12-year-old audience. The American Library Association is now reporting four serious challenges-in South Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota, and New York-to use of the books in schools. On Oct. 12, the South Carolina Board of Education agreed to review the suitability of all three Harry Potter books for classroom use. Elizabeth Mounce, a parent who addressed the board, said, "The books have a serious tone of death, hate, lack of respect, and sheer evil." A member of the board, Clarence Dickert, agreed, saying that "censorship is an ugly word, but it is not as ugly as what I've heard this morning." ....."

United Press International 10/21/99 Lisa Burgess "....Representatives of more than 500 Muslim taxi drivers are asking Department of Transportation officials to lift a ban that prevents them from offering group prayers at Reagan National Airport in Washington. Cab drivers held a press conference at the airport Thursday to highlight the ban, ordered March 10 by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. ``The drivers pay money to the airport every time they take a trip from here,'' said Nihad Awad, executive director of the Washington-based Council on Islamic Relations. ``We are asking the airport to be accommodating....Our drivers deserve to pray, and in safe areas.'' ...."

Libertarian Party 10/24/99 "….. A threat by an Alabama school to disciplinean 11-year-old girl for wearing a cross necklace shows why you can't trust government schools to protect religious freedom, the Libertarian Party said today. "Students go to school to learn -- but what kind of lesson do they learn when the government says that wearing a cross is a crime?" asked Steve Dasbach, the party's national director. "It seems the lesson of the day in Alabama is Religious Intolerance 101." Earlier this month, attorneys for Kandice Smith, a sixth-grader at Curry Middle School in Walker County, Alabama, filed a lawsuit in federal court to overturn what they called an "unconstitutional" dress code. …."

AP 10/28/99 "….Over 100,000 Muslims in Nigeria's northern Zamfara state attended a mass celebration marking the state's historic adoption of Islamic law. The outdoor ceremony, held Wednesday in the state capital of Gusau, ushers in sharia - fundamentalist Islamic law - for the first time in a Nigerian state. The new measures, put in place by Zamfara's Governor Ahmed Sani, included segregating men and women on public transport throughout the state...."

Calgary Sun 10/28/99 Linda Slobodian "…..The call, like these types usually are, was anonymous. The gentleman was decidedly not impressed. "I find it really interesting, your opinion about this Billy Graham and his son (Franklin) thing," he fumed. "I don't think you guys have done your homework . Have you checked this guy's previous record? What the guy's gone through? Addictions and everything else. "Why do you think they put on all these big religious festivals? Where do they get all their money?" It troubled him that "they have big concerts, play nice music and make people emotional. "Just do your homework before you publish stuff, before you give a front page to Graham." We did our homework. That's exactly why Graham was on the front page -- surrounded by a bunch of happy, cherub-faced children who helped kick off the Operation Christmas Child campaign, which helps hurting kids worldwide, no matter what their faith. By gosh, it doesn't get much seedier than that, now does it? And what of the thousands of terribly misled Calgarians who worked tirelessly to get Graham here for Calgary Festival '99 -- despite his dark past, the one where he smoked cigarettes and drank scotch. Way back 25 or so years ago when he wasn't much more than a kid. He's made such a great effort to hide it, he's written about it in his book Rebel With a Cause, and willingly talks to the media about tossing those things out of his life --giving all the credit to God. Quite frankly, anyone who has wrestled with anything and overcome, and then uses their experience to try to inspire others, has a lot more credibility than someone who hasn't….."

Chattanooga Free Press 10/24/99 "….In our "Bible Belt" section of the South, most homes have not just one but several copies of the Bible. Some are worn, dog-eared and underlined from daily use. Others may be a little dusty. But Bibles are readily available. It may be surprising, therefore, to read that throughout the world, demands for Bibles go far beyond their availability. In China, the world's most populous nation with an estimated 1.2 billion people, there are said to be only 30 million Bibles for the 80 million to 100 million Christians there. Some Chinese Christians face persecution or at least severe restrictions -- but their demand for Bibles is large and growing……"

Newsweek 10/25/99 "….Forty percent of all Americans and 45 percent of Christians believe that the world will end, as the Bible predicts, in a battle at Armageddon between Jesus and the Antichrist, according to a new Newsweek Poll on prophecy. Fully, 71 percent of Evangelical Protestants, but only 28 percent of non-Evangelical Protestants and 18 percent of Catholics share that view……In the poll, large majorities of believers in the second coming of Christ believe that current events such as natural disasters (83%), epidemics like AIDS and Ebola (66%) and outbreaks of violence like shootings (62%), are a sign that it will happen soon. An overwhelming majority of believers in a second coming (95%) believe that, under such circumstances, it is important to get right with God and a majority (65%) think it is important to convert non- Christians…. (68%) expect that they will be going to heaven…."

Business Wire 10/25/99 ".... The American Center for Law and Justice announced today that a jury verdict in federal court in Kansas City, Missouri has resulted in the successful defense of the religious beliefs of a social worker who faced discrimination by his former employer, the Department of Social Services for the State of Missouri......The ACLJ represented Larry Phillips who served as a social worker from March 1994 through November 1996 at the Division of Family Services. The ACLJ filed a federal lawsuit against the Department of Social Services in May 1997 on behalf of Phillips who maintained that his supervisors began to mistreat him by lowering his performance evaluations and recommending that he be fired after he told him that his religious beliefs would not permit him to endorse the granting of a foster parent license to an admitted lesbian. After a weeklong trial in U.S. District Court in Kansas City, a jury late Friday found that Phillips was discriminated against for objecting to the licensing of homosexual foster parents. The jury unanimously concluded that Phillips' supervisor violated his federally protected right not to be discriminated against on the basis of religion. The jury assessed actual and punitive damages against the supervisor in the amount totaling $26,000....."

Reuters 11/2/99 "….The Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a warning Tuesday of possible Year 2000 violence by cults seeking to spark the apocalypse or by groups who see a conspiracy to impose world government. "Extremists from various ideological perspectives attach significance to the arrival of the Year 2000 and there are some signs of preparations for violence,'' a 32-page report by the FBI's domestic terrorism unit concluded……. The project, based on intelligence-gathering, was named Megiddo after a hill in northern Israel linked to Armageddon, the prophesied final battle between the forces of good and evil. Carter said the FBI decided to publish "Project Megiddo'' on its Web site ( because "it is something the public should be aware of.'' ….The study focused largely on end-of-the-world prophesies by religious extremists and on conspiracy theorists fearful of a supposed United Nations plot to create a "One World Government.'' ….."

Sunday Times U.K. 10/31/99 Bryan Appleyard Jonathan Glover "…..First, the bad news: the 20th century has been the worst in human history. Second, the really bad news: people are still startled to the point of denial when they are told this. The facts are plain. Thanks to, in descending order of body counts, Mao Tse-tung, Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot, our age has been more systematically cruel and murderous than any other. Yet, in the comfort of our affluence, we cannot quite bring ourselves to face this fact. We still, colloquially, use the word "medieval" to signify unusual barbarity, when, strictly speaking, we should use the word "modern".. .So Jonathan Glover's book is necessary. Much of the text is simply a catalogue of evil, of the nuances of psychology and politics that can, in Auden's words, drive a culture mad. But, in addition to the clear, personal evil of Mao and Stalin, he also anatomises the systemic evil that led Europe to "sleepwalk" into war in August 1914, that led the world to the edge of annihilation during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 and America to "demonstrate" the atom bomb on Hiroshima rather than on an uninhabited island…... But to Glover, a philosopher, modern evil is also an episode in the history of ideas. God died in the 19th century and Nietzsche danced on his grave. The foundation of the external moral law was destroyed and, in its place, was a vacuum, soon gleefully filled by the psychotics of Nazism and communism. It may not be possible to say that the death of God led directly to the gas ovens; but, equally, nobody can ignore the fact that the cruellest era in history was also the first to deny the existence of an external moral force…… Yet there are many ways in which, in the normal course of events, people are sustained in their belief that starting a nuclear war, murdering children or exterminating Jews are all bad ideas. Glover points to "moral identity" - the feeling that "I am not that sort of person" - to "moral resources" - the normal, humane responses that seem to come naturally - and to self-interest - if you behave kindly to others, they will probably behave kindly to you. All of these might be said to be replacements for God's law. But, unfortunately, none of them worked. Ideology of one kind or another provided new amoral identities that made it good to be the sort of person who slaughtered children. Humane responses were destroyed by forms of tribalism that defined outsiders - Jews, kulaks, revisionists - as vermin who threatened the civilised order. And that threat also changed self-interest into the paranoid need to conform with the dominant tribe….."

Associated Press 11/1/99 Tom Hays "….A federal judge ordered the city today to restore millions of dollars to the Brooklyn Museum of Art that was cut off in a dispute over a controversial art exhibit. U.S. District Judge Nina Gershon, in a 40-page opinion filed this morning in Brooklyn federal court, granted the museum's request for a preliminary injunction against the city. She concluded that the museum ``has established irreparable harm and a likelihood of success on its First Amendment claim.'' Gershon's order bars Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and city officials from ``taking steps to inflict any punishment, retaliation, discrimination or sanction'' against the museum for the exhibit that opened last month, called ``Sensation.'' ….Aside from the portrait of the Virgin Mary decorated with elephant dung, the show includes mannequins with genitals as facial features, a glass tank featuring a fake cow's head and 20,000 live maggots and farm animals bisected and displayed in formaldehyde……"

The Detroit News 10/20/99 Cathy Young "....Earlier this year, there was plenty of (justified) gloating on the right when the story of Guatemalan activist, Nobel Peace Prize winner and multicultural icon Rigoberta Menchu was exposed as largely fictional. Her family was not poor, she had not been illiterate and many of the atrocities she described witnessing never happened. More scandalously, quite a few professors defended Menchu and pledged to continue teaching her book. Conservatives have gleefully cited these responses as evidence of the left's postmodernist disregard for truth. What will conservatives do now that an icon of their own is in doubt? .....Few would begrudge Cassie's grieving mother, author of the best-selling She Said Yes: The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall, whatever solace she can find. The book briefly admits the facts about Cassie's death are unknown and focuses on her life as a troubled teen who found Jesus....... Will the noble message, the "greater truth," of the Cassie myth be seen as more important than the real story? This is not to equate Cassie with Rigoberta. Rigoberta lied; Cassie, a tragic victim, was the subject of an honest error by some witnesses. But the issue of icon versus fact is the same..."

L.A. Times 10/30/99 Margaret Ramirez "…..Condemning the recent defacement of several murals depicting the Virgin of Guadalupe, Sen. Barbara Boxer asked U.S. Atty. Gen. Janet Reno on Friday to investigate the attacks as hate crimes. In recent weeks, about two dozen streetside murals of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Boyle Heights and South-Central Los Angeles have been desecrated with slashes of paint, some including "666" and "La Bestia" ("The Beast") scrawled under the Virgin's womb……"

BBC 10/30/99 Tom Brook "….An action movie backed by conservative Christians in America has become so successful that its distribution is now being expanded to additional cinemas. The Omega Code, which stars Michael York and Hollywood heart-throb Casper Van Dien, could become the most successful movie ever financed by Christian fundamentalists. Michael York plays an evil media mogul turned politician determined to take over the world by using prophecies from a so-called Bible Code programme. The plot is based on the premise that there is a mathematical equation that can be used to decipher hidden truths in biblical text. Michael York's character has plans for world domination York says "it's such a multi-layered story, there's much more going on than meets the eye". That is an understatement, because The Omega Code may resemble a secular Hollywood action thriller, but it is designed to re-affirm faith in the Bible and save souls.

BBC 10/30/99 Tom Brook "….The film shows that there is a relationship between Biblical prophesies and developments in the world today. Hal Lindsey, who served as a Biblical prophesy consultant on the film, says he believes that The Omega Code will "open people up to the Gospel as few events ever have." The film, financed by the Trinity Broadcast Network, America's largest Christian broadcaster, caught Hollywood off guard when it suddenly appeared in its first week of release in the coveted list of Top 10 grossing movies….The Omega Code campaign made use of the Internet and grass roots activism, relying heavily on church volunteers and the power of the pulpit. …. Many of those who worked behind the scenes on the film are committed Christians who hope they have crafted a Hollywood entertainment that is more than just escapist fantasy. For instance, stunt man Eddie Matthews is a Christian who has also worked on Harrison Ford and Arnold Schwarzenegger action films. He sees The Omega Code as "a good film, a good story that secular audiences can see and say 'there was something about it, that touched me'. "…."

BBC 10/30/99 Tom Brook "….So far the thriller has done well in the Bible belt states, but in the next two weeks the picture will open up in the Northeast which will serve as a crucial test of its strength among non-Christian audiences. Whether or not it has cross-over appeal, The Omega Code has already proved that there is a huge Christian audience hungry for Biblically inspired movies that are packaged as a slick Hollywood product…… Not everyone is happy that a film catering to Christians is doing so well. Some critics feel the movie could become another powerful vehicle to advance the politics of the Christian right…."

Reuters_AP 10/29/99 Julia Lieblich "…. A Southern Baptist Convention official says he knows that critics say it is arrogant to target Hindus, Jews and Muslims for conversion on their holiest of days…… The denomination enraged Hindu leaders in the United States this week when it released a booklet urging Southern Baptists to pray for Hindus on their major festival, Divali. Last month, it published a booklet aimed at Jews on the High Holy Days. An earlier book addressed Muslims on Ramadan…… "

BBC 10/29/99 "…. An Islamic group based in the UK has issued a death fatwa against a playwright whose London stage production depicts Jesus Christ as a homosexual. Terrence McNally was sentenced to death by the Shari'ah Court of the UK as his play, Corpus Christi, opened in London on Thursday night. The play depicts Jesus Christ and his followers as a group of homosexuals. He is seduced by Judas Iscariot, but is later crucified as "king of the queers". It caused an outcry among Christians when it was staged during the Edinburgh Fringe festival during the summer. Muslims regard Jesus as a messenger of God, and revere his mother, the Virgin Mary. The play was declared blasphemous by the Al-Muhajiroun - The Defenders of The Messenger Jesus….."

The Detroit Free Press 10/29/99 "…. It was a scene for the history books: Pope John Paul II next to the Dalai Lama, and representatives of 20 of the world's faiths standing nearby, at a meeting Thursday to denounce religious extremism. In St. Peter's Square, the 200 clerics and lay people appealed to world leaders to "refuse to allow religion to be used to incite hatred and violence." "Any use of religion to support violence is an abuse of religion," John Paul said in his final message to the four-day meeting, speaking to a crowd of red- and orange-robed Asian monks, Catholic priests in black cassocks, Muslim women in head scarves and Africans and American Indians in the attire of local religions. …."

The Associated Press, via News Plus 10/26/99 Brenda Coleman "….Heart patients who had someone praying over them without their knowledge suffered 10 percent fewer complications, according to new research published this week. "It's potentially a natural explanation we don't understand yet. It's potentially a super- or other-than-natural mechanism," said William S. Harris, a heart researcher and lead author of the study. Harris and other researchers at the Mid America Heart Institute, the heart program of St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, Mo., studied 990 patients admitted during a year to the institute's coronary care unit. The patients were randomly divided into two groups. In one, patients were prayed for daily by community volunteers for four weeks; the other patients didn't have anyone assigned to pray for them….."

The Detroit Free Press 10/30/99 David Crumm "…..On Sunday, Roman Catholics and Lutherans in Michigan and around the world will celebrate a new agreement that comes close to ending a 500-year-old dispute over salvation. "This agreement speaks volumes about the greater unity we're moving toward," said the Rev. John Budde of Holy Family Catholic Church in Novi, who is helping to coordinate a Catholic-Lutheran worship service in Taylor on Sunday to celebrate the agreement. ..."

Capitol Watch 9/29/99 Dick Armey "…. But at the same time that our nation has seen so many achievements, we have to admit that there are some areas where we are not making the progress that we should. Tonight I regret to say that one area where we're losing ground is our treatment of religious believers. We are witnessing a rising level of bigotry against people of faith, especially Christians. Mr. Speaker, let me tell you about some of the most recent examples that I've seen.

Capitol Watch 9/29/99 Dick Armey "…. Mr. Speaker, there are still other examples. Whether we wish to admit it or not, Christians are now subject to ridicule, mistreatment and bigotry--pure and simple. The television show Nothing Sacred lived up to its billing by trying to develop storylines with ministers of the cloth engaging in immoral activity or finding ways to belittle people of faith all together. According to the New York Post which ran in March of 1998, Nothing Sacred set an all time low for viewership last year on a major network with 94% of the available market bypassing this program. And Hollywood isn't any better. Movies such as this summer's release of Stigmata attack the Catholic Church accusing it of being on a millenium long crusade to stamp out the true teachings of Christ.

Capitol Watch 9/29/99 Dick Armey "…. But Mr. Speaker there's more evidence that our society, rather than protecting freedom of religion, is discouraging religious expression. According to the Associated Press the ACLU sued the city of Republic, Missouri on behalf of Jean Webb, a Wiccan witch to have its city seal altered to remove the fish symbol. The May 6th article stated that the ACLU planned to also argue that since the "symbol is often found in Christian establishments, not non-Christian ones, and that most of the people who wrote letters supporting the fish identified it as a Christian symbol," the ACLU had plenty of evidence that the city's support of keeping the fish symbol constituted an establishment of religion.

Capitol Watch 9/29/99 Dick Armey "…. USA Today ran a story last week announcing that the Augusta, Kansas school board has revoked a policy that allowed students to lead classmates in prayer over the school intercom after the American Civil Liberties Union challenged the policy as unconstitutional.

Capitol Watch 9/29/99 Dick Armey "…. On the May 21 broadcast of CNN's Crossfire, Barry Lynn, the Executive Director of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State went so far as to criticize the acclaim given to Cassie Bernall, the young girl who was shot at Columbine High because she wouldn't renounce her faith. He said, "I think that what we've done here is to take this one victim, turned it into an example of martyrdom, and then used to it become the springboard for even more exploitation of this tragedy by people with a religious, political agenda." Such insensitivity would have been denounced if said about John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King or even Rodney King.

Capitol Watch 9/29/99 Dick Armey "…. The District of Columbia public school system was sued this summer for allowing a church to use an abandoned park as a parking lot in exchange for providing after school services for neighborhood children. The September 17th story as reported in The Washington Post revealed that members of the Metropolitan Baptist have been parking about 300 cars on the field on Sundays for more than 10 years. Rev. Hicks agreed to cancel the contract rather than force the city to defend the suit. Reverend Hicks, pastor of the 5000 member Metropolitan Baptist Church of Washington, D.C. got my attention with his statement when announcing plans to terminate the contract saying that, "there has been a shift in culture." He said, "We've reached the point where God no longer has a place in our communities."

Capitol Watch 9/29/99 Dick Armey "…. Jeff Jacoby complains in his August 19th column in the Boston Globe of a blatant case of anti-religious bias involving an inner city Boston church. On July 15, the city of Boston sent a letter to Mason Cathedral, warning the church center (which receives taxpayers subsidies to help wayward youth) not to involve its teenage counselors in "religious activities including but not limited to the following: praying, reading Bible stories, drawing Bible pictures, and cleaning in the areas of the church where there are religious symbols. . . .All religious activities must cease immediately." Jeff Jacoby interviewed the pastor. "For five years they've been saying I do good work," says the Rev. Thomas Cross. "This year, everything changed." Conversely, if anyone stood up and said that groups like the National Organization of Women and the National Abortion Rights Action League shouldn't be allowed to operate shelters for battered or homeless women because they can't separate out their political agenda, they would be laughed right off stage.

Capitol Watch 9/29/99 Dick Armey "…. Amazingly, our own federal Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention even funds a middle school curriculum "Healing the Hate" that suggests that among the warning signs for school counselors that a child may be dangerous is if he or she grows up in "very religious" home. This without one shred of evidence showing any linkage between Christians and any of these terrible acts of violence that our nation has faced. Imagine saying that a warning sign that a child may be dangerous or a threat to other classmates was the skin color or sexual orientation of that child's household.

Capitol Watch 9/29/99 Dick Armey "…. In case after case, people of faith are told to mind their own business, keep to themselves and stay out of the affairs of the rest of society. People of faith are called extremists, labeled out and out threats to our nation and generally find "Not Welcome Here" signs all over the place. Law-abiding people who regularly attend church, try to live their lives as examples to their children and their community are lampooned and mocked. Priests, ministers, and the laymen who support them are expected to sit at the back of the bus when it comes to participating in the public square. As you've seen from my examples, when the rights of people of faith are trampled, newspapers and other leaders in our nation are either silent or complicit. Why is this? What about the rights of people of faith?

Capitol Watch 9/29/99 Dick Armey "…. Bigotry of any kind should be confronted. It is always irrational and unjustified. Madmen who kill at a synagogue deserve our most stinging disapprobation. The tragic death of James Byrd was worthy of national condemnation. But just as we should be eternally vigilant against racial bigotry, we must also protect the rights of people of faith. People of faith are decent, loving and patriotic. They work hard to provide for their families and are tireless advocates for improving our communities across the nation. Let's join together and condemn those who would deny freedom and opportunity for every American.

WorldNet Daily 10/29/99 David Bresnahan ".....It's not often that you meet a former high priest of the Church of Wicca. In fact, Ted Rabouin, 66, claims he's the only "former" one there is. No other witch of such high rank has ever left the practice of witchcraft as Rabouin has done. Rabouin says that witches are evil, they worship Satan, and they commit many despicable crimes all over the world. Young teens and others searching for an answer to life's many questions are enticed to participate in witchcraft. Rabouin warns that the danger is not apparent because witches by their very nature are deceptive and intent on making evil look good...... Rabouin left the practice of witchcraft in 1980 when he had an experience he will never forget. The Westborough Fire Department responded to a fire at Rabouin's home, a fire he says was started by Satan. "The thick door burst right off the hinges and ignited. He, or it, was just a black shape. There were burn foot marks on the floor," described Rabouin in a phone interview. Until that night he thought his 25 years of witchcraft amounted to nothing more than fun and games. After years of spells, incantations, coven meetings, and assorted satanic related activity Rabouin discovered something he didn't expect. "Satan is real, David. It's all very real," he insisted. It was no longer just a con game. It was not just a slick way to get people to hand over a lot of money in a short time. Rabouin learned it was all real, and it scared him to death. ...... He warns that the public image of witches has been carefully shaped over the years to remove concern from the public. The young and the curious participants don't often become exposed to the true nature of witchcraft unless they remain involved for many years. "They're just dime store witches," says Rabouin of those who profess to use witchcraft. "They're deceived by Satan. They don't know," he said. He warns parents to not be deceived by the nice sounding information being promoted about Wicca and witchcraft. Rabouin says it's not what it seems, and anyone attracted to it should turn and run the other direction......"

The London Times 11/4/99 "…. CZECHOSLOVAK secret service agents told their Italian opposite numbers in 1990 that the KGB had connived at the "physical elimination" of the Pope, according to secret documents made public by Italy's parliament yesterday. The revelations could be the first independent confirmation of Russian involvement in the 1981 attempt on the life of the Polish pontiff. Spies controlled by Prague infiltrated the Vatican and placed microphones in a statue of the Madonna in the dining room of the then Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Agostino Casaroli, according to the documents released from files of the Italian counter-intelligence service SISDE ..."

National Post 11/4/99 Brad Evenson "….For millennia, the religious have prayed for the sick. Now an American study of heart patients hints it works -- even when the patients don't know they're being prayed for and those praying are strangers. A year-long trial of 990 patients at the Mid America Heart Institute in Kansas City, Mo., found heart patients fared 11% better when a volunteer prayed for "a speedy recovery with no complications," suffering fewer infections, heart attacks and treatment failure than the unprayed-for patients. "If this was a drug, a device or a standard medical procedure, there would be no question that there was an effect," said lead researcher Dr. William Harris. "This may be unconventional, but that shouldn't matter." …."

The Times UK 11/3/99 Ruth Gledhill "….A PRAYER that describes God as "mother" could be introduced to the Church of England's liturgy for the first time if it is accepted by the General Synod this month. The prayer is likely to prove controversial when the synod meets at Church House, Westminster, in two weeks. The Bishop of Oxford, the Right Rev Richard Harries, wants the prayer to be said at the centre of the Eucharist, the most sacred moment of a church service. A similar prayer was rejected after being debated at the synod three years ago...."

FOX News 11/4/99 Christiana Nunez "…..God's taking quite a beating at the theater these days. The summer was dominated by forces of evil and the undead with Sixth Sense, Blair Witch Project, The Haunting and the Catholics' least favorite, Stigmata taking top spots on box office lists. Next week, Kevin Smith's Dogma will heave another stake into old-fashioned Christian tradition…… But ministers can be market-savvy too, and Hollywood is watching with open mouths as word of God overcomes word of mouth on some studio films. As of last week, The Omega Code (or, as the Hollywood Reporter christened it, "the little Christian thriller that could") had made almost $4.5 million in three weeks. In its opening weekend, it made $2.28 million - about $1.28 million more than the hyped Melanie Griffith-Antonio Banderas effort Crazy in Alabama made in its debut one week later. Code also had a higher per-screen average in its debut than the ultimate force of evil, Fight Club….."

Christianity Today 11/99 Wendy Zoba "…..The mainstream press unquestioningly accepted's flimsy "debunking" of the Columbine confession. ….. But the larger question is this: Why has Cullen's dubious assertion, based on incomplete reporting, so captured the imaginations of the media? …… In a Washington Post article (Oct. 14), Hanna Rosin took the controversy to new levels when she dismissed the encounter as a myth and then made the leap that "myth" alone is sufficient to animate the religious fervor of evangelicals, regardless of whether it is true. "It's the power of the story that counts," she wrote. "The truth is a trifle. . . . Should believers accept the literal truth, they'd be left with a hopeless equation." Mary Schmich and Eric Zorn echoed these thoughts in the Chicago Tribune (Oct. 20). "I suspect history will ultimately favor the Bernall myth over the Schnurr facts," Zorn wrote. "I'm not surprised," Schmich replied-conceding that Cassie's biography, She Said Yes, is "an interesting little book, even if the title is wrong." Leave aside, for the moment, the disparaging and demeaning implications behind these assumptions about believers-how are they different from Jesse Ventura saying "organized religion is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people"? Neither Rosin nor Zorn nor Schmich, let alone Cullen, has proven the debunking case. The writers settle for the Jefferson County Sheriff Office's opinions about something that the investigators themselves claim to have no stake in. In two separate interviews, information officer Steve Davis told me, "We are not in a position to say it didn't happen" and "We have no reason or desire to prove or disprove this story." …..But many people can't seem to grasp that truth is not a "trifle" to evangelicals-myths and legends are not what animate our confession. Truth is everything. What really happened in the library that terrible day may be beyond the scope of any investigation. But Cassie's "yes" carries sufficient testimony not to be dismissed out of hand. As for what her life means to the religious community, it takes tremendous courage to say yes to God in the face of death; it takes courage of another kind to keep saying yes to God while living every day in an incredulous and jaded culture……."

Washington Post 11/10/99 Lorraine Adams David Bise "..... Angela Wood, 24, of Athens, Ga., pleaded guilty to arson and conspiracy to burn seven churches in southern Indiana. In exchange for her testimony against her former boyfriend, Jay Scott Ballinger, 37, of Yorktown, Ind., prosecutors agreed not to charge Wood for her role in burning churches in 19 other states, according to the plea agreement entered in U.S. District Court in Indianapolis. Ballinger has been indicted on federal charges with burning at least 29 churches, including five arsons committed with Wood in Indiana. His trial is scheduled for February. He also has been indicted in California, Georgia, Kentucky and South Carolina in connection with 11 other fires....."

Chattanooga Free Press 11/7/99 "….It couldn't be a bad thing for members of Congress and other officials, high and low, to glance up on the walls of their offices and see a copy of the Ten Commandments before they make important decisions for themselves and for all the rest of us. But some who are seeking to create a national religion out of hostility to religion just go wild when it is suggested that the Ten Commandments might come within the view of public officials -- or school-children….."

Chattanooga Free Press 11/7/99 "….In considering issues of church and state, it's important to realize that public piety and religious liberty go hand in hand. If you doubt that, just recall Thomas Jefferson, who declared "that Almighty God hath created the mind free, and manifested his supreme will that free it shall remain by making it altogether insusceptible of restraint; that all attempts to influence it by temporal punishments, or burthens, or by civil incapacitations, tend only to beget habits of hypocrisy and meanness, and are a dep arture from the plan of the holy author of our religion, who being lord both of body and mind, yet chose not to propagate it by coercions on either, as was in his Almighty power to do, but to extend it by its influence on reason alone." ….Those who use Jefferson as a weapon for the complete secularization of public life, then, are distorting his true position. The key for him, as it should be for us, was religious freedom -- not an "Establishment of Irreligion." …."

Fox News – AP 11/9/99 "….South Carolina's largest religious denomination voted overwhelmingly Tuesday in support of lowering the Confederate battle flag from the Statehouse dome, joining the NAACP's call to remove the banner. The South Carolina Baptist Convention's resolution, passed at its annual meeting, asks the General Assembly to consider moving the banner to a "public place of heritage, honor and recognition." "We want to be a force to achieve racial harmony," said Mike Hamlet, pastor of North Spartanburg First Baptist. About 1,100 delegates are attending the meeting, but resolutions are not binding on individual churches...."

EWTN News Brief 11/9/99 "….A federal appeals court ruled on Monday that a California school district could refuse an advertisement at a baseball field from a businessman who wanted to post the Ten Commandments. A panel of the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously agreed that the First Amendment does not protect advertisers who want to post religious messages. The court said the baseball field was open only for a limited public purpose: education, and held that the Ten Commandments would not advance that educational purpose……"

New York Observer 11/8/99 Philip Weiss "….…..Then, in October, a Gallup poll came out underlining the larger issue: Religious observance among Jews is lower than any other major faith. Jews are one of "the least religious groups." Only 30 percent of Jewish respondents said their religion was "very important" to their daily lives, as compared with 60 percent of Americans over all…….. Part of this reflects class. Jews are likely the richest ethnic group in America, and like rich Episcopalians or Muslims, tend to believe in material things, not God. (It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to get into heaven.) But a bigger part is cultural: As Jews have sought success and security in America, they have thrown off traits that embarrass them or present a conflict, and Hebrew religion is one …… For another thing, Judaism is not an easy religion to follow. It's rule-bound, it's a way of life aimed at improving individuals and the world. Impatience with Jewish law was one of the theological bases of Christianity and, later, Protestantism, and indeed the absence of law in WASP culture is something that draws the guilt-ridden Jew to the Christian bosom, or bosoms. "Christianity is much more easily grasped. It doesn't have all these rules, it's Jesus loves you," says an intermarried friend who experienced a Jewish renewal in midlife……. I've tried here to make observations, not judgments. Yet secularization disturbs me. The real issue is godlessness, and what it has done not just to the Jews, but to our society. Think of the things that are worshiped in America now to a degree they never have before: celebrity, fame, success, money, status. All of them opposite to any religion's values. A culture of what The New York Times Magazine called "radical selfishness," in a special millennium issue in October……"

Daily Telegraph (UK) 11/8/99 Auberon Waugh "…. CHRISTIAN evangelism has taken rather an aggressive turn as we approach the dreaded Millennium. It is all very well for Christians to argue that since the event celebrates the 2000th anniversary of Christ's birth, they should be given all the television time, but they seem to be demanding more than that. A Church of England report urges members to get on-line and flood the Internet with Christian material to counter what it sees as a tide of pornography. "Putting material up is easy," it says. "If every Christian put up specifically Christian material and linked it with other sites, cyberspace would become increasingly populated with helpful content." …… "

FoxNews_AP 11/7/99 Mark Bibineck "…. More than 100 people protested outside one of the nation's largest Baptist churches Sunday over a booklet that urges Southern Baptists to pray for Hindus' deliverance from the "power of Satan.'' "We want all people to understand that religious intolerance is rearing its head in this country,'' said Houston attorney Amit Misra, a leader of the coalition of local Hindu groups who organized the protest. "Some people aren't aware of the type of hate that is being preached by mainstream churches,'' Misra said. …."

New York Post 11/5/99 Hallie Levine "….As presidential candidates battle over whether religion belongs in the classroom, one 7-year-old upstate boy has entered the fray - with crayons and a lawsuit. Little Antonio Peck of Syracuse drew a poster of Jesus for a classroom assignment, but his teacher told him it wouldn't be displayed because of its religious content. Now his mom, Jo Anne Peck, is suing the Baldwinsville Central School District and Catherine McNamara Elementary School, accusing them of violating her son's constitutional rights by censoring the poster in the incident last year……"

WORLD Magazine 11/13/99 Bob Jones "….Yes, Ken Starr's faith affected his investigation of President Clinton, but not in the way most people think. Far from making him too partisan, it kept him from responding to White House mudslinging. Now a private citizen, Mr. Starr tells WORLD readers the story behind "the recent unpleasantness" …… Twelve days. On Oct. 30, that's how long Ken Starr has been a private citizen. After five years in the public spotlight-and in the president's crosshairs-he's having a bit of trouble readjusting to private life. He forces a dollar bill on an admirer who has brought him a Dr. Pepper. He can't accept gifts, he explains. Oh, wait, yes he can. The James Carvilles of the world have other reputations to destroy these days. Mr. Starr can now accept sodas with impunity. Life is good. Judging from his demeanor, you'd never guess that Ken Starr is "the most hated man in America," as one pundit recently crowned him. He's John Q. Citizen again, and he's loving it…….. The religious faith that kept him from going on the attack also gave him comfort in the midst of attack. "From a Christian standpoint, we know that our Lord did not fare well in the polls 2000 years ago," he muses. "Even His friends turned against Him at the pivotal moment.... I tried not to take things personally. I also tried not to exalt the importance of public perception and public opinion. Public opinion will wax and wane, but there is truth, and there is right, and it is far better to try to align oneself with that which is true and right, regardless of public opinion." ……"

World Magazine 11/13/99 Candi Cushman "….Defying school officials but supported by the governor and the U.S. House, Texas students continue tradition of prayer before football games In Stephenville, Tex. - Hidden from Dallas super-malls by more than 120 miles of windy hills and wind-swept fields, residents of Stephenville, Tex., boast of a different claim to fame-the Yellow Jackets high-school football team……As junior class president, Alan had eagerly anticipated giving the opening prayer before the first Yellow Jackets home game on Aug. 27. But at 10:00 a.m. that morning, school authorities had informed him that, for the first time in decades, there would be no prayer. isappointed but undeterred, Alan and his friends turned to creative options: Instead of using the stadium sound system, they led a crowd of 4,000 in prayer through cheerleading megaphones. At the next home game, they brought a donated sound system onto the track for a more amplified pre-game prayer. They tried to do the same thing at Stephenville's third home game, but an electrical outlet fueling their speaker system mysteriously switched off moments before prayer began. Things were worse on the night of the otherwise glorious victory over Cleburne. Before the game, school officials restricted access to the track and forbade the use of privately owned amplifiers there……. "Let's just pray about it," said one. And with bowed heads, they chose humility over rebellion……"

Florida Times-Union 11/5/99 "…. In ruling for the Brooklyn Museum of Art, a federal judge implied ''freedom of speech'' means people are obligated to pay for spreading views diametrically opposed to their own. That is an Orwellian definition of the term ''freedom.'' The controversy began when the museum displayed a painting of Virgin Mary covered with manure, mannequins with genitals as faces, and a variety of dead animals and live maggots…… The judge ordered that funding be restored and the eviction withdrawn, pending resolution of the case, because Giuliani's decision very likely would be found to violate the First Amendment. In other words, the manure-laced portrait of the Virgin Mary contained an important message - and Giuliani's sanction against the museum had a chilling effect on the artist's ability to convey that message to the public. It isn't clear exactly what message the art contains. Presumably, there is one. Whatever the message is, it could be spread without a tax subsidy - the way most other messages, controversial and non-controversial alike, are spread….."

Electronic Telegraph 11/5/99 Ben Fenton "…..Stan Roth, who taught biology to the equivalent of British sixth-formers, had to retire at the age of 64 a few weeks before the Kansas state board of education removed evolution from the obligatory part of the curriculum. Mr Roth said yesterday that his dismissal arose from his treatment of a 16-year-old Christian fundamentalist pupil who asked him in class: "When are we going to learn about creationism?" He said he became exasperated and told her that the subject was not worthy of being taught. Miss Harvey, one of nine children, said: "He told me, 'When are you going to stop believing that crap your parents teach you?'" Mr Roth's former students and other teachers have leapt to his defence, arguing that he was used as a scapegoat to appease a growing religious movement in Kansas….."

Star Tribune 11/17/99 Sarah Wyatt "….Students attending alternative high school classes at a Salvation Army center will no longer see religious posters and banners there because of efforts to keep religion out of the classroom. The Freedom from Religion Foundation, which advocates separation of church and state, filed a complaint with the Madison School District last spring after discovering that religious items were present at classes held at a Salvation Army community center. Since 1997, the district has held special education classes at the center because it could not find room anywhere else for the students, said Bob Hoekenga, Madison high school special education coordinator, on Wednesday. The Salvation Army was reluctant to remove the religious pictures after the foundation complained. But attorneys finally worked out a compromise to cover them up while students were at school, said Annie Laurie Gaylor, a foundation staff member….."

Capitol Hill Blue 11/18/99 Cal Thomas "…..Republican presidential candidate Gary Bauer recently delivered a speech at St. Anselm College in Bedford, N.H., that touched on familiar moral issues at the center of his campaign. Among other things, Bauer said, "Many ... assaults on the Catholic Church and traditional Christian beliefs take sexually explicit forms because, for some on the extreme left, unrestricted sex has become a sacrament .... So long as we Christians insist that there is a moral dimension to human sexuality, our values will be made the target of obscenity by those who would strip this most intimate of human relationships of any moral consideration beyond `If it feels good, do it.' " There has been a lot of talk like this lately. Christians and their "values" aren't getting the respect they deserve from non-Christians. In fact, say many on what the press calls the Religious Right, they are being persecuted for their beliefs…..The Apostles suffered greatly for their faith. Some were flogged. Others lost their liberty and all but one lost his life, the last one suffering exile and dying a "natural" death on an island. None complained or asked the government to step in and stop the persecution. In fact, the record tells us they "rejoiced" that God counted them worthy to suffer disgrace for the Name (Acts 5:41). So, lighten up, Christians, and get about the business of doing the things that will bring real persecution. You're not being fed to the lions, but you are being fed a lot of baloney by some of your leaders who, frankly, don't know what they're talking about when it comes to real persecution. …."

The New York Post 11/17/99 Susan Brady Konig "….HIGH school football's in the news these days, but not for what's happening on the field. There's that Illinois mess where students were expelled for brawling in the stands at a game. And in Texas, public school kids want to pray before a game. Which group gets the support of the Reverend Jesse Jackson? The thugs in Decatur -- he's not only trying to get them re-enrolled ahead of the already fair deal offered by the school board, but he's getting himself arrested and comparing the whole battle to Martin Luther King Jr. in Birmingham and black South Africans under apartheid. Meanwhile, the kids in Texas' Sante Fe school district are up against the Supreme Court in their efforts to pray. The one thing we don't want kids thinking about is God, for goodness sakes. We wouldn't want to offend anyone….."

Reuters 11/15/99 "….The U.S. Supreme Court, which has barred public school prayers in the classroom since 1962, said on Monday that it would decide whether high school students may read Christian prayers at football games. The justices agreed to review a U.S. appeals court ruling that the Santa Fe Independent School District in Texas violated the constitutional requirement on church-state separation by allowing student-led prayers at football games. The high court will hear an appeal by the school district, which said students should be given the right to participate in student-initiated group prayers at football games….."

CBS online 11/15/99 "…. Thousands of people showed up at a rally to support the Harrisburg, Ill., board's decision to post the Ten Commandments in district schools. The event Saturday night drew about 2,500 people to Southeastern Illinois Community College near here. "Our meeting tonight is not about the Ten Commandments," said Darrell Scott, whose 17-year-old daughter Rachel was one of the 12 students and a teacher gunned down at Columbine High School in April. "It is about our young people - our children." ... The board unanimously approved posting the edicts last month, fueling a controversy that has already touched much of the country....

INSIGHT Magaznine 12/6/99 Janet Parshall "….. . . . . For 200 years, Americans have like the people of Israel derived their moral judgments from the ideals embodied in the Ten Commandments. Not every American, to be sure, believed that God gave us the Commandments. But few openly question that the Decalogue, as it sometimes is known in academic circles, formed the basis for our public life together. George Washington knew the importance of God's law in the maintenance of civil peace. In his famous Farewell Address, he urged Americans not to listen to those who would strip away the foundations of our national life: "Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that National morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.". . . . Those who would strip the Ten Commandments from our national life are doing exactly what Washington warned against. As he put it, "Where is the security for property, for reputation, for life, if the sense of religious obligation desert the oaths, which are the instruments of investigation in the Courts of Justice?"…… . . . . As we face daily examples of horrible crimes -- murders, rapes, child molesting -- is it really so surprising? For 30 years there has been a vigorous effort on the part of some to do exactly what Jefferson warned against, to "remove the only firm basis" of God-given liberties from the minds of the people.

INSIGHT Magaznine 12/6/99 Janet Parshall "…... . . . Where does this effort begin? In our schools, for a start. I don't want to refight here all the battles over evolution and intelligent design or to make the case for voluntary student-initiated prayer. Those issues are separate and can be addressed separately. But I do want to say that there is something terribly wrong when a kindergarten girl is ordered to stop distributing Christmas cards to her classmates because they say, "Jesus Loves You." This actually happened in suburban Howard County, Md. . . . . Students are being required to read textbooks from which any references to God have been carefully removed. One example, found by New York University psychology professor Paul Vitz, described Pilgrims as "people who go on journeys." The Pilgrims gave thanks, but the book blotted out mention of the God to whom they gave their thanks. Another example Vitz found, "Zlateh and the Goat," is a story of a young Jewish boy in Poland who is saved from freezing to death. In Nobel Prize winner Isaac Bashevis Singer's original story, Zlateh thanks God for his survival. In the censored version, Zlateh thanks not God but "goodness." 11/11/99 William Donohue ".... On the November 11 edition of the ABC show, "Politically Incorrect," host Bill Maher interviewed "Dogma" director Kevin Smith. In doing so, Maher blasted Catholics: "Catholics practice what they want to practice. They go to see the Pope 'cause he's a big celebrity, but they go home and they masturbate, they practice birth control...well they do." When someone remarked that a lot of people are not attending churches or synagogues these days, Maher stepped up his attack on Catholicism....William Donohue, president of the Catholic League, issued the following statement on this matter: "This is not the first time that Bill Maher has proven to be an anti-Catholic bigot. Not surprisingly, the audience laughed at his comments, showing how utterly acceptable anti-Catholicism is these days. Indeed, Maher's remarks prove that it is anything but politically incorrect to bash Catholics on "Politically Incorrect." "If ABC has as low a tolerance for Catholic bashing as it does other expressions of bigotry, it would terminate Maher immediately. At the very least, the Catholic League wants an apology. We await the network's response." ....."

Insight on the News Online 11/12/99 Catherine Edward "….When Kathleen Ward Atchason left Wicca, or witchcraft, to join the Roman Catholic Church she never dreamed she would encounter witchcraft wit-hin the walls of Christendom. Atchason lives in Salem, Mass., and still encounters practicing Wiccans in the community and on the street -- but in the church? . . . . In fact, Atchason positively identified for Insight a Wiccan practice gaining currency in many churches. It is documented in two articles in Wellsprings, a defunct journal for Methodist clergywomen. The articles, "A Croning Ritual" and "Reflections from a New Crone," were written by the Rev. Nancy Webb, minister of education and children's education at Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington -- which the Clintons attend -- and by the Rev. Mary Kraus of Dumbarton United Methodist Church in Washington. Webb and Kraus provide details of the Wiccan croning ritual in the articles from their own eyewitness accounts. . . . . "I am surprised that they are doing that," Atchason tells Insight. "A croning ritual is a Wiccan rite of passage." According to Atchason, "the Goddess" worshipped by Wiccans takes on three forms: maiden, representing sexual ripeness; mother, representing birth; and crone, representing old age……. Most Wiccans worship a feminine deity called "the Goddess" and her consort, "the horned God." According to Wiccan high priestess Phyllis Currott, the goddess takes on many forms such as the mythological Greek deities Artemis, Gaia and Sophia as well as Roman, Celtic and Norse goddesses. Some Wiccans meet in groups called covens or circles, while others prefer to practice Wiccan rituals and cast spells alone. …."

Insight on the News Online 11/12/99 Catherine Edward "…. Connie Alt, a former Methodist cleric, is one of those concerned. Alt left her church partly because of what she perceived to be a lack of discernment in the matter of witchcraft by the church's leadership. . . . . When Alt read the Wellsprings article she telephoned Foundry Methodist to speak with Webb. Alt tells Insight that Webb informed her that she found Northern European practices of Wicca very helpful. She then recommended that Alt read a book called The Spiral Dance, by a Wiccan high priestess who calls herself Starhawk. . . . . Disturbed that a professing Christian and Methodist minister would admit to any relationship with witchcraft, Alt called her friend Karen Booth, pastor at Long Neck United Methodist Church in Delaware. They had reason to believe that their bishop, Susan Morrison, herself had taken part in the croning ritual. When questioned, however, Booth tells Insight that Morrison said she could "neither confirm nor deny having taken part in the croning ritual, but that she had witnessed many croning rituals." . . . . Although disturbed by this response, Booth did not bring up the matter for several years until last fall when she found out that one of her parishioners' daughters was reading Teen Witch: Wicca for a New Generation, by a Wiccan high priestess called Silver Ravenwolf. Alarmed that Wicca was influencing young women in her own congregation, Booth, along with Long Neck's lay leader, Elaine Wood, reluctantly filed charges against Webb and Kraus for practicing a spirituality contrary to the teaching of the Methodist church.. . . . Of particular concern to Booth was a blessing mentioned by Webb at the end of the Wellsprings article which she noted bears a striking resemblance to a blessing mentioned in Starhawk's The Spiral Dance, except that Webb's blessing omits a line about "the Goddess." When May asked Webb why she left this line out, says Booth, Webb told him she had said the blessing from memory and she would have inserted the line about the goddess had she remembered it.

Insight on the News Online 11/12/99 Catherine Edward "….. . . . Much of the media attention about goddess worship in churches first focused on an event held in Minneapolis in 1993 called the Reimagining Conference, but more-isolated incidents such as the "croning ritual" have not received a great deal of coverage. Most mainline denominations sponsored the Reimagining Conference, at which a group of Methodist clergy, among others, encouraged participants to reject traditional notions of Christ's death to atone for sin because "in light of women's experience, such as slavery and female sexual abuse, understandings of sacrifice, atonement and martyrdom are being re-examined." . . . . According to a report by Methodist clergy who attended, as many as 2,200 conference participants shared in a communion of milk and honey and recited a feminist liturgy: "To our maker Sophia, we are women in your image, with nectar between our thighs we invite a lover, we birth a child, with our warm body fluids we remind the world of its pleasures and sensations." Sophia was honored at the conference as "our creator Sophia." "Sophia" is the Greek translation of the Old Testament word for wisdom. Some feminist philosophers claim that wisdom is portrayed as a woman in the book of Proverbs……."

Insight on the News Online 11/12/99 Catherine Edward "….. . . . Mary Hunt is a feminist who does not share Dooling's concern and is pleased with the growth of feminist philosophy in the Christian church. Hunt is a Roman Catholic and codirector of the Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual, or WATER. An editorial on the front page of Waterwheel, WATER's quarterly newsletter, reads, "Starhawk gets it right in her new introduction to the twentieth-anniversary edition of The Spiral Dance, the book that launched Goddess religion into the contemporary mainstream. 'How do I learn this ... how do I pass this on?' " . . . . Hunt tells Insight that while her newsletter quotes Starhawk, a Wiccan high priestess, that she and codirector Diann Neu consider themselves to be Catholic, although WATER is not affiliated officially with the Roman Catholic Church. "We seek to influence it however and receive funding from some Catholic bishops," she says….."

AP 11/12/99 "….On the wall of Carolyn Sherrod's business, a laminated paper tells visitors: ``God is like Coke ... he's the real thing.'' Outside is a copy of the Ten Commandments. Ms. Sherrod is among area residents rallying around the school board's decision to post the edicts in district schools. A rally in support of the display is planned for Saturday night……. The board is expected to discuss the policy at its Tuesday meeting. School officials say the district's lawyers have provided a legal opinion on the issue, but have declined to reveal what they said. Saturday's rally at Southeastern Illinois College is expected to draw thousands from throughout southern Illinois who support the display. It gives Stalcup, the waitress, confidence that supporters will prevail….."

Chattanooga Free Press 11/12/99 "….. Most Americans are rightly dedicated to the constitutional protection of freedom of speech. The French philosopher Voltaire is often credited with a quote that he probably did not make (but could and should have) to the effect that: "I disagree with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it." Now, that's standing up for freedom of speech. But Thomas Jefferson made a needed point when he said: "To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical." ……. Defending the mandatory fee, a Wisconsin assistant attorney general said: "It is important to facilitate the speech of diverse groups." No one has denied diverse speech. But denying others their right not to finance ideas they oppose is unjust and anti-freedom, amounting to tyrannical extortion. We can only hope and pray that the learned justices of the Supreme Court will defend both freedom of speech and a person's freedom not to have to pay for "the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors." ….."

FBI 11/11/99 "…The year 2000 is being discussed and debated at all levels of society. Most of the discussions regarding this issue revolve around the topic of technology and our society's overwhelming dependence on the multitude of computers and computer chips which make our world run smoothly. However, the upcoming millennium also holds important implications beyond the issue of computer technology. Many extremist individuals and groups place some significance on the next millennium, and as such it will present challenges to law enforcement at many levels. The significance is based primarily upon either religious beliefs relating to the Apocalypse or political beliefs relating to the New World Order (NWO) conspiracy theory. The challenge is how well law enforcement will prepare and respond. The following report, entitled "Project Megiddo," is intended to analyze the potential for extremist criminal activity in the United States by individuals or domestic extremist groups who profess an apocalyptic view of the millennium or attach special significance to the year 2000. The purpose behind this assessment is to provide law enforcement agencies with a clear picture of potential extremism motivated by the next millennium……

FBI 11/11/99 "…Potential cult-related violence presents additional challenges to law enforcement. The potential for violence on behalf of members of biblically-driven cults is determined almost exclusively by the whims of the cult leader. Therefore, effective intelligence and analysis of such cults requires an extensive understanding of the cult leader. Cult members generally act to serve and please the cult leader rather than accomplish an ideological objective. Almost universally, cult leaders are viewed as messianic in the eyes of their followers. Also, the cult leader's prophecies, preachings, orders, and objectives are subject to indiscriminate change. Thus, while analysis of publicly stated goals and objectives of cults may provide hints about their behavior and intentions, it is just as likely to be uninformed or, at worst, misleading. Much more valuable is a thorough examination of the cult leader, his position of power over his followers, and an awareness of the responding behavior and activity of the cult. Sudden changes in activity - for example, less time spent on "Bible study" and more time spent on "physical training" - indicate that the cult may be preparing for some type of action….."

Orlando sentinel 11/25/99 Charley Reese "….The politicians in Washington ought to build a museum for the American holocaust -- the slaughter of 42 million American babies by abortionists since the Roe vs. Wade decision by the Supreme Court. If 42 million deaths isn't a holocaust or genocide, I guess I'm just not politically correct. Gee, I always thought I was. Now, of course, the filthy abortion business has developed a sideline of selling human parts in a scheme carefully worked out by Clinton-like lawyers to evade the poorly written law that forbids commercial traffic…… Within minutes of passage means as soon as the abortionist has killed the baby. Notice that you can get tissues between 40 days and term. Term means a fully developed baby. The middle men -- the body snatchers -- are outfits that set up inside abortion clinics. They pay rent for space and subsidize the abortionists' staff payroll. In exchange, they snatch the baby, slice it up and send out the parts. "Donations" or "service fees" evade the law against selling dismembered human beings. ….Thus you have two evils joining forces to create a new and evil industry. One evil, of course, is the dismemberment of the U.S. Constitution by political hacks appointed to the federal bench. No sane human being can find two syllables in the Constitution that would justify the Supreme Court forbidding the states to ban abortions……. The other evil is science, devoid of God and human compassion, which sees humanity as so many pieces of tissue….."

EWTN News 11/24/99 Vatican news Service "…. The following declaration was released yesterday afternoon by Holy See Press Office Director Joaquin Navarro-Valls relative to the decision to authorize a mosque several meters away from the historical Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth and the successive protests by the Christian Churches: "Last Sunday, the Upper Islamic Council of Jerusalem released a communique in which it declares its opposition to the construction of a mosque next to the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth. By adopting this position, the Upper Islamic Council of Jerusalem has demonstrated its solidarity with the Christian ecclesial authorities in the Holy Land. "The Israeli government decision seems to lay the foundations for future dispute and tension between the two religious communities, Christian and Islamic. I feel that, in this matter, the political authorities have a great responsibility as, instead of supporting unity, they create the foundations for fomenting dissent."…." 11/22/99 J Farah "…. Washington Post ombudswoman E. R. Shipp suggests I am "hostile to homosexuals." In the popular lexicon, that makes one a "homophobe." I'd like to explain why I am not a "homophobe." First of all, the Latin root "homo" simply means "man." "Phobe," or "phobia," has to do with fear. I certainly do not fear men. I also do not fear homosexuals -- though, as much as possible, I do avoid them, as Christians and Jews are cautioned to do in Leviticus 18. Why are we cautioned to avoid homosexuals in the Bible? Here's what it says in the relevant verses of Leviticus 18 (KJV):

22. Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

23. Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion.

24. Defile not ye yourselves in any of these things: for in all these the nations are defiled which I cast out before you:

25. And the land is defiled: therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants.

26. Ye shall therefore keep my statutes and my judgments, and shall not commit any of these abominations; neither any of your own nation, nor any stranger that sojourneth among you:

27. (For all these abominations have the men of the land done, which were before you, and the land is defiled;)

28. That the land spue not you out also, when ye defile it, as it spued out the nations that were before you.

29. For whosoever shall commit any of these abominations, even the souls that commit them shall be cut off from among their people.

30. Therefore shall ye keep mine ordinance, that ye commit not any one of these abominable customs, which were committed before you, and that ye defile not yourselves therein: I am the LORD your God.

You see, God, speaking through Moses, tells us that practices including homosexuality will cause those involved and those around them to be spewed out of the land -- to be rejected, outcast, vomited from the land. I don't want to be too close when that happens. In other words, it's not homosexuals I fear. It is God…." 12/3/99 Kelly Patricia O'Meara "....In a polemic presented as a threat report, the FBI has targeted religious groups and right-wing eccentrics as potential terrorists likely to go postal as the new millennium arrives...... The redacted 32-page report recently released to the public names religious organizations, militias and cults and links Americans to these organizations as potential terrorists whom the FBI says are hell-bent on encountering Armageddon - God's final and conclusive battle against evil on Earth. While the FBI admits that it has "identified very few indications of specific threats to domestic security," the report claims to have divined "indicators of potential violent activity on the part of extremists in this country." Who are these people, and since when does the government have the right to investigate fools, fanatics and religious eccentrics on the basis of their millennial rhetoric alone? Project Megiddo specifically identifies, but is not limited to, the followers of the Christian Identity movement and Odinism, white-supremacy groups, militias, the Black Hebrew Israelites and apocalyptic cults - all presented as potential terrorists. Even at the height of the Cold War during the seventies and eighties the FBI was not allowed to pursue openly declared revolutionary Marxists in this way, being required by the courts to show cause by establishing an actual attempt to commit illegal acts......" 12/3/99 Kelly Patricia O'Meara "....While much of the Project Megiddo report targets the religious right, the FBI also has identified members of various militias as potential millennial threats. The FBI's definition says a militia is a domestic organization with two or more members; the organization must possess and use firearms; and the organization must conduct or encourage paramilitary training. According to the report, "Most militias engage in a variety of antigovernment rhetoric which can range from the protesting of government policies to the advocating of violence and/or the overthrow of the federal government." This could, of course, include the Pilgrims who arrived on the Mayflower, every one of the Founding Fathers and virtually all of those on America's pioneer wagon trains moving West. The report clearly states, however, that "the FBI only focuses on radical elements of the militia movement capable and willing to commit violence against government, law-enforcement, civilian, military and international targets." ....." 12/3/99 Kelly Patricia O'Meara "....Such loose talk and purple rhetoric in an alleged threat assessment by the FBI directed at religious groups is shocking to Jan LeRue, senior legal adviser at the Family Research Council. LeRue thinks the FBI not only has gone way beyond the call of duty but well beyond constitutional authority. "The FBI is treading dangerously close to trampling on the constitutional rights of some Americans. The problem is that they are looking into peoples' beliefs with no account of actual criminal action. Putting law-abiding people of faith under suspicion without criminal conduct is wrong." John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute wrote in his Nov. 7, 1999, syndicated column that the Project Megiddo report amounts to "religious profiling - targeting potentially dangerous persons based on their religious beliefs. The truth is that if Jesus Christ were alive today, He would in all likelihood be a target of Project Megiddo."....."

WorldnetDaily 12/3/99 Frank York "….. Chicago's rebuff of the Southern Baptist Convention's plans to meet in the Windy City next summer, on the grounds that the large Christian group might foment "hate crimes" against minorities, is sounding alarm bells among Christians who fear that merely speaking openly about their core religious beliefs will soon be considered a crime. The Southern Baptist Convention -- with a membership of 15.8 million and representing more than 40,000 churches nationwide -- has been planning for two years next summer's evangelistic outreach in Chicago. Along with performing good deeds -- including housing rehabilitation and medical clinics -- the initiative also would encompass church-starting, door-to-door evangelism and block parties. But when the Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago sent a letter to Paige Patterson, head of the Southern Baptist Convention in Nashville, urging the Baptists to reconsider their plans, the Baptists were shocked and dismayed. It seems Chicago's council leaders -- representing 40 mainline denominations, Jewish synagogues, and African-American denominations -- believe the outreach might spark violence and hate crimes against minority religious groups in the city. "We are particularly disturbed that the two groups who appear to be among your primary targets, Muslims and Jews, have during the past six months been victims of faith-based terrorist violence in Chicago," said the letter urging the Baptists to stay home…….. However attitudes toward Christianity have changed in America in recent decades, a parallel shift seems to have occurred worldwide. What about the future of Christianity in America? Will evangelism be chilled, or even silenced -- or perhaps just neutered -- due to an ever-more-intolerant culture? Will it end up as an underground movement as it is in many corners of the world? Phil Roberts, of the Baptists' North American Mission Board, sees it this way: "As a result of this effort" to evangelize in Chicago next summer, "Canada and the United States will either have been closer to being truly and fully evangelized -- or we will see our culture becoming increasing pagan." …." 11/19/99 Theodore Forstmann "…..The 13th-century Italian poet Dante observed, "A great flame follows a little spark." For me, the spark was ignited by my involvement, beginning many years ago, with the Inner City Scholarship Fund, which is run by the Archdiocese of New York. I was so impressed with their success in helping to educate children at half of what it costs the public schools to fail to educate the same children that I thought, why not start a similar enterprise to help low-income families seek a good education wherever it can be found? I got together with John Walton, one of the directors of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., and we offered 1,000 scholarships to low-income students in Washington, D.C. After a few months, with virtually no media coverage and no advertising, we had received nearly 8,000 applications. This huge demand persuaded us to go national. In June 1998 we donated $100 million toward funding 40,000 scholarships, and the Children's Scholarship Fund (CSF) was born….."

South African Daily Mail & Guardian 11/20/99 "…..The publishers of Hustler magazine have agreed to withdraw their November 1999 issue from general distribution, with immediate effect, the Film & Publication Board announced on Friday. The decision follows complaints from the Muslim Judicial Council that the article, 'Heroin for Allah', was not only 'offensive, insulting and derogatory' to Muslims, but also an attack on their constitutional right to have their dignity respected and protected. Although the article purported to expose the trade in heroin in areas of Afghanistan under Taliban control, the reference to Allah was unnecessary ….."

St Paul Pioneer Press/Associated Press "…..Pope John Paul II issued a stern rebuke Saturday to grass-roots Catholic movements, rejecting their demands for women priests and a greater role for laity. John Paul spoke to bishops from Germany, home to a movement for change as active as the one in the United States. The pontiff has never left any doubt he opposes the aims of such movements. On Saturday, he made it clear he disapproves of the movements themselves and their methods. ``These groups are trying to provoke within the church, through concerted action and insistent pressure, changes that run counter to the will of Christ,'' John Paul said. ….."

Answers In Genesis Jerry Bergman 1999 First published in: Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal 13(2):101-111, 1999 "…… Leading Nazis, and early 1900 influential German biologists, revealed in their writings that Darwin's theory and publications had a major influence upon Nazi race policies. Hitler believed that the human gene pool could be improved by using selective breeding similar to how farmers breed superior cattle strains. In the formulation of their racial policies, Hitler's government relied heavily upon Darwinism, especially the elaborations by Spencer and Haeckel. As a result, a central policy of Hitler's administration was the development and implementation of policies designed to protect the 'superior race'. This required at the very least preventing the 'inferior races' from mixing with those judged superior, in order to reduce contamination of the latter's gene pool. The 'superior race' belief was based on the theory of group inequality within each species, a major presumption and requirement of Darwin's original 'survival of the fittest' theory. This philosophy culminated in the 'final solution', the extermination of approximately six million Jews and four million other people who belonged to what German scientists judged as 'inferior races'. …… Of the many factors that produced the Nazi holocaust and World War II, one of the most important was Darwin's notion that evolutionary progress occurs mainly as a result of the elimination of the weak in the struggle for survival. Although it is no easy task to assess the conflicting motives of Hitler and his supporters, Darwinism-inspired eugenics clearly played a critical role. Darwinism justified and encouraged the Nazi views on both race and war. If the Nazi party had fully embraced and consistently acted on the belief that all humans were descendants of Adam and Eve and equal before the creator God, as taught in both the Old Testament and New Testament Scriptures, the holocaust would never have occurred….."

WorldNetDaily 11/19/99 John Doggett "…. I'm old school on this one. Thanksgiving is not just a day or a weekend, it is a state of mind. Thanksgiving is the day that I acknowledge that I give thanks every day that the Creator chose America as my home. I didn't always feel this way about America. After all, when I was born in San Francisco in 1947, it was darn near illegal to be black. I now teach at the University of Texas at Austin. However, when I was born, they allowed no one who looked like me to teach or even attend my university. Nevertheless, as the ad says, that was then, and this is now. Tens of millions of Americans of all colors and creeds first fought the scourge of slavery and then moved on to root out legal segregation. In fact, the history of America is one of a profound commitment to the very concept of equality. A commitment that is unmatched by any other civilization ever known to man. ….."

Catholic League 11/17/99 William Donohue "… "The nun that is featured in the new movie, "All About My Mother" is pregnant. She's also HIV-positive. It opens Friday in select theaters. "All About My Mother" was described by one reviewer as "a loose homage to 'All About Eve' populated by an outrageous (as usual) assortment of drag queens, transvestite hookers and pregnant nuns." The Sunday Times of London said that the Pedro Almodovar film was "a blend of his favorite elements--delirium, drugs, sexual deviation, arresting visuals and, most of all, the solidarity and sacrifices of women." ..."

Sobran's 9/28/99 Joseph Sobran ".... The great vice of liberal thinking is its failure of imagination with respect to Christians. For all their preaching of "sensitivity" and "multiculturalism," they are belligerently ignorant of Christian culture and Christians' feelings. In fact they seem to think that there is something specially "artistic" about offending Christians. Offending blacks, Jews, feminists, or homosexuals is "insensitive," while offending Christians is "irreverent" - a word that has come to suggest a rather cute sassiness. Yet the whole history of Western Civilization is rooted in religion. Unless you understand Judaism, Catholicism, and Protestantism, along with the rise of Islam, you don't understand the events that shaped the modern world. The issues of the Reformation were still alive when the United States was founded, when slavery was debated, when the Civil War tore the country apart, when Prohibition was adopted, when Joe McCarthy assailed "godless Communism," when John Kennedy became the first Catholic American president. The Christian Right is closer to its own historic roots than most Americans, yet the media and the history textbooks treat it as a marginal, virtually un-American movement. This isn't "multicultural"; it's anti-cultural. It refuses to take America's real origins seriously, adopting the Supreme Court's shallow and ahistorical interpretation of the separation of church and state..... Yet the young pass through our entire educational system without being taught what the Christian perspective was, and is, or how it has shaped the great events of history. Few of them know that many of the authors of the Constitution were clergymen; fewer still realize that the separation of church and state applied only to the federal government, not to the states. (The First Amendment says that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion," leaving the states free to do so.) Like Soviet history, American history has been rewritten, with inconvenient facts deleted. In both countries, the "progressive" forces have subverted their subjects' sense of the past….."

Sydney Morning Herald 11/24/99 Chris McGillion "…..Clerical sexual abuse is a ''direct consequence'' of the failure of the Catholic Church to treat men and women equally in the church, a landmark report commissioned by the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference has found. ''A clear and resounding message received in the course of this research study centred on those elements of the 'culture of the Catholic Church' which contribute to a lack of respect for women, and subsequently their subservient role in the life of the church,'' the report says. ''A direct consequence of this cultural attitude is the ready victimisation of women through sexual offence. As long as the culture of the church does not put men and women on a basis of true equality, then women and children will remain vulnerable to abuse.'' …."

Associated Press (via Yahoo News) 11/22/99 A J Dickerson "….Afraid of offending blacks and Christians, the new director of the Detroit Institute of Arts has suspended an exhibit that included a Jesus figure wearing a condom and an artwork whose title contains a racial slur. The exhibit, which also featured a vial of urine from Andres Serrano's highly publicized photograph of a crucifix submerged in urine, had been accepted by the museum two years ago. ``I felt strongly I could not defend a couple of the pieces,'' said Graham Beal, who became director seven weeks ago and suspended the exhibit Friday, two days after it opened. ``A couple of the pieces were surprises.'' …..Beal, in his previous job as director of the Los Angeles County Art Museum, refused three times to exhibit the show now on display in Brooklyn……"

EWTN News Brief 11/30/99 LONDON ( - Veteran '50s pop star Cliff Richard on Monday topped the UK singles charts with his version of the Lord's Prayer -- despite efforts by most major radio stations to block the song. "I'm over the moon," said Cliff, 59, once heralded as Britain's answer to Elvis Presley. "It is quite hard to believe that I'm number one against all the odds. I will be celebrating with friends with a couple of glasses of champagne and pinching myself to believe that this is really happening." Cliff, who is as well known for his Christianity as he his for his music, recorded the Our Father to the tune of Auld Lang Syne and called it Millennium Prayer in an attempt to remind the British public just what the coming celebrations are all about. But EMI, his record company of 40 years, refused to release it and he was forced to move to Chrysalis records. The proceeds will go to a children's charity……"

The Orlando Sentinel 11/30/99 Charley Reese "…. Read the words of George Washington, our first president. "Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits and humbly to implore His protection and favor; and whereas both Houses of Congress have, by their joint committee, requested me to recommend to the people of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer, to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God . . . ." That's from the text of the very first Thanksgiving proclamation, given Oct. 3, 1789. Now, a question: Would a Congress that wrote the First Amendment call for a national day of prayer but forbid high-school students from praying at graduation ceremonies or at their football games? Not hardly. The current hostility toward religion the federal judiciary is leading is an aberration and totally inconsistent with the Constitution and the founding of this country. …… Federal judges' assault against religious expression is a 20th-century phenomenon that anti-Christian factions instigated under the false banner that the First Amendment decrees a secular government. How could that conclusion have arisen, given the history of the country and Congress' having authorized chaplains for that legislative body's use? The First Amendment states what it means and means simply what it states, that Congress shall not establish a religion or prohibit the free exercise thereof……"

The Orlando Sentinel 11/30/99 Charley Reese "…. Abraham Lincoln voiced similar sentiments in proclaiming a day of national humiliation, fasting and prayer: ". . . it is the duty of nations as well as of men to own their dependence upon the overruling power of God, to confess their sins and transgressions, in humble sorrow, yet with assured hope that genuine repentance will lead to mercy and pardon; and to recognize the sublime truth, announced in Holy Scriptures and proven by all history, that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord."…."

Chuck Baldwin Live 11/30/99 "…… A recent AP report stated that a coalition of religious leaders in Chicago has asked Southern Baptists to not bring missionaries to their city next summer. The reason? They fear that the gospel message will spark violence against Jews, Hindus and Muslims. To the mind of a liberal, the gospel message, and the missionaries who deliver it, are the source of violence and hate. Are these not the same people who cry aloud for tolerance, diversity and pluralism? Can you imagine the outcry of the press had such a letter been sent from Southern Baptists to virtually any other religious group? …..Genuine Christianity recognizes no king but Jesus, however. No government, no potentate, no ruler can usurp His authority. That reality enrages liberals. Secondly, the gospel message is a frighteningly exclusive message. It says there is no other way to God except through Jesus Christ. This, too, inflames the modern day Caesar. To the liberal mind, man (and the government he creates) is his own god. Man accounts only to himself. Man is at once, creator, savior and sovereign. To suggest that man might actually have to answer to a holy, righteous, personal God is more than they can stand….."

Religion Today 11/30/99 "…. A sixth-grader has been punished for refusing to curse in class. Hanna Darnell, 12, was reading a portion of a book out loud in front of her classmates recently when she came to the word "damn." When Darnell skipped over the word and "respectfully explained that she did so because of her Christian beliefs," she was sent to the principal, who ordered her to say the word or be suspended for the rest of the day, a spokesman for the Rutherford Institute (see link below) said. The Virginia-based rights group is representing Darnell, who attends C. B. Eller Elementary School in Elkin, N.C. ….."

Associated Press 11/29/99 Henry Adams "…Atheists are threatening to file suit to remove a 60-foot cross from a cliff that overlooks this city. Chicago talk-show host Rob Sherman together with the group Idaho Atheists say they intend to file suit in federal court next year to have the lighted cross removed from Table Rock. ``It's blatantly unconstitutional,'' Sherman, a former spokesman for American Atheists, said in today's editions of The New York Times. The group promotes separation of church and state. The Idaho Jaycees built the cross on public land in 1956 and purchased the plot for $100 in 1972 to avoid a potential constitutional challenge from the American Civil Liberties Union. Sherman contends the sale was rigged.. ."

The Oklahoman 11/29/99 "….. The approach of the year 2000 has the FBI trying to counter potential criminal activity by extremists who hold apocalyptic views of the millennium or assign some special meaning to the dawn of a new century. Unfortunately, the effort is laden with pitfalls and may make things worse than if the bureau simply did its job quietly. The FBI seems to have learned little from debacles at Ruby Ridge (1992), Waco (1993) and in the 1996 standoff with the Montana Freemen. In each case the bureau bungled operationally and from a public-relations standpoint. Its "Project Megiddo" presents the bureau with another opportunity to sport a black eye. As described on the FBI's Internet Web site, Project Megiddo seeks to flag groups that could turn violent with the advent of the year 2000. It claims to focus only on militias, cults and racist organizations that could be triggered by Y2K. Ironically, it stands a good chance of inflaming the same groups federal officials want to corral. "Some of the groups the FBI is targeting most likely view Project Megiddo as proof that the end is near," writes the Rutherford Institute's John Whitehead. "Their theology suggests that they will be persecuted intensely during the end times. Thus, as these groups see the FBI gearing up to fight them, it could ironically make them more prone to respond violently." ….."

Washington Post 11/27/99 Hanna Rosin Terry Neal "….Other prisons have church, but this radical experiment in rehabilitation at a small state prison in Texas is all church, all the time. Here, about 150 inmates spend their days like students at a Bible college. Seven days a week, from the predawn prayer until 10 p.m., they follow a strict "Christ-centered" agenda, attending an array of Bible classes and prayer study whose purpose is summed up in the program's name: Inner Change……Although the program at the Carol Vance Unit south of Houston is only two years old, it has already become a model for the national movement to boost "faith-based" organizations as an alternative to government programs in such areas as drug treatment and sheltering the homeless…."

N.Y. Post 11/26/99 "……. Memo to Arnold Lehman, director of the Brooklyn Museum of Art: You might want to pay attention to what's just happened out in the Motor City. The new director of Detroit's Institute of Arts has halted -- temporarily, at least; maybe for good -- an exhibition two years in the making about "shock" art. Among the items to be included were a vial of urine from Andres Serrano's infamous "Piss Christ"; "Bathtub Jesus," which shows a doll wearing a condom; a pile of human excrement; a brazil nut labeled with the n-word, and a video of British "artist" Tracey Emin indulging in what's described as "a menstruation ritual." Just seven weeks into his job, director Graham Beal pulled the plug on this offensive shlock. And he did so before anyone had complained -- although complaints would most certainly have been justifiably forthcoming….."

Email 11/25/99 Eric Opiela UT Student Body Vice President "….. I had the great privilege of attending the memorial service at A&M tonight and was deeply moved by the events I experienced. The A&M student body is truly one of the greatest treasures of our State. As part of the UT delegation, we sat on the floor of Reed Arena, and immediately following the end of the service, I heard this rustling sound behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw the sight of 20,000 students spontaneously putting their arms on their neighbors' shoulders, forming a great circle around the arena. The mass stood there in pin-drop silence for close to five minutes; then, from somewhere, someone began to hum quietly the hymn 'Amazing Grace.' Within seconds, the whole arena was singing. I tried too--I choked, I cried……"

Free Congress Foundation/Washington Times 11/23/99 Paul M. Weyrich and William S. Lind "….the Russian army in Chechnya is fighting for us, too, and for everyone who does not want to live under the oppression of Islam. Since the seventh century, Islam has been a bitter enemy of Christendom, and indeed of everyone who does not believe that Mohammed was a prophet of God. Areas such as Egypt, North Africa, and the Near East were once solidly Christian, and they fell not to Islam's teaching but to its sword. Egyptians and other Middle Easterners who still hold to their older Christian faith today suffer brutal oppression. For about three hundred years, as the power of the Islamic Ottoman Empire waned, Islam was in retreat. But over roughly the last thirty years, it has resumed the offensive, expanding outward in every direction: down both coasts of Africa (in Islamic Sudan, black Christians are sold as slaves and some have been crucified; in Nigeria, Islamics have sealed Christians in their churches and set them on fire, burning whole congregations to death), east into Southeast Asia (much of the violence in Indonesia, including the destruction in East Timor, has been Moslems against Christians), and, most ominously, north into Europe. With American aid, two new Islamic states have been created in the Balkans, Bosnia and Kosovo. All across the southern frontier of Christian Russia, Islam is pressing inward. The current fighting in Chechnya began when Chechen Islamic militants attacked Russian Dagestan. In strategic terms, Russia's war is a defensive one….."

American Family Associations Journal 11/99 "….It wasn't for grand larceny, possession of cocaine, or assault and battery. In August a Christian college student began serving a six month jail sentence for simply sharing the gospel and speaking the truth about abortion on a high school campus in Lynchburg, Virginia, before school started. Liberty University student John Reyes, who is represented by the AFA Center for Law & Policy (CLP), went with 150 other college students to the E.C. Glass High School in Lynchburg on November 10, 1997. In front of the school, the group prayed, sang, handed out gospel tracts and counseled with students about alternatives to abortion……"

Medium Rare Newsletter 12/6/99 Jim Rarey "…..Logging interests in Minnesota have filed a law suit against the U.S. Forest Service and two environmental groups who have tied up logging in that state. According to a Los Angeles Times article by Stephanie Simon, the suit essentially claims that environmental groups have persuaded the Forest Service that trees have "spiritual" value and thus should not be cut down. The Times article says the Forest Service is accused of "foisting the 'religion' of the Deep Ecology movement on all Americans by adopting it as a guiding policy for timber management, which violates the Constitution because the government is promoting one religion above others." ….."

The Dallas Norning News 12/3/99 AP "….An outpouring of complaints coupled with vandalism has prompted Santa Fe Community College to remove from public display a controversial painting that depicts a gorilla nailed to a cross. "I think it's too bad people are so ignorant," said Monika Steinhoff, the Santa Fe artist who painted the work and donated it to the college. "It's too bad people are simplistic like that," she said. "The cross was not invented by Christianity." Ms. Steinhoff said the painting, And God Gave Dominion, is not sacrilegious….."

AP 12/1/99 "..... YORK, Pa. - The city of York wants a woman to take down a religious sign outside her house, saying it violates zoning laws, but she is arguing in a federal lawsuit that the city's order tramples on her rights to free speech and freedom of religion. The sign on Sybil Peachlum's lawn depicts a peach holding a copy of a newspaper called "Peachy News" that proclaims, "Jesus is Alive." Lights illuminate the sign and Peachlum eventually had a contractor permanently set it in cement, said Andrew Dale, the city's interim zoning officer. He said the city first got complaints about it in 1994......"

Reuters 12/7/99 "…..Ruling that Christmas is celebrated by non-Christians as well as Christians, a judge late on Monday threw out a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of observing Dec. 25 as a federal holiday. U.S. District Judge Susan Dlott said in her dismissal of the lawsuit that just as Christians observe Christmas as a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, non-Christians celebrate the occasion to welcome the arrival of Santa Claus. ….."

Florida Times-Union 12/9/99 James Kilpatrick "….Three years ago, Zachary Hood was in the first grade at Haines Elementary School in Medford, N.J. As a reward for special achievement in reading, his teacher said her best pupils could bring a book from home and read a favorite story to the class. This was how the lunacy began. The teacher, Grace Oliva, stipulated only that the content be "appropriate" for first graders. Zachary qualified for the honor. The great day arrived, and Zachary showed up, book in hand. Horrors! Gasp! Aaargh! The book was titled - The Beginner's Bible: Timeless Children's Stories……In any event, Zach was shuffled off to a private corner, and there he read the offending tale to Oliva alone. Humiliated by the ostracism imposed upon him, he came home red-eyed from crying. His mother complained to school authorities but got nowhere. Pratt told her that reading the story was the equivalent of praying, that the Muslim, Hindu and Jewish students might be offended, and that there was "no place in a public school for reading the Bible." Finally, Zachary's mother sued for violation of her son's civil rights, and the case wound up in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit….."

Tampa Tribune 12/15/99 Jose Patino Girona "....A Hillsborough County jail guard who has prayed with hundreds of inmates was suspended without pay Tuesday for continuing to minister on the job. ``I am led by God to do it,'' said Beverly Zebrowski, who does not plan to quit praying if reinstated. ``He [God] sets the situation, a divine appointment. I don't think anything just happens.'' Zebrowski, 53, of Tampa turned in her badge shortly after a department hearing Tuesday. A review board will look at the case within four weeks before the findings are submitted to Sheriff Cal Henderson. Zebrowski said she expects to be fired. If she doesn't agree with the ruling, she can challenge it. Zebrowski, who appeared Tuesday despite the prospect of losing her job, said praying with inmates is her duty.....But some inmates have complained during the 11 1/2 years she has been doing it. ....." 12/15/99 Josef Adalian "....Bowing to pressure from the Anti-Defamation League, NBC has agreed never again to air portions of a Dec. 4 ''Saturday Night Live'' sketch in which a faux Britney Spears refers to Jews as ''having killed our Lord'' Jesus Christ. ''SNL'' executive producer Lorne Michaels, however, is insisting the issue is not settled. ..... Weinman responded to Foxman's protest Friday, writing that after ''having had a chance to review the material in question, we have decided that a portion of the sketch, featuring the parodies of Britney Spears, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, was problematic, and, therefore, will be excised from all future broadcasts.'' ....." Freeper HOLA adds "...I recall recent skits that belittled Christ as a homosexual and ignorant that were not banned....."

World Net Daily 12/15/99 Andrew Sandlin "..... The recent demonstrations in Seattle against the WTO remind us faintly of the 60s' massive protests against "The Establishment." Despite variations, both were the expression of political revolutionists who obviously had no Christian outlook on life and on social change. Theirs is the politics of terror, not of Christianity. This sort of political protest is the child of the French Revolution. The French Revolution was the first atheistic revolution in the history of mankind - the first truly political revolution of any kind, in fact. As Robert Nisbet observes in his masterly The Social Philosophers, it set the precedent for violence and terror as principled tactics of political resistance, forced into the service of an ideology. It was, in other words, violence and terror by political calculation. It has been a technique of many on the Left for 200 years, and lately certain desperate and deluded figures on the Right have co-opted it in their war on abortion - bombing abortion clinics, assassinating abortionist doctors, and so on. The objective of political terror is not so much the harm it does to whom it is directed, but rather the harrowing impact on those who witness it. This is true whether the terrorists are statists terrorizing their citizens or practicing anarchists terrorizing the civil government. Stalin's massacre of the peasants was less a retribution for their intransigence than an example to other citizens - for many generations. In other words, political terror is pure theater, a calculated spectacle. It is especially seductive to terrorists in an age in which images can be transmitted around the world in real time. .....Christianity is unequivocally opposed to political terror. Political terror is the gospel of coercion. It is the tactic of men who deny the power of God, of the Biblical gospel, of regeneration. Political terrorists believe that man is a "plastic being." He can be reshaped by external means....."

The Federalist Brief 12/14/99 Charley Reese "…. To teach a secular history of the United States is to teach a false history of the United States. Religion has played a powerful role in America from its very beginning, and the historical record is perfectly clear. ... Would a Congress that wrote the First Amendment call for a national day of prayer but forbid high-school students from praying at graduation ceremonies or at their football games? Not hardly. The current hostility toward religion the federal judiciary is leading is an aberration and totally inconsistent with the Constitution and the founding of this country."

Associated Press 12/13/99 David Crary "….A painting of a dark-skinned Jesus, by an artist who used a woman as a model, has been selected by a Catholic publication as the winner of its contest to update the image of Christ for the new millennium. The painting, ``Jesus of the People,'' was selected from nearly 1,700 entries for the cover of a special millennium issue being published this week by the National Catholic Reporter, an independent newsweekly..."

Christian Science Monitor 12/14/99 Marjorie Coeyman "….In "Taking Religion Seriously Across the Classroom," Charles Haynes, a scholar at The Freedom Forum's First Amendment Center in Nashville, Tenn., and co-author Warren Nord make the case that keeping religion out of school shortchanges students in all fields. Some excerpts follow. Elementary school. "Silence about religion denies students the promise of a good education. If they are to understand the world they live in, they must be exposed at an early age to the religious dimensions of society, history, literature, art, and music. Without this foundation, they will be unprepared for ... more complex and critical study...." Literature and the arts. "For more than a millennium in the West, the greatest theme of a painter was the life and death of Christ, and the greatest task of the architect was to build a cathedral. The greatest work of literature in the thousand years before Shakespeare is Dante's account of hell, purgatory, and paradise.... [Yet national academic] standards never single out religion as being of any special relevance or importance in performing or studying the arts." Science. "[National academic] standards and texts completely ignore one of the most momentous questions of modern intellectual and cultural history: the relationship of science and religion. Of course, the nature of this relationship is deeply controversial, but that would seem to be a reason for discussing rather than ignoring it." ….."

Daily Telegraph, Sydney 12/14/99 "…. Sir Cliff Richard defied the critics yesterday by keeping his place on the UK charts at number one for the fourth week running. His triumph was a putdown for singer George Michael who condemned Sir Cliff's single The Millenium Prayer as vile. In an astonishing attack, the former member of Wham! described it as a "heinous piece of music."He accused Sir Cliff of expoiting his fellow Christians, and said the song was unfit to be number one on the eve of the millenium….."

Reuters 12/14/99 "….Three out of the six Republican presidential candidates on Monday named Jesus Christ as their most influential political or philosophical role model. "When you turn your heart and your life over to Christ, when you accept Christ as the savior, it changes your heart," Texas Gov. George W. Bush said during the third debate among Republican rivals in less than two weeks. "It changes your life. And that's what happened to me." Bush, the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2000, made a serious commitment to Christianity in 1985 after years of struggling with an acknowledged drinking problem….. Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah said he agreed with Bush on Christ's importance, adding, "but I think that goes without saying." He chose two former presidents, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, as the thinkers who most influenced him. "But I bear witness to Christ, too. I really know him to be the savior of the world. And that means more to me than almost anything else I know," Hatch added. ….. Former Reagan administration official Gary Bauer, who has made the fight against abortion the centerpiece of his campaign, also chose Christ as the most influential figure. ….." 12/12/99 E Barry "…..Taki Pilitsis is knee-deep in media. While his mother checks financial markets on her laptop across the room, he sits in front of a personal computer, legs poking out of cavernous shorts, pounding keys that control a prowling warrior. His bedroom is papered with posters of athletes captured in midair, sweat flying. Although he has spent most of his life in central Maine, he has a favorite rapper. But look closely, and note that he is shooting his way through The Mall of Worldliness and defending himself with exploding Bible verses; the lyrics he sings could be mistaken for hip-hop romance but actually refer to Jesus. And at 12, Taki has only dim impressions of the Backstreet Boys, Pokemon, Doom, or Snoop Dogg….."

WORLD Magazine 12/18/99 Lynn Vincent "… WORLD's second annual "Daniel of the Year" designation goes not to one single person but to a generation of young people the editors have dubbed "Generation WWJD." These are the courageous Christian youths who discovered in tough situations that asking the question, "What Would Jesus Do?" means more than just wearing a faddish bracelet…… As the stories of present-day teen martyrs spread, the earth shook under Josh Weidmann's worldview. The outlook that emerged-stark and galvanizing-was a version of a view formed simultaneously and nearly overnight by Christian teens across the country: "I had to realize that life was frail," Josh says, "and in a second, in a place that I found safe, my life could end." That's what 1999 was like for Christian teens, a group that might well be called "Generation WWJD." Teen believers-perhaps for the first time en masse-were forced to ask themselves a question many never thought they'd have to as Americans: "If someone put a gun to my head and asked, 'Do you believe in God?' would I say yes?" ….."

Chicago Tribune 12/12/99 Robert Rotundo "…. A little over a month ago, a three-judge panel in the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled that a public school was correct in prohibiting a 1st grader from reading a story derived from the Bible. This case will soon be in the news again, because it will be reargued before the full court. A rehearing is unusual, and it portends a reversal of the original opinion. When we look at the facts, we can see why the full federal appeals court is likely to uphold the free-speech rights of 6-year-old Zachary Hood. Zachary's teacher told him that he could pick a story to read to the class as long as it was not too long or complex. Zachary picked a story that, in its entirety, read as follows: Jacob traveled far away to his uncle's house. He worked for his uncle taking care of sheep. While he was there, Jacob got married. He had 12 sons. Jacob's big family lived on his uncle's land for many years. But Jacob wanted to go back home. One day, Jacob packed up all his animals and his family and everything he had. They traveled all the way back home to where Esau lived. Now Jacob was afraid that Esau might still be angry at him. So he sent presents to Esau. He sent servants who said, `Please don´t be angry anymore.´ But Esau wasn´t angry. He ran to Jacob. He hugged and kissed him. He was happy to see his brother again. That's it. There was no reference to God or the Bible. ….."

Chicago Tribune 12/12/99 Robert Rotundo "…. About the same time that the 3rd Circuit decided young Zachary lost free-speech rights when he entered the public school, a Brooklyn museum opened what it called the "Sensation Exhibit," displaying artwork such as a portrait of the Virgin Mary adorned with elephant dung and accompanied by photographs of female genitalia scattered on the background. Other displays included two pigs in formaldehyde. The museum announced that the exhibit would be inappropriate for children under age 17 "without adult supervision." …. But a federal court held that the 1st Amendment required New York City to subsidize the Brooklyn Museum. The issue is not whether the "Sensation Exhibit" is "art." I assume that it is, although I've never seen dung or pig parts displayed next to the oils and acrylics in an art supply store. The issue is whether the 1st Amendment requires the government to subsidize. Must the common masses, the poor, be forced to subsidize the tastes of the literati, the rich? …."

Florida Times-Union 12/12/99 "….. Had the American Civil Liberties Union been active in 1785, James Madison might have been in big trouble on June 20. Madison, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America, had the temerity that day to say, ''We have staked the future of all our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government; upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves, according to the Ten Commandments of God.'' Possibly, Madison could have defended himself against charges of mixing religion with government by pleading ignorance. After all, Thomas Jefferson had not yet written his letter using the hallowed phrase ''wall of separation between church and state.'' …..To be politically correct, judging by recent trends, all religions must be kept out of public life in order to serve militant secularism, a value system prevalent among those who worship the supposed infallibility of big government. …."

Chicago Tribune (online) 12/10/99 "….Some parents pulled their children out of holiday music programs at two public schools, saying they fail to portray Christmas as a Christian holiday. The productions are based on the nationally used "Celebrate the Seasons" program, which is a multicultural celebration that has nothing to do with religion, said Betty Replogle, principal at Paddock Lane and Stoddard Elementary Schools. Some upset parents said the productions at both schools go into detail about the origins of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa while ignoring the origins of Christmas. The program mentions Christmas in generic terms, not religious terms, Replogle said...."

Newsmax 12/13/99 "….. The key Chinagate witness [Johnning Chung] closed his remarks with words of defiance directed towards President Clinton: "Mr. President, as an American citizen I fullfilled my responsibility to tell the truth, the whole truth. And as a Christian, I cannot lie. Mr. President, my soul belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ. And my loyalty to the United States will never be for sale." ….." 12/9/99 Stephen Moore Julian Simon "….."There has been more material progress in the United States in the 20th century than there was in the entire world in all the previous centuries combined..." And why? Why us, and why not communists, or buddists, or chinese, etc.? Could it be our heritage? Our religion? Our form of government? Could it be the fact that the founding fathers of this nation were inspired by God and devised a system that facilitated freedom and progress like never dreamed of before (and a system which the liberals are successfully dismantling, wrecking ball style.) ….." 12/10/99 David Bresnahan "…..The Federal Bureau of Investigation has opened a hornet's nest of controversy over a document issued to law enforcement agencies warning of potential violence by conservative religious groups. …… The name "Megiddo" comes from the biblical location in Israel associated with the Battle of Armageddon, the final great battle between the forces of good and evil foretold in the book of Revelation. Sent to police chiefs throughout the country in an effort to warn them of potential difficulties they may encounter in their local areas, the controversial FBI report describes a number of Christian-based groups that ostensibly pose a violent threat to society at the start of the Year 2000. Militia organizations, fundamentalist Christians and racial separatist groups are primary targets of the report. …. "The volatile mix of apocalyptic religions and NWO conspiracy theories may produce violent acts aimed at precipitating the end of the world as prophesied in the Bible," says Project Megiddo, which speculates that groups could commit acts of millennial terrorism within the United States. …… "

Daily Telegraph, Sydney 12/10/99 Helen McCabe "….."Princess Diana has been controversially portrayed as the Virgin Mary in a major art exhibition at the Tate Gallery in Liverpool (Britain.)The 36 inch tall statue forms the centrepiece of the exhibition Heaven which explores how the cult of the celebrity has replaced religion.The late Princess is captured in the traditional pose of the Virgin Mary with her hands clasped and eyes towards the heavens.Exhibition organisers defended the image, claiming Diana was a saintly figure and the statue reflected her popularity ..."

EWTN 12/10/99 "…..A Federal Appeals Court has overturned the local law that prevented a Virginia woman from erecting a manger scene outside a Fairfax County government center. Rita Warren is not a resident of Fairfax County, and the law prohibited non-residents from making political or religious displays on county property. Warren's four-year battle ended with a 9-3 vote in the appellate court. Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III wrote, "Speech in America cannot be that parochial.... Surely a speaker is entitled to spread the faith or the political gospel beyond the community in which she lives." County officials have accepted defeat, saying that they will abide by the court ruling. ….."

Newark NJ Star Ledger 12/15/99 David Gibson ".... Don't like the thought of that dark wood confessional looming by the church aisle if you ever decide to go back to Mass? So let your fingers do the walking. Hoping to draw Catholics back to the age-old sacrament of confession, the Archdiocese of Newark is going to announce today a modern promotional campaign that will include a major billboard campaign and, of all things, a toll-free number that will be answered by a priest. ''This is not confession by phone," said Monsignor Edward Kavin, who is coordinating the "Reconnect" campaign, which includes a toll-free number listed as 877-Y-NOT-CALL. "If there is ever confession by phone it will be a decision made by someone with a higher pay rate than mine," he joked. Rather, Kavin said, the campaign is a recognition of the steep decline in the use of confession and an acknowledgment of the confessional horror stories that are a staple of Catholic story-telling. ''The main reason we have the telephone line is that many people who have had a bad experience, like dealing with an impatient priest, feel too challenged to approach the sacrament," Kavin said. "This is an opportunity to do it in a safe and anonymous setting." ...."

White House,briefing by Joe Lookhart 12/16/99 John Newton C-Span viewer "…."In a briefing by WhiteHouse spoksman Joe Lookhart, he said that Southern Babtist were responsible for reviving ancient religious hatreds. What was notable about this statement, was the total lack of any alarm, or even interest by media of this attack on citizens by our Government. It appears that it is socialy exceptable to identify segments of American citizens as villains, if the word fundamentalist is preceding it..."


CNN 1/6/00 "….Thousands of Indonesian Muslims marched through Jakarta Thursday chanting "Jihad! Jihad!" (holy war) in a protest against minority Christians, while additional police and troops were sent to try to halt the religious unrest in Ambon. The nearly 5,000 protesters, most wearing traditional white Muslim clothes, slaughtered a goat, smeared the blood on a wooden cross and demanded a holy war against Christians in the Moluccas……" 1/5/00 Justin Torres "….More than 125 noncommercial television broadcasters may be forced to drop religious programming after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruled that broadcasts "primarily devoted to religious exhortation, proselytizing or statements of personally-held religious views or beliefs" are prohibited under the agency's educational programming licenses. The decision, released December 29, 1999, allows PBS station WQED in Pittsburgh, Penn., to swap one of its two stations for religious broadcaster Cornerstone TeleVision's WPCB in Greensburg, Penn., in anticipation of that station's sale to Paxson Communications. …..The new guidelines require broadcasters operating on noncommercial educational licenses to devote at least one-half of their programming hours to topics that serve the "educational, instructional or cultural needs of the community." To qualify, the Commission continued, that programming must not be "primarily devoted to religious exhortation, proselytizing, or statements of personally-held religious views and beliefs." ….."

WorldNetDaily 1/6/00 Joseph Farah "….The separation between media mogul Ted Turner and his wife, Jane Fonda, was prompted in part by Fonda's stunning embrace of "born-again" evangelical Christianity, sources close to the couple tell WorldNetDaily. The split was announced yesterday in a statement, which indicated the couple remains "committed to the long-term success of our marriage." The two have been married since Dec. 21, 1991. Friends say the path of Fonda's spiritual conversion began two years ago when her chauffeur began witnessing to the actress ..."

Associated Press 12/28/99 "….Rival mobs of Muslims and Christians clashed in Indonesia's troubled Spice Islands on Monday, killing at least 42 people, witnesses said. In a separate clash, three separatists were killed by security forces in restive Aceh province, Indonesian media reported. The main church in the Spice Island provincial capital of Ambon was set on fire along with a mosque. Medical authorities said 29 people had died on the Muslim side and 13 among the Christians, bringing the toll to 42. Initial reports said 39 had died. ... "

Newark (NJ) Star Ledger (RELIGION NEWS SERVICE) 1/7/00 Peggy Polk "….Ignoring a challenge from China's government- controlled "patriotic" church, Pope John Paul II consecrated 12 new bishops yesterday who, he said, represented "the universality" of the Roman Catholic Church. The Pope elevated the prelates, one of them an American, at a solemn Epiphany Mass in St. Peter's Basilica only hours after the Patriotic Association of Chinese Catholics installed five hand-picked bishops loyal to Beijing rather than the Vatican…."

American Family Association - Center for Law and Policy 1/7/00 via Rev "Curt" Tomlin, Ret USA Ret, Pres TCAN Inc. "…. Concerned citizens are being urged by the American Family Association and the National Religious Broadcasters to contact their congressmen about a recent FCC ruling that violates the First Amendment rights of Christian broadcasters. In its December 15, 1999, ruling in the WQED case (released on December, 29), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued educational television restrictions that limit the programming freedom of religious broadcasters, but leave secular broadcasters with programming discretion. The FCC disqualified church services, religious exhortation, proselytizing and statements of personally held religious views from being treated as "educational." "In other words, the FCC could now revoke a Christian ministry's noncommercial television license if over half its programming consists of church services, calls to repent and follow Biblical teaching, witnessing, testimonies, and invitations to accept Christ as Savior and Lord," said AFA President Don Wildmon….."

The Boston Globe 1/6/00 Jeff Jacoby "…. There are an estimated 6 million Muslims in the United States, and the vast majority of them lead lives of peace and moderation. Like traditional Muslims the world over, most American Muslims shun violence and place great emphasis on virtue, charity, and religious tolerance. Which is why it is so dismaying that American Muslims are rarely heard to raise their voices against the terrorists and fanatics who are ruining Islam's reputation. Suppose that on Christmas Eve a group of Catholic militants had hijacked an airliner and taken its 155 passengers and crew members hostage. Suppose they murdered one of the hostages in cold blood, then demanded the release of several radical priests who had been imprisoned for crimes committed as members of terrorist organizations…..Are the spokesmen the problem? Among the best-known Islamic organizations in the United States are the American Muslim Council, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and the Muslim Public Affairs Council. Although each sometimes functions as a straightforward clearinghouse for Muslim information and advocacy, they are also swift to attack anyone who is critical of Islamic extremism - even when the ''criticism'' is mere reporting. For example, when the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed in 1998 by agents of Osama bin Laden, these groups did not cry out against the terrorists or express horror that 224 victims could have been murdered by people claiming to be Muslims. Rather, they seized the moment to lecture the media not to stereotype Islam. The Muslim Public Affairs Council issued a dry caution against ''tagging terrorism with a religious label'' and pointed out that ''some of the rescue workers ... were Muslim.'' It has yet to acknowledge that bin Laden is a terrorist….."

The Daily Oklahomann 1/5/00 Patrick McGuigan "….White House spokesman Joe Lockhart's attack on Southern Baptists has infuriated leaders in the nation's (and Oklahoma's)largest Protestant denomination -- but has garnered little scrutiny beyond my Dec. 26 column, Associated Press stories and items in the Washington Post, the Washington Times, Denver Post and a few other places. Lockhart's slur came during a Dec. 16 press briefing. Details were in an AP story (drawing on the Baptist Press, based in Nashville)on Page 1 of the most recent Washington Times national edition. Lockhart, asked about efforts to share the Gospel with Hindus, Jews and adherents of Islam, said of his boss, Bill Clinton:"I think the president has made very clear his views on religious tolerance and how one of the greatest challenges going into the next century is dealing with intolerance, dealing with ethnic and religious hatred, and coming to grips with the long-held resentments between religions. So I think he's been very clear in his opposition to whatever organizations, including the Southern Baptists, that perpetuate ancient religious hatred. " ….."

The Daily Oklahomann 1/5/00 Patrick McGuigan "….US Reps. JC Watts R-Norman, and JD Hayworth R-Ariz, told Clinton in a letter they were "appalled to read" in the Washington Post (Dec 23) "the comments of your spokesman, Joe Lockhart, denigrating the Baptist faith. ... What makes it even more disturbing is that in making these hateful remarks, Lockhart was supposedly expressing your views. What have the Baptists done to draw the bigoted ire of Mr. Lockhart? Nothing but exercise their First Amendment right to practice their religion, which calls on them to try and convert others to the Baptist faith. ....There is simply no place in the White House or anywhere else for this type of hateful speech and blatant bigotry against a particular religious group -- especially at this time of year when so many are celebrating their faith. " They called on Lockhart to resign. …."

Manchester Union-Leader 1/6/00 Bernadette Malone Connolly "….Done right, Catholicism treats gays ethically, fairly and compassionately. So the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland had no need Tuesday to overcompensate for the fact that the Vatican objects to the act of homosexuality by endorsing a gay amendment to Maine's Human Rights Act. The amendment in question bars discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation - a praiseworthy goal. But it strips private individuals of the right to decide not to do business with persons prominently engaged in activities many folks - including some Catholics - believe to be immoral….."

AP 12/6/99 Donna De La Cruz "….A man smuggled white oil paint into an art museum Thursday and squirted it onto a painting of the Virgin Mary decorated with elephant dung, museum officials and police said. The painting was cleaned and will be back on display Friday at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the museum said. The artwork has incensed various groups, including the Catholic League and Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who tried to cut off city funding to the museum. The man who allegedly defaced the painting, Dennis Heiner, 72, was immediately surrounded by security guards and taken into police custody. He was charged with criminal mischief, a felony. He was still in custody Thursday afternoon and couldn't be reached. …."

Portland Press Herald 1/5/00 Paul Carrier "….The Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland on Tuesday threw its support behind a revised gay-rights bill that the Legislature will consider this year. The gesture gives backers a significant political boost because the Catholic Church sat out the last gay-rights fight in 1998...."

Firehat 1/1/00 Norman Liebmann "….Now that the liberal establishment has filleted some of the girders out of the national superstructure, one area has collapsed into a gelatinous mass of hormonal confusion and an agony of indecision about whether to leave the toilet seat in an up or down position. That area is called Vermont, and it is currently in a spasm of sexual upheaval, having abandoned democracy and undertaken to reorganize itself into a homo-ocracy. … Same sex marriage is an attack on Christian civilization, and it is no wonder Bill Clinton should lead that attack - inasmuch as no one ever accused him of being either Christian or civilized. Secularists rationalize the Clinton Administration is only Nature's Way of spreading AIDS politically and bringing to America the blessings of Woodstock and Gomorrah……. Vermont has sanctioned an arrangement called a domestic partnership, an ersatz homosexual Nutrasweet marital arrangement. Though legalized by the state, this sacrilege is embroidered with hypocrisy. It is frowned upon to marry out your faith, but not out of your gender; against the law to marry your sister but okay to marry your brother; and okay for a man to date your son - as long as his intentions are "honorable." ……" 1/5/00 Jim McDermont, Member of Congress "….Dr. Morris Chapman Director, Executive Committee, Southern Baptist Convention …… We were disheartened to learn that the Southern Baptists had published a pamphlet recently regarding prayer for Hindus that uses overly aggressive and insensitive language. We are particularly alarmed at the level of insensitivity displayed towards members of one of the oldest religions in the world. We do not take issue with your right to pray for whom and whatever you choose. However, we believe that the manner in which you have chosen to do this, in regards to Hinduism, goes beyond the bounds of decorum, tact, respect and understanding. In your recent pamphlet, you say that "Mumbai is a city of spiritual darkness...(Hindus are) slaves bound by false gods." We cannot understand how men and women, raised and educated in the world's bastion of religious freedom and tolerance, can characterize another religion as spiritually dark and false….. Please understand that we do not oppose your organization's efforts to educate non-Baptists to your views, however, we would hope that in the future you adopt a more tolerant and enlightened method…..Sincerely,

Jim McDermott, Member of Congress
Gary Ackerman, Member of Congress
Frank Pallone Jr., Member of Congress
Henry Waxman, Member of Congress
Merrill Cook, Member of Congress
Alcee Hastings, Member of Congress
Tom Lantos, Member of Congress …."

Hindustan Times 1/6/00 "…..A Sikh man, who was refused a job at a premier pizza company's outlet because he wore a beard, has won a settlement in his favour with the company promising to change its policy and agreeing to pay 5,000 dollars in legal fees to him. Mr Prabhjot S. Kohli, who works with the Maryland State Highway Administration, sued Domino's in 1988 after he was turned away from a job because he sported a beard. He said his religion prohibited him from shaving, the "Washington Post" reported on Tuesday…." 1/7/00 Patrick Goodenough "….Tens of thousands of Indonesian Muslims demonstrated in Jakarta Friday, calling for jihad (holy war) against Christians in the country's conflict-torn Spice Islands. Clashes between minority Christians and Muslims in the Moluccas (Moluku) islands have cost thousands of lives since the beginning of last year. Christian groups last week called on the United Nations to send peacekeepers to end the carnage in the world's most populous Muslim nation. Amid reports that the warring parties are receiving help from outside, Indonesian Navy warships and aircraft have blockaded the islands to prevent unauthorized vessels from entering the area...."

AP 1/5/00 "….Religious leaders from more than 70 California churches are asking The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to reconsider its support for an anti-gay marriage initiative. Proposition 22, titled the "Limit on Marriage" act, won't solve problems facing families, said the church leaders, who planned to release a copy of their letter to the LDS church today. The initiative, sponsored by state Sen. Pete Knight, R-Palmdale, would bar California from recognizing marriages of same-sex couples. Voters will consider it March 7. Religious leaders who oppose the ban, which include Catholics, Unitarians, Jews, Episcopalians and Methodists, want to hold a round-table discussion with LDS church officials to discuss their support for it. "If they are really concerned about supporting marriage and families, there are many other things that are a threat to marriage and families," said the Rev. Ed Hansen, pastor of the Hollywood United Methodist Church……The measure also has received support from most of the California dioceses of the Roman Catholic Church and the California Southern Baptist Convention. Robert Glazier, spokesman for the "Protection of Marriage" campaign, said he had not seen the letter, but doubted it would lessen Mormon support for Proposition 22….."

The Morrock News Service1/4/00 John David Powell "…..For Christians, 1999 ended just as badly as it began. The year started with details of persecution from around the planet. . . . An Australian missionary and his two sons were burned to death in January by a Hindu mob in India. Human Rights Watch said the Indian government could not stop the growing violence against Christians that has resulted in the murder of priests, the rapes of nuns, and the destruction of Christian churches, schools and cemeteries…"

The Morrock News Service1/4/00 John David Powell "…..White House spokesman Joe Lockhart raised the ire of his president's own denomination when he said Southern Baptists and other Christian organizations "perpetuate ancient religious hatred." The president, said Lockhart, "has been very clear in his opposition to whatever organization, including the Southern Baptist, that perpetuate ancient religious hatred." One wonders if Clinton's righteous opposition applies to government-sponsored anti-Christian hatred. It doesn't seem so…."

The Morrock News Service1/4/00 John David Powell "…..On Christmas Day came a report out of Saudi Arabia that a Filipino Christian, employed in that country for 14 years as an engineer, had been detained since Dec. 1 for suspected Christian activities. Sources in the Philippines said the man's arrest was part of a wider investigation by the Saudi religious police known as the "muttawa." Christian and all other non-Muslim worship are prohibited under Saudi Arabia's strict Islamic law.

The Morrock News Service1/4/00 John David Powell "…..East Timor had a bloody year. Indonesian soldiers and militiamen may have killed thousands of Timorese Christians and forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homes in the violence that savaged the land in the last months of the year. Civilians also fought one another. More than 500 people were killed in clashes between Indonesian Muslims and Christians in 1999. More than 2 million people have died in the 16-year-old civil war in Sudan. Ninety percent of those killed were non-Muslim civilians in the south who died fighting to preserve their Christianity. Last year, 100,000 people were starved to death in the government's fabricated famine. The United Nations and other human rights groups have documented the Sudanese government's goals of ethnic cleansing….."

The Morrock News Service1/4/00 John David Powell "…..The US government is scheduled to give Egypt $2.5 billion this year. In return, Cairo continues its crackdown on Coptic Christians. In what has been described as one of the most horrific instances of religious persecution in modern times, a thousand Christians last year were manacled to doors, and then beaten and had electrical shocks applied to their genitals. Teenage girls were raped. Babies were struck with sticks as their mothers watched helplessly. Men were nailed to crosses. Religious leaders who protested were arrested and charged with capital offenses. Turkey, once the center of the Christian world, is now a leader in Christian persecution. Churches have been demolished, seminaries have been closed, Christians have been forced from their villages, personal property has been confiscated, Christian girls have been kidnapped and forced to marry Muslims. In November, 38 Sri Lankan refugees were killed in a church that was shelled by artillery…… Reports out of Laos said Christians faced increased persecution, arrest and intimidation by police….. Sometimes the persecution was subtle. Take Israel, for instance. Crucifixes and Christmas trees were banned from Israeli hotel lobbies during the millennium holiday season because they were deemed offensive to Jews….."

THE REAGAN INFORMATION INTERCHANGE 1/4/00 Mary Mostert "…..Prior to the new year there were a number of "Millennium" stories coming out of Israel which warned of "right wing extremists" creating "serious problems in Israel for the Jews." One group of "concerned Christians" was told to go home because it was feared they would use the new year as a time for some sort of violence to bring about the Second Coming of Christ. Three days after the new year, the Jerusalem Post, trying to explain the lack of ANY such event reported: Israel has prepared doomsday scenarios involving Christian sects and finds that almost nobody believes they will come to pass. Truth be told, Christian fundamentalist millennial theology can be very frightening, especially if you live in Jerusalem. Based on particular, sometimes idiosyncratic, interpretations of the biblical book of Daniel and New Testament's books of Revelation and Matthew, millions of Christian evangelicals and fundamentalists believe that this Second Coming of Jesus will occur in 2000. They are infused with millennial frenzy and are agitatedly looking for "signs" of the Last Days. They believe that after Jesus does appear, he will vanquish evil in the final battle at Armageddon, and establish his thousand-year kingdom on earth. After the millennium of Jesus's earthly reign, he will pronounce his final judgment over the living and the dead, and this will bring about the end of earthly history. MAINSTREAM Christianity has rejected such apocalyptic theology…… Dr. Robert Schuller, minister of the Crystal Cathedral in California, hosts a television program called The Hour of Power, which, he claims, is viewed by billions of people worldwide……. Less than 10 percent of Christians, Schuller asserts, "actually buy into eschatological theology. The rest of us don't argue about it and we are just going to let it pass. We, the overwhelming majority, will pray for peace, understanding, reconciliation, and joy." However, David S. Katz, professor of history at Tel Aviv University and an expert on millennialism and Christian sects, cited a Gallup poll that contends that between 30 and 40 percent of Americans basically believe in the absolute literal truth of the entire Bible, including the prophesies of Jesus's Second Coming and the apocalyptic scenes described in Revelation and Matthew….."

Virtual NY and UPI 1/6/00 AP "…A Pakistani Islamic cleric, freed by India as a swap deal to end the Indian Airlines hijacking, has called on his followers to destroy the United States and India. Surrounded by automatic gun-wielding bodyguards, Maulana Masood Azhar made a fiery speech to nearly 15,000 supporters in front of an Islamic seminary and vowed to liberate Kashmir from Indian rule. During his 25-minute speech, Azhar said, "I have come here because this is my duty to tell you that Muslims should not rest in peace until we have destroyed America and India." Azhar told a cheering crowd, "Go and tell Indians and those who have suppressed Muslims that mujahideen are a force of Allah and we will soon hoist the flag of Islam all over the world." "I have only come here because I need warriors. I will not rest until Muslims get liberated," he said. The crowd shouted in approval, "Allah is great," and, "Death to India, death to the United States." …." 1/7/00 Justin Torres "…. In response to an exclusive story from, four Republican congressmen have sent letters to the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Vice President Al Gore demanding that the agency reverse recently promulgated rules limiting religious content on public airwaves. The letter was cosigned Thursday by Rep. Mike Oxley (R-OH), Rep. Chip Pickering (R-MS), Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-FL), and Rep. Steve Largent (R-OK). The new guidelines require broadcasters operating on noncommercial educational licenses to devote at least one-half of their programming hours to topics that serve the "educational, instructional or cultural needs of the community." ..."

AP Breaking News 1/7/00 Ali Kotarumalos "….About 80,000 Muslims protested in the capital today, threatening to declare a holy war in defense of Islam if the government doesn't halt religious fighting in the country's eastern islands that has left nearly 1,000 dead in past weeks. Across the street from the presidential palace, the demonstrators waved hundreds of banners reading "We are ready to die in defense of Maluku Muslims" and "Stop the killings of Muslims." Those in the crowd chanted "Jihad", or "Holy War," and "Allah Akbar," or "God is Great." The rally, held after morning prayers at Jakarta's National Monument Square, followed a series of smaller protests by Muslims in the capital in recent days. Police estimated that 80,000 people had gathered in the vast park. By the government's count, about 990 people have died in fighting between Christians and Muslims during the past two weeks in Maluku and North Maluku provinces, some 1,600 miles northeast of Jakarta. The country's security forces have deployed thousands of troops to the islands, and officials say the violence has subsided in recent days. The two provinces of Maluku and North Maluku, known as the Spice Islands during Dutch colonial rule, have been wracked by fighting between Muslims and Christian mobs for the past year. About 1,800 people have been killed since the violence began, according to government estimates. ….An influx of Muslims from Indonesia's other islands over the past two decades has changed the religious makeup of the provinces, where the Christians used to have a small majority. Almost 90 percent of Indonesia's 210 million people are Muslims. Analysts have warned that if the violence does not end soon, it could engulf other parts of the country….."

Associated Press 1/7/00 "….With its message on yard signs, book covers and the walls of courthouses and public classrooms, a Ten Commandments movement is pushing forward around the nation. Like anti-abortion legislation earlier, the right to display the commandments has become a high-priority issue for Christian groups, says Frank Flinn, an adjunct professor of religious studies at Washington University in St. Louis. Proponents argue that the framework for America's system of laws is based on the 10 rules that the biblical book of Exodus says God gave to Moses. The rules should be displayed in schools, they say, insisting that it is legal if the display is paid for with private funds……. In Kentucky, the ACLU filed suit Nov. 18 against McCreary and Pulaski counties and the Harlan County schools after the commandments were publicly displayed. The ACLU cites a 1980 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that the posting of the commandments in schools amounted to an unconstitutional government promotion of religion, which is forbidden by the First Amendment. The suits are pending. ……Roy Moore, an Alabama circuit judge who refused to take down the commandments posted in his courtroom in 1995, has spoken at Christian rallies across the country. He encourages school boards to post the Ten Commandments even if it means a costly lawsuit for the district. In Altoona, Pa., religious leaders and school officials reached an agreement in August allowing an after-school Ten Commandments club and a new comparative course in religions. In November, the Val Verde Board of Education in California voted to reverse its policy of displaying the Ten Commandments in district offices after the ACLU threatened to sue……. "

DesertNews 1/6/00 Jeffrey Haney "….Ethics has turned into a dirty word on the Utah Valley State College campus. Witness some of the swirling questions of "ethical" proportions that have polarized and divided the college teaching ranks: * Utah Valley State College professors are scheduled to vote Tuesday to impeach the president-elect of the faculty senate for allegedly violating ethical standards and publicly questioning the material of a course on ethics and values…… Ron Hammond, faculty senate president-elect and a former UVSC teacher of the year, says he is being "demonized" for questioning the content of an "Ethics and Values" class offered by the philosophy department and raising questions about the unprecedented change in the mission statement to acknowledge the ethics department. "I've talked about the sacred cow here. Not once, but twice," said Hammond, who would be the first faculty senate president in 64 years to be removed from office. His concerns were raised after hearing from some students that ethics classes were "anti-Mormon." He informally polled his students regarding the content of the courses, which are required for all liberal-art students. The sociologist wanted to know if students, indeed, felt that ethics professors demeaned conservative political beliefs or membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The content of some ethics courses could be considered controversial in Utah County, one of the most conservative regions in the Mountain West. Students are asked to defend their beliefs on such topics as same-sex marriage and abortion. Hammond found that two out of 200 students had negative experiences in the ethics classes. Some said they had learned that to score a good grade, they had to agree with the political philosophies of the ethics professors, he said……. "

Tamp Bay Online (UPI Breaking) 1/6/00 Sara El-Khalili AP "….Police on Thursday arrested four Muslims on charges of killing nine Christians during sectarian violence in southern Egypt over the weekend, the Interior Ministry said. Two suspects were captured in the hills near the village of el-Kusheh, 275 miles south of Cairo, where much of the violence occurred. The other two, who are brothers, were arrested in the village…..The religious violence was unusual for Egypt, where Christians and Copts have generally lived together peacefully. Minority Christians comprise 10 percent of Egypt's 64 million people and sometimes complain of discrimination by the Muslim majority……" 1/9/00 Peggy Wehmeyer "….They chant Jewish blessings and sing to Hebrew melodies, but these people say they are Christians. "I was born a Jew and I will die a Jew and I am also a follower of Jesus," says one Messianic Jew. "That makes me a Christian." But Jewish leaders say you cannot be both. And they are angry that Southern Baptists are challenging that view in their efforts to convert Jews to Christianity. The trouble began when the Baptists published a booklet encouraging Christians to pray for the salvation of Jews who are still waiting for the Messiah……. A coalition of leaders from every branch of Judaism sent a letter to the Baptists saying they were deeply offended that the Baptists embrace efforts to "deceive Jews into believing that one can be both a Jew and a Christian." "I can tell you the Baptists are not deceptive," Patterson says. "They have a right to claim to be Jewish as well as followers of the Messiah." …."It would be nice if instead of only loving us and therefore sharing faith with us," Lamm says, "you also respected us and let us be. Just let us be. That's all we ask." That's unlikely to happen, because not only do Baptists believe Jews can be Christians, but there's a sense of urgency in their evangelistic mission. Baptists believe something dramatic must happen before Jesus will return to set up his kingdom on Earth…."

THE WANDERER newspaper 1/6/00 Linda Bowles "….Just as we were on the verge of enjoying another secular Christmas season, along comes some flaky politician spoiling it all by blurting out the name of "Christ" in a political debate…… Liberal pundits could not repress their outrage at this serious transgression of politically correct, liberal dogma. New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd accused Bush of using "the son of God" to make political points. "Jesus is a niche," she wrote, "... the new wedge issue." Atlanta Constitution columnist Cynthia Tucker wrote that Bush "... just wanted some cheap points for shallow piety." TV talk-show host Chris Matthews was in shock. He thinks Bush's remarks should have been reserved for a revival tent. The Anti-Defamation League was, as usual, deeply offended. In his column in the Washington Post, the usually brilliant and sensible Charles Krauthammer had this reaction: "Such ostentatious religiosity is unseemly. ... For those who take God seriously, it is sacrilegious. For those who are secular, it's scary. You watch these debates brimming with God talk, and you catch a whiff of the Taliban." (The Taliban is a group of religious fanatics who enforce Islamic law with stonings, amputations of limbs and beheadings.) These hysterical outbursts reflect the fear felt and the offense taken by spooked, left-wing alarmists They do not want to hear the word "Christ" in any public forum. Their collective advice to Christians is this: keep it to yourself. They are terrorized by the idea that the Christians are coming to get them. They live in fear that there is a vast conspiracy to destroy their lives by imposing goodness upon them. The same people who are panting to get homosexuals out of the closet are working hard to put Christians in it….."

Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoc 1957 "….. One of the pet words of this age is "tolerance." It is a good word, but we have tried to stretch it over too great an area of life. Too often we have applied tolerance where it does not belong. The word "tolerant" means "broad-minded, willing to put up with beliefs opposed to one's convictions, the allowance of something not wholly approved." Tolerance, in one sense, implies the compromise of one's convictions, a yielding of ground on important issues. Hence, over-tolerance in moral issues has made us soft, flabby and devoid of conviction. We have become tolerant about divorce; we have become tolerant about the use of alcohol; we have become tolerant about immorality; we have become tolerant about crime; and we have become tolerant about godlessness. There is a manifest tolerance of broad-mindedness about morals; this is characteristic of our day. We have been sapped of our conviction and drained of our beliefs, and we are bereft of our faith…… Christ was so intolerant of our lost estate that he left his throne in heaven, took on himself the form of man, suffered at the hands of evil men and died on a cruel cross to purchase our redemption….. Having paid such a price, Jesus could not be tolerant about men and women's indifference toward him and the redemption that he had wrought. He said, "He who is not with Me is against Me." He also said, "He who believes in the Son has everlasting life; and he who does not believe the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him." ….. Jesus pronounced more "woes" on the Pharisees than on any other group, because the Pharisees were given to outward piety, but inside they were a sham: "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!" Jesus said, "For you cleanse the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of extortion and self-indulgence." ….God is intolerant toward sin. That intolerance sent his Son to die for us. He has said that "whoever believes in Him should not perish" and that those who refuse to believe in him will be eternally lost. ….."

Saturday Oklahoman 1/20/2000 Professors Jeff Harwell, Bob Reed and Michael Scaperlanda "….Berkeley law professor Philip Johnson reports of a Chinese paleontologist who has traveled the world presenting fossil discoveries that contradict the standard theory of evolution: new species appear suddenly without evolving from common ancestors. When this upsets American scientists, he wryly comments: "In China we can criticize Darwin but not the government. In America you can criticize the government but not Darwin." Our Chinese colleague is perceptive: In 1988, Scientific American withdrew a job offer to science writer Forrest Mims after discovering he was an evangelical Christian. When exposed by the Houston Chronicle, the journal admitted it feared embarrassment over Mims' beliefs. Such bigotry chagrins most working scientists….."

EWTN 1/20/2000 "….Almost one year ago, a group of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) announced that they intend to get the Vatican kicked out of the United Nations. Through extensive international media coverage, a sophisticated web-site, and advertising in the New York Times, the campaign has grown to 400 organizations that are now calling for the UN to downgrade the status of the Vatican from Permanent Observer to NGO. * The leader of the campaign is Frances Kissling, President of Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC), an NGO dedicated to overturning official Catholic teaching on contraception and abortion….* Called "See Change", the campaign began with 70 organizations, including one of the most powerful UN NGOs, International Planned Parenthood Federation, the largest abortion provider in the world. The coalition has grown to include three major strands; pro-abortion groups, those in favor of population control, and groups hostile to religion…..* Participants include the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy, Equality Now, Marie Stopes International, the National Abortion Federation, the Feminist Majority, the Sierra Club, Population Concern, Center for Research on Population and Security, the American Humanist Association, and Atheists United. The list includes groups from more than a dozen countries…" 1/17/2000 Lawrence Morahan "…..The state of Washington cancelled funds awarded to a local scholarship recipient when it learned the student was using the scholarship money to study theology, alleging it created a conflict with the state Constitution that mandates "the separation of church and state.""We have consistently interpreted this constitutional provision as prohibiting state financial aid funds for students who are pursuing a degree in theology," the Higher Education Coordinating Board told the student in a letter, a copy of which was made available to ..." 1/10/00 Justin Torres ".... A high-ranking source at the Federal Communications Commission, discussing new FCC regulations limiting religious content on noncommercial television broadcasts, told Monday that the agency "has had [religious broadcasters] in their sights for at least a year." The source, who is familiar with the case of WQED-TV in Pittsburgh and its proposed licensing swap with religious broadcaster Cornerstone TeleVision - which was first reported Wednesday by - said on condition of anonymity that "certain commissioners have been discussing how best to rein in NCETV (noncommercial educational television) licensees for a while, on separation of church and state grounds." While the source would not name specific commissioners from the five member board, Chairman William Kennard and Commissioners Gloria Tristani and Susan Ness, all Democrats appointed by President Clinton, assented to the new regulations. Commissioners Harold Furchtgott-Roth and Michael Powell dissented. "They've been looking for a test case, and they found one in this license swap," the source continued......"

CNS 1/20/2000 Justin Torres "…. More and more it appears religion and ecology are walking hand-in-hand. The sermon titles are the Kyoto treaty on global warming and endangered species protection. These might not be topics Americans expect to hear discussed from their pulpits every Sunday, but environmental issues are becoming subsets of more traditional religious topics like brotherly love, ethics and sin. Father Donald Conroy, president of the North American Conference on Religion and Ecology, told that churches and denominations have begun "to engage the question of the spiritual and moral dimension" of environmental issues…… Conroy, Lassiter and Royal all agree that churches can get into dangerous areas when they leave the realm of theology and advocate for more clearly political responses to environmental concerns…… "The first response should be a Christian response of changing our lives," said Lassiter. "People in the faith community don't want to be pushed into someone's agenda. They won't respond to that kind of pressure." …." 1/19/2000 Justin Torres "….Religious broadcaster Cornerstone Television, recently embroiled in a Federal Communications Commission ruling concerning limits on religious comment on noncommercial television, has announced that it will decline a noncommercial educational television license granted to it by the FCC on the grounds that the new regulations "seriously jeopardized our ability to carry out our mission of broadcasting Christian educational programming." The new guidelines from the FCC - first reported January 5th by - require broadcasters operating on noncommercial educational licenses to devote at least one-half of their programming hours to topics that serve the "educational, instructional or cultural needs of the community." To qualify, the Commission continued, that programming must not be "primarily devoted to religious exhortation, proselytizing, or statements of personally-held religious views and beliefs."……. Cornerstone president Oleen Eagle said in a statement, "Since our mission requires us to broadcast programming that involves Christian exhortation, evangelizing, statements of personally-held religious views and beliefs and church services, we could be threatened with loss of our primary means of carrying out our mission,"…… Calling the guidelines "horrendous" and "vague and overbroad," Eagle said that they "clearly violate the First Amendment to the United States Constitution by singling out religious programming for special scrutiny, regulating the content of religious speech and suppressing religious expression by prior restraint. . . . We regret that this simple license exchange transaction has become so politicized in Washington that it now has nationwide ramifications."….."

Hindustan Times 1/22/2000 Vijay Dutt "…THE BLUEPRINT for a reformed House of Lords, the Lord Wakeham Report, much-awaited by Asians and other ethnic groups, was presented in Parliament on Thursday. The 216 -page report has made 132 recommendations, which include one for representation of other faiths in the new Upper House. There are at present 26 bishops of the Church of England. The report called, A House for the Future, recommends that the number of bishops be reduced to 16 and five other places should be made available to other Christian denominations in England. There would be five seats for Christian denominations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Another five seats should be reserved for the non-Christian communities, which include Sikhism, Hinduism and Islam. The number of seats for religious leaders thus goes up from 26 to 31…… The Jewish, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh community leaders have criticised the "injustice". They would have less than one per cent of the recommended 550 seats. Other faiths make up six per cent of the population. The recognised non-Christian faiths, which will be competing for representation, are: Jains (30,000), Jews (300,000), Buddhists (130,000), Sikhs (500,000), Zoroastrians (10,000), Baha'is (6,000), Muslims (1.5 million) and Hindus ( 500,000)…"

The Wall Street Journal 1/21/2000 "…. The FCC justifies its action by saying that it applies only to those with noncommercial educational licenses. But the very attempt by a government organ to designate certain kinds of religious expression as beneficial while demoting other kinds to some second-class category strikes us as a horrendous precedent, just the kind of thing the Founding Fathers hoped they'd avoided when they gave us the First Amendment. Rep. Billy Tauzin (R., La.), chairman of the House Telecommunications panel, obviously agrees. On Wednesday, he sent all five FCC commissioners a letter with 33 questions asking exactly how it's possible to square such a distinction on speech with the Constitution. We'd be interested in those answers ourselves. In the meantime, we look forward to strong denunciations of the FCC action from our friends at the Brooklyn Museum. Surely a group that saw in Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's attempt to remove a tax subsidy for a porn- and dung-encrusted Madonna an insidious attack on free expression will be equally perturbed by Commissioner Kennard's effectively taking it upon himself and his four fellow commissioners to decree which religious speech is good for Americans and which is not….."

London Times, The 1/21/2000 Richard Owen "….VATICAN officials yesterday confirmed that the Pope was considering naming Martin Luther King, the US civil rights leader who was assassinated in 1968, as a martyr in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church, even though the murdered civil rights leader was a Baptist. In Catholic doctrine a martyr must have "died for the faith". The move, if approved, could put King on the path to beatification and sainthood...."

BBC 1/20/2000 "…. Thousands of people have been fleeing religious and ethnic violence on the Indonesian island of Lombok. The situation is currently reported to be calmer, but members of Christian and Chinese minority communities have been evacuated under military escort. Large numbers of Indonesian troops and police are patrolling the streets of the island's capital, Mataram. Sporadic clashes were reported on Wednesday night, despite police threats to shoot rioters on sight after more than three days of violence. Muslim gangs torched and looted premises and homes owned by Christians, Hindus and ethnic Chinese. They are reported to have lists of Christian and Chinese-owned properties which they are methodically destroying….."

BBC 1/20/2000 Barnaby Phillips "….. Religious and ethnic tensions in Nigeria are never far from the surface. But the decision of the state of Zamfara, in the far north of the country, to introduce Sharia, or Islamic law, on 27 January, has brought them very much to the forefront once again. The move by Zamfara, one of 36 states in the Nigerian federation, has been widely welcomed across the mainly Muslim north of the country; and several other states have now said they intend to follow suit. But Nigeria's Christian population, who form the majority in the south, have reacted with dismay, saying it could unsettle the country's newly installed democracy, after the hand-over from the military in May 1999. One worried man is Reverend Olu Joseph. A preacher in a small evangelical church in the Zamfara state capital, Gusau, he feels his way of life is threatened. "This declaration of Sharia is bad news for Christians," he told me. "It's going to restrict our freedoms". Members of his congregation are more forthright. "We are ready to lay down our lives for Christianity," said one man….."

Reuters 1/21/2000 "…A cyber-confessional has been launched which allows sinners to unburden their souls by typing transgressions ``into a space provided´´ and using the Internet to make peace with God. ``This is between you and God and your privacy is totally respected,´´ says the introduction to the Internet Web site run by London-based Premier Christian radio. ….. The Roman Catholic Church condemned the idea. ``This is not what Catholics would understand as confession. Confession cannot be done by telephone, e-mail or proxy,´´ a church spokesman told the Daily Telegraph newspaper in Thursday´s editions…."

Chicago Tribune 1/21/2000 Flynn McRoberts "…. But socially conservative voters remain a potent force in the early stages of the Republican nominating process--nowhere more so than in Iowa, where polls show 4 out of 10 likely GOP caucus-goers describe themselves as fundamentalist Christians….. Dilley contends the religious right has helped frame a central question for the current campaign: whether Americans can trust the president to restore a sense of moral authority to the White House. "If there is no moral order, there will be no political or social order," she said. Keyes underscored just that issue last weekend in the final Republican debate before the caucuses are held Monday. Instead of giving a closing statement, the former State Department official gave a closing prayer: "Dear Lord our God, give us the wisdom and the sense of humility that we will return to those principles which acknowledge your authority as the source of our rights and our liberties. And that guided by that sense of humility, we will go into the voting booth, not to do what is best for ourselves, but to do, Lord our God, what is best for our country." On stage, his fellow Republicans dutifully bowed their heads……"

Boston Herald 1/2/2000 AP "…..A group of 17 Vermont religious leaders, including the state's Episcopal and Methodist bishops, believe marriage is the only way to give same-sex couples all the legal benefits given to traditional married couples. The institution of marriage ``can only be strengthened by extending our understanding of marriage to include the faithful committed relationships of same gender couples,'' the statement says. ….. The statement was released the day after a pastoral letter by Vermont's Roman Catholic bishop, urging Catholics and other people of faith who oppose same-sex marriage and domestic partnership to rally at the State House next week. ……" 1/21/2000 Lawrence Morahan "….A statement by the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, or SIECUS, that calls on faith communities to bless same-sex marriage and allow homosexual ministers is not representative of mainstream churches and should be rejected, public policy experts told "I find this very disturbing, but I don't find it as much of a surprise, Wanda Boyenga, director of the National Abstinence Clearinghouse, told "It's no secret that SIECUS has planned for some time to launch a major campaign to establish itself as a source of information regarding human sexuality for the faith-based communities of America," she said. The SIECUS statement calls for, among other things, "Full inclusion of women and sexual minorities in congregational life, including their ordination and the blessing of same sex unions." SIECUS also calls for "Lifelong, age appropriate sexuality education in schools, seminaries, and community settings." According to SIECUS guidelines, children ages 5 to 8 should be taught about masturbation; children ages 9 to 12 should be taught that there are many ways - including mutual masturbation and oral sex - to give and receive sexual pleasure, Boyenga said. SIECUS guidelines further state that children ages 12 to 15 should be told where they can buy contraceptives; and children 16 to 18 can be instructed to use erotic photographs, movies or literature to enhance their sexual fantasies, Boyenga said……"

Washington Times 1/21/2000 Wesley Pruden "….The expression of religious faith by politicians, frightening as it may be in the nation's newsrooms, faculty lounges and salons of the beautiful people, doesn't scare most Americans at all. …..George W.'s celebrated answer - an answer to a question posed by a reporter - that Jesus Christ is the author of the guiding philosophy of his life continues to reverberate in the the presidential campaign.. ….. Still, the sneering coverage of George W.'s answer recalls the puzzled contempt that Jimmy Carter provoked when his faith, which is at the center of his life, was shamelessly manipulated and distorted in the news accounts of a generation ago. There was a willful misunderstanding of what Mr. Carter was talking about. George W.'s easy, open discussion of his faith, like Jimmy Carter's, illustrates the differences, often not understood, between cultural Christians, whom evangelical parsons call "the Easter Christians" for their rote obeisance to their inherited faith once a year, and the born-again Christians to whom faith is personal, consuming, often dramatic, and so exciting they have to talk to someone about it.

Washington Times 1/21/2000 Wesley Pruden "…. Hence the liberal limberneck. A columnist for The Washington Post, for example, was so upset by George W.'s Jesus answer that he demanded a theological explanation of why the governor couldn't coherently explain his faith. If George W. was a preacher or a poet, he might have explained his experience as Billy Graham described his own discovery of "the sweetness and the joy of Christ" at a tent revival many years ago: "If some newspaperman had asked me the next day what happened, I couldn't have told him. I didn't know, but I knew in my heart that I was somehow different and changed. That night absolutely changed the direction of my life." The reporters and columnists might not be so baffled if they would take the trouble to ask the questions about things that really matter to their readers and viewers, instead of asking questions about the things that matter to their colleagues on the back of the campaign bus….."

Washington Times 1/21/2000 Wesley Pruden "…. Once, many years ago, Martin Luther King granted me 20 minutes to talk about civil rights. His secretary made it clear that 20 minutes was all he could spare. At the 15-minute mark, I closed my notebook and asked: "Can we talk about Jesus Christ, and your theology?" A smile creased his somber face. "I thought nobody would ever ask," he said. He sent out for sandwiches, and two sons of Baptist preachers talked, about the things that never die, until the shadows surrendered to the night. I've never forgotten that haunting reply: "I thought nobody would ever ask."…."

Bible Prophecy Research 1/2/2000 "…. The United Nations Meditation Room …. Image taken from the following site: The room is designed like a pyramid lying on its side with a mural in place of the capstone (i.e., the top of the pyramid would appear to be cut-off, with this image appearing in the place of it.) It's a small room with no windows. In the center of the room is a 4' high stone [altar?] made of dark grey crystalline ore. The stone is extremely magnetic and possesses polarity. The room is dimly lit, however a small beam of light from a lens in the ceiling focuses on the altar. Dag Hammarskjold, former UN Secretary General, described this center stone as "the symbol of the god of all." (Cohen, pg 160). ……. Donald Keys, New Age leader, President of Planetary Citizens, author "Earth At Omega": "We have meditations at the United Nations a couple of times a week. The meditation leader is Sri Chinmoy, and this is what he said...'The United Nations is the chosen instrument of God...a divine messenger carrying the banner of God's inner vision and outer manifestation. One day the world will treasure...the soul of the United Nations as its very own with enormous pride, for this soul is all-loving, all-nourishing, and all-fulfilling.'" > …… "The UN meditation room, and the minute of silent prayer or meditation at the beginning of each UN General Assembly, place 'the greatest gathering of nations . . . under the symbol of silent prayer or meditation,' in the words of U Thant. The UN is where 'moral and ethical issues are being brought one after the other to the world organization.' The UN is creating codes of ethics and conduct, one of the greatest being the Charter itself. The UN 'extends the power of our hearts and souls.' The UN thus has become 'a cathedral where we can worship what is best in each other.' 'Little by little a planetary prayer book is being composed (at the UN) by an increasingly united humanity seeking its oneness.'" > ….. "

Bible Prophecy Research 1/2/2000 "…. "Prayer And Meditation At The United Nations" Robert Muller ….. "When it comes to the United Nations proper, one can obviously not say that it is a spiritual organization. How could it be otherwise? For the UN is the creation and mirror of governments, most of whom have 'secularized' themselves, i.e., separated spirituality from their daily lives and preoccupations. …… One could tell several moving stories of the spiritual transformation the UN has caused, to the point that this little speck on earth is becoming a holy ground. For example, the rational, intellectual economist Dag Hammarskiöld found God at the United Nations and inspiration for his work as a world servant in the mystics of the Middle Ages. Towards the end, his Markings overflow with spirituality and mysticism."

Bible Prophecy Research 1/2/2000 "…. The publishing company for the United Nations is Lucis Press, formerly called Lucifer Publishing Company. Sounds too hard to believe? According to a transcript at Cutting Edge this name change has been confirmed: "Christian author, Constance Cumbey, in her book, 'Planned Deception', reprints the title page of Alice Bailey's book, 'Initiation, Human and Solar'. This book was originally printed in 1922, and clearly shows the publishing house as 'Lucifer Publishing Co.' Very shortly thereafter, Bailey changed the name to the present 'Lucis Trust'..." > …"

Augusta Chronicle 1/22/2000 David Sisler "…. In 1974, Jeremy Lansman and Lorenzo Milam asked the FCC to prevent religious organizations from obtaining licenses to operate broadcasting channels reserved for education and to place a freeze on new licenses to religious-oriented stations while it considered whether existing license-holders were providing diverse programming. Barbara Mikkelson writes, ``The intent of the infamous RM-2493 was to ensure channels reserved for educational purposes ended up being used for education and not be taken up by religious groups looking to use them for a different purpose.'' The petition was defeated in August, 1975. The FCC wrote, at that time: ``As a government agency, the Commission is enjoined by the First Amendment to observe a stance of neutrality toward religion, acting neither to promote nor inhibit religion.'' That was then. This is now. In a ruling (FCC 99-393) issued last Dec. 29, the FCC said programs that are ``primarily devoted to religious exhortation, proselytizing, or statements of personally-held religious views and beliefs'' do not qualify as general educational programming. Preaching does not serve the general public, the FCC said, and too much preaching may cause a station which is licensed as a noncommercial, educational television station to lose its license. ….. FCC 99-393 was not a unanimous decision. Two commissioners called the decision -- which declares that the broadcast of a funeral of a national leader may be educational but the average church service is not -- ``unacceptable content regulation.'' Nevertheless, the ruling stands……. No pretense of neutrality towards religion was made as the Commission circumvented normal procedure, bypassing ``public comment.'' This step eliminated any public debate and deprived other religious broadcasters from offering testimony. FCC Chairman William Kennard denies that FCC 99-393 singles out religious broadcasters, when in fact, the ruling is an obvious bias against religious programming generally and evangelical Christian programming specifically. …."

Los Angeles Times 1/21/2000 David Rosenzweig "….A convicted killer who has been on San Quentin's death row for the past 21 years had his sentence set aside Thursday when a Los Angeles federal judge ruled that the jury foreman in his trial committed misconduct by reciting biblical passages about capital punishment during penalty deliberations. Among the passages imparted to the jury in Stevie Lamar Fields' 1979 trial were: "Who so sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed," "Eye for eye, tooth for tooth," and "He that killeth any man, shall surely be put to death." The jury was deadlocked 7 to 5 at the time in favor of life without the possibility of parole. After hearing from the foreman, the panel voted unanimously to send Fields to the gas chamber. U.S. District Judge Dickran Tevrizian gave the state 60 days to agree to a new penalty trial or Fields' sentence for the 1978 robbery and murder of USC student librarian Rosemary Janet Cobb will automatically be downgraded to life in prison without the possibility of parole. …."

World Net Daily 1/22/2000 Julie Foster "…The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States was formed in 1964 by three professional educators, a lawyer, a physician, and one clergyman with the expressed goal of assuring that all people have "the right to affirm that sexuality is a natural and healthy part of their lives." ….. However, notable members of the coalition include the National Abortion Federation, the professional association of abortion providers; Zero Population Growth, an organization which "recommends that Congress ensure universal accessibility to family planning and abortion services in the United States," and "recommends that states remove the existing legal restrictions on contraceptive availability for teenagers," as well as the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Other members include the National Association of Counties and the U.S. Conference of Mayors……. "

World Net Daily 1/22/2000 Julie Foster "…SEICUS also advocates a "faith-based commitment to sexual and reproductive rights, including access to voluntary contraception, abortion, and HIV/STD prevention and treatment." While SEICUS boasts the morality statement supporting homosexuality "was developed by more than 20 theologians from diverse traditions" and signed by members of 25 denominations, nearly half the signatories are officials and clergy from the United Church, the Unitarian Universalist Association and Judaism's liberal Reform and Reconstructionist branches. Unitarian Universalism calls itself "a liberal religion born of the Jewish and Christian traditions" that believes "personal experience, conscience, and reason should be the final authorities in religion….." ….. "

World Net Daily 1/22/2000 Julie Foster "…Equating efforts that promote the homosexual agenda with worldwide racial civil rights movements and religious persecution, United Church of Christ's former president, Rev. Paul H. Sherry, has written …. "We have had to re-examine long-held assumptions about those few passages of Scripture that appear to speak about homosexuality in the light of transforming interpretations from widely respected Bible scholars and teachers, and we have begun to recognize how our fears of those who are different, and our society's deeply entrenched bias against homosexual persons has often distorted and nearly silenced the Bible's liberating and inclusive voice," said Sherry…."

World Net Daily 1/22/2000 Julie Foster "…The paper received slim backing from Roman Catholics -- two nuns, no priests and a handful of lay activists -- and no major Evangelical, black Protestant, Eastern Orthodox, Mormon, Buddhist, Hindu or Muslim organizations supported SEICUS' proclamation. There were, however, a few mainstream denomination members who came on board. Rev. Larry Greenfield, a former seminary president in the American Baptist Churches, said the paper carries this message on sex by unwed teens: "The most effective ethic is one that is not rule-based, but relationship-based.'' But Rev. William Merrell, a spokesman of the conservative Southern Baptist Convention, responded: "This is not new ground for liberal religious leaders. There has been a history of radical departure from the teachings of the Scriptures on these topics. I do not believe that the moral confusion and the moral incoherence that characterizes the time is relieved by such statements. Rather it is made worse,'' Merrell said….."

World Net Daily 1/22/2000 Julie Foster "…Seven seminary professors of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the larger and less conservative branch of the Presbyterianism, also supported the statement……. Pastor Greg Roth of Centerville Presbyterian Church in Fremont, Calif., is a leader in the denomination -- he has been nominated to attend the General Assembly this summer -- and self-proclaimed member of the conservative "resistance force" opposed to the ordination and union of homosexuals. The Bay Area minister explained, "I don't want to say 'you're not a Christian,'" to a homosexual, and he also acknowledges that other denominations have the right to ordain and bless the union of homosexuals. "Just not in my church," he said.. Eligibility for ordination in the Presbyterian Church, explained Roth, is automatic for seminary students. Church laws state that homosexuals may not be ordained, thereby excluding homosexuals from seminary positions since that confers automatic eligibility for ordination. The court ruled that eligibility for ordination is not technically a violation of church law, and so homosexuals should be allowed to attend and hold leadership positions in seminary. In the same way, the court ruled that blessing a homosexual "union" does not violate church law prohibiting same-sex marriages, since a "union" is not technically a "marriage."…."

World Net Daily 1/22/2000 Julie Foster "…"It's a matter of semantics," continued Giles. "We believe [homosexual unions] are not Biblical nor Biblically-based. The huge majority of Presbyterians would be opposed to these as very irregular and certainly not to be equated with Christian marriage." The Alabama-based ministry leader said that approximately 85 percent of Presbyterian members oppose the ordination of homosexuals, though a "very vocal minority" in the leadership of the church pushes for their inclusion….. The Episcopal Church and the United Methodist Church also have members who signed the declaration, most of them seminary professors. ….."

American Jewish Congress 1/21/2000 "…..Warning that ``the effort to drag America back into religious wars never stops,'' the American Jewish Congress today charged that evangelist D. James Kennedy's attack on church-state separation, to be delivered in a nationally televised program to air on Sunday, January 23, is a blow to progress that has been made between religious liberty groups such as AJCongress and the evangelical community in avoiding ``crude and divisive calls for a return to a Christian America.'' In a statement, AJCongress Executive Director Phil Baum declared that efforts to avoid such divisiveness ``presumed that the participants believe that all citizens, regardless of faith, were entitled to full respect and equal treatment. Dr. Kennedy's screed resurrecting the calls for a Christian America threatens these joint efforts and the religious peace with which our country has been blessed.'' Dr. Kennedy promises to declare in the program that the wall of church- state separation is ``an anti-Christian lie.'' According to Baum, ``Dr. Kennedy's television program makes it clear how vital the First Amendment is to guard against the kind of sectarian intolerance that would make non-Christians feel like outsiders in their own country.'' ….."

Bharat Samachar DEV Communications PVT Ltd 1/2000 Ed Viswanathan "…. There are many discussions about religious conversions today in the media and gospel circles, especially about the conversion of Hindus and Jews to Christianity. Some denominations of Christianity, such as Baptists are publishing prayer booklets for the large scale conversion of Hindus to Christianity. Pat Robertson has recently made his agenda to Christianize India on his 700 Club TV program. He wanted to launch another crusade in India!!! ….. By converting a person to an alien religion the message that is sent loud and clear is that "your culture is inferior so you have to take up an alien culture". …."

World Net Daily 1/20/2000 Greg Nyquist "…. Mary, a young Egyptian girl who grew up as a Coptic Christian. When she was 18 years old, a group of radicals from the "Gamat Islamiya" kidnapped and raped Mary, forcing her to convert to Islam. Her captors poured sulfuric acid on her wrist in order to remove a tattooed cross, and threatened to throw the acid in her face if she didn't consent to wear the traditional Islamic veil. When Mary's father went to the Cairo police, he was told to forget his daughter and was ordered to sign a document pledging that he would cease all efforts to recover her. Mary eventually escaped her captors and received assistance from the clandestine group "Servants of the Cross," which facilitated Mary's re-conversion to Christianity…. By Muslim standards, Egypt is almost moderate. No place in the world are Christians more brutally persecuted than in Sudan, Africa's largest country. In 1989, militant Islamic military officers seized power over the democratically elected government and declared a virtual jihad against southern Sudanese "infidels" -- which is to say, against Christians and animists. A scorched-earth policy was adopted in southern Sudan and the Nuba Mountains, scene of some the most horrifying religious persecution since the holocaust. Whole villages have been bombed, burned and looted. Many inhabitants have been relocated into concentration camps where they have been starved until they agreed to convert to Islam. Christians have been subject to torture, imprisonment and assassination. Enslavement, rape, deprivation of water and systematic starvation are also commonplace. As a result of these policies, more people in Sudan have been murdered than in Bosnia, Kosovo and Rwanda combined….."

World Net Daily 1/20/2000 Greg Nyquist "…. Even in the ostensibly "democratic" Russia it appears that the persecution of non-Orthodox Christians may soon begin to parallel the persecution of Christians under the Soviet regime. On Sept. 26, 1997, President Yeltsin signed a new anti-religious law, which, in effect, outlaws every religious organization that has appeared in Russia during the last 15 years and subjects them to surveillance by the secret police. Within weeks after Yeltsin signed the anti-religion law, police began breaking up Catholic and Protestant gatherings……Michael Horowitz, an activist on behalf of persecuted Christians around the world, has warned that unless a serious effort is made to confront the horrors of the persecution of Christians and put a stop to them, Christians are likely to become "the Jews of the twenty-first century, the scapegoats of choice of the world's thug regimes." …."

AP 1/20/2000 Kalpana Srinivasan "….A lawmaker is putting the pressure on federal regulators to defend a recent decision which he says inhibits the rights of religious broadcasters. In a letter to the Federal Communications Commission, Rep. Billy Tauzin, R-La., asked for answers to 33 questions on a commission action he fears will suppress the content of religious programming. ``Frankly, I do not understand how the new policy can possibly be squared with our nation's traditional commitment to freedom of religious expression,'' wrote Tauzin, chairman of the House Commerce Committee's telecommunications panel. The controversy centers on additional guidance offered by the FCC in December for noncommercial broadcasters who seek licenses for specially reserved educational TV channels. To qualify for such licenses, the FCC determined that broadcasters must devote 50 percent of their regularly scheduled air time to educational programs. The commission also said that programming ``primarily devoted to religious exhortation, proselytizing or statements of personally held religious views and beliefs generally would not qualify as 'general educational' programming.'' In a footnote, it said church services also normally would not qualify as ``general educational'' programming. The language has set off a storm of protest among religious broadcasters. Tauzin is considering holding hearings on the matter this spring, said spokesman Ken Johnson. ``Simply put, big brother is casting a big shadow over free speech,'' Johnson said….."

Florida Times-Union 1/20/2000 "…. The First Amendment requires impartiality, not hostility, toward religion. That subtle, but crucial, distinction was recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court this week when it refused to repeal a Good Friday law. Good Friday is the day Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus. It combines with Easter, an observance of the day they believe he arose from the dead, for a three-day observance that is central to the Christian faith. Maryland is one of three states that closes all public schools on Good Friday. A teacher filed suit against Maryland in 1996, arguing the closures violated the separation of church and state - as defined by the First Amendment…… The plaintiff, coincidentally, taught in a county where the public schools were closed on Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, and the first day of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. But those closures were not an official endorsement of Judaism; rather, they were a reflection of reality. Many of the students were Jewish, and officials decided simply to close the schools rather than to risk having high absenteeism on those days. The state closed public schools on Good Friday for the same reason….."

Florida Times-Union 1/20/2000 Cal Thomas "….WHEN I FIRST HEARD reports of Jane Fonda's conversion to Christ, I dismissed them as one more in a long line of erroneous rumors that begin in gossip and take on certain credence from repetition. Then I started hearing reports from people not usually given to hearsay and called people in a position to know. Yes, it appears to be true, they said. Oh me of little faith. Oh doubting Thomas. ….. If press reports are true, Fonda's chauffeur and a woman married to a Turner Broadcasting System executive were instrumental in bringing her to faith. No prominent clergyman was involved. Just a chauffeur and a faithful friend. How like God…… Every conversion is a miracle, whether the converted is a homeless person or a well-known figure like Jane Fonda. Some like to see a celebrity transformed because it allows them to walk by sight and not by faith. And it validates a need to see their faith paraded publicly on the back of a celebrity, rather than emulate the One whose chosen mode of transportation were his feet and a humble donkey. No power on Earth, and certainly no power of denunciation, could have changed the life of Jane Fonda. More than seeing how her life has changed, it will be interesting to see how she changes the lives of those who have hated her and have put ''Hanoi Jane'' bumper stickers on their cars, referring to an ill-considered visit to North Vietnam during that divisive war……"

Capitol Hill Blue 1/19/2000 Terry Mattingly "…. Journalists rarely get to use terms such as "White House," New Age" and "seance" in the same story. But they did in 1996, when the news broke that Hillary Rodham Clinton and her "sacred psychologist" Jean Houston were using meditation and visualization techniques to chat with Eleanor Roosevelt. Commentators smirked and said this behavior was wacky, if not "cult-like." For scholar Wade Clark Roof, this ruckus was perfectly timed to aid his ongoing research into the baby boomer soul. Out in sanctuary pews and on suburban couches, Roof and his associates found that, as expected, the fundamentalist Protestants and Catholic traditionalists that he calls "dogmatists" were outraged, while his "secularists," "metaphysical seekers" and "mainline believers" were not. The big news was that most "born-again evangelicals" were taking the news in stride. As one born-again woman in North Carolina said, the first lady's rites were "a bit weird, I must admit, but if that's what she wants and it helps her, that's what counts." Hidden in his data is what Roof believes is a major trend. He is convinced there has been a seismic shift in America's spiritual landscape, one that has great implications for everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Billy Graham, from Al Gore to George W. Bush. To state it bluntly, the born-again label doesn't mean what it used to mean….."

Capitol Hill Blue 1/19/2000 Terry Mattingly "….As a rule, born-again Christians now join other Americans in saying they are "spiritual," rather than "religious." In the 1950s, said Roof, evangelicals tried to distance themselves from "liberal churches" and secular society. Today, increasing numbers of evangelicals want to make sure they are not seen as too doctrinaire or too judgmental and, thus, as fundamentalists. "All of this is very American," said Roof. "Americans like new beginnings and new chances to start over. Being born again appeals to them. ...But Americans don't put much faith in institutions or traditions or doctrines. They aren't sure that they need a church. Americans believe in themselves and they trust their own experiences, more than anything." …"

WorldNetDaily.Com 1/10/00 Joseph Farah ".... An evangelical Christian leader in Hollywood is calling fellow believers around the world to pray for actress Jane Fonda and her estranged husband, CNN founder Ted Turner, following a WorldNetDaily report that the couple's separation is prompted by Fonda's conversion to Christianity. "Actress Jane Fonda and her husband, media mogul Ted Turner, need prayer, not gossip," says Ted Baehr, chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission and founder of Movieguide, a publication providing film reviews from a biblical perspective. ...... "A year ago, Ted Turner told his marriage counselor that Jane Fonda was 'trying to make him a saint.' This comment was reported but not followed up by the major media. What he was referring to is the fact that, according to reliable sources including correspondence with Jane herself, Jane has accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior," said Baehr. "In fact, Ted Turner has complained that several of his closest friends and associates have accepted Christ over the years: key people in Turner Broadcasting, his best fishing buddy and his former paramour. Perhaps, God is trying to get Ted Turner's attention. Several years ago, he told Woodstock Baptist Church in an apology for some anti-Christian comments, that, in his youth, he accepted Jesus Christ at a Billy Graham Crusade, but then rejected Jesus when his sister died and his father committed suicide." ....."

LA Times 1/24/2000 Larry Stammer "….In a dramatic challenge that underscored sharp divisions among churches over homosexuality, Southern California bishops from three major mainline Protestant denominations joined rabbis and other clergy on Sunday in denouncing the anti-gay marriage initiative on the March 7 California ballot. Speaking to an estimated 600 people who turned out for a teach-in that was part religious revival and part campaign rally, bishops from the Episcopal Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the United Methodist Church charged that Proposition 22--known as the Knight initiative--is the result of fear and the bearer of bigotry…….. The great divide within and between religious groups was underscored by the Rev. J. Edwin Bacon Jr., rector of All Saints Church. "My sisters and brothers, we are people of God. It is a tragedy that the good leaders of the Mormon Church and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese have allowed themselves to be hijacked by the forces of intolerance and bigotry that gave birth to this hate-filled initiative." Outside the church, half a dozen conservative Christians from Cornerstone Ministries in Los Angeles carried picket signs listing Bible verses decrying homosexuality and warning those at the meeting that "Judgment is coming by God." ….."

The Associated Press 1/24/2000 "….The Rev. Jerry Falwell has sued the White House and the FBI for denying a request for information about him that he contends is kept in a "secret" Justice Department database about religious and anti-abortion leaders. The lawsuit, filed last week in U.S. District Court, contends the database is used to keep information intended for use in smear tactics. Falwell sought the information last summer under the Freedom of Information Act after being told of the alleged database by Judicial Watch, a conservative Washington group that said it learned of the material through an anonymous source. Falwell contends that keeping information about him in the database is a violation of the Privacy Act, which makes it illegal for the government to keep a file on a person without a lawful reason. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Falwell and several organizations he founded or has affiliations with, including Liberty University, the Moral Majority and the Old-Time Gospel Hour. "All of this is to see if any of my father's organizations are in the database," Jerry Falwell Jr., who serves as the senior Falwell's attorney, said Monday. ….."

ABC Raw News 1/25/2000 Reuters "…. Thai commandos early on Tuesday stormed a Thai hospital seized by Myanmar Karen guerrillas, freeing hundreds of hostages and killing nine of the captors, a Thai army officer at the scene said. "All the hostages are safe," Thai First Army Region Commander Lieutenant General Taweep Suwannasingh told a news conference. Authorities said earlier there were up to 700 held captive. He said all but one of 10 guerrillas involved had been killed at the end of the 24-hour siege. The hostages, many of them women and young children, rushed out of the hospital compound at the Provincial capital of Ratchaburi, 120 km (75 miles) west of Bangkok, when the gunfire and explosions died down and police gave the all clear. Many embraced Thai security forces who helped free them. Dozens of Thai commandos fought an hour-long gun battle with the guerrillas from an ethnic Karen guerrilla faction known as God's Army starting just before first light. The leaders of the faction are 12-year-old twins…."

UPI 1/25/2000 "….THAILAND -- Thai commandos stormed a hospital in Ratchaburi in western Thailand Tuesday morning, killing all 10 members of the Karen God's Army who had been holding 700 staff and patients hostage. The Karens are militant fundamentalist Christians who reject the authority of the military government of Myanmar, formerly known asBurma. The militants are led by two 12-year-old twin boys. Their followers believe they are invulnerable to bullets. ..."

EWTN News Brief 1/25/2000 "…. Britain could soon completely sever all links with its Christian heritage if ministers succeed in scrapping the letters AD from the date. Years have been labeled AD (Anno Domini, the Year of Our Lord) or BC (Before Christ) for at least 400 years. But ministers say the labels are inappropriate in a multi-faith country and are launching a consultation with a view to using the more politically correct CE (Common Era) and BCE (Before Common Era). Under the new scheme this year would be CE2000 instead of AD2000. The Romans would have invaded Britain in BCE55 and the American War of Independence would have ended in CE1781. But there is already growing pressure from churchmen for the scheme to be abandoned……"

***Media Research Center CyberAlert*** 1/25/2000 Vol Five No 14 "….1) To win in Iowa, NBC's stars contended Monday night, George Bush moved right, which will hurt with the wider electorate. "Bush had to run with Jesus Christ," remarked Brian Williams. Tim Russert expressed concern about how Forbes pushed Bush into a big tax cut. 2) Katie Couric griped about how "Forbes has forced George W. Bush to...turn right...on taxes and abortion." When Forbes said that his policies have "broad-based" appeal, Bryant Gumbel scoffed: "Do you really expect to win moderate votes in this country?" …..6) Talk magazine's Lucinda Franks claimed "the teenage culture caused the President's behavior" in accepting oral sex from Monica Lewinsky. "That is insane," exclaimed FNC's Bill O'Reilly….."

U.S. Newswire 2/2/2000 Dena Marks "....The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), in coalition with other groups, today announced the filing of an amicus brief in Doe vs. Santa Fe, the controversial Texas football prayer case now before the U.S. Supreme Court. The brief argues the school district's policy of permitting student led-prayer at football games is unconstitutional. The Santa Fe, Texas, Independent School District last year established the policy delegating to a student the responsibility of delivering an invocation over the stadium's public address system prior to home football games. ``No one attending the football game would have any doubt that this prayer, with its sectarian references, was being delivered at the school's behest and on its behalf,'' said Howard P. Berkowitz, ADL national chairman. ``There is an appropriate time and place for expressions of faith. A school-sponsored football game clearly isn't one of them.'' ...... Other organizations joining the coalition include the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, the Jewish Council on Public Affairs, and People for the American Way. The brief was submitted on behalf of the coalition by former U.S. Solicitor General Walter Dellinger, and prepared with assistance from the Washington, D.C. office of O'Melveny & Myers. ....."

The Reagan Information Interchange 2/2/2000 The Christian Alert Network "..... Date sent: Thu, 1 Jul 1999

Recently a local talk show host (Barbara Simpson of KSFO radio in San Francisco) interviewed Reverend Peter Hammond, over the phone from Capetown, South Africa. Rev. Hammond has been a missionary for 18 years. He spoke of seeing thousands of bodies and/or skeletons of Tutsi victims of Hutu murderers in Rwanda. Hammond said that people from the UN stood by and allowed the slaughter by machetes to occur, and at times handed over Tutsis to the secret police. (Individual Tutsis were identified and marked for murder.) The U.N. disarmed the Tutsi population in advance of the genocide. Spears, knives, and machetes, as well as all guns, were confiscated. Hammond said that all genocides have been preceded by disarmaments. The Tutsi were Christians, and the Hutus are primarily anti-Christians; Hammond said there were three operative anti-Christian forces: 1) voodooists/animists 2) Marxists, who worked up the resentment against the Tutsis, who, as a result of their habits of clean-living, saving, investment, and so on, built up more material and financial success than the Hutus and 3) Islamists. The Tutsis were primarily killed in churches, schools, and hospitals, the places to which they fled for sanctuary. Rev. Hammond said he has watched U.N. personnel over the years and noted that, while many of the lower- or middle-level people were well-meaning "bleeding hearts", "absolutely" the upper echelons of the U.N. people were anti-Christian. He said so "without doubt, having been a missionary for 18 years." He said that in Angola and Sudan, the U.N. was selective about who received aid.. He said persecution of Christians has been particularly bad over many years in Sudan. Rev. Hammond has written many books--"Holocaust in Rwanda" is a recent one--and also has made video documentaries. A contact phone number is 1-888-918-4100. ....."

The Battalion (Texas A&M U.) 1/31/2000 Heather Corbell ".....One of the most memorable images for many Texas A&M students from the 1999 Aggie Bonfire collapse was Governor George W. Bush sitting in the pews of Bryan's Central Baptist Church during a memorial service. It is memorable because of his presence, and because he shared the grief of this campus. It is unforgettable because he refused to speak. Pastor Chris Osborne began his message by saying that he had asked the governor to share a few words, but was refused because Bush would not bring politics into a memorial service. This kind of respect for the sanctity of life is continually evident as the governor campaigns for the presidency. His profession of the Christian faith is sincere, backed up by his platform and the transparency that he allowed members of this community to see when he worshiped here last fall. As hymns and eulogies floated through the still, shocked air of Central's sanctuary, the Governor of Texas wept. Few things were more encouraging to Christians at that time, when tragedy and death hung over the campus, than discovering that the man who might one day be President of the United States had a legitimate spiritual side. Bush is a genuine, devoted Christian who sidesteps the self-promoting compromise of modern politics, as evidenced by his unpopular rejection of abortion (though he continues to allow for exceptions) and his push for abstinence education instead of safe sex doctrines......George W. Bush has as many skeletons in the closet as anyone, but the world is welcome to look at them in the context of a freshly cleaned house. He is the kind of man who has gained wisdom from tough experience. He is the kind of man one trusts because his humanity is obvious. He is the kind of man that could lead a nation. ...."

Ether Zone Online 2/1/2000 Paul Proctor ".... I can think of no better illustration of liberalism than the leash. Yes, I'm referring to that little chain with a handle on one end and a clip on the other, that allows one to control an animal. Liberals in Washington don't create big government, absurd rights, self- serving laws, endless taxes and perpetual welfare to improve the lives of the people they claim to serve. They create big government, absurd rights, self-serving laws, endless taxes and perpetual welfare to justify the leash. Once the leash is accepted by the majority, "the big man" takes the handle and "the little man" gets clipped. (ala; "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely") Many people today are waking up to the fact that so-called "liberal leaders" are in reality global socialists, who view the common man as a mere animal, without any value outside their exclusive control. This leaves no room for a higher authority, including that of the Bible, with it's teaching of right and wrong, not to mention one's own accountability to it's Author. Christianity has therefore always been the antithesis of global socialism because it undermines the elitist agenda of global control. God addressed the centralization of power long ago by destroying the Tower of Babel, dispersing mankind and imposing upon him a complex and confusing array of languages that made it difficult, if not impossible, to communicate and thus re organize against His sovereign authority. Since that time, many have come and gone trying to play god and "conquer the world" by force or attrition......"SALON

New York Post 2/1/00 Rod Dreher "....Loras Schulte, Bauer's Iowa campaign director, is now planning to file a criminal voter-fraud complaint against Savage. He is investigating lodging assault charges against the columnist, who bragged online that he tried to spread the flu by licking doorknobs and coffee cups. Schulte is also fighting the flu. A civil suit against, which published Savage's snot-smeared undercover account of working for Bauer, is also being discussed among the Iowa Bauerites who were the gay radical's targets. .... He says legal and financial penalties "are the only things these people respect." The man's got that right. And he also would appear to have a good case. Republicans unearthed Savage's voter-registration form, in which he certifies he is an Iowa resident. The address Seattle resident Savage gave on the form is for the Des Moines hotel in which he had been staying for a week. According to the Iowa attorney general's office, if Savage can't prove he signed that form honestly, intending to establish permanent residency in Iowa, he could face up to $7,500 in fines and five years in jail. The assault charge is a tad more complicated, Schulte believes. If merely spitting on someone in Iowa fits the legal definition of simple assault, how could spreading saliva intending to cause medical injury to others possibly be legit? And get this: If you assault someone in Iowa because of their religious or political affiliation (among other reasons), you violate the state's hate-crimes statute. Simple assault thus becomes serious assault, which is punishable by up to a year in jail. Danny Boy's smirky admission in print that he wanted to infect Bauer and his followers with the flu to get back at them for being members of the "religious right" looks pretty damning now. That's not journalism, boys, that's evidence....."

Kentucky Herald-Leader 1/31/2000 Lori Becker Hayes "…. A lawyer, a legislator, a rabbi and a scholar will come to the table this week to debate a decades-old question: Do the Ten Commandments belong in classrooms and courthouses? The Central Kentucky chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union is hosting a forum on Posting the Ten Commandments in Public Buildings on Thursday night. Recently revived in Kentucky, the issue has prompted both lawsuits and proposed changes in the law. Four bills are pending in the state legislature that would return the biblical moral code to schools. Postings of the Ten Commandments in schools and government buildings have some saying it's a violation of the First Amendment's separation of church and state. Others say the commandments are needed to address a moral crisis for today's children. ….."

International Herald Tribune 1/28/2000 David Ottaway "….. American conservative religious and human rights groups have opened a campaign to try to block China's largest petroleum company from listing an affiliated company on the New York Stock Exchange next month, because of the company's oil investments in Sudan, which is under extensive U.S. sanctions for alleged support of terrorism and persecution of Christians. Leaders of the campaign assert that the Chinese-backed Islamic fundamentalist regime in Sudan is committing ''genocide'' in its war against a Christian-led rebel movement in the south and encouraging a flourishing trade in non-Muslim slaves. They have urged the Clinton administration to bar the Chinese company from the New York exchange, where it hopes to raise $5 billion in new capital through a public stock offering. They have already helped to persuade a number of big U.S. public pension funds to divest their holdings in a Canadian oil firm associated with the Chinese in the same oil project. China National Petroleum Co., China's state-owned oil company, has taken a number of steps to blunt the campaign. The most important was to create a separate company, PetroChina Co., that will operate only in China while CNPC holds onto its overseas operations. It will be shares in PetroChina that will be offered on the New York exchange. After the initial public offering, the Chinese government will still hold 85 percent to 90 percent of PetroChina's stock. ….."

Denver Post 1/28/2000 Tom Neven "…. "Hate" is rearing its ugly head around Colorado these days. No, I don't mean the undesirable habit of mind, but the word itself. Now that some are trying to have the state declare explicitly that marriage is reserved for one man and one woman, people who think otherwise are throwing the H-word around. The instinct to tag anyone who disagrees with you as having base motives, a tactic used almost exclusively by the left, is intellectually dishonest and lazy. No need to prove your case or try to understand the other side's. Call him a hater and your job is done. This would be merely annoying if it didn't have a dangerous edge to it - the push for hatecrime laws. For those who think such laws create a safer society, consider the totalitarian implications of having the government, which has the power to deprive you of life, liberty and property, judge your every motive. If you think I'm being alarmist, bear with me. Imagine a minister standing in the pulpit of his church preaching his denomination's traditional message on the subject of, say, the roles of men and women in marriage. Imagine him then being charged with a hate crime. Sound far-fetched? It's not. In fact, it's a very real possibility in Canada, where courts have upheld a hate-speech law that criminalizes any statement that is "likely to expose a person or group of persons to hatred or contempt" on account of a range of personal attributes or predilections, the list of which is as long as it is politically correct. Prosecutors do not need to prove malice or actual harm to win a conviction. It can't happen here, you say. We have a First Amendment.. …." (Religion Today) 1/28/2000 "….Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold blasphemed Christ and directed invectives at Christian students and others in a video prior to the killings at Columbine High (see link #1 below) last year. The two made five videos before the shooting, venting their rage at athletes, minorities, and Christians, Christianity Today (CT) said. "Go Romans. Thank God they crucified that [expletive]," Harris said, making a vulgar reference to Jesus, CT said. Both teens then began chanting, "Go Romans" and cheering. "What would Jesus do?" Klebold yelled. "What would I do?" he said, pretending to fire a gun at the camera, the publication said. The boys singled out Christian student Rachel Scott on the tape, calling her a "godly whore" and "stuck-up," it continued. Harris mimicked her faith. "Yeah. 'I love Jesus. I love Jesus.' Shut the [expletive] up," he said. Scott had told Klebold and Harris about Christ during a class they shared, and confronted them about a violent video they made, her father, Darrell, said. She was one of the first to be killed in the attack. …."

Washington Times 1/31/2000 Valerie Richardson "....Interest in gun-control legislation has boomed since the Columbine tragedy, but so has interest in building student character after the evil unleashed by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. With that in mind, the Colorado legislature is considering a proposal to require schools to post the Ten Commandments and offer a moment of silent reflection on our heritage as a free people in one nation under God. "Since Columbine, we're dealing with a new level of concern that value-free education is failing, and in some cases failing fatally," said state Sen. John Andrews of Golden, who sponsored the bill. Among the legislation's supporters is Darrell Scott, whose daughter Rachel was shot and killed in the April 20 carnage. Harris and Klebold murdered 13 persons and injured 23 that day before taking their own lives. Debate over displaying the Ten Commandments has raged for decades since the Supreme Court ruled in a 1980 Kentucky case that posting the Old Testament document in schools violated the separation of church and state....Clearly, however, the Columbine massacre has emboldened supporters. In Tennessee, civic and religious leaders have staged at least two Ten Commandments rallies since November that drew thousands of supporters. In the past year, seven Tennessee school districts have voted to allow the posting of the biblical laws. Similar movements are afoot in Florida, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Virginia......"

EWTN News Brief 1/29/2000 "….Italian newspapers reported today the Vatican is expected to protest plans for a global homosexual pride festival in Rome this summer. World Gay Pride 2000 is scheduled between June 28 and July 9 and is expected to be attended by one million people, dropping the controversial event in the middle of the Catholic Church's Jubilee Year 2000. The festival, which is expected to include the usual expressions of antagonism toward the Catholic Church for its teachings on the immorality of homosexuality, has received 350 million lire ($178,000) from Rome's city government. The city of Rome and the Vatican City-State have a unique, symbiotic relationship due to the 2,000-year history of the Church in Rome and embodied in the 1929 Lateran Treaty. …."

World Net Daily 1/27/2000 Andrew Sandlin "…. We hear a great deal about the "culture wars" these days. This expression obscures an important fact. What is termed "culture wars" really constitutes religious wars fought on cultural battlegrounds. We are in the midst of a conflict of religious visions. The battle for a culture is always and inescapably a battle between rival religions…… Christians today are often at the forefront of the debate about culture wars -- the great public dispute (usually between right and left, conservatives and liberals) over what our society and its culture should look like. They generally recognize that any semblance of Christianity has dropped out of today's culture. They lament the appalling loss of Christian morality and simultaneous rise of a rapacious secularism. They clearly deplore the pervasiveness of abortion, pornography, pre- and extra-marital sex, homosexuality, drug use, materialism, postmodernism, occultism, radical feminism, environmentalism, socialism, the assault on the Christian family and church, and the statist redistribution of wealth that now characterize much of our culture……... Christians, in fact, are not winning today's culture wars, because they have never fought them. They are not fighting them because they no longer have any aptitude for cultural leadership. They have no aptitude for cultural leadership because they have no interest in it. They have no interest in cultural leadership because they do not see culture as a religious calling. For the vast majority of Christians, culture is simply beyond the sphere of their concern. It is a grave mistake to assume that today's cultural secularization is the effect of men's abandonment of Christianity. To the contrary, there are perhaps proportionately more professed Christians in the West today than ever before, but this increase in Christian population has not impeded the rush to a secular society. In fact, in many ways it has hastened that secularization. By abandoning the cultural dimension of Christianity, Christians have opened the way to an untrammeled secular agenda. Christians' lack of interest in culture and cultural leadership has created a vacuum that secularism has eagerly rushed in to fill……"

World Net Daily 1/27/2000 Andrew Sandlin "…. Christians, they firmly believe, are not cultural leaders, and they should not be cultural leaders. To capture a culture for Jesus Christ is just not what Christianity is all about; it simply is not a legitimate Christian calling. An element of religious masochism often lurks behind this conviction; cultural defeat and degradation are identified with "spirituality." In other words, "Our lack of cultural leadership verifies our godliness." The incongruous result is that, while they often complain about the evils of the present secular cultural leadership, they are routinely uninterested in any attempts to restore Christian cultural leadership. …… " 1/31/2000 Justin Torres "…. Reaction to the Federal Communications Commission's reversal of new guidelines limiting religious content on noncommercial public television has been positive - but many on Capitol Hill are promising continued oversight of the agency."We're thrilled that the FCC and Chairman [William] Kennard finally saw the error of their ways, albeit due to some prodding from Congress," a spokesperson for House Commerce Committee chairman Rep. Tom Bliley (R-VA) told "We'll be watching for these sorts of changes in the future ..."

Indian Express 1/31/2000 "..... AMBON: Indonesian's top general in the embattled Muluku Islands has said four soldiers were involved in the massacre of 24 Christian civilians on the Island of Haruku last week. General Max Tamaela told Indonesian Television here yesterday that armed forces (TNI) investigators on Saturday uncovered evidence that soldiers on Haruku assisted several thousand Muslim residents of neighbouring villages in the attack on the main Christian town of the same name, reports DPA. In addition to the four serving members of the army, a police officer is also under suspicion, he said. ''I'm a little bit surprised about his comments, yes,'' said Rev. Jack Manuputty, a member of a now-defunct Christian-Indonesian Reconciliation Task Force, and part-time resident of Haruku. ''But he has to make a further investigation into who directed them, who was the one who gave the orders. I don't believe they acted on their own initiative. The people there, the victims, deserve to know who was behind the action.'' ....."

ABC Raw News 1/30/2000 AP "....ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) _ In a dusty town in northern Nigeria, the Muslim faithful parade in joyous marches, welcoming the coming of Islamic law to their sliver of this sprawling country. But elsewhere in a nation sharply divided along ethnic, religious and geographic lines _ and where such divisions regularly explode into violence _ the arrival of Sharia law has created a feeling of unease, and a nagging fear that Nigeria's religious chasm is growing even wider. Christian leaders denounce the arrival of Islamic law, and the country's newspapers, many based in the largely Christian south, fill pages with headlines warning that non-Muslims will face fierce discrimination. The country's political leaders, in the central capital city of Abuja, remain largely quiet on the subject, afraid of inflaming emotions already running high. Still growing accustomed to democracy, which returned to Nigeria last year after 15 years of brutal and corrupt military rule, the new politicians instead simply hope that the support for Sharia sweeping through the country's heavily Muslim north will quietly fade away...... But months ago, long before Sharia was officially enacted, a number of laws had already reached into the Christian community. Most schools, even public ones, are now segregated by gender, and the state government says public transportation will soon follow suit. Buying alcohol is impossible nearly everywhere in the state _ except at a couple bars near a military base, where the soldiers have refused to bow to state authorities. ......"

Boston Herald 1/31/2000 Don Feder "..... In the name of ``justice, sexual morality and healing,'' a group of trendy clerics issued a statement endorsing fornication, licentiousness and sodomy. Given the moral drift of mainline Protestant churches, these impostors would probably bless the union of a man and a Brussels sprout, if the culture condoned it. The manifesto, signed by 900-plus members of the Church of What's Happening Now - which ran as a recent ad in The New York Times - calls for public approval of same-sex marriage, sex education for all grades, unrestricted access to abortion and population control. Half of the signers are from four of the nation's most liberal denominations. Except for one nun and a few lay leaders, backing from the Roman Catholic Church was nil. No Evangelicals, Orthodox rabbis or black pastors signed on. ....."

Jewish World Review 1/31/2000 Don Feder "….LAST WEEK, in the name of "justice, sexual morality and healing," a group of trendy clerics issued a statement endorsing fornication, licentiousness and sodomy. Given the moral drift of the mainline Protestant churches, these impostors would probably bless the union of a man and a bowl of Brussels sprouts, if the culture condoned it. The manifesto, signed by 900-plus members of the Church of What's Happening Now, calls for public approval of same-sex marriage, sex education for all grades, unrestricted access to abortion and population control. ….. Except for one nun and a few lay leaders, backing from the Roman Catholic Church was nil. No Evangelicals, Orthodox rabbis, or black pastors signed on. ….." 1/28/2000 "….. The Federal Communications Commission decided on Friday to rescind a set of controversial "additional guidelines" the agency issued earlier this month in a decision granting a license application to Cornerstone Television and Paxson Communications. The two broadcasters sought FCC permission to exchange licenses for WQED, a PBS affiliate in Pittsburgh. The commission granted the license, but issued a set of "additional guidelines" which many religious broadcasters and congressional members read as limiting religious content. In its Jan. 6 decision,the FCC stated, "Not all programming, including programming about religious matters, qualifies as 'general educational' programming. "For example, programming primarily devoted to religious exhortation, proselytizing, or statements of personally-held religious views and beliefs generally would not qualify as 'general educational' programming," the FCC said. After pressure from religious broadcasters, the general public and threats from Congress to write legislation overriding the decision, David Sisk of the FCC told the commission decided to "vacate the guidelines from the earlier decision."... :

Newsweek Magazine Online 1/30/2000 Kenneth Woodward "….. In Washington, Eugene McCarthy once observed, only two kinds of religion are tolerated: vague beliefs strongly affirmed and strong beliefs vaguely expressed. His witticism bespoke the genial religiosity of presidents like Eisenhower (vague expression) and Reagan (vague beliefs)-not to mention the benign and undiscriminating White House chaplaincy of Billy Graham. The lesson for candidates seems to be: if you want to be president of all the people, invoke a generic deity everyone can salute. But in Campaign 2000, vague is out-at least among the two front runners. George W. Bush, with a Christian right to consider, has let the world know that his heart belongs to Jesus. Al Gore, after intellectually sojourning among New Age mystics, talks about his faith, declaring to one audience that he is "a child of the Kingdom and a person of strong faith." …… Polls show that morality-but not just abortion-is among the top five issues on the minds of voters. In part, this may reflect reaction to the Clinton scandals, and to the sense of civic disorder symbolized by the killings at Columbine High. But this doesn't mean a Bible-quoting, churchgoing, publicly praying leader is the sort of occupant most Americans want to see in the White House. They already have one. ….."

Associated Press 1/30/2000 Joann Loviglio "….. HAZLETON, Pa. - He appeared out of the blue in October, clad only in a dirty white robe as he walked barefoot along the two-lane highway into this struggling former coal town. Folks pointed at first as the man with the shoulder-length hair and scruffy beard preached to whomever would listen. Before long, though, many in this largely Roman Catholic community were embracing him as a holy man. "He was in the car with me and a man came up and started banging on the window," said the Rev. Gerard F. Angelo, pastor of the Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. "He said, 'Thank you so much for what you're doing. I haven't been to church in 25 years and now I'm going again.' His effect on people is amazing." With hundreds of people gathering in fire halls, gymnasiums and open fields to listen to the stranger, his presence has some worried that the community has opened its hearts and homes too readily to someone they know little about. ……"

Associated Press 1/30/2000 Joann Loviglio "….. Police checked his background and found nothing of concern. He was arrested in Greenfield, Ohio, in August after he refused to stop preaching to a crowd that became unruly when police tried to break up the gathering. He was identified in a police affidavit as Carl J. Joseph, 39. The disorderly conduct charge was dismissed, and Hazleton police said they have yet to receive any complaints about Mr. Joseph. He says his nine-year trek has brought him to 47 states and 13 countries. But never has he remained in one place for so long before. "People here have been wonderful. There's such a great need for spirituality today," he said. "People feel desolate because they have gotten away from God and his church." ….."

Associated Press 1/30/2000 Joann Loviglio "….. Others say that preaching the Gospel is nothing but a good thing, pointing out that "What's Your Name" is not seeking financial gain. He turns over all money and gifts he receives to local parishes, except for sandals he received recently because he did not own a pair of shoes....... "I encourage everyone to get into communication with God again," he said as the crowd nodded in agreement. "I've experienced so many different places, so many different people, so many different cultures, but I've never learned more than I have from prayer." He said he will remain in the area as long as there is a need for his words….." 1/27/2000 Alex Spillius "….SCORES of Christians were slaughtered by Muslims at an Indonesian factory, according to survivors of one of the bloodiest incidents in a month of sectarian violence that has claimed 1,000 lives and challenged the country's fragile democracy. Yoke Pauno, a 37-year-old labourer, escaped after hiding for nine hours. She said: "Some men asked a woman if she was Muslim or Christian. She said 'Christian' and they struck her on the right shoulder with a sword. They killed her and the baby she was carrying." Mrs Pauno was one of four known to have survived a massacre in the managers' quarters of Wainibe Wood Industry on Buru island. Police said 100 people died in the systematic massacre which began on Dec 22 and lasted into the next day. Their figures were based on interviews with the survivors at refugee camps last week in Ambon, capital of the eastern Maluku province, formerly the Moluccas……"

CNN 1/17/2000 Terry McCarthy "….On the streets of Ambon, people describe what's happening in their homeland as perang--war. What was a bad situation last year has suddenly turned horrific. Hundreds of people have been killed in the past two weeks in Muslim-Christian clashes that have spread across the Moluccas. Mobs, newly armed with automatic weapons, roam the streets of Ambon, the capital city, sometimes dragging the decapitated bodies of their enemies around with them. Snipers have begun picking off civilians from positions atop buildings. Units of the supposedly neutral security forces have been seen firing on crowds and even at each other. Curfew starts at 10 p.m., but the streets are empty long before then. The situation may be even worse in some outlying islands--there are widespread rumors of a massacre in Halmahera, but the army says it simply doesn't know. Christians and Muslims used to live together in relative harmony on the 1,027 islands that make up the Moluccas…… In Jakarta, Muslim fanatics are trying to give the war a name of their own choosing. Last Friday some 100,000 rallied in the city's central Merdeka Square to call for a jihad, or holy war, against Christians in the Moluccas. Some prominent politicians attended, including Amien Rais, the speaker of the country's legislature, who incited the crowd by saying the fighting in the Moluccas was a bid to weaken Islam in Indonesia. "Our patience has limits," said Rais. One protester carried a cross with a dead rabbit smeared in blood; another held a banner that read TOLERANCE IS NONSENSE, SLAUGHTER CHRISTIANS….."

Kansas City Star 1/29/2000 Judy Thomas "…..Hundreds of Roman Catholic priests across the United States have died of AIDS-related illnesses, and hundreds more are living with HIV, the virus that causes the disease. The actual number of AIDS deaths is difficult to determine. But it appears priests are dying of AIDS at a rate at least four times that of the general U.S. population, according to estimates from medical experts and priests and an analysis of health statistics by The Kansas City Star. In Missouri and Kansas alone, at least 16 priests and two religious-order brothers have died of AIDS since early 1987. The deaths are of such concern to the church that most dioceses and religious orders now require applicants for the priesthood to take an HIV-antibody test before their ordination. For the nation's 60 million Catholics, served by 46,000 priests, the AIDS issue goes straight to the heart of church doctrine -- a doctrine that teaches compassion and forgiveness but also considers homosexual relations a sin and opposes the modern practice of "safe sex." In a nationwide confidential survey of 3,000 priests by The Star, two-thirds of the more than 800 responding lauded the church for being caring and compassionate to priests with AIDS. Often, the church covers medical costs, gives them a place to live and cares for them until they die. Most priests, however, said the church failed to offer an early and effective sexual education that might have prevented infection in the first place. Two-thirds said sexuality either was not addressed at all or was not discussed adequately in the seminary. Three of four said the church needed to offer more education about sexual issues. ….."

AP 1/25/2000 "….Saudi authorities have freed 12 Filipinos who had been detained in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, for attending a Bible-study session, a Filipino diplomat said Wednesday. Four Filipinos remain in prison under investigation on the same charge, said the diplomat, who asked not to be named. The 16 Filipinos including five children were detained during a raid by Saudi religious police on Jan. 7 as they attended a Bible study, the diplomat said. The 12 who have been released were freed in two batches on Jan. 19 and Jan. 23, the diplomat said. Saudi Arabia, a conservative Muslim nation, does not allow any form of worship other than Islam, the country's official religion. Preaching Christianity is punishable by up to a year in prison and deportation. …."

World Net Daily 1/24/2000 Anthony C LoBaido "….Father Ricardo walked gingerly across the charred remains of a church that recently was torched by a band of Muslim fanatics. In a macabre scene, burned pews, crushed stained glass windows, tattered vestments, a communion chalice and a few torn pages from a hymnal dotted the floor. "It's a nightmare. My Lord, when is it going to stop? Where is this all going to lead?" he said softly again and again, in great despair. Indeed, post-dictatorship Indonesia's stab at democracy -- after having been ruled by either a left-wing or right-wing strongman for decades --is in great peril, with Christian-Muslim violence continually festering here in the capital of Jakarta….. Recently over 500,000 Muslims gathered in the capitol to call for a "jihad" against Christian Indonesians. Chanting "Allah Akbar," or "God is Great," and "Jihad!" and "Death to all Christians," the Muslims marched under the watchful eye of their own green-clad security men. "Tolerance is nonsense. Slaughter the Christians," read a large banner that was unfurled at the rally, witnessed by WorldNetDaily. Chants of "Burn the churches!" and "Death to the Crusaders" filled the air. Father Ricardo said that Muslim vigilantes attacked and burned down the entire campus of Doulos Seminary. Many of the 400 students there were wounded, and a few died……..Muslims threatened further vigilante action around Indonesia at the end of Ramadan. The Islamic Teachers Council of Indonesia wrote a letter to the attorney general of Indonesia asserting that Christian organizations are "conducting illegal activities" such as "Christianizing Muslims," even though freedom of religion is guaranteed by the Indonesian Constitution……"

Associated Press 1/26/00 Amalie Young "….Foes of roadside memorials for car-crash victims are waging an ideological war with Christian believers by posting signs bearing black crosses with a red slash through them -- and some with the Satanic mark, ''666.'' The anonymous placards are part of an escalating public debate in Oregon over whether crosses and other memorials familiar in states across the country should be allowed at crash sites. Transportation workers recently began removing religious memorials after people complained they aren't appropriate on public roads...."

Judicial Watch 1/24/2000 "....Judicial Watch learned through an anonymous source that the Clinton Justice Department - run by Attorney General Janet Reno - has been keeping a secret database against religious and pro-life leaders. The secret database is called "VAAPCON." When Judicial Watch learned of this secret illegal database, it filed a Freedom of Information Act request and confirmed that indeed VAAPCON existed. Because he believed himself to be a likely target of the Clinton Administration, Dr. Jerry Falwell, Chancellor of Liberty University, and founder of "The Moral Majority," filed a Privacy Act request to determine whether or not The White House and Clinton Justice Department had files on him and his ministries. Typically, both entities stonewalled - effectively confirming that illegal files are being kept on Dr. Falwell and his ministries. To get at the truth, Judicial Watch and Jerry Falwell, Jr., an attorney in Lynchburg, Virginia, and son of Dr. Falwell, filed suit in the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia....."Over the years, my ministries and I have been subjected to a number of attempts to not only inhibit our free speech, but to subvert our pro-life advocacy. When I learned of this illegal VAAPCON database, I felt obliged to take action to stand up for the rights of all Americans to be free to express their religious beliefs, as people of faith should not be intimidated by a corrupt and immoral Clinton Administration," stated Dr. Falwell....."

Boston Globe 1/24/2000 Jeff Jacoby "…. In its long opinion in Baker v. State, the same-sex marriage case, the Vermont Supreme Court tries very hard to stay on legal ground. Writing for the majority, Chief Justice Jeffrey Amestoy begins by insisting that ''the issue before the Court ... does not turn on the religious or moral debate over intimate same-sex relationships.''…... Or, as a much-quoted line in the opinion puts it: Stretching the Vermont Constitution so it gives gay couples ''legal protection and security for their avowed commitment to an intimate and lasting human relationship is simply, when all is said and done, a recognition of our common humanity.'' …… Among those quoting that passage is The New Republic, which in its Jan. 10 edition vigorously endorses the opinion in Baker - with none of the court's reluctance to cast the issue in explicitly moral terms. ''A ban on same-sex marriage ... violates civil equality itself,'' TNR's full-page editorial asserts. It is ''a moral anomaly that dehumanizes and excludes a significant portion of the human race.'' The ''ultimate moral ... answer'' is to legalize full marriage for homosexuals, so good people must ''keep marshaling the moral, religious, civic, and human reasons why it is an eminently important and noble thing to do.'' ……. If something is morally wrong, it is morally wrong always. That a society may tolerate - or embrace - an indecent practice does not make it less indecent. Chattel slavery was and is an abomination, no matter how many 19th-century Americans (or 20th-century Sudanese) thought otherwise. Suttee - the Hindu custom of cremating a deceased man together with his living widow - was evil, no matter how many Hindus believed it honorable. Apartheid was immoral, no matter how many South Africans approved of it. Similarly, if barring men from marrying men is an affront to ''our common humanity,'' as the Vermont justices write - if it is an ugly ''moral anomaly,'' as The New Republic says - than it has always been so……"

Boston Globe 1/24/2000 Jeff Jacoby "…. But where are the humanitarians and the great souls who said that limiting marriage to a man and a woman is wrong? Did Francis of Assisi plead for same-sex unions? Did the Buddha? Did Sojourner Truth? Did the Prophet Micah, who yearned for justice and kindness, yearn also for male-male and female-female weddings? Did Martin Luther King, who devoted his life to ''our common humanity?'' Did Raoul Wallenberg, who risked all to thwart evil? Is there anyone - any foe of intolerance, any living saint - who decried even once the laws that kept homosexuals from marrying each other? This is not an argument against same-sex marriage. (That's a different column). It is an argument against the pretense that same-sex marriage is required as a matter of decency. There is no valid moral claim absent moral authority, and there is no moral authority for the claim that restricting marriage to opposite-sex couples is unjust. …."


The Associated Press 1/24/2000 Laurie Copans "….The case of two American nuns who refuse to leave a Russian Orthodox monastery in the West Bank city of Jericho is being negotiated at ``the highest levels'' by U.S. officials, one of the nuns said Monday. Palestinian police evicted four nuns and monks of the exiled Russian Orthodox, or ``White,'' church from the Jericho Garden Monastery on Jan. 15, apparently at the request of its more powerful rival based in Moscow. Palestinian officials had said they had papers showing the Moscow-based, or ``Red'' church owned the property and were acting on a request made by Moscow Patriarch Alexy II, who met earlier this month with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. ….."

Freeper Lazio 1/26/2000 Reverend Joseph Wright "….When minister Joe Wright was asked to open the new sessions of the Kansas Senate, everyone was expecting the usual generalities, but this is what they heard:
Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask Your forgiveness and to seek Your direction and guidance.
We know Your Word says, "Woe to those who call evil good" but that is exactly what we have done. We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values. We confess that:
We have ridiculed the absolute truth of Your Word and called it Pluralism.
We have worshipped other gods and called it multiculturalism.
We have endorsed perversion and called it alternative lifestyle.
We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery.
We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare.
We have killed our unborn and called it choice.
We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable.
We have neglected to discipline our children and called it building self-esteem.
We have abused power and called it politics.
We have coveted our neighbor's possessions and called it ambition.
We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of expression.
We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment.
Search us, Oh God, and know our hearts today; cleanse us from every sin and set us free.
Guide and bless these men and women who have been sent to direct us to the center of your will.
I ask it in the Name of Your Son, the living Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen…….

The response was immediate. A number of legislators walked out during the prayer in protest.
In six short weeks, Central Christian Church,were Rev. Wright is pastor, logged more than 5,000 phone calls with only 47 of those calls responding negatively. The church is now receiving international requests for copies of this prayer from India. Africa,and Korea….."

World Net Daily 2/7/00 Samuel Blumenfeld "….The other day, I got a call from my good friend Marshall Fritz, president of the Separation of School and State Alliance. He had attended a meeting in New York of private entrepreneurs interested in doing something about education.. ….Education, I told him, is concerned with the development of the mind, of the intellect, while training deals with learning specific skills. Education is a more personal activity, in that its main purpose is the enhancement of an individual's ability to use his mind for his own personal pleasure or gain. Training means developing skills that will be used more for social and economic reasons than for the self. Which means that education should come first, training later……. Even Noam Chomsky, noted socialist who also happens to be the world's leading linguist, writes: [H]uman language appears to be a unique phenomenon, without significant analogue in the animal world. ... As far as we know, possession of human language is associated with a specific type of mental organization, not simply a higher degree of intelligence. There seems to be no substance to the view that human language is simply a more complex instance of something to be found elsewhere in the animal world. ... In fact, the processes by which the human mind achieved its present stage of complexity and its particular form of innate organization are a total mystery. Of course, they are not a mystery if you believe the Bible.... The takeover of American public schools by behavioral scientists and psychologists means the permanent destruction of traditional education. And because most parents, teachers, and politicians don't understand the distinction between education and training, there is virtually no chance that traditional education will ever be restored in our public schools. …… Finally, the beauty of education is that, after learning to read, you can educate yourself by reading and investigating anything you want. But when it comes to training, you need trainers and schedules, tests and assessments, psychologists and remediators. To deprive children of the great personal benefits of education and to throw them at an early age into training is a crime, and its victims will be a blight on America for generations to come……"

World Net Daily 2/7/00 Jane Chastain "….."Homophobe" is an epithet commonly used by gay activists to describe anyone who objects to the practice of homosexuality or the gay rights movement. On the other hand, the term is routinely dismissed by people who consider it to be part of the ranting of the small minority who engage in homosexuality and want to force society to accept homosexuality as normal…… According to Dr. Jeffrey Satinover, who has practiced psychoanalysis and psychiatry for more than 23 years, "It was coined to mean both a worry about being homosexual as well as to refer to an opinion that homosexuality is not good." Satinover, a former Fellow in Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry at Yale University, says that in recent years the word has appeared in some federally funded studies without being satisfactorily defined as a medical condition. "This use is a pure corruption of the medical process," said Satinover, "Opinions are not diseases except to dictators." Unfortunately, that is about to change…."

World Net Daily 2/7/00 Jane Chastain "…..The Centers for Disease Control, the official health arm of the federal government, used the word for the first time last month with an implied definition that would please the most radical members of the gay community. Dr. Paul Cameron, the psychologist who heads the Family Research Institute in Colorado Springs, stumbled upon this passage in the CDC's "Morbidity and Mortality Report" for the week of Jan. 14. On page 10 of this publication, under the heading "HIV/AIDS Among Racial/Minority Men Who Have Sex with Men," we have this revelation: Race/ethnicity itself is not a risk factor for HIV infection. However, among racial/ethic minority MSM (men who have sex with men) social and economic factors, such as homophobia, high rates of poverty and unemployment and lack of access to health care, are associated with high rates of HIV risk behavior. The definition of homophobia, as it is used here, came farther down in the passage: Within racial/ethnic minority communities, the stigma attached to acknowledging homosexual and bisexual activity may inhibit racial/ethic minority MSM from identifying themselves as homosexual or bisexual and they may be more likely to identify with their racial/ethnic minority community than with the MSM community. When you put these two paragraphs together, you have the complete picture the CDC is presenting here: Those with homophobia do not accept homosexuality. Homophobic people, therefore, present a health risk. This is not the first time this term as been used or implied by a federal agency. During the seven years of the Clinton administration, we have seen it pop up now and then, but this is the first time it has been used by the Centers for Disease Control, which has dictatorial powers on life and death matters. The implication for churches, religious broadcasters and faith-based groups like the Boy Scouts, which hold to traditional Judeo-Christian morality, are huge……What the CDC is trying to do is characterize anyone who has an objection to homosexuality as disturbed and a public health threat. This is a bullying tactic. The important thing to remember is that most bullies are cowards. These people back down when there is an appropriate amount of outrage….."

CATHOLIC WORLD NEWS 2/3/00 David Murray and S. Robert Lichter "….On January 29, an exclusive Kansas City Star story carried nationwide through the Knight-Ridder News Service proclaimed a scandal of silence in the Catholic Church involving priests and their sexuality…….. Despite the heavy and uncritical news coverage, questions about the survey suggest caution in inferring a hidden AIDS epidemic among priests. Consider the following assertions about the survey from the Star article and the Knight-Ridder dispatch: "The response rate was very good" said the Rev. Rodney DeMartini, executive director of the National Catholic AIDS Network." In fact, few survey researchers would consider a 27 percent response rate to be "very good." It means that nearly three of four priests who were targeted failed to respond. Normally, when a response rate is this low, follow-up surveys are conducted to increase the returns or at least to learn whether the minority who responded were representative. "Given the sample size, the poll's margin of error is 3.5 percentage points, meaning that if the same poll were conducted 100 times, 95 percent of those times the results would be no more than 3.5 percentage points higher or lower than the results of this poll," the article said. This boilerplate description of sampling error would only be valid if we knew that the 801 respondents were representative of the nationwide population of approximately 46,000 priests. But we have no idea whether the minority who responded were unusually concerned about AIDS, differentially open to questions of personal sexuality, or even more likely to have a homosexual orientation (see below) than the 2,212 non-respondents. Without knowing such things, we cannot estimate how much other poll results might vary from this survey's findings. And this undermines the substantive claims that follow….."

AP Wire 2/6/00 "….An appeals court ruled that a statue of Jesus Christ that stands on privately owned land within a city park violates the law because people could assume the city government endorses a religion. A group of citizens paid $21,726 to buy the small piece of the parkland under the statue after an atheist group sued the city in 1998. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Friday that that statue still violates of the constitutional separation between church and state, even though it isn't directly on public property. The layout of the park could lead "a reasonable person to conclude that the statue is a part of the public park and that the government, rather than a private entity, endorses religion," Circuit Judge Michael Kanne wrote. The court did not order the removal of the statue, but suggested that a fence or wall be erected with a disclaimer making clear that the statue in Praschak Wayside Park is owned by a private group. The appeals court did not impose a solution, but it asked a district court to consider it. ….."

EWTN News Brief 2/8/00 "….An auxiliary bishop of Detroit on Sunday rallied in the suburb of Ferndale for the passage of a new city ordinance that would ban discrimination against homosexuals and lesbians and would not exempt churches or church-run organizations, according to the Detroit News newspaper. Bishop Thomas Gumbleton spoke at a rally at St. James Catholic Church in Ferndale in support of the ordinance that will go before voters on February 22. "This will send a message that we do not tolerate any discrimination in this community," he said. "Every person has certain rights that extend beyond how they act or live." …… If passed violators, including churches that refuse to hire homosexuals for positions in charities, educational positions, day care centers, or even the clergy, would face $500 fines and civil lawsuits. ….."

EWTN 2/8/00 "…. Inmates in Massachusetts' state prisons are not allowed to have rosaries because prison officials say they are used as gang symbols, prompting one inmate to file suit saying his First Amendment rights have been violated. Peter Kane said corrections officers confiscated his rosary in July 1997 after a surprise inspection of his cell. On Tuesday, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court will hear arguments in his lawsuit...."

Associated Press 2/7/00 Mike Smith "….The Indiana House approved legislation Monday that would let government entities, including public schools, post the Ten Commandments in their buildings. The House approved the bill 92-7. The Senate already has approved a similar measure, and it seems certain that one of the bills will end up on the desk of Gov. Frank O'Bannon. O'Bannon has said he would sign the bill if it was constitutional, and he believes the current versions are. Under the bill, the commandments could be posted in schools, courthouses or on other government property if displayed with other documents of historical significance that have formed and influenced the U.S. legal system….."

The Washington Times 2/7/00 Dr Gurmit Singh Aulakh "….President Clinton said that he is visiting India next month because "it is the biggest democracy in the world" ("Clinton aims to 'engage' India during March visit," Feb. 2), but according to Amnesty Iternational and human-rights groups, thousands of Sikh, Christian, Muslim and other political prisoners are being held in Indian jails without charge or trial. Many of these Sikh political prisoners have been held in illegal custody since 1984. Why are there political prisoners in a democracy? Last month, Mandeep Pal Singh Sodhi, a 27-year-old Sikh, immolated himself in front of the Assembly building in Uttar Pradesh to protest the brutal torture and tyranny that have been inflicted on his family by the police. According to the Hindustan Times, the police have illegally detained his brothers on false charges several times. They have been tortured repeatedly. ……This is just part of the Indian repression of the Sikh nation. The Indian government has murdered more than 250,000 Sikhs since 1984. It also has murdered more than 200,000 Christians in Nagaland since 1947, more than 65,000 Muslims in Kashmir since 1988 and tens of thousands of Assamese, Dalits, Manipuris, Tamils, and others. Allies of the Indian government have murdered priests, nuns and missionaries. They have burned down Christian churches. The police broke up a Christian religious festival with gunfire. This is not the way things are done in a democracy. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is right when he says that for the minorities of South Asia, India "might as well be Nazi Germany." …."

The Express 2/10/00 David Taylor "…..Psychotherapist Valerie Sinason, who has been paid by the Department of Health to study adult survivors of alleged organised ritual abuse, said yesterday she was "completely convinced" Satanic abuse does occur. She claimed to have evidence about children whose births were not officially registered being reared for abuse and sacrifice. The scientist, who edited a clinical textbook on Satanist abuse after the controversies in Rochdale, the Orkneys and Nottingham in the early 1990s, has claimed previously to have evidence of at least 100 murders. Her study of cases from nearly 40 psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health experts will claim that she has seen evidence of physical injuries in adult survivors, who tell of seeing people drugged and killed. She said that out of 76 patients she has seen at her London clinic, 46 claimed that they had witnessed the murder of children or adults. The Department of Health yesterday stressed that it stood by the findings of a 1994 report which concluded there was organised abuse but that it was "not helpful or appropriate to call it Satanic." Scotland Yard is carrying out its own research project into ritual abuse…." 2/9/00 Charles Colson "….Imagine this scene: A conference room at a major publishing company, where the author of a new civics textbook is having a tense meeting with his editor. "There's a problem with your explanation of the Declaration of Independence," the editor says. "Where it says men are 'endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights' you say it means that rights are given to people by God. We can't say 'God,' so that has to come out. Another thing. In the chapter on the Civil Rights movement, it's okay to mention that Martin Luther King was influenced by the Hindu sage Mohandas Gandhi, but you also say he was influenced by Jesus. That has to come out too." ….. Did you think Americans have free speech? Well, it's true that we aren't burdened by official government censorship, but that's not the whole story. According to University of Texas Professor Jay Budziszewski, author of a great new book, The Revenge of Conscience: Politics and the Fall of Man, Christians face unofficial pressure to conceal the implications of biblical faith for every sphere of life. The shapers of opinion react with amazing hostility to the mere mention of God. ……I have discovered this myself, time and time again in media interviews over the past 25 years. People simply recoil at the mention of the name of Jesus……. The story about the textbook author is true ….. What can explain such irrational hostility to the expression of biblical truth? Why do the custodians of culture react with such disapproval to the mere mention of God?…….. It's vital that we understand the root cause of modern man's hostility to God if we're ever going to counter it effectively in the culture……."

Media Research Center 2/8/00 L Brent Bozell III "….What's the quickest way for a candidate to make a national reporter squirm? Bring up religion. George W. Bush's decision in a December debate to name Jesus Christ as the philosopher with the most impact on him gave reporters the willies. NBC's Tim Russert is a devout Roman Catholic who has spoken publicly and profoundly about his faith. Yet when the Republican candidates met again in January, he felt it necessary to question repeatedly if Bush's faith in Jesus somehow translated into Christian theocracy: "I think people watching, some want to hear your God is Jesus Christ, they don't have a God, or they have Yahweh or they have Allah. They want to know it's okay." Russert went so far as to suggest that every Republican debate seems to mention Jesus, asking Gary Bauer, "Are you concerned that many people in the country are watching that exchange and saying, 'you know, that's a little more about religion that it is about politics and that concerns me?'" Russert's colleague Brian Williams added that the Republicans were "strident tonight: anti-gay, pro-Jesus, and anti-abortion and no gray matter in between." What message is the public supposed to take away from this? It's the quadrennial network message: Republican primaries are polluted with the Christian right, and their Bible-toting intolerance will cost them in the fall. They're stridently pro-Jesus, and are frightening average Americans by dragging too much religion into the public square……..

Media Research Center 2/8/00 L Brent Bozell III "….The other interesting liberal media trend is that, for all of their mockery of religious conservatives having a direct phone line to God, some liberal journalists have claimed a true Christian would implement liberal policies. On CNN's "Capital Gang," Wall Street Journal executive Al Hunt joked: "Now if Jesus is a political thinker, I assume he's for the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty -- 'blessed are the peacemakers.' I assume he's pro-earned income tax credit -- 'blessed are the poor.'" In Time magazine, columnist Jimmy Breslin pretended that Christ was on the campaign trail in Iowa, and he was angry at Republicans like Bush for invoking his name while supporting the death penalty: "'How can he say he carries me, Jesus Christ, in his heart,' candidate Christ asked, 'when at the same time he stands by while people are put to death?'" ….."

Media Research Center 2/8/00 L Brent Bozell III "….After the St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl, quarterback Kurt Warner was introduced as the Most Valuable Player. He told the crowd, "First, I want to thank my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ" -- and the fans roared back their approval of his testimonial. The media probably said: there go those poor, uneducated, and easy-to-command types again….."

EWTN News 2/7/00 "…. For the first time since 1978, the number of priests in the world rose last year. That was one of the key findings in a compilation of statistics about the Catholic Church, issued by the Vatican on February 5. The Annuario Pontificio, released each year by the Holy See, is a thick (this year, 2,350 pages) red volume, which contains a variety of official statistics about Catholic dioceses, religious institutes, the Church diplomatic corps, and the Roman Curia. The latest edition furnishes the latest available statistics as of December 31, 1999. The number of priests in the world at the end of 1999 was 404,626-- up 0.1 percent from the figure for 1998, which was 401,208. The number of seminarians preparing for the priesthood increased by a slightly greater margin-- from 109,171 to 109,828, or 0.6 percent. There have been similarly small but nevertheless encouraging increases in the numbers of permanent deacons, lay catechists, and missionaries. The world's Catholic population has also grown, by about 40 million. The new Annuario Pontificio sets the number of baptized Catholics at 1,045,000,000 or roughly 17.4 percent of the entire world population. Nearly half of that Catholic population-- 49.5 percent-- lives in the Western hemisphere. Europe now accounts for only 27.8 percent of the world's Catholics; Africa for 11.4 percent, Asia 10.5 percent, and Oceania only 0.8 percent……"

Detroit Free Press 2/8/00 Ned McGrath "….THE SPATE OF recent coverage about Catholic priests with AIDS recalls the motto of a former employer of mine, a Chicago television station. Its call letters were an acronym, inherited from previous newspaper owners, "WMAQ: We Must Ask Questions." ….. Last month the Kansas City Star, a Knight Ridder-owned paper as is the Detroit Free Press, began a three-day, eight-part series: "AIDS in the Priesthood." Containing no small undercurrent of sexual innuendo, the lead story was scooped up by news services and broadcast outlets across the country……The chief finding, if we can call it that, of this special report was that priests' deaths from AIDS are at least four times that of the general populace. An eye-grabbing statistic, to be sure, although it's based in large part on the Star's own survey, which it conducted nationally by mail. Twenty-seven percent of randomly selected priests responded. The Star, and likewise the Detroit media, had no way of knowing -- and still don't -- if the 801 who responded were representative of the country's 47,000 priests or, for that matter, the 1,600 in Michigan……Priests' deaths from AIDS were compared with those in the general population, including women and children, and not exclusively with other unmarried males….."

Islamic Views 2/7/00 Ismail Royer "….Last week, testifying on security threats against the United States before the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, CIA director George Tenet laid out a blueprint for America's national security doctrine in the twenty-first century. Topping Tenet's list of principal threats was terrorism committed by Muslims. "There is an intricate web of alliances among Sunni extremists worldwide, including North Africans, radical Palestinians, Pakistanis, and Central Asians...There's an infrastructure out there that is perhaps bigger than we anticipated," said Tenet. "We essentially have undertaken to systematically develop a strategic plan to attack this infrastructure." Like many of his colleagues in the national security profession, Tenet paints a picture for Congress and the American people of a vast conspiracy of "Islamic terrorists" stretching across the globe; irrational fanatics who burn with rage at America and probe our weaknesses for a chance to strike. Of course, that is the picture he must paint -- his agency's funding depends on it…….In testimony before Congress in 1998, Larry Johnson, former deputy director for counter-terrorism for the U.S. State Department, said: "Groups and individuals that advocate terrorism are losing support rather than winning adherents. Consider Osama Bin Ladin's fatwas that have called for Muslims to rise up and attack U.S. citizens and installations around the world. His fatwa has fallen on deaf ears...Bin Ladin's failed fatwa is a reminder that Muslims are not terrorists and they do not endorse his tactics." Articulation of the new doctrine is often preceded by disclaimers purportedly distinguishing between ordinary Muslims and "Islamic fundamentalist terrorists." But for the doctrine's proponents, these distinctions are superficial….."

Islamic Views 2/7/00 Ismail Royer "….No doubt there is a circle of Muslims who see the United States as the fount of evil in the world, and would use terrorism to attack it. The bombing of U.S. facilities in Kenya, Tanzania, and Saudi Arabia are proof. The U.S. obviously has a legitimate interest in seeing Bin Laden brought to trial, as do the families of the Africans who were killed in the blasts. But in reality, Muslim terrorists are so few, so isolated from the larger Muslim community, and their capabilities so limited that the threat could be effectively countered with simple measures like increasing security at America's under-protected overseas installations...."

he Oregonian 2/13/00 Rick Bella "….The Portland city attorney's office has recommended dropping attendance limits imposed on a Southeast Portland church. A city land-use hearings officer incited religious leaders throughout the Portland area last month when she ruled that Sunnyside Centenary United Methodist Church couldn't have more than 70 people at its Sunday or Wednesday worship services. Religious leaders charged that the ruling violated constitutional protections granting freedom of religion. After a review, the city attorney's office has recommended backing off from the attendance limits contained in land-use hearings officer Elizabeth Normand's Jan. 17 ruling, while keeping restrictions on other church programs….."

National Post 2/12/00 "….Michael Ingham, the Anglican bishop of Vancouver, says the current crisis in the worldwide church over homosexual rights is the work of wealthy conservatives in the United States, who are using slick, American-style lobbying to turn church leaders from Africa and Asia into anti-gay activists. "This is a well-orchestrated, well-financed political lobby," says Bishop Ingham, one of Canada's most liberal Anglican leaders. "I don't think the issue would be getting much attention if not for the near hysteria that's been whipped up by a very small group from the United States." ….."

Associated Press 2/13/00 Julia Lieblich "….In a long-awaited report, an Episcopal Church commission declined to take a position on same-sex unions. If church leaders follow the report's recommendations, they would leave in place an unofficial policy that lets individual dioceses decide whether to bless gay marriages. The report, to be released Monday, does not back either a liberal or conservative position on gay marriage, which has become increasingly common in the Episcopal Church. ``We are not ready, theologically or scientifically, to say a defining word about the life of homosexuals in the church,'' said the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music, whose recommendations will be discussed at the church's national convention in July. ``In the context of reverence -- and humility -- it seems best not to take absolutist positions on a national level.'' ….." 2/12/00 William mcCall AP "…..Former archbishop of South Africa Desmond Tutu joined several prominent theologians on Saturday to urge religious leaders to work together to find a new image of God for the 21st century. ``No religion can claim to have the whole truth about the mystery'' of faith, Tutu said. ``The logic of faith will get through to even the dumbest of us.'' Tutu, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, spoke at a news conference before he addressed the ``God at 2000'' conference at Oregon State University. Tutu ended the two-day conference with an address that followed traditional Christian teachings, talking about a masculine, judgmental God more interested in individual sinners than the universe. He credited prayer with helping resolve apartheid in South Africa and called on people to pray for resolution of conflicts in places such as Northern Ireland and Kosovo. Tutu also urged Christians to embrace other faiths……"

The Sacramento Bee / 2/12/00 Jan Ferris "…..The 67 Methodist pastors who blessed a gay union last year, in apparent violation of the sect's national stance, will not face a formal church trial, it was announced today. The decision, made by seven fellow pastors in the California-Nevada Methodist conference, came after unusual public hearings on the issue, at which speakers challenged the traditional interpretation of the Methodist Book of Rules. The California-Nevada conference is widely viewed as one of the most liberal in the nation, and the decision puts the conference at odds with others in the country that have defrocked ministers for officiating gay marriages. Nevertheless, under Methodist rules, the case stops here. Local pastors say the victory gives them momentum heading into the church's national conference in May; it also opens the door to more such ceremonies. …... "

San Diego Union Tribune 2/11/00 Merrilee Boyack "…..Anew religion has been established in our state. Compared to other religions, this one is still in its infancy, having gained its primary membership within the last 30 to 40 years. What once began as a small cult of anti-establishment believers has grown to such proportions that millions either claim membership outright or at least follow its doctrine. This is the new state religion -- the Religion of Tolerance. While it has not yet gained recognition by the IRS as a religious entity, this is the new state church nonetheless. Its God? Tolerance of all. Its doctrine? No longer is it sufficient to "love your neighbor." Now our society is taught "Not only must you love your neighbor, but you must tolerate all of his or her behavior. And if you don't agree with this behavior, you must repent because we are not to judge. You must embrace all people and their behavior or you are the one who is wrong." No longer are morals and values black and white. Now everything is gray. And we must tolerate all gray. Well, I refuse to convert to our new state religion. Now out will come the labels. The name-calling will begin. …… The citizenry of our state are denigrated if they have the audacity to stand and proclaim that they believe something to be morally wrong. Many who would have made such a stand are shamed into submission and the church's ranks continue to grow. Well I shall continue to stand. I firmly believe that there is a gulf of difference between right and wrong. And while I love my fellow brother or sister, I do not and will not tolerate wrong behavior. I will continue to teach my children that honesty is honesty and that this standard does not change if it's the IRS you're dealing with. Anything less is not to be tolerated…… Isn't it fascinating that the Church of Tolerance has so little tolerance for those who don't belong? ….."

Newsday 2/10/00 James Pinkerton "…..LAST WEEK, a solitary man walked into the lobby of the State Department and announced that he wouldn't leave until he could speak with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. Told she wasn't available, he said he would wait, so he could tell her that the United States needed to do more to stop the persecution and slaughter of Christians in Sudan. And so Michael J. Horowitz, 61, was arrested for the first time in his life. And while he poses no threat to law and order, he does threaten the foreign-policy status quo. Maybe that's why the police took their time booking and fingerprinting him; he was held handcuffed for three hours. But for Horowitz, a fellow at the Hudson Institute, a right-of-center think tank in Washington, such discomfort was a small price to pay. As he puts it, "As an American and as a Jew, I'm not going to sit around while another Holocaust happens." That's not too strong a term to describe the 17-year war waged by the Muslim regime in the north of Sudan against Christians in the south. ….. According to Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel and the U.S. Committee on Refugees, more than 2 million people are dead and 4 million more turned into refugees; countless more have been imprisoned, enslaved and tortured. ….. And yet Secretary Albright said last fall, "The human rights situation in Sudan is not marketable to the America people." One of those who heard Albright's words was Nina Shea, director of the Center for Religious Freedom. "I was stunned," she recalls. After all, not only had the House of Representatives voted 416-1 to condemn the Sudanese government for "deliberately and systematically committing genocide in southern Sudan," but "Touched by an Angel," the hit CBS series, had made carnage in Sudan the subject of its season premiere. ……"

USNewswire 2/10/00 "…..The following was released today by the National Clergy Council: Reverend Rob Schenck, general secretary to the conservative National Clergy Council in Washington, D.C., and a former New York state resident, will travel to New York City next week to meet with religious leaders to discuss the controversy surrounding Hillary Rodham Clinton's U.S. Senate campaign. Mr. Schenck founded Hearts for the Homeless, a faith-based mobile advocacy program for the homeless, which continues a successful operation in Western New York. Schenck's newly released book, The Ten Words that will Change a Nation, (Hardcover, Albury Publishing, 262 pages) highlights the contempt that Mrs. Clinton has for traditional religion and the Clinton Administration's abuse of government social programs as well as its reputation for immoral and illegal activities. Mr. Schenck will shortly set out on a book-signing tour of New York State next month. ..."

New York Law Journal 2/10/00 Mark Hamblett "….A divided federal appeals panel has upheld a New York school district's right to refuse access to school facilities to an after-school religious program. In The Good News Club v. Milford School District, 98-9494, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found that the group's teachings were "quintessentially religious" and were thus barred under the First Amendment's doctrine of the separation of church and state. In 1992, Milford School District adopted a policy on community use of school buildings that expressly forbade use for religious purposes. Although the community-use policy allowed groups such as the Girl Scouts and the 4-H Club, school officials rejected the application of the Good News Club, which offers religious instruction to children ages 6 through 12. The club, one of several throughout the country, is affiliated with the Child Evangelism Fellowship, a Christian missionary organization……"

World Net Daily 2/12/00 Dr Jerry Falwell "….Indiana legislators have approved a bill that permits public schools, courts, and public facilities to post the Ten Commandments. The bill permits places of accommodation to position the Ten Commandments in displays featuring other "historical" documents, and states that the Commandments may be raised "as part of an exhibit displaying other documents of historical significance that formed and influenced the United States' legal or governmental system." Supporters of the bill say that school officials who place the Commandments next to documents, such as the Magna Carta or the Bill of Rights, need not fear repercussions from civil libertarians. State representatives voted overwhelmingly (91-7) in favor of the bill. The state Senate has passed a companion measure and the governor is expected to sign the legislation into law. South Dakota is weighing a similar House measure. State Rep. Jerry Denbo read the Ten Commandments on the House floor prior to the vote in the Indiana House. "If any of you think these are bad principles," he stated, "vote no on the bill." Well said! Of course, no one can argue that the Commandments are harmful to students. Nevertheless, there is a persistent effort by civil libertarians to prevent the Commandments from positively impacting the lives of public school students. Rep. Duane Cheney, a Democrat and one of the seven to vote against the bill, sided with the American Civil Liberties Union and its state chapter, by stating there were different versions of the Ten Commandments and it would be difficult to determine which version was posted. Supporters of the bill say it does not matter which version (they are virtually identical) is posted. …."

Oregonian newspaper 2/10/00 Wade Nkrumah -Oregonian staff "….What started almost two years ago as a neighborhood vs. church spat over a meals program for the homeless has evolved into a church vs. state controversy centered on the First Amendment. On Sunday, outraged and worried religious leaders from around Portland will meet to address growing concerns about a recent city decision limiting attendance at a Southeast Portland church. Meanwhile, one expert on church-state issues says it is the first time he's heard of a civil official limiting church attendance. The situation has led religious leaders and worshippers to forge a cross-denominational coalition as they strategize and build their case against the city ruling involving Sunnyside Centenary United Methodist Church……" 2/11/00 Andy Jackson "…..We received the following report from one of our readers. We also confirmed this account with others who were present. Candidate John McCain visited North Augusta, South Carolina on February 8, 2000 at 8:00 am. A member of the audience interrupted McCain when he mentioned keeping homosexuals in the military. The man quoted the Bible and instructed McCain that homosexuality is a sin. McCain said, "I don't think homosexuality is a sin." At that point the audience booed McCain. The press has neglected to mention anything about this incident. A radio station talk show host did leak it to the public and commented, "You could feel the momentum leave the room" when McCain gave his answer. …."

EWTN 2/4/00 "….Thanks to the collaboration of over 100 U.S. classrooms, Christian and animist slaves in southern Sudan are being freed from captivity. For years, Islamic fundamentalists have raided southern villages, selling the women and children into slavery, while the Khartoum government looks the other way and denies there is religious persecution on its borders. Barbara Vogel and her students of Highline Community School of Denver, Colorado, are spearheading the U.S. anti-slavery campaign. In Europe several NGOs are also contributing to the cause. Christian Solidarity International (CSI) buys slaves at market price in order to set them free. ..."

Miami Herald Online 2/5/00 Jackie Koszczuk "…. The usually decorous and apolitical act of selecting a new chaplain for the House of Representatives has become a political mess of biblical proportion for the Republican Party. GOP House leaders last fall passed over Roman Catholic priest Timothy O'Brien and nominated Presbyterian minister Charles Wright for the position, triggering cries of anti-Catholic bias from Catholic lawmakers. Since the decision, Republican leaders' efforts to mollify their critics have only sunk them deeper into an emotional debate over religious preferences, a losing debate for any politician or political party. Hastert was forced to pull Wright's nomination from consideration by the full House after Democrats threatened a floor fight. ``There is an odor of anti-Catholicism here,'' said Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., a Catholic, who has called on the leadership for a full accounting of the selection process. …."

World Net Daily 2/5/00 Dr Jerry Falwell "….Recently, I made an earnest appeal to the several million families on Jerry Falwell Ministries' mailing list, and to our national TV audience. I asked our people to bombard the Federal Communications Commission and the Congress over the recent effort by the FCC to silence Christian broadcasting in America. In an unexpected move, the FCC reversed its December 29 decision to restrict religious content for noncommercial television stations, which would have resulted in an unconstitutional censorship of Christian and religious programs. Thank God the FCC rescinded this ludicrous decision! …..U.S. Rep. Michael G. Oxley, R-Ohio, who appeared as my guest on our "Listen America" television program on January 14, called the FCC reversal a "complete and total victory for free religious expression." ….." 2/4/00 Ann Coulter "….. Continuing their one-upmanship on the question of the Confederate flag, Democratic presidential candidates Al Gore and Bill Bradley are now demanding that those Masonic symbols be removed from the Great Seal of the United States, in a bid for the Catholic vote. (Moreover, the eagle is a bird of prey and hence offensive to rodents, a key Democrat constituency.) OK, that's not technically true. But it could be true. It's no less true than the inane statements these two are making on the campaign trail. ……"

NewsWatch - Center for Media and Public Affairs 2/6/00 David Murray S Robert Lichter "…. On Jan. 29, an exclusive Kansas City Star story carried nationwide through the Knight-Ridder News Service proclaimed a scandal of silence in the Catholic Church involving priests and their sexuality. As the San Jose Mercury News headlined, the "Death Rate From AIDS is Higher for Priests." Based on the results of 801 responses to a mail survey the Star sent to 3,013 priests, the story begins, "Hundreds of Roman Catholic priests across the United States have died of AIDS-related illnesses, and hundreds more are living with HIV, the virus that causes the disease." Despite the heavy and uncritical news coverage, questions about the survey suggest caution in inferring a hidden AIDS epidemic among priests. Instead, they illustrate the pitfalls awaiting news organizations that conduct surveys in order to create news……. "

World Net Daily 2/6/00 Julie Foster "…. A decision is months overdue on a complaint brought against a Saskatchewan newspaper and one of its advertisers by the province's Human Rights Commission for printing an ad, consisting of four Bible verses, which the commission says violates homosexuals' human rights. Though a decision is expected any day, defenders of the ad say the case will surely make its way to the Canadian Supreme Court. ….."

A Retired Navy Chaplain 2/7/99 Clarence Schultz "….. Let's see...I think it started when Madeline Murray O'Hare complained that she didn't want any prayer in our schools, and we said OK. Then someone said you had better not read the Bible in school - the Bible that says thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, and love your neighbor as yourself. And we said, OK. Dr. Benjamin Spock said we shouldn't spank our children when they misbehave because their little personalities would be warped and we might damage their self-esteem. And we said, an expert should know what he's talking about, so we won't spank them anymore. Then someone said that teachers and principals better not discipline our children when they misbehave…. Then someone said, let's let our daughters have abortions if they want, and they won't even have to tell their parents. And we said, that's a grand idea. Then some wise school board member said, since boys will be boys and they're going to "do it" anyway, let's give our sons all the condoms they want, so they can have all the "fun" they desire, and we won't have to tell their parents they got them at school. And we said, that's another great idea. And then some of our top elected officials said that it doesn't matter what we do in private as long as we do our jobs. And agreeing with them, we said it doesn't matter to me what anyone, including the President, does in private as long as I have a job and the economy is good……."

Media Research Center 2/15/00 L Brent Bozell III "…..One of the ways the media continue to devaluate their currency with the public is by constantly debasing society's pillars, of which a persistent favorite is the clergy. The Kansas City Star recently took a sledgehammer to the Catholic Church. "Hundreds of Roman Catholic priests across the United States have died of AIDS-related illnesses," thundered the investigative report, "and hundreds more are living with HIV, the virus that causes the disease." …….. Whoa. Notice the utter lack of numerical certainty in this supposed expose, which is nothing but guesses piled upon guesses piled upon guesses. One would suppose that no serious journalist would carry this wild speculation. But if so, one would suppose wrongly. Newspapers across the country picked up these nuggets of nothingness and presented a "crisis" of priests with AIDS. Readers in Chattanooga, Columbus, Denver, Indianapolis, New Orleans, New York, Omaha, Orlando, St. Petersburg, and Washington received this drivel through the Knight-Ridder news wire. CBS presented an "Evening News" report which suggested things were even worse: "Father Thomas Crangle conducted his own study a decade ago and found that nearly a quarter of the 398 priests he surveyed said they were HIV-positive or had full-blown AIDS. For him, the new findings were not surprising, but accurate numbers are difficult to come by." The nonsense wouldn't stand unchallenged for long. Statistical analysts David Murray and Robert Lichter quickly debunked the Star survey which accompanied the series as illustrating "the pitfalls awaiting news organizations that conduct surveys in order to create news." The Star survey was sent to 3,000 of America's 46,000 Catholic priests, and only 800 responded, for a 27 percent response rate. Murray and Lichter wrote that when three out of four recipients fail to respond, "follow-up surveys are conducted to increase the returns or at least to learn whether the minority who responded were representative....But we have no idea whether the minority who responded were unusually concerned about AIDS, differentially open to questions of personal sexuality, or even more likely to have a homosexual orientation than the 2,212 non- respondents." Murray and Lichter also note that when the Star guesses that "about 400 priests nationwide" either have AIDS or might have it but haven't been tested, only 0.5 percent said they had HIV, and only 0.4 percent said they might. "In absolute terms, this means seven individuals said they have or fear they might have AIDS. Any projection of seven individuals onto a nationwide stage is statistically dubious, particularly when we don't know how representative this group is." ……"

LONDON TIMES 2/14/00 Anton LaGuardia "….. THE Anglican dean of St George's Cathedral in Cape Town is facing demands that he step down after appearing in a gay rights advertisement displaying a devil's tail under his vestments. The Very Rev Rowan Smith, a declared homosexual, was featured in a 20-second video screened during the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in Johannesburg. Standing in the cathedral, draped in his white alb and chasuble, embroidered with a golden cross, the dean declares: "Some people say that homosexuals are the Devil's spawn, but I don't believe that." He then turns his back to the camera to reveal a devil's tail beneath his robes. ……"

Baltimore Sun 2/14/00 John Rivera "….. Hoping it has found an antidote to school violence and moral decay, an increasingly successful evangelical Christian lobby is campaigning to have the Ten Commandments displayed in classrooms and public buildings. And despite some protests, a rising number of state legislatures seem to be buying their argument. The Washington-based Family Research Council calls its effort to put the Commandments on walls in schools, courtrooms and other public buildings "Hang Ten." Nine states are considering legislation to allow the display, and bills could be introduced soon in two states. "Our kids live in a world where they have disconnected choice and consequences. We send our kids off to school, and we worry that they'll come home in a body bag," said Janet Parshall, a spokeswoman for the Family Research Council. "What we're trying to remind them with the hanging of the Ten Commandments is there is a moral code of behavior." ……… Civil liberties and liberal advocacy groups are distressed by the campaign and are fighting it one battle at a time across the nation. They contend that Ten Commandments displays are intended to have the government promote religious ideals -- something that the Constitution, as they read it, does not tolerate…….. Legislatures in Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma and South Dakota are also considering Ten Commandments legislation. Similar measures may be introduced in Minnesota and North Carolina….."

NY POST 2/15/00 Fredrick Dicker "….. WHEN Father Dennis Brennan, the longtime pastor of St. Margaret of Cortona Roman Catholic Church, goes on his weekly trip to the grocery store, he looks, well, unusual. The 5-foot 8-inch, balding, Irish-born priest wears a dark, full-length dress, an ill-fitting ladies' white wig, and a silver necklace. He also sports a lady's shoulder bag. Obviously, Brennan -- an Albany Diocese priest for 33 years, 16 of which had been spent as pastor of St. Margaret's -- isn't quite what he used to be. In fact, Brennan, 65, is in the process of making history as the first priest in America to undergo a sex-change operation. He's already listed as "Denise J. Brennan" on a newly issued New York State driver's license Parishioners in this tattered old railroad settlement five miles west of Schenectady are not exactly pleased -- nor is the bishop of Albany. That's putting it mildly. ……"

The Chronicle of Higher Education 2/18/00 Katherine Mangan "…. Bernard Dobranski was already dean of a Roman Catholic law school when he got an unexpected job offer early last year: Did he want to start a law school with a truly Catholic mission? Any doubts he may have had about the offer were eased by Thomas S. Monaghan, the Domino's Pizza mogul who was bankrolling the venture to the tune of $50-million……. Touted as a school that will integrate Catholic teachings into every course and turn out lawyers who are guided by faith, as well as by reason, Ave Maria is consciously striving to set itself apart from its Catholic brethren. Not surprisingly, the implication that existing law schools have somehow strayed from the fold has many Catholic educators bristling. "Catholic law schools, and the Jesuit schools in particular, have been offering legal clinics for the poor and addressing Catholic social teachings for years," says Monika K. Hellwig, executive director of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities. "They pride themselves in being extremely Catholic."….."

San Fransisco Chronicle 2/11/00 Don Lattin "….. His morning duties completed, the Rev. John Martin stood in the makeshift sanctuary at St. Anthony's parish, folding his vestments and thinking about the past year. ``We've been lied to, manipulated and deceived,'' said Martin, summing up his congregation's feelings about the scandal-ridden Diocese of Santa Rosa. ``There is zero trust.'' One year ago, the embattled diocese seemed finally to be getting over a series of revelations involving pedophile priests and alleged church coverups. Then the admission of a sexual affair between a Costan Rican priest and Santa Rosa Bishop G. Patrick Ziemann toppled the once-popular prelate. Ziemann's departure led to the resignation of the longtime finance director of the diocese and revelations that millions of dollars in parish funds have disappeared. On top of all that, a fire gutted St. Anthony's picturesque wooden church in November, forcing the Mendocino congregation to celebrate Mass in a cramped parish hall. ``Talk about the gates of hell,'' said Martin. ``It has been quite a year.'' ……Ziemann resigned in July after admitting a ``consensual'' sexual affair with the Rev. Jorge Hume Salas. His resignation came after Salas filed a lawsuit charging that the bishop demanded sexual favors in exchange for keeping quiet about money Salas stole from St. Mary of the Angels parish in Ukiah…….. " 2/15/00 "…..The Vatican and the PLO signed a basic agreement today on their relations and in an apparent swipe at Israel said any unilateral decisions affecting Jerusalem were "morally and legally unacceptable." The wide-ranging agreement was signed by delegations as Pope John Paul, who visits Holy Land sites controlled by Israel and the Palestinians next month, discussed the Middle East with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat at a private audience…….. The agreement, made up of a preamble and 12 articles, came after the Palestinians recently expressed concern about new housing in and around the Holy City's eastern half, which Israel captured in the 1967 Middle East War……. While the agreement's 12 articles dealt with day-to-day affairs in the religious minefield of the Middle East, its preamble packed a potent political punch. Nearly a third of the 37-line preamble was dedicated to Jerusalem. The agreement said "an equitable solution for the issue of Jerusalem, based on international resolutions, is fundamental for a just and lasting peace in the Middle East." More significantly, it added that "unilateral decisions and actions altering the specific character and status of Jerusalem are morally and legally unacceptable." It called for "a special statute for Jerusalem, internationally agreed" to safeguard "the proper identity and sacred character of the city and its universally significant religious and cultural heritage." …… Israel has always resisted the concept of any form of international mandate over Jerusalem, which the Jewish state considers its united and eternal capital. The international community has not recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Most countries keep embassies in Tel Aviv. Palestinians, who view East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state, charge that Israel has long violated peace deals by building new housing in and around the eastern half, in effect claiming areas under construction…….Speaking in Morocco on Monday, Arafat had appealed to Muslim states for funds to save East Jerusalem from what he called "cancerous Judaisation" by Israel……."

World Net Daily 2/15/00 Julie Foster "….In a decision critics say will lead to a split within the Methodist church, the United Methodist Church decided not to bring charges against 67 Sacramento-area ministers for their participation in a ceremony blessing a "holy union" between two female church leaders……. The lead defendant was Rev. Don Fado of St. Mark's United Methodist Church in Sacramento, who performed the January 1999 ceremony uniting church members Ellie Charlton, 64, and Jeanne Barnett, 69. The other ministers were under investigation for attending and blessing the wedding. The ceremony was attended by 1,500 guests and a total of 92 Methodist ministers. Only 68 were named in a formal complaint because the rest were outside the jurisdiction of the California-Northern Nevada Conference…… Weeks after the ceremony, a complaint was filed in the church's judicial system alleging the 69 clergy in attendance, two of which have since died, violated the church's Book of Discipline which prohibits United Methodist clergy from marrying homosexuals. After an unprecedented three-day hearing process in which church pastors and scholars from both sides of the debate argued about homosexuality's place in the United Methodist Church and Christianity at large, church investigators decided the charges were not serious enough to merit a trial under United Methodist law. If the pastors had been convicted of breaking church law, they could have faced punishment as severe as dismissal. ….."

Federalist Brief 2/15/00 David Schippers "….I do not believe this administration is a paradigm of America. I believe that the people are just as honest, just as decent and just as God fearing as they were two hundred years ago. We will not regain our national dignity, however, merely by having a strong economy or by adding more and more material luxuries and then flaunting them." --David Schippers …"

EWTN 2/15/00 "….. The Clinton administration Justice Department last week refused a request by Republican senators to investigate a left-wing group that attacks involvement of religion in public life. Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Keeney said in a letter that the department found no voter intimidation involved in efforts by Americans United for Separation of Church and State to warn churches they were jeopardizing their tax status by participating in Christian Coalition voter registration drives. Last July, six Senate Republicans, including Sens. Jesse Helms of North Carolina, Jeff Sessions of Alabama, and Paul Coverdell of Georgia, asked Attorney General Janet Reno to launch a criminal investigation into whether Americans United had violated citizens' rights to vote by "intimidating people of faith into not participating in the political process." ….."

AP via ExciteNews 2/26/00 Brian Murphy "……Pope John Paul II reached the foot of Mount Sinai today, making a long-desired pilgrimage to the land where God is said to have bestowed the Ten Commandments upon Moses…….Paths worn clean by millions of pilgrims lead from the fortified walls of the monastery toward the heights of Mount Sinai, revered as the peak where Moses received the Ten Commandments. John Paul would go no farther than the monastery. At 79, he is now too old and ailing to attempt even a small segment of the trek. But even the pope's brief stop at this Greek Orthodox outpost is seen as a sign of his unyielding determination to see places so far absent from his globe-trotting itinerary: some of the most important sites in the Bible…….. The pope had hoped to bring together Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders at the site, but the plan didn't materialize. Vatican officials haven't said why. However, Bishop Makarios, an Egyptian Catholic, said the pope is first seeking "to prepare the minds" - implying that the climate wasn't right. ……."

The Daily Herald (Chicago) 2/26/00 Deborah Kadin "…..Sabina Navsariwala doesn't consider herself a crusader. But an opinion piece the Fenton High School senior recently wrote for the student paper has sparked a debate about religion in school that ultimately may change Fenton's annual holiday program. A second piece written by Navsariwala is raising censorship issues because it and letters to the editor about the issue have been withheld from the paper. "The school should not be advancing religion," said Navsariwala, who is Muslim. "We are a school of different cultures and religions. Church and state should be separate. They shouldn't have a concert where they're singing religious songs during school hours." The controversy stems from a Dec. 17 holiday assembly at the public school in Bensenville. Musical numbers in the program held during school hours included, "Away in the Manger," "Infant Holy, Infant Lowly" and "Christmas Festival," a jazzed-up version of carols including "Joy to the World and "Silent Night." Navsariwala, initially unsure how to approach the administration with her concerns, said she decided to write an article for the school newspaper, the Signal……"

Electronic Telegraph 2/27/00 Inigo Gilmore "……A BLACK Catholic archbishop in South Africa has called for animal sacrifice to be incorporated into church services in a liturgical struggle which is dividing the country's congregations on racial lines. The demand is part of an attempt by radical black priests of the African Catholic Priests Solidarity Movement to push forward the so-called "inculturation" of the church in South Africa, to the consternation of some white clergy. In one recent incident at a township church near Pretoria, a video recording was made of a priest blessing chickens and goats during Mass. The animals were then slaughtered and their sacrificial blood poured into a hole dug outside the church. Some parishioners have now transferred to another church. The solidarity movement is calling for the incorporation of black traditions into church services, including ancestor worship conducted by traditional healers. The organisation has also demanded that the South African Conference of Bishops appoint more black members, implicitly accusing the established white Church of racism. ……"

AP 2/25/00 "……Sen. Ernest ``Fritz'' Hollings, D-S.C., called Bob Jones University ``a national embarrassment'' and said he might support a Senate resolution condemning the fundamentalist Christian college for its views on Catholicism and interracial dating. Hollings said Thursday he would consider supporting the resolution, which Sen. Robert G. Torricelli, D-N.J., plans to introduce. Rep. John Conyers Jr., D-Mich., said Friday he would introduce a similar resolution in the House. ``If it's worded properly, I might support it,'' Hollings said. ``I'm embarrassed by the racism, the bigotry, the prejudice.'' ``It's a national embarrassment ..."

Washington Post 2/25/00 Juliet Eilperin "…..For years, Bob Jones University was a routine campaign stop for conservative Republicans visiting South Carolina, as innocent as visiting such local landmarks as the Peach Festival in Gilbert or the Darlington Motor Speedway. But since George W. Bush kicked off his South Carolina campaign there earlier this month, the evangelical university in Greenville has become toxic--and not just for Bush. Democrats have pounced on the episode as their latest political club against GOP candidates, pressing their rivals to denounce the school's ban on interracial dating and its anti-Catholic teachings…….. While much of the rest of the Christian right movement has softened, reaching out to minorities and playing down differences with Catholics, the visits to Bob Jones have revived moderates' worst fears about the GOP as the captive of the far right, according to some political analysts. "It became a nice handy target for belaboring the Christian right broadly, for showing the Christian right at its worst," said James Guth, a professor at Furman University. ……."

New York Times 2/25/00 William Orme Jr. "…..A group of senior rabbis asked Pope John Paul II today to cancel plans for a daytime Saturday Mass in Nazareth during his visit to Israel next month, contending that security arrangements would cause "massive desecration" of the Jewish sabbath. At the same time, far-right religious factions put up wall posters in Jerusalem's Orthodox neighborhoods denouncing the pope as "the wicked one" and condemned planned papal prayer services here as acts of "mass idolatry in the heart of Jerusalem." And in a speech to an international gathering here of Jewish World War II military veterans, a prominent American rabbi deplored what he called the pope's wartime acquiescence to the Nazi persecution of Polish Jews. Israel should receive the pope with "respect" but not "celebration," said Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg, a former chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, in remarks reported widely here today. Rabbi Hertzberg also said the planned Saturday Mass "is a slap in the face of Jewish dignity." ……"

New York Times 2/25/00 William Orme Jr. "…..The Vatican has declared that a major aim of the pope's pilgrimage to the Holy Land is to further the cause of reconciliation between Roman Catholics and their "elder brothers," as Pope John Paul has called the Jews…….But as preparations for the papal visit intensify, there are increasing signs of ambivalence among Jewish religious leaders here -- and growing indications that the pope may be greeted with organized hostility by the Orthodox far right. ……… "Our apprehension about Shabbat desecration arises from the fact that thousands of security men and police will be mobilized for the needs of security for the visit, most of them Jews who will be required to desecrate Shabbat against their will," the document stated. Though organized by the rightist opposition United Torah Judaism Party, the petition was signed by 2,137 rabbis and laymen representing almost every Israeli municipal rabbinical council and a spectrum of religious views……"

Unversity of Houston Daily Cougar Online 1/28/00 Adam Elrod "…..In the beginning, the American Civil Rights movement, led by Rev. King, was a quest for equal opportunity. It was an endeavor that was rooted in deep-seeded Christian values, a fundamental belief in the equality of man, the moral fallacy of injustice, and the premise that each individual, given the freedom to do so, can achieve to his maximum potential. Fast forward to the present state of the civil rights movement in America. Led by people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and Donna Brazile, and trumpeted by the NAACP, the "civil rights movement" is no longer what Dr. King envisioned. Donna Brazile, an African-American woman, civil rights leader, and the head of Vice-President Al Gore's Presidential campaign staff said, referring to their upcoming bout with the Republican Party in the Presidential race, "I will not let the white boys win. That is not a description of gender or race, it's an attitude. A white-boy attitude is 'I must exclude, denigrate and leave behind.' They don't see it or think about it. It's a culture. A sense of utter entitlement." This is not exactly judging "not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character," as Dr. King so eloquently stated. Jesse Jackson, the leader of the "civil rights movement", referred to the Jewish segment of New York City as "hymetown", an obvious attack against Jewish-Americans, and, again, not exactly in the spirit of the words of Dr. King….."

EWTN 2/25/00 "……The United States Senate and House of Representative began considering this week resolutions condemning the ongoing attack on the presence of the Holy See at the UN. The resolutions threaten that a Vatican ouster from the UN would "further damage relations between the United States and the United Nations." The attack on the Vatican's status began a year ago under the leadership of a pro-abortion group called "Catholics for a Free Choice." Nearly 400 organizations, mostly pro-abortion advocates like International Planned Parenthood Federation, have joined the call for UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to "review" the Holy See's status with a view to downgrading them to non-governmental organization status, which would be identical status to that held by the Girl Scouts. Even campaign organizer Frances Kissling does not believe her campaign will be successful. Rather she expects the campaign will "keep the Vatican on its toes" during UN conferences. It is understood her intention is to intimidate the Holy See delegations and its allies in the developing world. The Holy See participates in a coalition of Latin American and Muslim states that has successfully kept abortion from becoming an international human right. The Senate and House resolutions emphasize that the attack on the Holy See comes mostly over the question of abortion. ….."


The Sierra Times 2/24/00 Pastor Greg Dixon "……In the 50th anniversary year of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, Sarah Evens Barker, Chief Judge, United States District Court, Southern District of Indiana, Indianapolis Division, signed an Entry MODIFYING TERMS OF STAY OF EXECUTION OF JUDGMENT PENDING APPEAL, dated February 10, which reverses a previous agreement that she made with the church and has made demands that the church cannot meet which, unless changed, will result in the selling of the church property some time after April 10, 2000. On November 10, 1999, Judge Barker signed a summary judgment order including foreclosure and sale of the property of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple. The judgment included penalties, interest, and other additions now totals approximately $6 million. The Judgment is for alleged uncollected and unpaid 941 taxes on those who minister at the church from 1987 to '93. Judge Barker had accepted the Baptist Temple's position that the property should not be vacated pending appeal. She agreed that if the property should be sold, the church would suffer irreparable harm even if it prevailed on appeal. She further agreed that the parents of the children in the church education ministry would also be harmed because they would not be able to find suitable schools for their children after the semester had been in progress for several weeks. However, she has now changed her order in apparent pressure from the Clinton/Reno Justice Department and has agreed with Federal Prosecutor Douglas Snoyenbos that new demands should be made on the church. These include the filing of monthly detailed financial reports with the court and the paying of 941 taxes on current ministries of the church into an interest bearing escrow account to be administered by the court......."

WorldNetDaily 2/23/00 Jon Dougherty "…..But don't ever imagine you can challenge their right to say and think what they wish. They're on the side of "righteousness," don't you know -- as defined, of course, by all the leftists. At one point in our country's history, we used to use that line of reasoning to control slaves and other "enemies" of "conventional wisdom." At one point, Hitler used it to control his political opposition. …… For example consider the ridiculous nature of anti-tobacco advertising. It's "against the law" to advertise cigarettes in most venues today, but the same people who have championed this ban don't mind seeing Budweiser lizards or Jack Daniels plastered all over the same venues. ...All guns are bad -- taboo -- Americans are constantly told. Even a large banking conglomerate like Citibank refuses to do business with people who do business in weaponry. But it's OK to do business with other businesses that hype sex and violence -- as if neither of those two vices actually hurt people. ……If you're a Christian and you talk publicly about your faith, you're either branded as some sort of extremist or you're disregarded as unrealistic. Witness the numerous sportscasters who were uncomfortable talking to St. Louis Rams' winning quarterback Kurt Warner who unabashedly credits his skill and performance to the Almighty. …….If you're white -- and specifically a white guy -- then you're inherently racist. But if your skin is any other color in this country, you're somehow immune from being a racist, even though you may espouse anti-white rhetoric and blame "whites" for everything that has gone wrong in your life. Anything "liberal" or associated with the Democratic National Committee is good. Anything "conservative" or associated with the Republican Party, the Libertarian Party or anything right of left is worse than bad -- it's dangerous…….Only kids who are educated in public schools learn the "right" things, while kids schooled at home or in parochial/private settings are considered freakish and disadvantaged. And the list goes on. …."

Jewish World Review 2/24/00 Michelle Malkin "….. WHERE HAVE ALL the churches gone? From Oregon to Florida, houses of worship are getting zoned out of their neighborhoods by government regulators who put high-priced sod above G-d. The Sunnyside Centenary United Methodist Church in southeast Portland, Ore., is exactly the kind of place that presidential candidates in both parties have in mind when they call for more "faith-based alternatives" to tax-financed social services. Since the turn of the last century, the gable-roofed church has nourished the souls of rich and poor alike. The church not only provides worship and Bible study services, but also runs a child care center, night and day shelters, and a twice-weekly meals program for low-income families and the homeless. ….."

The Washington Blade Online (Gay Magazine) 2/18/00 Rhonda Smith "…..A decision last Friday by United Methodist Church officials in California to take no punitive action against 68 ministers who gave their blessings to a same-sex marriage ceremony in early 1999 has triggered a backlash from those opposed to homosexuality. "We believe the witness and ministry of our church is being undermined by increasing disobedience to church doctrine and standards, neglect of due process, and unfair administration on the part of some bishops and district superintendents," wrote organizers of the Coalition for United Methodist Accountability. The coalition includes representatives from three evangelical Christian groups in the denomination: Good News in Wilmore, Ky., the Confessing Movement in Indianapolis, Ind., and the Institute on Religion and Democracy in Washington, D.C. . ……. The Reconciling Congregation Program is a national grassroots group of Methodist churches that publicly welcome all people, including Gays and their families. Alexander said it currently represents 164 reconciling congregations and 15,000 individual Methodists who identify as reconciling. This debate over homosexuality is expected to be one of the prevailing issues when United Methodist Church leaders from across the country gather May 2-12 in Cleveland for the 8.5 million-member denomination's General Conference. …." 2/23/00 Rod Dreher "….. THE cutthroat GOP race has become a religious war, and the future of the Republican Party is in the crucible……. Someone the McCain campaign claims not to know conducted a mass automated phoning to Michigan voters in the past couple of days. The self-identified "Catholic Voter Alert" call reminded voters that Bush remained silent in the face of BJU's anti-Catholic bigotry. The Bush camp was, naturally, outraged by this. Bush fumed that McCain's people are calling him an "anti-Catholic bigot," which isn't what the phone message said. The recorded voice truthfully pointed out that Bush, desperate for the Religious Right's support in South Carolina, couldn't find it within himself to criticize ugly fundamentalist views on Catholicism. The implication is not that Bush is anti-Catholic -- which he surely is not -- but that he is too compromised by his dependence on the Religious Right to take a stand against anti-Catholic slurs. The Religious Right hit the Michigan phone lines hard, too. Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson recorded an automated message intending to rile Religious Right voters against McCain. ..."

Laissez Faire City Times 2/21/00 Tibor R Machan "……The Baptists believe that Jews ought to convert to Christianity. They think both the New and Old Testaments implore Jews to become Christians, and they are now gearing up to proselytize vigorously to reach Jews to this end. Jewish leaders find this offensive. They believe the Baptists are actually misleading people into thinking that one can be a Christian and a Jew, at once. They have written to the Baptist leaders saying this. They have, in effect, charged the Baptists with false advertising or fraudulent preaching. Now this is not a new issue. The particulars involving Baptists and Jews occurred once before, back in 1996……"

New York Times 2/19/00 Peter Steinfels "….. Is the nation drifts into Presidents' Day, there is a strong suspicion that neither of the men whom it celebrates could get elected today. One formidable obstacle would be their religious beliefs -- or lack thereof. Neither George Washington nor Abraham Lincoln was a believing Christian, let alone a born-again one. Scratch the religious conservatives. Then again, both men thought government should deliberately inculcate virtue, befriend religion and submit to an inalterable morality inscribed in the very nature of things. Scratch the secular liberals…….."

"The morality of the country is deeply ingrafted upon Christianity, and not upon the doctrines or worship of other religions. In people whose manners are refined, and whose morals have been elevated and inspired with a more enlarged benevolence, it is by means of the Christian religion." United States Supreme Court, 1811

"Why may not the Bible, and especially the New Testament be read and taught as a divine revelation in the school? Where can the purest principles of morality be learned so clearly or so perfectly as from the New Testament?" United States Supreme Court, 1844

"The happiness of a people and the good order and preservation of civil government essentially depend upon piety, religion and morality." United States Supreme Court, 1892

"Religion, morality, and knowledge are necessary to good government, the preservation of liberty, and the happiness of mankind ." United States Supreme Court, 1892.

"The morality of the country is deeply ingrafted upon Christianity, and not upon doctrines or worship of other religions." United States Supreme Court, 1892

"It yet remains a problem to be solved in human affairs whether any free government can be permanent where the public worship of God, and the support of religion, constitute no part of the policy or duty of the state in any assignable shape." Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story

"Religion must be considered as the foundation on which the whole structure rests. In this age there can be no substitute for Christianity; the great conservative element on which we must rely for the purity and permanence of free institutions. "House Judiciary Committee, 1854

"The great vital and conservative element in our system is the belief of our people in the pure doctrines and divine truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ." House Judiciary Committee, 1854 Freeper knowquest 2/18/00 "….This statement appears in Adams's letter to Thomas Jefferson on April 19, 1817, in which Adams recounted a conversation between Joseph Cleverly and Lemuel Bryant; a schoolmaster and a minister he had known. Disgusted by the petty religious bickering displayed by those two, Adams declared to Jefferson: Twenty times in the course of my late reading have I been on the point of breaking out, "This would be the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religion in it!!! But in this exclamation I would have been as fanatical as Bryant or Cleverly. Without religion this world would be something not ft to be mentioned in polite company, I mean hell." In reality, revisionists like Steven Morris (and especially those from the Society of Separationists or the American Atheist Society) deliberately reverse Adams's position. Not only did Adams declare that it would be "fanatical" to desire a world without religion (and that such a world would be "hell"), but on May 5, 1817, Jefferson wrote back to Adams and said that he agreed! What makes revisionism so effective is that few citizens actually take time to confrm revisionists' claims or to proclaim to the public the real facts……"


Associated Press 2/19/00 "….PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Officials in Jacksonville say Presbyterians in the old gold-mining town can build a new church, they just can't use it for weddings or funerals. The City Council in the southwestern Oregon city says this is a zoning matter, not a spiritual one. Pastor Larry Jung disagrees. He says the says the city government is interfering in religion. "Weddings and funerals are central to what we do," Jung said. Jung's congregation has been meeting in a building that seats 125. Membership has swelled, however, and there are plans to build a 400-seat sanctuary and an education building on a 10-acre site. The City Council granted a permit for the new church on the conditions there be no alcohol, no funerals and no weddings. The conditions were imposed to keep increased traffic in the neighborhood at a minimum. ….."

The Associated Press 2/19/00 "……One senator's argument that non-Christian religions should be excluded from history lessons about colonial America has sparked outcry among fellow lawmakers. ``When the boat came to these great shores, it did not have an atheist, a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian and a Jew,'' Republican Sen. Albert Robinson told his colleagues this week. ``Ninety-eight-plus percent of these people were Christians.'' The Republican senator pushed a resolution Tuesday to have the Kentucky Board of Education stop ``suppression and censorship of American history'' as it relates to ``Christianity's influence.'' The Senate changed the resolution to say ``Judeo-Christianity.'' Robinson objected, but few stood with him. ……." 2/15/00 Dick Boland "….It's been a busy week for those separation of church and state folks. A Wisconsin judge has ruled that a statue of Jesus, while on private land, may be mistakenly believed to be on public land. Therefore, something must be done to insure people are made aware that the city has nothing to do with Jesus. The statue is on land within a city park, and a group of private citizens paid $21,726 to buy the land under the statue after an atheist group sued the city. Imagine being mugged in front of a statue of Jesus. The judge, rather than coming out four square against Jesus, suggested that a fence or wall be erected with a disclaimer making it clear there was no support for Jesus by the city. I suppose the judge was keeping the door open looking toward the time he might meet up with the figure the statue represents.. ……Some miles away in the state of Massachusetts, a corrections official was confiscating a rosary from a prisoner. The black and white string of beads could signify gang affiliation, said Department of Correction officials……"

WorldNetDaily 2/17/00 Craige McMillian "…..Because we are thoroughly modern people, we have many reasons why God can't exist. Evolutionists have their interminable army of monkeys, typing away in the bell jar devoid of time, generating the next edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Astronomers have their echoes of the big bang. Moralists have history on their side: the evil that people have done to one another in God's name for millennia. Educators have their doctrine of separation of church and state. The world's great thinkers have their philosophy, and the uneducated have their ignorance. One wonders if -- like people of faith -- those of unfaith, too, are comforted by their beliefs? Is the evolutionist happy, or proud that he has developed such a complex and personally unassailable defense against God? Is there comfort in knowing that the monkeys will eventually type a coherent sentence, given their eternal efforts? Does the physicist marvel at the beauty of those calculations leading up to the instant before time that set off the big bang? Do moralists feel superior for never having taken sides? Do educators consider Columbine their crowning glory: evidence that children can be educated in an atmosphere devoid of moral guidance? Do philosophers sleep more soundly, knowing that God is dead? But for most of us, these magnificent crutches -- developed at such cost by our society -- are of little or no use to us in our individual encounters with God. We know, of course, that He can't really exist; everyone we believe and trust tells us so: the media, our schools, our government, even our friends. Yet He often makes His appearances when we are least prepared to use these finer arguments against His existence. He picks the times when we are alone; when the big game is over, the party music has faded. After last call at the neighborhood bar. On the long drive home. Sometimes, simply when we have suffered great loss; or experienced moments of exquisite joy. Yes, when we slip away from the heelbeat of the secular world's army of skeptics, indulge our souls a moment's silence from the numbing sameness of television, forget about our job, our friends; that is when God often shows up.

WorldNetDaily 2/17/00 Craige McMillian "…..And so -- despite our investment in education and science -- the cost we pay to maintain our army of skeptics and thought police -- we frequently find ourselves alone and defenseless when God finally comes to visit. "If only," we think, "I had paid more attention in biology, or physics, or read a few more of the world's great books, surely I would dismiss Him?" But in the end, most of us are reduced to Scrooge's defense against the ghost of his deceased business partner, Jacob Morley, in Dickens' Christmas Carol: "You may be an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of an under-done potato." And in our weakness and unbelief, God speaks to us. Perhaps He has a task to be done, a friend who needs our company, a child who without our gift will have no Christmas or birthday present………Like Scrooge, we know what we see or feel; yet we struggle to find room for the Pre-existent One, who transcends time and space, to exist in our busy little lives. Too much is at stake: Our money. Our time. Our plans. We have, after all, only one life. We came from nothing. We are headed nowhere. What does it matter what we do while we are here? When we die, it's over. That, in a nutshell, is our modern secular faith. Yet still pervading it, moving about within it -- is God, gently nudging us, like an insistent friend. "Come away with me. Let's have some fun today. Let me show you the sunset I just made. ..."

WorldNetDaily 2/17/00 Craige McMillian "…..While if pressed today's church will concede God's existence, they are not overly concerned with His escape from the bureaucratic straightjacket they've fitted Him with -- at least not until the current generation of caretakers retires. Still, God does manage to make an occasional appearance in churches here and there, but by and large many churches and religions do offer at least a modicum of protection from God, with the benefit that they are accessible to the average man or woman…..Which is all well and good for many of us, who are content to live lives we can see, watching the sand slip through the hourglass, while working to pay for the latest gadgets advertisers tell us we need. We reply, "Fine! Great!" to the question, "How you doing?" hoping against hope that the next big trendline breakthrough in the Dow Industrials will expand to fill the emptiness we feel inside at night……"

Freedom Forum Org 2/14/00 "…..The mere hint of a threat to their religious freedom united 1,120 people of different faiths at an assembly yesterday to protest a low-level city official's decision to limit attendance at a Methodist church. Despite indications that the city is backing down from its ruling, protesters voiced concern for their constitutional rights through speeches, prayer and song at the First United Methodist Church. On Jan. 17, land-use hearing officer Elizabeth Normand told Sunnyside Centenary United Methodist Church it could not have more than 70 people at its services and revoked the conditional land-use permit for two weekly meals served by the church. She meant to alleviate neighborhood complaints that people leaving the meals program sometimes created a nuisance. Instead, Normand inadvertently stirred up controversy over First Amendment rights that prevent government from interfering with organized religion. Moreover, she awakened a diverse religious community unaware of its power and unity until it was challenged. "That hearing officer has given us a gift," the Rev. Steve Sprecher, superintendent of the Oregon-Idaho United Methodist Conference, told the packed church Sunday. "When was the last time people of all faiths united here around the right of a local church to reach out and touch people in need? "That is something to give thanks for and celebrate." ….."

Washington Post 2/16/00 Hanna Rosin "….Four years ago, Westminster Presbyterian was a Republican candidate's dream. The congregation of 1,400 people was stocked with upper-middle-class, unabashed conservatives, and every Sunday they walked into a building plastered with Christian Coalition voter guides, pamphlets from presidential and local candidates, and banners reminding them to vote on election night. This year, just a few days before the heated state primary this Saturday, there are no signs, no pamphlets, no campaign banners, just blank walls. The church's Community Impact Committee, charged with informing the congregation about social and political issues, went from meeting monthly to once every five or six months. At the most recent meeting, the primary was the last item on the agenda, discussed for about five seconds, just to remind everyone in the room of the date….."

New York Observer 2/21/00 "…..Thou shalt not steal. You got a problem with that? The campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton apparently does. That is, the First Lady and her allies think it's just awful that anybody would wish to see the Ten Commandments posted in public schools. (A review of the proscribed activities handed down to Moses would suggest a reason for the Clinton campaign's discomfort. We leave the specific citations to your imagination.) Because Mayor Rudolph Giuliani supports the idea, the First Lady and her toadies claim, with characteristic shrillness, that the Mayor is mixing religion and politics. What nonsense. Religious people of many faiths may, in fact, wish to see a copy of the commandments placed on a classroom wall, but that hardly means that the issue is one of church and state. Jewish New Yorkers share with their Christian neighbors a belief that the Old Testament laws are the foundation not of a particular religious denomination, but of a moral and ethical society. Even atheists could not object to the idea of teaching children that they shouldn't kill people, cheat on their spouses or take what doesn't belong to them. If, in fact, these ideas are not being taught in the public schools, we have a bigger education problem than we thought……"


The LA Times 2/27/00 J R Moehringer "…..Their cheeks red as ripe apples, their eyes agleam with the rightness of their cause, students at Bob Jones University march smartly from class to class, secure in the belief that their school is a sanctuary in a world of fleshpots, money-changers and runaway sin. They are surprised, therefore, by the growing condemnations of Gov. George W. Bush's visit here Feb. 2, a visit that's becoming a delicate issue in the 2000 presidential race, due mainly to the school's long-standing ban on interracial dating. ….. Really, the uproar is more than surprising, said a Bob Jones senior who not only wouldn't give her name but warned a reporter not to come any closer than 15 feet: "It's ridiculous," she shouted, before scurrying away. …."

AP 2/25/00 George W Bush "…..To His Eminence John Cardinal O'Connor: Your Eminence: …… A few weeks ago I visited Bob Jones University in South Carolina to address its students and outline the reasons I am seeking the presidency. Some have taken - and mistaken - this visit as a sign that I approve of the anti-Catholic and racially divisive views associated with that school. As you know from a long friendship with my family - and our own meeting last year - this criticism is unfair and unfounded. Such opinions are personally offensive to me, and I want to erase any doubts about my views and values……. As a public official, I take seriously my duty to encourage tolerance and respect for the religious views of others. As a Christian, I see Catholics as my brothers and sisters in Christ - sharing the same ancient creed and core beliefs. And, as you know, my own brother and sister-in-law are both Catholics. ….. Criticism should be expected in any political campaign. What no American should expect - and what I will not tolerate - is guilt by association. I reject racial segregation - in our laws, in our hearts and our lives. And I reject religious intolerance - because faith is defined by grace and hope, not fear and division. ….."

Jerusalem Post 2/27/00 Marilyn Henry "…..Longtime rival American Moslem organizations, meeting yesterday and today at a convention led by Minister Louis Farrakhan - who is known for extremism and antisemitism - are expected to make an appeal that could unify millions of Moslems in the US. At the 2nd International Islamic Conference, sponsored by Farrakhan's Nation of Islam, Farrakhan is seeking an alliance with Imam W. Deen Mohammed, the leader of the Muslim American Society, and Sayyid Syeed, secretary-general of the Islamic Society of North America. "We expect a different Farrakhan," Mohammed told the Associated Press. The result could either moderate Farrakhan, a fiery preacher who espouses a hybrid faith of Christianity and Islam, or infect the traditional Moslem groups. Mohammed has opposed the extremist and antisemitic rhetoric of Farrakhan, who called Judaism a "gutter religion" during an attack on Israel. "That nation called Israel never has had any peace in 40 years and she will never have any peace, because there can be no peace structured on injustice, thievery, lying and deceit, and using the name of God to shield your gutter religion under His holy and righteous name," he said in 1984 radio broadcast in Chicago. At the same time, Farrakhan praised Hitler as "wickedly great." ….."

THE FEDERALIST DIGEST 2/25/00 "….."True tolerance is not a total lack of judgment. It's knowing what should be tolerated -- and refusing to tolerate that which shouldn't." --Charles Colson The shifting paradigm of sexual morality is a source of much controversy. Homosexuals, though less than 3% of the population (USCDC), are at the center of this controversy. The conflict is posed as a contest between the civil rights of consenting adults and the Judeo-Christian foundation of the American family and society. The issue has even necessitated congressional legislation defining "marriage." Religious denominations are also debating the "normalization" of homosexual practices, same-sex marriage and the ordination of practicing homosexuals. To discuss this issue meaningfully, it is necessary to dispel a false dichotomy, which has infiltrated our dialogue. Homosexual advocacy groups often rebut dissenters by claiming they are pharisaical, intolerant and "homophobic." But disagreement with homosexual advocacy has no correlation with one's capacity to love or have compassion for others. Nor is dissent related to judgment, which is God's alone. Rather, it is about discernment between right and wrong, and obedience to objective truth rather than the cult of subjective relativism popularly justified under the contemporary aegis of "tolerance" and "diversity." ......"

L A Times 2/28/00 David Coolidge "…. Californians are playing out a drama whose outcome will be applauded and reviled from coast to coast. By the end of the day March 7, Proposition 22--which states that "only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California"--will be either law or history. If it wins, some people will claim this is the beginning of the end for gay rights. If it loses, other people will claim this is the beginning of the end for marriage. Could both sides be wrong? Proposition 22 is actually quite modest. It will not repeal any gay rights laws in California. All it does is allow voters to reaffirm the definition of marriage as the union of a man and a woman and try to prevent the meaning of marriage from being decided by the courts. ….."

McCain Campaign Co-Chairman Resigns 2/28/00 AP Jennifer Holland "….. The co-chairman of Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign in South Carolina has resigned, saying he wants no part of the attacks over Bob Jones University. "They're growing into a national media vendetta that I cannot associate my name to," state House Speaker Pro Tem Terry Haskins, a Bob Jones alumnus, said Monday. McCain has criticized Bush's Feb. 2 speech at the Christian school and has tried to portray the Texas governor as a captive of religious conservatives and as anti-Catholic for appearing there. The school's leaders have criticized the Pope and have called the Catholic church a "Satanic cult." Bush apologized for the visit in a letter to Catholic leaders on Friday. Haskins said the attacks were vicious and unjustified. "People at Bob Jones are not racist and they don't hate Catholics," he said. "No doubt Bob Jones University holds religious beliefs that are outside the mainstream and unpopular. But the public lynching of this college has created an environment which threatens the freedom for any individual or group in America to hold unpopular religious beliefs." ….."

New York Times 2/28/00 David Barstow "…..Taking his presidential campaign to a stronghold of Christian conservatism, Senator John McCain of Arizona delivered a harsh attack today on the "self-appointed leaders" of the religious right, depicting them as egotistical and intolerant empire builders who "have turned good causes into businesses" while attempting to exclude all but "card-carrying Republicans" from the party. Mr. McCain singled out for criticism two of the Christian right's best-known leaders, Pat Robertson, the founder of the Christian Coalition, and the Rev. Jerry Falwell, founder of the Moral Majority. He compared Mr. Robertson to "union bosses who have subordinated the interests of working families to their own ambitions," and he accused both men of attempting to distort his anti-abortion position and "smear the reputations of my supporters." ……… "Neither party," he added, "should be defined by pandering to the outer reaches of American politics and the agents of intolerance, whether they be Louis Farrakhan or Al Sharpton on the left, or Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell on the right." ……."

EWTN Website 2/25/00 "….. ( - Cardinal Adam Maida of Detroit on Tuesday said he was dismayed to find the Catholic faith being used in the Republican presidential primary to attack some candidates and endorse others. "The bishops of the United States are clear on this," Cardinal Maida said. "The challenge for our Church is to be principled without being ideological, to be political without being partisan, to be civil without being soft, to be involved without being used," he said. "It's regrettable when people go over the line." …….. Archdiocesan communications director Ned McGrath said that none of these efforts, including the Catholic Voters Alert, are affiliated with, or endorsed by, the Archdiocese of Detroit. "The reality is the word 'Catholic' isn't copyrighted. It can be used and misused," he said….."

Islamic Views 2/28/00 Ali Asadullah "…… To attend a Louis Farrakhan event, I am told, is to experience one of the most powerful religious speakers of our time. Even to listen to the man or watch him via the Internet, is an experience that is hard to forget. Combining the skill of a classical revivalist preacher and the thrust of the message of nationalism and Islam, Farrakhan, like few other men, can fully captivate an audience for hours on end.. ……..To place so much importance on Farrakhan might make many Muslims uncomfortable. After all, he is yet to openly renounce the various elements of practice and belief of the Nation of Islam that separate him and his movement from mainstream Islam. Additionally, there is the problematic issue of accusations that he was indirectly involved in the assassination of Malcolm X. In recent years however, Farrakhan has gone about the laborious task of remaking himself. Gone is the inflammatory rhetoric disparaging Jews and Whites. Absent is talk of spaceship theories and other controversial Nation of Islam concepts. Replacing these, is discussion of mainstream Islam and conversations between Farrakhan and mainstream Muslim leaders and thinkers. He comes off as someone moving in a direction consistent with an eventual closing of the circle that would fully integrate the Nation of Islam with the with the larger Muslim Ummah. ….."

EWTN 2/28/00 "…..According to a New York Times Report, schools across the country are looking for loopholes in the law in order to permit posting the Ten Commandments. In the wake of the Denver shootings, administrators are desperate to try to give the students some sort of moral foundation. There are no studies saying that youth who read the Ten Commandments are less likely to have problems or carry out acts of violence. But lawmakers feel that it certainly couldn't hurt. The Decalogue was chosen for this effort because it represents the common moral principles of all people in a well-recognized form. However, the U.S. Supreme Court outlawed such postings some twenty years ago. As a result, lawmakers in several states are proposing a display of "historical" documents, like the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, and the Ten Commandments. Such measures are pending in Illinois, South Dakota, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, and Oklahoma. ….."

CBN.ORG 2/28/00 Paul Strand "…….John McCain appears in Virginia Beach today to blast Pat Robertson's role in the campaign so far. He'll suggest Robertson and other Christian conservatives are no better than union bosses seeking to preserve their political power at all costs. Meanwhile, a top McCain aide was quoted in the Wall Street Journal saying the McCain campaign is successfully using the media to put a negative spin on George W. Bush's ties to Christian conservatives. In doing so, the aide, Mike Murphy, compared such Christians to the Mafia. He said, "We had to give Mr. Bush some of that Falwell baggage. You join the Lucchese crime family and you join for life." ….."

ACLJ NEWS RELEASE 2/24/00"….. The American Center for Law and Justice - an international public interest law firm - today filed suit in U.S. District Court in Newnan, Georgia against the Pine Mountain Regional Library System after administrators refused to permit the display and distribution of the bible in a public library. "The action taken by this library system violates the constitution and sends the wrong signal to the community -- that the bible is a banned book," said Stuart J. Roth, Southeast Regional Counsel of the ACLJ whose office is in Mobile, Alabama. "The law is very clear about this issue: if a library permits the display and distribution of other materials, it cannot legally exclude the bible because the material is religious in nature." The ACLJ filed suit on behalf of James Flournoy of Luthersville, Georgia who repeatedly sought permission to display and distribute small, paperback New King James New Testament bibles in the designated free literature area at the Manchester Public Library in Manchester, Georgia. According to the complaint, library officials have permitted a broad variety of materials to be distributed in the free literature area including newspapers like The South Georgia Business Journal and religious publications like National Jewish Voice and The Testimony of Truth……"

Art bell Show 2/28/00 Stan Tenen Freeper sigi "…..Guest Host Rolleye James is the guest host tonight. On right now. She is interviewing mathematician and Jewish scholar Stan Tenen. They will be discussing Tenen's discovery of mathematical proofs for the existence of God -- hidden in the ancient Jewish language in the text of Genesis. The Meru Project is based on 25 years of research by Stan Tenen into the origin and nature of the Hebrew alphabet, and the mathematical structure underlying the sequence of letters of the Hebrew text of Genesis. The Project is sponsored by the Meru Foundation, registered California 501(c)(3) private nonprofit research and educational corporation founded in 1983. From the Introductory Text:

"The Meru Project has discovered an extraordinary and unexpected geometric metaphor in the letter-sequence of the Hebrew text of Genesis that underlies and is held in common by the spiritual traditions of the ancient world. This metaphor models embryonic growth and self-organization. It applies to all whole systems, including those as seemingly diverse as meditational practices and the mathematics fundamental to physics and cosmology...Meru Project findings demonstrate that the relationship between physical theory and consciousness, expressed in explicit geometric metaphor, was understood and developed several thousand years ago." …."

AP Political Writer 2/25/00 David Espo "…..From a controversy over Bob Jones University to a spat over the new House chaplain, Republicans are struggling with race and religion at a time they had hoped to expand their appeal in campaigns for the White House and Congress. President Clinton and congressional Democrats have labored to stoke the flames at every turn, using a long-delayed Senate confirmation vote over a Hispanic judge to raise doubts about GOP sympathies for minorities, for example. But Republicans, too, express concern about the impression their party is leaving among key constituencies, including Catholics who might be upset over George W. Bush's visit to Bob Jones, a controversial Christian college in South Carolina. ….."

NewsMax 3/11/00 Robert Novak "……Key advisers to Al Gore are pressing for a campaign that would stress the danger of Christian extremists and too much religiosity generally in the White House if George W. Bush were elected president. The vice president's strategists months ago outlined a three-pronged assault against Gov. Bush, attacking him on abortion, gun control and the environment. But Gore insiders question the effectiveness of the environmental approach. Instead, they talk about hitting Bush's support from Christian Coalition president Pat Robertson and the governor's self-identification as a born-again Christian……."

World Magazine 3/10/00 Dr Gene Veith "……Today, reporters still don't get it. They're all over Southern Baptists for their evangelism programs directed at Jews. And Bob Jones University is vilified for its founder's criticism of Roman Catholicism. Pronouncements of its former president, who died three years ago and had not been president for 29 years, are trotted out, then associated with a candidate who gave a speech on the campus. To say this signals agreement with that former college president is sheer guilt by association. (When Bill Bradley, a former senator from New Jersey, makes a speech at Princeton, does that mean he agrees with Jonathan Edwards?) The implication of all of the indignation over such "religious intolerance" is that a Baptist who wants to bring a Jew or a Catholic into his church is somehow an example of hatred. But if conservative Protestants try to convert Catholics, it is also true that conservative Catholics try to convert Protestants, as is evident every night on EWTN, Mother Angelica's television network. America is the most religiously diverse nation in the world, with all of the denominations and sects disagreeing with one another, doubting each other's salvation, and trying to convert each other. And yet, we all get along with each other amazingly well. This is what it means to be religiously diverse, a quality that liberals claim to prize but that they really want to eliminate in favor of a single, monolithic ideology called relativism. Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell are the dangerous ayatollahs of the Christian right, according to the conventional wisdom, cut from the same cloth. But a huge theological chasm separates Mr. Robertson's charismatic theology and Mr. Falwell's Baptist theology. Journalists would really get confused if they read the strong theological polemics each side writes about the other. ….." 3/10/00 Carl Limbacher "……A Cardinal the Times of London says is the leading contender to succeed John Paul II as Pope claims that the Anti-Christ is a man who lives on the earth today. Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, Archbishop of Bologna, said the Anti-Christ will fool many people because he will be viewed as a humanitarian with a "fascinating personality" who espouses vegetarianism, pacifism, human rights, and environmentalism. Biffi made his comments during a lecture he gave discussing the writings of Vladimir Solovyov (1853-1900), a famous Russian theologian and mystic. Biffi said that Solovyov had said the Anti-Christ would appear after the 20th Century, which would be marked by horrific wars and the demise of sovereign nations. Consistent with Solovyov's view, Biffi said the Anti-Christ would espouse a world-religion and ecumenism, replacing traditional religion with New Age spirituality. ….."

First Things 2/00 Richard John Neuhaus "…..Dewey's thoroughly secular "common faith"-which he did not hesitate to call a secular religion-could accommodate Christianity, on the condition that the latter drop the claims to truth and authority that identify it with the historical phenomenon known as Christianity. Neither was this attitude new with Dewey. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Social Gospel Movement led by Walter Rauschenbusch was warmly welcomed by secularists as a junior partner in the great cause of Progress. It was, to paraphrase Immanuel Kant, a matter of religion within the limits of liberalism. At mid-century, Reinhold Niebuhr provided a religious rationale that was supportive of political causes in a way that made it possible for many people to join the club that historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. dubbed "Atheists for Niebuhr ……… As awkward as it undoubtedly is for Christians and everyone else, America is, in ways both important and undeniable, a Christian nation. Of course it is frequently pointed out that "nation" has a peculiar meaning in America. It is a nation that includes what might be called sub-nations; it is a culture of subcultures; or, as editorialists like to put it, a community of communities……"

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 3/7/00 Jingle Davis "…..The Georgia Supreme Court overturned a death sentence Monday in a Clayton County murder case because an assistant district attorney urged trial jurors to follow biblical mandates. The justices affirmed the conviction of Anthony Carruthers for the 1995 murder of Jeanette Williams, but said a new jury should decide whether he lives or dies. Carruthers was convicted in March 1998 of attacking Williams during a visit to her home on Dec. 12, 1995. Evidence showed he choked her, cut her throat and almost severed her head, and stabbed her repeatedly……"

EWTN Website 3/7/00 "…..The Michigan chapter of the American Family Association said on Friday it had filed a complaint with Ferndale police alleging a violation of a hate-crimes law by a city councilor. The group said Councilman Craig Covey, a self-proclaimed homosexual, used hate speech to demonize Christian citizens and threatened to "drive another dagger into that vampire." Covey's comments were published in two recent issues of a Michigan newspaper for homosexuals, Between the Lines. The newspaper quoted him as saying: "This vote shows that the Christian Right is down but not out yet. We might have to drive another dagger into that vampire." ….."

AP 3/9/00 Timothy Williams "….An upcoming exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art all but calls Mayor Rudolph Giuliani a Nazi, with quotations from the mayor written in Gothic typeface and audio speakers playing a recording of marching soldiers. The piece, scheduled to be featured prominently in a Whitney exhibition of new American art, was prompted by Giuliani's decision to cut off funding to the Brooklyn Museum of Art for its display of a painting of the Virgin Mary plastered with elephant dung. ..."

The New York Times 3/9/00 Julian Barnes "……Two billboards on Staten Island that angered civic and gay leaders by using a Biblical verse to condemn homosexuality were covered up yesterday, just as the identity of the man responsible for the messages was revealed. The man, the Rev. Kristopher Okwedy of Keyword Ministries in Staten Island, said he had paid $1,800 to post the two signs for one month. The signs, in the St. George and Port Richmond neighborhoods, cited four translations of Leviticus 18:22. One read, "Thou shall not lie with mankind as with womankind: it is abomination." The messages disappeared a day after they were denounced by the Staten Island borough president, Guy V. Molinari, and local gay leaders. Yesterday, the signs were covered with images of McGruff the Crime Dog and Smokey Bear. ……. "This is the land of the free, home of the brave," he said. "You are supposed to protect the rights of free speech. I paid money and did not violate any city laws." ……"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/10/00 Larry Witham "…..The nation's Protestant evangelical leaders, once seen as seeking only to save souls, by a majority also want to save institutions such as schools, government and entertainment, according to a survey released Thursday. "I suspect that marks a fairly significant change from the past," said political scientist John Green of the University of Akron, who conducted the poll. In his talk to a Capitol Hill assembly of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), Mr. Green said the 22-question survey might shatter other stereotypes of evangelicals. For example, he said, it found that evangelical leaders mostly welcome immigrants and back a federal role in easing poverty…….."

The Record 3/8/00 Charles Austin "……Nobody favors sin. But nobody agrees precisely on what it is. So as Christians begin the season of Lent today with Ash Wednesday and are called upon to repent, they might also wonder exactly what they should be sorry for. The basic "checklist" of sins -- the Ten Commandments -- still stands for most people, who generally agree that it's wrong to cheat, steal, lie, or murder. But although many conservative Christians include on their list of sins such things as premarital sex, abortion, homosexuality, and divorce, a growing number of Christians disagree with those views. In fact, recent Gallup research shows that 58 percent of American Catholics believe the church should relax its position on the sinfulness of abortion and 47 percent believe that homosexuals can be good Catholics. The Barna research organization of Ventura, Calif., reported this year that about one-fifth of the adult population believes "the whole idea of sin is outdated." ……… "It is a sign of the times that people want to feel good about themselves and not face their sins," said Roman Catholic Archbishop Theodore E. McCarrick of Newark, adding that the ethical revolution of the 1960s changed the concept of what is right and wrong for many people……"

The American Spectator 3/9/00 Jackie Mason Raoul Felder "……When Frank Sinatra crooned: I make a date for golf, You can bet your life it rains. I try to give a party, And the guy upstairs complains. I guess I'll go through life, Just catchin' colds and missin' trains, Everything happens to me. he could have been singing about Rev. Jerry Falwell. Falwell has been derided for allegedly calling Jews "The Anti-Christs," been called "evil" by a man running for the Presidency, and has been lumped together with Al Sharpton and Lewis Farrakhan, two men with whom you would not want to share the same planet, let alone the same sentence. The way things are going for him, if a piece of bad pastrami showed up on a table at the Carnegie delicatessen, somebody would blame Rev. Falwell. ………..The irony is that we have a President who committed perjury, suborned perjury, filed false affidavits, induced other people to lie, committed adultery, misused women sexually, and in one case was even an accused rapist (who never denied the charge). Still, he amassed unprecedented poll numbers and public adulation (even from those women with whom he has not already slept), while a minister, whose vocation and mission in life is to help people strive for a moral life, is called every disgusting name by Thursday. Clinton committed an offense against virtually every decent human sensibility possible by a person not already in jail. Yet everybody pretends it was some sort of innocent childish thing……….. Rev. Falwell didn't say anything about a certain childish thing: Tinky Winky, the Teletubby. Nevertheless, he was accused of hurting its feelings because of a remark he made about its sexual orientation. As far as the "Anti-Christ" remark, apparently Rev. Falwell was making the point that Jews don't believe in Christ which, the last time we visited a synagogue, still seems to be the case. As a matter of fact, there are other rabbis besides Jesus we also don't get along with. For centuries Jews were blamed for killing Christ, until recently, when the Pope officially denounced this accusation and said it was not true -- that it was the Romans who killed Christ. The Jews only sold the lumber. …."

3/9/00 Jerry Falwell "….. I am officially announcing the formation of a seven-month campaign - a movement to reclaim America as one nation under God. I call this movement PEOPLE OF FAITH 2000. With this movement, it is my intent to bring TEN MILLION people of faith - people who have never before voted - to the polls on November 7, 2000. In recent days, certain elements in both major political parties have made it clear that people of faith are persona non grata in the American electoral process. Sen. John McCain was passionate when he attacked Pat Robertson and me in his now-famous Virginia Beach speech -- which was followed the next day by huge losses in Virginia, Washington and North Dakota -- and the "crash and burn" of his total campaign a few days later. Meanwhile, Vice President Al Gore, in his LA Times/CNN debate with Sen. Bradley, told of an alleged private meeting between Governor Bush, Pat Robertson and me, from which Pat and I emerged telling the Governor we were pleased with what we had heard. However, I can assure you that no such meeting ever occurred - just as Mr. Gore did not invent the Internet, nor was "Love Story" based on his and Tipper's relationship. By fabricating this false story in a national forum, Gore sent a clear signal that religious conservatives will be under a focused and dangerous siege until at least November 7. Likewise, the national media is in almost unanimous agreement that the "religious right" has no business participating in the political arena. Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson and other liberal ministers are heroes of the left while social conservatives are anathema.

......,,In fact, the demonization of conservative people of faith is being accelerated in the Congress as well as in the media. Some leftists in the Congress are now talking seriously of passing a resolution condemning Bob Jones University as a result of Governor Bush's speech there. Be assured, the vitriolic and anti-evangelical attacks will continue elsewhere. As I have watched with deep concern the orchestrated plans of liberals and civil libertarians to demonize and marginalize people of faith, I have arrived at the same conclusion I reached over 20 years ago when I formed the Moral Majority. Over 100,000 pastors, priests and rabbis, plus seven million religious conservative grassroots laypeople, joined forces more than two decades ago. Between 1979 and 1984, we registered over 8.5 million new voters through the churches and religious organizations and re-activated millions more back into the political arena!

…….As a result, Ronald Reagan was elected to two terms in the White House and a new and more conservative Congress was swept into power. I dismantled Moral Majority in 1989, feeling I had fulfilled this commitment, and returned to my first love -- serving as pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church and chancellor of Liberty University. In recent times, however, the same burden that drove me to create the Moral Majority 20 years ago has returned to weigh heavily upon my heart. America -- her families and children -- is again in serious moral and spiritual condition. Worse, people of faith are being attacked openly and often, and a concerted and frightening effort is being made on many fronts to force religious conservatives into a status of second-class citizenship. (If you don't believe this, look into the current demonization of Dr. Laura Schlessinger, as her new television series is being fiercely attacked by homosexuals who hate her Judeo-Christian stand.)

…….We cannot remain silent while our rights are stripped away. People of faith in America must arise and be counted. This nation under God desperately needs our participation today. According to many network exit polls in several states during the McCain/Bush primaries, about 20% of voters identified themselves as members of the "religious right." They voted overwhelmingly for George W. Bush, having been angered by McCain's statements which they considered anti-Christian. Many of the commentators referred to the "Christian backlash" suffered by McCain, which may have cost him the Republican nomination. I consider Sen. McCain an American hero for his service to our nation, and I sincerely hope he and Gov. Bush can be reconciled and work together in the general election. However, all of America was reminded of what Sen. McCain apparently forgot -- that about 20% of the total electorate is comprised of religious conservatives. This is, by far, the largest minority voting bloc in America. This bloc can always make the difference in a presidential election and in the congressional elections, if we are truly energized and totally involved.

………Because I am obsessed and driven by this new burden, I am therefore announcing a seven-month campaign, ending November 7 (Election Day), which I am calling PEOPLE OF FAITH 2000. I am not creating a new organization. PEOPLE OF FAITH 2000 is a movement! My permanent and primary focus must remain my Christian ministry, serving Christ as pastor and chancellor. But, I will devote the next seven months of my life to -- once again -- attempting to energize, inform and mobilize the 70 million religious conservatives in America in such a way that the November 7, 2000 election results will be historic…."

Times of India 3/10/00 Ramesh Chandran "…..The mystery is finally unravelled. The US administration has come clear on why Bill Clinton is headed for South Asia. He will be there as a messiah of peace - spreading the ``message of restraint and dialogue''...."

CWA library 2/1/00 Wendy Wright "…..OK, we'll let them feed the homeless and help the poor get jobs. They can meet together-as long as they don't use up too much parking. We'll even let them acknowledge their faith when they rescue people from a sniper or win a football game. But when those people get involved in politics, well that's just too much. It's that time again to vilify Christians who step outside their ghetto. Workers can exercise political muscle through unions. Small businesses join together to make sure their interests are represented. Environmentalists form PACs. Pro-abortion women lecture politicians through bundled donations. But people whose common denominator is moral, and in particular Christian, beliefs-the same people who run soup kitchens, volunteer in medical missions, adopt special needs kids-those people can't be trusted in a realm that desperately needs an injection of ethics. The Fifth Circuit recently ruled people cannot pray at high school football games because they are not solemn events……."

Drudge 3/7/00 Victor Simpson AP "…..Pope John Paul II plans to deliver a historic, sweeping apology for the sins of Roman Catholics over the centuries, Vatican officials said today. It was unclear, however, how specific the pope would be. The pope's homily for the Day of Pardon Mass in St. Peter's Basilica on Sunday is apparently still being written. The officials, briefing reporters on the event, also appeared to be setting limits on how such an apology should be viewed. "It cannot assume the aspect of a spectacular self-flagellation," said Cardinal Roger Etchegaray, president of the Vatican's 2000 Jubilee Committee. The pope has campaigned for a collective examination of conscience as the church begins its third millennium. No pope has ever gone to such lengths to seek forgiveness for past sins, Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls said. …."

LA Times 3/6/00 David Savage "…..Public prayer may return to America's schools this year, thanks to the determined efforts of this small and strongly Baptist town near the Texas Gulf Coast. No one doubts that a student may pray privately at her desk, or join with friends to pray together at lunchtime. And for at least a decade, students have had the right to meet before class or after school to study the Bible or pray. But the school board here wants something more: a student leading a prayer at school events, ranging from assemblies and the graduation ceremony to Friday night football games. Later this month, the school board's case goes before the Supreme Court, and it could transform the school prayer issue nationwide. If the justices uphold student-led prayers, the decision could clear the way for all schools to put the question of public prayers to a vote of their students. ….."

World Net Daily Between The Lines 3/6/00 Joseph Farah "…… We're beginning to hear a little more these days (not nearly enough, mind you) about the increasing persecution of the church throughout the world. In China, in Southeast Asia, in Sudan and other hellholes around the globe, governments have declared war on Christians. They kill them. They scatter them. They bomb them. They attempt to force conversions. Sometimes they even literally crucify them. But we seldom hear about a growing trend developing right here in the good old USA in which the state targets churches' First Amendment rights. Let me give you a few recent examples that haven't yet exploded on to the front pages of newspapers across America: In sleepy little Jacksonville, Ore., a charming town in many ways, the city council is restricting the hours and activities of a local church because of concerns about noise and traffic…….In the city of Groves, Texas, His House Family Church has been forced to sue officials to use its own church building downtown. Groves zoning laws require all churches to obtain permission to operate within the city. The planning and zoning commission recommended denial of a permit on the basis of the church's proximity to a middle-class neighborhood…….. In Indianapolis, a confrontation has been shaping up for some time between the government and the Temple Baptist Church. The church is defying a court order to vacate and allow for confiscation of the property April 10 as a result of failure to pay taxes. The church is not a registered 501c3, but operates a free and independent school. There is concern that the situation is so explosive in Indianapolis that the church might soon be the scene of the kind of violent siege the federal authorities created at the church of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas……" 3/7/00 Bill Murchison "…..So why did John McCain disfigure his remarks with an attack on Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, then press the attack still harder next day? Because he wanted votes? Well, yes, there's always that. But the implication here is that votes are to be had by beating up on some mythic "religious right'' that stands ready to strip Americans of their liberties. There are indeed Americans who believe so. Many others doubt it. We've got a problem here that goes beyond whether John McCain or George Bush snags the GOP presidential nomination; beyond, for that matter, whether Bob Jones U., site of the George Bush speech that provoked the McCain speech, allows inter-racial dating and disses the Pope. Once more, hardly for the first time in our comparatively brief national history, we are tackling "transcendent questions," the kind of questions you can't resolve in a voting booth. Once more, as when Julia Ward Howe tied Jesus Christ and the Union armies together in one neat ideological package ("The Battle Hymn of the Republic''), we are in for the long haul. Slavery and race are transcendent questions; likewise, to borrow Sen. McCain's formulation, are pornography, cultural decline, and life. ......"

Associated Press 3/8/00 Larry McShane "….Anti-gay billboards posted for five days were taken down Wednesday after they were condemned as hateful and divisive. The two billboards on Staten Island quoted a Biblical passage: "Thou shall not lie with mankind as with womankind: It is abomination." One billboard was replaced by a Smokey the Bear ad and the second was covered over in white. The billboards went up Friday in the city's smallest borough. Billboard company PNE Media of Union, N.J., said in a statement it removed the ads because they were "inadvertently posted." The company requires that its billboards contain the name of the advertiser; the anti-gay ads did not. The ads were placed by a group called Keyword Ministries, PNE Media said. There was no phone listing for the Keyword Ministries or its pastor, Kristopher Okwedy. PNE lawyer Donald Rosenthal said the message on the 8-foot-by-16-foot billboards did not represent the company's views. The borough president, Guy Molinari, and gay advocates objected to the billboards. "People may be expressing their religious beliefs, but they don't understand that these messages fan the fires of prejudice and hatred," Molinari said. "I'm terribly distressed." …."

NewsMax 3/7/00 Linda Bowles "…….Religion is now out front as an issue, and that is a good thing. For entirely too long, the encroachment of our government on religion and the insidious assaults on it by major elements within our culture have gone largely unchallenged. The only thing the Constitution of the United States says about religion is that the Congress "shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Yet, our laws are full of prohibitions on the free exercise of religion. The founders were trying to protect people from a state-mandated religion; they were not trying to impose secular humanism, nor New Age idolatry as a mandatory system of unbelief. Our nation has gradually, but steadily, undergone a major decline in its morality as a direct consequence of a major decline in the influence of religious values and philosophy. It is the short-range goal of left-wing, intellectual elitists to convince Republicans that the only way they can save themselves is to dump the religious right; and it is their long-range goal to convince all Americans that the only way they can achieve true freedom is to liberate themselves from religious bondage. Throughout history, religious tenets have gotten in the way of human desires and ambitions. God seen as an obstacle to grand human schemes is not an entirely new phenomenon. It is a story as old as sin being played out yet one more time, the struggle between right and wrong, the struggle over power, who shall have it, and the struggle over who is master - man or God. The signs of social rot are all around us. No-fault living has become the order of the day in America. "Sin" is an archaic idea. Right and wrong as moral concepts have been abolished. Moral discernment has been deemed judgmental and discriminatory. God is scorned - but tolerated if He stays in His place. ….."

Boston Herald 3/8/00 Don Feder "…..When do Democrats care about anti-Catholicism? When they can use it to bash Republicans. Last week, congressional Democrats pushed a resolution condemning anti-Catholic Bob Jones University and the public officials who've spoken there. At a press conference unveiling the resolution, Michigan Democratic Rep. John Conyers confessed, ``Had not Gov. George Bush gone to Bob Jones University, I doubt we would be standing here.'' No doubt about it. Prior to Bush's blunder, Conyers' party never showed the slightest indication that it cared about the numerous attacks on the Catholic Church that contaminate our culture. ``It was the Democrats who gave us Dr. Jocelyn Elders in 1993 as surgeon general, and it was the Democrats who gave us James Hormel as the ambassador to Luxembourg in 1999,'' says William Donohue of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. When Clinton's first surgeon general was up for confirmation, New York's John Cardinal O'Connor charged her anti-Catholic comments made Elders' ``unfit for public office.'' Among other gems, in 1992 Elders told a pro-abortion audience, ``Look at who's fighting the pro-choice movement: a celibate, male-dominated church.'' The Democratic Party showed scant concern about anti-Catholicism then. Of the 34 senators who voted against confirming Elders, only four were Democrats. …….. There was no Democratic outrage over James Hormel, Clinton's choice for the Luxembourg posting. The wealthy donor to Democratic and gay causes is reportedly a fan of ``The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,'' a group of homosexual men who dress as nuns and mock Catholic rituals…….Then there was Geoffrey Fieger, Jack Kevorkian's mouthpiece and Democratic candidate for Michigan governor in 1998, who ridiculed the Catholic Church and described Jesus as ``some goofball that got nailed to a cross.''….."

Houston Chronicle 3/7/00 Ruth Rendon "…..A resolution calling on officials, schools and individuals to abide by the "Godly principles" of the nation's founding fathers has a local rabbi and the regional director of the Anti-Defamation League concerned. Contending the resolution's religious content is offensive to non-Christians, Martin Levy, a League City resident and rabbi of Temple Beth Tikvah (located on NASA 1), will be joined by others tonight when he asks the League City council to rescind the resolution……. The resolution approved unanimously Feb. 8 urges the president to call on the American people to remember "the Godly principles of our founding fathers and recognize both the influence these principles have had in the founding of our nation and the character, honor, sense of duty and commitment they produced in our founders." According to the resolution, the fundamental truths held by the founders of the country include:
· That there is a creator who had made all things and "governs them by His Providence."
· That the creator has revealed a moral code of behavior, which distinguishes right from wrong.
· That the creator holds each individual and nation responsible for the way it treats others.
· That all individuals live beyond this life and, in the next life, are judged by the creator for their conduct. "The Jewish community down here has many serious concerns," said Levy, 47, a League City resident. "Many of people have called me. Not just Jewish people, but many Christian folks from the League City area. They are offended by the resolution." ……"

CNSNews 3/6/00 Jim Burns "…..The US Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal of a lower court ruling and allowed the state of Indiana to continue giving Good Friday off as a state holiday. Russell Bridenbaugh of Bloomington, Indiana, had gone to court over the practice contending that his state improperly advances or promotes the Christian religion. Roger Pilon, Vice President of Legal Affairs of Cato Institute in Washington, told, "These kinds of suits are shoring up the wall of separation of church and state but they're misdirected. The recognition by government of certain religious holidays is not so much a recognition of religion as it is a recognition of a practical reality. Namely, the practitioners of the dominant religions will be taking those days off anyway." Pilon also said the court ruling does not violate the First Amendment of the US Constitution. ….."

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 3/6/00 "….. In Altoona's public schools, students can once again see the Ten Commandments prominently displayed in the library. So far, this breach in the supposed wall separating church and state has not led to any student proselytizing. But what has happened is that the decision by the Altoona Area School District's Project Character Building Committee has opened the doors for the inclusion of other materials. The committee also has approved ``The Cycle of the Goddess'', a writing from the Wiccan religion, whose adherents confess to using witchcraft ``as a science, an art and a religion ... .'' No word yet on when that treatise will adorn the walls. Also to be displayed are the ``Affirmations of Humanism,'' a treatise that espouses, among other things, the right ``to exercise reproductive freedom'' and the Baha'i faith's ``Golden Rule.'' …… This wide range of displays is the result of a compromise the school board made when residents complained about a decision to display the Ten Commandments alone. The material can be displayed for 25 days in each of the district's 13 schools, as long as they show no disrespect to any individual, ethnic group or religion. The documents must be of a historical or religious origin. …."

EWTN 3/8/00 "…..An Italian homosexual activist group today called for the Vatican to include homosexuals among the groups which the Catholic Church will acknowledge have suffered by a failure of Christians to live up to their faith. While many observers have mistakenly characterized the new Vatican document, Memory and Reconciliation: The Church and the Faults of the Past, as an apology by the Church to others, Catholic leaders have pointed out that the document and a reconciliation service on March 12 will ask pardon from God for the failures of Christians which led to evil. ..."

Jewish World Review 3/7/00 Ann Coulter "….. THE NEW YORK TIMES is in a lather about presidential candidate George W. Bush having spoken at Bob Jones University. It seems the beliefs of the fundamentalist Christians who run BJU are -- not to put too fine a point on it -- at odds with the editorial positions of the New York Times. If that's not enough to make your blood boil, well, then you are not a John McCain supporter. The private beliefs of the fundamentalists at Bob Jones University include an opposition to interracial dating. (They don't allow much dating of any sort, actually -- BJU dictates chaperoned dating, no pop music, no coed dorms and a rigid dress code.) ……….. Just incidentally, despite the ritualistic denunciations of this policy, it does not "discriminate" against blacks. There are plenty of minorities at BJU. It just happens that no one -- black, white or anything else -- is allowed to engage in interracial dating, on the basis of the founder's interpretation of the Tower of Babel story in the Book of Genesis. Now on the basis of my own Christian views, I don't have a problem with interracial dating. But it's a big country; there's room for all sorts of interpretations. Of course, if you read Ebony magazine or go to Spike Lee movies you know that hostility to interracial relationships is not really so idiosyncratic, after all. It evidently has adherents well beyond fundamentalist Christians at BJU. …..One Ebony magazine article on the topic -- chosen at random -- began: "In the midst of all of O.J. Simpson's legal and career problems, what seems to bother Black women the most is the fact that Nicole Brown Simpson was white." The article went on to boast cheerfully of the many prominent black men married to black women: "Bill Cosby, Denzel Washington, Michael Jordan, Spike Lee, David Justice, Eddie Murphy, Danny Glover, Gen. Colin Powell, Commerce Secretary Ronald Brown and members of the Congressional Black Caucus."……." London Times 3/5/00 Richard Owen "….. THE leading conservative contender to succeed the Pope yesterday said that the "Antichrist" was already on Earth in the guise of a prominent philanthropist whose concern for human rights and the environment and advocacy of ecumenicism masks his real aim: the destruction of Christianity and "the death of God". Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, 71, the Archbishop of Bologna, said the Antichrist was not the beast with seven heads described in the Book of Revelation but a "fascinating personality" whose outward charm and plausibility had deceived his enemies. Cardinal Biffi said the Antichrist espoused vegetarianism, pacifism, environmentalism and animal rights. He also identified the Antichrist as an expert on the Bible who nonetheless promotes "vague and fashionable spiritual values" rather than the Scriptures. He advocates ecumenical dialogue between the Roman Catholic Church and other Christian denominations, including Anglicanism and the Orthodox Church. This appeared to be a worthy aim, but was in fact being used by the Antichrist in an attempt to water down and undermine Catholicism to the point where it collapsed. The cardinal did not say whether he had any particular world figure in mind, and his real target seemed to be the substitution of "feel-good" causes, such as ecology and humanitarian aid, for "true religion". …."

Associated Press / Pro-Life Infonet 3/3/00 "…..Three Providence College students have been fined $1,000 each and suspended for the semester for putting the Virgin Mary in a flier promoting abortion rights. The fliers, posted last month on the Catholic school's campus, featured a picture of a marble statute of Mary and asked, ''How's this for an immaculate concept: Keep Abortion Safe and Legal.'' The students were posting the notices on the front door of a campus building as a Dominican priest arrived to prepare for a lecture. He ordered them to immediately remove the fliers and reported the incident to administrators. In a Feb. 15 letter to the entire student body, the Rev. Philip Smith, the college president, urged people not to tolerate what he called the students' act of religious discrimination, The Providence Journal reported. ''The deliberate misuse of a venerated person and an important Catholic and Christian belief in support of a position that is opposed to Catholic moral doctrine is deplorable and offensive to many on campus,'' he wrote. …."

Orlando Sentinel 3/5/00 Charley Reese "…… Let me make sure I understand the new Bob Jones University rule of politics. As I understand the criticism of George W. Bush, any politician who speaks at a university is obligated to determine the views of its faculty and administrators and publicly disassociate himself from those views with which he does not agree. Well, that's interesting. Because religious Jews in Israel are putting up posters calling Pope John Paul "the evil one," then I assume that henceforth all American politicians who visit Israel or speak to the Israeli lobby in the United States will make it a point to disassociate themselves from this viewpoint. Otherwise we may take a page from John McCain's campaign book and call them all anti-Catholic. Let's get the syllogism right now: Some Israelis don't like the pope. Therefore, any American who speaks in Israel or at a pro-Israel function must denounce the anti-Catholic sentiments of these Israeli Jews or be himself branded an anti-Catholic bigot. ……"

Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights 2/22/00 William Donohue "….There are many activist organizations in the nation which pursue goals that are in opposition to the teachings of the Catholic Church. This is clearly the case with pro-abortion groups. Unfortunately, when a conflict arises between pro-abortion groups and Catholic ones, it is not unusual to see prejudice come to the surface. To be fair, there are Catholics who themselves are guilty of prejudice towards the religious or ethnic affiliation of the pro-abortion activists. But only someone hopelessly inflamed with ideology could possibly conclude that the problem is equally shared. Insensitive, even cruel, things are said by pro-abortion activists about Catholics….."

Associated Press 2/29/00 Jennifer Holland "……The co-chairman of Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign in South Carolina has resigned, saying he wants no part of the attacks over Bob Jones University. "They're growing into a national media vendetta that I cannot associate my name to," state House Speaker Pro Tem Terry Haskins, a Bob Jones alumnus, said Monday. McCain has criticized Bush's Feb. 2 speech at the Christian school and has tried to portray the Texas governor as a captive of religious conservatives and as anti-Catholic for appearing there. The school's leaders have criticized the Pope and have called the Catholic church a "Satanic cult." ….."

St. Louis Post Dispatch 3/1/00 Jo Mannies "….. Reform Party presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan, a devout Catholic, came to the defense Tuesday of Bob Jones University and those politicians who have spoken there - including himself. Buchanan also asserted that "the religious war" over the university's views is part of a political effort to "drive a wedge between Catholics and evangelical Christians" who agree on many issues and can wield considerable combined clout at the polls. Buchanan made his comments at a campaign stop here, speaking at the Embassy Suites Downtown hotel. His comments were the first by a major political figure in defense of the school or its political visitors. The university bans interracial dating, and its officials have espoused anti-Catholic comments. "Simply visiting Bob Jones University does not suggest that you automatically accept" its views, Buchanan said. A public official, and especially a president, "can't just speak with people who are 100 percent in religious agreement with you." …."

Boston Herald 3/2/00 "….. Democrats in Congress have stuffed dynamite under their pretensions, attached a fuse and handed Republicans a book of matches. The Democrats are pushing resolutions that would condemn Bob Jones University in South Carolina, whose president has expressed anti-Catholic views. Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-N.Y.) says the issue is presidential candidates like George W. Bush ``who have gone to Bob Jones, and by doing so have said it [bigotry] is OK.'' Bush was unaware of the university's attacks on Catholicism and apologized for gviing a speech there. That ought to be the end of it. …… However, Republicans could light a match and say, ``We'll be delighted to bring the resolution to a vote, if we can include a condemnation of the race hatred of the Rev. Al Sharpton.'' Vice President Al Gore, Bill Bradley and First Lady Hillary Clinton have shamelessly pandered to New York's hatemongering liar while fully aware of his notorious history. ......"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 3/1/00 Tony Blankley "…… Sen. John McCain, seemingly with all due deliberation, first implied that George W. Bush is an anti-Catholic bigot, and then proceeded to condemn by name the two most prominent leaders of conservative Protestants - Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. These actions raise both ethical and strategic questions. But the full impact of these actions must be viewed in the context of a similar, ongoing accusation of anti-Catholicism put about by Dick Gephardt and other congressional Democrats against the Republican speaker of the House, because Speaker Dennis Hastert passed over a Catholic priest for House chaplain. Let it first be noted that the people making these charges don't believe the truth of them. Dick Gephardt doesn't believe Mr. Hastert is a bigot - nobody who knows him could believe such a thing. The charge is being made solely for purposes of electoral advantage. The Catholic vote in November will be about 30 percent of the electorate. If Republicans get 45 or 50 percent of that vote, they will hold the House. If the Democrats can hold that percentage to 35 or 40 percent, the Democrats will retake the House. Henry IV of France, on converting from Protestant to Catholic in order to become king in 1589, observed that "Paris is worth a mass." Apparently, for Dick Gephardt, the House is worth a blood libel. ….." 2/29/00 Ann Compton "…..When the telephone rang Monday in the home of Maureen Quackenbush, John McCain's presidential campaign picked the wrong Catholic voter to target with an attack against opponent George W. Bush. Quackenbush told ABCNEWS on the eve of today's Washington state primaries that she is not an active Catholic, but she is an active volunteer for the Bush campaign in Pasco, Wash. The message recorded on her telephone urged her to vote for McCain by casting one of the Republican-only ballots in today's contest for convention delegates…….. Rowland trooped down to Bush headquarters to report the live caller actually said that Bush is "anti-Catholic." A Bush volunteer says several of his Catholic friends also received such calls, and one senior citizen in Virginia Beach reports that she hit *69 - and traced the call to Michigan, where the Catholic Voter Alert calls were first reported last week.

New York Times 3/1/00 Lizette Alvarez "…..Hoping to make Republicans squirm over their visits to Bob Jones University, House and Senate Democrats introduced a resolution today condemning the college for intolerance and criticizing its many visitors for staying silent on its anti-Catholic views. ……. They accused Democrats of fear-mongering and pandering to Catholics, a crucial voting block, in an election year. And they made clear that the resolution was not likely to ever reach the floor of either the House or Senate. Resolutions are routinely used to express disfavor or praise. Republicans once crafted a resolution denouncing Louis Farrakhan, for example. "The whole thing is baloney," said Representative Henry J. Hyde, an Illinois Republican and the dean of Catholics among House Republicans. "It's being played for all its worth." ........."

Salon Rag mag 2/29/00 Joe Conason "….. By daring to denounce the leaders of the right-wing Christian Coalition on their home turf in Virginia on Monday, John McCain has chosen to challenge the viability of a movement that has long seemed fearsomely zealous, wealthy and well-organized. But the maverick Arizonan and his aides appear to believe that Christian conservatism is no longer the asset to Republican candidates it once was, and has become a liability instead. Therefore, the McCain campaign believes it can rally moderates to administer a historic defeat to Pat Robertson in his own backyard on Tuesday. Whether McCain's brave gambit proves shrewd or suicidal will depend entirely on the turnout of primary voters….."

Reuters 2/29/00 Alan Elsner "…..George W. Bush (news - web sites) won the Virginia Republican primary on Tuesday, as Christian conservatives rallied overwhelmingly behind him and punished John McCain (news - web sites) for attacking two of their top leaders as bigots. With 99 percent of precincts reporting their results, the governor of Texas was beating Arizona Sen. McCain 53-44 percent. Exit polls showed Bush gained the backing of 83 percent of self-declared religious conservatives. Bush also claimed victory in presidential caucuses in North Dakota, though official returns were not available. He apparently based his claim on unofficial returns from caucus meetings around the state showing him the easy victor. McCain branded Christian Coalition head Pat Robertson and Moral Majority founder Jerry Falwell as ``agents of intolerance'' in a hard-hitting speech on Monday. He narrowly led among voters in Virginia who said they were not Christian conservatives by 49-48 percent, the exit polls said. ….."

New York Times 3/2/00 Carles Colson "….Religion has been injected into the Republican campaign in a particularly ugly way. As one who helped engineer two presidential campaigns, I know partisan passion. But the efforts of some to bring long-banished sectarian strife back into American politics can do serious long-term damage. That George W. Bush made a campaign speech at Bob Jones University is, in itself, not so remarkable -- the school is an established whistle-stop for Republican candidates in South Carolina. So why is the university suddenly a household name? There is a partisan explanation, of course, but there is more. Some may see here an opportunity to drive a wedge into one of the most important religious movements in modern American history -- the fast-growing alliance between conservative Roman Catholics and evangelical Protestants. ……."

The Oregonian 3/3/00 Wade Nkrumah "….. The Portland City Council lifts a cap on Sunnyside Methodist's assemblies and revives the church's meals program The Portland City Council on Wednesday afternoon unanimously overturned a controversial ruling limiting attendance at a Southeast Portland church and Wednesday evening tentatively voted to allow the church meals program to continue. The council's actions, concluding more than six hours of testimony on the matter, effectively nullifies a city hearings officer's decision that attracted national attention from those who said the limits were an infringement of religious freedom protected by the First Amendment. ……"

AP 3/4/00 Kimberly Lamke "…..Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson said Friday night it is ``unseemly'' that religion has become a part of the presidential primary debate, but he declined to endorse a candidate or comment on Republican hopefuls George W. Bush (news - web sites) and John McCain (news - web sites).``Ask me after Tuesday what I think and I'm sure I'll have a lot to say,'' Robertson said during a question-and-answer session after giving a speech to the University of Virginia's debating society...."

The New York Times 3/4/00 "……It is really quite impressive, all this outrage about the anti-Catholic views of Bob Jones University. Until campaign workers for Senator John McCain began alerting Michigan's Roman Catholics three weeks ago, it is questionable whether there were enough Roman Catholics upset by anything emanating from Bob Jones University to fill an old-fashioned confessional. In fact, opposing anti-Catholicism in the United States by denouncing Bob Jones is about as relevant to today's reality as combating medical errors by condemning leeches and snake oil. The Catholic Church takes more nasty hits weekly on cable television than yearly from Bob Jones. The solicitude of the Democrats for Catholic sensibilities is especially remarkable. Fears that the party's unqualified support for abortion rights might drive away Catholic voters in a big way have so far proved groundless, to the dismay of Catholic bishops and other anti-abortion leaders. But now the party has gone further: its leading candidates for the presidency are dueling to prove who is pro-choicer than whom, as if having ever held any reservations whatsoever on the topic of abortion were evidence of not being a worthy Democrat. ….."

Bob Jones Reaction v. white house 1/14/00 "…..BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A PROCLAMATION On January 16, 1786, the Virginia legislature enacted a law whose impact is still felt around the world today. Authored by Thomas Jefferson and introduced by James Madison, this act affirmed religious freedom as one of the "natural rights of mankind" and pledged that none would "suffer on account of his religious opinions or beliefs." Recognizing the fundamental importance of this right to human dignity, our founders modeled the First Amendment to our Constitution on the Virginia statute and made religious freedom and tolerance core values of our democracy. More than a century and a half later, Eleanor Roosevelt, as the Chairperson of the U.N.'s Commission on Human Rights, worked to extend that vision to peoples around the world through her contributions to the U.N.'s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Americans draw great strength from the free exercise of religion and from the diverse communities of faith that flourish in our Nation because of it. Our churches, mosques, synagogues, meetinghouses, and other places of worship bring us together, support our families, nourish our hearts and minds, and sustain our deepest values……"

INSIGHT Magazine 3/3/00 Stephen Goode "…..Model Christian preschool and elementary schools in Florida are under attack by some who demand state regulation. But 'unregulated' students are reading at age 3. It all happened fairly quickly, when it finally happened. During the morning of Dec. 28, 1999, armed Collier County police arrested the Rev. Drew Harrison at the Grace Community School in East Naples, Fla., where he taught. They then stood with the 37-year-old math teacher for 20 minutes in front of the private Christian school while parents stopped by before going to work to drop their kids off for the day's lessons and day care. Founded 14 years ago, Grace Community Schools offer day care and a very successful and popular program in reading and math to preschool-age children at a very low cost. Perhaps embarrassed by what they were doing, the police responded to the queries of curious moms and dads about what was happening with, "It's a Y2K problem," according to eyewitness accounts. But it wasn't that at all. The police were there to arrest Harrison on a felony charge - child abuse - based on allegations that two-and-a-half months earlier, on Oct. 14, Harrison had grabbed a 6-year-old boy in his class who was involved in a dispute with a classmate about a Pokémon ball and dragged him across the floor to his seat. ….."

UPI 3/4/00 "…..Bob Jones University will end its interracial dating ban, the university's president announced on CNN's "Larry King Live" Friday night. "In fact, as of today, we have dropped the rule," the university president, Bob Jones III, said on the show. The decision was made because criticism of the policy has tended to obscure the university's Christian mission, Jones said. "We have a broader testimony," he said. Jones admitted that the policy may have hurt the university's image and the image of conservative Protestantism. "I don't want to hurt the church of Jesus Christ," he said. The university has been in the center of a storm following a visit there by Texas Gov. George Bush. It has been criticized by many for its policy on dating and what has been described as its anti-Catholic agenda. Arizona Sen. John McCain has used Bush's visit to the university to accuse his main opponent for the Republican presidential nomination of pandering to the party's Christian right. ……"

The Boston Globe 3/4/00 Diego Ribadeneira and Michael Paulson "…..In another skirmish over religion and public schools, an Alabama school board has settled a lawsuit filed by a sixth-grade student who was told not to display a cross necklace. The suit was filed on behalf of Kandice Smith, a student at Curry Middle School in Jasper, Ala., by the American Center for Law and Justice, a conservative law firm founded by religious broadcaster Pat Robertson. The agreement reached with the school board allows Smith to wear her cross outside her clothing and requires the county school system to amend its dress code ''to mandate religious accommodations in accordance with the Alabama Religious Freedom Amendment.'' …."

World Net Daily 3/3/00 Julie Foster "…..Several churches on California's central coast have been told by their county tax assessor's office they are breaking the law by displaying pro-Proposition 22 signs on church property, prompting a press conference yesterday during which attorneys pointed to tax laws specifically permitting the practice. To be voted on this Tuesday, Proposition 22, also known as the "Defense of Marriage Act" consists of 14 words: "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California." The initiative has received nationwide attention and has already been adopted in 31 states. ......"

Christian Science Monitor 3/3/00 Linda Feldmann Abraham McLaughlin "…..From the start of Campaign 2000, most presidential contenders have put religion front and center. Texas Gov. George W. Bush has spoken often of how Jesus Christ changed his heart. Vice President Al Gore, seeking to add flesh to a wooden persona, has also come out as a born-again Christian. Even Sen. John McCain, caught in a maelstrom over his attacks on leaders of the Christian right, has spoken movingly of religious experiences he had while a prisoner in Hanoi….. This trend toward confessionalism shows how much character and morality have superceded policy positions in the minds of voters. Peace and prosperity - and a public desire to move beyond the Clinton scandals - have widened the forum to include unprecedented talk of faith in public life……"

National Review 3/3/00 Larry Kudlow "…..when John McCain by inference blames the religious right for the last two Republican presidential defeats and the poor GOP congressional showing in 1996 and '98, he completely misses the point. And when McCain blames Reverend Falwell and Pat Robertson for "leading the GOP in the wrong direction" he misses the point even more. And when he said that McCain will lead the GOP back to Reagan, he misses the point for a third time. Remember, the evangelicals and the Catholics were the Reagan Democrats. It's not only that the Christian right has become a core Republican constituency, but it's also important to remember that twenty years ago Reagan made sure that the Republican party would be the party of traditional, moral, religious and family values. In other words, if McCain is blaming the Christians, then he is also blaming Reagan. He can't have it both ways. If Reagan were active today, he would argue that the GOP should not be secularized. If Republicans are to succeed, then religious values must be central to their mission. Here's another point on this. It may well be that Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson have overstepped in political terms. But a much bigger point in American life today -- including American political life -- is the claim by University of Chicago Nobelist Robert Fogel that the nation is in the midst of its fourth great spiritual awakening. Falwell and Robertson don't really matter. What does matter is that millions and millions of people, including the baby boom generation, which is now graying around the temples, is going through a lifestyle change that includes a spiritual awakening……"

Washington Times 3/3/00 Valerie Richardson "……he American Civil Liberties Union is accusing the University of Colorado men's basketball coach of violating the constitutional separation of church and state by leading the team in prayer after practices. In a letter sent to the university on Feb. 22, ACLU Boulder Chairman Judd Golden demanded that coach Ricardo Patton call an end to the tradition of team prayer, saying he had received about 20 complaints about the practice. Mr. Patton, a devout Christian who freely discusses his beliefs, said the team prayers, in which players kneel in a circle and hold hands, are voluntary and led by students. "There are voluntary prayers at the end of each practice," said Mr. Patton in a statement. "No player is required to participate in these prayers, but rather chooses to participate." But Mr. Golden scoffed at the voluntary nature of the prayers, saying student athletes are likely to feel pressured by the team to take part. ….."

AP 3/3/00 "…..Bob Jones University is using full-page newspaper advertisements to answer national criticism of its interracial dating ban and other issues that cropped up after Republican presidential contender George W. Bush (news - web sites) made a campaign stop at the fundamentalist Christian school last month. In the ``Letter to the Nation,'' University President Bob Jones III says the Greenville school has been wrongly painted as racist and anti-Catholic. The issue is religious freedom, Jones wrote. ``We do not expect everyone to agree with us or like us,'' Jones wrote. ``The cross of Jesus Christ is a dividing line for some. We don't quake or blush with embarrassment over the term 'religious conservatives.' '' ….."

Detroit News 3/3/00 Karin Laub AP "…..The Roman Catholic Church has not done enough to confront its actions during the Holocaust and must condemn World War II-era Pope Pius XII for not speaking out against the Nazi genocide, Israel's chief rabbi said Thursday. Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, a Nazi concentration camp survivor, said he believes Pope John Paul II will take an important step toward seeking forgiveness from the Jewish people when he speaks at Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial on March 23 during his six-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Lau tempered his criticism of the church with warm praise for the Polish-born pope, who he said has preached tirelessly against anti-Semitism in the past 20 years. ….." 3/3/00 Steve Farrell "….John McCain's last ditch attempt to trounce the Republican Party's Christian Right as a nasty and divisive wing, an idea borrowed from George W. Bush's arsenal of controversial sayings (lest we forget!), is a wake-up call for party faithful that there exists a powerful coalition within the Republican Party that has grown intense in their hatred of moralists, and appears poised to purge the party of its annoying puritanical wing….."

EWTN 3/3/00 CWNews "….. A national pro-life association for Catholic priests today warned politicians that being pro-abortion in their policy stances is not an option for Catholics. Priests for Life said the US bishops had been clear on the issue in a November 1998 statement. "As Americans, as Catholics and as pastors of our people, we write therefore today to call our fellow citizens back to our country's founding principles, and most especially to renew our national respect for the rights of those who are unborn, weak, disabled, and terminally ill," the bishops wrote. The group said those who hold or seek elected office, proclaiming to be Catholic while holding "pro-choice" views are risking confusion and scandal for lay Catholics who live the Church's teachings. "No law says you have to be Catholic. But if you publicly declare that you are, don't be surprised if someone criticizes inconsistencies between your public positions and the teachings of the Church," the group warned. ...,,:

American Family Association 3/1/00 Donald Wildmon "……For almost 200 years, millions of children did it at the beginning of each school day. Then, our nation's highest court ruled that it was illegal. What crime have these children committed? They prayed in school. Later, unsatisfied that the state was not getting its rightful recognition as god, the same court - in its infinite wisdom - ruled that not only could children not pray, they could not be exposed in a public school to the Ten Commandments. Not only that, but the Court ruled that the Commandments could not be displayed in any public building - school, courthouse, city hall, library, etc. Instrumental in bringing about all these changes was, of course, the infamous American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)……."

NY TIMES 3/1/00 David Barstow "…..Senator John McCain of Arizona intensified the battle over the political power of the religious right today as he accused Pat Robertson and the Rev. Jerry Falwell of having an "evil influence" over the Republican Party. At the same time, Gov. George W. Bush sharply attacked Mr. McCain, his rival for the Republican presidential nomination, for "pitting one religion against another." Their comments today came as the see-saw struggle for the nomination tilted once again to the Bush side with the Texas governor winning a lopsided victory over Mr. McCain in the Virginia primary. ….."

The Boston Globe 3/1/00 Michael Paulson "……...In an astonishing sequence of events, accusations of anti-Catholicism, anti-evangelicalism, even anti-Semitism are floating across the telephone lines and the airwaves of key states...[snip] ...Religious scholars tend to sneer at the level of the current debate, which the Rev. Richard John Neuhaus, editor of the journal First Things, calls ''an exceedingly unedifying spectacle.'' ……."

CNS News 3/1/00 Susan Jones "…..Arizona Senator John McCain Tuesday used a national platform - the Michael Reagan show, broadcast on 220 radio stations across the nation - to sound off on Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson and bigotry, a tirade that prompted the talk show host to finally hang up the phone in shocked surprise. "I wanted to talk about the fact that as a president of the United States, you're going to be appointing judges - boy, he went off on that and started to talk about Warren Rudman, the attacks of Pat Robertson, the bigotry that's going on..." Michael Reagan later explained. "The irony is that many of my listeners have accused me of being a McCain backer," said Ronald Reagan's oldest son. At the end of the cell phone interview in which McCain refused to discuss the issues that Michael Reagan raised, Reagan noted that it "didn't matter what question you asked him ... everything was an attack. The man does not have the temperament to be President of the United States." ….."

BUCHANANREFORM 3/1/00 Jo Mannies Post-Dispatch "……Reform Party presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan, a devout Catholic, came to the defense Tuesday of Bob Jones University and those politicians who have spoken there - including himself. Buchanan also asserted that "the religious war" over the university's views is part of a political effort to "drive a wedge between Catholics and evangelical Christians" who agree on many issues and can wield considerable combined clout at the polls. Buchanan made his comments at a campaign stop here, speaking at the Embassy Suites Downtown hotel. His comments were the first by a major political figure in defense of the school or its political visitors. The university bans interracial dating, and its officials have espoused anti-Catholic comments. "Simply visiting Bob Jones University does not suggest that you automatically accept" its views, Buchanan said. A public official, and especially a president, "can't just speak with people who are 100 percent in religious agreement with you." ….."

Reuters 3/1/00 "…..George W. Bush swept three presidential contests in Virginia, Washington and North Dakota Tuesday, as Republicans rallied overwhelmingly behind him and shunned John McCain after he attacked two top Christian conservative leaders as bigots. ….."

World Net Daily 3/1/00 P Andrew Sandlin "…..The Left (both Democrat and Republican, but especially the major media) is in an uproar over George W. Bush's speaking at Bob Jones University in Greenville, S.C. This is a Christian fundamentalist university of high academic reputation started early in the 20th century by a clean-living, courageous Methodist evangelist who had more Christian character and integrity in his pinky than most moderns (including professed Christians) do in their whole bodies……… No, the issue here is not fundamentalist racism, but orthodox Christianity. There is a growing intolerance of orthodox Christianity in this country -- far exceeding BJU's intolerance of Roman Catholicism. This intolerance now infests the Republican Party, not just the more vocal left. The Republican wine-and-cheese set want big budget surpluses, "managed" free trade, and unencumbered immorality: "We'll tolerate big government, just as long as it doesn't mess with our stock options and sex lives. 'Cut taxes and cut morality' -- that's our campaign pledge." The liberals (both major parties, as well as the "Reform" Party) are raw statists whose messianic dreams are upset by devout Christians who refuse to bow the knee to godless state tyranny. Bob Jones University stands as a perpetual rebuke to these leftists. It says, "There is an authority higher than you. We will obey God rather than man." The left despises this. The left worships man. This is the cardinal creed of the Liberal Religion. It worships man's standards, his laws, and his aspirations. Liberals can't abide the God of the Bible who demands obedience to His Law in the Bible. They are moral anarchists. Therefore, they attack any church or religious institution that stands for God's absolute authority. Since they can't get to God, they assault those Christians who visibly submit to Him. George W. and BJU are not the ultimate target of the left. ……"

ZENIT 3/2/00 "…..After guarding Adolf Eichmann's diaries for almost 40 years, yesterday the Israeli government made them public. Eichmann, a Nazi SS lieutenant colonel, was executed in 1962 in Israel for "crimes against the Jewish people and against humanity." Eichmann wrote these diaries during the months following his death sentence. They are especially chilling in their description of the way the Nazi regime came to the "Final Solution" against the Jews, and the way the extermination was implemented. The pages are also very interesting in studying the Vatican's position on the persecution of Jews. Some people accuse the Church of having done nothing in October, 1943, when the Nazis began to deport Jews from their "ghetto" in Rome. However, Eichmann wrote that the Vatican "vigorously protested the arrest of Jews, requesting the interruption of such action; to the contrary, the Pope would denounce it publicly." This is a confirmation of the thesis of those historians who have collected documents on the action undertaking by the Vatican to defend Jews during those dark years. It must be kept in mind that Rome was occupied, and that the Church was the only institution that had the courage to denounce the Nazi action. …."


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The Chalcedon Foundation 2/25/00 Jeremy Swanson "….. A very significant indication of the nihilistic character of this generation is exhibited in what it deems laughable, in what it considers to be "funny." This nihilistic laughter mocks everything - nothing is sacred. This generation has embraced the words of the father of all modern nihilists: "I bade them laugh at their great masters of virtue and saints and poets and world-redeemers. I bade them laugh at their gloomy sages and at whoever had at any time sat on the tree of life like a black scarecrow. For in laughter all that is evil comes together, but is pronounced holy and absolved by its own bliss" (Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra). This laughter is an explicit rejection of God and all that is good. It is a laughter that denigrates and destroys the Judeo-Christian tradition. It is a laughter that rejects the principles of God and the seriousness of His law......."

Chicago Sun-Times 2/28/00 Robert Novak "…… The most reprehensible maneuver by either candidate leading up to last Tuesday's Michigan presidential primary was John McCain's phone message, falsely attributed to a nonexistent organization, implying anti-Catholic bias by George W. Bush. No mere shabby campaign trick, it signified the outbreak of religious war inside the Republican Party. "This is a Catholic voter alert," the caller told voters, without disclosing that he represented the McCain campaign. The voice claimed Bush sought support from anti-Catholic bigots in winning the South Carolina primary, while McCain condemned them. The campaign denied responsibility until the Michigan polls closed, then sheepishly acknowledged it. Three days later, the Arizona senator's media-friendly campaign headquarters would not respond to my questions. ……"

CBS News via WorldNetDaily 2/28/00 "…..This year's presidential campaign is far from being the only place where there's controversy over the proper role of religion in public life. You can find church and state conflicts well off the campaign trail, too. Is there room in the same schoolhouse for both the Ten Commandments and The First Amendment? CBS News' John Roberts investigates. With its bucolic surroundings and slower pace of life, Adams County, Ohio hardly looks like a battleground. But listen to Linnea Claibourne: "I don't think our community will surrender," she says. Yet in the latest confrontation over First Amendment rights, this area, 60 miles east of Cincinatti, is ground zero. "They feel like someone is coming from the outside and almost invaded and attacked our community," says Reverend Tom Claibourne, pastor of the Bethlehem Church of Christ and husband of Linnea , the church secretary. They are combatants in a moral war against what they say is an enemy attacking the nation's schools….."

Catholic League ( 2/28/00 "….. In a letter to John Cardinal O'Connor, Gov. George W. Bush said he deeply regrets not taking the opportunity to separate himself from the anti-Catholic and racially divisive views of Bob Jones University; a copy of the letter was also sent to Catholic League president William Donohue. Donohue discussed this subject this morning on the Today Show and issued the following remarks today: "For the past few weeks, the Catholic League has criticized Gov. Bush for not apologizing to Catholics for the way he has handled his visit to Bob Jones University. Over the weekend, Bush apologized for not 'disassociating' himself from 'anti-Catholic sentiments and racial prejudice.' He continued saying, 'It was a missed opportunity, causing needless offense, which I deeply regret.' "This settles the issue. Bush has now moved beyond perfunctory comments criticizing anti-Catholicism and is addressing this issue squarely, without reservation. "A touchstone of Catholicism is forgiveness, the recognition that wrongdoers who are sorry for their offense should be forgiven. It would be inconsistent with our faith, therefore, if we as Catholics did not forgive Gov. Bush for this incident. "Those who cannot let up and want more from Bush have now become the issue. We need to know what they want and whether they will hold all other candidates to the same standard. To needlessly politicize this issue any longer is a mistake and certainly does not have the support of the Catholic League."….."


NY Post 3/12/00 Rod Dreher "……DOES free speech have any place on Staten Island? Not if you believe in the Old Testament -- which is to say, the Hebrew Bible -- or adhere to Islam or any other religious faith that prohibits homosexuality. On Staten Island, they expect you to shut your trap, or else stand accused of being a hateful bigot. In fact, gay leaders, civic officials and businessmen will shut your trap for you, all in the name of tolerance. The same crowd that lectures you to be forbearing when a public art museum desecrates an image of the Virgin Mary will tell you you have no moral right to quote from your own holy scripture in public. So learned the Rev. Kristopher Okwedy last week, when he rented space on two Staten Island billboards to post a Bible verse, Leviticus 18:22, which reads, "Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind; it is abomination."……… A supporter suggested he contact the American Civil Liberties Union to fight the billboard company in court. Okwedy thinks that's futile. "I don't think the ACLU is for Christians," he sighed. Okwedy has obviously learned a lot in his 10 years in America. He has surely observed how quick gay activists are to employ the word "hate" to impugn the motives of those who disagree with them and to discredit their opponents' actions……."

First Things 64 (June/July 1996) Nancy R. Pearcey "……The example Barr considered was human consciousness, focusing on Roger Penrose's argument that the mind cannot be explained by currently known laws of physics. As a convinced materialist, Penrose holds out the hope that new and unimaginable physical laws are nonetheless out there, just waiting to be discovered. As Barr comments, materialism clearly functions for Penrose as a faith of the gaps: When science reveals phenomena that surpass the explanatory power of known natural laws, materialism takes refuge in the hope of turning up "undiscovered and unprecedented" laws, different in kind from any currently known. Another field that often elicits the materialist's faith of the gaps is origin-of-life research. The discovery of DNA revealed that at the core of life is a molecular message that contains a staggering quantity of information. A single cell of the human body contains as much information as the Encyclopedia Britannica-all thirty volumes of it-three or four times over. As a result, the question of the origin of life must now be recast as the origin of biological information. The materialist is committed to constructing an explanation that appeals solely to physical-chemical laws. And it is true that the bases, sugars, and phosphates comprising the nucleotides in DNA are ordinary chemicals that react according to ordinary laws. Yet those same laws do not explain how the chemicals came to function as a cellular language……."

EWTN Website 3/10/00 Catholic Civil Rights League "…..The National Post reports that Tuesday, a group of seven individuals vandalized, desecrated and burned crosses in front of Montreal's Mary Queen of the World Cathedral. It reports: "Father Jean-Pierre Couturier said the demonstrators had 'profaned God' and disturbed people who were worshipping by rushing into the cathedral on Tuesday afternoon, spray-painting slogans on an altar, turning over flowerpots, sticking sanitary napkins -- some soiled -- to pictures and walls and throwing condoms around the cathedral's sanctuary." In all it was the grossest desecration of a church in years. The Catholic Civil Rights League strongly denounces these acts of hateful violence……"

World Net Daily 3/11/00 Dr Jerry Falwell "…..I am officially using this column in today's WorldNetDaily to announce the formation of a seven-month campaign -- a movement to reclaim America as one nation under God. I call this movement People of Faith 2000. With this movement, it is my intent to bring 10 MILLION people of faith -- people who have never before voted -- to the polls on Nov. 7, 2000. In recent days, certain elements in both major political parties have made it clear that people of faith are persona non grata in the American electoral process. ……. Meanwhile, Vice President Al Gore, in his L.A. Times/CNN debate with Sen. Bradley, told of an alleged private meeting between Gov. Bush, Pat Robertson and me, from which Pat and I emerged telling the governor we were pleased with what we had heard. However, I can assure you that no such meeting ever occurred -- just as Mr. Gore did not invent the Internet, nor was "Love Story" based on his and Tipper's relationship. By fabricating this false story in a national forum, Gore sent a clear signal that religious conservatives will be under a focused and dangerous siege until at least Nov. 7. ……… Likewise, the national media is in almost unanimous agreement that the "religious right" has no business participating in the political arena. Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson and other liberal ministers are heroes of the left while social conservatives are anathema. ……"

World Net Daily 3/11/00 Dr Jerry Falwell "…..As I have watched with deep concern the orchestrated plans of liberals and civil libertarians to demonize and marginalize people of faith, I have arrived at the same conclusion I reached over 20 years ago when I formed the Moral Majority. Over 100,000 pastors, priests and rabbis, plus seven million religious conservative grassroots laypeople, joined forces more than two decades ago. Between 1979 and 1984, we registered over 8.5 million new voters through the churches and religious organizations and re-activated millions more back into the political arena! …….. We cannot remain silent while our rights are stripped away. People of faith in America must arise and be counted. This nation under God desperately needs our participation today.. ….I am not creating a new organization. People of Faith 2000 is a movement! My permanent and primary focus must remain my Christian ministry, serving Christ as pastor and chancellor. ……But, I will devote the next seven months of my life to -- once again -- attempting to energize, inform and mobilize the 70 million religious conservatives in America in such a way that the Nov. 7, 2000 election results will be historic. ….."

World Net Daily 3/11/00 Dr Jerry Falwell "…..The goals of People of Faith 2000 are defined and simple:

1. A call to national prayer for the 200,000 ministers, and their congregations, who receive my newspaper, National Liberty Journal, other publications and media ministries….
2. We will attempt to register and bring to the polls, in November, at least 10 million Americans who would not have voted otherwise……
3. Further, we will actively urge all registered, but apathetic, voters to also fulfill their Christian duty by voting this year. ……

I have already begun putting together the infrastructure for this seven-month campaign. Many of the people who helped me 20 years ago with the formation of Moral Majority have persistently urged me to do what I am now announcing. ……"MSNBC News 3/12/00 Andrea Mitchell "….In an unprecedented moment in the history of the church, Pope John Paul II asked God's forgiveness Sunday for the sins of Roman Catholics through the ages, including wrongs inflicted on Jews, women and minorities. "We forgive and we ask forgiveness," he said at several points during the solemn Day of Pardon Mass at St. Peter's Basilica. The apology was a personal landmark for a frail, ailing pope who vowed to cleanse and reinvigorate Catholicism for its third millennium. The church burned heretics at the stake during the Inquisition. Armies of the faithful slaughtered Muslims during the Crusades. And during the Holocaust, some Catholics stood silent in the face of the Nazi genocide. The pontiff did not specifically mention such infamous wrongs during the service. Few specific groups were mentioned and no names were given. Still, the references were clear, both in John Paul's words and those of the five Vatican cardinals and two bishops who confessed sins on behalf of the church. Cardinal Edward Cassidy recalled the "sufferings of the people of Israel" and asked divine pardon for "the sins committed by a not a few (Catholics) against the people of the Covenant." After a moment of silent prayer, the pope responded: "We are deeply saddened by the behavior of those who in the course of history have caused these children of yours to suffer, and asking your forgiveness we wish to commit ourselves to genuine brotherhood." Several Jewish leaders praised his penitential words but said they expected more during the pope's March 20-26 visit to the Holy Land. During his trip the pontiff will visit Israel's Holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem, and the Western Wall, the holiest site in Judaism. The director of Yad Vashem, Avner Shalev, called Sunday's day of pardon both "significant" and "historic." ……At the end of the confessions, he embraced a large crucifix on the altar for the special Mass, imploring God's forgiveness. "We are asking pardon for the divisions among Christians, for the use of violence that some have committed in the service of truth, and for attitudes of mistrust and hostility assumed toward followers of other religions," John Paul said in his homily. The cardinals and bishops, also wearing purple, cited "contempt for (other) cultures and religious traditions," and the treatment of women, "who are all too often humiliated and marginalized." It fell to the head of the Inquisition's modern-day successor, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, to confess "sins committed in the service of the truth." "Even men of the church, in the name of faith and morals, have sometimes used methods not in keeping with the Gospel," he confessed. "Have mercy on your sinful children," the pope responded. …..The church, however, is not exactly admitting guilt - the sweeping apology is for human sins by the church's sons and daughters, not by the church itself. "These kinds of things the pope is acknowledging and recognizing have been wrong and sinful, and we're asking forgiveness as a community," said the Rev. Thomas Rees, a Vatican expert….."


CNSNews 3/14/00 Bruce Sullivan "…….Hundreds of pro-abortion, feminist and anti-religion liberal organizations have launched an organized effort to reduce the Vatican's United Nations status from Permanent Observer to non-governmental organization, and in response, a coalition of Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Mormon, Muslim and non-religious organizations have joined forces to defend the role of the "Holy See" (the official UN designation for the Catholic Church)....... "The Catholic Church has been the number-one defender of the unborn child's human rights around the world, and that's why pro-abortion forces are trying to shut the Holy See out of UN conferences," Focus on the Family spokesman Tom Minnery told…….. "We Christians from all denominations will proudly stand with our Catholic allies to see that the abortion industry is not successful at silencing the Holy See at the UN," added Minnery……"

Macon Telegraph 3/13/00 Christopher Schwartzen "…… The president of Bob Jones University, spotlighted last month because of the school's ban on interracial dating, spoke out against religious intolerance and denial of free speech during a sermon Sunday in Macon. Bob Jones III told members of Gilead Baptist Church on Rocky Creek Road that other religious denominations and the U.S. government were persecuting his university's right to free speech. He said it was a dark day for Christians because of this. "The Senate is talking about a censure of condemnation against Christians and against Bob Jones University," the 60-year-old university president told the congregation. "This is a godless society trying to reshape the world." Bob Jones University, a conservative religious college in Greenville, S.C., teaches the Bible should be interpreted literally and that only by accepting Jesus Christ can someone get to heaven. The school came under fire last month when Gov. George W. Bush of Texas gave a speech there before South Carolina's primary. ….."

AP 3/13/00 Libby Quaid "….The Bob Jones University controversy that dominated much of the Republican presidential primary campaign is bubbling over into congressional races. Democrats, eager to regain control of Congress, are trying to tie Republicans to the fundamentalist Christian school in Greenville, S.C., that, until earlier this month, had anti-Catholic statements on its Web site and forbade interracial dating. In the Senate, Democrats pushed a resolution condemning the school, while in the House, the party's fund-raising arm distributed a memorandum on Bob Jones' policies and urged candidates to use it to attack Republicans. ''Your Republican opponent may be asked about his/her reaction to (Republican presidential candidate George W.) Bush's handling of the Bob Jones visit,'' says a memo from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. ''Consider issuing a press release, holding a news conference, or writing a letter to the editor to highlight your feelings on the national Republican Party's alliance with right-wing extremist groups.'' ……. Ashcroft said he ''really didn't know about the specific teachings of Bob Jones University'' and fired back that Carnahan offended Catholics by vetoing a ban on a type of late-term abortions. Ashcroft said he will return the degree only if Carnahan returns campaign contributions from abortion-rights groups. ''The injection of religious bigotry and racial animosity into this campaign is a real shame,'' Ashcroft said. ……"

CNS News 3/13/00 "…… Monday's Catholic World News reports that more than twenty feminist and pro-abortion activists stormed into Mary Queen of the World Roman Catholic Cathedral in Montreal last Tuesday, burning homemade crosses, spray painting altars and walls, scattering used sanitary napkins, condoms and underwear, and attempting to overturn the tabernacle while protesting the Catholic church's opposition to abortion. Seven people were arrested and may be charged with illegal assembly, assaulting police officers and obstruction. Father Jean-Pierre Couturier, the vicar of the parish, told the National Post newspaper that the protestors were turning over flowerpots and sticking used sanitary napkins to pictures and walls. A witness told the paper that the attack was orchestrated by activists celebrating International Women's Day. …."

Breakpoint 3/13/00 Charles Colson "…… You won't hear this from the secular media, but the culture war isn't over yet -- and there's plenty of evidence that Christians are winning important victories. For example, did you see the recent Wall Street Journal piece about Abercrombie & Fitch? It seems Abercrombie has gone from being the hottest, hippest clothing store around to being ... just another store. Abercrombie, you may recall, is the company that reinvented itself as THE place for teenagers to buy clothes. Their once-stodgy catalogs began to feature nude photos, alcoholic recipes, and sex advice from the stars. Angry parents picketed the stores. Mothers Against Drunk Driving protested the drinking article so loudly that the company recalled that particular catalog. The Michigan Attorney General even took steps to force the company to keep its pornographic catalogs out of the hands of children. ….."

Washinton Times 3/14/00 Wesley Pruden "……The pope's apology seems elaborate enough to a disinterested bystander who is neither Jewish nor female nor an offended "other" Christian. It's an apology offered in seven parts - for sins in general, sins in wrongful service of faith, sins against Christian unity, sins against the Jews, sins against respect for love, peace and cultures, sins against women and minorities, and sins against basic human rights. Some of the sins cited in the pope's apology are certainly whoppers, beginning with sponsorship of the Crusades and continuing with the Inquisition down to acquiescence in the greatest outrage of all, the Holocaust. The pope did not cite these by name, but no one could miss his meaning. The reference to sins against women are recalled, too, and the villain who first comes to mind is St. Bernard of Cluny, who wrote that female adornments "are but blood, mucuous and bile. If we refuse to touch dung and phlegm, even with a fingertip, how can we desire to embrace a sack of [feces]." (He no doubt went into the priesthood when he couldn't get a date to the senior prom.) …..Mr. Clinton's eagerness to find somebody else's sin to apologize for only demonstrates how much easier it is to apologize for a grandfather's sin than for one of your own. If Mr. Clinton, for example, really wants to indulge the warm and fuzzy feelings that come with a good apology you might think he has ample reserves of his own sins to apologize for. Once you start apologizing for other people's sins there's no good stopping place. ……"

Associated Press 3/14/00 "……Rarely has an American religious group changed its doctrines so radically and so swiftly. And rarely have the implications been so weighty. To throaty cheers of ``Allah akbar!'' (God is great!) from more than 20,000 followers at his annual rally recently, minister Louis Farrakhan reconciled with archrival Imam W. Deen Mohammed and proclaimed the Nation of Islam's entry into the Muslim mainstream. If the Nation's faith becomes fully acceptable to Mohammed's orthodox blacks and the larger body of immigrant Muslims - though, with the mercurial Farrakhan , nothing can be certain - a unified and strengthened Islam could gradually remake the American religious landscape. Orthodox Islam has always abhorred the Nation, believing it distorts the Muslim central profession that "there is no god but God and Mohammed is his Prophet." The Nation has taught that "Allah appeared in the Person of Master W. Fard Muhammad" and that this mysterious Detroit teacher was also the messiah of Muslims and Christians. After Fard Muhammad disappeared in 1934, his successor, Elijah Muhammad, came to be revered as the final prophet instead of Mohammed of Arabia. And despite Islam's brotherhood ideal, the Nation proclaimed that whites are inferior "devils." It advocated racial segregation and demanded that blacks be given their own territory within the United States. ……"

ETHERZONE 3/14/00 Chuck Morse "…… Our secular establishment prides itself on the concept of a "wall" of separation between church and state. The Warren Supreme Court based many decisions, including the banning of prayer in public schools, on this so-called wall as they extrapolated it from the Constitution. Groups like the ACLU have attempted to eradicate Judeo-Christian religion from all aspects of our public life and discourse. The degree in which they have pressed this agenda, at times bordering on the absurd, and their spirit of hatred for God centered religion, is well known to most of us. Liberals, however, are proving to be completely phony defenders of the separation. Their stand is a Trojan Horse. Their goal is to convert all religions into their own faith, secular humanism. They are using the strong arm of the state to accomplish this. .........The humanists have been curiously silent on the most significant and dangerous threat to this separation in our history. That imminent threat is a bill passed by Congress, and signed into law by President Reagan in 1984 that requires all churches to register with the State and Federal government for the purpose of paying taxes. All churches that are tax exempt are now required to pay FICA taxes for employees earning $100 or more........The 1984 legislation mandated the tax. This forces the church to finance the secular government and at the same time, allows the government a foot in the door in terms of r egulating what goes on in the church. While this should set off alarms to liberals and civil libertarians their reaction is the exact opposite. ........... " 3/9/00 "…….Pacific Justice Institute, a non-profit legal defense firm which supports parental rights, religious liberties, and other basic constitutional civil liberties, was contacted today regarding a mother who was ordered by an Alameda Superior Court judge not to engage in any religious activities with her children. The mother has been divorced from the father for several years. While the father has sole physical custody of the children, both parents have joint legal custody, and are entitled to visitation. However, the judge specifically ordered the mother not to "discuss issues of a religious nature during visitation." The mother's request for a hearing to allow her children to attend church, as well as pray and read the Bible with her during visitation, was denied. The matter arose after a social worker had earlier determined that the children were receiving too much religious exposure by the mother. ….."

Pulitzer Corporation - Post Net 3/26/00 Bob Kenney "……Now that the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has settled its rift with Adam's Mark Hotels and wants to bring 45,000 youth to St. Louis for its convention here, tens of thousands of citizens in St. Louis want to tell the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to keep their anti-white racism out of our town. We want them to cancel their meetings here entirely, because they are not welcome here. The citizens of St. Louis do not need anti-white racist Christian organizations who are committed to leftwing diversity in our town. In addition, the vast majority of these Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Youth live in white separatist neighborhoods which are the result of what the Post-Dispatch refers to as "white flight" areas. ….."

Florida Times Union 3/26/00 Bruce Bryant-Friedland "…….Asked to describe the edge that Catholic schools possess, Sister Elise Kennedy rattles off a list of usual suspects: Parents who send their children to St. Pius V Catholic School on Jacksonville's Northside show a willingness to make a sacrifice for their children, she said. The atmosphere is orderly, and discipline is not a problem. The students find themselves working to meet the high expectations of Kennedy, the school's principal, and her 11-teacher staff. And the parochial school can be choosy about whom it admits, avoiding children who have severe behavioral and learning problems. Nevertheless, when prompted to weigh these factors, Kennedy doesn't hesitate in judging what makes the biggest difference. "We can bring God into the classroom. We can bring Jesus into the classroom," she said. "We can talk about morality." ……"

Austin American Statesman 3/26/00 AP JohnZenor "……-When the former black militant Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin was arrested in rural Alabama, some Muslims say it only perpetuated an ugly stereotype that Muslims are violent radicals. The former Black Panther, who changed his name from H. Rap Brown upon converting to Islam, is accused of shooting two sheriff's deputies--one fatally--in Atlanta. He was caught last week in Lowndes County, the same backwoods region of Alabama where he helped lead a voting rights push in the 1960s. ``There's a lot of misconception in the media that all Muslims are bomb-carrying terrorists, and they get a bad rap,'' said Richard Penaskovic, an Auburn University professor of philosophy and religious studies. ``Any religion where people pray five times a day, my hat's off to them.'' ….." 3/25/00 Gary Robertson "……Reform Judaism is poised for a vote that could make it the most influential U.S. religious group to support clergy who perform same-sex unions. A resolution sanctioning commitment ceremonies is expected to come up at the Central Conference of American Rabbis convention starting Sunday in Greensboro. In an unusual step, discussions will be held privately, a sign of the issue's volatility. A similar vote at the group's 1998 convention was dropped to head off potentially divisive debate. The group's 1,800 members serve at least 1.5 million Reform Jews, the largest and most liberal of Judaism's three major branches in North America. ......... Opponents of the resolution believe it would disparage rabbis who believe same-sex relationships do not meet criteria for the Jewish concept of ''kiddushin,'' or a sanctified relationship between a Jewish husband and wife. Moreover, they warn it would alienate Reform Judaism from Israel, where it seeks stronger recognition, and create sharp divisions among rabbis. ……... " 3/22/00 Charles Colson "…… A few years ago, people exploring the caves around Jerusalem made the discovery of a lifetime: an ancient burial site containing the remains of a crucified man. The find was only one in a series that have overturned a century-old consensus which held that the gospels are almost entirely proclamation, with little, if any, real history. It turns out the remains belonged to a man who had been crucified in the first century A.D. As Jeffrey Sheler writes in his book "Is The Bible True?", the skeleton confirms what the evangelists wrote about Jesus' death and burial in several important ways……..Another account that has been corroborated by archeology is the story of Jesus healing the lame man in John chapter 5. In this story, John describes a five-sided pool just inside Jerusalem's Sheep Gate, where the sick came to be healed. Since no other document from antiquity -- including the rest of the Bible -- mentions such a place, it had long been assumed that John invented the locale. But, as Sheler points out, when archeologists decided to dig where John said that the pool was located, they found a five-sided pool. What's more, the pool contained shrines to the Greek gods of healing. John hadn't made up the locale, after all. ......,This dismissing of the biblical text, without bothering to dig, points out the weakness of liberal scholarly opinion: much of the suspicion about biblical texts can only be attributed to prejudice. That is, it's a conclusion arrived at before the facts are all in……."

Salt Lake Tribune 3/20/00 Paul Rolly Joann Jacobsen-Wells "…..Since the LDS Church was allowed to purchase a block of Main Street, a some Catholics are considering asking Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson and the City Council if they can buy the streets around the Cathedral of the Madeleine -- so parishioners can avoid getting parking tickets. When a Salt Lake City Parking Enforcement officer issued dozens of tickets to Catholic worshipers parked around the Cathedral during Sunday Mass several months ago, city officials explained the cars were parked in red zones which would make it difficult for emergency vehicles to get near the entrance of the building. ……"

Clarion Ledger 3/23/00 Emily Wagster "….. With no debate Wednesday, the House voted 107-8 to ban same-sex couples from adopting children. "It's certainly against God's law and it should be against the laws of the state of Mississippi and the United States of America," one of the bill's supporters, Rep. Eric Robinson, R-Quitman, said after the vote. Said Rep. Frances Fredericks, D-Gulfport, who voted against the measure: "As many children as we have in the system that nobody has adopted ... why are we going to say that this group of people cannot adopt children?" The ban is part of Senate Bill 3074, which could come up for more discussion this session. No one has presented evidence that any Mississippi chancery judge has allowed a gay or lesbian couple to adopt a child. ….."

Liberty Alliance 3/23/00 Jerry Falwell "…….. The recent assaults on the so-called "religious right" by Sen. John McCain, Vice President Al Gore and Clinton apologist James Carville have actually done more to energize religious conservatives than anything since the candidacy of Ronald Reagan. In other words, the tactic to weaken the political impact of people of faith has failed. ……….. I am witnessing a rapidly-growing surge of energy among religious conservatives in this nation. Following years of mistreatment and ridicule from the media and the political left, I believe conservative people of faith are once again gearing up to make their voices heard in the critical political elections of 2000. ……. Of course, we all remember what happened twenty years ago when a similar groundswell of political energy emanated from our ranks - President Reagan was elected and became, in my opinion, the greatest president of the 20th Century………. To help in this cause, my team and I will be conducting a vast series of "Pastors Policy Briefings" around the country in the weeks to come. These events will be singularly-focused in order to train pastors how to properly - and legally! - conduct "Citizenship Sundays" at their churches between now and November. We will teach them how to ensure that all voting-age persons in their congregations are registered - through the motor-voter registration process - and prepared to perform their duty as citizens by voting. We will also teach the pastors how to keep a file of all new registered voters so that they can send reminders to those individuals as to where they are scheduled to vote in November. Voter registrars nationwide are going to be inundated with new voter registration forms in the months to come because I am very serious about registering TEN MILLION new voters through hosts of "Citizenship Sundays" across this nation. ……… In addition, my team and I are right now preparing to mail 28 million letters to people of faith in this nation. These mailings will contain two voter registration forms and ten People of Faith 2000 pledge cards, asking the recipients to enlist ten friends or family members to sign the cards with the promise to vote in November. ……"

Speaker's Press Office 3/23/00 J Dennis Hastert "…..Statement by House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-IL) Regarding the House Chaplain Washington, DC - House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-IL) made the following statement today: "Mr. Speaker, I rise today on a point of personal privilege. "I come to this well today following a long period of prayerful consideration. I want to talk to you about the choice of our next Chaplain, a man whose job it is to ask God's blessing on our work. ……….."I knew that finding the right person would be difficult. Many religious faiths are represented in this House, and many of you had candidates you believed would be good for the job. The Search Committee Dick Gephardt and I created was asked to review the many applicants and send to the leadership up to three, unranked candidates for final consideration. "I suppose that the Committee could have ignored those instructions and sent us only one candidate because they believed he or she was so far superior, that they stood out above all other applicants. "But they did not. In fact, I learned recently that the Search Committee discussed that very option and rejected it. "Instead, the committee, under the able leadership of Tom Bliley, a Catholic, and Earl Pomeroy, a Presbyterian, selected three outstanding candidates, Rev. Robert Dvorak, Father Tim O'Brien and Dr. Charles Wright. …………. "These names were sent to us in alphabetical order. There was no ranking of the candidates. There was no "first choice" of the committee, as some would have the public believe. In fact, there could not be a "first choice" because the committee never set out to select one. The report to this House by the bipartisan co-chairmen of the committee makes this fact abundantly clear. The truth is simple: each of the three candidates was deemed as acceptable to the Search Committee. ….."

Cincinnati Post 3/23/00 Richard Erlich "…… We are in another round of debate on religion in the public schools, and some time about now someone usually reminds us that it is perfectly constitutional to teach (about) religion in the public schools, so long as teachers don't preach a religion or proselytize for it, so long as the school doesn't endorse a religion or religion generally. And usually there is a recent survey someone can cite showing the low state of religious education in America...." 3/23/00 Justin Torres "…… A bill that would require the FCC to hold public hearings before making changes to the regulations surrounding religious broadcasters has not yet been brought to a subcommittee hearing, and some observers believe an impending feud over the House Commerce Committee chairmanship may be behind the delay. The bill, the Religious Broadcasting Freedom Act (H.R. 3525), was introduced by Rep. Michael Oxley (R-OH) in January in response to new guidelines issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that would have required broadcasters operating on noncommercial educational licenses to devote at least one-half of their programming hours to topics that serve the "educational, instructional or cultural needs of the community." To qualify, the Commission continued, that programming must not be "primarily devoted to religious exhortation, proselytizing, or statements of personally-held religious views and beliefs." The FCC ruling, and subsequent reversal, were first reported by Oxley's bill - which has more than 120 co-sponsors from both parties - requires the FCC to hold public hearings before changing the rules surrounding licensing for noncommercial religious broadcasters. Under pressure from Capitol Hill and religious communities, the FCC vacated the original decision on January 28 of this year. …….."Christian broadcasters need protection against an activist FCC," Karl Stoll, spokesperson for the National Religious Broadcasters, told "It's imperative that the Oxley bill be passed before this session comes to a close." Meanwhile, Sen. Tim Hutchinson (R-AR) has introduced a bill in the Senate, the Noncommercial Broadcasting Eligibility Act of 2000 that would require the FCC to "treat a nonprofit private foundation, corporation, or association as a noncommercial educational broadcast station." The bill, which specifically references the recent flap over the new FCC guidelines, would require the agency to recognize any 501(c)3 nonprofit organization as a noncommercial broadcasting entity for licensing purposes……."

South Bend Tribune 3/24/00 Howard Dukes "……Cary Smith remembers Cheryl Malinowski as the teacher who helped her excel when school became too difficult. That is why the portrayals of the science teacher at Ring Lardner Middle School as someone who might be a danger to students caught her by surprise. …… The district disciplined Malinowski for giving a student unauthorized reading material. Malinowski gave the student a copy of a book that discusses a "pagan" religion called Wicca. That student gave the book, "Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner," to a classmate. Brian and Diane Wozniak, the parents of the classmate, found the book. They complained to the school after learning how their daughter had received the book. Malinowski's supporters, upset about what they perceive as character assassination and a lack of support from the school board and administration, attended the board meeting. ….."

San Jose Mercury News 3/24/00 John Omicinski "……A few years ago during the Holy Week preceding Easter, New Yorker magazine ran a cover depicting the crucifixion of an Easter Bunny. The media snickered, but there was no outburst at the hatchet job. Indeed, an outrage like a crucified Easter Bunny passes for humor in a homogenized and humorless U.S. media culture, where anti-Catholicism has emerged as the last politically correct bias. While America heads down a moral and spiritual shoot-the-chute, with children killing other children with guns and knives, there are titters about a Brooklyn art show featuring elephant feces on a portrait of the mother of Jesus Christ. Somehow, the tasteless Brooklyn episode is seen as a civil rights issue and the school killings as largely a gun-control issue. Apparently Roman Catholics aren't seen as having similar rights to practice their religion in peace, without organized, government-subsidized insults. ……… Hollywood loves anti-Catholic themes in television and movies. They keep making them though none seems to make money, so we must conclude it's a matter of bias rather than business. …….."

AFP 3/24/00 "…….Pope John Paul II preached a new Sermon on the Mount Friday to 100,000 faithful gathered near the Sea of Galilee, following the example of Jesus 2,000 years before. The service on the Mount of the Beatitudes, where Jesus said, "Blessed are the peacemakers," was by far the largest gathering of the pope's millennium tour and the largest Christian ritual ever in the Jewish state. Continuing his emotional pilgrimage to the sites of Christ's life and death, the pontiff delivered a deeply religious homily, beseeching the young people of the world to heed Jesus's words of peace to his disciples. Under rain-filled clouds, pilgrims from around the world joined the mass celebrated by the frail white-robed pontiff from an enormous covered stage dominated by a backdrop depicting Christ. …."Seeing John Paul II, we are seeing Jesus Christ, to us he represents Our Father," said Nazzarena di Sabatino, a pilgrim from Italy. ….."

World Magazine 3/24/00 Tim Graham "……What happens when a coalition of aggressively pro-abortion groups tries to silence an international pro-life voice? Religious conservatives, who disagree with one another on points of theology, form a coalition to try to stop them. Evangelical groups have joined with Roman Catholic activists in fighting to preserve the Vatican's unique status at the United Nations. As a non-member state with permanent observer status, the Vatican enjoys many of the same rights and privileges as the 188 countries that are full-fledged UN members. While it has no vote, the Vatican can take active part in UN debates and conferences, and its contrarian pro-life presence clearly annoys the dominant ethos at these celebrations of feminism and radical environmentalism. The abortion advocacy group Catholics for a Free Choice is leading a campaign to prod the UN to review the permanent observer status of the Holy See, the Vatican's governing body. "In a time when religious fundamentalism threatens pluralism, tolerance, and women's human rights, the UN must maintain a clear separation between religious beliefs and international public policy," declares the CFC website. They complain the Holy See uses its influence "to limit access to family planning, safe abortion-even in countries where abortion is legal, and emergency contraception-even for women who have been raped as an act of war. Successfully challenging the Holy See's status will save women's lives." CFC leader Frances Kissling said her campaign, known as "See Change," had over 400 signatures from organizations that want to review the Vatican's sovereign-state claim. ……"

Associated Press Online 3/20/00 "……- A former Black Panther leader wanted in the fatal shooting of an Atlanta sheriff's deputy was captured in Alabama Monday when he was spotted in a shed by federal marshals and began firing at them, the FBI said. Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, who was known as H. Rap Brown, was arrested in Lowndes County, Ala., west of Montgomery, Agent Theodore Jackson said. Jackson said Al-Amin was spotted about 6:30 p.m. and was arrested about three hours later in Autaugaville, Ala. Al-Amin was spotted peering out from a shed, and he immediately began firing shots at the team of U.S. marshals who spotted him, Jackson said. He ran from the shed into a wooded area with marshals chasing him. Jackson said shots were fired on several occasions during the pursuit. …….Al-Amin came to Atlanta in 1976 after converting to Islam while serving five years in prison for his role in a robbery that ended in a shootout with New York police. In recent years, he has been the spiritual leader of a mosque and operated a small grocery in Atlanta's West End. ......"

Detroit Free Press 3/24/00 Barbara Demick "………In January 1945, a 14-year-old Jewish girl lay exhausted and half-starved on the platform of an abandoned railroad station. The Russians that day had liberated Skarzysko-Kamienna, the labor camp in Poland where she had been interned, and she was too weak to get up. Suddenly, a young priest appeared. He brought her tea, two slices of bread and some cheese, then carried her to safety in Krakow. "He came like an angel out of nowhere and gave me life," the girl, now 69-year-old Edith Tzirer of Haifa, told an Israeli newspaper about the Polish priest. On Thursday, at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, Tzirer met the man she says was that priest: Pope John Paul II. ……. Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls said Thursday that the pope did not remember the incident with Tzirer, but that he does not dismiss the story out of hand. "It is quite possible, because he was in the area at the time," the spokesman said. ……"

EWTN 3/20/00 "……..News agencies around the world are reporting the supposed anti-Semitic comments of Fr. Peter Gumpel, relator of the cause for Pius XII's beatification. According to the reports, he told CBS television that "it is a fact that the Jews have killed Christ." As expected, the news has caused quite a stir, and was picked up by several press agencies in the United States. Before verifying the news, these sources accused Fr. Gumpel of anti-Semitism, to the extent that Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel said: "I am amazed. I'm shocked and outraged. After all, this countryman, this priest who speaks on behalf of the Vatican, is coming up with accusations that are old, and he forgets that we all now live in the 21st century." The network has done nothing more than distort Fr. Gumpel's words, quoting them out of context for the purpose of launching a campaign against the Catholic Church on the eve of the Pope's trip to Israel.............."We feel very strongly that quote was not taken out of context and we stand by our story," said CBS spokeswoman Sandy Genelius, who added that CBS News officials had read the full transcript. …………..In addition to publishing this press statement, Fr. Gumpel wrote a letter to the Editor-in-Chief of CBS in New York, with a copy to the Canadian editorial board, which prepared the service in question, in which he requests an immediate denial and consequent rectification. In statements to ZENIT, Fr. Gumpel said, "This accusation of anti-Semitism that they make not only is absurd, but gravely wounds my honor. Such an accusation is totally out of place, as my family was harshly persecuted by the Nazis and, as a result, I myself had to spend the years of my youth outside my country to avoid being killed." ….."

3/21/00 Nicholson 3/21/00 "……Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson today revealed that four congresswomen who sit on the advisory board of Women Leaders Online, one of the lead groups trying to throw the Vatican out of the United Nations, are trying to hide their involvement in the group's activities. Today, the Women Leaders Online removed pictures of congresswomen Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.), Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) and Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), and former Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro (D-N.Y.) from its web page after receiving inquiries about its anti-Catholic bias. "It's no surprise to me that these congresswomen are ashamed to be involved in such a bigoted plot to deny the Vatican a voice in the United Nations," Nicholson said. "However, this cowardly game of duck and hide will not be tolerated by Catholics. Instead, these four members must repudiate the anti-Catholic views of this organization." …."

WorldNetDaily 3/20/00 David Kupelian "…….. I have always wondered about this passage in the biblical book of Revelation. How would people ever be made to accept such a "mark of the beast" or to accept the implantation of some sinister computer chip in their bodies? It sounded like science fiction. If and when such a terrifying future scenario would begin to unfold, I figured -- when the "antichrist" and his operatives would try to mandate the mass acceptance of this "mark" -- there would be massive rebellion. Everyone would just say, "Hey, dude, didn't you ever hear of a little thing called the Bible? The Book of Revelation? So get out of my face, 'cause I'm not interested in obtaining eternal damnation. Have a nice day." Ah, that was then. Little did I know the day would come when traditional Christianity would be under such severe assault, its basic precepts so maligned, its adherents so demonized that the nightmarish scenario predicted in Revelation could not only come about, but be welcomed with open arms. ……… And now, here comes the Digital Angel(r) -- the new, dime-sized implantable transceiver whose manufacturer, the NASDAQ-traded Applied Digital Solutions, intends its global use for the tracking and monitoring of humans. Emitting a homing beacon that can be tracked by global positioning system satellites, it is being marketed as the ultimate, tamper-proof means of personal identification……. "A few years ago there may have been resistance, but not anymore," Dr. Peter Zhou, chief scientist for development of the implant and president of ADS subsidiary Inc. told…….. Now I am not claiming "Digital Angel(r)" is the tool of the antichrist. But I am saying emphatically that, if it is, the world is just about ready for it. …….
* A few years ago, could you have predicted that in the year 2000 a major Republican presidential candidate would call two of the best-known evangelical Christian ministers in the country -- Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell -- "agents of intolerance"?
* Back in the days when Pat Buchanan was spokesman for Ronald Reagan, would you have believed that just a few years later, today's White House press secretary, Joe Lockhart, would publicly equate Christians evangelizing people of other faiths with perpetuating "ancient religious hatred"?
* Could you have guessed churches around the country would be denied the right to conduct weddings and funerals because they might be "disturbing the peace"?
* Would you ever have thought that "new research" would show, in the biblical story of David and Goliath, that it wasn't David's faith in God that won the day. It was the fact, as Vladimir Berginer, professor of neurology at Israel's Ben-Gurion University argues, that Goliath was actually suffering from a disease of the pituitary gland called acromegaly, which caused a tumor to swell against Goliath's optic nerve. Poor Goliath, it turns out, was vision-impaired. If the unproven and fraud-ridden theory of evolution can be used so effectively to undermine the first book of the Bible; and if a university professor can claim without evidence of any sort that Goliath couldn't see -- and the international media report this as news; then the dark, foreboding and allegorical last book of the Bible should be child's play to discredit.
* And whereas a generation ago Judeo-Christianity was the dominant culture in America, and the homosexual world a seamy subculture, could you have guessed that today the homosexual activists' political agenda would have become accepted and supported in almost every sector of society, while Christianity would be openly and freely demonized?
……..The truth is, Christians have been powerless to stop the spread of evil throughout America, even within their own churches. I always thought good was supposed to be more powerful than evil. Maybe there's not too much good in today's Christians -- not enough, anyway. Yes, the truth is, if and when the terrible time foretold in Revelation comes, most of us probably won't even notice this manifestation of ultimate evil. After all, we've had a lot of practice. …."

Arabia On Line 3/10/00 Anayat Durrani "……Islam, a religion that was for centuries believed to have been 'spread by the sword' is currently the fastest growing religion in the United States and in the world. Adherents to the Islamic faith number 1.2 billion worldwide. And growing... In the United States, where Muslims number over six million, the Islamic faith has in many estimates surpassed Judaism and is believed to be the second largest religion in America after Christianity. While part of the rise in the population of Muslims in the United States is due to immigration, the phenomenal growth of Islam in the past 10 years has come from an increasing number of Americans converting to Islam from other religions. Muslim leaders estimate that half the number of American converts to Islam come from the African-American community. Twenty-two-year-old Leslie Jordan is a recent convert to Islam. "I decided that I wanted to convert to a religion whose beliefs were like mine and whose practices would compliment the life I wanted to lead and help to exemplify my beliefs." ......" 3/21/00 Carl Limbacher "……. The press made a big stink about George W. Bush's alleged anti-Catholicism for having spoken at Bob Jones University. That was ok and good, because the press were pulling for McCain -- and so overnight many major media figures became, well, more Catholic than the Pope. Not so for Bryant Gumbel. He has been quite virulent against Catholics for some time. His animosity also extends to conservative Republicans. After NBC tossed him, he ended up at CBS and as ratings for his specials proved disastrous, they stuck him back in the basement program. Apparently Gumbel has yet to figure out why viewers don't like him. Yesterday's edition of the CBS program "The Early Show" featured another attack on Catholicism. ……"

The Temple Institute 3/21/00 Rabbi Chaim Richman "…..Today is Purim, that day of turnabout and the hidden, protective hand of Divine Providence. How remarkable that the Pope is visiting Jerusalem this week and arriving in Israel today. Is this mere coincidence-is there ever such a thing? And is it a coincidence that today, on Purim, the Israel Defense Forces plans to withdraw from 6.1% of Judea and Samaria, in the framework of the last stage of the second Oslo withdrawal? Sometimes it seems that the news coming from Israel must be an elaborate, year-long Purim simply can't be real. What sane people would willfully bring about the circumstances that guarantee its own destruction, in return for nothing? Are we dreaming? Or could it be that we are all insane? ………"

The Temple Institute 3/21/00 Rabbi Chaim Richman "…..The great Chassidic master Rabbi Nachman told a story called "The Tainted Grain." It is short enough to repeat here in its entirety: A king once told his prime minister, who was also his good friend, "I see in the stars that whoever eats any grain that grows this year will go mad. What is your advice?" The prime minister replied, "We must put aside enough grain so that we will not have to eat from this year's harvest." The king objected, "But then we will be the only ones who will be sane. Everyone else will be mad. Therefore, they will think that we are the mad ones. It is impossible for us to put aside enough grain for everyone. Therefore, we too must eat this year's grain. But let us make a mark on our foreheads, so that at least we will know that we are mad. I will look at your forehead, and you will look at mine, and when we see this sign, we will know that we are both mad."……"

The Temple Institute 3/21/00 Rabbi Chaim Richman "…..Last month, in the very midst of Israel's fever-pitch preparations for the Pope's visit this week, Israel was shocked to find that the Vatican announced the signing of a special agreement with the PLO. What a remarkable alliance! But truthfully, it is understandable if the peace-loving, godly Pope has apparently forgotten that the nobel-prize winning Arafat is the most accomplished terrorist and murderer of our generation, single- handedly responsible for the deaths of scores of innocent men, women and children. After all, this is the man who proved to the entire world that murder really does pay off, for he has received recognition, and is accepted internationally as a head of state. Besides, America's leader has embraced Arafat and put good faith in him, and more importantly, in utter madness beyond all sane reasoning, in their self-imposed death march, so have the Israelis-so, who could blame the Pope? ......"

Washington Post 3/23/00 R Jeffrey Smith "….. In a politically charged visit to Palestinian-run Bethlehem today, Pope John Paul II strongly affirmed support for creation of a Palestinian homeland and called for "decisive actions" by world leaders to improve living conditions for 3.6 million Palestinian refugees. The pontiff said Mass in Manger Square and prayed at a basilica marking the spot where tradition says Jesus was born, spending a day almost entirely in territory controlled by Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority. He laced the spiritual gestures with comments that were embraced by Palestinians as support for their national cause - lamenting the "torment" of Palestinian refugees, some of whom he visited later in a nearby camp, and declaring that "legitimate Palestinian aspirations" should be urgently fulfilled through a negotiated Middle East peace. Vatican policy has long supported Palestinian rights, but John Paul's decision to reaffirm this view so clearly during his week-long visit to the Holy Land - and in an area under Palestinian control - seemed calculated for political impact.......Less than a minute after John Paul finished his sermon, the service was interrupted by a four-minute Muslim call to prayer from speakers atop the minaret of the nearby Omar bin Khattab mosque, forcing the pope and throng of worshipers to wait quietly before the Mass resumed. Jerusalem's Latin patriarch, Michel Sabbah, a Palestinian, later spoke of the muezzin's call as symbolizing Muslim and Christian unity in Bethlehem. Navarro-Valls said the overlapping of prayers was "mutual and respectful."......"

Independent (UK) 3/22/00 Phil Reeves "……. The Pope became the instant hero of the Palestinian people yesterday after he plunged into the political cauldron of the Middle East with what amounted to a stinging indictment of Israel's conduct. But only an hour after uttering his words - at a Palestinian refugee camp in Bethlehem - the place erupted into riots with running street battles between stone-throwing Palestinians youths and baton- wielding Palestinian police, who were also hurling stones. Emotions - stoked high because of the pontiff's visit - spilled over half an hour after the Popemobile had drawn out of Bethlehem, bearing its 79-year-old occupant back to a helicopter and nearby Jerusalem. If proof was needed of the perils of John Paul II's mission to the Middle East - and the risk he is taking personally, despite a huge security operation - then this was it. As dusk turned to darkness, large chunks of concrete and rocks flew through the air, as about 700 youths charged out of the camp to confront the police, who engaged in the battle as enthusiastically as the youths they were trying to quell………The Israeli reaction was dismissive. "We see nothing new in the Vatican's position," said Shlomo Ben-Ami, the Public Security Minister. "We will not look at the petty details of the visit through a microscope." But even if the Palestinians do not make the connection between his appearance and the ensuing riots, some Israelis will do so. He will be blamed for stoking up the mood, and the behaviour of the Palestinian police will be cited as evidence that they are not yet ready for their own homeland. ......"

Sydney Morning Herald 3/22/00 Ben Hills "…… The editor of Australia's national Jewish newspaper has been asked to appear before Judaism's highest ecclesiastical court over his coverage of the "Stars of David", the first Jewish float in Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Two other Sydney Jewish leaders have also been invited to front the five senior rabbis who form the Beth Din - literally the "house of judgment" - in a dispute over the acceptance of homosexuality which has split the community. On one side are conservative rabbis who believe homosexuality is a sin. On the other are a Who's Who of community leaders, including three judges and eight university professors, who have come out in public support of a more tolerant, inclusive policy. The views of Orthodox Jews, who form about 10 per cent of Australia's 120,000-strong Jewish community, were expressed in an article in last week's Australian Jewish News by Rabbi Benzion Milecki, the chief minister of South Head Synagogue. "Homosexuality is not only forbidden according to Jewish law, it has the dubious distinction of being one of the only things which the Torah [scriptures] refers to as toeva - an abomination, a word which is used to connote the idea of disgust," he wrote. ….."

Catholic Task Force Letter 3/22/00 to Gore and Hillary "…… Currently, the Roman Catholic Church is experiencing a number of exciting events: the beginning of the Jubilee Year, the Lenten season before Easter, and Pope John Paul II's visit to the Holy Land. However, there is a very unholy war going on in our own country - a battle being waged to evict the Vatican and the Holy Father from the United Nations. The Vatican has been recognized by the U.N. since 1964 with "observer" status, meaning it has no voting rights but can take active part in U.N. debates and conferences. The main group waging the war to oust the Catholic Church from the United Nations is "See Change," which has been endorsed by the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) and the Women Leaders Online………….. NARAL and the advisory board of Women Leaders Online - Congresswomen Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.), Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) and Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), and former Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro (D-N.Y.) - have enthusiastically endorsed your campaigns and, regrettably, you have both refused to repudiate the anti-catholic groups as RNC Chairman Jim Nicholson asked you to do. It's one thing to stand on the wrong side of the issues important to Catholics, such as your support for partial birth abortion, for penalizing married couples, and your opposition to parents sending their children to parochial schools. However, it is our sincere hope that you will not stand idly by as your closest supporters try to muzzle the voice of over 1 billion Catholics worldwide. ......"

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 3/22/00 Rick Pierce "……The St. Louis Public Schools and AT&T Cable Services have yanked a television astrology program off a cable channel normally reserved for school programming. The program features Ruth Williams, a local astrologer, and guests who do tarot card readings and palmistry. Harold Brewster, a School Board member who is also a minister, saw the program last Thursday and raised objections with Chester Edmonds, the school district's public information officer. Later, an AT&T Cable spokeswoman confirmed that the program had been pulled. "That confirms that it was a lousy, filthy program," Brewster said. Brewster said such programs may be appropriate for other cable television channels, but not on the same channel with school programming. He called the show "part of the satanic way of doing things." Williams responded, "No, it's not satanic. He'll have to search somewhere else for Satan." Williams, who has been doing a local cable television show since 1986, said her "Pathways through Astrology" program is aired live and on tape across the St. Louis area at various times and on different stations. ......"

Newsday 3/21/00 Errol Cockfield Jr "……There's a battle going on between religion and economics on New Cassel's Prospect Avenue. The Rev. Fred Jenkins of St. Luke's Pentecostal Church wants to turn a dilapidated building he bought two years ago into a long-sought church for his small congregation, which now rents space in Westbury. But the North Hempstead Community Development Agency, which has been slowly redeveloping the blighted Prospect Avenue strip over the last decade, plans to force the church to sell the property to make way for affordable homes or business. The dispute between St. Luke's and the government agency is symbolic of a social debate that has long divided New Cassel……."

Catholic Family Radio Website 3/15/00 "…….For anyone who has withstood skeptical glares when decrying anti-Catholicism in American culture, this has been an incredible six months. We've gone from the artistic rendering of the Virgin Mary in dung to the contretemps in Congress about a Catholic chaplain to the political brouhaha over presidential candidates speaking at the avowedly anti-Catholic Bob Jones University. Despite all the political hay that has been made over these three events, or because of that hay, the citizenry has been forced to contemplate, for the first time in many a year, the continued existence of anti-Catholicism. Although cultural elites were willing to defend the right of a publicly funded museum to display the "Dung Mary," it is clear that a dung-besmirched Mohammed, Moses or Martin Luther King would never have seen the light of day. "Dung Mary" became, for many Catholics, a bitter symbol of how Catholicism and Catholic values are treated in a variety of cultural outlets, from Brooklyn to Broadway, and from the local cineplex to network television. ….."

ETHERZONE 3/15/00 Phil Brennan "……. But there are times when the perversion of truth reaches such depths of villainy that one simply cannot accept it with anything approaching equanimity. In short, there are times when I become enraged, especially when you know that the people distorting the facts know better - or should know better. I have now had it - in spades. In observing the current Holy Year Jubilee and it's theme of renewal, Pope John Paul II has issued an apology for all the sins against others that were committed by the Roman Catholic Church - surely an extraordinary and unheard of action by the leader of any organization. ………… One would expect the Pope's acceptance of blame for actions for which neither he nor any living member of the Church are responsible to be an act of great and humble generosity. It would appear that such is not the case. Why, the Pope is asked, did he not mention the holocaust? Now everybody knows that the people who ask that question really mean "Why didn't he apologize for the alleged failure of Pope Pius XII to take steps to save Jews from the Nazis?" ...... Now the facts are available for anyone interested in knowing the truth. And the truth is that nobody -- nobody at all -- did more to rescue Jews during the horrors of World War II. According to Israeli diplomat and scholar Pinchas Lapide: "The Catholic Church under the pontificate of Pius XII was instrumental in saving the lives of as many as 860,000 Jews from certain death at Nazi hands." Jeno Levai, the foremost scholar of the Holocaust in Hungary, said that Pius XII "did more than anyone else to halt the dreadful crime [the Holocaust] and alleviate its consequences." ……" 3/15/00 Jeremy Leaming "…… A second federal appeals court has found that a public school district can constitutionally bar religious groups from using its facilities. Late last week, a three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in Campbell v. St. Tammany's School Board that a Louisiana school district's policy forbidding religious groups from using school grounds for worship or religious teaching is constitutional. In 1997, the 2nd Circuit found a similar New York public school policy constitutional. Both decisions appear to contravene U.S. Supreme Court precedent, which holds that once a government entity, such as a public school, creates a forum open to secular groups, it cannot exclude groups with religious viewpoints……."

Jordan Times 3/15/00 "……His Majesty King Abdullah welcomed Pope John Paul's forthcoming visit to Holy Land sites in an interview released on Tuesday and said he hoped Jerusalem could one day be the capital of both Israel and a Palestinian state. "The city must remain the symbol of peace and hope for the whole region and must not be the exclusive capital of one people at the expense of the other," he told Italy's widely-read weekly magazine Famiglia Cristiana. The magazine issued an advance text ahead of publication on Wednesday. "We believe that in Jerusalem, there is room for two capitals of two independent states. We believe that religion should not be used as a division regarding the future status of the city, but should have the function of uniting everyone in peace and harmony," he said. The pontiff begins his historic trip in Jordan on March 20, before travelling to Jerusalem and the Palestinian self-ruled town of Bethlehem from March 21-26. …….Jerusalem - sacred to Jews, Christians and Arabs - could be his most sensitive stop on an already delicate tour. ......"

Associated Press 3/15/00 "……The Ohio Supreme Court on Wednesday unanimously upheld a 51-year prison sentence imposed by a judge who quoted a Bible verse while deciding a man's punishment for raping a young girl. An appeals court last year overturned the sentence, saying the judge acted outside Ohio's sentencing guidelines. The state Supreme Court disagreed. The high court ruled 7-0 that Hamilton County Judge Melba Marsh did not violate the due process rights of James Arnett, who pleaded guilty in 1997 to repeatedly raping an 8-year-old girl. In sentencing Arnett in 1988, the judge quoted a Bible verse that says anyone who offends a child would be better off if "a millstone were hanged around his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea." ......"

The Firm Foundation & The Word is Out: Daily Reflections on the Bible for Lesbians and Gay Men 3/00 "……Chris Glaser's new book is The Word is Out: Daily Reflections on the Bible for Lesbians and Gay Men (Westminster/John Knox). In the daily Bible readings and accompanying reflections, the book does not hesitate to take on the tough ones…….. But the artfulness of the book is perhaps best caught in the meditation for August 22, which provides helpful insight into the approach of the gay Christian movement. Here it is in its entirety: For this reason God gave them up to degrading passions. Their women exchanged the natural intercourse for the unnatural, and in the same way also the men, giving up natural intercourse with women, were consumed with passion for one another (Romans 1:26-27) [NIV]….. Paul associated the phenomenon with idolatry. How then do we account for Christians who are lesbian, gay, or bisexual? Clearly, Paul is wrong. Reason and experience (and science their product) contradict his understanding. Ironically, Paul's own teaching contradicts his judgement. His letter to the Romans is devoted to the principle that we are not made holy by conformity, but by faith in Jesus Christ. We cannot be saved by behaving heterosexually, only by following Christ. Christ Jesus, give us the faith to follow you, rather than the idolatrous god of heterosexuality. ….." 3/18/00 Vince Patton "……Six months ago today, a gunman walked into a Fort Worth church and started shooting. Eight people died, including the attacker. Two video cameras recorded the heinous crime that night, but you will never see those scenes because two people reached the same decision to put people ahead of profits. Evelyn Kirkpatrick had one of those cameras. "I saw him look at me before he shot at me," she remembered. "It was surreal," said Wedgwood Baptist Church Pastor Al Meredith. "The lights were totally out except for the spotlights on the stage, so all you could see was his shadow pacing back and forth." Youth minister Jay Fannin also had a camera "I told the police at that point, 'I really don't want the video back.'" Those two video cameras rolled when Larry Ashbrook sprayed the Wedgwood sanctuary - which was full of children - with gunfire. ……. "

World Net Daily 3/18/00 Julie Foster "…..A pastor who received an urgent package in the mail from the U.S. Census Bureau containing pamphlets and mini-sermons for his congregation is outraged at what he perceives to be government intrusion into church affairs. Last week, Federal Express delivered an overnight letter to Pastor Albert Hitchcock of Wiser Lake Chapel in Lynden, Wash. The return address was "Bureau of the Census" in Jeffersonville, Ind., and inside were two high-gloss report folders titled, "Census 2000 information for congregations" -- one in English and the other in Spanish……"Almost every day I read something wherein the Church is being told to stay out of government's business -- indeed out of the public square altogether," the pastor told WorldNetDaily. "If I put out voting guides, I am told I jeopardize our tax-exempt status, for example. So, where does the Census Bureau think they get the right to commandeer God's Church to do [government] business?" ……"

World Net Daily 3/18/00 Dr Jerry Falwell "…..In a dramatic and urgently-needed victory for student graduation prayer, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, in a 10-2 vote, issued a 94-page decision upholding the rights of students to pray and articulate their beliefs during graduation ceremonies. The case arose in 1993, after the Duval County School Board in Jacksonville, Fla., instituted a policy permitting students to offer personal messages during graduation services. The policy mandated that, if the graduating seniors chose to convey a voluntary message, the graduating class was to elect a student to convey that message. That message, school officials determined, could be either secular or sacred. The policy further stated that the school would not pre-review or censor the students' messages. Following the institution of that policy, some students chose to give religious messages, while some offered secular messages. Some gave no message at all. However, the policy was challenged by the American Civil Liberties Union on the basis that students giving religious messages would be violating the Constitution. ……"

WorldNetDaily 3/18/00 Mary Jo Anderson "…..Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson is demanding that Vice President Al Gore repudiate two "anti-Catholic" groups that are calling for the eviction of the Holy See from the United Nations. The National Abortion Rights Action League and the Women Leaders Online, both groups enthusiastically endorsing Gore for president, are supporting "See Change," a campaign to oust the Vatican from the United Nations. Since 1964, the Vatican has had "permanent observer" status at the U.N. -- enabling it to play an active role and vote with other countries at U.N. conferences, but not in the General Assembly. Representatives of various nations are gathered at the United Nations in preparation for June's "Beijing +5" Special Session of the General Assembly, entitled, "Women 2000: Gender Equality, Development and Peace for the Twenty-First Century." ….."

Cincinnati Post 3/18/00 Andrew Conte "……What started as a local legal skirmish over displaying the Ten Commandments at public high schools in Adams County has become the focus of a national - and even international - movement. Adams County organizers had only hoped to rally support and raise money for a legal defense fund when they first started selling blue-and-white signs that say, ''We stand for the Ten Commandments.'' The $2 signs include a copy of the commandments. But with the help of media reports on the controversy, supporters have called from as far as Hong Kong and Hawaii in recent weeks to buy the signs. ….."

EWTN 3/17/00 "……New York police have set up a video camera in front of Catholic churches in Brooklyn as part of the latest steps to protect the churches from a rash of vandalism. The attacks began September 26 and all of them involve damage to statues at the churches. The latest case happened Wednesday at the Holy Cross Church, where a video camera had been placed. Both hands of a statue of the Virgin Mary were smashed, and that there was damage to its nose and part of an eye. ….."

Marantha Christian Journal 3/17/00 "….. American TV viewers who don't seem to mind steady doses of sex and violence aren't as tolerant of blasphemy. A spokesperson for NBC has announced that the network will most likely cancel its controversial prime-time cartoon, "God, the Devil and Bob" in April. An NBC executive, Karey Burke, said the show is not intended to provoke people. "The intention is to be very thoughtful [toward] all religious points of view," Burke said. The network has ordered 13 episodes of "God," but it will likely air only six or seven before pulling it, spokeswoman Leslie Reed said. More than 17 National Broadcasting Company television affiliates have pulled the plug on "God, the Devil and Bob," a controversial animated sitcom that features a beer-swilling Diety who has a girlfriend. The show also features a version of Satan with a British accent and a disdain for ballroom dancing. ..."

WorldNetDaily 3/20/00 Julie Foster "……New implant technology currently used to locate lost pets has been adapted for use in humans, allowing implant wearers to emit a homing beacon, have vital bodily functions monitored and confirm identity when making e-commerce transactions. Applied Digital Solutions, an e-business to business solutions provider, acquired the patent rights to the miniature digital transceiver it has named "Digital Angel(r)." The company plans to market the device for a number of uses, including as a "tamper-proof means of identification for enhanced e-business security." …..Digital Angel(r) sends and receives data and can be continuously tracked by global positioning satellite technology. When implanted within a body, the device is powered electromechanically through the movement of muscles and can be activated either by the "wearer" or by a monitoring facility. ……"

AOL News 3/16/00 AP "…….The president of Bob Jones University has reposted statements on the fundamentalist school's Web site calling Catholicism and Mormonism cults. President Bob Jones III said Wednesday he wanted to show that nothing had changed about his views on Catholicism after it was reported earlier this week that the message in the ``President's Corner'' no longer referred to Catholicism and Mormonism as cults. The statements had been removed when a new message from Jones in the school's quarterly magazine was updated on the Web site, the school said. Reports about the removal, he told The Greenville News, were ``totally misleading'' because they implied the removal was ``for suspect reasons or because of embarrassment or cowardice.'' …..``In order to leave no doubt in anyone's mind of the university's integrity and absolute commitment to its biblical principles, the article in question has been reposted,'' Jones said. ………"

Fox Market Wire 3/15/00 David Armstrong "…… The phrase, "Have a blessed day," rolls off Liz Anderson's tongue easily and frequently. The devout Christian and grandmother uses the phrase on the phone, at the grocery store, and even to co-workers and customers at the Indianapolis office of USF Logistics, a freight shipping company where she has worked since 1995. Having been raised a Southern Baptist, Anderson regards praising the Lord as part of her African-American culture, and she makes a point of pushing forth that message while communicating to customers via phone and email. "This is part of my relationship with God," she said. "Some people say, 'Be blessed.' Some people say, 'God be with you.' God has been good to me, so I want to praise his name in holy victory." But when a client from Microsoft received a company e-mail from Anderson with her signature phrase attached, he complained. Anderson was then told by her boss to stop using the saying in company letters and e-mail, but she refused. When she was told she could be fired, she filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, charging that USF Logistics discriminated against her by forbidding her to observe her faith in the workplace. Both parties are waiting for a ruling. ......"

UPI 3/15/00 "……A federal appeals court Wednesday upheld a Florida school district's policy allowing student-initiated, student-led prayers at graduation ceremonies. The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, in a 10-to-2 decision, said the policy, overturned by a three-judge appeals court panel last May, is constitutional and is not state-sponsored prayer. The Duval County School Board in Jacksonville adopted a policy in 1993 allowing high school seniors to vote for two classmates to deliver a brief "opening or closing message" at graduation ceremonies. School officials have no control over the content or subject of the two-minute messages, which can include a prayer, poem or other statement. …..In upholding the policy, the court noted "the total absence of state involvement in deciding whether there will be a graduation message, who will speak or what the speaker may say, combined with the student's complete autonomy over the content." ……"To conclude otherwise would come perilously close to announcing an absolute rule that would excise all private religious expression from a public graduation ceremony," Judge Stanley Marcus wrote. ……"

The Honorable Tom DeLay (R-TX) 3/16/00 "…… America today has no coherent foreign policy. We seem, more than ever, to be without a direction or a purpose, without a course or a mission. Many of us in this room, and many of our fellow citizens, sense this wandering. And we are compelled to ask if our aimlessness stems from an absence of global challenges, or an absence of courageous leadership. Are we exercising the patience of a confident world power, or is our passive posture simply the drift that occurs when those steering the ship of state are uncertain about the destination? ……….. The rediscovery of our core American values represents the central challenge confronting our nation at the dawn of a new century and a new millennium. These values are the timeless ideals of faith in God, the sanctity of human life, the existence of moral absolutes, and the certainty of ultimate accountability. And these convictions are the sole source of America's greatness. For our country to be prosperous and deserving of prosperity, these principles must guide our individual actions. They have to shape the character of our communities. And, yes, they have to inform a principled foreign policy designed to protect our nation's vital interests through the triumph of democracy around the globe. Unfortunately, over the past few years we've lost our way....... Moral authority at the top has evaporated. Our military strength has declined rapidly: lost army divisions, lost air wings, lost carrier battle groups. Instead of a principled approach to national security, we now serve up an inedible foreign policy stew of appeasement and social work. Political power without moral principle is incomplete. We are now experiencing the disturbing results of separating our nation's policies from our nation's guiding ideals……"

Daily Telegraph (UK) 3/14/00 Bruce Johnston "……THE Turin Shroud, the relic venerated by Roman Catholics as the cloth in which Christ's body was wrapped after the Crucifixion, acquired its human image from a person's body, scientists said yesterday. Tests carried out on the Shroud, which has been kept in Turin since 1578, showed that oxidation and dehydration and not a painting process had been responsible for the mysterious image. The findings of a scientific symposium in Turin on the Shroud were announced in Paris, where it was confirmed that the relic would be displayed from August 12 to Oct 22 this year. Prof Giovanni Maria Zaccone, vice-president of the Turin-based International Centre of Shroud Studies, said that traces of human sweat and blood revealed by new analysis implied that the relic was not a fake. Traces of pollen from plants that grew in the region of Jerusalem were also found in the fabric. Although the symposium did not dispute the results of carbon-14 tests carried out by different centres in 1988 which dated it from the Middle Ages, it was agreed that testing might have been distorted by contamination of the fabric, for example by a fire. ……"

Virginian Pilot 3/13/00 Philip Walzer "…..At Bob Jones University, Catholicism has been called ``a cult,'' ``a false system that has enslaved'' souls. At Regent University, the president is Catholic. Mass is said every Tuesday. At an Ash Wednesday service last week, the homily was delivered by a priest. In the midst of the political uproar over Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush's appearance at Bob Jones in South Carolina last month, students and professors at Regent, both Catholic and Protestant, want to get something straight: Don't lump all conservative Christian colleges together. And don't assume that evangelicals are anti-Catholic. ``That kind of atmosphere doesn't go on at Regent,'' said Brian Carraway, a master's student in Regent's School of Divinity who is a charismatic Christian. ``We are very inclusive of all groups: Catholics, Protestants, evangelicals. . . . I believe that anyone who has accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as savior is saved.'' Four Catholic students in Regent's law school said last week that the mood toward Catholicism is inquisitive, not hostile. ``It's not so much `I don't like you,' but `I don't understand it,' '' said Meredith Cavallo, a third-year law student from Connecticut. ``There's a lot of mystery, and I see it as an opportunity to dispel that mystery.'' ……"

The Jerusalem Post 3/12/00 David Weinberg "…… (March 12) - Did you know that the Jewish people today is threatened by a dangerous enemy who "secretly plots complicated, complex plans to weaken the stability of the State of Israel, bit by bit" and who "aspires to the final annihilation of the Jewish people and the state of Israel, at one stage or another?" Yes indeed, this insidious, hyperactive archenemy "is the greatest foe ever to rise against us," whose "theoretical, spiritual and practical goal is to destroy the eternality of Israel." This enemy "acts to collapse the State of Israel by supporting anti-Israel terrorist organizations, under the cover of concern for justice and humanity." This indefatigable antagonist seeks to "suck our blood" and "burn our souls" by "lying in ambush outside the door of every Jewish family in economic and social distress, seeking to convert them." You guessed it, our "No. 1 Enemy" today is none other than Christianity and the Catholic Church. At least that is the story according to an intemperate booklet I picked up last week, published just in time for the pope's visit. ……."

Washington Post 3/29/00 Estes Thompson "……Reform Jewish leaders on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a resolution giving rabbis the option of presiding at gay commitment ceremonies. With the vote, the Central Conference of American Rabbis became the most influential U.S. religious group to sanction same-sex unions.. …."

EWTN 3/29/00 Paolo Alazraki "….."I am a Jew, but over the last weeks, I wish I had been a Christian. To have such a religious father, so majestic in his simplicity, so powerful in his humility, so wise in his strength to combat and overcome, with the gentleness and enormous force of faith, the resistances that he met within his 'circle' to the petition to 'forgive us,' first made to himself, then to his faithful, and finally to the entire world, and to his sublime words of strength and charity spoken in Palestine." So begins an article in Sunday's edition of the Italian newspaper "Avvenire," by Paolo Alazraki. Alazraki emphasizes that all this happened in Israel, land of Canaan, land of the Patriarchs and also land "of our deepest self, in the ancient roads of the salt and silk caravans, the birthplace of extraordinary civilizations." "Those who forgive are not weak; those who ask forgiveness are strong. My Rabbis and a great part of Israeli Judaism have acted wrongly in not understanding, not interpreting, not rejoicing over this immense gesture of reconciliation which opens new, extraordinary possibilities in favor of mutual respect among peoples and, therefore, a better life for them and among themselves, and also greater economic development because it will allow, especially in the Middle East, but not only there, the freeing of those creative, mercantile and intellectual forces that for dozens of centuries have characterized the mind of Jews and Arabs." ….."

World Net Daily 3/27/00 Jon Dougherty "……According to a report published last week by Christianity Online, leaders from the National Council of Churches have decided to push for more gun control legislation in an effort to end the "scourge" of gun violence in the U.S. ………There are a number of things wrong with the NCC's position and Mr. Edgar's comments specifically, but taken at face value a couple of them are more glaring than others. …..First of all, it is unimaginable that a national organization of churches would risk entering the fray of politics over any issue, considering that "a separation of Church and State" is a cornerstone of American society……. Secondly, the new leader of the NCC has no new information to justify his false claims that "more guns equal more crimes." His statistics, which he stole from President Clinton, are absurdly incorrect, even by Uncle Sam's own numbers: …….Third, and most important, is the issue of constitutional precedence: How is it that a national church organization can call for further subjugation of a constitutional right without realizing the hypocrisy of using one constitutional right to call for the limitation of the other? …….."

REUTERS 3/27/00 Jeffrey Heller "…..At last, Israeli Jews long divided by a common religion have found a holy man to rally round. The Pope. "He seemed like a nice guy, a real human being," Haim Diamant, a computer programmer, said, a day after the Pontiff ended a triumphant week-long pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Before John Paul II's arrival, Diamant had told Reuters he had no interest in the leader of the world's one billion Roman Catholics. The Pope, he said, represented a Church that had persecuted Jews for centuries. But the ailing Polish-born Pontiff won hearts and minds among secular Jews like Diamant and Orthodox rabbis as he walked slowly in the footsteps of Jesus, stopping along the way to ask forgiveness for past sins of Christians. "He broke a psychological barrier that existed in all of us," said Rabbi Michael Melchior, a cabinet minister of the ruling One Israel alliance. ….." 3/27/00 Bill Blakemore "…..When Pope John Paul II, Vicar of Christ and Bishop of Rome, stood on Sunday alone at the Western Wall - for Jews the most sacred spot on earth - and prayed, and then, following Jewish tradition, put the piece of paper with his prayer on it in a crack in the wall, and rested his aged and trembling hand in the bright sunlight on the beige and ancient stones, 2,000 years of something terrible ended. Horrendous injustices have contributed to the suffering of the people in this area - often trapping them in a victim mentality that they did not ask for and that no one else has the right to be condescending about. You don't tell victims to "get over it." When the Jews started to arrive in Palestine at the beginning of this century, escaping nearly two millennia of predominantly Christian anti-Semitism, the world could not gainsay their need for peace and justice. Touching Walls and Hearts The young Israelis with whom I watched this scene on Israeli TV could barely believe it. "I wish he would just touch the wall," said one young woman, her eyes growing moist just after John Paul had put the prayer in the wall. And that was the moment that he did just that - reached out and touched their ancient holy wall. "I wish I knew what was on the paper, what his prayer was," she said. I went out to the newsroom and got a copy of it and brought it back to her and gave it to her. It read: "God of our Fathers, You chose Abraham and his descendants to bring your name to the nations: we are deeply saddened by the behavior of those who in the course of history have caused these children of yours to suffer and, asking your forgiveness, we wish to commit ourselves to genuine brotherhood with the people of the covenant." Her eyes grew big as she looked at the last phrase. "Commit to genuine brotherhood with the people of the covenant!" she said. "Is this an apology?" I asked. "It's better than an apology," she said. She went and got another young friend of hers and asked, "Did you see what the pope did, what he said?" Her friend read the words of the pope's prayer that was now resting in the wall. I asked her friend, "is that an apology?" "Of course," she said. There were few people around the newsroom who were not visibly amazed for the next several minutes and talking about what the pope had just done. ….."

The Times 3/27/00 Ruth Glendhill "…….A LEADING Church of England theologian has called for a revision of the Christian stance against homosexuality, prostitution and drugs. John Elford, Canon Theologian of Liverpool Cathedral, argues that the widespread belief that the Bible prohibits active homosexual relationships is a false combination of prejudice and ignorance. In a book to be published next month, he calls for the decriminalisation of prostitution and drugs, and mounts an attack on the Pope and other conservatives who defend traditional moral certainties. The book, The Ethics of Uncertainty, will add to the controversy over homosexuality in the Anglican Communion. Dr Elford, Pro-Rector Emeritus of Liverpool's Hope University, argues that the Bible does not take a view on homosexuality and notes that Jesus, who lived a celibate lifestyle with 12 male Apostles, never mentions the subject. ……."

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary 3/27/00 Jeff Robinson "……Christians in America will face great persecution soon and they must be aggressors in the midst of it, Josef Tson said March 2 at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky. "This [persecution] is the new phenomenon that has arrived and it is going to increase," said Tson, president of the Romanian Missionary Society. "But we are the aggressors. God faced evil by sending his Son as the answer to it. Jesus came with three things: truth, love and self-sacrifice. When you are slaughtered, you win the battle ... and you win with these things." The persecution actually began in the early 1960s, Tson said, when all vestiges of Christianity were jettisoned from public schools in the United States. At the same time, the media grew hostile to the Christian faith, which spurred the rise of postmodernism in both the country's culture and universities, he said. As a result, America has lost any notion of absolute truth and has substituted sentimentality and political correctness as a yardstick for morality, he said. "The only crime now is the crime of intolerance done by evangelical Christians," Tson said. "The most scary thing [is] the new concept of hate crimes. You have to punish the hate more than the crime. "When Southern Baptists decided to continue to evangelize the Jews and the Hindus, that was called a hate crime. Don't you see you have all the elements of a climate of persecution of the Christians in America? Like every other such event, it has the gift of snowballing." ……" 3/27/00 "……Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson today revealed that four congresswomen who sit on the advisory board of Women Leaders Online, one of the lead groups trying to throw the Vatican out of the United Nations, are trying to hide their involvement in the group's activities. Today, the Women Leaders Online removed pictures of congresswomen Nita Lowey (D-NY), Louise Slaughter (D-NY) and Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), and former Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro (D-NY) from its web page after receiving inquiries about its anti-Catholic bias. "It's no surprise to me that these congresswomen are ashamed to be involved in such a bigoted plot to deny the Vatican a voice in the United Nations," Nicholson said. "However, this cowardly game of duck and hide will not be tolerated by Catholics. Instead, these four members must repudiate the anti-Catholic views of this organization." ….."

3/27/00 Jim Nicholson "…….Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson issued the following statement today on Congresswoman Anna Eshoo's (D-Calif.) contradictory statements on anti-Catholic bias in the House chaplain selection, as well as her own voting record: What Eshoo said (today's Roll Call, page 31): "Appearing before reporters along with Dooley, who was a member of the chaplain selection committee convened by Hastert last year, were fellow committee member Reps. Earl Pomeroy (D-N.D.) and Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.). Eshoo, perhaps the most vocal of the three throughout the ordeal, stressed that Democrats had been upset by the selection process, and said she was offended by the Speaker's remarks suggesting he had been under attack for anti-Catholic bigotry. Later, however, Eshoo appeared to once again cast the Speaker's decision in the most unfavorable light, telling The New York Times, 'I believe that anti-Catholic bias played into it.'" Chairman Nicholson's response: "For Anna Eshoo and Congressional Democrats to continue playing the religious card in this time of healing is deplorable. As a Catholic, I am ashamed that another member of my faith would stoop to this level, even as to tell two completely different accounts to different reporters on the same day. "Now that the chaplain issue is behind us, what is Ms. Eshoo going to run on? Certainly not her voting record. "Since the first day she stepped in Washington she has had an abysmal record on issues important to Catholics. She supports partial birth abortion. She supports penalizing married couples simply for being married, and she opposes helping families send their children to parochial schools. "Ms. Eshoo should stop playing the religious card and start listening to the concerns of Catholics." ….."


Roll 3/16/00 Karlyn Bowman "......In 1994, 22 percent of those surveyed by ABC News and The Washington Post said they thought of themselves as members of "the religious right." Other survey organizations have asked similar questions about three dozen times since then, and the results have been consistent. When ABC News and The Washington Post last repeated their question, in March 1999, 17 percent called themselves members, but 80 percent did not. ....... In six Gallup questions asked since 1997, about 45 percent have described themselves as "born-again or evangelical." ......... In the spring 1999 edition of Public Opinion Quarterly, Baruch College political scientists Louis Bolce and Gerald de Maio took an in depth look at attitudes toward religious conservatives. In the new issue of the journal (winter 1999), they expanded their analysis. Despite a nationwide trend toward greater tolerance of religious beliefs, they argue, "sizeable fractions of the American public hold antagonistic sentiments toward religious conservatives." The antagonism, they suggest, is concentrated among the highly educated and those who have more secular orientations. In the past, those with higher levels of education encouraged religious tolerance. ....... "

Charisma News 3/27/00 "......A New York pastor whose giant billboard advertisements condemning homosexuality sparked a public outcry is planning to go to court to have them re-posted. Kristopher Okwedy's Bible-quoting messages were covered over just a few days into a monthlong campaign planned for Staten Island, N.Y. Now the American Family Association (AFA) is preparing a lawsuit for him against the advertising company and an elected official who pushed for the signs' removal. Protests started soon after the two billboards--each simply featuring four Bible translations of Leviticus 18:22, which forbids homosexual activity--went up last month. Local gay activists complained that the anonymous signs could provoke hate crimes, and borough president Guy Molinari joined the criticism. Around 100 people attended a prayer vigil last week to celebrate the signs' removal. ....."

Dallas Morning News 4/2/00 Tom DeLay "…… A child in Michigan armed with a handgun kills another child. It is an unthinkable act that assaults all of our assumptions about childhood innocence, and it is a tragedy that has sparked widespread calls for a rapid response. As our nation grapples with that and other violent crimes perpetrated by children on children, all of us are being forced to confront basic questions that concern the foundations of our country. And while such terrible events demand that we explore the source of the crisis and identify appropriate reforms, fashioning an effective remedy will require much more than another intense debate about particular policy prescriptions. Composing real answers first will require a candid and uncomfortable discussion about the direction of our country and the clash of competing worldviews that is driving so much of the contemporary public-policy debate. When a child murders another child, so many people seem intent only on dissecting the mechanics that permitted the tragedy to occur. We become consumed with the "how" of a crime. Instead, we might do better to focus our energy on exposing the "why" - that is, why, at the most base level, does a child, or any person, make one moral choice over another? That will help us determine what kind of action by public and private institutions will make a contribution to the cause of rebuilding the country's moral center. To judge by their products, most of those who manufacture and distribute the popular culture maintain that the nature of man is overwhelmingly good. Those cultural elites seem wedded to the notion that, because we are born into this world innocent and righteous, civilized society and its institutions are the corrupting agents. ………. Unfortunately, that worldview ignores the harsh lessons of human history. Simply put, the problem is within, rather than outside, us, because as the Judeo-Christian tradition has taught, we enter this world flawed and inclined to do the wrong thing. ……"

EWTN 3/31/00 "……..Philippines President Joseph Estrada told Pope John Paul II on Thursday that the Holy Father should concentrate his prayers on other parts of the world that need them more, in reaction to the Pope's prayers for a strife-torn southern region of the country. During his Wednesday general audience, the Holy Father prayed for the Mindanao region where 50 Catholic students, teachers, and a priest are being held hostage by Muslim separatist rebels who have demanded Vatican mediation in the conflict. "I pray for all the residents of that region and, in particular, for politicians and the military. I pray that God may enlighten them and move them to do everything possible to end the violence by seeking peaceful solutions to existing problems," he said. ……"

World Net Daily 4/1/00 P Andrew Sandlin "….. (T)he process of secularization arises not from the loss of faith but from the loss of social interest in the world of faith. It begins the moment men feel that religion is irrelevant to the common way of life and that society as such has nothing to do with the truths of faith. -- Christopher Dawson …………. Now here is a perplexing fact: there are arguably more professing Christians per capita in the world today than ever before in history, yet the world is more secular than at any time in history. Rampant secularization is obviously not incompatible with an increasing number of Christians. How can this be? The mere hint that Christianity or the Bible may in some tangential way influence Congress, the courts, the government schools, major forms of art and media, and so on, is met with such vehement protest that the reports in the Christian media of extensive individual conversions and impressive revivals seem curiously irrelevant. ......"

World Net Daily 4/1/00 P Andrew Sandlin "….. Atheism and apostasy are not the deadliest enemies of Christian culture; apathy and irrelevance are. This, by and large, is the form of Christianity prominent in the West...........

World Net Daily 4/1/00 P Andrew Sandlin "….. First, most Christians have adopted the idea that religious neutrality in most areas of life is quite valid. They believe that, for example, education, art, politics, technology and the media may -- and should -- be religiously neutral. This is simply another way of saying that most areas of life may be permissibly non-Christian. To put it more bluntly, but no less truthfully, these areas of life are atheistic -- "a" from the Latin meaning "no." In these areas of life, it is permitted that God may not exercise authority. To insist on a biblical education, art, music, politics, and technology is, for most Christians, to mix things that should not be mixed. Christianity and the Bible are for the individual Christian, the family and, at most, the church….."

World Net Daily 4/1/00 P Andrew Sandlin "….. Second, secularization is enhanced in spite of increasing Christian conversions by a religious dualism. This is the notion that material things (man's body, this world, wealth, and art, for example) are inherently evil or, at least, inferior to invisible or incorporeal things like heaven and prayer….."

World Net Daily 4/1/00 P Andrew Sandlin "….. Third, secularism is enhanced by an apocalyptic eschatology. The most obvious example is those who are confident that increasing apostasy and depravity are predestined before Christ's Second Advent or the "rapture of the church." Then, of course, there are the apocalyptic Christians who covet mass destruction as a means to pave the way to greater Christian strength in the earth……."

World Net Daily 4/1/00 P Andrew Sandlin "….. Finally, a passive version of Christianity enhances the secularization of culture. Christians who simply take the sinful world as a given, refusing to actively oppose sin and its effects, unintentionally collude with unbelievers to produce secularization…. "

The Rockford Institute 4/3/00 Srdja Trifkovic "……..WHEREVER Christians battle Islam, from Bosnia and Kosovo to Chechnya, Nagorno-Karabakh, Sudan, or Indonesia's Spice Islands, Western elites either support the Muslim side in the conflict or remain aloof. What is going on? What is the secret of our leaders' infatuation with the adherents of "the Prophet"? Is there an Islamic threat to what remains of our civilization? And should we give up anyway: those who have no faith have no right to accuse those who uphold theirs, and the present state of Western feebleness may lead many of us to the conclusion that we should become Muslims since our goose is cooked anyway, spiritually and demographically. ……… There are over 1,200 mosques and Islamic centers in the United States, and the number is rapidly increasing. The six million Americans who worship there will tell you there is no inherent clash between Islam and America. Americans respect and honor Islam. (President Clinton at the U.N., September 21, 1998) And so the quest by our ruling establishment for user-friendly Islam is officially over. If "six million Americans" believe in something, that in itself is taken as proof that their tenets are praiseworthy, tolerant of other beliefs, and thoroughly "American." ...... Like the unicorn or phlogiston, however, "tolerant Islam" can be defined and visualized but it cannot be made real. Patted and complimented in the name of "diversity" Islam is its subverter - or else it ceases to be what it is. To the ruling post-Christian elite this notion is unbearable. Having no faith themselves (except the baby-boomers' belief in their own uniqueness) they do not take Islam's faith seriously....... Contrary to Mr. Clinton's self-avowed "understanding of Islam" this peculiar creed has been synonymous with violence and intolerance since its earliest days. Like Bolshevism and Nazism, it is part-religion and part-ideology that seeks to impose mind-numbing uniformity of thought and feeling on its faithful, and to subjugate and ultimately destroy its non-adherents. ……."

The Washington Times 4/3/00 Suzanne Fields "……..Political correctness was born on the left and can be extremely narrow-minded, but the motivation behind it is not always bad. It strives to reduce offense, and sometimes it works. It's no longer socially permissible to be blatantly anti-Semitic or anti-papist. Rarely do you hear the insults and epithets that our grandparents often did -such as "kikes," "fish-eaters," "holy rollers," "Bible thumpers," "wops," "harps," "Chinks," and "dagos." But conspicuously alive and well in this land of the free and home of the brave is one last permissible bigotry, one target of prejudice on the receiving end of acceptable slurs. It's open season on Christian fundamentalists. ……….. I rarely sit at a bar or in a restaurant, or in a political meeting on a college campus, or engage in a cosmopolitan give-and-take social life in New York and Washington without hearing casual references to religious right "wackos," fundamentalist "kooks," or those "nuttos" who follow Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson. You won't hear anything like that aimed at Jews, whether Orthodox, Conservative or Reform - or the followers of Al Sharpton, for that matter. ………. Catholics as well as most Methodists and Presbyterians, who are as politically active as the fundamentalists, are a protected species in the popular vernacular. ………"

Cutting Edge 4/15/00 David Bay "……. Few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the eyes of God, through the Bible, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always do try to here; stay with us for some eye-opening truths. Now consider the following news briefs: America is suffering unprecedented murder and bloodshed……… America is experiencing highest ever rates of Drug Abuse And Addiction. ……… America's teens are now committing suicide at a rate triple that of 30 years ago. ......... Pornography has now degenerated into the pit of Hell, with all imaginable sexual perversions now being readily available in Adult Bookstores and in Mass Media. In Washington State, a Euthanasia bill was almost passed to allow medically-assisted suicides. Additionally, the current best-selling book on the New York Times best-seller Non-fiction list is a book on how to commit suicide. ...... Americans clearly have devalued human life, to the point where the killing of the physically or mentally handicapped, the elderly, or sick, is no longer unthinkable and is being accepted by many in our society. ……. …."

Philadelphia Daily News 11/21/98 Ron Goldwyn "…….A tough new call by Catholic bishops to rein in public officials on the abortion issue will keep Gov. Ridge from speaking in his hometown parishes and heighten church involvement in the Philadelphia mayoral election. Cardinal Anthony J. Bevilacqua last night embraced a declaration by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops that it is unacceptable for Catholic elected officials to say that they personally oppose abortion but that they cannot force their views on their constituencies. "Catholics are called not to accept erroneous popular opinion. Rather they are called to shape public opinion in accordance with the 'Gospel of Life,' " Bevilacqua stated. The bishops' pastoral statement, approved 217-30 at their conference in Washington, D.C., Wednesday, led Bishop Donald Trautman of Erie to send shock waves through Pennsylvania politics yesterday. He declared that politicians such as Ridge -- a Catholic from Erie -- were unwelcome to speak at Catholic-sponsored events. …."Those who justify their actions on the grounds that abortion is the law of the land need to recognize that there is a higher law," Trautman told an Erie newspaper. ……"

Lew Rockwell 12/2/00 Joseph Sobran "……..The world has long since forgiven Julius Caesar. Nobody today finds Socrates or Cicero irritating. Few of us resent Alexander the Great or his tutor, Aristotle. No, only one man in the ancient world is still hated after two millennia: Jesus Christ……….. This does not in itself prove the divinity of Christ, but it does show that his words and example haven't dated. They still have an amazing power to provoke hatred as well as adoration. Of course the hatred of Christ usually pretends to be directed at side targets: St. Paul, the "institutional" Church, or, more vaguely, "organized religion" (as if religion would be all right if only it were a solitary activity). The cliché of the Christ-haters, including many "liberal" theologians, is that he was a "great moral teacher" who "never claimed divinity," but that his "simple message of love" was "corrupted" by his followers………… But why would anyone want a man crucified for preaching an innocuous message of benevolence? Jesus was accused of blasphemy for equating himself with the Father: "I and the Father are one." "No man comes to the Father but by me." And if his claim were untrue, the charge of blasphemy would be fully justified………… People not only saw him after the Resurrection, many of them died under torture to bear witness to him. The martyrs were the principal human "media" of Christianity in its infancy, deeply impressing and finally converting others. Christ was "revealed" to the ancient world in the courageous love of his best disciples……."

Lew Rockwell 12/2/00 Joseph Sobran "……..Cahill goes on: "What especially makes the Gospels - from a literary point of view - works like no others is that they are about a good human being. As every writer knows, such a creature is all but impossible to capture on the page, and there are exceedingly few figures in all of literature who are both good and memorable." The Gospel writers thus "succeeded where almost all others failed. To a writer's eyes, this feat is a miracle just a little short of raising the dead."...... Most writers are flattered if their words are remembered at all. But the spiritually demanding words of Jesus - which condemn even looking at a woman with lust - are still carried in the hearts of millions after 2000 years, even though we know them only in translations from translations. (Jesus spoke Aramaic, but the Gospels are written in Greek.) Even conveyed to us so indirectly, those words have "carried" like no others in all history, because so many people have found them true and compelling. The durability of those words is all the more striking when you consider that they are always out of fashion, as the secular world goes through its successive fads and crazes......."

Sunday Times (UK) 4/16/00 Richard Owen "…….AS the Pope led Palm Sunday ceremonies before 100,000 people in St Peter's Square yesterday, police were on high alert after a warning to Italy and the Vatican that there could be an "Islamic terrorist attack" on him over the Easter period. The tip-off is said to have come from Mossad, the Israeli security service. The exchange of intelligence is said to be one of the first fruits of the warmer relationship between the Holy See and Israel after the Pope's trip to the Holy Land. As part of tightened security measures, all those entering St Peter's Square must now pass through one of 35 metal detectors placed between its magnificent 17th-century marble columns. Police said that the detectors would be used whenever the Pope was inside the basilica or in the square. Hidden video surveillance cameras have been installed and the number of plainclothes police in the square and on surrounding rooftops increased. ….."

Independent UK via Drudge Report 4/16/00 Hazel Southam "…… With attendances falling faster than ever, a new report sees the future for Christianity in Britain as bleak ……. Holy Week has begun with an expert prediction that the Christian church in this country will be dead and buried within 40 years. It will vanish from the mainstream of British life, with only 0.5 per cent of the population attending the Sunday services of any denomination, according to the country's leading church analyst. Historic buildings will be left to crumble in neglect, as congregations vanish and the church infrastructures collapse without money from the parishes. All claims that Britain is a Christian nation will finally have to be given up, says the church attendance specialist, Peter Brierley. …….."

World Net Daily 4/7/00 Johnny Chung "……. There is a real man with a real heart and soul behind the name, and I have a true story to tell. Some of it you may have heard before, but most of it you have not. I have chosen to expose the very personal and painful events of my life with the hope that God may be glorified. I grew up in Taiwan's countryside where water buffalo are frequently found working in the rice fields. Primarily a Buddhist nation, Taiwan had less than 1 percent of the population of 10 million who were Christians. My mother was the first person out of 17 generations of my family to become a Christian. When I was 9-years- old, I told my mom I wanted to be baptized. She said, "You are 9-years-old, how can you be baptized?" But she took me to our Chinese pastor, and they asked me questions. I told them, "I will go to Heaven because I trust Jesus alone as my savior." Then the pastor said to my mom, "If he wants to be baptized, we cannot refuse him." ……… I had become a Christian, but it was very difficult for me. My mom had to go to another city to work for a better life for our family, so I was the only Christian at home. My grandmother loved me so much, and she worried about my conversion. "Why do you need a foreign god?" she asked me. "We have our own god." I answered, "Grandma, I have a question for you. How come we have so many gods? We have a god of the door, god of the house, god of sickness, god of weather, god of fishermen, but the God I have is the God of the universe. He is One God, the One and only." ……..But my witnessing seemed to do no good. My family liked to tease me. They would say, "You have your God, so you cannot eat our meal. It was prepared for our Chinese god." I replied, "My Lord, Jesus Christ wants me to eat your meal. But I have to pray." …….While my eyes were closed during prayer, they would take away my food as a joke. My family came to see me as a traitor. When I wanted to read the Bible, I had to do it outside the house. I read Christian children's books my mom had given to me, and they helped strengthen my faith. I was so lucky to have a very godly mom. She said, "Son, the best gift I can give to you is to lead you to our Lord, Jesus Christ." At the time, I said I understood, but she kept repeating it until about three years ago. Now I really understand, and I thank God for her influence on my life. ……."

World Net Daily 4/7/00 Johnny Chung "……. When the campaign finance scandal erupted, I was at my wits end. I had brought shame on my family and disgrace to the Chung name. At this point my wife invited me to attend Granada Heights Friends Church with her. I did go, and soon found myself surrounded by very loving, accepting and understanding Christians. This surprised me and warmed my heart because, for one thing, we are some of the few Asian-Americans who attend there. ……… I was also very lucky to meet not only the pastor of the church, Stan Ponz, but also the founding pastor of the church, Verl Lindley, who started the church over 40 years ago and is now retired. I have been meeting with Pastor Lindley for a one-on-one Bible study every week for almost two years now. He really is a godly man and has shown me what integrity and honesty mean. ………. On the first Sunday of 1998, I attended church with Kathy, and Pastor Stan Ponz spoke about forgiveness. I was a broken man, and the sermon brought me to tears. After the service I stayed behind to speak with Pastor Ponz. The only three people I could talk to freely who could not be subpoenaed were my wife, my lawyer and my pastor. My pastor listened as I explained to him the decision I needed to make. We knelt down and prayed. Then I rededicated my life to Christ and vowed to come forward with the truth no matter what the cost. The more I talked about the campaign finance scandal, the more danger I was in. But something more important happened when I spoke up: I felt the peace of Jesus Christ again in my life. Christ Himself said, "The truth shall set you free." "We can take the heat together," my wife said. My daughter, Janet, was also very supportive and reminded me that I had to tell the truth for the sake of history. On March 9, 1998, Federal District Judge Manual Real asked me, "How do you plead, Mr. Chung?" I said, "Guilty, your honor." ……."

AP 4/11/00 "….In a rare split with religious broadcaster Pat Robertson, the Rev. Jerry Falwell said he cannot support his fellow conservative's call for a moratorium on the death penalty. In fact, Falwell said, he believes the appeals process for prisoners should be speeded up. ''Pat and I do not disagree on many things, but on this one we do,'' Falwell said in Tuesday's Richmond Times-Dispatch. ''While courts do make mistakes, I do not believe the mistake level is at the point where we need to rethink our whole system, and I personally believe that we need to reduce the time between conviction and execution.'…."

The Associated Press 4/12/00 Jennifer Loven "…….A Democratic congressman who also is Roman Catholic said Wednesday the Republican Party trivialized the worship service of his faith by organizing a Mass in honor of the new House chaplain. In a speech on the House floor, Rep. Jerry Kleczka of Wisconsin called it inappropriate for a political organization to sponsor events using the church and its rituals as if they were the same as a fund-raising dinner or rally. ``For them to use the Catholic church in a continuing attempt to attract Catholic voters is, I think, disgusting,'' Kleczka said in an interview. Kleczka was particularly offended that Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson and former Rep. Bill Paxon, R-N.Y., the one-time head of House Republicans' campaign arm, were readers during Tuesday's service. ……"

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 4/13/00 Larry Witham "….. The Rev. Leon Lipscombe began to notice "the high energy" and "great mood swing" around 1990. The Sunday excitement was changing his African Methodist Episcopal (AME) denomination. "The good thing it did was get people back into church," says Mr. Lipscombe, pastor of Allen Chapel AME Church in Southeast Washington, D.C. "But the shouting doesn't last," he says. "You have to sustain them with a good theology." The excitement is called "neo-Pentecostalism," a defining feature of black Christianity today. It's a middle-class movement that is producing megachurches, combining the vitality and stage presence of black worship with social outreach, educational attainment and business success. In considering the state of American religion, an observer has to look at the new spiritual seeking and the pluralism brought with immigration. The other force for change, many authorities argue, is rising from within the black religious experience. Some of the neo-Pentecostal black churches, with the music-concert quality of their worship services and promising social contacts, are bringing men back to the sanctuaries. Still, on a typical Sunday in most of the country's 45,000 predominantly black Christian congregations, the pews are 80 percent filled with women……… "

Barry Chamish 3/31/00 Joel Skousen "…… The visit of the Catholic Pope to Israel was more than a pilgrimage to historical Christian sites. According to more than one Israeli source, the Israeli government has already secretly agreed with US and European negotiators to give up control of Jerusalem and have it partitioned into 3 separate zones--one for Israel, one for Arabs, and one for Christians. The Pope was in Israeli to help stake out Catholic claims and to ensure that the Catholic Church has overall authority over the future Christian sector. While the press tried to steer the Pope into supporting Palestinian claims, the Pope's public statements clearly pointed to backing up the secret deal between Israeli and NWO insiders. "Jerusalem has always been revered by Jews, Christians and Muslims," he said. "Jerusalem is the Holy City par excellence. It forms part of the common patrimony of our religions and of the whole of humanity." ……"

Inside the Vatican 2/22/00 "……. Due to an "error" in the European Patent Office, Edinbrugh now holds a paten ton a technique to modify the genetic structure of human cells to construct specific organisms. The paten was registered on December 8, and the news broken by Greenpeace and The Financial Times Deutschland The patent permits and guarantees the commercial rights of genetic experimentation with cells of human embryoes; therefore, it could be used for the most varied and uncontrolled objectives. Of the fact of it, the patent would facilitate the production of human organs for transplants, but if interpreted more broadly, the registration would allow for the production of genetically-modified embryoes. In a word, human beings could be created in a laboratory "purified" of genes considered by some scientist of a pharmaceutical firm to be negative. ……. When he heard the news, Bishop Elio Sgreccia, Vice-President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, said: "I don't think it's an oversight. For some time now, we have been witnessing a real loss of control in this area." ……"This assumption has given a green light to experimentation with human embryos, their freezing and destruction in processes of artificial fertilization that allow for their disposal" the Bishop said. ..."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES 4/14/00 Larry Witham "……Rockville [Md.] United Church is caught up in the religious saga of American immigration. Newcomers from Taiwan have joined the Montgomery County church over the past two years; they sing in the choir and meet for Chinese "Morning Star Fellowship." They want to enter the American mainstream. And they have changed the church in the process…… . Each era of immigration has changed the religious landscape of the United States. While many celebrate the new wave of spiritual and ethnic diversity, others wonder whether it might drastically transform America's religious identity, value system or political life………"When you ponder that there are more Muslims in the United States than Presbyterians, it alters our cultural sense," says religion scholar Richard E. Wentz, author of "The Culture of Religious Pluralism." "When I go to Thailand, I expect to see and respect the history of Buddhism there," he says. In the United States, however, "It is becoming more difficult to acknowledge that our culture was shaped by Christianity."…… This year, for example, the Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches for the first time lists eight non-Christian religions. An essay in the volume proclaims, "America has truly become a multireligious nation."….." 4/13/00 Bill Hoffman "……..The Vatican is taking a walk on the wild side. Pope John Paul II has agreed to host a May 1 concert starring hard-living rock star Lou Reed ?along with the Eurythmics and Andrea Bocelli. The Vatican says the pontiff will welcome and address the huge outdoor show in Rome, called the Great Jubilee Concert for a Debt-Free World. The event, which will benefit the world's poorest countries, is expected to draw a half-million fans. The oddest moment is likely to be when the pope takes the stage with Reed, a founding member of the Velvet Underground, whose songs extolled the virtues of sex and hard drugs, including heroin. While the 58-year-old rocker is happily living with performance artist Laurie Anderson and has renounced most of his vices, he's notorious for his past life of rampant sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. His 1972 smash hit, "Walk on the Wild Side," had to be censored on radio stations because of its graphic lyrics, which talked of the transvestite lifestyle. ……"

London Times, The 4/14/00 "…….AFTER singing with Bob Dylan and being called "funky" by Bono of U2, the Pope is to go one stage further and appear with Lou Reed, best known for his song Walk on the Wild Side. The 58-year-old founder of the Velvet Underground, once a fast-living embodiment of "sex, drugs and rock'n'roll", is to head an all-star cast for a Vatican-backed pop concert on May Day in support of a campaign for the cancellation of Third World debt. The ailing Pope, 79, will open the outdoor concert on the campus of Rome University and speak to an expected audience of half a million during a show which will also feature the Eurythmics and the tenor Andrea Bocelli. The Pope is then expected to meet the performers, including Reed. Vatican officials said that that the Pope "draws strength and inspiration from contact with the young", and made a point of embracing their music. Three years ago Bob Dylan sang for the Pope at a concert in Bologna. Later BB King presented him with a guitar. ……"

EWTN 4/13/00 "……..Just weeks after having been criticized for not distancing himself from supporters who seek to oust the Vatican from the United Nations, US presidential hopeful Al Gore is embroiled in a controversy with critics calling him anti-Catholic. Organizers of an international homosexual pride event to take place in Rome this year -- an event which they claim is a direct slap at the Catholic Church and the Jubilee Year celebrations -- said they have received a letter of endorsement from Gore. The event, World Pride 2000, plans to flood the city, which surrounds the Vatican, with hundreds of thousands of homosexual activists engaging in parody of the Church and overtly sexual displays. The Vatican had strenuously requested that Rome not allow the gay pride event, especially this year since millions of pilgrims are visiting Rome due to the Jubilee-year celebrations. Rome's city government has allowed the gay pride week to take place from July 1 to 9 despite the Vatican pleas. Catholic commentators in Rome have called the homosexual initiative a calculated attack against the Church and an "anti-Jubilee." ….." 4/13/00 Joseph Sobran "……The columnist Richard Cohen scolds the "arrogance" of certain common attitudes, which he sums up as "My way is the best way. My country is the best country. My religion is the true religion." Having implicitly condemned Jesus Christ as arrogant, he omits, for some reason, the attitude that "My people is the Chosen People." Well, when you profess a religion, aren't you saying you believe it to be the true religion? Why else would you adhere to it? ………. In THE SPECTATOR of London, another Jewish writer, Samuel Brittan, makes a more general assault on religion - and Christianity in particular - in an essay titled bluntly "Religion Is Bad for You." He begins with this curious observation: "I cannot help noticing how in the operas of Verdi the religious characters are nearly always the most punitive and vengeful." The world of Verdi's operas is not exactly a microcosm of the real world, and even at that Mr. Brittan offers only two examples: AIDA and DON CARLOS. How's that for a scientific sampling? An anthropologist might as well argue: "The Italians are an extremely violent people - always stabbing each other. I cannot help noticing that in the operas of Verdi ..." At that point he would be drowned out by laughter. Brittan cites the usual jejune examples - the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, the Irish troubles. He even uses Christ's figurative saying "I came not to send peace, but a sword" as if it were a call to violence - never mind his injunction to turn the other cheek and his warning that he who lives by the sword will die by the sword……." 4/14/00 "……. King Mohammed VI visited Thursday the Holy See where he conferred with Pope John Paul II. Upon arrival at the Saint Damaso Hall, the king was greeted by the Swiss Guard and the Moroccan anthem before meeting religious dignitaries and heading for the papal house library and a private meeting with the pope. After the meeting and trading of presents, the Commander of the Faithful and the Head of Christendom posed for a photo opportunity to illustrate the coming together of two of the divine religions. ……."

AP via ABC News 4/14/00 "……Hoping to re-energize the religious right, TV evangelist Jerry Falwell launched a campaign Friday to register 10 million voters this year through the nation's churches. There is no partisan motive, he said, but "people who pray will probably vote all right, too." The announcement came a day after presidential contender George W. Bush sought to reach out from his conservative base to moderate and independent voters by meeting with a group of gay Republicans. …… "I don't think religious conservatives have lost any of their power. I think they've lost their enthusiasm," Falwell told reporters. ……. His effort was denounced as a "shady shell game" by Americans United for Separation of Church and State, a private group that said Falwell was trying to help Bush in the election. The group said it had filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service alleging that such political activity would abuse a church's tax-exempt status. ……. The group is aiming to raise $18.6 million to pay for its operations, and Falwell pledged it would go out of existence on Nov. 8, the day after the election. "It really is a civic thing, not a political thing, of registering voters without voter guides, believing that people who pray will probably vote all right, too," he said. …….. "

ABC 4/4/00 AP "……..A federal judge on Tuesday upheld a Maryland preacher's First Amendment right to pray inside the U.S. Capitol. U.S. District Court Judge Paul L. Friedman ruled that the Capitol Police have no authority to stop people from making speeches or engaging in other nondisruptive forms of behavior. The Rev. Pierre Bynum, an associate pastor at Waldorf Christian Assembly, Waldorf, Md., sued police following an incident at the Capitol in November 1996. Bynum was part of a small group taking a self-tour of the Capitol when the group stopped for a few minutes of prayer _ bowing their heads and folding their hands. ……."

American Family Association 4/5/00 "……… On Wednesday, April 5, the Center For Reclaiming America, an outreach of Coral Ridge Ministries, along with the Family Research Council, American Family Association, Concerned Women for America, Focus on the Family, and Exodus International, will be holding a press conference at the Courtyard Detroit Downtown, 333 East Jefferson (across from Renaissance Tower) Detroit, Michigan. The group will respond to the recent censorship of the "Truth In Love" TV ads by stations in the Detroit area. These ads offer homosexuals an alternative, and present hope for change to those struggling with homosexuality. "The ad, entitled 'Families', which features three families where both parents have successfully left the homosexual lifestyle behind, has been discriminated against," said Janet L. Folger, National Director the Center for Reclaiming America and Truth in Love Campaign coordinator. "What we have here are television stations telling religious group that their views are invalid - in any other country, that's called religious discrimination." ……."

The Boston Globe 4/4/00 "……SABATTUS, Maine (AP) A Roman Catholic priest who was sent out of state after being identified by church officials as the creator of a sexually explicit Web site for gay clergy will not be coming back, according to his parishioners. Sister Lucille Fournier told churchgoers at Sunday services at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish that the Rev. John Harris would not return. The Diocese of Portland would not confirm the nun's report. Whether Harris will return is up to the bishop, who has not announced anything publicly, diocese spokesman Marc Mutty said. …….. "

Oak Lawn (IL) Reporter 4/6/00 Michael Bates "…… What ever happened to Hell? It used to be that a major feature of most religions was warning where our souls would end up if we didn't follow the straight and narrow. Now we're much too sophisticated to spend time worrying about stuff like that. For one thing, we no longer believe people should be judged, even by God. Besides, thinking about matters eternal and the possibility of punishment for our misdeeds isn't all that much fun. In fact, it can be a real drag, and who needs that? Forget those religious guilt trips. It's not healthy for us emotionally. I'm OK and you're OK and that's all there is to it, Bub. According to one national poll, 89 percent of Americans believe in a Heaven. Only 73 percent think there's a Hell. And just two percent of those believing there's an afterlife expect to go to Hell. Not wanting to alienate anyone, many churches modified their doctrine relating to Hell. Four years ago the Church on England officially declared that Hell isn't fire and brimstone. It's not a place of eternal torment. ……."

Detroit News 4/6/00 Louise Knott "……Several conservative Christian groups are blasting Metro Detroit television stations for refusing to air an advertisement seeking to help gays become straight. Christian leaders who gathered Wednesday called the refusal religious discrimination and accused stations of bowing to local gay activists. One station, CBS affiliate WWJ-TV, has agreed to run it, but only between 12:30 a.m. and 5 a.m. The ad features two married couples -- one from Detroit -- who say they were able to escape, as they put it, "the homosexual lifestyle" after finding God. Local stations said it was too controversial to run, according to Janet Folger of the Center for Reclaiming America. "The way some news media -- in this case, local Detroit television -- handles the pressure and political agenda of local homosexual activists is not a pretty picture," said Gary Glenn, president of the Michigan chapter of the American Family Association. ….."

Breakpoint 3/30/00 Chuck Colson "……. If you were asked what you would call a person who believes in astrology, reincarnation, and the possibility of communicating with the dead, your answer would probably be a "New Ager." Well, according to a new book, these are just some of the beliefs held by people who call themselves "born again Christians" -- which goes to show that simply calling yourself "born again" doesn't make it so. In his book, Spiritual Marketplace, sociologist Wade Clark Roof chronicles the shift in religious attitudes in contemporary America. Roof finds that, as a result of the Baby Boomer "quest culture," many Americans understand religious faith as some sort of emotional personal experience, which they describe as "spiritual." And all sorts of strange beliefs can fit under that heading. By describing themselves as "spiritual" rather than "religious," these people tell us a lot. The word "religion," you see, comes from the Latin word for "to bind." But boomer spirituality distrusts authority and dismisses the importance of belonging to a particular church or denomination. Their emphasis on being spiritual carries with it a syncretistic approach to belief -- meaning that, instead of adhering to a specific set of doctrines, they feel free to pick-and-choose from all the various belief systems, or to create their own tailor-made religion. Unfortunately, syncretism has found its way into evangelical circles, as well. Roof says that many people who describe themselves as "born again Christians" actually hold beliefs that are at odds with biblical Christianity. ….."

CNS News 4/3/00 Jim Burns "…..Gregory Craig, the attorney representing Elian Gonzalez's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, tells that he is not being paid by the Cuban government in the ongoing custody battle between the United States and Cuba. "We're receiving private contributions from individuals," Craig told, "who wish to support our representation, and that's all there is to it. No organizations are formally involved. It's mostly individual contributions. " Meanwhile, in a statement released from its Washington headquarters, the General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church said Craig's legal services are being paid through contributions to a humanitarian fund that was established by the organization. "They are assisting in the gathering and solicitations of contributions, that's right," Craig told Officials of the General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church did not return phone calls to seeking comment. ….."

The Age (Melbourne, Australia) 4/3/00 Jonathon Petre "…… Hell, recently downgraded to a state of "nothingness" by the Church of England, will make a comeback this week in a new report. A group representing millions of Christians will insist that hell is all too real and sinners consigned there will face unimaginable torment. The strongly worded study by a working party of five - including an Oxford theologian - argues that the level of punishment meted out to the wicked will be linked to the severity of their sins in life. And while it warns against a literal interpretation of biblical images of lakes of fire, undying worms and the wailing and gnashing of teeth, it says that they are symbolic of the true horrors awaiting those who reject the teachings of Christ. The study urges church leaders not to shy away from teaching the realities of Hell to their congregations, although "fire and brimstone" sermons are discouraged. At the funeral of someone whose relationship to God has been "unclear" or even hostile, for example, the report cautions against "explicit pronouncement on that person's eternal destiny". The 140-page report, The Nature of Hell, was drawn up under the aegis of the Evangelical Alliance, which represents a million Christians, including many Anglicans. ……"

Agence France-Press 4/3/00 "…….. Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev on Monday characterized Pope John Paul II as "the most important socialist in the world," lauding him for making the plight of the poor and solidarity key themes of his papacy. "Globalization can also have destructive effects but we must pursue, as the pope says, its positive aspects," the former Soviet leader said in a speech to students of Rome's Sapienza University. "Wherever John Paul II goes on his trips, he will always speak of the poor and of solidarity. He is the most important socialist in the world." If globalization is to be fair, the gap between North and South must not be deepened, and political and economic freedom and social justice must be granted, he added. Gorbachev said he was convinced that the outcome of Russia's presidential elections would allow President-elect Vladimir Putin to break with the past. "I have told him this personally," he said. "Now it is up to him to radically change things without losing time." ......"


Claremont Institute 4/18/00 Thomas Krannawitter "...... In his March 27 Rule of Law column "Supreme Court Tackles School Prayer at Football Games," law professor Douglas Kmiec argues that the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment has been given such an expansive reading by the Supreme Court that it now is seen to be in conflict with the Free Exercise and Free Speech clauses of the same amendment: In order to prevent an establishment of religion, we must restrict the speech of citizens (such as prayers delivered at high school graduations and, perhaps, football games as well). Prof. Kmiec thinks this reading of the First Amendment is wrong, and so do I. .......... But he goes on to demonstrate that his understanding (or misunderstanding) of the meaning of the First Amendment is fundamentally the same as that which led the court to its current position. He writes, "If speech advancing religion is attributable to the government, the Establishment Clause requires the government to stop." It is difficult to imagine an opinion further removed from the original meaning of the First Amendment, which is why the court finds it challenging if not impossible to reconcile the Establishment Clause with Free Exercise and Free Speech........ First is the massive fact that the First Amendment was meant to place restrictions on the actions of Congress only, not states, counties or cities. Thus, on its face, it does not require local governments to stop advancing religion. ........."

Claremont Institute 4/18/00 Thomas Krannawitter "......Under pressure from groups such as the ACLU, the courts have decided that government, at all levels, must remain neutral toward religion and "irreligion." In this, the ACLU would agree with Prof. Kmiec's assertion that government must not advance religion at all. But the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment was never intended to prohibit government from advancing religion and morality. On the contrary, the men who framed and ratified the Constitution, as well as the Bill of Rights, believed only a moral people capable of self-restraint can be free, and thus they thought it essential that government take an active role in promoting the moral character of the American people......... The Establishment Clause was meant to do one thing: prevent the establishment of an official religion, so that sectarian differences could be taken out of the political realm, thus securing the possibility of a free government that operates by majority rule, while protecting minority rights. In principle the Establishment Clause does no more than the Article VI prohibition of religious tests for national office.

If the "laws of nature and of nature's God" are the source of our rights, then public recognition of God, religion and morality is in the service of the rights of all men, including atheists. If the purpose of government is to "secure these rights," then promotion of such recognition is the duty of government........"



Boston Globe 4/26/00 Richard Higgins "……A Harvard Divinity School professor, playing the role of prosecutor in the trial of Jesus, had just rested his case, arguing that Jesus was not the harmless, otherworldly poser of questions some made him out to be. ''I remind you of the testimony of one Mathias, who tells us that Jesus said, `I have not come to bring peace, but a sword,''' said New Testament scholar Allen Callahan, taking some license to refer to the then-unwritten Gospel of Matthew. Alan Dershowitz, Jesus' self-appointed pro bono lawyer, shot to his feet, gesturing at ''Pontius Pilate,'' the Roman prefect of Judea, played yesterday by a pontifical Harvey Cox. ''Your honor, I want to call this Mathias as a hostile witness,'' shouted Dershowitz, a law professor and trial attorney. …….. ''How can we accept this hearsay evidence about my client? Nobody has even seen Jesus with a sword. And whatever sword he may have been talking about, if indeed he was talking about one, was surely a metaphorical sword of God.'' So it went yesterday at ''The Trial of Jesus of Nazareth,'' held during a regular if unusual meeting of ''Contemporary Interpretations of Jesus,'' the course Cox and Callahan are teaching at Harvard Divinity School. ……"

Newark (NJ) Star Ledger 4/25/00 Robert Cohen "….A diverse coalition of religious groups -- Catholics, Orthodox Jews, Mormons, Southern Baptists -- are sending a clear message to the Supreme Court: Don't force the Boy Scouts of America to accept gays as Scoutmasters. When the justices convene tomorrow to review a New Jersey Supreme Court ruling that said the Boy Scouts cannot ban homosexuals from those leadership positions, the legal arguments will center on questions dealing with civil rights and freedom of speech and association. James Dale, a 29-year-old gay activist barred from a Boy Scouts troop in Matawan, will argue through attorneys that the Boy Scouts of America, with nearly 5.4 million members, is a public organization that may not discriminate based on sexual orientation. Attorneys for the Scouts will counter that the organization is private and entitled under the First Amendment to establish its own membership rules and code of behavior. ......"

The American Spectator 5/00 Mark Steyn "…… One typical March weekend in Brooklyn: Vandals smash the face and arms of a marble shrine to Our Lady of Fatima at St. Gregory's Rornan Catholic Church. The same night, a wooden image of Christ is torn down from the cross and broken into pieces at St. Francis of Assisi-St. Blaise Church. For parishioners at St. Francis, it was the second assault on their church in little more than two months: In January, the statues of both Francis and Our Lady of Fatima were decapitated. But so what? This kind of thing is becoming routine. A dozen Catholic churches have been desecrated in Brooklyn in the last six months - though, in a belated attempt at ecumenicalisrn, in the last week of March an Episcopal church was targeted, too. The media, happy to hop on Jesse Jackson's and Bill Clinton's bandwagon and be taken for a ride about an entirely mythical spate of black church burnings a couple of years back, are largely indifferent to the actual, real assaults on churches which occur every day. The Clinto-Jacksonian fictional church burnings (orchestrated by Newt and the Republican Congress, naturally) were about racial hatred, whereas these attacks demonstrate only anti-religious hatred, and who cares about that? Most of the recent Brooklyn church attacks were buried in the New York Times somewhere round page B6 in the Metro News Briefs. But eventually some Times editor noticed that Metro had been running the same church vandalization News Brief week in, week out for months on end and decided that maybe the series of religious desecrations merited a short 700 word piece on page B1, which duly ran on March 22. ….."

Sun Sentinel 5/3/00 James Davis "……Florida Methodists want an apology and a face-to-face meeting with national church leaders who set up a legal fund for Elián González's father without consulting them. "Our brothers and sisters in the Cuban-American community are insulted," says a statement by Bishop Cornelius Henderson of Lakeland, who added that the "unilateral action" by a national church board embarrassed him and other Florida Methodists. "It is painful to see one's church appear to lend support to a government whose record on human rights is not acceptable by Christian standards or the principles of the United Methodist Church," adds the letter, mailed recently to the 747 churches and missions of the Florida Conference. At issue is a defense fund set up in March for Juan Miguel González, Elián's father, by the General Board of Church and Society. The Rev. Thom White Wolf Fassett, staff director of the Washington, D.C.-based board, has told the denominational press that the voluntary fund was to ensure "fair and equal treatment for the father" in U.S. courts. He added that it was a "passive fund" for donations, not taken from church offerings. ……"

CNS 5/4/00 Susan Jones "…..A conservative group accuses NBC of jumping at the chance to "slam people of faith" by mocking the struggles faced by formerly homosexual men and women. In a statement, the Colorado-based Focus on the Family takes offense at this week's episode of "Will & Grace," in which one of the main characters attends a meeting of former homosexuals and successfully seduces the group's leader, proving the meeting is a hypocritical sham. "Once again, NBC has chosen to ridicule people with deeply-held biblical convictions and those who believe that change is possible," said Mike Haley, a former homosexual who now works with Focus on the Family. "This is just more evidence of the ever-increasing censorship of the ex-gay point of view," he said. ...Focus on the Family, echoing an argument presented by other conservative groups, says, "The gay mantra - tolerance - is completely ignored when it come to those with another point of view." ……Focus on the Family insists that for those who want it, change is possible, and it says shows such as "Will & Grace" are blatant attempts to discredit the ex-gay movement. ….."

5/9/00 Alan Keyes "...... If we don't have a right to act according to our religious belief by forming judgments according to those beliefs about human conduct and behavior, then, exactly what does the free exercise of religion mean? Can the free exercise of religion really mean simply that I have the right to believe that God has ordained certain things to be right or wrong but that I can't act accordingly? ........ Surely free exercise means the freedom to act according to belief. And, yet, if we are not allowed to act according to belief when it comes to fundamental moral precepts, then what will be the moral implications of religion? None at all. ......... But if we accept an understanding of religious liberty that doesn't permit us to discriminate the wheat from the chaff in our own actions and those of others, haven't we in fact permitted the government to dictate to us a uniform approach to religion? ....... And, isn't that dictation of uniformity in religion exactly what the First Amendment intended to forbid?"

WordNetDaily 5/8/00 Julie Foster "...... Yesterday, Ohio Attorney General Betty Montgomery decided to continue the fight to keep the state's motto, "With God, all things are possible," appealing a recent court decision that determined the motto violates the U.S. Constitution. ……. "The First Amendment has always allowed our national, state and local governments to respectfully refer to God," Montgomery said. "Ohio's state motto does not constitute the endorsement of a particular religion. The motto is a respectful statement of belief in a higher power that has inspired countless Ohioans." …….. Ohio adopted its motto in 1959, three years after the United States adopted "In God We Trust" as the national motto. State officials have used Ohio's motto for years on stationery, tax forms and some reports. ……. The American Civil Liberties Union, which challenged the motto's constitutionality in 1997, argued the words cannot be separated from their biblical context, which is Jesus teaching the disciples about salvation. ……"

AP 5/5/00 Thomas Sheeran "……The leadership of the United Methodist Church prayed for forgiveness last night for racism that prompted blacks to establish their own Methodist churches. "We're taught about unity and love. Hopefully, this will bring love and forgiveness,'' said Calvin Williams, a black delegate representing the Baltimore-Washington area at the church's General Conference. The General Conference, which sets policies for the 8.4-million member denomination, meets every four years to set policy. The conference set aside the evening for a reconciliation prayer service. More than 1,000 delegates plus a guest choir from black congregations from the Cleveland area prayed, sang and heard personal testimonies about racism in the church. ……"

EWTN 5/5/00 "…….A Canadian Catholic high school this week defended its decision to suspend a student for 10 days because of his refusal to attend a mandatory religion class, even though he says he has renounced his faith. Bishop Reding Secondary School in Milton, Ontario, said it suspended Marcus Dagenais, 17, after a year-long battle with the Dagenais family, who insist the boy has the right to attend a Catholic school while rejecting its core beliefs. In Canada, many Catholic school districts receive government funds and open to all students, although they may require mandatory religious instruction. ….." 5/4/00 "…… NASA may be shotting for the heavan, but they don't want their employees saying "God." NASA recently prohibited an employee from using the center-wide email system to announce the National Day of Prayer and a voluntary prayer and speech meeting, the Pacific Justice Institute reports. The Institute, a California based public interest law group said that the employee made his request to use the email system in a timely manner and that all procedures were followed. Access to this system has been used in the past to announce AIDS Awareness, Asian Pacific Islander Month, various seminars and private party information. …….. According to Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute, "NASA violated the First Amendment by restricting religious speech and allowing other forms of free expression. The Supreme Court forbids religious based censorship of workers' speech, which would otherwise be permitted." …….. Dacus further states, "NASA allows the center-wide e-mail to be used for the announcement of events neither sponsored nor advocated by NASA, yet they are not allowing the announcement of the National Day of Prayer due to its 'religious nature'." ……"

The Associated Press 5/5/00 "…..A federal judge Friday ordered the Ten Commandments to be removed from courthouses and classrooms in several Kentucky counties. U.S. District Judge Jennifer Coffman ruled that even though the commandments are surrounded by other historical documents, they are still religious in nature and serve no secular purpose. The rulings result from suits filed by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of residents of Pulaski, McCreary and Harlan counties. They had argued the displays amount to an unconstitutional mix of church and state. McCreary County Judge-Executive Jimmie Greene said someone else will have to remove the Ten Commandments from his courthouse. "I said early on I would not remove them, and I will not," Greene said. "I'll go to jail before I'll take them down. ... This is one order I will not obey." ……"

American Family Association 5/5/00 Fred Jackson "…… Another campus-based Christian group is facing a threat of discipline because of its stand against homosexuality. The latest school to take aim at a Christian group is Middlebury College in Vermont. According to Religion Today, the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is under fire for not allowing Ryan Palstrok, a homosexual, to hold a leadership position. A spokesman for the group, Kerra Struthers, says anyone can attend its meetings, but Palstrok cannot be a leader because he doesn't believe homosexuality is wrong. She says leadership within the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is restricted to people who hold to traditional interpretation of the Bible--that it is divinely inspired and entirely trustworthy. Officials at Middlebury College apparently don't like that. Religion News says they are considering changing the language in the school's handbook so that campus groups cannot prohibit people from running for leadership positions--even if those individuals disagree with the group's stated beliefs. ……"

World Magizine 5/13/00 Mindy Belz "…… In the past year it has supported clemency for 11 Puerto Rican terrorists, lobbied for gun control, and asked state legislatures to end the death penalty. It asked several states in the South to end sawmill operations in an effort to protect the forests. But the United Methodist Board of Church and Society (UMBCS) had profoundly little to say against the weapons-packed raid used to remove Elián Gonzalez from the home of his great-uncle April 22. The philosophical 180 can be readily explained: United Methodists in alliance with the National Council of Churches were instrumental in hiring Gregory Craig, legal counsel to Juan Miguel Gonzalez, Elián's father, as part of continuing solidarity with the Castro regime. Extracting Elián, even by force, was critical to their strategy to moot ongoing court proceedings, which could have led to granting Elián the right to remain in the United States. ...... The UMBCS is one of 13 national agencies operated by the United Methodist Church. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., with a staff of 40 and budget of nearly $4 million, it is the largest church lobby in the capital. ….."

World Magizine 5/13/00 Mindy Belz "…… The controversy does not end in UMC halls. Reports began emerging in April that Dwayne Andreas, recently retired chairman of the largest U.S. grain processor, Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM), brought church agents together with Mr. Craig. Mr. Andreas, a highly controversial political campaign contributor, over the years has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to both Republican and Democratic candidates. In exchange, political analysts agree, his empire has received federal protection of the domestic sugar industry and subsidies for ethanol and grain exports-earning him the distinction, according to the Cato Institute, as the largest recipient of corporate welfare. In 1996 ADM paid $100 million in fines for price fixing. Mr. Andreas's connections to the NCC are assorted. Last year, when the council named former Atlanta mayor and UN ambassador Andrew Young as its president, Mr. Andreas made a $100,000 gift to the NCC in his honor. Mr. Young is a member of ADM's board. Mr. Andreas made two contributions to the NCC's much-politicized Burned Churches Fund: $1 million in 1996 and $200,000 in 1998. Also, ADM uses the services of Williams and Connally, Mr. Craig's law firm. Mr. Andreas boasts other connections, too. He owns property in south Florida, including at least one hotel. He is a major donor to Barry University, whose president, Jeanne O'Laughlin, agreed in January to host a meeting between Elián and his two grandmothers from Cuba. Mr. Andreas's wife, a Barry graduate, once chaired the school's board of trustees. Among Cuban-American leaders in Miami, Mr. Andreas was rumored to be the driving force behind the meeting, which backfired when Ms. O'Laughlin announced afterwards that Elián should remain in the United States for an asylum hearing ……" 5/4/00 Joseph Sobran "…… Now and then I'm praised for my supposed courage. I always blush at this compliment, because, knowing myself, I know how far from the truth it really is. There is no quality I honor more than courage, and there is nobody, except Christ himself, whom I admire more than the Christian martyrs who died under torture to bear witness to their faith. And I pray that I will never be put to the real test. In fact, I could say that the reason I write as I do is that I hope I will never live in a society in which I will have to be truly brave. But we are headed for just such a society. The proof is that some people think I am brave. ……… Something is going on here that our official gabble of free speech doesn't begin to explain. First Amendment or no, most Americans are deeply afraid to say what they think. And when they see someone who isn't afraid, they conclude that he must have the courage of a lion. …….. "

The New York Daily News 5/9/00 John Leo "….. Tufts University in Medford, Mass., is punishing a campus evangelical group for refusing to allow practicing homosexuals into its leadership positions. A student tribunal, the Tufts Community Union Judiciary, voted to derecognize the Tufts Christian Fellowship. This means that the evangelicals won't be able to reserve rooms for meetings, publicize events in campus listings or even use bulletin boards. They are forbidden to use the Tufts name and will lose their share of student activity monies doled out to all student groups, some $5,700 a year. One administrator was quoted as telling the group, "I don't mean to get dramatic or anything, but essentially, on the Tufts campus, you do not exist." ………. At a late-night meeting that the evangelicals were not told about, the judiciary tribunal decided, without a hearing, that the fellowship was violating campus anti-discrimination policy by not allowing Julie Catalano, a bisexual member of the group, into a leadership position next year. The fellowship says it knew that Catalano had been "exploring her sexuality" when she joined the group three years ago, but she accepted the group's teaching on homosexuality and apparently had no trouble with it. ……"

The Associated Press 5/8/00 Richard Ostling "….. The chief policy-setting body of the United Methodist Church, America's third-largest religion, appears likely to reaffirm its traditional opposition to homosexuality and same-sex marriages. One committee has voted to maintain the policy that homosexual activity is "incompatible with Christian teaching." Committees have also voted to continue policies against ordaining active homosexuals and against union ceremonies for same-sex couples. Though the full body of 992 delegates could reject committee recommendations, activists on both sides said they expected current policies to be upheld. ……"

Lexington Herald-Leader 5/8/00 Ty Tagami "……In a strongly worded decision that hints at the future of the Ten Commandments battle in Kentucky, a federal judge yesterday ordered that displays of the Christian text be temporarily removed from the walls of government buildings in three counties. ……. Judge Jennifer B. Coffman also denied a motion by the Harlan County School District and the fiscal courts of Pulaski and McCreary counties to dismiss the lawsuit brought against them by the American Civil Liberties Union in U.S. Eastern District Court after they placed copies of the document on their walls last year. …….. Her ruling means that the case can proceed to trial and that the displays must remain off the walls during the duration, as the ACLU requested. Its wording also suggests that the defendants will have a hard time winning with their essential argument: that the displays are historical rather than religious and therefore do not constitute a government endorsement of religion. ……"

The Washington Times 5/9/00 Liz Trotta "……The high and the mighty from the worlds of religion and politics sat in the Gothic splendor of St. Patrick's Cathedral yesterday paying tribute to Cardinal John O'Connor, a man who time and again said he wanted to be remembered as a simple priest. …… Among the 3,500 people at the funeral Mass were President Clinton and his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, a candidate for the U.S. Senate from New York; Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper; former President George Bush and his son, Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush; and eight U.S. senators. Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, who is expected to oppose the first lady in the Senate race, sat in the second row, behind the Clintons…….. "

The Washington Times 5/9/00 Liz Trotta "……While mourners and eulogists sounded themes of praise and remembrance at the majestic service, it was the words of the deceased cardinal's best friend, Cardinal Bernard Law, archbishop of Boston, that caught the distinguished audience by surprise and inspired it to robust applause and then a standing ovation that lasted three minutes and nine seconds. ……. "He preached most powerfully by his example, the necessity of seeing in every human being -from the first moment of conception to the last moment of natural death, and every moment in between, particularly in the poor, in the sick, in the forgotten - the image of a God to be loved and to be served. What a great legacy he has left us in this constant reminder that the church must always be unambiguously pro-life," Cardinal Law said. ……… The president and Mrs. Clinton, who support abortion rights, began whispering to each other and refrained from applause, as did the Gores, who also support abortion rights. Mr. Giuliani, who supports abortion rights as well, began to applaud weakly toward the end of the demonstration……."

WorldNetDaily 5/8/00 Frank York "…… Three HIV instructors in Massachusetts are at the center of a growing controversy after reportedly conducting sexually explicit workshops for teenagers and holding sessions to train teachers in the art of injecting positive homosexual themes into public school materials -- down to the elementary school level. ……… Two state employees in the HIV division of the Department of Education and an HIV consultant with the Department of Public Health led a March 25 "Teach Out" held at Tufts University. The event was sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, or GLSEN. ……. Teachers who attended the conference received state development credits for their participation. The Massachusetts Department of Education provides funding to GLSEN through its "Safe Schools Program." ….."

WorldNetDaily 5/8/00 Frank York "…… Scott Whiteman, with the Massachusetts-based Parents Rights Coalition, attended several of these workshops and secretly recorded them. GLSEN has since threatened him with legal action for doing so, claiming that all participants at the "Teach Out" had to agree to a policy of confidentiality. According to Brian Camenker, president of the Parents Rights Coalition, the idea of any confidentiality requirement is a fabrication. …….."There was nothing told either verbally or in print in any of the literature surrounding the event about not tape recording it. There was absolutely nothing about this -- and believe me, we've been through absolutely everything," Camenker stated. ……."

WorldNetDaily 5/8/00 Frank York "…… Whiteman says he was shocked to learn what state employees were teaching children. Two of the instructors, Margot Abels and Julie Netherland, are listed as HIV counselors, while Michael Gaucher is listed as an HIV consultant. These instructors travel to schools throughout Massachusetts conducting HIV workshops for teens. According to Whiteman, in one "Teach Out" workshop entitled, "What They Didn't Tell You About Queer Sex & Sexuality in Health Class: A Workshop For Youth Only, Ages 14-21," the three instructors encouraged teens to openly discuss various homosexual sex acts in the most explicit manner. …….. Abels and Gaucher, according to Whiteman, both discussed the practice of "fisting" -- putting one's hand inside the anus or vagina of a sexual partner. Gaucher taught the children how to make a fist. He also discussed the pros and cons of ingesting male body fluid during oral sex. Abels told the teens that "fisting" often gets a bad rap. He said that it was "an experience of letting somebody into your body that you want to be that close and intimate with." ……… According to Whiteman, the entire session ran 55 minutes before there was any mention of condoms or "safer sex." When condoms were discussed, the teachers pointed out that teens could make an "informed decision" not to use condoms. ….."

WorldNetDaily 5/8/00 Frank York "…… Whiteman says the conference also included workshops entitled:
* Ask the Transsexuals
* Early Childhood Educators: How to Decide Whether to Come Out or Not
* Lesbian Avengers: How to Promote Queer-Friendly Activism in Your Schools and in Your Lives
* Diesel Dykes and Lipstick Lesbians: Defining and Exploring Butch/Femme Identity
* The Religious Wrong: Dealing Effectively with Opposition in Your Community
* Starting a Gay/Straight Alliance in Your School …."

WorldNetDaily 5/8/00 Frank York "…… According to PRC's Camenker, "In the Boston press and elsewhere, GLSEN officials don't deny these things happened. They stand behind the conference. They're trying to say these kids were just asking questions and being told honest answers. This is a complete lie. The tapes prove that beyond a reasonable doubt." ……….. Camenker added, "If the rest of the country wants to know where the homosexual movement is going, all they have to do is look at Massachusetts. Homosexuals claim that Massachusetts is their model for the rest of the country. They're very proud of the fact that they've been able to make so much progress and use this thing about 'safety' [for homosexual teens] as their entree into schools. It's all bogus." …….."

WorldNetDaily 5/8/00 Frank York "…… In the PRC letter, Whiteman noted that the instructors at the "Teach Out" may have violated several state laws that criminalize the enticing of a person into prostitution or sexual intercourse; inducing a person under 18 to engage in sexual intercourse; and distributing materials harmful to minors. The PRC has not heard back from the district attorney, and Camenker tells WorldNetDaily that no one wants to talk about the "Teach Out" or to take any action against what was taught. ……"

WorldNetDaily 5/8/00 Frank York "…… Julie Netherland said she is forbidden by department policy from speaking directly to the press and referred WND to Darrell Pressley, the director of media relations in the Massachusetts Department of Education. According to Pressley, the department is investigating what was said or not said at the "Teach Out" by Netherland, Gaucher and Abels. The Department of Education did not fund or sponsor the event, he said, and the HIV teachers volunteered their time for the "Teach Out." …… Pressley agreed that it would be a violation of policy for HIV teachers to tell children about fisting, ingesting body fluids and anal intercourse. He also noted, however, that the Department of Education does have programs that discuss "safety" in schools for homosexuals and health issues for gays and lesbians. ..."

WorldNetDaily 5/8/00 Frank York "…… WorldNetDaily also interviewed Alan Safran, deputy commissioner of education with the Massachusetts Department of Education. According to Safran, the department had no involvement in the "Teach Out," other than two employees presenting workshops. ……. When asked if these presenters would be in violation of department policy for teaching about fisting or anal intercourse in a public school, Safran responded: "It wouldn't have happened in a public school setting. It's not what our people do in a public school setting. Sure, if this had been done by our people in a public school, it would have been outside of their parameters of what the job is." ……. Safran noted that "our people don't intend to have these workshops in the future." He said he wants to determine -- by listening to the tape -- what level of involvement his employees had in the conference. "Let's see what our people did and said and the context -- if they were asking the questions or if they were responding to questions." ……. According to PRC's Camenker, the homosexual activist agenda is being promoted in the public schools through the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth and the Safe Schools Program -- two programs originated under former Republican Governor William Weld's administration. Weld's successor, current Republican Gov. Paul Celluci, has increased funding for the gay and lesbian youth commission. ……."

Boston Herald 5/3/00 Don Feder "…… Tomorrow is the 49th annual National Day of Prayer. That is, unless some idiot judge decides it constitutes an establishment of religion, tends to promote a particular faith and/or is offensive to the hypersensitive. In years past, there have been more than 20,000 prayer events across the country. In 1999, 500 inmates held a prayer service at California's Folsom prison. This year, in San Francisco, a group of motorcyclists will pray as they drive around the city. If you don't think this nation needs prayer, desperately, then you haven't been paying attention to the news lately. ......"

Boston Herald 5/3/00 "…….There was a time, not that long ago, when observances such as tomorrow's 49th National Day of Prayer were considered routine. Public schools, including those here in Boston, not only opened with morning prayers but joined nearby houses of worship in a partnership known as Religious Education Day, dispatching students once a week to receive instruction in their respective faiths. This writer was one of those Boston students. …….. But now revisionists tell us this was never meant to be, that faith and prayer are out of place in public life, that indeed any reference to God's existence is an affront to the freedom we enjoy as a nation. Such arrogance is nothing new. Abraham Lincoln, in the throes of the Civil War, freely acknowledged, ``I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction I had nowhere else to go.'' ...... So in 1863, engulfed by that awareness, he implored Americans on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line to pause from hostilities long enough to take a moral inventory. Just for a day, he pleaded, America needed to recall its own history. ….."

Albuquerque Journal 5/2/00 John Fleck "….. Christian employees at Sandia National Laboratories are denied the rights and privileges given to homosexual workers, a group of employees charged in a lawsuit filed in federal court Monday in Albuquerque. In 1995, Sandia granted official recognition to an employee group called the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Networking group, according to the lawsuit. But when a group calling itself Christians in the Workplace Networking Group asked for similar recognition, Sandia refused, according to the lawsuit. The Christian employee group is looking for the same recognition and treatment given to homosexual workers, said Stephen Crampton, an attorney with the American Family Association Center for Law and Policy in Tupelo, Miss. Crampton filed the suit in U.S. District Court on behalf of Sandia employees Michael F. Hall, William D. Morse and Mary A. Tang. Sandia spokesman Larry Perrine declined comment……"

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 5/2/00 Craig Brelsford "…… The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has thrown out the motto of the state of Ohio, "With God, all things are possible." Around the country, angry citizens ask: Why, what evil hath it done? That last sentence is a paraphrase of a New Testament verse. And that's the problem with the Ohio motto, two of the three members of the appeals-court panel said; it's a quotation (a direct one, to boot) of Matthew 19:26. Hence it expresses a "uniquely Christian thought," in violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. That's right, readers…… A law professor from the University of Texas said the statement is one of the blandest about God ever struck down -- meaning that other bland statements suddenly are in danger of disinfection. Indeed, if higher courts allow this decision to stand (Ohio is appealing it), some of Professor Douglas Laycock's fellow Texans ought to get started choosing a new name for their city. …….You heard right, Corpus Christi residents. The name of your city means "body of Christ," no bland Christian concept. And you Yankees up in Providence, R.I., better get started on a new, acceptably secular appellation for your misnamed city. St. Louis, St. Paul and San Francisco may also want to begin a name search, though they may be safe if they can prove the honored saints made appreciable contributions to secularism. But those who ought to be trembling the hardest are those who revere the motto on our coins, "In God we trust." If the United States Supreme Court upholds the 6th's opinion, the motto surely is doomed. ….."

EWTN 5/2/00 "…….Officials of several major church groups have threatened to sever their ties with the Boy Scouts of America if the US Supreme Court forces the group to allow homosexuals in the ranks of volunteer scoutmasters, according to court briefs filed in the case last week. ……. In a friend-of-the-court brief, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormons, said it would "withdraw from Scouting if it were compelled to accept openly homosexual Scout leaders." The group was joined in the brief by the National Catholic Committee on Scouting, the General Commission on United Methodist Men of the United Methodist Church, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, and the National Council of Young Israel. The religious groups, as well as others voicing support for their position, represent the vast majority of Boy Scouts in the US. However, other religious groups have expressed their support for requiring acceptance of openly homosexual scoutmasters, including the Unitarian Universalist Association, the General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church, the United Church of Christ Board for Homeland Ministries, the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, and the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, New Jersey. ….."

Charisma News 5/2/00 Andy Butcher "…… The good news is that traditionally skeptical mainstream journalists are spending more time covering religion. The bad news is that they are not doing it particularly well. That is the story for Christians from a new study that found the amount of religion coverage doubled from the 1980s to the 1990s--during a period that also saw the proportion of journalists at major media outlets who regularly attend religious services more than double, to a surprising 30 percent. During the same time, the proportion of journalists who claimed no religious affiliations dropped from 50 percent to 22 percent, said the Center for Media and Public Affairs (CMPA), whose study was conducted in partnership with the Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC). …..While religion made more headlines in the last decade, it usually did so in relation to politics and church-state issues. Theology and spirituality did not feature much, with only 7 percent of stories mentioning religious beliefs or doctrines. That figure dropped to 5 percent for stories about Protestants, Catholics and Jews and rose to 26 percent for Eastern religions. ……"

Associated Press 5/1/00 Jay Reeves "……A small-town judge who gained a national following by hanging a plaque of the Ten Commandments in his courtroom is the front-runner in a four-way Republican race for Alabama Supreme Court chief justice. AP/Wide World Tony Barkley, dressed as Moses, takes part in a 1997 'Save the Commandments Rally' at the Alabama State Capitol in support of Judge Moore's right to display the commandments in his courtroom "..."

BBC 4/27/00 "…… The Vatican's updated manual is to help with exorcisms The boom in "New Age" religions, ignorance of the Bible and a growth in spiritual confusion are being blamed for the rising tide of exorcisms being performed around the world. To cope with the modern rise in demonic influences, the Vatican is promoting greater distribution of its manual on exorcism. Leading exorcist Father Jeremy Davies, 65, from the Westminster Diocese, believes the Church's increased vigilance in the past 10 years had also contributed to the number of exorcisms being performed. He told the Catholic Herald newspaper: "The incidence of the demonic on the